Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA)

 - Class of 1933

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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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Ex Lzbrzs wo '15 go 'ffcilufv l C - Q' 6 GQ, fe-. ee, ge, Q.,NV.,. Qcrlw h - . 5 5 x -Z? 'Db 05? LLAMARADA published by The Senior Class MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLECSE Sou+h Hadley, Massac:huseH's I933 To William Churchill Hammond we dedicaie our book. Hs simpliciiy and sincerilry, Hs color and harmony, are inspired by nis friendship. Ive Con+en+s CAMRUS VIEWS ADMINISTRATION TRUSTEES .---A ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS - FACULTY AND STAFF - ALUMNAE ..-- CLASS OF IQ33 - CLASS OF I934 - CLASS OF 1935 - CLASS OF Im A HCNCRS .,..,... ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES - CALENDAR ....- COMMUNITY - CLUBS ...... MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS - PUBLICATIONS ---. SPORTS - - FEATURES- HOUSES - EFILCCUE .,..-- INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS - ADVERTISEMENTS .... QC Eighf Nine ED W Ewen Twelve Thirieen Fourfeen Flffeen Campus Some Trees are Tall and Tineg maieslic, slrong, and noble Trees Lifring up Their crowned heads, looking always Toward The sky. Clher Trees are slim and young, swaying wilh Jrhe slighresl breeze, Wi+h rusfling robes of Trosled green, like ladies passing by. All Trees are beaufiful, whelher They be young or old: The slender birch whose virgin's while our homage dolh enlhrall, The oak, dressed all in russel brown To brave The win+er's cold, The elm whose mighly head dolh rise, crowned monarch OT Them all. Through Thick green leaves The summer sun sends shadows Tlecked wi+h gold, While winler slorms make ermine robes Tor branches Trom while snow. No maller whal The season, Trees are lovely To behold, They Trame our memories 'Tor us-'ro Take where'er we go. I. K. A. Sixfeen X w N' Board of Trusfees REV. HENRY A. STIMSON, D.D. . . . New York, New York MARY EMMA WOOLLEY, A.M., Li++.D., L.H.D., LL.D. lex orliciol . Soulh Hadley REV. ROCKWELL HARMON POTTER, D.D. . FRANK B. TOWNE . . . MRS. RICHARD M. HOE . . REV. WILLIAM HORACE DAY, D.D. EDWARD N. WHITE . . . BOYD EDWARDS, D.D., LL.D. E. CHARLES SCHWEDTMAN . RICHARD S. CHILDS, A.B. . GEORGE DWIGHT PRATT . JAMES M. SPEERS . . . FLORENCE PURINGTON, S.B., LiH'.D. WILLIAM J. DAVIDSON . . ELBERT A. HARVEY, A. B., Treasurer HENRY PLIMPTON KENDALL, A. B. HENRY G. HYDE, A.B., Presidenlr HOWELL CHENEY, A.M. . EDGAR S. EURNISS, PI1.D. ALVA MORRISON, A.B. . PAUL HAZLITT DAVIS, PI'u.D. MAYNARD T. HAZEN, LL.B. . MRS. ELIZABETH HOWELL WILKINS, L.B. MRS. MARY HUME MAGUIRE, PI'1.D. AMY ROWLAND, A.M. . . MRS. SUSAN DOANE ARNOLD, A.B. LOTTIE G. BISHOP, A.B. . . 1 - .-l, ..'., .. 1-.,f. r...1,.. ,.-. .,::- ...N -L, hx.. , , .,,.-,...,-,.,- . ...f -. , . ..f.... .. . ..f . ..- . . Harrford, Connecricuf . . . Holyoke . New York, New York . Bridgeporl, Connecricul . . . . Holyoke . Mercerslourg, Pennsylvania . New York, New York New York, New York . . Springfield . New York, New York . Sourh Hadley . Boslon . Boslron . Boslon . . . . . Ware Soullw Manclwesrer, Connecficuf . New Haven, Connecficul . . Cambridge . . Chicago, Illinois . I-Iarlford, Conneclicul Washingfon, D. C. . . Cambridge . Cleveland, Ohio . . . . Waban . New Haven, Connec+icu+ Eiglwfeen Adminis+ra+ive Officers MARY EMMA WOOLLEY, A.B., A.M., Li++.D., L.I-l.D., LL.D., Presidenf A.B., A.M., Li++.D., Brown Universiiy: L.H.D., Amhersl: LLD., Smiih College: A.M., LL.D., Yale: LL.D., Denison Universify: Chairman, College Enirance Ex- aminarion Board I9244I927: China Commission on Chrisfian Educalion I92l- I922: lnsfirule of Pacific Relaiions ar Honolulu, I925, l927: Delegale, World Disarmamenl' Conference, Geneva, I93I: College Enirance Examinalion Board: Senafor, Uniled Chaplers, Phi Bela Kappa: Nalional Board of Young Women's Chrisiian Associafion: League of Nalions Associaiion: Massachuselrs League of Women Vofers: President American Associalion of Universiiy Women: Ameri- can School of Orienial Research in Jerusalem: Advisory Commifree, S'ruden+ Friendship Fund: American Associaiion for Promofing Scien+iiic Research Among Women: Corporafe Member, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions: American Sociely for Judicial SeHlemen+s of lnfernalional Dispuies: Board of Eleciors, Hall of Fame: League for Permanenl' Peace: Naiional Council of Congregaiional Churches in The Unifed S+a+es: Rhode Island Sociely for The Collegiare Eclucafion of Women: Board of Direclrors, World Alliance for Promol- ing ln+erna+ional Friendship Jrhrough 'Phe Churches: Board of Governors, Women's Chrislian College in Madras: Trusfeez lnfernafional College, Springfield: Lalce Erie College: Whealon College: Bennefl School: Woodrow Wilson Foundaiion: lns+i+u+e of lniernaiional Educalion: American Council, lns+i+u're of Pacific Rela- lion: Member: College Club, Boslon: Cosmopolifan Club. Women's Universify Club, New York Cify: Naiional Club of ihe American Associaiion of Universily Women, Washingfon: Aufhor: Hisforical Monographs: Early l-lisfory of 'rhe Colonial Posi' Office: Developmen+ of fhe Love of Romanfic Scenery in America: also numerous educafional arficles. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseiis CAROLINE BOARDMAN GREENE, A.B., A.M., Regis+rar A.B., A.M., Mounf Holyoke College: Member of ihe New England Associalion of Colleges and Preparaiory Schools: Member of ihe American Associa+ion of Collegiaie Regisirars: American Associafion of Universiiy Women: Phi Bela Kappa. Souih Hadley, Massachuselfs N neleen FLORENCE PURINGTON, B.S., Li++,D., Dean Emeri+us B.S., Li++.D., Mounl' Holyoke College: Universily of Michigan: Harvard Universiiy Summer School: Na+ional Educalional Associa+ion: New England Associafion of Colleges and Preparaiory Schools: Naiional Associafion of Deans: American Associalion of Social Workers: American Associalion of Universiiy Women: The Foreign Policy Associaiion: College Club, Bosron: League of Naiions Non- Pariisan Associa+ion: Naiional Geographic Socieiy: Execu+ive Board of Soulhern Women's Educafional Alliance: Proxy Member, Board of Governors of lhe Women's Chrislian College in Madras: Truslee, Moun+ Holyoke College: Phi Beia Kappa. Souih Hadley, Massachuseffs MARY ASHBY CHEEK, A.B., A.M., Dean of Residence A.B., Mouni Holyoke College: A.M., Columbia Universify: work ai 'rhe Univer- si+y of Geneva, Swirzerland, Toward Doc+or's Degree: Dean, Kenfucky College for Women: Execuiive Secrerary, Board of Admission, Mouni' Holyoke College: American Hisforical Associaiion: American Associafion of Universify Women: Foreign Policy Associaiion: Women's Universify Club, New York Cify: Di- rec+or, Progressive College, Geneva: Nalional Associalion of Deans: Phi Bela Kappa. 229 Nor'rh 3rd S+ree+, Danville, Kenfucky GERTRUDE BRUYN, A.B., Ac'ring Dean of Residence A.B., Mounf Holyoke College: New York School of Social Work: Columbia Uni- versify: Supervisor of Slaie Chari+ies Aid Associa+ion of Ulsfer Counfy, New York: lnsfruclor in Deparrmenr of Economics and Sociology, Mounr Holyoke College: lnvesfigaror, Children's Bureau of 'rhe Unifed Sfaies Deparlmenr of Labor: Personnel Manager of fhe Bosch Magneio Company. 92 School Sfreei, Springfield, Massachuseiis HARRIETT M. ALLYN, A.B., M.Sc., Ph.D., Academic Dean A.B., Mounl' Holyoke College: M.Sc., Ph.D., Universiiy of Chicago: General Secrefary Y. W. C. A., Moun+ Holyoke College: lns'rruc+or a+ Hackell' Medical College, Can+on, China: lnsfrucfor ai Moun'r Holyoke College: Dean of HackeH' Medical College: Professor of Zoology, Mon+icello Seminary: Assisfam' Professor, Vassar: Associa+e Professor, Vassar: Zoological Research, Woods Hole: Anfhro- pological Srudies ar Na+ional Museum in Washingron, D. C., a+ Yale Universify and wirh American School of Prehisforic Research in Europe and Pales'l'ine: Fellow of American Associafion for The Advancemenl of Science: American An'rhro- pological Associaiions: Fellow of American Geographical Sociely: American Associafion of Universiry Women: Member of Fugenics Sociefy: Naiional Asso- ciarion of Deans of Women: Sociely of Women Geographers: Aciing Presideni of Moun'r Holyoke College: Sigma Xi: Phi Bela Kappa. l Fuller Sfreef, New London, Conneciicul' 1. - Q Tweniy . .. .. ,, .. -1 . Q A 5 1 1 HELEN MacMURTRIE VOORHEES, A.B., A.M., Direcfor of fhe Appoinfmenf Bu- reau and Vocafional Advisor A.B., Mounf Holyoke College: A.M., Universify of Wisconsin: Secrefary fo fhe Nafional Secrefary of fhe Phi Befa Kappa Sociefy: Acfing Dean of Residence, Mounf Holyoke College: Connecficuf Valley Branch of fhe American Associafion of Universify Women: Easfern College Personnel Officers: Personal Research Eederafion: Nafional Associafion of Women. Basking Ridge, New Jersey ELLA SILL DICKINSON, A.B., Assisfanf Regisfrar A.B., Mounf Holyoke College: Regisfrar, Nafional Cafhedral School, Washingfon, D. C.: Member of fhe American Associafion of Universify Women: Member of fhe New England Associafion of Colleges and Preparafory Schools: Member of fhe Foreign Policy Associafion: Phi Bela Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs HARRIET NEWHALL, A.B., B.S., A.M., Execufive Secrefary fo fhe Board of Ad- mission and The Presidenf A.B., Mounf Holyoke College: B.S., Simmons College: A.M., Columbia Universify. 795 Sumner Avenue, Springfield, Massachuseffs PHILIP E. HENDERSON, A.B., M.B.A., Compfroller MARY WENTWORTH MCCONAUGHY, A.B., A.M., Ed.M., Ed.D., Professor and Advisor in Menfal Hygiene A.B., Mounf Holyoke College: A.M., Universify of California: Universify of Soufhern California: Los Angeles Sfafe Normal School Exfension: Sfanford Uni- versify: Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard Graduafe School of Educafion: lnsfrucfor in High Schools and af Mills College: lnferne in Psychology, Bosfon Psychopafhic Hospifal: Psychologisr Menfal Hygiene Habif Clinics, Bosfon: Psychologisf for Dr. Thomas Thorn: Psychologisf and Research Associafe, Harvard Graduafe School of Educafion: Member of Nafional Educafion Associafion: Nafional So- ciefy for Menfal Hygiene: l925-I928 Head of Educafion Deparfmenf, Mounf Holyoke College: Since l928 Advisor in Menfal Hygiene, Mounf Holyoke Col- lege: Lecfurer in Psychology, Swarfhmore College: Psychologisf, Friends' School, Philadelphia: Lecfurer in Menfal Hygiene, Parenfs' Council of Philadelphia. Alden Park Manor, Germanfown. Pennsylvania OLIVE COPELAND, A.B., Secrefary fo fhe Presidenf A.B., Smifh College. 205 Elm Sfreef, Norfhampfon, Massachuseffs SHIRLEY HATHAWAY, B.S., Assisfanf Secrefary 'ro fhe Presidenf i B.S., Simmons College. 543 June Sfreef, Fall River, Massachuseffs HARRIET A. FOSTER, B.S., Secrefary fo fhe Academic Dean B.S., Simmons College: Secrefary fo fhe Superinfendenf of Schools, Wakefield, Massachuseffs. 43 Kenwood Park, Springfield, Massachuseffs Twenfy-one MARIAN JEWETT MORSE, A.B., Secrefary in 'rhe Office of fhe Academic Dean and in fhe Aplooinfmenf Bureau A.B., Wellesley College. Soufh Deerfield, Massachuseffs DORIS EMILY HUTCHINSON, B.S., Secrefary fo fhe Dean of Residence B.S., Simmons College: Secrefary, Bureau of Vocafional Guidance, Graduafe School of Educafion, Harvard Universify. 57 Winfer Sfreef, Gardner, Massachuseffs ALICE MCCOOL, Assisfanf fo fhe Dean of Residence Framingham Normal School: lnsfrucfor in Home Economics, Norfhfield Seminary, MacDuffie School for Girls. 4 Soufh Main Sfreef, Mansfield, Massachuseffs SARA A. ALDERMAN, Assisfanf Secrefary fo fhe Dean of Residence Hopkins Universify: Peabody Conservafory of Music: Norfh Carolina College for Women: reporfer for Greensboro "Daily News" and High Poinf "Enferprise." Sedgefield Inn, Sedgefield, Greensboro, Norfh Carolina HARRIET JOHONNOTT EUSTIS, A.B., Recorder in fhe Office of fhe Regisfrar A.B., Mounf Holyoke College, Secrefary fo fhe Dean of Sweef Briar College. 85 Church Sfreef, Winchesfer, Massachuseffs DOROTHY P. DAY, A.B., Secrefary fo fhe Regisfrar A.B., Mounf Holyoke College. Kingsbury Avenue, Bradford, Massachuseffs FLORENCE EDGE, Assisfanf in fhe Office of fhe Regisfrar 9 Silver Sfreef, Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ELIZABETH CYPRIAN SULLIVAN, Assisfanf in fhe Office of fhe Board of Admission 335 Sargeanf Sfreef, Holyoke, Massachuseffs MARGARET VANDERZEE, A.B., Secrefary in fhe Office of fhe Board of Admission A.B., Wellesley College. 45 Washingfon Road, Springfield, Massachuseffs JEAN LOUISE WARREN, B.S., Secrefary fo fhe Direcfor of fhe Appoinfmenf Bureau B.S., Simmons College. Belcherfown, Massachuseffs BOARDMAN BUMP, A.B., M.B.A., Assisfanf Purchasing Agenf Compfroller's Office A.B., Amhersl' College, M.B.A., Harvard College. 870 Longmeadow Sfreef, Longmeadow, Massachuseffs GENEVIEVE FRANCES PRATT, A.B., Secrefary, CompfrolIer's Office A.B., Mounf Holyoke College. 9 Spring Sfreef, Wesffield, Massachuseffs MARGARET ELIZABETH SCHLOERB, Accounfanf in Compfroller's Office 21 Glen Sfreef, Holyoke, Massachuseffs MYRTLE H. HARDAKER CASE, Secrefary fo fhe Compfroller 34 King Sfreef, Holyoke, Massachuseffs f,5,,:j ., ...-,'..'. ,: .: f..--:- - - V . : :.'f '-' -.. -,'. :.g,.'.'. E 5 ' L E 3 E .5 - ,K 4: 1 Twenfyvfwof 'ri '- -. ' : : ,Z 3. E il I .... f . '- it n 1 e 1 I . FaculTy and STaTT DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY HARRIETT M. ALLYN, Ph.D., Academic Dean and ProTessor OT AnThropology B.A., MounT Holyoke College: M.Sc., Ph.D., UniversiTy OT Chicago: General SecreTary Y.W.C.A., MounT Holyoke College: InsTrucTor aT HackeTT Medical College, CanTon, China: lnsTrucTor aT MounT Holyoke College: Dean OT HackeTT Medical College: ProTessor OT Zoology, MonTicello Seminary: AssisTanT ProTessor, Vassar: AssociaTe ProTessor, Vassar: Phi BeTa Kappa: Sigma Xi: Zoological Re- search, Woods Hole: AnThropolOgical STudies aT NaTional Museum in Washing- Ton, D. C., aT Yale UniversiTy, and wiTh American School OT PrehisToric Research in Europe: excavaTion under The auspices OT The American School OT PrehisTOric Research in PalesTine: Fellow OT The American AssociaTion Tor The AdvancemenT OT Science: American AnThropological AssociaTion: Fellow OT American Geo- graphical SocieTy: American AssociaTion OT UniversiTy Women: Member OT Eu- genics SocieTy: NaTional AssociaTion OT Deans OT Women: SocieTy OT Women Geographers. I Fuller STreeT, New London, ConnecTicuT DEPARTMENT OF ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY 'LOUISE FITZ-RANDOLPH, M.A., EmeriTus ProTesser OT Archaeology and HisTory OT ArT M.A., MOunT Holyoke College: UniversiTy OT Berlin: UniversiTy OT Chicago: American Schools OT Classical STudies aT AThens and aT Rome: Head OT The DeparTmenT OT HisTory and ArT, Lake Erie College: LecTurer in HisTory OT ArT in WesTern Reserve School OT Design: Member OT The Managing CommiTTee OT The American School OT Classical STudies aT AThens: Member OT The Archaeo- logical lnsTiTuTe OT America. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs CAROLINE MORRIS GALT, B.A., ProTessor OT Archaeology and Greek B.A., Bryn Mawr College: UniversiTy OT Chicago: Columbia UniversiTy: American School OT Classical STudies aT Rome: Member OT The Managing CommiTTee OT The School aT AThens: Member OT The Advisory Council OT The Classical School OT The American Academy aT Rome: Annual ProTessor OT American Classical School aT AThens: AssociaTe Member OT The American NumismaTic SocieTy: American Philological AssociaTion: Archaeological lnsTiTuTe OT America. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs GERTRUDE STEWART HYDE, B.A., ProTessor OT HisTory OT ArT B.A., MounT Holyoke College: Norwich ArT School: ArT STudenTs League, New York: ArT League Summer School: UniversiTy OT Chicago: RadcliTTe College: College ArT AssociaTion OT America. ' SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs FLORENCE WINSLOW FOSS, M.A., ProTessor OT HisTory OT ArT B.A., MounT Holyoke College: M.A., Wellesle College: UniversiTy OT Chicago: RadcliTTe College: ArT lnsTiTuTe, Chicago: School OT American SculpTure, New York: Member OT College ArT AssociaTion. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs Deceased December 29, l932 T enTy'Three MARIAN HAYES, M.A., lnsfrucfor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., New York Universify: M.A., Radcliffe Cal- lege: Universify of Wisconsin: Wesfern Sfafe lMichiganl Teacher's College: Holder of fhe l905 Mounf Holyoke Fellowship: Recipienf of a New York Uni- versify Fellowship: Recipienf of fwo Scholarship Granfs from fhe Carnegie Corporafion: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ANNA F. MacCARTHY, B.A., Assisfanf B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: Praff lnsfifufe: Columbia Universify. 285 Suffolk Sfreef, Holyoke, Massachuseffs DEPARTMENT OF ASTRONOMY ANNE SEWELL YOUNG, Ph.D., Professor and Direcfor of John Payson Willisfon Observafory B.L., M.S., Carlefon College: Ph.D., Columbia Universify: Goodsell Oloservafory, Norfhfield, Minnesofa: Universify of Chicago: Professor of Mafhemafics, Whif- man College, Walla Walla, Washingfon: Research Assisfanf, Yerkes Observafory: Nanfuckef Maria Mifchell Associafion: American Associafion of Variable Sfar Observers: American Asfronomical Sociefy: Fellow of fhe A.A.A.S.: Fellow of fhe Royal Asfronomical Sociefy. Winona Lake, lndiana ALICE HALL FARNSWORTH, Ph.D., Associafe Professor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.S., Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: Yerkes Ob- servafory: Elizabefh Bardwell Memorial Fellow: Fellow in Asfronomy, Universify of Chicago: American Associafion of Variable Sfar Observers: American Asfro- nomical Sociefy: Fellow of fhe A.A.A.S.: lnsfrucfor, Universify of Chicago: Marfin Kellogg Fellow, Universify of California. I96 Highland Sfreef, Taunfon, Massachuseffs HELEN M. PORTER, M.A., lnsfrucfor B.A., M.A., Carlefon College: American Asfronomical Sociefy: American Asso- ciafion of Variable Sfar Observers. Greaf Falls, Monfana DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY ALMA GRACE STOKEY, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Oberlin College: Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: Marine Biological Labora- fory, Woods Hole: Sullivanf Moss Sociefy: Sigma Xi Sociefy: Bofanical Sociefy of America. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs FREDDA DORIS REED, Ph.D., Associafe Professor ASA ..f, B.A., Earlham College: M.S., Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: Bofanical Sociefy of America: Sigma Xi Sociefy. Parker, lndiana STEPHEN KINNEY, M.S., Assisfanf Professor in Floriculfure B.S., Bosfon Universify: M.S., Massachuseffs Sfafe College: Nafional Foresfry Associafion. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs 1, L .' - ' 1 f . ..-11 . - 5 ' -' .' . 1' "Lf -i- E 'f'-iff .1 - . fi E 3 .E ,r ,A ,..- . .- ,. -.. -. v. .. ,- -" -.Ii-" I" il' Q' i J 'iii' E Twenfy-four ETHEL TABER ELTlNGE, Ph.D., Assisfanf Professor B.A., M.A., Syracuse Universif : Ph.D., Shaw School of Bofany, Washingfon Universify: Bofanical Sociefy of! America: American Sociefy of Planf Physiolo- gisfs: Sigma Xi Sociefy. I38 McKinley Avenue, Syracuse, New York AGNES MARJORIE BODWELL, B.A., Graduafe Assisfanf B.A., Connecficuf College for Women. Il Renwick Sfreef, Sfamford, Connecficuf DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY EMMA PERRY CARR, B.S., Ph.D., Professor B.S., Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: Ohio Sfafe Universify: Mounf Holyoke College: Holder of fhe Mary E. Woolley Fellowship, Universify of Chicago: Holder of fhe Lowenfhal Fellowship, Universify of Chicago: Queen's Universify, Belfasf, Ireland: Universify of Zurich: Holder of fhe Alice Freeman Palmer Fellow- ship of fhe American Associafion of Universify Women: American Chemical Sociefy: Sigma Xi: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs DGROTHY ANNA HAHN, A.B., Ph.D., Professor LOUI A.B., Bryn Mawr College: Ph.D., Yale Universify: Universify of Leipzig: Fellow in Chemisfry, Bryn Mawr College: Holder of fhe Anna C. Prescoff Fellowship of fhe Associafion of Collegiafe Alumnae, Yale Universify: Head of fhe Deparf- menf of Chemisfry af fhe Pennsylvania College for Women: German Chemical Sociefy: American Chemical Sociefy: Sigma Xi. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs SA STONE STEVENSON, A.B., Ph.D., Professor A.B., Vassar College: Ph.D., Cornell Universify: Holder of fhe Lydia Praff Bab- boff Fellowship, Cornell Universify: Insfrucfor in Chemisfry, Vassar College: lnsfrucfor in Chemisfry, Wellesley College: Head of fhe Deparfmenf of Chem- isfry, Sweef Briar College: Sigma Xi: Phi Befa Kappa. 45 Princefon Sfreef, Lowell, Massachuseffs MARY LURA SHERRILL, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Associafe Professor A.B., A.M., Randolph-Macon Women's College: Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: lnsfrucfor in Chemisfry, Adiuncf Professor in Chemisfry, Acfing Head of The Deparfmenf of Chemisfry, Randolph-Macon College: Associafe Professor in Chemisfry, Norfh Carolina College for Women: Associafe Chemisf, Chemical Warfare Service: Fellow of C. R. B. Educafional Foundafion, Universify of Brus- sels: Recipienf of Research Granf from American Academy of Arfs and Sciences: Norfh Carolina Academy of Science: American Chemical Sociefy: Sigma Xi: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs EDITH REBECCA BARSTOW, A.B., Assisfanf Direcfor of fhe Chemical Laborafories A.B., Mounf Holyoke College. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs 'LUCY PlCKETT, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., lnsfrucfor A.B., A.M., Mounf Holyoke College: Ph.D., Universify of Illinois: lnsfrucfor in Chemisfry, Goucher College: Holder of fhe Mary E. Woolley and fhe Roberf Carr Fellowships: American Chemical Sociefy: Sigma Xi: Phi Befa Kappa. I2 Union Sfreef, Beverley, Massachuseffs 'O n leave of absence for fhe year. Twenfy-Five MARGERY KATHERINE WALKER, A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Insfrucfor A.B., M.S., Universify of Washingfon: Ph.D., Ohio Sfafe Universify: Universify Scholar, Ohio Sfafe Universify: American Chemical Sociefy: Iofa Sigma Pi: Sigma Xi: Phi Befa Kappa. Elma, Washingfon MARTHA ELIZABETH SMITH, A.B., A.M., Insfrucfor A.B., A.M., Mounf Holyoke College: Research Assisfanf, Thorndike Memorial Laborafory. The Cifadel, Charlesfon, Soufh Carolina JOYCE WADMOND, A.B., Graduafe Assisfanf A.B., Beloif College: Phi Befa Kappa. 305 Washingfon Sfreef, Delavan, Wisconsin GERTRUDE WALTER, A.B., Oraduafe Assisfanf A.B., Mounf Holyoke College. I7 Orlando Avenue, Arosley, New York ANNA LITZINGER, A.B., Graduafe Assisfanf A.B., Mounf Holyoke College: Phi Befa Kappa. 27 Easl' John Sfreef, Bedford, Pennsylvania HELEN LOUISE WEST, A.B., Graduafe Assisfanf A.B., Swarfhmore College: Phi Befa Kappa. Mayflower Aparfmenfs, Buffalo, New York MARGARET PARR, A.B., Graduafe Assisfanf A.B., Mounf Holyoke College. 32 High Sfreef, Mefhuen, Massachuseffs DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY AMY HEWES, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Goucher College: Ph.D., Universif of Chicago: Universify of Berlin: Fellow, Universify of Chicago: Fellow of ffie Balfimore Associafion for fhe Pro- mofion of Universify Educafion for Women: Execufive Secrefary, Massachuseffs Minimum Wage Commission: Execufive Secrefary, Commiffee on Women in Indusfry, Council of Nafional Defense: Supervisor lndusfrial Service Secfion, Ordnance Deparfmenf, U. S. Army: Member of The American Economic Associa- fion, fhe American Sociological Associafion, fhe American Associafion for Labor Legislafion, and fhe American Sfafisfical Associalion: Eellow of The Royal Eco- nomic Sociefy: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ALZADA COMSTOCK, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Columbia Universify: Ph.D., Columbia Universify: Fellow of 'Ihe John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Eoundafion: London School of Economics, Universify of London: The Sorbonne: Associafe in Eco- nomics, Barnard College: Member of fhe American Economic Associafion, fhe American Academy of Polifical and Social Science, and fhe American Sfafisfical Associafion: Eellow of fhe Royal Economic Sociefy: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ETHEL BARBARA DIETRICH, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Vassar College: M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Wisconsin: Research Assisfanf, Bureau of Indusfrial Relafions, Unifed Typofhefae of America: Special Invesfi- gafor, Women's Branch, Indusfrial Service Secfion, Ordnance Deparfmenf: Member of fhe American Economic Associafion, fhe American Academy of Polifical and Social Science, fhe American Associafion for Labor Legislafion: Fellow of fhe Royal Economic Sociefy: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs rj.-,:': . ..- f..'.-1:5 ,:, .,::: ii.-Q-2 1 - U . N 'K ' " ,' - ', I Twenfy-six . . l . , ' . 1 . L ' I Q E ' A' - - - , . ., .- : . ,: -'z I - ,. - . J --: Q .-f. f L r as .- '. .. . . -I .-1 NEWMAN ARNOLD TOLLES, Ph.D., Assisfanf Professor Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: Harvard Universify: London School of Economics and Polifical Science: Member of fhe American Economic Asso- ciafion, fhe American Associafion for Labor Legislafion: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs CONRAD TAEUBER, Ph.D., Assisfanf Professor B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Minnesofa: Insfrucfor, Universify of Mirresofa, Norfhern Sfafe Teacher's College, Universify of Wisconsin: Fellow, Social Sci- ence Research Council in Rural Sociology: American-German Exchange Sfudenf, Heidelberg Universify. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs KATHERINE LEWIS, M.A., Insfrucfor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Tuffs College. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs RUTH OLMSTED, B.A., Assisfanf B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: Columbia Universify: Universify of Pennsylvania. Easf Harfford, Connecficuf DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION STUART M. STOKE, Ed.D., Associafe Professor A.B., Taylor Universify: Bosfon Universify: Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard Oraduafe Schools: Teacher in High Schools: Principal of High School: Assisfanf in Ps cho- Educafional Clinic, Harvard Oraduafe School of Educafion: Assisfanf Professor of Psychology, Universify of Buffalo: Associafe Professor of Psychology, College of Educafion, Ohio Universify: Nafional Educafion Associafion: American Edu- cafional Research Associafion: Phi Delfa Kappa: Associafe, American Psychologi- cal Associafion: Nafional Sociefy for The Sfudy of Educafion. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ELIZABETH JANE CLEARY, Ed.M., Insfrucfor A.B., Wheafon College: Ed.M., Harvard Universify: Nafional Educafional Asso- ciafion: Harvard Teachers' Associafion: New England Vocafional Guidance Asso- ciafion: Alumnae Associafion of Wheafon College: Alumnae Associafion of fhe Oraduafe School of Educafion, Harvard Universify. - 64 Washingfon Sfreef, Ayer, Massachuseffs DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH CLARA FRANCES STEVENS, Ph.M., Emerifus Professor Mounf Holyoke College: Ph.M., Universify of Michigan. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs MARGARET BALL, Ph.D., Professor ADA A.B., Mounf Holyoke College: A.M., Ph.D., Columbia Universify: Holder of fhe l886 Fellowship: Assisfanf in English, Barnard College: Modern Language Asso- ciafion: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs LAURA EONDA SNELL, Ph.D., Professor A.B., A.M., Mounf Holyoke College: Ph.D., Universify of Michigan: Universify of Chicago: Holder of fhe Elizabefh Bardwell Fellowship, Yale Universify: Eellow' in Rheforic, Universify of Michigan: Modern Language Associafion: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs Twenfy-Seven HELEN GRIFFITH, Ph.D., Professor A.B., Bryn Mawr College: A.M., Columbia Universify: Universify of Chicago: Ph.D., Universify of Michigan: lnslrucfor in Rheforic, Universify of Minnesofa: Assisfanf in English, Universify of Chicago: Eellow in Rheforic, Universify of Michigan. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs LENORA BRANCH, A.M., Associafe Professor A.B., Smifh College: A.M., Wellesley College: Reader and lnsfrucfor, Mounf Holyoke College: lnsfrucfor, Mounf Holyoke College: lnsfrucfor, Vassar College: Lecfurer in English, Summer Session, Middlebury College: Holder of a Trusfee Fellowship, Smifh College: Modern Language Associafion: American Associafion of Universify Professors. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs HARRIET FOX WHICHER, A.M., Associafe Professor A.B., Barnard College: A.M., Columbia Universify: Lecfurer in English, Barnard College: Journalisfic Work for fhe American Associafion for lnfernafional Con- ciliafion: Lecfurer in English, Smifh College: Lecfurer in English Liferafure, Mounf Holyoke College: Lecfurer in English, Summer Session, Middlebury Col- lege: Modern Language Associafion: Phi Befa Kappa. Amhersf, Massachuseffs ALICE W. MacLEOD MILLS, M.A., Associafe Professor and Execufive Secrefary of fhe Speech Unif in fhe English Deparmenf B.S., M.A., and Graduafe Work in fhe Universify of London: Head of Speech Deparfmenf of fhe Sfafe Universify of Monfana: Associafe Professor of Speech af fhe Sfafe Universify of Iowa: Associafe Professor of Speech af fhe Universify of Soufhern California: Honorary Member of fhe Nafional Speech Sororify, Zefa Phi Efa: Co-aufhor wifh Sarah T. Barrows of a fexf book--"Voice and Pro- nunciafion": Execufive Council of fhe Nafional Associafion of Teachers of Speech: Associafe Edifor of "The Speech Arfs Journal", official publicafion of fhe Speech Arfs Associafion of Soufhern California: Associafe Edifor of "Theafre and School," a publicafion of fhe sfafe organizafion of fhe Teachers of Drama and Speech, in California. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs C. MAUD H. LYNCH, B. Liff., Associafe Professor and Direcfor of fhe Press Bureau. B.A., London Universify: B. Liff., in Journalism, Columbia Universify: lnsfrucfor and Direcfor of Publicify, Mounf Holyoke College: Lecfurer, Columbia School of Journalism. Soufh Hadley, Massachusefls ROBERTA TEALE SWARTZ CHALMERS, B. Liff. loxonl, Assisfanf Professor A.B., Mounf Holyoke College: A.M., Radcliffe College: B.Li++., Oxford Univer- sify: lnsfrucfor in English, The Bancroff School for Girls. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs JAMES EDWARD CARVER, A.M., lnsfrucfor A.B., Universify of Richmond: A.M., Universify of Norfh Carolina: lnsfrucfor, Clemson College: Graduafe lnsfrucfor, Universify of Norfh Carolina: Assisfanf Professor, Shorfer College: American Associafion of Universify Professors: Modern Language Associafion: Residence Requiremenfs for fhe Ph.D. complefed af Columbia Universify. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs C. MARIANNE BROCK, B.A., loxonl, lnsfrucfor B.A., McGill Universify: B.A., Oxford Universify. I7 Edgehill Road, Wesfmounf, P. O., Canada ii: -- 7.1,-it 4' 5 : .--i' 3 ' . . Twenfy-eighf gt 3. GORDON KEITH CHALMERS, M.A., InsTrucTor A.B., Brown UniversiTy: B.A., Oxford Universify Honor School in English: Rhodes Scholarship, Oxford Universify: M.A., Harvard Universify. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs CONSTANCE MEADNIS SAINTONGE, A.M., Insfrucfor A.B., A.M., MounT Holyoke College: AssisTanT in English LiTeraTure, Mounf Holyoke College: Research Work in The Archives Nafionales, Paris: Modern Lan- guage Associafion. SouTh Hadley, Massachuseffs RUTH FOSDICK, A.B., AssisTanT A.B., MounT Holyoke College. 83 Bryanf STreeT, Buffalo, New York LOUISE K. WILDE, A.B., Assisfanf in Office of Press Bureau A.B., Mounf Holyoke College. 220 Pleasanf STreeT, Concord, New Hampshire DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LITERATURE JEANETTE MARKS, M.A., Professor B.A., Wellesley College: Posfgraduafe Work in English LiTeraTure aT The Brifish Museum and The Bodleian Library, Oxford: Professor of English LiTeraTure, Mounf Holyoke College: Bosfon Aufhors' Club: New England Poefry Club: PoeTry So- cieTy of America: Poefs' Associafion: Aufhors' League of America: Pi Gamma Mu: Modern Humanifies Research Associafion: Modern Language Associafion of America: Sociefy for The Sfudy of Inebriefy, England: Tail Waggers' Club: American Associafion of Universify Women: American Associafion of Universify Professors. "Fleur de Lys", WesTporT-on-Lake-Champlain, New York DOROTHY FOSTER, M.A., Professor B.A., Bryn Mawr College: M.A., Radcliffe College: Graduafe Scholar in English, Radcliffe College: Holder of The Women's Educafion Associafion Fellowship: Research Sfudenf aT The Brifish Museum, London, and af The Bodleian Library, Oxford: Salem Sociefy for The Educafion of Women: Modern Language Asso- ciafion of America: American Associafion of Universify Women: American AssociaTion of UniversiTy Professors. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs CHARLOTTE D'EVELYN, Ph.D., Professor B.L., Mills College: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: Holder of The Avery E. GarreTT European Fellowship: Modern Language Associafion of America: Mediaeval Academy of America: Modern Humanifies Research Associafion: American Associafion of Universify Professors: Phi BeTa Kappa. 3l2 Phelan Building, San Francisco, California LESLIE GALE BURGEVIN, Ph.D., Associafe Professor B.A., Harvard Universify: Sheldon Traveling Fellow: M.A., UniversiTy of Cali- fornia: Ph.D., Harvard Universif : Fellow in English, Universify of California: Modern Language Associafion oflAmerica: American Associafion of Universify Professors: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs Twenfy'Nine ERIKA VON ERHARDT-SIEBOLD, Ph.D., AssOciaTe ProTessOr GraduaTed Trom Reelgymnasium, "Schillerschule", FrankTurT-On-The-Main: POsT- graduaTe Work in The UniversiTies OT FrankTurT, Heidelberg, and Cambridge, England: Ph.D., UniversiTy OT Heidelberg: Venia Legendi Tor English Philology and LiTeraTure, UniversiTy OT Karlsruhe: European Fellowship, Bryn Mawr College: Guggenheim Fellowship: Modern Language AssOciaTiOn OT America: Mediaeval Academy OT America: American AssOciaTiOn OT UniversiTy PrOTessOrs. - SOuTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs KATHLEEN M. LYNCH, Ph.D., AssOciaTe PrOTessOr B.A., MounT Holyoke College: M.A., Columbia UniversiTy: Ph.D., UniversiTy OT Michigan: Holder OT The Bardwell Memorial Fellowship: Modern Language Asso- ciaTion OT America: DelTa Sigma Rho: Phi BeTa Kappa. LiTTleTOn, New Hampshire ANNA J. MILL, Ph.D., AssisTanT Professor LAW M.A., Ph.D., ST. Andrews UniversiTy: FirsT Class Honors in English: AdminisTra- Tive AssisTanT in The CabineT SecreTariaT, London: Carnegie Research Scholar in English: RadcliTTe College Fellowship: AssisTanT ProTessOr OT English, UniversiTy OT Maine: AssisTanT PrOTessOr OT English, Vassar College: OxTOrd Teachers' Diploma. SOuTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs RENCE B. WALLIS, M.A., lnsTrucTOr B.A., DarTmOuTh College: M.A., Harvard UniversiTy: lnsTrucTOr in English. STan- Tord UniversiTy: lnsTrucTOr in English, Harvard UniversiTy: ciaTiOn. U niversiTy Travel Asso- SOuTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs DEAN M. CURRIE, M.A., lnsTrucTOr LOUI DeparTmenT OT Drama, B.A., UniversiTy OT Michigan: Technical DirecTor in The Carnegie lnsTiTuTe OT UniversiTy OT Michigan: M.A., DeparTmenT OT Drama, Technology. SOuTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs SE WALLIS, lnsTrucTOr Emerson College OT OraTOry: Theodora lrvine's STudio York: BOsTOn STOck Company: TheaTer Workshop Grou COmmuniTy Players, Palo AlTO, California. Tor The TheaTer, New p, STanTOrd UniversiTy: SOuTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs EDITH WYNNE MATTHISON KENNEDY, M.A., LecTurer SOuTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs MAYBELLE HINTON, B.A., AssisTanT B.A., MOunT Holyoke College. 304 ChesTnuT STreeT, Holyoke, MassachuseTTs DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY MlGNON TALBOT, A.B., Ph.D., Professor A.B., Ohio STaTe UniversiTy: Ph.D., Yale UniversiTy: Cornell UniversiTy: Harvard UniversiTy: American AssociaTiOn Tor The AdvancemenT OT Science: Geological SOcieTy OT America: PaleonTOlogical SocieTy: Sigma Xi: Phi BeTa Kappa. ' SOuTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs JULIA M. SHIPMAN, B.S., Ph.D., AssisTanT ProTessOr B.S., BOsTOn UniversiTy: Ph.D., Clark UniversiTy: Fellowship aT Clark UniversiTy: STudenT AssisTanT in Geography, Clark Universiiy: lnsTrucTOr, UniversiTy OT Tennessee: lnsTrucTOr, UniversiTy OT Nebraska: American AssOciaTiOn Tor The Advancemem' OT Science: American Geographical SOcieTy: NaTional Council OT Geography Teachers: Kappa DelTa Epsilon. Enfield, New Hampshire - . . - , ThirTy .. -- 1 ' ' 1 :. 11' , - . 13 MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY, A.B., M.S., lnsfrucfor A.B., M.S., Universify of Michigan, Universify of Colorado, Universify of Chi- cago: Acfing Head of Deparfmenf of Geology, Anfioch College: American Associafion for fhe Advancemenf of Science: Mineralogical Sociefy: Michigan Academy of Science: Sigma Xi: Phi Befa Kappa. Ann Arbor, Michigan BEATRlCE E. BOLTON, A.B., A.M., Ph,D., lnsfrucfor A.B., A.M., Syracuse Universify: Ph.D., Cornell Universify: Teaching Fellow, Syracuse Universify: Graduafe Fellow, Heckscher Research Fellow, Cornell Uni- versify: Paleonfological Sociefy: Sigma Xi: Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Delfa Epsilon: Phi Befa Kappa. Syracuse, New York - DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN ELLEN CLARlNDA HINSDALE, Ph.D., Professor Emerifus B.A., Wesfern Reserve Universify: M.A., Universify of Michigan: Ph.D., Uni- versify of Goffongen: Universify of Leipzig: Universify of Berlin: Holder of fhe Women's Educafionakand lndusfrial Union Foreign Fellowship: lnsfrucfor,in German in Jolief, Illinois, and in Ann Arbor, Michigan: Modern Language Asso- ciafion of America. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ALICE PORTER STEVENS, M.A., Associafe Professor Emerifus B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Radcliffe College: Universify of Berlin: Holder of fhe I886 Fellowship: Modern Language Associafion of America. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs GRACE MABEL BACON, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Michigan: Universify of Berlin: lnsfrucfor in German, Ypsilanfi, Michigan: Holder of fhe Cornelia M. Clapp Fellowship: Professor of German, Allegheny College: New England Modern Language Associafion: Modern Language Associafion of America: American Associafion of Universify Professors: American Associafion of Uni- versify Women: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs HILDE KANT HELD, M.A., Assisfanf Professor M.A., Tuffs College: Universify of Poifers, Diplome: Universify of Leipzig, Cerfi- ficafe: American Associafion of Universify Professors: New England Modern Language Associafion. