Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA)

 - Class of 1925

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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Cover

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x f 4: Q-It z , ,I - M ly ' -R : F .x I .- N J ,. , ,,, . v IQ: 1 .KM .if it 51 Li L - M sf-' i ,.f .A Q J Z 2' X1 .- v Ai 6 Q, ,' .5 :E .- " 13- . vi, A I 1 YN . , 1 A i 1 R . 1 4 , 'TE 33 - 1 15 f, ' 5 , x ..5 - I -v-qw-, Y vu,-A W -9--m--pq,-4. . 1f,.1,.T1-,.,, -Y.v.z, w ..Y T, , ,, ,, : W ,, W 1 4, A, ' . . N ' .. ' ,A W 'l - " QW . 4 - ,V 'L . X ., .,. ,An , V , ,I K . N, .Q ,. . m. ' -5- - 3' 4 jx . ,x -.. .- ,A - rj 5, -K. U ., A L .. 2 5 . ' sf. . . A ., A A .i . .L 'b ' fi' i R 4, ' H 1, 3 Y fl -rx U, -1 ' . , EA' '- M I. ' " 1 -I f .W 1- Q. . 5. V . Q. V A .g I .m .x 3, . X .- -h . 1 ..- , , - ., 'f' - - A? .:, - '. 5. . 4 y j 1 . fi , ii A il '1 .31 Q a .ia .. ?? Tl ii 5. E gnijfl. T1 FFANY N Co. JEWELERS S1LvE1zsM1'r1-Is S'lYX'l'IONERS AN INCOMPARABLE STOCK MAIL INQUIRIES GIVEN PROMPT A'l"l'IiN'lxION fHTHFNENUEX37mSTREEf NwNYbRK LLAMARADA IQQ5 I P I n I i l I 'QQ F I Q . 1 u 1 I Q 2 ? Y V E 1.-+...,, H, A.. . .. ---W - 1 V . V B I K. I 1 The Campus The Administration The Faculty The Classes Seniors Juniors . sophomores . Freshmen . Serious Organizations Frivoious Organizations Literary . Sports . Dormitories . Jokes . Advertisements II no is 47 47 177 iq: 203 2I5 227 241 247 '157 273 SZQI MOUNT I-IOLYOKE Lollcgc 111tl1 l11o 1d found 1t1o11s sp1L.11l1ng st1ll Un1le1 thc glllllllll f0lIUCKl l11 the droppmg s'111ds Of solcmn IIVLIS of Il 11l1t1o11, t1ll W o11r DICSCYHI Nl1"lPC was l1e11ul bv 1 xgorous lmnds ll 11c IIIIIINL 1l to 1ll of lf I0 studv helc Ullltll IN '1 llldllllllff lgl ll1'1t l1c'1ts lfllllht 111111 stom, 1ntong11o11s Wlth vour ODPICSNIVL bwsc, NOLII l1c'1vv helght ut 1011 111 stlong f10ll0'l1 1l'11 1 10111 ll fhcst to1 S0llKll1 meets XOUIIU' 5Cl1Ltl'ltlll f 1211s 1-. l l- l1o 111sl1 to st'11 111th y0ll, 1011 gnc lo some, 11 Deep LTCVILCS to l1gl1t, to some the 11011 Cl Of Qllndllg lnglh 111 '11 from vou 111 d.11s When the1 l1'1vc l1ft 1011 1nd begun to l1vc KCI A , . 2 I L. h. A. 1 1 1 ' "l . ' fr 1' A. 1 .' ,.k. .I ' ' ' XY - 1' 14 C 'J .'Y, ' V, ,Q ' :Y Yo 1 ' ' ' "2 z us VI , s I ' : if 1 ' ' ,, l' It . - 1 L-lv. 3 Lp- -y 1 K - I . B D' ',l B .'l:j 'lg : '- nl I ' f ' x 'Q ' ' jf. ' ' N. , .': N- I . ,' , ' 1 z " ' z nj u ' .1 . 1 j . ' . . I? 'l'Illl1xL I 1.-Inllm I IMI i ' '45 Field Memorial Gate I11 1 .U X, ' " -IH W 'I ml L l lil, lin 1s Botanical Gardens I 12 1 ...I lm In in :'rfaE H l .l g.,,,.., A Illm IW ,525 l,ll.fa. .1 llgif I Ill ab. I I N Cornelia Clapp Laboratory ' U31 1 r i I I Ll-- nl lull!! ilk A g fi :i-lf! .HE 3'- I V3 rm - . O I Q . l IN L -f 'Y H1 V l The Dam Il+I 2. 552. A fall! -'S if . Y IW J ' 'E ' ilu N' I ll 1 ail VH I' I 'f Wm In aug. Student Alumnae Hall E15 I .- mllii 'FU f Illllllli I'lIIInl XL 4 College Street F161 I W .TR E1 . 'lf um M... .i-.I5I5Wli1n,, 1L .4 .4 - , fvlki ..,., ., w Hmmm, -7- - , 1 Williston Library U71 ,-:rw r I HI mr WI li- V W Upper Lake Miss Woolley Q I L. 522. .. 5'F:I'I -IE? li I ll lr 1 .. id -X I ll ' I A 11 lllrlllll I lllll The Board of Trustees JOSEPH ALLEN SKINNER, Ph.B., President . . Holyoke, Massachusetts REVEREND HENRY ALBERT STIMSON, D.D. . . New York City SARAH PORTER EASTMAN, Litt.D. . . Wellesley, Massachusetts MARY EMMA WOOLLEY, M.A., Litt.D., L.H.D., L.L.D. E.v-officio ........ South Hadley, Massachusetts ALFRED REDINGTON KIMBALL . . . . New York City WILLIAM HENRY BUTTON, M.A. . . New York City CHARLES BULKLEY HUBBELL, M.A. . . New York City HENRY BROWN DAY . . . . . Boston, Massachusetts HOWELL CHENEY, M.A. .... South Manchester, Connecticut REVEREND ROCKWELL HARMON POTTER, D.D. Hartford, Connecticut EDWARD BLISS REED, Ph.D. . . . ALEXANDER MEIKLEJOHN, Ph.D., LL.D. FRANCIS PARSONS, B.A., LL.B., Secretary FRANK BECKWITH TOWNE . . MRS. RICHARD MARCH HOE . WILLIAM HORACE DAY, D.D. . EDWARD N. WHITE - . . DR. BOYD EDWARDS . . F. CHARLES SCHWEDTMAN . GEORGE DVVIGHT PRATT . . . QFMRS. LETITIA THOMAN EVANS, B.A. QKMARGARET MCGILL, B.A. . . . "'MRS. CHARLOTTE LEAVITT GILPATRI mChosen by the Alumnae. I19l C, . New Haven, Connecticut . . . New York City . Hartford, Connecticut Holyoke, Massachusetts . New York City . Bridgeport, Connecticut Holyoke, Massachusetts . Pottstown, Pennsylvania . . New York City Springfield, Massachusetts . . New York City Newtonville, Massachusetts B.A. White Plains, New York IE ' 5. 5 522. 9 af' V" nt. EFIW , " l l i I!lii 'Iii ' '.no'l. -' Ili' 4 , ,,,,I,.,lll I ln. its Administrative Officers MARY EMMA WOOLLEY, M.A., L1TT.D., L.H.D., LL.D., Prz'sident on Mzzry E. Woollehi' l'i0IlI1dIlll0ll B.A., M.A,, Litt.D., Brown University, L.H.D., Amherst College, LL.D., Smith College, M.A., LL.D., Yale University. Chairman, College Entrance Examination Board, Senator, United Chapters, Phi Beta Kappa, National Board of Young Women's Christian Association, Massachusetts League of Women Voters QChairman of Committee on Citizenshipj, League of Nations Non- Partisan Association fDirector, Vice-Chairman of the Massachusetts Branchj, Inter- collegiate Bureau of Occupations in New York City fAdvisory Boardl, American Associa- tion University Women fChairman of Subcommittee on Scholarshipsj, American Friends of Greece Qlrlonorary Committeej, American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem CManaging Committeej, American Society for Labor Legislation QAdvisory Councillg Christian Education in Mission Field CAmerican Section of Committeei, National Com- mittee of One Hundred for Law Enforcement, National Council of Women QCommittee on Peace and Arbitrationjg Near East Relief fAmerican Committee, National Woman's Committee, and President's Committee of One Hundredj , National Council of the National Economic League to Represent the state of Massachusetts, Rhode Island Branch Woman's Board of Missions fVice-Presidentj , Advisory Committee, Student Friendship Fund, Ameri- can Association for Promoting Scientific Research Among Women, Corporate Member of American Board of Commissioners tor Foreign Missions, American Society for Judicial Settlement of International Disputes, Association of American Colleges, Church Peace League of America CCharter Memberj, Hall of Fame CBoard of Electorsl, League for Permanent Peace, National Council of Congregational Churches in the United States CCom- mittee of Religious Education, Honorary Memberi, New England Woman's Press Associ- ation, Rhode Island Society for Collegiate Education of Women, Society of Biblical Liter- ature and Exegesis, Salem Society for Higher Education for VVomen fHonorory Memberl , Board of Directors, World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship Throughout the Churches, Board of Governors, Christian College for Women in Madras, TRUSTEE! International College, Springfield, Lake Erie College, Woodrow YVilson Foundation, Member College Club, Boston, Cosmopolitan Club, New York City, New England Whea- ton Seminary Club, Pawtucket Chapter D. A. R., Pawtucket Woman's Club, Sorosis, Springfield College Club, Women's University Club, New York City. AUTHOR: historical monographs, Early History of the Colonial Pos! Office, Defuelopment of the Lofve of Ro- mantir Sz'er1z'ry in Ameriraj also numerous educational articles. South Hadley, Massachusetts. FLORENCE PURINGTON, L1TT.D., Dean B.S., Litt.D., Mount Holyoke College, University of Michigan, Harvard University Summer School, Member of the National Educational Association, Member of the New England Association of College and Preparatory Schools, Member of the National Association of Deans, Member of the American Association of Social Workers, Supporting Member of the Bureau of Vocational Information, Member of the American Association of University Women, Member of the Foreign Policy Association, Member of the League of Nations Non-Partisan Association, Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. CAROLINE BOARDMAN GREENE, M.A., Registrar M.A., Mount Holyoke College, Member of the New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools, Member of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars, Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massach'usg1f,r, l20l IE ' tl . ..-.liliItIl,,liL .A MARY ASHBY CHEEK, MA., Exeeutifve Secretary of the Board of Jdmission B.A., Mount Holyoke College: M.A., Columbia Universityg General Secretary of the Young Woman's Christian Association, Mount Holyokeg Traveling Secretary of the Presbyterian Board in New York Cityg Dean of Kentucky College for Women, 1922-1923. 229 North Third Street, Danville, Kentuelzy WALTER BATES ADAMS, Treasurer South lladley, Massarhusetts. ELLA SILL DICKINSON, B.A., Assistant Registrar B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Registrar, National Cathedral School, Washington, District Of C0lUmbl3i P111 Beta Kapiti! SOCICYY- South Hadley, Massarhusetts. HELEN MACMURTRIE VOORHEES, B.A., Assistant to the Dean B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Secretary to the National Secretary of the Phi Beta Kappa SOCICYY- 1-1-5 W'est 55th Street, Nefw York City HARRIET NEWHALI,, B.A., Assistant to the Presizleut B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg B.S. Simmons College. 795 Sumner Afvenue, Springjield, Massaehusetls CONSTANCE GAMWEI,L, B.A., Secretary to the Dean B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 11 Oxford Street, Pittsfield, Massarlzuselts. SARAH REBECCA TIRRELL, B.A., Secretary in the Office of the Board of Admission ' B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg B.S., Simmons College. 401 Moraine Street, Broeleton, Massarhusetts. OLIVE COPELAND, B.A., Secretary to the President B.A., Smith College. 205 Elm Street, Northampton, Massafhusetts. GRACE HAZEI. TRASK, B.A., Secretary to the Registrar B.S., Simmons College. Sterling, Massarhusetts. VERA BELLE FAIRBANKS, Secretary to the Treasurer 306 Suffield Street, Agafwam, Mttssarhitsetts ELIZA GAYLORD, B.A., Secretary to the Registrar B.A. Mount Holyoke Collegeg B.S., Simmons College. 2 llfilliams Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts. HATTIE CELIA TINKHAM, Assistant to the Treasurer 62 Cedar Street, Taunton, Massarhuselts. FRANCIS MARION BROWN, Assistant to the Treasurer and to the Field Secretary 49 Bofwers Street, Holyoke, Massarhusetts. l21'l ' i. 1. 4. E" TT ECU 567:54 Qiiii Em .-lnlllll l llln lisa li. , .i lllwllr L The Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College MRS. MRS. Miss MISS MISS MISS Miss MRS. MRS. MISS MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MISS EXECUTIVE BOARD President ELIZABETH HOWELL WILKINS The Congressional, Washington, D. C. First Vice-President LENA ALDRICH SCHUSTER Main Street, East Douglas, Massachusetts Second Vice-President LOTTIE G. BISHOP 313 Norton Street, New Haven, Connecticut General Secretary FLORENCE CLEMENT Mount Holyoke College Rerrorzling Secretary MARGARET O. COOK 8 Lisbon Street, Worcester, Massachusetts Treasurer A. ELIZABETH ADAMS Mount Holyoke, College Directors MARY R. ELY Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York GROSVENOR ALLEN Kenwood, New York HELEN GAYLORD MILLER 4 High Street, Turners Falls, Massachusetts. MARY PRESTON 262 Ann Street, Hartford, Connecticut KATHARINE FLOWERS 56 Auburn Avenue, Columbus, Ohio PRESIDENTS OF LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS Baltimore EVELYN HERSEY Y. W. C. A., 26 South Broadway, Baltimore, Maryland Berkshire County THEODORE M. POMEROY Dalton, Massachusetts Boston HANSON H. WEBSTER 1647 Beacon Street, Brooklyn, Massachusetts Buffalo ' WILLIAM C. BAKER 225 Sterling Ave., Buffalo, New York Central New Yorl: FREDERICK C. FERRY Clinton, New York Central Ohio DORO'I'HY FLOWERS 56 Auburn Avenue, Columbus, Ohio Chicago HARRIET C. MAOEE Hotel Melbourne, 4625 N. Racine Ave., Chicago, Ill. l22l ' J in faun ' - ln lllllllllllll . , I ll.: ic -all llll il I ill 5- A Cleveland MISS MARIONN B- PRATT 10071 Kee Mar Court, Cleveland, Ohio Eastern Connecticut ' MISS MARY A. C. AVERY 44 Oneco Street, Norwich, Connecticut Iiartern lllaine MRS. GEORGE W. PARKER 259 French Street, Bangor, Maine liastern PJetv l'ork MRS. WILLARD W. ANDREWS 1090 Madison Avenue, Albany, New York Franklin County MRS. WEBSTER K. CLARK 111 Main Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Ifanzprlzire County DR. GRACE STEVENS 32 Bedford Terrace, Northampton, Massachusetts ffartford MRS. JAMES N. H. CAMPBELL 674 Prospect Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut Holyoke MRS. CHARLES N. THORP 135 Pearl Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts Indianapolis MRS. JOHN W. WEDDELL 3939 Park Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana Iowa Miss ANNA O. TEMPLE 901 Walnut Street, Atlantic, Iowa M iehigan MRS. S. WELLS OTLEY 1964 Edison Avenue, Detroit, Michigan I Minnesota MRS. H. K. FAINTER, JR. 4817 Fremont Avenue, So. Minneapolis, Minnesota Missouri MRS. GEORGE H. O,BRIEN 316 Laurel Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri , ' lVezu ffainpshire MRS. ROBERT WALBRIDGE 68 Concord Street, Peterboro, New Hampshire Iqeufffawen MRS. FRED R. FAIRCHILD Rogers Road, Whitneyville, Connecticut AQw Ymk Chy MRS. HENRY N. SNIVELY 240 West Dudley Avenue, Westfield, New jersey Dlorth lfarolina MRS J. TALBOT JOHNSON Aberdeen, North Carolina Plorthern C7aHfornia MRS ALICE M. ROWELL 1055 Miller Avenue, Berkley, California Plorthzuestcrn lgennsylvania hdns IRENE I1ORTON CRARY , 508 Iibeny Sweep YVarrmL Pennqdvanm cJklHh01HH MRS. GEORGE W. MERRILL 432 Lahoma Avenue, Norman, Oklahoma i231 A ill rw me .az 5-'fill' " rin ' I lllllll IMP ' Quai! .' 4 MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MISS MISS MISS MISS MRS. Miss MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MISS -1 llll Philadelphia CHARLES C. HEYI. 6329 Greene Street, Germantown, Pennsylvania ' Pittsburg MAURICE D. COOPER 5430 Auleshoro Avenue, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Puget Sauna' JAMES G. STUART 5209 15th Street, N. B., Seattle, Washington Rhode Island FLORA B. SHEPI-ARD 24 Everett Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island Rochester GEORGE R- FESSENDEN, JR. 86 Clay Street, Rochester, New York Southern California HELEN G- FISK 478 Center Street, Pasadena, California Springhelzl MARION F. STIBBS 31 Westford Avenue, Springfield, Massachusetts Tennessee I GRACE M. EATON 1618 Shelby Avenue, Nashvllle, Tennessee Vermont D RUTH W. rl'EMPLE Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont Virginia THOMAS C, JOHNSON V NOX 881 Norfolk, Virginia PVashington, D. C. EVELYN R. THOMPSON 1770 Kilbourne Place, Washington, D. C. Pfaterbury ' FRANK B. NOBLE 90 Pine Street, Waterbury, Connecticut Westerrz llffaine ALFRED NICKERSON VVCSY Street, Portland, Maine Wzorcester g WILLIAM S. PIPER RCSCYVOII' Street, HOMCH, Massachusetts Hawaii ARTHUR C. AI,EXANDER 2561 Jones Street, Honolulu, Hawaii FOREIGN ASSOCIATIONS China CARLETON LACY 23 YUCH Ming Yuen Road, Shanghai, China India JEREMIAH DAS Gorakpore, India Japan C I B. 'IV ' I h' , T k . HARLES ENNEY South India C lgaya O yo, Japrm ELIZABETH W. CONKLIN BIUCCHUH, Kodaikanal,, South India Tiirkey MARY A. HALL Constantinople W0man,5 College, Constantinople, Turkey l24l , 1 1 I s ,Q- r w,,b .v--V -- T l UU ILE -EL. fell! " " ltlllllllll . I, ll . a e . -a1I liz ll I Il W- A Faculty and Staff DEPARTMENT or ART AND ARCHAISOLOGY LOUISE FITZ-RANDOLPH, M.A., Emeritus Pro esror o flrvlzaroloz ' and Histor o' JJ J' dr! M.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg University of Berling University of Chicagog American Schools of Classical Studies at Athens and at Romeg Head of the Depa.rtment of History and Art, Lake Erie Collegeg Lecturer in History of Art in the Western Reserve School of Designg Member of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athensg Member of the Archeological Institute of Americag Member of the Classical Association of Western New England. South Hadley, Mzurarhmettr. CAROLINE MO'RRIS GALT, B.A., Professor of Arclirzeology and Greek B.A., Bryn Mawr Collegeg University of Chicagog Columbus Universityg American School of Classical Studies at Romeg Member of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athensg Member of the New England Classical Associationg Member of the Archa:olo ical Institute of Americag Mem-ber of the American Association of Uni- S versity Professorsg Associate Member of the American Numismatic b0Cl6ty. South Ilazllfy, Marsa'rhu.rett.v. FLORENCE VVINSLOW Foss, M.A., flxrociate Professor G E B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Wellesley Collegeg University of Chicago: Art IIIsti- tute, Chicagog Member of the College Art Associationg Member of the American Associa- tion of University Professorsg School of American Sculpture. South Iladlry, Mass1u'll1t.velt.v. RTRUDE STEWART HYDE, B.A., Associate Professor B.A. Mount Holyoke Collegeg Norwich Art Schoolg Art Students' League, New York, Art Lea ue Summer Schools' University of Chicagog Member of the College Art Associa- g v tiong Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Iladlfy, Mar.mrhu.vett.v. CATHERINE WILSON PIERCE, M.A., Assistant Professor Yale AI't School, New Haveng B.A., Smith Collegeg M.A., Radclifieg American Academy at Rome. Waterbury, Gomzerticut. MARJORIE ELEANOR SMITH, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College. Beafver Brook Farm, Bridgton, Maine. l25l ,...., .-I:-t in ,-ann 'rw Eff slmllfl ls 4 - I ll a a 1 . .aillllll ,l I llllll .. AN DEPARTMENT OF ASTRONOMY . NE SEWELL YOUNG, Ph.D., Professor and Director of John Payson Willistorz L.B., S.M., Carleton Collegeg Ph.D., Columbia Universityg Goodsell Observatory, North- field, Minnesota, University of Chicagog Professor' of Mathematics, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington, Research Assistant, Yerkes Observatoryg Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Member of the American Astronomical Societyg Member of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Associationg Member of the American Association of University Professors, Member of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Phi Beta Kappa Society. Winona Lake, Indiana ALICE HALL FARNSWORTH, Ph.D., xlssistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke, M.S., Ph.D., University of Chicagog Yerkes Observatoryg Elizabeth Bardwell Memorial Fellow, Fellow in Astronomy, University of Chicago, Member of the American Astronomical Associationg Member of the American Association for the Ad- vancement of Scienceg Member of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Member of the American Association of University Women, Phi Beta Kappa Society. 3 Spring Street, Taunton, Massachusetts. DEPARTMENT OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE LAURA HULDA WILD, B.D., Professor on the Helen Day Gould Foundation B.A., Smith Collegeg B.D., Hartford Theological Seminary, Professor of Biblical History and Literature, Doane College and Lake Eirie College: National Secretary of the Young Women's Christian Association, Pastor of Congregational Church, Lincoln, Nebraskag Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesisg Member of the Association of Biblical Instructors in American Colleges and Secondary Schools, Member of Fund for American Schools of Oriental Research of Fellowship for Christian Social Order, Member of the Hampshire Ministers' Association, Member of the Biblical Club of Springfield, Mass- achusetts, Member of the Commissionof the Church Boards of Education in the United States on Bible Study for Secondary Schoolsg Member of the Board of Directors of Clarke School for the Deaf, Northampton, Massachusettsg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massarhusetts. MARY INDA I-IUSSEY PH.D., Professor on the Helen Day Gould Founzlation Ph.B., Earlham Collegeg Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, Graduate Scholar, Bryn Mawr Col- legeg Fellow in Semitic Languages, University of Pennsylvaniag University of Leipzigg Instructor in Biblical History, Wellesley Collegeg Fellow of the Baltimore Association for the Promotion of University Education of Womeng Holder of the Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnaeg Assistant in the Harvard Semitic Museum, Field Secretary of the Fund for Ofriental and Archaeological Biblical Re- searchg Member of the American Oriental Societyg Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesisg Member of the Vorderasiatische Gesellschaftg Member of the Association of Biblical Instructors in American Colleges and Secondary Schoolsg Member of the Religious Education Associaliong Member -of the American Association of University Womeng Member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Member of the League gf Nations Non-Partisan Associationg Member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. South Hadley, Mrusachusetts, l26l ' nm 1 -nm n IJ I ll i pg 1 3 llllllilil. 15 2 5 CHARLES ARTHUR HAWLEY, PH.D., Associate Professor . B.A., Hamilton Collegeg B.D., and S.T.M., Union Theological Seminaryg Ph.D., Columbia Universityg Graduate Fellow in Biblical Literature, University of Baselg Graduate Scholar in Semitic, University of Halleg Associate of American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalemg Assistant Pastor Manhattan Congregational Churchg Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesisg Member of Deutsche Morgenlandische Gesellschaftg Professor of Biblical History and Literature at Springfield Y. M. C. A. College. 4 38 Dumoreland .4fvenue, Springfield, Massachusetts, ESTELLA FREEMAN, A.B., Instructor A.B., Wellesleyg Member of the society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis. Saginaw, Michigan. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY HENRIETTA EDGECOM E HOOKER, P1-LD., Emeritus Professor Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D., Syracuse Universityg Marine'Biological Laboratory, Wood's Holeg Massachusetts Institution of Technologyg Berlin University: Member of International Association of Botanyg Member of American Association of University Women. South Hadley, Massachusetts. ALMA GRACE S'rocKY, PH.D., Professor B.A., Oberlin Collegeg Ph.D., University of Chicagog Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Holeg Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Member of the Botanical Society of Americag Member of the Sullivant Moss Societyg Mem- ber of the American Association of University Professorsg Sigma Xi Societyg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. ANNA MORSE STARR, PH.D., Associate Professor B.L., Ohio Wesleyan Universityg Bryn Mawr Collegeg B.A., M.A., Oberlin Collegeg Ph.D., University of Chicagog Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Marine Biological Laboratory, VVood's Holeg Fellow in Botany, University of Chicagog Member of the British Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Member of the Botanical Society of Americag Member of the Ecological Society of Americag Sigma Xi Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. ASA STEPHEN KINNEY, S.M., Instructor in Floriculture S.B., Boston Universityg S.M., Massachusetts Agricultural Collegeg Member of the Na- tional Forestry Associationg Member of the National Geographic Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. SARAH JANE AGARD, M.A., Curator of the Botanical lllaseam B.A., M.A., Mount Holyoke College. , South Hadley, Massachusetts. MARGARE'l' KEMl', M.A., Assistant B.A., Smithg M.A., Radclifiieg Marine Biological Laboratory. 108 Mt. Vernon Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts. E271 I C 'T ..-.lllllllllli1illiL A DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY 'EMMA PERRY CARR, P1-LD., Professor S.B., University of Chicago, Ohio State University, Mount Holyoke College, Ph.D., Uni- versity of Chicago, Holder of the Mary E. VVoolley Fellowship, University of Chicago, Holder of Loenthal Fellowship, University of Chicago, Queenls University, Belfast, Ire- land, Member of the American Chemical Society, Sigma Xi Society, Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the American Associa- tion of University Professors. Coshocton, Ohio. J DOROTHY ANNA HAHN, PH.D., I rofess-or B.A., Bryn Mawr College, Ph.D:, Yale University, University of Leipzig, Fellow in Chem- istry, Bryn Mawr College, Holder of the Anna C. Prescott Fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Yale University, Holder of the Currier Fellowship, Yale Univer- sity, Head of the Department of Chemistry at the Pennsylvania College for Women, Mem- lgenof American Chemical Society, Member of the German Chemical Society, Sigma Xi ocietv. South Hadley, Massachusetts. LOUISA STONE STEVENSON, PH.D., Professor B.A., Vassar College, Ph.D., Cornell University, Holder of the Lydia Pratt Babbott Fel- lowship, Cornell University, Instructor in Chemistry, Vassar College, Instructor in Chem- istry, Wellesley College, Head of the Department of Chemistry, Sweet Briar College, Sigma Xi Society, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Member of the American Association of Uni- versity Professors. 45 Princeton Street, Lo-well, Massachusetts. MARY LURA SHERRILL, PH.D., Associate Professor B.A., M.A., Randolph-Macon Woman's College, University of Chicago, Instructor in Chemistry, Adjunct-Professor Chemistry, Acting Head of Department of Chemistry, Ran- dolph-Macon Woman's College, Associate Professor of Chemistry, N. C. College for Wo- men, Associate Chemist, Chemical Warfare Service, Member of American Chemical So- ciety, Sigma Xi Society. 818 Hfest hffarket Street, Greensboro, Nort Caroline, MARGARET M. KELLEY, PH.D., flssistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University, Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the American Chemical Society, Sigma Xi Society. 383 Lehigh Afveuue, Pittsburg, Pennsylfvania. EDITH REBECCA BARsTow, B.A., Curator B.A., Mount Holyoke College. South Hadley, Massachusetts. FVELYN TIBBITS, B.A., Graduate Fellow and Assistant B.A., Cornell University. Q Utica, New York. ELIZABETH GILMAN, B.A., Graduate Fellow and Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Phi Beta Kappa Society. 37 G"f'f'1 Sffffft Gardner, Massachusetts. 'On leave of absence for the second semester. l23l i. -. L LW ' 'ET ,QCD 1 ll' ,elm !'i l 1 , --1 Il I Illlllll . . ll o ' c,. ' l llll llll A MARION E. MACLEAN, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Phi Beta Kappa. 647 Cooke Street, Waterbury, Conn GEORGIA R. GIDDINGS, B.A., Graduate Fellow B.A., Columbia University. 344 State Street. Brooklyn, Nefw York. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY AMY HISWES, PH.D., Professor B.A., Goucher Collegeg Ph.D., University of Chicagog University of Berling Fellow in Sociology, University of Chicagog Fellow of the Baltimore Association for the Promotion of University Education of Womeng Member of the American Economic Association, Amer- ican Sociological Society, Royal Economics Society, American Association of University Professorsg Executive Secretary, Massachusetts Minimum Wage Commissiong Executive Secretary, Committee on VVomen in Industry, Council of National Defense, Supervisor Industrial Service Section, Ordnance Departmentg Instructor in Economics of Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers in Industryg Phi Beta Kappa Society. 1735 Linden Afuenue, Baltimore, Maryland, ALZADA COMSTOCK, PH.D., Associate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Columbia Universityg Ph.D., Columbia Universityg Research Fellow, Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy: Holder of the Bardwell Me- morial Fellowship, Columbia Universityg Harvard Universityg London School of Econom- ics, University of Londong Member of the American Economic Associationg Member of the American Statistical Associationg Member of the Royal Economic Societyg Associate in Economics, Barnard College. , South Hadley, Massaeh1tsetts. E11-1121. BARBARA DIETRICH, PH.D., Associate Professor B.A,, Vassar College, M.A., University of Wisconsing Ph.D., University of Wisconsing Uni- versity of Chicago, Vassar Fellow, University of Wisconsing Fellow in Economics, Uni- versity of Wisconsing Assistant in Economics, University of Wisconsing Research Assistant, Bureau of Industrial Relations, United Typothetae of Americag Special Investigator, VVo- man's Branch Industrial Service Section, Ordnance Departmentg Member of the American Economic Associationg Member of the American Sociological Societyg Member of the American Association for Labor Legislation, Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massaelzztsetts. EARL DEWEY MYERS, M.A., Assistant Professor B.A., Southwestern Collegeg M.A., Northwestern University. South Hadley, Massaehusettnf ARYNESS 1oNe Jov, M.A., Instructor B.A., University of Washington, M.A., University of Chicago. 3 Orchard Street, Amherst, Massachusetts. SOPHIE MERANSKI, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 4 Wooster Street, Hartford, Connecticut. E291 IE illlll!Il Iii I - to. i.. .3-:mls I "ll M - DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION COLIN ALEXANDER SCOTT, P1-LD., Professor City College of New Yorkg B.A., Queen's Universityg Ph.D., Clark Universityg Ontario Art Schoolg Head of the Department of Psychology, Chicago Normal Schoolg Editor of the Child Study Quarterlyf Professor of Education, Miami Universityg Head of the Department of Psychology, Boston Normal Schoolg Editor of the Sorial Education Quarterlyg Professor of Psychology and Education, Tufts Collegeg Boston Normal Schoolg Member of the Ameri- can Psychological Associationg Educational Efficiency Expert for Springfield Schools. - South Hadley, Massachusetts. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH CLARA FRANCES STEVENS, PH.M., Emeritus Professor Mount Holyoke Collegeg Ph.M., University of Michigang Member of the American Associa- tion of University Womeng Phi Beta Kappa Society. I South Hadley, Massachusetts. MARGARET BALL, PH.D., Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., Columbia Universityg Holder of the 1886 Fellowship, Columbia Universityg Assistant in English, Barnard Collegeg Member of the National Association of Teachers of Speechg Member of the New England Association of Teachers of Englishg Member of the Modern Language Associationg Member of the Ameri- can Association of University Professorsg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massaehusetts. ADA LAURA FONDA SNELL, PH.D., Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigang Yale Universityg University of Chicagog Holder of the Elizabeth Bardwell Fellowship, Yale Universityg Fellow in Rhetoric University of Michigang Member of the Modern Language Associa- tiong Member of the New England Association of Teachers of Englishg Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, lllassachusetts. HELEN GRIFFI'1'H, M.A., Associate Professor B.A., Bryn Mawr Collegeg M.A., Columbia Universityg University of Chicagog Ph.D., University of Michigang Instructor in Rhetoric, University of Minnesotag Assistant in English, Teachers' College, Columbia Universityg Assistant in English, University of Chicago. South Hadley, Massachusetts. HARRIET Fox WHICHER, M.A., zlssistant Professor B.A., Barnard Collegeg M.A., Columbia Universityg Lecturer in English at Barnard Col- legeg journalistic Work for the American Association for International Conciliationg Lecturer in English at Smith Collegeg Lecturer in English Literature at Mount Holyoke Collegeg Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternityg Modern Language Association of Americag Phi Beta Kappa Society. Amherst, Massachusetts. T301 1 IE ll 1 n . . . . ...-llillllelllllnlllg I A WLEONORA BRANCH, A.M., Instructor ' B.A., Smith College, M.A., WVellesley College, Reader and Instructor, Mount Holyoke College, Instructor, Vassar College, Member of the American Association of University Professors. St. Albans, Vermont RALPH PHILIP BoAs, A.M., Associate Professor A.B., A.M., Brown University, Assistant in English, Brown University, Fellow in English, University of Chicago, Associate Professor of English, VVhitman College, Austin Scholar and A.M., Harvard University, Professor of English, Reed College, Head of the Depart- ment of English, Central High School, Springfield, Massachusetts, Director of Evening Schools, Supervisor of the Social Studies, Lecturer in English, Mount Holyoke College. lfoodbridge Place, South Hadley, Maxsarhuxetts, LORNA J. MCLEAN, B.A., Instructor h B.A., University of California. Berkeley, California. MARJORIE BARSTOVV GREENBIE, QMRS. SYDNEY GREENBIEJ, PHD., Instructor B.A., Cornell University, Ph.D., Yale University, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Member of the National Arts Club. 68 Merrick Afvenne, Holyoke, Ma.v.racl1usett.v., CORA LOUISE DURKEE, Assistant 4 B.A., Mount Holyoke, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Delta Sigma Rho Society. Oxford, Massachusetts. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LITERATURE JEANNETTE MARKS, M.A., Professor B.A., M.A., Wellesley College, Postgraduate Work in English Literature at the British Museum and the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Professor, English Literature, Mount Holyoke College, Member of the College Club of Boston, Member of the Authors' League of Ameri- ca, Member of the Boston Authors' Club, Member of the University Club of New York, Member-of the New England Poetry Club, Member of the Poetry Society of America, Member of the Poets' Association, Member of the Association University Women. "Fleur de Ly.v", Wesrjrort-on-Lalee-Champlain, New York.- DOROTHY FOSTER, M.A., zfssociate Profesxor B.A., Bryn Mawr College, M.A., Radcliffe College, Graduate Scholar in English, Radclilfe College, Holder of the Women's Education Association Fellowship, Research student of the British Museum, London, and at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Member of the Mod- ern Languages Association of America, Member of the Salem Society for the Higher Ed- ucation of VVomen, Member of the American Association of University Professors. South Hadley, Mzurachusetts. 'On leave of absence. l31l neu .nm .-argl is 1 'Ill Ill. Q ll.. is . .aillmlllllli llllll ' , CHARLOTTE D,EVELYN, PH.D., dssistalzt Professor B.L., Mills Collegeg Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Collegeg Fellow in English Literature, Bryn Mawr Collegeg Holder of the Mary E. Garrett European Fellowshipg Student at the University of Oxford, in the British Museum, and in the University Library, Cambridge, England. 312 Phelan Building, San Francisco, California. LESLIE GALE BURGEVIN, fPH.D., Associate Professor B.A., Harvard Universityg M.A., University of Californiag Ph.D., Harvard University. Jeffersontofwn, Kentucky. WINIFRED QUINCY NORTON, M.A., Instructor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Columbia Universityg Fellow of Columbia Universityg Member of the Modern Language Association. 25 Highland Avenue, Nefwlonfville, Massachusetts. HAROLD KING, M.A., Instructor B.A., First Class Honors in Englishg M.A., University of Birmingham, England. 100 Moor Street, Cofuentry, England. DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY MIGNON TAI,BO'1', P1-LD., Professor B.A., Ohio State Universityg Ph.D., Yale Universityg Cornell Universityg Harvard Uni- versityg Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Member of the Geological Society of Americag Member of the National Geographic Societyg Member of the Paleontological Societyg Member of the American Forestry Associationg Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Sigma Xi Societyg Phi Beta Kappa Society. ' South Hadley, Massachusetts. WALICE FOSTER, M.S., .flssistant Professor 1 B.A., University of Iowag M.S., University of Chicagog Iowa State Teachers Collegeg Drake Universityg Member of National Council of Geography Teachersg Iowa Academy of Science' Garvin, Minnesota. 