Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA)

 - Class of 1904

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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1904 Edition, Cover

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l 'I 1 , i i . i 1 F W V nr X Tjgq I IIIIII PIII? J-. ' ,, g ' I Z 7 ' 5 muznan LY me Jummgi num j k ,I Baum- V K I' If ii C N ." H -I Q I R I .AMARADA BOA ' F " .' EF, ,1-un, . W 52' 'rn-1, ,n.--.Jl-Iuullvvvm ' T 0 Cibe Glass of 1902 NVE DIEDICATIE THIS BOOK I. Prusx qf S1'mNsFx1fl.n PHIN1'lNr: ANI! lim mms Com lux xv Sfrlhqfielrl' z'M1.r.vachu.vzIt.v Q A I I i 4 l 1 1 J' 1 gg H 311 Q57 e La e ,L eo ex get F 'sv Eff: 9 Q 5 llbreface 'Ehe boaro of eoitors prog sento to the College ano its trienos the ninth oolnlne of "She '1Llrm1a1'aoa." Shen 5, have reoerteo to timeghonoreo Q 57 customs ano aoopteo new ones. jfor all their efforts they can 5 but bespealz the charito ano 9 spnrpatho of their reaoero, ge: S' we ea 2 0 to r L 'I Q25 Q 'Q Q 8 llbrolog The Llamaracla lhrv bL:Q'1'lIl1z'fh Mr L'fmA' fy Ma 1.!a111af'an'a 721!v.v. VVhylom at I-lolyolcen ther was a classe, Ne was ther noon in al the worldes masse, So muchel gay, greet Posters for to malcen, And eek theire Constitution was mistaken. The class ben worthi, wys, and wondcrly parfit And when the tyme yfelle as it was mete The Llamarada maydes for to chese, v They chose the wights who must their playtime lese. Me thinketh it acordaunt to resoun, To tellc yow al the condicioun Of ech of hem, so as it scmed me, And whiche they wercn, and of what degree. In the array, young Alice is thc firste, Ye tymes ofte best, eftsones the worsteg I undertake hir hair in hewe was yelawe, At basket ball she was a right good felaw. The next one wrote to many men, I g And evermo declared 't was businesseg And what she hight woud tell I,- an I coude, And doubteles ther ben ful many Woude. BE'1"1's csse, WOOD Ther was besyd a Wight called Powelsonne POWELSON Who was ne overmoche delyver to rouneg But sikerly was amyable of Visage, Of History wel coude sche al the usage. A damiselle had Ruth ycleped be, Who was the smallest of the companye. Discreet sche was and of grete reverence, Hir wryting, too, ful riche of excellence. WATERS l 1 l . Volume IX. And one ther was, a gay and worthi mayde, With lokkes crull, and cheeks al whyte and redeg And grasshopper she coude ful wel purtreye And bones of cats: Teddy, she hight, they saye. And one who goon glad to Winchestere, A ful solempne countenance did weare: Of hir stature she was of grete lengthe, Also hir freendshipe was of grete strengthe. Ther was a ladye come from Danielsonne, Who Billy soon to be yclept bigoune, A valiant nineteen four she was, I trowe, For hardily she was not undergrowe. I A Palmer was ther who in strange strondes I-lad wandered not afar in sondry londesg Soothe fro the tyme that firste she bigan To cut in gym 't was evermo hir plan. A Mason too, not stone walls for to builde, And she was faire and somdel of a childeg She coude songes -make and well endite, Play and eek daunce and wel purtreye and write. A grinclsmith, say they, did somtyme studyc When Smale fowles maken melodye: Nowher so bisy a mayd as sche ther nas, And yet she semed bisier than she was. And with a Dame we ende for the nones. She was nought starf, nor coude ye find the bones. Of hir complexioun she was sangwin, And in our hertes ful sikerly a quene. Bifel that in the seson of Nought-Th-ree, The Llamarada Tales for jolitee These made: and to foryeve it them prey they Al have they not set folk in hir degre, Here in the Tales as that they shoude standeg Theire wit is short ye may wel understonde. mf-ff fmxfm fhl'pf'0fQQ'IZf'fh1'3' om-. 1 il' L1NDs1.Ev Arwoou BILL. 1'Am114:1a MAsoN Smrrir DAME 10 The Llamarada. 4 V , X f X553 F 1 1 4 A -'RYZQ-f" J XL! 'M -I Ebe Qialenbar 1903 f 1904 Spring 1Recc95 i i HOLIIDAY-l',x'1'111o'1's' DAY, cclcbiuicd Monclily, April zo, IQO3 l'IOI.HJ.'XY--MICMURIAI, UAV, S111-11rdny, May 30 Sm11f:s'1'1-111 I-1x.u11x,1'1'1oxs, jnnc I5-20 I-IN'1'1mx1'11: 1ixA1x11xA'1'111xs, june IS-20 13111213111,n1'1z1-:,x'1'1c Sicimox, Sunday, june 21 M1c1a'1'1N1: o1-' A1,11x1N,1-1 Assoc1,x'1'1ox, 'l'11cscluy, june 23 Co1s1M1-:xiii-1111f:N'1' I':XIiliQ'lSliS, Wednesday, ll ,-X. M., june Summer vacation l'1N'l'KANi,'li lix,xn11Nn'1'1oNs, Scplcinbcr 15- 18 ACf1XIJl'INlIff Y1c,x11, begins 'l'h111'sdny, Scplcinbcr I7 l"oUN111-:11's IJAY, November 8 34- UDRIIKBQWIIIQ 1Recess --'l'11cscl11y, NOYCl'l1bCi' 24, 4.30 to I"riclz1y noon, Novcln- ber 27 winter 1Rece5s From 'l'11csclz1y, Dcccinbci' 22, 1903, to 'l'l1111'sdz1y, .l:11111z1ry 7, 1904 DM' o1f P1mx'1a1c 1fo11 C01.1.1co1f:s, 'I'l111rsclay, jnniinry 28 S1cc'ox11 S1cx11cS'1'1c11, begins january 8 HOLIIJAY-Wfxsl11xo'1'oN's I5111'1'111mv, Monday, i"eh1'1m1'y SDIIUIQ Recess 2 Volume IX. ll JBoarb of Grustees REV. -IUIJSON SM1'1'11, D.D., of Boston P ri.'.r1'n'ff11 I SIDNEY E. BRIIlCiMAN,'Of Northampton A. LYNIAN VVILLISTON, M.A., of Northampton EIYWARIY I-lI'rCHt:ottR, M.A., M.D., Ll..D., of Amherst Rlsv. JOHN L. R. TRASR, M.A., D.D., of Springfield Cle1AR1.lQs A. YoUNt:, PILD., LL.D., of Princeton, N. J. G. HENRY W111'rcoxll:, M.A., of Worcester MRS. A. LYMAN WlI,I.lS'l'ON, M.A., of Nortliznnpton C11AR1.15s GARMAN, M.A., D.D., of Amherst RRY. HENRY A. S'rrMsoN, D.D., of New York city 1'ION.WII.I.IAAl W11r'1'INo, M.A., of Holyoke lix-GovERNoR W. MURRAY CRANE, of Dalton JOHN F. ANDERSON, jr., of New York city E1,RR1oG12 ToRRRY, of Boston Miss SARA11 P. EASTMAN, of VVelles1ey HON. E. XV. CHAPIN, of Holyoke MIQS. Mosus B. 5M1'1'11, of Chicago, Ill. Chosen by the MRS. Ii1.mw1N A'1'wm.1., of Brooklyn, N. Y. ' Alumnae Miss MARY P. DoLE, M.D., of Greenfield Miss MAIQX' EMMA Wool.L1av, M.A., Litt.D., l..l-l.D. l:'.Y Qjirio SIDNEY E. BR1m':N.xN A. LYMAN W11,1.1s'1'oN, M.A. Sgt-fgfgry T7'fll.l'u7'df 12 The Llamarada fllbount lboltgohe Fllumnste Zlssociation I W.t'1'r1'r11! Nllts. IJ. 15. 0. ISUURIJON, 1 Billings Park, Newton, Blass. .Skwwlfzzjtf Nltss ANNA R. l.l-zoxlutn, 5 Chestnut Street, Boston .'l.VA'llVflIlIf .S'n'1'rlfz11l' Nltss ll1att'1'tl.,x I-I. lSt,,x1t1f:t.x', Mount Holyoke College .flt'fl'ILg" 731-fz.v1r1'r1' Bliss l"l.Ulil-INCIE l'tuttxo'1'ox, Mount Holyoke College 'IOCHI Pl55OCiRtiOl15 8710 lDl'65iD6l1t5 X2 'MQW 'MRIVCII EISSOCUIHOII Nltss .M1tct,t.-t S. Ibttrmctmftx, Whitncyville, Conn. Bssoctatlott of the Wlortbwest Nltts. R. ll. Ausonn, 751 West Adams Street, Chiengo, lll. Zlssoctattott of JBostott auto liiictntttg Du. l':l,lZAlllE'l'Il l. S,tMtuf:l,, 133 l-Iemcnway Street, lloston, Mass. nbaclftc Rssociatiott Mus. Svsftx 'l'ot.xmN N'ltt,t.s, Mills College, Alamcclzt County, Cztliforniu H5SOClE'lIl0lI ot worcester illlb ll7lClllllCQ Nltts. AR'l'lIUR C. Comms, I4 Orend Street, Worcester Volume IX. 'Mmvatian Elesoclation Miss M,xlt'l'H,x Cri.xwiiuau1.AlN, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands llbbilabelpbta Elssoctatlon Mus. HAlilillE'l' L,xw1u4:Nc'1c XVILISUR, Bryn Mawr, l'a. Zilssoctation of Tliew moth, JBrooklQu :mb lbicinitg Mus. Lizziic lS,x1t'1'1.i':'i"r liaimv, Passaic, N. j. llslartforo Elssocintlon' Mus. Smxiax' Cmltit, 40 Willard Street, Hartford Jliastern 'll-lew lpork Elssociatton Mus. Ii. S. lfltlsluli, 2 Sprague Place, Albany, N. Y. jflmllklill GOIIIIIQ, HD2158., H-550Cl8tf0l1 Miss M. l-li-11.1-:N Kia1'1'u, Greentielcl, Mass. lH8lIlD5bfl'6 GOUIITQ, HIS855., HBBOCUIUOII Mus. A. IJ. Monslc, Amherst, Mass. Gellflifll MID 'UQIZBIQFII 1l-'tew ,mork fi55OClZ'lff0ll Mrss ICMMA D. Swxiufoltla, 493 Main Street, Geneva, N. Y. Springfielb, llbass., Elssoctatton Miss lvlniu' A. AVICRILI., I4 Chestnut Street, Springfield, Mass. 9l.'f6l'lfk'lI EB9DCl2'ltf0ll M its. lVl, liowicx, Bible House, Constantinople, Turkey 1l'lew 'Mantpsbtre Elssociation Mus. li. W. l.oc'lumu'1', 104 Lowell Street, Manchester, N. H. BBBOCMUOII Df 'UmR8billQt0l'l 21110 wfCfllltX2 Mus. jul.l.x T. BODFISII, 58 I5 Street, N. li., Washington, D. C. 14 The Llamarada I 50llfb6l'll Q8UfOI7lli5l Zl550Cf8IfOll Miss HELEN PEAISKDIJY, Pnsaclcna, Cal. JEuropeau Elzsociation Mus. Wu.l.1,ui H. GL'l.IC'K, liinrritz, lfrnnce wbio Elssoctatiou Miss I.L'l'lNll.'X 'l'. tIt'ii.ifoltn, 36 Knox Street, Cleveland, Ohio IIDZUIIC HBBOCHIUOII Miss Ntc'1"r1if: C. liuttmcttsu, Vassallporo, Maine IINIIIICQOYFI H550Ci81Ii0l'l Mus. lllvlmlttm XV. jmlxsux, Corner Summit :incl Snelling Streets, St. Paul, !lNCbfQ'l8l1 'EISSOCDIUOII Mus. l.laA1t'i't's Coxsuu, io3 Cass Street, Detroit, Mich. '.50lltb ZlfI'iC?lll B560CfHtfOll Miss Auuuc l'. lfi-zutausox, Wellington, South Africa Ullatetbttrg, Gotm., Els-soclntton Mics. W. lf. CllA'I'FIlil.ll, 83 Abbott Avenue, Waterbury, Conn. Eastern GOIIIICCUCIIT El66OCfElff0l'l Mus. Al,l"Iil-Ill N. H. Vnutsux, 3 Rockwell Terrace, Norwich, Conn. Ninn Volume IX. 15 ,M ,RT .yyff . xt' -FF' "UQ ' ' .rr A - 2 "7 4 ' , - -"' " 'A' ' I vi rv, 1- In in Iiifiy' 'X , in if i l--. , N will 'Q f V vii I, it i X NX!! , feng, ri Glue jfacultg. f i y if flu Ulfiilan i il it ii yi ,j'li'Nl'QQE i ll l N11 lmll W Y iv .X fr i 0 ni il ii U, 1' ,A X ,ff- 'I il i li X ! " i l' ' W - 'i Q r, if H X X IWARY EMMA VV00l.I.liY, lVl.A., Ll'r'r.lJ., L.H.IJ., Pl'L'5l'fllL'lIf. M.A., Litt.D., Brown Universityg I...H.D., Amherst Iil,i.r:N l'nIsc'1l.l.A liowlcns . English Literature. Emeritus Mount Holyoke l-'nfxxctias Nlnnr HAZIEN . Latin Mount Holyokeg Oxford l':l.lZAllli'l'll l5,xns'1'ow l'nlf:N'1'1ss . . European History Mount Holyoke lmulsr: Fimsttrcs Cowmis, M.A. ..... Geology and Mineralogy M.A., Smitlig Massachusetts Institute of Technologyg Worcester Poly- technic Instituteg Cornell University NIARY O1.lv1,x NU'1"r1xr: . . Librarian Emeritus CURNIELIA Nlfxnm Cl,.-wr, l'H.lJ. ...... A. . Zoology Ph.lS., Syracuse Universityg l'h.D., University of Chicagog Marine Bio- logical Laboratory, Wood's I-Iollg Naples Zoological Station in l90l " Arranged, with the exception ofthe President, in order of appointment. 16 The .Llamarada CLARA VVHl'l'li XVOOD . . English Mount Holyoke ' HicNR1iiT'1'A Enmccomn Hoomzk, l'H.lJ ....... Botany Ph.D., Syracuse Universityg University of Berling Martha's Vineyard Summer Schoolg Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Hollg Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology 'CLARA Flmxcias S'rlavlcNs, Pl-LM. . English Ph.M., University of Michigan Mancini ANNA Kr-:l'r11,B.S. .... . . . . Physics B.S., Mount Holyokeg Worcester l'olytechnic Instituteg University of Berlin ' 'SARAH Iilflfiiz SMI'l'll, l5.S. ........ lvlathematics TLS., Mount Holyokeg University of Michigang University of Chicago I+'i.oluf:Nci': l,URlNG'l'0N, ILS. . . . Mathematics B.S., Mount Holyoke Louisiz FI'l'Z-RANIJOLPII .... Archaeology and History of Art Mount I-Iolyokeg Berlin Universityg University College and South Ken- sington Art Schools, London: College cle France and Ecole des Beaux Arts, Parisg American School of Classical Studies, Athens A1,Ic:lf: l'0R'1'lCR Srievlcxs, ll.A. ........ German l3.A., Mount Holyokeg University of Ziirichg University of Berlin -CAuo1,INi-: IEQARDMAN Giuaraxii: Registrar Mount Holyoke Nm,I.II2 AMIQLIA Svoluc . I-Ilocution and Physical Culture Oberling Cornell University HELEN CURRIIER I+'l.1N'1', M.A ......... Greek M.A., Mount Holyokeg Cornell Universityg University of Chicagog American School of Classical Studies, Athens l3rau'rl-:A Ei.1zA l51,,uuc1,x', lS.A ..... Librarian B.A., Mount Holyoke: New York Library School ANNA!! NIAY Souui, M.L. . . Constitutional History and Political Economy B.L., M.L., University of Michigan Volume lX. 17 NlCl,l.Ili i1:S'l'lllCR C101.1m'1'l1w,x1'l'lf:, lS.S. . . Chemistry B.S., University of Michigan itlinmsx CLARINIJA HINSIJALIE, l'H.D. . . German Language and Literature B.A., Aclelbert College: M.A., University of Michigan: Ph.D., Univer- sity of Giittingen NIARY Ginmouu W1i.L1AMs, l-'n.ID. Greek Ph.D., University of Michigan Louisa lifxllum WAI.1.Ac1c, lS.A ......... Zoology ILA., Mount Holyokeg Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood's I-Iollg Naples Zoological Station, IQOI l Ifl.lfZANOR C. Domi, l'H.lS. .... . Mathematics B.A., Coates: Ph.B., University of Chicago X I-ILLIQN Buss 'l',u.lxo'r, I-'u.lJ ...... . Philosophy B.A., Ohio State University: Ph.D., Cornell University EI.lZAIili'1'l'l C1unv'1'H1au, . . History Ph.B., University of Chicago EMn.ria A. If'i.lxTi':immNN, l' . . German Ph.B., University of Michigan Aim Lnulm SNl':r.i., B.A ...... . English B.A., Mount Holyokeg University of Chicago Aim BRANN IJ,xiu.1No, li.A. . . . . English Literature B.A., Wellesleyg University of Chicago 'HliANNliT'l'li A. MARKS, B.A. . I-lnglish Literature B.A., Wellesley LOUISE Romans j1awlc1"1' .... Art Pupil of Lefebvre and Benjamin Constant " On leave of absence for one year. T Absent the first semester 18 The Llamarada NTARY lfl.lSAIllE'1'l'l Hol.Mlcs, li.A. . . . Chemistry li.A., NVellesley: University of Chicago afGltACl'Z lillilil.0W liixkicn . Botany Mount Holyokeg Wellesley lflumau M. Sicaumzs, l'u.lD. ...... . Latin M.A., l,ake Forestq Ph.lJ., University of Chicago i':l.lCANOR PARRY, NLD. .... Physician and Instructor in Physiology M.D., Woman's Medical College of New York Infirmaryg Sargent Normal School of Physical Trainingg Radcliffe Collegeg University of Viennag Johns Hopkins Medical Schoolg Harvard Medical School NVILLIAM C. HAMMoN1s . . . . ..... Music Piano, Hartford, Boston, New Yorkg Organ, Hartford, New Yorkg Theory, N. H. Alleng Organist of Second Congregational Church, Holyoke NA'l'i-mx H. ALLIQN ..... , Harmony and History of Music Studied with I-Iaupt, Germanyg Organist of Centre Church, Hartford, Conn., Director of Hartford Conservatory of Music ANNA Si':n'ia1,i. YOUNG, NLS. . Astronomy li.L., M.S., Carleton MARY VANCE YOUNG, Pu.lJ. . . Romance Languages l'h.D., University of Ziirich HI'Zl.liN Ifl,lSAlili'l'lAl HOAG, li.A ......... Latin B.A., Cornell: American School of Classical Studies, Athensg Colum- bia University SAN1-'oium lieu., M.A .... . Pedagogy M.A., State University of Indiana Humax l5uAnFoun 'l'l'lOMl'SON, Pi-i.D. , Philosophy I'h.B., Ph.D., University of Chicago ' Ou leave of uhsenee for sec-ond semester. Volume IX. I9 limvvxltn li. Nouksrc, 5.'I'.ll. ...... lliblicul Ititcrzrturc Associate Professor in Biblical Theology, Hartford Tlreological Sem- inary EMMA Rrcxscn ........ lfrcnclr Studied in Switzerland, Paris, Germany, England CAuol,rxr-1 Srncrnox Bloom-1, ll.A, . 1-LA., University of Chicago lNlAn'1'rm XVARIQICX iilCt'KWl'I'II, ILS .... ILS., Mount llolyokep University of Chicago lir.lL.-xln5'1'rl lirclsrfzrc.-x Inxrrm, l'n.Il .... BA., University of Toronto: l'h.D., llryn Mawr jurm IS. Ilwklxsox .... Studied in lloston with T. L. Cushman 5i'hiARtl,-Xlil-1'l' ll,xl.l., ILA. . li.A., Mount Holyoke Vrvmx llr,.-xxcnr-: Ssm1.r,, ll.A. B.A., Mount Holyoke Rtrrn I.m'rs1-: I'.-mm-Ln, ILA. B.A., Vassar llmt'1'll.'x lxr-:nzn-: Youxrs, ILA. . l'l.A., Vussarg Oxford University SUSAN Al,xlm.x llAc'ox ....... Studied in Geneva, Paris, Berlin, Leipsic, Ileiclelberg, Yule NA'mr.11c hVIl'I'l.INGlCR, l'n.IJ. ..... . Plrll., Herne, Switzerland: Ph.ID., University of Freiburg, of Leipsicg University of Heidelberg llllxlu' i':S'l'llI'1R 'l'kUrcm.oon, PH.M.. ' . i. l'h.M., University of Michigan, Giitlingen 'On lonve ot' nlrscrrvu for one your. . Chemistry linglish Physics Vocal Culture linglish . Latin linglish I.itcr:iturc linglish i.ifCI'IliIlI'C . French University . German University Mathematics 220 Mmxnc A1.M1RA GRAHAM, ILA. B.A., Mount Holyoke Nl':I,I.1la Nl':n.soN, l'n.IJ. . Ph.D., Bryn Mawr :liABliI. AUGUSTA CHASE, M.A. M.A., Wellesley .EMINIA IJ. SANmfoRn, l5.A. . lS.A., Columbia University AsA KINNHY, M.S. . . M.S., Boston University ICMMA' CuR'r1s Ronnms . Radcliffe The Llamaracla . Chemistry History Physics linglish . lfloriculturc Botany Fl55i5tHl1lI5 lYlAKGAlili'1' S. WARmvlf:l.1. . lVlAllY A1.lC1': liRADFORlJ, l5.A. l':l,IZAIllC'l'll Conm-:N UNDlEllllIl,l,, NIARIAN GRIswol.n BQAIJ1' . l"RA.Nc:1f:s li. HAx'Nlas, l5.l.. ICMMA l'lEliRY CARR . . El,lZAllli'l'll HAIRIJ VVAl,l.ACl'2 . Humax Plicli Youxu . ANNA Lotnslc KIQLLY . . HARR1lc'r Sovnm l5AR1ncR, ILA. SARAH TRUAIR Hol,l,ANns . SARA lVlAlllil, ANnR1cws . . l5nR'rnA IRIQNR RAYMOND, li.A. HENliIli'l"l'A FANGEL . . . Assistant in czlyxmmsimu . . . . Registrars Assistant M D I Assistant Physician and Laboratory ' ' i Assistant in Physiology and Hygiene . . V . . . Assistant in Art . . . Assistant Librarian Laboratory Assistant in Chemistry . Laboratory Assistant in Zoology . . l'rcsident's Assistant . Registrars Assistant Assistant in Astronomy Assistant in Chemistry . l.ibrarian's Assistant . Assistant in Physics . Assistant in English A.c.4Ej K W, X MT V o w 49' tl 2, f 1 7 ,A 'iw I K' Av X Aix 4' ,I N L 1 1 ! I 5 f 1 .7 . AH . Q . r F'-W 'X rl H ,Ig Lg ' slim ' 'I llll HI NDXIIJ S NG " N, R xx Volume IX. 2:4 Glass of 1Flineteen 1bunbreb anb Ebree ' llbottoz . . 1Rowtng, mot Drifting Color: . . Goloen mellow zlflowerz . 3onqntl l':lll'1'll Hmcrils RICIIARIJSUX . . l'n-.w'a'r11l lflmxclcs Wlll'1'N1cx' l'H1l.I.H'S . I?2v'-l'n'.vz'n'e11l RUTH N,-mm XV,xl,1uaR . . .Skwvfazgxf .V I lf'l'f11.x'11v HI-2I.liN 1':l.lZ.-XIH'l'l'lI Hmm:-11.1. Yiwmznw- CIIRISTINI-I C.'x'l'1:1-:ms . JEIZCIIUVC COl1ll1lfI't66 Nlmalox l3,xlc'1'1,lc'1"l' li.-xnxx' XVINIFRI-Ill RICHARIJS 'l'II,lDl'IN IVA juxx-1 SMITH MARY KILIEUURN 'MOIIOYRYQ IIDCDIDCP5 Nlfxlu' I-1. NV00l.l.I'IY, I.1'r'1'.IJ., l'1'1'.v1'n'w1l lllamcx M. Sli.XRl,l-15, I'n.IJ. Nr:l.1.1la Am-:um Sr-um-3 Nl,xlus.xlu-:'l' W.-xulm'lc1.I, 24 The Llamarada Eenior Glass 1bistorQ NS RUSH in hand, the Artist sat musing before her easel, gazing with unseeing eyes far out over the mountain tops. And she said: " I will paint me the face ofa maiden: often have I seen her in my dreams, standing upon the threshold of womanhood with the untried future before her. Not beautiful, as the world judges, but with a face sweet and strong, where beauty of character is plainly written. She has real faults, but just as real aspirations and a noble ideal of true womanhoodf' So she spoke,-Alma Mater, Artist of the Soul. Then with earnest purpose she bent over the canvas, toiling patiently. Day followed day, till the last touch was added and the Artist stood aloof to view her work. It was a winning face that confronted her,-half child, half woman, impulsive, irresponsible, with smiling lips and frank, honest eyes. Cares rested lightly on her shoulders, she had not yet wakened to a realization of her part in the world's work. But a shade of sadness passed over the Artist's'ibrow as she looked upon it. "It is not the face of my dreams," she said. "I must try again." And she drew the covering and went away. Many days passed, and the Artist returned to her work. Paint- ing out here, adding color there,--here a shadow, there a line,- and the face was changed beneath her touch. Though the features remained the same the childishness had given place to an air of seriousness and responsibility, in the questioning eyes lurked a vague restlessness and dissatisfaction. Volume IX. 25 The Artist sighed, as with weary gesture, she drew the cloth again. " It is not as I have dreamed: perhaps again-" and she turned away. Time rolled on and the Artist returned. Now with new vigor she took up her neglected brushes, striving to reflect upon the canvas the image in her mind. And ,when she paused, a change had passed over the face before her. The dawn of a new light and hope was rising in the eager eyes as if the problems of life were beginning to solve themselves. joy in living was in the earnest face,-and strong endeavor and resolution. The Artist's face brightened. " It is good," she said. "But yet-I will try once more." Suns rose and set, days melted into weeks, and June rested upon the earth ere the Artist came again. Long she gazed upon the pictured face, and new inspiration seized her. The hours sped. by unmarked as her magic brush Flew over the canvas, until at last she cast aside brush and palette, and stood before the Finished portrait. A new radiance and beauty shone from every feature. Sweet unselfishness, nobility of thought, and broad sympathy made it a face of one to be depended on, one efficient in any service. Sweet, strong, serene, and sunny, she stood in the gateway of the future. And the Artist rested from her labors. " Such was my dream," she said. " It is the face of a true woman and the world will be better because she has lived in it." Even as she spoke a beam of sunlight slanted across the studio and lingered on the pictured face in loving benediction. ,i '65 F42 i, 211 Acnonx A1.u11c, A1.1,1aN, ISM-ori, Bnnxtcs, llmutv, 1iliI.ClII ll:-:1t1u', Bonw1c1,1., I-l1:1.1aN The Llamarada flbembers , MARX' 6411-ay Strcct, Portland, Mc. Providence Classical High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Maine Club: Golf Club: College Settlement Axotta G1-:u'1'nt11m1-1 7 School Street-, Bellows Falls, Vermont Bellows Falls High School: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debat- ing Society, 'Vo pin Chapter: Vermont Club: Golf Club: Executive Committee, Tb pew, 1902-1903 CII.-tlil.0'1"1'1i li1JwAk1Js, tl' tl Longmeadow, Mass. West Springfield High School: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, 'WJ 156 Chapter: Springfield Club: Golf Club: Sec- retary of Class, 1900-1901: Chairman of Lectureship Committee, 1902- 1903: President of 'Vo 65, IQO2-IQO3 t11t,tc1c l'l1.1,.x Middletown, Conn. Northheld Seminary: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, 'l'0 new Chapter: Choral Club: College Settlement: Chairman Class Prayer-Meeting Committee, 1899-1900 Donn M.x1:1m1.1cx1c 313 President Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Girls' High School of Brooklyn: Y. W. C. A.: Debating Society, 'Pb :le Chapter: Choral Club: Chairman of Class Prayer-Meeting Com- mittee, 1900-1901 MA111oN l5Au'1'1.1a'1"1', E -lv A Passaic, N. j. Passaic Collegiate School: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debat- ing Society, To JE Chapter: Executive Committee of To Ji, 1901-1902: Banjo Club, 1901-1903: Choral Club: College Settlement: Librarian of College Settlement, 1902-1903: 1903 L1.A1v1A1tAnA Board: Class Ex- ecutive Committee, 1902-1903 au, -IOSlil'l'lINl2 Cmnt- 26 Allerton Street, l'lymouth, Mass. Plymouth High School: Y, W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, T0 66 Chapter: Secretary-Treasurer of 'Pb 66 1901-1902: College Settlement: 1903 l.1.AMARA1m Board: House Chairman of Rockefeller Hall, 1902-1903 livls I-loxvfxnn, E fb A 282 Spring Street, l'ortland, Me. Portland High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: College Settlement: Maine Club El.lZAliE'I'l'l IQ Maple Avenue, Andover, Mass. Punchard Free School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Golf Club: Baked Bean Club: Class Treasurer, 1902-1903 Volume IX. QT liL'1.1..xn11, A1.1c1-3 IO Norniztl Street, XN'v0l't'CSlCl', Mass Worcester High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association l5t'111:.xN1i, l'1UN1c:1c li1.1ss i.0l'lglllC2lti0W, Mass Springfield High School, Y. NV. C. A., Athletic Association, College Settlement, Springfield Club, President of Springheld Club, IQOI-IQOKQ C.1111'111-:1.1., l'l1x'1"1'11c l.oL11s1c ' South Hadley Ifnlls, Mass Plymouth, New Hampshire, High School, Debating Society, 'l'b111?'1' Chapter CA'l'ltl-LY.-XS, C1llt1S'1'lNl-Z 82 l'rospcct Street, jersey City, N. .I jersey City lligh School, Y. VV. C. A., Athletic Association, Choral Club, Class Atriensis, 1901-1903 C'lMllFl'3lil-MN. ANNA. X A O 63 i'il'2llliiiil1 Square, New liritain, Conn New Britain High School, Y. XV. C. A., Athletic Association, Basket- ball 'l'ea1n,,1899-1903, Banjo Club, IQO2-19031 Golf Club, lixecntive Committee of Golf Club, 1900-1901, IQOZZ-IQOQQ Secretary-'I'reasn1'er of Golf Club, 1901-1902, Secretary-'l'reast1re1' of Consumers' League, 1901- '903 C11.-xx111.1a1t, M.-xuiox C1,11f'1'oN IIS Court Street, l'ly111t111tl1, Mass I'lym0uth High School, Y. XV. C. A., Athletic Association, College Settlement C1111.11s, Roslxix Coulxxi-2 60 Lincoln Street, llolyokc, Mass Ilolyolte High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Holyoke Club, French Club Cnxult, I.-wit,-1 l'x'x1c, Agawaiii, Mass West Springfield High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Glee Club, 1900-1903, Choral Club, Springfield Club, Golf Club C1..x1t1t, l.11,1.1.-xx l-11.1.1f:N11, X A 0 Plantsvillc, Conn Wilbraham Academy, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Choral Club, College Settlement Cl..-llili, MARX' AUf1Us'1',-x licclfortl, N. Y. Iledf0rclAcaden1y, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Debating Society. 'l'13111i1' Chapter, Iixecutive Committee of 'l'13 11611, 1901-1902, College Settlement, Golf Club, President of Golf Club Co1,111', Ii1.1z1x111c'1'11 M.-xitlox Natick, Mass Dean Acadeinv, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Baked llean Club, , Basket-ballTe'an1, 1899-1903, Captain, 1900-1903, Executive Committee of Students' League, 1901-1902, Executive Committee of Athletic Asso- ciation, IQOO-IQOIQ Vice-l'resident of Athletic Association, l90l-IQOZQ l'resiclent of Students' League, 190:-1903 28 The Llamarada CoNNo1,1.x', lliasslic 177 lilm Street, Holyoke, Mass., Holyoke Higl1 School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: French Club: Holyoke Club Cook, A1.1tr1c li1.1zA1113'1'11 314 East King Street, York, Penn. York Collegiate Institute: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Associatio11: Class Executive Committee, 1900-1901: Vice-President of Class, IQOI-1902: S. A. C. Cook, Maur GW1-:N1io1.i'x Mcrryall, Penn. Susquehanna Collegiate Institute: V. W. C. A.: French Club ' Cow1i1.1., Fl.ORliNCli AuoL1s'1'1x Ashburnhani, Mass.. Cushing Academy: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: College Settle- ment C1tA1t:L11c, MA111-21, l"u,xNt:1ss Amsden, Vermont Black River Academy: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Vermont Club: Debating Society, 'PA 136 Chapter CRAM, M,x1us,x111c'1' lfS'l'lil.I.l'Z Mt, Vernon, Maine Maine Wesleyan Seminary: Coburn Classical Institute: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Maine Club CL1'r1,1cu, ET1-11-21. I5 Lincoln Street, jainestown, N. Y. Jamestown High School: Y. W. C. A.: Debating Society, 'I 0 1515 Chapter: Chairman of Class Prayer-Meeting Committee, 1899-1900: Sergeant-at Arms of 'Pb 155, 1901-1902 CL1'r'r1c11, RU'r11 Louixu 1208 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Adelphi Academy: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: College Settle- ment Davis, Glmcic South Lee, N. H. Robinson Seminary: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, 'VD 11611 Chapter DAY, I1v11u,x S111a1-1-1111111 133 Highland Avenue, Gardiner, Maine Y. W. C. A.: Pine Tree Club Do11t11f:, I.ou1s1z W111'1'N1-:Y Grafton, Mass. Grafton High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Class Sec- retary, 1901-1902: Executive Committee of Students' League, 1902-1903: House Chairman of Porter Hall, l902-IQOS D111x1tw,1'1'1a1t, A1.1.11c V1-:RONA Greenwich Village, Mass. Hardwick lligh School: Y. W. C. A. Volume lX. lJ1:1NKw.x'1'1-:1:, Ami' ll1':1.1.1-: Greenwich Village Hardwick High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association Dvlan, Colm Ii'1'1-1121. Ashburnhani i'1A'l'0N, linsox, Cushing Academy: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, 'l'bl1Ev Chapter: Choral Club: Golf Club: Class Treasurer, 1900-1901: Treasurer of Y. W. C. A., 1901-1902 A1.1c1c South Sudbury Cushing Academy: Y.W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, 'FD JE Chapter: Baked Bean Club: Choral Club: Basket-ball Team, 1899- 1903: College Settlement: Secretary of Athletic Association, IQOI-1902: Vice-President of 'l'b 1513, 1902-1903 H1c1.1cN W111m'1'1.1-11' E 0 X 680 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York Worcester High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Choral Club: Golf Club: Class Executive Committee, 1899-1900: Recording Secretary of Y.W. C. A., 1900-1901: Vice-President of Class, 1900-1901: College Settlement: Junior Vice- President College Settlement, 1901-1902: Senior member of Lectureship Committee, IQOZ-IQO3 l-1s'rx', 1i1u11.v l-lA1:1:1No'1'oN, 2 0 X i"l'21lDll'lgllZl.l1l, Framingham High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Glee Club, 1900-1903: Choral Club: Golf Club: College Settlement: 1903 LLAMARADA Board: Member of Executive Committee of Students' League, 1899-1900: Class President, 1900-1901: House Chairman of Safforcl Hall, 190:-1903 lf.x1u11.-xxlas, l"1.o1u-:Nuts i':l.lZAllE'l'll West Boylston l' 1-:1:N.11. lflalutv, lf 1 SK 12, l"1'r1's, West Boylston High School: Y. W. C. A.: Debating Society, 'FD fllil' Chapter Westerleigh Collegiate Institute: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association MARY If'l'llICl., X A 1-1 Saratoga Springs, Northfield Seminary: Y. W. C. A.: Debating Society, 'l'h 11611 Chapter: Secretary-'l'reasurer of Mount Holyoke Archaeological Club: A. C. J MAY, 22 H X lalmcr, Palmer High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Glee Club, 1900-1903: Choral Club: French Club: Executive Committee of French Club, 1901-1902: "Mount I-Iolyoke " Board, 1901-1903: Leader of Glee Club, 1901-1903: S. A. C. H1-:Lux l.ou1s1-1 39 Newtonville Avenue, Newton Cushing Academy: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Baked Bean Club: Golf Club 11, tilmcl-1 iYiAXWl'Zl.l. jcwett Avenue, West New Brighton, 251 Mass. Mass. Mass. N. Y. Mass. Mass. N. Y. NY Mass. Mass. Sill The Llamarada l-'o11'1.1-:, MARY CA1to1.1N1z 18 Green Street, Woburn, Mass. Woburn High School, Y. W. C. A., Debating Society, 'Fri ,rev Chapter, Baked Bean Club l"RAZl'1R, H 1c1.1cx Ii1.o1s1a Geneseo, N. Y. Geneseo State Normal, Y. W. C. A., College Settlement l'lli0S'I', l'll.OliliNL'Ii HOUGl'l'l'0N 66 Auburn Street, Springtield, Mass. Springfield High School, Y. W. C. A., Debating Society, Tb ,r61fChap- ter, Springfield Cl11b, College Settlement l'lUl.'I'UN, Mx'1t.1 Nl.-1111-21.1.15 Bradford, VCl'll10llt Bradford High School, V. W. C. A., Vermont Club Go1111,t1t11, l':UNlCl'1 R,t'r1-111oN1c 131 lflorida Street, Springfield, Mass. New Salem lligh School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Debating Society, 'Pb pew Chapter, Banjo Club, Mandolin Club, Leader of Man- dolin Club, 190:-1903, President of 'Ph per Chapter, 1902-1903 G1t121cN1c, Ii'1'1111:1. li1.1zA11E'1'11 161 Seymour Street, l-lartford, Conn. llartford Public High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Banjo Club, Hartford Club, College Settlement, President of Hartford Club, 1901-1903 fiRliVS'l'l-Ill, llauxv, I' K 575 Cleveland Avenue, Chicago, Ill, North High School, Chicago, V. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Banjo Club, "We Westerners," French Club, Class Executive Com-mittee, I90l-IQOZQ Member of Lectureship Committee, 1901-1902, President College Settlement Association, 1902-1903 G1111f1-'1x, C.11m1.1x1c l1t1f:N1e East Granby, Conn. Cushing Academy, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Basket-ball Team, 1899-1900, College Settlement HA1.1., E111'1'11 16 Myrtle Street, Adams, Mass. Adams High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Choral Club, College Settleme11t Hftmsox, AMY 316 Delaware Street, Syracuse, N. Y. Syracuse High School, V. W. C. A., Choral Club, College Settlement HAMSON, l51.ANcr11a lS1tA1J1vAv 316 Delaware Street, Syracuse, N. Y. Syracuse High School, Y. W. C. A. -f 1 ll s 1 1 4 l 1 Y 1 k l t i l i Volume IX. :st llliAt'tlCli, 1is'1'111-211, E 0 X Wyncote, Penn. Chelton Hills School: Y.W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Choral Club: Basket-ball Team, 1901-1903: Class Executive Committee, 1899-1900: President of Athletic Association, 1902-1903. ll1c.t1.11, C1..x1t.x tl1c1t'1'1tt11m1-:, E -li A Lexington Blass. Cambridge Latin High School: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: De- bating Society, 'VD ali Chapter: Glee Club: Choral Club: College Settle- ment: Golf Club: Baked Bean Club Hisfsicx, N1-f1.1.11': l':'1'lllil. lfort Plain N. Y. Fort Plain High School: Y. W. V. A. l'lo1f1'N,tts1.1a, 1QnN.x MM' Willsborougli, N. Y. Westport High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: College Settlement llUI.l"tlltlJ, ji-:,tN1c l'os'1' llazardville, Conn. Wesleyan Academy: Y. W. C. A. l'lUl.I..