Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA)

 - Class of 1938

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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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K Ex Iihria , . 5312 FE I Ulu iklliiiw ' mi PM A N I K "dwg ' 1' I 51 lg 1337-fv4OUNT HOLYOKE-IFJS7 HZIUJ ..", I HEL. . .!H.f,fye 44 -4-,il 1 If: ' n!-"',-- ',, ls: ' 4-J tk ,, ,, ' ' J 'EES -2J-f1'? .-- W3 E Ml 1 ZH, iw ? J - M li yliiq 'L ll ,- ful l:i'7 . ' , i J 31. 9-I'-,L4a!'P.'1 " i , JM- rqilaleiine L.S41mfs0rL 1938 LLAMARADA RU T I-I K R A U S S Editor-in-Chia: MARGARET WILLIAMS s Business Manager Published b by the Senior Class LLA M!-XRA DA MOUN T HOLVOKE CCD V South Hadley, Massachusetts LL E s+I HE WHO LEADS . . . president Roswell Gray l'lam . . new Friend and able guide to whom in Confidence and loyalty we dedicate tlwe 1938 Llamarada. I 6 l S. I i i I 1 , w w U L I Y H Y E , Y Y Y 31 'I , a 1 .-..... ......l . ... ...... J 5 1 K 5 5 v i Y 2 2 , Q 3 Y W 1 T l-l'l'llN tlwe covers of a boolc We lwave tried to portray our college scene, slwiiting vvitlm time seasons of a New England campus. To the diary and album we lwave lelt tlwe Fleeting moments, clwoosing to mold liere only tlwose significant to all of us, tlwose wlwicli are Mount l-lolyolce College to tlwose vvlwo l4noW ber best, ber students.. .We are proud to present our college at tlie turn of tlne cen- tury, tlwe accumulated strengtlw and wisdom of a lwundred years belwind ber, lwer liopes and lniglw ambitions focussed on time Future. GA LIDENT-ALUMNAE HA E . ' ' f 1 ' 1 - . - 9' A4 J' Qu 1 ' ,H 91 ' 44 ' akifl N M ,, - , -J-::g,,f,M,x, Q, , ,., ,..4'+ X f , ' 1 fl. I'w1.,'ff 4?? , ' , ,.,v f-: IA E 3' ,vm 'Tf.L,12..1" VL' "L-Iii.-l"3:f"J V af' Q 7,'fff"?L,fgf 4 vi' "v"","'?. "f wt ,Y .-4-"' .Q I " 2 5' V.:-4' 'PQi1:'2':'.A' M "' ' 2 "'vfiT.f'f' f V A j ' 1-' P .ff,2'?'f-'-1g'ff:k-1-fa: '-7,...- if JAP,-.3--4 ..n...- -, ,pf , .. . K. .4kLvy,q.j4A. -ff' 'U' -M5 I -. 4.4 6-jf5.,-K-9 V , , ' , mf ' V f,,,Q?jff3'f"gnm .I .rv-nf I 1 Agp fgrqmzisrl f 4 ..wg::,,w' ,aff ,.r.1.,w5::.V 2- 'm.,vf-aifhfg PAGEANT FIELD ' RA PER LA Through the heart of 5 new clayjs endeavor Breatlwes the life' of the old days that live. 1 AUTUMN nevv century, renewed vision. Arrivais, Waste baskets, lampsiiades and biotters stream across cam- pus. Dovvn go time trunks, up, the curtains. Convo- cation. A nevv president. Flame and copper around Upper Laice. Mountain Day, hay rides, "l.iamie", Hazing Day, the first con- cert, Junior Snow. . . Brisk days. Storm- looards on Mandelle's Walk. Vain hopes of snovv, ice sheeting over the water. Thanks- giving. PERL , IY ii Curricular includes members ol tlme administration and faculty and of tlwe lreslwmen and soplwomore classes, extracurricular, fall atlwletics. i 1 I U 5 CUIQIQICULAIQ P Y Y r + ' 4 71' Y Y Ann' "" W' 'il' ' T l BCDARD GF TRUSTEES RDSNVELL GRAY HAM, l'u.D., LIAD. . REV. ILOCKWELL HARMON POTTER, D.D. LMICS. RJCIIARD M. Hoi-1 . REV. VVILLIAM IIORAUIG IFAY, D.D. EDWVARD N. YVHITE . "'F. CHARLES ScnwEu'1'MAN . GEORGE Dwlol-rr l'RA'r'r . JAMES M. SPEERS . . . FLORENCE PURINGTON, S.B., L1'rT.D. . W1LL1AM J. IDAVIDSON ELBERT A. HAIIVICY, A.B. . . IIENRY PLIMPTON KENIJYKLL, A.M. HOWELL CHENEY, A.M. EDGAR S. FURNISS, l'u.D. . ALVA MOIIIIISKJN, A.B. . PAUL HAZLITT IJAVIS, Pn.B. MAYNAIilJ T. IIAZEN, LL.B. ROHL C. WIOGIN, A.B. FRANCES PERKINS, A.M. . FRANK CLAYTON MYEItS, LL.B. . PHILIP L. WARREN, A.B. . 'FWILA LYTTON CAVERT, A.M. TROWENA ICEITH ICEYES, PILID. . THARRIPJT LOVE '1ll'lOMI'SON, A.B. . THELIf1NE POPE WI-IITMAN, A.M. . TJANE LOUISE MEs1cK, PH.D., LI1"r.D. TNl'Il.L LOTHROP FORSTALI., A.B. . 'kflonorary Member Tfllilmnae Trusfec South Hadley, Massaeliusetts . Hartford, Connecticut New York, New York . Bridgeport, Connecticut . Holyoke, Massachusetts . New York, New York Springfield, Massachusetts . New York, New York South Hadley, Massachusetts . Boston, Massachusetts . Boston, Massachusetts . Boston, Massachusetts Manchester, Connecticut New Haven, Connecticut . Boston, Massachusetts . Chicago, Illinois Hartford, Connecticut . Boston, Massachusetts . Washington, D. C. New York, New York . Boston, Nlassachusetts Bronxvillc, New York New York, New York . Saint Louis, Missouri Charleston, South Carolina . Boston, Massachusetts Winnetka, Illinois Q6 ADMINISTRATIVE GFFICEIQS Roswmm. GRAY HAM. Pn.D., Ll,.D. . . . MARY E. Woomncv. A.M., LI'r'r.D., L.H.lJ.. Ll..D. I+'r.rr1u-:NumP11mNf:'l'oN, ILS., l,1'r'1'.D. . . . C,xuomNm B. GRl'1l+1NI+1, A.M. I'IAliRIE'l'T M. A1,m'N, l'n.D. CA'I'lll'1RINl'l P. ROBINSON, A.M. . ELLA S. DICKINSON, AB. . HARRIIQT NIQLWIIALL, A.M. . I'Il41LlGN M. V oolull-mms. A.M. BUS BOARDMAN BUMP, M.B.A. . Own C. Klllllllflll, 13.3. IIRANK E. S'1',u:Y . .IAM1-:S E. S'1'l-:wl.1c, B.B.A. . ANmuf:xv VI'1ux1.1 . A1.Ic1-1 Mcvifoor, OLIVE NlLl'lS . . SIDONIA ELLIS, BA. . IIICLICN L. GOODWIN . . 1,'l'C'8lll07Il . P'l'6S'IIll67'l.f lC'l'lI.07"IIf'lIS Dean I'lmeritf11.s- . Regixlrar lfmerilus Academic Dean . Dean Qf Residence . . . Registrar 1'lLl'6lfIll'l'lI0 Secretary to fhe Board Q1'.elrlrnissior1 . Director Qf the .fl 1J1I0l'lIf'IIIf07'If Bureau INESS ADMINISTRATION . . . Comptroller . Superinfemlenl Qf ,liuilflhzgs and Grmmrls . .fl I'CIl1IlC'Cllll'lll Ifngineer . P u rehasing A gent . . . Steward S'll1Il"l"l'l-90? Qf llesiflenee Ilallx . . . lJ'iet'1't'1'm1 Qffieer in Charge of the Book Siore ,-l.ws1'.vfm1t in lhe Book Store EXIIXIUTIVE SECRE'l'ARIES Glfzwmulml-1 V. BRUYN, A.B. FLORENCE CLIQMIQNT, AB. . MARY C. J. Hmm-xv, AB. . LOUISE K. WILDE, AJS. . Brass F. Gummm . . Vmu1Ni,x B1m.1.1Nc:1cu, AB. Q7 Field Seerelary . 1,'lllIl'I'lflll'lUll lfrlilm' . . .fllunznae Seerelary Direejm' Qf the Pfrexs B7ll'l3fl.Il IC.L'eeulive Secretary IU' 111 mmf Holyoke in llarljbrcl . . . Secretary Qf fhe 1"l?ll0'llISll'l1I QI' lf'a.i1flI.v Miss lIAimlic'l"r Al,m'N Miss fiI'1It'l'ltUlJl'1 Ilvou l W. rw" i 1375 i . . 'Y . z53'4'ia' i n .bmfris f W ".-7'99i" M5 fists. 1" - Miss Amrvu FAnNswon'l'll FACULTY AND STAFF AN'1'I-IROPULOGY II A nm 1c'r'r M. A LLYN Professor A.B., Mount Holyoke Collegeg S.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago ART AND ARCIIAEOLUGY I I lGR'l'RlIDlC S. I'IYo1a Professor A.B., Mount Holyoke College F Lon lcNc f I-1 W. Foss Professor A.B., Mount Holyoke Collegeg A.M., Wellesley College NIARIAN IIAYICS Ass'islar1t Professor A.B., Mount Holyoke Collegeg A.M., Radcliffe College Lucv 'l'. Snow Assistant P-rfjessor A.B., Bryn Mawr College: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College GA131mfn,1,1c IIi+:Ar,Y Grfuliualc Assistant A.B., Mount Holyoke College ANNA F. McCAn'l'lIY zlssistarzif A.B., Mount Holyoke College Mus. SARAH IC. Rusk Reader A.B., Lake Brie College: A.M., Radcliffe College ASTRONOMY Amen HALL FARNSXVORTII Professor A.B., Nlount Holyoke Collegeg S.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago IIw1.nN l,0lt'I'l'llt Josie Instructor A.B., A.M., Carlton College i 1so'rANY ALMA G. S'rok1cY Przjessor A.B., Uherlin Collegcg Ph.D., University of Chicago l'lltl+llJDA D. IFEEDF Associate Professor A.B., Earlhain Collegcg S.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago ASA S. KINNIGY Assistant Professor S.B., Boston Universityg S.M., Massachusetts State College l'1'1'llI11l, 'l'. ICl.'l'INoIf: Zlsszfstant Professor A.B., A.M., Syracuse Universityg Ph.D., Shaw School of Botany, VVashington University A. GERALDINIC Wn1'r1No Instructor A.B., Smith College: S.M., l'h.D., University of Chicago CHEMISTRY EMMA P. CARR Professor S.B., l'h.D., University of Chicago Douoruv A. TIAIIN 1J7'Qf0SS07' A.B., Bryn Mawr Collcgcg Ph.D., Yale University LoulsA S. S'l'l'JVl'lNSON Professor A.B., Vassar College: I'h.D., Cornell University Win leave of absence for thc year 1937-,l9f?8 28 Y g NIMH L. SIIERRILL Professor A.ll., A.iVI., .ltanclolph-Macon W0lllClliS Collegeg l'h.D.. Uni- versity of Chicago Enrrn R. Bixusrow A.vs'ista11llJ'irecfo7'fjllw Clic-mica! l,al10mtories A.lS., Mount Holyoke College LUc'Y W. PIc:Kif:'r'r .'l-Y-'fl'-Yfllllf 1'rofes.vor A.l3.,A.lVI., MonntHolyokeCollege1 l'h.D.,University of Illinois lIn,o mm ami: S'rUc 2 KLIQN Resazm-lz. I nsfruefor l'h.D., University of Gottingen, QGQ-rlnanyl ' l'll.lzAlsm'1I C lIlASl'1 I 7L.S'f'I'H!ff0I' A.l3.i, A.lNI., Mount Holyoke College lVIAlcc:ARE'r Mc'l,1fmN llrruluulc .-lssz'sIr111f, Mount Holyoke College ELIZAIHCTII IC. Nlnaimv A.l5., Connecticut College ALICE V. H 1c1.1,1f:o1cas AB., Niount Holyoke College Er.lf:ANoR B. Pixnnoek A.l3., Mount Holyoke College KA'l'lll'1l.tINE MA'r'r I I laws S.l3., Northwestern University Ul'lIfl'IIIlfl3 .fi.9SI'-Yfllllf Grculualc .-lssislanl Grafluule . ISS!-Sfllllf G rad Nfl In A .Q.w'slf1'l1l CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LI'l'ERA'l'Ulilf1 NIARY G. XVILLIAMS l'rQfc.s-.vor Enwriius A.ll., Nlount Holyoke Collegeg Ph.D., University of Michigan I'I1c1.i+:N C. 'F1.1N'r .'l.w.vor:1'ulc 1,I'Qft4SN0I' Ifnwritus A.ll., A.M., Mount Holyoke College Colm!-n.lA C. COUL'l'Elt 1'1'qles.wn' A.B., VVashington University: l'h.l7., llryn Mawr College B na NCI 1 E BRo'rn l'IIt'l'0N :IS-9lIl'illf1' l'1'ry'es.wr' AQB., Smith Collegeg A.M., 1'h.D., University of Chicago BLANCIIIG li. liovlclc A.s.s001'r1l1' l'1'1j'1's.s'or A.l3., A.M., l'h.l7., University of Chicago ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY AMY II IGWVES I'7'ofe.v.so1' A.ll., Goueher Collegeg l'h.l7., University of Chicago Anzix na CoMs'roc'K 1'rry'e.vsor- A.B.. Mount Holyoke Collegeg A.M., 1'h.D., Colnnllna Uni- versity E'r i i IG I , li. D1 I+1'l'R1CIl 1 '1'fzf'vS-S'f1 I', Vassar Collcgeg A.M., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin JonN Lomg .'lS.Vf-Yfllllf l'rfj'essor A.l3., Ph.D., Yale University EVlGItl'1'l"l' D. IIAWKINS .fl.s.w'sIunf l,7'Qfl?.fSOI' A.l3., Oberlin Collegeg l'h.l7., Princeton University J Um wr IC. FIHII nn fN-Wwfiw' A.l3., A.lNI., Monnt Holyoke College IJELICN A' CHAPMAN Grufluafe .ilxsislrnzl A.lS., Molllit Holyoke College 29 M iss ALMA S'l'OKl'1X Miss EMMA Crum Miss Co1cNr:l,m Conm 1 It r ICDUI TATION S'ru.xn'r M. Srokic 1'rrQf1e.w.wn-, Taylor University: lCrl.M.. ICcl.I7., Harvard Graduate Sellool ol' lflrlueation WA llI'l'1lt M. Ko'rs4 'ii NIH 1'rQl'vs.wn- l'l1.D.. Kiel University l,0NAl,D W. BAn.l-:Y Insiruelor S.l3.. A.M., University of Southern California: l'li.l7., Yale University M AIHlAltl'l'l' IC. Dvna Ga-ufluulc .-l.v.w'sfm1l A.l3., Mount Ilolyoke College ENGLISII Aim L. I". SNI-11.1. Y . ' I l'rQl2f.v.wn- MISS AMY Hmvms A.l3., Mount Holyoke College: I'l1.D., University ol Mielngan M.xno.xmc'r ISALI. l'rQles.wn' A.l5., Mount Holyoke Collegeg I'li.D., Coluinlmia University II1-n.lf:N G in l+'l"l'I'Il I 'rQf'esso1' A.lS.. llryn Mawr College: l'll.lJ., University of Michigan I.lf:oNoaA Blmuull .'l,S'S0l7l'lIfll I'1'Ql'v.v.s'o1' A.I5.. Sinitli College: A.M.. lVellesley College IIAICIQIWI' IC. AVIIICIIICIQA' .'lHHUIfIifIl6 1'r'Qf2e.v.wr A.I3., Barnard College: A.M., Coluinliia University C. Mixuo I-I. l.YNen .'lSh'1'SfllIIf l'rol'1z.v.vor , ILA., London University: l3.I,itt. in Journalism, fllllllllllllil University Svnulcr R. MCIAGAN .-lssislanf I'rol'e.v.w1' A.I5., Mount Holyoke College: I'l1.D., Yale University I GIGIQALD W. Iiimeifz .flsvislant l'mf'us.wr A.I3.. Ainlierst College: I'li.D.. Harvard University CoNs'mNeIc M. SA1N'roNcna lfrmlriurlor A.l3., A.M., Mount Holyoke College VIRGINIA P. MiK'l"l'IIIAS lnslruelor S.l.l..m.I. 5,l.,,K,,:, A.M.. Mount Holyoke College M.fxuulel': IS. Cimmnu lush-uclm' I Y A.l5.. I li.D.. l rineeton University ENGLISH Sl'I+IICCII Ame!-I IV. IVIILLS .-lssoeiale l'1'qf'z'.s'so1' S.ll., Oregon State University: A.M., State University of Iowa III-n.i+:N P. AVIll'IIGl.lCR Irmlruelm' A.l5.. Barnard College: A.M., Columbia University VIVIAN Koen lnslruelor A.l5., New York University: A.M.. Columbia University ICNGLISH I.I'I'ICRA'l'URE AND DRAMA .I IGAN N lG'l"l'IG MA luis I '1'Qfa.vso1' A.l5., A.M.. lVellesley College ll0li0'l'IlY I'l0S'l'I'I It l'rQfassm' A.l3., Bryn Mawr College: A.M., Radcliffe College Miss Aim SNicl.l. Win learn Qff1l1.s'w1f'z' 30 C1LxnLo'r'r1f1 D ' E v ELYN I'rQl'es.wor Ql3.l,., Mills College: Ph.D.. Bryn Mawr College lu-1sLnf: tiALl'l lilVltGl'IVlN I'r'Qf'e.w.wn1' A.l3.. Iflurvuril University: A.M.. liniversity ol' Czilifornizig Ph.D.. Ilurvuril University KA'l'llIiI'll'lN M AWITIIA ln'Nou ,ilwzeiutc l'1-ql?z.v.wn' A.l3.. Mount Holyoke College: A.M.. Coluinhin Universityg l'h.D., University of Michigan ANNA J. Mllili I"1-Qf'e.v.wn' M.A., I'h.D., St. Anclrew's, Scotlund IUUVIQIGNCIG B. WVALLIH .fls.w'.vl1111f l'rqle.w.wr A.l3., Dartmouth Collegeg A.M., II2l.l'Vill'll University IDICAN N. Cuimuf: ' lnslrucfor AB., University of Miehigung A.M., Carnegie Institute of Technology Lonlsm AVALLIS I nxlrucfm' 'RUTH Itluolucv 1n.vl1-uefm' Afli., Hendrix Collegeg A.M., fllllllllllllil, University: l'h.D., Cornell University V lCvi+:LYN IC. SIGIAISY .-ls.wi.vIanf, Mount Holyoke College GEOLOGY A N D G El JGRA PHY IROBEWI' ISA LK A ssociaie 1'1-ql'v.v.w r 1'h.D., Bresluu JULIA M. SIIIPMAN, Boston University: . ., 1 MARY IC. COOLIGY Imlruclm- A.l3.. S.M., University of Michigan .Al sse1'f11fe I '1'QlY's.wo r A M Pl .D., Clurk University CIIRISTINA LOCIIMAN Instructor A.l5., A.M., Smith Collegeg Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University CONSTANCE D. limi, fl-Y-vi-vffllll A.l3,, Smith Collegeg A.M., University of Peilnsylvzuiizt CA RL 'I',, Sqwoq-Z I nslructnr Ph.D., Clark University GERMAN LANGUAGE AND LI'l'ERA'l'UltE GRACE M. l5,u:oN Pfflff'-9-WH' AB., Mount Holyoke College: A-M-. l'h.D.. UlliV0l'Si'Ly of Michigan H 1 mm K, HELD .-I-ssislfulf Professor A.M., Tufts College Elurm M. lVIlCYl'1lt . A - H A.l3., A.NI., University of Iowa: l'h.D., University ot ll iseonsin .-'I SSIlSfllHf I '1'cJz'.wso1' fl wi Yfllllf I '1'qj'z's.w 1' IIIGLICNA M. GAMI-an A.l3., l'h.D., University of Chicago V I1:DlqUpRAU'p l'my3K1q Gl'lI!lHlIfL' .'lSSfSfCllll Cumliflzite for A.M'.. Mount Holyoke College 31 P Mies. .Al,lI'l'l lvlll.l,S iss J im N l'l'l"I' I-1 M ,x inks Roni-:n'r BALK Miss ClcAc'If: BAI:oN ru Main- 1 I B Mlss NI+:LI.II+I NI-:ILsoN MIss M Alun 'l,I'I'zINoI1:II IEIISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE NIGIIIIIl41 N I-:ILsoN I'wy"essor A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College ELLEN D. ELLIS Professor A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College BIf:IvI'IIA I-I. l'U'I'NAM Professor 1C1rzcr'17ms A.B., A.M., Bryn Mawr Collegeg .l'h.D., Columbia UIIiversity V IOLA l". BAIINIcs 1'rQlk.w.wr A.B., A.M., University of Nebraskag Ph.D., Yale University .IIf:ssIIfI M. 'l'A'I'Lock Associate Professor A.B., Bryn Mawr Collegeg A.M., I'h.D., Radcliffe College FRANK E. BAILEY A .s-sixtant l'raj'es.-for A.B., Dartmouth Collegeg A.M., I'h.D., I-Iarvard University ELEANOR IDIAMOND flssistant and I nstructor A.B., A.M., Radcliffe College G IIAIIIQ H 1f:NNIoAN Graduate Assistant A.B., Mount I-Iolyoke College MA'1'I'IEMA'l'ICS EI,I+:ANoR C. DoAk Professm' IC'il11.v A.B.,4Coates Collegeg Ph.B., University of Chicago MAltll'1 IIITZINGER A ssociate Professor A.B., A.M., Bryn Mawr Collegeg Ph.D., University of Chicago I"uANc1':s E. BAKER Instructor A.B., S.M., University of Iowag Ph.D., University of Chicago IIDROTIIY L. lIl+11iNS'1'l'1IN Instrfucfor A.B., A.M., University of VVisconsing Brown University MEDICINE AND I-IYGIENE ELIzAIsI-:'rII C. UNIJIQRIIILL Resiflent P114 sicfian , . . . , J M.D., Cornell IIIIIVCPSII, Medical Colle fe I-I PA'r'rII+: J. Guovms fl.v.wzc1,atc I'lz.yszcian A.B., Trinity Collegeg M.D., WQDIIICHIS Medical College of Pennsylvania PIuscvILLA Ax'rI-:LL GIIAN1' Sccretarv and Laboratmw Technician I i .1 . A.B., Mount Holyoke College MUSIC CIIAIu,If:s D. IJICEDY I,7'Qf6SSOI' RlI'FlI E. IIOUGLASS Assocvfatc Profcsxor A.B., Mount Holyoke College CLARA B. 'IIILLINGIIAST .fl ssoczfate Pwjcsszzr A.B., Mount Holyoke College: A.M., Columbia University ANNA M. VVOLLMANN A .existent Professor VIVA E. IIICIIARDSON A ssistant Professor IsA MeILwIcA1'rII Lecturer A.B., Barnard College: A.lVI., Cohunhia University: Union Tlleological Seminary MIL'I'oN J. AuoNsoN I nstructor LoIIIsIf: A. IJRIGSHEI. Secreiury SQ PHILOSOPIHIY AND PSYCHOLOGY , , ,, :, . Qfessor M'Ill0I'fflIS l'I1.LuN B. 'TALBOT Pr A.B., Ohio State Universityg Ph.D., Cornell University SAMUEL P. HAY!-ns Pro 'essor AB., Amherst College: l5.D.. Union Theological Seminary: A.M., Columbia University: l'h.D., Cornell University JouN M. VVAluucKn I'rolrssor AB., Princeton Universityg l'h.D., University of Leipzig lol l'1RBl+1lt'I' Moo1uf1"4 .YI ssociufe 1'rQf'a.vsor A.l3., University of Toronto: A.M.. Harvard University, l'h.D., Harvard University Room: I'IOLMl+1l-5 .Al ssoeiaia Professor SB., A.M., I'h.l7., Harvard University JouN W. MCGARVNY lnslrucior ' ' ' K - ' 1 i P f A L- Da. l'lLIZAllIG'l'Il UNDIGRIIILI A.B., University of Arizona, A.M., Ul1lXLl'hlt,y o rlfonx, Ph.D., Yale Umversit HULDA R. MCfiAltVl'lX' A.B., Smith Collegeg A.M., Smith College Y 1'lINfI'lIl7f0I' PHYSICAL ,EDUCATION':n S. Iflowium .'l-S'S00I'flfl4 l'rQfe.w.wn- S.ll., Connecticut College: A.M., Columbia University I,u.LmN L. Ku IGS'l'I'1lt .-lssmeizztv l'rQf2essor Savage School of Physical Education, Certificate in Physiotlier- apy, Harvard Medical School MARIE IIEGIIINIAN SB., A.M., Columbia University M. Klvruno Klmvifzm. Inslrucfor S.l3., University of Nebraska, S.M., University of Wlisconsin .A I ss isfu nl I ' ro fessor R. Itwru Bunn VIIANVKINS lnstrzurfor Cpart tmmj AB., Goucher Collegeg S.M., Wellesley College CIMRLFS I FFDY BARBARA C. Islam. lnslrucfor O""'f ff"N'l A A I A A ' - - ' " - C llvf- fl'h sieal Education Sli., Boston UIllVLlblty, Sargent o Lge o y VIENNA M. ICANOAS Srcrefrzry mul l'iani.s-t Graduate New England Conservatory of Music PHYSICS 'I ELIzAm+:'r11 R. LAIRD 1'fQf0-Wil' l5.A., University of 'llorontog Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: ff D.Sc. CHonoraryD University of Toronto Romans D, RUSK .'lssoc1'at0 I 'rofessor SB., Ohio Wesleyan University, A.M., Ohio State University: 1'h.D., University of Chicago NIILDRND ALLEN .-lssociale Professor AB., Vassar College, A.M., Ph.D., Clark University IJOROTIIY A. FRANKLIN IN-Yf""ffffH' AB., A.M., lVIount Holyoke College ' ikL6ll'l'6 fy' absence Smllilfll, l'I.xYl+:s 33 Miss lxiILDltl'ID llowAnn Miss ,E1,lzAnlc'rIl LAIRD Miss Alsnv TURNER PIIYSIDLUGY Alam' H. 'l'unNlcn 1,l'Qfl'HSUl' A.B., Mount Holyoke College: l'li.D., ltamlelitle College CllAn1,o'r'rlf: flLn'wooo .fls.wmir1lc' l'r-Ql'v.s'.wn' A.B., Mount Holyoke College: l'll.D., University of Pennsyl- valna AVA J. Mc:AMis ,'lxsis.'anl 1'r'ol'1'.-mor A.B., ltanclolpli-Macong l'l1.D., Yale University Grarluafc .'lHSfSfl1Ill A.B., Penilmroke College in Brown University Gruzluufa A.vsi.wfzn1t BARBARA CnAsl+: l1AMBI'lR'l' lx'1AltGAltE'l' 'l'. CAsif1Y A.B., Snntli College Sicnun II. CAal,soN A A.B., Pemliroke College ni Brown University Grad nate .r I ssixlu nt I'lIS'l'0RY AND LI'l'ERA'l'UltE UF RELIGION l,AVID E. AnAMs 1'rQfv.w.wr A.B., Dartmouth Collegeg B.D., Union Tlieological Seininaryg D.D., Cllonoraryj Dartmouth College lN'1AItY I. Ilussmv 1"rQl'a.v.wr' l'li.B., Earlliain Collegeg I'l1.D., Bryn Mawr College Gicono 1 A H ARK Nmss A .vsneialn 1'1-qf'a.w.w1- A.B., Cornell University: A.M., M.R.E., Boston Universityg l'li.D.. Boston University D. TI1-:i,icN W oi,eo'r'r .fl.v.w1'.v.'unl l'rQfc.w.w1' ' A.B., Denison Universityg B.D., Hartford'l'l1eological Seminary ROMANCE LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES DIARY V. SIOUNG Professor Ifnwrffzls Pl1.D., University of Zurich lVl.ARY G. Cusnmo l'rQfessor 1':'lI?,0l'I-fll-9 S.B., Wellesley Collegeg A.M., Wellesley Collegeg Pl1.D., Columbia University EMMA Rlcvlcli,i.E':-Rl+:Nseii A ssnciate Professor Emeritus l'IicI.mN E. PA'ren l'rQfcssor A.B., Mount Holyoke Collegeg A.M., Pl1.D., Bryn Mawr College PAUL F. SA1N'roNul-1 Assoczfate lJ7'Qf6-S807 A.B., A.M., l'l1.D., Harvard University MA auf:-.I IQANNIG Bounuox N IlSS1'Hffl,7Lf Prfjessor BS., C.F.E.N., C.H.l'.. Ecole Norlnale llilkY1g0lll6illlC Donornv l7O0Ll'l"l'Ll'l A .vxristant I'rQfe.wsor A.B., Mount Holyoke College: A.M., Pl1.D., Bryn Mawvr College M 1cl,vA Lmn l'tisifing Lecturer B.A., University of Minnesota: Lic. es L, Docteur cle l'Univer- site cle Paris: M. Mus., MacPl1ail Scliool of Music CA'rn1ca1Nic P. Ron1NsoN Lecturer A.B., A.M., Bryn Maxxfr College EL1zAnE'r11 S. DOANE Instructor A.B., Boston Universityg A.M., Radcliffe College 34- Lueuf: li. Cn1+:Nl+:Y BS., Brevet Superieur 1 nxlruelor' RU'l'll J. IJICANW Insfruelor A.ll., VVellesley Collegeg A.M. Cflxonj. llurn SIGINIENVICK lnshwclor A.l3., Vassar College: A.M., l'l1.D., Yule University Amen CltI'l'Clll'1T'l' Instructor A.l5.. Nlount Holyoke College: A.lVl., l'll.l7., liaulelilfe College lVliARlA V1ci,AsoUlcz - llrfuluale ,'Issi.wIuni l'.N. ZOOLUGY ANN H. MCJIQIIAN I'rQfv.s-.vor A.l3., l'l1.D., Cornell University A. E1iIZAl3I'l'I'lI ADAMS 1'rQfv.w.s-fir AB., Mount Holyoke College: A.M., Clblllllllllil. University: Pli.D., Yule University A 'iMI'1lI Professor CIIRISTIANNY . ' . .. AB., Mount Holyoke Collegeg A.M., l'l1.D., Cornell University ICATIIRYN F. S'r1fnN ,ilssisfzzrll I'1'Qfa.w.wr A.l3., Mount Holyoke College: A.M., l'l1.lJ., University of Chicago l4'LonmNe1f: M. lVIAlt'l'1NlJA me I nsfruz-lor A.l3., A.M., Mount Holyoke College Gmvrnulxi-1 l+IvANs I r1.wIrueIor A.M., Mount Holyoke College: l'l1.l7., University of Clnengo ELIZABlCTll K. Moymn A.l3., A.M., Mount Holyoke College I 'rzsfruclor ELIZAI3l4l'l'Il M. BOYD, Vfurafm' and lteseareh fls.vzf.wl11r1l on National Research 13117111-9, 1,1'Qf'l!SSlII' Slllffll l3.Se., University of Edinburgli: A.M., Mount Holyoke College HEIiI4lN IIORNIC, liescareh .flssislcmi on Personal 1'l'II7lIl-9, I'rQfu.w.wo1' A li Mount Holyoke College M orga Il ' 'S BARBARA GRANGER, Research Amwisfrzrzf on Ifoekfifeller Fllllillllllfllllll ' l"14mI.v, l'rQfes.vor flrlams A.B., A.M., Mount Holyoke College MARY C. BOON Urllflellflflf A.l3., University of Minnesota Grmluafe l1UTIl. R1-loAnn:s A.l3., Western Reserve U nlverslty BETSY D. CUNA NT Ufllffllllflf AB., University of Rochester IsAn1f:L1,1-1 l5Aum A.B., Mount Holyoke College LYDIA R. :HALL A.B., Moilnt Holyoke College MARY E. PIERSON AB., Mount Holyoke College Rurn M. MI+lltXV1N A.l3., Mount Holyoke College G1-ml uafe ll rml uufe llrurlmlfe Grurluufa 'Leave rj absence 35 ,-I .ssismnl ,Al .vs1'xIa11.l .-l.v.wi.wfm1l xl .w.v1'.s-lrznf . lssixlfuzl .-l .s-.w'sfm1l Du. lJAv1n .AIJAMS Miss II1+n.lf1N l,A'l'ClI Miss ANN HIORGAN MOUNT HOLYOKE IN HARTFORD IsIAun1If:'r'r MAY ALLYN ............ Director A.B., lVIount Holyoke College: S.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago BI-:ss FuAzInn GRAHAM .... ...., I Cmecutive Secretary IRWIN ALFRED BUEIIL, Pu. D. . Instructor in M athernatics and Bursar ISA n1aLLn CAROLINI-1 COuc:n"' ....... Instructor fin Englfislt Speech FRANK EDGAR BAILIQY, .In."' ......... Instructor 'in History A.B., Dartmouth Collegeg A.M., 1'lI.D., Harvard University MAURIOIG BIQOWNINO CRAMI-zu ........ Instructor in ,ldnglfislt l'h.lJ., Princeton University ALICE CARVEIQ CRAMERT ...... . Instructor in History A.M., Mount Holyoke College BEATRICI-I BOLTON Huoni-:ST ....... . Instructor in 'Geology l'h.D., Cornell University CONSTANCE DAVISON BicAL"' ........ Instructor in Geography A.B., Smith Collegeg A.M., University of Pennsylvania RUsslcL CAltPEN'l'l'IR, IIARCOM ........ Instructor in Economics .l'h.D., Johns Hopkins University VALMA VVICBBICR PARKER ...... Instructor in Physical Education LIBRARY STAFF FLORA BIGLLIQ LUnINo'roN ........... Librarian A.B., University of VVashington1 A.lVI., Mills Collegeg B.L.S., New York State Library EMMA C. Gmmns ............ Order Librarian A.B., Mount Holyoke College MARGARIQT L. ELLSNVORTII ..,...... Bfibtiographer A.B., Vassar Collegeg S.B., Columbia University MAIIION M. RANDALL .......... Head Cataloguer A.B., MOLlHt Holyoke College LESLIE ESAU ...4....... Assistant Uataloguer A.B., Nlount Holyoke Collegeg S.B., Simmons College Romana' W. CIIIus'r ......... Assistant to the .Librarian A.B., Amherst College R,UTII E. BAILEY . ...... Assistant, Circulation Department A.B., Boston University HELEN ISARTHELMES .......... Assistant Catatoguer A.B., Mount Holyoke Collegeg S.B., Simmons College RUTH ANNETTE SEARLIQS ....... Assistant, Cirerdation Department A.B., Molint Holyoke Collegeg SQB. in L.S., University of North Carolina KATHERINIQ LOUISE ICINDER .... Assistant Cataloguer and Stirnson Room Librarian A.B., lVIiami Universityg B.L.S., Columbia University ALICE M. VVILLIAMS ......... Secretary to the Librarian S.B., Simmons College ELIZABICTII Bunn JACOBY ..... Assistant lfatalogucr S.B., Simmons College fiI'1lt'I'RUDl'1 BllliNlC'l"l' WmLL1cs .... lfterficat Assistant "'For the First Semester TFor the Second Semester 36 NURSES MARY H. MAIIIGII . ........ Nurse R.N., Providence Hospital, Holyoke ICATIIERINE T. COURTNEY ........ Nurse R.N., Providence Hospital, Holyoke FRANCES G. WoonwARn ........ Nurse C.N., National Training School, Albany SECRETARIES OLIVE COPELANII, A.l3. . KATIIRYN F. WRIGI-I'I', A.B. DORIS E. I'IU'l7CI'IINSON, S.l3. ELIZABETII AIAKIILE, A.M. DOROTIIY P. DAY, A.B. I'IARRIET J. EUs'I'Is, A.M. MIIQIAM J. CARRUTIIERS, AQB. JANE C. ARMSTRONG, A.B. BARBARA 'IlRIPP, S.B. . MARGAIIIET VANIIERZEE, A.B. ELIZABETH SULLIVAN . '1 ELIZABETI-I' FREEMAN, b.B. ESTIIER E. ICELLER . HELEN M. GIDLEY HEI,EN Z. FREEMAN GENEVIEVE PRATT, A.B. MARGAIIET SGIILOERII . MIIIIAM FREEMAN MILDRED SGIIIMKE BERTHA A. WILLIAMS . GLADYS WILSON . RUTII J. DAY, SB. . MARION S. IDAVIS, A.B. MARIANNA MGNEEG. AQB. LUCILLIG NIACKIGSEY, S.B. . . Secretary to the President Assistant Secretary to the President . Secretary to the Dean of Residence Assistant Secretary to the Dean of Residence . . Secretary to the Academic Dean . . Assistant Registrar , , . . . Secretary to the Registrar . Secretary in the Department fy' A cadernfic Administration . Secretary in the Department of A cademtc A dmtnistratfiou . Secretary in the Office of the Board of A dmtisstou . Assistant in the Ojice of the Board tj A dmtsston Secretary to the Director of the Appointment Bureau . Secretary in the Ujtce of the Field Secretary . Secretary to the Publication Editor Secretary to the Publication Editor . . . Secretary to the Comptroller Accountant 'in the Office fy' the Ifomptroller Assistant in the Ojice of the llomptroller Assistant in the Ojice of the llomptroller . Cashier tn the Ofice of the Uomptroller . . Clerk tn the Ofice tj the Comptroller Assistant in the Oyfice ry' the Alumnae Secretary Assistant in the Office ry' the Alumnae Secretary . . Assistant in H10 Press Bureau .. A ssistant in the Ofice ry' the Steward GERALDINIQ M, .R,ILlQY, A.B., Assistant in the Office of the Superintendent of Grounds and Buzflztfings 37 nf llugboc Fmzvr Hayes 1 Simuncls Shinn Pulsar CDFFICEIQS CDF Tl-IE CLASS OF 1941 ELENA SIIINN . JEAN SIMONDS . DORIS PALSER . LUCY BUGBEE . CATHERINE :HAYES FRANCES FRAZER President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Sergeani-at-Arms . Song Leader M E M I3 E I2 S ABRAHAM, BIGTTE F. . CDF Tl-IE lXLBER'l'SON, ELIZABl'l'1'Il R. . ALLEN. 1V1ARGARl'1'1' 'l'. . ALLEN. MAR.ICJltl E G. AUl'Ilt, JANE . . AYLswORTH, MARY M. . BABCOCK, ELEANOR L. . BAILEY, Eorru L. . BAILEY, EVELYN VAN C. BALDWIN, RIl'l'l'I C. . BARBER, CAROLYN R. . BARBER, IsA1sEL A. . BARR, ANITA C. . . BARROWS, EL1zAlsETH M. BAYLIICS, HELEN G. . BEAL, BARBARA V. .BEA N, NANCY J. . . BEARDSLEE, SUSAN H. . liECKS'l'ED'l7, EMILY B. . lJENNE'l"1', ALICTE . . ABERAN, MA1lflA1tlflT F. L. 1 BERARIJ, JLITA A. . . BIRDSEYE, 1LU'l'Il . BISHOP, VIRCHNIA G. . BLANCHARE, M1X1l1ikN L. BOIIACKET, ANNE J. BOXVEN, ELLEN . BOYD, G. ELIZABETH . BRISCOE, MARY D. BRITTAIN, ANN E. BRoNsoN. IIIGLEN L. BROWN, BETTY A. BROXVN, ELIZABIGTII H. . BROXVNING, FLORENCE E. BUCKHOUT, IIELEN . BUCKNAM, IDOROTIIY M. B UCBEE, LUCY W. . CALDNVELL, JANET . CARTER, PIIYLLIS H. . CHAMBERLAIN, MARGARET J. CHAMBERS, ELEANOR A. CHASE, ALICIE A. . CHASE, BARBARA L. 39 CLASS OF1941 . 50 Kneeland Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. . Oxmead Rd., Burlington, N. J. . . Q7 Charles St., Auburn, Maine 475 Mountainview Ave., Orange, N. J . . 257 Bryant St., Buffalo, N. Y . 30 Hazard Place, Elizabeth, N. J 960 Vanderbilt Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y Garden Ct. .Plaza 417, at Pine, Philadelphia, Pa . . 702 Summit Rd., Elizabeth, N. J . 30 Hiawatha St., Springfield, Mass . 17Q6 St. Joe. Blvd.. Ft. 1Vayne, Ind , Q0 Lynerof t Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y Alta Vista Rd., Cherokee Pk., Louisville, Ky . 30 Kenilworth St., lfVaterbury, , 300 lVinslow St., VVatertown, 116 Livingston St., Poughkeepsie, Conn N. Y N. Y , . 4419 First Ave., Gallipolis, Ohio . 7 Church St., Westboro, 136 N. Fine Ave., Albany, . 45 Brookfield St., Manchester, , 54- Pilgrim Ave., Tuckahoe, 15 Lamb St., South Hadley Falls, , Eastern Point, Gloucester. . . . R.F.D., Red Hook, . 51 Carnegie Ave., East Orange, 155 Jefferson Rd., West Pittsford, . 63 Sprague Rd., Searsdale, . . Box 235, Alton, . 49 South St., Marlboro, . 4-9 Barry Rd., Scarsdale, . SEQ Marvel Rd., New Haven, 116 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown, , . 6 Harris Ave.. Albany, 420 Rivard Blvd., Grosse Pointe, . Pine St., South Hadley, . , 101 Grove Ave., Albany, . 49 S. Main St., West Hartford, 875 Park Ave., New York, Mass N. Y Conn N. Y Mass Mass N. Y N. J N. Y N. Y N. H Mass N. Y Conn N. Y N. Y Micli Mass N. Y Conn N.Y . y 000 Bay Ridge Ave., Pittsburgh, Fa 123 Gardner Rd., Brookline, . 253 Division St., Amsterdam, .- 85 Brookside Rd., New Britain, . 36 Superior Ave., Waterbury, Mass N. Y Conn Conn CIIEEK, IY.lAltGARI'l'l' MOK C1IILn, LAURA T. H. . CIIRISTENSEN, ICARNA S. CLARK, JANE . . COATES, MARJORIE A. . COFFEY, ELIZABI'I'l'll C. . COLLINS, BARBARA B. . CONANT. ELEANOR S. . CONKLIN, TYIARY B. Cook, ELIzAIsE'rlI A. . COOPER, ELIZARETII H. CORE, IJELEN L. . . CRUsIUs, MAltflA1tI'lT E. QDAVIS, MAltITTA T. DAYTCJN, VIRGINIA R. . IJEIQLYN, DKJRIS I. . DOUGHTY, MILnREn H. DUFF, MARGARET DUNN, MIIJIJIQEID . I,URIIAM,IWARIANNE . EIILERS, HARRIET E. FAIRIIANK, ELLEN I . FAYERYVEATIIER, ANNE . Fl'lRGlIS, INICLLIIC M. FLl+YI'CI'lICR, JOAN . FLYNN, IQLINOR M. FRANK, ALMA L. . FRAZER, FRANoEs H. . FROELICI-I, DOROTHY E. FULLER, NATHENA H. . GANo'r, ANITA M. QIERRISII, ANNE M. GI'r'r, MARIAN L. . GLOMAN, SARAII J. . Coon, I.oU1sE M. . GOODRICH, ELIZABETII W. . GOULDMAN, OLIVIA W. . GREENE, EIJIZAISIDTII A. GRISWVOLD, BARBARA L. GUIJGER, ELINOR C. . IIADDEN, LOUISE G. . ITALIA, .KATIIARINIG M. . IIANKIN, EL1zAnE'rII . IHARROW, MA1tll1X1tl'l1' . IIAUSMAN, 'DOROTHY A. 226 N. Fourth St., Danville, Ky . 70 Forest Rd., Fanwood, N. J . 27 Second St., Attleboro, Mass . 11 Katherine Rd., W'atertown, Mass 136-37 30th Ave., Flushing, N. Y . 172 Dorchester Rd., Buffalo, N. Y . 809 Roosevelt Ave., Pawtucket, R. I . Cherry St., Greenfield, Mass . . . Schoharie, N. Y . 2 Home Ave., Binghamton, N. Y 739 Washington St., Cumberland, Md . . 2341 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa 71 Bellewood Ave., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y 30 Alston Ave., New HaveII, Conn Old Mill Rd., IWiddletown, Conn . . . 4 Forest Place, Massena, N. Y . . 35-48 soul St., Jackson Heights, N. Y Riverdale Ave., at 248th St., New York, N. Y . 27 Livermore Rd., VVellesley Hills, MZISS . . . . 25 Marvin St., Clinton, N. Y 508 VV. Mt. Airy Ave., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa . 415 Monroe St., New Britain, Conn . . . . New Lebanon, N. Y 116 Longuevue Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Pa II.S.N. Torpedo Station, Newport, R. I . . 33 Upland Rd., Malden, Mzmss . 121 E. Ridge St., Lansford, Pa . 481 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y . 0241-222nd St., Queens Village, N. Y . . . . Suffield, Conn 630 Ridge St., Newark, N. J 51 Cherry St., Spencer, Mass . Hershey Hill, Hanover, Pa 75 Carlisle St., VVilkes-Barre, Pa . 1007 N. Fifth Ave., Patton, Pa . . . Millbrook, Mass . . Box 295, VVest Point, Va 40 Somerset Rd., Brookline, Mass . . 532 Highland Ave., VVestHeld, N. J . Quarters E, Navy Yard, lvashington, D. C . . 6 Billings Park, Newton, Mass 21 Vincent Ave., IVorcester, Mass . . 18 Dogwood Dr., Sununit, N. J 333 Central Park W., New York, N. Y 145 Central Park W., New York, N. Y 40 Ilixvns, CA'rul-:RINIG S. . H mom-zim. B1-:'r'rY N. llnolxwrv. Imax E. . I'll':Nm', Gl+:wl'lwnn M. . IJIBBARD, Smsm A. . IIIGII, IIICLEN L. . . IJINDMAN, M. ELIZAI!lG'l'1I IIOBSON, AVINIFRICD W. IJOGIGMAN. CAlcoI.YN M. I-Iomvlirzs, 1'lD1'l'lI W. . Ilomrncs, 1.moNon IC. IfIo'rA1.INo, R.-will-11. E. . INc:uAIIAA1, .ALICE E. -Lxmlas, BRl'l"l'A . JlcNK1Ns, Lois V. . JOIIANSEN, .MAN L. Jomcs, P11Y1.Lis R. ,K.xmcn. CIGLIA H. .KAVANAGIL JANET P. . IQICOGII, ANNl'1'l"l'lC li. . Kl'llllilfZX', M,xu.lomic W. KIRKMAN, Evlc . . Kmkwoon, Er-mm A. . Ki:-um., W.1xNn.x E. .K1s1.Ak, SIMA S. . Kmlllsi-in, Aueia H. Korn., l+'1mNems L. . Kimuss, lVIAu.lo1u1cR. . KUIIN, E1.mcN W. LAIJUIG, CONS'l'ANC.l'l M. I.1a.xRov n, J .fxNlf:'r . l11'IVlNl'1,IIl'1LEN . I1lCll'I', .IMANIG M. . L1eil'rM.fxN, Louislc Loma, l+1L1No1c Il. LUMMIS, lVlAR'l'llA C. LYNC11, EI.lf:ANon . LYNCH, HIQLEN M. lVIc'Cu1.l.m', MARY MAUY, l4I1.1.A W. . Nl.-xl.'1'm', JAN1elf1 M. MARCH, Barra' L. . Mfxnous, Jovan E. . M.xns1m1.L, M1tltGfkltE'F li NIAXIM, lV1An.io1i11f: J. . 41 . 04 Prospect Ave., Newtonville, Mnss. , . 11 Hopson St., Utica, N. Y. . 10 Wright Ave., South Hadley, Mass. . . 1 Swift St., Auburn, N. Y. . . . North Hadley, Blass. 1170 Gresham Rd., Plainfield, N. J. 1521 Penn. Ave., lVilkinsburg, Pu. 32 Clinton Ave., Arlington, N. J. '76 1Vutchung Ave., Clizrthaun, N. J. Q5 Greystone Rd., Malden, Mass. . 400 Riverside Dr., New York, N. Y. 108-28 Foothill Ter., Hollis, N. Y. , QQ6 Grove St., Bristol, Conn. . 810 VV. First St., Oil City, Pa. 218 Hamilton Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. 3QQ5 S. Dupont, Minneapolis, Q5 Winnipeg St., Springfield, Nlinn. Mass. . East Unk Rd.. Vineland, N. J. . 114- Grand Pl., Arlington. N. J. 4-753 Sansoni St.. Philaulelphiu, Pa. il--V241 Voltu Pl. N.W.. Washington, , 0841 Sterling Pl., Brooklyn, D. C. N. Y. . . . . Towaco, N. J. , 54- Taylor St., Holyoke, Nlass. . 027 Hudson St., Hoboken, N. J. 317 W. 80th St., New York, . R. D. No. 1, Newburgh, . 51-4-1 Goldsmith St., lilmhurst. 130 Unadillu Rd., Ridgewood, 020 Laurel St., Royal Oak, , 90 Long View Ter., 'll1lCli2lll0C, . 40 lv. 77th St.. New York, 10 Knickerbocker Rd., Englewood, . 5-14 Riverside Dr., New York. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. J. Nlieh. N. Y. N. Y. N. J. N. Y. . 13 Liberty St., Montpelier, Yt. . '75 Burr St., VVest Hartford, , 1083 Dwight St., Holyoke, 103 Pendleton Rd., New Britain, . . 17 '1lll01'lli1S Ave., Batavia. . Q00 Maple St., New Bedford, . 2079 Whitney Ave., Ilunlden, Conn. Blass. Conn. N Y z . s. M w Conn. 04-1 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. Rothesuy, New Brunswick, Camudu -127 Cuinberlamnd St., Lebanon, Pa. . 3 Gilmore Ct., Scztrsdule, N. Y. MAYNAltlJ, JANE II. MEICKLIII, IVIARY A. . MI'l1tICl7I'l'lI, J. M. EDNA MERRIAM, IVIAICGAIUIYI' E. MESNIKE, Lois M. . NIICIIELBACIIER, WINI1"ltl' D MIIIYKCJ, CAROL . . MCJOIDY, FRANCES W. . MURIIAY, CAROLYN E. . NA'I'UscH, GERTRUDIC E. NEUPERT, LoIs E. . NIGWMAN, MARION D. . N1JIt'l'ON, ANN E. . LJAKLEY, BARBARA E. . OLMs'rED, MARY S. ' OLsH1NE, CIVIA E. . ORTII, MARGUERITE J. . PACKARD, CIIISLAINE W. PALsER, DoRIs M. . PARKER, ELEANOR C. . PAUL, ARDIs M. . PAUZE, UNA D. . PEOR, ELIZABETII B. . PIERCE, MIkRCiAltIfZT L. . PLATOU, ELlZABlG'l'lI S. . Po'I'IIoIrF, TRUTH I. . POWELL, CATIIERINE . PULVERMAN, MAltY W, . RAINAIIIIT, VIVIAN II. . ILEASONER, BERI'rA D. . RIQILLY, IROROTIIY E. . RICHARDS, MARION H. . ROBERTS, JEAN V. . Rock, FRANCES A. E. . ILODICNBACII, BARBARA A RORAEACK, CATIIIGRlNI'1 G. . ILUSSELL, ZHELEN E. . RUssELL, RoIsER'rA ILYAN, MAIIY LOUISE . SANI-'oRD, ELIZABETH L. SCIIACIITE, CAROLINE W. SCIIEUIGR, BETTY D. . Sc7O'r'1', IFIXIE . Sl'1AltlJ'l, IVIARY IC. SEAVER, JANE . . . . . VVauregan, . 10 Northview Ave., Upper Montclair, . . 2323 Las Colinas, Los Angeles, . 43 Sunnyside Rd., Scotia, . . 121 Maple Ave., Troy, 72 Hartsdale Rd., White Plains, . . P. O. Box 25, Bayville, . 36 Lincoln Ave., Binghamton, . 17 Magnolia Ave., Mt. Vernon, 78 Fairview St., Waterbury, Conn. N. J. Calif. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. Conn. 17 Hoffman St., Maplewood, N. J. 285 River Ave., Lakewood, N. J. . 5 Colonial Ct., Wfest Brighton, 110 Bon Air Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. N. Y. . . . Indian River City, Fla. . 203 Deer Park Dr., Nashville, 160 Brewster Rd., Scarsdale, . 2280 80th St., Brooklyn, 37 Englewood Ave., Worcester, Tenn. N. Y. N. Y. Mass. . . 'North VVoodstock, N. H. , 83 Cross St., Reading, Mass. . 431 Appleton St., Holyoke, Mass. . 180 Lincoln Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 21 Carew St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. . 034 W. Woodruff Ave., Toledo, Ohio .1107 E. 18th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 327 Spring St., Scranton, Pa. 21 Hedge Pl., Kingston, Pa. . . 372 Maple St., Holyoke, . . . 32 VV. 58th St., New York, . 43 Bardwell St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. N. Y. Mass. 46 Baby Point Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada . . 61 Hadley St., South Hadley, . 3031 47th St., LoI1g Island City, 56 Terrace Ave., Naugatuck, 215 Fenimore St., Brooklyn, . . 34 Sargent Ave., Nashua, 12 Burnett Ave., South Hadley, . 8 Wright Pl., South Hadley, . 4820 Dupont Ave., S., Minneapolis, Mass. N. Y. Conn. N. Y. N. H. Mass. Mass. Minn. . 35 Charlotte St., Charleston, S. C. . . 428 Orchard St., Scranton, Pa. . 23 Leicester Rd., Belmont, Wolf Hill Orchards, Southampton, Mass. Mass. 22 Ridgeview Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 42 SIIAw, CAHoI.YN . SIIAW, MA1tl1Alt1'I'l' B SIIINN, EIJQNA . SIIIHLHY, EI.I.IcN . SIMONDS, JI-:AN . SKIHM, BARBARA D. SI.oNIkIcH, JANIc'r . SMALL, MAHIBHI. . SMITH, RosAI.INH E. SMITH, VIRGINIA P. S'rAHKmv, VIRGINIA S'rAIHs, GRACE I. . S'rIcvIcNs, NIKTIKIIIIII S'rIIH.mH, lYlAR'l'1lA H. STRAU11, JEAN . S'I'IHI:Ifz'I'IcIc, ELLA J. S'rUnM, IDOROTIIY A. SW1'1l'1'l', l'lL1ZAliE'l'lI l SW1CE'l', FRA News M. ,llA'l'0R, BARBARA A. IFAYLOR, IJOROTIIY A 'llAYLOR, EDNA I-I. 'l'AYI.on, M AR'l'IIA R. 'l'IckuI.sKY, Eh1ZABlf1'l'll R. - ' ' ' 'l'H.I.1NoIIAs'r, Rwru 'llILI.SON, EIJZAISICTII ToI.I.ns, EI.IaANoH C. Tnow, MAltGAlt1'1'l' B. VAN Fss Amon F 1 '1 00 VVarren Rd., Frainingham, Mass. . . Bay Road, Amherst, . 74- Florence Ave., Arlington Heights, 1156 Stratford Rd., Schenectady, 101 Morningside Rd., lvorcester, . . 253 Nassau St., l'rinceton 341 Fleming Rd., 1Vyon1ing, Ohio . 235 Paine Ave.. New Rochelle. N. Y. . 7 Marvin Pl., New Rochelle, N. Y. . Mounted Carrier No. 3, Loudenville Rd., Albany, N. Y. , , , . 76 Raekleff St., Portland. Maine Mass. Mass. N. Y. Mass. . N. J. VVoodcrI-st Ave. and Farley Rd., Short Hills, N. J. , . . 257 Porter St., Nlelrose, Mass. 121 S. Pleasant St., Amherst, Mass. Altamont, Albany County, N. Y. . R. D. No. 1, Fulton, N. Y. . . 8826 24-9th St., llellerose, N. Y. . 106 Crestwood Ave.. Yonkers, N. Y. . 5 Marston St., Exeter, N. ll. 50 Morris Cove Rd., New Haven, Conn. . 406 VV. Mulberry St., Normal, Ill. i I l , , 16 Willard Ave., Worcester, Mass. I llotel Wellington, 7th Ave. and 55th St., New York. N. Y. 12 VVood Lane, YYO0lll1101'C. N. Y. 103 Highbrook Ave., Pelham. N. Y. Ki' , 005 Turner Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 5415 1Vashington Ave., 1Vest Haven, Conn. H I I , . 147 Berkeley Pl., Glen Rock, N. J. efo Mr. Royal Firnian, Room 1101, 51 E. 4-2nd St., New York, N. Y. 1 i i . 35 Park End Pl., East Orange, N. J. VINCENT, SHIHLIQY M WAKEMAN, ZIQLDA 1 . . 109 Crystal St., Stamford, Conn. lc 42 Flmwood Ave. East All ir-, . ., MA11I1AItE'l' F. . 1 ' ' ' N 'L N Y 040 1Vendell Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. WAL'roN EI.mANo1H-I R. , VVARD qimm VY M . 58 Beeclunont St., Worchester, Mass. n J '4 . W i . 4-4-4 Central Ave., East Orange, N. J. AHNIGR, NA'l'Al.IE . M1 H H d X D I t N Y o woo I ve. ou f -is . . W1l1Q1GI1B1lt, MAlt.lKJ1tIF1 J. -Y ' 51 ' On, WIlI'P1'1, BARBARA M WII1'rIc, JEAN E. . cn, ICATIIERI ESTIIER G BARBARA J. lf1'1'l'Il . AI.IeH K. NIARGA RET MAni' I.. WHI'r'I'II W H.eox. W I I.soN, WooI.sEv, YYRIGIIT, AYRIGIIT, AYRIGIIT, 413 CC. NE S. 1815 Asbury Ave., Evanston, Ill. 34' Fairlawn Ave., Albany, N. Y. 13 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. . 1212 Court St., Utica, N. Y. . 001 Market St., Emporia, Kaus. 7007 Brookville Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. . Tue Union Training College, Alnuednager, India C. . i 11. Cypress St., Rochester, N. Y. 5 Richelieu Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. YEAMEs, MARTIIA X7OUNG, MARY W. ZAWVADA, WANIJA E. ZEVIE, BEVERLY . MOUNT I-ICDLVOKE AUGUR, CAROLINE P. AVSEEV, ANNE . BARTLEY, TIIEODORA N. CARRIER, IJOROTIIY E. CARROLL, TIELEN M. CIIMMINOS, BARBARA CU'l'LI'lR. MAXINE B. FALCONE, FRANCES M. GULLIVER, LOUISE W. l'IA'l'CII, ELIZABETH KENT, MARGARET K NOWLES, NANCY L. RAMAGE, ROBINA M. SAIIEL, REINA G. . SAY, ELEANOR R. SCIIUM, JENA C. . STARQUIST, VIRGINIA L. VENIJITTI, CLFJLIA R. WVALMSLEY, EUNIOE M. . Q4 Kensington Rd., Arlington .1243 E. 29th St., Brooklyn . 27 Windsor St., 'l'll0ll1PSOHVlllC, . 98 Riverside Drive, New York I N l-I A R T F O I2 D 150 Mountain Rd., West Hartford, . 84 Mansfield St., Hartford, . 17 Washington St., Hartford, . 857 'Power Avenue, Hartford, . 4 Regent St., Hartford, . 54 Cottage St., Meriden, . 97 Plainfield St., Hartford, 81 Burnside Ave., East Hartford, . 467 Chase Ave., VVaterbury, . 541 Lincoln Rd., New Britain, . 29 Orchard St., Rockville, 98 Clyton Ave., West Hartford, . 18 Pomfret St., Hartford, . 7 Forestville Ave., Plainville, . 128 Prospect St., Rockville, 53 Ardmore Rd., West Hartford, . 81 Monroe St., Hartford, 108 Montford St., Hartford, . 38 Vernon St., Hartford, 9 Mass. N. Y. Conn. N. Y. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. 44 THE WEARING OF Tl-IE GREEN . . . Registered sheer amazement today. Pretending you're a senior just doesn't carry through especially when you're feeling more vernal than anyone else. Met stacks of people today and Dr, Ilam and the roommate. Irony: she comes from Kansas. And I wanted to dash home with her for week-ends! ' . . . IVhat is the little note job anyway? At first I hardly took a note until I saw everybody else simply leaning on the fountain pen. IVriter's cramp, I calls it. Remind me not to major in Zo. "Red Corpuscles in the Blood" as a source theme was enough for me. Speaking of majors, I don't think I will. How does anyone know enough to major? Came the dawn, and . . . menace! ! ! One soul-shatter- ing fire-drill. Why didn't somebody tell me? . . . Had another physical exam. Something should be done about those angel robes. Gabriel in one of those would be afraid to flap his wings. I'.S. Gabriel has gained ten pounds. . . . Went country the other day. Had a hayride, and the gang really got into the spirit of things. Old clothes, big appetites, and much fun. There was a big orange moon lurking over the iiiomituin, Wonder who I should ask to Llamie. . . . "Whoops, I'm an Indian Squaw!" Ask me if I ever played Pocahontas twenty times in one Freshman Day. Just ask me! I still stille reflex actions that prompt me really to get down to earth and listen for a horde of lVIohicans. Much fun, though. As for trucking in Indian garb . . . well. nothing can equal it for atmosphere. . . . YVhen acquiring a new relative, I really do believe in having one among the ranks gf the chosen. The "4-00',' have nothing on my Big Sister. She was only the lead in Show! I sent her an orchid 01' two after wiring Dad in a burst of foresight. I wanted to be really original about the lunch situa- tion, but I finally invested in one of the Inn Lunches. The real inspiration was the milk shake on the fire-escape. Just in case I'm ever a junior, I hope I have a nice little sister. . . . At last! A land where there is a piece of snow once in a while. Went to the Ice Carnival last night. Not that I like to be naive or anything, but Lower Lake looked just like Yienna-huge furnaeey fire, hunks of snow, music, strings of lights, figure skaters. It had a sort of frosty look like a Christmas k me u to hear the angels They wvrcanffels. No sophomore card. And the next morning someone wo 'e ' p - . . , h could look like that! l l ' lr is th it ou are supposed to listen to required lectures . . . Une thing that I've learnec t ns yea . 2 y It took me quite a while to get used to that. And I am also a veteran train catcher. Never let the Split second phase you when escaping for vacations. This is my legacy. 45 , Why, Robertson Adolph, Smith, c1llitt0Ildl'll, Buck OFFICERS OF TI-IE CLASS CDF 1940 MAD1f:LmN1c C1I1'r'1'1cN1mN . . President NIARY ANN1-1 BUCK . V 'ice-I'rcsidcnt ANN SMITH. . Secretary II1f:l,lcN Anonmr . . . T'rcasurm' JEAN Ron 1-:w1'soN Sergeant-at-A rms ELLA XVAY S071 g Leader MEMBERS CDF Tl-IE CLASS CDF194O ABEIIII, l'ililZABE'l'll S. . AnAMs, L1I.I.IAN E. . AOOLPII, I'II+1l.nN M. . IXIXPIIOIVSE, l'AuI.INE E. ANDERSON, HAZIQI. . ANnIf:RsoN, 'l'IRzAII W. . ANDREWS, E. LUcII.I.Ic . BALDWVIN, BARBARA A. . BANCltOl"'l', EI.INOR M. . BAR'I'I.If:'l"r, EI.If:A NOR B.. BARTON, VIRGINIA M. . BAR'rsoN, OPAL E. . BA'l"l'1'IY, SUSAN W. . BAYI.I1-ns, MARY LOU . BICAI., VIRGINIA B. BEAN, BR'r'rv A. . Bl'IA'1"l'Y, NlORMA C. . BROKI-IR, E. VIRGINIA . BIccvKIf:'I"I', JOAN H. , . Blflliflllldlt, EI.IzAnIc'rII P. BENDER, E1.IzAIsIc'rI1 F. BIQNTON, JEAN E. . BIGNZ, 1.oUIsIf: B. . BICRLONV, CYNTHIA Bl'1lt'NS'I'l'lIN, I,Ue1I.I.E . BII.I.INos, 1f'RANc:Rs C. . Bixnv, ICLEANOR lt. . BLACK, l'1IY1.I.Is G. BI,onon'r'r, SARA E. . BLlINIBl'JltG, RACIIRI. H. BlIUMEN'l'1'IAL, CoNs'rANeE M. BoeKs'I'Icn'r, Annu: D. . Booos, BARBARA E. . Boncm, 'BE'r'rY LOU BOYIGR, ELIZA RETII BRANCII, MARION E. ISRAND, SARA J. . BltAN'l'liY, H. Lois . BRI-:wIcR, FLORIQNCI4: R. BRIOIIAM, MARY . . BROVVN, Lois . . BROWN, MAROARIG1' J. . BROWN, IROSAMOND A. . BU17llS'l'ANE, GRAOIQ . Bueic, MARY-ANNIG . BIIkEI.IcY. 1VLkltGAItE'l' R. BURLINOAMIG, MAIQY E. BIIsIINIf:l.I., ICA'l'IIElllN1'I Mel? BYRIJ, JRAN L. . . CARIQLI., IDOROTIIY L., . CAIJIGAN, CllItlS'I'lNl'l L. 47 , , 28 Garden St., New Britain, Conn. Edwards N. Y. Yenching University, Peiping, 1Vest Hopei. China. . 65 East 55tlI St., New York, N. Y. 265 South Ashland Ave., Lexington, Ky. . . . . Bridgewater, 1 t. . 5 Long Lane, Middletown, Conn. 11+ South Pearl Ave., 1Vatert0wn, N. Y. 37 Livermore Rd.. 1fVellesley Hills, Mass. . . 103 Court St., 1Vestfield, Mass. . 122 South Ardmore Rd., Bexley, Ohio . 226 Beechwood Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. , 203 Forest Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. , 300 Winslow St., 1Vatertown. N. Y. . 1841 Firglade Ave.. Springfield. Mass. , . . 4110 First Ave., Gallipolis, Ohio . 120 South Park Ave., Longmeadow, Mass. 120 Burnett Avenue, Maplewood, N. J. , 68 1Vinthrop Ave., Albany, N. Y. . 35 North St., Plymouth, Mass. 100 East 21st St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . 711 Elm St., Chevy Chase, Mil. . 106 Chippewa Rd., Tuekahoe, N. Y. 25 Trent St., 1Voonsocket, R. I. 67-18 75th St., Ridgewood Station, Brooklyn, N. Y. I , Edgewood Park, Briarcliff 1VIanor, 1N. Y. 774 C0l1l1ll0I1NVC2l,ltll Ave., Newton Center, Mass. Cedar Crest Apart: , . 17 Riadison Ave., Gloucester, Mass. . . School St., Bucksport. Nfainc , . . R. R. No. 6, Terre Haute, Ind. . 130 1V1ontgon1ery Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. . 15 North Hunter Ave., Auburn, N. Y. , , 2215 Grape St., Denver, Colo. 2616 Handasyde Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio , , 67 Bradford St., Needham, Mass. , 8a Amberes '71, 1VIexico City, Mexico. D. I". 2603 University Court, Cincinnati, Ohio . 81 1ValwortlI Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 58 South Hermitage Ave., Trenton, N. J. , , 10 Highland St., Sharon, Mass. , 30 Brook Hill Rd., Milton, Mass. , 1655 West 104th St., Chicago, Ill. 22 T oppan's Lane, Newbury mort, Mass. , . 10 Rflorris St., Hartlord, Conn. 308 East 1Visconsin Ave., Necnah, 1Vis. . 1804- Hunnewell St., Honolulu, Hawaii , . 105 1Vcst Ave., Fairport, N. Y. 53 Hancock St., Rochester, N. Y. . 