'l'LOUISE BOSWELL, B.S., Assistant Professor B.S., University of Chicago. D Chzcago, Illinois. MARY BREWSTER, B.A., Assistant Professor B.A., University of Rochester. 43 Culfver Road, Rochester. 'On leave of absence, 2nd semester. 'l"I'aking the place of Miss Foster, 2nd semester. l32l l ll-li A li .C , .Illl1I!Il, ., DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN ELLEN CLARINDA HINSDALE, PH.D., Professor B.A., Western Reserve Universityg M.A., University of Michigang Ph.D., University of Gottingeng University of Leipzig: University of Berling Holder of the Woman's Educational and Industrial Union Foreign Fellowshipg Instructor in German in Joliet, Illinois, and in Ann Arbor, Michigang Member of the Modern Language Association of Americag Mem- ber of the New England Modern Language Associationg Member of the American Associa- tion of University Professoirsg Member of the American Association of University Womeng Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. ALICE PORTER STEVENS, IVLA. flssociate Professor B.A., Mount Holoyke Collegeg M.A., Radcliffe Collegeg University of Zurichg University of Berling Holder of the 1886 Fellowshipg Member of the Modern Language Association of Americag Member of the New England Modern Language Associationg Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Member of the American Association of University Womeng Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. TGRACE MABEL BACON, PH.D., Associate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigang University of Berling ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' f h C l' M. Cla Fellow- Instructor in German in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Holder o t e orne ia pp shipg Member of the Modern Language Association of Americag Member of the New England Modern Language Associationg Member of the American Association of Uni- versity Professorsg Member of the American Association of University Womeng Phi Beta Kappa Society. ' South Hadley, Massachusetts. DEPARTMENT OF GREEK MARY GILMORE XVILLIAMS, PlH.D., Professor Mount Holyoke Seminaryg B.A., and Ph.D., University of Michigang American School of Classical Studies, Romeg Instructor in Latin, Kirkwood Seminary, Missourig Instructor in Latin, Lake Erie Coillegeg Elisha jones Fellow of the University of Michigang Fellow of the Association of Collegiate Alumni, Member of American Philological Associationg Member of the Archaeological Institute of Americag Member of the New England Classical Associationg Member of the Association of University Professorsg Associate Member of the American Numismatic Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. CAROLINE MORRIS GAL'1', B.A., Professor of .lrchasology and Greek B.A., Bryn Mawr Collegeg University of Chicagog Columbia Universityg American School of Classical Studies at Romeg Member of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athensg Member of the New England Classical Associationg Mem- ber of the Archaeological Institute of Americag Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Associate' Member of the American Numismatic society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. 'On leave of absence for the year. l33l I -, in . ... ...-lliilllI!llliIulliL, 44 DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE NELLIE NEILSON, PH.D.,' Professor of History and Political Science on the E. Nevius Rodman Foundation B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Collegeg Holder of the Resident Fellowship in History, Bryn Mawr College, and of the American Fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Cambridge, England, Londong Oxfordg Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Member of the American Historical Association, Member of the American Political Science Associationg Member of the Selden Societyg Member of the American Association of Uni- versity Women. South Hadley, Massachusetts. ELLEN DEBORAH ELLIS, PH.D., Professor of Political Science B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Collegeg Holder of the Bryn Mawr European Fellowship, Leipzig, Fellow in Economics and Politics, Bryn Mawr College, Professor of History, Con- stantinople College, Constantinople, Turkey, Member of the American Political Science Associationg Member of the American Association of University VVomeng Member of the American Historical Association, Member of the American Association of University Professors. South Hadley, Massachusetts. BERTHA HAVEN PUTNAM, PH.D., Professor of History B.A., Bryn Mawr Collegeg Ph.D., Columbia Universityg Holder of the Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnaeg Research Work in Englandg Fellow of the Royal Economic Societyg Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Member of the American Association of Labor Legislation, Member of the American As- sociation of University Womeng Member of the American Economic Association, Member of the American Association of University Historical Associationg Member of the Ameri- can Sociological Associationg Member of the New York Bryn Mawr Clubg Member of the Selden Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. VIOLA FLORENCE BARNES, PH.D., Associate Professor of History B.A., M.A., University of Nebraskag Ph.D., Yale Universityg Fellow in American History, University of Nebraskag Holder of the Currier Fellowship and of the Susan Rhoda Cutler Fellowship, Yale University: Instructor in American History, University of Nebraskag Member of the American Historical Associationg Phi Beta Kappa Society. Albion, Nebraska. MARY ASHBY CHEEK, M.A., Assistant Professor and Secretary of the Board of Admission B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Columbia Universityg Secretary of Y.W.C.A., Mount Holyokeg Student Secretary of Presbyterian Boardsg Dean, Kentucky College for Womeng Member of New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools. 229 North Third Street, Danfville, Kentucky. MARGARET JUDSON, M.A., Instructor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.A., Radcliffe Collegeg Holder of Bardwell Memorial Fel- lowshipg Phi Beta Kappa Society. 2225 Main Street, Stratford, Connecticut. ELIZABETH KIMBALL, B.A., Reader and Graduate Fellow B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 424- Io-wa Street, Oak Park, Illinois. E341 lu: l a n J .. llllvfillls 11 DEPARTMENT OF LATIN FRANCES MARY HAZEN, M.A., Professor Emeritas M.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Instructor, Appleton Seminary, New Ipswich, New Hamp- shireg Oxford Universityg Saueur School of Languageg Harvard Universityg Cornell Uni- versityg Member of the American Philological Association. 37 Lafwn flrvemze, llliddletofrcn, COII7lL't'fll'1lf. HELEN MCGAFFEY SEARLES, P'H.D., Professor Emeritus M.A., Lake Forest College: Ph.D., University of Chicagog Instructor in Greek and German, Ferry Hallg Classical Fellow, Cornell Universityg Fellow in Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, University of Chicago: Instructor in Latin and Greek at the Pennsylvania College for Womeng Member of the Archaeological Institute of Americag Member of the American Philological Associationg Member of the Oriental Society of America: Member of the American Association of University Professors. South Hadley, Massaclmsetts. MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR, M.A., Associate Professor B.A., Lake Forest Collegeg University of Chicagog Instructor in Latin, Ferry Hall Semin- aryg Assistant Principal, Ferry Hallg Member of the American School at Romeg Member of the New England Classical Associationg Member of the Archaeological Institute of Americag Member of the Association of New England Preparatory Schools and Collegesg Member of the Association of University Professors. ' South Hadley, Massachusetts. BIANCHE BROTHERTON, PH.D., Assistant Professor B.A., Smith Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago, Member of the American Philo- logical Associationg Member of the New England Classical Associationg Phi Beta Kappa Societyg Instructor at private schoolsg Wheaton Collegeg and summer sessions at the Uni- versity of Chicago. 3102 Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska MARY VIC'I'ORIA BRAGINTON, PH.D., Instructor B.A., Grinnell College: M.A., Ph.D., Yale Universityg Yale University Fellow in Latin, two yearsg Member of the American Philological Associationg Member of New England Classical Associationg Phi Beta Kappa Society. lllanson, Iofwa. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS SARAH EFFIE SMITH, B.S., Professor B.S., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Massachusetts Institute of Technologyg University of Michi- gang University of Chicagog University of Berling Holder of the '86 Fellowshipg Member of the American Mathematical Societyg Member of the Mathematical Association of Ameri- cag Member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New Englandg Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massaeh11selts. ELEANOR CATHERINE DOAK, PI-LB., Associate Professor B.A., Coates Collegeg Ph.B., University of Chicagog Cambridge Universityg Instructor in Mathematics at Coates College, and at DePauw Universityg Member of the American Mathematical Societyg Member of the Mathematical Association of Americag Member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New Englandg Member of the American Asso- ciation of University Professorsg Reader in Mathematics for the College Entrance examina- tion Board. South Hadley, Massachusetts. l35I Jinsli'--Y - YY,.,. .,., . ann. .. L ,l .. Y I M5 .,-l U My il . I ' .- EMILIE NOR'l'ON NIARTIN, PH.D., Alssoeiote Professor B.A., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, Fellow in Mathematics at Byrn Mawr College, Holder of the Mary E. Garrett European Fellowship from Bryn Mawr, and Student at the Uni- versity of Gottingen, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the American Mathematical Society, Member of the National Geographic So- siety, Member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England, Member of the Mathematical Association of America, Member of the American Association of University Professors, Member of the Philadelphia College Club. Jllontreat, North Carolina. OLIVE CLIO HAZLE'l"1', PH.D., flssistanl l"rofessor B.A., Radcliffe College, M.S., Ph.D., University of Chicago, Fellow in Mathematics, Uni- versity of Chicago, Holder of the Fellowship of the Boston Branch of the American Asso- ciation of University Women, Holder of the Alice Freeman Palmer Fellowship of Welles- ly College, Holder-elect of the Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fellowship of the Ameri- can Association of University Women, Member and Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England, Member of the Mathematical Association of America, Member of the London Mathematical Society, Member of the American Association of University Women, Member of the American Association of University Professors, Life-member of the Ameri- can Mathematical Society, of the Circolo Matematico di Palermo Qltalyj, Member of the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, Associate in Mathematics, Bryn Mawr College, Associate Editor of the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Sigma Society, Phi Beta Kappa Society. Holyoke, Massachusetts. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND HYGIENE ELIZABETH COLDEN UNIJERHILL, M.D., Resident Physician Women's Medical College, New York, Cornell University Medical College, Clinical As- sistant in the Dispensaries of the Women's Medical College and Bellevue Hospital, New York City, Private Practice, Poughkeepsie, New York, Graduate Work, Harvard Medical School, Sargent School of Physical Education, Fellow of the American Medical Association, Member of the American Public Health Association, Member of the American Medical Association, Member of the American Social Hygiene Association, Member of the Mass- achusetts Medical Society. Strafwberry llill, Poughkeepsie, New York DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC WILLIAM CHURCHILL I'IAMlVlOND, Professor, Director of .Music Piano, Hartford, Boston, New York, Organ, Hartford, New York, TheoI'y, N. H. Allen, Organist of the Second Congregational Church, Holyoke, a Founder of the American Guild of Organists. 231 Cabot Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts. JULIA BANGS DICKINSON, Professor Voice, Worcester, Boston, Courtney and Jeannotte of New York, Emmerich of Berlin, Theory, R. P. Baldwin, Choral Conducting, J. J. Bishop, Springfield. 14 Berkeley Street, Springfield, Illassoehusetts. ALBER'l' lVliO0DY '.liUCKER, Professor, flssistzmt Orgonist Piano and Organ, Professor Hammond, Piano and Harmony, J. J. Bishop, Springfield, Organ, S. P. Warren, New York, Organ, Guilmant, Piano, Wager Swayne, Paris, Har- mony and Composition, john Patten Marshall, Boston, Member of the American Association of University Professors, Member of the Franco-American Musical Society, Associate of the American Guild of Organists. South Ilodley, Massarlmsetts. l36l , Ill 'W i. .... A gs GT? 3951 .1 A, , ILE Q.. gil I pn . ..-nnlllwl I ll 3 F I-hi v 4 l I ' I 1 ' I ' A RUTH ELIZABETH DYER, B.A.,'nt Professor, flssixtant Organixt B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Organ, William C. Hammond, Organ and Harmany, E. E. Truette, Boston, Piano, Alfred De Voto, New England Conservatory, Boston, Piano, Wager Swayne, Boston, Master Classes in Piano with E. Robert Schmitz, Chicago and Madison, Winner of Scholarship, 1924, Voice, F. VV. Wodell, Boston, Harmony, Raymond Robinson, Boston University, Colleague of the American Guild of Organists, Member of the Franco- American Musical Society, Member of the American Association of University Professors. Maple Road, Oxford, Ma.v.faI'hu.ce!t.v. MILTON JACOB ARONSON, Instructor p Violin, Rudolf Jacobs, Brooklyn, N. Y., Samuel Leventhal, Hartford, Conn., Felix Winter- nitz, New England Conservatory, Boston, Charles Martin Loeffler, Medford, Mass. 17 Rittenhouse Terrace, sprinyffld, Masrarhmelts. ANNA MA1'HILDA WVOLLMANN, Instructor Harmony, Marion Wheeler, Voice, Julia B. Dickinson, J. J. Bishop, Springfield, Isadore Luckstoine and A. Clark Jeannotte, New York, Soprano Soloist at the Old First Church, Springfield. 36 Eldridge Street, Springfeld, Masmchfzsetts. FLORIAN AGNES SHEPARD, B.A., .Instructor B.A., Wellesley College, Piano, F. H. Shepard, Orange, New Jersey, Piano, E. Robert Schmitz, New York, Chicago, Winner of Scholarship, 1922, History and Theory, H. C. Macdougal, Counterpoint, C. G. Hamilton, Harpsichord, Frances Pelton-Jones, Associate Director Shepard School, Member of the Franco-American Musical Society, Phi Beta Kap- pa Society. ' 50 Main Street, Orange, New Jersey. CATHERINE J. WILLIAMS, M.A., Instructor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Vassar College, Piano with Helen Hopekirk, Boston, and U. C. Smith, Philadelphia, Organ with E. Harold Geer, Vassar, Marston Teaching Fellow, Vassar, Phi Beta Kappa Society. 503 Arthur Afve., Sroltdalc, Penmylfvanizl. X RUTH DOUGLASS, Secretary, Instructor in I oice ' A.B., Mount Holyoke College. 252 Glen Street, Glen: Falls, IVNLU York. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY EI LEN BLISS '.llALBO'l', PH.D., Professor on the Alana C. Edwarrlr .FIIIIIIIIIIIIOII B.A., Ohio State University, Ph.D., Cornell University, University of Chicago, University of Berlin, University of Heidelberg, Graduate Scholar, Cornell University, Fellow, Cornell University, Member of the American Philosophical Association, Member of the American Psychological Association, Member of the American Association of University Professors, Member of the American Association of University VVomen, Member of the Massachusetts League of Women Voters, Phi Beta Kappa Society. Soutlf Iladlry, Ma.v.var'hu.vetI:. J J J SAMUEL I ERKINS HAYES, l H.D., I rofessor B.A., Amherst College, Union Theological Seminary, M.A., Columbia University, Ph.D., Cornell University, Clark University, University of Berlin, Sorbonne, Paris, Member of the American Psychological Association, Member of the American Association of University Professors, Sigma Xi Society, Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Iladlry, Maxmrlrmvelts. l37l --W-.. -s.-..a..m..-E ,,,,.. W... .... -.-slr 's wlllll ll. E I. ll a i 0 . I ' - JOHN MARTYN WARBEKIZ, PH.D., l'rofe.ssor ' B.A., Princeton Universityg Ph.D., University of Leipzig, Associate in Science, University of Chicagog Instructor, Williams College, Member of the American Philosophical Asso- ciationg Student at Oxford University, England, Honorary Member of New York Brown- ing Societyg President, Holyoke League of Arts and Craftsg Member of Collegiate Com- mittee for Law Enforcement, Professor in Amherst College. South Hadley, Massoehusetts. SARA M. STINCHFIELD, Instructor B.A., University of Pittsburg, M.A., University of Iowag Ph.D., University of Wisconsing Phi Lambda Theta Societyg Delta Delta Society. 1 Bridgman Lone, South Hadley, Massachusetts. ELIZABETH P. ODELI., B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College. Greenland, N. H. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOPE WENTWORTH NAREY, Director Massachusetts Institute of Technologyg Sargent School of Physical Educationg Director of the Durant Gymnasium, Bostong Supervisor of Physical Training, Public Schools, Malden. Hotel Bristol, Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts. LILLIAN LORETTA KUESTER, Assistant Director, Instructor in lllelliml and Correctifve Gymnastics Savage Institute of Physical'Education, New York Cityg School of Pedagogy, New York Universityg Corrective and Medical Gymnastics. Chautauqua School of Physical Educationg Physical Examiner for the American Women's Leagueg Instructor in Corrective and Medi- cal Gymnastics, Bellevue Hospital Float, New York Cityg Director of Physical Training, Brooklyn Girls' Club, Helfly Institute, Brooklyn, New Yorkg Director of Physical Training and Sports, Richmond Hill Settlement, New York Cityg Medical Aideg Orthopedic and Surgical Departments, Brooklyn City Hospital Dispensary, Brooklyn, New Yorkg Member of the American Physical Education Associationg Member of the American Posture League. 170 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, Ne-w York. RUTH ELEANOR SWEET, Instructor V ' Syracuse Universityg Director of Physical Training, Volonial School for Girls, Washing- ton, D. C. . Phoenix, Nefw York. MIRIAM LONGLEY SPAULUING, Instrurtor B.A., Boston Universityg Boston School of Physical Eclucationg Assistant in Physical Edu- cation at VVestern Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, Member of the Woman's Life Sav- ing Corps of the Red Cross. 15 Berfwifk Street, II"orz'estt'r, llflassaehusetts. REBECCA BREED, IllSfI'lll'f07' B.A. University of Californiag Boston School of Physical Education. 6214- Wayne flfvenue, Germantofwn, Pennsylfvania. ELEANOR SEARING, B.A., Instructor B.A., New Jersey College for Womeng Central School of Hygiene and Physical Edu- cation, New York City. 155 Crescent Xlfuenue, Plainheld, Nefw Jersey. JULIA B. SWIFT, Secretary and Pianist N.S.S., Boston University. Yarmonthport, Iklossaehusetts. I33l DCI lun a I l ll u -l-I I DEPARTMENT' OF PHYSICS ELIZABETH REBECCA LAIRD, PH.D., Professor B.A., University of Torontog Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Collegeg University of Berling Cam- bridge Universityg Chicago Universityg Fellow in Physics Bryn Mawr Collegeg Holder of the President's European Fellowship from Bryn Mawr Collegeg Holder of the Sarah Berliner Research Fellowship for Women, University of Wurzburgg Fellow of the Ameri- can Association for the Advancement of Science and of the American Physical Societyg Member of the Optical Society of Americag Member of the American Association of Uni- versity Professors. South Hadley, Ma.vsaehu.retts. MABEL AUGUSTA CHASE, M.A., Associate Professor B.A., Oberlin Collegeg M.A., Cornell Universityg University of Chicagog Imperial College for Science, Londong Cambridge Universityg Instructor in Physics, Wellesley Collegeg Member of the American Physical Societyg Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: Member of the American Association of University Professors. South Hadley, Massachusetts. PMARGARET CALDERYVOOD, SHIELDS, PI-LD., dssociate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Ph.D., University of Chicagog Holder of the 1886 Fellow- shipg Fellow of the University of Chicagog Member of the American Physical Societyg Sigma Xi Society. St. Johusbury, Ifermonl. MILDRED ALLEN, PH.D., Assistant Professor A.B., Vassar Collegeg A.M., Ph.D., Clark Universityg Member of the American Physical Societyg Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Phi Beta Kappa Society. West Roxbury, Massavllusetts. FVELYN OGDEN CLIET, M.S., Inszrufzor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technologyg Member of American Physical Society. 135 Orange Afvenue, Irvington, New .lz'r.rey. DORIS THOMAS, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke. 103 Putnam Street, Quivey, .ll1!lJ.fIIl'llIl.fL'ffJ'. LAURA E. WALKER, B.A., Curator. First term. B.A., Mount Holyoke. Greenfwifll Village, MHJJ11l'hllI6llI. BERTRAM JAMES SMYTH, Curaror Tllc School House, Colon Cuml1ria'gesl1irc, 1:'nylam1'. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY 'ABBY HowE r1lURNER, B.A., Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Marine Biological Laboratory, VVoocls Holeg Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvaniag Elizabeth Bardwell Fellowg University of Chicagog Cornelia M. Clapp Fellow and Fellow of the VVomen's Educational Association of Boston, Harvard Medical Schoolg Instructor in Zoology, Wellesley Collegeg Member of the Ameri- can Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massarhusetis. 'Leave of absence for the year. !39l W- ,..... , -Pipit, , , Q i .- L E.- LT gm -A CW' .hi ki.. 55.31 ' -In 1 , ,,., Iilll I llln is I lille 1 tn.-., .7 ull I - HAZELTINE L. STEDMAN, M.S., Assistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.S., Yale University, Marine Bilogical Laboratory, Woods Hole, Instructor in Science, The Baldwin School, Assistant in Research, Columbia Uni- versity, Iota Sigma Pi. 31 Castle Hill Afuenue, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. J ELIZABETH CROFTS, M.S., dssistaht I rofessor B.A., Oberlin College, M.S., Yale University, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Harvard Medical School, Assistant in Physiology, Yale School of Medicine, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Iota Sigma Pi. Toledo, Ohio. ELEANOR C. PICKERING, B.A., Assistant B.A., Oberlin College, Marine Biological Laboratory, VVoods Hole. Lanraster, Ohio. MIRIAM CLARKE, B.A., flssistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Yale University, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Iota Sigma Pi. Rutherford, New Jersey. DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES MARY VANCE YOUNG, P'H.D., Professor Ph.D., University of Zurich, Sorbonne, Ecole des Hautes Etudes, College de France, Ecole des Chartes, Oflicer d'Academie Cconferred by French Governmentjg Member of the Modern Language Association of America, Member of the Dante Society of,America, Member of the Societe Amicale Gaston Paris, Member of the Maitres Phonetiques, Mem- ber of the National Institute of Social Sciences, Member of the New England Modern Language Association, Member of the American Association of University Professors, Member of the Dante League of America, Member of the Association of Teachers of Italian, Secretary of the Italian Section, Modern Language Association of America. South Hadley, Massachusetts. MARY GERTRUDE CUSHING, P1-LD., Professor B.S., Wellesley College, M.A., Wellesley College, Ph.D., Columbia University, Student at Paris, Madrid, Columbia University, Instructor Summer Session, Columbia Univer- sity, Member of the Phi Sigma Society of Wellesley, Member of the American Asso- ciation of University Professors, Member of the New England Modern Language Asso- ciation, Member of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish, Member of the Modern Language Association of America, Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massarhusetts. J EMMA RIVILLE-RENSCH, Assoriate I rofessor Emeritus A Studied in Switzerland, Paris, Germany, England, Officier d'Academie, Member of the New England Modern Language Association, Member of the American Association of University Professors. 4803 Garden Street, Brideshurg, Pennsylvania. l40l i ll! I ll o i 1 . i iiilll 4 A 5 l l Q HELEN ELIZABETH PATCH, PH.D., Assistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Collegeg Sorbonneg Ecole des Hautes Etudesg College de France: Graduate Scholar in Romance Languages, Fellow in Romance Languages, Bryn Mawrg Mount Holyoke Class of 'S6 Fellowg Association of Collegiate Alumnae European Fellowg Member of the Modern Language Association of Americag Member of the New England Modern Language Association. 83 Grofve Street, Bangor, Maine. MARIE-JEANNE BOURGOIN, Instructor B.S., C.F.E.N., C.A.P., Ecole Normale d'Angoulemeg Professorat de Lettres, Universite de Parisg Bourse d'Etudes en Angleterre fMusee Pedagogiquejg Member of the Asso- ciation de Professeurs de Langues Vivantesg Member of the Association des Professeurs francais en Ameriqueg Member of the Foyer International des Etudiantesg Member of the Modern Language Association of New England. .flssit de Nlanot, Charente, FI'!!71l'l.". SUZANNE DEDIEU, Instructor B.E., B.S., Limogesg Diplome d'Etudes Superieures, Poitiersg Professorat de Lettres, la Sorbonneg Member of the Association de Professeurs de Langues Vivantesg Member of the Foyer International des Etudiantesg Member of the Association des Professeurs francais en Amerique. Cllerfues-Clialelars, Charente, France. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH IsAuELLE CAROLINE COUCH, Associate Professor National School of Oratory and Elocution, Philadelphiag School of Expression, Bostong Member of the American Association of University Professors. 478 East Main Street, Meriden, Connertirut M. OCLC MILLER, Assistant B.S., University of Missourig School of Expression, Boston, Phi Lamdba Theta Society. 3-I-01 Central Street, Kansas City, Missouri. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY CORNELIA MARIA CLAPP, PH.D., Sc.D., Emeritus Professor Mount Holyoke Collegeg-Ph.B., Syracuse Universityg Ph.ll., University of Chicagog Sc.D., Mount Holyoke Collegeg Trustee of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Naples Zoological Stationg Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Member of the Society of American Zoologistsg Member of the Association of American Anatomistsg Phi Beta Kappa Society. 4 Montague, Massaehztsetts. ANN HAVEN MORGAN, PH.D., Professor on the Norman Wait Pfarris and Emma Gale Harris Foundation B.A., Ph.D., Cornell Universityg Wellesley Collegeg Member of the Teaching Staff of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Holeg Schuyler Fellow, Cornell Universityg Uni- versity of Chicagog Harvard Universityg Yale Universityg Assistant in Biologyg Instructor in Zoology, Cornell Universityg Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Member of the Entomological Society of Americag Member of the American Society of Zoologistsg Member of the Society of Naturalistsg Member of the Association of Social Hygineg Member of the International Advisory Board of Eugenicsg Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Sigma Xi Society. 90 Hfaller Street, Nefw London, Connecticut. E411 i. .-. .. ET 17: gsm A l-if fe Ei-l-'W mr .- 1 , --1 ill: I l rlillll. li., i l ll n ' 1 . f l ill A I A - AMY ELIZABETH ADAMS, PH.D., flssooiate Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Columbia University, Ph.D., Yale University, Marine Biological Laboratory, VVoods Hole, University of Chicago, Honorary Fellow, Yale Uni- versity, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the American Society of Social Hygiene, Member of the American Association of Univer- sity Professors, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Sigma Xi Society. 186 Washington Street, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. CHRISTIANNA SMITH, PH.D., Assistant Professor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University, University of Michigan, Assistant in Histology and Embryology, Cornell University, Schuyler Fellow, Cornell Uni- versity, Member of the Teaching Staff of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the Association of American Anatomists, Member of the American Association of University Professors, Sigma Xi Society, Phi Kappa Phi Society, National President of Sigma Delta Epsilon, Graduate Women's Scientific Fraternity. 100 Chestnut Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts. MADEI.EINE PARKER GRANT, M.A., Instructor . B.S., Simmons College, M.A., Radcliffe College, Research Assistant to Dr. Edward Reynolds, Boston, Assistant Bacteriologist, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, Resident Bacteriologist, St. Luke's Hospital, New Bedford, Massachusetts, Graduate Study, Harvard Medical School, Marine Biological Laboratory, VVoods Hole. 12 Florida Street, Dorehester, Massachusetts. HELEN 'FUCKER ALBRO, M.A., Instructor B.A., M.A., Brown Universitv, Marine Biological Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, As- sistant in Biology, Simmons College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods I-Iole, Ameri- can Association for the Aidvancement of Science, Sigma Xi Society. Peacedale, Rhode Island. NIARION H. COWPERTHXVAITE, M.S., Instructor B.A., Mount Holyoke College, M.S., Washington University, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Sigma Xi Society, Phi Sigma Society, Phi Beta Kappa Society. I 10 Willoughby Road, Milton, Massachusetts. DOROTHY RICHARDSON, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Graduate Assistant, Summer School of Biology, Cornell University. 350 Essex Afvenue, Gloucester. Massaehusetts. RATHRYN FORNEY STEIN, B.A., Assistant B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Phi Beta Kappa Society. Ann-ville, Pennsylvania. ELEANOR W. PARMELEE, PH.B., Graduate Fellow Ph.B., Brown University, Marine Biological Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. 82 Taber flsvenue, Providence, Rhode Islandl. ALICE GOULD, B.A., Curator B.A., Mount Holyoke College, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Certificate of of Public Health, Yale University. Box 749, Portland, Maine. U21 Y nm lr! n -r n . - .. i-lllilillgllllllllil. I A THE LIBRARY BERTHA ELIZA BLAKELY, B.A., Librarian ' B.A., Mount Holyoke Collegeg New York State Library Schoolg Life-member of the Ameri- can Library Associationg Member of the Massachusetts Library Clubg Member of the Western Massachusetts Library Clubg Phi Beta Kappa Societyg Member of the American Association of University Women. South Hadley, MHJIHl'll1l56llJ. FRANCES ELIZA HAYNES, B.L., flssislant Librarian B L Mount Holyoke Collegeg New York State Library Schoolg Life-member of the Ameri- M b f th can'lLibrary Associationg Member of the Massachusetts Library Clubg em er o e VVestern Massachusetts Library Clubg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massarhusz'tt.r. BERTHA HORTENSE GAULT, B.L., Catalogue:- B.L., Oberlin Collegeg Life-member of the American Library Associationg Member of the Massachusetts Library Clubg Member of the Western Massachusetts Library Club. South Hadley, Illassachusetts. EMMA CHARLOTTE GRIMES, B.A., Assistant in the Library B.A., Mount Holyoke College: Member of the VVestern Massachusetts Club. ' South Hadley, Mf1ssa1'hu.u'!t.r. MILDRED NOYES JAQUES, B.S., Assistant in the Library B.S., Simmons Collegeg Member of the American Library Clubg Member of Western Mass- achusetts Library Clubg Member of the Massachusetts Library Association. 3 Park Street, South Hadley, Massarhusetts. GERTRUDE M. JUDSON, B.S., flssistanf in the Library B.S., Simmons College. Mas. ADELINE R. NVINCHESTER, B.A., Assistant in the Library B.A., Mount Hol oke. College y . South Hadley, Masmrhusctts. PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT MARKIORIE BARSTOW GREENBIE, PH.D., Dirertor of the Press Bureau B K Societyg Member of the National Arts Club. B.A., Cornellg Ph.D., Yaleg Phi eta appa 68 Merrirk flfvrnue, Holyoke, Massarhitselts. HELEN Coormz, B.A., dssislant 1 B.A., Mount Holyoke College. l43l Plainfvillc, Connartirut. 72 Ilfherler Street, Ilfinsted, Coizzzfrticzll. ful lam rl ki I. ll o i ln ' A EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES HARRIET M. COGSWELL, B.A. Svcretfzry of the Young Wo11te1z's Cltristian Associa- tion B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 30 Dafuis Afvenue, Rockfville, Connecticut. FLORENCE CLEMENT, B.A., Jllzmnae Secretary B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 1 4-75 Hudson Afvenuc, Albany, Ncfw York. GERTRUDE ISRUYN, B.A., Fielrl Serretary B.A.., Mount Holyoke Collegeg New York School of Social Workg Columbia Universityg Supervisor of State Charities Aid Association of New Yorkg Instructor in Department of Economics and Sociology of Mount I-lolyoke Collegeg Investigator in the Industrial Service Section of the United States Ordnance Departmentg Investigator in the Children's Bureau of the United States Department of Laborg Personnel Manager of the Bosch Magneto Company. 92 School Street, Springfeld, Mass. MIRIAM F. KELLY, ASSl.S'flIllf to the Secretary B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 359 Elm Street, W't'.rt Hafuen, Comzectifut. CHRISTINA MCAUSLAN, Director of the Bookstore mul Post Office 1485 Northampton Street, Holyoke, Ma.r.rach1t.ft'tt.f. l44l I-ll Ili EFIW ' " i lllllllll le 4 Q ll o ' 1, ' lllll ll llll is A MRS. MISS MRS. MISS MISS MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MISS MISS superintendents NETTIE BARTLETT FAIRBANKS, Director . 141 Green St., Gardner. Mass. MELINDA ANN RHODEHOUSE .... Santiut, Massachusetts HARRIET MARBLE MOWRY . 28 Beacon Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts CHARLOTTE MACOMB . 173 Cypress Street, Providence, Rhode Island HARRIET MAY VVHEELER . . . Cohasset, R.F.D., Massachusetts FANNY WOODBURY BURR . Care of Arthur M. Burr, 21 Vine St., Melrose, Mass. LAURA MATILDA DUNKLEE .... South Hadley, Massachusetts FLORENCE GUPPY . . . 18 Bellevue Avenue, Melrose, Massachusetts CHARLOTTE MCWHORTER CHURCH . 107 South Plain St., Ithaca, New York BESSIE ELIZA SYMONDS . . . East Northfield, Massachusetts SARAH LOIS STAPLES, R.N. .... Menclon, Massachusetts HELEN ETHEL ELLIS . 9 Silver Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts EVELYN CHURCH WILBUR Care of C. C. Wilbur, City Hall, Minn. ALICE REED DRESSER, A.B. . 101 Hillside South, South Hadley, Mass. ELLA HASTINGS LEWIS CRANE 17 Northampton Road, Amherst, Mass. FLORENCE GREGORY . . Sidney, Delaware County, New York Nurses MARY H. MAHER .... 170 Elm Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts CATHERINE E. COURTNEY, R.N. . Z7 VVard Street, Little Falls, New York FRANCES WOODWARD . 59 High Street, South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts l45l E lei 1 u . il . .a-llllllliglllllnllll. l A Graduate Students DOUGLAS, RUTH E., A.B. DURKEE, CORA L., A.B. . GIDDINGS, GEORGIA R., A.B. GILMAN, ELIZABETH, A.B. JUDSON, MARGARET A., A.M. KIMBALL, ELIZABETH G., A.B. MACLEAN, MARION E., A.B. MERANSKI, SOBHIA R., A.B. MYERS, ESTHER B., A.B. . ODELL, ELIZABETH P, A.B. PARMALEE, ELEANOR W., Ph.B. SEARING, ELEANOR v., A.B. SHERMAN, ELIZABETH, A.B. SWEET, RUTH E., s.B. . T'AO, ELI-:ANOR LING, A.B. THOMAS, DORIS J., A.B. . TIBBETS, EVELYN G., A.B. TIRRELL, SARAH F., A.B., s.B. WOODRUFF, HELEN M., A.B. F461 Glen Falls, New York Oxford, Massachusetts . Brooklyn, New York Gardner, Massachusetts . Stratford, Connecticut . Oak Park, Illinois . VVaterbury, Connecticut . Hartford, Connecticut South Hadley, Massachusetts Greenland, New Hampshire Providence, Rhode Island . Plainfield, New jersey New Bedford, Massachusetts . . Phoenix, New York . Shanghai, China . Quincy, Massachusetts . Utica, New York Brockton, Massachusetts Miller, South Dakota if I 5 Emmmmsl 1 ?