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ERIKA M. MEYER, M.A., lnsfrucfor B.A., M.A., Sfafe Universify of lowa: lnsfrucfor, Allegheny College: Fellow, Uni- versify of Wisconsin: lnsfrucfor, Universify of Wisconsin: American Associafion of Universify Professors: American Associafion of Universify Women: Modern Language Associafion of America: Phi Sigma lofa: Phi Befa Kappa. Pomeroy, lowa DEPARTMENT OF GREEK MARY GILMORE WILLIAMS, Ph.D., Professor Emerifus Mounf Holyoke Seminary: B.A., Ph.D., Universify of Michigan: American School of Classical Sfudies, Rome: Insfrucfor in Lafin, Kirkwood Seminary, Missouri: lnsfrucfor in Lafin, Lake Erie College: Elisha Jones Fellow of fhe Universify of Michigan: Fellow of fhe Associafion of Collegiafe Alumnae: Archaeological lnsfifufe of America: American Philological Associafion. Corning, New York Thirfy-one Y HELEN CURRIER FLINT, M.A., AssociaTe ProTessor EmeriTus SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs CAROLINE MORRIS GALT, B.A., ProTessor oT Archaeology and Greek B.A., Bryn Mawr College: UniversiTy oT Chicago: Columbia UniversiTy: American School oT Classical STudies, Rome: Managing CommiTTee oT The American School oT Classical STudies aT AThens: AssociaTe Member oT The American NumismaTic SocieTy: Annual ProTessor OT The American School oT Classical STudies in AThens: Archaeological lnsTiTuTe oT America: American Philological AssociaTion. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs MARION ELIZABETH BLAKE, Ph.D., AssociaTe ProTessor oT Greek B.A., MounT Holyoke College: M.A., Ph.D., Cornell UniversiTy: Fellow oT The American Academy aT Rome: Holder oT The Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship Tor Two years: Archaeological lnsTiTuTe oT America: American Philological As- sociaTion. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE NELLIE NEILSON, Ph.D., ProTessor oT HisTory and PoIiTicaI Science on The E. Nevis Rodman FoundaTion B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: Holder oT The Fellowship in HisTory aT Bryn Mawr College, and oT The Residenl' Fellowship OT The American AssociaTion oT UniversiTy Women: Research Work in England: Fellow oT The Mediaeval Academy oT America: Fellow oT The Royal HisTorical SocieTy: American HisTori- cal AssociaTion: Seldon SocieTy. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs ELLEN DEBORAH ELLIS, Ph.D., ProTessor oT PoIi+icaI Science B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: Holder oT Bryn Mawr European Fellow- ship: UniversiTy oT Leipzig: Fellow in Economics and PoIiTics, Bryn Mawr: ProTes- sor oT HisTory, ConsTanTinople College, ConsTanTinople, Turkey: American Poli- Tical Science AssociaTion: American HisTorical AssociaTion: American SocieTy oT lnTernaTional Law. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs BERTHA HAVEN PUTNAM, F'n.D., ProTessor oT HisTory B.A., Bryn Mawr College: Ph.D., Columbia UniversiTy: Twice Holder oT Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fellowship oT The American AssociaTion oT UniversiTy Women: Research Work in England: Fellow oT The Royal Economic SocieTy: Fellow oT The Royal HisTorical SocieTy: Member oT The Seldon SocieTy: Mediaeval Academy oT America: American HisTorical AssociaTion: American Economic AssociaTion: Economic HisTory SocieTy. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs 'VIOLA FLORENCE BARNES, Ph.D., AssociaTe ProTessor oT HisTory B.A., M.A., UniversiTy oT Nebraska: Ph.D., Yale UniversiTy: Fellow in American HisTory, UniversiTy oT Nebraska: Holder oT The Currier Fellowship and oT The Susan Rhoda CuTTer Fellowship, Yale UniversiTy: lnsTrucTor in American HisTory, UniversiTy OT Nebraska: Holder oT The Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fellow- ship oT The American AssociaTion oT UniversiTy Women Tor European STudy: Research in England: Holder oT The-John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship: Ameri- can HisToricaI AssociaTion. Albion, Nebraska SUSAN REED STIFLER, Ph.D., LecTurer B.A., MounT Holyoke College: M.A., Ph.D., UniversiTy oT Illinois: Fellow in American HisTory and AssisTanT in European I-IisTory, UniversiTy oT Illinois: Re- search Work in England: lnsTrucTor in HisTory, Lake Erie College: American HisTorical AssociaTion. AmhersT, MassachuseTTs 1 5 7 ThirTy-Two ,sf 1 I gl, I j 15, MARY ASHBY CHEEK, M.A., Leclurer B.A., Mounl Holyoke College: M.A., Columbia Universily: Dean of Residence, Mounl Holyoke College: Research Work al Geneva and London: American Associalion ol Universily Women: American Hislorical Associalion. Danville, Kenlucky JESSIE M. TATLOCK, M.A., Assislanl Professor B.A., Bryn Mawr College: M.A., Radcliffe College: Mediaeval Academy of America: American Hislorical Associalion. Soulh Hadley, Massachusells FRANK EDGAR BAILEY, JR., lnslruclor B.A., Darlmoulh College: M.A., Harvard Universily: lnslruclor in Hislory, Massachusells lnslilule of Technology: Graduale Sludy, Harvard Universily: American Associalion of Universily Professors: American Hislorical Associalion. Soulh Hadley, Massachusells IJOSEPHINE FISHER, B.A., lnslruclor B.A., Bryn Mawr College: Ph.D., on publicalion of lhesis: Graduale Work al Newnham College, England, and al Johns Hopkins Universily. Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania FLORENCE B. McKlNLAY, B.A., Graduale Assislanl B.A., Mounl Holyoke College: Phi Bela Kappa. 43I Riverside Drive, New York Cily SARA S. HOLMES, B.A., Graduale Assislanl in Polilical Science B.A., Mounl Holyoke College: Phi Bela Kappa. Greeley, Iowa ELEANOR RATHBONE, M.A., Holder of 'lhe Skinner Fellowship B.A., Vassar College: M.A., Radcliffe College. I4 Squier Slreel, Palmer, Massachusells 'k On leave of absence for second semesler. 'I For lhe second semesler. DEPARTMENT OF LATIN HELEN MCGAFFNEY SEARLES, Ph.D., Professor Emerilus M.A., Lake Foresl College: Ph.D., Universily of Chicago: lnslruclor in Greek and German, Ferry Hall: Classical Fellow, Cornell Universily: Fellow in Sanskril' and Comparalive Philology, Universily of Chicago: lnslruclor in Lalin and Greek al The Pennsylvania College for Women: Archaeological lnslilule of America: American Philological Associalion: Orienlal Sociely of America. Soulh Hadley, Massachusells 'CORNELIA CATLIN COULTER, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Washinglon Universily: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: Eureopean Fellow, Fellow in Lalin, Fellow in Greek, Bryn Mawr College: Teacher in S+. Agnes School and lhe Deparlmenls of Lalin and Greek al Vassar College: American Philological Associalion: Advisory Board of Speculum. 3l5 Adams Avenue, Ferguson, Missouri BLANCHE BROTHERTON, Ph.D., Associale Professor B.A., Srnilh College: M.A., Ph.D., Universiry of Chicago: Traveling Fellow, Smilh College: Fellow, Universily ol Chicago: lnslruclor in Elmhursl School: lnslruclor in Birmingham: Assislanl Professor of Lalin and Greek, Whealon College: in Summer Sessions of The Universily of Chicago: American Philological Associalion. Soulh Hadley, Massachusells Thirly-lhree 5 BLANCHE BEATRICE BOYER, Ph.D., Associafe Professor B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: Fellow in Lafin, Universify of Chicago: Insfrucfor in Lafin and Greek, Sf. Xavier College: Assisfanf Professor in Lafin, Allegheny College: Fellow of fhe John'Simon Guggenheim Memorial Founda- fion: American Philological Associafion: Mediaeval Academy of America. Plymoufh, Indiana HELENA M. GAMER, Ph.D., lnsfrucfor i B.A., Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: Fellow, Research Assisfanf, Ryerson Fellow in Roman Achaeology, Universify of Chicago: Insfrucfor in Sf. Xavier College, Chicago: Archaeological lnsfifufe: American Philological Associafion: Mediaeval Academy of America. 4822 Norfh Winchesfer Avenue, Chicago, lllinois fMARGARET E. TAYLOR, M.A., lnsfrucfor B.A., Vassar College: M.A., Yale Universify: Graduafe Sfudy, American Acad- emy in Rome, Universify of Munich, Yale Universify: lnsfrucfor af Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: lnsfrucfor af Mrs. Day's School, New Haven, Connecficuf: American Philological Associafion. I425 Pacific Terrace, Klamafh Falls, Oregon A' For fhe second sernesfer. 1 For fhe firsf sernesfer. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS ELEANOR CATHERINE DOAK, Ph.B., Professor B.A., Coafes College: Ph.B., Universify of Chicago, Cambridge Universify: lnsfrucfor of Mafhemafics af Coafes College and De Pauw Universify: Reader in Mafhemafics for College Enfrance Examinafion Board: American Mafhemafi- cal Sociefy: Mafhemafical Associafion of America. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs EMILIE NOTON MARTIN, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr: Fellow in Mafhemafics af Bryn Mawr College: Holder of fhe Mary E. Garreff Fellowship from Bryn Mawr, and Sfudenf of fhe Univer- sify of Goffingen: Fellow of fhe American Associafion for fhe Advancemenf of Science: American Mafhemafical Sociefy: Mafhemafical Sociefy of America: Chairman of Deparfmenf. Monfreaf, Norfh Carolina MARIE LITZINGER, M.A., Assisfanf Professor B.A., M.A., Bryn Mawr: Fellow in Mafhemafics af Bryn Mawr: Holder of fhe Senior European Fellowship from Bryn Mawr: Sfudenf af fhe Universify of Rome and af fhe Universify of Chicago: American Mafhemafical Sociefy: Sigma Xi. Bedford, Pennsylvania DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND HYGIENE ELIZABETH COLDEN UNDERHILL, M.D., Residenf Physician Women's Medical College, New York: Cornell Universify, Medical College: Clinical Assisfanf in fhe Dispensaries of fhe Women's Medical College and Belle- vue Hospifal, New York Cify: Privafe Pracfice, Poughkeepsie, New York: Gradu- afe Work, Harvard Medical School: Sargenf School of Physical Educafion: Fellow of fhe American Medical Associafion: American Social Hygiene Associa- fion. . R. F. D. I, Poughkeepsie, New York -'li Iiijly ' 1--'P if 5 fi 'fit' 3 Qi ' ' Thirly-four 1 1 E. 4. 2 E .s. 1- , 5 , L, ,, : A .. I " if 1 '. ET L :rn 1- 1. 1' PATTIE JOHNSTON GROVES, M.D., Associafe Physician Bachelor of Pedagogy N. C. Sfafe College for Women, Greensboro, N. C.: Bachelor of Arfs, Trinify College, Durham, N. C.: Docfor of Medicine, Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: Resiclenf, Lancasfer General Hospifal, Lancasfer, Pa.: Associafe in Rural Public 'Healfh Work, Sfafe Deparf- menf of Healfh, Harrisburg, Pa.: Residenf in Pediafrics, Sfafe Hospifal for Tuber- culosis, Soufh Mounfain, Pa.: Associafe Physician, George Peabody School for Teachers, Nashville, Tenn.: Member of fhe Massachuseffs Medical Sociefy: Fellow of American Medical Associafion: Member Hampshire Counfy Medical Socief . y 20 Gulf Sfreef, Sanford, Norfh Carolina PRISCILLA R. AXTELL, B.A., Secrefary and Laborafor Technician B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: Assisfanf fo fhe Technician. Angels Brofhers Hos- pifal, Franklin, N. C.: Clinical Pafhology, Emory Universify, Aflanfa, Ga. Demoresf, Georgia DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC WILLIAM CHURCHILL HAMMOND, Mus.D., Professor, Direcfor of Music Piano, Harfford, Bosfon, New York: Organ, Harfford, New York: Theory, N. H. Allen: Organisf of Second Congregafional Church, Holyoke: A Founder of fhe American Guild of Organisfs. 23I Cabof Sfreef, Holyoke, Massachuseffs ANNA MATHILDE WOLLMAN, Assisfanf Professor Harmony, Marion Wheeler: Voice, Julia B. Dickinson, Springfield, J. J. Bishop: lsadore Lucksfone, A. Clark Jeannoffe, New York: Royal Dadum, Arne von Erpicum Sem., Oslo, Norway: Soprano Soloisf af fhe Soufh Church, Springfield. 36 Eldridge Sfreef, Springfield, Massachuseffs CLARA B. TILLINGHAST, B.A., Assisfanf Professor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: Organ, Professor Hammond. Piefro Yon, New York: Theory and Composifion, Percy Goefschius, Insfifufe of Musical Arf, New York: Hisfory and Symphonic Analysis, Daniel Gregory Mason, Columbia Uni- versify: Colleague of fhe American Guild of Organisfs: Norfhfield Seminary. Vernon, Connecficuf MARTHA BROWN FINCKE, B.L., Ed.M., Assisfanf Professor B.L., Smifh College: Ed.M., Harvard Universify: Diploma and Medal, Longy School of Music: Organ, Professor Hammond and Clair Leonard: Piano, Elizabefh Ouaile, Wesley Weyman, and Wager Swayne: Theory, Angela Diller, Edward Ballanfine, Nadia Boulanger: Insfrucfor in fhe David Mannes Music School, Wesf Newfon Music School, The Ely School, and privafe work. 5 Greenacre Sfreef, Springfield, Massachuseffs RUTH DOUGLAS, B.A., Assisfanf Professor VIVA B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: Voice, Anna Wollman, Alberf Jeannoffe, Oscar Seagle, Charles Kifchell, New York: Piano, Horace Alevyne, Alberf Plaff: Reper- foire, Pauline Gold, New York, and Arpad Sandor, Berlin: Hisfory of Music, Universify of Berlin: Berlin Debuf, March IO, I93I. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs FAYE. RICHARDSON, Insfrucfor Graduafe of New England Conservafory of Music, Soloisf's Course wifh Honors: Graduafe Work in Piano, Felix Fox, Heinrich Gebhard, Bosfon, and Ernesf Huf- cheson, New York: Norfhfield Seminary, Illinois Conservafory. 592 Wesf Park Sfreef, Dorchesfer, Massachuseffs Thirfy-five MILTON JACOB ARONSON, lnsfrucior Violin, Charles Marin Loeffler, Bosfon. 850 Sumner Avenue, Springfield, Massachuseffs HARRY HOLLAND KELLOGG, lnsfrucfor Organ, Professor Hammond: Alexandre Guilmanf, Gasfon Defhier, Paris: Piano, Wager Swayne, Heinrich Gebhard, Harold Bauer. LOUISE A. DRESSEL, Secrefary Soufh Hadley High School. 28 Carew Sfreef, Soufh Hadley Falls, Massachuseffs DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY ELLEN BLISS TALBOT, Ph.D., Professor on fhe Anna C. Edwards Eoundafion B.A., Ohio Sfafe Universify: Ph.D., Cornell Universify: Uriiversify of Chicago: Universify of Berlin: Universify of Heidelberg: Graduafe Scholar, Cornell Uni- versify: American Philosophical Associafion: A. A. U. P.: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs SAMUEL PERKINS HAYES, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Amhersf College: B.D., Union Theological Seminary: M.A., Columbia Uni- versify: Ph.D., Cornell Universify: Fellow, Clark Universify: Eellow, Cornell Uni- versify: Universify of Berlin: Sorbonne, Paris: Cambridge, England: Member of American Associafion of Insfrucfors of fhe Blind: Direcfor of Psychological Re- search and Visifing Lecfurer in fhe Pennsylvania Insfifufion for fhe Insfrucfion of The Blind and fhe Perkins lnsfifufion for fhe lnsfrucfion of fhe Blind: Lecfurer in Amhersf College: American Psychological Associafion: A.A.U.P.: Sigma Xi So- ciefy: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs JOHN MARTYN WARBEKE, Ph.D.. Professor B.A., Princefon Universify: Ph.D., Universify of Leipzig: Associafe in Science, Universify of Chicago: Oxford Universify, England: Insfrucfor, Williams College: Professor, Amhersf College: Honorary Member of New York Browning Sociefy: Presidenf, Holyoke League of Arfs and Craffs: American Philosophical Associa- fion. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs HERBERT MOORE, Ph.D., Associafe Professor B.A., Universify of Toronfo: M. A., Harvard Universify: Ph.D., Harvard Univer- sify: American Psychological Associafion: Lecfurer, Springfield lnfernafional College and Norfheasfern Universify: American Associafion of Universify Pro- fessors. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs PHYLLIS DELE SWANN, Ph.D., Assisfanf Professor A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Michigan: Columbia Universify: Lecfurer, Wesf- ern Reserve Universify: Psychological Board, Cleveland Public Schools: Women's Research Club: American Sociefy for 'lhe Sfudy of 'rhe Disorders of Speech: Aflanfic League for fhe Rehabilifafion of Speech. Calumef, Michigan LUCILLE THOMSON McLAUGHLlN, B.A., Assisfanl' I B.A., Mounf Holyoke College. Cincinnafi, Ohio i51.::if3zl.f-".f' f,?,,:jjf., '.' 112-I.-. ,,: .: i.-3-2: - - , . . - ., .:-R, Z.. - :M ..-.-4.-,i . ,- . . -. , Thlrfy-SIX . ., , 1 .. . . I , - ff- -' ' - 'A I E ,.' I L, . L , I. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION MILDRED S. HOWARD, M.A., Direcfor B.S., Conneciicuf College for Women: M.A., Teachers' College, Columbia Uni- versiiy: Course ai Boslon School of Physical Educalion: Teacher of Physical Edu- caiion in EI'heI Walker School in Simsbury, ConnecI'icu'r: Na+ionaI Park Seminary, Foresi' Glen, Maryland: Universify of Wisconsin: Summer School, Universily of Colorado: Member of American Physical Educafion Associalion: Member of Execulive Commifiee of Easiern Socieiy of Direciors of Physical Educafion for College Women. 330 Main SI'ree'r, We+hersfieId, Conneclicui LILLIAN LORETTA KUESTER, Direclor of Medical Gymnaslics Savage InsIi+uI'e of Physical Educaiion, New York: School of Educaiion, New York Universify: Insirucior in Correciive and Medical Gymnasfics, Bellevue Hos- pi'raI Floaf, New York Ciiy: Medical Aide, Orihopedic and Surgical Deparl- menfs, Brooklyn Ciiy Hospilal Dispensary, Brooklyn, New York: Member of The American Posfure League: American Physical Educaiion Associafion: Naiional Archery Associafion. Souih Hadley, Massachusefls KATI-IRO KIDWELL, M.S., Inslruclor B.S., Universify of Nebraska: M.S., Universify of Wisconsin. 633 Soulh I4Ih Sfreef, Lincoln, Nebraska ELISE AVERY, B.A., Insirucior Russell Sage College: PeopIe's College, Ollerup, Denmark: B.A., Boslon Univer- siiy: Teacher of Physical Educaiion a+ Bryn Mawr College: Bosfon School of Phy- sical Educalion: Summer School, Universily of Colorado: Summer School, Teach- ers' College, Columbia Universiiy. I69 Wa+erman Sireef, Providence, Rhode Island MARIE HEOGHINIAN, M.A., Insfrucior B.S. and M.A., Columbia: Insfruclor a+ Deiroil' in Public School Sysiemg Taughl' Tour years al' Mouni Holyoke: Siudied ai Ihe Wigman School, Dresden, and wiih Gerfrude Kraus of Vienna. 53 Duncan Avenue, Jersey Cify, New Jersey VIENNA MARIA KANSAS, SecreI'ary and Pianisl' New England ConservaI'ory of Music. 36 Cen'rraI SI'ree'r, Newpor+, New Hampshire DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS ELIZABETH REBECCA LAIRD, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Universify of Toron'ro: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: D.Sc., IHon.I, Universi'ry of Toron'ro: Universify of Berlin: Cambridge Universiiy: Universiiy of Chicago: Fellow in Physics, and Presiden'r's European Fellow, Bryn Mawr College: Holder of Ihe Sarah Berliner Research Fellowship for Women, Universify of Wurzburg: Honorary Research Fellow, Yale Universify: Fellow of 'rhe American Physical Socie'ry, and of Ihe American Associa+ion for fhe Advancemen+ of Science: Opfical Socie+y of America: American Associalion of Physics Teachers. Sou+h Hadley, Massachuseffs Thirly seven ROGERS D. RUSK, Ph.D., Associafe Professor B.Sc., Ohio Wesleyan Universify: M.A., Ohio Sfafe Universify: Ph.D., Universify of Chicago: Graduafe Scholar, Ohio Sfafe Universify: Fellow in Physics, Uni- versify of Chicago: Head of Science Deparfmenf, Niles, Ohio: lnsfrucfor in Aerology, Signal Corps, Signal Corps Mefeorologisf: Professor of Physics, Norfh Cenfral College: American Physical Sociefy: American Associafion for fhe Ad- vancemenf of Science: American Associafion of Physics Teachers: Sigma Xi: Kappa Delfa Pi. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs YMRS. NADIASHDA GALLI-Sl-IGI-IAT, Ph.D., Insfrucfor Graduafe Girl's lnsfifufe in lrlcufslc and of Women's Universify in Pefrograd, Russia: Ph.D., Universify of Goffingen, Germany: Professor and Head of fhe Deparfmenf of Physics, Ural Universify, Elcafhinborg, Russia: Assisfanf in Physics, Universify of Michigan: American Physical Sociefy: Helen Schaeffer Huff Me- morial Research Fellow, Bryn Mawr College. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs DWIGHT ALLISON BLOODGOOD, Curafor and Technician Laborafory Mechanician, Physics Deparfmenf, Yale Universify: lnsfrucfor Signal Corps Officers' School. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ELIZABETH COHEN, Ph.D., Assisfanf Professor B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Toronfo: Universify of Brisfol: King's College, Universify of London: Onfario College of Eclucafion: Demonsfrafor, Universify of Toronfo: Holder of Sfudenfship granfed by Nafional Research Council of Canada. Maple, Onfario, Canada HAZEL MARIE FLETCHER, Ph.D., lnsfrucfor B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Indiana Universify: Teacher, elemenfary schools and high school: lnsfrucfor in Physics, Indiana Universify: lnsfrucfor of Physics, Wellesley College: American Physical Sociefy: Sigma Xi Sociefy: lnsfifufe of Radio En- gineers. Modoc, Indiana RUTH YEATON JUNKINS, M.A., lnsfrucfor B.A., Mounf Holyolce College: M.A., Cornell Universify: Fellow, Cornell Uni- versify: lnsfrucfor in Physics, Mounf Holyolce College: Assisfanf in Physics, Vassar College: Sigma Xi. Enfield, Massachuseffs DORIS LIPPINCOTT ASHE, B.A., Graduafe Assisfanf B.A., Mounf Holyolce College. Piffsfield, Massachuseffs ANNA LOUISE PECKHAM, B.A., Graduafe Assisfanf B.A., Hiram College. Hiram, Ohio " On leave of absence. fi:-:. wife? 11:11. -f 5 :Li-271 ThlfiY'eI9M 5 f , . . .- . . ' .g r , . 'T .f A -1 ' . ii Z- i f-"' A-5 'r I W , :. 3- 3 5, DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY ABBY HOWE TURNER, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: Ph.D., Radcliffe College: Marine Biological Lab- orafory, Woods Hole: Graduafe Sfudenf, Universify of Pennsylvania: Elizabefh Bardwell Fellow, Universify of Chicago: Cornelia M. Clapp Fellow: Fellow of Women's Educafional Associafion of Bosfon, Harvard Medical School: Harvard School of Public Healfh: Sarah Berliner Fellow, Universify of Copenhagen: ln- sfrucfor in Zoology, Wellesley College: American Associafion for The Advance- rnenf of Science: American Physiological Sociefy: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs CHARLOTTE HAYWOOD, Ph.D., Associafe Professor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Brown Universify: Ph.D., Universify of Pennsylvania: Marine Biological Laborafory, Woods Hole: Brown Universify: Vassar College: American Associafion for fhe Advancemenf of Science: Phi Befa Kappa: Sigma Xi. 26 Mace Place, Lynn, Massachuseffs MARY M. CLAYTON, Ph.D., Assisfanf Professor B.S., Teachers College, Columbia Universify: M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Rochesfer: Nafional Research Council Fellow, Universify of Rochesfer. Onfario, New York JOSEPHINE M. MclNTlRE, B.A., Graduafe Assisfanf B.A., Brown Universify: Biological Laborafory, Cold Spring Harbor: Marine Bio- logical Laborafory, Woods Hole: Phi Befa Kappa. 25 Carfer Sfreef, Providence, Rhode lsland MARGARET SCHOTT, B.A., Graduafe Assisfanf B.A., Oberlin College: Marine Biological Laborafory, Woods Hole: Phi Befa Kappa Sociefy. I274 Wesf TO3 Sfreef, Cleveland, Ohio DEPARTMENT OF THE HISTORY AND LITERATURE OF RELIGION LAURA HULDA WILD, B.D., Professor B.A., Smifh College: B.D., Harfford Theological Seminary: Professor of Biblical Hisfory and Liferafure, Doane College and Lake Erie College: Nafional Secrefary of fhe Young Women's Chrisfian Associafion: Pasfor of Congregafional Church, Lincoln, Nebraska: Visifing Professor af Ginling College, China: Fund for Ameri- can Schools of Orienfal Research: American Orienfal Sociefy: Sociefy of Biblical Liferafure and Exegesis: Nafional Associafion of Biblical lnsfrucfors: Nafional Associafion of Universify Professors: Nafional Associafion of Universify Women: Secrefary of Board of Direcfors of Clarke School for fhe Deaf, Norfhampfon, Massachuseffs: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs MARY lNDA HUSSEY, Ph.D., Professor Ph.B., Earlham College: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: Fellow in Semific Languages, Universify of Pennsylvania: Universify of Leipzig: lnsfrucfor in Biblical Hisfory, Wellesle College: Annual Professor, American School of Orienfal Research: Fellow of! fhe Balfimore Associafion for fhe Universify Educafion of Women: fhe Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fellow of fhe Associafion of Collegiafe Alum- nae: Assisfanf in fhe Harvard Semific Museum: Field Secrefary of fhe Fund for Orienfal and Archaeological Biblical Research: Member of American Orienfal Sociefy: Vorderasiafishe Gesellschaff: Sociefy of Biblical Liferafure and Exegesis: Nafional Associafion of Biblical lnsfrucfors: Religious Educafion Associafion: Women's lnfernafional League for Peace and Freedom: Fellowship of Reconcilia- fion: League of Nafions Non-Parfisan Associafion. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs Thirfy-nine DAVlD E. ADAMS, D.D., Associafe Professor A.B., Darfrnoufh College: B.D., Union Theological Seminary: D.D. lHonoraryl, Darfmoufh College: Congregafional pasforafes in Easfhampfon, Holyoke, Ware, Massachuseffs, Farmingfon, Maine, and Marieffa, Ohio: Assisfanf Professor of Religion, Marieffa College: Member of fhe Nafional Associafion of Biblical lnsfrucfors: Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs DOROTHY HELEN WOLCOTT, B.D., Assisfanf Professor Ph.B., Denison Universify: B.D., Harfford Theological Seminary: American School of Orienfal Research, Jerusalem: lnsfrucfor in Bible, Bapfisf Training School: Sfudenf Execufive of fhe Young Women's Chrisfian Associafion, Universif of Missouri: insfrucfor in Bible and Sfudenf Execufive of fhe Young Women's Chris- fian Associafion, Michigan Sfafe Normal College: Sociefy of Biblical Liferafure and Exegesis: Nafional Associafion of Biblical lnsfrucfors: Religious Educafion Associafion: Fellowship of Reconciliafion. Sainf Paris, Ohio DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES MARY VANCE YOUNG, Ph.D., Professor Emerifus Ph.D., Universify of Zurich: Sorbonne: Ecole des Haufes Efucles, College de France, Ecole des Charfes: Officier d'Academie: Danfe Sociefy of America: Maifres Phonefiques: Nafional lnsfifufe of Social Sciences: Danfe League of America: Modern Language Associafion: lnfernafional ldo Federafion: Associa- 'lion of Universify Professors: American Associafion of Teachers of lfalian. Asheville, Norfh Carolina EMMA REVILLE-PENSCH, Associafe Professor Emerifus Sfudies in Swifzerland, Paris, Germany, England: Officier d'Academie. 4803 Garden Sfreef, Bridesburg, Pennsylvania MARY GERTRUDE CUSHING, Ph.D., Professor B.S., Wellesley College: M.A., Wellesley College: Ph.D., Columbia Universify: Sfudenf af Paris, Madrid, Columbia Universify: Modern Language Associafion of America: Associafion of Universify Professors, Chairman. Phi Befa Kappa. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs HELEN ELIZABETH PATCH, Ph.D., Associafe Professor B.A., Mounf Hoi oke College: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, Sorbonne, Ecole des Haufes Efudes: College de France: Graduafe Scholar in Romance Languages, Bryn Mawr College: Mounf Holyoke Class of '86 Fellow: Associafe of Collegiafe Alumnae: European Fellow: Modern Language Associafion of America: Ameri- can Associafion of Universify Professors. B3 Grove Sfreef, Bangor, Maine MARIE-JEANNE BOURGOIN, Assisfanl' Professor B.S., C.F.E.N., C.A.P., Ecole Normale d'Angouleme: Professoraf des Ecoles Normales, Universife de Paris: Bourse d'Efudes en Angleferre lMusee Peda- gogiquel: American Associafion of Universify Professors: Modern Language Associafion. Assif de Manof, Charenfe, France SUZANNE DEDIEU, B.S., Assisfanf Professor B.E., B.S., Limoges, Diplome d'Efudes Superieures, Poifiers: Professoraf de Leffres, la Sorbonne: Foyer lnfernafional des Efudianfes: Associafion of Uni- versify Professors. Chevres-Chafelars, Charenfe, France I-' 'H'-t,-, : .: f..--5 -- PONY PAUL FREDERIC SAINTONOE, Ph.D., Assisfanf Professor B.A.. M.A., Ph.D., Harvard Universify: Oraduafe Sfudenf, Harvard Universify: Graduafe Scholar and Sheldon Traveling Fellow, Sorbonne, Ecole des Haufes Efudes, College de France: Insfrucfor af Universify of Norfh Carolina and Harvard Universify: Modern Language Associafion: Associafion of Universify Professors. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs fKATHARINE WELLINGTON AURYANSEN, M.A., Insfrucfor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Radcliffe College, Fellow of Insfifufe of Infernafional Educafion: Ecole Normal d'Insfifufrices, Melun, France: Associafion of Universify Professors. Phi Befa Kappa. 27 Jenison Sfreef, Newfonville, Massachuseffs ELIZABETH S. DOANE, M.A., Insfrucfor B.A., Bosfon Universify: M.A., Radcliffe College: Universife de Paris: Smifh College, School of Ifalian Sfudies: Universify of Florence: Ifalian Inferuniversify Insfifufe of Rome: Insfrucfor of Modern Languages, Florida Sfafe College and Wells College: Associafion of Universify Professors. Malden, Massachuseffs DOROTHY DOOLITTLE, Ph.D.. Insfrucfor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Bryn Mawr College: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: Oraduafe Scholar in Romance Languages, Bryn Mawr College: Holder of Frances Mary Haven Fellowship: Fellow of Insfifufe of Infernafional Educa- fion: Universify of Dijon, Sorbonne, College de France, Ecole des Haufes Efudes: Assisfanf in French, Bryn Mawr College: Modern Language Associafion of America: Associafion of Universify Professors: Phi Befa Kappa. I25 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, Massachuseffs FLORENCE WHYTE, Ph.D., Insfrucfor B.A., Universify of California: M.A., Universify of Oregon: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College: Universify of Madrid: Oraduafe Scholar and Fellow in Romance Languages, Bryn Mawr College: Holder of Helene and Cecil Rubel Founda- fion Fellowship of Bryn Mawr College: Sigma Delfa Chi: Pi Lambda Thefa: Modern Language Associafion of America: American Associafion of Universify Professors: Phi Befa Kappa. 64I Sainf Paul Avenue, Los Angeles, California LUCY LARROUY, Insfrucfor II Rue C Noberf, Pan B Py, France On leave of absence, I932-I933. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH ISADELL CAROLINE COUCH, Professor Emerifus Nafional School of Orafory and Elocufion, Philadelphia: School of Expression, Bosfon. 592 Prospecf Avenue, Harfford, Connecficuf ALICE MACLEOD MILLS, Execufive Secrefary, I932-I933 B.S., Oregon Sfafe College: B. O., Norfhwesfern Universify: M.A., Iowa Sfafe Universify: Graduafe Sfucly in Phonefics, Universify College, Universify of London: Head of Deparmenf of Speech, Sfafe Universify of Monfana: Assisfanf Professor of Speech, Sfafe Universify of Iowa: Associafe Professor of Speech, Universify of Soufhern California: Former Member of Execufive Council of Nafional Associafion of Teachers of Speech: Honorary Member of Zefa Phi Efa, Nafional Speech Sororify. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs Forfy-one MRS. JOSEPHINE E. HOLMES, lnsfrucfor Graduafe of Bosfon School of Expression, and Arfisfic Diploma for lnferprefa- five Work: Graduafe of Williams School of Orafory and lfhaca Conservafory of Music, lfhaca, New York: Bosfon Universify. The Sfevens, Morgan Road, Soufh Hadley, Massachusseffs HELEN PENDLETON WHEELER, M.A., Insfrucfor B.A., Barnard College: M.A., Columbia Universify. l375 Lincoln Sfreef, Denver, Colorado DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY CORNELIA MARIA CLAPP, Ph.D., Professor Emerifus ANN AMY Mounf Holyoke College: Ph.B., Syracuse Universify: Ph.D., Universify of Chi- cago: Sc.D., Mounf Holyoke: Trusfee of fhe Marine Biological Laborafory. Woods Hole: Naples Zoological Sfafion: Fellow of fhe A.A.A.S.: Sociefy of fhe American Zoologisfs: American Associafion Anafomisfs: Phi Befa Kappa, Mounf Dora, Florida HAVEN MORGAN, Ph.D., Professor on fhe Norman Waif Harris and Emma Gale Harris Foundafion B.A., Ph.D., Cornell Universify: Wellesley College: Teaching Sfaff of fhe Marine Biological Laborafory, Woods Hole: Schuyler Fellow, Cornell Universify: Uni- versify of Chicago: Harvard Universify: Yale Universify: Assisfanf in Biology: lnsfrucfor in Zoology, Cornell Universify: Fellow A.A.A.S.: Enfomological So- ciefy of America: American Sociefy of Nafuralisfs: American Sociefy of Zo- ologisfs: American Associafion of Museums: Associafion of Social Hygiene: lnfernafional Advisory Board of Eugenics: Philadelphia Academy of Science: Sigma Xi. Soufh Hadley, Massachuseffs ELIZABETH ADAMS, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Columbia Universify: Ph.D., Yale Uni- versify: Marine Biological Laborafory, Woods Hole: Universify of Chicago: Universify of Edinburgh: Honorary Fellow, Yale Universify: Acfing Dean of Mounf Holyoke College, l926-27: Fellow A.A.A.S.: American Associafion of Anafomisfs: American Sociefy of Zoologisfs: Sociefy of Experimenfal Biology and Medicine: Sigma Xi: Phi Befa Kappa. l86 Washingfon Sfreef, Easf Sfroudsburg, Pennsylvania CHRISTIANNA SMITH, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: M.A., Ph.D., Cornell Universify: Universify of Michigan: Assisfanf in Hisfology and Embryology, Cornell Universify: Fellow, Mounf Holyoke College: Schuyler Fellow, Cornell Universify: Teaching Sfaff of fhe Marine Biological Laborafory, Woods Hole: Fellow A.A.A.S.: Member Sfaff Research in Hisfology, Biological Laborafory, Cold Spring Harbor: Univer- sify of London: American Associafion of Anafomisfs: American Sociefy of Zo- ologisfs: Sigma Xi Sociefy: Phi Befa Phi: Sigma Delfa Epsilon, Graduafe Women's Scienfific Frafernify: Phi Befa Kappa. IOO Chesfnuf Sfreef, New Bedford, Massachuseffs DOROTHY RICHARDSON, Ph.D., lnsfrucfor i,,'b'.f ' ,. ,. f d, .q. L,-, . :-U, .,. B.A., Mounf Holyoke College: Ph.D., Yale Universify: lnsfrucfor, Universify of Maine Marine Sfafion: Harvard Medical School: Marine Biological Laborafory, Woods Hole: Biological Laborafory, Cold Spring Harbor: Graduafe Assisfanf, Cornell Universify Summer School: Alumnae Fellow, Mounf Holyoke College: Margaref E. Malfby Fellow, American Associafion of Universify Women: Sigma Xi. 350 Essex Avenue, Gloucesfer, Massachuseffs I I. . n , . . Forfy-fwo 'f'-'-'iiiiislt-',"v --EPZ.: -:ff --:TI 1-- KATHRYN FORNEY STEIN, Ph.D., Inslruclor B.A., Mounl' Holyoke College: M.S., Ph.D., Universily of Chicago: Marine Biological Laboralory, Woods Hole: Harvard Medical School: Assislanl, Car- negie Inslilulion, Cold Spring Harbor: Mary E. Woolley Fellow: Assislanl and Fellow in Zoology, Universily of Chicago: Sigma Della Epsilon: Sigma Xi: Phi Bela Kappa. Annville, Pennsylvania HELEN DIANA O'NEIL, M.A., Inslruclor B.S., Universily of Minnesola: M.A., Mounl Holyoke College: Assislanl in Zoology, Universily ol Minnesola: Marine Biological Laboralory, Woods Hole: Pi Lambda Thela: Kappa Rho: Phi Bela Kappa. Cenluria, Wisconsin ESTHER SMEAD, M.Sc., lnslruclor B.A., Mounl Holyoke College: M.Sc., Brown Universily: Summer School of Biology, Cornell Universily: Sigma Xi Sociely: Sigma Della Epsilon. 274 Leyden Road, Greenfield, Massachusells VIRGINIA FRANCES BABCOCK, B.A., Graduale Assislanl' B.A., Mounr Holyoke College. 4 Lyford Slreel, Worcesler, Massachusells ELIZABETH MARGARET BOYD, B.Sc., Research Assislanl Honours B.Sc., Edinburgh Universily: Marine Laboralory Slalions, Millporl, Scolland, and Plymoulh, England, and Universily of Maine: Vans Dunlop Scholar: Research Sludenl, Fishery Board of Scolland. I8 Merchislon Gardens, Edinburgh, Scolland JOSEPHINE DUDLEY, B.A., Graduale Assislanl B.A., Wellesley College. 25 College Slreel, Clinlon, New York BEATRICE GRAY, B.A., Research Assislanl' B.A., Slale Universily ol Iowa, Phi Bela Kappa. Marshalllown, Iowa FLORENCE MARTINDALE, B.A., Graduale Assislanl B.A., Mounl Holyoke College. 6I9 Tracy Slreel, Ulica, New York VIRGINIA MAYO, B.A., Graduale Assislanl B.A., Mounl' Holyoke College. l242 N. 65lh Slreel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania EDITH QUAMME, B.A., Graduale Assislanl Honours B.A., Universily of Minnesola: loI'a Sigma Pi: Phi Bela Kappa. l556 Fairmounl' Avenue, S+. Paul, Minnesola RUTH SHAW, B.A., Graduale Assislanl B.A., Mounl Holyoke College: Phi Bela Kappa. 266 Lookoul Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey Forly-'rhree The Library BERTHA ELIZA BLAKELY, B.L., Librarian B.A., Mounl Holyolce' College: New York Slale Library School: Librarian, New Jersey S'l'al'e Normal and Model Schools, Trenlon: Life-Member of American Library Associalion: Massachuserls Library Club and Weslern Massachusells Library Club: Phi Bela Kappa. Sourh Hadley, Massachusells FRANCES ELIZA HAYNES, B.L., Assislanl Librarian B.L., Mounl' Holyolce College: New Yorlc Sfale Library School: Librarian, Levi Heywood Memorial Library, Gardner, Massachuselfs: Life-Member of Ameri- can Library Associarion: Massachuselfs Library Club and Weslern Massachu- se+'rs Library Club: Phi Bela Kappa. Soulh Hadley, Massachusells BERTHA HORTENSE OAULT, B.L., Calaloguer B.L., Oberlin College: Calaloguer, Forbes Library, Norlhamplon, Massachu- sells: Life-Member of American Library Associalion: Massachusells Library Club and Weslern Massachusells Library Club. Soulh Hadley, Massachusells EMMA CHARLOTTE GRIMES, B.A., Assisranr B.A., Mounl Holyolce College: Holyolce Business Inslirule: Wesfern Massachu- seH's Library Club. Soulh Hadley, Massachusells ADELINE R. WINCHESTER, B.A., Assislanl BIA., Mounr Holyoke College. Soulh Hadley, Massachuse'r+s MARJORIE ELIZABETH VIVIAN, B.A., Assisranr B.A., Universify of Michigan: B.S., Columbia Universily: American Library As- sociarion: Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi. MARGARET LOUISE ELLSWORTH, B.A., Calaloguer Bessemer, Michigan B.A., Vassar College: B.S., Columbia Universify: Library Assislanl, Nalional Ci'fy Banlc of New Yorlc: American Library Associalion. I3 Richmond Place, New Orleans, Louisiana BARBARA A. BEATON, B.S., Assislanl B.S., Simmons College: American Library Associalion. Soulh Ryegale, Vermonl ELEANOR BODWELL, B.S.. Assislanl' B.S., Simmons College: American Library Associalion. IO Byron Srreel, Bradford, Massachusells MARION MARSH RANDALL, B.A., Calaloguer B.A., Mounl Holyolce College: Cafaloguer, Orange Eree Library, Orange, New Jersey: American Library Associarion. '.i ' ..'-,-.,. I-,,.. -, - .f .,.A ,,. 1-,.-1.-. .I r , IQ. 4 . . . g- - .. , ..- 5.if: 1' F' F H , 5 ' -3 f , - - : . ,. -. Llf- ' li. 'V ' v ' 4' 'Z -' -I v, -4 .- ' . . . - -1 1- f Q Perry, Ohio Forly-four - :v" -- VZ.. .. ExecuTive SecreTaries GERTRUDE BRUYN, B.A., Field SecreTary B.A., MounT Holyoke College: New York School of Social Work: Columbia Uni- versiTy: Supervisor of STaTe ChariTies Aid AssociaTion of UlsTer CounTy, New York: lnsTrucTor in DeparTmenT of Economics and Sociology, MounT Holyoke College: lnvesTigaTor in The Children's Bureau of The UniTed STaTes DeparTmenT of Labor: Personnel Manager of The Bosch MagneTo Company. 92 School STreeT, Springfield, MassachuseTTs FLORENCE CLEMENT, B.A., Publicafion EdiTor, in Charge of The STenographic Office B.A., MounT Holyoke College: SecreTary, Lake Erie College: Emergency FleeT CorporaTion: Drexel InsTiTuTe: CurTis Publishing Company: Alumnae SecreTary, MounT Holyoke College. SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs MARION HARRISON BARBOUR, B.A., General Secrefary of The Young Women's ChrisTia n AssociaTion B.A., MounT Holyoke College. 90 Aldine STreeT, RochesTer, New York MARY C. J. HIGLEY, B.A., Alumnae SecreTary B.A., MounT Holyoke College: lnsTrucTor in Macduffie School, Springfield, MassachuseTTs. 