-XNIJS, SAR.-XII 'l'11t1.t11t, Nl' Q Watervliet, N. Y Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Choral Club: Golf Club, 1902: Class Executive Committee, 1900-1901 Hmvic, C1,,x11t1-3 tlitigigxiq 127 liighth Street, Troy, N. Y. Troy High School: Y. W. C. A.: Debating Society, 'l'13 llllfll Chapter l'lllWlCl.l., l':I.VA R1a111at'r'.x XVcstli1'0oktield, Mass. Northfield Seminary: Y. W. C. A.: Debating Society, Tb 156 Chapter llm"1', Mmxiia MARIA 18 Baldwin Avenue, llouglikeepsic, N. Y. Quincy School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association H1'M1c, H1e1.1aN Hicxlmiticitsox Warsaw, N. Y. Warsaw High School: Y. W. C. A. HL1N'1'1c1t, Mvim lltliNIi Williamstown, Mass. Williamstown High School: Y. W. C. A. joxias, fiWliNlJOl.liN M.x1ts11A1.1. Ellington, Conn. Rockville High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: College Settlement: IQO3 I.1.AMARA1m Board 32 The Llamarada KILISUURN, Maui' South Manchester, Mass. C. A.: Athletic Association: Choral Lancaster High School: Y. W. Club: College Settlement: Class Executive Committee, 1903 K11,111c1t, MAux' A1.1t:1f: 424 Broadway, Somerville Somerville Latin School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Baked Bean Club: Choral Club: French Club KN1o11'1', ANNI1-: IJ1-:AN Hopedale Street, Hopedale Hopedale High School: Athletic Chapter Association: Debating Society, To :ii KNlGll'l', i':'l'lIIil.lNlJ CAu'1'1.,xx11 Westbrook, Westbrook High School: Y. W. C. A.: Maine Club KNon'1.'1'oN, H1a1.15x l"ar1nington, Farmington High School: Y. NV. C. A.: Athletic Association: Maine Club: College Settlement l..1Ns1No, MA1t1oN l"1.o1t1':Nc1-: 49 Dana Street, Cambridge Cambridge Latin High School: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, 'l'13 :SE Chapter: Baked Bean Club: College Settlement l.1c.-11'1'1"1', CA11o1,1N1c l"11ANc1Ls, I' K 30 Adams Street, Somerville, Cambridge Latin School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Golf Club: Choral Club: Mandolin Club: Recording Secretary of V.W. C. A., 1893- 1899: Chairman of Class Prayer-Meeting Committee, 1897-1899: Member of Executive Committee of League, 1898-1899, IQOI-I902: Class Pres- ident, IQOI-1902: President of Y. W. C. A., 190:-1903 l.1cw1s, L1cNA LEA 48 Kidder Avenue, West Somerville, Somerville Latin School: Y. W. C. A.: Banjo Club: Baked llean Club: College Settlement Loomis, SARAH A11ous'1'A Centreville, Concord High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Baked Bean Club: Choral Club: College Settlement: Treasurer ofAthletic Associa- tion, 1901-1902: Executive Committee of Boston Baked Bean Club MAc:W11.1.1A1v1s, Sun E1,1z,tu1c'1'11, Nl"S2 51 Avon Street, New Haven, Hillhouse High School: Y.W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Basket-ball Team, 1899-1903: 1903 LLAMARADA Board: Class Treasurer, 1899-1900: Treasurer of Y. W. C. A., 1902-1903 Mass. Mass. Maine Maine Mass. Mass. Mass. Maine Conn. Volume IX. 253 ll'lANlllil.l., E1J1'1'1-1 FltO'l'l'lINGHAM, E 0 X 4 Walnut Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge Latin School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Golf Club, Class Executive Committee, 1900-1901, College Settlement lNlANN, lf1.ok12Nc12 G1ak'1'1tU1i1a 338 Chestnut Street, Gardner, Mass. Northfield Seminary, V. W. C. A., Athletic Association lllA'l'HlSllN, lsAm21.LA S121.w1'N 219 Coram Street, Shelton, Conn. Derby High School, Y. W. C. A., Debating Society, To 66 Chapter, Mcf1o1'1-:1tN, ANNA Gimcls, NP Sz 643 Macon Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn High School, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club, IQOI-1903, Choral Club, Class Executive Committee, 1900-1901, Editor-in-Chief of "Mount Holyoke," 1902-1903 NHTKIISISIQN, Gimci-: K1cN1m1.1. v 582 E. 45th Street, Chicago, lll. Shepardson Preparatory School, Y. W. C. A., Ohio Club M1c'1't'.11.1-', jU1.1,x A1114:1.A11m1f: I 103 South Street, Northampton Mass. Northampton High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association M11.1.1c1t, ANNIE I.,1v1N111, E dw A South Hadley Mass. Holyoke High School, V. W. C. A., Banjo Club, 1900-1903, Leader of Banjo Club, 1901-1903, Choral Club, College Settlement, Class Exec- utive Committee, 1901-1902 NlON'l'GOlNlliltY, Ros1s'1"1'A Sc11U1'1.1s1t Muncy, Penn. Shawmut School, Dorchester, Mass., V. W. C. A., Athletic Associa- tion, College Settlement lvltlilltli, HA1t1t115T C1.1av1s1.AN1m Holden Mass. Somerville Latin School, Y. W. C. A. N1-:w11,11.1., NIARY A1m1soN 16 Lowell Street, Lynn, Mass. Lynn Classical High School, V. W. C. A., Athletic Association, De- bating Society, Tb 06 Chapter, Executive Committee, To 06, IQOZ-19031 Baked Bean Club, Choral Club, French Club, Executive Committee, 1903, Golf Club, Glee Club, 1902-1903 NUlt'1'11N, MA1t'1'HA MAY Lakeville Conn. Taconic School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Debating Society, 'l'1J 66 Chapter lhtiqkyglg, EIQNA ALICE 61 E. Pearl Street, Nashua, N. H. Nashua High School, V. W. C. A-G CON'-586 Settlement 34 The Llamaracla Pimsn, MARY Ev151t1z'1"1' 64 King Street, Burlington, Vt. Burlington High School, V. W. C. A., Vermont Club, Presidentof Vermont Club, 1902-1903 PI'llI.l.Il'S, FRANCES Wlll'l'NEX' 92 Morningside Avenue, New York, N. Y. Passaic Collegiate Institute, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, French Club, Class Executive Committee, 1901-1902, Class Vice-President, I 1902-1903, S. A. C., College Settlement l'1NN1zv, MANY E1.1s1z, I' K Rockville, Conn. Rockville High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Choral Club, College Settlement P0o1.1c, Ii111'1'11 W11.1i1s1t, 1' K 46 Mt. Vernon Street, Somerville Mass. Somerville Latin School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Glee Club, Baked Bean Club, Choral Club, College Settlement, 1903 LLAMARADA Board, Lectureship Committee, 1900-1901 P111-'1f1c1t, A1.1z'1'1-112A ROXANNA ' I0 Central Street, Methuen Mass. Methuen High School, V. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Debating Society, To ,rev Chapter, Baked Bean Club QUICK, HA1i1111s'1' ANNE, 2 9 X Wyncote, Penn. Chelton Hills School, V. W. C. A., Athletic Association, French Club, Class Executive Committee, 1801-1902, Chairman of Executive Com- mittee of Current Events Clu , 1901-1903, Vice-President of French Club 1902-1903 ' RE111, KAT111a1t1N1s 7 Merrifield Street, Worcester, Mass. Worcester High School, V. W. C. A. R1c:1-1Au11soN, En1'1'11 1-lA1t111s, 2 6 X Saint Elizabeth, Washington, IJ. C. Miss Buckingham's School, Canton, Ohio, V. W. C. A., Athletic Asso- ciation, Ohio Club, College Settlement, Editor-in-Chief of 1903 LLA- MARADA, Class Vice-President, 1899-1900, Executive Committee of League, 1900-1901, Vice-President of Y. W. C. A., 1901-1902, President of Ohio Club, 1902-1903, Chairman of Student Building Committee, President of Class, 1902-1903, S. A. C. R1c11.x1msoN, MAIKION LOUISE Pelhani, N. H. Pinkerton Academy, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Debating So- ciety, 'F0 pin Chapter, Golf Club, Class Atriensis, 1900-1901, Class Historian, 1901-1903, Executive Committee of Tb 111611, 1902-1903, Senior Vice-President College Settlement Association, 1902-1903 Volume IX. 35 ROICSCII. ES'1'1-11iR li1.1.1aN 382 New York Street, Aurora, Ill. East Aurora High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association, Debat- ing Society, 'F0 156 Chapter: Mandolin Club: Secretary-Treasurer of Tb lllf, 1901: President of Consumers' League, 1902-1903: Secretary of Students' League, 1902-1903 Ro1:12Re-1, MARcaU15R1'1'1c H1cRR1cR 154 Main Street, liar Harbor, Maine Bar Harbor High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Maine Club: College Settlement: Vice- President of Maine Club Rosn, ALMA AUGUSTA 246 Bay Street, Taunton, Mass. Taunton High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, 'Fo 11151 Chapter: College Settlement ' SAN11oRN, RU111' Woodstock, Conn. Woodstock Academy: Y. W. C. A. SAR111aAN'r, Ii1.1zA111a'1'11 SEARS Manchester, N. H. Claremont High School: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association SEARS, SARA W1NoNA 25 Suffolk Street, Holyoke, Mass. Holyoke High School: Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: Choral Club S1-:vMo11R, ll'lARGARE'l' 109 School Street, Bennington, Vt., Bennington High School: Y. W. C. A.: Vermont Club S1av11o11R, lVlARV 109 School Street, Bennington, Vt., Bennington High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Golf Club: Vermont Club SA11'1'11, A111oA11. GRACE Leicester, Mass. Leicester Academy: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating S0- ciety, 'Fb 11611 Chapter: Basket-ball Team, 1900-1903: Corresponding Secretary of Y. W. C. A., 1901-1902: Executive Committee of Debating Society, 1901-1902: Treasurer of Athletic Association, 1901-1902: Chair- man of Class Prayer Meeting, 1902-1903 SMITII, A1.1cE l21.1zA f 28 Willetts Avenue, New London, Conn, Williams Memorial Institute, New Lo11do11: V. W. C. A.: Athletic As- sociation: College Settlement Sx11'1'11, IVA JUNE 396 Union Street, Springfield, Mass, Springfield High School: V. NV. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, 'FO 615 Chapter: Springfield Club: Basket-ball Team, 1900-1903: 1903 LLAMARA1111 Board: Class Executive Committee, 1902-1903: Ex- ecutive Committee of Debating Society, 1902-1903: "Mount Holyoke " Board 36 The Llamarada SMITII, l..xu1aA ETH1-31. 9 Liberty Hill Avenue, Salem, Mas-. Salem High School: Y. W. C. A.: Baked Bean Club Sl'AL'l.lJlNG, Jessie Goo11w1N Milldale, Conn Southington High School: Y. W. C. A.: Debating Society, 'Pb 1161: Chapter: Choral Club: Secretary-Treasurer of Students' League, IQOI- 1902: House Chairman of Mead Hall, 1902-1903: President of 'Pb 11611, 1902-1903 S'l'l'IARNS, N1c1.1.11s lN'lA1.v1N.x Saxton's River, X Vermont Academy: V. W. C. A.: Vermont Club: College Settlement S'1'1a1iN1cu, Loulslc I':VI'Zl.YN 302 W. Broad Street. Bethlehem, l'cnn Moravian Parochial School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Man- dolin Club: Choral Club S'1'UWlil.l., Louisi-L l'.xx'sox Concord, Mass Charlestown High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association 'l'.xx'1,on, jimxxif: Fo1a1c1cs'1' 250 Sargcant Street, Holyoke, Mass llolyoke High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Holyoke Club: President of Holyoke Club, 1902-1903 'l'll.lllCX, WINI1-'lu-111 R1c'1l,xn11s, X A 9 1101 Douglas Street, Ames, lonft Dana Hall School, Wellesley, Mass.: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Associa- tion: "We Westerners:" College Settlement: Class Executive Com- mittee, 1902-1903 'l'1c.xci', ANNIE C,x1zo1.1x1c Waverly, N. X Waverly High School: Y. W. C. A.: Debating Society, T0 111611 Chapter: Athletic Association: 1903 LLAMARADA Board: Executive Committee of Athletic Association, 1901-1902: Vice-President of 'FO 11611, 1902-1903: House Chairman of Brigham Hall, 1902-1903: Class Executive Com- mittee, 1902 - February, 1903 VAN lJo1x1aN, ALICE lioucuicu Rensselaer, N. Albany High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, To 11611 Chapter: Choral Club: Chairman of Class Prayer-Meet- ing Committee, 1901-1902 VAS XVAGNER, H,x1ut11c'1' Ckoss 4 Olyphant Park, Morristown, N Morristown High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Golf Club: Banjo Club: College Settlement: Assistant Business Manager of " Mount Holyoke," 1900-1901: Business Manager of " Mount Holyoke," 1901-1902 Volume lX. 3T Vou1.1asoN, H1a1.1cN IiLIzA111c'r11 Columbiana, Ohio Lake Erie College, Y. W. C. A., Ohio Club, Vice-President of Ohio Club, 1901-1902 XVAl.l.AL'li, I'1lJl'1'Il ltlavxaitlm 3501'2l.llgC Street, Nashua, N. H. Nashua High School, Y.W. C. A., Athletic Association, Choral Club, College Settlement W,t1.1t1-zu, Rtrru Naomi Stafford Springs, Conn. Stafford Springs High School, Y.W. C. A., Athletic Association, Glee Club, 1900-1903, Choral Club, Secretary of Class, 1902-1903 W.-inn, Ru'1'l-1 Pon'1'1c11 33 Northampton Road, Amherst, Mass. Amherst High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Choral Club, House Chairman of Pearsons Hall, 1902-1903 W1tus'1'121t, MAu'1'11A 'l'A1'1-AN 148 Dresden Avenue, Gardiner, Maine -Gardiner High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Debating Society, To 156 Chapter, Pine Tree Club, College Settlement W1a1.1.s, Lutrv CA1to1.1N1': 1716 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, N. X. Brighton High School, Boston, Mass., V. W. C. A., Athletic Associa- tion, Debating Society, 'l'0 ,Lev Chapter, Baked Bean Club, Class Treasurer, 1901-1902, Secretary-Treasurer of 'l'r3p61', 1901-1902 XVIIITIC, i'4l.ORlCNCIi lJoNN1c1.1. I3 Hudson Street, Bangor, Maine Bangor High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Debating Society, 'F5156 Chapter, Pine Tree State Club, College Settlement, Art Editor of 1903 I.1.AMARAnA Board, Class Executive Committee, 1900-1901, President of French Club, 1902-1903, President of Pine Tree State Club, 1902-1903 W1t:t:1N, AMY El.lZAlili'l'I'l go High Street, Auburn, Maine Edward High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Pine 'Tree State Club, College Settlement XVILSON, A1.1c1c Ros1:NKR.xNs m21il'Sf0WlL N- I- Blair Presbyterial Academy, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, College Settlement WVINHHIP, l.111sl.1.A l'A1ui1tu, 1' Ii 74 Perkins Street, Somerville, Blass. Somerville Latin School, Y. W. C. A., Atl1letic Association, Debating Society, 'Pb ,rev Chapter, Business Manager of 1903 I,1.A1v1A1zA1m, College Settlement Wcmns, ALICE CHRIH'lQINP: I9 Beacon Street, Natick, Blass. Natick High School, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Glee Club. 1900-1903, Baked Bean Club, Choral Club, President of Baked Bean Club, 1902-1903 38 The Llamaracla Woonwmm, EDITH l.vm.x Tliomzxston, Conn. Torrington High School: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: College Settlement Woke:-:s'rrzk, liA'1'HERlNla l"l.p:M1Nu I5 Elmwood Avenue, Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School: V. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Debating Society, To 66 Chapter: Vermont Club: Choral Club Y.u.r':, l..xuRlx ANNA Meriden, Conn. Meriden High School: Y. W. C. A.: Banjo Club: Choral Club: College Settlement 1 'Xi-. , . . .. ,fy ' 1 XX? , 1 si, 4- - 'Fe ff? xsavjx af ' P J I ,, Volume IX. 1 1903 Izimigrante FREIJERIKA ABRAHAM MARY RAY AYERY I'IARRlliT ELIzAIzE'rH BALI., E IDA 1N1CKlNl.EY BARIIER, E 9 MARION HOLMES BASSETT ALICE MORRISON BELL MAREL SOPHIA BLISS NIARGARI-i'I' HUTCI-IESON BOOTH, MARY HELEN BROERI-IAIIT, E NIABEI. NU'I"I'ING BROWN BIIRIAM FERONIA CARPENTER ICl.lZAllE'I'H ROIIERTS CLARK BLANCHE AI.IfARE'rTA COLE EI.IZABliTH HIXNNA CRAIG III BIARIUN LINCOLN CUMMINGS LOUIEA JANE DARIN ALICE MAY DAVIS I.l'CY CAIILE EI.I.IO'r'I', -If S2 NIELLHC CAROLYNN FARLEE ADDIE BEATRICE FISKIE ALICE E'1'llEl. FURSVTH ANGELINE GEEK LAURA GOODRICH A .- A A ELIZAIIETH GROSVENOR GREENE IETIII-:L CULLINGWOOD HALL ANNIE BRAYTON HARDING, AI' FRANCES HAYDEN, E dv A MARY ELIZABETH PIEDDEN JULIA ETTA I-II'I'CHCOcK CORA MAY HITT ELSE REIIECCA HOLT KATE GERTRUDE HOXN'ARD MAIIEL MARGARET PIUBBARD FLORENCE HLI'fCl-IINS ETX-IEI. BORLEAU JACOIIY GRACE ANNIE JADIYIN, NP S2 BERTHA ADAIR JOHNSON HELEN LOUISE JOHNSON MAUD ANNIE JOHNSTON MAYl!EI.LE FLORENCE JONEE NIILDKED MAY KEI.LY, E 111 A FRANCES SOPHIA KENNEDY BERNICI-I HAIQXVEV LANG ETHEL LOUISE LEACII EDNA EUNICE LINSLEY EMMA LONGFELLOW HATTIE BELL LORD GRACE AI.llRO LOWE JANE KNOWLTON MACDONALD, ANNIE NUTTING MATHEWS I 40 The Llamarada I-IARRII-:'r LUVA MAVNARIJ MA'1'II.IJA PEEIILES MCCOI' ANNA CLARK MCGEE IEIJNA IYIINHR HIEI,liN NEWIIALL IIIOWIER IRENE MYERS I-IARRIET GER'l'RlIDli NORTON, AI' S2 INIARY I-IALL OLESON SOPHIA HELEN OLIvIs'I'EAIJ BESSIE I.OUI5I'l PALMER JESSIIE AGNES PARSONS IPIIZLISN FOSTER PEAR:-:ON HELEN BAR'I'I.E'r'r PI'Z'l"I'INC ELLA CARI!-I PI-IILLII's SARAI-I PORTER KATHERINE RAILEI' AGNES IVIAGDAIJINE RALPI Lucv CARLETON REID LOUISE I'I.A'r'I' R UGOLES JIESSIE VIERONICA SCANLIN IILI. I'IEI.liN I.0l'ISE SIIIIAIWAI' ANNIE NAzRO SIMPSON, AP IZ CI'IARI.O'l"l'Ii XVALLACIE SLAWSUX CLARA I'IARRIE'l' SMART ANNIE ELIZA SIIIITII IIIZRTHA IfS'I'El.I.l'1 SI'RAGL'I42 LYIJIA ZOELINE S'rAIfIfOR O BERTIIA I.vIJIA STAR R SARA MARI' IVIARY I'IIil.l'2N STEVENS FILRIN:-3 ST. JOIIN SANEORIJ 'IIAVLOR V- Al.ICIa IIJA IIQELIQ INA MAI' THNNEV MAE FRANCES 'l'O'I"rEN JOSEPHYNE ANIDRICSS 'I'RANsUIc ISAIII-II. McCI.A'I'cII Ev 'FUR NI-:R ALICE E'I'lIEl.lIIER'l'A YVARN PIR ALICE AI'I:IIs'I'A XVILCOX ASIILISV XVHIl'I'I.E ANNIE AVIIITE, E Ib A CAROLINE ETI-IEI, SCIIOONOVER EVA SI-IELIJON LILIAN LOUISE AVllI'l'IiIlE.XIJ IIARRII-IT SAIIRA WRIGIAIT I 4 Volume IX. 41 Glass of Mineteen Tbunbreb anb jfour llbottoz . . 'Maub me 'JLeal GOIOYI . 1RoQal IIBIIIC flower: . 'lllllbite Garnation liassm Ross BROOKS . . l'1'I'.v1'a'w1! QIRACIC IEssIcLs'I'vN WEIIII Hrv-l'n'.v1'flw1l LAURA DAIsv TAYLOR . . . .Skw-vlazjv CLARA FLORENCIQ CARl'liN'l'liR . . 7y't't7.V1l1'l'l' HELIIN SHIRLEY XVA'I"I' . . .Snjg'm11l-al-.AIrms :Executive Gommittec HARRIE1' Dm LAND ANDREWS ALICIHJ l2LIzAIxIa'rII PH1I.I.II's I-IARRIET MURDOCIQ MARCV AIIIIV QIROSVICNOR TII.I.INGIAIAs'I'I-3 Ivlonorarxg llbembere I+ZMII.IIc A. l+'I.IN'I'I+:RMANN, PILI3. ADA LAURA SNELI., A.lR. jIaANNIs'r'I'Iz A. MARRS, A.B. XVILLIAM C, HAMMOND 42 The Llamarada Zfunior Glass 1bistorQ , ' N2 HO was it that wanted to know what's in a name? If he really was searching for a solution to the prob- lem, he might have found it by application to one of us, for, having lived under our name during two years and a half, we are surely qualified to answer,--we, the remainder of one hundred and fifty-five lively Freshmen, the famous Class of 1904. What made every one so excited at the opening of college in IQOO, if not the fact that we had come to live in their midst? We found that careful preparation had been made for us, a room for each girl was already picked out, the dignitaries to whom we were presented made kind inquiries and wrote down our an- swers. Besides this, each minute of every day had been planned for us, and a few days later we were ushered into the pres- ence of a tall lady who inquired very particularly about our health and that of our ancestors, gave us advice, and later per- formed a magical operation to insure our future health. Not only did the leaders pay us attention, but the girls themselves spent time and brains planning surprises in the way of receptions and plays, so that we might not have time to think on the homes we had left. Thus, surrounded on all sides by loving Care which supplied our wants, even before we knew them, we were happy and con- tent. Of course, accidents will happen, and we mourned over conhicts of fingers and bread-cutters, mathematics and fudge-parties, taxes and thin pocketbooks, eager eyes and empty mail boxes. Volume IX. 43 lt would be long to tell all that happened that year: how, at our first class meeting, such carefulness was necessary in select- ing names without forbidding attachments, that much time trans- pired, and little was done, how our class sleighride, undertaken with difficulty, was carried out with more, how our basket-ball team finally became a realityg how our class picture owed its final success to our painstaking choice of places that Field Dayg how we strolled under the Japanese lanterns with the Seniors to enchanting strains of musicg finally, how excited we became over our first experience in choosing rooms. As Sophomores, we were nearly as busy as in our Fresh- men daysg but tl1is year we felt wise and experienced for two rcasons,- first, because a large new class had appeared, and, secondly, because we were beginning chemistry. It pleased us to complain before the Freshmen about that awful chemistry quiz, which really was not bad at all-yet-the Freshmen did not view our exalted position with sufficient respectg they were unruly, so we made a deep and secret resolve. Finally,--we pardoned them, and gave them a reception in the Gym. This year we had the exams escaped the first year, but to begin on that absorbing topic would be to fill libraries. Suffice it to say, we felt as if we had been pulled off sticky fiy-paper when we got through. I f VVe were proud of ourselves that important Tuesday even- ing, April twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred two, when, amid deafen- ing applause, the curtain fell on the first production of our stage career. This was only a beginning, though, there were to be even greater achievements in the future. What words can de- scribe the scene on May Day, the splendid pageant witnessed with wonder and admiration, when we ran shouting and laugh- ing in our astonishing costumes, pulling that marvelous stage across the top of Prospect, or who can do justice to the calm superiority of Noah over his family troubles, and the trium- phant fiight of his dove? It was such a success that we were 44 The Llamarada satisfied to rest in that line, and directed our efforts towards the Sophomore banquet, our last celebration for our Seniors. Then came a short, sharp struggle with exams, and we went home, juniors. Mingled feelings of exultation and sadness returned with our class in the fallg exultation because we had attained such a dizzy height, and sadness because our Seniors would not be with us this year. Furthermore, we were upper class girls now, and had a Freshman class, all our own, to bring up,-such a splendid large class, too. About our first social event was to give them a reception. Here our theatrical talent stood us in good stead, and hardly a girl went home without memories of Hiawatha underneath the fragrant pine-trees. Later came our class play, "A Scrap of Paper," a great triumph, in spite of Nature's bad behavior on that occasion. But the excellent sleighing banished for a time all schemes of ambition, we wanted to prove that we could go to Belchertown and back without tipping over, and we won our case. We have come, and seen, and conquered the three dragons, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Psychology. VVe have proved the endurance of our class, and have acquired strength to meet in- dividually all monsters lying in wait, their downfall will mean our final triumph, and then we shall separate to win honors for our famous Class of Nineteen Four. 23 Volume IX. A11l1U'1', 1-21m1'rH A111c:A11. A1.1JR1Cl-1, l.1ZZI1C CAssAN1mRA A1.1.1aN, XVINIFRED S111R1.1c1' .ANDRI-ZWS, I'iARR1li'1' 1715 1.ANo, AN'1'11U1'NE, Btsssuc 1l1a1.1.14: A'l'SA'1"1', hlARY Loutsta A'rwooo, 1NA Cl.Av'roN, Z2 O X 11A1.1., HARR11c'r E1.lZA1lI+Z'l'1l, E 1SAR'r1.1-:'r'r, GRACE lSA11E1. l11z1.e111aR, lf1.1S1S Annv, E 9 X 111aNN14:'1'1', R1-:111sccA 11A1.1nv1N li1i'l"l'S, A1.1c1f: KN1G11'1'0N,'l' K 111i.1., KA'l'1l1iR1NE l'1ARR1s 1S1..xR1e, 1.1cNA CLARK lil.YS'l'UNE, MAIQY 1.ou1s1f: ii0l'ti11'1'0N, LAURA NIAE 11RoNsoN, ih'lARj0R11i ANNA 1SRooRs, Biassm Ross 13RowN, hlARY NoR'roN 111'R1.1Nc:, ICDNA NIAY CAR1'1'1N'l'1iR, C1.ARA l?1.0R1ENCE CARYI., E'r1f11s1. ES'l'1'21.l.A CLARK, SARA11 El,lZABE'1'l1 C1.ARv, FANNIE NIARIA Co1f1f1N, NIILDRED Nnwcomn, X A 6 CoNv1eRs1s, Roi-:E 1E'r111e1. CRAIG, E1.1zA111zT11 1-IANNA CRAw1foRu, ANNA MAUII Ct'mnNos, MARION L1Nco1,N C1'R'r1s, RACHEL 1El.1zAn1A:'rH 45 Randolph, Vermont Lebanon, N. H. Winchenclon, Mass. 22 0 X Massena, N. Y- 157 Alfred Street, Biddeford, Me. Mattapoisett, hla:-ss. 6 Stratford Road, W inchester, Mass 223 Pine Street, Holyoke, Mass 104 Pleasant Street, Leominster, Mass 16 Prospect Street, Winchester, Mass. Oxford, N. Y. 1o8 Main Street, Towanda, 1'enn. 4o Maple Street, Danielson, Conn. 191 Chestnut Street, Gardner, Mass 40 Cross Street, Jznnestown, N. Y. 94 East Seminary Street, Norwalk, Ohio Winchester, Conn 2400 liast Tenth Street, Kansas City, Mo 1828 Asbury Avenue, Evanston, Ill 333 Springfield Avenue, Summit, N. J 514 East Fifth Street, Jamestown, N, Y S6 Main Street, Palmer, Mass Charlestown, N. H. Conway, Ma:-as 4 Morgan Avenue, Glens Falls, N. Y. North Street, Dalton Mass Conn. 35 Chestnut Street, South Ivlanchester, XYarsaw, N. Y Gorham, Me. West Stockbridge, Mass fl-ti ljdllff, l+'I.oIaIzNcIs MAv DANIIeI.s, BI.ANc1-IE I.11c1A DIsI.ANI4v, MARc:AR1c'I' 'l'IauIcsA DIXON, NIARY FAISON DURANIJ, AIJAI1 DwIoII'I', KATIIIAIQINIQ: XVOI.CU'l"l' IEASTMAN, l.ou1sIc HINIJS IPANCHIQR, I.o1vIsA Rus!-zI2I.1. FARNI-IAM, CHAIa1.o'I"I'Ic EI.I.EN lfrrz, EI.1,14:N il'lARY FI.ANAc:AN, FRANCES liowrlzus Fmun, IETIIIQI. lllEl.lSSA FoIzsv'I'I1, A1.IcIc l2'I'Hr:I. GAGIQR, Rll'I'l'l f,1Al.I.lCiliR, AIAIE IRIQNE, el' Q GAmIoNs, EI.1zAI1I4:'r11 EMMA GARIJNIQR, MAI1IeI.1.1: SUSAN, 1' K GAY, HlEl.LIiN JuveNIs1.1A, I' K GETMAN, NIINNIE Ryman, 'lf Sl Go1JI9AIaD, CHARl.U'l"l'li l'I'I'xIAN GRANT, E'I'IA1Ia1. BI.ANcIII-: GIaIswoI.IJ, A1.IcI-: RosA:IIoNIJ GlilSWl7l.lJ, lVlAKGAR.E'l' BACON HAD1.1cv, GRACE lC1.vINA HAI.I., F1.mc1N:Nc1a M. HAM, MALIIJIH: l.vIJIA HANNA, EMMA MAY HAR'I'sIIoIaN, H IeI.IcNA EI.IzAI1Ic'I'II I-IAIt'I's1-1oIzN, l.1fcINDA Howe HAvN1as, LENA MAV HI'r'I', CORA NIAY Hok'I'oN, IRENE, E 0 X The Llamarada Spring Street, West Roxhury Mass. Plailifielcl, N. H. I39 Dwight Street, Holyoke, Mass. 29 Xvhiting Street, Roxbury, 656 Averill Avenue, Rochester, 3I Mount Morris Park, New York, 110 Pleasant Street, Holyoke, 2I Smith Street, Sandy Hill, Mass. N. Y. N. Y. Mass. N. Y. I3 Oak Street, llath, Me. 5 Cedar Street, Salem, Mass. 22 Mount Pleasant Street, North Cambridge, Ashfield, Mass. Mass. llucksport, Me. 5 Foster Avenue, l'ahner, 124 University Avenue, Rochester Talcottville, 455 Eastern Avenue, Lynn, lN'Iaplewoocl, Attica, Chaumont, 404 Chestnut Hill Avenue, Athol, 38 Walton Park, Melrose Highlands, 197 Collins Street, Hartford, Wetherstield, Shrewsbury, Mass. Y. Conn. Mass. N. Y. N. Y. Mass. Mass. Conn. CoIII1. M ass. 78 East First North Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 54 XVilcox Street, Springfield, ISI Vine Street, New Castle, 99 Day Street, Norwood, Berlin, 320 Chestnut Street, Gardner, Dalton, 617 jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, Mass. Penn. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. N Y Volume IX. -LT Howie, AMY lit.IzA11E'r11 37 Mechanic Street, Orange, Mass. HUN'rIeR, NIARV BROWN Anamosa, Iowa HU'rcHINsON, AIARX' EI.1zAIx1z'I'II 136 School Street, Franklin, Mass. HX'Dli, CAROLYN HOwAR1J I2 Willard Street, Westville, Conn. JOHNSON, OI.oA O'I'H1I,IA 141 North Monroe Street, Titusville, Penn. KIEATES, NIsI.1.11c CARRl7'I'I'IERS 37 Grand Street, Glens Falls, N. Y. Kialcsn, MARION ASHTON K1f:NNIcm', MAUIDIE E. KNOX, FRANCES GRAYIJON Linnv, SARA BO0'l'HllY L1NsI.1tv, EIJNA EUNICIC I.oNG1f'IaI.1.ow, EMMA LOWE, GRACIQ AI.I1RO LVMAN, MARY EI.IzA11Ia'rII, Alf Sz AIACDONALD, H1N:I.IsN MACDONAL11, IWARY MACGOWN, MARIAN G1aR'rRI'n1s AIANN, B1s'I'sIav josIeI'n1N1-:, E fb A MARCV, HARR1Ia'r MURIJOCR, E fl' A MIXRKS, ANNIIQ A1vI1c1.1A MARsIIAI.I., MAR1' AAI1N:1.1A NIASON, InA Louisa McPII1aRsoN, Lucns lE'r'rA MII.1.1eR, CLARA lsAI1I1:I. h'ION'l'GOIl'IIiRY, FI.OR1-:NCIQ 1'RI'I'cIIARb NIORGAN, AI.1cIz LOUISE AIOSSER, HELEN GRIAI, E1 111 A Mou1.'rON, NIARION jt'1mIT1-1 NIAIS, LIZZIIC IWAIIEI. I,AI.1IIiR, G1sR'rRuI1Ic LI'cv, PEARSON, HlQI.IiN FOs'1'1sR l'1aRRv, IEIJNA MAUIJIQ Lunenbn rg, Mass. 411 Olive Street, Newton, Iowa Oberlin 151 Main Street, Westbrook, Bristol, 54 Court Street, Ivlachias, 9 Holt Street, Fitchburg, SI Court Street, XVestIield, Lenox, Lenox, Amherst, 730 XVest Main Street, jackson, 281 Ashmont Street, Dorchester, Sound Beach, 52 Mason Street, Greenwich, 63 Court Street, Exeter, 680 Flghteenth Street, Des Momu. 61 Pleasant Street, Rutlan , Ol1io Maine Conn. Maine Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. N. H. Mich. Mass. Conn. Conn. N. H. Iowa d, Vt. 30 Pine Street, South Franlingham, Mass. .l N A . . af, D 45 Albert Street, Plainfield Newberry, 245 Collins Street, I-Iartford, 8 Lawrence Street, Ashburnham, E III A 62 Concord Street, South Framingham, 24 Kent Street, Newburyport, Belfast, N. J. Penn. CO11n. Mass. Mass. Mass. N. Y. 48 I'IIILI.II's, ALICE El.lZAI!Ii'l'Il, X A 0 l'ooR, AMY HuN'I'INo'I'oN, X A PoI'E, HI-:LENE MAUD, NP Sl PoIvEI.soN, HELEN ADAMS RACK E'1"I', KA'rE ESTHER RALIIII, AGNES M. RIcImIoNIJ, IVIARION E'rIfIEI. RICIIIIIIND, MARY I.oRRAINIa RoIIER'I's, I.oIs ELLEN, X A O Roo'I', CIrIARl.0'l"I'E I.EAVI'l"I' lQoIvEI.I., IELIZAIIETI-I I..A'l'l'lROI' RusI.INc:, FLORENCE The Llamarada So Mystic Street, West Medford, I3 Stevens Street, Peabody, 72 Prospect Street, Clinton, 29 Warren Street, Norwich, East Orleans, 4 River Street, Franklin Falls, Mass. Mass. Mass. Conn. Mass. N. H. 46 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vt. V Newport, Vt. North Chili, N. Y. North Attleboro, Mass. 27 Elm Street, XVest Springfield, Mass. Hackettstown, N. J. RYIIER, ALICE TENNEY, IJ 0 X 54 W. North Street, Stamford, Conn. SCIIwENnI.ER, GRACE I.EwIs, E III A S Meigs Street, Rochester, N. Y. SCo'r'I', CLARA AMIQLIA 2Io Maple Street, New Britain, Conn. SEARLIE, HELEN ELIZAIIE'l'll, F I8 Day Avenue, Westfield, Mass. SHEIIARIJ, EDITII, E fb A 322 Superior Street, Mason City, Iowa SIIII'soN, ANNIE NAzRo, AI' A2 I-Iingham, Mass. SAIITI-I, EIJITII I.ILI.IAN 67 High Street, Woburn, Mass. SAIITII, ELLA WEsI.Ev 137 Draper Street, Dorchester, Mass. SMITII, INA ERNESTINE 47 Mount Vernon Street, Dover, N. H. SI'ARRoIv, MINNIE MILLER 42 Hill Street, New Bedford, Mass. SPRING, AIARV ELIZABETH 636 East Sixth Street, Jamestown, N. Y. STIEVENS, i'IARRII'l'I' FULLER l22 Windham Street, Willimantic, Conn. S'l'0l.'l'Z, ELLEN 2oo Gara Street, Ottumwa, Iowa S'1'uoI.Ev, ETHEI. I'IORTON School Street, Hingham Centre, Mass. 'I'AvI.oR, GRACE AGNES 3 Park Street, South Hadley, Mass. 'l'AYLoR, LAURA DAISY, X A O I2I Pulteney Street, Geneva, N. Y. 'I'IIoIsII'soN, MAUDE CARoI.INE Farmington, Conn. TILI.INGIIAs'rE, AIIIIY GRosvI-:NoR, II' Sl Worthington, Mass. 'l'oRREY, EDITH CLARE 39 Pearsons Street, Chicago, Ill. TURNER, MARY WILsoN Bentwood Street, lfoxboro, Mass. Volume IX. l YlllllliR'l'S, CLARA, 23 0 X XV.Xl'l'E, RosAIvIoNu CoRIJI-:LIA XVAK EAIAN, SARAH MOR lil'l0l'Sli XVARREN, JENNIE EVELYN XYA'l'liRS, RUTH WI-IEA'I'oN XVA'l"l', i'ilil.l1IN SHIRLEY xvlillll, GRACE EssEI.s'I'rN AVELLS, iViARY EVIIILVN WIII'I'AIoRI-:, RII'I'II WINSI-III', Hl4Il.liN i'iRANCl'IS Worm, l'lELI-:N Worms, CATIIARINE TRIAIAIER AVUOIJXYARIJ, ALICE l.ouIsE WoR'rIfILEv, iWAkV lEI.IzAI:E'I'H ZINK, iflJI'l'H ALICIA 6 Cedar Street, New Britain, 29 Shepard Street, Cambridge, Southport, Dalton, I9 Grove Avenue, Chicopee Falls, 213 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, 645 Averill Avenue, Rocheater, I2 Tolles Square, Naugatuck, Cherry Street, Holyoke, III 'Lexington Avenue, Passaic, IO36 Walnut Street, Newton Highlands, IoI East Third Street, Lewiston, 26 Spalding Street, Norwich, 56 Cumberland Street, Brunswick, Io2I Central Avenue, Bridgeport, NIM 54,19 49 Conn. Mass. Conn. Mass. Mass. N. Y. N. Y. Conn. Mass. N. J. Mass. Penn. Conn. Maine Conn. 50 '-"-' ' ' " "'-W" ll Il mul The Llamarada 1904 EmiQl'8l1t5 fIRAC E EI,IzAIIE'I'I-I AI.I.I' N BESSIE MARIE BIICRwAI.'I'ER MARTIIA FRANCES BAI.I.ARIm HARRIIET U'I'Is BOONE AIAIEE IEAIIEI. l3RooRs OLIVE NIARIE CAVNAI-I GRACE WonImIIIvRx' CHANDLER NEI.I.IE BRIIURS CoIvR'1'wRIcsH'I' ISAIII-:I.I.A AIPTIAN IJONALIJSON RUTII DARI.INu 1+'oxCRoIf'I', I' K FRANCES I-IAYIJEN, E 111 A CIRACIS BRAIJEURIJ HAVIJIIIN BESSIE I.uI:IsI-: HoI.xIEs NE'I"I'IE GRomI Hoon, E -lf A ALICE MARSIIALI. KINc:sIII'Rv NIARV EMMA KI'I"1'REDc:E IETIIEI. I.IIIIIsIc LEACII NE EI.I.EN I'REs'I'oN LEE, E -1- A Jl'l.lli ISRAIJLEI' I-oIIA FANNIE IEASTMAN MAEIIN AIARGlTI4IRl'l'I'2 NEwIIAI.I., E 0 X JIESSIE AGNES PARSONS IIIA I.oI'IsE PooRE NIAIIIQI. l.AI'RA RIIIINIJI' 1f'I,uRENCI-: AxIEI.IA Rl'XNI'Zl.I.S BERTIIA SNYIIER LINIIA Osuoou S'I'EARNs NICl.l.Il'l CRAWFORD STIINE, 21 MARIIIN HEA'roN TAIIER, E U MARI' AGNES 'l'I-IOIIIAE ANNIE xVA'l'ERIilfRY l'U'l"I'IiR MARI' IZs'rIII-:R xVEB5'l'liR Bl'IR'l'IIA JIIIIANNA VVIEISSHIUJID jIII.IA AIAIIRA X'VH1'l'NIlllllf X, f- Q Z IX L I' iT " Cxff 'QT5 -I HX X Volume IX. I 1 V i P 5 5 E r L 5 i 1:1 .