Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA)

 - Class of 1934

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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Cover

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.B. UC BAKER, JONES, HAUSAUER, INC. DISTINCTIVE COLLEGE ANNUALS BUFMLO, N. Y. 9 '94, we EX'LIBRIS If --- - . A- f I I A N "'1 f 3? F f HE 1934 EDITION OF THE LLAMARADA OF MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE, SOUTH HADLEY, MASSACHUSETTS, HAS BEEN LIMITED TO 650 COPIES, PRIVATELY PRINTED FOR SUBSCRIBED DISTRIBUTION, OF WHICH THIS COPY IS NO..e3.-fe .f' LLAMARADA - 1934 From glory up to glory, On the great .vmlrf of time, Irrrzrk floe rgboftly wlrifper Thai bids 4 mortal climb' Llamaracla 1934 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF Mount Holyoke College SOUTH HADLEY,MASSACHUSETTS DEDICATION If N ,f IO FRANCES PERKINS- ALIVING TRADITION OF MOUNT I-IOLYOKE .... LIKE A SAGACIOUS AND NOBLE PORTIA SHE LEADS ON AND ON. OREWOR 6dgggv7'aV 1fJf"'..:li-Zfqx ,big If fer fx 'U 5164 , it 39 'E ..JrA'- .. if f ig ' ' a 1 -.a f. HE TOWER, filbonetted dgeiinft toe ooodit Jky, .fheltered by the wooded green New Engldnd billy, new .rrniled for nedr it eentiiry now on oiir growing trdditionf-fnow white petdlf iinfolding on tloe flower of Tirne. 'A' 'A' 'k In tbif ftory we bdoe gdtloered together it few petedf in the nopef tndt rndny yedrf froni now we ond!! ndoe bdppy rernernordneef to brin g no closer to oiir Alrnd Mdter.' Moy we oontiniie to njznold the oednty dnd ftrengtlo of Monnt H0bf0k6 trdditionff ONTENTS A I vi 'T I I F B A -,f 1' X35 W i ': . L ' I C A M P U S 'ADMINISTRATION TRADITIONS FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES JUNIORS SENIORS ALUMNAE HONORS ACTIVITIES HOUSES ADVERTISEMENTS CAMPUS bere'.r.f011zefl1211fg 271 ll noble free I Vlmr.fl1fzZZ I iffy? A mal? " MARY LYON HALL Ps , nQe'5" X,f93Z9 o ,X H I ' L M .75 ff ' Vi ' x l 5: ztlo cemelefs ruffle Ti- qf the ,lemma Am! biwif that twifteff in the emfef And all the vmef entangled 50. ' 0 1 w - , vM UNH , -r. W V ,Qu 1' -iff? , ,. 1--fw' g," , -. NL", fl I , 'V 'ml CLAPP LABORATORY M'V t domimzief the green Wee: Ami the float of iff tower If cool mm' candid, Rifmg into me unrefiftinfg .rlayfu TI-IE PHYSICS BUILDING N 'l' nd all the lauef gf fublimizyf NUI I My pimmcled walk employ." zffffi ' K M3 will gi ROCKEFELLER DORMITORY W , ff' EE YY" 'T . E M be treef, Zeke great jade efejbloanff Cloaeneei, Jfafnp ana' Jlaake 'neafh the gaeiflief of the b1"66K6, The treef lnnge anaf plunge, nnenbf elepfoantff' ,Nm 11' im ADMINISTRATIQN wi' . 1-Hillel: ll fm' fzlzcar af mf 01' Iiflzjrl 072 Zzis' 'diff 'iizzglfkzcv tw ' V' ill: it-ww " W 'illl' Board of Trustees REV. HENRY A. STIMSON, D.D. ..... New York, New York MARY EMMA WOOLLEY, A.M., LITT.D., L.H.D., LL,D. Qex 0jj5ti0D . South Hadley REV. ROCKWELL HARMON POTTER, D.D. . . FRANK B. TOWNE . . . MRS. RICHARD M. HOE , . REV. WILLIAM HORACE DAY, D.D. EDWARD N. WHITE . , . BOYD EDWARDS, D.D., LL.D. F. CHARLES SCHWEDTMAN , RICHARD S. CHILDS, A.B. . GEORGE DWIGHT PRATT . JAMES M. SPEERS . . . FLORENCE PURINGTON, B.S., LITT.D. WILLIAM DAVIDSON . . ELBERT A. HARVEY, A.B., Trearurer HENRY PLIMPTON KENDALL, A.B. XHENRY G. HYDE, A.B., President HOWELL CHENEY, A.M. . . 'EDGAR S. FURNISS, PH.D. . ALVA MORRISON, A.B. . PAUL HAZLITT DAVIS, PH.D. MAYNARD T. HAZEN, LLB. . MRS. MARY HUME MAGUIRE, PH.D. AMY ROWLAND, A.M. . . MRS. SUSAN DOANE ARNOLD, A.B. LOTTIE G. BISHOP, A.B. , . ROWENA KEITH KEYES, PH.D. Deceased F Ulu! he I ilu , . , ,, I ,ull qt N. , -..-,-,J ...lghk . Hartford, Connecticut . . . Holyoke New York, New York Bridgeport, Connecticut . , . Holyoke Mercersburg, Pennsylvania New York, New York New York, New York . . Springfield New York, New York . . South Hadley . Boston . Boston . Boston . . . . Ware South Manchester, Connecticut . New Haven, Connecticut . . Cambridge . Chicago, Illinois Hartford, Connecticut . Cambridge A Cleveland, Ohio . . . Waban . New Haven, Connecticut New York, New York Twenty-four Administrative Officers MARY EMMA WOOLLEY, A.B., A.M., LITT.D., L.H.D., LL.D. . Prefident CAROLINE BOARDMAN GREENE, A.B., A.M. FLORENCE PURINGTON, B.S., LITT.D. . MARY ASHBY CHEEK, A.B., A.M. . HARRIETT M. ALLYN, A.B., M.SC., PH.D. HELEN MACMURTRIE VOORHEES, A.B., A.M. 4 ELLA SILL DICKINSON, A.B. . . . HARRIET NEWHALL, A.B., B.S., A.M. . PHILIP E. HENDERSON, A.B., M.B.A. . . . , Regixtrar . Dean Emeritux Dean of Reyidence . . . Academic Dean Director of the Appointment Bureau and Vocational Advifor , , Auistant Registrar Executive Secretagf to the Board of Adminion and the Prefident . . . Comptroller MARY WENTWORTH MCCONAUGHY, A.B., A.M., ED.M., ED.D. . . OLIVE COPELAND, A.B. SHIRLEY HATHAWAY, B.S. , HARRIET A. FOSTER, B.S. . Profeuor and Advifor in Mental Hygiene . Secretary to the Prexident Auiytant Secretary to the Prexident Secretaq to the Academic Dean MARIAN JEWETT MORSE, A.B. . DORIS EMILY HUTCHINSON, B.S. ALICE MCCOOL . . . SARA A. ALDERMAN . . HARRIET JOHONNOTT EUSTIS, A.B DOROTHY P. DAY, A.B. . FLORENCE EDGE . . . ELIZABETH CYPRIAN SULLIVAN MARGARET VANDERZEE, A.B. JEAN LOUISE WARREN, B.S. . BOARDMAN BUMP, A.B., M.B.A. GENEVIEVE FRANCES PRATT, A.B. MARGARET ELIZABETH SCHLOERB MYRTLE H. HARDAKER CASE Twenty-H ue Secretaq in the Opzice of the Academic Dean and in the Appointment Bureau . Secretary to the Dean of Rexidence . . Auixtant to the Dean of Reiidence A.rJiJtant Secretary to the Dean of Rexidence . Recorder in the Ofce of tlae Regiftrar . . Secretary to the Registrar . . Auixtant in the Office of the Regixtrar Auiftant in the Ojice of the Board of Admiuion 56Cf6fd7j' in the Ojice of the Board of Admimion Secretary to the Director of the Appointment Bureau Anixtant Purcbafing Agent, Comptroller'.r Ojice . . . .S'ecretaU, Comptroller'J O ce Accountant in the Comptrollerlr 0 ce . . Secretary to the Comptroller I ix, ,f I4 f ifufii gwwi I: 'il '-411, 'iv 'wi ,, , 'fi I I , ,' LH , W I R ii " im '. 1 ' 1 W X OW F if .iii It el' I ii A - AIA. Q1Q!if"Ml P Faculty and Staff DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY ' HARRIETT M. ALLYN, PH.D. . . Academic Dean and Profefxor of Anthropology DEPARTMENT OF ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY CAROLINE MORRIS GALT, A.B. .... Professor of Archaeology and Greek GERTRUDE STEWART HYDE, A.B. . . Profeuor of Hiftory of Art FLORENCE WINSLOW Foss, A.M. , . Profeysor ofHiTto1j1 of Art MARIAN HAYES, A.M. . . . . Imtructor ANNA F. MACCARTHY, A.B. . Affistaizt DEPARTMENT OF ASTRONOMY ANNE SEWELL YOUNG, PH.D ..,... . . Profefxor ALICE H. FARNSWORTH, PH.D. Associate Profeffor MARJORY WRIGHT, A.M. ,...., . . Asfixtant DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY ALMA GRACEY STOKEY, PH.D ......... Profenor FREDDA DORIS REED, PH.D. ASA STEPHEN KINNEY, M.S. , . Amociate Profemor . Auistafzt Profeyfor in Floricultare ETHEL TABER ELTINGE, PH.D. . , . Amiftant Profeuor AGNES MARJORIE BODWELL, A.B ..,., Graduate Affixtant DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY EMMA PERRY CARR, PH.D. . DOROTHY ANNA HAHN, PH.D. LOUISA STONE STEVENSON, PH.D. . MARY LURA SHERRILL, PH.D. , A EDITH REBECCA BARSTOW, A.B. if r, LUCY PICKETT, PH.D. . . , ,. A I, I H 'I' MARGERY KATHERINE WALKER, P - Y XNN W" 3 I My MARTHA ELIZABETH SMITH, A.M. RQ!! HELEN LOUISE WEST A.B. . MARGARET PARR A.B. MARGARET SEIKEL A.B. 015 -Q V - W r-.4 2 f 1 3 A I AAL ' ' ' f W, QQ' a I . I fi Q ' U- 9 A ' , . 4 1 ,. I I W If-ff' Eiga - f 'I y A 'f7 ffcg., 'V N121 I' - -Y . , ,- X , , f --,L 4: M A Q- X 7 auf' A if L, U tg I -f 33:1-l-. V I, I J ww. R -f--T., uf'-'M' - vw- ' - 4 E91 " -f 'Rf-A -f-'V' 2-4 ,mf-1 ' ,Um ,WC IW" AZ KW' . . . . Profesfor . Profefsor . . Profeffor . . . . Auociate Profeuor Affiftant Director of the Chemical Lahoratorief , . . . . . I mtructor . Incriructor . Imtrzictor . Auistarzt . Affiftant . Afsiftant Twenty-Tix DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY AMY HEWES, PH.D. . ALZADA COMSTOCK, PH.D. . , ETHEL BARBARA DIETRICH, PH.D. NEWMAN ARNOLD TOLLES, PH.D. CONRAD TAEUBER, PH.D. . KATHERINE LEWIS, A.M. . RUTH OLMSTED, A.B. . DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION STUART M. STOKE, ED.D. ...,. . RODGER WELLINGTON HOLMES, PH.D. . . . . DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH ADA LAURA FONDA SNELL, PH.D .,... MARGARET BALL, PH.D. HELEN GRIFFITH, PH.D. LEONORA BRANCH, A.M. . . HARRIET Fox WHICHER, A.M. . C. MAUD H. LYNCH, A.B., B.I..ITT. , ROBERTA TEALE SWARTZ CHALMERS, A.M. SYDNEY R. MCLEAN, PH.D. . . TCONSTANCE MEADNIS SAINTONGE, A.M. VIRGINIA PARK MATTHIAS, A.M. . ELAINE TROIANO, A.M. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LITERATURE JEANNETTE MARKS, A.M. ...,. . DOROTHY FOSTER, A.M. CHARLOTTE D'EVELYN, PH.D. LESLIE GALE BURGEVIN, PH.D. . KATHLEEN M. LYNCH, PI-LD. ANNAJ. MILL, PH.D. . LAWRENCE B. WALLIS, A.M. DEAN N. CURRIE, A.M. "On leave of abxence for the firyt Jemefter. Twenty-Jeven , , Profeuor , Profemor , . Profeuor Anixmnt Profenor Anistant Profenar . . Imtructor . Anixtant Afmciate Profemar . . I mtructor . Prafeuor . Profeuor . . Profenor Auociate Profefsor Auociate Profeuor Anixtant Profenor Anirtnnt Profenor . . I 71.l'ff1lCf0f . I mtructor . . Affixtant , Speech Imtructor . Pro fenor . Pro fesfor , Prafeuar , . Prafeyxor ' q I Auociate Profexxor f x, Q P Afyiftant Profefsor It f Auixtant Profenar W Q Imtructor 4... 'rom NN I It A Q1 1? , 1 f ..: Tqifggig I . 'G f -,..,,,m-5:1 , ,hx R' f f .M f 2 N4 rw. A 7 at f ,flip . Lal ff v ' ,. ,fff- il.: wifi: K 1, 4 , --.-?'4f LOUISE WALLIS ...... . Inctructor EDITH WYNNE MATTHISON KENNEDY, A.M. . Lecturer MARY HEATH JACKSON, A.M ...... . Inctructor DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY MIGNON TALBOT, PH.D ..,..,. . . Profenor JULIA M. SHIPMAN, PH.D. . . Amiytant Profefcor MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY, M.S. . . . Inytructor BEATRICE E. BOLTON, PH.D ...... . Inctructor DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN ELLEN CLARINDA HINSDALE, PH.D .,.... Profemor Enzerituc ALICE PORTER STEVENS, A.M. . . Affociate Profesfor Enzerituc GRACE MABEL BACON, PH.D. . . . Profeffor HILDE KANT HELD, A.M. . Axfixtant Profeuor ERIKA M.. MEYER, A.M. . , . . . Inftructor DEPARTMENT OF GREEK MARY GILMORE WILLIAMS, PH.D ...,.. Profeuor Eineritur HELEN CURRIER FLINT, A.M. . . . Auociate Profenor Eineritux CAROLINE MORRIS GALT, A.B. . . Profeuor of Archaeology and Greek MARION ELIZABETH BLAKE, PH.D .,... Ascociate Profeuor of Greek DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE NELLIE NEILSON, PH.D ...,, Profeccor of Hiftory and Political Science on the E. Neoif Rodman Foundation nw ELLEN DEBORAH ELLIS, PH.D. . . . Profecfor of Political Science TBERTHA HAVEN PUTNAM, PH.D. , . . Profeuor of History XIIOLA FLORENCE BARNES, PH.D. , Affociate Profenor of Hictofy SUSAN REED STIFLER, PH.D. .,., Lecturer L MARY ASHBY CHEEK, A.M. , . . Lecturer l LIESSIE M. TATLOCK, PH.D. , Acfiftant Profeuor L ' ' I , FRANK EDGAR BAILEY, A.M. . . Inxtructor , OSEPHINE BURNS, A.M. . . . Inytructor FLORENCE B. MCKINLAY, A.B. . Graduate Afcictant X "'On leaoe of abyence for tloe year v .ll . ' J f ig M Z.. .. A-1. I f A I. We ,JA X .I ,- 'Tir nh Tweng-eight - 3, 11" . it ,f I HW .QL -F-7' . 'X . - f'I7-"f5r:L N I fm DEPARTMENT OF LATIN HELEN MCGAFFNEY SEARLES, PH.D. . . . . CORNELIA CATLIN COULTER, PH.D. BLANCHE BROTHERTON, PH.D. . PBLANCHE BEATRICE BOYER, PH.D. Profenor Erneritux . . Profexfor Anociote Profeuor Anociate Profeffor HELENA M. GAMER, PH.D. . . . Inxtructor MARGARET E. TAYLOR, PH.D. . Inxtructor DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS ELEANOR CATHERINE DOAK, A.B ........ Profenor EMILIE NORTON MARTIN, PH.D. , . . Profeuor MARIE LITZINGER, A.M. ,..,... Aniftdnt Pro fenor DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND HYGIENE ELIZABETH COLDEN UNDERHILL, M.D. ,.,. . Rccident Pbyxicidn PATTIE JOHNSTON GROVES, M.D. . . . . Afmcidte Physician PRISCILLA R. AXTELL, A.B. ,... Secretary and Laboratogf Technician DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC WILLIAM CHURCHILL HAMMOND, MUS.D .... Profenor, Director of Muxic ANNA MATHILDE WOLLMAN . . , CLARA B. TILLINGHAST, A.B. . . MARTHA BROWN FINCKE, L.B., ED.M. . RUTH DOUGLASS, A.B. . . VIVA FAYE RICHARDSON Asfiftant Profcnor Afyocidte Profenor Affictant Profeuor Auociate Profcfmr Afsiftant Profeuor MILTON JACOB ARONSON . . Instructor LOUISE A. DRESSEL ...... . Secretagf DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY ELLEN BLISS TALBOT, PH.D. SAMUEL PERKINS HAYES, PH.D. JOHN MARTYN WARBEKE, PH.D. HERBERT MOORE, PH.D. . PHYLLIS DELF SWANN, PH.D. . . Profeuor on the Anna C. Edward! Foundation Pro :nor S Pro cuorxa' Anocmte Pro e,r.ror 1 1 5 Auixtdnt Pro e:JorA I Wx Twmgf-nine Xl CI ,M 'Marian 5' I ...... f I. x Nw , NSN, ,I ' . - . f llf V Wrr fc . 1" ' I WWI' F' . f zjffgw' ' f - I3 Wy, if A ' ' E I IMI, "' , LUCILLE THOMSON MCLAUGHLIN, A.B. . . Afyixtdniy 1'?Qi'," ' if IJ .du W I B MIA" N 4 . .--'Z'-.I J I . "' H ,,,Q'g:.Igs11?I R-,. E . "" A, , L-, ,W LI w hx H: MILDRED S. HOWARD, A.M ...4..... Director LILLIAN LORETTA KUESTER . Director of Medical Gymimftiex KATHRO KIDWELL, M.S. . . MARIE HEGHINIAN, A.M. . R. RUTH BAIRD, M.S. . VIENNA MARIA KANGAS . . ELIZABETH REBECCA LAIRD, PH.D ...,. ROGERS D. RUSK, PH.D. . MILDRED ALLEN, PH.D. ELIZABETH COHEN, PH.D. . . DWIGHT ALLISON BLOODGOOD . ANNA LOUISE PECKHAM, A.B. . ABBY HOWE TURNER, PH.D ...,.,. CHARLOTTE HAYWOOD, PH.D. I AVA JOSEPHINE MCAMIS, PH.D. . MILDRED LOUISE CAMPBELL, A.B. VIRGINIA CHAPIN DICKERSON, A,B ...... DEPARTMENT OF THE HISTORY AND LITERATURE O LAURA HULDA WILD, B.D. ....., . MARY INDA HUSSEY, PH.D. . I . . I mtructor I . I mtrztotor , . Imtruetor Secretary emu' Pieznixt . . Profeffor Axfoeiezte Profeffor Associate Profeffor Affiytiznt Profesfor , Curator and Teclonicimz Graeluezte Affiftunt , . Profemor Auociezte Profexfor Affiftmzt Profemor Graduate Anixtezrzt Graduate Affiftant F RELIGION . . Pro fewer . . Profemor Cv A DAVID E. ADAMS, D.D. . . Anoeiezte Profeffor ,f"" DOROTHY HELEN WOLCOTT, B.D. . Anintznt Profenor DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES ,I I MARY VANCE YOUNG, PH.D .....,. Profeuor Emeritm C 5 EMMA REVILLE-PENSCH . . , Anoeiezte Profeffor Emerituf ,TL JR MARY GERTRUDE CUSHING, PH.D. . , . Profeffor N I - I If X Q HELEN ELIZABETH PATCH, PH.D. . Amoeitzte Profefxor I .J I ' :QI lr. L, A d o Thirg' 50' 3'.,,,,, ' '. "' ""'tfT'ir:i A f--2 It -::4:,Q my ff w In j,2TiQ:fH :MA . 1 'ff--Y -'Z-if - ,. XL?--8 W1Y tg,5el1.04,L,s-.drjb-M-m. ,. MARIE-JEANNE BOURGOIN . TPAUL FREDERIC SAINTONGE, PH.D. . . KATHARINE WELLINGTON AURYANSEN, A.M. ELIZABETH S. DOANE, A.M. DOROTHY DOOLITTLE, PH.D. LUCY LARROUY . . EDNA FREDERICK, PH.D. CONSTANCE HYSLOP, A.B. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH ISADELLE CAROLINE COUCH . ALICE W. MILLS, A.M. . HELEN PENDLETON WHEELER, A.M. ELAINE TROIANO, A.M. . Assistant Professor Assistant Professor . . Instructor . Instructor . I nstruetor . I nstruetor . I nstruetor . Assistant Professor Emeritus Associate Professor DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY CORNELIA MARIA CLAPP, PI-I.D. ANN HAVEN MORGAN, PH.D. AMY ELIZABETH ADAMS, PH.D. C1-IRISTIANNA SMITH, PH.D. , DOROTHY RICHARDSON, PH.D. KATHRYN FORNEY STEIN, PH.D. . HELEN DIANA O'NEIL, A.M. ESTHER SMEAD, M.SC. , . BEATRICE GRAY, A.B. . . FLORENCE MARTINDALE, A.B. VIRGINIA MAYO, A.B. . RUTH SHAW, A.B. . MARGARET SHEPARD, B.S. . ELSIE WARD, A.B. . JANET WILDER, A.B. . . 'On leave of absence, first semester 1933-1934. Thirg'-one Instructor I nstruetor , . . Professor Emeritus Professor on the Norman Wait Harris and Emma Gale Harris Foundation ...rngzxnxll ' '3 . . Professor . Professor . I nstruetor . I nstruetor , Instructor . . I nstruetor Graduate Assistant Graduate Assistant Graduate Assistant Graduate Assistant Graduate Assistant Research Assistant Graduate Assistant ATE x ,L If :XR -NC, IIIJQ4 ! Q MI ig Wo,1f'I A ,v"' ,. '---- A-'A f ' ,. ..,, , ',e,d.,R4J0100--M2 L ,A THE LIBRARY BERTHA ELIZA BLAKELY, A.B .... . . Librarian FRANCES ELIZA HAYNES, B.L. . Auiftant Librarian EMMA CHARLOTTE GRIMES, A.B. . . . Asfirtant ADELINE R. WINCHESTER, A.B. . . Afxiftant MARJORIE ELIZABETH VIVIAN, A.B. . Aniftant MARGARET LOUISE ELLSWORTH, A.B. , . Cataloguer ELEANOR BODWELL, B.S. , AJ.ri.rtant MARION MARSH RANDALL, AB. . . Cataloguer JULIA S. STANIEL, B.S. .... . Amiftant GERTRUDE V. BRUYN, A.B. FLORENCE CLEMENT, A.B. MARY CALWELL, A.B. MARY C. HIGLEY, A.B. ESTHER EVA KELLER . RUTH L. JAGGER, A.B. MARION SANDERSON, A.B. HELEN M. GRIDLEY . ELIZABETH H. THOMSON, S.B. EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES , . Field Secretary Publiration Editor, in Charge af tbe .Ytenograpbic Office . . General Secretary' of tbe Young Wnmen'J . Affiftant in Affiftant in tbe . Aniftant in tbe . Affiftant in the . Aniftant in tbe Cbrirtian Affociation . Alumnae .Yecretary tbe Ojfce of tbe Field Secretary Ofee of tbe Alumnae Secretary Ojfce of tbe Alumnae Secretary Olfjllff of the Publieation Editor Ojfce of tbe Publication Editor HELEN L. GOODWIN . . . . . Ojficer in Cbarge af the Bank .Swtare NURSES MISS MARY I-I. MAHER, R.N. MISS KATHERINE COURTNEY, R.N. MRS. FRANCES WOODWARD, C.N. THE HARTFORD BRANCH OF MGUNT HOLYOKE ELSIE AVERY . . IRWIN ALFRED BUELL ISADELLE CAROLINE COUCH EDNA CAROLINE FREDERICK HELENA MARGARET GAMER BESS GRAHAM . . SYDNEY ROBERSON MCLEAN X W ff ns, I Pbyxical Education . Matbematici . .Ypeecb F rencb Latin . Secretary . En glixb Thirty-two 1 1 I J Bw '52 'V TRADITIGNS ike fgge-old .f!l7Z6Z,ll!lU006l1 Ting bI'6llff7E of rozmzizfc ffm! biddelz 6il'6zlll!.5' raw E ze- fz' M21 ' 'iPs! r J 9300 zzz!!!-bfw' fmzffff mmf Yqrxujp Q ' 5' 1: if f ,gf,Lw.-A 'ffl ? 35 I' IEW ' 'Ov IN 'YI-A for f1L'1rl'f .rf WKXR N W Ni L P x 75 Nxllvooooo SNES, x3 f 'X 5 L 4 fg ' X ' W I X f gr EIIIIMQII EEEBEBIMIE 'If' I 1 c' Huff fn ul' 11 In 11 pix 111.1 I Tzu' fjbv - wx- llfl plwlam of 11 qlnq' lm Jffffur-V L11 llllulffflfl fmmu' "M.n'1, muff fum 11 m!fw'."' M ZIP 5' 6' Z?fff 7 . Z 'll 5 I 'ff' if 'K 4' !4A X 5 1 f 2- f,. I-in aff 1' mwjm r mmf fffl LzHllf7l1V! lm-fx fffffmzzzg Lfmlffzf' 3 5 -'f' Q I X J " l 'ff-5 V' J' s ' ymfg' 1 . I - , 2 Z Z 4 ,- nl.: L ,g WN W lm fm I u1fff'4ffL1rtozy 'gf 1110110 I "1 'llifawkf 4 X xxwxxxx MW s X gs 6 CQ fi 37-Z f Set! 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LfJfsr.f11ff!f-" j .U 9 l f Q' J f ' 4: I llll1lNf0z!hl.i f ff Il ' if Z 7 W f ,f, , W 3 H I j In--muff I FRESHMEN day to drefmz along ll .l'1'l'66Z77Z The Jong of birdy Zmmzd of womb. Com, Tom, KELLER, STECKEL Officers of the Class of 1937 Pl'6J'fd67Zf Vice-Prefhlelzt . Secretmy . Tfemurer . 