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E Q L AIA, . , ..' ,. M ' ,. -, -' iw H4 ,S , . ' . 4. . ., A V ly.. , - AJ . V ,. 54- 1 ,R . . K 3 J , , X- f - -J' i4f,. " 0' , '-ff ,ll-5 " ,., H A rf. ,, pw' -. L, -4- .: .,1 , Uv MM .wi - 1, A EH, f i ,ff-,. . - f .f,,.'2 f 'g,- " f 91' K . "+ x ' -my Z. ,X H199 I, :.jfP V - X- ggwi. . -1' ,H . 2 K I V Q, ' "' f , f 'L , :Sk Q . 1 Y . , 4 ., -,Q , A...- -1 .1 M, 'Q' .M M . W. NA, , , .,,.-rv: -V' . X., .,. A ,,,, , ,V 'gg f m I . ., V. ., f , , KY. A, , 1 .r. 1- .,.f' y, 1 - ,M , Q ,Q , - , ,, . .4 ' i -' '11, Q Q' -' 44 ' L. ,v rv v, , 3.5 1, k . A .4 ff-1: ... .'f .. IN, t if 1 1 X X, ,V ,nf gy I f x A V K .mm ., . V M. K - ' ....' g, an ,M , . A , , 4, The RED OAK of 1941 Published bythe Senior Class of Mount Holly HighScI1ooI Mount Holly, New Jersey Literary Editor Lillian M. Sm Business Manag B tty Horsiall utl1 V. Pond 1 Q' , 1 . , 1 if ' . I ,gs , 1 Svj ,,gf"., I ' Ai"'51,' f V Q., 'b 'WH 4 'Q I f 0 in N. V " ' 'f' 5- ,1 N U gif, V qf 1 M MA v -'jd .UH 1 , ' X Nl ' X1 .4 4, .'4g'vq',,fn:,w.. X f ' f-.,fff'.A-'q1.,.f1vrm:v,, t ., .f -- -. ,f X. -+ -A '- -f N. yr kjlggff- ' rw' " L..-1' 'Ng Q-Aj-xX.. V ' V N., ,P , "ig F :Q KA" - 25 ' Y WS .f ' 3.-311 F3.": f 55531 ' fi' r?f'Y:i:2 A fx 3 . 1 Qu, -. Why 1- - - I "-:f J " y QW" N . ' , - ': 'L 5.-lf' ' . ., 9.15 , -'11 A " iz 'l 1 -Vi' y a " efei.'fff,f avfvl- 'IVE izifgf ii ' 1 wg . fi lgfs Q' -vt " ,y . 5 "EF .,v " ,- ij' 'I V 1 .' f 'f g if . 1 . 9 ,I za kann, fealle In u Board of Education Marriott G. Haines Harold Hornor George T. Reid William A. Stringfellow Samuel H. Davis Neal H. Troth John G. Chesley Arthur D. Cross Francis P. Gerry William Vaughan Alden D. Elberson William Vaughan, Mount Holly, President George T. Reid, Lumberton, Vice President Arthur D. Cross, District Secretary Harold T. Hornor, Eastampton, Custodian Samuel H. Davis, Westampton Marriott G. Haines, Hainesport William A. Stringfellow, Mount Holly Neal H. Troth, Mount Holly Francis P. Gerry, Mount Holly Alden D. Elberson, Mount Holly Administration nest L. Saul, B. S., M. A. Ohio State University Columbia University Supervising Principal Walclro J. Kinclig, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Ohio State University Columbia University Principal FACULTY Frank G. Cheesman, B. C. S. Rider College Albert O. Dreher, A. B., M. A. Bucknell University Columbia University Margaret L. Carson, B. S. in Ed. Temple University Violet I. Chance, B. S. in Ed., M. A. Temple University Wilmer H. Fennell, B. S. Trenton State Teachers' College Albert R. Brinkman, A. B. Montclair State Teachers' College Clarence B. Davennort, B. S. Pennsylvania State College Everett P. Bradley, B. S., M. Ed. Cornell University Rutgers University Alvin B. Cooney, B. S. Millersville State Teachers' College Commercial Department Industrial Arts Science and Malhemaiics Hislory and Foreign Languages 7 ACULTY Ernest A. Minka, Ph. B., M. Ed. Muhlenberg' College Rutircrs University Elinabeth F. Sinton, B. S., M. A. New Jersey Colleize for Wnmvn Columbia University Russell Stompler, B. S. University of Pennsylvania University of Alabama Pennsylvania State Colleire William J. Jackson, A. B., M. A. Montclair State Teachers' College Rutizers University Elizabeth T. Pearson, A. B. Montclair State Teachers' Collegrc Allan Tomlinson, B. S., M. S. Ed. Shipuensbunz State Teachers' College Temple University Hedwig T. Michalska, B. S. Trenton State Teachers' College Columbia University Avery L. Bennett, A. B., M. A. Harvard Helen L. Tucker, B. A., M. A. American University L' Ecole Francaise, Middlebury. Vt. University of Paris FACULTY Martha M. Jaquette, B. S., M. S. University of Delaware Jeanne Wright, B. S. Temple University Home Economics Blanche L. Wieland, B. S. 4 gf QQ'- Penn State xx, 4 Elsie Cox Bertha M. Herbert English English Trenton State Normal School Trenton State Normal School . Fme Arfs Penn State William G. Carey, B. A. Ithaca College of Music Coomb's College of Music Temple University University of Pennslyvania Ida TenEyck O'Keeffe, University of Virginia Columbia University Harvard University University of Oregon 8 Alice V. Heffner, A. B., M. A. C. B. s., M. A Physical Education English Elizabeth S. McClure, A. Wilson College Columhia University B., M. Jean W. Main, B. S., M. A. Mount Allison University Columbia University Lincoln S. Walter, A. B. Bucknell University New York University Evelyn L. Garrison, B. S., M. A. Trenton State Teachers' College Columbia University El FACULTY Jeanette Jacqueline Robbins, B. Trenton State Teachers' College Douglas Fisher, B. S. Trenton State Teachers' Collvpre University of Pennsylvania Duke University S Class 'En CLASS ADVISERS Clarence B. Davenport Russell Stompler Evelyn L. Garrison Elizabeth F. Sinton Jean Wright 10 F 1 of l94I CLASS OFFICERS H. Raymond Winner George Mingin Alberta Feigley Louis Laletas SENIOR CLASS ,HISTORY In the fall of 1939, we, the present senior class, entered this brand new shining high school as the first bewildered freshmen, but the Student Council Welcome Dance made us feel at home in a short time. The first Freshman dance ever held in the high school was on Friday, the 13th of May. We decorated our gym with black cats and named our super- stition dance a "Freshman Frolic." In our first year we also remember the picnic at Camp Ockanickon. As Sophomores we became a little bolder. We were the First class to hold an all-class party in the gym. Our dance, the "Sophomore Spring Spree" was also a huge success. In November as Juniors we got into the hunting season spirit, put on our hunting caps, and came out to the "junior Hunting Hop" another successful dance. Christmas rolled around and we received little boxes that contained the long awaited class ring. The climaxing event of the year, the junior- Senior Prom, a brilliant and gala evening affair, was held in the gym which was decorated as the bottom of the sea. Three years have flown by and we returned this year the wise old seniors.. Our activities this year have been many, including "The Candy Cane Capers," our Christmas danceg the annual Spelling Beeg a successful senior play, "Janey's One Track Mind"g and our long-awaited Washington Excursion. During these activities members of home, room 13 distinguished them- selves by selling the most tickets, and home room 26 holds the record for IOOM, bankers throughout the four years. Our activities are not yet complete. We look with great interest and ex- pectation to the best Class Night and Graduation yet. 11 The Red Oak Paul E. Adams "Paul" Quiet, well mannered of Mr. Davenport's prize stu- dents...a future farmer...wo- man hater and howl F. F. A., 1, 2, 4, Vice President, 3: Camp Cookery Club, 3: Stu- dent Council, 1, 2, Intramurals, 2. Florence G. Bakley "Floss" Pleasing personality. . .p r e t t y eyes.. .fun-loving and likable.. . an awfully nice person, isn'm she, Bill? Microscope Club, Secretary, 1: Searchers' Club, President, 2: Sub Deb Club, 3: Acorn Club. 4: Student Council, 1: Home Room Treasurer, B, 4, Secretary, 2, 8: Year Book, Literary Staff and Business Stafz Choral Club, 4. Thelma M. Beebe "Beeper" Quiet. . .well liked by those who know her...a hard worker... pulls down many an A. Travel Club, 2: Hobby Club, 3: Press Club, 4: Holly Spirit, Re- porter, 4. Gertrude F. Bodine Cl Gertyif Hear that giggle?. . .there comes Gerty...always a smile for ev- eryone. . .a willing worker. . . loads of fun...friend of every- one, especially Ray. Microscope Club, 2: Home Eco- nomics Club, President, 3, 4: Intramurals, 2. 3, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 4. Florence D. Anderson "Toots" Very quiet...but loads of fun with her own crowd...a.lways does her homework...lovely black hair...tops on any team. Movie Appreciation Club, 1: Fashion Club, 2: Sub Deb Club, 8: Acorn Club, 4: Home Room Treasurer, 1, Secretary and Treasurer, 2, Secretary, 4: Year Book, Literary Staff, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 4: G. A. A. Board, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2, 3. 4: Sen- ior Executive Board. May Elizabeth Bassett tKMay!7 Quiet until you know her... likes to cut up...homework al- ways prepared...a friendly smile...a good sport in every- thing. Busy Bee Club, 1: Outdoor Club, 2, Press Club, 4: Year Book, Business Staff: Holly Spirit, Humor Reporter. 4: Banking Cashier, 3. james G. Benedict UJim77 Quiet. . .likes s h o p. . .anythink worth fixing, Jim can fix. . .wo- men are the least of his worries . . .well liked. Crime Club, 1, 2, Stage Craft Club, Stage Manager, 8, 4, Holly Spirit Representative, 1: Fire Squad, 4. Dorothy Emily Bowen HBOW!! Oh that laugh...full of fun... liked by all but loved by "Niro" ...see Dottie, see Flossie. Microscope Club, 1: Searchers' Club, Secretary, 2: Sub Deb Club, 3: Acorn Club, 4: Home Room President, 1, Treasurer, 3, Secretary, 2: Year Book, Liter- ary Staff and Business Stalf: Choral Club, 1, 2, 4. Cynthia Bowers 44Kittysr Very pleasant disposltion...!ull of fun. . .hails from Alabama.. . noted for her southern accent il. .well liked by those who know er. Leisure Hour Club, 4. Helen Marie Carson "Helen" H.aye's her favorite conversation ...noted for her Plymouth... hates to do her homework...s lover of candy. Acorn Club, 8, 4: Year Book, blterary and Business Staff: Choral Club, 1, 2, 4. Robert E. Chestnut UBobH Swell pez-son...!ull of funny lauzhs. . .qulet. . .well liked by all...noted for car and monkey . . .nice personality. Gym Club, 1, 2, 8. Virginia Cliver uGinnyv Very studloua...proved by her A's. . .friend of everyone. . .will- ing to help...chana'eable in the line of men. Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 8, 4: French Club, eeremry, 4: Home Room Treasurer 1: Senior Play, 4: Basketball. 2, 8. Clfa-ss of 1941 Paul W. Bradshaw l4RevH Hal7DY'l0-lilckyl. . . Lumbertonite . . .lull of fun. . .another of Hol1y's football players.. .Doi-is' steady! Travel Club, 1, 2, 8: Searchers' Club, 4: Football, 2, 8. 4: Track, 1, 2: Home Room Presl- dent, 1, Secretary, 8: Senior Play. 4: Intramurals, 1, 2: Male Chorus, 8: Fire and Tratllc Squad, 8. Emerson V. Carter "Emerson" Mischievous. .. quarrelsome ., . . ambitious. . .studious ?. . .friend.y .. .likes to lauth. . .gefs in th: way whenever one is in a hurry . . .Mount Holly will bewell rep- resented when Emerson goes tx colleze...when, ia right. Dramatic Club, 2: Engineers' Club, 8: Crime Club, 4. George V. Claypoole "Bullet" Ladies' man. . .on the handsome side. . .neat dresser. . .nice per- sonality. . .well liked. . . iby girls especlallyl. Stamp Club, 1: Gym Club, 2: Camp Cookery Club, 8: Football, 2, 8, 4: Baseball, 8, 4: Track, 8, 4: Basketball, 8: Intramu- rals, 1, 3, 4: Fire and Tralllc Squad, 8, 4: Male Chorus. 4. Arthur B. Cooper llcoopli A package of jokes and laughs .. .never a. dull moment by him ...blondes are his favorites... teaser number one. . ,Arthur, are you alter-?...ahem. Dramatic Club, 1: Camp Cook- ery Club, 2, 4: Stage Club, 8: Track, 8, 4: Baseball. 4: Home Room Vice President, 8: Intra- murals. 1. 2. 8. 4: Fire and Tratllc Squad, 8, 4: Male Chor- us, 4.- The Red Oak Arthur L. Croshaw "Crow" Another red head behold...he shines out on the tield...foot- ball is his sole delight and hes a star, too...everybodY'S DBL-- one nice Buy. F. F. A., 1, 2, 3. 4: Crime Club. 2: Cooking Club, 3: Football, 1. 2, 3, 4: Baseball, 3, 4: Basket- ball, 8: Intramurals, 3, 4. Kathryn Davis "Katydid" A willing worker. . .h8DPY'g0' lucky...full of fun...master- mind of cooking. . .very studious ...lives to do BookeeDmz...Mr- Dreher's master-mind. Home Economics Club, 4. D. Walton Davis "Mickey" Sunny disposition...hails from Rancocas...another Ford mah ...known for jokes about chick- ens. F. F. A. Club, 1. 2. 3. 