232 Main STreeT, Hudson Falls, New York ESTHER EVA KELLER, AssisTanT in The Office of The Feld SecreTary 39 Greenwood Avenue, Holyoke, MassachuseTTs RUTH L. JAGGER, B.A., B.S., AssisTanT in The Office of The Alumnae SecreTary B.A., MounT Holyoke College: B.S., Simmons College. 2l8 WalnuT STreeT, Holyoke, MassachuseTTs MARION SANDERSON, B.A., AssisTanT in The Office of The Alumnae SecreTary B.A., MounT Holyoke College. MilTon, VermonT HELEN L. GOODWIN, Officer in Charge of The Book STore SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs Nurses MISS MARY H. MAHER, R. N. . . SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs MISS KATHERINE COURTNEY, R.N. . 27 Ward ST., LiTTle Falls, New York MRS. FRANCES WOODWARD, C.N. . SouTh Hadley, MassachuseTTs Forfy-five Heads of Houses BEARD, MRS. M. K .......... 608 Securily Building, Bridgeporl, Conneclicul BEATON, MISS BARBARA A ...... Soullw Rye-gale, Vermonl BOLTON, MRS. ANNE W ........ 235 Newlon Slreel, Allwol, Massaclwusells BURR, MISS FANNY W ......... 2I Vine Slreel, Melrose, Massaclwuselrs DRESSER, MRS. ALICE R ........ Soullfi Hadley, Massaclwusells DUNKLEE, MISS LAURA M ...... Soulh Hadley, Massacliuseiis GREGORY, MRS. FLORENCE R ....... Sidney, Delaware Counly, New York GUPPY, MRS. FLORENCE R ........ I8 Bellevue Avenue, Melrose, MassacI1useHs HOLMES, MISS SARA STRATTON, Graduale Hosless . . - Greeley, Iowa Rockefeller Hall Pearson's Annex . Mead Cowles Lodge . Mandelle . Sycamores Dickinson House . Wilder Souflw Mandelle LAUDER, MISS MARGARET . . Byron Smilli House and Hi+cI1cockCoHage Soulh Norwalk, Conneclicul MAI-IER, MISS MARY H ....... . Soulh Hadley, Massachusells MacKAY, MRS. MARY G ......... 7I5 Sl. Paul Slreel, Ballimore, Maryland REYNOLDS, MRS. SARAH G. . Rebecca Smilh House and Danville, Pennsylvania SPROULE, MRS. HARRIET C ...... Shorlr Hills, New Jersey WHEELER, MISS JANE R ......... 242 Cheslnul Slreef, New Brilain, Connecliculr WHEELER, MISS HARRIET M ....... - Norwell, Massacliuselrs WHITE, MISS CONSTANCE, Residenl Chaperon . . Norlh lI9O Norllwamplon S+ree+, Holyoke, Massaclwuselrls Hz-"uf ,r1 .. '..' :'- -. :.: ..-'-I' - - --'-....-:-.l,- ,i- . -. :.q.'.' 27- - ' L 2 1 I 1 I 'Z' ' I 51.1.1 5' H. -,W ' L , -. I Ik. . V '- :jf 9 'jg' - 3 1 ' F, 1 ' 1 Everell House . Pea rsons Lyman House . Porler Salford . Brigham Rockefeller Forfy-six qlllmtifs Officers of fhe Alumnae Associafion Presidenf, MRS. FRANK E. WHITMAN 59 Church Sfreef, Charlesfon, Soufh Carolina Firsf Vice-Presidenf, MRS. CLYDE SCOTT STILWELL I33 Easf 64fh Sfreef, New Yorlc Cify Second Vice-Presidenf, MRS. NELL LOTHROP FORSTALL I99 Birch Sfreef, Winneflca, Illinois Third Vice-Presidenl, MRS. EVERETT U. CROSBY Wesf Mermaid Lane, Chesfnuf Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Recording Secrefary, MRS. JOHN A. DUNN 4l Tennyson Road, Wellesley Hills, Massachuselfs Treasurer, MISS EUNICE B. BURBANK 664 Longmeadow Sfreef, Springfield, Massachuseffs Alumnae Secrefary, MISS MARY C. J. HIGLEY Soufh Hadley, Massachuselfs Presidenfs of Alumnae Clubs California Norfhern-MRS. GEORGE R. POTTER ..... l544 La Loma Ave., Berkeley Soufhern-MISS HELEN VOGLESON .... 204 Norfh Broadway, Los Angeles Connecficuf Easfern-MISS MARY A. C. AVERY ......... 44 Oneco Sf., Norwich Harfford-MISS I. BLANCHE ALFRED ..... II6 Hunfingfon Sf., Harfford New Haven-MISS RUTH FERRY ....... 24 Edgewood Ave., New Haven Waferbury-MRS. E. BRADFORD RIPLEY, JR .... Merriam Lane, Waferfown Disfricf of Columbia Washingfon-MRS. SAMUEL FLAGG BEMIS . 33 I2 Cafhedral Ave., Washingfon Florida ' Florida-MRS. EDITH P. SACKETT . . Phi Mu House, Rollins,,College, Winfer Parlc Georgia Georgia-MRS. ELLIS A. FULLER I ......... 835 Penn' Ave., Aflanfa Illinois Champaign-Urbana-MRS. HAZEN S. CAPRON . 8I2 Wesf Church Sf., Champaign Chicago-MRS. NELL LOTHROP FORSTALL .... I99 Birch Sf., Winneflca Indiana Indiana-MRS. ROBERT S. SINCLAIR 3736 Spring Hollow Rd., Golden Hill, Indianapolis Maine Wesfern Maine-MRS. CLYDE R. CHASE ...., 87 Pleasanf Ave., Porfland Maryland Balfimore-MISS ELIZABETH S. MERRIAM . . .3Ol2 Norfh Calverf Sf., Balfimore It , 1. V , . Forly-eighl -.'g,z.-'J r.r.,, - 4-. ,.:.r ..-'-E ' - . ,,. ..4 - e "H A . ., : r, : , 41- .1 .I , T ','. Q I 'iii I Massachuse++s Berkshire-MRS. HARRY AGARD .... Bos+on-MRS. WILLIAM H. MEDLICOTT . Franklin Coun+y-MISS ADELAIDE HOOD . Hampshire Coun+y-MRS. SIDNEY PACKARD Holyoke-MRS. FAYETTE READ ..... Springfield-MRS. EDWIN H. COOPER . . Worces+er-MRS. HOWARD S. FOSTER . . . . . . . . WiIIiams+own . . 90 Hancock S+., Auburndale . . 35 Prospec+ S+., Green+ieId . 85 Washing+on Ave., Nor+hamp+on . . . 34 Amhers+ S+. Holyoke . I48 Euclid Ave., Springfield . l32 Coolidge Rd., Worces+er Michigan De+roi+-MRS. FRANKLIN D. HEPBLIRN . . . 3002 Collingwood Ave., De+roi+ Minneso+a Minneso+a-MRS. C. H. STEWART .... 2l5I CommonweaI+h Ave., S+. Paul Missouri S+. Louis-MRS. R. WALSTON CHUBB . I08 Sou+h Rockhill Rd., Webs+er Groves New Hampshire New Hampshire-MRS. MARK WHEELER . . . New Jersey Tren+on-MRS. JOHN A. WOOD ...... New York Bu+falo-MRS. FREDERICK BREWSTER .... Cen+ral-MISS MARGARET McCLELLAN . . Eas+ern-MRS. RALPH W. SMITH ...... Genesee Valley-MRS. THOMAS M. TAYLOR . New York-MISS HANNAH MCALLISTER Me+ropoIi+an Museum o+ Ar+, 82nd S+. Nor+h Carolina . . . Pleasan+ S+., Go++s+own . I72 Je+Ferson Rd., Prince+on . 403 Voohees Ave., Buffalo . . I8 Oswego S+., U+ica . I84 Marke+ S+., Ams+erdam . 109 Wes+ Ave., Roches+er and Fi++h Ave., New York Ci+y Nor+h Carolina-MRS. J. TALBOT JOHNSON . . . . . Ben Airly, Aberdeen Ohio Cen+raI-MISS DOROTHY FLOWERS . . . . . 56 Auburn Ave., Columbus Cleveland-MRS. W. H. MCPHERSON .... I9I6 Fores+view Rd., Cleveland Pennsylvania Nor+hwes+ern-MISS VIRGINIA CORBETT . Philadelphia-MISS EDITH GAUKRODGER . Pi++sburgh-MISS MARY FRANCES PHILPUT . . 204 Six+h Ave., Warren 229 Sou+h 4Is+ S+., Philadelphia Ca+hedraI Mansions, ElIswor+h Ave., Pi++sburgh Rhode Island Rhode Island-MISS RUTH CHAMBERLAIN . . . Brown Universi+y, Providence Vermonl' Vermon+-MRS. JOHN DAVIS ...... ...... N or+h+ieId Virginia Virginia-MRS. RICHARD EPPES ........ l0l6 Pecan Ave., Ci+y Poin+ Washingfon Puge+ Sound-MRS. VEO F. SMALL . . Lakeside Coun+ry Day School, Sea++Ie Wisconsin Milwaukee-MISS GRACE VAN DOORN . . . 24I4 Eas+ Jarvis Ave., Milwaukee Hawaii Hawaii-MRS. ARTHUR C. ALEXANDER . . . Foreign Clubs . . 256l Alaula Way, Honolulu China-MRS. RICHARD T. EVANS .... I74 Woodrow Wilson S+., Tien+sin Japan-M RS. HILTON PEDLEY ........ For+y-nine Kobe Jogakuin, 4 Chome, Kobe Graduafe S'ruden'I's ELIZABETH ALKIRE . VIRGINIA F. BABCOCK ELIZABETH M. BOYD . DOROTHY BURWASH SARAH CABLE . ELIZABETH CHASE . RUTH DORKEN . JOSEPHINE DUDLEY . BEATRICE GRAY . HAIGOUHI HAIGAZN I-DJEN HO . . ADRIEN JINGOEZIAN FLORENCE B. MCKINLEY VIRGINIA P. MATTHIAS ANASTASIA M. MILLANE LEONORA NASH . ELEANOR RATHBONE RUTH SHAW . . ROSAMOND SILLEM . GERTRUDE WALTER BESSIE WRIGHT ',.-j.- L '4.- ..nA',g1.. ..,,:.,i..r:,:.., N ..:,:.:'.'..' -...h'. , - .:, -: . .. I48 Richards Ave., Porlrsmouih, New Hampshire . 4 Lyford S+., Worces+er, IvIassachuseHs . I8 IvIerchis+on Gardens. Edinburgh, Sco+Iand . Box I I6, Cobourg, Onfario, Canada . . . . ChewsviIIe, IvIaryIand . Superior Avenue, Waierbury, Connec'ricuI' . . Berlin-TempIehaf, Dorfske. 37 . 25 CoIIege S+., CIin'ron, New York . 32I N. I5+h SI., MarsI'1aIIIOwr1, Iowa . . P. O. I4Z, Is'ranbuI, Turkey . I43 Zuh Zieusf, Soochow, China . I2 Taz Merdiven, Orfakoy, Turkey . 43I Riverside Drive, New York, New York . . . Green Farms, Connecficuf . 909 Hanwpden S+., Holyoke, Massachuseifs Amhersf S+., Sou'rh Hadley, Massachusefis . I4 Squier S+., Palmer, Massachuseffs 266 Lookouf Ave., Hackensack, New Jersey Belsize Park Gardens, London N. W. 3, England I7 Orlando Ave., Ardsley, New York R. F. D. No. I, Erie, Pennsylvania 5 ' ' Fiffy 1 Officers of Hwe Class of I933 Rresidenjr Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer - Sergeenf-aI-Arms Song Leader Execufive Board BARBARA BENSON ELIZABETH HEAMES MADELINE EAETH MARIE HALL I e - - RUTH E. ALLEN - ROSAMOND LOCKWOOD - - ALICE CRITCHETT ISABEL D. ROBINSON DORIS CRITCHETT HELEN WELLIVIAN EIIW-I Honorary Members of 'Ihe Class of I933 MISS MARY E. WOOLLEY Presiderfr F'IIIy'II1 ree MISS MARY ASI-IBY CI-IEEK Dean of Residence MR. WILLIAM C. HAMMOND Professor and Diredor of Music MISS ETI-IEL B. DIETRICI-I Professor oi Economics and Sociology '.g r,:,, .--X 4- K,-,-41,5 .-.-,'-.AQ '.. I w ife -Q ' .:- 4 .H wa wg, 5, 1 I j j,,.,I1rf , igjpf j. 1 :Y jx SIM -Q' MISS ANN I-I. MORGAN Professor o'I Zoology MISS I-IARRIET NEWI-IALI. Execufive Secrejrary Io +I1e Board of Admission and Ihe Presiden+ Fiffy-fou MRS. ROBERTA S. CHALMERS Assisfanf Professor of English Fifiy-Eve MR. GORDON K. CI-IALMERS lnsfrucfor of English ..i. 4 .- , I 1. , , H it A f S E Q it in if :. ' 1 1: E1 '1 -"U, j-L 1 .-1 V '- L f , . P Members of +he Class of I933 Magdalen Elizabelh Adey 307 Pogf Rd, Darien, Conn. Young Bel is a myslic in malrers arlislric, When engaged upon lighl' composilion. Bur in mallers erofic, rho' nor so exolic, She runs 'frue ro good old Jrradirion. Major: Ari' Minor: English Lileralure M. Elizabefh Adriance 9 Ml. Pleasanl S+. Winchesler, Mass. "Radiance"-in disposilion, harmony, alhlefics, iazz, dancing,-and a swilr comeback for every remark! Major: l-lislory Minor: Economics 5 4 Edna P. Agor Mahopac Falls New York Ecl's quier exlerior covers an amusing sense of humor which displays ilself a'r unexpecled limes. Major: Economics Minor: Malhemalics ...,. rt-, ..' . f3,g'1-f.,'T-1.1 -l':1Z-I.:-'."k .-1.2 3,1 -:Q .' 5 :f -.-'T' :EQ 1- - Filly-six Frances Deyo Alden 400 Cenlral Ave. New l-laven, Conn. "lf l should labor 'rhrough daylighi' and dark, Consee-rale, valorous, serious, Jrrue, Then on 'rhe world l may blazon my mark: And wha? if I don'+, and whal if l do?" Major: Zoology Minor: Economics Ru'rh Eunice Allen 59 May S+. Needham, Mass. Dancing curls and a winning smile-Rufh is a combinalion of sparkle and friendliness appre- cialed nol only al Mounl Holyoke buf also al Wesleyan. Major: Psychology Minor: Economics Olga Eleanore Allers 195 Claremonl' Ave. New York, N. Y. Joyous deplhs wiihin her hid, Made lo command when need arises, Unassuming buf sure in every crisis, Tha+'s Olga, our pal, "an awfully nice kid." Major: Chemislry Minor: Physiology Filly-seven Nancy Caroline Allyn 43 Brock Ave., N. Monfreal W., Quebec, Can. Darfmoufh, Bosfon, and Pageanf Field have welcomed her gaiefy and laughfery friends every- where have relied upon her sympafhy and gen- erosify. Elizabefh Rofhwell Anderson I7 Sfanley Place Yonkers, N. Y. To fravel is Be+fy's chief desire. Wifh her help- fulness, generosify, and sense of humor, along wifh her knowledge of Economics and Geo- graphy, she will make a fine companion wifh whom fo fravel. Major: Economics Minor: Mafhemafics Major: Spanish Minor Economics Rufh Turnbull Andrew I63 l-lancock Sf. Brooklyn, N. Y. The fypical New Yorker-versafile-assured- possessing a scinfillafing infellecf, and an eye for fashion, fhe fheafer, and music: a connoisseur on every subjecf from house parfies fo bringing up fhe freshmen. Major: English Minor: English Liferafure I Fiffy-eiqhf as Elizabe+h Arend I5 Fair Oaks Ave. Newionville, Mass. "l Jrhink of epigrams a+ nighf, Nexf day l siarl long conversalions And work for hours +o gel a chance To show my friends my scin+illa+ions." Maior: Zoology Minor: Psychology l Mildred Alice Afwood Maple Ave. Norfolk, Conn. "Travel, irouble, music, arf, A kiss, a frock, a rhyme,- I never said lhey feed my heart Bui slill They pass my lime." Maior: Mafhemalics Minor: Romance Languages Evelyn Avery 35 Third Ave. Porl Washinglon, N. Y. Kirro's droll humor belies her sweel angelic lal fimesl expression. We no'rice fha? Romance Languages aren'r Jrhe only kinds of romance she goes in for. Major: Lalin Minor: Romance Languages Filly-nine Kafherine Howard Baird Whelher experimenling in Chemislry, or l4nil'- Jring for The Twins, Kay concenlrales on lhe joy al' hand wilh wholehearled vivaciousness. Keen- mincled, quick-longued, enlhusiaslic, she'll gel There ahead of lirnel j Major: Chernislry jl-lonor Worlcj Minor: Physics l Jessie Barrholomew 38 Chalham Dr. Buffalo, N. Y. Execulive, geographer, modisle, and-quelle conliidanlel Major: Geography Minor: l-lislory Efhelwyn Bar1'leH' 287 Palmer Rd. Yonkers, N. Y. "She is prolly lo walk wilrh, And willy lo lallc wilh, And pleasanl, loo, +o lhinlc upon." Major: Religion Minor: English Liferalure ,.f,',-, A . . -'jagf,f.-,: ,,-31,131 j-.,.fv,,.-.f..' inf. , -, , : .e f..j -U S'XlY -,,,. . .,,.. - ' ' . ..i . I 1- , 2 ' , S vi , : 1 5 5 5' ., E ' , . . 1 .: .- 1: ' 15,12 -'i 'L 32 l 1 " A - ' ,N l ' -1. 1 .-4 . - . ' I x 4 5 ,A ,.-1 V '. . 1- u vu "3 7029 Milwaukee Ave. Wauwalosa, Wis. Ru+h Gordon Ba'rcheIor IO I 2 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. "Wi+h dreamful eyes My spirif Iies Where Summer sings and never dies." Major: Ma+hema+ics Minor: Educafion Frances Helen Beach I I9 Woodend Rd. Newfon Highlands, Mass. Beachy is an enIhusias+ic searcher affer Beaufy and Trufh, seeking in many differenf direchons and aIways hoping +o a++ain her ideal. Maior: EngIish Li+era+ure Minor: Music I Mary-Jean Beaven I I22 So. Goodman S+. Roches+er, N. Y. The poise of a mind which has in if keen ana- lysis, fancy, and humor:-Ihe poise and The energy. Major: Religion Minor: Economics Sindy-one Jean M. Beclcerl' 27 Clarendon Pl. Buffalo, N. Y. Her eyes are lhe lirsl Jrhing one nolices, lhen her laughler which belrays her when she is in one ol her frivolous ralher 'rhan serious moods. Major: Lalin Minor: English Lileralure Phoebe Benedicl' 33 So. Maple Ave. Easl Orange, N. J. Tell lhe arlisl lo painl Phoebe in lhe guainl colors of a Godey prinl, lo blend her AliCe-in- Wonderland inleresl in people and lhings wilh Peler Pan's love of argument and lo balance her demureness by a charming sell-assurance. Maior: Economics Minor: Zoology Barbara Benson 58 Collage Sl. Wellesley, Mass. Who else can live lor herself and all The world beside? Major: English Minor: English Lileralure '.1' ' 4 ' h Sixly-lwo -"- "--,, .. .,g.. - 'I.'1...'1:4' " wf'f.14'."v' -'2'..'-'.-Iii' ..I1 K -3 , 1 1 , K , -f f B - ' E 'T"f ' .7 n 1 'z .1 'Z Z J" '. 7: ".'1 1 .-f , , - xr 3 4 f- if .. ': - , v. V '. I 1 1 3 Pauline E. Bigelow IO Saxfons River Rd. Bellows Falls, Vf. True beaufy of characfer is Polly's. Consider- afe, sympafhefic, dependable-hers is fhe poise expressive of cornplefe adapfabilify fo every sifuafion. Major: lvlafhernafics Minor: German l , Dorofhy E. Bishop I86 Main S+. Afhol, Mass. Though pefife, Dof has infinife capacifies for friendliness, efficiency, and enfhusiasm. l-ler life is a busy one, buf you'II find her vifalify refreshing. She's a friend and an inspirafion. Maior: Spanish Minor: English Liferafure Dorofhy Eleanor Black 28l8 Scarborough Rd. Cleveland l-leighfs, O. l-low in fhe midsf of baby fesfing, in fhe hub- bub of Oufing Club cabin, af Junior Achieve- menf feas, does she manage fo mainfain fhaf gracious, friendly dignify? Major: Psychology Minor: English Liferafure Sixfy-fh ree R Ru+h Margarel' Bosshard l76 Eoresi Ave. Glen Ridge. N- J- A good egg-sunny side up. Major: German lVlinOrZ Ldlin ng- .f .. .A -,-"lv, - " -- . . ,j,,..-K,-,:n.:f:3' Y... .r.7., J..-.,-...x '.. M.,-,:. .. ..-2:1 1' Ellen Jane Blanning 220 E. Eronl S+, Berwick. PG- Done by Rose O'Neill. lvlaior: English Minor: English Lilreralure Janef Hun+ingdon Brews+er I52 Ml. Vernon S+. Middlelown, Conn. Janel"s broad sweep of forehead reveals 1'he quiet guiding wisdom of Alhena. There is a sublle beauly, loo, comparable To somelhing rare -like The warm ye? dislanl' colors of a lunar rain- bow. Maior: Economics Minor: English Sixly-four . . V. . . ,L - 'A-"" ' - . , ' - V - 'Lx .- L . " " , ,I 'T T' , I : .'g-,fy mit . -' S z . 'i .3 " E f4'i.'- -',1'.- , T 1 Q 5 .' ' 1' ,. 4 2 g an A gffzf 4 , gl g Q ,Q .. 2 . . v- 1 M - Jean Woods Brodie l E. Parlc Sl. Albion, N. Y. lvlislress of herself-a quiel pallern of poise, efficiency, and friendliness. lvlaior: Economics Minor: l-lislory Mariorie Hoagland Brown Margarel' Brooks The Island Old Greenwich, Conn. The iflighr of birds, lhe luslre of lhe rocks, The lrol of horses, and The lure of boolcs. Major: English Minor: English Lileralure 280 Harrison Ave. Jersey Cily, N. J. Common sense is good lo have Bul never lei il masler you- Eor lhen if rnighl deprive you The foolish lhings i+'s Tun +0 do." ol lvlaior: Economics Minor: English Lileralure Sixly-live Francenia A. Budd Perfeclly al ease whelher she is riding horse back, organizing "Prom," or leading conversalion al Jrhe dinner lable, Francie combines serenily wilh a keen enioyrnenl of life. Major: English ll-lonor Workl Minor: German Clara Elizabefh Burr l-ligganum Conneclicul An affecfionale disposilion combined wilh in- slanl symparhy for olhers' moods. Maior: English Lileralure Minor: l-lisfory Helen Tunis Burrows 935 Mississippi Ave. Davenporl, la. Scenery, a weakness for hard working corn- miiurees, up a+ dawn for selling up exercises, a willing 'Friend-in shorl, we lhink of her as "good old Burrows," genuine +0 The nlh degree. Major: Archaeology Minor: Greek .Jia-' .-r ,3 . 1' - , -. , ' .1 A U Sixly-SiX "3'- 'i i E - -1- - E Auf. 5 ' , f., 'K . l57 Pelham Rd. Germanlown, Pa. Mary Calwell Weslview 84 Wissahiclcon Aves. Gerrnanlown, Pa. Fine serious ideals: a ioyous enlhusiasmy as a gracious friend and leader, wilness her "Happy" eyes and charming dirnple. Major: Geology Minor: Music Miriam Jeane Carrufhers I8 Howard S+. Holyoke, Mass. "She has fhe mind ol a Thinker, Jrhe soul of a dreamer, 'rhe hearl ol a friend." Maior:Ma'rhen'1a'rics Minor: Economics Sixly-seven ' - fi'-1 I, C . rv ,fm - 5,4 ,, 'Irv f, 'V , Ann Boo'rh Carey I57 Pawling Ave. Troy, N. Y. The irrepressible buoyancy ol youlh. Major: Psychology Minor: English Lileralure Rufh Wildey Coddingfon "Broolchaven4on-Owasco" Auburn. N. Y. "I found a way 'ro cure loday Thai foolish mood of hurry- l simply slopped 'rhe clock and Then I didn'+ have To worry." Major: English Lilreralure Minor: English 1'f.'.7 .i-E '..'. :'-.-. :.: I.-' . - Ru+h E. Chasey l7O N. Main Sl: Liloerlry, N. Y. l-ler hair is golden, her smile is gay: A wink of The eye and she has her way. lvlaior: English Lileralure Minor: English ll-lonor Worlcl Grace Pafricia Comans 36 For? Pleasanl Ave. Springfield, Mass. A loroadness of inleresl-from lhe inlricacies of medieval lileralure lo modern ideas and world progress: a knowledge al once deep and brillianlq a cheerful and obliging personalily-a mighlry slaunch friend. lvlaior: English Liferalure Minor: German ll-Ionor Worlcl Sixly-eighl' H " ' 1 " B E ' ' ' , ' 5 -. , I .' H Lf ' 5 i L f' " " ' ' -A . czf.-. L Q.-1 1 e. 'f . ' ., . .fs .B ,., .gzgzgi " '. -T . ,Qi -. Lqfusggf -5 Suzanne Viola Conanl I3 Grove Sl. Amslerdam, N. Y. A Click ol knilling needles, a bob ol golden curls belraying youlhlul enlhusiasrnp a slrange combinalion ol The ingenue and ol lhe cynic: wise in Ihe ways ol Ihe world wilh a vain desire lor an unrullled exislence. Ivlaior: English Lileralure Minor: Sociology Honor Cook 309 Bedford Ave. Buffalo, N. Y. Serenily, quiel humor, seeing good in all. lvlaiorz Economics Minor: English Lileralure Miriam Warren Cook ISI Lakeview Ave. Scarsdale. N. Y. Sweel, lovable, charming- 'lhe loesl friend you could ever have. Maior: Ari Minor: Bolany Sixlyrnine :Q- af xr . 'y Janef Core 8 N. Vicloria Ave. Venlnor, N. J. "Lovely kind, and kindly loving Such a mind were worfh rhe moving: Truly lair, and fairly True, Where are all rhese bul in you?" lvlaior: English Lileralure Minor: Economics Evelyn R. Copeland 3 Wolcoll Ave. Andover, Mass. Deep sincerily, unswerving loyalry lo a louoyanl and good narurecl disposirion, a lucky srar which, whalever The odds, brings her oul on lop. lvlaior:Econon'1ics Minor friends, besides always : l-lislory Elinor H. Coward 94I Kenyon Ave. Plainfield, N.J. Sunny, willy, debonair- And yel wilhal-a sporling air. Major: English Lileralure Major: lvlusic , Sevenly Harriel Fiich Cransfon l75 Clinlon Ave. Kingsion, N. Y. Life, love, and lialyl l+'s been llaly lorA"Cransboig" ever since The days of Rudolph Valeniino. And her parfialiiy isn'+ for 'rhe COUNTRY only. Major: Zoology ll-lonor Workl Minor: Religion Alice Blake Crifcheff 35 Arden Rd. Waierfown, Mass. A red elephanl on +he window sill, horses chas- ing each olher around fhe wall, and rhe volumes of Monlaigne by lrhe bed-"Crick," Major: French ll-lonor Workl Minor: l-lislory Doris Walfon Crifchefl' I7 l-lollywood Ave. Douglasion. L. l., N. Y. Elchings, India prinls, THE NEW YORKER, Persian lciH'ens, Chinese idols, delphiniurn, VOGUE, and wire-haired Jrerriers. Major: l-lisiory Minor: Economics Sevenfy-one Alice Poulfney Crofhers Chesinui Hill Philadelphia, Pa. Visions of "Al" in lhe mission fields, gusiily whisiling "The-re's a Lighi upon The Mouniainsu To all The liiile heaihen and shaiiering Jrhe dim religious lighi wirh a greai heariy laugh! Maior: Religion Minor: Romance Languages l Adelaide H. Curfis Delhi New York Give me The lab, or l'm resiless. Major: Physiology Minor: Chemisiry Mona J. Cuiler 265 Palmer Rd. Yonlcers, N. Y. She cherishes socialisiic views Which musi NEVER appear in ihe NEWS: On prisons 'ihai shoclc her, Peace, picnics, and soccer. l-ler inieresis hamper her muse! l Major: English Minor: English Liieraiure "P:--' -3':'Zi.:-"' 'i -xi' -5: " 'Iwi ' ' ' Sever1iY-'iwo fu- ... . '.' A 3 f' - . 5 ff' .1 : :T I -1. .: ' E 3 .. -. -A 02,22 . TL, Edifh Viora Dash I7 Columbus Ave. l-lolyolce, Mass. Who would suspecr 'mar her vivaciry conceals such unwavering ideals? Major: Larin Minor: Educalion Hilda De Camp l I5 Clinfon Pl. Ufica, N. Y. "My days are lull of blunders-- Oh, how l've always yearned To live one life for pracrice, Anollwer when l've learned!" Major: Zoology Minor: Ari' Janei' Dayfon Dixon 172 S+. James Pl. Buffalo, N. Y. Dixie has lime for everylliingz rwo lerrers a day on passionare pink paper, sealed wirlw mulli- colored waxy high speed papers: a word or dance for everyoneg sleeping lors, and gazing ai' ner diamond! Major: l.a'rin Minor: English Sevenfyfrlnree Hope Kafhleen Dooliffle I677 Whifney Ave. New Haven, Conn. "How peacefully she sleeps here on fhis bank." Major: Bofany Minor: Physiology f n Irene Doroshevsky 2 Place de Congres Liege, Belgium Life for Irene is never neufralg if is infense and excifing bofh in fhe social and polifical fields. The decidedly exofic air of her nafive land does nof prevenf her from undersfanding lvlounf l-lolyolfe cusfoms and her friends. Major: Polifical Science Minor: English Liferafure Efhel Baker Drumm lvlercersburg Pennsylvania A privafe secrefary she will be someday! We find she is geffing pracfice by planning Roberfs- Beach affairs and superinfending volley ball. Major: English Minor: English Liferafure Sevenfy-four f,g.f .Q .. s-:':3+,--.-'.f-f,.f N . .- --: 1: -1: :' 2.1 . 7-',1 ,. A 'J Q 1? g : ' lr, 1 , l , Q4 11 , 4 I 1 - .V -, T fri .3 2 , -.. . iq ' V-2 5-4:g'Hf'f 1 "C,1 - .- ' - J-1. , Rebecca Jane Erickson 629 Taylor Ave. Delroii, Miclw. A readiness +o do lliings, a sympallielic ear for everybody's iroubles, lilerary aspiraiions, meli- culous grooming, and a sweei serenily, combine +o give sublle sopliislicaiion and a greai capaciiy for enjoying lile-and incidenlally, Janel Major: English Minor: Religion Virginia M. Ernsi' I79 Woodxvard Ave. Rulheriord, N. J. "l'm in a s+a+e" wl1ell'1eril's due lo a romanlic i selling on Lalce Geneva, one of +l1ose weekends, Forum, I. R. C., llne soccer silualion, or line larifi. P. S.-Are you 'raking +l1e"New York Times?" Major: Economics ll-lonor Workj Minor: l-lislory Leslie Esau 45 Bryanl Ave. Easi Milion, Mass. "Since Eve ale apples much depends on din- ner." Major: Laiin Minor: Romance Languages ll-lonor Worlcj Seveniy-five Madeline Gerlrucle Faelh Wesr Cheshire Conneclicul Na+: Tacrlully candid, Toleranily independent Thoroughly genuine. Major: German ll-lonor Workl Minor: l-lislfory Marie Farley 326 Lexinglon S+. Wallham, Mass. lrresisrible humor, greaf loyalfy, and a readi- ness for camaraderie! Maior: Economics Minor: l-lisrory Edifh Ursula Farr Wenonah NewJersey "The sense ro value riches wiih The arf 'ro en- ioy rhem, and lhe virlue To impart" Major: Greek Minor: Archaeology -Lngzzg'-2 :Dj ..- U., M Sevenry-six .3v.., ,-I.. U' JL... H: :. .-.-,Q Q., U,-. :AZ ,- '. ' 2 f I . 1 , 3 ig. . -. E GQ- -Q 1 , ., 1 5 ? .4-'Kaur Elizabefh Fell' 53 Sainl George Ave. Slamford, Conn. Cool while jade rellecling cerise. Major: Economics Minor: Psychology l . Josephine Talboi' Files Olis Slreel l-lingham, Mass. "These be Three precious Jrhings- The love of music and boolcs, A slore of lwinlcling humor, An inlinile capacily lor lzriendlirmessf' 1 Major: Economics Minor: I-lislory Lena Dunn Frisbie I8 Cedar S+. New Brilain, Conn. " 'And how are you?' said Winnie-+he-pooh. Eeyore shook his head from side 'ro side. 'Nol very how,' he said. 'I don'+ seem lo have fell a+ all how for a long l'ime.' " Major: French Minor: Arl Sevenly-seven Jean MoH' Fullarfon 460 Bronxville Rd. Bronxville, N. Y. We never knew whal lo exloecl from her ex- cepl unlailing enlhusiasm al Jrhe rnen+ion of air- planes. Major: Religion Minor: Psychology Meliceni' Rawson Fuller 23 School S+. Palmer, Mass. She finds loeauly and keen enioymenl in a life of bewildering perplexilies and lrivialilies. Major: Zoology Minor: Geology Margaref Ogden GarreH' 463 Shadeland Ave. Drexel l-lill, Pa. "Like S+. Marlin she'd divide her coal wilh a beggar: like Falslalf she's iolly on all occasions . . . . and she has The energy of a dozen small boys." Major: Economics Minor: Bolany .. 'H' 1 - A Q Sevenly-eighl' .,. . . .. . ', r,.,., N '.. -l. , - ,:. .,: ,: .A..'-. - Us'-..... ...f. .. .. - . .-,." f Q i i :jig ' '- . 3 5 ,. : Q N-ZZ f . 1 5 1 , 5 Q5 -' V .af , 1 - , A . 1 ci , S ,R -: E 1. " ': 2 .. In Ru+h F. Garrocl 35 Powder l-louse Ter. Wesl Somerville, Mass. One seldom sees her. Maybe i+'s lab, maybe i+'s News, maybe i'r's soccer, buf Then again nnaye be, i+'s "Chawles." Maiortzoology Minor: Chernislry Mary Louise Geragh1'y 533 Beech S+. l-lolyolce, Mass. Quiel clisiinclion, sleadfaslness, friendliness- an ideal associalion of qualifies. Major: Malhemalics Minor: Economics Sevenfyenine ,.s--- Pauline Ca+herine Ga1'es 2I5 Washinglon S+. Wellesley l-lills, Mass. "A hearl wide enough +o lalce in all." Major: l-lisiory Minor: English Louise Gilberi 327 Norih Fulron Ave. lvlounl' Vernon, N. Y. ln essence: Roberl Frosl, Elizabelh Arden, John Dewey, Guy Lombardo, Vionnei, Siephen Leacoclc. lvlaior: English Minor: English Liieraiure ll-lonor Worlcl Adelaide Gillelan 124 Jewell Aye. Jersey Ciiy, N. J. "Feeling is deep and siillg And lhe word Jrhal lloais on The surface Is as Jrhe lossing buoy, Thai loefrays where The anchor is hidden." Tvlaior: l-lisiory Minor: Romance Languages Milda Lina Gramse 58 Franklin Si. l-lolyolce, Mass A good friend-fun lo worlc wiih, fun Jro play wilh. Major: Psychology Minor: Economics Fifi-i'-fill:-3.1:4iIi.-. T-' E:-'.-I ..f -2 I--i'!t - - . Elqllly ...--,..f,-.-.A x ,' . 11.--.'.. .1 - .--, . ..g .'. '. - - f ' : Y : Y: .Q in A - r ,4 1 . ' il-n li ' 1 '5 7 3 3 ' '. -1 'jJ"5'a . -,,.4-J Consfance E. Gravill 34 Curlis Pl. Sfafen lsland, N. Y. A cynical idealisl, who finds expression in sulolle wil. Major: English Minor: Economics Marie Hall "l fhrew my coal around me To Jralce a haughfy leave, Alsfon HamiH'on l-lolel Bellvue Boslon, Mass. "Smoke, you bloke, Bul for Gods salce, Don'+ be selfish. Gimme a lighlf' Major: Clwemislry Eighfy-one lnsfead of down Hwe sleeve!" l i 2l2 Walnul' S+. Monfclair, N.J Bul my hand wen? llwrougn +l'1e lining Major: l-lislory Minor: Economics Mary Virginia Hamilfon IO7 Soufh Eullerlon Ave. Monlclair, N. J. As a poer she's so Jremloeramenlal l-ler humor is nor very genrle. She's so perpendicular, l-ler charm is parricular, Bur her preslige is nor accidemlal. Maior: English ll-lonor Workl Minor: Arl' Eleanor Marfin Hancock 724 Myrrle Ave. Waierfown, N. Y. A Lady of Qualify. Major: English Lirerarure Minor: English Marion E. Hare 80 Sluarl Ave. Mamaroneck, N. Y. Squareness, deprh, and sinceri+y, lighlenecl by a sense of humor. Maior: Economics Minor: English 31'-2:1-fi,fi-i'.1i4::f1-2: . 1-' -3 T.: .1 5 5 3.-gi: 1 Eiqhfv-+W0 is 5355 Q 5 .' .5 3 g Q - .' :" 4. : I .1 I .. -L I 5 E. -I ., -9 Carolyn S. Harris 2 I4 Easl Berlsch Sl. Lanslord, Pa. "Shining on lhe way from shadow lo shadow." lvlaior: Economics Minor: l-lislory Frances Josephine Harris Basin Wyoming l-ler sponlaneily and her zeslful abandon lo vvorlc and play alilce malce her an api sludenl and an engaging companion, Maior: l-lislory lhlonor Workl Minor: French l Amy Louise Harvey 59 lnlervale Ave. Richlord, V+. Far from Jrhe haunls ol common men Sweel Amy wields her needle fhin, And salamanders mulilales- A paslime which she revels in! A+ home her friends lheir laclc of her bemoan Whom honor worlc in Science claims ils ovvnl Major: Zoology ll-lonor Workl Minor: Lafin N Eighlyefhree Rufh Harvey ZOO l-lighland Ave. Ridgewood, N. J. Debonair orcheslrra leader, brilliani conver- saiionalisl, lhoughliul iriend, keen humorisr, charming lady of affairs .... all oi-iered under an inimilable nonchalance: Dickey, ihe individu- alisr. Major: English Lirerarure Minor: l-lisiory Ru+h E. Hawley I4 Raymond S+. Framingham, Mass. "There is no orher wisdom buf +o gulp whal lime can give." Maior: Bolany Minor: lvlalhemalics Elizaberh Broad Heames 845 Edgemonl Park Grosse Poinle, Mich. Paradoxes galore! Proloundly inleresled in relie gion, and an auihoriry on movies and jazz. l-los+- ess al lhe Libe, yei happier when noi in lrhe midsl of a crowd. The depih and The dancing shimmer ol black and while. lviaior: English Lireraiure Minor: Economics .,. l., . .. 11? ' """-' 'i'f.:"' ' 1 --:Af .-'-:- -. EiQhlY'four "Yr .. ' 4 '.' - , A' ' 1 I i 1' " . 9 "fi 'C ' . f , 2 ,T l 1 ' ' 5 22,7 ' F 1 , A ix 1 1 ' f I l Jane Wrigh'r Hegeman 26 Adams Sl. Mounl Vernon, N. Y. "There are Jrhree Things I like,-and Jrhey are all order." Major: Economics Minor: Geography warm friendliness-Carol. ...,.,s ..,.!,,,- l.5:',.. 'ibiza-' 122127 A1 l Carol Hope Hei+lcamp 95 Walchung Ave. Chalham, N. J. Twinkling lrish eyes-a sudden lillle smile lhal quirks up lhe corners ol her moulh-quick clever hands slcelching laces on noleboolc margins- lvlaior:ArJr Minor: Religion Elizabe+h Henrich 407 Cenlral Sl. Auburndale, Mass. An ambilious and arrislic lemperamenl can bring success only. lvlaior: Arl lVlinor:Zoology Eighiy-live Lucille Barbara Herb One so a la mode, Would require an oole. Maior:Ar1' Minor: Philosophy Adelyn Lucrelia Hifchcoclc 7I I Wes+ Ave. Norwalk, Conn. Lyn's idea of heaven lourside +l1e lourrn floor of Clappl: plenfy of "Sa1'urday Evening Pos+s" and foofball games, men, cars, and weelcenclsl Major: Geography Minor: Romance Languages Cecil Valenline Hodgman 58 Elm Pl. Glenbrook, Conn Meelings al 8 A. M., al 5 P. M., al' 7:30 P. M. Wilh facully, wifh sludenls, wi+l'1 men. Bounclless enllwusiasms, sfupenclous ambilionsl Major: Zoology Minor: Economics 1 -.if Eli: 11.5 5 ai. S-'iff 5:2 . Elghlym 37 Lexinglon Ave. Mounl Vernon, N. Y. Margare+ Pierce Hoffman 54 Buller S+. Kingsion, Pa. Tossing off her laurels wifh a smile and a carl- wheel. Major: Economics Minor: Malrliemalics Marjorie Leola Houser 79 Lincoln S+. Melrose, Mass. Marge willioul' music--anyihing willwoui' Marge- Olw, if cannolr was! Major: Zoology Minor: Sociology Eighty-seven l . 3 Uv. - , j ' - 1'--. ...'-311 , .4- . i .. j J Janei' Mon+gomery Hooks 297 Ogden Ave. Wes? Englewood, N. J. An in+rica're individualiiy welded of oufdoor inleresfs, academic a++ainmen+s, and friendships. Major: Economics jl-lonor Workj Minor: l-lislrory l Ru+h L. Hudson Jean Elaine Howe Lake Ariel Pennsylvania "To me every hour of The lighl and dark is a miracle, every cubic inch ol space is a miracle." lvlaior: English ll-lonor Worlcl Minor: l-lislory I42 Haddon Pl. Upper lvlonlclair, N. J. Slrenglh of purpose, an analylical mind, A serious nalure wilh a bubbling wil com- bined. Major: Religion Minor: French , Au . ., J .. ,.,.,-1.1,-.J...:'z,.,...- r.:,, 4.. -3,-,-. ,:,: ..-j-Z: Q - Jean Louise Humphrey 55 Parade Pl. Brooklyn, N. Y. A real person, wilh a sense ol humor unlailing, lceenly aware of lhe loeau+ies oi 'lhe world and The joys ol good friendships. Maior: Ari Minor: Physiology U Eighly-eighl' : :Az - ,, ,- -.PJ L 1 - . ' - f -:fb B 1 - B 2. E , .. . E 2 'Z'-' 1.3" ' g- 1 1 ' f - -1-' V . , r 'fi-e LJ. -.X 1 L 2' 1.2 .' Ik -3 4, sr 2 . - ' ' - " .l ,....., . . .A h. .Ii.'.g:, Mary Alberfa Jackson 225 l-lillside Ave. Nulley, N. J. Laughing ancl golden, gay yer cool As sun reflecls on a sparkling pool. Maiorzzoology Minor: Romance Languages Rufh Browning Jarvis 22 Pendlelon S+. New l-laven, Conn. Brace yourself for an earlhqualce and gel slruclc by lighlning. lvlaiorz Ps cholog Minor: Zoolo I Y Y QV Janef Louise Jobson l-lasson l-leighls Oil Ciry, Pa. A symphony in brown and orange. ln +he ada- gio is Jrhe dep+h and richness of brown, while or- ange flashes in lhe elalion of her allegra. The music of her personalily always suils Jrhe moods of her lisfeners. lvlaior: English Liferalure Minor: Spanish ll-lonor Worlcl Eighfy-nine i Margarei' Taber Johnson 7 Clinlon S+. Pleasanlville, N. Y. A lun-loving girl of deplh as well as heighr- "Mugs", ihe enlhusiaslic and inquisiiive, dashes high-poweredly in+o ihe cenier of every+hing- be il' a+hle+ics or leas or discussions religious, polilical, iniernalional. Major: Economics Minor: Religion Dora Jones 97 Glenwood Ave. Easl Orange, N. J. The infallible dinner-guesl Jrype ls given To smoking a pipe. l-ler morals are skiliish, l-ler accenls are Brifish, l-ler experience already ripe. Major: l-lislory ll-lonor Workl Minor: English C. Eleanor Karr IO7 Walchung Ave. Chalham, N. J, "l cannoi live calmly a well ordered life, l'm ecslalic or else l'm despairing- Perhaps l should like my emolrional range Bur al limes i+'s a lilrile bil wearing." Maior: Zoology Minor: Sociology ..f: ':.-f 1 ',- 1-. ., . . . . .Lri'ai.-L.-fffrff' .': 'eu :II :',,:-'.' - '.'. Nmely i'i'l 33.54 C ,1 i 1- Q: Vi i Lorle Kempe 236 l-lamilron Pl. l-laclqensaclc, N. J. She puls inro life lhal same exuberance and sleadiness lhar we admire in her game of lennis. Major: l-lislory Minor: Economics l Janel' Grace Kennedy 25 Essex S+. Concord, N. l-l. The lime lhar she uses 'lor sewing Or lo see how The Conlederacy's going ls really amazin' This lady's nor lazin' The quill and lhe paper are growing. lvlaior: l-lisrory ll-lonor Workl Minor: Philosophy Naomi Kifay 376 Broadway Palerson, N. J. A very small slrealc of lighlrning wilh brighl blue eyes, wallcing on irs heels. Maior: English Minor: l-lislory Ninely-one Frances C. Lane 305 I-Iighway Riverion, N. J "I like besl Ihose . .. Who follow Jrheir own way In whimsical oblivion Of whal Jrhe neighbors say." Major: English Life-ralure Minor: English .....4'. --.. ,, .v.. 2'-,..-,. .r.r. .l','.-., - ,.,-.w .. ..-.'.. . -'J-,.,,.,,.,..-'N -,nf . ,fy 1.1 -' -...- . - '- H H Barbara Kyle I63 Wesl End Ave. Pawluckel, R. I A bundle ol energy lied up wilh a bri and a Iceen sense of humor. Maior: Economics Ivlinor: Ps ghl smile ychology Alice Hoffman Langworfhy I I33 Sumner A-.-fe. Scheneclacly, N. Y. She embodies Jrhe allure of blond charm, warmrh of sioirilr, and an excellenlr mind. Maior: Psychology Minor: Economics II-Ionor Workl ' Ninely-Iwo I' Ru+h Cafharine Lawson IO Dellinger Ave. Balavia, N. Y. "All greal men are dead-l don? feel so well myselllu Major: l-lislory ll-lonor Worlcl Minor: German Isabel Sue Lewin IO Pleasanf Sf. l-lanover, N. l-l. Love of peace and common sense, An arbiler's abilily, She brings lo soofhe our vehemence Wi+h lacl, a smile-Tranquilily. Major: Psychology Minor: Economics Nine+y-lhree 5 Margaref Vincen+ Leary I55 Oak S+. l-lolyolce, Mass. Sincerify, nonchalance, graciousness-a dis- lincfive combinalion exclusively hers. Major: Malhemalics Minor: Economics Margarei' Angevine Lewis 98 Lil:-erly S+. Bloomfield, N. J. A mild cynicism, concealed by pleasure in sun- sels and companionship: admiralion for The "Wall Slreel Journal" and an undying devoiion io conlraci bridge. Major: Economics ll-lonor Workl Minor: Ari Rosamoncl Taylor Lockwood 356 New England Ave. Winler Parlc, Fla. in l really hold radical views aboul life. Convenlion bars progress l very well know. l always decide lhings wiih unirammeled mind- l'm loo nice 'ro live up io my principles lhoughf' Major: French Minor: l-lislory Gerfrucle Long 2I I Callender S+. Dorchesler, Mass. Radios here and radios Jrhere-bul your radio goes on forever. Quiel please! lvlaior: Physiology Minor: Chemisiry Q.,-,',v, A . . .-'Ia-'f.-,f .3 ' '..', 1 j - ,-, , 9 .: ..-" 51 ' ' - . '--'J . .f.3.l - 1- -Q .Y - .Z . . - -. ..g .-. Nmefy,-four ..i. K Q- , . f t, , , 3 wa s a Q ' 237' , T ' , s ',,,',t - ii " fl 1' ' i Q 3 .1 -,-, ji 5 . ' - -1" ' .'--1-,'g-5-yy!--:sir-1 ., -. 3-,' 4.,:,,.g --,xr Marjorie A. Loud I9 Smiih Ave. lvleihuen, Mass. A Cheerful disposilion 'rogeiher wilh a love ol nalure and Jrhoroughness of purpose. Major: Physiology ll-lonor Workl Minor: German "She walks up Jrhe walk Like a woman in a dream I She forgeis she borrowed buffer And pays you back cream." A Elisabe+h Bren1'on Lufburrow 44I Wesi Froni S+. Plainfield, N. J. Major: English Minor: Religion Caroline Roof Lyman 59 Elm Sl. Woburn, Mass. A connoisseur of big and liiile ihings. Maior: Physiology ll-lonor Workl Minor: Zoology Nineiy-five l y 1 Helen Elizabelh Lynch 237 Guy Park Ave. Amslerdam, N. Y. ls she poei, aihleie, execulive-or Peier Pan? Maier: English Minor: English Lileraiure Mary Durand Lyon 4I Monirose Rd. Scarsdale, N. Y. She is clever and pensive and wriies like a spell. The Lyon's roar is a purr excepi on problems of Socialism. Maior: English Minor: l-lisiory Doris Rufh McCar+ney 6l Brixion Rd. Garden Ciiy, N. Y. She may play a man's game in lousiness, in poliiics, or in arf, and heal him in if. Bul in love she plays her own game. Major: Economics Minor: Ari' fa-".-: ,-1 '-' :.: ..-'-5 Ninefy-six M, , . ...J ,, ,..,-A., . ... - .- . 1 - I ..n ., . , S an 5 92 Crollon Rd. Waban, Mass. Major: English Minor: English Li+era+ure ......n Jean McDonald A classical calm has our Jean. Subduing all choler and spleen, She holds if no s+igma To be an enigma. ls rarely, if ever, obscene. 320 Dalzell Aye. Pillslourgh, Pa. lvlc:Elderry is a very Erin Bairn lvlaior: English Lileralure Minor: Economics Rufh Frances McDonnell Margaref Knox McElderry Ninefy-seven 24 Canal S+. Sou+h Hadley Ealls,lv1ass. "A genlle maid by genfle deeds is known." Maior: English Lilerafure Minor: Ari Eleanor Marion Malhias Soulh Egremoml Massachuselrs She does bils of good behind one's back. Major: Psychology jl-lonor Workj Minor: French ','-, . . .., . , . , :f?:giZ1Lia.f2ig.IL-1':liz-'.'1+ -"-:,5i.Z5i'.::f:' -.-'f :.Q,l-.