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,. Z., . .1 Kukhfwayfks- 4 v- ,' lf N- 'L m 5 T ZX A 'QX - I, .X f-,,- wmgimswwf 41 57 Y W vm -1 nf- fx ,Y W ,-.-,g ,, .,. ,---'Y i L,-'Bbq-Y -gif i AY'- Tf THE W LLAMARA A HQHH , A D... 1 -J x "lI ',Il T f n- b -1 , .i -ul ' 'w + XQV ? ff - f 9 Q XX -f f f X W Vw' QD""x"'Q3 LY N .J lj - 2 152 J ' 7 ' ff , 4 -.Z f u ,- ff f".-, ' - 'ffuyf gpm- if LTR 1 -f X. f ry ' ' X, A f Q I 4 K , Xl Nm QS LQ f 7 2 , Ld , . - , nai- I EDUYBWLHSH-HIEHD YEARLY BY' TF'U'U1fE JLLUIMHCDLQ CLASS? MQULNJWT HQUSYCQQHQE QQLVRQQE ' ix 1-'? ' 1-Y" , g 5',f 'wj oesmuen AND sxzcu-rsn av HAusAuEn-Jonas PRINTING BUFFALO, N. Y. ' En Glarnlinv Zfinarhman Grvvnv with Sinrvre Appreriatiun uf IBM' Earnvnt mark anh Ezlpful 31nfluvnrP ihia Bunk in Cmatnfullg Evhimieh. I. , vtfiffijg , ,,, MX 5 1 aj, 1 , - i' ,,'n Xi! .1 .V , Q fp W WW M 1. ,' If iff? ,X ' x 7 x X ,fl ff Q xx qv xy X? A J 5 f w f X . X ,v JA. V ,XM , A sf' J Q KY If ' 65 "A little leaven leaveneth ,the whole lump." M fl 1 1 5' sl mhirh ignrtainvih in gr Glrunirvn zmh Elfarnltg ,ffg , MX f Q A lll?Ag'5 A 1 A f f X A .mms 1,5 ,IL A lx 5 HON. EDWARD W. CHAPIN, Pmfirlmt , A. LYMAN WII.I.lS'l'fJN, M.A. . EDWARD l1I'l'Cl-ICOCK, M.A., M.D., LL.D. . REV. JOHN L. R. '-FRASK, M.A., D.D. G. HICNRY WHl'I'ClDMlS, M.A. . . MRS. A. LYMAN WH,LIs'roN, M.A. . REV. HENRY A. S'r1MsoN, D.D. l'l0N. WILLIAM WHI'l'INKP, M.A. . HON. W. MUIKIKAY CRANE . ELRRIDOE 'IXORREY . . SARAH P. EASTMAN, Litt.D. ROISIERT L. WIl.I.IS'I'KJN, B.A. . JOSEPH A. SKINNlER,Pl1.B. HON. ARTHUR B. CHAPIN, l3.A. . JOHN C. SCHWAIS, Ph.D. . ALFRED R. KIMRALI. . WILLIAM H. BU'l"l'ON, M.A. . Cl-IARLES A. HULL . . . . CHARLES ISULRLEY l'lUlHlEI.I.,lVl.A. . . . . Chosen by the Alumnae MRS. MAIQY C. 'l1U'l"I' BOURDON . . . . . Holyoke, Mass Northampton, Mass . Amherst, Mass Springfield, Mass Worcester, Mass Northampton, Mass New York, N. Y Holyoke, Mass . Dalton, Mass . Boston, Mass Wellesley, Mass Northampton, Mass . Holyoke, Mass . Holyoke, Mass New Haven, New York, New York, Brooklyn, New York, Conn N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y. . Boston, Mass. MIXS. LIZME l3AR'l'l.IE'l"l' BARRY ....... Passaic, N. MRs. EI.l'ZAlH5'l'H MAYHER SMITH ...... Beloit, Wis. MARY EMMA VVOOLLIEY, M.A., Litt.D., L.H.D., 1,ft'.fl'I16'71f of ffm Faculty JOSEPH A. SKINNER, Ph.B ......... Secretary A. LYMAN WlI.I.IS'l'fJN, M.A. . . . Treasurer ROBERT L. WIl.I.IS'l'ON, HA. . A.v.v1'JIar1fTrea5urer HCC :Y f :ff , wi E LLAMARADA FQ----GYPM, LN Mn illnuing illllrmnrg nf 1621211 ilfrnnrh Mnlliurr 1532-mug Art Stuhnnt Skillful Efearhvr imliur ilrinripnl in thin Qlnllrgr 1354-1372 Qlnnnvrratrh anh Evlnuvh 44 ' ' ' I he ll f 55+ L mt was .V ' ' " ' ??jIl,,2i152:Q1f.,.,f-5? l Mllilrlllllt lil lflegfi ll ll M ill will llc ii,,flli,,vr.fl ill 1-illlixii . il' A: VMN Ml , Wh M ' ' C MA Y EMMA Woonmsv, Litt.D., L.H.D., President R B.A., M.A., Litt. D., Brown Universityg L.H.D., Amherstg Brown University and Mount Holyoke College Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa Societyg Board of Elec- tors of the Hall of lfameg Senator of United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappag American Association for Maintaining a Woman's Table at Naplesg American Social Science Associationg American Academy of Political and Social Scienceg Northeastern Territorial Committee of National Board of Young Women's Christian Associationsg College Entrance Examination Boardg Executive Board of New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schoolsg Honorary Council ofthe Auxiliary Association ofthe American College for Girls at Constantinopleg Advisory Board of American- Scandinavian Societyg The Ethical Social Leagueg Moral Education Boardg Con- sultation Board of Character Development Leagueg Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesisg Religious Education Associationg Corporate Member ofthe American Boardg Member of Committee on Educational Institutions ofthe Second National Peace Congressg Vice-President ofAmerican Peace Societyg Vice-President of Execu- tive Committee of American School Peace Leagueg Director of Women's Educational and Industrial Union, Bostong Advisory Board of Vocation Bureaug Advisory Committee ofthe University ofHumanityg Trustee of'American International College, Springfield, Massaehusettsg Trustee of Lake Erie College, Painesville, Ohiog Hon- orary Vice-President ofthe National Consumer's Leagueg Vice-President ofthe Third National Congress of The Play Ground Association of Americag Honorary Vice-President of Massachusetts Woman's Suffrage Leagueg Pawtucket Chapter of Daughters of American Revolutiong The Hellenic Travellers' Clubg Lyceum Club of Londong Honorary Member of Salem Society for Higher Education of Women, Sorosis, Boston College Club, New England Wheaton Seminary Club, Springfield College Club, Rhode Island Society for the Collegiate Education of Women, Paw- tucket Woman's Club. 14 "" ' Y Af' ' :bi N. I b X 'I , I N-f Q Department of Greek Greek was first oH"cred at Mount l'lolyoke Seminary in 1871- l872, with Miss Martha liraclford as instructor. A regular four years' course, outlined in the catalogue of' 1874-1875, remained substantially unchanged for twenty-three years. This might not be substituted for any part ofthe required curriculum, but its completion entitled a graduate to a supplementary certilicate. Greek was required forthe classical course from 1889 until 1902, when the degree of liachclor of Arts was given for all courses. There have heen two instructors in the department since 1889. From 1889 to 1907 the Alumnae Association contributed to the support of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, a sum which is, at present, paid by the College, so that the Col- . lege is still represented on the hoard of management of that MISS WILLIAMS institution. MARY Giuvioiua W11.1.1AMs, Ph.D., I'roff::ar - Mount Holyoke, Ph.D., University of Michigan, American School of Classical Studies, Rome, Member of the Archzrological Institute of America, of the American Philological Association, and of the New England Classical Association' Phi Beta Kappa Society, Instructor in Latin at Kirkwood Seminary, Missouri, In- structor in Latin at Ilakc Eric College, Elisha Jones Fellow in Classical Plulology at Uruversily of Michigan, 1895-18975 Fellow of Association of Collegiate Alumnw, 1897-1898. 189 Cedar Street, Corning, New York. HELEN Cuiuuna FLINT, lVl.A., flrroriate Professor IB. A., M. A., Mount Holyokeg Boston University, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Uni- versity of Chicago, Cornell Universityg Harvard University, Member of Archaeological Institute of America, of the American Philological Association, and of the Classical Association of New England. Concord, New Hampshire. 15 -YA "Wx, .v. riff - ' ILL Department of Latin The study of Latin at Mount Holyoke is only two years younger than the institution itself. The catalogue for 1839-1840 states that "some devote a part of their time to Latin," and that an extension of the course to four years is anticipated in order to give a "regular time to Latin." The next year the course is "earnestly recommended," and in 184.5 is made a requirement. Two years later "a good knowledge of Andrews' and Stoddard's Latin Grammar and Andrew's Latin Reader is required for admission," although "some exceptions may be made. " No such proviso was inserted for 1852, however, and the requirements of the following decades steadily increased in amount, so that the step was not a very long one when the change was made to the regular college course in I888-I889. Since that time the number and scope ofthe college electives offered have been steadily increased. -i MISS SEARLES HELEN M. Slmituzs, Ph.D., Professor i M. A., Lake Forest College, Pb. D., University of Chicago, Cornell University, Member of the Archae- ological Institute, of Philological Association, of the New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools, and of the New England Classical Association, Instructor in Greek and German, Ferry Hall Seminary, 1839-1894.3 Classical Fellow,.Cornell, 1894-18955 Fellow in Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, Chicago, 1895-18985 Instructor in Latin and Greek at Pennsylvania College for Women, 1898-1899. HELEN E1.1zAm5'rH Hoac, B.A., Associate Professor B. A., Cornell University, Classical Fellow at Cornell University, I894'I89Sj American School of lArch:e- ology, Athens, I900'I'90lj Columbia University, 1906-19075 Cornell Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Member of the Archasological Institute of America, of the American Philological Association, and of the Classical Asso- ciation of New Englandg Instructor in Greek, Elmira College, I895'I900. , Ithaca, New York. MARY EI.IZABli'l'H 'l'AY1.oit, M.A., Associate Professor B. A., M. A., Lake Forest College. Lake Forest, Illinois. CAROLINE Momus GA1.'r, B.A., Instructor B. A., Bryn Mawr, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Member of the New England Classical Asso- ciation, Instructor in Latin and Greek, Pennsylvania College for Women, 1898-19035 Reader in Latin, Col- lege Entrance Examination Board. Marion, Virginia. LUCY G. ROBERTS, l3.A., Render B. A., Mount Holyoke. ' 424. Duquesne Way, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 16 , Yi "A E,5.LAM.e.RA . , J .Department of Romance Languages In the early days of Mount Holyoke Seminary one instructor took charge of all the work in modern languages, but in 1887- 1888 the departments of French and German were separated. Four courses in French were then offered, representing as many years' work. In 1891-1892 six courses were given, and in 1897- 1898 an additional instructor was found necessary. Italian and Spanish courses began to figure in the catalogue in 1894.-1895, but were not given regularly until 1901, when Miss Mary Vance Young was called to the chair of Romance Languages. At the present time the Italian courses alternate with the Spanish. During the last seven years the total number of courses offered has increased from seventeen to twenty-three, with a propor- tionate increase in the number of students electing them. The MISS YOUNG department aims to give, beyond and above the practical use of the tongue, a knowledge of the thought-life expressed in their literature. MARY VANCE YouNG, Pl1.D., Profexror' . Ph. D., University of Ziirichg Sorbonncg Ecole des Hautes Etudes, College dc France, Ecole des Char- tresg Member of the Modern Language Association of America, of the Dante Society of America, of the Societe Amicale Gaston, Paris, of the Maitres Phonetiques, and of the New England Modern Language Association, Oliicicr d'Academie Cconferred by French Governmentj. South Hadley, Massachusetts. MARY GIER'l'RUDE CUSI-IING, Ph.D., Arrociatc Profrrror M. A., Wellesley, Student of Romance Literature and Philology at Columbia University, and in Paris, 1901-1905, Studied in France and Spain, 1907-1908. Hotel Regent, New York, New York. EMMA RIVILLii-RIENSCH, Instructor Studied in Switzerland, Paris, Germany, England, Member of Modern Language Association. South Hadley, Massachusetts. SUSAN ALMIRA BACON, B.A.,1n.vfructor B. A., Mount Holyoke, Studied in University of Berne, Switzerland, 1905-1906, Studied in Geneva, Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Heidelberg, Yale University. 294. Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut. I7 fcfff J f - A ' ff- -- aa- it . , XV 1 .11. -F V E,.l:,l:A,l5-Q at Department of German German was added to the Seminary course as an optional study in 1846. The catalogue of 1876-1877 stated that lfrench and German might not be substituted for any required study, but that a certificate would be given for the completion ofthe four years' course in either modern language. In 1887 the department began its separate existence, and German was re- quired of all students for two terms. With the establishment of the college course in 1888 it was required for entrance, and was prescribed for the scientific and literary courses until their abolishment in 1902. The teaching force has grown as follows: one full instructor, 1887-1893, during the years 1893-1897 an added instructor, shared with the French department, 1897- Mlss HINSDALE 1900, two full instructors, 1900-1903, three, 1903 to the present time, four. The number of courses oH'ered has increased from the Erst small beginnings to eight courses, 1888-1893, eleven, 1893-1897, ten, 1897-IQOOQ twenty-one, 1900-1908. ELLEN CLARINDA l'lINSDALl5, l'h.D., Profersor B. A., Western Reserve University, M.A, University of Michigan, Ph. D., University of Glittingeng University of Leipzig, University of Berlin, Member of the Modern Language Association of America, of the New England Modern Language Association, and of the New England Association of Schools and Collegesg Phi Beta Kappa Society, Instructor in German in Joliet, Illinois, and in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Aucia Poitriia S'r1ev1fNs, M.A., Arsoriate Proffrror B. A., Mount Holyokcg M. A., Radcliffe, University of Ziirichg University of Berlin, Member of the Modern Language Association of America and of the New England Modern Language Association. Morgan Road, South Hadley, Massachusetts. PAULA Hfjlilik, Instructor I University of Berlin, Dresdeng ltalyg Lecturer on Art and Literature in Berlin, Teachers' State Exami- nation for Saxony, Assistant Principal of Girls' School in Dresdcng Member of Modern Language Associa- tion of New England. South Hadley, Massachusetts. WGRACIE MAIQEI. BACON, B.A., M.A., Instructor B. A., Mount Holyokeg M. A., University of Michigan, University of Berlin, Member of Modern Language Association of New England. Dorchester, Massachusetts. EUNICE RATHBONIE Goouaito, M.A., Instruftor B. A., Mount Holyoke, M. A., Columbia University, University of Leipzig, University of Munich, University of Geneva. New Salem, Massachusetts. 'l'On leave of absence for the year. 18 P THE LLAMARADAB it ix ll - rw 5 V if -gm-if--1'::'?TEZ5 --- . N r Al Q' i i41"'.f-9"..w'1q-3. Department of English Literature For the first twenty years of Mount Holyoke Seminary Milton's Paradise Lost seems to have formed the literary pabulum of the students. Great attention was also paid to the study of Pope's Essay on Man, and Young's Night Thoughts. Though the last two disappear from the "list of studies" in the catalogue, Milton suffered but one partial interregnum in 1847-1848, when Paradise Lost, with l3utler's Analogy, was starred as "not strictly required of those who have a good knowledge of Latin." In 1858-1859 a course in the historyof literature was introduced and required of Seniors. This general history fdeveloping later in ancient literature, oriental, classical, and medizevalf, remained a part of every student's course till the end ofthe Seminary itself. The history of English Literature was required for the third year ofthe course in 1864-1865, and was soon given into the hands of Miss Bowers, who for twenty-live years conducted this department. She very early worked out the laboratory method of study, most desirable in those days when cheap editions of authors from Chaucer to Wordsworth did not exist. With the offering of electives in 1887-1888 and a well-defined four years'course, beginning with Old and Middle English, in 1890-1891, the history of the Seminary ends and that ofthe college begins. L MISS YOUNG ELLEN PR1sc1L1.A Bowisas, Emeritus Professor Mount Holyoke College. South Hadley, Massachusetts BERTHA KEDZIE YOUNG, M.A., Professor B. A., Vassarg M. A., Radcliifcg Oxford University. South Hadley, Massachusetts. HELEN MAY CADY, M.A., Instructor B. A., M. A., Wellesley, Member of Association of Collegiate Alumnae. Mansfield, Massachusetts Doao'rHY Fos'1'12a, M.A., Instructor B. A., Bryn Mawrg M. A., Radcliffe. 137 Walnut Street, Newtonville, Massachusetts. CARRIE ANNA HARPER, M.A., Instructor 1 B.iA.,'M. A., Radcliffe, IFellow in'English,fBryn:Mawr. Sunderland, Massachusetts LAURA ALANDIS HIBBARD, M.A., Instrurtor B. A. M.A. Wellesley. i i 1151 Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois MARGARETTA MARTIN, B.A., Reader B. A., Mount Holyoke, Phi Beta Kappa Society. 56 Whitney Street, Hartford, Connecticut. 1 9 - 2 ,- .1 -PN A... -x... .v. S W THE LLAMARADA V i ., NX 1. , Il ,419 - -A . MM c JJ - 5 Ape:-.J Department of English The Hrst catalogue gives among entrance requirements, "An acquaintance with the general principles of' English Gram- mar, Newman's Rhetoric and Whateley's." The catalogue of' 1840-184.1 has this note: "It is very desirable that the member- ship of this class QSeniorj should be so well prepared for admis- sion that they may devote more time to composition and receive more instruction on the subject than the members of' the lower classes." English has always been an entrance requirement. Until 1896-1897 it was also required through the four years, except that for students in the scientific course, from 1893-1896, it was omitted from the Junior year. From 1896-1901 pre- scribed work was confined to the first two years. In 1901-1902 the Junior requirement was restored, but with anioption of M155 STEVENS courses. In 1896-1897 three teachers and one assistant gave the two required and four elective courses. The first elective was ofliered in 1887-1888. The current year, nineteen courses are offered by a teaching force consisting ofa professor, two associate professors, three instructors and a reader. I. English CLARA FRANCES STEVENS, Ph.M., Professor Mount Holyokcg Ph. M., University of Michigan, Member of the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and of New England Association of Teachers of English. ' Morgan Road, South Hadley, Massachusetts. MARGARET BALL, Ph.D., z1.v.vof1'ate Profexxor B. A., Mount Holyokeg M. A., Ph. D., Columbia University. ' Westfield, Massachusetts. ADA LAURA SNEL1., M.A., Asxoriate Profe.v.vor B. A., M. A., Mount Holyoke, Yale University, University of Chicago. 192 Culver Road, Rochester, New York. CAROLINE l"ooTE LEsTER, M.A., lnrtrurtor B. S., M. A., Columbia University. 1 Seneca Falls, New York. FLORA BRIDGES, lVl.A., Inxtrurtor B. A., M. A., Oberlin, University of Ziirichg University of Chicago. Morgan Road, South Hadley, Massachusetts. FLORENCE L. ADAMS, B.L., Inttrurtor B. L., Mount Holyokeg University of Ziirichg University of Berlin. ET1-1121 S'1URTavANT, A,B., Reader A, B,, Wcllg'5ley, 74,9 Myrtle Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut. A II. Voice Training ISADELLIE CAROLINE CoucH,In:truftor National School of Elocution and Oratory, Philadelphiag School of Expression, Boston. 20 , Yi A' PF, LEAN!! Department of History In the early days of the Seminary a brief outline of general history and a course in ecclesiastical history appear among the "ornamental branches" required of all students. United States History was from the first required for admission, and a com- mendable stress was laid on ancient and modern geography. Between 1860 and 1870 a distinct advance was made by the introduction of a "constitutional text-book", and coincident with the coming of Miss Prentiss in 1866 the abolition ofthe older text-book system andthe extension of the general outline course to two years, mark a method of historical study much more liberal than was at all common in those days. The "philos- ophy of history was emphasized and the student was led to reflect." just as Miss Prentiss laid down the general lines for the two full years in mediaeval and modern history included in the present course, so Miss Soule, coming in 1896, gave the first stimulus to the study of constitutional and economic history. It is the aim of the present department to continue the tradition established by Miss Prentiss and Miss Soule, adding those more specialized and advanced courses which the growth of the college has made possible. MISS NEILSON ELIZABETH BARSTOW PRENTISS, M.A., Emeritus Professor B. A., M. A., Mount Holyoke. Langdon, New Hampshire. NELLIE NEILSON, Ph.D., Professor B. A., M. A., Ph. D., Bryn Mawr, Fellow in History, Bryn Mawr, Holder of the American Fellowship of the A. C. A., Cambridge, England, London, Oxford, Member of the American Historical Association. ZOI6 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ELLEN DEBORAH ELLIS, Pl1.D., zf.tsoe1'ate Professor B. A., M. A., Ph. D., Bryn Mawr, Graduate Student, Bryn Mawr, l90I'l901, 1903-19043 University of Leipzig, I9OZ'I903Q Fellow in Economics and Politics, Bryn Mawr, 1904-1905, Member of the American Historical Association, of the American Economic Association, and of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae. 2319 Green Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. CHARLES DOWNEII HAZEN, Ph.D., Lecturer B. A., Dartmouth, Ph. D., johns Hopkins University, Gottingen, University of Berlin, University of Paris, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Member of American Historical Association, of American Economic Association, of American Statistical Association, and of the New England History Teaclrer's Association, Professor of History in Smith College. , ' Northampton, Massachusetts. MARGARET SHOVE MORRISS, B.A., Instrunor B. A., Woman's College of Baltimore, Bryn Mawr, l907'l908j Member of the American Historical Associa- tion and of the Modern Language Association. 1904 Mount Royal Terrace, Baltimore, Maryland. BERT1-1A I-lAv1sN PUTNAM, Ph.D., Insirufror B. A., Bryn Mawr, Ph. D., Columbia University, London, Member of the American Economic Association, of the American Historical Association, of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae and of the Women's University Club, New York. 335 West 86th Street, New York, New York. GERTRUIDIE EDGERTON KNox, B.A. B. A., Mount Holyoke, Phi Beta Kappa Society. I2 Creighton Street, Providence, Rhode Island. 2I If Y A-A sY.v. J 'Q Q 12 .LLANLQRAD S MISS RANDOLPH MISS JEWETT Department of Art and Archaeology Lectures in history of 2ll't were given at the Seminary as early as 1874, and in 1878 History of Art became a regular part of the course of study. From almost the opening year instruc- tion in drawing has held a recognized place. With the growth of the department an appeal for an art building was made in 1896. In IQO2 the Dwight Memorial Art Building, erected at a cost of ll575,000, was opened to classes. The building includes lecture rooms, department library, studios, galleries of sculpture and painting and a room devoted to the Clara Leigh Dwight Collection of Elbridge Kingsley's engravings. The library now includes nearly 2,500 volumes. Collections of photographs, prints and lantern slides have been carefully selected, and over 9,000 photographs are now used by the department. Through the gifts of alumna: and friends the collection of casts has come to include representative examples in pre-Greek, Greek, Roman and Renaissance Sculpture, with some architectural models and casts. There is also a good beginning in original materials, Greek and Roman coins, ancient vases and vase fragments. The stall' of instruction now numbers six and offers sixteen courses in Zll't and archaeology. Studio work is done in connec- tion with nearly every course. Dwight Hall has proved admira- bly adapted to its purpose of art study and exhibition. Books and 'illustrative material are brought side by side and the advan- tage is increasingly afforded of using CZISIS and photographs with journals, reference books and all standard authorities ready at hand. 'Louise IIITZ-RANDOl.I'H, lVI.A., Professor of flrfhfcology and Hixtory of Art M. A., Mount Holyoke, University of Berlin, University of Chicago, American Schools of Classical Studies at Athens and at Rome, Head of Department of History of Art, Lake Erie College, Lecturer in History of Art, Western Reserve School of Design, Member of the Archaeological Institute of America and of the Classical Association of Western New England. South Hadley, Massachusetts. Louisa Romans jnwizrr, Profm-or of Arr Yale School of Fine Arts, Academic Julian, Paris, under Lefebvre and Benjamin-Constant, Member of Copley Society and of Archrrological Institute of America. 897. Main Street, Buffalo, New York. Gcnraums STEWART HYDE B.A. Instructor . S ! B. A., Mount Holyoke, Norwich Art School, Art Students' League, New York. 268 Washington Street, Norwich, Connecticut. FLORENCE W1Ns1.ow Foss, l3.A., Inrtrurtor B. A., Mount Holyoke. I7 Elm Street, Dover, New Hampshire. EDITH I-IAYwAa.n HALL, Ph.D., Inrtrurtor B. A., Smith, Ph. D., Bryn Mawr, Scholar in Greek at Bryn Mawr College, 1901-1902, Scholar in Archae- ology at Bryn Mawr College, I902'I903j Holder of the Mary E. Garrett European Fellowship of Bryn Mawr College and of the Agnes Hoppin Memorial Fellowship at the American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece, 1903-l905, Member of the Archaeological Institute of America. Woodstock, Connecticut. ETHEL VERA CROSBY, Studio'.rtani A-g Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston, Instructor at Montpelier Seminary, Vermont. Warren, Massachusetts. 'l'On leave of absence for the Hrst semester. 22 Av.. -N... .Y- ,- fo - xx . J '?..l+.L63I!:R Department of Mathematics The beginning of the Department of Mathematics dates ' from the first year of the Seminary, when Colborn's First Lessons and Adam's New Arithmetic were required for admission, and Playfair's Euclid and Day's Algebra were studied the first two years. In 1854. a course in trigonometry was added, early in the eighties was introduced Professor Olney's series of text-books, and students were encouraged to attempt general geometry and calculus. Several years before the announcement of electives in the catalogue is found the statement, "Further mathematical instruction is provided if desired." At the present time the required work of the Freshman year may be followed by twenty elective courses, giving lifty hours of credit and covering the Held of Mathematics from the elements of analytic geometry and calculus to modern geometry, applications of the calculus and the theory of functions. Mount Holyoke was one of the first colleges to offer work in the history of mathematics, the subject being included in the requirements for a "major" as early as I8Q2. Besides the well-known histories the department library contains a valuable collection of famous mathematical works belonging to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The equipment also includes sets of plaster and thread models for illustration in the various courses. MISS SMITH WSARAH EIPFIE SMITH, B.S., Proferxor B. S., Mount Holyoke, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, Member of Association of Mathematical Teachers of New England and of New England Association of Col- leges and Preparatory Schools. I9 Walnut Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts. ELHANOR C. IJOAK, l'h.B., fluoriatc Profvrxor B. A., Coates, Ph. B., University of Chicago, Cambridge University, Instructor in Mathematics at Coates College and at De Pauw University, Member of Association of Mathematical Teachers of New England. 732 South Center Street, Terre Haute, Indiana. MARY ESTHIER VISRUEBLOOD, Ph.M., Instructor Ph. M., University of Michigan, University of Giittingen. South Hadley, Massachusetts. EMILHQ NOR1'ON lVlAR'I'lN, Ph.D., lnrtrurmr B. A., Ph. D., Bryn Mawr, University of Giittingcn, Fellow in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr, Holder of the Mary E. Garrett European Fellowship from Bryn Mawr, Member of the American Mathematical Society and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. MAIKY EVELYN WliI.l.S, S.M., Inrirurior B. A., Mount Holyoke, S. M., University of Chicago, Member of American Mathematical Society, Holder of the '86 Fellowship, 1906-1907. I2 Tolles Square, Naugatuck, Connecticut. MARY WAI.LACE GALT., B.A., Inrirurzor B. A., Mount Holyoke. A A Marion, Virginia. 'l'On leave of absence for the year. 23 K., ' -' Sw v MISS HOLMES MISS FLANIGEN D epartment of Chemistry A few years before the opening ofthe Seminary, Miss Lyon attended a course of lectures on Chemistry at Amherst College, "that she might be able to illustrate her teaching with experi- ments," and in the hrst issue ofthe catalogue in 1837, Chemistry is among the studies required of Seniors. At first the lectures were given by professors from various colleges and the class work was in charge of Seminary teachers. In 1868 Miss Shattuck took charge of both lecture and class work, and it is to her enthu- siasm that the present development of Science in the college is largely due. The work of Miss Mary A. Berry led to the build- ing in 1892 of Shattuck Hall, which contains the laboratories of Physics and Chemistry. Experimental lectures have always been continued. ln 1907 the work was thrown open to Freshmen, so that a four years, course in Chemistry is now possible in contrast to the Senior requirement of the time of Mary Lyon. MARY lfl.1ZABETH HOLMES, l'h.D., f1.l'.f0l'l.llfl' Prafrrror B. A., Wellesley, Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Scholar in Chemistry, University of Chicago, Fellow in Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Associate of Collegiate Alumnze, Member of American Chemical Society and of American Association for the Advancement of Science. Mystic, Connecticut. ANNA LOCKIIAR1' FLANICEN, l'l1.D., f1.r:ofz'ate Profnmvor Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, London University College, University of Berlin, Harvard University, Member of American Chemical Society. zzz South 43rd Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 'FICMMA PERRY CARR, B.S., Inrlrucfor B. S., University of Chicago, Ohio State University, Mount Holyoke, Holder of the Mary E. Woolley Fellowship, 19c8-1909, University of Chicago, Holder of the Loewenthal Fellowship, 1909-1910, University of Chicago, Sigma Xi Society. Coshocton, Ohio. WINONA Auciz HUGHES, M.A., Inrtrudor Ph. B., M. A., University of Wooster, University of Chicago, Fellow in Chemistry, Bryn Mawr, Harvard University, Cornell University, Normal 'Training School, Pueblo, Colorado. V D 271 Church Street, Marion, Ohio. MAllY Vlo1.1sTTE lJOVER, I h,D., Imirurtor B.A., M. Sc., McGill University, Montreal, Fellow in Chemistry, Bryn Mawr, Ph. D., Koniilichen Uni- versitat, Bresle, Germany. 194 Hunter Street, East Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. DOROTHY ANNA HAHN, B.A., Iruirurtor B. A., Bryn Mawr, University of Leipzig, Fellow in Chemistry, Bryn Mawr, Head of Department of Chem- istry at Pennsylvania College for Women, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. South Hadley, Massachusetts. MARION CLAIRE JOHNSON, B.A., Laboratory An-1'stant B. A., Mount Holyoke. 292 Pleasant Street, Leominster, Massachusetts. MARY C1.AR1ssA McKee, M.A., Laboratory fI.v.rz':tan: - B. A., M.A., Pennsylvania College for Women, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scholar at Bryn Mawr, 1907-1908. 'FOn leave of absence for the year. 4.79 Campbell Street, Wilkensburgh, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 2-1- 1 E. - Department of Physics From the beginning of the Seminary in 1837 until as late as 1898 a course in Physics, or Natural Philosophy as it was called, was required of all students, either in their Junior or Senior year. The work of the department was amplified for many years by special lectures given by a visiting professor. The supply of' apparatus, very small at first, was increased from time, so that the present equipment is exceedingly good. ln 1887 laboratory work became required and in that same year elective work was oFFered. 'Up to 1891 one person gave a part of her time tothe subjectg since then the staff has been increased to five. In the year 1893-1894 the department was established in its present quarters in Shattuck Hall, a building which it shares with the Chemistry department. After the subject was open to Sophomores the work gradually expanded until, in 1899, eleven courses were offered. In 1907-1908 Physics was for the first time made elective for Freshmen, so that now work may be elected in the department during all four years. MISS LAIRD E1.1ZABE'rH Rislnscca LAIRD, Ph.D., Profvxror B. A., University of Torontog Ph. D., Bryn Mawr, University of Berling Fellowin Physics, Bryn Mawrg Holder of Presidents' European Fellowship from Bryn Mawr, Fellow of American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science, Member of the American Physical Society and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. South Hadley, Massachusetts. MABIEL AUGUSTA Ci-msn, M.A., Axxofiarf Profcxsor B. A., Ohcrling M. A., Cornell University, University of Chicago. South Hadley, Massachusetts. CQEORGIE BitowNi.EE CLINKSCALES, B.S., Insrrufmr B. S., Clemson College, South Carolina, Ph. D., Johns Hopkins. South Hadley, Massachusetts. LUCY WILSON, B.A., Instructor B. A., Wellesley College. Bloomington, Illinois. MARGARET CALDERWOOD Snustos, B.A., Instruftor B. A.. Mount Holyoke. St. johnsbury, Vermont. 25 FP THE LLAIVIARAD Department of Astronomy " 'u A course in Astronomy was included in the required-:work . V ji' of the Seminary from the beginning in 1837 until the granting .fi of the college charter, when all ,courses were made elective. The ,it ' W Y Tj , hrst telescope, six inches in aperture, was purchased in 1853 i'L,j,Q ,- H X and sheltered in a small observatory near the site of Williston W' I Hall. In 1881 the John Payson Williston Observatory, the gift of Mr. A. L. Wilhston, was completed. Its principal instru- ,M " .V,-'b' ,F ments are an eight-inch Clark telescope, mounted equatorially, i"1 '. and a three-inch meridian circle. In 1902 a lecture room was Q ' added to this building and facilities for elementary observational 8 work was greatly increased. Miss Bardwell, the Hrst director ' of the observatory, began her work here in 1866. After her MISS YOUNG death in 1899 she was succeeded by' Miss Young. Since 1902 there has also been an assistant in the department. Upon the first Wednesday evening of each month the observatory is open to visitors, and residents of neighboring towns, as well as students of the college and their friends, are given an opportunity to see objects of interest with the telescope. ' ANN SEWELL Youno, Ph.D., Professor B. L., M. S., Carleton College, Ph. D., Columbia University, Goodsell Observatory, Northfield, Minnesota, University of Chicago, Yerkes Observatory, Columbia University, Professor of Mathematics at Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington, Research Assistant at Yerlces Observatory, Member of Astronomical and Astrophysical Society of America, Fellow in Association for Advancement of Science. Winona Lake, Indiana. MARGO Lmz LEWIS, B.A.,fI.rs1':tant B. A., University of Minnesota, Sigma Xi Chapter at Minnesota University. 698 Ashland Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota. 26 f E 1 . Department of Botany Botany was included by Miss Lyon in the curriculum of the first year, 1837-1838, and until 1851 was a required sub- ject during two or three years of' the course. In 1897-1898 it became entirely elective. Many names are included in the list of those teaching the subject between 1837 and 1851. In the latter year Miss Lydia W. Shattuck became head of' the depart- ment and directed its interests until her death in 1889. Since that time until 1908-1909 Miss Henrietta E. Hooker was in charge of the department. Miss Lyon's herbarium was the nucleus ofthe present collections. To this Miss Shattuck added her herbarium and whatever other plants she was able, by her X, . V, efforts, to secure. The botanical gardens were begun in 1878 X. , f" by Miss Shattuck, and the first gardener, Mr. Charles Bates, was appointed in 1882. The first small plant house was destroyed by the Ere of' 1896. The present range of' houses was the result of' the generosity of several individuals, the largest gift coming from Mr. and Mrs. James Talcott, for whom the arboretum is named. S., g .,., .-' MISS KENNEDY MAIIY ELIZABETH KENNEDY, M.A., A.l'.S'0t'l.llfl' Profz'.r.s'or, Acting Henzf of the Drpartmen! B. A., M. A., Oberlin Collegeg Chicago Universityg Member of the American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science, of the American Forestry Association, and of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Asso- ciate Examiner in Botany on College Entrance Examination Board. South Hadley, Massachusetts. ALMA GRACEY S'roKEv, Ph.D., Inrtrurlor B. A., Oberlin, Ph. D., University of Chicago. ASA S. KINNIEY, M.S., Director oflfn' Bofzmzirnl G1u'den.t, lnxfruftor 1.11 Fforfrulture Boston University, M. S., Massachusetts Agricultural College. South Hadley, Massachusetts. EDITH A. ROBERTS, B.A., Laboratory Afillffllllf B. A., Smithg University of Chicago. lQ'1'HE1. ALICE JACKSON, l3.A., Laboratory f1.f.S'I'.ffII7lf B. A., Mount Holyoke, Wootl's Holl. SARAH AGARD, M.A., Cz41'rlfor'ofM14:cu111 27 South Hadley, Massachusetts. Dover, New Hampshire. 37.4 Main Street, Wakefield, Massacliugt-tts, South Hadley, Massachusetts. fl -A -T KY--J' Q bf' X fr , if at Department of Zoology and Physiology From the beginning ofthe Seminary, in 1837-1838, until 1874. the philosophy of natural history held a place in its cur- riculum, in that year Zoology took its place. The first Zoological laboratory was situated in Williston Hall, built in 1876. An annex was added in 1889 and the accommodations for work in Zoology seemed ample until IQO5, when the laboratory work in physiology was included in the department. Since that time there has been necessity for enlarged quarters for the depart- ment, and a new biological laboratory is looked for in the future. MISS CLAPP CORNELIA MARIA CLAPP, l'h.D., Profesror Mount Holyoke, Ph. B., Syracuse University, Ph. D., University of Chicago, Marine Biological Labora- tory, Wood's Holl, Naples Zoological Station, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, of the Society of American Zoologists, and of the Association of American Anatomists. Montague, Massachusetts. LOUISE BAIRD WAI.LAClE, Ph.D., flrsorziatz' Proferyor Lake Erie College, B. A., Mount Holyoke, M. A., Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania, Marine Bio- logical Laboratory, Wood's Holl, Naples Zoological Station, Member of the Society of American Zoologists and of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association. South Hadley, Massachusetts. :kABl3Y Howe. 'l'U11NizR, B.A., flrmriaff Profrrror B. A., Mount Holyoke, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Marine Biological Labora- tory, Wood's Hell. South Hadley, Massachusetts. EMMA LONGFELLOW, M.A., f1:.rocz'atz' Profcrsor B. A., Mount Holyoke, M. A., Johns Hopkins Medical School, Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Holl. 54. Court Street, Machias, Maine. JULIA ELEANOR MooDY, B.S., Instructor B. S., Mount Holyoke, Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Hell. South Hadley, Massachusetts. MARY AUGUSTA CLARK, B.A., Instructor B. A., Mount Holyoke, Bachelor's Diploma, Teacher's College, Columbia University, Marine Bio- logical Laboratory, Wood's Holl. Bedford, New York. WANNA HAVEN MORGAN, B.A., lnrrruffor Wellesley College- B. A., Cornell University, Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Holl. 7 New London, Connecticut. MARY WERD BURDICK LYON, B.A., Laboratory A.rJ'1'rtant B. A., Mount Holyoke, Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Holl. ALICE AYR NOYES, B.A., Laboratory zfssilttant B. A., Mount Holyoke, Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Holl. 378 Washington Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts MARY Scunnaa B. A., Mount Holyoke. 4'On leave of absence for the year. 28 I5 Pine Street, Binghamton, New York. Huntington, New York. 577 , .. QA 5-f c E -L Department of Philosophy and Psychology lfrom the opening of the Seminary in 1837-1838 courses in Philosophy have been required for graduation. For a time the work in "mental and moral science" was given by the principal, and it was not until 1883 that it was transferred to an instructor. ln IQOI the department was increased to two members and the psychological laboratory was opened. ln 1904 another instructor was added and in IQO8 a laboratory assistant, so tl1at the depart- ment now consists of two professors fone of whom is the head ol' the department and the other the director ofthe psychological laboratoryj, an instructor and a laboratory assistant. The psychological laboratory, which occupies the entire top floor of Williston Hall, consists of live rooms besides a dark room. Six- teen courses are now offered, of which two are required for graduation. l8I.l.lZN lil.1ss rliAl.llO'I', Ph.D., llroferror B.A., Ohio State Universityg l'h.D., Cornell Universityg Chicago University, University of Berling University of Heidelbergg Graduate Scholar, Cornell Universityg Fellow, Cornell Universityg Member ot' American Philosophical Association and of American Psychological Associationg Phi Beta Kappa Society. South Hadley, Massachusetts. MISS TALBOT MR. HAYES Samurai, I'1aaK1Ns l'lAYliS, l'h.lJ., Profmmr B.A., Amherstg B. D., Union Theological Seminaryg M. A., Columbia University, Ph.D., Cornell Universityg Clark Universityg University of Berling Sorhonne, Parisg Member of American Psychological Association and of the Marine Biological Lalvoratory,Wood's Hollg Phi Beta Kappa Societyg Sigma X1 Society. l':LliANOR Haaars Row1,ANo, l'h.D., Inrrrufmr South Hadley, Massachusetts. B. A., M. A., Ph. D., Radclitfeg Member of American Psychological Association and of American Philo- sophical Association. RUTH L11.1.1AN Wn1'rMAN, B.A., Lalzoralory A.t'.t'I'J'fIIl1! B. A., Mount Holyoke. 29 Lee, Massachusetts. 