42 Base' ball, 4: Intramurals, 2: Camp Cookery Club, 3. Violet D. Dilks "Sadie" Quiet, humorous type. . .loads of fun...Vivisn and ways seen together...fate Will soon lead her to the 11112112 Bee Club 1: Home Eco- Busy . nomics Club, 3, 4. Stanley F. Danser "Smitty" Well liked by his classmates... noted for his leadership. . .pleas- ing personality. ..loads of fun's Eleanore, Stanley? Male Chorus Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Class Praident: Sophomore Class President: Football, 2, 3: Track, 1, 2, 4: Home Room President, 2, 8, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2: Fire and Taf- Qic Squad, 8, 4: F. F. A., 2, 8, Raymond Davis HRay7! Swell guy-sunny disposition... has way with the girls even if he is short...a swell Student Council President. Engineers' Club, 1, Vice Presi- dent, 2. President, 4: Photog- raphy Club, Vice President, 2: Student Council, Vice Praident, 3, President, 4: Track, 2, 8, 4: Home Room Vice President, 3, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4: Sen- ior Executive Board. Norman R. DeLong "Susie" Witty but nice. . .Freshmen girls are his favorites . . .appears stud- ious. . .looks are deceiving some- times . . . likes basketball. . . a Medfordite.. .also a smooth dancer. Stamp Club. 1: Gym Club, 2, 3: Camp Cookery, 4: Basketball. 2, 3, 4: Intramunals, 1, 2, 8. Mary jane Donaghy "Jamie" Reserved and quiet. . .studious. . a whiz at history...just ask Miss Tucker. Dramatic Club, 3. Russell Easlick HRUSSH Quiet at times...likes to sleep ...another one of the Fishermen .. .well liked by his friends... always late for school. Crime Club, 2: Gym Club, 8: Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: lntramurnls, 1, 2, 3, 4. Alden D. Elberson, jr. 4lElby,, Strictly a Republican. ..always ready with an answer...a will- ing smile...a friend of the peo- ple. Kodak Club. 1: Dramatic Club, Z: Band, 3, 4: Freshman Class Vlce Prmident: Basketball, 4: Track. 2, 8, 4: Scorekeeper, B, 4: Home Room President, 4: Senior Play, 4: Intramurals, 2, 8: Orchestra, B, 4. Helen Ruth Fadeley "Shorty" A true blonde...cheerleading a good majorette ...makes an all-around person for everyone...,lust ask Gus. Movie Appreciation Club, 1: Outdoor Club, Secretary, 2: Acorn Club. 8. 4: Senior Play, 4: Cheerleader, 8, Assistant Captain, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2: Color Guard, 8: Drum Major- ette, 4: Intramurals, 8, 4: Year Book, Literary Stafl, Personal- ity Department, Chairman. Bessie Feinstein UBesH Does her homework in class. . .a bit bashful...but is she? . . . quiet. . .can take shorthand. . . actually aizsles when she sets in the humor. . .won't talk about week-ends. Musical Terpsichorean Club, Secretary, 1: Busy Bee Club, 2: Acorn Club, 4: Home Room Sec- retary. 8: Year Book, Literary Staff: Intramurals, 2, 3. Class of 1941 Galen H. Eiselman, jr. 4KGaleD A nice complexion . . . an all- around sport. . .willing to help . . .proved this by Senior play. . . girls don't worry Galen. Social Dance Club, 1: Movie Appreciation Club, 2: Dramatic Club, 8: Art Club, 4: Football, 3: Senior Play, 4: Intramurals, 1, 8: Male Chorus, 4. Mildred E. Entwistle MMU!! Loads of fun...has made many friends in her four years in high school...took a swell part in the senior play...glamour girl plus...never see Millie without Doris. Microscope Club, 2: Dramatic Club, 8, 4: Senior Play. 4: Banking Cashier, 8. Alberta Marie Feigley HBertH Quiet.. .always a smile.. .an ei'- Hcient class secretary. . .very studious. . .willing to help. . .well liked. Busy Bee Club, 1: Leisure Hour Club, Secretary, 2, Assistant Secretary, 3: Press Club, 4: Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Secretary: Home Room Presi- dent, 1, Secretary, 2, 3, 4: Holly Spirit, Inquiring Reporter, 4: Senior Executive Board. Ruth C. Fields "Ruth" Rather quiet...rides in a 1941 maroon car.. .we l l liked. . .a good worker at studies and Boy- er s. Girls' Leaders' Club, 1: Outdoor Club, 2: Sub Deb Club, 8: Acorn Club, 4: Student Council, 1. 2, 3, 4: Year Book, Literary Staff: Intramurals, 1, 2. 15 ' The Red Oak Asher Henry Forker "Asher" Quiet...sociable with his crowd ...don't worry about Asher, be'11 take care of himself. Engineers' Club, 1, 2: Stage Club, 3, Vice President, 4. S. Loretta Gaiser "Retts" Beautiful brown eyes. . .q u ie t when the teacher is looking... nice to be with. . .has a good sense of humor. . .planning to be a nurse. Movie Appreciation Club, 1: Hostess Club, 2: Press Club, 4: Holly Spirit, Assembly Notes, 4. Daniel Lloyd Gauntt ArDan7! Likes sports...handsome, lady killer.. .well liked and swell all around fellow. . .studious book- keeper. Art Club, President, 1: Gym Club, Vice President, 2, 8: Criminology Club, 4: Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Room President, 1: Vice Presi- dent, 2. Helen Gerber "Helen" Quiet...noted for her alto sing- ing. . .a swell worker. . .loads of fun: isn't she, Virgil? Kodak Club, 1: Hostess' Club, 2: Art Club, 3, 4. Albert J. Fowler UG0bU Another one ol Holly's out- standing football players. . .red hair. . .streaks of temper ibut isn't that to be expectedj. Male Chorus, 2: Crime Club, 4: Football, 2, 8, 4: Baseball, B, 4: Basketball, 3: Fire and Traffic Squad, 4. Charles Gale "Charley" Still water runs deep...a car- penter at heart. . .swell, depend- able fellow. Kodak Club, 1: Stage Craft Club, Stage Manager, 2, Presi- dent, 3, 4. Warren A. Geary uGearyn Noted for his trumpet solos... nice voice. . .good worker. . .likes to talk. . .an asset to his school. Gym Leaders' Club, 1: Micro- scope Club, Secretary, 1: Or- chestra. 1, 4: Vice President, 2, 3: Senior Play: Male Chorus, 8, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2, 8, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4: Washington Itinerary Committee Chairman. Thelma Gerber "Thelma" Sticks to one crowd and one giggle...liked by all that know her-...Tabernacle is well repre- sented...just ask Howard! Kodak Club, 1: Home Econom- ics Club, Secretary, 8: Art Club, 4: Home Room Secretary, 1: Choral Club, 4. Jean M. Gibbens HJCBIIU Well liked. . .2 o o d disposition sometimes. . .a true friend. .hails gran! Hsinmport. . .what about Nimble Flnler Club. 1: Drama- tic Club. 2, 8. 4: Year Book, Business Staff. Doris E. Greenwald Nstinkyil Where Doris is, Paul is...!ull of ...loads of fun...a good PUD worker and hockey player. Kodak Club. 1: Leisure Hour Club, 8: Acorn Club, 4: Senior Play, 4: Intramurals, 2: Bank- ing Cashier, 4. Walter James Grifl-ith U Walt!! Quiet. . . fln class: . .nice dresser .. .appears studious. . .an all around pal to everyone Art Club, 1, 2, 4. janet B. Gsell "J annie" The "Cup" is one half of Jan- et's life and Lew ls the other hall. . .rather dance than eat. . . sweet personality. . .tries to slip ln an extra date once in a while il. .liked by everyone that knows er. Travel Club, 1: Girls' Leaders' Club, 2: Sub Deb Club, 3: Acorn Club. 4: Home Room Sec- retary. 4: Intramurals, 1, 2. 8. 4: Year Book, Literary Staff. Class of 1941 Almalee H. Greenwald HI-'een Loves to skate...noted for her size...zood worker-...plenty of un. Leisure Hour Club, 3: Press Club, 4: Holly Spirit, Exchange Editor, 4: Intramurals, 2. Alice Griffith caHappyu . Always a smile for everyone... willing to help. . .liked by all... isn't she, Ridge? Fashion Club, 2: Press Club, Humor Reporter, 3: Acorn Club, 4: Home Room Vice President, 3: Year Book, Literary Staff. Business Staff: Holly Spirit, 3: Caps and Gowns Committee Chairman. John Grover "Johnny" Sunny disposition...full of smlles...alwsys a smile for the girls...only one Johnny...full of wisecracks. . .willing worker of 2-ab...swell fellow. F. F. A.. 8. 4: Camp Cookery Club, 1: Crime Club, 2: Stale Craft Club. 8: Acorn Club, 4: Year Book, Literary Staff: In- tramurals, 1, 2, 8, 4: Fire and '15-attic Squad, 4: Student Coun- c , . James Henry Hall, jr. uBoneyn A pleasant smile for everyone . . .a sunny disposition. . .lots of sm. . .aims to please the major- Y. Gym Leaders' Club, 2: Hobby Club, 3, 4: Football, 4: Intra- murals, 1, 2. 8, 4. The Red Oak Walter W. Hancock "Walt" Can't miss Walter in a crowd ...his height must be an asset in the movies...never fails to blush.. .on the shy side. . .every- body's pal. Crime Club, 2: Camp Cookery Club, 3: Football, 2, 3, 4: F. F. A-. 1. 2. 3. 4. Margaret Hoffman uBiggien Never on time. . .school or class- es. . .on the run for Miss Wright ...a good giggle. . .how is the soldier? Busy Bee Club, 1, 2: Costume Club, 3, Chairman, 4: Choral Club, 1, 3, 4. Vivian Alice Horner "Dinkey" Appears quiet. . .h a s m a n y friends. . .especially b o y s. . .a changing disposition. . .but nice, if you know her well. Kodak Club, 1: Home Econom- ics Club, Treasurer, 3. Henry jasinski "Pollock" A great loss to football squad when Henry started to work... strictly a blond...well liked by those who know him...hard worker when he wants to be.. . vreator of excitement...what a. laugh. Crime Club, 1: Gym Club, 8: Football, 1, 2, 3: Track, 3: In- tramurals, 1, 2, 3. Mary E. Hatcher uBettyn A friend of the people...will be an asset to any college... studious T. . .full of fun. . .noisy at times...liked by all. Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 8, 4: French Club, President, 4: Sen- ior Play, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Night Committee, Chairman. Irene V. Hogan "Irene" Noted for her "masterpieces". .. third row in the movies every night...beautifnl wavy hair... loves baseball. Art Club, 2: Costume Club, 8, 4. Elizabeth C. Horsfall uBettyn A Hainesportite and a very nice one, too...hard worker on the Holly Spirit...1oads of fun...a pal to everyone 'Travel Club, 1: Outdoor Club, Treasurer, 2: Press Club, Secre- tary, 3, 4: Holly Spirit, Girls' Sports Editor, 8, Principal's Column, 4: Year Book Stafl, Business Manager: Intramurals, 1: Senior Executive Board. Betty Frances johnson "Johnnie" Her smile is sunny...her heart is "light"...hard worker . . . pleasant disposition. . .attra.ctive. Kodak Club, 1: Leisure Hour Club, 3: Acorn Club, 4: Home Room Vice President, 1, Presi- dent, 2: Year Book. Literary Staff, Business Staff: Choral Club, 1, 2: Student Council, 4. Charles R. johnson "Charley" Lumbertonite. . .likes bookkeep- lng l l. . .football star. . .has a way with the women. . .a n d how ll Engineers' Club, 1, 8, 4. Treas- urer, 2: Football, 1, 2, 8, 4: Baseball, 1, 2, 8, 4: Track, 1, 2, . 4. Anna K. Joyce uJoycen A lot of fun...a friendly girl ...a blt bash!ul...dependab!e ...good worker. Busy Bee Club, 1: Travel Club, 2: Sub Deb Club, 8: Home Eco- nomics Club, 4: Intramurals, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 8, 4. M. Richard Kulp HDicklY Cool and lndifferent...knows his parliamentary procedure... regular paper boy...well liked by those who know him. Travel Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 8: Acorn Club. 4: Student Coun- cil. 2, 8. Parliamentarian, 4: Year Book, Literary Staff. Louis Laletas ltL0urv Swell fellow...sunny disposition ...likes stage shows...a good cook...wlll make a swell hus- band for some girl. Engineers' Club, 2, President, 3: Crlmlnology Club, 4: Class Treasurer. 1. 2. 4: Student Council, 1: Home Room Treas- urer. B: Senior Executive Board: Intramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4. Class of 1941 Warren H. johnson "Johnny" Quiet around those he does not know...0h! but in his own crowd...noted for his teasing ...lots of fun...Rancocas is well represented. F. F. A., 1, 2, B. 4: Track, 3, 4: Home Room Treasurer, 1. Fire and Tratllc Squad, 4. Anne A. Kulp "Kulpie" How's he doing, Anniel. .a good it is reported ...qulet...a good dancer, too. Travel Club, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent, 4: Student Council, 2: Banking Cashier, 8: Intramu- rals, 4: Choral Club, 4. William S. Kumpel "Bill" Oh, those eyes. . .wish he had his own car. . .likes to skate. . .one swell fellow. Boys' Leaders' Club. 1: Stage Craft Club. 2. 8: F. F. A., 1, 2. 