- 5 5 E 5 5 ..n . . J , r . : .KG Q N . : E f. .' im? -5- If ,-1 i . -.2 ','. I X" : Q Josephine Mack 23 I Norlh Sixlh S+. indiana, Pa. "ln gloomy moods i+'s never wise To sil' ai' home and mope. Gel ou? and lake a long brisk walk: Fresh air creales fresh hope." Major: Economics Minor: Zoology Lois Elizabelh May I I4 Wesr Wafer Sl. Princelon, lnd. A cheerful cherub in a chemislry apron. Major: Chemislry jl-lonor Workj Minor: Music NineTy-eiqhf Elizabefh Merriman 32 Elm S+. Topsham, Me. "l'd face my life wirh slrong brave hearl, If I could have one priceless boon- Thal l mighr slcip Jrhese frosly dawns And have my day begin al noon." Major: lvlalhemalics lvlinor: l-lislory ,Q it VIUHJ. Carolyn Michel J 627 Norlh Kenilworlh Ave. Oak Parlc, lll. Charm and grace in her relalions wilh people -now in conlagious laughler, again in serious lhoughl. Major: Economics Minor: English Lilerafure lcla Louise Miller 957 Ashby Circle, N. W. Arlanla, Ga. She is like an ell, unconcernecl 'lor whal olhers lhinlc-and lilce a fresh breeze in a slolicl almo- sphere. lvlaior: English Lileralure Minor: l-lislory Ninely-nine R. F. D. 3 MiddleTown, N. Y. "I Try To gaTher knowledge, as I wander To and Tro, Helen Mills I54O Lake Shore Drive Chicago, lll. We mighT say l-lelen was a quieT girl, if we didn'T know The enlivening varieTy oT her many- sided personaliTy. Maior: English LiTer'aTure Minor: l-lisTory Julia Louise Mills And pick up new accomplishmenTs no maT- Ter where l go. There's many an unknown creaTure in The earTh and sea and air ThaT well repays The sTudenT who will Track iT To iTs lair." Maior: Zoology Minor: ChemisTry l MargareT Louise Morse 49 Brookside Ave. NewTonville, Mass. A Tondness Tor The "hard" Things in liTe-This geology major: a mellow, sweeT voice-This mu- sical genius. Maior: Geology Minor: French .L'l?:I,..'-2 13,1 .. -,,' . . A L K- One Hundred lg, .r..., ,, h.. M.,-.:, .1 ..-I-., - ., .sir l i1-- , 'V , ,, f' T I? 2 . '- i- If. -'. 5. fi ' Marjorie Mor'ron 280 Bosron Posl Rd. Weslon, Mass. She is a Boslon lhoroughlored meeling life serenly, poised, wilh a winning smile and a charming manner. Major: English Lileralure Minor: Romance Languages l Sarah Ellen Myers Church Sl. Mercersburg, Pa. "Terry" has a fund of humor which never runs ou+, coupled wilh abilily, efficiency and a genu- ine friendliness. Maier: Malhemalics Minor: Economics One Hundred and One ii- E5 Ru'rh Munro 120 Flower Ave., E. Walerlown, N. Y. My work iusl worried me loday, So +ha+ l couldn'+ do my best Unlil I had lhis lovely lhoughlz "Bridge would be a rest" Maior: Romance Languages Minor: English Liferalrure Helen Josephine Neave 46 l-lighland Ave. Glen Ridge, N. J Blonde Venus bending over lhe hoclcey slick, For whom lhe quiel hour halh no lears, Dispenser ol delicious lood lhal cheers, Promplness disgusling-up and dressed al seven, Elliciency-lhy name is l-lelen, Major: Zoology Minor: Chemislry Luella Robinson Norlh 189 Cornelia Sl. Plallsburgh, N. Y. Gay colors lo please us, S. A. l-l. lo lea wilh us, Academic procession beside us, And always "one ol us." Major: English Lileralure Minor: Economics Barbara Jewell Noss 28 Torii Machi Aizu Walqamalsu, Japan Bobby has lilled inlo lour years all lhe lillle lhings we have never had lime lor. She climbs llagpoles or lakes quizzes wilh lhe same uncon- cern, and lives each day zesllully. Major: Chemislry Minor: English jf..-'lf :ig-. , -.-.. " A2735 'fi' " r'fr-- "5 5' " -. l" One Hundred and Two . er - 1 1 -' ' 2? r : fill" A V Hi? i i : 5 I' il 'l E qi mi E 1-2 L-Lf" 4 - .1 5 . 1 Z' 2 .rv . I' J Margarel' Freeman NuH'ing 73 Mounl Vernon S+. Wesl Roxbury, Mass. A chuclcling brook swirling over rough pebbles, pausing here and 'rhere in quiel pools whose green deplhs are fleclced wilh sunlighl. Maior: Psychology Minor: Sociology Marion S. Ohlsson "My candle burns af bolh ends: I+ will noi lasl lhe night Bul' ah, my foes, and oh, my friends- ll gives a lovely ligh'rl" Maior: l-lislory Minor: English Grefchen Winne Palm Crislobal Canal Zone "So long as lhere is April, My hearl is high." Major: English Minor: English Lileralure One Hundred and Three I13 l56 Winona Ave. l-lighland Parlc, Mich. Eleanor Merrill Pellon 140 Main S+. Ricl'1lorcl,Vl. A prize enlerlainer wilh slories and mimics, A scribe of impossibly bad heiroglyphics: Arrives on 'rlne scene iusl a few minules lale, Acule absenl-mindedness ever her slale. Major: l-lislory lvlinor: English Lileralure Major: Reli 'ji2.'-1.7.1-If.f..1 .1'If'.-.,.'-, ,-'-,Sf- .gf ,.f .1 ...j' It Q- ,. 2.53 i ' ' .V . .i Zi I Marion Ellen Parsons 52l Pleasanl S+. Holyoke, Mass. Life is SO complicaledlll Maior:Englisl1LileraTure lvlinor:Englisl1 Rosalie Peppler 37 Overlook Rd. Caldwell. N. J. lvierrimenlq wilhoul, willwin. gion Minor: Aslronomy One Hundred and Four . -,var Marjorie Dickinson Phelps 644 Campbell Ave. Wesl l-laven, Conn. "I wolce before lhe morning, I was happy all lhe day, I never said an ugly word, buf smiled and sluclc 'ro play." Major: English l.i+era+ure Minor: Lalin Rulh Pier I423 Newberry Ave. Marinelfe, Wis. Resources of sympalhy and underslranding mixed wilh a buoyanl humor'-lhe rare qualifies ol a friend. Major: English' Lirerafure ll-lonor Workj Margarei' PillaH 229 Cowperlhwaile Pl. Wesllield, N. J. Wilh Jrhe sweelesr disposition in lhe world she won rhe hearls of srudenls and Jreachers alilce. Serious, gay, naive, demure, always sincere- +ha+'s Peggy. Major: French Minor: l-lislory Une Hundred and Five ,J ElizabeTh Clapp Pyncheon Mary Louise Piper l-lolden MassachuseTTs NeaT and sysTemaTic To The n-Th degree, Polly has Time Tor all her Triends. l-ler Tun and sense are an inspiraTion To all who know her. lvlaiorr Economics Minor: English LiTeraTure 52 OxTord ST. SpringTield, Mass. "ExperirnenT To me ls everyone I rneeT Maior:ZooIogy Minor: ChernisTry Mariorie Douglas Pyrlce 29 Euclid Ave. Albany, N. Y. A Tigure in The background unTil she Tlashes across our horizon as The owner OT bubbling laughTer, The manipulaTor OT an agile hockey sTiclc, a haTer oT convenTion. Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology One l-lundrecl and Six 4"'P1'.'-'.f ri. '-' if-.-i .: .1 ..-'-'- '- , ,v 1,', -,- - ,,- Olga de Quinfero 3236 Eighly-iif+h S+. Jackson Heighfs, N. Y. Caviar and a ham sandwich. Major: Economics Minor: l-lisiory Jean Rankin I33 Pomeroy Ave. Pi++sfield, Mass. "Made up of wisdom, and of lun, Medley ol all +haT's dark and clear, Of all +ha+'s foolish, all +ha'r's de Maior: Zoology Minor: English Liieralure One Hundred and Seven Rufh Eleanor Ranck IOOO Souih Main S+. Middlelown, Ohio "l wish I had a row of desks Exfending endlessly away, For lhen l'd never clean lhern up- l'd use a new one every day." Maior: Economics Minor: Music GF. -- i-' 13:3 .3 5 513.-:ff Q.: . One Hundred and Eighl 1. A . E 1? 5 I: e Dorolhy Clara Rauch "Anal her desires are Jrhose lor happiness, lor laslingness, for lighlf' Maior: Arr Minor: English Lileralure Louise Raymond 425 Easl Fourlh Sl. Mounl Vernon, N. Y. " . . . had so many Jrhings which she wanlecl To do lhal whenever she Jrhoughl if was Jrirne +o begin she couldn'+ because ol: lhe slale she was in." Major: English Lileralure Minor: Sociology Elizabelh Tash Read lO Winsor Ave. Walerlown, Mass. l-ler life was a dash from Jrhe Chem. lab. lo 'rhe Mead Jrelephone boolh, yel always a rninule lo srnoorh olhers' problems. Maior: Chennislry Minor: Malhemalics 4Ol l-lomesleacl Ave. Mounlr Vernon, N. Y. M. Louise Reeder Ancon "Quick Silver" Major: Physiology lvlinor: Zoology i Elizabefh Rich Woolrich Pennsylvania Rich in charm, in manner kind, Rich in love, in lrulh, in mind, Rich in voice, in ruling lame, Rich in spiril, Rich in name. Major: Chemislry Minor One Hundred and Nine . I ,L .Ai-, Canal Zone . Maifilda Louise Reinhardf 3607 Lake Ave. Rochesler, N. Y. "I've cerlainly learned a lol l've clarified many confusions l know when il's cold or il's hor And iacls as dislincl from illusions. lvlaior: English Minor: English Lileralure ll-lonor Workl : Physiology Eslher Mary Richardson 447 Manchesler S+. Manchesler, N. l-l. Jusl ask anyone in college aboul Dickie-her friendly, generous and helpful disposilion, and her busy life, including almosl everylhing from Sludenl-lnduslrial and Music To l-louse Presi- denl. Jusl ask Dickie who her grealesl admirer is. Maior: Economics Minor: Psychology Irene Richler I43-3I Poplar Ave. Flushing, Long lsland lrene's delighiiul smile adds warmlh lo her reserve. Somelimes lhis reserve even gives way lo inieclious laughler. Maior: Physiology Minor: Chemislry Alberfa Belle Rider l 129 Cenire S+. Jamaica Plain, Mass. "She does Jrhe mosl exlraordinary Jrhings in a casual way." Major: l-lislory Minor: Physiology ,A--f . Onel-lundredanclTen ff1-':1-g.f-f:.f -1'-ii-2. '- -' - 5 -.1 -1 5 :' '-'iff ZH . 2-ff f 2 f a 'F-E4 "" if ,,' 3 X' 1' " rfaffi f'ffg1' . fi is . ', r. -0,- Geralcline Mary Riley 35 Hadley S+. Soulh Hadley, Mass. "The sailor has no harder iob Who sails fhe slrormy ocean Than I who sleer my linle soul Through srrange and deep emorionsf' Maior: Psychology Minor: Economics , Isabel Deering Robinson 5836 Norrh Fairhill S+. Philadelphia, Pa. Her decisive manner, resonant psychic voice, drarnarizalions ol every day life, and her ready sympalhy, combine ro form a nalural execuiive abilily, enhanced by a gracious manner. Major: Economics Minor: Arr Ca'rharine Janney Ruclderow 2l2 Wesl Highland Ave. Cheslnul Hill, Pa. "Some+imes she lhoughi sadly +o herself 'why'? and sorne+imes she Thoughi 'whereior'? and somelimes she rhoughl' 'Inasmuch as which?- and somelirnes she didn'r know quile whal she was lhinlcing about" iv1aior:His+ory Minor: English Liieraiure One Hundred end Eleven Ebba Marie Rucline 486 Washinglon Ave. Bridgeporl, Conn. l'd ralher have habils lhan clolhes For lha+'s where my inlellecl shows. And as lor my hair, ' Do you lhinlc l should care To comb il al nighl wilh my +oes?" Maior: English Lileralure Minor: English l Anna Theresa Saphir Pedro Miguel Canal Zone "A Planler's Punch, a palm Tree and Panama." Maior: English Lileralure Minor: Romance Languages Elizabelh D. Scales I79 Cenlral Parkway Mounl Vernon, N. Y. "The memory ol you Breaks monolony lnlo a Jrhousand lragmenls Of laughing sunlight" Major: Economics Minor: English One Hundred and Twelve , in. . ,. - .:.':9..as32-s5f1'.'.4.f , . 5 ,.f .1 .--wr 1 .,,.,.,', QA,-A .,,,. -A , i , ,. .'- m- - . . 4 ., Ik. i 1 f f 5 Q,-..f A , .i,-tn f , - 4. I 'Q-,,. 1 , r x...' 1 ' 4. Doro1'hy A. Schierer Q' fu? if " ' 35 40 Penhursl Park Buffalo, N. Y. K ' "Doro+hy sighed for whalr was noi, And dreamed and resled from her laloorsg She dreamed of Thebes and Camelot And Priam's neighbors." Major: Archaeology Minor: l-lisrory ll-lonor Workj Ka+herine Manuel ScoH' 5 Summir Road Naliclc, Mass. "A lady-dealing in colors." Major: Arr Minor: l-lisiory One Hundred and Thirieen Elizabe'rh Manson ScoH' 6 Ashmore Road Worcesler, Mass. :There was a child wilh slardusl in her eyes." Major: English Minor: English Lileralure ll-lonor Workj l Virginia Claire Searls Oakfield New York She avoids enlangling alliances and allying en- Jranglances. Major: Economics Minor: l-lislory Elizabefh Wenfworfh Seaver I36 Pomeroy Ave. Pihrsfield, Mass. "Did you make 'rhal song up?" "Well, I sorr of macle il up," said Pooh. "I+ isn'+ Brain," he wen+ on humbly, "because you know why, Rabbit buf il comes +o me some- limes." Major: English Minor: French Margarel' Seikel Clark Lane Walfham, Mass. A slreak of blue lighlning in spor'rs memlal and physical: a dreamynessq a keenness in problems and puzzles: nafuralness unspoiled by lhe success she meeis. lvlaior: Chemislry Minor: Maihemaiics ll-lonor Workl i In-117'-ji: 'ii' if' 'i "fi':' A in One Hundred and Fourleen , .AU,. ,J Eliza befh Shoenfeli' fi 2726 Broad Avenue Allroona, Pa. ,Z lanily faking no noles, and preparing four papers '- ai a lime. Meanwhile she cu+s up a ha+7 revises a .N dress, and dashes oul lor some recreaiion. - Major: English Lileralure Minor: Economics .- Josephine Adele Sibley 750 Whillier Boulevard Grosse Poinle, Mich. "The nighl dreams deep in loveliness, yel she has deeper dreams and lovlier memories." Major: Religion Minor: English Eleanor Siegesmund 28 I Parlcdale Ave. Buffalo, N, Y, "The soul selecis her own socieiy, Then shu+s +he door, On her divine maiorily Obfrude no more." Maior: Laiin ll-lonor Worlcl Minor: l-lisiory One Hundred and Fifleen --Li' fs "Whom cares?" said +he lillle girl, noncha- .- 96 Easl Genesee S+. A doc+or's daughler, A docJror's sisier, Maior: English Lileraiure Helen Esfelle Singlefon 3360 Perrysville Ave. Piiisburgh, Pa. "A+ leasi she never spill plum iam on her nice new irock, Or pu? while mice in ihe eigh+-day clock." Maior: English Lilreralure Minor: Economics Cobble Hill Road Major: Economics f:,.--.- nun. .. .,'. . '.,,..' r..4., H M., ,-. .. .A.-I . M A doc+or's Fiancee- Never expecling Jroo much of The world, Jrhen suddenly demanding a lol. Geraldine L. Sincerbeaux Auburn, N. Y. An imposing ballery againsl bacieria. Minor: Psychology Margaref Leslie Smarl Saylesville, R. l. Minor: Malhemaiics One Hundred and Sixieen 153 1 . 1 B l 5 '- i' B Kalherine Woodward Smilh 422 Old Gulph Road Narloerlh, Pa. Kay-always a spark of life on +he drabbesl of daysq a spark Jrhal glows wilh inleresl in olher people: a spark lhal rises inlo The while heal ol Socialism. lvlaior: English Minor: Sociology Rulh ChiHenden Smifh 205 Oakes S+. Porl Jerclerson, N. Y. ' ' l-low our pelile Smilly manages lo keep up To lhe minule, in spile of her no?orious absent rnindedness, is a greal rnyslery +o us all. lvlaior: French Minor: English Lileralure ll-lonor Workl Sylvia Hawlhorne Smylh 32l Soulh Fillh Ave. lvlounl Vernon, N. Y. "Three be lhe lhings l shall have lill l die: Laughler and hope and a sock in lhe eye." lvlaior: Religion ll-lonor Workl Minor: l-lislory One Hundred and Seyenleen ii Susan Cover Sleek 312 Fairmounl Ave. Winchesler, Va. "Al+hough l'm brave enough, l'm sure, To meel life's gravesl silualions, l lack lhe courage To refuse My dull Friend's dinner invi+a+ions." Maior: Economics M 'np .- .. .. 5-5-':E21?31.9:'if1'.'-'f f.?.f.:i ? - A:' .- 5 gf -.--TI Mary Emily Sourbier 209 Ross Place Wesllield, N. J. Foolball games, dances, daily lellers, week- ends-Bill. Maior: l-lislory Minor: Educalion ' i l l inor: French Margarei' S'rein 60 Summir Ave. Brookline, Mass. An infellecl rare, a humor lceen, a Jraleni for doing Jrhings well-all lhis combined in a friend lhal you meelr once in a college lifelrime. Whal more could you ask? Major: Economics ll-lonor Workl Minor: English .U One Hundred and Eighfeen Marjorie Walco+'r Slevens 46 The Terrace Rulrherford, N. J. l love The lillle ioys of life- The smell of rain, The sound of brooks, The +as+e of crispy Jroasl and iam, The sighl of rows and rows of boolcsf Maior: English Lileralure Minor: Economics Mary L. Sfoclcwell 450 Wesr 24+h S+. New York Cily Mary had some lillle sheep lEor her Economic l-lislory paperl When she served rea, ihey Tell asleep, So laler lhey could caper. Major: l-lisfory Minor: Economics Ca'rherine Sfone 53 Elmore S+. Newion Cenler, Mass. "l'm sure l have a noble mind And honesiy and iacr, To see The way l acl!" And no one's more surprised Jrhan l Maior: English Liferarure Minor: Psychology One Hundred and Ninefeen Helen Proclor Sfouclc 303 Vifesi Church Si. Lock l-laven, Pa. "I walk down lhe palrlerned garden palhs ln my slili, brocadcd gown. Wilh my powdered hair and iewelled lan, l loo am a rare Pallcrnf' Maior: Economics Minor: English Lileraiure Major: l-lisiory !2','-'J r.?,-,'.gif"' -- i-Q32-.11 ,: .1 i.-2-., - W M. , ., . . ..f ..-.'.v-'. ' - .ft . .-Q. . '.'. r T11 1- f 1 Q ' 2? lruly serious mind. Elizabefh King Sloner 1717 Wesi Tioga S+. Philadelphia, Pa. Laughler, music, and charm alrnosl conceal a Major: English Lilreralure Minor: l-lislory of Ar? Grace M. Sfurgess I3O Pleasanlr Slreelr Benninglon, V+. An endearing and nonsensical giggle covering a calm oplimism and a lrue dignily. Une Hundred and Twenly Euphemia M. Surgenor 43 I-Iunfingfon SI. I-Iarlfiord, Conn. "May I wallc my ways Clear-eyed and free And do some good Anonymously." Major: Chemislry II-Ionor Workl Minor: Zoology Mary Taggarl' I9 Donellan Road Scarsdale, N. Y. "I do, undo, yel slill do whal I should not And al The sell-same insfanl' will The Thing I would no'r." Maior: English Lileralure Minor: Chemislry One Hundred and Twenly-one Hope Sufherland 84 Wallingford Ave. Alhol, Mass. "When your day gels in a iam Wilrh 'rwice The worlc for which you've lime, Deserl I+ for a malinee- I'r's on Ihe way 'ro one Ihal I'm." Major: English Minor: Music Celia Josephine Tanzer 30 Viviani S+. Sou+h Hadley, Mass. "No+hing greal was ever achieved wilhoul en- lhusiasrnf' Maior: Psychology Minor: Economics Helen Dorofhy Talro I5 Miles ST. lvlillbury, Mass. Enhancing her well balanced scheme of life are a guiel charm, a love of pleasure and a lrue domeslicily. Major: English Minor: French Margarel' Cole Taylor 99 Soulh Ce-nlral Ave. Wollaslon, Mass. Independence, wil, and wilh a geslure-lile's like lhall lvlaior: Psychology Minor: English Lileralure :QI f-5-li-"I"-'- ','1v2"1-32.255, Ag 5 ig.-jff 1-. . One Hundred and Twenly-lwo -- . rnzri res- ' mf'-.f 1--gf -F. li. 4 2"-1 5 9 " If f iff? ff 7-JF vii Mary Teegarden 27 Norwood Ave. Albany, N. Y. Tennis, dancing, and lea Make a very fine day for mel Maior: l-lisfory Minor: French Barbara Thrall 66 l-lighland Avenue Newlonville, Mass. Trusling and slceplical, naive and sophislicaled, slernly Trying lo solve lhe unsolvable, +o resolve lhai' paradox 'rhal is herself. Major: French Minor: English Jane Tilden Camino Carmelo Carmel, Calif. Mislress of lhe arf ol punning, Skilled in all rheloric cunning, Crilic ikeen of prose and verse- l-ler lasles are really rnosl diverse. Maior: Spanish ll-lonor Worlcl Minor: English One Hundred and Twenly-lhree Evis Towle 341 T-lamilTon Ave. ArT enThusiasT Charming hosTess ThoughTTul Triend Gay raconTeur An 'andy person To 'ave around. Major: ArT ' r- . '. - , '. Lucile E. Tomlinson IO STerling Place l-lempsTead, Long Island ExponenT oT: The CulberTson SysTem, The Gasoline Tax, Will Rogers, The Gasoline Tax, Ed Wynn, The Gasoline Tax. Major: Economics Minor: MaThemaTiCs ll-lonor Workl Glen Roclc, N. J. Minor: English Mary MargareT Turner I I37 Phoenix Ave. SchenecTady, N. Y. She says and does, caring more Tor The doing. Maior: Economics Minor: MaThernaTics ll-lonor Worlcj 5 'f3?Mil'iL --'fi:i'jf:j-'.'Z"fi"i'-5 2 ' '7' -1 f " '-'fi' 3 5 3" One Hundred and TwenTy-Tour Mary Anna Vail Easi Marion Long Island, N. Y. Capricious or dignified as The spirii moves Mary Anna is always frank and lovalole-and oiren in domesiic moods. Major: English Liieraiure Minor: Music l Helen Jane Waife 24 Sumrnii Ave. Larclimonh N. Y. Ariisiic and idealisiic, Jane meels life wiiki a quiei ilwouglwiiulness and a keen sense of humor. Major: l-lislory of Ari Minor: Music One Hundred and Tweniy-five Helen Jeffryes Van Orsdale 798 Park Ave. Albany, N. Y. "l'rn properly cynical, loo: Sophisricaie, ilworoughly urban: I know wl1a'r io say and io do, And wl'ia+ lo keep under +l'ie iurbanf' Major: Zoology Minor: Clwemisiry Mary Thomas Walker 2200 Souih Main S+. l-loplcinsville, Ky. Capabililies carnouilaged by "This and lhal and a lillle of +hose" have lar grealer polrency lhan mere capabililies. Maior: Economics Minor: l-lislory Virginia Richard Wander I I9 Collins S+. l-larllord, Conn. For her own life she has firm conviclionsq and for orhers, sympalhy, lranlcness, a disarming naiuralness, and generosily in sharing her happi- ness. Major: German Minor: l-lislory Elsie Ness Ward IO6O lvlorewood Ave. Pillsburqh, Pa. All problems solved ai once, says she Wilh geslure lighl and airy: If i'r isn'+ pancreas, Then ii's piluilary. lvlaiorz Zoology ll-lonor Workl Minor: Psychology zsw., I '-'.:"--'-'- -" -..-' ' ,'- . - , - - -.-'.g..Vf:.--,: 3 l ,I .. -., ., . :.1l.',:1f-'iq-f?15,: f',:'1-L..i::?'w Z' f -L-I -:Z . One Hundred and Tweniy-six il "fi f 5'-7-9 l- 'ff 5 rf' . . . ,.A.,.,, sz I.: , V --1-1 Rosemary Wardle 5 Van Horne Ave. Grand Mere, Quebec In ln rhe silence of lhe camp before The fighr, When il"s good To make your will and say a prayer, You can hear my srrumply-rumply all 'lhe nighr, Explaining len lo one was always fair." lvlaior: English Minor: English Lireralure Elinor Ware I33 Winrhrop S+. Taunlon, Mass. Problems of 'rhe deepesl and mos+ rhoughllul research hold no Jrerror for Elinor, and ar fhe same Time she enjoys Jrhe beaury of simple rhings, as rellecred in rhe charm of her room, in her love of music and rhe our-of-doors, and in rhe warmlh and generosiry of her friendship. Major: Chemisrry Minor: Marhemarics lhlonor Worlcl Miriam L. Walkins 240 Soulh Main S+. Sourh Manchesrer, Conn. "Safe upon lhe solid roclc The ugly houses sland: Come and see my shining palace builr upon lhe sand." lvlaior: English Lileralure Minor: Philosophy Oi e Hundred and Twenty-seven Elizabelh Marie Walls 424 Norih Village Ave. Rockville Cenrre, N. Y. ln lhoughl, Jrasie and manner-an arisiocral. Major: Ari Minor: Economics Mary Edifh Webb 208 Bellair Road Ridgewood, N. J. Sweefness and lighi punclualed by dimples- Jrhe essence ol genliliiyq a perleci' lady whose only fallacy is soccer: an earnesl, hurried manner Thai almosl overshadows a delighlrlul wil: a quiel' circuil of imporianl meelings buf never on Time. Major: Economics Minor: Romance Languages Minnie Louise Webb IO4 Dubois Sl. Newburgh, N. Y. "l'd like +o skip along Jrhe sireer Bur I musi walk wilh sialely sfride. ' Who slarled all Jrhis foolishness Of people acling dignified?" Major: Malhemaiics ll-lonor Workl Minor: Physics :'iz.'2l'-If-'i"i'liii'Qfgv -"'-.9-97' ' -:' 'i '-T751 51-- One Hundred and Twenly eiqhl' I Helen E. Wellman I43 Thresher S+. Granville, Ohio Vilalily: a geslure, a grimace, and a winning smile. Ivlaiorz English Lileralure Minor: French Helen E. Wenfworfh 87 Evergreen Ave. Bloomfield, N. J. "I don'+ prelend Jrhal IiIe's all good, Thai na+ure's always sweel and Icind, I Iove The world Ihe way il isw The Iruesl love is never blind." Ivlaiorz Economics Minor: I-lislory Valdis A. Wessell I I I4 Easl Fillh Sl. Plainfield, N. J. Enlhusiaslic in lhe lun ol life, underslanding in Els graver momenls,-how na+uraI lhal she should have a world ol friends. Maior: Economics Minor: Religion Gne Hundred and Twenly-nine Elizabefh Alvira Whife 253 Cliffon Sf. Malden, Mass. The floor felephone rings: You answer if. A voice says, "A box of flowers for Beffy Whi+e." Major: English Liferafure Minor: English Janef Frances Wilder 50 Deepwood Drive New l-laven, Conn. A dashing figure on horsebaclc, a sporfing climber of mounfains, a wise iudge of her friends, and a devofed Searcher of beeflesg Jay, rnidsf her preoccupafion, blushingly remarlcs, "Whaf's funny in fhaf?" Major: Zoology ll-lonor World Minor: English N Dorofhy C. Winans 30 l-luguenof Drive Larchmonf, N. Y. There was young lady named Doffy Who never did anyfhing naughfy, Every week-end away, she managed fo sfay The all-round girl, as fhey say. Major: Psychology Minor: Economics , I' 5 .fl 'Q M3 F f V., I., i F A A One Hundred and Thirfy "inf " 4, H- ' Q 1 i ' i A Cafherine Winsor l8'? Mounf Vernon Sr. Wesr Newion, Mass Kay-a charming personaliry, a symparheric inleresl' in people, and a well-deserved popularf ily. Major: Psychology Minor: Economics Ru+h Winifred WiH'y 1226 Cleveland Ave. Mineola, Long Island, N. Y. "We're here so shorr a Jrime before Wego io unlcnown ends. We may nor meer in olher worlds- Le+'s hurry and be friends." Major: Economics Minor: Educarion One Hundred and Thirfy-one Helen Elizabefh Winfer I5 Reservoir S+. Worcesrer, Mass. " 'Tis nor my lalenr +0 engage In lofly rrifles, or +o swell my page Wifh wind and noise." Major: Economics Minor: Psychology Elizabe+h Louise Woolley 24 Griswold S+. Meriden, Conn. S+rong +ea and scandal-Bless me, how re- freshing. ' Major: Ar+ Minor: La+in Former Members of +he Class of I933 Backman, Anna Bax+er, Helen Sears - - Bulka, Gladys Ka+herine - Clapp, Anne Fanshawe - Clapp, Charlo++e Lincoln Cornell, Phyllis Lyon - - Cu++er, Ru+h - - Decker, Jean Fairbanks - Dillingham, Eleanor Frances Dwinell, Eleanor - - - Fe++er, Ma riorie Jea ne++e Gernand, Frances Hain - Gerrich, Hes+er Doro+he Gorham, Virginia - - - , . . ,. -,-. r.: ...'-1' - - l24 Eigh+y-eigh+h S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. 90 Pi++ S+., Por+land, Me. 72 Elihu S+., Spring Glen, Hamden, Conn. 20 Bellevue Ave., Nor+h Cambridge, Mass. IO Winsor Ave., Wa+er+own, Mass. Bedford Hills, N. Y. 273 Harvard S+., Cambridge, Mass. l966 Universi+y Ave., New York, N. Y. 2562 Jones S+., Honolulu, T. H. 34 Shaw S+., Lebanon, N. H. 31 I Sou+h College S+., Carlisle, Pa. I336 A S+., S. E., Washing+on, D. C. High S+., Wil+on, Me. 420 Paris Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. one Hundred and Thir+y-+wo Gri++i+h, Margare+ Russel - - Haas, Mildred Alice - - Harnil+on, Mary Kay - - - Hardy, Mar+h Alice - - Heald, Emily Keeler - - Heilman, Mary Anderson - - Hood, Elizabe+h Annabelle - - Hopkins, Alyce Viola ---- Hopkins, Nan Marie - - Jones, Mar+ha Bowen - - Kopf, Doro+hy - - - Lane, Frances Cowell - - - Leich, Florence Marion - - Lyons, Helen - - - - MacDonald, Ger+rude Auber+a McMillan, Helen Elizabe+h - - Manderson, Anabel Gaul+ - - Marvin, Ru+h ---- - Miller, Doro+hy - - - Milliken, Lois Helene - - - Morrison, Isabel - - - Munson, Floy Frederica - - - Overlock, Frances May - - - Pe+erson, Mary Elizabe+h - - One Hundred and Thir+y-+hree Quar+ers I I, For+ Slocum, N. Y. 900 College Avenue, Pi++sburgh, Pa. 39 Rose Hill Gardens, New Rochelle, N. l I5 Griggs Rd., Brookline, Mass. Sain+ Mary's School, Peekskill, N. Y. 409 Nor+h McKean S+., Ki++anning, Pa. 40 Banks S+., Wal+ham, Mass. 58 Nor+h S+., Bingham+on, N. Y. l56 Cli++on Place, Grand Rapids, Mich I5 Wes+ Four+h S+., Dunkirk, N. Y. l I I5 Mar+ine Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 305 Highway, River+on, N. J. 279I Dewey Avenue, Roches+er, N. Y. 2l I Highland Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 5+ Crescen+ S+., Wal+ham, Mass. 5 Popham Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. IOI0 Melrose Ave., Melrose Park, Pa. 33 Terry Place, Bridgepor+, Conn. l5I Ches+er S+., Moun+ Vernon, N. Y. l80 Jackson S+., Lawrence, Mass. l345 Wa+chung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 809 Pingree Avenue, De+roi+, Mich. +21 Trowbridge S+., Cambridge, Mass. 60 Bank S+., Bridge+on, N. J. Reid, Ellen Dwighf - Reynolds, Berneffe - Richey, Janef ---4 Schenker, Lillian Marcelle Schwensen, Adelrna Marie Shepard, Helen May - - Sherwood, Sara - - Sickler, Mary Elisabefh - Solenberger, Mary - Sfeel, Margaref Eleanor Sfiles, Ru+h Edna - - Sfillman, Margaref l-luske Symonds, Clive - Thorn, Eleanor Pauline ..- Van Buren, Nancy Elizabefh Walker, Janef Whifney - Walker, Rufh Chrisfine - Wheeler, Elizabe+h Hale - Whiflock, Florence Miriam Whifney, Josephine Ellen . :,g',. 5 -, h'-.-t , .. .-,v... ,':'if-,f,git.5..Qf:-'w --.-,.:-yt' ff: :.. :-1, 1:1 ':-: - . 5 ..5', 5 -3 2 I 3, v : . - - . 1 . i .- 5 .fra 1 --fp, 1 . ., ' 9 - 4" V5 3 i'.'.-.1 :: :'?. . -.. - -i 1 -W Z 784 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 4 Poplar S+ree+, Milford, Mass. 9 Regenf S+., Worcesfer, Mass. Pine S+., Sou+h l-ladley, Mass. 565 Eighiy-mi S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. - 4I6 Sou+h Main S+., Mansfield, Mass. 7I9 Keysfone Ave., River Eoresf, lll. 932 Savannah Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 85l Sou+h Lincoln Ave., Springfield, lll. I4 l-lil+on Ave., l-lempsfeacl, N. Y. Ferry S+., Sou+h l-ladley, Mass. 350 l-larfford Ave., Wefhersfield, Conn. Suffolk Manor, I5+h and Clearview S+s., Phila., Pa. 3300 Lowell S+., N. W., Washingfon, D. C. I727 Beacon S+., Waban, Mass. 46 Ten Eyck Ave., Albany, N. Y. 3757 Jocelyn S+., Washing+on, D. C. 64 Plafeau Circle, Miffineague, Mass. 203 Morris Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. One Hundred and Thirfy-four 5 T Class HisTory E, The class of I933, arrived on campus in The fall of '29. A normal group of green young freshmen, we soon discovered ThaT even as seniors we were sfill To bear The Green. Accordingly, in The proverbial secreT manner, we selecTed class rings: and aT six o'clock on a cold April morning we quiTe aroused The upper classes lboTh in mind and in Temperl by our parade of The green, and an. impressive parade iT was. Mr. Hammond, as always ThroughouT our career, was There To march wiTh and for us, To presenT our new green ring To The Griffin. We were Thus formally esTablished as a recognized class of The Alma lv1aTer. By sophomore year we fell' sufficienTly acclimaTed To follow a normal course of exisTence, raTher unevenTful, as usual for The second year class, excepT for bringing ouT our class song. ConTrary To cusTom, we publicly announced This evenT for The evening of April 2I, l93l. To seniors solemnly presenT in cap and gown, and To oTher classes as well, we presenTed "The Griffin Conqueredf' Again we appeared wiTh our faiThful Griffin in The background. On November I4, I93l, we gave our Junior Show: "LefT-Over Brownies." While we enacTed a picTure of our Alma MaTer as we ThoughT iT mighf be in The far-disTanT cenfuries, iT occurred To us ThaT already we were much more Than halfway Through our college career. WiThouT Time To senTimenTalize on our increasing age, we seT our hearTs on Prom preparaTions. In all iTs glory, Junior Prom arrived on April 24, I932, and, as everyfhing else, was over before we acfually realized The Time had come. IT was Thrilling To be The "specTaTed" insTead of The specTaTors, and as for sTaying ouT unTil 2:3Ol IT was a sTranger feeling yeT To wake up one morning and know ThaT we were Seniors and musf assume all The dignify and poise which ThaT sfafion demands. When college opened in The fall wiTh The chapel service on The morning of SepTember 2OTh, we were There in cap, gown, dicky, and whiTe dress To make our formal bow. The Time is so filled in Soufh Hadley, ThaT The days slipped by. ChrisTmas came, when we had ThaT honor, which comes "once in a life-Time," of singing carols To PresidenT Woolley aT six o'clock on a cold Sunday morning. WiTh The holidays behind us, we soon realized ThaT somehow our lasT seT of mid-year examinaTions had been passed. Soon preparafions for Senior Dance in a seTTing beneaTh The sea were being made, and Then ThaT, Too, was behind us. New rules, wiTh Their unaccusTomed freedom, and a new daTe for majors, gave a lighT-hearTed spring Term-comparaTively speaking, of course. So, someTimes seeming like only a few monThs, our four years aT college have nearly come To an end. Now we are calmly, hopefully anTicipaTing Commencement and we sTill proudly uphold The Green. -JANE ERICKSON One Hundred and ThirTy-five 4-'. ',.i--.., "L. O. B." A iourney inlo lhe fulure requires imaginalion and good menlal equilibrium. Bolh of lhose are subiecled +o exciling and amusing shocks in Jrhe porlrayal of life as if is lived in l-lokum College, A. D., 2077. The inhabilanls, dressed very prac+ically in clolhes no+ TOO dillerenf from lhose of our day, seem 'ro live in an exisfence which has relrograded as+onishingly from much +ha+ we call advanced, and progressed equally as+onishingly in o+her ways so Jrha+ +he commonplaces are Jrhings beyond mosl of our wilder dreams. The near lacilily wilh which +he worlc is done by The Robo+s appears very pleasanr. We are obliged 'ro wonder, however, al lhe prevalenl s+a+e of good heallh in an absolule non-exercising communily. - . 475'K'.'-"ffC'r:f-if -113 :' -1 VI-Q. .. 'Q -, : . Q - agile One Hundred and Tw-Six li if The sense of advenfure and invenfion in Hokum College lconsfrucfed on fhe lava- covered ruins of lvlounf Holyoke and Amhersfl seems almosf enfirely lacking. The col- lege ifself is fhe fufure: fhe only inferesf of fhe sfudenfs is in fhe pasf. The researches connecfed wifh fhis inferesf bring fo lighl' sfrange and wonderful frophies, mosf of fhem classified wifh usual research accuracy. Only one obiecf-small, square, brown, hard-baffles fhe invesfigafing scienfisfs. lf becomes fhe moof quesfion of fhe campus as fo wha? if may be, for 'rhe prize offered fo 'rhe solver of fhe puzzle is a much-covefed place on fhe rockef expedifion fo Mars. lvlaiden's Prayer and Hearf's Desire work fogelher on various fheories, frying fo arrange if so fhal H. D. may win fhe prize and fhus accompany M. P., who already has fhe honor fo be a member of fhe "rocke'reers." S. W. and J. O. F. work along lines which include chiefly careful surveillance of every movemenf of fhe ofher fwo. This places fhe quarfef in an old cemefery al' midnighf, when fhe ghosfs of Mounf Holyoke College rise, chanl, dance, and finally beckon H. D. and M. P. fo follow fhem. They are ferried across Zoology Brook by fhe voluble Mr. Briggles, who is making 'lhis lasf 'rrip before geffing back fo close S. A. H. J. O. F. and S. W. arrive iusf lafe enough fo miss fhe ferry, buf wade info 'rhe brook, nofhing daunfed. The alarmed fravelers are precipifafed info P. O. af lO:3O A. M., l93I, a com- parafively peaceful hour fhough rafher ferrifying 'ro fhese people of fhe fufure. H. D. and lvl. P. are working on fhe fheory fhaf fhe square obiecf fhey are frying fo idenfify may be a quizz, basing fheir supposifion on an old manuscripf which confained a reference fo a "quizz" being "dropped" on 'rhe wrifer. and "gee, was if hard!" Their fimid inquiries of various Holyoke girls serve only fo mysfify fhem furfher as 'ro fhe definifion of a quizz. When fhey are finally on fhe pafh 'ro discovery, S. W. and J. O. F. arrive, wef, cold, buf sfill defermined. lvl. P. and H. D. fry vainly fo sidefrack fhem, buf fo no avail. Afler 'rhe I I o'clock rush, fhe Leff-Over Brownies leap from fhe Junior Lunch Counfer and dance ouf, singing fheir song, "Yes, we're leff-over brownies," leaving no doubf as To fhe idenfify of fhe mysferious obiecf found by fhe explorers of Hokum College. One Hundred and Thirfy-seven -35 M. P. lMaiden's Prayerl - Robol al desk - - S. W. lSpeech Wasledl - - - I-I. D. ll-Iearl's Desirel ---- Firsl Member ol lhe Archaeology Club Second Member ol lhe Archaeology Club Third Member ol lhe Archaeology Club - ZY ------- Prolessor T. A. lTaIk a Loll - - - J. O. F. lJusl One Flopl - - - Fourlh Member ol lhe Archaeology Club Fillh Member ol lhe Archaeology Club Sixlh Member ol lhe Archaeology Club Sevenlh Member ol lhe Archaeology Club Ghosl ------- Scienlilic Spirils Lovelorn Spirils - Academic Spirils Girl Selling Tickels - Mr. Briggles - Alice ------- Girl in Gym Bloomers ---- Firsl Girl Who Knew Aboul Spil Cards Second Girl Who Knew Aboul Spil Cards Professor Wilh lhe Brief Case - - Girl Wilh lhe Package Slip - Lulu ----- Girls Wilh Culs The Cleaning Woman - - Girl Who Didn'l I-lave a Lil Quiz Senior ----- Girls Who Knew Aboul Quizzes DANCES CAST ISABEL ROBINSON REBECCA ERICKSON - - NAOMI KITAY MATILDA REINHARDT - RUTH CHASEY - DORIS CRITCHETT - ETHEL DRUMM - MARGARET STEIN MARION PARSONS - VIRGINIA ERNST ELIZABETH PYNCHON - LUELLA NORTH - FRANCES ALDEN JEAN BECKERT MARIE HALL LORLE KEMPE ' RUTH WITTY T EVIS TOWLE 'L SUZANNE CONANT MELICENT FULLER - RUTH PIER I JANET WILDER CAROLYN HARRIS - ELSIE WARD - ALICE HOFFMAN - DORA JONES ELIZABETH WATTS HELEN WELMAN - - BETTY ADEY - MARY SOURBIER MARGARET NUTTING T MARTHA JONES - RUTH CODDINGTON DOROTHY WINANS CATHARINE STONE - CAROL MICHEL - FRANCES BEACH CATHARINE WINSOR ELIZABETH ANDERSON ROBOT: Dora Jones, Rosalie Peppler, Mona Culler, Elinor Ware, Julia Mills, Jane Rankin, Mar- iorie Phelps, Marie Farley, Mary Calwell, Louise Piper. GHOST: Margarel McEIderry, Barbara Kyle, Elizabelh Fell, Helen Wenlworlh, Adelaide Gil- Ielan, Marie Hall, Lena Frisbie, Rulh Lawson, Elizabelh Rich, Rulh Allen, Marjorie Morlon, Eleanor Hancock. MAIL BOX BLUES: Dorolhy Winans, Margarel Taylor, Ann Carey, Pauline Gales ,Elizabelh Reed, Josephine Files, Elizabelh Sloner, Frances Alden, Rosemary Wardle, Janel Walker, Frances Beach, Mary Teegarclen, Mary Webb, Elizabelh Adriance. L. O. B. CHORUS: Elhelwyn Barllell, Sylvia Smilhe, Helen Singlelon, Elinor Coward, Elizabelh Scoll, Elizabelh Scales, Frances Lane, Marlha Jones, Jane Hegeman ,Mary Teegarden. SPECIALTY DANCERS: Belly Jackson, Louise Reeder, Olga deOuinlero. MUSIC: Mariorie Houser and Rulh Munro al lhe pianos. Currenl New York show music played by special permission ol lhe copyrighl owners. Singing direcled by Eslher Richardson. r:.f'.- 1 '.'- '-'-- ..'- . .r,., ..- .., ..,-,- ,. .. ..-, lv -j v- - -'-1 . Y 2,,-.1 U ,,:-.,,..,...,-,-,- -, . . , I, ,..,.., ,. , ..M,, ,. ..5,. . . . , 1 .1 1 . his F i: B V E ' S ii? ii E .-3, ':- , .. . : L 5- .ff ' We . "fl I -.e 1 . '. , 'ff ft .1...1.- One Hundred and Thirly-eighl Direcfor - - Drarnafic CrITic Cnairrnan of Snow SIage Manager Business Manager Fropernes CosIumes Scenery LIqI'wIInq - Dandnq MusIc - ScrIpI - PubIicI+y - Posfers - Programs - Tickers - Ushers Prornpfer - Refresnmems - EXECUTIVE STAFF - - - - - - - MRS. JOSEPHINE E. HOLMES MRS. ROBERTA S. CHALMERS - JEAN E. HOWE JESSIE BARTHOLOMEW - MARGARET P. HOFFMAN HEADS OF COMMITTEES ELEANOR HANCOCK VIRGINIA SEARLS - HELEN BLIRROWS VIRGINIA HAMILTON - LOUISE REEDER MARJORIE HOUSER SUZANNE CONANT - BARBARA BENSON - MIRIAM COOK - - ELSIE WARD - FRANCENIA BUDD MARY-JEAN BEAVEN ELIZABETH HEAMES - CAROL MICHEL REARfHearnes, Hancock, HoI'Irnan, Budd, Houser, HamIIIon SEATED-Bar+noIo'new, Erewsfer, Howe, Mrs. HoIrnes, Lyncn, Reeder FRONT-Searls, Benson, Cook One Hundred and TI1IrIy-nIne ggi? : T' rf IT? - ' :ff LI' I,Ep:1L1'f'I i - , 33255 I, Tr--1-'f 5 5 I933 Commencemenl' Program Friday, June 9 l0.00 A. M. Meeling of lhe Board of Direciors of The Alumnae Associalion 3.00 P. M. Meeling of lhe Alumnae Club Presidenls 5.00 P. M. Slep Exercises 8.00 P. M. Dramalic Club Play Safurday, June I0 9.30 A. M. Alumnae Parade wi+h Seniors I0.30 A. M. Grove and lvy Exercises ll.30 A. M. Annual Meefing and Fefe 12.30 P. M. Trus+ee Luncheon l.OO P. M. Alumnae Box Luncheon in S. A. H. Orchard 2.00 P. M. Meering of 'rhe Board of Trusfees 4.00 P. M. Glee Club Concer+ 6.30 P. M. Class Suppers 6.30 P. M. Dinner in ihe Residence Halls 'for Seniors and 'their Parenfs 8.30 fo l0.00 P. M. Presidenr Woolley's Recepiion +0 Alumnae, Seniors, and Guesls I0.00 P. M. Senior Serenade, Lower Lake Sunday, June I l I0.30 A. M. Baccalaureale Service. Arfhur Lee Kinsolving, D.D., Trinify Church, Boslron 4.00 'ro 6.00 P.M. Alumnae Garden Parry for Trusfees, Faculfy, Seniors, Guesfs, and Alumnae. S. A. H. Orchard 7.30 P. M. Vesper Service and Organ Reciral Monday, June I2 l0.30 A. M. Commencemenl Exercises I.00 P. M. Presiden+'s Luncheon A 11:-,N D: ue :vii : -A. One Hundred and Forly "1l1l-1 li 0:1-lll1rrlzns" 'f is " fqfffgfgifzj BL A QL :S CLD 39706777 Nfclyr w V xx, fl , ff 5 S f 4 ww Fgcqv QW Liv! biking 5 ah? X 1 1 s q X " N g 'U 'I ,X X W f ff X Q3 X 1 X Mx f yffff, ,N ' ff XX 4 X Q15 Xa 6 Um"f'f'ff XX XJ' Ny XX f X f Q3 WH J fhx jf ' Nfffmfw FFQMQ V' Il X395 W'Uff.7 ,V TIC 5 xovgxu V" I Q wigimfffw 1 ,Nxt ' H ,- K 5 lk? X1 ,X . QQ 7 X N 4, X F f Q Q f 1 1 XX , 5 X Y Q mar X yr' Sl fi xx U nffa, XX X N R X X X X ui'-'xc' ,Q X A V . 4 ,496 XX X fy x One Hundred and FC'fy-'J"9 X 5 N RAS SK' X "Tu: ll 11-lll11Tlans" bf CJNYEFUL W4 m 'YHOQQJ EYE5, !176',5,7ZNL , 5 VMML IT LAW-3 if dy -i 53 Pj M 443 , Q M xm N we Reeder FAQS X F? 456 Ay wf X X fm X 'ffw Q , S iv NCL! I 'vw yy X X X f ,fc AZQ X- A I 17513 X ' A , Cvpxy X if was O XN THE if .1 OTXV X. 