Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA)

 - Class of 1927

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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Cover

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.u.. , X v SW-:Vjg'! :I " 2 1 ...u. 'wp .,,v. . , '.f47,. ,., f, I . 1, .51 51551 '--mi! + w .N , Eh 1 .x 1f..v ,,x,, fi 1 4 J ,n . H . wkfziig 4, I W 'E qu. . w U ,AP ,. 1,3 V .-,. T. A rf w,,,.,.: 'f, 45:-., :x :I ,mg-,,. .. 1 , .,, L v., -Na. , mfs' A ,x A ,Im :': ,-bl - lf,-:f 1, mi, 11:1 ,,i:,,: SIEWHA sf-Sqgf-a .w whx pil- , , my .-LV31 H 14-'i:,' u,, ,, 1..., ,,,r. H fg. qx. m-:HLp " fied 1, fn U J,c, Tn uwv lfiir, ' ,Yw,,, ,rk. -V ,uhrx ,,.1jH 1 ,7QqH. ,,3Hd" 1, 5 . .'II:.El' ' .,,,, -, M1272 H lvn .1-14: . ' ,lr ' NL: .Az ,,,,.x5,u'1 . -'Y H5571 , Ng-,r ' -Und' .,, ,?,i?:2e,. ' wif f ,.s1 5-, , Llrxgi ,mwgyyfa .,.I W- , H.h, wlfisgnf ' 31,1 ' w,J1,.. . 'v,.,.- . 'Hw'HX' . ,, , , ,. ww. w . --,v--. l ,QL ,.,, . ...f-5 Q -,Q-,15,,, , '.,, .,.' ' ..j5'i,E ,Q-:Z , x ,I ' 91:- 1,,n , , ' -'J 'I' .JWMF A auf ,Hn-1 ngg 2- :ll:.,,' ,vp ,:j1-, - Thbviil Y :Ui rHv,..uH , . ,,,... 'K I , . . r , , I , I , I 4 U 1 XJ, 1 If 1 11 ' 1 l 151 H . lr' HY ,gr qv ll R I's Q , J ' 2 , q 1 Yl ' H? 'N 1215111 1 ff3,'H'i 21212 . ,Q wgglglc e , HULVf5' . :vw r I 1. , Y , I 1 , , 4 K,,I.,rH NVQ I lun nl. vilf' 'z z.,g.,,, . 1 'I H 'hul 1 1,1 1,1 , U w:J, 11 sf " ' 4+-1, .Hwy 1 In ,1i'.:.', LQ Uv ,-., x.'. ,, aizf. li!! .q,r,, I, ,la il -'H .-,e,.51,I'iyl. ' nu. ,cy:,f3,3 " :TI-1 Qzsemlgi f,:,f,:,, ,- ,M H '-::wh'..,'ef' V L. f,,!4,1A,.2 gltvy seZ'F..1,ywgf'!:. 1 '- ',- vw,- f',Ti" :,14Qi?iSi!2 ,, .N Zf'e:!'x:i:!'f . l"515Y.:.:fi iv...--P2zff11!':+ qggyUJlw'y :gi1 ?+Q'5134? 5?1f !. 15.,u.,1 .124 filgiiffgfi ?f.g.,,-!yg:,s,..g,'!i 291.4 i,'511rF?1EE5 qu 9lfffQ5l!f.L:1' :M .- wix,:,,i:2 , ' " 'QJ ' I 1 ffl' ng Kimfifiqw , ygM1gi,w,q,4 i1,.2,s,'.E'j!f5Lf!if- WH 'i1f" 11122312 Qfw4q:Qun'n MV' -331'-I-wfffl' V5f:lg'-53 4"'L1.j13i i'ej2zPi?' Wei s :W 1' fL1:"': v H551-55:c:'ffirfgE ,.:1.f,1:2.'eg2fii,gg, 1:E'iM1m'i-1'I3.. 1 ,, :1 i'g " if',z5E2,sg:?z15s5ff4-Q . 'v..,,g,,: 252515, 53.5-I.j5iff..,E,+Q,, fz,egi4u51,?'iifg:Ze -w as 'f' -,mass fI11S12,F!,'fsgva',tflE li,lf151!,!,f.i15,-.1 - ,5. ' 13,'i41v'n .1:l,l.33.' ,191 -, 5!!f"ii::f.-1fEl,iP1!:- fiiiilgafseigsgfwirf ' It, -'l' "ff 5s1glu4iQ:i,,Q!'i,g55,, 1ff1l"q!hl'e.'H' ' br.ifil,vr"n'n.l' W lm. '1--ir:-M" s"1'?'v'vP'LeH N 141:-iw 1:-,if-'E .-, 'izilg-1'jf'1t2'H, 51i,s52flt1il2pl! I, 21!liQl.l.l"il'z' 55 '1 :ISU 1.2 I X TIFFANY A Co. JEWELRY WATCHES SILVERWARE OF DEPENDABLE VALUE IVIAII, INQUIRIES RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION FIFTH AVENUE N379 STREET NEWYORK- v - 0 I IJATTA TTDUN t I-IOLYOKJL COLL1:GlE UCU XXNUI fnnniilnn llll llmj - IZOBIZRT RAOICKS STITTULATING FRIEND AND IHINKLI. X912 DISDICATE THIS BOOK Priesthood of Thoth Dynasty of the Sphinx Dynasty of the Lion Dynasty of the Griffin . Dynasty of the Winged Horse Fertile Valiey . . Papyrus wntgfs . The Oasis Games Dwellings Mummies 27 SI 161 '75 187 199 215 225 241 259 277 f rw '-""' ' :MIK I I Lim 'H 1 5 f. . ,A Q f . 2 f ,- u ' 1 . ,.. v x' I' 23:11 1 Lrg ' 1I a V 'J E uw.. 3' W A' M5- Q -J - va.,- H- 4 .A - ax 'ii' ,YI ,K ,b , . - lL, ...,,-,s. ., LR: W JA' ""p '. DD' ku .1 , 1,11 ' ".f o cj .' ' .. f.'+ ," ' ri fn, f' .. . L, '-'WI yi- ,P Q .-'f 'ww' . A -up. -' if I 3 -I 1 AN 4 .4 0,-1 "' Q' .T ,Q-'v 1, ,, ' 41? x I' FAVQ ,I ' A l ..Z"' l 4, '23 ', 1 -' 'V u. f' K . '. H . , , ' ' ' 1 x "f A h A Y ' " a' f,,', .,, w ,, . - , W., A ,.,,5y,' ,',g'-, .,.- X . ,' f.-.if ' "H '.-.,-.- -L H'-' -:,'-1-,'-. -.L -..w,x -'- 1 . . , 1,4 "" m '7"'7A"Lf,.pQ' 'gtg' Q: ' ' X ' ' ' ', .. Y 1 - , ugly' Pig, 'L X ' f.',45?l'7'J' '+x'fAfL"-73-S'. fxfffi Inav- ' 71, f f -.iw , ,',, " 'um - A ' I K K7 'lx-Q ' .' , 1- " 'fngml-. 'M",?fiz.-, -1 L'h"b""7-ff--Cf-' Li'--' z 1'-. 1,-+.:'TftW,'1'.KP,g,3"f,",,,,'.Q 4 , bf' f x+'fasY'w-','fAg,gf'm QM ' ,Q ',.4.v- - ' .4 ' vgnjis ng- -if 53.5, '-'gp if L..4.4w. 4, ' wx em, -ga .1-qv v -,Q Ak -, ' x K gi, 1 1 -'ff,, .. '-'H "'r7,fg-'f G , ',f,"!Q'.""dQ g'7.?'3' lf - 1' '.f. -Fm 1- "Jw Q Q' -. : "YA-f -N," 4. 3.53 wil fr.: if -'wg , , , , .,,.,1L, ,. Il -,. If . ,,.,1 J!,1,,,gly,f Nigfa, ,,, , JMQQMQ V , N .lEx8,3.,',kK:hLN:J,.1Tfiix, W,l.N -, -' - ' 1- - . . ,Q 'jj-, .Vw ,.-vm 5.1, X , Jfuvw, 'A nl .An U W ,di-.' v' I P I MISS WOOLLEY if j :At JAIEADA 4 C-lllme BOHFA of Trustees JOSEPH ALI.IEN SKINNER, Ph.B., President . . Holyoke, Massachusetts REV. HENRY A. STIMSON, D.D .... . . New York, N. Y. SARAH P. EASTMAN, Litt.D ......... Wellesley, Massachusetts MARY EMMA WooLLEY, A.M., Litt.D., L.H.D., LL.D. fex officioj .... AI..FRED R. KIMIIALL . . WILLIAM H. BUTTON, A.M .... CHARLES BULKLEY HUEEELL, A.M. . HENRY B. DAY ...... REV. ROCKWEEL HARMON POTTER, D.D. EDWARD B. REED, Ph.D ..... ALEXANDER MEIKI.E.IOHN, 'Ph.D., LL.D. . FRANK B. TOWNE, Auditor . . . MRS. RICHARD M. HOE . . . REV. WILLIAM HORIACE DAY, D.D. . EDWARD N. WHITE . . . BOYD EDWARDS, D.D. . . F. CHARLES SCHWEDTMAN RICHARD S. CHILDS, A.B. . GEORGE DWIGHT PRATT . JAMES M. SIIEERS ...... FLORENCE PURINGTON, B.S., Litt.D. . MRS. CLARA FITCH CLEMENT, A.B. . MRS. CHARLOTTE LEAVITT GILPATRIC, A.B. . MRS. LIITITIA THOMAS EVANS, A.B. . WILLIAM J. DAVIDSON . . . ELBERT A. HARVEY, A.B .... HENRY PLIMPTON KENDAI.L, A.B. . IS21I South Hadley, Massachusets . . . New York, N. Y. . New York, N. Y. . . New York, N. Y. Boston, Massachusetts Hartford, Connecticut New Haven, Connecticut . Madison, VVisconsin . Holyoke, Massachusetts . . New York, N. Y. . Bridegport, Connecticut . Holyoke, Massachusetts . Pottstown, Pennsylvania . . New York, N. Y. . . . New York, N. Y. Springfield, Massachusetts . . . New York, N. Y. South Hadley, Massachusetts . . Albany, New York . White Plains, New York X . . New York, N. Y. Boston, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts JAWAIQ ADA i 4 Administrative Officers MARY EMMA WooI.1.EY, M.A., Litt.B., L.H.D., LL.D., Presizlent on fl4ary lf. Woolley .l'I0Il7l!ll1fi07l. B.A., M.A., Litt.D., Brown University5 L.H.D., Amherst Collegeg LL.D., Smith College5 M.A., LL.D., Yale University. Chairman, College Entrance Examination Board5 Senator, United Chapters, Phi Beta Kappag National Board of Young Women's Christian Association5 League of Nations Non-Partisan Association CDirector, Vice-Chairman of the Massachusetts BranchD5 Intercollegiate Bureau of Occupations in New York City CAdvisory Boardj 5 American Association of University Women5 American Friends of Greece fHonorary Committeel 5 American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalemg American Society for Labor Legislation5 Christian Education in Mission Field CAmerican Section of Committeejg National Committee of One Hundred for Law Enforcement5 National Council of Women CCommittee on Peace and ArbitrationD5 Near East Relief CAmerican Committee, National Women's Committee, and President's Committee of One HundredD5 National Council of the National Economic League to Represent the State of Massa- chusettsg Rhode Island Branch, Woman's Board of Missions CVice-Presidentl5 Advisory Committee, Student Friendship Fund5 American Association for Promoting Scientific Research among Women5 Corporate Member of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions5 American Society for Judicial Settlement of International Disputes5 Association of Amercian Colleges5 Church Peace League of America fCharter MemberJ5 Hall of Fame fBoard of Elec- torsj 5 League for Permanent Peace5 National Council of Congregational Church- es inthe United States CCommittee of Religious Education, Honorary Memberj 5 New England Woman's Press Association5 Rhode Island Society for Collegiate Education of Women5 Salem Society for Higher Education for Women CHonor- ary Memberl 5 Board of Directors, World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship Throughout the Churchesg Board of Governors, Christian College for Women in Madras5 Trustee: International College, Springfield, Lake Erie College, Woodrow Wilson Foundation5 Member, College Club, Boston5 Cos- mopolitan Club, New York City5 New England Wheaton Seminary Clubg Pawtucket Chapter D.A.R.5 Pawtucket Woman's Clubg Sorosisg Springheld College Club5 Women's University Club, New York City. Author: historical monographs, Early History of the Colonial Post-Ojficef Defvelopmeut of the Lofve of Romantic Scenery in flnzericag also numerous educational articles. Soufh Ilaflley, M11.v.vr1clz1lselts FIORENCE PURINGTON, B.S., Litt.D., Dean B.S., Litt.D., Mount Holyoke College5 University of Michigang Harvard Uni- versity Summer Schoolg Member of the National Educational Association5 lVIember of the New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools5 President of the National Association of Deans5 Member of the American Associa- tion of Social Workersg Supporting Member of the Bureau of Vocational Infor- mation5 Member of the American Association of University Women5 Member of the Foreign Policy Association5 Member of the League of Nations Non- Partisan Association5 Member of Executive Board of Southern Woman's Educa- tional Alliance5 Member of Board of Trustees, Mount Holyoke College5 Phi Beta KHPPH Sociery- Soulh Hadley, M11ss'11rl1z1xett.r I22I .JATTAR ADA 4 CAROLINE BOARDMAN GREENE, M.A., Registrar M.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Member of the New England Association of College and 'Preparatory Schoolsg Member of the American Association of Col- legiate Registrarsg Phi Beta Kappa' Society. , South Hadley, illassaehusetts MARY ASHBY CHEEK, M.A., Exeeutifve Secretary of the Board of Admission B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Columbia Universityg General Secretary of the Young Women's Christian Association, Mount Holyokeg Travelling Secre- tary of the Presbyterian Board in New York Cityg Dean of Kentucky College for Women, 1922-23, Member of New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schoolsg Member of American Association of University Women. 229 North Third Street, Danville, Kentucky WALTER BATES ADAMS, Treasurer South Hadley, Jllassaehusetts ELLA SILL DICKINSON, HA., Assistant Registrar flirting Registrar for first semester 1926-275. B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Registrar, National Cathedral School, Wasliiimg- ton, District of Columbiag Phi Beta Kappa Societyg Member of the American Association of University Woineng Member of the New England Association of Colleges and 'Preparatory Schools. . South Hadley, fllassadiusetts. I-IARRIET NEWHAI.L, B.A., Assistant to the President. B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg B.S., Simmons Collegeg Member of American Association of University Womeng Member of New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory' Schools. 795 Sumner Avenue, Sjn'ingf1'eIa', twassaehusetts OLIVE COPELAND, B.A., Secretary to the President B.A., Smith College. ' 205 Elm Street, Northampton, Massrzrlzusets HELEN MACMUR1'RIE Vooauees, M.A., .flssistant to the Dean B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., University of Wisconsing A.A.U.W.g Secretary to the National Secretary of the Phi Beta Kappa Societyg Member of the American Sociological Society. Basking Ridge, New Jersey l23l W W Y ,,. .. ,. . . .. .,,, .---.-.F ... ..-V V-.-,vt-.. , , , - , :AWA12 ADA 4 DORIS EMILY HUTCHINSON, B.S., Secretary to the Dean B.S., Simmons Collegeg Secretary, Bureau of Vocational Guidance, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University. , 57 lfffinter Street, Gardner, Massaclzusetts RUTH THELMA JAMESON, B.S., Secretary to tlze Dean B.S., Simmons College. Colebrook, New Hampshire ELIZA GAYLORD, B.A., Recorder B.A., Mount Holyoke College, B.S., Simmons College. 2 kVillian1s Street, Holyoke, Massaclzusetts GRACE HAZEL ITRASK, B. S., Secretary to the Registrar B.S., Simmons College. Sterling, Massaclzusetts r ELIZABETH WELCH GATES, B.A., Assistant in the Ojfice of the Registrar kfirst semester 1926-27 only., 12 Willrzrd Street, Hartford, Connecticut HATTIE CELIA 'l.1INKHAM, Assistant to the Treasurer 17 Fayette Street, Taunton, Massachusetts VERA BELLE FAIRBANKS, Secretary to the Treasurer 306 Suffield Street, Agawazn, Massaclzusetts FRANCES MARION BROWNE, Assistant to the Treasurer 31 Beacon Avenue, Holyoke, Mrzssaclzusetts SARAH REBECCA TIRREl.L, B.A., Secretary in the Office of tlze Board of Admission B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg B.S., Simmons College. 401 llloraine Street, Brockton, Massaclzusetts ELIZABETH CYPRIAN SULLIVAN, Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Board of Admission Morse College, Hartford. ' 335 Sargent Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts l24l JAWAIZ ADA 4 Qfficers of the Alumnae Association for the Year IC926-IQ27 LENA ALDRICH SCHUSTER, '98 President , . Main Street, Douglas, Massachusetts MARY AUGUSTA CLARK, '03, First Vice-President 136 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, New York FLORENCE M. REED, '09, Second Vice-President .Rockefeller Foundation, 61 Broadway, New York City Directors KATHERINE FLOWERS '12, 3 56 Auburn Avenue, Columbus, Ohio MARY ELY LYMAN, '11, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York CHRISTINE HAMILTON ALLEN, '97, Kenwood, New York MARGARET LEWIS A'1'WO0D, '20, 1724 Preyer Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio FLORENCE CLEMENT, '14, 475 Hudson Avenue, Albany, New York MARJORIE LATIMER, '15, Recording Secretary, 36 Beechwood Avenue, Springfield, Massachusetts A. ELIZABETH ADAMS, '14, Treasurer, Mount Holyoke College NIARY C. HIGLEY, '21, Alumnae Secretary, Mount Holyoke College DORO1'HY A. JOHNSON, '26, Assistant to Alumnae Secretary, A Mount Holyoke College RIIRIAM F. KELLY, '08, Assistant to Alulnnae Treasurer, Mount Holyoke College GERTRUDE V. BRUYN, '14, Field Secretary, Mount Holyoke College Presidents of Local Clubs ANNA IRENE lV.lILLER, 1919 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. . Baltimore ' MRS. THEODORE POMEROY, Main Street, Dalton, Mass. . Berkshire County MIRIAM F. CARPENTER, 10 Chauncy Street, Cambridge, Mass Boston MRS. FRIQDIRICK -FERRY, Clinton, N. Y. ....... Central New York EUGENIA RAYMOND, 234 West 10 Street, Columbus, Ohio . Central Ohio MRS. HAZEN CAPRON, 812 West Church St., Champaign, lll. . Clzan1paign1Urbana MRS. A. W. CONSOER, 404 Fairview Avenue, Park Ridge, lll. Chicago 1251 ,..-.-.. --,.-,.-,-....... C -... .. ,,,,, ,,, 1 JAWAIZ ADA MRS. OSCAR WAONER, 2233 Cummington Road, Cleveland, Ohio AGNES BUCK, 120 Parkwood Boulevard, Schenectady, N. Y. . MARY A. C. AvERY, 44 Oneco Street, Norwich, Conn. . . MRS. WILL1AM M. WARREN, 25 Hudson Street, Bangor, Maine MRS. KARL F. MIl.I.ER, 4 High Street, Turners Falls, M-ass. . HELEN KNOWLTON, '3 McClellan Street, Amherst, Mass. . DOROTHY ELY VVILLIAMS, 165 Girard Avenue, Hartford, Conn. ISSTHER BARRY, 251 Oak Street, Holyoke, Mass. ' . . . . MRS. JOHN VVEDDELI., 3939 Park Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana MRS. CYRII. J. EDWAIRDS, 140 Hampton Road, Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. ...... . MRS. HENRY FLETCHER, 74 Dell Street, Minneapolis, Minn. MRS. ROBERT WALBRIDGE, 68 Concord Street, Peterhoro, N. H. DR. MARGARET rl1YLER, 195 Church Street, New Haven, Conn. HARRIlZ'1' B. PRESCOTT, 36 Gramercy Park, New York, N. Y. MINNIE GRAHAM, Mills College, California. . . . . MARY L. BLYSTON E, 423 East Fourth Street, Jamestown, N. Y. MRS. N. M. JONES, Sapulpa, Okla ....... . MRS. DAVID WATSON, 214 West Mount Airy Ave. Philadelphia RUTH MOREY, 5754 Howe Street, Pittsburg, Pa ..... MRS. SAMUEL BARNES, 706 Twelfth Ave., North, Seattle, Wash. MRS. FRANK PETERS, 230 Pleasant Street, Providence, R. I. . MRS. GEOROE FESSENDEN, 36 Clay Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. ELIEANOR KIRK, 5025 Waterman Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. . MRS. 15. D. GAYLORD, 2283 West 21 Street, Los Angeles, Cal. MRS. JAMES SEAMAN, 573 State Street, Springfield, Mass. . GRACE M. EATON, 428 Sixth Avenue, North, Nashville, Tenn. RUTH TEMPLE, lVIiddlehury College, Middlebury, Vt. . . FLORENCE HANRINS, 1826 Hanover Avenue, Richmond, Va. lCvELYN rl1HOMPS0N, 1857 Lamont Street, Washington, D. C. MARION CURRIER, 61 Elm Avenue, Wzlterbtiry, Conn. . . EDITH CRAM, 63 Pleasant Avenue, Woodfords, Maine . . MRS. J. TALBOT JOHNSON, Ben Airly, Aberdeen, N. C. . . MRS. OLIVER W. GAINIES, 264 Highland St.reet, Worcester, Mass. Foreign Clubs LAURA WARD, Dioglch, via Foochow, Fukien, China . . . MRS. ARTHUR AI.IEXANDER, 2561 Jones Street, Honolulu, T. H. MRS. J. D. N. DASS, Kinnaird College, Lahore, India . . MRS. CHARLES 'IlENNY, lchigaya, Tokyo, Japan . . MARY A. HALL, Constantinople VVOman's College, Box 39, Galata, Constantinople, Turkey. . . I26l 4 Cleveland Eastern New York Eastern Connecticut Eastern Mairze l'l7'IllId'll7I County Hamlrslzire County Ilartforzl Holyoke Inflianalrolis Miclzigall Ill in n eso ta New I-Iampshire New Haven New York Northern California Northwestern Penn. Oklahoma Philadeljlhia Pittsburg Puget Sound Rhode Island Rochester St. Louis Southern California Sfrringheld Tennessee Vermont Virginia W'ashington, D. C. Waterbury Wester'11 Mzzine North Carolina Wo:'cester China Hawaii India Japan Near East VI V x V44 V xv: v AVMV V "' fc I 7 -Qfgg SB- 'v "" N Ns P Nat iw ""mW'e!w 1 Mews? ' WW AMN 'ul Z 0 WW l-:L-H Z 0-X v -up C nh hx six pix ink Aix ' A3 Ex ' ix A :IX ff I' ' " A A - A- Q' JJ .- 5 l'l S 'I' ' 5' fi "2 W Q 9 59 w F cf?-1 G .Um Q lg Q , 1-'J.'!E5 ' l 'Q gx Q D 'i 12 Q Q 2 5:7 V Q' e 6 I , Q D lu! ix 1 ylln.,-9' f Q . Sim., Q E' ' " - XX -. D 5 ,- Y 1 1 V , 9 Q - - f m N X N 5 1 " v,, ,- 7-' ,g 4: . 4 4 X D D 5 Wx a 08,901 A, ' .4 1L3', XX " r O ff I i f ,J ' X G Q l V N ' 0 - - Ny E, . ' ' V G D A 'C' F UAMAMA A,f,fAyv,'AwAw'AvwAvfAMAw1AwfAwAw1AXv1j3gq 3 3 4 154 ' l 5 A or 'mom .JATTAR ADA 4 Faculty and Staff DEPARTMENT OF ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY LOUISE FITZ-RANDOLPH, M.A., Emeritus Professor of drchaeology and Plistory of drt M.A., Mount Holyoke College: University of Berlin, University of Chicagog American Schools of Classical Studies at Athens and at Romeg Head of the Department of History and Art, Lake Erie Collcgeg Lecturer in History of Art in the Western Reserve School of Design, Member of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athensg Member of the Archae- ological Institute of America. South Hadley, lllassachusetls CAROLINE MORRIS GALT, B.A., Professor of Archaeology and Greek B.A., Bryn Mawr Collegeg University of Chicagog Columbia Universityg Ameri- can School of Classical Studies at Rome, lilember of the Managing Committee of the School at Athensg Annual Professor of American Classical School at Athensg Associate Member of the American Numismatic Societyg American Philological Associationg Archaeological Institute of America. South Hadley, lllassaclulsetfs FLORENCE W1NsLow Foss, M.A., Associate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Wellesley Collegeg University of Chicago 3: Art Institute, Chicagog College Art Association of America, School of American- Sculpture, South Iladley, lllassachusetts. GER'I'RUDE STEWART HYDE, B.A., Associate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Norwich Art Schoolg Art Students' League, New York, Art League Summer Schoolsg University of Chicagog College Art Association of America. South Hadley, Massaclzllsetts MIl.DRED MEI.LOR BATESON, M.A., Instructor . Ph.B., University of Chicago, M.A., University of Chicagog Member of Kappa Pi, 6127 Greenwood flvenue, Chicago, Illinois MARION HAYES, B.A., Assistant A B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 153 Hill flfaenue, Elgin., Illinois DEPARTMENT OF ASTRONOMY ANNE SEWELL YOUNG, Ph.D., Professor and Director of John Payson Willistozz Observatory A ' I B.L., M.S., Carleton Collegeg Ph.D., Columbia Universityg Goodsell Observa- ' tory, Walla Walla, Washingtong Research Assistant, Yerkes Observatoryg Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Societyg Member of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association, Member of the American Association of American Star Observersg Fellow of the American Association of Variable Star Observersg Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Member of the American Astronomical Society. Winorizz Lake, Indiana l29l " 'I 1 s l l 1 1, 'l l li l li l l r l I i l JATTAIQ ADA 4 ALICE HALL FARNswoia'rH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago, Yerkes Observatory, Elizabeth Bardwell Memorial Fellow, Fellow in A-tronomv. Uni- versity of Chicago, Member of the American Association of Variable Star Observ- ers, Member of the American Astronomical Society, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Instructor, University of Chicago. 3 Spring Street, Taunton, Massaelizzsetts HAIEL MI'1'CHELL BURTON, B. A., Instructor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Assistant at Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, California, IVIember of the American Astronomical Society, Member of the American Association of Variable Star Observers. 21 Birch Street, Lawrence, Illassaehusetts DEPARTMENT OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE LAURA HULDA WILD, B.D., Professor B.A., Smith College, B.D., Hartford Theological Seminary, Professor of Biblical History and Literature, Doane College and Lake Erie College, National Secretary of the Young Women's Christian Association, Pastor of Congregational Church, Lincoln, Nebraska, Visiting Professor at Ginling College, China, Member of Fund for American Schools of Oriental Research, Member of the American Oriental Society, Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, Member of the Religious Education Association, Member of the Federal Council Commission on Religious Education, Member of the Massachusetts Congrega- tional Commission on Religious Education, Member of the Board of Directors of Clarke School for the Deaf, Northampton, Massachusetts. South Ifazlley, lllassaehusetts NIARY INDA HUSSEY, Ph.D., Professor Ph.B. Earlham College, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, Graduate Scholar, Bryn Mawr College, Fellow in Semitic Languages, University of Pennsylvania, Uni- versity of Leipzig, Instructor in Biblical History, Wellesley College, Fellow of the Baltimore Association for the Promotion of University Education of Women, Holder of the Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Assistant in the Harvard Semitic Museum, Field Secretary of the Fund for Oriental and Archaeological Biblical Research, Member of the American Oriental Society, Member of the Vorderasiatische Gesellschaft, Mem- ber and Treasurer of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, Member of the Religious Education Association. South Hadley, Massachusetts JAMES MUILENBURG, Ph.D., Assistant Professor A. B., Hope College, A.M., University of Nebraska, Ph.D., Yale University, Instructor in English, University of Nebraska, Fellow in the National Council on Religion in Higher Education, Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, Member of the National Association of Biblical Instructors. South Hadley, Massaelizlsetts F301 JATTAR ADA 4 DOROTHY BUTLER ROBINSON, B.D., Instructor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, B. D., Hartford Theological Seminary, Ordained as Congregational Minister, 1925, Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesisg Member of the Religious Education Association. 233 Elm Street, Holyoke, MHSKHCl11lSElfS DEPARTM ENT BOTANY HENRIETTA EDGECOMB HOOKER, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor , Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D., Syracuse University, Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Holeg Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berlin University, Member of International Association of Botany. South Hadley, Massachusetts ALMA GRACEY STOKEY, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Oberlin Collegeg Ph.D., University of Chicago, Marine Biological Labora- t0ry, Wood's Hole, Member of the Botanical Society of America, Member of the Sullivant Moss Society, Sigma Xi Society. South Hadley, lllassaclzusetfs IXNNA MORE STARR, Ph.D., Associate Professor B. L., Ohio Wesleyan University, Bryn lVIawr College, B.A., M.A., Oberlin College, Ph.D., University of Chicagog Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Hole, Fellow in Botany, University of Chicagog Member of the Ecological Society of Americag Sigma Xi Society, Member of the Botanical Society of America. South Hadley, Massaelttlsetfs ASA STEPHEN KINNEY, S.M., Instructor in Floriculture S.B., Boston Universityg S.M., lllassachusetts Agricultural Collegeg Member of the National Forestry Association. South Hadley, lllassaehusetts SARAH JANE AGARD, M.A., Curator of the Botanical t'VIuseum B.A., M.A., Mount Holyoke College. South Hadley, .lllassaehusetts KATHERINE Louise BRUCE, B.A., flssistant B.A., Wellesley College. 4 Caswell Street, Fitchburg, lldassaclzusetts DEPARTMENT OF CHEMTSTRY , EMMA PERRY CARR, Ph.D., Professor . S. B., University of Chicago, Ohio State University, Mount Holyoke Collegeg . Ph.D., University of Chicagog Holder of the Mary E. Woolley Fellowship, University of Chicagog Holder of Loenthal Fellowship, University of Chicagog Queen's University, Belfast, lrelandg University of Zurichg Sigma Xi Societyg American Chemical Society. Coshocton, Ohio l31l ..- in... . - --A JATTAR ADA 4 DOROTHY ANNA HAHN, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Bryn Mawr College, Ph.D., Yale University, University of Leipzig, Fellow in Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College, Holder of the Anna C. Prescott Fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Yale University, Holder of the Currier Fellowship, Yale University, Head of the Department of Chem- istry at the Pennsylvania College for Women, Member of the German Chemical Society, Sigma Xi Society, American Chemical Society. South Hadley, .Massachusetts LOUISA STONE STEVENSON, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Vassar College, Ph.D., Cornell University, Holder of the Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellowship, Cornell University, Instructor in Chemistry, Vassar College, Instructor in Chemistry, Wellesley College, Head of the Department of Chem- istry, Sweet Briar College, Sigma Xi Society. 45 Princeton Street, Lowell, Massaclzttsetts MARY LURA SHERRILL, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.A., M.A., Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Ph.D., University of Chicago, Instructor in Chemistry, Adjunct Professor Chemistry, Acting Head of Depart- ment of Chemistry, Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Associate Professor of Chemistry, N. C.' College for Women, Associate Chemist, Chemical Warfare Service, Sigma Xi Society, lltlember of North Carolina Academy of Science, American Chemical Society. Sedgefeld, Greensboro, North Carolina EDITH R. BARSTOW, Assistant Director of the Chemistry Laboratories B.A., Mount Holyoke College. South Hadley, Massacnlzitsetts HELEN F. TUCKER, M.A., Instructor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Vassar College, Graduate Fellow and Assistant, Vassar. lllill Road, North zlndofver, lVIassach11setts LUCY E. PICKETT, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 12 Union Street, Beverly, Massaclzusetts JANET EVANS, B.A., Assistant and Research Fellow I B.A., lVIount Holyoke College. 432 PV. 7th Street, Erie, Pemzsylfvania HARRIET A. SOUTHGATE, B. A., Graduate Fellow ' B.A., Radcliffe College, Instructor in Science, Woodward Institute, Quincy. ' llflarshheld, Mzzssaclzzzsetts BELLE OTTO, B.A., Graduate Fellow B.A., Barnard College. Sayfville, New York l32l JATVAIZ ADA 4 DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY AMY HEWES, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Goucher College, Ph.D., University of Chicago, University of Berlin, Fellow, University of Chicago, Fellow of the Baltimore Association for the Promotion of University Education of Women, Executive Secretary, Committee on VVomen in Industry, Council of National Defense, Supervisor Industrial Serv- ice Section, Ordnance Department, Instructor in Economics at Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women in Industry, Fellow of the Royal Economic Society, Member of the American Economic Association, the American Sociological Society, the American Association for Labor Legislation, and the American Statistical Association. South Hadley, MflSSHC1lllS6fl8 ALLADA CoMsTocK, Ph. D., Associate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Columbia University, Ph.D., Columbia University, Research Fellow, Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy, Holder of the Bardwell Memorial Fellowship, Columbia University, Harvard Uni- versity, London School of Economics, University of London, Associate in Eco- nomics, Barnard College, Member of the American Economic Association and the American Statistical Association, Fellow of the Royal Economic Society. South Hadley, lllassachusetts ETHEL BARBARA DIETRICH, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.A., Vassar College, M.A., University of Wisconsin, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago, Vassar Fellow, University of Wisconsin, Fellow in Economics, University of Wisconsin, Assistant in Economics, Uni- versity of Wisconsin, Research Assistant, Bureau of Industrial Relations, United Typothetae of America, Special Investigator, Woman's Branch Industrial Service Section, Ordnance Department, Member of the American Management Associa- tion, Member of the American Economic Association and the American Associa- tion for Labor Legislation. South Hadley, lllassachusetts ARYNESS JOY, M.A., Instructor B.A., University of Washington, M.A., University of Chicago, Research Assist- ant, University of Chicago, Field Agent, United States Children's Bureau, Member of the American Economic Association. 1 South Hadley, Mzzssaclzllsetts RUTH REED, Ph.D., Instructor B.A., Brenau College, Ph.D., Columbia University, Instructor, Wells College, Special agent of the United States Children's Bureau, Field agent of the Commis- sion of Inter-racial Co-operation, Assistant editor of the Journal of Social Hygiene. 121 Grove Street, Grliriesville, Georgia ALFRED RIVE, B.A., Instructor' B.A., University of British Columbia, Teaching Fellow and Graduate Student, University of California, Instructor in Economics, Cornell University, Research student, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, England. 1147 High Court, Berkeley, California HELEN FAIRCHILD DEMOND, Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College. South Hadley, Mzzsszzclzzlsetrs I33l JATTAR ADA 4 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION MARY M. WENTWORTH, Ed.D., Associate Professor A.B., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., University of California, University of Southern California, Los Angeles State Normal Extension, Stanford University, Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Instructor in High Schools and at Mills College, lnterne in Psychology, Boston Psychopathic Hospital, Assistant Psychologist, Taunton State Hospital, Phychologist Mental Hygiene Habit Clinics, Boston, Psychologist for Dr. Douglas Thom, Psycholo- gist and Research Associate, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Member of the National Education Association, Member of the National Society for Mental Hygiene. 9 Chauney Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts HERBERT MOORE, M.A., Instructor A.B., University of Toronto, M.A., Harvard University, Assistant in Social Ethics, Harvard University. 92 Yarmouth Road, Toronto, Canada DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH CLARA FRANCES STEVENS, Ph.M., Emeritus Professor Mount Holyoke College, Ph.M., University of Michigan. I South Hadley, lllassaehusetts MARGARET BALL, Ph.D., Professor on the Clara F. Stevens Foundation B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University, Holder of the 1886 Fellowship, Columbia University, Assistant in English, Barnard College, Member of the Modern Language Association. South Hadley, Massfzcltttsetts ADA LAURA FONDA SNELL, Ph.D., Professor on the Clara F. Stevens Foundation B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan, Yale University, University of Chicago, Holder of the Elizabeth Bardwell Fellowship, Yale University, Fellow in Rhetoric, University of Michigan, Member of the Modern Language Association. South Hadley, lldassaehusetts HEI.EN GRIFFI'l'H, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.A., Bryn Mawr College, M. A., Columbia University, University of Chicago, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Instructor in Rhetoric, University of Minnesota, Assistant in English, Teachers College, Columbia University: Assistant in English, University of Chicago, Fellow in Rhetoric, University of Michigan. South Hadley, .Massachusetts HARRIE1' Fox WHICHER, M. A., Assistant Professor B.A., Barnard College, M.A., Columbia University, Lecturer in English at Barnard College, journalistic Work for the American Association for Interna- tional Conciliation, Lecturer in English at Smith College, Lecturer in English Literature at Mount Holyoke College, Lecturer in English at Middlebury College Summer School Session, Member of the Modern Language Association. Amherst, Massacltttsetts 1341 . JATTAR ADA 4 EO NORA BRANCH, M.A., flssislunt Professor B.A., Smith College, M.A., Wellesley College, Reader and Instructor, Mount Holyoke College, Instructor, Vassar College, Lecturer in English, Middlebury College Summer Session, Holder of Trustee Fellowship, Smith College, Mem- ber of the Modern Language Association. South Hadley, Illassaelmsetts RALPH PHILIP BOAS, M.A., flssoeiate Professor B.A., M.A., Brown University, Assistant in English, Brown University, Fellow in English, University of Chicago, Associate Professor of English, Whitman College, Austin Scholar and M.A., Harvard University, Professor of English, Reed College, Head of the Department of English, Central High School, Springfield, Massachusetts, Director of Evening Schools, Supervisor of the Social Studies, Springfield, Professor of Education for the Summer Quarter, Ohio State University, Member of the Modern Language Association. South Hadley, lllassarhusetts IVIARJORIE BARsTow GREENBIE QMRS. SYDNEY GREENBIED, Ph.D.,Assistanz Professor B.A., Cornell University, Ph.D., Yale University, Member of the Town Hall Club, New York City. Wfoodbridge Place, South Hadley, Mrzssrzclzllsetls HAROLD C. SPROUI., M.A., Instructor B. A., Columbia University, M. A., Columbia University, Proudfit Fellowship, Columbia University, Instructor, University of Minnesota, Instructor, Amherst College. " 3 Walnut Street, Amherst, lllassachuselts MARJORIE I. ScoT'r, B.A., flssisfant B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 173 Grove Street, Auhurndale, lllassaehusetts DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LITERATURE IEANNETTE MARKS, M.A., Professor on the Emma B. Kennedy Foluidation B.A., M.A., Wellesley College, Postgraduate Work in English Literature at the British Museum and the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Professor, English Liter- ature, Mount Holyoke College, Member of the Boston Author's Club, Member of the New England Poetry Club, Member of the Poetry Society of America, Member of the Poets' Association, Member of the Modern Language Association of America. t V "Fleur de Lys," lVBSffP0f'f-0il-LHh'6-Clllllllfillllll, New York DOROTHY FOSTER, M.A., Associate Professor A B.A., Bryn Mawr College, M.A., Radcliffe College, Graduate Scholar in English, Radcliffe -College, Holder of the Women's Education Association Fellowship, Research Student at the British Museum, London, and at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Member of the Salem Society for the Higher Education of Women, Member of the Modern Language Association of America. South Hadley, lllassarlzusetts l35l 7' 7' :m'- - :AWA12 ADA 4 CHARLO'I"I'I3 D' EVELYN, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.L., Mills College, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Collegcg Fellow in English, Bryn Mawr Collegeg Holder of the Mary E. Garrett European Fellowshipg Member of the Modern Language Association of America. 