--.f i .v 2 Q i i. 4 I y E . M 3.1! z , Glass of 1Hineteen 1bunbreb anb Jfive IIISOIIQ: . Krrrrl mmrrhv Jzefxfcflllnv Golor: . iHunter's Green :lflowerz . IIISOIIIIIBHI 'ILHIIPCI JEmblem: . . 'Lion PIISIJSN ISAlilf2l.l..X lkuclc . . f,l!XIlflllf Gmc:-: ETIIIQI. l'1'mNc:'l'ox . . l?'rv-l'1um'u1f MMU' Mfxvlcs llmxufz . . .Shnfazm AIAKIUN Cuwm.1. . . . . 731 awmz AIARY lE1.lZ,m1.3'1-11 A1.l.vN . .S'wjqz-alll-al 11 am JExecutive Gommittee ICTHIEI. filiR'l'Rl'lJIi Hm'x.1c E'1'H1c1. W1l.1.l.xMs l,llll'l'S lmcxlfz El.lZ.XliE'l'll jmumls MARY IfI,xNN.xn Swim WIOIIOPRFQ llBClllb6l'5 Cuuxmx.-x M. CI.Al'l', I'n,D. NEI.I.Hi IE. f1Ul.D'l'lIWAl'l'I4I, ILS l':l.lZ.Xlili'l'll B, Xx'M,mCl.g HUN. XVll.I.l,XM Wurrmcz 52 The Llamarada Glommentaties of 'llqillelfeeil 'IDIIIIDPCD HUD jfive O11 Tbel' 'll'Cl1Hl'6 in South 'll32lDl6Q."' , X2 I. All Mount Holyoke is divided into four parts, one of which the Seniors claimg another, the juniors: a third, the Soph- omoresg and a fourth, those who in their own language are called Freshmen, in ours, Sprouts-on-the-Tree-of-Learning. All these differ from one another in habits, age, and former condition of servitude. Among the Sophomores no one is most distinguished. All having come at the same time, all having been enrolled together under the green Hag-although the places whence we came may have been scattered far and wide,-we are now a unit. The forces of 1905 were collected a. d. iv. Idus Septembres MDCCCCI. We were gathered in from all states in the Union, but were soon united under a capable leader named I-Iall: and thus we made our wars. II. The first campaign was against the Class of 1904. It being the spring season of the year, the march was easy and the forces were drawn up in the Gym. On one side was 1905 under their standard, the lion on a field of green. Opposite were drawn up the forces of 1904, their blue banner waving in the air. The battle was fast and furious, but so clever were the conflicting parties that neither side was able to outwit the other. Towards evening the armies separateclg but, on account of the indecisive result, no celebration was held. The next day 1905 tried her fortune in Basket Ball with 1903. These two armies being more Volume IX. 53 friendly, the strife was not so severe. Our troops, however, in this battle were cut to pieces and forced to retreat far to the rear to avoid the sounds of revelry. III. There was a large plain, and in it a mound of earth of considerable size. This mound was called Mount Holyoke. There, as had been appointed, the forces of 1905 assembled. An attack was made upon the house on that mountain, whereby it was broken into and opened up for the soldiers. But by treachery of the atmosphere, which was clear enough to reveal us, we were dis- covered by the keeper, who journeyed up the mountain and drove us from the house. Therefore we made our camp for that day upon the top of the mountain under the trees. Towards evening, however, by forced marches fthose wounded and weary with fight- ing being carried in chariotsj we returned to the village which is our headquarters. IV. Now for a long time the army had been doing valiant work in the battlefield, and therefore, by decree of the Sergeant- at-Arms, a holiday was ordered. The forces were rallied in the Gym for a relaxation from their labors. Uniforms varied-accord- ing to the temperament of the wearer and the equipments at hand -from that of newsboy to scrub-lady. Never before had anyone seen our troops conduct themselves in manner so unaccustomed. Indeed, we seemed not like our usual selves, but entirely lacking in dignity and authority, entirely given up to revelry and pleasure and dancing and song. This strange entertainment was known as a Frolic, and was greatly enjoyed by the whole army. The Frolic having ended, our forces being reassembled, we made a swift march around the campus, raising many a song and shouting the IQO5 war cry. V. Our next campaign was the War of Exams. Already this tribe had harassed us, but here, again, the victory had been indecisive on account of the conditions imposed by the Faculty. And now again renewing the strife, Exams attacked our forces from every direction. At their head were the Faculty, who relied more on valor than artifice or stratagem. For seven days the 541 The Llamarada battle lasted. During this time the camps were moved from Shattuck ,to Williston and then to Mary Lyon, but neither side showed signs of yielding. Finally, after a long and bloody fight, Exams began to diminish in numbers. Their loss of strength and forces became so great that when the seventh day was far advanced they surrendered with all their type-written questions. Our army, being very joyful at the news, and in the full knowledge that they had conquered Exams and by the victory were become Sopho- mores, separated for the summer. Meanwhile we crossed a river, that deep and treacherous river which divides Freshman from Sophomore year. In the passage, many troops were lost, and among them our leader Hall. Now that we have come to the other shore, our great sorrow lies in the fact that we are under solemn oath to forbear from molesting the defenseless Freshmen. Under our new leader, Buck, no conflicts have, as yet, taken place, although small skirmishes Pan Brigade have, from time to time, arisen on the the-Tomb. They were easily ended by the surrender And so 1905 has entered on a career of peace which continue until' the next War of Exams. This, being like and restless, rises up to attack us every year. finally subdued, we cannot hope for safety. .aim-t of the Dust- Hill-Back-ot3 of the Crust. she hopes to a tribe war- Until it is Volume lX. 55 A111f:11C1toM1111-:, ll1+:R'1'11.x ifl,lZ.XlllE'l'Il A1.1.1f:N, F1.oR1aNc1-: ISAIHQI. A1.1.1-iN, G1..x1Jvs A1.1.1':N, lNfl.xR1' lJ.xv'roN A1,1.rN, GRAC14: E1.1z.x111c'1'11 A1.1.rN, l'l.x1t1t11c'1' Mm' Al.l.YN, ltlmu' E1.1z.x111f:'1'11 ANn1c1:soN, M.x1u:.xk14:'1' A1'14:1:1', A1.1c1c RosA1.1.x 13.1141-:R, Luev MYR'l'l.lC ll.x1t1unvs, l2nN.x liuN1c1f: ii.XR'l'llOl.UMEXY, NHNA ll.x1z'1'1.1i'1"1', 1E1.1f:.xNo1: H.XXill.'l'0N l314:.xR1m, h1ARY Lotnsic l311-znieic, INA E1.1,1f:N ll1.out:1a'1"1', if'l'l'llCl. Sl'UONliR lion' 1':N, MA uo1'1A:1t1'1'1-: lE1.1zA111i'1'11 ll1t.1n1.1av, EIJITII Co1.14:1' li1:.x1:.1w, A1.1c1s l1a14:N1': ll1towN, M. 1.ot'1:-111: llrcii, H1z1.1cN IsA11121.1..x lB1'1.1,.x1en, I-l1z1.1-:N lluc1c1.1':r llrluz, i':IJNA liriua, l.11.1.1AN HUN'l'ING'l'0N iil'R'l'lS, ANNA lS1z1.1.14: C.x1u-1cN'r1-zga, NIIRIAM l+'1c1:oN1.x C11.xNo1.14:1e, E'r1-1151. Cll.Xl'lN, E'rTA ELIZA C1..x1z1t, lvlmtv ANN C1.1f:1114:N'1', l.ou1s14: Wiucn HDCIIIDCFS 66 XVarren Street, l.:1wrence, Mass. 171 Plllllillll Street, Hartford, Conn. 45 Hanford Street, Miclclletown, N. Y. llollancl Patent, N. Y. lVorcester, Mass. 4 Front Street, New I.onclon, Conn. Groton, Conn. 24 Cuba Street, Andover, Mass. 56 jetterson Street, XVestlield, Mass. Templeton, Mass. Augusta, Maine Bellville Avenue, Glen Ridge, N. J. Glen Cove, N. Y. Shelton, Conn. I9 Vincent Street, Binghamton, N. Y. 370 Austin Street, XfVest Newton, Mass. I28 School Street, New lleclford, Mass. Westport, Conn. 97 Pennsylvania Avenue, Newark, N. 1. Pittsfield, N. H. 3,24 Myrtle Street, Manchester, N. l-l. 4 lippirt Street, East Orange, N. 1. 117 XVest Fifth Street, l'lainfielcl, N. I. XVestport, Conn. 47 Canal Street, jamaica, N. Y. 27 Morton Street, Andover, Mass. 65 Chestnut Street, Indian Orchard, Mass. 323 Prospect Avenue, Medina, N. Y. 111 Clark Street, Vtfestlield, N. J. 387 Hamilton Avenue, Albany, N. Y. 56 CoE, AMv Blil.l.Ii CoI.E, BERTIIA lWARIUN Cook, RUTH HII.MA CowEI.I., MARION Lotrlsic Ct'R'I'Is, ALICE WAREI-'IEI.I: V CUR'rIs, l+'I.oRA SRoI.IfIEI.IJ CUR'I'Is, I.UI.A IZDITH DALE, EDITH DAVIS, IEIJWINA GER'I'Rt'IJE DAY, CARoI.vN l!AR'I'oN IJEMAREST, EI.IzAnE'I'II l3AI.m DODGE, AI.IcE 'IQOYVNSENIJ DoIaoE, IWARY MAI'Es DUNTON, EDITH FARRAR EARI.E, RUTH S'I'AN'I'oN ELDER, JANE llEI.I.E EMMONS, BI.ANcHE lfARIvEI.I., AI.IcE MARIoN FERRIS, ANITA BRocRIvAv FERRY, EDNA l.oUIsE FIEI.IJ, MAV EI.sIE FITCH, AUIJIE BEI.I.E Foss, FI.oRENCE WINsI.ow l"owI.ER, EI.IzAIIE'I'II BIvRnoN GAs'I'oN, lE'rIIEI.wvN fiERRl'l'Y, HELEN VEAZIE GILNACK, ANNA BEI.I.E GoI.D, WINIIFREIJ GOMAN, I.II.I.IAN MAY fiRlMES, EMMA CIIARI.o'r'rI-: HAMII.'I'oN, GRACE HELEN HAsREI.I., PHQQRE GIIIIIs VIN The Llamarada Madison, Io Green Street, Lebanon, COIIII. N. H. 93 Prospect Street, Woonsocket, R. l. Ashburnhani, Mass. Spencer, Mass. S5 Middle Street, Pawtucket, R. l. Spencer, Mass. 275 Pine Street, Springfield, Mass. I Prospect Street, Rockville, Conn. Colchester, Conn. 246 West 129th Street, New York, N. Y. llillerica, Mass. 2oo Allen Street, Buffalo, N. Y. 54 Cedar Street, Belfast, Maine 22 Kendall Street, Worcester, Mass. I2 Marqnet Square, Lewiston, Penn. 280 West Warren Street, Detroit, Mich. 531 Marlboro Street, Keene, N. H. 43 Gesner Avenue, Nyack, N. Y. 24 Edgewood Avenue, New Haven, Conn. Conway, Mass. Milford, N. H. 17 lilni Street, Dover, N. H. 23 Athelwold Street, Dorchester, Mass. 102 North Ninth Street, Newark, N. 1. I57 Essex Street, Bangor, Maine I9 Elm Street, Rockville, Conn. XVhitney Street, Amherst, Mass. Io7 Claremont Avenue, MoIItclair, N. J. 5 Park Street, South Hadley, Mass. 349 High Street, Newark, N. J. Rochester, Mass. Volume IX. 57 H1-:NN1ck, l.tJ'l"l'lli tl1a1t'1'1u11J1c H1ou1Ns, E'r11E1. l.OL'l5lE Ho1,111coo1c, ElJlTll GER'l'Rl'Dli I-lo1z'1'oN, l'l.x'r'r11-: l.11.1,xN HowE, A110115 S'rE.uaNs l-lov1.E, l2'r1-1E1. t3Ek'1'1zt'1JE l'lUtlGli'l'T, L1w1z,x lf'1:.xNcEs l'llTN'l'I.liY, l'I1xzEt. l'lU'I'ClIlNSON, Nlmu' lJAYliNl'OR'l' JENNE, ltliuu' l'1xt'1.1NE JIQNNINGS, Luci' ll1'1f1fm1 Jl+2ROMli, lRIiNli lfl.lZAlili'I'll jo11NsoN, l"l,tlRl4INCl4I En111.v JONES, C1-11a1s'1'1E Lixw joNEs, HELEN N1x'1ux1.11f: JONES, JANE lE1.o1sE KliI42NliY, HELEN lN:lCl.'l'0N, F1x1'1'1-1 Cox11Ns K1A111,x1.1., Lo1eEN1,x illAl'Dl4I LANE, l.0'l"l'lli Rou'E l.1uaNE11, lvI.fx1u:,x1t14:'1' l,lilE, l'lARRll4I'l' Al.'l'llliA l.liSTliR, lE1.1.1x CEC1-:1.1,x l.tlRlNG, SARA11 NYE Ltv1c1Ns, GEk'1'1a1:11E R11'r1'1 lNI1x1.1.1x1u', 'l'11E1z1-:six SCUDDER iNlCl..liAN, lEl.l.l'JN.X R1s1.1-:v lXlChlAR'l'lN, j1xNE'1' CHR1s'r1N1x BlEs1-:1u'E, St1s,xN B1,1xNc1'm1c1J M11.1.E1t, MAY A1.1cE NIo1a1a11.1., B1-:1.1.E C111x1'11,xN hlURSl'I, M1x1:c:1x1z1f:'1' 21 Lo111h Street, South Hadley Falls, Mass. I5 College Street, Portlantl, Maine North tirafton, Mass. 2 lfliglilancl Street, Portsmouth, N. I-l. zo Pine Street, Leomi11ster, Mass. Concord. Mass. 655 llurfee Street, Fall River, Mass. 54 Warner Place, Springlielcl, Mass. 1615 St. Mary's Avenue, Parkersburg, W. Va. 14 Oak Street, Brattleboro, X'6l'lllUlll Winchester, N. ll. VV0lfboro, N. H. 3 Norwood Street, Worcester, Mass. Ridgefield, Conn. 2.5 l"ra11kli11 Avenue, Oshkosh, Wis. Fair Haven, Yermoxit 35 West 93d Street, New York, N. Y. 157 Lincoln Street, Holyoke, Mass. liClllllllg'lOll, N. ll. 18 High Street, Rockport, Mass. 153 Main Street, Phillipshurg, N. J. Marasli, Turkey, Asia Laurel Hill Avenue, NOl'Xl'lCll, Conn. 335 Linden Street, Holyoke, Mass. 407 East Hickory Street, Streator, Ill. Housatoiiic, Mass. Bolton, Conn. XVest Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 87 Linclen Street, AllStOll, Mass. 156 Limlen Street, Rochester, N. Y. Rocky Hill, Amesbury, Mass. 28 Northampton Road, Amherst. Mass. 58 hlU5lil.Y, CLARA I.. 'l'owNs1-:Nu Nr:u'lci.l., CLARA I.oRlNc: NliWl'Il.l., fil'ZR'I'Rl7DE FANNH-: Nicurrox, Lrcv l'HsRsoN NIXHN, l'iRANCliS hflARGARE'l' Noiecimss, GisR'rRl:nic l.H.l.lAN NoRcRoss, lllARY Fl.oRif:Ncif: QJSIIURNPI, MARY l"RANCl'IS lhxnnoex, l.Al'RA HHIJQN l,liAllUlJY, lii.sHe l'Rr4:s'roN l'ic.xcic, l.ll.l.lAN liA'l'l.liY l,l'ZASli, MA1nA:i. Ariel-: PERKINS, CARRIE E'l'l-llil. l'i-:'r'rr:ia, l2l.lZAllli'l'l-I YVILSUN llnnufs, l2'l'l'll'Il. WH.1.lAHs l'l'r'rs, llr:R'rHA MAY Poxn, illARY El.izAms'rH l'RlNlJl.lE, Jl'l.lA BETH l't'RiNc:'roN, GRACE ICTIII-ll. RAMSI-zv, l'il.UKliNCE lVlARlUN Rleifzn, Acsxics l"mici.iA Ricic, lSAllEl.l.A IJIXON Rim-ev, l4:l.IZAllE'l'l'I lVlAY Ronixsox, KA'rH1.isrsN SANniaRsoN, RUTH EI.IZAllli'l'll SAt'xnisRs, YVINIFRED ANnRiau's S1lAcRi.if:x', Hlfl.lfN PAIGIQ SHAW, il'lARY Louise Snicmroon, El.1zAn1a:'rH Lt-:ic Sl-lll'll.lDS, MARGARET CAl.n1-:Rwoon SiH'Mu'.xv, PRISCILLA SICRHAN, BERTHA MAP: The Llama Bergen, 9 Hovey Street, Gloucester, Shelburne Falls, Cliffwood Street, South Lenox, liast Brentwood, I4 Souhegan Street, Milford, I4 Souhegan Street, Milford, Great Barrington, R. I". D. No. 1, XVaterville, lo5 Centre Street, llanvers, 195 Park Place, Brooklyn, 132 Garfield Street, Springfield, 22 Catharine Street, Springneld, Kadota Yashiki, Okayama, Waterbury, R. l". D. No. 2, Harrison, Unionville, Williamstown, I87 New Britain Avenue, Hartford, 224 North First Street, Olean, North Street, Dalton, 76 Hamilton Street, Geneva, 239 Washington Street, Geneva, 49 Drummond Street, Auburn, Moosup, 2o5 Sherman Avenue, New Haven, 50 Central Street, We:-it Brooklield, Monson, Hampden Co., 254 Prospect Street, New Haven, rada. N. Y. Mass. Mass. Mass. N . H. N. H. N. H. Mass. N. Y. Mass. N. Y. Mass. Mass. japan Conn. Maine Conn. Mass. Conn. N. Y. ltlass. N. Y. N. Y. Maine Conn. Conn. Mass. Mass. Conn. 5 jones Street, Saint johnsbury, Vermont 273 Maple Street, Holyoke, 161 Lincoln Street, llolyoke, Mass. Mass. Volume IX. Sk11.1.1N, l2p1'r11 M.x1a1.xx S111'1'11, CHRISTINE I.11.1.xN Sl'R.XUl' ic, M.x1u' Am:1..x1o1-: S'1'.x1f1fo1: 11. MARY lf'1.oa1f:xc1-: Su ST Mm, l21.1z.x1z1-:'rH ANN11f: xxx, M.xR1' l-l.xNN.x11 I,x1f'r, li1.1z.x111e'r11 NOR'1'l'lAM f F.x1'1'1sN, A1.1c14: C.v1'111s1e1N1s 'l'lCl.FORlJ, t11:.xc1c C.x'1'1-11-:1t1N1c T111ss1a1.1., l2'1'111-11. A1.111f:R'1'1N.x 'l'11ox11-sox, A1.1c1c l.11.1.1,xN 'l'1-1ox1soN, R1cN.x MM' l11.1.1xc:11.xs'1', H1c1.1f:N Topo, C11.xk1.o'r'1'1a lEx111.x rw low1.14:, Tlllifblltbliit A111-:kv Towxia, A1m1111c l':'l'l'llil. 'l'1aAs1c, l':'l'l'l lil.YN Os1zo14N1-: law., Hlul.liN l-.1.1..x lr1.1ca, M.x1114:1. N1N.x UN.XNt :s'r, M .x RY G1Q14'1'1u'111c UN1J1c1:1111.1., lm l"1.o1c1M:Nc1s V.xxtZo1t1114:1:, l.l'Cll.l.lC IS1..xNc111-' V c JN S'1'1c1N, .'Xl.lCli W.x1.1.r:1: A111c1.1.x Cz.x1c1N.x Y W1x'1'1a1:s, M11a1,xx1 tJsw1A:1.1, Wfvmox, lfl.lZ.Xllli'l'll B1-:.x'1'1uc1f xVl'2N'l'll'UR'I'll, Mluu' M.x1.v1N.x lV11.cox, H1s1.14:N l.11J.x XVll.l.l.-XMS, S1's.xN I.o1'1s1-: 59 Greenville Street, Spencer, Mass. Sl Walpole Street, Norwood, Mass. 283 Grove Street, jersey City, N. J. 78 Butler Street, Lawrence, Mass. 48 State Street, Augusta, Maine Palomas, New Mexico I9 Catherine Street, X'VOl'CC!-it6l', Mass. 273 Sherman Avenue, jersey City, N. J. 137 Lander Street, Newburgh, N. Y. 79 Prospect Street, Clinton, Mass. Deerneld, N. H. 99 Wales Street, Rutland, Vermont 1426 Rock Island Street, Davenport, Iowa 644 Mount Prospect Aventte, Newark, N. J. S9 Court Street, Xvestfield, Mass. 82 Pleasant Street, Fra11klin Falls, N. H. 47 Saint Peter Street, Salem, Mass. 14o Holland Street, lX'est Somerville, Mass. Court Street, Exeter, N. H. 76 Washington Street, Illoomtield, N. j. 20 Madison Street, Somerville, Mass. I2 Walnut Avenue, New Castle, Penn. 1760 McMillan Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 63 Cayuga Street, Seneca Falls, N. Y. go County Street, Ipswich, Mass. Norwood Narrows, N. H. Middle Street Heights, Rockland, Maine 156 South Street, Holyoke, Mass. l,CZlCll2'll1l, Caledonia Co., Vermont 60 1905 lElTliQl'8llt5. LUQIA VoN LU1cc:K B1cc141-:11 MM: J. B1.Us'1' NIARY G1zN1+:v1m BU111'1c1c jU1.1A l'I1a11c1': l5Ux'1'oN A H1':1.12x C11A1v1fo1m jU1.1A V1c"1'o111A Cunmlxrss Izfx MM' CU'1"1'1Nf1 M11111c1, I"1.o1m 131111141212 Nokzxm F11ANc1ss I'1,x'1'0N RUT11 E1,1z1x111c'1:11 Ii1.1.1s MA111' EAma11 G11-111111: H1cs'1'1c11 j1a,1NN1c'1"1'1c G1111f1-'lx 1J14:1.1n11'1' W,x1,K1.v H,x1.1. 1':DY'1'lIlE H. HANSCUM Ii'1'1m1, 101.11 HA1uv1m1m K,x'1'1c 'l'URs1e11 Hf11.x11cs I':IJl'1'll STA1111 HUNT F1.o1m ANxA111c1. Isl-1,111 H1-:1,1zN G1c11'r11U111-1 jAco11s B1c11'r11A C1.A11Ksox jM11cs RUT11 Hfxzzfxlm jormsox RUTH jo11oNNo'1"1' l':l.I.A FRANCES KAU1,1mcH '1 X2 The, Llamarada 1311111211: L11.1.1,1N K1'1'1z G11,1c1f: Ii1.lzA1s1c'1'11 Lolm G11,1c1c ,I1-:AN McIN'1'os11 MINNIIE T1aNN1c1' M121.v1N 121.5112 R,w1110N11 M1a'1'CA1.1f SUSAN M. IWURIJOCK MAUU V. O'N1c11. Iim'1'11 li. O1.x1s'1'1cA1m l'Z1.s11c C. l'1a11K INS F1.o111aNc1z jU1.11sT'1'14: P1-:111i1Ns KAT111c1ux1a C1Q14:x1v1z1.,1Nn l'1a1111x' A1.1c1c E1.IzA111':'1'11 Pl'llCl,l'S F1.0111cNc1z E1.1.,1 P11412 M,1111AN MCCUNH RICH S1'1.v1,1 H,1111111a'1' Ronmsox l'11.1.A Glmvl-2 RU'l"1' H11.1m I.oU1s1a S'1',x1s1c11 LUCY AxN1s'1"1'1a 5'1'1c11111Ns BIARY Ros,x1.11c S'1'o1.z LUCY C,x111.'1'ox W,v1'1z1111oL's1a Blass. W11.K1Ns l'lv14:1.vN Ii. W11.1.1,1s1s fi ,f 1 "1 K 1 I905 Volume IX. fil Glass of 1lQineteen 1bunbreb anb Six motto: . . lent 'MCZIYIS RIID GUN? GOIOVI - GITUIIBOII :lflowerz . Sacqueminot 1Roee JEmblem: . 'Cllntcorn ANNA l-lomllcs Pli'l"l'IiIi . M' ff-. v 1'n'wzf RUTH S'l'IiRl.ING Gnmsm' lf7k-e-l'rv.u'n'w1f Donn Louisa Anml-is . S f'z' rvlmy IQACTIIEI. MARIAN jnnnoun . . 75'4-aszm.-r HIELIQN I'1l.lZAlilC'l'Il Cummlxcss . .S'ufjgm1zI-af-.f'Irm.v Mfxnlfxx Hlcl,1.x'.xn GR ACE LEAVICNWK l R'l'l'I MM:'1'u,x ISIQCKWITH Execmxtive Gommittee 1ivm,1N11: l5Un'1'oN Lvuc Vlvmx ANNA N1cK1ansoN 'Honorary llhembers VIVIAN SM,xI.l. 62 The Llamarada Mineteen 1bunbreb Six. 1ber iBook anb 1beart. Y "And in her heart there was no guilef' September seventeenth. It is late, quite late. The night is calm and still. A moonlit haze almost hides Prospect and the lake. The campus houses are dark and quiet. The hurrying feet have ceased to pass my door, and the elevator has stopped creaking. It is my first night at college. I am not at all homesick. I knew I should not be! I am quite ready to begin. One hears so much about good times at college. I cannot believe that I am really here. September twentieth. Uh! Iwas so happy at home! Can I ever be reduced to a schedule? I hate such regularity! One does everything at a bell. The others always know what to do and why. But I am never sure, until after the rest begin to do it. Many things are strange! That one must hurry from one building to another for all one's classes is strange. And then there is Math! In High School it was Arithmetic and Algebrag now it is Geometryg but in its nature it is all the same,-complicated, bewildering. September twenty-iii-st. It has rained three days. The other Freshmen in the house are homesick. The first Sunday is rather trying. But one could n't Volume IX. 63 be lonely long, with so many callers, and the Vesper service was beautiful! September twenty-sixth. Every one here is lovely! The Freshmen are so nice-looking! I wonder when I shall know them all. What should we do with- out the juniors? I have been to seven spreads this week. Monday. Our class is so practical! XfVe adopted our constitution as a whole to-day. VVhat is the use of wasting time? . November twelfth. It is a long time since I have opened this bookg but other things are much more important. "There is a sudden meaning in learning, when it leads to a desired end." Shall I ever be one of those Hhaloed beings," who occupy the Senior heights? I November twentieth. Our basket-ball team is great! We have a captain at last. December twentieth. I scarcely know how to be happy! Every morning I think, "Geometry is over"g and every night I count the days. VVhen shall I find time to pack? I feel excited every minute! It is in the airy-especially the fresh air. january tenth. I am tired of studying! And yet,-if I should Hunk! I can't go home now! But exams. are just three weeks away! There is a scale of excellency set before each Freshman, and this is the way it runs: A-The final state which few may hope to attain. B--The gate beyond which lies the final state. C-The highest hope of the humble. 454 The Llamarada D--The common condition of mankind. E-The just reward of the wicked. F-Outer darkness. Truly "they travel through labyrinthian paths, who seek for understanding." February sixth. How could I have felt out of place here? I am perfectly happy! My exams. are over. February twelfth. There is much to write, but I cannot spare the time. Ihave to study yet! But next year,-oh! next year!-I shall write all that happens! And when I am a junior,--a dignified Junior,- and then a Senior,-a Senior in my cap and gown,-I shall be glad I did my duty as a Freshman. Q To be Cl1llfZ.7l7ll'IlI.D ,raw . lf I . ,Af Volume lX. 455 AIlll0'l"l', Bl,x1u:,x1u2'1' 151-zlcmnxx Al,'l'liNlilRL'll, C1.A1:,x C1cc11,1A Axmucws, A1.1c'1a HUSWICLI, Axniucxvs, Ii1m1'rH E1,1z,11s1z'1'1-1 ANn111-zws, I':lJI'l'H I--lA1uusoN Ax'r11ox1', I':'1'lllCl. CA'l'l-ll'llilNli Aiuns, Dona Lotuslc Av1c1t11.1., Klt111o,t1ua'1' C,x1to1,1N1c liA1scoc'1i, Svnxicx' Nlaiumlu-:'1' li,x11,1a1', IfTlllCl. M1x1f:1w,x ISAK1-211, l.11t'1' M1'11'1'1,1c llA1,nw1N, S.'t1t,1H S'r11oN1a liixluil-zu, lS,11tn1cN, t.1c,1c'1c l-.1,1z,1n1c'1'11 l'I1.x111z,1 ls.,1111-11, limut, j1cxN114: llAR'1'1,1i'1"1', llftlwox, llA'1'c11 lil.l lil 1uis,11.1., liismw, ll1,,xx1'11A1 li1.oo11, tlimcic Louisic lil-:1t'1'11A lloxannsox nan, N1a1.1.11a STURGIS illAl'lll'I l.Olil'1NA l.1 l'l"l'l li tL1aN1c1'11uv1-: tn, MARY xVll.l.lAlilJ ju1.11a'r liovnc, MARY l-l1cw1'r'r liovniax, llovxrox, lS11,x1N1-:, Rui' 1-1 Luixxix l':lJl'l'll Cuuiien lJoNx,1 l.uc11.'1c flD6l11b6l'5. 413 XVest Front Street, Plainfield, N. j 43 Newton Street, Holyoke, Mass 74 Central Street, Hudson, Mass I Dansville, N. Y 190 Buckingham Street, Springfield, Mass 8 Storrs Street, VVare, Mass Lexington, Mass Terrace Street, Brattleboro, Vermont J 277 Fair Street, laterson, N. j 9 East 2lSf Street, Paterson, N. j Templeton, Mass S3 Quinnipiac Avenue, New Haven, Conn. I4I Union Street, Athol, Mass. Gage, N. Y. 1663 NVest Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois Moseley Avenue, Newburyport, Mass. Hatliorne, Mass. 18 Linden Street, Salem, Mass. Sidney, N. Y. 174 Grand Avenue, New Haven, Conn. Front Street, XVey1nouth, Mass. Milburn, N. j. Hoosick Falls, N. Y. Il College Street, XVorcester, Mass. 73 Lafayette Avenue, Passaic, N. j. l4l2 Forrest Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn. l5Rot'1i11',11', ANNA l.,1u1m VVest Hartford, Vermont W3 l5Row1cR, l.u1.u D1c1,1'111x1c l5L'RlJlCK, CA'1'llARlNli S'1'12v1aNs lluR11o1s, hlARY Ii1,1zA111a'1'11 ISURNAP, MARcsAR1c'1' lVlARIlC ISURNHA111, .l':'I'lllEl. FRANCES liuRw1f:1.1,, CURA G1cR'1'RU1112 CA R111zN'1'1-:R, KAT11 ICRINE M A 1.1.oRv CA'1'oN, jiassxrz BA11.14:v C A'1"1'A NACH, H1tNR11f:'1"1'A C11As1c,- M11.1aR1c11 Aur1Us'rA C1.AR1c, HAZIEL CLARK, 131255112 lVlAY CLARK, jos1c1'H1N1z C1.1sA11ex'1', CLARA 'IfoRR1cv C1.1cA11cN'1', L11.1,A E1111zRsoN Coma, EDNA MANs1f11a1.1m Co1.1c, A1.1c1z Sw1z'r'1' CONNOR, IRIENE MAli VICRONICA Cook, iVlARY Ihll-Zllli'l'AllliI. COWAN, E1.1aANOR Rosle CROOK, V1zRxA j1aANN1z'r'r1c CRt1'1"1'1cN111cN, 121.5112 liA11.1cv CUMMINGS, H1c1,14:N 1':I.IZAl3lE'l'H CuR'1'1s, CARo1.1x1c AUGUSTA DANlf0R'l'll, H151.1aN l':l,lZA DAv1s, MA111+:1.1.1c Ii111'rH DEAN, ISLANC1114: A1111a1,1A lJlI,l.INGl'lAM, CORA l"1.oR1-:Nels DuN'roN, F1.oR1aNc14: Ii1.1zA111a'1'11 The Llamarada Iiast XVindsor Hill, Conn. 55 Division Street, Newport, R. I. 208 North Second Street, Rockford, Illinois 30 Allston Place, l"llCl1l3lll'g, 35 Taylor Street, Holyoke, Stafford Springs, Mass. Blass. Conn. 31 Washington Street, Rutland, Vermont Foxboro, Mass. Newport, Vermont Plymouth, 2 Park Avenue, XVatertown, 52 Derby Avenue, New Haven, Aledticld, 326 Main Street, Canandaigua, ' 916 Main Street, Waltham, Hollis Avenue, liraintree, 7 Vkfhiting Street, l'lymouth, VVest Brookfield, Clayton, 17 Highgate Street, Allston, 1 College Avenue, Amherst, West Hartford, 8 Mishawum Road, VVolJurn, 1 I3 XVest Maumee Street, Adrian, 4 Arbella Street, Salem, 103 Oak Street, Fall River, 71 Fairfield Avenue, Holyoke, 5 Shawmut Avenue, Worcester, 54 Cedar Street, Belfast, EASTON, MA11li1, 24 Kingston Street, West Somerville, N. H. N. Y. Conn. Mass. N. Y. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. Conn. Mass. Mich. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. Maine Mass. Volume IX. 457 l'IDDY, ALICE Clsxlm 68 Peck Street, Attleboro, Mass. limvuuns, Enrrll blllllllil, Dryden, N, Y, limvixuns, lvlixux' Sovxlm Ad,-ian, Nlich. I':I.l.l0'l"1', EI-'Ima MAY 79 Dwight Street, New llritain, Conn. EIN, MARY I-l,xNIf0It1J 352 Locust Street, Columbia, Penn. ENMAN, EI,sIIc BIsI.LIa l3O Highland Avenue, Winchester, Mass. Iivaxs, FI.ouIfNt:Ia Hu'rcIIINsoN 47 Center Street, North Easton, Mass. livzlxs, LII.I.IAN Ifl.IZAlili'1'Il Columbus, Wis. lfwltlmlt, MAY LOUISE 227 Park Avenue, Springfield, Mass. F,xv, l5n,x'I'u1cIc ANNIE North New Salem, Mass. FIaItNAI.u, NIAIEICI. RU'l'l'l West New Brighton, N. Y. FIRMAN, ' DoIto'I'IfIY IOIZ Iowa Street, Oak Park, lll. F0s'I'IcIt, HI2I,IcN Pluxcla 34 Essex Street, Beverly, Mass. FIIIQNCI-I, Lucv ALICE Commercial Street, East Weymouth, Mass. FUl.l.l-IR, LIcII.,x MAI' Plainville, Mass. l"tI1.I.IzIt, LULU H1Xlili1Ii'1' Io2o Arlington Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. GAMSISY, RUTII S'I'IaItI.ING ISI West Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. tkvrics, M,xutIuIaItI'1'Ia Luci' 23 Hitchcock Street, Holyoke, Mass. G,vI'Ics, l',xuI.INI2 Mcliutox' 23 Hitchcock Street, Holyoke, Mass. GIBSON, MARY ICvIcI.vNIf: 70 East Dwight Street, Holyoke, Mass. GII.IxIoItIa, RUTII North liaston, Mass. GI.Ic,xsoN, l3IcI.I,I4: 44 Wyoming Avenue, Malden, Mass. Goblmub, CA'1'lIliliINE Annex Salisbury, Conn. Goonwm, NINA M.-wuts ll Phoenix Avenue, Naugatuck, Conn. GItIa'1"1'IiIt, JIQAN BIRNEY Harper Hospital, Detroit, Mich. GRIFFIN, Mauv JOSlEl'l'lINlE 130 Temple Street, West Newton, Mass. GUT'1'liRSON, MII.IJIuzD DIsI.IoH'I' I2 'Fenwick Road, Winchester, Mass. HAGIQRMAN, EDITH MIQRIAM Chelmsford Center, Mass. HALL, KATHARINIE lvlmntslc 330 Bridge Street, Manchester, N. H. HANNA, Rtrru 94 North Lake Street, Aurora, Ill, os The Llamarada HAs1uc1.1., l"11.'xNt'1cs lis'1'111c11 Pierce Street, Westbrook, Maine Hnvxias, F1.o111':Ne1a lfnnxcics 15 Brook Street, Maynard, Mass. H1-:.'x'1'1-I, rXl.1Cl'1 Cam' West Brookfield, Mass. H1c,1'r11, G1-:1i'1'1t11111-: Amin Wellesley, Mass. H1-:1.1.v.x1c, NIARIAN Palmer, Mass. H1-znmnx, M.-11'111': FICNN 486 Main Street, Winsted, Conn. Hlcitit, ll1a1.1aN Hoifvmnx 30 Iimory Street, jersey City, N. j. Hicks, limm Sm11'1'H SpoH'ord, N. H. HIl,lJI'1'l'll, ISAlllCl.l.A Hixiclcisox zo Central Street, Thompsonville, Conn. H11.'1'ox, ll1a1,1.1a lfnnlxlc Foxboro, Mass. Hooki-zu, I':l.Sll-I BIICRRILI. Peaeham, Vermont Ho1t'1'oN, C,x1to1,1N1c 826 6oth Street, Chicago, Illinois Howie, ll1an'1'11,x Mnlslfzi. Zl Iiast Street, Claremont, N. H. Hor1.1a, Ii1.s11c l51f:1.1cx.x1' 71 Winter Street, Norwood, Mass. HU1.1,,"CA1to1.1x1-1 Al.lll'Zli'1'SUN Madison, Conn. H1vM1cs'1'ox, l.1't:v S,x1.om11c :zo Pine Street, Holyoke, Mass. lsH.u1, Manx' Row1,Ax11 459 Washington Avenue, West Haven, Conn. jfxeicsox, If'l'llliI, A1,1t'1': Central Street, Wakefield, Mass. JARRtll.lJ, R,xt'111a1. Nlnnlnx 16 Day Avenue, Westfield, Mass. jifzxitixs, H1-21.1-:N C11,x1t1.o'1"1'1': Atlanta, Georgia jicxks, lhxxxv l51t:1c1.ou' North Brookfield, Mass. jouxsox, josua lioxn 373 jefferson Avenue, llrooklyn, N. Y. jor, l.1Nx11a l-1s'1'1c1.1.1': 398 I-lammond Street, Bangor, Maine lx.-xx'1'1an, A1m1a1.1c I-l1':1,1-:xi-1 25 Madison Avenue, Detroit, Mich. Klxu, NIARY l'1'l'lIl-II, 1oo Neivhall Street, Lynn, Mass. K1.1N1c, I':'l'lllil, 117 W. Wilson Street, Streator, Illinois KNAI'l', Aim G1-:1t'1'1w1m11: H.x1m1t'K ' Penlield, N. Y. KN1o11'1', S'1'1a1.1.,x HA1.1. 1336 Oak Street, Columbus, Ohio lixox, MARY linltuotin Knoxlmoro, N. Y. LA1111, Nlnnm SOPIIRUNIA I5 lflorenee Street, Springfield, Mass. Volume IX. -+..,k.-s.e. ,-, l.'Aiuottlc,xUN, Aueta I.lcAvicNwon'1'u, Gnfxcic lactlno, tlimelc LULU l.lcVl-:Nia, CLAIM Blanc Licwis, BlAlJAl.liNli I.lNnsAv, Ni4:i,t.1ia BlAI'1 I-oNo, I-lnN,x filiR'l'RUlJl'2 l.0Ntil.liX', lim l.uv,xNNlc I.ovmtiNo, li'rmat, BOWIEIQS l.v1.l-:, l':VliI.lNl-I liuR'roN I.rM,tN, lfarrn l':l.DliliKlN I.voN, Blaltv Wmfzn llunmt' LvoN, SARAH SCUIJDICR I.voNs, Blfxnv BlAt'i.M', l.lI,l.lAN BlAc'i'illc1tsoN, l"llil.lCN liNoN Bl.tiu'i-I, lil-:ttNit'ic lloxvicx hlAR'l'Y, SARA AlAS'l'lN M.vrtlt4:xvs, I.Atut.-x Blfxmci. AlL'Al.l.lS'l'lCll, lll4:l.icN Mt'I"it1u.lN, Hicl.lcNA Bl:-:mst'itv, S.-xnau I-2i.iz.uu':'i'ii All'INlJUBl, l':Bllil.lNlfI Orts B'lliRRliI,l,, ,iBlAlll-Il, Blmtntt.i,, Kilmer: BlIl,'l'IBl0Rl All'I'l'CAl.I', M.xRioN l'lAZlil.'l'lNl Blu.t.s, l"lICl.lfIN 'lkoxvniuntsia Bloxko, K.vric Bl.x1tc:Aitr:'t' Bloiu:.xN, At:Niss Bl.x'ru.n.x BloRt:.tN, l".xNNv Coouav io lieaman Street, Binghamton, S9 Pingree Avenue, Detroit, 46 Locke Street, liraclfortl, XVhite River junction, Ye Walpole, Saxonville, Fiske Avenue, West New Brighton, 24 XValclen Street, North Cambridge, 6 Hillside Avenue, Winchester, 278 liast Blain Street, Gloucester, Amesbury, IS Pine Street, liinghatnton, liriclgeton, 524 Bloomfield Avenue, liloomlielcl, li!! N. Y. Blich. Blass. rmont Blass. Blass. N. Y. Blass. Blass. Blass. Blass. N. v. N. J. N. 1. 662 West Sth Street, Plainlielcl, N. j. 22 XVall Street, Trenton, 190 Blain Street, Haverhill, 6431 l-larvarcl Avenue, Chicago, l Norwich, Ye 25 Prospect Street, Laxvrence, South Carver, Pomfret, 22 Wooclville Street, Roxbury, 188 llellevue Avenue, Upper Blontclair, 21 Blain Street, St. johnsbury, Ye XVest Bleclxvay, Greenwich, I2 Stevenson Avenue, Everett, I6 Maple Avenue, Amherst, 264 Riverdale Street, West Springfield, 'l. Blass. llinois rinont Blass. Blass. Conn. Blass. N. j. rmont Blass. Conn. Blass. Blass. Blass. TO N1ew111'1u', l'lI.tlRliNCE Niewconit, llrzsstt-: l.Ol'lSl"2 N1ck1eksoN, X'1v1AN ANNA NtJR'l'tlN,'1"1'li BARNVA1 Novus, MA1tJo1z11a SANISORN fll.IllS'l'EAD, Ax11a1.1A SA1.1snt1kt PAR1c1a1a, ANNA l.0l'lSli l'A1t1414:R, W1N11fR14:1: l.1eNo1c1e l,liAll0lJY, RllI.DRliD l'1f:1.'roN, MUNA l,Al'RA l'1s'r'1'1-:1-:, ANNA Homins P111+:1.ANo, lN1ez PHll.lI'l'A l,llll.l.lI'S, C1.ARA W11.1,1s Pnskeic, l'Im1A l.ot:1s1': P11.1.s11t'1ev, N1z1.1.11s lN'lAY l'11'1s1z, E1.s111: ADl'l'H l,0Ll.ARlJ, EMMA l.Al'RE'l"l'A Po'1'n'1N, Rl"l'Il lfX'lil.YN l'kA'r'r, H14:1.1aN A1.o1sN l,RlfIS'l'tlN, A1.1c1c GAt:1c RAMSlll'Rti, 'ltlSlEl'lllNli No1'1ts1c R151-zo, l"I.0R.X l31.ANc111H: Rnomas, ti1cNr:vA lJ1c1,1.1f: Rl'I"l'l5NllOl'Sl'I, Al.IllER'l'A R1s1.1w:R RUllliR'l'SUN, 11-:ssnc Rooms, AlARY BlA1:oA1z1f:'1' Roo'r, Rl"l'll A1.1c1c Rou'1':1.1., A1.1c1s MA1a1oN Roy, Lt' l21.1.A Rt'NNr:1.1.s, linNA S1-31.51A lll'NNlC'1"l'I5, lE'l'lllil. ANDERSON R1'ssn1.1., I-l1A:1.1aN ll1tvAN'r 2821 Secot The Llama 142 Park Place, Brooklyn, 1 Liherty Street, Catskill, Reaclville, Lakeville, Georgetown, Andover, 134 Beech Street, Holyoke, 7 Hitchcock Street, Holyoke, 1o5 Center Street, llanvers, - Lenox, rada N. Y. N. Y. Mass. Conn. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass. Kadota Yashiki, Okayama, japan Suffield, Conn. Auburn, Mass. 7 Court Square, Rutland, Vermont Limington, Maine South Xkfalpole, 9 Hancock Street, l.yllll, Ea:-at NVindsor, Danvers, S7 Pleasant Street, Wakefield, id Street, N. W., Washington, Acton Center, Mass. Mass. Conn. Mass. Mass. IJ. C. Mass. Toulon, Ill. lfletnington, N. J. Germantown 71 High Street, Xlloodbury Deerlield, ISS Lefferts Place, Brooklyn, , Ohio , N, J. Mass. N. Y. Stillwater, N. 1. 5o Oak Street, Hyde Park, 229 Lehigh Ave., Pittsburg, 24 Chestnut Street, Westfield, Mass. Penn. Mass. Volume lX. S.x1.'1'14:R, 1l'l.l.X lnno'rsoN Saxifoim, iXl.XRlUN CoNK1.1N SCl'llNDl.l42R, 'l'111f:1ucs.x El.lZAlllE'l'll Sco'r'r, ANNHQ El.lZAllli'l'll ScRAN'roN, Allrmucn lN'l.x'1'1-11awsoN Sievlx, iE'l'lll'II. hlAY S1sw.x1.1., Alam' llt'1zN11.n1 Sicxrox, S.xR.x Al'Gl'S'l'A SHAW, lf'l'lll'2l, lJ1eK1NsoN SIKIES, C1..xu.x l'.x1'l.1N1c Sncns, l"1.om4:xc14: C1.AR.x Smoxs, :Xl'lJl-Il.l..X M. SA1.xR'r, l7l.URl'lNClE G1ak'1'RU1:H SMl'l'll, l21,l..x lZ1.1z.xn1s'r11 SxH'1'H, il'lYR'l'llf1 ANNA Sl'Al'l.lDlNG, IfloR'r1-:Ns1c lC1.vHm S'r.xcv, l?1.o1u1:Nclc l2Hi1.v S'1'.w1vlf1a1t, Rl"I'l'l hlATll.lJA S'r1c'rsoN, l-l 11:1.14:N CHAMIAN S'r1':'rsox, iNlll.lJRl-ID Rvnv S'l'0CKWl5l.l., Rvnv Giciwiztruie S'1'oN1c, hl.Xlllil. Flmxcles S'1'ow14:, linaclc lfl.xNN.xH S'rRo1"r, l.1zzH4: Ii1.1..x Swnfr, l.1'er Nl.XIllil. 