'RH V F ,CSX 4 154 ii0vXXSO jxpx PSN V XIQLYXY 045,269 L NX ,V , R 63 K IM' , x 5 , ff JSA ,. X ff?f N cw gunz 2' xo wi QN fikiw ' 515 wwf xf ?f'Qff'!'Z ,,f' X my X C K wif A Q5 xx 'f fffifff I' gf jcgyif Ummm eleq W li ffff' 4515 jx A gm? YTMND? '. U73-er r"T' 1nf11 f 3 X jg! X W C One Hundred and ..1l1: ll 'l1-lll1TTER5H 'X -Wiffhfi ow H MHTQH f xxx , X ,Z ff -5 . V ff f 5 gmlf UAW ff X- M UW, awww 'I A W 'Jfffjg-'fx Kg ff N- 'K' " 1 ' , " ffm Y.-"?ZZ1'Zf.'1'i'Z.1Z "QM F X7 1? A www-a s con-Jmun N x fl: ffy R -rm XX fclix Iybx , XX Z ,N S kg if x ff ' 5 L K' 4 UE f xf x X' QA? ' 'V f QL dx-.f gmx 30 . V je! f K .Q KJ J X gl X5 W4 FNT fxn f 4, X K3 Hx L!! I Y X 3 X 'N7 X XJ W C' -XXX I Bow rx ff .XL pf. X RN 1 W X V Cum C ffzx X N Ny X wx" 'xwilfxki X K . X wi 7 fly' X QQ' Z If .Viv LOVK Q RN QXKXF 77147 4 A - " f' Jw D 'qgwb ,fmg . , XM ALL? wo- E12 55,1 fiL7L3fjlVI'1E" 'QQ' Q Cf X, ' ' Q if XSX1 + ffw fy ki f fig? XXX -ff 'g ' X' ' Q sk X W ff , TQLXN7! ,xiliyf X W 3' hx ,U J ,, ff!! Z! X X X V-,1 1 " Q K f' Q6 ff ff,7Qf - J "Y g Y- I Q One Hundred and Forfy-four One Hundred and Forfy-five I933 Class Song The splendid and vaIianT GriTTin in days of old WaTched over hidden Treasure and buried gold: His glance was Tire ThaT burned Trom his waTching eyes, His wings made sounds like wind Trom angry slcies. We dug The Treasure Trom caves in The noisy sea, And now iT belongs To The class oT '33 lv1ounT Holyoke will give us sTrengTh as The years go by To guard iT from sTorms and winds sweeping down from The slcy. We conquered The Grhzlin and dug Tor his hidden gold: We made him green and Tame, Though he had been bold: ln our minds and hearTs we've buried The gold anew, We've buried The Treasure in our hearTs again: We cherish and guard iT as he did Then. We cherish and guard iT as he did Then. :.fIQgg., 3-.1-'-i1T,g':g.55f i,-QT' One Hundred and Forfy-S .' 1 ' 1 f .: 5 f 2 T - 5 '-:,.... - . 1 'eg ' .-1 . '5- I 2 REAR: Dodge, Nellis ERQNT: Timm, Earnum, Haqadorn,VoigI'1l Officers of 'rhe Class of I934 Rresiderfr - MURIEI. EARIXIUM Vice-Presidenlr - - - RUTH TIMM Secrerary - - CATHERINE HAGADORN Treasurer - - - MARIE NELLIS Sergeamk-ar-Arms - VIRGINIA DODGE Song Leader - ---- - f AILEEN VOIGHT Execu+ive Board BARBARA LQRD NINA MULCARE MARY OBER ADELE PGMEROY Honorary Members o'f+I'1e Class of I934 MISS ALLYN MISS CCMSTOCK MISS HEWES MISS HOVVARD MISS NEILSOINI MR. SKIININER ':."', s. ' if:Tr1zi,535!s1ig551121 ' 2 ' ii.,,1a 5 I-'Ts' is Taxis:-f .- 3 ,5'hEfIf. ,mg-5? I-Q2 . - 111,3 5 "w " 1 I 'fl . 4- 'SES 5. I , an-I., ,L:.,fE'z?,'.'f"..5,fw A Ono Hundred and Forfy-eigIwI Members -ol lhe Class ol I934 Adams, Eleanor C. - Adams, Lois S. - - Allen, Ardis E. - - - Andrews, Kalhleen - Applelon, Margarel M. - - - Arnold, Elizabelh S. - Ayers, Doris - - Bagg, Frances, l-l. - - Bailey, Belly L.- - - Baldwin, Marion L. - Barllell, Agnes V. - - Beck, Rulh L. - - - Benedicl, Helen A. - Bills, Lona M. - - - Bremer, Grace M. - Brockway, Elisabelh l-l. Bronson, Margarel - Brown, Elizabelh B. - Brown, Elhel S. - - - Brunlon, Mary E. - - Burkey, Elizabelh l-l. - Burl, Barbara - - - Burll, Elaine R. - - - Cable, Kalherine W. - Caldwell, Olive A. - Calverley, Grace T. - Carson, Shirley M. - Carver, Alice l-l. - - Chapman, Elizabelh T. Chase, Margarel T. - Churchill, Rulh E. - - Clark, Elizabelh P. - - Clark, Lois B. - Colver, Carol - Cook, Jean M. - - - Crane, Mary - - - Crawlord, Barbara J. Crosby, Anne E. - - Danielson, Emma L. - Davis, l-lannah S. - - Denison, Geraldine - One Hundred and Forly-nine 28 Winnemay Sl., Nalick, Mass. 255 Fairlield Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 92 l-lillcroll Ave., Worcesler, Mass. IO3 Pounce Sl., Wesl Newlon, Mass. 287 Walson Ave., Lyndhursl, N. J. 320 Eliol Sl., Millon, Mass. 7I28 Meade Sl., Pillsburgh, Pa. 3 I8 Summil Ave., Mounl Vernon, N. Y. Wesl Main Sl., Branlord, Conn. 626 Clinlon Ave., Newark, N. J. 84 Sheplon Sl., Dorchesler, Mass. ' 55 Pell Place, New Rochelle, N. Y. 33 So. Maple Ave., Easl Orange, N. J 300 Lansing Sl., l-lerkimer, N. Y. 97 Knickerbocker Rd., Englewood, N. J l9l2 l-lolland Ave., Ulica, N. Y. 32 Marvel Rd., New l-laven, Conn. I0 Curlis Place, Maplewood, N. J. Easl Andover, N. l-l. 56 Lincoln Sl., Dedham, Mass. 48 Nelherwood Ave.,Plainlielcl, N. J. IO5 Sledman Sl., Brookline, Mass. 72 Cheslnul Sl., Andover, Mass. 807 Easl Locusl Sl., Davenporl, la. l023 Pulnam Ave., Plainfield, N. J. I43 Sigourney Sl., l-larllorcl, Conn. 242 Winler Sl., Woonsockel, R. I. 403 Pleasanl View Ave., Louisville, Ky. I43 Norlolk Ave., Swampscoll, Mass. I43 Main Sl., Orono, Me. 96 College Sl., Soulh l-ladley, Mass. IO Park Place, Lee, Mass. 46 So. Broad Sl., Meriden, Conn. 2040 Pleasanl Sl., Wauwalosa, Wis. I2 Soulh 7lh Sl., Youngwood, Pa. 3720 Norlhamplon Sl., Chevy Chase, D C I448 Dale Sl., San Diego, Cal. 386 May Sl., Worcesler, Mass. Room 34l, Federal Bldg., Ballimore, Md 77 Wilder Ter., Wesl Springfield, Mass IO Hancock Ave., Lexinglon, Mass. Di++mar, Lucy B. - Dodge, Ka+harine - - Dodge, Virginia M. - Drake, Julia C. - - Durgin, Helen J. - - Durham, Carol- - Du+hie, Edi+h M. - - Ellio++, Margare+ G. - El+on, Elizabe+h - Engle, Jean - - - Evans, Wini+red M. - Fales, Virginia B. - - Farnum, Muriel - Fisher, Julie+ E. - - Fiske, Margare+ S. - Fi++s, Josephine M. - Florance, Elizabe+h - Forney, Helen Y. - - Fosga+e, Jane+ S. - - Fowler, Eleanor L. - - France, Helen - - Frank, Muriel M. - Furnside, Doris M. - Gapcynski, Valerie L. Goings, Doro+hy l. - Goodrich, Alice W. - Goodrich, Frances A. Go+++ried, Jane M. - Gould, Barbara - - Green, Ru+h H. - - Grigor, Margare+ C. Grimes, Margare+iR. Hagadorn, Ca+herine E. - - Halle++, Elizabe+h L. - Hambach, Theresa K. Hamil+on, Lucile P. - Hanche++, Es+her - - Harper, Elinor B. - - Har+well, Mary A. -Q Harvey, Wilma G. - Heroy, Laura P. - - Hill, Marjorie C. - - Hinchey, Paule+a C. - f::11i.3f:.' "L-EE.:':'.-1f:' --2752.2 l A EE I34 W. Main S+., Freehold, N. J. I5 Ordway Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 900 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, lll. I84 Washing+on S+., Keene, N. H. 2 Roselle Ave., Pleasan+ville, N. Y. 3 Ripley S+., New+on Cen+re, Mass. 333 Carpen+er Ave., Sea Cliff, N. Y. Haver+ord Gables, Haver+ord, Pa. - 45 Wes+bourne Rd., New+on Cen+re, Mass. 54 Universi+y Ave., Providence, R. l. +326 Amhers+ Place, Day+on, O. 278 Wes+ College S+., Oberlin, O. 154 Maple S+., Spring+ield, Mass. I03-I6 Spring+ield Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. 2l4 Eas+ Walnu+ S+., Hanover, Pa. 999 Walnu+ S+., New+on Highlands, Mass. I76 Win+hrop Rd., Brookline, Mass. 732 S+. Marks Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. I2l Eas+ Ridge S+., Lans+ord, Pa. l426 Myron S+., Schenec+ady, N. Y. IO4O Gillespie S+., Schenec+ady, N. Y. 435 Main s+., Glas+onbury, Conn. l72 Park Ave., Arling+on Heigh+s, Mass. 249 Harris Ave., Needham, Mass. l327 Sou+h 35+h S+., Omaha, Neb. I46 High S+., Newburypor+, Mass. 205 So. Marke+ S+., Johns+own, N. Y. 200 Passaic S+., Hackensack, N. J. 6l6 Upper Boulevard, Ridgewood, N. J. Wadley, San Luis Po+osi, Mexico. 58 Clarendon Place. Bu++alo, N. Y. - 4I4l Denman S+., Elmhurs+, L. l., N. Y. 39 Wayne Ave., Whi+e Plains, N. Y. 25 Hobomack, Rd., Quincy, Mass. One Hundred and Fi++y Holmes, Es+her W. - Hoover, Eleanor W. - Horne, Ru+h N. - - Ho+aling, Doro+hy L. - Hun+, Virginia M. - - Hyde, Margare+ F. - Jackson, Jean L. - - Jarvis, Mary B. - - Jarvis, Ru+h B. - - - Je++ords, Eleanor I. - Jenney, EIizabe+h H. - Johnson, Jeanne++e G. - - - Johns+on, Blanche H. - Kauffman, Doro+hy A. Kelley, Margare+ V. - Ke+cham, Jean - Kimball, C. Louise Kirkland, Joyce - - Klein, Josephine S. - Krause, Ca+herine M. Ledgerwood, Hannah E. Lockwood, Helen P. - Loewen+haI, Olive E. - Lord, Barbara V. - - Luce, Grace l. - - - Macalis+er, M. Louise Mack, Margare+ L. - McMeekin, Alice M. - McWain, Helen E. - Main, Charlo++e M. - Merkle, Marjorie K. - Me++am, Rena R. - - Meyer, Edi+h V. - Midgley, Jane M. - - Miller, Es+her F. - - Miller, Ka+harine J. - Mills, Helen M. - - Moa+s, Eleanor - - Mon+ignani, Elizabe+h L. - - Moore, Mary E. - - Mosher, Mary T. E. - Mulcare, Nina E. - - Murray, Cornelia G. - MyIchrees+, Helen A. One Hundred and Fi++y-one 267 Main S+., Manches+er, Conn. Loines Ave., Merrick, L. I., N. Y. Box 705, Wareham, Mass. 898 Myr+Ie Ave., Albany, N. Y. 5 Garden S+., New Bri+ain, Conn. 33 Spring S+., Sou+h Hadley Falls, Mass 344 Campbell S+., WiIIiamspor+, Pa. 22 Pendle+on S+., New Haven, Conn. 22 Pendle+on S+., New Haven, Conn. Hinsdale, N. H. 2lO Washing+on Ave., Benning+on, V+. 755 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. I57 Lincoln Rd., Wes++ieId, N. J. 44 Youmans Ave., Washing+on, N. J. New Church, Va. 4l Sarles Lane, PIeasan+viIIe, N. Y. 40 Brookside Ave., New+onvilIe, Mass. 2l2 Oak S+., Springfield, Mass. 39 Bayley Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 23I S+. 8: Spuy+en Duyvil Pkwy., New Yor Pu+nam S+a+ion, N. Y. Nannahagan Road, PIeasan+vilIe, N. Y. 53 Prospec+ S+., Middle+own, Conn. 23 WoIco++ Ave., Andover, Mass. 87 Alba+ross Rd., Ouincy, Mass. I84 HiIIcres+ Ave., Leonia, N. J. 23l Nor+h 6+h S+., Indiana, Pa. Primrose Rd., Torresdale, Philadelphia, Pa 20 Ross S+., Ba+avia, N. Y. 90 Elm S+., Malone, N. Y. 5I4 Eas+ I I+h S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. 26 Eas+ 35+h S+., Bayonne, N. J. I4 Bradley S+., Mamaroneck, N. Y. R. F. D. No. 2, Wor+hing+on, O. I8 Oakwood Ave., Whi+e Plains, N. Y. 7l Wes+ I2s+ S+., New York, N. Y. I54O Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, III. 38 Gleason S+., Wes+ Med+ord, Mass. I7O Dar+mou+h S+., Roches+er, N. Y. 74 Ormsbee Ave., Proc+or, V+. 248 S+a+e S+., Albany, N. Y. 4I4 M+. Auburn S+., Cambridge, Mass. 204 Lippinco++ Ave., River+on, N. J. 48 Brainerd Ave., Middle+own, Conn. Nellis, Marie - - Newsom, Myra F. - Nichols, Lucy - - Nicholson, F. lone Noragon, Jean - Noss, Virginia B. - Ober, Mary - Palm, M. Louise - Park, Ger+rude V. - Parker, Sarah C. - Pa+rick, Berneice E. Pa++an, Jane - - Pearse, Elizabe+h - Pease, Florence A. Peck, Helen A. - Peck, H. Elizabe+h Per+ield, Rosemary C. - - Perry, Elinor - - Phelan, Doro+hy E. Phillips, Ber+ha M. Pinkham, Helen E.- Pi++, Anne B. - - Pla++, Elizabe+h N. - Pomeroy, Adele - Por+er, Louise S. - Pries+, Doro+hy E.- Quimby, Margare+ Ra++ery, Ru+h A. - Rams+ad, Edi+h VV. Ras+all, Mae F. - Raynor, Louise A.- Reece, Helen C. - Reed, Margare+ E. Reynolds, Rachel - Ri++er, Elizabe+h - Robinson, Jane+ - Rogers, J. Yvonne Rowland, Florence S Sands, Ka+herine - Schar+l, E. Louise - Schimke, Marion C. Schloerb, I. Phyllis Shoob, Evelyn P. - .-'...'. . - '.1:-:wg z '.i--, ,."-'. ., -- .-. 1'-.?f"" 'C-1-,I .. ., "Q .--...g:,,'. ,--5 :' ': -. . '-Iii 1' i P ' 3 . 4 -gif ' 2. . r ' : ' : x .rs --I 1 -. 3 . 3 33 Fairlawn Ave., Albany, N. Y. l22 Schaeffer S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. Union S+., Searspor+, Me. 3l5 Allen S+., Syracuse, N. Y. I2 Eas+ Depew Ave., Bu++alo, N. Y. I I I8 Wes+ New S+., Lancas+er, Pa. 76 Maple S+., Spring+ield, Mass. 3262 Scarborough Rd., Cleveland Heigh+s, 303 Fenimore S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 255 Bayside Ave., Flushing, N. Y. 23 Cour+er Ave., Maplewood, N. J. l928 Sou+h Shore Drive, Erie, Pa. Hope Valley, Durham. N. C. l82 Dickinson S+., Spring+ield, Mass. IOI Rynda Rd., Sou+h Orange, N. J. 666 Long Brook Ave., S+ra++ord, Conn. I65 Summi+ S+., Ba+avia,.N. Y. 35 Clarke S+., Lexing+on, Mass. 246 Sylvan S+., Ru+her+ord, N. J. 3 Whi+man S+., Dorches+er, Mass. 4 May+air Lane, Nor+h S+., Bu+lalo, N. Y. lO2O Nor+h Woos+er Ave., Dover, O. I44 Randolph Ave., Mil+on, Mass. Troy, Pa. I I99 The Terrace, Hagers+own, Md. Prospec+ Ave., Onse+, Mass. 7 Champlain Ter., Mon+clair, N. J. Gran+ Ave., Torresdale, Philadelphia, Pa. 824 Four+h S+., Bismarck, N. D. 5357 Reno Rd., N. W., Washing+on, D. C. 903 Main S+., Por+ Je++erson, L. l., N. Y. Whi+e+ield, N. H. 2207 Eas+ern Ave., Coving+on, Ky. , 4 Poplar S+., Milford, Mass. 362 Spring+ieId S+., Chicopee, Mass. I4 Parkmanr S+., Na+ick, Mass. IOO Eas+ Palisade Ave., Englewood, N. J. 63l I Nor+h Camac S+., Philadelphia, Pa. Bryan+ville, Mass. l8l l Wildemere Ave., De+roi+, Mich. 38 Prospec+ S+., Sou+h Hadley Falls, Mass. 2l Glen S+., I-Iolyoke, Mass. 204 Ley+red Ter., Spring+ield, Mass. O Q .N One Hundred and Fi++y+ o .1-- fl Silver, Lois G. - Sizer, Viola R. - - Slaker, Margare+ - - - Smi+h, Elizabe+h B. Smi+h, EIsbe+h A. - - - Smi+h, Frances R. - Smi+h, Isobel L. - Sokol, Emilie I. - - - - Sperry, Doro+hy E. - - Sprague, I-le++ie - - - S+ecker, Barbara E. - - S+ein, Jeanne++e M. - - S+ephen, Mary C. - - - S+ocking, Josephine P. - - S+oner, Helen V. - - - S+repek, Es+eIIe C. Swar+z, Ca+herine A. - - Swee+, Marian I-I. - - - Talbo+, I-larrie+ B. - - - Taylor, Mary M. - Telfair, Helen - - - - TeI+air, Ka+harine L. - - Terrell, Jeanne E. - - - Tewksbury, Lucy B. - - - Thompson, Margare+ Tibbals, Elizabe+h E. - - - TiI+on, Eleanor M. - Timm, Ru+h M. - Tracy, Grace - - - - Turner, EIizabe+h R. - - Turner, Lucy A. - - - Tyrrell, Ru+h I-I. - Voigh+, E. Aileen - Wa+erhouse, Lois E. ---- Whi+combe, Margare+I-I. - - Whi+e, Julia ------ Willard, I-larrie+ A. Williams, Joy A. - - - Willson, Eunice R. - - Woodbridge, Anna E. - - Woolley, Eleanor - Young, Elizabe+h - - - One Hundred and Fi++y-+hree 87 Grama+an Drive, Bryn Mawr Park, Yonkers, N. Y 9l I-Iough Ave., Bridgepor+, Conn. Scarborough, N. Y. ' 5IO I-lighland Ave., Malden, Mass. 86 Wes++ord Ave., Spring+ieId, Mass. I205 Lincoln Ave., Tyrone, Pa. I94 Middlesex S+., Springfield, Mass. BrooIcs+one Lod,ge, EIeming+on, N. J. 2l5I Chapel S+., New I-laven, Conn. 38 Merchan+ S+., Barre, V+. 607 Pilgrim Rd., Birmingham, Mich. 2I Maple Ave., Oakfield, N. Y. 703 Ches+nu+ S+., Waban, Mass. f I3 Windemere PI., S+. Louis, Mo. I7I7 Wes+ Tioga S+., Philadelphia, Pa. 34 Elm S+., I-lolyoke, Mass. 379 Washing+on Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 8OfNor+h Main S+., A++Ieboro, Mass. 79 Woodbridge S+., Sou+h I-Iadley, Mass. I7 Division Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 252 I-Ieber+on Ave., S+a+en Island, N. Y. 20 Por+er Ave., Ba+avia, N. Y. For+ Worden, Wash. 7I Wes+ Tioga S+., Tunkhannock, Pa. 3 I-IamiI+on Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Concord S+., An+rim, N. I-I. 306 Union S+., Springfield, Mass. I7 Woodland Ter., Yonkers, N. Y. I35 Glenbrook Road, Be+hesda, Md. 43 Lilley Road, Wes+ I"Iar++ord, Conn. I42 Taconic Ave.. Grea+ Barring+on, Mass. Cornish, N. I-I. I674 Broadway, New York, N. Y. I5 Por+Iand S+., Kennebunk, Me. 2 I4 Main S+., EIIswor+h, Me. 2I2 Middle Road, Acushne+, Mass. I2 I-law+horne Place, Summi+, N. J. I-Iavers+raw Road, Sufiern, N. Y. , 5 Por+er Road, Annapolis, Md. 37 Washing+on Square Wes+, New York, N. Y. 204-20 42nd Ave., Bayside, L. I., N. Y. Lake Na+icook, Reed's Ferry, N. I-I. Is'I' Scholar 2nd Scholar Firsf Guard Second Guard Pharaoh - Queen - Tool-Tool' popo - I-Iarem - "The Holy Crocodile" Presenled by The Class of I934 By He+Iie Sprague and Grace T. Calverly CAST ELIZABETH SMITH GERTRUDE PARK '1 AILEEN VOIGHT I JEAN ENGLE I-'f.f: 1 '-1 .. '-' 1'- -, 'e rf? -- '. ',.'....'1:' '. 1- --,:..'-.--. : '-' -. :.g -L U , - - ' . . X. -- --E : .- , :AI I I-I I I RUTH TYRRELL - CAROL COLVER - ELIZABETH PEARSE NANCY WOODBRIDGE - - LONA BILLS - GRACE BREMER - DORIS EURNSIDE - ELIZABETH CLARK FRANCES BAGG ELIZABETH MONTIGNANI IONE NICHOLSON BERNEICE PATRICK One Hundred and Filly-four Messenger - Temnis - Te-amo - Head Priesf Ape - BoaI'men Servanfs M usicians Priesfs Voice off Sfage - - Popo's Maidens Crocodile - I LOIS ADAMS I TI-IEREsA HAMBACH T ELIZABETH ARNOLD I ROSEMARY PERFIELD I MARY BRUNTON I MARGARET CHASE DANCERS . 35 oio - EDITH RAMSTAD AGNES BARTLETT JOSEPHINE KLEIN KATHERINE SANDS HELEN McWAIN -5 JULIA WHITE I EVELYN sHooB I MARGARET APPLETON I MARION WHITE IFLORENCE ROWLAND RENA METTAM RUTH RAFTERY HELEN LOCKWOOD JULIET FISHER ELIZABETH BROWN DOROTHY PHELAN - MARGARET GRIGOR FRANCES l SMITH LUCY NICHOLS MARGARET GRIGOR CROCODILE-Shirley Carson, Marie Nellis, Elizabefln HalIe'r+, Helen E. Peck, Cafherine Hagaclorn, Marion Sweet Winifred Evans, Kafherine Dodge Muriel Farnum, Alice Carver. NYMPHS-Jane Midgeley, Hannah Davis, Elaine Bur++, Helen Forney. ARMY-Elizabefh HaIIeH, BerTIIa Phillips, Mary Ober, Emilie Sokol, Adele Pomeroy, Yvonne Rogers, Barbara Crawford, Louise Kimball, Jean Ke+cl'1am, Dorofliy Sperry, Margarel' Slaker, Shirley Carson, Winifrecl Evans, DoroTl'Iy Hofaling, Julia Drake, Elinor Harper. WEDDING-ElizabeI'h Brockway, Rulh Tyrrell, Sarah Parker, Harriel' Talloof, Helen Beneclicf, Arclis Allen, Ru'rl'I Green. One Hundred and Fiffy-five REAR: Gapczynslci, Krause, Brown, Main, Palm, Sloner, Sleplwen, Hagadorn SEATED: Sloclcing, Calverly, Mrs. Holmes, Wlwilcomb, Miss D. Fosler, Sprague Direclor - Dramalic Crilic Chairman - Business Manager Slrage Manager Prompler - Coslumes Scenery - Properfies - Liglwling - Dancing Music - Scripl Publicily - Programs Ticlqels - Ushers - Relreslwmenls -:53...,- .f-.:,,,1'. -,,p.-,.....,- I. aa, ...iraq -"1 sings, ., , sa--if , B FRONT: Reynolds, Dullwie, Andrews, Adams, Parlc EXECUTIVE STAFF - - - - MRS. JOSEPHINE E. HOLMES - MISS DOROTHY FOSTER - MARGARET WHITCOMB - CHARLOTTE M. MAIN - - LOUISE PALM - - - - - - - - HELEN STONER HEADS OF COMMITTEES KATHLEEN ANDREWS - CATHERINE KRAUSE - ELIZABETH BROWN - - - RUTH TIMM - VALERIE GAPCZYNSKI - JANE GOTTFRIED - GERTRIJDE PARK MARY STEPHEN - ELEANOR ADAMS - RACHEL REYNOLDS - JOSEPHINE STOCKIN6 - - EDITH DUTHIE H - ' 3 5,-. fi t-j , One Hundred and Fifly-six .W ., , Q., g.,, . ew: : ' : .,, ,.,,, , ,,,. .,. ,,,, ,1 21.1" nf -, ,I LJ:-.Q--.-' ,g- , 1 til! i I ,- tgs. , ,g1 , H r I ,,,, , f . llI . -+1 , .. M . mf, wa, fi M- H Eff' - Tv? milf' Q me 'r' - .413 One Hundred and Fiffy-seven .T if i g 4 1 in 'gi X 2 ar 3 V. Q . E' . J x g sw f . 'uw V- 2 V -1 ff 553 uf V1 QW gal ag Yiaf was ,xl W 15 Tn -K 4 A 195 Qlfqi ii.-:S EM PEE! R34 3, Qs! ai . . .ii l934 Class Song Whence comes The winged horse? Who may his rider be? OuT oT The dawn he Takes his course: WhiTe as The dawn is he. This is ThaT Pegasus. lord oT liTe's ioyance, Born Trom The Toaming and Tlare oT The TounTain, PasTured on sunlighT by l-lelicon's mounTain: This is ThaT sTeed of whom iT was spoken ThaT he should be burdened and bridled and broken. YeT never on land nor calling sea Were walls To sTable The winged horse: Over The clouds his pace is Tree Where The winds of heaven have Their source. Who shall his masTer be? YouTh, youTh shall masTer him: Desire of youTh The Token: WiTh biT of sorrow and spur OT rapTure Forged by youTh Tor The glorious capTure He shall be bridled and broken. WhiTher Then The winged horse? Where shall The journey be? lnTo The sTars he Takes his course, WhiTe as a sTar is he. This is ThaT Pegasus, swiTT immorTaliTy, Born OT The TounTain's aerial urging, PasTured on sunrise eTernally surging: This is ThaT sTeed oT whom iT was Told, Who soars wiTh his soaring goes deaThlessly-souled. The dawn shall Tollow, The dusk shall Tlee, The da reTurning Trom easT To wesT Over The land and calling sea Circles The world and will noT resT. Where shall The journey be? On, on, Pegasus, The luminous beaT OT Thy wingl l-ligh and Tar The swerveless TruTh Lead youTh again To The source OT youTh. And home To Thy sacred spring. ici- Ziff," ff -T i-j"3 One Hundred amd FiTTy-eighT . '. . r QL T . 'l if ff -2. 4' -"2 .z ' I 3' l REAR: l-lall, Benedict Parker FRONT: Srnedley, Albrecr, Billings Officers of +he Class of I935 Presidenl - Vice-Presiclenl Secrelary - 1 Treasurer - A V Sergeanl-al-Arms - Song Leader - Honorary Members of Hme Class jjfg Miss KHJWELL MR. TOWNE T -- . . . - .. gf-Q-" ,-y.i -:gm Lg-F fgyizgfggngfgg ii-zfifls zij ,. , 155: 1' - '.' fl ,+.-:vw MARY ALBRECI-TT - NAOMI I-IALL MILDRED BILLINGS - LOIS SMEDLEY f LOIS BENEDlCT CHARLOTTE PARKER l935 MISS STEVENSON DR. GROVES One Hundred and Sixty Members of lhe Class of I935 Adair, Florence M. - Adams, Melissa B. - - Albrecht Mary A. - - Alfred. Jean E. - - Allen, Mary F. - - - Anderson, Elizabelh - Anderson, Sara - - - Andres, Grace H. - - Andrews, Eleanor E. - Andrews, Margarel M. - Armslrong, Mary W. - - Ausdem Bruch, Margarel A. - Ayers. Jane ----- Barnes, Barbara - - Barney. Carolyn - Beal, Margarel E. - - Benedict Lois A. - - - Bergmann, Elizabelh D. - Bevin, Sylvia - - - Billings, Mildred L. - - Black, Ru'rh E. - - - Blodgelt Elizabelh W. - Bolh, Regina G. - - Boyce, Emily B. - - - Boylan, Mary E. - - Boyle, Mariorie - - Boyt Priscilla G. - Bozarlh, RuI'h - - - Brillinger, E. Virginia - Brown, Marion E. - - Bryer, Barbara C. - - Buckingham, Inez P. - Buflum, Rulh G. - - Burns, Mary L. - Carder, Doris B. - Carler, Alice N. - Carler, Grace C. - - Casman, Zelma R. - - Cavin, Jeanne - - One Hundred and Sixly-one 34 Aldred Ave., Rockville Cenler, N. Y. IOI I Union St, Scheneclady, N. Y. 82 Minnesola Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 740 E. Clark Place, Orange, N. J. 53 Bishop Road, Wesl Harlford, Conn. I00 Third Ave., Royersford, Pa. I00 Third Ave., Royersiord, Pa. I I4 Pleasanl St, Arlinglon, Mass. 724 Brandywine Ave., Scheneclady, N. Y. 208 Main St, Penn Yan, N. Y. 6 Galeway Drive, Greal Neck, Long Isla I24 Harding Ave., Cliflon, N. J. 7I28 Meade S+., Pilfsburgh, Pa. 706 I2+h Ave., Norlh, SeaH'Ie, Wash. Bonniewood, Longmeadow, Mass. 674 Bellevue Ave., Hammonlon, N. J. FI 33 Soufh Maple Ave., Easl Orange, N. J. IOI Cenlral Park West New York, N. Y. 2 Bevin Court Easl Hamplon, Conn. 642 Slokes Ave., Collingswood, N. J. 200 School St, Oysler Bay, N. Y. Soulh Lincoln, Mass. I3I Richmond Place, Lawrence, L. I. Kinderhook, N. Y. I29O Lake Ave., Rochesler, N. Y. 7 Circle, Marblehead, Mass. I6OO Wes? I I'rh St, Wilminglon, Del. 79 Eckinglon St, Springfield, Mass. I47-I2 Roosevell' Ave., Flushing, L. I. I34 Brockfon Ave., Haverhill, Mass. 46 Warwick Road, Melrose, Mass. 4I Bay S'ra+e Road, Belmont Mass. 30 Bay Slale Road, Bosion, Mass. I2 Pine St, Filchburg, Mass. 468 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. I45 Cheslnul St, Monlclair, N. J. The New Berne, I2I'h St, and Mass. Ave N W Washinglon D C 556 Elm St, New Haven, Conn. 7I2O Sellers Ave., Bywood, Pa. Chance, Carolyn A. Channell, Doro+hy T. Chase, Philena E. - Clark, Be++y J. - - Codding+on, Bea+rice Cohen, Ru+h D. - - Col+on, Ca+harine M. Col+on, Ru+h M. - Connor, Anna T. - Coons, Elizabe+h T. Corbin, Nancy M. - Creamer, Frances G. Cunningham, Helen E. - - Cur+iss, Sally B. A - Cu+ler, Marion L. - Dauchy, Ru+h - Daum, Irma M. - - Davis, Virginia - - Daymon+, Mabel - Deem, Alice B. - - Denham, Eleanor G. Dickerman, Marion P. Dimon, Lois H. - Dix, L. Pay - - - Drake, Elizabe+h S. DuMond, Doro+hy A. Dunlap, Mary C. - Durgin, Alice - - Edger+on, Be++y A. - Elkin+on, Rebecca - Elmers, Anne E. - - Emerson, F. Elizabe+h Endico++, Margare+ M. - - Espeu+, Vivinne E. - Francis, Jane E. - Gage, Margueri+e N. Garis, Jean A. - - Ga+es, J. Madaleine Gephar+, Ellen W. - Gerhar+, M. Elizabe+h Gille++e, lrene L. - Gillilan, Lois A. - - Gorham, Hope - - Graham, Jean G. - Granger, Barbara L. -'fa-ff.-r ,-1 '.I 1' L. r..:...,.:1:.f.4 ey.:-f..-1: 2.5 . ,, .. 4.,n.. l52 Eas+ Four+h Ave., Roselle, N. J. 3I2 Eas+ Ches+nu+ S+., Coa+esville, Pa. 87 Pleasan+ Ave., Por+land, Me. 3I8 Nor+h Columbia S+., Union Ci+y, lnd. Eas+ Lake Road, Auburn, N. Y. 7 Elm S+., Eor+ Fairfield, Me. 4 Eirs+ Ave., Mon+pelier, V+. 4 Eirs+ Ave., Monfpelier, V+. 23 Dex+er S+., Holyoke, Mass. 39 The Crescen+, Mon+clair, N. J. 633 Arling+on Place, Chicago, III. I63O Nor+h S+., Pi++sfield, Mass. 4l9 Crans+on S+., Providence, R. l. 2944 Nichols Ave., Nichols, Conn. 265 Palmer Road, Yonkers, N. Y. Head of Eord Ave., Troy, N. Y. Haw+horne, Wes+ches+er Coun+y, N. Y. l9 Lincoln S+., Arling+on, Mass. I925 Bu++erfield Ave., U+ica, N. Y. l7l Clin+on Place, Hackensack, N. J. 59 Carl+on Road, Waban, Mass. 3I9 S+a+e S+., Springfield, Mass. I9 Marshall S+., Har+ford, Conn. 449 Beverly Road, Ridgewood, N. J. 353 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 233 Smi+h Ave., Kings+on, N. Y. 967 Ackerman Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 4 Alden Place, Bronxville, N. Y. 85-I6 l65+h S+., Jamaica, N. Y. Moylan, Pa. I36 Douglas S+., Rockford, III. l56 Hu+chinson Blvd., Mounf Vernon, N. Y. Willow S+., Norwalk, Conn. 254 Passaic Ave., Passaic, N. J. 736 Mildred S+., Phelps Manor, Teaneck, N. J. I5 Co++ing Ave., Marlboro, Mass. 28 Oakland Place, Summif, N. J. Grea+ Bend, N. Y. I36 Parkview Ave., Bronxville, N. Y. 2 Highland Ave., Madison, N. J. l82l Dupon+ Ave., Sou+h, Minneapolis, Minn. Bal+usrol Way, Shor+ Hills, N. J. I5I Mee+ing S+., Providence, R. l. Goodwill Road, Mon+gomery, N. Y. 266 Washing+on Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. One Hundred and Sixfy-+wo '.-L. yi F- . .: , ' -. 'A .f 2 : ' 1 ' rf' gi 1 axis. ! 7 Greene, Edi+h A. - Gri++i+h, Mary S. - Haedrich, Minna - Hager, Aileen E. - Hall, Naomi- - - Halliday, Louise R. Halligan, Perry E. - Harrison, Caroline - Haskins, Isabella R. Has+ings, Jean - - Heldman, Lyne++e P. Hellwig, Muriel K. - Henry, Margare+ L. Heroy, Frances T. - Hill, Virginia W. - Himes, Marcia L. - Homewood, Jean M. Hooks, Vida M. - Horn, Miriam I. - - Hosmer, EIizabe+h R. Houser, Phyllis E. - Howard, Mary C. - Howell, Ka+harine - Howell, M. Jane - Howland, Doro+hy - Ivy Cyn+hia T. - - Jack, Louisa L. - - Johnson, Barbara E. Johnson, Mary - - Jones, Frances M. - Jump, Cyn+hia - - Kelley, Ca+herine J. Knigh+, Mildred D. - Koellner, EIizabe+h F. Kolb, Maida L. - - Kuhn, Doro+hy M. - Law, Margare+ E. - Leonharol, Margare+ I. - - Lincoln, EIizabe+h S. Lisle, Margare+ E. - Li++Ie, Vivian - - Luhrsen, Grace - - Lyman, Doro+hea - One Hundred and Six+y-+hree 285 Aycrigg Ave., Passaic, N. J. Downsville, N. Y. I2 Gilber+ Place, Wes+ Orange, N. J. 679 Fron+ Ave., Bu++alo, N. Y. I659 Wes++ield S+., Wes+ Spring+ieId, Mass I I AI+amon+ Cour+, Morris+own, N. J. 4I Fairview S+., Roslindale, Mass. Dover, Mass. Blair Academy, BIairs+own, N. J. 3 I3 Maple S+., Spring+ieId, Mass. 344 Palmer Road, Yonkers, N. Y. 94I3 50+h Ave., EImhurs+, N. Y. 208 Eas+ Ave., Sou+h Norwalk, Conn. 39 Wayne Ave., Whi+e Plains, N. Y. Sunse+ Farm, Wes+ Har++ord, Conn. 846 Cadillac Drive, Grand Rapids, Mich. 703 Wes+ 23rd S+., Wilmingron, Del. 297 Ogden Ave., Wes+ Englewood, N. J. 2940 Mon+gomery Road, Cleveland, O. l00 Tremonl' S+., Barre, V+. 79 Lincoln S+., Melrose, Mass. 57 Park Place, Morris+own, N. J. 29 Buckingham S+., Worces+er, Mass. I37 Ans+ice S+., Oys+er Bay, L. I. I08 Brace Road, Wes+ Har++ord, Conn. 36 Pennock Ter., Landsdowne, Pa. Bedford Road, Chappaqua, N. Y. I33 Brook S+., Wes+ Med+ord, Mass. I67 Newbury S+., Bos+on, Mass. 853 N. Main Ave., Scran+on, Pa. I I4 PIeasan+ S+., Brookline, Mass. I4I McDonough S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. 266 WaInu+ S+., I-iolyoke, Mass. I36 Egber+ Ave., S+a+en Island, N. Y. 40 Orchard Place, Greenwich, Conn. I39 Unadilla Road, Ridgewood, N. J. 472 Argyle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 60 Albion S+., Passaic, N. J. 42 Craigie S+., Por+Iand, Me. Holland Pa+en+, N. Y. 75 Ox+ord S+., Har++ord, Conn. 425 Pulaski S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. 225 Melrose S+., Providence, R. I. McAlis+er, Jane B. - - McConnell, Elizabe+h F. McDowell, Nancy L. - Mac Leod, Jean P. - - McNicol, Helen M. - Macy, Amanda P. - - Mance, Arline - - - Marelli, Margaref L. - Mason, F. Virginia - - Ma+ile, Helaine M. - Maflack, Elizabefh S. - Ma++hews, Drue E. - - Ma++hews. Kafherine C. - - - Mayer, Elizabefh H. - Mead, Elizabe+h N. - Mead, Marion G. - - Meade, Edi+h M. - - Meuser, Elsbefh M. - Moore, Beafrice H. - Morgan, Mariorie B. - Morris, Joycelin l. - - Morrison, Ru+h M. - - Moyer, Ada M. - - Moyer, Flizabe+h K. - Mumford, Ann O. - - Muni, Doro+hy E. - - Murray, Florence E. - Murray, Kafherine L. - Nelson, Vivian - - Nichols, Al+hea H. - - Nichols, Frances W. - Noble, E. Louise - - Ollendorff, Marion O. Palmer, Elizabefh - - Palmer, Rufh - - - Parker, Charlo++e T. - Parker, Frances M. - - Parsons, Augus+a F. - Pafon, Jane L. - - Peck, Barbara L. - Phelps, Theodosia - - Pinard, Jeanne Y. - - Pippi++, Elizabefh H. - Pla++, Doro+hy N. - - .'Q1,'qigQQ,gi5Q,:'.f igglgz,-i q . i-1.2 2,1 .- 5 5 i.-'TI Eg 1-- One Hundred and Sixfy-four I40l Nor+h Second S+., Harrisburg, Pa. Gorham, N. H. 52 Sou+h Wade Ave., Washingfon, Pa. l I4 Touro S+., Newporf, R. l. 65 Maine Ave., Wes+ Brigh+on, S+a+en Island, N. Y. 260 Maple S+., New Bedford, Mass. 77 Swarfhmore S+., Hamden, Conn. 238 Eas+ ll8+h S+., Paferson, N. J. I5 Elm S+., Peru, N. Y. 825 Dixie Lane, Plainfield, N. J. 210 Wes+ Main S+., Mooresfown, N. J. l30 Washingfon S+., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 326 Sou+h 6+h S+., Escanaba, Mich. Quarfers l20, Wes+ Poin+, N. Y. 35 Cenfral S+., Winches+er, Mass. 80 Rowan S+., Danbury, Conn. 44 Hiawafha Drive, Brigh+wa+ers, N. Y. I08 Marbury Ave., Paw+ucke+, R. l. Gilber+sville, N. Y. 292 Coram Ave., Shelfon, Conn. 3 Knigh+ S+., Worces+er, Mass. 27I Howard Ave., Passaic, N. J. 295 Clin+on Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Six+h and Ches+nu+ S+s., Columbia, Pa. 9 Maynard Place, Cambridge, Mass. Warm Springs, Ga. 43 Main S+., Wefhersfield, Conn. 3244 Four+h Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 20l Ray S+., Manches+er, N. H. 30 Grove Ave., Wes+erly, R. I. 44 Woerd Ave., Wal+ham, Mass. 24 Wes+ Whar+on Ave., Glenside, Pa. Main S+., Wes+ Medway, Mass. 83 Arlingfon Ave., Providence, R. l. Pomfref Cen+er, Conn. Whi+ney Poin+, N. Y. 52 Clarke S+., Manches+er, N. H. 204 Lincoln S+., New Bri+ain, Conn. ll Po++er S+., Bradford, Pa. 8l Ouflook Ave., Wes+ Harfford, Conn. 39 Grandview Ave., Pleasan+ville, N. Y. Pine S+., Sou+h Hadley, Mass. 54 Kingsfon Ave., Por+ Jervis, N. Y. 2l23 Albermarle Ter., Brooklyn, N. Y. Pond, Jeane++e - Porfeus, Helen L. - Preusse, Edifh F. - Read, Eleanore L. - Rehder, Sylvia S. - Rehfuss, Amy C. - Riehl, Doris M. - - Roberfs, Jane+ E. - Rober+s, Jane+ M. - Rochford, Margare+ S. - - Romer, Jessie M. - Rowland, Florence S. Royce, Eva A. - - Russell, Louisa H. - Ryan, Mabel C. - Ryder, Kafherine S. Schaffner, Marion F. Schmi++, Helen V. - Schneider, Lois R. - Schreiber, Mary R. - Scofford, Ru+h - - Scudder, Frances E. Seeler, Norma R. - Selby, Evelyn E. - SeIl+iz, Claire A. - Sherwood, Harrie+ R. Shinn, Burnell - - Shumberger, Anne - Sill, Mary B. - - - Smedley, Lois M. - Smiley, Isabelle R. - Smi+h, Barbara F. - Smi+h, Marian F. - Snow, Miriam L. - Somers, Frances G. Soule, Elizabefh C. - Sowers, Ru+h R. - - Sparrow, Joyce E. - Speare, Muriel F. - Spel+, Amy V. - - S+amm, Jane+ B. - Sfarbuck, Ru+h L. - S+aver, Nancy - - S+evens, Frances E. Sfevens, Ru+h K. - One Hundred and Six+y-five I I5 Main S+., Eas+hamp+on, Mass. lsIe+a, O. I42 Prospec+ S+., Rockville, Conn. 7I Dwigh+ Road, Springfield, Mass. 62 Orchard S+., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 3 Lafaye++e Place, Yonkers, N. Y. Greysfone Manor, Riverdale, N. Y. 3I Bardwell S+., Sou+h Hadley Falls, Mass. 54 Wakefield S+., Hamden, Conn. 96 Kenyon S+., Har+ford, Conn. I I6 McDonough S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. 63I I Nor+h Camac S+., Philadelphia, Pa. 50 9Is+ S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. 5 Marvin S+., Mon+peIier, V+. 55 Ga+es Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 45 PIeasan+ S+., Randolph, V+. 67 Woodlawn S+., New Haven, Conn. 452 5+h S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. 6l5 Franklin S+., Wes+bury, N. Y. 4I3 Meeker S+., Sou+h Orange, N. J. 497 Nor+h Ful+on Ave., Moun+ Vernon, N. IOI AIs+on Ave., New Haven, Conn. 2I I Doremus Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 34 Kensing+on Ave., Meriden, Conn. 4I9 So. Columbus Ave., Moun+ Vernon, N 30 Hammersley Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 74 Florence Ave., ArIing+on Heigh+s, Mass. 8I8 Nor+h 27+h S+., Allen+own, Pa. I09 Sou+h S+., Wes+boro, Mass. 7909 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 523 Belleville Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. I04 Woodland Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. I65-I5 Chapin Cour+, Jamaica, N. Y. 59 Claremon+ Ave., Arling+on, Mass. Sharon, Conn. I I0 Brook S+., Paw+ucke+, R. l. I85 Har+sdaIe Road, Whi+e Plains, N. Y. 450 Prospec+ S+., Ridgewood, N. J. 520 Wa+chung Road, Bound Brook, N. J. l205 Harrison S+., Frankford, Philadelphia, 275 CIin+on Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. I32 Sou+h Broadway, Whi+e Plains, N. Y. 2l Laurel Ave., Tenafly, N. J. 46 The Terrace, Ru+herford, N. J. 34 Prince S+., Kings+on, N. Y. Y. Y. Pa. Sroddard, Jane M. - - Siokes, Miriam - - Srone, Eleanor S. - - - Sione, Kalherine A. ---- Sioningron, Beairice E. - - - Srrobeck, Kalherine M Sullivan, Ada M. - - - - Taylor, Janel H. - Taylor, K. Elizaberh - - Thompson, Janer E. - - Thomson, Belly F. - Thomson, C. Esiher - - Todd, Jeanneire S. - - Traver, Clara A. - Tullis, Bealrice M. - Vance, Mary W. - - - Van Divorr, Olive M. - - - Wagner, Doroihy R. - - - Walker, Shirley M. - - - Wallace, Evelyn M. - - Warren, Barbara - Washburn, Minna - Weeks, Ruih L. - - Wesrfall, Frances L. - - Whiie, Marian M.- Whiiehill, Molly - Wilder, Anne - - Wilmoi, Helen E. - Wilson, Elizabeih J. - - - Winrer, Eleanor A. - - - Wood, Polly- - - Wrighi, Florence E. - - - Sloan, la. 85 Warchung Ave., Charham, N. J. l732 Monroe Ave., Scranron, Pa. 986 Kenyon Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 42l Henderson Ave., Wesr New Brighron, S. l.. N.Y. 372 Guy Park Ave., Amslerdam, N. Y. 67 High View Ave., New Brighron, S. I., N. Y. IO37 Prospecl' Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y. 30 Amhersl Rd., Wareriown, Mass. 509 Fullon S+., Hempsiead, N. Y. l506 Woodward Ave., Lakewood, O. I8 Charles S+., Melrose, Mass. 97 Main S+., Concord, Mass. 865 Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y. 5 Amhersl Road, Greal Neck, L. l. 246 Easi' Beau S+., Washingion, Pa. 25 Oak Ridge Ave., Nurley, N. J. 37l4 Avenue J, Brooklyn, N. Y. 69 Winihrop Ave., Albany, N. Y. 34I7 Harding Road, Nashville, Tenn. Maple S+., Holden, Mass. 205 Broad S+., Plainville, Conn. I63 Plymoulh Road, Newlon Highlands, Mass. 30 Beech S+., Easr Orange, N. J. 330 Wes'r Main S+., Grove Ciiy, Pa. R. F. D. No. 3, Wallkill, N. Y. l49 Mouni Joy Place, New Rochelle, N. Y. l6I Hillside Ter., lrvingion, N. J. College Club, l3OO Spruce S+., Philadelphia, Pa. I94 Fairmouni Ave., Chalham, N. J. 429 Winier S+., Fall River, Mass. Zl Copley Road, Larchmonr, N. Y. . .1 . -. ,-.3--. 's '5.f,- 1' 'f E 's 5 .i '.. 'Q 1. , -., - . 1 f- '- .f- .. 1.3 1 .. 1, . , -r. 3 ,.. One Hundred and Six'l'y-six One Hundred and Sixfy-seven l935 Class Song We boarded lhe ship ol lhe' deserl, A plodding old camel was he. Long lime we sailed o'er lhe deserl, And nolhing bul sand did we see. Our look-oul sal on his shilling head, l-ler glance swepl lar and wide. 'Til lale on a slarry lropic nighl, "Land ho! Land ho!" she cried. 'Twas an isle ol slone on lour slrong leel, Thal lowered lo lhe iewelled sky. An isle +ha+ had slood and walched lor us, For a lhousand ol years gone by. The Sphinx! 'Tis our symbol ol sleadlasl endeavor, Born in lhe shadows ol years lhal are dead. The eyes ol a woman beam on us lorever, The paws ol a lion mark lime lo our lread. Sands may sweep over her, vandals delile her- Sands musl keep shilling, and all me musl die Slrong wilh lhe wisdom ol inlinile ages She sludies elernily wril in lhe sky. Thal nighl we slepl in her shadow, Bul lell wilh lhe rising sun, For Youlh musl press ever onward, lls lravel is never clone. Our voyage is lhrough sands lhal are rising and lalling, Our sleed may grow weary, our palience may lail, Bul lhe Sphinx is our symbol ol learless defiance- G, lsle ol lhe Deserl, our reluge, all hail! A I . A 2 h One Hundred and Sixly-eighl w L' 15 is :Q I S 5'i 7? Ward, Shepler Cfficers of 'l'he Class of I936 Presidenr f - JANE LESTER Vice-Rresidermr ELEANOR WARD Secrerary - - FRANCES HARVEY Treasurer - - EDITH REED Sergeam'-ar-Arms LOIS NICKERSON Song Leader - - ANNE SHEPLER Execuiive Board LILLTAN MCGRATH NANCY LEWIS JANET WICKS BETTY TAYLOR Honorary Members of Hne Class of I936 MISS SHERRILL MISS AVERY V -. '. Ono Hundred an ..--y- - - - A . - s . r..,,,,....-.Q-,. Y.,-.:, .. A ,.r', .VM ',,, A A ,Vt , 4: ig: HL .7 f T "5,1Tfg-Twig'-'L Y, I ' -1-fm..'!' :g1 x-j."z ' if ' .-'? .. ,P-fl' 1 " I-'J ' -119' 1. Members Abbolt Rulh E. - Allen, Audrey J. - Allen, Lois S. - - Alonso, Florence - - Anderson, Cederia E. - Armour, Jane - - - Arms, Isabel K. - - Arnold, Priscilla F. - - Babcock, Conslance - Badger, Hilda - - - Ballou, Dorolhy M. - Bender, Irene H. - - Barnes, Marion R. - - Barnes, Mariorie M. - Barney, Amy - - - Barrelt C. Jessie - - Belden, Elizabelh - - Benedict Jannelle Black, Fanny E. ---- Blaikie, Mary J. - - - Blood, Eleanora B. - - Bosshard, Helen K. - Bradford, Jean P. - - Braslow, Louise D. - - Brewer, Rulh G. - - Broomlield, Janilh - Brubaker, Charlolle A. - Bryans, Rulh F. - - - Bryant Janel S. - - Bubb, Frances E. - - Buenling, Belly ---- Burlingame, Rosalind E. - Burnell, Phyllis W. - - - Bullerlield, Agnes B. - M.- Case, Henriella R. - Champlain, Mabel L. - Channell, Edilh L. - - Chase, Rulh E. - Christ Jeannelle Cogshall, Jane J. - - Coleman, Rulh S. - - Collins, Jane E. - Comfort Frances E. - Converse, Dorolh - - Coslello, Elizabelli A. - Cox, Phoebe ---- Crounse, M. Frances - - Davis, Jean H. - - - DeFord, Sara W. - One Hundred and Sevenly-one of lhe Class of I936 - 22 Halford Road, Wesl Roxbury, Mass. - I306 Las Alluras Road, Sanla Barbara, Cal. - 26 Church St, Adams, N. Y. - 36 St Andrews Place, Yonkers, N. Y. - College Highway, Soulhwick, Mass. - I63 N. Ridgeland Ave., Oak Park, III. - I2 Beechmonl' St, Worcesler, Mass. - 320 Eliol S+., Millon, Mass. - I6 Woodleigh Road, Dedham, Mass. - I6 Bradford Road, Newlon Highlands, Mass - I2 Corser St, Holyoke, Mass. - 8 Polo Road, Grealr Neck, L. I. - 228 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. - 92-42 l9O+h St, Hollis, L. I. - I3 Hadley St, Soulh Hadley, Mass. - Poullney, Vt - 64 Imlay St, Harllord, Conn. - 870 Warren St, Albany, N. Y. - 55 Division St, Salamanca, N. Y. - 6 Maple St, Wesl Roxbury, Mass. - 200 Prospecr St, Easl' Orange, N. J. - I76 Foresl Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. - 20 Diman Place, Providence, R. I. - I9 Slrong Court Plainville, Conn. - 62 Garvan St, Easl' Harllord, Conn. - 278 Mounl Vernon Ave., Delroit Mich. - I9OO 2O'rh St, Parkersburg, W. Va. - I5 Circle Drive, Haslings-on-Hudson, N. Y. - 67 Easl Main st, LeRoy, N. Y. - Cokedale, Colo. - 5I2 Easl End Ave., Pitrsburgh, Pa. - Charllon, Mass. - 7558 Colfax Ave., Chicago, Ill. - 63 Columbia Ave., Hunlinglon Slalion, N. - 254 Allamonl Place, Somerville, N. J. - 3I Eagle St, Fredonia, N. Y. - I8l I Mahanlango Sl., Pollsville, Pa. - 34 Temple St, Wesl New'l'on, Mass. - 3 Hadley St, Soulh Hadley, Mass. - 2 Lindenwold Ter., Ambler, Pa. - I5 Mangrove Road, Yonkers, N. Y. - 3I Landers Road., Kenmore, N. Y. - 43 Borden Ave., Perry, N. Y. - I45 Franklin Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. - 258 Alexander St, Rochesler, N. Y. - I2 Monlgomery Ave., Holyoke, Mass. - Allamonl , R. F. D. No. 3, N. Y. - 526 Soulh Braddock Ave., Pillsburgh, Pa. - 55 Indiana Ave., Youngslown, O. DeLaRue, Charloffe R. - - Dickerman, Marion F. - - - Dinger, Lois C. - - - - Dix, Dorofhea L. - Donley, Beffy J. - Downey, Miriam I.