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19 HOLLY HAWK t UsLjJk 1962 HOLLY HAWK Presented by The Annual Staff of Mount Holly High School Mount Holly, North Carolin Foreword With pardonable pride and great pleasure, we present the 1962 HOLLY HAWK. We sincerely hope that someday this book may take your thoughts from the frets and cares of the moment, may brighten the path when you are weary, and may give you once again the enthusiasm of undaunted youth. Administration and Faculty . 5 Classes.11 Activities . . 59 Athletics . . 91 In Memoriam To MR. JAMES H. WARE—of whom " we remember the warmth of a loving nature that was clothed in a cheerful dispo¬ sition, a friendly smile, and contagious laughter. " We, the Senior Class, offer this annual in tribute to his unselfish service to our school and to our community. We value his contribution to our school as a member and chairman of the school board. " He valued the friendship of his fellowmen and the privilege of serving them in every way possible. " 4 Administration and Faculty Administration MR. BRYAN CRAIG Assistant Principal MRS. HARRELL RICK, JR. School Secretary MRS. LUTHER HALL School Secretary The administration keeps our school humming in spite of the headaches. Organizing finances, determining school policies, and administering discipline when n e c e s s a ry— always mindful of its responsibilities, our administration does an admirable job of running our school. MR. LAXTON HAMRICK District Principal Faculty MRS. ARCHIE W. BEAVER Furman University, A.B. Emory University, Master of Librarianship Librarian MR. ROBERT H. BLACK Shenandoah Conservatory of Music B.M. Band and Chorus MRS. HENRY E. COPPLE W.C.U.N.C., A.B. and M.S. Home Economics MRS. GEORGE D. DEVEREUX, JR. University of Georgia, A.B. Queens College English, Latin MRS. W.L. DIXON Duke University Catawba College, B.S. in Commerce General Business General Math, Bookkeeping Physical Education and Health MISS LILLIAN DUNN W. C.U.N.C ., B.S. U.S. History, Geography, Debating MR. H.C. FOUTS University of North Carolina, A.B. Mathematics 7 MISS NORMA JEAN GRAYSON Sacred Heart Belmont Abbey, A.B. World History, Civics Physical Education MRS. CLYDE LOFT1N Greensboro College, A.B. Biology, Chemistry, Physics Future Teachers MISS ROSABELLE FAYE McINTOSH A.S.T.C., B.S. and M.A. General Science, Biology Beta Club Our Faculty chalk dust . . . discipline MRS. MARY M. MILLER A.S.T.C., B.S. Davidson Summer School Mathematics, Student Council MRS. LESTER O. MUNDY Winthrop College, A.B. Wofford College English, Annual MRS. RANDOLPH NORTON W.C.U.N.C., A.B. Duke University English, Geography 8 MR. KENWOOD ROYAL Eastern Carolina, B.S. Economics and Sociology Geography Boys ' Basketball MRS. L.T. SISK Piedmont College, A.B. French, English mr. j Franklin smith Western Carolina, B.S. , M.A. University of Tennessee University of Georgia Guidance Counselor red pencils . . . examinations . . . MRS. ROBERT B. THOMPSON Limestone College, A.B. English, Dramatics MRS. T.L. WARE, JR. Winthrop College , B . S . Shorthand, Typewriting Bookkeeping Secretarial Practice MR. DELMAR RAY WILES Not Pictured Wofford College, A.B. Physical Education Head Coach Civics 9 10 Classes .yrtfea, TOMMY HELMS.President TOMMY STOWE.Vice-President GERALDINE JONES.Secretary GARY NORWOOD.Treasurer Officers Seniors . . . 1962 HAROLD THOMAS ABERNATHY " To worry little, study less, is my idea of happiness. " Football 1,2; Textile 3,4; P.E. Club 1; Bus Driver 3,4. JESSIE GAYLE ABERNATHY " Lovable, kindly, gracious, and sweet; She is a dear from her head to her feet. " Basketball 1; F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Officer 4; Mohosco 4; Marshal 3; Student Council 4; Sponsor 4; Class Beauty 4. JANICE MARIE ADAMS " Full of laughter, full of pep; Never quiet—that ' s her rep. " Library Club 1,2,4; Dramatics 3. HAROLD BLAINE ALEXANDER " Men of few words are the best men. " Football 1,2; P.E. Club 2,3,4. ROY WAYNE ANDREWS " Work is work and must be done, Nevertheless, I have my fun. " Band 1,2, 3,4, Officer 4; Dance Band 1,2, 3,4; Marshal 3; Beta Club 3,4; F.T.A. 4. BOBBIE FAYE ARROWOOD " She was made of happy thoughts, And full of wit and laughter. " Library Club 1,4; Chorus 2; Dramatics 3. RHEBA MERLE BALLARD " Quiet, gentle, and refined. Thoughtful always, too, and kind. " F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Active Marshal 3; Chorus 4; Beta Club 3,4, Officer 4; Sponsor 4; Class Beauty 4. REGINALD BERL BALLARD " He ' s a compliment to the name— ' a good sport. ' " P. E.Club 1,2, 3,4;Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; " Back of the week " 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3; Superlative 4. 13 Rings at last . . . SUE ANN BALLARD " Of all the things I can recall, Being in love is best of all. " F.H.A. 1,2; Library Club 2,3,4, Officer 4. BETTY CAROL BARKER " Here ' s the girl with the heart and smile, Who makes the bubble of life worth while. " Lions Club Scholarship Award 1; F.H.A. 1,2, Officer 1,2; F.T.A. 2,3,4, Officer 4; Student C ounc il Officer 3; Class Officer 3; Beta Club 3,4, Officer 4; M a r sh a 1 3; Superlative 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4. FRED LATHERN BARTEE " Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you. " P.E. Club 1,2; Football 1,2, 3,4; Textile 3,4. RAY NORMAN BLACKWOOD " The harder I try the gooder to be, The worser I am. " Band 1,2; Football 1,3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Latin Club 3, 4; Weight Lifting Club 4; Chorus 4. FRED W. BOYLES " Listen to everyone, then do as you please. " P.E. Club 2. DONALD REEVES BROOME " Beneath a calm exterior, there lies a great deal of deviltry. " Football 1; P.E. Club 3,4. SAMUEL CARROLL BROWN " I agree with no man ' s opinion; I have some of my own. " P.E. Club 1; Football Manager 2; Basketball Manager 2; Baseball Manager 2; Chorus 2,4; Monogram Club 2. RONALD GERRELL BURCHAM " Life is like a joke—what counts is not how long it is, but how good it is. " Band 1,2,3,4; All -State Band Clinic 3,4; Dance Band 3,4; Mohosco 4. 