3x67'g6d7lf-df-Al'7lZJ .Swofztg-Leader . . SARAH COLE ELEANOR GANSLOSLR . ANTOINETTE Tom MARY CHARLOTTE LANE . MAR1' LOU KELLER , ALICE ALLABEN Fargf-two Members of the Class of 1937 ADDIS, CARROL E. 23 Taylor St., Newark, N.J AKINS, DOROTHY F. 15 Avenue B, Bayonne, N.J ALLABEN, ALICE V. 114 Murrey St., Binghamton, N. Y ALLEN, JAYNE T. 26 Moss Ave., Highland Park, Mich ANDERSON, DORIS L. 6 Westcourt St., Hudson, N. Y ANDERSON, EVELYN H. 275 Moore St., Chicopee, Mass ARBUCKLE, JANET 62 Abbey Place, Yonkers, N. Y ARTHURS, DORIS M. 27 Highgate Ave., Buffalo, N. Y BAIRD, ISABELLE Box D, Opa Locka, Fla BARKER, DORIS E. 150 Woodland St., Bristol, Conn BARNES, MARY E. 92 Morgan St., Ilion, N. Y BARNUM, ELIZABETH W. 536 Hillside Ave., Naugatuck, Conn BAROODY, PHOEBE A. 3130 Wenonah Ave., Berwyn, Ill BAUM, ROSE 506 South Hull St., Montgomery, Ala BEBIE, YVONNE H. 4207 Magnolia St., St. Louis, Mo BEEKLEY, ALICE G. 141 Raymond Rd., West Hartford, Conn BENSON, DORIS D. 671 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka, Ill BILLINGS, ELIZABETH R. 642 Stokes Ave., Collingswood, N. J BINDER, CATHERINE 6722 Crittenden St., Mt, Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. BINNS, ALICE V. 1194 E. 19th St., Brooklyn, N. Y BLAIR, MARY P. 803 E. Broadway, Monmouth, Ill BLOOMFIELD, LOUISE W. 45 Metacomb Rd., Waban, Mass BONNAR, ELIZABETH C. 32 Knights Bridge Rd., Great Neck, L. I BRANDT, ESTELLE L. South Market St., Mt. Joy, Pa Forty-three BROWN, BERNICE A. 133 Roosevelt Ave BROWN, CAROL E. 223A Windsor Place, BROWNE, RACHEL S. 235 Oak St., BUCHANAN, LOUISE S. -s Brooklyn Holyoke 84 Crooke Ave., Brooklyn BUCKMAN, RILMA O. College Hill, BULLARD, JANE 110 Summit Ave BUTLAND, BARBARA L. 138 Prospect Ave., BUTLER, JEAN C. 9 Gillett St. CALDWELL, ELEANOR F. 57 Otis St., CALVERLEY, ELEANOR T. 143 Sigourney St., CALVERLEY, ELIZABETH R 143 Sigourney St. CAMP, MIRIAM -1 Syracuse, N.Y N.Y , Mass , N. Y Woodstock, Vt Burlington, Vt Brockton Mass Hartford, Conn Needham, Mass Hartford Conn Hartford, Conn 110 Mt. Vernon St., Middletown, CAMPBELL, MARGARET L. Conn 335 E. Wheeling St., Washington, Pa CHAFFEE, EISA K. 28 Centre St., Watertown, Mass CHAPMAN, HELEN A. 808 E. Phil-Ellena St., Mt. Airy, Phila., Pa. CHRETIEN , JEAN NE V. 37 South St., South Hadley Falls, Mass CHURCHILL, M. PRISCILLA E. Main St., Stockbridge, Mass. CLOUGH, ELEANOR M. 209 State St., Bangor, Me. COLE, SARAH B. 165 Salem End Rd., Framingham, COLLINS, JANE E. 31 Landers Rd., Kenmore, COOLIDGE, JULIA 81 Fairmount St., Brookline, COX, CHARLOTTE L. 12 Montgomery Ave., Holyoke, CRAGIN, HELEN B. 5 Ponck hockie St., Kingston, CRITCHETT, RUTH A. 17 Hollywood Ave., Douglaston, L, I., X .5 Mass. N. Y TQ ,fe . Mass. ' lf I-. . -n 1 I 47, ri N, x"" 'lf v 4 . Mass. H! 'ffl' A I, .ll , I J 7 1 1 N.Y. 1 he NY- Q, -...aa e ff HN' , , . , f ul L- .B 71 .,, v ' . , -Y . 153, X GV . lr ,. ,J ,f-Q I'- 1 llL.J4..l CURTIS, ELEANOR L. 32 Beaconsheld Rd., Worcester, Mass DAVID, NELLIE C. 42 W. School Lane, Germantown, Pa. DAVIDSON, LILLIAN 99 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass DAVIS, BARBARA A. 4525 Primrose Rd., Landsdale, Pa DAVIS, DORIS A. Roslyn, N. Y DENTON, GLENNA M. 20 W. Middle Turnpike, Manchester, Conn DI FABIO, MARY E. 107 Lincoln Ave., Cranford, N.J DIX, MARY E. Route 1, Pine Grove, Pa DREYFUS, MARGARET H. 1530 N. State St., Jackson, Miss DUNNELL, ELINOR XV. 257 Dephevv St., Dumont, N. J DURAND, WINIFRED S. Cheshire, Conn EDDY, JEAN T. 80 Putnam St., West Newton, Mass EDIE, CAROLYN 309'Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers, N. Y EDMONDSON, ANNA J. 102 East Marlset St., Danville, Pa ELDRED, JANE L. 26 S. Lake, Troy, N. Y FAIMAN, JEAN H. 31 Franklin St., Thompsonville, Conn FAULKNER, RUTH E. 37 Pine St., Palmer, Mass FENWOOD, MARGARET D. 167 Miles Square Rd., Yonkers, N. Y FINDLEY, JANE D. 2406 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa FISCHLE, ESTHER E. 324 Weaver St., Larchmont, N. Y FISHER, MARION K. 15 Highland Place, Maplewood, N.J FLETCHER, VIRGINIA N. 57 Greylock Rd., Newtonville, Mass FOLSON, HANNAH R. Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, N. Y FORNEY, TRACY E. 3344 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa FOSTER, ELEANOR 61 Bellevue Rd., Wakefield, Mass ,...........,. .. . xr - f 1 ' f FRIEDSON, RUTH F. 99 Main St., Gardner, Mass. FULLER, ANNA M. Falmouth, Mass. GANSLOSER, ELEANOR 85 St. Andrews Place, Yonkers, N. Y. GARIS, MARGARET L. 28 Oakland Place, Summit, N. J. GINGERICK, VIRGINIA South and Maple Sts., N. Manchester, Ind. GOODYER, AMY E. 9 Wettney Place, W. Haven, Conn. GRANT, MARGARET E. 1084 Van Antwerp Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. GROW, VIRGINIA M. 29 School St., Lebanon, N. H, GUY, ELINOR C. 29 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow, Mass. HAIGHT, M. ELIZABETH 128 Elm Ave., Hackensack, N.J. HALL, LYDIA R. R. F. D. No. 3, Wallingford, Conn. HALL, PRUDENCE W. Washington Ave., Oxford, N. Y. HAMILTON, KATHERINE M. 19 Watkins Ave., Oneonta, N. Y. HARTMAN, ELIZABETH K. 50 Third Ave., Nyack, N. Y. HEALY, GABRIELLE Summer St., Barre, Mass. HELLEGERS, ALICE V. 430 Passaic Ave., Passaic, N. J. HENRICH, MARY I. 522 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. HOLADAY, ADALINE 185 Wallace St., Freeport, N. Y. HOLDREDGE, LOIS C. Sunset Rd., Pompton Plains, N. J. HOLLOWAY, MARION L. 60 W. 190th St., New York City HOOD, DALE Oak Hill Park, Elmira, N. Y. HORNE, HELEN H. 486 Woodfords St., Portland, Me. HUBBARD, JANE 74 Migeon Ave., Torrington, Conn. HUGHES, ROSEMARY A. 1809 Starts Ave., Utica, N. Y. HUME, JANE W. 606 West 122nd St., New York City Ferry-faur HUNTER, H. VIRGINIA LITTLE, FRANCES E. 928 N. 63rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 15 North Drive, Buffalo, N. Y. JACKSON, ALICE D. LORD, EMILY G. 45 Montrose Ave., Portland, Me. 309 Edgell Rd., Framingham Center, Mass. JACKSON, DOROTHY B. LUCAS, CONSTANCE 46 Twelfth St., Lowell, Mass. 259 Brunswick Ave., Gardiner, Me. JACKSON, RUBY G. LUDWIG, CLARA R. 54 High St., Monson, Mass. 360 East 23rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. JAQUES, MARGARET E. LUMMIS, HOPE I. 243 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y. 75 Burr St., West Hartford, Conn. JEFFERSON, FRANCES M. MCCARRELL, MARY V. 115 Franklin St., Framingham, Mass. Burnsville Rd., Claysville, Pa. JONES, HELEN W. MeLAUGHLIN, DORIS E. 496 Whitney Ave., New Haven, Conn. 1 Stanton Ave., South Hadley, Mass. JONES, M. OLODINE MCLEAN, MARGARET J. ' 35 Cunton St., Oxford, N. Y. 12 Pleasant Green, East Hampton, Mass. JUDAY, MARY MCNEES, MARIANNA 1840 Summit Ave., Madison, Wis. River Road, Harrisburg, Pa. KEATING, DOROTHY L. MAIN, ELIZABETH M. Rochester St., Lima, N. Y. 528 Cedar Lane, Swarthmore, Pa. KELLER, MARY L. MANSON, ELIZABETH 120 N. Main St., Liberty, N. Y. 36 Sears Ave., Melrose Highlands, Mass. KELLEY, JEANNETTE N. MANVILLE, JEAN E. 9 School St., Dorchester, Mass. Tuxedo Park, N. Y. KELLY, MIRIAM W. MARSH, FLORENCE G. 234 W. Selden SI-, MHHHPHU, Mass- 4 Catherine St., Port Jervis, N. Y. KENNEDY, MARION MATTERN, MARY E. 15 Ocean Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. Warriors Mark, Pa. KENNEDY, MILDRED A. MERRILL, VIRGINIA R. 83 Magnolia Ave., Arlington, N. J. 40 Clark Sr., Franklin, N. H. KERNEY, ROSLYN MERWIN, RUTH M. 221 Waterman St., Providence, R. I. 2946 Newark St., Washington, D. C. KINGSBURY, THELMA A METCALF, KATHARINE E. 238 Main St., Spencer, Mass. 315 Forest Rd., Raleigh, N. C. KRAMER, SARA W. ' MEUER, JANE 97 St. James Ave., Holyoke, Mass. 435 East 57th St., New York City KUHN, HELEN MILLER, EDITH R. 139 Unidella Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. 45 Grant St., Yonkers, N. Y. KUOLT, MARIETTA MILLER, MARION 21 San Gabriel Drive, Rochester, N. Y. 332 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. LANE, MARY C. MILLETT, JEAN B. 34 Pulkney St., Corning, N. Y. 209 Hamilton Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. LAPHAM, DOROTHY H. MILLS, DOROTHY L. 97 Pine St., Hackensack, N. R. F. D. No. 3, Middletown, N. Y. LAWRENCE, RUTH E. MILTIMORE, FAITH X-CX 1 7 Fernwood Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 70 North Broadway, Nyack, N. Yfokfr-S-.FFS l LEWIS, VIRGINIA MONSEES, DOROTHY C. ff. . 1,4 61 West 9th St., New York City 833 Rogers Ave., Brooklyn, N. .ff l l " LIMERICK, ZADA MORIARTY, E. MURIEL I Y "7 ' 2113 15th St., Troy, N. Y. 2 Burnett Ave., South Hadley Mass yi' I 1 J N l ls Forg-jim Xi' ' fl I si ,,,-ff 1 l : M 'W -4.4 If fl? , - M 1, VE' ew B .. Q, :' fl-255, -'fl 2 , , ln. . -- .ii I S' f 2,44 ak . MULHOLLAND, ISOBEL 216 Boulevard, Scarsdale, N. Y MYERS, MARYIA. 803 Liberty St., Clarion, Pa NEILSON, MARGARET Glen Rd., Wilmington, Mass NEUMANN, AURELIA C. 1400 Park Ave., Plainfield, N.-I NEWTON, LETTIE C. 424 Amherst St., Manchester, N. H NORTON, ANNA K. 15 Indiana Hill Rd., Belmont, Mass OLMSTEAD, DOROTHY M. 77 Herkimer St., Brooklyn, N. Y PADDOCK, ELEANOR B. 46 Youle St., Melrose, Mass PAGE, ANNE 19 Colvin Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y PARCE, MARCIA W. Oak Lane, Rochester, N. Y PAZEIAN, BESSIE 44 Roxbury St., Worcester, Mass PIERSON, MARY E. 633 Torringford Ave., Torrington, Conn PLANTEROTH, MARY 37-39 98th St., Corona, N. Y POWELL, DOROTHY E. Mt. Mero Rd., Villanova, Pa PRESTON, HARRIET M. 220 Wyoming Ave., Maplewood, N. J PRINCE, RUTH 123 Watchung Ave., Montclair, N.J RAYE, CAROLINE C. 90 Lake Ave., Newton Center, Mass RICHARDSON, JUSTINE 20 Frederick St., Naugatuck, Conn ROBINSON, MARGARET W. 38 East First St., Corning, N. Y SALMEN, CHARLOTTE A. 43 Glen Rock Circle, Malden, Mass. SCHWANDA, GEORGIA R. Staffordville, Conn. SHAW, JULIET E. Amherst, Mass. SHAW, S. CAROLYN 1515 North 31st St., Birmingham, Ala. SHAY, MARJORIE E. 36 Orange Ave., Irvington, N. SHELDON, MARY E. 455 Tarrymore Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. SIMONS, HILDA V. 7 West 81st St., New York City SMITH, ISOBEL L. 42 Main St., Canandaigua, N. Y. SMITH, MARY Haines City, Fla. SMITH, RUTH M. 1221 Girard St., N. W., Washington, D. C. SMITH, THEODORA E. 14 Ramsey Place, Albany, N. Y. STACKHOUSE, ELIZABETH 1125 West Main St., Stroudsburg, Pa. STAVERS, ELIZABETH O. ' Moylan Ave., Moylan, Pa. STECKEL, RI-IODA M. 332 East Adams St., Muncie, Ind. STEPHENSON, GERTRUDE M. Avon Rd., Farmington, Conn. STREETER, BARBARA F. 841 11th St., Oakmont, Pa. SUTHERLAND, AUDREY B. 127 Wilmington Ave., Dorchester, Mass. SWENARTON, KATHARINE R. 25 Bennington St., Newton, Mass. TANNER, RUTH E. 37 Brunswick Ave., West Hartford, Conn. I J ROGERS W HOPE EQ 4- 2024 Grasmere Drive, Louisville, Ky TATOR, gboblifjisifovc Rd., New Haven, Conn- ROPER, E' JANE TAYLOR LUVIA s f 6802 North 10th St., Philadelphia, Pa ' 5400 Darlington Rdq Pittsburgh, Pa. Ross JANET ' TAYLOR, SARAH G. 26 Foxmcadow Rd" Scandals' N' Y 146 Verndale Ave., Providence, R. I. . ROWE, ELSIE F 65 Central Park West, New York, N. Y TERRY, MADELINE UI. 32 East Wayne St., Warren, Pa. Q RUPLEY, ANNA E. , MH , 20 oaksf., Lewistown, Pa. THOMPSON. WILLIAMINA - ' V SAH DOROTHY P 104 College St., South Hadley, Mass. 4' 'I Q House No. 10, Ministry of Railways, Nanking, THOMSSEN, MILDRED L. ,gm . - . 3 A , China 6 Greenwood Court, Utica, N. Y. L gm El il LXR ff ' i F0fU'fiX V ,,,,,,.,,.-, 1 -M--54 lzll, , gy I t i J seamen 1 10153-alalljbvv-1... TIBBITTS, LUCIE M. 126 Prospect St., Canastota, N. Y. TOIE, ANTOINETTE 62 Glenwood Rd., Upper Montclair, N. J. TUCKER, MARY V. 101 Williams Ave., Winsted, Conn. TUTTLE, MARY E. 55 Abbington Ter., Glen Rock, N. J. TWEEDLE, F. ELIZABETH 1760 Sanderson Ave., Scranton, Pa. TYLER, ELISE B. 2813 Berkshire Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio UPTON, ELISE 232 South St., Concord, N. H. VANDER EB, MARJORIE J. 84 South Quaker Lane, West Hartford, Conn. VAUCLAIN, MARGARET S. 2416 North 54th St., West Philadelphia, Pa. WALKER, DOROTHEA 511 East Mount Pleasant Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WALKER, ELIZABETH 22 Riverdale St., West Springfield, Mass. WARD, MARGARET C. 35 West Main St., Le Roy, N. Y. WARREN, FRANCES M. 209 Fernbrook Ave., Wyncote, Pa. WATERHOUSE, BARBARA 78 Charles Field St., Providence, R. I. Hartford Branch of ALDERMAN, HAZEL B. Unionville, Conn. CARROLL, FRANCES M. Bloomfield, Conn. DYER, MARGARET E. Cromwell, Conn. FLANNERY, JANE Berlin, Conn. HOPE, KATHLEEN A. Hartford, Conn. HUBERT, SUSAN I. New Britain, Conn. HUTCHINSON, EVELYN G. Wilson, Conn. JONES, LOUISE E. West Hartford, Conn. KASSABIAN, EVELYN E. Meriden, Conn. KINNEY, ETTA C. West Hartford, Conn. LAHEY, HELEN J. East Hartford, Conn. Forty-rrvm WATERS, FRANCES C. 256 Payne Ave., North Tonawanda, N. Y. WEBSTER, MARTHA P. Main St., Southboro, Mass. WERBLIN, ELINOR B. 39 Eastern Ave., Somerville, N. WETTACH, MARGARET C. 313 West 9th St., Coffeyville, Kan. WHEATLEY, JEANNE W. 801 West Main St., Artesia, N. M. WHEELER, KATHERINE A. 143 Maxwell Ave., Geneva, N. Y. WICK, MARY 384 South Bellevista Ave., Youngstown, Ohio WILLIAMS, ANNA E. 1656 Elm St., Utica, N. Y. WILLIAMS, RUTH L. 106 Woodlawn Ave., Albany, N. Y. WILSON, KATHARINE L. 37 State St., East Orange, N. J. WITHEY, VIRGINIA E. 240 Walnut St., Holyoke, Mass. WOLFE, MARGARET D. Oak Forest Ave., Catonsville, Md. WYANT, MARTHA S. 477 South Oakland Ave., Sharon, Pa. YORK, HENRIETTA T. 1612 Fifth Ave., Scottsbluff, Neb. Mount Holyoke MAG, EVELYN A. Meriden MANNING, MARJORIE Hartford MARZANO, ANTOINETTE M. Hartford MILLIKEN, MARGARET J. Hartford PIKE, MARY D. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Danielson Conn. Ax PRIOR, MARGARET A. 'A West Hartford, Conn. Q REYNOLDS, CAROL M. Hamburg, Conn. 1 SAPP, JEANNE DEV. I. Hartford Conn. ' SCALERA, OCTAVIA , gg-2 is 1 Meriden, Conn. STOELZEL, HELEN K. , ' , Windsor, Conn. 1. WHEELER, BERNICE M. 7' L Winsted com. HTG XB - ..,- Q I i " 'i l fr 1 1 ' ' "A 'ii ,TW VX , '4 ll f 1 1 J , Q, Ml. NYM Ml, 1 . it J + 1 IS l '-"."TX,.Lq4 . , 2 -agp dl: iq i xi Riff! ji mix ih ' X L . f.'fi4!554diMl A 4,qf'Jj' I - .5-1.',A'L-farm" .,. I-53:2 JJ.: L . ,- . , . . Y V -V N zffw,,.x..,.,.4f1za:' flk'-Am,-3-,ifQ,devil ' v' W if, , Zfgi 'QQ 4 'I' mf! Q. fflfI1 i A ' I f f 1 '7 1 I 40M 1 ,f - MM' -sr V Z ---U, 2252? 7 2 'f 7 fc W I M' 'V 1: Z' O . UI Arrjw! of mt, F1'c'.1'f111.1:'11 gc! mf t'l'4'cIlll 111 A'Iz1l'1' fIf1f,wg1'.r XYKIZZIJUIKQ ffawir t,l.H.g7.Q,W 1.'H,J.fUm1H L1'UIl,.l' Gmzw an l"lIlHll!t'i".!' Duff! fm. Ag't,,,W..,X Js l f , 3, '51 3 Mg, K A101 fQ:Q'9 'ff . , f r I yi 'k,l' y . tr 7 M IW! wx: f y w HW - Z 7 54 1 ,455 ii, ' ll' 414 1. X' ' u I , I Y , 1 I q IU-LUI JUN - I I 'K K L111'zj1'11qg .yLlIlUI'.I', l.Af1zmf1j1 06-flu! ,Sxfmpfl C,'!.1,r.r,' CZ'W"7".if ff 6n,w.r ff, ffl, AA,,L,,,W,f .Swzxq f.f',ffAr 10 IIWIIIILAI' fzlmmw ffnf Afizirf Ibm' 77Z0llff1p,' y5 '3 'F fi ' s 5" ip f ' . . " " f 9 I 7-, 4 5 xx 4 Zgif' QA fi 'flll ffl f 2 l Yklfllfllg Jozwz bfrff for llflflul' ufL11's'1m'f1 JK 'N Kizllgy umm' ull! f SGPHOMORES llllf lu' flfllf' Il'c'c'.1' Jjzrcfzcz' Ziglar fL 1fe.s .Yo greelz Lili!! ljglvf amz' bjglz To mfull flu' Lflffflllg Jwlfflfjgllf Off! QI' flue cobalt .yfQz" NICKERSON, WARD LESTER, CHASE, MACGRATH Oflicers of the Class of 1936 Prefident . Vice-Prefident . Secretary . Tremurer . Sergeant-at-Arm! Song Leader JANE LESTER ELEANOR WARD , RUTH CHASE LILLIAN MCGRATH Lois NICKERSON . ANNE SHEPLER F ifzj'-tu'o Members of the Class of 1936 ABBOTT, RUTH E. 22 Halford Rd., W. Roxbury, Mass AGARD, RUTH M. Hillsville Rd., Spencer, Mass ALLEN, LOIS 26 Church St., Adams, N. Y ANDERSON, CEDERIA E. College Highway, Southwick, Mass ARMOUR, JANE ' 163 N. Ridgeland Ave., Oak Park, Ill ARMS, ISABEL K. 12 Beechmont St., Worcester, Mass BABCOCK, CONSTANCE 16 Woodleigh Rd., Dedham, Mass BADEN, DOROTHY B. Brandywine, Md BADGER, HILDA 16 Bradford Rd., Newton Highlands, Mass BALLOU, DOROTHY 12 Corser St., Holyoke, Mass BARNES, MARION R. 228 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y BARNEY, AMY 13 Hadley St., South Hadley, Mass BARRETT, C. JESSE Poultney, Vt BELDEN, ELIZABETH 64 Imlay Rd., Hartford, Conn BENEDICT, JEANNETTE M. 870 Warren St., Albany, N. Y BLACK, FANNY E. 55 Division St., Salamanca, N. Y BLAIKIE, MARY J. 6 Maple St., West Roxbury, Mass BLOOD, ELEANORA B. 200 Prospect St., E. Orange, N. J BOSSHARD, HELEN K. 176 Forest Ave., Glen Ridge, N.J BRADFORD, JEAN P. 20 Diman Pl., Providence, R. I BRASTOW, LOUISE D. 19 Strong Court, Plainville, Conn BREWER, RUTH G. 62 Garvan St., E. Hartford, Conn BROOMFIELD, JANET 278 Mt. Vernon Ave., Detroit, Mich BRYANS, RUTH F. 15 Circle Drive, Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. F :fly-time BRYANT, JANET S. 67 E. Main St., Le Roy, N. Y. BUBB, FRANCES E. Cokedale, Colo. BUENTING, BETTY 512 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. BURLINGAME, ROSALIND E. Charlton, Mass. BURNELL, PHYLLIS W. 7558 Colfax Ave., Chicago, Ill. BUTTERFIELD, AGNES B. 63 Columbia Ave., Huntington Station, N. Y. CASE, HENRIETTA R. 254 Altimont Pl., Somerville, N. J. CHANNELL, EDITH L. 1811 Mahantongo St., Pottsville, Pa. CHASE, RUTH E. 34 Temple St., West Newton, Mass. CHRIST, JEANNETTE E. 3 Hadley St., South Hadley, Mass. COE, ALISON W. 68 Crescent St., Waterbury, Conn. COGSHALL, JANE J. 2 Lindwold Ter., Ambler, Pa. COLEMAN, RUTH S. 148 Bobolink Rd., Yonkers, N. Y. COMFORT, F. ELIZABETH 43 Borden Ave., Perry, N, Y. COSTELLO, ELIZABETH A. 258 Alexander St., Rochester, N. Y. COX, PHOEBE L. 13 Montgomery Ave., Holyoke, Mass. CROUNSE, M. FRANCES Altamont, R. F. D. No. 3, N. Y. DAVIS, JEAN H. 526 Braddock Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. DEFORD, SARA W. 55 Indiana Ave., Youngstown, Ohio DE LA RUE, CHARLOTTE R. Berwyn, Pa. DINGER LOIS C 2495 Chicago Blxd Detroit Mich 801 Crown St Morrisville Pa DONLEY BETTY J 427 Grant Ave Plainfield N J DOWNEY MIRIAM I 776 Westfield St W Springfield Mass 5 -.r l if D1X,Do11oTHEA L. l A I Af . ' ., ' , .. .N l .n,,- I il I 1 illli-'l',l lllll.. 1'.l+l'W I at L A -ls I 1 J X l 8 DRIVER, HELEN L. GUTHRIE, JEAN S. 229 Elliot St., Milton, Mass. 140 Grandview Blvd., Tuckahoe, N. Y. DRUKKER, VIRGINIA H. HAGENBUCH, LOUISE H. 202 Lafayette Ave., Passaic, N. J. Middletown, Ind. DUNBAR, FLORENCE F. . HALKET, ELINOR C. 846 West St., Pittsneld, Mass. 9 Gelman St., Holyoke, Mass. DURAND, MARGARET HALLOCK, KATHERINE A. 501 Highland Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. 