- Driver, Helen L. - Drukker, Virginia H. - - Dunbar, Florence F. - - Dunbar, Onolee M. - - Durand, Margaref - - - Ellis, Margaref E. - Farmer, Hilda - - Fayeffe, Shirley G. - - - Ferguson, Eleanor G. - - - Ferguson, Elizabefh - - - Field, Elizabefh - - Fisher, Lucile - - Fiske, Marjorie E. - Fifzgerald, Alice F. - - Freedberg, Clara K. - - - Fuhrmann, Josephine M. Fuller, Gwendolyn - - - - Fuller, Marion A. - - - Gazan, Elisabefh D. - - Georgi, Minnie A.- Gerhard, Mary E. - Gipe, Elizabefh G. - - - Gorman, Dorofhy E. - - - Gormly, Margaref N. - - - Goff, Virginia L. - - - - Graves, Elea nore - Gray, Mary E. - - - - Greeley, Marion C. - - Green, Alfhea A. - Gressiff, Felicia R. - - Griffifh, Hesfer B. - - - Grow, Mary E. - - Guffin, Doris K. - - Gufhrie, Jean - - Hagemeyer, Beffy M. - - - Halkef, Elinor C. - - - - Hallock, Kafherine A. - - - Hardwell, Florence E. - - - Harlow, Elizabefh C. - - - Harvey, Frances P. - - - - Harwood, Elizabefh P. Hasfings, Virginia - - - - Haupf, Morifia-Leah - - - Haury. Helen E. - - - Havens, Mary E. - iigiffllilgii-I L' 211-f...-.- Z.: -- 5 :f -.--if I 1: 74, w I 5 H E 45, ... I 1. - . ' 'r J . ' ': I . x . - .a.. ' - I . I u. 7 1. . "I, 4-1 : 4 - 'n : . . '. .. , Benvyn, Pa. 3l9 Sfafe Sf., Springfield, Mass. 2495 Chicago Blvd., Defroif, Mich. 8OI Crown Sf., Morrisville, Pa. 427 Granf Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 776 Wesffield Sf., Wesf Springfield, Mass. 229 Eliof Sf., Milfon, Mass. 202 Lafayeffe Ave., Passaic, N. J. 846 Wesf Sf., Piffsfield, Mass. 4IO Brainard Sf., Waferfown, N. Y. 5Ol Highland Ave., lfhaca, N. Y. 54l Soufh 46fh Sf., Philadelphia, Pa. 83 Albion Ave., Haledon, N. J. l7 Kingswood Road, Wesf Harfford, Conn. 7lf2 Wrighf Place, Soufh Hadley, Mass. 44 Easf Main Sf., Le Roy, N. Y. I I9 Wesfwood Road, New Haven, Conn. 2I Hamilfon Ter., Weehawken, N. J. 245 Highland Ave., Meriden, Conn. 39l3 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. 263 Coverf Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 229 Bay Ave., Pafchogue, N. Y. 722 Douglas Ave., Ames, la. 79 Chesfnuf Sf., Coopersfown, N. Y. 86 William Sf., Nufley, N. J. 6342 Haring Sf., Elmhursf, N. Y. Casfle Heighfs, Whife Plains, N. Y. Hamilfon Road, Lancasfer, Pa. 34 Beacon Sf., Gloucesfer, Mass. 37 Belle Ave., Troy, N. Y. Y. M. C. A., 347 Madison Ave., New York I52 Soufh Allen Sf., Albany, N. Y. 2 Sherwood Ter., Yonkers, N. Y. 33 Ashfon Ave., Newfon Cenfre, Mass. I45 Queen Sf., Brisfol, Conn. 820 Shimovma, Komazawa, Tokyo, Japan 254 Sfafe Sf., Lowville, N. Y. 29 School Sf., Lebanon, N. H. 4275 Oneida Ave., Bronx, N. Y. l4O Grandview Blvd., Tucakhoe, N. Y. 64 Sfrafford Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 9 Gilman Sf., Holyoke, Mass. 36 Sferling Ave., Whife Plains, N. Y. 7 Crowell Pl., Maplewood, N. J. 38 Milfon Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 5 Barrymore Road, Hanover, N. H. Wayside, 7 Mill Sf., Coopersfown, N. Y. I65 Farmingfon Road, Longmeadow, Mass. I736 Easf I8fh Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y. 42 Beecher Place, New Haven, Conn. 5 Club Drive, Aflanfa, Ga. One Hundred and Sevenfy 'two ' A f , l-L L ,.. Havers+ick, Ka+hryn M. Hayes, Jane+ C. - - Haywood, Ne++ie D. - Healy, Eleanor W. - - Hea+on, Mary J. - Heilbrun, Be++y J. - - Helm, Ellen A. - - - Hennigan, Grace M.- Hering+on, P. Rober+a HewIe++, Barbara L. - HiIdre+h, Lucre+ia L. - Hillman, Marion E. - - Ho++man, EIizabe+h S. - Holmes, Barbara S. - Hooker, EIizabe+h S. - Howard, Ka+hryn L. - Howe, Jane H. - - - Hughes, EIizabe+h A. - Hume, Jean F. - - - Hurrey, Margueri+e G. - - Hu+chinson, Cyn+hia - Inkse++er, Georgie A. - lralia, Cons+ance E. - Jennings, Frances M. S. - - Johnson, Muriel P. - Johns+on, Lyndis M. - Jones, Margare+ S. - Karr, Doro+hy R. - Ka++rein, E+heI N. - Kelley, Ka+hIeen - - Kelley, Mar+ha E. - - Kernochan, Ca+herine L. - - Ke+cham, Ka+herine - King, EIizabe+h Z. - - Kirkpa+rick, Jessica B. - Knigh+, Janice L. - - Kolb, Elizabe+h M. - Kollock, Sarah I. - - Kur+zmann, Doris E. - Lamb, Eleanor P. - - Larson, Thelma A. - - Law, Jane+ K. - - - Lecom+e, Grace E. - Lee, Laura V. - - Lelzevre, Doris - - L'EngIe, Madeleine - Les+er, Jane - - Lewis, Nancy E. - - - Lippia++, Margare+- - Livings+on, Thelma T. - Love, Marie D. - - - One Hundred and Seven+y-+hree 240 Mooreland Ave., Carlisle, Pa. Brock Way, Sou+h Hadley, Mass. 82I Wake Fores+ Road, Raleigh, N. C. 72 Norwood Ave., Edgewood, R. I. Deshler-Wallick Ho+eI, Columbus, O. 89 Can+erbury Road, Roches+er, N. Y. 3l EImhurs+ Ave., Tren+on, N. J. I Colonial Parkway, Tuckahoe, N. Y. 39 Elm S+., Lynbrook, N. Y. I62 Wes+ Rock Ave., New Haven, Conn. 6 Linnaean S+., Cambridge, Mass. 59 Trowbridge Ave., New+onviIIe, Mass. 54 Bu+Ier S+., Kings+on, Pa. 305 Delaware S+., Woodbury, N. J. 403 Washing+on Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 86 Grea+ Oak Lane, PIeasan+viIIe, N. Y. I70 Villard Ave., Has+ings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 576 Prospec+ S+., Torring+own, Conn. 55 EIizabe+h S+., Har++ord, Conn. l00 Midland Ave., Mon+cIair, N. J. 47 Garden S+., Cambridge, Mass. I55 Hughes Ave., Bu+IaIo, N. Y. Sunse+ Ridge, Nor+oIk, Conn. 2I8 Temple S+., Wes+ New+on, Mass. I69 Bri+e Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. I I30 Wigh+man S+., Pi++sburgh, Pa. I PIeasan+ S+., Whi+esboro, N. Y. IO7 Wa+chung Ave., Cha+ham, N. J. 2I Marion Ave., Albany, N. Y. 4485 6+h S+., Riverside, Cal. 35 Elmwood Ave., Lockpor+, N. Y. I926 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 4I Sarles Lane, PIeasan+vilIe, N. Y. 4082 Rose Hill Ave., Cincinna+i, O. 707 Hamil+on Ave., Tren+on, N. J. 73 Eas+ Genesee S+., Auburn, N. Y. Wes+ Freehold, N. J. 24 Sou+h Ba++ery, Charles+on, S. C. I4 Burr Road, Maplewood, N. J. 76 Nor+h Main S+., Sou+h Hadley Falls, Mass I I0 Ha++enden Road, Syracuse, N. Y. 472 Argyle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. I23 Oakwood Ave., Troy, N. Y. I2I2 Girard S+., N. W., Washing+on, D. C. I089 Ardsley Road, Schenec+ady, N. Y. 3 Perkins Manor, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 85 Greenacres Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. I Circui+ Ave., Worces+er, Mass. 8I0 Gar+ieId Ave., Sou+h Pasadena, Cal. 30 Fairlawn Ave., Albany, N. Y. 492 Ridgewood Road, Maplewood, N. J. Lydenberg, Mary - Lynch, Mary L. - - McCollum, Elaine D. - - - McGonigaI, Mary S. - - - McGra+h, Lillian M. - - McMahon, Mary S. - - Mansfield, Mary L. - - Mariin, Doroihea - Mason, Gerirude - May, Marian E. - - - - Mersielder, G. Aniia - - Meschier, L. Loreiia - - Miller, Margarei - Miller, Marianne J. - - Mills, Rurh E. - - Mixsell, Inez L. - - - - Moniignani, E. Anne - Moore, Margarei' P. - - Morey. Lillian E. - Morgan. Mariorie E. - Morris, Anna L. - Mowari, Anneile - Myers, Ruih ----- - Newbury, Charloiie T. E. - - Newion, Cornelia A. - - - Nickerson, Lois H. - - Noel, Kaiherine M. V. - Nuebling, Emily A. - - - O'Brien, Helen M.- Ohlson, Florence S. - - Onderdonk, Louise A. Osi, Elizabeih M. - - Osirander, Alison L. - Owens, Elizabelh A. - Owl, Charloiie- - - Page, Elizaberh - - Pearce, Rulh B. - - Peck, M. Ellen - - - - Pfeiffer, Doroihea A. - - - Phillips, Eleanor L. - - Plaii, Vera L..- - - Plumer, Elizabeih W. - Poirer, Consiance - - Priesi, Marjorie E. - Proloeri, Frances L. - Quisenberry, Mariha - - Ralph, Georgia E. - - Randall, Eunice H. - .Mfg-'f.-: ,-1 '..' 1 gi-Q, :fd f.Qf.15:i-zfgn 5.235-371 ral- 23 Park Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. I3I Hillside Ave., Holyoke, Mass. Rouie 5, Waieriown, Mass. 80 Penewoods Ave., Troy, N. Y. 530 Easi 86+h Si., New York, N.Y. 450 Prospeci S+., Souih Orange, N. J. 7I8 87+h S+., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 3l I Hammond S+., Bangor, Me. 9 Sisson Si., Pawiuckei, R. I. Easi Park, Connellsville, Pa. 76l Soulh Tenih Si., Newark, N. J. I26 Roloeris Ave., Glenside, Pa. 4 High Sl., Turners Falls, Mass. 90 Elm S+., Mayville, N. Y. I46 Souih l4+h Ave., Mounl' Vernon, N. Y 6I I Hazelwood Ter., Rochesier, N. Y. I70 Darimoulh S+., Rochesier, N. Y. 5 Trernoni S+., Gloversville, N. Y. 271 Hawihorne Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 2526 Broadway, Scheneciady, N. Y. 9l8 Norih 5+h Sl., Reading, Pa. IO2 Farragul Road, Swampscoii, Mass. 369 Tappan S+., Brookline, Mass. Talladega, Ala. 3054 Gadwin Ter., New York, N. Y. 58 Wesi' Sl., Poriland, Me. Box I64, Rouie 2, Navy Yard, Charlesion I4O Hill Si., Reading, Pa. Orchard Road, Mouni Kisco, N. Y. 278 Sirawberry Hill, Siamiord, Conn. R. F. D. No. I, Waiervliei, N. Y. 85 Penn Drive, Wesi Harlford, Conn. 450 Yale Ave., New Haven, Conn. 40 Hollis Road, Woodiords, Me. Iroquois, N. Y. l35 Souih Union S+., Olean, N. Y. 30 Beacon S+., Gloucesier, Mass. Rome, Mass. 20 Norih 2Is+ Si., Easi' Orange, N. J. l232 Parkwood Blvd., Scheneciady, N. Y. I I3 Farminglon Ave., Longmeadow, Mass. l42 Effingham Place, Wesifield, N. J. 450 Sevenih S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. Prospeci Ave., Onsei, Mass. I I Marion Ave., Norwood, Mass. 25I7 Lincoln S+., Evansion, III. 426 Hamilion Ave., Whiie Plains, N. Y. 44 Van Buren Ave., Wesi Hariiord, Conn. if ' ' - One Hundred and Seveniy fou 5 may-.f:,-..:ir .r 'Q'S"F-'lidifft f ,i Mtg, f yy 5,:.'5"4 .fp . M...-:i'j,'. : 1-gh - ' I. 5'i,?1,1.fTi9iiE 22? '37'Q'9'f.'?-"'l.i QQ 'B ii I r sql- my 41' E11 -.- . ,. as z..- - . - Randall, Jeanne++e E. Read, Helen - - - Redmond, Helen E. C. - - Reed, Edi+h B. - - Reichard, Mary R.- Reid, Shirley - - Repper+, Virginia G. Requa, Lillian W. - Reuse, Doro+hy W. Rich+er, Jane C. - Riedinger, lrma M. Ringle, Marie L. - Rober+s, Eleanor S. Rober+s, Elizabe+h G. Rober+s, Margare+ L. Rober+s, Ru+h E. - Rose, Marion L. - Ross, Grace R. - - Rowe, Theresa - - Russell, Helen C. - Russell, Na+alie - - Ryan, Elizabe+h - - Saks, Carol J. - - Sampson, Ru+h - - Sanders, Ca+herine A. San+ord, Frances J. Sauer, Eleanor W. - Schundler, G. Eleanor Seabury, Miriam F. Seads, Jean E. - - Shear, Doro+hy B. - Shearer, Mar+ha E. Shepler, Anna C. - Shively, Jessamine - Shull, Georgia M. - Sinclair, Louise F. - Smi+h, Blanche K. - Squier, Mary N. - S+amm, Emelie E. - S+anley, Virginia M. S+ar+, Lorena L. - S+earns, Elizabe+h R. S+inson, Anna L. - Suher, Minnie - - Tarbox, Camilla M. Ta+e, Be+sy W. - - Taylor, Elizabe+h H. Taylor, Virginia A. - Thompson, Mary L. Toussain+, Mary M. Townsend, Frances A. Trickey, Charlo++e - Tukey, Margare+ C. Tully, M. Eileen - - One Hundred and Seven+y-five 8 Burrs+one, Road, U+ica, N. Y. 34 Amhers+ S+., Holyoke, Mass. 25 lrving Place, U+ica, N. Y. 77 Je+Ferson Road, Prince+on, N. J. 74 Colga+e S+., Roches+er, N. Y. I5 Day Ave., Su++ield, Conn. Fleming+on, W. Va. I76 Nor+h Main S+., Sou+hing+on, Conn. 595 Kimball Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 529 Sou+h 46+h S+., Philadelphia, Pa. 262 Warring+on S+. ,Providence, R. l. 263 Harrison Ave., Jersey Ci+y, N. J. 54 Wakefield S+., Hamden, Conn. l533 Kemble S+., U+ica, N. Y. 26 Washing+on Ave., Princesse Anne, Md Main S+., Poul+ney, V+. Maple S+., Ches+er, Mass. I5l Garrison Ave., Jersey Ci+y, N. J. 65 Cen+ral Park Wes+, New York, N. Y. Washing+on S+., Hollis+on, Mass. 8I22 IO+h Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 8 Wrigh+ Pl., Sou+h Hadley, Mass. 32 Wes+ 74+h S+., New York, N. Y. 83 Pembroke S+., New+on, Mass. 95 Avon Hill S+., Cambridge, Mass. 22 Park Ave., Su++ern, N. Y. 85Il Wareham Road, Jamaica, N. Y. 254 Woodland Road, Madison, N. J. Sar+el Road, Gra++on, Mass. 23IO Broad Ave., Al+oona, Pa. 22 Elm S+., Oneon+a, N. Y. II9 Elmore Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. IO2 Towanda Ave., Melrose Park, Pa. Pequo+, Road, Sou+hpor+, Conn. 60 Je++erson Road, Prince+on, N. J. 4IO3 Walnu+ S+., Wes+ Philadelphia, Pa. 79I I4+h Ave., Pa+erson, N. J. 9 Green S+., Monson, Mass. 8 Abingdon Road, Kew Gardens, N. Y. l83 Mon+ague Place, Sou+h Orange, N. J +807 Baker Ave., U+ica, N. Y. Hinsdale, N. H. 44 Pease S+., Thompsonville, Conn. 69 Hi+chcock S+., Holyoke, Mass. Hancock, N. Y. I348 Queens Road, Charlo++e, N. C. 42 Oakland Road, Maplewood, N. J. 507 so+h S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. I2O Bloomfield Ave., Har++ord, Conn. 294 S+a+e S+., Lowville, N. Y. I27 School S+., Car+hage, N. Y. 34 A+lan+ic S+., Lynn, Mass. 346 Teaneck Road, Ridgefield Park, N. J. 3224 Grand Concourse, New York, N. Y. Twining, Fai+l1 oIeW. - Tyler, Frances E. - - Van Denberglw, Doris E.- - Vosler, Jane R. - - - Wai+e, Barbara F. - Walker, Aileen M.- Walker, AI+a F. - Ward, Eleanor B. - Ward, Evelyn M. - - Warren, EIizal:Je+l1 J. - Wer+z, Sarah J. - - Wes+, Marion - - Wibom, Virginia E. - Wicks, Jane+ L. - Williams, l-Iarrie++ - - Williamson, Deligl1+ - Williamson, Elizabe++1 - Wilson, Anna I. - - - Win+erl3o++om, Marion Wisser, Eleanor C. - Wood, Doro+l'1y L. - - Woolcock, Miriam A.- Wycko+I, Margare+ - Wyman, Louise S.- Zimmermann, Doris F. "'."L . '1 -"'--I ' f,f.!..-' ', -.-1. .' ..- 6IO Wes+ Il6+l1 S+., New York, N. Y. 329 Clay S+., Wa+er+own, N. Y. Paris Road, New I-Iar++ord, N. Y. 224 Park Ave., Medina, N. Y. lO5 Ou+Iook Ave., Wes+ I-Iar++ord, Conn. 426 Rock Road Glen Rock, N. J. 937 Franklin S+., Wyomissing, Pa. 20 Oak Ter., New+on I-Iiglwlands, Mass. 94 Sou+l1 Main S+., Lydonville, N. Y. I49 Sylvan Ave., Wes+ I-Iar++ord, Conn. I I5 Nor+I'1 Po+omac S+., I-Iagers+own, Md. I338 Nor++1 Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 233 Fisher Ave., WIwi+e Plains, N. Y. Harrison S+., Prince+on, N. J. 3 I4 Oak S+., Syracuse, N. Y. I8 Springdale Road, Prince+on, N. J. 269 Bayview Ave., Freepor+, N. Y. 3648 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 505 New+on S+., Sou+l1 I-Iadley, Mass. 30 Park Ave., Dravoslourg, Pa. 665 S+. Marks Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 8I I Blaine S+., New Cas+le, Pa. 868 Greenacres Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 547 Ganseroor+ S+., Li++Ie Falls, N. Y. 925 Union S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. One Hundred and Sevenly-six I '- . gg, One Hundred and Sevenfy-seven '53 F55 Q Q26 ffl iifsi PS-if Emi :ie ' 1 .Q yi 5,1 aff, LAC wi ZX . 5115! 353 gf! Q Q Q x y 1 v +L h E! U ' , 153 X. X 'Xe Freshman Plays Presenlecl by +I'1e Dramalic Club March IO, I933 Direclors: Miss Helen Wheeler and Mary Crane "THE NO 'COUNT BOY" No 'Counl Boy ------ MARY ROSE REICHARD Pheelie - - MARY MCGONIGAL Enos - KATHERINE HOWARD Old Woman ANNA I. WILSON THE REHEARSAL Oerlrude - ------ BETTY FERGUSON Barbara - LUCRETIA HILDRETH Sonia - ELEANOR WARD CI1ris'rene GRACE HENNIGAN Marforie - - JANE VOSLER Frelcla - MORITIA-LEAH HAUPT COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Sfage Manager ------- ELEANOR SCHUNDLER Coslumes - - SHIRLEY FAYETTE Scenery - - ELAINE MCCOLLUM 1-':,.L..,.f1y. '- ' - ,, One Hundred and Sevenfy-eighl .- . ., .4 .,-,-,,..: .,s f.--.'..'.' -..r-.1 --..-- 1 . I I I Phi Be'ra Kappa MEMBERS IN FACULTY AND STAFF Presidenlr SecreIa ry -I Treasurer - - MARY E. WOOLLEY DAVID E. ADAMS ELIZABETH ADAMS HARRIET ALLYN GRACE BACON MARGARET BALL VIOLA BARNES MARION E. BLAKE BERTHA BLAKELY BEATRICE BOLTON BLANCHE BOYER BLANCHE BROTHERTON LESLIE BURGEVIN SARAH CABLE EMMA P. CARR GORDON CHALMERS MARY ASHBY CHEEK ALZADA COMSTOCK MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY CORNELIA COULTER M. GERTRUDE CUSHING CHARLOTTE D'EVELYN MISS FLORENCE ADAMS MISS FLINT ELLA DICKINSON ETHEL DIETRICH MRS. D. DOOLITTLE ALICE FARNSWORTH FLORENCE FOSS HELEN GAMER BEATRICE GRAY CAROLINE GREENE MARIAN HAYES SAMUEL HAYES FRANCES HAYNES CHARLOTTE HAYWOOD AMY HEWES SARA HOLMES GERTRUDE HYDE ANNA LITZINGER KATHLEEN LYNCH MRS. MARY MCCONAUGHY JOSEPHINE MclNTIRE FLORENCE McKINLAY HARRIET NEWHALL HELEN O'NEIL HELEN PATCH ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MISS GOLDTHWAITE MISS PURINGTON MARY E. WOOLLEY MARION E. BLAKE MARY E. COOLEY EDITH OUAMME MARGARET SCHOTT RUTH SHAW MARY SHERRILL CHRISTIANNA SMITH ADA SNELL KATHRYN STEIN LOUISA STEVENSON MRS. SUSAN STIFLER ALMA STOKEY ELLEN B. TALBOT MIGNON TALBOT NEWMAN TOLLES ABBY TURNER MARJORIE VIVIAN JOYCE WADMOND MARGERY WALKER HELEN WEST MRS. HARRIET WHICHER FLORENCE WHYTE LAURA WILD ANNE YOUNG MISS ALICE STEVENS MISS CLARA STEVENS MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF I932 MARIETTA BANKS VELMA BATCHELDER FRIEDA BRYANT ELIZABETH CLARK JANET CONGDON ELIZABETH DIX RUTH EISENHART 'SUSAN EISENHART E. FYNETTE FISKE ' DOROTHY HADLEY "EIec'red in I93 I JANE HELLER RUTH HOLADAY PAMELIA JACOBS VIOLA JORDAN PHYLLIS LORIMER 'FLORENCE MCKINLAY AMY MATHER ELIZABETH MAYO 'JOAN MORGAN MEMBERS OF, THE CLASS O KATHARINE BAIRD ALICE CRITCHETT EDITH FARR I-f'.A,'. . N -5-:gg ,..',...r,:,, .. Y 4, N.. , - .51 .: - DOROTHY SCHIERER MARGARET SEIKEL . .L , - ' - my .. 2 ,, . z , 'lib' 'I ' T I E ' I E ' .' 5. e 5 ' ' I ' ' ' 1 -"" '41 . ' ' 1 T 1. "-'V sr 1 , ' - - - , MARGARET OSTRANDER MABEL POTTINGER RUTH PRATT ELEANORE PRICE FRANCES ROOTS 'NATALIE ROSS 'FRANCES SCHWAB RUTH SHAW LUCILLE SUTTON JEAN SYKES F I933 ELEANOR SIEGESMUND EUPHEMIA SURGENOR ELINOR WARE One Hundred and EigI'u'ry 5 Fellowships THE BARDWELL MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIP Nalalie Hicks Ross, B.A., Mounl' Holyoke College, I932. Universily of California Aslronomy. THE MARY E. WOOLLEY FELLOWSHIP Dorolhy Lilian Blair, B.A., Mounl Holyoke College, I9I4. The Orienl' and Europe, Orienlal Arl'. THE I905 FELLOWSHIP Eleanor Humphrey Kellogg, B.A., Mounl Holyoke College, I93 I: M. A. New York Universily, I932. New York Universily, English. THE FRANCES MARY HAZEN FELLOWSHIP Emma Hope Broome, B. A., Mounl Holyoke College, I927: M. A. Bryn Mawr College, I932. Universily of Chicago, Lalin and Biblical Lileralure. THE JOSEPH A. SKINNER FELLOWSHIPS Belly Jane Allen, B.A., Mounl Holyoke College, I932. New York Universily, Hislory of Arl. Sarah May Cable, B.A., Goucher College, I932. Mounl Holyoke College, Ph sics. Sarah Elizabelh Chase, B. A., Mounl Holyoke College, l93O. Mounlr Holyoke College, Chemislry. Eleanor Ralhbone, B.A., Vassar College, I925. M. A., Radcliffe College, I928. Mounl Holyoke College, Hislory. THE PATRICK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR SOCIAL BETTERMENT Rulh Brewsler Olmslecl, B.A., Mounl Holyoke College, I932. Universily of Pennsylvania Summer School, Child Welfare. THE HELEN WIEAND COLE, I906, FELLOWSHIP Virginia Cushman, B.A., Mounl Holyoke College, l93O. The Sorbonne, Paris, French. THE MOUNT HOLYOKE-ECOLE LIBRE des SCIENCES POLITIOUES EXCHANGE FELLOWSHIP Virginia Phillips Mendenhall, B.A., Mounl' Holyoke College, I93I. Ecole Libre des Sciences Poliliques. Paris, Public Finance. THE ALUMNAE FELLOWSHIP Helen Farnham Tucker, B.A., Mounl Holyoke College, I923. M. A., Vassar Col- lege, I925. Massachusells lnslilule of Technology, Organic Chemislry. Mary Lyon Scholars of I932 BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH HIGH HONOR ELIZABETH BENNETT CLARK- - - RUTH CECILIA EISENHART - - DOROTHY MARIE HADLEY - - RUTH LAURA HOLADAY - - - VIOLA KATHERINE JORDAN - - FLORENCE BAILEY McKINLAY - - AMY LINTON MATHER ---- ELIZABETH CARRINGTON MAYO JOAN CRANNELL MORGAN - - MARGARET LAMBERT OSTRANDER NATALIE HICKS ROSS ---- FRANCES ANNA SCHWAB - - - RUTH KENNEDY SHAW - - MARTHA GANDY TOWN - One Hundred and Eighly-one English English Lileralure and Drama French Hislory and Polilical Science English Lileralure and Drama Hislory ancl Polilical Science Hislory and Polilical Science Chemislry Malhemalics Economics ancl Sociology Aslronomy Psychology Zoology Psychology WITH HONOR LOUISE FERGUSON ALBRECHT - MARIETTA MEIKLEJOHN BANKS - VELMA GRACE BATCHELDOR - - FRIEDA MIGNON BRYANT - - - JANET WILLIAMS CONGDON - MARION CORSON ----- MIRIAM IRIS CUNNINGHAM - - ELIZABETH JEAN DIX - - - ALICE ROBBINS DURYEA - - SUSAN HOKE EISENHART - - GLADYS BENTON ELMER - - - MARJORIE ELROSE GESNER - - BARBARA WOODWARD HUTSON HARRIET ELIZABETH KEMP - - - RUTH ELIZABETH KENNON - - - KATHERINE ELIZABETH LASCELLE PHYLLIS MILDREN LORIMER - - JANET BROKAW McAFEE - - - MARIE ISABELLA MCHENRY - - MARGARET ISABEL MEADER - - MABEL JANE POTTINGER - - RUTH OSBORNE PRATT - - ELEANORE MAY PRICE - - ALICE SEVERSON ----- BEATRICE YARDLEY SPICER - - JEAN LOUISE SYKES ----- ELIZABETH OLMSTED WARNER - Hisrory and PoIiIicaI Science EngIish Lairin Economics and SocioIogy Arr and Archeology Economics and Sociology Hisrory and PoIi+icaI Science Hisrory and PoIi+icaI Science English Li'rera+ure and Drama Hisrory and PoIi+icaI Science La+in Hisrory and PoIi+icaI Science EngIish Lerin English Lireraiure and Drama English Hisrory and PoIiIicaI Science Physiology English Psychology Psychology La'rin EngIish His+ory and PoIiIicaI Science EngIish Lirerarure and Drama PsychoIogy ZooIogy HONORS IN COURSE BETTY JANE ALLEN ----- DORIS LIPPINCOTT ASHE - - - MARGARET LOUISA BALLARD - DOROTHY EDWINA CLINGAN - GRETA AMELIA CORNELL - - - EDITH FYNETTE FISKE ---- ELIZABETH RAMSEY LOTZ - - - JANE DINSMORE McCARRELL - - RUTH BREWSTER OLMSTED - - - FRANCES BLAKESLEE ROOTS - - HELEN ELAINE SHEPARD - - - - MARTHA LEVERING SHERMAN - LUCILLE HARRIET SUTTON - - - MAJORY RODGERS WRIGHT - - Arr and ArcheoIogy Physics Economics and Sociology Hisrory and PoIi+icaI Science Arr and ArcheoIogy English I Geology ZooIogy Economics and SocioIogy Arr and Archeology Physics Arr and ArcheoIogy Spanish Asrronomy Sarah WiIIisI'on Scholars soPHoMoRE HONORS Lois Srark Adams Barbara GouId EIizabeIh HazeI Brockway Margarer Chrisiian Grigor Mae Fanny Ras+aII Evelyn Prowler Shoob Ehzaberh Sherwood Browne Cafherine EIizabe+h Hagadorn Margarer SIaI4er Mary Elizaberh Brunron Barbara VioIe+ Lord EIizabe+h Baker Smilrh CaroI CoIver Nina Elizaberh Mulcare Frances Rebecca Smiih Edfrh MacNaughIon Durhie Lucy Nichols Harriei' BIiss TaIboI Jean EngIe Helen Elizabelrh Peck Eleanor Marguerire TiI+on Margarer Srewarr Fiske Louise Snowden Porrer Lois Edna Warerhouse AInce Welles Goodrich Karherine Elizaberh Porringer Harrier Aylene Willard Margarer Quimby ,j,?.','4-ju I gf-,:. -,: ,: ..-1-3: .4 I r , . N I 2 '. 14,5 Q ' A A 1 G 1 , 'i' za I ' 1. ' ': : 1'- One Hundred and Eighry-Iwo .5 Prizes SARAH WILLISTON PRIZES - Awarded 'Io 'rhe five siudenls of highesl grade in lhe Class of I932 who ranked as Sarah Willislon Scholars in lheir sophomore year. Rulh Cecilia Eisenharf Joan Crannel Morgan Florence Bailey McKinlay Nalalie Hicks Ross Frances Anna Schwab THE SARAH WILLISTON PRIZE SCHOLARSHIP Florence Bailey McKinIay, I932 THE JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDIN6 LATIN SCHOLARSHIP Eleanor May Siegesmund, I933 THE JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN PRIZES Elizabelh Anderson, I935 Margarel Scoll Rochford, 1935 THE EDWARD WHITMAN CHAPIN SCHOLARSHIP Awarded for excellence in Biblical sludy Lydia Augusla Nichols, I93l THE ANNA C. EDWARDS PRIZE Awarded for excellence in debale Rufh Calherine Lawson, I933 THE SIGMA THETA CHI ALUMNAE POETRY PRIZE Awarded for lhe besl undergraduale poem of lhe year FIRST PRIZE SECOND PRIZE Louise Snowden Porfer, I934 Calherine Adelaide Swarlz, IQ34- THE KATHRYN IRENE GLASCOCK MEMORIAL POETRY PRIZE Mary Virginia Hamilfon, I933 THE FLORENCE PURINGTON PRIZE Eslablished by lhe Sigma Thela Chi Alumnae Awarded fo Ihe member of lhe class of I935 who showed The mosl salisfaclory developmenl and mainlained a high sfandard of scholarship during her freshman year. Elizabelh Anderson THE KATHRYN C. McFARLAND AWARD Given for excellence in crealive wriling Edith Fynelle Fiske, I932 Eleanor May Price, I932 Malilda Louise Reinhardl, I933 THE EDWIN R. A. SELIGMAN PRIZE Awarded for lhe besl essay on public finance Margarel Louisa Ballard, I932 THE MERRILL PRIZES Awarded To Ihe members of Ihe Freshmen class for progress in English Mildred Louise Billings Jean Haslings Frances Mary Parker Mary Woodard Vance Alice Neale Carler Margarel Louise Marelli Nancy Slaver Molly Whilehill Anne Wilder THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERCOLLEGIATE CURRENT EVENTS PRIZE Awarded for +he besl examinalion in current evenls passed by Mounr Holyoke srudenls FIRST PRIZE SECOND PRIZE Virginia Malilda Erns+, I933 Rurh Catherine Lawson, I933 SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN PRIZE Alice Hughes Carver, I934 COMMUNITY AND COMMUNITY-FORUM-INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS For The sludy of Inlernalional Relalions al lhe Sludenls Inlernalional Union, Geneva, summer, I932 Virginia Malilda Ernsl, I933 Rulh Calherine Lawson, I933 THE PAUL H. HUDSON PRIZE Awarded lo lhe member of +he freshman class who by vole of her classmales exhibiled during lhe year Ihe mosf oulslanding qualifies of helpful leadership i Caroline Harrison, I935 BIOLOGY CLUB SCHOLARSHIP Caroline Rool Lyman, I933 GENEVEIVE SCHMICH AWARD Viola Kalhekrine Jordan, I932 One Hundred and Eighfy-Ihree WINNER OF THE SARAH STREETER CUP Heian Lynch One Hundred and EIgHy-four R- , -..Q ,:.w9w,". :Q-,ji ' -, ,,. . , 1 W5,,.i::,Qy"fgx': ,gall I+ I 'R ,,h...,, n4f': '-' f-Zlfifewf BIacIcsI'icIc Presiderfr - JEAN ELAINE HOWE Secretary - - ELIZABETH W. SEAVER FACULTY MEMBERS ROBERTA T. SWARTZ CHALMERS CONSTANCE MEADNIS SAINTONGE KATHLEEN LYNCH ADA LAURA FONDA SNELL STUDENT MEM BERS ELIZABETH SEAVER, '33 ALICE CARVER, '34 MARJORIE HILL, '34 LOUISE PORTER, '34 CATHERINE SWARTZ, '34 RUTH COLTON, '35 MIRIAM HORN, '35 FRANCENIA BUDD, '33 MONA CUTLER, '33 M. VIRGINIA HAMILTON, '33 JEAN ELAINE HOWE, '33 NAOMI KITAY, '33 ELISABETH LUFBURROW, '33 MATHILDA REINHARDT, '33 Rear-HamIIIon, Budd Eronf-Lufburrow, Howe, Kifay, HIII One Hundred and EigIIIy-five , .Sami ' 5 y . ,MI f ,as an 5 19- if '- I' "FHL 'iff I-viva-W., Smilrh, Whifcomb, Lawson, MonI'ignani DeH'a Sigma Rho PresidenI - RUTH LAWSON Vice-Presidemk ---- - - ROSEMARY XNARDLE MARGARET WHITCOMB ELIZABETH MONTIGNANI ELIZABETH McENTEE FRANCES SMITH FACULTY MEMBERS KATHLEEN LYNCH GORDON CHALMERS SARA HOLMES N. ARNOLD TOLLES DeIIa Sigma Rho is a nafional honorary Iorensic sociefy. Membership is awarded Ihose who have parficipaied in an in+ercoIIeqiaIe debalre and who have compIeIed Jrhe Tirs+ semesfer of Iheir Junior year. II is Ihe cusjrom 'Tor Ihe Mounf Holyoke chapfer Io sponsor a banquef aI Ihe cIose of Ihe college debafing season, air which Iime are ini+ia'red Io membership Jrhose who have qualified during The college year. I ' is xiii:-'j. ' T "4 " One Hundred and EiQhIY-six Sigma TheTa Chi Alumnae PoeTry Prize EirsT Prize awarded To Louise PorTerg Second Prize To CaTherine SwarTz One Hundred and Tl-IE MISSIONARY TABLET To be TorgoTTen is a common Thing, A peaceTul Thing, noT irksome To The dead And noT To be TorgoTTen is To live, Ever and ever panTomiming all IT pleased liTe To perTorrn. BuT cruel iT is To mock remembrance wiTh a name alone Held hosTage To indiTTerenT Time, like words On buried pedesTals The plowshare breaks BeneaTh an ancienT TurT-The oxen go STreTching Their swerveless Turrow down The Tields. Oblivion published is a cruel Thing. Abigail Moore wenT ouT To India A cenTury ago, and Susan WaiTe To China, and Fidelia Fiske embarked For Persian ciTies, Trom SouTh Hadley Town. lSouTh Hadley Town, where TerTile seed was sown.l And all across The world, To desolaTe lands, And lands mosT desolaTe wih humaniTy, They Took Their sisTerhood, Trom norThern porTs Up The earTh's slope To sea-surrounded reefs, Down The earTh's curve To wave-embaTTled capes- To EgypT and Japan and Labrador, Hawaii, Turkey, and Colombia- Yearly They wenT, noT yearly To reTurn: And noT all To reTurn aT any Time. Abigail, Susan, and Fidelia Fiske, Hannah, and MarTha, why did you go-Tor love? New England has warm Tiresides, There were Triends Kind Tolk, and parenTs worThy oT your love, Whom you leTT lonely: TlouTing Too ThaT law Your moThers' moThers made, ThaT you should wed Some brown-haired Yankee boy you grew up wiTh, Well-schooled, clean-lived, To honor and obey, And love his children. There was love Tor you. Theresa, Laura, Fanny, Ursula, Mary ancl Ella, why Then did you go? There is no sTranger beauTy in The easT Than comes wiTh auTumn To SouTh Hadley Town, No more advenTurous ioy Than springTime here. EighTy-seven :la Why did you go, Theresa, Abigail? God knows! Had you noT TaiTh? He knew indeed Who senT you, why a Tire was in your hearTs, Burning Tor all The anguish oT mankind, A TorTure and a lighT, unTil you Took The cross upon your shoulders, and wenT ouT To weep and solace weeping, hunger and Teed Your Thousands by The sea, TorgeT your dreams And learn The TruTh oT God, and Tinally To die, worn ouT wiTh Tever or dispaTched WiTh one neaT Tlashing oT a Chinese sword- So dea+h was conquered, and you mighT come h BuT do noT come home To SouTh Hadley Town- No one's remembrance here will make you live: You builT your monumenTs ouTlasTing bronze So Tar away, and we have buT The bronze, Somber and high, wriTTen wiTh all your names- BuT no one reads Them To release your souls. Abigail, Susan, look ouT To The wesTg There are The hills whereTo Trom Burmese swamps You liTTed up your eyes. There is The snow, Folded no diTTerenTly abouT The pines. Look To The easT, Fidelia, see The sTreams Dishevelled on The hills-The waTerbrooks Your spiriT panTed Tor beyond Bagdad. Look norTh, look souTh-only never look down Red-lipped, This generaTion, and Tired-eyed, BeneaTh The bronze names claTTering Their heels, Shrilling Their laughTer keen wiTh wiT and sTing, Yawning Their langour born OT heady joys. None OT your daughTers These, The careless Tong To pray beside Their beds on winTer nighTs For sTrengTh and meekness and a worThy cross. They will sleep warm wiTh blankeTs To Their chins. BloT ouT The names, and leT The ghosTs go Tree, Sighing across The mounTains To Their graves, Where spiriTs resT, and Tear no TurTher change. One generaTion passeTh-leT iT pass Unhampered in iTs dying. We also, ATTer a cenTury, will Tind no place For phanToms in our children's home, Though we Should give our lives also Tor cornersTones. OYTIS. ued -LOUISE SNOWDEN PORTER '-. ..'-v.. -"-J:.1'7' -:S I' '-"-',':-- I-' . One Hun as ,T Eg. an wa-... . Q.-wt fgfgwg ivgefcgg 5' 'T Q T I in av ggi- F! Lx' 1' V'-'-T3 rs!!-' S 1.3512 i T . P If iff, gi. -if Ji: ', 1- 35- ri- tyw- sr V-T 21 5' T 21-'df 5 fr f 1 Q dred and EighTy eighT PCDRTRAIT OF TWO He was pairician in his iasies, and he infused his ac+ions wi'rh a nicely He 'fook care fha? his praise and condemnaiion Were filling from a genlleman of siaiion. And, lesi' his poise be ruffled, he acquired Veneer +ha'i was eicieciive-and admired. His friends were chosen wilh proprieiy, And he was proud oi +heir socieiy. Ye+ wi+h ihe uncou+h he could noi be spare: He purposely preserved a genial air For Them, and ihoughi himself safe from aHack. Bu'r +he plebians laughed behind his back. She +o whom he gave his love awhile Was no+ sufficienily deiached +o smile. She knew enough of meagerness lo fear ii, Took comiori in ihe richness oi his spiril, And 'rhoughi 'rhai one so noble in perieciion Would be pairician also in afieciion. And when she found 'rhai all his love was spenl' She said ihai she could never be conieni Wi+h scraps, 'rhough served upon a silver plaiier, And said-loo oiien-ihai ii dicln"r mailer. -CATHERINE A. SWARTZ One Hundred and Eighfy-nine ' WHAT SHALL POOR ROBIN DO O I can never find a grave Or banlshmenl enough remole For all Iheqlcisses 'rhal I gave, And all The burning words I wrole. Ivlomenlly 'rhey relurn 'ro meg A+ each The mind recoils and halls: O would I had nol been so free, Or Ihaf you had nol been so false. On warm and joyful wing These flew: They came baclc slarving winfer birds And now wha+ Is Ihere I can do Wlfh all my kisses and my words? THEN? CATHERINE A. SWARTZ ','-.H '-A.- . 'hs Q... ., ..q.., f, . g. -2- ,. pf, One Hundred and Ninefy J 3 Q QUHNIZEWUG SQ V In fc! 37, CI 3 'fCnvx1W5 Sepfember Ocfober Ocfober Ocfober Ocfober Ocfober November November November November December December January January January January February February February February March March March April April April April May May May May June June A::i2'..- J.: l'.Z .n A' CALENDAR FOR I932-33 Mounf Holyoke College Preachers Rev. Ralph W. Sockman, lvlefhodisf Episcopal Church, New York, N. Y. Rev. Reinhold Niebuhr, Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. Rev. James lvl. Howard, Morrisfown, N. J Rev. Jay T. Sfocking, Sf. Louis, Mo. Rev. Charles R. Brown, New Haven, Conn. Professor William Lyon Phelps, Yale Universify. Rev. Frederick K. Sfamm, Brooklyn, N. Y. Rev. John Timofhy Sfone, Presbyferian Theological School, Chicago, lll. Rev. Jesse G. Nichols, Soufh Hadley. Presidenf J. Edgar Park, Wheafon College. Bishop Francis J. McConnell, New York, N. Y. Rev. W. Russell Bowie, Grace Church Recfory, New York, N. Y Rev. J. V. Moldenhawer, Firsf Presbyferian Church, New York, N. Y Rev. Raymond Calkins, Firsf Church, Cambridge, Mass. Dr. Hugh Black, Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. Professor Harold E. B. Speighf, Darfmoufh College. Rev. Jesse G. Nichols, Soufh Hadley, Mass. Rev. Milo H. Safes, Dean, Cafhedral of Sainf John fhe Divine, New York, N. Y. Rev. Sidney Loveff, Divinify School, Yale Universify. Rev. Joseph H. Twichell, Williams College. Rev. William P. Schell, New York, N. Y. Presidenf Clarence Barbour, Brown Universify. Professor Henry P. Van Dusen, Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. Dr. Henry H. Tweedy, Divinify School, Yale Universify. Presidenf Robbins W. Barsfow, Harfford Seminary Foundafion. Mr. James T. Cleland, Amhersf College. Professor Julius S. Bixler, Smifh College. Rev. Gaius Glenn Afkins, Auwburn, N. Y. Presidenf Alberf W. Beaven, Colgafe-Rochesfer Divinify School Rochesfer, N. Y. Dr. Bernard l. Bell, Sainf Sfephen's College, Annandale-on-Hudson, N. Y. Rev. Roberf R. Wicks, Princefon Universify. Professor Rufus M. Jones, Haverford College. Rev. Arfhur Lee Kinsolving, Trinify Church, Bosfon, Mass. ' 3 f : 5 H E ' T -1,4 1, 1 5 ,,' . in NQgg.',., 11,5 f.,-.3 .. I One Hundred and Ninefy-'rwo Sepfember November February April Ocfober Ocfober Ocfober Ocfober Ocfober November November November November November November November November November November December December December December January January February 30 IO 24 2I I4 I8 22 25 3I 2 3 4 IO II I4 2I 22 27 28 2 5 7 I2 6 I 8 7 College Lecfures MARY TUTTLE BOURDON LECTURES The Disarmamenf Conference-Achievemenfs of fhe Firsf Session Presidenf Mary E. Woolley. The Measure of a Well Balanced Mind: Esfher L. Richards, M.D. Egypfian Wall-Decorafions: Caroline Ransom Williams. Some Aspecfs of Unemploymenfz Frances Perkins. OTI-I ER LECTU RES The Significance of Modern Painfing: Prof. Arfhur Pope. Q The Socialisl' Viewpoinf: Prof. Colsfon E. Warne. A Summer in 'Ihe Greek Islands: Miss Taylor. Buried Cifies in Bible Lands: Prof. I-Iussey. A Psychologisf Sfudies a Problem Girl: Assf. Prof. Swann. The Socialisf Plan: Ralph S. I-Iarlow. Effecf of Governmenf on Economics: Prof. Comsfock. Recreafions of a Scoffish Principal: Sir James Irvine. Anglo-Saxon England: Assf. Prof. Mill. Phases of Technological Unemploymenfz Prof. Sumner I-I. Slichfer. The Farmer and 'rhe Veferan in fhe Democrafic Campaign: Congressman William J. Granfield Mercanfilism in fhe Sevenfeenfh Cenfury: Mr. E. Lipson. Cifizens in fhe Making: Ada L. Comsfock, L.L.D. Disarmamenf: Dr. Clarence Liffle. The German Elecfion: Prof. Ellis. Ifaly Affer Ten Years of Fascism: Mr. Bailey. Case Work: Cora Kasins. The Work of fhe Bridgman Memorial, Soufh Africa: Mrs. Fredrick B. Bridgman. Vifamine C.: Dr. I-Iarrief Chick Forum Lecfure: A. Fenner Brockway. The Rise and Fall of Mr. Samuel Insullz Assf. Prof. Tolles. Edmond Rosfand and I-Iis Masfer Piece, "Cyrano de Bergerac": Clayfon I-Iamilfon. Melodrama and Ifs Meaning: Prof. Allardyce Nicoll. The New Tesfamenf Teaching of Reconciliafionz Dr. I-Ierberf Farmer. Sixfeenfh Cenfury England: Prof. Burgevin. Two Miles Down: Dr. William Beebe. One Hundred and Ninefy-fhree February February February March March Marcli Oclober Ociober November November January January February February March April April May May June Ociober Oclober Ociober Oclober November November November November November November November December December 111'-I - I2 I5 28 4 I4 2I 6-I2 29 5 I2 7 I4 I7 25 II 8 28 I3 I9 9-I2 IO I4-I5 I5 2I 6-2 I 6 7 IO I 6 27 3 5 -I7 I3-I5 -I9 EngIand's Old Capiial-Irs I-Iisrory and Carlwedralz A. J. Adams, CI1ielVerger oTWincI'1esIer CaI'I'1edraI. New Odysseys lor Old: Byron D. MacDonald. The Fuiure of Liberalism: Max Easlman. ls God a Person? Prof. Edgar Briglilman. Coun'r Rumiordz Mr. R. W. I-Iale Birilw Conlrol: Margarel' Sanger. Social EvenI's Presidenl Woolley a+ I-Iome Io Faculiy and Slalil. Junior Show. Llamarada Dance. Senior-Freshman Receplion. Sophomore-Senior Receplrion. Junior-Freshman Receplion. Senior Dance. Senior-Facully Receplion. Freshman-Senior Receplion. Facully Review. Junior Promenade. May Day. Spring Dance. Commencement Miscellaneous Evenfs Exlwibilion of Wafer Colors, by Miss A. R. I-Iuger Smiilig Elcbings by Mr. Oranr Reynard. Modern Ari Conference. Tennis Exliibiiion and Talk: Mrs. G. W. Wighlman. Concerl: Spiriluals by I-Iampion Ins+i+uIe Ouariei. Exliibirion of Painringsz Misses Treferlwan, I-Ierrick, and McAusIan. CRUMBS: Edirh Wynne MaI"rhison. ROMEO AND JULIET: Edirh Wynne Maillwison. Field Day. Clwrisiian Fundamenlals Series: Mr. Douglas Sleere. Playslwop Produciion: BRIDGES, by Viola Jordan, '32, and EPISODE, by Frances Lane, '33, TI-IE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET: Assi. Prof. I-Iolmes. Dramaiic Club Play: I-IEDDA GABLER, by I-Ienrilq Ibsen. MUCI-I ADO ABOUT NOTI-IING: Edirh Wynne Ma'r'rI1ison. ' :fm J, E, 14,3 : One Hundred and Ninely-'four S i f g a I , :.: 1 , .. ng L LLC' M 3' December 9 December I I December I2-I3 December I3 December I3-I4 December I4 January 7 January I2 January I6 January 2I February 6-I2 February I3-26 February I3 February I7 February I8 March 2 March 3 March 8-I I March I I March I3 March I8 March 20 April I5 April 25-27 May 5 May 20 November 9 December 8 February IO April 22 One Hundred and Nin Debare, Mounl Holyolce vs. Yale. Resolved: Thar The Unired Srales should enler imlo bilaleral agreemenls wilh olher nalions of The world 'For The horizonral reducrion of rarirfs. Chrislmas Carol Service. Miss Elizabelh Osborne 'l2, Dress Consulranrx Leclures and Slyle Shows. German Deparlmenl Chrislmas Play: Die heilige Nachr, Eins deulches Krippenspiel, Deursche Weinachrs lieder. A Mummer's Play and Ben Johnson's Masque of Chrislmas: English Lireralure and Drama I35. Pageant WHY THE CHIMES RANG. Exhibirion of Painlings from a Privale Colleclion. Scenes from FAUST presenred by Depr. of English Lilerarure and Drama. A MID-SUMMER NlGHT'S DREAM: Edirh Wynne Ma'H'hison. Amhersl Glee Club Concerr and Dance Exhibilion of Painrings from a Privale Colleclion. Loan Exhibifion of Japanese Prinls. Marina S'I'ory from PERICLES: Edirh Wynne Malrhison. Debale, Mounr Holyoke vs. Princeron. Resolved: Thar democracy is an oulworn form of government The Jil'ney Players: A TRIP To SCARBOROUGH, by Richard Sheridan. Dance Reci'ral: PERSEPHONE, A DANCE DRAMA. Freshman Plays: THE NO-COUNT BOY, and THE REI-IEARSAL. Scholarship Days. Dramalic Club: DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY, by Alberlo Casella. Comperifive Sing. Physical Educalion Deparlmenl' Demonsrralionz Olympics. lnrercollegiare Debare, Mounl Holyoke vs. Brown: Resolved: Thai' modern adverlising is derrimenlal +o 'rhe besl' inI'eres'rs of The American people. HAMLET: Edirh Wynne Mallhison. Srudenr Scienrific Conference. Playshop Producrionsz THE YOUNG OUTLAW, by Mary Boylan '35, and THE HOST, by Dorolhy Merriman '32. Poelry Prize Reading. Field Day. The C-oncerl' Course Roclc Ferris, Pianisl. Derroir Symphony Orcheslra. Cleveland Symphony Orcheslra. Glee Club Concerl assisled by Amhersl. ery-five Represenfafive Moun'I' Holyoke Communify Delegafe, Eive College Conference - JANET BREWSTER lnfernafional Relafions Scholarship for I932 - Nafional Sfudenf Eeclerafion of America - JANET BREWSTER Y. W. C. A. Delegafe, Junior Monfh - - CAROL MICHEL Sfudenf Scienfific Conference Held on April I5, I933, af Wesleyan Universify, Middlefon, fhe conference drew delegafes from fen colleges in fhe Connecficuf valley: Amhersf, Connecficuf, Connecficuf Sfafe, Darfmoufh, Mounf Holyoke, Massachuseffs Sfafe, Smifh, Springfield, Trinify, and Wesleyan. Research reporfs, demonsfrafions, and exhibifs were sef up in fhe deparfmenfs of Asfronomy, Bofany Chemisfry, Geology and Geography, Mafhemafics, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, and Zoology. MOUNT HOLYOKE REPRESENTATIVES Adviser - - ' - Miss A. E. ADAMS Graduafe Sfudenf - - JOSEPHINE McINTlRE General Chairman - MARY CALWELL COMMITTEE Cl-lAlRMEN Program - ------- - LOlS MAY Finance - SARAH MYERS Publicify - - DOROTHY WINANS DEPARTMENT Cl-IAIRMEN . Asfronomy-Margaref Whifcomb Mafhemafics-Sarah Myers Bofany-Anne Piff Physics-Barbara Gould Chemisfry-Olga Allers Physiology-Carol Lyman Geology and Geography-Cornelia Murray Psychology-Kay Winsor Zoology-Mary Sfephen rg 117-'J r.i.,',g-I' ' Z- .Q ,. 