14 exchanging cards . . . BARBARA ANN BURGESS " A pretty face, a winning smile, To look at her is worth your while. " F.H.A. 1,2;F.T.A. 2,4;Band 1,2,3,4; Major¬ ette 3,4; Sponsor 4; Class Beauty 4. EMMA FAYE BURGESS " So earnest in her work and fun, We know not half the work she has done. " PAUL CHILDERS " Happy am I, from care I ' m free, Why aren ' t they all contented like me? " P.E. Club 3; Bus Driver 4. GARY OLEN COOPER " It is better to wear out in mischief, Than to rust out in being solemn. " P.E. Club 1,2; Textile 3,4. LINDA LEE COX " A dash of friendliness, a scoop of energy, And a shake of personality—Result: Linda. " Lions Club Scholarship Award 1; F.H.A. 1,2, Officer 1,2; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Chief 4; F.T.A. 2,3,4, Officer 3,4; Student Council 3; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3; Superlative 4. LYNN VICTORIA CULPEPPER " She ' s clever and attractive, too, When you ' re with her, you ' re never blue. " F.T.A. 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Wilson 1; West Mecklenburg 2. HAROLD KENNETH DAVIS " Always happy, never sad. Sometimes naughty, never bad. " Safety Patrol, Officer; P.E. Club 1,2; First Place Science Winner 2; Student Council 3; City Student Government 3; Beta Club 3, 4;Marshal 3; Annual Staff 4; F.T.A. 4; Typical Teenager Award 4. LARRY EUGENE DUCKWORTH " By putting his bes t foot forward, Many a man pulls his worse foot back. " Football 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; P.E. Club 3; Textile 4. 15 coll ege entrance exams CLARENCE WINFORD FEATHERSTONE, JR. " Never let studies interfere with your social life. " P.E. Club 1,2,3; Textile 4. GLENDA SUE FRASURE " Those who like people are always likable. " F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 2,3. PHYLLIS ANN FRITTS " Pep in her fingers, pep in her toes, A jolly good sport wherever she goes. " Basketball 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2; Band Major¬ ette 2,3; Drum Majorette 4. NANCY BELLE GLENN " Never in a million years could there be another you. " F.H.A. 1,2; Dramatics 2,4; Library Club 4; F.T.A. 2,3,4. GLENDA JEAN GORDON " She ' s little, but she ' s wise. She ' s a terror for her size. " F.H.A. 1,2; Officer 2; Moh osco 3; Chorus 2,4. DAVID SIDNEY HAGER " Never put off today what you can put off until day after tomorrow. " Band 1,2, 3,4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; All-State Band 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; F.T.A. 3,4; Mohosco 4; Superlative 4. JULIAN BAILEY HALL, JR. " He ' d stop Saint Peter ' s roll call to ask a question. " Band 3,4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 2; Basketball 1,2,3; Beta Club 4; Chorus 3,4; Foot¬ ball 1. WAYNE N. MAR KEY " Nobody makes up my mind but me. " Bus Driver 3,4; Football 1; P.E. Club 4. 16 ordering invitations . . O ROBERT BAXTER HARRISON " Generous, big-hearted, and kind, A better friend would be hard to find. " Football 1; P.E. Club. FLORENCE ELIZABETH HARRIS " I have room in my heart for every joy. " F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 2,3. MOUNT ELLIS HELMS, JR. " Live and let live. " P.E. Club 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Textile 3,4. BRENDA GAIL HAWN " Divinely tall, divinely fair, A daughter of the gods. " F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3. JO ANN HELTON " Vivacious, smiling, full of fun, She ' s liked by everyone. " F.H.A. 1,2, Officer 2; Library Club 2, Officer 2; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3; Annual Staff 4; Student Council Alternate 3. THOMAS RAY HELMS, JR. " I wasn ' t driving fast—just flying low. " Class Officer 4; Football 1,2,3. JOAN AIMEE HENSLEY " Dependable, trustworthy, loyal, too, She ' d do anything for you. " F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 2,3,4, Officer 4; Chapel Program Committee 4; Library Club 3,4; Chorus 3,4, Officer 4; Superlative 4. LARRY EUGENE HENKLE " A leader of men and a follower of women. " Beta Club 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4. 17 research papers . . . HELEN DIANNE HINKLE " When it comes to jewels, I ' ll take a pearl, When it comes to friendship, give me this girl. " F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 2; Dramatics 4, Officer 4. MELVIN DOUGLAS HODGES " A little work, a little play, Keeps us going from day to day. " Football 2; Bus Driver 4; Beta Club 3,4; P. E. Club 1,4; Student Council 3,4. JAMES THOMAS HOWARD, JR. " Always doing, never done; be it mischief, work, or fun. " P.E. Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Baseball 4. DENNIS MICHAEL HOWIE " Happy am I; from care I ' m free. " French Club 3; Chorus 4; Textile 3. KAREN JEAN HUFF " She is pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think of. " F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 3,4; Class Officer 1; Su¬ perlative 4; Basketball 1,4; Majorette 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Sponsor 4. JIMMY DALE HUFFSTETLER " What could I be, but what I am? " Band 1,2; P.E. Club 3. JIMMY REECE JACKSON " Why rush? Rome was not built in a day. " P.E. Club 1,2; Textile 3,4. GERALDINE JONES " None knew her but to love her, None named her but to praise. " Student Council Officer 4; Beta Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Miss Hi Miss 4; Class Officer4; Class Beauty 4. 