312 Phelan Building, San Francisco, California LESLIE GAI.E BURGEVIN, M.A., Associate Professor B.A., Harvard University, M.A., University of California. South Hadley, Masszzclzzisetts KA'rHI.E13N LYNCH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Columbia Universityg Ph.D., University of Michigang Holder of the Bardwell Memorial Fellowshipg Member of the Modern Language Association of America. South Hadley, Massaclizzsetts I'IAROLD KING, M.A., Instructor B.A., First Class Honors in English CLanguage and Literaturejg M.A., Uni- versity of Birmingham, England. South Hadley, Massaclzzzsetts CONSTANCE M. KING, M.A., Instructor B.A., First Class Honors in English CLanguage and Literaturejg M.A., Uni- versity of Birmingham, England. South Hadley, .Massachusetts JULIA MCDONNELL, M.A., Assistant Instructor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M. A., Wellesley College, Holder of the Bard- well Memorial Fellowship. South Hadley Falls, Massacllilsetts IVIILDRED NOBLE, B.A., Graduate Fellow and Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College. ' South Hadley, Massrzclzllsetts DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY MIGNON CFALBOT, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Ohio State University, Ph.D., Yale Universityg Cornell University, Har- vard Universityg Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Fellow of the Geological Society of Americag Member of the Pale- ontological Society, Sigma Xi Society. South Hadley, Illassachusetts DOROTHY VERNON NOBLE, M.A., Instructor B.A., University of Illinoisg M.A., Clark University. La Crosse, Wiscozisirz MARY BREWSTER DRAPER, B.A., Instructor B.A., University of Rochester. 43 Culver Road, Rochester, New York MATTIE WINS'I'0N, B.A., Curator B.A., University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Ohio DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN ELLEN CLARINDA HINSDALE, Ph.D., Professor . B.A., Western Reserve Universityg M.A., University of Michigan, Ph.D., University of Gottingeng University of Leipzigg University of Berling Holder of the Woman's Educational and Industrial Union Foreign Fellowshipg Instructor in German in Joliet, Illinois, and in Ann Arbor, Michigang Member of the Modern Language Association of America. South Hadley, Massaclzzlsetts l36l ' .JATTAR ADA 4 ALICE PORTER STEVENS, M.A., flssociate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Radcliffe College, University of Zurich, University of Berlin, Holder of the' 1886 Fellowship, Member of the Modern Language Association of America. South Hadley. ji'lllSSllC,lIlSf'ff5 TGRACE MABEL BACON, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan, University of Berlin, Instructor in German in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Holder of the Cornelia M. Clapp Fellowship: if Absent on Leave. South Hadley, .illussacltusetts DEPARTMENT OF GREEK 'VIARY GILMORE WILLIAMS, Ph.D., Professor - Mount Holyoke Seminary, B.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan, American School of Classical Studies, Rome, Instructor in Latin, Kirkwood Seminary, Mis- souri, Instructor in Latin, Lake Erie College, Elisha Jones Fellow of the Uni- versity of Michigan, Fellow of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Member of the Archaeological Institute of America, Member of the American Philolo1'cal Association. South Hadley, Massarl111sftt.t CAROLINE MORRIS GALT, B.A., Professor of flrvlmeolooy and Greek B.A., Bryn Mawr College, University of Chicagog Columbia University, Ameri- can School of Classical Studies at Rome, Member of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Associate Member of the American Numismatic Society, Annual Professor of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, hiember of the Archaeological Institute of America, Member of the American Philological Association. - - South Hadley, .7lflass1u'lzltsetts DLPARTM ENT OF HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE NIILLIE NEIIiSON, Ph.D., Professor of History and Politiml Science on the E. Netiius Rodman l"0lllll1'lIfi0lI B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, Holder of the Resident Fellowship in History, Bryn Mawr College, and of the American Fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Cambridge, England, London, Oxford, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Member of the,American Historical Association, Mem- ber of the American Political Science Association, Nlember of the Selden Society, Fellow of the Mediaeval Academy of America. i . South H rnlivy, jllIl.Y.Wll'1lI1.Wff.t FIIEN DEBORAI1 ELLIS, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Bryn lVIawr College, Holder of the Bryn lWawr European Fellowship, Leipzig, Fellow in Economics and Politics, Bryn Mawr College, Professor of History, Constantinople College, Constantinople, Turkey, Member of the American Historical Association , Member of the American Political Science Association, American Society of International Law. South Hrulley, flllIX.V1l'llllSl'ffS l37l .JATTAIZ ADA 4 BERrHA HAVEN PUTNAM, Ph.D., Professor of History B.A., Bryn Mawr College, Ph.D., Columbia University, Holder of the Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Research Work in England, Fellow of the Royal Economic Society, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Member of the American Association of Labor Legislation, Member of the American Historical Association, Member of the American Economics Association, Member of the American Sociological Associa- tion, Member of the Selden Society. South Harlley, .Massachusetts V1oi.A FLORENCE BARNES, Ph. D., flssoeiate Professor of History B.A., M.A., University of Nebraska, Ph.D., Yale University, Fellow in American History, University of Nebraska, Holder of the Currier Fellowship and of the Susan Rhoda Cutler Fellowship, Yale University, Instructor in American His- tory, University of Nebraska, Member of the American Historical Association. Albion, Nebraska BUSAN REED STIFLER, Ph.D., flaring Assoriate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., University of Illinois, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Assistant in History, University of Illinois, Instructor in History, Lake Erie College., Amherst, lVIa.s'sachusetls CONs'rANcE WINSOR MCLAUGHLIN GREEN, M.A., Instructor B.A., Smith College, M.A., Mount Holyoke College. Holyoke, Mrlsszzclzrtsetts ALICE BEARDWOOD, B.Litt., Instructor B.A., Bryn Mawr College, B.Litt.. University of Oxford. 802 N. 24th Street, Philaflelfrhia, Pennsylvania CAIHERINE NELSON NEv1Us, B.A., Reader and Graduate Fellow B.A., Mount Holyoke College. College and Edgar fl-venues, Chambersburg, Pennsylfvania DEPARTMENT OF LATIN HELEN MCGAFFEY SEARLES, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus M.A., Lake Forest College, Ph.D., University of Chicago, Instructor in Greek and German, 'Ferry Hall, Classical Fellow, Cornell University, Fellow in Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, University of Chicago, Instructor in Latin and Greek at the Pennsylvania College for Women, Member of the Archeological Institute of America, Member of the American Philological Association, Member of the Oriental Society of America. South Hadley, Massaelzusetts CORNELIA CATLIN COULTER, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Washington University, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, European Fellow, Fellow in Latin, and Fellow in Greek, Bryn Mawr College, teacher in Saint Agnes School and in the departments of Latin and Greek at Vassar College, Associate Professor of Greek, Vassar College, Member of the Advisory Board of Speeulum. 315 Azlanzs Avenue, Ferguson, Missouri I35l I .:A'I"':'Al2 ADA 4 BLANCHE BRo'rHIsR'roN, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.A., Smith College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicagog Travelling Fellow, Smith Collegeg Fellow, University of Chicagog Instructor in Elmhurst School, in Birminghamg Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek, Wheaton College, and I in summer sessions of the University of Chicagog Member of the American Phil- ological Association. 59 Lifvingston Street, Brooklyn, New Yorl' MARY VICTORIA BRAGINTON, Ph.D. Assistant Professor B.A., Grinnell College, M.A., Ph.D., Yale Universityg Fellow in Latin, Yale Universityg Commission for Relief of Belgium Educational Foundation Fellowg Universities of Brussels and Ghent. lllanxon, Iowa MARION Louise AYER, M.A., Instrurtor B.A., Wheaton Collegeg M.A., Cornell University: Graduate Scholar, Cornell Universityg Harvard College and Boston Universityg Cataloguer and Classifier in Harvard College Libraryg Instructor and Acting Librarian at Wheaton Col- legeg Member of the American Philological Associationg Member of Lambda Theta Society. 424 llflasxarlzizsettx 4J'l'f'l1Ill?, Boston fhIlIXXlll'll1lSl'ff.Y DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMETICS SARAH EFFIE SMITH, B.S., Professor on the John Stewart Kennedy fi01llIIlIlZl0lI B.S., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Massachusetts Institute of Technologyg Univer- sity of Michigang University of Chicagog University of Berling Holder of the '86 Fellowshipg Member of American lVIathematical Society, Member of the Mathematical Association of America. South Hadley, lllassaelulretts EI.I2ANoR CATIIIQRINE DOAK, 'Ph.B., Professor B.A., Coates Collegeg l'h.B., University of Chicagog Cambridge Universityg III- structor of Nlathematics at Coates College and at DePauw Universityg Member of American lVIathematical Societyg Member of the Mathematical Association of America. South Hadley, 17l4'IIS5!Il'lllIS!'lf.V EMILIE NOR'l'0N MARTIN, Ph. D., Professor B.A., lJh.D., Bryn Mawr, Fellow in Mathematics at Bryn lklawr College: Holder of the Mary E. Garrett European Fellowship from Bryn Mawr, and Student at the University of Gottingeng Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Member of American Mathematical Societyg Mem- ber of the Mathematical Association of America. ' ' lllonireat, North Carolina MARIE LITZINGER, M.A., Instructor ' B.A., M.A., Bryn Mawrg Fellow in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr Collegeg Holder of the Senior European Fellowship from Bryn lVIawr, and Student at the University of Romeg Member of American Mathematical Society. Bedford, Pennsylvania I39l .JATTAR ADA 4 DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND HYGIENE E1,IzAIze'rH Co1.DI5N UNDERIIILI., M.D., Resident lhysician VVcmen's lVIedical College, New York, Cornell University lVIedical College, Clinical Assistant in the Dispensaries of-the Women's lVIedical College and Bellevue Hospital, New York City, Private Practice, Poughkeepsie, New York, Graduate Work, Harvard Medical School, Sargent School of Physical Education, Fellow of the American Medical Association, Member of the American Public Health Association, Member of the American Social Hygiene Association. Strawberry Hill, Poughleeepsie, New York DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC WILLIAM CHURCIIILI. HANINIOND, Mus.D., I rofrssor, Director of Jllusic Piano, Hartford, Boston, New York, Organ, Hartford, New York, Theory, N. H. Allen, Organist of Second Congregational Church, Holyoke, A Founder of the American Guild of Organists. 231 Cabot Street, Holyoke, Mrzsszlclzllsetts AI.BER'l' Mooov TUCKER Pro essor A . I J. J. Bishop, Piano, Wager Counterpoint, Walter Edmund Squire, New York, lVIember of the lVIcDowell Colony League, Associate of the American Guild of Organists. Piano and Organ, Professor Hammond, Piano and Harmony, Springfield, Organ, S. P. Warren, New York, Organ, Guilmant, Swayne, Paris, Harmony and Composition, J. P. Marshall, Boston, South Hozlley, Mrzssfzclzlzslftts RUTH ELIZABETH DYER, B.A., Afssistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Organ, Professor Hammond, Organ and Ha"- mony, E. E. Truette, Boston, Piano, Alfred de Voto, New England Conservatory, Boston, Piano, Wager Swayne, Boston, Master Classes in Piano with E. Robert Schmitz, Chicago, Madison, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Winner of Scholarship, 1924, Assistant to E. Robert Schmitz in lllaster Class at Boulder, Colorado Springs, Voice, F. W. Wodell, Boston, Harmonv, Raymond Robinson, Boston University, Colleague of the American Guild of Organists. MIIPIC Road, Oxford, Illasszzclzlzsetts ANNA IVIATHILDI3 WOLLMAN, Assistant Professor CAT Harmony, Marion Wheeler, Voice, Julia B. Dickinson, J. J. Bishop, Springfield, lsadore Luckstone, A. Clark Jeannotte, New York, Royal Dadmun, Soprano soloist at the Old First Church, Springfield. 36 Eldridge Street, Springfelzl, Massrlclzzlsetfs I-IERINE WILLIAMS, lNI.A., zlssistont Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, lW.A., Vassar College, Piano with Helen Hope- kirk, Boston, U. C. Smith, Philadelphia, Carl Beecher, Evanston, Master Classes in piano with Ernest Hutcheson, Organ with E. Harold Geer, Vassar, Com- position with E. H. Geer, George C. Gow, Carl Beecher, lvlusic Criticism with Felix Borowski, Chicago, Meredith College, Marston Teaching Fellow, Vassar College, Pennsylvania College for Women. i V 503 Arthur ffwnue, Scottdale, Pennsylfvrlnia l40l JATTAR ADA 4 CLARA B. 'IIILLINGI-IAS'1', B.A., flssixtant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Organ, Professor Hammond, Pietro Yon, New York, Theory and Composition, Percy Goetschius, Institute of Musical Art, New York, History and Symphonic Analysis, Daniel Gregory Mason, Columbia ' University, Colleague of the American Guild of Organists, Northfield Seminary. Vernon, Comlccticlll MiL'roN JACOB ARoNsoN, Inst:-uetor Violin, Charles Martin Loeffler, Boston. 17 Riftenhouse Terrace, Springfield, Mas.vr1clz11.vfftlx FLORIAN AGNES SHEPARD, B.A., Instructor B.A., Wellesley College, Piano, F. H. Shepard, Orange, New Jersey, Piano, E. Robert Schmitz, New York, Chicago, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Wiriner' of Scholarship, 1922, Assistant at Boulder, Colorado Springs, History and Theory, H. C. MacDougall, Counterpoint, C. G. Hamilton, Harpsichord, Frances Pelton-Jones, Associate of Shepard School. - 50 fllain Slreff, fjl'IH1yl', New Jersey ARNOLD RICHARD JANSER, Inrtrzzrtor Cello with Leo Schultz, New York, Instructor in St. Agnes School and Emma Willard School, Concertized in New York and New England, Instructor at Smith College. Northampion, Illasmelzusctts RUTH DOUGLASS, B.A., Insrructor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Voice with Jeannotte and Charles Kitchell, New York. 358 Terrace Azmuue, Cincinnati, Ohio HELEN BLYTH, B.A., Secretary , B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Piano with Bruce Simonds, New Haven. 2109 Calumet Avenue, Toledo, Ohio DEPARTMENT oF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY ELLEN BLISS TALBOT, Ph.D., Professor on the 14717111 C. Edwarrls PIOIUIIIIUIUII B.A., Ohio State University, Ph.D., Cornell University, University of Chicago, University of Berlin, University of Heidelberg, Graduate Scholar, Cornell Uni- versity, Fellow, Cornell University, Member of the American Philosophical Association, Member of the American Psychological Association. South Hadley, MIlSKHCllllSElfS SAMUEL PERKINS HAYES, Ph.D., Professor ' B.A., Amherst College, B.D., Union Theological Seminary, IXLA., Columbia University, Ph.D., Cornell Universty, Fellow. Clark University, Fellow, Cornell University, University of Berlin, Sorbonne, Paris, Cambridge, England, Mem- ber of the American Association of Instructors of the Blind, Director of Phycho- logical Research and Visiting Lecturer in the Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind and the Perkins Institution for the Instruction of the Blind, Lecturer in Amherst College, Member of the American Psychological Association, Sigma Xi Society. South Hadley, Massaclzusetis l41l JATTAR ADA 4 Joi-IN MARTYN WARBEKE, Ph.D., Professor B.A., Princeton University, Ph.D., University of Leipzig, Associate in Science, University of Chicago, Oxford University, England, Instructor, Williams Col- lege, Professor, Amherst College, Honorary lvlember or New fork ij owning Society, President of Holyoke League of Arts and Crafts, Member of Collegiate Committee fox' Law Enforcement. South Hadley, Mll5S!lCllIl3'8ffS SARA M. STINCHFIELD, Ph.D., dssistant l"rofes.vor B.A., University of Pittsburgh, M.A., University of Iowa, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Research Assistant Iowa Child Welfare Research Station, Assist- ant Editor of Quarterly Journal of Speech Education, Instructor in Summer Session of Pennsylvania State College, Secretary of American Academy of Speech Correction, Pi Lambda Theta. South Hadley, MHSSIlCllllS0fl5 Hizaaizm' Moons, M.A., Instructor ,- A.B., University of Toronto, M.A., Harvard University, Assistant in Social Ethics, Harvard University. 92 y'IlfI1l0IIfll Road, Toronto, Cmzfula DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOPE W1zNTwom'H NAREY, Direftor Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sargent School of Physical Education, Director of the Durant Gymnasium, Boston, Supervisor of Physical Training, Public Schools, Malden. Hotel Bristol, Copley Square, Boston, lVInssaclz11setts LILLIAN LORET'1'A KUESTER, ,lssistant Dirertor, Instructor in lVIerlival and Corrective Gynznzzstics. Savage Institute of Physical Education, New York, School of Pedagogy, New York University, Instructor in Corrective and Medical Gymnastics, Bellevue Hospital Float, New York City, Medical Aide, Orthopedic and Surgical Depart- ments, Brooklyn City Hospital Dispensary, Brooklyn, New York, Member of the American Posture League, American Physical Education Association. 179 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, New York MIRIAM LONGLEY SPAULDING, B.A., Instructor B.A., Boston University, Boston School of Physical Education, Assistant in Physical Education at Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, Instructor Boston School of Physical Education Professional Camp. ' 193 Henipsteaa' Street, New London, Connecticut ELEANOR SEARING, B.A., Insfrnrtor B.A., New Jersey College for IVomen, Central School of Hygiene and Physical Education, New York City. 155 Crescent A1'FIIllF, Plainfeld, New Jersey JULIA B. SWIFT, B.S.S., Secretary and Pianist B.S.S., Boston University. Yarnzoutlzfrort, Masszzrlzusetts l42l JATTAR ADA 4 DORO1'HY DAVIS RANDLE, M.A., Instructor B.A., Connecticut College for VVomen, lNI.A., Columbia University, Teachers College, Instructor Teachers College, Professional Camp. 313 Norton Street, New Hafven, Connecticut MARY HEGHINIAN, B.S., Instructor B.S., Teachers College, Columbia University, Teacher of Physical Education, Central High School, Detroit, Michigan. 129 Kensington Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey DEPARTMENT or PHYSICS EIILABETH REBECCA LAIRD, Ph.D., Professor B.A., University of Toronto, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, University of Berlin, Cambridge University, Chicago University, Fellow in Physics, Bryn Mawr Col- lege: Holder of the President's European Fellowship from Bryn Nlawr College: Holder of the Sarah Berliner Research Fellowship for Women, University of Wurzburg, American Physical Society, Member of the Optical Society of America, Honorary Research Fellow, Yale University. South Hadley, MHSKOCllllSPff5 MABEL AUGUSTA CHASE, M.A., dsxoeiate Professor B.A., Oberlin College, M.A., Cornell University, University of Chicago, Im- perial College for Science, London, Cambridge University, Instructor in Physics, Wellesley College, Member of the American Physical Society. - South Hadley, lllassaelzuxettr Fi ORA EVELYN CoLPlT'rS, B.A., Instructor B.A., Acadia University, Assistant in Physics, Yale University, Sigma Psi. Upper Dorclzester, New Brunswiel' DOROTHY HEYWORTH, B.Sc., Instructor B.Sc., lwanchester University, England. 19 llfloorlanrls Terraee, Baeufr, Lancashire, England DORIS J. 'fHOMAS, B.A., .tssistnnt l B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 103 Putnam Street, Quinfy, ll4as.vaelzusetts BERFRAM JAM es SMYTH, Curator p The School House, Coton CIlIIl1lI'l11gl'SlliI'6, England DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY ABBY Howlz 'TURNER, Ph.D., Profesxor - B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Ph.D., Radcliffe College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania, Eliza- beth Bardwell Fellow, University of Chicago, Cornelia M. Clapp Fellow, Fellow of Women's Educational Association of Boston, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Instructor in Zoology, Wellesley College. A Faculty House, South Hadley, Massaelztlsetts I'43l JATTAR ADA 4 NIARJORIE BOYD, A.M., Instructor B.S., Simmons College, A.M., Wellesley College, Harvard Medical School, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Instructor in Biology, Winthrop College, Instructor in Physiology, Wellesley College. Lexington, Jllassachusetts M xDeI.E1NE FIELD, B.A.. Assistant B.A., Oberlin College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. Greenfield, Massacltttsetts 'VI ISABEL NEWTON, I3.A., Assistant B.A., Connecticut College, Harvard Medical School. Northfield, Mzzssrzcltztsetts DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES MARY VANCE YOUNG, Ph.D., Professor on the Helen Day Gould Foundation Ph.D., University of Zurich, Sorbonne, Ecole des Hautes Etudes, College de' France, Ecole des Chartes, OHicier d'Acad6mie, Member of the Dante Society of America, Member-of the Societe Amicale Gaston Paris, Member of the Maitres Phonetiques, Member of the National Institute of Social Sciences, Member of the Dante League of America, 'Modern Language Association of America, Mem- ber of the International Ido Federation. South Hadley, Massaelzttsetts MARY GERTRUDE CUSHING, Ph.D., Professor B.S., Wellesley College, M.A., Wellesley College, Ph.D., Columbia University, Student at Paris, Madrid, Columbia University, Instructor Summer Session, Columbia University, Member of the Modern Language Association of America. South Hadley, Massacltzlsetts EMMA RIVILLE-RENSCH, Associate Professor Emeritus Studied in Switzerland, Paris, Germany, England, Officier d'Academie. 4803 Garden Street, Bridesburg, Pennsybvania HELEN ELIZABETH PATCH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, Sorbonne, Ecole des Hautes Etudes, College de France, Graduate Scholar in Romance Languages, Fellow in Romance Languages, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke Class of '86 Fel- low, Associate of Collegiate Alumnae European Fellow, Member of the Modern Language Association of America. 83 Grove Street, Bangor, Mairze MARIE-JEANNE BOURGOIN, Instructor B.S., C.F.E.N., C.A.P., Ecole Normale d' Angouleme, Professorat de Lettres Universite de Paris, Bourse d'Etudes en Angleterre QMusee Pedagogiquej. Assit de Marzot, Charente, France SULANNE DEDIEU, Instructor B.E., B.S., Limoges, Diplome d'Etudes Superieures, Poitiers, Professorat de Lettres, la Sorbonne, Member of the Foyer International des Etudiantes. Gherfues-Ghatelars, Gharente, France I44l .:A??A.R ADA 4 lV.lARGUERl'l'E GROSJ EAN, Instrzzrtor Baccalaureat Latin, Langues Vivantes, Philosophie, Certihee de Licence, Morale, Sociologie, Universite de Strasbourg, France, blaster of Arts in Philosophy of Wells College. - Illulhouse, France DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH ISADELLE CAROLINE COUCH, Associate Professor National School of Oratory and Elocution, Philadelphia, School of Expression, Boston. 478 East lllain Street, fllerizlen, Connecticut M. GCLO MILLER, Professor B.S., University of Missouri, School of Expression, Boston. 305 lVest 37th Street, Kansas City, lllissouri DOROTHY BERYI. MIZEIC, Instructor School of Expression, Boston. . 518 South Hamilton flfvenue, fllarisszl, Illinois DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY CORNEL-IA MARIA CLAI-P, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor Mount Holyoke College, Ph.B., Syracuse University, Ph. D., University of Chi- cago, Sc.D., lVIount Holyoke College, Trustee of the Marine Biological Labora- tory, Woods Hole, Naples Zoological Station, Member of the Society of Ameri- can Zoologists, Member of the Association of American Anatomists. lllontague, Mflssaclzllszftts ANN HAVEN MORGAN, Ph.D., Professor on the Norman lVait Harris and Emma Gale Hrlrris l'i0lUlllllll0ll B.A., Ph.D., Cornell University, Wellesley College, lwember of the Teaching Staff of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Schuyler Fellow, Cor- nell University, University of Chicago, Harvard University, Yale University, Assistant in Biology, Instructor in Zoology, Cornell University, lVlember of the Entomological Society of America, Member of the Society of Naturalists, Mem- ber of the American Society of Zoologists, Member of the American Association of Museums, Member of the Association of Social Hygiene, Member of the International Advisory Boardof Eugenics, Sigma Xi Society. South Hadley, lllassaehusetts LOUISE BAIRD WALLACE, Ph.D., Sc.D., Lecturer - B. A., SCD., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, ' Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Naples Biological Station, Assistant in Zoology, Smith College, Assistant, Instructor, Associate Professor in Zoology, Mount Holyoke College, Professor of Biology, Dean of the Faculty, Vice-Presi- dent, Acting President, Constantinople College for Woineii. South Hadley, Mrzrsaclzzzsetts l45l JATTAR ADA 4 AMY EL1ZAB1z'rH ADAMS, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Columbia University, Ph.D., Yale Uni- versity, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, University of Chicago, Honorary Fellow, Yale University, Acting Dean of Mount Holyoke College, First Semester 1926-7, Member of American Association of Anatomists, Member of the American Society of Zoologists, Sigma Xi Society. 186 pVHS1lillgl07l Street, East Stroudsburg, Pennsyhvania CHRls'rIANNA SMITH, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.A., lVIount Holyoke College, M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University, University of Michigan, Assistant in Histology and Embryology. Cornell University, Schuyler Fellow, Cornell University, Member of the Teaching Staff of the blarine Biologi- cal Laboratory, Woods Hole, Member of the Association of American Anato- mists, Sigma Xi Society, Phi Kappa Phi Society, National President of Sigma Delta Epsilon, Graduate Women's Scientific Fraternity, Member of American Society of Social Hygiene. 100 Chestnut Street, New Bedford, lllassachusetts MADEI,ElNE PARKER GRAN'F, M.A., Assistant Professor B.S., Simmons College, M. A., Radcliffe College, Research Assistant to Dr. Edward Reynolds, Boston, Assistant Bacteriologist, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, Resident Bacteriologist, St. Luke's Hospital, New Bedford, Mass.: Gra- duate Study, Harvard Medical School, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Member of the Teaching Staff of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. 12 Florida Street, Dorchester, jhf1lSSI1l'llll5FlfK DOROTHY RICHARDSON, B.A., Instructor KAT B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Graduate Assistant, Summer School of Biology, Cornell University, Graduate Study, Harvard University, Laboratory Experimental Zoology, Cold Spring Harbor. 350 Essex Avenue, Dorrhester, lVIassachusetts HRYN FORN EY S'r1zIN, B.A., Instrurfor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Harvard University, Research Assistant, Carnegie Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor. flnnfville, Pezzzrsylfvalzia BERNICE LOUISE NIACLEAN, B.A., B.A., lVIount Holyoke College, hflarine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. 647 Cooke Street, kffaterltury, C0lllI?l'fll'llf ELIZABETH Louise FENNIIR, B.A., Assistant B.A., Cornell University. 929 North Tioga Street, Ithaca, New York ANNA MARY MCDOWELI., B.A., Graduate Fellow - B.A., Western College for Women. 8 Court Square, Cynthiana, Keaturky ILSTHER Bouor-l1'oN, B.S., Graduate Fellow B.S., Elmira College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. South Cherry Street, Poughkeefrsie, New York ELEANOR SETCHEL, B.A., Graduate Fellow B.A., Western College for Women. Cuba, New York l'46l .JATTAR ADA 4 The Library BERTHA ELIZA BLAKIELY, B.A., Librarian ' B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg New York State Library Schoolg Librarian, New Jersey State Normal and Model Schools, Trentong Life-Member of American Library Association, Member of Massachusetts Library Club and Western Massachusetts Library Club. - X South Hadley, lVIassachusetts FRANCES ELIZA HAYNES, B.L., flssistaut Librarian B.L., Mount Holyoke College, New York State Library Schoolg Librarian Levi Heywood Memorial Library, Gardner, Massachusettsg Life-Member of American Library Association, Member of Massachusetts Library Club and Western Massachusetts Library Club. South Hadley, .Wlassachusetts BERTHA HoRTIzNsIs GAuLT,B.L., Catalogue:- B.L., Oberlin College, Cataloguer, Forbes Library, Northampton, Mass., Life- Member of American Library Associationg Member of Massachusetts Library Club and Western Massachusetts Library Club. South Hadley, Mfzssrtrlzusetts EMMA CHARLo'1"I'E CiRIMES, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Member of Western Massachusetts Library Club. South Hadley, Massaclzitsetts it MILDREIJ Noyes JACQUES, B.S., Assistant B.S., Simmons College, Member of American Library Association, Massachusetts Library Club, and Western Massachusetts Library Club. South Hadley, Massachusetts GER'I'RUDE MAY JUDSON, B.S., Assistant B.S., Simmons College, Member of American Library Association and Western Massachusetts Library Club. 47 Grand Street, New Britain, Connecticut ADELINE R. WINCHESTER, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College. South Hadley, lllassaehusetts S. EMILY Seiusx, B.S., Assistant - B.S., Boston University, B.S. Simmons College, Member of American Library ' Association. 16 Woodside 14'L'071Il0, Jamaica Plain, lllassaclzusetts all On leave of absence for the year. l47I .JATTAR ADA 4 Q Executive Secretaries MARY Cusrls FOSTER, l3.A., Secretary Young lfC0IllL'll,S Clzristfrm Js.s'oc'fafion B.A., William and Mary College. Chi Delta Phig Pi Gamma Mu. 603 llferrimac Apt., Norfolk, Va. MARY C. HIGLEY, B.A., Alumnae Secretary B.A., Mount Holyokeg Instructor in McDufl'ie School, Springfield, Mass. H1lllS07l Falls, New York GERTRUDE BRUYN, B.A., Field Secretary B.A., Mount Holyoke College, New York School of Social Workg Columbia Universityg Supervisor of State Charities Aid Association of New Yorkg Instruc- tor in Department of Economics and Sociology, Mount Holyoke Collegeg Investi- gator in the Children's Bureau of the United States Department of Laborg Personnel lVIanager of thc Bosch lylagneto Company. 92 School Street, Springhelzl, JlfIIl5J'Ill'll1lS6ifS MIRIAM KELLY, l3.A., Al.V.Vl3'flllll to the Illlllllillll' Trezzsurer B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 395 Elm Street, PVcst Haven, Connecticut DORO'l'HY JOHNSON, B.A., flssistant to the fllunznav Secretary B.A., llflount Holyoke College. 106 Quaker Lane, West Hartford, Connecticut CHRISTINA MCAUSLAN, Director of the Bookstore and Post-Ufficc 1485 Nortlmmfwton Strect, Holyoke, Massrzclzllsetts y l i I481 .:A??A-R ADA MRS. Miss MRS. Miss MISS MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. Superintenclents A NETTIE BARTLE'l"l' FAIRBANKS, Direcfor .... 141 Green St., Gardner, Mass. MELINDA ANN RHODEHOUSE .......... ....... . .. Santuit, Massachusetts HARRIE1' lVIARBLE lMlOXVRY ........ 28 Beacon St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts CHARLOTTE lV.lACOMB ...... 173 Cypress St., Providence, Rhode Island HARRIET MAY WHEELER .............. Cohasset, R.F.D., Massachusetts FANNY VVOODBURY BURR. .cfo Arthur M. Burr, 21 Vine St., Melrose, Mass. LAURA MA'l'ILDA DUNKLEE ........ . ....... South Hadley FLORENCE GUPPY ............. 18 Bellevue Ave., Melrose, CHARLOTTE lVIACVVHOR'l'HER CHURCH .... 107 South Plain St., BESSIE ELIZA SYMONDS ............. East Northfield, SARAH LOIS STAPLES, R. N. .... South Hadley ! .EVELYN WILEUR ...... ELLA HASTINGS LEWIS C FLORENCE GREGORY .... MAUDIE E. HUBBARD .. MIl.DRED J. NOBLE ANNIE BOLTON ..... South Hadley, :Massachusetts Massachusetts lthaca, N. Y. Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts ALICE REED DRESSER, A.B.. .101 Hillside South, South Hadley, RANIZ 17 Northampton Rd., Amherst Sidney, Delaware County, New York South Hadley, Massachusetts South Hadley, Massachusetts Nlassachusetts 235 Newton Street, Athol, Massachusetts Nixrses MISS NIARY H. MAHER, R.N. ...... . " 4 I' ' "'1 R N Miss KAIHERINE COURIINLY, MRS. FRANCES VVOODXVARD . . . I49l . 170 Elm Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts 27 VVard St.. Little Falls, N. Y. 59 High St., South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts JATTAR ADA 4 Graduate Students H926-IQ27 lVIARGARE'1' BODANSKY ........ ESTHER M. BOUGHTON S.B. KATHERINE L. BRUCE A.B. HARRIOTT S. COLLIER, A.B. ... HELEN L. DAVIS, A.B. ..... . HELEN F. DEMOND, A.B. JANET EVANS, A.B. ....... . MADELEINE E. FIELD, A.B. VIRGINIA H. FISKE, A.B. .... . MAROUERITE A. GROSJEAN, A.B ELIZABETH C. HOUGHTON, A.B. .. DOROTHY A. JOHNSON, A.B. .. CECIL B. KERR, A.B. ........ . RosE KIMBALL, A.B. ........ . ANNA MARY MCDOWELI., A.B. CATHARINE N. NEVIUS, A.B. M. ISABEL NEWTON, S.B. .... . MILDRED J. NOBLE, A.B. .. .. L. BELLE OTTO, A.B. ...... . LUCY W. PICKETT, A.B. MARJORIE IJ SCOTT, A.B. ELEANOR E. SETCHEL, A.B. FAZILE SHEVKET, A.B. ...... . DORIS J. THOMAS, A.B. ......... . SARAH R. TIRRELL, A.B., S.B. HELEN F. TUCKER, A.M, .... HEI.EN F. WOOD, A.M. ... l50'l ............ Budapest, Hungary . . . . Poughkeepsie, New York . . . . Fitchburg, Massachusetts Providence, Rhode Island Hudson Falls, New York .. . Belchertown, Massachusetts . . . . . . . . . Erie, Pennsylvania . . . . . Greenfield, Massachusetts . . . . South Hadley, Massachusetts ... . . . . . . . .. Mulhouse, France Alexandria Bay, New York . . West Hartford, Connecticut . . . . . Holyoke, Massachusetts Springfield, Massachusetts . . . . . . . . Cynthiana, Kentucky . . . Chambersburg, Pennsylvania . . . . . Northfield, Massachusetts . . . . South Hadley, Massachusetts . . . . . . . . Sayville, New York . . . . . Beverly, Massachusetts . . . . Auburndale, Massachusetts Cuba, New York . . . Constantinople, Turkey Quincy Brockton, .. North Andover, South Hadley Falls, 3 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Cl-- O!-' Oi-' Q-11.1-P-IO -P -IO -IO ,Af A 1ifL'fQfX 5 ?lIE7""15"X .. m'7FTiI'f54,,?flg'x1"" 1 Efi:"1liA"'z:'i 52552 'HN M"':15I7iQQ h' 4 gf ,, , rl 71:5 'I Sq. A qi f AIYWW ,V J.J."xJ J ,JI J x .'v1Q'Q:lulj',ii ,Il I.V,v,J,'f',','UN,' J .J UL -1,f.,u',Q,.w,x.1,,4 V, M I f.m,uu,w,zu.m J, 'N up A x Q , 'AJVH-Ffl,-454-S4E4vv'-' L iff: - 5' Y I gy, - I, , .' ?