708 Clay St., Shelbyville, Ky. , i, 5160 1V?lt0I'l112tl1 Ave.. St. Louis, INTO. nent, 4-72 Oramatan Ave., 1VIount Vernon, N. Y. CALLENDER, FLORA E. . CIIENG, T E11-NVEI . . CHESTER, I'IELEN E. . CI-IITTENDEN, MAlDIdI.lGINl+I . CLAPP, MARY J. . . CLARK, ELIZABETH P. . CLARK, LILLIAN M. . CLARK, VIRGINIA L. . CLENDINEN, VIRGINIA M. COLE WINIERED C. . COOPER, CAROL E. , COPLEY, PRISCILLA A. . COWEE, BARBARA 1 CRANVFORD, JEAN V. CRUTIIERS, 'FACIE A. . CUDDEBACK, JULIA D. . CUNNINGIIAM, 1V.1ARGARET S. . D'AGosTINo, HICIIEN M. DANES, ROSEMARY . IDAVIDSON, :HELEN M. . DAVIS, MARY L. . DICKINSON, SUE V. DIEPIIOUSE, DORIS A. . DOUGLAS, JANE A. . DOUGLAS, NliA1tGAltET E. DOYLE, ANNETTE M. -. DOYLE, MARGARET H. , DUNLAP, NANCY B. DUNN, JANE . DURELL, VIRGINIA EDGAR, ALICE S. . . EISENLOIIR, MAIIY S. . ELLIS, SUZANNE . . ENFER, ISAIIELLA P. . ESKESEN, K. MAlJl'1I.I'1INl'l FARLEY, ELIZABETH . FERNALD, FRANCES R. . FERRY, IJORIS E. . FITE, RUTII A. . . FLEMING, ANN J. . . W 1 IfoLSOM, cf1lAltLO'l"I'E B. FOOTE, G. SIIIRLEY . R A .14 ORD, IIELEN . FOSTER, llANDALL . FRANTZ, BARBARA A. . W 1 X 1'RluNCl'I, ANNE J. FRENCII, SUSAN A. FRIEDMAN, PEGGY J. GAINIGS, EVELYN A. GAUL, G. MlI1tII'IL GAY, IIELEN GAY, MAIIY . National Republican Club, 54 West 4-Oth St., New York, N. Y. . . . . Lane 27, 136 Brenan Rd., Shanghai, China . . 951 Western Ave., Lynn, Mass. . 135 Front St., Binghamton, N. Y. . 128 State St., Shelburne Falls, Mass. . . . Fort 'l'hoInpson, S. D. 379 Union St., Jersey City, N. J. . 153 Pleasant St., Attleboro, Mass. . Irving Ave., Englewood Cliffs, N. J. 56 I--Iansbury Ave., Newark, N. J. . 266 Melrose St., Rochester, N. Y. . . . . Chaplin, Conn. .27 Somerset St., Worcester, Mass. . 22 Melbourne Pl., Buffalo, N. Y. . 176 Gregory Ave., West Orange, N. J. . 21 East Main St., Port Jervis, N. Y. 120 Sigourney St., Hartford, Conn. . 328 Perry St., Schenectady, N. Y. 145 South Bay Ave., Brightwaters, N. Y. . 99 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass. . . 125 Brite Ave., Scarsdalc, N. Y. Fairway Rid re, R.F.D., Richmond, Va. 4-05 Orchard Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. , 1800 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. . . . . Liberty Corner, N. J. 439 Walton Rd., Maplewood, N. J. . 233 79th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 230 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. . 40 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. . . Bclleplain, N. J. . 343 1fVebster Ave., Jersey City, N. J. . 505 Shoemaker Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. Cambridge Arms Apts., Baltimore, Md. . 1020 Evergreen Ave., Plainfield, N. J. . 150 Mountain Ave., VVestfield, N. J. . . 539 Pine St., Lockport, N. Y. . 61 Winthrop St., West Newton, Mass. . 36 Afterglow Way, Montclair, N. J. 1022 North Neglcy Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. . King's Highway, Middletown, N. J. . Llewellyn Park, West Orange, N. J. . 65 Lexington Rd., Concord, Mass. . . 50 Elmhurst Rd., Newton, Mass. i 613 North Foothill Rd., Beverly Hills, Calif. . 3616 Watson Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. . 817 Hillside Ave., Plainheld, N. J. . . . Gales Ferry, Conn. . 769 North 58th St., Omaha, Neb. . 394 Silver St., Greenfield, Mass. . 1 Birch Rd., Yonkers, N. Y. . 56 Marian Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 17 Harcourt Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 48 GETNIAN, C1.AEA E. GILII, ALICE L. . GI'r'r, l'lL1'lANOR C. . GODISIGICII, CoNs'rANeE . GoI.nI1'INE, CYNTIIIA B. GoI,ns'rEIN, ELAINE R. . Goon, ETIIEL J. . . GOOIJING, SAIIA M. . GOODNVIN, ELIzA1IE'rII C. GIIIEI-'E'rII, EI.EANoIc M. G1tUM1'lGL'l'. .l,01i,0'l'1lY 0. GUNTIIER, M1KR.ICJRll'I E. IIAINEs, MANY C. HAI.E, .RU'l'I'1 M. . . IIAI.If'oEn, JANE 'l'. . HAI.I,, EVEIIYN J. . . IIANNIIM, MAIIGAEE1' MGN. . IIANSON, JEAN T. . IIAEMAN, l.oIs J. . . IlAImIs, GEEAIIIIINE H. lIAEEIs, SIIIELEY M. . IIAs'I'oIcIf, JEAN A. 1IA'I'EIEI.n, BLANCIIE IIAYNER, RIITII E. IIEIIB, E. ANN . . IIEIOEIIIIACII, NANCY' D. I-lEI.I.EIc, :RUTH C. . IIEI.I.wIG, EII.I-:EN F. lloI.I.EuAN, .RIITII . IIoII'I'oN, PATRICIA L. . IJOSKEN, IEEAN . LIUNNENVELL, JEAN B. . IHIIINTLI-IY, 1-IELEN S. I RONS, TQATIIARINE JABLONOXVER, CIEI. JAcIcsON, MAIQGAIIET . JOHN, MANY . JoIINsoN, LOUISE . KAIIII, MARION . IXIDIIEE, IIARRIET ICRAUSS, ELIZAIZETII LAIRD, JOAN LAND, JANET LEE, LUGY . . LEWIS, ALICE . LEwIs, MAIIY JANE . l1I'l'Clll1'II'lLD, BAEIIAIIA . LI'I"I'I.E, EMMA . 4 LONG, lh1INI'1'l"1'lG . LONG, VIRGINIA . Loueks, BAEIIAEA 49 . . 272 Otsego St., Ilion, N. Y 214 South Seventh Ave., Maywood, Ill . . Hershey Hill, Hanover, Pa . 190 Blossom St., Fitchburg, , 72 Beacon St., Chestnut Hill 088 Benton Rd., Woodmerei 650 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, . 12 North Balch Rd. Hanover 3 3 . . . . Falls Village, lV1ass Mass N. Y N. Y N. H Conn , 6 McHarrie St., Baldwinsville, N. Y La Roche Ave., Harrington Park, N. J , 12 Edgar St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y . The lVIanse, South Salem, N. Y . 582 Main St., Portland, Conn . 1676 Sheridan Lane, Norristown, Pa Q1 Vincent Ave., VVorcester i 1617 Huntington Turnpike, Nichols: , , QQ Milton Sq., Hyde Park . . 70 Wilmer St., Bochesteri N. Y 60 High St., South Hadley Falls Mass Conn hlass Mass . 147 Halsted St., East Orange, N. J . Q65 Kimball Ave., VVestfield, N. J . 617 Foster St., Evanston, Ill 45 Bellmore St., Floral Park, N. Y . 1517 Iroquois Ave., Detroit, Mich , 101 Beaumont Ave., Catonsville, lV1d 7 151 Central Park West. New York i , 9413 50tlI Avenue, Ehnhurstj , 3 Lincoln Circle, Crestwood, . QQ3 Nassau Ave., Huntington , 5 Cottage St., South Urange: . 160 South Broadway, YVhite Plains . . . . Old Lyme: l , 37 Haddon St., Bridgeport, 390Q Spuyten Duyvil Pkwy., New York, 530 VV. Lovell St., Kalamazoo, N. 1 N. Y N. Y N. Y N. J N. Y Conn Conn N. Y hffich , 935 N. East Ave., Uak Park, Ill . Sylvan Ave., Englewood, . 107 Watchung Ave., Chatham Calif ,N. J . . 7 Rossman Ave., Hudson, N. 1 . 51-41 Goldsmith St., Elmhurst, N. Y . Chestnut Hill Apts., Philadelphia, Pa 235 1V. F ornance St., Norristown, Pa 414 Howard St., Lawrence. Mass , 1540 Michigan Ave., La Porte, Ind I 342 Church St., New Canaan, Conn 44 1Voodland Ave., E-ast Orange, N. J . 156 YVoodland St., 1Vorcester, Mass , ,. 1518 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa . 4 Fuller Ave., East Hartford, Conn 31 Primrose Ave., Colonial Heights, Tuckahoe, N. Y MOCLUER, BARBARA MAOICLWEE, ELEANOR MKJIYAY, MEIiI,IC . MAOMILLAN, ANN MAlISEIt, MA ROARET MEDLICOTT, MAltY MIl1I.Eli, KHJIVIC . Mll.l.S, ANTONET . MILLs, GRACE . MOROOM, LORRAIN.. MUIIOETT, lt0XIE . NElI1L, H. IDOROTIIY 0'I1ANLON, MARY OXNARIJ, EIJITII . PAINTER, CORNELIA PALDER, SYLVIA . PARTRIDGE, IQEBECCA PETER, CIIRIsTINE PINCUS, FELICE . POPE, BETTY . PONVELL, VIRGINIA PRESTON, ANNE . PRIeE, JOAN . PURRINGTON, MARY .IA RIGYNOIIIJS, RAQIIIEIJ REYNoLns, 1iUTll . RIEOKMAN, MAR1'IIA RonERTsoN, JEAN ROBICIIAUIJ, BERYL ROCIIE, MARIE . Ross, MARGARET . RUCECIIERRO, LORRAINE RIINK, GERALDINE RYIJQUEST, HELEN SAKS, ANNE . SAWYER, CAROLINE SCIIAEFER, MARY . SOIIILLER, BETTE J o SCIIILLING, MA ROARET SOIIULTZ, BLossoM SCOTT, ANNE . SEIIIOLD, EVELYNE SIIAIJDOCIQ, MIIADREIJ SIEGAL, SYLVIA . SINCLAIR, KATIIERINE SIssoN, MARY . SLAVIN, BETTE . SMITII, ANN , SMITII, MARY V. . SNYDER, VIVIAN . SOROKIN, N ORA . NE 49 Cani . . . . Caribou, Nlaine Sequanis Lane, Yvest Islip, N. Y. . Lake Shore Ave., Beverly, Mass. 253 Pettebone St., Wyoming, Pa. 1115 Mulberry St., Scranton, Pa. 90 Hancock St., Auburndale, Mass. .208-15 104tl1 Ave., Bellaire, N. Y. 147 Second Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. R.F.D. No. 3, Middletown, N. Y. . 91 Hobart St., Rochester, N. Y. 1417 E. River Rd., Minneapolis, Minli. 432 Demarest Ave., Oradell, N. J. . 1920 Holland Ave., Utica, N. Y. 151 Mystic St., West Medford, Nlass. . 441 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 144 Ruthven St., Roxbury, Mass. 16 Western Ave., Augusta, 1V1aine bridge Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. 114 Taymil Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. Route 1, Box 49, Waukesha, Wis. . 321 Conestoga Rd., Wayne, Pa. 1611 Richmond Bd., Lexington, Ky. 680 VV. End Ave., New York, N. Y. 157 N. Oxford St., Hartford, Conn. 40 Downing St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 231 Madison Ave., Holyoke, Mass. . 5 Faille Ave., Holyoke, Mass. . Howell Pkwy., 1VIedina, N. Y. 180 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. 1815 Noble Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 26 Fox Meadow Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 21 Sherman Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Cream St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. .109 Beverly Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 14 W. 86th St., New York, N. Y. 6119 Navarre Pl., Cincinnati, Ohio 7 Ingleside Ave., Pennington, N. J. 130 E. 94th St., New York, N. Y. 20 Landing Rd., Glen Cove, N. Y. . Q7 Newell Rd., Brookline, Mass. . 15 Fenwick St., Hartford, Conn. . 4-3 Prospect St., Auburn, R. I. . 732 Orient St., Medina, N. Y. 342 VV. 71st St., New York, N. Y. 3 Wrentham Rd., Worcester, Mass. 117 Everett Ave., Providence, R. I. 155 VVinslow Ave., Norwood, Mztss. Birch Rd., Chelsea Heights, Westport, Conn. Q746 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. Q8 Menand Rd., Menands, Albany, N. Y. 21 Judson Ave., East Hartford, Conn. 50 STEPIIEN, ElIIZA1H'1'1'1I S'l'1f1V1'lNS, IDOROTIIY S'l'l11NVAR'1', JANE . S'l'lL1AV1'1l.11, CAIeoI. S'I'oImAIm, JUIIIA . S'roNE, IIEIIIGN . SwEEoI.EI1, 1lIfIA'I'nIcrI1. SZIGWVCZYNSKI, 1sA lllfll. 1 '1lAMliUSSI,l'1LlIA . I W lA'rE, BAEIIAIQA . '1lAY1.0lt, DoI.Ic:I.As 'll1'1l1ESC1'1l, Josi-IIIIIINE '1l1lOMI'SON, 1CIvIII.Y 'l'IIsIsAI.s, FIcANeEs '1lII"1"ANY, E. I.oIIIsE 'l'1NKIIAM, JEAN . P Y I oIvII.INsoN, 1-IEIIEN 'l'IcAI'I', YIRGINIA . 'l'IcIIEsIiEI.I., CONSTANCIC 'l'UeIc,SIIIIcI.EY . UI.I.MAN,SIIsAN . VA N DENII1IIccI, G IcAeI-I VAN 1'EI.'I', A I.I4'I-I . A7I'l"l'U1t, VIINIINIA VVAltK1'IN'I'l1CN, 1,0ItO'l'llY ' 2 WAY, l'1LlIA . . W1G1ICFIl, ANNE . 1YE1tE, E111ZABI'1'l'I-I YVEST, Mlltlitkl . WIIITI-I, 1VIAIt1ON . WIIITNI-IY, BAIYIIAEA WI I ITTIIZMORIG, 1V1AltGA1tE'l' VV1LLAN,1iU'I'II . . W1I.I.IAIvIs, EI.E'rIIIA QXINGATIC, BARBARA I I'r'rIo, RUTII . WoIII., FnANeEI.I.E WoNnEIzs, ANN . YVO0D,B1+IULA1I . Wooo, MIKIQY . WooowEI.I., f1LA Irvs YVOOSTIAIR, SYLVIA WoII'rII, FLORIGNCIII AVRIGIIT, BAILIIAIIA ZIcKEIc'r, 1VliARY . ZIEGLEII, 1,0It0'l'11Y 51 . 703 Chestnut St., 1Vahan, Mass. 30 Guerney St., Cape May, N. J. . 50 1V. Poulteney St.. Corning, N. Y. 71. 1Vinsor Pl., Glen Ridge, N. J. . Great Hill Rd., Seymour, ConII. 110 Bartlett St., Somerville, Mass. . . 104 Crown St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1151 Northampton St., Holyoke, Mass. 12 Olive St., 1Vindsor Locks, Conn. r . 140 Second Ave., Gloversville, N. X. . 48 S. Park St., Montclair, N. J. 12 Barherry Lane, Sea Cliff, N. Y. . . . South Hadley, Mass. , . . . . Antrim, N. H. . 110 Christoplier St., Montclair, N. J. . 8775 148th St., Jamaica, N. Y. . 415 N. East Ave., Oak Park, Ill. , , 20 Fair St., Laconia, N. H. , 3420 Ordway St., Washington, D. C. Forest 1Iill Ave., Lynnlield Center, Mass. 1040 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. , 3502 N. 100th St., Flushing, N. Y. . 0140 Fairway Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio , . 12 Vista Way, Lakewood, N. Y. . 325 S. Clifton Ave., Park Ridge, 1ll. 400 Atlantic Ave., North 1Vildwood, N. J. , . . 52 Oak St., Batavia, N. Y. . 17 Northern Blvd., Alhany, N. Y. . . Cherry Hill, Danville, Va. 200 Albion St., 1Vakefield, Mass. . . 37 1Vehster Rd., 1Veston, Mass. . 103 Greenacres Ave., Scarsdale. N. Y. 238 lilmwynd Drive, Oraiige, . 1637 1Vest St., Utica, , 22 Elin St., Av111l1S0l' Locks, Conn. 100 Hillside Ave., 1Vest Newton, Mass. . 0400 Forsythe lilvd., St. Louis. Mo. 54 Sagamore Rd., llronxville, N. Y. . . 3 Clement Rd., Hanover, N. H. , 82 Fairnlount Ave., Chatham, N. J. 150 Frontenac St., liulfalo, N. Y. . 100 East Ave., lvalden, N. Y. . . Stockton Springs, 1VIaine 244 East St., Chieopee Falls, Blass. N. J. N. Y. 252-47 Brattle Rd., Little Neck, N. Y. 121-03 Sixth Ave., College Point, N. Y. 1940 CLAS A college stands In Hadley town In simple dignity: Guard of a timeless heritage For a future yet to be. Une hundred years of progress Her daughters may relate, Mount Holyoke's name We shall acclaim In a cent'ry new and great: The college name behind us Gives strength to master fate. r S SUNG The lio11 stands A noble guard In royal majesty: His dominion of the earth The sign of our destiny. The blue the seas reflect, and The skies our color show, A memory We'll keep of thee, lVIount Holyoke, as we go: Inspired by these symbols, The world is ours to know. CHORUS: Nineteen-forty, now we sing, Loyalty and praise we bring: Ours is the endeavor, Yours the glory ever. Nineteen-forty, ever true To the lion and the blue, Symbols of honor and fame And your name, MOllHt Holyoke, We offer our future to you. EXTRA-CUIQIQICULAIQ 1 x 1 V Kimlmll, Smith, Miss Khlwvll, Puwm-ll Sh-plu-n, Briggs, l'uls1-r, Pllringlun ATI-ILETIC ASSCDCIATICDIXI BGAIQD BARBARA PALSIQR Loulsla BRIGGS . N INA PURINGTON VIRGINIA PONVELL EL1zA1sm'1 1 STIGPIIEN . . F1,omcNc1c 'K1M1zA1,1, BARBARA SMITH , Mlss Mlmmlmn I IowA mm Mxss IQATIIRO Klmvlcm, Miss EL1zA1s1c'ru Mom-zu . 1,7'6S'I:l1C7I,t . V 'ice-Presfzfdcnt . Treasm'e1' . Secretary Equ ipme nt M anagcr Infra-Mural M imager l,?lIll'l.C1ff?j M Imager Faculty M embers ATHLETI AWARDS W 'inner of the Sarah Sfrfctcr Ifup of l!lJ!fS' ANNE CALDER C , l BLAZER . . . zuvarclecl to seniors who have been on eight class ta uns md foul Xll Holyoke te uns Ill at least two sports during the college term: .Irma 1937 EI,1zAB1a'r1I S'rAv1f:ns, 1987 PINS . . . axvnrcled to llI1d0I'CliLSSITlCI1 who have been on two class te uns md two All Holyoke teams. ln two sports during the same year: RUTH ANDRENV, 1939 DORO'FIlY CRAIG, 1939 June 1937 NINJX I'1m1NoToN, 1939 Lllarch 19.38 Douomn Cuumu I 1' 1910 .IEAN SIMONDQ 1911 Ufivmcr of 1'o.sfvr I 'mzfesl M.klt1' IDOLBIGARE, 1939 Winner of I nframwal Tournament 55 SAFFORD HlGl1l'IN FREICD 1101111 of Hockey Fall QI' 1937 Dorothy Carson '39 Dorothy Craig '39 Ethel WilIi2LlllSIDIl '39 Betty Stephen '40 ' Nlarion Gott '41 Joan Simonds '4-1 Edna Taylor 'J-1 I-IGCKEV ALLHOLVQKE TEAM SDEEDBALL ALL-l-IOLYOKE TEAM .74 , "QT"-s .. YA. 412 .174 I 'dv '-Qual! ' . .., gf- 1' MQ' 'ft i, "Aft 'I 4s 4 , J' 1 n A n, Q 'lb Fall QI' 19:37 Anna Steiglitz '38 Ruth Andrew '39 Dorothy Bowie '39 Louise Briggs '39 Susie liurclick '89 Mary l,0llD01lI'0 '39 lilezuior llzmeroft '40 ,l'1'iseillu Copley '4-0 Dorothy Grumpelt '40 Virginia Powell '40 Beryl Rohiscluuul '40 Shirley Tuck '40 lVl.-im' lDoi,1m,m1f: Hear! QI' Speeflbull JA Ni.: K ml-11, im H0011 Qf Volleyball Fall :gf 19:37 Jam- Curtis '38 Nfairjorio Green '38 Virginia Difzibio '39 Dorothy Fuller '39 Ninn Pnrington '39 Marry Cheng '4-0 Murittzi Davis 'LH Bcbitu Rc-alsoncr '4-1 by Sylvia Sm ilh VCDLLEVBALL ALL HQLVQKE TEAM ARC!-IERV ALI.-I-IOLYOKE' TEAM Spring Qf 1937 Florence Gipe '37 Virginia Fletcher '37 Margaret Guris '37 Madeline Szunpson '88 Olwen Xvillianns '38 lVl:n'i0n Van fiCClll '39 lfllizuhetll Gaines '40 Pauline Althouse '40 Fall QI' 1937 lhIilClClll10SIHIIPSOII '38 Marion Van Geenl '89 Eleanor Moore '39 Pauline Althouse '4-0 Virginia Trapp '4-0 Mary Jenn Clupp '40 lhwlmra Beal '4-1 MAlJIflIllNl'1 SAMPSON Hear! QI' Archery X .AL 2 if 4 If s!'v,,,bL qw mp X Ps gn! 'lv i Pa pers, work, and worry. Spit cards, Bazaar, and parties for the l-lolyoke children. Five o'clock angels and Town l'lall by Carollers. Christmas. i Q "l-lello, 'l938l" Winter sports, thaw, the rising flood, stopped only I A gf Afgnq' V -f 2 ' Il ' ,fi ffl a, . 5132 is ' ': 4 -v N lr I I jk ' Q 7.. N' W. by a sudden Freeze. Midyearsnl "Freshman marks are out-when do We get ours?" The concert series, basketball, sleigh-rides, car- nivals, valentines, Sophomore l-lop, Senior Dance, song contest, Pay Day-"Will campus ever look green again?" Spring vacation at lastl Av .. m.,l.5,f...,,...,....,.T..:,,?..L.?,,t.W .,... . .WU -,,., ,. .- . ,, n Y If Curricular includes all academic lwonors, extra-curricular includes lwouses, organizations, and winter athletics. V- CUIQIQICULAR PI-ll BETA KAPPA SOCIETY Theta Chapter MEMBERS IN FACULTY AND STAFF IHIARRIIQTT M. ALIJYN . . President MARIAN I-IAY1as . . Secretary MARY E. COOLEY . Treasurer A. Elizabeth Adams David E. Adams lV1ildrcd Allen Grace M. Bacon Frances E. Baker Margaret Ball Viola F. Barnes Dorothy L. Bernstein Blanche E. Boyer Virginia Brillinger Blanche E. Brotherton Boardman Bump Leslie E. Burgevin Sigrid H. Carlson Emma P. Carr Alzada Comstock Cornelia C. Coulter Alice C. Cramer Maurice B. Cramer Alice B. Critehett Charlotte D'Evelyn Eleanor Diamond Ella S. Dickinson Ethel B. Dietrich Dorothy VV. Doolittle Mzirgaret E. Dyer Alice H. Farnsworth Florence W. Foss Helena M. Gamer Barbara S. Granger Pattie J. Groves Georgia Harkness Everett D. Hawkins Samuel P. Hayes Charlotte Haywood Alice V. Hellegers Amy H ewes Mildred S. Howard Gertrude S. Hyde Elizabeth Johns Barbara Chase Lambert Elizabeth S. Launspack John S. Lobb Christina Lochman Kathleen NI. Lynch Drue E. Matthews A. Josephine lVIeAmis Mary W. Meffonaughy Isa Mellwraith Margaret J. McLean Erika Meyer Elizabeth Murray Harriet Newhall Eleanor B. Paddock Helen E. Patch Lucy W. Pickett Mary L. Sherrill Christianna Smith Ada L. F. Snell Kathryn F. Stein Louisa S. Stevenson Helen K. Stoelzel Alma G. Stokey Abby H. Turner Harriet F. Whicher A. Geraldine Whiting 66 -fun - ,we T- - Jus-I l I l I A F l I ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Florence Adams Helen C. Flint Alice P. Stevens Bertha E. Blakely N. E. Goldthwaite Ellen Bliss Talbot M. Gertrude Cushing Florence Purington Mignon Talbot MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1937 PHOEBE ANN BAROODY MARGARET ELIZABETH IJYER RUTH FLORENCE FRIEDSON ELIZABETH KASSON HARTMAN ALICE VIRGINIA IIELLEGERS BARBARA HERTKVIG HELEN HARDWICKE HORNE MIRIAM WATSON KELLY TMARY CHARLOTTE LANE TMARGARET JEAN MC LEAN "'Elected in 1936 FLORENCE GERTRUDE MARSII MARY ALICE MYIGRS ELEANOR BLANCHE PADDOCK RUTH PRINCE "'GERTRUDE MARY STEPHENSON 'HELEN KATIAIERINE STOELZEL "'ELISE UPTON TMARY MANNEY WICK IQATIIARINE LUTz WILSON VIRGINIA ELSIE WITHEY MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1938 MARY ANDERSON BERNICE RUTH BEAUREGARD MARJORIE STEPHENS BELCHER TELIZABETH MANN BIGELOW JEAN CAMPBELL MARGARET ISABELLE CAMPBELL ELEANOR JANE CROSBY MARY SEATON EVANS EROSAMOND FRAME ,FHELEN BELLE GOLIJMEER MARY PARSONS KENDALL HELEN MATTH Ews KNOWLTON LOIS ELIZABETH KRIEGER CATHERINE OTIS LEUTIIOLD XHELEN 'FHERESA MURPIIY BARBARA FRANCES PALSER ELSIE MARY RUSSELL MAIIY ELIZABETH SANDERS JULIE ELIZABETH SCHAIRER MARGARET SI-IIPPEN STORRS ELEANOR TITCOMB CHRISTINE VVATERIIOUSE , 'KPHYLLIDA MAvE WILLIS 'Elected in 1937 M ' I Allen, lllllfinglmi, Mberlsun, llnwker, Dnnklin BLACKSTICK l'lDI'l'llALI3I'1H'I'SON . 1,I'CSlilIl'lIf EmNon limvlucn . Svcremry lV1lClVIBl'IRS Sara Louise Allen ' lhurlmm Dunklin .lean Buffinton Eleanor Witliington Blnckstick is an infornizil honorary societyg its lllL'lIlll0l'S are chosen for tlleir ability in creative writing. DELTA SIGMA Rl-10 JULIA SCIIAIRNR . . Prcsirlent M ICM BERS Alice Virginia Binns Helen Goldmeer Delta. Sigma Rho is at national honorary forensic society in which Mount Holyoke is one of the two women's colleges represented. New members :ire elected by the society on the basis of at point system, which restricts membership to those who have attained at partieulzuly high degree of profi- ciency in debate and who have served in un active capacity on debate council. 69 F E I. I. O W S I-I I P S 'l'ItIE MARY E. WOOLLEY FELLOWSHIP 1Vl.xaGAlclc'r l'iNlJlCO'l"l', A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1935. A.M., Mount Holyoke College, 1937. Yale University, Organic Chemistry. THE BARDWELL MEMORIAL FELLOWSI-Ill' NIARY CIIARLOTTIG LAN1-1, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1937. University of Chicago, Classics. THE CLASS OF 1905 FELLOWSHIP JANE 1V1c:CAnm-:I.L, A.B., Nlount Holyoke College, 1932. The Harvard School of Public Health. THE FRANCES MARY HAZEN FELLOWSHIP ELIZAIZETII InI.xa'1'M.xN, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1937. University of Chicago, Classics. THE .IOSEPII A. SKINN ER FELLOWSHIPS Anal-:Lu NEUIMANN, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1937. Bryn Mawr, Archeology. IVIARY JUDAY, A.B., 1VIount Holyoke College, 1937. Mount Holyoke College, History. IIif11.r:N K. S'1'om.z1':I., A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1937. Mount Holyoke College, Physics ELlZABl'Yl'll H. l,.xUNsr.u'11, A.B., Beloit College. Mount Ilolyoke College, Chemistry. SARAH WILLISTON SCI-ICDLARS Frances Margaret Adams Ruth Jeanette Adams Judith Beach Ann Beale Beckstedt Annamarie Booz Elinor James Bowker Jean Buffinton Susie Rae Burdick Eleanor Maltby Campbell Betty Caulkins Jean Elizabeth Champlin Janie Christine Clark Jeanne Muriel Curtis Elizabeth Marcy De Forest Priscilla Eddy Mary Catherine Fowler Helen Ogden Gebbie Mary Elizabeth Glynn Barbara Mary Gunn Alice 'l'ifl't Hinles Nlary Elizabeth Hoffman Alice Louise Johnston Doris Pearl Mintz Josephine Giovannina .Perlingiero Doris Elise Pullman Alice Quadre Thelma Rand Charlotte Louise Riley Frances Marion Rosenstock Eleanor Genung Sayer Doris Ruth Seeger Nancy Burnham Sheedy Josette Neville Smith Ruth Bacon Spencer Jean Louise Stout Jean Sudrann Helen Ida Thayer Ethel Ruth hv1lll2l.l11SOl1 Eleanor May VVithington Eleanor Bugher Wright 70 MARY LYON SCI-ICLARS QF1937 WITH HIGHEST HONOR MA RY CHA liIIO'l"I'I'I II ,A NIC . . . . ELISR U l"l'ON . . WITH IRIIGII IIONOR PIIOI-:ma ANN BAROOIIY . MIIQIAM CAMP . . IIIQLIIN lXLIiI+3R'l'A CIIAPMAN . J EAN TIIORNIIIRIII EOIIY IIUTII FLORIIINOII FRIRIISON . VIRGINIA GINGIGRICK . IIYDIA RIIIIIIII IIAIIL . . l'IL1ZABI4lTII ICASSON I'IAR'l'MAN BARBARA I'IIuR'I'wIO . . ICLISII GIQSSIIORII JOIIARII IIJOROTIIY I-IIIILICNA LAIDIIAM . MA RGA Rm' J EAN MIAIII-:AN I'III,If:lcN MAOOMIIIIIR . IVIARY ALIOIQ MYERS . . MARGARET VVILIIIAMS ROBINSON . R,U'I'lI IVIORRIS SMITH . . l'lI.IzAIsIfI'rII OA'I' STAVIIIRS . G I'Ili'l'RUDlG MA RY S'rlavIcNsON I'Il'II.I'1N KA'lIIIERINl'I S'l'OlClIZIGL MAIIRLINI-I TIQRRY . . .KATIIARINIII I,LI'I'z WILRON SARA!-I 1937 MARY CIIARIIOTTIG IIANR ELIZA ISI+l'l'II KA SSON H A RTMAN MARY MANNRY WVICK M A RGA RICT .IRA N MOI ,IIA N H IIILRN KATIIIIIRINIQ S'l'OIGl.ZICL .Latin French Ilfistory and Political Science History and Political Science F . , . Iconomvcs and Soctology Latin History and 1J0l'Ilf'IlC!ll Science History anrl Political Science Zoology Latin 1Ccono1n'1fcs and Sociology 1'17'l!7ICll . Psychology I I'l1cm'1'stry Zoology IC 11 glish Zoology Zoology Zoology Frcn ch l'lzIy.v1'cs . . ltomancc .Languages 1Cngl'1'slI Literature anfl Drama WILLISTON PRIZES ,I 938 PIIYLLIDA MAVIQ WILLIS IIICIIIGN TIIIIRIQSA MURPIIY H I-:LI-:N BI-ILLI-I GOLIIMRIIIR EIIlZABI41'I'Il MANN BIGELONV ROSA MONII FRA M In 71 1939 ELIIIANOR MAY WITIIINGIION ITORIS R,U'l'II SI+:1cc:IcR . IVIARY EL1zAIIIa'I'II Hom-'MAN J UDITII BEACII JEAN BUFFINTON SARAH WILLISTON SENIOR PRIZE SCHOLARSHIP MARY CHARLOTTE LANE ANNE C. EDWARDS PRIZE ALICE VIRGINIA BINNS, 1937 HELEN GOLDMEER, 1938 JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN SCHOLARSHIP MAR.IORIlE ROTYLER BELL, 1938 MARION TREADWAY INGLIS, 1938 JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN PRIZE FRANCES FLORELLA TIEEALS, 1940 SIGMA THETA CHI ALUMNAE POETRY PRIZE .IUDITH BEACH, 1939 ELEANOR MAY WITHINGTON, 1939 FLORENCE PURRINGTON PRIZE MARGARET Ross, 194-0 KATHRYN IRENE GLASCOCK MEMORIAL POETRY PRIZE SARA LOUISE ALLEN, 1938 KATHRYN C. MCFARLAND AWARD MARIANNA MCN EES, 1937 MERRILL PRIZES FOR FRESHMEN F or Improvement MARY-ANNE BUCK OLIVE ISOBEL MILLER NANIIY BoIEs DUNLAI' EDITH ALMA OXNARD MERRILL PRIZES FOR FRESHMEN F or Achievement ELINOR MARTHA BANCROFT ROSEMARY DANES SUZANNE ELLIS FRANCES FLORELLA 'IIIBBALS EDWARD WHITMAN CHAPIN PRIZE SCHOLARSHIP PAULINE BEATRICE MILLIGAN, 1938 COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP ALICE HETZEL, 1938 JULIA ELIZABETH SCHAIRER, 1938 72 EXTRA-CUIQRICULAR f BRICEI-IAM Miss ANNE M. UIIAPIN . . llaafl Qf Ilousc Rwrii IC. lVlA'l"I'lll+1WH . . 1101130Ij'I'l?.YfllUlll M 'iii or if-w,,3 llmm1'a'r'1ic.v Miss Milclrcfl Allen Mr. :xml Nlrs. licslic G. liurgcvin Miss Ellen D. Ellis Miss Alice H. l'lZLI'llSNVOI'l,ll Miss Cliristinzi l10Clllll1l.ll Miss Almliy H. ,lllll'l10I' Bliss Alice VVilli:uns 741 F" .,,,.,,, .,.. . I W W 1 PORTER Mus. I'IARlilI1l'l' U. Sl'li0lTlil+l . . Head QI' Ilousc ANNE Clll+1NOWl+l'l'lI . Ilouxv 1'rv.vf1lvnl 75 I H rm 0 ra r ins Miss JZLIIO Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Evcrutt Hawkins Miss Alice Mc-Cool Miss ciilI'iSt.iilillllil, Smith Miss Louisal. Stevenson , L Ellii E I I mmra I'l'l!