12 Dartmouth Street, Somerville, lh'l2lSSilCllllSl'llS. "x. f f -, Yi o f ' E- or at Department of Geology Geology has been taught at Mount Holyoke from the first, but to Miss Cowles and Miss lfdwards belongs the credit for developing the department and making the collections what they are now. Miss Cowles taught for over thirty-live years, during a part of which time occasional lectures were given by Pro- fessor Charles Hitchcock, of Dartmouth, and field-work was conducted by Mrs. Martha K. Genthe. The collection consists, beside the minerals, of fossil casts and a large number of reptile tracks from the vicinity-one of the best, though not one of the largest collections in existence. Louisa FRANCES Cowuzs, M.A., Emm'tu.v Profersor Mount Holyoke, M. A., Smith, Worcester School of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Amherst Summer School of Languages, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae. Springfield, Massachusetts. MISS TALBOT MIGNON TALBOT, l'h.D., Proffrmr B. A., Ohio State University, Ph. D., Yale University, Harvard University, Cornell University, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the National Geographic Society, of Paleontological Society, and of the American Forestry Association. South Hadley, Massachusetts. BELKNAP HARRIIET SiaviaaANcc, B.A., Laboratory Asrirmnt B. A., Mount Holyoke. V Leyden, Massachusetts. Department of Education The department of education was organized in 1899-1900, with courses in the history of education, philosophy of education, educational psychology, and child study, school systems, school management, and methodology. Most of the courses offered by this department are intended for all college students, whether they purpose becoming teachers or not. The courses in the theory and practice of teaching and in the study of contemporary educational problems are intended to give some degree of tech- nical preparation for teaching. WILLIAM CHAiu.l2s MOOIKIE, M.A., Profnrsor B. S., Harvard University, M. A., Harvard University, State Normal School, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Assistant in Laboratory, Harvard University, Instructor in State Normal and Training School, Oswego, New York, and in the State Normal School, Salem, Massachusetts, MR, MOORE Member of Harvard Teachers' Association, of the New England Associa- tion of College Teachers of Education, and of the National Educational Association. Holyoke, Massachusetts. 30 ,K "..-, 1, , s or , ' , Eeeminelie Department of Applied Economics and Sociology Although only recently have the Social Sciences received separate departmental organization at Mount Holyoke, probably no other college for women can claim to have given them a place in the curriculum so early. I-lalf a century ago a course in Po- litical Science and Political Economy was offered and in 1888 one in International Law. Another pioneer step was taken in 1896 when there appeared a course in Socialism. The present department was first organized in 1906. AMY Hiawiss, l'h.D., Proffsror B. A., Woman's College of Baltimore, Ph. D., University of Chicagog University of Berlin, Phi Beta Kappa Society, Member of the American Economic Association and of the American Sociological Society. ISI West Lawvale Street, Baltimore, Maryland. lf1v11L11s jos1s1'111N1a I'IU'I'CI'lINSON, M.A., lnrfrufror B. A., Barnard College, M. A., Columbia University, Phi Bela Kappa Q I MISS I-IEWES Soeietyg Member of the Ameri- can Association for the Advancement of Science and of the American Economic Association. 287 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, New York. Department of Pure Economics and Political Science ELLEN IJIEBORAH ELLIS, l'h.D., fffrorzirzfe Profzmror B. A., M. A., Ph. D., Bryn Mawrg Graduate Student, Bryn Mawr, l9OI'I902, 1903-19045 University of Leipzig, I902'l903, Fellow in Economics and Politics, Bryn Mawr, I904'l9OQQ Member of the American Historical Association, of the American Economic Association, and of the Association of Collegiate Alumnre. 23I9 Green Street, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. Department of Biblical Literature Bible study was from the first required at Mount Holyoke. Recitations were held by different teachers on Sunday afternoons or during Monday chapel periods. In I86O certain definite sections of' the Bible were prescribed regularly for each year. About 1893, as part ofthe transition from Seminary to College, came the transf'erence of required " Bible to week- days, under an instructor especially trained." The first electives were offered the requirement was reduced from eight hours to six, LILLA FRANCES MORSIE, S.'l'.M., ffrxoririte Proforma' fi MISS ELLIS in 1895, and two years later B. A., Mount Holyoke, B. D., S. T. M., Hartford Theological Seminary, Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegcsis. zz Mount Pleasant Street, St. johnsbury, Vermont. E. OLIVE IDUTCHER, l3.A., Arsorinre Pmfcrsor B. A., Columbia Univcrsityg Barnard Collegcg Bryn Mawrg Union Theological Seminaryg Instructor at the Idaho Industrial Instituteg Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis. 196 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. EDWARD E. Nounsiz, D.D., Lmuffr B.A., Lake Forest Universityg S. T. B., Hartford Theological Seminaryg D. D., Lake Forest Universityg University of Jena, Germanyg Pastor of Second Congregational Church, Berlin Connecticutg Professor in Hartford Theological Seminary. . 31 Berlin, Connecticut. KYTYTF' as m e-e E LLLAZLQQ Department of Music During the Hrst fifty years at Mount Holyoke the training in music consisted mainly of required choral singing, in which a high standard was maintained. Not until later was any oppor- tunity for private study in instrumental or vocal music given. With the building of the chapel and the gift ofa fine organ came the increased facilities for work, until at present students may receive private instruction in piano, organ, voice, violin, violon- cello and liute, as well as in various theoretical classes. Interest in choral work has steadily increased. The choir, vested and enlarged a few years ago, is now an important factor in the Sun- day services. G MR. HAMMOND WILLIAM CHURCHILL HAMMOND, Professor Piano, Hartford, Boston, New York, Organ, Hartford, New York, Theory, N..H. Allen, Organist of Second Congregational Church, Holyoke: a Founder of the American Guild of Organists. Holyoke, Massachusetts. JULIA BANGS DICKINSON, Assorfate Professor Voice, Worcester, Boston, New York. 14 Berkeley Street, Springfield, Massachusetts. NATHAN H. ALLEN, Lerturer in Harmony and History of Musz'c Studied with Hampt and Crell, Berlin, Germany, Van der Stucken, New York, Charter Member of New York Manuscript Society: a Founder of the American Guild of Organists, Former Vice-President of the National Music Teachers' Association. 97.6 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut. REBECCA WXLDIER HOLMIES, Instrurtor in Violin Royal Conservatory, Berlin, Germany, Pupil of Josef Joachim, Berlin, Germany, of Hugo Herrman, Frankfort, Germany, of Julius Eichberg, Boston. ALBERT M. TUCKIEIQ, ffssistant Orgnnist, Instructor in Piano Piano and Organ, Professor Hammond, Piano and Harmony, Bishop, Springfield, Organ, S. P. Warren, New York, Organ, Guilmaut, Piano, Wagner Swayne, Paris, Associate Member of American Guild of Organists. South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts. GEORGE VVEBSTER, Instrurtor in Ffutr' Studied with C. K. North, Boston. ' Boston, Massachusetts. ESTHER ELLEN IDALIE, Instructor in Vocal Must.: Voice, Ottawa, Canada, Chicago, Ill. 2.6 Berkeley Street, Springfield, Massachusetts. BLANCIIE SARAH SAMUELS, .4ssistrmt Instructor in Musical Pedagogy Theory, New England Conservatory, Boston. South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts. 32 -.A .""'x... x - -,-f, J 0 Xe fx. , -2-' I E , Department of Physical Culture An incident in the history of' physical training at Mount Holyoke, though told in the "History ofthe Seminary," is worthy of' repetition here. During anniversary week,in 1863, John A. Andrews, Governor of Massachusetts, was present at the reading of"'compositions. " One of' these, read by a member of the graduating class, was an earnest, impressive plea for a gymnasium. When she had finished, Governor Andrews started a subscription, heading it with his own name, and before night nineteen hundred dollars had been subscribed. Later, three of the trustees gave generous contributions and the first gymnasium was completed in 1865. MARGARET ELLA HUGHES, D1'rz'rtor of Gymna.r1'um MISS HUGHES School of Exprsssion, Boston, School of Physical Education, Chautauqua, New Yorkg Director of Gvm nasium, Stanford Female College, Stanford, Kentucky, Blair Academy, Blairstown, New Jersey, Supervisor of City Schools, Charleston, South Carolina, Member of American Playground Association. - 2.71 Church Street, Marion, Ohio ELIZABETH COLEDIEN UNnERH11.1., M.D., Resident Plzysibian Woman's Medical College, New York, Cornell University Medical College, Clinical Assistant in Dis pensaries of Woman's Medical College and Bellevue Hospital. New York City, Private Practice, Poughkeepsie, New York. FLORENCE S. IEDGERTON, B.A., .4.ts1'.ttantD1'redor in Gymnasium Mount Holyoke, Oberlin. IVY G. EATON, flrrirtrznt in Gymnzzrium New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics. L11.1.1AN Lo1us'1'rA KUliS'l'lEll, Corrmiw Gymnarrirs Poughkeepsie, New York 337 Elm Street, West Springfield, Massachusttts 2 High Street, Stafford Springs, Massachusetts New York Normal School of Physical Education. 1 179 Bergan Street, Brooklyn, New York 33 Y A-A, v "x.. A,- f ef THE LLAMARAD X at . ra The Library A library and reading room was provided in the first year, 1837. The room Was twenty feet square. In 1855 a larger room was Htted up, and in 1870 an attractive fireproof building was erected. This met the condition imposed by Mrs. Henry F. Durant with l1er gift of 510,000 for books. In 1887 a stack room was added. With the increasing enrollment after the fire and the larger demands of students, the library became entirely inade- 1904., toward a new building, was made good in June through 1, the special efiorts of President Woolley and the response from trustees, alumnre, students, Faculty, and other friends with ,85o,0oo. 257' In September, 1905, the beautiful Tudor Gothic Library, designed after Westminster Hall, by Mr. George F. Newton, Architect, MISS BLAKELY was opened with seats for 380 readers and an ultimate book capacity of I60,000 volumes. After Miss Nutting, the first librarian, was appointed in 1870, the 4,000 volumes were increased to 8,000 in three years, then there was slow, constant growth until 1899, since when larger appropriations have brought the numbers to 42,000 in 1909. MARY O1.1v1A NU'l"FING, Librarian, 1870-1901. Mount Holyoke. N South Hadley, Massachusetts. BERTHA ELIZA l3l.AKI5LY, B.A., Ll-bfllflillfl B.A., Mount Holyoke, New York State Library Schoolg Member of American Library Association, of the Massachusetts Library Club, and of Western Massachusetts Library Club. Laconia, New Hampshire. FRANCES E. HAYNES, B.L., 14.v.r1'.ttz1ntL1'brar1'11n B. L., Mount Holyoke, New York State Library School, Member of American Library Association, of the Massachusetts Library Club, and of thc Western Massachusetts Library Club. South Hadley, Massachusetts. BERTHA Hoivrewsiz GAULT, B.L., Cataloguer B. L., Oberling Member of American Library Association. Savanah, Ohio. STELLA S. BEAL, B.S., flsristant B. S., Simmons College, Member of the Western Massachusetts Library Club. Brockton, Massachusetts. 34 quate. Mr. Carnegie's conditional pledge of 850,000 in January, "' i i . T LLAMABA. at Administrative Office l'lLORliNCli P URINGTON, B.S., Dean B. S., Mount Holyoke, University of Michigan, Harvard University Summer School. - South Hadley, Massachusetts. CAROLINE BOARDMAN Gaizrmis, Rngisfrnr Mount Holyoke, Member of New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools and of New England Coll ' ' Board. ege Entrance Certificate South Hadley. Massachusetts. l'lLI.A SILL DICKINSON, l3.A., A.fJ'l..ff!I71fR0gIlJfffl7 B. A., Mount Holyoke: Registrar, National Cathedral School, Washing- ton, D. C. Rockville, Connecticut. IS Z.-5 MISS PURINGTON N1 t 1 P' I Pg. t'Y'.,fN ,- . HELEN PECK YOUNG, Alillifllllf fn 1,ft'.fl.Ilt'!1f,.i' Office 1.4 North Mountain Avenue, Montclair, New jersey. NIARY BROWN l'lUN'I'lER, l3.A., f4.r.r1'.rfant in Dfllilil Ojfre B. A., Mount Holyoke. S ANNIE Iluzan ETH SCOTT, B.A., ffsxixtafit in Rz'g1'.rIrar'.f Offre B . A., Mount Holyoke. zlo Maple Street, 35 1 MISS GREENE outh Hadlev, Massachusetts. New Britain, Connecticut. GRACE ELVINA HADLEY SARAH EFFIE SMITH HARRIET RICE CONGDON AEEY I'l0WE TURNER SARAH WHITE DAVIS, B.A. GERTRUDE EDGERTON KNOX, B.A. MARGO LEE LEWIS, B.A. MARY B. LYON, B.A. JESSIE LORAINE MCAUSLAN, B.A. MARY CLARISSA McKEE, M.A. BER'rHA EDITH MARTIN, B,A. if N EA" ll E LELAUQCBA Fellows . Holder of the Bardwell M6m0Tl.Ul Fellorurlzip Holder ofthe '86 Fellowrhijz . Holder of the Mary E. Woollfy Fells-w.vh1'p . . Holzler of the Cornclfa M, Clapp Fellowrhip Graduate Students Honor Scholars Mary Lyon Scholars ADA ANSTIS MURIKAY FOSTER . . . CLARA BODMAN 'HAWKS . MARGRETTA MARTIN . . BERTHA MAY NEWCOME . MARION CLAIRE JOHNSON DOROTHY CHASE ROWELL . CHARLO'l'TlE WOODS FLORENCE BARTLETI' LAD .l'lI.0RENCli MA'l'ILDA READ . MAlilil. LEA l'lliDGE MARGUERITE CARTER MARJORIE WESTON COOK MAIQY REDINGTON ELY FRANCES WILLARD I'lADI.lEY I'lAT'I'IE LOUISE HAWLEY EMILY ADAMS HOLT Sarah Williston Scholars ALICE AYR NOYES, B.A. YAE MASE, B.L. EDITH ADELAIDE ROBERTS, B.A. LUCY GEORGE ROBERTS, B.A. HARRIET B. SEVERANCE, B.A. RUTH LILLIAN WHITMAN, B.A. LUCY WILSON, B.A. . . Biology English Literature English Literature English Literature . Chemistry, lVl2lIl'l6lTlilIlCS . Mathematics . Chemistry German . History . Zoology EDITH MAY KNOWI.'l'ON MARY ELSIE NEWTON LAVERNE SIIERWOOD PI-IILLIRS HELEN HAELETT SMILEY IRENE WATERS SYLVESTER FRANCES LESTER WAIKNER ANNA ISABEL WOOIJBURY 36 - ff, t . fe e Ci:f"' , - NV ,, fetal T l? tL.LAMQR . j ,a The Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College Preszidmt MRS. EDWIN ATWELL Hamilton Park, New Brighton, New York Serrcfary MRS. W. A. STEWART . . . 1390 Washington Avenue, New York Assistant Sefrcfary Miss ALICE AYR Noyes . . . . . Mount Holyoke College Co1lege Sefretary Miss FLORENCE IQEAD . . . . Mount Holyoke College Treasurer Miss FLORENCE Pu1uNG'roN . . . . Mount Holyoke College Local Associations and Presidents N ew Ifafuen Assoc1'r1f1'or1 DR. MARY P. Dome . . . I5 Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut f1.l'J'0l'I.IIfI.O71 of ffm No1't1zttfes't MRS. P. S. P1a'1'1sRsoN . . Lincoln and Peterson Avenues, Chicago, Illinois f1.l'J0fl.!IfliO7I of Boston and V1't'1'r1z'ry ' Miss El.IZAlllE'l'H F. MEIQIQILI. . . Q7 Ocean Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts i E i W07'fE5fL'1'!4.l'.l'OL'l.llfl.OIl Miss ANNAMQL C. Roe . . . 5 Dix Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 37 , - K , ,W , , -YA Y C-x..,',.,V. a s , E.-.,L .fc fxff' I 2- D v .s "A, xi i .. If ff ,sv - N , 4 74,-f A 1 , Y , T. ... .Elin Y -J 4 Pkg, ,E 5 Q MRS. MIKS. MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. MRs. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. Pdfliflif Association SUSAN TOLMAN MILLS . . Mills College, Alameda County, California ' Plzilaczlelphia Association WII.I.IAM SHELMIRE . . Sixty-Eighth and Lawnton Avenues, Oak Lane, " Pennsylvania New York and Brooklyn Associcztion E EDWARD O. HOVEY . . . IIS West Eighty-Fourth Street, New York Hartford Association 1 MARK S. BRADLEY . . . 956 Asylum Street, Hartford, Connecticut Eastern New fork Association HENRY COLVIN . . Pawling and Sheldon Avenues, Troy, New York Franklin County Association HARRIET PEASE ' .... . Greenfield, Massachusetts Hampshire County Association E. ALDRICH ....... Hadley, Massachusetts Central and Western New fork Association MAYNARD N. CLEMENT ..... Canandaigua, New York Springfeld Association C. S. HURI.l3UR'l' 18 Spruceland Avenue, Springfield, Massachusetts Oriental Association MARCEI.LUS BOWEN ..... Constantinople, Turkey New Hanzpshzire Association CHARLES F. CooK . . . to Pine Street, Concord, New Hampshire Q Washington Association F. G. WILKINS . 1225 Euclid Street, Washington, District of Columbia 38 " ' ' ' " f 'f' fxfjf' . gr I MIss MISS MISS Mus. Mlss Mas. MISS Mas. Mas. MRS. MISS Mas. Ma1'ne .lrsoffation . Vassalboro, Maine Nl5'l"l'IlE C. BURLEIGH .... M liClll'g'II7l .45roc1'at1'on ELEANOIQ. CAULDER . . . 85 Putnam Avenue, Detroit, Michigan South African AJ'JOCl'Ufl.071 ' ABBIE FERGUSON Huguenot College, Wellington, Cape Colony, South Africa MI'nr1erofa AJ'.VOCI'!1fl-O71 JOI-IN P. WEYER'HAEUSER . . 825 Goodrich Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota Waterbury Club ELIZABETH G. KANE . IQI Buckingham Street, Waterbury, Connecticut Eastern Connertfcut A.fIOfliHfI.0H A. N. H. VAUGHN . . . 3 Rockwell Terrace, Norwich, Connecticut Berkshire County A5.fOL'l.!1fl.O71 CORA Hl'FT ...... Dalton, Massachusetts 7apan AJIOCI-0fl'0H HILTON PEDLEY ..., Maebashi, Japan Piftxburgb Asrociafion WILLIAM M. CAROTHERS . . 5 Bruston Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania China A:rou'ar1'on W. A. MA'I'HI5It .... Pao-ting-fu, China Iowa .4.f.V06l,l1fl-071 LAURA VON SHRAEDER . . 223 North Market Street, Oltuma, Iowa N ortfzern California AJ.roc1'atz'or1 A. N. BELCHER . . Berkeley, California 39 J ',!' x' ,-1 Vx.. .v- X S J' u - ' E ILLAIJARA Elin Enuing iflllrmnrg nf Marg Oblinia Nntting llihrarian in thin Qlnllege 13711-IHIII Earnest ani! Svinrvre whirl! lgvriaineth In gr Svninrn A 9 9 2 fx J xxx B ty and the Beast " X X O 6, 1909 We Lomc out In p d ? A . fr, g ' 5 ik " M awk - Frnn 15, l9lO c g1vcourS Show Q :if J J Y ' JUNE 15, 1910 c o c to g d t 1 . 4 'a . ' I 3 I n , 2 ' 5 1 fl! 5 1 1 fl J A 1 I4 A E ' I l n '-3 X I X. N V W ULJ4 I A S. Qx 0 A Page from a Senior's Calendar 1 1' ,fix X 25 111,111 ,r j l il fiqx 1,f4ia5+ KMQQ 1 U42 jf! XS ,TZ MARCIT lfgagijgl-gm7Vc win thc Clmmpionslmip 1 c .-We give our Junior Oper viii X f ' V ' . 1 ,W - 1 . X .-W hp k f -f AVL vi' A L X 1 .., wa ff AA -B Y 5 5 .JY P lf,LQa1f1e-QR . E Class Of Nineteen Hundred Ten MOTTO: "Non nobis sed aliisf' COI.OR: Crimson FLOWER: .lacqueminot Rose EMITLEM: Pegasus MARY PRESTON ..... . Prexidenr MARION RUTH NlEWlEI.I. . . . Vice-Pre.r1'dent THEODORE PECK . . . . . Secretary MARGAliE'l' MACDOUGALI. LEWIS . . Treafurer MARION AI.cOTT BALLOU . . . . . Sergeant-at-Army HEI.liN EI,IzABETI-I BARTON ....... CIOI5H1.IfOfl.UIl HELEN ADELIA COOK . . Chairman of Class Prayer-Meetz'ng Committee AEIIEY CAREY NOli'l'ON ..... Captain of Basketball Team Executive Committee MARION RUTH NEWEI,I., Chairman Marjorie Caswell Clark Adele Hodgson Norton Marian Collins Ladner Lillas Carolyn Pratt Honorary Members President Woolley Miss Vivian Blanche Small Miss Emma Riville-Rensch Miss Margaret Adelaide Pollard Miss Cornelia Maria Clapp Miss Katharine Jackson Miss Eleanor Harris Rowland Mr. Samuel Perkins Hayes 4-3 Ksf'-", 'i' C"'Y" Senior Class Hfflusty lofue should go in quest of beauty, Where should he yfnd it fairer? If zealous lofve should go in search offvirtue, Where should he find it purer?" ABBEY, KATHERINE JENNINGS, XA 0 . 3226 West Fourteenth Street, Cleveland, Ohio Lincoln High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlement, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Students' Volunteer Band, Dramatic Club, Sophocles Authors' Club, Student Alumnae Building Fund.Com- mittee, 1908-1909, Treasurer Athletic Association, 1907-1908, Vice-President Silver Bay Club, 1908-1909. ABBOTT, HELEN RAYMOND . . . 24 Howard Street, Reading, Massachusetts Reading High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlement, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club, Baked Bean Club, Blackstick, Class Book Board. ADAMS, LUELLA MIRANDA ........ Springheld, Vermont Springfield High School, Middlebury College, Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Vermont Club. ADKINS, EI.IzA1zETI-I VICTORIA ....... Ticonderoga, New York Ticonderoga High School, Troy Conference Academy, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society. ALvoIcD, RUTH GILETTE, W9 .... South Weymouth, Massachusetts Weymouth High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, Dramatic Club, Choral Club, Silver Bay Club, Baked Bean Club, Cycle of Nirvana, 1910 Basketball Team, 1906-1910, Executive Board Students' League, 1908-1909, Class Executive Committee, 1908-1909, Executive Committee Athletic Association, 1907-1910, President Baked Bean Club, 1909-1910, Rockefeller House Chairman, 1909-1910. ANDERSON, EDITH SPRAGUE . The Oaks, Thompson Street, Springfield, Massachusetts Northampton High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Asso- ' ciation, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, L'Alliance Francaise, Springfield Club. ' 44- KY 1" I X C JK'-F , YL fr, -F i I 5 LAMQPSA at BAKER, I-IE1.1aN CRAIG, II K . . . IO Van Vlek Street, Montclair, New Jersey Montclair High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, YO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, L'Alliance I"I'ZlIIQZliSCQ Glee Club, Mosquito Club. BAL1.oU, MAR1oN'rT . . I7 North Main Street, Woonsocket, Rhode Island Woonsocket High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocosc, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Blackstick, Philosophy Club, Class Sergeant- at-Arms, 19o9-1910. BA1.THAssR, SARA RIESIER . . . I6O West Oley Street, Reading, Pennsylvania .Reading I-Iigh School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Keystone State Club. BARTON, HEI.IiN E1.1zA1112T1-1, I' 9 X . 228 North Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois Oak Park High School, Western College for Women, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, 1910 I,1.A1v1ARA0A Board, Blaekstick, Cycle of Nirvana, Editor-in-Chief 1910 Clari- Bookg Class Historian, 1909-1910, Chairman Extension Work of Y. W. C. A. in ,South Hadley. BA'r'r1.Es, MILIJREID BROADHURST . . 428 North Main Street, Brockton, Massachusetts Brockton High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club. BEAL, AI.THEA LOIS, ?If.Q ..... 2601 Sixth Avenue, Moline, Illinois Moline High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Gioeose, College Settlements Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, L'Alliance Erancaise, Wisilliminna Club, Class Executive Committee, 1908-1909. BISCHOFF, I"RANcEs . . . 72 Greenwood Avenue, East Orange, New jersey East Orange High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, TO Chapter, Debating Society, History Club, Mosquito Club, Executive Committee Debating Society, 1909-1910, Class Secretary, 1908-1909. BLAKSLEE, BEA'rR1c1: ..... ,... W eatherly, Pennsylvania Weatherly High School, West Chester State Normal School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, History Club, Dramatic Club, Keystone State Club, Secretary and Treasurer Debating Society, 1908-1910. Bo1,L1gs, HAZEL MAy , , , ,.... Wilbraham, Massachusetts Wesleyan Academy, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, History Club. 4-5 " f THE LILAMARADA .f 4..wT1i-Lgllk fn, H Hg Y WJ, 9 by T W 91 . 5 kD BoL'r0N, A1JELA1DE HELENA , .. 1713 West Norris Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pl1iladelphia High School for Girls, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Associa- tion, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Art Editor 1910 LLAMARADA, Dra- matic Club, Keystone State Club, Cycle of Nirvana. Boorn, JEANNETTE FRANCES . . . II William Street, Ansonia, Connecticut Ansonia High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Al'Cl12lJ0iOgiC21l Club, junior Choir. BOUGHTON, KA1'HER1NE LYMAN ..... Valley Falls, New York Troy High Scl1ool, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Associatio11. BRIGGS, MABEL FossETT ..... 101 Ascension Street, Passaic, New Jersey Passaic High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Philos- ophy Club, Mosquito Club, Mount Holyoke Board, 1909-1910, LLAMARADA Board, 1908-1909, Class Book Board, Sophocles Authors' Club, Sarah Williston Scholar, 1907-1908, President Blackstick, 1909-1910. BRISTOL, LUCY FR1EDER1ckE, W!! ...... Glenridge, New jersey Mont Clair High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Mathe- matics Club, Mosquito Club, President Mosquito Club, Junior Choir. BROWN, GRACE CuRR1ER . .... 28 South Street, Concord, New Hampshire Concord High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, New Hampshire State Club. BURGESS, ALICE MILDRED . . . 128 Walcott Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island Pawtucket High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club. CAsE, HELEN FRANCES Rayen High School, Youngstown, Ohio, Le Giocosc, Athletic Association, Ohio State Club, Sophocles Authors' Club. CLARK, CSENEVIEVE MARGARET . . 325 North Main Street, Brockton, Massachusetts Brockton High Scl1ool, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Baked Bean Club, History Club, Philosophy Club, IQIO Class Book Board, Secretary Baked Bean Club, 1907-1908, Executive Committee Debating Society, 1909-1910, Treasurer Le Giocose, 1909-1910. CLARK, MARj0R1E CAswELL, E lp A . III4 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn Girls' High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, L'Alliance Francaise, Glee Club, 1908-1910, Class President, IQO8-1909, 'Class Executive Committee, 1907-1908, 1909-1910, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1909-1910. 46 , F. i it 0 'i f' C1.1zM1aN'r, E1.1cAN01ua Dons, X A 0 . . 174 Hammond Street, Waltham, Massachusetts ' Waltham High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocoseg College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Archavological Club, Cycle of Nirvana, Sal'l'ord House Chairman, 1909-1910. C1,u'1"1'1s1t11Uck, MAY B151.l .... 43 Elizabeth Street, Ogdensburg, New York Ogdensburg Free Academy, Y. W. C. A., College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, Banjo Club. CoMs'1'0c1:, A1.zAnA PECKHAM . . . 410 Bank Street, New London, Massachusetts YVilliams Memorial lnstitute, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Philosophy Club. Cook, H121.1sN Ama1.1A, W B K .... R. I". D. No. 38, Wyalusing, Pennsylvania Wyalusing Township High School, WVyalusing High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, CollegeSettlementsAssociation, ArhleticAss0ciati0n, T0 MENChapter, Debating Society, Keystone State Club, Philosophy Club, Sarah Williston Scholar, , 1907-1908, Vice-President Debating Society, 1908-1910, Chairman Class Prayer Meeting Committee, 1908-1909. Cook, Mnitoaitm' f3l.IVIA, W!! . . . 8 Lisbon Street, Worcester, Massachusetts South High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Philosophy Club, Choral Club, Nipmuck Club, Vice-President Athletic Association, 1908-1909, President Athletic Association, Class Basketball Team, 1906-1910, Captain Class Basketball Team, 1906-1907, 1907-1908, Executive Board Students' League, 1906- 1 0 - Sccretar Students' Lea ue 1 0 -1 IO' President N1 :muck Club 1 0 -1 10. 1 Y S 1 9 9 9 1 I 1 9 9 9 Coo1.EY, GRACE EMMA, l' K . 22 South Thirteenth Avenue, Mt. Vernon, New York Mount Vernon High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO ' l MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, lhilosophy Club, Sopiocles Authors' Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1909-1910, Vice-President Le Giocose, 1908- 1909, Secretary Dramatic Club, 1908-1909, Executive Board Dramatic Club, 1909- 1910, Choral Club. ' CUNNINGHAM, B1a1t'r1-1A l"os'r1z1t . 70 Middle Street, East Weymouth, Massachusetts Weymouth High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Baked Bean Club. CUTLIZR, CLARA SANFORD . . 103 West Tremont Avenue, New York, New York Morris High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mandolin Club, 1910 Glas: Book Board. ' - lJAME 1i1,1ZAmg1-H IDAULINE , , .... West Roxbury, Massachusetts West Roxbur Hi h School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Asso- Y S ciation, Athletic Association, Baked Bean Club, Class Sergeant-at-Arms, 1.908- 1909, Wilder House Chairman, 1909-1910. , 47 ff -.A -fx.. -- Yu - J A Y 'x g JY' A ' ' P THE LLAMARADA f " C , A 9 9 .P,,,. :ELL I 9-9 jf ,,1i,,,55m, DANIELSON, KATHERINE KENYON ...... Danielson, Connecticut Killingly High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, History Club. DAVIS, RUTH ALLEN, 10 B K . . . QI Vernon Street, Gardner, Massachusetts Gardner High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Nipmuck Club, Sarah Williston Scholar, 1907-1908. Dlx, GRACE C1-1ARLo'rTE, XA 0 . . 36OI West Twenty-fifth Street, Cleveland, Ohio Lincoln High School, Y. W. C. A., Philosophy Club, Ohio Club, Cycle of Nirvana. DODGE, FRANCES HowARD ....... Concord, New Hampshire Concord High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Dramatic Club, 1910 LLAMARADA Board, Junior Choir, Cycle of Nirvana, Class Executive Committee, 1907-1908, President Le Giocose, 1909-1910. DODGE, MARIA THERESA BURNHAM . I7 Stoddard Avenue, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Pittsfield High School, Billerisia High School, Athletic Association, Le Giocose. DYliR, RU'I'H.ELIZABETI-I . . . North Main Street, Sharon, Massachusetts Sharon High School, Y. W. C. A., Le. Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Baked Bean Club. E1c11, JUSTINA ..... . . 808 Ford Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio Rayen School, Lake Erie College, Y. W, C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Silver Bay Club, Ohio Club, House Chairman, 1909-1910. I FAULKNER, DoRo'r11Y LOUISE . . 1124 Commonwealth Avenue, Brookline, Massachusetts Central High School, Springheld, Massachusetts, Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Archaeological Club, Baked Bean Club. FELTY, HAZEL MARGARET . . . 734 Prospect Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut Hartford High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club, Hartford Club. FENTON, IDA DLANCHIE . . . 4. Getting Street, East Gloucester, Massacliusetts Gloucester High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Philosophy Club, Mandolin Club. l"ERRE1.L, IELs11c MAY . . . S77 North Church Street, Naugatuck, Connecticut Naugatuck High School: Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club, Archmological Club, Banjo Club. 4.8 ,YA g 'x.,. YAY. Aff ! ' 'S ' -' l l ' P THE L LAMARADA . , . "7 - . ,.. -f 2i"9'l5:'Q'-J I"osTER, MARY WRIGH'l' ..... 3 Main Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Greenfield High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, TO MEN, Chapter, Debating Society, Franklin County Club, President Franklin County Club. FRASER, AGATI-IA IRENE . . . 677 Broad Street, East Weymouth, Massachusetts East Weymouth High School, Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Archmological Club, Baked Bean Club. FREETHY, VICTORIA MARGUERITE ...... Brookline, Massachusetts Winchester High School, Brookline High School, Le Giocose, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Baked Bean Club, Choral Club, Archzeo- logical Club. FRENCH, ETI-IEI. STEWART . . . 164 Cherry Street, Fall River, Massachusetts B. M. C. Durfee High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club, Archzeological Club, Banjo Club. FRONE, GERTRUDE RooT ....... Gilbertsville, New York Gilbertsville High School, Y. W. C. A., College Settlements Association. FULLER, Fs'rHER LUCY .... 23 Summit Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts FURIIER, RUTH HAZEI., W9 .... 35 Map Worcester High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Worcester County Club. le Street, Milton, Massachusetts Milton High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Dramatic l Club, Philosophy Club, Mathematics Club, Junior Choir, Class Vice-Piesident, IQO6-1907, Leader Glee Club, 1909-IQIO. GARIJNIZR GERTIXUDE MAY . . . I44 Dexter Avenue, Watertown, Massachusetts GATIES, BERYI. l"RANcEs, l GAY, MARIAN LoPIIEI.IA ....... GEI. Girls' Latin School, Boston, College Settlements Association, Baked Bean Club. 'HQ ,... Main Street, Thomaston, Connecticut Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Student Volunteer, Choral Club, Chair- man College Settlements Work in Holyoke, Pearson House Chairman, IQOQ-IQIO. . Attica, New York Attica High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association' T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Math- ematics Club, Philosophy Club, Mandolin Club, IQIO LLAMARADA Board, Chu: Book Board. DMACHER, SII.vIaR Hl5NRIli'l'l'A ....,,, Denmark, Iowa Denmark Academy, Y. VV. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN' Chapter, Debating Society. 49 i A Vg.-- fff 1- VR QJ' f:iENUNG, NANCY CuR'1'1s .,...... Waterloo, New York Waterloo High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, ,Silver Bay Club. GIERE, MARY lCL1zAB12'1'1-1, W9 . 330 North Fulton Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York Mount Vernon High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlen1ents Asso- ciation, Athletic Association, Archazological Club, Junior Choir, 1910 Basket- ball Team, 1908-1909. GIL L1ssP1E, MARY, ll K .... Seminary Place, New Brunswick, New Jersey Rutgers Preparatory School, Y. W. C. A., College Settlements Association, Glee Club, 1907-1910, President Students' League, 1909-1910, Y. W.,C. A. Cabinet, 1907- 1909, Vice-President Y. W. C. A., 1908-1909, Secretary Y. W. C. A., 1907-1908, Sarah VVilliston Scholar, 1907-1908. GILMAN, MARY AGNES ........ Foxcraft, Massachusetts lfoxcraft Academy, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Pine Tree State Club, Class Sergeant-at-Arms, 1907-1908. GLEAs0N, MARY ABORN .... 9 White Avenue, Wakefield, Massachusetts Wakelield High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Junior Choir. ' GL1NEs, HELEN PAu1.1N15, 2' 0 X . . 25 Highland Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts Haverhill High School, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club, 1907-1910, House Chairman, 1909-1910. A GRAHAM, IVA MAR ........ Schenevus, New York Schenevus High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society. GRANT, EDITH ELIZABETH . . IO Church Street, StaH'ord Springs, Connecticut Taunton High School, Enfield High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club. GllEEN, GERTRUDE SERLEY ....... New Milford, Connecticut Howard Seminary, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, Philosophy Club, Deutsche Vereinung, Sarah Williston Scholar, 1907-1908, Vice-Elector College Settlements Association, 1909-1910, Brigham House Chairman. HALE, EDNA MAY, 0 B K ..... 718 Federal Street, Troy, New York Troy High School, Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Associa- tion, Sarah Williston Scholar. 50 J -- 1.-- C' x-jf' QMGYVN ,U J .LP . . 7 Homestead Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts l'lAI.L, ANNIE GIill1'llUlJIi South High School, Y. W. C. A., College Settlements Association, Athletic Asso- ciation, Student Volunteer Band, Nipmuck Club, Mandolin Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1908-1909, lixecutive Board Students' League, 1907-1909, Vice-President Students' League, 1909-1910, IQIO Member of the International Institute League. HA1.I.owEI.1., JIENNIE BuRNI2'I'rIa . . . 37 Aborn Street, Peabody, Massachusetts Peabody High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club, Vice-President Mathematics Club, 1908-1909, President Mathematics Club, 1909-1910. HA1vIII.ToN, WINIlfRlElJ EIJITH . 1212 South Fifty-l"irst Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Key- stone State Club, Philosophy Club. HIEMPIERLY CA'I'11ERIN1a . . . . 1626 Green Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Harrisburg High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Keystone State Club. . HENDRIX 1"LoRENcI2 MAY Olego, New York Gilbertsville High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- T0 MEN Cha tC1', Debating Society, Mathematics Club. tion, Athletic Association, . p HIER, l"1.oRIaNcE lVlABIiL, F K .... . Madisonville, Cincinnati, Ohio Madisonville High School, Western College for Women, Y. C. W. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Ohio Club. HIGGINS, Aucs MAR'r1N . A .... I2 Henry Street, Utica, New York Utica Free Academy, All Saints' School, Germantown, Pennsylvania, Y. W. C. A., College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, L'Alliance Francaise, President L'Alliance Francaise, 1909-1910. HONEYWELL, HANNAH E1.1zA1s1sT1-1 ...... . Walton, New York Walton High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society. , HORSFIELD, MARIAN MoNEYI'ENNv ...... Oxford, North Carolina Cambridge High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, History Club. HOWAIKD, BERTHA -Ios1aPI-11N11 . . . 409 Union Street, Springfield, Massachusetts . Springfield High School, Y. W. C. A., College Settlements Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Springfield Club. Hoxnz, GRACE MAIKTHA . X ..... . Cambridge, New York Cambridge High School, Wheaton Seminary, Middlebury College, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathe- matics Club. 4 SI ff E V e be' HUI.l3lIRID, AGNES DIADEMIA ........ Hyde Park, Vermont St. Johnbury Academy, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Vermont Club, Banjo Club, 1908-IQOQ, Mandolin Club, 1909- 1910, President Vermont Club, 1909-1910. HUMP1-1REYs, JEANETTE CJEORGE ...... Clayville, New York Windsor High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, Junior Choir. Hu'r1'oN, HAzEL LOUISE . . . 109 North Main Street, Southington, Connecticut Lewis High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, . Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Junior Choir. JoNEs, HELEN MARGARET ..... 22 Kemble Street, Utica, New York Utica Free Academy, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society. KELLEY, FLORENCE LOUISE ....... Wyoming, New York Wyoming High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association. Kino, DOROTHY RUTH ........ Haworth, New Jersey Wadbigh High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Archaeological Club, Mosquito Club, Glee Club, Basketball Team, 1908-1909. KNIGHTLY, ELLEN AGNES .... I3 Gray Street, Amherst, Massachusetts Amherst High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society. LADNER, MARIAN COLLINS . . . 115 Princeton Street, Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, History Club, President Springfield Club, 1909- 1910, Junior Choir. LAMOND, CARRIE HUDSON ...... Auburndale, Massachusetts Newton High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Baked Bean Club. LAPGRTE, LOUISE CELINA .... 157 Brown Avenue, Holyoke, Massachusetts Holyoke High School. LAWS, HELEN MOORE ....... Milford, New Hampshire Milford High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Granite State Club, Junior Choir. 52 A A 'x..Y.v- 5-rf ! ... Q s -, i A ' 5 THE LLAMARADA NK. V 'J Y Y A-5-7.1-5 fn? , Y K H W -2 l'f49'a-WEE-6. LEACH, JOSIEPHINE HENIUETTA . . . I2 Pratt Street, Reading, Massachusetts Reading High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Baked Bean Club. LEE, BESSIE NIERIEDITH ......... Brunswick, Maine Brunswick High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club, Pine Tree State Club, Orchestra, Sarah Williston Scholar, 1907-1908. LEWIS, MARGARET MACDOUGALL . . . 128 Mohawk Street, Cohoes, New York Egberts High School, Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Asso- ' ciation, Class Treasurer, 1909-1910. Locus, ELMA MAY, XA 6 . . . IO6 Bishop Street, New Haven, Connecticut New Haven High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, Archaeological Club, Cycle of Nirvana. MCCORMICK, EILEEN MARIA . . . 225 Chestnut Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts Holyoke High School, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club. MCFEETERS, MARYBELLE Lo1uzL1.A ...... Barre, Massachusetts Barre High School, Cushing Academy, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settle- ments Association, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, History Club, Nipmuck Club, Cushing Club, Banjo Club. MACGREGOIQ, RUTH . .... 78 West Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts Hyde Park High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Archmological Club, Baked Bean Club, Junior Choir. MCKERRIHAN, PEARL I-IADsAL1. . . . 4.7 East Eighth Street, Portsmouth, Ohio Portsmouth High School, Washington Seminary, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Ath- letic Association, L'Alliance Francaise, Ohio State Club, Archaeological Club. MACLAY, JESSIE, X 41 H ..... Seventh Street, Plainfield, New Jersey Plainfield High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Choral Club, Mosquito Club, Class President, 1906-1907. V MALLARY, META SCHAFF .... 73 State Street, Springfield, Massachusetts Searles High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, L'Alliance Francaise, Glee Club, 1909-1910. MARBLE, MARION NELLIE ...... Ashburnham, Massachusetts Cushing Academy, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Cushing Club, Presi- dent Cushing Club, 1909-1910. A 53 ' , A 0 ij 0 "' -h it T5 1-,L.c5..1X-QB a , MAIKSHALI., lE1.1zA111sT11 ......... Waterloo, New York Waterloo High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Dramatic Club, Junior Choir, Class Vice-President, 1908-1909. MAssoNN13AU, GRACE L12ARN1cD . . I2 Iiast Nineteenth Street, Brooklyn, New York Erasmus Hull High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, 1910 Basketball Team, 1906-1908, Philosophy Club, Class Treasurer, 1907-1908, Class Sec1'etary, 1908-1909, Secretary and Treasurer College Settlements Association, 1909-1910. MAYBISRRY, W11.1v1A ..... Norfolk House, Roxbury, Massachusetts Girls' Latin School, Boston, Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Choral Club, Philosophy Club, Baked Bean Club, Chairman Junior Show Committee, 1908-1909. MERRICK, GERTRUDE ANNA .... . . I-Iolyoke, Massachusetts Holyoke High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Banjo Club, Philos- ophy Club, Sophocles Authors' Club, Class Executive Committee, 1908-1909, Junior Lunch Manager, 1908-1909, Chairman College Settlements Work in Holyoke, 1909-1910. MORE, BLANc1-112 R1z111sccA' ...... Wormelsdorf, Pennsylvania Allentown College, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Keystone State Club, Junior Choir, President Keystone State Club, 1909-1910, Class Executive Com- mittee, 1908-1909. MuL1.1N, EL1zA1s15'1'1-1 MARY .... 14 View Street, Franklin, New Hampshire Franklin High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Granite State Club. MUNSEY, MlLDRl5D, WQ ...... Swampscott, Massachusetts Swampscott High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Asso- ciation, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club, Baked Bean Club. NASH, Lu121.1.A MEACHAM .... 