36 Sterling Ave., White Plains, N. Y. ELLIS, M. ELIZABETH HARDWELL, FLORENCE E. 541 So. 46th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 7 Crowell Pl., Maplewood, N. FARMER, HILDA R. HARLOW, ELIZABETH C. 83 Albion Ave., Haledon, N. J. 38 Milton Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. FERGUSON, ELEANOR G. HARVEY, FRANCES P. 7M Wright Pl., South Hadley, Mass. 5 Barrymore Rd., Hanover, N. H. FITZGERALD, ALICE F. HARWOOD, ELISABETH P. 3936 Seminary Ave., Richmond Va. Wayside, 7 Mill St., Cooperstown, N. Y. FREEDBERG, CLARA K. HASTINGS VIRGINIA 263 Covert St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 165 Farmington Rd., Longmeadow, Mass. FUHRMANN, JOSEPHINE M. HAUPT, MORITIA-LEAH 229 Bay Ave., Patchogue, L. I., N. Y. 1436 E. 18th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. FULLER, GWENDOLYN HAURY, HELEN E. 722 Douglas Ave., Ames, Iowa 42 Beecher Pl., New Haven, Conn. FULLER, MARION A. HAVENS, MARY E. 79 Chestnut St., Cooperstown, N. Y. 2814 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, Ga. GAZAN, ELIZABETH D. HAVERSTICK, KATHRYN M. 86 William St., Nutley, N. J. 12 N. Hanover St. Carlisle, Pa. GEORGI, MINNIE A. HAYES, JANET C. 6342 Hating St., Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. South Hadley, Mass. GERHARD, MARY E. HAYWOOD, NETTIE D. Castle Heights, White Plains, N. Y. 821 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, N. C. GIPE, ELIZABETH G. Hamilton Rd., Lancaster, Pa. GORMLY, MARGARET N. 37 Belle Ave., Troy, N. Y. GOTT, VIRGINIA L. HEALY, ELEANOR W. 72 Norwood Ave., Edgewood, R. I. HEATON, MARY 78 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio HELM, ELLEN A. 31 Irving St., West Somerville, Mass. 31 Elmhurst Ave., Trenton, N. HENNIGAN, GRACE M. 1 Colonial Pkwy,. Tuckahoe, N. Y. HERINGTON, P. ROBERTA 39 Elm St., Lynbrook, N. Y. HEWLETT, BARBARA L. GRAVES, ELEANORE 152 S. Allen St., Albany, N. Y. GRAY, M. ELIZABETH 2 Sherwood Ter., Yonkers, N. Y. GREELEY, MARION C. 33 Ashton Ave., Newton Center, Mass. 191 Willard St., New Haven, Conn. GREEN, ALTHEA A. HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH S. I 145 Queen St., Bristol, Conn. 54 Butler St., Kingston, Pa. GRESSITT, FELICIA R. HOLMES, BARBARA S. xflaef-"g,,,,, B20 Shimouma, Setagava Ku, Tokyo, Japan 305 Delaware St., Woodbury, N. J. GRIFFITH, HESTER B. HOOKER, ELIZABETH S. 254 State St., Lowville, N. Y. 403 Washington Ave., Tyrone, Pa. Q ' 5 GROW, MARY E. HOWARD, KATHRYN L. '- f i 0 29 School St., Lebanon, N. H. 86 Great Oak Lane, Pleasantville, N. Y. is JS ,nfl ix xi X Fzfgf-four ill: if - lx . ,L T A 23 J . fi? f .w-mi. HOWE, JANE H. KURTZMANN, DORIS, E. 170 Villard Ave., Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 14 Burr Road, Maplewood, N. HUGHES, ELIZABETH A. LAMB, ELEANOR P. 576 Prospect St., Torrington, Conn. 76 N. Main St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. HUME, JEAN F. LAPHAM, DOROTHY H. 85 Sherman St., Hartford, Conn. 97 Pine St., Hackensack, N. J. HUNT, MARY R. LARSON, THELMA A. 5 Garden St., New Britain, Conn. 110 Hassenden Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. HURREY, MARGUERITE G. - LAW, JANET K. 100 Midland Ave., Montclair, N. J. 472 Argyle Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. HUTCHINSON, CYNTHIA LECOMTE, GRACE F. 47 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass. 123 Oakwood Ave., Troy, N. Y. INKSETTER, GEORGIE A. LEE, LAURA V. 155 Hughes Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 1212 Girard St., N. W., Washington, D. C. ITALIA, CONSTANCE E. LE FEVRE, DORIS Sunset Ridge, Norfolk, Conn. 1089 Ardsley Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. JENNINGS, FRANCES M. S. 1 LEMKAU, WINIFRED 218 Temple St., West Newton, Mass. 21 Trinity Pl., Montclair, N. JOHNSON, MARY E. LESTER, JANE Northwood, Iowa 85 Greenacres Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. JOHNSON, MURIEL P. LEWIS, NANCY E. 169 Brite Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 1 Circuit Ave., Worcester, Mass. JOHNSTON, LYNDIS M. LIPPIATT, MARGARET 1130 Wightman St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 810 Garheld Avc., South Pasadena, Calif. JONES, MARGARET F. LOVE, M. DOROTHEA 1110 Bryden Rd., Columbus, Ohio 492 Ridgewood Rd., Maplewood, N. J. JONES, MARGARET S. LYDENBERG, MARY 1 Pleasant St., Whitesboro, N. Y. 23 Park Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. KARR, DOROTHY R. LYNCH, MARY L. f 107 Watchung Ave., Chatham, N. 131 Hillside Ave., Holyoke, Mass. KATTREIN, ETHEL N. McGONIGAL, MARY S. 21 Marion Ave., Albany, N. Y. 80 Penewoods Ave., Troy, N. Y. KELLEY, KATHLEEN MQGREGOR, ISABEL N. 4485 6th St., Riverside, Calif. 911 Savannah Ave., Wilkensburg, Pa. KELLEY, MARTHA E. MCGRATH, LILLIAN M. 25 Elmwood Ave., Lockport, N. Y. 530 East 86th St., New York City KELLOGG, VIRGINIA K. McINTYRE, RUTH A. Amherst, Mass. 83 Florence St., Springfield, Mass. KERNOCHAN, CATHERINE L. McMAHON, MARY S. 1926 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 450 Prospect St., South Orange, N. J. KETCHAM, KATHERINE MANSFIELD, MARY L. -H! 41 Sarles Lane, Plcasantville, N. Yr 718 87th St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. I KING, ELIZABETH Z. MARTIN, DOROTHEA W, 4082 Rose Hill Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 311 Hammond St., Bangor, Me. jf, KNIGHT, JANICE L. MASON, GERTRUDE A fgllil 73 East Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y. 9 Sisson Ste, Pawtucket, R. I. f 'LA .1' KOLB, ELIZABETH M. MAY, MARIAN E. ,ig 5 e A West Freehold, N. East Park, Connellsvillc, Pa. +iQ la' ,N .zg 1 T R KOLIDCK, SARAH I. MERSFELDER, G. ANITA V - 19 Legare St., Charleston, S. C. 761 South Tentfrg ':' Y Fifglfiw g if eg . ..,-- A. -Q . A xffjkig .i , . it- . A- 5, I I - ' f ff ye 1 if. 1,1- V7f'1' , MESCHTER, L. LORETTA 126 Roberts Ave., Glenside, Pa MILLER, MARGARET 4 High St., Turners Falls, Mass MILLER, MARIANNE 90 Elm St., Mayville, N. Y MILLS, RUTH E. 146 S. 14th Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y MIXSELL, INEZ L. 611 Hazelwood Ter., Rochester, N. Y MONTIGNANE, E. ANNE 170 Dartmouth St., Rochester, N. Y MOORE, MARGARET P. 5 Tremont St., Gloversville, N. Y MORRIS, ANNA L. 918 North 5th St., Reading, Pa MOWATT, ANNETTE 102 Farragut Rd., Swampscott, Mass NEWBURY, CHARLOTTE T. E. South St., Talladega, Ala NEWTON, CORNELIA A. 3054 Gadwin Ter., New York, N. Y NICKERSON, LOIS H. 58 West St., Portland, Me O'BRIEN, HELEN M. Orchard Rd., Mt. Kisco, N. Y OHLSON, FLORENCE S. 278 Strawberry Hill, Stamford, Conn ONDERDONK, LOUISE A. R. F. D. NO. 1, Watervliet, N. Y OSTRANDER, ALLISON L. 450 Yale Ave., New Haven, Conn. OWENS, ELIZABETH A. 40 Hollis Rd., Woodfords, Me. OWL, CHARLOTTE Iroquois, N. Y PAGE, ELIZABETH 135 South Union St., Olean, N. Y. PASCONE, THERESE C. 35 Part St., Bridgeport, Conn PATTERSON, MARIE L. 2135 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. PEARCE, RUTH B. 30 Meacon St., Gloucester, Mass. PEARSON, FRANCES E. 31 High st., Exeter, N. H PECK, M. ELLEN li I ' Rowe, Mass I g PFEIFFER, DOROTHEA A. ' 71 y ' 20 North 21st St., East Orange, N.J iffy'-' L W PHILLIPS, ELEANOR L. W ' 1 MIIMII 1232 Parkwood Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y . . PLATT, VERA L. ,, 113 Farmington Ave., Longmeadow, Mass , ,,. PLUMER, ELIZABETH W. 1, 142 Effingham Pl., Westfield, N. J. .3---5. ,fn p BS 'v ,, Aft. ""9Mi"'7 1 ""?"I'r: , 'VI A . POTTER, CONSTANCE 450 Seventh St., Brooklyn, N. Y. PRIEST, MARJORIE E. Prospect Ave., Onset, Mass. PROBERT, FRANCES L. 11 Marion Ave., Norwood, Mass. QUISENBERRY, MARTHA 2517 Lincoln St., Evanston, Ill. RALPH, G. ELIZABETH 426 Hamilton Ave., White Plains, N. Y. RANDALL, JEANNETTE E. 8 Burrestone Rd., Utica, N. Y. READ, HELEN 34 Amherst St., Holyoke, Mass. REICHARD, M. ROSELYN 74 Colgate St., Rochester, N. Y. REID, SHIRLEY 15 Day Ave., Suffleld, Conn. REPPERT, VIRGINIA G. Flemington, W. Va. REQUA, LILLIAN W. 176 North Main St., Southington, Conn. REUSE, DOROTHY W. 595 Kimball Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. RICHTER, JANE C. 529 South 46th St., Philadelphia, Pa. RIEDINGER, IRMA M. 262 Warrington St., Providence, R. I. RINGLE, MARIE L. 263 Harrison Ave., Jersey City, N. ROBERTS, ELEANOR S. 54 Wakefield St., Handen, Conn. ROBERTS, ELIZABETH G. 1533 Kemble St., Utica, N. Y. ROBERTS, MARGARET L. 26 Washington Ave., Princesse Anne, Mich. ROBERTS, RUTH E. Main St., Poultney, Vt. ROSE, MARION L. Maple St., Chester, Mass. ROSS, GRACE R. 151 Garrison Ave., Jersey City, N, J. ROWE, THERESA 65 Central Park West, New York City RUSHMORE, ELAINE E. 59 Fairview Ave., Madison, N. RUSSELL, HELEN C. Washington St., Holliston, Mass. RUSSELL, NATALIE 8122 10th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. RYAN, ELIZABETH 8 Wright Pl., South Hadley, Mass. SAKS, CAROL J. 32 West 74th St., New York, N. Y. SAMPSON, RUTH 83 Pembroke St., Newton, Mass. Fifty-fix SANDERS, CATHERINE A. 95 Avon Hill St., Cambridge, Mass SANFORD, F. JEAN 22 Park Ave., Suffern, N. Y SAUER, ELEANOR W. 8511 Wareham Rd., Jamaica, N. Y SCHUNDLER, G. ELEANOR 254 Woodland Rd., Madison, N. J SEABURY, MIRIAM F. Sartel Rd., Grafton, Mass SEADS, JEAN E. 2310 Broad Ave., Altoona, Pa SHEAR, DOROTHY B. 22 Elm St., Oneonta, N. Y SHEPLER, ANNA C. 102 Towanda Ave., Melrose Park, Pa SHIVELY, JESSAMINE Pequot Rd., Southport, Conn SHULL, GEORGIA M. 60Jefferson Rd., Princeton, N. J SINCLAIR, LOUISE F. 4103 Walnut St., West Philadelphia, Pa SMITH, BLANCHE K. 791 14th Ave., Paterson, N.J SMITH, HELEN E. 802 Lakewood Ave., Schenectady, N. Y SNOW, VERA M. 117 Grafton Rd., Springfield, Mass STAMM, EMELIE E. 8 Abingdon Rd., Kew Gardens, N. Y STANLEY, VIRGINIA M. 183 Montague Pl., South Orange, N.J SUHER, MINNIE 69 Hitchcock St., Holyoke, Mass TARBOX, CAMILLA M. Hancock, N. Y TATE, BETSY W. 1348 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C TAYLOR, ELIZABETH H. 42 Oakland Rd., Maplewood, N.J TAYLOR, VIRGINIA A. 507 80th St., Brooklyn, N. Y TEWKSBURY, PAMELIA B. Tunkhannock, Pa THOMPSON, MARY L. 120 Bloomfield Ave., Hartford, Conn TOUSSAINT, MARY M. 294 State St., Lowville, N. Y TOWNSEND, FRANCES A. 127 School St., Carthage, N. Y TRAYNHAM, SARAH J. 26 Brookwood Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Fifty -Je vm TRICKEY, CHARLOTTE 34 Atlantic St., Lynn, Mass. TULLY, M. EILEEN 3224 Grand Concourse, New York, N. Y TWINING, FAITH DEW. 610 West 116th St., New York, N. Y TYLER, FRANCES E. 329 Clay St., Watertown, N. Y VAN DENBERGH, DORIS E. Paris Rd., New Hartford, N. Y VISSCHER, LOIS H. 828 Colfax St., Evanston, Ill VOSLER, JANE R. 224 Park Ave., Medina, N. Y WAITE, BARBARA F. 105 Outlook Ave., West Hartford, Conn WALKER, AILEEN M. 426 Rock Rd., Glen Rock, N.J WALKER, ALTA F. 937 Franklin St., Wyomissing, Pa WARD, ELEANOR B. 20 Oak Ter., Newton Highlands, Mass WARD, EVELYN M. 94 South Main St., Lyndonville, N. Y WARREN, ELIZABETH J. 87 Walden St., West Hartford, Conn WERTZ, SARAH J. 115 North Potomac St., Hagerstown, Md WESSMAN, MARION F. 18 Biltmore St., Springfield, Mass WEST, MARION 1338 North Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y WIBOM, VIRGINIA E. 233 Fisher Ave., White Plains, N. Y WICKS, JANET L. Harrison St., Princeton, N. J WINTERBOTTOM, MARION 505 Newton St., South Hadley, Mass WISSER, ELEANOR C. 30 Park Ave., Dravosburg, Pa WOOD, DOROTHY L. 665 St, Marks Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y WOOLCOCK, MIRIAM A. 811 Blaine St., New Castle, Pa WYCKOFF, MARGARET 868 Greenacres Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y WYMAN, LOUISE S. 547 Ganseroort St., Little Falls, N. Y ZIMMERMANN, DORIS F. 299 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, N. Y 4 1. ii irish.. ff' lm YM... l l ' I m . ,,.r 'fl ag .,! l gy 'I' I l vi' I wr , ii . ,.fr.1T"" ,aer- s r 2 A, '4 -l x x X 7 Yl f K 4 93 ' Win 111 , .SWrl11f1'i11Iq.fxf1.r ll um! ,ufwzmr Jfff 1' tI'1V1' WQ rw ju'1'1mf.' 1 41 ff, ff' 2229 5115 Y 'fo :,5 .,, 0, mn fm I W! P771 ffm ff, Vi A - L 'gal ,AQ Reise, . .- r . fic . BE ,rn E . ef 42 3- A , 9 W 47.0 W 'vii ' 1 if IM ,mu vf bmlfnw 7 'xr f Q Ti K 7 2 1 ,VJ fa 1' yx 7 , 5 4 QIIH ffm .rn vfwww' Nfl' ff .ww . . A I 4 4 'NL 'N l .fffiffffg LII m1j'ffw1a.' "X f" mL.l1'f1 111 ffm IIXIIHIZHQ 29. N-Q .Yf1fff1f111ff1f'f fffuzjfrf ffwzi' JUNIORS 5 si '55 U l!'Jft'1' Ifhlf f7U!l1'.SL .rkfw im PALMER, DAUM SCUDDER, ALBRBCHT, PHELIJS Officers of the Class of 1935 Prefideut . Vice-Prefiderzt . Secretary , Trmxzmfr . .S'6I'gEdI1f-df-Al'l7ZI .Yong Leader MARY ALBRECHT FRANCES SCUDDER . IRMA DAUM THEODOSTA PHELPS ELIZABETH PALMER CHARLOTTE PARKER .fixzy-1100 Members of the Class of 1935 ADAIR, FLORENCE M. 34 Alfred Ave., Rockville Center, N. Y. ADAMS, MELISSA B. 1011 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y ALBRECHT, MARY A. 82 Minnesota Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. ALFRED, JEAN E. 740 E. Clark Place, Orange, N. J. ALLEN, MARY F. 53 Bishop Rd., West Hartford, Conn ANDERSON, DORIS E. 5 Winchester Ave., Worcester, Mass. ANDERSON, ELIZABETH 100 Third Ave., Royersford, Pa. ANDERSON, SARA 100 Third Ave., Royersford, Pa. ANDREWS, ELEANOR E. 51 N. Brandywine Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. ANDREWS, MARGARET M. 208 Main St., Penn Yan, N. Y. ARMSTRONG, MARY W. 6 Gateway Drive, Great Neck, L. I., N. Y AUSDEM BRUCH, MARGARET A. 124 Harding Ave., Clifton, N.J AYERS, JANE 7128 Meade St., Pittsburgh, Pa. BARNES, BARBARA 706 12th Ave., N., Seattle, Wash BARNEY, CAROLYN Bonniewood, Longmeadow, Mass. BEAL, MARGARET E. 674 Bellevue Ave., Hammonton, N.J BENEDICT, IJOIS A. 33 S. Maple Ave., East Orange, N. J BERGMANN, ELIZABETH D. 101 Central Park West, New York, N. Y BEVIN, SYLVIA 2 Bevin Court, East Hampton, Conn BILLINGS, MILDRED L. 642 Stokes Ave., Collingswood, N.J BLACK, RUTH E. 200 School St., Oyster Bay, N. Y BIJODGETF, ELIZABETH W. South Lincoln, Mass. BOTH, REGINA G. 131 Richmond Pl., Lawrence, L. I., N. Y BOYCE, EMILY B. Albany Ave., Kinderhook, N. Y Sixty-thru BOYLAN, MARY E. 1290 Lake Ave., Rochester, N. Y. BOYLE, MARJORIE Q. 7 Circle, Marblehead, Mass. BOYT, PRISCILLA G. 1600 W. 11th St., Wilmington, Del. BOZARTH, RUTH 79 Eckington St., Springfield, Mass. BRILLINGER, VIRGINIA 147-12 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, L. I., N. Y. BROWN, MARION E. 134 Brockton Ave., Haverhill, Mass. BRUBAKER, CHARLOTTE A. 1900 20th St., Parkersburg, W. Va. BRYER, BARBARA C. 46 Warwick Rd., Melrose, Mass. BUFFUM, RUTH G. 30 Bay State Rd., Boston, Mass. BURNS, MARY L. 12 Pine St., Fitchburg, Mass. CARDER, DORIS B. 468 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. CARTER, ALICE N. 145 Chestnut St., Montclair, N. J. CASMAN, ZELMA R. 556 Elm St., New Haven, Conn. CAVIN, JEANNE 7120 Sellers Ave., Bywood, Upper Darby, Pa. CHANCE, CAROLYN A. 152 E. Fourth Ave., Roselle, N. CHANNELL, DOROTHY T. 131 Park Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. CHASE, PHILENA E. 87 Pleasant Ave., Portland, Me. CLARK, BETTY JANE 1209 Aster St., Apt. 9-N, Chicago, Ill. CODDINGTON, BEATRICE East Lake Rd., Auburn, N. Y. COHEN, RUTH D. . Fort Fairfield, Me. 1 COLTON, CATHERINE M. . 4 First Ave., Montpelier, Vt. COLTON, RUTH M. I 4 First Ave., Montpelier, Vt. CONNOR, ANNA T. 0 fl jf 23 Dexter St., Holyoke, Mass. n cooNs, ELIZABETH T. to , 39 The Crescent Montclair N Il, xlll l X , , -.l- 5. r l 31 -. I -vs- I-'ff ' ll , l X , 1 .l. 'l Eric jf Aix . ,ug Qfrji-E.. .f f f -E, W-5,9 ,.. ml axial' CORBIN, NANCY M. 633 Arlington Pl., Chicago, Ill CREAMER, FRANCES G. 1630 North St., Pittsfield, Mass CRESSILOV, ARSENE B. 244 Humboldt Ave., Boston, Mass CROUNSE, FREDERICKA A. Altamount, R. F. D. No. 3, N. Y CUNNINGHAM, HELEN E. 419 Cranston St., Providence, R. I CURTISS, SALLY B. 2944 Nichols Ave., Nichols, Conn CUTLER, MARION L. 265 Palmer Rd., Yonkers, N. Y DAUCHY, RUTH Head of Ford Ave., Troy, N. Y DAUM, IRMA M. Hawthorne, Westchester County, N. Y DAVIES, JANET B. 241 Eastland Ave., Pelham, N. Y DAVIS, VIRGINIA 19 Lincoln St., Arlington, Mass. DAYMONT, MABEL 1925 Butterfield Ave., Utica, N. Y DEEM, ALICE B. 171 Clinton Pl., Hackensack, N.J DENHAM, ELEANOR G. 59 Carlton Rd., Waban, Mass DICKERMAN, MARION F. 319 State St., Springfield, Mass DIMON, LOIS H. 19 Marshall St., Hartford, Conn DIX, L. PAY 449 Beverly Rd., Ridgewood, N. J DRAKE, ELIZABETH S. 353 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y DULIN, L. CECIL Cambus Kenneth, Danville, Ky DUMOND, DOROTHY A. 233 Smith Ave., Kingston, N. Y DUNLAP, MARY C. 967 Ackerman Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. DUNN, MARY E. 106 S. Fairmont Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa DURGIN, ALICE 4 Alden Pl., Bronxville, N. Y EDGERTON, BETTY A. 85-16 165th St., Jamaica, N. Y ELKINGTON, REBECCA Bancroft Rd., Moylan, Pa EMERSON, F. ELIZABETH 156 Hutchinson Blvd., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ENDICOTT, MARGARET M. Grunmore Ave., Norwalk, Conn. ESPEUT, VIVIENNE E. 254 Passaic Ave., Passaic, N. FISKE, MARJORIE E. 245 Highland Ave., Meriden, Conn. GAGE, MARGUERITE N. 15 Cotting Ave., Marlboro, Mass. GARIS, JEAN A. 28 Oakland Pl., Summit, N. J. GATES, MADALEINE Great Bend, N. Y. 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WOOD, POLLY 429 Winter St., Fall River, Mass. WRIGHT, FLORENCE E. 21 Copley Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. Wnzgar -f ' mmlllllllllllllllllllllir N - ' 1 49 Q I , , 5- . W, ll ' 5-AA, ill gil 5 1n 'll'l L ' 4- - .N .. 2 l R ywiff -1 'E U .ff i:..l i fxftlf ll 1 1 ' ul X -C 1 J' Illini mzfgu I IWBlmT 1.715-5i..LJ i h U W Ar-A p A TL lllmilillii aah 1935 Class Song We boarded the ship of the desert, A plodding old camel was he. Long time we sailed o'er the desert, And nothing but sand did we see. Our look-out sat on his shifting head Her glance swept far and wide. 'Til late on a starry tropic night, A'Land ho! Land ho!" she cried. 'Twas an isle of stone on four strong feet, That towered to the jewelled sky. An isle that had stood and watched for us, For a thousand of years gone by. The Sphinx! 'Tis our symbol of steadfast endeavor, Born in the shadows of years that are dead. The eyes of a woman beam on us forever, The paws of a lion mark time to our tread. Sands may sweep over her, vandals defile her--V Sands must keep shifting, and all men must die Strong with the wisdom of infinite ages She studies eternity writ in the sky. That night we slept in her shadow, But left with the rising sun, For Youth must press ever onward, Its travel is never done. Our voyage is through sands that are rising and falling, Our steed may grow weary, our patience may fail, But the Sphinx is our symbol of fearless defiance! O, Isle of the Desert, our refuge, all hail! .Yixtj-eight R Pav: Hum! H1.'.'1,m1 xmmpmf nf-n1.f,' Peru Rhmff, HJw.'fr I'r.m.'1f Bmw Ihrffr Hlmm xfwmk Hfmm. f wm.',' k1f,1W,,,1 I.m1f.r Rff.mfI.' l'fM.'fffr .irznfmf ,Wzvzrz r L,-mrsr . Ywrffff -lvznf Hur!-.m.u CMI-,Ira l',r:1,1 jufzfr flplxfffa imffm glumx Iihqfzhnfy my limm Rffifmf, Gu! nz Rwrm 203 mmd Girl In KWH EM Gzrl m Kfwm 120 On. m Rfmm 200 lP,mLmz Hum' wuz, Vunagn .1.r.mmn1 Yugi X1Ln1.4gf Prfmfter Cfffrumn mmm Pfffpmm I.1glwzm,q mm .S'lXf3-11171: "Shades of Hades" Prfzrerlmf 51 flu' Clair of 1935 B1.I.'KYl'T TKYLOR ,'1r1d'f5R.'XXCL5 NYYFTI 'Xl,I. :MIA Nxlllxau :Xnnc Shu1ul'vcvgcr llamr Thmnfmm Flwrcmn Nlnfrav Barham Julumm Svvlullu jam1T4vIur xi. pm H1nxrH Plmcmq Wy ugh: ,Nlnu Durgm 4 lurlurrc linker X1arv Huy lm Izlnuhuh Palmcr Kiawm xl Xiur-gm N1Aruml,l1t1cf Durux ,MvJc'vXu11 Yxrgmu lirrllmgu Ruth Lnlmn Lmnujul-. Loss Suhmuhr Amy Rchfuw Vxlccll Hagrr Navy SLhrc-uhm Ihrhzara P4-LL Margaret Man-II1 Ruth Palrucr CAST Yffml Crm' m Rfmrrz I f G1ff1rzR'fwrzll" XT Hflk Frm: Hurd' .Mould 51.111 .mm PM cn11'1Lm,,q Hmlnql .Ywmd Gul Pfkurng Rmlgf Third Cir! Pfmnzq Hwdff fwffy GU: P:.1,,,,g :arm Ktudm! f ' Plfzhfffm Hrf Cfvnqhzf, ,mf Cf1Wf,.'.'f mf., Iam' Frm: Bm .Mrffrxd Bn .hdrfnf Hr, Pmkefv.-cf Hn, Curnfgz. Dm-mr Plum x M111 Famfrm Cluff Dem' Mr, Daffu Gmc: . Genie Daze Off Rfmm Jw COMMITTEES HCICH NIUNIKUI jam x1L.' Dumrhy' Kuhn f Mlm Illsuhcrh Dunn Bun' lmigcrmn v Curtlx, I'Iuc Kucllnrv Iilcamwr Dunham Kathcrlm' Howell Rmh Humxh . lfl.4lucw5L'l1Jnlv.'1 Puhmrm Prfinzmf 'lkisrf Lklrerx Rsfmlvmmrj Dxrmw Dmrrmm Lum Cfwrman ' Hufmexx .Hammer llvwvrhx lhv.x'.avv.l X1.a:x lhmanl Hurh I wmv XMQMH Iiumrlu Phu Ruth mmm lmnlvn C hfuuq XlnmNYh1rfmLl X1.uvSd1:c1hQr Xl.ux Nunn N1.ux.m Srmrh lzamu-jurxu Xhrmu lhrmx Shwlu XX ,nlku Ik.arm.4 Nhmrc XI.arg.arctl.1xls linmrhx Kuhn lummhy xx..gmf I lnmluxh lilmiglrr Hdnn iuulcx Mw:l.m1Smku bmw lmmmg r,n..,.1, rw-ly.. xx,.1l.M x1,m,..1 nmrwgx 1 mnmrm mms IIv1.aIxul1X1LuXL: Alum 'Xltvhi Nmum buh" lluuvm .Mimi N,mnu HAI! iulurxm lulum Pinky: P. XX hp-cle: Dv m Murlufxx N Phx lln Huuxcr 1 N ,W w r-'S ri' Wx, A -A 6 ' X Z Xxx xllfllflli' 1'r'f1w- Y7u wgfff af 111'qf1f.s.' f 'L fg' . , AJ ,x-uri' 'Q' XXX .X xx V: F 'il E 'N 5 Q. 'X-4 5 T 5 Q 5- X E 2' Y Q . 'E 'Si 'S 21 N x x N. 'W D Q N r 3, N 4-T. .lil knea- I-ll"'lI' 1111 iw'Lzn1flf-j11.f1' bro 11'11 2 z'.s' ,' Q Q 1 I If , gf Z f I I X lifvq .Y1rln'v' L llllflll' Cfmir! vw. if vfZvZvZ1'X6X'X Zlpgvgxwugufxa j y ' A ' ' Y ' f ,ffvjv t',X'tI'FfLl'lf-liQf10Il QW, St'I1f0f',f,!' SENIORS PHELAN, N1zLL1s KIMBALL, PERFIELD, TIMM Officers Of the Class Of 1934 President . Vice-Prwideizt . Secretary . Treezmrer . Sergemzt-at-Armf .Yong Leader RUTH TIMM DOROTHY PHELAN ROSEMARY PERFIELD , MARIE NELLIS LOUISE IQIMBALL AILEEN VOIGHT .Yeveazgy-fazzr Honorary Members of the Class of 1934 MISS GERTRUDE BRUYN 'fzwly 1 FI ELID SECRETARY f1xL'! MISS MARY E. WOOLLEY PRESIDENT MR. ,1DsEPH SKINNER TRUSTEE MISS HARRIETT M. ALLYN ACADEMIC DEAN MISS AMY HEWES MISS NELLIE NEILSON PROFESSOR OF ECONOMICS AND PROFESSOR OF HISTORY AND SOCIOLOGY POLITICAL SCIENCE ON THE E. NEVIS RODMAN FOUNDATION 1 , I I MISS ALZADA COIVISTOCK MISS MILDRED S. HOWARD I PROFESSOR OF ECONOMICS AND DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION SOCIOLOGY A-ngl W , II v?77IIH'A,,a.