-W..-...... ,......, 7. ......---A,-:Lf A 4 a lx 1 Y I f w 1 1 1 4 1 3 lL , ir? Y , . N 4 4.3 , flzilgf., if 'W f 5 fm-f -+A u f X "? 'Wi-'ffwfi X '4 ,f ,aff -rl H C - ,g e 5.51. 'gg,.r. 'wiki' M, 41 ' .1Wj,, ff, 'H . 'N' -A . 19511 I 15 - 6- u i+IIn1i I ll o - 1 . Hlvn. ' .. 'irili' . LFSZS, . Q. 'K' , if Q, 2123, v .1 4 R. , X OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF 1925 am" 4, . . ' ' ' " " ,,,f ' ,. . . W,-4,, J av, ,QA-y'.,:f,.-.' , . ff", ff . ' " HH! .tag X, 1 11 I' " m 4' fi , If x f"+f4+.., A 43. 5 4 1, r :AV , - i-1 yrf-C2541 2 " J7:ulx:w14'?t .W A :"'fI"- 'Uf , ' v , f- ,. . , 24 ,ff sififi, , 44 V5 A .ll of Af' . -. , ,nz ,, , A A :ag A I Xwyi?V ffm' A ' N " ff fw, L," A, ,,. , 'uv ,-4-. . f 11, '-1 gy ff, a. , f ML : MM m 2: z . 411, +- f i : l I M, TH Ii EX ICC U TIVIC CO M M I'l"l'I5I5 HSI E fn in. A, uv' if S52 .. , . ,, E-am 'R Eu 'T A -, 4 A I '.,'ll il, U' 1 A .-'lm I llln ilk Officers of the Class of H325 KATHRYN T. EDIE ......... President ELlZABE'I'H CHAPIN .... Treasurer HIil.IiN P. RICHARDS. . .lfiee-Presidemf FRANCES E. HENDERSON. .Syn-at-Arms DOROTHY R. DEI.INE. . . .... Secretary DOROTHY C. PYLE. . ..... Song Leader MARY EMMA WOOLLEY SOUTH HADI.EY, MASSACHUSETTS VVOOl1ey--a Seven-letter word meaning "leader," The Executix7e Committee HIEI.lEN P. RICHARDS, Clmirman ' W MARGARET H. GOULD DOROTHY IL. ATSON MARY SI-IELDON RUTH F. PERRY Honorary Members of the Class F491 41 llll I lllll A it ,xiii "R Eu Ill llll Ili ' I lull l FLORENCE PURINGTON SOUTH HADLEY, MAssAcHUs15'r'rs Graeiousness in all her ways. DOROTHY FOSTER SOUTH HADLEY, MASS.NC'H UsE'1"rs It is well that the Faculty reminded us to call them by their proper titles. We have always been prone to speak of Miss Foster as "D0tty." l50l I in. 5. .fs liillnlliiirlmt 1 gl I ll MARY LURA SHIQRRILL SOUTH I-Lxueizv, M.ASSACHUSE'l"l'S 1925 wants no quarantine from the con- tzigion of Miss Sherill's laugh :md friend- ly spirit. VVM. CHURCHILL HAMMOND 231 CABOT ST., PIOLYOKE, MASS. He feasts our souls with music, Then hc takes us for il ride- If we liked him any better I think he'd burst with pride. - i51l i 1 ll a i o .iilllllllili mm ' ,. AMY ELIZABETH ADAMS 186 WfxsmNoToN ST., E. STROUDSBURG PA. This look intent Doth represent A mind that will not thwarted be. But in these eyes One may surprise A deal of genial jollity. ALZAIJA COMSTOCK SouTr1 HADLEY, MASSACHUSE'I'1'S Loadstone of Mount Holyoke. l52l 5 Il H25 l an. .f ilnlllIilIl IP I 1 -1 H ETHEL BARBARA DIETRICH SOUTH HADLEY, MASS. CVoicing the opinion of 100 per cent of the Collegej "Oh, I'd like to be a mama, papa, brother, sister, to- Pretty Baby!" VIOLA FLORENCE BARNES ALBION, NEBRASKA Hearing "True Story" read aloud at Towne House- "Does it really say that there ?" i53'l llil in A :Fr 521 -ff , Fi Ef- iiii I ll I H i lui ' , ll.. i I ,f l 1 . ' - . -- l MARIAN STELLA ABBOTT 1840 DAYTON AVE., ST. PAUL, MINN. Ah got shoes, you wear shoes, All God's chillun need shoes.- Marian sells you slippers while You tell her all the news. COMPLEX! lfffhat xize, please? 4 OLIVE ARLENE ALLING 93 lVIARVEL Rn., NEW HAVEN, CONN. '1'here's something that's caused quite a bit of gossip, For which we are lacking in knowledge: VVhy Olive El good nursing job should toss up, To come back, and grind here at college. That's easy. She wanter a B.A.R.N. . For a refuge to shelter her C.A.R. in. COMPLEX! ,Jnti Pcdeslrian. E541 HW -1 ln.. . is it 'ni . .L .liliiiii it CONSTANCE MARY ARNOLD 8 FULLER ST., WALTHAM, MASS. Hair like an aureole, Fmmin f '1 little he'1d . 5, . . That holds enough knoivledge, For an Honor Standing. COMPLEX: Siory Telling. DORIS GRISWOLD ARNOLD ' 73 BRoAn ST., WETHERSFIE Oh, in-di-vid-u-al-i-ty Is quite essential, don't you see One takes with e-qua-nim-i-ty A plus in Greek and calls it E. CLASSICAL COMPLEX. LD, CoNN. ? i55l w 15,1 - fiiign lj' Eu, I ll ll f 1 ml L I - , --I I Ill ilk MARGUERITIQ F. ATWOOD 4 PIERCE AVE., BEVERLY, MASS. Intricate as I1 cross-word puzzle is Peg, ln her youngness, and her oldness, And quite as popular. COMPLEX! Team, team, team! ELIZABETH METTA BABCOCK ll VINCENT PL., MoN'1'cLA1RE, N. J. Nlim, where are you at this hour? Babby has need of you. She has just returned from the music build mg, MrGRA'1'IoN COMPLEX. U61 And must pack to go off for the week-end. . , ,,,,gil J , 1 1 I I U li LJ I.... ., .IWWH WY 4 HELEN FINLEY BAKER 42 MAIN ST., PALMYRA, N. Y. Deuces wild! COMPLEX: flrt. MARION HENRIETTA BALDWIN 345 MAIN ST., ONEIDA, N. Y. EI1g1ZlI1d,S "Punch',. Americzfs "Life". Mount Holyokc's "Baldy" HUMOUR COMPLEX: ,-, l IlnI1I.L E571 llilgnja A llflillllll ' I jj -1 I lll EMlLY EUNICE BARRETT KA1'oNAH, N. Y. hlarinn, Mariaii, it is raining. Here's your umbrella. Marian, Marian, it is snowing. Where are your galoshes? Govrzkx izss COMPLEX. A' PIBIILY BARROWS 301 QU.-xii. ST., ALB.fXNY, N. lf motherls sick, and sister's cold, And Willie school doth shirk, These grievances will Emmy mend, When she does Social Work. HUN1.fXNl'l'X' COMPLEX. U31 li .. ..-.lllllI!Il.I1 ELIZABETH ' BATES SPARTENEURG RD., GREENVILLE, S. C. Upholds the tradition, That Southern women are- Slow in speech, Handsome in appearance, Charming in manner. COMPLEX: "Way Down South in Dixie. I RUTH ROSAMOND BELDING 135 WESTMINSTER ST., SI'IuNGFIELD, ' MASS. She has- The eternal liva's predilection, For apples. CONVERSATION COMPLEX. I 59 ,,, ,Ill Elm. ll A iii 'Fila 5115 ' EW "I I1 nw 4 fe I H1 . Q- 1 CHRISTINE RUTH BERRY 152 ALLEN ST., SPR1NGFI.E1.D, MASS. The Charlotte of our Carnivals. Com-Lrzxz Iff'inter Sports. .i HELEN MARGARET BLYTH Quick as the trills her fingers make, Her gentle laughter purls. Sl1e's good for almost anything- One of the better girls. llwunlzxvsxr COMPLEX. E601 911 W. 31s'r. ST., MINNEAOPLIS, MINN. H I L. F: 551 J grivim I I Ill? IS l il -' 'A HELEN LOUISE BOETTGER 240 PRosPl5c'r AVE., HACKENSACK, N. J. Pardon us, but it's Z1 great life if you don't week-end. ANGEL Rom Com vmzx. MARY GRAY BRIGHAM GRANBY, CONN. Loose Feet. COMPLEX! Syncolmiiozl. -1 I HI E611 .2-Q 522, O- Eaiillli-E W L -I' lin a o,. .illlllllliilli I Hill ' - EUNICE BELLE BROUGHTON 20 PEASE AVE., MONSON, MASS. Everybody brings her their tasks and their troubles, Which is the consequence of being capable. But there compensationsg Bobby's own mind is so unruffled, and her own life so neatly arranged That she has plenty of time for the rest of LIS. COMPLEX : Energy. 4 ELIZABETH FRANCES BROWN MAIN ST., WEST HAR'FFORD, CONN. Betty kissed me when we met, Jumping from the chair she sat in,- Tush, you fool, you cannot yet Mzike me take a thing like that in! Rub noses,-then she will not shrink. Thatis sanitary-oh, assist me! You must be crazy if you think Betty kissed me. flSCUl.A'l'ION COMPLEX. E621 1 ill i 5512! if Milli el ii -. 4 niiiii II P 4 . .I --1. liillim J MARION KATHLEEN BROWN 113 CENTRAL ST., NATICK, MASS. "l'd like to, but-" COMPLEX: Valley Ball A MARY BUFORD 208 SO. SIXTH Avis., LAGRANG15, ILL. You can rave about a Richelieu, a Buck- ingham, a Burleigh, CSince each and every ruler had advisors all his own.D But to try and fool Kay Edie, you'll have to get up early, Because her little lVIa1'y is the power behind the throne! IQLAN KOMPLEX. E631 f- i-llilllligllllnlill ' A ' KATHARINIQ GRACE BUGBEIC 12+ CA'1'm5R1Niz ST., SPRINGFIIQLD, Mfxss. A voice that drips in gold upon the air, Gold like the severed length of your long llillfj Dost wonder that this poet was at II loss, VVhen first he heard you call him "lVIy dear Hoss PH Gmmzn Amt Comvmax. HELEN EVELYN BUSH 10 WAsH1Nc'1'oN ST., PALMYRA, N. Y. Art-music-poetry, She is their disciple. COMPLEX 1 Genzfrosily. U41 DCU lm il , --1 I II lla ln . -j g i img A MARGERY CARR 17 KDRIENT Avia., MlEl.ROSlE, MASS. htlargery takes things up in a serious way. She huys pamphlets, and, what is more, she reads them. Ultra-conservative, she is the perfect Gibson girl, Within and with- out. NEW ENGLAND COMPLEX. ELIZABETH CHAPIN CEDfxRcRoF'1', 1003 PARK Avis., PLMNFIELD, N. J. Gowns, by Poiret. Hats, hy Descat. Accent, by Paris. Phi Beta key, way of contrasts. I.os'r .wp FoUNn Comvmzx. V651 :iii iii-Y, 4 ln. .. ,, lull' ' ll is - . ,llllll fill an MARGARET LEARNIQD CHAPIN 75 TowN ST., NORWICI1 TOWN, CONN. This is the girl who just can't help living up to her names. She is the priceless pearl, the lwmgaret of Nlargarets of the Math. Department, and all because, as II Chapin, she couldn't fail to he Learned. COMPLEX: D0-11-fifty-yflrrl-frrinI every Ilfljl. X. ' FLORA BERRY CHAPMAN KlfN'I', CONN. Oh, such Z1 child! All bubbling with enthusiasm And wonder at the world. Yet she ran 11 full-sized boarding-house one summer, Pl'I1CtiC2llly with one hand. f.10MPl.EX 2 fllzti-PVP! Hlfzllkrt. F661 IE ll i n j g . i II ' jg . ..- nr ii ill lik it ALMA CLARK WEST HANOVliR, MASS. Unlike, "Millicent, the Pl'0fCSS0l',S DlZ1llglltCl',U She must "live in a year-worn world, and stay forever seventeen." But, like "lVIillicent, the Professoris DHllgl1tC1',,, She knows her stuff. COMPLEX! Age. ELIZABETH LORD COBB 31 MONTROSE AVE., l30R'l'l,AND, ME. First she has Zoology, And after that it's chem. Then a hand of bridge or two- "How's for playing them ?" COM FLEX: Eqzmninzity. I67l ,. A ,Y . a c.. .i-llilllllili mm 4 , R AL' MARGAREFCOE , NVESTBURY, LoNc ISLAND, N. Y. When Cocoe has heard the last of the world's funniest jokes on the faculty, with consequent narrow escape from death-and when we have listened to said definitive and violently humorous joke while taking a load off our feet and sitting in the world's best chair-we shall consider sadly, as we take a lot, take two, from the bonbon dish, that there hath past away a glory from the earth. i.0Ql,'AClTY COMPLEX. LOUISE JUDSON COOKE 387 Wn.1,ow ST., WATERBURY, Coxx. At basket ball she heats them all, As lightning she's no fake, She plays with ease, she aims to please- Our Cookie takes the cake! Com-l.1sx : Sofwhistimtio 11. f6Sl - NIM W 4 . .....lllllI. ll. it THERESA ELLEN COOPER P1NEviLI.1z, PA. College could not spoil in thee The spirit of true courtesyg To plan thy words before each meal A thoughtful nature doth reveal, But planning words is good for one Who likes her cross word puzzles done WILLIAM PENN COMPLEX. HARRIET JOSEPHINE COSSMAN 42 SMITH 'INERRACIL STAPLETON, N. Y. Her hobby-horses. EQUESTRIAN COMPLEX. l 69 L .. F' 7 952. ,- L-ifiiv En? . in 1 Il lVl'l nil E ' . I i C lf' I l' l I 4 l ,1 llillil I ll' -'f Yi! ELIZABETH MASTIN CRANE 58 WESTERN AvE., BRITTLEBOR0, VT. She has no foibles-no, not oneg The model college girl-dependable, Methodical, and faithful to her work. Nloreover, with a generous stock of humor One idosyncrasy she has, though- She keeps her room in perfect order. COMPLEX : System. - LUCY MARY CRISSEY 903 SOUTH 20TH ST., NEWARK, N. J Hide the grape fruit And the registration Book, And get out the Cross word puzzles. Here comes Lucy-or is it Miss Voorhees? COMPLEX: Books. E701 ...Ill- Illll ii- ,avgi Eh : V11 J - n,. il . .1 Ill ll SIMONNE DALIMIER 128 BOULEVARD DE COURCELLES, PARIS A delightful translation from the French. COMPLEX: Parisifflllze. MARY ELSPIE DALTON 61 NORTH ST., AUBURN, N. Y. Doc must consider that her friends are well read, for she leaves them to find out from the News that she got an HH". Comvulzxz Retifrlzw. l7ll 4 llllll A . A.. Er' 5? ear llg I 4 .lla in .f llll I . -.. i MARCIA WINTER A. DANE 1 BIENNINGTON RD., LEXINGTON, MASS. Be not the first by whom the news is told, Nor yet the last to tell the news when old. COMPLEX: Friemlliness. DOROTHY MORSE DARTT QUINEBAUG, CONN. lf she tells you the sun sets in the western sky, You wonlt believe her. lf she starts killing flies with a hammer You want to watch her. If she tells you to get into your room and Be quiet after ten, you'd better do it. COMPLEX: Efficient house clzzzirmzuz. l72l -II nlllu.. I WEEE! 5 ixlillo il ,f HELEN LAWRENCE DAVIS 96 OAK ST., HUDSON FALLS, N. Y. "Strive, brothers, strive for fair, Strive for the best-that's all I care!" Hear the Little Colonel's blithe command, See the ready paint-brush in her hand- "Strive, brothers, strive for fair- Strive for the best, that's all I care!" COMPLEX! flspiration. X DOROTHY RUTH DELINE 173 COMMONWEALTH AVE., BUFFALO, N. Y. "Bly Play Writing is troubling me," She often doth bewail. Dotty's fond of writing, and She just adores detail. COMPLEX: Ink-Pot. E731 -,, 1 I lin lik fl llr '- ', HELEN FAIRCHILD DEMOND 237 LONGMEADOW ST., LONG MEADOW, Mass. ' Everybody agrees that she would make a good man: She's a "half: fellow well met," Has a hearty laugh, Likes Arrow collars, and four in hand ties, Is a good sport. Yes, everybody agrees she'll make a good man--happy. COMPLEX! Eronomics. l - FRANCESCA EMMA DEROIN 328 FRONT ST., CHICOPEE, MASS. Come and trip it as you go, On the light fantastic toeg lie it in pageant or in show, Come and trip it as you go. 'FIERPSICHORE COMPLEX. E741 "ii .Y ,- , I lllli ll ir. 1- LW' ' iii. 1- :'5l!Wliilm ill' , 'N i I, ll n i 1 .ff llllllilli 1 I d DORIS ST. JOHN DICKINSON 3+ WARWIOK AVE., S'1'RA'1'FORD, CONN. Grind Of: Dumdora Dietta Dicksonia Dickinson. Done by: Dummy Dickinson. Reviewed by: D.S.D. Approved by: Doris S. Dickinson, Of "edge and dickinsonf' Business Manager: D. St. John Dickin- son. A Dialogue fln one act.j Member Of Llamie Board to D.D., "How shall I grind you?" D.D. to Member of Llamie Board, "Fine, I'1l do it myself." SALES COMPLEX. V ALICE CYNTHIA DODGE 116 I-IOBART ST., U1'ICA, N. Y. The Lady Alice believes firmly that, UA :rue lady is never insulted," so it is per- fectly consistent that she should accept everything that is told her with a touching and childlike faith. COMPLEX: Still, small wire. l75l A JE' -Fi 131- grl-W M Illl - 1 ' f IHI1. , -1 E I lllll FLORENCE P. DODGE 3708 4ZND Ave., So., SEATTLE, VVASH. "Too late, too late- You cannot enter now." No thought had she that college opened then, And other matters kept her-he is the hest of men- "Too late, too late-" COM PLEX : Great-Oper:-Spaces W MARJORIE ELIZABETH DOWNEY 388 WES'l'FIELlJ ST., W. SPRINGFIELD, NIASS. Nly work never upsets me, But if my letter doesn't co1ne-- Well, that's the thing that gets me. P. O. QZOMPLEX. T l76l The plays that come on in the spring, tra-la! , . -,-, l lln ilk. 5' i.l I. ll . - 1 I IMS ' ADISLAIDE MERRILL DREVV 237 W. 9'l'H. ST., CHESTER, PA. One can not maintain perfect Frankness Witlmout making a few hreaks. Still, it is pleasant to he able To tell the party when it is time To go home. COMPLEX: Ilomfsiy is the best policy. I ' I VIRGINIA ROBERTA DUFRICSNIS 175 MAPLE ST., SPRINGFIELD, MASS. "Oh girls, I'Il be simply a wreck!" The major exam is the thing, tra-la, "How am I to pass it, by heck?" Pierrette, with a finger in every pie. And plenty of time for her dates, hy the by, She says, with a twinkle in her merry eye, "Why girls, I am simply a wreck!" COMPLEX: ' Brzck to Porflrmrl. E771 -- ----v F U V MM' W. . ...,Y Q n . ... fi lllllllllllli-lllllllllig l A HELEN FRANCES EASTON 24- POWELL AVE., NEWPORT, R. I. Here is a valiant warrior spirit. Besides inhabiting a den with Leopold, the bear, She hurls defiance into the teeth of the Community, And refuses to go to Hredrill- Until dragged. COMPLEX: Ursine. CLARA EATON 448 PL1sAsAN'r ST., HOI.YOKlE, MASS. l went about, sophisticated as could be, - Composing stories for the S. E. P. CoMPLlzx: I". Smit l"itzgeraIa'. U31 ,P-sq li- Y.. .. ,,.,..-.. 1 m -inl I ll 'K ,un -W -Mg li... - ulllpllllllli, - ,--f I MARY ALLEN EDGE 103 NllR'l'H FOURTH ST., EASTON, PA. Founder of Book Club-there have been others. Poet-there are others. lndependent-there will be others. lVIary Allen, Herself--thcre's only one. COMPLEX! Izzdividllaliszlz. ' KATHRYN TONIPKINS EDIE 287 PALISADII AVE., YONKERS, N. Y. Kathryn, while awaiting a quorum in class-meeting, often cranes anxiously to- ward the door, eyebrows aloft, and mur- murs: "I hope-I hope-I hopeln COMPLEX: Pzzinless Execution. l79l LL l.lq EE .- li .ii 1... -. F' 3 552. A... A :lull ' 4 ' ' - l . MARGARET EDVVARDS 1595 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, LAKEWOOD, OHIO She's a friendly little lady, With a most 'engaging smile, And a pretty way of talking, And a very special style. COMPLEX: Look pleasant, please! FREDERICA ANNA EISELE 425 CLAY AVE., SCRANTON, PA. The workings of her mind will always be A source of wonder to psychology, And to her friends, a constant source of mirth. YVe never have a notion what on earth Shelll say next. just one thing can be for- seen: lt will he something funny, yet not mean. IQPIGRAM COMPLEX. I 801 5 l llli lla. I-Fa? fr i l. ll 0 i 1, i l DARTHEA ELIZABETH ENO 185 RIIJGEEIELIJ ST., HARTFORD, CONN. "Do child1'eII of seventeen vote in your state ?" asked Mr. Myers, when Dot meditated suffrage. But she has convinced the Ee. Department by this time that she is fully equal to that, and any other job she may undertake. COMPLEX: The Ifeffring Ifflflzl. JANET EVANS 432 VVEST SEVENTH ST., ERIE, PA. Somewhere Among the test-tubes and llasks Wliicli she handles so skillfully Ar Shattuck, Janet has found the elixir Of Calm, Rarely ruffled, And cheerfulness undying. EFFICIENCY COMPLEX. lS1l l l I . -1 I Illlll gall! I EE nie i r .. ll n i a.. .V l - DORIS IQDNA FALES 45 W12s'rBoURNE ST., NEWV'I'fDN CENTER, MASS. "Whither, minion, with thy purposeful t1'ead?'l "To Clapp, Sir, to mix up some Dela- field's Hematoxylin and look through a miscroscope." "And what then, O sturdy Knave ?" "Why, Sir, an lic. class, and some good food for dinner, we hope, Sir.', COMPLEX: Ifusyness. DOLORES JOAN FAY 21 CI.1N'roN PLACE, NEWARK, N. J. She has her own thoughts Which she voices as they come to her. Perfectly truthful herself, Why should she not take the rest of us seriously? COMPLEX : PVho, PVhat, WllEl'l?, Wfhy, llflzfn, IIIIII How? lS2l gag: ., H. , lim lfillnlii , IA 'ff-Hr - ...un im I U K Slim ' f I ' 1 RUTH MEAD FERTIG 65-P BURTON ST., TNTURFREESBORO, r11ENN. She cringes at things unzesthetic. Her temperament Hares at odd moments. She names everything to her own liking, and wears Unforgivable striped pajamas. RHYMING COMPLEX. DOROTHY DARLING FISKIC WH1T15Fml.D, NEW HAMl'Sl'lIRE iVIusic hath charms, as sirens knew of olcl, And singing, they would vamp the sail- ors hold. The modern sirens find with wider choice, That ifl.Yfl'llllll'IlfIl1 music aids the voice. CONIPIJEXZ Play ou! i F831 ' 5 'I' . ,llllll illlullliia 'A ALICE EVELYN FITCH 9 MEAD STREET, WAL'l'ON, NEW YORK There was a young lady who lived in a shoe, She had so many children, she didn't know what to do. She hushed them all soundly, And loved them, I guess, For she was House Chairman of Hillside, no less. 'PEN O'CLocK CoMr'LEx. MARGARET ANNA FLEMING 136 LINCOLN ST., HOLYOKE, Mfxss. lf you keep yourself posted on current events, As often you're told that you should, l'eg's features will seem quite familiar to ,l0u,:.. At least, if your memory is good,- For she rivals Doug Fairbanks in all Sun- day sheets, Wllen posed as the World's Robin Hood. WILLIAM TELL COMPLEX. 841 CCH -nz A 1-N1 IH xx 1 WWI-lm lar nan.-.. .f Il-M I ' EDITH CRAWFORD FOBICS 77 SUNSET Avis., Rmonwoou, N. J. Tommy, in her Freshman year, VVent to Amherst to a game, VVished to rifle back in a car, Couldn't find '1 cha erone' f P 1 Conscience-stricken, Tommy asked Some wise classmate, and was told, "Ride hack on the running-hoard,- "Then you won't be in the car." Tommy did it. Comvmaxz Belief. ERVINA ELIZABETH FOSS 22 W1LMo'r ST., SPRINGFIELD, MASS. She looks-angelic. She acts-childish. She says-little. But,-"Oh! your eyes are traitorsg they give you away." COMPLEX: Clmrley, Zlfly Boy. ISSI IZ -1 Inllll llill i all 'IFA ,."' 5- LEIN M i l - 'il Xi ' f IH - - JEAN NAIRN FOX 2724 HARRISON STREET, EVANSTON, ILL. The Cameo Girl. COM PLEX: Izlffejufzlflezlre. RUTH BROWNELL GARRETSON -I-21 CHURCH ST., BOUND BROOK, N. J. All theory tells us a good education Should help us to deal with life's problems each dayg Then how to account for this queer situa- tion, Except in the most contradictory way! That Ruth, as a math major, clever, ePF1cient, Easily coping with tagent and sine, In serving the ice-cream should be so deficient As to carve out eight slabs when the need was for nine. COMPLEX: Calculation. l36l I ii ' Ei 1 - IK -i I ll, i a . .' llilliliiiiil I IDA THERESE GENTHER ORADELI., NEW JERSEY By goldfish on her window-sill, And other things, we know That Id:1's changed her Major, And turned from Chem to Zoo. CoMvI.Ex: Scimtifv. - KATH ICRINIC GESSN ER 155 NV. MON'I'GOMERY AVE., ARDMORE, PA. A positive person is Kay For instance, whatever you say, "Now, I think," says she, K'Th:1t thus it should be," So griicefully give her her way. COMPLEX: The Negative M1li11tr1i11s'. i371 I I nm 'azz H - iiiil!Iil ilu -A 1 .gd WINIFRED GLOVER 222 SEDGWICK ST., GERMANTOWN, PA. Oh, Winnie is partial to blue, And she looks very well in it, too. She trots out creations Made on her vacations That rival the famous Patou. COMPLEX! .fl place for e've1'ything, and Illlll ezferytlzing in ity filmtv. HARRIIQT BARODEL GOULD 220 EAST PRosP1ze'1' ST., KEWAN4IEE, ILL. Bzu'z1thez1 liutwing, one, two, three! lf this sounds happy, so is she,- lietter in business none can be Than Baratlieu Batwing, one, two, three! COMPLEX : Statistics. X331 L .5 fi 5? sr .fn ' i I lllllpllli ll ,- I, ll n i 1 -all ill it I 9- MARGARET HOUSTON GOULD 622 SoU'rH lVlAlN Sr.. HARRISONBURG, VA. The Impeccahle Marcel. The Perfect Poise. And, in spite of the reputation ern women to the contrary, The Head for Business. COMPLEX: Pomtoes. WINIFRED FRANCES GRAY Rosi.vN Es'rA'ri2s, Ros1,YN, Nlzw YORK A Van Dyck lady, VVhimsical, charming, Laughing lazily At the foibles of the world. COMPLISX: Ring in the New! l of South- 89 , I! ELEANOR KATHLEEN GREEN 5637 ENRIGHT AVE., ST. LOUIS, Mo. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, your long hair un- Pm, For it's ten after ten, and I fain would get in. 'l'here's a year's history reading to finish this night, And my St. Louis Journal to read before light. COMPLEX: W' hy hurry? RUTH ELEANOR GREGORY 922 SECOND ST., BEAVER, PA. She lives in an aura Of silken things, and strange perfumes, The Languid Lady. Yet she is also Barbaric Helga of our Junior Show, Journalist, dramatic critic, And, so they tell us, has a pretty wit. No, none of us has seen the bottom of Her box of tricks. COMPLEX: Tales, plain and otherwise. 901 '1 'lk "L Ad E A 2- Hr-llillf mr Z ,-I ,I - If Ll ,n. I., ,f lnnl ll - .... I llnllik ELIZABETH BLAMEY HARRIS 24 EAST THIRD ST., FREDERICK, MD. Lady of the Evening. CLEOPATRA COMPLEX. I ' MARY ELIZABETH HARTMAN 801 NORTH THIRD ST., HAIRRISBURG, PA. Very much interested in growing blades, and as quiet as one herself, withal. COMPLEX: Botanical. E911 -1 I ll A 253- S.:-. 5iTlW " EFI 'mil' liilllllis I " 4 f I ull ii - FRANCES LEILA HAVEN 35 WENANS ST., RocHizs'1'ER, N. Y. lf Stuffy should Lose her temper, or Become boisterous and loquacious, or Do anything mean or childish, XVC should expect the Sphinx to burst into tears. CoMvi.i3X: Smbility. X-I NIARIAN HAYES So learned in languages, Romantic. So silent, Yet So smiling. Sn,12N'1'CH1ai:R Comviux. E921 SRD AND ROCK STS., MzXRQUlE'l"l'lE, Mic:-i. . i .il i lllll - 5 2 E? 1- M ' "' fl l'IlIlr ll ll c I l" l HELEN JUNE HEATH 195 lx10R'l'0N ST., Nizwrox CizN'rizR, M.-xss. Laughter, holding both his sides. FOO'l'l,lGH'l' Comvmzx. 1 X X CAROLINE ELLA HEMINWAY 71 EAST THIRD ST., Coaxixo, N. Y. Oh, no, Carol, that little bug won't hurt Nou. Oh, yes, Carol, we'd love to play bridge. Now, really, Carol, they do say a clean tooth never decays, hut forty times a day is rather hard on the Prophylactic. R.-mm Coxivusx. U31 Z l lim., ga , ,-I lllllnlllf.. 15 FRANCES E. HENDERSON 27 I3R.fxN'rxvooo Roma, ARI.ING'I'ON, MASS. Henderson on the Telephone: a scream- ing line of quips and stories, all sure-fire hits. PRACTICAL JOKE COMPLEX. DOROTHY HAYDIQN HIGGINS 29 'l'1zRENcr5 ST., SPRINGFIELD, MASS. There was one time when Dotty had everything in her room one could want or neecl, except a can-opener. She has that now. L1NoUrs'1'1c COMPLEX. 141 "WRl'1'iz-M if-A-Li3'r'risR, i.oviz" Coxiimisx. df' 1 ll ll Q lh ad g .4 IIIIIY 11 BEATRICE HALLOCK HILDRETH OCE.AN ROAD BRIDGEHAMPTON, L. I., lN. Y. Kodak as you go. COMPLEX: Pronzpt and Effcieni dvtion. 1 ISABEL MCDOWIQLL HOLMES 812 MAIN Sr., WINSTED, CONN. A highly effcient member of the News Board, Izzy ought not to have any trouble getting a position next year. She could apply either to the "New York Evening Telegram" or the 'ANew Haven Daily Mail." I95l i E --, I II II lik e .lllllllllllr .A MARY HOYT HOLMES 812 NIAIN S'rR12E'1', W1Ns'1'1sD, CONN. There was Z1 young lady named Holmes, Who knew hundreds of stories and pomes They tell us the story That her repertory XVould fill several thousand of tomes. l':N'I'IER'l'AlNMEN'I' COMPLEX. SYLVIA GATES HOLTON OI.n'rowN PARSONAGE, N13wBURYl-oR'1', MASS. Recipe: Activity-57 varieties. Humor-57 more ,bubbling over. Popularity-100 per cent. Ccmvruxz Ha! Ha! l96J 1.7, is Ulla M lqll. il ni I A ' Illll . Inllm. LEILA ESTIQLLE HOPPER 199 RIVER ROAD, Bocouux, NEW JERSEY All-Holyoke. COMPI.EX: The Graaf Ouizloors. X' MARY EMILY HOUSE 28 BROWN ST., SPRlNc:Fml,D, MASS. "House for sale. lVIoderu Collegiate style. Small, neat, sunny, :md execptionzll- ly home-like. Favorulwle view toward VVes- leyzm. A house some man would be glad to ownf, Colm ESPONDIQNC IE CoMP1,nx. l97l 7 ll! 1:3 'A .1 ullllllIilllIlllY t '- U -1 1 II l MURIEL HOWLAND 31 Vlsiux AXfIiNUE, AUBURNDAl,E, MASS. Miss Rhoclehouse's right and left hand mang more efficient than all of CCZlSZ11'lS seven secretaries in one. COMPLIEX: l!X6fll1lIl?.l'K. DOROTHY HOWLETT SoU'rHAMP'roN, MASS. Dot doing the heavy cooking at Towne House, That ain't no phenomenon. Dot keeping her Freshman room-mate from getting homesick, That ain't no henomenon. I7 But Dot losing her dignity, or making a noise, That am a phenomenon! COMPLEX! Jjlflle-11-llrly. l93Ql -:cn 1 mr iei Q ll- -a. ' , -- ll lil A ,ff lx ELLEN LORAINE HURLBUTT 3 SANBORN ROAD, PIANOVER, N. H. Once there was A statue of a woman. With gavel in one hand, Pen in the other, Paint-box and household things At her feet, and in her hearing Authority. l think she was Ellen. COMPLEX : Llamie. KATHERINE ILSLEY 90 WALTON PARK, MELROSE, HIGHLANIJ, MASS. When she answers the phone, she is quite at a loss, She ean't understand the maidls Irish, "Of cossf' But just try to get her to give up and say She speaks a more difficult dialect than theyg She always insists that her way's quite the vogue- Her "native woodnotesn are Bostonian brogue. i COMPLIQX: Land of ilu' Safrwl Cod. 1991 I li :El 4 . . . .f Hill iv. I U , CARLOINE INGHAM I0O8 MAIN STREET, Ol,YMPIA, WASH. A combination of Whistler's "Symphony in White," and Duveneck's A'Whistli11g Boy." LZOIVIPLIEXZ Robex of light. ' LOUISE VAN HORSEN JACK 209 VV. DIAMOND AVE., HAZELTON, P.-x. ln relating stories, her way seems to be A method some people call hyperboleg It's not that she doesnyt tell truth to the letter- She just makes her stories sound Bigger :incl Better. CoA1P1.Ex: flmbiau Nights. I 1001 5 l 9 i P l I V i v 1 iilllllink ,I W I xv Im lllhn - Iilfl'-Il ' -1- Ill I CATHERINE IUASON JEFFREY 372 PROSPECT ST., '110RRlNG'l'OH, CONN. lVIount Holy0ke's Powerful Kzitinka. Exhibitions given nightly in corridor of third floor, Pezirsons. Come at your own risk. COMPLEX: Dumbells. HELEN RANDOLPH JOHNSON 'IQOPSIIANL NI.-UNE. She works and works She never stops, And then, Shaking the mzlsscs of her golden hair, She laughs and laughs. CoMP1.1zx : 1gIlI'f0Il 'x 110 mr. I101 m . . 1 , .. A llHilIllll'lIIi XL 15 , ,, ---I llllll A MYRTLIC RANGER JORDAN 1-PQ Ensrwoon Avia., PRovmnNc1z,, R. I. Blessings on thee, little girl, With thy shining Harvey curl, With thy powdered, turned up nose, And thy solemn chapel pose. Who would guess, to take a glance, 'lihat you could talk of high finance? Cuklosrrv COMPLEX. ALMA HARRIETTIC JOREY 253 Buss ROAD, LONGMEADOW, MASS. She has a remarkable collection of friends, relatives, and ancestors. SAGA Corvn-mix. l102I ' illllllllllf -l U il .id A FRANCES GRAHAM KARR 205 Vn.l,ARu Avis., HAS1'INGS-ON-HUDSON New YORK "Yes, isn't it warm?" She gets what she goes after. But then, where's the harm? "Yes,'1 it warm?" She's a lady of charm, And a lover of laughter. "Yes, isn't it warm?" She gets what she goes after. COMPLEX: Thai or nofhiny. X' ADELAIDE LOIS KllVIBALL 819 W. CDAK PARK Avrz., OAK PARK, lm.. She pushes on a button, It rings a little hell, And then about a hundred girls Get just as mad as-anything. COMPLEX : Fire! Fire! E103 . -1 I Il .A 'lllllll '- SARAH DOROTHY KING 7 HARRISON ST., '.llAUNTON, Mass. Lihcrty-Equality-Fraternity. - COMPLEX: That PVeste'rn Urziwersity flt- mosffhere. ELIQANOR KLOPPENBURG 44 LINDEN S'rRE15'1', WATERBURY, CONN. Klop, heavy clater who scoffs at Dan Cupidg Klop, who loves humor, and thinks jokes are stupidg Dealer in facts, never surmisingg Always surprised, always surprising. COMPLEX: pljllllfli' the point? IIO-ll JZ l i Iillly I X. Q i I and ll I KATHERINE BARNUM KNAPP 321 CENTRAL ST., AUBURNDALE, just the person for an Editor- Current Events. Sports. Housekeeping Hints. Advice to the Lovelorn. Kay is an authority on all of them. COMPLEX : N ews. ,IEANETTE WILCOX LAMPSON 60 DAR'1'MOU'l'H ST., SPR1NGFlE1.u, Sadly she plays her violin, And wonders Under what Mexican window The rosy-headed Don Sings serenades. COMPLEX: Sleep, sleep, sleep-l1o'w I love to sleep! , ll H me MAss. MASS. L105l 1 ll m A ,vigil ff . 'li W Illll ll, f nm, I II l A ' .1I ull! A KATHERINE LEE OOO H.4YES ST., SAN ANTONIO, 'FEXAS College has taught her to condense, This worthy VVilder chief, It really must be quite immense To take 21 course "in brief." INTE LLIGENTSIA COM PL EX. DOROTHY LESTER LAUREL HIl.L ROAD, NORWICH, CONN. She expresses herself Seldom. But when she does, It's poetry COMPLEX : Drzfnnls. l1061 i ,-ag .... - ilillllillli it GRACE LIANG 33 CSORIJAN Roma, 'l1IEN'l'SIN, CHINA Dainty little maiden, Why so far away? Wliy thus trouble-laden, You who were so gay? Why is your hlithe laughter Laid upon the shelf? Lost something? Oh yes, of course- As usual herself. COM l'I. EX : fl 1lll'I'il'IlIl l'10I'lll'.Y. DOROTHY ELLEN LI Bili Y 51 GULF S'I'RIiI3'l', MILFORD, CONN. Time: Last fall. Scene: Entrance to South Cottage. Characters: Dot and Miss MacAuslan. Dot: Have you any rooms to let for Com- mencement time? fDFHIllHtlC pause.l Exit Dot. CHAPEL VVALK Comvufx. I:l07,I llll 5 III in A. EFA FT ,. 56:51 Em lm L ' I y ' ' U ' ' .. . I ---lily, l 'Im lik A MARGARET LORENTZ I4 PARKDALE AVE., BUFFALO, N. Y. Appearing to be immensely bored, She assures us she has nothing to do. ln seclusion, she works hard and well, And pulls enviable gradesg But as a woman of the world, She utterly disregards them, And turns to overwork the words, "Carry on." ANNGREGARIOUS COMPLEX. N VALDA CONSTANCE LYONS BisNN1NG'roN, VERMON'F. List while we mention our friend Valda Lyonsg In hocky she piles up the goals without tryin'. . Though she works on "Judicial" there is no denyin' That she is not holy, the great Valda Lyons. COMPLEX: Union. from . ,.. lllll . lui lik a .E .lilllllle KATHERINE IQILEEN MACCARTHY 3 BEACON AVE., HOLY'0KlZ, NIASS. Half il hole, half Il hole, Half 21 hole onward, This time l'll make it in less than 21 hun- clred. COMPLEX : See above. MARGARET ETHEL MQCLELLAN 205 NIADISON AVENUE, NEXVARK, N. J. In one gasp- "How is everything with you? Know the latest about the children? Thcy're the dearest things alive. 1 wouldnlt worry. The Lord will proviclef, COMPLEXZ' Ujitimism. l109il , , 11 I lll - - .A , 'lf ' lll i BETHICNIA KINGSBURY MCCRICERY ' 151 Rmou S'1'Rrzrz'1', GLENS FALLS, N. Y. NVC shiver with suspense at her dramatic, "Don't kill her. lt's Helga!" Anil heeziuse she's so slow-moving, VVe fear she'll not get there in time. 'l'here are few things she wonlt argue about, But she considers the virtue of conserva- tive Taste, a settled question. COMPLEX: Lmrfing Lady. JULIA ICVIQLYN MCDONNELL 24 CAN.Lu. Sr., So. HAI7I.EY FALLS, MASS. The essential of "an atmosphere that's lit'ry." STUDIO CoMvLEx. fool 1 m,.... ililllllllle 1525 l 5. ll 0 i I. .r I ll Q gl FRANCES CLARK MANN ING So PARKER Ave., SoU'1'H ORANGE, N. J. Hast seen her life her eyelids Lazily, Smile "I Sl10lllClI'l,t,H And take a chocolate? Hast hcarcl her talk Of La Follette And European debts? If not, thou knowest not Fran. CoM1'l.15X: Conflift between rfuliml slwfflz 111111' l'UllSl'l'7'1lfi?7l? mrliozls. MIRIAM HELEN MARSHALL Kou-1AvUR, INDLA. She doesn't intend to he rash, But the thought and the deed often clash. Heres the worst of her sins, She wore Fitch's cuff-pins, And next day they turned up in the hash. Cox1P1.Ex: Goo11'intenfions. .1Ill 11111 nm .azz I --Mlllnk I .llilllllif Ill I -A CV Pe 51121 MARY ALICE MASON VVICKFORD, RHODE ISLAND. l'm lute, late, late, VVl1Z1t'S more, I never can see VVhy I cannot remember the stories that eryone tells to me. COMPLEX: College hlllllor. ALICE LUDLOW MICIQKS Poxll-'l'oN PLAINS, NEW JERSEY ople say she cannot sing, But I :lm not so sure, After that time in Ballads, when She played the trouhadour. Cm111l.Ex: Service. l l all-II ii , I .. . ll ' 1 f l ' I , , I H.. 'mlm lllllllik A uf! X' RUTH MADELEINE MILES 12 MAGAZINE ST., CAlN'IBRIDGlE, Mfxss. To Miss Talbot, in Philosophy class. says Ruth: "Where does God get his ideas?" She has Z1 few herselfg for one, she says she likes to change her name every once in a while. COMPLEX: Mllffllilly with Sherman l if ' EMILY LETITIA MILLER 640 NORTH THIRD ST., READING, PA. As a probation officer, She's good. But still, she will put on her gown Without: taking the coat-hanger out. Well--. COMPLEX: Silence. fl13'l lg L-Twig! fm V i..flllllIiellnll1iL 4 1 , -1 N EDITH VVESTGATIC M I LNAIQ R XVES1' LEBANON, NIEYV HAMPSHIRE. Though she does things quietly, she does them efficiently, even to putting salt in the strawberry sauce. Com PLEX: Spire. jlCANE'l"l'E ISABELLE MORRIS N.fxNUE'1', NEW YORK. Heaven preserve me from a germ! If I am ill I ean't go home! Heaven send to me a germ! lf l get ill, they'll send me home! ANUE1' COMPLEX. 11141 ' if GFA IH l.l Q ll a i lo .illlmlllllglmlll lllglf- MARGARET RIDER MOWBRAY RUSH AND RIDGELY AVES., STA. E., BAl.'I'INIORE, MD. Having just completed a mental X-ray, l find my thoughts of extreme interest. Wonlt you take some air with me, and hash them? Or we might even analyze someone else. Corswnex Com-LEX. RUTH MUSKRAT Gkov E, OKI,.A HOMA Did you ever hear how Ruth lunched with President Coolidge? Dotty Higgins got her up in the morning and registered for her, and when she got there, they had hard-boiled eggs to eat. She stopped at two or three conferences on the way home. Dotty registered for her when she arrived, and That .was That. C0sMoPoi.1'rAN Comlfmzx. IIISI , -1 11 ll I lllllll -.. .f llrlll fx ', nfl l li IJORRICE BICKNELL NASH 628 W.-xsmxmxrx ST., ABINGTQN, MASS. Dorrice will never be satisfied until they lay out the golf course in a cross-word puz- zle design, so that she can indulge both her hobbies at once. ' HM' COMPLEX. f Y , CATHICRINIQ NELSON NEVIUS Coimzms ,xxu EDGAR AVENUES, CHANIBERSBURC, PA. All the worlcl's a stage to Nevius, and the roles will never be played out. Portia the logical, Katherine the voluble, Lady Macbeth the determined, Nlirancla the un- spoiled, Rosalynde the mimic, and more- and more- Omf of tlmsf' infz'riorify "fm 11 'LL'1'ezrk"'- COM M, EX 12s. D161 I I! L-'Fig EQ li..... .. .lillllllle ' , --, i ll I llln ll ANNA KATHERINE NEWCOMB 64 WASHINGTON ST., KEENE, N. H. Stage direction. Enter a Madcap, an Artist, a Scholar, a Child, and a Grande Dame, with Others. Otherwise, Enter Ann. LIGHTNING CHzXNGE COMPLEX. MILDRED JEANETTE NOBLE 35 HOWARD ST., SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Quiet as the rain She likes to walk in, Milclrecl proved herself A true apostle of the philosophy Of usefulness Versus audibility. COMPLEX: ' fvlarkirm. 