8, 4: Home Room President, 8. Paul Leary "Termite" Full of smiles...sunny disposi- tion. . .everyone's friend. . .stud- ious. . .illrt. . .basketball whiz. Gym Club, 2: Cooking Club, 4: Baseball, 2, S, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Track, 4: Intramurals, 1. 2, 8: Male Chorus. 4. The Red Oak, jane Lee "Jane" Quiet. . .studious. . .a w h i z at translating Latin. . .a good little worker, . .small in stature, but a worth while member of the class. Travel Club, 1, 2: Hy-Speed Longhand Club, 3: Press Club, 4: Home Room Treasurer, 1: Year Book, Business Staff: Hol- ly Spirit, Class Room Reporter, 4: Senior Executive Board. Marjorie A. Linton sxMarger: Good worker. . .what eyes l. . . full of fun.. .very studious. . .a neat dresser. Busy Bee Club, 1: Travel Club, 2, 3, President, 4: Intramurals, 4: Choral Club, 3, 4. Marjorie Grace Lurty "Margie" Why should life be all labor... the smile that won't come off. .. plays hocikey, too. . .g o i n g steady. Busy Bee Club, 1, 2: Home Eco- nomics Club, 3, 4: Intramurals, 4. Lucy B. Mareno uLucyn Cute. . .attractive. . .smile for all ...quiet until you know her... a spoiled kid...1ikes to quarrel efficient sec- retary to Miss Garrison. Dramatic Club, 1: Travel Club, 2. 3, Secretary, 4: Home Room Secretary, 1, 3, Vice President, 4: Banking Cashier, 3: Choral Club, 1, 3, 4. Mildred E. Leonard "Millie" An all-around good sport... swell pal to get along with... has good points to every argu- ment. Girls' Leaders' Club, 1, 2: Sub Deb Club, 3: Acorn Club, 4: Student Council, 3, 4: Home Room Treasurer, 3, 4: Year Book, Feature Department, 4: G. A. A., 2, Vice President, 3, President, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4. Virginia Lippincott "Ginnie" Debutante of Holly Higb...neat dresser. . .very nice. . .will be re- membered for her singing, . . well liked by all who know her well. Music Club, 1: Sub Deb Club, 3: Press Club, 4: Student Council, 1: Holly Spirit, Alumni Report- er. 4: Choral Club, 1, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus, 2. Barbara Ann E.. Malan "Bobbee" Definitely blonde. . .loads of fun . . .never a dull moment. . .goes steady. . . how's Waddy, Bobbee 'I Girls' Leaders' Club, 1: Outdoor Club, 2: Sub Deb Club, 3: Acorn Club, 4: Home Room Vice President, 2, 4: Intramu- rals, 1, 2. 3: Executive Board: Choral Club, 1: Year Book, Lit- erary Staff: Neophyte, 1. Rose A. Mareno HR0seH If I had my 1icense...1et's go this way. . .a secretary in a'most every class.. .courteous and well liked. Nimble Finger Club, 1: Busy Bee Club, 2: Sub Deb Club, Sec- retary, 3: Stenography Club, Secretary, 4: Home Room Secre- tary, 2, 4: Year Book Staff, Typist, 3: Banking Cashier, 3. Elizabeth G. Marshall "Elizabeth" Polite .. . quiet . . . lovable . . - charming. ..enjoys Sunday eve- nings. . .wonder why?. . . s l o w waltzes are dellght!ul...aren't they, Elisabeth? Photoplsy Club, 1: Travel Club, 2, 8: Stenography Club. 41 Home Room Treasurer, 2: Chor- al Club, 1, 8, 4: Banking Cash- ler, 8. Helen G. Mazurkiewicz "Helen" Qulet.'I...lot.s of friends ea.slly...what a giggle . . .always teasing. . .somebody's stenog. . .see Helen, see her friend Annie. Busy Bee Club, 1: Hostess Club, 2: Press Club, 8: Acorn Club, 4: Holly Spirit, Reporter, 8: Banking Cashier, 8: Year Book, Literary Statf, 4. john j. McGrath llJack?! Quiet. . .at times.. .a true friend ...home town, New York...wo- men are the least of his worries . . .strictly on the handsome side ...well llked by all. Engineers' Club, 8: Crime Club, 4. Bennie Milich "Bennie" Likes to talk and tell jokes... friends with everyone . . . one swell center...always seen in a pick-up ltruckl. Criminology Club, 1, 2 3 Camp gogkeiy Club, 8, 4: Football, 1, Class of 1941 Dorothy Maybury "Dottie" Full of fun...pleaaing person- ality.. .attractive face and love- ly black hair. . .well liked by all who know her. Busy Bee Club, 1: Nimble Fin- ger Club, 2: Leisure Hour Club, 8: Typing Club, 4: Year Book, Tixeriising Staff: Choral Club, john McGinnis l4Jack9! Bashful but nice...never see John without Dallas. ..pleasing smile...keeps his love affairs a secret. Crime Club, 2: Engineers' Club, 8: Stage Craft Club, 4. Everett F. Mickle "Everett" Speed King at 80 miles per hour-...slow and easy going... another Romeo. F. F. A., 1, 2, 8. 4: Engineers' Club. 1. 2, 4: Stage Club, 4: Baseball. 2, 8, 4: Fire Squad, 4. George Mingin "George" Always ready for fun...willlng worker in senior class activi- ties...a jitterburg...I'll say. F. F. A.. 1, 8, Reporter, 2, Vice Prelident, 4: Crime Club, 2: Cooking Club, 8: Vice President Junior Class: Vice President Senior Class: Student Council, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Vice Presi- dent, 2, President, 8, 4: Bas- ketball. 2: Intramurals, 1, 2, 8. The Red Oak Robert J. Minteer HB0b77 Shortness is no disgrace, only inconvenient. . .swell worker. . . friendly...always ready with a smile. Engineers' Club, 1, 4, President, 2, Secretary, 3: Student Coun- cil, 3: Home Room President, 1, 2, Vice President. 3: Intramu- rals, 3: Senior Finance Commit- tee Chairman. Anna E. Newbold ccBettyu A studious type...a good Com- mercial student...neat in her work...a quiet girl...also a willing worker. Dance Club, 1: Dramatic Club. 2, 3, 5: Secretary, 4: Year Book, Secretary to Business Staff: Banking Cashier, 5. Anna K. Nippins iIAnn7! Quiet'I...rates with Johnny as gal number it serious? ...a real friend to people who know her. ..never in cooking room. . .wonder why '? Production Club, 1: Sub Deb Club, 3. Margaret M. O'Mahony lipeggyry Hear that voice above the crowd'l. . .Peggy 1. . .likes to ar- gue, full of fun...always caught in mischief...does her liixomework at home?...we pity lm. Art Club, President, 1: Drama- tic Club, 2, 4, Treasurer, 3: Year Book, Business Staff: In- tramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leader, 3, 4: Fire-Squad, 2, 3, 4: Senior Executive Board. Jean H. Moore "Brownie" Likes to make friends,..serious at times but loads of fun...a pleasant smi1e...loves cooking for whom? ffl? C11-lb, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals, Marion jean Newbold "Johnny" Flirt. . .many a giggle. . .f 0 r what?. . .studious. . .well lik e d by her crowd. Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Sen- :Jr Play, 4: Choral Club, 2, 3. Dorothy O'Mahony :aDottyvv A substitute for hard work... what's this ?.. .why we were do- mg only 801. . .who's we? Zvolgere you see Dot, Bert's there, Dramatic Club, 1, 2, Assistant SQCFEUHTY, 3, President, 4: Stu- dent Council, 1, 2: Year Book, Business Staff: Senior Play, 4: Cheerleader, 3. Secretary, 4: Ne0DhY'fe, 25 Intramurals. 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Executive Board: Fire and Traffic Squad, 3, 4. Myrtle A. Ott "Myrtle" Lots of fun with her own class ...pulls down many an A... noted for her flowers...can she skate? Travel Club, 1: Book Circle, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Annie K. Overby "Annie" Better stay in doors when An- nle's driving the car...quiet until you know her...always waiting for a hollday...espe- cially Chrlstmas. . .wonder why? Movie Appreciation Club, 1: Hostess Club. 2: leisure Hou! Club. 8: Commercial Club, 4: ?enior Play, 4: Banking Cash- er, 8. C. Norman Parker UBudYl Likes to arzue about Ford and Chevy. . .especially in history. . . stays in Medford for his girl. . . a nice zuy. Cookln: Club, 1, 4: Engineers' Club, 2, 8. Ralmond Perkins Hperkil Active in sports...cspecially football...shy until you know him...stlll water runs deep. Camera Club. 1: Gym Club, 2: Cooking Club, 8: Football, 2, 8, 4: Baseball, 2, 8, 4: Home Room President, 1, Vice Presi- dent, 2, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2, 8, 4. Verna A. Pew "Pewie" How did you meet him T. . .at- tractive appearance. . .zood sten- ographer. . .Verna and Mildred, . . .always together. Busy Bee Club, l: Hostess Club, 2: Gift Club, 8: Commercial Club, President. 4: Senior Play, 4: Bankina' Cashier, 3. Class of 1941 Olive Pagel "Olive" Very quiet. . .studious. . .a mas- ter-mind at typing. . .a t r u e friend to all who know her...a Hainesportite. Bpsy Bee Club. 1. 2, 8: Nimble Flh8er Club. 4: Commercial Club, 5. Nancy E. Perkins uNanll A litte flirt. . .happy-80-lucky . . .cunning personality. . .loads of fun. Searchers' Club, 1, 2: Hy-Speed Longhand Club, 8: Home Eco- nomics Club, Secretary, 4: Stu- dent Council, 1: Home Room Secretary. 2: Senior Executive Board. ' Margaret V. Perry "Aunt Peggy" Good things come in small pack- ages. . .good zizgler. . .a litt.e flirt. . .zlft of zab. . .Peppy Per- ry.. .always on the lo. Kodak Club, 1: Girls' Gym Leaders' Club. 2: Art Club, 4: Choral Club, 1. Lee Pinkerton llpinkylf Quiet...soeiable in his crowd... always prepared in class...defl- nitely blond. ' F. F. A., 1, 2, 8: Basketball, 8: Baseball, 8. The Red Oak Ruth V. Po-ndysh "Ruthie" Pleasing personality. . .good dis- position . . .well liked by every- 0 ne. . .g o od blookkeeper. ...a southerner. . .hails from North Carolina. Busy Bee Club, 1: Beauty Cul- ture Club, 2: Leisure Hom Club, 3, Stenographer Club, ,4: Home Room Secretary, 2, V109 President, 3. Treasurer. 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3: Standard Bearer, 4, Year Book, Business Manager. Theodore G. Pytel HTed77 Amusing.. .isn't he. Miss COX . . .good in bookkeeping. . :very likeable to all who know him. Crime Club, Secretary, 4: B852- ball, 3, 4: Home Room Treasur- er, 1, 21 Male Chorus, 45 Intra- murals, 3, 4. Edith Ritter "Edith" Likes to argue over nothing... gift of gab. . .week-ends spent with'?. . .from Tacony. Busy Bee Club, 1: Searchers' Club. President, 23 Art Club, 3, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4: G- A- A., 2, 3, 4. Rachel Ruman URayN A silver tongue has Ray...does she sing in gym HJ---Why B0 anxious for the week-end?... can't make up her mind. .. there's a good time coming... always acting . . . "N u m b er Please." Kodak Club, Secretary, 1: Dra- matic Club, 2, 3, Secretary, 4: Class Treasurer, 3: Choral Club, 2, 3, 41 Banking Cashier, 2, 3. Evelyn Prickett "Evelyn" Can she jitterbug?. . .a g o o d cheerleader. . .one of the wait- resses at the Willows. . .a friend to all. . .especially Irving. Outdoor Club, 1, Secretary, 23 Sub Deb Club, Vice President, 3: Acorn Club, Secretary, 45 Year Book, Literary Staff, Busi- ness Staff: Senior Play, 4: ln- tramurals, 1, 2, 3: Senior Dance Committee Chairman: Cheer- leader, 4: Color Guard, 4. Bert Rau uBert!v Loud, .louder and loudest. . .three adiectlves that describe Bert... who's the blonde or is she a brunette'?...three eyeglasses a Year...fulI of fun...the file is the best leaning post, no? Kodak Club, 1: Crime Club, Secretary, 2: Engineers' Club, 3: Cooking Club. 4: Student Council. 3, 4: Home Room Treasurer, 1: Intramurals, 3, Baseball Manager, 3. Chester Rogers "Chet" One of Holly's star football plaYers...his heart is always in the game. . .tall, dark, handsome . . .what eyes l Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym Club. Nicholas C. Russo "Nick" Happy-E0-lucky . . . always a. smile. . .plenty of jokes . . .seen mostly with a. redhead. F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Guitar Club, 13 Art Club, 2: Camp Cookery Club, 3: Student Coun- cil, 3: Year Book, Business Staff, 4: Holly Spirit Represen- tative, 1, 2, 3, 45 Fire and Traf- fic squad, 4. Martha H. Schwertzler unouyn Quiet. . .evenings taken up. . . ambitious. . .spoiled courteous for all. . .always busy ...liked by everyone. Kodak Club, 1: Hostess Club, 2: Travel Club. 8: Acorn Club. 42 Year Book, Literary Stat! : Sen- ior Plsy, 4: Intramurals, 4. Dorothy M. Shinske "Dottie" A swell girl from the "pines" is Dottie liked b all a leas . . . y . . . P ' ant smile for everyone. . .she fell ' hard...ask that star football player "Art." Busy Bee Club, 1: Gym Club, Secretary, 2: Searchers' Club, Secretary, 8: Acorn Club, 4: Year Book, Literary Staff. ,Edward L. Small, Jr. HBudl7 Why does he always hitch-hike to school.. .another Lucky Teet- er and wonder he hitch hlkes...a swell fellow. Gym Club, 1, 2: Kodak Club, 8, 4: Track. 