18 Macbeth . . . POLLY ANN KEEVER " Her life shall never lack a friend. " F.H.A. 1,2, Officer 1; Dramatics 2, Officer 2; Beta Club 3,4. LEONARD COLIN KELLY ' How sweet the words of truth breathed from the lips of love. " P.E. Club 1; Textile 4. SANDRA FAYE KENNEDY " True and sincere, loyal and kind, Another just like her, you ' ll never find. " Chorus 1; F.H.A. 2; Y-Teens 2; Dramatics 2. DONALD LEE KIMRAY " Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow. " MYRTLE ELAINE KIRBY " A jolly unselfish personality is a great gift. " F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 2,3,4. SYLVIA SUE KIRBY " Small, dependable, carefree, gay, A likable creature in every way. " F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 2, 3,4. BENNY PRESTON LAWENG " None but himself can be his parallel. " P.E. Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,4; Baseball 1,4. JAMES DOUGLAS LEE " Happiness is cheaper than worry; Why pay the higher price? " Football 1,2,3; Baseball 2,4; Chorus 1,2,4, Officer 4; Band 1; Dance Band 1,2. 19 Beta convention JOHNNY LEWIS " There is a time for some things and time for all things. " Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1; P.E. Club 1,2; Baseball 1. GARY THURSTON LOFT IN " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " P.E. Club 1,2,3, Officer 3; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2; Football 3; F . T. A. 4; Student Council 4. RUBY ANN LOFTIN " You ' ll always find her true and just, A girl whom all will love and trust. " Basketball 1; F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 3; Bus Driver 4. JUDY REBECCA LOWE " When duty whispers low, ' thou must, ' This girl replies, ' I can. ' " F.H.A. l,2;Chorus l,2;Beta Club 3,4; F.T.A. 3,4. SHARON DIANE LYMAN " Kindness and sweetness are only a few of her qualities. " Band 1; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics 2; F. H. A, 1,2, Officer 1; Mohosco 3,4. VIRGINIA SUE MASON " And in this spot—goodness sakes, Here ' s a gal with what it takes. " Band 1,2,4, Officer 2,4; Beta Club 3; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, Officer; Student Council Representative 3; Student Council Planning Committee 2; Lions Club Scholarship Award 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Chief Marshal 3; Annual Staff 4, Editor; Merit ScholarshipFinalist 4; Junior Heart Board 3,4, Officer 4; Class Officer 1; Municipal Elections 1, Clerk of the Court; Typical Teenager Award 4. ALYCE JAYNE MAULDIN " Rare compound of quality, noble and true, With plenty of sense and good humor, too. " F.H.A. 1,2, Officer 1,2; Mohosco 3; Chorus 4, Officer 4. BENA LEE McCLURE " Her quietness does not make her less important. " F.H.A. 1,4; Chorus 3; Glee Club 1; Nebo High School 1,2; F.T.A. 1; Franklin High School 2; 4-H Club 1. 20 Junior-Senior . . . WILLIAM RANDALL McCONNELL " Success is his who says little, hears much, and thinks deeply. " Class Officer 1,2,3; Football 2; Beta Club 3,4; Student Council Officer 3,4; F.T. A. 4; Marshal 3; Boys ' State 3. JOHN DOUGLAS McSWAIN " Common sense is seeing things as they are and doing things as they should be done. " SANDRA KAYE MICHAEL " Jolly and good natured, one who can take the bumps of life without faltering. " F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 2,4. BOBBY SETH MILLER " Life is too short to waste . " Football 1,2, 3,4; P.E. Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1 . CHERYL DARLENE MILLER " Kindness, friendliness, and intelligence, the investments that never fail. " F.H.A. 1; Library Club 4. DORIS IRENE MILLER " A girl who wins is a girl who works. " F.H.A. 1,2; Mohosco 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Superlative 4. MARY ANN MILLER " Precious things come in small packages. " F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Offi¬ cer 4; Superlative 4; Science Fair 2,3; Marshal 3; Annual 4; Lions Club Scholarship Award 1,3. MARCIA FAYE MORGAN " ' Think before speaking ' is my motto. " F.H.A. 1,2; Mohosco 4. 21 senior play rehearsals THOMAS EDWIN MOZELEY " There is nothing like fun, is there? " Football 1; P.E Club 2; Textile 4. CHARLES D. MUNDAY " I can resist anything but temptation. " Band 1,2,3,4. GARY WAYNE NORWOOD " The world ' s no better if we worry, Life ' s no longer if we hurry. " Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Class Officer 3,4; Beta Club 3; Marshal 3; Student Council 4; F.T.A. 4. PATRICIA ANNE PAINTER " A ring on the hand is worth two on the phone. " F.H.A. 1,3, Officer 1; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Basket¬ ball 3; Beta Club 4; Majorette 2,3,4; Featured Twirler 4. RICHARD MILTON PAINTER, JR. " I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. " Belmont High School 1,2; P.E. Club 3,4. CHARLOTTE ROSE PATTERSON " To talk with her is exciting; to look at her ' is a thrill; With nice brown hair and big brown eyes, she really fills the bill. " F.H.A. 1,2, Officer 1,2; Library Club 2,4, Officer 4; Student Council 4; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3. C.A. PAYNE, JR. " I ' ll take life easy and have no regrets. " P.E. Club 2, 3,4, Officer 3. SANDRA GAY PERKINS " Her manner is quiet, her style is keen, Yes, Sandy is fit to be anyone ' s queen. " F.H.A. 1,2; Library Club 2; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 4. 