-i M ' . - , gif-:WE : '. 2 951, Wm- ,, ' Y Y X74 A , Fu., .li . fm r1?ET:fgsgs5sg5y::' Q 1Z.,'F,,,,1L 2 X" - A,,4 . ' " ':?55555f' '- E L ' U ' UU ' ' 122255 - ' Ugg , ' " '51if 1 , ' x I f 4, A DDD 1.9, Ulm ' -:4 UDB 11- A I UU :-r 'I ' DBI! '. '. 1 u I iQ 7 I 5 ' -j n 5 , Z. F K P - -.., Q . . . . . . . . 1 1 . X I t s u I Ol- -I0-D-10 -D fam' 154 -Q so A DYN SLYOI' 1 lg SP1-IINX l , W, WY4., ,. .JATTAR AD A 4 Pwsirlmf . Vice-President Secremry . Trerzsurer . S ergezmt-at-fl rms Song leader . Cffncers of fhe Class of 1926-Q7 The Executive Board Lois ARMSTRONG . FRANCES ACKLAND DORO'l'HY DE NOYELLES . DOROTH EA HOLLMANN . EDITH WEST . LUCILLE DAGGETT ALICE BENNETT FLORENCE MONTGOMERY MARGUIERITE HARRINGTCJN NANCY POPE I521 :Ar1'A1zA1JA Honorary Members of the Class of IQ27 Miss MARY E. WooLLEY President South Hadley, Massachusetts MR. FRANK B. 'TOWNE Trustee 23 Sycamore Street Holyoke, Massachusetts Miss FLORENCE PURINGTON Dean South Hadley, Massaclmusetts JATTAR mm 4 F541 Miss NELLIE NEILSON Professor of History and Political Science South Hadley, Massachusetts Miss ADA L. F. SNELL Professor of English Highland Heights, Rochester, New York Miss ANN H. MORGAN Professor of Zoology 90 Waller Street New London, Connecticut .:Amx1z ADA Miss A. EL1zABm'H ADAMS flssoriate Professor of Zoology South Hadley, Massachusetts MR. SAMUEL P. H.NYES Professor of Psyvlzology South Hadley, Massachusetts Miss ETHEL B. DIETRICH Associate Professor of Economirs and Sociology South Hadley, Massachusetts .JATTAR ADA 4 Members of the Class Of H927 FRANCES B. ACKLAND 1471 Fair Avenue Columbus, Ohio One would scarcely guess that the in- quisitive Alice of "Alice in Wonderland" could lead the Grand March at Prom. But 1927 has seen Fran in both r6les. Major: Art Minor: English Literature EDITH ADAMS 673 Hudson Avenue Albany, New York "There's the rising bell-O my gosh!" "Someone's coming to shush us-O my gosh! !" "I sec a centipede-O my gosh! l l" Major: Psychology Minor: Economics MARGARET ADAMS 43 Berkley Avenue Lowell, Massachusetts Peg may seem pretty quiet, but don't let her fool you-that's just the thoughtful pose of a budding scientist. Honestly, Peg, you won't Hunk out! Major: Chemistry Minor: Zoology l56l 3 TTAR ADA MADELEINE ALDRICH 124 Providence Street Worchester, Massachusetts Daffy's remarks, whether on an author's handshake or buttered ceilings, have the advantage of quotability and quantity. Yea, verily, her "line" is gone out through all the earth. Major: English Literature Minor: French VIRGINIA ALGER 1602 Edison Avenue Detroit, Michigan Ginny and the Chrysler sport number add considerably to the social decoration of the' campus. And the week-ends for the Chrysler are many. Major: English Literature Minor: Economics ELIZABETH AMES 89 Prospect Street Somersworth, New Hampshire A precocious child of ten or so. Major: Englixh Literature Minor: English JATTAIQ ADA 4 MARY BALLENTI NE ANDERSON 137 Miami Avenue Franklin, Ohio Mary B. is always just getting some- thing from Harold. If it isn't candy, it's flowers or else a special delivery-or perhaps it's the letter that always comes between second and third period! Major: English Lilz'rn1ure fhonor fworkj Minor: Art RUTH E. ANTHONY 35 Adams Avenue Saugus, Massachusetts WVhen a stray notebook, fraternity pin, or ink-spotted handkerchief turns up, it's sure to be Ruth's. Between the music building and Clapp she stops off for daily letters from her four aunts--et al. Ruth considers leap frog good for reducing, especially when Mrs. Noble's "Tea Shoppe" sign serves as the obstacle. Major: Zoology Minor: Music LOIS ARMSTRONG 385 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts Lo! the many-sided polygon, displaying: A domestic side-nightly scouring of stockings. W A diplomatic side-peace at any price. A masterful side-class meeting. A musical side-teasing the clumsiest feet. And others. Major: Frenfh Minor: Music l58l .1 TTAR ADA VIRGINIA BARNES 531 Linwood Avenue . Bulfalo, New York Virginia, who spends most of her time in the art libe or cantering around the neighboring countryside, has always long- ed for adventure and romance. Fresh- man year her room was thronged with breathless listeners to the latest install- ment of an historical novel. It was never published, but barely escaped scenario form and acceptance by a motion picture company. Major: Art Minor: English ELIZABETH BARTHOLOMEW Church Street Victor, New York Betty does her domestic duties on Friday, so she can enjoy a "normal week- end," but somehow one never comes along. She is eager to display her skill in making sponge cake. She thinks Bible and Music make a "I-Ieavenlyl' combina- tion. Illajor: Bible Minor: Music MARGARET BASCOM 445 Washington Street Newton, Massachusetts Peg has stayed with us all four years though she was almost won over by Chicago. She did spend a summer there, and now is enjoying her extra credits, much to the envy of her friends. Major: Zoology Minor: Economics l61l .3 TTA!! ADA C 4 l62l CATHERINE BASTRESS S828 146th Street Jamaica, New York She obligingly says to friends who seem anxious to repeat some hoary anecdote: "I've heard it before, but you can tell it again if you want to." lvlajor: Chemistry Minor: Zoology ELIZABETH BEALE Sandwich, Massachusetts Even the long math papers Miss Smith gave her to correct never ruffled her good nature. Only one thing could do that- calling her a nickname we dare not speak. She has taken about half her college courses with either one of two professors. lvlajor: Ivlathemalics Minor: Evorzomicxv JEANNE1 BEATTIE 7 West 92nd Street New York City The girl who knew 9f1O of the college her Freshman yearg whose gallant hero captured for her Upper Lake's prize turtleg who aims to lead her friends to the use of Argyrol and the Carolina mountaineers to the doors of education. And her friends agree that the whole is equal to the sum of its parts-plus! Major: Zoology Minor: Bible 5 TTA!! ADA CATHERINE B. BELLOWS 155 Castle Street Great Barrington, Massachusetts She sews, she cooks, She has good looks- She was made to grace a home. Major: Ar! Minor: English Literature MIRIAM C. BENNER S114 Cuming Street Omaha, Nebraska As confidante of the lovelorn, Miriam eagerly seeks to console with offerings of everything from food to advice. Her most heartfelt sympathy, however, is re- served for those who have received a summons from judicial Board. Major: Zoology Minor: Art ALICE L. BENNETT 26 Holbrook Street jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Everyone knows South Rocky's tradi- tion about engaged house chairmen. We wonder how Alice will respond. Will it be "guilty" or "not guilty?" Major: Chemistry Minor: Zoology .:A??A-R ADA 4 l64l HELEN K. BE-RNARD 185 Robinson Road Syracuse, New York "To sing, to laugh, to dream-" Rare personality! drinking in life with a strange fervour- Major: English Literature Minor: Marie DORIS BIGGLESTONE 60 Morgan Street Melrose Highlands, Massachusetts A little boy-a beaming face-"hello"- and there is Doris. She alone holds the secret of winning popularity among the village small boys. Major: Bible Minot- English Literature ELEANOR O. BLAIR 300 Park Street Hackensack, New Jersey She harmonizes-in more ways than one. Major: Art Minor: Romance Language: .2 TTAR ADA is LOUISE BLODGET , 541 Wister Street Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ' Glimpses of famous people. 1. A blue coat . An irresistible laugh . A quick tongue . A keen mind . Shorn locks . Faculty anecdotes . A song-shall it be "Consider and hear me" or "Just break the news to Mother." 2 3 4 5 6 7 I Major: History Minor: Eronomics I ,P CORDELIA BOARDMAN Chittenango, New York Cordie is a gentle girl and, one would say, dependable-but no longer infallible. Perhaps it is fun to take a train back to the place of departure-but we wonder if it was intentional that time. Major: French ' Minor: Bible l ABBIE LOUISE BOSWORTH 744 Highland Avenue Elgin, Illinois Small and shyl l ! Once she was unso- phisticated and asked if Mr. Burnham stayed up in Mary Lyon tower all night to ring the hours. She has a roommate. There are a great many things she "simp- ly loves." l Major: English Literature l Minor: Englixh - . l l I l I J TTA!! ADA 4 l66l ELIZABETH LOUISE BOYCE 17 East 89th Street New York City , Miss Boyce has already, we under- stand, gained reputation as an educator. Major: English Literature Minor: Education DOROTHY BOYLAN 534 VVest 'Lovell Street Kalamazoo, Michigan Soon Kalamazoo will no longer be known solely for celery but also for hav- ing produced our most famous woman archaeologist. Dottie's present claim to renown is a midnight escapade in Finland. Major: Latin Minor: Archaeology LOIS REID BRADLEY East Providence Rhode Island A source of comfort to homesick Fresh- men. Major: Latin Minor: History JAWAIZ AD GRACE BRENNAN 147 Sulfolk Street Holyoke, Massachusetts Ten o'clock? She should worry! Major: Economic.: Minor: Spanish MARJORIEZ H. BROAS Q 9 Brookside Place New Rochelle, New York Marjie is pampered at home. Because she likes to see the big boats come in from France, the family doctor has to perjure his soul for her. Marjie is abused at college. Because she is inexperienced in the use of hair- pins, she has to be "switched" by all her friends. Major: History Minor.' Latin I-. JEANNETTE H. BROMLEY 271 Sherman Avenue - New Haven, Connecticut Jeannette's New Haven home has be- come a regular "Approved Wayside Sta- tion" for all her friends. These same friends have marvelled at the transfor- mation of a spoiled only child! into a model big sister. Perhaps it is well the younger generation doesn't know all that's beneath a lady-like exterior. Major: English Literature fhonor fworkl Minor.' French 4 I67 JATTAR ADA 41 F681 E. HOPE BROOME 309 Bewley Road Llanerck, Pennsylvania The dictates of a determined heart point to the open book and a rocking chair. Tuck up you feet, Hope, above the much frequented paths of college life. Illnjor: Latin lhonor fworkj Minor: English Literature ANNA M. BRUEN Taiku, Korea Ten hours of sleep, Someone to argue with, The daily letter, XVhat more could one ask? lllajor: English Literature Minor: Bible MIRIAM S. BUNKER 15 Union Place Bangor, Maine Billy has a host of friends, Freshmen, "Mainiacs," delinquents, a lawyer or two. Is it her loquacity, her ever present mirth, her zeal for clean animals lDishmop, attendll or the constant weather reports of her semi-arctic home, that make her most attractive? Major: History Minor: English J WAI! ADA KATHERINE A. BURTON Trumbull, Connecticut If Rip Van Winkle had known the potentialities of waking hours, he never would have wasted so many years in slumber. For Kay has demonstrated that one may easily pass a night without sleep and the next day write an A+ paper and an A++ quiz without blinking. Major: English Umnor fworlej Minor: Ilislory EVELYN E. CAIN S73 South 15th Street Newark, New jersey College to .Eve is a correspondence course-the urge to answer letters is so impelling that she frequently seals the envelope a day or two before it's sent. For Eve has time lapses between letters down to a science. Major: llirtory Minor: Etonomirs MURIEL CANN 114 Newton Street Marlborough, Massachusetts Given to arriving late, with a breath- less "Where's everybody, where's Phoe- be?" Freshman year she thought people who lived in Smithville must have to commute. For all her "idionocracies" we love her just the same. Major: lfnglixh Lifcralure - - - Minor: liconomirx 4 I69 JATTAR ADA 4 I70l MARIETTE VAN S. CASSELS 750 Bluff Street Glencoe, Illinois Mariette, upon returning from a pro- tracted week-end, will spend the first hour enumerating the gigantic labors she must somehow accomplish within a week CQuizzes and papers pile up on Mariette in Herculean quantitiesl. The rest of the evening she will while away in writing to numerous kindred souls in Sweden. Major: English Minor: English Literature ANTOINETTE CHICKERING Dover, Massachusetts Was it the long-suffering teddy bear who first awakened Tony's love for Brown? Major: Romance Language: Mmor,' Economies S. AGNES CIZEK 41 Ridge Street Binghamton, New York A sylph-like figure, artistic fingers, un- fathomable eyes. Major: Art Minor: Englixh Literature 5 TTAR ADA HELEN CLARK 15 Harrison Street 4 Newton Highlands, Massachusetts The world sees Helen- Calm and self-possessed as an oyster, with a sense of humor thrown ing adapt- able to her environment, whether it be Labrador or College-what a speciman for friend Lamarck! Helen sees herself- Happiest in giving, yes, but oh dear! why this necessity of being in the fore- ground? Major: Zoology Minor: Bible MILDRED P. CLARK 1892 Riverdale Street West Springfield, Massachusetts Mildred is starting a cook book in Latin. We translate her recipe for a balanced week: 3 Dates, 5 Quizzes, Some scraps for spice. Major: Latin Minor: Romance Languages AILE-EN P. CLINCH 46 Barker Avenue White Plains, New York Aileen remembers exercise reports for herself and eleven others. She glories in the advantage of being able to hang curtains without a step-ladder. Her artis- tic soul finds expression in Senior dancing and making Ec charts. 'Majorx Economic: Minor: Psychology 3 TTAR ADA 4 21 ROSE CARMENCITA CLOUGH Poultney, Vermont Rosie, the combination bridge-player and songster! Your favorite selection- childhood songs or grand opera-rend- ered day or night upon request. Major: Hirtory Minor: Romana' Languages ADELAI DE COLBURN Grove Street Holliston, Massachusetts Wade is a "dood dirl," announces a very young friend of hers. Out of the mouth of babes- Majar.' Eronomir: Minor: History MARION COLLINS 4 Rutherford Avenue Haverhill, Massachusetts "Ha, ha!" Thus Mike, from her com- fortable rocker. She wouldn't leave the rocker even to see the eclipse. Major: Zoology Minor: Chemistry ' Y l l l 1. . . l i l l li ,I 1 5 l 1 I t l l 5 4 l l 5 I 5 l f 1 l l f 4 r t 1 . g. f Y l 1 n 7 L I 1 4 4 l is .3 TTA!! ADA ELINOR COOK 20 Olyphant Park Morristown, New jersey VVith the profile of a Greek goddess, the unrufliled disposition of a Norse prin- cess, the dry, subtle humor of a Scotch- man, and the style of a Parisian-cos- mopolitan! l Major: English Litcraturr Minor: Eronamitxr SARA R. COOLEY S2 YVatson Avenue East Orange, New Jersey Sunsweet Prune Company Gentlemen: For some time I have eaten your de- licious, prunes daily. Already, my com- plexion has improved 2S'Zn, and the luster of my hair completely enthralls all Fresh- men. My friends, seeing my success, have used your prunes with results as good as mine. Sincerely, CMissl Sally Bob Cooley. Major: Zoology Minor: Chemistry CATHERINE B. CORNELL 4 Penn Yan Street ' Prattsburg, New York In Catherine's big heart there is room for each of at least twelve orphans Clucky for them she loves to cookj. Besides, she's Mr. Burnham's special friend and Miss Neilson's pet waitress. She's blessed with a wonderful sense of humor-has a mar- fvfllous time scrubbing the tea-kettle. flflajor: History Minor: English 1 ' l73 JATTI-NR ADA 4 l74l ALI CE COURAIN 729 VVest 4th Street Plainfield, New jersey Alas, poor Madeline! What could be worse for a goldfish than to have a scientific mistress? Major: Zoology Minor: Botany MARION H. COURTNEY Stony Point, New York ' Here is a girl who would fain contrib- ute some of her "elevation" to the press. Her famous bandbox appearance will get her a job, and her human interest stories about the lit department give promise of her keeping it. Major: English literature Minor: Romance Language: BEULAH L. CRANE 215 Greenwood Avenue Madison, New Jersey Pete has big blue eyes. That probably explains why she can't be scolded for sleeping through fire drills. Major: Economic: Minor: English Literature i I sa 'K D l 1 I J 'E H it ll :ij gt sl! l i 4 ' 1 my i lo. sg lf! ,l il t 4. ll al 1 l 3. it Y lf li H 'a 54 el cl t il l 'f fl 'L l l -m 5 WAI! ADA ' CATHERINE CRUTCHFI ELD Beaver Road Sewickly, Pennsylvania Kitty was the fire captain the night Porter tried to turn a fire drill into a fancy dress ball, and she utterly crushed the culprits by the calm way in which she sent them off in disgrace. Ilfajor: Greek Illinor: Fffllfll LUCILLE DAGGETT Proctor, Vermont College education is "broadening"-ask the man who owns one. Nothing can equal the pep of these Vermont girls- ask any reader of the rotogravure sec- tion of the Sunday papers. lt's perfectly possible to keep a man intrigued for twenty minutes over the telephone-ask Columbus, Ohio. Major: Chemistry Minor: Economics BLANCHE DALEY Chatham, New York Ban's conversation: A giggle A break or two And occasionally the threat, "I'm not mad, but I soon will be!" . Major: Economic: Minor: History l7l .JAMA12 Am. A l76l MARGERY DALEY Chatham, New York Margery, the helpful, shouts to the President from her window, "Miss Wool- ley, your roof's on fire!" Major: History Minor: Economirs EDNA DANN 108 North Maple Avenue East Orange, New jersey Somewhere on campus each evening there is a group of Charlestoners begging Dannie to leave bridge and syncopate some good dance numbers. Even the Amherst Little Serenaders have had their share in pleading. Major: Economics Minor: Ar! ROSALIND DAVIS 950 West Maumee Street Adrian, Michigan Brown is really her happy hunting ground, but she does occasionally stay here long enough for a Llamie Dance or I1 Prom. Major: Erouomics Minor: Frenth .2 TTAR ADA THE-ODOSIA DAVIS 15 Putnam Avenue Braintree, Massachusetts Nothing gets past Ted-whether it be the ball in soccer, or a week-end dance at Amherst. Major: Frcnrlz Minor: English Literature - LENA T. DE GRAFF 12 Clinton Street . Amsterdam, New York Lena has a terrible time planning parts of her ward-robe. There is such a variety in some lines that she can't decide what to have next. Major.' Latin Minor: Art ELSIE LOUISE DICKINSON 19 Carew Street , South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts Living at home has its compensations- at least for Louise. We hear that Satur- day night dances for her don't end at ten. Sounds interesting--wish we knew more! Major: English Lileralure ' ' Minor: Englixh I7 LA1vA1z ADA L-Mfmz AUA I79 .:A??AR ADA 4 HELEN DICKINSON 56 North Pleasant Avenue Ridgewood, New jersey Helen can be depended upon to be the life of any party. Even the brook at Mary Lyon's birthplace failed to dampen her spirits. Major: Frenth and Spanish Minor: Mathematic: DOROTHEJA DORMAN 290 Upper Mountain Avenue Upper Montclair, New jersey Noted for: Uncle Waldo, invaluable source of hard cider, grzrpes, and seek-no-furthers. Extended country rambles for reducing purposes. - Smoothly simple coiffure. Major: English Literature Minor: Romanre Languages ELIZABETH DYER 30 Columbus Avenue Haverhill, Massachusetts A gentle girl who deals with deadly things. Glycerine-and one vat less! Major: Chemistry Qhonor fworkj Minor: Physiology Ol JATTAR ADA HOPE DYER 21 Crantston Avenue A Newport, Rhode Island Where there is music, there is Hope! As for her other passion-"Oh, I say, I like frogs!" Major.' Englixh Literature Minor: Art HELEN LILLIAN EASTBURN 169 Halsted Street East Orange, New Jersey She converses fluently-in many langu- ages, "Nize Baby" included. She can play the piano and swing a fire bucket-and she 's a marvellous cook. Major:Romance Language: 'Mmor: Music MARY ELIZABETH ED MAND S 89 Madison Avenue Newtonville, Massachusetts Anywhere on campus: "Hay, you got two letters and a package-one from.b. f. and one from your mother." On meeting a fellow Newtonite: "Do I know jo Smith? Why, he lives across the vstreet. His mother is my motherls best friend." Major: Economir: Minor: History 1 lg 1 J WAI! ADA E l32l DOROTHY EDWARDS 28 Prospect Hill Brattleboro, Vermont Of all the girls who are so blithe, There's none like dainty Dotg She cheers the life of all her friends With pancakes piping hot. No other lady in the land Can keep that bandbox look When washing dishes, playing golf, or reading in a book. Major: Economic: Minor: French LOIS EISENACHER 254 Carmita Avenue Rutherford, New Jersey A boyish bob, a quiet smile, a copy of Don Quixote-Lois. Major: Spanish Minor: Art RUTH M. EISENACHER 254 Carmita Avenue Rutherford, New Jersey "She has a daily scheduler" 1. just enough study to rate a B. 2. A good novel a day. , 3. A long walk, something to eat, a jolly friend. Major: History Minor: Economics L- .: WAI! ADA EMILY ELDREDGE , 74 Laurel Street Melrose, Massachusetts In a hurry and flurry to Springfield she goes, To trackmeet or game, though it rains or it snows. No ring on her finger, but dance in her toes- The "kid" will make friends wherever she goes. Major: Economics Minor: Romanrk' Laugungr: ELLA ELLIOTT 277 Townsend Avenue New Haven, Connecticut Silence around the table, and then Ella says worriedly, "But don't you see the point? It's supposed to be funnyll' Major: English Literature Minor: Englixh LOI S E. ELLIOTT 203 Ballantyne Avenue North Montreal West P. Q., Canada Artistic and athletic both-queer, isn't it? The only pupil of Spaulding's gym class who is also a future rival of Rodin. Wonder will Lois employ her favorite expression-"Wait a minute!"-when the organist strikes up the first bars of Lohen- grin. For she's not really a man-hater-- oh no! . Major: Art Minor: Frenrh L83 .:A??AR ADA 4 I'34l RUTH E. FAIRMAN 127 South Pleasant Street Amherst, Massachusetts Equally skilled in unraveling Latin in- tricacies and in managing a newspaper. She can boil an egg, too. Major.'Lalin Uzonor fworkl Minor: English MIRIAM S. FARLEY 415 Grand Street Susquehanna, Pennsylvania Modestly superior in intelligence tests. Silent but eflicient in a cracker fight. Only in bridge does she recognize her own ex- cellence: "The only time I was ever set was once when I was just learning." Major: Englirlz Cllonor fwarkl Minor: Hixlory ADEXLINE FELLOWS 26 Middle Street Gloucester, Massachusetts The girl who believes in red-haired men and khaki suits, but finds three the same week-end a bit embarrasing. Major: Art Minor: History :ATTAR ADA FLORICE FERNALD 34- Gould Road Arlington, Massachusetts She is not only practical, ellicient, and responsible-for the girl has dreams! She has a great big H written on her heart. And above all or in all she requires culture-naturally her friends feel Hat- tered. Major: Economic: Minor: Mathematics EVELYN FERRY College Hill Clinton, New York Girl with camera-pictures of cherub heads and banner over desk-souvenirs for mem book. ' Spirit of agriculture-window box of radishes and beans. Height of accomplishment-back row in chapel. Major: Art Minor: History ANNABELLE C. FITZSIMMONS 2600 Marion Avenue New York City Our "Emma" composes sonnets on the train going home for vacation, plays any- thing by ear, dances the tango and the Charleston, out-argues anyone or any cause, reads all the news, takes her daily exercise, lives on a special diet, and pre- sides over Forum meetings, all with characteristic earnestness. Major: English . n Minor: English Lzterature JATTAIZ ADA 4 E361 ELIZABETH P. FLEMING 8 Bertram Street Beverly, Massachusetts Betty the conscientious: Who doesn't smoke or drink, but Hirts. Who types her notes. VVho studies till two and gets up at six. Betty the reckless: Who spills from her bike and gets a ride from the faculty. Who finds bromine a nice hand lotion. Who breaks all rules to go to Coffee House. Major: Chemistry Minor: Zoology DONNA B. FOLANT 22 High Street Stoneham, Massachusetts For the sake of her clothes she should not have majored in a messy lab subject. But she got her reward when, because of her staunch support of Biology Club, she became its president. Major: Botany Minor: History DOROTHY FRASER 239 Fitch Street New Haven, Connecticut Dot believes in large families, but hates house work. She advises all her friends to bring along a broom when they come to see her. Major: Zoology Minor: German I F .2 WAI? ADA EDNA C. FREDERICK 5 Bolton Street South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts "Music hath charmsi' Major: French Minor: Latin DOROTHY FROST 35 Highland Avenue .Melrose, Massachusetts Recipe for Dotty: Take two parts of youth to one of con- scientiousness and one of friendliness. Add two parts of zest for everything from food to philharmonics. Flavor with a sunny disposition. ' Major: Eronomirs Minor: Spanish MARJORIE E. FROST 307 Pleasant Street Belmont, Massachusetts ' Her only diliiculty is forgetting to rc- member where she put things. Major: Latin 'Minor.' English Literaturr E81 .3 TTA!! ADA 4 LEMA P. FULLERTON 74 Windham Road Willimantic, Connecticut Honor student in history and private secretary to the ec department. Despite her success in the intellectual and business world, Lee also has her hopes-but even in these the economic mind comes to the fore. She wants to have six but perhaps will make it only five-it all depends on the family income! Major: History Qhonor 1U0fk, Minor: French MARY FULTON 2321 Woodland Avenue Duluth, Minnesota Like the sun-wait till her energy is concentrated. Intelligence, sociability, naturalness, all three. Naivete-well? Major: Latin Uzonor fworlej Minor: Englixlz Literature ERMA FUNK 83 Prospect Street Bristol, Connecticut Is her jollity or her earnestness more diverting? We can't decide. Major: Economics Minor: English Literature i tssi Q .3 TTA!! ADA DORIS B. GARELY 46 Whiteman Street East Weymouth, Massachusetts A cake, says Doris, should be "cherished into existence"-so we judge that her knowledge of the proper manner is not limited to literary activities. Major: English Umnor fworkl Nlinor: English Literature MARGARET GEORGE 214 Sterling Street Watertown, New York "I've been working all morning like the devilll on roller-skates, and I'll be switched if I' hang around here and eat eggs and oysters! So add that up and tell me the name of the milkman. I'm going up to Glessie's to consume? Major: Latin Minor: Frenrh ALICE GOODHUE 36 Kernwood Street Malden, Massachusetts The simplicity of a child, The silence of a Sphinx, The mind of a scholar- D On these rest-the charm of the gurl. Major: Iklalhematifs Minor: French l89 JATTAR ADA A 1 l90fl MARION GRANT Easthampton Road A Northampton, Massachusetts Mangled melodies from hymns to jazz announce the arrival of Marion saunter- ing home between classes to snatch a brief siesta. For her, Math holds a fascination not even equalled by dem- onstrating the Valencia or driving an over loaded roadster to and from Towne House. Major: Matlzemalirs Minor: Eronomic: DOROTHY B. GRAVES 65 Elliott Avenue Yonkers, New York Bobby puts her convincing line to good use in debate, formal or informal. In ordinary conversation, one name leads all the rest--masculine gender, sin- gular number, all cases. Major: Art Qhonor fLUOfkb Minor: English MILDRED H. GRAVES Off Beacon Street Marblehead, Massachusetts Millie's a democratic girl. Even the austerity of the faculty does not daunt her. Upon receiving a note from Miss Norton Freshman year, Millie responded warmly, "Dear Winifred," and was im- mediately taken into the fold. Major: Bible Minor: Mathematicx J TTAR ADA RUTH E. GRIFFIN 189 Christiana Street North Tonawanda, New York Always dependable-especially when it comes to getting people to chapel in time to put on their gowns. Major: Bible Minor: Eeonomits MABEL GROSVENOR 1328 18th Street Washington, D. C. Mabs is a proud auntg "as a matter of fact," her nieces are perfect babies. Dr. Grosvenor begins her medical ex- perience early, with sick goldfish and with splinters. Mabs, who has nprinciplesf' reports her roommate for taking a bath after ten. Major: Chemistry Qhonor fworkl Minor: Eeonomirx ELIZABETH GUDE 2 Stratford Place Newark, New Jersey Here is a free spirit, whose independ- ence was not curbed even by thelfact that for a semester she was the sole charge of a house-chairman assigned by the dean's office. She is further charac- terized by a strong dislike of intellectual snoljbery and a strong liking for things Scotch. Major: Hittory Minor: Englirh Literature L91 .: WAI! ADA 4 2l RACHEL GUNDRY Athol, Catonsville, Maryland Rache's tales of "Horace" and "Spit- tin' " are always among our favorite bed- time stories. Her vinegar and headache pills are guaranteed to kill or cure. Major: Zoology Minor: Chemistry ALICE HAAS Saxonwoods Road, White Plains, New York Alice supplies the comic element- whether it's in "The Dance of the Spritesll or in the class room when she proclaims the characteristics of a "Unitarian." But there's one joke she refuses to tell on her- self. Ask her sometime about the en- gineer! Major: English Literature Minor: German EDITHA HADCOCK 69 Cypress Street Brookline, Massachusetts Editha is so fond of the ec department that she imitates their practice of invit- ing guests to dinner and then forgetting about them. But what can you expect of one who is busily trying to spread a new religious idea? Major: Economic.: Uzonor fworlzj ' Minor: Hixtory , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1. .I J TTAR ADA REBECCA HAMLIN Great Meadows, New jersey Becky the heroine of a western serial romance: Dauntless courage, a love for nature in its wildest moments, unending joy in the imagination, and withal a great love! Major: English Literature Minor.' English WINONA HARDY 2212 McDaniel Avenue Evanston, Illinois With "quips and cranks and wanton wiles-" and yet-"Sober, steadfast, and demure." Major: English Literature Minor: Romance Language: MARGUERITE HARRI N GTON Main Street and Highland Drive V Williamsville, New York Greet ever engaged--in talking, and to Lester. "My dear, it was simply .vcreamzngl I -nearly died!" Major: Latin Minor.' Englixlz Literature I9 J TTAR ADA 4 E941 HELEN HART 1515 Hillside Drive Burlingame, California Helen dispenses books at the library with that "personal touch" due to her wide acquaintance with everyone from faculty to college pets. Helen once caused a conflagration with food from her native land-California tamales. Major'.' Frenrh Minor: Spanish ELIZABETH HASTINGS 54 Alden Street Springfield, Massachusetts Elizabeth has a mind, an adoration complex, and a dimple. She is an expon- ent of the hurried life and possesses un- bounded faith in human nature. Easily teased, easily pleased. Major.' French fhonor VLCDTIZJ Minor: Mzzrir ALICE M. HAYDEN 80 Mechanic Street Athol, Massachusetts A temperament perverted! After being well launched on a literary career, Alice decided to change to the business staff of the Monthly. Major: Englixh Minor: English Literature l 1 l 1 l l I l 4 , n l L- : TTA!! ADA DOROTHY G. HERB 37 Lexington Avenue Mount Vernon, New York "Hey, kids, I have to tell you-Santy wants me for a Sunbeam!" Major: Art Minor: English Literature ELEANOR E. HERBERT .131 Circuit Road Winthrop, Massachusetts Introducing: "Our little joy-bringerf' Major: English Minor: English Literature DOROTHY C. HEWITT 31 Wesleyan Street Middletown, Connecticut A merry heart doeth good. Major: Zoology Qhonor -worlej ' ' Minor: English Us JATTAR ADA 4 I9 LOIS HIBBARD 102 Cambridge Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Long hours in psychy and zoo labsg choir, Glee Club, and impromptu har- mony groups of the latest jazz. Major: Psychology Minor: Zoology MARY MARGRET HOLBROOK A 729 North Main Avenue Springfield, Missouri This curly-headed youngster surprises the uninitiated with decided domesticity. Her bridges, Iuncheons, and suppers have the finesse of Emily Post. The rest of her spare time she spends curled up by the radiator embroidering or hooking rugs to the strain df "I'm just Wild about Harry." Major: English Literature V Minor: French DOROTHEA A. HOLLMANN 129 Glen Avenue Mount Vernon, New York Capability, conscientiousness+CharIie! Major: Chemistry Chonor A-workj . Minor: Mathematlcx 1 l l .3 WAI! ADA FLORENCE HOLROYD Nichols, Connecticut Did you ever see Flopsie when she wasn't rushing around? Did you ever see her when she wasn't smiling? Nobody ever did! Major: Art Minor: History HELEN HONEY - 9 Grand Street Seymour, Connecticut "I feel that I am so sophisticated noth- ing can have a lure for mef' Major: Greek Minor.' History ADELAIDE HOOD Tacoma, Washington Mrs. Malaprop is an interpreter of dreams. W She stabs her friends with' sil- houettes and overwhelms them with dig- nity. Shc is the proud possessor of a desk full of books in the honor room. Majvor: Eronomic: Min0r.' Psychology I9 l L L+. .3 TTA!! ADA 9 ' "-" Q l I 4 lI93l RUTH HOPKINS Fort Fairfield, Maine The latest yell from Bates: Chicken and Waffles! Are we for them? Well, I guess- Sweet B Potatoes, Sweet B potatoes, Yes, yes, yes! Maine, Maine, Maine! Major: English Minor: Economic: ELEANOR L. HORR 51 South 11th Street Newark, New jersey From a colorful and thrilling back- ground Ellie is able to draw numerous dramatic stories, which range from being pursued by sharks to stumbling over cows at midnight. But these adventures only serve to strengthen her home-loving spirit. Let her introduce you to her family, Gna-Gna and Katchi-Vatchi. Major: French Minor: History ANNA HORTON 15 Dearborn Street Salem, Massachusetts A trifle absent-minded maybe, and a trifle blundering, but we understand there's a promising young lawyer work- ing on the case, and we may expect a favorable verdict at any time. Major: English Literature Minor: English .JATTAR ADA FRANCES HOWLAND Athens, New York Frannie spent a week-end in New York! We're sure it's true because we heard her mention it herself. The regis- trar's ollice thinks she's twenty, but even by doing up her hair she hasn't convinced the rest of the college. Major: Chemislry Minor: Mathematics MARY ELEANOR HOWLAND i 30 Cottage Avenue Mount Vernon, New York "Men may come and men may go" but NeIl's A-I-'s go on forever. Major: Spanish ' Minor: Greek MARION HULL 110 Broad Street Middletown, Connecticut ' Famous for a really remarkable num- ber of breaks, and for her tribe of can- nibal cousins in the South Seas. Major: Chemirtry Minor: German 9 J TTAR ADA 51001 S' a . 