2, 8, 4: Basketball, 4: Intramurals, 1, 2: Band, 1: Fire Squad, 2, 8, 4. Elizabeth T. Snyder " Spider" Sociable...a good bookkeeping student.. .when you see Ruth, you see Elizabeth. . .a t r u e !rlend...well liked by all. Kodak Club, 1: Outdoor Club, Vice President, 2: Game Club, 8: Acorn Club, 4: Year Book, Literary Staff, Business Staff, 4. lass of 1941 Mildred R. Seward "Mickey" A friendly girl. . .hut a bit bash- ful. . .quiet. . .a pleasing smile . . .attractive apparance. . .fate will soon lead her to the altar. Movie Appreciation Club, Vice President. 1: Stage Craft Club, 2: Acorn Club, 4: Year Book, Literary Staff. Frank R. Shivers, jr. "Junior" Will be well remembered for his .good work on the Holly Spirxt...a genius in his studies ...girls don't worry Junior... that voice. Aff- Cl!-Ib, 1, 2: Press Club, 8, 4: French Club, 4: Holly Spirit Assistant lkiltor, 8, Editor, 4. Lillian M. Smith usrnittyn Good Commercial student. . . quiet. . .nice personality. . .liked by all. . .reserved for Braham. Travel Club, 1: Outdoor Club. 2: Sub Deb Club President, 8: Acorn Club President, 4: Home Room Vice President, 1, 2, 4: Year Book, Literary Staff, Busi- ness Stalfz Senior Play, 4: Banking Cashier, 8: G. A. A., f, 2SEcaritary, 4: Intramurals, joseph Sorber "Joseph" Here comes that green car... there it goes...Joe just follow- ing his nose...a.lways jolly... always gay...neat.. .very quiet. Camp Cookery Club, 1: Crime Cl:zb.14:2 Track, 8, 4: Intramu- ra s, , . . J" 4 ., ,a ,1.....s4-L' 1-Aafieveafne.. - La- eu., The Red Oak Leona M. Still UI-Ieelf A very cheerful person...has a smile for everyone. . .a lw a Y B willing to co-opera.te...l1ked bY all...home room 18. Searchers' Club, 2, 3: L9iS'-119 Hour Club, 4: Intramurals, 2, 3. 4. Donald L. Thompson "Donnie" Full of times...devil- out for his temper ...wants to be a farmer. Gym Club, 2: Football, 3, 45 Intramurals, 2. Kathryn E. Underwood uBettyn Ambitious in all activities. . .a studious type. . .speaks well. . . Student Council representative for four years...those eyes. Dramatic Club, 1, 2, Assistant Secretary, 8, President, 4: Stu- dent Council, 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Secretary, 3: Year Book, Business Staig Senior Play: Choral Club, 1: Commencement Committee, Chairman, 4: Intra- murals, 1, 2, 3, 4. Ralston J. Weeks "Ralston" Just another farmer boy...hap- PY-zo-lucky. . .sunny disposition ...a smile for everyone...espe- cially of gab. F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Camp Cook- ery, 2. Dallas Stratton "Strat" See Dallas, see of Holly High Drummer Boys... good disposition...pleasing per- sonality...gets along with the girls very well. Cooking Club, 1, Art Club President, 3: Band, 3, 4: Fire and Traffic Squad, 4. Peggy V. Tomlinson uPeg11 Attractive...curls with a. na- tural twist...goes steady...nice clothes. . .cute smile. . .one and only, Lou. Girls' Leaders' Club, 13 Outdoor Club, 2: Sub Deb Club, 3: Acorn Club, 4: Home Room President, 1, 23 Year Book, Literary Staff, 4, G. A. A., 1g Girls' Wardrobe Committee, Chairman, 4: Intramurals, 1. William R. Warner "Bill" A good disposition. . .well liked . . .never fails to blush. . .likes the girls.. .especially "Ida May" .. .very studiousif. . .a t r u e friend. Press Club, 1: Searchers' Club, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals, 2: Holly Spirit, 1. joseph Willitts llJ0e7i V Well liked...a t.ease...good in studies. . .good sport. . .his heart belongs to a blonde. Science Club, 1: Camp Cookery, 2, Treasurer, 4: Art Club, 3: Fire and Traffic Squad, 4. Irving W. Winner Ulrvlf Birds of a feather flock together ...that statement ls proved... Evelyn's a. grand cheerleader.. . Irving is a football player... together you always see them. F. F. A., 1, 2, 8, 4: Camp Cook- ery, 8: Guitar Club. 1. 2: Track, 1, 2, 8, 4: Football, 2, 8, 4: Year Book, Business Stall, 4: Intramurals, 8, 4: Fire and Trafllc Squad, 4: Baccalaureate Committee Chairman. Viola Wolf "Bubbie" Neat. . .splendid secretary. . .can she skate l. . .a whiz in short- hand. . .does h e r homework 'I Girls' Leaders' Club, 2: Com- mercial Club, 4. Class of 1941 H. Raymond Winner URayH There 2008 Ray in the pick-up . . .swell fellow. . .good leader. . . full of wise cracks.. .good look- nl. Camp Cookery Club, President, 21 F- F- A.. 1. 2. 8, President, 4: Junior Class President: Sen- ior Clsss President: Student Council, 1. 2: Football. 1, 2, a, 4: Home Room Vice President, 1. President. 3. 4: Senior Play: gltrarguralg. 2 iii Senior Execu- ve oar : re and 'Pralflc Squad. 4. Elsie Anna Worrell "Elsie" She can take s joke and she can tease, too...happy-go-lucky ...quiet manner. Busy Bee Club. 1: Searchers' Club, 2: Acorn Club, 4: Choral Slug, 1: Year Book, Literary ta . Martin Zimmerman "Martin" Quiet. . .well-liked. . .hails from Tabernacle. . .nice willing worker. Art Club. 1. 2, 8. 4. disposition. . . John Dickey Reid "Johnny" Takes books horne...what a Dutch boy. . .will argue on any- thing any time...doing nothing is hard work...lsn't it?...he's always heard in a class room. Social Dance Club, 1: Male Chorus, 2, 8, 4: Stage Craft Club, 2: Band, 8, 4: Home Room Vice President. 2: Home Room Secretary, 1: Senior Play: Lgxad ghlzrus, 2: Student Coun- C v 1 r - Santo Porto IlTo?!! Another one of Holly High's swell football players...can he play basketball 7. . .j u s t ask Martha.. .rippling rhythm . . . dark eyes. . .one nice guy. . .just call him "Ripple," Gym Club, 2: Engineers' Club, 8: Cooking Club, 4: Baseball, 1, 2, 8, 4: Football, 8, 4: Basket- ball, 8, 4: Track, 4: Intramu- rals 1, 2. THE RED OAK Here's the Name Paul E. Adams Florence Anderson Florence Bakley May Bassett Thelma Beebe Jim Benedict Gertrude Bodine Dorothy Bowen Cynthia Bowers Paul Bradshaw Helen Carson Emerson Carter Robert Chestnut George Claypoole Virginia Cliver Arthur Cooper Arthur Croshaw Stanley Danser Katherine Davis Walton Davis Norman DeLong Violet Dilks Mary Jane Donaghy Russell Easlick Galen Eiselman Alden Elberson Mildred Entwistle Helen Fadeley Alberta Feigley Bessie Feinstein Asher Forker Loretta Gaiser Charles Gale Daniel Gallntt Warren Geary Helen Gerber Thelma Gerber Jean Gibbens Almalee Greenwald Doris Greenwald Alice Gridith Walter Griffith John Grover Janet Gsell James Hall Walter Hancock Betty Hatcher Margaret Hoffman Irene Hogan Vivian Horner Betty Horsfall Henry Jasinski Betty Johnson Charles Johnson Warren Johnson Anna Joyce Anna. Kulp Richard M. KulD Bill Kumpel Louis Laletas Paul Leary Noted For Quietness Good sport Being lucky in Quietness Roller skating Craziness Sunny disposition Personality Her accent Football Blushing Bashfulness His car Football ' Class ability Dancing Football Flirting Explanations Quietness Skipping classes Chewing gum Should we tell? Being late Rosy cheeks His love affair Blond hair Drum majorette Studying Her hair Quietness What's your opinion Quietness Flirting Trumpeting Quietness Her way of talking Freckles Being with Jean Shortness Bright eyes Shyness Jokes Dancing Smartness Height Babyishness Laugh Her art Her boys Size Horse laugh Flirting Football Looks Her weight History Cigarette smoking Blushing Treasurer Flirtitng te sts Class Hcre's How He Got Through You tell us Studying Do you want to know ? Studying Perserverance Brightness Talked her way out Want us to tell you? With her southern drawl What's your opinion? With the aid of others Or did he? Just knocking around In the usual way Brains Push As a football hero Getting around Calmly and quietly Brightness Bluifed Sliding Studying Football A Tinkle in his eye With the greatest of ease We wish we knew Want us to tell you Just plain eiiiciency Studying Well- In her unobtrusive way Working back stage Industry With one big step Got around teachers Singing Gift of gab In the usual way In her own quiet way Flashing those eyes Just knocked around On his nerve She swung it You can never tell Playing football Pull ll On that giggle With backward writing Regular attendance Studious It must have been jokes By luck By the skin of his teeth In his own quiet way Silence Knowledge Sneaked through Guess! The usual way Talked his way out ir r 0 r Needs Most Girl friend Dick Bill We don't know Vocal chords A car A certain someone Nippie A boy friend Doris You guess Height Do you want to know 7 A nice girl A steady A girl Dot The right technique A boy friend A bigger car A good watch Joe More books A girl He's undecided To wipe oil' the lipstick Enthusiasm Gus Him A certain someone His redhead Vitamin B A stage crew A good car More lessons Permanent Less appetite New giggle Spunk Paul Ridgway A girl Anna Love A girl Skeeter A new giggle Him A boy friend Martin Speed Who knows More sleep The right technique A nice girl A boy friend Marjorie A car Elizabeth A girl A little speed 28 Mirror Bashful Her laugh Witty Good natured Quietness Wacky Mischievous Giggly Jolly Wacky Talkative Monkey on a stick Farmerish Athletic Personality Fast Good natured Willing Quiet Bashful Forward Blushing Willing and able Bashful Happy-go-lucky Smooth Bashful Small Quiet Baehful Bashful Silence Calm Bashful Conceited Sunny Gizgly Happy-so-lucky Shyness Happy-so-lucky Mischievous Quiet Witty Neat Witty Bashful Chatterbox Wacky Mischievous Bashful Comical Jolly Noisy Slow Quiet Sunny Sweet Arguing ? Mischievous Wacky 10 Year! From Now Farmer Housewife Housewife Secretary Waitress A hard worker Child's nurse Housewife Who knows Rev. Not a waitress Bachelor Mechanic Gigolo Farmer's wife Jitterbug Farmer Farmer Who knows? Farmer Playboy Wife Ask her Bachelor Farmer Sheik Opera Singer Housewife Salesgirl Secretary Guess A little older Cooney's stooge Clerk Teacher Opera singer Home companion Efficient housewife Nurse Housewife Married woman Do you want to know Husband Housewife Big shot Farmer Stooge I Soldier's wife Artist Housewife Secretary Horse sound effects Wife Soldier Selling catfish Dressmaker Unknown Traveling salesman Farmer Waiter Who knows 'I THE RED OAK Here's the Name Jane Lee Mildred Leonard Marjorie Linton Virginia Lippincott Marjorie Lurty Barbara Malan Lucy Mareno Rose Mareno Elizabeth Marshall Dorothy Mayhury Helen Mazurklewlcz Everett Mickle Bennie Millch Robert Mlnteer Jean Moore John McGinnis John McGrath Betty Newbold Marlon Newbold Anna Nlppins Dottie O'MahonY Peg!! 0'MahonY Myrtle Ott Annie Overlay Olive Palel Norman Parker Nancy Perkins Ralmond Perkins Peggy Perry Verna Pew Ruth Pondylh Santo Porto Evelyn Prlckett Theodore Pytel Bert Rau John Reid Edith Ritter Chester Rogers Rachel Ruman Nick Russo Martha Schwertzler Mildred Seward Dorothy Shlnske Junior Shlvers Edward Small Lillian Smith Elizabeth Snyder Joseph Sorber Leona Still Dallas Stratton Donald Thompson Polly Tomlinson Noted For Quietness Athletics Dancing Dates for one Fllrtlnl Acting up Height Clothes Grand personality Flirting Talking Quletness Vlncentown Curly hair Sports Nice hair Shoulders Modesty Her walk Sleeping Giggle Love for Democrats Music Cheerfulness Blushing H's quiet way Quietnezs Sports Her giggle Her modesty Runninlthe Flirting Her freckles Height That French Bass horn Leadership Good looks I-ler dancin! Cuttin' up Quletness Quietness Her smile His intellect Good Hb driving Her men Her gab Chewing gum hall Being good natured Grin Happy disposition Dancing Elisabeth Underwood Talklni William Warner Ralston Weeks Joseph Willltts Irving Winner Raymond Winner Viola Wolf llllle Worrell Martin Zimmerman His hair Loud talkin! Flirting Football Being cute Skating Bookkeeping Laughing Class Mirror l-Iere's How He Got Through Worked Studied In the usual way In the usual way Pretending