-,O-N. W F fx Q ,W-Wwxx I 3511 'QTL MMM- Kearny-.fix ,1.. Members of the Class of 1934 ELEANOR C. ADAMS LOIS S. ADAMS 28 Wirznerrzezy Street 255 Fdiffffld 14112611216 Natick, Nlezfmelmfettf Ridgezvoad, N eu' jerfeby zooLoGY ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ARDISAE. ALLEN KATHLEEN ANDREWS 92 Hillcroft Avenue 103 Prince Street Worcefter, Maxfachufettx Welt Newton, Maffezefozrxettf ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY CHONOR WORKD .S'ez'er1t1- 1 MARGARET M. APPLETON ELIZABETH S. ARNOLD 287 Weetsorz Avenue 320 Eliot Street Lyndhurst, New ferfey Miltorz, Maffoelozzfettf ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA DORIS AYERS FRANCES H. BAGG 7128 Meade Street 318 Summit Avenue Pittfburgb, Perzmylotmio Mount Vernon, New York RELIGION ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA .feoenty-eight BETTY L. BAILEY MARION L. BALDWIN Weir Mdf7l Street 626 Clinton Avenzze Bmzzfard, Cwzuefticlzt 7 Newark, New ferfey PHYSICS PSYCHOLOGY DORIS E. BARGFREDE AGNES V. BARTLETT Pearl River, New York Daxhifba Univerfity GERMAN 1iyo,fo,j'apu1z CHEMISTRY 5U1'0llU"Hf7ZE III RUTH L. BECK HELEN A. BENEDICT jj Pell P1455 33 .Youth Maple Avenue New Rochelle, New York Eezft Orange, New jerxey RELIGION ROMANCE LANGUAGES E LONA M. BILLS GRACE M. BREMER Il, QUEST if. 5 Clmrlef Street 97 Knickerbocker Road Herkimer, New York Englewood, New ferfey ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE flkwimg II IIRI :Ii fp 'Af pl if . I gfffhg, I .Ezxglm :L H MNH 4 vi Ex R1 ELIZABETH H. BROCKWAY MARGARET BRONSON 469 .Youth Maiiz Street 32 Marvel Road Geneva, New York New Haven, Connecticut ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ART AND ARCHEOLOGY CHONOR WORI-:D ELIZABETH B. BROWN ETHEL S. BROWN 10 Curtix Place Maplewood, New jersey ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY Eighg'-one Eaft Andover, New Hampfhire PSYCHOLOGY CIIONOR WORKD MARY E. BRUNTON 56 Lincoln Street Dedham, Meefmclonfettf ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY CHONOR WORKD ELIZABETH H. BURKEY 48 Netberwood Avenue Plezinfelei, New jerfey CHEMISTRY CHONOR WORKD BARBARA BURT ELAINE R. BURTT 105 .Stednzezn Street 72 Cheoftnut .Ytreet Brookline, Mezffezelanxettf Andover, Mezffezclonfette HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE I ENGLISH Eigbg'-two V KATHERINE W. CABLE OLIVE A. CALDWELL 806 Euft Locust Street 1023 Pzztmzm Avenue Dewezzport, Iowa Plezirzfeld, N6lL"j6ff6j' ENGLISH LITLIIATURE AND DRAMA ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY CHONOR VVORKD GRACE T. CALVERLEY SHIRLEY M. CARSON 143 .fignourney .ftreet 242 Wirzter Street Hartford, Connecticut Woorzfocket, Rhode Island RELIGION PHILOSOPHY CHONOR WORKD Eiggbty-three ALICE H. CARVER 403 Pleufunt View Avenue Louiwille, Kentucky HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE CHONOR WORKD ,if:.,.... ,.,., A W 11, , H W4 " rl I I 4' IL 'f'e HEY? ifis: if l'Q!?QQff'rr MALE ' pavidiiiwg I I ig 'w.'Q?wIUv.f...g:,,.,,k ,V f fy I f 'N f' e , I I I,g,55z5?3f' ,I X .1 1 I ,Mil 'HMV If 'Sl Q If fi! in 11" I ' :.i,1NiAM W t 'W 'I A A . I A . ' Vfwwrx.. - ' ' --f , .fgg-Zn f'-rj i 5 . ..- ELIZABETH T. CHAPMAN 143 Norfolk Avenue Szonmpfeott, Muffuclau.fett.r MATHEMATICS MARGARET T. CHASE 143 Main Street Orono, Maine ENGLISH ENGLISH RUTH E. CHURCHILL 96 College Street South Hudley, Muffnebufettf Eight?-fo ELIZABETH P. CLARK LOIS B. CLARK Park Place 46 .Youth Broad .Ytreet Lee, MLI.l'J'llCZ7llJffff Aferiden, Connecticut ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRALNIA PSYCHOLOGY MARY CRANE CLARK 3720 Nortluzzzzptozz Street Clveqy Cbezfe, Diftrict ofC0lzzmbie1 ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA lfiglvm -fire CAROL COLVER 2040 Pleezmzzt Street Wd1l1L'4f0J4l, Wixfofzfifz ECONOMICS ,AND SOCIOLOGY CHONOR VVORKD JEAN M. COOK ANNE E. CROSBY 12 .Youth 7th Street 386 May .ftreet Yozmtgwoad, PK717ZJj'lUd71fd W0rceJtef', Maffachzzfettf MATHEMATICS CHEMISTRY CIIONOR WORKD EMMA L. DANIELSON 2844 Wifconyin Avenue, N. W. Wafloington, Diftrict of Columbia HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE HANNAH S. DAVIS 77 Wilder Terrace Weir Sprintgfeld, Meeffezcbuyetty PSYCHOLOGY Eiglwgy-.fix LUCY B. DITTMAR 134 Weft Meir: Sires! Freelwld, New -lE7'.f6j n1s'rORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Ezglnfy-.rc rw: 1 1 GERALDINE DENISON LQU1513 E. DERBY 10 Hdllf0Ck Avezzzze H,,,,,5,,,'g, Neuyjeffey Lfxfflgfgff, Nfdffdfblffffff ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY KATHARINE DODGE 1415 Howard Avenue Utira, New York PSYCHOLOGY VIRGINIA M. DODGE JULIA C. DRAKE 15 Ordwoy Road 1500 Lake Shore Drive Wellexley Hills, MezJfezcl2nJett.r Cbimgo, Ulenoif MATHEMATICS ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY I I 1 I , A W E A 1 I HELEN DURGIN CAROL DURHAM fx 51' fx X1 184 Washington Street 2 Roselle Avenue I xi xl 1 Keene, New Hnnepyloire Pleezmntoille, New York ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA MATHEMATICS I Y' ' ' ' ,I Ii'1"' I IQ II I " V JA. J 5Mf1g..,If,E--ii -2' Q-M Ilfllg, 1,,,,,,.'.,.,, 1,I,,,,5jLi.,.A..,e- Q, W H4514 ,Ih, L. ,W I Eighty-eight EDITH MACN. DUTHIE 3 Ripley .ftreet Newton Center, Ma.rJaebuJett.r HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE CHONOR WORKD ELIZABETH ELTON JEAN ENGLE 333 Carpenter Avenue Haverford Gablef Yea Clijjlv, Long bland, New York Haverford, Pennfylvania ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA Eicglag'-nine MARGARET G. ELLIOT Bridgeville, Delaware ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY WINIFRED M. EVANS 432 Weft 7th Street Erie, Pennsylvania MATHEMATICS VIRGINIA B. FALES 45 Weftboarne Road Newton Center, Mamacbasettf ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY MURIEL FARNUM 54 Univenrity Avenue V Providence, Rhode bland HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE JULIET E. FISHER 1326 Amloerft Place Dayton, Ohio ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY CHONOR WORK? N meg MARGARET S. FISKE JOSEPHINE M. FITTS 278 Wext College Street 154 Maple Street Olierlifz, Ohio Sprirzlgjield, Ma.rJael9zz.fettf ART AND ARCHEOLOGY HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE CIIONOR VVORKD ELIZABETH FLORANCE HELEN Y. FORNEY 103-I6 .Sxpringfeld Avenue 214 Eezft Walnut Street Qzzeenf Village, New York Hmzaver, Pemzfylvmziez ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA inetj-alle JANET S. FOSGATE ELEANOR L. FOWLER 999 Walnut Street 176 Winthrop Ronel Newton Highlands, Mnyonchnfetty Brookline, Mnfmebnxettf LATIN ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY N HELEN FRANCE 732 ft. Mnrkf Avenue Brookbfn, New York CHEMISTRY MURIEL M. FRANK 121 Enft Ridge Street Lnnfforel, Pennyylonnia HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE N inet J'-two DORIS M. FURNSIDE 1426 Nfyron Street fcbeuertezdy, New York VALERIE L. GAPCZYNSKI 1040 Gillefpie Street felzeueetezdy, New York ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ART AND ARCHEOLOGY DOROTHY I. GOINGS ALICE W. GOODRICH New Landon, New Hezmpxhire 435 Main .Ytreet FRENCH CIIONOR WOR:-:D Glezftonbuq, Comzeetiezet Niueg -three ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY FRANCES A. GOODRICH Duxbury, Nfezfmehufettf FRENCH JANE M. GOTTFRIED 41 Erzelofure Nutley, New jerfey HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE BARBARA GOULD 172 Park Avenue Arlington Heiglvtx, .Nfufmcloufettf MATHEMATICS CHONOR WORKD JEAN G. GRAHAM Goodwill Road Morztgomergf, New York ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY N ineg-four F RUTH H. GREEN MARGARET C. GRIGOR 249 Harrif Avenue 1327 .Youth 35th -fffvel Needham, Manaehufetts Omaha, Nehrafka ART AND ARCHEOLOGY ART AND ARCIIEOLOGY MARGARET R. GRIMES CATHERINE E. HAGADORN 146 High Street 205 South Market Street N ewhrtryport, Maxfaehuyettf johmtown, New York HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE FRENCH Ni mtg'-five I , ELIZABETH L. HALLETT TI-IERESA K. HAMBACH 200 Paffaic Xtreet Melrofe, Comzecticzet Haekemaek, New jersey ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE LUCILE P. HAMILTON ESTHER HANCHETT 616 Upper Boulevard 615 Firft Street Riellgeufeoel, New fereey Valley City, North Dakota ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ART AND ARCHEOLOGY N inegf-.fix YVONNE ROGERS HARTSHORN MARY A. 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JARVIS 344 Campbell Street 200 fame! Street IfVillimmp0rt, Perzmylvtzrriez S yrafzzfe, New Yark ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ELEANORE I. JEFEORDS ELIZABETH H. JENNEY Main Street 210 Wezfbinfgtorz Avenue Himdezle, New Hmnpfloire Berzrzirzgton, Vernzerzt ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ZOOLOGY One H mzdred D. ARLEEN KAUPFMANN 44 Yozmealm Avenue IfVaJlvi1zgto21, Neu' jerfev IfCONOMICs AND SOCIOLOGY 011: Iflmdmz' One JEANNETTE G, JOHNSON 755 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, New York CHEMISTRY MARGARET V. KELLEY New Church, Virginia RELIGION BLANCHE H. .IOHNSTCN 157 Linfoln Road Weftfield, Neuffersey ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY JEAN KETCHAM C. LOUISE KIMBALL 41 Searlef Lane 40 Brookfide Aoenne Pleamntoille, New York Nezotonoille, Maffacbufettf ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY I JOYCE KIRKLAND JOSEPHINE S. KLEIN 312 Oak Street 39 Baylegf Avenue Indian Orchard, Mauaehufettx Yonkerf, New York ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA One Hundred Two CATHERINE M. KRAUSE HANNAH E. LEDGERWOOD 231 St. am! .fpuyfen Duyvil Parkway Pzztmzm Starion, New York New York, New York ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ART AND ARCHEOLOGY HELEN P. LCCKWOOD OLIVE E. LOEWENTHAL Box 6 53 Pro,rpeet Street Plfclfelilflfflf, New York Nlidelletowrz, Comzectifzzt ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY One H nmlred Three BARBARA V. LORD GRACE I. LUCE 23 Wolcott Avenue 98 Belrnont Street Andover, Ma.r.raelanJettJ Somerville, MaJ.raebzeJettJ HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE PHILOSOPHY M. LOUISE MACALISTER MARGARET L. MACK 184 Hillcreft Avenue 231 North 6tlo Street Leonia, New ferfey Indiana, Pennsylvania FRENCH I ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA One Hundred Four ALICE M. MCMEEKIN Primrofe Road Torrefdezle, Philadelphia, Pez. IIISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE CHONOR VVORKD One Hmlzlred Fire ELIZABETH J. MCENTEE MARY C. MCGRILLIES 2168 Bozzlezznd 30 Clif Street ferfey Cigy, Newferfey Verona, New jerfey I'RliNCH FRENCH CHONOR VVORKD HELEN E. MCWAIN 20 Rom .ftreet Beztoz'ia, New York zooL0GY CHARLOTTE M. MAIN MARJORIE K. MERKLE 90 Elm .ftreet 514 Stratford Road Mezlorze, New York Brookbfn, New York ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY RENA R. METTAM 26 Em: 35th Street Bayonne, New femgf ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY CHONOR WORKD EDITH V. MEYER 14 Bradley Street Meemoroneek, New York ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA One Hundred Six ESTHER F. MILLER KATI-IARINE MILLER IX Oakwood Avenue 281 Fourth Avenue White Pluinf, New York New York, New York ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ELEANOR MOATS ELIZABETH L. MONTIGNANI 38 Gledfon Street 170 Dartmouth .Ytreet Weft Medford, MdJfdel1zeJettJ Roelaefter, New York ENGLISH ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA One Hundred Severe MARY E. MOORE MARY TEN EYCK MOSHER Orinxbee Avenue Peueedule Proctor, Vermont Glenrnont, New York ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ENGLISH NINA E. MULCARE 414 Mt. Auburn Street Cambridge, Mufyuehufetts ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY CHONOR WORKD HELEN A. MYLCHREEST 48 Bruinerd Avenue Middletown, Connecticut PHYSICS One Hundred Eight S MARIE NELLIS MYRA F. NEWSON 33 Fezirlezwn Avenzee 122 S elrezejer Street Alomrv, New York Brooklyn, New York ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE LUCY NICHOLS F. IONE NICHOLSON Union Street 315 Allen Street S eezrfport, Maieze S yrezezefe, New York ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ENQQLISH CHONOR WORKD One H nndred Nine JEAN NORAGON VIRGINIA B. NOSS 12 Eaft Depew Avenue 28 Torii Macbi Buffalo, New York Aiqn-Wakarnatyn, japan PSYCHOLOGY ZOOLOGY CHONOR VVORKD I MARY OBER 76 Maple Street .S'printgfield, MaJJaehnJetfJ ZOOLOGY M. LOUISE PALM 3262 Scarborough Road Cleveland Heigbtf, Ohio HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE One Hundred Ten I N GERTRUDE V. PARK SARAH C. PARKER 303 Fenimore .Ytreet 255 Buyfide Avenue Bf00kb'7l, New York Flllfhilirg, New York ENGLISH ENGLISH BERNEICE E. PATRICK JANE PATTAN Z3 Courier Avenue 1928 .Youth Shore Drive Nfuplezvood, Newfersey Erie, Pennfylvuniu ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA CHEMISTRY One Hundred Eleven ELIZABETH PEARSE FLORENCE A. PEASE Hope Valley 182 Dickinfon Street Durham, North Carolina Speingfeld, Muymebufettf ZOOLOGY ZOOLOGY HELEN A. PECK H. ELIZABETH PECK 101 Ryndez Road 666 Long Brook Avenue .Youth Orange, New femey ftrutford, Conneeticut PSYCHOLOGY ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY C1-IONOR WORKD One Hundred Twelve ROSEMARY C. PERFIELD ELINOR PERRY 165 S znzzwit Street 35 Clarke Street Btztaria, New York Lexington, Maffaebzzfettf HISTORY AND POL1'r1CAL SCIENCE ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY DOROTHY E. PHELAN BERTHA M. PHILLIPS 246 S -j'!l'd7l Street 3 Wbitzzztzlz Street Rlztlmfortl, New jerrey Ilarclaefter, Nltzymclvztfettf PSYCHOLOGY CHEM1S'1'1u' One Hmldred Tlrirteefl ELIZABETH B. PIKE HELEN E. PINKHAM 200 Willow Street 4 Mayfair Lane, North Street Weft Roxhnry, Mayfaohufettf Buffalo, New York GERMAN ART AND ARCHEOLOGY ANNE B. PITT ELIZABETH N. PLATT 1020 North Woofter Avenue 144 Randolph Avenue Dover, Ohio Milton, Maffachnxettx BOTANY ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY One Hundred Fourteen ADELLE POMEROY LOUISE S. PORTER Troy, Pennsylvania 1199 The Terruce ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA Hdg6fJf01U7Z, Mufiylufzd ENGLISH CHONOR WORK KATHERINE E. POTTTNGER DOROTHY E. PRIEST 172 Highgate Avenue Profpeet Avenue Bujfulo, New York Onxet, Muffuehuxefty FRENCH SPANISH One Hundred Fifteen D FRANQOISE G. QUENEAU Bernardfoille, New ferfey FRENCH CHONOR WORKD MARGARET QUIMBY Champlain Terrace Montclair, New ferfey HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE CIIONOR WORKD I I RUTH A. RAFTERY EDITH W. RAMSTAD Grant Avenne 824 Fourth Street Torrefdale, Philadelphia, Pa. Bifrnarek, North Dakota HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA One Hundred Sixteen MAE F. RASTALL HELEN C. REECE 5357 Reno Rand Northweyt Whitefeld, New Hmnpfhire Wmlaington, D. C. ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA PSYCHOLOGY CHONOR WORKD MARGARET E. REED RACHEL REYNOLDS 2207 Eastern Avenue 4 Poplar Street Covington, Kentucky Milford, Mezffezclyufettf ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY e Hundred .Yererztee z ELIZABETH RITTER JANET RGBINSON 362 .Yprirzgfeld Street Z4 Parkrnan Street Chieajree, Maffaehiifettf Natick, Ma.rJachaJettJ ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ZOOLOGY H . FLORENCE S. ROWLAND KATHERINE SANDS 6311 North Carnac Street R. F. D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Duxhury, Masyaehnfettx PHYSICS ART AND ARCHEOLOGY , One Hundred Eighteen E. LOUISE SCHARFF MARION C. SCHIMKE 1811 Wildemer'e Avenue 38 Prmpect Street Detroit, Miclvitgufz South Hadley Fuller, Muyfuchzzfetts FRENCH SPANISH I. PHYLLIS SCHLOERB EVELYN P. SHOOB 21 Glen Street 264 Summer Avenue Hoboke, Muffuebufettx S pring field, Muffuchuxetts LATIN ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY One Hundred Nineteen LOIS G. SILVER VIGLA R. SIZER 87 Graniatan Drive 150 Livingston Place Granzatan Hillf, Yonkers, New York Bridgeport, Connecticut HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE LATIN MARGARET SLAKER ELIZABETH B. SMITH Scarborough, New York 510 Highland Avenue CHEMISTRY CHONOR WORKD Malden, Maxxacbufettf FRENCH CHONOR WORKD One Hundred Twentj r ISOBEL L. SMITH 194 Mielellexex Street ELSBETH A. SMITH 86 Weftforel Avenue Sprirzgfield, MnJ.rnclazeJettJ HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE EMILIE I. SOKOL Brookstone Lodge Springfielel, Mezfxnebufefff Flemington, New ferfey RELIGION CHONOR WORKE LATIN O e Hfanlml Tummy'-orze FRANCES R. SMITH 1205 Lincoln Azenne Tyrone, Pennfylnnnin HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE DOROTHY E. SPERRY 2151 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut HETTIE SPRAGUE 38 Merchant Street Barre, Vermont PSYCHOLOGY ART AND ARCHEOLOGY PX : fri'-. L54 -- xxi W' 'fm A 5'3?ff X, BARBARA E. STECKER l l ,422 . . I 3 ,M AT: '60r Pzlfgrzen Roaa' wx 1 ,gg S Bzrnzznfgloanz, Mzcbzgarz I A ' Y X455 - HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE f QQ DQNCPL, ,, V T., A-X, A gp-4'-Q fgnn, 'fi f lf -., p?-f Aiiw-PM JEANETTE M. STEIN 21 Maple Avenue Oakfeld, New York PSYCHOLOGY CHONOR WORK ' A ' ,' f ,,,..ff, Xyfxfv iff, fQ414 0 ' 'JA One Hundred Twenty-two MARY C. STEPHEN 703 Cbeftrzzzt Street Wezbelfl, Nfafmcblzfetn JOSEPHINE P. STOCKING 13 Wirzdermere Plezee St. Lazeix, Miyyozzri ZOOLOGY ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA l HELEN V. STONER ESTELLE C. STREPEK 1717 Weft Tioga Street 34 Elm Street Philadelphia, Pe1z11.gylz'e111ie1 Holyoke, Meefiezelaufetts ART AND ARCHEOLOGY LATIN CHONOR WORKD Orze llnmlml Twcrzg-flvree , --Y V ' E727 4-'K l '52-. i X M. ' f- -V ,, p ff ,. . :I ff 5' 4' 'wi g L' ,Q 1 f 4, L N 4 l 5 Ln if 57' f' 5 , Q .Q'9 W x . , Q gxl X CATHERINE A. SWARTZ MARION H. SWEET 379 Wdfhington Avenue 80 North Main .Ytreet Brooklyn, New York Attleboro, Mezyfdebuxettf ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA PHYSIOLOGY CHONOR WORKD I , fm :KETTT-, 1 Tjlp I A 'ff 1' V" il , .lj 4 NN :IU I , . N WMAL-a I - I C+-f. N.w:H 'X vh.f:'f1':vSxLg'qiI, -,N ,gn-1 I 'WQWU I- .,, my v?CRxJl. '11 I VW ,-QW, ' Iyvflf :sW.AL:f .LM 2 ull- "'N.. I f " s ,,,,,. VW--.. -V.,-:Jffu A- !,.J.' Q. 1-,f.1J.4AUJ.LI.....,.,.,.,f..... , fx A V , . ,,1Gi'C ix -4 z' J. I X ., A, ..-.S......-,,.L K! r. X, ,I I 7, , A 5-A 1 . - L-..f:.,,:3j51F?g.-Q , , ' K 4. ' f'-1 :J 5... 1, , X " 1, -,L ,,-1.4.