44. Pleasant Street, Amherst, Massachusetts Amherst High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, TO MEN Chapter, Debating S0- ciety, Philosophy Club. NELSON, EMMA MABE1. ........ Mundale, Massachusetts Westfield High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club, Mathematics Club, Sarah Williston Scholar, 1907-1908. 54 P THE IQLAMARADA ' ii 'T' N, "fiat" ,F .. ,, .LL 41T3':,f,?7' 3':?E-ig:-Pwr - . Ji NEWELL, MARION RUTH, 2 9 X . . I3 Washington Avenue, Holyoke, Massachusetts Holyoke High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, . Athletic Association, Philosophy Club, Business Manager IQIO LLAMARADA, Class Vice-President, 1909-IQIO. NORTON, Amw CAREY, W!! ..... 33 Grant Street, Portland, Maine Portland High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Pine Tree State Club, Mathematics Club, Archaeological Club, Sarah Williston Scholar, 1907-1908, 1910 Basketball Team, 1906-1910, Captain Basketball Team, 1908- IQIOQ Class Treasurer, 1908-1909. NORTON, ADIELE HODGSON ....... Lakeville, Connecticut Taconic School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Archaeological Club, L'Alliance Francaise, Sophocles Authors' Club, Class Executive Committee, 1909- 1910, Chairman Class Prayer Meeting Committee, 1906-1907. OLSON, BET'1'1E LUCRETIA . ...... Annisquam, Massachusetts Gloucester High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Mathe- matics Club. Osooon, EDITH HELEN ........ Nelson, New Hampshire Keene High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Student Volunteer Band, Mathematics Club, Archzeological Club, Granite State Club, Chairman Class Prayer Meeting Committee, 1909-1910. PAGE, LUCY SIMONDS, 2' HX .... 6 Byron Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts Haverhill High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, Archmological Club, Hitchcock House Chairman, 1909-1910. PALMER, EDITH ST. CLAIR ...... South Hadley, Massachusetts Memorial Institute, New London, Connecticut, Sarah Williston Scholar, 1907-1908. PARSONS, HELEN, li' K .... 189 Livingston Street, New Haven, Connecticut New Haven High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Philosophy Club, Blackstick, Cycle of Nirvana, 1910 LLAMARADA Board, Class Vice-President, 1907-1908, Class Executive Committee, 1906-1907, Vice-President Dramatic Club, 1908-1909. ' PEASE, ALICE PA'1'r1 ...... 232 State Street, Rutland, Vermont Rutland High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO Chapter, Debating Society, Vermont State Club, L'Alliance Francaise. 55 .KY57 J " VI if" rx.- 1 I -P X! Fl o,- PECK, PPHEODORE ......... Hanover, Connecticut North Bennington High School, Y.W.C.A., LeGi0e0se, CollegeSettlements Asso- ciation, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapte1', Debating Society, Philosophy U .Club, President Debating Society, 1908-1910, President Consumer's League, Class Secretary, 1909-1910. POND, SARAH E1.1zA1112'r1-1 .... 107 Stockton Avenue, Walton, New York Walton High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Gioeose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Aceompanist Mando- lin Club, 1909-1910. X PORTER, KA'1'H1sP.1N1z HAliRIE'I' ....... Ripley, New York Ripley High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Ohio State Club, Junior Choir. PRA'1'r, ANNIE L11.A ........ Southington, Connecticut Lewis High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club, Orchestra, Class Secretary, 1908-1909. PRATT, HELEN GAY ......... Liberty, New York Cambridge High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Glee Club, 1906-1910, Mount Holyoke Board, 1908-1910, Student Volunteer. PRATT, L1LLAs CAROLYN ........ Highland, New York Lyndon Hall, Poughkeepsie, New York, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settle- ments Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Student Volunteer, Silver Bay Club, History Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1909- 1910, Secretary-Treasurer College Settlements Association, 1907-1908, junior Vice- Elector College Settlements Association, 1908-1909, 1910 Basketball Team, 1906- 1910, Class Executive Committee. P1uas'1'0N, MARY .... . 87 Pleasant Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts Wakefield High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Dramatic Club, Blackstick, lfditor-in-Chiefl91o L1.AMA11ADA, Class Historian, 1907-1909, Class Sergeant-at-Arms, 1906-1907, Class President, 1909-1910. RAYMOND, ANNA A1.1v1v . . . 22 Berwick Road, Newton Center, Massachusetts New Bedford High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club. RICHARDS, PIs'1'H1c1t LORING ...... South Sherborn, Massachusetts Girls' Latin School, Boston, Y. W. C. A., T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Baked Bean Club, Mount Holyoke Board, 1908-1910, Editor-in- Chief' Mount Holyoke, 1909-1910. 56 -YA 'N..N,.v , il l ' P THE LLAMARADA F -JW i 4 ,,,ir7 "Z,4i'37 ,L, -, :J- 'Digg xll'Q"J' RIDGIEWAY, BEULAH PIEPHZIBAH , . . 516 Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Erasmus Hall High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocosc, College Settlements Asso- ciation, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society. R1s1Nt:, GRACE ETH121. .... 21 Mountain View, Springfield, Massachusetts Central High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, Springfield Club, Mathematics Club, 1910 LLAMARADA Board. ROBINS, F1.oRENcE LCUISIE .... 425 Madison Street, Brooklyn, New York Girls' High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Gioeose, TO MEN Chapter, Debating So- ciety, Philosophy Club, Junior Choir. ' ROBINSON, MAIQY ELOISE, W .Q . . . 120 Wentworth Avenue, Wyoming, Ohio Wyonming High School, Western College for Women, Y. W. C. A., Lc Giocose, Athletic Association, Ohio Club, Blackstick, Sophocles Authors' Club. RUST, HE1.1aN MUNRO .... 118 View Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey Rutgers College Preparatory School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mosquito Club, L'Alliance Francaise. A SAND12RsoN, MILDRED LEONORA . . . III Lincoln Street, Waltham, Massachusetts Waltham High School, Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club, Baked Bean Club, Secretary-Treasurer Mathematics Club, 1909-1910. SAYRE, ELIZABETH REID .... 20 Avon Avenue, Newark, New jersey Newark High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, L'Alliance Francaise, Mandolin Club, Banjo Club, Mosquito Club. SCHADIEE, I-IRLEN FRANCES . . . 87 Chestnut Street, Florence, Massachusetts Northampton High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Asso- ciation, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club, Glee Club. S12wALL, CAROLYN Trrcoivm .... 24 Oread Street, Worcester, Massachusetts Randolph High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Student Volunteer Band, Philosophy Club, Glee Club, junior Choir, Nipmuck Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1908-1909, Y. W. C. A. President, 1909-1910, Class Secretary, 1906-1907, Class President, 1907-1908. SHUTE, MARY ...... 9 Williams Street, Salem, Massachusetts Salem High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Baked Bean Club. 57 n f- , i T lL.ElfAi-55.3 SMALL, Lim ISABEL . . L .... A 85 India Street, Portland, Maine Portland High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Maine Club. SMITH, BEATRICE MARY ........ Holyoke, Massachusetts Holyoke High School, Le Giocose, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathe- matics Club. SNYDER, RUT1-1 B. .......... Walden, New York Walden High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club. STEELE, SUSAN WASHBURN . ' .... 602 Euclid Avenue, Cherokee, Iowa Cherokee High School, Beloit College, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Asso- ciation, History Club. , STEVENSON, FLORENCE KENDALL ..... Pratt's junction, Massachusetts Leominster High School, Sterling High School, Le Giocose, Choral Club. STOWELL, CA1to HQUGHTON . . . 30 Schussler Road, Worcester, Massachusetts South High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Mandolin Club, 1908-1909, Mathematics Club, Nipmuck Club, Assistant Business Manager Mount Holyoke, 1907-1908, Business Manager Mount Holyoke, 1908-1909. TAAPKEN, IEM1LY SoPH1E . . 233 Holland Street, West Somerville, Massachusetts Somerville Latin High School, Y. W. C. A., College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, Student Volunteer Band. TARIX, HELEN MANNING ..... 27 Elm Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts Gloucester High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. Treasurer, 1908-1910, Assistant Business Manager 1910 LLAMARADA. THoMs0N, HA1uuET ANNE . . . . . . . Holland Patent, New York Holland Patent High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Asso- ciation, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Chairman Class Prayer Meeting Committee, Choral Club, Porter House Chairman, 1909-1910. TILLO'fSON, BESSIE LEWIS ....... Farmington, Connecticut West Hartford High School, Athletic Association, Mathematics Club, Hartford Club. 58C ,C v ..Y.vA- "' L f t T E L:iZ!,f5B. D at TRAVIS, GRACE, 5 0 A ..... 146 Quincy Street, Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn Girls' High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Asso- ciation, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, History Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1909-1910, Executive Committee, Debating Society, 1908-1910, Student Alumnae Building Fund Committee, 1909-1910. TURNBULL, OTTILIE, X A 9 ...... West New Brighton, New York Curtis High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Class Executive Committee, 1906-1907, President Dramatic Club, 1909-1910. E TYZZER, HELEN EDWARDS .... 529 Centre Street, Roslindale, Massachusetts Y. W. C. A., College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Student Volunteer Band, Mathematics Club. URQUI-IAIt1', HELEN ........ Ashfield, Massachusetts Sanderson Academy, North Adams Normal School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debat- ing Society, Archaeological Club, Franklin County Club, Cycle of Nirvana. VOSBURGH, ISABELLA MARION, .Y 0 X . . 3I South Grove Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois Oak Park High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, Archaeological Club, Silver Bay Club, Wissilliminna Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1909-1910, Assistant Business Manager 1910 LLAMARADAQ Student Alumnze Building Fund Committee, 1908-1909, Chairman Student Alumna: Building Fund Committee, 1909-1910, Class Basketball Team, 1908-1910, Tennis Champion, 1907-1909. WADHAMS, LOUISE JENNIE .... 54 Barber Street, Torrington, Connecticut Torrington High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Associa- tion, Athletic Association, History Club, Glee Club. WADswo1tTI1, MA1I'1'I-IA .l'llLlili ...... Warehouse Point, Connecticut Thompsonville Public High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philos- ophy Club, Leader Banjo Club, 1909-1910. WAITEI, ELIZAIIETII, E' 0 A ....... New York, New York Yonkers High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Philosophy Club, Junior Choir, Cycle of Nirvana. WELCH, NELSIE LOUISE . . . 61 Gartlner Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts West Roxbury High School, Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Baked Bean Club. 59 -,Ag Cx.. gf.v. KSKMHTJ' is. ' N . . E- WELD, MILDRED Gonnuicn , . . . 43 Park Street, New Britain, Connecticut New Britain High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating- Society, Mandolin Club. WliI.l,ES, E1.1zANo1t MARGARET ...... Wetherslield, Connecticut Hartford Public High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Asso- ciation, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Hartford Club, Class Basketball Team, 1906-1910. Wstuas, MAnoA1ua'r DIADEMA, 2' 0 X ..... Wetherslield, Connecticut Hartford High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Junior Entertainment Committee, 1908-1909, Cycle of Nirvana, House Chairman, 1909-1910. WHEliLlEli, LAURA WINSLOW . . . 33 Lexington Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts Cambridge Latin School, Howard Seminary, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, Junior Choir, Baked Bean Club. WHEELER, MARION .... 41 Bancroft Street, Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, Spring- field Club, Accompanist Glee Club, 1908-1910. WHI'FIi, FLORA MAE ......... Winthrop, Maine Augusta and Winthrop'High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settle- ments Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Philosophy Club, Mathematics Club, Maine Club, Sarah Williston Scholar. WILCOX, EMILY ...... I22 Howard Avenue, Utica, New York Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Mathematics Club, Choral Club. WILLIAMS, GER'fHA ..... 163 Oakland Avenue, Detroit, Michigan Central High School, University of Michigan, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, College Settlements Association, Athletic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating So- ciety, Philosophy Club. Wll.l,IAMS, Louise SHERMAN . ....... Homer, New York Homer Academy, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Athletic Association, T0 MEN Chapter, Debating Society. WINN, FRIEDE . . . ' . . 22 St. james Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts Braintree High School, Winchester High School, Y. W. C. A., Le Giocose, Ath- letic Association, TO MEN Chapter, Debating Society, Choral Club, Baked Bean Club. 60 fY-' 12 SL LASMSQSBA Former Members MARION PAULINI5 ADKINS MAIQY LAMYRA AI.LEN SARAH ENDICOTT ALI.EN MAliClAIiI5'l' ARMSBY ADDII5 MAIQIIE BARNEY FLORENCE BLYSTONE BERNICI5 BU'I'TEREIEI.D ALICE CARY CAMPIXELL GLADYS MAY CARNEY IVIARGUIERITE CARTER NEI,I.IE ALTHIEA CHASE MARGUERITE SANEORN CHENEY MARJORY Ross COEII GRACE COCHRAN ELEANOR LORD COLE LOUISE MURIEL CONRAD LUCY MII,ES DEAN PAULINE VAN CLEEE DODGSHUN CLARE.EAS'l'MAN . LILLIAN ANNETTE ENGSTRAND EDNA MAIQY ERICSON ALICE TU'I"l'l,E FAIRBANKS EMMA BETSEY FARLEY BLANCHE MAli'1'HA FARR LUCY ELIZABETH FARRAR REEECCA FORD LOLA FAY FRENCH ETHEL GRACE HALL MARGARET DEIZOIQAH HOPKINS MARGARET EMMA I'IU'l'CHlSON BERTHA FISHER IRISH FLORENCE ISABEI. JONES M ARJORIE E. 6I MAISEI. H. JONES EIIEANOR ARMINGTON KETCHUM ANNABELLIS LOGIE MARGARET M. LOUTHAN GIQACE SHERMAN MCKINNEY JEANNE ELOISE MCEWEN ELIZABETH WOOIJRUITP' MCKENZIE AI.ICE C. MCINTYRE CLARA LOUISE MANN EDITH CHAPIN MARTIN MAIXION MAIXSH CHARLOTTE BOODY MEl,CHEli NINA WAI.MsI.EY MORGAN EDITH MOIKGAN EDITH ST. JOHN MORIIIS ETHEL HII,LS MURPHY HEI,EN MUTCH KATHERINE MCDONAl.lJ PALMER RACI-IEI. FEI.LOwS PIKE EvELYN ELIZABETH SEELY ANNA SHEPHERD FLORENCE MAY SM1'rH RUTH WILSON SPENCER MAliY ELMIRA SPINK ETHHI. ELIZAEI-:TII TAYl.0R DONNA MARII-: 'IKHORNTUN PHOEIIE El.IZAIiIi'I'H VEGHTE HELEN DENHAM WALLER EEI-'IE MAXON WEESTER HELEN F. WEIZKS ALICE RUTH VVES'l'CO'l"I' HAZISI. ES'l'lEl.l,E WIIICKJX WI'l"I'Eli KAYCJJ mx ' Q4 ' 5'-' i Z i 1 62 'L E,LAlY!,iLB5 mhirh lgvriainvih tu' gr L-Tluninrn A Page from a Junior's Calendar Af' R ,- , W 1, ,-" I ff 'ASX ff-.1 NSA f"7"' A Kyxi ff, A f 'J XX 1 f mf-ff! , . , , CZ S1:1"r. 26, 1909.-fhc junior Choir makes its W 4 f first appearance. OCT. 5, 1909.-WC serenade the Freshmen at f their class elections. ky Nov. z, 1909.-We entertain the Freshmen. .X Nov. 11, 19o9.-1911 sercnadcs l9i3. f' J L1-9' ' M X Nov. 17, 1969.-I9l3 scrcnadcs 1911. ftlxmx ms cgi: 3 xvwauvq 7 A N Nov. zz-2.5, I909.'WC go home for Thanks- EXWS7 3- 1 t giving recess and think of "Prom men", Q X , 4, ., 5- whom we may write. X EK an N . " . 3 qi DEC, 4, 1909.-Miss Couch gives a Recital XX? 'C and Reception to IQII. f A if ICQ: " x X D-f' f X 771 Q f nf 7y it Q, .Y fe 51 LJ 1 r bd NL. , f 1 f 1 ' iw -f'7x,s ft .x x new A - lj... xy? -r - - 1 .Q , ,, X . , -JR it Mil . X 1, NX- 1 3 X If i A ' u N X 4 XX 1-J' .-A 'x,. -- x ' Y FS, LOLAUMIQB fx Class Of Nineteen Hundred Eleven NIOTTO: "Cowl earnerily the best giffff, COLOR: Yellow FLOWER: Daffodil EMBLEM: Sphinx RUTH HALL RICHARDSON . . . . Prexident SARAH ENDICOTT ALLEN . . lfzze-Pre.vident MARJORIE POLLARD GRAVES . . . Secretary GRETCHEN FRIEDA BARR . . . . Treasurer DOROTHY MARGARET GARDINER ..... Sergeant-at-Arm: MABEL VIOLA STANGNATT . ...... Class Historian GRACE NEWELL MCFARLAND . Chairman of Clan Prayer Meat1'ng Committee LUCIA RICHARDSON ...... Captain ofBa.r1eetba1l Team Executive Committee SARAH ENDICOTT ALLEN, Chairman ETHEL PALMER BREITENSTEIN ETHEL BELLE PERRY LULU MII.DRED HOOD ELIZABETH WRIGHT Honorary Members Miss HENRIETTA EDGECOMB HOOKER Miss MARGARET MORRISS Miss ISADELLE CAROLINE COUCH Miss LOUISE BAIRD WALLACE MR. WILLIAM CHURCHILL HAMMOND 65 '15, , Y ,xg Junior Class "Where b0l1.Yfl'1'Ig ena'.r, there dignity beginrf' ADAMS, FI.oRENcE WARE . ADAMS, I'IARRlET SCOLES . ALLEN, FANNY GRAvEs ALLEN, SARAH ENDICOTT . . ANDERSON, MARGARET HELEN . BAILEY, PACIFIC BELLE . . BAILEY, RUTH ESTELLE BAKER, MARY LEoNA BARR, GRETCI-IEN FRIEDA . BARsTow, EDITH REBECCA . BARTHOLOMEW, JENNIE BELLE . BAR'I'HoI.oMEw, MARY . A BARTI.E'1"1', HAZEL ELLEN . BEACH, SARAH MoREHousE . BEECHER, VALESCA EI.IzAIsE'I'H . BLEECKER, ALETHEA SHERRROKE BRADFORD, ANNIE HORTENSE 2 'BRAND, MARJORIE LOUISE . BREITENSTEIN, ETI-IEL PALMER . BROWN, ALICE . . . BRowN, EMMA WINSLOW . BROWN, IRENE HERBERT . BROWNELL, ABIGAIL FooTE BURT, KATI-IARINE ISABEL . CARTER, MARGUERITE . . . . . Sunderland, Massachusetts Massachusetts 199 Hobart Street, Danvers, . . . Hadley, Massachusetts Longmeadow, Massachusetts . Somerville, New Jersey . . . . Woodsfords, Maine 84 Buckingham Street, Springfield, Massachusetts . . . . Templeton, Massachusetts I4.M00fhOUSC Place, Bradford, Pennsylvania . . . South Hadley, Massachusetts . - . . . Winsted, Connecticut Belleville Avenue, Glen Ridge, New Jersey 37 Spruce Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 2019 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut . 65 Oak Street, Naugatuck, Connecticut . 86 Oakland Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey 0 Moultrie Street, New DorChesteI', Massachusetts 69 Green Street, Fairhaven, Massachusetts . 65 First Street. Albany, New York 476 North Grove Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois IO Sayward Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts 135 Florence Street, Springfield, Massachusetts . 42 Wilbraham Avenue, Springfield, Massachusetts . . . .' Ivoryton, Connecticut 836 Jefferson Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania CHAMBERLAIN, ETHEL HENRIETTA . Q5 Main Street, Westfield, Massachusetts 66 A "' ii' A" t, I .. A r N ,W i t ff ,ELCLATNQPA D CLAFLIN, RACHEL I5 Park Street, Malboro, Massachusetts COLBY, MAIKION IDA . . 55 Summer Street, Rockland, Maine COLCORD., MIRIAM JOCELYN .... Claremont, California COOK, MARJORIE WESTON . 216 Blackstone Street, Woonsocket, Rhode Island CRABES, HELEN FRANCES Ellsworth and Copeland Streets, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CRANE, EUNICE LEIOLA 3oo West Main Street, Waterbury, Connecticut CRANE, HELEN CLARK . 227 Rahway Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey CROCKER, LOUISE STANWIOOD ..... Wareham, Massachusetts CURRIER, EDNA FRANCES . 66 Harvard Street, Medford, Massachusetts DANIELS, MARGARE1'TE 47 Pearl StI'eet, South Framingham, Massachusetts DAVIS, LUECIE FRANCES . .... Drayton, North Dakota DICKINSON, EDITH ADAMS Amherst, Massachusetts DICKINSON, IRENE . . . . Westfield, Massachusetts DUNEAR, RAMONA MARY . 252 High Street, Clinton, Massachusetts DYSON, IRMA Busi-I . - ..,. Westfield, Massachusetts ELY, MARY REDINGTON 48 Summer Street, St. johnsbury, Vermont ENSIGN, INEZ AMELIA 582 Hancock Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut FAIREANKS, ALICE . , . . South Acton, Massachusetts FARLEY, EMMA BETSEY , IO Grove Street, Oneonta, New York FIsKE, CLARA SAERA . . Warehouse Point, Connecticut FOSTER, ANNA ETHELYN I . . . 85 Beach Street, Westerly, Rhode Island GARDINER, DOROTHY MARGARET 122 South Main Street, Raynham, Massachusetts GIBBS, PEARL KEITH . . '. . . West WaI'eham, Massachusetts GRAVES, MARJORIE POLLARD . 32 Pine Street, Exeter, Massachusetts GRIFFIN, OLIVE RUSSELL TUFTS r 9 Pleasant Street, Rockport, Massachusetts HAWLEY, HATTIE LOUISE . . Springville, New York HEACOCK, EDNA . Wyncote, Pennsylvania HENSHAW, EDITH FULLER Sufi-ield, Connecticut HILL, MARY IRENE . . Shelton, Connecticut HITCI-ICOCK, ALICE MABEL . Corning, California . 67 5 , eg O" EIEEAUQFA 2 HOLCOME, FAITH GERTRUDE HOLDEN, HARI1IE'l' MII,DliED HOOD, LULU MILDRED . HOPKINS, MARGARE'1' DEBORAH HUsE, ELEANOR . . HYDE, BESSIE FLORENCE . INGALLS, LUELLA Es'rEI.I.E INGALLS, MAUD HUN'FING'l'ON JENKINS, LOUIsE FREELAND JEROME, JENNIE GII,BEli'l' . JUDD, MARTHA BIRD . KELLEY, GRACE CUSHING . . . Tunxis Hill, Tariffville, Connecticut 153 Central Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 145 Temple Street, Whitman, Massachusetts . . . . Keeserville, New York . 72 Main Street, Georgetown, Massachusetts . . . Pelham, New Hampshire Castleton-on-Hudson, New York . Castleton-on-Hudson, New York . 264 Main Street, East Haven, Connecticut 24 Gilbert Avenue, New Haven, ConIIecticut . West Hartford, Connecticut . - . . . Wyoming, New York KENDRICK, RUTH LYMAN . 338 North Warren AveIIue, Brocton, Massachusetts KIIVIEALI., LUCY HELEN . KIRK, MAIIY ALICE . KNEELAND, RUTH S'rEI.I.A . KNOWIIFON, EDITH MAY . LOOMIS, CORINNE VIOLA . LOO1vIIs, ELIZABETH BELLAMY LUCE, ESTHER HILDA . MACFARLAND, GIXACE NEWELL MCCOY, BESSIE MAliIA . MCEWliN, JEANNE ELOISE MCIN'rosH, EI,IzAEE'I'H HYDE MCKINNEY, GRACE SHERMAN MANDEI.I,, ESTHIZR BIOELOW MARTIN, SUSIE ELIZABETH MAxIfIEI.D, BERNICE ETHEL MELCHERT, DORIS ADELAIDE MII.lfOllIJ, DOROTHY . . . 18 Woodlawn Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 75 Spring Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 6 Fells Road, Winchester, Massachusetts . East Main Street, Webster, Massachusetts . 815 Sunset Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania 56 Bullard Street, Norwood, Massachusetts 346 Cottage Street , New Bedford, Massachusetts . . . A . Hancock Point, Maine Mohawk, New York . . . Wellsville, New York . IQ2 York Street, New Haven, Connecticut 177 Retreat Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 4 Walnut Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts . 56 Whitney Street, Hartford, Connecticut 453 Appleton Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts 178 Florence Street, Melrose, Massachusetts 301 West Main Street, Crawfordsville, Indiana 68 feffff P 2 or ee '- f ,Aw Q 5 lx 3. gf 'Img' ehlsasr T E l:l:f5.QQ,R J MITCHELL, RUTH BLACKSTONE 170 Buckingham Street, Springfield, Massachusetts MORGAN, NINA WALMSLEY . 227 Sigourney Street, Hartford, Connecticut MUNSEY, MAIXION DEAN . 29 Andrew Road, Swampscott, Massachusetts MURPHY, ETHEL HILLS . . . 318 Spring Street, Portland, Maine MURRAY, MARGAIXET ANNE 513 La Salle Street, Wausau, Wisconsin NASH, MABEL FRANCES . . 227 Spring Street, Portland, Maine NEWCOMB, ETHEL CHASE . . 282 Main Street, Torrington, Connecticut NEWTON, MAIKY ELSIE . . . . Oxford, Massachusetts O,MEAIiA, JULIA ALOYSIUS .... Tottenville, New York PAIGE, BERYL HOLMES . . 44. Lincoln Avenue, Amherst, Massachusetts PALMER, KATHEIKINE MCDONALD 68 Woodland Avenue, New Rochelle, New York PATILLO, ALICE MANTON . . 79 Prospect Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts PERRY, ETHEL BELLE ....... Belfast, New York PETERSON, VIOLET THURINNA I5 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brocton, Massachusetts PHILLIPS, LA VERNE SHERWOOD 301 North Washington Street, Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania PITFIELD, HAIXRIET ELLEN . 123 Kent Street, Brookline, Massachusetts RAILEY, RUTH BRADLEY . 27 Lancaster Street, Leominster, Massachusetts RANKIN, MARJOIXIE . . 1748 Capouse Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania RICHARDSON, LUCIA MAIKY . . Box 145, Gonic, New Hampshire RICHARDSON, MARGUERITE . 87 Centre Avenue, New Rochelle, New York RICHARDSON, RUTH HALL 627 West Drive, Woodrufi' Place, Indianapolis, Indiana SAWYER, GERTRUDE EvE1.YN . . 3 Quincy Street, Nashua, New Hampshire SEAVER, RUTH BUCHANAN .... New Haven, Connecticut SHOREY, MAIKGAIXET LOUISE 56 Thomas Road, Swampscott, Massachusetts SILVER, ETHEL MAUDE . .... Silver's Mills, Maine SMILEY, HELEN I'IAZLE'1"l' . . . Farmington, New Hampshire SMITH, MARGARET LOUISE . 263 Grand Street, Newburgh, New York STANGNAT'1', MABEL VIOLA 437 Bay View Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey STREETER, SARAH . 1325 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 60 WS J 1- V I ix ' TL A" .XA Q x I ,. P ,A 10.39 .h r T E,il:,L5,1iI.3XRsA , ,ar STREETS, MAIiY . 205 East Commerce Street, Bridgeton, New Jersey STURTEVANT, EDNA MAY . 78 Columbus Avenue, Somerville, Massachusetts STRONG, HELEN BISHOP . . 104. East Franklin Street, Media, Pennsylvania SWEET, ADA ELIZABETH . . . Chazy Landing, Chazy, New York SWEET, SARA LOUISE ..... Morrison, Massachusetts SYLvEsTER, IRENE WATERS 74 Ascension Street, Passaic Park, Passaic, New jersey TAYLOR, MARION SIBYL . . . 618 South Broadway, Yonkers, New York THOMPSON, MIRIAM ADAMS . . 5 Jaques Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts TI-IURSTON, MARGARET WILMOTH I5 Concord StI'eet,West Gloucester, Massachusetts TITUs, MAUDE AGNES . . A . 487 Orange Street, Newark, New jersey TURNER, MARION BELLE . . . . North Reading, Massachusetts VALENTINE, EUGENIA LOUISE 50 Locust Avenue, New Rochelle, New York VEACH, FRANCES LOUISE . ..... Carlisle, Kentucky WARNER, FRANCES LESTER Putnam, Connecticut WHEEI.ER, ANNA HALL . . . . Lincoln, Massachusetts WHITON, JULIET . . 208 East Main Street, Batavia, New York WILcOx, KATIE . .... Chester, Connecticut WILDER, MABEL SOPIIIA . . I Circuit Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts WILKINS, NANCY SIBLEY 34.57 Holmead Place, Washington, District of Columbia WISNER, BLANCHE LAVINIA . . . Florida, Orange County, New York WOOD, EMILY BROWN . Babylon, Long Alsland, New York WOODS, EMILY WINGATE . IQ Beacon Street, Natick, Massachusetts WRIGHT, ELIZABETH . . . Barnegat, New Jersey 70 A,-L YL- - x ' , N' ' Y 1 " 'L' P THE LLAMARADA 2 as I 1, W, C f H -A A-rfgirfgrzza T2-V1-'ni -, I ggi- A ,J 1 ,27 'P5i",..wFg Former Members GRACE MIRIAM BAOO CA'rHERINE WEIR BABCOCK MABEL CLARA BLAKE EDITH BOWEN HAZEL BEATRICE CARYL MARGUERITE SANBORN CHENEY CLARA ISABEL COCKER ' EDITH MARION COON SOPHIA NELLIE COUNTERMINE ALICE NATHAI.IE DEMPSEY ETHEL WHITE DERBY NANCY BALDWIN DUDLEY RUTH MARGERY ELLIS LEONOR ALBERTA FIELD MAIKJORIE LINCOLN FOSTER LENA KENTZEL GA1'ES IRENE WOODS GAYLORD MARION HAZEL GYSBERS FRANCES WILl,ARD HADLEY SARAH CONE I'IAI.LET'I' JEANETTE HARVEY HAI.SEY LOUISE HALLE1' HANSON HEl,EN RICHARDSON HARIKIS BERDLNE MAE HEIl'1'Z FLORENCE CARTER HIGHT DOROTHY EVISLINE HODGKINS EMILY ADAMS HOLT MABIEL HORTON GRACE ERNESTINE HOWITT FLORENCE EVELYN JONES HAZEI, IRENE KRANTZ HELEN WILKINSON KURTZ AMY LARNED ANNA MURIEL LAWSON HELEN MCHUGH RUMANA KEMON MCMANIS MIRIAM NA1'II.EE MARSTON EDITH CHAPIN MARTIN PAULINE LOUISE MAY VIVIAN AMANDA MEADE MII.DRED FLORENCE NASMITH ALICE CLARISSA NILES CORINNE LUCIA PAINE PAULINE ALLEN PHELPS MARGUEIKITE HAMILTON PRENTISS MAUDE FRANCIS RICH CATHERINE OSBORNE ROBINSON SARAH PEACOCK ROGERS OLIEN DElf0l1ES'l' RYDER SARA LE BROKE SANDERS ANNIE BOYD SANFORD ELIZABETH ADELLA SHEEEIELD CAROLYN ESTELLE SMITH HELEN MILDIKED SMITH MABEL HENRIETTA STOCKWELL VERNETTE SUTHERLAND OLIVE LANGLEY SLEEPER DOR0'fHY ARCHIBALD SMALLWOOD MILDIIEIJ EATON TAIKR MILDIKED CAROLINE THOMAS ALICE ELIZABETH TUIKNER JULIA MARIE ULRICH MARION HOOl'EIl WELLS MILI.IE FAITH WELLS ALICE RUTH WES'1'COTT ANNA ISABEI. WOODBURY THE IQLAMJXRADIX W? N' x W I 2 if fl - -. , -.-,-l?T'--irfff-5 W IJ QEQ 72 mhirh Igvrtainrth in gr Svnphnmnrvn A Page from a Sophomore's Calendar Zkwfxt X AQM awww Qs gAN J gy ' "A" N JAN. 23, 1909.-We celclaratc our Freshman ,H "ff" Frolic. ff I J T12--f -iff' M lN'fAY 19, 1909.-We celebrate our Freshman E l Mountain Day. I fx JUNE 2, l9o9.-We entertain the Seniors. ET X Di-nc. 14, 1909.-We prove our dramatic l ' ability in "Thr: Land of Hcart's Dc- ,, 3 W' Vg ' sire " and " Cathlccn ni Houlihanf' ,gh N l l . Q4 A MARCH 19, 1910.-WC win thc Indoor Meet. X K ' O! g r l V ,,,. . 6: Q O ! -- I 1 C , W i. ' If ' . P' -7 M o . C r X x f 0 t - 'W - I 1 I N hifi , J I- f 9 X Y X sf A W ' .Q 2 -P THEW HIZLJLMARADA or of fum Class of Nineteen Hundred Twelve MOT1'O: Aymez layaulle COLOR! Blue FLOWER: White Rose EMBLEM: Lion Rampant EDITH MURIEL WHITE ...... . Preddenf EDNA ALLEN SAMMIS . V120-P1'es1'der1t MARGARI'l'A WRIGHT . . Sefretary KATHARINE FLOWERS . . . . Treasurer BERNICE EWERS HODGES .......I S' crgcant-at-ffrnzx WILHEI.MINA SHARROTT MARSHAl.I, Clmirnzan of Class Prayer-Mec!z'11g Comnzitice CLARE HEBAIKD SMALL ..... Captain ofBa.rkc'tba1l Team Executive Committee EDNA ALLEN SAMMIS, Cfzairman BArbara Bradley Helen Sanders Kate Miriam Holcomb Dorothy Stickney Honorary Members Miss Nellie Neilson Miss Helen May Cady 75 J ia, "s...- 'Q'-kv' hwggraecx -Fu J Q E LPAM53 Sophomore Class cc H ADAMS, KATHERINE MARY . ARMSTRONG, MARGARET RUTH ATTENA, NORMA ANGELINE . BAKER, FLORENCE WISWALL . BALLANTINE, ALICE JOSEPI-IINE BARTLETT, DOROTHY . . BASSET, DOROTHY MAYHEW . BATES, HELEN DELIA . BEEMAN, ETHEL MORSE . BEERS, MADELEINE . BENNETT, HELEN VIRGINIA , BENNETT, MARGARET ELOISIZ . BLAIR, DOROTHY LILIAN BLAKE, CORA ADELAIDE . BLANCHARD, EDNA RUTH BOUGHTON, HELEN ESTHER . BOURDON, MILDRED ALMON . BOUTELLE, EUNICE MAY BOWEN, EDITH . . BOWMAN, LEONORE SMITH BOYER, RUTH LOUNSRURY BRADLEY, BARBARA . BRAY, LOUISE WHITEFIEl.D . BRIERLY, RUTH HlZI,EN . BRONK, CLARA LOUISE . BROOKS, ALICE DOROTHEA . BROWER, FLORA . . BROWN, ELSIE VVINIFRIZD BROWN, MABIEI. MOWRY . BROWN, SADIIE ELLA . . BURRILL,. KA'l'H IERIN E CUR'I IS . BUSHNELL, RUTH FRANCES , BUTLER, MARY LOUISE . CALDER, MAY . CALHOUN, GIQACIE 1vEs . CARROLL, FRANCES ADIELIE CARTER MIIXIAM COCHRAN . Y CHAPIN, l-IAZEL HELEN . Wise beyond their years. . . . East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania . 41 South Second Street, Easton, New Jersey . . . . . . . Suffern, New York . 1031 South Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota . . . Rahuri, Bombay Presidency, India . 25 Park Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 166 Mill Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts 22 Lawn Avenue, Middletown, Connecticut . 56 Crown Street, Hartford, Connecticut . . 52 Cedar Street, Taunton, Massachusetts . 369 Edgecombe Avenue, New York, New York . . . . 24.0 Elm Street, Oberlin, Ohio . . . . . . Alton, Illinois 57 Jackson Street, Tompkinsvillc, New York . . 9 Royce Street, Rutland, Vermont . . . . Valley Falls, New York . 52 Allston Heights, Boston, Massachusetts IQ Reservoir Road, West Lynn, Massachusetts 64 Summit Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island . . . West Chester, Pennsylvania . . . Norwalk, Connecticut . . , . North Haven, Connecticut 339 High Street, Central Falls, Rhode Island 316 Main Street, Easthampton, Massachusetts . 27 Division Street, Amsterdam, New York 36 Brocton Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts . . . . West Orange, New Jersey Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts . IQ R. Altlersey Street, Somerville, . I7 Riverside Square, Hyde Park, . . 72 New Park Street, Lynn, 4 Northampton Street, Easthampton, . . . . . Plantsville, Connecticut . . Pearl Street, Seymour, Connecticut 69 Prospect Street, Worcester, Massachusetts . 601 North Court Street, Othumwa, Connecticut . 415 West Galena Street, Butte, Montana . 324, Morris Avenue, Boonton, New Jersey . 675 State Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 76 A-A "'.. xY.v.. re S 'fu at ,J CHRISTIE, AGNES EMILY . CLARK, CLARA AEIGAIL . CLARK, MARY ELIZABETH COLIIY, ELINOR . . COLE, EVELYN ADELIA . COOK, GRACE . . COREY, PAULINE GRETCHEN CORNISH, MARGARET BEACH CORSIGLIA, MARY THERESA . COUNTERMINIE, SOPHIA NEl.LIE CURTICE, LOIS KATE . CURTIS, ANNA EVERSLEY DAVIS, ELEANOR THERESSA DAv1s, L. ANNA . . DAVIS, MARION AMINE . DAY, MAY EMMA . . DICREY, MARGARET PERRY DILwoRTH, DOROTHY . DII.wORTH, FRANCES DIMON, AGATHA . . DODD, NELLIE CARTER . DODGE, ADELIA MELISSA DUNLAP, BEATRICE . EATON, REEA ELIZABETH EDWARDS, RUTH CHARLOTTE EMERSON, MILDRED . EMILIO, MAIQGUIEIIITE EVERTS, CHRISTINE . EWER, LOUISE FISHER . FARNSWORTH, FLORENCE MAY FIELD, LEONOR ALBERTA FIELD, EDITH . FLIN'r, IDOROTHY . . FLOWERS, KATHARIN . FRAEIER, MARY DOUGLAS CEAMBSY, DOROTHY BURNWELI. GARDNER, GERTRUDE MAY GAYl.OlllJ, IRENE WOODS GIERE, MARGARET . GORDON, GRETA COVIL . GORDON, RUTH LILLIAN GRAVES, HELEN DOROTHY GYSIIERS, MARION HAZEI, . HALLOCR, CONSTANCE MAGIEE . . . Tarsus, Turkey in Asia 189 Spring Street, Amsterdam, New York 189 Spring Street, Amsterdam, New York . . . Holly Oak, Delaware . . 137 Forest Street, Methuen, Massachusetts . . . . . . Bergen, New York 36 Mount Vernon Street, Winchester, Massachusetts . . 24 Forest Street, Montclair, New Jersey I9 Devens Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts . 765 Third Avenue, Troy, New York Lawrence, Long Island, New York . . Norwalk, Connecticut . . . . . Coram, New York II6 Upton Road, Cambridge, Massachusetts . 928 Emerson Street, Saginaw, Michigan . . . . Westford, Massachusetts 313 Bridge Street, Manchester, New Hampshire . 245 Seventh Street, Newark, New Jersey . 245 Seventh Street, Newark, New jersey . . . . . . Groton, New York 81 South Mountain Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 514 West Diamond Avenue, Hazleton, Pennsylvania . . . . Holland Patent, New York . 23 Pearl Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts . . . . . . Leipsic, Ohio . 75 Concord Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts 5 Oliver Street, Salem, Massachusetts . IOS Munroe Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts . . 389 Center Street, Bangor, Maine 78 Orchard Street, Leonminster, Massachusetts . . . . Lyme, New Hampshire . . . White Plains, New York . 53 Summit Avenue, Salem, Massachusetts . .317 Oak Street, Columbus, Ohio . . . . Davenport, New York 181 West Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut 263 Guy Park Avenue, Amsterdam, New York . 46 Queen Street, Worcester, Massachusetts . 112 Nonotuck Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts GERAN, HILDA CATHERINE ECILIA . . . 330 North Fulton Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York . . 20 School Street, Hazardville, Connecticut . . .- . . Sloansville, New York 486 North Forest Avenue, River Forest, Illinois . . Woodclil'r1on-Hudson, New Jersey . . . . Scotsville, New York 77 , if, , E, EPAMQBA O Da HAKEY, JEANETTE HARVEY . HARDY, MARION . . . HARRINGTON, EIRENE LILLIAN HART, HELEN LovE . . HERBEIKT, MARION AGATHA . HETT, HELEN MACPJARLAND . HINCI-cs, MARION FRANCES HODGES, BERNICE EwERs HOLIIY, HELEN AVIL . HOLCOMI3, ESTHER DEMING . HOLCOMEE, KATE M1R1A1v1 HOSSLER, HELEN BuRRows . HOUGHTON, ESTHER LILLIAN . HOVEY, DOROTHY AGNES HOWELL, Ru'rH CORYELL INGALLS, FLORENCE LILLIAN . JENKS, ANNA SUMNIER . . JOHNSTON, MOLLIE MACBRIIJE, JONES, HELEN WOODWARD . KEIR, JEAN CALDERWOOD KELLOGG, ANNA MARY . KEMPER, MARGARET . . KESNER, ADA CHARLOTTE . KIMIIALL, CHARLOTTE MAUIKOSS LARNED, DOROTHY . . LASKEY, HELEN FRANCES LEONARD, MARY ELIZABETH . LEWIS, MARION . . LITTLE, HELEN HARliIET LOGAN, ELEANOR COOVER LYMAN, GIXACE ELLEN . . LYONS, ALICE MAY . . MCCARTY, WINIFRED JOSEPHINE MCKEE, ETHEL MARY . . MARLIN, GRACE ELLA MARR, CLARA LORETTA . . MAIISHALI., WILHELMINA SHARROTT MAYO, LISA CAROLINE . . MEAD, RUBY LOUISE MERRII.L, MINA BELLE . MILLS, FLORENCE MINER, BULA . MOTT, LOIS MARGARET . MOWRY, LUCY WHITE . . MURDOCK, FLORENCE LOUISE . . 101 Fairview Avenue, South Orange, New Jersey . . . . Hamilton, New York . 25 Crandell Street, Adams, Massachusetts . 81 Fisher Avenue, White Plains, New York 39 Williston Avenue, Easthampton, Massachusetts . Peverly Hill, Portsmouth, New Hampshire I2 Oakland Avenue, Somerville, Massachusetts 230 Crossman Street, Jamestown, New York II Hemlock Place, New Rochelle, New York . . . . Simsbury, Connecticut . . Southern Pines, North Carolina . . . . . Greenwich, Ohio 177 Northampton Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts . . . . . Keene, New Hampshire . 22 West Ross Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania . . Castleton-on-Hudson, New York 4II East Fifth Street, Jamestown, New York . 1211 Third Avenue, Fort Dodge, Iowa . 98 Beach Street, Wollaston, Massachusetts . . . Seymour, Connecticut 48 Fourth Place, Brooklyn, New York . 3 Scott Street, Newark, New Jersey . 1200 "G" Street, Solida, Colorado . 79 Fountain Street, Orange, Massachusetts 63 Clinton Place, South Framingham, Massachusetts "The Richardson," I7 Street, Toledo, Ohio . 54 North Laurel Street, Hazleton, Pennsylvania . 391 Winthrop Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut . 224 Abbottstown Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania 371 East Market Street, York, Pennsylvania . 33 Ford Avenue, Oneonta, New York . I4 Cooke Street, Fairhaven, Massachusetts 35 Washington Street, Hartford, Connecticut . 20 Hight Street, Chelsea, Massachusetts . West Wareham, Massachusetts . Rochester Junction, New York . Prince Bay, New York . Southwest Harbor, Maine . . East JaH'rey, New Hampshire Roosevelt Avenue, Lynbrook, New York . . . Windsor, Connecticut . 718 Hancock Street, Brooklyn, New York . . . . Union Hill, New York . . . Bernardston, Massachusetts 619 West 114th Street, New York, New York 78 . 'N...N,.' fyff is SAE t -A if E MURRAY, RUBY RIVERS . . NELSON, MARION GRAY . . NEWTON, KATHERINE HUN'FINGTON NILES, ALICE CLARISSA . . NOYES, MARTHA CHAPLIN NUTE, HELEN ELIZABETH NYE, ELIZABETH FRANCES OAKEY, GLADYS THACHER . OAKEY, MARGUERITE . . OSBORNE, ELIZABETH MACDONALD OSTRANDER, KATHERINE . PATRICK, FLORENCE MAIKGARET PAULSEN, ALICE ELIZABETH . PHASE, MARIAN CARTWRIGHT . PHELPS, PAULINE ALLEN . PHELPS, KATHARINE DIMIS . PIERCE, NIILDRIED PARKER PILSBURY, SUSIE HAIQVEY . POTTER, HANNAH GWENDOIEN QUACKENBUSH, ALMA VIDA . RAYMOND, MARY LOIS . RICHARDSON, EDITH MAY RICHARDSON, HELEN . RIDER, MAIIY GAllNER . RILEY, CORA ETHEL . RINDGE, GBRALDINE BISHOP . RINGWOOD, ONA KATHARINE . RISING, MARY MEIJA . ROBINSON, PHILAMELIA LEE . ROGERS, ALICE AUGUSTA ROGERS, INEZ ARDELLE . ROGERS, SARAH PEACOCK RUNNETTE, ELIZABETH KERR . SAMMIS, EDNA ALLEN . SANDERS, HELEN . . SCHENKER, ELSIE ALMA . SCHIEL, DORA- ELISE . SCHNEDER, MARY ELIZABETH . SCOEIELD, HELEN COLE . SESSIONS, MIRA ANDERSON SHEPHARD, PAULINE . SHERMAN, ELLEN HOLTON SIBLEY, HELEN . . SIMMONS, LOLA JEANNETTE SIMONDS, HELEN WALKER . Guilford, Connecticut . Mundale, Massachusetts . Durham, Connecticut . . . . Babylon, New York Georgetown, Massachusetts 914 Highland Avenue, Fall River, Massachusetts . . . . . Sagamore, Massachusetts 24 Green Avenue, Madison, New Jersey 24 Green Avenue, Madison, New Jersey . . . . . . Victor, New York 33 North Prospect Street, Amherst, Massachusetts . 321 South Grove Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois . 225 Mount Hope Place, New York, New York I5 Welcome Place, Springlield, Massachusetts 4.72 Rubber Avenue, Naugatuck, Connecticut . . . . . Lee, Massachusetts II8 Chancery Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts 39 Boston Street, Somerville, Massachusetts . . 44 Neal Street, Gardiner, Maine . . . . . Waldwick, New Jersey 22 Berwick Road, Newton Centre, Massachusetts 271 Austin Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts . . . . . Clintonville, Ohio . 201 East Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut . 6 Forest Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts 27 Charles Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan . . . Ilion, New York . . . Ainsworth, Nebraska 120 Wentworth Avenue, Wyoming, Ohio Pleasant Street, Barre, Massachusetts . . . . . Alpena, Michigan . . 1306 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York IOI9 North St. Clair Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania . IO22 Norman Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut . Washburn Campus, Topeka, Kansas . . 54 Brown Avenue, Holyoke, Massachusetts 278 Parker Hill Avenue, Roxbury, Massachusetts . 732 North Second Street, Reading, Pennsylvania 422 South Fourteenth Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin . . . . . Hampden, Massachusetts Woodland Street, Sharon, Massachusetts I2 Spruce Street, Brattleboro, Vermont . . North Newport, New Hampshire . . 21 Middle Street, Rockland, Maine 339 Norman Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut 79 at Y -'x..N, Yi - , l , 5 lil:-QQBA SIMPSON, MARY JEAN SMALL, CLARE HEBARD . SMART, MYIKTLE FRANCES . SMITH, ELIZABETH REBECCA . SMITH, EUNICE MASON . . SNOW, MARION CIERTRUDE . STICKNEY, DOROTHY . . STICKNEY, MARGAIIET GARDNER STEELE, MARGAIQET FENWICK . STIENROD, SINA 'FEMPLETON . STOUGHTON, ELLEN . . STRATTON, LEILA WHITNEY . SUTHERLAND, VERNETTE . SWEET, MADELINE . T AGGART, RUTH MATILDA TALMAIJGE, MARION LYMAN . TASKER, BEATRICE . . . TAYLOR, FLORENCE EASTBURN TAYLOR, LOUISE MATHER . THAYER, ISTHEL I-IINDS . IITHAYIER, FRANCES LOUISE TIIIIIETS, HELEN JUNE . . TIMBIZRLAKE, EMMA AUGUSTA.. FILOWER, FANNIE FOSTER . ULRICH, HIELIENE . VAITSES, VASIl,IKE . . WAl1'E, FLORENCE MAY WALTON, MARY REBECCA 'WEBB, ANNA LEONARD . WELLS, RUTH ELIZABETH WENTWOIITH, AMY MILDRED . 'WHEliLER, GERTRUDE IVIA'I"I'IE WHITAKIER, CLARA IJAGGETT . WHI'I'lC, EDITH GRACIE . WIIITE, EDITH MURIEL . WOODS, MARGARET . WOODWARIJ, RUTH' LIZEIE WIQIGHT, MARGAIQITA . WYMAN, FLORENCE MAEEL . ZETZSCHE, IDA EMMA . . . . . . East Croftsbury, Vermont 85 Floral Street, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts . V 427 Essex Street, Bangor, Maine IOZI Congress Street, Portland, Maine 139 West Street, Freeport, Illinois . . . Sharon, Massachusetts . 2oo4 Cedar Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin . 2oo4 Cedar Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin . 602 Euclid Avenue, Cherokee, Iowa 555 Stephenson Street, Freeport, Illinois . . . Montague, Massachusetts 44.6 Bardwell Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts . 23 Cedar Park, Melrose, Massachusetts . . 279 Elm Street, Oberlin, Ohio . IIO6 Park Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 87 Branch Avenue, Red Bank, New Jersey . 77 Liberty Street, Manchester, New Hampshire . . 6 Fairfield Road, Yonkers, New York . . . Feeding Hills, Massachusetts . SI Allen Street, Brocton, Massachusetts 77 Garfield Street, Springfield, Massachusetts . . 70 Gray Street, Portland, Maine . . 110 Park Street, Portland, Maine 38 High Street, East Pepperell, Massachusetts . 39 Court Street, Stapleton, New York . I3 Laurel Street, Melrose, Massachusetts 70 Wellington Avenue, Pittshelcl, Massachusetts . . , . . Woodbury, New erse . . . . 33 First Street, Bangor, Flflainfil 127 Clinton Avenue, Jamaica, Long Island, New York 261 Prospect Street, Brocton, Massachusetts . , . . Baldwinville, Massachusetts . . Bay View Street, Newport, Vermont 77 Brighton Avenue, Allston, Massachusetts I7 GaI'Held Street, Springfield, Massachusetts . . . . Hatfield, Massachusetts 736 Pleasant Street, Worcester, Massaclclusetts . . . . . . El Farral, cxico 41 Adams Street, North Abington, Massachusetts . . . . . Sodus, New York So :T ,Yff , V V 5x3"" if E LLEMEEA Former Members MIRIAM PORTER BROWN LILLIAN ELEANOR CURTIS IRENE BROCKWAY DANA LUCY CONANT DAVISON CLARA 'THRALL ENGEL RUTH LORAINE EVANS MARGARE'F GODING CAROLINE GRIFFIN ' RUTH MCCREW HALL FLORENCE HUMPHREYS JONES MARGARET EWALD KEIR EDITH KNIGHT HANNAH BEATRICE KRUM SOPHIE ELIZABETH LIEHMAN SUSAN ALMA LYLE ' WINIERED BALCH MAHON GLADYS MATTHEWS DOROTHEA MELINDA MELDON LORA WEIS MENDUM ETHEL HAIQTPENCE OPDYCKE MARION STICKNEY OSGOOD LOUISE MOORE PATTESON MAUDE FRANCES RICH CATHERINE OSBORNE ROBINSON EMILY CHRISTIANA RUSSELL OLIEN FOREST RYDER EMMA MAY SCHAUE CLARA ,FLORENCE STILL ANNA ELIZA THOMAS NORMA LOUISE WHITE MAl3ELI,E ELIZA WII.LIAMS ANNA BAKER YATES A SONA OGURI 81 ,X -f-g,,,A 1-f!' S KJ- F EW LLQMQQ 'QUUULV 8 H H H :Lf Hihirh igvrtainrih in QP Elfrvnhmrn A Page from a Freshman's Calendar f "N w a 5 --f K ' v J, , CV i A W X .1' f XC ii 'X yy e 5, ij. fix fa.: i N. A QM ., 5 Qi' fp NN of 9, -3 N If by X Q ' if-'. A fe ikx f" I -- ,g, diilsjlsif Sm-T. 25, 1909.-'Tllc Y. W, C. A. gives a V, reception to the Entering Students. Q' .A OCT. 2, 1909.--President Woolley talks to w our class. Ocr. 5, l909.'WC hold our first class X fx nfii -1 meeting. JD Oc'r. 13, l9O9.1WE enjoy our first Moun- gif tain Day. V 'inf ll N OCT. zo, 1909.-The Seniors give a recep- 1 -? Y tion to the Freshmen. 1, f' ' I' Nov. z, 1909.--Our Sister Class entertains ' , us. k VX3 I M 9 f ' , X Q? .iii ,Q-45, I- K '- vf f - N 1 1 W is ' f F11 1 i N 'x c:-- X X Z J i at , y X Xi i Y SQ '- , 4 I N X. 'WXVKBI ner. ff! 5 Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirteen MO'l"FOZ "In uf lim 'victory or dcfratv COLOR: Green FLOWER: Daisy EMBLEM: GriHin MARj0llIE SMITH . . . ALBERTA ADOLPHSON RUTH HUISBAIQD . DOROTHY WI-IITTLESEY . EUNICE WAKELEE SMITH . ISABEL LINA LAUGHLIN . AMY ELIZABETH ADAMS . MARJORIE CORDLEY . . . P1'BIl.l1Fl7f . VI-C0'PT8.fl'I16Ilf . . Secretary . . Trfasurfr . Sergeant-at-.fYrn1.v . . . . Class Hl.IfO7'l.lI11 Clmirman of Class IJ1'H-Q'07"M06fli1g' Conznzitnfe . . Captain ofBaxkvfba11 Tmrn Honorary Members Miss FLORENCE S. ADAMS MISS CAROLINE MORRIS GALT 85 - i x' E ELAEILARA Freshman Class " Too young for w1'sdom'.v tardy seal." ABRAMS, MARY EMILY . . . ADAMS, AMY ELIZABETH . ADAMS, RUTH FRENCH . ADOLPHSON, ALBERTA . ALBRIGHT, ESCA LUCILE ALDEN, RUTH FRANCELIA . ALDERTON, NINA MAY . 201 ALBIEE, ELSIE HELEN . . ALLEN, ARABIEL LIEEY . ALLEN, ENID CAPWELL' . ANDREWS, LENA CHI'I'TENDlEN ARNOLD, ZELLA BILDERBACK . ATWOOD, INA WOODBRIDGE . AVERY, CLARA LOUISE . BAILEY, GLADYS EMMA . . BAKER, MARY ANNA MAOOWN BALABANOFF, SLAVA STOCRERIDGE . BARNEY, KATHERINE ROGERS . BARNUM, GERTRUDE ELIZABETH BARROWS, EMMA PUTNAM . BARRows, NINA GRACE BARTON, RUTH ESTHER BENNETT, EVELYN HULDAH . BISSELL, MARY SOPHIA . BLAKE, MARION ELIZABETH . BLATCHFORD, MARJORIE MARTIN BOYD, MARGARET LANOLEY . BRADEURY, DORA JULIA . BRIGHAM, CHRISTINE SILL BRONK, LOUISE CLARA . BROWN, FLORENCE . . BRUGOER, HELEN FRANCES BURNHAM, ALICE ELIZABIETH . BURR, ELEANOR WOODS 73, Fairmount Avenue, Jamestown, New York . . East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania . . 40 West Street, Portland, Maine 68 Pendleton Avenue, Springlield, Massachusetts . . . . . Webster, New York 24 Hamilton Street, Readville, Massachusetts I Street, Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia III Stewart Avenue, Arlington, New Jersey . . . Richmond Corner, Maine 153 Warren Street, Brooklyn, New York . . . . Massena, New York 751 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois . . . Watertown, Connecticut . 527 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, New York . 56 Laurel Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts 28 Somerset Avenue, Taunton, Massachusetts . 724. South K Street, Tacoma, Washington . IOQ Delaware Street, Syracuse, New York . . . Saxton's River, Vermont II Oak Street, Brattleboro, Vermont 109 Fage Avenue, Syracuse, New York . . . New Milford, Connecticut Hunt, Livingston County, New York . . . . Waterville, New York 321 Winthrop Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 4.1 Bartlett Avenue, Pittsfield, Massachusetts . . . Pittsfield, New Hampshire . . . . . Fort Kent, Maine 36 North Park Street, Rockville, Connecticut . 27 Division Street, Amsterdam, New York 476 North Grove Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois . . . . Columbus, Nebraska . . . . Chicopee, Massachusetts 250 Alden Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 86 N x i- QA A " I L Lil!-QSRADA BURR, LUCY WEIIER . HURT, FLORENCE LOUISE CARR, MARIAN LOIS . . CARTLAND, MILDRED HOWELL CIIEEK, MARY ASHBY . CHENEY, MARY LOUISE . COIIURN, DOROTHY MAY COIIURN, HARRIOT GRAVES COMSTOCK, I-IELEN BELL CONANT, EVELYN FRANCES COOK, DlELl.Ali LOUISE . COOK, RACHEL MAYNAIKIJ . COPELAND, MAIKJOIIIIE BREIvINIaR CORDLEY, MARJORIE . . CoTrER, ETHEI. MARY . CURTIS, ANNA EVIERSLEY CUSHMAN, HARliIlET'FE ELIZA . CU'rLER, CATHERINE . CU'rTs, NORMA ESTELLE . DANIl5I.S, AGNES CARTER DAVIS, BLANCI-IE . . IJAVIS, EL1zAIIETH LINWOOD . IJAVOLL, FLORENCE PARKER . DAY, MAllY RLEANOR . DODDS, MARGUERITE . DONAI.DSON, MARY Lots DURGIN, MARGARET ET!-llil. EASTMAN, AGNES WALTON EASTMAN, AMITTA PHILENA . ELDRIDGE, FRANCES PITCHER . ELLIS, WINIFRIED GLADYS EVANS, MARY ELSIE . RVERETT, MARY ANDERSON . RWER, LOUISE FISHER . FAssET'r, MAIKGERY JANE FARWELL, MARION . . FIELD, EDITH . . . FILLMORE, MAUDE JOSEPHINE . . . . . Charles City, lowa IO6 West Glen Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts . . 4.3 Ford Avenue, Oneonta, New York 20 Highland Street, Dover, New Hampshire 229 North Third Street, Danville, Kentucky II Oakland Avenue, Somerville, Massachusetts 94.9 Main Street, Woburn, Massachusetts 24 Sullivan Street, Claremont, New Hampshire 215 South Sixth Avenue, La Grange, Illinois . 68 Prospect Street, Dover, New Jersey 28 Andrews Street, Woonsocket, Rhode Island . 190 Pine Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts 49 North Garfield Avenue, Columbus, Ohio . 79 Ridgewood AveIIue, Glen Ridge, New Jersey QI Bancroft Street, Springfield, Massachusetts . 6 Union Park, Norwalk, Connecticut 132 Warren Street, Jamestown, New York . Huntington, Long Island, New York . 260 Lloyd Street, New Haven, CoIIneCticut 47 Pearl Street, South Framingham, Massachusetts . I8 Granite Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts . . Box 100, Sag Harbor, New York South Street, Willimantic, Connecticut . . . . Winchester, Kentucky 1207'North Seventh Street, Beatrice, Nebraska 1019 Fifth Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia I3 SunImit Avenue, Concord, New Hampshire . . . Framingham, Massachusetts 334 Franklin Street, Watertown, New York . . 120 Court Street, Bangor, Maine . . . . . NorthHeld, Vermont 69 North Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania . Saint Elms StatioII, Chattanooga, Tennessee . . 389 Center Street, Bangor, Maine II8 South Scoville Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois zo Briggs Street, Wolloston, Massachusetts 34. Lafayette Street, White Plains, New York . . . . Palmer, Massachusetts 87 -A THE LLAMARAD Y f or I it s.-L.-1.J LIAB FRANCE, HELEN SAYLES A FULLER, IRENE MARIE . FURIIECR, MARY ELIZABETH . GATES, HELEN GERTRUDE GliAllY, ELSIE VAN ORDEN GlLliER'l', ERMA BACON . GODING, MARGARET GORDON, RUTH NORIiIS . GRAvEs, HELEN D0liO'l'HY GREEN, ZEVELY BEATRICIE GIiEENl'IELD, GIKACE EDITH . HACKETT, RUTH LAURA . HARLOW, AGNES VIRGINIA HARIiINGTON, MARION IRENE . HARR1NG'roN, MARJOIQIIE SAUNDERS HARRIS, MARJORIE SILLIMAN . HARRUII, DEBORAH HOPE HAZLEWOOD, HELEN MERRILL HENDRY, MAGIJALENE LOUISE HIGGINS, RUTH AMELIA . HOCRER, ALMA BEATRICE HOITFMAN, NELLIE CALIEE HOLDEN, KATHARINE FOGLER . HOLMAN, MARGUERITE . . HORNE, RUTH ALICE HORTON, RUTH EVELYN . HOWARD, LUCIA ALENA . HOWE, MARION CEANNETT ' . HOWLAND, BARBARA SOUTHWORTH HUBBARD, RUTH . HUBER, MARIA ADELINE HUCKANS, LEAH ALv1RA HULL, DOR0'I'HY LOUISE HULL, MARY REDE1ELD , HUNT, ELIZA REED HU'l'CHINS, HELEN DE LANCEY HUTCHINS, MARIAN ELIZA . HYDE, GLADYS WELD . 460 South Main Street, Woonsocket, Rhode Island . 161 Nott Terrace, Schenectady, New York . . . . Altamont, New York . Honeoye Falls, Monroe County, New York . 172 Glenriclge Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey . , Newlield Street, Middletown, Connecticut . 188 Danforth Street, Portland, Maine . 14.4. State Street, Montpelier, Vermont . 4.86 North Forest Avenue, River Forest, Illinois . 50 Ashley Street, Hartford, Connecticut . IQ Second Street, Ilion, New York . . . Massena, New York . . . I7 Curtis Place, Auburn, New York . 369 Cottage Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts . . . . Hill Top, Andover, New jersey . . . . Wethersfield, Connecticut 42 Somerset Avenue, Taunton, Massachusetts . . QI2 Main Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts 86 Sherwood Street, Roslindale, Boston, Massachusetts . . . . South Coventry, Connecticut I Woodbridge Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts . . 18 William Street, Towanda, Pennsylvania 44 Monument Street, Portland, Maine . . . . . Farmington, Maine . 774 Union Street, Manchester, New Hampshire . . West New Brighton, New York . . . . Winslow, Maine . 37 Mechanic Street, Orange, Massachusetts . . Box 59, Danielson, Connecticut 46 Pearl Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts . 24. White Street, Taunton, Massachusetts . 112 Washington Street, Gloversville, New York . 31 Franklin Avenue, Saranac Lake, New York . , ..... Durham, Connecticut 718 Broad Street, East Weymouth, Massachusetts . . . 4.7 West Street, Ilion, New York . 58 Mount Globe Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts . . . Scituate Center, Massachusetts 88 ,J-f-N ' "N,- K N' 'J P P THE -J -.SQ-?E7,... V V M3-M YH 4Jrf,..,:3,:.'wL1P:N , ff ii L f t INMAN, IDA HILMA I'r'rNER, JEAN Cox . JEWIETT, EI,lZABli'l'H RLY JOHNSON, EDITH l'lARRIIE'I' JONES, A1.1cE EMMA . JONES, BERTIE GREEN . JUDO, GERTRUDE BROWN KEITH, HAZIEI. ADAIR . . KING, M11.nREn NINEMOSYNIE KINNEAR, JlEANNIiT'l'lE . , LLAMARADA ' 71 Princeton Street, Springfield, Massachusetts . 204. Forest Avenue, Marietta, Georgia 238 Windsor Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut . 18 Morton Street, Andover, Massachusetts . 6 Chapin Street, Brattleboro, Vermont 656-A Jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York . . . West Hartford, Connecticut 1230 Montello Street, Campello, Massachusetts . 61 Thompson Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 125 North Linden Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Kon, DOROTHY AUGUSTA . 317 Spruce Street, Richmond Hill, Long Island, New York LAUGHLIN, ISABIEL L1NA . . LEWIS, liL1zAEETH O1.1v1A PETTYS . LEw1s, EST1-1ER COE . . Loomis, BEULAH STRONG Lucie, HELEN LoU1s1f . LYNCH, MAIKY M1LnREn LYONS, FLORA BELLE . MCAUSLAN, ELSIE . . . MAcCoRNAcK, MAIiGAl!E'I' HARRIET MCCU'l'CHl5ON, KATHERINE WALLACE MAClJOWEI.I., LUCY SHEPARD . . MCl'lEE, MUllIEL . . MCINTOS11, ETTA MONROE McIN'1'YRE, JESSIE IRENE . MANK, EDIT11 WEBSTEIX . . MAR1cAR1AN, VERKINIA HAROOTIN . MAYNARD, ELIZABETH . . MILLER, LOUISE RED1f1ELD . MITCHELL, JULIA NORTON M1xER, MARTHA LOUISE MORGAN, MIRIAM . . MORSE, BEATRICE MURIEL . MUNGER, MARGARET STRONG . . . . 3817 West Street, Oakland, California 42 lfverett Street, Malden, Massachusetts . . . Stratford, Connecticut . . . Mundale, Massachusetts . 7 John Street, Dalton, Massachusetts . 32 Conant Street, Danvers, Massachusetts . . I4 Cooke Street, Fairhaven, Massachusetts 325 Northampton Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts . . . . 164 Division Street, Elgin, Illinois . 135 Walnut Avenue, Wayne, Pennsylvania . . . . ' . . Addison, New York 417 South Main Street, Woonsocket, Rhode Island . . 192 York Street, New Haven, Connecticut 146 South Ninth Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York . 4. Hillside Avenue, Lawrence, Massachusetts Northfield Seminary, East Northfield, Massachusetts . Mine Mountain Cottage, Stamford, New York . 79 Mahlstedt Place, New Rochelle, New York . . . . Portland, Connecticut III Knox Street, Rumford Falls, Maine . 4.03 Division Street, Elgin, Illinois . . Silver Creek, New York . . . . . Knoxboro, New York NORCROSS, MKLDRED . 629 Center Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts NYE, ELIZABETH FRANCES . . O,CONNELL, MARY BERNADETTE OLMSTEAD, ANNA ETHEL . . . . . . Sagamore, Massachusetts 61 Locust Street, Springfield, Massachusetts . Walton, Delaware County, New York 89 " SN A" AF A f 5, ,EPAMCQBA C ta OSGOOD, MAIKION STICKNEY 526 West One I-Iundred Fiftieth Street, New York, New York PARKER, ALICE RUTH . . PARKER CVLADYS MANlDELI.E . I PARTRIDGE, l'lARRIIi'l' . PATTEN, HELEN l':LlZABE'I'H . PATY, ELSIE MAY . . PEARSON, MILDREID PEASE, ALICE MIIKIAM . PERRY, SARAH LOVINA . PIETRIE, MILDRED SARAH PHELPS, KATHERINE IDIMIS PHILBRICK, IDOROTHY . PHIPPS, MAY IQLLEN , PIERSON, ALICE ROSAMOND s 1 LI E .oU. PLA TRIDGF, A C I PLUMIE, MARGARET BRAINARD . POWELL, HELEN FRANCES PRESSON, CORA PEARL . PRICE, ESTHER LoU1sE . PROUTY, GRATIA L1vERMoRE . s Ax A HER NE RICHARD ON, M iv K 'I' I RoIIERTs, MARjOIiIE . . Ro1I1Ns, EDNA GRACE . RUMERY, HARRIET CARLL SANEORN, MARGARIET CLAIR . SANDERSON, RUTH DEXTER . SAVAGE, RUTH COLEMAN . SCHNEIDER, IRMAGARDE LYDIA SCHULER, -IENNIE LoUIsE . SCOFIELD, FLORENCE NICHOLS SEAVER, GERTRUDE EVELINE . SERGEANT, ELLEN RUDE . SHEPPARD, KATHARINE KEIM . SIBLEY, GER1'RUDl5 MARIAN . SILVERNAIL, ANNA ALIDA SMILEY, CAROLYN DIXON SMITH, ETHEL MAE . SMITH, EUNICE WAI-:LEE . . 14.4. June Street, Worcester, Massachusetts I6 Olmstead Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts . 41 Jackson Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts . . . . Hampden Corner, Maine 5 Mount Pleasant Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts . 72 Pleasant Street, Concord, New Hampshire 73 Gilford Avenue, Laconia, New Hampshire . . . . Wilburtha, New Jersey . 196 Bluatchley Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut . . . . . Lee, Massachusetts 16 Court Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire . 210 lfliot Street, Milton, Massachusetts . . . Cromwell, Connecticut . . . . Northfield, Vermont . . 404. Orchard Street, Cranford, New Jersey 1647 South Washington Avenue, Saginaw, Michigan . . . . . . Farmington, Maine 2201 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, Massachusetts . . . . Millers Falls, Massachusetts I2 Charlton Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 128 Summer Avenue, Reading, Massachusetts . 632 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, New York . 162 Stevens Avenue, Portland, Maine I5 School Street, Penacook, New Hampshire . 82 Dale Street, Waltham, Massachusetts . . The Reservation, Ashtabula, Ohio . 277 Lighthouse Road, New Haven, Connecticut . . . . . Crothersville, Indiana 422 South Fourteenth Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin . . . . . Woodstock, Vermont . . . . Sodus, New York . . 722 King Street, Pottstown, Pennsylvania 202 Fort Pleasant Avenue, Springlield, Massachusetts . . 2I Lincoln Street, Gloversville, New York . . . Farmington, New Hampshire 92 'Fremont Street, Gloversville, New York 1305 East Mercer Street, Seattle, Washington go f f THEL ,- . . 'xx ll I .. SMITH, MARJORIE . SMITH, MYRA ALICE . STEARNS, ELIEA AIsEo'rT . . STEPHENS, WII.PIEI.MlNA ITARCY STRATTON, RU'rH GORDON . STRUss, MARGARETTA . SWIFT, LOTTIE ADIELAIDE SwITzER, RUTH ELIZABETH 'IiAYLOR, EI.IzAEETH . TEED, HELEN ALRERTA . TERHUME, fJLIVE IVIATTIIE 'liHOMAS, CORNELIA . 'l.iHOMPSON, LUCINA WARNER . ITHOMPSON, MARGARET ISLEANOR THOMPSON, RERECCA . . TOTTEN, ANNE McCLEAvE SISRACY, EDITH CORNELIA SISRICKEY, MABELLE GIKACIE 'l.iUCKliR, MARY WILKINS rliYl.ER, MARGARET . . U'I'TlNG, EDITH I'lLORlENCE VALE, ANITA ADELAIDA . VAN NEss, ANNEKE . WALKEli, MARJORIE LOUISA . WALKLEY, OLIVE ELLEN WEAVER, MARGUERITE . WEEDEN, MARTHA BRADLEY . WELCH, MAEEL . . WHEELIER, RUTH ALDEN WHITIE, ELIZABETH GILIIERT . WHITTLIESEY, DOROTHY . WILCOX, EMILY . . . WILLCOX, VIRGINIA MARGUERITE WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH STUART WILSON, MARY LENA . WOLcoT'r, VIRGINIA . WOODEORD, LOIS WILCOX WOOLWORTH, ANNA BELLE . YEATON, RUTH AGNES . YOUNG, VERA . . IQ Essex Avenue, Orange, New Jersey 239 Center Street, Wallingford, Connecticut . . . . . Hamilton, New York 5233 Irving Street, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . . East Hampton, Long Island, New York 882 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, New York . 1 I2 Central Street, Milton, Massachusetts . 214 West Second Street, Fulton, New York South Main and Pearl Streets, Brattleboro, Vermont . . II Storm Street, Tarrytown, New York 34 Belleville Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey . . 140 West Street, Freeport, Illinois . . . . Herkimer, New York 431 Prospect Street, Fall River, Massachusetts . 18 Mason Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 5544 Bryant Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . . . South Coventry, Connecticut 146 Central Avenue, Dover, New Hampshire . 2320 Louisiana Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 39 Gray Cliff Road, Newton Center, Nlassacliusetts . . 2 William Street, Saranac Lake, New York I4 Chestnut Street, Springfield, Massachusetts Greenwich, Washington County, New York 43 Terrace Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan . . . . Southington, Connecticut . 32 High Rock Way, Allston,Massachusetts . . . 28 Wave Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 548 Morse Avenue, Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois . . . . . Lincoln, Massachusetts . 61 Bowdoin Street, Newton Highlands,Massachusetts . . 8 Perkins Street, Worcester, Massachusetts . III2 Linden Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania . 138 Elm Street, Worcester, Massachusetts . Box 384, Randolph, Massachusetts . . . Crawfordsville, Indiana IO25 Grant Avenue, Rockford, Illinois . . . Bloomfield, Connecticut . I48 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, New York . 20 Middle Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire . 86 Woburn Stieet, Reading, Massachusetts QI fm-' ns. T w w' WEE -EJMQQADA E i 5 Q" -"'f f f, -- ,V J '56 WN., H If whirl! Igvrtainvth in gr Qinllvge Gbrganizatinna IIDLLEDE DRUIXHIZIKTIUHS I J , 1 fi? fl xxin I K5 V? I Q X ,w .l ,' rw "!1:?1l'?.r XP 5g,!f4Jfm, iw, ,f 121 yi ww IW I , 'fu is ' :xl3"Av- THELLLLALMALQA AL " .':'-"SJ lu Students' Leztgue "There'.v pofzucr fn mef, Officers 1909-1910 MARY GILLlESI,IE, IQIO .... . . Preffdmt ANNIE HALI.,, IQIO . . Vice-Pre.v1'a'fnt MA1iGARET C00K, IQIO . Sfrffffwy EDNA HEACOCK, 1911 .... . Tfwflwf Executive Board MISS ADA LAURA SNEL1. MAIKY GILLESPIIZ, 1910 PITHE1, BELLE PERRY, IQII ANNIE GER'1'liUIJlE HALL, 1910 HELEN FRANCES CRABBS, IQII CHRISTINE ICVERTS, 1912 Student Alumnae Building Committee ISAEELLA MARION VOSISURG, IQIO CAR0 HOUGH'l'ON STOWELL, IQIO KATHARINE ISABEL BURT, IQII GRACE ,11RAVIS,IQIO CORINNE V101.A LOOMIS, IQII DOROTHY LARNED, 1912 95 Y -Vx vx... .Y X Q S' 1? Le Giocose "Behold the fhild by Nature,5 kindly law, Pleased with a rattle, tickled 'with a .vtraw.,' Officers 1909-1910 FRANCES, HOWARD DODGE, 1910 . . . . President ETHEL PALMER BREITENSTEIN, 1911 . . Vice-Prexident ELINOR COLEY, 1912 . . . . Secretary GENEVIEVE MARGARET CLARK, 1910 . , Trmyurfr 96 ,JWN5 Y --A C'x.,.,f.v- ' Q ,-f ' -.a X - .J f-5 S-f Debating Society "Strive migfztily, but eat ana' a'r1'n1c ax fr1'cnd5.,' Officers 1909-1910 'ro MEN CHAPTER THEOIDORA PECK ..... . Prf.fif1'f11f HELEN ADELIA COOK . . Vzce-Prefzdmvt BEATRICE BLAKSLEE . . . Secretary ' Executive Committee FRANCES BISCHOFF GENEVIEVE MARGARET CLARK GRACE TRAVIS TO JE CHAPTER MARY REDINGTON ELY . . . . . PTE.Vl.C1l677f LUCY FRANCES DAVIS . . Vue-Presldent EDITH MAY KNOWLTON .... . Secretary Executive Committee DOROTHY MARGARET GARDINEIK MARGARE'1' ANNE MURRAY JULIA ALOYSIUS O,MEARA 97 ff J' A. "x,-Av jv k Nr E, LALAQQQA Department Clubs L'Alliance Francaise An Honorary Qrganization for Members of the French Department. NILLE MLLE MLLE. MLLE MLLE MLLE MLLE MLLE MLLE MLLE MLLE Officers 1909-1910 ALICE MAR1'IN HIGGINS, IQIO . . Prdddente MARGUERITE CARTER, IQII . . Vz'ce-Prmdente ALTHEA LOIS BEAL, IQIO . . . Secrftoive et Trfsorier Members du Comite Executif ADELE HODGSON NORTON, 1910 MLLE. ALICE PATTI PEASE, IQIO MLLE. AGNES EMILY CHRISTIE, IQI2 ' Les Membres ALTHEA LOIS BEAL MLLE. KATHERINE MCDONALD PALMER MLLE ALICE MARTIN HIGGINS MLLE LOUISE CELINA LAPORTE MLLE NELSE LOUISE WELCH MLLE GERTRUDE ANNA MERRICK MLLE PEARL HADSALL MCKERRIHAN MLLE MARY LOIS RAYMOND MARGUERITE CARTER EDITH MAY KNOWLTON ELIZABETH REID SAYRE HELEN CRAIG BAKER ADELE HODGSON NORTON EUNICE LEIOLA CRANE X History Club Philosophy Club 98 , Yi "5 Archaeological Club El Club Espaliol Mathematics Club JENNIE BURNETTE HALLOlK'ELL, 1910 . . . Pre.rz'dent ABIGAIL FooTE BROWNELL, 1911 . . . Ifice-Prerident MILDRED LEONORA SANDERSON, 1910 . . Serretary-Treasurer 99 7 , ff, Q H Pzff KY - T 1 1 CLLALHB Social Clubs Silver Bay Club Officers 1909-1910 NANCY CURTISS GENUNG, IQIO . DORA ELSIE SCHIEL, 1912 . Ohio State Club MARION MARSH, IQIO ..... Miss ELLEN CLARINDA HINSDALE FLORENCE MAEEL HIEIK, IQIO . 1. Baked Bean Club RUTH GILETTE ALVORD, 1910 . . . MARGARET SHOREY, 1911 . REBA ELIZABETH EATON, 1912 . . . Keystone State Club BLANCHE REBECCA MOIQE, IQIO . . . MAIQGUERITE CARTER, 1911 . . LA VERNE SHERWOOD PHILLIPS, 1911 . IOO . . PreJz'a'ent Secretary- Treasurer . . Pre.rz'a'ent . Vice-Presz'a'enl Secretary- Treaxurer . . President . Vice-Pres1'a'ent Secretary- Treasurer . . President . Vl.CE-PTESl'dEHi Secretary- Treasurer f 'S il if - F eff 1 Pine Tree State Club LIDA ISABEL SMALL, IQIO . . GRACE NEWELL MACFARLAND, IQII . EMMA AUGUSTA TIMBEIKLAKE, IQI2 . Franklin County Club MARY WRIGHT FOSTER, 1910 FLORENCE WARE ADAMS, 1911 ELLEN STOUGHTON, 1912 . Granite State Club EDITH HELEN OSGOOD, 1910 HELEN HAZLE'1"1' SMILEY, 1911 RUBY LOUISE MEAD, 1913 . Wissilliminna Club ALTHEA LOIS BEAL, 1910 . ALICE BROWN, IQII . . . FLORENCE MARGARET PATRICK, IQI2 . Springfield Club MARION COLLINS LADNER, 1910 . ABIGAIL FOOTE BROWNELI., IQII . EDITH MURIEL WHITE,'I9I2 . ' IOI . Pre:z'a'ent . V I-C8-PT65l'0,671f Secretary-Treaxurer . Pre.vz'dem' . V fee-Pres1'a'e11t Secretary- Treasurer . President . VIIEK-PT65l.dE11f Secretary-Treasurer . Presfdeni . Vice-Prerfa'e11t Secretary- Treasurer . Pre.vident . VI'C6-PT65l.dB71f Secretary- Treasurer ffu A.. ,A .,. sf.v. V ' S-, ,M ,X 4- V 11949, EL Nipmuck Club MARGARET OLIVIA COOK, 1910 . MIRIAM ADAMS THOMPSON, IQII . Cushing Club MARION NELLIE MARBLE, 1910 . ALICE CLARISSA NILES, 1911 Mosquito Club LUCY FREDERICKE BRISTOL, 1910 . MARGARET HELEN ANDERSON, IQII DOROTHY DILWORTH, 1912 V. . Northfield Club BERYL FRANCES GATES, 1910 LUCIE FRANCES DAVIS, IQII BARBARA HOwLAND,1913 . IO2 . . President Secretary- Treasurer . . President Seeretary- Treasurer . President . Vice-Presz'a'ent S eeretary- Treasurer . President . V ice-Preszld ent Secretary- Treasurer Mhirh Hvrtainvth In gr Qlvliginun 1-Xnnnriatinnn EliglUlI5 rgnntzrflluns I 17 M V609-ff' WWW" 1 M' A n1WeWf.:5 ,,f' W- 'ffvqlllq ffm OK ' "'Z,"'My'NMx K!,?,WA:' XX ,IMA 1 I .x '1 W' 42 iff, xlqimkv N ,+A ' f - ,l eu, 'QZCJL J .--f' in ,.,f f ff! ,L . ry, V", 7 ,V if ,rfqkk-var" . .1 , .4 Mr, Wi . -1.6 ,og 4" 2.123 ' .f f rf , j V, ,. ' H,-, K, . V, 9, r If . , 15. 1 1' ,J ff 1 if .2 MCM, lg' U. I 1 'I n - 4 Q. fx ' f,,.- , ,f I, fn' ,K "AM 1' ' ff 1 f A57 . g, '1 ' , 7Y'l,' 1 x E , ' ,Y Z -,!3L, p-,,. if .1 .q.,,.-----""""' N E lj ,, " :F 'c 1 f ,df 1 p', I Z -, , ,. I, fd., , '. ff J Z""" ,, ff P'Y"' X Q so E LLLLQZQR 1'-3 Young Women's Christian Association " Though creed: are narrow, know that iruth is w1'a'e.,' Officers 1909-1910 MARY WILSON TURNER .... General Semftary CAROLYN TI'1'COMl3 SEWELL, IQIO . . . Presfdmt HELEN FRANCES CRABBS, IQII . . Vzce-Presfflmt NELLIE CARTER DODD, 1912 . Sefretary HELEN MANNING TARR, 1910 . . . Treamrer Cabinet MARJORIE CASWELL CLARK, IQIO LILLAS CAROLYN PRATT, IQIO GRACE EMMA COOLEY, 1910 ISABELLA MARION VOSRURO, 1910 GRACE T11AVIS,IQIO LULU MILDRED HOOD, 1911 Advisory Committee PRESIDENT WOOLLEY Miss FLORENCE- PURINGTON MISS EMILIE A. MARTIN MISS BERTHA A. BLAKELY Mlss LILLA F. MORSE Mlss LOUISE B. WALLACE 105 -Vx Y 'x...- 'JJ' Y KJ R019 J-.ZPTN E Departments MEMBERSHIP HELEN CRABBS, 1911, Chairman Regular Membership Committee ALICE BROWN, 1911, Cfzairrnczn NIARGARIST WELLES, 1910 DOROTHY GARIDINIEIK, IQII ICATHARINIE BURT, 1911 VALESCA BEECHER, IQII MARGARET WOODS, 1912 AGATHA DIMON, 1912 IJOROTHY GAMSBY, IQI2 CORA BLAKE, IQI2 Alumnae Membership Committee GENIQVIIEVIE CLARK, 1910, Chairman MAIXION NEWEI,L, IQIO CSERTRUDE GREEN, IQIO ETHEL IJERBY, 1911 ETHIEL THAYEII, IQI2 ETIIEL BREITENSTEIN, 1911 MARGUERITE CARTER, 1911 HELEN JONES, IQI2 Reception Committee SARAH- STRIEETER, 1911, Chaz' EDITH ANDERSON, 1910 ELEANOR CLEMENT, I9Io HELEN PARSONS, IQIO MAIKY GIIZRE, 1910 MAISIEL BLAKE, IQII MARY STREETS, IQII Handbook Committ 77716171 RUTH RICHARDSON, IQII MAIQJORIIS BRAND, IQII KATHEIQINE FLOWERS, 1912 SUSIE PILLSBURY, IQI2 CI-IRISTINE EVERTS, IQI2 ELINOR COLBY, IQI2 66 ISAIIELLA VOSEURO, 1910, Chairrnan NANCY UGENUNG, IQIO HELEN URQUHART, 1910 CORINNE PAINE, IQII FRANCES VEACH, IQII Faculty Membership u MISS HELEN HOAG, Chair MISS MAIIGARET MORRISS MISS MARY GAIJI' 7711171 MISS MAIKY KENNEDY RELIGIOUS MEETINGS HELEN CRANE, 1911, Chairman IO6 Lf, 'Nm W, , ff, .1 A L if .. L Subjects and Leaders Committee FRANCES WARNER, 1911, Clmirman SUSIE MARTIN, IQII MARIAN FARwE1.1., IQI2 KA'1'HER1NE PALMER, 1911 ADE1,1A IDODGE, IQI2 Poster Committee KATHIERINE BOUGHTON, 1910, Cfznfrmzm JENNIE JEROME, IQII LoU1sE BRAY, IQI2 Gl.ADYS CJAKIEY, 1912 Music Committee MAIKIAN WHl3lEI.lZli, 1910, Clmz'rmmz HELEN PRATT, IQIO RUTH IJYIER, IQIO RUTH MI'l'CHEI.I,, IQII Arrangements Committee L RUTH ALVORD, 1910, Chairnzrln LUCY BRISTOL, IQIO MARGARET SHORIEY, IQII MIl.DIiED HOLDEN, IQII MAIQY WALTON, IQI2 BIBLE STUDY GRACE TRAv1s, 1910, Clmir-man Courses and Leaders Committee MAIIY GIl,I.ESPIE, IQIO, Clzairnzan ELIZABETH SAYRE, 1910 El.I'LABE'l'H WR101-1T, IQII BERYL GATES, IQIO FRANCES HADLIZY, IQII HELEN BAKER, IQIO JEANNIE'l"l'E SIMMONS, IQI2 Book Committee I-IARRIET rl'HOMPSON, 1910, Chairman GRACE HOXIE, IQIO MAISIEI. S'1'ANONA'1'T, IQII MILDRIED EMERSON, IQI2 MISSIONARY KATHERINE AEEEY, IQIO, Clmirman College Missionaries Committee SARAH ALLEN, 1911, Clznirfnrzn LAURA WHIQELIER, IQIO ELIZABETH RUNNETTIE, 1912 DORIS MELCHERT, IQII BERNICE HODGES, 1912 Grace Church Mission Class MAIljOliIE RANKIN, IQII, Chairman FLORENCE M1LLs, IQI2 107 .1 fu 17 ' F 019 1 .U J J R 12 L.LiZI!:5?rA Mission Study Committee GRACE MASSONNEAU, IQIO, Chairman THEODORE PECK, IQIO MIRIAM T1-10MPs0N, IQII IZLMA L0o1E, 1910 MARGUERITE OAKEY, 191 MARIAN PEASE 1 I2 ! Library and Statistics Committee WINIERED HAMILTON, EDITH OSGOOD, 1910 RUTH BUSHNELL, IQI2 .IEANNETTE HUMPHREYS, IQIO MARY GILMAN, IQIO ESTHER RICHARDS, 1910 EUNICE CRANE, 1911 BESSIE McC0Y, IQII JEANNETTE BOOTH, 1910 LOUISE W1LL1AMs, 1910 FRANCES DODGE, IQIO MARGAIIET ANDERSON, LoU1SE WADHAMS, IQI FLORENCE HENDRIX, 1910, Chairman 1910 KA'I'HERINE ADAMS, IQI2 VASILIKE VAITSES, 1912 MARY FRAZIER, 1912 FINANCE HELEN TARR, IQIO, Chairmczn Systematic Giving LUCY PAGE, 1910, Chairman MARGARET SMITH, IQII ANNA WHEELER, IQII DoRoT1-1Y BAR'rLET'1', IQI i HELEN BOUGHTON, IQIZ RUTH EVANS, IQI2 2 ALMA QUACKENDUSH, IQI2 Membership Fees LIZABETH MARSHALL, IQIO, Chairman MAIIIAN MUNSEY, IQII CORINNE LOOMIS, IQII CJERALDINE RINDGE, IQI2 IQII FLORENCE JONES, I9I2 IRIENE DANA, IQIZ INTERCOLLEGIATE LULU HOOD, 1911, Chairman Correspondence Committee EDNA STURTEVANT, 1911, Chairman O ALICE ETHEI. MCKEI5, IQI2 PATTILLO, IQII 108 KJ' 2 rw. 1 ne w -A THE LLAMARADA i g .5 9, V 7: Yi ,vi-',gf'-4.7-4zT.:f r-. M-LM l A Press Report Committee HELEN BARTON, IQIO, Chairman META MALLARY, IQIO IRENE BROWN, IQII RUTH HOWELL, IQI2 Literature Committee ANNA RAYMOND, 1910, Chairman NINA MOIKGAN, IQIO MARJORIIS GRAvEs, IQII KATHEIQINIE BURRILL, 1912 PRACTICAL SERVICE MAI1jORIE CLARK, IQIO, Chairman Exchange Committee IQTHEL MURPHY, IQII, Chairman MAEEL BRIGGS, 1910 ' ABBIIE BROWNELL, 1911 ETHEL PERRY 1 II 7 KA'1'HERINli PORTER, MARIAN BALLOU, 191 ALTHEA BEAL, 1910 SUSAN STEELE, IQIO HELEN SANDERS, IQI2 LOUISE PIANSON, IQI I Lost and Found Committee BLANCHE MOIQIE, 1910, Chairman 1910 0 GRETCH EN BARR, IQII MAIKIAN COLEY, IQI I HARRIET ADAMS, IQII MARTHA JUDD, IQII WILHELMENA MARSHALL, IQI2 LEONOR BOWMAN, IQI2 HELEN SIMONDS, IQI2 ICLLEN STOUO1-ITON, IQI2 Employment Committee JOSEPHINE LIEACH, 1910, Chairman MARION LADNER, IQIO HELEN ABBOTT, IQIO MARGAIKET KEMPIER, JEAN KEIR, IQI2 HAEEL BOLLES, IQIO LILLA PRATT, IQIO RUTH MITCHELL, IQI FANNIE '1i0WER, IQI2 Room Committee MILDRIED FOYE, IQII PZLSIE NEW1'ON, IQII MIRIAM CARTER, 1912, Chairman 1912 KATHERINE OSTRANDER, IQI2 LoU1s MOTT, IQI2 Furniture Committee HAZEL HUTTON, IQIO, Chairman I 109 EDITH KNOWLTON, IQII BARBARA BRADLEY, IQI2 DOROTHY LARNED, IQI2 -A ,""x... ' N C -, Af-.fl ,J , 15? A25 EXTENSION DEPARTMENT GRACE lf. COOLEY, IQIO, CIIIIIUVHZIIII Holyoke. Division GRACE CHURCH Thursday Evening Club ELIZABIETH MCINTOSH, IQI 1, Clzairmfm LUCIA RICHARDSON, IQII FANNIE TOWER, IQI2 KATE HOLCOMIIE, IQI2 Grace Church Gymnasium Club CHRISTINE ICVERTS, 1912, Clmirmnn JEANNETTE SIMMONS, IQI2 Grace Church Junior Christian Endeavor Society HELEN COOK, 1910, Clmirmzm MARGUERITE RICHARDSON, 1911 EDITH RICHARDSON, 1912 MIRIAM COLCORD, IQII VASILIKE VAITSES, IQI2 Y. W. C. A. DIVISION Sunshine Club MARJORIE CLARK, 1910, Chairman ELIZABETH WAITE, IQIO ANNA KELLOGG, IQI2 ETHEL MURPHY, IQII DOROTHY STICKNEY, IQI2 MARGARET STICKNEY, IQI2 Golden Rule Club Tuesday Night Club GRACE ITRAVIS, IQIO, Cfuzirman WINIFRED HAMILTON, IQIO GRACE LYMAN, IQI2 JULIIET WHITON, IQII HELEN HART, I9I2 Thursday Night Club MILDIIIED BATTLES, 1910, Clzairman LILLAS PRATT, 1910 MAISIEI. WILDIZR, IQII MARGARET GIIERIZ, 1912 Wide Awake Club META MALLARY, IQIO, Clmirman AEEY NORTON, 1910 INEz ROGERS, IQI2 ESTHER LUCE, IQII ELIZABETH OSBORNE, 191 IIC 2 HE D5 JUNIOR GYMNASIUM CLASS Thursday Club DOIKOTHY LARNIED, 1912, Chafrrnzzn PHILAMELIA Ro111Ns0N, IQI2 Friday Club EDNA SAMMIS, 1912, ClZUl.TmU11 Saturday Afternoon Sewing Class Iis'1'1-IER FULLER, 1910, Clmirmrzn GERTRUDE FRONE, 1910 VAs1L1RE VAITSIES, IQI2 MARY BARTHOLOMEW, 1911 MAIQIAN FARWELL, IQI2 PACIFIC BAILEY DoRA SC1-HEI., 1912 WILH ELM ENA MARSIJALL, IOI2 South Hadley Division HELEN BARTON, 1910, Chairman Junior Christian Endeavor Society MAliGARlE'l' MURRAY, 1911, Clzairman MAUD INGALLS, 1911 M1LDRED VVEN'I'WOR'l'H, 1912 RACHEL CLAFLIN, 1911 HAEEL C1-1A1'1N, IQI2 Music Committee MAIQY ELY, 1911, Cfmfrrnan GERTRUDE GREEN, 1910 MARCARITA WliIGHT, 1912 HELEN S1v11LEY, IQII MAliY SCHNEDER, IQI2 DOROTHY BARTLETT, IQI2 Town Farm Committee ELEANOR HUSE, IQII, Chairman MARY GLEASON, 1910 AGNES CHR1sT1E, 1912 DORIS MELCHERT, IQII REBA EATON, IQI2 ALICE PA'1'T1LLo, IQII MARTHA NOYliS, IQI2 Food Committee HELEN BARTON, 1910, Chairman Ill ,-.f --A 'x...Y.v- nl n J 1 x S -J Student Volunteer Band "Faith is cz goodly anchor." LILLAS CAROLYN PRATT, IQIO, Leader MIss E. OLIVE DUTCHER MISS MARCO E. LEWIS MISS LUCY WILSON 1910 KATHERINE JENNINGS ABBEY EDITH HELEN OSGOOD BERYL FRANCES GATES HELEN GAY PRATT ANNIE GERTRUDE HALL I CAROLYN TITCOMB SEWELI. HELEN EDWARDS TYZZER EMILY SOPHIE TAAPKEN 1911 ALICE BROWN HELEN FRANCES CRABBS MARJORIE RANKIN 1912 AGNES EMILY CHRISTIE NELLIE CARTER DODD MARGARITTA WRIGHT 1913 BARBARA HOWLAND MILDRED NORCROSS II2 ff" - gg 9.9 i? OLLAMRA Mount Holyoke Chapter of the College Settlements Association "Noble in action' Officers 1909-1910 MAUD HUN'fING'1'ON INOA1.Ls, 1911 . MISS EMILIE -'IOSEPHINE HU'l'CHINSON . GERTRUDE SEELEY GREEN, IQIO . GRACE NEWELL MACFARLAND, IQII . DOROTHY BURWELL GAMSEY, 1912 MARGERY JANE FASSETT, 1913 . GRACE LEARNED MASSONNEAU, IQIO . HARRIE'F SCOLES ADAMS, 1911 . . A II3 . . . President Faculty Vz'ce-President Senior Vice-President funfor VZQCE-PTE5I'd67lf Sophomore Vice-Pre.via'ent Frexhman V1'ee-President . Secretary-Treasurer Librarian .r i 'xv f"J' X 5.9 W , I, , X ,,,W. 15 11LAMA5A2A,ia,1 Committee for Work in Holyoke 4 G1f11'1'uUDE Mmuucx, IQIO, Clzafrnzan ' LAURA WHEELER, IQIO, Supcrfuisor of Sawing Claxsfx Committee for Katherine Club S11z1.1sY WlI.KINS, IQII,C1111l'7'ml171 GENEVIEVE CLARK, IQIO ELINOR CoL13Y, 1912 ESTHER LUCIE, I9Il B1aAT111c1s rFASKER, IQI2 Committee for Isabella Club EMILY CFAAPKEN, 1910, CIICIIUTHZHH HAZEI. F1s1,TY, IQIO HATT112 HAWLEY, 1911 C1RACli RISING, IQIO HELEN SANDERS, 1912 EDITH MANK, IQI2 Committee for Dramatic Club ' HELEN SCHADEE, IQIO, Chairman B1.ANcH1z FEN'1'ON,,I9IO SARA SWEET,-IQII CLARA CUTLE11, 1910 Committee for Choral Club GRACE MASSONNEAU, 1910, Chairman RUTH DAVIS, IQIO IREN11 SYLVESTER, IQII Committee for Tuesday Club MARIE LE Coco, 1911, Chairman RUTH BRIERLY, IQI2 Dom ScH1E1., IQI2 114 fY P THE LLAMARADAC V Wi ' W- , , Q V 1 ,W- Monday Evening Social Club GERTRUDE GREEN, 1910, Clmirnmn HAZEL Hu'1"1'oN, IQIO MAR1ON '1'AYLOR, IQII HAZEL BOLLRS, IQIO LOIS RAYMOND, IQI2 Wednesday Evening Social Club MAIQY G11cR12, 1910, Clmirmnn LUCY BRISTOL, IQIO BRRY1. GA'I'lES, 1910 SUSAN S'r1snL1a, IQIO Thursday Sewing Club I-IRLEN VTYZZER, 1910, Chairman ' AGNES KN1G11T1.Y, IQIO lEL1zA111z'r11 ADKINS, IQIO Saturday Gymnasium Class IQDNA CURRIIZR, 1911, Chairman .DOR0'l'l-IY BAR'1'1.12'l"1', IQI2 liT111eL T11AY1sR, 1912 MARcAR1aT CORNISH, IQI2 Leaders of College Extension Classes in the Holyoke Y. W. C. A. 'An1aL1z NOli'l'ON 1 IO X 9 Frcnch . . , l HELEN URQUHAIKT, IQIO Englirlz . . MAIKY CLARK, IQI2 .PEHITNIYIIIYIIP . JEAN MCEWEN, 1911 IIS S . ,P Y :X-.TY A Committee for Work in South Hadley HANNA1-I li. HoN1zYw1z1,1,, 1910, Clmirnmn Committee for Girls of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grades EDITH IJICKINSON, 1911, Chairman Committee for Boys of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grades ' EL1zA11Ia'1'H POND, 1910, Chairman , Nomvm ATTIQNA, 1912 Committee for Girls of the Third and Fourth Grades . CoNs'1'ANcE HALI.ocK, 1912, Chairman BEATRICE DUNLAP, 1912 Committee for Maids' Club BEULAH RIDGEWAY, 1910, Chairman RUTH GORDON, 1912 Committee for Tickets for Maids' RUTH KENDRICK, 1911 ' Committee for Reading Class ALICE HIGGINS, 1910 Committee for Maids' French Club ALICE PHASE, 1910 Committee for Maids' Choral Club ALICE HIGGINS, 1910 116 fi r I EAALLAJQGQBABAAIIAL gm Hihirh igvrtainvth in gr imlnniral Gllnhn Mimsi ? WLS ' 51 ,V ff fri W!! f. Z AWN H r.','fr'X"yf WjfV!,y',! I yri, f!fff9,gd,1A,QlV! 7.720 ' XA wil, Qi. QQ, Q i " , . , - . - X we ' 'WM' 6.1 ff 4 fi, R13 - w . 17707 'ff ff? ' I' V QQ: W . , ff! V '1l!fVff.f1,7?if7 af J' W ff ' ff' ww fi ix" - -- - , mm 4 M, A W' ' W' lfdafw f f' 61 V, ff My ' I ' fg'j'fQQ2if'b,J'gQW " , .M 1 1'L':5:J,5'?:- ' JN 2' W 41 A 1 If 'QR "" 'f'r'f'M'X" A Q6 31 if?-5752 V X 4 ' '. W Q ' 1-w -' ...Y:,f.1,3.' -w -' f, "'-1 ? ,,k:a-,SX ii L? L42 , 7 ' i ' 'H7B+fQ2, kXSN'iNwSNfIXgX. Ki 7' 2 32 -1' 5' 5 v'.1?yf!f!x CN. 'V I I-'J W 113' f 4 S fri, 1,12 Q '- x ' M - W L lfiwa'fi' 2- f mf- , f ' X:4,,.X,-Qf"i'FW is-...f' , j "" jf1'r.r,:. W1 U !4f,9',f4'g'?1llfQA - '2fngL4 H X, ,V -Ny :Y"flIf,f id X x N r NfKf'fQqs':'A1ff Ai1gf 2: Ni M N . X fl TI Mi nas 13l ff ' Vx fl X J - -5 in M . V 'dn Jfmgpfl "i,,4',,,1,L wt-,,-I-1' 1 Mila.: M1 1 i . 'wmzzf -N.1,"+ n :gi Null It il' Xp' - , ,ll 1, jf, ' W 2- , H1 H1 X .1 " Q" .. A. YV 'mln XF' W1 if Nlllyll MMI 'VZ PN w.-v, ' 'M' rw Y INV, Il' , ,2 ' mx f .mf HQW NIJ N -JN 'iff-' ':. fU5f'if?' ' f X f l?i' ?iw L f mn ff 4 X' 4 4491 1 Z L.. Z Aj lj , jj44v ,,!,f..f E +712 "wan ' Aft . V ,N A, 4 . 7 Q ' I ,Raju ' 1 in , K xi Y Glee Club RUTH HAZEL FURBER, IQIO, Lcazlqr MAIIION WHEELER, 1910, .flcmmpanzlrz , ,, , First Sopranos NIARJORIE CASWELI. CLARK, IQIO RUTH HAZEL FURBER, IQIO HEl,EN PAULINE GLINES, IQIO 'IENNIH GIl.l3ER'l' JEROME, 1911 l':LI'LAl!I3'l'H BELLAMY LooM1s, IQII l':'l'HEl. MAliY MCKEli, 1912 Second Sopranos A HELEN CRAIG BAKER, IQIO RUTH EL1zA1sE'1'H IJYER, IQIO LOUISE JHNNIE WADHAMS, 1910 First Altos MAIKY GlLLESl'IE, 1910 HELEN 1"LoR1cNcE SCHADEE, IQIO Second Altos DoRo'1'HY RU'1'1-1 K11m,191o MbI'l'A SCHAFF MALLARY, IQIO CARo1,YN '.llI'l'COMB SEWEL1. RAMONA MARY DUNEAR, IQII MIIKIAM ADAMS 'l'11oM1'soN, IQII MARION AMINE DAv1s, 1912 HELEN MANNINCI TAIKIQ, IQIO DOROTHY ISURWELL flAMSIiY, 1912 l':I.EANOR HUsE, IQII RUTH BLACKSTONIE Ml'I'CHlEI.I,, IQII ,1910 Business Manager l':'l'l'l li L I-l1L1,s MURPHY ,1911 Assistant Business Manager l'1L1NoR CoL11Y, 1912 119 Banjo Club MARTHA FILER WADSWOR'l'H, 1910, Leader First Banjos MAY BELL CLUTTERBUCK, IQIO MARYIBELLE L0RELLA MCFEE'l'ERS, IQIO ELSIE MAY FERRELL, 1910 MARTHA FILER WADSWORTH, IQIO IRMA BUSH DYSON, IQII MAREL MOWRY BROWN, 1912 Second Banjos LAURA PRESTON WELLS, IQIO PACIFIC BELLE BAILEY, IQII Guitars I ETHEL STEWART FRENCH, IQIO MARJORIE WES'l'ON Co0K, 1911 HILDA CATHERINE GERAN, 1912 Mandolins ELIZABETH REID SAYRE, IQIO IRENE HERBERT BRoWN,1911 ABIGAIL FOOTE BROWNELL, IQII 120 M A A N-af . -u.,,,,,f Mandolin Club BERY1, HOLMES PAIGE, 1911, Lfndvr SARAH ELIZABETH l'oND, 1910, flcrompanzxi l First Mandolins CLARA SANFORD CUTLER, IQIO MILDRED GARDNER WELD, IQIO AGNES DIADAMIA HULBURD, IQIO IRENE HERBERT BROWN, IQII ELlZABE'l'H RE1D SAYRE, 1910 A1s1cA1L FOOTIE BRowNEL1,, 1911 Second Mandolins RAMONA MAIQY IJUNBAR, IQII MARGARET VVILMOTH rlll-IURSTON, IQII OL1v1a RUSSELL TUlf'l'S GllIFIfIN, IQII ALICE IJOROTHEA BROOKS, 1912 ADA EL1zA1a1a'r1-1 SWEET, IQII MILIJRED IiMERsON, IQI2 First Violin BERY1. l'lOLMlES PAIGE, IQII Second Violin MAIQION LOPHELIA GAY, IQIO Guitars MILDRl5D ELLEN FOYE, IQII BESSIE FLORENCE HYDE, IQII DoRo'1'11Y BAR'1'LE'rT, 1912 I2I ,l1'.A5,. 'Lf .1 I 'li ' " - I-I Im LI' 5 PE. 4 ,QI I K I X if l Y H' 'IVVQ V I I 1 ', I 1 xy ak, T14 I I ' S HARRIET SCOLES ADAMS SARAH ENDICOTT ALLEN JENNIE BELLE BAR'rIIOLOxIEw MARY BARTHOLOMEW HELEN DPZI.lA BATI-:s SARAH MORI-:HOUSE BEACH VAI.P1SK'A EI.IzAIII-:TH BEECHER ANNIE HOR1'lZNSPZ BRADFORD IRENE HERIIE RT BROWN R'IARGUl'ZRl'I'l-I CARTICR ETHI-:I. HPZNIilF1T1'A CIIA:xIIIERI.AIN HELEN FRANCES CRARIIS HELEN CLARK CRANE MAllliAllF1'l"l'PI DANl!Zl.S IRENE ANDRI-:ws IJICKINSON RANIONA MARY IDUNIIAR MARY lil-IDINli'I'0N RLY l7ORO'I'HY R1ARGARl-IT GAIKIJNPZVV UI Aiybf-XI x .Q .6 X Y , 'div A ff ., A It! LY .4 I 511 A' 1 I ,I . 'f I X I- vw! HIM! g A I I w A as-RR LA- ' Qu g' Junior Choir MISS JULIA B. DlCKlNSON,LBHl1df MARJORIE POLLARD GRAvEs ALICE MAIIEI. HI'l'CTHCOCK FAITH GERTRUDE HOLCOAIII HARRIET Mll.DRED HlJl.l7EN ELEANOR HUSE MAUID HUNTINGTON INuAI.I.s JENNIE Gll.llPZRT JEROME RUTH LYAIAN KI-:NDRICK LUCY HELEN KIMRALI. IiI.IzAHETII Bl-ZLLAMY Looms ESTIIER Hll.l7A LUCE MFI1'A SCHAI-'E lNfiAI.LORY, IOIO .IEANNI-2 ELOISE MCEWEN ELIZAlH'Z'l'H HYDE MK'IN'FOSll IJORIS ADICLAIDIC MI-:I.c'HER'I' RUTH BLACKSTONE MI'Fl'HP1l.I, RL-Kill-II. FRANCES NASH ALM' E MANTIJN PA'rrI I.I.o 122 VIOLRT IPHURINNA PETERSON RUTH BRADLEY RAILEY LUCIA MARY RICHARDSON MARUUERITI-1 RICHARDSON Gl'ZR'l'RUDE EVI-'LYN SAWYI-:R ETHEL MAUD SILVER HELEN HAzI.E'I"I' SAHLEY MAIIEI. VIoI.A STANGNATT SARAII STREl'Z'l'ER IXIARY STREI-:Ts ADA ELIZAHETII SWEET MIRIARI AD-ms THOAIISDN MARION Bl'ZI,l.l'Z '1'llRNl'ZR EUUENIA LOUISE VAI.PZN'l'lNl'Z l"RANCEs LESTER NVARNI-ZR ILILIWI' XVHITON MAREI. SOIHIIA XVILDI-ZR EMILY XVINGATE WDOIBS f VITT H U H whirl! Elgrrtainvth in ge Eramatirz r-,- K A-W--- NFNZW 5 ,X!i,iQ2Xx Fw I ' x Y My :lex--J: W' A Q? fxf i 5- X . 'sir X 7 . TQ --X ,...,. MMM HT' f b- K I 'W ,,,.,,A 'Nw ,M f1fX1Af-MA i 5 M ,jug ww mm N ff! V' 41 'X---J ' 'Avgwf Q fx K Tfiqq Y Y J" Y, A, N l5x?x'Nf.A r- I E-GLA ' 1. ,EAJf. 3 ' r wif . :W -12 , .1 Vg T V! N K - - gjjkf , F' "'N- - '- ' 1, ,f 'ii ' in, ,. 5 13 H I IX - ., , W ,iw 4? 3 , FA,-QQ7 PAF + . ,sc - -A ..h,,, ' , 1. 'wg fff' TY?" "W 1. g 'fffvgf 4 I W r w ww ,M A K fm f f pfii .,:Y r ll fm?-L ' .JJ ECP-jfwyixh W, if ?1v1'l-E Q A ,limi 1 J..-. A WWW ix g 1, 'f ,, lk 7' C Q.5l:5?CQKM 'gE1 2 X 1. 1 " -'-, ' f""'- 'lf' 4' 1 w ' N iLT""" Izxli , f Pj'-MM,?sCjllX"!f', 1 J ' X. kE1?5,qm ' 3 , ff 'fi " f fy' fl I 'rx 'X mf W uf w2f. vvf 1 KV . f lf 'Tw--1 L fl , fi-"'f.-'T L"!J"!Z vi Q 62 'ff :li 5 K W ' 513-fr, . jf' 14' 117 ,LQ Q11 df" 1 29 I ,rf f- N q,,1.iL-w Xi 1 M pfirggngw - rf-4 ,Y-QD' --JCI' 4 K Tl.:- aukn I ' -1- --1 f- . - --L? E -- f- ,::f- 1515! I i'?