-S' Miss li:1i'bul'z1 Hull Miss Georgian Ilzwkm-ss Miss Mary Iliglvy Mrs. IICIOII Portvr Juszi Miss lfllizzilmctll R. Lzmircl Miss Mario Lilzingc-r Nliss Hzu'ric-t Ncwliull Miss Maicflfm-ssc-y M PEARSCDNS and LE FGVER Mics. MAIN' I. G. M'Ac1KAY, Hem! QI' 11071-90, Pz'ur.wm.v Miss .Iosl+:mllNi-1 LA Cfoswz Ni-:u,soN llwul QI' llousv, L0 l"oyz'r fTAlwl,YN l'Ivl':lc'rs . Ilousn I'rcsi1lcnl. l'c'ar.wm.s- JI-:AN S'l'0U'r . . Ilousz' l"rz'.v1'flw1l. Le l"nyr'r 76 SAFFOIQD MII. AND Mus. SAMIIIIIII l'. IIAYIcs Ilousv DI'l!'Il-V NIISH E1,lZ,U31.yp11.ALLIQN , . Rl'-9fIl!'Ilf l"l'll1HI' VIRGINIA Ilorrlll-I'I"I'Ic . . Ilmnw l'rvsifl1'1ll 77 Ilmmra r1'1'.v Mr. Dmiziifl Baliloy Miss ,I-II-lon l3:II'LlIulIIIcs Miss ci0I'lI0iiRl, C. C0llii,t'l' Mr. :uid Mrs. Drain N. Currie Miss Elizzilmoth S. Doane Mr. :md Mrs. Rogers D. Rusk Miss Lucy 'l'. Shoc- Miss Jossiv M. Taltlock Miss li:I,1'lIuI':I. Tripp Y - N ,'v. PA V .I V li llmmrarics Dr. mul Mrs. David IC. Aclzuns Miss Viola I". l5:u'm-s Mr. and Mrs. B02l,l'Cllll2lll Hump Miss l':l'ik2L M1-yor c. AND Mus. IFILANK IC. lS.m,mv, Ju. llouse lhfnns ss IC. Ylm:lNl.'x l31ell,l,lNul-:lc . lf1'.v1'rlm1I l"z'llow ,LY l5.mNlcs . . llnusr' l,I'l'Sl'lll'Ilf '78 4- .1,,V2", -r WILDEI2 Miss M.-un' Sm.:imll.l, llousv IJPIUI NIISH EQIAIQA Nfjlt Nf'fjf'K , IfI'Sl-llfllll I'il'HOIl' fiA'l'lilqmNg.g IMINNING . . llrmsz' 1,l'1'Sl.!ll'llf '79 I I rm 0 ru 1' im Miss Gorlruclc liruyn :l:Miss limmu l'. C':u'r Miss Alzaulu C'mnst,ock Miss Ruth IG. Douglass Miss Doris IC. Ilutcliinson Mr. and Mrs. John liulib Miss Ruth Scalrlcs Miss A1111 li. I". Sm-il Miss Marial Ya-laisqucz :WSr1l1l1r1l1'1'r1l I1I'lll'l' Ilmmra I"I'1?S Miss l"lm'c-licc flltfllllkllt Miss llm-lon Griffith Miss Kzmtln-rillc L. Kimlvr Miss Nellie Neilson Mr. :incl Mrs. Pauil Suinlzonffo rm M iss lllilclcgzmlc Stucklcn NGRTI-I ROCKEFELLEI2 Miss C,v1'lliciuNic P. IUDBINSON House Dean Miss VIRGINIA 'l'owNslcNn . . llesirlent Ifnllnw l':l,IZAl!l'I'l'll 'llIIA'l'C'llIGli . Ilrmsc l'rcsiflanl 1..- 80 'Z SOUTH ROCKEFELLER Miss BLANCIII4: E. BRO'l'lIl'lR'l'0N . HON-90 DUNN M - .- F aj ,f , , liasillwzi Fvllmv Iss Dum, L. MAI 1111 ws ELIZABETH lkmmm . Ilousc l'rcszfrlw1L 81 llfm ora r1'1'.s Miss HIILIICIIO IS. Buycr Miss Dorotliy Foster Miss Hvlcmi. GIHIICI' Mr. :mil Mrs. YVilli:1.111 Ililllllllilllli Miss Kzitliro Kiilwcll Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Kotsclmig Miss Mclvzl Liml Miss Florin Bello llllilillglllll Miss Ruth Scclgwick Urmnra rics Miss Mziriam Hayes Miss Cllzirlottc Hamywooci Miss Milclrccl Howard Miss Isa Mcllwruith Mrs. Marion Rzmdull Mr. and Mrs. John YV:u'lmckc Miss Louise YVildc Miss Kathryn VVriglit NORTH MANDELLE Miss KA'I'lll,I4Il'1N LYNCH . Ilrmsc Dean Miss F1mNc:1cs IIUN'r1Nu'roN . lfC'.S'l-118711 lfcllow ANNE Cixnlmlc . . House l'ire.w1f1lent 82 SOUTH MANDELLE Mn. AND Mus. Rouim Ilomn-is . House 11011118 Miss liA'l'lll'IltINI'l Iilclcvm . Ifl'SI'll07lf Ifullo-w Lo1m1Nm Slcixvlm . Ilfmse Pre.s'1'flent 83 1 I mmm r ivs Miss Elizzmlwtll Adams Miss Graco Bacon Bliss Juliet Fisher Nliss Amy Howes Mr. and Mrs. Cliurlcs D. Lcccly Mrs. Alice Mills Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Stoke Hon ora ries Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bulk Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brace Miss Olive Copeland Miss Florence VV. Foss Miss Edeltrzuxt Proske Miss Viva F. Richardson Miss Kathryn Stein WOODBRIDGE and BRIDGMAN Miss l'i'l'lll'IL B. D1m'1uc'n . Ilouse Dean Miss R. E1,1zA1z1aT11 JOHNS Resident l"el1m1', llfomlllriflge Miss BIARIANNA McfNm-ns Resilient l 'll!l11t'I'07I0, Brfrlgnzmz, M1Xli.liJltll'I WIN'l'l'1ll Ilouse l're.virlenf, W omlbrirlre .I E1.icANou Mnrlflmvlaifz House Presiflenf, Bridz man .I 84 1 .M F w X i Ilmmrarics Mr. and Mrs. MZllll'iClE B. CTHIIIICI Miss Diario IICg'llilliiIll Miss llclcn l', NVIICCICI' P4 N 4' " X ' , IM. x '4 . 'QQ N. , ' wx-gf -1' -Q ' ,, A . 1 . MOUNTAIN VIEW '9 f s s . vi:-i " ,I f' , X . - , . , ' 452 , ji. , 'IVV' Miss lSl.IZAlH'l'l'll Alnilulfz . Ifmzrlmzi Ifallmv Qgsibh ,. M . t lCs'1'111fm CIIHNEY . . Ilousc l'v'cs'irlent , '-1,-12" --4-x r 14 4 :iv HHLEP, x, luqygg It .t I , -Rug. 1 1 4 - .jg , A . . -3' 1 4 I Ay J: ,.! N fx .x, .. 1 ri- 'I V , f' v 'Y ' SYCAMCDRES iw, Miss lu1.1zAn1-:'1'1x 61. Ix1M1s.u,l, TTT.. W N-ff ' A W ' Director QI' ilw Two U 71 il Plan JUDITH 'I31+:,w11 .... House l,'I'l3S'iIlU7If 85 my ,, ,..Q..M ,V H 0 nom ries Miss Ella S. Dickinson Dr. Puttic J. Groves Miss Florence M. MilPtllldUlC Miss D. Hclcn Wolcott BYRON SMITI-I and I-HTC!-ICCDCK Mics. MARGARI-:T L. ICCKARD . . Hcad1jH0usc .I1-:.xNm"1'1+: lVIANDlil'lY, House 1're.vi1lc111, Byron Smith l+Il.Iz.x1s1+:'l'I1 I-Ilan . . Ilouse President, Ilfifclzcock 86 l l l l 1 l w n I l M CCDWLES LODGE Mus. JXLICE R. I,lCl'1SSl41R . . lleafl QI' llfmsf: ELVIQNA f:EliN1'1R . . . Ilrmse lJ'I'l3S'flll!Nl Mus. IIILDIC K. I1ICLD . . . llecul QI' llrmsr' Amcl-1 H I+I'I'Zl4IL . . H :msc Prcsiflcnt 87 0" x I1lIII0l'lll'I'l3S Mr. amd Mrs. John W. Mclhuuy Miss Sydney li. Mcllcam Miss Alum G. Stokcy ga N 'Sea , Bum-In, lfraum-, liisnor, Fk-ming CQMMUNITV CDFFICERS IIUSXVIGLL CQRAY HAM ROSAMOND l"n.'mI-1 . IQATIIRYN EISNIGR . I'I1,lzAmc'rll llllz.-wil . ANN 1"1,m11Nc: . Prcsizlcnt . f'lIlli7'77lll77, V icrc-I 'huirmfm . Sccrelary , Treasurer Waldron, Williamson, llolmckcl., Ross, llulzlvr, Slczulumn JUDICIAL Box-wan JEAN S'rmAnMAN . Chairman MEMBERS Miss GAMER NIARY XVALDRON lC'1'mc1, XVILLIAMSON Miss DIE'PRIl!II CoNs1'A Num I'Il'Y'l'ZLl'lR ANNE l3oH.Acluc'r MA RGA1uc'r Ross 89 Frame, Check, Hisllvr, Iloskvn, Barnes, Stlflllllllllll CCNFEREIXICE CCDMMITTEE RosAMoNn FRAME . . Chairman MEMBERS Mn. IIAM Miss ROBINSON Mn. IIOLMI-is MHISS LYNCH Mus. MAUKAY JEAN STEADMAN SALLY BARNES KATIIIQYN EISNER NIARY JACOBY DICAN IIOSKEN MARGARI-:T CIIIQEK 90 Frame, Wllittemorc, Lummis, Hustorf, Williamson NOMINATIIXIG CGMMITTEE ROSAMONIJ FRAME . . Clzairman ' MEMBERS A MISS HAYES MARTI-IA LUMM1S JEAN HASTORF ETHEL WILLIAMSON MARGARM' W111'v'rEMo1uc 91 COMMUNITY COMMITTEES BARBARA PICCIC, 1939 .... . lflzazfrman OLNVEN WILLIAMS, 1938 KATIIERINE I RONS, 1940 V IVIAN SNYDER, 1940 CONSTANCE SIIEPIIERD, 1939 BET'I'Y SCIIEUER, 1941 COMMUNITY CHEST COMMITTEE MARY GUTIIRIE, 1938 . . UlLfL7T'I'?7lCL71- EMILY GIFFORII, 1939 . . . Treasurer BETTY DEFOIIEST, 1939 JEAN I'IASTORF, 1940 JANET CALDWELL, 1941 RUTII IIOLLERAN, 1940 CURRICULUM COMMITTEE ALICE CALDNVELL, 1938 . . . . Chairman JANE DICKINSON, 1939 MARY MARTZ, 1939 MARIAN BLANCIIARD, 1941 MAIIION BRANCH, 194-0 FINANCE COMMITTEE RUTII IXBBOTT, 1938 . . Chairman DORIS PECK, 1939 DORIS SEEGER, 1939 LIBRARY COMMITTEE MAIIJOIIIE BELL, 1938 , . . . Chafzfrlnan ALICE CALDWELL, 1938 JEAN BUI-'I-'1N'I'ON, 1939 FLORENCE BRENVER, 1940 MARY GOODWIN, 1938 PAULINE HEMII, 1939 IDIXIE SCOTT, 1941 92 MARY WII.I.R'r'r, I'IARRIl'1T GRIRI-'I'I'IIS, 1938 LGIS Rovxwoon, 1938 ELIzAIsR'rH TVILLIAMS, 1938 VIRGINIA f'G'I'INs, 1939 MOVIE COMMITTEE 1938 . . . . . I-'lzairman JIQANNE FISIIRR, 1939 BE'l"l'Y LGU BoI.GI-1, 1940 GLAIJYS LINTON, 1939 BIc'r'I'Y BOYI-IR, 194-0 EIIINGR BANGROI-'wx 194-0 CAROL CGOPER, 1940 VIRGINIA WAI.IcI-JR, 1940 STUDENT-ALUMNAE HALL COMMITTEE ' . . . . . I 'lzafirman SALLY BARNES. 1.138 LIaII'I'IIoI.IJ, 1938 BARBARA ISRINKI-:RIIGI-'I-' 1939 VIRGINIA TVALKER. 1939 CATI-I ERINI-I NIARY TVILLETT, 1938 I,ORO'l'lIEA RYAN, 1939 RRIII-:CGA PAR'rRIuGE, 1943 STUDENT FUND COMMITTEE SUSAN TIONVARD, 1938 . . Chairman CAROIIYN EVERTS, TIARRIET ITOBERTS, 1938 ANNE CALDI-IR, 1938 ALICE AYIGR, 1938 MARCIA KIDDIGR, 1939 1939 . . . . . Secretary JANE SIQAVER, 1941 VIRGINIA C0'rINs, 1939 CIIRISTINE PI-:'rIcR, 194-0 ELENA SIIINN, 1941 MIRIIXM WI-JST, 1940 BI-:'r'I'Y BRONVN, 1941 'BARBARA MIJCLUER, 194-0 WINNIE MICIIIQLIIAGIIER, 1 CARGLINI-I SANVYER, 1940 VOCATIONAL COMMITTEE MAI11' GRII-'FI'I'II, 1938 . . . 1 , . Chairman ELIZAIIETII LAMRERT, 1938 98 M,AR'FIIfX GRII-'FI'I'II, 1939 DGRGTIIY YOUNG, 1939 NIIARION IQARR, 1940 94-1 REPRESENTATIVE CGUNCII. MISS ICINDER MIss Ml,TAMIS MARY ANDERSON BARBARA BALDXVIN J UNE BARGERI-:IIE SALLY BARNES BETTY BARRONVS JUIIITII BEAGII MA1i'FIlA BEAR IIELEN DEBERG ELIZAIIETII BIERER MARION BRANCII SALLY BRAND JULIETTE BRAVERMAN ANN BRITTAIN MARGARET BROADEENT FLORENCE BRONVNING JEAN BUFFINTON ELIZARETII BULL DOROTHY CABELL ANNE CALDER ESTHER CIIENEY ANNE CI-IENOWETH HELEN CHESTER HELEN CORsA MISS MATTIIEXVS Miss TROBINSON BARBARA CUTTING CATIIIGRINE DUNNINCI JKATIIRYN EIsNER CAROLYN EvERTs JEANNE FIsIIER ANN FLEMING RANDALL FOSTER ROSAMONIJ FRAME. UI.aI'rmrm :HELEN GAY ELVENA GERNER SALLY GOODING MOLLY GUTIIRIE MARGARET I-IANLEY SHIRLEY I-IANLON JEAN I'IAS'l'ORF, Secreiary EILEEN IJELLNVIG ALICE IIETZEL BETTY HICSII VIRGINIA HOQIIETTE MARY ELLEN I-IUESTON PIIYLLIs JONEs VIRGINIA LONG CONSTANOE LORING MISS SEDGWVICK Mlss VVRIGHT MAll'PIIA LUMMIS ELEANOR MAUELWEE 1 L U U 4' U Il'ANl"I"1'I' M xNDRI'Y RUTII NIATTIIENVS 11 JLAINE MESSIGIE DORIs PULLMAN MARY JANE PURRINGTON BERITA REAsONER LORAINE SEAVER MAIIELYN SMITI-I ESTIIER SOSMAN VIRGINIA STARKEY JEAN STEADMAN N ATALIE STEVENS JEAN STOUT JEAN SUIIRANN ELIZAIIETII TIIATCHER ALICE VAN Ess VERLY VVESTFALL BARBARA WIIITE JEAN WIIITE MARGARET WIIITTEMORE MAR.lORIE WINTER 94: CGUNCII. GF EXECUTIVES llOSAMOND FRAME JEAN STEADMAN BARBARA PALSER IJELEN Go1.DME1-in LOUISE ICERR . JANICE I'IowE . ALICE HETZEI1 . 'RUTH ICRAUSS . Lo1sK1uEoEn . Eorrn ALm-:1vrsoN ELINOR GooD1Nu BE'r'r1E FOOTE . SYLVIA SHERK . SUSAN Howfum MARY WALDRON ELEANOE SAYER of Communily Clzairnwn of .lurlieial Board . 1'res1'1I1'nI of Ailzletu: Assoe'ialiou . l'resi1leu,l of Debate Society . Presilleut of Dramatic Club . . . Presirlenl rj Glee Club Presideni of I nlernafioual Relalions Club I'ffl'ilor-'iu-Chief of Llamarada . Erlilor-in-Clrief of the News lCrl'1'lor-in-I.'l1'1'ef rj' Ihe M oulhly Presrfflent of Outing Club . President of Dance Club Presuleui of Cosmopoliflan Club . Clzairman of Fellowship of F aiths Senior Class President Juuior Class President MAlJEI1EINE CHITTENDEN . . Sophofmm-e f 'lass President ELENA SIIINN , Freshman Class President STUDENT GOVERNMENT Melribers of the faculty staff, the administration, and the student body compose the Representative Council. The Council seeks the cooperation of the different campus groups for the purpose of controlling legislation and acts only upon student regulation. Legislation proposed by the Council and approved by the Conference Committee is again referred to the Council before it can be adopted. Judicial Board is the "strong arm" of student government in tlxe enforcement of laws passed by the Council. ' The Nominating Committee proposes student names for otlices. It consists of the Chair- man of Community, two Juniors, two Sopliomores, one Freshman, and one Facility member. One of the Junior members is the Junior member of Judicial Board. The Council of Executives consists of tlic beads of various student organizations. Its purpose is to unify and coordinate extracurricular activities of the college. 95 f'lll'l,iSH, Gmyling, Culclcr, Dr. Arlmns, Miss llrillingor, Ilowaml FELLCDWSI-IIP OF F!-XITI-IS SUSAN Ilowmm NIARY .lmrmsv . ISAIQIMIQA Cuwrrss Sfumll GOODING I'1uscv11,1..A Enm' .lunvrn l31f:.'x1'I1 . ANN:-J C,x1,n1-:lc . NIMH NIAWPZ . Sllllmm' l"oo'rl-1 lVLxm' .MNH l'mmINu'roN . Ll-:oN0u Ilolmlfzs lVLxm ' 1VIlf:mK1clc Aulrflc XVRIGIIT . DR. Axmms Mn. HAM Mn. Loma . Miss IIOBINSUN VIRGINIA llmm,lNmcu l+'l+II,I,0WSI IIl' COUNCIL Y l Vzairvncm . Vice-I 'ha'17r1nm1, r 1 I I reasurer Sec rata ry lf'ha 1irnm1L rj Wor.vh i71 U!I7Il'I7Z7:SSi07l, l'l1a1'rman Qf Ell'llCllf7707I, I VOTIHIL7:-S'S'i07l . l,'lm'irnmn, fy' Service ff'0'l77,77L'I.SS2707l, 19:39 Iie72rcsentat'i'1vc . 4 1940 Ileprcse1zIat'1'1vc 79.40 lieprcsw1,tut'1?1,ve , 1941 1f8III'6.S'U7lfllfI'?'z'3 194 I Iz61II'6.S'07lfdf'Ij'l78 I 9.4 I Representative . I"uculty lf6PI'63l37lfCLf'IT778 . l"cu:'ulty Heprescnmtive , Ifrlchzllty lieprescvztczthve . . Faculty Rep'resental'ivc . . Ewcculvf on Ifmmcil on lYo 1mcil on lfomzcfil on I 'mmcil ml. Council on lfmmcil on lf'0'1mc1fl on lfmmcil on Uouncil on Council vc Secrelafry 96 De Forest, llastorf, liear, Krauss, Martz. Sllaclflork, Caulkius, Adams, Miss Brillingi-r, Jacoby, Howard, Gooding. Iltlflllllilll 'CAMP Q-Al'-KA CONFERENCE nE1,EG,vr1oN, JUNE, wav RUTH AIJAMS SALLY Gooomu NIARY M1Klt'I'Z IVIAR1-11 A BEAR J EAN 'I'IAS'l'OR1-' IC1.EANon 'l'noMAs ANNAMARUQ Booz M.-im' I'IoE1-'MAN lhIILDRl'1D SIIADDOCK BETTY CAULKINS SUSAN Howlmo Fu.-xNcEs WAMQEN ELIZABETI-I DE FOREST MARY JACOEY l'nv1,1.1oA VVILLIS RUTH K RA Uss Last summer at Camp O-at-Ka, on the shores of Lake Sebago, Maine. an experiment in student conferences was performed. A coeducational gathering of representatives from all the colleges of New England met under the banner of the Student Christian Movement for a week filled to the brim with worth-while experiences. Inspiring talks. meaty discussions, periods of quiet worship or study, or sport and good fellowship packed every moment. One cannot help but recognize the Camp 0-At- Ka experiment as heralding a new era in summer conferences. 97 I Nakayalna, Curtis, Sherk COSMQPOLITAN CLUB SYIIVIA SIII-:Inc BAIIIIAIQA YEN JICANNIC CIIIVPIS A705111 lYAKAYAMA IIIGIIIGN AIIoLI'II E LEA NOR BAlt'l'LI+1T'1' IRENE HQIWKEII MAEIoN BRANCII M1kRCiAltET BUIiEI.EY MAY CIIENG 'l'EII-WE1 CIIIGNG JANIE CLARK BAREAIIA CU'l"l'ING ANNE EIIWAEIJS MAIJlCIII'llNIG ESKI-:SEN MEMBERS IQOHAMONIJ FRAME BAIIIIARA GIINN l,EoNoIa PIOLMIGS KATIIEIIINE IIzoNs ANN KIM lVlIN1C'I"l'l'l l,oNo MAIIH' MA'l'IllGNV MA1iX' lVII'lIGKl'Ilt AMAIIIA Ml'1NlJldZ EIINA MIGItIClD1'l'lI . I'resiflclLt V'icc-Pravirlcnl . Secretary fi . lreasurcr IIILIJEGAIQIIE RICICIIELT MARII'1 SEII-PEL RosAMoNIJ SMITII MAIQTIIA STIFFLER IJORA SUN ANNE 'FAYIIOR ANNE'r'rE 'l'EIczIoN ALICE VAN E:-Is Es'I'IIEIc WILITKJX PIIYLLIIIA WILIIIS IALICE WRIGIIT Cosmopolitan Club attemps to bring together foreign students and American students wlIo have lived abroad. and to keep up a friendly interest in their respective countries. This year the club helped each member plan lIer Christmas vacation. Joint lllCCtiY1gS, a hay ride and a barn dance lIavc been lIeld in conjunction witlI the Springfield Cosmopolitan Club. 98 SK'lHl.ll'0I'. Bowie, Clark, Goldmeei' DEBATE SOCIETY Il IGLMN G0l4IJMI+1l'1lt . . l,'I'0SfIflJI1,t Doiurrln' Bowne . Vice-l'rc.wi1lcr1t . Sccrclury .Iulmx SCIIAIRICIC .I,xNlnC1,ixnK . . . . 7're11i-slower SUSANNAII Mimeii . . llospzftfllily l7ha'i'rman 1 l J u i,im"rm lhm v I-nm AN Ifl'bf'Ii0!lI'll11fljll I ilunirrnrm lim-qw C,wi,KlNS . Song Book Iflzaxirman I10Sl.gM,un' lJ.ixN1':s . . l'ubl'icify lflzafzfrfriimzv NlARlf,N yvmq-1.3 . Ilzllzlicily l lfLl1KI'7'77lIl7l The Debate Society is working under :L new system this year. It has withdrawn from mem- bership in the Intercollegiate Debate Society and debates are being organized with such colleges us Yule, Princeton, Ilzunilton :ind M2lSSiLCllllSL!ttS Institute of Teelinology. Try-outs for debates ure held four weeks before the debute itself is scheduled, leaving the intervening time for preparation. Two weeks before each debate,'conferences ure held with faculty members whose fields relate to the subject of the debate :ind then one week later there are for the debuters with members of the Speech Department. There is at faculty advisory committee eonsistingiof Miss lizill. MiSS Ellis, MiSS K0Cll, MP- L0hb, Mrs. Sain- conferences tonge, and Nliss VVhcelei'. 99 K Vunlkins, Knler, Mnngini, Mnllully, llnnker, llc-eksteclt, Kidder, Burnett, Vurtis, Gilbert, Burdick, Speneer, Ailznns, C'nliH', Foote, Miss lleglliniun, Watt, Sayer, Bt'2l.Cll, Gilford, Atkins, Miller, Roberts, lllzwk, Welles, Goetz, Grieco, Ilunser, Willett, Johnson, llntzler, Krieger, Mettler, 1'lllllllCl DANCE CLUB Hmmm Foorl-1 . . Chairman, J ANl+:'r WA'r'r . . liusiness M rmagcr Miss Mlxnnc H IGGIIINIAN . . Sponsor ADAMS, flI'lR'l'RUIJlG A'r1c1N:-1, 6 TL.un1f: lLxNKl-Jn, ISARBARA lilciuflr, l'lI,IZABl'I'I'Il lll'1CKS'l'IGlYl', A NN I-1 BL,wK, NIILDRIGD llllltllllfli, Snail.: BUliNl'1'l"l', JANE C,xL11-'10, Donornv CAULKINH, ICl.lzAn1f:'1'11 CoMr'roN, lV1YR'l'LI4I CURTIS, .lx-:ANNE EMMICL, .IQATIIARINE MEM HIGHS FOUTIG, B1f:1"r11f: FRANK, 1VlAm:Anm' Gll"1"0RD, EMILY Gn,1nf:n'r. JAN!-:T Gomz, MAlnoN Gnllacvo, Tnlsnn I'IAGl'llJOIlN, Rlrrn Tlouslcn, SUSAN I'IlT'l'ZLI'1R, CoNs'rANcv1-1 .IonNsoN, I3,unmnA KALER, l'n1LL1s Klum-in, MAnu1.x .KNAl'l', CllARl1O'1'TlfZ IQRIICGIGR. Lois NIANGINI, Glmcrlc lVIl'l'l'TLICR, NANM' lxllllhlill, i,I,IYl'l lV1UI,l,Al,lA', MAn.1on1l+ IRAND, CA'I'IIl'IRlNI'I Rolsmn'1's, EMILY Stwlfzn, lCLIf:ANoR SIIAFER, RosnMAnY SPENCER, RU'rn W,vr'r, JANET XVICLLS, Home lv1l,LI'lTT, NIARY 100 DANCE RECITAI. r1cEsEN'rED BY MARIE HEGHINIAN ' AND STUDENTS OF THE DANCE VIENNA KANoAs at the Piano PART I MAZURKA . ...... . Milhaud MA um IIEGIIINIAN DUSK OVER THE SOUTH Qfrom the cycle "Changing America"Q . Lloyd IFANCE CLUB COLLEGE BLUES :"MoNDAY MKJRNING BLUES A rr. by V. Kcmgas ,BLUE BOOK BLUES . . "Iatellcct14alily,, FRIDAY N1ou'r BLUEs ......... Junior Show '37 Elizabeth Bender, Katherine Bushnell, Ann Fleming, Susan French, Evelyn Hall, Margaret Hannum, Eileen Holland, Marion Karr, Mary Jane Lewis, Mary Jane Purrington, Anne Scott, Katherine Sinclair, Mary Sisson, Mary Virginia Smith, Frances Tibbals, Dorothy lfVarlcentien, Miriam lVest. CITY STREETS Cfrom the cycle "Changing Americanj . . Lloyd MA1t1IC InIEo111N1AN AND IJANCE CLUB U PART II BURIAL RITE ....... Hebrew M elodies arr. by V. Kangas Betty Lou Bolce, Dorothy Cabell, Carol Cooper, I-Ielen Ford, Sara Gooding, Ann I-Iebb, Ciel Jablonower, Louise Johnson, Emma Little, Mary O'Hanlon, .Ican Robertson, Vivien Snyder, Shirley Tuck, Ella VVay, Elizabeth Were. HOLIDAY SUITE ...... 7'fra1lz'lional Melody arr. by V. Kangas C1mIs'rUs NATUS Es'r XMAS ,38 Lucille Bernstein, Rosainond Brown, Shirley Harris, I-Iarriet Kidder, .Ioan Laird, Lorraine Morcom, Mildred Shaddock. Constance Truesdcll, Elcthia Williams, Gladys Woodwell I ' GO DOWN MOSES . . . Trarlitional DAN4'E CLUB ' COMPOSITION BASED ON THE MARTYRDOM OF ST. ANDREW . Kangas Mftltlld LIEGIIINIAN AND DANCE CLUB "'Composed by Group 4 101 DEPA HEIIEN MURPIIY ALICE CALDWELL . .IOSEPIIINE PERLINGIERO JEAN BYRIJ . . MAIl.IOIiIlG BELL MARION VAN QIEEM . BARBARA MIICLUER . CATHERINE IIAINES . JULIA SCIIAIRER . HEIIEN IYNOWLTON . HPJIIEN CLARENBACII . ESTIIER CIIENEY MARJORIE CURREY . RUTII CHASE . ANNE CALDER . JANET WATT . VIRGINIA XVILBUR EMILY RCJBERTS . NORMA MANUEI1 MARJORIE MUIJIIALIIY . BARBARA PECK . MARY ELLEN HIIPISTON ELEANOR SAYER . ANN ELIJREIJ . . JEANNETTE MANIJREY ELIZABETH GAINES . RTMENT CLUBS CHEMISTRY CLUB . . . . . . . President . Senior Member of Ifmeeulfive Board . . . S ecrelary- Treasurer Sophomore Member of Iimeczltfire Board CLASSICAL CLUB . . President Secrela r y- Treasurer . Social l'lIll,lI'lllG7l . Social I 'kairman ECONOMICS CLUB . . . . . Presldenl . Secretary- Treasurer Clzairman :J H ospilalily PSYCHOLOGY CLUB . . . . . . President S ecrelary- Treasurer . . Marshal SOCIOLOGY CLUB President . . . Seerelary . Head of Program I 'ommiffee SPEECH CLUB . . . . President V'1'C6-l,'l'8S'lll67lt Secretary . . . Treasurer ZOOLOGY CLUB . . . . . . President Treasurer and Secretary . Senior Member Senior Member Junior Member Love, McKay, Milligan, Wilbur Willy, Willisuus, Dyer, Kerr, Wilvy, Ilutzlcr, Black DRAMATIC CLUB Loursla ,KERR . ALICIQ W1LEY . . CONSTA NCIG IIU'rzL1a1c . E1.IzAms'r11 VVILLIAMS EL1zABm'1I Lovla . CHAIRMICN 011' COMM1'1"l'EES PAULINE DYER . . MIIAIJIQIGIJ BLACK B1+:A'm1cE M1LL1GAN . V1RG1N1A W1LBUn . RlITkI MCKAY . I'IAZEL WITTY . RITAMARY ALTIIOUSE 103 . Presirlent Vice-l'resi1le11,t . Secretary Iffzeminess Nlanager Stage M cmager Drama,tics 1 'ulalicity ' Program, Scenery Costumes I'fr0pe1't'ies Lightfin g -..,, N W 1 j . 1 L Y Y 4 vp l'hnlo by Erie .S!ullllu'ry 1 THREE SISTERS produced 'mulcer the lll.I'0l7f'f07I of IIELICN W. CURRIIC 'l'chekhov's Tlzree S'I'Sfl'I'S wus Draunutie Clulfs experimentzil production for the yeurg it was an attempt to present the higher Sllillltlilrtl of literary value for which the club should aim. Although 'l'ehekhov proved difficult to enact, the eluh, iu eolluhorution with the Am- herst Musquers :xml under the clireetiou of Mr. Curtis Canfield, gave an excellent perform- ance. CAST Olga . . Amon WVILEY M asha KATIIERINIC IRONS Irina ....... . Louism KERR Baron Nfilcolay Lrovuclz Tusenbach, Lieutenant M 1Tc:HEi.l. BAILEY Va.s'siL'y Va.s'.v1flye'11i1olL Solyony, Captain . . JAMES AVALKER I van Romanritclz Tolzcbufkin, Army Doctor . . WVILLIAM SNOW Anjisa, the Nurse ..... . . IEITAMARY ALTIIOUSE Feraponf, an old porterfrom fha ruwral road ...... R.ALl'II LEWIS Lieutenant-I foloncl fllervamler I gnatycmftch VC7'-9lLf'II,f1ll"II,, Battery Commander, JOHN IIAIGIS, J xi. Andrey Sergeyvitolz P'ro:orov .,.,.... JAMES :HART Fyodor llyifch Kidigcm . . . EUGENE PLUMSTIGAD Natalya I ffanofmu, called Natasha . . . ANN TIEBB Alemey I'et'rovilch Fcdotik, Qnd Lieutenant . . l3EvEm.EE DI'IN1I'IltIT'l' Vladimir K arlovitch Roddey, Qnd 1,fieutcnant , . AleNo1,u ULICNA Maid ...... ANNE SAKS JAMES GREEN Two Uffwfff-Y I-IAREY IEUDDEN Musicians Norm SOROKIN W. R. OKIE, Jn. 104 i i h 1'holo hy Eric Slnhlhrrg A N D P R E J U D Produced under the direction of HELEN W. CURRIE ICE In contrast to TchckhOv's tragedy, Pride and Prejudice is a comedy portraying the manners and modes of 18th century England. The gaicty and genuine appeal of Miss Austen's novel carried over into its dramatic interpretation and into the performance Of the cast. Jane Bennet Q Elizabeth Bennet Mary Bennet . Kitty Bennet . Lydia Bennet . Mrs. Bennet . Charlotte Lucas . Mr. Bennet Charles Bingley F itzwilliam Darcy William Collins Caroline Bingley Lady Catherine de Servant . . 105 Bourgh CAST BETTY LOU BOLCE . JEAN QUINN . SYLVIA SIEGEL LOUISE LICHTMAN RACHEL HOTALING IJOIS MACFARLAND DOROTIIY KNAPP MR. LESLIE BURGEVIN MR. DONALD BAILEY MR. ROBERT CHRIST MR. ROGER HOLMES BEATRIOE MILLIGAN CONSTANCE HIITZLER ANNE CIIENOWETH Storrs, Igl'O1l.KuJ1'll1, Fray. Miss Ilmlgluss, Howe, Susnmn. l'11lwm'4ls, Phhly RlITll I3OUGLASS VIVA FAYE 1iICI1ARDSON JANICE Ilowlc . P1uscII.1,A Emmy E1,IzAm-:Tu CRAY ANN1-1 lflmvmuys . 1VIARGARE'l' Bnoixul lisrlllclc SOSMAN IVIARGARET Srolms SUSIE Buunlclc . HG N T GLEE CLUB OIPIFICICRS CONCERTS Holyoke-Second COI1gI'CgiI1,10112l,1 Church . . South Hzullcy-Student-Alumnuc Hall New York-Town Hull . U07IlI?lCf07' Piarzist . Presiclcrzl Vice-I'rcsirler1t . . Sccrelary A ssislcmt Secrefary . . Treasurer 1I.w.sr1fsta11t Treasurer . . Librarian A.vs1'.wfm1t Librarian Dcccmhcr 9, 1937 Dcccmhcr 12, 1937 Dcccmhcr 17, 1937 106 ABBOTT, RUTl'I ALTHOUSE, ISITAMARY ARNOLD, JANE AATKINS, CLAIRE BANGS, ESTIIER BELL, MARGARET BELL, NIARJORIE BERKEY, ADA B ROA D B ENT, MA NGA RET BROWN, ESTHER BUCKELEW, ELIZABETH BULKLEY, CHARLOTTE BULL, ELIZABETH CALIFF, IDOROTIIY CALLAIIAN, ICATIIERYNE CHENEY, ESTHER CRAY, ELIZABETH CRISPICLL, VIVIAN ELDRED, ANN FALES, CATHERINE FRAME, ROSAMOND FRIZZELL, HELEN GALLONVAY, ELIZABETII ANDERSON, BARBARA BAILEY, ALVERETTA BANKER, BARBARA BARFORD, CLARICE BEAR, MFXRTIIA BECK, BENITA BLACK, MILIJRED BOGGS, BARBARA BOYNTON, IJOROTIIY BRIGGS, LOUISE BROWN, JANET BUFFINTON, JEAN BURDICK, SUE CAULKINS, BETTY CHENOWETII, ANNE CHRISTIE, JANET COOK, MARY COTINS, VIRGINIA CURTIS, JEANNE DE FOREST, ELIZABETH EDDY, PRISOILLA Y EDWARDS, ANNE EISENHART, LUCY 107 GLEE CLUB MEMBERS OF 1938 GARFIELD, 'BARBARA QTOODWIN, MAIQX' GRANT, ALICE GRAVES, VIVIAN GREEN, MARGERY GUILD, IIELEN GUTIIRIE, MARY I'IIGlI, ELISABETII ITILLS, RUTII :HOLT, BERNICE HOWE, JANICE THUESTON, MARX' ELLEN INGLIS. MAIITON K EEN, MARTHA ,KENIJALIR MAIIY LAFFITTE, RUTII LAMBERT, ELIZABETH LOVE, ELIZABETH MA NDREY, JEANE'l"l'E NIELANPIIY, MAICTIIA MILLIGAN, BEATRICE MOELLER, PEARL NAICAYAMYX, Y OSHI PROCTOR, THELEN MEMBERS OF 1939 EISNER, ICATHRYN EMMEL, ICATHERINE ENSIGN, MARTHA FISHER, J EANE FOWLER, JEAN FOWLER, MAIIY GILBERT, SIIIRLEY GRIFFITH, MARTHA GUNN, BARBARA IJAGEDORN, RUTII I'IAPI', MARY IIAVENS, NATALIE TIOFFMAN, DEAN HOFl+'MAN, MARY E. IIOFFMANN, LUCILLE JOHNSON, BARBARA KEELER, JANE JKIDDER, MARCZIA LELAND, ELIZABETH . LESTER, RHODA MANGINI, GRACE MARTZ, MARY NIATTIIEWS, RUTII MIRICK, SUSANNAH RYAN, CATHERINE SAMIISON, MADEIIINPI SANDERS, MAliY SCI-IORSKE, FLORENCE bllELTON, ELIZABETH SMITH, IMIARRIET SMITH- MAICY W. STORRS, MARGARET STROBEL, JANE TEMPLE, JEAN 'rlIA'l'C1IER, ELIZABETH TITCOMB, ELEANOR TUCKER, NATAIYIE WATERHOUSE, CIIRISTI WELLES, JUDITH WHITTEMORE, RUTH WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, MARGARET WIIFIFIAMS, OLWEN WIIYLIS, PHYLLIDA VVINTER. MARJORIE WITTY, IIAZEL WRIGHT, IIELEN MOORE, ELEANOR MOORE, PATRICIA MOICRILIF, JANET NEWIWANCI, DOROTIIY NICHOLS, JANE NOLAND, ,KATI-IERINE ROSENSTOCK, FRANCES ROSS, CATHERINE RYAN, CATIIERINE SAYER, BARBARA SAYER, ELEANOR SCHADER, LORRAINE SIIAFER, ROSEMARY SIIEAFE, MARY SHEEDY, NANCY SMITI-I, JOSETTE SOSMAN, ESTHER SPENCER, RUTII STAHL, MARIE TAYLOR, ANNE THOMAS, ELEANOR WALKER, VIRGINIA WESTFAIYL, VERLY N 1 Schairer. liisner, Vhillenden INTERNATICDNAI. RELATIGINIS CLUB Anlci-1 I'I1f:Tzi-:L . l'resifl0nf JULIA Scvlmllcrcic . I '1'ev-l'1'v.w'11m1l KATIIRYN l'l1sNlf:R . Scerciury- 7'rvr1.v1n'er MAD:-:i.1clN1+: Clll'l"l'l'1NIJI'JN . Librazian The International Relations Cluh is a part of the world-wide organization sponsored hy the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The purpose of the cluh is to give the memhers a hetter understanding of international principles and current prohlems through a varied program of student discussions and lectures hy outside speakers. In the spring the club annually joins with similar organizations in other New England colleges to form a lVIodel League of Nations. For several years the Connnunity has offered a fellowship to junior students chosen from the International Relations Cluh, giving them the opportunity to study in a Geneva summer school where their international interests are strengthened. 