22 caps and gowns . . . MINNIE MARY MAGDALENE POPE " Good natured and generous, jolly and clever, Her tongue like a brooklet goes on forever. " Dramatics 2,4, Officer 2; F.H.A. 1,2; Superla¬ tive 4. DAVID JAMES PRIESTNALL " Wow—these American girls! " American Field Service Student; Beta Club Member; Student Council; F.T.A.; Band, Offi¬ cer; Superlative; Basketball. PATRICIA ANN RHYNE " She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen. " F.H.A. 1; Band 1; Beta Club 3,4; Student Council 3; F .T. A. 2,3, 4; Superlative 4; Home¬ coming Queen 4; Marshal 3; Majorette 4. SYLVIA ANNE RICE " Music is well said to be the speech of angels. " Band 1; F.H.A. 1;F.T.A. 2,3,4; Majorette 4; Student Council Alternate 4; Chorus 4. THOMAS WORTH SPRINGS, III " A man has his hour and a dog has his day. " Debating 1,2,3; Student Council 4. RICHARD STAFFORD " Someday I ' ll turn over a new leaf. " . GLO RIA FAYEJ LTONE ' 1 " It ' s the songs ye sing, andthe smiles ye wear, that ' s a making the sunshine everywhere. " Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Beta Club 3,4,Officer 4; F. H. A. 1,2; Chapel Committee 4; Library Club 2,3,4, Officer 3; F.T.A. 2,3,4. MARGARET ELAINE STOWE " Better an empty purse, than an empty head. " F.H.A. 1,2;F.T.A. 2, 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Band 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . 23 NANCY CAMILLE STOWE " Love all, trust a few, do wrong to no one. " Band 1; F.H.A. 1, Officer 1; F.T.A. 2,3,4, Officer 4; Beta Club 3,4; Active Marshal 3; Superlative 4; Sponsor 4. THOMAS RHYNE STOWE " I ' m fancy free. Run on little girls; don ' t bother me. " Class Officer 1,2,3,4; Band 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2, Officer 2; Beta Club 3,4, Officer 4; Chapel Committee 4; Annual Staff 4; Superla¬ tive 4. keith McLendon stroud " Thoughts are few when love is thick. " Football 1,2; Basketball 1; Latin Club 1,2, Offi¬ cer 2; Junior Historical Society 1, Officer 1; P.E. Club 1; Student Council 4. VERNON EUGENE THOMAS " Live as though life were earnest, and it will be so. " Chorus l;Beta Club 3,4,President 4; Superlative 4; Annual Staff 4; Marshal 3. RONNIE GENE WARD " My wants are few; my wishes all confined. " Textiles. BEVERLY COSTNER WARE " A second Mickey Rooney in a mild sort of way, Who ' s like that guy McCarthy in cute things to say. " Band 1,3,4; Dance Band 1,4; Baseball 3,4; P.E. Club 2; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3; Chapel Committee 4, Chairman. NETTIE JO WILLARD " A smile is the nicest thing I know. " F.H.A. 1,2; Library Club 2; Mohosco 4; F.T.A. JAMES GORDON WILLIAMS " Of honest worth, truly a friend, one on whom we can all depend. " Safety Patrol; Driver ' s Education 1; Band 1,2; Chief Marshal 3; Lions Club Scholarship Award 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4; Beta Club 3,4; Student Council 3; Science Fair, 1st Place Senior Physics 3; F.T.A. 4, Officer 4; Superlative 4; Boys ' State 3. 24 NANCY BERNICE WILLIAMS " Truly loyal as a friend, trustworthy as a student. " Belmont High School 1,2; F.H.A. 2, 3; Dramatics 4. CAROL ELAINE WILLIS " Our thoughts and our conduct are our own. " F.H.A. 1,2,4. JACK LEE WILSON, JR. " What need is there for words? " Textiles. Mascots Susie and Dicky are indeed a charming couple. With her exuberant vitality and with his appealing re¬ serve, they have captured the hearts of the seniors. Bo th are future he art- breakers! Our Rings . . . For the past eleven years we have looked forward to being seniors. We have looked with respect at the seniors, with envy at their rings. Now we are seniors. Now we wear the red and gold ring of Mount Holly High School. These rings represent years of work and accomplishment. We wear them with pride. SUSIE MILLER and DICKY CASTON 25 ANN MILLER and GORDON WILLIAMS Most Likely to Succeed M OSt Dependable VERNON THOMAS and BETTY BARKER DAVID HAGER and JOAN HENSLEY Best Looking RANDY McCONNELL and CAMILLE STOWE l iPV PATSY RHYNE and RANDY McCONNELL Most Popular Friendliest KAREN HUFF and MAC STROUD Most Athletic DORIS MILLER and REGGIE BALLARD Most School Spirit LINDA COX and DAVID PRIESTNALL JOHN JESSEN.President PHIL WILSON.Vice-President JOHNNY MORGAN.Secretary DEAN POWELL.Treasurer Officers Juniors Class of 1963 The junior ' s status is " almost, but not quite. " He is second only to the senior in the social scale, higher than the sophomores or freshmen. Some day his turn will come to be the " big wheel. " BARBARA BALLARD NELL BEATTY WAYNE BEATTY VICKIE BELI£ JACQUELINE BENFIELD ANN BLACK SUSAN BOSTIC CARLTON BROOME DIANE BURCHAM CJOMMY BYNUM EARL COLEMAN Juniors LANNY CROSS DOLLY CREW 7 ),j -is no BRENDA CRISP EARLINE DAVIS DIANE DUNN JIMMY DUNN TIM FEATHERSTONE JUDY FLETCHER DAVID FOWLER ' ' SHIRLEY GRICE RUSSELL GRONER SANDRA GRONER Class of 1963 DIANE GRUBB CAROLYN GUNN KEN HALL ED HANSEL PAT HARDESTY LARRY HARTSELL JUANITA HELMS JOYCE HELTON JUDY HENLEY LARRY HENSON LINDA HOLBROOK JERRY HOLDS CLAW HARRY HOPE MICHAEL INGLE DONNA JEREMIAS Juniors JOHN JESSEN FRED KIRBY RALPH KIRBY CLARENCE KUYKENDALL CAROL LAVENDER LINDA LAW ENG ELAINE LEE ELAINE LOFTIN LARRY LOWE Class of 1963 LOUISE LOWE JERRY McMANUS VIVIA N McSWAIN ROGER MERCER RALPH MESSER TOMMY MILLER EDNA MOOSE JOHNNY MORGAN GROVER PENCE ANNET.XE. r EIXXMAN c DEAN POWELL MARY REEL DIANE RUSSELL FREDA SANDERS TONY SHERRILL JUDY SIPE DIANE SMELTZER CAROLYN SWAYNEY DELORES SWAYNEY BRENDA TARPLEY Class of 1963 DICKIE TAYLOR EDDIE THOMAS MICKEY THOMPSON BILLY THRIFT STEVE TROUTMAN VICKI VENNING BF.TTY W ARD , MIM I WARREN VICKIE WHITE SAMMY WILLIAMS RONALD WILLIS PHIL WILSON Officers ..... President Vice-President .... Secretary .Tre asurer SKIPPY PERRY .... VERNON SIGMON.. HARRIET JOHNSON kay ma ce .Trrrrr. Sophomores The sophomore, having survived the freshman year, is ready to try his high school wings. He knows his way around now—no more getting lost between classes—and is beginning to find out what it is all about. GLORIA ABERNATHY JUDY AIKEN DAVID ARMSTRONG GENE ARP STEVE ALLEN LARRY ARP Class of 1964 JOE AVERY JOYCE BOSTIC MARIE BAILEY DAVID CALDER WILLIAM BAKER JOHNNY CARPENTER TALMADGE BANKS MARGARET CLONINGER BRUCE BOLICK ALICE COLEMAN NANCY COX WILL CRIST VERLIN DAVIS YVONNE DAVIS JOHNNY JOHN DOVER ROGER DOWDLE JOE DOWELL ROSE DUNN DELLINGER JOHN FISHE Sophomores ERASURE GUIN FRANK FULLER LINDA GARDNER BETTY GIVENS BUDDY GUIN MARCELLA HANEY SHIRLEY HANSON BRENDA