-j5E- H if E R, Tun.. 1' ' - wfw f 'jx qa ix 7 if ' f A Ly, N ,S 4 U W6 :H ' W I HWX " " ,' J 1' ', my ' - .'f Ric I ' gtg ' !' ,. x- Q- ' 9 Q L' fff E X N jg:-fb , ff! H f f , I L A Dramatic 'Club Officers 1909-1910 9 OT'fIl.IE r19URNBUl.I., IQIO ...., . Pr'ffl.1I'ff1i JULIET WHl'I'0N, 1911 . , . , . . V1'rc-l'rv:nlmt IRENE HILL, 1911 . . . . Sm-I-mry RUTH ALVORD, IQIO . , . Trmsum- Members In Facultate GEIi'I'liUDE STEWART HYDE ISADIELLIE CAROLINE COUCH CARRIE ANNA HARPER IYLEANOR ROWLAND DOROTHY 1'0OS'l'ER 1910 RUTH Gll.LE'I'I'IE ALVORD KATHERINE .IENNINGS AEEEY ADELAIIJE HELENA BOLTON BEATRICE BLAKSLEE MAEEL FOSSIETI' BRIGGS GRACIi EMMA COOLEY FRANCES HOWARD DODGE RUTH ELIZAB ETH IJYIER IDA BLANCHE FENTON RUTH HAEEL FURBER MARION LOPHELIA GAY FLORENCE , MAY HIER DOROTHY RUTH Kmn 1':l,IZABE'I'H MAliSI'lALI. HEI.lEN PARSONS MARY PRESTON OTTILIE TURNIIULI. HELEN CLARK CRANE RUTH STELLA KNEELANIJ IRENE MARY HILL MARGARET LOUISE SHOREY JULIET WHl'l'0 125 N 2 1 J 'G , 1 . -4 3' .1 4" v 1" Lv- ll YI 'fc cf 'o 1 -.fs -fy- KYTT' . x ' K-3 "She St00ps t0 Conquer" Presented by Students in the Voice Training Class in the Gymnasium, Sir Charles Marlow Young Marlow . Squire Hardcastle George H-H5ll'7'ZgJ . Tony Lumpkin . Diggory . Roger Dick . . . Stlngo, Lanrlloral of Dick Mugglrzs . Tom Twist . Servant . . Mrs. I-Iarzlcastle . Kate Harflca.vtle . Constance Nefu1'll . Maid . , . February 24, 1909. Cast of Characters The Three Pigeons 127 . LEONOR FIELD, RUTH KNEELAND JULIET WHI1'ON EDNA CURRIER, HAZEL KIIANTZ BLANCHE FENTON ELSIE JEFFERS MUIKIEL LAWSON MARGARET SHOREY ELIZABETH L001v11s CATHERINE BAECOCK . ADA SWEET FRANCES WARNER . SARA SWEET RAMONA DUNISAR i PIARRIET ADAMS 3 IQII IQII IQII IQII 1910 IQIO 1909 1911 IQII IQII IQII IQII IQII IQII IQII IQII "Captain Brassbound's Conversion" Presented by the Dramatic Club in the Gymnasium, March 16, 1909 Cast of Characters Captain Brassbouml of the Schooner Thank:gi'vz'ng . . Sir Howard Hallam . . Lexliz' Rankin . . . Captain Kearney of the Santiago Felix Drfnkwatrr . . . 7ohn:on . . . Redbrook . Marzo . . Sidi cl Orrif . The Cadz' . Ormond . . The Blue Yafkct . Kroo Boy: . Lady Cirely . 128 . BLANCHE FENTON, . GERTEUDE KNOX, . . ELMIE LOGIE, . . MARY CORSA, MARGUERITE BOURDON, . REBECCA MIXNER . DOROTHY KIDD ! KATHERINE BOUGHTON, . OTTILIE TURNBULL . HELEN STONE . GENEVA BELLINGER, HAEEL HUTTON EMILY FRITSCH, J HELEN IARSONS, ANNA RUNYON ! 7 1910 1909 1910 1909 1909 IQO9 1910 1910 IQIO 1909 1909 1910 1909 IQIO 1909 " Beauty and the Beast " Presented by the Class of 1910 in the Gymnasium, April 13, 1909 The Mtfrchant . . Beauty, his youngext :laughter Marz'golzf hi: other . D1'L'J.fl.l1.7IlJt1 daughter: . The Beast . . Yestor . Servant . GRACE COOLEY RUTH DYER Cast of Characters Committee . CAROLYN SEWALL . HIELEN GL1NEs j I-IELEN RUST QMARGARET HUTC1-11NsoN . MAIQJOIXIIE CLARK . KATHARINIE ABBEY . BEATRICE BLAKSLEE WILMA MAYBERRY, Chairman MARGARIET WELI.liS 129 MAIKION GAY EL1zAEE'1'H MARSHALL 66 ' 7 99 Wmter s Tale Presented by the Dramatic Club in the Woodlzmcl Theater, May 26, IQOQ Cast of Characters Lcorzfes, King of S1111-y . Camfflo Cfrozrzvrzcr S1'r1'f1'r1r1Lonf.f Dion Anolfzer Sl.L'I.ll'lI7Z Lord . Polixcnrx, King of Bolzrnlia Florigel, hi: mn . . . fin Old Sfzrplzrrd . . Cfown, fz1A.r .mn 4 . Sv1"un11t Io tlzv OM Sl1cj1l11'rrf ., a rogue . . HfflIll.OHl', qurrn to Leonfrs Pcrzlfta, zlnugfzivr to Leorzicx . Ijllllliflll, fl lmly of Lcontrr' muff S hz'plzer1l1'.v.rz'r . . SI,L'l.l!.II7l Gvnilfmen 130 M11.D111s1J DlZNNlC'I"1', g EMILY l"1u'rscH, -. MA1mA111z'1' L1aw1s L I'IH1.1cN 'l'A111z, RUTH ALv011D, HA111111c'1' 'THOMPSON, fJ'I'TIl.lE '1'u11N11u1,L, 'l'111aoDo11A P1acK, . HELEN C0oK, I31aAT111C1z B1.AKs1.1zE, LILLIAN Osooon, . MAIKY Domus, H1a1.12N PARSONS, MARY P1u5s'1'0N, A1,TH1cA B1aA1,, GRACE Coo1.1aY, g' EFF115 M. WEBS'l'liR, MAB121. JAMES, HELEN TARR, 3 1909 1909 IQIO IQIO IQIO IQIO 1910 1910 1910 1910 1909 1999 1910 IQIO 1910 IQIO IQIO 1909 1910 " Feast at Solhoug " I'rusc11t1-cl by the lJ1':1111aric Club in thc Woodland 'l'l1cz1rer, May 26, 1909 Cast of Characters lijflflgf'C1llllfl'A'0ll, Mu.rn'r of Snllmug . ll1c1.1cN ICAMIQS, A4nqgN,hi:1u9b . . . jnssln h4ACLAY, SI'g?7I',.1ll'7' :Lvfm '.., l"I.0RIENCI2 H11a11, Umlumuml .4!f7071,flll'1.I' ICIIIIJIIIIIII 'CUNA ERICSON, Knut Ur,1'l1'11g,tf1f KI-7IkQ,I SlIl'7'I'ff RUTH BAILEY, li:-if of lflf-ggw, lllzf fI'l.l'1I1l . . . IENNIIC Nlousla, l,lmm,'Cm4lJ ' H .K A1.1c1c l'IA1.1,1GAN, LCIHNEVA IMHJJNGER, 7Wr kHngF Hnwqy . . IMJZABETH NVAVHQ ,flu Old Man . . NlA111oN SAYWARD, IKI 9 1999 IQ 1 o IQ 1 o IQ 1 o IQOQ 1909 1909 1909 1910 1909 , . "Cathleen ni H0ulihan" Presented by the Dramatic Club in thc Gymnasium, December 14, 1909 Cast of Characters Pc-ter Gillanc .......... AGAT1-1A DIMON, Michael Gillane, his ron ..... . ELIZABETH MARSHALL, Patrick Gillane, a lacl of twelve . . ETHEL BEEMAN, Bridget Gillane, Peter'.r 'wife . . RUTH BRIERLY, Delia Calzel, engaged to Michael . . . HELEN GLINES, The Poor Old Woman ..... MARION MARSH, NEllgl1b0fI " His Social Status " by Marion Horsfield, 1910 Presented by the Dramatic Club in the Gymnasium, December 14, 1909 Cast of Characters Doctor Butler, Profesror of Social Science: at Oxford . . . HELEN CASE, Doctor Smith, Profesror of Social Science at Columbia . . . ETHEL MCKEE, Mr. Smitlz, hi: next-door neighbor . . . . BERNICE HODGES, Mr:. Smith, lzi: wife . . . . . INEZ ROGERS, Kate,tl1eir mairl . . . . EDNA SAMMIS, I32 1912 1910 1912 1912 IQIO 1910 1910 IQI2 1912 IQIZ IQI2 I I fi? - ' - . I - . I 1. , . -M..4.,.L 1 .'.., Vg sw. "" liz"- I "1 I I I ff:-as ., ............ it -5" I r""?'?' '-'--f-if - W- I - ,,,rr-V 1, '- i' ' ie-"..,:s -L-I I, 2. ,.. .,...'1'.:.fg:.':f:42:g-,13ffiL.,.. 1:41, '.-ZMWWK141 V , ., , .,.,,,. .1 ,rg,,,...L,' ',, 1 ' " The Land of Heart's Desire" Presented by the Dramatic Club in the Gymnasium, December 14, 1909 Cast of Characters Maurteen Bruin, an Irish Peaxant ..... MARY PRESTON, Shawn Bruin, hi: .von . . CHRISTINE EVERTS, Father Hart . . . JEANNETFE SIMMONS, Bridget Bruin, Maurteerf: wife . MARION SNow, Mdllff Bruin, their daughter-in-law . FLORENCE HIER, A Faery Child . . . NELLIE Donn, Music composed by Ruth Dyer, 1910 '33 1910 1912 1912 1912 1910 1912 5'2- rg. H 11 it mhirh 1HvrIz1inrth tn gr Athlvtirz f W HHUW 'JJ Q- in 7 3.2 KY" .T L L E,L,L5,1i1+i5,i The Athletic Association "Oh f it is exfellfnt to IIKVUL' a gfflllfi' .ftre1zgtlz." Officers 1909- l910 MAllGAIiE'1' OLIVIA CooK, IQIO . . . . Pre.v1'a'mzt RACHEL CLAFLIN, IQII . VI.CB-PT6A'l.dEIZf ISLIZAIIETH WRIGHT, 1911 . . Secretary JEAN CALDERWOOD KEI11, 1912 . . Treamrcr Executive Committee MARGARE'1' OLIVIA COOK, Chairman RUTH GILETTE ALVOIID, 1910 MARGUEIIITE CAIITEII, 1911 ADELIA MEI.ISSA DODGE, 1912 137 Senior Basketball Team MARGARET OLIVIA COOK . MARY ELIZAEETI-I GIERE . ISABELLA MARION VOSBURGH AEEY CARY NORTON, Captain GRACE LEARNEIJ MASSONNEAU RUTH GILE'l'1'E ALVORD . KA'1'HERINE JENNINGS ABBEY LILLAS CAROLYN PRATT . ALZADA PECKHAM COMSTOCK ELEANOR MARGARET WELLES I Right Forward Right Forward Left Forward . Goal Goal . Center Right Guard Left Guard Left Guard . Interferer Sophomore Basketball Team JEANNETTIQ LoI,A SIMMONS . MARIAN CATWRIGHT PIQASIQ PHILAMELIA LEE ROBINSON BERNICE ICWERS HOIDGIES CHRISTINE EVERTS . . CLARE HIZBAIKD SMALL, Captain DoRoTHY LARNED . . I Right Fomuarff Left Forward . Goal . Canter Right Guam' Left Guard . Interfervr Junior Basketball Team MARc:UER1'1'E CARTER . . Right Forward EUNICE LI-IIOLA CRANE . Center Forward IRENE WA'l'ERS SYLVESTER . Left Forward LULU MILIJIQIEID Hoon . . . . Canter HfXRRIE'I' MILDRED HOLDEN, Captain . . Center CORINNE VIOLA Loomis . . Left Guard KATHARINE ISABEL BURT . . Interferer LUCIA RICHARDSON . R1'ghtGuard 140 Freshman Basketball Team MAIQGIEIIY JANE FAssla'1"1' . MAli'l'HA BRADLIQY WIEEIDEN BARBARA SOUTHWORTH HOWLAND MAIIJORIIE CoRn1,1zY, Captain MARY ASHBY CHEEK . MARjOIiIIE SMITH . . INA WOODISIQIIDCIE ATWOOD . ELIZA REED HUNT . ALBERTA ADOLPHSON . . I Left Guard Right Guard Right Guard . Center . Goal Left Forward Right Fmfwnra' Right Forfwara' . 17'1f6'7f'TE7' - il "S Indoor Meet March 19, 1909 IQI2 259 points 1910 255 points 1911 250 points Lnu1rr:- MISS FLORENCE S. I2no1aR'1'oN M1 Outdoor Meet May 19, 1909 Fifty-Yard Dash . Seventy-Five-Y:11'd Dash High Jump . . Running Broad Jump Standing Broad Jump Shot Put . . Ball Throwing . Hurdles . . . One-Quarter-Mile Run Relay Race . . ARRY CARY NORTON, IQIO . . ABBY CARY NORTON, 1910 . . RACHEL C1.AF1,1N, IQII . , BERYL HOLMES PAIGE, IQII B1aREN1c1a Iiw1aRs Houoizs, 1912 .2 CHRISTINE Iiv12RTs, IQI2 . CHR1sT1N1a Ev1eRTs, 1912 . . NIEl.LIE CARTER Donn, IQI2 KATHARINIE JENNINGS A11111-:Y, IQ . . . 1910 . . . Basketball 1909 ss IvY EATON . 6. 9 seconds I0 seconds . . 4. feet . . I2 feet 1 inch 6 feet IOEZ' inches 34 feet Si inches . 159 feet 85 inches . 112 seconds 10, 1 minute IQ seconds 1909-1911 1 March 9, IQOQ score 48-0 1910-1912 March 9, IQOQ score 46-14 IQOQ-1912 March 13, 1909 score 25-16 1910-1911 March 13, 1909 score 28-O 1911-1912 March 17,1909 score 16-12 1909-1910 March 17, 1909 score 15-22 Tennls Tournament Singles ISABELLA MARION Vos11URGH,191o Doubles MARGARET OLIVIA Cooic, 1910 DOROTHY RUTH K1DD, IQIO KATHAR11-JR ABBEY, IQIO RUTH ALvoRD, IQIO MARGARET Cooic, IQIO ELMA Loom, IQIO ELEANOR WELLIES, IQIO Ns1.L1E Donn, 1912 CHRISTINE EvER'rs, I9I2 BERENICE Honoss, 1912 Wearers of the "H" Quarter-Mile Run Ball Throwing Shot Put High Jump Hurdling Hurdling Shot Put Standing Broad Jump I42 1 minute I9 seconds 156 feet 9 inches 33 feet 9 inches 4 feet 7 seconds Ilfi seconds 34 feet 81 inches 6 feet 103- inches ' 5 V : whirl! igvrtainrih rn gr Iguhlimtinnn S FH H1670 U WVHUN5 fm, ' V ' I' hiv X A U- , N I 'X fo N li , 1 Q I IX N f , V ' Nfl! .K 1. V- U K A , 31 h ., 'XfL 1 I The Mount Holyoke "Sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge." ESTHER LORING RICHARDS, IQIO . . Editor-in-Chief MABEL V1o1.A STANGNATT, IQII . . . Bufinesx Manager MARION LYMAN TALMADGE, 1912 . . Asszktant Buxiness Manager Literary Editors MABEL FossETT BRIGGS, IQIO NINA WALMSLEY MORGAN, IQIO HELEN GAY PRATT, 1910 MARION IDA COLBY, 1911 MAUDE AGNES TITUS, IQII FRANCES LESTER WARNER, IQII 14-5 The Llamarada "On their own H167'I'f,f, nzozlfyi mm are 11'nml1." FRANCES LOUISE VEACH lfditor-in-Clzief SARAH S'I'RIElE'l'ER , BIll'1"'Zf,i',i' Mmmgrr HELEN CLARK CRANE . .,.... Art liditor Assistant Business Managers AEICAII. Foo'I'E BROWNELI, KATHERINE ISAEI-:L BUR1' MILIJREIJ HOLDEN Assistant Art Editors 1 MARY REIJINc:'I'oN ICLY MARc:ARE'I' ANNIE MUIKIQAY Literary Editors PACIFIC BELLE BAILEY RUTH S'1'liI,l,A KNEELANI1 LUCIE FRANCES DAVIS BESSIE MAIKIA MCCOY IQLIEANOR HUSIAI -IULIE'I' WHI'I'0N I46 which igvrtainvth in QP Swrrrt ' Svnrirtiea 4 l at-jgx' A: ' . :mb f J '14 , j f' 'yn 25131 , -gi, 1 1 'f 'v',. . 1 ... N lf' Wh ' J ss . " "j'- NU T E 1-AIYQB Sigma Theta Chi 1887 A In Facultate ADA LAURA SNELL ALICE AYR NOYES 1910 HELEN ELIZABETH BARTON GRACE COCHRANX HELEN PAULINE GLINES MARION RUTH NEWELL LUCY SIMONDS PAGE EVELYN ELIZABETH SEELY1' ISABELLA MARION VOSEURGI-I MARGARET DIADEMA WELLES 1911 MARY BARTHOLOMEW LULU MILDRED HOOD ALICE BROWN RUTH STELLA KNEELAND HELEN FRANCIS CRAIIES AMY LARNED4' EUNICE LEIOLA CRANE ESTHER BIGELOW MANIJELL MARJORIE POLLARD GRAVES FRANCES LOUISE VEACH HARRIET MILDIQED HOLDEN FRANCES LESTER WARNER MILLIE FAITH WEI.I..S:" 1912 FLORENCE WISWALL BAKER ' KATHERINE OS'1'RANIJER RUTH LORAINE EVANSX MARGARET GODING "'Left College. SUSIE HARVEY PILSEURY HELEN RICHARDSON MAIQGARET' WOODS HELEN FRANCES LASKEY MABEL WELCH A ISI +1f"M'f+Q W . X .4 Q2 NPG 1 -N., '-'mf ff. E Ss' 4- I Y I7 f ' fix- M695 ? J o A ,"-2j: .fg,. ' S a , ,fb 1, ggi Hfvlw lihiln. " V A" T E I LQ? Xi Phi Delta 1891 In Facultate MARGARET BALL GLADYS MAY CARNEY96 MARJORIE CASWELL CLARK EDNA MARY ERICSONW 19 MARGARET EMMA I-IUTCHINSONT CLARA ISAIIEL COCKER96 MARGARETTE DANIELS HELEN WILKINSON KURTZX RUTH HALL RICHARDSON ELINOR COLIIY MARION AMINE DAVIS "'Lcft College. 1911 19 155 CLARA LOUISE MANN4' ANNA SHEPARDR GRACE TIIAVIS ELIZABETH WAITE HELEN BISHOP STRONG MARION SIBYL TAYLOR , EUGENIA LOUISE VALEN'1'lNE NANCY SIIILEY WILKINS DOROTHY BURWELL GAMSIIY INEZ ARDELLE ROGERS fo-M-m lmvn I , QQ AF A f E- l5,lfM5-1ZLf5iA Psi Omega 1897 In Facultate MARY GILMORE WILLIAMS LILLA FRANCES MOIXSE 1910 ' RUTH GILETTE ALVORD RUTH HAZEL FURBER ALTHEA LOIS BEAL BERYL FRANCES GATES LUCY FREDRICKA BRISTOL MARY ELIZABETH GIERE MARGARET OLIVIA COOK ABBY CARY NORTON MARY ELOISE ROBINSON 1911 HARRIET SCOLES ADAMS JEANNE ELOISE MCEWEN MAEEL CLARA BLAKE? ANN HALL WHEELER HAZEL IRENE KRANTZAC JULIET WHITON 1912 MARGARET RUTH ARMSTRONG ANNA SUMNER JENKS MILDRED ALMON BOURDON DOROTHY LARNED MARGARET GIEREX PHILAMELIA LEE ROBINSON YLQR College. I A 1r:1.1.vo'r'r Pm.. ,.,,--f-Q. -,-M, v 'x.. .v. ,, , v L -Sf Gamma Kappa Organized 1898 Established 1901 In Facultate MARY WERD BURDICK LYONS CSERTRUDE EDGERTON KNOX 1910 ' HELEN CRAIG BAKER FLORENCE MABEL HIER GRACE EMMA COOLEY HELEN PARSONS MARY GILLESPIE FLORENCE MAY SMITH? EFFIE MAXON WEliSTERx 1911 MARJORIE WESTON COOK ETHEL WHITE DEIKIBYA: HELEN CLARK CRANE ETHEL HILLS MURPHY MARY STREETS 1912 MARGARET PERRY DICKEY MARGARET GARDNER STICKNEY ELIZABETH MACDONALD OSIZORNE DOROTHY STICKNEY ' "'Lcft College. 163 "tt "' N W 'Wu 'uh W 'iv I s :Armor an 'Y ff' , X x A 0 . Ld 'A f ryl Q3 f" I! 1 ' xx 1 , I " X 154+ N , nf- "x.. Y., KYIJJ X K KSA L A.. E Chi Delta Theta 1902 In Facultate LUCY G. ROBERTS 1910 KATHERINE JENNINGS ABBEY A ELIZABETH LINDSAY"' ELEANOR DOLE CLEMENT ELMA MAY LOGIE GRACE CHARLOTTE Dlx JESSIE FLORENCE MACLAY OTTILIE TURNBULL 1911 CATHARINE WEIR BABCOCK4' KATHARINE ISABEL BURT MAUDE AGNES 1912 KATHARINE FLOWERS MARY DOUGLAS FRAZIER MARION HAZEL GYSBERS ELLEN HOLTON SHERMAN Q 'Left College. 167 MARGARET LOUISE SMITH SARAH STREETER TITUS 1912 BERNICE EWERS HODGES MARGARET KEMPER MINA ANDERSON SESSIONS PKW . ji V 'ei' ' ' NIEIZiLZ'1'5Ill5EI"'!'ll-3 y :lf N r B :,5. , Q .f:3:l:wiz :::1:u7 V U fg'i'f ' IL Q .Drrkllf KY v ro 0 "rf Phi Beta Kappa Founded at William and Mary College, December 5, 1776 Official Roll of Chapters Alpha of Virginia, William and Mary College, Alpha of Connecticut, Yale University, Alpha of Massachusetts, Harvard University, Alpha of New Hampshire, Dartmouth College, Alpha Alpha of New York, of Maine, Alpha of Rhode Island, Beta of Connecticut, Gamma of Connecticut, Alpha of Ohio, W Alpha of Vermont, Beta of Massachusetts, Beta of Ohio, Beta of New York, Gamma of Ohio, Union University, Bowdoin College, Brown University, Trinity College, Wesleyan University, estern Reserve University, University of Vermont, Amherst College, Kenyon College, New York University, Marietta College, Gamma of Massachusetts, Williams College, Gamma of New York, Beta of Vermont, Alpha of New Jersey, Delta of New York, Epsilon of New York, Zeta of New York, Eta of New York, Theta of New York, Alpha of Pennsylvania, Beta of Pennsylvania, Iota of New York, Alpha of Indiana, Alpha of Illinois, Alpha of Kansas, College of the City of New York, Middlebury College, Rutgers College, Columbia University, Hamilton College, Hobart College, Colgate University, Cornell University, Dickinson College, Lehigh University, University of Rochester, De Pauw University, Northwestern University, University of Kansas, Gamma of Pennsylvania, Lafayette College, Delta of Massachusetts, Tufts College, Delta of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania, Alpha of Minnesota, Alpha of Iowa, University of Minnesota, University of Iowa, Alpha of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Alpha of Lo11isia 1776 1780 1781 1787 1817 1825 l83O 1845 1845 1847 1848 1853 1858 1858 l86O 1864 1867 1867 1869 1869 1870 1871 1878 1882 1887 1887 1887 1889 1890 1890 1890 1892 1892 1892 1895 1895 Alpha of Nebraska, University of Nebraska, Beta of Maine, Colby College, Kappa of New York, Syracuse University, Epsilon of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College, Beta of Indiana, Wabash College, Alpha of California, University of California, Zeta of Pennsylvania, Haverford College, Alpha of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin, Epsilon of Massachusetts, Boston University, Mu of New York, I Vassar College, Delta of Ohio, Beta of New jersey, Cincinnati University, Princeton University, Lambda of New York, St. Lawrence University, Beta of Illinois, Alpha of Tennessee, Alpha of Missouri, Eta of Pennsylvania, Alpha of Colorado, Zeta of Massachusett University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, University of Missouri, Allegheny College, University of Colorado, s, Smith College, Beta of California, Leland Stanford, jr., Univ., Alpha of North Carolina, University of North Carolina, Beta of Colorado, Colorado College, Eta of Massachusetts, Wellesley College, Epsilon of Ohio, Ohio State University, Theta of Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College, Alpha of Texas, Beta of Maryland, University of Texas, Woman's College of Baltimore, Zeta of Ohio, Oberlin College, Eta of Ohio, Ohio Wesleyan University, Gamma of Illinois, University of Illinois, Alpha of Michigan, University of Michigan, Theta of Pennsylvania, Franklin and Marshal College, Beta of Iowa, Iowa College, Beta of Virginia, University of Virginia, na, Tulane University of Louisiana, 1909 171 1895 1896 1896 1896 1898 1898 1899 1899 1899 1899 1899 1899 1899 1399 1901 1901 1902 1904 1904 1904 1904 1904 1904 1904 1905 IQOS IQOS 1907 1907 1907 1907 1 908 908 0 1 198 V-N 'N-- f""J A X tj T E ...Hr-AMQR Phi Beta Kappa Theta Chapter of Massachusetts Chartered September 7, 1904 Organized January 30, 1905 ' Installed February 24, 1905 Members of the Board Of Trustees EDWARD HITCHCOCK, M.A., M.D., LL.D. REv. JOHN L. R. TRASK, M.A., D.D. REV. JOHN RUSSELL HERRICK, D.D.' Members in the Faculty and Staff MARY EMMA WOOLLEY, M.A., Litr.D., L.H.D. CORNELIA MARIA CLAPP, Ph.D. ELLEN CLARINDA HINSDALE, Ph.D. MARY GILMORE WILLIAMS, Ph.D. - ELLEN BLISS TALBOT,xPl1.D. MIGNON TALBOT, Ph.D. AMY HEwEs, Ph.D. SAMUEL PERKINS HAYES, B.D., Ph.D. HELEN ELISABETH HOAO, B.A. CHARLES DOWNER HAzEN, Ph.D. EMILIE JOSEPHINE HUTCHINSON, M.A. ALMA GRACEY STOKEY, Ph.D. MARGARET SHOVE MORRIss, B.A. MARY WALLACE GALT, B.A. A MARION CLAIRE JOHNsON, B.A. GERTRUDE EDGERTON KNOX, B.A. MARORETTA MARTIN, B.A. FLORENCE MATILDA READ, B.A. ' Members in the Class of 1909 EMILY RosE BURT GERTRUDE EDGERTON KNOX MARY WALLACE GALT - HELEN GARIDNISR MANR HELEN MAY GATES MARGRETTA MARTIN CLARA BODMAN HAwRs BERTHA MAY NEWCOMII MARION CLAIRE JOHNSON FLORENCE MATILDA READ FLORENCE WINONA KELLEY WINIFRIZD EMERSON WEAVER Members in the Class Of 1910 ' Hlil.EN ADELIA COOK EDNA MAY HALE RUTH ALLEN DAVIS EDITH ST. CLAIR PALMER MARY PRESTON. Officers MARY EMMA WOOLLEY, M.A., Litt.D., L.H.D. . . . . Prfsidenr SAMUEL PERKINS HAYES, B.D., Ph.D. . . . Virf-Prerident HELEN ELIZABETH HOAG, B.A. . . . Sc'rrftar'y-Trz'n:urer "'Trustce from 1874-1878. 172 MQ 'I Iacksflck Officers-1909-1910 .P7'E.1'I.dE1'lf MAISEL FOSSIQTT BRIGGS, IQIO VIICE-P1'6J'l.d671f MARY ELOISE ROBINSON, IQIO Members 1910 HELEN RAYMOND ABBOTT MARION ALCOTT BALLOU HELEN ELIZABETH BARTON MAISEL FOSSETT BRIGGS MAIKION MAliSH HELEN PARSONS MARY PRESTON MAIKY IQLOISE ROBINSON 1911 AI,1e'1'HEA SHIERBROOKIE BLIQIZCRIR HBLIQN CLARK CRANE NINA WAI.MSI,IiX' MOIQCIAN FRANCES Ll5S'l'liR WAIQNEIK 73 X XOEOKAHZ ATQOPK HATE S A C mtg? Baslc PIIHCIPICS Congenlahty and Orlgmahty Arden! admtratzon or the Greek as exemplzjiea' tn the Works of Sophoeles Keenert appreezatzon O Beauty and Pathos as exem plz ea' In the Idzot Boy ffbfltlty in Construettng Original and ffborfginal Proye and Poetry. Hztmz'l1'ty Balanced by Sel -Rexpeet. Offlcers and Active Members in 1910 MARY ELOISE ROBINSON Grand Chaperone KATHERINE ENNINGS ABBEY Great Creatffue Genius MARION RUTH NEWELL Loquaeioux L1'nguz'.rf HEI,EN FRANCES CASE flppreeiatifue Listener GRACE EMMA COOLEY Critic MAISEI. FOSSETT BRIGGS Leading Literary Light ADELE HODGSON NOIlTON Grand Keeper of the Privy Seal GEIKTRUDE ANNA MERIIICK Proerastinatea' Perzultimate - ' -- - :-. f":.:1,-' 4--af. " L: " '-f-2Li.'- ff-'-4" Honorary Members WII I IAM WOIiIJSWO1il Hx, Bard FI IIAIIFIII BAI DWIN IJIMARTG1, I A Crztfc AIICI' AYR NOYFS, fa. Gmmz' Clzapmom' F1 oRI NCI MATIIIJA RIAD, Lx Gram! Clmpmone jlglll MARION BROCRWAY DANA, I x Apprmatzfue Iutfmv DONNY A Young Ifoly Tamer Assxduous Self Rusher Dlsapproved AIIHIA BIAL BLANCHL FENION GFNIIVIILVE CLARK GRALI MASSCDNNIAU CIARA CUIIFR I+LI7AIsI'1H SAYRI I'Il'LlN SCHADN: DR CooK Spying Allens Nerve with em Spzrzts Humarz error wallcr efuer 111 a cycl Thomas Farlylf "'DLcLascd -T., .L -'14 xx--' -- fm' ef: we .- 2. 2.2 , 2 fe- " 3. , 3 4, 1 Ag- '- I I - 4. . 2 'Q ' . 2 'x- W ,- I 5. HIiI,EN VIIQGINIA RUNNI2'I'TI2, Ex-Lending .LI'fL'flI7'J 6 ' , 5 .L , ' ' J' I. 7- I - ' I - . -, . . " ' e."-- , . D 0 b J Q If lim a nuS X. ewfws., " I5Mg'x,v.fafa .151 Somnafem, ra-mam Amvd Q Seini'Mal'ih1lUnf.QYTaluYyrharTon X Ihvisibii. VaCuHTlSi:h:hl6.n1" X' Aeriak Npseme DM Cv pfnC.C.veSce.ndeDodqe N eiulous NonenTuT Ksdd A eonhn Eaitacx goalie E.. v apoiarlhikssfncefzrsons I mm al? 1 la llmmenskt Unluhavf NysTevsou.s Munumrvfs fwaihi Em 1:11313 cal E759 I 'ffm-I h mhirh lgrrtainvth In gr Glalvnhm' I3 1911 elects its L1.A1v1A11A1JA Board. I4 Christian Hiilsen, Secretary of the German Archaeo- I5 The IQIO LLAMARADA Board begins to smile to 16 1911 presents "Hop 0'-My-Thumb" before the 15 1 - so V iv"- J b l ' 5 THE LLAMARADA f f' " , N, Y - -"if--'f-T-"1lT:?i?,' - -'JM A gmligggiigx W- 'Hull' y y A 777 -e , f.'f g.f"c. ,, . Sf ! - .Hi fi 3 . 0- hw, a ., 4- ifQ157s1gN A' " 3x11m11113"w ' -., f ' " ,, I,.,' jL,31"L" " i ' ' gyzffj 5-.frf . '1's..-fsfsffwxxxg Q .54 ttvt . il 1 -ff 11 fs l 'if' I A fi-f' "" '!"' X ,g.E:ip' 9, 9991. Ag ,fll X -fl V N .9 f ' -- g -- ' - -'Am " -A' lil I' -ni '-n APRIL 7 Spring term begins. 8 Mary Preston leaves dinner early, but does not find the IQIO L1.AMA11A1JA. IO The IQIO LLAMARADA Board has that "worried look." II President Francis Brown, of Union Theological Seminary, New York, preaches in the morning and speaks at Vespers in the evening. 12 Mr. David Eugene Smith, Ph.D. Of.,-fCHCl1Cl'S, College, Columbia University, lectures on Y "The History of Mathematics." Mary Preston and Marion Newell sit near the door and leave early, but no 1910 LLAMARAIJA do we see that night. IQIO presents "Beauty and the Beast. " logical Society, Rome, lectures on "The Roman Forum." ward evening. 9 P. M. brings a red light on thc South Campus and the1910 LLAMARADA. Loudly do we sing the praise of 1910. Dramatic Club. I7 Marjorie Brand and Marion Munsey drive home from the Granby church supper by moonlight. 18 Reverend Lyman Abbott, D.D., preaches in the morning. The New England Chapter of American Guild of Organists has charge of Vespers in the evening. IQ Marjorie Brand and Marion Munsey visit the Dean's oflice, by request. 178 Auf - 'X-Q Av- g ' W 5 V Y ' , ' pls ' THE LLAMARADA f . A -X ,A 54, Y J - 'Jig' mel'-J 20 Le Giocose gives a Moonlight Dance. ffbci The Sophomores are detained at K k-,QP home, making costumes for the next lvvg evening. 'S "' l 2I Sophomore-Senior Reception. Frances ,l - W Warner gives a lecture on "Colonial ' X History. " A member ofthe Faculty A X ' is heard to remark, "Even Miss l gp lillis couldn't have done so well." I A n , TY H 22 IQII celebrates the anniversary ofits Fresh- I' l .1 man Frolic by sleeping till the ,Erst y K ,Sli 6 -. breakfast bell. ' 'N X, -f' U' all af- 7 , M. Marcel Poete lectures on "Paris 3 Q ' A W, au temps des Romantiquesf' ' K .P , " .545 3 L3 f 23 Miss Maud lf. Miner, Secretary of New N 5 -P. V T., Ly York Probation Society, lectures on I , .QQ 1" if "Probation Work Among Women." A Q ,, ,i 'mt 24 Amy Larned and Frances Veach join the . ,si fi' fi, "Anti-Rat League." Louise La- 0 A LQ' 5 J porte who had considered asking S' for membership in the League sud- denly declares against it. Marion Munsey and Marjorie Brand ask permission to walk to the Art Nook Reverend Jesse G. Nichols preaches in the morning. 3 25 28 The Faculty of Mount Holyoke College present "Do You Like It? ' Campus halls are de- serted. Moonlight borrowed from Le Giocose proves too bright and is extinguished. 29 Especially good Faculty attendance at Chapel. Reverend li. A. Reed, of Holyoke, leads the service preparatory to Communion. 30 Ruth Mitchell gives a Sunset Tea. All there but the Sun. Miss Mary Agnes Best tells West Side stories in the evening. MAY 1 Seniors consult the ".Weather Man" and decide not to jump rope. 2 Reverend Harold G. Pattison, of Saint Paul, Minnesota, conducts the Communion Service in the morning and speaks at Vespers in the evening. 3 Seniors jump rope. Louise Mesick distinguishes herself' by tearing her gown. 4 Juniors spin tops. A stranger, going through South Hadley on the electrics, gets OH' to telephone the Holyoke Fire Department. Open meeting of Theta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, address by President Hadley, of Yale University. Hazel Krantz sits in the front row, but commences to talk in her sleep and is borne out. 5 Tag Day. Helen Eames cowers on Pearsons back steps all day. Le Giocose gives a play. Marion Munsey and Marjorie Brand are refused per- mission to attend. 179 .A THE LLAPLAQXADA . D..- 6 Campus Sing. Spring is truly here, frogs and all. 8 Meeting ofthe Western Massachusetts Volunteer Union is held. Marjorie Rankin asks to be excused from "Math" quiz to attend the meeting. 9 Reverend Sherrard Billings, of Groton, Massachusetts, preaches in the morning. Vira Peters visits 39-40 Pearsons to consult about a Campus Sing. IO Announcement of the election of' Miss Vivian Blanche Small, President of Lake Erie College. Clara Whitaker commences a two days' weep. II 1910 chooses rooms. 1909 presents the "Prize of War." S I I2 1911 chooses rooms. all Marjorie Brand and Marion Munsey ask permission to go around W 3 campus looking at rooms. - r' i I3 1912 chooses what is left. Aflinities find rapid development. I4 Ramona Dunbar forgets to change the style of her coiffure. I I5 Doctor Charles Sprague-Smith lectures on "Working VVith the People." 16 Reverend L. Clark Seelye, D.D., President of Smith College, preaches in the morning. L I7 Doctor Charles Sprague-Smith speaks at Vespers in the evening. 18 The "children of IQIZH entertain 1909. IQ Dartmouth Prom commences. College depopulated. Those left in South Hadley enjoy the Out-Door Meet. Mr. Shea breaks the record in the twenty-yard dash. Miss Couch gives a Voice Training Recital in the evening. K 20 Mr. Shea mends his broken record. 23 Reverend Samuel A. Eliot, of Boston, preaches in the morning. Miss Agnes Hill, of Int 11, speaks in the evening at the Y. W. C. A. service. 26 May Day Celebration. Amy 'uf Larned makes a unique 5 ' Hnish to the dance by My-K A .N Q gy 4,2 I standing on her head. 7 .Q MU Q N3 JLKV0 l ,QJZI 2Q Inter-Chapter Debate. 1909 I 1 ' 'Q :gain "bears ol? the I' i ED u I , -n of I laurel." , V Xi 30 Reverend Herbert A. jump, 1 , I of Brunswick, Maine, 1' V,,, . . '. 1 .f . fl , preaches in the morn- ' V W 1 V ,J v Q ing. l f i 1 Memorial Day. Mr. Richard H 3 Watson Gilder delivers , A ' .4 X an address on Abra- W x N ham Lincoln. ' I ' . fb A X Margaret Murray re- . ' '11 - ' f ceives permission to " " "'- ' ,NJDZJX-X visit a friend in North- -X- .us Q , ' ampton with an "old . school teacher of hers. " xQ ' 180 A V -Q -O-R Y H i 4 THE LLAMARADA i n JUNE 1 Le Giocose entertains with a dance. fPardon repctitionj. 2 IQl2 enjoys its Freshman Mountain Day, despite the rain and approaching examinations. 4 The Senior Class and their friends enjoy the organ recital given by the Music Department. 5 Examinations begin. 6 Reverend Henry H. Tweedy, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, preaches in the morning. 8 IQIISlI'lgStl1CSCI1l0I'S0l'l:tOtl1Cm0llnf21ll1Zllltl21Cl'0L11'l1St0 f, - elect Junior oflicers. J Floppy Read stays down from the mountain to 1, " " study for examination in Bible IV. f' 1 Le Giocose closes its season with a Lawn Party A li in the Grove. 51 ,Qffgjf 9 Senior Mountain Day, The College sends a Carr, in -lm! ',vvWil ," charge of Isabella Vosburgh, to carry the mail ,lf up to the Seniors. 'X Uidtifgfllll I2 Examinations end, as all good things must. , i Ol-Ilqampug Freshmen leave in a body. Senior ' ffnylw yi Serenade in the evenin . Mr. Burnham is J' ' 1 ' if g mf fr . burned by a Roman candle and forgets, to lock X" ,nf Mary Lyon. I3 Reverend John Hopkins Dennison preaches the Baccalaureate Sermon in the morning. I4 Mary Lyon and Sarah Williston Scholars are announced. I5 The Alumnze Meeting is held in the morning. Transference of Williston steps to IQIO in the afternoon proves a solemn occasion The Glee Club Concert is held in the evening. I6 Reverend Hugh Black, D.D., delivers the Commencement address. Professor Hammond receives greetings and a "call" from 1911. President Woolley gives a reception for Alumnae, Seniors, and Commencement guests in the evening. I8 South Hadley settles down to a quiet summer. ,f w Bill "W . S K--5-X a new . 1 -.1 - -, 1 is , Z I ,L f , , ., . fb 952 , .. A ' fe. 1 - L-ff' , . ' , H ' :ff f?a'3"5'1'2' ., .gg Q' . . F?-jgfjy 42, ' S : - QV ' - .JZ ,, '. ' fi " ' f - , M ,Tx W fsgzxqg mt. I W ' 1-"QM .. ' in - ':, 1' -af " - I 4 ' ' QFIIZV gl, lpn' 4 ff I -i 2 .5-nays 41, ' ,V' 77, . I 1,5 I A A . f . , f , l., , f ll 'ffiiy 5 27 3' ,-'zfagfwg-,fir-'Lilfffillgy -.1 'c i 'gy 9 " jf' -7 ,zj if iff' -22? 'ff' v, 2 g . , , HQ , 1, -.QQ ,' , 1' . , , f Q-N - ff -' - - , 34','ggf,,Q..',gq4 7 f rj- ,ga , .Pizza ' Z- ,.:-zf 4 'ii 1 1 , J 4444 f 2,1 ff 1 17. 5 If ij' 395, wgm . ' ,fj1fe4f:.,9wf','..-rr'f,:ie,1-iffe :4y"g1g.w291 ,9 ev .: '-". 'f-:- -7' Z? A"f"f ' "Q"7'-. , -,Af 1 'HI' 'Q '- 1 I - ' ' " " , ' 1. ""w"5." ' " ' -if L 1 H 'ffff ft '42 'Wei eA..9f?f".'?r-A'1f1ill'll 5 9 S2 1: fe I 1 - "" lEi6'17.ifi.a-1-lg if? ,ffrzffd -' -1,1 ' ' ff li -E135 ll -ffl' .,.. I" V --lfT4' 1 - 14- - , , ' v- - . xr-rr ..- """"- -- f" '- - - ' ' '-le' " " r ' zifg' ,..4:f1"' V 4 g" -'-1--iff- Liv - 'Vis .. 1 .1 fl' "" A' ws- 51 3 6 The Freshman class meeting is enthusias- 7 Laura Welles is very suddenly taken with IO President William De Witt Hyde, of Bow- I3 Mountain Day rolls around again. We hie .r-A-K 1" VN"v'v err , fi 5 RQ , , 1- A l ' V ran ... E,,L1rLfXU.f5B-7"LD J- SEPTEMBER 22 Temporaries arrive and are viewed. 'V lm ' 23 College opens. A v Prom orders are made out by 8 A. M. ' 24 Miss Yell learns the names ofthe Freshmen. I 25 Pleasant day. Freshmen pick up spirits enough ., X to enjoy collecting names at the Y. VV. - I . 6 B I C. A. reception in the afternoon. ms N 5-V ,-,.,. 2 is mop William Lawrence, of Boston, preaches - ' ii ' J: in the morning. 'fxpr-XJ , '0 A-li' 27 Mary Tucker, 1913, thinks herself referred to by ' X LSX Il the sign, "Engaged except to M. T.," on L4 l ii I Miss E. B. 'l'albott's door and goes in. l l 9 Elizabeth Clapperton, 1908, visits College and X i goes to chapel a refund time. QSee IQIO rf L li LLAMARADA, june SQ -i ' ll ' , OCTOBER President Woolley conducts Vespers in the evening. 4. " Rocky Rocks" cut breakfast to occupy the front row in the gallery at Chapel. 5 Chapel seats in demand: Seniors appear ' '- in cap and gown. X- fir-Z Le Giocose gives its annual Barn Dance, doughnuts, and cider. tically attended. Solitaire Fever. The Faculty fear an epidemic. doin College, preaches in the morn- ing. Hattie Hawley declares in IQII class meeting that the heaviest expenses of the Junior Class come Junior Year. 'X-J T t 4 I Margaret Murray learns of a condition in Gymnasium: "she had not the right attitude." 2 Miss Caroline Galt administers pills to Wilder Faculty, i. e. tables are chosen. Reverend George Harris, D.D., President of Amherst College, preaches in the morning. 331A , , 1 s I5 Adele Norton takes her turn at cutting 0- -, 'fi S , - - QQ French X. -D 182 s ea . . f -3 THE LLAMARADA i i Reverend Henry H. Tweedy, of New Haven, Connecticut, preaches in the morning and speaks at Vespers in the evening. Mr. Horace Fletcher lectures in the evening. Mr. Horace Fletcher gives an Iillufffllffll lecture to Meadites at breakfast. Pearsons quite cheerfully chefwr its rations of bread and water. Dartmouth-Amherst game is played at Amherst. Posters and quiet-hour signs mysteri- ously disappear. Reverend Fndicott Peabody, of Groton, Massachusetts, preaches in the morning. Occupants of Safford suite for three spend rather warm half' hour in the closet, while the gas man tinkers with the radiator. Rumors ofthe spread of Solitaire Fever. Gertrude Merrick is reported to have a slight attack but she denies it.' Reverend W. H. P. Faunce, D.D., President of Brown University, preaches in the morning. NOVEMBER ' IQII gives a reception for IQI3 with the usual thunderstorm for music. Umbrellas and raincoats disappear from the campus halls. Day of great excitement! Abortive Freshman Frolic is nipped in the bud by stealthyf FQ Sophomores. Seniors in Rocky do double domestic work. All Juniors leaving South Hadley are tracked to their destination fgenerally White's Studioj. IQIO gives a reception for the Faculty. Eager girl on Ere escape heats question of one ofthe members ofthe Faculty, "Who is that member ofthe Faculty with Lucy Page ?" and the answer, "The Registrar." The Department of Plzyrical Culture announces "no cutsf, Indignation meetings are held. "No cuts" act repealed. Eleanor Huse remains in her room all day, her X TUUEQ, . . . - . YJ! shoes having been worn out in getting Senior wif" , Statistics. Physical examinations for basketball are held in Doctor Underhill's oflice. Eunice Crane is on diet of V eggs and milk to gain Hesh. f N Reverend Frank K. Sanders, President of Washburn ' Q College, Topeka, Kansas, preaches in the morn- , , ing and speaks at Vespers in the evening. X f ll "Thirty girls" fall victims to Brighamitis. , l l, Observed as Founder's Day. President Harry A. Gar- . i 1 field, LL.D., President of Williams College, Mila' X in 1 if ilykux Mvqlf I l X kg if hr delivers the address in the morning. evening. vb A Mrs. P. S. Peterson lectures on "The Conservation of' xmlf our Natural Resources." Margaret Woods visits IQII LLAMARADA meeting, but retires in confusion. Crocheting craze arrives at College. 183 is Mina e ne ive a ia e i a in ie o M s 1 L r r s P no R ct l tl RQN x x .A THE LLAMAWRADA W Reverend W. F. Slocum, President of Colorado College, preaches in the morning. After the boom given "The Right to Believe," by Miss Rowland, three new editions were ordered by the Book Store. Doctor Searles remarks in Latin IH, "The greatest example of dactyllic hexameter is 'I-liawatha:' 'This is the 'forest primevalf " Professor Charles Zueblin, of Chicago University, lectures on "The Twentieth Century City." Reverend Albert Fitch, of the Mount Vernon Church, Boston, preaches in the morning. The Wellesley Department of Music gives a Piano and Violin Recital in the evening. Thanksgiving Recess begins. The majority of girls remain at College to crochet ties. Steigers swarms with Mount Holyoke shoppers bu ing ,fs A crochet silk. Y I ll llgg A ' Observed as Thanksgiving Day. l if 4-N f Special cars run between Holyoke T l 'N and South Hadley. KG Q l 1-6 - X -L .. af 7 N Clare Small and Marlon Xl Us l l' 'i f Talmage lose their train. L l Reverend Charles Lewis Slattery, 1' ll l of Springfield, preaches in the morning. --' -2 I Elsie Jeffers, IQOQ, speaks ' L in the evening of "The 'J Mount Holyoke Vacation ' School in Boston," Clare Small and Marion Talmage return from their Thanksgiving vacation. Dorothy Kidd goes to Botany. Miss Kennedy faints and the class is excused. The Faculty Basketball Team accepts a challenge to play Harvard. DECEMBER Professor Charles Zueblin lectures on "Industrial Education." The Faculty Basketball team cancels the engagement with Harvard on account of in- juries suffered by Miss Flint. Schedules are due. Helen Glines begins to wonder what she will take next semester. Reverend Herbert A. Jump, of New Britain, Connecticut, preaches in the morning and speaks at Vespers in the evening. , Edna Sturtevant takes hair tonic for cough 3-1,3 Yi. V,-2 medicine What will become of IQII fs'-43 - 'i P77257 jp M W f- fi' without its Junior lunch chairman ? "5 5,01 , . . . M "f - ff. Cf, Doctor Max Friedlander, of Berlin Uni- 2421! ,qi-' -fo V E versity, lectures on "Das Deutsche rd ZQX5Qf " ' ' 1 Volkslied " 111559 7,1 +i2?Q5q,ganyy!.i.' ' . 41, -N ,f I ffm 'N XXW-.' . Edna Sturtevant recovers sufficiently l W ll 4' ,, "fl 131 W J to collect Junior lunch bills. D President Woolley gives a dinner' for the Faculty. Mead Hall is resplendent with the Faculty and the other halls with their doubles. 184 8 The members of Latin III enjoy a repetition of the straw- 9 Reverend John Sheridan Zelie, of Plainfield, New Jersey, E .!:.LAM.5!3.A1D 9 Miss Amy Hewes loses her train of thought in Ifconomics B I, and has to ask"'l'heo" what she was talking about. f - IO M. Camille Enlart, Directerer du Musee du 'l'rocad6ro, X. lectures on "Les Chateaux et la Vie l"'odale. 1 ,N X 2 Reverend Charles A. Barbour, D.D., of Rochester, New X 69' York, preaches in the morning. 'll N X Q Iwi . I3 Two plays by William Yeats are presented by the X Dramatic Club. The curtain raiser is a pro- X 'l duction from the pen of Miss Marian Money- - X ' penny Horslield. 4 16 l I5 Professor Charles Zueblin lectures on "The Fellowship I 9,'l r uhh. ofthe Common Life." fi. I7 Christmas Concert in the evening. IQI3 voices swell i f the chorus. 3' ' K 18 Solitaire Fever seizes a new victim. Ruth Kneeland is 1 X taken. l X IQ Reverend Ambrose W. Vernon, of Brookline., Massa- X chusetts, preaches in the morning and speaks hw, - - i sb.:--2 1' gf at Vespers in the evening. - '--- 20 Jeanne Mclfwen borrows an extra trunk to carry home her crocheted tics. 2I " Ever-due " quizzes are held. College closes and a world of Christmas cheer opens up before us. JANUARY 4 Heavy snowstorms throughout the country. 5 Heavy snowstorms continue. ,7 6 Those who have returned begin work. X Hortense Bradford succumbed to Solitaire lfever while at home and returns with the scar on her left hand. X Basketball training begins. Poor Dot Milford! 7 Professor Paul Shorey, of Chicago University, lectures on l "Some Modernisms ofthe Ancients." berry story. Miss Yell gives authentic information concerning all Junior Prom dresses to the SfN'l.7lgIil'f1l Republican reporter. preaches in the morning. The reports from the International Convention of the Student Volunteer Movement :ue given at the Y. W. C. A. meeting in the evening. IO Katherine Abbey returns from her Christmas vacation and Rocky no longer enjoys the quiet that reigned after Christmas. I Le Giocose gives a Masquerade Ball. 185 I4 16 21 22 24- 28 30 f . af- -v- f Et II Harriet Thompson falls a victim to Solitaire Fever, College threatens to close. Marion Newell is threatened with the fever and is taken home. Mr. Hayes wends his way to Safibrd to Senior Dinner, but finds he is a week early I2 Marion Newell has uit." I3 Pay Day. Helen Comstock pays her Junior lunch bill at the Consumer's League table Fever spreading. Mary Foster succumbs. Heavy snowstorm. Search parties are organized to lind Christine Everts, lost' between Rocky and the Judson. speaks at Vespers in the evening. I8 Mount Holyoke migrates to Springfield to find out "What Every Woman Knows." Margaret Murray removes her condition in "Gym." Regular exercise has im proved her attitude. enough. Marion Horsfield considers discontinuing Nineteenth Century History, because she Hazen t time. Jennie Bartholomew finds red carnations on her door, but her friends assure her that Nirvana bids are not yet out. 25 Richard C. Cabot, M.D., of Boston, lectures on "Mental Hygiene," preparatory to exami nations. Helen Crane attends the lecture, "having so much leisure." 26 Mr. Buhln gives a Piano Lecture-Recital on "Die Walkiiref' 27 The time has come when the grinds sport and the sports grind. Peg Comstock takes her only examination and begins training. speaks at Vespers in the evening. FEBRUARY I Examination in Greek XVIII is scheduled for February 2d. Dorothy Kidd and Juliet Whiton spend the evening studying in the sculpture gallery by candlelight. The Consumer's League exhibit is held in the afternoon, buffet luncheon served 2 Doctor Mabel Austin Southard lectures in the evening. Comets are on exhibition at the Observatory. Jennie Bartholomew's room is not occupied during the night. 3 Doctor Mabel Austin Southard lectures at 4:45. 4. Marion Marsh, Helen Schadee and Harriet Adams have slight attacks of Solitaire Fever, the crisis is not yet at hand. ' Dramatic Club meeting in the evening. Miss Couch and Miss Harper agree! 5 Examinations end. Adele Norton and Helen Urquhart receive notes from Miss Couch asking them to tutor'in English XX. 186 I5 Examinations are posted and Ethel Breitenstein finds that she can go to Union Prom. Professor Lewis B. Paton, of' Hartford Theological Seminary, preaches in the morning and 20 Two cases of Brighamitis are reported this morning. Helen Barton decides not to continue Nineteenth Century Prose, B. K.'.r she's not bright Lucia Richardson denounces sit-ups to the IQII team and Mary Lyon strikes at late hours Reverend E. A. Paddock,'of Idaho Industrial Institute, preaches in the morning and II Mrs. Florence Kelley speaks at I2 Elizabeth Loomis and Elizabeth . . - ii i: 6 Reverend Raymond Calkins, of Portland, Maine, preaches in the morning and speaks at Vespers in the evening. 8 Miss Helen Gould sends a check for B250 for the Student Alumnm Building Fund. We begin to take heart. 9 Doctor Mabel Austin Southard lectures at 7:45. the meeting of the Con- sumer's League. Wright receive notes of regret from their Prom men. We hasten to sup- ply smelling salts. I3 Day ofP1'ayer. Reverend Doug- 1 las Adam, of Orange, New l Jersey, preaches in the morning. I4 Valentines and worms in evi- dence. IQII eats humble I J' pie. 5 I5 The Seniors present "Vice Versa." We despair of attaining such a degree ofartistic finish. 16 Doctor Mabel Austin Southard lectures at 7:45. Esther Mandell's family insists on her being inocu- ,fit lated to ward OFF the Solitaire Fever, which in pre- -5' ' vious years carried off both her older sisters at Prom. A N5 4 I7 Doctor Mabel Austin Southard lectures at 4:45. 5 f 18 The Mead Division ofthe L1.AMAl1ADA Board takes coffee in j , 1 Mead Faculty parlor. -X Mary Bartholomew succumbs to Solitaire Fever. 20 Reverend George H. Ferris, of Philadelphia, preaches in the '- morning and speaks at Vespers in the evening. l Outdoor exercise for the Prom man in the morning. f X IQII takes itr turn at occupying front seats at the Glee 5 X Club Concert. QE. I 22 Reverend Newell Dwight Hillis delivers the address in the l morning, after which IQII migrates to Springfield and X the " Rose Tree Inn." lg 187 f' THE LLQLMARADA d w 1: 1 ' , V -J A ig-i'4l--1-11--2114. . .V VAL- . - J -:P 22 The Organ Recital is enjoyed by the Juniors and their guests in the afternoon. 1911 trips the "light fantastic toe." Reverend John Hopkins Dennison, of Boston, preaches in the morning. 7 28 Miss Ethel Arnold lectures, better late than never. MARCH 1 Le Giocose entertains. 