4 ERMINIE HUNTRESS 1428 North Street Pittsfield, Massachusetts Erminie is interested in all kinds of initiationsg that is the only thing about her which has not changed since Freshman year. She changed her major twice a year, and her philosophy of life once a week. She wanted to be an ascetic, but liked to eat too well. Major: Bible Chonor fworki Minor: English LOIS M. HUTCHINGS 188 Woodside Avenue Newark, New Jersey Miniature athlete and scientist. Maybe it's because she's so small herself that details never escape her. Major: Zoology ' Minoru' Botany HELEN HYDE Ellington, Connecticut We notice after every dance Helen stocks up with handkerchiefs, earrings, or Vanities. In the Fall she plays hockey, in the Spring cricket: and in Summer she swims and rides. "Yes, sir! she's athletic l" Major: English Literature Minor: Eronomirs I 1 .3 TTAR ADA HELEN ILSLEY 90 Walton Park Melrose Highlands, Massachusetts Is there a girl who can wire a more matter-of-fact refusal to a house party than Lyn? Or model so placidly in a fashion show? Major: Romanre Language: Minor: Art GRACE W. INGALLS , 7 Holten Street Danvers, Massachusetts "Sure I have some"-whether it be ad- hesive tape, red ink, darning cotton, or "Half a Moon." Her latest purchase is a bottle opener. Illajor: Art Minor: English Literature GERTRUDE INSLEY 5448 University Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana i A dimple, a giggle, a lively young miss, These are the secrets of all her success. Major: Englixh Minor: English Liirralure E101 JATTAR ADA ti f1021 ELSIE K. JARMAN 98 Walworth Avenue Scarsdale, New York Reports weighty lectures for the Nefws. Cuts chapel twice in four years. Thinks sneezing unladylikeg and ex- claims "Fish!" when seriously annoyed. Major: Englixh Minor: English Literature DOROTHY JENKINS 101 Washington Avenue Jermyn, Pennsylvania A yellow room, a rare vase,'great golden chrysanthemum, a copy of the Nefwx. A cold wind, a clear sky, a hard frozen road, a pair of rough boots. A microscope, a drawing pencil, a box of color, a treatise on botany. A drop of amber, an embroidered shawl, and "Oh! a trip to Spain"- "If Winter comes, can Spring be far be- hind ?" Major: Botany Minor: English CLARICE M. JENNINGS ' East Hardwick, Vermont Who ever heard of a girl who got five insured package slips and then didn't go after the package? "Love is a terrible thing." Four things Clarice likes: volley ball, tennis, horses, and music. She d'oe.rn't like centipedes. Major: French Minor: Music .J TTA!! ADA DORIS R. JENSS S24 Maple Avenue Niagara Falls, New York Despite her perfect rendition of "Father, dear Father, come home with me now," in junior Show, Gig visits her friends in the libe and is "at home" only after ten o'clock. Major: Economifr Minor: English Literature M. NATALIE 'JOHNS I 27 Walnut Avenue Larchmont, New York Introducing Miss Johns, instructor in social and fancy dancing. Valencia and Black Bottom taught in one lesson. Special rates to Towne House parties. Miss Johns has studied under the best teachers, and has had inrifvale lessons in Boston and Springfield. Major: English Minor: Economicx BARBARA JOHNSON 35 Chateau Terrace , Snyder, New York Truly honest. She takes forty minutes to do forty minutes in. Scientific curiosity led -Barbara to- an amazing discovery: she has found the apple of her eye. Major: Zoology Minor: English Literature 1 , Lwsj J 'TTAR DA l'104 LA1'1'A1z ADA i iv il i r K, ,l li ll 3, l i. l l il 1, l ii li il lt ll li f J , ' Em: .: 1-11-xtzotuz-x 4 uosj MARY M. JOHNSON 3 Dudley Street Reading, Massachusetts Instigator, manager, chauffeur, bag- gage-master, and chief guide on the great multi-stop South Hadley-Silver Bay tour. As member of the census committee, she has a twinkle in her eye that makes you forgive her for taking away your favorite job. Major: History Minor: Psychology REBECCA JONES Bridgeport, Connecticut Professor Jones of the Astronomy De- partment. When Becky isn't watching the sky she is using her mathematical mind to calculate the quickest and cheapest way to get to California. Major: Astronomy Minor: Mathematir: JEAN JOSLYN 341 Franklin Avenue River Forest, Illinois Scene 1. Freshman week. Jean requires Freshmen to recite motoring rules. Scene 2. A week later. I Jean is requested by Judicial Board to recite motoring rules to house chairman. Another sidelight: "Kant does not agree with Miss Joslyn." Major: Bible Minor: English .3 WAI! ADA VIRGINIA JUDSON 278 Middlesex Street North Andover, Massachusetts Dramatic Club knew what it was about when it intrusted the Green Room to Gindy. When Buckholt's fails, she has the Amherst D. U.'s at her beck and call. Major.' History Minor: Art ALICE BEATRICE KEEIVIL Beacon Hill Port Washington, New York Her only eccentricity is taking ice baths while doing her forty minutes. Major.' Latin Minor: Hixtory ASENATH M. KENYON Chittenango, New York ' Kennie wouldnlt be Kennie without College Humor and f' sh doughnuts. She's unique because shelsnows her own mind4when it comes to making.plans for the future. Major.' English Literature Minor: Frenth 51071 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 .1 1 1 1 I 1 1 , I ::l f .1 WAI! ADA A Uosl FRANCES T. KRE-MER 6392 Overbrook Avenue Overbrook, Pennsylvania "Chun Alden wass a stribling lad. Seex foot two in his stogging feet." If ever you are in need of entertainment just drop in and have Polly recite Milt Gross to you. Major: Graek Minor: Murir KATHERINE M. KUECHLE West Clifton Boulevard Lakewood, Ohio "Oh kids, look at that cute little doggy! Isn't he the sweetest thing? You know, he looks an awful lot like Mickey used to. 1 don't care if you do laugh at me for taking Mickey home with me every va- cation. Oh, excuse me. I didn't mean to push you off the walk. I'm awfully sorry. Honestly l am." Major: Romanra Language: Minor: Economics CATHARINE LADD 22 Chamberlin Parkway Worcester, Massachusetts Laddie was one of the demurer Fresh- men when she came to college and she has kept her long hair and her placid smile. But whenever she steps out, just watch the sparks fly! Major: Emnomirs Minor: History .3 TTA!! ADA EMILY P. LANE 15 Dwight Street Poughkeepsie, New York We hear that Emily's burning the mid- night oil is quite deceptive. If not, how does she manage that heavy correspond- ence with Union, Dartmouth, U. of P., and Penn State? Or, perhaps, that ac- counts for her habit of cutting meals and chapel. You never can tell. Major: Latin Minor: Zoology MARGARET LAWLE-R 91 Rockview Avenue North'Plainlield, New jersey fCra.vlz!j "I didn't know that chair was there-gosh darn it!" "I started home on the first stroke of ten--golly!" Major: English Literature Minor: Psychology HELEN M. LEAVENS. 50 Tuscan Road V Maplewood, New jersey , Dev's line of gab has made her well known about campus, and no one can fail to appreciate the outstanding quality of her- voice-in choir. With her heart on an elastic band, she gets her thrills in life by falling in and out of love at random. Major: Economic: Minor: English Literature 1:1091 lllllllltl .J TTAR ADA 4 51101 Betty Betty Betty Betty 'ELIZABETH LEVERS 1048 Grand Concourse New York City cap and gown-Dignified. spectacles-Studious. in knickers-Animated. - dinner gown-Adequate. Major: Englirh Minor: English Literature CLARICE LUTHER 126 Main Street Amherst, Massachusetts We envy Clarie 'the clear conscience with which she can enjoy bridge and letter writing. When she works, she works, and when she plays, she plays. Major: Romance Language: Minor: German MIRIAM LYON 49 Whitman Road VVoi'cester, Massachusetts Miriam, plaintively.: "I don't think I'm sentimental !" Major: Hirtory Minorf Economirs .2 WAI! ADA DOROTHY B. MCALPINE 11 Summit Street Batavia, New York Dottie as house chairmanzl "Girls, would you please mind being a little more quiet?" Dottie the changeable: she was once studying to be a doctor, but thinks now she would rather be a doctor's assistant. Major: Bible Minor: Chemistry HELEN MC CLELLAN 206 Madison Street Newark, New York "Hello thereln A hearty greeting from the perfect toastmaster of Smile Week. Major: .Zoology Minor: Botany EDNA G. MC CLENAHAN 416 Boston Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut ' A linguist who, for weeks, used "ob- suse" in place of every adjective in the dictionary, hoping that, sooner or later, someone would tell her what it meant. A dramatic dealer in superlatives who can stage an apoplectic fit at sight of a box of cookies. Major: French Minor: Spanish L1111 L .5,., f f""'!f .3 TTAR ADA 4 51123 MARTHA MC GILL 148 Linden Street Wellesley, Massachusetts A letter a day. Majmn- Mathematic: Minor: Economic: HELEN MC KOVVN 54 Wyoming Avenue Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania Her lips were dry, her throat was cold, But loudly did she shriek. The rising wind did roar more loud, Another board did creak. And it wasn't even a mouse! Major: English Literature Minor: English MANE-TTE MARBLE Fort Scott, Kansas Don't be misled by her dimples, blushes, and Bohemian folk-songs. No periwigged judge has more authority than Manette perched on her radiator, whence she is wont to hand down opinions on faith, morals, or goloshes. Major: History Minor: Music F' I l L P l M .5 WAIQADA GERTRUDE ISABELLE MARTINDALE Highland Avenue Ambler, Pennsylvania When not busy with the ablative abso- lute, Diz spends her days in P. O. because it's allways' just before or just after mail time-so why bother to go home? Once in awhile the letter doesn't come, and then only one phrase can express her indigna- ticn--"Gloriana Bluejay!" Major: Latin Minor: Romanre Languages MILDRED MIDGLEY 10 Clay Street Worcester, Massachusetts Midge drove to Northfield with a man, and came back with poison ivy. She is an authority on hymnsfprimitive relig- ions, and food. When she is on house committee, she observes intervals of sil- ence fa juicy bitj. Major: Latin Minor: Bible LORRAINE MILLS 125 Ridgewood Avenue Glen Ridge, New Jersey . Larry dotes on "mothering" her friends, and is frightfully good at itg but she needs mothering herself. She just won't wear her rubbers -when she should, and she has broken all our cherished records for late sit-ups. Not to mention breaking a few archery records, and a couple of hearts. Major: Frenrh Minor: Music U13 ,g. ..... .-.-1 f-1 'ff Pc 1 TTAR ADA dk f114J DORIS MINER 247 Suffolk Street Holyoke, Massachusetts VVe think Doris' bright hair and good- natured grin must cheer any chapel speaker who looks down on the front row. Major: English Literature Minor: English FLORENCE MONTGOMERY 52 Crary Avenue Mount Vernon, New York - "Peter Pan is dead?-Not so!" Major: Latin Chonor fworkl Minor: English Literature J. CHARLOTTE MORRIS Wonju, Korea Charlotte is the girl who is put out of the music building with the lights, and who talks so fast her roommate's words have to be wedge-shaped. Major: Physics Minor: Muxic .2 TTAR ADA ALICE MORSE Woodbridge, Connecticut Though Tommy T.'s hair is mainly not there, Were hairs many as lovers in June, Miss A.'s eagle eye could quickly descry Each one as she plays him a tune. Major: Engli.vl1 Literature Minor: Marie ELEANOR MORSE Knowlton Avenue Shrewsbury, Massachusetts WVe wonder- Wlly she has three pictures of the same man in her room? Where she acquired that picturesque brogue? Hofw she finds room for the numerous plants and flowers that we see disappear- ing into her room? Major: English Literature Minor: Latin ELEANOR NAZRO 205 Court Road Winthrop, Massachusetts A fine skater-and how successfully she gets .over thin ice l' Major.' Economic: Minor: Romanre Language fusj l l 1 l E 1 l J .eattffxtz AUA 4 11161 DOROTHY NEBEL 5 The Circle Rochelle Park New Rochelle, New York A taste for social work, and a consum- mg passion for organization. Major: Economic.: Minor: Physchology ELEANOR NEIL 237 East 194th Street New York City We untierstand that underneath Elean- or's placid good humor lie two secret passions: to become sophisticated and to become an opera singer. 1hIllj0l'.' Economicx Qhonor 'L007'kJ Minor: French LILLIAN NELSON 422 Groveland Street Haverhill, Massachusetts A dresden china shepherdess-a whirl- .ing bacchante. Major: Chemistry fhanor fworkj Minor: English :AWA12 ADA DOROTHY F. NOURSE Nourse Street I Westborough, Massachusetts "I haven't anything special to do-can I go too?" "Oh! we've got one in Westboro!" "Is that worth eating?" "Will fifteen minutes running in the rain count for a forty minute period?" Major: Hirtory Mirior: Latin DOROTHY DE NOYELLES Haverstraw, New York Milady de Paris-in miniature. Major: Economics Minor: Romance Languages CATHERINE NOYES 188 Federal Street Greenfield, Massachusetts Peqzetual motion-the jaw. Major: Economic: Minor: Englixh Literature 4 U17 JATTAR ADA A a 1181 LOUISE NUNN 205 Spruce Street Farmville, Virginia Age: Younger than you'd s'pose. Favorite Sport: Betting-whether about the weather or the number of buttons on Miss Woolley's best shoes. ' Passion: 'lo see Europe as it really is. Major: Economics Minor: History MARY F. O'BRIEN 227 Chestnut.Street Watertown, New York Among our novelists of the future is one Mary F. O'Brien. We will let you in on a secret. The name of the hero of her first novel is to be Tudor Baxter Davies. This is worthy of com- parison with Gwendolinda Wilkins- or is it Clarissa Harlowe? Major: English Minor: English' Lilerature . DOLORES OLIPHANT 324 Greenwood Place Syracuse, N. Y. "How does she do it?" ask Dolores' friends as they watch her rush from one thing to another. But she does! Major: Zoology Minor.'Botany .3 TTAR ADA EBBA OLSON 19 Sachem Street Springfield, Massachusetts "What makes your cheeks rosy, my pretty maid? "Is it soccer, or grapenuts, or I?" he said. Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematic: ELIZABETH G. PALMER Lima, New York Betty's aim is to have a room which expresses her temperament. And lol- her walls have revealed John Held, Jr., college banners, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Oscar Wilde, Rossetti, Voltaire-and the mysterious violinist. Major: English Literature Minor: English ANNE PARKER 4 Wyoming Avenue and 24th Street Washington, D. C., and Hereford, Texas Eniquisite tact, the grand manner, an inimitable brogue-the makings of a dip- lomat. Major: History fhonor fworkj Minor: French L119J :A141'A1z ADA 4 H201 HARRIETTE PATEY 57 Grove Hill Avenue Newtonville, Massachusetts A girl with many interests: horses, "hot- seeds," hilarity, "high-jinks," happiness, humanity, "her Wisconsin," Holyoke- Hallie, our Sapolio Baby. Major: flrt Minor: Botany ANNETTE PATTON Tillbrook Road Champion Heights Warren, Ohio Annettels wanderlust had led her from Lake Erie College in Ohio to Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts. We're glad she saved the best for the last. Major: Economics Minor: Mathematic: EMILY P. PAYSON 191 Fourth Avenue East Orange, New Jersey Brains-Books-Bridge Major: English Literature Minor-: Economies J TTA-R. ADA HELEN PHILLIPS 136 Chili Avenue Rochester, New York The "editress" of our Monthly, who writes realism and lives romance. Major: English Khonor fworkl Minor: English Literature EMILY PIKE Danielson, Connecticut A passion for French and soccerg a conscience for everything. Major: French Minor.' Mathematic: ELIZABETH O. POND 167 Summit Avenue X Upper Montclair, New Jersey A freshman had a kitten hid, in number 2 in Mead, and all but matron gathered round to see the kitten feed. One night the kitty made a yowl, and raised the neighbors round. Out the window kitty went, thrown rudely to the ground. Major.' History Minor: Englixh Literature 11211 l . 1 Q4 .1. sf' M fl l fi l '1 il Ml .ll 1 : a . 6 l lr . li I ,. l 1 ll ll ll ll .l. .JATTAR ADA 2 51221 NANCY T. POPE 132 Franklin Avenue Yonkers, New York Nancy tells us that she spends most of her time trying to remember what she has forgotten. If she could only remember to forget what she has forgotten, life would be less hectic. Major: English Minor: Philosophy ALICE L. PORTER 152 North Sandusky Street Tiffin, Ohio The habit of calling onels various do- mestic articles by masculine names is a perilous one. For example, telling Henry fthe humanl that Henry fthe bear-rug? has bugs is likely to be rather disconcert- ing to the former. Major: English Literature Minor: English FELMA A. PRATT 28 Peirce Street Middleboro, Massachusetts As a member of the famous Senior .Trio she plays the 'cello. At informal serenades she plays the comb. Major: Ar! Minor: Music .2 TTAR ADA LILLIE M. PRISK 714 West Diamond Avenue Hazleton, Pennsylvania Be Feminine: an unusual motto for this day and generation, but Lillie and Puss have adopted it for their own. 1l1!lj0f.' English Minor: English Literature HELEN EL. REESE 224 Kingsboro Avenue Gloversville, New York Wouldn't you know she was an ec minor when in a quiz she talks about the "profits of the Old Testament?" And Day-Dream perfume simply puts her in "esstacies!" As for "Loagrin's Wedding-march"- well, sheygoes into uconvalsionsn every time she hears it. Major: Spanish Minor: Economivr MURIEL R. REID 15 Day Avenue Suliield, Connecticut '1Cut yourself a piece of cake." "Oh, I donit think so!" "Have you heard this one?" "I guess I'll get a retouch." Major: Pryrhology Minor: Economim E123 .3 TTA!! ADA 4 fl24J GAIL REMINGTON 101 East Union Avenue Bound Brook, New Jersey Whether or not Gail's extensive psy- chological training helps her to under- stand men we don't know, but it is rum- ored she has one pretty well tamed. Major: Psychology Minor: Geology CATHERINE S. RICE 103 East Sixth Street Jamestown, New York "She was wild and sweet and witty- Let's not say dull things about her." Major: English Literature Minor: History FRANCES RICE Hewlitt, Long Island "Know me, know my fish"-and note signs of Fran's progress through the ec department. The first two were Profit and Loss, but now that there is one with a black fin, they are Benito and Gabrielle. Major.' Economic: flI07l0f fworlzl Minor: German l l 3 I J R, DA ' ' 'A A l LAURA JEAN RODGERS 186 Main Street East Northfield, Massachusetts She plays soccer, prepares the perfect two-hour chem lecture, and makes a grand slam, with equal efficiency. Illajor: Chemistry fhonor fworkj Minor: Physics l l l i l , VIRGINIA E. ROGERS j S815 Northumberland Avenue , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania l You can catch jimmy before and after l a week-end. But be quick. She's here I just long enough to see that the ads get . Q safely into the Nefws, and is off again I for Pittsburgh, New York, New Haven, or Cambridge. , Major: Art Minor: Economic: 5 l l I 1 DOROTHY L. ROPER Walnut Street Holden, Massachusetts 4 Leave Dot severely alone when she is 1 doing math. ,When she shouts "Eureka," l you may approach discreetly. When she 3 gives a satisfied 'smile, you may know she is ready to do anything for anybody. E What has always bothered us is: Does . Dot manage the younger sister, or the l younger sister, Dot? I In Major: Mathematic: Minor: Chemistry llzs is l- LA1-112.12 AUA I -. I P i l 1 3 1 I r l I 1 1 1 1 J 1 4 I I 4 LAwA1a AUA U27 J TTA!! ADA 4 Uzaj WINIFRED ROSS Saratoga Springs, New York VVin was so attached to the Bible de- partment that she had to draw lots to decide which to take to Senior-Faculty. She could easily work harder in her favorite course if the instructor really wanted her to. Major: Bible Minor: History DOROTHY E. ROY 23 Webster Street St. Johnsbury, Vermont Dot used to divide her allegiance be- tween Yale and Harvard so impartially that she once directed a letter to "Harv- ard University, New Haven, Connecticut." But now she is loyal to Yale alone, even when she sees it crushed by the Army on the gridiron, or on the news reels. Major: History Minor: Economir: HELEN GERTRUDE RUGGLES 420 Washington Street Dorchester, Massachusetts "I was so embarrassed." If you ever see this sentence running around loose, you may be safe in returning it to Trudie. Major: English Minor: Art l l l l V 1 1 L .2 WAI! ADA RUTH E. RUSHWORTH 12 Lakeview Avenue Jamestown, New York Ruth was the Cleopatra of Cowles Lodge, belonged to the Cowles Rotary Club, and was the most active member of the Four Horsemen. She is co-author fwith the most profane inhabitant of La Rue Morguej of the famous question: "Why wear clothes P" Major: Art Minor: Zoology MARY H. RUSSELL 237 Fairmont Avenue Hyde Park, Massachusetts Mary, in tolerant tones: "One does, you know." "The Boas says-" . "I'm taking a listening course in it." Despite her tolerance, she does want to be really wicked. Major.' English fhonor fworlzj Minor: English Literature Pl-IOEBE E. SEARS 177 Main Street Hyannis, Massachusetts The lady who can drink from a foun- tain without getting her nose wet. Major: Spanish Minor: Romance Languages l129 J TTA!! ADA ai f1301 WINIFREID C. SHAW A 403 Seventh Avenue Asbury Park, New Jersey Private photographer of campus scenes and groups. Major: Bible Minor: English MARY B. SHELLEY 38 Early Street Morristown, New Jersey A Some grease paint and a false nose transform her into a first class comedian. Her contagious laugh carries off any strained situation. Major: Economic: Minor: Psychology ELIZABETH E. SHEPPERD 328 Northern Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana Archaeology is wonderful!- A cup of tea is elevating! And the Art of a serene mind is in a cat nap about 8:15 A. M. Major: History Minor: Archaeology .JATTAR ADA ,DORIS SHULTES Preston Hollow, New York It wouldn't make a biff of ditterence what she was doing-wopping chood at Towne House, or blaying pridge-she's a dum hinger. She expects to burst into print at any moment with some seventeen volumes of Commentary on the Book of Isaiah. Major.' Bible Minor: Economies CATHERINE! SIMON 221' East Harrison Avenue Maumee, Ohio Pat is the suave leading man of our dramatic club plays. She has" never been known to lose her poise on stage or ofli, except-well, just mention microbes or spiders! Major.' Mathematics Minor: English Literature DOROTHEA SIMONS 403 Westchester Avenue Port Chester, New York Poor Dot! Her prom man didn? know her taste in hats! Major.' English Minor: Englixlz Literature E131 JATTAR ADA 4 H321 MARGARET SIZER 131 East Second Street Oswego, New York A song for Glee Club Is rehearsed in the tub By Peg in her musical moods. True art must be here- No effort too dear As over "Byzantine" and bull dogs she hroods. Major: Art Minor: English Literature DORIS SKEDD 44 Central Street Beverly, Massachusetts The girl who blushingly believes that her maternal instinct will go to waste unless- she becomes head matron of an orphan asylum-but where does the in- terne come in? Major: History Minor: Economics ESTHER J. SMEAD Leyden Road Greenfield, Massachusetts Esther practises a gentle handshake the day before a reception, so she won't hurt the people she "receives." Major: Mathematic: Minor: Economics :ATTACK ADA EVELYN SMILEY 89 Dayan Street Lowville, New York A lady with her tastes should have the leisure. Evelyn has to keep up on movies, muse over mounds of ice cream, play sweet tunes, and just read. Her most familiar expression to her envious friends is "Oh, I'm so comfortable." Major: Art Minor: Musir ELEANOR B. SMITH South Hadley, Massachusetts Pennsylvania is Eleanor's favorite state, for many reasons. She says she's going to' teach at least two years. We wonder. Major: French Minor: Spanixh JANE SMITH 607 Cody Street Hibbing, Minnesota Once you never would have known she was a minister's daughter, but lately she has calmed down wonderfully, under a very common influence. Jane can write twenty-page papers over the week-end or share a good time with equal success. Major: Bible Minor: Hirtory U33 .:A?1'A-R AD A 4 M341 MARION L. SMITH 86 Broadway Amityville, Long Island "Where's my roommate? Where's Mariana? Good-by-I'm going up to Sunday School!" Major: Psychology Minor: Economic: EMMA V. SNODGRASS 302 jefferson Street Rochester, Pennsylvania Is Emma, the poised and gracious, the same Emma who spends all her money in Jackson's and then walks home? Or the one who, when she notices a member' of the faculty abstain from potato, asks her if she is reducing? Major: French Minor: Spanish MARTHA SNYDER 14 Aborn Avenue Wakefield, Massachusetts Harold, the china child, is to Martha what Dishmop is to the college-only cleaner. Major: French Minor: English Literature .JATTAR ADA ELIZABETH B. SPEARE 520 Watchung Road Bound Brook, New Jersey Betty as she appears to the world: calm, cool, judicial. Betty as she appears to the initiated: a lover of jokes, with a strange habit of sitting on people's hats and an impelling curiosity about the British Labor Party. Major: Economic.: Minor: History CATHERINE STEVENS 1625 Ridge Avenue Evanston, Illinois Cassie, at whose feet young worshippers kneel, expresses one modest wish-to die before she stops being good-looking. Major: Art Minor: Economic: RUTH STEWART 161 Kennedy Street Bradford, Pennsylvania If we hadn't been assured that hers was'a life of service, we should be suspic- ious about certain "Rolls-Royce" and "ermine" tendencies. Major: Economics Minor: History A U35 JAWAIZ ADA A D561 4 CATHERINE S. STILLMAN 26 North Morrell Avenue Geneva, New York Meet the collector: Pat, the student, collects stars and superior grades. Witty Pat collects terrible jokes and worse puns. Social Pat collects grand slams at bridge and la Ia Patj mail from the males. Pat the petite collects elephants. Major: Astronomy fhonor -workl Minor: Mathematics LUCY C. STREET 4 Ridgeview Avenue White Plains, New York Lucy stands supreme and aloof. But "even a queen has her moments"-and there's quite a difference between con- ducting a community meeting and dancing in Labrador. Major: Bible Minor: Music MARGARET SUMNER 294 Wentworth Avenue Lowell, Massachusetts Margaret, exemplifying the art of mak- ing a short story long without losing one breath. V Margaret, bustling Anna off for a week-end. Major: Economicr Minor: Psychology ? I 2. f s E E ? I E E J gr , , w 1 l r r 'l - .:A??AR ADA MARGARET H. TEVVKSBURY 14 Landseer Street West Roxbury, Massachusetts Marka needed to live in the most lux- urious suite on campus in order to keep track of all the charts in South Hillside- church and chapel charts for all, Fresh- man sleep charts, private bath chart, and rommate's bath chart. Chricketer, house president, president of chem club--well, is there any thing Marka can't do? Major: Chemistry Chonor 'LU0l'k, V Minor: Zoology , RUTH THOMAS 6 Court End Avenue Middleboro, Massachusetts Recorded in an Acquaintance Book, Ruth's answers would run: favorite study, music, favorite teacher, Mr. Hammondg favorite flower, all of them, favorite occupation, to eatg favorite friend, my doodidoo frat at homel. "Where's Mary?" Major.' Mathematic: Minor: Music MARGARET THORP 135 Pearl Street Holyoke, Massachusetts Anybody in trouble? Someone want a fourth at bridge? Anybody hungry? Someone want to go to the movies? Get Peg. Major: English Literature Minor: Economies D37 .JATTAR ADA 4 H381 HELEN TOBIAS 48 Dwight Street New Haven, Connecticut Listen, I'll tell you a secret Of a maid and a youthful swain, Of a little ring and a special, And a question popped-but in vain. Major: French Minor: English FLORENCE TRUMBULL 39 Farmington Avenue Plainville, Connecticut About the time of the last presidential inauguration, the very trees were filled with photographers and reporters eager to feature the slightest turn in Flo's social career. And there has been a lengthen- ing of telephone calls over the Notch, so we might almost suggest a private wire on both ends of the line. lllzzjor: English' Literature Minor: Botany ELEANOR USSHER 10 High Street Worcester, Massachusetts Such possibilities the girl possesses! It is rumored that even the make-up man thought her rosy cheeks applied fthey're naturall g that she had three men to Prom 'fit's truelg that she can mimic any char- acter living or extinct fsuch funlj--and yet she yearns to save humanity. Major: Bible Minor: English l A M l l l 1 ,5 li 1 i l i i i l E f f il Y 'i ,M M 'v fi I l 1 if i e l 5 . JATTAR ADA CHRISTINE VACK 464- Seaview Avenue ' Bridgeport, Connecticut Imagine a serious-minded fairy who can trip the light fantastic and discuss biology, portray a simple Cloverbelle and cherish secret aspirations, who can charm and delight with her naivete, and tease and raffle with cogitations upon the uni- verse. This being done-and we defy you-you have discovered Christine. Major: Zoology Minor: Chemistry ESTHER VAN ALLEZN 21 Maple Street Springfield, Massachusetts Laughter, we say, makes the world go round. Gosh, Esther, aren't you dizzy? Major.' English Literature Minor: Freneh ALMEDA VICKERY 279 Windsor Avenue ' Windsor, Connecticut Almeda has "fallen" for a lot of things in her college career, such as: Slippers, faculty parlor, psychology experiments at midnight, "dishes, please," lotus blossoms, celestial stars, moon microscopes, torches, and-last but far from least-the item of "lost keys." Major: Bible Minor: English Literature Liss .JATTAR ADA li 51401 CAROLYN WASHBURN 12 Clinton Street Taunton, Massachusetts Dr. Underhill was rather astonished to receive a check in payment of a laundry bill made out to "Mount Holyoke College Dr."--but why not, says Carol. Major: English ' Minor: English Literature MARGARET C. WELDON 137 West Union Street Circleville, Ohio This is the girl that had a photograph deluxe all ready for the Freshman picture book! And that's not the only joke she tells on herself. She can entertain you all evening with them. Major: History Minor: Economic: MARIAN WELKE-R 400 West 154-th Street New York City "I was going to get a dress like yours, but I found one more sophisticated so I bought that." Major: Art Minor: Greek I l l 1 l V 1 S1 6 1 l I I l P l l ! L .: TTAR ADA MARJORIE L. VVELLNIAN Granville, Ohio VVanted: Attractive young girl to sell our cut glass negligees. No experience necessary. Major: Mathematic: Minor: Music ' LEAH WELLS 228 Church Street Saratoga Springs, New York L earned E Hicient A greeable H ospitable Iklajorf Physics Minor: Mathematic: EDITH WEST 298 Glen Street Glens Falls, New York Edith, the athlete, stars in fencing, baseball, soccer, tennis-'most everything. Withal she manages to do honor work, drag 1927 to class meetings, and keep a sisterly eye on the fourth Miss West. Major: History Qhonor -workj Minor: Eronomics J TTA!! ADA A I1421 DOROTHY H. WHITTAKER 1501 Lonsdale Avenue Lonesdale, Rhode Island Dorothy, the ellicient. Dorothy, our collective conscience con- trasted with Dorothy, the susceptible-to moonlight and music and other things. Major: English Literature Minor.' Art ELEANOR WI DEN 20 Sylvan Street Danvers, Massachusetts "When a feller needs a friend"--Widie is always ready with luscious brownies, and the latest record on her vic. Major.' German Minor: Zoology MARIANA WIGGIM 410 Salem Avenue Dayton, Ohio Heard during Freshman week: "And Mariana Wiggim is the girl with the beautiful legs." Major: Economics Minor: History 41 l V I i l i l i 1 ! I l l 1 Q l i l l 3 i 1 l l l l i l 1. i l l I vi 1 9 l i .3 TTAR ADA MIRIAM WOLCOTT 26 Irvington Street Springfield, Massachusetts Mim is apparently the only girl on campus who is not susceptible to the favored indoor sport of bridge. She also holds the distinction of being the one girl who considered it a misfortune to make Rocky at room-choosing time. Major: French Minor: Philosophy JAN ET WOLKINS '32 Maxfield Street West Roxbury, Massachusetts jane is that rare person one reads about --a good listener. The kind of girl to whom men find themselves telling their life history. Major: Psychology Minor: Romance Languages MARY EMILY WOOLLEY . 96 Naples Road Brookline, Massachusetts Many are the tales' that have been circulated about this petite and eflicient member of '27, They say that a through train'was stopped at Newton one Thanks- giving at her special request, and that a member of the faculty once called on Mary Lyon to recite-and Mary rose to the occasion. Major: English fhonor flU0fk, lllinor: English Lilcraturn JATTAR ADA 4 ll44l PERSIS WORCESTER 5 Bryant Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Except for the pictures in her room, her favorite topics of conversation and her numerous week-ends in Cambridge- you'd never guess Persis had a family. Major: Art Minor: English Literature EDITH A. WRIGHT St. Davids Avenue and Chamouni Road St. Davids, Pennsylvania ' The Zoo department need only make a visit to Edith's room if they lack speci- mens. On her desk are four dogs, five elephants, and one alligator. Major: French Minor: German PERSIS VVRIGHT 238 Amity Street Flushing, New York judicial Board Case A No. 1: Offenses: I. Overworking her conscience 2. Causing the Amherst quartette to stay out after ten. . 3. Overdoing the principle of prompt- ness at Miss Woolley's social func- tions. 4. Failure to register anything but good cheer. Penalty: Universal admiration. Major: Chemislry Minor: Mathematic: v 4 i 1 . l , 1 l 1 i l 3 4 l l l i 1 l l . JATTAR ADA VIRGINIA YERGER Bonnie Crest New Rochelle, New York Jinny serious-a puzzle. Jinny carefree-contagious jinny in sports-whole-hearted jinny at home-hospitable Jinny's new interest-Art-for Art's sake? Major: Mathematics Minor: Economic: BARBARA ZIEGLER 291 Otis Street West Newton, Massachusetts Who says that heredity has everything to do with it? Perhaps it was the law of association fwith the facultyj that made Barb choose history for her major, with Physical Ed as close second. Major: History Minor: Economics Zin flllenxnrteuu Martin CE ling Margaret Hrvrlanh i , 1 5145 .. TTA!! ADA 6 Former Members of the Class of IQ27 EMILY B. HALL RUTH B. H.ANN.AN ELIZABETH S. HEUl.INGS FRANCES J. HI1'CHOCK RUTH A. HORTON SARAH L. IRVINE FLORENCE G. KELLOGG KATHERINE H. KELI.OND DORIS A. KILEOURN MRS. fNIARjORIE FISH, KILIEALI. EI.IzAIsE'I'H KooNs HEI.l2N KROOG F. EVELYN LAPP LILLY C. LARsEN ELIZABETH L,ENGLE HELEN LOCKE ELLEN F. LUCEY ERNESTINE MCCRILLIS MARY V. MCKEE THEODORA MfXCHADO IQATHARINE MATTHIES M.AXRY LUCY MILLER lf. EsTELI.E IVIILLS 51461 PAULINE W. MORGAN MARY L. NUNN MARJORIE M. PERINE MARY H. RADFORD BEATRICE E. REICHENBERG HELEN M. REYNOLDS IRMA A. SIMONTON LAURA, SNODGRASS ESTHER B. STARKS ISABEL W. STARRETT ELIZABETH STEVENS LUCILE C. SUTOR HELEN M. TAIT ELIZABETH W. TAYLOR KATHERYN A. TRYON MURIEI. F. VAN HoosEAR CHIH YI WANG ANNA F. WARD CAROL P. WARD GlER1'RUDE J. WEBER DOROTHY WOODRUFE RUTH E. WYNN NIARY S. Yl3A'l'S V Q . , ' , 1-1 ,.. -P Nl L.: LA1vA1z ADA Towne House as We Find It I 1 JATTAIZ ADA 4 4- A , When The moon blacys peek-a-boo, and The stars shme down on gyou,m-- Habbty faces beam as we sxrp Towne House 'ro 'you ----- J,rJ Oh Danle liked hns Bea-h-:cc qunie A bnlqand even Adam musk have made a hd, Farsi 'thot Thai he hlicd Hclrn Bu'l dear- Chabcrones we'rc 'belhn' +he world-H - WHHvJl+ClwfFQ A 3 a S bull: KIIIL Ksllu Kelli Wasl-L Wash ,Washh Wash, Kgyq, Ku- J J lJ 4 ,..l:l ,.J umpah umpah umbah umpah umpah umpah umpah, umpah umpah um ---- - , 4 1 D J m 4 NLOM wmd Wh'5P"' w-frff sofqyiff-'-'-' ff-I-2160041-n1gh'l,l'lol-y0lit', good-mghf -'Pictured in 19272 Towne House Boolc E14-91 JATTAR ADA 4 Higlx Liglwts of 1qQ,7 Mortarboard Queen . lVIortarboard Jester . Woman of the World Babe in Arms . . . Class Sunbeam . Most lndividual . . American ldeal4Efficiency lrreproacliable . . . Honestly?-lVIost Gullible Ten o'clock Scholar . . Gushing Geyser . . liluffer ...... Cleopatra-lVIake-Up Queen' . . April Day-lVIost Temperamental I-lewesese-Absent-lVIinded . lJ2ll'lSlCI1llC ..... Class Rainbow Epigrammatic . Break-lVIaker . Teachers' Aid . Social Success . . Generous with words . Girl Scout ....... School for Scandal-sees all, knows all lCverybody's Pal ..... VVarbekian-lVlost Aesthetic Ground Gripper . . Lisoj Frzuzres fl cklaml lfleanor lferlzert Catllerlue Rice Dorothy Grrwes Rebevvrz Iffllllllll - ,lnnabelle Fifzsinznzozls Lucy Streei Persis lfVrigl1t Ezlitha Hzzdcorl' ,lima florton Helen Lerwenr Ruth Stewart Lillie Prisk flntoluetfe Cllirrkering flnna florton l"rance.v Kremer Gail R?IIIlllglOlI lllzuleleine dlzlrirlz Erma l"unl' Katherine Burton Lois Jrllzstrong Mrlrgllerite lflarringlon .leauue Beattie Helen Plzillips Erma Frml' Christine lfack lvlllllffl Grosvenor - LATTAR ADA A socrm. svccw Za' X -C v . the 'R ,gy j ,I ,ElwI:v r'l+,-...f .FKA wg nmnnr I nxa, n-M"'. H. V 'Ni'-vwzf "" 'I .51-9-' 1 , AS, ug... MIG: 'mul' Lx... :A YN. Q X I X ME gg -'wr wfm QOERQBQVXNK Lol. ARQTSTRDNG uomiwx wl:x.exS 'Www' ff" 5 gf f W' f fi N w ' 5' X A if I X X W M VJ '04l!85-,Q . J N037-Avail' X f cnrelxr,QVLf'l?c Q fy' Ac" D511 .JATTAR ADA . 1:1 4 X t 1 vis", 'ff ff -409 5 ffl X .5937 ' Q' GQ Y f 5 W' 1 NW ' my " 1 " X396 i Ag annum: smvmz f5x Mum. snowman: V au Locusrs onsv w07fA.y up ,5t,?,,5il , THE wo 4'477lE'!ilV!. RL A o 4 mx Am lx xc. g ' - . 59 Sho, f 4A J E 7 1 YQ X' ig'-1 ff-f gh E! HEI L' 7 s ' 'N y' ,f f 1111111115 ' f P X? f . f, M ' H001-r 4 Q .s'c,WUALvff A bgvtlxhitufmx, I A .1 ' -Yrax' A11 ,,i' x F 11051 -:Eu E CYWAERWG ' W-H' Au PARISIISNNE woxxxfi' tfnnmcus musmsu 51523 D I - 4 .JATTAR ADA 5 BOARD 'bis 721, i QS:- Q, Na Ya - 91213201 u 12411212 ERHA FUNK lx QRS 9 . .S UNHEA F7 j 5 5 ATTBLICAN GUSHING GEPSEIZ HELE N LEIXOENS F1531 XM . xg . 004 SL ox N' an 3 :Al .ll5wlyA.DA 4 mas sg-rrggr g vvxam N , I m.suur-.qgguxx BABE I BLU , ai Y N Aff-.. sihm' N "4 Y-NNW ' Q.bL7ggififkx - -5 l ' U Kbyij ,Aging Q N J' Nl' 'Ati-P W XNNNU 'F 3'-1 Am ii ff! .ww Q T ' x, XS! W g 0 Ag :may W vugwmp GRA . if mama uozxuv Qmsum 0 - v1zANc1ss Acmmu - , ' 1 V N z T 1 K btw' 'fav , 34105 Ass ummsow auu.5c'0 XE - 56:07 7 aifmw JF? ' N X "F, X1 x A , SX Y J :X ,II 7 ts f N NF . 