1 .e ..-2-2 3 - ,, .g'5.- .. L ' . .I , xi Vg D: .Q Sli? E ii il E il E in P H 1.9, .- 4 .' 4 f' . .. , .. , 1 -, .-I , , One Hundred and Ninefy-six COMMUNITY COMMUNITY OFFICERS l932-33 President Mary E. Woolley: Chairman, Janel Brewsler: Vlce-Chairman, Dorolhy Phelan: Secrelary Charlolle Main: Treasurer, Kalherine I-lowell: Song Leader, Helen Wellman: Fire Chief, Josephine Files D CONFERENCE COMMITTEE Chairman, Jane? Brewsler: Mlss Woolley, Miss Cheek, Miss Comsloclc, Miss Diefrich, Eleanor Adams Francenia Budd, Jean I-Iaslings, Dorolhy Phelan, Janel Wilder One Hundred and Ninely-seven ?' ii tp SE. 'SE' fi , ,i-iii 53,-uf JUDICIAL BOARD Chairman, Jane? Wilder: Miss Snell, Miss Farnsworlh, Mary Albrecht Barbara Benson, Winiired Evans, Nina Mulcare NOMINATING COMMITTEE Chairman, Jane? Brewsierg Miss Sherrill, Barbara Barnes, Muriel Farnum, Naomi Hall Q -f,, ie'-53-,GA f, -W 3,113--, - One Hundred and Ninery-eight K J? V 13,15 ..k i I' ,f K, A H 1 W. L , V, ,, f. x.--. , .5- -' ..- . iff. . . ,,.f .. . .1-. Represenlalive Council PRESIDING OFFICER - - Janel Brewsier MEMBERS BRIGHAM: Eleanor Hancock, Luella Norih, Marian While, Kalherine S'rone. MEAD: Marie Hall, Elizabelh Sioner, Mary Alice Harlwell, Rachel Reynolds, Margarel Beal, Barbara Hewleif. NORTH MANDELLE: Elizabefh Rich, Hilda DeCamp, Rosamond Lockwood, Jean Engle, Geraldine Dennison. SOUTH MANDELLE: Lois May, Virginia Golf, Rulh Chase, Conslance Babcock, Jane Lesler. PEARSONS: Esiher Richardson, Jean Howe, Elizabeih Arnold, Carolyn Harrison, Doris Zimmerman, Elizabelh Hooker. PORTER: Marjorie Mor'ron, Phoebe Benedict Helen Benedict Ne'r'rie Haywood, Alia Walker. NORTH ROCKEFELLER: Cecil Hodgman, Dorofhy Black, Margarel Slaker, Mar- guerile Hurrey. SOUTH ROCKEFELLER: Isabel Lewin, Helen Singleron, Margarei Mack, Harrier Williams. WILDER: Mary Louise Piper, Jean Brodie, Rosemary Perfield, Hilda Farmer, Louise Wyman. SAFFORD: Mary-Jean Beaven, Ruih Pier, Lona Bills, Florence Murray. BYRON SMITH AND HITCHCOCK: Helen Wellman, Dorolhy Bishop, Alice Goodrich, Jean Haslings. BRIDGMAN: Carolyn Barney, Marion Brown. SYCAMORES: Lois Benedicl, Rulh Colion. COWLES: Beafrice Moore, Margarei Rochford. PEARSONS ANNEX: Mary Schreiber, Jane Palon. REBECCA SMITH: Drue Maiihews, Mildred Billings. WOODBRIDGE: Frances Parker, Frances Scudder. MOUNTAIN VIEW: Esiher Thomson, Burnell Shinn. FACULTY Miss Claylon, Miss Howard, Miss Shipman. STAFF Miss Alderman, Miss Lauder. COMMUNITY OFFICERS Janer Brewsfer, Jane? Wilder, Dorolhy Phelan. One Hundred and Ninely-nine REAR: Farley, Eaellw, Beaven, Phelan, Evans FRONT: Smi'rI1, Terrell, Calwell, I-Iagadorn Young Women's Chris+ian Associa+ion Presiolenr - - Vice-Presidenr Secrera ry - Treasurer - Campus Service Exiension - Program - Puloliciry - Social Service - Social - - Srudenlr Inclusrrial World Fellowship - Worship - - - Communiry Represenrarive General Secrerary - - 2'1" 1' 1-I:.f.. 5, ' L ,I I -. Lf. ,E - ff: ez 1. I Q. ff , 1 .-'. T ': -:fi CABINET MARY CALWELI. - JEANNE TERRELL - MURIEL I-IELLWIG CATHERINE I-IAGADORN - - MARIE FARLEY MARGARET WI-IITCOMB - MADELINE EAETI-I - MOLLY WI-IITEI-IILI. MARY-JEAN BEAVEN - WINIFRED EVANS KATI-IERINE SMITI-I - BETTY B. BROWN - FRANCES BLACK - DOROTI-IY PI-IELAN MARION I-I. BARBOUR Two Hundred SILVER BAY STUDENT CONFERENCE BAIRD, KATHERINE BEACH, FRANCES BENSON, BARBARA BREWSTER, JANET CHEN, CHI YI DEDRICK, MARTHA DODGE, VIRGINIA GATES, POLLY HALL, RUTH HASTINGS, JEAN LORD, BARBARA LYON, MARY MAIN, CHARLOTTE MICHEL, CAROL NELLIS, MARIE RICH, ELIZABETH STEPHEN, MARY VOIGHT, AILEEN WARE, ELINOR WHITE, JULIA THE SiIver Bay Sfudenf Conference is a Y. W. Conference held on Lake George for a week every surnrner-usuaIIy fhe Iasf week in June. To fhis conference deIega'res from aII fhe wornen's coIIeges in fhe easf are senf. Lasf year's delegafion from Mounf Holyoke included fwenfy sfudenfs. The program af Silver Bay is made up of religious, social, and afhIefic acfivifies. Courses on social and religious quesfions are offered wifh various religious Ieaders and coIIege professors, and each delegafe is expecfed fo choose fwo quesfions which she wishes parficuIarIy fo sfudy. Classes are held in fhe morning, fhe affernoons are Ieff free for recreafion, and each nighf fhere is a social funcfion of some sorf-The com- pefifive sing being fhe mosf irnporfanf affair of fhe week. If is inferesfing fo nofe fhaf Iasf year Mounf HoIyoke won fhe compefifive sing by a unanimous vofe of fhe judges. On fhe Iasf nighf af SiIver Bay, a candlelighf service is heIcI, bringing fo a fiffing close fhe week of inspirafionaI Iiving. Two Hundred and One I 'r Y Zli-W 12 ' REAR: Oressirl, Owl, Scliaflner, Papona, M. A. Miller, Doroslievslcy, Duboin. lil' .M t .1-.,-,',z.,w.. f ' FRONT: Muni, I-laigazn, Ricl'1l'er, I. L. Miller, Jingoezian, Dunbar. Cosmopolitan Club Presiden+ --------- IRENE RICI-ITER Secrelrary - - IDA LOUISE MILLER Treasurer - - - TI-IEODOSIA PI-IELPS Bar+Ie++, Agnes - - Japan Miller, Marianne ------ China Dorlcen, Rullw - - Germany Muni, Dorollwy - - - Philippine Islands Doroslievslcy, Irene Belgium Noss, Barbara - ----- Japan Duboin, I-lugueile - - - France Noss, Virginia - - - - Japan Dunbar, Onolee - Canada Owl, Cliarloile - - U. S. A. Faeib, Madeline U. S. A. Pl1elps,Tlneodosia - - Japan Soil, Virginia - - - Eslonia Popova, Mara Slianova - - Bulgaria Gressifr, Felicia - - Japan Ouisenberry, Marrlia ---- U.S.A. I-laigazn, I-Iaigoulrii - Turkey Riclfrer, Irene - - - - Hungary Jingoezian, Adrien - Turlqey Royce, Eva - France Lawson, Rulli - - - U. S. A. Saplwir, Anna - Panama Lee, Laura - - U. S. A. Scl1aFfner, Marion - - U. S. A. Miller, Ida Louise U. S. A. Ward, Eleanor ------ Syria Two Hundred and Two 251- gs ,il "fi HA ex.,-,..,,,., .. -., . .U rug- - . 2'iZE.j3C3f.-12'-S1.-:'gf2'.-'F fx., -. .- .- .1 Q if -pi' X.: '.. 1.'fU'ii 1'-?1'.'e ' 'J' 1:23-'ii I! '-: 'H Q f"'?i"1T '01 Q S52 I fwfr, .i .. gg.,--.1 ,,...,.f,. ff- . , Q A. '. '. E. -.'?','14'::l' Qaff . P .f . ,ff I x . g fr. . 's-ni--,fir '..' 'Q .hx 1' QW 1 ..m,f,:W , ',, ff- i,f,,2-.-di -wA:.1',g,- . . am. 1. i A . ..L - ..,, , .. -. .. 5, up gi if WP Bi J A W Fw Debafing SocieI'y Preskienr - A MARGARET VVI-IITCOIVIB VIceARresEdenI and Treasurer - ROSEMARY WARDLE Secrefary - - BETTY IVIONTIGNANI GI1aIrrnan of Direcfories JANE GOTTERIED MILDRED BILLINGS CAROLYN I-IARRISON BETTY BROCKWAY BETSY IVIAYER DORIS CRITCI-IETT BETTY IVIONTIGNANI VIRGINIA ERNST FRANCES SMITI-I VALERIE GARCYNSKI ROSEIVIARY WARDLE JANE GOTTERIED MARGARET WI-IITCCDMB AS a member of The EasIern Inier-CoIIegieIe Debafe League, The IVIounI' IEIoIyoIce Debafinq Soc:IeIy parIicIpaIecI In IIwree Triangular deI3aIesAwiI'I1 AmIwers'r, Brown, LaIayeI+e, UnIversIIy oI RennsyIvania, PrInceIon, and Yale. TI'Iree of II'1ese were vIcIories. A more informal debafe was I'1eId WIIII BaIes, and severaI in+er-dass rnaIcI'1es, using +I'1e DarIrnouI'Iu plan, proved very InIeresIinq. I-Iarrison, WI1IIcomb, IvIonI'IgnanI, Mayer Two I-Iundred and TI'uree Presiclenl' - Vice-Presiclenl' - Secrela ry - Treasurer - Presiclenl - Secrela ry - Treasurer Bolany ' ' ANNE PITT Facully Advisor - Presiclenl' - Vice-Presidenl - Secrelary - Treasurer - Facully Aclvisor Presidenf - Se-crela ry-Treasu rer Presiclenl - - Vice-Presiclenl' - Secrela ry-Treasurer Presiclenl' - Vice-Presiclenr - Secrela ry - ' Treasurer - " , Publicily il.-I..:,. I !n."'.- ,. 1...-..'.!.':-f.f - ' '. - I,-L,fv1rg,.'-,-,g .- Av h Depar'rmen+ Clubs Biblical Club Biology Club EXECUTIVE BOARD Physiology - - ETH ELWYN BARTLETT - - SYLVIA SMYTH ALICE CROTHERS - JEAN FULLARTON - CAROLINE LYMAN KATHLEEN DOOLITTLE - - - - ELSIE WARD Zoology -LOUISE REEDER MARY ALICE HARTWELL Chemislry Club Classical Club French Club Psychology Club 1 E 1 . I - I 1 I . - , rg: fy, . -, Q , ' , -, .. In fi. 'f. cfq.. -, n-f . 3. -f 1? ,H . ,. 2 ... . - - MISS MORGAN - OLGA ALLERS - MARGARET SEIKEL - ANNE CROSBY - MARY DUNLAP - MISS CARR - EDITH FARR - DOROTHY PRIEST ROSAMOND LOCKWOOD - - VIRGINIA HUNT - ALICE CRITCHETT - DOROTHY BLACK - MARGARET TAYLOR - - ETHEL BROWN ALICE H. LANGWORTHY - MARION BALDWIN Two Hundred and Four Presiderw - VIce-RresIdenI Secre+a ry Treasurer Dramaics Programs RroperIies CosIumes Scenery - I.IgIwIInq - FUBLICITY Dramafic Club - CATHERINE STONE - ISABEI. ROBINSON ANNE SHUMBERGER CHAIRMEN OE COMMITTEES JEAN HOWE - A - - - - - - - RUTH HARVEY - M. LOUISE PIPER - ELIZABETH BROWN JESSIE BARTHOLOMEW BETTY ADEY - FRANCES BEACH JEAN HUMPHREY REAR: Adey, PIper, Howe, BerIIwoIcrnew FRONT: Roblmsom, SIorwe, Humphrey, Shumberqer we T,-.2 Hunercfn are F Alden, Erances Allen, Ardis Brewsler, Janel Brillinger, Virginia Burrows, l-lelen Bills, Lona Burl, Barbara Chasey, Rulh Clark, Belly Colver, Carol Conanl, Suzanne Core, Janel Crane, Mary Dauchy, Rulh Dodge, Kalharine Durgin, Alice Engle, Jean Erickson, Jane Ernsl, Virginia Furnside, Doris Gales, Pauline MEMBERS Gillelan, Adelaide Gould, Barbara Grigor, Margarel l-lamillon, Virginia l-lancock, Eleanor l-larvey, Rulh l-leames, Elizabelh l-lenrich, Elizabelh Jump, Cynlhia Kelcham, Jean Kilay, Naomi Lane, Frances Lockwood, Rosa mond Lord, Barbara Lynch, Helen Lyon, Mary Mallhews, Drue May, Lois Morgan, Marjorie Palm, Sally Parker, Charlolle Peck, Belly Pollinger, Kalherine Rauch, Dorolhy Raymond, Louise Sands, Kalherine Shinn, Burnell Smylhe, Sylvia Slamm, Janel Sleck, Susan Sloner, Elizabelh Talro, Helen Timm, Rulh Thomson, Eslher Thrall, Barbara Turner, Margarel Ward, Elsie Warren, Barbara Walls, Elizabelh Webb, Mary While, Belly Whilehill, Molly Winans, Dorolhy THE organizalion ol Dramalic Club provides lor eligibilily lo membership only lhrough praclical experience in some branch ol dramalic work. The club has been especially aclive lhis year, lor il has produced lhree lull-lenglh plays, a pageanl, an evening ol lreshman plays, and has sponsored a number ol speakers and readings. ll has been lhe desire ol lhe members lo choose plays worlhy ol ils besl ellorls, and lhe seleclions have been lrom lhe varied realms ol lragedy, lanlasie, and comedy. The choices have been ol clillicull plays, and lhe response ol bolh aclors and lechnical workers has been one which has resulled in a mosl successlul year. fj3g',f.'.f fflj- ..f-r -.-tri: : Y I ' .' - : E . 2. -L. M : .5, Two Hundred and Six H t, F, A, 1 YH, -, WF 3-.-',,a:4N'U -.F i I f 'TNF ' uf sgv' I-J, .-,. Plays of 'rhe Year HEDDA GABLER by HENRIK IBSEN December 3, I932 Direclor-MR. CURTIS CANEIELD, Amhersl College George Tesman - - JANE HOWELL Hedda Tesman, his wife - DORIS EURNSIDE Miss Juliana Tesman, his aunl - - CYNTHIA JUMP Mrs. Elvsled ---- - RUTH DAUCHY Judge Brack - - - JEAN HOWE Eilerl Lovborq - - - - CATHERINE STONE Berla, The Tesrnans' servanl - KATHERINE SANDS Two Hundred and Seven 3525 4.1 I' v, 1255 Xi. DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY by ALBERTA CASELLA March II and June 9, I933 Direclor-MRS. JOSEPHINE E. HOLMES, Ivlounl Holyoke College Cora - Fedele - - Dulce Larnberl Alda - - - Duchess Sleplwanie Princess ol San Luca Baron Cesarea - - Rhoda Eenron - Eric Eenlon Corrado - - - - - Grazia ---------- His Serene Highness, Prince Sirlqi, of Vilalloa Alexanolri Z 2 . o 1 3- 33 CD 3 CD O! 0. . . . . . . . 2"'il-' wx---1' - , fr -.13 51 .V 5- .1 . O H .' 3 N 5+ I 3 ff' . I . E . ...,4 . .. I. F , :.., Q nfu,z,5-1' A rv, 1- -rr' wi,-1 7 15+ fisvffv. f-2,-.Pk 1k".1i kv ' . rx, -ngfr. 4: ',.ga,f'.-,f'w- gs .4 I I -' 1' -' ' wal. -. '51 .-I-fi--'.1,,.i..,.4 . if., 'wx .i.,g,I'.. ,, Lk ..r'l,w,2,.' 'wf.gI.n,i-.,.w,, -,,fA.f- .- W t, L, -f fam, 'lime gj1u?2f'.,:wi5'ff'.,-z''ff " an 'li ,ggfg---Q -4-, X. f.. In - wj-ie, ,. :eau gg 4,241-.-5 . QL :,. 51.-jf3f,-,f,, N,f,.f,.:91i ,433 ,, .1 CORNELIA NEWTON - EDITH RAMSTAD ISABEL ROBINSON - DORIS EURNSIDE - - JEANE ENGLE VIRGINIA BRILLINGER CHARLOTTE PARKER - MARION CUTLER - - LONA BILLS BEATRICE STONINGTON - CATHERINE STONE ANNE SHUIVIBEROER - lvl. JANE HOWELL Two Hundred and Eiqlvl FACULTY REVIEW APRIL 8, 1933 Presenled by lhe Facull for 'rhe Benelli' of 'I'he Scholarship Fund MOUNT HOLYOKE MILESTONES I872-I873 BY ALZADA COMSTOCK Miss Phillorook Miss Penney - Miss Brainerd - Miss Sweel - Fanny Whealon Hiram Whealon Addie Hamillon Daniel Hamillon Lucinda Bradford James Bradford Mrs. Ward - Sarah Wa rd - Miss Hopkins Miss Simpson - Scholars al 'rhe Seminary - CHORUS - - TOY SYMPHONY Allegro - - AMY HEWES - ELLEN B. TALBOT - JESSIE M. TATLOCK - BERTHA M. BLAKELY C. MAUD H. LYNCH - JOHN M. WARBEKE - HELEN E. PATCH - SAMUEL P. HAYES - ELLEN D. ELLIS - - ASA KINNEY - MARY E. WOOLLEY CHRISTIANNA SMITH - - EMMA P. CARR - CAROLINE B. GREENE FLORENCE W. FOSS DOROTHY FOSTER CHARLOTTE HAYWOOD ANN H. MORGAN - - - THE HOUSE SUPERINTENDENTS - - - - - - - - - HAYDN Minuello Finale Direclor--MARTHA FINCKE RATTLES-Ber+ha E. Blakely, Palfie J. Groves, Maybelle Hinlon, Kalhryn F. Slein. TRUMPETS-Rulh Douglass, Alice W. Mills, Harriel' Newhall, Abby H. Turner, Helen P. Wheeler. CUCKOOS-Amy E. Adams, Grace M. Bacon, Louise A. Dressel, Helen Griffilh, Louisa S. Slevenson. TRIANGLES-Marianne Brock, Mildred S. Howard, Ella S. Dickinson, Anna J. Mill, Sluarl M. Sloke. OUAILS-Marion E. Blake, Leslie G. Burgevin, Helen Hazen, Dorolhy Richardson, Clara B. Tillinghasl. NIGHTINGALES-David E. Adams, Isabel Carver, Kalhro Kidwell, Marion M. Randall, Harriel F. Whicher. DRUMS-Gerlrude V. Bruyn, Charlolle D'EveIyn, Josephine Fisher, Florence W. Foss, Doris E. Hulchinson. VIOLINS-Sara Alderman, James E. Carver, Roberla T. S. Chalmers, Dorolhy Doolillle, Elizabelh Skinner, MiII'on S. Aronson. CELLO-Samuel P. Hayes. FLUTE-Rogers Rusk. PIANIST-Viva Faye Richardson. PERSEPHONE AND PROSERPINE, OR THE LEGEND OF THE LAND Two Persephone ------ CONSTANCE M. SAINTONGE Proserpine --------- MARIE HEGHINIAN Demeler - -------- HILDE K. HELD Plulo ---------- PAUL F. SAINTONGE MAIDENS-Florence Clemenl, Elhel B. Dielrich, Elizabelh S. Doane, Helena M. Gamer, Erika M. Meyer, Elizabelh Skinner. PLOUGHMEN-Frank E. Bailey, James E. Carver, Gordon K. Chalmers, Philip E. Henderson, Conrad F. Taeuber, N. Arnold Tolles. WOMEN IN THE FIELDS-Elise Avery, Blanche E. Brolherlon, Elizabelh Cohen, Mary E. Cooley, Dorolhy P. Day, Mary C. J. Higley. Hundred and Nine PLAYSHOP LABORATORY PLAYS Direcior-JEANNETTE MARKS V Aciing Direcior-DEAN N. CURRIE November I7, I8, I9, I932 BRIDGES by Viola Jordan BRIDGE ONE Jediah - MARGARET MACK Nehemiah - KATHERINE SANDS ZeI+hai ----- - CATHERINE KRAUSE Hadassah ------ - IONE NICHOLSON Moiher of ZeIIhai and Hadassah ------ JEAN ENGLE Women Who EiII Their Jugs ai 'rhe WeII: ELIZABETH ARNOLD, MARGARET McKAY BURGEVIN, LILLIAN CRAIGIE, GERTRUDE PARK, DOROTHY PRIEST, KATHERINE SMITH. BRIDGE TWO Lee Andrews - - EVELYN WALLACE Rhea S+raus - DORIS FURNSIDE Mrs. SI'raus - - - LOUISE RAYMOND David SI'raus - - - YVONNE ROGERS Docior Bashlow Eaciory Men and Women: ELIZABETH ADEY, BARBARA BENSON, ELIZABETH BLODGETT, MARY BOYLAN, CLARA BURR, JEANNE CAVIN, HELEN DURGIN, KATHARINE MILLER, IONE NICHOLSON, LOUISE PIPER, EDITH RAMSTAD, JEANNE TERRELL, LUCY TEWKSBURY, ELEANOR TILTON. EPISODE by Frances Lane Old Peie - - - MARY BOYLAN Mike - - A - EDITH RAMSTAD Tom - - ELIZABETH BLODGETT Bill - - - ANNA SAPHIR Rosie - - - MARY CRANE Mr. Drew - - MARGARET MACK Jake - - CATHERINE STONE S+ephanie Kenyon MARION CUTLER Curiiss Riichie - - FRANCES LANE Mr. David RiI'chie - - JANET STAMM 3... V'-"'-ff.:-j.'1 :Al , . - Two Hundred and Ten May Day Pageanl' MAY l4, l932 THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN Adapled from 'rhe Poem by Roberl Browning Scenario by Jane R. Heller Frau Mildherz Lame Hans Elsa - - Old Joseph - Kunz Memling - Ber+a - Kurl - - Dirlc - Peler - The Paslor - The Burgomasler - - - Marie, a maid of lhe caslle - - The Pied Piper - - - A Serving Maid - Boy Herald - Old 'Man Herald Princess Rose-Linde, lhe May Queen ---- CHAIRMEN OE THE COMMITTE Chairman of Pageanl ------- Business Manager - Coslumes - - Properlies - Scenery Programs Publicily Ticlcels Two Hundred and Eleven BRENDA BARFORD - ARDIS ALLEN MILDRED BILLINGS - GRETCHEN PALM - JULIET FISHER HELEN WELLMAN DOROTHY WAGNER - PHYLLIS HOUSER - MARGARET FISKE - EUNICE RUSSELL ELIZABETH WESTON ELIZABETH P. CLARKE ANNE SHUMBERGER HELAINE MATILE - RUTH CHASEY - NINA MULCARE ELISABETH PARSONS ES - VIOLA JORDAN - - JEAN HOWE JESSIE BARTHOLOMEW ETHEL HOUGHTON - PAMELIA JACOBS - RUTH HARVEY MARJORIE THOMPSON HELEN TATRO S33 l THE STORY OF THE PAGEANT HE sTory oT The colorTul Pied Piper is a charming one, and iTs dramaTizaTion Tor a May Day pageanT was no less charming. The seTTing, The dancing, and The panTo- mime combined To give a perTecT perTormance, remarkable in iTs grace and beauTy. The liTTle Town OT Hamelin is over-run wiTh raTs-"brown raTs, black raTs, gray raTs, Tawny raTs"-who are everywhere under TooT-in The marlceT place, in The houses, even in The church, gnawing busily and very desTrucTively. The Council is in despair: noThing will rid Their preTTy Town oT The raTs. AT The heighT oT The anxieTy The Pied Piper, a picTuresque Tigure in his long cloak and large haT, enTers The Town. LiTTle Lame Hans alone is in The marlceT place, Trying To guard iT Trom The raTs, Tor The oThers have gone To inspecT The ruins oT The prized church TapesTry, Torn To shreds by The vermin. The Piper blows Three noTes upon his pipe, and The raTs lie TlaT on Their baclcs. Hans is asTonished and is eager To Try The pipe himselT and Thus geT rid oT The raTs. The Piper leTs him Try The pipe, buT Hans can make no sound upon iT. The Piper Tells him ThaT The power oT The pipe lies noT in Trying To play iT, buT in wishing The desired wish. :'f1".'-Q9,,JjAT,,1A4i Ij5.jA,.-,-- . 1-Q3 QQ .. 5 5 Z,-if :N 1 Two Hundred and Twelve T 1 : ' f f 1. . f 1' r , ' ' . ' '-1 5' T.. ' 'ii I ' 1. .: Ix I --' 1-1 - -A '. -. . '-- - . :Z To The reTurned Council The Piper Tells oT his power To charm The raTs, and eagerly They accepT his bargain To perTorm The miracle Tor The sum oT a Thousand gilders. The Piper liTTs his pipe, and Trom every corner oT The Town come The raTs. Tumbling over Themselves in Their eagerness To Tollow him down To The River Weser, where They disappear. GreaT is The reioicing in The Town, and The Piper and his Thousand gilders are Tor- goTTen. When he demands paymenT, They pay no aTTenTion. He again liTTs his pipe, and This Time iT is The children who Tollow him. Through The opening in The rock behind The Town They Troop happily-all buT LiTTle Lame Hans, who cannoT keep up wiTh Them. He is leTT behind wiTh his Dreams. The Town is in an uproar again, a very diTTerenT one. All The messengers, senT in search oT The Piper and The children, come back wiThouT Tinding a Trace oT Them. The LiTTle Hans Tells OT a dream in which he has seen a beauTiTul Princess wiTh The Piper's silver pipe in her possession. The lasT messenger is senT in search oT This beauTiTul Princess. He reTurns To Tell The Townspeople ThaT she is coming To Hamelin herselT, bringing The pipe wiTh her. The Princess, arrives. followed by her courT oT lovely maidens. She presenTs The pipe To The Council, buT no one in The Town knows how To play iT To call The children back. They Try, one aTTer anoTher, buT all in vain. Then LiTTle Hans begs To be allowed To Try, Tor he remembers The words oT his Triend The Piper-ThaT iT is The wish ThaT counTs. As he puTs The pipe To his lips and brings TorTh a ripple oT silvery noTes. The greaT door oT The rock swings slowly open, and The children rush TorTh To Their moThers' arms. Hans waTches The children, and Then, smiling, Turns To his Triend The Piper, sTanding in The doorway. WiTh one lasT glance aT The liTTle markeT place oT Hamelin, he passes Through The rocky door. and Takes his place aT The Piper's side. Two Hundred and ThirTeen MAY QUEEN Elisabefh Parsons, '32 1 " Two Hundred and Fourfeen Forum Chairman MADELINE FAETI-I Secrerary - MARGARET QUIMBY Treasurer ....-- - NORMA SEELER Chairman of Commiiiee on Currenr I:ven+s - - ALICE CARVEI2 Chairman of Membership and Publiciiy - - - ELIZABETH MAYER Assisrani Chairman of Membership and Publiciiy - - MARGUERITE I-IURREY Lecrure Commirlree ------ - sg Faculiy Adviser MISS AMY I-IEWES FORUMS mock Presidenrial campaign, held in rrue polirical s+yIe, cuImina+ed in a srraw vo+e in which +he RepubIicans and Socialisrs ournumbered Jrhe Democra+s by a wide margin. Irs lecrure series brouqhr io Jrhe plafrorm an inrernarional Iiquor sympo- sium, and such speakers as A. Fenner Brockway, oi rhe lndependeni Labor Parry of Grear Briiain, Max Easrman, poelr and psychologist and Margare+ Sanger, exponenr of birih conrroi. Quimby, Faeih, Criicheri, Carver Two Hundred and Fiireen Mayer, Ernsf, Lawson, Earnum In'I'ernaI'ionaI ReIaI'ions CIub PresIdenI - - RUTI-I C. LAWSON Secrerary-Treasurer - IVIURIEL EARNUM EacuI+y Adviser - PROFESSOR ELLIS EXECUTIVE BOARD VIRGINIA ERNST LOUISE PORTER BETSY MAYER GRGANIZED for an unbiased sfudy of In+ernaHonaI relalrions, Jrhe In+erna+ionaI Relarions CIub devofes a cer+ain number of Hs bi-mon+hIy meehngs Io currenr evenrs in The in+erna+ionaI field and Ihe res? of Ihe year +o preparalrion for Ihe New England Model League of Narions in which Mounlr I-IoIyoIce has always pIayed a major role. Srudenf parficiparion and generaI discussion characrerize 'rhe meefings, wi+h an occasional ourside speaker. For Ihe year I932-I933 Jrhe club numbered 225 members. :. , ' - Two I-Iundred and Sixreer 5 Peace Club - MONA CUTLER Presideni' - Secrelary-Treasurer - JANE GOTTFRIED Publiciiy Chairman - MARGARET CHASE AREORGANIZATION of lhe Green lnlernalional, Peace Club in ils firsl year has been decidedly aciive. ll has sponsored leciures and movies in +he cause of peace. and has 'iur+hered i+s worlc by disiribuiing poslcards +0 be senl To various organizalions in supporl of peace policies. Hs meelings have been given over 'ro The sludy of +he presenl in+erna+ional affairs as regards world peace. Press Club ELLEN BLANNING MARY LYON LOUISE GILBERT SYLVIA SMYTH ELISABETH LUFBURROW MARION BALDWIN FRANCES SMITH MEMBERSHIP in Press Club depends eniirely on ihe na+ive newswrifing abili+y of +he undergraduaie, +es+ed ou'r by a course in journalism. The beller lhe wriier, lhe beiler lhe newspaper 'ro which she is assigned, and, as a resuli of her press con- +ac+s, 'rhe be+'rer her oppor+uni+y of joining The Fourlh Es+a're ailer graduaiion. Two Hundred and Sevenieen ff.. -.-,Lib gaHf:'."'L'.v-41?-Y W -f ye' -f J X 'I x F Musical Organiza'Hons LEFT TO RIGI-IT: VoIghI Carver NorIh IVIr. Wm. C. I I-Iammond I WaIkins I Dodge I The Glee Club PresidenI - -----A- IVIIRIAIVI WATKINS VIce'PresIdenI - - AILEEN VOIGI-IT SecreIary - - ALICE CARVER Treasurer - - LUELLA NORTI-I Assis+anI Treasurer A------- KATI-IARINE DODGE , CAROL CONCERT SERIES I-IOLYOKE, Second Conqregarional Church, December 9, I932. " -. MOUNT I-IOLYOKE COLLEGE, S+uden+-Alumnae I-IaII, December II, I932. NEW YORK CITY, Town I-IaII, December IS, I932. Vvzl-,iid-'z-' -7 ,V I' ' - ': .vi-' .,,,.,,3 L-df, .,,,. A ,.-,,7,,,,f.,,g5 - ,CU .V-,J-,,,,1. 5 L 42: W5 . Gnggy. nga? . 1 1 Mei.--.,, ,N Mp . ,U . -f..- -.1 r .-.f . I-1, ,lik V, ' , W5 "mf-f.. ,f Q.. ,Q-rr 'P em:.f.'v1T.v. ifv-'4, 'Emil '1 I f 'W 1532" I -"fic 'E 'Q in gg f Two I-Iundred and EIghIeen I933 ALLEN, R. BARTLETT, E. BEACH, F. BRODIE, J. CHASEY, R. CROTHERS, A. DASH, E. DIXON, J. FULLER, M. FRISBIE, L. GRAVILL, C. HALL, M. HANCOCK, E. HOUSER, M. JARVIS, R. JOBSON, J. MCDONNELL, R. MORSE, M. MORTON, M. NORTH, L. NOSS, B. PEPPLER, R. PIER, R. PILLATT, M. RICHARDSON, E. SHOENEELT, E. SCOTT, K. STECK, S. STONER, E. SURGENOR, E. TANZER, C. TH RALL, B. ALKIRE, E. Two Hundred and NIneIeen MEMBERS TOWLE, E. TURNER, M. VAIL, M. WAITE, H. WANDER, V. WATKINS, M. WELLMAN, H. WINANS, D. WITTY, R. I934 BARTLETT, A. BREMER, G. CARVER, A. CLARK, L. COLVER, C. DODGE, V. FISKE, M. GREEN, R. GRIGOR, M. GRIMES, M. JARVIS, M. KETCHAM, J. KRAUSE, C. LORD, B. MACK, M. METTAM, R. MULCARE, N. NOSS, V. PARK, G. PLATT, E. POMEROY, A. ROBINSON, J. TALBOT, H. TURNER, L. VOIGHT, A. WILLARD, H. Graduaie SI'ucIen+s GRAY, B. I935 ANDREWS, E. BURNS, M. CLARK, E. COLTON, R. COLTON, C. DAUCHY, R. DAUM, I. DAYMONT, M DENHAM, E. DIMON, L. DIX, F. EDGERTON, B. ESPEUT, V. FRANCIS, J. GREENE, E. HARRISON, C. HASTINGS, J. JUMP, C. LEONHARD, M. McALISTER, J. MacLEOD, J. McNICOL, H. MATILE, H. MOORE, B. NICHOLS, A. PARSONS, A. PARKER, C. PHELPS, T. ROBERTS, J. SCUDDER, F. SCHREIBER, M. SMEDLEY, L. STONE, E. STONINGTON TAYLOR, E. TRAVER, C. WAGNER, D. WINTER, E. MAYO, V. I B Junior Choir ADAMS, LOIS ARNOLD, ELIZABETH BARTLETT, AGNES BILLS, LONA CARVER, ALICE CHASE, MARGARET CLARK, LOIS COLVER, CAROL DENNISON, GERALDINE DODGE, KATHERINE DODGE, VIRGINIA ENGLE, JEAN FISKE, MARGARET FOSGATE, JANET FURNSIDE, DORIS GOODRICH, ALICE GREEN, RUTH GRIGOR, MARGARET GRIMES, MARGARET HAMILTON, LUCILE HARVEY, WILMA HEROY, LAURA JARVIS, MARY JEEEORDS, ELEANOR KETCHAM, JEAN KIMBALL, LOUISE KLEIN, JOSEPHINE KRAUSE, CATHARINE LORD, BARBARA MACK, MARGARET MERKLE. MARJORIE METTAM, RENA MULCARE, NINA NEWSOME, MYRA NOSS, VIRGINIA PALM, LOUISE PARK, GERTRUDE PECK, ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, BERTHA PLATT, ELIZABETH POMEROY, ADELE OUIMBY, MARGARET SANDS, KATHERINE SCHLOERB, PHYLLIS SMITH, ISOBEL SPRAGUE, HETTIE TALBOT. TELFAIR. TIBBALS. TURNER. TURNER, VOIGHT. WILLARD, HARRIET air- " Tim" :5:..Z-'.':1i',.:-'I' . , ,. I 1 I .I E I E I E .A I B ' i? " Q ' 5 L V 'Q' T . '1' I 4.1 T 1 1 . f HARRIET HELEN ELIZABETH ELIZABETH LUCY AILEEN Two Hundred and Twenfy I M' ' : .L -. If eg.,'.E,1-Q r .- Song Leaders Senior - HELEN WELLMAN Junior E. AILEEN VOIOHT Sophomore - PETER PARKER Freshman ANNE SHEPLER COMPETITIVE SING March 13, 1933 WON BY I935 TEST SONG EOR ALL CLASSES: Dark Eyes ---- RUSSIAN FOLKSONG CHOICE SONGS: Seniors: II Is a Sunse+ Hour - SPROSS Juniors: Rockin' in de Wind - - - NEIDLINGER SopI1omores:TI1e Green Carhedral - - HAHN Freshmen: Lindy ------- - SPROSS Parker, WeIIman, Voighr, Shepler Two Hundred and TwenIy-one TNQ.. Parsons, Wardle, Lulburrow, Woolley, Mayer PUBLICATIONS The Challenge A 5 ROSEMARY WARDLE EdllO'S'ln'Clllel 1 ELISABETH BRENToN LuFBuRRow EXECUTIVE BCARD ELIZABETH MAYER LouiSE S. PoRTER AUGUSTA PARSONS ELEANOR wooLLEY BOUND in brighl red covers, and professing +o be a "iournal of disconlenlf' The CHALLENGE made i+S lirsl appearance lasl Spring, wi+h The avowed purpose ol penelraling an inlelleclual, cullrural, and social Slagnalion which lhe edilors fell in The college cornrnunily. Edilorials and limely arlicles on diverse subiecls have been pre- senled in succeeding numbers, wilrh lhe purpose ol arousing public opinion on vilal college problems, and of prompling Sincere and inlelligenl Jrhinlcing in various con- lemporary fields of aclivily. :'f4'.'-'lf'f2:,1:L.',iVij1..-4, ,- -' 4, : Two l-lundred and Twenly-lwo if 5 111- Y ' ' W 1 Q1 4 . -L n ,IW Q -'.j',, , Q, 2' -..,4...' ,. Q fr Ie -, -Q,-. ia -:I f '1f ,f.q.g?'Q.gI.Q" "ig 'E nj mel I The Mouni' Holyoke Mon'I'hIy ECIIIOY-IWOEIQT - - - - NAOMI I4ITAY I CONSTANCE ORAVILL SeniorEdi+ors - 1 ELISABETH B. LLIEBURROW I M. VIRGINIA HAMILTON MARY MOSHER Junior Ednors - - ELIZABETH YOUNG I MARJORIE HILL S h Ed? I BEATRICE STONINGTON OP mme ' WS I KATHERINE E. TAYLOR Business Manager - ELIZABETH A. WHITE MABEL RYAN ArTEdi+ors - . JEAN HUMPHREY I MIRIAM COOK Adverfising Manager - - - IONE NICHOLSON ASSiS+an+S h - I MARION WHITE - I ELIZABETH MONTIGNANI - SYLVIA HAWTHORNE SMYTH - - A ANN ELMERS Circulairion Manager Assisfarn - - GraviII, HarniITOn, Knay, NIcITOIsOn, M .WITITe, Humphrey, COOIQ, Elmers, Lufburrow, STOnIngTOn, STYIMTIT, Hill, E. Wnife Two Hundred and Twen+y-Three Allers, Humphrey, Burrows, Alden, Garrewrr, Turner LI a m a ra cl a Ediror-in-Chief Adverfising Manager Arr Edi+or - - Business Manager Lirera ry Ednor - X Phofograplwic Ediror 61' giiiif' E55-54-X??3?Q1f51-'5r'?1'-'-Lf.C-?--'Aff'--, - 1 'fl-1 T.: 'J' .- 5 .1 ' A i - HELEN BURROWS - OLGA ALLERS - JEAN HUMPHREY MARGARET GARRETT - FRANCES ALDEN MARGARET TURNER Two Hundred and Twen'ry-four 1933 1934 1935 1933 1934 1935 1936 1933 1934 1935 1936 1933 1934 1935 1936 1933 1934 1935 1936 ADVERTISING BOARD Olga Allers, Manager Elhel Drumm, Josephine Files Elizaloelh Ellon, Joy Williams Doris Ayres, Anne Elmers, Maida Kolb, Margarel Marelli, Mary Sill, Olive Van Divorl ART BOARD Jean I-Iumphrey, Edilor Miriam Cook, Carol I-Ieilkamp, Dorolhy Rauch, Elizabelh Sloner, Evis Towle Fay Dix, Calherine Krause, Yvonne Rogers, Kalherine Sands Sara Anderson, Janel Roberls, Norma Seeler Jane Cogshall, EIizabe1hGazan,JaneI' I-layes, Muriel Johnson BUSINESS BOARD Margarel Garrell, Manager I-Iope Sulherland, Assislanl Geraldine Sincerbeaux, Mary Webb Belly Bailey, Barbara Burl, Olive Caldwell, Dorolhy Holaling, Belly Peclc Belly Edgerlon, Naomi 1-Iall, Dorolhy Kuhn, Elizabelh Ma1'1acI4, Louise Noble, Doris Riehl, Lois Schneider, Marion Smilh, Janel' Taylor Jane Collins, Dorolhy Converse, Kalhryn I-Iaversliclc, Dorolhea Pfeiffer, Eliza- be+h Plumer, Frances Tyler LITERARY BOARD Frances Alden, Edilor Grelchen Palm, Hope Sulherland Arleen Kauffman, Florence Pease, Helen Peck, Margarel' Quimby, Jeaneffe Slein Florence Adair, Elizabelh Anderson, Mildred Billings, Marion Brown, Elizabelh Mead, Evelyn Selby, Florence Wrighl' Jane Armour, Isabel Arms, Marjorie Fislce, Marguerile I-Iurrey PI-IOTOORAPI-IIC BOARD Margarel' Turner, Edilor Kalherine Baird, Janel I-Ioolcs, Mary Lyon, Elinor Ware Barbara Gould, Louise Kimball, Myra Newsom, Elizabelh Peclc, Elizabelh Smilh Marian Smilh, Janel Taylor, Belly Thomson Roberla I-Ierringlon Two Hundred and Twenly-five The Mouni' Holyoke News EdIIor-In-Chief - Managing EcIi+or Junior Edifor EDITORIAL BOARD MONA CUTLER, '33 RUTH GARROD, '33 ELEANOR TILTON, '34 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Desk Edifors MADELINE EAETI-I, '33 BARBARA TI-IRALL, '33 DORIS FURNSIDE, '34 MARY ALICE I-IARTWELL, '34 Copy EcIiIors RewriIe Edifors JANET I-IOOKS, '33 ADELAIDE GILLELAN, '33 MARY CRANE, '34 JOY WILLIAMS, '34 - 1 " -' f.: f..--tg : Two Hundred and Twem' -s ,.,..,,. , Y '7 E E S E ., , b .. 1. , . f ., f , . ,Li " 3 1- , 5 " Z ., I : A? SPECIAL EDITORS Fearures ELLEN JANE BLANNING, - RUTH HORNE. Assns+an+s - - - HELEN PECK I' MARY MCGRILLIES PAULINE GATES Correspondenis - ELIZABETH ARNOLD NINA MULCARE, OLGA de OUINTERO Exchange Edifor ---- HELEN WENTWORTH, NEWS EDITORS MARION BALDWIN, '34 FRANCES SMITH, '34 REPORTERS Mary AIIen, '35, Margaref Beal, '34, Mildred Billings, '35, Marion Brown, '35, Dorofhy ChanneII, '35, PhiIena Chase, '35, EIeanor Denham, '35, EIIen Gepharf, '35, Cyn+hia Jump, '35, Grace Luhrsen, '35, Virginia Mason, '35, JeaneI're Pond, '35, Marion Schaffner, '35, Helen Sherwood, '35, Doro+hy Wagner, '35, Molly Whi'rehiII, '35, Anne Wilder, '35, Elorence Wright '35. BUSINESS BOARD Business Manager - JESSIE BARTHOLOMEW, 33 Adver+ising Manager - LOUISE RAYMOND. '33 ELIZABETH ELTON. '34 VIRGINIA BRILLINGER, '35 JULIET FISHER, '34 A .+ + I MARJORIE EISKE, '35 WS an S ' ' ' FLORENCE HARDWELL, '36 EDITH RAMSTAD, '34 OLIVE VAN DIVORT, '35 MARION WEST, '36 ELIZABETH PEARSE, '34 CircuIa+ion Managers - SARAH PARKER' .34 JANE ARMOUR, '36 KATHERINE HAVERSTICK, '36 ASSiS+an+S - KATHERINE MURRAY, ' 36 LYDIA NICKERSON, '36 DOROTHY PI-IEIFFER, '36 LOIS SCHNEIDER, '35 Two Hundred and TwenIy-seven REAR: Seilcel, Allers, Lewin, Perry, Houser FRONT: Burrows, Miss Howard, Peppler, MacaIisTer SPORTS OuTing Club PresidenT ---- - ROSALIE PEPPLER Segrehary - - - Treasurer - - - LOUISE MACALISTER Ad . S MISS HOWARD V'Se'S """" i Miss TURNER HEADS OE ACTIVITIES Trail - ---------- OLGA ALLERS lnTerior DecoraTion and Uplreep ------ HELEN BURROWS Leaders ----- - ISABEL LEWIN WinTer SporTs ---- - - - MARGARET SEIKEL PubliciTy ----------- ELINOR PERRY MANY have enioyed OuTing Club cabin overlooking The ConnecTicuT valley Trom iTs perch on The slope oT MounT Holyolce, and The sTone Tireplace on ProSpecT which was consTrucTed This Tall. The weaTherman was unlcind in upseTTing plans Tor Snow and Ice Carnivals, buT Trail-blazing increased iTs space, so Thar a Third Trail on The Holyolce range is almosT compIeTe. AlThough noT as inTercollegiaTely acTive as lasT year, some members OT The board enioyed a November weelc-end in The New Hamp- shire mounTains as guesTs oT The DarTmouTh OuTing Club. As parT oT iTs IecTure program, OuTing Club broughT To The college Dr. William Beebe, scienTisT, auThor, and lecTurer, who gave an illusTraTed IecTure, "Two Miles DQ.WH.,. 1 :":'3:'f-1.2 ri, ' ' . ,.-,...... in :'::::':': 5 ::":Q'. ::: Two Hundred and TwenTy-eighT E E E ' E r . .,..4 ' . , -,G A+hIe+ic Associa+ion Presidenf - - HELEN LYNCH f Vice-Presidenf - - CHARLOTTE MAIN - Treasurer - MARGARET SLAKER Secrerary - - LOIS SMEDLEY Cusfodian - - JEANNETTE POND Inframural Manager ELIZABETH BROCKWAY PubIici+y Manager - - ISOBEL SMITH MISS HOWARD Eaculfy Advisers - MISS KIDWELL I Miss D. POSTER REAR: Pond, Main, Smirh, Srnedley FRONT: Miss D. Eos+er, Miss Kidwell, Lynch, Slalcer, Brockway Two Hundred and Twenfy-nine REAR: Bishop, CroII1ers, Drurnm FRONT: Kempe, HeIIwig, Furnside, Waffs HEADS OF SPORTS Archery - ALICE CROTHERS Baseball - CORNELIA MURRAY Canoeing - - MARY STEPHEN Golf - IVIURIEL HELLWIG Hockey - ELIZABETH WATTS Lacrosse DORIS EURNSIDE Riding - CATHERINE SWARTZ Soccer DOROTHY BISHOP Tennis - - LORLE KEMPE Volley Ball - "-"1'.'- . . f'f,3'.'J,:'..I,'f2'.' .' ,-f , . H: .2 T.-'-E A aiif 5 f gf f'g + Qi ips. :gif I 3 1-1 Q f ETHEL DRUMM Two Hundred and Thirfy ATHLETIC HONORS BLAZER WITH OLD ENGLISH H ON IT: Ior Seniors who have been on eighI class Ieams and Iour All-Holyoke Ieams in Iwo sporIs. PINS: Ior underclassmen who have been on Iwo class Ieams and Iwo All-Holyolce Ieams in Iwo diIIerenI sporIs during Ihe same year. ALL-HOLYOKE H Iplain block HI: All-Holyoke players are Ihe besI players oI each class Ieam, who are chosen Io Iorm an honorary Ieam. NUIVIERALS: Ior winning Ien poinIs earned by playing on class Ieams-Iive poinIs for playing on a class IirsI Ieam, Iwo and a haII poinIs Ior playing on a class second Ieam, one and a halI poinIs Ior playing on a class Ihird Ieam. BLAZER Lucille McLaughlin, '32 PINS MargareI Johnson, '33 CharIoIIe Main, '34 Doris RiehI,'35 ALL-HCDLYOKE ARCHERY The requiremenI Ior class awards was Io shooI Iwo Columbia rounds during Ihe week before Field Day and Io Ialce parI in Ihe Columbia round on Field Day. The Iwo girls in each class who had Ihe highesI average in Ihe Ihree Columbia rounds made up Ihe class Ieams. This year Ihe Iollowing girls were Ieam members: l935 SIrobecIc - - - - 52-238-5 l936 Bradford - - - 4I-l8l-3 Garis ------ 40-I74-6 HeringIon - - 43-l6l-6 RequiremenIs Ior Ihe All-Holyoke awards besides Ihe weelcly pracIice were Io shooI Ihree Columbia rounds, and Io average on Ihese rounds 800. This year Kay SIrobeclc's average was 798: buI because oI weaIher condiIions on Field Day and because oI her Icnown abiIiIy she was given Ihe All-Holyolce award, which IasI spring was given Io GreIchen Buis, '32, Doris Caldwell, '32, and Francoise Queneau, '34, Two Hundred and ThirIy-one REAR: Perry '34, Main '34, Wallcer '33 FRONT: Winler '33, Applelon '34, Green '34 Murray '34, Polfinger '34 BASEBALL BASKETBALL Cope '32, Hoffman '33 Johnson '33, Main '34 Riehl '35, Schneider '35, Howell '35, Bronson '34 -'f:.Z'J'.'2-5:' :-"vi: QV' Two Hundred and Tlwfrly-1' I L ' ' 11 T I 1. 4 1, -: , - "- . f-:it ls -15:22 4. 9 if -'ll' Roclmlord '35, Sleplwen '34 lvlylclwreesl' '34 CREW HOCKEY Scudder '35 REAR: Slalcer '34, GarreH"33,Jol'1nson '33, l-lowell '35, Taylor '36 FRONT: Zimmerman '36, Pilla++ '33, Seilcel '33, Chase '36, Cavin '35 Two l-lunder and Tnirly-llwree l 1,1 REAR: Shear '36, Perry '34, Main '34, Lynch '33, lvleuser '35 FRONT:Iv1. E. Webb '33, Riehl '35, Bishop '33, Wardle '33, Rochlord '35 Beach '33 SOCCER TENNIS Cope '32, Dickie '32 Hyde '32, Brockway '34 Teegarden '33, Howell '35, R. Palmer '35 ? f Two Hundred and ThiriY-four REAR: I. Smifh '34, Cri+cl'1e++ '33, Hall '33 FRONT: Files '33, Drumm '33, Haedrick '35 VOLLEYBALL INDOOR VOLLEYBALL OUTDOOR REAR: L Smifh '34, F. Dunbar '36, M. Roberfs '36 FRONT: Dunlap '35, Win+er '33, K. Dodge '34, Haedrick '35 o Hundred and Thirfy-five FALL FIELD DAY November I2, I932 Evenl Winner Score ARCHERY IAII classesl - '35 92-4I2-II HOCKEY I'33 VS. '35l - - '33 4-0 SCCCER I'34 vs. '35l - - - '34 2-o VOLLEYBALL V34 VS. '35l ---- '35 34-29 WINNER OF FIELD DAY CLASS OF l935 PERSEPHONE A Dance Drama Perseplwone ----- K. ELIZABETH TAYLOR Demeler - H. ELIZABETH PECK Plulo IONE NICHOLSON Hermes ----- ---- L OUISE REEDER HARVESTERS: Zelma Casman, Virginia Davis, Marjorie Fislce, Irene Gillelle, Cynllwia Jump, Margarel Marelli, Helaine Malile, Louise Noble, Isabelle Smiley, Rul'l1 Sowers, Helen Wilmol. PERSEPI-IONE'S COMPANIONS AND RIVER MAIDENS: Elaine Burll, Kalherine Dodge, Valerie Oapczynslci, Marie Nellis, Elizabelh Peck, Olga de Ouinlero, Louise Reeder, Jeanne Terrell, Aileen Voiglil. DAUGHTERS OF KELEOS: Louise Reeder, Olga de Ouinlero. SHADES AND FURIES: Melissa Adams, Mary Albreclil, Doris Carder, Rebecca Ellcing- lon, Muriel Hellwig, Jane McAlis'rer, Helen McNicol, Kallwerine Malllwews, Eleanor Slone, Janel Thompson. Arranged and Direcled loy-MARIE HEOHINIAN Music-VIENNA KANSAS Coslumes-BEATRICE CODDINGTON, SALLY CURTISS Proper+ies-JANE AYERS, MARION OLLENDORFF Lighling-CATHERINE KRAUSE, MR. KJOLLER, MR. RYER -gg'-g5'g'1L gsj ., 1 W A -,,,, ,H Two Hundred and Tlnirfy-six A A ii i -'I 1 5 ii E T Q I I E '. - ' 1 - - .7 ,' r I '. 'f .. 