3 Miss Couch once more contributes to our enjoyment by introducing Mrs. Wentworth. 4 The Dramatic Club decides to take in 1911 in a body. Miss V. E, , Harper sends in her resignation. ,fgkigli 6 Reverend Edward F. Sanderson, of Cleveland, Ohio, preaches i' " V in the morning and speaks at Vespers in the evening. 2fTNi Q 8 The Dramatic Club presents "Beau Brummel." Clare Small f ushers and asks a visitor if she may "sew her to a , 5 sheet." i 2 9 The Dramatic Club, under orders from Miss McAuslan, Q L A: arises at five in the morning to clear away the debris -, of the night before from the Gymnasium. II Miss B. K. Young is seen in the Io-Cent Store in Holyoke looking longingly at the candy counter. I2 The Sister Class Basketball games are played in the afternoon. 13 Reverend E. C. Moore, of Harvard, preaches in the morning. Miss Woolley speaks to the Student Volunteer Band in the evening. 16 191o-1913, 1911-1912 basketball games are played. I8 The Indoor Meet is held in the evening. 9 1910-1911, 1912-1913 basketball games are played. 20 Professor Edward A. Steward, of Grinnell College, preaches in the morning. 22 College closes and we take ourselves and our winter clothes home in the hope of returning to South Hadley when "In green underwood and cover, Blossom by blossom, the Spring begins." ,. ,. , iti l 'i-1 F T' ' ' Fi 4. avr ,fr e - f' 3 ' T EEUU W e usual, l H H ll Mhirh Idnriainvilj In gr Mrinhn gf N Class of ineTeenhxm6reB EIBVBU - 1 ' , if "' E lfraaiueucic WARE ADAMS Florence had a brother, Who went to Worcester "Tech", And though her brother's left there now, His friends are still on deck. HARRIET ScoLEs ADAMS "'Tis the voice of the sluggard, I heard him complain, 'You have waked me too soon, I must slumber againf " FANNY Gimvizs ALLEN Nut-brown maiden, Thou hast a happy home near by, Nut-brown maiden, Thou hast a happy home, And since it's in Old Hadley And thou goest there so gladly, Nut-brown maiden, We all wonder why. SARAH ICNDico'rT ALLEN According to Miss Sally, every one in College is a shark h except herself. "Well, you're a shark," she says, "and I'm not. Everybody is a shark but me. I hope to pass the course, but that's all." Sometimes when she talks we fear she may not even pass the course, but when Miss Sally walks off with a plump B+, wc cease to fear and only wonder from afar. , IQI 12 , Nj 1? sEL5,111!iB,A I J MARGARET HELEN ANDERSON Giggle, giggle, lofty Margaret, How I wonder what you laugh at, Up above the world so high, Like il bean-pole in the sky. Advice to Pacific: Bc wise, donlt "hide your light under RUTH Es'rEI.LI: BAILEY The door opens, a girl rushes in breathless, with Z1 wild look in lIer eye, seizes suitcase, books, and pocketbook, turns to go out, stops-"Oh! say, are you going walking 1 over towards Amherst today F Well, you know that house up by The Judson ? I owe the woman seventy-five cents. You give her this dollar and shelll give you :I quarter. Good-bye. Oh, thanks. My goodness! I do believe Zl bushel." I've left my toothbrush." MARY LEONA BAKER "To live long, it is necessary to live slowly." 'vs 1 i'll IQ2 PACIFIC BELLE BAILEY 'A' ij s K' , E LIAZQIA GRETCHEN FRIEDA BARR HIFI were head of this College, I'd cut out Special Gym. If you knew how that dust fills my lungs, girls, You never would call it Il whim." EDITH REBECCA BARs'row Edith is plump and jolly, . With a twinkle in each eye, And though she frequently "goes home," She never will tell us why. JENNIE BELLE BA1t'rHoLoMlaw Dear Editors ofthe LLAMARADA: -' Please do not grind me on my loyalty to IQII, although I love each girl in the class or my request for more domestic work Freshman year, and, of all things, not on my love and admiration for individual girls. Jennie Bartholomew MARY BARTHOLOMEW Miss Mary Bartholomew Ladies' Hair-Dressing Parlors Prices reasonable. Latest fashions in puffs, coronets, and swirls. When your Tell doesn't suit, come to me. E193 ff A' an J X D5 HAZEL ELLEN BARTLETT B+ in that Lit course. " HELEN DELI-A BATES If Helen Bates' sister looks enough like herself to be her sister, whom docs Helen look like? SARAH MORE!-xoUsE BEACH Sarah Beach, You surely kno Slim French heels, A feather boa, A Psychy neat Withal a shark, You surely kno VALESCA ELIZAIHETH Bl-IECHER Valesca does her lcssons, Valesca gocs to "Lab," Valesca gets a B+ In everything she's had, Head full of knowledge, Learning more and more, Laying by a goodly lot For her future store. 194 "Yes, I have been told I looked like Miss C y but for goodness sakes don't speak of it to hcr I must m nkc w her. A voice that's sweet, w her 'fifr .P D D f n?-fe .N xr i ,. ,- A 'fi-4-'SW K THE LL,llf5B!RDA V AL1s'rHlaA SHERBROOKE BLERCKER When Alethea was a Freshman, She was a lit'ry light, And when she'cl nothing else to do For Poetry Club shc'cl write. Now Alethea shines as brightly In that lit'ry band "l3lackstick," And though she smiles at bygone times EDITH BOWEN My college days may come and go With dragging hours or ileetg Three bright spots gleam in every day, For I can always eat. And even though the Faculty ' ' Arises from her seat, It makes no difference to me, D '5- For I can stay and eat. ' -- I i She still loves rhetoric. ANNIE HORTENSE BRADFORD Hortense, after the nine olclock mail: "Why, I don't , see why I didn't get itg it always comes on this mail." MARJORIE LOUISE BRAND This is the forest primevalg but where are the two who one winter, With moonlight so soft, in a carriage for four, Drove home through the twilight? See Marion Munxey. . 195 us- ,-i-- -x... .Y R Rf THE LMARA 5, FTHEL PALMER BREITENSTEIN 4 Oh! Breity, she plays basketball As few of us can do, I wonder not that Breity writes She's rushed to death, D. U. ? U If Aucis BRowN With bitter moan, cam f r. Al' e Brown went out of town ic To see a game, with laughterg e home alone, And the man three hours Z1 te EMMA WINSLOW BROWN ' - won't have any fun ifI do. "I don't want to go anyway, Still, I s'pose I ought to. But I won't, anyw:1y.", Qljut Emmy always goesj ' A IRENE I'IliRBIERT BROWN A joke I like that I may laugh, A joke that s witty to the core, And ifI make the joke myself' Why then I like it 'ull the more. 196 - fi "' ABIGAIL Foo'1'E BROWNELI. "My dea-ar, I simply ca-an't write these gr-rinds. I tried to, but they are a-awful. Won't someone help me? I don't think the Business Managers ought to help with the grinds a-any-way." Abbie's self-effacement is as familiar as her drawl, but we notice that she gets there just the same. KATH ERINE Ismzm. BURT Now how could Kat keep "sunny" through ads? Why, keeping "sunny's" just one of her fads. lVlAliGUERl'I'E CARTER She corrects all the books in French prose, She is bright from her head to her toes. But I asked her if she 1 Would come to a te And she said to me, "Ask Kemp, she knows." 3, 4-L FRANCES ADELE CARROLL There was a young lady named Frances Whom a man used to take to frat dancesg But this came to an end When she wrote to a friend, ' And addressed the note wrong, as it chances. , ! 197 "' SQ ? E ..LIi!TiS4E2 .a ETH EL HENRIETTA Cl-IAMB IQRLAIN At Pearsons Ethel lived three years, One scarce need ask the reasons, ' The parlors are so cozy-like In cold and rainy seasons. RACHEL CLAFLIN Of course, Rachel moves so swiftly that one can hardly see her through the cloud of dust, but, nevertheless, we know that Rachel is all there. We knew she was there in very truth Freshman Year, when Rachel thought there was a mouse in the closet. Yea, verily, she did move swiftly then, and we really felt sorry for her when she discovered that the "mouse" was only one of her Freshman playmates. MARION IDA COLBY r Marion Colby, Marion Colby, With awesome notes I sing to thee! At seven-hfteen in the morning, calmly, sweetly you are sleeping Oh! if Mr. James had known you, what a model you would be, Shining forth from out his "Psyche" with a luster good to see, Teaching all the world to know How the Habit brain tracks go. MIRIAM JOCELYN COLCORD Speaker, preacher, prima donna, Whomsoe'er the country honor, Miriam's heard them all before. When or where if you would know, Her answer always is just so, "Prexy had them at Pomona." 198 But neatly garbed at seven-thirty, you are sweetly, calmly eatingi ,,-.X A, , Yx... Av- lVlAujoiu1s Wl5S'l'ON Cook Marjorie can prepare for a Renaissance quiz while her friends read nineteenth century prose aloud to her, and she is head cook when a spread is being prepared, but she is rather apt to upset the company by dropping her back comb into her tea cup. SOPHIA N. COUNTERMINE When asked by the One who holds fate in her hand, "For what does the "NU in your signature stand F" She stopped a full minute and then blushed fire-red: "Oh, nothing, just nothing," was all that she said. HELEN FRANCES Clmnlxs - Beatricq he's,a little dog Who causes much commotiong S He sits upon his mistress' desk, i Right next her beauty lotion. Now, Beatrice, he one day got lost, His mistress sought him wildly, That dog was found beneath the couch, A-chasing pussies mildly. Eurucn LE1oLA CRANE She's "perfectly furious" A Because she's a "mess," Though she's just been to B. B , She has to confess. "My dear," she must study, Or cut French next day, She doesn't know "beans" 'Bout that course, anyway. just then some "peach" Freshman Calls "Eune" from below, And she's off like an arrow Shot out of a bow. 199 1 , Av- E LLLLALTQBLA DA LOUISE STAN w0oD CROCKER HELEN CLARK CRANE What is her name? 'Tis Helen Craneg Her character? It's grand. What can she do? I'll tell you true- If this Junior you'd please, ' ', Say sweetly " Louise. " But if you would tease her, L A Then call her "Sncezer." nv' " , 'i MAuGARlzT1'E DANIELS She lives a life secluded With her little friend: apartg Her daily themes in class are read, And she's really very smart. A ls -iw. I -,sub 'Qi '- '. A . . She draws to beat the band. IEDNA FRANCES CURRIER "Stay at home, my heart, and rest." No, that won't do at all, for if there's nothing better there's always an informal to go to. , Q 7 200 'f i , Yi "A ,I ng Lucm FRANCES DAVIS "Thou h defeated she would ar ue still." 3 v g EDITH ADAMS DICKINSON "And Frensh she spak ful faire and f'etishly." I. 'o Q i iv :itil idk 'f-I ' ' I 1315.72 . IRIQNIQ ANDREWS IJICKINSON Therels a eutey little maiden, With a voice that's clear and sweet, There's 11 twinkle in those eyes of hers That not a one could bent. And if the world is out of joint And you are feeling blue, I know of nothing quite so bright As Diekie's grin, do you? RAMONA MARY IDUNBAR Sympathetic visitor, peeping into room: "Oh! what a it ! The irl who lives here is evidentl an invalid. Y . 3. . Y . Her bed is raised on chairs so that she can sleep with her head out ofthe window. " Girl findilferentlyj: "Oh, no! That's just Ramona's room." 2OI K -'P THE ALL MARADA IRMA BUSH DYSON Oh! Irma is pretty, Oh! Irma is fair, And Irma has, my! what a wave in her hair. The First is quite natural, the last's in this "pon1e, To show how she dresses when Irma goes home. n MARY REDINGTON ELY Our Mary has a donkey stunt, Which she performs as is her wont, On every state occasion. But Mary, versatile we dub, "" For she doth rule debating club, By means of stern persuasion. INEZ AMELIA ENSIGN Inez's Principle of Living: ' After every storm the sun will shine, for every problem there is a solution, and the soul's indisputable right is G I ff .1 , A to be of' good cheer." bi M I ,QU l ALICE 'TUTTLE l"A1iusANKs Alice received more than her share of brass articles, Christmas, but she is storing them away to give out to her friends next Christmas. 202 x W 1 X ' If l THE LLAMARADA pm.. . Y ef- f-1 ff., I Lizouou ALBERTA FIELD Leonor's voice is' soft and low, We hardly hear, she murmurs so, But yet the meaning clear doth lic- ust see the twinkle in her eye. N X CLARA SABRA Fiske lsn't ir lucky Your head is on right For surely without it You'd be a queer sight. So when you're excited And really misled, Just be very thankful You can't lose your head. ANNA lf'rHlaLYN l+'os'r1m lCthel's words are most select, "Fudge,', "cinch," "peanuts," in a row. Yer Ethel's English is correct, For that's her major, don't you know. MILDRED ELLA Fovia If you really would annoy her Then just call her Mildred Foyfrg Ancestry from Sunny France Doth her pedigree enhance. So, if tact you would employ, Call her simply Mildred Foye. 203 "' if i A" E L LAB!! REA I t ai DOROTHY MARGARET GARIJINER 'Ihe plain positives of the English language are scarcely adequate to convey Dorothy's ardent appreciation of anything from 1 good breakfast to a Symphony Concert. PEARL KEITH Gmns There are more ways ofgetting a thing than by crying out for it. Pearl has found this out, for in a very quiet, un- oflicious Way, she has won us all for her friends. MARJORIE POLLARD GRAVES " I'm just crazy about so many people, it takes me so much time I can't get anything else done. There is so much happiness around anyway that I haven't any business to even get discouraged. You are a peachg I always knew it, but 1 am becoming Inore convinced of it every day. 1 OLIVE TUI-'Ts RUSSELL GRIFFIN Greek hath its charms. 204 Inf - Sf' YN-A v , 1 .nt u Y 5 i it - wwf , LLQQBA J 2-xi., , -A HATTIE Louisa HAWLEY We wont grind Hattie on that History paper that went in two weeks ahead of time, nor on her habit of arising at 4:30 A. M. to embroider, but we feel that her psycho- logical cure for the blues at least needs mentioning. EDNA HEACOCK X 1- ,. e J g "For she's a jolly good fellow." U f ' l EDITH FULLER HENSHAW lfdith by name, gentle by nature- Never spoke harsh to man or to creature. I'll liken her to a fish, for she Is such a shark in chemistry. MARY IRENE HILL X If she will, she willg You may depend on't. And if she wont, she wontg So that's the end on't. 205 f- am e , rg -ve ALICE MABEL HITCHCOCK 1' AITH GERTRUDE HOLCOMB "My dear, isn't that the dearest thing! Did you wer see anything so cute in your life? Honestly, I ne-vcr saw anything so sweet! Wasn't it the darlingcst thing of her to think of it? Aren't you just crazy about it? My dear! it's just the granzlest thing! I should think you'd be just 'wild about it." I'lARRIE'1' Mitniuzn HOLDEN Thou art too mild. I pray thee, swear. "Mid" always awakens originality in her friends. It! was only a short time ago that she was attacked in the hall by at least ten Freshmen with ten separate invi- tations to the Freshman-7unz'or reception in May I ,I .. s ' that a new institution or only another evidence of X. S silk y Q ' 1 ' mf l i 1 t a . originality ? L LULU MILDRED Hoon She has scorned marigeration, And despised procrastination, In her slow matriculation In this institution old. She has added concentration And by learned conversation Has avoided condemnation, And all retribution cold. 2o6 gf, I . it f 'vo A 'P THE ,LLAMARADA , - r i Q L wvwbf if,--3, :- Q Y ,I - fr -- -z.X'ii1vt" NW., . - "" MARGARET DIEBOIKAH HOPKINS Q If our Margaret listens ever N' To a joke or story clever, Q ,y ' She hoards it close to tell her friends , ,ish QW, Whenc'er the time may suit her ends. " . But oh! it's always out of joint, ' " For Margaret never gets the point. X, 5 .- ELEANOR I-Iusif: Yellow curls and winning smiles, A hunclred saucy, luring wiles, A heart that loves in work and play, A heart thatis lost 'most every day. That's Eleanor! BESSIE FLORENCE HYDE Bessie can regulate her sleeping hours to perfection. If she has a quiz on hand, shc can "concentrate her mind ,' on half past three and get up at the proper moment But why, we want to know, did she sleep through Junior room-choosing P LUIELLA Es'rEL1,E INGALLS Found-A girl who doesn't scream and turn ashcn gray at the sight of a mouse. . 207 13 f f r R if r ef i t E, I,:eL.5 A , sa ges Mfxumz HuN'1'iNGToN INGAL1.s Busy little Maude has an innate politeness which led her to say, "No, thank you," when Mr. Hayes asked her if she had a question. 1--u, LOUISE FREELAND JENKINS "Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom." it ' Sing a song of Jenny, I 'V With a twinkle in her eye, f A, There are not very many things She can't do if she'll try. 1 Sing a song of Jenny, Most any time 'll do, And if perchance you tease and tease, She'll sing a song for you. . ! JENNIE GILBERT JEROME A x 4 ff MARTHA BIRD UDD Martha had a little conscience And it was white as snow, And everywhere that Martha went fhat conscience too wouldgo. To chapel classes, Lab and Lib It followed her each day And left its little footprints In her blue books so they say a ', 1 r cs is 'sc rr 1 3 3 , . 208 for! T 1 ' we JULY'-' .Q LW 'X " P " Cd" THE, l.:,L51r1feryf1? GRACE CUSHING KELLEY The Three G's Gracious-Her nickname. Greek-Her forte. Goodness-Her pet expression. L RUTH LYMAN KENDRICK Lost-One small voice. ' 3 I i LUCY HELEN KIMBALI, Lucy's unfiagging devotion to the study of' Astronomy at first surprised her friends, but soon they found it was I just that which kept Lucy young. X AH- - MAIKY ALICE KIRK When Alice makes '1 st'1tement At lmst we clfnre not question What Alice s'1ys, you know. I K x , , t P Wefre sure that it is so. 209 -'P THE LLAMARADA RUTH STELLA KNEELAND "Yes, that's all very well, but how many pages will this cover? Will you tell me, too, just how many more pages we have yet to fill?" You might think it was mere words Ruth wrorc, but the LLAMARADA Board can tell you that she gives us quality as well as quantity. Ask Edith:- I. To show those six new hairs. 2. Why she suddenly decided not to get a Ph. D. 3. If it pays to be a F. R.? 4. If she expected C21 and fgj? EDITH MAY KNOWN-QN MARIE LOUISE LE Cocg Marie Le Cocq If you want a chaperon of any description, or for any occasion whatever, I shall be glad to furnish you one. All orders promptly filled. References required and given. CORINNE VIOLA LOOMIS VVhen she sees a friend in woe, She grins and shouts and yells, "Hello! Slaps her gently on the back, And squeezes her Fingers till they crack She sees just a friend across the street. U S Away she dashes with thundering feet, ,V -V i 1 'I ' x 210 -A4 'ig -.. 7 4"""QW , , W -Y - - 'f pr-. - -fffff?-. - - A A ...Law N xflfqt-EQ., X ' y . ELIZABETH BELLAMY Loomis I I ,, "A talking generation." N , . QA. , We i nfl" .l Esri-usa I-I1LnA Luce Am, BHII, 41.0, MX, AKE, WU, wlcr, WX, Kr, fum . wa, KA, -SAE vm, 4140. H X, For detailed information concerning any of the above apply to Esther H. Luce. l Q A' , V if " . .f . rw V 'A She seldom misses chapel, if l'-' b' ' Nor away from church stays she, F ll. But her clever innovations ' 'Zi' X Are most wonderful to me. For instance, reading Scripture, ' No one knows what she'll say next, So I heartily advise her GRACE NEWELL MCFARLAND To stick closely to her text. Bessie's face is rather long, When into class she stumpsg Would I'd seen the shape thereof When Bessie had the mumps. BESSIE MARIA McCoY 2II 'P THE L71:AMei?tADA P is E. ELIZABISTH HYDE MCINTOSH " The greatest possession is self possession." EANNIE Erolsn Mclfwm: Dartmouth, Amherst, Columbia as well, l-larvarcl, Princeton, Wesleyan, Cornell, Are there other coll' ? I' Ask Jeanne. cges m sure I can D not tell ,I . .9-V L Es'ri-mu Bromow MANDEI.L "Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you." Susm ELIZABE TH MAR'l'lN She is fond of frogs and pussies ln a well clissectecl stateg Anal she loves in Lab to linger, Coming early, staying late. But, with all her heap of learning, She's a merry little soul, Anal a friend that's well worth having, To cheer or to condole. 212 M ADAS S3 N A --: .e .-ii-F "' --621 e my .qw E A!-LfE1Y!AR... pass.-4 1 Dorus ADELAIDE MELCHART She has a fiddle rare and old, f From which she s seldom parted, And when the fire bell rang, we're told, With fiddle quick she started. Her transom wide was open still, Her gas a-blaze was burning, But when she found 'twas just a drill She made short work returning. DOR01 nv Mu FORD ' BERNICE Ii'1'HEi. MAXFIELD l From home she lives so far away l That she must write there every day, And when shc's homesick, here alone, She has toigo and telephone. fx Dorothy, the cutie baby, will cry for you any time, is one of those happy people who never study, always ready for any fun suggestedg ever a jolly comrade and a kind friend. RUTH BLAcKsToNE lVIrrcHm.1. Go to Ruth Mitchell for Helpful Hints I. Sunset Teas or any small :afternoon 2. Repairs for breaks of any kind. 3. How to economize on sugar. 4. The cultivation ofthe upper classes. or evening affair. 2I3 I J "A 7 4':x"'N"'- Q' ' F Xx? ', Q ",gg..i E .LLAJZIQQSA A A MARION DEAN MUNSIEY Continued rom Marjory Brand Zone are their privileges, and elnperones now must pursue them Over the road, where before, Happy they drove their way homeward. When Murphy marches down the hall, You know you'll have some fun, Or, if you need some help with work, How quietly it's done! She has-as Mrs. Tilly knows- A smile for every one. ETHIEL HILLS MURIYHY MARGARET ANNE MURRAY Scene: College Campus. Characters: Two young Freshmen whose hearts are bursting with love for the yellow. Enter a Hoat decorated with yellow, bearing several attractive specimens ofthe Butterfly. The Freshmen stop a moment to gaze in admiration and gratitude at this evidence ofthe appreciation of the Col- lege for IQII and then rush wildly after the float singing, "My heart is with the yellow." MABEL FRANCES NASH - For goodness sake Don't say "lake" To Mabel. 214. fi ' to PNA" xg I , P T fl 1 ., f Q spas.. E LLAEZQBADA a we ii MARY ELSIE NEWTON Little chunks of knowledge, Logical, complete, Make Elsie's recitations Really quite a treat. pplicable to debates, quizzes, papers and exams. N. B.-This is also a ZS i ULIA ALoYs1us O'MisARA . ' tr n , Julia will make an excellent Senior opposite doan t you know," for she always carves things evenly-fruit plates not excepted. 12-:J ' ETHEL CHASE Nnwcoivm It would be superfluous to grind "Barbara" on being sweet, but we will just say how nice it is to have a cousin to send one the "Saturd sional box of' candy. ay Evening Post" and an occa- ALICE CLARISSA NILES Handy, spandy Alice makes the candy, Fudge, penochee, line, and dandy, We throng her room as though it were a shop, Then all smiles and sugar, out we hop. 215 ', :S v L J BERYL HOLMES PAIGE It docs seem as though their share in this world ing Amherst as her home advantages of a summer some people have more than . Here's Beryl not only claim- town, but enjoying the unusual at Wood's Holl, as well. KATHERINE MCDONALD PALMER Who's always buried in her work And never will a duty shirk? Who scarcely stops to eat or drink, Or ever of herself to think? Who with her smiles and manner bright Puts all our gloomy thoughts to flight? Katherine Palmer. ,, "E Q, V' ALICE MANTON PA'r'ru,Lo Before any vacation,-P exclaims er.rtntz'cally,"Tl1rec days, four hours and five minutes from now I'll be home. Do you hear me? Home! 40-o-o-o-h! I can't wait! My trunk's going tomorrowg it's been packed a week. No, it isn't a bit foolish. I suppose making paper dolls for the days is, but you would, too, if you were as crazy to get home as I am." fVery suddenly and solemnlyj, "Isn't it about time people learned to put two at trying to read three time-tables t's and two l's in my name F " ETH EL BELLE PERRY We wish Dame Fashion would decree That coiffures neat and simple be, For Ethel's puffs and pompadour Show vanity that we deplore. 216 x ff ' A 'X :x'YA" 5+-xt ' i f . S? . , F J ,YH Y :ML-'K KJ- jf--I. VIOLET THURINNA PETERSON She studies all day on Latin and Greek, 3 1 I m sure they must come 'Steen times a week. PAULINE ALLEN PHELPS We all know Polly by her smile, She laughs so much she sets the styleg But we should smile as much, I say, If 'wc had "eats" for every day, As many -"eats" on which we fed As she conceals beneath her bed. if LA VIQRNH Smmwoon P1-111.1,1Ps P . ust call her by a nickname And her eyes will Hash :md burn. Tis strange she hates Zl pet name, When one would suit La Verne. HARRIET ELLEN PITFIELD A Listen my children and you shall hear Of my auto rides and my friends so dear. You've heard it before and you'll hear it again, For my favorite themes are autos and men. 217 E LLAMARADA , gy EDELAMQB R RUTH BRADLEY IRAILEY Ruth is altogether good to look upon and usually quite " complaccntg but, oh, myl don't ever try to hurry herg R itis mere folly and failure. l K Y' Lf -Av: 443 ,. ,- A . ' . 1' 41 lf , qs s MARJORIE RANKIN Marjorie always was noted for her ability to argue, and her course in Psychology has certainly been a splendid opportunity to develop this ability. LUCIA MARY RICHARDSON She plays a little basketball, She plays a little tune, ' She wrote the music for our show, ' gf in Which will be given soon. A 1 She always sings in Junior Choir, '4f'i'iff,ffQ At music she's no fake, ' " And if you weren't here Freshman year . 9 'l QS A Yin it . . 7-ami .i -,.AQ1g-'QJQQQ Ask her about the lake. w ifi' . , MARGUERITE RICHARDSON It was a puzzle to us for a long time why Marguerite sat and dreamed, no matter how many people were in H the room talking to her. Now we are at rest again, for someone made the brilliant discovery one day that Mar- guerite doesn't really dream. She merely retires into herself and thinks up new questions to ask. 218 hz . V , , , , , , Y,-,, , I l im I v CN-L, RUTH HALL RICHARDSON SARAH PEACOCK Rocsrts "No, thank you, no meat. I never take potato, thank you. I don't believe I care for any celery. Pardon me, I don't eat bread. I'm afraid I'll have to let the sauce go by me. Thank you, I don't care for any gravy. - - - - - - Would you mind passing my plate for ice cream? I'm positive she wont remember it's my third." GERTRUDE EVELYN SAWYER If you can't talk loudly, talk MARY SCHNEDEI1 Mary just came to us this year, and at first sight you might call her quiet, but just you wait! Wait till you are tired and discouraged and she will tell you pretty, interesting stories of her beloved Japan until you feel quite inspired. ' 219 "Her lively looks a sprightly mind disclose, Quick as her eyes and as unfixed as those. Favors to none, to all she smiles extends, Oft she rejects, but never once ofl'ends.', loudly as you can 'i-f ref- " A PY R u'rH BUCHANAN SEAVIER MARGARIET Loulsra Snonnv "It must be awfully hard on the Gym Department to teach the Seniors the dance for the step exercises," Margaret was heard to remark, her Freshman Year. ETHEL MAUDE SILVER HELEN HAzLm'r SMILEY Here is a maid neither haughty nor staid And yet it's quite easy to "grind" her, For who does not know how her deft fingers go, While from the piano soft melodies How, For it's there that you oftenest find her. : 220 ' There is a young lady named Qeaver, Who in Gym is an ardent believer And the Gym l"1cultee, U It is easy to see, Are the intimate friends ofM1ss Sewer 4 l It's "hurry up" at morning, It's "hurry up" at noon And it's no matter how you rush You can't get there too soon 23.512 3,1LAmtet5APAt.,A l MAIKGAIKIET Louisa SMITH "A little sunbeam in the home," fi MABEL VIOLA STANGNATT "Hear the gentle cows," she said, "Lowing in the grassy mead." ,- Alas! fair maid, the mead's a bog, The gentle cow a plain bullfrog. MARGARET FENWICK STEELE I This Margaret wished information As to when the Art Lib was open one day, Wllen on the stairs she encountered the teacher, Wildly clutching her arm she said, "Say!" The rest is too painful to mention, For realization held Margaret in sway. When the teacher turned to address her, Margaret was four flights away. SARAH STREETER Who has a finger in each pie-? Who'd energy personify? Who's ever, always, on the Hy? Why-Sarah! ' 221 'f J ji. 1 W ' ' Y QE i s'-xlT'i"'iAC . E . MARY STR E ETS Mary rises wondrous early While all others sleep each morng And she sweeps her room so often That the Rocky brooms are worn. Stuffed her mail-box is with letters, What a pity one so nice Should show such a common failing As to be afraid of mice. This Junior so strong Has not been with us long, We can't do her justice, we fear. As she stays with us longer May her love wax the stronger For the Sphynx and yellow, so dear. I'IELiaN BISHOP STRONG EDNA MAY S'1'URTEvAN'r Dainty, natty, neat and trim, Merry smiles, yet manner prim, Fond of giving dainty teas, With every touch that eye could please. And if there's dancing anywhere You will Find Miss Edna there. VERNETHQ SUTHIERLAND Vernctte is intellectual, Our forebears termed it smart, But what I like the most in her Are "her feelings of the heart." 222 I ,J E Af- JS-Y-v Q - F b I , ZF 4--Sn T.fV7:4i...T.i,E?' - - .W ,Inf-:?"., ,Rih- ' - '-A ' - -- fe!-'ir' - " que.. F F --ii' x' ADA ELEABETH SWEET Freshman Year we thought Ada was stern and unap- proachable because she got up in class nieedng and assured us in a sornevvhat contenmptuous tone that Uthe whde pnmeemng mms unpadhununaqnn But upon inquiry we End that her nature had a softer side, for she was so homesick she had to move her cot near the window in order to see "the same moon" that was shining down on her home in Northern New York. SARA LoUwE SWEET When Sara read in Voice Training Class, Clr on the stage vvas seen, She won a new name for herself- 'fhey cahed her"TFagedy Q2uecn.U fri IRENE XVATERS SYLvEsTEa We're glad we live in Mead with Irene, for now we can know all the latest eoiffures almost before they come out. BAARION SxEYL'TAYLoR She giggles in the day-time She giggles after ten And sets a bad example, 4 To the Sophomores now and' then E g l , 'UwnsqmckmuwW,HDoI?H Uv'- And Ulloni youin HIsthatso?H ", try "CDhl no,indeed,I couldnT, ." l c:1n't help it, don't you know." 1, 1 ' .--ff" ' 14 223 , V W 'N-u ' I sr S -J 5 E 9 T E DA V 1-1+ MIRIAM ADAMS THOMPSON MARGARET W1LMo'rH THURSTON Margaret says that she rarely dreams, but when she does, her dreams always come true. We wonder if she dreams of gettingA -1- in "exams," If so, she might establish a class for successful dreamers, whereby she would gain a great income and a greater popularity. 'lf , MAUDE AGNES T1'rus Alfa MARION BELLE TURNER We have often heard that the worm will turn, but the question was-Would the Turner worm? 224. When Miriam's feet, so trim and petite Colne nimbly down the hall You'll have to get your glasses on I To notice them at 'ill And if perchance she's going fast, Your sight she does 'ippall You wonder if the girl who passed Has any feet at all When Maude is passing by What need of queens for me? No fairer queen I spy On hill or vale or lea Both swains and squirts cry 'There's naught so fair 'IS she' When Maude is passing b What need of queens for me? -P THE LLAMARADA 3 Eff? was Cami K- - -J .,.,, if H-"eve-'f 'f f. , . I-1"'Lz1'7Q5 .UGENIA Louisis VALENTINE "Oh, yes, I live in New Rochelle. It's a great place. Did you know that Eddie Foy lives there? I know Coles Phillips, too, the man who makes those cover drawings for "Life." Maude Adams used to live on one side of us and Ethel Barrymore on the other side. Yes, they were awfully nice. My new dress? Well, perhaps you will like it. I had it made in New Rochelle, and it's rather in advance of the style. Oh! dear-r-r, don't you want to write a daily theme for me? Well, is that the kind of a friend you are? I'll be glad when vacation comes and I can beat it back to New Rochelle." FRANCES Louisia VEACH The LLAMY book and the campus Cilt Side by side on the desk top sat. "Now, you all listen," the LLAMY said, "You, campus cat, do you want to be dead? ' You'd better get out of the room before Miss Frances Veach comes in at the door. She's bad for pussies as she can be, Though she's good to people and books like me, And dear to children of every kind. Beside, a smudge on your coat I find, Miss Frances hates each spot of dirt, She'll shoo you out with her stiff, starched skirt." It all was true, for the board will tell That the LLAMY book knows Frances well. A ,- FRANCES LESTER WARNIER Unique place cards wanted? A new idea for a spread? Original basketball decorations? Novel entertainment for a reception? Are you pining for sprightly conver- sation, or in need of a few clever verses? Well, ask Frances, and if she can manage to End her fountain pen from amid the interesting chaos of her desk all Shall yet be well. "5 ANNA HALL WHEELER This College needs just one thing more, I'm sure you'll all agree- It's strange they've not had it before- A swimming tank for me. 1 225 KTI 'ie To be , i I A JULIET WHITON We all know that Juliet had a poetic soul when she used to quote Byron and Keats for table-talk, Freshman Year, and we have had more convincing proof of her poetic genius in various issues of the Mount Holyoke. Indeed, we sometimes believe that Juliet must think in verse, for who has not wondered at the vehemence of her stressed syllables when she talks. KATIE W1Lcox From Wesleyan at Middletown She came to grace our class, We're glad she's come, we like her well, This smiling, "sharky" lass. 1' I ' 1 -4. .' sk M MABEL SOPHIA Wrwmz "Chl dear, I owe so much money and I haven't got a cent. I don't know whether to go to the Gift Shop or not. I guess I'll flip up, heads, I go, tails, I don't. Tails! Oh! dear, I guess I'lI go, just the same. " NANCY Sr13LEv WrLK1Ns Sib's highest ambition is to live on a farm, but she is capable of anything, from extracting a dust-mop from an unwilling victim to having her Junior plcture taken to shift said ruching from one side to the other, or from back to front, as occasion demands. , I with a half ofa piece of ruching for her collar being able iv X I ,A , I ' 226 , ie i Yi " E rI:lfAl'IiR,A fa BLANCHE LAVINIA WISNER Blanche is the girl with the sweet, sweet voice, Who works by light of dayg Blanche is the girl with the easy poise, Who never shirks work for play. EMILY BROWN Woon Love me, love my Sarah. EMILY WINGATE Woons For Emily the brightest cloud Has rain, mostlike, in store, But when you're sad, she'll cheer you up , . Until all's sun once more. if Q ELrzA111z'rH WRIGHT Booty, with her scatterbrains, her major in Philosophy and her towsled mop of hair, Booty, with her meander- ings alone and her "seeing things at night," which has won for her the name of "intangible spirit", Booty, with her laugh, her petiteness, her lovable way--nobody could grind Booty and come anywhere near the mark, so why try P 227 Z' H 'VW' L it f mhirh Igvrtainvih In gn ilhm Nineteen Eleven Freshman Frolic In the cool of early morning, V In the dim and dusky dawning, From the fourth floors came the Freshmen, Shoes in hand, down squeaky stairways, Past the Sophomores, calmly sleeping, Dreaming dreams of last night's glory, Their sweet "Rose of Plymouth Town." Not a word said any Freshman, "Stealthy Steve-like" forth they hurried, Seeking roads which led to Prospect, By the Village Green and Park Street, Where at Hooker's lived their leader. How they scrambled up the hillside, Listening often for pursuersg 230 But the Sophomores, sweetly sleeping, Little thought of vigil keeping On that misty April morning, When they had their famous frolic. As they gathered upon Prospect, As the sun rose up o'er Granby, They ran races and told stories Of "that fly that went to Heaven", For them brayed their tuneful donkey, Porcine grunts did rend the ether, Till Old Sol, to keep from laughing, Slid behind a cloud and hid there. Then to still their pangs of hunger They had doughnuts, fresh from Ramsey's 'A T ii A' Strove to Find the nimblest nibbler To reward her with another. While they played and danced the barn-dance, Down below them at the brookside Stood two faithful Junior sisters, Keeping out the spying aliens- Most of all those spying Sophomores. When their play and feast were ended, Then they from the hill descended, In a line, in rhythm swaying, Wound they round the slope of Prospect, As the Seniors march from Chapel, Bending, smiling, glancing upward, Tunefully their voices blending, As they keep their perfect marching. So they from the hill descended And their sisters they saluted. Then they marched out on the campus And the windows which were darkened Soon were hlled with eager faces, Older sisters viewed them proudly, As they formed their nineteen 'leveng And when pictures had been taken, They departed to their breakfast, Then relaxed in pleasant slumber, Dreaming dreams of tasty doughnuts, Eaten at their Freshman Frolic, On the lofty top of Prospect, On that misty April morning. 1-I ,ll ' 231 lA'AA r 411-1 We do not apologize for the following parodies, for "apology is egoism turned inside out," and those to whom the apology would be due are dead. A Good Girl I wake up early in the morning-it is the only way, When one must do to great extent, her work by light of day. And now at last the sun is going down behind the wood, And I must light my little light, if I'd be really good. I study all the evening long, until the clock strikes ten, My little brain is stul'l'ed with facts, with dates and lives of men. My bed is waiting for mc, heaped with pillows bright and gay, I quickly dump them on the Hoot, as proctor comes my way, And l know that till the morning, when the rising bell shall ring, My mind will be a vacuum, unfilled by anything, And slumber hold me tightly till the girl above my head, Quickly smoth'ring her alarm clock, with a spring-jump leaves her bed. A Thought lt is very nice to think The world is full of meatnand drink, With neighbors making things each night That always whet my appetite. 232 '- ii A" A At Lab Oh, when I took up Botany, A microscope they gave to me, Some glassy slides and slime. I looked down through the glass to see The wondrous Chlorophaeceze And watched them for some time. And then the teacher came along And said to me, "Your work is wrong, You don't draw what you see." Art for Art's sake, I would not mind, But Art with Botany combined ls an a-nom-a-ly. Ten at Night 1 have to go to bed by ten, And put the light out in my den, And hear the proctor down the way Say, "Shoo! there is no more today." I have to go to bed and hear The servants' voices loud and clear, As parting words they loudly call, And then disperse, each to her hall. Now would it not seem hard to you When ou would like to be out too I 3 If League rules you should have to keep And by ten-twenty he asleep? "X ,i-fx, lhfl, , ' . I . , nl l' I 1 1 d ' Y . r A fs 0 A 1 'ii-" is- ' f " ?'l l '-ll 4 l 'T ,117 31:1 ---JH 1, rig t if 1 :: :Li nv ' g al' 7 7, .- fb 5,1512 F-51? N Y, -L5 - ,.,,:Q.-1, ui- .1 . . , 4.--.-- EER' H usa H 75 -L" - mm ' E'-T-I-.. f 4iSE'a-Jr -' 'bi' 5? " 'H - 1- G19 - y -Isl' Eg.-Ls.: ...:. 1. 1.' - . , . as - '., 'e:.i L -t . . -4:- 1- .. L,,,'i., L-sl-N, 39,1 ?,,QL:'::',ghjE,. Cswqpfi-'.l4s prix:-,L-,l..1'w?It,Z1i. by-IV.: Jig- :19Z..J.',il.p9'..' 27:,,.::l5f',: , s NX 'L S :"','13f4'f.',vW"'3'f fi':f'Nf'f K Sw '...,3?g.f- Nj!-.X -Ci, w.,5',,, --:I t..':Lf,'- gt: -f 216'-111 233 fofff f We "x..-N,., A P THE LLAMARADA 1 i it 1, , II ,M- , Y h F Y Y 41-1:-,, ? ,--- , ,, r- F i i -4 Mi ,j '-":?"W2fg1, A Correct Report of the Faculty Attendance at Chapel During One Week Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nox. Nov IZ I3 I5 16 18 I2 13 I5 16 18 Miss Florence Adams. x x Miss Mary E. Holmes.. .. x x Miss Susan Bacon ....... x x x Miss Emilie Hutchinson... x Miss Margaret Ball ...... x Miss Gertrude Hyde .... x Miss Bertha Blakely.. x x x x Miss Ethel jackson ..... x Miss Flora Bridges.. . x x x Miss Lillian Kuester.. . . x Miss Helen Cady ..... x Miss Elizabeth Laird. .... x x Miss Mabel Chase ..., x x Miss Caroline Lester ..... x x x x Miss Mary Clark ..... x x x Miss Margo Lewis ....... x Dr. Clapp ........... x x x Miss Mary McKee ...... x x Miss Elizabeth Colles. x x x x x Miss Emily Martin ..... x A x Miss Ethel Crosby .... x x Miss Margretta Martin... x x Miss Isadelle Couch ..... . x x x x Miss Margaret Morriss. . x Miss Mary Cushing ...... x x x x Miss Alice Noyes ....... x Miss Ella Dickinson.. ' x Miss Florence Purington.. x Miss Eleanor Dnak.. . x Miss Bertha Putnam. . . .. Dr. Dover ......... x x x x Miss Lucy Roberts ...... . x Miss Anna Flanigen. . x x x x Miss Eleanor Rowland.. . x Miss Helen Flint ..... x x x x Miss Helen Scarles. ..... . Miss Florence Foss. . . x Miss Ada Snell ........ . . X Miss Caroline Galt ...... x x Miss Ethel Sturtevant .... x Miss Mary Galt ...... x x x Miss Ellen B. Talbot.. x Miss Bertha Gault .... x Miss Mignon Talbot ..... x x x x Miss Caroline Green.. x Mr. Albert Tucker ....... x x x x Miss Edith Hall ...... x Miss Mary Trueblood.. . . Miss Carrie Harper. .. x Miss Mary Wells ..... . . x Miss Frances Haynes .... x Miss Mary Williams .... x x Miss Laura Hibbard.. x x Miss Mary V. Young .... x x Miss Elisabeth Hoag ..... x x x Miss Anne Young .... x x Miss Winona Hughes .... x Miss Helen Young ...... x' x Miss Margaret Hughes... x One night " 118 stars 234- " shone brilliantly, but evidently they do not shine every morning. W e if, " E,l.QfAM-'3QRr ta The Lecture in Williston When up to Williston I go The lecture long doth bore me so, It seems to me that I shall die, The Instructor'd say, "I don't see why. " I close my eyes and take a nap, My note-book drops down from my lap, An awful vision there I see- The starfish gazing down at mel His arms reach out to grasp me tight, His one red eye gleams fierce and bright. It's not an eye? What's in a name? A madreporite glares the same. He closer comes, I clutch the chair, fIt's much more stable than the airj, I feel his breath upon my cheek, My hair's on end, I cannot speak. He hisses,"'l'here! hold out your hand! No longer may you stay on land, Under the ocean you must go Because you scorned to study "Zoo." There you will get enough, I Ween, Of starhsh, crabs, and water green, Into an alga brown you'll turn, What happens then, you soon will learn. He's just about to drag me down, When through the air I see a frown, And, harkl I hear a shrill bell ring. My books I grasp and up I spring. The Instructor sternly looks at me And says, "You've been asleep, I see.' I rub my eyes, look here, then there, And blindly stumble down the stair. M271 1 xx x. 1' I .KW -A5706 l lil' '-45-,, ,f,,?,? ,fp-f 'l7Q4Qff - ' - . , mamma 1 ll ff, ' N i ',"1 ' f --- 2 il l t fi ,fm za W , Mn L i wx Aly J' I My V gy! , if Ml' if ,.... !,v,ff l lil V., '- -- ,.