1 KATU: gd ' 'Q Llama gm, 1 k ,. , BIUN ,I ' ' GAU- RETTINGTON L15-41 .2 T7 RADA Munt Hulyuk In de shate from de Munt Hulyuk, Stoot a Kempus witt a Kollidge Fiftin minnits from de station- From the station jost twelf cents wurt- jost twelf cents Wurt by de trulley. Rooms for two de Kollidge hofliered- QSingles hall hed upper clessmenj Rooms clinned wunce per every two wicks By dis Kempus came de Freshmen, From dere heppy wigwams came dey, Came to learn an' education. Upper clessmen told dem softly As dey set in hautumn ivvnings How from out de hitting-plant house Opp it rose from smoke a wapor, Telling Freshmen of de hice-crimm If it should be wite or chucklet. Und de Freshmen loined of slippers, Of de slippers of de Beeg Chill Wot dey saw in Clheppel-crocheted. Und, in minntime, went de cheeldrun- Went itch day to hall de clesses, Loined from Miss Didieu a lengwidge, From her, witt Miss Young, a lengwidge Hall de pipple den from Perris, Dey should be on spicking toims mit. By Miss Morgan made inquirriz How should be de hinmost hinsides Of de frugs witt bizz und kittiz. Witt a houtlook hoptimeestic Got dey back itch one de quizziz Not witt A' s nor Bizz-but Hunked ,em To de time it came de sizzon For de shippskins to distribute. So de Beeg Chiff gave a mitting. From de tipees came de titchers To de mitting-in de pow-wow. Den it made de Chilf a motion- Pessed witt secunded de motion- Pessed witt wotes witt rezzelutions:- "Came four years ago a Baby From de name from Twunty-Sevin, We hev brutt it up witt hideals. "Desc keeds it should send dem hout den- Hout into de woild witt hideals- Hout to gadder in de Sheckles, Make a Kepital witt Soiploss. Yi Yi Yi mine Twunty-Sevin, Den you kin witt hall de Sheckles Pay de Beelding Fund de pledges, Pay de pledges you haf promizzed Witt de Sheckles-Izzy Payments!" Ussj .J TTAR ADA 4 Epitaph of i927 Nay, passers by, pause by this stone, read, and drop a tear. ' For in our lives we were not unknown, And in our departure hence we leave with you a Spirit. In Jtlzleiics: our mingled cheers and groans on the field of battle, our quaking expectancy when the silver trophy was brought forth, were the wonder of all who knew us. In 1Vluxic: our very first year we presented the college with an original song rich in local color and college tradition. And when those of our sister class were feeling blue on stormy nights, we cheered them up with songs of silver moon and stars shining on the dear old town. 4 In Play: our enthusiasm would receive no damp. We insisted on having a freshman play day despite the strange lack of appreciation by the rest of the college. And sophomore year we were so zealous in stopping '28's play day that the Authorities appeared and sent us home. Clt wasn't play day after alll. In Illorrzlx: we received congratulations even from the Dean on our decorous Promg and pleasure was expressed that we were to set the llloral Tone of the college the following year. D561 - JATTAR ADA 4 In Inzlividfllll lflllilldllff we were unrivaled. Witness: gil Miss lvl. E. W., Jr., who maintained the family f ll Gil 4 ' 7 if rw reputation for Executive Ability. The Trio-two Mutts and a Jeff, who contributed the Lighter Element of which any student body stands in need. QQ' 'F -if Miss F. Trumbull, prominent in the highest social circles of Washington and Amherst. 1 I- l fn W F4 :ear Q s as fl k ffi Q , Nliss lW. H. Russell, whose literary work appeared L-I' in Leading Magazines together with that of a Fac- j -T' ulty Poet. Miss E. Hastings, who represented the Nlount Hol- yoke Tradition in its purity. All her female rela- tives were said to have been graduated from The College. bliss E. Herbert, whose exquisite feeling for the classics made her rendering of Julius Caesar unfor- 4 getable. l I l i -Z- V f ,.:j,"".:f- In Drama: we-rose bravely above adverse criticism, and never forgot to SNIILE. Nay, passers by, pause, and drop a tear. For ye know not how unrewarded may be your own good intents. 51573 JATTAR ADA 4 Love Will Find A Way OF Granclmothefs Revenge .fl Burlesque presented by the Nlorlilller BfI!ill5fl'1Ifl1l'I' . Paw Scrafrple . . . Clozferlzelle, his rlauglzter . flngela, the little rhild Gflllldlllll Scrafmjrle . . lfigllting Mlll'lI1llIlllkF Unger I Fighting MIIl'IIlllYlllkt? Unger II Toastlnastel' . . . . . Class of 1927 THE CAST . JEANNE BEATTIE MIRIAN1 FARLEY CHRISTINE VACK DOROTHY GRAVES ERMINIE HUN1'RESS MIRIAM BUNKER EDNA MCCLENAHAN HELEN MCCI.ELLAN CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Clzairmzzn of Show . . Coach .... fluthor . Critic . . Business Mzzrzrzger' . Costumes . Scenery Properties Ifwusie . Tickets . Ushers . Publieity . Refreshnzents . l1581 LOIS ARMSTRONG ELEANOR HERBERT HELEN PHILLIPS MIss ADA SNELL DoRoTHEA HOLLMANN WINONA HARDY HELEN RUGGLES MARY RADEORD HELEN BERNARD MARY WooLLEY ALICE GOODHUE NANCY POPE ELIZABETH COSTER Saturday, June 11 l 1 1 . E: , , M JATTAR AU A 4 Commencement Program Friday, June 10 l 7:30 p.m. Executive Board Meeting, Alumnae Asso- ciation . . . . . . . . 10:00 3:00 a.m. Alumnae Meeting and Forum . . p.m. Alumnae Fete ..... . 5:00 p.m. Step Exercises - ....... 6:30 p.m. Reunion Class Suppers ..... 8 :30-10 :00 p.m. Presidentls Reception to Alumnae, Seniors, and their Guests ...... Sunday, June 12 10:30 a.m. Baccalaureate Service ..... Rev. Henry Hallam Tweedy, D.D. Yale Theological Seminary '86 Room Chapin fluzlitorium Pagmni Field Skinner Steps Sfzulwlt-fllunznae Hall I,l'f'Si11l?IlflJ' Ilouse lylary Lyon Chapel Mllfy Lyon Chapel lllary Lyon Chapel New York Room Wilbzlr Banquet Hall Merlfl Hall . Presidente' Office llflnry Lyon Chapel ' Chapin Allllllllfllllll 4:30 p.m. Vespers and Organ Recital . . . 7:30 p.m. Vespers and Organ Recital . . . President Mary E. Woolley, LL.D. Professor VVilliam Churchill Hammond, Mus. D. lvlonday, June 13 9:00 a.m. Meeting of Presidents of Local Clubs of the Alumnae Association . . 10:30 a.m. Grove and Ivy Exercises . . Campus 1:00 p.m Alumnae Luncheon . . 1:00 p.m Trustee Luncheon . . 2:30 p.m Trustee Meeting . . 3:30 p.m Glee Club Concert . . 8:00 p.m. Dramatic Club Play . . 10:00 p.m Senior Serenade . .I Tuesday, June 14 - 10:30 a.m. Commencement Exercises . . . . President Frederick C. Ferry, LL.D. Hamilton College, Clinton, New York Campus Chapin Auditorium 1:00 p.m. President's Luncheon ..... Rockefeller Hall 11591 ..:A?TAR. ADA xq27 Class Song Words by lileanor Ussher Christine Vzzek Mtxsic by Evelyn Cain Seekers that come from the isles of darkness, Pilgrims toiling to lands of the dawn, Search we the straight path that leads to th Beauty that only through truth may be won! Warder of secrets we hold as our emblem, Shrouded in silence through ages of strife, Willing to yield to her who is worthy Glory of wisdom, of beauty, of life. e highest 51601 'l i' i0QIb.Jl019 Q03 if gr - Y Q' 49 'izezig' .iEeEiEem , fig!" Wm 1:i'Q'ii1i1i1i1i.n gy ,, - -f1lfl!L"" X Q 1 f W Y Q A M N N ,fm , W I K 409 4-9 CP P4909 4x09 els 'OC Q GC 4 DYNAS li? Ol' ll-111 LIGN 'V JATTAR ADA A President ..... Vice-President . Secretary ..... Treasurer .... S ergeant-at-X1 rins Song Leader . . Officers of the Class of H928 Executive Board Frederica Botsford Mary Frances Logan Rachel Laramy Gertrude Mueller D621 Alice Kimball Catherine Emig .. . Dorothy Croy Josephine Evans Jane Allen Elizabeth Helm 2 - .JATTAR ADA 4 Members of the Class of H928 Abbey, Alice A. ..... . Adams, Elizabeth N. . Adams, Florence E. I. Allen, Harriet . Allen, Jane . . Ambler, Mary E. . Andrews, Doris . Arnson, Karolyn Arny, Sarah E. . Baldwin, Emily . Baldwin, Louise Ballard, Mary . . Barbe, Frances . . . Barnett, lVIartha lV1. . Barnouw, Elsa . . Barry, Ruth . . Barss, Elisabeth K. . . Battey, Janet .... Becker, Mary Katherine . Benson, Esther G. . . Best, Evelyn . . . Bianchi, Elizabeth W. . Bishop, Ruth .4 . . Blanchard, Shirley . Blankfield, Beth . Blayney, Laura A. . Bleckwell, Ruth Blyth, Marjorie I. Bonser, Helen A. . Botsford, Frederica . Brand, Betty . . Branham, Katharine . Brearley, Ruth . . Brewer, Dorothy Brown, Eunice D. Brownell, Gladys . Buffum, Mary T. Bulger, Julia . Bullen,' Frances L. Bush, Janet C. . Butler, Ellys T. . . Butler, Margaret . . Cameron, Helen Christine Carey, Anne T. . . Carr, Eva E. . . . Chambers, Margaret B. . Clark, Edith . . . Cook, Jean H. . . Cope, Theodora M. . . Coster, Elizabeth 101 Norwalk Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 115 Everit Street, New Haven, Conn. 1660 Foulkrold Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Kenwood, Oneida, N. Y. 201 Longfellow Street, St. Louis, Mo. 372 Prospect St., South Orange, N. I. 266 West Rock Ave., New Haven, Conn. 615 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 135 Watchung Avenue, Montclair, N. J. Troy Hills, N. J. -18 Boyd Street, Newton, lVIass. 35 Highland Avenue, Greenfield, Mass. VVelch, West Virginia. -12 Chapel Street, Kingston, N. Y. 39 Claremont Avenue, New York City. 156 Stratford Street, West Roxbury, Mass. Loomis Institute, Wilidsor, Conn. Walnut Lane, Haverford, Pa. 3809 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights, O. -104 Western Avenue, Albany, N. Y. 722 Brookwood Road, Hunting Ridge, Baltimore, Md. 6915 10th Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1050 Park Avenue, Schenectady, N. Y. 25 Evans Road, Brookline, lylass. 76 St. James Street, Kingston, N. Y. 5009 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 214- E. Sedgwick St., Mount' Airy, Phila. Pa. 2109 Calumet Ave., Toledo, Ohio .56 Fisher Avenue, Newton Highlands, Mass Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 74 Bainbridge Road, Hartford, Conn. 300 E. Clifton Ter., Washington, D. C. 83 Broad Street, Hopewell, N. J. 98 Woodside Avenue, Waterbury, Conn. 283 Valley Road, Montclair, N. . .44-2 Parkway Drive, Erie, Pa. Ondawa Farm, Shushan, N. Y. Oradell, N. , 25 Highland Road, West Somerville, Mass. 26 Maple Avenue, East Orange, N. J. 186 Crescent Avenue, Leonia, N. J. 365 Maple Avenue, Danville, Kentucky. Port Deposit, Md. Kennett Square, Pa. -19 Center Street, Concord, N. H. 1712 Forster Street, Harrisburg, Pa. 97 Lakeview Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. 497 Lee Avenue, Clarksburg, W. Va. Dimock P. O., Susquehanna Co., Pa. 445 Lawn Ridge Road, Orange, N. J. 51633 JAMA!! ADA Cottle, Harriet B. . Coxe, F. osephine . Coyne, Alice M Cristadoro, Margaret Crockett lvfabelle Croy, Dorothy Cummings, Dorothy Davis, Dorothy E. . Davis, lVIarjorie . Davis, lllaud A. . Dawson, Edna V. . Delaney, Catherine Delano, Susan . Dewey, Esther . . Deyoe, Elizabeth D. .l I ' MQ f i Dixon, Dorothy Isabel' Dixon, Eleanor lVI. Dougan, Alice A. . Drewes, Jeane . Elliott, Anne E. Emig, Catherine Evans, Gertrude . Evans, Josephine . Fairweather, lylary E. Fischer, Mildred G. Fitton, Edith N. . Fox, Beatrice . . Freeman, S. Elizabeth Freeman, Thora W. French, Hannah . Fuller, lldarion . . Gardner, Dorothy . Gardner, Elizabeth A. Gay, Harriet M. . Gegenheimer, Ethel Gilbert, Maud . . Gilbert, Virginia B. Gleason, Dorothy B. Goode, Elizabeth G. Gould, Phebe T. . Gowe1', Marjorie E. Griffin, Selma . . Haas, Dorothea . Ham, Elizabeth C. . Hargan, Elizabeth . Harland, Margaret . Harris, Adair . . Hart, lllay M. . Hausman, Sibyl A. . Hawkins, Jane S. . Heinke, Dorothy M. Helm, Elizabeth T. 4 115 High Street, Bristol, Conn. 30 Oakland Avenue, Uniontown, Pa. 730 Pine Street, Manchester, N. H. 29 Amherst Avenue, Jamaica, L. l., N. Y. 58 Kenneth Street, West Roxbury, Mass. 185 Anderson Place, Buffalo, N. Y. 12 Village Street, Webster, Mass. 1638 Turner Street, Allentown, Pa. Torresdale, Pa. 104 State Street, Seneca Falls, N. Y. 127 Passaic Avenue, Passaic, N. J. 64 Waldo Street, Holyoke, Mass. 22 Greene Avenue, Amityville, N. Y. -14 Alban Street, Dorchester, Mass. Niskayuna, N. Y. Hall, N. Y. 10 So. 1-ith Avenue., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 940 Maple Place, St. Louis, Mo. 72 Beach Avenue, Mamaroneck, N. Y. 112 West Passaic Ave., Rutherford, N. J. 5 Elmdorf Drive, Scarsdale, N. Y. 432 West 7th Street, Erie, Pa. 6451 Grand Vista Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 16 Bayley Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. 603 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, Mass. -1-89 Prospect Avenue, Hartford, Conn. 445 High Street, Bethlehem, Pa. Blair Academy, Blairstown, N. 193 Pleasant Street, Holyoke, Mass. Rutland, lVIass. Suflield, Conn. 108 Main Street, Nantucket, Mass. 74 North Ave., Canandaigua, N. Y. 67 Winter Street, Norwood, Mass. 73 North Grand Ave., Baldwin, L.l., N.Y. 244 Speedwell Avenue, Morristown, N. J. 2867 May Street, Walnut Hills, Cincin- nati, Ohio. 94- So. Munn Avenue, East Orange, N. J. 632 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 130 No. Main Street, Southington, Conn. Main Street, Holden, Mass. 136 Passaic Avenue, Passaic, N. J. Saxonwood Road, White Plains, N. . 626 Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 41-87 East 16th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Holden, Mass. 19 Vick Park Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. 18 Brainerd Street, Mount Holly, N. J. 127 Beacon Avenue, New Haven, Conn. 261 Barclay Street, Flushing, N. Y. 300 Morris Avenue, Grand Rapids, lldich. 404 Linden Walk, Lexington, Ky. Y 51641 1 I 2 , .JATTAR ADA Hemstreet, Hester K. Hencken, Claudine . Hess, Kathryn H. . Higton, Rena A. . Hildebrandt, Florence Hodous, Rachel M. Hopkins, lVIarjorie R. Howden, Nliriam C. Howe, Isabel . . Hudson, Genevieve E. Hughes, lwargaret E. Hull, lVIary C. . . Hunt, Mary Frances Hunter, Mary Patten llsley, Lucretia . . jackson, Esther L. . Jacob, Elinor . . Kanengeiser, Ellen L. Keeler, Caroline . Keeler, Edith E. . Killoch, Ruth . . Kimball, Alice . . Kirkwood, Elizabeth S Knapp, Isabel . . Knight, Rachel C. . Kohler, Eleanor T. ' . Kuesel, Mathilde Lane, Elizabeth G. . Laramy, Rachel . Leak, Bertha L. . Lewis, Gertrude E. . Locke, Stephanie . Logan, Mary Frances Loomis, Elizabeth . Loux, Genevieve L. McCarthy, Harriet E. MacCortney, Margaret MacDonald, Dorothy McMunn, Katherine K Maegerle, Rita C. . Meadnis, Constance Meeker, Ethelwynne Mekeel, Evelyn H. . Meloy, jane . . Millar, Elizabeth . Miller, Mabel A. . Moats, Helen M. . Mosher, Emily H. . Mosher, Sarah A. . Moss, Agnes . . Mueller, Gertrude E. 4 95 Kingsboro Ave., Gloversville, N. 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Cliffwood Street, Lee, Mass. 310 State'Street, Albany, N. Y. 19 Revere Place, Buffalo, N. Y. 68 Pocasset Avenue, Providence, R. I. Hibbing, Minn. 167 Pleasant Street, S. Weymouth, Mass. 266 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 71 Washington Street, Hempstead, L. l. 51 Green Street, Concord, N. H. 14 Hollis Street, Newton, llflass. Cheshire, Conn. 869 S. 13th Street, Newark, N. J. 112 Chancellor Avenue, Newark, N. 564- E. 9th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1003 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford Conn. 538 Providence Street, Albany, N. Y. 11 E. Union Avenue, Bound Brook, N. I 1-I-8 Dedham Avenue, Needham, Mass. 92 Vista Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. 104- Forster Ave., lVIount Vernon, N. Y. 77 Cherry Street, Holyoke, Mass. 222 S. 53rd Street, W. Phila., Pa. 514- Park Avenue, Elizabeth, N. Y. 135 Mill Street, Springfield, Mass. 121 W. Phil-Ellena Street, Germantown Phila., Pa. 400 Highland Avenue, Wollaston, Mass. 121 Highland Avenue, Middletown,, N. Y . Box 77, Deerfield, Mass. 187 Raymond Road, VVest Hartford, Conn rim 7 .JATTI-NR ADA 4 t Alai 51: ixix 4' T- lair. yi, . I- li . . ll H. - 4 "We Present a Fairy Tale Set to Jazz The King .... The Queen, a .flepmother . Princess Charmian . . . Prince Florizel, her hurband Yarmack, a disappointed .milor Yfvonne, the Queen's daughter Bobo, a magician . . . Lucius, enivoy from the Pofwer: Iris lLadie: in . . Hyacinth ffwailing . Chancellor: . . Courtier . ' .... Puck, the gardenerk .ron Fairy Godmolher . . Black Gnome . That B'e CAST file Aa N' ', f ri K , .L l Rhythmv Iyla Tracy Helen Weeks Elizabeth Barss Elizabeth Ambler Mildred Thompson Olive Perrigo Katharine Scott Virginia Gilbert Catherine Emig Frederica Botslord Ethelwynne Meeker Frances Barbe Edna Dawson Ellen Shattuck Margaret White Elizabeth Reynolds Guam' . . . . . Hazel Wilday SPEcmL'rY DANCE Selma Griiiin Julia Bulger EINSEMBLE Lord: Elizabeth Loomis Mary Frances Hunt Esther Jackson Ladies ' Virginia Voigt Helen Symons Mary Frances Logan Ruth Barry , 51681 it A ll? ' ' ll l JAWAIR AU Phebe Gould Laura Blayney Elizabeth Phelps Thora Freeman Anne Pehrson Marjorie Davis Mildred Fischer 4 Pages Toadstool I"airies julia Royal Ethel Gegenheimer Josephine Evans Kathryn Hess Elves LEfJl'6CllIllIlI.Y G uarzls Zllenials Nl ary Stark CHAIRMIEN OF COlVIlVlI'l"l'lZES Chairman of Show , Coach , . . Author . Critic . . . Business Mzlzzager' Costumes . . Scenery Properties . Lighting fllnsic . Tickets Ushers . Publicity Eva Carr Maud Gilbert Donna Rhoades Helen Pendleton Dorothy Brewer Laura Scudder Jean Tillinghast Margaret Patch Constance Meadnis Agnes Moss Miss Leonora Branch Harriet Allen Gladys Tabor Mary Buffum Gertrude Lewis Dorothy Croy Margaret Cristadoro Dorothy Willits Barbara Pease Janet Spice OU didn't go to Show? Well, for Heavenls 'Sake, you certainly pulled a boner there! What on earth was the matter with you? I begin to fear for your mental sanity: oh, you were in the infirmaryl Well of course that is a- different matter. Tell you about it? Hum, well, I've got a terrible Math assignment that I ought to be doingv You'll do it for me? Oh well of course then, the situation is distinctly altered, and in the face of a probable A as a result of this little proposition I'll commence at once. Act One It seems that in some gay and medievalish country trouble was brewing! As in all well- ordered fairy countries there was a King, a Queen, and two sweet and delicate daughters. Of these latter females one was the daughter of the King by a former marriage and the other was the offspring of his present helpmate. Now the Queen had given her own daughter lots of parties and things and tried to hook her up to some patent-leather prince who was visiting them. But Yvonne fthe girliels namej being one of these beautiful but dumbs, simply didn't get away at all. The Queen sweats her best only to find that Charmian, the stepdaughter 'fa sort of Mary Pickfordj, has vamped the slick stranger and they have it all fixed up to get married-seeing as Papa is pulling for his first offspring. Before the Queen can get in any of her stuff, her fond husband has turned his daughter over to the royal bud, and not satisfied 51693 JATTAR ADA 4 with that, hands him the Kingdom too. XVell, the Queen seeing her horse come in second as it were, naturally feels pretty sallow. But she wouldn't have been in half such a frenzy if her Dumb Dora hadn't picked up the court magician, Bobo, with whom she carries on something scandalous. VVell, after the prince and Charmian have been hitched up for a while something seems to go wrong. The girl doesn't seem to have any consistency about her at all. One minute she's kissing the prince and being a perfect picture of marital bliss, and the next she's boxing his ears and squawking at him as no lady should. The King is positively ill about it because if Charmian should get a divorce the Prince would be as like as not to keep the kingdom- it having been given extra, sort of bonus you know. And then where would the royal family be? So the King up and sends his daughter off for a rest cure to see if she can calm her nerves. Everything seems to peter out when she goes. The king doesn't throw any more parties and the garden dies off and the fairies go where things are more snappy-you know how it is. Finally it gets time for the Princess to give the thing another show, and she comes home. Things speed right up, the fairies come back, and Bobo gets up enough gasoline to fix the music box. Then to spoil everything a reporter or "envoy" as they called him, turns up from the Court of All The World to get this thing settled, other countries feeling that this sort of affair is bad for people's morals. This Court seems to be Boss around there, so the King canlt just boot the guy and send him off. Anyhow the princess comes back and everybody gets ready for a peppy party except another boy-friend of Charmian's, Yasmack, who is hanging around in hopes that he can get another lick at the princess in case there is a divorce. But he gets stung when the princess goes into spasms of joy at the sight of her lord and master, and so he meditates going off on a publicity tour to catch tigers single-handed. They sit down to dinner- and a swell feed they've cooked up too, let me tell you. Everything starts with a whizz, oiled by envoy's hip flask the being a fast laddie at heartj. Suddenly, right in the middle of the soup-course, before anybody had had enough to feed a chick, the princess up and wrecks things by slapping the prince and beating it from the room. The King nearly has a fit and bellows around blaming things on the fairies as the only possible solution. He soon discovers he's got the wrong number and at the advice of Puck, the'gardner's boy, he takes back all he said. The envoy is all pepped up about the scandal. The Queen, foxy lady that she is, gets hold of Yasmack and puts a bug in his ear to kidnap the princess, then she'll bully the prinoe into marrying Yvonne and all will be well. just then to hurry things up the envoy declares that unless things are cleared up by 12 P. M. the prince will be obliged to kick the royal family out of their house, gently, you know, but firmly! Ad Two The princess goes out into the garden to get Nature to soothe her and along comes Yasmack! He's all set to kidnap her but being a gentleman he asks her permission. She gets moral and says "The Ideal" so he gives it up. No stamina, that's him. And then along comes a devil or a bogey man or something and does a little hypnotizingg he gets Yasmack all het up about the advantages of killing the prince and getting him out of the way for good. He gets sort of off his trolley and he goes running off to find the prince, but the fairies, who think that the prince is a terrible sheik, protect him by making him invisible. Meanwhile the princess has cooled down and realizes the mess she's getting everybody into, so she tells her papa to find the prince and she'll try and make up with him. Then Yvonne and Bobo take advantage of the excitement and the taxi that Yasmack hired and didn't use, and they elope. The princess sees them going but being a good sport lets them go, and even gives Yvonne her cape. And all this time papa is trying to find the prince, who ,you remember is invisible. He finally gives up and goes to tell the princess of the new little problem. Then the fresh Queen, who saw Yvonne and Bobo running off but thought it was Yasmack and the princess, comes and tells her poor hubby that his loving daughter has run off and left him. She says he might as well let the prince marry Yvonne to save things. The King is in a stew, but just as he is starting to tell the Queen a few things, in comes the princess. The Queen nearly has double hysterics when she finds that it was Yvonne and Bobo that she saw, and she goes screaming around D701 .3 TTAIZ AD 4 trying to get people to chase after them. Then the King up and breaks the news to the girl that Florizel is nowhere to be found. He comes in at that psychological moment, but being invisible gets no attention at all. Charmian, at this final blow, breaks down and weeps and sobs and sits in the garden again alone-a pose of hers. And then, my dear, who should appear but her fairy godmother, right out of a waterlily at that, and high time, too! Act Three Tempus fugits and it gets to be a quarter of twelve. The King collects everybody he can and having given up the situation as impossible tries to relieve the tension by having a little oochie-coochieing on the part of his two best dancers. The envoy spoils things by glooming around and moralizing. Guards have been sent everywhere to look for Florizel but they can find no-one but Yasmack who has gone coocoo and goes around muttering "Kill the Prince!" Naturally everybody smells a rat at this and thinks he done the dirt. But the King, being a sort of amateur detective, sees that the dagger has no stain, and he doesn't give the guy credit for enough sense to wash his tools. just then in comes the Queen in a tantrum with Yvonne and Bobo being dragged along by guards. She is frightfully annoyed and gets kind of personal in her remarks but nobody gives her any sympathy-she not being popular. Then Bobo gets wise to the situation and sees that it is up to him to pull some stunt by which he'll earn Yvonne. He gets up all his steam and disenchants Yasmack, to the joy of all concerned. Before he has scarcely finished, in trot Charmian and the Fairy Godmother. The Fairy God- mother tells the Queen a couple of home truths and tells her that she knows all the inside dope about her. She tells her to step on the gas and clear things up by telling everybody what it is that makes the princess act the way she does. And what do you suppose? The Queen, seared into a dull green, tells the court that it's because of the way Florizel eats his soup! The princess nearly dies of surprise but seems to think that's what it was. ln rushes Florizel, disenchanted by the handy godmother, and he vows reform. The King settles things by prohibiting soup forever. Then the fairy godmother does things up brown by promising everybody a happy New Year, as it were. She hands around wishes to straighten everything up and then cries "On with the dance!" fmj J TTA!! ADA 4 philosophic and Anxious Meditations of a Would-be Prom-Goer What Every Woman Lives For In this miniature four-year life we have at last arrived at young womanhood and the marriageable age. This fact we accept with all solemnity. We realize that in this year is bound to happen that toward Which, since our college birth, our most serious thoughts have turned. Either we go to Prom or we do not, in the latter case escaping the bitterness of the far-off strains of the wedding march by a week-end at home. How shall we choose the Right One for the Great Adventure? Shall he be chosen to meet the ever-critical eyes of our young relatives, the Freshmen, or shall we ignore their childishly caustic comments and turn to the advice of our older women friends, the Seniors, who have had experience? Some of them are looking forward to another chance when they have safely disentangled themselves from the claims of their more youthful first choice. But others sadly say that once has been enough and wearily turn away from hunting new ideals. The particularly cynical and sophisticated older women suggest leaving us to the rough hands of experience as they were left. Some of us very much long for the tender advice of an older sister who departed this life some months ago. Meanwhile, we tread these weeks of our young womanhood, seine with dreams, some with schemes. There's the house to be thought of. Some of us with great confidence as soon as we attained the age went right out and engaged a house with father's money. The rest of us, with more practical minds, humbly faced the idea that we might never need to hire a house and have saved his money till we were sure. Each of us has admitted that we must start early to acquire a dowry. The less talented have engaged in a food-selling enterprise where beside making money they satisfy the awakening maternal instinct by feeding the crumbs to little, and exceedingly dirty, dogs. Those with artistic talent have engaged in drama, and acquired in one effort more than the steady laborers at the lunch counter gather in weeks. Almost everyone has secretly cherished plans for a trousseau. At least the wedding dress is all but made. Every season we have changed our mind about its color and its construction and its trimmings, but now our most burdening and ever-present worry is the problem of its length. When that is decided, we will buy it or make it, forget all meditations, gloomy or otherwise, and plunge into this heart-throbbing experience with all the fervor with which we have anticipated it. I ' f172J !:AwA1z ADA A . LAW-x1zA1JA I I I L. Y x ss: :sa I I I I , 1.... HIIIIII l l l l I I l IE DYNAST? OFT1-112 GIQIVVIN JATTAIQ ADA 4 1 1 Officers of the Class of Iqczq President . . . . . . Martha Hodgson Vice-Presizlenl . . Kathryn Rothwell Secretary . . . Charlotte Nicklin Treasurer . . Georgia White Sergeant-at-drnls . Rosalie Forman Song Leader . . . . . Elizabeth ROSS Execulive Board ' lVIary-Ellen Hayes Helen Mcclenahan Zella Holaday Margaret Prest ll76l 'Q S ..:A1"?AR. ADA 4 The Members of the Class of Iqqq Adler, Eleanor Lydia . . Alberti, Elizabeth .... Alexander, Edith Highland . Allen, Alice Standish . . Allison, Virginia Louise . Antes, Harriet . . . Apgar, Virginia . . . Appleby, Helen lVIiriam . Arnold, Mary Tracy . Aue, Estelle Elizabeth . Bailey, Esther Clark Baily, lklartha Speaknian Baker, Anne Stearns . . Baker, Mary Elizabeth . Barrett, Mary Louise . Barry, Nlargaret Louise Bateman, Ellen Edith Bates, Nlary Dexter Best, Estelle Constance Bicknell, Helen Emerson . Boring, Julia Elizabeth . Both, Marjorie Lamson Brandt, Elizabeth . . Bristol, Pauline Rexford . Brown, Eunice Frances Brown, Pearl Luthera . Brunson, Nlartha Jane . Budd, Katharine . Budd, llflary Wright Burton, llflarie Louise . Butler, Ruth Alden . . Byers, Frances Clifton . . . Carpenter, Dorothy Hendrickson Chase, Alberta Josephine . . Chichester, Caroline Elizabeth . Clark, Doris Eleanor . . . Clouse, Ruth Gilbert . . Cobb, Mary Josephine Colburn, Elizabeth Lucy . Coldwell, Laura Jane . Coleman, Margaret Pier . Cooke, Johanna Bergen . Corbett, Virginia . . Cowles, Mildred May . Cox, Natalie . . Crane, Edna Marion 790 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 354 Silver Street, Greenheld, Mass. 118 Traincraft, Medford, Mass. 181 Beach Road, Glencoe, Ill. 234 Laurel Avenue, Ben Avon, Pa. 2712 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 549 Carleton Road, Westfield, N. Lakewood Road, Box -115, Jamestown,N.Y 1821 Oliver Avenue, Santa Barabara, Cal 161 VVood Street, Rutherford, N. J. Box B., Stow, Ohio 544 E. Lincoln Highway, Coatesville, Pa 2-1- Maxfield Street, W. Roxbury, Mass. 1931 Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn. 7141- Bryson Street, Youngstown, Ohio. 156 Stratford Street, West Roxbury, Mass Greenloch, N. 117 Amity Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 187 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 8-1 Erie Avenue, Newton Highlands, Mass 260 Lytton Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 785 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. 309 Maynard Street, Williamsport, Pa. 7 Howard Avenue, Foxboro, Mass. 98 Ridge Road, Rutherford, N. 1 Prospect Street, Erving, Mass. Audubon Park, Louisville, Ky. 157 Pelham Road, Germantown, Pa. 157 Pelham Road, Germantown, Pa. 1fVestchester Gardens, lVIount Vernon, N.Y 237 Rich Avenue, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 188 'Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 80 Linden Street, Ridgewood, N. J. Sta. 14 Blue Hills Ave., Bloomfield, Conn -1- Stewart Place, VVhite Plains, N. Y. ' 2110 Bryant Ave. So., Nlinneapolis, Minn 54 Woodlawn Street, Spring Glen Manor New Haven, Conn. 3115 North Pennsylvania Street, Indian- apolis, Ind. 56 Elm Street, Milford, N. H. Alplaus, N. Y. 552 Lake Drive, llflilwaukee, Wis. 17 Halcyon Ter., New Rochelle, N. Y. 112 6th Avenue, Warren, Pa. 224 Amherst Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. 6 Arbutus Road, Swampscott, Mass. Chatham, N. J., R. F. D. No. 1 nm JArrA1zA19A Crane, Mary Hitchcock . Crockett, Pauline Florence Cruse, Eleanor .... Cummings, Dorothy . Cuthbert, Florence . . Deer, Marjorie Anita . DeWeese, Mary S. . . . Dixon, Katharine Elizabeth Dockstader, Virginia Eleanor Douglas, Doris Alice . . Douglass, Anna Fremont . Eitel, Alice Emily . . Ellis, Rputh Muriel . Ellis, Emily Farrington Emerson, Marion . . Esson, Hester Muriel . Everest, Helen Gertrude Fearey, Barbara . . Ferguson, Margaret . Finch, Florence ..., Finn, Marjorie Catherine . Forman, Rosaline Towar Fowler, Jean Catherine Franklin, Dorothy Agnes . Freeman, Rachel Belle . . Frisbee, Frances Clark . Gardner, Elizabeth Frances Gaw, Helen . . . Gentz, Margaret Mary . Gillespie, Bertha Costello . Gillespie, Maxine Anna Gilman, Rhoda . . . Gilpatric, Rhoda Taft . . Gitzen, Emelia Theresa . . Goodfellow, Charlotte Elizabeth . Goodman, Katherine Ernest . Goodsir, Margery . . . Graham, Hester McClain Graves, Asenath Libby . . Green, 1VIary Elizabeth . Grey, Helen Godard . . Grierson, Margaret Caldwell . Gross, Sophie .... Guerrieri, Arcangiolina Veronica Hail, Eunice . . . Hall, Margaret Winslow Haring, Katherine May . Haskins, Susan 1VIcCallum . Hawkins, Pearl Cecelia . 4 58 VVestern Avenue, Brattleboro, Vt. Hollis, Maine. 3-18 Redmond Road, South Orange, N. J. 213 Park Street, Montclair, N. 37 Maple Street, Hudson Falls, N. Y. Jefferson Avenue, Catskill, N. Y. 3223 VVayne Avenue, Kansas City, lVIo. 176 Crescent Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 52 Harlem Street, Rochester, N. Y. 2024 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis, Minn. 358 Terrace Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio. 62 Fort Street, Fairhaven, Mass. 9 Silver Street, South Hadley, Mass. 23 Naples Road, Salem, Mass. 290 Prospect Street, Manchester, N. H. Porus P. O., Jamaica B. W. 1. .Highland Park, Wausau, Wis. 153 South Lake Avenue, Albany, N. Y. 147 Euclid Avenue, Willoughby, Ohio 14 Hobart Street, Bronxville, N. Y. 878 Huntington Avenue, Boston, lvlass. 640 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City, N. J. 351 N. Madison Street, Lancaster, Wis. Bernett Ave., South Hadley, Mass. 206 South Main Avenue, Scranton, Pa. 37 Center Street, Oneonta, N. Y. 18 Gardner Place, Derby, Conn. Shanghai, China Highland Hills, Grand Rapids, Mich. 9 Sound View Circle, White Plains, N. Y. 26 East 10th Street, New York City 20 Longfellow Road, Cambridge, Mass. 52 Church Street, Putnam, Conn. 211 East 71st Street, New York City 1127 Olive Street, Coatesville, Pa. 6333 Beirbridge Street, Germantown, Pa 84 Claremont Road, Ridgewood, N. J. 714 Biscoyne Drive, West Palm Beach, Fla 117 10th Street, N. E., Washington, D. C Mount Pleasant, Amherst, Mass. Main Street, Richville, N. Y. 16 Lindsley Avenue, South Orange, N. J 172 Sickles Avenue, New Rochelle, N. Y Stockbridge, lVIass. Riverview Road, Swarthmore, Pa. Ashfield, Mass. West Nyack, N. Y. 41 Highland Ave., North Adams, Mass 17 Oak Street, Patchogue, N. Y.. 51121 J JATTAIQ ADA Hayes, lylary Ellen . Haynes. Florence WVallace Heltzen, Shirley Knight . Henderson, Elizabeth . . Hendrickson, Florence Augusta Hewins, Mary Phelps . . Hirst, Eleanor Janet . . Hodgson, lVIartha Ellen Hogan, Nora Leona Hoge, Mary Hiden Holaday, Zella .... Hooper, Marjorie Seaton . Houck, Elizabeth VVainwright Houghton, Dorothy Evelyn Houston, Jane Bowler . . Howe, lVIary . . . Jackson, Jeannette Alice . James, Ruth Butterfield . Javorski, ,Helen Marie . Jenks, Olive Janet . . Johnson, Edith Emilia . Johnson, Eva May . .l . Johnson, Martha . . . Jones, Esther Me-rriweather Keck, Lorraine .... Keirstead, Mary Malvina . Kelley, lldildred . . . Kemper, Mary Augusta . Kendall, Barbara Harvey . Kibling, Flora Elsie . Kimball, Frances Stanley . Kimmel, Alice Louise . . King, Frances Alberta . . Kingston, Charlotte Elizabeth Kitchin, Charlotte Allen . Klcpper, Audrey Marjorie . Kraft, Eleanor Elfrieda . Kunkle, Dorothy Elizabeth LaFetra, Margaret Noyes . Lepard, Margaret Mary . Lewis, Katharine . . Lidstone, Olive Kate . Life, Charlotte .1 . . . Littlefield, Emily Francina Lockwood, Margaret . . Long, Marjorie Idabellc . Lucchini, Ruth Elizabeth . Lyon, Jane Virginia . 