HART GEORGE HART BRENDA HILL MARIE HINKLE KAY HOLLIS TOMMY HOLLIS JEAN MEREDITH LUELLEN HOW IE ARCHIE KEITH HOLLOWAY HORTON HUFFSTETLER HUFFSTETLER KAY HUNTER Class of 1964 GARY JONES PEGGY HYATT JULIA JACKSON HARRIET JOHNSON BUTCH JONES RICHARD FRANCES LETHCOE LIBBY LONG SANDRA MARLEY C.L. MARSHAL JIMMY LOVE JANET MASON JERRY LUCKY BOYD MAYHEW KAY MACE MADELINE McConnell Sophomores KAY McNAMARA MARY ELLEN MOORE TOMMY McConnell LOIS MELTON JOHNNY McINTOSH JUDY MILLER RENDA McINTOSH MIKE MILLER WALTER MOORE GARY MORGAN BRENDA MULLIS PHYLLIS MULLIS RONALD MUNDAY RONNIE MURPHY KEITH OATES PAT OWENSBY DELLA PADGETT JOHN PAYNE Class of 1964 SHERRY PERKINS SKIPPY PERRY CLAYTON POTEAT JACKIE QUEEN GERALDINE DOUG POOLE PITTMAN HAYWOOD NANCY RANDOLPH RANKIN DIANE RHYNE JESSICA RHYNE BILL JOHNNY ROBINSON ROBINSON DAVID RIDING JUDY ROBINSON RITA ROBERTSON TONY ROLLINS Sophomores NICK ROWE TALMADGE SIGMON BILL RUMFELT VERNON SIGMON LINDA RUSSELL BRENDA SIMPSON BARBARA SCHLOTH PEGGY SIMPSON JIMMY SHERRILL ANDY SIPE IRENE SLAUGHTER KAY STANTON DIANE SMITH PEGGY SMITH SHIRLEY SMITH WILLIAM STILES MARCIA TARPLEY JIMMY TAYLOR Class of 1964 LINDA THACKER TONI WHARTON, TOMMY THOMPSON RICHARD WILLIAMS BUTCH TOOMEY SHAN WILLIAMS TERRY WALDROOP MYRA WILSON MARGARET ANN WARE SAMMY WORKMAN isi? Officers S agSj S ‘mm .President Vice-President . Secretary .Treasurer LYNN SIFFORD. SUSAN ALLIGOOD. . GENE THOMPSON... TERRY SCHROEDER tiuKw.. CAMMIE AIKEN SUSAN ALLIGOOD PATSY ALLISON BECKY ANTHONY TOMMY ANTHONY DEAN AUTEN JIMMY BAILEY LINDA BAILEY ANN BAKER MICHAEL BAKER JEANNETTE BANKS STEVE BARBER JIMMY BARKER Freshmen . . . Class of 1965 The poor freshman. . .He is the lowest on the social scale. Arriving from the grammar grades, he is faced with the problem of adjusting to a hectic high school life. With hard work and perseverance, he may some day graduate from this lowly state. OTIS BARTEE NAN BEATTY LESLIE BEATTY RUTH ANN BLACK ROGER BLACKWELL JERRY BOSTIC STEPHEN BREITZKE GENE BROWN BILLY CAGLE DIANNE CAMPBELL ANN CANDLER BECKY CARPENTER JUDY CARPENTER DOUGLAS CASKEY HAROLD CASSADA MAX CHILDERS GLENDA CLAWSON MILDRED COLEMAN MICHAEL COX SUSAN COX MARGIE CRAWFORD MARY RUTH CUDD LESTER CULPEPPER KARREN DAVIS PAM DELLINGER RONALD DOWDLE Freshmen BECKY DUNCAN BRENDA EDWARDS MAURICE EDWARDS VICKIE EDWARDS SUSAN EWING BLAKE EWING RONNIE FARMER JOITN FEATHERSTON RONNIE FEATHERS TONE TONY FLEMING JIMMY FOX LEO FULLER MIKE GIBSON PHYLLIS HAAS DEWEY HAGER ARNOLD HALL JUDY HALL FAYE HAMILTON RICKY HAMILTON WAYNE HARKEY MARY HARRIS BETTY HARTS ELL STANLEY HAWN RONNIE HELLARD LINDA HELMS SANDRA HELTON Class of 1965 TOMMY HENLEY JUDY HENSON JERRY HODGES ANN HOLDSCLAW SAUNDRA HOOVER GERRIE HORNE JEWEL HORNE JUDY HORNE STEPHEN HORTON CATHY HOYLE GRADY HOYLE JIMMY HUITT DAVID HULL WAYNE INGLE JANICE JOHNSON CECELIA JONAS VANDA JONES SHEILA JORDAN ANDY KELLER JOAN KIRBY JOAN KUYKENDALL BOBBY LAWING JACK LEMMONS Freshmen FRANK LONG SALLY LOVINGOOD VAUGHN LOWE STEVE LYMAN DICKIE LEONARD GLENDA LITTLE KAREN LEE DOUG MAUNEY JERRY McCLURE STEVE McCOTTER VICKIE MILLS JO ANN MILLER JOHNNY MOORE DONNA MORRIS LINDA MURPHY NANCY MURPHY PEGGY MURPHY CHARLES NIXON BILLY NORRIS LARRY NORRIS GAYLE OATES TED OGLESBY EARL PAINTER KAREN PARNELL DONNA PAULK NORMA PERKINS DALE PICKLESIMER RUTH PILLOW SHEILA POPWELL GERALDINE PRIEST Class of 1965 JEANNE PRYOR LENNA RABY BUDDY RHYNE EDDIE RHYNE JOHNNY RHYNE ANN RICK SHERRON RILEY JOHNNY ROLLINS CHARLES RUDISELL TERRY SCHROEDER JIMMY SHERRILL LYNN SIFFORD BARBARA SIGMON MARY SIGMON SARA SIMMONS LARRY SIPE PATRICIA SISK BLAIR SMITH DANNY SMITH BRENDA STACK GAIL STAFFORD LANNY STEWART CHARLES STILWELL LANCY STONE PERRY STONE VICKIE STONE DAVID TART Class of 1965 JANIE TART GENE THOMPSON FRANCES THRIFT CINDY TREXLER DIANE VAUSE DIANNE WALDEN SHEILA WALDROOP CARL WATERS GEORGE WHITAKER LAURA WHITE EMELDA WILLIAMS TOMMY WOODS WANDA WYATT SHANKS Activities KAREN HUFF ANN MILLER JO ANN HELTON LYNN CULPEPPER " Hurray! Another ad! " Holly Hawk Staff At last the finished product! After hoursoftyping copy and checking receipt books, days of picture taking and lay-out drawing, months of rushing to meet the deadline, the 1962 HOLLY HAWK is in print! The annual staff can rest. " Watch the birdie ! " " A dollar short! " SUE MASON Editor GORDON WILLIAMS MRS. L.O. MUNDY Assistant Editor Sponsor 60 HAROLD DAVIS PATSY RHYNE CAMILLE STOWE TOMMY STOWE VERNON THOMAS B l Im, . . I ■1 ® 1 1 B c First row: Jo Ann Helton, Gordon Williams, Sue Mason, Ann Miller, Karen Huff, Tommy Stowe, Camille Stowe, Patsy Rhyne. Second row: Lynn Culpepper, Mrs. Mundy, Vernon Thomas, Harold Davis. " That ' llbe two dollars down. " " This is an annual? " 61 Marshals SUE MASON Chief Gayle Abernathy The marshals are chosen in the spring of their junior year on the basis of their scholastic records. They serve as ushers at the commencement exercises, and the chief marshals head the graduation procession. Roy Andrews Rheba Betty Barker Ballard Jo Ann Brenda Hawn Randy Helton McConnell Student Council CAftlCwV Officers seated: Dean Powell, Mac Stroud, Randy Judy Hall, David Priestnall. Second row: Will Crist, McConnell, Gary Norwood, Geraldine Jones. First row: Richard Williams, Carlton Broome, Terry Schroeder, James Howard, Charlotte Patterson, Gayle Abernathy, Dean Hall, Dickie Leonard, Gary Loftin. Brenda Hill, Judy Sipe, Sandra Marley, Wanda Wyatt, RANDY McConnell President The Student Council, officially formed in the spring of 1960, took over its duties in the fall. Its purpose is to promote better relations between the administration and student body. This year the Student Council provided morning devotions, formed committees for care of building and grounds, and presented a plaque in memory of Mr. J.H. Ware. MRS. MARY M. MILLER Sponsor 63 Beta Club VERNON THOMAS