108 THE MCDUNT I-IOLVGKE MGNTI-ILV Envrlfr AL1smwl'S0N . . 1Cll'l'f07'-'I:Tl,-Cllflflff ISARISARA IDUNKLIN . ,-lss1f.wlant Editor Bl':'1"1'Y ABBOTT . . Liferary Editor LITERARY BOARD MAu.101u1c BELL MARY GOODWVIN l'A'rR1c:lA MOOIIE MARY BY1-:Rs MARCIA IQIDDER ANN Slllcowzn SUZANNI-1 ICLLIS IIUTH SPENCIGR CIRCULATION BOARD NIARY El4IZABlG'I'II Wurrm . , . . lim-1fnes.s' M anagcfr JEAN f-QUINN . . . . ffl-I'l!llllll'1.!J7l Manager ICMILY GIl"FORD B1-:mm IIOBICIIAUD II1':l,If:N 'l'6M1,1NsoN J EAN liOBlGli'l'SON ' ADVI'IR'l'ISING BOARD EI.lf:A NOR MINf?liI.l'1Ii .... A 1lw'rli.w'11g M :wager JEAN IDAVIDSON IINLEN FROST EMILY Ronmwrs 109 Cook, Sl'lllHllJI', Stout, Graves, Krim-gn-r, Murphy, Iluvllcllv, Sllilfilllll X MQUNT HQLVQKE NEWS 1+:D1'r0R1A1, BOARD Lois .KRIEGl1lR, 1938 . Iflrlifor-'hz-l7l1,iqf VIVIAN Glmvms, 1938 . Manughzg Erlffnr JEAN STOUT. 1939 . . .lzmior Idclilor JEAN SUDRANN, 1939 Desk Editor ll A MOUNT I-IOLVOKE NEWS' CORRESPONDENTS PRISCILLA ALLEN, 1938 V A HELEN :KNOWLTON 1938 ELVENA GERNER, 1938 ALICE VVOODNVORTII 1938 TIAIISBE GRIEUO, 1938 J UDITII BEACH, 1939 REPORTERS BETTY FORBES, 1939 HAIIIQIICT ICIDDER 1940 ALICE NESTLER, 1939 SARAII JOIAINSTON 1940 ETIIEL WILIAIAMSON, 1939 MARION W1'IITE 1940 TONY DOYLE, 194-0 SYLVIA WOOSTER, 1940 SUE ELLIS, 1940 GRACE VON DENBIIRG 1940 ELAINE GOLDs'rEIN, 1940 CONSTANCE GODBEER 1940 CATIIERINE HAINES, 1940 MARX' COOK, 1939 . . Plzofographer BUSINESS BOARD HELEN MUR1'1'IY, 1938 .,.. Business Manager LORRAINE SCIIADER, 1939 . Cataloguer ADVERTISING BOARD VIRGINIA IIOCIIETTE, 1938 . . . Aalvertising Manager Assfistafzts BARBARA BRINKERIIOFF, 1939 ISABEL SZENVCZYNSKI, 1940 JANE BURNETT, 1939 FLORENCE NVORTII, 1940 SHIRLEY PARR, RUTII ANDREW, 1939 LORRAINE SCI-IADER, 1939 ELIZABETH BELCHER, 1940 111 BEATRICE SWEEBLER, 1940 CIRCULATION BOARD 1938 Assistants . Ma1z,ager MILIDIIED SIIADDOCK, 1940 ELLA TAMBUSSI, 1940 BARBARA WRIGHT, 1940 i fi0iKilIll'l'l', Smith, llnnkulnv l'in':mvr. l':u'r, Krauss, Williams LLAMAIQADA RUTII KRAUSS IIELEN GOLDMEER . lCI,IzAisi4:1'iI PIl1mNIf:u SYLVIA SMITH . MA mm mm' W1 LLIA Ms SIIIRLEY PARK CA'l'IIERlNIC DA Nlcumv Miss Gl'1R'l'RUDE BRUYN . 1Cll'Iif0l'-'LIL-Ull'ilQf Lilcrary Editor Art Eflilor 1'l1ofograpl117c Erliitor Illlszfvzess M fmagcr A.s'.w'strw1t l3usine.vs M amzgcr . Af1'I'l'I'liHi'IIg Manager . Ifflcllilty Arlvisor 119. 1938 1939 1949 1941 1938 1939 1949 1941 1938 1939 1949 1941 1938 1939 1940 1941 113 LLAMARDA LITERARY BOARD Gertrude Adams, Helen Knowlton, 'Ruth Puder, Harriet Smith. Dorothy Boynton, Jane Dickinson, Muriel Kemble, Norma Lundholm, June Salter, Marjorie Stewart. Elaine Goldstein, Catherine Haines, Sarah Johnston. Margaret Allen, Jane Auer, Barbara Collins, Mildred Doughty, Sima Kislak, Eleanor Parker, Mary Pulverman, Natalie Stevens, Dorothy Sturm. l'HO'l'OGBAPHIC BOARD Nancy Eggleston, 'l'heda Hayes, Elizabeth Love, Edith Miles, Madeline Sampson, Harriet Vogt. Barbara Banker, 1V1ary Cook, Martha Ensign, Mary Martz, Esther Sosman, Elizabeth Wright. Cynthia Berlow, Tacie Cruthers, Charlotte Folsom, Ruth Hayner, Emma Little, Barbara McCluer, Betty l'ope, Virginia Trapp, Barbara 1Vingate. Helen Baylies, Barbara Beal, Ann Brittain, Alice Chase, Maritta Davis, Alice Klauber, Barbara Rodenbach, Barbara Wright. BUSINESS BOARD Helen Clarenbaeh, Catherine Dunning, Mary Kendall, Martha Melanphy. Barbara Boggs, Jane Burnett, Doris Englander, Martha Ensign, Mary Hoffman, Eileen Holland, 1V1uriel Kemble, Helene Messer, Pauline Radway, Marydell Bose, Esther Sosman. Elinor Bancroft, Constance Blumenthal, Helen Chester, Jane Dunn, Elizabeth Eken, Elizabeth Farley, Ruth Fite, Helen Gay, Nancy Heidelbach, Jean Hunnewell, Louise Jolmson, Aliee Lewis, Sylvia Palder, Felice Pincus, Bette Schiller, Nora Sorokin, Julia Stoddard, Ella Tambussi, Virginia Vittur, Beulah VVood, Mary VVood. Lucy Bugbee, Barbara Collins, Mary Conklin, 1VIildred Doughty, Anita Ganot, Anne Gerrish, Gertrude Henry, Jean Johansen, lVIartha Lummis, Dixie Scott, Natalie 1Varner. ADVERTISING BOARD Helen Clarenbaeh, Janet 1Vatt. Alice Austin, Evelyn Branower, Virginia Frank. Jean Jolmston, lV1ary Lynch, Helene Messer, Eleanor 'l'homas. Sylvia Palder, Bette Schiller, Carol Stillwell. 1V1argaret Harrow, Barbara Skirm, Elizabeth Tekulsky, .Katherine VVhittier. Gooding, Mrs. Hawkins, Hucslon, Mcttlvr, Storrs, Palscr Long, CILIIHQIIIS, Hoskcn, Gusmcr OUTING CLUB ELINOR GOODING BETTY CAULKINS DEAN I-IQSKEN NANCY MI'l'FTI4ldR . MARY ELLEN I-IUESTON . DORIS PULLMAN . MARY GUSMICR . MARGARET STORRS . IIELEN FRASER IVIINETTE LONG . . MRS. RUTH BAIRD IIAWKINS MR. GERALD P. BRACE . H EADS UF ACTIVITIES President Treasurer Secretary Leaders U pkeep Trails l'ubl'ic'ity . Trips . Winter Sports lleeler Representative . Faculty Adviser . Faculty Adviser 114 Mountain 'l'ime makes all times good times . . . college week with fifteen girls sleep- ing helter-skelter at Elly Gooding's house . . . ai pezil- ing hell in Mziry Lyon Tower to hegin Mountain Day fun . . . hushwucking up Norwottuck with the trail :L few feet away . . . haskiug in the sun on Tom Runge while eziting lunch . . . Nlount Holyoke more heuutiful them ever hy moonlight ,... dishpzm sleds . . . reveling in Mrs. l3e:il's western laments . . . setting new time with :L culemlzu' of Nlount Holyoke College in Colorgruph . . . skii-waLltz- ing to tuneful accordion music . . . ice czirnivuls on hard smooth ice ice carni- vals on soupy ice . . . enter- taining Brad iVashhurn on the occasion of his lecture here . . . husiness meetings ending in informal fun at Mrs. Hawkins' house . . . delightful trail encounters with old Outing clllll!l3Cl'S . . . u true Mountain Time p2l,!10I'ILllliL . . 115 ig. Wu n IXETTY ISEACII Head of Haslretball PVXHIUI' of ,l!l.3'7-19.38 Bzxrburu Pulscr '38 - Dorothy Craig '39 Nancy Sllccdy '39 Hclcn Adolph '40 M'zu'y VVood '11-0 Joan Simonds 'll-1 BAS K ETB A I. I. ALI.-I-IOLYOKE TEAM S B A D M I N T CD N ALLHOLVQKE TEAM 7 lVl'IIf0I' of ISM7'-l!l.?.S' Ruth Andrew '39 Lois Goodnow '40 Dorothy Grnlnpclt 'bl-0 Florence Browning '-ll Ilonorublf' Mvnlion Helen Bronson '-H Barbara Roclcnlnlch '-H Rwrn ANnlncw Head Qf 131111 minion ,-nm 0 0'00' 00000 ,oo 3 0 9 L 331 Q09 000 .ggi RUN! 1" ' I .A 5 . 1 " A x 'N,1"'.u!ff: '.,. 'fig ' xipr . Y 5- Swv RQFQ 'sw YF vi I xlligg- , L w N is M .qv-S 575 L 'N -G, Majors. Senior cars, Towne l-louse, Prom, spring Fever. J Room choosing. Tennis, rid- ing, golf-"Don't you wish we had a pool?" Pageant. t Canoes on Upper Lalce, dark glasses, sunburn . . .Spring Dance, and Japa- nese lanterns in the apple orchard behind SA. l-l. Zoology Field trips. picnics at Paradise. Senior steps, ivy planting, paclcing For the last time. Baccalaureate in the new chapel. Com- mencement. "Where, oh where are the grand old Seniors . . ." "So long, see you next Fall!" IIE .W 1 C ,,-I' N .1z Curricular includes members of the junior and senior classes and officers ol the Alumnae Association, extra- curricularrspring athletics. A -,,.... - r Mutllu-ws, Puringlnn Rubvrls, Wells, Sayer, Vurliss OFFICERS CDF THE CLASS CDF 1939 l'I1,1+:ANo1e SAY1-21: Home WI-:1,Ls . EMILY Romcwrs BARBARA Cuwrlss NINA PURINGTON RUTH MATT1-mws . Presirlenf . V'1'ee-Presirleni . Secretary . . Treasurer' Sergeant-at-Arms Song Leader -1 MEMBERS ADAMS, .RAJTII . ALLARDT, IRMA . ANDERSON, BARBARA ANDERSON, VIRGINIA ANDREW, R,U'1'l'l . APPERSON, JANET . AUSTIN, ALICE . BAILEY, ALVERE'l"1'A . BANKER, BARBARA . BARFORD, CLARICE . BARTLETT, ELEANOR . BARTSON, OPAL . BEACI-I,ELIZABE'l'II . BEACH, .IUUITI-I . BEALE, I. WENONAU . BEAR, MA1t'l'11A . BECK, BENITA . BECKSTEDT, ANN BLACK, Mllllllildll BLAKE, BARBARA . BOETTCHER, MU1lIl11I1 BOWIE, IDOROTIIY BOWKER, IRENE BOYER, Mrk1t.IO1tIE . BOYNTON, IDOROTIIY . BRAINARD, CIIARLO'l"I'E BRAVERMAN, JULIETTE BRIGGS, LOUISE . BRINKERIIOEI-', BARBARA BROWN, ISABELLE . BROWN, JANET . . BUFFINTON, JEAN . BURDICK, SUSIE BURNETT, JANE CARSON, 1JORO'I'I1Y . CAULKINS, BETTY CHAMPLIN, JEAN . CIIENONVETII, ANNE . CIIRISTGAU, CA'1'I'IER1NE CIIRISTIE, JANET . CLARK, JANIE . . CODDINGTON, MAIIIIC COLE, BETTY . . COMPTON, MYRTIJIC . COOK, MARY . COQELAND, JANE COTINS, VIRGINIA . CRAIG, DOROTHY CURTIS, JEANNE CURTISS, BARBARA . 125 GF Tl-IE CLASS CDF 19 468 E. Fifth St., Mount Vernon, . 141 N. Benson Road, Fairfield, . 49 Pleasant Street, Hingham, 39 Mass. N. Y. Conn. Maiss. . Maple Hill Dr., Hackensack, N. J. . . 17 Cedar St., Fairhaven, Mass. 107 Pendleton Ave., New Britain, Conn. . 417 Plainfield St., Providence, R. l. 26 Hillside Rd., Newton Highlands, Mass. . . 3 Grover St., Auburn, N. Y. . . 103 Court St., Westfield, Mass. . 226 Beechwood Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. . 502 Eighth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 204 W. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. . 10 Coleman Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 127 Linden Ave., Rutledge, Penn. 350 E. 236th St., New York, N. Y. . 136 N. Pine Avenue, Albany, N. Y. 64 VV. 69th St., New York, N. Y. . 34 Kimball St., Needham, Mass. Morgan St., South Hadley . 37 Highland Pkwy., Rochesteri Mass. N. Y. . . 177 Main St., VValtham, Mass. . 267 W. Court St., Doylestown, Penna. . . 224 Poplar St., Roselle, N. J. . 42 W. .Eagle St., East Boston, Mass. . 1433 Evergreen Ave., Plainfield, N. J. . . . 722 High St., Bath, Maine 209 Forest Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. . 43 Park St., Newport, . Candlewood Isle, Danbury, N. H. Conn. Mass. . 32 Hoxsey St., Williamstown, 59 Dewey Ave., Huntington, . 242 Lincoln Ave., Fall River, Mass. N. Y. 147 E. Coulter St., Germantown, Penna. . 49 Walbrooke Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. . 11 Groesbeek Place, Elsmcre, N. Y. . 4532 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, lll. . 555 Lexington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 29 Marshall Rd., Yonkers, N. Y. . . A . 1 Renchido, Seoul, Korea . 777 Riverside Dr., Johnson City, N. Y. 2230 Demington Dr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio . . 188-26 Tourin Dr., St. Albans, N. Y. . 8 Trinity Rd., Marblehead, Mass. . 632 N. Easton Rd., Glenside, Penna. . 118 Genesee St., New Hartford, N. Y. . . . . Fryeburg, Maine . 445 Van Houten St., Paterson, N. J. 2944 Nichols Ave., Nichols, Conn. DALY, CAROLYN DAVIDSON, JEAN DAVIS, NOIKNIA . . DEAN, MAIQY . . DE FOREST, ELIZABETH DICICINSON, JANE . DI FABIO, VIRGINIA . DOLBEARE, MYSICY . DOYLE, ANN . EDDY, PRISCILLA EDNVARDS, ANNE EISENIIART, LUCY . EISNER, KATI'IRYN . ELDRIDGE, LOIS . EMMEL, ICATIIERINE . ENGLANDER, DORIS . ENSIGN, MARTIIA . ESKESEN, K. MADELEINE EVERTS, CAROLYN . FESS, LOIS . FISIIER, JEANE . I . FORBES, ELIZABETH . FOWVLER, JEAN . . FOWLER, MARY FRADIN, EDNA . FRASER, HELEN FREED, HELEN . FROST, HELEN . . FULLER, DORO'FI1Y . GAINES, ELIZABETH . GAUL, MURIEL . GIEEORD, EMILY GILBERT, JANET . GILBERT, SHIRLEY . GILLELAN, ELIZABETII GOULD, ALICE . . GRIFFITII, MARTIIA . GUNN, BARBARA . GUSMER, MARY HAGEDORN, RUTII . IIAMILTON, CORDELIA HAMMOND, JUDITII . I-IANLEY, MARGARET . HANLON, SIIIRLEY . HAP1,, MARY . . HAIIMAN, LOIS . . HARIIISON, PENELOI-E I'IAVENS, NYKTYKLIE . HANVICINS, KATIIIIYN . IIEAD, MARGARET . . 395 University Ave., Rochester, . '71 liCll1S0l1 St., Brooklyn, 15063 1Varwick Rd., Detroit, N. Y. N. Y. Mieli. 3570 Paxton Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 327 S. Prospect St., Burlington, Vt. . 60 Roxbury St., Keene, N. H 107 Lincoln Ave., Cranford, N. 1060 Beacon St., Brookline, . 168 Essex St., Holyoke, . 82 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville, Mass. Mziss. 1VIass. . 280 Chin Yu Hutung, Peiping, China . NICCl0llil.l1 Heights, York, . 403 Center St., South Orange, . 150 Wvinthrop St., Taunton, 55 Pondfield Pkwy., Mount Vernon, . 015 E. 24-th St., Brooklyn, Penn. N. J. lV1ass. N. Y. N. Y. 6 Willow Glen Huntington, West Virginia . 150 Ml1llHtilll1 Ave., 1Vestfield, . 114 Kirkstall Rd., Ncwtonville, 412 N. 1VIain St., Jamestown, N. J . 1VIass. N. Y. 826 Greenwood Ave., 1VilInette, Ill. . . Tennis Ave., Anibler, Penna. 57 Stratford St., 1Vest Roxbury, . . 108 Loring Ave., Pelham, . 04 Hamlin St., Mzxlicliester, . . . . New Boston Mass. N . Y. Conn. N . H. 425 XV. 1VIerInaiIl Lane, Philadelphia, ,Penna. . 173 1VoodlanIl St., Bristol, Conn. . . . . Canaan, 264 Highland St., 1Voreester, . 1 .Birch ltd., Yonkers, . 165-06 Chapin Pkwy., Jamaica. . . . . Dorset, Vt. R.F.D. No. 1, New Hartford, 124 Jewett Ave., Jersey City, . 18 Grant St., Milford, . 254 State St., Lowville, 152 XV. 58th St., New York, . 269 Maple Ave., Hallway, . 27 Ilarvard Ct., Yvhite Plains, . . . Stony Point, Conn. Mass. N. Y. N. Y. Conn. N. J. MQISS, N. Y. N. Y. N. J. N. Y. N. Y. 9 'llhoinpson St., Brunswick, lV1aine Parkess St.. Stafford Springs, Conn. . 46 Eighth Ave., Brooklyn, . . . Sparrowbush, . '70 YV1llllCI' St., Rochester, N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. 1460 St. James Ct., Louisville, Ky. 182 Cottage St., Pawtucket, R. I. 85 Garden Rd., Larelnnont, . 16 Prospect St., Dover, N. Y. N. H. 126 I A- I'IEMP PAULINE HENCII, ALICE . IIOFFMAN, DEAN . HOFFMAN, MARY . TIOFFMANN, LUCILLE HOLLAND, EILEEN . IIOWLAND, NA'rALIE . I'IUTZLER, CONSTANCE JACOBY, MARY . . JOHNSON, BARBARA . JOHNSON, ILUTII . JoIINsToN, JEAN . KAI-IN, MARION ICALER, PIIILLIS ZICEELER, JANE . KEMBLIG, MUltIFlIi . KENNEY, BARBARA . KIIJIJER, MARCIA . ICIMBALL, FLORENCE . ICINGSTON, ELVA . KLEIMAN, .FAY . . KNAPP, CHARLOTTE . KNA1'P, DOROTHY . LAWSON, MARKIERY E. LELAND, ELIZABETH L. LESTERQ RI-IODA D. . LIDGERNVOOD, MARCIAIQET E LINTON, GLADYS H. . LUNIJIIOLM, NORIVIYX . LYNCII, MARY D.D. . NIACFARLAND, M. Lois MACFARLAND, BARBARA L. MCINNES, ROBERTA G. MCIQENNA, DOROTHY M. MANGINI, GRACE C. . MANUEL, NORMA R. . MAR'PZ, MAIRY L. . MATTl'IENVS, RUTH E. MAYEII, V. CARYOL . MERRII.I4, PRIseILLA . MESSEII, IIELENE E. MILES, MAlt'PIIfS . MINKLER, ELEANOR G. MIN'EZ, iDORlS P. . MIRICIIC, SUSANNAH . MOORE, ELEANOR R. MOOIIE, PATRICIA L. MORRILL, JANET G. . MOULTON, JEANNETTE B. MULLALLY, MARJORIE D. MYERS, MIMI . . 127 , 55 Colorado Ave., Berkeley, Calif. . 32 S. lVlunn Ave., East Orange, N. J. 48 Massachusetts Ave., VVorcester, Mass. , 541 Linden Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. , 266 Boerum St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 368 St. James Ave., Springfield, Mass. , . Ox-Yoke Farm, Sudbury, Mass. . 4104 Hermitage Rd., Richmond, Va. , 309 VValhalla Rd., Columbus, Ohio 4-17 N. Arsenal Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. . . Meadow St., Cromwell, Conn. . 710 Riddle Ave., Ravenna, Ohio . . 8504 Hill Rd., Little Rock, Ark. . . East Oak Rd., Vineland, N. J. . 627 Glenbrook Rd., Glenbrook, Conn. . 94- Heights Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. 33 Maple St., Hudson Falls, N. Y. . 215 Crosby St., Arlington, Mass. , '79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 112 Livingston St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . 227 Vine St., Hartford, Conn. 617 Ridgewood Rd., Maplewood, N. J. . State Institute, Farmingdale, N. Y. 10 Dellinger Ave., Batavia, N. Y. . 12 Bradford St., Needham, Mass. . 85 Greenaeres Ave., Searsdale, N. Y. . . Putnam Station, N. Y. . 558 Third St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Broadway, South Lynnlield, Mass. . 322 VVest St., Manassas, Va. . . Vineentown, N. J. 5 Germain St., lVorcester, Mass. . 119 E. Perry St., Belvedere, Ill. 91 Payson Ave., New York, N. Y. . 7022 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 4170 Jefferson Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. . 2438 VVoodmere Drive, Cleveland Heights, Ohio W, Com. VV. 130 VVashington St., 1fVellesley Hills, Mztss. 25 Aldred Ave., Rockville Center, N. Y. . . 52 Keith Ave., Campello, Mass. . 192 Pine Ridge Road, VVaban, Mass. .' Greenfield Hill, Fairfield, Conn. 4-G Fairfield Road, Yonkers, N. Y. . 86 East St., Hartford, Conn. . .4 7 Oberlin St., Worcester, Mass. . 187 E. Tulane Road, Columbus, Ohio L. Moore, Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. . . . Box 418, VVestbrook, Conn. . . 108 Yale St., Springfield, Mass. 1059 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. . 52 Prescott Ave., Bronxville, N. Y. NES'FL1'Ilt, ALICE T. . NICVII,I1E, MERLE R. . NIGWFANG, IDOROTIIY M NICELY, MARY J. . NICIHOIJS, JANE H. . NOLANH, IQATIIERINE R. OVIGRIN, FRANCES S. . PARTRIDGE, ILUTII . PECK, BARBARA . PECK, IJORIS L. . PECK, M. MARGARET PERLINGIERO, JOSEI-HIN PICKLES. CLARISSA M. PICKLES, CLEO L. . PRESTON, CANDACIC R. PROVOST, Hl7l'I'I IC. . PULLMAN, .DORIS li. . PURINHTON, NINA IC. fQUAIJRlC, ALICE IIADNVAY, PAULINE A. ILALSTIGN, MAIQY A. . RYKNIJ, ,FHELMA . ILENDALL, JEAN M. . IIICIIEY, EVELYN D. . RICHTER, M. RUTH . RILEY, C. LOUISE . ROBERTS, EMILY C. . ROOT, CHARLOTTE C. ROSE, NIARYDELL L. . E ILOSENSTOCK, FRANCES M. Ross, CATHERINE H. ROTH, MAR.IORIE . RYAN, DOROTHEA A. SALTER, JUNE . . SAVAGE, EVELYN H. . SAYER, ELEANOR G. . SAYER, M. BARBARA . SCHAAII, JANE V. . SCI-IADER, LORRAINE C. SEEGER, DORIS R. . SHAFER, ROSEMARY M. SI-IEAFE, MARY A. . SHEEDY, NANCY B. . SHEPHERD, CONSTANCE SHEPHERD, ICATHERINIG SIIERK, SYLVIA D. . SIIROYER, ANN . . SILVER, MAIIY . . SLATTERY, MEZICLYN L. SMITH, JOSETTE N. . 140 Monte Vista Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. . 127 College St., South Hadley, Mass. 38 Circle Drive, Hastings-On-Hudson, N. Y. . . 301 Main St., Watsontown, Pa. . . 10 Nelson St., Auburn, N. Y. 028 N. Broadway, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 253 Princeton Road, Rockville Center, N. Y. . . . . Proctor, Vt. . . . Cazenovia, N. Y. 23 Marion Road, Montclair, N. J. . 042 State St.. VVatertown, N. Y. 529 S. Clinton Ave., Trenton, N. J. . . Main St., Sanford, Maine . . . Main St., Sanford, Maine . 7 Hadley St., South Hadley, Mass. . 224 Leicester St., Port Chester, N. Y. . . 8422 105th St., Jamaica, N. Y. 1885 Windermere St., East Cleveland, Ohio 1850 E. 23rd St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. is ae A -r- as A E' 2 42- "' :1 Pr' ' :cs 2- I '- in-4,.,Cc IL 3,2 n-1,525 bbc ATI' Ci CES477' P-I A .- ,lv O... .wo-..af5Q'aOf:L2U2-48-2 :mwee 15v'2fF: .c1"'m"' .'-4:53-C. zl E51"'I-."?'r71 'Mr--'fl' 0 O0....UQ:.:.':g5--I:-01,32 ' 3, 'lywcirz 25 :wg 4 -"' Ll Ermxiififfsqfr av., . -un: .f - P9"fw?'22aigm ,. . . - o--rfgfr'-H qv- gq Zzersifg ff?-i-:P 252431.51 zwofpfrg' ...:-25975 '-:sg -digg ...iff-1 - om- msec mM 0 -. .-.Q...g-9-ef,-O--I-h' -If-....,-.-'AA,..--..fe-'UI EP-fee-f.-ar'....v --.,,.- Q-... 4UQ"'vv-gffAf-Q. :J O02 :Iv-y,L.-1"-'-'... -:...fbf-'-.-- ....-szzc.. - O:vf:r1'::21c.a-Q1f:.:. 9...--:-77:..:-... A' 3 Zzgxmizz-22222 . A '. , -'. 'AID H5SF?rFr?2fMw4 2222 P-4'-4'-4'-4 ,P . . . vI3"'ZQf r-lf,-A OIC: Eff- as DQS :C -wg-N. Pu-r '-' A SQEHWF H-:....gL..CE I-P ...""' 55:5-ESS '-:Dv-'gg'-4 Q-7 "'....f- Higkdgiv- ." JON ?2'5x5 1 0 GZEPQ? ,oQ- 5-U3 -428 - of::2fE :,,4f3-3 770 25.92 Q-senS".E 5p7T'57T'EJC 22 22 22 22 . . 372 Crescent Ave., Buffalo 30 Park Lane, Grymes Hill, St. George . . 220 Canncr St., New Haven, Conn. . Margaret, Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. O. . . . . 6 Birkett St., Carbondale, Pa. .14 Mt. Vernon St., West Roxbury, Mass. Brccksvi le, Ohio . 380 E. 42nd St. New York N. Y. 800 N. Fullerton Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. . . 8438 109th St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. . . 91 Valley VVay West Orange, N. Y. 128 I l Ad SOBALA, JosEIfIIINE K. SOsMAN, ESTHER B. . SOUOER, MILDItElJ E. SPENCER, RUTH B. . STAHL, MARIE B. . STEPHENSON, H ELEN STOUT, JEAN L. . STREET, MARY' . . STRONG, BARBARA R. SUDRANN, JEAN . JPAYLOR, ANNE R. . TERZIAN, Anne V. . THAYER, :HELEN I. . 'Pl-IOMAS, ELEANOR R. TYLEE, MARGEIQY . VAN CTEEM, MARION I.. WALKER, VIRGINIA . WATERBURY, CONSTANCE ..... WEIJLS, H OPE E. . WI'1SSELS, ELIZABETII A. . WEs'r, YVILMA L. . WEsTI-'ALL, V ERLY M. WIIQEIY, MARY E. . WILIIIAMSON, ETIIEL R. WINTERBOTTOM, IJORIS WRIGHT, ELIGANOR B. AVRIGIIT, ELIZARETII A. YOUNG, DOROTliY E. . 341 Newton St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. . . 117 W. Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J. 665 Harwood Drive, Des Moines, Iowa . 16 Brainerd Ave., Middletown, Conn. . Delaware Gardens, Elsmere, N. Y. . Avon Road, Farmington, Conn. . . 165 Jewett Ave., Jersey City, N. J. . . . . 15 Lyon St., Pawtucket, R. I. . Box 19, N. Main St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. . . . 791 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 18 St. J0l1l1,S University, Shanghai, China . 667 Second Ave., New York, N. Y. . 577 Ridge Road, Wethersfield, Conn. . . 1733 Adams Ave., Scranton, Pa. 53 Bigelow Road, West Newton, Mass. 328 YV. Seventh St., Erie, Pa. 120 Long Hill St., Springfield, Mass. . 48 Montcalm St., Oswego, N. Y. 4- Brantwood Road, Arlington, Mass. 9253 Germantown Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 1873 Portland Ave., Rochester, N. Y. . . 926 79th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 3825 Oakland Drive, Birmingham, Mich. . Latham Park, Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. . 72 Berwyn St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. . 4-16 S. Linden Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. . 8 Trowbridge Road, VVorcester, Mass. Knoll Road, Redlands, California JUNIORS STUDYING ABROAD I n France, at the University of Paris, under the Foreign Study Section of the University of Delaware. GEBBIE, :HELEN . GLYNN, MA1tY E. . IIALLETT, JANICE E. . HERMAN, JEAN . JOHNSON, A. DAGNY . JoIINsTON, ALICE L. . 18 Pound Street, Lockport, N. Y. . Smith Hill, Winsted, Conn. . 74- Parker Ave., Maplewood, N. J. . 87 N. Broadway, VVhite Plains, N. Y. . 724- Linden Ave., Oak Park, Ill. 741 Alliance Ave., Rochester, N. Y. In Germany, at the University of Munich, under the Junior Year in Munich Plan. IXDAMS l+'RANcEs M 32 Berkley Pl., Buffalo, N. Y. , . ....... 1 BOLTON, ELIZABETH M. E. . Kmg's Highway, Westport, Conn. CAMPBELL, ELEANOR M. . 255-03 W. End Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. 129 BYE-BYE CENTENN By BI-:NI'I'A l3Icc:Ic ANII BARBARA GIINN 1,'I'lfSl37llI1Il by Ilre l 'lass af' 1!l.'?!I CA ST lfmmzfe lfowles . . . EMIIIY GII1'I1'0RII Wirzfnie Wonrllzrirlye . . N'ANf1Y SIII-:I-Im' Sally Sycanwres . . RIITII AIJAMI-I Hzmrly . . . l'oI,I,Y .IAc:oIsY J enny . . . l3I':'I"I'Y DIQFORIGST Dean K nolwall CoNs'I'ANcvIc HII'I'zI.If:R M Ifss I 'onsfrew . . NIARJORIE I10Tll M iss G'i'1I1fII.y.s . . . MIIAIRIQIJ I3I.AcfR Voiecfrom lfVllSlI'l7l!ff07l, VIRGINIA DI FAIIIQ Voice from Boston . . -IANI+1'I' BRIIWN Miss Plaice ..... SUI: l5IIRIIIcvR J1l'Il,77l7IlL from Mazfvze . l,0RO'l'llY CRAIG A lumnafrmn II a ll'flIllT, MA RIIA RI-:'I' B II RIIIIIIJY Allumnafrnm Alaska . W IcNoNAII BIcAI.Ic A lufzmza from l,'lI,lIlPh'l-Il I 'enfer IDORIS l,'III,I.MAN Al1mwIafrmn Texas . . MARY DI-IAN P. Beta Kappa . . JANII IJICKINSON Sigma Chi . . MARY IQYNCII I'hn1f Psi . . JANIIQ CLARK Alpha Delt . . JANE SCIIAAI' Delta Tau . . K appa Gamma . llllllhfl hy lfric Sl1IlIll1I:ry IAI. IIUTH SPIINCIIR . . BIc'1"1'Y FORIIIQS Lambda Mu . . BARBARA BRINKIQRIIOIII' Xi Psi-Phi . Ticket Girl . . President Qf J .13 . I st RepresentaliI'e Qnrl Repre.s'entatflIIe 3'rfl Representative .ith Reyiresenfafive jst Scrubwoman . 27111 Sc:r1IbIvoma11 . Jrrl Serubwmnan Bearer . . M iss I nlerprelt . Isl Model . . 