-. in -I. A HARRIET B. TALBOT 79 Woodbridge Street South Hadley, Mufmeloufettx ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY CHONOR WORKD MARY M. TAYLOR 17 Dinifion Avenue Greenfburg, Pennqylodniu HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE One Hundred Twenqy-four HELEN TELFAIR 252 ITIELHTUII Arezzzee .ftatefz bland, New York IIISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE JEANNE E. TERRELL LUCY B. TEWKSBURY 1112 Ramona Street 71 Tioga Street Pala Alto, California Tzmkbamzoek, Penmylvania ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA One Hundred Twenty KATHARINE L. TELFAIR 20 Porter Avenue Batavia, New Yerk ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA MARGARET E. THOMPSON ELIZABETH E. TIBBALS 3 Hamilton Aoenne Box 85 Yonkerf, New York Antrim, New Hrzrnpfhire HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE RELIGION K 5 E ,S Ig: I ,V Q 5- 11. , .N 7' LIE-I ELEANOR M. TILTON RUTH M. TIMM 306 Union Street 17 Woodland Terrace .SwprinCgj5eld, MnJJncl2nJ'etI.r Yonkerf, N ew York 1 ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY h CHONOR WORKD H5 One Hundred Twenty-fix LUCY A. TURNER 142 Tooozzif Azwzzee Great BeJll'l'j7llQl'072, Me1.x'fezcl11z.s'eft.s' ART AND ARCIIILOLOGY One Hznzdreo' Twmq-Jez'erz BEATRICE M. TULLIS ELIZABETH R. TURNER 5 Awhemrt Road 43 Lilley Road Great Neflz, New York Weir Hartford, Comzeoticzzt PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH 1.1'ruRA'rUR1i AND DRABIA f 4 f ' a .gi Y :FQ 5 :'g"L' f TV? 5 RUTH H. TYRELL , ' . Corzzifla, New I'Iw1zpJhire J A , P. O. Wi1zdJo1', Vermont . f' 1 ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY 5 5 , Y ,. swf ' + E. AILEEN VOIGHT LUIS WATERHOUSE 1674 Broezdzmy 15 Portlmzd .Swtreet New York, New York Kemzeffznzk, Mairie IIISTOIIY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE MATHEMATICS CHONOR VVORKD e I I im! if 1151 I 4 1 '- E M 'VIW , i MARGARET H. WIEIITCDMIIE JULIA WHITE ,:,' Ziff Mdfll Street 212 Middle Road Ellfzvortb, Maifze Acuyhnet, Nfmfacbufettf ASTRONOMY ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA ' ' .I V' One Hundred Twenty-eight MARIAN M. WHITE HARRIET A. WILLARD 330 We.rt Mfzifz .ftreer 12 Hd1l'fl?0f'll6 Plane Grove Cigy, Pefzfzqylmniu Summit, Nezvjerfey 1cNcz1.1sH LI'I'liRATURli AND DRAMA 1'RENCu CHONOR womcj JOY A. WILLIAMS XEUNICE R. WILLSON Haverftmu' Rom! 5 Porter Road, U. S. N. A. .SIllf7tEI'7I, New York Anmzpolif, Marylarzd LATIN ROMANCE LANGUAGES One Hundrrd Twemfw -mm 'for first semester ANNA E. WOODBRIDGE ELEANOR WOOLLEY 37 Worbiezgtofz Square Wert 204-20 42nd Avenue New York, New York Bezyrieie, Long Irlemd, New York ZOOLOGY HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Former Members of Class of I 934 ALBURGER, FLORENCE MAY ..... 350 Meadow Lane, Merion, Pa. BARTON, AMY STOKES . . . R. F. D. No. 1, "The Orchards," Marlton, N. BECK, MARJORIE ELIZABETH . . . 62 Crest Street, West Roxbury, Mass. f,Wfm -- " Vp. W, X o BEEEE, ELIZABETH CMrs. Herber BERMES, DOROTHEA BARBARA BEUMANN, RUTH MARGARET I BLACKLLY MARION VIRGINIA 1, I Z7 CLARK DORIS S41 '-qw? CLARK LLOYD MARION CRAWFORD BARBARA ANE Z z J7f?S:s'- DEDRICK MARTHA ELIZABETH DUNCAN MARY ELIZABETH FRENCH MARGARET EMELINE GRUBBE, HELEN DEETTA . S' I r. .Aw , A I -. A, lt.. TAS-fi . lk X, .FTF six' X E, XX , ge V '... L . Q' 'R I C3 U3 I aa :U 3 2 A . . Q Z " v U v Ulf! AI I-Q . Y- TTI E F 5 E F. m . N? 3 ,-, I '-' cn 5 ' 2 . .... Q O U X . f -Q - .A,f, 1 , ,' A -.:x..4.t..4.L.,.44,..n. t G. Vailj . . Orient, Long lsland, N. Y. 1249 Boulevard East, West New York, N. II. . 144 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. . 1810 Bissonnet Street, Houston . 333 Palmer Road, Yonkers . . 14 Sherman Street, Everett . . . . . Shemeld . 110 Egbert Avenue, West New Brighton . 1448 Dale Street, San Diego, 456 Oliver Avenue, South, Minneapolis, Minn. . 10 Hillcrest Circle, Swampscott, Mass. . 328 Central Avenue, Highland Park, lll. . 400 Fulton Street, Riverton, N. J. Texas Calif. N. Y. Mass. Mass. N. Y. 'T:1.1"? V, One Hundred Tbirg HARPER, ELINOR BRADSTREET HAYES, KATHRYN ELIZABETH HIDEN, GEORGIA GOODWIN HOFFMANN, MARGARET . HOLLISTER, ROBERTA ELAINE HOPKINS, HELEN BOOTH . HOWARD, MARJORIE . . . . Wadley, San Luis Potosi, Mexico . . 151 Melrose Place, Ridgewood, N. . 5600 Huntingon Avenue, Newport News, Va. . . 1 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. . 123 2nd Avenue, Pelham, N. Y. . 226 Alice Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . 6 Claflin Road, Brookline, Mass. HUBBARD, DOROTHY . 162 Fairview Avenue, West New Brighton, S. I., N. Y. JACKSON, MARIAN LETITIA . JAQUA, KATHERINE ELMA . JOHNSON, AGNES ELIZABETH LASKER, MARJORIE FRANCES LEAVITT, BARBARA WHITEMAN LOESER, KATINKA ELIZABETH LUENING, EMMA FLORENCE . LYTLE, RUTH HERRICK . MANN, MARGARET RUTH . MARTIN, HELEN MARGARET MIDGLEY, JANE MCNAUGHTON MITCHELL, CHARLOTTE FELL MURRAY, CORNELIA GROOT . PASSMORE, ELIZABETH HUNT ROBERTS, DOROTHY ELIZABETH SCHILLER, GWENDOLYN ANNE SCHROTH, JUNE ELIZABETH . SHAFER, GERTRUDE . SHERMAN, RUTH ELSIE SILL, LENIS ASHLEY . SPARRE, ELSE MARIA . TAKAMI, TAKAKO SONA TEDFORD, EDITH . THEOBALD, MARION JO TRACY, GRACE ELEANOR . TYACK, ANNA RUTH . WARD, HARRIE-LOUISE . WARNER, MARY ELEANOR . WATKINS, RUTH LURA . YOUNG, ELIZABETH . YOUTZ MARGARET . . . 28 Randlett Park, West Newton, Mass. . . Meridan Road, Portland, Ind. . 16 Academy Street, Saranac Lake, N. Y. . . 117 Glenwood Avenue, Joliet, Ill. . . 179 Eighty-second Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. . , 661 Grace Street, Chicago, Ill. . . . 75 Mountain Way, Rutherford, N. , . . 4 Middlesex Street, Wellesley, Mass. 1281 Ramona Avenue, Lakewood, Cleveland, Ohio , . . 827 Taylor Avenue, Detroit, Mich. . . R. F. D. No. 2, Worthington, Ohio 100 Franklin Street, Ogdensburg, N. Y. . 204 Lippincott Avenue, Riverton, N. J. . . Nottingham, Chester County, Pa. . 120 Greenridge Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. . . 225 Park Hill Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. . 90 South Oraton Parkway, East Orange, N. J. . 720 West Colfax Avenue, South Bend, Ind. . 145-16 Bayside Avenue, Flushing, N. Y. . . 109 South Street, Westboro, Mass. . 1022 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, Del. 176 Washington Park, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . 310 State Street, Albany, N. Y. . . . . . Wayne, Nebr. , 135 Glenbrook Road, Bethesda, Md. 1390 Perkiomen Avenue, Reading, Pa. . 1301 Eighth Street, Las Vegas, N. M. . . 53-01 Hanover Avenue, Elmhurst, N. Y. 240 South Main Street, South Manchester, Conn. . . . 20 Hall Avenue, Nashua, N. H. . 769 St. Mark's Avenue Brooklyn N. Y. ,L- llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' x y' A W s 9 a V , .... .......,, I - , v- V g 3 is N la 'EF ' .W . l J , Agni' X Y' f,-' QI' 1 I S if. On: Hundnd Thirty-am . il l. ' ' il 5 :li V . A-.1 """'lfln I 1 N lst Scholar Znd Scholar First Guard Second Guard Pharaoh . Queen Too:-roof , i Popo A T! f" l Harem I--wills W g1'f , Messenger , I will? il. Ill. 1 - Mi Nfl! Temrns 1 ' iii: 'L li TC-211110 I li A li , he-, TK CQ' f' ? ffl N fxf ,fl Y I l HQMWWW 3' ' C C-13-1.1 ?P-- V 'Lil -Cf 'F -'11 2' P' --:S'ff'A "The Holy Crocodile, Presented by the Class of 1934 By HETTIE SPRAGUE and GRACE T. CALVERY CAST FRANCES BAGG 4JEAN ENGLE . RUTH TYRRELL . CAROL COLVER ELIZABETH PEARSE NANCY WOODBRIDGE I LONA BILLS . GRACE BREMER DORIS FURNSIDE ELIZABETH CLARK GERTRUDE PARK BERNEICE PATRICK I ELIZABETH MONTIGNANI ELIZABETH SMITH LIONE NICHOLSON AILEEN VOIGHT EDITH RAMSTAD AGNES BARTLETT JOSEPHINE KLEIN One Hundred Thirgf-two Hezd Priest Ape . Boatmen . Servants Musicians . Priests Voice Off Stage PopO's Maidens Crocodile . Director . Dramatic Critic Chairman . Buxincn' Manager Stage Manager Prompter . Coxtumes .Yccnegf Pro pcrtief . Li cgbtin ig Dancing Mufic Script Publ ici ty Pro grarm Ticketf U than . Refrexhmentx One Hundred Tbirg-tim: CAST-Continued KATHERINE SANDS . HELEN MCWAIN ULIA WHITE, EVELYN SHOOB MARGARET APPLETON, IVIARION WHITE, FLORENCE ROLAND I LOIS ADAMS RENA METTAM ITHERESA HAMBACH RUTH RAI-'TERY EELIZABETH ARNOLD JULIET FISHER lMARY BRUNTON HELEN LOCKWOOD IMARGARET CHASE ROSEMARY PERFIELD LELIZABETH BROWN DOROTHY PHELAN . MARGARET GRIGOR FRANCES SMITH, LUCY NICHOLS EXECUTIVE STAFF HEADS OF COMMITTEES . MARGARET GRIGOR MRS. 'IOSEPHINE E. HOLMES Miss DOROTHY FOSTER MARGARET WHITCOMB . CHARLOTTE MAIN , LOUISE PALM . HELEN STONER . KATHLEEN ANDREWS . CATHERINE KRAUSE ELIZABETH BROWN . , RUTH TIMM . VALERIE GAP:zYNsK1 JANE GOTTFRIED , GERTRUDE PARK . , MARY STEPHEN . ELEANOR ADAMS . RACHEL REYNOLDS OSEPHINE STOCKING EDITH DUTHIE i I I P II 0 5.1-1. fi 3 . . I!! . W 3 I fi ' K' ifiiiixiilw glib ii 'ii i A V if Iii Eril I J EI t.r'.'-s Y? C 12, , Q . K 1, X - , 5 ' M ', " ' 4. -0'w,1zl,-v 1 ' x ' A' ' -' " " af, ' J ' 'LC V , f f W- L' 7 iff w' ' 3 , ,Q K f ,Q W J ' 7' I 1 6 ' 1 R wa . f 1- F' I , J' .f 11194, .,, ' . 'P' ig ,. 1 ,Ga - A 1 A yd' 5 Wim' Q W' KK"L , - ' f"" gQWQ,ZQ? Tnzwm llwffr ffu wwf fhllzllf of ffm Xt'1IfUI'f f ,-v YW ' 54 f X - fm Y Q ' 5 . ' 'S s f ffffff Q l fm Q ' lk I gf h I A Alfw fill! gf fnzyzzrq ffm Ilflll 1 5 gg S' F' Q W W v vm "9a'35Wg.'4 ,QLZQZ ZQ -- "" eikfw ev 9.9-Aa' Qtbuxuf I' 'L' ,v 1 f',.m lftfff-,YUl1'l1!' .m'f71.' Mm-rm f,.!77'lbflllzIb, .Hur l'Vnoffw -"' 2. f Yi!! Qi fjgj 11-s I ' xg , f W 'gy .. 2' may ,hw Uffffffffffffffffa. Z ,mf .far fffWfq W QQ? 2 2 7 f a f 4 4 f Q 7 I f f f f W5 f6f4 2 4 Iylflltllllll' lmnl ,1 fifth ffl H1 H1011 um' ffzlqzlm. Mmfunzyg for ,Kilzffn-,,! flu rfvfvl. fvf1.m,"' .X ri id' P O QQ M .VL 11' ffmzrqzlxr fur fizwzlq-.1114 1' Sprnzff Inzmff 1 :S 1 9 3 4 Class Song Whence comes the winged horse? Who may his rider be? Out of the dawn he takes his course, White as the dawn is he. This is that Pegasus, lord of life's joyance, Born from the foaming and flare of the fountain, Pastured on sunlight by Helicon's mountain, This is that steed of whom it was spoken That he should be burdened and bridled and broken. Yet never on land nor calling sea Were walls to stable the winged horse, Over the clouds his pace is free Where the winds of heaven have their source. Who shall his master be? Youth, youth shall master him, Desire of youth the token, With bit of sorrow and spur of rapture Forged by youth for the glorious capture l-le shall be bridled and broken. Whither then the winged horse? Where shall the journey be? Into the stars he takes his course, White as a star is he. This is that Pegasus, swift immortality, Born of the fountain's aerial urging, Pastured on sunrise eternally surging, This is the steed of whom it was told, Who soars with his soaring goes deathlessly-souled. The dawn shall follow, the dusk shall flee, The day returning from east to west Over the land and calling sea Circles the world and will not rest. Where shall the journey be? On, on, Pegasus, The luminous beat of thy wing! High and far the swerveless truth Lead youth again to the source of youth, And home to thy sacred spring. Om Hundred Thirty-:ix X One Hundred Tbirg'-Jererz Good-bye to tree and tower To meadow, stream and hill Beneath the White Clouds marshalled close Ar the vvind's will," ALUMNAE 1 vwghgux F lake czzddled down in the loollowf of the fgromzd Officers of the Alumnae Association Pretident, MRS. FRANK E. WHITMAN . . 59 Church Street, Charleston, S. C. Firft Vice-Prefident, MRS. CLYDE SCOTT STILWELL 133 East 64th Street, New York City Second Vice-President, MRS. GEORGE F. SPAULDING . 241 Harbor Street, Glencoe, 111. Third Vice-Prerident, MRS. EVERETT U. CROSBY West Mermaid Lane, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. Recording Secretary, MRS. JOHN A. DUNN 41 Tennyson Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. Trearurer, MISS EUNICE B. BURBANK . 664 Longmeadow Street, Springfield, Mass. Alumnae Secretary, MISS MARY C. HIGLEY .... South Hadley, Mass. Presidents of Alumnae Clubs California NOffhCfH-MRS. HERMAN E. OWEN . . 160 Delmar Street, San Francisco Southern4MRs. PHILIP S. ORDWAY . . 1249 Harvard Avenue, Claremont Connecticut EHSICFUYMISS MARY A. C. AVERY .... 44 Oneco Street, Norwich Hartford-Miss ELISABETH GLEASON . . 70 Kingswood Road, West Hartford New HHVCUWMISS RUTH FERRY . . . 24 Edgewood Avenue, New Haven Waterbury-MRS. E. BRADFORD RIPLEY, JR. . . Merriam Lane, Watertown District of Colurnlria WashingtonMMRs. JESSE R. HILDEBRAND . 1409 31st Street, N. W., Washington Florida Florida-MRS. C. ARTHUR LINCOLN . 128 S. Palmetto Ave., Daytona Beach Georgia GCOfgl3A-MRS. ELLIS A. FULLER ..... 835 Penn Avenue, Atlanta Illinois Champaign-Urbana-MISS LOUISE S. DUNBAR 1207 West Oregon Street, Urbana Chicago-MRS, JAMESJ. FORSTALL . . . 199 Birch Street, Winnetka Indiana Indiana-MRS. ROBERT S. SINCLAIR 3736 Spring Hollow Road, Golden Hill, Indianapolis Maine Western Maine-MRS. CLYDE R. CHASE. . . 87 Pleasant Avenue, Portland Maryland BaltimorefMIss ELIZABETH S. MERRIAM Gilman Apts. B3, Calvert and 31st Streets, Baltimore Mayfachurettf Berkshire County-MRS. HARRY AGARD .,... Williamstown BOSIOHYMRS. HAROLD C. BOND . . . 22 Fair Oaks Avenue, Newtonville Franklin County-MISS ADELAIDE HOOD . 35 Prospect Street, Greenfield One Hundred Forty Mareachuretrr-Continued Hampshire COHHIY-MRS. SIDNEY PACKARD . 85 Washington Avenue, Northampton HolyOke4MRs. GEORGE F. JENKS . . . 157 Lincoln Street, Holyoke Springfield-MRS. EDWIN H. COOPER . . . 148 Euclid Avenue, Springfield Worcester-MRS. HOWARD S. FOSTER . , . 132 Coolidge Road, Worcester Miehigan Detroit-MRS. FRANKLIN D. HEPBURN . . 3002 Collingwood Avenue, Detroit Minnesota Minnesota-MRS. HAROLD K. PAINTER, JR. 4817 Fremont Avenue, South, Minneapolis Minonri St. Louis4MRs. STANLEYJ. BIRGE . . 2010 Longfellow Boulevard, St. Louis New Haniprhire New Hampshire-MRS. MARK WHEELER . 83 South Mast Street, Goffstown New jersey Trenton-MRs. JOHN A. WOOD .... 172 Jefferson Road, Princeton New York Buffalo-MRs. RUPERT E. L. KITTREDGE . , 134 Park Street, Buffalo CCHCf3l-MISS MARGARET MCCLELLAN . . . 18 Oswego Street, Utica EHSCCYDYMRS. RALPH W. SMITH .... 184 Market Street, Amsterdam Genesee Valley4MIss ELIZABETH BARTHOLONIEVV . 3 Beverley Street, Rochester New YOfk7MISS HANNAH MCCALLISTER Metropolitan Museum of Art, 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue, New York City North Carolina North C2fOliH2-MISS JULIA GROUT .... Duke University, Durham Ohio CCHCf3l-MISS DOROTHY FLOWERS . . . 56 Auburn Avenue, Columbus ClCY'Cl2Hd?MRS. ROBERT C. WILSON . . 1284 Andrews Avenue, Lakewood Pennryloania NOffhWCSECfH7MISS VIRGINIA CORBETT . . . 204 Sixth Avenue, Warren Philadelphia4MIss EDITH GAUKRODGER . Hamilton Court, 39th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia PittsburghfMIss MARY FRANCES PHILPUT 1 Cathedral Mansions, Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh Rhode Irland Rhode lsland4MRs. 'JAMES WALKER . . . 60 Taft Avenue, Providence Vermont VermOnt4MRs. GEORGE DYKHUIZEN . 350 South Prospect Street, Burlington Virginia Virginia-MRS. RICHARD EPPES .... 6 Pecan Avenue, City Point Washington Puget Sound-MRs. VEO F. SMALL . Lakeside Country Day School, Seattle Wireonein Milwaukee-MIss GRACE VAN DOORN . . 2414 East Jarvis Street, Milwaukee Foreign Cliihr ChinagMRs. RICHARD T. EVANS . , . 174 Woodrow Wilson Street, Tientsin .J31J3D4MRS. HILTON PEDLEY . . Kobe College, Okadayama, Nishino-Miya One Hundred F orty-one Mount Holyoke Alumnae Mary Lyon, a thin-lipped woman with flashing eyes, came down from the green hills of New England to found the first women's seminary in the United States. As calm and as firm as the hills where she had lived, she persevered through the years battling dusty, traditional beliefs. ln increasing numbers converted fathers sent their daughters, young and eager, to the seminary. When they crept into her off1ce, trem- bling with the newness of the seminary, she comforted them with sympathetic words and a big hand placed on the heaving shoulder. In her last years she grew weaker physically but her girls became stronger and all of her indomitable courage passed into the spirit of the college itself. As the years rolled by the seminary underwent changes adding all kinds of pro- gressive activities until it has become a women's college. Young girls enter as Fresh- men-mature women go out as Alumnae to lead in all paths of life. The ability of Frances Perkins to lead has been brought out very clearly in the past year. As a Mount Holyoke student she was the lirst of the vast army ofjunior Lunch enthusiasts. She pulled her brownie wagon up hills, and, with skirts gathered tightly about her, guiltily coasted down on the return journey. As President of her class she was the one to wield the gavel in class meetings, the Mandolin Club depended upon her gay strumming to make it a successg and many came to prayer meeting where they heard her firm voice and watched her quiet, strong face bowed in prayer. Today Frances Perkins assumes leadership of the nations in much the same manner. Quietly but firmly as our Secretary of Labor she is striving to cure many of our present day economic and social ills. She embodies the very spirit of Mary Lyon in her efforts to reach for more progressive action. The traditions and spirit of Mary Lyon and her first girls will always stimulate Alumnae to go out and lead. Frances Perkins has shown us that this is possible. May we use her as our example of Mount Holyoke and what it stands for! K -A One Hundred Fury-Iwo .aw if - - F: HONORS U fum' fm fl .mfffzzofwzf Like Umfer 11 120Z.rele.v.s' .sky I Vl1mf mfzfrfr flu' 11mr11i72g.1' break Nw' Iluf v1'e11mg.r Jie." Phi Beta Kappa MEMBERS IN FACULTY AND Prexident . fecretmy Trmfurer . . MARY E. WOOLLEY A. ELIZABETH ADAMS DAVID E. ADAMS MILDRED ALLEN HARRIETT M. ALLYN KATHERINE W. AURYANSEN GRACE M. BACON MARGARET BALL VIOLA F. BARNES MARION E. BLAKE BERTHA E. BLAKELY BEATRICE E. BOLTON BLANCH E. BROTHERTON LESLIE BURGEVIN JOSEPHINE BURNS MILDRED L. CAMPBELL EMMA P. CARR GORDON K. CHALMERS MARY ASHBY CHEEK ALZADA COMSTOCK ELIZABETH COOK MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY CORNELIA C. COULTER MISS FLORENCE ADAMS MISS FLINT M. GERTRUDE CUSHING CHARLOTTE DJEVELYN ELLA S. DICKERSON VIRGINIA DICKERSON ETHEL B. DIETRICH E. JEAN DIX MRS. DOROTHY W. DOOLITTLE ALICE H. FARNSWORTH FLORENCE W. FOSS MARY CUSTIS FOSTER BEATRICE GRAY CAROLINE B. GREENE MARIAN HAYES SAMUEL P. HAYES FRANCES E. HAYNES CHARLOTTE HAYWOOD AMY HEWES GERTRUDE S. HYDE MARY H. JACKSON KATHLEEN M. LYNCH MRS. MAY W. MCCONAUGHY FLORENCE B. MCKINLEY ERIKA MEYER ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MISS GOLDTHWAITE MISS PURINGTON STAFF . MARY E. WOOLLEY MARION E. BLAKE . MARION E. COOLEY HARIETT NEWHALL HELEN D. O'NEIL HELEN E. PATCH LUCY W. PICKETT MARGARET SEIKEL RUTH K. SHAW MARY L. SHERRILL CHRISTIANNA SMITH ADA L. F. SNELL KATHRYN F. STEIN LOUISA S. STEVENSON SUSAN R. STIFLER ALMA G. STOKEY MRS. IRENE B. TAEUBER ELLEN B. TALBOT MIGNON TALBOT N. ARNOLD TOLLES ABBY H. TURNER MARJORIE E. VIVIAN ELINOR WARE LAURA H. WILD JANET F. WILDER ANNA S. YOUNG MISS ALICE STEVENS MISS CLARA STEVENS MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1933 KATHARINE BAIRD"4 FRANCES BEACH MARY-JEAN BEAVEN RUTH CHASEY HARRIET CRANSTON ALICE CRITCHETT"' VIRGINIA ERNST EDITH FARR": MARY HAMILTON AMY HARVEY 'JEAN HOWE DORA JONES ALICE LANGWORTHY RUTH LAWSON MARGARET LEWIS CAROLINE LYMAN ELEANOR MATHIAS CAROLYN MICHEL DOROTHY SCHIERERT ELIZABETH SCOTT MARGARET SEIKELT ELEANOR SIEGESMUNDT SYLVIA SMYTH MARGARET STEIN EUPHEMIA SURGENOR"' LUCILE TOMLISON MARY TURNER ELINOR WARET MINNIE WEBB HELEN WENTWORTH JANET WILDER MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1934 LOIS ADAMS MAE RASTALL EUNICE WILLSON g'fE1eCted in 1932 Om Hundred Forty-:ix Fellowships THE BARDWELL MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIPS ALICE BLAKE CRITCHETT, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1933. Radcliffe College, French Literature. MATILDA VIRGINIA ERNST, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1933. RadCliH'e Col- lege, Economics. THE MARY E. WOOLLEY FELLOWSHIP BEATRICE FRY HYSLOP, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1919. A. M., Columbia University, 1924. Columbia University and France, History. THE 1905 FELLOWSHIP MARJORIE OLIVER ALLEN, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1931. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Physical Chemistry. ELIZABETH HENRICH, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1933. School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Medical Art. THE FRANCES MARY HAZEN FELLOWSHIP CAROL WHITCOMB BARNETTE, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1926. Columbia University, Classical Archaeology. THE JOSEPH A. SKINNER FELLOWSHIPS ELIZABETH JEAN DIx, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1932. Mount Holyoke Col- lege, History and Political Science. DOROTHY AGNES FRANKLIN, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1929. Mount Holyoke College, Physics. DOROTHY ANNETTE SCHIERER, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1933. Bryn Mawr College, Archaeology. ELINOR WARE, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1933. Mount Holyoke College, Chemistry. THE HELEN WIEAND COLE, 1906, FELLOWSHIP Madeleine Suzanne Perdrizet, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1923. Universite de Paris, France, French Literature. THE DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LITERATURE AND DRAMA SCHOLARSHIP MAYBELLE MARIE HINTON, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1931. Smith College, Drama. Sarah Williston Scholars MELISSA BROWN ADAMS ELIZABETH ANDERSON SARA ANDERSON MARGARET MARY ANDREWS EMMA VIRGINIA BRILLINGER INEZ PARKS BUCKINGHAM GRACE CAROLYN CARTER CAROLYN ABBOTT CHANCE PHILENA EVANS CHASE RUTH MARVIN COLTON NANCY META CORBIN MAEEL DAYMONT ALICE BEATRICE DEEM MARY CHASE DUNLAP MARGARET MARY ENDICOTT One Hundred F org-Jeum SOPHOMORE HONORS JEAN ALLYN GARIS BARBARA SAMSON GRANGER CAROLINE HARRISON JEAN HASTINGS ELIZABETH RUTH HOSMER DOROTHY HOWLAND CYNTHIA JUMP MAIDA LILLIAN KOLB GRACE LUHRSEN DRUE ELLA MATTHEWS KATHERINE CORNELIA MATTHEWS ELIZABETH HARVEY MAYER EDITH MARIAN MEADE MARJORIE BRINSMADE MORGAN RUTH MARY MORRISON JEANNETTE POND EDITH FLORA PREUSSE DORIS MARIE RIEHL JESSIE MCEWAN ROMER EvA ALLEN ROYCE CLAIRE ALICE SELTIZ Lois MILLER SMEDLEY ISABELLE ROBERTS SMILEY MARIAN FRANCES SMITH NANCY STAVER MIRIAM STOKES KATHARINE ELIZABETH TAYLOR ELIZABETH JANE WII.SON ELEANOR ALICE WINTER IT, My Mary Lyon Scholars or' 1933 ALICE BLAKE CRITCHETT . KATHARINE HOWARD BAIRD . HARRIET FITCH CRANSTON . VIRGINIA MATILDA ERNST , LOUISE GILBERT , . . MARY VIRGINIA HAMILTON . AMY LOUISE HARVEY , . JEAN ELAINE HOWE . RUTH CATHARINE LAWSON . CAROLINE ROOT LYMAN . DOROTHY ANNETTE SCHIERER ELIZABETII MANSON SCOTT . MARGARET SEIKEL . , ELEANOR MAY SIEGESMUND . EUPHEMIA MCNICOL SURGENOR LUCILE ELIZABETH TOMLINSON ELINOR WARE , . . MINNIE LOUISE VIEBB I . JANET FRANCES WILDER , FRANCENIA ALLIBONE BUDD . RUTH ELEANORE CHASEY . GRACE PATRICIA COMANS . LESLIE ESAU . , . MADELINE GERTRUDE FAETH FRANCES JOSEPHINE HARRIS . JANET MONTGOMERY HOOKS . JANET LOUISE JOBSON . . DORA JONES ,... JANET GRACE KENNEDY . ALICE HOFFMAN LANGWORTHY MARGARET ANGEVINE LEWIS MARJORIE ALICE LOUD . ELEANOR MARIAN MATHIAS , LOIS ELISABETH MAY , . RUTH CONSTANCE PIER . MATILDA LOUISE REINHARDT RUTH CHITTENDEN SMITH . MARGARET ROSE STEIN JANE TILDEN . I . MARY MARGARET TURNER . ELSIE NESS WARD. . MARY-JEAN BEAVEN . DOROTHY ETHEL BISHOP , MARY CALWELL I . . MIRIAM WARREN COOK , BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH HIGHEST HONOR i WITH HIGH .HONOR A WITH HONOR ' HONORS IN COURSE . French . . Chemistry . . , . Zoology . Economics and Sociology . . . English . , . English . . . , Zoology . . , . English History and Political Science , . , Physiology . . . Archaeology . English Chemistry . . . . Latin . . . Chemistry . Economics ancl Sociology , . Chemistry Mathematics . Zoology . , , , English English Literature and Drama English Literature and Drama . . . . Latin . . , . German History and Political Science . Economics and Sociology English Literature and Drama History and Political Science History and Political Science . . . Psychology History and Political Science . . . Physiology . . . Psychology . . . Chemistry English Literature and Drama . . . , English . . , . French , Economics and Sociology , . . . Spanish . Economics and Sociology . . . Zoology . History and Literature of Religion . , . . Spanish . . . . Geology Art and Archaeology ALICE POULTNEY MORRIS CROTHERS . . History and Literature of Religion EDITH URSULA FARR , , CONSTANCE EMMA GRAVILL , . . , Greek . . . . English ADELYN LUCRETIA HITCHCOCK . , . Geography RUTH LOUISE HUDSON . . . History and Literature of Religion JULIA LOUISE MILLS . . .... Zoology MARJORIE DOUGLAS PYRKE . ,,,,, Psychology SYLVIA HAWTHORNE SMYTH . . History and Literature of Religion EVIS AMY TOWLE , . MARY THOMAS WALKER DOROTHY COBY WINANS . Art and Archaeology . Economics and Sociology , . . Psychology One Hundred FMU-eight Prizes SARAH WILLISTON PRIZES 1933 ALICE BLAKE CRITCHETT EDITH URSULA FARR KATHARINE HOWARD BAIRD ELINOR WARE ELEANOR MAY SIEGESMUND ELIZABETH ANDERSON GRACE CAROLYN CARTER 1935 1934 LOIS STARK ADAMS MAE FANNY RASTALL HARRIET AYLENE WILLARD JEAN ENGLE LOIS EDNA WATERHOUSE KATI-IARINE ELIZABETH TAYLOR ELIZABETH RUTH HOSMER INEZ PARKS BUCKINGHAM THE SARAH WILLISTON PRIZE SCHOLARSHIP ALICE BLAKE CRITCHETT, 1933 THE .IESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN SCHOLARSHIP ESTELLE CATHERINE STREPEK, 1934 THE JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN PRIZES FELICIA RAY GRESSITT, 1936 ELEANOR WILMA SAUER, 1936 THE EDWARD WHITMAN CHAPIN SCHOLARSHIP ISOBEL LOUISE SMITH, 1934 THE ANNA C. EDWARDS PRIZE FRANCES REBECCA SMITH THE SIGMA THETA CHI ALUMNAE POETRY PRIZE MATILDA LOUISE REINHARDT, 1933 CATHERINE ADELAIDE SWARTZ, 1934 THE KATHRYN IRENE GLASCOCK MEMORIAL POETRY PRIZE MARY VIRGINIA HAMILTON, 1933 THE FLORENCE PURINGTON PRIZE MARY SALAMSON MCGONIGAL, 1936 THE KATHRYN C. MCFARLAND AWARD LOUISE SNOWDEN PORTER, 1934 THE MERRILL PRIZES LOUISE DAVIS BRASTOW MARY LOVETT MANSFIELD JESSAMINE SHIVELY ELEANOR GRANT FERGUSON MARION LEEL ROSE MARGARET LIPPIATT MARY SALAMSON MCGONIGAL COMMUNITY-FORUM-INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP ALICE HUGHES CARVER, 1934 GENEVIEVE SCHMICH AWARD CATHERINE STONE, 1933 One Hundred Fanjf-nine GOTTFRIED, BILLINGS, SMITH GAPCYNSKI, MCENTEE, MONTIGNANI, XVHITCOMBE Delta Sigma Rho Prexident . MARGARET WIiITCOMBE MEMBERS MILDRED BILLINGS, '35 JANE GOTTFRIED, '34 ELIZABETH BROCKWAY, '34 CAROLINE HARRISON, '35 XZALERIE GAPCYNSKI, '34 FRANCES SMITH, '34 Delta Sigma Rho is a national honorary forensic society, with membership awarded to those who have completed the first semester of their Junior year and who have participated in an intercollegiate debate. Mount Holyoke and Elmira Colleges are the only two women colleges who are members of Delta Sigma Rho. One Hundred Fifty COLTON, CHASE, CAVIN, HILL ANDERSON, SVVARTZ, HOXX'.xRD Blackstiek Pz'e.rZde:1t . , CATIIERINL Su ARTZ .S'erretf1zjy-Tfmfzzrer. MIRIAM HORN MEMBERS ELIZABETH ANDERSON, '35 ALICE CARVER, '34 JEAN CAVIN, '35 MARGARET CIIAsE, '34 RUTII COLTON, '35 MARJORIE HILL, '34 MIRIANI HORN, '35 MARX' HOWARD, '35 MARY MCGONIGAL, CORNELIA NEWTON, LOUISE PORTER, '34 CATHERINE SVVARTZ, ANNE WILDIER, '35 '36 '36 '34 Blaekstiek is an honorary literary society, whose members are chosen because thev have ability and interest in creative writing. The purpose of the organization is to band together people with this interest. One Irlznzdrm' Flffl'07lE ACTIVITIES 149 ,fgy 'f bile ZOIIKQ jwz1'.s'jq0zz' befozv, Lei frZe11d.fl12p f11'cl1Z7zg 'fzvixf fm' bridge Tlvjf .ff1'm111." SEP'I'EMIll:LR OCTOBER OCTOBER OC FOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER Nov EM BER NOVEMllIili NOVEMBER NovEM BER DECEM BER DECEMBER JANUARY ANUARY ANUARY JANUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY MARCII MARCII M.ARCI1 APRIL APRIL APRII. APRIL MAY NlAY MAY JUNE JUNE 24 1 8 15 22 29 5 12 19 26 3 10 .7 14 21 26 4 11 18 25 4 11 18 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 3 10 Re v N e w Re v Re v Re v Rev. Calendar for 1933-34 I Mount Holyoke College Preachers . Ralph W. Sockman, Methodist Episcopal Church, Madison Avenue and 60th Street, York, N. Y. . Reinhold Niebuhr, Union Theological Seminary, New York, N, Y. . Henry S. Coffin, Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y, . W. Russell Bowie, Grace Church Rectory, New York, N. Y. David E. Adams, Collegel Rev. Sidney Lovett, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. D Rev. James Gordon Gilkey, South Congregational Church, Springlield, Mass. Rev. David N. Beach, First Church of Christ, Springlield, Mass. Rev Pres Rev. Rev Rev. Rev . William P. Schell, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. ident Paul D. Moody, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont. ,jesse G. Nichols, South Hadley, Mass. . Henry H. Tweedy, The Divinity School, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. Charles W. Gilkey, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. . Bernard C. Clausen, First Baptist Church of Syracuse, Syracuse, N. Y. Rev. Robert Russell Wicks, Princeton University, Princeton, N. Dean Harold E. B. Speight, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. Village Church. Pres Pres Rev ident Albert W. Beaven, The Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, Rochester, N. Y. ident Edgar Park, Wheaton College, Norton, Mass. , Luther A. Weigle, Dean, Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Conn. President Robbins W. Barstow, The Hartford Seminary Foundation, Hartford, Conn. Rev. W. Douglas Mackenzie, President Emeritus, Hartford Seminary Foundation, Hartford, Conn. Rev. Willard L. Sperry, Dean, The Theological School, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mas Rev Hav Dr. Rev S. . Charles R. Brown, Dean of the Divinity School, Emeritus, Yale University, New en, Conn. Alfred E. Stearns, Headmaster, Phillips ACadeIIIy, Andover, Mass. . David E. Adams, College. Professor Rufus M. Jones, Haverford College,.Haverford, Pa. Rev. ,lay T. Stocking, Piljiai Cjngregational Church, St. Louis, Mo. Rev . Halford E. Luccock, Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Conn. Rev. Y. Moldenhawer, The First Presbyterian Church, New York, N. Y. Professor T. Hayes Proctor QRev.D Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. Rev. Arthur H. Bradford, Central Congregational Church, Providence, R. I. One Hundred Fifg-four OCTOBER 16 OCTOBER 18 OCTOBER Z3 OCTOBER 25 OCTOBER 30 OCTOBER 31 NOVEMBER 6 NOVEMBER 7 NOVEMBER 8 NOVEMBER 11 NOVEMBER 13 NOVEMBER 14 NOVEMBER 15 NOVEMBER 20 NOVEMBER 27 NOVEMBER 28 DECEMBER 4 DECEMBER 5 JANUARY 9 JANUARY 10 JANUARY 16 JANUARY 19 FEBRUARY 6 FEBRUARY 13 FEBRUARY 21 FEBRUARY 27 MARCH 6 MARCH 13 MAY 1 OCTOBER 14 OCTOBER 28 NOVEMBER 4 NOVEMBER 16 NOVEMBER 18 NOVEMBER 25 FEBRUARY 23 MARCH 10 . , Lectures Economics of the New Deal-The Passing of Competition: Prof. Comstock. ' Anglo-Saxon Arts axnd Crafts: Asst. Prof. Mill. ' - X Economics of the New Deal-The Worker and the New Deal: Prof. Hewes. Eva Le Gallienne and the Civic Repertory Movement: Mary .Ward. Economics of the New Deal-Banking and the New Deal: Asst. Prof. Tolles. The Abbey Of Monte Cassino as a Center of Art and Learning: Dr. Henry M. Willard. Economics of the New Deal-The New Deal and the Old Dole: Asst. Prof. Taeuber. Problems of the Stratosphere: Prof. Jean Piccard. X The League of Nations Challenged: Dr. Arnold Wolfers. The Red Harvest: Vincent Burns. Economics of the New Deal-The Farmer and the New Deal: Miss Lewis. The Relief Program of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the Depression: Richard K. Conant. Aspects of Mediaeval Life: Prof. D'Evelyn. Economics of the New Deal-Bargaining Tariffs and the New Deal: Prof. Dietrich. Religious Customs in Sumatra: Dr. Tassilo Adams. The War Debts in the Light of Ethics: Prof. Warbeke. f The Relations of China and the Western World in the Art Of the Middle Ages: Dr. Rudolph Riefstahl. Child Welfare: Sophie Van Senden Theis, Mrs. Marion Boothby, Frank Howard. Occupational Therapy: Miss Constance M. Garrod. Victorian Afiinities to Symbolism: Louis Cazamian. Backgrounds of Elizabethan Literature: Prof. Burgevin. Prisons and Prisoners: Victor Folke Nelson. The Nursing Profession: Mrs. Mary Taylor Swoboda. From Ithaca to Ithaca: Carl Weagant. European Universities and Nationalism: Dr. Walter Kotschnig. Life in Lesu: Miss Hortense Powdermaker, College Women in Business: Mrs. Virginia M. Wheat.. Finding Out About Human Sleep: Dr. Donald A. Laird. Department Store Work: Mrs. Lucinda W. Prince. Innate Characteristics of Japanese Art: Miss Dorothy Blair. Library Work: Miss Staniel and Miss Ellsworth. Ingenuity: Frances Lester Warner. William Blake: Laurence Binyon.. Social Events Junior-Freshman Reception. Llamarada Dance. Junior Show. , 7.2, 23 President Woolley at Home to Faculty and Staff. Sophomore-Senior Reception. Senior-Freshman Reception. Senior Dance. Senior-Faculty Reception. ii ,lf 4 XR Nfl Q Q' APRIL 21 Freshman-Senior Reception. ,J K I APRIL 27 Junior Promenade. QLION X. MAY 12 May Day. N N MAY 18 Spring Dance . JUNE 8-11 Commencement. C One Hundred Fifty-five ' I F-55-- .... ' 5 3: eisssgattigj. A YR ! l I A .XA-f:'x'-X , .qi , ji: fi ' 1 1 fiwj: 1 . 1.1 . fr O' ' ' f, --.-1-.. ,K A -4,1 OCTOBER OCTOBER 10-12 OCTOBER 22 OCTOBER 26 NOVEMBER NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 8 NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 29 DECEMBER 3 DECEMBER 5 DECEMBER 8-9 DECEMBER 9 DECEMBER 10 DECEMBER 13 JANUARY 8-31 JANUARY 12 JANUARY 21 JANUARY 27 FEBRUARY 5-28 FEBRUARY 13 FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 17 FEBRUARY 21 MARCH S-23 MARCH 7 MARCH 8 MARCH 16 MARCH 17 APRIL 13 APRIL 18-21 MAY 3 MAY 4 MAY 9 41 MAY 12 fl 'N MAY 19 l. ..Qe3 Cf s I l ' . -Q NOVEMBER 8 DECEMBER 7 al.. mga. I1 2 xr ' A Ld ? My : lf ,772 Jlllill. if . Miscellaneous Events 2-NOVEMBER 5 Exhibition of Japanese Wood Block Prints by modern artists. Conference of Presidents and Secretaries of the Seven College Alumnae Associations. Y. W. C. A. Candlelight Service. Eugene O'Neill's AH, WILDERNEss: Mrs. Harriet F. Whicher. 6-30 Exhibition of Paintings by Abbie L. Bosworth, '27. ---f-----V 7-19 Exhibition of Paintings by Georgina Klitgaard. Founder's Day. Field Day. 12-14 Christian Fundamental Series: Mr. James T. Cleland. Thanksgiving Party. S. N. Behrman's BIOGRAPHY: Miss Wheeler. Llamarada Fashion Show. Women's Intercollegiate News Association Conference. Christmas Bazaar. Scholarship Fund Benefit Debate. Wesleyan vs. Mount Holyoke. Re- solved: that the principles of the N. R. A. should become permanent features of the American government policy. Christmas Carol Service. Mount Holyoke Dramatic Club and The Amherst Masquers: ANIMAL KINGDOM. Exhibitions of photographs by Professor Morgan. Sue Hastings Marionettes: ALADDIN, THREE LITTLE Pics and PUPPET REVIEW. Colman and Garrick's TI-IE CI.ANDEsTINE MARRIAGE: Anne Shumberger. Amherst College Musical Clubs Concert and Dance. Exhibition of American Indian paintings. Minstrel Show and Sketch, WHAT WERE LITTLE EvA's LAST WoRDs?: Men Employees Asso- ciation for the benefit of the Scholarship Fund. 14-17 Playshop Production: WHITE BIRD and WINGS. Musical Mother Goose Tea. Dance Recital: Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. Exhibition of photographs of architecture and reproductions of modern paintings. Dance Recital: Marie Heghinian and the Students of Dancing. Scholarship Fund Concert: Frances Nash, Pianist. Dramatic Club: CHANTICLER. Physical Education Department Demonstration Debate, Mount Holyoke vs. University of Pennsylvania. Mount Holyoke and Wesleyan Glee Club Concert and Dance. Playshop Productions. Competitive Sing. Poetry Prize Reading. Latin Prize Examination. May Day Pageant and Play. Field Day. Debating Society Dance. The Concert Course The Vienna Choir Boys. Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Om Hundred F i fy-.tix ""7""""---...,-.M Preyizlefzt . C bu! 1111411 , Vice-Clmimmzl , .Yefretmy . Treamrfr . .Yong Leader One Hllfldlffd Fiffi'-Jevrrz BENliDlf'l', Bovr, FARNUM, HEATON Community OH-lcers MARY E. WUOLLEX' MUIIIEL FARNUM , PRISCILLA BOYT . Lois BENEDICT MARY JUNE HEATQN AILIQEN E. YOIGHT PARKER, TAYLOR, CHASE KIDWELL, FARNUM, ALBREQIII' Nominating Committee Chairman . MURIEL EARNUM MEMBERS MARY ALBRECHT RUTH CHASE CHARLOTTE PARKER ALICE ALLABFN ELIZABETH TAYLOR Mlss KIDWELL One Hlt7lJf6d Fiffj-eight ""'m"" -A... FXLBRECHT, LESTER N1L'l.k ARL, EVANS, H 1.1.1. Judicial Board Clmirzmnz . WVINIITRED EVANS MEMBERS Mxss SNELL Nfxom HALL MISS LITZINGER MARY ALBRECHT NINA MULCARE 'IAN15 LESTER ELIZABETH STAVERS Om' Ilmzdml Fifg-nine BOYT, REICHAIID, BRILLINGER, FARNUM, EVANS Conference Committee Chairman . MURIEL FARNUM MEMBERS MISS WOOLLEY WINIERED EVANS MISS CHEEK MARGARET WHITCOMBE MISS CARR PRISCILLA BOYT MISS COMSTOCK VIRGINIA BRILLINGER MRS. SPROULE MARY R. REICHARD KATHERINE METCALF One Hundred sixfjl Members Of Representative Council ADAMS, ELEANOR ALLABEN, ALICE ALLEN, ARDIS BARNUM, BETTY BABCOCK, CONSTANCE BENEDICT, HELEN BEVIN, SYLVIA BINNS, ALICE BOSSHARD, HELEN BOYT, PRISCILLA BRADFORD, JEAN BUENTING, BETTY BULLARD, JANE CALVERLY, GRACE COLE, SARAH CUTLER, MARION DAUCHY, RUTH DENISON, .GERALDINE DUTHIE, EDITH ESPEUT, VIVIENNE GOODRICH, SALLY GOODYEAR, ERNESTINE GOTTFRIED, JANE GRAVES, ELEANOR HARVEY, FRANCES HELM, ELLEN HERINGTON, ROBERTA HOOD, DALE HOTALING, DOROTHY Om Hundred .Yixtj-on: 1933-34 HOWELL, KATHERINE HOWLAND, DOROTHY INKSETTER, GEORGIE KIMBALL, LOUISE LORD, BARBARA MACALISTER, LOUISE MCNESS, MARIANNA METCALF, KATHERINE MILLS, DOROTHY MONTIONANI, ELIZABETH MOSHER, MARY PERRY, ELEANOR PHELAN, DOROTHY PHELAN, GRACE PHELPS, THEODOSIA POMEROY, ADELE POND, JEANNETTE REIDINGER, IRMA ROYCE, EVA SCHNIEDER, LOIS SCHUNDLER, ELEANOR SHAW, JULIET SMILEY, ISABELLE STEPHEN, MARY SWARTZ, CATHERINE TAYLOR, ELIZABETH WHITCOMBE, MARGARET WOOLLEY, ELEANOR WILLIAMS, HARRIET 'VA WOOLCOCK, MIRIAM A 5 ,, ,flu QILCJ H' fifewv-'wii2+ J' J A " Wi:-',U,5i ,1I4 1 U1 7 I I , -L VOIGHT, KELLEY, DRAKE, TIBBALS, HARRISON, WARREN BRILLINGER, TERRELL, CALVVELL, NELSON, XVILLIAMS, PI..-ATT The Christian Association CABINET Prexident . . . JEANNE TEIIRELL Vice-President VIRGINIA BRILLINGER Secretary . HARRIET WILLIAMS Trearurer . VIVIAN NELSON COMMITTEES Worfbip . ELIZABETH TIBBALS junior Achievement ELIZABETH PLATT Mufic. MARGARET FISKE Girl .Ycoutf . . . HILDA FARMER Campuf MARGARET KELLEY Student Industrial , JULIA DRAKE Village . AILEEN VOIGHT W. S. C. F. . BARBARA WARREN Viiifillqg . MARGARET MILLER Publicity . BARBARA HEWLETT Social Service . HELEN FORNEY Community . . . PRISCILLA BOYT Coffee Houfe. Y. W. C. A. . MURIEL FRANK . BARBARA LORD General Secretary . Handbook Editor . Busineff Manager MARY CALWELL . MARY HOWARD BEATRICE MOORE One Hundred .Yixgf-two Silver Bay Student Conference BILLS, LONA BOYT, PRISCILLA BRILLINGER, VIRGINIA CALWELL, MARY FARNUM, MURIEL FORNEY, HELEN VOIGHT, AILEEN, Chairman HAGADORN, CATHERINE HASTINGS, JEAN HUME, JEAN MILLER, ESTHER POMEROY, ADELLE TIBBALS, ELIZABETH Among the most important of the many activities connected with the Y. W. C. A. is the Student Conference held the last week in june every year at beautiful Silver Bay on the shore of Lake George. Here our delegates, who are sent through the combined contributions of C. A. and the four classes, meet delegates from all the leading women's colleges in this part of the country. Under the skilled leadership of outstanding figures in the fields of religion, educa- tion, and Y. W. C. A. work, each delegate studies those problems relating to the religious and social welfare of college groups which particularly interest her. Nor is recreation neglected, for afternoons are free for the many outdoor activities offered by the location, and delightful social events are planned for each evening. Small wonder that each delegate brings away from the candlelighting ceremony of the last evening a host of memories of fun, friendships and inspiration that will help her to be a moreworthwhile leader in her own college community during the year to come. ,Q 1 -Ha. . -1 ...V-. .L -..