51171 -1 llll is. i. ,-arm 9' ilillla' ll I lilill ii III li 4- ,xi IQLIZABETH OLM STEAD 72l KANSAS S'rREE'r, IQAPID CITY, S. D. Tecnse lives behind the footlights, in roles of page, archer, sprite, or other char- acter of diminutive size. Her advertising slogan: Plays small roles in a big way. CUMPLEX: fllimicry. ICMMA LILLIE PATTERSON WINDHAM, NEW YORK. Quiet Droll Boyish Busy Pat. COMPLEX: Lnughfer. D181 1 n I , 525 -l-u.. i.. -1 llilllll 'lll 6 4 ,,.. 1 lil I lllr lik RUTH H. PA'l"1'lCRSON 1666 A'l'KlNSON Avis., DlE'l'ROI1', MICH. This performing clown makes our ideal toy for the children. Has all the surpris- ing oddities of Z1 jack-in-the-box, and is yet droll enough to amuse the grown-ups. Answers to the name of "'l"other." INFANCY Comvmzx. IC. KATHRYN PENNYPACKICR 235 CHiss'1'NU'1' ST., HADDONFIELD, N. J. Pennypackefs high-minded, Bless my soul, she's double-jinted, She works hard and don't mind it, All day long! HlS'FORIC.4I. Comimux. Um E limi ll .ll u a 0, ' .1 K 'A i RUTH FARRINGTON PERRY 51 CHAPEL ST., EAST HARTFORD, CONN. Judge Perry knows all the hidden trag- edies of the vast Underworld of the Com- munity. She is well acquainted with our sinners, and knows wherein they sinned. Yet she preserves a girlish wholesomeness, and an untainted mind. CcmPi.Ex: Song. ELIZABETH PETTINGILL O9 Woomfonn ST., PORTLAND, ME. Responding to the fire-bell's peal This lady did too well- Such was the measure of her zeal, In hastening-she fell! COMPLEX! Pl'ilder and Wilder. 51201 , Im ll :Tail if Q llll NL lA.ll'l,u ' Illtl. . ..-I I lim 1iL LUCY WESTON PICKETT 12 UNION S'I'RliIE'I', Bizvlzzuv, Mixss. We'll rate her Debater 'Phi Bete-er 'liitrater And charming, in day-time, as sommambu- lator. COMPLEX: flbsent-111i11a'e1I jrrofexsor. HIQLENIC PICQUOT GREVII.I.lE, FRANCE. It was with design that Helene cut din- ner the night before Thanksgiving. She intends to introduce the festival in her na- tlve land when she returns. M.1kRSEI.I.AISE COMPLEX. fizij lr: Fi iI"l!lI II I - . . ,, I IH I , , ,,.. IIIIIIL ELEANOR IVIARBEL PIERCE 130 No. DAVIS ST., WOOIJBURY, N. J. "But I, I love to spend my time in singing some joyous songg To set the air with music bravely ringing Is far from wrong. CONIPLEX: Drink fforlifkfv to grow fat. '. BIARTHA ELIZABETH PIERCE IVIAIN S'I'IzIzI5'I', HAMILTON, MASS. The college hesitated about letting her in, she was so young. She is still young, hut she has long proved her right to be here. In fact, the college has its work cut out for it, giving her enough to do. COMPLEX: Diynify. I 1221 . ..-I Ill DCI! IZ l ll Il lik 59' 'mls f Q ll v ' l . f I ill RACHEL BXARRON PIERCE 2+ WASHINGTON S'r,, BEVERLY, MASS. lVIusic, Matli, and Chemistry, She treats with like facility, And when she fails with. harmony, Charms by her gullihility. Simiws AND FL.vrs COMPLEX. ' EUNICE REBECCA PIKE D,xN1i51.sON, CONN. And what can little girls he made fOr, for? 'llo play their music And do their math And advise young sister VVith gentle wrath. 'l'hat's what little girls are macle fo l'. SISTER COMPLIZN. made may q 1 ucu -lm 6 I III: ik MARGARET PORTER . 58 Woonnamolz ST., MANCHIiS'l'ER, CONN. She asked in class in manner most intent, "Why has not man a microscopic eye ?" Th' instructor then his mighty learning lent, "For this plain reason--man is not a Hy.,Y COMPLEX: Stacks and Smrks. MARGUERITE P. POTTER 410 F1F'1'H AVE., ASBURY PARK, N. J. VVhen in disgrace when fortune and men's eyes, I all alone bewept my outcast state, 1 took my tardy paper to Marguerite. She typed it fast, and then it wasn't late. CHAPEL SINGING COMPLEX. IIZ4-I 1 .nm H I lllll 56.3 lu", i.l Q ll . u.. fl 4 I -nl l Q RUTH STEWART PRESTON +2 PRrss'1'oN ST., H.'X'l'HtJRNli, M.-xss. The Book of litiquette says We should always keep An Engagement. She does. CoM11I.1sx : 4Jgl'il'1l1fIl7'l'. IVICRNA ELLEN PUTNABI +7 RIVER S'l'REE'l', 'W1NDsoR, VT. Art and music, and a clever touch At many things, withal, a winning smile. lingaged four years? And to the same man? Well, all we can say is- He must be good. COMPLEXQ lVe1u'ing of this Green. l 11251 2. Ev ill -er ' sae 5- ' . 5-:II EE mr G E ' n n 4 . ll Q i so ' E , 1 .milllllllllll l DOROTHY CALVERT PYLE WEST GROVE, PA. Then was our Dorothy in her prime, Venus Cup, and Z1 heavy line, Nlany 21 story, hot and gory. Thou art growing up, child of mine. l':N'l'HUSIASM COMPLEX. ', lr ESTHER ELIZABETH RANDALL WATERVILLE, NEW YORK An ideal cover design for "College Humor." STYLE COMPLEX. H261 I -1 I Ili is i If ll n a 1 . .f ' MARGARET LOUISE RANDALL 572 SUMMER AVE., NEWARK, N. J. MQW! there's a bugl. Come quick, or I'll die!" "I voted for myself for Jazz-Houndg I couldn't think of anybody betterf' "Oh, say! Aren't you stringing me this time ?" "Pete says-" CoMPI.Ex: Naivetff. MARION MINIQRVA REDLINE 502 ONTARIO STREET, BIE'l'HLEHEM, PA. f'Cu1'lilocks, Curlilocks, wilt thou he mine? Thou shalt not wash dishes, nor yet feed the swine, But sit on 21 cushion And sew Z1 fine seam, And feed upon strziwherries, sugar and cream." AMIABILITY COMPLEX. 5 11271 L. ull! 1 lun i . --,Ili Illllm REE! I fu f illlll Qllllil '- FRANCES HELENE REYNOLDS 35 lX'Il'I'CHIEI.I, PLACE, EAST ORANGE, N. J. Steady, devotion to the cause in hand, Quiet, enthusiasm, some naivete, And most, ability. l.l'l'ERARY COM PL EX. HELEN MARTHA RICE 30 BUSH S'1'RE1zT, W1zs'1'ifu2LD,, MASS. As Helen cons her Ovid and draws from hcr Greek casts, we hear her singing a little song: "Her hyacinth hair, her classic face, Her naiad airs, have brought her home, To the glory that was Greece, And the grandeur that was Rome." ' AR'l'IS'I'IC COMPLEX. I1281 I I L+ . lift llllls. A 1. E" 'F 552. ,A I .-,if-. in 5 l . ll Q i 1, .f -' ' ' ' ' HELEN PAGE RICHARDS 4 SYLVAN STREET, DANVIERS, Mrxss. There was il young lady named H--- Of whose style and whose poise therafs no t-, But I rather thing maybe If you cull her "Baby!" You'll Hnd the fair H-- reh-- EMILY POST COMPLEX. RUTH ELIZABETH ROBERTS 210 VV. JEFFERSON AVE., WHEATON, ILL. Should luncheon ever he forgot, And never served in the lihe? LIBRARY COMPLEX. D291 , J i 1 . null A MARGARET E. ROBERTSON +18 IFHIRD Avis., xVARREN, PA. Humor that colors everything she sees. Friendship as constant as her merrixnent, Frankness untrammelecl, that does not offend, Clevernessg and whisper it,-but OH! "The mighty tresses of her sonnish heresll' SCOTCH Com Puzx. DOROTHY ANALDEAN ROGERS 5815 NOR'l'HUh1l3l3RLAND AVE., P1'1"rsnURo, PA. Only a rare specimen can excite :1 nat- uralistg it takes a good paper to pull an "A" from Miss Putnam. But just show Dot the most insignificant of put-up "box- lunchesf' and she will make off with it, the glare of the habitual pieniclcer in her eye. ln brief, sheld walk a mile for one. COMPLEX: Teas and Tees. I1301 W mx ll . -Q 3 llmlilll 15 I I --1 'Ill Q. HELEN MARY ROSE 1932 E. 82Nu STRl3E'1', CIJEVELAND, OHIO. "Hello, is this the Nonotuck? I would like to charter the inner dining-room for a smooth party on April twenty-third.-- Yes, I think a ten-piece jazz orchestra will be enough. --- Of course, they will play until we leave. --- Wlizit? Oh, dear, I ean't he bothered to discuss the menu now, just send the chef up to college and welll arrange things. --- Good-by." NIE'I'ROPOI,I'I'AN Comilusx. HELEN MARIA ROSER HUIRBARD ST., G1.As'roNnURY, CONN. VVe've grinded all the folks there are, From Adam unto Jones. It seems like too much of a task To think of grinding "Bones" DWIGHT COMPLEX. l 11311 DCA lux Hag fu ' b IIW IW - .lllllsl liy .4 . --ll llln M RUTH FRISBIE RYAN 5 ICIGHTH ST., NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y. 1 1 ' "!Y lCclit0r's note: People who know Ry may fill in the blanks to suit themselves. COMPLEX: Down with the Uzfnllzlled com- lmrf IlllIjfH'if'l'.U RUTH ELIZABETH SAUNDISRS 165 ST., JAMES PLACE, BUF1-'.,xr.o, N. Y. For one so old, it's remarkable The energy she retains, and the Wit. She requires something always on foot, And is not loath to put aside The acquirement of professorial dignity. To attend rit. COMPLEX: 4JIl'l'flIflll'L'. I 132' 1 Cl l IE .....llli1liIiiI1- - JESSIE SCARBOROUGH 132 CHEs'1'NU'1' Avis. WATERBURY, CONN. Jessie gets a lot clone VVith very little labor. She never fusses or fumes About anything. She walks to trains at her leisure, .Confident that they will wait for her. They always do. Coxirfmzxz Take it easy. LOUISE PUTNEY SCHME 435 BEDFORD Roan, Pl.EAsAN'1'v1L1. How cloth the little busy Squee lmprove each shining hour, In basket-ball and other sports She spends both time and power And then accounts for Llamie take Up many a weary dayg But when she gets her lessons alone ls more than l can say. V15RsA'1'11.1'1'v. Cmivuzx. LKIZ E, N.Y. 7 l'l33I T A 4. E"' I U, ,mlm gi.. ialwlllvl l . U- -A I, if 'H 4 4 . ,-, NIM I illln iik S ALICE KATHRYN SCHREIBER 105 BEECH S'1'Rls13T, EAST ORANGE, N. J Smash! Goes the tennis-ball Hit by her racquet. Is there a cause in need? Fifi will back it. Death to the enemy- She will attack it. chreiber triumphant! COMPLEX: .Him. IDA BELLE SOPHIA SCUDDER IROQUOIS, NEW YORK. "Bright is the ring of words When the right man rings them, Fair the fall of songs, A When the singer sings them. COMPLEX: lflfords. I1341 1 m N I A 1 Q T :fi ll -! I ll.. as .1 IM it Ill CAROLINE IF. SEFTON DERRY VlI.I.AGl3, NEW HATNIIJSHIRE. ' "Let me live in a house by the side of the road, And be il friend tO manf, EVERETT HOUSE COM PLEX. CHRISTINE KIMBER SEWARD 202 WEST l03RD ST., NEW YORK, N. Y. Christine, she is il splendid gurl, She is the Kollege King- She minds our morals 'nl manners, an' She runs 'most everything. COMMUNITY COMPLEX. 11351 I II ll lit. ui-. -mv QA :TT:IR I Ili Em ,M 1 i I 'il MII 4 . O 3 l. nf I I 4 1 EDITH HARRIS SHANE 54-10 WAYNE Avis., GERMANTOWN, PA. Shaney's fond of hocky, and Shaney likes to sing, And when she starts on family tales- We "laugh like anything!" GAIETY Comvmzx. HILDA MARIE SHAUL -I WILLIAM S'1'REE'i', GENEVA, N. Y. "Speak the truth, Right the wrong, Follow the king, Else wherefore horn ?" CRUSADING COMPLIQX. I'136I J I 2 U. 1 I l IB i I. ll a i a . .ailwlimlglmlli Wg lWARY SHELDON 71 NIONROE PLACE, BLOOMFIELD, N. J. Shelley's a decided girl, ' Who, being questioned, saidg "There are two things I just adore- Cute people, and fresh bread." COMPLEX: DZ'-fi7lif6lIK5'K. 1, JULIA MAUDE SIMONDS ll WIiS'I'lERN Avis., BR.fx'1"rI,EnoRo, VT. Oh, Julia's feller, he sure is a dandy, He just overloads her with Howers an candy, An' every week-end his auto is handy- Say, Julizfs feller, he sure is a dandy! COMPl.EX:- Yes, tlmfs il. 113 4 S 7l I I 525 .lla is, .1 lllllllllll - l Q J- . ,,. I llln lik MARY SINCLAIR 800 SECOND Avn., CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa "But though he come from Haverford, From Dartmouth, Brown, or Yale, Still, the female of the species is-" COMPLEX: Gowns and Ifats. HELEN HUNTINGTON SMITH 58 BELCHER AVE., BROCKTON, MASS Strange offences have I knowng And I will dare to tell, But to Judicial Board alone What afterwards befell. COMPLEX! China. 11381 I I I 1 I Li. if i... .. .llI.l!IlIl'r . 1 .1 full lllll LILLIAN EDITH SMITH 3+ LINCOLN S'1'RE13'1', FITCHBURG, MASS. And suite of Belcher Town and all of that l , v One thing is clear, and that's I'm getting fat. COMPLEX: Eat-and-grow-fat. ELIZABETH SNODGRASS 69 BEECHWOOD ROAD, SUMMIT, N. J. Our "Stravashalei,' Barber. Pay each time, By Hat rates. Any nationality imitated For your amusement. If we please, ' Tell others. BEAUTY PARLOR COMPLEX. I1391 1- ll llillllk , .lilllllllr -- HARRIET C. STODDARD Iimexisukw Col.1,1zGi2, CAR1.lNv1l.1.iz, IL1.. "Come down, O maid, from yonder moun- tain height. VVhat pleasure lies in height Cthe shep- herd suidl, In height and cold, the splendor of the hills?" 'l'Hl2oRY COM FLEX. ROBICRTA TICALE SWARTZ 100 CEREEN Avis., BRooKl.yN, N. Y. Ariel. ' COMPLEX : 7'l'llIfPl'7'Il1IIl'7If. I1401 if l iid .azz 6 ' ni 1 lla.. il iii!-ll lr - Q Il . - a.. f Illlll ll I llll ' HELEN I5LlZABiIC'1'H SWAYZIC 212 Wu.i.iAMs Sr., ICAS1' fDRANGlE, N. -I. She may dress to "Hut we have a lot of fun,', And study to "What has become of all the happy times we knew ?" And go to bed to "Doo-Waeka-Doo," But her true melody is "Sweet personality, Full of rascality, That's"-Dodo. CEIGGLIE CoMP1.13x. X, . l ELSIE BRli'1'T SVVEICNICY 159A PARK S'rREl2'l', A'r'rl,imoRo, MASS. Once upon a time there was a very small person with very long hangs, who used to sit in the lVIaster's lihe studying lic lmrrl, and every time anyone would go up or down the stairs to the Seminar Rooms, she'd look up expectantly, just as though she were looking for someone?--. Com!-mix: Jllusir. I 141 I , --, U ll l llllu liL iliilllllli ' , I I 'J -' ' l A DOROTHY ESTHER SWEETSER D N ENV YORK. art tO hack it. COMPLEX! Preocmzjmtion. MARGARET TAYLOR Peggy Jean loves apples, horses, and Climbing trees. Strangely, she has a kind Of super-Senior dignity, too, As was witnessed by the awe-struck Frosl During hazingg Which is she, a boy or a lady? Or is it merely the California tempera ment? DAILY DOZEN COMPLEX. 51421 12 WHI'l'IE HOUSE AVE., IOUGHKEEPSIE, A Greenwich Village front, with real 2322 E. SECOND ST., LONG BEACH, CAL. I m,- -v-- -.- Y-- l , T-mgllw A 525 ill. ic. f IHHT 'O Q -ll I I Illlllpllfx MARGARET ELIZABETH TEAL 189 ASHLAND AVE., BLOOMFIELD, N. j. Atalanta. COMPLEX: Record breaking. MARION SANFORD THOMPSON 1090 WALNUT ST., NEWTON HIGHI.ANDS, MAss. There was Z1 young lady from Newton, Who was famous at goin' canoetin', Her canoe never tips, As her paddle she dips, Hence, is she a camper? You're tootin'! OU'l'DOOR COMPLEX. H431 um liz: n lla.. I 'aim A i n A 15 1 -nl lil Q ADIQLAIDE J. THORPE 148 IVINVHER ST., WHITNEYVILLE, CONN. VVhen Aalgie stops and looks aloft, Don't rouse your indignationsg She merely has a passion for Observing constellations. H1sAvisN1.Y COMPLEX. MARION SHARROT THRALL I-J-5 MAIN ST., TO1"1'ENVlLI.E, N. Y. NIatt's personality can be expressed Only in free verse. Convention cramps her style, And if there's one thing she can't stand, lt's monotony. "Let's go into town," says Matt, "llll screech if l have to stay in this burg Another minute." The freedom of the great open spaces Mary be all right, But give Nlatt the freedom of the city, And she can prove that there, too, lllen are men- COMPLEZZ Jnii-Buvolir. l144l I l I-, l I i 1 n . i . . .f -llrlulllllIilIIIlliIlI.. 4 LOIS TODD 200 WlES'1' 81s'1' ST., New YORK CITY Captain Courageous, Ready for anything. Lost in Springfield, She wanted the police to find her So that she might see a police station. lllilitant with ideas, Definite, gallant- Captain Courageous, Ready for anything. lVIlCROSCOl'E Comvmsx. GRACE EUGIQNIA TOMPKINS 4166 VALLEY Roan, CLEVIELANDE, O1-no. "Caritas," hy Thayer. Cmii-max: Cnnfwnfwlnrion. 11451 ...-:lull l Illn in. A A 1. ET' .,. Eight .W Eu 5 ill Ulu Q ' 1 1 5 ELIZABETH FIELD TRUMPER 64- FRUNTENAC AVE., BUFFALO, N. Y. Herc's a merry pirate, brave and bold, Chcerio, me lads, yo-ho! VVith Z1 treasure-trove richer than those of oldg While we have mirth, who cares for gold? Cheerio, me lads, yo-ho! COMPLEX: pl'7llIIlI'j!L' do yvllfillllf, Trump- zfr? I RUTH BISHOP TUCK 35 LYON S'rREE'1', PAWTUCKET, R. I. Our bluff and heart Friar Tuck-11 worthy sportsman. COMPLEX: Kollege Ku! Kloilufx. ' fuel l I. ll Q i c,. .illlmllllllillwlll ll ' MAR-IORIE ALICE TUCKISR 10 BACON ST., WARREN, MASS. Up just before chaple, A lit class or so, A chat with Fred Burnham, And work at P. O. ' Some letters to write, And the new L.H.J., An hou1"s buzzing with friends- Jerry calls it a clay. SQUIZLY BUMPS COMPLEX. RUTH TUCKIQY Suvlsnunv, CONN. The art Of pleasant conversation. H.-xsH1NG COMPI.15x. 47 I 1 11 A - .1i11l!Ii1l1r ' KATE STEWART TYLER 216 GIBSON ST., CANANDAICUA, N. Y. Bright cheeks, black eyes, and blackest hair, VVhy, the whole campus turns to stare, VVhen Kate appears. A calmness that defies surprise, A cryptic 'tongueg it never lies- But she says she's an ash-blond. Coxrifuzxz Food. '! MARGARET LOUISA VAN WYCK 3119 FARRAGUT ROAD, BROOKLYN, N. Y. Let One incident characterize Vang VVhen asked for a Word in two letters meaning stop, she said Ngo." Uv-'1'O-DANE COMPLEX. I1-18I ,i I. ll . . 4, .f lil HARRIET VAUGHAN +900 WASHINGTON BLvn.,S'r. LOUIS, MO. Nlercury, messenger to the gods. COMPLEX: The Heathen. FLORENCE C. WADSWORTH 300 BROOKLYN Avis., BROOKLYN, N. Y. She sleeps in class, And wakes, when called On, To answer, in impressive phrases, lhe very thing the rest of us Have been trying hard to think of All period. I EN U NCIATION COM P I. lax. .-I ii I Ili ilk H491 ill f iliuulllIilIIl lv 4- - 1 1. MARGARET WALKER 93 BowDo1N HEIGHTS, NIEXV'l'ON HIGHLANDS, MASS. I heard the Nliggle giggle, I heard the Miggle say, "My dear, l'd low to do it, But I have to go away!" 'NVEEK-END COMPLEX. ELIZABETH WARE 96 LORRAINE AVE., UPPER MON'l'ICLAIR NEW JERSEY. Domesticity unending, 'Punctuality unbending, Hehe beams at all the gore, And hides on Trump behind the doo1'. Loorcmn AFTER ROOMMATE COMPLEX. L1501 n. O .lllllllllr I,-II I lllu I DOROTHY ELIZAIQETH WATSON 4 BALDWIN ST., EAST ORANGE, N. J. Inertia had bound us fast, VVhen thru South Hadley village passed A girl who bore for our advice, A banner with a strange device- Excelsior! COMPLEX: Third ljllfff. FLORENCE EDITH WATSON 21 Wmnsok '1'12RRAciz, YONKERS, N. Y. "What Every Womaxl Knows, and Few Nlen Understand,H-Charm. C OM vmzx : Nwffmm-.v. QISII I lllln A llllllllllll I ....... .1 Ill' ll - l ,1Il MARY KATHERINE WEAVER 216 E. VVASHINGTON ST., GREENSBURG, INDIANA 4'For if she will, she Will, you may pend on't. de- And if she won't, she won't, and there's an end on't." COMPLEX! Ilorses. X, FAITH FRANCES WELLS RIVERHEAD, L. I., N. Y. Proposition: "The only way to ha friend is to be one." Given: Faith and Blount Holyoke. Proof: College enrollment 979. Faith's friends 979. Q.E.D. PsvcHo1.ooY COMPLEX. fiszi VCZ1 I nal 1 HTL' lllluaa. .f Illlf H' ,,..I,Il1l I hh MARGARET ADAMS WHITE 133 TKJNVNSEND HEIGHTS, WALTON, N. Y. She speaks softly, as the Gym advises. But her giggle is warranted Absolutely original. COMPLEX : Calfues. Department ELIZABETH WHITNEY SoU'rH ASHBURNHAM, Extra! Big Expose!! She kept gold fish Sophomore Mfxss. year. She was song-leader at Brown. And-this is not news, but a feature of general interest. She writes poetry. CoMv1.1zx: Hrrllaiz' lfulglulgf. nm -1 I NITE:- ings? 'T E .IEIi1I!IF, in .A RUTH ELEANOR WHITNEY -I-2 SEYMOUR AVE., DERBY, CONN. A calm came on my spirit, And I had no more fears: For I had misinformed the world I had not worked in years. Comm-LEX: The Lighl l"anfa.v1ic. IVIARIAN -WIARD 3004 CADILLAC AVE., DlE'l'ROI1', MICH She does the most difficult stunt, With never a groan or a grunt, And if you would see The equal of she, We'1l say you are in for a hunt. CQMPLEX: Baseball. 51541 N lla l nl I ' Q I i I I' I l .1 II I lull RUTH ELIZABETH VVILCOX BRISTOL, CoNN. Personifying "That added depth and insight Which a year or so in the outside world Can give to college experience." Don't speak to Ruth of complexes. It was a Psychy lah she worked in. -IISSSIE CORA WILLIAMS 165 FRANKLIN ST., WES'l'FIEI.D, Mixss. Psychology, choir, Other things too. Let's chuck them All, And spree. Will you? COMPLEXIES: risk her, .vlze knawx. 51551 -- ,WI Y Q 'T ll Q n . . ... ' .i-lllilllllellllllllls. ' A l ELAINE WILSON 839 IVIONTGOIVIERY ST., JERSEY CITY, N.j. Her clothes will always he quite rightg I-ler math and music she doth well writeg She plays with Myrtle as a rite. And she is Porter's funny face-wright. Elaine-oh, she's a very good Wight. CHRISTMAS TOY COM PLEX. IQSTHICR WALLACE WILSON 1869 MA1N ST., STRATFORD, CONN. 12 P. M., on Saturday may find her doing math, and 4 A. M. on Monday may find her doing History, but on Sunday- hah love!-she reads the S.E.P., eats choc- olates, and recites poetry to her friends. Coivivmzx: Wlzo mid mm? ll561 LL J !fi nl I lllll Ix snll l 1 ll 0 i I uf l l ' I ' HELEN WOODS 123 SUMNIZR S'1'.5 Ni5w'1'oN CENTER, MASS. You cannot keep quicksilver in your hand,- Nor empty all the water from :i wellg You cannot tic a brick to thistleclown-- And that is why l cannot write of Hel. SUB'rLm'v COMPLEX. ELIZABETH WILSON VVRAY 190 WEST Avis., RocHEs'1'1sR, Y. She does the job, And does it well, And still has time To play. COMPLEX: ' Y.W'.C.,J. 51571 I ' IW me ,O li MI'-ll i ' y ' A .- 'nh I lllnliiik ROSA YERANIAN ll PARKER Avis., ALLSTON, MASS. But Rosa has disproved Kipling. COMPLEX: International Law. CARRIE ELIZABETH ZAHORSKY 4435 W PINE Boumsvnno, ST. LOUIS, MO My Betty is Z1 young thing, Just entered on her teens, Bright as the day, and sweet as Nlay, Big brown eyes, and a knowing way. M51 Betty is Z1 young thing, But study well she can, And she knows how to sing and dance, And smile upon Z1 man. ' COMPLEX: The plfflllllllllj' Priifilcfge. 1:1581 "Oh, East is East, and West is West, - -1 ass? fr l- n .. . lIiillilI!llllllIIllL Former Members of the Class of H925 Frances Ballard Ruth Baldwin Dorothy Beckwith Elizabeth Brown Eleanor Cook Anna Dalin Velva Darling Lucia Davis Aya Ehina Dorothy Ewer Lydia Fletcher Sally Crawford Fletcher Christine Frellick Hilda Gale Mary Learned Hall Elda Hihhard Mary Howes Nora Hsuing Miriam James Charlotte Jenckes Gladys Lawrence Harriet Linzy 14 xxx ull lllll sl U lf' illlllllllllll up nnmm na'2,l"'ll',llliii . Mlm-alvllm H ml-Amr " llll -7-Dv 11591 Martha McGraw Norma lVIackenzie Susan Mandelhaum Helen lVIiller Anna Margaret Moffat Edith Norton Gerardine Ogilby Alice E. Parker Margaret Pease Dorothy Pevear Beatrice Purrington Thelma Robinson Beatrice Rollins Margaret Ruttan Dorothy Sessions Martha Soch Catherine Spaulding Hattie Spaulding Mary Talcott Nladeline Thompson Sarah Vicary Lucy Wells i II 1,712 Majors Minors: Majors Minors Majors Majors Minors Majors Minors Minor: Majors Nlinors urn lu: n I if Ermnllm - n . I.. .S-1Imhl'f I IIIHI Ik 4 '- Department Majors and Minors ART AND ARCHEOLOGY HELEN EVELYN BUSH KATHRYN EDIE HELEN BAKER MARY BUFORD HELEN DAVIS MARGARET RIOULD IVERNA PUTNAM I'IELEN RICHARDS ANNA NEWCOMB HELEN RICE RUTH RYAN MARGARET WALRER BIBLICAL HISTORY AND LITERA CONSTANCE ARNOLD HELEN BLYTH MIRIAM IVIARSHALI, ALICE DODGE ELIZABETH BROXVN ELIZABETH COBB JANET EVANS MARGARET CIIAPIN MARGARET COE HARRIET COSSMAN IDA fTENTHER ALMA JOREY ALICE SCHREIBER MARGUERITE POTTER BOTANY ELIZABETH HARTMAN CHEMISTRY FRANCES HAVEN SYLVIA HOLTON EDITH MILNER ELIZABETH HARTMAN ISABEI, HOLMES CAROLINE ING!-IAM HELEN JOHNSON RUTH MILES ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY EMILY BARROWS RUTH BELDING LOUISE BOETTGER EUNICE BROUGHTON MARY DALTON HELEN DEMOND VIRGINIA DUERESNE DARTHEA ENO EVELYN FITCH BARODEI. GOULD ELIZABETH HARRIS MARY HOLMES OLIVE ALLING MARCUERITE ATWOOD MARION BALDWIN MARION BROWN DORIS FALES EDITH FORBES FRANCES HENDERSON KATHARINE ILSLEY CHRISTINE BERRY MARCIA DANE HELEN DAVIS DOROTHY DELINE DORIS DICKINSON MARJORIE DOWNEY CLARA EATON MARY ALLEN EDGE FREDERICKA EISELE RUTH FERTIG DOROTHY FISKE HELEN EASTON KATHERINE GESSNER KATHERINE KNAPP MYRTLE JORDAN IQATHARINE KNAPP JEANETTE LAMPSON VALDA LYONS MARGARET MCCLEI.LAN BERTHENIA MCCREERY FRANCES MANNING EMILY MILLER MARGARET MOWBRAY DORRICE NASH RUTH PATTERSON LELIA HOPPER MARY HOUSE DOROTHY HOWLETT ALICE MASON JEANNETTE MORRIS RUTH MUSRRAT KATHRYN PENNYIIACRER EUNICE PIKE EDUCATION ENGLISH JEAN Fox WINII-'RED GRAY RUTH GREGORY DOROTHY KING ELEANOR Kl.0I'PENBURG DOROTHY LESTER MARTHA MCGRAW GRACE LIANG ALICE IVIEEKS RUTH MUSKRAT EMMA PATTERSON DOROTHY PYLE ELIZABETH SNODGRASS . I160I of 1925. HELEN ROSER DOROTHY SWEETSER ELIZABETH WARE KATHERINE WEAVER RUTH TUCKEY ELIZABETH WHITNEY TURE HARRIET VAUGHN El.IZABE'I'H WRAY ROSA YERANIAN LUCY PICRETT ESTHER RANDALL MARY SINCLAIR RACHEL PIERCE IDA SCUDDER CHRISTINE SEVVARD LOIS 'IQODD ELIZABETH PETTINGILL MARGARET PORTER MARGUERITE POTTER MARGARET RANDALL HELEN ROSE LOUISE SCHMELRE HELEN SMITH LILLIAN SMITH MARGARET TEALL MARION THOMPSON ELIZABETH TRUMI'ER MARGARET WALKER RUTH ROBERTS EDITH SHANE MARY SINCLAIR MARION 'FHALL KATE TYLER RUTH WILCOX JESSIE WILLIAMS ELIZABETH WRAY HARRIET STODDARD FRANCES REYNOLDS DOROTHY ROGERS RUTH RYAN HILDA SHAUL ROIIERTA SWARTZ ELSIE SWEENEY RUTH TUCKEY KATHERINE WEAVER ELIZABETH WHITNEY HELEN WOODS RUTH WHITNEY MARION WIARD ,l 5 --- III n IZ L .lIIII!IIIII J - .Mdj0I'IZ Minorx: Illajorxt Minors Minors Minor: MHj0l'JI Minors ELIZABETH BATES MARY BUFORD 'FHERESA COOIAER LUCY CRISSEY FLORENCE DODGE ADELAIDE DREW HELEN EASTON XVINIFRED GLOVER MARGARET GOULD JUNE HEATH CAROLINE INGHAM MARION ABBOTT ELIZABETH BABCOCK EMILY BARRETT AIIMA CLARK SIMONE DALIMIER DOROTHY DELINE DORIS DICKINSON ALICE DODGE CLARA EATON FREDERICKA EISEI.E DARTHEA ENO WINII-'RED GRAY RUTH GREGORY MARY HOLMES FRANCESCA DEROIN EMILY BARROWS ELIZBETH CHAPIN FLORA CHAPMAN LOUISE COOKE IVIARGARET FLEMING MARY ALLEN EDGE EN GLI SH LITERATURE FRANCES KARR LOIS KIMBALL DOROTHY LIBBY JULIA MCDONNELL ANNA NEWCOMB MILDRED NOBLE ELIZABETH OLMSTEAD MARION REDI.INE CAROLYN SEFTON EDITH SHANE IVIARY SHELDON LOUISE JACK CECILY KERR IQATHIZRINE LEE DOROTHY LESTER GRACE LIANG MARGARET LORENTZ ELIZABETH HARRIS ALICE MEEKS CIVFIIERINE NEVIUS RUTH PATTERSON PIELENE PICQUOT RUTH PRESTON MARGARET RANDALL FRANCES REYNOLDS MARGARET ROBERTSON FRENCH ELEANOR PIERCE ROSA YERANIAN ADELAIDE DREW RUTH QTARRETSON ALMA JOREY RUTH PERRY GEOLOGY CAROLINE HEMINWVAY GREEK DOROTHY HIGGINS JULIA SIMONDS ELIZABETH SNODGRASS IIARRIET STODDARD MARGARET TAYI.OR MARION THRALL GRACE TOMPKINS RUTH TUCK MARJORIE TUCKER ELIZABETH WARE RUTH WHITNEY MARION WIARD DOROTHY ROGERS RUTH SAUNDERS LOUISE SCHMELKE ROBERTA SWARTZ HELEN SWAYZE ELSIE SWEENEY MARGARET 'FEALL MARION THOMPSON INIARGARET VAN NVYCK I'IARlLIET VAUGHN FLORENCE WATSON ROSALBA WEYMOUTH MARGARET WHITE ELIZABETH ZAHORSKY ELIZABETH ZAHORSKY MARION REDI.INE LILLIAN SMITH DOROTHY WATSON KA1'HI.EEN GREEN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE HELEN BAKER MARION BALDWIN CHRISTINE BERRY MARY BRIGHAM ELIZABETH CHAPIN LOUISE COOKE KATHERINE GESSNER KATHLEEN GREEN DORIS ARNOLD ' KATHERINE BALI. ELIZABETH BATES RUTH BELDING HELEN EVELYN BUSH MARGERY CARR LUCY CRISSEY MARCIA DANE DOROTHY DARTT FLORENCE DODGE BEATRICE I'IILDRETI-I DOROTHY HOWLETT CECILY KIERR KATHERINE LEE MARGARET LORENTZ JEANNETTE MORRIS CATHERINE NEVIUS KATHRYN PENNYPACKER K.A'FHRYN EDIE MARGARET EDWARDS RUTH FERTIG EVELYN FITCH BARODEL GOULD MURIEL HOWLAND MYRTLE JORDAN FRANCES KARR DOROTHY KING MARGARET MCCLELLAN FRANCES IVIANNING 51611 DOROTHY PYLE RUTH ROBERTS MARGARET ROBERTSON JESSIE SCARBOROUGH HELEN SWAYZE MARGARET VAN WYCK DOROTHY WATSON ELIZABETH OLMSTEAD EMMA PATTERSON INIARGARET PORTER ALICE SCHREIBER CAROLYN SEFTON HILDA SHAUL IVIARY SHELDON DOROTHY SWEETSER RUTH TUCK ESTHER WIISON ,EQ in A l I a , ll Q LQ J .. .- 2 2 LATIN Major: Ilflinors Af!Ij0l'.f Nlinors IW in 0 r: Major: Minor: Majors: M 1710117 Minor: ,Wajorx Minors: Majors: .Minoru Majorxz Mizmrsi DORIS ARNOLD ALMA CLARK VIRGINIA DUERESNE MARGUERITE ATVVOOD MARGARET CHAPIN MARGARET FLEMING RUTH GARRETSON EUNICE BROUGHTON 'IQHERESA COOPER HELEN BLYTH NI.-'RRY BRIGHAM KATHERINE BUGBEIZ CAROLINE H EMINVVAY CONSTANCE ARNOLD EDITH FOBES LIZLIA HOIIIIER MARY HOUSE DOLORES FAY JUNE HEA'rH JI2ANNE'I"I'E LAMPSON JANET EVANS El.IZABE'I'H BABCOCK MARION BROWN MARGERY CARR ELIZABETH CRANE SIMONE IDALIMIER LOUISE BOETTGER BEATRICE I'IILDRETH KATHIARINE II.SLEY LOIS KILIBALII DOROTHY LIBIIY K.'X'FHERINE BUSBEE ELIZABETH CRANE MARION AIIIIOTT OI.IvE ALLING EMILY BARRETT MARGARET COE HARRIET COSSMAN ELIZABETH BROWN ELIZABE'rH COBB HELEN DEMOND VVINIFRED CPLOVER EILEEN MACCARTHY RUTH PERRY I JEAN Fox IWARIAN HAYES MATHEMATICS FRANCES HENDERSON MURIEI. HOWLAND MARTHA PIERCE RACHEL PIERCE FRANCESCA DERION MARY DALTON DURRICE NASH MUSIC MARJORIE DOIYNEY DOROTHY FISRE ERVINA Foss PHILOSOPHY HELEN ROSE PSYCHOLOGY MIRIAM MARSIIAIII. FLORENCE VVADSWORTH FLORENCE YVATSON FAITH VVELLS BETHENIA MCCREERY' NIARTIIA MCGRAW' EI.EANOR PIERCE PHYSICS ESTHER RANDALL ROMANCE LANGUAGES MARGARET EDWARDS ERVINA Foss MARION HAYES DOROTHY HIGGINS CATHERINE JEFFREY ALICE MASON EIIIEEN MACCARTHY EMILY MILLER MARTHA PIERCE HELEN RICHARDS HELEN ROSER SPANISH FLORA CHAPMAN ICLEA NOR KLOPIIENBURG ZOOLOGY 'DORIS FALES DOLORES FAY IDA CIENTI-IER ISABEI. HOLMES ELLEN HURLBUTT LOUISE JACK FRANCES HAVEN SYLVIA HOl.TON VALDA LYONS EDITH MlI,NER II62I HELEN RICE EU NICE WEBSTER C.YI'llIiRINIE JEFFREY EUNICE PIKE AlJIiI.1XIDE THORPE ELAINE WILSON ESTIIER WILSON I.UCY PICKETT GRACE TOMI-RINS JULIA MCDONNELL IVERNA PUTNAM ELAINE YVILSON JIZSSIE SCARIIOROUGH ROSALEA XVEYMOUTH RUTH WILCOx JESSIE XVILLIAMS ADELAIDE THORI'E ELIZABETH TRUMPER MILDRED NOBLE FAITH WEI.I.S HELIENE PICQUOT RUTH PRESTON RUTH SAUNDERS K.-X'I'E rI'YI,ER M.-XRGARIi'f WHITE Q JULIA SIMONDS MARJORIE TUCRER MARGARET TAYLOR FLORENCE WADSWORTH EUNICE VVEBSTER DOROTHY DARTT HELEN JOHNSON RUTH MILES IDA SCUDDER ' CHRISTINE 'SEWARD LOIS TODD MARGARET MOWBRAY ELIZABETH PETTINGILL HELEN SMITH HELEN XVOODS 3 552 if l l -, in 3 1. 4 3 .i-lliillIilllIfn1IiiL 11 Class Awards A Little Play Entitled "All Sorts and Conditions of Womeni' I with characters chosen by and from the Class of 1925 CAST Emily Post's Aid, the Social Light ....... The Make-Up Queen, Pompeian Beauty ..... Girl by Poiret, Snappiest Dresser ......... - The Class Vamp, Dangerous Curves ..... The Hope-Chester, Most Engaged .... Philosophy B3, Most Aesthetic .................. . . Most Original, Inward Ho ............ . . . .Kathryn Edie .......Helen Rose . . . Helen Richards . ....Peg Randall . . .Florence Dodge . .Francesca Deroin ....MaryAllenEdge Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Jr., Most Progressive ............. Cottrell and Leonard's Model, Best Looking in Cap and Gown. . . Blue Book Blues, Most Studious ........ The Heroine of Guillible's Travels ..... The Queen of the Walk-Arounds, Class Clown. Most Temperamental, a Lovely llflaenad . .Dorothy Watson . . . Helen Richards . .Margaret Porter ......Faith Wells .Elizabeth Trumper . . .Roberta Swartz Most Efficient, System ................. .... C atherine Nevius Most Curious, The Inquirer .......... Lost in the Fog, Most Absent-Minded. . Most All-Round, the Perfect Pearl ..... Queen of the Amazons, Most Athletic. . The Delphic Oracle, Most Loquacious.. C-R-R-R-A-S-H, lVIakes Most Breaks.. Hail Holyoke, Blue and White Forever A Woman for the Ages, Class Genius. . . . . . .Myrtle Jordan . . .Kathleen Green . . . .Kathryn Edie . . . . .Leila Hopper . . . .Catherine Nevius . . . . . .Faith Wells . ...... Helen Smith Most Individual, "Once in a Blue Moon" Syncopatriotic Baby, Class Jazz Hound. The Educator, being a Wise Cracker .... Calorie Chaser, the Class Skeleton ...... Class Gusher, Gilt-Edged Oil Stock .... Biggest Bluff, Brown Stone Front ..... I'1 631 . . .Roberta Swartz .Mary Allen Edge ......Peg Randall . .Catherine Nevius . . . .Marian Thrall . . . .Eleanor Pierce . . .Kathleen Green nr' Z Class Gen us Class skeled-on new 'YICBP Lookmq -vqcum , -, -Tig Most' cmous X mx 0 Enqa e gl'- lm OS m va mama! .5 Mosr Ae s+hehc. haf J Xgyilsoual I Llqhi' mass X Gusher I x U in le n . . . .. Ili III IMI ln rf, Lv, W "-2:-7: in s jj X LOQUB Q K U' an , M srq d K ,X '5 M v , ' ' I, 2 Q4 Km!! -fha ,, M. CW! 2 'X ' b . .. r 5 , wgp't NX f Q II64-I A Q -, n . il .i-II i:lmIIlTEgk ' 4 Mos? Gull nble, Mo T Inihvndual 'E' .N 1 mane 1 e s I W H D 1 'N Mosf .-- A Curious -. MOST Al I - arou nd Wise Cvacxev 51651 : v I . 'ii g V x X ZFX f Wan U J' Hiisfxd vs r " "" U" Sh-logl0US " """"j I. A Mosm- Abseni' Mmded I. .mlm 'U -" F W Ink lu I fx I -il :X i1 IIIII Mosi' Ind svldual M 1. fBnqqes1' El?f?nc.senT -b""9'C .fi Q ' .tx K ,t l li, , A zliif x ' bub":I!!:r:':: "" ww W-, I , Haul - Holqokev - ' ,W s . , 3 Q9 - Q K, W. I . ff fl ei g f 'll A 1, va 9911 Class Vamp - ' MOST 1 ' g si' 'Proqvesswe Dnrggggi- maj 5 I 1 I l i i Q I I I I 1 I 5 I I I v 1 E I ' ll I, ll a a u.. -iillmimlllgllallllwg l A Helga . Gurlh . Gyda . . . Arnfvid . . . Filjar, the Scald . Thanglzrand . Christian Priest . Gram . . . Dag . . Lodin . Ulf . . Clark . . . Sfurord Dancer . Spirit of the Marxh Helga Presented by the Class of 1925 November 24, 1923 THE CAST THE EXEC UTIVES . RUTH GREGORY CHRISTINE SEWARD BETHENIA MCCREERY . . JUNE HEATH . . VAI.nA LYONS . MARY SINCLAIR . ELEANOR PIERCE . MARION THRA'LL VIRGINIA DUI-'REsNE ELIZABETH OLMSTEAD . DoRo'rHY PYLE FRANCES MANNING . JULIA SIMONDS FRANCESCA DERoIN KATHARINE LEE, Chairman . . . . .... . CATHERINE NEVIUS, Coach RUTH FERTIG . HELEN BAKER, MARG DOROTHY SWEETSER HELEN BLYTH . MARY SINCLAIR . ELLEN HURLEUTT FRANCESCA DERoIN ALICE SCHREIBER . ARET WALKER MARGUERITE A'rwoon . MARGARET GOULD HELEN RICHARDS . I1671 . . . Wrztzng . . Costume: . Seen-ery . Music . Lighting Properties . Dancing . Publicity . . . Business . Stage Manager . Head Uxher ' 41 I WIN A A EM lx ,-elm im En-:T I -"'- -1- .f II' A IIGSI I! :EEE 5'-1 P "" 3" .- lIMl!IIlImY ' .- rl lllIl1lk 11691 -I I MF ,ff in ,U w"l!I W IIIH gk 1' 51703 I V mga l l a , ll a ll i d j .1 lm 'mu-:ll ily I l B 41 I I 51711 I5 IW D l .J li.-I I 3 ' ' I lllm 1h I172l 1 A ' .-n 'mlm I Ilimlii' I-Yllwq lm L-ul I 57 ilw W . ll o i I, - I f f ' E.. I I1731 I i' WIFIM ' .- I I lIIlnl1F 51741 l f - 'I , -ii ,,,1 ""'i llllllllll Ill 1 Q ll a i Q.. -iii llll, I ll' K 'K , , ff N it , X 'Q Q fe D :gli ix I 1 nfl ll 'I' 1 1 --T'-'.' "1 '-f'-'65 X 'ilvll l Q fe if 5 - 45 X NSilil1ylj.,'Ml1Gl "3 fllif ZZ: xqg pi an 177' Tl' Hwlllll lr '11 ' I ww .ls elif X h kg " -- T- 4.'e ' 5 'Q 1 ' ' X 1' 5 ff 5 ' f 1 J' J -.v re., In '11 , X - X5 '1 : X ?-f .ff 1. x -:.. M 7 21 lui:-7 Class Song of 1925 lllusiv by RACHEL BARRON 1911211012 ,1f0l'I1.Y by RUT11 ME.4D F12R'1'1o Once, long ago, those who guarded hid treasure We1'e met hy il griffin with offers of aiclg He that was child of the eagle and lion, Nothing could harm, nothing make him afrziid. We, Twenty-five, are the trihe of the g1'ifhng Unto the grifiin our t1'ez1sin'e we bearg "Silo MZll'tC,, our challenge, to wisdom and honor Yet with each other our hest we will share. Dearest possessions we heap up for trezlsure, Spray of the laurel, and hit of the green, Friendships, old sorrows, both lzihors :md plezlsure, Tools for our work, and visions we've seen. These are the riches that Holyoke has hronght ns, These the reward for work, weary and long. Come, let us praise her, our own Alma Nlater, Come, '1'wenty-five, let us join in her song. 51751 2 i 3 33 1 3 .1 liuillllll ' H 1 11 T W ll WU il ill ll Friday, June 5 7:30 VP. NI Saturday, func 6 10:00 A. lVI. 3:00 P. M. -1-:30 P. lVI. 6:30 P M. 9:30 P. M. Sunday, June 7 10:30 A. M. Rev. 7:30 P. M. flfonflay, June 8 9:00 A. NI. 10:30 A. lVI. 1 :00 P. M. 2:30 P. NI. 8:00 P M. Tilesflay, June 9 10:30 A. M. 1 :00 P. M. 8:00 P. M. ,,,, . Ili ina he f Commencement IC925 Executive Board Meeting of the Alumnae Association - .... . Alumnae Office Alumnae llleeting and Forum . . Chapin Auditorium Step Exercises Presidentls Reception 'to Alumnae . President's House Reunion Class Suppers followed by Alumnae Fete ..... VVilbur Banquet Hall Chapin Auditorium Senior Serenade . . Campus Baccalaureate Service .... lllary Lyon Chapel Williain Pierson Merrill of the Brick Presbyterian Church, New York City Vesper Service and Organ Recital . Mary Lyon Chapel President Woolley and lVIr. Hammond Meeting of Presidents of Local Associa- ' New York Room tions ...... Grove and Ivy Exercises Alumnae Luncheon . Trustee lVIeeting . . Dramatic Club Play . . Wilbur Banquet Hall President's Office Chapin Auditorium Chapin Auditorium Commencement Exercises . . . President James R. Angell, Yale University President's Luncheon .... Mead Hall Presidentls Reception to the Seniors and their Guests ..... President's House mai 4 ' - ,'w imim fll 51 .2-.. sv -'pg nnsgh-'WI in IU 5 X . IIIIIIIM I HH H- - UN 5' Il77l 1 IIIIIII .lIIIl- ,,. I lllm II The Class of Nineteen Hundred Twenty-Six ELEANOR L. ADAMS ELIZABETH HALSTED JOSEPHINE P. WELLS OLIVE SPRAGUE . HELEN DRIVER . MARY HARRING'l'ON OFFICERS . President 1'ice-President . I Secretary . Trezlsurer . Song Leader Sergerm t-at-fl rms EXECUTIVE BOARD AI.IcE NICLEAN RACHEL BoU'I'wELL URSULA SANDERS LEONORA HISCCJCK H781 17 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 4 1 1 1 L Illl I lui ii.. A A. Eff' GF 3952.,.. iiiilll !'m fr i .Ill . , lilln ic, .i-IIIII. ' ' , Abraham, Estelle Fischer Adams, Eleanor Louise . Adams, Norma . . Alden, Margaret Wheeler Allenach, Edith Elisabeth Allen Audrey . . . Atterberg, Clara Emelia Baker, Sarah Louise . Barber, Miriam Louise . Bartlett, Priscilla . . Beach, Barbara . . Belknap, Ruth Shellield Best, Harriet Delaphine Bickford, Sarah Marjorie Bidwell, Florence Estena Blakeslee, Marion Eaton Botsford, Carlyn Louise Boutwell, Rachel Niles . Brockway, Alice Melvin Buck, Louise Harwood . Buckley, Eveline Cecile Bursaw, Annah Louise . Butler, Catherine Richards Carey, Margaret . Chapin, Barbara . . Chase, Grace Mabelle . Clark, Janet Stirrat . Clough, Elizabeth Pauline Clow, Louise Elizabeth Cobb, Dorothy Chase . Collier, Harriott Sheldon Compton, Eleanor Phoebe Cooley, Katharine Ide . Cottle, Louise Chase . Cowan, Doris Emma . Crane, Elizabeth . . Daggett, Dorothy . Dean, Margery . 