4 Brock Way, South Hadley, Mass. 20 Gorham Road, West Medford, Mass. 60 Oriole Avenue, Providence, R. I. 610 7th Street, Huntington, Pa. 83 Fire Island Avenue, Babylon, N. Y. 184 Highland Street, Worcester, Mass. 69 Christopher'Street, Montclair, N. J. Clifton Road, Atlanta, Ga. Oxford, N. Y. 3461 Macourt Street, Washington, D. C. 155 Wallace Street, Freeport, N. Y. Janesville, VVis., cfo W. S. B. 34 Whitheld Road, Baltimore, Md. 994 lllain Street, Worcester, Mass. 3115 NVoodsfield Avenue, Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati, Ohio. 2702 36th Street, N.W.,Washington, D.C. -1816 Illinois Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 158 Dale Street, Waltham, Mass. 5 Alden Avenue, Thompsonville, Conn. 232 Rich Avenue, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 67 Hillside Avenue, Arlington, Mass. 386 Fairview Avenue, Winnetka, Ill. 30 Chateau Terrace, Snyder, N. Y. 87 West Pine Street, Gloversville, N. Y. 30 North 26th Street, Flushing, N. 101 Belvedere Drive, Yonkers, N. Y. 185 Passaic Avenue, Passaic, N. J. 513 West lwaple Avenue, Newark, N. J. 20 Crescent Place, Middletown, N. Y. 6 Crescent Street, Jamestown, N. Y. H 283 Walnut Street, Dedham, Mass. 10 Ruby Avenue, Morsemere, N. J. 4-28 Nuber Avenue, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 21 Florence Street, Springfield, Mass. i 56 Howe Street, Methuen, Mass. 2515 University Avenue, New York City 571 Central Avenue, New Haven, Conn. 500 West Diamond Avenue, Hazelton, Pa. The Woodley Apartment, Washington, D. C. 20 Fort Charles Place, New York City 1-1 Albion S-treet, Hyde Park, Mass. 8 Catalpa Street, Worcester, Mass. Kenwood Station, Oneida, N. Y. 25 Oak Ter., Newton Highlands, Mass. 147 Summit Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 11-1 Allston Street, Allston, Mass. Coe Avenue, Meriden, Conn. 306 VVest 12th Street, Lawrence, Kansas. f179J I .,.. - ..,,.-.,. .,. , .....,..., -.1.-- -- ..,. .......,.,.-ss-'zv.:'a,....,t-.,-Y -! V -A JATZFAR ADA McClenahan, Helen Janet . MacDonald, Catharine . Macintyre, Margaret Frances MacKay, Mary Margaret McKelvey, Mary Prudence McKown, Clara Margaret McLean, Lucy Bertha . , Marshall, Catherine Russel Mason, Helen Hotchkiss . Mason, Sarah Florence Ring Mathews, Caroline Kinnaird Mathews, Isabel . . . Mayer, Elizabeth Ellegood . Mayer, Katherine Eleanor . Merritt, Barbara Grace . Metzger, Hilda .... Midgley, Ruth Greenwood Milhouse, lilarion Brodie Miller, Elizabeth . . Minthorne, Ruth Aline . Moon, Margaret Lewarne Moore, Dorothy Louise . Morris, Charlotte . . Morse, Anna Lefiingwell . Mudgett, Hope Mary . . Murray, Margaret Elizabeth Murray, Marion Alberta . Myrick, Eleanor . . . Nelson, Lillian Frances Newton, Abba Verbeck . Newton, Katherine Marguerite . . Nichols, Miriam Edith . Nicklin, Charlotte Howard Niven, Isabella Wighton . North, lilargaret . . Olsen, Mildred Ingeborg . Orwig, Dorothy Louise . Osgood, Catharine Farley . Paddock, Helen Louise . Page, Margaret Davenport Paradis, Eileen .... Parks, Elizabeth Kimball . Patey, Philippa Charles . Patrick, Katherine Poole MacNorton Pease, Barbara Florence . Perry, Elizabeth . . Prescott, Ethel Louise . Prest, Margaret Ralston Prior, Priscilla Esther . 4 1120 Land Title Bldg., Phila., Pa. 590 Main Street, Malden, Mass. 1226 Cameron Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. 1010 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, Mo. 705 lst Avenue, Altoona, Pa. 5 Wyoming Avenue, Tunkhannock, Pa. 846 S. George Street, York, Pa. 1195 WHfbllTtOH Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y 305 Lexington Avenue, New York City 29 4-th Avenue, Lowell, Mass. 2653 Menlo Avenue, Los Angeles, Cal. 340 S. lst Street, Globe, A1'iz. King's Highway, Dover, Del. 93 Briggs Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. Box 211, Dunkirk, N. Y. Ocean Drive West, Stamford, Conn. 10 Clay Street, Worcester, Mass. R. F. D. No. 2, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 330 Central Street, Auburndale, Mass. 408 Bird Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 308 Haws Avenue, Norristown, Pa. 374 Madison Avenue, Albany, N. Y. 176 Chatterton Parkway, White Plains, N. Y. 4 Elm Avenue, Homer, N. Y. Lancaster, Mass. 401 Marguerita Ave., Santa Monica, Cal 19 Kensington Road, Worcester, Mass. 49 Hopkins Place, Longmeadow, Mass. 5714 Dorchester Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 106 East High Street, Ballston Spa, N. Y. 106 East High Street, Ballston Spa, N. Y. 19 Hayes Avenue, Lexington, Mass. 846 Liberty Street, Franklin, Pa. 4 Lakewood Avenue, Schenectady, N. Y 491 New Britain Avenue, Hartford, Conn 256 West Hazel Street, New Haven, Conn 5817 Beacon,Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 126 East 27th Street, New York City 46 Youle Street, Melrose, Mass. 128 Marlboro Street, Boston, Mass. 3 Park Place, Ludlow, Mass. Trefethen, Peaks Island, Maine 57 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville, Mass. 35 Congress Street, Troy, N. Y. 35 VVestminster Street, Springfield, Mass 71 Lancaster Street, Worcester, Mass. 25 Park Street, W. Roxbury, Mass. 144 Walnut Street, Jenkintown, Pa. 282 Grant Avenue, Nutley, N. J.. Usoj :AWA12 A Quackenbush, Cynthia . . Rapalje, Harriet Stockholm Raye, Margaret Capen . Raymond, Constance . Reeve, Florence Taylor Reigart, Agnes . . . Reitz, lVIargaret Godard . Reynolds, Mary Elizabeth . Robbins, Eleanor . . Rogers, Eleanor . . . Rogers, Gladys . Rollins, Abbie . Ross, Elizabeth . . . Rothwell, Kathryn . . . Rushworth, Grace Marion Saussaman, Ruth Mae . . Schofield, Margaret Esther Schuette, Lois Carolyn . . DA Schweikart, Dorothy Margaret . Margaret Eugenia Selover, Shearer, Helen Jacobs . . Sheldon, Helen Augusta . Elsie Campbell Sinclair, Slemons, Marion Lucile , . Smith, Marion Lane . Smith, lllartha Elizabeth . Smith, Virginia . . . Snyder, Dorothy Faye . Snyder, Ruth Naomi . Soar, Margaret Ethel . Southwick, lVIary Elizabeth Sparrow, Helen Campbell . Spence, Vina Elizabeth Spencer, Marion Rudman . Stantial, Eileen . . . Starke, Virginia Lee . Stebbins, Geraldine Louise . Steckel, Sarah Elizabeth . Stevens, Margaret Emery . Stickel, Juanita lllildred . Stief, Margaret .... Swayze, Mary Elizabeth . Tappen, Edith lVIcBride . Teed, Leona . . . Temple, Ruth Zabriskie Tenny, Ruth Hana . Thauburn, Doris Edith . U81 4 265 Main Street, Northport, N. Y. 281 Lincoln Street, Flushing, N. Y. 90 Lake Avenue, Newton Center, Mass. 124 Broad Street, Norwich, Conn. 16 Cutler Street, Morristown, N. 31 Euclid Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. 1776 Highland Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. 31 Forest Street, Newton Highlands, Mass. Holliston, Mass. 17 Clarendon Street, Malden, Mass. 40 Oriole Street, West Roxbury, Mass. 127 Court Street, Laconia, N. H. 26 Fox Meadow Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 35 South Parsons Avenue, Flushing, N. Y. 12 Lakeview Avenue, Jamestown, N. Y. 3627 Rutherford Street, Paxtang, Pa. 5141 Pulaske Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 5363 Northumberland Avenue, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 8336 Victor Avenue, Elmhurst, N. Y. 121 N. Main Street, Canandaigua, N. Y. State Road, Gwynedd Valley, Pa. 18 Westland Avenue, W. Hartford, Conn. 400 S. 27th Street, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1034 Logan Street, S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 1 Wolcott Terrace, Winchester, Mass. The Citadel, Charleston, S. C. 609 East Gorgas Lane, Germantown, Pa. 194 Gurley Avenue, Marion, Ohio Leesport, Pa. 267 Powder House Blvd., W. Somerville, Mass. Marshall Street, Leicester, Mass. 521 Cottage Road, South Portland, Maine 17 Southwick Street, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 66 Chestnut Street,iNorth Adams, Mass. 146 Florence Street, Melrose, Mass. 21 lVIadison Ave., .Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 476 E. Main Street, North Adams, Mass. 1921 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul, Minn. 114 Hawthorne St., E. Weymouth, Mass. 2691 Amboy Road, New Dorp, L. I., N. Y. 7442 Devon Street, Mount Airy, Phila., Pa. 50 Delaware Avenue, Flushing, N. Y. 84 Midland Avenue, Montclair, N. J. 254 Park Street, Stoughton, Mass. 164 Jefferson Street, Passaic, N. J. 645 Averill Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. 21 South Drive, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. il 1 -, v-...u.1...-..-- ... ....1...,....-.,.---...-4u-....n.......- - -.-- .. - JATTAR ADA Thomas, Eleanor Perleyette Thomas, Rachel Matilda . Thornton, Mary Christine Toothill, Martha Coggeshall . Towle, Charlotte Frances . Tuck, Marjorie . . . Tucker, Mary Weymouth . . . Valentine, Marion Westervelt . Wallace, Virginia Lee . . . Wandless, Jane Glenny . Warren, Mary Keith . Washburn, Doris Ella Waterhouse, Marjorie . Welch, Alice Hood '. . NVhite, Anne Levering . VVhite, Georgia Crosby White, lVIary Gill . . . Wilmann, Helen Margaret VVilson, Florence Niarguerite . VVolfenden, Lora Mae . . Wolfson, Beatrice Natalie . Wood, lVIuriel .... Woodbridge, Janet Merriam . Wright, Kathryn Florence . Young, Alice Conrad . . Young, Elizabeth lllerrill . Zimmer, Eleanor Griffith . Aghajanian, Lucia fspecialj . E 771 Bird Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 103 Putnam Street, Quincy, Mass. 11 Herinau Street, Springfield, Mass. 75 N. Elm Street, Wallingford, Conn. 285 Franklin Street, Newton, Mass. 35 Lyon Street, Pawtucket, R. I. 148 Colvin Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 259 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 80 Farrand Park, Detroit, Mich. 53 N. Ohio Avenue, Columbus, Ohio Niyazaki, Niyazaki Ken, Japan 90 North Adams Street, Manchester, N. H 90 W. VVarwick Ave., W. Warwick, R. I Grove Street, Topsfield, Mass. 135 E. Mt. Airy Avenue, Mt. Airy, Phila. Pa. 253 Clifton Street, Malden, Mass. Park Avenue, Medina, N. Y. 6 Beekman Avenue, Mount Vernon, N. Y 417 Broadway, Flushing, N. Y. 7 Wright Place, South,Hadley, Mass. 358 Broadway, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 310 Hempstead Avenue, Rockville Center N. Y. 164 Percy Street, Flushing, N. Y. 128 Sterling Street, Watertown, N. Y. 125 S. Hanover Avenue, Lexington, Ky. 175 lVIadison Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 103 Carman Avenue, Lynbrook, L.l., N.Y 42 Buckingham Road, VVol1aston, Mass. D821 l .LATTAR mm 4 mmm 5oPd0VwORL DWOLPUD Q aw' aaw Q. , ' . fl z' K sum , uomoub . sm. SWL bl rf' - E I n xg . X x .,, , Yfggnif gocnneu. , -. UDIE. QV Cav' .ff f 'li ' X XM ' rmlmn SENTIMUWHL 5Y,,Cg,Q-mg, .f X SYLVIPQ A fy I 1 N f ,, v Q, ,ff f -x I ' . f, ' N ,,,.f,. 1 - W ---' 1 A ' J , . N 2252? Sximgvrnc Q Q1 59356 F5 , , , Q9 It Gyn' A Aff- ' gg + I J .JATTAR ADA A Sophomore Jabberwoclcy 'Twas Orwig and the Wolfeiideii Did Keck and Steckle in the Teed. All Kunkle was the Saussaman And the Rothwell Ross indeed. "Beware the Quackenbush, Olsen, The Gaws that bite, the Kitchin Clark, Beware the Gross Young Budd, and shun The Hirst, the Graves, the Stief and Starke! He Tuck his Shearer sword in hand', Long time the Feary foe he soughtg So rested he by the Nlinthorne tree, And stood awhile in thought. And as in Adler thought he stood, The Quackenbush, with eyes of flame, Came Nicklin through the Patey Wood, And Swayzed as he came. One two, one two, and through and through The Stantial blade went Snyder North, He left it dead, and with its head, He Guerrieri-d forth. And thou hast slain the Quaekenhush? Come to my arms, Goodsir, Deer boy! Oh Rapalje! Hail! Holaday!" He Kemper-ed in his joy. 'Twas Boring, and the lVIacintyre Did Gentz and Gitzen in De VVeese, All Mudgett was the Bicknell Houk Who Zimmer-ed in the breeze. 51343 1 Essrl i mm 0 mumnr. I I l ,KN Q' s pon mu: W 77 .A Pfwsvicr www ,.,'?I..I , X lr' " : '- .UPPH1 LAKE -PARK Ks Munn! , 2 3 N FROSQ I-lQ'11vfE?f1WC 5 Q ...., 5 LQNER LAKE f::.?::.Lf if F' T'..I"ai12vi..s nh on .gl EL nmfnw wap YUM YM-LA COUL S Ji ' 7 Qi K , -in-v--.4 - ' I ci ,M i- g uun.:T H L ww KI Huuuu. C ' L-'H T qx ,il ,LL F505 and Q li, .6 nm . N-su up vw -mnnnf """"' ad- 'Q 1 14 I - I wma I rm ami. -un ' , --- Zz, - ' ' ' 1 ii ' ,SP """" ' mmm ' ' SEQ Sit' fx. , W ? i - I-A m 1 v W A 5 ...I x t I mmf Q -- ,, 11 'E a A ' 'r ' ' 7 K f ' I fm, Q Q L m , nw A I - N , Gm L-gn AD gg SKY F :MTS giti MUSIC an ' Q - ' P. 'LTIT3--' U ,un F nu mv wr .fs 0U S..- V yuh!" III 1 Axim, Q D Q3 ' sau 3 .m - I Y,,..1'nG:"f,p rr! 15191 A Liifum Q-Cl,-,z 5.i-- , I' . lf! 0 Li' ME, 1 'W K yu E gan 'Y' N 7 I ,, H- f., . I A guns: X I 4-tl i M Gm SQEF kt - jf i N - . X gm. AA im New 'M wuz 11' , 59..'.L"' G A 4353. E 'f?. X af 2 V M1-CHCDCK ' 'L-EW' 9... 55232533222 XX ff ' lu... D .1 'z va tj - mmm K 9.29-1 f1Ju.,E-J X smcugnl 5 .Bmw 2 K5 m. .Q '5?'1'3aii'd-'L 5 Q mem- 1 Lurwne l I nm, 0 M ' A . "nge " Y 'Q . 1 nmol , . .L ""'ff"" I ' - 4, ' E 1 5 ull " ' J ' Tlucvcs neu: N . 3. 2 l m,,,,. L Kr V7 gg: mm W 4. I 3, ,N Q JY ,. f MT-Em N. 4-1-nu N... -v -l I I ' . A. " 0' -- Col.l.acr. - AV ,Q 'S-Q 1 in IWW .l M' W wmmnmt 'ro Humax 0 ,, lit IB-VII P' ' C., , . lm QE! X mlm' 2 :.f,.'... 'FL k mnur-new i C "'3m.-. , K' ms rmvsmj 1 Wim 5 un.: - ' x 0- ASTE' fox sum 1 A 1 W 2 Q ' I 1 I - V 1 M jg L 4 13 :Sq ,,aa a- ..:::::a::::s::::V::::::::.:: .r ' .. Amt LATTAIQ NDA li ' 4 a :En M 2 '- Q . ', I ' .- , ug . 0' . ' r Q I fi xwxxxuuuw-U1 gf Q Q 'EET f Q I O Q ' 5 - . I u ' I l 4 I 5 5 C 1 Q A. N LJ L eopvwopl e QNG ui YYJOUT' UL Mi, TwL12b,5ofp.P0L3Q:::'z?5 om , elm 0 5 'Yn6 Q' CLO55 Ejqwy P Q Stiff? iizfkfrisssffzzx , 05' utmxg Q2 to:-bow? E-0TOOAQiF grmgmg "'g"Sf'z,c1, Qxsfmi ff mbigogd bell? mfr r1s6J DYNAST? Ol' THE xx7lNGED 1-101385 .JATTAR ADA 4 h l President . Vice-Presifleni Secretary . Treasurer . S6fg?l17If'Ilf'.f47'llI.5' Song Lmder Officers of the Class of 1930 Execlllifve Board Margaret Bradbury Ruth Marriott Mary Conard Eleanor Whiting Ussj Katharine Smith Nlarjoric Hill . Kate Street Catherine Snell Mildred Fischer Dorothy Parr i I I 5 l I I , .JATTAR ADA. 4 The Members of the Class of IQ3O Addiss, Gertrude . . Allen, Eunice Mather . Ames, Margaret Ella Andrew, Ruth Scobie Andrews, Eloise . . Andrews, Lucetta Rathbone Andrews, Shirley . . Anthony, Elizabeth Stevens Armbruster, Marion Helen Arnold, Audra Elizabeth Aronen, Leila . . . Auld, Mary Elizabeth . Baden, Katherine Duvall Barton, Dorothy Louise Benjamin, Edith Hubbell Best, llfliriam Anna Bettis, Mary Gertrude . Bigelow, Rhoda Ernestine Blair, Eula Virginia . Bradbury, lllargaret Sillsby Brockway, Kathleen Melvin Brooks, Elizabeth Bartlett Broomhead, Elizabeth . Bullock, Doris Emma . Burnett, Alice Constance Calloway, Catherine . Carr, Elizabeth Foxcroft Carter, Esther Alsopp . , Case, Marjorie' Ellen . Castleman, Nancy . Chadwell, Dorothy Chaffee, Mary Frances Champagne, Marguerite Chase, Eleanor . . . Chase, Ellen . . Chase, Sarah Elizabeth . 121 South Street, Jersey City, N. J. 8 Woodbridge Street, South Hadley, Mass Elm Hill, New Britain, Conn. Orange, Conn. 103 Prince Street, West Newton, Mass. 92 Central Avenue, Dalton, Mass. 28 Midland Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. Box 23, Touisset, Mass. 46 Joseph Place, Yonkers, N. Y. 40 Ridgewood Terrace, Maplewvood, N. J 48 Florence Street, Worcester, Mass. 622 Madison Avenue, McKees Port, Pa. Brandywine, Md. 122 Roseland Avenue, Waterbury, Conn. 239 Haberton Avenue, Staten Island, N. Y 722 Brookwood Road, Hunting Ridge, Baltimore, Md. 2 Trafalgar Street, Rochester, N. Y. 15 Saxtons River Street, Bellows Falls, Vt 300 Park Street, Hackensack, N. J. 29 Whitmarsh Street, Providence, R. I. 97 College Street, South Hadley, Mass. 2 Elliott Street, Machias, Me. Alfred Drowne Rd., West Barrington, R.I 327 Washington Street, Geneva, N. Y. 20 Pine Street, Cranford, N. J. 3810 Fenchurch Street, Baltimore, Md. i 7408 Yates Avenue, Chicago, Ill. The Knoll, Lansdowne, Pa. 93 Hinsdale Avenue, Winsted, Conn. 455 lVIt. Vernon Avenue, Rochester, N. Y 793 Center Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 820 Sassafras Street, Erie, Pa. 134 Nonotuck Street, Holyoke, Mass. Baring, Maine 1309 Dean Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Superior Avenue, Waterbury, Conn. 51893 l Ml Y 'i JATTAR ADA Chittenden, Francclia Christie, Ruth .,.. Churchill, Frances Marion Conard, Mary Baldwin . Cook, Helen Leigh i Cook, Katheryn Ethel . Cooley, ltiargaret ldc . Cooper, Elizabeth Gardner Cope, Frances Garrett . Corcoran, Wilma Louise Crary, Eleanor . ,. Crosier, Clara Stacy Cushman, Virginia . Davis, Betty Louise Day, Dorothy Preble . Deering, Mary Elizabeth . Delano, Elizabeth Stevenson . Denman, Bernice Lenore . Dickson, Ruth Anne . Donley, Jessie Elizabeth . Drisko, Caroline . Dunn, Marjorie . Dunning, janet Nlclienzie Eberlein, Davida Roxane . Eckley, Helen Elizabeth . Elliott, Alice Dorothy . Ells, Harriet Elizabeth . Ely, janet Allan . Ennis, Delphine Lillian Ferguson, Ruth . Fischer, Carolyn Julia . Fisk, Rebekah . . . Fitzgerald, Mary Maury . Flagg, Frances Leighton . Foertner, Hilda Elizabeth . Foote, Agnes Cope . . Fosdick, Ruth Sheldon Foster, Julia Ella . 4 182 Park Street, VVest Roxbury, Mass. Warwick Avenue, Apponaug, R. l. 96 College Street, South Hadley, Mass. The Knoll, Lansdowne, Pa. -131 Huntington Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 27 Attcrbury Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 211 17th Street, Milwaukee, Wis. 76 East Utica Street, Oswego, N. Y. Media, Pa. -I-5 Cleveland Street, Arlington, lVIass. 24 Grant Avenue, Lynbrook, 'N. Y. Halifax, Vt. 19 Fremont Street, Plymouth, Mass. Torringford Street, Torringford, Conn. Kingsbury Avenue, Bradford, Mass. 800 West 20th Street, Wilmington, Del. 35 High Street, Montclair, N. J. 2432 Fulton Avenue, Davenport, Iowa -I-0 East 169th Street, New York City 942 Park Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. 28 Lloyd Street, Winchester, Mass. 27 Livermore Road, Wellesley Hills, 1VIass 739 East 23rd Street, Paterson, N. J. R. F. D. No. 1, Scotch Plains, N. 25 Melbourne Avenue, Mamaroneck, N. Y 5803 Second Boulevard, Detroit, Mich. 38 France Street, Norwalk, Conn. 19 Waldo Street, Holyoke, Mass. 39 Argyle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 113 Church Street, VVare, Mass. 603 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, Mass 79 Taber Avenue, Providence, R. I. 3913 Seminary Avenue, Richmond, Va. 22 School Street, Andover, Mass. 40 McKeel Avenue, Tarrytown, N. Y. 112 Clifton Street, Belmont, Mass. Markeen Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y. 177 Harrison Avenue, Westfield,'N. J. moi A 'l 5 2 :AWA12 A Frey, Irene Anne . . Fricke, Dorothy Emma Fullarton, Ruth Stewart . Fulton, Julia Ruth . Gannett, llluriel Sanders . Gaston, Edith Gertrude . Gillim, Marion Hamilton . Glesmann, Esther Rhoda . Goddard, Elizabeth Logan Goodner, Helen . . Gray, Frances Eunice . Greenbacker, Dorothy Elaine Grimes, Eleanor Virginia . Grose, Virginia .... Grover, Margaret Jessamine Gude, Anne Josephine . . Guernsey, Bonnie Bell . Hagen, Ranghild Elinor Hall, Harriet '. . . Hallbloom, Alice Victoria Hallett, Amy Louise . Harding, Marie Lenox . Harrigan, Constance Lorraine Harrington, Evelyn Taylor Harris, Ruth Irving . Hart, Lewella Whitney . Hasbrouck, Rosalind . Hastings, Alice . . Hause, Marian Frederica Hays, Jeanne Wilkins . . DA Heidenthal, Gertrude Antoinette Heyl, Sylvia McMaster . Higley, Alice Hannah . Hill, Marjorie . . . Hinman, Sara Alice . Hoagland, Madeleine Sears Hodgson, Jennie Crocker Holmes, Carolyn Gleason . 4 1309 Main Street, Peoria, lll. 370 Central Avenue, Bridgepo1't, Conn. 460 Bronxville Road, Yonkers, N. Y. 2320 Woodland Avenue, Duluth, lVIinn. 1 No. lllarket Square, Harrisburg, Pa. 115 Great Oak Lane, Pleasantville, N. Y 415 St. Anne Street, Owensboro, Ky. 188 Northampton Street, Holyoke, Mass 1229 South 57th Street, West Phila., Pa 120 Center Street, Cherrydale, Va. 2122 Woodlar1d Avenue, Duluth, Minn. Middlefield, Conn. Wyncote Lane, Wyncote, Pa. Peking, China. 60 Ely Place, East Orange, N. J. 2 Stratford Place, Newark, N. J. 200 East Locust Street, Independence, Kan 119 Nalden Street, Springfield, Mass. Lake Road, South Windham, Me. Box 223, Bound Brook, N. J. 200 Passaic Street, Hackensack, N. J. Washington Street, Brighton, Mass. 101 Woodlawn Street, Fall River, lVIass 11 Ridgewood Terrace, lVIaplewood, N. J 11 Cobbet Place, Lynn, Mass. 22 Curtice Street, Winsted, Conn. 118 Hooker Avenue, Poughkeepsie, N. Y 313 lllaple Street, Springfield, Mass. - 614 W. lVIarket Street, Pottsville, Pa. 5700 Elgin Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. -17 Watkins Avenue, Middletown, N. Y 6329 Greene Street, Germantown, Pa. 232 Main Street, Hudson Falls, N. Y. 21 Centre Street, Brookline, MZISS. 255 West Genesee Street, Clyde, N. Y. 221 Belgrade Avenue, Roslindale, Mass. Clifton Road, Atlanta, Ga. 59 West lVIain Street, Chillicothe, Ohio rim -" """ ' W "' ' '-" 1 JAVTAR ADA Horne, Lois Leigh .... Hoyle, Marguerite Stockbridge . Hoyt, Kathryn Lenore . . . Hucker, Emily Hamilton Hudson, Dorothy Cole . Hull, Anna Frances . Humphrey, Janet Birge . Hurd, Mary . . . Hussey, Kathleen Louise . Hutchinson, Ruth Irene . Jackson, Alice Harriet Jackson, Ruth Webster Jagger, Ruth Louise . Jarden, Mary Louise . Jenks, Janet Lord . Jordan, Luella . Keene, Kathryn . . . King, lllary Sears . . Klugh, Constance Mercer . Kunzig, Sarah Ewell . Lapp, Judith Hylda . . Lincoln, Marjorie Elizabeth . Locke, Georgia Fowler . Lotz, Katherine . . . Lundquist, Annette Lillian lVIcClymont, Ruth Agnes . McGee, Katherine Kavanaugh . McGregor, Ruth Janet . McKee, Elizabeth de Golier McKittrick, Mary . . Madison, Sally . . . Marriott, Ruth Porter . Mathews, Olive . . May, Dorothea Ethel . Merrill, Phyllis Marjorie . Meyers, Dorothea Sill Meyers, Elinor Marion A 1138 Myrtle Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. 85 Elmont Avenue, Port Chester, N. Y. 106 Washington St., Chicopee Falls, Mass 28 Elam Place, Buffalo, N. Y. 183 Furnan Street, Schenectady, N. Y. 69 Grove Avenue, Madison, Conn. 226 North Second Street, Olean, N. Y. 13 Scott Street, Utica, N. Y. 37 Devens Road, Swampscott, Mass. 50 North End Avenue, New York City 25 Orchard Street, Springfield, Vt. 41 Quinby Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. 215 Walnut Street, Holyoke, Mass. 7048 Germantown Road, Mt. Airy, Phila., Pa. Millerton, N. Y. 8817 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven, N. Y. 156 Bellevue Street, West Roxbury, Mass 10 Linwood Street, Hyde Park, lVIass. 3620 Front Street, Chicago, Ill. 292 East Sidney Avenue, Mount Vernon N. Y. 72 Wolcott Street, LeRoy, N. Y. 128 South Palmetto Avenue, Daytona, Fla. 20 Winthrop Street, Winchester, Mass. 108 Lake Avenue, Newton Center, Mass. 621 East 6th Street, Jamestown, N. Y. 224 Huntington Street, New Haven, Conn 265 Summit Avenue, Mount Vernon, N. Y 94 East Avenue, Norwalk, Conn. 17 Homestead Avenue, Danbury, Conn. 2344 Perrysville Avenue, N. S., Pittsburgh Pa. 53 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, N. Y. 95 West Passaic Avenue, Rutherford, N. J South First Street, Globe, Ariz. 105 Foxall Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 40 Clark Street, Franklyn, N. H. Sodus, N. Y. 429 Parkside Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 11921 L JATTAR ADA lklillar, Nlildred . Miller, Louise Kilgore . lylittendorf, Emilie Borchers Moore, Elizabeth Ellen Neilan, Kathleen . . Niles, Olive Stalliord . Nolan, Mary Margaret . Parker, Ruth Day . . Parr, Mabel Dorothy . Pascoe, llflargaret Robertson Patrick, Helen Gertrude . Pember, Gladys Ella . Phelps, Miriam . . . Phillips, lblary Elizabeth . . Pillsbury, Elizabeth Dinsmore . Potts, Wilma 1VIarie . . . Proctor, lllary Elmira Purington, Alice lVIarion Reymann, Nelda Beck . Robinson, Ruth Louise Roffman, Elsie . Rogers, Berta . Rollins, Abbie Adaline . Rothwell, Miriam Phelps . Ryder, Dorothy Davenport . Sanborn, Nola Cora . . Sanford, Ruth Clarice . Scott, Mary Hebberd . Scott, Winifred Emily . Searles, Ruth Annette . Sharpless, Amy 'Elizabeth . Shryock, Virginia Florence . Sinclair, Caroline Elizabeth . Smith, Dorothy Foster . . Smith, Katherine Stewart . Snell, Catherine Fonda . Snow, Elizabeth Chandler . Sproule, Katherine Louise . 4 14 Olive Place, Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. 42 Beard Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. Four Acres, Oscawana, N. Y. 927 West Washtenan St., Lansing, Mich. 723 Main Street, Hamilton, Ohio Bennington, Vt., R. F. D. No. 2 19 Chestnut Street, Hatfield, Mass. 10 Prospect Street, Morristown, N. J. 27-1 Lefferts Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1465 VVebster Street, Palo Alto, Cal. 23 Courter Avenue. Maplewood, N. J. 3 Quaker Street, Granville, N. Y. 2-1 Broadway, Pleasantville, N. Y. 176 Thirty-first Street, Milwaukee, VVis. 112 Chestnut Street, West Newton, Mass. 15 Hudson Avenue, Ridgefield Park, N. J. 140 Gilbert Avenue, Eau Claire, Wis. 248 Morris Avenue, Providence, R. I. 101 15th Street, Wheeling, W. Va. 26 Center Street, Concord, N. H. 8020 Leflerts Avenue, Kew Gardens, N. Y. 105 Fessenden Street, Portland, Maine. 127 Court Street, Laconia, N. H. 35 South Parsons Avenue, Flushing, N. Y. 23 Edgecliffe Terrace, Yonkers, N. Y. 115 Maryland Ave.,N.E. Washington D.C. 22 Park Avenue, Suffern, N. Y. 618 Tremont Avenue, Westfield, N. J. - 144 Hancock Street, Auburndale, Mass. 65 Monmouth Street, Springfield, Mass. Toughkenamon, Pa. 48 Harvey Street, Germantown, Phila., Pa. Country Club Drive, Cedar Rapids, Iowa -109 Lowell Street, Methuen, Mass. 76 Riverside Drive, Binghamton, N. Y. 1 Highland Heights, Rochester, N. Y. 22 Dover Road, Wellesley, Mass. Old Short Hills Road, Short Hills, N. J. 11931 --,Y-4 f f wf- W --L .JATTAR A Stafford, Ruth Mowat . Sterrett, Margaret . Stone, Faith . . . Stoveken, Corinne . Street, Kate Wakeman . . Sulloway, Mary Markovna . Sweetser, Inez Avis . . Talbot, Helen Cleveland . Taylor, Helen Hay . . Thomas, Gwendolyn Lueile Thompson, Estelle ., . . Thompson, Mary Eliza . Thomson, Mary Scott . Tolles, Catherine Lambert . Turner, Elizabeth . . Van Allen, Elwyna . . Van Dis, Elizabeth jean . . Vastine, Dorothy Sharpless Vera, Harriet Bryden . . Vester, Bertha Tanetta . Walker, Dorothy Christine Wessell, Runhild Eugenia . West, Katherine Louisa West, Mabel Ann . . Whiting, Eleanor . . Whittam, Sarah Elizabeth . Wilcomb, Virginia Winifred Wilcox, 'Lois Fancher . . Wilmann, Aldis Louise . Wilson, Harriet Chisolm . Wilson, Tabitha Bonar Young, Anita Elizabeth . 'DA 4 11 Walcott Avenue, Andover, Mass. 488 Ash Street, Winnetka, Ill. 58 Elmore Street, Newton Center, Mass. Main Street, Cromwell, Conn. 4 Ridgeview Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. 795 Third Avenue, Berlin, N. Y. 37 Shaffner Street, Worcester, Mass. 79 Woodbridge Street, South Hadley, Mass. 42 Oakland Road, Mapleton, N. J. 507 West 1-12nd Street, New York City 3 Alden Place, Maplewood, N. Seneca Street, Far Rockway, L. l., N. Y. 76 Greenacres Avenue, Scarsdale, N. Y. 41 Chester Street, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 480 Lathrop Avenue, River Forest, Ill. 128 Trout Street, Mineola, N. Y. 315 So. Lexington Ave.,White Plains, N.Y. 238 Main Street, Catawissa, Pa. 413 East Beau Street, Washington, Pa. The American Colony, Jerusalem, Palestine 220 Norwood Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. 92 Morgan St., Melrose Highlands, Mass. 1118 West Fifth Street, Plainfield, N. J. 298 Glen Street, Glens Falls, N. Y. Lost Creek, W. Va. 249 Oak Street, Holyoke, Mass. 489 Washington Street, Brookline, Mass. 121 Summer Street, Springfield, Vt. 21 College Street, Springfield, Mass. 6 Beekman Avenue, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 39 Legare Street, Charleston, S. C. 1300 Byron Street, Wheeling, W. Va. Union Medical College, Peking, China 1501 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 11941 l 'A A19 ADA Z - , ' V ' 1 MNH Dov " ' -21?-!.'f."' rin,-uma mn' svn-M'-Gnu ha + r' ? Dr CunybShu:nTt 1' iijsiiziizd. V l 'Q rn-...M ummm xf udivivq yvuul1,es?f? 'Q ' "-' A" ' lf '. TT - "'::.:a.1Q..fL. -X PILGRWI ' ' - .. BTN' 'rm' Plkbkmu uhnnrmuo X V Sli! V OQNQIR f I Jovrmlq N . 'Y 2223"-'YW"E runsvzmtv'-:st Ji. Fun ,x " - ' 46 92g..,f -" , , , L H376 + ' 74 ' g N vn.0mr4 ss , le y i ' " uaQ.HkNTED I ax HOPE , rm w.-mx? HU wnssnm 1 M""ATno"l ' if rwxmq, H 'Wi' . nr. . 'G' Q HOUKYNN 0 D-liufq . vnu-x.. wl g 3' mi' I .1 x X X 55.15 X x 'sh' vf x.iN-:,:IJ,': e,-'J2f 1 ,hi 1 - -'L V4 l i""'ffXX Unfur- Fn.nm Lznmauuc' K I' f' ' h 0 X Lrssorqs or Kqoltlli 'W ' I P 1 ' PILGRIMS - VAN!!! f'Mg 1 X YILVIQRL9 , 1-.mnmmms Nmmrrxmc w.,mk1. ., - srnwr uuycavmng' Pu Mm , s fu ., M A9 Au Sv- Hlisif X f , ,. A A . 1 - . , 1 I I V A Sem t X ff - L l L X 1 gases , J I A J 3155 1 , x PILGRIM snows -325 H , rmfmin-m1' f, var. GIANT gg. SLO USN Lbcsvmn xkq l .DJ -f .M A 'R I '53-92n155 x DESPOND ps? fgokr i Ji, ?,- -,- 5 , . 0 ' 41 , H:-S-S """' gf X , Za Horfjs PRNSES "'4 ' 1 - ity I Q f + 2 Run lg D951 - - --3 Wwdrvii- 1 JATTAR ADA 4 Sparks from the l'leel of Pegasus Our song leader has an affinity for Wesleyan. Is it because of her twin brother there? We are glad to announce that the class of 1930 has an authority on any question of etiquette. Consult Elsie Roffman, the Well-Poised-Woman. And independence-Dolly Thomas is the very Spirit of '76. We wonder how the strain of Taps appeals to Kay Tolles. I Open all night. Tables for ladies. Our specialties-fruit cake and beaten biscuit. M. M. Fitzgerald, proprietor. Catherine Snell heads the list of absent-minded 'professors' nieces. She even for- gets to carry a handkerchief, and to keep engagements for tea. l With great pride and pleasure we introduce the faultless members of the Freshman class-Carol Sinclair and Eleanor Whiting. Our president has countless accomplishments other than that of presiding. She wields the barber's shears and the dangerous darning needle to perfection. "Carrots" Holmes extends a most cordial invitation to all members of her class to attend the Firemen's Ball in the city of South Hadley. "Carrots" has been asked to receive with Frank of the Glesmann Company, at this notable function. ll196l L. ..:AwA1z Aux-x . Beware of substitutes! Don't be deceived by frauds! If you would know the surest and best way of gaining a sylph-like figure, consult Pisa West. To be popular with men you must be smooth. Take lessons in smoothness from Sally. Sally Who? Sally Madison, of course. We hear that Puffy Chase, the exceedingly tidy and orderly young lady, is writing a book entitled "How to Keep House." Carol Sinclair, telling her favorite story for the 1028th time-"When Dr. Gren- fell visited our house"- How dreary and quiet the halls of lVIead would be were it not for Cal Drisko's hearty laugh and her continual chatter about Johnny. We are happy that at least one member of our class, Connie Klugh, is of the intelligentsia of the college. nm JAVTAR ADA 4 Legend ACK in the days when Pegasus charmed the Greeks by his milk-white wings and his amazing powers, there were many events which escaped the far-reach- ing grasp of myth and legend-incidents of great import, lost upon the human race! Among them, we find noted in Greek tales, the mysterious disappearance every 'fourth year of this famous Pegasus. From early fall his absence would continue for many months, and when upon the reappearance of spring and June he returned to Greece, he would appear feeble and tired, as though exhausted from a long journey. Through the years, many rumors have been rife as to his whereabouts during this strange absence. Some believed that he visited Valhalla, while others thought that he followed Zeus in his golden chariot behind the horizon. Recently, however, in the Egyptian excavations were found manuscripts which have just been translated. They give us positive proof that a white winged horse made periodical visits to a certain section of Egypt, to whose inhabitants he was a protecting angel or kind of deity. On each appearance, so the story goes, he flew above the settlement of Sow- thad-lee, keeping an ever vigilant eye upon the small band of people there. His arrival was always simultaneous with the arrival of a particular group of settlers in Sow-thad- lee, more especially in the Ol-yok campus. ln the course of his Hight, Pegasus followed them, and watched their progress along the path of Kol-ij-daze. He was always strangely attracted it is said, by the gleam of tiny red bows worn by the new arrivals in his city. The attentiveness of this peculiar beast was one of his marked characteristics. He was often seen floating lazily above Ol-yok campus, watching his particular charges as they walked to and fro, clad in white dresses, or as they made queer contortions on a green plain surrounded by many people. At night he would watch them feasting, on the field of Buttons, as the flames from many Hres illuminated his shining wings. It is even said that he ventured as low as the window levels to watch his "children" cavort about with older and wiser of their kind. He would prance and chortle with joy when he saw them skipping about, making merry. And yet again, when he saw them drearily stumble along armed with notebooks and pens, one by one entering the great, forbidding portals of some temple of wisdom, he would whinny, in long quaver- ing notes, his extreme grief and sympathy. A sentimental beast, this Pegasus, for when in the spring he saw his charges gather together and mount the yellow chariots which bore them from the gates of Sow-thad-lee, he was always too touched to follow them. lnevitably, he turned and fled! Il9Xl 1 " FW? .awk . 'Agia X ill ZSEIIIJI IBKBB!BBfB5B!BB!fII i x ff x T Q Q Q f ff gf?-rf K W fmfikfmm 5,4 F13l2TIJ.13 x7ALLl3? E- .JATTAR ADA 4 l're.vi11e11t . Chairman 1,il'6-CllIlil'lIII1II Secretary Treasurer Song Leader Cnnferenre Nominating . Cenxas ., . A Community Chest Finanfe . . S. A. H. . Vocational . Library C urrirul Il in The Community OECGFS . MARY E. WOOLLEY . LUCY C. STREET, '27 . ANNE A. NOBLE, '28 . . BETTY BRAND, '28 MARGARI51' GRIERSON, '29 . LUCILLE DAGGET'I', '27 CHAIRMPIN OF COM Ml'l'TIiIiS f20lJ KATHERINE GOODMAN, '29 .. . LUCY STREET, '27 . MARY JOHNSON, '27 -IEANNIE BE:YI"l'lE, '27 Iil.lzAnE'1'H COSTER, '28 . XVINON.-X Pl.-XRDY, '27 IVIANETTE MARBLE, '27 REBECCA HAMLIN, '27 . ANNE PARKER, '27 .:AT?Al2 ADA 4 The Judicial Boarcl J Clmirmon ......... PERSIS WRIGH1', '27 MEMBERS RIISS ELLIS Miss PATCH ELIZABETH SPEARE, '27 LYDIA RANSOM, '28 CSERTRUDE EVANS, '28 NIARGARET Gl2N'l'Z, '29 MARY MAURY FITZGERALD, '30 HOUSE PRESIDENTS , Safford . ....... , . DOROTHY MCALPINE, '27 I orter . . . . . NANCY POPE, '27 Pearsons . . . . . . ELEANOR NE1LL,'27 Hillside North . . . . ELIZABETH LEvERs, '27 Hillside South . . . AQARGARET TEWKSBURY, '27 Wilder . . . . . . ELEANOR HORR, '27 Rockefeller South . . . ALICE BENNETT, '27 Rockefeller North . -. ELEANOR USSHER, '27 Brigham . . . ....... SARAH COOLEY, '27 Illearl . . ...... CATHERINE BALDWIN, '27 Bridgmon . . ELINOR R. COOK, '27, HELEN BICKNELI., '29 Woo1lh1'i1lge . . . DOROTHY HERB, '27, MARGARET REITZ, '29 Byron Smith . BARBARA ZIEGLER, '27 CHARLOTTE NICKLIN, '29 Sycamore.: . . . . . ELSIE JARMAN, '27 RHODA GILMAN, '29 Cowles Lodge . .... MILDRED CLARK, '27 ANNE WHITE, '29 .ludson . . . .... VIRGINIA JUDSON, '27 MARY KEMPER, '29 Kellogg ..... CATHERINE BELLOWS, '27 MARGARET FERGUSON, '29 Pearsons drmex . .... AILEEN CLINCH, '27 VIRGINIA GRIMES, '30 lllouumin View . . FRANCES ACKIIAND, '27 KA'l'HRYN ROTI-IWELL, '29 f2021 .JATTAR ADA . 