- ...,,-, , v'rw'f"s A -rn-r I -..Ltr -fa.-.... n....,rgg L7 I ew -----5 , --3. xl' 'Psy . -K-:LlQ,f',i-, .Q ' J. ,fri .'..wgH Q. .,i ,,, , .-.P i ,Av ,. .Q gllfsil la.: l Fi . ,U I 1 I I .l One Hundrm' Sixty-tbnz V! if I K , f . A 1 . C...L..Y M. . I I J.. Www 'July' X at ' "' "A T ...W . ...,,,.W...,,...... ..-...M I j:,.a,AQ A. .5 laigidlw-W W- --'- -5-W -1w- W'---fT3.iQg, LMI- .L ELEANQR CALVERLY, KELLEY, RABUNAL, EL1zAnE'riI CALVERLY OWL, BAR'rLaT'1', GRESSIT'F Cosmopolitan Club OFFICERS Prerident . . , AGNES BARTLETT Secretary . . LAURA LEE Treafurer . , . . FELICIA GRESSITT This year the Cosmopolitan Club adopted a new policy of having membership open to the college at large instead of limiting it to foreign students and to those Americans who had been born or who reside abroad. lt was felt that a mixed membership would make interchange of ideas and opinions more interesting and more beneficial. Social gatherings were held around the fire place of South Rockefeller parlour for informal discussion of various aspects of the diferent cultures of the nations repre- sented. At intervals the club invited speakers, such as Mrs. Seelye of Northampton, who lectured on Syrian Culture. Another important part of the year's program was the intercollegiate social ac- tivities with Smith, Amherst, and Springfield Colleges. These activities which in- cluded a cabaret, dances, and teas were held in turn at the respective colleges. One H mzdred SMU-four XVARD, H -XRRISON GAPQYNSKI, BiLL1Ntss, SMITH, GLJ'I"I'I:RIED Debating Society 1're.r2de12t . FRANc1as SM1'rii Vice-Pnaridezzt fum' Tl't'Ll.l'llI'Cf' . JANE GUTTPRILD .y!?Cfb'ftl7j' . CAROLINE HARRISON Clnzirmmz of Direct0rie.r , lx4ILDRlLD BILLINGS A.r.rZ.rtaz1t Cluzirlzzfzzz of Directorief . LORETTA lVlESCHTliR The Mount Holyoke Debating Society participated in three triangular debates with other members of the Eastern Inter-Collegiate Debate League, Smith, Wesleyan, Bates, University of Pennsylvania and Wellesley. These were all conducted on the Oregon Plan of questions and answers, lawyers and regular court room procedure. Besides these the team met Hamilton and Elmira in two extra-league debates and conducted several interclass debates on lighter subjects as a training school for inter- collegiate debating. One H wzdrm' S'ixU-fre THOMPSON, GOTT MA'r'ruuws, Canvun, MONTIGNANI International Relations Club Prerident , . ALICE CARVER .llecretafy-Trearurei' DRUE lVlATTIilLWS Faculty Advirer . PROFESSOR ELLIS Carrying on an unbiased and unprejudiced study of current world problems, the International Relations Club discusses in its bi-monthly meetings, questions of inter- national interest and concern. Among the subjects which have been reported on and discussed in the past year are Russia, Palestine, Turkey, present day Germany, re- organization ofthe League of Nations, German refugees, Opium Convention, Japanese Mandates in the Pacific, Danubian Union, and intellectual cooperation under the League. One of the Club's most important projects every year is preparation and participa- tion in the New England Model League of Nations, which took place this year during March in Cambridge. Mount Holyoke represented China, New Zealand, Finland and Luxemburg. One H andrea! ,Yixty-.tix l l Go'1'T, GRICFOR, CHASE Peace Club l'rc.m!w1t . lsoU1sE ljURI'l-QR, '34 .S'em'tmj1' lVlARGARIj'I' Clmsna, '34 T1'm.n'1m'r' ..... lVlARY RosE RIIICH.-XRD, '36 CH.-URMEN OF COMMITTEES UU-mzzzpzn . ,...... XYIRGINIA Go'rT, '36 Pulititfzl MARGARET Crmsn, '34 Pl'0KLfl'z11l! lVlARION CU'I'LliR, '35 l'1rblitit1' ix'l.XRGARE'l' Glllliclll, '34 lffmznte ....., . MAIIX' RosE REICHARD, '36 From its reorganization in the fall of 1933, the Peace Club has evolved a system vvherebv each of its members serves on one or more committees. In the summer it sends out two Caravanners who further the desire for peace in rural sections. This year, girls have also talked in churches and schools in neighboring towns. The club has attempted to translate educated opinion into political action by sending tele- grams and encouraging the writing of letters to Washington when international measures are before the government. Peace Club is working toward the permanent abolition of war. Om' Hmldrml fzxh-Jvzwz --,f Nw.. ' 7, x Si M. -J ' ' l I I WW 471 Department Clubs CHEMISTRY CLUB Prerident . .... MARGARET SLAKER, '34 Vice-President .... . MARY DUNLAP, '35 Secretary and Treafurer ..... . . HELEN WILMOT, '35 Sophomore Member of Executive Committee ,.... JEAN BRADFORD, '36 The Chemistry Club aims to mix its acquisition of scientihc knowledge with social activities. A party and a banquet, in addition to the conventional lectures, are in- cluded in the program. FRENCH CLUB President ......... FRANCOISE QUENEAU, '34 The French Club has promoted interest in French and in French plays. To this end, a play has been produced this year, the proceeds of which have helped to establish a scholarship for junior students studying in France. A French circle, composed of French majors, meets every two Weeks for social activities. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB President . ...... ETHEL S. BROWN, '34 Vice-Prerident . .,., MARION BALDWIN, '34 Secretary ...,.,... JANET THOMPSON, '35 Treasurer ...,...., KATHERINE DODGE, '34 Psychology Club, Open to anyone credited with six hours of psychology, has had three OHicial meetings, in addition to special gatherings at which the faculty have entertained. The club aims to be a living Organization. BIBLICAL CLUB Prerident . . ..., . ISOBEL SMITH, '34 Vice-Prefident . . . . . RUTH MORRISON, '35 Secretary and Treasurer ....... ELIZABETH TIBBALS, '34 The Biblical Club, composed chiefly of religion majors, endeavors to engage out- standing speakers for its four meetings, and to foster good fellowship among all those interested in religious scholarship. CLASSICAL CLUB Prerident . . ...... DOROTHY PRIEST, '34 Secretary .......... SARA ANDERSON, '35 The Classical Club aims to promote interest in all phases of ancient Roman and Greek life. During the year the club Sponsors lectures and various social activities. ZOOLOGY CLUB Chairman ........, HELEN MCWAIN, '34 Executive Committee . MARY OBER, MARY ALICE HARTWELL, MIRIAM STOKES, BETTY WILSON One Hundred Sixgf-eight 4 'e ri . 3 I ,-na... aqk 3 ' I I1 ... W ,N , , U4 ,..a..,,, ,. Representative Mount Holyoke Community Delegates, Five College Conference, MURIEL FARNUM, DRUE MATTHEWS, VIRGINIA BRILLINGER International Relations Scholarship for 1933 .... ALICE CARVER National Student Federation of America .,... PRISCILLA BoYT Y. W. C. A. Delegate, Junior Month .... GERALDINE DENN1soN JUNIORS IN GERMANY INEZ P. BUCKINGHAM .... 41 Bay State Road, Belmont, Mass. ARLINE MANCE , , 77 Swarthmore Street, Hamden, Conn. HELEN SCHMITT . . . . 452 5th Street, Brooklyn, New York ,IUNIORS IN FRANCE GRACE C, CARTER, The New Berne, 12th Street and Massachusetts Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C. AMANDA P. MACY. . . 260 Maple Street, New Bedford, Mass. ELIZABETH K. TAYLOR .... 30 Amherst Road, Watertown, Mass. STUDENT SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE Held on April 14, 1934, at Smith College, Northampton, the conference drew dele- gates from nine colleges in the Connecticut valley: Amherst, Connecticut,Connec- ticut State, Dartmouth, Mount Holyoke, Massachusetts State, Smith, Springfield and Wesleyan. Research reports, demonstrations, and exhibits were set up in the departments of Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Geology and Geography, Mathe- matics, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, and Zoology. MOUNT HOLYOKE REPRESENTATIVES . . . . . . . . . Miss SHIPMAN FLORENCE MARTINDALE . MARY STEPHEN Adviser . . Graduate Student General Chairman ...... COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Program . ...... MARY ALICE HARTWELL Finance . ...,... JANE PATTAN Publicigf . ........ MARION CUTLER DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Astronomy ....... MARGARET WHITCGMEE Botany , . . . . BETTY THoMsoN Chemistry . . MARGARET SLAKER Geology and Geography . LAURA HEROY . Mathematics . . . WINIFRED EVANSIQ X51 Physics . . FRANCES WESTFALLI I Physiology . MARIAN SWEET X - Psychology . JEANETTE STEIN' l Zoology . . HELEN MCWAIN Lg, li One Hundred .Yixgf-mne 4 ,,, ' I 'Tl I . if I si 5.3 " ' 'VQQA f It 5 HARTW'ELI., Newsom, PARKER, JUMP, MURR.AX' WILLIAMS, ELTON, TILTON The Mount Holyoke News EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief . ..., ELILANOR TILTON, '34 Managing Editor . . JOY WILLIAMS, '34 junior Editor . CYNTHIA JUMP, '35 Dark Editor , ANNE WILDER, '35 0716 Hundred Swcng' ASSOCIATE EDITORS MARY CRANE CLARK, '34 MARY ALICE HARTWELL, '34 MARY MCGRILLIES, '34 HELEN PECK, '34 FRANCES SMITH, '34 Photographer , . Hartford C'orreJpono'ent . BETTY JANE DONLEY MARTHA KELLY, '36 MARGARET LIIIPIATT, '36 JANE RICHTER, '36 Bufineu Manager Advertifinlg Mazzager , '36 MARY ALLEN, '35 DOROTHY CHANNELL, '35 " HARRIET SHERWOOD, '35 FLORENCE WRIGHT, '35 ELEANORE READ, '35 PHILENA CHASE, '35 . MYRA NEWSOM, '34 MARGARET DYER, '37 REPORTERS ELEANORA BLOOD, '36 SARA DEFORD, '36 BETTY RYAN, '36 THERESE PASCONE, '36 BUSINESS BOARD . . . . . SARAH PARKER, '34 ELIZABETH ELTON, '34 ASSISTANTS MARJORIE FISKE, '35 EDITH RAMSTAD, '34 FLORENCE HARDWELL, '36 OLIVE VAN DIVORT, '35 VIRGINIA BRILLINGER, '35 CIRCULATION BOARD Marzager . . KATHERINE HAVERSTICK, '36 GEORGIE INKSETTER, '36 DOROTHY PHEIEFER, '36 MARY RINGLE, '36 One Hundred .fcvcngy-011: . .... KATHERINE MURRAY, '35 ASSISTANTS DORIS ARTHURS, '37 MARGARET CAMPBELL, '37 ELEANOR DUNNELL, '37 ESTHER FISCHLE, '37 MARY MCCARRELL, '37 H0'l'1kLING NEWSON1 Klmusu, STEIN, PEQK, CALDWELL, KAUEEMANN a 1 Editor-in-Clvicf Literfzfy l:'u'it0r Art Editor . Iworocgmplaic Editor Bzwifzeff MHIIMCKBI' Aurfiftmzt Bzz.ri21e.fJ Mazzdgef' Ad11e2'tiJi11g Manager' Financial Advim' Llamarada . .IEANETTE STIEIN . ARLEEN KAUEEMANN CA'1'HE1z1NE KRAUSE . . MYRA NEWSOM HELEN ELIZABETH PECK OLIVE CALDWELL DOROTHY HOTALING GERTRUDE BRUYN 0716 Hznzdred Seventy-fwn 1934 LITERARY BOARD 4HELEN PECK, FLORENCE PEASE, MARGARET QUIMBY 19354-FLORENCE ADAIR, ELIZABETH MEAD, CHARLOTTE PARKER, FLORENCE WRIGHT 1936-ISABEL ARMS, MARJORIE FISKE, ELIZABETH GAZAN, LILLIAN REQUA 1937-ALICE ALLABEN, CARROL ADDIS, YVONNE BEBIE, MARY BLAIR, ELINOR DUNNELL, MARY CHARLOTTE LANE, ELEANORE READ ART BOARD 1934'KATHLEEN ANDREWS, VALERIE GAPCZYNSKI, DOROTHY GOINGS, MARGARET GRIGOR, KATHERINE SANDS 1935-JEAN ALFRED, FRANCES PARKER, MABEL RYAN, EVELYN SELBY, NORMA SEELER, ANET ROBERTS, SHIRLEY WALKER 1936-JANE COGSHALL, BARBARA HEWLETT ADVERTISING BOARD 1934-HANNAH DAVIS, ELIZABETH ELTON, LUCY TURNER, JOY WILLIAMS 1935-MAIDA KOLB 1936-LOIS ALLEN, LOUISE BRASTOW, JANET BRYANT, RUTH CHASE, MARGARET F. JONES, JANE LESTER, MARY LYDENBERG, ELEANOR PHILLIPS, MARY SQUIER, SARAH JANE WERTZ 1937MESTHER FISCHLE, KATHERINE HAMILTON 1934 PHOTOGRAPHIC BOARD -ELIZABETH JENNEY, ELIZABETH PLATT, JANET ROBINSON, LOIS SILVER 1935-MARJORIE MORGAN, MARION SMITH, JANET TAYLOR, BETTY THOMSON 1936 TFRANCES BUBB, ELIZABETH ELLIS, ROBERTA HERINGTON, BARBARA HOLMES, ALISON OSTRANDER, ELEANOR SAUER, ELIZABETH WARREN 1937-YVONNE BEBIE, JULIA COOLIDGE, JEANNETTE KELLEY, CONSTANCE LUCAS BUSINESS BOARD 1934-BARBARA BURT, ELINOR PERRY, BETTY PINKHAM 1935 1936 1937 -EILEEN HAGER, DORIS RIEHL, MARIAN SMITH, JANET TAYLOR, FRANCES WESTFALL TAGNES BUTTERFIELD, NANCY LEWIS, DOROTHEA LOVE, BETTY PLUMER, MEG ROBERTS YJANET ARBUCKLE, BETTY TWEEDLE One Hundrcd Seventy-three XR wr--A-wg A if .., AY, ,A A MOSHER, GoTT, BOZARTII, CHASE, Him., McCoN1csAL, PEARKI5, XVHITE, NICIIOLSON Mount Holyoke College Monthly and Challenge Editor-in-Chief, MAR-ICDRIE C. l-l1LL l37K.l'j7I6'J'J' Nlmzuger, IONLI NICHCJLSLJN MARGARET T. CHASE MARY Mosmm ELEANOR WKJOLEY MABEL RYAN ANN ELMERS ELIZABETH MCENTEE VIRGINIA STANLEY A.f.ri.rta1zt Ezlitoztr Art Editozzr NORMA SEELER Cf1'CZ!ldfi07Z M mmger RUTH PEARCE flJ'.fi.ffLZ7lf.l' Ad1Jerl'i.ring Maizalger MAIIIAN WHITE Affiftfnztf RUTH BOZARTH MARY MCGONlC1AL XIIRGINIA GOTT JANET HAYES NANCY LEWIS ELEANOR GRovEs LILLIAN MCGRA'TH Om' Hzmdrul .Yerezzg-fain DRAMATICS l'lOUSlill, PALM, BROWN, KUIIN Donmg, CLARK, DAUCHY Dramatic Club OFFICERS Pmhridefzt, DORIS FURNSIDE Clmirmmz af Progmmf, RUTH DAUCHY Vice-Prefidefzt, ANNE SHUMBERGER Chairfmzfz of Cortumer, KATHARINR DODGE ,Siecreta1y, PHYLLIS HKJUSER Chairman of Stenefy, KATHERINE KRAUSE Bufizzefr Nfmmger, DOROTHY KUHN Cfmirmfm of Propertief, SALLY PALM tfmge Nlmzager, TQATIIERINE HOWELL Clmirmmz of Lighting, RUTH TTMM Clmirmmz of Drmfmticf, MARY CRAN15 CLARKE Chairman of Pzzblifizfy, BETTY B. BROWN To its members Dramatic Club offers an outlet for acting, scene-designing and con- struction, lighting and costuming. The plays selected for public production in 1933 and 1934 represented varied fields. A'Animal Kingdom" by Philip S. Barry offered experimentation in sophisticated comedy, "Chantecler" by Edmond Rostand in stylistic drama. To others of the college group with dramatic interests, Dramatic Club presented a series of informal Sunday afternoon play readings by local and Amherst faculty, a charming puppet show by Sue Hasting's New York Marionette Troupe, and current news of the New York stage. By giving inclusive information, procuring ticket and transportation arrangements, the Dramatic Club sponsored several engagements at the Cort Square Theatre, Springfield. These were "Uncle Tom's Cabin" with Otis Skinner, "Design for Living," "The Loves of Charles H" with Cornelia Otis Skinner, and Eva Le Gallienne in i'Romeo and Juliet" and "Alice in Wonderland." One Hundred Seueng-fix Cecilia Hemjy lllziyv Lage . 14111110 .SxL'l7lIZlLl'f , Gum' Ailzcozzfbw' . Tow Collier . Rllflll Collier' Regan foe lfiylae , Ozzwz Artlvm' , The Animal Kingdom by PHILIP BARRY Prmlnred at Nfozmt Holyoke College December 13, 1933 Prodzzml at Amberyt Collegr December 7 and 8, 1933 Couch, CUR'I'IS B. CANFIELD DORIS FURNSIDIL . IJOUISE SCIIARFF BEA'rR1cu STONINGTON DORIS E. ANDRRSON , FRANK WILSON SEYMOUR KLOTZ FREDERICK B. GREEN ROBERT A. L. SCOTT WILLIAM T. JUNES, JR. This play was produced by the Mount Holyoke Dramatic Club and the Amherst M usquers. Om Plllllllrtll .fr Lwlgy '.ft'L't'71 I ma My 'Heyy f W, 'wwf "5 . 17 ,-up , ,MI ttf' 1uff4'f3iiffi'iil?121 f f Jfivf S4 1 . .f gf" - 555619 T up-7 YQ ,Sv X -fy f wi , i1f,1,v,Q, m.. , ,jig A wg 5, I, R f f , if Gq zxill RSI ', 1 , N 1 , W ,, 5 Q,L-Q -fx fum, I ,ia ., Heidi . Clara . Peter . Dete . . Barbara . Alm Unele . .febartian . Tinnette Chairman of Pageant Chairman of Coxtume Prefident . . Burinen Manager .1,L,.4. te ..,. ,Q fra-rw-+1 f V .X ly 'IT FT W' if A A IV.. Y . ,,.R..aM.LL ,, Y., '1..wIf,"5 TQ TIT? J' JT' ' May Day Pageant May 13, 1933 HEIDI adapted from the story of Johanna Spyri by MARY LOUISE PIPER and JESSIE BARTHOLOMEW under the direction of MRS. EMILY TOPHAM THOMPSON CAST . RUTH ROBERTS . MARIAN MAY . ZELMA CASMAN . . LOUISE NOBLE . DOROTHY HOWLAND . KATHERINE SANDS . MARJORIE MORGAN . HELAINE MATILE Min Rottenemeir . Mr. Candidate , Brigitta . Grandmother Doctor . . Father . . Clara'.f Grandmafnma tr .rl CHARLOTTE PARKER MARGARET GRIGOR . BETTY CLARK BETTY EDGERTON MARGARET APPLETON ELEANOR SCHUNDLER LILLIAN MCGRATH . HELEN SMITH Organ Boy. . . May Queen Trainbearer: . JANET and BARBARA STOKES CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES . . DICKY HARVEY Chairman of Propertiex . . BETTY B. BROWN . JESSIE BARTI-IOLOMEW Cbairman of Program and Publicity JEAN HUMPHREY Chairman of Keeney . . . BETTY ADEY STAFF . KATHERINE STONE ' Chairman of Dramatic: . . DICKY HARVEY . JEAN HOWE Student Direetor , . . DICKY HARVEY One Hundred Seventy-eight ATTENDANTS OF MAY QUEEN RUTH ALLEN RUTH CODDINGTON DORIS MCCARTNEY HEI,EN STOUCK MARY-JEAN BEAVEN HILDA DE CAMP CAROLYN MICII.AEL HELEN XVAN ORSDAl,E I.,,N,yr BREWS1-ER MIRIANI XVATKINS M41'Qfzeef1 MARJIJRIE MOR'I'ON One Hzuzdmz' Seventy-nine Playshop Laboratory Playshop is a course in the Department of English Literature and Drama which gives students a taste ofthe whole art of the theatre. Intermediate Playshoppers learn to write plays, design sets and costumes, build scenery, arrange lighting eHects, make costumes, and LICE. Advanced or Second Year Playshoppers follow the same course of study, though entirely independent of the hrst year group. The students produce several plays during the year. ln February the Intermediate Group produced "White Bird" and "Wings," two versions of the same play, showing contrasts in method and design. One Hundred Eighty MUSIC DAUCEY, LRUDGE, lVlULC.