Flashing those eyes Flashing her dimples Studying Studying Jumping around I-ler accent In his quiet way What's your opinion? Chewing gum Walked all the way Sliding That certain accent Initiative Gift of gal: Three guesses Want to know? On her style Calmly and quietly Initiative Studying In thc usual way Just about made it Workinll By being cheerful By being studious You can't guess Sliding through Guessl Chewing gum Just about In the usual way Drawing As football hero We wonder We want to know Brightnas In her unobtrusive way With her eyes Knowledge On his nerve "I don't know" Dreaming We don't know, do you 'I She worked her way out On his line Just knocking Flashing those around eyes Influence with teacher You guess Joking Just knocking around On his line Taking one big step Studying In her own quiet way Talking Needs Most T. N. T. Ed A Marine Paul Charlie A steady Stllts We want to know A steady Steady fellow New giggle Kay Shirley A car Bill To come to school A red h white sweater Responsible position Men and how A new hair do A steady A horse Jean Gibbens Virginny Some pep A girl friend Roland Football Certain someone Who knows? A certain someone A better technique Irving Curlers Dotty Marion Al A girl A Moorestown resident Dorothy Hard to tell Bill Crow More pounds Driving lesson Jim To make up her mind Steady girl A little of everything Female It's a mystery Lou Fred A girl A Dottie A Gager girl Evelyn A steady girl Skating partner Ed. Vivian 29 Mirror Disnltled Good sport Meek Good sport Talkative Witty Fickle Neat Good natured Sunny Etllcient Bashful Easy going Arguing Sincere Jolly Whiz at geometry Quiet Gabby Stubborn Jolly Cheerful Giggles Quiet Shy Bashful Flirt Quiet Short Quiet Willing and Good sport Funny Tall Handsome? That hornl Agreeable Strong man Jolly Careless Quiet Dreamy Agreeable Studious Pest Meek Flirtations Dogmatic Giggly Wacky Blushing Dreamy Good natured Silly Witty Noisy Wacky Easy going Pleasant ' Jolly Wacky able 10 Years From New Teacher Caring for a sailor We wonder Debutante Wife A waitress Work at T. B. League Somebody's stenog. Bookkeeper Housewi Private Farmer Farmer Aviator Artist fe secretary Taller. maybe Piano mover Stenographer Nurse Johnnle's wife Secretary Politician Music teacher Down in Vlrginny Expert typist Farmer It's up to Roland Doyou know Ask Bob Etllcient We won secretary der You tell us Hairdresser Ditch dlgger Optometrist Artist Artist Salesman Secretary A farmer Ask her Housewife Comptometer Prof. M. D. Housewife Ask her Track star Hard to tell Big shot Carpenter Housewife Influencing her public Bachelor Farmer Hard to Farmer Sailor Skatlnl Nurse Farmer tell teacher THE RED OAK Say It With Song . Alice Griffith ...... Chester Rogers Betty Hatcher .... Dotty O'Mahony .. Paul Leary ....... Anna Nippins ..... Virginia Lippincott Florence Bakley . . . Warren Geary .... Betty Johnson . . . Thelma Beebe .. Loretta Gaiser . .. Jean Gibbons .... Ruth Pondysh .... Elizabeth Snyder . . Walton Davis .... Helen Gerber .... Irving Winner . . . Janet Gsell ...... Annie Kulp ....... Ralrnond Perkins .. Dot Bowen ....... Dot Shinske .... Arthur Croshaw Doris Greenwald .. Paul Bradshaw .... Dallas Stratton .... Irene Hogan ..... johnny Grover .... George Mingin .... Bert Rau ......... Mildred Leonard .. Mary Jane Donaghy Virginia Cliver .... Raymond Davis .. . Emerson Carter Helen Mazurkiewicz Helen Fadeley .... junior Shivers .... George Claypoole . John McGrath .... Lucy Mareno ..... Peggy Tomlinson . . Richard Kulp ..... Marjorie Lurty Norman Parker .. . Raymond Winner . jean Moore ....... Helen Carson ..... Martha Schwertzler Annie Overby ..... Elsie Worrell ..... Cf SK at Gi if "Turn Back the Clock" -- ca .. I6 K6 H it if K6 KC Ki KC CC ...H "Call of the Canyon" ll KC So You're the Onev Little White Lies" Scatterbrainn I've Got a One Track Mind" Smarty Pants" Oh johnny" If I Were a Millionaire" Billy" Charming Little Faker" I Can't Resist You" "We Three" How Can You Pretend" "The One I Love Belongs t Mv Silent Mood" Old Fashioned Love" oi Somebody Else Night After Night After You" "The Things You Can Do With Your Feet Ill Never Smile Again" Little Sleepy Head" Two Dreams Met" Our Love Affair" Drummer Boy" I'rn Nobody's Baby" Annie Doesn't Live Here Anvmore Hey, Stop Kissing My Sister" May I Never Love Again" The Sailor With the Navy Blue Eyes Last Night" Where Do You Keen Your Heart What's the Matter With Me" I'm a Bad Boy" Well Did You Evah ?" Pardon Us We're in Love I Want a Girl" The Same Old Story" lust Leave Me Alone" Little Girl" Here Comes the Bride" Tf I Had My Way" Charles Was a Sailor" 91 Gentleman Needs a Shave" Rumboogiev My Bill" Parking in the Starlight" Accidentally on Purpose" It All Comes Back to Me 30 Now THE RED OAK Odds and Ends From Washington Ask the Seniors, on bus one, how Mr. Kindig surprised the kids on the back seat. fDid they jump?J I wonder how Elberson felt when the maid walked in. Who took Dick Kulp's place when he got moved up front? fjust ask Carterj. Who had the back seat reserved in bus two coming home? Where was Johnnie Grover when Mr. Stompler sat beside Anna? Why did Mildred Entwistle want to sit up front? Ask Miss Tucker how she liked jack on bus one? Who moved up front with Peggy Perry? When we stopped at the Pennsville Ferry Mr. Stompler was so hungry he ate daffodils. It looked as if cupid were in Washington with the Seniors when Bill Kumpel and Dot Maybury got together. Bus three-Smack!-Miss Garrison, "I think I missed something." QWe think she missed quite a lotj. The bus drivers were niceg weren't they girls? Who pushed Florence over the seat? What happened when Dot Shinske woke up? Where was Helen Carson on the Night Ride? Ask Nick. Johnnie Johnson was not quite so bashful on the Night Ride. How aboutit, Helen? Did everyone see the picture of Ginny and Alden which was taken in the bus? In what condition did Miss Wright find 440 Friday night? QWe'd rather not sayj. Henry jasinski is bashful-at times, huh Al? Ask Marjorie Lurty what the trouble was coming home on bus four. The Seniors on bus four would like to thank Biggie and Bobbie for the swell guide service during the night ride. Wonder what would have happened if Henry had changed places with the bus driver on bus four? Miss Wright's favorite phrase on bus four, "No smoking and no neckingf' What happened to the pillow case in 441? Ask Dorothy Shinske if she took a ride with Gene Autry? What boy in the senior class changed his shirt three times in one night? Ask Toots Anderson how she liked the little red headed bell hop? 31 THE RED OAK What Would Happen If . . Annie Overby pronounced "radio" correctly? The Senior Commercials had history? Mr. Jackson stopped talking from the corner of his mouth? Ted Pytel lost his curlers? Mildred Seward lost Bill? Lillian Smith stopped stealing boy friends? May Bassett lost her freckles? Helen Mazurkiewicz's name was pronounced correctly? Martha Schwertzler thought that red headed males were not attractive? Elsie Worrell found something to talk about? Edith Ritter stopped arguing over nothing? john Grover forgot to Hirt? Peggy Perry stayed in class? Mr. Stompler made an experiment that didn't smell? There weren't any arguments over the things put in the year book? Miss Wieland lost her technique in playing basketball? Rachel Ruman stopped acting? Warren Geary got an inferiority complex? All the clocks in the school told the same time? The sets for the senior play matched? Kitchen 5, seventh and eighth periods made something good? Betty Johnson forgot to put on airs? Doris and Paul really broke up? Nancy got her man? junior Shivers put on weight? Chester Rogers didn't have an alibi? Betty Hatcher grew up? Virginia Cliver forgot to be dignified? Bud Small changed his dancing methods? Virginia Lippincott did something with her hair? Florence Anderson forgot to blush? Arthur Croshaw moved to the pines? The wave came out of Charles Johnson's hair? Dorothy Shinslce wasn't seen with a certain red-head? Evelyn and Irving weren't able to go to Washington on the same bus? Florence Bakley lost Bill in the conscription? Ray Davis found a girl his size? Helen Carson lost her knack of chewing gum? Helen Fadeley didn't go steady with Gus? 32 THE RED OAK Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1941 E, the members of the Class of 1941 of Mount Holly High School, being in some respects of sound mind, do hereby on the eve of our departure will and bequeath the items hereafter listed in this our last will and testament. We, the seniors of Mount Holly High School, bequeath to the lower classes a new set of corridor rules. We, Janey and Bummy, do bequeath our old dirty dresses of the Senior Play to the next year's senior play cast as a mem- ory of the fire. I, Elizabeth Underwood, do .A in French to one who badly needs lt, Bill Cook. I, Mildred Leonard, do bequeath all the problems of G. A. A. to one who can solve them, Adele O'Donnell. I, Richard Kulp, do bequeath my pacing at committee meetings to one, Jack Wex- ler. We, the senior Academic boys, do bequeath our ability of being late at English class to the Junior Aca emic boys. I, Evelyn Prickett, do bequeath my cheer- leading ability to one, Evelyn Glenn. We, the O'Mahony Twins, bequeath our identicalncss to two, the Yoos twins. I, Dotty O'Mahony, do bequeath my short- hand ability to one, Catherine Hart. I, Peggy Perry, do bequeath my shortness to one, Ted Rude. I, Ruth Pondysh, do bequeath my ability to comb my hair to one, Geraldine Moshou. We, Jean Moore and Mildred Leonard, do bequeath our athletic ability to two, Rae Scattergood and Barbara Small. I, Martha Schwertzler, do bequeath my studying to one, Edna Schwertzler. We, the Senior Commercials, do bequeath to the Junior Commercials, the uncoop- erative ways of some teachers during narrative report time. I, Everett Mickle, do bequeath my baseball ability to one, Edna Mae Evans. I, Ralston Weeks, do leave Miss Bonnie Moore to one, Joe Green. I, Annie Overby, do bequeath my ability to keep up with Miss Jaquette and Mr. Walter to anyone who thinks he can do it. I, Helen Mazurkiewicz, do bequeath the length of my name to one, Helen Lee. I, Viola Wolf, do bequeath my skating abil- ity to one, Catherine Cliver. We, the Senior Commercials, do bequeath our ability to discourage Mr. Brinkman to the Junior Commercial Class. I, Olive Pagel, do bequeath my talkative ability to one, Josephine Wisowaty. I, Alden D. Elberson, Jr., do bequeath my exceptional saxophone ability to one, Abbott Hendry. I, Ted Pytel, do bequeath my fine curly hair to one, Miss Garrison. I, Barbara Malan, do bequeath my ability to be absent to one, O. Harold French. We, Paul Bradshaw and Doris Greenwald, do bequeath "Our Love Affair" to two, Jean Fryer and Gerald McDonnel. I, Alice Griffith, do bequeath my smiling ability to one, Virginia Justin. I, Marjorie Linton, do bequeath my slim figure to one, Luella Bardeer. I, Irene Hogan, do bequeath my wavy hair to one, Mary Corson. I, Dorothy Bowen, do bequeath my sewing ability to one, Emily Doran. I, Betty Johnson, do bequeath my Book- keeping ability to one, Norma Bryant. I, Florence Anderson, do bequeath my good disposition to one, Francis Warwick. I, Norman DeLong, do bequeath my danc- ing partner to one Gerald McDonnel. I, Helen Fadeley, do bequeath my cheer- leading ability to two, '1'he Reeves twins. I, Arthur Croshaw, do bequeath my fine football ability to one, Daniel Guilday. I, Warren Geary, do bequeath my egotism and conceit to one, Miles Powell. I, Virginia Cliver, do bequeath my knowl- edge and ability to concentrate on any homework to one, Joseph Green. I, Chester Rogers, do bequeath my beauti- ful physique to one, Morri Strode. I, Frank Shivers, do bequeath my lean build to one, Francis Garbarino. fSignedj Class of 1941. Classes and livilies .se Classes Student Council Clubs Athletics Aclvertiseme .97 - CLASS FRANK AARONSON GERALD McDONNEL SHIRLEY ROBERTS JACK WEXLER We, the class of 1942, End it a source of great pleasure to look back on the past three years. Entering high school was like entering a completely new world. How- ever, we found the upper classmen exceptionally friendly and were soon made to feel at home. The main event of that year was the "Shamrock Sharnblen given on March 17. Two of the outstanding activities which helped make the sophomore year more enjoyable were the "jack Frost Frolic," given on january 26, and the class party. This, our junior year, has proved the fullest so far. First of all came the purchasing of our junior rings which were received early in December. Then the class sponsored the "Football Frolic," given near the close of the football season. Now we are looking forward to the biggest event of our high school ca- reer, the junior-Senior Prom. We hope to make this an affair to be remem- bered by all. W 36 OF 1942 C CLASS OFFICERS President-Frank Aaronson Vice President-Gerald McDonnel Secretary-Shirley Roberts Treasurer-Jack Wexler FACULTY ADVISERS jean W. Main Wilmer H. Fennell Helen L. Tucker Lincoln S. Walter 37 CLASS WALLY RABENSTINE JACK ANDERSON ALTHEA POINSETT MIRIAM YOOS CLASS OFFICERS President-Wally Rabenstine Vice President-jack Anderson Secretary-Althea Poinsett Treasurer-Miriam Yoos We, the class of 1943 were made to feel at home as Freshmen by a Wel- come Dance sponsored by the Student Council. In November we elected Harlan Greenberg our president, Frank Serrano, vice presidentg Marie El- berson, secretaryg Jim Lester, treasurer, and our class was off to a good start. The Killarney Swing was a financial success as well as a gala affair. As we look back to the football season of 1939, we find Mark Hutchinson as varsity end. . Our dance in April was called the Spring Frolic and Phil Vincent's ora chestra supplied the music. In athletics Mark' Hutchinson was again on the varsity football team, and Harrie Bragg was a varsity lineman. The basket- ball season brought two more classmates, jack Worth and Charles jones into the limelight, both of them playing in the Group 2 South Jersey Finals. The Christmas Home Room Decoration prizes were all won by Sophomore Home Rooms which made us feel quite proud. Also many successful assemblies were given in which our class participated. We did our part in helping to beautify our campus by presenting a tree to the school. This activity closed a mosttsuccessful year, and we are now looking forward to 42 and 43. 38 OF 1943 FACULTY ADVISERS Blanche L. Wieland Albert L. Brinkman Bertha Herbert Elsie Cox Margaret Carson Elizabeth T. Pearson 39 THE RED OAK CLASS CLASS OFFICERS President-William Pettit Vice President-Dorothy Underwood Secretary-Ruth Braddock Treasurer-Anna Bozarth FACULTY ADVISERS Allan Tomlinson William J. jackson Albert O. Dreher Hedwig T. Michalska Elizabeth S. McClure Frank G. Cheesman The class of 1944 began this year as a group distinctive for being the larg- est freshman class ever to enter Mount Holly High School. With an enthusiasm equal to its number the class met early in the year to choose class ofhcers. After listening to the excellent speeches of the can- didates for ofl-ice, the class chose ofhcers which have proved most capable. The most interesting activity of the year was the freshman dance, held on March 21. The dance, honoring both the freshman color, green, and St. Patrick was called the "Shamrock Shag." In this the freshmen set a preced- ent for class dances by having the music furnished by a music box instead of an orchestra. The dance was highly successful. The members of the class are looking forward to more events even more enjoyable during their four-year stay in Mount Holly High School. -'10 OF 1944 THERED OAK Student RICHARD KULP' FRED PEW RAYMOND DAVIS SHIRLEE BECKER HARLAN GREENBERG During this year, 1940-41, our Student Council has been confronted with various problems of the school. The annual Welcome Dance, with "School Days" as its theme, was the first activity sponsored by Council. This proved to be very successful. With nearly every member of Student Council and the advisers attend- ing the annual meeting of the New jersey Association of Student Councils at Glassboro, many helpful ideas and suggestions were brought back to use in our work. Clearing the halls during noon-hours and dancing after basketball games were two of our greatest problems this year. The former problem was par- tially remedied by providing opportunity for students to dance, go to the auditorium, or remain in the cafeteriay The latter situation, however, will still remain an experiment until definite rules and regulations are made to meet with everyone's satisfaction. Student Council sponsored two interesting movies which were well sup- ported by the student body. Many Council members helped to make the Vocational Conference a successful affair by offering their services for various activities. One of the outstanding accomplishments this year was the securing of a name marker for our school. A contest was sponsored in order that a design might be obtained. . We have enjoyed our work on Student Council, and our wish is that those who serve in 1941-42 will also have an interesting and successful year. 42 Council K OFFICERS President-Raymond Davis Vice President-Fred Pew Secretary-Treasurer-Shirlee Becker Sergeant-at-Arms-Harlan Greenberg Parliamentarian-Richard Kulp FACULTY ADVISERS Elizabeth F. Sinton jean W. Main Frank G. Cheesman 43 THE RED OAK. A The Red Oak Staff LITERARY STAFF Literary Editor . . .... Lillian Smith Senior Editor .... . . .Helen Fadeley Feature Editor .. .... Alice Griffith Secretary ......... Evel yn BUSINESS STAFF Business Managers-Betty Horsfall, Ruth Pondysh Dorothy Bowen Florence Anderson Betty Johnson Florence Bakley Jean Gibbens Helen Mazurkiewicz Room Representatives Irving Winner Elizabeth Snyder Lillian Smith Helen Carson Peggy O'Mahony May Bassett Helen Fadeley John Grover Mildred Seward Jane Lee Alice Grihith Dottie O'Mahony Elizabeth Underwood ADVERTISING STAFF john Grover, Advertising Manager Bill Kumpel Norman DeLong Chester Rogers Dorothy Maybury Ruth Pondysh Nick Russo Bob Minteer Edith Ritter Irving Winner ADVISERS Prickett Literary-Evelyn L. Garrison Advertising-Clarence B. Davenport Business-William J. jackson Press Club Staff Editor .................................... Frank Shivers, jr. Assistant Editor .... jack Wexler Assembly Notes .... 'Mildred Deacon Exchange Editors Book Shelf ....... Boys' Sports Girls' Sports Humor Editor .,.. Social Notes iLoretta Gaiser jjane Nack lA1malee Greenwald . . . .Henry Switkay f Harlan Greenberg - ' -Q Tho-mas Ackrivo LThomas Brewer aLaura Reynolds 'Virginia Reid 3 May J Bassett 'Kenneth Brewer . . . .Raye Scattergood Alumni ............... .... V irginia Lippincott Class Room Reporters .... .... Feature Editors . . . . . Banking Reporter Circulation Managers Typists Staff Photographer Faculty Advisers .... 1' Jane Lee jjames Cutts Beryl Murray Barbara Moore Elizabeth Bingham Jeanne Hanne .....Thelma Beebe jHarlan Greenberg lMi1dred Deacon jane Nack ' ' ' Mildred Deacon Laura Reynolds . . . . . . . .Wally Rabenstine jE1sie Cox LWi1mer Fennell 44 Red Oak Staff Press Club Staff THF RFI? U ll THE RED OAK Senior Play 46,Ianey's One-Track Mind" February 21 and 22 CAST janey Browne, of the one-track mind .... .... D ottie O'Mahony Muriel Browne, janey's sister-in-law .. .... Virginia Cliver George Browne, Janey's brother ....... .... G alen Eiselman Bummy Post, the "enfant terrible" ....... .... D oris Greenwald Mrs. Post, Bummy's unfortunate mother .. . .... Marion Newbold Alice Harvey, the Browne's maid ....... .... L illian Smith Stuart Hunter, the shy young hero ..... .... W arren Geary Roger Wilson, Bummy's pal ............ .... P aul Bradshaw Annabelle Wilson, beautiful and "sweet" . . . ..... Betty Hatcher Tommy Myers, Alice's boy friend ......... .... R aymond Winner Camilla Gibson, the glamour instructor .......... Mildred Entwistle Luella Smith, plump and worried about it ........ Evelyn Prickett Myra Edwards, the awkward but romantic type . . .Elizabeth Underwood Kate Donovan, a good natured Irish girl ......... Annie Overby Honey Bates, a childish young girl ............... Helen Fadeley Martin Richardson, a worldly-wise bachelor ....,. Alden Elberson State Trooper Harrity, a friendly officer .......... Bert Rau Glamour Girls, students of Miss Gibso-n .... ..... V erna Pew A Martha Schwertzler jean Moore Boys at the Party .. . ..... George Mingin , Bert Rau john Reid Director, Hedwig T. Michalska . 46 llll llll O.llx' Future Farmers of America President-Raymond Winner Vice President-George Mingin Secretary-Norman Parker Treasurer-Fred Pew Reporter-Harry Pike Adviser-Clarence B. Davenport The Rancocas Chapter of the F. F. A. during the past year conducted monthly meetings, had an annual Father and Son Dinner, and a Christmas party for town children. The club participated in two state judging contests. In the County F. F. A. basketball league our team won all its games. The County F. F. A. Chapters held their first fair. Mount Holly boys wcn many prizes. Stanley Danser won Sweepstakes in the Corn Show. At the State Farm Show in Trenton, Paul Adams won Sweepstakes in the Corn Show, competing with boys and farmers of the state. Over 100 projects yielded gross incomes of 814,254.96 with net labor in' comes of 34,721.00 for the year. 47 Travel Club President-Marjorie Linton Vice President-Anne Kulp Secretary-Lucy Mareno Treasurer-Adele O'Donne11 Adviser-Elizabeth F. Sinton "HIE 101517 0.1K Male Chorus Adviser-William J. Jackson 48 Band President-Abbott Hendry Secretary-Harold Parker Adviser-William G. Carey llll' H1517 0 Choral Club President-Betty Reese Secretary-Raye Scattergood Adviser-William G. Carey 49 THE RED OAK Stage Club President-Charles Gale Vice President-Asher Forker Secretary-Joseph Snow Stage Manager-Jim Benedict Adviser-Alvin B. Cooney Dramatic Club President-Elizabeth Underwood Vice President--Paul Lawton Secretary-Rachel Ruman A Assistant Secretary-Natalie Marshall Treasurer-Fred Pew Director-Hedwig T. Michalska 50 'fill' lxI'I7 Hobby Club President-Donald Donecker Secretary-Susie Bakley Vice President-Norman Reeve Treasurer-Adele Brown Adviser-Elizabeth S. McClure I Art Club President-Barbara Small Vice President-Barbara Hesp Secretary-Treasurer-Alice Highley Adviser-Ida O'Keeffe 51 Tlflf Riff? Book Circle President-Marie johnson Secretary-Grace Snyder Vice President-Virginia Rogers Treasurer-Ann Sheppard Adviser-jean W. Main I Hi-Y President-Jack Worth Secretary-Treasurer-Theodore Rude Vice President-Charles jones Reporter-Henry Switkay Adviser--Albert R. Brinkman 52 C0llllllCI'0illl Club President-Verna Pew Vice President-Jeanne Koerwer Secretary-Treasurer-Rose Mareno Adviser-Wilmer H. Fennell Bunk Casllic-rs Secretary-Ann Kulp Depositary-Farmers' Trust Co. Adviser-Albert O. Dreher 53 THE RED OAK Costume Committee President-Margaret Hoffman Treasurer-jean Smith Director of Costumes-Irene Hogan Secretary--Ruth Newell Adviser-Jeanne Wright Home Economics Clubs MONDAY CLUB President-Gertrude Bodine Secretary-Nancy Perkins Adviser-Martha WEDNESDAY CLUB President-Marie johnson Secretary-Edna Thomas Treasurer-Dorothy jones Adviser-Jeanne Wright 54 M. jaquette THURSDAY CLUB President-Grace Allen Secretary-Sally Mathis Treasurer-Vivian Horner Adviser-Martha M. Jaquette Engineers' Club President-Raymond A. Davis Vice President-Robert J. Minteer Secretary-joseph A. Miller Treasurer-Everett K. Ballinger Adviser-Russell Stompler Engineers' Club President-Harry Simons Vice President-William Pettit Secretary-Treasurer-Miles Powell Adviser-Allan Tomlinson 55 K l A Mechanical Drawing Department The students in the Mechanical Drawing Department, under the super- vision of Mr. Bradley, are working on individual projects. Some are prepar- ing for college and others for their life work. National Defense has brought out the need for more and better trained draftsmen. The department has met the challenge by training the students in the fundamentals of Mechanical Drawing so they may enter any Held ot industry prepared for the technical training required. The students in the above picture are designing a bungalow. 