2' I .., - 4 I I -A THE FIRST OLYMPIAD MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE Marcli I8, I933 PROGRAM l. Parade ol Nalions 7. 2. G-ymnopaedia 8. 3. Olympic Winler Games 9. 4. Soccer Game IO. 5. Track Cycling I I. 6. Penlallilon I 2. Nalional Dances Cecallwlon Swimming Hockey Game Tennis Exliibilion Dances of llie People I 3. Closing Ceremony ADVISER-Miss Mildred S. Howard DIRECTORS-Miss Kalliro Kidwell, Miss Elise Avery, Miss Marie Heglwinian TECHNICAL ADVISER-Margarel Hoffman COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Enlerlainmenl-Alice Crollriers Coslumes-Barbara Lord Decoralions-Jean Alfred Publicily-Mary Crane Olympic Village-Mary Sleplien Business--Lorle Kempe Relreshmenls-Priscilla Boyl' Clean-Up-Dorolliy Kuhn Welcoming Address-Miss Mildred S. Howard Adrninislralion of Oallw--Helen E. Lynch Cracker Mac Namara lllie voice of l'l'1e e'rl1erl--Joseplwine Sloclcing Judges-Alice Crolliers, Margarel Hoffman, Helen Lyncli Music-Rullw Harvey, Marjorie Houser Two Hundred and Tlnirly-seven AWARDS ANNOUNCED AT THE OLYMPIAD March la, 1933 ALL-HOLYOKE BASKETBALL Margaref Hoffman, '33 Charlofre Main, '34 Margarelr Johnson, '33 Karherine Howell, '35 Margaref Bronson, '34 Doris Riehl, '35 H AWARDS Margare+ Johnson, '33 Charlorre Main, '34 NUMERALS 934 Jean Jackson I936 Ru+h Chase Sarah Parker Josephine Euhrmann 935 Lois Schneider Roberia Heringfon 936 Consrance Babcock Rurh Sampson PINS Margarei Johnson Charlorfe Main Doris Riehl CLASS BASKETBALL BANNER l933 INTRAMURAL PLAQUE EOR BASKETBALL Pearsons Y Team :L I , . h Two Hundred and Thirfy .:'Ij5.3,.-3-', ,-T,,1i- .:- .r -A--t-t Q g.. . , , . ' T E 1 Q Q .4 .I E : xl f - 1. 1- 1 - L -.1 .l 1. g.- . 2 N w , J The Rising Bell Il ET'S see now. IT was abouT Ten minuTes ago ThaT Mary Lyon sTruck. ln abouT Tive more minuTes ThaT Thing will be pounded-Four now . . . l wonder iT l was righT. Maybe iT wasn'T so much as Ten minuTes ago. Perhaps l can doze Tor almosT Tive minuTes . . . l hafe To be sTarTled awake Though by ThaT Thing . . . IT musT be abouT Three minuTes now-or Two . . . Why doesn'T ThaT Thing go OTT? l sup- pose l could geT up now, buT-l haTe waiTing Tor Things ThaT are expecTed To happen , , , Oh, There's Mary Lyon again. Now The oTher oughT To sTarT , , ,WhaT a nuisance! Such an awTul noise To . . . Well, when is iT going To sTarT? . . . Oh, There iT is now. lT's abouT Time! Gosh, how I ha+e To geT up! l guess I'lI sTay in bed anofher Tive minuTes." "BuT Mr. Briggs, l was noT. l Tell you l was noTl l wouldn'T Think oT doing such a Th-ing! Anyone would Tell you ThaT. Why, l'd have ruined my skaTes. OT course l didn'T. l was going up onTo ProspecT. There's a grand rink There. Don'T look aT me ThaT way. No, l Tell you, l did noT skaTe on your precious pingpong Tables. Why, whaT an awTul noisel Oh, iT's you, Mary. ls iT Time To geT up?" "From eighT To Ten l oughT To do ThaT Ec. Then classes Till lunch. l wonder iTl could geT ThaT essay wriTTen beTore Three, iT l leTT iT unTil aTTer lunch. Perhaps iT l leTT lunch beTore desserT-Class meeTing aT Tive. And a comference aT Tour. And l oughT To dress Tor dinner Today because l haven'T Tor so long. Why on earTh They ever had ThaT re- quired lecTure TonighT-! l-lorrors, l haven'T wriTTen To Dick Tor Two days: And l simply rnusT wash some cloThes preTTy soon. Oh, l Told Grace l'd see abouT Those signs. When will l ever geT ThaT Term paper sTarTed? lT's due-. Oh, Lord, is iT ThaT laTe? l should have goTTen up long ago." "l've goT To geT There. l've goT To. l can'T be laTe. This Train would reach Spring only an hour beTore classes. Oh, if l don'T geT To The sTaTion preTTy soon now, l'Il miss ThaT Train To l-lolyoke, and Then-. Oh, heavens, imagine a deTerred in ThaT course oT all courses! Oh, hurry, hurry, Taxi-man. l'll geT ouT and run. lT would be quicker. Why didn'T l sTarT sooner. Where-? ls ThaT The Train whisTling now? And l'm nowhere near The sTaTion. Ol-l,-Tor goodness' sake, l'm righT here in bed, and iT's morning." "Now, iT l waiTed unTil spring To pay Tor Those pay-day Things, perhaps l could have Bob here Tor a week-end. l wonder iT he could come To Llamie? ThaT wouldn'T be Too near Thanksgiving. l'd have To have a new dress, l suppose. IT I didn'T geT ThaT rid- ing ouTTiT yeT, probably l could geT one. Oh, l musTn'T TorgeT To geT ThaT book l ordered. And Sally's birThday is nexT monTh, and l wanT To give her sorneThing nice. And l do wanT To see GREEN PASTURES awfully. Oh dear, There's ThaT rackeT. l sup- pose l oughT To geT up." "Perhaps iT l TwisTed The leTT hand sTrand diTTerenTly, l could make a smaller knoT. l wonder how iT would look parTed on The righT side? l like Bab's ThaT way. IT only mine weren'T so slippery, iT wouldn'T be so hard To do Things wiTh iT. If l had iT cuT, iT wouldn'T be quiTe curly enough unless l had a permanenT. Maybe-say, l beT l wouldn'T look so bad wiTh a longish bob. DOT would Think l was copying her: buT l wouldn'T look anyThing like her. l Think maybe l'Il do ThaT. l'm sick oT Tussing wiTh iT This way.-Oh, is iT Time To geT up already?-Kay! Kay, l'm going To cuT my hair." -H. S. 5,532-.5...: ,.,.i-.-By. 'P -1, -, 1.5.3. : Two Hundred and Forty :A ,Ni .. 1 R ... . -l. .. . . ,.. ff. -' ' E ' 3 -' if Sf .fra 7, 7 3-.-,il f i f 2 gg. If Mounl Holyoke girls, 'ro all ol you These words I dedicale. I, loo, have roamed 'rhis campus o'er And can predicl your fare. IF never 'ro a Senior greal, You've said, "Are you a Freshman, loo?" IF you have never come in lale, And scullled quickly lo your room: IF you have lived here lor lour years, And never once complained ol food: IF you have never shed greal lears, Because 'rrue love does nol' run smoolhy IF mid-years you could calmly rneel, And never lear your hair or cram: IF you have slayed from I-lolyolce, Because you'd sludying lo do: IF you have never said, "l'm broke!" A weelc before lhe monlh was done: IF lime you've never idly spenl, While walching girls pul our lhe mail: IF, when on pleasure gaily, gaily benl, You've ne'er been "sh-h"ed by irale pals: IF all lhese lhings you've done here 'boul And never failed or lallered once: To all lhe wide, wide world l'II shoul You're beller lhan lhe resl ol us. --E. S. Two Hundred and Forly one F'-s, M gf ess, 1, QQZEX gf i L? Q.. lil Q5 Q53 . X i A rig' '- .AQK it i Q L ,fi x f 4- X 'off X iii ,-, ffl" , W x T- -Wye Miibfixa ily f i ir i in X F ri 'T f I T l i, rx, ,ci 4, ,f" ,, 1 ff rq9f1"fT9. i X W 5 f, N X WJ , Liv 'Qi-, gg, Qf-J 1- Qi Y yi 1 ll of A W l f , 44- X X i , , , , , ii ,i i CEM Ly ll tl iv X Ili' if T' ill l ll,mi l fm 1. L. cf' X, r Af yr A -'1 mfr FHA 5 or rf fi Nl 3 if -Jer ' T Then WhaT ioy iT is To spin a Top on a rainy aTTernoon, To ride a bike is such a Thrill ThaT l Teel ThaT I shall swoon, We're guiTe The ulTra-girls up here wiTh Tennis as our pride, CroqueT is The game To play wiTh our beaux when iT's warm enough ouTside. When winTer comes we love To glide and skaTe on lower lake, WiTh dresses long and skirTs so wide, whaT large sTeps we can Take! When snow arrives iT is our doom and we sTay in The dorms, The bravesT girls go ouT on sleds buT we're aTraid oT sTorms. l-low much we laughed! WhaT Tun we had aT The Junior Promenade, We walked and Talked and drank pink punch and iT seemed like a gay parade. OT gowns and Trains and coiTTures rare we ThoughT Tor many a day, And many a diary held The lasT Tew leaves oT a cherished Prom loouqueT. Our Trunks are packed-The coach is here-we wanT To go To The sTaTion, We're all upseT and yeT so Thrilled-we're going on our vacaTion! Veil and muTT and purse and haT-I musT noT TorgeT my small grip: Away Trom school Tor The very TirsT Time since lasT vacaTion Trip. We gaTher 'round a chaTing dish aT our regular aTTernoon Tea, This is The Time To play some Flinch, over which we soon disagree, Or read aloud some poems or Tales which are popular in This day, And which To some oT our Tamilies mighT seem a biT risque. I 2-:iff Ku'n' i'i "ini': ':'-,Qi 5 ii ",i:: - 'll Two Hundred and ForTy-Two i A -1 l : ' , , 3 , 5 , fi Q1 155 -. K :bi-,I .33 is i ': 'I fr fi f feffvgw? '. -' 'DJ f l 'f :Fifi Whal lun il is To la ing- ong in S.A. l-l. al Qiffg i lui. p Y p lb Or Take a whiz in a smoolhy car under moon and fvgf. fl .T slars so brighl. X nj " When spring appears, our for golf we go, or a 1 Q5 good hard game of lacrosse, if If And inslead of croguer we lake our dales and ride a New England "hoss." be ,A J X When ice appears we don slcii sui+s and rush lo Q f have a slcale, Xxs' X A ff! ff' Wilh lrousers long we race and play-no i il chance +o be sedalre. When snow lirsl falls our slciis we lake +o Prospecl X.- 'X or Pageanl Field, ,Vi - And lhe day's nor really good al all 'lil over we - - have lceeled. ' 'Midsl silvery lighls and lhrobbing iazz al Junior ll Prom so greal I We danced and smoked and danced again 'lil il was very lale. Then home lo bed-bul noi lo sleep-lhe prime rose palhway led To food and lallc, and lallc and 'food-and lhen "And so lo Bed." The +axi's here-my bags are packed-chock full, for i+'s vacalion. .T For any lifile week-end iaunl +here's no such lf' aggregalrion. A nighlie and a loolhbrush, a dress and p'rhaps '- f a haf, A lipslick and a powderpuff are all l need lor Jrhal. S. A. l-l. is lhe lavorile place as The hour for lea g W comes round, aj- K Where fomalo juice and Toasled buns and con- lracl' bridge abound. X Round Jrables brighl in a haze of smolce we sellle fa y all our woes, b 4, And many a firm new friendship o'er a ping-pong g fb? 5 lable grows. -A. K. "'Xlgf7n.o l . 'SV 53 as ,Hx Q XX 1, Y c ff , v ' K yj y. -y y . wi, ,I , X ' fi' ., fa 3 I x 7 U -- - 5 u -W-..-V. 0V" 'X kg jf ,f Two Hundred and Forly-lhree Lines Addressed To an UnTorTunaTe Freshman HE eThereal gaTes swing slowly open To receive an age-old iv1ounT Holyoke cusTom, losT To This lowly world Tor all Time. Oh, unhappy Freshman, you, who will never know The blighT which is TasT Talling upon your collegiaTe exisTence. Never may you Teel The ioys and The sorrows lor The elbowsl OT The maddening, mobbing, milling eleven o'clOck rush in P. O. Never will you experience ThaT all-OT-a-TwiT Teeling as slowly, wiTh baTed breaTh, you open your box, hoping againsT hope ThaT The unTamiliar-looking leTTer reposing peaceTully Therein is yours and noT your box-maTe's And should you be so TOrTunaTe as To receive a leTTer, The privilege OT gloaTing beTOre almosT The enTire college is denied you. Alas and alackl You will never know The ioy OT meeTing all OT your Triends in P. O. aT eleven o'clOck insTead OT having To scour The enTire campus in an eTTorT To Tind Them. BuT as iT These losses were nOT momenTOus enough, we Tear ThaT The ulTimaTe resulT OT This dire calamiTy will be really apalling. Deprived OT The exercise painlessly Taken while running back and TorTh Trom P. O., you may gain TiTTeen pounds insTead OT Ten! --M. B. Disillusionmeni' When l was a Treshman, lknown aT a glancel l Took my man To a sTudenT dance TOnighT, ThoughT l, I'll seT my sail, And geT a bid To The Harvard-Yale. Oh innocenT hopes, oh childish dreaml NOT yeT had l encounTerecl The gleam OT deTerminaTiOn in a sophomore's eye, As she muTTers, "Now l'll geT ThaT guy." When ouT on The Tloor we gaily swayed, Up To us came a mannish maid. "May I cuT?" she asked, and snaTched him away, And l wenT back To The line To pray. The sophomores rushed him, iuniors Too, And Then The seniors when They were Through. And did l geT a bid To ThaT game? Why, when The end OT The evening came. l'd had Three sTeps wiTh The man l broughT, And now, since iT was very hOT, OuT on The sTeps wiTh a senior saT he, EnTirely Oblivious OT liTTle me. And now yOu'll Tind me on SaTurday nighT Pouring over a book in DwighT. -M. F. .- .f -2 f--'fit ' - . "' ' "rj 1 A' "-' "5:"' - Two Hundred and ForTy-Tour I L ' 0 T T W ' p gl .'.-' ' 31. ' TZ .. ' -. doTs liTTle doTs, medium doTs, big doTs goTTa Till This cell wiTh doTs. gosh, kills me To draw cells buT goTTa Tinish iT righT now. zoology, nucleus, granules sounds like a walking TexT book oh gee, cloT, doT, cloT ....... ya know, peg's kimona looked iusT like a cell Tunny Tho-orange cyToplasm wiTh green nucleus an' even dopey. liTTle chunks in iT. musTn'T TorgeT To puT Them in. big doTs, liTTle doTs, medium doTs, doT, doT, cloT, doT ...... curTains in kay's room have cells in Them . . . even Tood vacuoles in Them . . noTiced ThaT yesTerday. geTTin' To know The sTuTT. gee, i missed a space aT The Top: doT, cloT, cloT,-my hancl's Tired oT making doTs, doTs, doTs ,...... wonder when picTure oT hydra is due. The Trolley To holyoke iusT like one iT squeezes and squirms. i ThoughT iT mighT conTracT and expand or whaTever ya call iT . . . even has TenTacles . . . Those doohichies ThaT hang on The wire. buT hydra doesn'T jump like Trolley. huh! ThaT cyTopIasm looks mussy. oh, welll doT, doT, doT ....... hope This passes o. k. cause i need good mark This Term. whaT's ThaT! The clock sTriking! iT's 'leven TorTy-Tive. V goTTa hurry wiTh These doTs. This due aT Twelve in clapp. greaT guns! i'Il go crazy doT, doT, doT ....... oh, To The deuce wiTh any more doTsl Two Hundred and ForTy-Eve Bank Holiday, U. S. A. On March lhe fourlh, a day of renown, The banks were closing in every 'rown. From norlh io souih, from easl 'ro wesl They siubbornly slaied, "We need a resJrl" "Come now, girls, don'+ play +he baby. We'll cash your checks on Tuesday-maybe." Clink of coinage and rusile of bill Relurn your checks To 'a paper mill. ln P. O. corridor a maid in disiress Said, "Look a+ rhis check, I+'s worrhless, l guess. l'r'sfor1fiHy dollars. l am in a mess. l musf have Libe slips lo work by nine. l'm des+i'ru+e. Wouldia lend me a dime?" Clink of coinage and rusile of bill Relurn your checks +0 a paper mill. Mr. Felice plied his irade And mended shoes wilhoul being paid. lWhen he says "F'rge+ ii," he musl be obeyed.l "Don'+ worra 'bou'r me," he poinied his lhumb, "And if you wanl anyrhing, you know where lo come." Clink of coinage and rus'rle of bill Reiurn your checks 'ro a paper mill. "l've been poor all my life," said one wi+h a grin, "Lei 'em close iheir banks, l don'l give a pin. ln a way This is fun, ii makes us all kin. We're all poor rogerher, we're in The same boai, Le'r's abolish banks when we gei +he vo+e." Clink of coinage and rus'l'le of bill Relurn your checks To a paper mill. Now all +oge+her le+'s ioin in Jrhe song, For ihe lime may be shori and ihe lime may be long. Whai if 'rhe banks won'+ open 'rheir doors? To have nolhing lo fear: a fig for remorse! So everyone happy, and everyone gay, Lel"s all ioin hands in Jrhe roundelay, "Clinic of coinage and rusile of bill Reiurn your checks +o a paper mill!" -By Special Permission of Jrhe Copywrighi Owners. f,.i.:3j.',:,..,f ,Q 1,4-3 I . H Two Hundred and Forly-six ll. Nonsense Nomenclafure Frances was a freshman, mosf bewildered: Of every sorf of nomenclafure she'd her fill heard. She knew fhaf fhere were faculfy of lengendary lore, Dignified, augusf, remofe, and very hoar: Thaf fhen came seniors, who wifh academic ardor Solernnly endeavored fo work harder and harder: Thaf iuniors profecfed in a spirif quife sororal Their liffle sisfer, from fhe general furor: Thaf sophomores, creafures mosf vindicfive, Did for punishmenf on freshmen fo inflicf, live. So Fran had dealf wifh fidy cafegories Till she found fhaf facf belied fhe sfories. The meek mild being who did sif configuous Af fable, was, lOh sfafus quife ambiguousll Nof a "freshman foo," as Frances volunfeered, Buf a senior, fhough by all unfeared. Before our Frances, garbed angelically, Would fhrough fhe gym fread, fifled pelvically, "Gef fhaf liffle boy away!" exposfulafed she. "lf's Dr. Paffy, who for posfure has you slafed, see?" Ofher frufhs did Frances learn-wifh less ernbarrassmenf- l-low cerfain iuniors are fo Paris senf: Thaf sfay-af-homes wifh Show and Prom are busier far Then seniors, in spife of honor work and seminar: Thaf sophomores need nof cause animosify, Buf can offen safisfy one's curiosify. And lead one fhrough a maze labyrinfhine Safely fo fhe disfanf archery green. Frances has concluded by a process of deducfion Thaf, since no class is emblazoned wifh ifs parficular escufcheon The dexferous facfician, fhe clever sfrafigician ln order descending would conducf fheir inquisifion. So now when in fhe libe wifh manner deferenfial She accosfs a sophomore in fone reverenfial "Excuse me, please," llesf she disfress herl "Buf would you sfamp fhis pad, professor?" -E. A. Two l-lundred and Forfy-seven Bubbles AM old, fired, feverish, and, ah yes, my memory is fading. Only dim images of fhe pasf come fo my mind like bubbles once mulficolored reflecfing sunlighf-now being blown away from me by fhe soff yef subfle winds of Time. Lol a memory bubble passes now-lef me cafch if, Time, before if goes foo far-iusf one farewell look! Ah, 'fis fhe memory bubble of lvlounf Holyoke. Spires fowering over all-green grass 'neafh wide-spreading frees, and behind fhem Prospecf, peaceful in spring, gorgeous in aufumn and dazzling in winfer-pageanf field-Mary Lyon's monumenf- class bells-Junior Show-S. A. H.-proms-vespers-sfained glass windows-masses of ivy being waved by fhe wind-hills far in fhe disfance fhaf sfrain fo fouch blue sky- Commencemenf-music which l can e'en now hear- "Oh, lvlounf Holyoke, we pay fhee clevofion In fhe fervor of youfh fhaf is sfrong: The courage of righf is fhy garland, Our lives, Alma lvlafer, fhy song." Oh, fhe bubble has broken! Gone forever fhe vision, yef no regref. lf has passed wifh fhe Alma lviafer. Though fhe flame is flickering, my hearf will sfill be able fo feel fhe glow of fhe song-ah, lisfen- "Soffrom Easf and from Wesf now we gafher, And unifed in firm love fo fhee All years are as one, and our loyal pledge 'Mounf Holyoke forever' shall be, 'lviounf Holyoke forever' shall be.' " -A. K. .f,'fj3f,f.'-,:' ,:,5,,'j ..,'f-',-QQ. ,:, 5 fA,.g- 13 : - U Two Hundred and Forfy-eighf - ,,s-',.-f.w,- . . . -1 V--. .- . .N ,- .-,. - v . .4-5 . . 'A - : l f -' 1 5 'E Eel? H ir ' , 1 , .N Brigham HOUSE CHAI RMAN-Eleanor Hancock Brigham may be very olcl, And harbor memories unfold, H may nolr rival Rocky, quile, Bul you'd like if on a wincly night l+'s cenirall We may no+ have a radio Slill less a spacious paliog Bulr i+'s company is of The loesi, lYou'd Jrhink so, once you Tried +o resll, and l+'s cen+rall So here's lo Brigham, 'Jril ii falls, Anol age breaks down i+s Jrrusly walls, E'en lhen +his will i+s byworcl be, And ring Jrhroughoul en+erni+y: l+'s cenlrrall . ' Q . If M , 'Ii .,: , V v . l Q Two Hundred and Filly Norfh Mandelle HOUSE CHAI RMAN-Elizabe+h Rich A slrudenf once said, "I+ is swell, Though a sfudeni, in luxury +0 dweilg For +here's much more +0 college Then iusi seeking knowledge, And much 'much more' in Norfh Mandelle Two Hundred and Fifiy-one Sou'rh Mandelle HOUSE CHAI RMAN-Lois May Our walk would keep us in irim, Were if noi 'for+l'1e vigor and vim Thai makes us eaf on 'Til Jrhe lasf morsel's gone- Our walk WOULD keep us in Trim! ' QE" i , Two Hundred and Fiffyfrwo Mead HOUSE CHAIRMAN-Marie l-lall Though nexl door lo Wilder We're noi a bil milder- Our anlics are awful, Qur conducl unlawful: ll's WE who slwould be in Wilder! ' ' :EW Two Hundred and Filly-Hwree 5, X., fy. 5-5 ,nz ,.',W ff :Y "Q"i'f'1'f. 'fwvwf-iii. ,Q '. '-1:--f7:f'i'f' -13'-'5'.'Q3f2iii'gf H: fc-, H1-.fgf - -if ziagfgg , . ,Au - .- .i.-..f 1 ,ef , ff. 199125- Pearsons HOUSE CHAI RMAN-Esflwer Richardson Shorr-lived our pleasure-one brief year In a GRAND HOTEL where "People come And peopie go, and nolrlwing ever happens!" QA1!5: ,-Z5 5 SUS .-iff 1 Two Hundred and Fif+y-four Ll E 5 5 Porfer HOUSE CHAI RMAN--Marjorie Morlon We who live in Porler Are inclined lo lilce if sorler, Whal wilh Mrs. Sproule So generous of soul, And Jrhe near-lov Pageanl bench Favoring The Porler wench. Yel vve're full ol self-con+rol- Our virlues are miraculous, our vices unolliciali For we live benealh lhe roof-lree wilh lhe Chairman ol Judicial And lhe Chairman of Connrnunilyp Which gives us no irnmunily From doing as we orler, In Porler. i if .5 ..g! 1 ig -'. Ng., Two Hundred and Filly-five Norlh Rockefeller HOUSE CHAIRMAN-Cecil Hodgman From Jrlwe freshmen on llwe fourlh floor And upperclassrnen down below, You'll always hear +l1e same refrain: "Rocky is The place To goll' g,,11."..f :ZZ--H ' '- .-- Q . . .-,v. ., ..,Z.,. r...,,,...,-,A---,-. .l ,.3:- -I-.Q-:.,..'. o Hundred ancl Fifi -six -. - ,. , , ,,, ..- . . E Y 'B Soulh Rockefeller HOUSE CHAIRMAN-Isabel Lewin To S. A. l-l. we're riglwl nexl door, And Slcinner's l'1andy,+oo7 Bui when we needs musi choose We do wl'1a'ryou'd do, Jrool Wi+l1 bridge and smokes and slrudy We while away our days: And everyone's agreed Tl'1al'Sou+l1 Roclcxfs one grand place! ,R---.4, f o l-lundred and Fil fy seven Safforcl HOUSE CHAIRMAN-Mary-Jean We lead a clfieerlul family life, lvluclw of loil and lillle slrile. Our loca+ion's so convenient To laulls il malces us lenient- Clapp and Chapel al our door, P. O. Corridor iusl before, Skinner riglil behind our back, And S. A. l-l. a iolly Jraclc. f-4--. Y- iq ,3 'X ii' Q fl 5 2 lf: r. '. Q'-:xii Beaven Two Hundred and Filly-eiqlwl Wilder HQUSE Cl-lAl RMAN-Mary Louise Comfy rooms-and fire drills, Resl and quief-mol willwoul llwrillsi If llfiese llwings be your l1ear+'s desire, Then you should be al Wilder. Piper o Hundred and Filly-nine Cowles Lodge HOUSE CHAIRMAN-Bealrice Moore Cowles is a caslle +ha+'s mosl piduresque, ln a slyle neilher Golhic nor lrue Romanesque. Those who would slrorm 1+ find enhance a Task: Those who are in I+ have nolhing lo aslc. f.: is-S - - L ' Two Hundred and Sixfy Pearsons Annex HOUSE CHAIRMAN-Mary R. Schreiber The dash +o Pearsons lor our meals Malces +his life more spicy. Bu? oh, The slips "rwix'r cup and lip, Especially when i+'s icy. Two Hundred and Sixty-one Rebecca Smi+h HOUSE CHAIRMAN-Drue lvlallliews Sixleen girls, working, playing: Sixleen girls who sfill are saying "l-lere's +o you, Becky Srnilhlu Five rnonllws, so slworl in space of Jrirney Bul leaving rnem'ries in lwearl and mind- "Here's +o you, Becky Smi+l1!" Separalion, loul nor rlie end: Sixleen girls, eaclw Jrlie o+l1er's friend- "l-lere's +o you, Becky Smillilu ilbil-if' ,. '.,.:---Z,-,V 12. ,'. I I V 1 Q 1 , - l 5.-Q-gf.-gfjqfy.'r','?1 -'Q-7,,-C-5,1 L' , .- -Q L1 .- 5 5 ,-.--If Q.: Two Hundred and Sixl -lwo A e - f V sf ref so rag ' B '75 552 R 1 X. -. 2 ' fl f e 5 ' , :N ,., I ., 541. t, ,. . . . , , t i 1, Smifhville HOUSE Cl-IAIRMEN BYRON SMITH-Dorolliy Bishop l-llTCl-KZOCK ln Srnilliville we sing "l+'s cooperalionlu l+'s a wonderful Jrlwing Tlwal in Smillwville we sing Willw a wlwole-lwearlecl ring Tl1e+ deserves emulalion. ln Smillwville we sing "l+'s coopera'rionl" l-lelen Wellman Two Hundred and Sixfy-lhree iil Sycamores HOUSE CHAI RMAN-Lois Benedicl Fair Sycamores, Jrlie answer To a college maiden's prayers, Willw while woodwork and papered walls and caned Colonial chairs, Wi+h fireplaces so cheery and fruil salad Sunday niglil, Willi privale garden, privale glwosls and Sycamores' Deliglil, B If Two Hundred and Six'l'y-four 4. 1 H f.'1'2 fill fi?-fi?1f,'-"i'-JAM? SLM' '. '- 'in ' f - '.1,, g, The Woodbridge Group 33? WOODBRIDGE-Frances Parker BRIDGMAN-Carolyn Barney MOUNTAIN VIEW-Esfher Thomson A husfle and a busfle A hurry and a scurry A bang and a wnang A bump and a+l'1urnp A groan and a moan- Woodbridge, Bridgrnan and Moun+ain View In +he morning bouf ar +l'1e orange squeezer. o Hundred and Sixfy-five Eas+man HOUSE CHAIRMAN-Edilh l-l. Quamme SOCIAL CHAIRMAN-Virginia F. Babcock Nol all our hours here are sloenl In pursuils sludious. Gracluale work and a iovial benl Don'+ seem +o us so ludicrous. Anol when sardine hun+s and gambling games lnlerrupi our +oil, Who cares if we lose our beaulry sleep Or lhus consume our miclnighl oil? iQi4l1f.ifQf-',l1u A , , , if.i.:'i3:.1-Tit3:-Ai5P":-i' 7 ri ,i -t 'U . - 'Q 51 ' - -, t ' l J- " ' - ...,.. ,,,. .- .. , ,. , , P' ' " .f-5 ' .:.3j 'I 1 ' V Z ' -l A Two Hundred and Suxfy-six .Q 2411 5212 H I 1 Br E -A 51 . ,.. 1,g,, I W1-' I v . . ,, I. A , Day S'I'uclen'rs We never miss our home life- We have il all lhe Time, Culling chapel every clay For us is no+ a crime: College rules and regulaiions Are nor harbored in our brains? Bul we miss The lun of week-ends And lhe ioy ol boarding lrains. Molormen ancl Trolley cars Take us pas+ 'rhe slalion, Take us lo our liresides- Our lile's one long vacalion. Two Hundred and Sixly-seven fl' . - hr- ... 11 A11 . Y - , . 11 1- 'il L. I : in r .iii--11Q:'?l 4 s 1 'A-u 1 R :I Q- 1 ' ' , :I 1 :xl y . . .f l 'xi as . Jilclu l T 94311 SL gl V' FI Fe., WhiTe's Air AN OLD FOLK SONG AuThor Unknown From l85O To I86O The ColchesTer STring Band oT Twelve members meT once a week aT The home of my moTher in ColchesTer, ConnecTicuT. In This group were my TaTher, moTher and Tour uncles. IT was cusTomary in These evenings oT music To always close wiTh The playing OT The old air known as WhiTe's Air. This cusTom had been observed Through Two generaTions and none oT The members had ever seen The music oT This air in prinT. This is The TirsT music ThaT l have any disTincT memory oT, as iT was consTanTly played in my old home aT Rockville, ConnecTicuT. AT The close oT The service dedicaTing The Second CongregaTional Church, in Holyoke, January, l885, l played To a group OT people This old air: in This group Mr. William WhiTing who laTer gave The organ To MounT Holyoke College. Mr. WhiTing was presenT aT The dedicaTion oT This college organ, and aTTer The reciTal he requesTed me To play WhiTe's Air. From ThaT Time unTil The presenT This old melody has been played aT The close oT The Vesper services and has become idenTiTied wiTh MounT Holyoke Collegei, being known as The Vesper Hymn. WILLIAM C. HAMMOND ll, 1 I..--gg 1 . l Two Hundred and SixTy-eighT 5. . -' 1- . f'1:' -' '- ' . .T ' S . 15, 1' 3 4 f- . --, . : - 1, -. I Y . 3.5 Two Hundred and Sbfly-mime Au+ographs Index +o Adverfisemenfs Page Acme Reproduclion Co. . . 279 Adaskin Tilley Furnilure Co. . . 282 Adelson Bros ........ 276 Greal A+lan'ric 81 Pacific Tea Co. . 276 Bafchelder, Snyder, Dorr 81 Doe Co. 275 Beckmann's . . . . . . 278 H. W. Bennelr . . . 280 Ye Brick Oven . . . 280 Cheney 81 Hunl . . 273 Class of I933 . . 280 Class of I934 . . . 28I Class of l935 . . . 278 Class of I936 . . . . 275 College Beaufy Sfudio . . 280 Colyer Prinfing Co. . . 272 Cofrell 8: Leonard . . 273 J. T. Cusack, lnc. . . 276 Dieges 8: Cluse . . . . 278 M. J. Doyle Prinling Co. . . 280 Felice Bros. ..... . 274 A Friend . . . . 282 M. T. Foley Co. . . 274 R. A. Glesmann . 28I Grace Church ....... 276 Hadley Book Shop and Jrhe Book Shop Inn ........ 274 Hadley Falls Trusl Co ..... 28I R. W. Hanwell ....... 279 Harlford Na'rional Bank 81 Trusl Co. 282 Hegy's Inc. . ...... 274 J. G. Heidner 8: Son, Inc. . Holyoke Cify Markef . . . Holyoke Transcripr-Telegram Kenwood Wool Producls . J. F. Kowal .... Landen 8: Son . . . A. C. Leary Shop . . . McAuslin, 8: Wakelin Co. . Jane McDonough . . Mar+yn's .... Dr. E. W. Mayo . . . Mefcalf Prinfing Co. . . New England Transporfafion Hofel Nonofuck .... Hofel Norlhamplon . . . 0'Connell-Quirk Paper Co. Prenlriss, Brooks 81 Co., Inc. . Ralsien Shop .... Reid, Tvlurdock 81 Co. . Rigali's ...... Roberfs' Beaufy Sludio . . E. E. SaHler ..... Scienfific Engraving Co. . Sears, Roebuck 81 Co. . 5+eiger's ..... Sweefhearf Tea House Tea Tagnon ...... C E. H. Tale Mop 81 Cordage Co. . W. K. Vanline ..... Ware Trusl Co .... Wm. B. Whifing Coal Co. . Page 275 276 279 282 275 275 273 28I 278 273 275 276 278 273 274 273 275 276 274 28I 276 282 280 279 278 274 278 278 284 274 279 CHARACTERISTICALLY DIFFERENT! f' rom the earliest days when man first recorded his impressions by arduous carving in stone, the inherent faculty of true craftsmanship manifested itself. Among the relics of the early stone carvers can be found outstanding ex- amples of characteristic difference- distinctive ability that was the forerun- ner for the artist and the craftsman of today. 'll And just as primitive record- ings in stone show varying degrees of superiority, so does a Colyer-produced Annual stand out distinctive of the full possibilities of the highly-developed graphic arts of today. COLYER PRINTING COMPANY SUSSEX AVENUE AND DEY STREET N NEWARK, N I O'CONNELL-OUIRK PAPER CO. PAPER SPECIALTIES Opp. Posl Ollice Holyoke, Mass. CAPS-GOWNS and HOODS-For All Degrees The coun+ry's largesl maker of Academic Coslumes. Wrile for samples of malerials and for prices. COTRELL and LEONARD ANNA C. LEARY SHOP Underlhings - Girdles - Hosiery 23 I MAPLE STREET CHENEY 8: HUNT, INC. .IEWELERS AND OPTICIANS 28l High Slreel Holyoke, Mass N. Y. Cily Represenlalive, Marie Marlhe, lI2 Easl 57Th Slreel, Telephone Plaza 3-4667 HOTEL NONOTUCK HOLYOKE, MASS. Delighlful Slopping Place for Est ,832 ALBANY' N. Y- BUSINESS MEN and TOURISTS Special Affenlion Given COLLEGE PEOPLE MARTYNS UP TO DATE CAFETERIA Cleaners and Dyer-S Room Rales from 52.00 Up NO shrinkage NO Losses Club Brealcfasls 'From 356: No Odors Brighl Colors No Fading CII-'P l-Unflleon 905 276 APPLETON STREET Tel. 6080 Holyoke Regular Dinner Sl-25 Trucks call al "dorms" every day DANCING SATURDAY NIGHTS One day service when necessary A Junior Lunch Lamenl There was a young lady named Polly, Who lhoughl il would be a greal folly To buy Junior Lunch, For she had a hunch To grow Tal would nol be so iolly. Bul alas, she slrayed inlo P. O. And lhereon hangs her lale of woe. For she was so emply, Thal lruly Iamenlably She found lhal she couldn'l say no. Two Hundred and Sevenly-lhree Wilh alacrily lruly amazing For one who had been so disdaining, She charged lhree or four, Then came back for more, Regardless of whal she was gaining. Now poor Polly has grown plump and round While brownies and cupcakes abound: Bur when all's said and done, I+ was really greal fun, And worlh each addilional poundl -I-l. P. COMPLIMENTS OF FELICE BROS. MONARCH FOODS Super OuaIiTy DisTribuTed Only Through IndependenT Stores REID, MURDOCH 8: CO. BOSTON, MASS, EsT. I853 CoTTee RoasTers-Carners WARE TRUST COMPANY WARE, MASS. Original Charrer i825 Banking on The same corner Tor One Hundred and EighT Years Favorable Terms Tor SmaII Individual AccounTs Send Parcel PosT or Express Trom any parT oT The UniTed STaTes. You will geT The same high-class service you received aT College HEGY'S, Inc. America's BesT Cleansers and Dyers HOLYOKE STORE - 527 DWIGHT ST. ll il' . 4- I -- - - A - e - ,. A4 1551--' egg - . ,. -: f ? ae. I "T1,'f.fF'...... -- Pliiiliyf I WORKS: 9IO To 930 MAIN STREET HOLYOKE, MASS. HOTEL NORTHAMPTON "An lnn oT CoIoniaI Charm" AT NorThampTon, Mass. 30 MinuTes Drive Trom MounT Holyoke College I25 Rooms 52.00 up New - EireprooT - Eree Parking - Garage In ConnecTion wiTh The HoTeI is WIGGINS OLD TAVERN CompIeTeIy Furnished wiTh Early American AnTigues You will Enjoy The ExceIlenT Eood aT Popular Prices LEWIS N. WIGGINS, Prop. M. T. FOLEY CO. BOSTON'S REAL FISH HOUSE BOSTON, MASS. ALICE BROWN'S SWEETHEART TEA HOUSE Mohawk Trail, Shelburne Falls, Mass. Chicken, STeak and LobsTer Dinners Open May IsT-November IsT COMPLIMENTS OF HADLEY BOOK SHOP and THE BOOK SHOP INN SouTh Hadley Two Hundred and SevenTy-Tou I Disiindivef Vicror Recordings for Fashdious Music Lovers Lei us lwelp you eriricli your collecrion of recorded music J G HEIDNER 8: SON . . , INC. 2884290 Maple Sfreel Holyoke, Mass. JOHN F. KOWAL "NEW ENGLAND'S OWN" Producers and Dis'I'ribu+ors of Fine Foods Wholesale Only Beef, Mulfori, Lomb, Veal, Pork, Hams, Bacon, Sausage, Pouliry, Game, Buffer, Cheese, Eqqs. Olives, Oils-Freslw, Sell and Smoked Fislw- Fruils and VeqelablesfCanned Foods, Preserves and Birdseye Frosled Foods Ba+chelder, Sn BLACKSTONE, NORTH AND NORTH CENTRE STREETS BOSTON, MASS. ycler, Dorr 8: Doe Co. DR. E. W. MAYO ' ' MQ LANDEN DENTIST g iwii ifxx 81 SON 280 High Slreer Holyoke, Mass. 'F Jewelers for if Compleee selections , - of Diamond Rings u Over 'h' """' Half 5 Cemury PRENTISS, BROOKS 8: CO., INC. I8 VERNQN ST- SPRINGFIELD4 MASS. Flour, Grain, Hay and Masons Supplies SSCOHC3 Floor HOLYOKE, MASS. Complimenis of . THE CLASS CDF i936 Two Hundred and Sevenly-five ADELSON BROS. Jewelers Jewelry - Diamonds - Walches Walch Repairing 34I High Slreef Holyoke, Mass. X2 S El lu E I- M U1 O4 fi ff 4 Q THE RALSTEN SHOP 4-1 E -I 5 Sporl Clolhes - Allernoon Eroclcs 2 -O EL D' Evening Dresses - Lingerie ml! E E O Z I- 30 Z E 4 oz 9 L -H - - cz coMPuMENTs or . 8 E ,- I- - Q- I- if 2 4 THE HOLYOKE CITY MARKET O go 3 . Q lu 1- U I- - Z FINE GROCERIES 349-355 High SIree+ Holyoke, Mass. Complimenls of . . The GREAT ATLANTIC 81 PACIFIC TEA CO. TWEED WEAVE STATIONERY 200 Sh I . . IOO Enjglcipes . A high grade paper wi+h your name and address prinled in blue inlc, eilher in one line across The lop or in Three lines. Send for Samples METCALF PRINTING CO. 28 Crafls Avenue, Norlhamplon, Mass. GRACE CHURCH "A College Church" in Holyolce, Mass. ROBERTS' BEAUTY STUDIO RUBY BUILDING Two Hundred and Sevenfy School Bells l-lear The blaring OT The bells, Rising bells! WhaT a loT oT iumps Their noise ToreTells! l-low They scare and scare and scare, ln The meagre lighT oT morn, While The chilling winTry air lvlalces The drowsy sTudenTs swear ln a manner mosT Torlorn. Bells say-"Rise, rise, rise!" While a hall oT girls, all highs, JusT wanT The sleep ThaT quells The sound OT Those darn bells. Bells, bells, bells, Oh, The awTul blarey noise oT rising bells! l-lear The mellow, mellow bells Dinner bells! WhaT a loT oT Tood Their harmony ToreTells. They say-"EaT, eaT, eaT! To The dining hall, please go!" And There's rushing oT The TeeT, Your Tellowmen you greeT WiTh Tales OT healTh and woe. Then chew, chew, chew! And all lcind OT gossip, Too, Tales oT proTs and Their exams. JesTs, laughs, and many slams- - Bells, bells, bells. Oh, The hungry iingling oT The dinner bells! Hear The loud and mean class bells, Brazen bells! WhaT Tales oT Terror Their Turbulency ToreTells, ln The sTarTled ears oT FEMMES, How They scream ouT-"Now, exams!" OuT The boolcs and pads and inlc And The shouTs-"l cannoT Thinlc! 'Oh, dear, howl did cram!" Bells say-"Fail, Tail, Tail!" And our nerves Tell The same Tale. l-low The class gongs moclc and Tease! Class begins-no more hours OT ease! Bells, bells, bells, T Oh, The shrieking and The wrangling oT The bells! l-lear The Tolling oT The bells, Sleep bells! WhaT a world oT dreams Their sound compels, Oh, Tor sleep, sleep, sleep In ThaT liTTle single bed WiTh The covers soTT and deep. Farewell, lessons-They will keep Till Tomorrow To be read. Then Tor dreams, dreams, dreams, OT home, Triends and, yes-ice creams. NighTmares, yells, and lumps and Then lTind My roommaTe Thinlcs ThaT l have losT my mind. Bells, bells, bells, Oh, They are such drowsy, sleepy dreamy bells! Two Hundred and SevenTy-seven -A- DIEGES 81 CLUST "ll we made ir, i+'s rigl'm+" COMPLIMENTS OF Class Rings Fraferniry Pins Clwarrns and Medals lor Every Sporl H 8K 73 Tremonlr Slreel Boslon, Mass. JANE MCDONOUGH LEA TAGNON 34-Q Bridge Sfreef Springfield lrnporler and Manulacfurer cl Willuin five rninules' walls ol llwe slalion l:llXlEST FRENCH HANDAMADE LlNGERlE , , also Trousseaux lo Order We Oller Special Values lo lime College Girl 62 GREEN STREET NORTHAMPTON Dresses - Coafs - Suifs Teiepiiene 2595 I De Luxe Coaches Clwarfered for S T E I G E R S all College Adivifies Courfeous Railroad The Home Ol Ooeraro s Responsibilily QUALITY Fashions 259 l-liglm Slreel l-lolyolqe, Mass. College Represenlalive Mary Rose Reichard Display in P. O. Corridor ' L 1 ,X ' 17' ere A 5 -f NEW ENGLAND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Cora. COMMERCE and sTATE sr rims 2-6lOI HARTFORD Cornplimenlrs of . . THE CLASS OF I935 BECKMANN'S GOOD THINGS TO EAT LUNCH ES-SODAS-PASTRI ES ICE CREAM FAVORS-CANDIES Holyoke and Nor+l'1amp+on Massaclwuserfs Telephone - l-lolyolce 7488 Two Hundred and Sevenlyeeglwl THE HOLYOKE TRANSCRIPT-TELEGRAM The favorife paper in fwelve fhousand or more homes. Read H' and undersfand +he reason why ACME WM. B. wHmNe COAL co. Established 1870 REPRODUCTION HOLYOKE Dial my CO. IIO WEST 3O+h STREET Shop a+ Sears' and Save NEW YORK CITY SEARS, ROEBUCK 81 CO. HOLYOKE, MASS. RICHARD W. HANWELL 477 Main Sfreei' EAST GRANGE NEW JERSEY T H ndred and Sevenfyen Phone 7I I2-M H. W. BENNETT-Florisl Member of Elorisl Telegraph Delivery I-Iadley Slreel Soulh I-Iadley Tel. Norlharnpfon 646-R YE BRICK OVEN in OLDE I-IADLEY serves CHICKEN and WAFELE LUNCI-IES and AFTERNOON TEA Also Dinners when Ordered in Advance MRS. J. E. MORSE Tel. 246I I2 M. J. DOYLE PRINTING CO. PRINTERS PUBLISHERS I I8 Race Slreel I-Iolvolce, Mass. COLLEGE BEAUTY STUDIO "BEE and MILLIE" Where Experl Service prevails 92 College Slreel Dial 2-2964 Complimenls of . . THE CLASS OF I933 ,, S N68 Q, S QFCZQ III A a ph ll ni, 9 ii ii b gldf a ii. ni iff ii. PUBLICATION. SCIENTIFIC ENGRAVING COMPANY..406-426W.3lST...N.Y TWC Hundred en CIHEIQ Complimenls of . . THE CLASS OF I934 THE BETTER THINGS AT THE BIG STORE' COST YOU LESS 40 Greal Deparlmenls Io Choose From McAUSLIN 81 WAKELIN CO. Corner Dwighr and Maple Slreels Holyoke COMPLIMENTS OF R. A. GLESMANN R I G A L I 'S SODA - LUNCHES Dwighl Slreer Holyoke, Mass. More Than Two Generalions of MI. Holyoke SI'udenI's Have Used This fy iikrg f Sf I To -V 'H' 'lijqk i - T 1 . XT X X1 il f y I' ff X I ia 'iffl , li ' no YEHEEF illiiiiilll T Eimllliiiil fFXFI'IT'IiiIEE Eiiilllmaaaiii 'Q ILS 8 lr E -. T r , A 1----- I f 'ni iT Eyfimim .I 5-mm f . . -isisllll T ag AH, In-b f? L HQ: in E2 - f p-,2f3' eu , , H gif' enetsff ex SX . i Bank as Their Deposilory for Checking Accounf Funds This record is nor only a convincing Iesfi- monial of confidence in our slrenglh and slabilify, buf a nolable endorsemenl of our facililies and service as well. The same a++en'rive considerafion Ihal we gave To lhose who are now Ivlounl Holyoke Alumnae is being exlended Io preseni undergraduales, and will con- 'rinue Io be offered 'ro lhe generalions of Mounl Holyoke sludenls yel Io come. HADLEY FALLS TRUST CO. 58 Suffolk S+. Branch ai 342 Dwighl S+. Holyoke, Mass. Two Hundred and Eighly-one The WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO INC. NEW ENGLAND'S LARGEST COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHER Official Pho+ographer for "Llamarada" I933 I60 BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. sf I -qw! Z , 1 .Q 1 4 'K' :"f""-'w 1 1-. --, v-M-I Y. L. 1.4-4. . N . - YW, 4- ', lt i N , ., f.,'-" M , , ,, fozjgqu' -' xqfkm . 1 gn--. g,- -f 1. v '4.' 1 J ,'3wr" 1' 9- , ,V ,Q .-a ' 'W ..,. 1 f V. 9 vie ' 'i-Q, . .1m.5.-5- W. . 4 .-qu, 5, .vig . wk 3 gf," . ,QW 1 . , 1 , . I 1 '31, ' , 4 .. I ,L - 4' , V . - - 1 . , a". 'iff N1 1 .' 'L' . - '55 1-6 ' . V 'ar 1, V . K , 4, N, rw if ' JH" 'f' 'As W . ," ff " 2 ' m 4. . V if, 425 .4 fifi, 1: .1 I Q H '-31? fn, 5. , ,X nf -h ri I7 . S51-'nw fan h b'R? 4? W' We ,- in aff f 1-19 .. Fl .N , QW 1- - ,ni 1'-7 . 'Q 1 x 9. 4. . '..A a ... - Us V -Q Y-:M-1. .9-.1 ,, tg W, M52-Q 3. ,J , Q' V if ai f, -x zu.,- Il:- r 1 1 53? '24

Suggestions in the Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) collection:

Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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