-KRE, MISS TDOUGLAS, MR. HAMMOND BLOOD, SCHREIBER, ANDREWS The Glee Club OFFICERS Prefidwzt . . N INA MULCARE Tl'6:ZJZll'6l' , . Vice-Prefidefzt . . MARY SCHREIBER f1.f.ri.rtm2t Trmrzfrer .fecretmy . . ELEANOR ANDREWS Libzzzrimz , . CAROL CONCERT SERIES Prwefzfed by Mt. Holyoke Glee Club HOLYOKE, Second Congregational Church, December 6, 1933 . XVIRGINIA DODGE RUTII DAUCHY . ELEANORA BLOOD MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE, Student-Alumnae Hall, December 10, 1933 HARTEORD, CONNECTICUT, Central Baptist Church, December 15, 1933 NEW YORK CITY, Town Hull, December 16, 1933 MEMBERS 1934 ARNOLD, E. GRIOOR, M. MAcK, M. BARTLETT, A. GRIMES, M. MEIIKLE, M. CLARK, L. HAMILTON, L. METTAM, R. DERBY, L. HARVEY, W. MULCARE, N. DODGE, K. JARVIS, M. Noss, V. DODGE, V. IIARVIS, R. PARK, G. FISKE, M. KE'I'CllAM, PLATT, E. GOODRICII, A. KLEIN, POMEROY, A. GREEN, R. LORD, B. ROBINSON, SCIILOERE, P. SPRAGUE, H. TALBOT, H. E. TIBBALS, TURNER, B. TURNER, L. A. V OIGHT, WILLARD, H. Om' Hzuzdrwl Eighty-two ANDREWS, E. BURNS, M. CLARK, B. COLTON, C. COLTON, R. CONLEY, H. DAUCHY, R. DAUM, I. DAYMONT, M. DENHAM, E. DIMON, L. ANDERSON, C. ARMS, I. BADGER, H. BLACK, F. BLOOD, E. BOSSHARD, H. BLYTH, BURLINGAME, R. Cox, P. COGSHALL, DAVIS, ' ADAMS, MELISSA ANDREWS, ELEANLDR BARNES, BARBARA BURNS, MARY CHANNELL, DOROTHY CLARK, BETTY COLTON, CATHERINE COLTON, RUTH CROUNSE, FREDERIKA CURTIS, SALLY DAUCHY, RUTH DAUM, IRMA DAYMONT, MABEL DENHAM, ELEANOR DIMON, LOIS Dlx, FAY DURGIN, ALICE EDGERTON, BETTY ESPEUT, WIIVIENNE GREENE, EDITH HALLIDAY, RUTH One Hundred Eighty-three 1935 Dlx, F. MCALISTER, SCHREIBER, M. EDGERTON, B. MCNICOL, H. SCUDDER, F. ESPEUT, V. MACLEOD, SMEDLEY, L. GREEN, E. MATILE, H. STARBUCK, R. HALLIDAY, L. MOORE, B. STONE, E. HARRISON, C. NICHOLS, A. STONINGTON, B HASTINGS, PARKER, C. TRAVER, C. HELDMAN, L. PHELPS, T. WAGNER, D. JUMP, C. PREUSSE, E. WINTER, E. LEONHARD, M. ROBERTS, WHITFORD, A. WYCKOFF, M. Special Student--MERCEDES RABUNAL 1936 DE LA RUE, C. HUTCHINSON, C. OIBRIEN, H. FARMER, H. ITALIA, C. PFEIFFER, D. GIPE, E. JENNINGS, F. READ, H. GREELEY, M. KATTREIN, E. RICHARD, M. GREENE, A. KETCHAM, K. SANFORD, GRESSITT, F. KOLB, E. SHEPLER, A. GORMLY, M. LARSON, T. SHIVELY, HALKET, E. LYNCH, M. TAYLOR, B. HALLOCK, K. MCGRATH, L. WARD, E. HARVEY, F. MILLER, M. WICKS, HAYES, MIXSELL, I. JUNIOR CHOIR HARRISON, CAROLINE HASTINGS, JEAN HELWVIG, MURIEL HILL, VIRGINIA HOWELL, KATHERINE JUMP, CYNTHIA KOELLNER, ELIZABETH LEONHARD, MARGARET LURHSEN, GRACE MACLEOD, JEAN MASON, VIRGINIA MATILE, HELAINE MCALISTER, JANE MCNICOL, HELEN MOORE, BEATRICE MORRIS, JOYCELIN NICHOLS, ALTHEA PATON, JANE PARKER, CHARLOTTE PECK, BARBARA PHELPS, THEODOSIA PREUSSE, EDITH REHITUSS, AMY ROCHFORD, MARGARET ROYCE, EVA RYDER, KATHERINE SCHREIBER, MARY SCUDDER, FRANCES SMEDLEY, LOIS SMILEY, ISABELLE SOWERS, RUTH SHINN, BURNELL STARBUCK, RUTH STONE, ELEANOR STONINGTON, BETTY SULLIVAN, ADA THOMSON, BETTY TRAVER, CLARA VAN DIVORT, OLIVE WAGNER, DOROTHY WILMOT, HELEN WINTER, ELEANOR WYCKOFF, MARGARE T Yoicmr, SHEPLER, ALLABEN, PARKER Song Leaders ferzior AILEEN VOIGHT junior. , CHARLOTTE PARKER .SNUPZUOIIZUV6 . . ANNA SHEPLER Fferlwzmz . . . ALICE ALLAEEN Honorary 5P07lJ'0l'61' GICRTRUDE BRUYN Nothing erystallizes the desires, affections and memories of Holyoke more than her songsg nothing can speak quite so well for the hearts of her daughters. ln the languid spring air near the orchard or in the crispness of a fall night on Skinner steps, Holyoke songs bring back gay laughs, happy memories and dreams come trueffel Nineteen thirty-three and four will always remembergff Freshman hazing day and the Freshies singing "Oh what a goosel amf' "Sings" on Skinner stepsg Community Chest paradeg Singing to Gahrilovvitsehg the Mother Goose teag the Angel Serenade and Commencement Singsg Competitive Sing, May third on Pageant Field. One Ilzazzlrerl Iiigbg'-folzr ATHLETICS WPfut .I- STEPIIEN, KOLII, FIQR RY NI5I.soN, MACA1.IS'l'liI1, limi, Outing Club President . LOUISE MACALISTEII Tremurer . . ELIZABETH BLoDGI3'I"I' Secremfy . . . GEORGIA INKsI5'I"rI:R Faculty Adtuirerf . ...,. DR. ADAMS, MIss HOWARD HEADS OF ACTIVITIES Head of Leaders .... . . MARY STEIJIIIIN Head of Trails . . KATHERINIS S'I'RoIxI:cK Head of Winter Sports . . ELINOR PERRY Head of Cabin Uplceep . MAIDA Kous Head of Publicity '......., XIIVIAN NI3IssoN At the Outing Club Cabin, looking out over the Connecticut River Valley from its perch half-way up Mount Holyoke, were held Ll series of open house Week-ends for freshmen. There was also open house at the cabin on Mountain Day. On February 23 to 25, four members journeyed to Washington, NewHampshire to enjoy the I. O. C. A. week-end held theref--and the entire college was invited to participate in two events sponsored by Outing Clubffthe gay Ice Carnival held February 12, and Carl Weaganfs lecture, "From Ithaca to Ithaca" on January 19. Oil! I-Imnlmf Iiigfrty-.rz.x' SMEDLEY, HOFFMAN, MATTHEWS, XVILLIAMS, DURGIN l'lOVV,-XRD, M.AlN, KIDXX'EI.I. Athletic Association Prefident I CHARLOTTE MAIN Vive-Preyideut , LUIS SMEDLEY Trmfzzrer' , DRUE E. MATTHEWS .S'ecr'et4ry ELIZABETH HOFFMAN Cmtodimz . . , . HARRIETT WILLIAMS Intramural Mdildgfl' , . . ALICE DURGIN Memberf of Phyfical Edzzmtiwz Departmezzt Miss HOWARD, Mlss KIDWELL Facnlziy Adzfifer . . I . MISS CARR H EADS OF SPORTS Archery .... KATHERINE STROBECK Baseball . , ELINOR PERRY Basketball . ELIZABETH PALMER Canoeing . , MARY STEPHEN Golf . MURIEL HELLWIG Hockey . . PRIsc1LLA BOYT Lacrosse I . DoRIs RIEHL Riding MARGARET ROCHEORD Soccer ELsBETH MEUSER Tennis ELIZABETH BROCKWAY One H ufzdred E igbg I '.l'H"6'7l All-Holyoke Teams HOCKEY M1 of 1933 APPLETON, '34 SLAKER, '34 CAv1N, '35 HOWELL, '35 SHEPLER, '36 TAYLOR, '36 BILLINGS, '37 STAVERS, '37 Ross, '37 DAVID, '37 MAIN, '37 Hofzumble Mention SAMPSON, '36 HOMEWOOD, '35 DAVIS, '37 VOLLEY BALL M1 of 1933 HAMBACH, '34 DURHAM, '34 SPERRY, 35 DUNLAP, '35 GORHAM '35 a f DUNBAR, 36 ROBERTS, '36 LACROSSE Spring of1933 JOHNSON, '33 PALM, '34 PEARSE, '36 RIEHL, '33 TIMM, '34 ,Z ,W -1,1 One Hundred Eighg'-sigh: All- Holyoke Teams TENNIS Spring of 1933 TEEGARDEN, '33 PLUMER, '36 LIPPIATT, '36 CHASE, '36 S'roN1NoToN, '35 HOWEI.L, '35 SOCCER Fall of 1933 MEUSER, '35 LAW, '35 PERRY, '34 POTTINGER, '34 BROCKWAY, '34 MAIN, '34 REID, '36 HAVENS, '36 TWINING, '36 HAYWOOD, '36 FOLSOM, '37 BASEBALL .Yprincg of 1933 LYNCH, '33 PERRY, '34 MAIN, '34 WINTER, '33 GERHART, '35 TODD, '35 WALKER, '33 SLAKER, '34 One Hundred Eighgy-nine A11-Holyoke Teams BASKETBALL Wivztef' 1933-34 MAIN,"34 Ross, '36 SAMPSON, '36 RIEIIL, '35 BRONSON, '34 HOWELL, '35 CREW .S'PI'ilI,Q afl933'MYLCHREEsT, '34 PLUMER, '36 STEPHEN, '34 RIDING Fall of lO33fDAv1DsoN, '37 Spring of 1933'WILDER, '33 RLDCIIFORD, '35 ARCHERY Spring of1933fCOX, '36 I'1lER1NG'I'ON, '36 STROBECK, '35 Fall of l9331BINDER, '37 L1TTLu, '35 COX, '36 Om H mzdred N img' V WINNERS OF THE SARAH STREETER CUP OF 1934 CHARLOTTE MAINQ Louisa MACALISTER Awards Made in June, 1933 BLAZER WITH OLD ENGL1sH H ON IT1fOI' Seniors who have been on eightelass teams and four All-Holyoke teams in two sportsfHelen Lynch, Margaret Johnson, Helen Winters. PINS: for untlerelassmen who have been on two class teams and two All-Holyoke teams in two sports during the same year Helen Lynch, Elinor Perry, Helen Winters, Ruth Chase. One Hzmdrm' Ninety-w1r HOUSES , , A ,,-singers 0Qff0fJ.f.! R0Qff0p.s'.' what do you cover? Porter Head of the Home -MRS. HARRIET C. SPROULE Home Prefidenf - AIJELLE POMEROY One Hmzdrezl Ninegf-four Safford Head of the Home R MRS. MfXRGARET F. JOHNSON Home Plwiffefzf f ELIQANOR ADAMS Om llnmfmf Nmrm Brigham Hem! of the Home MISS ANNE M. CHAPIN Home Prefideizf ELIZABETH MUNTIGNANI One I'IIU1LIft'lI1 Nineiy-Jix Pearsons Helm' of the Home MRS. MARX' G. MACKAH' Home Prefidefzf ELEANOR WOOLLEY Ouc Hznnlml Nzfzczj-wmz Wilder Head of the Home -- MRS. FLORENC I-lame Prefidenr - LOUISE KIMBALL - E R. GUPPY 322 , Qi'-f X' y 5 Ou: Hmufm! Ninclj'-eight Mead Helm' of flve Home -MRS. ANNE W. BOLTON Home Prefidelzf f GERALDINE DENISON E OW Hnmlml .XYlII6U'I1fl1L' North Rockefeller Refident Cluzperon - Miss CONSTANCE WHITE Hem! of the Houfe-MRS. M. K. BEARD Home Preyidem' - EDITH DUTHIE H1 South Rockefeller Head of the Home -MRS. M. K. BEARD Home Prefidenf - DOROTHY PHELAN North Mandelle Refident Cbaperwz - MRS. MARION M. RANDALL Hemi of the Home v MRS. ALICE R. DRESSER Home P7'6.ffLl'67Zf'JANE GOTTFRIED Hwzdr South Mzmdelle Head of the Home MRS. ALICE R. DRESSER Home Pl'6.ffl167If LOUISE MACAI.ISTER Woodbridge and Bridgmzm Head of the Home - MISS SARAH L. STAPLES Home Preyidefztf Woodbridge - IRMA RIEDINGER Bridgman - ELLEN HELM Two Hundred F Sycamores Head of tbe Home -M1ss LAURA M. DUNKLEE Home Prefident R PRISCILLA BOYT Cowles Lodge Head of the Home R Miss FANNY M. BURR Home P1'efia'e11f - GRACE CALVERLE1' Pcarsons' Annex Home Pi'6'.FiL!C'7Zf R GIIACE LEcoMTE Byron Smith and Hitchcock Head of the Plozuef Miss MARGARET LAUDER FIUZLY6' P1'b'.l'jL!EIZf.f Byron Smith R ALICE GOODIIICPI Hitchcock R ELINOIQ PERRY Eastman Faculty House Hunzirerl .s'61'6'7Z 'jam CLASS OF ,35 I 4 I T H da'Etgh CO .... .. NEW YORK SCHOOL OF SECRETARIES.. Y STANDARD OIL CO. OF NEW YORK, I Index to Acivertnerf I Pug: ADASKIN TILLEY CO. , . 210 HUYCK AND SONS ADELSON BROS .A,.. ....,,..,,,... , , 210 LANDEN AND SON,...... 1 BAKER, JONES, HAUSAUER,INC .,,..,... 220 LEARY, ANNA C. N BATCHELDER, SNYDER, DORR AND LEARY, ARTHUR , ,. DOE CO. . ...,,.. , ...,.. ,.,,,,. , I ...... 211 MARCH, ARTHUR Q Q H I BAY PATH INSTITUTE, . 217 MARTYNIS Akbl H H BECKMANN'S ..,...,. , ,, ...... 218 MCAUSLAN AND WAKELIN BENNETT, THE FLORIST ..,.. ...... 217 MCDONOUGH, JANEHW Q Q BRIDGWAY HOTEL ...... , 215 METCALF PRINTING CO. V ' CHENEY AND HUNT,,.... , 211 MORROW AND COMM., A CHIDNOFF.,. ....,,,. .... ,..,., . . 212 I COLLEGE BEAUTY STUDIO ,,...,,. . . 210 PRENTISS, BROOKS AND CON 3 CHILDS '......,,,,,...,......... ....,... ...,... 2 1 7 RALSTEN SHOP Auuuu, .....,, CLASS OF '35 "'A"' ' ' ' 208 REID, MURDOCK AND CO , CLASS OF '36 "" " 214 ROBERTS' BEAUTY STUDIO CLASS OF '37 ""' ' ' 216 SATTLER METAL WORKSH. DIEGES AND CLUST 218 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. FOLEY CO... . . . .. . , .. 218 SPRINGFIELD OFFICE SUPPL N GENERAL ICE CREAM CORP .,., I .... 210 1 GLESMANN'S ,..., ...... .... . , , 218 INC. . ,, , X HADLEY FALLS TRUST CO ..... . ,, 213 STEIGER AND CO. , . I HADLEY INN AND BOOK SHOP ....,, 219 STREET LUMBER CORP..,.., HARTFORD NATIONAL BANKH, 210 SWEETHEART TEA HOUSE HEIDNER AND SON, INC ....... 211 T-ATE MOP AND CORDAGE C I HICKOX SECRETARIAL SCHOOL ,.., , 217 WARE TRUST CO. HIGHLAND PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO... .,., ..,, ..... ...... 2 17 WELDON HOTEL ' ' HIRSCH AND SONS, INC ...,.. . ..... 211 WIGGINS TAVERN -----A A I , HOLYOKE NATIONAL BANK 219 WOODLAND, EVELYN . Page 210 210 215 215 215 218 211 215 211 219 217 217 217 219 215 219 215 219 217 218 211 218 215 211 219 211 215 Two H znzdred N me CCCCOADELQDN BROS? l I CCCS SOCCORS i C Z . jewglm l 011217 zmenff of JewelryfDiamoncls'Watchesf 'Watch Repairing l A F R N D 341 HIGH STRlili'I' HOLYOKE, MASS. 6izjiBe.s't may for SucrerEiR34 W YWLANDEN and BEE Hfld MILI-IE , "fewelw'.r for Over Half cz Century " COLLEGE BEAUTY 18 Vernon St. Second Floor "Over Glessie's" W H 1 X SPRINGFIELD, MASS. I Hobokek Lwzdifzcg Home C0f1211!i1726122if 0f Fznfnirherf . . Hartford National Bank and Adaskin Tilley Furniture I TfUSf COIUPHUY i 1 1-3sTABL1sHED 1791 1 Company Lmfcgeft Commercial Bank Corner Suffolk and Maple Sts. iff C077n6ffjfZff HOLYOKE MASS. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT FROJOY ICECREAM KENWOOD BLANKETS mm' RUGS Bmzzfzfkzl Colofjkzl lS'e1'1fZ cmbl e ALBANY, N. Y. l l Two Hzmdred Ten F J. G. HE1ONER st SON l . . . I A modern music store featuring Baldwin and other , l pianos, fine radios, orchestra and band instruments l zSS-290 MAPLE STREET HOLYOKE l MCAUSLAN 8: WAKELIN CO. Holyoke! Great Department Store Corner of Dwight and Maple Streets HIRSCF1 St SONS, INC. jezeelerr and Optieianf Since 1891 CHENEY and HUNT INC. fewelerr and Optieianr Cornplrrnentf of , I 187 HIGH STREET HOLYOKE, MASS' l zsi HIGH STREET HOLYOKE, MASS. I "NEW ENGLAND'S OWN" l l Proelzecerr and Diftrilnetorr of Fine Foodf X Wholesale Only I Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork, Hams, Bacon, T Sausage, Poultry, Game, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Olives, Oils-Fresh, Salt and Smoked Fish-Fruits l and Vegetables-Canned Foods, Preserves and Birdseye Frosted Foods I ' BATCHELDER, SNYDER, DORR I 8g DOE COMPANY I 1 Blackstone, North and Centre Sts., Boston, Mass. 5 , , ,W WW, W Wiz, Y, Tzoeeel Ufeaoe Stationery Hotel Northampton I 200 Sheets S and 1 l 100 Envelopes LOC Wiggins Old Tavern l HAn Inn of Colonial Charm" 8 Miles from South Hadley p Excellent Food , Popular Prefer Garage and Parking A high grade paper with your name and address printed in blue ink, either in one line across the top or in three lines Seneffor .Yafnpler METCALF PRINTING CO. 28 Crafts Avenue, Northampton, Mass. WARE TRUST COMPANY Original Charter 1825 Banking on the .rarne corner for 120 Delightful Rooms 32.00 up p One Hundred and Nine Yearr , , , Favorable Ternzf for p LCWIS N' Wlgglns , .Yrnall Inelroielzeal Aceonntr , Lmdhml WARE, MASS. ,, , ,,,, W ,,, -,f. l s , +,,, s ,,,, .,, Two H unrlrerl Eleven CHIDNOEE STUDIO Qyfcml Pbofafgmpbeff for the G1 9 3 4 LLAMARADAH All Pf90fQQ7'!llZ'7f9J Made Pemofzazlly by IRVING CHIDNOFF 469 FIFTH AVENUE - NEW YORK CITY 1ledTw I' T' 'T T ' ii TTT" T More Than Two Generations of Mt. Holyoke Students Have Used This T ffx Bank as Their Depository for If FKIX. e N, Lei, Checking Account Funds TT :daf t This record is not only a convincing testi- ',.4r::A-- i XZ, inonial of confidence in our strength and 71:5 If gg H W yu, stability, but a notable endorsement of U N if i ebr. 7 our facilities and service as well. emi fffflffsllq Hun q li- ' X ng L The same attentive consideration that fT,'g E Haiximljnx we gave to those who are now Mount 5 L 73 ' ' 7 Xexmmh Holyoke Alumnae is being extended to E Ti Present undergraduates, and will con- V ,H tinue to be offered to the generations of T A I u -T I N ---- W if Mount Holyoke students yet to come. :N EI -I -4. ill! . rl Lli1:: A l g HADLEY FALLS TRUST co. , X . fp- 1- 3 5 ef f 7 l gi' 58 Suffolk sf. Branch at 342 Dwight sf. i M Holyoke, Mass. Nine in the Clair Subject was poetry, Reader was fine. Held the attention of All, except nine. One from the window Was staring at space. Two had the look of a Martyr at Thrace. Three stared so queerly l thought she would cry. Four would respond at the Ends with a sigh. Two Hundred Tlnirrmz Five didn't know what it All was about. Six Really didn'tg but few Found that out. Seven was sleepy, she Struggled with that. Eight thought how grand it was, Dancing with Pat. Nine was the worst, for I Stated at the rest, Taking them off their guard- Not at their best. WC. P. CLASS of '36 P Y N ' T ' T" 'T N " " H' 'f " W ' 'T' 'f ' ' . L E A R S H O P , N A N N A C, N Y N ROBERTS BEAUTY STUDIO N N Llndertlnngx, Gzrdlef, HOJIEU' N RUBY BUILDING N N 231MAPLE STREET N JANE MCDONOUGH N l COMPLIMENTS or N ' Dremef of Divination l E. H. TATE MOP S: CORDAGE CO. N 340 Bridge Street Springfield N NYY' i Y Y, W, YY , , , Z , -- SPRINGFIELD,S SMARTEST NIGHT CLUB In Holyoke 155 The Crystal Room N HOTEL BRIDGWAY SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Dining and Dancing every Friday and for Coats, Suits, Hosiery, Milliiuery, Dresses every Saturday night. Ray Delaporte 5, I P , and his Crystalites. No cover charge. U' 6 at 4 HN N Fon RESERVATIONS, PHONE smuNGruzLn 6-8341 l 290 HIGH STREET N N N E EL L Two H umfrcd Fifteen SEARS, RQEBUCK se Co. C HOLYOKE, MASS, Biqyclef for the College Student N WOODLAND Dreffmaker 17 PARK ST., SOUTH HADLEY lnhnite blue sky. Tall trees-golden lcaved. The rustle and Chatter ofscurrying gray squirrels. . . . an apple and a magazine. E. M. Claw of '3 7 l Best Wishes are extended to the class of 1934 by the HIGHLAND PAINT Bc VVALLPAPHR CO. 1 QI TAYLOR ST., SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Clothes Suitable for Every Occasion at THE RALSTEN SHOP l COLLEGE FLORIST 1 . Cut Flawcrr Plmzty Bzzlbrffpecial Carmgn ' Member Florist Telegraph Delivery DIAL 7401 10 HADLICY STREET l, ,O .E Er O- O. PRENTISS, BROOKS 84 CO., INC. Flour, Grain, Hay and MaJon'r Supplier HOLYOKE, MASS. l Complimerztr of l STANDARD OIL COMPANY HICKOX SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Oldert in U. .Sf E Full secretarial and intensive, short courses l FJ U l 3' , rg- Z l :n 2 3. Q 5 l E 2 Ez l s Q E f 5 '-' I W-' , 5 is W 3 3 5 2 m 5 w Y +. L 'T' 0 l 7' 9 f 2- -1 I' W 2 6 l ' 1 ' A N J 2 U3 2 v-g -1 H1 U 9 : , O Q fi ' z a 2: I . 1 I F 2 N s g F UI e 55 'Z Q 5 5- ,Q 2 fi fi - -. 2 3 -4 P' Q ji E S 5 H L.. x1 I L 2 Q l S 2 9 2 2 l fs fs N 0 A A Y 'Q II' Q 2 c 1 .. , JZ Q :. P " Q ? W E E :n 2 Zi pa 'U -t - -- - 9 55 C T O T E TQ -U 4 ' Z E I-i W 'UT Z 1 E 3, 3 52 E 2 1 Sf' 5 1 Colle e-Grade Courses in Business - ISJ for Colle e Graduates :E 0 C. P2 UQ One-year courses in Accounting-Finance, Secretarial 5 UT Science Business Administration, Normal Secretarial. Q Q Q? . . . Z "V l Also shorter intensive courses in Shorthand, Tvpe- 5 2 H Q writin and Secretarial Trainin .Catalo and detailed 'I Q 3 , 3 O no information may be obtained by applying l O Z Q to the Registrar. l s i S IOO CHESTNUT STREET, SPRINGFIELD, NIASS. Two Hnmlred .fezwzleen BECKMANINVS. Gooel Thinfgr To Eat 4 LUNCHES SODAS PASTRIES ICE CREAM FAVORS CANDIES Holyoke and Northampton Massachusetts l l TELEPHONE HOLYOKE 7428 Our - of- ll - Window Tmprefrion Misty sky, liquid silverg Hydrangeas, burnished copperg Gray road, smelted steelg Fall maple, tarnished gold. PIC iii bk In the midst of all this metallic splendor, Two iigures-jade and brilliant sapphire, Girls walking with berets at angles Shocking to the tree, so conven- tional, But making the hydrangea Shake with laughter. Or was it The wind? fC. P. MARTYN'S CLEANSERS St DYERS l LET US SERVE YOU Our Trucks Stop at all Dormitxvries Every Day X C. F. BTARTYY ALICE BRowN's SWEETHEART TEA HOUSE Mohawk Trail, Shelburne Falls, Mass. CHICKEN, STEAK AND LOBSTER DINNERS ' Phone 6080 276 Appleton St., Holyoke, Mass. N Open May lst 1 November lst - -W V ff ' ' 'YW' Y 1' 7' fn 'g " 7' ' "' 4"" 'i l DIEGES at Ctusr l . i "lf ue made ir, nu frm" Compliment! of I Class Rings, Fraternity Pins, Charms and Medals for every sport Prize Cups and Plaques R. A. GLES MANN 73 rrtmoxr sr, aosrox, MASS. y ll 4, ,, W We at Y YY -A-A 2- --W - 7' W -i 71- -A l T T TT T TT T T T Tl S T E I G E R ' S The Home of QUALITY Fezrlniofzr F' CO' l 259 HIGH STREET HOLYOKE MASS. ' , . ' Boiron J Real Full Home College Representative LUCRETIA HILDRETH BOSTON, MASS. l Display in P. O. Corridor Two Hundred Eighteen Tae Subway Like a huge deadly black dragon The subway plunges and swerves in its subterranean cave. With deadly screeches and Over- whelming lurches lt throws off sparks from its fiery claws. Two haunting red eyes peer out from the darkness Hunting for prey. It is caught and greedily swallowed! Victory!-the dragon vomits and clumsily plows On. -A. K. To the Geaalnate . . Commencement will soon be over, and you will go out to start your life work. May you Find joy in your chosen pro- fessionl If you have been one of our customers during the past four years, we wish you to know we have appreciated your patronage, and we shall be glad to wel- come, as we did yours, the accounts of future Mt. Holyoke students of your acquaintance whom you may wish to direct to us. HOLYOKE NATIONAL BANK HA Good Bank To Be With " HOLYOKE, MASS. I 'Y' 'E' T 'Y' Y 'Y f Y Y ff 1- 1- e- f - ' fe- Ca,,,,f,j,,,m,,J of Monarch Foods-Super Quality Est. 1853 l HADLEY BOOK SHOP and Diftrzbuted onb' Through Independent Xtofer THE BOOK SHOP INN REID, MURDOCK st co. l SOUTH HADLEY Coffee Roasters-Canners BOSTON, MASS. i SPRINGFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Plan Your Next Dinner Party at i Ojjiee Outfitterx, Statiofzerr, Printerf, and T H E W E L D O N I Rubber swamp Iwmlufdnmvm, 113:-'ABe:IIrIfIIlIHOmcg'flflogclx .1 d GBEENFIELD, V 71-73 Worthington St. Springfield, Mass. mogxafc-C qua My 0 00 UT Sglildggrypfyfgilfi 1 W7 7, ,7 7, 7 7 7 7, 7 7 7 7 7 7. 7 Dial 2-2816 I MORROW AND COMPANY fEWELERS Expert Watch, Clock, fezeelfjy and E . E . S AT T L E R Sheet Alera! Contractor ' 01717911 'KPWWYS df madffdff Pfjfef SKYLIGHTS, TIN AND COPPER ROOFING I FURNACES AND JOB WORK 306 HIGH STREET HOLYOKE, MASS. V N 4 L 115 Main Street Holyoke, Mass. Two Hundred Nineteen 'lr ir SUCCESS IS SELDCM MERE CIRCUMSTANCE HE LL AM A RADA will he judged a genuine success. Undergraduates, alumnae, and friends will enjoy the originality of its contents. Critics of publications will view it as an excellent literary production. This annual in its finished form is no mere circumstance . . . All credit goes to the ofhcers and staff for careful planning, arduous labor and successful accomplishment. We, as publishers, share their pride in a task well done. The experience of forty years of specialization in the college annual held has gone into the making of the volume now before you . . . The staff has molded into it a vivid record of Mt. Holyoke College activities which will he lived again in years to come. We count it a privilege to have perpetuated this record in a permanent printf ed form of which you may justly he proud. Congratulations! Baker, ones, Hausauer, Inc. 45' CARROLL STREET ' BUFFALO ' N Y Designers and Producers of Unusual Annuals 'k Two Hundred Tufifllj

Suggestions in the Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) collection:

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