52ml M oflel Jirll M oflcl 4th M oclel. lst Usher Qml Usher . EIIEANOR 'PIIOMAS . AI,vIf:RIs'I"rA lgAllAI'1Y . lSI+:'I"I'Y CAIII.RINs PA ULIN If: H A DXVA Y . . JEAN BUIfI"IN'roN ANNIQ TAYIIIIR . ESTIIIQR SOSMAN . ANNIQ CIII+INowI+1'I'II . NINA l'URINu'I'oN . JANIf:'I'MoRRII,I. . . . MAIIX' WIIsI+:I. JUI.IIa'I"1'Ic BRAVIIRMAN CATIIIQIRINII CIIRII-I'I'rIAII . . I'IELENI+1 MICHSICIQ . EVIQIIYN SAVAIIIQ . VIRGINIA Co1'INs . MURIEI. KIcMIsI,I+: . MARTIIIK ENSIGN 130 l l I l l EXECUTIVE S'l'A1"1+' Dzfreclor . . Mus. ,IIlcl,icN Cunnm Dranmtzfc 1 'riifes Mn. AND Mies. liocucn W. I'Iom1111s Clzairmun. . , lx'1l.v1'n1'ss xllflllllfjfl' Stage illanagcr , . Dono'r11YKNAPr , . I,0R0'l'llYBOXVIE ALICE AUs'r1N llmuee I 'nuelz . Mlss l.hlAItllC 'l'llGGIlINIA1Nf I'romplv1' . . Dm.-xN IIOFFMAN Make-1471 lllaslzv' . Mn. llolslcm' C1uus'r Call ,Boy . SYLVIA Sniqniq ,IIICADS 01" COMMIT'l'lClCS Ifoshmw . , . lflulm' R0lil'llt'l'S l'ul1licily , NIARYl,Ol,lil'IA1tl'I Dance . . li,xnis.m.'x .ln.-xNNi1: JOHNSON I'ropcrlivs . . . 'RU'I'lI LXNDRICXV .llakc-up . . ll,xnls.ixlm Pluck Ifqfzvwlzrnzmzis lh'lAR.lOltIl'1 lVlU1,LA1,LY M usic .Ios1c'l"l'lf: SM1'rn Seerwry . . . N onMA DM'ls Pio! . 171-:AN IIfJl'l1'iXl.'xN U .s-lmrs . l+Ii,l':ANon W iuGn'r AlllISl.C by lturn ILu:1':nonN, l,llll,l.IS KA-x1.lcn AND Vim:1N1.'x Wwnklslc l,yrfr-.w by .Iui,il-:'r'rlc l3n.wnmi.xN .xNn N.xNm' SIIIGICDY 'l'he week after the Centennial found the students of Mount Ilolyoke College recupernting from its effects, None more so than Sally, lVinnie und Connie, who had the misfortune to fall asleep on lliligtilllt, while trying to forget the celebration. And were they surprised when they awoke in 2037, in Mountllolyoke University! The presence ofthe Lihonmt and Student- Ahunnue Casino rather hewildered them: and they had some trouhle in estzihlishing their identity.i But they linully inside themselves known to Dean Knownll, who received them with open arms, and asked theln to heeonie ndvisors to the Iii-Centennial Connnittee hecuuse no one else lurid the slightest iden ol' how the Centennial had heen eelehruted. In spite of the Huttery Miss lnterprett, who persisted in losing her notes. :uid the 0Stllllll,lJlC Bliss Givings, who had trouhle in hztlzincing her hudget, the girls sueeeeded in planning und directing :L celehrntion that turned out to he just like the first one-more or less! l'lmln by l"rf1f NIIlllI,H'l'ff 131 HONORARY MEMBERS or MR. Roswr-:LL GRAY HAM President Miss HARRIET NEWHALL Executive Secretary fo the Board of Admission I Mn. JonN M. Wmuslcxlc Professor of Plzilosophy NIISS NIARY L. SI-IERRILL Professor Qf I 'hemisfry kr V w 1, r LTHE CLASS OF 1938 I i Mn. L1f:s1.1l-1 G. lhmc:lf:v1N N' l'z'Qf'vssor fy' l'h1gl'i.sl1 l,'iteratfurc' and Dmfrnu il l, Miss Ii.wll1u1 IQIIJNVICLIA ln.vtr1u:Ior 'in 1'l1y.wical I':fl'IlCllfI.07l, I gl W1 I i 1, 4 K 1 Y M lc. livlanlwlr D. IIANVKINS zIs.s'i.v1fa71f Professor Qf l':007l0lN,l'CS mul Smiology i Y I I Mu. l7oN.u.n W. lLx11,m' I . . i ln.s'fr'11cfor m E11 llCflI"I,0ll, i 4, Q J 1 g . lr, Y, T H E C L A S S O F N I N E Footc, lizlrgflmlo, Welles Bills Waldron, K4-rr, WYoodw0rth OFFICERS CDF THE CLASS OF1938 NIARY l,UT'1'0N W,x1,nnoN Lomszc IQERR . ALICE VVOODXVORTII '1'1l1-mmm B1l.l.s JUNEli.-mm-'ul-mlc . JUDITII WIf:1.m-is . . Presizlcnf . Vice-l'resi1Ie11t . Secretary . . Treasurer Sl'I'!1l'lLIIf-flf-il rm .v Song Lmrlcr' 6 T E E N T H I R T Y - E I G H T 5 B1c'r'1'v A n lso'1"1' linglfish Dana Hall, Wellesley, l.VIi1SS2l,ClTllSOT,tS RUT11 ABBOTT fflwmistfry CHon0r Workj urkview Avenue, Lowell, M2LSSiLCllllSCttS GERTRUDE READ ADAMS Psyelmlogy Q Bridges Road, Townco, New Jersey Enrrn NIOON AI,n1m'rsoN English CIJOIIOI' lvorkj Oxmead Road, Burlington, New Jersey 'Y 1' E C L A S S O F N I N E P1usm1,l,A A1,1,lcN Ifcovzomfcs am! Sociology ,V i 4-0 Florence Avenue, Norwood, NlilSS2lCllllS0ttS E ,,.. .692 SARA Loulsl-: A1.1,1f:N "' A 'Vi lfnglislz Cllonor Workj 4-2 XVL-st Holly Struct, Cranford, New .Im-rsoy I ,if 9 N Rl'mMAm' 1VIAc:lmI,A1N1f: lxL'l'll0USl'I Iflvlglfslz, III-f0l'llf'Il'T6 mul liranm 65 East 55th Strcct. Now York. New York Nlrxm' ANm':usoN A1-I am! .flrclzac'ology QHonor VVorkj . r 32 ,Eiglltll Avenue, Brooklyn, New York K - KN g I T E E N T H I R T Y -4 JANE EAMES ARNOLD English Lfif67'flf'IH'0 and Drama Arnold Road, North Abington, Nlussziclilisctts I l C1,A1iu-1 MAIiflIll'llil'1'l'1 ATKINS ldfrzglfislz L'Iif0I'!lflII'6 mul Drama R. F. D. No. 3, Box 163, liriflgeport, Connecticut C I ' Amon Loiusm Avian Economics and Sociology A 614 University Avcnuc, Syracuse, New York l Iflorm limviiifzirmiz Iffconmnfcs and Sociology 35 Burdwcll Street, South Hadley Fzills, Nlzissacliiisctts L 7' f T 1 i E I G H T T H E C L A S S O F N I N E 1 ESTIRIER ELIZABETH BANGS English Literature and Drama 24 Montclair Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 8.2!-mf JUNE LILY BARGFREDE German Old Middletown Road, Pearl River, New York CLARA EMMA BARNES + Psychology Box 133, Wilhraham, MiLSSiLCllllS0ttS SALLY ANN BARNES Economics and Sociology 706 Twelfth Avenue, North, Seattle, Washington l l l 4 .1 TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT EVELYN MAoAL1s'1'Eu B,v1"rm' Spanish 203 Forest Avenue, New Rochelle, New York V g, v limxmlem IiUTlI lilmummcmnlm j f Art and A rckacology QHOnor Workj W 90 Sylvan Street, Springfield, M2ISSilCl1llSCttS 'V I EMMA VIRGINIA BECKER Economics and Sociology 120 Burnett Avenue, Maplewood, New Jersey l MAR.lOIiIE STEPHENS BELCHER, Economics and Sociology QHOnor Workj 35 North Street, Plymouth, Matssaellusetts f! fl A il H E C L A S S C F N I N E lV1A1ioA1uc'1' Loulsm Bram. Ifcorzomics mul Sociology 6030 Deluiield Avenue, New York, New York ,. Q 1 , A -fax, A M oov, ,H IXIARJOICIE Ii0TZl,I'IR lil-zu, .l,af'iv1, QI-Ionor Yvorkj Cleurvue Road, Ingonmr, Pennsylvzuliu "5 Fifi -1 , W ,Q .,-ff'Q- , 1 -4 2" Q fx lhxrnmlm Bl'INNE'l"I' lfnglish 33 F2liI'lll0llIlt Street, Portland, Nlzxine J J Aim E1,,uN1c limcul-:Y llislory and PlI1'llf'l'0lll Science 3 590 North Centre Avenue. Somerset. Pennsylvnnizm Y 14 ,Q i ll I l i f -G, 1.-.-,M--mm l , IiUTIl Blmnlfm E 1C11glish Literature and Drama 98 Collins Road, Wailmn, lVIiLSS2ICllllS0l',tS EL1zAmc'ru MANN BIGELOW 'MM""' Economics and Sociology 769 Rockdale Avenue, New Bedford, M2I1SSlLCllllS0ttS l . i '1'HEr,MA G1m'rcmcN BILLS l Chcmist'ry Clflonor Workj l . 5 ' 533 Laurel Street, Longmeadow, Massachusetts 'I W 'C-,.VVf?g,Y J l GRACE ANN BINNS History and Political Science 241 Nlonroe Place, Brooklyn, New York 1 1.4-I L T H E C L A S S O F AuN1':sMAluIf: N i+:w'roN Bowl-ns H 'islory and l'oliit'ical Science 239 Grove Strcct, Bristol, Connecticut lVLxuc:U1cm'ria Bm'N'1'oN Iizcligion ' 2668 Edgchill Road, Cleveland Heights. Ohio PIIEBE Bimnnnuv Ch 077l'fSli'7"U '70 Niles Strcct, Hartford, Connecticut I-Ilcnl-:N Bl,ANc:1mnn l51m'r'1' Art am! .flrclzcwology 96 Fietclicr Road, BCilIl0llt, Mussuclmsctts XX 31 '53 Linwold Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT MARGARM ELIzA1m'r1I BROADBENT A English Literature and Drama 31 Talbot Manor, Edgewood, Rhode Island 1 Esrlma BROWN Geology ELIZABETH BUCKELENV H fistory and Political Science 44 Washington Avenue, North Plainfield, New Jersey CHARLOTTE ELIZABETII BULKLEY Economics and Sociology 48 Fairlawn Street, West Hartford, Connecticut T H E C L A S S O F N I N E EL1zA1sE'rH REIGD BULL Economics and Sociology I 571 Coal Street, Pittsburgh CQID, Pennsylvania BARBARA BURLEIGH ,EAR Economics and Sociology 1 Webster Terrace, Hanover, New Hampshire MARY Bunn BYERS English Literature aml Drama CHonor Workj 2608 Monroe Street, Two Rivers, Wisconsin ANNE MOORE CALDER E Economics and Sociology 35 Bellevue Avenue, Bristol, Connecticut E N T H I R T Y 5 Amon WYMAN CA1.mvm1,L Ulzemistry 5Q19 Bayard Lane, l-Iouston, Texas ELlZABl'1'l'll Almms CAl.mv1cl.l. Zoology QHonor World 209 North Franklin Street, Titusville, Pennsylvania D0lc0'r1IY G lu-mx C TALII-'F Psychology l in V 124- South East Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois KA'l'I-IEIMNIQ: VROOMAN CALl.AImN T E'ngl'ish Lilcrafurc and Drama 308 Melcher Street, Johnstown, New York E I C5 H T T H E C L A S S O F N I N E , JEAN CAMPBELL Economics and Sociology CHonor Workj 123 Thompson Street, Springfield, Massachusetts MARGARET ISABELLE CAMPBELL Art and Archaeology 255-03 West End Drive, Great Neck, New York 1 RUTI-I HUTCHINSON CHASE Psychology Town Landing, Falmouth Foreside, Portland, Maine ESTIIEE EVELYN CHENEY Psychology 31 Beechwood Terrace, Yonkers, New York . l l 4 g 4 Ml TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT H ELEN CLARENBACII y Economics and Sociology 16 Court Street, North Andover, Massachusetts 1 ELEANOR CLARK Psychology 89 Morningside Road, Worcester, Massachusetts Ros!-1 COHEN Economics and Sociology 30 Ridgewood Avenue, Holyoke, Massachusetts 7 MARY ELIZABETII CONRAD Economics aml Sociology 1809 Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, Pennsylvania THE CLASS OF NINQ IIELEN STORM Comm Evzglislz 1,'iicrat'1lre and Drama Clelonm' Workj Royal Palm Boulevzxrd, Vero Bench, Florida 5 v Y v IVIMQY l+Il,1zAlslc'rll Cum' lfcl1'gimL '70 Daniel Avenue, Rutllerforcl, New Jersey 4 1 N, X 3 VIVIAN Bunn Cmsvlcm. lf6l'I-g'I'07I Q0 Adriunee Avenue, Poughkeepsie, New York lilT'l'll NIAIQGARIUI' CRONK 1'fcm101nic.v and Sociology 4-5413 Carrollton Avenue, Inclizumpolis, Tndizum ' ' .gf TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT ELEANOII JANE CROSBY Geology 386 May Street, Worcester, Massachusetts ELIZABETH AGNES CRONVELL Art and Archaeology fHonor Workb Charles Street, Sandwich, Massachusetts RUTH CATHERINE CUNNINGIIAM German 419 Cranston Street, Providence, Rhode Island MARJORIE ELIZABETH CURREY Psychology '71 Broadview Avenue, New Rochelle, New York 5 2 iw T on 5' -I K1 5- "' ss E rn -1 E I In . gf 2' Q 2 l'l1 5' :U '11 o 2- S, ' oe Z5 W '13 -f Q 95m 2 S A . 2.1 X295 S 5 I- 5.35U 5.1.3 pg? ' U IQ . qglfl O FS ::'3'f2 XQC: 0 W wr? g5..Z is-P1 5 M 'wi ,ga Iv BET? fa C' "3-4 5-22 9,35 :SP ?Qe NCD -as Qze mr, Sgr' Q31 cwlfj U7 QQO 2- 5352 ' 9 ' 'gi U ZZ 7 Q fb S CD -4? 1' 2575 E' 5 Dv-1 "' 375 Z . gfs Q F Z Z3 3 O E 7:- 54 -s 71 rr itl U1 P Z '- HITI TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT CATHERINE DANKULOV Economics and Sociology 80 Emerald Street, Boston, Massachusetts A WINIFRED J EANNETTE DEWSBURY English Literature and Drama 37 Brinkerhoff Avenue, Freehold, New Jersey MEDORA ELIZABETH DIDCOCT Art and Archaeology 1810 Edgehill Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee RUTH ELIZABETH DIETZE Psychology 31 North Crescent, Maplewood, New Jersey T H E C L A S S O F N I N E1 MARELYN DORR English Literature and Drama 22 Chester Street, Lowell, Massachusetts BARBARA BIRCH DUNKLIN English CHonor Workj 53 South Mountain Avenue, Maplewood, New Jersey 1 CATHERINE ESTELLE DUNNING 4 Economics and Sociology 832 West Lovell Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan DOROTHY DYAR Economics and Sociology 3901 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D. C. U TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT PAULINE ALLEN DYER Economics and Sociology 24-9 Harvard Street, Wollaston, ,Massachusetts ' NANCY MAY EGGLESTON Zoology Q15 East 72nd Street, New York, New York ANN MACEIYONA Emmmn Zoology 26 South Lake Avenue, Troy, New Yorl 53 BETTY ANN ERWIN Religion 211 Randolph Street, Oak Park, Illinois X T H E C L A S S O F N I N E MARY SEATON EVANS History and Political Science CHonor Workj 138 Woodrow Wilson Street, Tientsin, China CATHERINE HARRIS FALES Zoology CHonor Workj 26 Barberry Hill, Providence, Rhode Island MARJORIE ELIZABETH FARMER Chemistry R. F. D. No. 2, Springfield, Massachusetts JEAN ELIZABETH FAUST English Literature and Drama 48 Edgewood Road, Scarsdale, New York TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT BETTIE VIRGINIA Foo'rE ' English Literature and Drama 1125 North Lincoln Avenue, Hastings, Nebraska i ROSAMOND FRAME History and Political Science CHonor Workj 138 Hancock Street, Auburndale, Massachusetts HELEN ARNOLD FRITTS English Literature and Drama 4-09 Vine Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee HELEN LOUISE FRIZZELL History and Political Science 67 Fairview Drive, Wethersiield, Connecticut T H E C L A S S O F N I N E ELIZABETH ANN GALLOWAY History and Political Science 54 Clinton Street, Lowvillc, New York BARBARA GARDNER English Literature and Drama 137 East 38th Street, New York, New York ELIZABETH GARDNER English Literature and Drama 137 East 38th Street, New York, New York BARBARA ELLEN GAREIELD Religion Hinsdale, New Hampshire g 15 TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT MARGARET GARMEY German 7614 Colonial Road, Brooklyn, New York f M English Literalure and Drama Tl 17 Harcourt Road, Scursdale, New York 5 ELVENA IDOROTIIEA GRRNER Physiology CHonor Work! 114 Ardmore Street, Hamden, Connecticut CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH GLASS French 555 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, New York T H E C L A S S O F N I N E ELIZABETH GODBEER Psychology 190 Blossom Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts MARION Gomrz Art and Archaeology 783 East 17th Street, Brooklyn, New York 1 HELEN GOLDMEER Economics and Sociology CI-Ionor Workj Y g Q McClellan Avenue, Amsterdam, New York ' ELINOR PHILLIPS GOODING Economics and Sociology 12 North Balch Road, Hanover, New Hampshire g TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Lois THOMPSON Goomvow English Literature 1009 Esplanade, Pelham Manor, New York MARY GOODWIN English 763 Burnside Avenue, East Hartford, Connecticut ALICE ANNETTE GRANT Economics and Sociology CHonor Workl 47 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hempstead, New York VIVIAN RUTH GRAVES Economics and Sociology Q85 West Hazelwood Avenue, Rahway, New Jersey T H E C L Ass OF NINEA MARGERY BAssIc'1"r GREEN Zoology 284- Harris Avenue. Needham, MkLSSilCllUSOttS T444 ' 2 TIIISBE Gullccro Englisll 9 Sherbourne St., Shzuvsheeu, Andover, MilSSilCllllS0ttS MARY LIVINGSTON CZRIFFITII Economics and Sociology 4720 Wallingford Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvzmia HA1ucm'r FRANCES Gull-'1f1'r1Is English L'ite7'ature and Drama 1613 Sunset Avenue, Utica, New York 4 4 4 -1 TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT HELEN HOWLAND GUILD English Literature and Drama 36 Park Avenue, Naugatuck, Connecticut FRANCES GUTERMUTH Spanish Berlin, New York MARY ELLEN GUTHRIE French 14-0 Grandview Boulevard, Tuckuhoe, New York AGNES BLACK HAMIIJTON ' English Literature and Drama 105 Franklin Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts T H E C L A S S O F N I N E THEDA ELIZABETH HAYES Economics and Sociology 191 Oakdale Drive, Rochester, New York ALICE I-IETZEL History and Political Science 6 Marshall Street, Hartford, Connecticut 1 l ELIZABETH CATHERINE HIGH French fHonor Workj 1176 Gresham Road, Plainfield, New Jersey RUTH MARION HAILLS Mathematics 9 Maple Hill Drive, Larchmont, New York Q TE N THIRTY-EIGHT VIRGINIA FRANCES IIOCHETTE Economics and Sociology 2 Yale Street, Maplewood, New Jersey BERNICE lA1ARION Hour Religion 103 East Branford Street, Hartford, Connecticut MARGARET ADEIIAIIJE HORTON Psychology 28 Easterly Avenue, Auburn, New York SUSAN ELIZABETH HOUSER English Literaiure and Drama 1098 Anderson Avenue, Palisade, New Jersey T H E C L A S S O F N I N E SUSAN MERRIAM Howmm Economics and Sociology 37 Cedars Road, Caldwell, New Jersey JANICE HowE English Literature and Drama 104 Walnut Street, Leominster, Massachusetts MARY ELLEN HUESTON Zoology Savannah, New York MARJORIE CATHERINE HUGHES Economics and Sociology 810 Bonnie Brae, River Forest, Illinois TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT RUTH HUMPHRIES English Literature and Drama 22 Clinton Street, Delhi, New York MARION TREADWAY INGLIS Latin QHonor Workj 33 Mansfield Terrace, Middletown, Connecticut MARTHA ANNE KEEN Religion 107 Brite Avenue, Scarsdale, New York MARY PARSONS KENDALI. M athernatics CHonor VVorkj 349 Saint Johns Place, Brooklyn, New York T H E C L A S LoU1SE ALLISON KERR English Literature and Drama 110 Woodward St., Newton Highlands, Massachusetts ANNE CHUNG-HI KIM Geography 633 West 115th Street, New York, New York 1 I , HELEN MATTHEWS KNOWLTON Economics and Sociology Beckett Avenue, Short Beach, Connecticut ELSA MARIE KRAUSE English Literature and Drama 3101 Henry Hudson Parkway, New York, New York, S O F N I N E TEEN THIARTY-EIGHT RUTH BERRIEN K RAUSS Psychology Q01 Main Street, Chuthaun, New Jersey .., Lois EL1zA1sE'rH Kumomn English QI-Ionor Workj 11 Beech Street, East Orange, New Jersey 1 2? RUTH ELIZABETH LAFFITTE History and Political Science 4-42 Fir Street, Lyndhurst, New Jersey ELIZABETH ANN LAMBER1' Zoology 16 Claremont Road, Scarsdale, New York T H E C L A S S O V11co1N1A ELIZABETH LA R,0ClIIGLLE N Englfislz 113 Converse Street, I40TlglllC2Ld0VV, M2lSSllCllllSCttS CATIIERINE KJTIS Ll'IU'I'lIOIiIJ ,flirt and 1lTIfllflC0l0fj?j 1487 Grace Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio MARGERY BALL LOIINES History and Polifical Science Marin Street, Valley Falls, New York HKATIIRYN llxiaiimlz Loran Frmzch Darien, Connecticut F N I N E TEEN THIlRTY-EIGHT 9 CONSTANCE Howlxno LORING English 629 A Washington Street, Wellesley, Massachusetts ELIZABETH BRUMLEY Lovm Art and Archaeology 492 Ridgewood Road, Maplewood, New Jersey ' RUTH BENIIAM MCKAY Zoology QHonor Workj R. F. D. No. 5, Beaver Brook, Danbury, Connecticut MARTHA ANNE MCQUADE Psychology 116 Hanks Street, Lowell, Massachusetts T H E C L A S S O F N I N E ANGELINA MARY MACCAEEERI Latin 45 Main Street, Somersville, Connecticut J EANETTE LEONE MANDREY Zoology QI-Ionor Workj Five Points House, Pomona, New York I LOUISE MAIZTIN Art and Archaeology 3126 38th Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. MARY RICE MAXWELL English 372 Castle Street, Geneva, New York U TEEN THIARTY-EIGHT MART1iA ANNIS MELANPHY Art and Archaeology 1220 Center Street, Honolulu, Hawaii LUZ AMALIA MENDEZ French ' 71 Box 320, Panama City, Panama NANCY HOTCI-miss MIQTTLER Zoology 50 Atlas Street, Akron, Ohio EDITH LEWIS MILES Art and Archaeology 1 Greenfield Hill, Fairfield, Connecticut + T H E C L A S S O F N I N E P,un,1Nn 'lilfzivrlucm MILLIGAN If6Hgl.07L Seat Bench Drive, Stzunford, Connecticut es E1 w l'1f:AnL LOUISE MOIQLLIQR Ecmzmnics and Sociology 189 Mcliilmley Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 1 4, l'A'1'nIc:1A S'r1mL1Nc: M0Oltl'I Psyclzology Point Nlarion, Pcnnsyivzuliu i I-IELEN Munvuv l'lLemi.s'try QHonor VVorkj 191 North Milill Street, VVest Hartford, Connecticut i 172 l TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT YOSHI N AKAYAMA Zoology QHonor Workj 4-72 MELIIOP Lane, Pelham Manor, New York ELIzA13E'r11 THOMAS 0e111LT1um English Literature and Drama 1399 Beechwood Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MARGARET STURGEON PA1N'r1cu Hfisfory and Political Science i 1016 Mclndoe Street, Wauisau, Wisconsin. SARAH CATHERINE PAINTER Economics and Sociology 135 North Matin Street, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania T H E C L A S S O F N I N E ILXRBARA FRANCES PALSER Botany CHonor Workj 37 Englewood Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts SHIRLEY LORRAINE PARR Economics and Sociology 224 Sinclair Place, Westfield, New Jersey ELISABETH PATTERSON Economics and Sociology l 25 Flint Road, East Rockaway, New York MARJORIE RUSSELL PHELON Economics and Sociology 15 Niles Road, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT ELIZABEM-I WESTERVELT 1'1mAN1m Art and Archaeology 615 East 21st Street, Brooklyn, New York Hom INSLEE PITOU Physiology 204- Davis Avenue, West New Brighton, New York ELEANOR SELINA PITTS H istory and Political Science 9929 Guilford Street, Forest Hills, New York 5 J osmfl-1IN1a ROSE PRELI French 24- Grove Street, Windsor Locks, Connecticut T H E C L A S S O F N I N E III-:LEN I'IA'l'TIE l'noe'roR English ,Ifitarature aml Drama 75 Whitney Street, Northboro, MiLSSiICilllSCttS RUTII SYLVIA PUDER Psychology 30 Shanley Avenue, Newark, New Jersey JEAN SHERMAN QUINN English Literature and Drama Sunswyck Lane, Darien, Connecticut CATHERINE EVANS RAND English Literature and Drama 134- Lloyd Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island - TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT JANE Coolucu RAY English Literature and Drama 114 North Gallatin Avenue, Uniontown, Pennsylvania BARBARA l,ELl'IlINE R0liER1'S Zoology 2238 Andrews Avenue, New York, New York HARRIET COLLINGWOOD ROliE1tTS Economics and Sociology 1510 Westwood Avcnuc, Richmond, Virginia A Lols Rockwooo ,f M athematics 35 Lakewood Road, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts H E C L A S S O F N I N E ELSIE MARY RUSSEIJL f Zoology QHonor Workj 407 Huntington Avenue, Buffalo, New York CATHERINE RYAN Economics and Sociology 8 Wriglit Place, South Hadley, Massachusetts MAuEL1NE LOUISE SAMPSON English Literature and Drama '75 Washington Street, Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts MAIRY ELIZABETH SANDERS History and Political Science QHonor Workj 95 Avon Hill Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts E TEEN THI'RTY-EIGHT DOROTHY SHIRLEY SCHACK English CI-Ionor Workj 113 Irving Street, Hartford, Connecticut J ULIA ELIZABETII SCHAIRER Economics and Sociology CI-Ionor WorkD 40 Elm Lane, Bronxville, New York LOUISE BELLAIRE Scnomnn Zoology 312 Union Street, Jersey City, New Jersey FLORENCE SOPHIE SCIIORSKE Physiology 36 Carman Road, Scarsdale, New York T H E C L A S S O F N I N E RUTII LORAINE SI-:AVER Eriglislz Literature and Drama CHonor Workj 22 Ridgeview Avenue, White Plains, New York MARIE EI.sA SEIPPEL H istory and Political Science QHonor Workj 509 Rossitcr Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 1 ELIZABETH BRAINARD SIIEIJPON English Literature and Drama 4-52 Main Street, Manchester, Connecticut EUNICE PERRY SIMM History and Political Science 230 White Street, Belmont, Massachusetts . TEEN Tl-lltRTY.Elc-:HT ll. No. Q, Box 939, Stratford, Connecticut ISARBARA CLAIRE SMITH 1CC07I,0777,7.0H and Sociology Kings Iligllwuy, Daujien, Fonnecticut IIA :mlm SMITH English MAlblGLYN J UNM SMVM-1 Ifnglislz LIill0Nlf7H'6 and Dmnm Old Mill Road, Middletown, Connecticut MARY W INTICRSON SMW11 Religion 828 Madison Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey T H E C L A S S O F N I N E SYLVIA HOWARD SMITH Art and Archaeology 602 Crossett Street, Syracuse, New York ANNIE ELLENA SNOW Art and Archaeology 78 Woodbridge Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts DOROTHY JEAN STAEK Psychology 2268 Knapp Street, St. Paul, Minnesota JEAN FREDRICA STEADMAN S Zoology 200 Pennington Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey' TEEN THI'RTY-EIGHT CORA BAER STEIN Zoology 4623 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ANNA KATHRYN STIEGLITZ Psychology 173-53 Croydon Road, Jamaica, New York MARGARET SH1PPEN STORRS Chemistry Shaown, Fukien, China JANE HALL STROBEL French 322 Main Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts l '71 West Tioga Street, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania , T H E C L A S S O F N I N E LOUISE CROZIER TATOR Economics and Sociology 50 Morris Cove Road, New Haven, Connecticut JEAN Bnmws VFEMPLE Zoology f 32 Hillcrest Road, Reading, Nlassacliusetts HELEN 'PERRY 'l'Ew1csnUEY Art and Archaeology ELIZABETH BLAKEY 'l'1-1A'rc:HE1i English Literature and Drama Q25 Winona Avenue, Germantown, Pennsylvania V TEEN THI'RTY-EIGHT BERNICE ROBERT THOMAS Chemistry 38 South Girard Street, Woodbury, New Jersey ELEANOR 'TITCOMB French CHonor Workj 23 High Street, Farmington, Maine A ANTOINETTE TREADWAY Art and Archaeology Williams Inn, Williamstown, Massachusetts NATALIE ADA TUCKER English Literature and Drama 58 High Street, South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts T H E C L A S S O F N I N E ' ETHEL JOYCE TURNER ""w-... History and Political Science 160 Upper Third Street, Waterford, New York t IIARRIET PAULINE VoG'r c History and Political Science Y 277 Washington Street, Geneva, New York ETHEL EMM1 VOLCKMANN Chemistry 63 Southfield Road, Mount Vernon, New York MARY DUTTON WALDRON Zoology Q01 Highland Avenue, Newtonville, Massachusetts R TEEN THl'RTY-EIGHT MARGARET WARD English Literature and Drama Q86 Highland Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey CHRISTINE WATEIRIIOUSE Chemistry 15 Portland Street, Kennebunk, Maine JANET LOUISE WATT Economics and Sociology 13 Remington Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts CECILIA ALMA WEINSCHENK Religion i South Country Road, West Islip, New York T H E C L A S S O F N I N E ' JUDITH BEACH WELLES Religion A .Q 301 Wolcott Hill Road, Wethersfield, Connecticut BEVERLEY WIIITE ' English 571 North Liberty Street, Newburgh, New York MARY ELIZABETH WHITE English 163 Greenwood Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey RUTH WIIITTEMORE Chemistry 52 Clark Lane, Waltham, Massachusetts . TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT VIRGINIA CHAPMAN WILBUR l lfconomics and Sociology 731 Pannlure Road, Haverford, Pennsylvania ALICE NEVIN WILEY E7lgl'IlSlL Literaiure and Drama QI-Ionor Workl 4-'70 Woodland Drive, Kenmore, New York MARY WIIIIIETT A rl cwul .fl rchaeology 863 Wcelrster Street. Nceclllam, Massaclmsetts El,1zAIsIf:'r1I SIMoN'roN WIIIIIIAMS Ari and Arclzaeology Q7 Limehouse Street, Charleston, South Carolina -4 TH E C LASS OIF N I N E MARGARET ADGER WILLIAMS Art and Archaeology 27 Limehouse Street, Charleston, South Carolina OLWEN WYNN WILLIAMS Physiology 1656 Elm Street, Utica, New York I PHYLLIDA MAVE WILLIS A Chemistry CHonor Workl 126 Hamilton Avenue, St. George, New York MARJORIE ELIZABETH WINTER Chemistry 194 Fairmount Avenue, Chatham, New Jersey . TEEN THI'RTY-EIGHT . HAZEL TALMADGE WITTY Economics and Sociology 'A 226 Cleveland Avenue, Mineola, New York MARY I'IUBBARD WOLF Zoology 924 Urban Avenue, Durham, North Carolina W KATHERINE RONALDA Woon French V 3 Clement Road, Hanover, New Hampshire RUTH LURA Woon Mathematics 4 Park Avenue, T iconderoga, New York T H E C L A S S O F N I N E PHYLLIS ELEANOR WOODRUFF Economics and Sociology 23 North Park, Auburn, New York ALICE MARIE Woonwowrn History and Political Science Mast Road, Durham, New Hampshire 1 HELEN PARKER WCJRTHINGTON English Literature and Drama Sweet Briar, Virginia HELEN ELIZABETH WRIGHT Economics and Sociology 512 Main Street, East Hartford, Connecticut ' EEN THIRTY-EIGHT MAIIX' VVRIGIIT Ifnglixlz 12 Elm Street, New liochellc, New York :W"":z, 'wg' . , , A rj ,QA I Rifwa' YW A BARBARA Y1Nc:sl-IENG Y EN 4 En lislz lnfteratvrlre and Drama fl 44 Honkong Road, Tientsin, China 19.3 MA RGARET LOUISE ZIMMERMAN Psychology Blair Academy, Blairstown, New Jersey M'.'fsf Y' ,skew FORMER MEMBERS AVERY, HELEN VERNON AVSEEV, LILLIAN . . . BARNES, ELIZABETH RIIOIIES . BLAIR, FRANCES . . BRONKIIORST, AMY JOANNE . CAPEN, DOROTHY ALICE . CARMICIIAEL, MARY HARRIPIT CIIAUSER, GLORIA SYLVIA . DAMM, JANE MAE . . DAVIAU, ESTFILLE :DORIS GERMAIN DAVIS, PATRICIA . . . DUEIN, WILMA RUTII . DUREEE, DOROTIIY ANNE ELLIS, GENEVIEVE . ELLIS, RUTI-I . . FINLAY, DORIS RISEIIY , . GILBERT, HARRIIQT VAN TUYL I'IALLOCK, IIARRIET LOUISE . 