President CO k - C (X » (il_o j ' Roy Andrews Barbara Ballard Nell Beatty Wayne Beatty Anne Black Susan Bostic Carlton Broome Linda Cox Dolly Crew Lynn Culpepper Harold Davis Pat English RHEBA BALLARD Vice -President ANN MILLER Recording Secretary BETTY BARKE ' i Corresponding I Secretary The Beta Club is composed of juniors and seniors who maintain a high scho¬ lastic average. Since it is a service club, the members are in charge of running the school store and selling tickets at the ball games. To help pay their expenses to the annual convention, the members sell Christmas cards and stationery. The Beta Club is not all work. Remember the Convention! " Convention headquarters " Tim Featherstone Ed Hansel Judy Fletcher Brenda Hawn David Fowle r e Jo Ann Helton Sandra Groner Larry Henkle David Hager Melvin Hodges Julian Hall Jerry Holdsclaw 64 " Hey! Where ' s my change? " MISS FAYE McIntosh Sponsor Now for our Mir Smi icki Venni Camille Stowe Bev Ware Peggy Stowe Mimi_ Warren Harry Hope Geraldine Jones Dolly Keever , i v Carol Lavender Judy Lowe Randy McConnell Johnny Morgan Charlotte Patterson Sandra Perkins Dean Powell David Priestnall Mary Reel Patsy Rhyne Judy Shuford Judy Sipe Mickey Carolyn Swayney Thompson Gordon Williams Phil Wilson GAYLE ABERNATHY Treasurer 65 Future Homemakers Seated: Vickie Stone, Ann Holdsclaw, Sheila Jordan, Donna Morris, Norma Perkins. Standing: Ruth Ann Black, Jeanne Pryor, Laura White, Mary Sue Sigmon, Donna Paulk, Carolyn Tesneer, S h e i 1 a Waldrop, Mildred Coleman, Janice Johnson, Susan Cox, Nan Beatty, Mary Harris, Dianne Campbell, Pam Dellinger. Seated: Shirley Smith, Karen Parnell, Becky Duncan, Sheila Popwell, Sara Simmons. First row: Peggy Murphy, Brenda Stack, Jewel Horne, Jo Ann Miller, Sharon Riley, Cathy Hoyle, Diane Vause, Gerrie Home. Second row: Betty Sue Hartsell, Joan Kirby, Ruth Pillow, Barbara Sigmon, Becky Carpenter, Janie Tart, Sandra Helton, Lenna Raby, Geraldine Priest, Vickie Edwards. 66 of America Kneeling: Brenda Edwards, Emelda Williams, Cammie Aiken, Wanda Wyatt, Susan Alligood, Lancy Stone. Seated: Mary Ruth Cudd, Patsy Allison, Linda Bailey, Judy Henson, Ann Caulder. Standing: Judy Carpenter, Cecilia Jonas, Becky Anthony, Vanda Jones, Susie Ewing, Joan Kuykendall, Gail Stafford, Sally Lovingood, Billie Moore, Vickie Mills, Jeanette Banks, Judy Hall, Faye Hamilton, Karen Lee. First row: Ann Rick,Sandra Hoover,Linda Helms,Glenda Hass, Linda Murphy, Frances Thrift, Margie Crawford, Little, Cindy Trexler. Second row: Gail Oates, Ann Diana Walden, Glenda Clawson. Baker, Nancy Murphy, Karren Davis, Pat Sisk, Jeanne 67 We are the Future Homemakers of America. We face die future with warm courage, And high hope, For we have the clear consciousness of seeking Old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America ' s future. Homes where living will be die expression of everything That is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith Will be realities, not dreams. PEGGY SMITH GLORIA President ABERNATHY Vice -President PHYLLIS LANIER Secretary RENDA McINTOSH Treasurer We are the Future Homemakers of America, We face the future with warm courage, And high hope. Margaret Cloninger HARRIEX J OHNSON Program Chairman Judy Frasur e Marcella Haney Future Homemakers of America Brenda Hill Marie Hinkle Kay Hollis MYRA WILSON SHERRY Reporter PERKINS Historian SHIRLEY MRS. HENRY HANSON COPPLE Parliamentarian Advisor Meredith Horton Kay Hunter Lula Mae Lancaster Frances Lethcoe Bena Lee McClure Lois Melton Della Padgett Geraldine Pittman Rita Robertson Brenda Simpson Elaine Willis 68 BETTY BARKER LINDA COX CAMILLE STOWE JOAN HENSLEY GORDON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer WILLIAMS Chaplain MRS. CLYDE LOFTIN Sponsor MISS LILLIAN DUNN Sponsor Gayle Abernathy Roy Andrews Barbara Ballard Rheba Ballard Nell Beatty Ann Black Carlton Broome Barbara Burgess Lynn Culpepper Harold Davis Nancy Glenn ShitlgA Grice Sandra Groner David Hager Brenda Hawn Karen Huff Donna Jeremias Geraldine Jones Gary Loftin Judy Lowe The Future Teachers of America Club is composed of students seriously interested in becoming teachers. Members often substitute for regular teachers,but a highlight of the year was National Education Week when every member taught a class for one after¬ noon. " Future teachers? " Sue Mason Randy McConnell Ann Miller Johnny Morgan Gary Norwood Pat Painter David Priestnall Patsy Rhyne Anne Rice Judy Sipe Miriam Smit h Peggy Stowe Brenda Tarpley Mickey Thompson Vickis Venning Mi mi Warrej i Phil Wilson (MIMI WARRENj NELL BEATTY President Vice-President MICKEY THOMPSON Secretary Treasurer CAROL MISS LILLIAN LAVENDER DUNN Reporter Sponsor Debating Club The main issue for this year ' s debating team was " Should we or should we not have federal aid to education? " The affirmative and negative teams were kept busy compiling information and preparing their talks. Our debating teams gives its members practice in public speaking as well as an opportunity to become acquainted with the current political issues. David Fowler Sandra Groner Jerry Hodges Ernie Kelly Janet Mason H.F. Rankin Miriam Spaith Margaret Ann Ware 70 Latin Clubs Who says Latin is a dead language? Members of Latin Clubs I and II are learning every day that it is very much alive. They help keep it alive by making projects and studying the ancient Roman civilization. First row: Brenda Mullis, Douglas Caskey, Nick Rowe, Cindy Trexler, Vickie Mills, Janice Johnson, Cathy Hoyle, Mike Gibson. Second row: Johnny Rhyne, Laura White, Nan Beatty, Sheila Jordan, Bobby Lawing, Glenda Little, Mike Huitt, Norma Perkins. Third row: Jimmy Huitt, Sandra Hoover, Becky Carpenter, Terry Schroeder, Blair Smith, Wanda Wyatt, Barbara Ballard, Donna Morris. Fourth row: Ann Chandler, Lancey