'l'AYl.UR, lCl'1..x Sovum 'l'Av1.on, Rl"I'll 'l'EMl', hlAlll-Il. Timm, Vrana ANNA XVll.HEl.MlNA 'l'R1a1f1c'l'111cN, Jessie BRYAN 'l'R1m11f:R, l.1cH..x Y1o1.A XVARRIQN, j1'1.1.x l-l.xv1ss Tl. Hunter's Park, Duluth, Minn. Unionville, Co11n. SI Park Street, tiloversville, N. Y. 2lO Maple Street, New Britain, Conn. Durham, Con11. 49 East Broad Street, Norwich, Conn. 23 High Street, St. Albans, Vermont Moodus, Conn. East Amherst, Mass. Conway, Mass. Suflield, Conn. Sidney, N. Y. Littleton, N. ll. 216 Orchard Street, New Haven, Conn. Fairport, N. Y. Abbot Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 18 lidmancls Street, Somerville, Mass. 3238 North Street, N. W., lVashington, D. C. llamariscotta, Maine 148 Federal Street, Greenheld, Mass. 2 Severance Street, Claremont, N. l-I. Frceville, N. Y. Scitico, Conn. Kingston, N. ll. wo Love Lane, Hartford, Conn. Acton, Mass. 238 Grant Avenue, Newton Center, Mass. 221 Chestnut Street. Holyoke, Mass. IO6 York Sqnare, New Haven, Conn. Peak's Island, Portland, Maine gl Bullman Street, Phillipsburg, N. J. Dalton, Mass, 72 xVA'l'ERlil7RV, EvEI.vN XVHITE WA'I'soN, HELEN WEI.I.s, MIxIu:IxRIs'r 'l'HoIII-soN WEs'I'oN, lxIARlf,N DQIJGE WIII'I'E, llIADEl.lNli AI.IcIA WHI'I'I-:, VIoI,A ANASTASIA WI-II'I'NEv, HEI.I-:N I,UEI,I.Ix XVIHAND, HELEN EIvIMA WII.I.IIxnIs, ANNIPI EI.IzIxIIE'I'II XVILSON, CAROLINE MM' WIswIxI.I., RUTH CIIRTI:-I WIswEI.I., Amv PARKER WooIJIIIIRI', AI.IcE CHo,x'I'E WooI.vI-:RToN, PIQIMIQOSE Woons, RIARY KATIIERINIE XVRIGI-l'l', DIARY 'l'HEREsIx ZoI.I.INoIcR, LAIIRA MCLOU 'I'IfI The Llamarada Stamford, Conn. 58 College Street, South Hadley, lNfIass. 77 Prospect Street, Willimzmsett, Mass. West NCXX'lJlll'5', Mass. ll Girard Avenue, Springlielcl, Mass. 137 High Street, Rockville, Conn. 44 School Street, cl2l.l'Cll1Cl', Mass. l'UItStllWl1, Penn. 55 Davison Street, Hyde Pzrrk, Mass. North Amherst, Mass. Wellesley, xY2lSlllllg'tOl'l liast lNlZlCili2lS, Maine 9 Northey Street, Salem, Mass. StocktoII, N. J. North Second Street, Clezlrlield, l'eIIII. I9 Hull Street, Springfield, Mass. 322 Perry Street, Sandusky, Ohio Volume IX. 73 Ebe Stubents' league .XN HONOR 5Y.i'I'I-IRI Hl-' 'l'llI-I S'l'lIIHCN'l' HUDY FUR SI-1I.F-lilPVlCRNMICNT. Qfficers for 1902 s 1903 l21.1z,xn14:'1'11 NI.x1a1.xN Cu1.1xv, IQO3 ..... l'r1'sin'1'nf lEs'r111f:R l':l.l.liN Rmsscn, IQUS .S't'l'I't'flI1'l' l'ilil.liN l'I1.1z,x1s1c'1'11 S1-:.x1:1.14:, 1904 . . . 7y'l't7A'Ill't'l' JEIZCIIUVC GQIIIIIIHTCC I.0l'lSli W111'rN1sv 13011121-:, 1903 G14:1:'1'R1'1:1f: I.1'c1' l'A1.x11c14, IQUQ Iluaxlc Ii1,1z,x1z1a'1'11 jlclumlc, 1905 C11.x1:1.o'1"1'1f I.:-:Av1'1"1' Rowr, IQOL1 M11.1m1:1-111 I71-11.112111 f1U'l"l'IiRSON, 1906 Musa I-I1':1.1cN C,x1.1ne14, AM. 'ILCCIIIPZBND GOIIIIIIUIYCC C11,x1z1.0'1"1'1i A1.1.1cN, IQOS, Cwairnnzn lI1c1.1f:N W111f:1x'1'1.1a1' Iilmscm, 1903 MARu,x1:1c'1' l.,xRN1m, 1905 XII NN11-3 Rvlmlak f2li'l'll.XN, 190.1 Rl"1'11 S'1'1sR1.1N1: Gmrslw, 1906 74 The Llamarada. Ghe fllbount 1boIQ0ke Debating Society 1AI0x011A1w s0c11:'1'v 1-'ma s1f:N1011s Arm ,11'x101zs. X2 1 , T n ps 1' j14:ss11a GOOIJXVIN S1'A1'1.1m1Nc:, 1903, September, 1902-1W2ll'Cl1, 1903 . ' Q Q - l'1'4'.v11I'1'11l I'.11N1c1s RA'1'11110N1e C,01mA1z1m, 1903, March, 1903-JUIIC, 1903 . . ANN111: CA1m1.1N1s TRACY, 1903 ....... Vin--l'n'.1'1'a'r11! ICIJNA MA1r1m14 l'1c1a1u', 1904 . .ql'l'l'L'flIl1l"' 77'1'11.w1rwr A1.1C1H: 'l'1cNN1A:v Rvmzu, 1904 . . ,S'1'1jg'z'a11f-a!-,-lrn1.1' Executive Committee A111c:A11, f1RACE SM1'1'11, 1903 MARIUN I-ou1s1a R101-1A1z1asuN, 1903 A1.1C1f: E'1'1114:1. l"oRsY'r11, 1904 h HDGITIDQFE Glass of 1I'ltneteen 'niiunbrcb :mb Ubree ANc:11e G1a1a'1'R1r1a1s A1.111c1c IC1'N1c1c RA'1'11110N1z Go1mA1u1 GRAC14: l21.1.A ISACUN C1.A11c14: G1uf:1cN1f: Home I-IA'1"1'111 1.1111114113 CA1v11'111s1.1. A1.n1A Al'CPl'S'I'4X Roms MAIQX' A1'1:1fs'1'A CLARK MA1:10N I.0l'lSli R1c11A1z11snN GRAC14: IDAv1s A111c:A11. GRACE S1s11'1'11 CUNA Ii'1'1-1111. IJv1f:1: jus:-1114: G00m1'1N S11A1v1.111Nc: l"1.01z1sNc1+: li1.1zA111e'1'11 l"A11z11AN14s ANN11: CARo1.1N1a 'l'1zAcv MAIQX' IC'1'1114:1. lf'1a1z1uf' A1,1c14: 1301101-11211 VAN IJo1a1cN MQARY CA1m1,1N1f: F0w1.1c LUCY CARo1.1N1c W1c1.1,s 191.0111-:Nc1c H0111111'1'0N l"1ws'1' l.1114:1,1.A l'A111c1':11 WINS1111' Volume IX. CIRSS of IEIIITI-I AIIIIIAII. AIxIIo'r A BI-:asus BIQLLII ANTIIIIINH BHSSIIQ Ross BIQIIIIIQS LOUISE HINIJS I2.xs'I'xLxN LOUISE RL'SSliI.I. l".xNcIAIIsIz EI,I.IH:N MARY l"I'I'z ALICIQ lE'I'IIIzI. l"cII:sI"I'II MINNIIQ RVIIIQIQ Gr:'I'MIxN ETHIQI. liI.IxNcIIIe GI:.xN'I' FI.oIeIaNcIH: IWARIA HALL Emu MM' HANNA NI4:LI. CIxI:I4u'I'IIIsIas KI-:Ix'I'Ias EMMA I,oNc:IfIsI.I.IIw IVIIIIQI' lEI.Iz,xIIIc'I'II LVAIAN NIARIAN GIcR'I'IzI'IIIs MACGIIWN HIaI.IcN MIxcDfIN.xI.I: INIARIIIN jI'III'I'II MoI'L'I'oN 1k-linetcen 'IDIIIIDYCD anb four GEIWIQUDE Lucv l'AI.MIaIa HIQLHN FOSTER PEAIQSIIN EIINA MAUDI-1 l'EI:Iu' IYIARY EI.Is-:I-: PINNEY AIIIY l'fUN'l'lNG'l'ON l'ooIa I-IIQLEN ADAMS PuwIcLsoN AI.I2'I'IIII:A ROXANNA l'uIfIfIaIa EI.IzAIxIf'I'I-I I.A'I'IIRoI' Rowm lf'I.oIaIsNcIs Ruff-II.INu ALICIQ TIQNNEY RvIJIaIz IiI:I'rI-I I.ll.l,lAN SxII'I'II INA ERNIQSTINII SxII'I'II IWINNIE Mll.I.ER SIIARROW MARY VVILSON 'FIIRNI-:II GIQACII IissIcI.s'I'I'N WEIIII MARV EVELVN XVICLLS Rl"I'I-I WIII'rIIIoIu1: ,C-T535 I T6 The Llamarada T F1 61-' C11AR1.o'1"1'1f: 1EmYAR1:s A1.1.1R:N, 19113 . . . ,,l'l'.Yl!I'lllf A1.1c14: Gnouxmv IiA'1'oN, 19113 . . . l'1'z'4'-l'1'f'.-111011 AIARV l.o1'1s1s B1.Ys'1'oN1a, 19114 .S1'fl'l'flIl:l'!IIIlI' 7'n'a.11m1 R051-: lE'r111-31. CoNv1cRs1s, 19114 .... . ,S2'zjg'm11l-al-fl:1111 :Executive GOIIIIIIHCICC IYA j1'N1f: Sn11'1'1-1, 19113 MARY A1m1soN' N1f:w11A1.1., 1903 IRRN1-: HoR'1'oN, IQO4 Y flD6mb6I'5 Glass of 1l4i11eteen 'Munbreb mlb Gibree C11AR1.11'1"1'1: l2mYAR11s A1.1.1cN DURA AIAGIJAl.liNI'I BARNES AIARIUN llAR'1'1.1n:'1"1' BARRY jos1c1'111N1c CAM1' H14:1.cH1fR AIAISEI. lfRANc14s CRA1cs171c lE'1'1-11e1, C1r'1'1.1-:R A1.1c1a Guonxmv IEA'1'oN CLARA G1cR'1'R1'mc H1eA1.n lE1.x11RA R1a111':ccA Hmv1c1,1. Glass Qf HARR11c'1' ID1aI.ANu AN1mR14:ws MARY l,u1r1s1c A'1'sA'1"1' HARR11e'1' lE1.1zA111c'1'11 BA1,1. MARY I.111'1s14: Prl.YS'l'0Nl5 IEDNA NIAY l31'R1.1Ncz C1.ARA I?l.URl1INCE CARl'l-2N'l'liR Ii'1'111s1, IfH'I'liI.l.A CARY1. M11.1zR1c1m N1f:wcm11z Co1f1f1N Rosen l2'1'111f:1. C11NY14:Rs1e MAR1uN I,1Ncu1,N C1fA1A11N1:s MARY l+'A1suN I71x11N Rl"I'H GAc:1cR IE1.1zA111a'r11 EMMA GAm1uNs l'l14:1.1.1-:N j11v1ax1':1.1A f1AV f1RACli IfI1.Y1NA HA1n1.1av MA1'1a14: I.Y111A I-IAM l.1aNA MAY I'IAYVNliS CnRA MAY H l'l"l' ANN11e DEAN KN11:11'1' NIARIUN I?1.oR1sNc1+: l.ANs1Nu lsA111s1.1.A S1a1.wvN 1wA'I'l'lISON MARY A1m1soN N1cw11A1.1. IVA JUNE SM1'1'H IVIAR'1'1-1A 'l'A1'1'AN W14:11s'1'1':R l"l.URl-JNCIE IJoNN1a1.1. W1-11'r1c KA'1'11AR1N14: If1.m11Nu A'VURCl'IS'l'l'IR 'INHIZYCZI1 1bllllDl'6U 21110 1fOlll' IRRN14: PIORTON CARo1.1N1c HowAR1m Hvmc U1.c:A O'1'1111.1A jonxsox MAR1uN As11'1'11N K1c14:s1-: IIARRIIVI' N1L'RDOCK IWARCY CLARA lsA111a1. M11.1.1f:R l"1.nR1cNc1a I'R1c11AR1J MUNT1 MAR'1'11A AIAY NuR'1'uN . H1c1.14:N1-: NIAUIJ l'1w1N: C11AR1.o'1"1'1s I.1f:Av1'1"1' Rom' lE1J1'r11 511141-ARD li1cR'1'11A SNY1:1sR MARY Ii1.1zA111s'1'1-1 S1-R1N1: LAURA I7A1sY '1'AY1.oR IE1m1'1'H C1.AR1f 'l'oRR11:Y H1a1.1aN S111R1.1av WA'1"1' H1c1.14:N Womb QUSHER Volume IX. Ube flbount Ibolgoke Gihapter of the Giollege Bettlemenfs Association .11 I,ll.'- 7'0 f'0.I'7WlI:'I"7'l:' T0 77lI:' .S'UI'l'0A'7' OF 7'IIIz' .'lS.S'0CI.f17'I0.I', IU IA'l 'I:'.S'7'IC.4 TIC SOCIAL C01VlJI7'l0A'S III' OUA' C,'I7'II:'.S' fl NIJ Ic'LSIz'1VHEA'l6, fl 1Vl2 7'O l'II'01II07Yu' 7'IIIc' SIC7'7ZIc'.fIlIc'1V7' llllzlfl l. OI" l"I:'I.l.0H'SIIII' OII' II'I:'IGflI1'0II'.S'lIII'. IVO IVA' .'- COI. I, 150 If I:'.Y 7'I:'.I15'l01V. N2 WITICCYB I mcsxv GR Isx's'r.xn IXIARIUX I.. Nlclmluasox . Lflmlu.o'l"l'1c I.. Rr !O'l' . INI,xm:,xmf'1' I..xRNrcn . - lNIll.mucn fIl"I"I'I-IRSON . . IIIcI.1cx II. 'Fnoxwsnx . . .SPIIIUV . junior .S'oj1I10mw'r' I'7'z'.vh111rI11 I'I1fl1II1' I Tn I 'l'1'.Vl'lI1'lII '- l,I't'.I'1'lIl'Ilf I 'l.l'l'- I ,l'l'.I'l'tIt'l1f I Irv- I '1'z'.vfa'c'11I I '7'z'1'- I '1'4'.vl'zI1'11l I' Tfr- I ,1'l'.I'I'lIl'llf lllgmgy IQ. 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C11'rL1fR, 1903 MARTHA NORTON, 1903 HEl.IiNA HARTSHORN, IQO4 ALMA ROSI-:, IQO3 I31sssII1 ANTl'I0lNE, 1904 MARY RICHMOND, IQO4 I-IIQLIQN BUCK, 1905 GRACE ALLYN, IQOS IELIzAI1Ia'rH PIz'rT1-:Ia, 1905 PIAZEI. HlYN'l'I.I41X', 1905 membership ifcce IWARION RICHARDSON, 1903 MARY POND, IQOS IVIARV D. ALLEN, 1905 HIQLHN JONES, 1905 ALICE FARWELI., 1905 IINSMOIIBIIQ IELIzAI115'1'H COLIIY, 1903 Cha1'rmru1 monthly meeting mission Etubxz IVA 5111111-1, 1903 IEI.IzAI1IsTH SARO14:N'1', IQLI3 GWIENIJOLIN JONES, 1905 CAROLINE GRIFFIN, 1903 GRACE '1'AVI.0R, IQO4 ALICI-: RYDHR, 1904 GIaR'I'R11D1s NORCROSS, 1905 I2L1zAI114'rH CRAIG, 1904 MARION COwI4:L1., 1905 I.O'r'rI14: LANE, 1905 missionary finance NIARTI-IA NORTON, 1903 Cwllllflllllll ALMA ROSE, 1903 MARY RICHMOND, IQO4 GRACH ALLYN, 1905 PIAZEI. HlYN'I'l.I5V, 1905 ilntercollegiate EDITII RICHARDSON, 1903 CWIIIIVIIIIHI 12'I'HE1. FERRY, 1903 MARION RICHARDSON, 1903 HELEN POw1c1.sON, 1904 MARY LYMAN, 1904 Volume IX. 83 IDIIHCHCRI Service f1AIl. SM1'1'1-1, 1903 Chafruzau Exchange lost :mb :lfounb Rrticles GA11. S:111'r11, 1903 FRANCES PH11.1.11's, 1903 GRACE F1fRNA1.11, 1903 MAY Flslua, 1903 CLARA CAR1'1aNfr1sR, 1904 G1sR'1'R111J1-: I-I1aA1.n, 1903 CLARA M11.1.1cR, 1904 AMY W1cac:1N, 1903 EMMA HANNA, 1904 121.1515 B1a1.c1111:R, IQO4 MARIAN MACGOWN, 1904 INA A'1'w001n, 1904 l"1.0R1-:Nc11: 101-1Ns0N, IQOS MARc:AR1c'r I.ARN11:1J, 1905 I.11.1AN PEACE, IQOS 1Room Doetcrs l 1111 1.1N1J KNIGHT, 1903 C11R1s'1'1NE CA'rR1e1'As, 1903 C11R1s1'11H: j0N1':s-1, 1905 XIxRc 1R1f:'1' RIORSIE, 1905 I 11Nx FERRY, 1905 1 RUTH WA'1'1eRs, IQO4 H11.111A Come, 1905 lE'r111a1. H0Y1.1s, 1905 lfDI'l'l'l DA1.12, 1905 1l'l6Igbb0rb00D SARA11 l.0m11s, 1903 C7l!II'I'NItlll Sunshine Club Ciaolszohcb KA'1'H1aR1N1s Dw1c:11'1', 1904 EDNA l10R1.1N0, 1904 KA'rHER1N1f: B11.1., 1904 A1111Y 'rlI.l.lNGHAS'I'l'I, 1404 IEDNA BURR, 1905 Mlss R11'r11 l'ARR1cR Golbcn 1R11lc Club Claoixzokcb A1.1c1-: VAN DOREN, 1903 R1r'r11 CU'l"l'ER, 1903 1 MAY PHASE, 1903 MARc:ARE'1' NIURSE, 1905 .1li'r111c1.1vYN GAs'r0N, 1905 f1RAClC WE1111, 1904 MARY MARS1-1A1.1., 1904 IYIARION R1c11110ND, 1904 H1a1.1.1a MoRR1H:1-1., 1905 Gown 10151111141 CAR01.1N1e F01Y1.1s, 1903 GRACE HAu1.1sY, 1904 MARY TURNER, 1904 MA111J1a THOMPSON, 1904 E1.1zA111sT11 TA1f'1', 1905 H4 Sunior EIIUCRVOI' Cdirace Gblll'Cb, A1.1c1c Worms, 1903 1N'I1x1:1c1N CL'M111Nc:s, 1904 I2'1'111':1, l,IlIl'l'S, 1905 A1.1c1-1 1-XN1m1f:1vs, 19116 1IJolnokcJ Girls - The Llamarada ' Club Cdirncc Gbnrcb, 1lJoh2okcJ Llfcv J14:NN1Nus, 1905 Blass H1a1,1 M1ss MIS:-1 114: CoxN1c1.1,1', IQO3 CN BUCK, IQOS IiA1A1.x CARR MARY V. Yo1'Nc: Wiallbbook Gommittec I.ol'1s1f: DODGIC, 1993 fwllffllltlll C,x1m1.1x14: 63111111-'1N, 1993 M1111-: G,x1Q1.11:1s1z, 19134 INl1xR1oN '1'.x111eR, 1 o FAITI1 K1f:l.'1'oN, 1 115 9 . Elbvisoryg JBoatD l'l:1cs11114:N'1' MA111' IE. XVc1o1.1.14:v Mlss C1..x1:.x S'1'1':x'1cNs ' M11-is IE1f1f11c Sn11'1'11 M155 I"1,o1e14:Nc1c Pl'RINfi'l'HN Mlss Lorlsrc W1x1.1.1xc1a Ml:-as Co1aN1c1.1A C1,1w1' Gabinct 1 V ,- KJ rv .,w'C' 1 , 1 , , , , , 1 t , I I 1 . , 4 -1 ..-f X 1' . 1 RICIl.XRl1HUN CIALIPICR Ilulllil-I VAN NUR!-IN IMUNIIS Ivl.XCWlI.I.I.XMS 'I'll,l1l'ZN HRIl'l'II IPYICR COLIN' lJ'1.XYI'l"l' IIUXVICLI, 'l'.KI'l'l'1X BROOKS Volume IX. Zlbe 5fLlD6I'lf lDoIu11teer JBanb 'Lefther A1.1c1-: xx-xx 119111-zx, 1903 flDCI1lD6l'5 I..x1'11.x C1.,x1:14, 19113 M.x1:1.xN M.xcl11111'N, 19911 Rl"I'll C1"1'1,1a11, 19113 IC111'1'11 'I'u1:1z1c1', 19114 C,x1u11,1N14: If1111'1.1-:, 1903 NI1x1u' IJ. A1.1.1cN, 19115 M,x1e'1'111x N111:'1'11N, 19113, W1N11f1:1111 f3UI,ID, 19115 ANNHQ 'l'14.xcv, 1903 MM' M11,1,1c1:, 19115 ' I21.1 z.x111a'1'11 l'1s'r'1'1-1142, 1995 Ix1"1'11 XVARIJ, IQOS Mmqv INXUN, 1904 li1.x111:.x H.x1:111Q:N, IQO6 ICDNA l.1Ns1.1cv, 19114 -I 5 1 .1 H 1 4 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 i 1 E ! 5 1 ,M R 3 E 1 .ll "G '- .' 1 7 ,1 K f " 'v 5 ' ? I Jn '4 ' o fm , m fm- 4 nu ,,,N" :Vu up ' um A, 1 lu W' am ,,, f , , 41 1- 1 ,.f q 4 I 'n 4 , 'N dill H ,011 I 'fr' ,.,,. 'Z Wg Q . . V ' I 1 . V74 Z . 4-11,1 zg' A 'E-1 1 ll it TL... fowl" ,Q ' 3 : 3 ' x 1 'Tel IW, ,full l N Q . 1 3 ss ,-fb, . Q 'L Q ' I 'L ', , - . 51. , I 4 , ,n . Z 0,4 N 1 2 In E nys Q 21 "H r L WI 4 1 3 X ., ax .- ' 'v wa?-f. T' 5 'Gal ' "I I5 'l Uomhl Q 15,0 'lf,iTM,m 2 un . Q 4 L x,:'u3,', , R "fq....QQQ-E'-N' KA EMWIN X Jwyu +V M fmi gf ' xxx 5 " f -7 x .M l I 3. X -2, I . 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Yi 96 The Llama: ada Gbi Eelta Ebeta 1902 N2 Glass of1I'lineteen ANNA C1mmzlaR1.A1N I.n.l.mN Iil.l.lcNA CLARK C1885 of 1Hfll6lC66Il AIILIJRICD Nlewcmln Ccnflflx 1bunOreb :mb three Mmm' ETIIICI. l+'a:1uw VVINIIVRED Rlclmnns 'FILIJIEN 1bunoreb :mb :lfour AMY HL7N'I'ING'l'0N Poon Amore EI.IZAllIE'I'll l'Hll.l.ll'S Lms EI.I.lf:N Ronlawrs I.M'14A Ihxlsv 'I',wl,ulc Glass of 1l+1ineteen Iixwrn l",xRu,xu IDUNTUN 1"I,ORIiNCE linux jmmsow MARY ICl,Iz,xlm'1'H Pom: 'Munoreb anb :lftve lSAlll+2I,I.A lJlxuN Rlclc El.lZAl!lC'l'I'l MM' Rlvvm' l,RlSCIl.I.A SHUMWM' .-. 4 -'z w? , " vi ' l I 1 f f .A A id - , I ', V ,K , A. A .4 V. cl "9 ' A f. A v I 'lv uv -Fra 0 tl nan A -2- ,a " ' v W- 1 , 5: X tx , f J . f ,ff f' X .P 1 1 f . , .Q- ,I ' x 5 , g: 'f I -f S vw W AA 1 . ., - M... 65-EE Zin fff '!fg f , , u .int- l11-C'. X Volume IX. gm Y. 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JEDit0t'sil1sGbi6f ALICE KNlc:H'1'oN Hls'1"rs JBu5ine55 manager I-IHLEN Worm H55i5T2111t IFISIIBUIZSB IIBZUIRQCFB Gxwrlwln-: Lvcv l'ALM1ek If'LmuiNclc MAY DAME Zlrt Jlibttor IDA Louisa IWAS-HON 1Lft6l.'8l'Q JEUHOF5 ' INA CLAYTON A'rwoon HELEN ADAMS POWELSON KATH1-:R1N1z HARRIS BILL ELLA WESLEV SMITH EDNA EUNICE LINSLEV RUTH VVHEATON WATERS G I Che musical Glubs iff: - .V ..-1 , ,Q ,rs gf - A s ,-r, Q Carr Roesch johnson Hartshorn Green Yale Foss True Newhall Clark Poole Dame XValker Lane VanXVagner Huntley Grevstad McGovem Smith Leavitt Sears Humeston Woods Shepard Barry Lewis Sterner Chamberlain Pope Esty Goddard Fiske Miller Stone Andrews Horton Gay Robinson F itz Curtis Hall Volume IX. G5Iee Gllub 103 l.lj.1llJlfl1' . . MAY FISKE, 1903 flC'C'0.Illl-l.fVLS'7' .... NELL FITZ, 1904 I-1xuk,x CLARK, 1903 GIiR'I'RLTIJE H14:111.n, 1903 IEm'1'11 Pooua, 1903 Rl"l'I'I W1x1.1c1f:1:, 1903 IiMII.Y lEs'1'v, 1903 INIARY N1c1v11A1.1., 1903 RACHE1. Cl'R'1'lH, 1904 S11 RA S1511 Rs, 1903 A1.1c1s Xvuons, 1903 NAV Flsluz, 1903 I-IAZH1. H1'N'1'1.1ev, 1905 L li.-I ll EA' . :lfirst Sopranos QCCOIIU SODERIIOB JIIYBI ZIIIOB SECOND ZIIIIOB JBanjo Gilub l+'1.0R1cNc1-: Foss, 1905 K.v1'111.1z11:N Ro111NsoN, 1905 Al,x111f:1. S'1'0N1c, 1906 lf1.oR14:NC1s HA1.1., 1904 H1s1.1f:N1a l'01'1c, 1904 N1s1.1. F1'rz, 1904 l.1'cv I'Il7MES'l'0N, 1906 GRACE AICIIOVERN, 1903 . ANNIE L. MILLER, 1903 .flC'C'0,f'Vl'.-I.VLY7' . . . LAURA A. YALE, 1903 ANNHQ M11.1.1f:R, 1903 IMGN1' GRI5VS'I'AlJ, 1903 ANNA C1-11x11111a1u.1x1N, 1903 I2'r111s1. IIRIEICN, 1903 :lfIr5t llballbolill IVIARION BARRV, 1903 jfIl'5I IIBRIIIOS I'IARRIIi'l' VAN XVAGNER, 1903 If1.o1z1sNc1c D,x111c, 1904 Secono :Banjos I-1111.1-:N 'l'1c1v1-:, 1905 Guitar L1sN,x Llawls, 1903 Secono llbanoolin IE1J1'r1'1 SHEPARD, 1904 The Llamaraola 104 Gbanbolirx Clllub !.l:',-Il2l:'A' . . . IEUNICIC CQOIHDARIJ, IQOS flC'C'017ll'.1fI1VAS'7' .... ICINIMA l'. CARR Jftrst !lD?ll1DOllll5 li11N1c1c CLOIJDARD, IQUS li111'1'11 Slilclnxlum, 1904 l1llQl.l.liN GAV, 1904 lflDl'l'l'l SA11'r11, 1904 SECOND !ll5illlDOlll15 Il1c1.1-:mx ll,xR1's11111zN, 190.1 lCS'l'llER Roisscl-1, IQO3 II1x1:1111a'1' AN11141f:ws, 1904 :lflrst lbioltn 105114 I211N1x j011Ns0N, 1906 Seconb violin l+'1.0R1cNc1c Foss, 1905 Guitars I"1zANc1zs l.l'1AVl'l"I', IQOS I.0'1"1'11f: LANE, 1905 I.0111s1c S'r1c1aN1a1e, 1903 Ghoral Glub l,l:','llIlL'l1' .... XVILLIAM C. HAMMOND l and twenty-five The Choral Club consists of OIIC hundrec members chosen by the musical department. As thc college choir, it assists at vespers :md special services. 1 1 1 i S f P N V X t .xi U. W. 0 Q Mx I 0 0 - 0 .0 X 1 le ,,, Volume IX. 105 Cliurrent Events Gllub The Current Events Club meets on the first and third Monday of each month, for the discussion of current events. EICCIIUVC G0lllllllttCC Miss ANNA!! MM' Soinac HARRIIET ANNE Quran, IQO3 RUSl'l'l"l'A Seuuvmcu lNIoN'i'c:omif:iu', rgog I'Zi.iz,xinc'rn llllxmcl. Nuns, 1904 X2 Zllhe Gonsumers' league The purpose of this league is to co-operate with the National Consumers' League in the abolition of the sweating system and the extension of the commendable conditions now existing in the best mercantile establishments. All the members strive to buy only those goods bearing the label of the "Consumers' League." NUICCFB I2s'rHi-:R li. Rolascn ..... l'1v'.w'n'n1f ANNA CIIAMIIIERIAIN . .S2'rn'fu1jiw1z1d 7?'m.wzrer 106 The Llamarada Department Glubs Pllliance JIYHIIQHIEC Ax H0N01z,x1w O1u:,xN1z1x'1'10N FOR M1':11111-:Rs OF 'rms 'If1ucNc11 I71':1nx11'1'x11cN'1' I"1.m:1aNc1f: D0NN1a1.1. W1-1l'1'1z, I903 . 1,l'L'.YI.IfL'll! H,x1z1a11c'1' ANN14: Qrlcxc, 1903 . 'ATL'-1Jl'U.S'1'lII6'Ilf KA'1'111.1Q1zN R0111Ns0N, 1905 ..... . .S'n'1'v1'a1jf- T1'm.wu'cr Jlixeclltive Committee MARV ADIJISON N1aw1fm1,1., IQO3 MARQJARI-:'1' 'I'1aR1f:sA IDELANEV, 1904 A1.1c1c E1.lz,x111a'1'11 I'1111.1.11's, 1904 R1"1'11 I-IILMA Come, 1905 Y ARCI'I.'I'IOI.OGICAL CLUB IIISTORY CLUB PRESS CLUB I'I'III.OSOI'I-IY CLUB X2 BAKED BEAN CLUB I"IARTI"ORI7 CLUB CUSIIINO CLUB IAIOLYOKE CLUB DIXIE CLUB OHIO CLUB GRANITE STATE CLUB PINE TREE STATE CLUB GREEN MOUNTAIN CLUB SPRINGEIELIJ CLUB Volume IX. 107 K Ja Senior Society ff ci Q gl affix -Q H V! , lj ,-, M, Sophocles Pluthor s fl , -Wig-,f f f f wtf , i 'wfl ff ' -xt ' ,. -' W S , ,gl ff ,F M, it li " WY- if I I 1 x 'U ' Hlflljffllllgy ' f flllf " Sophocles got the prizc. Great name Y Success to him l" XX Ji 3 , . iigx " Y dr N ,Q4 -T ,.,. Q4 - 5 H. i A. 1 -rl. -' gg ,fmt -gl ': .0 .G ryff Q- T' ,-.Q 5 it c c .A ' 5- ' A , Q - ' ' ,?::::'.,T,- T?- JB215fC lDlflllClDI65 Congeniality mul originality. Ardcnt adnmlrznion for thc Grcck, as cxcmplilicul in the works of Snplwclcs. Kccncst upprcciution of hczxuty and pzltlms, as exemplified in the "Idiot Huy." Ability in constructing "original :xml :lhorigin:1l" prose :md poetry. llumility, bulamcctl by self-rcspcct. wfficers anb IIISCIIIDCIZB 1903 MARY Ii'1'Hm, lfizluw, fwfzfmwz ALICI4: li1.1z,xmc'1'H Coma, O-1'fz'r liurru l-lmxms RICIIARDSON, Gm-al O'nlf1'7f1'U1'm'1r.v l+'u,xNc:las NV:-l1'1'N1cY l'l''S, Lnyfnmlmv l.1'11g111k! VVINIFREIJ RICIIARIJS 'l'lr.maN, .'lj1j6z'm'z'fz!z'wLzlvfcm-r MM' FISKIC, L1'1l1I'1.lLg" l.1'f1'1'f1111f LQ-gfhf If HSSIUIIOIIB Self 'IRIISIJCPS HDDIIOVCU 19055 Cx11x1J011N IVIA1zs11A11 om s 190+ ILI Ixx1c111ox IS1 1Ll I11A I0111s1 Mxsox H1 1 1 x Wool: 1 -74 1 FIBSIUIIOHS Salt 'IRIISDCIZB EIBEIIJDYOVCD I If 1905 IIA I XRI 1 11 Wms 1904- A 1 I ICI MAIQX No1c1oN II1ao11N 7 II1:'1's1:v JOSIII HINE MXNN -- ,I-IAk1a11f:'1' INI11a1x1c1' MARC1' A c.:N : Mx ' 1 rIJI'I'I'l SH1+:1A1a 1 ANN11: NAZRU S11v11soN 11' C'1ms1'1eAo1z 'I11.1.1Nc'1f1xs": Still Grovellng 1904 INA CI.AY'I'0N A'rwoon A 1' I-I11N'1'1N1:'1'oN Pune CLARA V1111x1f:1v1's Ellien A 11 d,.,.liv1 ESTY, I Ot ' fd! 1 ,A iq.- : -: . 4 If ,, J J -: .4 41 x N Ummm X f111I11IIIWS': . 1 II.. X I-S The Llamarada 1 r l 3 .' ..j AL :c a " 1' c'1'Ts AL 'c I':I.IZAIII'2'I'I'I IIIII.LII'S . 191' ' sf. I.A1'1aA I'vN1c CLARK " I.1'1c ,, E 1 1: '.'1111' I .. ,A EL1s1s 1111 ' 411: . ' IIQR ., ,4 N 1' J , I I H A 5. , , x II1114 14 11111 Io1'1' '. ' 1 4 D A111 1 1 ' . 1 II' ga. - 5 III 1 Q N: .f 1 7' K I II II 1 9 3 ef 5 WI .AN ki! ,a'n.'pgf.j3j:-1915 ,."-'J-'M ff '. Y' 1' -'v-- --- if-V V' --1 , , V gw-57,4 Q - . 1 X NJ gf Qi 1 . F I 'L , Q - ' 'I f l ' rp 1 + ' 1 '34 X J"i , , A, 7 , vi j v., 1 ' v st W aff. w MN I M ..: 7' - 4. M . x . 4 '? 33 St. 4 M . -19 ,fry . .L N, A. H' u . 55 .' J K-fi. I f - 'A .gf I- ' ir, A . X 'Y Y! A 1 .-1' L,- ?Q:f. . 5, WILL. , 2569 ' 'Sr . , rv Mtwu., - A ' Q. - .,,, ,ff-j.X,,1'.:,.,1,,--"M A A-,,gyM:' ..1 110 The Llamarada Glue Zltbletic Plssociation ES'l'l'lIiR I-Ilmcuclt, 1903 . l,l'l'A'I'lft'llf ALICE l2x'1ml1, 1904 . l"Yl't'-f'l'l'A'I'tfl'Ilf 1NIA1u:111aR1'1'1c Iiow1-JN, 1905 . .82-rl-vlafgf IWARION Ccmw1f:l.1,, 1905 . 7y'l'lI.YlH'l'l' llixecutive Gommtttee CA1m1,1N1c G1c11f1f1N, 1903 MARY Donmc, 1905 INA I-3n11'r11, 1904 RUT11 HANNA, 1906 Y MARY CLARK, 1903 . . . . . 1'n:yz'1z'm1 I'f1,1zA111z'1'l1 Snlcnwoon, 1905 .Slw-uhzrybfzzzfi 7?'ms1m'r JExecutlve Gommittee ANNA C1-1A1x11s1f:111,A1N, 1903 VHRNA C110014, 1906 jfielb 1bocheQ E1.1zA111a'1'H S51m1cNT Cfzjiffzm Volume IX. 111 V IHALIUCK M XCXVIl.l.I.XMS G. SMITH CllAXlIil'1RI.,XlN ICATUN lIUI.liY I. SMITH Senior JBasket:baIl Eeam ANNA Cl1AMlslclu,,x1N . Left Forward ALICE EATUN . . . Right Forward I':l.IZAIilE'1'II Cox.m', Cylfjftlllll . . Goal Sum INIAcWIl.l.1AMs . Center IVA SMITH . Left Guard GAII. SMITH . Right Guard 1fS'l'HliR HEACUCK . . Interferer I I I I The Llamarada lr.-XRNIIAM HI-I'l'TS XVICHII KICESIC SMITH HAM RYDICR Zfunior JBashetsbaII Ream I I I I 112 I I I I I I I Amen Rvm-:R ALICE I3Is'r'r:-1 INA Smrru . MARION Iilcrzsla, GRACE Wann MAl'mc HAM I I I I I . Left Forward . ,Right Forward . . . Goal Uzplain . . Center . Left Guard I . R ight Guard . Interferer Volume IX. 11:5 CUXVHl.l. IAICI-I .XLLYN LAN!-I HIWTK l.l'R'l'Iri lf.XRI.I'1 Sophomore JBasket:baII Eeam II1cl.l-:N BUCK . . Left I"orw:u'cl INIARIUN Cmv1':l.l, . Right F0l'W1ll'd F1.o1:,x C1'l:'1'ls . . . Goal IN'I,xlu' li. Al.l,vN . . Contou- l-IANRl14'l' Lisle . . Left Guard RUTH I2,xR1.1-1 . . Rig'hlfl1lill'Ll I.0T'1'l lf: LA N lc, Cllpfrlllll . I nterferer 114 The Llamarada jfresbman Bashetsball Geam ANNA P1s'r'1'1s12 . . Left Forward -l . . . . Right Forward VIVIAN N1cK1c1zs0N, Uzyiiafzz , . Goal Ev1c1.vN L1'1.1c . . Center ---- . Left Guard liliuw l.voNs . Right Guarcl H1c1.1cx JENKINS . lnterfercr Y Gbamptonsbip Jmwhetgball Gamez 5.4. ,. " ' I fx April 19, 1902- 1903 11.1. 1904 . Score, 22-I 7 April 22, 1902--IQO3 11.1. 1905 . Score, 19--3 'riff ' jfffx April 23, IQOZ- 1904 far. 1905 . Score, 6---6 X1 'f'1 19 x -1'.g .,.w11 ' .0 l'3 I Wu I I 1 Q sb T EY I I 1 1 s 3 i I 4 i Q, zy l 116 The Llamarada H " Esmeralba o'1'rw1 QV 77115 L.'1..'I.S'.S' 01" .1'1.X'1:'7'1:'1a'.V 11I'N11A'1:'1D ,-lA'1D IVOUA' G5X'fl!lll!l5illlll. April 20, 1902 H ULD MAN " ROGERS, il North Carolina l'i1ll'l116I' , DAVE HARDY, il young North L':1rnlini:u1 . . . I'1S'l'AliROOK, 21 IUIIII of leisure GICURGIC DREW, anAn1erican Speculator . JACK DICSMOND, n11A1neric:1n "MARQUIS" DIC MONTICSSIN, n French Aclventurer . ICSMIERALDA, Daughter of Mrs. LYDIA ANN ROGERS, Wife of Mr. Rogers NORA DESMONDQ 1 ' Sisters of jack Desmond . KATE Dl'.5MONDi Cast ' . i'iI.I.A Sxl1'r11 G111R'1'1111ma l'.11.x1r:11 . Nlftumw 'l',xn1f:11 R11'r11 l4'uxcko1"'r . MA114: GA1.1.u:m1 CllARl.lJ'1"l'l'1 Roor Artist in Paris . . . Bnssm likooxs KA'r111z111N1-1 B111 H1a1,15N1c P01-la H1c1,1aN IVIOSSICR Rogers . . . Y " oIombe's JBirtbbax3" 1, 1't'.t A warm' Qu' 77115 .S'1:'.X'1OA' CL.-l.S'.S' GKZIIIIIBBUIIII, mount 1lJoh7ohc College, max? 27, 1902 ana Hunc 17, 1002 DI'RlI1flfi5 IDCPBOIIPC LIOLONIBE OI" RAVESTEIN, Duchess of juliers and Cleves . Ii1,ANct111-: I-Ir:1.1,YA11 GU11,1s1f:RT 1 1 li1.ANc111': IAIUR1-ON 1'AUCICI,Ml'I - . . F PZ ' ' ' , P Q,OL1l'tlEI'S , 4 1 Aww "'RMlf MAUFROX I lL,11AR1,o1 IE l.1LAv111 LII,UGNI'1'I' j L HF:I,EN S1Nc1.A111 VALICNCIS, Adv0c:1teofCleves . . . . ll1c1.nN liao!-:KsM1'1' PRINCE BICRTIIULD, Claitnztnt of the Duchy . . Al.1Cl'2 I.l'l"I'I.E MELCIIIOR, his tfunficlalit . SABVNE ADOLF Colmnbe's Attendants . . . j1f:NN11c 'I'u'r'1'1.1: 5 151.5111 I'IAx1MuNn I CLARK A1.1.1f:N I I I I I I I I - a A . I I I I I I I I Volume lX. IIT ufllbuch Flbo Flbout 1Hothing" .-In-Irfrquffp-mn MI' EIIWIN lloo'I'II AI:'I'INc: EI,II'I'IoN I '1'1'.I'1'llI'c'lll Qv 7Yll:' l,'l..f1.S'.S' Ol" 1Vl.'VE77:'k'1V ll I f1VDA'lf D 11 IVD 77llI'l:'l:' In Armor fjf 77lE .5'lz'A'l0lI' CLASS lbroapcct 1bill, flD0llNf1lJOIQOIlC College, 3unc 16, 1902 lD6l?50ll6 'IRCDPCBCIITCO DON PEDRO, Prince of Aragon . , DON JOHN, Natural Brother to Don Pedro . CLAUDIO, er Voung Lord of Florence . BENI'1DIC'l', il Young Lord of Padua LEONATO, Governor of Messina . ANTONIO, Brother to Leonato . . I-SALTHAZAR, Servant to Don Pedro BORACHIO Followers of Don Pedro . CONRADE DOGBERRV VERGES Orticers of Police in Messina WATCHMAN . . . . . FRIAR FRANCIS SFIXTON ' I HERO, Daughter to Leonato . BEATRICE, Niece to Leonato .... MARGARET URSULA Gentlewomen Attendants on Hero , . HELEN EIJsoN liI,ANcIIIa HAMSON . DAGNY GREVS'l'AD . EDITII l"ooI.E . . RII'I'II WARD . LUELLA VVINSHII' . ESTHER IIEACUCK 5 VVINIFRED TILIIEN I I-IIaI.IcN l5omvIeI.I. EI,IzAIIE'I'II CoI,IIv MAR'l'l'IA NoR'I'oN . l,ouIsE Donors ANNA CIIAIvIn1cIII.AIN EIII'I'II RIcIIARIIsoN . . EMILY Es'I'v j MARION BARRY ' I HIcI,If:N Hum: ...-Mull meat - - ' . - TP. -. 71? ' .R ff TURNER wool, s'1'L'm.Ex' wok I. SMITH FURSYTH E. SMITH IIORTUN PUP1-L f. 'Z 3 1 N - f v Qwm.:....- X MASON MUSSHR Volume IX. llfl "Fl Scrap of llbaper Giwn lg' THE CLASS OF NINETEEN IIUNDRIED AND FOUR f5Qli1llBSflll7lf Uincsbaxz, December 16, 1902 Gzwf of Gbaracters PROSPER COURAMONT ..... . ELLA SMITH BARON DE LA GLACIERE .... . ALICE FORSYTI-I BRISEMOUCHE, Landed Proprietor and Naturalist . . MARY TURNER ANATOLE, His Ward ...... . LOUISE MASON LOUISE DE LA GLACIERE .... . IRIINIL I'IOR'I.'ON MLLE. SUZANNE DE RUSSEVILLE, Her Cousin . . HELENI4: Poms MATHILDE, Sister to Louise . . P. . . HEI.lEN MossER MADEMOISELLE ZENOHIE, Sister Lo Brisemouche . . . INA SMITH MADAM DUPONT, Housekeeper .... .ETIIIAL S'I'UIuI.I':v BAPTISTE, Servant . . . . . AMY POOR PAULINE, Maid . Hl'2I.EN Woon n 1 l20 "Else fllbihabd' OR True TowN ov T1'r11-11 The Llamarada l'n'.vu1llm'jor Ml' lfamlfl 131' Ihr .-IL I Wl.V.-If-S7'UDk'.fV7' li'UlLDl1VG l"U1VlJ in tbc GXZIIIIIRBHIII1, mount 'laolyokc College, 'Lmcsbayg Evening, march 17, 1903 El'Hlll21flB IDEFSCIIRZ MIKADO OF JAPAN ....... NANKI-P00 QI-Iis Son, disguised as a wandering minstrel and Yum-Vumj ...... KO-KO, Lord High Executioner . . . POOH-BAH, Lord lligh Everything Else . . PISH-TUSH, a Noble Lord . . . . KA1'111cR1N1c Blu., 1904 in love with . E1x1'1'1-1 Forms, 1903 M,1R'1'11A NORTON, 1903 G11Ac1f: NICGOVERN, 1903 ANNA l,ou1s1-: K1f:1,1.Y YUM YUM L VKA'1'H1.1cEN Ro111NsoN, 1905 PETTI-SING - Three Sisters, Wards of K0-Ko . 4 .EM11.v Esrv, 1903 PEEP-BO jos1c1-1-115111: Rfxmsnllncs, 1906 KATISHA, Elderly Lady in love with Nanki-P00 A111111 '1'1L1.1NG1-1As'1'E, 1904 MIKAlJO'S ATTENDANT ...... Es'1'111aR HEACOCK, 1903 Chorus of Schoolgirls and Nobles Volume IX. 0 196 1ReveIs of 1126 may Cxme J? l'A'0.S'l'l:'C7'llll.l.- T012 1ll0l'.Y7'll0l. VHA! C01 l I I l ,IIA J' Lf, 1902 IDC THEN? of X20 HBSCIIIUIQ ana DOQIIQB of PC D832 QUEEN O' THE MAY . IDC HBSCIIIDIQ V2 PEOl'I.l'I OF NOTE VC COURT FOLK YC NOISSOME TRUM PETERS me EOQIIQB IDIHQCB DAUNCE ABOUT Ye MAYPOLE RAINBOW DAUNCE DAUNCE OF Ye FLOWERS AND DAUNCE OF Ve MORRIS MEN YORK MYSTERY PLAY THE FAITHFUL SIIEPHERDESS HELIQN Bkm kswur 1902 YC BEES 122 NOAH . NOAH'S YVIFE FIRST SON SECOND SON THIRD SON 1I2ork flmgstery llblaxg IDCPSOII5 of QC IDIHQ FIRST DAUGHTER . SECOND DAUGHTER THIRD DAUGHTER The Llamaracla. KA1'IIERINIC BILL . ITELENE Poms CLARA CARI-IQNTER . LOUISE MASON . ANNIE MARKS . LOIS RoIIIzR'I's ALICE PHILLIPS E'I'IIIcL S'I'UDI.EY Ye ANIMALS Ve AUDIENCE OF V2 PLAY IN Ve XVI CENTURY Y YC PASTORAI, COMEDY I Cl rr Glue jfaithful Shepberbess PERIGOT . TIIENOT . DAPHNIS . ALEXIS . . . mf DCYBOIIS of Q9 DIRQ SULLEN SHEPHERD OLD SHEPHERD PRIEST OF PAN GOD OF THE RIVER . GRACE MCGOVRRN . ,MARIQN TAIIER HLANCI-IE EMMONS . FAITH KELTON . LUCY ELLIOTT . LILLIAN CLARK MILDRED KEI.LY WINIIPRRD TILDEN SATYR . . . DAGNY GREVSTAD CLORIN . INA ATwIpoIJ AMORET . . MARION BARRY AMARYLLIS . ..... . . EMILY ESTY CHLOE . ..... . ANNA CIIAIIIIII-:RLAIN SI-IEPHERDESSES SCENE-THESSALY V-'ww-M--A ----6-L - ,..+,h .. CLASS on-' 1902 12-I The Llamarada llbrogramme of Commencement 'week 3'lllIC 15-JBHCCHIFIIIYCRTC Qllllbmj 3'llll6 I6-'IIVI2 E502 IVY IEXICRCISIZS JUNIOR DRANIATICS ULIQIE, BAN-IO AND INIANIJOLIN CLUB CONCERT 3'llIl6 I7-HIIIIIIIISC E82 AI.UIVlNzIC INIICIETING AI,UININ.fI'I LUNCIIEON Rl'ICICI"l'ION TO NIISS I-IICLICN BIILLER OOYLI7 STEP ICXICRCISICS SICNIOR DRANIATICS SIIIIC IS-COIIIIIICIICCIIICIII D832 SIXTY-I"II"'l'II ANNUAL COMINIIENCIUIIENT COLI.A'I'ION IJIEIBICATION OIF IJXVIGIII' MEMORIAL ART BUILDING ORGAN RIQCITAI. I'RIESlIJIiN'I"S RICCIil"I'lON Eebication of Ewigbt fllbemotial Flrt JBuiIbing PRAYIER . . . Rlcv. j. I.. R. 'I'RAsK, IXI7. I'RIiSliN'I'A'I'lON . . . Rliv, M. IE. Dwlmvr ACCIEIYVANCIC OF KEYS ..... Rlsv. IILYUSON SMITH, IXD. THIC FIRST TIE.-XCIIING OI" THE IIISTORY OF ART AT MOUNT I-IOLYORI2 COLLIEGIZ Miss GIQORGIANA I'IOIXiKINS, I'h.lJ. Tlflli S'1'I'IDY OF HISTORY OI? ART . IN A COI.I.IiGIi . IIROIVIESSOR ,IOIIN I-IIQNRV VVRIGIIT, LL.D. Volume IX. 125 TIW Exercises JEICIICISCB Ill IDC Grove MEMORIAL SONG . . ROWIQNA lirwlcs 'BBSCIIIDIIIIQ Oli 'UUIIIIISYOII 511205 "O IIOLYOKE, FIRST 'l'IIY STONES WERE LAIIV' H IEESIDE A MIGHTY RIVER" IDIEIIIIIIIIQ GIFMB 'IIVI2 IVY SONG N2 Step Exercises " WHERE, O WHERE " "IN QUAINT SOUTII IIADLEY TOWN " " THERE 'S A FAMOUS OLD COI.I.EGI'1 " LAST WILL AND 'I'ES'I'AMl'IN'1' . 1'Ila1.l1:N BRlIl'lKSMI'I "jUANI'1'A" H HOLYOKE, MOTHER COLLEGE '1'IIOU " " IIOLYOKE " USEFUL EUPIIEIVIISMS TO UNDERGRADUATES . . Blf:'l'll GlI,cHRIs'r SENIOR CLASS SONG JUNIOR CLASS SONG SENIOR STEP SONG JUNIOR STEP SONG " GOOD NIGHT " 126 The Llamarada Giommencement Exercises N2 PROCESSIONAI,-Onward, Christian Soldiers . . li. I-L Malin' PRAYER FESTIVAL T111 IJIEUM IN D . 0f1'Z'EVAQ'71,Q' SCRIPTURE READING BY 'rmc REVEREND Junsou SMITH, D.D. DUET AND CHORUS-Hymn of Praise . . . 11k'11dz'ls.vohfz ADDRESQ By PROP:-zssok GEORGE H11:RnER'r PALMER, LL.D. CI-IOIR HVMN ......... Abzlhan li Allen PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS SAINT ANN1-3 .... W 0-017, 170.9 PRAYER AND BENEDICTION BY REVEREND HENRY A. STIMSON, D.D. RECESSIONAL-Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart . . Dr. flrlhlu' JVle'.fs1'ler An Y 1 1 1 l 1 H Volume IX. 127 jfounbefs Ebay X2 fnbllilf 'IJOIQORC COUCQC 'November seventh, Nineteen Iaunbrcb anb 'Uwe wwe: of Exercises PRELUDE-Magnificat Anima mea Dominum . PROCESSIONAL-O God, Our Help in Ages Past FESTIVAL TE DEUM IN D . . . PRAYER AND SCRIPTURE READING REV. JurmsoN SMITH, D.D. ANTI-IEM ..... ADDRESS REV. HIENRY HOPKINS, D.D. EIN FESTE B U RG ....... PRAYER REV. J. L. R. TRASK, D.D. ANTHEM . ...... . BENEDICTION REV. J. J. WOOLLEV RECESSIONAL--jerusalem the Golden . SAINT ANNE'S FUGUE . . Emfiro lfalfazza . Dr. WE'!l1'am O'ofz' . Olizfer A711153 . Sir john Sfainer flWl1'f1'll Lulher Hr. j. Varley Roberls . George F Lejzme johami Sebastian Bath C www X rf X X 1 M amigli3Q J QQ ff Nr., , . X A X P k i - , T ' A t2 I' ' I- -A , A.i., E9 , em Q I 'U Q A 'Av Q gg 5 iff Al QL ' 5 I Q L Q The Llamarada l30 I IIN ISIN IMI, I my v' Y! x - H- Z Jil? -'f' - ,W ,KJ AM a winner when brought into dinner 6 ,Q In shape of a rich brown roastg O! When next I am able, I come to the table .,,,g,44"' I fr Shredded and served on toast. After a while in a creamed chicken style I "'g - W ,,4!' llehold I come to your viewg I ' 7 1 And all uuforgot, it still is my lot Z1 X To follow you up in a stew.. - , N , f' 77 A:-A cold fowl I quake, in a hot pie I bake, A ,g 5 ,-11-. jf- '. g 1 :jj-55 And again in croquettes I fryg -"' ' fr: I pass through the soup for the hungry troop,- ..,,-iu W----NYU -.. - I change but I cannot die. ,c,, Q19 ix r.A+5 .. -.1-1. -,:i: ,,, 1-- J'-Q , X -, 'r 1, 1 '94-" Q-"'b:11f"--f -Q. kcxqd - i - sl, - . .N Fi' , . -- -..v' .."" Volume IX. ISI Such is Jfame 'I' Rockefeller llall she was, A donghty Irish maid. She had a most inquiring mind And to the cook she said:- UI 'vc been a heerin', all the wake, About some foine great mon, Whose birthday 's just a comin' round, llis name, it 's Washington. Now what I want to know is this, Vllho is he anyway?" The cook in consternation gasped And to the maid did say :- "Why, Nora, child, I 'ni s'prised at ye, To think ye should forgit The Father of this counthry, dear, Who did so much for it." " Ah! yis!" says Nora, "now I know, I 've heard of him befoorg I s'pose he 'll he a comin' soon And have the Gisl Room, shine!" -' l 2 Th oozing a fllbajor Y Sophomore year is now closing, A "major" soon l must lind. There 's no course much to my likingg The problem trouhles my mind. There 's chemistry, hut it 's too messy, ln history-l can't learn a date, And library work is so stupid That literature really I hate. summer passes. The poet like Shakespeare d1'.r1'zjQm'n'.v the unitiesfl A junior now this September l begin to study again, Mathematics l choose for my "major" But really it 's out of my ken. My thoughts won't reduce to equationsg My love for the mail is a sign-tsinel, For each day l find a long letter, Not postmarked from hrothers of mine. l went to West Point last summer, Now lessons do not worry me. The question of " major" is settled, For my Major has now chosen me. e Llamarada l 1 Volume lX. 12335 W Song ERIC wc plant this little lvy, May it grow hoth strong nncl lively, lflourisli green and hright and stately, Clinih along the walks setlutely. May the luwn mower spare its youth, Anal its nge defy the tooth Of old Time, :incl mzzyit flourish. Prithcc, Nr. Kinney, nourish . . ',bf?'4N Well our little vmc here, V fl xl, 'l'ic it stontly up with twine here. When its nge is hztlc :incl sonncl, xvrl fl w , V. i. a . ,TQ- Q nil tonic Hllil sigh piotonncl, ,Jil A N N Thinking on the days of yorc, ,fl Iwllfvfl , , Ilrop at tour, :incl sigh some more. !2g2 if X ' Kf4'f1f'1zf!ilili W Xi. fit' :Q51'1"y,,1:"' ' 'N 1" X!! , xg? l t 1' 'LX' X Ki l ' ff! fi i . M u l ll .. f", 'Vox -sr-w'-2'. . -. . X ,gf Cm -s5Rx3Tq4gn:l.'o 5 M-, 51"- .Aff-:'nf1?i'X We ' S' - 1 if 'iw xxx A l'lll,l. Wl'l'lI 'l'l'lli lfACUl.'1'Y 13-L The Llamarada Fl vision HEN I was at South Hadley, I picked up several unusual manuscripts, which I have still by me. Among others I met with one entitled, " The Vision of a Mount Holyoke Girl," which I have read over with great pleasure. I intend to give it to the public when I have no other entertain- ment for them, and shall begin with the first vision, which I have copied word for word as follows:- . 