-, - u 'fa " ' f - '- , ,. W, ,us , i , .., e - .va -4 - i " , e ' ' e y . is f 'Z '-'- """'l"' --an- QW! y 1 "' ' J' f 1, N """""""-' -Sftukk 1.5 -S-1 u-vu Khin. .SKWA X Or. 0' J: -3- 235 W e A Y ' Q ' f T E...!:..QY1,f,'-S R How Ole Brer Gideon Lost His Cake Hit seem like dat one time, all de creeters-de toy dogs an' china cats an' all de others what live in de halls-hadn't had nuH'in to eat for a long time. An, so one day ole Brer Gideon bake him a cake full er nuts wiv white sugar ontop Cyou know ole Brer Gideon, honey, de ole tin stove what wuk on a heate'D. So all de yuther creeters done wish fer dat cake twell dey can't skasely wish no more. Ole Brer Beatrice what'was de mos' likeliest of all de creeters when any eating was gwine on, he feel his mouf begin ter water whenever his mind's eye strak dat nutcake, an' he bleeg ter have some so bad dat he go to ole Sis Cat, which was name Minerva, an' he say, "Heys, there, Sis Cat, " sez he, "how you come on today ?" "Porely, Brer Beatrice, mighty porely," sez Minerva, sez she. "l'se been so hungry dat I can't skasely hol up my han' no more," sez she. "What we gwine do P" sez Brer Beatrice, "Can't you fall outer de window," sezee, Han' come over to Brer Gideon's house P" sezee, "Over dar, all de creeters done smell de cake dat Brer Gideon done bake, an' dey all want you ter help em out," sez Brer Beatrice, Han' get a piece er de cake," sezee. Now Sis Cat, she mighty fond er Hut cake herself, so she 'spon', "Git out from under, Brer Beatrice," sez she, an' with dat she fell out er de winder and run oil' ter ole Brer Gideon's house an' de ole dog he foller on des as fas' as he can. An' when dey get dar, dar was all de creeters assemble' in de parlor. Dar was ole Miss Spider, what was 'name' Montmorency Melancthon Smith, an dar was Mr. Johnny Bar' an' all his fambly, and dar was all de dog fambly, Algernon Vivien, an' ole Miss Fiemetta an' Apollo an' Khamurabi, all a-sittin' in de rockin'-cheers, all sniflin' at de smell er dat cake what ole Brer Gideon done bake. An' dey all tuk 'n' make way fer Sis Cat, an' dey say, "Draw up yer cheer, Sis Cat," dey say, "an' tell us how we gwine get ole Brer Gideon ter give up his cake," dey sez. An' whiles Minerva sat rubbin' her forred like she was wukkin' er mind, in came Miss Osh Kosh, de Japanese doll what live in Peterson Lodge. She done heerd about de goings-on in Brer Gideon's house, an' she come runnin' over ter help. So de creeters all tell her how dey bleeg ter have Brer Gideon's cake full er nuts, an' she up ,n' say, "Shoo!" sez she. "What fer you all settin' dar like you expect ebery minute ter be de next P" sez she. "Don't you see how dat cake get col'er and col'er all de time F" sez she. "You all come up wiv me," sez she, Han' I 'low you all have a big piece er Brer Gideon cake befo' you'er many years older," sez she. So dey all start upstairs an' Hn' Brer Gideon sittin' on a chafin-'dish tray with his mouf shut tight ter hide de big nut cake what he got. An' all de creeters dey watch ter see what little Miss Osh Kosh gwine do. An' she hop up an' down front of Brer Gideon an' she Hap her arms an' Hirt her skirt an' she say, "Howdy, Brer Gideon," sez she. "You seem kind er close-moufed dis mornin'," sez she. An' den she tuk 'n' wink at Dante an' Fiemetta an' Petrarch an' de res', an' ' 236 gas 'Nv- f"fJ at X f u J' she say, "All dese yer folks done ax me ter speak some po'try," she say, "Dey know'd dat you like po'try most de best ob all de men on de campusf' sez she, "so we all came 'round fer ter let you hear it,,' sez she. "All de odder mens here like po'try so well dat dey all sit wiv dere eyes shut an' dey mouf' open, des ez dreamy ez if dey was most as good a shure-null: poet as you is, Brer Gideon," sez she, "only, course, dey ain't," sez she. . And wiv dat she wink wiv de other eye at Zebulon Montgomery Pike an' Athena an' Eli an, Theodore Roosevelt Hazelton Mayberry, an' den she began tel' speak po'try somet'ing like dis- ' "All de creeters in all de halls ' Have names as cute as' dey can be, Cause de girls done name 'em ter suit dere taste, An' dere taste was queer, you see. So, honey, look out when you says a name, An' a smile goes round de class, Cause de chances is dat dat name's de name Oh de beast dey named de las"'- But she ain't had to go no furder 'cause when ole Brer Gideon see how de odder creeters all shet up dey eye an' open dey rnouf ter hear Miss Osh Kosh talk, he want ter be de most biggest poet of all, so he shet bofe his eyes all tight, an' he open his big square mouf wide, des ez dreamy ez de rest. An' no sooner do he do dat dan, gentermen! Gle Brer Beatrice an Sis Cat ,dey pull de big cake out of his mouf, an' dey put out from dere like de patter rollers was etter 'em. An' after dat, honey, ole Brer Gideon, he done had a button put on his mouf, so now he can't open it till Miss Meaders an' de girls take 'n' holp him. I , 'l 4 , 114, U :xxx y l KW ,J ' I 237 "Xf- f'fJ -5 Kur s' What Other Girls Have Found Out Care of the Room 1. Do not turn the rugs over too often. It is much better to reserve the clean side for emergencies. 2. Do not leave your shoes under your couch. You might walk in your sleep. 3. Do not wash the dishes. It is a waste of water, time and energy, and they will be needed immediately. 4. Try to crowd all your dishes into four shelves of the bookcasel The upper shelf will be found useful to hold books which you have borrowed. 5. Do not throw away the cold tea. Plants, especially Boston ferns, thrive on it. 6. Do not waste the sunny hours moving your furniture. That may be done quietly and easily after ten P. M. 7. Do not sweep your Hoor, for tonsilitis germs may lurk in the cracks. Then, too, you wear out the brooms with constant sweeping. 8. Do not wash the windows, for the glass is very fragile. Economical Devices I. Ask the proctor to get your drink for you. The last few minutes before ten may then be used for calling. 2. Save sit-ups by writing your Line-a-Day book on the door-sill. This is a matchless device for saving light. 3. Ask a member of the Faculty to turn on the water for you after a 5:15 Gym class. You will then have time to go for the mail. 4. Lie quietly till your roommate closes the window and turns on the heat in the morning. Nervous energy may thus be saved. 5. -loin the Junior Choir, thus saving on Sunday clothes, domestic work, and church offering. - 6. Courteously refuse a Phi Beta Kappa bid, and you will not be inconvenienced with buying a pin. 7. Do not take vocal lessons. Put your head out of the window and get the air. 8. Do not tire yourself by writing for the LLAMARADA and Mount Holyoke. The editors will do it all. 9. Carry some Crocheting or a belt in your coat pocket to embroider. Much can be accomplished while the Instructor calls the roll. Io. Always plan to drop into the Book Store to fill your fountain-pen. II. Feign forgetfulness and you will be saved much time and trouble carrying mail. 238 'r Ti 7' i s E.-.l:aL-5121423 .ee Confidential Guide to the Theater "The hffitehing Hour" .......... First Sit-up "Mitlniglzt Sun" . . Second Sit-up A Knight for a Day" . The Climax" . Three Twins " . The Lo-ve Cure" . . The Man from Howie" . Seven Days" . . The Choeolate Soldier" . "The Fortune Hunterl' . "The Great Di'vitle" . " The Cottage in the Air" The Commanding Ofeeru Mareelle" . . . "Paid in Full" . "The Lottery Man" "The Thief' . " The Beauty Spot" . "The llflelting Pot" . " Wlzat Every Woman Knows" "fl Man's Worldi' . "The Must'e Master" "The Intruder" . "The Dollar Princess" . If te Climbers" . "The Het'ghts" . H is u H it H if ll H Your Humble Servant . . . Extracts from the Diary of Dncrmnrn iz, 1908.-Went with some other Freshmen to the Erst Dramatic Club play of the year. It was the grandest thing. Eleanor White made the stunningest man. You'd hardly have known it wasn't a man. And that pretty junior was perfectly sweet as the heroine. The scenery was beautiful and they say the girls made it themselves, too. I don't see how they do it. The whole thing was just perfect. Dresmnmz 13, 1909.-The Sophomores were allowed to try for the Dramatic Club play this year, but I didn't get a part-there are so many good actors. But quite a number of girls in our class did get parts and the play was one of the best thcy've ever had. It was much more thrilling than last year. The juniors didn't have any parts, but there were some grand Seniors in it. 15 . . Third Sit-up . . . Fourth Sit-up Margaret, Kat, and Sade Four Years in South Hadley The Prom Man Who Comes . Semester Examinations . Mrs. Scott of Porter . South Hadley Drug Store . . . . The Notch . The Student-Alumnae Building . . Miss McAuslan . By-product of' Iron . . . Just before Vacation . . .... Helen Eames Dartmouth Man in Post Ofhce Corridor . . . . . Hitchcock H. Williston . College Songs . . . . Smith College . . . . Mr. Hammond . She Who Heeds not Engaged Signs . . . She ofthe L. H. . Those Passing from D to D+ . . . . A + , . 1911 LLAMARADA Board a College Girl CPoint of View? 2 Drzctzmxmz 14, i9lo.-Went to the Dramatic Club play with Helen. We wanted to take Miss Parks, but some of the other girls got in ahead of us. We saw her there with them. It was a shame, but it can't be helped now. And we were going to take her out to dinner,beforc, and send her Howers. Well, such is life. The play was rather goodg some atmosphere, but not as much as there should have heeng interpretation pretty good. Sort of like to be in the Dramatic Club myself. Dizci-:Mmm 15, I9Il.'Tl1C play is at last over. I'm so thankful. It was good enough, but Iwas so worn out doing the costumes and scenery and rehears- ing the cast that I couldn't enjoy it anyway if it had been good. Had to go over at five o'clock and help dress the people and then run the curtain. Some- how, plays aren't what they used to be when I was a Freshman. Glad to have this one behind me. f f e. ij "' 12. ILLAMABA My Hunt for a Prom an Roosevelt's in Africa, A-hunting for wild game, But I'm in North America Where animals are tame, Yet my game is most elusive- Clmagine if you canj- I'm looking for a rarer prey, An up-to-date Prom man. I went on a vacation, To get a little restg It proved no recreation, though, But a long-drawn-out man-quest. All cares of school and study I gladly left behind, But the vision of a Prom man Would never leave my mind. I tried some mountain climbing, Then stopped down by the sea. Of men I met a plenty, But none would do for me. Now, Auntie wished to help me out, And so did Sister Sue, And Uncle said he'd go himself fOf course, he'd never doj. A friend of mine that's married Had a protege to tea, Asked me down to entertain him QKnew she asked him just for mej. Got acquainted very quickly, I could see he was a "dear," Cutest ever, M. I. T. man, And a civil engineer. We talked of plays and dancing And of Proms Qquite aproposj, He seemed enthusiastic CI was sure that he would gol. I decided I would ask him - If he perchance would care To visit me at Holyoke, When we had our Prom up there. -f V g He replied, "Of all the good times, College dances can't be beat, Fortunate to be invited- Certainly the greatest treat." But fas everj he "was sorry"- Couldn't come by any means, just received his first appointment- One year in the Philippines. Next week I met a Harvard "grad," A brilliant Law P. G. His manners, they were perfect, But, oh! too short was he. The next, a blond six-footer, I had just begun to know, When what was my chagrin to find He lived in Idaho. When I visited in the mountains, A Southerner I met, Bearing, upright, manners, faultlessg An Annapolis cadet. Then I thought the matter settled, He was just the man, 'twas clear, Until his mamma told me He had hcen engaged a year. The days, they passed, the months just flew As I worked hard at College, Trying to store my wearied brain With divers kinds of knowledge. And now exams have come around, And I must dig and cram, Then next, Prom stares me in the face, And yet I have no man. My dress is done-a very dream, The girls all tell me so, I have my dances all made out, To Prom I just musi go. Oh! Fates, be ye propitious And aid me if you can- I ask one boon-one only- An up-to-date Prom man. T ,,7 , 4. i ,Q v " ' .Z I 2Q,,g,-,,,,m.,,,L,, ,,x,,....:.. 1 If TT.-- -.-. -- -, , ,W ,,, -N . P -l,-.7e-.::?t.:.- -Y -., . -- 1 'lr -, ' gtg.. ,us fr Vg f--x-, .v. cvs l y u 1' Press Reports of the Faculty Play 4 I Vvvuu J-JV N L ' W Y K- ""i"1"" S li:li!vv..,u,,V.J F j E5 .., ID '-' -' - X fi M 1 Q 01100 Rgfj ultylff' -xf fojl yn . xx? ff-fx I .I Qi I -A 211 " 4 5 711, J, M I ifnnsmnn: rn IK Cl :Q EXTRACTS FROM y Jixsnmmt -U The Maxims of Methuselah's Wife ' l'IDITOR'S N01'li:-7711's little book 'wax di.fro'w'rn1 at k1Wf:Zg'l E f lt the :funn time as the KIMHXIIIIIJ of MUfhuIFlIIl1,,, but the f l Editor has had much rlljficzzlty in trarzslaling ft, and for Q Y . that rmron it ha: not been pubfzlrlzvrl before. ff: many - ww part: of the book do not confvrn the 'women of our own day A' ll? the Editor ha: drcnzed ii I1!I'lJI..fIIbIIL' to put before the public only .rush part: zu may hrlp mmf soul to umlcrsland the N 5 life about her. 7 ..- W CHAPTER I. IfDITOR,S NOTE:-Till.: rlmpirr wa: przzrifcalfy :lv- .vtroyfd in cxfzlfurzfion. 6 General arffuirc III to ruitfng. 7 Gym Classes. ll-I2 Snap rourzvf: :lf Pk wk ar :sf af' 4: an an 6 Verily, I say unto thee, it were better to have eaten fish at Pearsons than to have cut Psychy D III. 7 Cut not thy Gym classes, for the day cometh when thou thyself shalt bc cutg the Hunk notes shall come out, and thy name shall be spoken by all lips. :sf wk :of :of w :of at wk :of II Beware of thc snap courses, my daughter. Shun her who suycth: Lo, I never went to class and yet I drew an A. lll QI Ax At.-5, D c l f N X ' K lf A A ' J! eat!-I 242 , .Davy it N N Y U may -- Elfzfilii F L F T356 - ll' C5000 N cbfljn L1 EOS ' ' kj ? Xu' 'c S Q' l ' - Q-A Aggie,-JIIHA 'P B IK '42 'll A I N X lr l l l 1 W I2 For the day of the snap course is past, and the Botany department calleth the roll. CHAPTER II. 5-6 The Farulty and her ways. 7-8 She mectcth a xtudent. 9 She Jmiletlz. IO-I4 She giwtlz ten. we an we ak xc sf as :of af 5 The ways of a Faculty, who can understand them? She lectureth fast that no one may follow her, she giveth much required reading, even an hundred pages at a time. 6 Then she springeth a quiz, yea, she exzunincth unannounced. 7 She meetcth thee upon the campus after thou hast cut her class. 8 VVhen thou placeth thy notebook between thy face and her eyes, she sayeth sweetly: Good-morning, Miss Smith. 9 She smileth on thee all the days in class, verily, she beameth, but when thy report-card cometh in, thou hast a D. IO Hast thou seen a maid at a Faculty tea? Notice her and observe her ways. II She smileth much and is fussed and sayeth often: l do not care for any more. I2 She feeleth her hands that they are large, for she IDEM! .lunm Yumlwllll. lf 1 f7l"fh L. 5 --ff E1 ' ,-X. l 1 ,..- 'I K l spilleth hcr tea. F ff A l 7 A A+ Q fl Xtf' l Qlifwgti. S333 if i f Mfr -K ---I-XZXZQI.,-F 24-3 . ,pswedf - Q57 i v F sumo, - VJ Q.. .J J Q J u at -J , f S fr x ,Vg - Pg- VDQXJUZJ 1 'X U 5 UGG! , -S Uri A - . TDIK THX WL 'll W1 l l X -my lr l 1 l W i agl W f .AX A , Qi' ,' I3 She seeth the Instructor of the course which she is Hunking, and she riseth straightway and goeth to her and sayeth: I am .vo interested in niy work. I4 She quickly pleadeth a live o'cloelc appointment and fadeth from the room. She stumbleth on the sill. CHAPTER III. I-3 The maid ai lm' dom work. 4 Hn' alarm clock. 5-7 ff! Gvvlflflllfl-NNI. 8-I3 Studying for an exam. I4. Al her Z'X67'l'1.5l'. I Hast thou seen the student at her dom work F Verily, her speed is as the speed of an auto on the Amherst road. 2 She bloweth the dust from the banister, yea, she kicketh the dirt under the rug. 3 She hideth the wet dish under his fellowsg the tumbler drieth she not it. 4 Ivsay unto thee, as the voice of her who ilzinlct-tlz she can sing is the alarm clock which goeth off' at six in the morning, for it disturbeth everyone hut the owner thereof. 5 I have seen the maiden in her Gymnasium suit. lfnumumr I JIIHWI 8 l'NllI'1lNlllL i kl'yE.5,Q f'2',fl 311' - A. i M I Q rv l She leapeth into the air, yea, verily, she doeth the potaha. l 6 She fenceth at her shadow with a stickg she at- tacketh with awful mien. 7 She raiseth her arms over her head to dreamy musicg verily, she is a scarecrow which Happeth in the wind, for fl grace is not in herg she is very awkward. l 1 Exxx l ' .I lv A+ C " l f , -f o X 8.4-s l!',91:ar 24-4- e .,,,, s J7 N v ,- '- T17 -J .J -.1 -1 " ' P' lata f S ,Jr x -g..g-,g -I 'Dag x gbfgj U D UGG , it J ,b i -I K il im 2 I-'L TBIK FQ 'll I N IIN ll i,,' W , 8 I have heard a maiden training her voice, behold, I have seen her preparing for an exam. 9 In the lone places in Porter basement she crieth, I-Ia! Hal I-lal She riseth on riptoeg she breatheth deep as in agony. IO She shouteth forth verse, yea, the poem shouteth she it forth. II She becometh a laughing stock, so that the gas man confidethg she laeketh reason I2 Then she goeth forth to class, but she forgetteth her piece, yea, her poise, it is naught. I3 So that the Faculty looketh at her and sayeth: Thou hast not control from the centre, thou hast no soul, and thy diaphragm, where is it? I4 As a candle which sputtereth and goeth out, so is the Senior who needs must walk fifty minutes to fill her exercise cardg but the Senior also sputtereth all the time she is out. CHAPTER IV. I-4. OfGOIIl.PI. 5 Oftlze Frexhman. 6-7 Of Worrrz: ana' Brzttcrfifex. 8 Of .4n1f'1cr.ft zfnnre. Q Of 71H1l.Of Pric- turcs. IO Of NIITUHUU. II Of a Ifcff. I2 Of Frolir. 1 I have listened to three maidens at their favorite occupation, and their talk, this I have overheard: 2 They whisper: Behold, Mabel hath a new swirl. WIT' 1? YWGHLNIIDL l ,pl V xl, ,, " ,f 1 'f-,ii QS, . wi ' fx- W' l l l K' - 'Q I we KJ A I 1 Ax fa 4, Q yr f 'N gxstwili " g,,g',,6d4s 245 Hole if ,531 maui R .N A ' K l.3i1r2r?rf few! f W i i ff' 1' A A Q2 QUIK :Q -ll Vt' ff' l Ni lr lr, W -t qn Qd I ls she not homely! Who is it that would term her pretty ? Yet would we not say this to others, but we are surh good frfnndr. 3 Yea, I have watched when one of the three goeth from the room. I have seen the two get close together and say: 4 She walketh so awkwardly. She speaketh ill of all. Behold, shc has a crush. 5 As the bird which seeketh for a worm at midnight, so is the Freshman that frolicketh in February. 6 Judge not a Worm by her disconsolate mien, nor a Butterfly by her yellow bow. 7 The Junior Worm donneth a yellow bow, and at Commencement doth every Butterfly have a disconsolate mien. 8 The maiden who goeth to an Amherst dance is as an Indian. She goeth forth with a Yell. 9 A maiden may be satisfied with the meals of her house, ,but with her Junior pictures-newr. IO Everyone who sayeth: Y! Y! fWhy!j doth not have a brother at Yale, nor at a basketball game are all that have red arm-bands Nirvanians. II As a weed which Hoatcth in water is the Yell that lzlf' nimnnr i JUNIIII rwunlnllll X l j'e,i,.. ty 11. aff 5, e . 'B 'ii ' kn,f.,,0 H11 1-V ' , i i l is three days old. j V I2 As a fish that biteth at a tin Hy is the Sophomore who sayeth: Lo, today there will be a Freshman Frolie. I3 The words ofthe Wife of Methuselah, that maidens K may know life more fully. . U. ' .EN H A 1 ,J -x N - y A-is Q K f , Xvf' ii QQ: N r f 'WX i A , ' , an ef l ,QM or 246 ,V.Y -g,. Av, ef T E LLAMARA f asiiix ,K -W A ,xiii-f s, ,M My V ,, Mona Lisa And then I had Aesthetics And learned exactly why I bought a Mona Lisa And had it framed in browns, And hung it on my Freshman walls, In spite of roommate's frowns. I had some Freshman English, And read in Pater's style How wonderfully subtle Was Mona Lisa's smile. And then I wrote a daily theme About her weary eyes, And how in all the nation's marts She'd sought to win a prize. And shortly I was taking Art, . And reading of technique, And thinking ofthe brushwork On Mona Lisa's cheek. There was a soulful beauty In Mona Lisa's eye. And even in my History, I wrote a quiz-book neat, Explaining how the lady Was the Renaissance complete. And when I tried to broaden me With Nineteenth Century Prose I found that still "her presence Beside the waters rose. " And now Advanced Description Has joined the weary tribe, I had to read it all again Before I could describe. I found that I was weary, too, At this last stroke of all, I took my Mona Lisa And turned her to the wall. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your knowledge grow? rc With Thallophytes and Arians and beakers in a row! Hexameters and polygons, the planets, frogs, and briefs Stir up my visual centers and upset my old beliefs, Till I am out of Harmony with Gibbon-Chaucer, too, And cease to care what Sophocles or dnna Lit would do.' Your knowledge, neatly labeled, no doubt, is right at hand? tr And yet, last night, I dreamed I met a well-"poised" minstrel band Composed of ghosts of grasshoppers and Angell at the head, Who sought to show them how to make the scientific bread, E'en as they piped to Venus a Shakespeare sonnct able, All dancing in their Lincoln green about the Log'rith'm Table. The while she smiled arcliaicly, nor thought their song to spurn, Although Capella whispered soft, 'Let's seek the 'Gymnospermf " "fu A N ' ,.- - .J ,ix -L-s.,.N,.v- i s IQ ..L.L5.1Z!f!BA How the Freshmen Got Their Frolic Once upon a most early time, O My Best Beloved, there was a Sophomore who was full of 'satiable curiosity, and that means she asked ever so many questions. She asked her tall sister, the Senior, why she wore her tassel just so, and her tall sister, the Senior, squelched her with a cold, cold look. She asked her adviser, the awful Faculty, why she didn't wear a rat, and her adviser, the awful Faculty, squelehed her with a cold, cold look. And still she was full of 'satiable curiosity. One fine morning she asked a new, fine question,that she had never asked before. She asked, "When will the Freshman have her Frolie?" Then everybody said, "Hush!" in a loud and dretful tone, and they squelched her immediately and directly. By and by, when that was finished, she came upon a Sophomore-of-the-year-before, sitting in the midst ofthe Lib, and she said, " My sister has squelched me and my adviser has squelched me, and all my friends and enemies have squelched me for my 'satiablc curiosity, and :till I want to know when the Freshman will have her Frolic." Then the Sophomore-of-the-year-before said, "Go to the room of the green, grinning Freshman, hung about with banners, and find out." So she went away, and she went from Mead to the Lib, and from the Lib to Holyoke station, and from Holyoke station to Springfield, and back again to Mead. For, you see, O Best Beloved, she couldn't lind the green, grinning Freshman in her room, hung about with banners, so she thought she had to follow her. Finally, she met a jolly-Junior-on-her-way-to-Holyoke-to-have-her-picture-taken, and she asked her, most politely, "'Scuse me, but have you seen such a thing as a 'Freshman in these promiscuous parts ?" "Have I seen a Freshman ?" said the jolly-Junior-on-her-way-to-Holyoke-to-have-her- picture-taken, in a voice of dretful scorn. "What will you ask me next?" "'Scuse me," said the Sophomore, "but could you kindly tell me when she has her Frolic ?" Then the jolly-Junior-on-her-way-to-Holyoke-to-have-her-picture-taken tried to squelch her with a cold, cold glance, but she couldn't, because you see, O Best Beloved, she was a jolly Junior. Then she smiled most sweetly and said, "Ifyou seek the green, grinning Freshman, don't go from Mead to the Lib, and from the Lib to Holyoke station., and from Holyoke station to Springheld, and back again to Mead, but go into her rcom, hung about with banners, and look into the closet. You will find her hiding from you there." Then the Sophomore went home and found out that what the jolly-Junior-on-her-way-to- Holyoke-to-have-her-picture-taken had said was true. And yet she was still filled with 'santia- ble curiosity, for she hadn't found out when the Freshman would have her Frolic. 248 ,Agfa . we 'tyre How Nineteen Ten Got Its Tree This, O Best Beloved, is a story-a new story, quite unlike all other stories-about the class-of-inFinite-resource-and-sagacity, our present Senior Class. It is not the story of their Freshman Frolic-though that is a funny one, too-nor the story of 1911 Freshman l"rolic- though that is a most unusual one-but the story of how 1910 got Its Tree. Perhaps you have wondered, O Best Beloved, why the Senior Class should be the only class to have a Tree. Now attend all over again and listen! Before the High and Far-Off Times, O Best Beloved, came the Time ofthe Very Beginnings, and that was in the days before we came into this College World-the days when even the Senior Class had just begun, to be! 1910 was a class of inlinite-resouree-and-sagacity, but in those days Ir was still very young and trusrful and knew DOI the meaning of the word Gullible! So one day It held what it called a Class Meeting fperhaps you, too, played at having Class Meetings, O Best Beloved, when you were a lfreshmanj. Well, while the class sat and tried to make up Deep Problems to consider, in came a note from a "Friend"-an anonymous Friend, to be sure, but you must remember that 1910 was still young and trustful, and had not yet learned the meaning of the word Gulliblc. And what do you think the letter said P Why, this is what it said: "The time has come to choose your Tree! Don't for world: let the Sophomores know!" So It chose Its Tree. It chose the Lovely-Big-Oak-Tree-out-in-the-Grove, and it guarded Its Secret carefully from the Horrid-Prowling-Sophomores. It also made big preparations for Ceremonies! Then, one dretful dark night, the Class gathered beneath the Lovely-Big-Oak-Tree-out- in-the-Grove, and Tradition says there were Big Doings in those High-and-liar-Off Times! The Class sang and danced and congratulated Itself that those I-Iorrid-Prowling-Sophomores had not discovered the Secret! But suddenly there came a noise-a Horrid-Prowling-Noise!-and the whole Sophomore Class rushed out from the shadows all around where It had been hiding. "Oh, go 'long with your old Tree," It said, "we never once dreamed that you would be so young and trustful as not to know the meaning of the word Gulliblef' Then the Class of 1910 Cwhich vias still young and trustful and knew not the meaning of the word Gulliblej hung Its head and blushed and felt, oh! so terribly young and trustful-but just for a moment! Then because It was a pretty-grand-sort-of-a-Class-after-alI, It began to laugh! Ir laughed and It laughed and the Horrid-Prowling-Sophomores fwe just ral! them that, but you and I know better, don't we, O Best Belovedj, they laughed too, and ifyou should happen to mention this tale to any of those High-and-Far-Off-Timers even now, they would begin and laugh all over again. You see, it -war funny, O Best Beloved. But the Class of 1910 decided that the idea of the I-Iortid-Prowling-Sophomores wasn't such a bad one after all, and It decided to keep Its Lovely-Great-Oak-Tree-that-Stands-in-the Grove and hold other Celebrations there and make believe that they hadn't been so terribly young and trusting and gullible after all. I have heard that they even went so far as to suggest to the next class fUs!j that It choose a Tree, but, although the next class was also young and trusting, It confided in Its Big-Sister- Class Cand not in anonymous Friendsj and so learned very quickly the meaning of the word Gullible. 24-9 The Mount Holyoke Girl H N fe A A p 4 los , X I j 1,1 -X xx . Q "Q 1 K j Yi 5 75? 6 E - -f fl SQ, Lf-igro ff H wyf X 24 ' ,iw f NVQQQLL, my f -' A 5 T7--f N, i '26 ,I NXT: LQBLASJMEAE A Amo! 4' X ' Umm X J A NWN X' AS FATHER SEES HER AS MOTHER SEES HER 3 . f - Al N' N k'ZQ,2gy 4 so -4 E - kj Kffi 'Jfcgif-. DR! X11 fx Z. X ii? 172 . ' --" 4-xx ff-VA E :HN 1" KX 13 WM H 1 ' AS DR. UNDERHILL SEES HER AS AMHERST SEES HER 250 KYJTJ 'f' o 5i'Y"C E kumar In and ut the Post Office Corridor February 12, 1910 A Isn't it awful! nineteen girls in Mead down with the tonsilitis - - - Weren't you surprised .the got Nirvana? I was sure Z would get it. I bet she,ll worm now ---- Sibley Wilkins must be very popular, she has invited eight men to Prom already and she isn't at the end of her string yet ---- Yes, twenty-tW0 girls in Mead have ---- junior lunch is this year, this pic is perfect lead ---- Did you hear about poor Mona Horsfield? The lecture was too much for her -w-- What! Twenty-five girls in Mead with tonsilitis ---- Eune Crane's man gone to Cuba? ---- You might think Adelaide Bolton was Maude Adams, she really condescended to come to play rehearsal last night ---- Greetings, Sammy fSammy Smudge and Sammy Hayes both jumpj- - - Oh! dear, I have four rehearsals today-Senior Show twice, Glee Club, and Dramatic Club ---- Did you hear they had mumps at Williams - - - -- Did I ---- Did you hear how I just got stung in B. Kfs? - - - - Oh! my, another bill ---- "J, J., Is all the mail out yet ?" "No, but it will be in about a minute" ---- E- M- sat thirteen times for her picture and still she isn't pleased ---- Shall I or shall I not cut this class ? - - - Have you seen - - -- - There's another rumor around that the Freshmen are going to have their Frolie - - - - "I hope that's the funniest thing" ---- Do you really think we wonit have Prom, you know Mrs. Smith is sick - - - Booty,-has your Prom dress come ? H - - -- -- Did you hear about twenty-eight girls in Mead having --w-- H- C- is cutting all her classes today and church tomorrow making Valentines ---- Adele Norton is going wild over that show, she has twelve rehearsals a day now, beginning at four-thirty in the morning, she can't Bear it much longer ----- Dr. Underhill is taking great interest in class affairs just now. She already has her grip on the LLAMARADA Board -- - - - - Do you know what I heard? ---- It must be time for my II:45 intellec- tual treat ----- Isn't the new Education Instructor more attractive ----- Oh! Izzie ----- There! stand between me and the stationery, I'm afraid Miss McAuslan will see 'me and make me buy that book I ordered - - - -- - - Whew! look at that swirl ---- What do you reckon Miss Purington wants with the names of the Prom men ----- Let me tell you what I think ---- Yes, thirty girls in Mead ---- Hello, father, going to Lab? ---- The Doctor told me to be very careful about what I ate, come on up to the Gift Shop, will you? ----- I wish I could think up some excuse for cutting Gym ---- Do you know anyone going to Holyoke, I want ----- Will you lend me your white gloves? l'm ushering tomorrow ----- I wish I had a rubber coat and hat - - - Let's go down to Polis Saturday ----- Oh! floor, swallow me up, there she comes ---- Yes, she had to go home, but it's not because of her work, iris her health ---- Yes, she told me that she -- 1- -- --. A' 251 if Ei LLAQQQADA The Disillusionment of Theopeckdora Presented at Mount Holyoke College, Wednesday, January 6, IQIO "'T1'.v true 'tix pity, ana' pity 'tz'.v, 'tif true." Characters Miss Snlfwss ....... Emma Eames CARRIE E. MENNEDY, Housckeeper at the Republic . Ellen Terry THEOPECKDORA, Domestic Work Girl . . . Maude Adams Act First Library at Repubfir. Thaopeckdora is seated in a Merril: chair, carele.f.r1y1ook1'ng at 1'llu.rtra!z'onr in a magazine. Enter Mliff Shewes. , Miss S1-Iswss-Good morning, Theo. I have planned a constitutional for you today. THEOPECKDORA-That is pleasant. Is it to walk the Range? MISS SHEWES-NO, it is more complicated than that. It is just this: You go to my room in Mary Lyon, no, Mary Wilder, and look through the dark drawer: and see if you End several parkage: of cards. This is -very important. Several packages of cards, Theo, and ifyou don't find them take them to my ojfire in Mary Wilder -no-Mary. Lyon-well, the other Mary, anyhow. If you do find them let me know instanter. fExz't Theoj Act Second Dining-Room at Republir. Carrie E. Manncdy .ritr alone at breakfast table in the center, eating a glam' of orange juire. Enter Theopetlcdora. C. E. MENNEDY--Good morning, Mrs. Theopeckdora. What's the news today? IIIHEOPECKDORA-MISS Mennedy, what awful scandal do you suppose I have unearthed about our quondam friend, Miss Shewes? C. E. MENNEDY1Ol1l Theo, what is it? THEOPECKDORA fgrawlyj-What do you think she does up in Mary Wilder basement three times a week? C. E. MENNEDY-Why, I always supposed she was having classes. Wasn't she? THEOPECKDORA-Miss Mennedy, this is an awful revelation, and ifyou think we ought to con- ceal it- C. E. MENNEDY-Tell me the worst, Theopeckdora. 252 ,J ff- -,4"N-Y-- X E-J X Y , , X R . h t, THE LLAMARADA J igga - -, 4. 1 N F 5:77 A .-a.Q,g:-W line: -- . , gg,-A ,Y , .4 5 "i" '-Q':"1:.s- THIiOl'l5CKDORA1WCl!, I really do think anyone should know just what sort of a person she ' is living with. C. E. MENNEDY'YCS, Theopeckdora, it is plainly your duty to tell me and break this awful suspense. I THEOPECKIJORA-MISS Mennedy, this morning in an absent-minded moment QC. E. M. 11011: fuigorourlyj Miss Shewes sent me to Mary Wilder Hall to look through the desk drawers for something, entirely oblivious of what she had left there--and I found -Oh! awful thought! ffheopeckdora :ob.v.D C. E. MENNEDY1W!1Rt, Theopcckdora? Tell me at once! 'ICHEOPECKDORA-A box of cigars and, oh l-that isn't the worst. They were half gone and a box of matches lay on top of the desk! C. E. MENNEDY-Oh! Theo, how have I been so long deceived! CBN-at1z1f.rr, deadly xilenrcj No wonder she has lost her appetite! She hasn't eaten anything but orange juice for breakfast all this week. QPaure broken by Thcopecledordr .robrj I haven't noticed any odors. They say there are ways of concealing such things, but I never thought they were very effective. Ifvidently she has found something that is. QMIIJI Shewe: ir heard above, blithely ringing, She seems carefree enough now. .. THEOPECKDORA-It,S all bluff. She probably remembers now what she left in that drawer and realizes the necessity for keeping up a bold face. All of this can mean but one thing. Would you ask for any more conclusive evidence? C. E. MENNEDY-Well, we'll face her with it when she comes down and watch her expression and her conduct. THEOPECKDORA-It's all due, I know, to the example of the English aristocracy. CSong in the dirtance, step: on the .rtair.r. Enter .Mitt Slzcwarj Miss SHEWES fringing joyfullyj-"Oh! the golden, glowing morning, ' All the waiting earth adorning-" C. E. MENNEDY froberlyj-Well, you'd better be singing that happy song. It's the last one you will ever sing. MISS SHEWES flocking about in sudden consternation,-Wliyl What-Carrie--Theo-what is it ? C. If. MENNEDY-MiSS Shewes, this has gone far enough. Do you realize what lay hidden in that drawer you sent Tlieopeckdora to look in this morning? How long has I this been going on P 1 Miss SHEwEs-Well! What are you talking about, anyway? C. E. MENNEDY-ThiS is very hard for us. I assure you it causes us more pain than it can you. Theopeckdora has found you out. I Miss Smzwes-Tell me this minute! 253 " if "' THEOPECKDORA-Miss Shewcs, it is an awful thing for one so young to be so disillusioned. I can hardly bear to tell you-that l found-in the desk drawer in Mary Wilder- ' a box of cigars!-half used! fWfep.vj This can mean only one thing. Miss SHEWES Cgreatly agz'1atea'j-It isn't I. It is my colleague. THEOPECKDORA Cinrmlulouslyj-Miss Dutchinson, by chance? Miss SHEWES-Yes, she had them for the tobacco lecture and they passed them around and unrolled them in class to see how they were made-Carrie, what is that awful smell in the lcitrhen? Tuieovnckooua-Probably it is the smell of tobacco. fCuria1'nQ Rondelet V 'IQHE SoPHoMoRi2: Which way they went ? We know not-how should we go spy Which way they went? We only know them gone. They went, ' We're sure. Yes, hope to die. They didn't? Well, it doesn't signify Which way they went! THE FRESHMAN: Say what you please, We might, you know, just change our mind, Say what you please, Even if you wish it on your knees- When we're to have some fun inclined, We'll leave you, one and all, behind. Say what you please! 254 Tl E, The Traveler from B- M- A traveler came to Holyoke one day To study conditions and girls, And she heard many things and she saw many things, Such as lectures, gymnastics and swirls. But the thing that impressed her the most, so they say, That she tells to her friends without fail, Was the sight ofa student traversing the green, With a scrub brush, a mop and a pail. we it U1 ry Umm in m ll lll M UG Q jy!,,,T:f I ,,1Q"1..- .Ls -lmgx '7 -55 16 The Psychology of Prom , I 1 0 A my W2 lfffii- , A w in , UQ ,zfo Eb QI' 'ffm ZWVL sua, 'v A 'za 1' W Aff' " A I A Al, Em A - A, A, sam IMAGINATXON VOLUNTARY CHOICE jf' 7' In xi cu," May ' W 121- 'f . 1 My f Xxx , fff A A A V5 I 7 ,A E Wk '+'l.1,,4?f'Z" A , n If nf ,li - f-'fwiy E: X EMOTION EXPERIENCE 3' r A6 f y 'J 1 1'- ' A E ' 2 -T OH A ?, U, . I E-mf--r iff-""r' ff 4' .. -..,-:f yZff,fy ff W- -a A LANGUAGE TxME I Jn X ,I 7 p 40 ,,: f , W' Z 5541 IUN1-CONSCIOUSNESS 256 K R Q X-hi 'Rik f N- ',,, V, VIVUX ,,ff,,ff! uh 'Q vm X f Ay? AX X X' 'T ,J ffl 1 l 5 is kg ' i s J Sw mg Xy D elfsx W ' N N , f X N5 ,., , +V' Y SA y t ,VA ex- .v. 'JJ' Y KS' II' - . Q., " 'W 12, smite BA.2Ar.a. i 7 Table of Contents Portrait of President Woolley . . Frontispiece Page Dedication . . . . . . 7 LLAMARADA Board ...... . 9 WHICH P12R'rAINE'rH 'ro YE TRUSTEES AND FACULTY! Trustees ....... . I2 In Memoriam ...... . I3 The Faculty ...... . I4 Fellows, Graduate Students, Honor Scholars . 36 The Alumnae Association .... . 37 ln Memoriam . . . . . 40 WHICH PERTAINETH T0 YE SENIoRs: A Page from a Senior's Calendar . 42 Senior Class Oflicers . . . 43 Senior Class .... . ' 44 WHICH PER'rAINIsTH TO YE JUNIORSZ A Page from a Junior's Calendar . 64 Junior Class 'Oflicers . . . 65 Junior Class .... . 66 WHICH PERTAINETH TO YE SOPHOMORESZ A Page from a Sophomore's Calendar . 74 Sophomore Class Oflicers . . . . 75 Sophomore Class A . . . . 76 WHICH PEIITAINETH TO YE FIIESHMEN: A Page from a Freshman's Calendar . 84. Freshmen Class OH'icers . . . 85 Freshman Class ...... . 86 WHICH PERTAINETH T0 YE CoI,I.EGE ORGANIZATIONS! ' College Organizations ..... . Q4 The Students' League ..... . 95 Le Giocose . . . 96 Debating Society . . Q7 Department Clubs . . 98 Social Clubs . . . loo 258 w- 3 so A " I - THE LLAMARAD 113 - L L . i f as Page WHICH PE1tTAINE'1'H '1'0'YE RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATIONS! Religious Associations ..... . IO4 Young Women's Christian Association . . IOS Student Volunteer Band . . . . II2 College Settlements Association . . II3 WHICH PERTAINETH TO YE MUSICAL CLUBS: Music ...... . 118 Glee Club ..... . 119 Banjo Club . . 120 Mandolin Club . 121 Junior Choir .... - I . 122 WHICH .PERTAINETH TO YE DRAMATICS: Dramatics ,... . 124 Dramatic Club . . . . 125 She Stoops to Conquer . . I27 Captain Brassboundfr Conversion . 128 Beauty and the Beast -. . 129 W1-Hf0f,5 Tale . . . 130 Feast at Solhoug . . 131 Cathleen nz' Houlz'han . I32 H1's Social Status . . I32 Land of Heart's Desire . . . 133 WHICH PERTAXNETH TO YE ATHLETICS Athletics .... . 136 Athletic Association . . . . 137 Senior Basketball Team . . . 138 Sophomore Basketball Team . . 139 Junior Basketball Team ....... . 14.0 Freshman Basketball Team ...... . I4I Meets, Tennis Tournament, Basketball, Wearers ofthe "H" . 14.2 WHICH PERTAINETI-I T0 YE PUBLICATIONS: ' Publications ..... . The Mount Holyoke . . . The LLAMARADA .... . WHICH PERTAINETH TO YE SECRET SoCIETIEs: Societies ...... . Sigma Theta Chi .... . Xi Phi Delta . . . 259 144 145 146 148 151 155 ff- W to ETQLMQBQD WHICH PER'l'AlNlE'I'H TO YE SECRET SOCIETIES CContinueflj Psi Omega . . . Gamma Kappa Chi Delta Theta . Phi Beta Kappa . . Blackstick . . . Sophocles' Authors' Club Cycle of Nirvana . . . WH1c1-1 PER'rA1NE'rH TO YE CALENDAR: Calendar .... WHILH P1f11'rA1N12TH T0 YE GIQINDSZ , Honorary Members . . Grinds ..... WHICH PERTA1N12TH 'ro YE FUN! Nineteen Eleven Freshman Frolic . The Child's Garden of Verses . . A Correct Report of Faculty Attendance at Chapel . . The Lecture in Williston . . . How Brer Gideon Lost His Cake . What Other Girls Have Found Out . Confidential,Guide to the Theater . Extracts from the Diary of a College Girl . My Hunt for a Prom Man . . PIBSS Reports of the Faculty Play . Extracts from the Maxims of Methuse Mona Lisa ..... Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary . . How the Freshmen Got Their Frolic How Nineteen Ten Got Its Tree The Mount Holyoke Girl . . In and Out the Post OHice Corridor . The Disillusionment of Theopeckdora Rondelet ..... The Traveler from B--- M--- The Psychology of Prom . . The LLAMARADA Board . 260 lah's Wife Page 159 163 167 171 173 174 176 178 IQO IQI 230 232 234 235 236 238 239 239 240 241 242 247 247 248 249 250 251 252 254 255 256 257 s H ll M mhirh Iivriainrth in gr Ahunr- tiavmrntn XXX? M W W W X im. QED w W Q x :: 942 5 m 'FZ X Q xx X W W W X X Wiki kk XX Complimentary X M X M M M W M X W ae aze M M x X XM ADVERTISEMENTS 1 Eiialeelwii92653916516QZHIQ?l29ls?l2312?l2?l29If23flf29le9165152iieakakakaleileeleakekats 25 SI 0 R In FINE STATIONERY is 9 5 ENGRAVING 1 er ae 51,5 YQ? ,QW I Office Supplies, Blank Books, ag 5 '-Ci.ti...5wJ, Ledgers, Journals, Cash Books, i Q Memorandums, Billheads, ag X 922 Address Books, Dictionaries, Inks, Fountain Pens, Books, ale E Periodicals, Framed Pictures and Art -Goods. ig il? I E at YORK at STATIONER er X W ii 230 Worthington Street, Springfield, Mass. WWW WWXNWWXXWW MY WORM. 1- III. I have a little worm that goes in and out with me She Scidom ew a minute to be he self-e cl d And I make her work very hard, for I'm an g ' r a I ay' S. A. C. She writes me "cutie" little rh mes and serves Y me pretty teas And carries all my heavy books with seemingly great ease. II. She runs my errands for me and goes every- where she's sentg She's bound to be a butterfly-that's why she's so intent. The funniest thing about her is the way she likes to go With coat all buttoned front side back, 'cross campus to and fro. And I can make a fool ofher in every sort ofway. She stays so close beside me, she is plucky, one can see- I'd never stick to any girl as that worm sticks to me. IV. Some morn she'll come to chapel with a yellow S. A. C., . And then I wont have anyone to carry books for me, ' And I am sure 'twill seem to me worm-time has passed too soon, And I shall wish the butterfly back in her old cocoon. 