Stone, Emelda Williams, Brenda Edwards, Mildred Coleman, Susie Alligood, S hipley Grk , Lynn Sifford. Fifth row: Steve Horton, Andy Keller, Gene Thompson, Roger Blackwell, Jerry Hodges, Judy Henson, Leo Fuller, Jimmy Guin. First row: Jessica Rhyne, Will Crist, Richard Williams. Second row: Tommy Thompson, Sandra Groner, David Calder, Skippy Perry, Jean Holloway, Marcia Tarpley. Third row: Jimmy Love, Ann Black, Judy Robinson, Janet Mason, Johnny Robinson, Tommy McConnell, Brenda Hart, Nancy Cox, Vernon Sigmon. Standing: Haywood Rankin, Johnny Dellinger, Johnny Morgan, Mary Ellen Moore, Buddy Hart, Alice Coleman, Tommy Hollis, Ken Jones, Buddy Guin, Margaret Ann W are. " " Puellae Romanae cantent. " " Cibus bonus est. " 71 First row: Juanita Helms, Joyce Helton, Judy Shuford, Sue Ann Ballard, Charlotte Patterson. Second row: Sandra Marley, Mrs. Beaver, Vickie White, Lula Lancaster, Julia Jackson, Kay Hunter, Nancy Glenn, Freda Sanders, ' Vivian McSwair f Lois Melton, ' Edna Moose 7 Third row: Geraldine Pittman, Gloria Stone, Cheryl Miller, Joan Hensley, Judy Henley, Judy Fletcher, Margaret Cloniger. Library Teens The Library Teens is truly a service club. These girls work in the school library checking out books, keeping the shelves neat, organizing the card catalogue, repairing books, keeping a scrapbook of school activities, and preparing bulle - tin boards. The library could not function without them. CHARLOTTE PATTERSON President JUANITA HELMS Vice -President SUE ANN BALLARD Secretary JUDY SHUFORD Treasurer rl JOYCE HELTON Reporter MRS. A.W. BEAVER Sponsor " You say it ' s overdue? " " The finishing touch! " " Maybe this is it. " 72 Mohosco Staff Whenever one goes into Mrs. Dixon ' s room, he finds a flurry of activity. Members of the Mohosco staff are rushing to meet the dead¬ line of putting together the finished product. These people work long and hard to keep us informed through the school magazine. Seated: Dave Hager, Barbara Ballard, Mrs. Dixon, Freda Sanders, Susan Bostic. Standing: Jackie Benfield, Nettie Jo Willard, Ronnie Burcham, Larry Arp, Marcia Morgan, Gayle Abernathy, Archie Huffstetler, Doris Miller, Gary Jones, Diane Lyman, Shan Williams, Elaine Loftin, Nick Rowe, Diane Hamilton. BARBARA DAVE HAGER SUSAN BOSTIC DOLLY CREW GARY JONES BALLARD Assistant Editor News Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Editor RONNIE MRS . BILL DIXON BURCHAM Advisor Art Editor " Down the assembly line " " Tomorrow is the deadline! " 73 LINDA LA WING President DIANE GRUBB Vice -President HELEN HINKLE Secretary Dramatics Club JUDY MILLER VIVIAN MRS. ROBERT Reporter McSWAIN THOMPSON Treasurer Advisor The Dramatics Club meets during the activity period to study various aspects of play producing and public speaking. The members study different plays and work to improve their voices and diction. As a climax to a year of preparation, they present a play to the student body. Seated: Gene Arp, Roger Dowdle, Nancy Glenn,’tdna Moose ' , Judy Miller, Nancy Williams, Mary Pope, Standing: Vivian McSwain, Linda Gardner, Diane Grubb, _inda Lawing., Carolyn Gunn, Qla ne Du hh, Helen Hinkle, Ferry Waldroop, Marie Hinkle. 74 Boys’ State Award Eacli year two boys from the Junior Class are chosen to attend Boys ' State. The boys are elected by secret ballot by the faculty. During Boys ' State week at the University of North Carolina, the boys study our city, county, state, and federal governments. To put into practice what they learn, they organize an operating government of their own. The two boys chosen from our school this past year were Randy McConnell and Gordon Williams. Chapel Committee Behind the scenes of our well-planned chapel pro¬ grams is the chapel committee . This committee , working with the chairman of the Ministerial Association, lines up the speakers for our Tuesday chapel programs. The committee members are in complete charge of the programs, from introducing the speaker to leading the singing. RANDY McCONNELL and GORDON WILLIAMS Seated: Bev Ware, Joan Hensley. Standing: Gloria Stone, Tommy Stowe. 75 Vocational Students At the North Carolina Vocational Textile School, these sixteen boys receive training in the field of textiles. This training will certainly benefit them in their future occupations. First row: Eddie Mozeley, Jack Wilson, Eddie Thomas, Nelson Hill. Second row: Ronnie Ward, Tommy Bynum, Larry Duckworth, Tommy Abernathy. First row: Keith Oates, Jimmy Jackson, Kenneth Hall, Gene Pillow. Second row: Gary Cooper, Bill Thrift, Colin Kelly, M.E. Helms. 76 Physical Education Club In these days when the country ' s physical fitness is so under-rated, the Physical Education Club shines. Every day these boys exercise for fun and fitness by playing such games as basketball and football. By taking part in sports today, they prepare themselves for a strong and healthy future. Jack Lemons, Jerry Lucky, Ronnie Murphy, Tim Featherston, Dearl Evans, Garvin Lawing,Dewey Hager,Jimmy McKinney. Second row: Reggie Ballard, Russell Groner, Wayne Harkey, Wayne Beatty, C.L. Marshall, William Stiles. Third row: Carlton Broome, Butch Toomey, Don Broome, Tommy Anthony, Joe Dowell, Harry Hope, Talmadge Banks. Fourth row: Phil Wilson, David Priestnall, Johnny Jessen, Michael Ingle, Jimmy Taylor,Gary Morgan, Douglas Poole, Verlin Davis. Fifth row: Ricky Painter, Larry Hartsell, Melvin " Foul weather— basketball " Hodges, C.A. Payne, John Payne, Mac Stroud, Skippy Fish, Walter Moore. Sixth row: Jerry Holdsclaw, Donald Simpson, Ralph Kirby, Jerry McManus, Talmadge Sigmon, Steve Troutman, Jerry Gordon, William Baker. Seventh row: Tony Rollins, Fred Kirby, Jackie Queen, James Howard, Blaine Alexander, Bobby Miller, Johnny Carpenter. Eighth row: Bill Robinson, Tony Sherrill, Jimmy Sherrill, Bill Rumfelt, Larry Lowe, Sammy Williams. Ninth row: Coach Wiles, Coach Royal, Benny Lawing, Tommy Miller. " Fair weather—football " 77 Cafeteria Staff Mrs. W.G. Henson, Sr., Mrs. Louise Rankin, Mrs. Sudie Wardlaw, Mrs. Ruth Moore, Mrs. Paul Smith, Mrs. William Hoffman. Building Custodians Bert Moore, Mrs. Ersie Grice, Mrs. Gretchen Sherrill, Melvin Graham. 