'tOn the First day of the week, which according to the custom of our foremothers I always kept holy, after having performed my morning tasks, and offered up my morning devotions, I ascended the hill called Prospect, in order to pass the rest of the morning in meditation. AsI was here airing myself on the top of the hill, I fell into a profound contemplation on the vanity of college life, and passing from one thought to another, 'surely,' said I, 'we struggle in vain to erect an alumnze-student building. Our hope to build one is but an idle dream.' Wfhilst I was thus musing, I cast my eyes towards 'the summit of a hillock that was not far from me, where I discovered one in the academic cap and gown. "I had been often told that this hillock before me was the haunt of a spirit, and that several had heard her songs as they passed by it, but never heard that the musician had before made herself visible. As I looked upon her like one astonished, she beckoned to me, and by the wave of her hand directed me to approach the place where she sat. I drew near with that reverence which is due to a superior nature, and fell down at her feet. The spirit smiled upon me with a look of compassion and affability that familiarized her to my imagination, and at once Volume IX. 135 dispelled all the fears and apprehensions with which I approached her. She lifted me from the ground, and taking me by the hand, ' Maiden,' said she, ' I have heard thee in thy soliloquies, follow me.' "She then led me to another part of the hill. 'Cast thine eyes westward,' said she, 'and tell me what thou seest.' 'I see,' said I, 'a deep valley and a stream of water Howing through it.' 'The valley that thou seest,' said she, 'is the vale of the toil of the college for its alumnae-student building. Look again, dost thou see aught else?' 'Yes, I see a heavy mist hanging over all.' 'That,' said she, 'is the uncertainty and indefnniteness which threaten all their attempts. Look, canst thou see naught else?' 'Yes, now through the mist I can see dimly a brick building, it seems to be thronged with excited college girls.' 'That,' said she, 'is the first Mass Meeting on behalf of the alumnre-student building. You can hear them saying, " We must have it, we must work, work, work for it." What else canst thou see?' 'I can see a room crowded with girls who seem all striving to gain an approach to certain tables, invisible because of the crowd. Now I see many pushing their way out at the doors. They look dissatisfied, and I can hear them saying, " Such a crowd! I could n't get near enough to the tables even to see the things, and I wanted to buy all my Christmas presents." ' 'They need a larger Assembly I-Iall,' said the spirit. 'But dost thou see naught else?' 'Yes, now I see a changing scene. At first I see many girls singing. This is repeated again and again at intervals, they show weariness but still they keep on.' 'That,' said the spirit, 'is tl1e prepa- ration for the Mikado. Look now, it is all over, it has been a success, but the work was great and the gains all too meager! I-Iow slowly does the fund for the building increase! Look yet once more. Dost thou see those tired-looking people? It is Commencement, they are alumnzu. They do not feel at home: not one room in the whole college is theirs by right. Their banquet must needs be in the rink, for the gymnasium is reserved for the younger generation. Has Alma Mater no room for her elder daughters? ' mn The Llamarada "The spirit here told me that l had dwelt long enough upon this prospect. 'Take thine eyes from it,' saidlshe, 'and tell me if thou yet seest anything thou dost not comprehendf Upon looking up, 'NVhat mean,' said I, 'those great Nights of birds that are perpetually hovering about the campus, and settling upon it from time to time? I see them perching in great numbers in the trees round about.' ' These,' said the spirit, ' are indifference, discourage- ment, impatience, impecuniosity, and the numerous distractions which hinder the work for the alumnze-student buildingf "I here fetched a deep sigh. ' Alas,' said I, 'the struggle is in vain! I-Iow is the college girl given away to careless toil with no reward! To what do all her pains and strivings amount?' The spirit being moved with compassion towards me, bid me quit so uncomfortable a prospect. 'Look no more,' said she, 'on the Mount Holyoke girl in the first stages of her labor, in her setting out to gain the means to erect a student buildingg but cast thine eye on that thick mist yonder which conceals the future.' I directed my sight as I was ordered, and I saw the valley opening at the farther end, and a large lawn spreading itself out. The clouds still rested on the farther half insomuch that I could discover nothing in itg but the other appeared to be a field from paradise with a plain but stately building rising in its midst. Gladness grew in me upon the discovery of this building, grand in its simple dignity. I wished to hasten at once to view it: but the spirit'told me there was no passage except along the path of labor, joyous but un- remitting. 'The buildingf said the spirit, 'contains more than its simplicity would indicate. It is the embodiment of all the ideals of the lVIount I-Iolyoke girl for her alumnze-student building. A large convocation hall, rooms for the religious organizations, apartments for the college publications, rooms for the cultivation of harmony and sweet music, and for the social organizations, also headquarters forthe argumentative society,-in fact every phase of college life is represented in this monument of labor. It is peculiarly the college home of the alumnzeg it is their earthly paradise. Is not Volume IX. 1:47 such as this, O maiden, worth contending for? Docs a life appear miserable and unavailing, that gives thee opportunities of earning such a reward? Is hardship to be feared, that will gain for thee so joyous an end?' I gazed with inexpressible pleasure on the grand structure. At length, said I, 'Show me now those dark clouds which cover the other half.' The spirit making me no answer, I turned about to address myself to her a second time but I found that she had left me. I then .turned again to the vision which I had been so long contemplating, but instead of the valley, the mist, the laboring students and the wonderful building, I saw nothing but the long valley of the Connecticut with 'quaint South I-Iadley town' and my beloved college lying in its midst." ,. .1 , dw.. . l il' sf' A .23 .. 5, f' H . K' t. ' ' 51' ' " - L -. ,I NP 6 H . YE H 3' 'yv,."v!'!'l,Q' ., 'Sw' I K Q. JM L..f..u :,l - Y--,1 ki, ggi i h - -'c'x,.5.: -iavxx --:,,f" I , - :JL -:year 1-7 l ,-'Xe' , . f f"""' ,H -M' ' 4 5' ' J,fQ-'11,-cpe' .Zn Mrk? :Th ki' ' 1 '- qi,-v I' H X- . an H I . ,gig ..- LgH!.1N.i,x:ii, sl.-NF S gn h .,x,..,. g K ix .A T. , ,c.,.sH.,i WP i ...ggzuhg-ZgAJ+95,1 p-1,11.fq,Q it ti' .1-X if -...,,,,jL 'I I - 1 X I:-es , xt ,W M - feel 3. g --f v,.r-ogy. ,, :I Lug., K , X .7 ,M , r! V If . f '.'-, .s '- 'ni ., I, i ,A l ff' f 1 4 f- . S , A I5 K ,flip vi ,-JL, if Ul""x' ' " Jngf' N I ., '- ' .. I '-Q ggi '.f 5-1:4-Lf.: . Lily! ..1 ls -- .-'.a,.1.- , . The Llamaracla valentine HAVE us not alone to languish, For the clock long since struck two, Keep, we beg, the tryst appointed As we keep it true to you. Tell us not there is another Who doth keep you from our side, Come and cheer us with your presence, Forget-us-not whate'er hetide. -lffhlfs C7a.v.l'. HE bell has ceased its clanging. Not a sound Breaks the dead calm which settles all around. The corridors are silent as the dead, I hear no sound below nor overhead, Though long I wait. What was this solemn knell? I do believe it was the rising bell! Once more l hear the noisy hell resound, And lo! above, below, and all around, l hear the sound of swiftly-moving feet, Of running water, and of voices sweet, The noisy clattering to me doth tell That this was only the retiring bell. Volume IX. 9 .fff if P if cb.-fx Q fb V lib-E EAR me! the Freshman Class, You ought to see the mass, Oh, what a sight they are! Foolish two hundred! Bows Haunting out this way, Bows wolmhling every way, llows anywhere they 'll stay, Ilows by the hunclred. Do they ohstruct your view? Naught do they care for you When you behind them sit, Foolish two hundred! N05 if the how 's too high, Play dodges with your eye. 771qy must have hows or die! Stylish two hundred ! The Llamarada llbrophetic y llnsigbt AST night '1 vision mme to me. When 'ill tha, projects now hcgun Their full 'md linwl course. h'1ve run. l'h1.rc were no pictures up 'it 'ill I est they should m'1r the pl'istcrz.d x ' Around e'1ch light '1 screen of wire Kept desks 'md chwirs from t'ikin l' L. I'he closet doors were l'1rgc.r nridc, 'I'h'1t 'ill the rules might he displ'1yLd. I S'lW '1 girl bring up '1 tr'15 ' Upon which h'1li 'm egg did l'1y. I saw the box where juniors go To put their hourly themes, you know. And every girl on duty bent, Did register ench time she went ! The vision passed: in vnin I tried To rcnd the veil which did it hide. It vanished from my wondering gauze, And I :awoke to college Clays. K K . , I saw this plncc :is it will he, I . . V . . t I l I I A Vi A J I K ! .' . A . - mll. 1 K . . . . f g irr P J A I 1 K 2 K K i I K x K I I I I I . . . . , , Volume IX. 141 Suggesteb Flbbitions to Eugene jfielos Gribune llbrimer N2 TAZSSOII 1l. HO is this beautiful young prince? He wears a cap and gown, and acts like an Amherst man. That is a compliment to him. Why does he look at the princesses? l-Ie is looking for his cousin. l'le loves his cousin. VVhy do all Amherst men love their cousins? This is not a man, but is dressed like one. This is a Faculty. Faculty do not often dress like men. Wliy is this one dressed like a man? She is in the Faculty Play and must take a disagreeable part. See how well she conceals her disappointment! She is throwing kisses at her seven cousins. lt is strange to have seven beautiful cousins, is it not? Many Amherst men have more than seven beautiful cousins. She is looking lovingly at her cousins. I-low well she can act her part. 'ILCSSOII 1l1l. NVhat clo we see in this picture? Xhfhy do you say she is a F1'eshman? Names do not always signify classes. No, she is the Registrar. You do not know what a registrar is. She is a per- son who tells you that your work is not creditable. Why does she do this? It is her vocation. People always choose a voca- tion because they love it. She is not working at her vocation now. She is trying to throw that ball into the basket. Can she 142 The Llamarada do it? Yes, she will stoop over and drop it in. She will get a bouquet of flowers. Who will give them to her? Children should not ask questions. 'JLCSBOII 'll1l'll. This is a class. A class is a place where every one looks as wise as she can. Often people are not as wise as they look. These people are wise. That is because they are Faculty. One of them is so wise that she goes to sleep. She enjoys what the teacher says: it soothes her. Did you ever see a girl go to sleep in class? Why do these Faculty make such blunders if they are wise? I think they are mocking us. Do we make blunders? These Faculty wear "tams" on their heads. That is because tams are artistic. They also wear golf vests. They have copied the style from us. Do you not think they are very proud of us? Yes, that is why they repeat our blunders, and copy our style of dress. They look younger than usual in these clothes. What is a break? lesson lim. Who is this frolicking young creature in the white gown? She has large bows of ribbon in her hair. You think she is a college girl. That is where you show your ignorance. She is a college faculty. There 'is a great difference between a college girl and a college faculty. You will see a great many of these Faculty with white dresses and great bows in their hair. What will they do? They will sing songs for us. When we hear them we shall say that their voices are beautiful. Where do children go when they tell' lies? Volume IX. 143 April April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May May Galenbar College opens. Song recital by Miss Dickinson. Last lecture of the Course by Prof. Henry Carter Adams of University of Michigan, on "Machinery." Glee Club elects business manager. Concert by Schubert Club of Holyoke, assisted by Miss Emilie Gehring, soprano, and Mr. Albert Taylor, violoncellist. Mafiilll MacGown and Minnie Getman spend the day at the gym making up cuts. junior-Sophomore game, 22-I. Russell H. Conwell lectures in the church on " The jolly Earthquake." Sophomore-Freshman game 6-6. The Mount Holyoke elections. Concert in Pearsons Parlors "For Mrs. Gulick's School." I.1.A1v1ARAnA Board elections. Yelling abolished by IQO3. 1904 follows 19o3's example. Esmeralda given by 1904. Psi Omega Tea. Bliss Perry lectures on " 'I'hackeray." "For the Seniors all jump rope to-clay." Porter and Safford vie with each other in Vaudeville. juniors spin tops and sing their class yell. Hofmann recital. He signs many programmes upon his manager's back, while waiting for the car. Vespers. Mrs. Senekhovitch speaks on College Settlement work. Junior Vaucleville. Signor Cocklea scores a brilliant success with his orchestra. Dance for 1902 given by their four class presidents. Mrs Booth speaks on her work in the Prisons. May Day. " Quips and cranks and wanton wiles." Ina Atwood receives a notice to attend faculty meeting. 1903 choose rooms. First of two Geology lectures by Professor Brigham of Colgate. Sophomore-Senior Banquet. " We eat, drink, and are merry." l-L4 May May May May May May May May May May june june june june june june june june june june june june The Llamaracla Student Volunteer Union Convention. Freshman Mountain Day. Organ Recital hy Professor Hammond assisted hy Miss lieeching, soprano. Fear is expressed that Mt. Tom will erupt'when Mt. Pelee gets through. Good news. No lit. lecture, no English exam. Resolved : That the " lintering Wedge " shall not enter on Sunday. liruptions at Martinique afiect Maie Galliger's Physics l.ah. work, Choosing.: Domestic Work. " Fitz outside sweeping Pearsonsf' ll Marcy : " Does any sweeping go with tilling the salts, etc.? " First Recital by Music Pupils. Senior drannaties, Colomhe's Birthday given for undergraduates. Examinations posted. lt pours, and i9o4 appropriates money to care for its Ark. Brigham " At Home." Student League elections. Porter llall Reception. Memorial Day with its usual stormy weather. Papers in and the weather clears. Vespers. Second Musicale. juniors elect their Senior otlicers. Rosamond Waite's pillow found on Mary l3rown's side of the room. Ifreslnnan-Senior Reception in the Grove. Basket-hall championship banner presented to 19o3. The Ark is painted. " A thing of heauty is a joy forever." The week of " Engaged Signs" and " Sit-ups " is upon us. Recital and Cantata hy Music Pupils. IQO2 leaves for Mt. Holyoke. igoz returns to college for the last time hefore graduation. Commencement guests begin to arrive. Exam. week ends. A few survivors ! Commencement week. '97, not realizing that the yells have died a lingering death, indulges in its class yell after the Alumnae Banquet. " Time passes quickly o'er our heads, Another year has flown, We bid farewell to college days, And each one wanders home." Volume IX. 145 Sept. 18. College opens. Freshman timidly, "Shall I knock at the chapel door? " Sept. 2o. Y.W. C. A. shakes hands with the Freshmen. B. Clark wins a smile from President Woolley. Sept. 21. Freshman Sunday. "Tears, idle tears." Sept. 22. Seniors appear in cap and gown. This academic paraphernalia is brought to the chapel in laundry bags. Sept. 23. Student League Meeting. The Dogs attend. Sept. 24. Prof. James R. Angell of tl1e University of Chicago lectures on " Hypnotic Phenomena." . Sept. 26. IQO4 begins class elections. Sept. 27. Sun' shines for live minutes a11d seventeen seconds. Sept. 28. Mr. Robert Speer speaks in chapel o11 Mission and Bible Study. Sept. 29. Miss XVallace i11 Zoology speaking of Insects: " Miss S., can you give an example where there is metamorphosis ? " Student : " A chicken." Sun once more gives a live minute smile. - Sept. 30. Annual Athletic Association Meeting. Those present take ofhces flllli depart. Oct. 2. Marjorie Bronson is locked in the Library with a dog during chapel. Oct. 3. Sophomore and Freshman class elections. Oct. 5. Vespers. Oct. 7. SUlliOl'-Fl'CSi1ll1ZlIl Reception. Oct. S. Some lfreshman mistake the milkmen for burglars and become greatly excited. Oct. 9. Kneisel Quartette. Oct. Io. Delegates from Sunday School convention i11 Springfield visit college and attend chapel service at 9.45. " lvhat a sight l " Oct. 14. Mountain Day. Oct. 18. A large delegation from 1904 is welcomed to tl1e Debating Society at a reception i11 Assembly I-lall. Oct. ' 19. Vespers. ' Oct. 2o. Miriam Carpenter sits down o11 a wasp and rises to the occasion. Oct. 21. First meeting of College Settlement Chapter. Prof. XV. T. Damon of Brown lectures on " Rhetoric, a College Subject." 1,46 Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec. Dec. 3. Dec. The Llamarada A. Marks in Zoology Lab: "Does n't every grasshopper have a sar- cophagus? " Prof. Edmund Otis Hovey of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, lectures on Martinique and St. Vincent. Song Recital by Van Yorx. juniors entertain Freshmen with a dance and pantomime of Hiawatha. Hallowe'en. ' President Faunce of Brown speaks at Vespers. Two attend Current Events Club. College Carnival at Northampton. Armed with microscopes and opera- glasses we search in vain for the Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Amherst Musical Clubs. Mabelle Gardner finds to her amazement that she weighs 140 ! Founder's Day. Address by President Hopkins of Williams. Alumnae Tea. Organ Recital. Miss Helena S. Dudley of Denison House, Boston, tells the College Settle- ment Chapter of her work there. Silver Bay Delegates report. Professsor Gallup of Parker Institute delivers an illustrated lecture on " The Roman House." Miss Laird receives' a note from K. Woods, 1906, asking her to call and advise her about her mathematics. Seniors indulge in High Class Vaudeville. f Yale-Harvard football game calls out the usual house decorations. The result of the basket-ball game serves to soothe somewhat the sorrowful spirits of the Harvard supporters. Thanksgiving Recess begins. "District School" is given for those who have to eat their turkey at college. " Order R. R. tickets! " Porter gives a masquerade dance in the gymnasium. Song Recital by Miss julia B. Dickinson. jill Thompson arrives from Chicago. jill has dropped eggs on toast for lunch. Volume IX. 147 Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec. Dec. Ian. jan. jan. Jan. jan. jan. 5. Freshman Class meeting. " Could n't elect officers to-day anyway because we have n't a caucus." "Adopted the constitution all at once." " Meeting postponed indefinitely, until next Monday, at 4.3o." 7. Vespers. President Hyde of Bowdoin speaks. 8. In the morning Miss Neilson goes skating, and at noon the ice is pro- nounced unsafe. 9. 5.oo A. M., 195 below zero. Astronomy Lecture by Prof. G. W. Ritchey on the "Photography of the Heavens." 1o. Student League Sale for Alumnae-Student Building Fund clears 28120. Miss Ni in History : " And then King john did a very foolish thing- he got married." Freshman final t?J Geometry exam. " Many happy returns of the day." Freshmen at Pearsons Annex celebrate by having a Hood. 11. Special Faculty Meeting. Is coal giving out? 12. Dogs again attend Student League Meeting. 13. Storm continues. 15. Miss Pratt, 1906, reproves Miss Holmes of Faculty for being late at lunch. 16. juniors give " A Scrap of Paper." 17. Lecture by Professor Henry B. Gardner of Brown on "Constitutional History of United States from 1890 to I900.,, Sophomore-Freshmen Reception. 18. Earthworm lecture. 9. Christmas Concert. No Joy man ! 22. Christmas celebrations in various halls. 23. "East, West, Home 's best." 26. Bab discovers Columbus. 8. "Register on time, or tive dollars fine." IO. Rosetta Montgomery takes a seat with the juniors in chapel. 12. Seniors indulge in a sleigh ride to Belchertown. 13. Sophomores give a dance in the gym. 14. -Organ recital at 4.50 by Professor Hammond, assisted by Miss Heald, 'o3. 15. A. Phillips in History : " Were the high church offices hereditary ? " Dr. Alexander McKenzie conducts the Thursday evening service. 148 The Llamarada jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. Feb. Feb Feb F eh Feb lf eh Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. I.ecture'at Current Events Club by Mrs. Park of the College Equal Suf- frage League. junior class sleigh ride to lielchertown. Louise Mason tries carrying her books to Zo l.ab. in a suit case. The result was not entirely satisfactory. A bold bad man makes a disturbance around Pearsons at about midnight. Alice Van Doren asks if Mr. Kinney's white mice are guinea pigs. K. Woods at dinner : " Does the orange have a nervous system ? " Lecture on " Health and Human Eliiciency " by Prof. Thomas XYood of Teachers College, Columbia University. A Freshman doubts Grace Hadley's word about a Greek construction. Day of Prayer.. tx Afternoon address given by Rev. W. Merle Smith of New York. lilhrl Ozflw' does not know what contusions are. Exam. week has arrived.. The blue books are bluer than ever. Vespers. . To relieve the monotony of constant cramming, Pearsons has a slight fire- Organ Recital by Professor lfiammond, at 4.3o. Poor little Mary Turner takes a siesta in the library,-Greek is so tiresome. Dr. Frissell of Hampton Institute speaks in the chapel on his work in the South and the Hampton Quartette give several old negro melodies. To-day our " vacation " ends, and to-morrow we must get down to work. Second Semester begins with A No. I weather. First of two illustrated lectures on " Shakespearcfs London," given by Prof. George Pierce Baker of Harvard. Mr. Hicks gives a missionary talk at the Y. W. C. A. Service. A lecture on "The Higher Industrial Life" is given by Dr. XY. H. Tohnan. Cupid's missives till the mail, and even the Iixecntive Committee of the Student League send Valentines. Vespers. Dean Saunders of Yale. Lecture by Arlo Bates of the ltiassachusetts Institute of Technology on " The Everyday Use of the Imagination." First of a series of six lectures on Astronomy by Professor Young of Princeton University. A Reception is given Professor Young in the Observatory. Under the auspices of the Current Events Club, Colonel C. VV. Abbot speaks in Wilder parlors, on the Philippines. Vol u me Feb. 2 1. Feb. 22. Feb. 2 3. Feb. 24. Feb. 25. Feb. 26. Feb. 27. Feb. 28. Mar. 1. Mar. 2. Mar. 3. Mar. 4. Mar. 5. Mar. 6. Mar. 7. Mar. 8. Mar. 9. Mar. 10. Mar. 1 1. 149 IX. Glee Club Concert. Men thicker than ever. Georgie's birthday. Vespers. Sleighing, open house, recital, Prom. , A man calls on Gertrude Davis before breakfast. Aftermath. Professor Nourse considerately lectures instead of quizzingg one half class there,- the rest asleep? Sophomores succeed in getting a sleigh ride to Belchertown. Freshmen go to Belchertown. Query: Was it a sleigh ride or walking trip? President King of Oberlin speaks in chapel in the afternoon, on "Psychol- ogy and Life." In the evening he conducts the Preparatory service. Report cards are out. What revelations ! Song Recital by Miss Dickinson. Y. W. C. A. election of oflicers. Vespers. President Harris of Amherst. Rumors of a Faculty Play are heard. In Floriculture : " What is a seed?" A. Marks : " The granddaughter of the plant. " Mrs. Mead's portrait is unveiled in Mead Hall. Elbridge Kingsley lectures in Dwight Hall on " Engraving." A reception follows. Amherst Glee Club is imported by the Sophomores. Last of Professor Voung's lectures. Light-headed Freshman announces at table that Miss Woolley said the Mikado would be given at Vesper service this evening. Mrs. Elizabeth C. Wheeler, first Social Secretary in the country, speaks at Current Events Club on "The work of the Social Secretary and its importance." Cantata is given by College Choir and the Choir of the First Congregational Church, Holyoke. The first open debate of the year, on Ship Subsidy, results in a tie. Volunteer Rally is conducted by Miss Millum, Smith 1900, and Miss Hol- quist, Vassar 1901. Faculty Play poster appears. 'T is really true. "Wie Man Sich Bildet" and "Giinstige Vorzeichenu are given by the German Department. Basket-ball 1903-1906. Score, lo-6. Gabrilowitsch recital. 150 Mar Mar Mar Mar. Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar. Mar Mar Mar. The Llamarada . Yespers. . Mikado. . Mikado. A contribution is found i11 the box ! . IQO3-IQO4. Score, 10-4. . 1904-1905. Score, S-IO. Faculty return late from rehearsal and make a "disturbing noise" in the corridor after ten. . 1905-1906. Score 1o-4. . Miss Harriet Taylor, National Secretary of the Y. W. C. A., conducts the evening service. . Lecture on " Labrador" by Dr. Grenfell. . 1904-1906. Score 2-2. 1903-1905. Score 14-12. Athletic Meet. . Faculty Play. . Vespers. Mr. li. A. McAlpin, jr. . I.. M - - 0 -, ill I.iterature : " Oh, did n't he form a Society for the Preven- tio11 of Cruelty to Ancient Buildings?" Finished ! ...W .,.,. ,.. K - -e -----Tfz-155 9... , . -,,,--,Wi-, . 7 1 N ' -.1 I n lovmff l :Q 'i7li'0i0l1 ' A ' ' oi' l'w"H, wind Q61 -ffasif ' Class If IlmiWlQ1'lnvr1 New .W .f MQ lg M HW DM '31 'lrvlfzncj ?f 1' in Ykrauw, N' 'hioltcf of. ww 7fndv.r,. TMS eemQ.+4.v-1 ml- To bs. Yewove-l-9 Qf xfxldfv E. LIUT1 LUN 1 1D1'm'iTlE1. E N 4 M K ' is Y ,.-n h 4 ' x 0 . . F A A 5 ' f f ' LA gff' XS -4" , " KX: Xxx' I I, !MRlSx,l'. 4 h 'f NX ls' KL x ' 32 T Glue 3unior llbrom. Y ROM the northward and the southland, And from far off states to westward, Came the men with swiftness magic To the quaint old town, South I-Iadley. And you ask me why they came thereg Why they came with smiling faces? I will answer, I will tell you. In that College called Mount Holyoke, Nestled in among the mountains, In that season of the year, When deep snow is on the mountains, At the time when all men think Of the Father of their Country 3 Then the maidens lay aside their duties, Dress themselves in gorgeous raiment, Raiment fine and rich in texture 5 Toward the Gym. they turn their faces, With their friends, the "entering wedges," Who have come from out the northland, From the states to south and westward. There they join in pleasant chatter, Walk about with stately footsteps. Many miles they walk that evening, As the music calls them onward. They would dance, but 't is forbidden, 'T is a joy as yet denied them. So round and round they walk In a never ending circle, Till the bells chime out eleven, Then at last their gayeties ended, From the Gym. they turn their faces 5 And the great event is over. f Gone is all the joy and splendor. And three hundred college maidens VVill remember in the future, As the years Hy swiftly onward, he Llarnarada How their hearts were thrilled with pleasure, In those days now passed and gone Q I-Iappy days of junior Prom. Volume IX. Fl Dramatic monologue lAlf'1'l-IR liRnwNINr:l HAT-are the bells not ringing? Well-of course You understand. - I-low many minutes then Have we let slip? NVe will take up at once The work, just at that point where we began Last Tuesday. Doubtless you recall the theme, - That we were speaking of flisthetic Schools? Ah? Then you don't recall it? IfVelI - No matter, - but' a day of reckoning comes. I need not emphasize the point I think - You understand. -just so much work, of course, We must get over- no more to be said. Ah, it takes time I know, I do not ask More than a scant twelve hours each day g You might do more - the field is vast. At best we shall but get a fragmentary view 3 So very superhcial - but- you understand ! That sketch of Bagehot's now, I bade you read - How many? Let me see your hands - Well --just how many times must I repeat I wish it done. - I fear our hour is over. There 's just one thing more must be said to you - But no - on second thought - you know As well as I- it rests with you - only, Something must be pulled up - you understand, And quickly. - But how long the hour seems. 153 l l I i , . I I I I lNA1'SQ9.XXre.YvL0u s "Q3W9llQ.'KQxYl,F -'E500gcfgL I Q M-T21 3 ' muh . .- '17 . IAJQ-L75 tl 9010- Iwm snow I Sala' cgj'l'ff,LfQ, . me moi' 'o-was cz-.NAA 'arm bodxf mu' - - Y Y . nu ' To do ww X'1"-"TMS woqm 732 0YLvXfoo.a. " at ami Tub- OS, -.., Q q ' P X:-,xg-ixwbo WA . Q., C.. Yxa-tml-Beers OvxS'l'xTuTtoYx '... C0'XWb"T ' Mag fx-QI 1955 I5+U.AQm5 www 'mms mow. N 'PX-oyyy, fi'PPjlCo.'YKOT1Qa - vis - QQ? ' -? t SXGIX- en '4-'Gai -R N L it- Thai: be. Minded 065 fvs ark- :nrwl ifxlnni- TT K OnQo.N"'X'ePfvvxlx E 9AMmi2H, A this WL -AY . N011 f". D - - 'Ha0Jn.Cf"Q..O'- A xo? oe i'xQvvL. V k , x.LriLYfY-'Budchhf 7 f x 'LLL 1 E Pniv-10.5.9 . E T' Rl TXOQLXEAK 4Q2,E,.Cr'1 Snlhhvm. . ' GLN To-355' Clocks LDQXK b 2, Somgwkavi wx 52 iw. I .CJCLSS SOUHA 1-Kcuiigff ..-PgYN5f'gF,Yi HYXCYEU. U COO Kei -S 6 Y wmv L+-'1'.NxYU Au ivx?6"Y"m-M M Q G X 0. 