'T he Members 15 Brookside Ave., Nyack, N. Y. 118 Ash St., Reading, Mass. 95 Colberg Aye., Roslindale, Nlass. 334 S. 43rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. Marion, lllass. 462 Convent Ave., New York City Cato, N. Y. 503 East 21st St., Sioux Falls, S. D. 9 Vincent Place, Montclair, N. J. 140 School St., Braintree, Mass. 175 High St., Bristol, Conn. 210 Pleasant St., Framingham, Mass. 90 Enfield St., Thompsonville, Conn. 7 Rankin St., Worcester, Mass. 601 N. Main St., Springfield, Mass. 195 Seventh Ave., Troy, N. Y. 111 N. Channing St., Elgin, lll. 67 Shawssheen Road, Andover, Mass. 97 College St., South Hadley, Mass. 113 Grove St., East Orange, N. J. 15 Hadley St., South Hadley, Mass. 106 Hale St., Beverly, Mass. 92 Hillcrest Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Kenney Square, Pa. 87 Pineywoods Ave., Springfield, Mass 28 Auburn St., Concord, N. H. 9 Ashton Place, Cambridge, Mass. 209 State St., Bangor, Maine 183 Main St., Terryville, Conn. R. F. D. 4, Attleboro, Mass. Providence, Rhode Island 144 Grandview Road, Ardmore, Pa. 211 17th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 115 High St., Bristol, Conn. 20 Lamb St., South Hadley Falls, Mass 99 Division St., Amsterdam, N. Y. 34 Lafayette St., White Plains, N. Y. 152 High St., Taunton, Mass. fl79J -1 iii I illl 1 1 Iiilnfi I1 . il, o i I -' I ii 4 Deering, Edith ' . . Diefendorf, Katharine . Dodge, Florence Philbrick Dolman, Elizabeth Wawner Douglas, lklary Hudson Driver, Helen lrene . Dunn, Thelma ,lean Dunphey, Mary Alice . Eustis, Harriet Johonnott Eylers, Elizabeth Hope . Fairley, Frances . Felt, Helen . . . Ferris, Janet 1VlcGregor Fish, Margaret Rosamond Fiske, Josephine Ella . Fiske, Virginia Helen . Flagg, Dorothea Kimball Foote, Louise Selina . Fowler, Caroline . Fox, Mary Amanda Gaul, Katherine Ray . Geer, Dorothy Lovelace Glendon, Constance . Gray, Ruth Elizabeth . Green, Miriam Benton . Guild, Dorothy Louise . Hadley, Nlargaret Cayvan Haff, lwarjorie Gilbert . Hallett, Rebecca Emeline Halstead, Elizabeth . Harrington, lVIary . Harris, Katherine Ross . Hippler, Evelyn Margaret Hiscock, Leonora Adeline Hodges, Elizabeth . . Holding, Laura Anne . Honey, Frances Maria . Hook, Kathaine Yoder . Horton, Charlotte Elizabeth Howard, Helen Holt . 510 Oecan Ave., Portland, Nlaine. 351 VVilliams St., East Orange, N. J. 3708 42nd Ave., Seattle, VVash. 718 Vernon Rd., Stenton, Philadelphia, 1800 lllarket St., Harrisburg, Pa. 52 Adams St., lVIelrose, lVIass. 326 Park St., Hackensack, N. 351 E. 25th St., Paterson, N. J. 85 Church St., Winchester, Mass. 248 S. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 180 Cypress Ave., Flushing, N. Y. Nassau, Rens. Co., N. Y. 1615 Sunset Ave., Utica, N. Y. Cushing Ave., Freeport, lllaine 109 High St., Greenfield, Mass. Rivermoor, Scituate, Mass. 22 School St., Andover, Mass. 180 S. VVhitney St., Hartford, Conn. R. F. D. 14, Concord, N. H. 320 W. 22nd St., Kearney, Neb. Morse Ave., Ridgefield, N. J. 410 Furman Campus, Greenville, S. C. 89 Prospect St., Fall River, Mass. 249 Boulevard, Summit, N. 285 Aycrigg Ave., Passaic, N. 1569 Alameda Ave., Lakewood, O. -15 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass. 113 Chauncey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Arden, R. F. D. 2, VVilmington, Del. 308 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y 595 Ashland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Hanover, Mass. 27 Manchester Place, Buffalo, N. Y. Wilton, Maine 30 Prospect St., Taunton, Mass. 354 Ninth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. 9 Grand St., Seymour, Conn. 210 Windsor St., Reading, Pa. 62 Downing St., New Haven, Conn. 703 George St., New Haven, Conn. mol P F' r 1 1 i r 1 1 ' l l a ll a El i a -all 1 il I I ,-, I Howland, Diary Eleanor Hubbard, Ursula Phalla . Hyde, Ruth Elizabeth . Jackson, Josephine Mudge . Jameson, Dorothy Hazard . Johnson, Dorothy Alice . Jones, Eleanor . . Jones, Eleanor Hagman Jones, Mary Hoxie . Judge, Esther Louise . Kinsman, Clara Christine . Krantz, Anita Louise . . Kurth, Elizabeth Dorothea . Lane, Elinor Maude . . Laubner, 'Mildred Hohmann. Lawrence, Gladys Louise . Leland, Cora Lillis . . Lemon, Alice Katherine . Littlefield, Dorcas Alice . Lucchini, Katherine Edith . MacCarthy, Anna Felice . MacGi11ivray, Mildred Winifred McGraw, Martha Elizabeth McGunigle, Gertrude Evangeline MacKerracher, Alice Thirza McLaughlin, May Evelyn . McLean, Alice Coulter . MacLean, Bernice Louise Macnab,Al1eyne . . ., Masse, Frances Charlotte . Maus, Catherine Flora . . Merdinger, Marie Loretta . Merwin, Mary . . . Millard, Eleanor Adams . Miller, Eileen fMae . Mitani, Fumiko . . Moore, Gladys Meredith . 'Moore, Grace Lucile . Moore, Olive Johnson . Morgan, Frances Swasey . irfrlill llll 1'2- -H' Crary Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 327 Washington St., Monroe, Mich. 580 E. 22nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 344 Campbell St., Williamsport, Pa. 209 Dartsmouth St., Rochester, N. Y. 106 Quaker Lane, Hartford, Conn. Millis, Mass. Millwood, N. Y. Haverford, Pa. 1 Crescent Lane, S. Hadley Falls, Mass. 64 Central St., Gardner, Mass. 311 14th. St., Honesdale, Pa. 2039 Columbus Ave., Roxbury, lVIass. R. F. D. 2, Box 6, Spencer, Mass. 277 Ward St., Newton Centre, Mass. Rhodesia, South Africa Mill St., Sherborn, Mass. 32 S. 21st St., Richmond, lnd. 5 Prescott St., Lynn, Mass. Coe Ave., Meriden, Conn. 17 Allyn St., Holyoke, Mass. 114 Bayview Ave., Port Washington, N. Cortland, N. Y. 52 Colberg Ave., Roslindale, Mass. Y. 515 Watertown Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 15 Yale Terrace, West Orange, N. J. 78 W. King St., Shippensburg, Pa. 647 Cooke St., Waterbury, Conn. 1223 Lenox Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Passumpsic St., Johnsbury, Vt. 370 Gowen Ave., Mt. Airy, Philadelp 504 Valley Road, West Orange, N. J. 62 Imlay St., Hartford, Conn. 52 Hillside Road, Watertown, Mass. 11 Oliver St., Worcester, lVIass. Demizu, Shichihonmatsu, Kyoto, Japan 81 Waldeck St., Dorchester, Mass. 16 C'ordova St., Augustine, Fla. 31 Walniit St., Arlington, Mass. 1611 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 11811 hia ESE ESP if 1... .1 .lllllllllillr L Nellis, Muriel Geniveve Oliver, Mary Evelyn Owen, Margaret Clara Palmer, Virginia . Patton, Jane . . Paul, Kathryn Ella Pearson, Helen . . Pedley, Catharine Barbour Perry, Evelyn Frances . Pierce, Elizabeth . . Pierpont, Helen . Pratt, Lenore North . Preston, Ruth Stuart . Quinn, Pearle Elizabeth Rankin, Virginia Lou . Raymond, Helen Wingate Redhead, lldary . . Rhoads, Elizabeth . . Richter, Margaret Hale Robertson, lVIary Agnes Ronalds, Lucille Nadine Rose, Helen 1VIary . Rothwell, Doris Phelps . Rough, Emily Elizabeth Rowley, Elizabeth Frances Ryan, Doris Nlargaret . Ryder, Elizabeth Jane . St. Denis, Barbara . Salisbury, Katherine Pharis Sanders, Ursula Greelev Sanford, Mary Patchin Sawyer, Helen Battles . Schantz, Mary Rosanna Scoon, Carolyn . . Scott, Marjorie lsobel . Seaver, Azuba Ruth . Sefton, Carolyn . Simon, Helen Louise . Smith, Louise Gay -1 1 I llll . 10 Westbourne St., Roslindale, Mass. . 704 Washington St., Bath, Maine. . 40 Park St., Hyde Park, Mass. . King St., Portchester, N. Y. . 989 Maple Ave., Hartford, Conn. . 425 de Balivere Ave., St. Louis, Mo. . Box 56, Oak Bluffs, Mass. . 144 Hancock St., Auburndale, Mass. . 43 Bracebridge Rd., Newton Centre, Mass . 46 Clifton Pk., Melrose Highlands, Mass . Maple Hill Farm, Waterbury, Conn. . 3504 Woolxvortli Ave., Omaha, Neb. . 42 Preston St., Hathorne, Mass. . 28 Rivell Ave., Northampton, Mass. . 13 Nevens St., Portland, Me. . -114 Bershine St., Oak Park, Ill. . 110 Wilbert Road, Lakewood, Ohio . Route 3, Box 3, Moorestown, N. J. . 392 School St., Watertown, Mass. . 136 E. Fourth St., Emporium, Pa. . Eldorado, lll. . 1932 E. 82nd St., Cleveland, O. . 35 S. Parsons Ave., Flushing, N. Y. . 4 Ferdinand Pl., New Rochelle, N. Y. . 817 Liberty St., Erie, Pa. . 33 Francis St., Malden, Mass. . 12 Prospect St., Cobleskill, N. Y. . 340 Forest St., Medford, Mass. . 1810 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. . 5 Cummings Ave., Concord, N. H. . 22 Park Ave., Suffren, N. Y. . 21 Cheater St., Lowell, Mass. . 760 Potomac Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. . 4-1-1 Castle St., Geneva, N. Y. . 1-1--1 Hancock St., Auburndale, Mass. . 302 Grove St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. . Derry Village, N. H. . 221 Garfield Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 291 Thurston Road, Rochester, N. Y. 11821 t -1-n.... .f Ill' I , Smith, Mary Wilson . Smyth, Roberta Beebe . Snow, Hildegarde Mary - . Speare, Margaret Louise . Spofford, Helen lVIarian Sprague, Olive . Stacy, Faith Louise . Steadman, Julia Mohr . . Stevens, Frances Copeland . Stowe, Jessie Louise . . Stubbs, Alice Elizabeth . . Swain, Dorothy Muriel . Symonds, Helen . . Tapley, Dorothy Sprague . Tatnall, Frances Rhoads . Taylor, Margaret Jean . . Thomas, Winifred Alice . Thompson, lvlarjorie Evelyn Thomson, Phyllis Kingsley . Towne, Ethel Sylvia . . Tweedie, Agnes Kerr . Tyler, Kate Stewart . . Wadsworth, Helen Elizabeth Walker, Ruth Eleanor . . Ware, Elizabeth . Warren, Jean Craige . Waterhouse, Anne Starr Wells, Anna lVIary . Wells, Josephine Phelps Wentworth, Marion . . Whitcomb, Carol Bradford . Whitney, Elizabeth . . Williams, Dorothy Helen . Williams, Helen Page . Wilson, Julia Henrietta . Wocker, Hermine . . Wolcott, Dorothy Chapin . Woodbury, Lois Annette . .- rrlill I lllu lla. . 211 S. Juliana St., Bedford, Pa. . 36 Churchill St., Springfield, Mass. . 79 Dexter St., lVIalden, Mass. . 520 Watchung Road, Bound Brook, N. . Bank St., Batavia, N. Y. . +62 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. . South Hadley, Mass. 513 Chestnut St., Mifflinburg, Pa. 320 Flower Ave., Watertown, N. Y. . Stepney, Conn. 827 Tatnall St., Wilmington, Del. 10 Mirada Stanford University, Calif. . 94 Ash St., Reading, Pa. 30 Brockton Ave., Haverhill, Mass. 1204 Rodney St., VVilmington, Del. 2322 E. 2nd St., Long Beach, Calif. West Hill, Riverdale, New York City 1415 Ave. G., Brooklyn, N. E. 300 Madison St., Fall River, Mass. . Williamstown, Mass. 200 Payson Road, Belmont 78, Mass. 216 Gibson St., Canandaigua, N. Y. Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, L. I. 39 Aldrich St., Roslindale, Mass. 96 Lorraine Ave., Upper Montclair, N. 432 W. Stafford St., Germantown, Pa . 154 Wakefield St., New Haven, Conn. . 4-708 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas . R. F. D. 70, Holliston, Mass. . 67 Summer St., Salem, lVIass. . Holbrook, Mass. . South Ashburnham, Mass. . 19 Park Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. . 3500 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. . Nanking, China . 163 25th Ave., San Francisco, Cal. . 26 Irvington St., Springfield, lllass. . 59 Arlington St., Nashua, N. H. mai I -I llliill I lil A . 5 - .-fiiw - R if li lk 4 -l-ni.-.. 1-alll ll - Prologue ..... Shylock, a dealer in junk . Henry Macbeth, a murderer Lady Macbeth, who likes the sight of blood . Hamlet, a dark man seeking revenge . . Ophelia, an anti-modernist . Duncan, absent in body . Portia, a criminal lawyer . Wh8t,S ln 8 Name? DRAMATIS PERSONAE Caesar, a politician .... Brutus, Caesar's campaign manager . Antony, Everyman's rival . . Cleo, a vampire at large . . Romeo, in love . . Juliet, also in love . . . . Rosenbaum Guildenstein Men about town . Kate Pete Newlyweds .... K. I , K. Members of Macduffs Klan . K. Grave Diggers, for atmosphere . Helena . A h : : . Dememus mong t ose present Jenkins, a butler . . . Goldie Dustie iaccompanying Cleo Reporter . . Two Urchins . Newsboy . . Messenger Boy Radio Chairman of Show . Coach Author Critic Business Manager . Costumes . . . Scenery . . Properties Lightning . Music Tickets Ushers Publicity . CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Lian Elizabeth Stubbs May McLaughlin Eleanor jones Christine Kinsman Hermine WVocker Norma Adams Evelyn Perry Katharine Salisbury Frances Honey Frances Park Eleanor Adams Eleanor Howland Anita Krantz Katharine Diefendorf ,S Louise Smith I Josephine Jackson ll Barbara St. Dennis I Elizabeth Eylers Alice Lemon Dorothy WVilliams Mary Smith l' Frances Tatnall 1 Faith Stacy l' Harriet Best l Elizabeth Rowley Elizabeth Halsted pl Elizabeth Clough l Dorothy Geer Leonora Hiscock S Frances Stevens lLilIis Leland Helen Raymond , Charlotte Horton Alice MacKerracher Josephine VVells Marjorie Scott Muriel Nellis Mrs. Ha rriet VVhicher Dorothy Tapley Ursula Sanders Katherine Gaul Evelyn Oliver Alice McLean Doris Cowan Catherine Mans Helen Spollord Elizabeth Kurth ll Q 31, II! A 5 lf' "' '-L Rall? Emu Iilf - fi 1 r 1 . fil . ' K . ,, ill!-Inn What,s ln A Name The weary scholar shuts his tome, Falls fast asleep and dreams of Rome. Act l. The corner, hard by Shylock's shop, XVas quite unguarded by the cop. And there, when Rome was brave and Dark deeds befell, untold by tongue. There Caesar, on his box of soap, Orated all the old-'time dope. There Antony and Cleo met To sit upon the bench and pet. Young Hamlet, with uneasy eye, Saw Cleo's face, while passing by. And' he who took poor Duncan's life, Macbeth, passed by beside his wife. But oh, the clue that lost them hope Was nothing but a piece of soap. Dead Duncan's spirit Hickered back To put young Hamlet on the track. I1851 young lllllllnf fri? U -.. fe ' Act ll. A graveyard is thc destined end Of me, myself, and you, my friend. Here Hamlet's father was at rest, Here Portia came, by due requestg And Here too, Hamlet formed the plan For finding out the guilty man, But it appeared, through Portia's wit, A Woman was the cause of it! Then Portia called the K. K. K To finish up the holiday. Of course Mark Antony was late In keeping an important date Because fair Cleo bade him stay While all the puhlic cried "Away!" Meanwhile, a small domestic scene Was called upon to intervene. A married couple, Pete and Kate, Sat down upon a grave to waitg Their mighty motor could Il0t pass Because the tank was low on gas. I1861 2:41 lun: n --1 Ill I lll is. s .llllllllltlll . Act Ill. The Macbethls house, at ten of nine, Was quite the place for one to dine. There, stylish Rome, a few nights hence, Made merry at my lord's expense. The radio was then the way To make the dullest party gay, And Cleopatra, sweet young thing, WVas pressed upon to dance and sing. But I-Iamlet's mind at such a time, So deeply brooding on the crime, Was not upset when it was cried That fair Ophelia had died, He would have caused his hostess' death But for the valor of Macbeth. That noble lord, without a gun Killed all the party, one by one. Then gave the dagger to his wife, YVho, most obliging, took his life. Then, feeling warm and somewhat pale, She drank a glass of ginger ale. But oh, too late! VVhat could she do? She had put poison in the brew! The moral of this tale, we think, Is, "Never safe to take Z1 drink." D871 IIS I -. ni n j a .i-lillrliiiinililllllil. ' 15 Dish-Mop on the Juniors T I like this college. It has its faults, I admit. It goes too far when it tries to keep me white. But as a whole, it is very satisfactory, and I am never happier than when I am sitting under the junior lunch Counter getting educated. I have never been able to decide whether I like the juniors because they run junior lunch, or like junior lunch because the Juniors run it. They are so kind about that lunch. Whenever there is a little left, and they don't Want to wait till someone buys it, they slide it below the counter and leave it to my discretion. I call that gener- ous. I love generous people. T They had me all of a twitter for a while in the fall. Their conversation was very disquieting. In low voices they talked of poison and suicide and wholesale death, and stopped their talking when any one came by. They were going to "show" something or someone, and they were so determined that I was nervous about eating their sand- wiches. This was a passing fancy, though, and when they had "showed," they were themselves again. Now that they are juniors, they are upper something. Upper class, or upper crust-I think that is it. They expect freshmen, who are related to them in some mysterious manner, to stand about and admire them at all times, and go to get their mail after second period. I heard of two casualities among the freshmen because of the mail habit, and I lost a great tuft from my tail myself, by stopping too long to explore the waste-basket, just at that time. The juniors are sure of one thing, they are all going to make Fly Bait. They say they signed for it when they were freshmen. I wonder what is attractive about being a Fly Baiter. I have always wanted to know what they do upstairs on Sunday morning. They put on white pinafores and take several drinks of water, and go up and make a great noise. I went to see, once, but Mr. Burnham put me out. Now they are excited about a new thing, "Prom," they call it. They are going to buy a lot of new clothes, and spend a lot of money, and then it is all over. All they expect to get for it is a pin. If they walked as close to the ground as I do, and saw all the lost hair pins and safety pins that I see, they wouldn't go to so much trouble for another one. W Let them amuse themselves as they like, I don't mind. As long as they appear every morning with my lunchfin the post oHice corridor, I shall be faithful to them, whatever their idiosyncracies. I1881 ...IPIT1l I nn nk f HHWI' HIS ' Usoj www lull b Inn az. 4 I1901 l A "--- -- ..-.ImlI!IiH..,I5L X X f lf 4 f f ff f I M, X I X 140 3 . KX XX 712 5 " gf, l.,, , X 1 3 ff X ffl lx gi f V 4' A ' ' Mllnf. 'Ull -11 Yu- A E- Ecu lf I' Sf. gnlq 4 Fw1l'ImIMw ' . . IMD' ' M - i l -i-, Q illlllhii K' 2 - .. ' f ' f,3,QjLi.g5xi , . :za f, , . :x. . I u - -, x xg... f .X ,Q , 'Q 15545 f.5-'JL 5'5Y!'.1'+, Sf: " , K r' g g. 35551 -v ,g,, L, 3, "lr wi -1 lin A The Class of Nineteen Hunclrecl Twenty-SeOen TI-IIC OFFICERS LUCY C. S'l'RlZlE'I' . . . . . Presirlent KA'rmsR1N1z H. KE1.1.oNn . Wire-l'rf'sia'e11z MARY' BA1,13N'1'INrz Axmzrzsox . Secretary Es'1'H12R J. SMEAD . . Trwzsurer LUCILLE D.'XCCllZ'l"I' . Song Leader LUCILE DUIJGITKJN . . Swgfflzlt-111-flrllls 11921 4 Ackland, Frances B. Adams, Edith . Adams, Margaret A. Ahrends, Ruth E. . Aldrich, Madeline E. Alger, Virginia . Allen, Olive E. . Ames, Elizabeth H. Anderson, Mary B. Anthony, Ruth E. . Armstrong, Lois . Arnold, Caroline . Ashley, Alta . . Avery, Eunice Baker, Jane L. . Baker, Rena . . Baldwin, Catherine L. Barnes, Virginia . Barnett, Martha M. Bartholomew, Elizabeth Bascom, Margaret Bastress, Catherine Beale, Elizabeth S. Beattie, Jeanne E. . Bellows, Catherine Benner, Miriam C. Bennett, Alice L. . Bernard, Helen K. . Bigglestone, Doris . Bilheimer, Frances M. Blair, Eleanor . Blodget, Louise P. Boardman, Cordelia Bosworth, Abbie L. Boyce, Elizabeth . Boylan, Dorothy . Bradley, Lois R. . Bradshaw, Elizabeth Brennan, Grace C. Broas, Marjorie H. Bromley, Jeannette H. Broome, Hope . Brown, lrma M. . Brownell, lklargaret E. Bunker, Miriam . Burrow, Dorothy . Burton, Katherine . The Members 1471 Fair Ave., Columbus, O. 673 Hudson Ave., Albany, N. Y. -1-3 Berkelev Ave., Lowell, Mass. c-o Maj. Ahrends, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. 124 Providence St., Worcester, lVIass. 1602 Edison Ave., Detroit, lVIich. 224 State St., Flushing, N. Y. 89 Prospect St., Somersworth, N. H. 137 Nliami Ave., Franklin, O. 35 Adams Ave., Saugus, Mass. 171 Hancock St., Cambridge, Mass. 73 Broad St., Wethersfield, Conn. 12 Allston Heights, Allston, Mass. Oakfield, N. Y. - Brook St., Framingham, Mass. 15 Ramsay Place, Albany, N. Y. 73 Washington Ave., Oxford, N. Y. 130 Mullin St., Watertown, N. Y. -1-2 Chapel St., Kingston, N. Y. 33 Church St., Victor, N. Y. 445 Washington St., Newton, Mass. 55 Middleton St., Jamaica, N. Y. Main St., Sandwich, Mass. 7 W. 92nd St., New York, N. Y. 155 Castle St., Great Barrington, 1VIass. 5114 Cuming St., Omaha, Neb. 26 Holbrook St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 305 McBride St., Syracuse, N. Y. 60 Morgan St., Melrose Highlands, Mass 15 Charlotte St., White Plains, N. Y. 300 Park St., Hackensack, N. J. 3 1 5111 Wister St., Germantown, Philadelphia, la Chittenango, N. Y. 74-1 Highland Ave., Elgin, lll. 217 83rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 530 VV. Lovell St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Seekonk, Mass. 27 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 147 Suffolk St., Holyoke, lVIass. 9 Brookside Place, New Rochelle, N. Y. 271 Sherman Ave., New Haven, Conn. 5 Eagle Rd.,Monoa Upper Darby P.O., Pa 31 Prospect St., Whitinsville, Mass. 720 Park Ave., Elyria, O. 15 Union Place, Bangor, lwe. Canyon, Texas Trumbull, Conn. 51931 I ll 1-ESE? ii' ll .1 ni . . g a ,. ilnlllll ' ll' ' jj Cain, Evelyn . Calwell, Eleanor . Campbell, lllary . Cann, Muriel E. . Carter, Edith . . Chickering, Antoinette Cizek, Agnes S. . Clark, Helen M. . Clark, Mildred . Clinch, Aileen . Clough, Carmencita Colburn, Adelaide Collins, Marion . Cook, Elinor . . Cornell, Catherine B. Coster, Elizabeth . Courain, Alice M. Courtney, Marian H. Crane, Beulah . Crutchfield, Catherine Daggett, Lucille . Daley, Blanche R. Daley, lVIargery . Dann, Edna M. . Davis, Rosalind E. Davis, Theodosia . DeGraff, Lena T. Dickinson, E. Louise Dickinson, Helen E Dorman, Dorothea Dud.geon, Lucile . Dunlap, Nlartha W. Dyer, Elizabeth . Dyer, Hope . . Eastburn, H. Lillian Edmands, lvlary E. Edwards, Dorothy M. Eisenacher, Lois . Eisenacher, Ruth . Ela, Ellen . . Eldredge, Emily . Elliott, Ella M. . Elliott, Lois E. . Fairman, Ruth E. Farley, llliriam S. Fellows, Adeline H. Fernald, Florice . Ferry, Evelyn . . Wissahickson Sc Westview Sts., Germantown, P: . 290 Upp 873 S. 15th St., Newark, N. J. 255 Cumberland Ave., Ashville, N. C. 114 Newton St., Marlborough, Mass. 1-1-5 Chestnut St., Montclair, N. J. Haven St., Dover, Mass. 41 Ridge St., Binghamton, N. Y. 15 Harrison St., Newton Highlands, Mass 1892 Riverdale St., W. Springfield, Mass 46 Barker Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Poultney, Vt. Grove St., Holliston, Mass. 5 Rutherford Ave., Haverhill, Mass. 20 Olyphant Park, Morristown, N. J. Penn Yan St., Prattsburg, N. Y. 445 Lawn Ridge Rd., Orange, LN. J. 729 W. Fourth St., Plainfield, N. 305 W. -1-6th St., New York, N. Y. 215 Greenwood Ave., Madisori, N. J. Beaver Rd., Sewickley, Pa. . Proctor, Vermont. Chatham, N. Y. Chatham, N. Y. 108 N. lVIaple Ave., East Orange, N. J. 950 VV. Maumee St., Adrian, Mich. 15 Putnam Ave., Braintree, Mass. 12 Clinton St., Amsterdam, N. Y. 19 Carew St., So. Hadley Falls, Mass. 56 No. Pleasant Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 72-1 Hackett Ave., lVlilwaukee, Wis. 15 Carman Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 30 Columbus Ave., Haverhill, Mass. 21 Cranston Ave., Newport, R. l. 169 Halsted St., East Orange, N. J. 89 Madison Ave., Newtonville, Mass. 28 Prospect Hill, Brattleboro, Vt. 254 Carmita Ave., Rutherford, N. J. 25-1 Carmita Ave., Rutherford, N. J. 1101 Grant St., Madison, Wisconsin. 74 Laurel St., Melrose, Mass. 297 Townsend Ave., New .I-Iaven, Conn . 203 Ballantyne Ave., N. Montreal West, Que 127 So. Pleasant St., Amherst, Mass. 415 Grand St., Susquehanna, Pa. 26 Middle St., Gloucester, Mass. 34 Gould Rd., Arlington, Mass. College Hill, Clinton, N. Y. 51941 I. er Mountain Ave., Upper Moiitclair, N. J. Y 5 B 5f:lT'? ' , " 1 I1I1Il!Iill1 . .-i U. ll o i I . -ill 11 I A , Fitzsimmons Annab lle C. . . ' 5 , e Fleming, Elizabeth P. Folant, Donna B. . Fraser, Dorothy M. Frederick, Edna C. Frost, Dorothy R. . Frost, Marjorie . Fullerton, Lema P. Fulton, Mary V, Funck, Erma M. . Galbraith, Lois . Garey, Doris B. . Gay, Elizabeth H. George, Margaret Goodhue, Alice . Grant, Nlarion C. Graves, Dorothy B. Graves, Mildred H. Griffin, Ruth E. . Grosvenor, Mabel H. Gundry, Rachel K. Haas, Alice . . Hadcock, Editha . Hamlin, Rebecca L. Hannan, Ruth M. Hardy Winona B. Hart Helen Hastings, Elizabeth Hayden, Alice NI Herb Dorothv C Herbert Eleanor E Hewitt, Dorothy C. Hibbard, Lois H. . Hitchcock, Frances J. Holbrook, Mary M. . . , , . . . Harrington, Marguerite G. . , .... . , U J. . . , . . . ' 7 A Hollman, Dorothea Holroyd, Florence I. C-0 Honey, Helen E. . Hood, Adelaide . Horr, Eleanor L. . Horton, Anna S. . Howland, Frances Hull, Marion E. . Huntrcss, Erminie G. Hutchings, Lois M. Hyde, Helen . . Ilsley, Helen . . 2600 Marion Ave., The Bronx, N. Y. 8 Bertram St., Beverly, Mass. 22 High St., Stoneham, Mass. 239 Fitch St., New Haven, Conn. 5 Bolton St., So. Hadley Falls, Mass. 17 Cedar St., Fairhaven, Mass. 307 Pleasant St., Belmont, Mass. 74 VVindham St., Willimantic, Conn. 2320 Woodland Ave., Duluth, Minn. 83 Prospect St., Bristol, Conn. 154 Greenwood Ave., Wyncote, Pa. 46 Whitman St., East Weymouth, Mass. 67 Winter St., Norwood, Mass. 214 Sterling St., Watertown, N. Y. 36 Kernwood St., Malden, Mass. Easthampton Rd., Northampton, Mass. 65 Elliott Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. ' Off Beacon St., Marblehead, Mass. 189 Christiana St., No. Tonawanda, N. Y 1328 18th St., Washington, D. C. Athol, Catonsville, Md. Saxonwoods Rd., White Plains, N. Y. 69 Cypress St., Brookline, Mass. Great Meadows, N. J. 240 Queen Anne Place, Milwaukee, Wis 9241- Forest Ave., Evanston, Ill. . lVIain St., Williamsville, N. Y. 724 North Lake Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 54 Alden St., Springfield, Mass. 80 Mechanic St., Athol, Mass. 37 Lexington Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y 13 Circuit Rd., Winthrop, Blass. 31 College Place, Middletown, Conn. 102 Cambridge St., Lawrence, Mass. 13 Prospect St., Auburn, Me. 729 N. Blain Ave., Springfield, Mo. 129 Glen Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. R. D. 4, Box 178, Bridgeport, Conn. Rev. C. S. Holton, Oldtown Parsonage, Newburyport, Mass 9 Grand St., Seymour, Conn. Tacoma, Wash. A 51 S. llth St., Newark, N. J. 15 Dearborn St., Salem, Mass. Athens, N. Y. 112 Broad' St., Middletown, Conn. 1428 North St., Pittsfield, Mass. 188 Woodside Ave., Newark, N. J. Ellington, Conn. 90 1Valton Pk., Melrose Highlands, Mass I1951 lgl a ll . a a .qillmililllglllllllllikk 4 A Ingalls, Grace W. lrvine, Sarah L. . Jarman, Elsie K. . Jenkins, H. Dorothy Jennings, Clarice lvl. Jenss, Doris R. . Johnson, Barbara . Johnson, Mary M. Jones, Rebecca B. . Joslyn, Jean . . Judson, E. Virginia Keevil, Alice B. . Kellond, Katherine H. Kenyon, Asenath M. Koons, Elizabeth . Kremer, Frances . Kroog, Helen D. . Kuechle, M. Katherine Ladd, Catharine . Lane, Emily P. . Lawler, E. Margaret Leavens, Helen M. Levers, Elizabeth D. Locke, Helen . . Luther, Clarice B. Lyon, Miriam P. . McAlpine, Dorothy B. McClellan, Helen . McClenahan, Edna G. McCrillis, Ernestine McGill, Martha . lVIcKown, Helen E. Marble, Manette . lVIidgley, Mildretl E. Miller, llflary L. . Mills, F. Estelle . Mills, Lorraine A. Miner, Doris E. . lwontgomery, Florence lVIorris, Jessie C. . Morse, Alice M. . lVIorse, Eleanor VV. Nazro, Eleanor . Nebel, Dorothy . Neill, lVI. Eleanor . Nelson, Lillian 1. . Newton, Darthea A. Nourse, Dorothy F. 7 Holden St., Danvers, Mass. 439 N. McKean St., Butler, Pa. 108 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. Washington Ave., Jermyn, Pa. East Hardwick, Vt. 824 Maple Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 638 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 21 Ash St., Reading, Mass. R. D. 1, Bridgeport, Conn. 252 Maple St., Lynn, Mass. 278 Middlesex St., North Andover, Mass 28 Monroe St., Port Washington, N. Y 2804 34th Pl., Washington, D. C. Chittenango, N. Y. 400 Oak St., Syracuse, N. Y. 6392 Overbrook Ave., Overbrook, Pa. 891 Great Plain Ave., Needham, Mass. 2038 E. 102nd St., Cleveland, O. 22 Chamberlain Parkway,Worcester, Mass 15 Dwight St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 91 Rockview Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 50 Tuscan Rd., Maplewood, N. J. 1048 Grand Concourse, New York, N. Y 16 Evergreen St., Framingham, Mass. 126 Main St., Amherst, Mass. 13 Pratt Court, Worcester, Mass. ll Summit St., Batavia, N. Y. 205 Madison Ave., Newark, N. Y. 416 Boston Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 78 Gale Ave., Laconia, N. H. 148 Linden St., Wellesleyf, Mass. 54 Wyoming Ave., Tunkhannock, Pa. 424 S. Burke St., Ft. Scott, Kan. 10 Clay St., Worcester, Mass. Deanston, N. Y. 228 Elbertson St., Elmhurst, N. Y. 125 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J 247 Suffolk St., Holyoke, Mass. 52 Crary Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. Wonju, Korea, Japan. Windsor Locks, Conn. Knowlton Ave., Shrewsbury, Mass. 205 Court Rd., Winthrop, Mass. 5 Circle, Rochelle Pk.,New Rochelle, N.Y. 237 E. 194th St., New York, N. Y. 422 Groveland St., Haverhill, Mass. Collinsville, Conn. Westboro, 1VIass. 11961 i.. , Ni .. N i " .Li U. il I -' I 4 de Noyelles, Dorothy Noyes, Catherine L. Nunn, Louise V. . Nunn, Mary L. . O'Brien, Mary F. . Oliphant, Dolores . Olson, Ebba S. . Palmer, Elizabeth G. . Park, Frances R. . Parker, Anne F. . Patey, Harriette W. Payson, Emily P. . Phillips, Helen . Phillips, Jane K. . Pike, Emily . . Pond, Elizabeth O. Pope, Nancy T. . Porter, Alice L. Pratt, Felma A. Prisk, Lillie M. . Radford,'1VIary H. Reese, Helen E. . Reid, Muriel R. . Remington, Gail . Rice, Catherine S. . Rice, Frances R. . Ridgway, Ida C. . Ritter, Hilda B. . Robinson, Grace F. Rodgers, Laura J. . Rogers, Virginia E. Roper, Dorothy L. Ross, Winifred F. . Rowland, Virginia Roy, Dorothy E. . Ruggles, Helen G. Rushworth, Ruth E. Russell, Mary.H. . Sears, Phoebe E. . Shaw, Winifred C. Shelley, Mary B. . Shepperd, Elizabeth E Shultes, Doris . Simon, Catharine . Sizer, Margaret G. Skedd, Doris E. . Smead, Esther J. . nl llllflll I . State Rd., Havcrstraw, N. Y. . 188 Federal St., Greenfield, Mass. . 205 Spruce St., Farmville, Va. . 725 Lake D1'ive, Milwaukee, VVis. . 227 Chestnut St., Watertoxxfn, N. Y. . 324 Greenwood Pl., Syracuse, N. Y. . 19 Sachem St., Springfield, Mass. . Lima, N. Y. . Addison, N. Y. , 28-10 Woodland Drive, Washington, D. C 57 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville, Nlass. . 191 Fourth Ave., East Orange, N. Ll. . 136 Chili Ave., Rochester, N. Y. . 503 Ewing St., Fremont, O. . Danielson, Conn. 167 Summit Ave., Upper lVIontclair, N. J 132 Franklyn Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 152 N. Sandusky St.,'Tiffin, O. 4 Pierce St., Middleboro. Mass. 714 W. Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. 746 Algoma St., Oshkosh, Wis. 224 Kingsboro Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. . 15 Day Ave., Suffield, Conn. . 281 Reynolds Terrace, Orange, N. J. . 103 East Sixth Street, Jamestown, N. Y . Hewlett, Long Island, N. Y. 70 W. Euclid Ave., Detriot, lXfIich. . 660 Chestnut St., Springfield, Mass. 503 W. Michigan Ave., Tampa, Fla. . East Northneld, Mass. 5815 Northumberland Ave, Pittsburg, Pa I Walnut St., Holden, Mass. . 37 Lake Ave., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. . 66 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 15 Webster St., St. Johnsbury, Vt. . 420 Washingtox1 St., Dorchester, Mass. . 12 Lake View Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. . 237 Fairmount Ave., Hyde Park, Mass . Hyannis, Mass. . 1197 Grand Ave., Asbury Park, N. J. . 38 Early St., Morristown, N. . 328 Northern Ave., Indianapolis, . Preston Hollow, N. Y. . 312 Lennox Drive, Toledo, O. Y . 131 E. 2nd St., Oswego, N. . 44 Central St., Beverly, Mass. . Leyden Rd., Greenfield, lVIass. I'197l Ind. l I i ll Q rg d j -f I ii Smiley, Evelyn . Smith, Eleanor B. . Smith, llarion L. . Snyder, Martha . Speare, Elizabeth . . Starrett, Isabel W. . Stevens, Catherine H. . Stewart, Ruth . . Stillman, Catherine S. . Street, Lucy C. . . Stuart, Mary . . . Sumner, Nlargaret . Sutor, Lucile C. . Tait, Helen Mary . Taylor, Elizabeth W. . Tewksbury, lylargaret H. . . Thomas, Ruth L. . . Thorp, Margaret . . Tobias, Helen L. . Trumbull, Florence Ussher, Eleanor E. Vack, Christine M. . Van' Allen, Esther Vickery, Almeda C. . Vreeland, Margaret . Washburn, Carolyn . Watson, Elenita P. . Weldon, Margaret C. . Welker, Marian . . Wellman, Marjorie L. . Wells, Leah I. . . West, Edith . . ' . Whittaker, Dorothy H. Widen, Eleanor . . Wiggim, lylariana . . Wilcox, Helen C. . . Wolcott, Xliriam C. . Wolkins, Janet E. . Woodruff, Dorothy . Woolley, lVIary E. Worcester, Persis . Wright, Edith R. . Wright, Ellen . VVright, Persis C. . Wynn, Ruth E. . Yerger. L. Virginia Zeigler, Barbara . --, il, I Hn ll.. 89 Dayan St., Lowville, N. Y. South Hadley, Mass. 125 Avon Pl., Amityville, L. I. 14 Aborn Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 520 Watchung Rd., Bound Brook, N. J 125 Walworth Ave., White Plains, N. Y 1625 Ridge Ave., Evanston, Ill. 161 Kennedy St., Bradford, Pa. 26 N. Marrell Ave., Geneva, N. Y. 4 Ridgeview Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 27 W. Cassilly St., Springfield, O. 294 Wentworth Ave., Lowell, Mass. 710 Ellicott St., Buffalo, N. Y. 27 Barney St., Gouverneur, N. Y. 222 So. Hyde Park Ave., Scranton, Pa. 14 Landseer St., West Roxbury, Mass. 6 Court End Ave., Middleboro, Mass. 135 Pearl St., Holyoke, Mass. f 48 Dwight St., New Haven, Conn. 39 Farmington Ave., Plainville, Conn. No. 581, Stonington, Conn. 464 Seaview Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 21 lwaple Ave., Springfield, Mass. 1532 Mousey Ave., Scranton, Pa. 59 Randolph Ave., Dover, N. J. 12 Clinton St., Taunton, Mass. Spuyten Duyvil, New York, N. Y. 137 W. Union St., Circleville, O. 400 W 154th St., New York, N. Y. Cor. Summit 86 Prospect Sts., Granville, O 228 Church St., Saratoga Springs, N. Y 298 Glen St., Glen Falls, N. Y. 1501 Lonsdale Ave., Lonsdale, R. 1. 20 Sylvan St., Danvers, Mass. 410 Salem Ave., Dayton, O. 115 Vassar St., Rochester, N. Y. 26 Irvington St., Springfield, Mass. 32 Maxfield St., West Roxbury, Mass. 2960 Kancas Rd., Camden, N. I. 96 Naples Rd., Brookline, Mass. 5 Bryant St., Cambridge, Mass. 5035 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Deerfield, lVIass. 238 Amity St., Flushing, N. Y. Walnut Ave., VVayne, Pa. 95 Harrison St., East Orange, N. J. 291 Otix St., West Newton, Mass. 51923 i. g E.-79' SF- '53- .nlm 'Q in lla - 1 - Mm: im 1' , v 51991 IJ 4 ll . . .. ...