4 The Forum Cllfliflllllll . ANNABEI.LE C. FITZSIMMONS, '27 Treasllrffr . ....... VIRGINIA VVALLACE, '29 Exevutifve Board Miss Joy ANNE PARKER,-'27 RUTH S'1'mvART, '27 FRANCES RICE, '27 SHIRLIIY BLANCHARD, '28 f2031 JATTAIZ ADA 4 ' The Debating Council Chairman . . LoU1sE P. BLODGET, '27 Secretary . . LYDIA RANSOM, '28 Treasurer . . ANNE CARN EY, '28 Senior Merllber' . . DOROTHY GRAVES, '27 Sophomore Merrzber . MARY KEIRSTEAD, '29 INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATE Marclz 19, 1927 , Subject: Resolved, that the Philippine Islands be granted complete independence within five years. ' AFFIRMATIVE Mount Holyoke-Connecticut. Won by Mount Holyoke, at Mount Holyoke. H S peakers , ANNE NOBLE, "28 LYDIA RANSOM, '28 NEGATIVE Mount Holyoke-Vassar. Won by Vassar, at Vassar Speakers CAROLINE KEELER, '28 RUTH TENNY, '29 f204j L :Arima AOA 4 Delta Sigma Rho President . . . . . 5 .... DOROTHY GRAVES, '27 Sm-emry . . CAROLINE KEELER, '28 Me111bers V NIIRIAM BUNKER, '27 ' LYDIA RANSOM, '28 CONs'1'ANcrz HYSI.OI', '28 12051 JATTZ-5-R ADA 5 . 4 T Q97 'ff sr' 4 The Young Women's Christian Association General Secretary President . . Vice-Presizlenl . Treasurer . flssistant Treasuz 1 1 Secretary . Bible Study . Conference M eetings . Extension . . Worlzl Fellowship Campus Service . Social Service OFFICERS AND CABINET I2061 M.'XRY CUs'1'1s FOSTER HELEN CLARK, '27 HARRIET COTTLE, '28 ESTHER SMEAD, '27 MARJORIE DAVIS, '28 MARY REYNOLDS, '29 . ERMA FUNK, '27 DOROTHY CROY, '28 RUTH STEWART, '27 DORIS BIGGLESTONE, '27 MARY BUFFUM, '28 7 . EDITH CLARK, 28 THEouoRA COPE, '28 5 TWARADAA 4 -The Silver Bay Club ELENITA P. WATSON, Lender 1926 ELIZABETH BARTHOLOMEW MARGARET BASCOM ELIZABETH BEALE DORIS BIGGLESTONNE HELEN CLARK CATHERINE CRUTCHFIELD LUCILLE DAGGETT LOUISE DICKINSON EMILY ELDRIDGE MARY FULTON ERMA FUNK HELEN HART HARRIET ALLEN SHIRLEY BLANCHARD BETTY BRAND MARY BUFFUM EDITH CLARK MISS MARX' CUSTIS FOSTER 1927 ELIZABETH HASTINGS RUTH HOPKINS FRANCES HOWLAND IJORIS JENSS BARBARA JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON ELIZABETH LEVERS DOROTHY NICALPINE HELEN MCKOWN DORIS MINER HARRIETTE PATEY NANCY POPE 1928 HARRIET COTTLE MARJORIE DAVIS MILDRED FISHER ELIZABETH HARGIXN MARY FRANCES HUNT ESTHER JACKSON 1929 IDOROTHY ROY WINIFRED SHAW ESTHER SMEAD ELEANOR SMITH CATHERINE STILLMAN LUCY STREET MARGARET THORPE ELENITA WATSON LEAH VVELLS . EDITH WEST MARY EMILY WOOl.I.FY PERSIS WRIGHT A ELIZABETH KIRKWOOD ANNE NOBIIE ELEANOR OLSON ALICE WELTY MARY WOODWARD LUCY AGHAJANIAN ELIZABETH ALBER'l'I l2071 .J TTA!! ADA 4 The International Relatibns Club President . HEl.EN BONSER, '28 Secretary MARY KEIRSTEAD, '29 . MEMBERS MIss ELLIS DOROTHY ROY HELEN MOATS Miss HYSLOP MIss TATLOCK LOUISE BLODGET MARGERY DALEY EDITHA HADCOCK ANNE PARKER ' ELIZABETH SPEARE FLORENCE HOLROYD HARRIETTE PATEY BLANGHE DALEY DOROTHY BOYLAN BARBARA ZIEGLER MARY FULTON MARY JOHNSON MIRIAM BUNKER LEMA FULLERTON - MARY BUFFUM ' ELIZABETH SHEPPERD MANETTE MARBLE DOROTHY EDWARDS LUCRETIA II.sLEY JANE HOW KIM EVELYN BEST VIRGINIA VOIGT EDITH CLARK MARGARET CRISTADOR0 f2081 OLIVE PERRIGO MABEL MILLER ELIZABETH ADAMS KATHIARINE WELLS HARRIET COTTLE ELIZABETH HARGAN BEATRICE PETTERSON A ANNE NOBLE AsENATI-I GRAVES ELLEN BATEMAN MARGARET HALL CATHARINE CORNELL J 'WAIQADAS 4 Q- .fry Q E. E. The Cosmopolitan Club President S eeretary MERCEDLES FFORRES . THERESE HARDY . MARGUERITE LAQUERE HELEN GAW . . . AI-FANG.YANG . YUN CHING MAO . ALICE SOURIAN . LUCY AGHAJANIAN . SUNGSIL KIM . IQLSA BARNOUW, '28 MEMBERS Chile TANETTA VYESTER . France MARGARE'l' BODANSKY France M.ARY WARREN . China HELEN MCCLENAHAN China JEANNE BEATTIE .H China HELEN CLARK . Armenia PERSIS WRIGHT . Armenia MARY SULLOWAY . E H ELEN JAvoRsKx I209 . United States . Palestine . Ifungary . . Japan . . Egypt United States United States United States United States J 1 AA 3 :Al JAR!-XDA 4 Department Clubs BIBLE CLUB President . ...... . RUTH GRIFFIN, Secretary 4. . . . WINNIFRED Ross Treasurer ...... . JEAN JOSLYN, BIOLOGY CLUB President . ....... . DONNA FOLANT, Secretary-Treasurer .......... ELLYS BUTLER ' Executive Committee MIss ALMA G. STOKEY LOIS HUTCHINGS, '27 SARAH ARNY, '28 HELEN MCCLELLAN, '27 GER'1'RUDlE IVIUELLER, '28 EI.LYs BUTLER, '28 Presizlent . . V ice-Presid ent . S ecretary- Treasurer BARBARA JOHNSON, '27 CHEMISTRY CLUB Sophomore Illember of Execuiifve Board . . . President . . ENGLISH CLUB Chairman Uforking Committee . .... .' f AIARGARET TSIZWKSBURY . LILLIAN NELSON . DOROTHEA HAAs . VIRGINIA APGAR, . MARY H. RUSSELL KATHERINE MCMUNN, CLASSICAL AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL CLUB President .............. DOROTHY BOYLAN Secretary-Treasurer .V ....... MARY FULTON, FRENCH CLUB President . . ...... ELIZABETH HASTINGS, Vice-President . . ELSA BARNOUW, Secretary . . . THERESE HARDY Treasurer . ...... . KATHERINE BUDD 'V HISTORY CLUB Unorganized MATHEMATICS CLUB President . . ......... MARION GRANT, Vife-Presizl ent . S ecre tar y- Treasurer 52103 DOROTHY WILLITS, . STEPHANIE LOCKE, 7 .JAVTAR ADA I 4.4.-I.-J,,Lv,LwJC,JCv ' FW iw: -J.-gL,Lw.C-,1.,J.v.1.,Jg,L-,I-.1 . 1l1 x f A 'A A X - X IM ' f 1 X Phi Beta Kappa MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY AND STAFF A.ELIZABETH ADAMS MARGARET BALL BERTHA BLAKELY RALPH P. BOAS IVIARY V. BRAGINTON BLANCH E. BROTHERTON LESLIE G. BURGEVIN HAZEL BURTON ALZADA COMSTOCK CORNELIA C. COULTER M. GERTRUDE CUSHING ELLA S. DICKINSON ETHEL B. DIETRICH RUTH E. DYER JANET EVANS ALICE H. FARNSWORTH MADELEINE E. FIELD FLORENCE W. Foss MARY CUSTIS FOSTER PRESIDENT WOOLLEY MRS. MAR.JKJRIlE B. GREENBIIE NIARIAN HAYES SAMUEL P. HAYES FRANCES E. HAYNES AMY HEWES ELLEN C. HINSDALE GERTRUDE S. HYDE BEATRICE HYSLOP ' ARYNESS JOY KATIILEEN LYNCH JULIA MCDONNELL BERNICE MACLEAN CATHERINE NEVIUS MILDRED NOBLE BELLE OTTO LUCY W. PICKETT FLORENCE PURINGTON S. EMILY SEREX FLORIAN E. SIIEPARD MARY L. SHERRILI. SARAH E. SMITH ADA L. F. SNELI. KATHRYN F. STEIN ALICE P. STEVENS LOUISA SI. STEVENSON MRS. SUSAN D. STIFLER ALMA G. STOKEY ELLEN B. TALBOT MIGNON TALBOT ABBY H. TURNER LOUISE B. WALLACE MARY M. WENTWORTH MRS. HARRIET F. WHICHER LAURA H. WILD CATHERINE J. WILLIAMS MARY G. WILLIAMS ANNE S. YOUNG ' MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1926 NORMA ADAMS ELEANOR JONES M. MARGARET ANDERSON CECILY B. KERR HARRIET D. BEST BARBARA CHAPIN BERNICE L. MACLEAN ALLEYNE BXIACNAB - LOUISE E. CLOw MARIE L. MERDINGER ELIZABETH W. DOLMAN FUMIKO MI'PANI HEl.EN I-I. HOWARD GRACE L. MOORE M. EVELYN GLIVER MARGARET H. RICHTER KATHERlNE'1J. SALISBURY HELEN B. SAWYER JOSEPHINE P. WELLS LOIS A. WOODBURY MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1927 MARY B. ANDERSON KATHERINE A. BURTON ELIZABETH HAS'l'INGS E. HOPE BROOME ELIZABETH DYER M. ELEANOR HOWLAND A lzuj JATTAIZ ADA . Fellows HELEN HOI.T HOWARD, Holder of the Bardwell lllemorial Fellowslzip, A. B. Mount Holyoke College, 1926. Yale University, English. CHARLOTTE HAYXVOOD, Holder of the '86 l'll?ll0'LU.1'lllf7, A. B. Blount Holyoke College, 1919. A. M., Brown University, 1922. University of Pennsylvania, Physiology. MARY GERTRUDE BROWN, Plolder of the lklary E. Woolley Fellowship, A.B. Mount Holyoke College, 1924. A.M., Radcliffe College, 1926. Radcliffe College, Economics. K ELIZABETH GUERNSEY KIMIsAI.I., Holder of the 1905 Ifellowxliip. Af B. Mount Holyoke College, 1921. A.M., Mount Holyoke College, 1925. Oxford Uni- versity, History. DOROTHY ELIZABETH WINN, Holder of the Frances lil. Hazen Fellowship. A.B. Mount Holyoke College, 192-I-. A.M., Bryn Mawr College, 1925. Paris, French and Spanish. CLARA CHRISTINE KINSMAN, Holder of the Patrick Mezlzorizll Sclzolarship of Social Betterment. A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1926. New York School of Social ' Work, Criminology. Mary Lyon Scholars WITH HIGH HONOR NORMA ADAMS . . ........ History and Political Science HELEN H. HOWARD . .... English Literature CECILY B. KERR . . History and Political Science BERNICE L. MACLEAN . . A .... Zoology ALLEYNE MACNAB . Zoology MARIE L. MERDINGER . . Latin FUMIKO MI'FANI . ...... Zoology GRACE L. MOORE . . ....... Psychology M. EVELYN OI.IVER . . Biblical History and Literature KATHERINE P. SALISBURY . ..... Chemistry HELEN BATTLES SAYVYER . ...... Astronomy Lois A. VVOODBURY . Latin fzrzj :AWA12 ADA WITH HONOR 4 MILDRED MARGARET ANDERSON ..... . History and Political Science HARRIET D. BEST . BARBARA CHAPIN . LoU1sE E. CLow . URSULA P. HUBBARD MARGARET H. RICHTER JULIA M. STEADMAN ANNA MARY WELLS SARAH L. BAKER . ELIZABETH W. DOLMAN LEONORA A. Hiscocic ELINOR M. LANE . MARGARE'l' L. SPEARE HONORS IN COURSE . History and Political Science Economics and Sociology . . . . English Literature . History and Political Science . . . . . . . Zoology . English Literature . . . . English . . Biblical History and Literature . . . . . . Matltettzatics . Biblical History and Literature . . . . . . . Zoology . Biblical History and Literature Sarah Williston Scholars Elizabeth Noel Adams Susan Delano Ruth Evelyn Bleckwell Beatrice Sprague Fox Florence Merle Blount Margaret Harland Sarah Anderson 'Mosher Eileen Agatha Murphy Anne Amelia Noble Augusta Frederica BotsfordfMa1'tha Constance Hyslop Lydia R-ansom Edith Clark' Lucretia Little llsley Barbara Waters Smith Harriet Belcher Cottle Caroline Keeelr Anne Snyder Margaret Cristadoro Elizabeth Scott Kirkwood Ruth Tirrell Dorothy Elizabeth Davis Constance Blake Meadnis Margaret Catherine Weeber Marjorie Davis Emily Hathaway Mosher Alice Everhard Welty I'213fl JATTAR ADA 4 Prizes PHI BETA KAPPA PRIZE SCHOLARS CECIL BOVAIRD KERR, 1926 KATHERINE Al.ICIZ BURTON, 1927 KEY PRIZE SCHOLAR NIARTHA CONSTANCE HYSLGP, 1928 ANNA C. EDWARDS PRIZE CAROLINE KEELER, 1928 ANNA MARY WELLS, 1926 JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN SCHOLARSHIP EMMA HOPE BRGUME, 1927 RUTH ELIZABETH FAIRMAN, 1927 SIGMA THETA CHI ALUMNAE POETRY PRIZE MAR'I'HA ELLEN HCDDGSON, 1929 FLORENCE PURINGTON PRIZE MARGARET MARY GENTZ, 1929 KATHRYN IRENE GLASCOCK MEMORIAL POETRY PRIZE .IGSEPHINE CTARWOOD, Barnard College, 1927 HELEN F. KIMBALL AWARD AGNES Moss, 1928 HELEN HoLT HOWARD, 1926 MARY HoLIsRooK RUssELI,, KATHRYN C. McFARLAND AWARD JOSEPHINE MUDGE JACKSON, 1926 FUMIKO IVIITANI, HENRY MORGENTHAU PRIZE RUTH MARGARET IVIUSKRAT, 1925 ' MERRILL PRIZE DoRoTHY CARPENTER, 1929 HES1'ER MURIEI. EssoN, ELIZABETH LUCY COLBURN, 1929 BERTHA CosTELI,o GII.LESPIE, ELIZABETH Ross, 1929 EDWIN R. A. SELIGMAN PRIZE IN PUBLIC FINANCE MILDRIED HOHMANN LAUENER, 1926 SARAH STREETER CUP FUMIKG MITfNNI, 1926 Lz143 1927 1926 1929 1929 if N Y if in ka? tg , Q' E hmm Q xx r M 4 Q A... V N 4 ip 1 V 1 Y 'r 5 A if if " M H p mm mwah ' PAPYRUS 0121712135 JATTAR ADA 4 1 The Mount Holyoke News Editor-in-chief . . A ....... DOLOREs OLIPHANT, '27 Managing Editor . , . CAROLINE KEELER, '28 Asst. Managing Editor . . . LOUISE BALDWIN, '23 Associate Editors ELSIE JARMAN, '27 SHIRLEY BLANCHARD, '28 MARY TARBOX, '28 DOROTIiY JENKINS, '27 BETTY BRAND, '28 DOROTHY GRAVES, '27 Carzoonist Business Board I Business Manager . . . . . . . . . MARGUERI'FE HARRINGTON,.,27 Adoerzising flflanager . . . . . . VIRGINIA ROGERS, '27 Alssistant Advertising' Mar1ager's . . '. . GLADYS TABER, '28 ELEANOR ZIMMER, '29 Girculatingpfwafzager . . . . MARGERY DALEY, '27 Assistant Circulating Managers ,. . ELIZABETH HELM, '28 CATHERINE WITTE, '28 Reporters RUTH CLOUSE, '29 SHIRLEY K. HELTZEN, '29 VIRGINIA STARKE, '29 VIRGINIA DOCKSTADER, '29 LEONA HOGAN, '29 ELIZABETH COLBURN, '29 I DOROTHY SNYDER, 29 12171 l- 5 TTA!! ADA 4 The Mount Holyoke Mormthly Editor-in-rlzief' . . HELEN PHILLIPS, '27 Editors ANNABELLE FITZSMMONS, '27 ELIZABETH GOODE, '28 IVIARTI-IA HCDDGSON, '29 MARY RUSSELL, '27 GENEVIEVE HUDSON, '28 MARGARET HAI,L, '29 KATHERINE BURTON, '27 KATHERINE MCMUNN, 28 Business Bonn! Y Busimfss lllanager . . . ..... . NIARGARET SUMNER, '27 AA'575fIl1If Business fllzlnagfr CATHERINE PUTNAM, '28 Arlverrising JVlanager . . . ISABELLE MAR'l'INDAI.E, '27 .flssislnnt 44dfvertisi11g jllllllllgffi' . . . ALICE HAYDEN, '27 I JEAN COOK, '28 SOPHIE GROSS, '29 Cirrulating Mrzrzzzgefr . . . . . IVIARY FULTON, '27 Assistant Cifflllllfillg Manzzyer HELEN WILLMANN, '29 52181 .3 TTAR ADA 4 The I..l8I'I18I'8d8 Editor-infltigf , NIARY EMILY WOOLLEY, '27 Business IVl11rmgrr - . . FRANCES RICE, '27 Literary Editor . DORIS GAREY, '27 Aff Editor . . . - AGNES CIZEK, '27 Photographic Editor - REBECCA HAM!-IN, '27 Adfvertising Mzzrtfzger . . MADELEINE ALDRICH, '27 Publicity Afllllllgw' . . . - - ERMA FUNK, '27 Assistant Business ZVIIIIIIIQEI' . - ALICE VVELTY, '28 Assistant Photografrlzic Editor . - - KATHRYN HE35, '28 Assistant Adwrtis-ing l1'lllllIIgl't' ..... . ELIZABETH REYNOLDS, '28 H ELIEN BERNARD, '27 ERMINIE HUN'lTRESS, '27 DOROTHY H EWITT, '27 VIRGINIA BARNES, '27 ADELINE FELLOVVS, '27 HARRIET ALLEN, '28 KAROLYN ARNSON, '28 EDITI-I RAE, '28 NIARGARET ROPER, '28 MARION VVAYAVIE, '28 Literary Staff KATII ERINE S-GOTT, '28 EMILY IVIOSHER, '28 MARY ELLEN HAYES, '29 Art Staff ELLEN KANENGIEISER '28 3 DORIS CLARK, '29 Business Board SARAI-I H. WILDAY, '28 RACI-I EL FREEMAN, '29 FRANCES KING, '29 CHARl.O'1"1'I2 MKJRRIS, '29 EILEEN PARADIS, '29 52191 MARY' REYNOLDS, '29 ' BERNICE DIENMAN, '30 CAROLINE DRISKO, '30 ELLEN CHASE, '30 ICTIIEI. PRliSCO'l"l', '29 7 M.ARGfXRE'I' SCIIOEIELD, 29 DELIIHINE IQNNIS, '30 'KATHERINE SMITH, '30 .1 'PTAR ADA A The Freshman Handbook ltditor-in-chief . Business Mflrrzzger . f1!l7!iS0l'-1' Wlellzber' SARA COOLEY, '27 IOUISE BALDWIN, '28 TVIARY BALLARD, '28 AGNES FOOTE E. VIRGINIA GRIM ES MARY B. CONARD BERNICE DENMAN - Business Board . BETTY BRAND, 28 SHIRLEY BLANCHARD HARRIE'1' COGSWELL, 22 VIRGINIA GILBERT, '28 HEI.EN MCCLENAHAN, '29 GER'l'RUDE NIUELLER, '28 IQATHERINE SCOTT, '28 The Pegasus Editors MARJORIE HILL RUTI-I JONES Readers ELIZABETH TURNER MABEL VVEST Associate Editors CHARLOTTE NIGKLIN, '29 VIRGINIA WALLACE, '29 CONSTANCE KLUGH VIRGINIA SHRYOCK TABITHA WILSON Mlss LEONORA BRANCH MISS MARJORIE SCOTT 952203 ,93 JATTA-12 ADA I 4 BIacIcst1cIc President . . ..... . KATHERINE BURTON, '27 l'ive-l'resident . . HELEN PHILLIPS, '27 Secretary-trerzxllrer . . DORIS GAREY, '27 Wlembers ANNAEELLE I+'ITzsIMMoNs, '27 MARY H. RUSSELL, '27 AGNES Moss, '28 ALICE HAX'DEN, '27 KATHERINE MCMUNN, '28 IDA RIIJGWAY, '28 PFIZGS SIGMA THETA CHI POETRY PRIZE MAR1'HA ELLEN HODGSON, 1929 N KATHRYN IRENE GLASCOCK MEMORIAL POETRY PRIZE JOSEPHINE GARWOOD, BARNARD COLLEGE, 1927 HELEN F. KIMQBALL AWARD AGNES Moss, 1928 HELEN HOLT HIDWARD, 1926 MARY HoLR,R0oK RUSSELL, KATHRYN C. McFARLAND AWARD JOSEPHINE MUDGE JACKSON, 1926 I FUMIKO MITANI, MERRILL PRIZE DOROTHY CARPENTER, 1929 HES1'liR MURIEI. EssoN ELIZABETH LUCY COLBURN, 1929 BERTHA COS'I'EI.I.0 GIl,I.IESI'IE, ELIZABETH Ross, 1929 IZZII 1927 1926 1929 1929 JAWAIZ ADA 4 P1837 and Poetry IQ27 fsggglasggg 4 L34 EJ Q L' 'I' "-- W nf January 12 The Poetry of Industry, and Readings from Mr. Auslander's Poems: josizvu AUSLANDER February 16 A National Theatre from the Inside, and Readings from Mr. Colum's Plays: PADRAIC COLUM March 9 The Makizlg of a Poetry Magazifte, and Readings from Miss Monroe's Poems HARRIET MONROE April 20 The Little Theatre ZVIo'uement in America: S. MARION TUCKER May 18 Readings from Miss Bogatfs Poehzs: LOUISE BOGAN IZZZI ...ATTAR ADA. Sigma Theta Chi Alumnae Poetry Pnze Wfon by Martha Hodgson, 1929 PROPRIETY The little serious hedges march beside The gravel path that never bends nor swerves Until it finds the pool, and then it curves Decorously. Remember when we tried To lure the garden from its dignity, Awake the fountain into bubbling song And make the trees forget that they belong To days of formal-garbed antiquity? Tonight a mist has veiled the proper moong The little pool keeps silence in the rain, Nor cares that you will never come again To laugh beside me on a summer's noon And startle with your eager careless grace The measured, staid perfection of the place. APRIL SONG Grey, slanting rain that falls so silverly Among the Massachusetts willows, Do you remember the somber-hedged pathways Of Florentine gardens? There in the morning-silent Boboli, Where the gray Triton stands, Watching the fountain bowing in the wind, You come down grey, and slanting silverly, Whispering in the Hower leaves And pattering on the sand. 52231 .. AWA!! ADA Reprints Wzth the perniission of ihe Mourzt 'Holyoke fllonfhly A GOLDEN FAUN A golden Faun may sing his merging days Lying upon a bank of plushy moss, Twitching his beechleaf ears and wrinkled nose To scare away an irridescent Hyg Hearing a foaming wind flail the tree tops While he bathes in the sweet, still pool of sun, That drips upon a ring of forest mould. When merry andrew clouds turn summersaults On their blue circus ring of sky, the Faun Laughs himself breathless at their capering, Or hisses hot displeasure till they melt Despondent, into wisps of what they were. A golden Faun's life is a melody, An arabesque-red bright and silver lined- A lullaby, mild as soft twilit rain In a gray evening, when there is no wind. But I must seal my music within bars Of black and white. With muted violin Translate Earth's crooning comfort and her deep Slow-gathering anger for our human hearts, That cannot understand more simple songs. Katharine McMunn, 1928 CONCEIT There are pretty conceits of abundant life: Raising flowers in a German garden, Having singing birds to make a room more merry And prints of costumed people on the wallg Reading letters and gossip of other centuriesg Wishing for harpsichords with painted cabinetsg Noting olden fancies of picturesque decades, -Flowered white china pitchers, and ornate Sheffield pl ite, Then last, there is loving the white throat of a lady Ida Copeland Ridgway, 1928 I22-H 4 -'F-Q1 :151--. YYY ' YYY? am:5immapaaoxizozmzfm1zel':ox.s:o:lm.:gs.-1.o...:.0 . :Q 6 :Q f 1 V Q '15 N E is f 'A AQAFM 4.1!-x'A 'nf . W' Fi". Q r s 4 ,4 4 Vi 55 f. U 5 6 G 7 . ' fs m H 8 'LM i A Q AMA x" A M Anrm' 134 E L I L 7 4 1AQ2A 144212: 4312 4411 M E--4 A ' s E 5 f , O 5 ET I Q1-:QV in 11:51 in 'I Qfifqy V I Q55 ,,gf5:Y Yftgzy in 1 Lg' Q 'IZ-' 'fel K A-'-Z AN 1 A-' 'IA 19 1 4'--I-1 ,li A- TI-113 O SIS JATTAR ADA 4 The GIGS LEADER, MR. WILLIAM C. HAMMOND l,I'l'.YiIll'1If . . Vin'-Pr1'.vi1fI'l1t . S l'l'7'!'fIl7'j7- Tfl'Il.X'Il rw' I3 11.vi111'.v.v Alllllllgfl' . J rm 111111111 ix! . ALTA ASl'il,lEY RUTH ANTHONY LOIS ARMSTRONG CATHERINE BALDWIN HELEN BERNARD DORIS BIGGLESTONE LOUISE BLODGIZT CORDIELIA BOARDNIAN MARJORIE BROAS ISYELYN CAIN BEULAII CRANE BLANCIIE IJALIEY NIARGIERY DALEY LUCILE IJAGGIYIWI' M E MB ICRS 1927 HOPE LJYIZR LILLIAN l'iAS'l'BURN IJOROTHY FROST IJUROTHY GRAX'lES WINONA HARDY EIJZ.-XBI2Tll I-IASTIN DOROTIIY H IEWVl"l' JEAN JOSLYN HELEN LIEAVIENS IfLlZABIE'l'H LEvERs ISABIZLLIE MARTIND NIILDRED NIIDGLIEY HELEN MGKOWN LORRAINIZ MlI.l.S BARIIARA ZIIEGLIER f2Z71 CS ALE . LOUIS NUNN, ' JEAN DRIZWISS, ' NIARY BALLARD, ' ANNE PARKER, ' 3 HELEN BLYTH, I'1I.lEANOR N EILL LOUISE NUNN .ANNIE PARKER IfLIZABI5'1'll POND CSAIL REMINGTON CATHIERINIE RICE RUTII RUSHWORTII NIARGARIYI' SIZER LUCY S'I'RlZIE'l' NIARY STUART RfIARGARE'I' TIIORI1 FLORENCE IINRUNIBULL CAROLYN VVASII BURN MARY ICIXIILY WOOLLEY .JATW-NR ADA MARY BALLARD CATHERINE BECKER . LAlURA BLAYNEY EUNICE BROWN EDITH CLARK NIARGARET CARISTADDRO JEAN DREwEs lV1ARION FULLER ELIZABETH ALBERTI lV.lIl.DRED C0wLEs A ANNA DOUGI,Ass MARGARET GENTZ RHODA GILPATRIC SHIRLEY HEL'1'ZEN 1928 1fI.IZABETH GOODE JANE HRXNVKINS ELIZABETII HlEI,3I ICATHRYN H Ess RUTH l4Il.l.OCH lVIATH1LDE KUESEL .ANNE PEI-IRSON KATHARINE RAND M ART I-IA REED 1929 JANET HIRST l.h'IARY MCKLELVY' ISABELLE MATHEWS HARRIET RAPALJE ELIZABETH Ross 4 JOSIZPHINE RENISEN 1'IEI.EN RITTER FRANCES SMITH DORO'1'HEA SMELTZER HELEN SYMONS SHIRLEY TOMIES MARGARE'1' WEEBER HELEN WEEKS EILEEN STANTIAL DORIS THAUBURNQ CHARLOTTE TOWLE MARION VALENTINE JANE WANDLEss ELIZABETH YOUNG CONCERTS Second Congregational Church, Holyoke, December 10, 1926. Mount Holyoke College, December 12, 1926. Central Baptist Church, Hartford, December 17, 1926. Town Hall, New York City, December 18, 1926. Church of the Epiphany, Washingtori, D. C., December 19, 1926. Pennsylvania Athletic Club, Philadelphia, December 20, 1926. Mount Holyoke College fwith Yalel, April 22, 1927. l228J .:A'm'A1zA1JA 4 I Competitive Sing CLASS- SONG LEADERS Lucille Dgggett, '27. Elizabeth Ross, '29, Elizabeth Helm, '28. Dorothy Parr, '30. COMPETITIVE SING 1926 Wirlter Song fadapted from Richard Hoveyj, Frederick F. Bullard Carry Me Back to Old lfirginny, James Bland. WON BY. 1926. Original Song on College Life. WON BY 1929. COMPETITIVE SING 1927 The Moon Reappears, Henry Purcell. The Three Cavaliers, Russian Folksong. WON BY 1927. Original Song on College Life. I WoN BY 1929. f229fI .3 TTAR ADA 4 F ... If as K ff I I H ll XM E 'ffA -,-- M MARY BALLARD unior Choir lfirsi Sofrrnzms MARY GRIZIEN H ELIZN CHRISTINE CAM ERON JANE HAWKINS EDITH CLARK MARGARET CRISTAIJGRG JEAN IDREWIZS ELIZABETH GOCBDIZ KATI-IRYN HEss ICLLYS BUTLER ,losEI'HINE EVANS H.ARRIE'1' GAY MARY KATH ERIN E ESTHIER IDEWEY GENEYIEVE HUDSON Ifl.lZABIi'l'H LOOMIS M,ARGARE'F PATCH First Alfos ALICE KIIVIBALI, BEATRICE PE'l"l'ERSON SI'l,'0Ild Soprrzzmv EIJZ.-XBE'l'I-I H ELM HELEN PIENDLETON M ART HA REED Sffvozzd flltos BECKER MARION FULLER MA'I'l1lI.DIE KUESEI. CoNsTANCE MIS.-NDNIS M301 KJLIVE PERRIGO -IOSEPHINE REMSEN HIEIIISN RITTER SHIRLEY TOM ES CHARI.O'I"l'E YosT FRANCES SMITH IYLA TRACY MARG.ARl5'I' SHERWOOD ANNE SNYDER HELEN SYMONS MARGARET WEEEER IQATHARINE RAND FRANCES 'FORREY .:AwA1z AOA 0 I I The Orchestra LEADER, MR. MIL'l'ON J. ARONSON ls! Violins ESTHER DEWEY, '28 I DOROTHY PARR, '30 MARGARET FERGUSON, '29 GI,A1JYS RODGERS, '29 Viola Double Bass VIRGINIA APGAR, '29 MARGARIE'l' S'I'ERRl5T'l', '30 flwflllllfiff EILEEN STANTIAL, '29 21111 Violins DORIS CLARK, '29 ICDNA FREDERICK, '27 lx4ARjORIE GOWER, '28 'Cello ELIZABETH PHELPS, '28 FELMA PRATT, '27 Flute Piano KATHLEEN HUssEv, '30 NIISS CLARA B. TII.I.INGHAsT f2311 JAWAII ADA 4 I . - The Dramatic Club President . . CATHARINE SIMON Iliff?-Pfffillfllf . . CONSTA NC E M EADNIS Secretary . . . KATHARINE S'co'1"r Business flflanager . DORIS JENSS l2321 JATTAR ADA I The Plays of the Year May 1, 1926-THE DANCING PRINCESS-DARTMOUTH PLAYERS Zlflay 14, 1926-DEAR BRUTUS, by S-ir james Barrie-DRAMATIC CLUB. CAST n . . . CATHARINE SIMON, '27 I . ANITA KRANTZ, '26 . HEI.EN WEEKS, '28 . . . AGNES Moss, '28 Lab . . Mr. Dearlh M1's. Dearth Margaret . j1,1r.CM,J!, - . CONSTANCE MEADNIS, '28 fum Conde . . . ELEANOR JONES, '26 Mr- purdif . MAR.IORIE SCOTT, '26 . . ANNEVVA'l'ERHOUSE,,26 Mrs. Purdie . Q l Joanna i ' . . EDNA MCCLhNAHAN,' 27 , , ! Lady Carolme . CATHERINIL RICE, ,27 M1,,e,, t D . . JEAN JOSLYN, 27 I2331 JATTI-XR ADA 4 Ucfober 23, 1926-LA BELLE AU BOIS DORMANT-FRENCH CLUB L11 F1111 IIIIX l,l'fl!'A' . . . . L11 Belle 1111 Huis D111'11:11,.f . S11i'11111111fs 1112 Ill Belle: l1l1's1111ge . . l"11q111fr1ftt1f- ....... G!illl'Ul?I'llllIlfE de 111 Belle, lkflllll' yvllllffl' L11 Pdf! Chafwerorz Rouyf .... L1' Prinn' l"lo1'iz1'l . . . If1'11yer, Ro111l111'l1e . Lex deux Suissfs Le Illflj0flIOIlll? . Le Cllisinier . . Petit Page, l"llI'!'1 . C:llft"'Sl1lllTf', l"1'1111yif111111f CAST . E LSA BARNOUNV, ELIZABETH HAS'I'ING, HEl,lEN MCCLENAHAN, NIARION MURRAY, ELIZABE'l'H PARKS, MARG1XRl3'l' MURRAY, . MARTHA SNYDER, MARY FRANCES LOGAN, . LORRAINE MILLS, MARY ELLEN HAYES, ,KATHRYN ROTHWELL, . . MARY S'1'UAR'r, . KA'l'HRYN HESS, LUCY AGHAJANIAN, '28 '27 '29 '29 '29 '29 '27 '28 '27 '29 '29 '27 '28 '29 I'234-1 .JATTAR ADA 4 November 13, 1926-A FAIRY TALE SET TO JAZZ RHYTHM, by Agnes Moss, JUNIOR SHOW January 8, 1927-OUTWARD BOUND, by Sutton Vane, DRAMA'l'IC CLUB Scrubby ff H71 . Plenry .... M1'. Tom Prior . Mra'. Cli1'e11en-Banks Rev. Wfilliam Duke Mr's. Mizlget . . Mr. Linyley . Reb. Frank T,l0lI13'0Il CAST . TVIIRIAM FARLEY . . MARGARET SIZER MILDRED THOMPSON . . CATHERINE SIMON EDNA MCCLENAHAN CONSTANCE MEADNIS . . . MARY STARK . ELEANOR HERBERT . JEAN JOSLYN MHI'Cll 11, 1927 THREE ONE-ACT PLAYS DRAMATIC CLUB NO SMOKING, by Jacinto Benavcnte. A Lady . . ............ MARTHA STRONG A Ygujlg Lglfy , . . IJOROTHY HERB A Ggylflgjjlllyl I . CA1'HERINE BELLOWS A C,,,,,1uff,,r , . MARY ELLEN HAYES MAIDEN OVER THE WALL, by Bertram Bloch. CAST I - dleen, a maid in 14rtlzur's Court . . . . MARJORIE TUCK Dragon, once a puppy . . . . CATHERINE OSGOOD Graham . . . . ELIZABETH ROSS THE VALIANT, by Holworthy Hall and Robert Middlemass War'de1I Ilolt Father Daly . Dan, a jailer . James Dyke . . WiIS07I, an aitendant Josephine Paris . CAST 52351 KATHARINE SCOTT MAR1'HA HODGSON . LORRAINE KECK MILDRED THOMPSON . DOROTHY FROST . REBECCA HAMLIN K LATTAR Am. I I i l Ln I 3 Q 3 1 1 ! i Q JATTAR ADA 4 Przfsen 1011 in ll 0 no Faerie Queene Rell Cross Knight Ulm . . . Dwarf A1-clzimngo . Spirit of Una Spirit of Squire Sans Loy . Sylfvanus . fl rthur Duesm Sans Foy . Lucifera . Sam' J oy . Orgoglio . C' hIli7'7I1I171 . The May Day Pageant 1926 THE FAERIE QUEENE r of Presizleut Jl4ary E. Wozalley on the Twenty-Fifth Annifverxrzry of her IIlIIUgll7'Illi07I. CAST 'I . MARY SCHANTZ LORRAINE KECK . HEIYIEN HOWAIQD LUCY AGHAKIANIAN . . IYLA TRACY . . IANE DUNBAR . . FLORENCE MoN'rCoMuRv . . RomsR'rA SMYTH . DORIS JENSS ELEANOR ADAMS WINONA HARDY . ROBERTA SMYTH FRANCES ACIQLAND . . ROBERTA SMYTH . . . . . . . . . . . ABRIE Lou BOSWORTH Under the auspices of the Dramatic Club. A . Lois ARMSTRONG JATTAR ADA . wcazxtgf-3Z'4x'7 A K 9, 31 K 7 2' ,, EQZE fig! tQiA an 'u24S!iE!EieL.45!:zs1zzx1gig,aa N4 A P39 2553322 riff M - 'mm L 7 9 P .bm-Ulf K r The Pageant Seem' I The Red Cross Knight Upon a great adventure he was bond, That greatest Gloriana to him gave, That greatest glorious queene of Faerie Lond, To winne him worshippe, and her grace to have. Scene II flrchinmgo And forth he cald out of deepe darknes dredd Legions of sprights, the which, like little Hyes Fluttring about his ever damned hedd, Awaite whereto their service he applyes, To aide his friendes, or fray his enemies: Of those he chose out two, the falsest two, And fittest for to forge true-seeming lyes. Srene III Una Illlll the Famzs Their harts she guesseth by their humble guise, And yieldes her to extremities of timeg So from the ground she fearelesse doth arise, And walketh forth without suspect of crime: l2381 JATTAR ADA 4. W They all as glad as brides of joyous pryme, Thence lead her forth, about her dauncing round, Shouting, and singing all a shepheards rymeg And, with greene braunches strowing all the ground Do worship her as queene with olive girlond cround. Scene IV Lucifera So proud she shyned in her princely state Looking to heaven, for earth she did disdayne, And sitting high, for lowly she did hate: Lo! underneath her scornefull feet, was layne A dreadfull dragon with an hideous trayne, And in her hand she held at mirrhour bright, Wherein her face she often viewed fayne, And in herselfe-lov'd semblance tooke delight, For she was wondrous faire, as any living wight. I 5 lv", ' lv -41 , , X I f l2391 .2 'PTAR ADA 4 Scene V Ullll brings her knight to the Temple of' By that which lately hapned, Una saw That this her knight was feeble, and too faint, And all his sinewes woxen weake and raw, Through long enprisonment, and hard constraint, Which he endured in his late restraint, That yet he was unfitt for bloody fight: Therefore to cherish him with diets daint, She cast to bring him, where he chearen might, ' Till he recovered had his late decayed plight. Srfne VI The Dragon is slain by the Rez! Cross Knight So downe he fell, and forth his life did breath, That vanisht into smoke and cloudes swift, So downe he fell, that th' earth him underneath Did grone, sa feeble so great load to lift. The King mul Queen unite Una and the Rez! Cross Knight in marriage Great joy was made that day of young and old, And solemne feast proclaimed throughout the land, That their exceeding merth may not be told: Suffice it hearc by signes to understand The usuall joyes at knitting of loves band. I2401 I I L I WIIIIIIIII I HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I nmmuunmm fmmmumuum IllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII xW! III I I I IIIIIIII IIIIV IIII mmx E IIIIIIII umm WN IIIIIW IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW if' CQ WI 7 I ff' X- 'N W5 , . r ' I K ' .IW .1 Q I . I jf' I N I, I -a I ,Z L In ' sw, I I Q :I, 1 II 7 ' "i:f:.lIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I 5' - IIII IIIIIIIIIII X MII mpg I I I :- I : I W W II III I 10' gf ff' I Iii , IMB GATTES JATTAR ADA 4 I ,... 51 I 2 .gg i Clmirnmn . Vice-Cllairnlau Treasurer Secretary . . Faculty Illember Gym DEfJllI'l7llL'lZl f gi ' 5 il! I 1 The Athletic Association . . . . VIRGINIA YERGER, '27 ELIZABETH HAM, '28 . . ALICE WELTY, '28 . VIRGINIA APGAR, '29 . . . . MISS S'I'I3vIsNsoN IVIember . . MIss SPAULDING 12431 -aa. -fu. .e,4E:.-iwnsu, a.r..v:-Svg.'Lu,z F 1 fhnnnav- - -1 ' if - JATTAR. ADA I VIRGINIA APGAR, '29 MARGARET BASGOM, '2 HELEN BICKNELI., '29 KATHERINE BUDD, '29 DORIS CLARK, '29 NA'I'Al.IA Cox, '29 MARJORIE DAVIS, '28 MARJORY DUNN, '30 ALICE EITAL, '29 NIARION EMERSON, '29 CAROLYN FISCHER, '30 7 All-Holyoke Honors JOSEPHINE FISKE, '26 I MARY HARRlNG'I'fJN, '26 ELIZABETH RHOAIJS, '26 DOROTHY '.l'APLliY, '26 FRANCES FLAGG, '30 ELIZABETH FREEMAN, '28 IQRMA FUNK, '27 HELEN GAW, '29 KATHERINE GOODMAN VIRGINIA GRIMES, '30 ELIZABETH HAM, '28 ELIZABETH HELM, '28 LORRAINE KECK, '29 MARGARE1' LAWLER, '27 KATHERINE LOTZ, '30 l2++l LORRAINE MILLS, '27 AGNES MOSS, '28 IVIARGARET MURRAY, '29 EBBA OLSON, '27 MARGARET PRIEST, '29 FAITH STONE, '30 M.'XRY SWAYZE, '29 HELEN THOMAS, '28 AVIS '11ROWBRIDGE, '28 DORO'l'HY WILLITS, '28 VIRGINIA YERGER, '27 JATTI-XR ADA 4 -. 3 .it fi ' If x r g? 'ff' ,A I , T Ii X L71 f N7 E 5 M If QM f . flrchery . Baseball . Basketball Crickel . Hockey . S oceer Tennis . Track . Valley Ball Heads of Sports 245 I I-4.17 ,,,, I Ill . . . IQORRAINE M1I.LS . . DORO'l'HY WILLITS, FLORENCE MONTGOMERY, . . LILLIAN NELSON, . . . . HELEN HYDE migr- '27 '28 '27 '27 '27 . . . ERMAFUNK,,27 . ELIZABETH HELM, . . LOIS ELLIOTT . LOUISE BALDWIN I N .X .I '28 '27 '28 JAWAIE ADA 4 All-Holyoke Teams 1912.6-27 DORO'1'HY WILLITS, '28 KATHERINE BUDD, '29 FRANCES FLAGG, '30 Hockey ' CAROLYN FISCHER, '30 MARY SWAYZE, 29 NA1'AI.IE Cox, '29 ALICE EITEL, '29 KATHERINE- GOODMAN, 29 MARGARE'F PREST, '29 7' Q H I ' , f , . 1 ,, I 9 t 1 A 'VN Basketball . BEATRICE Fox, '28 MARY HARRINCTON, '26 MARGARE'F MURRAY, '29 ELIZABETH HAM, '28 FLORENCE MONTGOMERY, '27 DOROTHY TAPLEY, '26 I24-N61 .JATTAIZ ADA I 4 A MARGARET LAWLER EBBA OLso-N, '27 ERMA FUNK, '27 , '27 !i-f Soccer ELIZABETH FREEMAN, '28 LORRAINIZ KECK, '29 AGNES Moss, '28 MARGARlE'I' MURRAY, '29 ELIZABETH HAM, '28 VIRGINIA APGAR, '29 MARION EMERSON, '29 Tennis fSf1ring 19263 PRUDENCE PAINE, '26 Csinglesl ELIZABETH HELM, '28 Av1s TROXVBRIDGE, '28 Cdoublesl I2471 JATWAR ADA Archery LORRAINE MILLS, '27 MARJORIE DUNN, '30 HELEN THOMAS, '28 FAITH STONE, '30 Valley Ball VIRGINIA GRIMES, '30 MARGARET BASCOlVi, '27 HELEN GAW, '29 CLARICE JENNINGS, '27 ' I2481 I L - JATTAR AUA T Baseball ' NANCY POPE, '27' EDITH WEST, '27 ELsA BARNOUW, '28 ' Track ' ELIZABETH HAM, '28 LORRAINE KECK, '29 ELLEN SHATTUCK, '28 EDITH JOHNSON, '29 MARJORIE DAVIS, '28 . I:249J JATTA-12 ADA I K 1' T ' 1 f , Q f X ' t ,nh A Crirket MARTHA BAILY, '29 KATHERINE LEWIS, '29 GENEVIEVE HUDSON, '28 LILLIAN NELSON, '27 HEI.EN HYDE, '27 MARGARET PRIEST, '29 MA'l'HILDE KUESEL, '28 S ,ff ELIZABETH RHOADS, '26 DORIS ROTHWELL, '29 MARTHA SMITH, '29 MARY WRIGHT, '28 Canoeing Manager, DOROTHY CROY, '28 IZSOI I-lln.., :AWA12 ADA REBECCA HAMLIN 1927 ' Winfrer of the Sarah Streeter Cup f2511 JATTAR ADA Track 1928 vs. 1929 Won by 1928 Swinzming Won by 1929 4 Fie1c1 Day Mlly 22, 1926 VVON BY 1928 Archery Cricket 1928 vs. 1929 1928 vs. 1929 Won by 1928 Won by 1928 Baseball Tennis 1926 vs. 1927 Won by 1926 Won by 1926 fzszj J A :AWAI2 ADA 2 4 N 4 L. , -mf' 1 ...mgng Fie1c1 Day Urfober 30, 1926 WON BY 1929 Tmgk Hockey Valley Ball 1930 vs. 1927 1928 vs. 1929 1929 vs. 1930 Won by 1930 Won by 1929 Worm by 1929 Sorter Tennis 1928 vs. 1929 Won by 1929 Won by 1929 Lzssj JATTI-NR ADA w......Jf'f 1 ..- .1.w HOI'Se SIIOW October 16, 1926 CLASS A RIDERS E1.1zAnE'1'H HAM, '28, frst prize HARRIE'l' HALL, '30, second prize MILDRED KELLY, '29, third prize H2541 l J i I P I M JATTAR ADA , CLASS B RIDERS DOR0'1'HY ,KUNKLE, '29, fr-st prize VIRGINIA GRIMES, '30, second prize NANCY CAs'1'I.l2MAN, '30, third prize l2551 .JATTAR ADA 4 Competitive Gymnastic Demonstration fllarfll 19, 1927 Silver Cup, presented by Mr. Joseph A. Skinner, for floor work including free lmncl gymnastics, marching and running, won by 1927. Banner, presented by the Athletic Association, for floor 'work and apparatus, won by 1928. Lzsq JATTAR ADA L Grand March PROGRAM Marcli, Free Hand Gymnastics and Run . March, Free Hand Gymnastics and Run . . . Dances ................... Topsy CCl0gJ March, Free Hand Gymnastics and Run . . March, Free Hand Gymnastics and Run . . Clogs ................... Reuben Taps Russian Folk Dance .. Georgian 1111110 Quartet K lllIl!lf7I.VkIli1l . . . . Class of . . . . Class of . . . . Class of Irish Reel . . . . Class of . . . . Class of . . . . Elective rty-Niners Class of I257l A 1930 1929 1930 1928 1927 Class 1930 .JATTAR ADA Apparatus 1 . I 2. Tumbling Dances Box-Rem' Vault ....... lluck-Oblique Vault will: Parallel Bars-Rear Vaal! Boom--Forwzzrzl Circle .. Buck-Dive ........... Parallel Bars ........ Box-Face Vault ....... Box--Standing MOIIIII . . and Pyramid Building Ecossais I .... Ecossais II .... Silhouette ...,.. Schubert Waltz . . . Forwnrrl flfvproach fzssj 4 Class of 1927 ...... Class of 1928 Class of 1929 Class of 1930 Class of 1927 Class of 1928 Class of 1929 Class of 1930 1929 and 1930 Class of 1929 1927 and 1928 Class of 1929 1927 and 1928 L NHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW' 9:"':':""4 WIIIILIUUUUUIW Nl' NllllIllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllf ' D IZLLINGI 4 4 2 i W 5 i r w l I V i N V v I A r JAWAIZ ADA Mead Hall The house at once the noisicst And quietest ever heard. The noise is on the second Hoof The quiet on the third. CATH ERIN E BALDWIN Clmirman L2613 .JATTAR ADA ' -- wiv- - Porter Hall Men, men everywhere- Oh, hear the girlies shriek! Men, men everywhere, Ancl every one Zl sheik! NANCY POPE Clzairmmz I:262J I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I ,. I I I I g JATTAR ADA 4 Woodbridge, Briclgman ancl Mountain View If you sleep out on the porch Be discreet when rising late. Take the phone into the cellar If you want to make zz date. The north wind doth shriek, the timbers do crezik, And what will the girls do then, poor things? ln quilts wrapped up tight they'll study at night, And freeze in their beds after ten, poor things! KATHRYN Ro'rHwE1.L, HizLENBlcKNEI.1., MARGARET RE1Tz, ' Clllliflllfll Lzasj JATTAR ADA Judson Hall I saw zu house committee pursuing perfection Round and round she sped. I accosted her: "It is futile," l said, "You can never-H "Quiet hours!" she cried-and ran on. Kellogg l"'louse The house which harbors the college ghost And keeps its good cents in the Newell post MARY KEMPER, MARGARET FERGUSON, Chairmen f264j JATTAR ADA Smithville Chewing gum is Smithville's play: They're busy at it night and day. They park it in all sorts of places, On tables, railings, chairs and vases CHARLo'1"1'E NICKLIN Clzairnzzm Lzasj JATTAR ADA North Rockefeller Hall ' The girls at Rocky North are fierce, they say, For guests dare never look them in the eye, But in retirement, shuddering and shy, Consume large trays and swallow their dismay H, r www ELEANOR Ussrma Clmirmruz If266j -ATTAR ADA o South Rockefeller Hall South Rocky is a glorious H'1ll Not famed above its rights The fourth Hoor for athletic st'1rs The third for social lights. n 1 , n .V M.. K ALICE BENNET'1' Chairman Lzwj JAWAIQ ADA Wilder Hall Alas! Alas! the time you spent In learning two plus two is four, Since when you come to Wilder Hall The noise of two plus two is-more! ELEANOR Holm Chairman fzssj .. ATTAR ADA '57 ' ' ...g..' - nv- - q , . --rv ' Safforcl Hall The academic flourishes In Safford's sacred portals: We hear that they pulled 50 A's! We wonder "Are they MORTALS ?" DOR0'I'HY MCALPINE Chairman 52691 'Kirin .:A??Al2 ADA Cowles Lodge Cowles Lodge, so people love to relate, Was a house and a barn in its primitive state: Undoubtedly once there were hens and a cow, But Grifhnish chickens are all there are now. AN N E WH ITE Chairman 52103 4 Q JATTAR ADA o SyC8IT1OI'eS A garden, and a ghost, And an old haunted tower- Try and get to Skinner In less than half an hour! RHODA GILMAN Clzairnzan rznj .JATTVAR ADA Briglaam l"lall Alarm clocks where they shouldn't be, Midnight victrolas, ill-timed glee, Centipedes killed during grace, Make Brigham Hall a lively place. SARAH Coouzv Chairman 52721 Q A JATTAR ADA I Pearsons In Pearsons Hall we can point with pride To two class presidents, living side by side Pearsons Annex On every day of classes They shout and play and singg On Saturdays and Sundays They sleep like anything! A ELEANOR NEILL, VIRGINIA GRIMES, Chairmen 52731 JATTZ-XR ADA ' " k..'wV. . . , I X - North Hillside Hall The House of Infernal, Relations- Our merits we hate to discuss. For truly "we don't bother work, And work don't bother us." ELIZABETH Lxvmzs Chairman 52743 I 44 JAWAIZ ADA l 4 ww -pw-W 7 South Hillside I-Iall just spry, wholesome girls are the South Hill hunch, None of them ever are late to lunch. If the saints' reputations have grown il bit thinner- Not one is fl dyed,' unrecleemahle sinner. MARGARIE'1' 'TEWKSBURY, Clst semesterj DOROTHY EDWARDS, Q2nd semesterj Clzairmen fzvsj I Il I. '.......... .......,- W Y-Y LA1vA1z mm 4 U U H X EULLEEE LIFE U . D F YE EHY mm NINETIEE f h if V if ,M Q 'ff , K4 ' aww X WWW 1 Wm gyuow' A ' Wi M f f Milli Jfbyamw Mmm ' XV f ew- Unwzzfmabnw- QWHIIUCZZ! 52761 l mmrflfs l 1 r I 1 l i 4 i l i 1 I i 4 r l 1 5 JATTAR ADA e Delirium Booltems Sympfomx Z- Oh, where is them there book- Those one with pages dirty? I signed for him at one, And now it are two-thirty. Them book-embezzling girl, Its sense of duty's hazy. I'd murder her at once, But I'm too doggone lazy. Getting worse :- A book-for it no pad In alphabetic order. Perhaps we am l10t mad- Or very near the border! Getting worse:- We then go up to desk And say in accents silly, "I wish we had a pads With pad-locks, truly rillyf, Getting worse:- When we return to shelf The book has up and wented, But pad sits where she should- Oh, how my wrath ain't spented. Juxt pre-mortem :- Where IS that books I seen? And WHERE that girl what grab it? She must be frightful mean, Or maybe it's just habit. I would I are a flea, I'd bite those girl what snatched it Between the shoulder blades Where she could hardly scratched it. Rigor mortis :- f279j J TTAR ADA e 4 The Chapel Philosophers Clzandelirfr Cwith sudden enthusiasmj : Congratulate me! I have just worked out a philosophy! Clark: what? l thought that kind of foolishness was confined to human beings. Chan: The ultimate reality is music. It has objectified itself primarily in the organ, and secondarily in' the rest of the chapel, perhaps also in the outside world. Cl Cgently but firmlyjz Friend, you may as well be disillusioned now as later. You cannot prove there ir an outside world. As for the chapel, which really exists, it is obviously made of hard matter. Music is produced by organ pipes-and sometimes the organ pipes do unexpected things which they would not do if they were objectified music. Chan: That last fact constitutes the problem of evil, which is too deep for me. But how can you disregard the evidence for an outside world? As if human beings did not come from it every morning, and oftener- Cl Cmeditativelyj 1 That strange race, mostly feminine .... coming we know not whence and going we know not whither. . . most of them reincarnated every day for four years, except for a few intervals, and then gone forever. Chau: Reincarnated? Nonsense-I tell you, when, they are 11011 here they are living in the outside world. Why, don't they talk about the outside world most of the time they are here? Cl: It's part of their religious faith, and they have great imagination. You'l1 not deny they are religious? And some of them have doubts of their religion, I notice. It seems to be quite a doubtful affair. Their faith in the outside world is no proof that there is one. I never saw it, and l don't believe in it. Chau: You are no philosopher. Cl: But I am. I believe there is an ultimate ideal, and that is Truth. Chan: My ultimate ideal is Beauty. ACI: fscornfullyl You look it. Clum: I suppose you don't even believe in the chapel bell because you can't ree it. CI: But-good heavens-I've heard itl Music never produced flmi, I should think you'd admit. Nor some people's voices.. . I suppose next you'll evolve a theory that human beings made the organ, and us into the bargain. Chan: What a weird ideal It's not beautiful. CI: Nor is it true. Shh! Here comes Miss Tillinghast in her hundred and sixteenth incarnation. Chan: Csotto voicej : From the outside world! Lzsoj . M J ' JATTAR mm A 5mp-5IIOI5 QI one OI ug KIIIAIILIIIQ for Uwe 'UIQII I I 1. I 3. 1 I 55 lllllll I III """" IIIIIIII I IIIHIII I I IIIIIIII I ... I - Illlll ? mu I 'J' W IIIIIIH I '09 IIIIIHH I III III V lm J I 1 Illll I I ff QQIIIIII I I IIIIEEI III I IIIIIEH I . I I ' II II " I I I h gszgggg . I I IIIIHHE II IIIIII I Ill I I I I I I -I If "lu I I 'lu' ' "III I' .J p- Ll-U -1 -:T .Z lx 'T-" AJ-gerfgctly dean box wuts formail to be .sorted Qontmuu to wut If I , f ' ' , I 3 I ,,..v- Illlllll II I mlllll I I . I' IIIIIIII I I 2 llllllll 'I I .- lm I I -- 1 IIIII II I, -I IIIIIIH II 3 I I I ff lllllm .-.L IIHIIII A ,I Q I I -- , IIIIIIII I I I ::I'IIH'IW2-QIII I II:-PIII I I In II lu I Ill Ill ,' I Iuqlll I III' IIIHHH ,ax I Hyde! "5 I , ,,, "' I Q. -1 I I: 1 -. - ' ,LL '- - -. 2 Junior this heard to amy, I Purchase ' Tiuuperviaes dustrlbutlon Z I 1 FA Z I . 1 I f' I I n l WA gi' rMFI?FfI III FI - -I Q, IZQUJI JQIIZ, I .... HHH.. III' "1 CIIIHIHIW I ,MHH I I I III.,I,fIfI,I:I: ,QA I , In-ILZ 'II I -.. .J lllllll I ' -1--I - III'IjI'I"l-'IIIZII ' 'II J Ill.. I 'gIImv1eggeEfiq4!2ag?IeIIII I one hwy. M IIIIIIIIII, I'-A12 -I ?-in I ' ' ' " 1 I ' IuI.'ll II IMYESZN I If-nI,I,'iIfII' .III ' ' Illlllll I I Y "'.I,I,'1rIIIII s lull... , 'M' 'Ir'fII5Ill5II 'A Ill " rzgn5a:h:s39??g2f'f3'IIIIII " I.I,'IfII'II I 1, Ill.. - f ,. -I IIIIIIIQI iv Thg 'mul-hounds' BITYNC -JTREY JI' CV'-Wes 'Nuff SBIG -T: Ima fem JATVTAR ADA 4 Echoes from the Class Room Miss Couch-Now I'm not going to talk much. We have a long, hard job before us. This work inv,olves many hard jobs, but this one I have in mind is one of the hardest. You have all got to be natural-you must lose your crustsl You must crack your crusts and step out of them. You may say, "No, I don't want-", but it doesn't make any difference. You will do it. I have never yet failed to get a girl's crust off-never-except once. I had a girl--a student-I worked and WORKED, I did everything I could think of, but she stayed stiff-I couldn't get her crust off- she was the only one-and she died! Mr. Hayes-Take me for instance: I even make puns in my sleep. One of my best puns came to me in a dream. I was at a dinner party. The man beside me was very hungry. "Why," I said to him, "You must be an ant eater, you keep eating ant eating ant eating." Mr. Wzrrbeke-There was a man walking one starry night, on the banks of the Nile. The Moon was large and bright. The man was Hlled with awe and wonder. He spoke: "Oh moon! Oh Nile! Oh moon! Oh Nile!"-'Twas a night for poetry. -Take another case. Do you suppose the blood corpuscles reason when they attack the bacteria in a wound? Do you suppose ffrantic gesticulationj they call to each other, "Here, Jim, you hold that fellow-catch him, Tom! Bob, hold still, I'll keep this one!" Mrs. Greenbie-In connection with Louis Untermeyer-I shall never forget the last time I saw him, stamping the wine out of a bushel of grapes with his bare feet. We were visiting a friend of my husband's-whom I saw again last week when we were down in New York for the dance at the Commodore. These dances aren't really at all what you'd suppose, any more than the life in Greenwich Village is like what it is rumored. It is full of a lot of would-be artists, who have their parties early in the morning, and drink cinnamon in their coffee-just to be different. Their parties are fun for a while, but get boring, as everything does .... 9' 52821 .LATTAR ADA Less 7 LAWAIQADA 4 IF WE PRACTITJED- aw ? ,mg Q7 4,5 , A 8 51 f 0 A 4, K Q I K f ,Q The Campus Beauhful A ' A A Her vouce was ever softg , ,WL X QLESSMAM D X 4 X 'Wil ein W. :lr x mg Nw W. M MMM M G1 P Q: I' Bflfi Hows for some food ? Gnngevzuflcsh and DevlI"s af the Strand! TIODZ No HIAIIKS, Tm Vedutlnp! Ale: Y65, bui I'm broke and Nc-vcr borrow L2s4J penile and low, an excclknr ihme un womn G-w...,r. l JATTAR ADA 4 WHAT WE FREAEH 1 hi 'M 'l f I l h M ' gnnP' '1 " 7? L ' V 5 f Q1 W. 1 J . 'W ., , - A ..,, 1 -ij-. ,- ! lllMM , Hun 22?ift-f ' x mumph Over False Vlodesiy M YQ'C71ff3,5 Q f' f K 15 MJ Place: S A.H 7 mt' L in Time: My Saiuvdacg mtghi' V - ,R-,f ,- She: nl don'i lake men who 7 fnnllmauauwlfnliillillillnqnlwlnuumg uuiiaIlm.llv1lN'ii, drmk 'N QlillllllllllNillillllllllllllll gig s!- i . -' A 'v-TVSW 1. U T W fs M AM ilvfigunt Hoinuoke Smoker 4 I 5 Q fb L A' r Ark ,N 3 w , K, 0? 51 TW qwwcf U J?f gfzgigkrx X 55 sk ff " 4 1' S' .f - W f 9 TX iw, ,K :ri5:3QA5 ligfi aka, !4444 :, VND' I 'T g ' --- 'A -- , ' l-:Q-lt Busty Why ape.-ft .you siudagnntg for exams ? Bea' I nmproveri 'thc shnmnip hours and dad may sfudgnncg lonag ago! Lzssj JATTAR ADA 4 SUGGESTION FOR EFFICIENT PROM INVITATION FOR ' HARRIED JUNIORS Especially handy in case of blinds. Avoids all embarrassment. Please fill in the following by crossing out words which do not apply, and return within five days. Further information will be sent upon request. can V I attend the Junior Promenade at Mount Holyoke College the 29th of cannot ' do have does April. I enjoythis type of invitation. I atuxedo which do not have not does not have Emily Post's Etiquette Guide. do fit. I read I enjoy dancing. I have not Elbert Hubbard's scrap book. do not . will 0 keep Within range of the chaperon. I would like l dances with you. I will not 21 can will can procure a car. I fail to send a corsage. I procure a sheik for cannot will not cannot disappointed will your roommate. l raise a moustache for the occasion. dumb will not would I like a billfold for a favor. would not Lovingly Confidentially ' Fearfully Yours Rejectively Somebody else's Remarks and comments: Lzsej 3 I L JATTAR ADA A Russian Polls Song BY S'caAMBL1zR MHfCll-Illdkillg Illother Ceagerlyj: Tarn, tarn, tarn, your eyes, Here come three Cavaliers! Lovely maiden : Why should I be tarning them? Of men I have no illusions. Chorus Cjzfersj: Oy lushinki lyulill Oy lushinki lyulilf Ill. M. flflother Qinzploringlyjz Tarn, tarn, tarn your eyes Upon these glories here! Lovely maiden C7Il!ljL'SfiC'!llljJJI And sudden, sudden scorn Will on my face appear! E Chorus Creproaclzfllllyl : Ai da lyuli, lyuli, Ai da da! Ai da da!3 CSome weeks later! Ill. M. Wlother Umjnpilyl 2 But-in her finest silken gown She met them in the street, And the youngest cavalier - Her suggestive eyes did sweep. White and crimson were her cheeks, Her form was slim and small, And though she is not married yet, The date is set for the fall! Chorus fjoyfullyl : Ai da da Ai da da Ai da lyuli, Ai da da!" Notes: 1 Banana oil. 2 Applesauce. 4' There modern women! ' At last! f287J .JATTAR ADA t 4 AS WE SEE IT An M. A. C. Farmer: One who doesn't know his oats. Street-Car: The only visible means of leaving South Hadley on Sunday. Beret Trzmsz A good excuse for not washing one's neck. Clapf: La'bomtory: A reception room for foreign students. Special Delivery Letters: Things you read about and the other persons gets. College Boy: One who knows what she wants when she wants it. Holyoke Ice Cahziwzl: Annual January thaw. Sew all der goils in Poiter had demselves heffy dates dot night. Sew dey didn't haf no oinion stew mit dining. Sew dey had cabbidges mit coined beef und all dem heffy dates vass strong like oxes. Sew day all played Ring it up der Rosie und made a gret beeg snow man on der front view. Sew der vass music und denzig in der twelf tribes of Israel und er nize toime vass hed by all. O DPZDOIJP ,--:B alumina O,':fm:1 so-25 ...m 2 5' E: if Quiz: .H S 522-H Pffbn-4 Tww EL 5.359 4 in .rn Q ic -, --Bm mC.,-gg Q.grr-:s rn ru 3 H' 2 5 rig- -'T' out-'30 v-MHCE f-+5551 EOF? 5a:E"m wg:-.... eo 2 Q. E sz 3" U1 1174905 fl- U' rn ca ETX? 'P O 50 Ph Sin as wfi ...o. D ea Om DWF' on ... 9-75 'EL E. :1 rn T' U M O 4 -1 0 H F' an Nm or -3 Q O Hmuzzo Nm '4 5: n-U-a::z-mumbai 0 2 c: as CS-cuz:-QZHUP S zu M as i no :U b Nic q 2 v-1 o ,U :se I4 2 m U! '-' 2 Uof:-1 mcax .-1 Q2 :1 N 2- e Q :nz-'L-wid rd-1? MH pi.-mx ::H z Zn E PM H oe 'dz .a rscou z 5,4 "' ni Q The Freshmen take intelligence tests: Lzssj - . JATTAR ADA 4 Ulla Ml nl An llnlwurrled Me 5 I El W ' lf ll , -'l l ll l l ' ll l l - f I 1. u A.s.c ,Q- The SCHIOYS Recess lv l l Al-1 fllwllllsllllllllllllllf ll X ' l , 1 ,1'! . VL 33' M Xxlllqylx I .GC .X,ll3fJ.Q'Fl 5 x,u. 'lflgff x ll " dQll"f5lf"- 'qggygligygj Mil I u l M -1- lllllllllgl ia z. 1 'l' .l 5ywMm lx 'N lm '-lllpl 1 'C . xlr . Mw,yWw! + l, V l .ylx M ll 'V V 1 , N .,,f""-, We l A llllf .21-ilix 'll - I M' lllllllllllll . lo' 'f mi- ' -'.. .Ll l' - -..,M--- A Nm I 'l",' fl"-lyli v ,,,,,9f'! X ll. ' 1.22-'fl rzllln 'N f l . The Faculty Cro to Classes , .El ff , l-QI 217 5 1, ' , af? '. , H . I mt l is-Q l Slmilii l, X E- Wm-le. .tl - lll ia- - 1 as 1 .Q-w Q ,. M l E' L: FLJSWEQ. W. 132?.'5lU J 'Ill ll E .. V . !E..llMlln .. ss,. O mllullnw l m lmlll Sunday Evening Supper ls Informal Lzsoj l L L JATTAR ADA 4 Why Not? A great many solutions of the educational problem have been offered of late. We believe We have at last found the root of the diHiculty: the lack of a proper college spirit on the part of the faculty. To remedy this situation, we suggest that a portion of the faculty meeting in each of the Four Women's Colleges be given over to a cheering section. At the Mount Holyoke meeting, for example, the President would start off with Yea, Mary, I Yea, Lyon, Yea, Yea, Mary Lyon! and then call on various members of the faculty in turn to lead a favorite cheer. We append a few suggestions which we hope will be useful to the persons concerned. Miss Wilzlz When you're up, you're up- When you're down, y0u're down- When you're up against Holyoke, You're upside down! Mr. W11r'beke: Baby in the high chair- Who put him up there? Ma, Pa, sis boom bah! Holyoke, Holyoke, Rah, rah, rah! Miss Ellis: Strawberry shortcake, Huckleberry pie, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! . Are we in it? Well, I guess! Holyoke, Holyoke, Yes, yes, yes! 52903 1 JATTAR ADA Miss Snell: I Wash 'em out, wring 'em out, Hang 'em on the line! Holyoke, Holyoke, every time! Miss Blakely : Ice cream and soda water, Ginger ale and popl Holyoke, Holyoke, Always on the top! Mrs. Greenbie: Skyrocketl .... . . . s Mr. Boa : There ain't no flies on us! There ain't no flies on us! There may be a few On the other crew But there ain't no flies on us! The Misses Talbot: . We seldom yell, we seldom yell, But when we yell, we yell like- Rickety rackety russ! We're not allowed to cuss, But nevertheless we must confess There's nothing the matter with us! H o l y o k e l l f291:l ,J - - g-W -fs..-.....,:::-.,:,e-..- 4 Boom..Boom...'A1z mm L A J 1 l-A1vA1zAUA I L J JATYAR ADA 4 MILE STONES 4 2 44742 XX x ta 7, KN X4 gf' A " . . xi If A 5 ill g X " ' 1'-' r" '- ati , ! QV Aff! f PM B Mmm? H' N C U ff Among 'thc in-ensures Bam Yes gd ' ad' Dwnght -er ah. ., , 1' . 4 L ffl Sf LRF NK - Our Induvadulusis ML i ly 4-- , , ' ' Q.'-2955i 2 -e fi ", g , "m, 120 - w A f 55 45' I " ff -its O65 I ' Qi K C2 pg... H i,-s'-.- Qqgg- one spoonf classes - hiikl Guaranhed io keel: you awake 'For ho r Ca-nine Lunch A-5-G f294j Q-H-M ---------- - 1 ! I I The Llamarada Board ' recommends z't's A cl V e 1' I: i S e r s H and urges the student body to patronize them 5 T H l.-..-.. .... ' .... - - l2951 It was A through the courtesy of our Advertisers that an All- College Annual was made possible. Index American Fruit Growers, Inc.. . . . . . . .. Anson ................. ..... Bennett, Florist ..... Bibeau Luggage Shop .. Book Shop and Inn Boshach, Hermann . . . . Bridgway Hotel .. Brigham's, Inc. Miss Bruce .... Bucholtz ............... Casper Ranger Con. Co. .... . Casper Ranger Lumber Co... Cheney, J. E. ........... . Childs ............ City National Bank .... Compliments of A Friend D'Addario, Vincent ..... Felice, F. ...- .... . Fitz-Gibbon, Dr. . . .. Gateway Tea Shop .... Glesmann ........ Hall, Charles ......... Hadley Falls Trust Co. ..... . Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co. .. Hegy's ..............,...... Heidner's ............. ...... Holyoke Typewriter Exchange .... .... Hudson Fur Co. ............ '. the Advertisers 303 305 298 302 298 305 301 305 302 305 307 300 306 302 299 300 307 306 306 305 302 304 304 309 302 301 299 298 l2961 jackson's .. .. .... ..... . .. Laundry, Mt. Holyoke College McAuslan 8: VVakelin Ma rtha's Kitchen . . . . . Manser Printing Co. Marcel, Arthur ..... Mayo, Dr. ........ . Meekins, Packard and VVheat Miller, I. ................. . Miller, J. H. Merriam, G. C. Co. National Blank Book Mrs. Nobles ........ Nonotuck ......... Osborne Hardware Rand ............. Russell ... Ryan, M. .. Skinner .. Smith ..... Stahlberg .... Steiger ........ Strand Theatre Tiffany ......... White, Wyckoff . .. Whiting Coal ........ VVild Rose Tea Room Woodworths ........ ? T T ll 1 Skinners Satins ,sis - l H - .I ii ii T H IF all satins were as good as they look there woiuld be less trouble with . linings. Inferior silks can be given a high lustre by weighting with tin, T which attracts the purchaser, but disappoints the wearer. T Skinner's Satins are made of highest grade full size silk-not made 'T full size by weighting. Closely woven, they have the soft rich lustre of the natural silk fibre together with extraordinary wearing quality. T Linings for men's suits and topcoats.. Lininigs for women's coats, suits, T' and furs. Dress SRTUHS, Mxll1nerytSat1ns, Shoe Satms. , T In ready-to-wear garments always look forlthe Skinner label. In ordering from a tailor - "Look for the Name in the Selvagef' William Skinner 8: Sons MILLS, Holyoke, Mass. Extablifhad 1848 SKINNER'S SATINS T Lum ---------- -MMMMWMMMHMP----m 12971 I1-lu1 1 1 1nn1ln1ll1ul1mi1 1 1 1 1 1ul1lrn-ull-.un1 1nu1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-.un-u T H TT .T T .T T U . TT T T T ! ! T T T 1 T T T T T T T T T T T T T V T T T ll l. T ii T ll ii ii ii 1 - ii .- T 3 n 1uu11,.i....L-.1--.1 .-nn1lnu-un1lu--null-nn-ul:-nil-1luLll1-ln1lu-1lAI1 U!!!-'ll CLUB HOUSE for Students and Alumnae ANTIQ UIES BOOKS GIFTS Rooms with Fire Place and Bath Breakfasts - Luncheons E Teas - Dinners BOOK SHOP INN Hadley Book Shop 31 College Street 114:11 1 1 n-.,11nn1iiil1lln1,..1 1 in.-nu -nu-.uu..nu1un,nnina.-uii, H.N.BI-ZNNETT FLORI ST Iladley Street South Hadley -.uif-.u:slim1itu-nu1nu1uniuuiiininu-.nu1ilu.-n 1.11.1 .1 .... .-. 1 1 1 1 1 .... iuiiiiu- Mr. Moores: "Miss Wentworth is coming in to talk to you about Mental Hygiene. She is an expert on the sub- ject, and anyway, girls can talk to you about these things much better than boys can.'l HUDSON FUR CO. Manufacturing Furricrs "Official Furrier to Mount Holyoke" Repairing' - Remodeling -- Storage JUS. W. IIER TZIWXIRK 83 Suffolk Street llolyqku, IVIHSS, -frif-nu-un...untillit-W1I...1iiu1nn-...,.1,,..1,.., Electric Chafing Dishes, Percolators, Toasters, Hot Plates, Irons, and Heaters Alarm Clocks, Cutlery, Thermos Bottles Miniature Wash Boards Dry Color Paints Artists' Brushes and many other useful things for the Student .l. Russell 8: Co., Inc. Dwight and Race Streets HOLYOKE1 .-. 1 .- iuiiiuniinniuini 1 1 .-M1 n..nuinn-11:n1uu1nu--un.-nu..nn-un.1nuu.1nu-will A plezmtre Io write upon A pleasure to receive Both you and your friends' will enjoy Whlte and Wyckoff's DISTINCTIVE STATIONERY lt's Always In Good Taste For mle by good dealer: Wherever Stationery ls Sold Made By White 8z Wyckoff Mfg. Co. I-IOLYOKIB, Mass. 'S' -mio ifl-nn- 1 I--nu-nu-:lru:lin1-url-:llurnu---u1 --uni gnl 1 11111114141-.,n.1 1 .- in... inn-.. 1 .- 1'.,.1n,l1..n1.. ..-,m1m1- 11:11-.11iuiuuinuiiiuniiiuiuiuniuninninn1nu1un--mu--un--nu-un-1uu1uu1m11011 1 1 1 1 --u1l City National Bank HOLYOKE, MASS. on-c '-how about your bank account ? The CITY NATIONAL BANK is equipped to handle a large number of individual checking accounts, as well as active accounts of firms and corporations. The members of the faculty, students, and the alumnae ofglvlount Holyoke College are invited to make use of our Banking Department, and we will be pleased to have you make use of all our facilities. COME IN AQND GET ACQUAINTED - "" - "" ' "" """ "" ' "" """"""' "" """"""'!' S T R A N D T Holyoke, Mass. I Presenting I PHO 'ro PLA YS Q OF CHARACTER I Continuous Daily from 1 1:30 to 10:30 M .....,,... .. ... ........-....-..,.- .... L... - .... -....--1.--3. ' "" """"""""" "" ' "" ' ' - OSBO RNE i HARDWARE oo EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE and : HOUSE FURNISIIING GOODS H I 245 High Street Holyoke, Massacliiisetts U!uu1mi--nu1-un11111111111un--un--uin-11111-111111111--nn... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4' 'P 5 1 1 1 1 fi E. ale 'QI-nu-ui111111nu-un1uu1nn1 1111 1 111:11 l2991 u1n11ni.1u....un-M, TYPEWRITERS CoRoNA TPIIZ -1 BANK PoR'rA13l.lz All makes typewriters repaired sold, and rented Holyoke Typewriter Exchange 308 'High Street Over M-orrow' -un--un-vm..nu1-nu--nu 1 1011111111-nun.-1n1inn..m Complime1zl.t of I. Miller Shoe 1398 Main Street Springheld, Mzlss. .2 Green Street PLYIVIOUTH INN Northampton, Mass. inn.-.nunlinu-.inn.i1u .11111.11.111uu.-nniuii.-u1u..11n.-IM1 Compliments of A Friend 1.,..111111...ml1,,,1,..1..1..1....11111111-.1,.441 -ml... 1 1,..1lm..-M1,1..1,.1,.l.1,.,.1lm1W1lm1.m1lm11.1.1.1,.1m,1,m1.m...,m.-I1 1 1 1uu1 Casper Ranger Lumber Company I 4 DEALERSIN Lumber and Building Materials General Woodworkers YARD AND PLANING MILL-Corner Appleton a I B d S HOLYOKE,MASS 1nu.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -nn-un-ml--nn-un1un--nu-1un--nu--un1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1414.1 mwl --uni 11.111uninu1nn1nn-un--un--m -nn-.un inn 11v1111111- In--un-4. We have a professor .named Wild VVhose step was once measu1'ed and I mild But since she acquired A "pulp", she's inspired To gambol and trot like a child. irish-nu.-.uminln..-nu.--lnl--un-nn-nlu--nn-- 1u1nn- COME TO 0 "Holyoke s Music Center" ,fm For Your MUSICAL I - Q". INSTRUMENTS And I Q ORTHOPHONIC I , I I VICTROLAS I I sian I I Complete line of t I Victor liiecords ff!! a wid? choice VS' AIN, I of all the popular U I musical instruments I on display , ,, at all times J. C. Heldner 8: Son Incorporated 286-290 Maple Street HOLYOKE I :W Y... e?n-nu- -nu-un-nn-un-uu-nu-nn--m- -nu-nn-,!, I I HoTEL I BRIDGWAY I. . I SPRINGFIELD, MASS. I I I I L I I Accomodations I I I for I I I 4 o 0 G u e S t S I I 'l T I I I I D i n n e r I I D a n c 1 n g I I 1 EVERY EVENING I THE NEW I I COLONIAL ROOM I I I I cis 'fl-luu1uln1uu1:minn1um1uu1nn1uu--:lu--un:uu1un-mio 1, 0301111111 11111111111 nn--mm Q, I II I I ' I I I I I I I Miss Dietrich: "Statistics show that I 2 one out of every tive people in the I T United States is insane." ' I I Bright Young Thing: "I always i T did wonder what happened to the fifth i i person in "Four Out of Five". T I I I I I I I I I I It 1 cial 'il-lnlilm 11111111111 nuiuuiq f3011 In1nu1un1uu...un--un1nu1nu-un1uu1uu1nn1uu m..ou1 1nn1nn1uu--luu1un1uu1un- 1 11 I u-uu- -un-uu-uIl-Il-uu-un1ul- - -llrllr 0!l-'IH- "" 1 "" 1"'1"I-I"-"H-'I"-'l1"'1"'1""1""- I I Compliment: of MISS BRUCE, Hairdresser Telephone 2206-I ...gin1'g.1gliggiqliqqiqqiul-gl-Qlllnuinm SHOES AND HOSIERY of QUALITY AND FASHION For Every Dress and Campus Requirement of Mount Holyoke Students Mail Orders from Alumnae Given Prompt and Careful Attention THOMAS S. CHILDS 275 HIGH Sllcorpomtedl-lOI,YOKE 1.11.1lnilllllllnigniltni 1up-.lip-.nlenlnnninr-..nllu- Compliments of M R S . N O B L E ' S Co-Z-T-Shoppe Hadley St. in min l -1- T l -1- 'l' ! TlIIIlllTlllll!Ill1llUl"'llNT T 1l'lTH"lI'l'T"'lT"u"'!' lIillIIi'll""KlII'1lIllIlIl!1TIllIlIllITlllllUllT llll TNllllllTll? Mount Holyoke College Laundry CLEANING and PRESSING I TIIITHIT llll TIIITIIIT llll llllTUllT llll Tl0lTllllllllTlUl-.P "'-H"-"-"'-'"-""t"t"-"'-l'- "" -"-"'-'T HDG2I'S CLEANERS and DYERS Holyoke Store: 527 Dwight Street Works: 920 Main Street Holyoke. -lui 1 1. 1.-un.-.un-llu-1lln-1nn-1nn1n 1uu:nu- STRAND HAIRDRESSING SHOPS 263 Maple Street, Holyoke NOW UNDER THE MANAGEMENT Ol" MISS MADALYN C. RYAN For Appointments Tel. 5528 44111 I l l t '!" i Howard F. Smith, D. D. S. 37 Bardwcll St. South Hadley Falls, Mass. L MARCIL l l g 5 1-1 o P P .I-1 E we i HOLYOKE l 264 Maple Street I Tel. 2001 ULIIQWIIT i nl llll TIHTWT 'lll 1 llll T"'T""' TWT Bibeau's Luggage Shop QUALITY LUGGAGE 277 Maple Street Holyoke, Mass. aiu:-ulu1nu1uninn-nu--nu--un--un--un--ull--un--11:11 Robert A. Glesmann I Department Druggist lx South Hadley, Mass. QIITIUIIT l lTllTllH?llllllII1IIZIIIT T -'CIIIT of-uu1uu1 xfuuinniuniun--un-nn1un1uu- n-ln :x H Compliment: of T A. Steiger 85 Company -l ll H O L Y O K E ' S 7 LEADING 3 STORE Holyoke, Massachusetts .Lll.l7ll"-ll TT???i IIT liUl1"lU" -Q-----in-Nr--n-u--M-u---n-------u-- - l A. J. RAND i jeweler and Optician 301 Appleton St., Near Y. M. C. A. Holyoke, Mass. .l.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- L3021 nniun1nn...uu-un-nn1ln11uniuninninnninn-Inu: I i 'l I I 1 I I 1 l l 459 Dwight Strcct Phone William B. h i t in g Coal Co. o Old Companyls Lehigh HOLYOKE alla-nu 1111 nu- 1111111101 11111 nn- HJackson's Soda Luncheon Candy Home Made Candies Delicious Lnncheons Refreshing Soda: College I ees and Slierbets HEHEHE 281 High Street Holyoke, Massachusetts l-rnr-ll- -1 -1 -1 -1 1 1ll1 1 -1m1-rin-v 451 11.1111 in 11111 un-un--I 1am-no!! -I- L30 "P 1 1 ii 1 1 1 l 1 1. 1 1 Il 1- 1 1 I 1 1 u 1 1 1 'i n 1 l -1- 'I' -..c:...,....,, --.,., . 1 1 1rin.1m,...q.l.1im-nu- .1 1 1 I :Ss -- .. 555 BLUE Goosr: EEE ff' .Wt fli An Emblem of QUALITY In offering the Blue Goose quality of fruits and vege- tables the American Fruit Growers, Inc., affords the discriminating buyer the protection of a nationally known trademark as a guar- antee of excellence in a year 'round supply of fresh food products. American Fru1t Growers, Inc. 'General Orlices Plttsburgh, Pa. Time Saver In Study Hours gl, gs, ff-.+.,,,,,,,n 'Ne Those questions about words, people, placcs, that arise sn freq- uently in your reading, writing, study, and speech, are answered instantly in thc store of ready information in Webster's Collegiate The Best Abridged Dictionary Webster's New International More than 106,000 entries. ' ' 'I il-f.'Q'ifi,I-'Sify-'.i'll4- --.25 'E .Wfiiil e."'4- ', Y x-"- lqcr' , X 'X f'fjf2'.Q1l1s " , - .- ,.'i'uif- v"S",,'S, fl W"l'r'Z,f"F'o ' .5 frnsslrx' .1 Q 7. . ,N , I -iffffi ' " ,Jsfg .rwj,,,,,iv,q , 3 I 1256 mes. Write For Specimen Book G. C. MERRIAM CO. jr -....- 31 SPRINGFIELD, MO. 1. -1-uu.1uu1un1.rin-nniiiu.1rlu1lu-- -runnin W1 1 11'-up--un-1.11pl1gg1'n1gg1,,1m1W1M1M.-i.q1nl-.un-gil...g.1.m1mi1iiu1nn.- 1 14.51 1-n ilT,,TT,T,l u,,,.Im- .!,-m41ug1,m1un..un1m,1 ,,,, 1 ,,,l 1q,,1,lq1g,1l1'1lrn1 1' I I I I . . Thelffeo Room . I 1 Manslr I I Is always inviting-at the . . Luncheon or Tea hour-and Prlfltlng a convenient rendezvous. Company - .... - I I - ti i 7 Gtft Store Every Week in the Year QUALITY I I . . . I I Displaying in an atmosphere of PR I Quality, interesting Old World I Wares and Unusual EH American Lines. I f 1 1 - .ii, - 126 High sf. 1 Charles Hall, Inc. Holyoke, Mass. The Hall Building 411 Main St. Springneld, Mass. -. ........... ,,,, - ,J 1..- ,,,, -,,.-,,.,-..-...-........-.,.-...-....-...-...- m,1m-..,.1ql1uq1qg.-'11 1 1 1 1 1,111.11 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i1uu1iiu-..iin1nu1un1nu- Y. M. C. A. Building Comer Main and High Street Dwight Streets Total Resources to over Surplus to over 515,000,000 S41S,000 A BANK OF STRENGTH and CHARACTER We Want the public to feel toward us just as you feel toward the man who does for you a little more than you expect, in a little less time than you have a right to demand, and a little better than anyone else. We invite correspondence. O F F I C E R S : JOSEPH A. SKINNER, President FRED F. PARTRIDGE, Vice-President JOSEPH C. DROPEAU, Assistant Treasurer EDWARD F. BAGG, Vice-President C. HERBERT BELL, Assistant Treasurer H. J. BARDXVELI., Vice-President E. F. JACQUES, Assistant Treasurer IRWIN S. PULCIFER, Treasurer and Trust Officer GEORGE AHNERT, Assistant Trust Office SPECIAL CHECKS ISSUED FOR COLLEGE ACCOUNTS lso41 i i I i i i i i i i Greeting Cards Our assortment is exceptional Stock up when in Springheld Picture Framing Anything from a simple photo to a big painting J. H. Miller Co., Inc. 21 Harrison Ave. Springfield i 'H' 051-nninu iiiiii l-nu-- --un-111111111-llc? Hermann Bosbach INCORl'0R.f1 TED . CLEANERS DYERS l FURRIERS COLD STORAGE FOR FURS and GARMENTS OFFICE, Woiucs, AND REFR1GERA'rED VAUI.'l'S - 146 Brown Ave. Holyoke, Mass. .....ln1ng1liu1iin-1.1 .1 1iln1gli1..p1uil1nii1'l- uiuni.un.-nli1uu1lulinnlnniuniuii1iin1iiii1nu1un- 'The Gateway Tea House Breakfast Luncheon Afternoon Tea Dinner Rooms for Transients Mrs. L. Y. Churchill 96 College Street -uu1-un1uu1nn1nn1ilu-ailuiuiiillnl-liniiin-nuiiiuin ii I ii n ii I ii . ii i. ii . - i ii - i. ii ii ii ii .- if .- if I ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii V -E- ....-..g. ni. 4-......-................ r-1 ul O UI in 1" i -1- UHI-ll:ul1 1 1:11111-1 -mini 1 1 -nl -in -if ilu-.qn1.lqiuq1pq1nq1qg-1uliul-.un1u'1'giup liliilli. l1ll-ln1ll1nu-.lining Stationery, Magazines, Notions, Toilet Goods, Confectionery and Fancy Groceries all A N S O N ' S 3 College Strcct D. H. Brigham CQ, Co. Springheld, Mass. Specializing in Smart Apparel forthe College Girl Make Brigham's Your Meeting Place Whenever i in Springfield. -uiu1Iniul1ug1lu1'n1.gq1ug-..ig.-nu1qn1g.i1..g.1 OSCAR BUCI-ll-IOLZ Theatrical and Fancy Dresses COSTUMERS Wigs, Beards, Etc., Paints, Powders, Masks, Animal I-leads, Swords, Armor and jewelry. Decorations for Halls, Weddings, Fairs, Etc. 33 Lyman St. Springfield, Mass. M. ,Ml DMC M inc-nninu--nn1nu1un1un1uuLuu1nu-un--14:1:ogy gonilll-an--uu1-in-nn--uniuninn1uu1nn1uu-uninu-4, F. J. Fitz-Gibbon, D. D. S. J. E. CHENEY L 1 1 Dispensing Optician ! Fitz-Gibbon, D. D. S. I , I I DEN TIS TS 275 Maple St. 301 Briddge St. , : Holyoke, Mass. Springncl ,Mass. ! 276 High Sr. -nu-uuiulinn-1un1 1nu--um1nn1nu-un--un-nn-nfl '!'-uu1nn-- - -luniuninininuinu iili un-min 1uu1nn1un--lu1uu1nu-lu-Quuiul-nn-111m-nl-1I0!l 14111111nniuniuininu-nn1uln1nII1nu1uu-nn1mn--nn- 4 l' " Holyoke's Leading - l Department Store F 1 Wild Rose Tea Room Luncheon 11:30 a. m. to 2:30 p. m. .i l .. That we hive .vueceedezi if attested 'ML:fLf'5SyZZ,fffS,etj'rfU'iZd y our growl L Efvery Afternoon -..- 1 1 ,SPECIAL ,1FT15R1v0oN TM . i 2:30 p. m. to 4:30 p. m. , McAus1an 85 Wake11n Co. 1' 417 Main Street l - InC0fP0'at'd ll I llfornanlv Shop Building High, Dwight and Maple Streets H Q SPRINGFIELD, MASS- i -un1vuu-1lm1uu1ul- 1nI1nn-nn1u1 -vlninu-ah nie.. ,,,, Q ,,,, 1 1 ,,,, ,..,,,, 1,11 ,,,, iiii ,,,, 1 ,, ,E TllliUl?3llHllllTllilll?3llllTlllTNlTllli'l4llTl0lill? V?l1llli lullllinmlllllilnlinqqiyl'lq7n'l7llll7 .1-mlg1lmq? FE I-' I S Compliments of e Modern Shoe Repairing I , : We Sell Everything for Shoes College St' SO' Hadley, Mass' i I 4 "Holyoke's Leading l-Ian' Dresser" l lIllilllillillllinlll1'lYl?1HlT llll illll-"llllillHTllHTHll"Q +-llll'T'llll'iIll'T'llll1"lIlll'llll'llHl"llllIT llll illll llll Tllllllll-'ni '-3u'T"llT'uTllT'lli'Ul"-'llYlllllTIllTWT!!lliIlliIllTlllliIIlIlU'lIII'1IIlTlI T711i -u-1 -7 1-I l Silllll-li. l .. But You p Wouldn t jj l Be Stuck 1 T I f You H ad 3 . . l Good N otes g . l 2:4 --1-.. '- 'P -iff U ' if ' H Good notes-- clear, legible notes --are easy to have with-National Loose Leaf Ring Books. Sizes and Styles for Every Need. ASK YOUR STATIONER ational ank ook ornpany LOOSE LEAF and BOUND BOOKS H HOLYOKE, MASS. I Hllli lillllllil?lllll?ll?ll?llTllilllillTllIS1l1llTIll?l'Tll'illTlnlllliillI il17 H7074 Lsbej 1 -. 11111111 I WA F F L E S ' at i IVIARTI-iA'S KITCHEN 'E' 1 l -1- T 1 1 1 illillllillllillllilllllllIllMITlllliullillllllllTllll"1llllTllll- E -....-. .......... 7 T 'i' 1 A i l 5 Mr. Warheke, hospitably to some i I : young men who had brought him home I ll 5 'from Amherst: "Won't you come in T ! for a little Bach?" 5 I I . Q And they thought a little drink on a F 1: l cold night would do them good. T 'f i T 2 l . l I ' li' -111111 1-11 1 111111- nn--neil 'E -rlusilunilln-1111-111:11 1 11llinlniluilnuitinuiuuiuor ! T Dr. D. ll. Bnrtlctt Dr. E. W. Mayo I I l Bartlett Brothers l Dentists 1 E. 380 High st. Holyoke, Mass. 1 i I-I-INTIll-'IIIWIP'-NUTllllillllllilllI10lllllilllllllTlllllIIIITIH' + 6 ?oll1nl1-u -111111 1111111 1 -- n-lun-3. If 1 D1.ST11vCT1 VE 1 I , APPAREL 1 , . 1 FOR I I 1 I ' I CHARMING 1 1 3 YOUNG 1 1 COLLEGE 1 1 1 U g F N n Our close contact with the younger 4. i set has made us excellent judges of -if the things they want and request 2 'the pleasure of their visit when in u J Springfield where clothes of indi- n J viduality are to be found. l i i I . : I 7 Meeklns, Packard 1 Q and Wheat l 11Il'07'POI'1llL'd l I ll A11 Q-lllill iTTT ll 'illlT IITIIIIT i ""' ll7l'lll6 + 13071 Hotel Nonotuck Holyoke, Massachusetts Special Attention given to College People DANCING in the "New Florentine Room" livery Evening lfixcept Sunday from 7:30 until midnight. Cafeteria Service 7 a.m. to 12 p. m. S. T. DAWSON 11-un11un1uu1u1t.1nn1uu1un1...1nt11qn1u...g,.1 .limi 1111111111-l.l1.q1...1.t.1,.,,11nn1 U. D'Addario's 'Wh67'6I Mt. Ifolyoke Girls Meet Excellent Food, Prompt Service Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco Toilet Specialties, Groceries Soda, Ice Cream, Salted Nuts ,Appollo, Kibhes, Shraifts, Durant Chocolates -,ating-.u.111u2.,,.111n1 uiluiuniniluinliilqu-nu.-.uniuu.1ung..,.... 1 nl Casper Ranger Construction Company Mt. I'lolyolezr'.1' Fines! Structures .fire RANGERBUILT HOLYOKE, MASS. Hi BRANCII OFFICES Springfield, Mass. Boston, Mass. 293 .Bridge St. 201 Devonshire St. New York City 101 Park Avc.,ling-.u.1ng1gq...lg1. , ,-,, .. We shall save all plates of the Senior Class for ten years if at any time you wisheea- Pictures of Yourself Pictures of Faculty Pictures of Campus Q 1 6 Write us at the above address l308 ERIC STAI-ILBERG -""'-""-"'-""- "" -'III--H"-H11-IIII-un-un--nn Q. l I i r E I l 1 I V 9 G ! i 1 5 I 3 g ' ' 'Luig i R . 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Suggestions in the Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) collection:

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