'SQMQGM emily 'Rf.QeKvf.A. OCX' 'Wh' - 5- '15n'emwvx. Y s.4 TL 9l"l 9l4.L epemuu Volume lX. I s ' E-ij' I, in "'L'i,. X5 LJ, ee he Sanbman I-IICRE 'S a very welcome form I oft see coming Down the walk so very early in the clay, And I 'm always happy when I see him coming, For 't is then that all my fears are cast away. I' m talking 'bout the sandman and no other, He 's the clearest sight in all the world to me, For 't is he that keeps my timid feet from slipping When the walks are just as slipp'ry as can bc. I shan't slip, for now I see him coming, Down the walk, a-throwing sand, Scooping up great handfuls of it in I-lis brawny hand, that lovely sand. There 's no need to keep my eyes a-fastened, On my feet, down onmy feet, For along the sidewalk narrow, Comes the sandman with his barrow, I shan't slip 5 O no! no! no! 156 The Llamarada it fllbobern love Story Ex ADY ROSES Daughter, riding on a Bicycle of Cathay down Quality Street In the Morning Glow met a Cavalier, Captain Macklin, Captain of the Gray Horse Troop, adorned with Boots and Spurs and the Helmet of Navarre, who immediately gave her the Right of Way. "Quo Vadis?" quoth he. "My Lady Peggy Goes to Town and I go too," she an- swered, "to see Blue Goose." " When Knighthood was in Flower and when we came to The Turn of the Road, when we were Soldiers of Fortune and met a Maid at Arms at the Sign of the Lion and the Unicorn, we had no desire to say Wanted, A Matchmaker. But now as I look at The Pair of Blue Eyes, each like a Blue Flower, there is the Story of an Untold Love in my heart." " We are Ships that Pass in the Night in this Comedy of Conscience," she said, "and I have No Hero." just then a crowd 'of girls, Dorothy Vernon, Janice Meredith, Truth Dexter, Eleanor, Audrey, and Alice of Old Vincennes, walking Up and Down the Sands of Gold, came Across Coveted Lands in Quest of Happiness. He said, "They look like Roses of Yesterday. Come, let us go into The Heart of the Ancient Wood." Volume IX. 157 They walked past the House with the Green Shutters and through the Flower Garden, along The Blazed Trail, until at their journey's end they came to a Black Rock, where both sat down. "You remind me of An Old Sweetheart of Mine. Long ago in The Simple Life, She was One of My Loves when I was The Little Boy who Lived on the Hill in the Heart of Old Virginia. She wore White Aprons and Rosemary." As he spoke The Last VVord a Little Wlhite Bird flew by. "This is a good omen for us Forest Lovers," said the Virginian. From Under the Red Robe he took a Turquoise Cup and he dipped up some clear water from The Unknown River and gave her. At this Crisis he said, " Don't keep ine any longer a Prisoner of Hope." 'tThe Outlook is cheerful," she answered. Whereupon he took her To Have and To Hold forever. M 135 X X X915 i i I, ,, v l i I l l l 1 i tl r V 158 The Llamarada Ehe Beginning anb the 1Enb N2 CROWIJIEIJ, noisy trolley-car 5 A junior " there" to meet me 3 A call upon the registrar g An empty room to greet me g Three hours hunting for my trunk g Exams to test my knowledge 9 A sneaking feeling that I 'll Hunk 5 'T is my first day at college ! A sense of busy in the airg A world of unknown faces 3 I run to classes everywhere, In twenty different places 5 A hell for everything I do g A feeling that l 've parted With every one I ever knew g All this is getting started ! at- ee ee ee -me The campus crowded with our guests, Mammas, and Aunts, and " Cousins" g A sadness 'neath the merry jests g Engagements by the dozens 5 The step-song on the evening air While smiles with tears are blended 3 A feeling that each joy, each care Of college life is ended. A line of Seniors, all in white g An ivy to be planted 9 The Glee Club Concert, Monday night g Diplomas to be granted 5 My last collation in the rink g Then loving ties to sever g 'T is over ere I stop to think, And College - gone forever. l Volume IX. 1551 jfrom a llbbygsics llflotebook NS LAW is something which can't be proved true, but which we can take for granted by observation is not true. Boyle's law applies to all gases, but is not accurate in case of vapors. Hence it is not accurate for anything and is not 'true as a law. Air pump-assume that it works-can't be proved. It leaks. Experiment might work if apparatus were different perhaps. Air pump. How does it work? Generally not at all. Hold a few minutes until lamp chimney breaks. Pass around the mirror and see something funny. Problem: Find what it is. Look in mirror and you don't see any image of yourself. You may think you see something, but-experiment can't be proved as gas has given out and sun is behind a cloud. Experiment: To cause it to rain. Apparatusg Closed room and air pump. Caution: Bring an umbrella and wear rubbers. Force is what changed Jimmy Dumps to Sunny Jim. Force is measured by the saucerful. The unit is the amount necessary to keep one Mount Holyoke student alive from 7 A. M. until I2.45 P. M. of the same day. It is called a dyne because we dine on force. Work is what a person can do in one period's time after consuming one saucerful of force. A molecule--something that can be divided, ag., skirt, opinion. An atom--something which can't be split, eng. wood-from tramp's point of view. A liquid-anything that runs. w The Llamarada banksgiving ONESOMIZ and awful are thy silent halls, O campus, night and clay : How can I live within these cold hrick walls With all the girls away? Here all is hushed and breathless, Save when some whacking steam pipe loudly call With voice prolonged and deathless. I-Iere sits a junior, mid hc-leaguering hooks, Half homesick and half mad. Oh, dear ! why did l ever cut so much? Why arc' my marks so had ? I think of next wet-k's sessions, And vainly try to soothe the gnawing pain With long'-neglected lessons. Still as a city hurled 'neath the sea, The rooms and hallways stand 3 ldle as forms on wind-waved tapestry Are good times l had planned. Again I start and shiver At the rellection pale of l'syche's face ln life's fast-widening river. Grasshopper shapes, with faces hlank and dim, Of their antennze shorn, Gaze with their compound eyes upon my soul From pictures l have drawn 3 And oh, their gaze, reproving, Reminds me ofthe lah-hours l have spent, Their head and legs removing. O realm of German poetry and prose, X The shapes that haunt thy gloom Make signs to me, and move their withered lips To tell me of my doom. S Volume IX. And all their sound and motion Warn me that I must faster ply my oars On learning's boundless ocean. But suddenly a footstep wandereth Adown the desolate halls - And, lo, the shadow of a living form Across my threshold falls, And coaxes me to error While spreads below send up their fragrant breath, To chase the misty terrors. Then notebooks, Psyche, French, and Daily Themes Forgotten lie in dust g Gone like a tremble of the huddling reeds, Beneath some sudden gust. The grasshoppers have vanished, Forgotten are my book and papers, all From my attention banished. NVhatever of true life there was in me, Leaps in my tired veins 3 I smooth my careworn brow and cast aside Drear study's idle chains. I hear the voices ringing, I smell the cheese dreams and boiling fudge, And, hark I the girls are singing ! Here, mid the bleak waves of my loneliness Float the green Fortunate Isles, The spreads, where girls are met unknown before, And share my weary toils g And here I move attended By all the goodies, excellent and fair, That make Thanksgiving splendid. - I 162 The Llamarada 'lx 'wfxx V HV X! t X f a V ""'A'r"N"' JV-'l f' lil l l i A gg an lllllll llllll , M L,-gf. s - ,X f ' KW M -A fm.. -..., 7 A 1-X, --S..- Uhe Zlrk Y OW it happened that in the second year of the reign of King Genetamarx, word came to the Sophomores sitting in assembly, saying: "Get ye up to Prospect and build ye thereon an ark, for in the month of May a' great company of spectators will be upon ye, and ye must have wherewith to divert them. " Of huge pine planks shall ye make it, with four wheels very delicate, so that it shall by no means roll easily. "And the roof shall be like a canopy, towering upward majestically. "And the sides shall be hung with denim, fine in texture and grass-like in color. Of the cost thereof take ye no account, for the treasury is full to bursting. " And the Sophomores obeyed the word of the king, and built the ark even as he had commanded. D- Volume IX. 163 Again came the word of the king saying: "Upon this ark shall ye show to the assembled multitudes how men did in ancient times present Miracle Plays. And the play which ye shall rep- resent is called, 'Noah and the Flood,' and it doth represent how Noah did in former days escape the waves. "And one of ye who is great of stature shall be Noah, and one who is small and somewhat pert, his wife. Three others of ye, goodly in size, shall be his sons. Yet others of ye, whom I will appoint in clue season, shall make of yourselves elephants, giraffes, yea, and even monkeys. And thus shall we make very real and vivid, what mayhap some people have forgot or neglected to read of late years." . Then did the Sophomores make all their elaborate prepara- tions even as they had been commanded. Anon came the month of May, and with it the great day of which the king had spoken. And those of the Sophomores who took no part in the per- formance upon the ark did array themselves as courtiers, pages, and peasant folk, to show to the visitors the appearance of a Miracle Play audience in the time of the great Queen Elizabeth. When the appointed time was come, those who constituted the guild of fishers and mariners did joyfully draw the ark be- fore the people and amid much whirling of dust and applause the players did mount thereon. And indeed it was a wondrous sight to see, for the per- formers were attired most gorgeously in costumes of velvet and brocade. Even Noah himself did frisk about in pink satin em- broidered with silver. Truly was all carried out, even as ye have read in the book of Genesis. At a given signal, the animals came on board, walking two by two up the massive plank with stately tread and slow. Even the ravens did Hy gracefully forth on overturned wing by carefully contrived string, and returned bearing a green branch 1164 The Llamarada which was olive or something clsc: to the chronicler the matter seemeth doubtful. And when the play was over, and Noah and his family did proceed with the animals down from the ark,-then did all the people clap their hands with much rejoicing, and did greatly com- mend King Genetamarx, for his commands unto the Sophomores, whereby they had presented such a worthy spectacle. If at any time it should please any of ye to see this famous contrivance, ye have but to climb the hill to the apple-orchard, and there will ye find it affectionately leaning against the side of an aged barn because of its infirmity from exposure. The Juniors beseech all its admirers not to deface or injure it in any way, as 'they hold it most dear for having served so great a purpose. -4. V F. l lm Volume lX. 165 Gbemistry laboratory 1RuIes I. Students are requested not to crack jokes in the Chemistry Laboratory. A breakage bill will be charged. 2. Laughing gas must be carefully handled, as explosions of laughter are especially to be avoided. 3. Golf capes must be left in the cloak rooms. Necessary hoods are furnished by the Department. 4. Students naturally brilliant need not apply for "glowing tapers." All others will be furnished free of charge. 5. All students receiving S. Cars in the Laboratory may apply to Mis-s Carr for remedy. Lead Cure Treatment a specialty. 6. Students are requested not to grumble over the amount of their work. There is Motojre coming. 7. The breakage of any of these rules will be promptly charged in the store-room. 66 The Llamarada Gwentietb enturxg llboetry ACES that pass like a flash, And grin at each other in passing, Only a glimpse of teeth, And a " hello " called in the darknessg So, in the corridor rush, We greet as we bump each other. Only a glimpse and a voice, Then light again and a silence. Those breakfast bells ! Those breakfast bells! How many a tale their music tells, Of ties and belts that zuwfl appear, Search as l may my chiffonier. ARY, Mary, quite contrary, How does your I.ab work go? With angleworms, A frog that squirms, And stariish all in a row. Hey-diddle-diddle, the cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon g The meat-trusts chuckled to see such sport, And beef went up very soon. She wanted golf or tennis, ora game of basket-ball g To go for a long brisk walk, or to make a friendly call 3 She wanted to drive to the mountains behind a spirited team 3 Alas ! she could do none of these -she must write a daily theme. ,R Volume IX. Bobbie went 41-bobbing, all on at winter's day, But the bob that Bobbie bobbed on, llicl n't hob quite the right way, For the hob hobbed over at bob, And oil the bob hohhecl Bobbie, And sadly they searched for the pieces Of the luckless bob and Bobbie. Tell me, pretty huttercup, What is it makes you grow? The huttercup looked brightly up And said, " lt's yeast, you know." Old Mother l-lubhard went to the CllPil01ll'Cl, To get her poor clog at crust g But when she got there the cupboard was hare, For hrezxd was controlled hy a trust. X 164 P' 168 The Llamarada Rs Flbvertiseb N2 Have you a muddled mind? Take Daily Themes, the great mind regulator and lubricant. Fifteen doses warranted to cure or kill. Following are a few testimonials from those who have had their happiness restored by the use of the wonderful Purifier, Daily Themes. Gwztlewm.--It gives me untold pleasure to inform you that I have been much benefited by the use of your extraordinary medicine, Daily Themes. Five months ago, I was so weak in paragraphs that I trembled in every joint, if I came in contact with them. Now, with the aid of your grand discovery, I have become so strong that I can easily glide over them. Very sincerely, Dmr Sz'1's.'-A few months ago my little daughter's eyesight was so poor that she could not see any difference between "should" and "would," and "shall" and "will," Ten doses of Daily Themes have effected a marvelous cure. My wife and I have decided that our daughter shall take them another year, much to the little one's joy. v Very truly, Volume IX. I 169 GL'llZ'!L'7lZt'll.'--I must confess that, during the first weeks, I was disappointed with your great discovery. I soon found that the trouble lay in my thinking that I could use some stale Themes, which had been on the shelves for several years. A friend, told me that they would be 'fjust as good." I became very weak from using them, but a few doses of the genuine Daily revived me. I could not be without them. Gratefully, GE7Zff6'7lZC'7Z.'-BCfOl'C I began taking Daily Themes, my vocab- ulary was so narrow that "simply grand" sufficed for both chafing dishes and coffins. Now it is rapidly increasing. I cannot thank you enough. Believe me, Very truly yours, If your dealer does not keep them, write at once to the Unity and Coherence Co. of Mount Holyoke College. 170 The Llamarada English anb literature Griticisms Y " This sounds like Laura jean Libby." " The form, except the last, seems the result of great effort." " Strive to be clear and explicit. You do not tell which is which." " This is a clainty conceit." " VVhere is your bibliography P" " You are carrying too much freight." " Charmingly brought out, but irregularly phrased." " Une has nothing t'o cavil at and much to commend in so graceful a fancy. Docs it, however, till the bill ?" " The conclusion is a bit haunting." "Delightfully reminiscent of the steel engraving lady and the Gibson girl." "You start to say something and then don't say it." "I do not like the bullfrog at the end." " The conclusion is certainly unexpected." W4 N v 4 J ,.f eggfirsgf Dx V1 "'5,51:.1 , f Thi. -"N + " f :gmu ,IN If ' ,,,, :ara ' U f'-zassssssm agssse s gf fe 5' af' ..s:ff?55'f???7 "E5?555EE5E55EE5555iiff'353?'E? :- :f55'7 355, i21-5255 " .ff H ' - 'Af ' 6-5:-1 ..--f .X fl' . ZW 4, W ' w7T..J...i ,W 'ly - -- ,- ,,::,-:g,...: - - ,,,..-..A"'.,..-,::4..-....-- f Mwd . Lu ci.. ' " This is no Iluttery, these I I.. liourdl are counsellors 'l'h:1t fcclingly persundu me what I am." Shalmvpcarc " Many the hopes that fled, Many the hearts that bled, At their stern orders." The Llamarada - The Facully. " Mermaids' yellow pride of hair. --Dolly Cowell . " A fairy thing with red round cheeks." -Florence Dame. " A little child, a limber elf, Singing, dancing to itself." -Ka flzerlzze Dzozlgki. "A meditative, dreaming, unsophisticated child." -Amzie Marks. " Thinking unutterable things." " No dolphin ever was so gay." Kalkerine Reid. -llfary Brown. Yea, verily, who 'll talk you deaf, dumb and blind." --Geriruzle Umzfzgsl. " A pleasing land of drowsy heads." --fmzlor Bible Reoz'!az'z'o1z. " A Japanese nightingalef' -Berry Pefiee. Volume IX. 17:3 " I-Ier dark eyes sought the West afar." --Bess Mafzfz. "Talked learnedly of atoms." Edna l?m'!z'ng. "A dreary place would be this earth Were there no little people in it." -Lulu Lv Gros. U . . . I hear her complain, You have waked me too soong I must slumber again." --Mz'1z1zz'f Gelma u. " To be slow in words is a woman's only virtue." -.Mary Turner. " Strongest minds are often those of whom the noisy world hears least." . -Mary fllacllofzald. " I need no grind, I am one." -Rachel Curlzk. " An elongated exposition of length." -Mavjf E. Albn. " Can such things be without our special wonder ?" -Soplzomores. " They have a plentiful lack of wit." -Llamarada Board. 1,74 The Llamarada. " Late, late, so late, but I can enter still." --" Bab " " Oh, thou art mild, too mild, I pray thee swear." Tz'llz'1zgkasle. --zllzzry D. Albin. "Though lost to sight, to memory dear Thou ever wilt remain." --Girlv Who Have Left 1904. " Neither a borrower nor a lender be." --A zlzfzke fo College Girls. " We never dare to write as funny as we can." --Llamarzzda Board. "I would applaud thee to the very That should applaud again.". --Smrs in " What roar is that P " echo Fzzeully Play. -Heard Durlfzg Basket-Ball Games. " Why so pale and wan P" Rose Converse. " Doleful dumps the mind appears." ' -During Sewesler Exams. " Where art thou, Hammond, thou, the darling pride, the friend and lover of the tuneful throng?" Volume IX. 175 IN Structure class the other day, A maid sat by my side, Across the page beneath her hand, I watched her swift pen glide. Our grave instructor spoke these words, Slowly and carefully : " With all your characters beware Lest puppets they should be." I looked upon my neighbor's notes, This sentence did I see : " With all your characters beware Lest puppies they should be." " Of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest is that it could not have been.' " MY DEAR Miss BROOKS: "You are the only one who has chosen Bible V. The course will not be given for one, and I would like you to call at the office and make arrangements for some other course. "Very truly yours, "CAROLINE B. GREENE." 175 The Llamaraola miscellaneous N2 H. M - - C -: " How fortunate it is that there is a full moon, so we can see the eclipse well." SUPIIOMORI-3 Qtrying to start up conversation with the matronj: " Is n't it fortunate we use steam, coal is so high P" F. JOHNSON fat tablej : " Lv u'f Niagara down near Washington P" A VISITOR: "Does that man Bellj pump the organ P " STUDISNI' 'ro RooMM,i'rlc: "Last Sunday afternoon, during quiet hours, Miss K. dropped her voice, and it made an awful noise." FRESIIMAN Cat her first dinner in Pearsons, when only four tables are setj: "And do all these chairs generally have girls in them?" I SUNDAY-Scnool, CoNv15N'r1oN VISITORI "And are those girls on the platform with the gilt tassels on their caps post- graduates P " JUNIOR Qleaving a Freshman's room in which a Sophomore is callingj: "Come and see me in No. -." SOIWIOMORIC: "Oh, yes, I mean to call on all the Freshmen before long." Volume IX. I-IMUSI-I CIIAIIQMAN: "Every one may vote, Freshmen, too FIRST GIRL: "The Freshmen look so melancholy." Sl'ItjONlJ GIRl.:- "VVhat kind of melon? Watermelon?" I 'm connected with fool, I'm connected with fail, I can turn a girl red, I can turn a girl pale I can make a girl's heart go chunk-ker-chunk, So you surely will recognize me as a flunk. He is very well known to the juniors, They call him by various namesg For him they cut gym. or luncheon, Leave their friends, their books, ancl their And if they neglect him they 're sorry, You see I 'm referring to 1 "James," Little Miss Dwight Sat in ai plight Doing a long "unknown "1 She tried with great zest Its taste as a test- llut now she is wiser grown. RY? games ITS if l .J- TI- X The Llamarada .- iii if V-" ' -5 5 , lass Roll fee W - --X. ' 5 I X ,, 3 ii Q s l A x 1 Q X it , S 3 e .X 'FJ ,hi l 4 1.5 l'.Ill'l'Il AIEIROT- ln this euse the cortical centers ure coutiiuizllly exvited idezuionully :uid seusoriully, und supplied with uu efflux of lmlood. The spun of consciousness is lurgeg the attention, sus- tained vuluutury. 'l'he llllllllltl' of ussoeiutiouzil paths is great, :uid the leuueity ofthe hruiu suhstuuee unusuul liecuuse of the extreme irrituhility of the nerve lilmers. CASSANDRA ALIJRICI-I - "Smiles ure the lzuiguuge of love." We think Cassie must he deeply in it. Wi NIFRIZIJ ALLEN - Freddie, foreseeing that, as for Aliens at Mount Holyoke their nzuue is legion, grew short und stuhhy so as to pre- serve her identity. But if she isn't after the Grecian, she is surely ufter the Greek. 4, J Q , ,M ' Y 5552! i Volume IX. 179 J' HAR RlliT ANDREWS promised to buy lots of l.i.AAl.xk,xnAs if we ground her on some-thing nice, so we 'll grind her on herself. She 's . a chubby, good-natured, practical sort of girl who is always in demand for refreshment committees. She never made but one Q 1 Y , . .W lnhmder 3 then she mistook the varieties of Green and called on a , Ifaculty instead of a Senior. I . ISICSSIIQ AN'l'l'lOlNlE reminds us of a Sphinx. She is as wise as these sentinels of the desert, and as silent 3 but when llessie gets in lah-oh, my! she makes things hum ! LUUISIC Al.SA'1"l' can he distinguished across the campus hyher red and black plaid golf cape and red tam. She rooms with Miss Stowell and sat next to Miss Ahhot in Psychology. We fear she is a shark too ! INA A'l'XYtJtJlD- Latest and lmest authority on the subject of Social Life at Yale. Miss Atwood is well qualified for work along this Q line hy an intimate knowledge of the subject gained by frequent ggi E studies of the Yale Man as investigated at Mount Holyoke, Yale, and XYinchester. '. XBETII lSAl.l.. W. E. Do-em-up, MJD. Office hours now-then. Description No. 7 Amount. XYhite oxide of grinding . 25 QI: f Syrup of debate . . . . Spirits of extra-gym course . . . Tincture of joke-elucidator . . 4o 'QL I5 Zi 2o Z 'T' GRACE llAR'1'l.lE'l'T-YYe have wasted many moments trying to ' give you a suitable griudf Ilut you see you are so much like the rest of us that, although no one of us mistakes you for herself, still we cannot seem to point out any distinguishing.: characteristics in ,, you. sf-QU, ISU l The Llamarada lil.lSli lllCl.Cl'llClQ-We give the receipt for Brown Betty us re- quested: Mix two cupfuls of gullibility with :ut ounee of good nuture, sweeten with un ounee of unsellislmess, seusou with at pinch of ginger, und llillilllll1ll'0ftI!0YCll. This mukes u very hearty dessert. n RIEIHCCCA lllCNNlE'l"l'-'l'l1e earth revolves on its axis, And stops not forever 't is suid 3 So me thinketh the "little member ' literuully moves in your heud. ALICE lll2'l"l'S-XVl1en this girl shows you 21 kindness You remember that grind in the l.l.,xx1 3 When she treuts you ever so nicely You think of that terrible slzun. liA'l'l-ll2RlNlC llll.l.-'T is better to have loufed und llunked than never to have loufed ut ull? l.liNA lll.Alili -This is to introduce " Miss Illuke, one of our best juniors." ' MARY l5l,YS'l'ONli-We consider 1Nlzn'y's numerous positions as Sf-eretury of vurious college orgunizntions, un excellent preparat- tion for the olliee of college Registrzu"s ussistnnt. She is to be congrutuluted upon her sweet disposition, which hats been put to at severe test by huving to room with two members of the lioznrd. 1- items in Hill? ww L'-fttfw V 1 l' lr J l t r l 1 F i it 4 I F l H 4' i ,,, Volume lX. tsl. LAURA l!OUCil'l'l'tJN is a new star who has recently heeome visi- hle at our observatory. She was tirst seen hy Denison l7niversity hut made her appearzmce here in Septemher. Prohahly this new discovery will hecome a permanent star, of lirst or second magni- tude. Found in Rockefeller constellation, declination .'X.l3,O, right ascension 7o A hours. MAR-IORIIC ISRONSON-XVe don't understand such anon-eommittal miss. So it seems we 're ohliged to clesrrilme her like this 3 P ? P ? ? 7 ISIESSI li llRt DORS- lfealty to her we all give, To our sunny little Bess. XX'ho wins the hearts of all lly her love and gentleness. MARY BRC MVN - lNlary's smile came to us Sophomore year from the far West. lts radiance is never dimmed by a squeleh. 'l'he single instance of its disappearance occurred when Mary learned she hail served herself and her tardy friends with the rolls intended for the hreakfast of two college presidents. EIJNA ISURLING-Physical Properties: Good color, density not great, specilic gravity not great, not easily soluhle in tears. Re- markahle for speed. Chemical properties: In presence of face- tioiusness, passes into violent ehullition, the giggle serving as a test. Reacts readily with all hooks hut possesses greatest allinity for chemistry. CLARA CARPENTIER he "an her histrionic career at Colle-re as A s. Shem in our renowned miracle ala '. She has now risen to the 3 position of instructor in lbramatics at Holyoke, where her talent is hiffhl' anreeiated. We mredict 'reat success for her in the role s 5 l A which she is soon to assume as leading hon in the june play. sg The Llamarada lC'l'l'llil. C.-XR Yl. -There is :1 young lzidy nauned Caryl, Xl'hose naune does 1101 rhyme with hzirrel, 6 She loses her pins, und loses her rings. And finds under her couch all sorts of things, This wise young lady nnmed Caryl. SAR,-Xll Cl..-XRK -'A source of trinl to the llonrd. One of its niemhers was appointed to study her for several weeks. The result follows - '- If.-XXNY CLAR Y - There wats El young lady nanned Clary, ' Who of noise is exceedingly w:u'y, Her movements ure slow, On tiptoe she 'll go, 'l'his noiseless young lady nzuned Clury. MILDR ICD CUlfl"lN - She won't :nuke :1 fool of herself, 'l'o give us si chztncc to grind her 1 She won't do at single meatn thing, Of which we can gently relnind herg So we give up the rozist, tlr we 'd give up the ghost, 'l'hrough trying in some hreul: to find her. ROSIC CONVICRSE-A bright red rose, at cross hetween at Louise lfuneher and at Carolyn Hydeg grows very large, llourishes hest in elttssiezil soil g its red heightened hy eontrust with its zihundzint Dzirtniouth-green foliage. liulton Shruhhery Cu. IZAIEICTII CRAlti- lCliz:iheth's notzthle traits come from her Scotch ancestors. Like SllilliCSDCill'CiS, her nzune is spelled in various ways. C r at i g is the preferred spelling. Volume IX. i V s , ISGS ANNA CIQAXVIVI DRI? - XVhy is 'l'opsy like an opera hat? Answer: Because she is crushed easily and often. MARION CIYMMINGS--Oli, I 've watched the Iish in the ocean, At play in the hriny deep, 'l'he sharks, and the doglish, and dolphins, In the haunts where the merniaids sleep g llut there 's never a shark in their numher, That can equal the shark we keep. RACII lil. Cl'lQ'I'lS- lt takes only a glance at Rachel's room to tell why she cauuot give exclusive attention to her studies. Univer- sity of l'ennsylyania and lflarvard pillows, hanners, posters, tell their tale of divided interest. " Cousins " in XVilliston and ."Xtnherst keep her vonstantly jolting off on the street cars. We fear that as a result Raehie will he reduced to skin and hones. l"l.URlCNCl'I ILUIIC -My nalue is l"lorenee. l have a halmy hrother. l-lis nante is l'aul. l love hint yery much. 'l'hat is heeause he will he a man some day. l3I.ANCl'IlC IJANIICLS has acernnplislnnents. She plays the guitar, she sings, she is something ofa shark. ller recollections ol the lfreslnnan sleigh ride are so unpleasant that she has never dared try another. l'oor Blanche, we fear she lacks courage I M.-XlQtlARli'l' IDIQLANICY- Uur Madge is happy all day long 5 llut shall I a secret relate? "I' is only, her days are never o'er long, , Since for chapel she 's always late. XYhen weary and sad with the work of the day, ll11'l1':-ffolm' and 11'r'.vf-1'1'-fmx full a score, A She hids us farewell, takes a ear .vans delayg "l' is one class she misses, no mor.-. E i S The Llamarada MAR Y IJIXON - I. Round face 4. Merry smile 2. l'ink cheeks 5. lbimples 3. Snapping black eyes 6. Glossy hlaek hair 7. llright plaid golf cape Do these characterize Mary? No, something more. S. Her uncle wrote " The l.eoparcl's Spots." AIJAI-I IDURAND- ln comparing.: the standards of Cornelland Mount Holyoke, Adah decides that that of Mount Holyoke is too high. liut we shall excuse her for she has not yet become aeclimated. KA'l'llliRlNlf l3XYlCill'l'- "The Angel " the people at the l'oor lfarm call her. " The Athletic Angel " she is in the gym. " The Smiley Girl," so say the l"reshmen. Katherine also works in the Dispensary and distrihutes smiles even more freely than medicine. I.ULTlSl'I l'IAS'l'MAN - Animal Kingdom. llranch: Yertehrata. 5 Species: l-Iolyokus. llaunts: l.ihrary. Locomotion: Trolley. Appearance : l'lain colors. Appendlages: Boston bag. Common Namezrtireat shark. l.UlTlSli l"ANClllCR-l.ady l.ou does not follow in the footsteps of limmy, for her hook and her heart sometimes part, and she fol- ' ' lows Venus and lllinerva. The only way she can he distinguished 2 from her roommate is that Rose has Latin for a major: I.ou, T Math. But this is not a fundamental differentiation, for Rose I' I, ill thought of taking Math., and l.ou thought of Latin. CI-lARl.O'l"l'li l"ARNHAlN'l-There was a young lady named Farnham Who took all her studies to larn 'em, When it came to her frocks And her skirts and her socks It is said that she sometimes would darn lem. 1 Volume IX. 185 Nlil.l, l"l'l'Z --l atn aclvertisetl hy my loving friends as lm:-ing sitwess- fullylhrought up on cornstarch. 'l'he result of using this foocl elur- ing my chilclhootl is that now l am a talented person. I can do al- most anything from giving a clelmate to looking after my roozmnate. IVRANCHS l"l.ANAtiAN - Knock at the tloor of llreamlantl any time if you want to Iincl Frances. She goes on the principle that things won't matter a hunclrt-cl years from now so she clot-s not let the present trouhle her. When there isa man in the case, however she wakes up and plays a winning carcl. v ill has sundry accomplishments. She plays lmsket- ball and the lmanjo. XVe won't mention the men because ht-r aunt might lxuy a liookfi Al.lClC l"tlRSY'l'l-I -- " tlrintl me? Uh, I 'll excuse you. You are an honoralmle woman, antl we won't mention my appearance as the 'llaronf llright? You think I 'm hright? Yes, just ahout as hright as the post oilice corriclor. ln fact, allow me to reiterate my statement and say that I am not a lit subject for a grind." RI"I'I-I tl.-XCSICR--liven her roommates coulrl give us no points whatever upon which to grintl her, Now what coulcl the poor lloarcl clo? 'I'hey were hoo-tlooecl and gave it up. IXIAIE GAIIIGER - We all know that " a perfect feeling eventuates in some form of action, and that action is the right outlet of emotion." I-Iowever, it baffles the l,l.wM.xkAn,x Board to knowjust what that "perfect feeling" or emotion is which eventuates in Maie's gait. Any enlightening suggestions will he thankfully received. X 4' The l.t..t MARA IIA. - so The Llamarada ICl.lZAllIE'l'll GAININIONS- Betty Gnnnnons, culled Back tlzimmons for short by one of the Faculty, is generally considc red u most obliging person g but the Board here wishes to register its opinion to the contrnry since she hns not given them at single item for this space. MAl5lil.l.l2 GARDNER - " Good morning, MissGz1i'cliiei'. You :ire quite lute. Were you unnhle to lind your belt in dressing? Oh, you did not rise soon enough? lf you will always rise when the bell rings, you will form the habit, :ind then it will not he hurd for you to he on time." t. Hl"l.l.l'IN ti.-XY - lt does n't luke it wizard to rend your hund. 