-Ileillllllliilllllilllg ' A Letters rom Sally Sophisticate and Ima Innocent FALL, 1924 Dearest Betty : Well, here we are at home again-it really seems like home here at college now- and it certainly was good to see so many old friends. And the freshmen-my dear, you never saw so many in your life--around under foot everywhere. They really were the most pathetic looking creatures! When we went down to dinner Friday night they were trying to find out who everyone was, and would you believe it, they asked me if I was a freshman! Of course I told them I was a sophomore, and they were over- whelmed. I didn't act a hit superior or anything, though, because I remembered how I felt when I first came here. So I explained everything about freshmen sitting at the end of the table and things like that, you know, and they were quite grateful. Saturday afternoon I took a couple of them to the Y. W. reception. The fresh- men thought it was wonderful, of course, though they were petrified when they were going down the receiving line. Well, I really must say good bye now, dearg I've got to study EC. VVhen I was a freshman I thought I could fool all I wanted to, but this year I'm going to work hard. With loads of love, SA L LY. Dot Darling: V Here I am at Mount Holyoke at last. We've been thoroughly taught our place already, especially by the sophomores in the house. They were very anxious we should know they were sophomores, and we pretended to be tremendously impressed so as not to hurt their feelings. One of them took my room-mate and me to the Y. W. recep- tion last Saturday. I noticed she didn't say the right thing when she took us down the receiving line, but I don't suppose anybody really cared. I really ought to study this afternoon, but I don't mean to settle down quite yet. It doesn't pay to get a reputation as a grind right at the start. And besides, I donlt want those sophomores to think I'm following their example. Thcre's some of the crowd wanting me to go for a walk now. Good bye, honey- I must run. Write soon, won't you? Just heaps of love from IMA. 12001 I Q ffm I l ll n .i1lIWFMiIImHI1F,g 4 m m M ff um nj ll 091- 115' for I 0. HG A Bemis. 11 Q11 A 4:3- ouv leur. fo? 'tluc MAH .1-.1-1 ,, ' ine llam., . al .ililll'IiW 1525 ...iii illik A - a 5 -- L' 3 .., 1 IQ27 Plfords By Christine Vack Eleanor Ussher ill uric B y Evelyn Cain Seekers that come from the isles of darkness, Pilgrims toiling to lands of the dawn, Search we the straight path that leads to the Beauty that only through truth may be won! Warder of secrets we hold as our emblem, Shrouded in silence through ages of strife. Willing to yield to her who is worthy, Glory of wisdom, of beauty, of life. I2021 UNE highest - ' nfpig V 5 it lf' liz EI.. nl-IT! 2 I'I M' r ll I a I and H' I 5' REEHNEN 1? Wiz E if X 'Z-'A ,Q 'Z gif? 5 X W 5-gf. "'Q?U5 X xx xXN W x B p f l X v X wks awww nu 5 3 Q 1 fffiiz 5 Y -- - ,4 ' -1.241 X " Q. I A J .,.1 N Y F74 if j Mhz, ' V140 2 i J 701, ,, 411- , I . 4 f X, if if i f 7 ! gi 27,...,g V 7 -ci? - eylh.-C: x ' 6 , X 'fxrzxgi' ,Xin V A iff. ,i X XX ' X5'f' ' .X X xx N i X f- 3 X, X 1,7 fy?-fl . ,, by '15 X . - 55's 'S 0 'O 'Qu "W WN KWYE,-- . x' ' " A ' ' A . IAI i - F' 'mf BCH 55:51 I EEI!h:IX' E ' I 9 i I -' I f .4 .-In I II n iik The Class of Nineteen Hunclrecl Twenty-Eight THE OFFICERS ANNE NOBl.E . . .... . President SHIRLEY ToMEs . . . Secretary LYDIA RANSOM . . Sergeant-at-Arms f204I 1 1 1. 2 Ei la' 1 'f 11 1 I M iilli -ifnn il u' A ',. Abbey, Alice A. . Adams, Elizabeth N. Adams, Florence E. Allen, Harriet . Ambler, Elizabeth . Andrews, Doris B. Arnson, Karolyn H. Arny, Sarah E. . Badger, Jeanette E. Baldwin, Emily W. Baldwin, Louise E. Ballard, Mary E. . Barnouw, Elsa . Barry, Ruth . . Barss, Elizabeth K. Battey, Janet . . Beattie, Frances . Becker, Mary K. . Bedient, Leona M. Benson, Esther G. . Benton, Eleanor . Best, Evelyn I. . Bianchi, Elizabeth . Bishop, Ruth . . Blanchard, Shirley Blankfield, Beth . Bleckwell, Ruth E. Blount, F. Nlerle . Blyth, Marjorie . Bonser, Helen . Botsford, Frederica Brand, Elizabeth . Branham, Katherine C. Brearly, Ruth . Brewer, Dorothy B. Brown, Eunice D. Brownell, Gladys M. Buffum, Mary T. Bulger, Julia . . --, I 111 lie. The 1V1eml9ers . . 101 Norwalk Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 115 Everit St., New Haven, Conn. 1660 Foulkrod St., Philadelphia, Pa. . Kenwood, Oneida, N. Y. 372 Prospect St., So. Orange, N. J. . 266 West Rock Ave., New Haven, Conn. . 615 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 135 Watcliting Ave., Montclair, N. J. . 1029 South lVIain St., Findlay, O. . Boonton, R. D. 1., Troy Hills, N. . -1-8 Boyd St., Newton, Mass. 35 Highland Ave., Greenfield, Mass. . 39 Claremont Ave., New York, N. Y. 170 Wzirren St., Newton Center, Mass. Loomis Institute, Windsor, Conn. . Walnut Lane, Haverford, Pa. 1014 N. Broadway, Watertown, S. D. . 3809 Mayfield Rd., Cleveland, O. . Ridgefield, Conn. 404 Western Ave., Albany, N. Y. . Phelps, N. Y. 120 Midland Ave., Montclair, N. J. 818 52nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 120 Park Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. . 25 Evans Rd., Brookline, Mass. . 79 St. James St., Kingston, N. Y. 214 E. Segwick St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia . 59 South St., Littleton, N. H. . 911 W. 31st St., Minneapolis, Minn. - . 56 Fisher Ave., Newton Highlands, Mass. . Gainsville, VVyoming Co., N. Y. . 44 Garden St., Hartford, Conn. . 1101 Euclid St., Washingtoii, D. C. . 83 Broad St., Hopewell, N. . 58 Holmes Ave., Waterbury, lWass. . 283 Valley Rd., Montclair, N. -1. . 231 W. 5th St., Erie, Pa. . Shushan, Washington County, N. Y. . 126 E. 34th St., New York City Lzosj li ll l lllu li .1-EE ' .1111 l.ll.lloi1. ,f I- Bullen, Frances L. . Bush, Janet C. . Butler, Ellys T. . Butler, Margaret L. Cameron, Helen C. Carey, Anne T. . Carr, Eva E. . Clark, Edith . . Cook, Jean H. . Cope, Theodora M. . Cottle, Harriet B. Coxe, F. Josephine . - Coyne, Alice M. . Craig, Dorothy E. Cristadoro, Margaret . Crockett, Mabelle . Croy, Dorothy . . Cummings, Dorothy M. Danieliou, Rose . . Davis, Dorothy E. Davis, Marjorie . Davis, Maud A. . Davis, Ruth . . . Davison, Margaret H. Delaney, Catherine J. . Delano, Susan . . Dewey, Esther . Deyoe, Elizabeth D. . Dixon, Dorothy I. . 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Y. 34 Lincoln St., Stoneham, Mass. 217 Pequot Ave., New London, Conn. 081 Parsons l . an . ... .1-llmillllIillIIIlI1lL. ' A 1 Meeker, Ethelwynne Meloy, Jane . . Millar, Elizabeth H. 1VIiller, Mabel A. . lVIiller, Ruth A. . Moats, Helen M. . Morro, Catherine A. Mosher, Emily H. Mosher, Sarah A. Moss, Agnes . . Mueller, Gertrude E. . . Murphy, Eileen A. lkluskat, Lillian . Nebel, Nelson, Jeanette A. Louise . Newton, Harriet E. Noble, Anne A. . O'Conn0r, Mildred C. . . Olson, Eleanore L. Parker, Maryalys F. Parsons, Emily E. Parsons, Georgia l. Parsons, Helen B. Winifred D. . . Patch, Margaret . Paul, Louise C. . Pease, Barbara F. . Peck, Margaret . Pehrson, Anne J. . Pendleton, Helen A. Pennypacker, Marion Perrigo, Olive R. . Petraske, Marion T. Petterson, Beatrice I. Petty, Mabel K. . Phelps, Elizabeth G. Phillips, Elizabeth G. . . Prest, Eleanor B. . Putnam, Catherine E. . , Rae, Edith E. . Rand, Katharine 39 Overbrook Ave., West Orange, N. J 75 LeMayne Ave., Washington, Pa. 510 Washington Ave., Wilmette, Ill. R. D. 1, Amherst, Mass. Deansboro, N. Y. 40 E. 53rd Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. 58 N. Irvington Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 100 Willett St., Albany, N. Y. 100 Willett St., Albany, N. Y. 625 Rugby Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. S. Lake Drive, Lakewood, N. J. 61 Lewiston Ave., Willmantie, Conn. 57 Laurel St., Holyoke, Mass. 5 Circle, Rochelle Pk., N. Rochelle, N. Y 424- Massasoit Rd., Worcester, Mass. 753 Forest Ave.,' Buffalo, N. Y. Flagstaff, Ariz. 15-l Walnut St., Holyoke, lVIass. 35 Pryer Pl., New Rochelle, N. Y. 53 Park Ave., Passaic, N. J. Enfield, Mass. Water St., Unionville, Conn. Durham Center, Conn. The Northfield, East Northfield, Mass. 47 Lindenwood Rd., Stoneham, Mass. I8 Ripley Terrace, Newton Centre, Mass 35 Westminster St., Springfield, Mass. 16 Stanwood St., Providence, R. I. 39'Norway St., Boston, Mass. 63 Wheeler St., Winsted, Conn. 235 Chestnut St., Haddonfield, N. J. 30 Rand Pl., Pittsford, N. Y. 25 Seventh Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. East Chelmsford, Mass. 395 Edgewood Ave., New Haven, Conn. 127 Oakdale Ave., Dedham, Mass. 3 Whitman St., Dorchester, Mass. 144 Walnut St., Jenkinstown, Pa. 189 Silver St., Greenfield, Mass.. 62 Brown Ave., Holyoke, Mass. 139 Gibbs St., Newton Centre, Mass. 091 i? lml l ll o ic l , Ransom, Lydia . Raven, Mildred R. Raye, Margaret C. Reed, Martha A. . Reeve, Florence T. Reid, Nlary . . Remington, Helen M. Remsen, Josephine E. . . Reynolds, Elizabeth Reynolds, Rosmary R. Rhoades, Donna G. Richardson, Barbara Riordon, Helen . Ritter, Helen E. . Robinson, Antoinette B. . Robinson, Elsie . Roper, Margaret D. Routh, Nlildred A. Royal, Julia F. . Saunders, Barbara . Saylor, Josephine K. Scott, Katharine L. Scudder, Laura N. Shattuck, Ellen M. Shelhart, Janet L. . Shepard, Madelyn . Sherwood, Margaret E. . Skeel, Esther E. . Smeltzer, Dorothea M. . . Smith, Barbara W. Smith, Bertha F. . Smith, Florence E. Smith, Harriet E. . Snyder, Anne . Spice, Janet . . Stannard, 1Margaret L. . Stark, Mary H. . Stewart, Anne . Stiles, Esther H. . Strong, Martha S. . Struchen, Helen NI. 100 Park St., Oshkosh, Wis. 5 Highland Ave., Albany, N. Y. 90 Lake Ave., Newton Centre, Mass. 1735 Portage Ave., South Bend, Ind. 16 Cutler St., Morristown, N. J. East St., South Hadley, Mass. 127 Forest Park Ave., Springfield, Mass. 135 Oakland Terrace, Hartford, Conn. 1010 Electric St., Scranton, Pa. 216 Pearl St., Springfield, Mass. 6363 Waterman Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 31 Middle St., Claremont, N. H. 1 Lincoln Pl., East Rutherford, N. J. 660 Chestnut St., Springfield, Mass. 9 Glenwood Rd., Upper Montclair, N. J 21 E. Eighth Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. Holden, Mass. 2125 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. 86 lldain Ave., Rumford, Me. 2954 Macomb St. N.W., Washington D.C 312 Summit Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. 144 Hancock St., Auburndale, Mass. . 253 Livingstone Ave., New Brunswick, N. J 59 Patten St., Forest Hills, Boston, Mass 1426 I Superior Rd. Cleveland Heights, O 178 North St., Willimantic, Conn. 15 Beckford St., Salem, Mass. Turn of River, Stamford, Conn. 469 Bainbridge St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 147 Timwood Ave., Providence, R. I. 166 Sycamore St., Somerville, Mass. 5073 Washington St., W. Roxbury, Mass 77 So. Lake Ave., Albany, N. Y. R. R. 1, South Bend, Ind. 6368 Phillips Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 262 West Rock Ave., New Haven, Conn -1 E. Montgomery St., Johnstown, N. Y. 3035 Lincoln Bend, Cleveland Heights, O 15 Page Rd., Newtonville, Mass. 2-17 E. 39th St., New York City 992 St. Clair St., St. Paul, Nlinn. f210J V. 1 . 1 .l. 1 1 Sweet, Margaret A. . Sweet, Marjorie . . Swing, lVIary Cowen . Symons, Helen H. Taber, Gladys M. Taft, Marian T. . Tarbox, Mary L. . Teale, Helen K.. . . Tedford, Delaphine B. . Thomas, Helen A. . Thompson, lllildred W. Tillinghast, Jean . . Tirrell, Ruth . . Tomes, Shirley bl. . Torrey, Frances M. . Tracy, Iyla K. . Trowbridge, Avis . Vandries, Bertha E. . Voigt, Virginia E. . Ward, Elisabeth B. . Wayave, Marian A. . Webster, Miriam . . Weeber, Margaret C. . Weeks, Helen L. . . Wells, Katherine . Welty, Alice E. . Wenrich, Marian . White, Margaret . Whitmore, Enid . . Wilcox, Caroline M. . Wild, Charlotte L. . Wilday, Sarah H. . Wilkinson, Ruth J. . Williams, Dorothy E. . Willits, Dorothy . . Witte, Catherine E. . Wolfe, Marjorie L. . Woodward, Mary C. . Wright, Mary E. . Yost, Charlotte E. ll ,n. il .1 lIl'l.'Ill B- 1, .-n S llllilil I2 322 14-th St., Brandon, Mass. 81 Taconic Ave., Great Barrington, Mass 6230 Robison Rd., Cincinnati, O. 366 Park Ave., River Forest, lll. 50 Southeast Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 272 Prospect St., Willimantic, Conn. Fredonia, N. Y. Cliffwood St., Lee, Mass. 310 State St., Albany, N. Y. 19 Revere Pl., Buffalo, N. Y. 68 Pocasset Ave., Providence, R. I. Hibbing, Minn. 167 Pleasant St., South Weymouth, Mass 266 Linox Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 137 Jefferson St., Hartford, N. Y. -19 Greene St., Concord, N. H. 14 Hollis St., Newton, llflass. Cheshire, Conn. 869 So. 13th St., Newark, N. J. 112 Chancellor Ave., Newark, N. J. 564 E. 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1003 Farmington Ave.,W. Hartford,Conn 538 Providence St., Albany, N. Y. 11 E. Union Ave., Bound Brook, N. J. 1-I-8 Dedham Ave., Needham, Mass. 92 Vista Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Grand View, Wernersville, Pa. 104 Forster Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 77 Cherry St., Holyoke, Mass. 37 Parkwood St., Springfield, Mass. 432 No. Church St., Moorestown, N. J. 614 Park Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 136 Mill St., Springfield, Mass. 654 Mirriam Ave., Leominster, Mass. 121 W. Phil-Ellena St., Germantown, Pa -100 Highland Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 1009 Chestnut Ave., Altoona, Pa. 121 Highland Ave., Middletown, N. Y. Box 77, Deerfield, Mass. 187 Raymond Rd., West Hartford, Conn 111 --, ll ll li .7 'ilk 4 Wail of Freshmanity Our work is' too much with us: late and soon, Cromming and grinding, we lay waste our powers Little we see in College that is ours, We are throwing our wits away, a sordid boon! The Amherst men a-singing 'neath the moon, The Juniors that will be howling at all hours, And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers, For this, for everything, we are out of tuneg It moves us not. Ye Gods! I'd rather be A dumb-bell, braving the point of Senior scorn, So might I, standing on this pleasant campus, Have glimpses that would make me less forlorng Have sight of home and Mother's apple pies, Or hear our Lizzie blow her blatant horn. 52121 5 1 1 L I w i 4 g ag! E' Wllllm IW be M IH CR ti,R'S Voict, - - ff, uOfCm,5, I 131 1. ik, iii .:. nr I7 f Flil'IP Ili i I 1 ll . Hill li I ll! A ,- , U 3 li- W H I- kg 2, of x i So This ls College! Aw vs- E fBells, to get us up, to sober us down- E Tearing fiendishly into our suhconsuous I V , ln the dead of night. Or else I Goading our eager appetites p l -F il VVith promises of hash and dark hrown V I beans. Scratching pens, the jerking of an unfriend- V 5, ml ly. clock. ' ' ' - 'Q " VA radiator gurgling and chortling deri- .-ul will sively. I "There are four distinct types of . lr 4 ,, -Q0 lf l t"f'l'f-fhf M lllllllll ! 2 Oh, did we but have one-half of one! i-If-g"igr.! Millti-colored wreaths and soupy gloves, lVIountains of laundry boxes, Dim-lit Caverns, with long lines of black If Hgures, W or H stern and awful- ' A score of sleepy heads shouting simul- ' x yi l 4g ,, taneously, -v- QW ,H QQ! "Cuckooll,' M ' e- 4I lD' 5 'I Q Q f' -" R 71. ,',,,vf .g,, ,, N. . V .gf I ' if l y , .i ' l If l .' w-W ' lr 52141 ,- UDDI HYIUU UUUUU 1 I ll ld -, in . i., ., glilllllllllllllll l- P ui . V. wg' - - '. .M- Tbe Community Government llflary Emma Woolley . Christine Seward '25 . Ursula Hubbard '26 . . ilflary Balcntine Anderson '27 Agnes Tweedie '26 . . Lois Kimball '25 . OFFICERS . l,I'l?.Villl?llf . fjlllliflllflll f"i1'1'-Pr1f.s'i1l1'11l . 7'l'l'1!.S'Ilffr'I' S !'l'l'l'fl1I'y iff,-ff Chief CHAIRMIQN OI" CUMMI'1"1'ICIiS - Elizabeth Chapin-'25 . . Nlargaret Chapin '25 . Nlarion Redline '25 . Louise Schmelke '25 . Nlary Sinclair '25 . Jean YVarren '26 . Ursula Hubbard '26 . IZISI . . l"innnre Commiflrfe Cl'Il.Vll.V C'0llIIlliffPl' . Library Committee . l,0lYlfi0lll1l Commiltee . S. ff. H. GlIlIlllliffPl' . Colfer' llollxr' Committm' Cwillllllllllifj' C'1ll'.Vf fjlllllllliffflf i. -. .. sm - 'F , sr: E- gkltq m UT tu y yu Ill! im The Judicial Board Helen Smith '25, C!1lli!'lIl!lIl Valda Lyons '25 Margaret Speare '26 Bernice lVIaclean '26 Persis YVright '27 hflarion Pennypacker '28 Frances Haven '25 Hilda Shaul '25 . Lucy Crissey '25 Dorothy Dartt '25 Margaret Tenll '25 Mary Brigham '25 . Evelyn Fitch '25 . Ruth Perry '25 . Ruth Saunders '25 Mary Sheldon '25 Jessie XVilliams '25 Lois Armstrong '27 Ida Scudder '25 . Margaret Gould '25 Helen Richards '25 Barbara Ziegler '27 Emily Barrett '25 . Mary johnson '27 Faith Wells '25 . Harriet Patey '27 Alma Clark '25 . Frances Ackland '27 lVIiss A. lilizaheth Adams Cliacnlty lVIemherD Nliss Christianna Smith Qlfaculty Memherb HOUSE CHAIRNHCN . . . . . . . I'c'ar.fon.v llall . Brigharn Ilall . Snfford Hall . Porter Ilall . -lVi1del' H1111 . . Jlflead Hall . Hillxide North . Ilillsicle South . Rorleefeller North Ro4'kz'fe1ler South . . Bridgman . l .... Cofwles Mildred Clark '27 - - - - - Jlld.f0ll Ruth Griffith '27 - - - - . . Smithfuillt' . . S ycarnores Mrs. IVinche.ftt'r.v . lVoodhridgL' H161 A 1 rr l -. n . i .y .f llimlilt. 4 A 2 V ' The Debating Council OFF1 Cli RS Lucy Pickett '25 . . . . . . . . Clllliflllllll Biargaret Speare '26 . . Sl'l'f'l'fIl7'jf'TI'FllA'IlI'l?I' Ruth Nliles '25 . . . Senior MKIIILEI' lldary Redhead '26 . Junior Ilflember lllary Anderson '27 . ..... Soplmmore Miellzber' IN'l'lCRCOLLliGlA'l'E DICBATE 1924 Subject: Resolved that the United States should enter the League of Nations. lVIount Holyoke-Vassar. VVon by Vassar at lVIount Holyoke. Mount Holyoke-Smith. Won by Nlount Holyoke at Smith. 1925 Subject: Resolved that the nations of the VVorld should recognize the present govern- ment of Russia. Nlount Holyoke-Cambridge. Wciii by the negative team. Subject: Resolved that a school system exclusively of public institutions would better fulfill the purpose of education than the present system. .Moiint Holyoke, negative-Barnard, affirmative. At Barnard. Blount Holyoke, affirmative-Radcliffe, negative. At Mollnt Holyoke. fem L' l C n . 1 .i .i-llllllllngllllllnlllia 4 A Delta Sigma Rlwo orricmas, 192+-25 LuCy Pickett, '25 . ...... . . ljresident Urslllzl Hlll7l52ll'Cl '26 . . . . . Sf'r'l'elm'y-Trfgyyrpr MEMBERS - In the Class of 1924 Louise Baethke Cjunior yearj Carla Smith fSenior ycarj Gertrude Brown CSOphomore ycarl Doris Trevett Cslunior yearj Lois Curtis fjunior yearl In the Class of 1925 Catherine Nevius CSophomore yearl Lucy Pickett Cjunior yearj 'ln the Class of 1926 Ursula Hubbard fSoph0more yearl Anna lVIary Wells CSopl1om0re year, f21s1 Q l -, ll . . ., .1-lIllllllI!illIl1lllL 4 A W , i ssazsmf The Mount Holyolfe Forum QAffiliated with the National Student Foruml Alice lVIcl.ean, ,26 . ....... Cluzirman Elizabeth Trumper '25 . . Serretary Helen Hurt '27 . . . Tl'PI1.S'Ill'KI' 'zwj ..- ln I lllni if lf' HE 52,1 fill? 'A ', 1 ll!Ii'Il'r ' Q 0 i I -f I ' A 4 The lnternational Relations Club The International Relations Club was organized in 1919 by Miss Neilson. Each year it selects some present-clay problem for discussion. This year the club has been studying problems connected with race. OFFICERS Elizabeth Chapin '25 . . . . . . President Elizabeth Crane '25 . . Svrretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEIXIBERS llfliss Neilson Miss Cheek Miss Barnes Miss Ellis Miss Putnam Miss Judson Anna Katharine Virginia Barnes Christine Berry Harriet Best Ruth Belknap Mary Brigham Eveline Buckley Louise Clough Louise Cooke Marcia Dane Ba ilfliss Kimball STUDENT MEMBERS Miriam Farley Ruth Fertig Kathleen Greene Dorothy Higgins Beatrice Hildreth Florence Holroyd Eleanor Jones Nlargaret Lorentz Kathryn Pennypacker Margaret Porter f22o1 Dorothy Roy Ruth Roberts Julia Simonds Margaret Speare Olive Sprague Margaret Taylor Margaret Van Wyck Marion Wentworth Page Williams Esther Wilson ll I, ll n i I, -i1lWillllIilIiillllIiEig l A Rosa Yeranian . Fumiko Mitani Eleanor Tao . Grace Liang . Lois Todd . Fumiko Mitani Helene Picquot Simonne Dalimier Rosa Yeranian Ruth lVIuskrat Elsa Barnouw Christine Seward Nlargaret Speare Elizabeth Wray The Cosmopoliton Clula OFFICERS MEMBERS I22ll President Secretary . Peking, China . Tientsiu China . Canton China . Kyoto, JKIIJIHI . Greville, Franre . Paris, Frrmce Smyrmz, Aisirl fllinor Grove, 0k'IHll0lIIH . New York City . New York City Bound Brook, N. J. . Roclzester, N. Y. i. gn. -A EM 'L all ur. ,H I 4- , IB u 511:51 I 5 --, 'mlm l llllllwm The Young Women's Christian Association THE OFFICERS AND CABINET Harriet Cogswell . . Elizabeth Wray '25 . Audrey Allen '26 . Janet Evans '25 . Olive Moore '26 . Helen Clark '27 . Leonora Hiscock '26 . Helen Easton '25 . . Helen Blyth '25 . . Florence Wadsxvorth '25 Edith Shane '25 . . Kathryn Pennypacker '25 Mary Douglas '26 . . . . General S?t'l'Pf!ll'j' . . ljrexizlezzt . Ifice-Presirlent . . . 'l'reasurer . . Jsxistant Treasurer . . . . N . Secretary Lfl1I1L'I'gI'1I1IIlf6 Field Reprexelltrztive . Student lfolunteer Leader . Bible Study Department . Cfonference l3epartn1ent . Meeiirzgi' Departmenl . Exlension Department . . . . Campus Service Christine Kinsman '26 . . lflforld lfellowxlzip Department -lean VVarren '26 . . . . . . . Coffee House Clmirman THE ADVISORY COMIVIITTEE President Woolley Miss Mary E. Taylor Dean Purington Miss Mary I. Hussey Miss Louisa S. Stevenson Miss Emma P. Carr H2221 lid lun: a lcl -. n . .-l. I ' A --llll I Il A ...J 3 The Silver Bay Club Harriet Cogswell . . . . M E M B ERS 1925 Ma rguerite Atwood Emily Barrows Helen Blyth Elizabeth Chapin Marcia Dane Dorothy Deline Alice Dodge Marjorie Downey Katherine Edie ' Janet Evans janet Clark Elizabeth Clough Doris Cowan Mary Douglas Louise Dickinson Emily Eldridge Ruth Fertig Edith Fobes Ruth Garretson Beatrice Hildreth Leila Hopper Ellen Hurlbutt Louise jack Valda Lyons ' Grace Liang Leonora Hiscock Eleanor Millard Eileen Miller Olive Moore Margaret Owen Helen Hart Eleanor Smith Bethenia Mcllreery Miriam Marshall Ruth Miles Margaret Mowbray Kathryn Pennypacker Ruth Perry Eleanor Pierce Dorothy Pyle Marion Redline 1926 Margaret Richter Elizabeth Ryder Ursula Sanders Mary Schantz Carolyn Scoon 1927 Elizabeth Koons Doris Miner 52231 wx Leader Jessie Scarborough Christine Seward I-Iilda Shaul Helen H. Smith Elizabeth Snodgrass Lois Todd Faith VVells Elizabeth VVray Rosa Yeranian Roberta Smyth Margaret Speare Elizabeth Stubbs Eleanor Tao Harriet Patey Eleanor Smith Q-...- ...lllir ..- 1 i 1 l . i c . ' fa lille i j Xxl. W' 'Zn -,A 'Q' i l w Phi Beta'Kappa Society MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY AND STAFF Mary Woolley, M.A., Litt.D., L.H.D. Elizabeth Adams Mildred Allen Margaret Ball Viola F. Barnes Bertha E. Blakely Ralph P. Boas Mary V. Braginton Blanche Brotherton Marion H. Cowperthwaite Elizabeth Crofts M. Gertrude Cushing Ella S. Dickinson Ethel Barbara Dietrich Cora Durkee Alice H. Farnsworth Helen C. Flint Elizabeth Gilman Alice Gould Marjorie B. Barstow Caroline B. Greene Charles A. Hawley Samuel P. Hayes Frances E. Haynes Anne Young Olive C. Hazlett Amy Hewes Ellen C. Hinsdale Gertrude Hyde Arynesss I. Joy Margaret A. Judson Margaret Kemp Florence Purington 12241 Florian A. Shepard Sarah Ellie Smith Ada L. Snell Kathryn F. Stein Alice P. Stevens Louisa S. Stevenson Alma G. Stokey Ellen B. Talbot Mignon Talbot Abby H. Turner Harriet F. VVhicher Laura H. VVild Catherine J. Williams Mary G. XVilliams Helen F. WVood Anne Young 11 1 llllllllh I t A el - n . .. .i-1111111111 I H1 1 M - Honors and Prizes Conferrecl long-xq24 Phi Beta Kappa Society MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 192-1 Eleanor Loretta Abrams Dorothy Elizabeth Bell ,lean Phyllis Black Nlary Gertrude Brown Hazel Nlitchell Burton Elmire Lydie Dermine mLaura Metcalf Gill Emily Eloise Hanum 11Aline Huke Charlotte Proctor Kummel ihElected in Junior Year. Nlarion Elsie lVIaclean Caroline Stone Monks Ellen Elsie Pierce Harriet Howell Rogers Eleanor Robb Stein Kathryn Forney Stein mllflary Elizabeth Steinmetz mhflabel lVIary Stoudt Doris Ethel Trevett Dorothy Elizabeth VVinn FROM THE CLASS OF 1925 Elizabeth Chapin Margaret Learned Chapin julia Evelyn lVIcDonnell Lucy VVeston Pickett FELLOWS Mary Elizabeth Steinmetz . . . Holder of the Bardwell Memorial Fellowship A.l3., Mount Holyoke College, 1924. Radcliffe College, Mathematics. Rose Lucille Anderson ....... Holder of the '86 Fellowship AB., Mount Holyoke College, 1922. Bryn Mawr College, Mathematics and Physics. Mary Taylor ..... Holder of the lVIary E. VVoolley Fellowship A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1920. A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1922. University of London, Labor Problems. Louise Robinson Heath . . A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1921. A.M., Mollnt Holyoke College, 1923. Radcliffe College, Philosophy and Psy . Holder of the 1905 Fellowship chology. Margaret Behn Steinhausen . Holder of the Patrick Memorial Scholarship for social Betterment A.l3., Mount Holyoke College, 192-1-. New York School of Social Work, Applied Sociology. I225I - ll i u qgg j a -..-lifInIlllIiillIlul1IL jj Eleanor Loretta Abrams . Charlotte Arnold . . jean Phyllis Black . Pearl Augusta Bragdon . Mary Gertrude Brown Hazel Mitchell Burton Cara Cook . . . Anita Elizabeth Don . Emily Eloise Hannum . Aline Huke .... Isabelle Corinne Lawrence Mary Reubena Locke . . Marion Elsie Maclean . Dorothy Richardson . Harriet Howell Rogers Rezia Rowley . . Kathryn Forney 'Stein . Mary Elizabeth Steinmetz . Doris Julia Thomas . Doris Ethel Trevett . . Dorothy Elizabeth VVinn . MARY LYON SCHOLARS . . . , . Zoology . Ez'onomif.r and Sociology History and Politiral Soienee . . . . . Pxyehology . Economies and Sociology . . . . Astronomy . lironomir: and Sociology . . . . . Englixh . . . . Pl1y.vir,v . . . . . Mathmatifs . . . . . Frenrll Biblifal llirtory and Literature . . . . . . Chemistry . . . . . Zoology Ilisrory and Politiral Scienre . . . . . . English . . . . . Zoology . . . . . Mallnnatif: . . , . . . Pllysirx ltibliral Hixlory and Literature . . . Frenfh and Italian SARAH WILLISTON SCHOLARS Norma Adams Helen Holt Howard Ursula Sanders Priscilla Bartlett Mary Eleanor Howland Helen Sawyer Harriet Dalaphine Best Eleanor Jones Margaret Speare Elizabeth Wagner Dolman Bernice Maclean Phyllis Thomson Harriet johonnott Eustis Marie Merdinger Lois VVoodbury Ma rga ret Richter PHI BETA KAPPA PRIZE SCI-IOLARS Mary Elizabeth Steinmetz, 1924 julia Evelyn McDonnell, 1925 KEY PRIZE SCHOLAR Lois Annette VVoodbury, 1926 JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN SCHOLARSHIP Doris Griswold Arnold, 1925 JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN PRIZE Miriam Southwell Farley, 1927 SIGMA THETA CHI ALUMNAE POETRY PRIZE Anita Elizabeth Don, 1924 ' Mary Allen Edge, 1925 KATHRYN IRENE GLASCOCK MEMORIAL POETRY PRIZE Roberta Teale Swartz, 1925 l FLORENCE PURINGTON PRIZE V Katherine Alice Burton, 1927 HELEN F. KIMBALL AWARD Esther Lowell Hibbard, 1924- Roberta Teale Swartz, 1925 SARAH STREETER CU P Dorothy C. Pyle, 1925 l226I 5- f . L' 1 xxx?-8 :I U Y 5 L+ . ..-lullll I ll ll lik it 5-ri -e' E5 i .slr lla l,lll. 'll ' Ill' ', The Glee I,l'1lt1'l'l'Z Mr. NVilliam C. Hammoml OFFICERS Barodel Gould, l'l'1'.ridz'r1I Laura Holding, Scrrrfllry Dorothy johnson, l'ir0-Prr'.ride11t Elizabeth Eylers, lx'11.ru11'.f.r Managlrr Helen Blyth, f1l't'01IIfPll7IiJl SOPRANOS Lois Armstrong '27 Clara Atterburg '26 Elizabeth Babcock '25 Barbara Beach '26 Cordelia Boardman '27 Mary Brigham '25- Louise Cottle '26 janet Clark '26 Louise Clow '26 Elizabeth Eylers '26 janet Ferris '26 Katherine Gessuer '25 Dorothy Graves '27 Elizabeth Halsted '26 Dorothy Hewitt '27 Laura Holding '26 Helen Leavens '27 Q Gertrude McGunigle '26 l,orrainc Mills '27 jeannette Morris '25 Louise Nunn '27 Anne Parker '27 Kathryn Pennypackcr '25 Eleanor Pierce '25 ALTOS jean Beattie '27 janet Evans '25 Eleanor H. jones Marjorie Carr '25 Barodel Gould '25 Valda Lyons '25 Lucv Crissev '25 Dorothv Guild '26 Eleanor Neill '27 Anne Newcomb ' Lucille Daggett '27 june Heath '25 Rachel Pierce '25 Dorothy johnson '26 l2271 '26 25 Elizabeth Pierce '26 Helen Rose '25 Elizabeth Rough '26 Barbara St. Denis '26 Elizabeth Snodgrass '25 Helen Spofford '26 Lucy Street '27 Margaret Thorp '27 jessie VVilliams '25 Helen VVoods '25 Elizabeth Zahorsky '25 Dorothy Pyle '25 Helen Raymond '26 Mary Sinclair '25 Dorothy Williams '26 nm A l.l- n . Q.. f Ihdwllihhli' 4 A Frances Brown '27 Doris Cowan '26 Elsa Barnouw '28 Esther Dewey '28 Evelyn Helen Locke '27 Best Orchestra FIRST VIOLIN Ruth Davis '28 Eleanor H. jones '26 SECOND VIOLIN Edna Frederick '27 Rachel Hodous '28 VIOLA 28 Fa CELLO' Felma Pratt '27 PIANO Helen Raymond '27 CORNET Shirley Tomes '28 l228l I l i l Jeanette Lampson '25 Virginia Palmer '26 l I Mary Russel '27 Elizabeth Taylor '27 l ith WVells '25 Mr. Hayes A 1 'lffl'rr l 'll il. uf I " "1 n -nlllhhm I Hilto- Leaders: Leaders: Leaders: ' Leaders: '25, Dorothy Pyle '26, Helen Driver Competitive Sing 1922 '22, Margaret Shane '24, julia Abbe '23, Mildred Holt '25, Dorothy Pyle Songs: Ole Uncle Moon. ilfinter Song 1h7on by 1923 1923 '23, Mildred Holt '25, Dorothy Pyle '24, Edna Kaler '26, Ruth Marsh Songs: Lullahyx Selection from Aida VVon by 1923 1924 '24, Edna Kaler '25, Dorothy Pyle '26 Helen Driver '27, Lucille Daggett Songs: Mandalay. Rocl.-ed in de Win' 1925 - '27, Lucille Daggett '28, Anne Pehrson Songs: Bach Choral.: Walki11' Through Jerusalem Jus! Like John. H3291 i gl lim llll - lui it 4 . .annlllmll I 5'- 9 a Carol Choir 16324 Norma Adams '26 Lois Armstrong '27 Clara Atterburg '26 Barbara Beach '26 jean Beattie '27 Ruth Belknap '26 Cordelia Boardman '27 Mary Brigham '25 Alice Broackway '26 Louise Buck '26 Margaret Carey '26 Marjorie Carr '25 Grace Chase '26 janet Clark '26 Louise Clow '26 Eleanor Compton '26 Louise Cottle '26 Lucy Crissey '25 Lucille Daggett '27 X bf if I' l l ' X K L A ' t, JE v Dv ' -' X, I , 'i fzsoq Margery Dean '26 Katherine Diefendorf Alice Dodge '25 Elizabeth Dolman '26 Mary Douglas '26 Helen Driver '26 Thelma Dunn '26 janet Evans '25 Elizabeth Eylers '26 janet Ferris '26 Ruth Fertig '25 Dorothy Fiske '25 Dorothy Flagg '26 Edith Fobes '25 Ervina Foss '25 Katherine Gessner '25 Barodel Gould '25 Dorothy Graves '27 Ruth Gray '26 Miriam Greene '26 Dorothy Guild '26 Rebecca Hallett '26 Elizabeth Halsted '26 june Heath '25 Dorothy Hewitt '27 Laura Holding '26 Frances Honey '26 Leila Hopper '25 Mary House '25 Charlotte Horton '26 Dorothy Howlett '25 Ursula Hubbard '26 Ruth Hyde '26 Louise jack '25 Dorothy Johnson '26 Eleanor H. Jones '26 Myrtle Jordan '25 Elizabeth Kurth '26 KIFJ IE , ,mg I lllll I fr lliggnga I lilrlllii ij Carol Choir IQQ4 Anita Krantz '26 Helen Leavens '27 Valda Lyons '25 Gertrude McGunigle '26 Alice MacKerracker '26 Alice McLean '26 Bernice Maclean '26 Catherine Mans '26 Marie Merdinger '26 Mary Merwin '26 Ruth Miles '25 Lorraine Mills '27 Jeannette Morris '25 Eleanor Neill '27 Catherine Nevius '25 Anne Newcomb '25 Louise Nunn '27 Anne Parker '27 Catherine Pedley '26 Ruth Perry '25 Eleanor Pierce '25 Elizabeth Pierce '26 Rachel Pierce '25 lverna Putnam '25 Dorothy Pyle '25 Pearle Quinn '26 Helen Raymond '26 Mary Robertson '26 Helen Rose '25 Elizabeth Rough '26 Barbara St. Denis '26 Katherine Salisbury '26 Mary Sanford '26 Marjorie Scott '26 Ida Scudder '25 Christine Seward '25 Edith Shane '25 Mary Sinclair '25 I23ll Helen Smith '25 Elizabeth Snodgrass '25 l'Ielen Spotford '26 Olive Sprague '26 Lucy Street '27 Elsie Sweeney '25 Dorothy Tapley '26 Margaret Taylor '25 Ruth Thomas '27 Marjorie Thompson '26 Margaret Thorp '27 Ethel Towne '26 Elizabeth Trumper '25 Harriet Vaughn '25 Anne YVaterhouse '26 Marjorie VVellmann '27 jessie VVilliams '25 -lulia NVilson '26 Helen Woods '25 Elizabeth Zahorslty '25 ii no ll.. il ..-Ililiiilgliiiillihg, ' A 1 The Dramatic C1uh OFFICERS Catherine Nevius, 1925 . . . . . President Katherine Diefendorf, 1926 .. . Vice-President Anita Krantz, 1926 . . . . . . Secretary Catherine Nlaus, 1926 . . .... Business Illanager Bethenia McCreery, 1925 . . Chairman of the Dramatic Committee Anne Newcomb, 1925 . . . . Chairman of the Scenery Committee Evelyn Oliver, 1926 . . 'Chairman of the Properties Committee Winifred Glover, 1925 . . Chairman of the Lighting Committee fzszj 1 L i un n j g .i-Ilillllillllllilllak 15 The Plays of the Year 1924 lieefsteak and lirownin . . Alice Christy, 1924 llflanagement . . . ....... lfdna Shepard, 1923 The Koppenals ......... Maxine Nlclirinle, 192-P l,I'l'.fl'l1fl'!1 by flu' lfuylisll '26 ljlllyillllfl lVIount Holyoke Nlilestoncs . ,. . . . . . Alzada Comstock l'1'1'.v1'1lf1'1l by flu' l"f1r'lllIj' Mikado ....... l,l'l?.Vt'llfL'I1 by Ihr' Cleef Twelfth N ight ..... Pnfsenizfzl by VVhat's in a Name ..... . . . . . Gilbert anal Sullivan Club and Ihe Dl'I1IllIlfil' Club . . Shakespeare flu' lbflllllllfil' Club . . . . Nluriel Nellis 1,l'l'.W'llfl'lI by flu' Cluxx of 19.26 The Knight of the Burning Pestle . P rf'.vf'11f1'1f by Three Pills in a Bottle .... The Cradle Song ..... l,l'l'.Vl'lIfl'l1 by flu' . . . . Beaumont and Fletcher flu' Ijflllllllfit' Club . . Rachel Lyman Field . . . . . . Gregorio Sierra Defrurfment of Sjfeerli I233 I IC Q ll o i ln ' A Miss Philbrook Miss Penney . Mount Holyoke Milestones I fl Ilay in Three' flats By Alzada Comstock CAST ACT I ACT . . Miss Hewes . Miss Ellen Talbot Fanny VVheaton . . Miss Lyles Hiram Wheaton . . Mr. Warbeke Addie Hamilton . . Miss Patch Daniel Hamilton . . Mr. Hayes Lucinda Bradford . Miss Ellis James Bradford Sarah Ward . Miss Hopkins Mademoiselle La . . . Mr. Scott Miss Christianna Smith . . . Miss Carr voider. Miss Rensch Teachers and Pupils at the Seminary l23-ll Myra Hamilton . Lucy Wheaton Barbara West Bertha Long . Mary Haskell Miss Clark . Fanny Hamilton Daniel Hamilton . Miss Bryant . Henry Hamilton . George Carpenter II Miss Foss Miss Barnes Miss Cheek Miss Peabody Miss Stokey Miss' E. Adams Miss Lyles Mr. Hayes Miss Turner Mr. Kinney Mr. Hawley College Girls 1 -moz a . ,,..l I llln lla 'i ll. Quo I.: ' 1 'A Mildred Chapin Helen Randall ACT III Eleanor Carpenter . Catherine Moore . Miss West . . Myra Carpenter . George Carpenter Marion Carpenter Fanny Hamilton . Daniel Hamilton . Henry Hamilton . Bill Leavitt . . Hiram Wheaton . Lucinda WVheaton ' Scene: Mount Holyoke Seminary and College. Miss Brotherton Miss Spaulding Miss Gilman Miss Braginton . Miss Cheek . Miss Foss Mr. Hawley . Miss Clift . Miss Lyles . Mr. Hayes . Mr. Kinney Mr. O'Conor Mr. VVarbeke . Miss Ellis ACTI. Scene I. The opening day of the Seminary year, September 1872. Parlor A. ACT II. Scene II. An evening in February, 1873. Fanny's room. Scene III. The following day. Parlor A. Scene I. An evening in May, 1896. Myra's room. Scene II. Two days later. Parlor A. ACTIII. A late afternoon in November, 1923. The Post Office Corridor. Produced under the direction of Miss Couch. I235l ' o ' l A , Qlcl Englislw May Game GIVEN IN HONOR OF ,THE MAY QUEEN May 17, 1924 THE CAST l Lady lVIar,2aret, Queen of the lWay . . . . Nlargaret Bryant St. George . . . V . . . Eleanor Adams Crown Bearer . Elizabeth Clough I236! g ll r H B - V I . ... . ..