2 zilJVERTISEZVIENT.S' Why go to Holyoke and Springfield p to do your Drug Store Shopping when there is a First- Glass Drug Store Right at Home? Glcsmann Brothers PI'CSCI'lDti0I1 SDCCi8liSIS SOUTH HADLEY, MASS. mwfioon I-IOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE FOR II ER, H I .M-A N D 7' ll EI RS E11 0 1' y M 0 n th-l1?ic11.Zy Illustrated Of all the household !Il3.,LI1l.ZlI1CS the most practical. But b1'ight,eheery, inspiring, handsome, withal. For every lllL!ll1lJt'l' ofthe family. The house is its special field, but. its usefulness extends to :L much wider one. Reoclies Over ll' 300,000 Homes zllfllinfl. li'e1zfler.s 31.25 A YICAR Igc A COPY Do you 'want fo make money? We offer dignified, profitable fwork to tbose applying. The Phelps Publishing Co. SPR f NGFI IG LD, MASSAUH UHl'l'l"l'S1 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE FRENCH DRY CLEANING AN IJ FINISHING Ladies' :uni Gent.h:nxen's Gnrments, Lows, Luce Curtnins, Blankets, t'nrr1ugo Robes, Fun-4, Glove-i, Portieres, Table and Plano Covers, Tnpcstries, lite. No better work done in either New York or Boston. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 130 Bridge St., Springfield. Gor. Stearns Park. Phone 2193-ll, Gannents re mired and remodeled l Hotel Martha Washington 29th to 30th Streets, One block east of Fifth Avenue, New York. Over 400 Rooms. Absolutely Fircproof, Rates 81.50 per day up. Convenient. to shopping und theatre district, Cntzers cspeeiully to women trnvelingor visiting New York alone. e EUROPITAN PLAN ONLY. Restznurantu for Ladies :mtl Gentlemen. A. W. EAGER. THE PH. D. The goodly, kindly Ph. D. l love with all my heart, Though " D's" and "l'1's" she gives to me And many a pang and start. She makes me feel her mind's immense, And when I think l know it all, She makes me feel that I am dense, And that my parts are very small. And yet l have just one wee thought, Which, after all, should comfort me, "l'is that, before she ever taught, She knew but little, just like me. AIJVERQTISEMENFTS COLDWELL LAWN MOWERS Hand, Horse and Motor Power Gan'1l0ni'ity, Apzmwannis, X Englowooml, Wcstwaml Ho, Brookline Country, Chevy Chase, and lnuny other lending Golf and Country Clubs of AIl10l'iCllr, are nsing i'olmlwoll's ,Motor :nnl Putting Green Lawn Mowers. SEND FOR CATALOGUE Coldwell Lawn Mower Co. 45 Coldwell St., L oA,e W, ., or .-.I Nswnuncn, - - N.Y. Good Printing Promptly LET US PROVE IT T0 YOU Mansir Printing Gompan y Telephone 1477 T 126 Front St. Holyoke 4. ADVERTISEMENTS Daily News Job Printing WM. J. FLEMING Company SI-IUES Springfield, Massachusetts Northampton, Massachusetts We want to do your Printing. We offer highest quality of workmanship, best service and low prices. It will pay you to get our estimates. : : : College and Fraternity Printing M I Do le Printin Co Northampton, Massachusetts ' ' Y g ' II5 MAIN STREET Holyoke, Massachusetts Dowling 86 Bunyan EYE GLASSES Miuinery, Silks' If you break your glasses IQEMEMHER if youmail them to Laces, Neckwear The Harvey 81, Lewis Co., ' . ' f' I M . Wool and Cotton Dress Goods 360 Main St ' Spring le d' ass ' glasses will be returned to you in about three hours No Duplicates nftcr receipt. We grind any lens on premises. Send . the pieces or prescription. ' St" Holyoke Write for Price List of Developing and Printing. Wellworth House Mrs. C. H. Edwards 8: Daughter 8 West Street, Hadley, Mass. Rcfresliments Served to College Students Suppcrs to Parties Served on Notice Shall be Pleased to Receive Your Patronage P. O. Box 161-Tel. 664 Ring 4-Hadley, Mass. Eureka Ruling and 'Binding Co. Printers and Blank Book .al Manufacturers .af Students' Note Book Covers, Examination Papers, Etc. H0IY0kCp Mass. f1DlfERT1SEMENETLS 5 JOHNSON 'S BOOKSTORE Bookstore Building 391 Mnln Street Springfield, Mass. The College dc- .-r lights nt Johnson's New Bookstore 'JI Tliree hrorul. beautiful floors in our new store. Books, pictures, nll nrt goods, stntioucry, cameras, fountain pens, games, :tml fur more. A fascinating store where you feel the wcl- come. Come often. Books Stationery Pictures PRoMPrArnENrloN T0 MAIL onnfns S l 1 l i -7 Stationery School Books Artist Materials Kodaks Films And all Camera Supplies. I Souvenir Post Cards. Auto Road Books and Maps. We do all kinds of Photographic Work Developing, Printing ' Bromide Enlarging. All Sizes. All Finishes. H . Fl U D E CO. 418 Main Street, Springfield, Mass. ---..... .11 At CHARLES HALL'S Springheld, Mass., are offered the worthy sort of decorative and personal-use things that create an atmosphere of distinction. They are not found in other stores here- abouts. They are moderate- ly priced for their value and come from exclusive makers at home and abroad. Your in- spection is invited. 5l'EllZ3iA2l.El"i9Jtiili?.lX0ili2l."l'3 to 2. Aft ernoo n Ten from 4to 6. :: :: :: :: :: :: l 1 l l Lllllll I ll.LEDijQ QQ EFOR these cosy After- noon Tcas and Evening Lunches, we can please the College Girls' tastes in Fancy Biscuits and Crnckeis, Olives and l Pickles, not forgetting at Fine Line of Confec- I tionery. :: nz: :: :: Av Ar , 11. Qi. Smith I Holyoke. Next cloor to City Hall I Cl lil ill ll U U El lilllflilljlll i - l 6 ADVERTISEMENTS BAKER'S Caracas Sweet Chocolate mg FINEST EATING I CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD I In 11 and M-lb. Cakes Our new recipe book, sent ij "LL 'lil ll c, ,il W ill, l alll, 1 'lllllll'f I y free, will tell you liow to make n great variety of de- licious drinks and dainty lil s ' gu i ' Registered 4 W '- U. S. Put. Oki. WALTER BAKER Sc CO. , Limited 13 t br 1 1 1780 DORCHICSTER, MASS. R. A. PRCENTISS Stylish and Reliable --E FOOTWEAR l 323535 3,64 High Street HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS Caesar Equi 81 Co. Telephone 1661 485 Dwight Street, Holyoke ICE CREAM 31.00 . . per Gallon 31.25 Qwith nutsj per Gallon .i...lT-1 Also a Nice Line of Confectionery and Fruits HATCH Sc PIKOSKY I neorporaterl Women's and Misses' Fall and Winter Garments Specialized iillil- Suits, Coats, Skirts, Fur Coats, Muffs and Scarfs, Neckwear, Belts, Gloves and Jewelry ,iii-l "THE HOUSE OF STYLE" 349 High Street Holyoke, Massachusetts ADVERTISEMENTS 9 SEQ 52535535552235535555EEESESEESESSEESESSESSESSESSEESESESSEEBESSESSEESSSESSEESESESEEESEQ 22' ss. iii at OOO 2:0 O Q! Kg! 1.1 cm OOO O30 S!! ig! SE! Sz! sez sg: iii 5:2 Ol O 000 sz T sz O O iii iii O O0 OOO SE! SS! !5! S!! ia an 0:0 QSO !:! Sz! IO! l0Il0I'l0l lfllfl KOFKOI l0ll0F KOIIOF lil l0Il0I lf! ROIROFIOI l'Il9ll0I lfllfl Nfl KOIQOROIIOFB, G33369323933333i2i22i2333iP2i?3iP3 333363333333333623333FZWSQPSQSSCSZGGSGIZSSSG LBA Y TE CHER ' AGE CY Provides Schools of all Grades with Competent Teachers. Assists Teachers in Obtaining Positions. What Mount Holyoke graduates say of us: MORlAll, N. Y.-I consider myself very fortunate in securing this position in Sherman Collegiate Institute and my one regret is that it is so far from my home. Thank you sincerely for your efforts in placing me. Beatrice M. Smith fMount Holyoke, lO9,, May 28, 1909. FAIR HAVEN, VT.-I have today accepted the position in Fair Haven, Vt., of which you notified me on May 28th. I am well satisfied with my dealings with you and am a loyal advocate of the Albany Agency. Bertha M. Newcomb fMount Holyoke, lO9D, june io, 1909. Bkisrot., CONN.-I have accepted the position at Bristol of which you informed me and think it a very good one. Iwith to thank you for your efforts in my behalf and for the courteous treatment which has always been accorded me in my dealings with your agency. Florence L. Mitchell CMount Holyoke, 'O7D, August 16, 1909. RACQUI-:'r'ri: LAKE, N. Y.-I have a letter from Mr. Rork, of Racquette Lake, offering me the position of governess. Please let mc know at once the amount of commission. Thanking you for your interest and good work in my behalf, Bessie A. Torrey fMount Holyoke, '09j, November 4, IQOQ. 1 Now is the time to register. Send for application and Bulletin No. 20. HARLAN P. FRENCH, 81 Chapel Sl., Albany, N. Y. IO ADVERTISEMENTS Established 1890. Incorporated l904. The Eastern Teachers' Agency, Qlncorporated .J MISS E. F. FOSTER. - - - Manager. MISS T. M. HASTINGS, - Asst. Manager. 50 Bromfield Street, Boston, Mass. INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION GIVEN, CORRESPONDENCE INVITED. Telephone, Main 775-2. Seniors intending to teach can secure the best service by enrolling with The Teachers' C0-operative Association of New England 8 BEACON STREET, BOSTON, MASS. EDWARD W. FICKETT, Proprietor. ADVERTISEMENTS II LIMERICKS AND J INGLES. Ride a cock horse through Latin A I, And see how much quicker the work will get done, A in translation and A in the prose, Oh! she shall shine brightly wherever she goes. Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick, Tell me "yes" this minute! For Prom, you know, is almost here, And I must needs be in it. Needles and pins! Needles and pins! When girls come to college their troubles begin. In this world full of hustle and bustle and din, No time to use needles! Scarce time to use pins. Baal Baal Freshman dear, have you any wool F Yes ma'am, yes ma'am, cranium's full. Some for my Math quiz and some for my Lit, Some for a Gym "con," should I get it. There is a brisk place called the Gym, Where Spatial: must work with a vim. Their jaws they relax, Pile matches in stacks, To put their weak muscles in trim. There is a young lady named Yell, Who does up one's hair very well, In puflis or in curls, Or in ravishing swirls, And all college news she can tell. There was a Prom dress with a train, That drove Booty Wright near insane, The first time she wore it, She carelessly tore it, And never can wear it again. We have some instructors, you've seen, Who lately to England have been. Their pronunciation Defies imitation. We scarcely can tell what they mean. , Y, TRAINING CLASS ron COMMERCI L TEACHER It has been plainly shown that Bay Path in conducting a course for the training of commercial teachers and the placing of these in high schools is doing a work which is appreciated by a very wide circle of educators. Teachers' agencies, school superintendents and high school princi- pals come to us to furnish teachers for commercial depart- ments and they highly endorse the work done at Bay Path. New commercial departments are 'being established in high school each year,and the demand for well-trained teachers capable of mapping out and arranging a course of commercial studies adapted to the high school will be a growing one for some time to come. Such teachers, through necessity, command good salaries, and we believe that in conducting a course for the training of commercial teachers we are filling a real need. Our school is the only one in this section of the country conducting such a course along normal lines, and we have met with exceptional success in placing our students. The object of our teachers' department is strictly professional, each student doing a certain amount of teach- ing under the supervision of a critic teacher, the rest of the class acting as pupils. The course includes: Fmsr.-All subjects taught in commercialdepartments. Si:eoNn.-The best method of presenting these subjects. '1'HIRIJ.'TiIt! proper manual training. Fouwru.-Methods of discipline. During the year just past we have received more appli- cations for college men and women who are fitted to teach commercial subjects than we could supplf. These openings and the success of our graduates should be an incentive to anyone who desires to Fit herself to teach some special branch of work. Call or write for it entulogn Address, The Registrar, Bay Path Institute, Union Building, SPRINGFIELD, MASS. ADVERTISEMENTS TheBigMainLine .g AINE TO THE-l 1 RAILROAD EST And Connecting for All Principal Points Between the ATLANTICZPACIFIC Modern Equipped Through Trains Daily and operated on Fast Schedules With Accommodations for all Classes of Travel. PROTECTED WITH AUTOMATIC BLOCK SIGNALS 1 11. tl.. 'HI y '1'l I' 'iiegli IlIl1-:SI 'e ' III 1' ' wi 1 : rt ' ligni :I Ill lern servleu tlrtzlzwti-11l'11'ly 111114115 to II, I . I. Fl ANI!!-,RN I .l.M. U Nl' lllllll G1-A ...- d i . an on tue 1111121 lII4Il'4I'IIIg I-un-nh' ml Il 111: 1 No.1-0 sx, In Illlxlll' ull IUIIIII I I IL sn no IIIIOKI ll unnfu .md I 1 ilu m I - I .L I I. . 11' il ' Inust I until Il I Fm' mn-s, tlvks-tn, II-servullmns mul rlomlleml lnformxillnn apply to lon-nl lic-km. :Igvnt orHeI1.I':IxseI1gm-r Dept., Huston. , ' I Y w D r 1 0 V 1, . I I ART NOOK and ART NOOK GIFT SHOP soum rmoufv, MASS. GOOD m H 1 The Misses Tourtellotte MOUNT HOLYOKE GUEST ROOM AND TEA ROOM Telephone 845- I2 ' liiiilillil . i ji Ifil1nlsEllilfllls .i.l,l I li '-I1lIl1ll-g.lf '57 JPL ld aflgfj' YE! gr ' TENNIS depends chiefly on THIS RACKET. PERFECTION IN racket making is at- tained in the HORSMAN "MODEL A-X" Improved for I9IO. Don't buy until you scc ir. If your dealer hasn't it writeto IIS. We are sole agents in the UNITIQD STATES Fon THE CELEBRATED AYRES CHAMPIONSHIP LAWN TENNIS BALLS. Send for IQIO Catalogue. E. I. HORSMAN CO. 365-367 Brondwny, New York. 9 '5- 2' ir V , .I Xvxxk I 'ii av, -Q. 'n it 1 "" -' bpm. e is-H -t'. .gl ,5 t I 1 l 2 'lwx' -- lj X I gliillisif will 'Ia N ll W ll ' .li 'Til ll fi ' 72 -l3,,3 f' ll .7 H 1 ,pil . walt, ill? V i ' ! f rigs .xv ,K f,'.v. fi . . .X k .4 Friday Afternoon. Strong and self-reliant, Nan reads her essay without tremor or quake, while Dorothy, in another 'room, barely gets through her part without breaking down. It isn't because they were "born that way." It is a matter of nourish- ment. We all know that food even makes character, and that good food and good digestion will generally supply strength and confidence for emergencies much greater than those of Friday afternoon. is a part of the ideal diet that can be relied upon to sustain anyone, child or man, when perfect control of the faculties is required. , It is all that any "health-food" can be, and is perfecftly delicious besides. JELL-O desserts do not have to be cooked and can be made in a minute. There are seven flavors : Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Cherry, Chocolate. l0c. at all grocers. 'A The famous new Recipe Book, "DESSERTS 0F THE WORLD," in ten colors and gold, will be sent lor lour cents in stamps. THE GENESEE PURE FOOD CO., Le Roy, N. Y., and Bridgeburg, Can. I4 ADVERTISEMENTS 0 0 p 0 Goetz Llnlng Sllks are absolutely pure dye and are unconditionally guaranteed to give two seasons WC1ll'. For sixteen years we have been manufacturing for the leading garment- makers the highest grades of lirzfrzg :ilk produced in this country and, in response to an insistent demand from dressmakers and others who have become familiar with the unusual merit of these linings, we have opened a Retail Salesroom at our store, 148 Fifth Avenue, New York City, and another at our mill at Holyoke, Mass., where at either place these lining silks can be purchased in any desired quantity. They are suitable for lining cloaks, suits, jackets and every kind of a gill'- ment where a lining is necessary. These linings are for sale only at our own stores, where a full range of colors will always be available. No matter where you purchase your dress material, you will find it greatly to your advantage and a decided saving to purchase direct from the manufacturer. GOETZ SILK MFG. CO. cABo'r STREET Send for Samples. ' Public Warehouse S 'I' O R A G E JOHN K. JUDD Furniture and other goods stored in separate locked rooms, JUDD PAPER C0. BUILDING 33 Race Street HOLYOKE, ax MASS. Holyoke, Mass. The Whole Duty of Students To hold the door as folks pass through ls what a Freshman ought to do, Q And gracefully to wait on table, At least so far as she is able. The Sophomore should daily grind And studies ditlicult not mind, But, most of all, she should remember To govern her unruly member. The junior should be versatile, And gladly her small part fulfill, Wliile Glue Club, orchestra, debates, Should take up all her empty dates. The Senior first, it seems to me, Of utmost dignity should be, She should not 'cross the campus call, Nor run-except in basketball. The whole duty of' faculty I would not dare essay, you see Their duty mainly is to show l'low very little students know. ADVLRTISEMENTS I5 - A. Steiger 8: Co., Holyoke lt is the Policy of this Store to Lead To be first in line with the new things on the very threshold of the season. Our Standard is Always the Highest Merchandise that is of questionable qual- ity has no place in this store. We draw upon the markets of the entire world in assembling these immense assortments, but always with a firm insistence that only such goods as are absolutely trustworthy shall gain entrance to our stock. A. Steiger 8a Co., Holyoke - XIDVERTISEMENTS MCA uslin 6? Wakelin THE BIG STORE Corner High, Dwight and Maple Streets Dry and Fancy Goods, Suits, Dress Skirts, Silk Waists, White Lawn Waists, Ribbons, Hosiery, Underwear, Dainty White Undermuslins, Corset Covers, Gowns, Combination Garments We guarantee every article 'we sell to be the 'very best obtainable for the money you pay. In efvery case fwbere goods are not satisfactory your money 'will be returned. Ridgewood Cloths DIRECT FROM MILL TO YOU Our Retail Department offers an unusually large variety of fabrics forSpring and Summer wear. Suitings, Skirtings, Waistings, Broad-cloths, Rain-cloths. In fact, material for every outer garment. You can save money by buying Direct from the Mill and secure individuality at the same time. Samples mailed if you state garment planned and color preferred, but we invite you to visit our Salesroom and see the beautiful array of fabrics we show and the low prices we ask. Gbe Beebe-fllebber Company Manufacturers of Textile Fabrics 659 MAIN STREET. x : HOLYOKE. MASS. Open 8.30 n. m. to 5. p. nl.-Saturday, 3 p. lu. untlllprll I. 0n Holyoke-Sprlngfleld Trolley Llne ADVERTISEMENTS Zffmxx UNK f B Q2 00 Q riff 2 QA G llv- ' fr.. Q 'U uk if J i xg JN 'BN 7' 'fig' -Kffbxx N ALL the leading educational institutions of the coun- try you will Hnd the National Loose Leaf Note- p My books in constant use. You will also find Nation- al Blank Books in use in all up-to-date busi- ness offices. National goods are substantially made for daily handling and contain thc best paper obtainable for the purpose. Always ask for the National Line at your stationer's. Insist on seeing thc Eagle trade-mark. It is our guarantee of superior material and workmanship. ational Blank Book ompan HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS 18 ADVERTISEMENTS AUTOCRAT STATIONERY The Most Popular and Exclusive Correspondence Paper Made. Ask your Stationer-he sells it. White Sc Wyckoff Mfg. Co. Makers of Autocrnt Stationery Holyoke, Massachusetts Go to ' H QOIIIDIQIQ IIIIIQ The Shoe Mart 0, For Shoes of Quality at prices that are right. t3bl0 and SHEA 8' GENACK, Props. 315 Hain Street, Springfield BUYA- YOUR Screens, Fancy Chairs, Fancy Rockers, Raffan Rockers, Small Tables ana' Trunks of Livermore 'Q Martin 61 Dwight Street, HOLYOKE, MASS. Dash Lamps 'mv I The Roland C. 0akes Zo. 271 Jlpvleton Street, Bolvoke, 2 z mass. ' AJJVERTISEMENTS IQ Our Catering facilities are Better 'Chan Sven' Now that we have TVVO stores-the new one in Springfield-we are able to supply all kinds of choice CONliECT1ONI:ZRY, as well as Frozen Desserts and Baked Delicacies, for the various College functions. : 2 1 : : : 1 All orders-large or small-are made up to meet the special requirements of each occasion, and carefully packed. 1 : : 2 1 A : THE 1iiiiiiiyDeiiiiiiiiuaiimeii'1Tv1PA Y 440 lligll St.. 'llvlepllonc 179 335 Main Stu., 'Fcloplionc 5188 HULYOKE SPRING FIELD NO1'fhHmPf07fl,5 Bzadert Shoe Store I MAN DELL'S Everything in the Candy Line NQIVK5' Ready to meet all demands for SHOES, SLIPPERS and ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR. Unusual assorlments. 1 and Ices ii- "-v'2..NV' T 247:-249 Main Street MandeIl's Shoe Store The Draper Hotel Building NORTHHMPTUN, Mglss, zo fIDlfERT'ISEM15N7'S Importers Retailers FOR-QE? snw- If-Lf-QCE Che Leading Department Store of lllestern New Gngland You will find here always--the Largest Assortments--the Best Qualities and the lfairest Prices- whcther for furnishing your rooms, or for personal needs. Our Clloak, Suit and Millinery Departments are the finest in New England The Observatory Restaurant on the top floor of the Pynchon Street Addition,-the highest building in the city-is a delightful place to dine before an evening at the theater, or to lunch when shopping. Service a Ia carte from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Zllternoon Tea from 3 to 5.30 FORBES QFD. WALLACE SPRINGFIELD, MZISSFIGHUSETTS New York Office, 2 Walker Street PARIS MANGHESTER GHEMNITZ ST. GZILL Shreve, Zflllllp 81 IIOWQ 20. FI Good Clear Gye Doesn't need glasses, but failing eyes need strengthening. Rightly adjusted glasses will do it. Bring your oculist's prescription to us for proper filling. A. L. GORDON. Tiamonds Gems Tiamond jewelry Watches Ftne jewelry 119 State St. Springfield, Mase. Latest styles in Stationery, Qualify B A R R r Tens Caterers Opera Glasses, SPEGIFILTIES FOR 3-ans' Bfic,a,BraC LiIlc0IH'S Valentine's Dag' . Washington's Blrt day In Ice G1-eams and Favors 'CDG G. C. BHRR CO., , G D, MESS. I 4 7 C Y C 111 O I1 t 8 t I' C 2 t l sPRi!1LltF:51I:1'ea Room when In City ADVERTISEMENTS 21 H as Q WILLIAM SKINNER a soNs azeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeefeawwezaaeaeaeaeaaaeeweaeai A Q P E HoLvoKE, mass. gi Ei ll Manufacturers of -1- . . E 55 S11ks, Satms, Serges, Taffetas 'W u a n Q S11k and Mohair Brands J M. B3 .S'Kinner'.r Satin is Guaranteed for Two Season: 592 E., W ,E 1 w ml BE SURE Your Tailor Uses lt ln Your Garments N4 EEGEEQRQBIGRQRQRERQEQQRQRGRY92f924ai2alQaWl2al2?Ea'9aHxQ9?2 ef- 4. E5 Q Q STORES: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston ,gig W Qi 22 XIDVERQTISEMIENTS 'An COMPLIMEN TS OF ss 352 ' S 2 D. H. Brlgham 8z Company gg Costumes for Women 5 M SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 25,535 photographic Supplies at . J. WILSGN f sr 1 Deuel 9 Drug ore Holyoke' Mass. lil.. Dost Cards, our own pictures, H O T E L H A M I LT O N Candy and Soda at . HOLYOKE, MASS. The nearest Hrst-class hotel to the College-only zo minutes by trolley. D E U E L, S Lunches served at any time :luring the d:1y,witl1- . out nonce. Little dinners and class banquets a specialty. GEORGE H BOWKER 8: CO. Lelephone 35 ADVERTISEMENTS 23 H. E. CRO THER 62 CO. MILLINERY Everything up to date Try us 356 WAIN ST, SPRINGFIELD, JIASS. Office open all night. Teleplxone M. J. LAPORTEJHC' M. Albert Laporte, Mgr. Oliice, Rear Draper Hotel, McGrnth's Old Stand. Successors to Br:u1dle's Stables, 57 King Street. Hack, Livery and Boarding Stable Automobiles for hire. The very best tnrnouts, single :incl double. Wheel :incl sleigh busses nnml best of clrivers. The finest Smlille horses to be had in the eity. Riding lessons given by Gnul- ualie Master. NORTHAMPTON, MASS. Bridgman 81. Lyman Ye Clde Book Shop Eslnblisheil 1797 College textbooks and supplies Waterglan Ideal Fountain Pens 'Ivory pen lYlll'!'!llll0t Engraving executed promptly Mail orders solicited 108 Main Sl., Nm'il1:unp1on, Mass. The Womangs Shop DISTINCTIVE JPPAREL FOR WOMEN 387 Main St., Snrinzfield. Mass. ADVERTISEMENTS R. F. KELTON 'Q COMPA Y DEALERS 14N Poultry and Vegetables F resb Fish and Oysters Fresh and Salt Meats Dwiglll Slreei. -: Holyoke, Mass. TONSOLITIS is for tonic, so ugly and brown Which though benehcial is hard to get down. is for oil that with camphor combined To external usage is always confined. is for nurse who in Pearsons and Mead Urges all callers to scatter with speed. is for swelling on many a neck- Pray use all precaution contagion to check. is for invalids, angry and cross, Who this way and that on their couches do toss. is for listerine, gargled at night, By all who'd avoid those dread spots of white. 's for instructor, the class-roll who calls, Until, with her pupils, a victim she falls. is for trays set out in the hall, Over which the unwary are likely to fall. 's for inlirmary, full to the brim, If others fall sick they must go to the Gym. is for Salford. When health is restored We ruefully haste there to pay for our board. footwear ot ualit The dainty models and high-grade l63Il18l'S that Mount Holyoke stu- dents prefer may always be found in greater and more varied assortments HI CHILDS' than at any other shoe store in the Valley. Likewise the most reliable brands of Hosigfy in Cotton, Lisle and Silk. Choa. S. Childs, Marble Bldg., High and Dwight Ste., Bolyohg ADVERTISEMENTS 7 1 S H REG. U. 8. PAT,0FF. H j ron FINE Cg,:??f:PONDENCE E bf iii? E GENERAL BUSINESS USES y y E3Q.Q. WHITING PAPERS K Are Standard In Pans-In Cakes-In Tubes For all grades of school and art work The Best Made--The Most Used Write for copy of our beautiful art catalogue of water colors and other artists' materials. MILTON BRADLEY CO. Springfield, ug Mass. Boston New York Philadelphia Htlanta San Francisco OP TICIA N No need to suffer with poor eyes when we give advice FREE and charge only moderate prices for materials. 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I I I , - I 26 ADVERTISEMENTS ' 1 GREETINGS TO MOUNT HOLYOKE GIRLS Cotrell Z2 Leonard Makers of the Gaps, Gowns and Hoods A To Mount Holyolie, Wellesley, Radcliffe, Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Woman's College of Baltimore, Wells, Elmira, Adelphi. Amherst, Williams, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Tulane and all the others. New york CLASS CONTRACTS a Specialty Superior Worlimanshlp Rich Gowns for Higher Degrees, Pulpit and Bench Illustrated Bulletin and Samples on Request I New York A New Haven ar or r n e on m0 B6 ZOO I Our 01:1 iafstoillrl gn ld B t Misa Mary D. Kinner, Droprietor A Go. Millin ery QM' 9 fl ll 44 fl sl I Qm IFB 374 mdill Sl., Sllfillgfltld oml. mCClllllS, Plckafd S' when 'ZQX 'sl - f PM Kg, I V, ' if',a:s,2v fav i M Formerly Quigley's Specialists in Women's Outer Apparel Springfield, ::: Mass COMPLIMENTS OF ml'S. RGIIISQV XIDVERTISEMENTS 27 ATHERTONS Fine Millinery 0 I bf'f"'gw'f'S.1fJ 213 High St., Holyoke Like pure fruits bottled up Knox Sailors FINE HOSIERY UMBRELLAS TRUNKS and TRAVELING BAGS The Most Select Offerings in Western Massachusetts J. O. SAWTELL 478 Main Street ' Springfield, Mass. C. T. WILKINSON Proprietor of the A Holyoke and South Hadley Express Leave South Hadley 6.50 a.m., 10.00 a.m., 12.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m. 28 flIJVER7'1SE1lfIliNTS Established 1851 EINIER 81. AMEND Complete Laboratory Furnishers Manufacturers and Importers of Chemical Apparatus, Fine Chemicals and Reagents. Balances and Weights, Chemical Glassware, Etc., Etc. Largest and .Most Gomprehensive Stock in Zlmerica LYMAN'S WITH "QU7lLlTY" lor the Incentive. our cholce Ilne of "Meats" should have your eurllest conslderotlon. "Quality" ls what we strlve for and when the occnslon presents ltsell to you to slt down to one ol our especially HGHOIGE STE7lll'S" a happy mortal wlll you be. lndeedl Dealers ex- clusively In the liner grades of Poultry, Game, Meats, flsh and Garden Truck. E. L. L YMFIN, 569 DWIGHT STREET, Phone- 437 or 438 Established l888 PRESTO , n.D.s. Nitrous Oxide Gas Zldmlnlstered Local Zlnaeltlletlca Used OFFICE HOURS: 9.00 A. H. to l2.30: 2 to 5 P. H. SOUTH HADLEY. MASS. LG. E. RUSSELL Q Co. Q 245 High Street, F . OPPOSITE CITY HALL, HOLYOKE h Fancv Zhlna, Glassware, liammercd Brass, Jlrt- Q cralt 0utllts, Sheet Brass. Bead Frlnae. Jewels, NC. Gill Gldii, Zlldfllll DlSllCS. fill! 0'Zl0Cll 1 C03 Ktliltt 'Cttl Blllt and 'CCB llflltttt. i Came In and get acquainted at the place to buy the best. i l5olyohe'a oldest Bookstore carrying a complete line of Books, Stationery and i Zlrt Goods 3 Artistic Picture Framing FITZGERZlLD'S Book and Zlrt Go., Inc. 196 Hljll Street ADVERTISEMENTS . 29 10.50 Shoes, Oxfords, Sllppers Session closes with the bell, The Most' Complete Stock of Down the stairs we go pell-mell, Down the walk our classmates meeting, To be Found in this Region We whiz by with hurried greeting. is at Through the passage-way so dim, ln we crowd with visage grim. Junior luncheon takes our eye, Q We go munching on 3 Pie' 382 MAIN STREET, SPRINGFIELD. In my box a hurried look- ,, rig, ,t-E , , YEA "Call at book-store for a book "- "Call at Registrar's this morning" ' fOh, alas! Is this a warning, G' Teachers have been keeping tab,- While I've been a-cutting "lab" FQ 6111bl'ofdQl'iC3 ULLAMARADA board at five"- CGWF I Wish I Werefff Hlivelb Materials, Stamping and Designing 'iSorry notice comes so late, Wont you lead the next debate F" Lyman Building, 374 main St., Here's a letter-can't begin it, 5 H N, massachusetts Fourth Hoor Willy-half 21 minute! sw nqcefwhom 4339 XXKXXXKXHXXHXXXHHHKXXKKKXKKXXK A VALUABLE AID DURING THE COLLEGE COURSE AND ALL THROUGH LIFE 54 THE SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN NEW ENGLAND'S LEADING NEWSPAPER All the news of the world, a strong editorial page, able literary criticisms and book reviews, departments devoted to the interests of women, music and the drama. .al .af .af J- .al .af .av 'Best Reports of Mount Holyoke College Ebents. DAILY 58. SUNDAY 52. WEEKLY Sl. Qc KHXXXXXKXXHXXXXHXKHHHXKXXXXHXE 30 ADVERTISEMENTS azeazeaeaie 516926 916 azealeaie 216926 226 are 526 ?l6 216 916516 226226216rHl6rZ6rl6eZeal6a16 92626 iii If 26' ' aff ale 222 if 55 7lq Sv :Ng ILUIVIBER ERCI-IA T QQ Q BQ Sie DOORS, SASI-I, BLINDS, HOUSIA. FINISH QQ Sig AND CABINICT WORK, STAIR BUILDlERg 319 9l6 YARD AND PLANING MILL. 1 : : : 536 316 56 926 Gontractor Zldministration Building. "Gym" ?l6 5l6 Dwight Memorial Zlrt Building, Library and R6 526 Mead Hall, Mount Holyoke Gollege. E16 616 il? ?l6 216 by Q1 Q1 Q1 41 -U Q1 A1 xi! xl! si! xl! :ll xl! NV gh! sl! NV Sl! Nil xl! sl! JL ll bil xi! xi! SU xl! -S' il 15f 755 751 75': 755 755 75: 755 753 75: 75: 755: f5f 755 755 155 754 755 75: 755 755 755 752 751: 155 75: 75: 755 755 753 2, 15N C, N, PITTS NORTHAMPTON, MASS. College Furnishing More than our lmlf of our lm.v1'r1rs.v in the past few years has been in furnishing college dormitories and public institutions, including Student Furniture, Desks, Tables, etc., Draperies, Rugs, Screens, and all items of merchandise used hy students. We Solirit Corrvxjmmfcnrfaiid will certainly save all purchasers at least ten per COIN, and deliver goods at Mount Holyoke College in good condition. Enrh Svptmibtw, at the opening ofthe college year, we shall have in South Hadley a stock of mer- I chandise in Furniture,- Rugs, and Drapery Goods, to show the Students of Mount Holyoke College. O. N. FITTS, NORTHAMPTON, MASS. XIDVERTISEMENTS 31 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXKXXXXXHXXXXHX COMPLIMIQNTS OF 'Farr Hlpa a :Q 0 - X x ' vw- a 'aff x-'faffnfaxf ' x X X X X XXXXXXXXXXXXXXKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX THE FISK TEACHERS' AGENCIES B0s'r0N, MASS., 2A Park Srrccr. . Nizw YORK, N. Y., 156 liifrla Avc. WAs111Nc:'rON, D. C., 1505 Penn. Ave. CHICAGO, ILL., 203 Nlicliigzm Ave. Diznvisu, COL., 405 Cooper Building. SPOKANE, WASH., -QIQ Hyde Building. PORTLAND, fjllli., 611 Swcrluncl Building. BERKIQLIQY, CAL., 214.2 Slmrtuck Ave. Los ANO1s1.1ss, CAL., 238 Douglas Building. Send f0l' R6glStl'3tl0ll FOYITI and Ag6IlCY Malllldl. FTCB. 32 ADVERTISEMENTS WHEN AT HOME Tell Your Coal Dealer We Sell " HOT STUFF" at Wholesale W. A. Clark Coal Co. Northampton, Mass. r. w.w0oLw0R1H eco. Five and Ten Cent Store... HOLYOKE MASS. Colle e girls are always welcome in this store and wig find a complete line of up-to-date nov- elties in Neckwear, choice Candies, and a com- plete line of local and Souvenir Post Cards, :is well as many other useful and pretty things. The Home ational Bank Y. M. c. A. Building HOLYOKE. - MASS. CAPITAL S250,000 SURPLUS Sl50,000 Private Accounts Solicited. Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent. FRED F. PARTRIDGE, ----. Cashier M. P. CONWAY PIANOS and ORGANS Sheet Music and Musical Instruments The largest assortment of Pianos and Organs of any dealer in western Massachusetts. old on easy payments. Pianos and Organs to rent. 263 Main Street, Springfield, Mass. 392 High Street, - - - Holyoke, Mass. 255556322555355EEEEESEEGESEEESESSES522SEESESSEQESEEESEESESEGSEEBESEESESSEESSSEEEEEEQQQ OOO 1 OOO . ul' ,I H, ' pyipQ,N4G.1,.Egg55,e1 ,Q y Sprlngfield Oval 'sf E' e 'v gg u. . , y TOILET PAPER gg 000 ,Al 4'i I I-ff. V 'fl l ,, ,.,,: W, i11'i,-- ll .lL, - OOO sez T X e . . sez 1:3 , f . J Economical Convenient gg OOO ' . f - COO OOO . ' A O ,I f Noiseless 0 - K!! T T' lil OOO iii OOO OOO 'Og O00 O00 no 323 Especially A dapted lor use In Public Bulldlngs The papcr is partly cut so that on pulling the sheet down, the fixture turns overuntxl it strikes the spring and only one sheet will tear off at a time being so balanced that it will Hy back to its original position permlttlng the next sheet to drop down as shown in illustration Munufn ctured by RGAN ENVELOPE COMPANY Dlvlslon Sprlngfleld, Mass OOO Gia OOO OOO OOO OOO 000 i ooo O00 K!! ' - ' 7 l . .' . ISI M i a I u 1 . a lil - . 1. . . . . . ISI KS! 1' . . , ' ' ' ' . ISI ra, v l . A seed., ra K!! E T F T- lil In I il up . l Hz: A ,u l M0 Kzl 0:0 X W on Ko, A V " 1 1 . 53523553525355352355253552523552535353535355!5535!5!!9!5!55!f52525!55253535522 101IO!10ifOi10iielleileiibiloil0iiOi10iiOldOi10idOllOil0ilOi40ilOil0i10i10i10il0i1OIl0i40ilOi ADVERTISEMENTS 33 GEORGE C. GILL, Pres. CHAS. E. BALL, Vice-Pres. Suits All Work Done With Feathers Gloves Delicncy and Skill. Laces WM. G. IRVING, Cashier LEA I I-IA1VI'S THE Holyoke National Bank Hol.'voKE Mass. Gapital, .32 OO, OOO Surplus and Undivided Profits over .S260,000 FILL EFIRNED 71 ccounts invited and appreciated whether large or small. Safe deposit boxes to rent at reasonable rates. DYEING AND CLEANSING HOUSE 176 Dwight, Corner Taylor Street, SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Gloves Clenusecl in 24 Hours. Telephone 4477 Wheaton Qzminarp FOR YOUNG WOMEN Rev. Snmuel V. Cole, A. M., D. D.. President Seventy-Fifth Year begins September 16, xgio. En- dowed collegc preparatory. Ccrtiiicates to college. Ad- vanced courses for high school graduates and others. Art and music. Experienced Teachers. Native French and German. New brick gymnasium with resident instructor, tennis, basketball, field hockey, golf. Steam and Electri- city. Healthful location, within 30 miles from Boston. For catalogue and views, address wbeatun ieminarp, mmm, fam. DDR? for-gel Ilia! C. A. Gridley 84 Son can c-afar io mas! every want of ilze College ..91'rl. a .1 Whitmore Mfg. Company HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS MAN UFACTURICR S OF SURFACE COATED PAPER AND CARDBOARD 34. f1Dlf1iRTIS.EMENTS LE MUEL SEARS 8 CO. 1B0YNT0N'S LIVERY STABLE wholesale and Retail Good Rigs and Reasonable ' Prices, Rubber Tires a Specialty I 20 and 22 Dwight St. 28 Race St. HOLYOKE MASS Upper End of Common ' ' I souru NADLEY, MASS. --W -iv u -V Y . . W-, , , ,.-..-... . ,, - .. ...,. t Pdptl' ZIIV SIGIIOIIQW dlld IIWCIIV 20. M IS S R N 439 IIIGH sTRr:1f:'r ' I 0fflC2 SIIWIICS, IIMQRZIIICS, SOIIWIIII' Postals, I Booklets, itt Etlgliib, Gtfltldil and fftlltb, H S I Fountain Pens I Should you be interested in German Literature, send I for our free German Book Catalogue We invite your patronage A - HOLYOKE' M SS I JAS. c. FRINGELIN STYLE, BEA UT Yand QUALITY I are embodied in our line of wuttbp I igutkl Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and Novelties Complete Repair Department SMITH BROTHERS Students' Headquarters I isa High sfmf, HOLYQKE, MAss. SPRINGFIELD, - MASS. 100 Rooms ADDITIONAL I I Now Under Construction E BARTLETT BROS. ' .. Dentists .. FRANK WEBBER, - - Manager . I 380 High Street, HOLYOKE, MASS. AIJVERTISEMENTS 35 Smith 8z Murray SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Respectfully cnll the attention of Mount Holyoke students to our superior stock of Ready-to-Wear SUITS COATS SKIRTS MILLINERY NECKWEAR LINGERIE and CORSETS We are agents for the tnmous UGOSSARIY' Corsets. They lace in front and are the most approved corset for the Empire gowns. : : : 1 : SIHIIII XZ Mlll'I'21Y SPRINGFIELD, MASS. WAISTS George W. Prentiss it Co. ES'l'ABI,ISIIIGIJ 1857 WIRE MANUFACTURERS Office and Works 415 Dwight St., HOLYOKE, MASS. G. W. PRENTISS M. W. PRENTISS W. A. PRENTISS FRANK J. HEGY Fine Tailoring for Men and Women ELMWOOD DYE WORKS Fancy Dyers and Dry Cleansers 525-527 Dwight St., HOL YOKE. Always the CHOICEST OF FLOWERS Gallivan Brothers I-IOLYOKE and SOUTH I-IADLEY All cars pass thy store, and we shall be glad always to see any of your faces. Offering goods in our line at prices against all competitors.'.'.'.'. NICKERSON I5 Maln Street Telephone ll6 LOOKING FORWARD Oh, when I :im :1 faculty 'Tis very proud and great I'll he A velvet hood I shall not luck, Or golden tnssel on my cap. When college life to me seems slow, 'I'o inaugurzltions I shall go, And march along with Ph. ITS.. And other great celebrities. 36 ADVERTISEMENTS NllLADY'S OVVN GLASS AVE you never been embarrassed while on an outing, having onl one drinking utensil for all the party 'I Cline glass, perhaps, for both Ladies and Gentlemen. Call in and examine our Tumbler Carrier, and we don't believe you will let it occur again. The Baldwin Tumbler Carrier is neat, dura- ble and inexpensive. The handsome nickle case holds from two to six dainty drinking tumblers, one for each of your guests. Just the thing for College Girls. J. RUSSELL 8s C0., lf5L'if'5ll'2f ffxgif' "!Vhut lhuasull Sells, Hu Guarantees " P A. E. L.EE'S Elziuelrp bum ONE-FOURTH CENTURY ULD Reliable Watches, Jewelry and Eyeglasses always on hand A. E. LEE, Optlclan :so Inari s'r1mr-rr uoLY0Kr-1, Mass. R. P. GINNEY HOLYOKE MASS. "Bide a Wee " MIDIDLE STREET HAULEYQ MASS' Cakes or Waffles and Coffee Dinners or Suppers can be arranged for on short notice Sleeping Accommodations for Twelve MRS. STEBBINS Telephone 664-2 Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar l Loan Instruments Free to Beginners Reference: Mt. Holyoke Bsnio Club CHAS. BRIN KM AN, Teacher 26 Newton Place Holyoke, Mass. The Misses McCulloch MILLINERY' Cor. Maple and Cabot Sts.. HOLYOKE, MASS. MARGAREl E. NEYLON L2tllCS' 31151 GCl1ilCI11CI1'S G2l'Il1CIllS Cleaned and RCD2llI'CCl French Dry Cleaning a Specialty 152-154 Bridge St., Cor. Dwight Tolgphon, 2640 SPRINGFIELD, MASS. HOWARD GAYLURD X CO. Manufacturers of Sash, Doors and Blinds, Screens, Glass Cut to 01-der, Slieels. Sliates Sharpened. Saw Filing COLLEGE STREET SOUTH HADLEY. - MASS. ADVERTISEMENTS 37 Y r ENGRAVINGS av Tl-ua El.EcTR1c Crrv ENGRAVING Co.. BUFFALO. N. Y. AIJVERTISEMENTS :il Beautuful forms a n d composltlons are not made by chance nor can they ever lh any mater al be made at small expense A compouhon for chenpn is a d not for excellence of workmanship ll the moat frequ nt and certa n cau and enhr clestruc hon of ar! and manufactures Ruskin Mug UR clalm to your consldera tlon lles m the fact that we have applied to our own business the thought contamed m thus quotation from one of the world s greatest thinkers and practical workers If there 18 anything attractxve beyond the ordmary, ln the page arrangement, cover decoration, presswork, and general harmony which dlstlngulsh our work, be assured lt has not been due to chance We leave nothing to chance Every lme, page, volume, as lt comes from our establishment 18 sclentlously executed plan The thought and the super vlslon whxch our system provldes IS your guarantee of excellence If you have anything to be printed, wrlte us, lf we undertake lt we will do It well Hausauer Jones Prmtmg Co 253 Ellicott Street Buffalo, N Y , A,Q 1 . . . """" ' . , I I f of 'he ffpid dew' the result of a carefully laid, con- r1q bl . I . C . Q , n. 4. 29- S P - 43 Index to Advertisers Albany Teachers' Agency . Art Nook ..... Atherton .... Baker Extract . . . Baker 85 Co., Walter . Barr .... Bartlett Bros. . . Bay Path Institute . Beckmann's .... Beebe 85 Webber . . . Boston 85' Maine R. R. . Boyden ..... Boynton's .... Bradley, Milton 85 Co. Bridgman 85 Lyman . Brigham 85 Co., D. H. . Brinkman's .... Childs, Thos. S . . . Clark Coal Co. . . . . Coldwell Lawn Mower Co. Conway, M. P. , . Cotrell 85 Leonard . . Crawford Plummer Co. Crowthcr 85 Co., H. E. . Curran, Misses ..,. J Daily News Job lrinting Co. . Deuel's Drug Store . . Dietz Baking Co. . Dowling 85 Bunyan .- Doyle Printing C0. . . . Eastern Teachers' Agency Eimer 85 Amend . , . Electric City Engraving Co. English Tea Rooms . . Equi 85 Co., Caesar Eureka Binding Co. . Farr Alpaca Co. . Felice, F. H .... Fisk Teachers' Agencies Firts, C. N. . . . . Fitzgerald's Book Store . Fitzgerald, H. W. . . Fleming, Wm. T. . Forbes 85 Wallace . , Gallivan Bros. .... . Gaylord 85 Co., Howard . . Gibbon, Lena . . Glesmann Bros. . . . Goetz Silk Mfg. Co .... Good Housekeeping Magazine Gordon, A. L. .... . Gridley . Ginney . Hall, Chas. . . Harvey 85 Lewis . . Hatch 85 Pikosky .... Hausauer-Jones Printing Co. . Hegy, Frank ..... Holyoke National Bank . . Holyoke Street Railway Co. . Home National Bank . . Horsman Co., The E. I. . Hotel Hamilton .... Hotel Martha Washington . Hotel Worthy . . Humphry . . Jell-O .... Johnson's Book Store . Judd Paper Co. . . Kelton 85 Co., R. F. . INDEX TO ADVERTISERS-'Continued. Laporte, M. A. . . Lea Studio . . Leatham . . . Lee ..... Livermore 8z Martin . Lyman's .... Mandell's . . . Mansir Printing Co. . McAuslin 8: Wakelin . McCulloch, Miss . Morgan Envelope Co. . Morse 8: Haynes . . . National Blank Book Co. . Neylon, M. E. . . . Nickerson ..... Norris Co., M. B. . . . Oakes Co., The Roland T. . Paige, T. L. . . . . Paper City Stationery Co. Prentiss, R. A. . . . . Prentiss :Sz Co., Geo. W. . Preston, N. E. . . , . Ramsey, Mrs .... Rand, A. . Ranger, Casper . Rude Co., H. . Russell, G. E. . Russell, . . A Sawtell ..,. Sears Co., Lemuel . . . Shea 8: Genack . . . Shreve, Crump 8z Low Skinner 85 Sons, Wm. e Co. Smith Bros.. . . . Smith c0.,J.R. . . Smith Mfg. Co., R. H. Smith 8: Murray . Springfield Republican Stebbins, Mrs. . . Steiger, A .... Teachers' Co-operative Tilley 8z Co., John Wellworth Inn . . Wheaton Seminary . White Sz Wyckoff . White Studio . . Whiting Coal Co., Wm Whiting Paper Co. Whitmore Mfg. Co. Wilkinson . . . Wilson, . . Woman's Shop . . Woolworth . . York, S. S. . . Ass'n .B.

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