'Flint broad thumb denotes obstinncy. Your lienrt line shows you have strong nttztclnnents. Cztlloused linger tips rerenl your fondness for playing some stringed instruments, probnbly the mnnclolin. You will probably study medicine in Germany. lllNXlli Cili'I'NlAN-Horne children liuve to have :i whole truin of ours to plny with, but one Curr is enough for lilinnie, :ind it 's not :tn S. Curr either. CllARl,U'l"l'l2 GOIJIJARID- Of Dew Drop lnn. Within this lnn, Charlotte crnms in all the Math. her fair head can hold. Rum it in, crunt it in, Still there 's more to follow 3 Slum it in, jzun it in, All that she cam swallow. ETH lil. GR ANT - When lithel wunts at new friend, ull she has to do is to smile on at l-'reshmnn. Hnppy the lfreshmun on whom that smile falls. Volume IX. 187 ALICIC tlRlSW'tJI.lJ -Sweetest little fellal' liveryliody knows g l7on't you know our Alice ln her hrother's clothes? MARGARIET t1RlSXYUl.lJ- Rah ! Rah ! Rah! Rah ! Rilll ! Rah l Wesleyana ! Rah l Rah ! Rah ! GRACE l-IADLIEY-We imagine it is the devoted attention of an Amherst youth which makes t2race's dreams center in proposals and such things. In these dreams, which are numerous and interesting, Grace is anything from a heautiful Mexican princess, to a little linnn ' Lou. ln realit ' she is the heloved su merintend- Y ent of a flourishing Sunday School and the most genuine shark in the class. . FLORIENCIC l'lfXl.l.- liright and pretty, Sweet and witty, Are the products of her pen. lio you wonder 'l'hat we ponder llow to grind a genius then? MAUDIQ HAM -'Nlaudie is your nanle, Single is your station 5 llappy will the Griflith be XVho makes the alteration. EMMA HANNA - Merry eyes and glowing cheek, Don't you know her? Golden hair and dimples sweet, l5on't you know her.? Plump as every bonny lass is, Shining light in all her classes, lJon't you know her? S8 The Llamaracla ' ' ', 1 girl who lives in l'earsons, don't you know. A good friend to all, don't you know, and of a cheerful disposition, you know. She feels especially happy when the atmosphere is, well, that of Ifeliruary 22d, don't you know, whivli is most invigorating, you know. l.l CINUA l'lAR'l'Sl'llFRN-What interests us in partieular ahout I l.u is tln' nunilier and eontents of her boxes from home. To -Q. .',,if.9 " igs less material, she studies well, draws well, talks N-Quin bg .ip .f, is quite a versatile memher of i9o,i, CNA IlAYNlCS- lbmu NIR. Snrrn : -I take pleasure in reeonnnending your delicious milk to any who may read this. V lfor years l suffered agoniesfroin nuiuse-prostration. lleing advised to try a glass every night hefore retiring, l have done so regularly, and find my nerves in a delightful state of equilihriuni. Sudden shocks now eause me no worse exelaniations than " t Jh, my land !" " For nierey's sake E" " My soul and liody !" ete. tlratefully yours, l.icN.x Illav l'lixvNics. QA lll'l"l'- We have read in the l,i..xu.xu.xn,xs of the past that Cora might llitt. She has n't, so we hope this will hit her. iNli llUR'l'tJN is versatile. She stars in class and drainatiesg she manages the elulis, she sweeps the gym l?l She is also most conscientious. She would not even slight the Ifaculty in distrihut- ing Student League regulations. AMY HOWIC - Sing a song of sixpence, ' 'l'ell the honest truth, lfour and twenty pictures tif the self-same youth. When he comes to call here Maidens hang around, ls n't that at pretty sight To make a young man frown? Volume fi Q 1 X. 189 MARY l'll'N'l'liR-Your careless clisposition shows itself even in your zunhling g11it. You never were known to worry except wl1en i11 fear of catching tl1e measles, although you clo gruiuhle some- times. The picture of 11 snake in It 1liction11ry is ll2ll'l1llCSS. It is o11ly tl1e l'CZll thing that hites. ' MARY I-ll7'l'ClfllNSUN - limi: l':lll'l'UR :-Coulcl you l'CC0llllllCllCl Zllly lll't.'lJ2ll'llll0ll hy wl1icl1 it will he ealsier for me to see the point to 21 joke? l 11111 ohligecl to w11ste 1' """ilf deal 1 - in trying to lllllllfft-ililllfl the X'ill'lUllS jokes l hef' I 'X Yours 1: Qah 5 Rah ! X , .oN. CAROLYN HYIJIC-'l'l1isyo11ngl11cly's1n11xin1s11re: "A1ni11hilityistl1e b 3 best policy." " XVhere there 's El llycle, there is 21 smile." "Little Q' girls should he seen :incl not llC1Il'il.U "All is not Yule that yells." " The pen is mightier than the tongue." "A llliljtll' in lfrench is worth two in the 11rmy." " 'l'11ke 11 llllp while tl1e Slltl shines." OLGA JOIINSON-l"ro1n Chicago 'llllllC2-3-l'lCl'i1lCl, Oct. 16, IQI4. "l'rof. Olga johnson, Ph.lJ., I.l..lD., I.itt.lD., ID.lJ., delivers 11 lecture to-night 11pon 'X'0ll2lll'C'S Cl2lSSlClSlll in ccmntrat-distinetion with Goethe's Rlblllillllllfll-illl 11s regurcls eviclences of the lullnence of I'in1l11r.' Miss johnson is 1llllllOl'lll 'Cerelmrnl l.oc11liz11tion of Cortical Activities in Connection with Chemic11l Changes in Proto- lJli.lSlll undergoing illClZllNlllSl1l.' " NIELI. Rl'IA'l'l'IS w Nellie 1lllY2lyS looks quite ple11s1mt, Tried to help 11s do the szune, l'oste1l twice 11 week Z1 paper Where e11cl1 one could sign her nmue. 'llhen lllltlll tl1e clay uppointecl lfiltfll o11e triecl to p11ss the test, tllnnce along this line of pictures :Xml cle-cicle which 1li1l the best. MARION RICICSIC- llrix, ln'11x, hrix, lmtx Ilrix, ln'11x, breeze, Reese, Reese, Reese, Reese, Reese, Reese, Reese. sro The Llamaracla FRANCES KNOX cannot decide whether to be classed with us or trith the lfaeulty. We cannotunderstand her hesitation. As she rather inclines tofavor the latter we dare not touch her with a ten- foot pole, as the lllue Laws say : Thou shalt not grind a Faculty. , .if 'XlAl'IDlC KICNNICDY is a neu' junior and lives at Miller Cottage. XVe think this is hardship enough for any junior, so we refrain from grinding. QA l.llll3Y - An appreciative listener. EIDNA l.lNSl.l'IY - Teddy is a worker, We 'll all for Teddy shout 1 l'eddy wrote the I.l.ixMx' And helped our pictures out. FXIMA l,ONt3l"l2l.l.0W - linuna stars in Psychology, And she shines in Zoology llut she said in Physiology, " The Alma Mater 's on the brain. Emma shows great devotion And a tender emotion For I-Iolyoke 5 so we 've a notion She has Alma Mater on the brain, n A V N GRACE l.UWlC- lxotilltlclt : As you inclosed no stamped envelope, we take the liberty of answering your questions puhlicly. tal No 3 it is not usual to invite to an entertainment a man whom Q lr you have met but once. tbl An engaged sign on a college girl's 5 door is usually equivalent to " No Adn1ittance" on any ordinary - workshop door. if Volume IX. is -rt- ISDI MARY LYMAN- llimit i':lJI'l'0R : -l thought I would write you alittle letter. , I try to he goocl all the time. I like my playmates very much, hut I clon't like them to tease me. I like to play with the little hlack heauty, " jillyllon'er." tiootl-hye with a kiss, Minn: HELEN MxclltJNAl.lJ-lNl.S.'i', Lenox Ciraimnar School, Lenox High School, Mount Holyoke College. MARY M.xcl7tJNAl.l3 - The loving sister of the above. MAR IAN llltxcfit JWN - llevoicl of animosity, tlr careless curiosity, I-Ier cheerful ttorporosityl' flinlike a nehulosity ln clenseness or velocityj Gives forth a luminosity A Resulting from precoeity. ISETSIEY MANN-Faith an' Oi wor walking around the campus lookin' at all ov thim foine college girruls, an' Oi see the higgest and foinest wan ov thim all. An' oi sez, " llijahers can she get enough to eat here?" An' they sez, " Sometoimesf' An' shure they told me that last year she ran the IQO4 Crowtl an' made a foine hoss too. MARCY, i'lARRlli'l' MURIXICK-Y.XY.C.A.g Athletic Associa- tiong llehating Society, T0 156 chapter: Literary liclitor of Mount Holyoke: 19o4 Executive Committee, 1902-19033 Archaeological Cluhg Mater Faniilite, Satlorcl IQOI-I902Q Special student in Gymnasium: Master of Sleepersg Assicluous Self-Rnsher, llisapproved. The greatest happiness l-larriet has derived from these honors is in having them " after her name." Thi.S.-fl'iilliliQIi.II'k. -I-Used in exigcneies of rhyme. 192 The Llamarada ANNIE MARKS--"Wild Animals l l-lave Had," by A. Marks, author of "The Mouse and Other Stories." Style original and interesting. Action at times almosttoo rapid. Settingnot always appropriate to story. linjoyable in small quantities as recreation from the conventional. MAR Y M.-XRSlAlAl.l.+ Nut brown maiden, 'l'hou hasta bright, bright smile, love. Nut brown maiden, 'l'hou hast such bright brown hair. A bright brown eye is thine, love, The glance from it is Ol love! Nut brown maiden, Thou art so passing fair. LOUISE MASON-We have -exerted ourselves on nice grinds for Lou, and she disdains them all, affirming that we are sarcastic, so . we seem obliged to say what the old woman answered when asked what she died of- " Nothing at all.'l A l,l7Cl li lNlcl'l'l ICRSON - O we 've ground 'em and we 've soaked 'em, And we 've slammed 'em, as you know 3 Done everything to everybody, So l guess we 'll letyau go. M' CLARA lNlll.I.liR-Clara loves to go to l.ab, 1, She thinks it 's not a bore. The juicy worms and pussy cats, She slaughters them galore. FLURICNCIC MONTGOMISR Y- We assume that only a frame is lacking to make Florence a Fra Angelico angel, with her aureole of golden hair, her pink cheeks, and blue eyes. ls it these angelic characteristics which draw forth the admiration of the fond hearts of the rest of the " Five Little Peppers "? Volume IX. ISIS ALICE MORGAN - This little maid is live feet ten. Sue is very musical. She is also a great talker. In fact, she is never without a topic of conversation, and when she gets started she can't even stop at ten o'clock. HELEN MOSSER - Hain't yuh nevah seen Miss Helen? Ilress yuh, honey, dat 's too had I To see huh sweet mouf smilin' -I-Iit 'd mek a possum glad 3 Whcn she 's longin' fer to go home, When she 's tired and jes' mad. When she 's sick o' lah in bot'ny, Then huh face jes' meks yuh sad. MARION lN'IOUI,'l'UN produces more and hetter tone clearer, richer, truer,- than any other talking niachin - lirmer, e on the market. Its records are numerous and all of high grade but it was the one on "The Earthworm " which won for it the gold medal in the great contest in the fall of igoz. MAISEI. NIMS-Current Events - 1 VM- --- -- 1 T -- L -- Current Events. GERTRUIDE PALMER always says, " Well, I should think," and from the results we see of her thinking, we think she must he a remarkably clear thinker. I HELEN PEARSON aspires to great political fame and has attained the oflice of page in the Senate. We would remind her that punctuality is good policy, even at breakfast. The Llamarada NA l'l'IRR Y - Attention ! Chemistry Students ! New compound discovered ! Znl' - Zinc l'erryate. Occurrence - rare, except on Mount llolyoke campus. Preparation - The two elements unite on contact. Other characteristics left for " loving workers " to discover. CIQ l'l lll,l.ll'S isa self-evident fact. She is noted for originality, -might we say aboriginality?-and her general cheerfulness. lYe do not know that she is taking liloriculture but she is very fond of flowers, her favorite being the Ilaisy. Y POOR - Amy is one of a large nmnber of attractive sisters, so she tells us. Amy is attractive, Q. IC. ll. She is also a zealous student, an upholder of the scholarly reputation of l9tLl. I l.l'INlC l'tll'l'I-l'ope Innocent Helene, the l"irst. Ilorn accord- ing to most authorities, about tS9o 1 some, notably lfreshmen she has squelched, place the date as early as 1832. Crowned in Sep- tember, igoo, with titles, " Freshman at Blount Holyoke," and "Member of Class of Chief events of the reign-Wars with 1903 and 1905 and the Flood from which she escaped in the Ark. lmpulsive disposition, with shrewd policy and statesmanship. l.liX l'UXYICl.SUN - We might have been able to grind Poll better if we had not lost so much time trying to explain jokes to her. We hope, after the careful training she has received, that she will do us credit. lx A'l'l2 RAClili'l"l' - A racket Kate does not make, A racket she cannot shake, And yet a Rackett she is. What 's in a name? Volume lX. 1535 AGNES RALPH did not hear the hardships of l"reshman year with us, hut we have already discovered her fondness for tireek char- acters, especially Cassandra. f Xl'e count ourselves rich in having two Richmonds, Marion and Mary. 'l'hey are not sisters in spite ofthe fact that they hoth came from Vermont and that they have braved all the dangers of a college career ixmiuok RICHMOND j 'I iin close company. lNlarion's restraining influence will he needed hy lllary in the great danger approaching her from the MARY RICHMOND lx Amherst side. . LUIS ROlSlCR'l'S-Iler Favorite llook-Roherts' Rules of Order. Her greatest achievement- lleing horn out of her native town. ller Chief Possession-I-ler own patent-applied-for ideas. Her Characteristics -Yoluhility, warm-heartedness, llonne Cam- eraderie. ClAlARl.0'l"l'li ROOT - We should hate to accuse Charlotte of lazi- ness, hut what would you say ofa girl who sleeps on the outside of her couch to avoid having to make it up in the morning? Keeping class accounts lfreshman year, killing mice for her room- mate Sophomore year, and learning the German language junior year have alone made her college career hearahle. El.lZAlSl'I'l'H RUWEl,l.- I-low fortunate it is that West Springfield is not far from South l-ladley ! From the campus and college, how often l roam, Ile it ever so humble, there 's no place like home. 15313 The Llamarada I FLORENCE RUSLING - This is a demure maid called Rusling, Who at times is often found bustling. At Saiiord on I"riday,'li She 's a valuable lady, This demure young maid called Rusling. ALICE RYDER - ln Alice we have a prize of which 1904 is proud. She is a shark, she is the strongest girl in the class, she is one of our star basket-hall players. liut her fame is greatest as a pedestrian. The story of her walk to Springfield and of her slide down the Mount Holyoke chute will he handed down from class to class. What will she do next to distinguish herself? GRACE SCI-IXVENI JLIER -- I come from Rochester, New York, I murmur while I read, perchance, My many home newspapers. l make a yearly sally. With heart and head as light as cork, I chatter. chatter as you know, To this Connecticut valley. l slip I slide, I gloom, I glance, eut a lot of capers, And I am silent never, My men they come, my men they go, lint I talk on forever. CLARA SCOTT-We hate to be so considerate of anyone, hut Clara is such an unoffending maiden we have decided to let her go scott free. HELIEN SEARLE- Helen is tired of that alimentary canal joke so we refrain from giving it here. That was her one serious break so there is nothing left to grind her on. l2lDl'I'l-I SHEPARD-S stands for Shepard and also for slow, She won't like this mentioned we very well know. Originally shepherd suggested sheep, liut our little lady is more given to sleep. f"At Faculty Dinner-parties. Volume IX. . 'S 197 ANNIE SIMPSON is quite inclined to Psychology, having made exhaustive original researches in the study of the faculties. She also likes literature, being fond of " Gallegher and Others," and often quoting Pope. A EIJITII SMITII-ja1ues's chapter on "Habit" made a lasting impression on Iidith. She now rises promptly every morning declares she will "never suffer an exception to occur until 4 and the new habit is securely rooted." She is a ' tiny mite " ofa F.R., but her ollice of Grand Collector of Alumnae Notes blinds the public to this fact. ELLA SMITH is a person of moods and tenses. When in the indicative mood, she is as she was and will be,-stubborn. The imperative mood is lacking. In the potential, the form of the subjunctive which is tuost rarely seen, she is most forcible, especially in the perfect tl'rosper Couramontl, and phlperfect tOld Man I-Iardyl tenses. The present infinitive is " to be Smith." Future not yet announced. INA SMITH- 'I Sru'ru's llllSCIil.I.ANY " Contains chapters on " Facial Expression," " Basket-ball," " I-lou' to make the Debating Society without work," " The Art of Impersonation," The High History of the Dinsmore Family," etc. Bound in kid, easily sold. Price jgoc. GRIN 85 Co. MINNIIE SPARROXV- You 're bright, of course, nobody gets to be a junior here who is u't. Being a normal college girl, you have a remarkable fondness for fudge. XN'e dare venture no further information lest we tell an untruth. MARY SPRING -The greatest problem in connection with this young woman is the explanation of the co-existence of her sweet serenity of mind and mournful cadence of speech. lfVe thought a reportorial interview would be necessary and sent a stenographer, but even she could not take down an accurate report. All that could be gathered was a few words that sounded like " Tommy," " Maude." its The Llamarada HARRIIYI' S'I'IiX'IiNS indulges in Brown studies so often, that we wonder if there can be a man in the case. I I I I V SIUI If-Vell, von tay as I the campus valking around vas, so saw I even so fair a miidchen as in mein Vaterland they have do. So I say, " Fery gut und fery wise I but can she cook ?" So I learn yesg she cook any titne of tay, even only until already now after ten it is, so l say, "She will do fery well." IETI-IICI. STUDLICY - Did you say Ifthel was a quiet girl? She does look so, hut you can't depend upon that kind of people - they are always up to tricks, and yon never can tell what they will do next. Did you say Ethel was stndious? Perhaps you know her better A than we do. But do not fall into the mistake of thinking that .. beautiful, artistic, and interesting notebooks are a sign of a sy: student. ' x . UIXACIC 'I'AYI.UR-Anyone could tell Grace was the baby of the Iamily,- the dear little.girl! She always has had a smile for every one and we hope she will continue to smile and be happy. x DAISY TAYLOR - Daisy, Daisy I do usa queer stunt, do! We 're half crazy seeking a grind for you. 1, 9, Taylor is you notation, Secretary your vocation, Ilnt as for a grind, we 're way behind, , In trying to make this do. I suppose her tdei in this is to serve the etern tl htness of things hx 'tpproxim ning the length of her n une to het on n st nure MAUDE 'I'HOMI'SUN is solid worth without any tinsel. The only thing gay and showy about her is the tinal e on her prze-nomen, .kit l. '.,, Q ' 2 ' 't, 'S b 4, , Z ' ,-.'. ' I. fr! , A! Volume IX. 199 All RO BY TII-l.lNGIfIAS'I'lE-Whistling through the hallway, Frowning at the table, Banging the piano, Stirring up a Babel, Whizzing o'er the campus, lluzzing in the lab, Bless me ! who could doubt it? This is surely llab I I DITH TURKEY - " Ship " Torrey, Chicago-South lladley line. Elegant new steamship, completely equipped with all modern im- provements. Displacement, 1So pounds. Fudge capacity -- all that one can make in an evening. Has recently been in dry dock at Brooklyn undergoing thorough renovation. ls about to sail with a cargo of best wishes of r9o4. MARY TURNER is a very brilliant, clever girl, but unless we tell you, it will take you some time to tind it out, for Mary appears to think time has no limit and talks accordingly. lVe can recommend her for anything from refereeing a basket-ball game to lagging for ber roommate. One of her latest fads is hunting. The most 6 noted of her prey was a " remarkable specimen of a ti-i-ger bee- ee-tle." CLARA VI llllICR'l'S -- Clara is a " painted rogue," Funniest mischief ever seen g Walks just like a turkey, too g XVonder if she thinks we 're mean. SAMONIJ WAITIC convinced her of the error of her ways and she came here to join began college life at Tufts, but one year the ranks of 1904. She 's a nice Yankee girl and a line German man. As she lives in Cambridge, she is often obliged to consult her oculist, at such times as a Yale-I larvard football game. SARAH XVAKIEMAN- flfrom the "-- Monthly" J: t'lN'e are glad to announce that the prize of a crisp new dollar bill, which we offered to the child who should solve the puzzle published in our last number, has been won by Miss Sadie XVakeman, of South Hadley." Qoo The Llamarada jl',NNll5 WA R R ICN - Chlorine, Hydrogen, lither, Manganese, lodine, Sulphur, Tellurium, Rhodium, Ytenine. jeunie's " Foot- path to Peace " lies toward Shattuck Hall. Let us hope accidents and explosions will he few, or it might he her Footpath to Pieces. lxl7'l'H WATIZRS- Remember, Ruth, it is always dangerous to ask not to he ground on certain things 3 but as you are on the Board and are in all the secrets we wonlt grind you on your frequent absences from college, your numerous " cousins " and your ten- dency to he lute. LICN XVATT - She is a form of junior allotropic, Acidic in reaction, hydroscopic g In class time she is very phosphorescent, And, if she llunks, extremely deliquescent. She 's polyvalent, her atomic weight is high, " And you can't condense her if you try. GRACE WEBB, Y. l'.- Vice-President Virtuous Proctor Versatile Paragon Vivacious Pusher Vigorous Player Very Practical Veracious Psychologist Valuable Person MARY WICLLS-It is only by knowledge of Wells that you can in 'N the least fathom her wells of knowledge. RUTH WI'II'l'MORE - A hashful little maiden, Who ne'er a word does say, lixcept when called upon in class, And then she 'll talk all clay. Volume IX 201 H lil.lEN XVINHHIP - A phrenological examination shows large bum as of " l"amil ' Pride " " Patience " and " lm mrovin r-the-time- 3 y ness." llrobablv the last two bum ms lunction tow-'ether when . h Helen waits on the Library steps for the Librarian to arrive, long after the doors have been opened. HELEN WOOD is not as thick as her name implies,-except with Betts. Space does not permit us to publish her numerous ad- mirable qualities: however, Business Ability must be mentioned. In fact she is patiently working for a B.A. CATHARINIQ XVOOIJS - Our time and space are too limited to say all we would. tio to Catharine herself for all information. Ollice hours : 7.oo Am.-io.3o i'.M. ALICIE WOOIDWARIJ - llendronica Rubracapilla. Common names - Red capped warhler, Woodward warbler. This little bird is a native of Connecticut and migrates in june and September. lt is a tiny bird, much smaller than our Sparrow. It nests in SaHord, moderately high, but does not return a second season to the same nest. lt is a line musician, and very tame. ELIZABETH XVORTHLEY-'I'liis maid is like the turtle-dove, her , loves are so intense, And even like unto the owl, she is possessed of sense. Again like to the nightingale, she sings well, we have heard, So on the whole we rather think, she 's something of a bird. EDITH ZINK- History: Discovered among Freshmen in the fall of 1900. Has not by any test been reduced to simpler elements. Preparation 1 By application of mind to the courses of Bridgeport High School. Tests: Great affinity for literatureg turns deep red at searching questions 3 slight green color when fresh. 5 l 2022 The Llamarada I. II. Ill. IV. V. Zoology Examination N2 n. Draw a longitudinal vertical section of yourself, labeling all parts. b. fOptional.j Draw an oblique horizontal section of Brigham Hall, passing through the northeast corner of the fourth floor and the southwest corner of the basement. Blot out Miss Prentiss's room. zz. Give Cowell's reasons for regarding man as the highest vertebra. b. What is Homology, according to Chamber- lain? fcf. Latin homaj f. Explain the Van Doren theory that hair is a vegetable growth. zz. How much gelatine will be required to give the jelly- fish a stiff upper lip? 11. Put forward your left foot, draw up your right, and repeat. What means of locomo- tion besides the ambulacral system of the .Starfish does Mis represent? fMiss Tillinghaste excused.j Leavitt has pointed out that the front legs upon the fowl's skeleton are shorter than thc other pair. Explain locomotion in this case. What is Moore's name for the bonc "thro' which the ear goes into the head"? Volume IX. 203 VI. Give C1ark's argument for the same number of ribs in male and female. VII. Metabolism. zz. Effect of "surprise party" upon digestive system. 0. Advantages of a steady diet on college crackers. c. Number of cells broken down by Miss Shepard in one period of gymnastics. VIII. Neurology. zz. Point out the family resemblance between the whale's brain and Miss Achorn's. Difference from shark's brain? 6. Discuss reflex action when Miss Berry sees a mouse. c. Describe the path of afferent and efferent impulses when Miss -- received a telegram the night of the Promenade. d. Give the function of Rackett's metallic sheath for neuraxones. IX. Embryology. Draw and describe the stages in the develop- ment of the heart between February 21 and 24, 1903. .zz :ug Q, fl gba., ' ' ' '.iwr, i x l . O4 The Llamarada IT was Il junior in Brigham Hall, I 'rn telling you no myth 3 This Junior mimicked one and all, You know her name is Q- a common one. It was a cunning little dog, Who took it nothing ill, If fed on cabbage or eggnog, You know hcl' name is - from Mother Goose. It was a pretty teacher too, Whom well the juniors like, Although she 'firmly puts them through The dreaded stuff called - science of the mind. It was a sound upon top Floor, Which brought the teacher up 5 I She looked along from door to door, And said, 'f Where is my- canine animal ?" It was a grind the girls all tho't To carry ofTthe palm, And so an editor they bro't, To write it for the- college annual. Volume IX. 205 It was a fact the teacher knew The dog was out at play 5 She thought ' t was fun to come up too, For so 1 heard her-- remark. lt was a joke upon that maid, And since then she 's kept still About the day she gayly played That she was little T black doggie. CuMMENcEM13N'l' VISI'1'irR: "And where did you say the junior Dramatics are given? On Mount Tom P" SUB-FRESIIMAN Qas the engine-house is pointed out to her on her First Walk around the campusj: "Oh, I wondered i what they did in case of fire!" A WORD to the wise is-"creditable," FRICSIIMAN QIQOSD, arriving late at Dr. Wood's Class: "Please excuse me. I had an engagement with an upper-class girl." DR. Womb: "And do you consider an engagement with an upper-class girl more important than one with a member of the Faculty ? " TAlsI,EiTALK turns on the eclipse of the moon. ' SENIOR: "Do you remember the one of the sun P" MISS G.: "Oh, yesg that was in the daytime." IN ART: Most of the statues of Greek goddesses are female figures. 206 The Llamarada llboems Y "Cold Comfort"-Sunclay night suppers. "A Dream"-A Prom. and Dance in one. "The Worst of Ttu--IQO4 Basket-Ball luclc. "The Progress of Spring"-lVlary's College Course. "Revolution and Independence "-Grace McGovern. "The Triad"-Keese, Farnham, Bennett. "The Tables Turned"-Faculty Play. "To a Butterfly"-Helen MOSSCI' "Casual Incitemcnt"-Flunlc Notes. " To the Clouds"-Katherine Dwight. . " The Contrast, the Parrot and the Wrenn-Elizabeth Fowler and Addie Howe. " Dissensions "-Class Meeting. "Counsel to Girls"-Junior Interview. "To a Mouse"-Mabelle Gardner. " Echoes "-Yells. "As My Uncle Used to Say"-Helen Watt. Volume IX. Ghz iILIamaraba's Mew 1lbu55Ies W 4-V liach picture rcprcsentsthc nznnc of n junior. No. I is Hall. Gucss thc rcst, and toll in not more than twenty-tive Adjectives what you think of thc Faculty Play. Prize --One of those original druwing.fs. 'POT Q A V 4127" '.:, W ' I 1 Q r. X YM N v X 1 4 -.-N. M6 3 t. Q 'X Lf! "Eli "'f65,, X " , X A ' 5 : yi fm ir . lf A-H 1 with it it 45' , .X -' 'f,, AL 0 ' 272150 'X-N. if ,ff , fa , 0 Q Q , Q -:r?I'5"' ,,'s I t I U.: . 5 mwtt fy, 3 ., -if i L Q cn in Q -k c-5 M- ii tsl W 'B 1-L21 W f 1 'I tw tv m t , t N52 fl t 2 I sm I Q. 5 Y i R A V in I SD N1 - t Q9 it QD - -Qi tw , 5 A A 4 H .51 ' VIZ 3-L, f , -ax ,lie :Q A Tqtg- J , - x' X ti, fm f , t t 1, fx H 'Y "YA ii L UW Q 'E N f 4 .Y 208 The Llamarada wice olb Ealesl Y IN ISIHLIE CLASS. Prof. N.: " XVhat was Moses' domestic work in Midian P" Pitoi-'. IN l'I5Imtsom': "You wake up, and begin your activities upon shoe- strings, uzfrlx, collars, etc., and at night you remove all these things." IN LATIN : Ina Smith translates " La1m'fz'w'f s1'1zuji1z4r .flrhilfnx j2m'v.v, " He praises the feet, like those of Achilles without limit. IN l'I2IJAGOGv : "Take the case of twins in the samc family." E-'rulz-It I-I-Aco-cr-, in German l : " Dar Kuh giebt Mi1ch." Zoi3I.oGv : A czecum is anything concealed. A czucum is something blind. H. MARCY IN': "The class Arthropoda comprises all segmented insects having jointed appendices." IN l51I:I.I2. Miss Seymour: " XVhy, jephthah was the son of Gilead." Prof. N.: " And what does that mean P" " Why, I suppose it means that Gilead was his father." IN l'sYt3H0l.oGY : " In a moment of hesitation we have osculationf' lfiitsi' DAY IN " liam' " I-'iucNCH. Miss R.: "What is 'our class ?" I E-I-n St- -- zz " Baby." E. L- N--124-, IN LIT. Quiz: "Several classes of stories were told by the bards. 'l'he primary dealt with natural phenomena, such as eruptions, elopements, etc." M. K - is--, IN Ciimzlsriu' QUIZ, discusses pulverizecl rubber. IN lixI'mtIMIaN'1'AI.' z " You may discuss the violets and oranges." " Had n't I better begin with the blue points?" IN l.l'l'. QUIZ:-"The first period in English Literature was the earliest period. " "Arranged by the Board before' being given to the Faculty for presentation their play. rl l Volume lX. 209 Goasting Y ESIDE the stairs in Brigham Hall, ls II beautiful halnstrade 3 To coast it entire I-las been the desire Of many an athletic maid. A senior, it proctor whose cligniticd mien lmpresses all students with awe, Felt a longing one night, ln the dim lowered light, X, V And she slid down the smooth shining bar. ,X K ' -7 V , 5' f if ' so 11 A pink kiinono, two dangling feet lk X I Met a thoughtless intrucler's eye A l Confusion Z said she, I " lf you dare tell on ine, A I 'll pay you hack well by and by X X V271 X f if L "fss2"' 7 51' mm ill lp r i S.. Z ll f X l ,adj as ' my Pg, y 4 - . If ' ff- 1 . , 2 I In 9 5 gn l . . ig, X 'gil '." I X ,V K X' X'- 3211 it 1' -' I jwenx 'irTT7'i?' . 5 F , Lfligg - f' 'I ' f 'f 77179 if f ' ima' , is Mimi 'll -""""' X , M I- N rf. ,--N-' 'l - 'Y .,,, i + i Ar 'gr 210 Ehe JBoarb ALICE Bl'I'1'TS, . I'IEl.1'IN Worm, . . . Gi1:n'i'nUin': PAIAIER, . Froiuixca Dams, Louisic M.