-illllll -limi lik ' , Train Bearer . . Filizabeth Olmstead Margaret Glover Ladies-in-Waiting . J Lkltlhy I ' S l Lois Galbraith Dragon . Doris St. J. Dickinson Fool . . Elizabeth Trumper Hobby-horse . . . Ruth Anthony Jacks-in-the-green . l Elizabeth Levers Robin Hood . Frair Tuck . Robin Hood's Men . THE DANCES Spring Maidens Black Nag If All theWo1'lcl were Paper Rigs 0' lVIarlow-Morris Stick Dance Ribbon Dance 1 Dolores Oliphant . Edith Deering . Evelyn Perry f Virginia Barnes j Lorraine lVIills Florence Hankins Anne VVaterhouse Bacca Pipes-Morris Jig Flamborough Sword Dance Country Gardens-Morris Handkerchief Dance Picking up Sticks Gathering Peascods ARGUMENT Spring and her maidens, believing that winter has at last left the earth, venture forth to dance. They frolic about, but are suddenly interrupted by the moaning of the wind. They look around them, see Winter and his followers advancing, and shrink away in terror: They stalk up the field, rolling a huge snowball. Several villagers, unafraid, attempt to interrupt their sport, but Winter becomes angry, attacks and over- powers them. St. George, seeing their plight from a distance, rallies his men and comes to the rescue. VVinter is at last conquered., St. George whistles to his dragon who marches off with them to imprisonment. A trumpet is heard. The Queen approaches followed by her court and crowds of villagers. St. George greets her and conducts ber to her throne where he places the crown on her head. Then follow songs, dances and an archery contest in honor of the Queen. As the day comes to a close, the villagers gather around the may poles and end their revels in a maypole dance. mn 1 n: I I 525 l Q ll n i Q.. .iillllllll 'lull 7 - The Knight of the Burning Pestle Rebecca: "I long to see a play, and above all playes, The Knight of the Burning-- What du' call 't ?" Mony lacke: "The Knight of the Burning Pestle." Rebecca: "Pestle, is it? I thought of another thing, but I would faine see it. They say there's a grocer's boy kills a gyant in it, and another little boy that does a citizen's wife the daintielist-but I would faine see their best actor doe me: I would so put him to'tg they should find another thing in handling of mee, I warrant 'em." Speaker of the .Prologue . . Virginia Dufresne '25 A Citizen . . . . . . Jean Joslyn '27 His Wife . . . Bethenia McCreery '25 Ralph, his apprentice . . lVIarjorie Scott '26 Venturewell, a Merchant . . Eleanor Herbert '27 Humphrey . . . Eleanor Jones '26 Merrythought . . june Heath '25 Jasper, his son . . Dorothy Graves '27 Micheal, his son . . . Mary Nunn '27 Tim, apprentice . . . Edna McClenahan '27 George, his apprentice . Marguerite Harrington '27 Tapster .... . . Dorothy Frost '27 Barber ...... . Doris Dickinson '25 Luce, daughter of Venturewell . Catherine Simon '27 Mistress Merrythought .... . . Christine Vack '27 Pompinia, daughter of King of Moldavia . . . . Dorothy Burrow '26 Musicians .A ....... . Eleanor H. jones, Doris Cowan Gentlemen ...... Catherine Bellows, Edith Deering, Alice Haas Scene: London and the Neighboring country excepting Act IV, Scene IIQ where it is in Moldavia. 12381 l Ifllll I Ill' In ' ll 0 I I, ui-I ' ' A 4 Evelyn Thachett Ralph Thatchett Jasper Littleton Edward Wheeler Bridget . . Postman . Expressman . Ada Stebbins . Arthur Dawes Henry Rickard Wilbur Jones . Miss Atherton Mrs. Rogers . Katharine Rogers Bevo Everett . Margaret . Jed . . Children Bastian Koppenal Mrs. Koppenal Dominie John Koppenal . Herman Koppenal Cora Braam . English 26 Playshop BEEFSTEAK AND BROWING By Alice Christy, 1924 MANAGEMENT By Edna Shepard, 1923 THE KOPPENALS By Maxine McBride, 1924 f239l . . julia Abbe, '24 . Rezia Rowley '24 . Lida Brannon '24 Maxine McBride '24 Elizabeth MacKinnon '24 . . Doris Adair '24 Elizabeth Duyckinck 24 Elizabeth MacKinnon '24 , Mary Brainard 24 . Catherine Nash '24 . . June Heath '25 . Elizabeth Heeter '24 . Frances Sackett '24 . .Marjorie Cook '24 . . Doris Adair '24 . Adelaide Lehan '24 Elizabeth Duyckinck '24 5 Lema Fullerton ' 'l Evelyn Smiley . . . . Anne Hussey '24 . Maxine McBride '24 . Rezia Rowley '24 . Doris Adair 24 . Marjorie Cook '23 IE L .. F' I 77 552. ,- Qll.'g, -f A 4 , --,lil lllllliik Plays the DGp8TtmeHt of Speech Three Pills in a Bottle A FANTASY IN ONE ACT by RACHEL LYIWAN FIELD Z Now or then. I Anywhere or nowhere. : A room in the YViCl0w Suns house. Time Place Scene C l111rz11'i1'r.s' Tony Simms .... The XVidow Sims, his mother . . . A Middle-aged Gentleman . His Soul .... . A Scissors Grinder . . . His Soul . . . A Scrub Woman . . Her Soul . . . The Cradle Song A COMEDY IN TWO ACTS , by GREGRIO IVIARTINEZ SIERRA Translatwl by JOHN GARRETT UNDERHILL . Hope Dyer . Edith Shane . Eleanor Morse Mary Holbrook . Erma Funck Alice MacKerracker . Ervina Foss Doris Bigglestone ACT I Scene-A room opening into the Cloister of a Convent of enclosed Dominican Nuns. ACT II Scene-Parlor of the Convent. Eighteen years have passed. C lzarrlftwxr Sister Joanna ofthe Cross . ...' . Teresa .... . . . The Prioress . . The Vicaress . . . The Mistress of Novices . Sister Marcella . . . . Sister Maria jesus . Sister Sagrario . Sister Inez . Sister Tornera The Doctor . Antonio . Other Nuns . I2-lOl . Anita Krantz . Elsie Sweeney jean Joslyn . . Norma Adams . Olive Moore Anne Waterhouse .Francesca Deroin . Muriel Cann . Harriette Patey . . Lillie Prisk Eleanor Herbert . Winona Hardy Harriet Vaughn Ruth Saunders l Evelyn Perry , - V, Y" :z:unuzn , V , ,, YAY, Y UIWEIKH IW i. . -lil I lllu lla. The Mount l'lolyol-me Monthly The Editors Roberta T. Swartz, 1925, Editor-in-Chief Katharine Lee, 1925 Mary Allen Edge, 1925 Frances R. Tatnall, 1926 Helen H. Howard, 1926 Marion M. Redline, 1925 . Faith F. Wells, 1925 . . Margaret Sumner, 1927 . Elizabeth B. Harris, 1925 . Edith C. Fobes, 1925 . . Agnes K. Tweedie, 1926 . Alice C. McLean, 1926 . Mary V. Fulton, 1927 . 12411 Annabelle Fitzsimmons, 1927 Julia McDonnell, 1925 Ursula Sanders, 1926 Helen Phillips, 1927 . . Business . Jssismnl Business . Assistant Business . . . fldfvertising . V zJ.YSi.flIlllf fld'Uertising . Jssisizzzrl .fldfvertising . . . Circulation . Jssistrlzlt Circulation Marlzlgel' M anager Manager M :wager Marlager' Mazlrlger' Malzager' M annger i. l im., 1,25 ......IiI11 i ii it 1, The Mount Holyoke News Katharine B. Knapp, 1925 ......... Editor-in-Chief Anna Mary Wells, 1926 . . . . Illanaging Editor duocizzte Edilom' Ruth Gregory, 1925 Dorothy A. Rogers, 1925 Frances Reynolds, 1925 Grace L. Moore, 1926 Ruth NI. Fertig, 1925 Elizabeth D. Kurth, 1926 Winifred A. Thomas, 1926 Reporfers Katherine Burton, 1927 Dolores Oliphant, 1927 Elsie Jarman, 1927 l Mary Emily Woolley, 1927 Dorothy Jenkins, 1927 Helen Bernard, 1927 Eleanor Herbert, 1927 X Brzxiness Board Barodel Gould, 1925 . ..... . Business Mzzzizlger' Isabel Holmes, 1925 . . . . Adverlising fllanager' Louise Nunn, 1927 . . Assistant Adfvertising Marzzzger' Anne Waterliotlse, 1925 . . . .Circulation Manager 1VIay McLaughlin, 1926 Marguerite Harrington, 1927 ' ' Q . f1.YA'i.1'fll7If Circulating Mrzzragers I 2421 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -Illin- lm? 4 -1 111 I llllllwx 1 .2 .I1il'l!I1i - T119 I..l8IT18I'8d8. BO8I'Cl lfxnrulifvr Slaff Ellen 1-lurlbutt . ..... . .lfdiior in Clue Louise Schmelke . . 13Il.S'f7lt?X5 Mzzzzrzgez Vvinifrecl Gray . L1ll?I'Ill17 Fzfztof Anna Newcomb . . . . flrf lzrlztor Mary Sinclair . 11If'Z7l"l'fi.TiIIg 114lIIIllgL'l Beatrice Hilclrcth . . l,lI0f0gl'Ilf?lll1 fwlzfor Alice Schreiber . . . . Pllblifify fllanaqez Lifl'I'IIl'j' Smff Dorothy Pyle, 1925 Dorothy Delinc, 1925 limma Patterson, 1925 Nlarjorie Scott, 1926 Norma Aclams, 1926 Doris Garey, 1927 ' Frederica Botsforcl, 1928 Jr! Staff Helen Davis, 1925 Helen Baker, 1925 Katherine Gaul, 1926 B llXi1Il'.VX S Nlff Olive Sprague, 1926 Barbara St. Denis, 1926 Frances Rice, 1927 Antoinette Chickering, 12431 Gertrude Ruggles, 1927 Leona Bedient, 1928 Ellen Kanengeiser, 1928 Helen Spofford, 1926 Harriet Best, 1926 Elizabeth Coster, 1927 1927 1 1... . --.1111 i 11.11111 1- Blaclcsticlc Kitharme Lee, 1925 . . . . . Preyident Florenee Dodge, 1925 . . Vice-President Helen Howard, 1926 . . Secretary MENIBERS 1925 Roberta Swartz Emma Patterson Katharine Lee Ruth Muskrat julia McDonnell 1VIary Allen Edge Frances Reynolds Dorothy Lester Helen Davis Dorothy King Harriet Stoddard Elizabeth Whitney' Florence Dodge Doris Dickinson VVinifred Gray Ruth Fertig , 1926 Helen Howard Dorcas Littlefield Anna Nlary Wells 12441 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 l ,l m gl T' .- IIhIliMiIllIIIiIlli English ,CL7 g LET MYSTERY NO MORE GO BY Let mystery no more go by And leave me wearying, So that I hear her festival But cannot sing The hymns that gather from the soil In silence her loud holy tune- That lift and shake the steepled air And are vanished soon. Let mystery no more go by And leave me wearying, unless I have slammed my door and run from home, And given my heart to bitterness. Robert Swartz, 1925. I AUTUMN Autumn is old and tired with laboring, And quietly he journeys down to sleep. His rains are weary and his winds are deep, Singing the last of all the songs to sing. His dark is soft and wondering. Autumn is gentle and his smile is slow Like trailing music. He is very kind, Giving to trees gay leaves they could not find, Soothing the fall of leaves who do not know ' The way to die. His voice is low: All things over the earth go down to die. Growing, they hafve only grown to death. Giving their color to the air, their breath To float in lnusir, silent they pass by. Ofzfer the earth they go to die. Mary Allen Edge, 1925 THE BELLED COW The cow with a cowbell grazing in the birch grove, Shadowy tan in the branches, lifts her head. The quiet and the moss emfbroideries On rock, the savage earnestness of what The wind is chanting softly, stroke her brain. Making her want, not grass, but to go nearer. She takes a step to see. Her bell gives out Its gloating tinklc, and she drops her head. She reaches for another juicy tuft. lVIary Allen Edge, 1925 l245l l Q I ' -. .3-Illlllllll i lllln iles l A A GAY GREEN FAIRY A gay green fairy Rolled for joy Wove a jig Under a nettleg Over a pebble, .lumped with fright Under a twig, Away from a beetle. Slid down a grass blade, Stradclled a bee's back Stamped at a bugg Fuzzy with pollen, Into a worm's den Pulled his Cllr Dark and snug. Loudly calling. Puffed with a dew-ball "Why do I weave Up a slopeg A jig today? lnto an ant-hole I weave a jig To bits it broke. Because I am gay!" 5 Dorcas Littlefield, 1926. THE DEVIIXS GROUND Along the road I'fue mel its seed at fhe county fair. Along the road I'fue met its seed in Spain. I came to a milkweed pod. I"ve met its seed by the wee rose tree I pinched it once, . That grows in the miller's lane. I pinched it twice, Thinking it sprang from highway sod, Ever I feel on eueh a day Not from the devil's ground. The prick gf an evil Will, And all that I love is brushed away When I pinched it thrice i At the touch of a tentacle. It vanished awayg But its seed remains until this day. Ruth Fertig, 1925. Wherever it blows there's the devil to pay, The devil to pay. THE CANNY CATS The three lean cats that live in our back hedge Would step, each morning, up the Hat flagged walk To old Miss March's door, to take their milk. And Sara, stirring muffins in the window, Could see her sweep .the snow-fall off the step, And set a pan before the waiting cats, While all the morning bells were sounding seven. Last Monday, when the drift closed in Miss March, And sun-sparks twinkled on her uncleared walk, Then Sara put her head outside and met, - -Reflectively upturned from our door-sill- The cryptic countenances of the cats. Frances Tatnall, 1926. Most of these poems have been reprinted from the Mount Holyoke Monthly, with its permission. ' I 246 1 EFIEJIFQTE i.. -.. L 5 .... Ecu .gs me so ...llillll . lull Marguerite F. Atwood Margaret Walker . Catherine Butler . . Antoinette Chickering Miss Cheek . . . Miss Narey . Marguerite Atwood . Mary Harrington . Nancy T. Pope . Ruth W. Dunlap Ruth M. Miles . Margaret Walker Miss Cheek . . Miss Spaulding . Eleanor E. Herbert . Mary H. Douglas Roberta B. Smyth . Alleyne Macnab . Ruth E. Rushworth . Leila Hopper . Frances Fairley . Athletic Council . Chairman Athletic Association Board . Chairman Outing Club Board . 'Treasurer . Secretaryh . Faculty Member from Outing Club Board . . . Head of Dept. of Physical Education Athletic Auoriation Board . . . Chairman . Vice-Chairman . Sophomore Member . Freshman Member . Custodian Outing Club Board . . Chairman . Faculty Member . Gymnasium Member . Sophomore Member . Junior Member . Chairman of Riding . Chairman of Club House . Head of Canoe Club . Head of Winter Sports . Head of Hiking l247l 5 I A 522. ur QE ig, gall? ' ", ll ' 'I-liillm ' . l G I id ' 4 , - lplllll I lln li.. All-Holyoke Honors , - Reqllisitex '70 points in Athletics, good health, posture, carriage, neatness, and sportsmanlikc attitude. ill Eleanor Pauline Miller '24- Margaret E. Teall '25 Louise J. Cooke '25 Dorothy S. Tapley '26 Margaret A. Fleming '25 lwary Harrington '26 Margaret C. Owen '26 Helen L. Davis '25 A. Lois Kimball '25 Elizabeth Rhoads '26 Helen I. Driver '26 Ruth E. Hyde '26 Alice C. lVIcLean '26 Ruth Bishop Tuck '25 Louise P. Schmelke '25 Marguerite F. Atwood '25 Alice C. Dodge '25 Lucile C. Sutor '27 Mary E. Dalton '25 Ruth F. Perry '25 Elizabeth F. Trumper '25 Mary E. Edmands '27 Esther L. Jackson '28 Dorothy Willits '28 Edith Harris Shane '25 Ann Waterhouse '26 Mildred H. Laulmer '26 A I 2-1-8'I M 1: ci ff: ,. an nm 5 lr a U n n I . I I A i..- will i Ill II lk. t. W I N 4 E Heacls of Sports Valda C. Lyons . Hockey Alice K. Schrieber . .Tennis Alice C. Dodge . Volleyball Mary Sheldon . Basketball Kathryn Pennypacker Baseball Mary Sinclair . . Soccer Margaret A. Fleming Archery Faith F. Wells . . Track Elizabeth F. Trumper . Cricket f249l Ii, 1 In EQII1 'mv g K i. ll . 3. -id' "V kk A Ilrllill II All-Holyoke Teams IQ24 Valley Ball Alice C. McLean '26 Alice C. Dodge '25 Anna Waterhouse '26 Maryf E. Edmands '27 Mildred H. Laubner '26 I I' Basket Ball Margaret E. Teall '25 Dorothy S. Tapley '26 ' Louise J. Cooke '25 Louise P. Schmelke '25 Marguerite F. Atwood '25 fzsoj 'Y i"' I gl Iris l i i U il 1 -gd i' "- ' Imliii I ill!! ilk A Tennis I' Helen I. Driver '26 Alice K. Schrieber '25 Catherine M. Jeffrey '25 Mary Harrington '26 Virginia Y. Yerger '27 Archery 'Margaret Fleming '25 Lucilen C. Sutor '27 IZSII 5. E 522, UE' IEE 51. - :flaw m M E' " IX, v ,"' " I1 ' lun il ..--nllw l l inlll I llli ll... . Hockey Elizabeth Rhoads '26 Esther L. Jackson '28 Helen I. Driver '26 Dorothy Willits '28 Ruth E. Hyde '26 Edith H. Shane '25 i -' Soccer Mary Harrington '26 Mary E. Dalton '25 Margaret C. Owen '26 Ruth F. Perry '25 Helen L. Davis '26 Elizabeth F. Trumper '25 A. Lois Kimball '25 12521 i 1 Z Q 4. :EIN " " ' IIIW W .4. 1 1 J L Fielcl Day November 1, 1924 Won by 1925 Close scores, enthusiasm and color, new uniforms, banners and cheering make field day widely exciting this year. Sfheflllle of Efvezlts Volleyball 9:00 A. M. Basketball 9:55 A. M. 1926 versus 1927 1925 versus 1926 - Score 15-5 in favor of 1926 Score 49-24 in favor of 1925 Soccer 10:30 A. M. Hockey 11:30 A. M. 1925 versus 1926 1925 versus 1926 Score 6-1 in favor of 1925 Score 7-4 in favor of 1926 d1'clm1'y Tournament M. Fleming '25 Score 204- Ouling Club House fzssj E ls . ..-.IlIlI!Iiliiilli1. ' , Tennis Full courts from six' o'clock on every morning in the fall and spring testify to the popularity of tennis. The Sophomores won the inter-class tourna- ment. Faculty-student mixed doubles were played every Saturday afternoon in the fall. Prudence Paine, 1926, was the cup winner in the individual tournaments held during the spring. 1925 hopes to add new nets and poles to the courts which were fixed last year in preparation for the tennis season. PRUDENCE PAINE AND ALICE SCHRIEBER Riding With the building of the new stables came fresh enthusiasm for riding. Over 100 tickets were sold at the beginning of the season. Two new horses, Benjamin and Bobby, have been added by the College. I254l -4 --. - ,,,,, E ll It ll . ar. .aillmlllluglllllllliek ' A Spring Sports IQ24 Baseball For real sportsmanship look to the baseball team. '25 again carried off the inter- class championship after an exciting game with a score of 12-6. The faculty-student game, showing good fighting spirit, was won by the faculty with a margin of 1 or 2 runs. TRACK MEET May 24, 1924 Nothing short of Hood could dampen the spirits of those interested in track and of the athletic family who drove to each game in their wagon. The en- thusiasm and good work of the class of 1925 won the relay but 1927 won the day. Freshmen gained highest place in fifty yard dash, sixty-five yard hur- dles, running broad jump, javelin and discus. One record in hurdling was broken by Antoinette Chick- ering '27. 1 Antoinette Chickering '27 CRICKET Cricket was played for the first time at Mount Holyoke in the spring of 1924, and proved to be quite popular. Finals between Freshmen and Sophomores resulted in the success of 1926 with a score of 81-58. fzssi .-lfllll :lin ll A - 5 - 5fT:l'R 55551 o .M-Imll - I Dorothy Calvert Pyle, 1925 VVinner of the'Sz1ral1 Streeter Cup. Honorable mention, Christine Kimber Seward I256I , r lip ,, -.-vvg nuu UUFUUHY lfyle. u1'ovograms.J I i. E l 1 ll n i 1 ' A WPA., . ', S' , l --1? PEARSONS HALL gs-.....,.. 1 , V, Q.,, J ' ld, Nan may he small, hut watch her step, A lit'1'y light doth learsons yle To wit-one Dorcas Littlcfleldg Slack got the spirit and the pep. Joe College in her high top hat At brcalcfast with a Glcsman Cat. gl l lllh l",1, ll! ll 'l fl lr lv fl' X fl x ,,' I 9 ,ll W1n-- I2S71 i. A. E -T B511 Ui. w in Nik, li .r. ll -A n . il . ...-IlWll'!llIIIllllFk 4 SYCAMORES Cam and Molly with the dog, This lady lives in Sycamore. In wide galosh and mannish tog. Who hasn't seen this coat before? .-,' I258AI 'T JR in L, 91 R xih .Q , Q 1 I M , Z ,Q , 2 V Qt' AAC' : 'I '-Jf'f"'f -J ,xr-J ,,a.,:y:.3y,,. N'il", ' s-Q.-,qi-lg-5,7-. 'r' 'mf-avgi , Fmt., . ii?-IL-1 UH: pl 'yu.fT4 .VSAM . . i f.,fL V " .-,, - '-,Cl . 17 -1 I l , A mm" lik EL.. I nalm'!IQ l l ll 4 I ll ll . .n i . .iilllllllll ll HILLSIDE NORTH She's very small and most demure, Last minute Lazy, But still an artist deft and sure. Try to make her hurry. . n gif' i f '-' ig' , 41, 11, I259l Her long legs will get her there She should worry! 2. -1 U QT nag - I-Fifi IIT: nm- , gl H l' I . 0 a I I ..a1IrIlll i ll , HILLSIDE SOUTH Behold the "Head of Photographs"- She hunts us down and haunts our rooms, Hers is the castle on the hill. Observe this warrior if you will- Frightening the guilty into swoons. She is a doughty QQQ But eke a Right Good Fellevv, too. a QA iv 1" ' ' X K 1 I ,. ll E if ,, 'tl f S -1 . gi lla f 5' s f ' il- 'o-f'? l26o1 ii A ,. a .ag Ill i lllll in f Sie. 3 r .fum Ju' 9' 'qi li l 1 ll o I lll l I 1 H-., Why does this lady smile in Oh, why so wide il grin? In very truth it seems to me A special has come in. 2129 f I Jfh M ll!! 1- .,r 'Al SMITHVILLE glee? f261j ln rain or shine, blow hot, Her spirits never lag. Now, '27, show your stuff And give a yell for Dag! 'CN 4 - ., Of, XJ r ptr -'T . blow co fxx 'll i Y ll i ll L A - ri y i l I . 3 -i illln lla. .- L . gg gf: .Q .Flin 'E "H l Il l l'lnllr ' e I 0 l IIII , BRIGHAM HALL L I A halfbaclc on the hockey team-- Here sits a philosophic soul To forwards fearsome does she seemg A-dreaming of the Goldfish Bowl. She meets them with a silent grin And cracks them neatly on the shin. if 4, '. fl 1 6 ' -. -za x il -' . I fiyffll fgifliw 2 I or if r Jin!! lllll - , E. A ' 'cta. -M r P jr 4 Z lzszl ,V i l MQ if l 1 n . il .i-IlllllllI!lllIHI,llLa 4 sg5 COVVLES LODGE Betty Giln1an's doing lab Sophie is guarding the door, Quite in the model way. Her desk heaped with data galore They even say she likes the place Charts all statistic, and And goes there every day. Signs cabalistic, and , Ee. matters mystic, and l More. l i r . l a ,, . at li -'I ,flgill is QM 4 r l si l D il an Jo. 52631 B' '1 EEE -5. galw Y 1 -L 4 qlhae. ..a1Illlii I H K - i WILDIQR At night 21 Giant in il Play, This is 21 star in volleyball, Lit,ry and business-like by day. Notice her serve invincible. M f X Gi ' X5 Wi? X . Vi. ix V' f i' QW X A4 , 1 ...- w 1, W 2-2 S 5 I2641 3.-W1 i Hr L A 1 gi Q .fn 'S hir Mnllw l " 4 llllnnl ., IVY' H! I JUDSON Our Judson friends out with some men Pray that they're in by stroke of ten! f2651 F5 ' "' "" W llllllll l wld ' h . ,i-.llllll2Iil,,,lle -, 1 , , . , x ROCKEFELLER NORTH Paderewski the second is she This is a lady named Heathg Full Blyth-some she makes melody. We laugh till we're all out of breath At her quips and her tales, None of which ever fails To tickle us nearly to death! .Nl l 'fzililfffllllll ' f t.7!f g ,- n ml- rg --T , l 7 , 4 W Qi :in B---1 1r4 lllrg Am ll M ' Q M-:lf X 'It 'j 'K f266fj 4 f l d H '1 -Q-1 1 Ha". IW HL 4 I U l a I -id ' A . - 1 g Il Irlflg X ROCKEFELLER SOUTH Tho Shy1ock's back is bent, they say This is a most familiar scene. l've seen it bent the other way! I wonder just what can it mean? f267l ' 4- Lge: img It I ' ' El 7 I vvv, f' rx :-, ' i. -. L 5. :rr gm A NIT' IFE 13.4. f-rlW"l I pn i A A . illllnlig sa... W' K WOODBRIDGE VVe ought to cull them "Pat and Mike", A hurdler in track is Tony They don't mind dressing just alike. As agile as zz polo pony. 'gm 'fqv ,Vi 'N' JW' vi... 2 1 ff iix. gh . K . S by V efa .E l ml Eg ' I 12681 1 I if is 1 5 , l i E l 4 3 l l ge e 3? ae. nnlqlll ll M l . an . Illlll II 6... llldlk. PORTER HALL She loves her home in Porter so Most dangerous of the K K Ks That late to classes she doth go. Beware of her or mend your ways Instructors cannot make her quailg She makes old Porter s halls resound Beloved her steed, this Heetfoot snail. With eldrxch shrxeks and crlsty sound 5 A S931 Jail liz!! ,fp !','l f",1l'f P ,Ffg714::-., V , ,- f,,.. , s pi,f,5f.49 N1-f' 1 1 REI' A , Nh. ' lx-JN' 1. 1 ., ' ,L . I l269l i. Q. :sg 5-if wnmllll M .Y H . i . I -i1lIHHI' l llllllllwk ' SAFFORD HALL In Safford Hall there lives a Trump This actlve sprlte vou surely know Who got her H and many a thump. Because she Lo'1ched our Jumor Show ,' Q... MQ RN , A' W l lggllgl el AH Q e n ex r -.N f1" -1 V v-'IL ll Wnxllx ll -' ll lj Ml 5 ,, ' I f270l t 1 r. .i...iilii iriiflih- L L 'T' 1 il a' .Elin 'Wm d - n . . :HH F - MEAD HALL Upon this form I bid you gaze. Within Mead's walls there dwells a Circe Herb entertains in many ways. fOr Cleol. To swains she shows no In matters serious or silly mercy! She is so very versatile! EE' ,,-5 19 5 te, -,N Q F were . ' wn.. 4 K. ' 'ii A , 'A .N iv 3 ii mm N--i -S N, -1 .rg .:'l1 -3: Ti:-1 fi , - -' M S i X, if 3 V ' i if? 1, f2711 I m 11 PIM lull! i. sea, ,SIN -' 3' - ' - 'V I5 lm' f IIlI I H2721 ? ' 1 Y u l t I I R 1 Y Y 4 Q i I 4 4 if 112 l.l ls ll n i e . .iilllllllllielllllllllllghg ' A Collegese The English langwidge as she is spoke in Halls of Learning fApologies to Lifej Lokido. Howzisoocha? Faspartee, huh? Tall depens. Isay frapartee thisisa ranfewnrul. Awgwan. Dozmtell yermoma yarntavina peechuva nekinbee. Lisnere, thiserza blindate nollsayive sumdumdave wishtonmee. Saynahsol Tubadolekid, tuffluk. Inevernewadeek taheesawet. Feezgunnabee anawfulegg iwishteed runalongome. Yegodzive gotta crumfra quizinbizorg. Welugot nuthnonmee. Heegavoutalong: assimunin litcrit nivenot craktaltoolc. Ihaytaseetha graydolpul natcourse. Whachamean graydjugotta nayrabee lastime dintcha? Goshimin wursnat inqual. Leschukitall angotashol Andragarsheeks? Yumuswanna becampust. Jushusay. Lesgotessayaich. Maulforit. Heerzarlil playmaitsagain. Seeyafterten. Pip-pip. Toodle-oo. ' I273l 1 'Ei is - sf? 5-: -gan ll 1 "-- -21 calf? im ' l.. fi l 1 ' , ,,,..lnlll n Ilm lik Classroom lnspirations A TRIGONOMETRIC ROMANCE A sine loved a fair co-ed Who bore the name of Miss Cosineg He purposed the maid to wed And sought her for his Valentine. It was his fate to be distrait:-- He could not make the lovely gal- Sad to relate-reciprocate: She was not his riciprocal! The damsel fair was on the squareg He squared his jaw: she should be won! 'Twas not long ere the loving pair Were joined-and lo-the twain were one! CHEMISTRY I-I-IMPRESSIONS OF THE COURSE Tune: John BI'0'LC7l,J Body Come, my ethyl ZlC,CI21t8, and mind your p's and q's! Mercy, little ester, but you've been on quite a cruise! Correct yourself:-I fear you have the alcoholic blues VVhile you go boiling on. Chorus: Oh the joys of ebullition In acidified condition Altering our composition As we go boiling on. Alcohol? We make it into acetaldehyde, Warm it in a waterbath with feeble flame applied: If the stuff is cramped for space, there's lots of room o As it goes boiling on. Chorus: Oh to think of oxidation With the proper ventilation! 'Tis a thrilling occupation To keep it boiling on. Chloroform is excellent to put yourself to sleepg utside Chloral sends the actresses where worms do crawl and Verdigris or Paris green will make them bury you dee While we go boiling on. Chorus: A Oh to take a soporific NVhen our troubles are prolific And our headache is terrific But we have to keep boiling on! Nothing could be nicer than to play with gasoline On the last occasion when on earth we shall be seeng We can hardlylwait to make some nitroglycerine. And set it boiling on. Chorus: Oh to make a grand explosion Setting everything in motion Hurling us across the ocean- Amen, A-men. Lzm P, creepy i. 5. fella --U Lt i viii - l-llo'l- .f Illllf ' 'N - , ,.. l lllm li Extracts from the Catalogue of Mount l"lolyolce College IQQ4-1qQ.5 CALENDER SUMNIER VACATION, 1924- From that last exam. to the line out side of the Registrar's Academic Year begins at three bells ...................... Friday, September 19 First Week-end begins at 4:35 P.IVI. .... . . ...... Friday, September I9 ilisecond Week-end begins at I2 IVI. ..... ............... ' 1'hursday, Septemfber 25 9"Week-ends continue to begin at an earlier hour and day until week-end meets week-end. The process then begins over again until- Eighty-eighth Finale ........................................ Tuesday, June 9 APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION Candidates for admission, should have completed the preparatory course in "Betty Wales Goes to Collegef' and should present satisfactory evidence of being able to prepare Welsh rarebit, and play the ukelele. REQUIRED COURSES A. Courses required of all students: Course in college idioms Course in chapel sprinting. Course in greetings. BIG Wfhis course is designed to train students in the selection of the correct greeting for the correct person in campus usage, from material composed of such words as: hi there, 'lo, mowrl, Cthrough a browniej, etc., and the relation of these to natural modulations of the voice. B. Courses required with option: Choose one out of three. Mechanics of Raucousness. . Concentration of work in the Sophomore year advised. Work may be chosen from one of two groups or both: Striving Toward the Un- usual or Training inthe Art of being Collegiate. Philosophy of the Serious. This course prepares one to be resigned to reach the libe at 7:45 A.M., and 7 P.M., respectively each morning and night in order to secure books, and attempts to weigh the educational advantages of a college courseiagainst the humanizing opportunities, and to prove the former preferable. Science of Blaseness. A detailed study in methods of wearing the air of a woman of the world with ease. Designed to correct all tendencies toward the "Rah, rah, College!" Strain. I275l -,, g A Y - 31 lil i lllll h....... . .IlIll'llllr 1 Faculty Section One of the Alumnae Council, meeting a fresh- s fy X man with light bobbed hair, appreciated her friend- ly smile enough to stop and pass the time of day ij V' with her. .M -AQ, M.. "Wouldn't you like to come back as a member of the Graduate Council?" by V "Oh, yes," replied the freshman. li I At the next meeting of the Council, a speech by Il Nliss Comstock was announced. And the freshman 1' -- 5- stood up! Miss Wilde: Cllescribing her trip to the Holy Landj "I fell in with some friends at Jacob's if-5-1 Well." - il ' T Miss Hewes: COccupying a davenportj "I -f.--,Lr always like to sit on this accordion!" ' ' . fn, Miss Couch: CNoticing lVIary Emily'VVoolley's absence from classl "Isn't Mary Lyon here? Where - is Mary Lyon today?" Q Scene: A park. In the foreground a bench on which a man is seated. A girl has draped herself on I the bench with her head in' his lap. Audience: A passing car containing Miss Diet- A' .f'i Q7-1 an rich and Miss lVIarks.' T5 dyj V7 3' Miss Dietrich CClutching Miss Marks' armjz I lx' Z "Stopl Jeannette! Stop! The girl has faintedf' - 'AX - -- ET N -" ,Do 'you know that Miss Stevenson leads a 'Ji' C.-f double life? Here's the proof. She went under ether saying the Lord's Prayer but as she came to, she remarked, "Gosh, l'm a sick girl." H2761 f l' 4 Yf ,Gif , ,Wf W5 this .W A. A. U' if? ,fr nrlmllim if , I an . Ill I - . . : i .:..lnllll i NIH lik Nliss Hussey: " 'And the Lord said unto Iyloses'-say, girls, don't you feel a draft ?" IVIiss Car, walking on campus one day, noticed Mr. Burnham approaching attired in a dilapidated felt hat and hip booths. He waved to her gaily, and Miss Carr, wondering at the familiarity, bowed politely, whereupon he waved even more violently. She pretended to be admiring the scenery until they were near enough for Miss Morgan to say, "Why A I lf 5 -1? Q X, A Xl i It X didn't you wave back at me ?" M1'. Briggs to Miss Hewes, in S.A.I-I. on Sun- day afternoon: "Lots of couples here todayf' Miss H: "Couples of NVhat ?" FAVORITE SAYINGS OF THE SAGES MISS DIETRICH: Now this isn't my field. MISS DOAK: Is that all right? MISS ELLIS: I mean to say- MISS HAZLPI'I"I': Accordingly then - Miss LAIRD: As it were- MISS IVIARKS: I know because I have made a special study of the subject. MRS. MOWRY: We give thanks for these- MISS NEILSON: Ra-.ather delightful. MISS PUTNAM: That was the bell, wasn't it? MR. SCOTT: How many see what I mean? MISS SHIELDS: So to speak. MISS SNELL: Mr. Boas thinks this way, but I.. MR. BURGIQVIN: Was, in some sort- MISS WOOIJLEY: Remember that you are all hostesses. ' I277I 5 --5 'il , 'U lu 1 'fir-I jf l DEH I l -gm: 6 si My Q n . .... .i-IIIIIII. l- llilllllikel '- Rubberneck Tour of the Campus Ladies and gentlemen, you are now about to start on the famous rubberneck tour of the campus in Burnham's two-wheeled gig. This tour is intended to skirt the campus and to include not merely the obvious objects of interest, but minor details which might escape the interest of a senior showing her family around, or of a Junior with her Prom man. We begin at this modest little structure called the liverett House. YVe like to begin here because it is considered bad luck to end here. Proceeding down the road, we find on our left the building called the Stock Ex- change, because it is here that every week each student exchanges her stock of laundry with some other student. This building standing near is called the Faculty Playhouse, because it is here that many of the faculty keep their hobbies. Now we start around the delightful "Lake Road", where two is company but a crowd is required by the Handbook. Having completed that pleasant trip, we will pursue this road to the left, opposite the Stock Exchange. Notice the odd little bridge leading to C-owles Lodge. This was designed in the earlier days of the college and is guaranteed to be man-proof, since, as you may observe, it is impossible for two to walk there abreast. On your right is the famous Zoology pool. Notice the solid walls that enclose it. These are guaranteed not to crumble "tho an host should encampn upon them, literally lying in wait for unsuspecting specimens of aquatic life. Crossing the bridge toward Prospect Cwhere the whole college migrates on a Sunday afternoon, each intending to be by herselfl, we come to the scene of the hair- raising abduction. Here a mighty Workman, bristling with-hair-but enough! The blanching cheeks of the ladies present remind me that I must spare their feelings. We will now proceed 'along the board walk, which Israelites of Hillside have traversed, passing safe between seas of mud unto the Promised Land. i With or without the passengers, kind permission, we will now pass directly across campus, using all the favorite shortcuts. A friendly warning might be apropos: when I278I i -. EW' urn lam: 'a Q ll . 1 IJ .nillllmmlm l5umTlig'- - crossing here at night, be careful not to trip over the little signboards. Although in- tended to indicate the correct route, and keep the stranger from going astray, they often prove an obstruction to travel. Across college street we find a barn which has been a great factor in class history. "Here once the embattled freshman stood," vainly struggling to get at their beloved playthings, while T25 valiantly defended the fort. V Two object of interest we are not permitted to point out to our passengers. One is the sun dial. The other is the bakery in the basement of Pearsons. The latter is kept hidden for diplomatic reasons. ODIC TO A COLLEGIC BATHTUB Tune: John l3rown's Body Once there was some scummy stuff that grew within a lake Down amid the slimy haunts of eel and water snake The students drew it in a tub and cried, "For pity's sakel We can hardly wait to get in." Chorus: Oh the pleasures of ablution ln this greasy brown solution! Oh to make some contribution To all the dirt therein! f2791 i fr I ll . ,Q -i 'nik l -u ll I lIlluI1ix -I' D- i I 2801 W.-iw 1 BCH 1-EEE! ri-ML, lli n g 2. 4 3 ...-tlmlllll i-llllzunlllts 11 CTOSSWOFCJ PLlZZlS HORIZONTAL Problem in evolution: which came first, the hen or the-? The mark that you wish you had got on the last quiz. The class you dress up most for. NVhat you do in the winter that gives you many a spill. It is fatal to do this on an examj Children of Niobe. Ask an Art major. They -wear hats at first Community meeting. Notice well Cabb. pl.D Sound made in clearing one's throat. A class member flunking four subjects at midyear. Distance above sea level tabbj. Girl's name. Don't forget it at time of fire drill. VVhat courtesy often makes one do. A college degree higheer than you will ever get. First name of a popular zoo instructor. Friend CFr.l 4:30 during exams. WVhere you must not turn out the light or shut the door. Also. Poetic for even. The word used oftenest in crossword puzzles. No puzzle is complete with- OU! ll. Local resort for all the big fashion revues. Ministerial assiciation Qabbl. VVith whom it is not proper to be for- ward. fSpelled backwardl. All right rabbi pl.l Three fifths of collegiate bull sessions. The loot of the collegiate gold digger. German for if. The mark that you did get on the last quiz. CSee three horizontalj. College Degree. 1. 2. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. ll. 13. 14. 15. 17. 19. 21. 22. 24. 25. 27. 31. 33. 35. 36. 37. 46. 48. l28ll VERTICAL A college department tabb. and spelled phoneticallyj. Page Eli Whitney or the Amherst youths The most desired word around Prom time. Masculine address Cabb.J What all college students consider them- selves. Where Little Boy Blue found the cows. "Smart models for the college-." Entries made in a book before leaving for the movies. A conjunction. One of the campus dogs. A building on campus fabb.j junior Show. The curse of college life. Initials of a jazzy senior. Last name of a late acquired member of the class of '25, A necessary quality of the ideal man. Employed. What you feel that you know when go- ing to a quiz. Requirements. Celibates. Dispatched. A form of the verb to be. Location of another college fSlangl. The ones who made this puzzle. Contracted form of I am. :ICU qi 11... 0 iiii llillll u . ..-111111 I ill Q- Cracks from the Old Nuts The Alumnae Cut their Wisdom Teeth on these jokes Lllllllllflllill 1898 Student at Smith College: fLooking up at top of Mount Holyoke, "It must be lovely up there, but I should think those girls would be tired of going up and down all the time." A Freshman: CComing to table of logarithms in her geometryl, "O, my! Have we got tolearn all this ?" l . 1899 Freshman: Qliuying painting outfitj, "Please give me a dozen thumb nails." 1900 'Miss Pr-nt-ss: "And at what house do you live ?" R. B., 1901: "Pearsons. May I have permission for my roomate, too ?" Miss Pr-nt-ss: "Certainly, In what house does she live ?" 1902 Definitions Pedagogy: The science of walking. Lecture: The release of numberless winged words to be pursued by fountain pens over notebook territory. Quiet Hours: Periods of time in which one-half of the inhabitants of a dorm- itory stop to listen to the noise made by the other half. 1903 The Juniors were being seated in chapel. The Registrar: "All those after Parsons come to the right side of the chapel.'l Half the class came. M. H. CIn Latin classjz "The metre is epileptic tetrameterf' Miss D-sbr-w Cln Literature elassj: "I found the reference in the footprints at the bottom of the page." 1905 One of those Illusions Miss T. CIn Psychologyjz "Now I am conscious that this books rests on five fingers and a thumb." ' IIZSZJ DCI! IU li . ..-.I1I11ll! a J- 1 Structure Books with Suggested Subtitles Twelfth Night--or, The Last Sit-up in a Suite for Three. Return of the Natifve-or, Satu1'day Night on the South Hadley Trolley Car. Far l'iI'0Il1 the Mrzzlzlirzg Crowd-or, Grinding in the Stacks. 