1 1 1 1 I , 1 f JI I 1 44 :HALSEY I RANCI' S SIIFI-'FII-I II HEROLIJ, JANET MAIIIE-IYOUISE I'IURT, VIRGINIA IIIPSCOMB . JOYES, NINA BINGIIAM . KELLY, MARY ELIZAIIETII . KLINIG, VIRGINIA SWEET . KOENIG, ELEANOR CHRISTINE ISRASNOXV, TIELEN , . I ' P :AROLYN ELIZAIIETII . I OCKL, C MCGUINNESS, MAIIY ELIZABETH MANIATTY, ANASTASIA STAVROW MANSFIEIIIJ, SUZANNE RUTII . MILIYICR, ELIZABETII BATES . MINCIIIN, JEANNE BENNETT . MURRAY, JANET STUART PERRY, LEONA DOROTIIY PETTIBONE, GEORGIA MKJIIL . QUISENIIERRY, PATTIE BEATTY REIFSNYDER, SARAII . . RICI-IARDSON, CONSTANCE FRANKLI RIGGS, NANCY STANRURROUGII RODENRACII, ELLEN LOIS . SANGER, JEAN PIIIPPS . . SAULPAUGII, MURIEL ELIZABETH SYMASKO, PIIYLLIS TERESE . TROTTER, DOLORES MARY RITA TURNER, TIIERESA MAIIIJARY VLAHOS, HEIIEN . . . WAIIIIIN, MARGARET IEYDBERG WATSON, RUTII SKILLMAN . WIERNIKOITF, LILYAN . WOOLLEY, DOROTIIY LoIs ZUMVORDE, HEIIEN . N OF THE CLASS OF1938 24 Litchfield Street, Hartford, Connecticut . 84- Mansfield Street, Hartford, Connecticut . 15 North Main Street, Essex, Connecticut 516 South TrenIoIIt Street, Kewanee, Illinois 211 Nott Street, VVethersfield, ConIIecticut Simsbury Road, Bloomfield, Connecticut Greely Road, Cumberland Center, Maine . 832 Albany Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut . 1115 Terrace Street, Muskegon, Michigan . 470 Newton Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts 256 Woodstock Avenue, Kenilworth, IlliIIois 17 Linwold Drive, West Hartford, Con1Iectieut . . R.F.D. No. 2, Old Lyme, Connecticut . 790 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 155 Situate Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 2209 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut . . Drew University, Madison, New Jersey . . 160 Park Street, Montclair, New Jersey Grey Towers, Harriman Road, Irvington, New York . 1115 South Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey . . 1421 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia Alta Vista Road, Cherokee Park, Louisville, Kentucky . . 1817 Summit AveIIue, Sioux City, Iowa 51 Wheelock Street, Canajoharie, New York . 183 Seymour Street, Hartford, Connecticut 60 Canterbury Street, Hartford, Connecticut . 80 Girard Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut . 36 Ann Street, Meriden, Connecticut . . 30 Main Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts . . 4-9 Sagamore Terrace, BuWalo, New York 95 West Stratford Avenue, Lansdowne, .Pennsylvania . 14 Homestead Street, Waban, Massachusetts . 166 Palisade Avenue, Windsor, Connecticut 489 Broad Street, Meriden, Connecticut . 698 Blackthorn, Winnetka, Illinois . 2517 Lincoln Street, Evanston, Illinois . 660 Stanbridge Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania . 8715 Britton Avenue, Elmhurst, New York . . . . . Milton, New Jersey . 56 Terrace Avenue, Naugatuck, Connecticut 23 Beverly Place, Jamestown, New York . . . . Bed Hook, New York 23 Beacon Avenue, Holyoke, Massachusetts . . 455 Main Street, Manchester, Connecticut 142 Taconic Avenue, Great Barrington, Massachusetts . . 54 Georgia Avenue, Lowell, Massachusetts . . . . Cajon 66, La PaZ, Bolivia . 19 Dogwood Drive, SuInIIIit, New Jersey 90 VVestbourne Parkway, Hartford, Connecticut . 24 Griswold Street, Meriden, Connecticut 626 Hanover Place, Mount Vernon, New York 194 1938 CLASS SONG Out of the fiery dawn, The winged stecd on high Triumphantly soars on Through black or blazing sky, We follow in its wake Our pcgasus will not die. In the quiet hush of breezes, in the windis wild blowing gust, 'l'here's a whisper of the spirit which now is in our trust Of lVIount I-Iolyoke's love and knowledge which seeks the right and just. Over the snow-clad land, Beneath the vaulted blue Dark mountains nobly stand, Immortal symbols true Of hidden power and strength, 0, Thirty-Eight, for you! May we through the web of branches, through brush, and hlackest night Find a shining lamp of glory, or small and constant light, To pattern all our living in beauty clear and bright. Spurred by celestial flame lfVe catch a spark, a flare, Nlonuments mark the fame Born from Mount I-Iolyoke's careg Adventure calls our name To conquer where we dare.. When the sunshine stretches golden across the evening view, '1'here's a chain of friendship woven round the friends we knew, And our hearts rise up together, Mount Holyoke, to you! LATS I Plmln by Eric Slahllmrg bg ISARIMRA IDUNKLIN ANI: MARX' ELIZABI'1'l'Il VVIIITE M iss .flvzflrews . M argurei . Mr. Sifme . Mr. Honeywell . lllr. Plzipps . B'inkI'e I Youfrtney Billie Barker . Matiie Horn, Nu Pierce I 'annie George .lack .li rn my Ilslo . . M rs. M 1'1l1llefl'ilclz I 'asey . . Bliss I rlf1.07l M iss Brown I 'IlQ7.'Ilf7L . . Liezllemmt Diggs II67'Il'l1 . . M iss 1'vl"IIlL P M iss I lmzklrm . M iss W lzulen . M iss I 'IIgSI'NIl'llC0lUI' . Messenger . Mr. Tut! . Tut Tutt . CAST . l5E'1"rY ABISIYIWI' . . EIA-IANOR Pl'l"l'S NLNRY l7U'l"l'0N VVAIIDRON EI,Iz.IxIzIfI'rII ITALIIWELL . ICIIITII MILES . J EAN QUINN . HARRIET GILIIERT . ELIzImE'rII PIIRANER VIVIAN CRISPELII . ANNE CALIIER . Bl'IA'l'RII7E MIIIIIIIIIKN , RII'1'IIITUNN1Nc:IIAM . IGLSA KRAUSIC . SUE IIQIISER lNIAR.IORII+I CIIRREY . ILVIIIERINE RAND . FLORENCE SITIIORSKE . ICLIzAIsE'I'II GOIIIIEER . . fxLII?E XVILICY NIOLLY GIITI1 R116 IDOROTIIY CAIIIIIE . PIIYLLIS WooIIRUIfI-' . JEAN FAIIs'r l'RIsc'ILLA ALLEN l,URIl'l'llY Sr'1l.'xf'Ii MARIIEIH' l.oIINEs . 'l'IIIsIaE IlRIEr'0 . VIRGINIA IIOI'IIE'l"l'E 196 i Coach . . Dramatic Critic Dance Coach . M ake-up Master 'Chairman . Business Manager Stage Manager . . Assistant Stage Manager Prompter . . . Call Boy . Costume . . Modern Dancing Tap Dancing . Lighting . M ake-up . Music . Program . Plot . Properties Publicity . Candy Scenery . Script Ushers Photo by Eric Slnhlbcrg EXECUTIVE STAFF HEADS OF COMMITTEES Music by JANxc1c Howie JANICE Lyrics by JANICE HOWE AND JEAN IPAUST . MIiS. IIELEN CURRIE MISS KA'1'1'11,1cEN LYNCH MISS MA1ill9I IIEGIIINIAN . MR. IKOBERT CHRIST . . LOUISE ,KERR . NIARJORIE WINTER ELIZABETH '1'1IATc11e1ER . BARBARA SMITI-1 . RU'l'II ICRAUSS E1,1zAR1a'1'II Lovla NANCY ICGGLESTON . MARION Golfrrz EL1zAmc'1'H CU'r'rER . 'RITAMARY ALTIIOUSE . BARBARA BENNE'1"1' Howm, RUSAMOND FRAME . BARBARA PALSER JEAN CAMPRIGLI, . . IIAZEL VVITTY CATHERINE LEUT1-101,D ELIZABETH Dumcrocvr VIRGINIA WILRUR K T1lAR1.o'r'rE BULKIJQY . MARJIJIIIIC BELL 197 CLASS I-IISTORY There's never been another one like us! For four years now the college has heard how "original" we are, how generally good-looking, what a vital force we have been, making and breaking traditions, fortified by our "wonderful class spirit" and undaunted by the persis- tent rumor that we are the dumbest class in seven years. Let our record speak for itself. We are the first class of the new century, an element of our originality over which we, however, had no control . . . We came to college during the equinoctial rains, and among our Hrst memories are those of the inundated cows along the College Highway. It rained and fogged and the sun came out for the afternoons, and then it steamed and rained again . . . all through October. There was a great hole in the middle of campus where they were building the Library, and we couldn't study for the steam-shovels .... When Mountain Day came, we took it literally, and those among us who had been disabled in hockey hobbled up Prospect . . . After crowding the studes for a month, we went to Llamie with the most successful of our blind dates . . . and Dartmouth's Barbary Coast played Stars Fell on Ala- bama . . . On Founder's Day we derricked ourselves out of bed at dawn and had our ice-cream around Mary Lyon's grave. There were so many of us that the Seniors had to reorder on the Dixie Cups. This was the year that Frances Perkins talked-and talked . . . It was about this time that we had a special Push-the-Pool Day . . . red tags . . . ten cents each . . . thirty- eight's class color . . . and they ran pink in the rain-It was still raining . . . And then Fresh- man Day . . . mmm . . . We opened the hostilities and reversed the hazing procedure. The night before, after someone of us had finished her discussion of the similarities between a watermelon and a pickle, we were asked to leave the Music Building according to our idea of the proper recessional from Chapel, since we were known to have criticized the swiftness of the Seniors' exit, their "take-it-on-the-lam" attitude. But when we obediently fell into line, someone started singing Alma M aler, and so the Seniors, unwilling but impotent, rose and remained standing while the class of 1938 marched out. Meanwhile the Seniors' caps and gowns had already been stolen and stuH'ed behind the organ pipes-with the aid of Mr. Warbeke-later elected class honorary. The next morning we sat docilely in Chapel, dis- guised as babies, trembling with fear that the organ would squeak-a dead give-away-and glanced covertly across the aisle at the grim, white-lipped Seniors in their skirts and sweaters. CThis prank cost the class between twenty and thirty dollars.j . . . This year, for the first time, the College substituted a full Thanksgiving holiday for the traditional turkey dinners in the dormitories, and we mobbed the Boston and Maine shuttle on our first vacation trip home. Our luggage was loaded with books we never opened, and we felt pleasantly self- conscious about the blue and white Mount Holyoke stickers on our suitcases . . . Then there was our first pre-Christmas grind of source themes, etc., etc .... and then there was Christ- mas. We came back seasoned college students and slid easily into the mid-winter groove of exams, bridge, snow, grey weather, studes . . . June in January . . . Solitude . . . We gave The Pirates Qf Penzance with Wesleyan . . . After considerable forethought and a public hearing, the community decided to let us stay out until eleven o'clock in the spring . . . The class rings arrived and to make sure that everyone knew about them, we had a torchlight procession with plenty of 1938 noise. Everyone who could find a toe-hold hung onto the big truck with the flaming Pegasus insignia spread-eagled above and propped up from behind by someone who was supported by someone else . . . ad infinitum-that is, to the end of the truck . . . We were the first class to enjoy the Freshman parties at Wesleyan . . . We sighted the end of our first year in our first siege of room-choosing, and then we went home to spend 198 M' CLASS HISTORY the summer petitioning the Dean .... 1'.S. We suppose we gained those traditional ten pounds . . . But where are they now? l ' VVe came shrieking back in September and embraced all our friends in the middle of South Campus. W'hen the "hellos" and the back-slapping subsided, together with the excitement over the innovations . . . VVilder and l'earsons done over . . . Resident Fellows . . . the central kitchen and the green fleet of commissary trucks . . . the two-unit plan and its "Syeaqnless Freshmen" . . . we sank swiftly into oblivion. Un Founder's Day they took the riveters away and dedicated the Library. VVe were still pushing the pool . . . There was a pasteboard box for tin-foil in every smoking-room . . . There were several ice-carnivals with music on Lower Lake. The campus froze tight as a drum . . . We stayed inside, played monopoly, sang The M usic Goes 'Round and 'Roimd . . . VVe went to Faculty Show and laughed ourselves double at the dolorous Angelina W'hicher and Mr. Saintonge, at Mr. lialk in his Boy Scout uniform, and at Miss Snell, the Big Toughie . . . After the first March thaw, we came out of hiding into tl1e light of our rightful eminence with our Madhatter's Ball, the first Sophomore Hop in ten years. The class turned out en masse, and Miss lVoolley declared it was the best dance she had ever attended. And after that, the deluge. When the first dams broke and the first bridges went down, we sat up and listened to the radio flood reports, alternated with inter- ludes of music and they always played Down by llze River . . . Then there were no lights, no blare of radios, only a few flickering candles, and the college in a frenzy to get home for vacation . . . Everyone signing out in every class . . . Everyone storming the Dean's office . . . Every road home under water, and not a puddle on campus, although one reporter had it that we were "evacuating to higher groundf, Dawn was cracking over the campus when a whole battalion of busses rolled through the gate on Sunday morning . . . All the way to Hartford we sang our Flood Song-"Isn't it a lovely day to be caught in the rain . . . You were going on your way, now you've got to remain." We remained two hours in Hartford and made Grand Central in twelve Hat .... On April 21, we presented our class song, "horsing aroundn with the Greek gods and our own Pegasus, the steed with a dual personality . . . And one Sunday morning our class choir marched down the Chapel aisle, and we were almost Juniors-the Class-after-the-Class-after-the-Flood-CTlass. And when we were Juniors, we, in our welcoming committee badges, strode importantly around campus, showing the Freshmen the ropes and giving them a rousing reception with the aid of D.C.'s fareical Romeo and Juliet. The important stride developed into a strut accompanied by smug, mysterious grins as we swung into elaborate preparations for Show . . . But several weeks before November 21, on the eve of Freshman Day, the rising tide of class energy burst the bounds of propriety in that "unfortunate incident", the famous Battle of Hooker. CThis may be a biased account, but we still maintain that "we only went down to Serenade, encourage, and, if need be, protect our little sisters".l However, we became embroiled in a wet towel attack from the sophomore forces guarding the doors and skulking in the bushes. Inflamed, we stormed the doors, found ourselves catapulted into Hooker and immediately entangled in the dark folds of several dozen caps and gowns. CThis prank cost the class about sixty dollars for broken glassl. VVe tendered our apologies to Miss Woolley at eight o'clock the following morning, before the news of the occurrence had even reached her . . . The presentation of All at Sea was much more successful than its dress rehearsal, when twenty minutes had to be allowed for every change of scenery. The '38 class hats, originally intended to advertise Show, arrived on the following Monday morning. In spite 199 CLASS HISTORY of the fact that they didn't fit, they were the first class hats on campus. VVe spent a warm, slushy winter arguing about the Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Simpson . . . "History is being made," said the History Department . . . YVilbur resounded to the rhythmic rattle of Mr. Ghost Goes lo Town, growing weaker every week until it was barely a whisper . . . Heavy yellow fog outside . . . I 'vc Got Yon Under My Skin-the record that never finished because it was too large for the 5'nicolodeon". Then it was April, and we went to "Prom in Peking" with Dick Mcssner orchestrating. Remember his bass-fiddle slapper? iVe survived the Centennial, the army cots, the alumnae-with-poodles, the sight-seeing tours through the Library, the camp-stools in the Reading Room, the loud speakers. Perhaps it was the extra- ordinary breakfast of swcetbreads and strawberries with cream that kept us on our feet through a weekend of ushering. The May Queen was crowned at the Garden Party a split second before the cloudburst that sent everyone in Gay Nineties skirts struggling up Pageant Field to the shelter of Clapp . . . VVhen we had recuperatcd, we took our share of exams, lounged in the sun, comfortably secure in the knowledge that we still had one more year. . . WVhen we returned to college and again found a hole in the middle of campus, we felt as though we had rounded the circuit of four years. They were building the new Chapel. VVhat with the new, constricted 17.0. and Chapel i11 Chapin, we had to work out an entirely differ- ent route to the Libe . . . YVe wore our caps and gowns to Convocation, when President Ham was inducted . . . Members of our class had assumed their duties as community leaders, presidents of houses, and heads of tables, but in spite of all this officialdom, we found it hard to believe in our senior dignity, and entering the dining-room first still meant being quick on our feet . . . Un our third hazing day, we transformed the Freshmen into Indians and pulled the traditional Phi Bete gag, elaborated in our hands to include the presentation of cardboard keys and safety-pins. Now we were spending a part of our vacations looking for jobs ...A P Xll of our friends started falling in love, becoming engaged, and before mid-years we were confident that the quota for our Mountain Banquet would be more than filled. By spring, many of our erstwhile brilliant conversationalists could talk of nothing but church awnings, flat silver, and trousseaus . . . We enjoyed our rural weekends at Towne House and had the usual adventures with the wood-pile and the kitchen stove . . . VVe Big-appled at Senior dance to the tune of The Dipsy Doodle and applauded Dick Messner's shag team- and we had spots before our eyes from the many-mirrored crystal balls . . . When the storm over a class emblem subsided, we appeared in chapel-and now the white sweaters are fuzzed all over our blue skirts. The strange interlude that the rest of the college called Spring Vacation, meant for us retiring into the corner for a ten-day think, but we "tied everything up" in majors and proceeded to forget them, while some of us went back into a final hiberna- tion with our honor papers flncidentally there were fewer of these than in previous classesi . . . Came the crowning distinction conferred by a B-minus average, a license, and the family's generosity-senior cars flashed around campus Cand cnvirons!j-with noble con- descension we offered rides to the plodding underelassmen . . . We shrilled our senior whistles and protected the grass of South Campus . . . We dedicated the new chapel and planted ivy by it-we relinquished "Senior steps", and tried to keep from thinking of our "Lasts" as Lasts . . . Then, almost before we knew it, the class of 1938 had graduated-most of it anyway. B. D. M. E. W. ' 200 1938 9:30 A. M. 4:00 P. M. 5:00 P. M. 5:30 P. M. 8:00 P. M. 8:30 P. M. 10:00 A. M. 10:30 A. M. 11:15 A. M. 12:30 P. M. Q :00'P. M. 3:30 P. M. 0:30 P. M. COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM FRIDAY, JUNE 10 Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Alumnae Association, Mary Lyon Room. Meeting of the Alumnae Fund Committee, Mary Lyon Room. Junior-Senior Step Exercises, Skinner Steps. Ivy Exercises. Meeting of the Alumnae Head Marshal and Class Marshals, New York Room. "Pride and Prejudicef' Chapin Auditorium. SATURDAY, JUNE 11 Alumnae Parade with Seniors. Grove Exercises. Alumnae Association Meeting and Fete with Seniors, Chapin Auditorium. Trustee Luncheon, Rockefeller Hall. Alumnae Luncheon, Student-Almnnae Hall Orchard. Meeting of the Board of Trustees, New York Room. Meeting of the Alumnae Club Presidents, '86 Room. Senior-Father Baseball Game, Pageant Field. Glee Club Concert, Chapin Auditorium. Class Suppers. Dinner for Seniors and their Parents in the Residence Hall. I 8:30-10:00 P. M. 1 resident's Reception, Mandelle Terrace. 10:00 P. M. 11:00 A. M. 4:00-6:00 P. 8:00 P. M. 10:30 A. M. 1 :00 P. M. 201 Senior Serenade, Lower Lake. SUNDAY, JUNE 12 Baccalaureate Service. President Roswell Gray Ham. Abbey Memorial Chapel. M. Alumnae Garden Party for Trustees, Faculty, Seniors, Guests and Alumnae, Student-Alumnae Hall Orchard. Vesper Service and Organ Recital, Abbey Memorial Chapel. MONDAY, JUNE 13 Commencement Exercises. David A. Robertson, LL.D., President of Goucher College, Chapin Auditorium. President's Luncheon, Mead Hall. OFFICERS OF TI-IE ALUIVINAE ASSOCIATION Mus. JOHN H. XVELLS, President . . . 92 Williams St., Providence, R. I. Mns. ISAYMOND Arwoon, First Vice-President . 164 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. Mus. DANIICL TEs'r, Second Vice-President . Williston Academy, Easthampton, Mass. MISS HEIJEN C. MoNc:IIow, Third V ice-President . . 73 East Elm St., Chicago, Ill. Mus. VVALTER C. JONES, Recording Secretary . . . North Amherst, Mass. Miss EUNICE B. RUEIIANK, Treasurer . . 