-XSUN, - . HELEN PUWIEIAQUN, Ebxix LINSLEY, INA A'l'Wooli, . RUTH XV,x'1'icns, . . KA'1'lll'IlilNE BILL, ELLA SMVVII, . . The Llamarada . . . Section Boss Chief Chaser of Ads. Assistant Ad. Chaser . . Chief Absentee Chief joke Explainer Chief joke Explaince . VVriter in Chief . Master Suggester . . Chief Disagreer . . Chief Critic and Reviser . . . Chief Decider R. G--M--E-: "I cannot come to class to-day because the shoemaker put the tongue of my shoe in wrong and I have to wear my bed slipper." l A junior, named Craig, Gave directions so vague When she sent her " prom. man " Au elaborate plan To find Safforcl, he rilecl her ily landing at Wilder. IN ETHICS: "Mill says in his'Utilitarianism that duty is not ornate." , MISS MANN Qin class meetingj: "We all ought to precipitate in the Field Day events." Problem-Where had Miss Mann spent the afternoon? I Volume IX. Eben N2 I-I, the next day after never, When the dead ducks Ily over the river, I suppose Margaret Griswold will like To recite and study her Psych g I suppose Charlotte Allen will say " I don't know." ten times in a day 3 I suppose May Achorn will frown If a college is mentioned called llrown g And Edith lJale's heart will be cold To our brethren gallant and hold. Oh, the next day after never lVe shall have " sit ups " forever 3 Registrar's notes will never come round 5 We 'll hasten to gym with a skip and a hound 5 We shan't break dishes and pay a high price 5 We 'll think an empty mail box is nice g The Faculty will give us plays by the score Q XVe shan't have chaperons then any more 3 We 'll think red ink prettier far than blue 3 And always be glad when vacation is through. When the dead ducks lly over the river, Miss Spaulding will be " not prepared " forever 3 C. Farnham won't wear a long coat and short skirt Our domestic lady will overlook dirt 9 Ethel Green 'll have no Freshman crush 3 May Miller will always be in a rush g Bab Tillinghaste will come to breakfast on time 3 Christine Catrevas will give up all rhyme 3 Lena Lewis will go to Amherst no more 3 Another class will be nicer than 1904. Plbvertisements VVhcn shopping you wish to go, Directions we can afford. So read these ads., And go to these stores, For the sake of the next year's Board llnbex to Flbvertisements Atherton, H. W. Baker, Winthrop M. Ball Drug Co.. C. IE. Bates, C. H. Be11t K Bush Boston ik Alba11y R. R. .Boston M Maine R. R. Bosworth tk Murphy Boynton, I. F. Bridge Teachers' Agencies Brigham, D. H., tk Co. Burnham le Clarenbaeh Childs, Thos. Conway, M. P. Copeland, E. P: Cotrell ek Leonard Curran, R. G. Dean, W. T. DeWitt, H. B. Dickinson, E. M. Doyle Printing Co., M. J. Deuel, Chas. Eastern Teachers' Agency Eimer Q A1ne11d Fessant, John E. Fitts, C. N. Fitzgerald at Co. Forbes k Wallace Frissell, fieo. N., le Co. Glesman, A. F. Gridley, C. A. Harvey, F. H. J Hegy, Frank J. Hirt. M. Holyoke Street Railway Co. Hotel Hamilton Johannls, Robert Johnson, Henry R. Kelton, R. F., M Co. Kennedy 8: Sullivan Mfg. Co. Knowlton Brothers Holyoke I4 Boston xo Holyoke 3 South Hadley 23 Boston 9 Boston 4 Boston 5 Springfield 3 South Hadley 16 Boston Il Springfield 1 Holyoke 19 Holyoke IQ Holyoke 21 Northmnpton 23 Albany 9 Holyoke S Holyoke lg South Hadley Il Holyoke 14 Holyoke I9 Amherst S Boston 5 New York I7 Holyoke 22 Northampton I2 Holyoke 23 Springfield 4 Holyoke 23 Holyoke 3 South Hadley 6 Springfield 7 Holyoke I3 Holyoke 16 Holyoke 20 Holyoke 22 Holyoke I9 Springfield 3 Holyoke I5 Holyoke 1 5 Northampton 9 Len Llamarada, The Liverxnore tk Martin Lyman, li. l.. xlllclllllllli, A., K Co. McQuillan Meekins, Paekarcl R Wheat Merriam Co., fi. N C. Morgan Envelope Co. Morse le Haynes Mount Holyoke House Mount Holyoke. The Murray, Geo. A. National Blank Book Co. Nickerson, R. R. Prentiss, C. H. Prentiss, G. W., X Co. Preston, N. E. Rand, A. J. Ranger, Casper Rugg, E. H., dc Co Sawtell, J. O. Sehillare, A. J. Sheldon Skinner Mfg. Co., Wm. Smith N Murray Smith, J. R. Smith Bros. Springfield Rep11bliean Stearns, R. H., ek Co. Steiger, A., le Co. Taber, lf. L. Waterman, I.. E.. Co. I Webb, H. J., M Co. Whiting Paper Co. Whiting, Wm. B. Winship Teachers' Agency Worthy, The Wright, E. A. Ye Bay Path Printery Holyoke South Hadley Holyoke Holyoke Northampton Holyoke Springfield Springfield Springfield Springfield Northampton South Hadley Springfield Holyoke Holyoke Holyoke Holyoke South Hadley Holyoke Holyoke Holyoke Springfield Northampton Northampton Holyoke Springfield Holyoke Holyoke Springfield Boston Holyoke Holyoke New York Springfield Holyoke Holyoke Boston Springfield Philadelphia Palmer Advertisements. 1 BRIGI-IAM 85 CO. The Recmjrfo- ear Store New and Exdmzive Sgjfles Cloaks, Suits, Waists, Skirts and Fine Furs T. HOLYOKE A MOUNTAIN RESOR " The Gem of Massachusetts Mountains." Mountain Climbing. Pleasant Walks and Vistas. Tlmtched Roof Summer Houses. 'l' lN 'l'HlC MOST BIEAUTIFUI. AND INTERIZSTING PART OF Tl-IE CONNliC'l'lCU'l' VALLEY THE S llbrospect ibouse IS SITUATED on the summit V' "'ALTlTUDE 1000 FEET74'i l i ' The Finest Cultivaied View in New England." Gorgeous Snnrises and Sunsets. Six Hundred Feet of Vcrandas. Pnrc Spring Water. MOUNT HOLYOKE is not a barren peak, but is clothed to the summit with one of the few remaining forests in the state, unblemishecl by the axe for many years. SEND FOR ll.l.USTRA'l'l2lJ BOOKLET giving rates per week. ELISHA FRENCH BLISS, MANAGER MOUNT HOLYOKE, NORTHAIVIPTON, MASS. The Llamarada AFFE AS WA FULLIJNE OF TAFFETA SILKS IN ALl,QXHAJRS SUYTA- BLE FOR WAISTS and LININGS FOR SALE zzz' MANUFACTURERS' PRICES WM. SKINNER MFG. CO. 1bolQoke, fll5855RCl3ll56ff5 OR several years we have made Gymnasium Suits for many Public and Private Schools. We shall be glad to send you samples of ma- terials and quote prices if desired. R8.YjD66'Zbf2lf!j7, 1R. 1b. Stearns 8 Go. BOSTON Ye Bay Path Printery IN PALMER,1v1Ass M-dL67"5 of PRINTED TIJIIVGS the BEST COl.I.ICGlC XVORK A SPE C I A I, T X Wu 'd be pleased to offer suggestions in any line of fypvgrnp Advertisements SPI'iI1gf1Cid,S Leading PHOTOGRAPHERS 25 Zi discount to Mount Holyoke students. ' E are agents for HUYLER'S CANDY, for EASTMAN'S KODAKS and for WHITINCVS STATIONERYg all three are the best products of their kind. In our D R U G and P R E S C R I P- TION BUSINESS we are leaders, and have the confidence of the people. 'fl C. E.BALL DRUG Co. COR. HIGH AND DWIGHT STREETS Ii A. F. GLESMANN llbrescription Specialist 372 Hum Sr., con. Al'l''i'0N S'1'RlEli'1', HOLYOKE, MASS. And I GLESMANN BROTHERS lDlJ8I'li1HCi5if5, South l-ladley, Mass. NY Tourist wishing to he shown around the grounds, or to ohtain any information about the Faculty, will receive my prompt attention. ---li. XV --- ll -- V. BOOKS I , Springfield 'UUIIJCII il 'UUIRS 3 iboligoke Girl 'l' was not called the eoliege then. 'I'o most of us 't was just the 't Sem." liut oh ! we loved the dear old place, XVith a lore that naught. can e'er eiiaee, When I was a Holyoke girl. We never heartl of basltet-ball 3 In fact, we had no "gym" at all 3 We swept our rooms for exercise, And in the homel 'arts were wise, When l was a liolyoke girl. Our social ventures perhaps seem tame tiomparetl with those you now maintaing Yet the hearts were buoyant and loyal, too, That kept the course of -iolyokc true, When l was a llolyokc girl. 'l'hert: was for us no Mountain Day. No 'lunior " l'1'om " or swell soireeg No eluh rehearsals kept us lute. No U ponies " did our Greek translate, When l was a liolyoke girl. 'llhere 's just one thing l envy you 5 A dream we had. to you came true 3 A Un til es ou to IOllN90N'S door I 4 ' ' ' i W if drdainecivof but neler entered sueli a store I W'hen l was a llolyoke girl. The Llamarada ,A wver I DAu.v sznvics PULLMAN R I - I To ALBANY, 9 Trains 5 05 IIIL1 VE STI BULE ewlpmf I .. ......0, 8 ...... I I in LIMITEIJ To CHICAGO, 7 Trains Q IYVJ To CINCINNATI, 3 Trains 3 TIQAINS , I To DETROIT, 5 Trains -2 ' 4 I To sr. Louis, 3 mans THROUGH COACHES, BUFFET PARLOR CARS3 SLEEPING CARS, DINING CARS Through the Eunous BERKSHIRE HILLS and the ALBANY GATEWAY, which is always open. EXPRESS TRAIN SERVICE SPRINGFIELD T0 BOSTON Boston, 8:46, 10:06, 10:30, 11:20, 2, p.m., 3:00, 3:30, 4:30. 4:55, 5:40, 7:44, 9:03, 10:00, 11:3 WESTBOUND lx Springlielcl. 8:20, 11:15, Zl.lll.,I2Z53, 1:11, 3:25, 4:29, 5:33, 6:50, 8:33, 10:35, p.m. For further infor mtion, time tables, etc., call on ticket agents or address A. S. HANSON, G. P. A., Boston, Mass. lx Springfield, 6:15, 7:00, 8:00, 9:10, 11,a.m., 12:19, 12:49, 1:50, 2:23, 3:27, 4:15, 6:33, 7:36, 8:45, p.n1. o pm Write Forbes 8 Wallace, Springfield, Mass., for any sort of good merchandise. They keep complete and up-to-date stocks of everything in Silk, Dress Goods, Wash Goods, Laces, Trimmings, Gloves, Neck- wear, Suits, Wraps, Waists, and everything in wear- ables for women, misses and children, and almost every- thing for men. They also keep everything for house and interior furnishing. They are reliable: they guarantee satisfaction. Your money back if you are not satisfied. Advertisements 5 SUMMER PUBLICATIONS ISSUED BY THE BOSTO 8c MAI E R. . Descriptive of New England Scenery and Summer Resorts Fully Illustrated and Containing Valuable Maps : : : FISHING AND HUNTING LAKES AND STREAMS AMONG THE MOUNTAINS SOUTIIVVEST NEXV HAMPSHIRE SOUTHEAST NEXV HAMPSHIRE MERRIMACK VALLEY , CENTRAL INIASSACIIUSETTS LAKE MEMPIIREMAGOG AND ABOUT THERE LAKE SUNAPEE TIIE IIOOSAC COUNTRY AND DEERFIELD THE MONADNOCK REGION VALLEY ALL ALONG SHORE EXCURSION N SUMMER IIOTEL BOOK, FREE THE VALLEY OF TIIE CONNECTICUT AND NORTHERN VERMONT Any of the above publications will be sent on receipt of two cents in stamps for each book Comprising n series of hcaultiful half-Lone reproductions of pimtotfmplms taken cxprcsslyfor these woxks, illustrating New l'.ngl.in1l Scenery, have huen published under the foilowmg titles: NEIV ENGLAND LAKES: MOUNTAINS OF NEIV ENGLAND: RIVERS OF NEI-V ENGLANIM SEASHORE Ol" NlL'll' ILUVGLAND: PICTURESQUIL' NIHV ENGLAND KHl:Tf0VlL''r-AhSL'L'llIlll!.'0Il.i'I. Size of illllstlwlticllls, 4 X 6 inches. YVILI, me xl.'xlI.l-:lu UPON RIiClCIi"i' OF Six ClcN'1's I-'ole I-:Mill linux Address: PASSENGER DEPARTMENT, BOSTON 8c MAINE R. R. BOSTON. D. J. FLANDERS, General Passenger and Ticket Agent ESTABLISHED 1890 TELEPHONE CONNECTION EASTER TEACHERS' AGENCY E. E. FOSTER, Manager 50 BROMFIELD s'rREE'r Boston, Mass. Y GOOD PLACES FOR GOOD TEACHERS GOOD TEACHERS FOR GOOD PLACES 45 The Llamarada I Gollege Souyeoirg GN Among Our Specialties are College Views in gf , TINTED PHOTOGRAPHS, Choice BITS of POTTERY, Og BANNERS, CALENDARS, and ALUMINUM WARE ' PHOTOGRAPHS COLORED BY HAND. BRING IN YOUR PICTURES. PRICES LOW C. A. GRIDLETC , 23 College Street SOUTH HADLEY, MASS. CASPER RANGER lumber Illbercbant DOORS, SJSH BLINDS, HOUSE FINISH .BLIND CLAIBINHY' IVORK. I S72-IIR BUILDER YARD AND PLANING MILL Corner ffpplelon and Bom! SU., Hoboke, flfezff. C011f1m:l01' A'J111f'111kf1z1f12211 Blllyrlllllllif, " Grin." Illini D-wfgfzl IVff1ll0l'll'7f Ari l3111!I1'1'11,g', Mmm! Hnlmkv Cnllqgzf Advertisements , Qentistw Dr. F. H. HARVEY 288 Chestnut Street Springiield jfull Set of Keeth 55.50 PAINLESS EXTRACTI NG lfillinu :lt Rezlsmmhle Prices. ICXIITICIIIIQ, 'l'wL-nlv-live I Vents. All Work fluznralnlcucl u Established 1882 - Telephone 8x5-- 3 H Northampton, Mass. HIGH GRADE WORK ONLY OOVICS' O:Xl.l.lfRY--:X RlfM.'XlQli.' Gy kg :XXII VR.-XlSIfXVOR'l'lIY COl.l.lCC'l'lON. COME AND INSPICCT l'I' Nl' ANY 'l'lMlC. SMITH N FOSS. ' SUBSCRIPTIOZVS ' Ihre 13131111111 ignlgukv SUBSCRIPTION PRICE ONE DOLLAR 65 FIFTY CENTS NS COMMENCEMENT NUMBER TWENTY-FIVE CENTS EXTRA PUBLISHED MONTHLY DURING THE COLLEGE YEAR S The Llamarada MEEKINS, PACKARD 8c SPRINGFIELD, MASS. WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS HEADQUARTERS Fbr Phe Wearzhg Apparel rw fm-N - ' ANl7"T' ' " Exclusive House fklfiilkfllkigf TAILOR-MADE SUITS MAHOGANY FURNITURE IMPORTED DRESS GOODS LADIES' DESKS FURS AND CLOAKS UNIQUE CHAIRS SUPERIOR GLOVES COUCHES AND DIvANS CHOICE LINGERIE CHAFING DISHES FINE HOSIERY EXCLUSIVE DRAPERIES HIGH GRADE RIBBONS ARTISTIG FANCY PILLOWS GOLF SWEATERS DOMESTIC AND ORIENTAL RUGS CHARLES DEUEL I THE MISSES GURRAN Y .Bruggiat r .dmpnrtvra N Have returned from Paris with I-Iuyler's Candies A Jfl'6llCb 97509915 ICQ Cream Soda A We make Z1 Specialty of Ready-to-Wezxr HATS Strawberry I 278 HIGH- ST., HOLYOKE, MASS. M 1 Telephone Connection I- gp C LRLRRR RL I .M Pineapple F- L- TABER Raspberry ' Dractical Watch Maker C Ollege I ees And Optician ' ' ' , NI.k flf. 't G ls. F' NV kP tl Jf"1e5P0"0e5 AMOIIQIHIIICIR 2322223 AMHERST HOUSE BLOCK I Oflicez Ball Drug Store Block AMHERST, MASS. A up one Flight 1-mplme 556-6 Advertisements. 'in isgglf ,. Ihr Hlnrthg 'EUMOIIIYCIQ jfll'6 lDI'OOf IEIIYODQHU IDIHII 'lllllilllmn lm. Tkimball, flbqllf. gpflllgflew, flDfl55k1Cbl.l5Cft5 WANTIED: MORE FACUl.'l'Y FOR IMITA- TION. I. S-I-ll. KNOWLTON BROS. lglaiinum lgnrtraita The leading style of Portraits. NVQ are making them in Sepia and Gray, and in thc prevailing styles of 1nnunts.lip,'ht and tinted. and imitation ctchings, etc., etc. PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO 143 Main Sr., NOR'l'HAMP'l'ON il GREETINGS to '03, '04, '05, 8c '06 from the INTERCOLLEGIATE BUREAU OF ACADEMIC COSTUME Gotrell 8 'leonarb Zllbumq, 14. IQ. f -,X Wlmlcszxlu makers of the CAPS and GOWNS to Mnunt Holyoke, Wcllcslev. Bryn Mawr, Woman's College ofI'laltiln0l'c.XVOlh1ll1'SCrmllcpjcnfClcvclilnd, Iilmiru, Wells, Ilzu'v:u'1l,Yule, Univer- Qil'l'C"' ' , 5 0 A lllkfllfll, Lfnnursily of L':il1fm'n1a and the othurs 96 Rich Gowns for '1'rustccsand Faculties, thc Pulpit and the Bench. Illustrated llullctin, Suinplc:-1. utc , upon application 1 oo bings , Et' gmt luzmt znxuvtlging li l hifvrmt in Qlnllrgv Em- Q l112n1z1,0llmm lliinu. il i Eahgvn, Zlllugn. Station- Prg, write nr fall at 387 l, illllaahingtnn Siren. iBnstnn. illlelmmrlgxwvtta l 1Bent X JBusb l lil Waterman's Q-gg? Fountain fPen i lbonors For fil'21lillZlIlfS ure fully expressccl hy 2 3 presenting :1 atnrmankfi Elheal 1 Q ilinnniain WUI Q I If you are not informed as lu the nearest N ' local dealer, write us :uid we will advise you ,l ii 'l'lu- Idenl Pon fur thu Student i l L. E. WATERMAN eo. il 'i -l i ly l 1 'i ill ,y , l ll lun T 51? gl 'fast E Sl l l 51 l lx F V l J l l i t ,rj The Lzirgcst l'eu 5iIlllllfIlCllIl'tfl'S in the World L 173 Broadway, New York KLQXV. l'RlEN'II.S M. YV. PRI-IN'lil XY. A. l'l4l'ZN'll'i GEO. W. PRENTISS Sc CO. Wire Manufacturers OFFICE ANU XVUKKS i 29 Dwight St., Holyoke, Mass. The Llamaraola ff- H , gf W f' .pl A-vii' it . i ix I., A ' ' 4 eff , i ' I K I mill il i is my - 1 xi! xi: V ,Ari , N l Q " H bf, ' w l will Y . i' .f- ii my i, , Q Q ii i , . - 1 1 'I ly yAAP0und of Pleasure. A Enjoy it alonefia-rishare it with g friends and enjoy it more 3 Each piece a delicious treatg pure, dainty, exquisitely fla- j vored. In attractive packages ' 4 which you'll want to keep. L 60 nml 80 Cents. T 5 Fl Boston Chocolates, fy Made by it GaM '43 l 1 Bosrolv. . FN .""' it Advertisements. MORE I-IIGI-I-CLASS TAILOR-MADE AND COSTUME EFFECT Suit For WOmClI,S Wear Than all the Combined Stocks in this Section 'l'hat dot-s not mean hulk but Artistically- 'l'ailort-tl Suits ami t'nstuinus, ramglntf in price from 53.5 to Sion. 'l'ailor-made Suits of lh'oatluioth, Cht-viot. Canvas Cloths, heauli- fully tinisht-tl. ht-st of matcrial and linings, man-tailnrctl, plain antl triuuncti ctiletfts, lined throughout with silk drop skirt, 525, 532,511 and S35 L-auli. 'l'ailor-matic Suits in hlaulc :intl hlut: Cheviot, pruttily trimmed, t-oats silk-lint-tl, skirts on pcrcaliuc, 512.511, 515 and S20 each. VVc arc also Sole Agents in this section for " La Vida " Cor' sets, Patrician Shoes, 'Vrcfoussu and Dunt's Kid tilovcs. XVIIEN You n'.'xN'l' 'l'lIl-2 l4l'IS'I' lil'Z'l' 'l'lIl-I!-HC. SMITH 84: MURRAY, Springfield SOUTH HADLEY, MASS. ALE LIVERY 8c FEED STABLE H. B. DeWITT,-Proprietor C. F. WILKINSON Manager ll Bridge Teachers' Agencies C. A. SCOTT Sc CO., Props College, Academic, and High School Wo1'k a Specialty Agency Manual Free on Ap- plication Oflices, 2 A Beacon St., Boston Y. Nl. C. A. liltigi, LOS ANGELICS, CALI FORNIA FOR THAT TIRED FEELING !! TAKE A COURSE IN ELOCUTION. C. H. PRENTISS Fashionable T AI L O R HIGH STREET Holyoke, Mass. 12 The Llamarada A NEW AND ENLARGED EDITION K-,PE WEBSTER'S wgggn-jg-5 INTERNATIONAL ""+'- -' "' ' ' INTERNATMNAL 2oDICTI0NARY'Q+ ,xx DICTIONARYJ ' l WEBSTER'S it llnternational ictionary A Dictionary of ENGLISH, Biography, Geography, Fiction, Etc. Now Added z5,ooo NEW VVORDS, Phrases and Definitions, prepared under the direct supervision of W. T. I'I.xRRIs, Ph.D., LL.D., United States Com- missioner of Education, assisted by a large corps of competent specialists. New Plates Throughout. Rich Bindings. 2364 Pages. 5ooo Illustrations MISS MARY E. WOOLLEY, President of Mount Holyoke College, says: H It gives me great pleasure to write at very strong ret-miimundaition uf the New Wehsler's Dictionary. I find it most valuable und, :is fair as I have been able to discover, complete and accurate in every p:1rtieul:u'. It is indispensable in my other-, and I have yet to lind ai mistake in it." We also publish WEBSTER'S COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY, with a Scottish Glossary, Etc. noo Pages, X400 Illustrations, Size, 7 x xo x 2511 inches. " First Class in Quality, second class in size."-Nlt:IlUI..xS MURRAY llU'l'l.l-IR. QB Full Particulars with Specimen Pages, Etc., of Both Books W WEBSTER'5 WEBSTER? cottlzoum: Sent on Application COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY DICTIONARY G. 84: C. MERRIAM CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass. C. N. 17177151 Narffaampfon COLLEGE FURNISHING ORE than one-half of our business in the past few years has been in furnishing college dormitories and public institutions includ- ing: STUDENT FURNITURE, DESKS, TABLES, ETC., DRAPERIES, RUGS, SCREENS and all the items of merchandise used by students. We solicit correspondence and will certainly save all pur- chasers at least ten per cent., and deliver the goods at Nlount Holyoke College in good condition. Each September, at the opening of the college year, We shall have in South Hadley a stock of merchandise in FURNITURE, RUGS and DRAPERY GOODS to show the students of Nlount Holyoke College. C. N. FITTS, Noribampfan, Mary. 1 Advertisements FRANK J. HEGY Maker of LADIES' Tailor-made SUITS H670 ELIIIPVOOD D172 IVOlGA1S', l?XPliRT DYERS Gr, CLEANEICS 81 Dwight Street, Holyoke, Mass. ANTED.-SIX IIUNIDREIJ YOUNG XYOMIEN XVITH 521.50 APIECIC, TO INVEST IN '1'l-ll? 1904 LLAINIARAIBA. Che Ecbillare Stubio Special Attention to College and Group Work Developing and Printing I3 E. A WRIGHT'S T ngrahing lqnuav IIO8 Chestnut St., Philadelphia We have our own l'll0t0jZI'!lPl1 Gallery for Half 'Fone and Photo liimgmving' Fashionable Engraving and Stationery LICADING IYIOUSIC FOR College, School and Wedding Invitations, Dance Programs, Menus, Fine Engraving of all Kinds lieforc Ordering lilsewhere Compare Samples and Prices Mount Holyoke College Railroad TIME TABLE Special Accommodation Train A. M. Wilder Basement 10:43 fiylllllflfillllllll' - - - 10:44 Grove junction - - 10:45 Di:-zpe11saryT ---- 1o:45Z Grand Central Station 11 Mary Lyon Hall 1o:4654 Dwight Crossing - - - 10:48 Willistonlf' ---- 1o:48M i Sllilltllldi - 10:50 l' 54 minute stop for refreshments O I tl l t .i 'sto + n y mrougm ra ns p x'l ake local trains for Presidentville, Registrartown, Treasureriield, English Highlands, Superlnten entsburg. 14 The Llamarada Fl. Steiger 8 . HOIiI?J5B' ONE Oli TI-IE FOREMOST DEPAR TMENT STORES IN NEW ENGLAND A Shopping Center for the Students of MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE -- T We have the Exclmlsive Agency for the " DOROTHY IJODIV' SHOES for Women. The next time you refurnish your room call and see what we have to offer in IJRAPIERIES ' EDW. I-I. RUGG Sc CO. 7'ON',S N i v NSIICCUSSUTS to ' 1 L.Ll'.X lal..-XND N XX AI.lxIzR . . . 359 UIC!! SYYCEET, HOL VOICE Medium and Fine Grade UYIIIIR6, JBHQ5, 5llit 68565 213 HIGH STREET anb. Illmbrellae For ,Ven and Hfblllfll zz .S'j5L't71'llf4j' I 11. M. DICKINSON IIEN GIVING A coNcIcIz'r, oIaoAN ,, iw RECITAI., on A SLIQIGI-I RIDE, "EUC GUUQQQ no NoT no om' oIf 'I'owN Ifoiz . '1'Al.lEN'l' TO ASSIST, wie I-IAvIa 'IHIQIII Art Dealer and Statloner RIGHT HERE. CALI. ON IIIz'I"1's Q I PowIzI.soN, DUET'rIs'I's. zoz H1gh Street HoI.voKI2, IIIASSACIIUSETTS Artistic 1' 1 1 1, to Order a Specialty Adverti ements. 15 R. F. Ifeftefe 599 Company POULTRY' AND VEGEYABLES FRESH FISH AND OTSTERS FRESH AND SALT MEATS 37 Math Street, Hoboke, Mary. Ifemeeety 599 Sztffztftm M Co. PL UIIIBING AND STEAM FITTING HOUSE HEATING 'BY STEAM OR HOT WATER AVSPECIALTY We use the Celebrated Richmond Steam and Hot Water Heaters and Guarantee them to heat your house in all Wfeather Z2 am! 75 Mazh Street, HOZJIORK, Mass. Ili The Llarnarada BOTNTON'S LIVER7' , Upper Iind of Common Good Rigs a11d Reasonable Prices. Rubber Tires a Specialty SO UFTH HADLET, MASS. KNOX HATS The Latest KNOX Productions as fast as they appear. A Specialty made of SOFT and STRAW HATS Designed for College Women. STOCKS and li IQLTS for XVomen. They are made by Ii Ii I S E R. His Name is Sufficient Guarantee. jf- W tllinxlc 472 Main Street, Springfield, Mass. f7EWELERtS, OPTICIAZVS, SILVERSMITEIS Fine Wedding and Cnrd Engraving at Specialty E. J. KI'l"l'l5I.I.. U'flfCIlllI!!l'A'7' ll. IiXVIl.I.lll, Offftlhfl H. WEBB ES? CO. 360 Ilhfu .S'l1'1'fl, .SfJl'7'l1g,fL'fll', fllasx. ANTIED BY MISS IE. L-N-LIi- A NAME ' SUITAIII.Ii FOR A SMALL BLACK AND TAN TERRIER OXVNIED BY MR. -If-L. The Cfzoicesf Meats, Fish and Vegembfes ARI? FROM E. L. LYMAN'S MARKET 107 Dwight St., Holyoke, Mass. BOOTS, OXFORDS SLIPPERS. New Styles Popular Prices L:u'g.fu ASSOI'tlllILFllf MORSE 59' HATNES 382 Main Street, Springfield WM. B. WHI'l'ING COAL COMPANY' Dealers in COAL and WOOD MILL WOOD and KINDLINGS 40 Dwzgbt iStreei, Hobfoke, Maxx. M. HIR7' Ladies' and Gents' 'TAILOR Bzzl!'s lfzzildizzg, 2.25 HIGH S TREE T HOL YOKE vw f- Q.- Advertisements 17 ESTABLISIIED IS-SI 'A EI M E R 81 A M E 205-211 ffbffd A MANlllf.lLJ'l'l lizllfilgkfllliis m ' N mncal NEW CHEMICAL TORK and PHYSI f CAL APPARATUS ,. f N Sole Rcpl'csc11lmivm:s for X FX Selling Mums fm. Schott 6 Genossen's . Jena Laboratory - , ,f' Des Moutls Fil. Cle.'s Glassware I ,N X' ' Purest Hammered l x! Plailhurn Greiner 6 Frledrichs' ii i' 'N it Graduated and V T, Thurlngla Glassware AA 'Ab ll , Rgyal Be,-un and ,I if ' l All Roval Meissen Josef Kavauefs ' ' ' M fi' Porcelain Ware Bohemian Glass i , X ,X ' " il, X, N ' , A Aj - .I Carl Zeiss' Carl Schleicher gghuws 6' leigh uf, Microscopes and C.P. Filter Papers " 9 5 ,Q Accessories, and QM ., Other Optical Goods Max Kem A '- 1 rrrl Physical Apparatus Q Q A ' A-1. -f 545 - . Dr. G. Grubler G. Co.'s , i ii X Ml l d C' S li, " ' Bafdfjrizrogiggtains CIP. Chemicals 'E My and Preparations Franz Schmidt Q1 i l H -i Y A' ' Haensclvs TX - ' ' nN,,, ,ll --N- - "4---'--""""' Best Quality """"'sc""es' Sm' mwilllliiimlllilllllllilllllilllil :hmingmw troscopes, and other ii I V Eorciain are Optical Goods lr., tc' tc' k Carl Zeiss' Photomicrographlc Stand, Latnsl Pallern J FIIICSI Analytlcal Balances and W elghts as wcll as any other kind of lmlnncca S ciezztgjic I 7Z.l'f7':ll77Z6'7lf.l' qf the N ewext and M oft I mprofued Deszgm FITTING UP OF LABORATORIES OUR SPECT Inspection of our Extensive Showrooms glal ' ' ALTY c ly invited. The Llamarada hrtmg Igaprr Qlnmpang I'VI7f IVHITINC, l'rusimln-nl HUM If IVIIIYYJVG, '1i1'C2lSlll'Cl' HOLTOKLI, IIJASSACI-IU SETTS whiting Hnpvrn 51132 hrzt nuahv fur fine rnrrv- spnnhrnrr amh gmwral statiunvrg lmlllfya 5 xxqvvlv f 1 lf JG M THEY' WERE AWAIQIJED THE GRAND PRIX ATT THE PARIS EXPOSITION: THE HIGHEST AWARD EVER GIVEN AMERICAN PAPERS V 'M il ll I , Advertisements 19 DIAMONDIS, WATCHES AND f7EWELR2' IN 'rl-ua BEST GRADIQS 1 t h k , 0 ti i SM I '1 H B ROSQ wa ca::1aE3-Eravgrsc ans I83 HIGH 3Eiic:E:EEElii1sci'i11?-IOLYOIIIE M. DOTLE PRINTING CO., Elite College Printing Name Cards in the Latest Designs, Class and College Programs XVe Deliver Ifree of Charge All Cars to and from the College passourlloor. Whitcomb Bldg., Dwight Sli., Holyoke, Mass. ROBERT IOI-IANNIS AR 7' I S T WIEN'I'Y-FIVE years' study and practical experience enable me to execute decorations in artistic styles. beautiful eolorings, and appropriate designs for the plainest cottages or the r chest residences. .Public buildings and churches equipped with the best facilities and a large stock of Domestic and Importczl,Wall Papers. Dee- orative liurlaps. Lincrusta Walton. Relief Decoration and all other decorative materials. Can guarantee best service. .S'loz'e': 302 fubigfk Slrcel, Ifolrokc, flhss. Telephone- 536-4 W. T- Wholesale g:Llletail.Dealer ARTISTIC XYALL PAPERS, PAINTS, OILS, VARNISI-IES, IETC. z : 2 : Estimates Furnished for Painting Buildings. Fine Art Dealer. Water Colors, Oils, Iitchings. Framing in All its Branches. Fine Gold Work a Specialty. Stationery and Iingravetl Work 320 Hzgfz Street, Holyoke, Maxx. THOS. S. CHILDS HOLYOKE'S Leading SHOE STORE The Best Slices at Reasonable Prices, First-class Shoe Repairing. Marble Block-Wait forthe Cars in Our Store Cor. High 5- Dwight Sis., Hobfoka ISS I"-AN- -A- IIIZGS TO ANNOUNCIZ THAT IF ANYONE HAS A CON- FLICT IIISTXYIEEN ACADICINIIC AP- I'OINTlN'Il2NTS AND CALLIERS Sl-Ili XIVILI EIXIPLOY TIIIC LATTIER TO THEIR AD- VANTAIBIC. Does a Large Stock Attract You? WE 'V E GO T I T Do Low Prices Please You? W E HAVE Y'HEM J. R. sM1Ti-1, GROCER 27,1 Hlfiff SYWEEYI I-IOL YOKE Burnham E99 Cfarenbacb Opticians and Watchinakers High-Grade Watch Repairing. Special Attention Paid to Testing the Sight and Filling Oculists' Prescriptions SILVER NOVELTIES, JEWELRY 321 High Streei, HOL YOKE The Llamarada .,Y,, 20 .. ..... - WN1 MORGAN ENVELUPE COMPANY MANUFACTURERS .- OF i I t llb a p e r OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSE TTS A I 1 I H 1 i -,V:1'.,.,-1. ::1. .,.N. ui- , . ,..., : :::1.:w.z 4,::-,. 11:.- 1 ..,1:,: .':':f: e:212:2r:::1:-1:15 :f:11v :5:5:2r-1:!?!??!:E:2:5: ::: 111sz:f:Qr:1:f:z:1:2:2:2-2:1-:115553355 ' VA,: "R:' ' 4'R: an Q u n r N N A N . . ,4,11,, lliilllfgli 'ARZ' ,il 5 ,. :zgigQ332i:igl'Lazy 'fiil iii E 0 m , H 0 L Y O K E a . 'R-R' '-'1' M A S S - 'bvll ' -': - z 'ffff SUMMIT HOUSE ANANAA YNA AAAANAAAA MAY fs, 1903 :RR .'- 'N'fN2 :,.. Visitors to Mount Holyoke :ii College Should not fail -4f-- to visit Mount Tom. l f f 'V' A11 X H . -. .,, --in-:Z . -.', -.-3,11 if V., AClV6l'tlS6l'TI6l'1'lZS 21 AN HONEST DEFENDER OF THE PEOPLE'S RIGHTS Springfield Republican MASSACHUSETTS The RIEPUIILICAN aims tirst to be the best local newspaper in the world. It covers the news of New England, and especially of Western Massachusetts, with painstaking thoroughness and intelligence. It chronicles the daily events of America and the world with alertness, breadth of vision, discrimination and good taste. Its Editorial treatment of Politics and all Current Affairs is conspicuous for its ability. It is sin- cere, earnest, fair, fearless, progressive, hopeful and philosophic. The RI'Il'UISl.lCAN maintains a strong and interesting Literary department, publishing much ex- cellent fiction and poetry, and a daily installment of news, notices and reviews of books and their authors. It devotes special attention and liberal space to Business and Financial interests, to outdoor sports and pastimes, to women's serious concerns and their diversions, to the theater, to education and philan- thropy in all their various lines. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: DAILY, 58 a year. 52 a quarter, 70 cents a month, 3 cents a copy SUNDAY, 52 n year, 50 cents a quarter, 5 cents a copy WEEKLY, SI a year, 25 cents a quarter, I0 cents a month, 3 cents a copy Specimen copies of either Edition sent free on application. The.XVeekly Republican will be sent free one month to anyone who wishes to try it. ITUATION XVANTIQIJ BY SANIDOXV TO , RING THli RISING IlI2I.l. l"lI"TIfliN I MINUTES FRIDAY MORNINGS, AT GUEST ROOM DOOR, PORTER l M. P. CONWAY i llealer in , Pianos E5 Organs, Sheet Music l and Nlusical Nlerehandise The Largest Assortment of'Pianos and Organs of Any l Dealer in Western Massachusetts. Sold on Easy i Payments. Pianos and Organs to Rent. Q 354 305 i MAIN STREET, HIGH STREET, l SPRINGFIELD HOLYOKE l All subscriptions are payable in advance. WINSHIIJ TEACHERS' AGENCY' Prompt Attention Courteous Interest Fair Dealing New England Bureau of Education The Oldest Teache1's'Ag'eney in New England NVE RIQCOMMICND COI.l.I'1GIi GRADUATICS, SPICCIALISTS AND OTIIER T ICACII li RS FOR COLLICGIQ, ACADEMIC AND HIGH SCHOOL POSI- TIONS. W111. F. fj'arfuz'J A!'vz'n F. Peafe 39 A BEAQON ST., 'llwolloors from State House BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 22 THE LLAMARADA VOLUME IX. N2 NS Published by the Class of IQO4 HOTEL HAMILTON 1101. YOA'l:', llL'I.S'S.-1FHU,S'!:'7'71S' Special Attention Paid to Our Ladies' Cafe, Pine liall- Room. Class Banquets Served at Short Notice. 'l'rnlley Cars Pass the Door for the College livery Half llour. GEO. H. BOWKER 8C CO. THE NORYVOOD, N0f'thaf11ptofz UND E R S.-X MIC BIANAG IC MlCN'l' AN'I'ElJ-AT COl.l.I-26115, AN ICXPICRI- ENCEIJ LAXVYER TO SI'I'l"l'l.lC QUES- TIONS CONCERNING l.l'I.-Xtillli AND HOUSE RICGLTLATIONS. A. 7. RAND AIEWELER AND o P T 1 c 1 A N 309 fhgh Slrfel, 1101. l'Olx'l:', XIL-13.9. Diamonds. Watches, Sterling Silverware, Calling and Announcement Card:-xg Parker, Wirt, Waterman and Swan Fountain Pens. Colvylzl .-Iflrulllw liiwu lu l"1'm' U'ulrh ima' jf'rw'lrv li"p11l'r1'u f. Opliwl Pl""l'lffI'7lI IVWA' ' 1 fgronlpfbil.'lll1'1iil15'z1' 10.1 K The Llamaracla GEORGE A. MURRAY Decorator Decorator for Sophomore, junior and Senior Proms at AMIIIERST, WILLIAMS. M'l'. HOLYOKE AND Wll,l.lS'l'ON. .1417 M zzffz Struct, Springjfefd 7'l:'l.l:'l'll0ll'l:' Pr '8.l'6'7'Zffl'07Z Filling f livery Neighborhood has its l. 1' zz fl 1' II ug' Drug' Sion' ln this Neighborhood OUR PHARMACY LEADS lliseriminating People soon heeome our Steady Patrons, XVe have a way of gaining and keeping their enn- litlenee when onee the opportunity is given us. ' Bring your Prescriptions to us. f lf. Fl:'.S'.S'.-INT, 301 llzlgh .S7rz'L'! con. st'lflfoLK. l-IOl.YOl-CIE. M,xssAcllUsl2'l"1's HAlltpIucssiN1: l':r,lcc'l'RlcAI,. SCALP M,xNlcL'RlNo AND FACIAL Sl-IAMPOOING MASSAGE : : : : 1 GRAY HAIR A SPIECIALTY MIS6' ML'.Q,UIL LAN ' HAIRDRESSER Hair Goods Made to Order. Toilet Preparations. Combs, Brushes, Shell Goods. Room 27, l!all's Block, HOLYOKIC, MASS. N. PRESTON, D.D.S. SOUTH HADLEY. MASSACHUSETTS Nitrous Oxide Gas Administered. Local Anresthetics Used. Crown and Bridge NVork a Specialty. 0,Iiiw flmuzr : 8.30 A. M. to 12.30 P. M. 2 to 5 P. M. Advertisements E. P. COPELAND XS Society Banners, Flags and Pillows. Embroidery Materials of Every Kind. Foreign No velti es and B r i c-a - B ra c . Gloves, Corsets, Laces and Ribbons N3 1041 MAIN STREET NOR'I'HAMl"l'ON, :z IXIASSACI-IllSlC'I"l'S Food and Rofresbmenf The Ice Cream we serve is of the very hest quality, being pure :md whole- some Real cream and milk, llavored with pure extracts and made by those who know how. It 's a rare dish for an epicnre or for those who eat only to hetter the health. GEO. N. FRISSELL Gi CO. 413 HIGH STRIEIET Telephone 31:-4 BUT TOUR Screens, Fancy Chairs, Fancy Rockers, R a t t a n Rockers, Small Tables and Trunks of LIVERMORE ef MARTIN at DWIGHT STREET, HoLYoKE 01 23 M 1'1'1'f in zz Photograph means ai great deal. Merit of the Artistic sort, of course. Next time, perhaps, try LI E A , jQa1'111u1'lv with Cl!! C Aff A'l1l'ti Sl'CCl'ISStbR 'ro COl.I.lNt3S 46, llltill S77t'l:'l:'71 1101, YOICIE LADIES A call at my store at any time will be appreciated by one who carries the finest goods to be found in the State in my line NICKERSON, STATIONER I5 mvicsirr S'l'RliIC'l' 'mit-pimms ne-3 Fz'z'zge1'o!o".v Bookstore All the New Hooks as published. Text-Books secured turret or.rm'n1m'-hu11a'i at short notice. S'l'A'l'IONERY- XVe have n leader in College Paper, sells at 25 cents the ponntl. Crystal Bond and Real irish Linen. White and Am 'e En '-ln 1 -s to nt , x L 1 1. match, io cents. Monogram Work :mtl lEngfi'zu'iiig'. Best of work and low- est prices. l'ieture lfrzuning and Art Goods. ' I HOOKSIC LLEPS. STA- Flflgefdflllaf C0-, 'rioN1f:ies. .xlvr 15ic1xi.nRs IQO 111011 511, 1101. l'0lt'l:', 11111551 C. H B 14 TE S Fforisf COLLEGE STREET nmongee Silks Jf011lHfD6 24 The Llamarada A. MvCALL UM 6? COMPANT NORTHAMPTON :: MASSACHUSETTS ARE SHOWING Rare Silky and Woo! Dress Goods EVERYTHING NEVIAUHNAYS IN STOCK In Light Grays, Ligh t Blue, National Blue, Black, White and natural colors. There are plenty of other materials, but Foulards lead the van for dressy llbeau be Gggne Gowns' An exceptionally soft Silk, for jglagk El-Q55 60055 Shirt Waist Suits, shown in , , H N IH Colorg In Voiles, Nun s Velling, Crepe 1bair line Etripeb Caffeta Our leader for Shirt Waist Suits, de Chine, Granite, Prunella, Se rges, Cheviots, Canvas, Etamines, Hop Sacking, Mo- 27 inches wide, t W o - ton e d hair, Henriettas, Venetian, effects. Broadcloth, etc. GREAT SALES OF FINE STATIONERT Old Hadley Linen has no equal at the price, per lb. 4.0 cts. THE UNDER PRICE STORE Advertisements 25 NATIONAL BLANK BOOK COMPANY HOL YOKE, XM-4.S'.S'.-1Cl!US'l:'7'71S' lVl:'lI' VUIGA' ,S'7'Olx'l?, 52 DU-1JVl:' S71 SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF Nzztiorzol Seprzmlo-Loof School Nolafoookx National Seporotv-Loof College Notebook: Neztiomzl Seporzzio-Loof Drawing Book: Ncztlomzl SLyuzrote-LvofMollzorofzflzzffz Bookf Natiomzl Separate-Lelyf' Price Bookf No!z'ofzal Sayuzrolo-LvqzfPbologmjalr Album: Hfre fllkfll fha' uzakvreu of tlzzlv book hire law. Now preyen we to hem alle that herkne this litel tretis or rede that if ther be any thing in it that liketh hem, that thereof they: thanken the Muse, Thalia, of whom proceedeth al wit. 'And if ther 'be any thing that displeaseth hem, we preyen hem also that they arrette it to the defaute of oure unconninge, and, nat to oure wil that wolden ful fayn have seyd bettre if we hadden had conninge. I 1 l l l 1 L5

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