1915 When Catherine Freas saw the inscription on the sundial given by the class of 1878, "Enjoy the present," she exclaimed, "Wl1at a queer thing to put on a gift." The Blind Leading the Blind Student, CPresenting a quiz bookl : "I can't make out your comment at the endf' Instructor: "That says, 'I can't read your writinglf' Instructor: "Your answer is as clear as mud." Student: "Well, that covers the ground, doesn't it?" 1917 Supercilious Sophomore: "Well, even the most educated of us slips up at times. Just go up to Dwight to the Art Exhibit and you'll see-'I Credulous Freshman: "VVhat ?'l Supercilious Sophomore: "A picture of two men chopping wood, labeled free feller.v!" ---- 1918 Mr. Hayes: "VVhy are older people more addicted to seasickness than children. pn Student: "I think it is because older people are always ready for whatever comes Y! up. Miss Snell: "In this form of rime, the first line would seem to be unconnected with the rest-unwedded,, you might say, and therefore insignificant." . Miss Chase: "VVhat style church is it, Gothic? Miss Carr: "No, Presbyterian." 1920 SPLINTICRS FROM THE BOARD Metaxnorplmoses Bfff 1f'1 I : Jinfr: She's going to study in dry old tomes, Her scholarship is iicm t the kind Covered with mold 2 iric I rust, To stop when she leaves college. "O what a life to leadf' you cry, The ways of pleasantness for her, But we say, "Let her rust.'l The paths of peace to knowledge. 12831 lillik :ITM 4' " -r H I -i l. ll o i 0 .' ' ' - 8 :OO 9:00 2 :OO 3 :OO 4 :OO 7 :OO 10:00 A A. M. P P P P P. M. . M. . M. . M. Radio Program Station MI-IT, broadcasting from Mary Lyon Tower Announcer, Miss I. Sofa Weather Report, by Freshmen having outdoor gym. Stock Market: Current prices for cats, frogs, and guinea pigs. Zoo- logy and Physiology Consolidation. Talk on Facial Expression, by Mr. L. G. Nivegrub. Health Talk: "Improvements in Gymnasium Work as Suggested by Seniors," by Narey A. Hope. "Formal Introductions," Fourth of a Series of Lectures on How to Improve the Memory, by Hamy Ewes. Duet and Dance by the Duncan Sisters. Bedtime Story: "The After-ten Bogie," by Jackson Smith. ORIGINATORS OF SLANG EXPRESSIONS "Step on it"-Sir Walter Raleigh. "Snake's Hips"-Cleopatra. H It ain't gonna rain no more"-Noah. "Aw g'wan"-Ben Hur. if Come up for air"--Jonah. "Spit it out"-The Whale. "You said a mouthful"-Demosthenes. U Sling a mean linei'-Isaac Walton. "Papa love mama ?"-Xantippe. H Go to grass"-Nebuchadnezzar. I2S41 ' ia-3' 2. A .M 55 B? M ,Elm illlk l - it . 1 vu K- ' . u i . .iinrllillll llllll A The Skeptics, Society of Mount Holyoke .J N' - '1 'mtl llifxi I . 2. 1 - , - w-'-in it x X. L -rlllmu 0 Q l ' - Elf E l iT ,. . - .4 1 lhey probe to the source ot the rumour ft '11- -J-h in -V-Q X that some freshmen are actually cold-tuhhcd " i i'N for their misdeeds. ' ' ' ls,-1.43: I They inspect the exact color scheme of Miss Woolleyls chapel slippers, their tex- ture and material. and ,zvff f ' f 1- . i Ile if They investigate the tradition that trus- '- tees freeze ice cream on Mary' Lyon's grave. Q- 9.x xiii ,-- L' KN' 'Ml' 1 u r mx. flirt erier g Q me llilll it 'wi f "N . mx LJ b . - I N -24 'X -N1 T -Q . M lt.. 3 Q They make a thorough study of wry fl: yjnlylyl - ' the evolution of buttons from sand. K im' i' , D .' ' gd i"f'fE :ff i' sf .. F "" 'F f K to ., L.. :vie fzssj sinh ' i o . -illllllllllll i A Wail on A Major VVell-drawing was never my line, And as for the sculpturing part 1 never could feature itg no, I think I won't major in Art. Astronomy? Over my head! And Bible? l'll have to say From a course so Wilcl I'll he one Free-man Please give me a Hawley-day! Botany? Oh, my Starrs! And now that you speak of Chem- Courses so element-ary, I have no use for them. As for Ec., let me ask Hewes who? Education? I'1l go Scott free. English? How can you talk that way To one composed like me? Lit-yes-but think of the Marks! Geology? Dry as dust. And I haven't got attic room for Greek, To be quite fair and just. History's all out of dateg Latin? You never could call Bile long on marks! and lVIath Doesn't suit my equation at all. Music-I haven't the timeg Phil-a Smalbot of that will dog Psychy is far too Hayes-yg Physics-too shocking-I'm through! Physiology? Not on your life! Spanish, and such Romance? VVhy bother, when Bill and I Can say 5111 we want in a glance? Zoology? Suffering Dogfish! Oh, this is a sad tale to sing. I'll just have to major in Gymg There's Narey another thing. j286I 1 1 I I I I 1 l I I ln - 1. ET T iii 1:- fw .ma U. .-an ' - , ,,.. I lllm li I ll. lllo 'l,. .f J- Psychology Tests Performed on Mount Holyoke Students Ufith Results and Interirrefzztions I. EXPERIMENT IN OLFACTORY SUGGESTION: A group of students were blindfolded and allowed to they were were told was cigarette smoke. There was no smell incense, which dissension. The same group, when allowed to smell cabbage, which they were told was steak, left for the Mary Elin. Wlien taken into the Zoo lab., and told they were in Astronomy, several left out a required course. CMake your own interprctationsj II. SPEED AND ACCURACY TEST: Problem. Corrert ,ins-wer. 1 Ec. course-5 cuts X l girl : l preliminary exam 1 month X chapel- 7 cutsx 4 weeks campus l allowance - CI'Iannah Dowling -l- 6 meals qi- Pay Daylrr - 1 girl -l- 0 lVIary Elin III. ASSOCIATION TEST: I Suggestion. Three Zlloxt Common 41X.Y0CiIlfI0lI.V. Saturday night f'i'Dates Required Bible Lecture MBath Bait Fish Zoo Phi Grind Greasy Llamie I ? ? IX-? Campus Four weeks On OH Bill Special Jack Sunday WWCURSES Bob IV. EXERCISE IN LOGIC: l,1'0f10.S'ffiUll. Cln'1'e1't. Izzvorrecf. If Baby Psyche Lit into Baby Zoo to X Skinner, Phil would Clapp VVilder and Wilcler. Oh Ee! If Gin Ling College precedes the Lord's X Prayer, and if the Lord's Prayer follows the Student Friendship Fund, the Zoo building was named for Thursday morning chapel. If all Freshmen ask all Sophomores where X X CThey aren't they are going, and some Sophomores say that sort "To H.E.L.,', the Freshmen will believe it. V. INFORITIATION TEST qCOT1'CCt answer in Itnlirxlz Button Field 2 .Cemetery. Bzztftlej Ground. Pea of llirlsl. rl Garden. Eclipse x Fountain Pen Ink. Radio Set. Cal1ll"ez'f. S. A. H. if Tooth Paste. Order of Am. Legion. Smoking Car. 'tNote to House Matrons: Try serving somethiii beside date pudding for Saturday dinnerg it has a morbid eltect on the girls. fH'Probably affected by the dearth of water this year. 'H""Ansvvei' of members of Llamarada Board. H"""'She didn't get any. I287I DCU .nm a ln . - iiiiillllilt '- Sept Sept Sept Sept. Sept Sept. Sept Sept Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. 13 17 18 19 19 20 21 22 23 25 24 28 29 30 1 2. 3 -1 , -'I--'gg I WI il.. The Bulletin 6: Various Freshmen appear to take exams. They form life-long friend- ships, which last till other people come. The college arrives. Urchins of South Hadley, ever hopeful, dart about offering porter service and getting refused. "Did you have a good summer? Isn't the grass wonderful in front of Rocky?" The College invades Holyoke in search of cretonne for curtains. The stores are out of it except for the more obnoxious patterns. fSee any dorm- itory windowj Nobody's trunk comes. 8:14 A. M.: A few last-minute spirits get off the trolley, and hasten with wild eyes toward Skinner, leaving their bags at the Gate. 8:15 A. M.: College opens. 76 Freshmen get into the wrong class, and 76 upper-classmen decide they won't elect this course after all. Book store mobbed. This won't happen again until the first quizzes. Reception of Welcome to the Freshmen by the Y.W.C.A. Freshmen dis- tinguished, if at all, by their white gowns. lt's lucky we brought a decent one-there's no sign of the trunk yet. Sunday. Everybody late to church, owing to the permutations and com- binations of Freshment and their escorts. Upper-classmen bull the entire afternoon. Freshmen weep and write home. Vespers: General attendance. one. Parties go to the movies Prevailing opinion that the term is a long Trunks on campus, but not yet to get out of South Hadley for a change. located: continue from one to two weeks. College looks for Seniors to come out early as a surprise. They don't. The first bats appear in the Buttonfieild and at Paradise. Same. Amherst arrives, consulting directories. This won't happen again until Fall of 1925. College pays its first visit to the libe. Several people located only after search, having lost themselves. ' Seniors dress in white at breakfast. Great surprise manifested when they appear later in cap and gown. Convulsions of Nature attend the event, in the course of which the new mortar-boards are reduced to mob caps. The Duncan Sisters make their debut within our halls of learning. First Hygiene lecture. Owing to the extreme sophistication of the younger generation, nobody fainted. ' First meeting of Legislative Board. Diabolical schemes afoot. Juniors serenade freshmen. Hastily organized freshmen sing camp songs from tops of porches. 52221 KICU III fa. iii-' in i1i1ll'I1i1 1 lllsic. f lllli' l A .. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov. Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov. --1 I ll I lllll 6: Water-supply begins to get low. College quite resigned. 8: Mountaiii Day: pickles, pop, and the open airg sundaes, sodas, and the movies. 11: Senior-Freshman Reception. Nobody leads, and few can follow. 12: Freshmen repair in full force to their respective Bible Classes after church. This never happens again. 13: John W. Davis League is born. Political education of lVIount Holyoke begins. A 14: Mount Holyoke-Cambridge debate. The English sense of humor is vin- dicated, but otherwise the young men are swamped in a "rising tide of femininity." - 15: Water takes on color of cider. 17: La Follette Club meets. The College sees Red. 18: 19-26: Freshmen hazed by Seniors. Tortures undergone by Seniors. French Department gives a play. Coolidge Club meets, long after the other two. This proves that the early bird catches the worm. 21 1 22: Upper Lake down to bed-rock. Small water-snake discovered in dormitory bathtub. Philharmonic Orchestra gives annual concert. Tickets in demand at the 24: last minute. Can't be had. Everybody knows all about junior Show. 25: Seniors pose for first sitting of pictures in garbs conducive to snaring jobs. 29: School of Politics. We really ought to vote, after all this. ' Campus Sing offers The Gold Dust Twins in their repertoire of songs and dances. 30: 31: Hallowe'en parties in the halls. Students appear as ghosts, Pierrettes, and clowns. Village boys enjoy themselves. 1: Sophomore-Freshman. "1 don't know many Sophomoresf' 4: Coolidge elected, by the college. 7: Founder's Day. 59 Freshmen attend Nlary Lyon's lee-Cream Festival. Entire Senior class destroys dickies immediately after the morning exercises. Clapp Laboratory dedicated. 8' Junior Show. All surmises wrong. Shakespeare admirably scrambled, to the tune of enthusiastic applause. 13' Vocational Talk to Seniors. They go in, looking pale and determined. They come out, looking pale. They are thinking of their Senior proofs which have just arrived. , 14: About this time, look out for quizzes. I 15: 22: Senior-Faculty. Fruitful surmises as to motives involved in choices. Nearing the end of the foot-ball season. Fur coats returned to their owners, as nearly as possible. izsol 1 IBB i . E' ifildw 'HTF ' .L -l W il Q I ' 'J ' i i A 4 Nov. Nov Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. , ..-limi I lllnnlli' Freshmen serenade the Juniors. Kisses bought too far ahead of time. Al- most all consumed. f Thanksgiving Recess begins. LQ of the College go home to be fed. The rest stay in South Hadley for the same purpose. And a select few attend the renowned Ballad Party. Thanksgiving Recess ends. Friday appointments are held on Saturday, with the result that the Student Body is one day behind for two weeks. Seniors get a dose of Social Hygiene. Hoping against hope, they take care- ful notes on how to be happy and married. Intercollegiate Dramatic Association Conference meets here. "Remember that you are all hostessesf' Dramatic Club presents a play by Beaumont and Fletcher. Slight aroma still apparent in water. Golden Rule Sunday. Heavy sup- per parties. Christmas Sunday. Begun by the Sophomore angels at 5 A. lVI. Seniors serenade lXIiss Woolley' and Nliss Purington through chattering teeth. Carol Service at night, llflount Holyoke aml Holyoke unite. Sophomores try to recollect who were their big sisters to invite them to hear the Class Song. ' - "The Fate of the Fertilized Egg" breaks into college history. Feverish manufacture of spit cards. Christmas vacation begins. Several people take trains from Springfield. Here we are again. The Eclipse of the Sun is brought to our attention by Miss Young. We are of the opinion that it might have waited till after exams. Juniors consider vocations, but not at all seriously. Miss Ann Morgan and Miss Christianna Smith pull the Brigg's cat thru a serious operation, aided by the soothing influences of the Briggs' radio. Junior-Freshman Reception, with refreshments. Try and get any! 37 Freshmen sit up all night to prepare cross word puzzles for the News. Edgar Lee Masters speaks at Poetry Shop Talk. He does not have to be explained to anybody. Exams are considered by the student body. Exams begin. 2-l-: Exams interrupted by an eclipse. Students rise at 5 A. M. and trolley and train by stages to Winclsor. lt gets colder and colder. Afterwards, they walk leisurely back to where the special train is waiting, just outside Holy- oke. - 25-31: More exams. ' B reathing spell. Still recuperating. 3: New semester begins. Much the same thing over again. f290j l LJ 1 1 I I y oUR ADVERTISERS ARE OUR FRIENDS Not only in the Service that they continually give us, but in helping make LLAMARADA a possibility We thank them for their patronage. May they have opportunity to I thank us for ours. I l INDEX TO ADVERTISERS B, Altman Co. ..................... Pig: Anson's ............. "" 3 02 Bartlett Brothers .... "" 3 01 Bridway Hotel .... "" 2 99 D. H. Brigham Co. ... H ' '29-7 Miss Bruce ........ "" 3 01 Bucholz ....................... "" 2 97 Miss Canney ................... "" 2 97 Casper Ranger Lumber Co. ...... Casper Ranger Construction Co. I 303 Carey, Florist .............,..... . .298 Cheney, Optician ..... . . -296 Childs Shoes ......... . I :300 City National Bank .... .'.. 3 02 College Inn .......... .'-- 3 05 Dietz Bakery ........ -... 2 19 Doyle Printing Co. ..... '..' 2 95 Fashion Millinery .... lh.. 2 96 Fitz Gibbon ....... -". 3 02 Flemming's ........ .-'. 3 18 Fleurette ............ '-.. 2 97 Franklin Restaurant .'.- 301 Fr. Felice ........... ..-' 2 96 Gallivan ...... . . D... 296 The Gateway .. -,.. 301 Girad Studio . . . .ADA 310 Glesman .............. lh.. 3 02 Gridley and Son .......... ..., 3 02 Hadley Falls Trust Co. ... ,...294 I-Iall's .................. ..,. 2 99 Harvey's .............. Hegy's .................. Holyoke National Bank .... Hunter's ................ J ensen's ............... Lake Hairdressing ..... Lovemoney, Opticians .. McAuslan and Wakelin Martha's ................. Marv Elin ............. G. C. Merriam Co. . .. Metcalf Printing Co. J. H. Miller Co. ....... . Morrow ................... National Blank Book Co, .. Mrs. Noble ............. New Era Cafeteria ..... Hotel Nonotuck .......... Oiiice Equipment Co. Osborn Hardware Co. .... . Paper Citv Engraving Co. A. J. Rand ................ J. Russel Co. .. . Savoy ......... 1 U . ' Sheehan Sinclair Skinner Howard Steiger's .................. Strand ................... Tift' any True ............... White's Studio ........ White and Wyckoff .... Whitnev Coal ......... Woman's Shop ..... Dr. Charles Wood Yorke Shirt Co. Smith, D. D. S. ....310 ....300 ....309 ....309 300 302 306 ....306 ....296 ....297 ....305 ....296 ....306 ....306 ....298 ....295 ....305 ....305 ....301 ....301 ....306 ....297 ....304 ....298 ....308 ...,312 ....293 ....297 ....295 ...,300 .. 1 .'...304 ....307 ....308 .,..30'Z ....310 ....295 ....294 1 I l s l i l l E l I 5 .E 1 - wa. l ME ' '-...Lf"f:f' Q'cM,.n,-sf' lfstulmllsllcrl IH-W I 'N SKINNERS Satin has so long heen supreme in . lts held that wherever satlns are mentloned lt IS the standard of comparlson. 'lhxs IS because ol the wfarivzg quality woven mto every yard of ltS pure-dye sllk l121l3l'lC. A Skrnner lmmg exempllhes elegance rn dress. More than anything else lt lClCl1tll:lCS a sult or coat as a quallty productlon. SIIICC 1848, people who appreciate good t2l1lOl'lI1g have asked for Skll1l1Cl',S Satin Ill then' garments and have taken pams to see that they get the gfuuine. i Linings for men's suits and topcoats. Liuings ' for wnmun's coats, suits and furs. Dress Satins, Millinery Satins, Shoe Sntins. In purrlmfing ll mal or .ruff rrnrfy-in-fvrar, look 'lor Illr Sleinmv' label. In w'dvringf1'om zz lailor, nfl: for Slcu1m'1".-' Salm ami "Look for the Name in ihe Selvagev WILLIAM SKINNER 8: SONS - New York Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia I Mills, Holyoke, Mass. l k'n ' LS I' l X. I'293'I xl l it , Y. M. C. A. BUILDING , Q . . CORNER MAIN AND HIGH STREET DWIGHT STREETS .lfgfxal CAPITAL HADLEYFALLS . SURPLUS I fi TRUST lr 55500000.00 74 .A-g' y 0380000.00 I 0000 I Total Resources over S14,000,000.00 A Bank of Strength and Character lVe want you to feel toward us just as you feel toward the man who does for you a little more than you evpect, in a little less time than you have a right to demand, and a little better than anyone else. lVe invite correspondence. OFFICERS: ,OSI'1I'l'I A. SKINNIQR, Preslrlellr I l'rurl I'. I arrrxzlge, Vice-I resident joseph L. Drzipeziu, Assistant Ireziusure lzclwnril I. Iizigg. Vice-I rcsiclenr C. I'IcrIrerr Bell. Assisstzint 'Vrensllrcr H. nl, Iirlrilwell. Vice-Prusiilent I'.. I'. jacques, Assisrzmt I reasurcr Irving S. Pulcifer, 'I'ru:isurer :mil Trust Ollieer George Alinert, Assistant 'llrust Officer SPECIAL CIIECKS ISSUED FOR COLLEGE ACCOUNTS - , . , . ZZW166 The painstaking way in which , Shirts are cut and tailored assures perfect fit and that comfortable at-ease feeling so much desired by all well-groomed men. ' The'Yorke Shirt Company GLENS FALLS, N. Y. f29+1 . Altman 82 Co. School and College Clothes Featuring Correct Models for the Classroom, for the Street, for Formal Occasions anal for Sport Wear Madison Avenue-Fifth Avenue NEW YORK 'l'l1irty-Fourtli Street 'l'l1ii'ty-Fiftli Street COMPLKMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF ' Co-Z-'I'-Shoppe Hadley St. . t e 1 g e 1' t p y MJ. Doyle Printing Co. I-Iglyokgfg Equipped with typeseltirig - . hinerv and fast-rum re mac Y N Leading 'sto ning presses for the finest commercial work . . . . 'I' ""l"" 113 MAIN ST. HOLYOKE, MAQS. Hours: rn-iz. 1951. AME, urid Thurs. liwningx Ulll ly Ll 3 17111 ITIUH Charh?S'i'lYii rylglldl IITNCISIQAY D' O' A , 1 r 2 1- cz AN 32m Appleton SL, Winship Building ,,llUl1U6270 I IOLYOKIQ, MASS f2951 l l 1 l 4 i V I V is 1 v ll a l is , H i I5 I. l V i l J. E. CHENEY D1s1'1fNs1N0 oPT1C1f1N 275 Maple Street 336 liriclgc Street Holyoke, Mass, Springlichl, Mass. Fashion Millinery Company MILLINERY, HOSIERY AND UNDERWEAR ...,1.... 213 High Street Holyoke, Mass. Comjnlimenff of MR. FE LICE WORDS OF WISDOM Miss Comstock, busily lecturing in Ec class, is interrupted by the wild waving of K. Pennypacker's hand. Yes? " " Oh - - - I've lost it!" Miss Comstock continues, " as if nothing had happened ". Voice from Kathryn's direction: " Oh, Miss Comstock, I've found it again!" TABLE TALK Miss Martin, having just returned from a Mathematics Conference: The meeting was really awfully stupid. K. Knapp, not having heard this last re- mark on the proceedings: Did you read a paper, Miss Martin? Say It With Flowers GALLIVAN BROS. FLORIS TS 192 High Struct. Holyoke, Mass. Greenhouses Smirlfs Ferry Metcalf Printing and Publishing Company l'R1N'r15Rs ov The Mount Holyoke New: and The Frexhman Paper For F1 nlar Yrarx Our Mon fn.A Iloing Buzztfr Wfhuz Ollwrx Do Well 23-30 Cralts Ave. Northampton, Mass. CONIPLIMENTS I OF Martha's Kitchen l296l D. H. Brigham 8: Co. Spriflghld, Maxx. F L E U R E T T E HATS and GOWNS 5 Dixtirzctive Style: Moderately Priced 305-309 Brirlge Street SPECIALIZING lN SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Smart Apparel for thc College Girl Herman Buchholz 82 Son Thealrical-and-Fancy-Dress COSTUIVIERS Wigs, lienrfls Etc., Paints. Powders Masks. Animal Hczuls, Swurzls Armor :mil Jewelry MGfQe Bfighamfs Your Meeting Decorations for Halle. Wfcddings Fairs. Etc. Place Whenever in Springfeld 33 l.yn1:mStruct SPRINGFIIELD, MASS. DRESS MAK1 NG THE MARY. ELIN M TEA SHOP Hazel Canney Above lVlI', Felice OPPOSITE COLLEGE LIBRARY l A . .l '. R A N D jeweler and Optieicm 301 Appleton Sr. Holyoke, Mass. Near Y, M, C. A, , Howard F. Smith, D. D. S. SQUT1-1 HADLEY I 37 BARDWELL ST. lVIASSACHUSE'l"l'S SOUTH HADLEY FALLS, MASS. I297l 5 I Q li ' Mt. Holyoke's Most "Noteworthy" Books National Note Books, used to catch Heeting words of wisdom in the lecture room or laboratory, are indeed Mt. Holyoke's most "noteworthy" books, And it is well that books so im ortant P should be "Nationals," National Note Books are especially planned for college use, with strong covers and pages of good paper, easy to write on. You can have National Hexible covered Ring Books, convenient and dlstinctiveg still' covered Loose Leaf Note Booksg or l ll N I ll llml Illlll hl I l r x 3, x lg ll ,, X ts llll Bound Note Books. Also tiller sheets in many sizes and styles, popularly priced and o liable National quality. Ask for "Nationals" at your Stationerls or College Bookstore National Blank Book Company Loose Leaf and Bound Books Holyoke, Mass. ll f re- Cakes to meet every requirement for lea or Luncheon Delicate, dainty Venetian Pastries, or Macaroons and Lady lingers, the favorites when lVlother was in School. Then larger cakes in layers or loaf form, iced or plain, some with nuts and raisins added. Also specially decorated cakes in any size with inscriptions appropriate to the occasion. When in Springfield, visit our RESTAURANT The food is good and priccr are CAREY, Florist CUT FLOWERS PLANTS GREENHOUSIQ 'l'l-lI,l'1l'HONI'I 1405-W SOUTH HADl.liY FALLS, MASS, Savoy Beauty Shoppe MARCEL WAVINC. reasonable. x r 1 , r SLALP IREA FMENT Dietz Bakery and Restaurant 266 Bridge st. Springfield "'f5'fE"H0NH 845-H ,,pMi,u S,l,,W,x souru uAm,r:v, Mass, l298l l l 1 I 1 - I I I I I I I I 1 .4', One cynic claimed that the academic pro- cession on Founder's Day looked like a Ku Klux demonstration in Pittsburgh. Miss Woolley's dog got into chapel one morning. After that they kept Arrow col- lared. THE TEA RooM Is always inviting-at the Luncheon or Tea Hour-and a conven- ient rendezvous. GIFT STORE EVERY WEEK IN THIC YEAR Displaying in an at- mosphere of Quality, interesting Old Wo1'Id Wares and Unusual American Lines. QPEWIPII CHARLES HALL, INC. THE HALL BUILDING -Ill MAIN S'I'RI'II'I'l' SI'RINGI"Il'll.D, MASS, NEW I-IOTEL BRIDGWAY SPRINGFIELD, MASS Every Room with Bath DINING ROOM A l-A CARTE LUNCI-IEON 75e. DINNER .SU CAFIi'I'I5.RIA MUSIC BRIDGWAY oRcHn5s'mA DAILY CoNc11iR'i' nz-mu 7--8:30 H. M. STANFORD, Proprietor IT. W. HINIVIAN, Resident Manager Scene: A double suite before breakfast. Characters: Two freshmen and a sopho- more, who is one of the better girls. Freshman to Sophomore: There is some- thing we feel we must tell you, and yet we hesitate. Sophomore ffearfullyfz Yes? Freshman: You swore at us last night in your sleep. Sophomore: Not that! Freshman: Just that! V Tense meditation. Sophomore: --, go wash your mouth out with soap! And on our honor, she did. I:299fl I MAKERS AND RE'l'AIl.l-QRS Ol" Fine Candies 315 Main Street SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 22 Pratt Street HARTFORD, CONN. Pat: Hear my boots squeak. Fritz: Yeah, the cry of an agonized sole. Pat: Huh! This history makes me sick. Here's a chapter headed The Age of Louis XIV. Fritz: Vlfell, what of it? Pat: Nothing, only I've read it all through and I don't know now how old he was, THOMAS S. CHILDS xNCoRl'oRA'1'If:n 273-279 High Street HOLYOKIC The Store Favored by Mount Holyoke Students For Over 35 Years SHOES AND HOSIERY Of Quality :incl I'l2lSlll0!1 PROPERLY l"I'iVIIED S T R A y I-IOLYOKE, MASS. l'RliSl-INTING Photoplays of Character Continuous Daily from 1:30 to 10:30 v i 're' 'N'fTT'wl,,1" :z .g,.r-. A I FeE'.lFZj2".is52zi.1isf?'::-f5:iff- l ' . Tal? " -. --at , rr Ks..,nu-v -1 ,l f' 'Q aft , was Hill . '2f":f QA ww-Tum i an igggaigarif .ual . . - ' I V 1 A K' il 'ib n-,-, ' ll ui vaa ' :iai inn , ily NA I ig ir , rjsf' 3- Y' F V' , HEGY'S lncorpnmtcrl CLEANERS :mtl DYERS Holyoke Store: S27 Dwight Street Works: 920 Main Street, Holyoke l300l F . 3 ill 1. l l, E. 5. 3. l l 5 b l l l l E Z 1' V1-S1 '1' THE CRAFT DEPARTMENT The Office Equipment Co., Inc. 289-291 Maple Street HOLYOKE, MASS. OSBORNE HARDWARE COMPANY ....l.... 245 High Street HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS THE GATEWAY 96 College Street LUNCHEON AND DINNER AFTERNOON TEA 3 - 5:30 H-1555 The Tca House with the Homelike Atmosphere Special Dinner Parties to Order also Catering for Parties MRS. L. Y. CHURCHILL Dr.'tlett Dr, E. W. Mayo BARTLETT BROTHERS Dentists 380 High Street Holyoke. Mass. Olive Alling at the dinner table, as she saws vainly at a piece of steak: What the Lord hath joined together let no man put asunder. Did you ever hear about the freshman who thought The Plastic Age was a history? No Aramintha, just because Mr. Towne owns the Towne House, it does not follow that Mr. White owns the White House. FRANKLIN RESTAURANT 5525 SUFFOLK STEEET HOLYOKE, MASS. coMm.1MEN'rs or IVHSS BRUCE. Hairdresser TIil,lil'HONl-I 22061 l3011 Robert A. Glesman Department Druggist South Hadley, Mass. The Store C. A. CRIDLEY 82 SON The one and only Has won thc attention of The Scientific Spender Stationery, Magazines, Notions Toilet Goods, Confectionery and Fancy Groceries at AN SON 'S F. J. Firz-G1BBoN J. J. Firz-Graf-sow Dentists GRACE C. FITZ-GIBBON I-'AKEV S Osteopath HA IRDRESSING SHOPS 276 HIGH S,l.REE,l. 261-263 Maple St, 'l'clepl1onc552X prcw Building H0lly0KE, MASS. Ho1,YoKi:, MASS. CITY NATIONAL BANK CORNER HIGH AND APPLETON STREETS I-IOLYOKE 1- 1 MASSACHUSETTS --how about your bank account? HE CITY NATIONAL BANK is equipped to handle a large number of individual Checking Accounts, as well as active accounts of firms and corporations. The members of the faculty, students and the alumnae of Mount Holyoke College are invited to make use of our Banking Department, and we will be pleased to have you make use of all our facilities. COME IN AND GET ACQUAINTED 53021 I I I LJ'- GASPER RANGER LUMBER COMPANY DEALERS IN LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS GENERAL WOODWORKERS c OR APPLE ION AND BOND ms Holyoke' M355- GASPER RANGER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Mount Ilolyokels Finest Structures are RANGERBILT cz1iNuRA1- Orflflclas I-IOLYOKE, MASS. ANCI I OFFICES SPRINGFIELD, MASS. BOSTON, MASS. NEW YORK CI'l Y 293 B dgc Strcet 201 Dcvonshirc Street 101 Park A H031 PAINTS, WAXES U , ' " A NTER-"f RTS 2' , -I-q s , 'Q Attractive, Economical Serviceable -+- J. RUSSELL az co. DWIGHT AND RACE STREETS HOLYOKE, MASS. Greasy: D'jever hear about the misplaced bones? Grind: Do you mean "Adam's Rib "? Greasy: Naw, "Paradise Lost ". Under: Do you know, every year I've cut a wisdom tooth just before Thanksgiving. Grad: The Lord will provide. Irate mother fat dinnerlz Johnny, 'I wish you'd stop reaching for things. Haven't you a tongue? Johnny: Sure, but my arm's longer. -Wampus. Doctor: It's a boy, professor. The A. M. Prof.: What is? -Royal Gaboon. True Brothers' jewelers G i f t S FOR ALL OCCASIONS This Store is One of The Largest -JEPVELRY STORES In New England MAIL INQUIRIES GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION -I-08-410 Main-4-6 Pynchon Sts. "E.rtabIiJllL'd 1898" I I 3041 I 7 f.. HOTEL NONOTUCK HOLYOKE, MASSACI-IUSETTS Special attention given io College People DANCING IN THE "NEW FLORENTINE ROOM" Every Evening except Sunday from 7:30 until midnight Special Concert Every Sunday l"rmn 12:30 to 2:30 and from 6:15 to 9:45 p. m. "Here's That Treasure of a Dictionary" Webstefs Collegiate 1.55. A new, aftractiw, A -l"1':7-4. , I V Compact vplume. the , gf .gl I-fix. largest ahrulgment nl' . if .. ff'--H . 1""- yi - 1' the New Inlnnalrolzal h ' ' 'A I D' ' I 'Q 1' ffm... . ' Y : Irllvnary-I me '. un- ,F "7'f5i7L'gf' ' X rcme Authority". bn 'V ' light, so hanrly,. sn lk-1.l" .II well-printed that nr is ' N ,lgliizfa a real pleasure to use I t ' ir. 'l he large vncnhu- lary rich with infor- mation so often necnlefl hy the husy reader anal student, will hc treasured hy all users of English. An eminent educator says: "Certainly a gnlml mine aliout fL'0I'If.f, placcf, people " 106,000 wnrlls S62l pages. Free specimen pages if you name Llamararla. ART CANVAS, 345,00 FABRIKOID, 86.00 .I,EA'l'l-IER, 57.50 Guaranlrrzl ar rrprunztrd or monry rcfundnl Orrlrr from your bookirller, or zlirrrl from G. 82 C. MERRIAM CO. Publishers S- -I-. DAWSON I7 WOR'I'HlNG'l'0N srkrm' Sl'RINGI"Ilil.D, M Ass ACHUSlE'l"l' COLLEGE INN Transieni Accommodations Regular Meals Tea Room Service G? ALICE R. LITTLE, '02 Owner and Manager THE NEW ERA CAFETERIA SERVING HOURS ll :30 to 2:00 5:00 to 7:30 5 STEARNS SQUARE SPRINGFIELD, MASS. fsos1 1 Morrow 8z Co., Holyoke Muititudes of gws at very reasonable prices Great variety, excellent quality design and workmanship, and suprisingly moderate prices- THATS MORROW Sz CO's Jewelry, silver, engraved glass, watches, gems, china, pearls, novelties. A brilliant, attractive store which will please you we are very sure. in Morrow 8t Company 306 High Street, Holyoke .4 Starr' for Mount Holyoke Students for a great many years. 0P'l'OMETRIS'l'S OPTICIANS LOVEMONEYS OPTICAL SHOP Eyes Examined Telescopes, Field Glasses, Binoculars Fountain Pens and Pencils We make our own glasses. 23 HARRISON AVE. TEL. RIVER 4274 Greeting Cards Our assortment is exceptional Stock up when in Springfield Picture Framing Anything from a simple photo to a big painting J. H MILLER CO.,InC. 21 HARRISON AVE. SPRINGFIELD Holyokels Leading Depa rtrnent Store That we have succeeded is attested by our growth IVIcAuslan8ZWakelin Co. lncorporsiteil High, Dwight and Maple Streets PAPER CITY ENGRAVING CO. Artists, Engravers Electrotypers PHONE 700 HOLYOKE, MASS. Mr. Hayes, to two students who continue to peruse newspaper after the bell has rung: Good morning, pupils. Pupils put papers down, much abashed. Mr. Hayes, equably: The correct answer is, " Good morning, teacher". Miss Hewes, entertaining at tea, arises, picks up one of her guests' gloves, and thanking them for the charming time en- joyed, leaves. Lsoej ?uipped with many yeariexperiehce or making pholrografhs of all-sorts d 'r bl f 'll l:'c' gnc' ll 6 esla QOYIUSVBIH oee Annualsbesf obtainable artisis.wbrk-' - manshif: and the cafacliy 'for Prompt arldunequallfd Y cv , HOTOGRAPHERS E f off- Lb f .5i?8UB'LZdwL5e5 NEW YORK 223 w'?555EElet Iso7l Sl-IEEI-IAN'S SI-IOP 92525923 Coats, Frocks and Ensemble Suits Each model has originality, dash and charm. A great variety of lovely fascinating colors. WILLIAM B. WI-IITING COAL CO. OLD COIVIPANYS LEI-HGH 458 Dwight Street Phone 451 SHlil:ll'lAN'S SHOP HOLYOKIS l Little Willie: I don't want to go to that damned school any more! Father fwho is a bricklayerl: Why, Willie, where did you ever learn such a word as that? Little Willie: Why, William Shakespeare uses words like that. lz . . . I ly Father: Well, then, qult runnin' round Better stop and get a hox of with him' WHITE Ev -F"'f"- thc writing paper that is so dainty, so smart :mil withal Your face looks faimiliar' I must have so chzxrming that it will rcmilul him inuH':nhly of you. seen you somewhere 'it's mnzlc in all- the ?ew :trail cnptivntiifg styles, suitzthlc ' Ui' CVEl'y UCCHSIOH 0 SOCITI Coffifhpnlll LIILL. For .vale wherever good .rlationcry ir .wld White Sz Wyckofl' Mfg. Co. Holyoke, Mass. Master Makers of Dirlinrlim: Social Stationery H081 I I .- n r Y T AS HODTJKB NATIONAL ' me 1872 1925 BANK AGOGIBNHK muw Y' Every Assurance of Safety that a strong and pro crly conducted Bank can oflzr is given this ,Banks depositors, and wc supplement this ro- tcction with a scrvice which has been perfected by ovcr hall a ccntury ol' sound bank- ing. II II Z1 II Holyoke National Bank HOLYUKE, MASSACI lUSE'l"l'S An American in dear old London was bragging about his automobile. He ended his eulogy by declaring: " It runs so smoothly that you can't feel it, so quietly that you can't hear it, has such perfect ignition that you can't smell it, and as for speed-boy, you can't see it." " But, my word, old dear," interrupted the Briton anxiously, "how do you know the bally thing's there?" -Blue Baboon. Do you know how to make a grape fruit? No. Well, it is anyway. -Jack-o-lantern. What did you say? Nothing. Of courseg but how did you express it this time? rMercury. smkvnna QUMJTY HUNTERS LUGGAGE u SHOP Everything in Leather WARDROBES DRESS TRUNKS WEEK-END CASES l.l2A'l'l'lER NOVlil.'l'lES SILK UMBRELLAS FlTTED CASES 277 MAPLE STREET HOLYOKE, MASS. DURABHJTY DEPENDABHJTY 13091 fiv- -i 1 T ' l""""' S f l Sa, Tl-IE woMAN's SHOP SPRINGFIELD, MASS. College Girls hnd us ready at all times with ' Youthful Fashions PLEM nxios Boor SHOP 189 Main Street NORTHAIVIPTON, MASS. o-o- that are spirited, happy with color, chic and irrcsistiblc. Will mail shoes to you anywhere, at "jimi lujurc you reach Court Square" any tlmc' . ' ' We cxtcnzl to vnu to An Invitation Come in and llct us help you in the cairc of your hair, skin and lizunlls. We :irc cxpcrrs in our linc. Marcel Wave, 5oe. Sliampoo, gmt. Manicure, 5oc. Pcrnianen! Wfave, 515-up IC lGlI'I' ICX l'l'IR I IENCED OI"I'IRA'I'ORS I-I A R V E Y 'S 'iH,flllE'l','i'5iAZ'l': FREE AD FOR THE CORONA PEOPLE Miss Carr sent two letters from abroad one time this winter, addressed to people in South Hadley. The letters went to two different places in Kansas. i Mr. Hayes, letting a class out early: Go quietly so that you wonlt waken other classes in the building. F. W., to Miss Talbot, during Mr. Warf heke's illness: And-and how is dear Mr. Talbot today? The Picturef that give Character and Distinction, go to- TI-IE GIRARD STUDIO 'llllf HOME Ol" Natural Photography l'H0'I'OGRAI'IAlY IN ALI. ITS BRANCHES BY l5Xl'l'2R'I'S All Work Fully 319 MAIN STREET Guarnnlred HOLYOKE, MASS. I31Ol FROM THE ANNALS OF THE MUSKE- TEERS, PAT, MATT, AND FRITZ Pat: Are there male and female species to the fern? Fritz: Yeah. Pat: Then is the female called a furnace? Fritz: My family owns a pig. QNO one pays attention to her, so she shoutsjz Hey kids, lookit, my family owns a pig, loolcit! Scene: Fritz and Matt out for a walk. Matt Cpulling down slot to mail boxj: So many people go past and never obey that sign, "Pull clown". Fritz: Perhaps they read the other side, that says "Lettahs alone ". Fritz: Which would you rather be, rich or beautiful? Pat: Beautiful. Fritz: Well, I dunno. " Money talks". Pat: Yeah, but "Beauty chats ". Matt: With chicken patties for lunch and chicken at night and chicken sandwiches be- tween times, why- ' Fritz: By night, we'll all be laying around. Fritz: Have you any red ink? Pat: No. Fritz: I think I'll buy some and make my map beautiful. Pat: I woulcln't try to rouge with that. Matt: My, aunt is a pretty swell dame. Fritz: Zasso? Has she a lorgnette? Matt: No, she hasn't a lawn yet, but she has a sunken garden. 13111 Sinclains Fidelity Brand Hams - Bacon Larda - Sausage Delightfully Delicious T. M. Sinclair 82 Co. Ltd. CEDAR RAPIDS, IUWA C plimentx of a Friend I A F 5 W, 4l - ' 1 W HAMMEIQJMITH Hi Kommsvm Q 'I A R T If TJ ' ENCRAVERJ' PRINTER! M I LWAUKEE' WIJ' Q ii 3,f?,:'x?iz . E 2:1 :,'f'f1.:ZQ,1 : I I 1

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