644 Longmeadow St., Springfield, Mass. Miss MARY C. J. HIGLEY, Alumnae Secretary .... South Hadley, Mass. A CALIFORNIA Northern Southern CONNECTICUT ' Bridgeport Eastern Hartford New H aoen Waterbury DELAWARE Wilmington FLORIDA ILLINOIS Champaign- Chicago INDIANA MAINE Western Urbana MARYLAND MASSACHUSETTS Berkshire County Boston Franklin County Hampshire County Holyoke Springfield Worcester LUIVINAE CLUB PRESIDENTS Mrs. Joseph S. Davis, 691 Mirada Avenue, Stanford University Miss Helen E. Cummings, 5101 Ambrose Avenue, Hollywood Mrs. Henry S. Miles, Greenfield Hill, Fairfield Miss Mary C. Avery, 41 Oneco Street, Norwich Mrs. Allan S. Taylor, 90 Vernon Street, Hartford Mrs. Harry C. Tolles, 545 Washington Avenue, West Haven Miss Alethea Puffer, 87 Fiske Street, Waterbury Mrs. Clark V. McKnight, 307 Lore Avenue, Gordon Heights, Wilmington Mrs. Samuel V. Cole, 527 Chase Avenue, Winter Park Miss Margaret French, 908 West Nevada Street, Urbana Miss Florence Huth, 4237 North Paulina Street, Chicago Miss Helen Thornton, 5011 Central Avenue, Indianapolis Miss Helen Nickerson, 58 West Street, Portland Mrs. William H. Craig, 6412 Pinehurst Road, Govans, Baltimore Miss Edith Hall, 29 Forest Park Avenue, Adams Mrs. Albert P. Everts, 114 Kirkstall Road, N ewtonville Dr. Mary P. Dole, Shelburne Falls Mrs. Fritz Heider, 33 Roe Avenue, Northampton Miss Viva F. Edson, 45 Fairfield Avenue, Holyoke Mrs. James W. Moulton, 139 Belleclaire Avenue, Springfield Mrs. John D. McKinley, 5 Lisbon Street, Worcester I 202 MICHIGAN Detroit MINNESOTA MISSOURI St. Louis NEW HAMPSHIRE NEW JERSEY Northern Trenton NEW YORK Brqfalo Central Eastern Genesee Valley Hudson Valley Long Island New York Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs . Mrs. Mrs. NORTH CAROLINA OHIO Central Cleveland PENNSYLVANIA Northwestern Philadelphia Pittsburgh RHODE ISLAND VERMONT WASHINGTON, D. WASHINGTON Puget Sound CHINA HAWAII INDIA 203 Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mildred King, 1680 First National Bank Bldg., Detroit Mildred E. Ward, Hotel Curtis, Minneapolis Leonard Haertter, 7673 Carrswold Drive, St. Louis Addie Towne, 82 Pleasant Street, Franklin Kirby Truman Willits, 62 Maple Avenue, Maplewood Barclay S. Fuhrmann, Flemington Charles R. Scheuring, 64 Frontenac Avenue, Buffalo Edward Berg, 33 Proctor Boulevard, Utica Edward H. Van Winkle, 1 Seymour Court, Troy Albert B. Irwin, 145 Hampshire Drive, Rochester H. E. Rainey, 13 Bayley Boulevard, Hudson E. L. Kurtz, 15 Darley Road, Great Neck, Long Island Frederick Whitney, Q23 Glenwood Road, Ridgewood, N. J Lucius A. Bigelow, 131 Pinecrest Road, Durham Dorothy Flowers, 56 Auburn Avenue. Columbus John W. Weddell, 3058 Huntington Road, Shaker Heights Cleveland Miss Miss Virginia Corbett, 204 Sixth Avenue, Warren Esther Jackson, 411 West Avenue, Jenkintown Miss Elizabeth Campbell, 116 Dickson Avenue, Ben Avon, Pittsburgh Miss Mrs. C. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Dorothy Cobb, 111 Colonial Road, Providence Philip M. M. Phelps, Fair Haven lVIcFall Kerbey, 4424 Volta Place, N. W., Washington Harriet Smith, 1305 East Mercer, Seattle FOREIGN CLUBS Richard T. Evans, 174 Woodrow Wilson Street, Tientsin Caroline Curtis, 2563 Malolila, Honolulu, T. H. Raymond A. Dudley, Secretary, Tirumangalam, South India ALMA MATER 0 O Oh, Mount Holyoke, we pay thee devotion In the fervor of youth that is strong, The courage of right is thy garland, Our lives, Alma Mater, thy song. So from East and from West now we gather, And united in firm love to thee, All years are as one, and our loyal pledge "Mount Holyoke foreverl' shall be. Through the heart of a new day's endeavor Breathes the life of the old days that live, For what thou hast given we honor, But we love thee for what we can give. So when soft in a whisper thou callest, For the treasures unlocked by thy key, Our achievements, our hopes, and our glorious faith Shall answer, Mount Holyoke, to thee. O O O '- EXTRA-CL,lRRlCULfRR ELIZABETH Goom-:lan Head of 1f'l'lH'llfj Spring of 1937 Elizabeth Godbeer '38 Kathryn Lord '38 Natalie Howland '30 Elizalietll liken '4-0 Elizabeth Callan '40 Anne Preston '40 Helen Davidson '40 Fall Qf 19.37 Helen Davidson '40 liarlmara Litcllfield '40 RIDING ALI.-HOLVQKE TEAM Pholo by Jizelr Mini Q06 TENNIS ALI.-I-IOLYOKE TEAM Spring of 1937 I'Iummh Folsom '37 Barlmra Pzmlscr '38 Christine YVatcrhousc '38 Betty Beach '39 Carolyn Evcrts '30 Helen Adolph '40 Mudcloiuc Chittenden '40 Dorothy Cnhcll '4-0 V irginiu Trapp '40 CIIILISTINE WATmn1 x0Us1c Uccul rj Tennis l,0R0'I'lIY Ful,l.1c1e 1101111 QI' Urczlz Sprzfng Qf .1937 Dorothy Fuller '89 Nina Puringtdll '39 Sylvia SllCl'li '89 Ann lVIzu'lN'Iillun '40 R E ALI.-I-IOLYQKE TEAM Phoin by Jack Mill. Q08 G O L F ALL-I-IOLYOKE TEAM Spring of 1937 Elvin Kingston '39 Hmmrablc Mention Eleanor Gitt '40 ANNA S'l'lEGLl'I'Z Head Qf Golf MAY DAY PAC3EANT,1938 Pageant field tl1e setti11g, May fourteenth the date, Elizabeth Gloriana the subjectg general chairman Polly Dyer, director Mrs. Thompsong authors Nancy Sheedy and Juliette Braver- man-all these combined to make the first pageant of the second century a spectacular and authentic picture of Elizabethan splendor. A portrayal of the queen's progress to the estate of one of her lords brought in court scenes with 'such historical personalities as Sir Walter Raleigh, Leicester, and Drake. Local deities and foreign embassies presented gifts to England's Queen. A true Elizabethan MHSQIIC, humorous reliefs such as Pyramus and Thisbe, rustic dances and singing gave a variety of entertainment. Color, action and beautiful costumes were the predominating features, while a thread of plot wove the scenes together and connected pageant with May Queen. Approximately three hundred members of community worked together to insure the suc- cess of the presentation, either in directvpartsxor on committees. Great care was taken in reproducing the period authentically, with Miss Foster, who is an authority on the Shake- spearean period, giving invaluable advice to the authors. 212 -WW ,W I MAY C3UEEN,19-38 A lfm11lzmI.w MARY ANIJIHQSON BlGA'l'Rl4'l'I lVIIL1,u:,xN IIELIQN Al4'1c1'r'rs AN'l'mNm"1'm 'l'lucA1nvM' MARY Glam-'1'rlI MAuc:,mlf:'1' WARD N ine students in English 315 write a cooperative essay QPENSESAME? Even in the Qilth century, magic is a crutch on which nearly all of us lean when our flesh and blood show signs of giving out. Trying to beat trains to railroad crossings, believing that Hollywood will sometime see our genius and reward it with a contract, or that bad luck will suddenly turn just when we can stand it no longer, are all examples of this trend. No one in America trusts magic more cheerfully than college students, unless indeed their parents. in their power to believe that going through a sanctified set of motions or uttering a cabalistic formula will miraculously transform their sons and daughters. Forty thieves could open the doors of the treasure house in the old story by simply stand- ing outside and saying "Open Sesame". Forty thousand college students believe that they also, by giving the right answers and making prescribed flourishes with their fountain pens, can achieve an A.B. degree which guarantees that they have fourteen-carat brains. I The primary purpose of a "liberal arts" education is to broaden the mind of the student, not to increase his potential earning eapacityg it attempts to stretch his imagination to such an extent that he will be able to take a lively, intelligent interest in everything about him. Ask your undergraduate friends just what they expect to get out of college, and the answers will probably reduce themselves to one common denominator: a short-cut to happiness through learning to live harmoniously with other people. In order to achieve this end, the majority agree that the wider the range of interests developed in college, the greater will be the number of people the graduate will be able to understand and appreciate. II Our families give various reasons for having offered us this opportunity. One father says: In sending my daughter to college it is my hope that she will develop her ability to think clearly and independently: that she will learn something of the arts and sciences, including the science of living in the modern community: and acquire some skills that will pay cash dividends. I expect that she will acquire some polish, some tastes that may tend to extravagance, and a self-confidence that will put her at ease in any society. In college, our parents tell us, we shall be associated with people who have a high intellec- tual standard-who will eventually become the leaders of our generation. As one grows older, they say, there comes the realization of how much the background acquired in college adds to personal enjoyment and usefulness. A previous acquaintance with a subject, however sketchy, leaves one more alert and responsive towards anything related to it, and a wide range of such lively interests makes life much more worth iving. III The opportunity of higher education for women is one that is offered much more frequently here than abroad. The English girl is often sent to finishing school, where she learns to ride, speak French, and behave graciously at social functions, she may never have played with a microscope or used a library. Women on the Continent are eonsi ered daring and sometimes even perverted if they enter fields long dominated by men. A European university develops the specialist, and women specialists are not much needed in Europe today. Instead, wives, nurses and social workers are in demand, and ample training is provided along these lines. 214 That an American college is something different, something modern which trains women to take their lace in society far more effectively than ever before, is hard for them to under- stand. Colllege training for women has no place in continental Europe, it would fill a more or less conscious gap in England, but so far it is peculiar to America alone. Certain recognized differences exist among the various types of American colleges. The co-ed university is often compared to the girls' college, and from this comparison springs unending argument over their respective merits. Someone who has experienced both says: "A co-ed universit and a firls' college are very unlike ina way that is hard to catalogue. A bit of an attitude fiere, anvil, a difference in interest there, all make up the total variation. Co-eds are more careful of their appearance, being freshly lipsticked seems rather more necessary to them than it does to the casual student on the girls' campus. The eo-ed seems to display more continued exuberance and vivacity. "Life in the university seems more inclusive than that in a women's college. Intellectually the co-ed may be roused to keener interest in her class work by hearing masculine opinions on various subjects-ideas more often than not very much opposed to her own and worthy of a definite competitive response from her mind. The greater social activity on the co-ed campus needs no explanation. "Yet there is a unit between students of the two types of college which far exceeds their differences. Perhaps tiie feeling arises from the fact that they are all undergoing the same sort of intellectual experience: attempting to enlarge their knowledge and powers of com re- hension. Perhaps it arises from the common search for a common goal, a diploma which tfiey hope will correspond to the magic word and open for them the chamber of success." IV In a college graduate we do not necessarily expect to find a great store of knowledge, a scholarl method, or even a love of truth, the college roll lists some of the most eminent criminafs as well as eminent philosophers and scholars. IVe are forced to the conclusion that through four years of experience, fundamental personalities do not change, but the salient features are accented. One girl says: "College has brought me a great deal. I have a sense of freedom, actual and intellectual, that I never knew when I was living in the midst of a closely-knit and rather strict family. At home I read a great deal and thought that I was thinkmg, but my ideas were inevitably influenced to a certain extent by those of my parents. It was very natural: I loved them, respected their judgment, and more often than not was willing to defer to maturity and experience. Two years at college, although not lessening my love, have given me a continual and increasingly deep realization that I must build my own intellectual structure and that, if only because of the differences in outlook that always separate two generations, it must inevitably differ from theirs. "Along with my new freedom has come increased poise: I feel that I could travel almost anywhere and encounter almost any type of person without being too ill at ease. Of course I would have changed even if I had remai.ned at home. I might very easily have acquired my present degree of poise, but I am sure that I should not have become as tolerant, and that my field of interests would be still almost as circumscribed as it was two years ago? V The significance of a college education is not in the stark fact that we have had one, and have passed through twenty or so courses in various subjects, but in the materials we have managed to take from them and combine into a structure of our own. Perhaps the danger is in taking ourselves too seriously, believing that we are distinctly labelled and set a mart in a group by our four years' experience. We are after all only a small percentage of a large generation, and the qualities that distinguish us from others of our own age are not nearly so man or so fundamental as those that make us like them. If a college student hasn't realizedy after a few years that there is no "Open Sesame" to success, obviously he never will, and is destined to spend the rest of his life hunting doggedly for magic formulas. 215 4 INDEX TO TI-IE1938 LLAMARADA DEDICATION . FOREWORD . VIEWS . . . FALL . . . ADMINISTRATION . FACULTY AND STAPP . . FRESHMAN CLASS . . TIIE WEARING OF THE GREEN . SOPIIOMORE CLASS . . SOPHOMORE SONG . A. A. BOARD . A. A. AWARDS . FALL SPORTS . FALL COMPOSITE WINTER . . HONORS . . BLACKSTICK . DELTA SIGMA RIIO . HOUSES . I. . COMMUNITY OFFICERS . FELLOWSHIP OF FAITIIS . COSMOPOLITAN CLUB DEBATE CLUB . . :DANCE CLUB . . DE1'ARTMENT CLUBS . . DRAMATIC CLUB . . . GLEE CLUB .... . INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB MOUNT HOLYOKE MONTHLY . MOUNT IIOLYOKE NEWS . LLAMARADA . . OUTING CLUB . . WINTER SPORTS . WINTER COMPOSITE . SPRING . . . JUNIOR CLASS . . . BYE-BYE CENTENNIAL . SENIOR CLASS HONORARIES SENIOR CLASS . . . SENIOR SONG . . ALL-AT-SEA . . . SENIOR CLASS HISTORY . COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM ALUMNAE . . . ALMA MATER . SPRING SPORTS . LOOKING AI-IEAD CENTENNIAL, 1937 . MAY DAY PAGEANT . MAY QUEEN, 1938 . OPEN SESAME? . . SPRING COMPOSITE . Page 4 '7 9 22 26 28 38 45 46 52 54 55 56 60 62 66 68 69 '74 88 96 98 99 100 102 103 106 108 109 1 10 112 114 1 16 1 18 120 124 130 132 134 195 196 198 201 202 204 206 210 211 212 213 214 216 218 INDEX TO ADASKIN 'PILLEY . AIME DUPONT STUDIO . BAILEY, BANKS 84 BIDDLIC CO. . BAKER, JONES, HAUSAUER, INC. BATCHELDER K SNYDER, INC. . BI'lCKMANN,S . . . BLAOK 8: WIIITE CAB CO. BRUCE, JESSIE . . CAREY'S . . CHARTIGRICD BUSSES CIIILDS, T. S. . . CLASS OF 1939 CLASS OF 194-0 CLASS OI' 1941 . COLLEGE FLORIST . COTRELL Sz LEONARD CUPID,S INN . . IDODD, IJQROTIIY , DOYLE PRINTING CO. E. 8 J. BOOT SI-IOP . FELICE BROTHERS . FILENE'S . . . FRIEDRICIIES .... GENERAL CLEANERS 8: IDYERS . GLESMANN, R. A. , . HADLEY BOOK SIIOP AND INN . HADLEY FALLS TRUST CO. IIEIDNIGRES . . . HOLMRERG K CO. . . IIOLYOKE HOTI4lI1 . . HKJLYOICE NATICPNAIJ BANK . IIOLYOKE STREET RAILWAY CO. IIOLYOKE 'FRANSCRIPT . . OU I'IOLYOKE VALVE 8: I'IYDRANT CO. I1UYCK Sz SONS . . . .IAIIN R OLLIER ENORAVINS CO. LEY K LEY .... LYMAN'S SERVICE STATION . MARTYN,S CLEANERS Sz DYEIIS MARY KAY RESTAURANT . . MCAUSITAN Sz WAKI-:LIN CO. . METCAIIF PRINTING SL PUBLISIIIN PETER PAN BUS LINES PINNEY CO., INC. . . PRESBYTERIAN PIOSPITAL . PRESTON,S . . . RALSTEN SHOP . ROBERTS' . . SOCONY-VACUUM OIL CO., INC. . STEIGER,S . . STEIN, M. . . WIGGINS OLD TAVERN . WOODLAND, EVELYN VVRIGI-IT Sz DITSON . Q19 G CO. R ADVERTISERS Page 229 Q33 221 Q31 QQ9 Q27 Q27 Q30 QQ5 Q21 Q25 Q20 224- 222 Q29 QQ5 Q30 Q30 Q30 QQO 230 QQ1 Q30 Q30 Q30 Q29 QQ8 230 227 QQO Q25 QQI QQO 227 Q21 Q32 220 Q30 Q20 QQ5 Q27 QQ9 Q30 223 220 230 229 230 Q28 Q27 Q30 Q20 230 221 WIGGINS OLD 'l'.-XVICRN Hotel Nortlnuupton lYOli'l'lIAMP'l'ON, lVI,xss,wl1vsi-1'1"rs ursing The l'l'csliytcri:u1 Hospital of tllc City of fllliC2lgO Scliool of Nursing offers :L course- in nursing to college women. Grzuluzitcs are oligiblc for registration in Illinois, New York, :md all other stutcs. .- I 1111 rfss req Ill'Nf-H' jbr 'informal ion to SCHOOL OF NURSING I'rcslmytorizu1 Hospital Ciilcvixczo, II,1,INoIs Martynvs Cleaners Dyers Ll'2'I' US SERVE YOU Hur TI'lll'L'H Slap uf All Dorm iiorivs livery Day V. I". MARTYN Q76 Al'l'I,l'I'I'ON S'I'Iil'llC'I' IIOLYOKIC, MASS. Phonzf 601871 when in LONDON, ICNGIAND. ln- sure lo visit LEY AND LEY. Ilic 'l'nilnrs of Trnfnlgur Sr num-, wln-rv ll-ml Scwn Suits win be lnilorcll lo lIll'llSlll"l', from llnml Nl'ovvu lrisli null Scollisli QHurrisJ Twcclls for 31630. lfrgcnl ornlcrs uro 1-xx-culual in lwo rlnys. LICY AND LEY I .58-59. 'I'n.w,u.o.xn Soimuuvz, LONDON, W. CA2. ENGLAND 220 Chartered Busses FOR SPECIAL PARTIES For Rates . . . Telephone Holyoke 9801 MAKERS OF THE 1938 CLASS RINGS .EOR MOUNT IIOLYOKE COLLEGE The Bailey collections of lvutcllcs, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver and Leatlmer Goods offer almost limitless selection. The 'Bailey mime is :Lt once a guarantee of superb quality-:md moderate price. SCHOOL RINGS, EMBLEMS, CHARMS, AND TROPHIES OF TIIE BETTER KIND BAN KSQQB B LEILJW, solversmnhs SQER I11s'l'An1,Is1II+:n I832 1218 I lllesmfut Street PHILADELPHIA F. C. HUYCK Sa SONS KENWOOD MILLS ALBANY, N. Y. Illa11,1,1facturers of RU GS AND BLANK ETS Anmmss: c:oN'mAe'r lmmf. Compliments of Mr. li. J. Dolan CREVV HATS -In Gzilmrdine or Flaumel lVilh l,'l11,.v.s- .Yumerals 341.35 and 5161.75 A WRIGI-IT X DITSON FILENES GIRLS' COLLEGE K SCHOOL DEPT. 0 Iji 13 O S T 0 N 344- WAsH1NG'1'oN S'rm1:1'1'r Boston, Mass. SOUTII IIADLEY SHOP 3? THE CLASS OF 1941 Q? WWA? Plloln by Jmurs Dnly E. J. PINNEY CO.,' INC. Gcncrzil Cmmtmctors Builders of Abbe Chapel Librawy Addition Physics 'Building THE CLASS OF 1940 Holyoke National Bunk, during the past four years, has enjoyed the patronage of many members of the Class of 1938. It is the wish of those connected with our Institu- tion thut you all may approach commencement with confidence, that you may go forth with faith and courage to at successful work of your own choosing. HULYUKE NATIONAL BAN K ' "A Good Bank to Bc: With" xiulllilfl' Federal Ds-posil lnsurauive f'orporulim 9 XVOODISRIDGE S'l'REl+l'l' Holyoke. MHSS. VVhen in need of . . . GOWNS IIOODS CAPS write to .Al lI1.6'l'IlClliS oldest and largest mamqflurlurer C OTRELL and LEONARD Est. IIS'-37? Inc. I935 ALBANY, N. Y. FOR FRESH FLOWERS Plwnc 4988 y ' i 'CAREY i "I 'lvilfls is the place for ww." '1'III'lFLORIS'If T- S- CHILDS Q75 High Siren! Hoi.YoKE, MASS. Q25 The Class of 1939 vvguy ' - ' ' 1'--.. f . . N ' '- I, 4 ,,,,,,..,.n4:,,oie-M vT..1.w.',A,t,l,r.: . Mil... I'LL MEET YOU AT BECKMAN'S ! Shopat STEIGEPUS Holyohefs Leadfirzg Department Store EVERYTHING A COLLEGE GIRL NEEDS! Q59 High Street Holyoke, Mass. Heating arul V67?'l'tilLll'l07l in the New Chapel Installed by THE HOLYOKE VALVE Sz HYDRANT CO. Holyoke, Mass. HOLYOKE'S GREAT DEPARTMENT STORE Forty I 'ofmplele Stores W 'illzfzfrz a Store Free Delivery Daily to M I. Holyoke College MCAUSLAN 8: WAKELIN CO. THE CORNER olv DNVIGUT AND MAv1,l+: s'1'ma1Q'1's BLACK 8 WHITE CAB COMPANY Dial 7-0222 Union Station S1'nINoFllf:I,n, MASS. HESKIWIS V Floors in the Abbe Chapel done by HULMBERG Sz CO., INC. 1,4 Taylor Street Springfield, Mass. MORE THAN TWO GENERATIONS OF MT. 'HOLYOKE STUDENTS HAVE USED THIS BANK AS THEIR DEPOSITORY FOR CHECKING ACCOUNT FUNDS This record is not only a convincing testimonial of con- fidence in our strength und Stability, but at notable endorsement of our facilities and service as well. The same attentive consideration that we gave to those who ure now Mount Holyoke Alumnae is being extended to present undergraduates, amd will continue to be offered to the generations of Mcrilnt Holyoke students yet to conie. HADLEY FALLS TRUST CO. M amber l"e1Ierul Resrrre Sy.s'lcm and 1'l6lll'I'lll Deposit lns1o'a11cc I 'orymralirm 58 Suffolk Street Brunch ut 3-LQ Dwight Street I-IOLYOKIC, MASS. I O xt--,A CO D 3 I CONGRATULATIONS 9 ' f AND E . BEST WISHICS , S U E U sncunv-vmzuum In TO THE CLASS OF 1938 0 SOCONY-VACUUM OIL COMPANY INCORPORATED 2 METCALF PRINTING 8 PUBLISHIING CO. HOTEL HOLYOKE A ROGER SMITIII IIOTEL V Stzunford lvllltlf Plains New Brunswick '50, 1' far kc Awww Conn. N ow York N ow .Icrsoy NORTHAMPTON, MASS. lvllSllllIgl2Oll N cw York D. C. New York Holyoke, Maxss. BATCHELDER 81 SNYDER COMPANY, INC. Bos'roN, NIASSACIIUSETTS Pro1luce1'.s' and lJ'1l.S'lI'llb'lLtlI7'S of Ffzfne Foorls II! J LYOK E'S LEADING FURNITURE STORE ADASKIN TILLEY 57 Slqffolk Street Honvokm, MASS. Illollzcs Smflalzlc fm' p:'I967'y 0f7CflH'l-07L al THE RALSTEN SI-IOP COLLEGE IELORIST Cut l'll0'll?67'S, Plants, Bulbs-Special If'or.s'ages MI+:M1uclc 1f'1,oms'l' '1'lf:r,IcolcA1'1I 1J1aL1vE1cY Dial 7401 10 Hadley Street I f'om7zlf1f'mcnf.v of HADLEY BOOK SHOP AND TIIE BOOK SI-IOP INN I l0IlZfY2lIl7l1U'Ilf.S' ' E. K J. BOOT SHOP uf Q, - ELLEN JANE l3I.ANNINo . . . Mmm! Ilolyoka, 19:33 ...who 'Il7l'llfUS "Tho Valley Cu.mpus" colamm in, Ilze Ilolyoke Transcripl- Ykflvgmm. Ifs an easy 'way to keep al1rcu.s'l of IFIICIITS IICIIIINVIYI-'lg at M ounf Holyoke and ollzer collvgfs in ilu: Vullcfy. 229 When you purchase printing in a Closed Shop labor receives an equitable share rj' your expenditure PROGRAMS SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS CATALOGS DOYLE PRINTING CO., INC. 118 Race Street Holyoke, Mass. A Union Shop Since 1893 EVELYN WOODLAND Dressmalcer 17 Park Street, South Hadley E. H. FRIEDRICH COMPANY Holyoke, M ass. If your clothes are not becoming to you, you should be coming to us. DOROTHY DODD APP., INC. 315 High Street HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments rj MISS JESSIE BRUCE HAR1'EIt MPJTIIOD HAIRDRESSING S1-IOP 98 College Street Phone Q-2284 LET'S go lo the game. LET'S go to the recital. LET'S keep our party together. LET'S c-harter Peter Pan Buses. PETER PAN BUS LINES Tel. spfzd. 3-oeoe - '11REs'rON's PrestOn's, formerly Anson's, has become the carryall. We shall try to live up to it. HEIDNER'S Is Headquarters for VICTOR RECORDS both popular and Red Seal RCA Victor Radios and Phonograph Combinations J. G. HEIDNER 8: SON, INC. Q88-290 Maple Street Holyoke, Mass. GENERAL CLEANERS AND DYERS 361 South Street Authorized Blocknit Service Uornplirnents of R. A. GLESMANN ROBERTS' IS THE PLACE! ROBERTS, BEAUTY STUDIO Ruby Building M. STEIN JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS 571 Dwight St., Holyoke SENIORS! Let us take care of your cars. LYMAN'S SERVICE STA. South Hadley, Mass. 2-1285 CUPIDS INN, SANDWICH SHOP Greetings and Congratulations to Horne ij Cupizl's Hamburgers Class of 1938 and Grilled Sanclfwiches from Q39 Maple Street 155 State Street , Holyoke Springfield FELICE BROTHERS 230 7CitAe.f3uQzetf3hQ6f of Me 1938 ,ffamam a: i,liilliS'il?il,li o If you will pardon our saying so, it is a mighty fine boolc-this 1938 edition of the Llamarada you now have in your hands. Every page reflects the inspired worlc of the editor, Ruth Krauss, and her staff. And while the equally arduous taslcs of the business manager, Margaret Williams, may not be quite so apparent, it is well to remember that the boolc would never have been pub- lished save for the persistent endeavors in organizing the "cash" 0 And we, who have been privileged to worle with you, have enjoyed every step of the way. For no matter how many year- books we may have published in the thirty years we have been specializing in this exacting field, every college annual is a challenge in itself. A challenge to our ability to work with the staffs charged with its creation, a challenge to our ingenuity to assist in its originality of format and content, a challenge to our capacity to organize the eight essential gears in yearboolc pro- duction so that a powerful and distinctive result is assured. 0 So we cannot close the last forms of this edition without endeavoring to say in cold type how warmly we have enjoyed worlcing with you, how masterful a job we feel you have done, and how fervently we look forward to worlcing with future Llamarada staffs with the same sincerity of purpose which has signalized the creation of this book from cover to cover. BAKER, IUNES, HAUSAUER, INC. fuifaazi of Q3fz7zcz'z've Zaffefe -Qnnuak 45-5l CARROLL STREET, BUFFALO, NEW YORK 'JUU RSELVESJ I u. YEAR BUUK MAKERS KN N AND OLLIER AGAIN" x."!'r5F XRMN 'vb X y J XT xX1 failii X. i L-F " if ' C "AA 1 W., - -cv 'XQLU ,V X 9 Ill 'if M Y n....pp-1 Repeated accepiance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the Jahn 8. Ollier slogan that gaihers increas- ing significance wiih each succeeding year. 51446 lfl Ulf!! I 1 - gin!! C' 509 FIFTH AVENUE - NEW YORK IQ S 0Fl+' ICIAIg AI.'.l-l0fI.'0GlRAl'I.,l.,lQR 190 Ii ' r l lE H1938 Llamaradag' ' I ALEX LORD has designed this practical tartan green suede sports suit, which is made of the softest skins, and guaranteed waterproof. It can be worn for numerous occasions, and is made to measure with matching accessories in a variety of glorious colours and designs. LEA THERCRAFT 42, BERKELEY STREET LONDON, W.1.

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