56 THE RED OAK Cheerleaders Captain-Natalie Marshall Assistant Captain-Helen Fadeley Secretary-Marie Elberson Treasurer-Anne French Adviser-Hedwig T. Michalska G. A. A. Board President-Mildred Leonard Vice President-Marie Elberson Secretary-Lillian Smith Treasurer-Adele O'Donnell Advertising-Edith Ritter Adviser-Jeannette J. Robbins 57 1111 lil D OAK Football The Mount Holly Red Devils opened their season by defeating Lang- horne by a score of 40-6. Mount Holly kept up this winning streak for the next six games. These teams included Woodstown, Trenton Catholic, Ocean City, Hammonton, Central Evening, and the 171st Infantry from Fort Dix. The most exciting of these six games was the Ocean City game, which Mount Holly took by a score of 13-7. Mount Holly then met its first defeat at the hands of the Moorestown boys by a score of 19-13. Up to this itme Mount Holly had won fifteen straight games. The Red Devils finished the season by defeating Bordentown by a score of 42-0. The Co-captains of this year's squad were Arthur Croshaw and Charles Johnson. The Co-captains for the 1941-42 season will be Edward Nixon and Bill Cotton. The Mount Holly boys were awarded the South jersey Group II Cham- pionship, an honor which they well deserved. This is the third championship Mount Holly has won in the last Eve years. Following is the 1941 schedule and scores: Mount Holly Opponents Langhorne ...... . ..... 40 6 Trenton Catholic . . . . 21 6 Central Evening . . . . 13 7 Woodstown ...... . . 34 G Hammonton .... . . . 30 6 Ocean City ... . .. 13 7 Fort Dix . 32 7 Moorestown . . 13 19 Bordentown . . . 42 0 238 64 58 THE RED O Basketball Mount Holly High opened its basketball season by defeating Riverside by a narrow margin in the last fifty seconds by a foul shot by Jessie Simpson, colored guard for Mount Holly. The second game was another victory for Mount Holly. Mount Holly then went on a losing streak, losing four straight, Pemberton, Pennington, Bordentown, and Moorestown. Mount Holly went the rest of the season undefeated, winning two games in the semi-finals of Group II South jersey Tournament only to be nosed out by Wildwood in the finals. Paul Bridegum was the most outstanding performer of the year, averag- ing 135 points in sixteen games for the honor of high scorer for the year. Herb Horner was a close second with 127 points in fourteen games, being absent two games because of a sprained ankle. Other players that are due credit for Mount I-Iolly's string of victories are Jessie Simpson, Santo Porto, Frank Aaronson, George French, Paul Leary, Abbott Hendry and Norman DeLong. This year Mount Holly's basketball team surprised everyone by coming through with eleven victories against five losses and reaching the Finals of Group II Championship of South Jersey. The Junior Varsity also had a suc- cessful year by coming through with ten victories against three defeats, show- ing promise for next year's team. SCHEDULE Mt. Holly Opp. Mt. Holly Opp. Riverside ........... 20 25 Pemberton . . . . 45 23 Moorestown Friends 21 ll Pennington . . . . . 30 29 Pennington ......... 27 29 Bordentown . ...... 32 17 Bordentown . ........ 29 42 Moorestown Friends 23 20 Moorestown Friends 23 41 Allentown .......... 36 21 Allentown .......... 2125 23 Cape May .... . . 39 17 Riverside ........... 37 26 Riverside .... . . 30 26 All Stars ... ... 41 36 Wildwood .. .. .. 18 50 THE RED OA K 4 - . 3. Baseball Mount Holly started an excellent baseball season with fine weather and a winning game. Although several of the varsity players were out due to illness, the team kept up its fighting spirit. Santo Porto, one of the best pitchers Mount Holly has ever seen, excellent record of fifty-five strike-outs for four games. Names of the Players Arthur Croshaw Earl Harker Santo Porto Abbott Hendry George Mingin William Cotton Albert Fowler Walton Davis George French Arthur Durand William Webster Frank Robert Parker Robert Ried Samuel Still William Goldy David Goodman William Pettit James Cutts Everett Mickle Harold French Paul Leary Donald Crane Kenneth Olsen Smith Robert Entwistle Ridgway Woodward James McClintock Jack Gerry Joe Willitts ' Managers Scorekeepers Theodore Pytel Miles Powell Hammonton Hammonton Bordentown Riverside . Moorestown N. J. S. D. Moorestown Friends Allentown ........ Friends N. J. S. D. ....... . Pleasantville .... Hightstownt .. Bordentown? .. Riverside? ........ Pleasantville ...... 'f Denotes League g Alden Elberson Thomas Ackrivo Mount Holly Opponents 3 2 .. 7 4 ....12 2 ...18 10 ...11 2 .. 8 4 8 2 12 3 ...13 7 ames. 60 has an THE RED OAK 1 Track Last year the Mount Holly High School won four out of its five track meets. Most of these meets were won by wide margins and in the one they lost the winning team defeated Mount Holly by only 2 points. New school records were made and broken in the shot put. This year's track season opened with a strong squad, most of last year's lettermen having returned. The first special meet was between classes in the school. The juniors easily took the meet, with the seniors second, and the sophomores and freshmen a close third. With the experience gained in this meet the team met its First regular opponents, Hamilton Township, on April 23. With good work in the dashes. pole vault, shot put, and discus throw, the team easily won by a score' of 54 to 28. ' The team has some stars but also some weight men who are able to place second and third and thus gain in valuable points. The track team has not yet reached its peak of efficiency, and with a little practice should develop into a better team. SCHEDULE April 23-Mount Holly ........ .... 5 3 Hamilton Township . .. ... .28 May 7-Jamesburg . ......... .. 14-B. M. I. ............. . 21-Moorestown Friends .... Pemberton C Tentativel .... 61 7 Q 5 ? ? 9 'I' 2 E 'lllf RED OAK Compliments of Washington Photo Company 520 10th Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Photographers of Class Picture at Mount Vernon 62 90000001 If'INOOOOHO''O0O"Ov'O"O0If'i"Q"Ov-OHIUOI' I' 'll'l"O'fO"l"l'll"l'0l'll"l"O' 'O''C''DWORD'Pl"O'lO"O-iluivieHONG'Pfnivivbv-OuO0l0O1'l"O"O0O"I0l0O'0O''O0Ovl0l'0O"0"C"O0O'lll'O"lllCl'O- 000001 THE RFD O 11x LARGER SALARIES We let others fill the S6 jobs, the S8 jobs, the S10 jobs, the S12 jobs many of which never pay any more. Some may pay S15 or S16 in ten years, more or less. We want our graduates to get the 315, the 818, the 520, the S25 jobs and advance rapidly to 3930-S40-S50 a. week and up. Naturally our courses are harderg it takes a little longerg but Oh, how it pays to have that better preparation! And we'll prepare any promising person and won't ask for one cent for tuition until the position is obtained Camden Commercial School 325 Federal Street Camden, N. Compliments of BURLINGTON COUNTY SUPPLY 81 PRODUCE C0. Mount Holly, N. J. Phone 800 "".".".'Y4"9"9"9"9"0"f"9"Y'l""0"Q"0"9"90l"Y'Y'O"l"l"O"O"ON0"O1'O'QNONONO''O'0O"O0O"O"Q0Q-oQ1sgng-4gnQ-.Q- .Q.,g..g..g..g. 63 fl' 'O THE RED OAK E Q 2 Q Z Compliments of COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN CO 4 Q 366 Fifth Avenue New York, N. Y. 6 CHECKER STORES Complete Line of 9 5 SPORTING GOODS Baseball and Softball Uniforms and Accessories f Archery, Golf and Tennis Equipment "IF IT'S FOR SPORTS, CHECKER HAS IT" ? e s 2 2 Mill Street Mount Holly, N. J. 6 . 2 Other Nearest Stores 3 Trenton, N. J. Bristol, Pa. ..,.. ..g.....g..g. -0--0--u--a--Q--o--on 64 'CNOUO4Il''llll"O0O0O"O"i0O0O"O"O"O"C0Cl'O' 'OHCUC' 'Ol'O"C"l"O"OMl0O'1llll0i' 'O"Ol0CNO'lll'l'0OIlO0O0lIlO'll'lO0O0l"O0O0O1 THE RED OAK -o-o--o--o--o--o-o--o--o-o--o--o-o--s--o-o--o--o--o- -o-4--vvo--0--m-Q--u - - - -o--v-cv-o--o--s--o--o--u Compliments of BEKEIYS MARKET 150 Mill Street Mount Holly, N. J. .g..g Q. .g..g.. . . . ..g. . . .. ng.. .g..g..g..g.-g..g.-gn .Q-.g..g..g.. . . .g..g..g. . .g..g..g..g.4 "ONLY THE BEST" DRINK DARI-RICH CHOCOLATE DRINK GREEN SPOT ORANGE Once You Try, You Will Always Buy Health in Every Bottle SHEPPARD'S DAIRY 2 Church Street Phone 630 Mount Holly 65 'I' 5 9 5 -0--0--if-0--0'-O-0-I-Q0 -O-+0-U 0--0--0--0'-I-000-4' -0-QQ-9 000000-0000- al. -94-4-4-4-0-4-4-0--90'-04-U1-M -0v-0o-0-Qf-0--0--0-b0-fo-el--0- 1 I THE RED OAK 2 2 Coast to Coast 2 5 2 Border to Border 9 i 6 E Greyhound Lines E Safe E 2 Dependable 5 .3 Economical Z a s I Phone 3643 Q E Floyd K. Branin Painting and Decorating E 68 Branch Street Medford, N. J. E..g.....q.. g..g........g..g..g..g..g.....g..g........g..g 4.-0-.g Q Newly Opened e 3 Johnsonis 6 I Q 3 Dlnlng Room 2 Gelda Johnson, Prop. g 21 Main Street Medford, N. J. i Full Course Dinners Real Italian Spaghetti Phone Medford 5661 fl'40''UNOMlvC'1OvO0C"lvO"O"l'lO''D"OWOl-O"O"l0O0l0C'lO4'O"O0O"l"O"3' "No One Knows Paint Like a Painter" IINIUI -Q-. 0--0--I--0--0--0--0--O-0-H Harbaugh 81 Hall Wholesale Confectioners Distributors of Schrafft's Chocolates Bunte Distributors 223-225 N. Third Street Bell Phone Camden 5930 .4.4..g.4.4..g..g.4..g..q..g..g..g.4.4..g.4..p..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..y Ott's Flower Garden Florists Marne Highway Hainesport, N. J. Growers of Distinctive Flowers For All Occasions g... g..g..g..g..4 g..g..g.. ,,.,,.,,. ..g..g.. Compliments of Fenimore Bros. Mount Holly, N. J. -o-0-0-9 Wl0O'lO"O4'O"l"O"."l"O"l" l."O'lO"Q"l"O"Ol'll4.Hl0O"l"O'll" -out--U 'OllO0C0O0O'lO"C'Il0l'll0I IO' lC0O'Il"O'4OwOWO'0O0l'vO' -Owl' ? ? e 6 Q -0 0'-me lO"O"O'vO"OlfO"l'4l' guy.. ue- 9 !o-o-one-of -000-4 :ra--0-dvr -0-so-0--v DOHC' 2 - ma RED 0.-IK 400-'O--0140-O-vl--0-oo--0--v-0--0--0--0-O--o--00O--0--0--o--o--l-w--0--O--0--0--0- Endicott Johnson 2 We Fit Your Feet For Comfort "Hal" Douglas "Les" Fowler 58 Main Street Mount Holly, N. J. 000104'O''O''0'O09'C'Q"9'l"9'Y'9'GvMl00I0l'Q"OvW0O0O"l10"l"l"l"U -of-our-M-rcti-hwvm'-0--I--Q--MQ-4--v-O-wO--O--0v-0--o--0--o-u0--0-v0-v0-'0- The New York Store H. Rosenbaum ,I Harry Halt Jeweler Hamilton, Elgin and Longlne Wrist Watches Beautiful Diamond Rings Lockets Pendants and Crosses Bracelets, Compacts and Gifts Waterman and Parker Pens Electric Clocks 84 Main Street Mount Holly, N. . Owl-Q-Owowk-O-wulwu-M-0-vena-Q--0-in--r-M-of-9--I--Q--O1-0--0--0'-of Mount Holly, N. J. l 'C0O"O"00l'0lNC4 K 00001 O J T 00909 Compliments of W. C. Madden l Hardware Mount Holly, N. J. 'O0l040OM0'0ll".Ml0O00'0'WW0G'l'0900'O"90l004'l9QMM00f0'l1'U -o-o--0-5 444- -of-of-o-5 2 2 2 2 2 I 2 2 2 10000000001 'O0O0O1 ....g. MONO MO' School Supplies of Quality F. W. Woolworth Co. 30-32 Main Street Mount Holly Q''O'IOWOUO''CHI''UNI''O'lO'fO"l"O'll"l"D1'O'll0O0O"O0O"O0O"l0O0O' "Where Mount Holly Buys Its Greeting Cards" The Courtesy Shop 60 Main Street Mount Holly, N. J. STATIONERY-GIFTS Mt. Holly Pharmacy Lieb 8: Switkay, Proprietors We Fill Prescriptions 64 Main Street Mount Holly 1--0-U4-0-4--O--0'-I-4--of-0-no--r-can-0--0--0-wow--0-4-0--0-0--O--of-O--A fl' Compliments of Geo. M. Rogers Sf Co. Mount Holly, N. J. Phone 415 L.. 0l'0O"C"ll0ll'l0lI0l"l0O"O1vlI'O0O1'O0Ol'O1'O0'l0O0O"O0O0O0l0O-'O'4C- --O--0--0--O--Cum-0--of-inM-Ofvo--0-0--W-mu--0--vw--U-of-I-wv0f0Mr 'O''OIfl''l"Cf'Y'O0O0O"O"O"O"O0O"O0O"O"O0O"O"l0O"O"l0O 'O"l0O0'l"O4lO"l0O"O'll"O'vO"l4'O0O"CvO"O0O0OMO"lllO0O0O0O0C' -v-M-I--D--I-so--0--O--O--0--O--M-0--vvo--9--M-O--M-0--0-'two--vs!-0-rv-U THE RED OAK T..........,..,..,.................. .................,,..,....,,.......... 9 6 f Dr. Henry J. A. Rau 4 Optometrist 2 E 43 Main Street Mount Holly 2 Q Phone Mount Holly 395-J E .g..g..g..g .g..qug..q.....g..g........g..... .....g..g..g..g........ .,..,..g.....g...... ..g........ ......,........ Y Q 5 P 2 Daniels Dress Shop 5 Phone 690 5 20 Main Street Mount Holly i ? 'I' For Clean Sport and E Recreation Visit E Tip Top 5 . . E Rldlng Academy Phone Medford 5435 Q Medford Lakes, N. J. William G. Loeiller, Prop. Q Boyer's 5-10-250 Store 2 Mount Holly Maple Shade 3o--of-o--o--o-o-o-- --0--on --0-0-o--0--o-o--c--o--o--o-oo--o-m-o--0--m Q--Of -Q--I vle-0 4-00- IIf'O"O'llNl"l'lll4l'll"l0Q0C'lE' Compliments of Q 'I' A Friend 'I' .g..g..q..o--o- 0--c--0--0--0--Q-A--0--0--0--m-0--0--0--o--so-9--a..g..g..3. Taylor School Sz 2 Mulvey Institute Secretarial, Stenographic, Account- ing, Business Administration, Medi- I cal Secretarialg Advertising and Jour- 4 nalism Courses, both Day and Eve- 5 ning. Catalogs and View Book with- 2 out obligation. Q Member Approved Group 2 Pennsylvania Private Schools Q 1207 CHESTNUT STREET, PHILA. 9 Rrrtoohouso 6434 2 z o 5 Quality Clothing at 9 Johnson s 4 Q Dept. Stores Medford Haddonfield Elmer, N. J. E Open Evenings 5 Ig'l"'Q"C'fl"."""''."lNC4'l"f",0lWO"U""'.'l"O0f"O"O"Q'll".WC'll"O3 lO""'l"l"U"fl'l'll"l"."O0l"l"l'DI"O'll'0O'fO0CWO"OlQ".".'lO'vO"U"Q'll: i' 3 Frank Ruman 3 Reliable Dry Cleaning Tailoring Unclaimed New Suits at Q Reasonable Prices E 68 Main Street Mount Holly 2 -O-ww-I-vw0wN4w MQOa4 4-4- -01-Cf-0-Owl'-O 'OUOHIHOU'O'-O'lO0O0l"ONO"O0l'fl0l0O''O0O0O0O0CMO'lO0l0l'lO' THE RED OAK 0002 '.W00Ol4'Wlii0 Compliments of Miron's Dress Shop Compliments of French Lumber Co. Lumber and Millwork 16 Main Street Mount Holly King Street Mount Holly 4 4100001010100 HOUOUIHOQ WVNQMWOMOMM-++0+QQ++ 4+0 'O"O"O0l0C"O"O"U''CNIUCNOHO''C"C"O'lO"l"C"O"O0O0C"O0l"O"C' '!"C"O0."C"O''MQM'4'iOOW'4i'Q'Q'0 Q Q For Your Paint Job See Budd Service Stauon Wilbur H. B dd, P . T. A. Pondysh U 'op Main and Garden Streets South Avenue Mount Holly Mount Holly, N. J. "lJon't Put It Olf, Put It On" Phone 602 00400Q4000 wwv4--0wv-v4-4-ons-w-wno-4-v4--o-w-o--v4-4--o-4-w-m-o--o--o- ,,nn Compliments of Compliments of 9 Bellow's Dress Shop Klllllpf S 41 Main Street Hardware Store Mount Holly, N. J. Mount Holly, N. J. 0444M liv4dW96KK444HkO Compliments of Harry Hawkins, Jr. Agency Mount Holly, N. J. 0lNC'1lMO'lO0l'IC'lO0O'4"O'0O0O0l40ill0C'll"ll lO"l'0'll'lO0O"l0l0l"l"b' '-000f-Ov0f-0f-0--0v-0--01-0--0--m-0--0--0--O--0'-0-0--044--0--if M94-Qvlwnw Shinn's Barber Shop AND Mae Beauty Shop 25 Main Street Mount Holly, N. J. -0 6 'I' -0- IO THE RED OA K g.............................,........ ........... Z 2 i 5 2 s 3 4 "".".ula.. ? 9 Q Q E a 6 Q 6 Q Q Q 4 I. Russakow Suits Made to Order We Clean, Dye, Repair 13 Madison Avenue Phone 524 Mount Holly .guy -.g..g..p..g. mug.q..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. .gn ..g..g..g..g. ..g..g..g.. Compliments of Warne S. Smith Hardware Phone Medford 3171 Medford, N. J. 'l0O0l0O'lOl'l"l"O'4Ovl0l'lO4lO0l"l0l"l'fl"l0llll"Ol'O0CMC"O4lC"O"l' 'Cul' g... Q.p.g..g-.g..g..g..5-.9.....g..g..g..q..g..g. Q.. .gag ..g..g.....g..g..g.. Q 4 Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q 9 'I' 2 Q Compliments of THE CUP Frank and Tom Nelson 9 9 -v-N-twiwo--9 5 6 5 9 g4Ba e 6 9 Q 9 Q Q Q Q 4 4 ? 9 2 fl Q .............. . ..gnq-.Q-.g..g..g-aug rbers Look Your Best Niek's Modern Barber Shop 11 Mill Street Mount Holly, N. J. 10-4- .g..g.-aug-.g.....g..g..g..g..q-.g..g-...Q-.p..q..g..q..g..g..g..g..g. 000000 li CHO'lO"O'0O"O"l"l"I'IOHCNQNOHOHO1 .g..g..g..g..g.....g. g..g..g..g Compliments of Holly Bowling Centre Route 38 Phone 958 Mount Holly, N. J. Compliments of Mt. Holly Bakery A. Turner, Prop. 21 Main Street Mount Holly, N. J. 9 i ! 5 Q 5 5 5 5 5 2 2 --0--0-so--of 9 -o--o if 29 2? !! 6 42 ii 9? -0-Q.-ui! 0--O'-0-0u0v-C0Ov-l- 'i0C'fO0O0l0'O0C" .g..g..g..g.... g..g..g..g..g..g..g.Q-.p4..g..g..g-.Q-.g..g..p..p..p..g..g..guy ..g..g..g..g..g..g....g..g..g... ...g..g--Q.-0--o-..........g..g.. Now Is the Time to Buy Dunlop Tires Look Ahead-Save Money C Dunlop Tire Sc Rubber Co. TED QUAY Flowers For All Occasions South Avenue Phone 299 Mount Holly, N. J. up-5.-Q-.p....g..p4..Q..Q..Q..Q-.Q..Q-.guQ..Q..Q..g..g.-9-.p.5..g..g..g0Q..g. O4Oi"l"l'll"O"O"ONC"O"l"C"ll'O0Q''Cul' e S. sg E Ze 2 QE C5 o Q 5 2 'U 3? ev- : 42 E if fb 42 : Q. is E Sh 29 :: 23 E' -F 3 'O"O"l'lO"O"O"l' 3 SIOMOMIQPOMCO' 5 -Q-9 'O'00O"O'Q'iO0C44lQNO4Q0O0MvO0l0C0l0O"l0O00vQvvY0"P0l0 Rider College Of Business Administraton Bachelor of Science Degrees in Commerce and Education Special Intensive Courses Summer School Founded 1865 Trenton, N. J. 'O1'O"l"O"O"O"O"O0O'-O'-O"O'lO'vl0O0OwO4'O"C'lO0O"O"O0O"O0O' 'CHO''O"O"O"O4'O'lO0O0l"l"l"O"O'vl'-O'vl--O0O-vO0Of'O"O0O"O"C" 'I Phone 156 The Willows Dining Room 129 Garden Street Mount Holly, N. J. Will Cater to Banquets and Parties Anywhere - Mary Smires, Prop. ll0O0O0OHClll0lMO0O0ll 0040 2 9 'P 'lf -0-0--6-v -U-Onkyo 5 A School May Also Be Judged by Its Accomplishments 588 Strayer-trained persons obtain- ed good business positions during 1940. 268 Strayer-trained persons re' ceived Civil Service appointments during 1940. For Business or Civil Service Your Choice Should Be W S lm B 25 W! 212. rm 0 O ll-I is Qi 9: 25. Q22 "1 :E 6 6 2 'U 25 in 22' SE: QS 4 6 i Q if Q 'P 9 'I' 'I' 'I' 'P 6 Q Q 'P 9 1' 'P 5 'I' 5 i Q Q 'I' 'P 'I' 6 'I' Washington Guides Association, Inc. See Washington, D. C. THE NATIONAL CAPITOL With a Member of the Washington Guides Association We Use Only Competent Licensed Guides llMOllOMlWl'lOMl0lI'O'lONl"O0O1 l"O"O0O0O0O"O'0O'0OWO"O0O0O0C0O' THE RED OAK 'M400fO0lO"O"9'9'C0l'4"l"O"9'9'OM0'l"0'ONOF40C0O0C00 Q E -0- vl0Ol0O"O0O'lO THE RED OAK 0-9-o--0-m--0-o--r-0--mw-of-o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o-w--o--of-o--0-c--0--on Phone 990 Sales and Service James C. Becker Chrysler and Plymouth Route 38 and Madison Avenue Mount Holly, N. J. Never Closed 4--g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g....4.4..g..g..g..g.-of-of.q..g..g..y. Rexall Drug Store Alex. Dubell, Prop Mount Holly, N. J. Phone 1 --0--0--0--0--o-va-of-0-4-o--0--Q--Q--v-0--0--vw--of-r-c--Q-.2 -0--D--M-if-0--O--0-4--M-6-'Owl--Offf'-000--0-4--0--O--0-'O-0--0-'04-Of -3-'O--0-'O-'lu -0--0v-l--0--0--0-vl-vD-vi--of-0--Iv-0-0--0--0--0--Quin!-:Ov AN EDUCATION IN SCIENCE offers exceptional opportunities for interesting and successful careers to young men and women of today. .This institution, the oldest of its kind in the Americas, offers courses of study in pharmacy, chemistry, bacteriology and biology leading to B. Sc., and graduate study and research in phar- macy, bacteriology and biology ead- ing to M.Sc., and D. Sc. degrees. Write for Catalog A. Philadelphia College of. Pharmacy and Science Founded 1821 Philadelphia, Pa. ug.-3..g.4..g..g..Q..g..9..9-4.4.4..g.....g..g.....g.....g..g..g..g..q..g...- .g.. g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. Compliments of Reynolds' Market 92 Washington Street Mount Holly, N. J. ...... ..g..g.....g..g..q..g..qua.-Q-.Q..g..g-.g..g..g..g..g..q..g- .g..g..g. g...-.g.....g..q..g..g..5.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g- Compliments of Mount Holly Garage W. A. Jones, Prop. Ford Products OMOMQNO'lQ0O0O''O"O"O0O"l"O"l"Ol'Q"0'll'lO'lQvQ0O0Q"Ol'Q0Q0Q","O"l' g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.. .g..q.. . .g..g..g..g..g..g.. .g..g..g..g..g..g..g. .... . ...... THE RED O,-IK KO''UNO''OMC''OIICNO4'IHOHIIUO''O0O"O"O"l'-I-'O"O"O"C"O"OvC0O' Compliments of Mrs. A. C. Vansciver Mount Place Grocery Phone 482-W nlnQnIooC"ll' -Ovifli 'lvl 'I' l'lMO4'C4'OUC"O"l'llvO"O-Of' Palace Luncheonette Steve Adams, Prop. Confectionery 42 Main Street Mount Holly Phone 322 -0-v I--if-0--0' .g..g..q..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g....-s.. -Q--Q-4-Q-0-4 -g..g..g..g. .g..g.g.. .pu ..Q..g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..g.4.q- 4. -O -Qui--0-'O-'C -0--0-'I-fl--0--bfi'-0--Of-0--0--0-Q-9-0--0--900--O--0--0-O-9-O-O-0-0-0-or BAY OCEAN Fishing 30-Foot Cruiser F iddlesticks II Avery L. Bennett Walter C. Pew Q Coney's Dock Moorestown Beach Haven Phone 511-M. ' Reasonable Rates 2 I 5 4 3 ! 9 '01 '04-Q 2 2 E 2 we SE 5+ 3 CD E: O "S Q. 22? Sl CD CD G F1 GQ CD I SD "5 "5 is Cb FF FP Ha 5 S :mg Q32 B 2-'35 UJQQ '-3'N VJ 5. o 6 S 0 I5 1 fb E5 UQ 5' .0 I: E :: T 5 W U2 O 5 N E fb 'u 5. 2 Q 5 f 2 + E I 5 4- + 3 Q 2 Q 4 Q 4 + Q 3 Q 4 4 g Q Y 1 4 1 5 2 3 4 -1 2 l l 15 Min street Medford, N. J. I e 4 6 2 "I"l"W'.NW'."."74'iQ"Y '.'0 "IUC" Q"9'9'lW."P4'QWlW9'."QU9l'.090' DIEGES 81 CLUST 17 John Street New York, N. Y. Official Jewelers to the Class 1941 Mount Holly High School -0-o-Q--c--0--0--0--0-m-u-0--m-ham-man-wwvw-wweao e 5 i 1-. Business Training - ' Tllli REI? OAK .g..g.....y-Q-Q-0-e--Q--Q-.Q-4.....g,.g..g..g..g..g.,g..g..g..g.... ...g.....g. ,...g..,..g..g..g..g..... ..g..q..g.....g. Cross Road Service .l0b BI'3dll0Ck , Realtor Statlon G . range Insurance ln C. A. Pennington, Prop. All US B1'aI1Ch0S : Medford, N. J. 2 Phone 4841 Medford, N. J. 5 ' Phone 3475 lone--Q-o-o-m-one--m-o--0--n--o--eua--o--n--o--u--m-o--o--o--o e--u--n--m ...................,.....g ....,..,..,.......,,.....Q....................,........g..g......... ....... ,, Kirby Bros. Flour, Feed, Grain a Compliments of 2 Jeddo-Highland Coal Medford, N. J. A Friend 2 Phone Medford 3131 and 3381 E Established,l875 s . Qff..Q.,,Q.ff.IQQ.f.fQf.f.f..fQfQ.fQf.ffQfQQf.ff.ff.ffQf.fQff......,......f.f.fQQ..f.QQff.ff....ff.ff.ff.ff.fQQQf.ff.ff.ff..... row-dediaes FOR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN E c on Ann lvsnme cussss : .w -n - 31.3" GeneraIBusiness Stenographic-Secretarial I- J Executive Management Executive-Secretarial : Administrative Accountancy MedicaISecretariaI 1 rdwgifi Eg ,lx Civil Service Preparation ishorthand or Stenotypyl : , '-I i 2: 1 S 2: 25,25 Specialized Evening Courses z Q ,K ., iniilziir Business Correspondence Office Appliances - Q f -Hi'i?vi'SS?5? Uniform Accounting Systems : Q J E llilt-25,5 f llfji Advanced Accountancy Sales and Distribution ,- Q ' ' ' ' ' Personality Development and Public Speaking : Q 1 i Peirce School Building 111 i7 E PineSt.WestafBroad 5 Philadelphia : :-' 3 - - - I - . .,.....,........,.....,...........,..,........,.....,........,.................,.........................4.,0,,........ .. .. .. .. .. ... 4 .,.....,...........,..,..,..,..,........,.....,........,........,..,..,..,.. ,. ....................,..... .. .. ..,.....,.....,..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . Q 5 'P 5 5 9 5 5 i PATRONIZF OUR Q J 9 5 ADVERTISERS 6 Q 4'3-O-0--of-Q-one-0-0-owl--0-on --one--ov-0--o--9 --o--o--one--0--o--m fe--ev-l 74 KM 00 This Book Bound by THOMAS BETHEL Book Manufacturer Medford Lakes, N. J. The Engravings in This Book Were Made by Peerless Engraving Company Half Tone and Line Commercial Engravings Art Work 22nd and Arch Streets Philadelphia, Pa. 00 75 'IO'4lMl"O0O0C'1O0O'lO"O"llllHC"O''OIIOHIHIUII 0O"O"l'O0OI1C04lll'lO'0l0C"Of'lMl0O0O' THIS REID O,-I K Q 2 Z 'O0O"CNl' Q -0- -0--0--014--O-0 'O' -0--our 4-0- -0-0--04--0--Owl-4'-Of-9 ? 2 3 Q 3 i ? 2 4 4 2 4 I Q... 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Suggestions in the Mount Holly High School - Red Oak Yearbook (Mount Holly, NJ) collection:

Mount Holly High School - Red Oak Yearbook (Mount Holly, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Mount Holly High School - Red Oak Yearbook (Mount Holly, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 71

1941, pg 71

Mount Holly High School - Red Oak Yearbook (Mount Holly, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 6

1941, pg 6

Mount Holly High School - Red Oak Yearbook (Mount Holly, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 74

1941, pg 74

Mount Holly High School - Red Oak Yearbook (Mount Holly, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 62

1941, pg 62

Mount Holly High School - Red Oak Yearbook (Mount Holly, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 46

1941, pg 46

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