78 Bus Drivers I ' Larry Henkle, Anne Loftin, Tommy Abernathy, Melvin Hodges, Paul Childers. Safety Patrol Ricky Bush, Mike McIntosh, Larry Blackman, Monty McGinnis, Larry Miller, William Grier, Gene Marshall, Loy Cannon Dale Stowe, Richard Whitaker, Steve Schroeder, Ronald Perkins, Danny Hoffman, Michael Bailey. 79 Senior " A thing of beauty is a joy forever. " If this saying be true, Mount Holly High School obviously has its share of joy. These ten charming girls were selected by Anne Parrish and Kays Gary of the Charlotte Observer as the outstanding beauties in our school. Their attractiveness adds vitality to our humdrum days. 80 Beauties GERALDINE JONES 81 Underclassman Beauties BRENDA TARPLEY LINDA HOLBROOK MARCIA TARPLEY 82 MARGARET ANN WARE JANIE TART LINDA HELMS 83 I 7 To be chosen Miss Hi Miss, a girl must have a high scholastic aver¬ age and a pleasing personality. Geraldine was chosen by the faculty from ten girls nominated by the senior class. She was invited to spend the week-end at Winthrop College. GERALDINE JONES Miss Hi Miss English Exchange Student DAVID JAMES PRIESTNALL " Basketball... " " Track... ' On August 22, 1961, Mount Holly gained a citi¬ zen—David James Priestnall fromBirmingham, England. David, an American Field Service exchange student, was selected to represent his school from the many boys who applied. After David was chosen, a careful search began for his American family. The Sydney Hager family was selected. David has adapted himself well to life in the United States (including iced tea and " The Twist " ), and, except for his British accent, he cannot be dis¬ tinguished from the well-known " boy next door. " " America, at last! " " The end of a long journey. " ' Tennis... " " An all-round boy ! " 85 Chorus The chorus is an honor society of vocal¬ ists composed of hard-working, intelligent students who enjoy singing. Our chorus is certainly to be commended for its per¬ formances which have added so much to our assembly programs. First row: Elaine Lee, Gloria Stone, Alyce Mauldin, Anne Loftin, Peggy Hyatt, Joan Hensley, Karhy Smith, Joyce Bostic, Rheba Ballard, Anne Rice, Mary Ellen Moore, Marie Bailey, Ann Glascow, Brenda Edwards, Diane Smeltzer, Louise Lowe. Second row: Linda Holbrook, Judy Aikens, Roger Mercer, Diane Russell, Sylvia Kirby, Rend a McIntosh, Diane Smith, Jean Gordon, Vickie Belk, Elaine Kirby, Ray Blackwood, Mary Reel, Sandra Michael. Third row: Julian Hall, Jimmy Lee, Frank Fuller, Johnny McIntosh, Sammy Brown, Mike Howie, Pat Hardesty, Mike Miller. 86 " Rebs on the march! Mr. Robert Black, Director Mount Holly High School Band 1962 Seniors: Majorettes: Barbara Burgess, Anne Rice, Andrews, Charles Munday, Julian Hall, Sue Mason, Ronnie Pat English, Phyllis Fritts, Karen Huff, Patsy Rhyne. Burcham, Peggy Stowe, Bev Ware. Band Members: David Priestnall, David Hager, Roy 87 Majorettes: Patsy Rhyne, Margaret Ann Ware, Karen Huff, Pat Painter, Twirler; Phyllis Fritts, Drum Majorette; Mary Ellen Moore, Twirler; Barbara Burgess, Barbara Ballard, Anne Rice. First row: Jimmy Dellinger, Nick Rowe, Mickey Baker, David Priestnall, Ronnie Burcham, Charles Munday, Jimmy Dunn, Ronald Munday, Bob Burgess, Johnny Rhyne, Bobby Bynum, Peggy Stowe, Karen Lee, Teddy Keller. Second row: BevWare, Janet Sisk, Susan Ballard, Diane Ellis, Ann Hawkins, Monty McGinnis, Buzzy Elliot, Steve Huggins, Diane Smith, Becky Duncan, Brenda Stack, Cissy Thompson, Kathy Hoyle, Joan Kuykendall, Ernie Kelly. Third row: Jimmy Fox, Ronnie Featherston, Mike Gibson, Carol Ann 88 Our Rebel Band . . .Confederate flag flying in front.. . parades bringing heavy feet and light hearts.. .rebel uniforms . . .football games and the pride that comes with a good performance . . .Carolina band day with the crowds; the game; and the long, long bus trip home...that last halftime show. . .field lights off—flash¬ lights on.. .the cross. . .merits and de¬ merits... long hours of practice before the concert and then the big night.. . the challenge of new music. .. Mr. Black and his never-ending patience . . . the spirit of co-operation.. .O u r Rebel Band. Chagaris, Bess Beatty, Penny Sawyer, Camille Holland, Bunny Baker, Joy Smith, Kathy Smith, Arnold Hall, Joe Avery, Brenda Edwards, Sue Mason. Fourth row: Bill Ewing, Danny Craig, Blair Smith, Frank Long, Sheila Popwell, Pat Hardesty, Steve McCotter, Jim Bailey. Fifth row: Clarence Kuykendall, Leo Fuller, John Featherston, Roy Andrews, Ted Oglesby, Dave Hager, Julian Hall, Bill Neely, Charles Nixon, Lanny Stewart, Eric Smith. 89 PHYLLIS FRITTS Head Majorette MARY ELLEN MOORE Twirler -li P AT ENGLISH Twirler ajorettes ANNE RICE BARBARA BALLARD n MARGARET ANN WARE Pat English, Patsy Rhyne, Margaret Ann Ware, Karen Huff, Phyllis Fritts, Barbara Burgess, Barbara Ballard, Anne Rice, Mary Ellen Moore. Athletics - L V» K r _ vv NT, J ' ■ ' ++ Coach Royal, Coach Wiles, Coach Spears Scoreboard Wadesboro 13 Mt. Holly 7 Lowell 0 Mt. Holly 25 Bessemer City 6 Mt. Holly 43 Cramerton 0 Mt. Holly 40 Maiden 7 Mt. Holly 6 Dallas 21 Mt. Holly 55 Stanley 0 Mt. Holly 34 Fred T. Foard 2 Mt. Holly 47 Mt. Pleasant 13 Mt. Holly 27 First row: Bruce Bolick, Russell Groner, Fred Bartee, Phil Wilson, Reggie Ballard, Tommy Stowe, Jerry McManus,Bobby Miller,Tommy McConnell. Second row: Shan Williams, Larry Henson, TonTmy 92 GARY NORWOOD M.E. HELMS Miller, Buddy Guin, Jimmy Guin, David Hull, Butch Toomey, Dickil Powell. Third row: Gary Norwood, Tommy Hollis, Gary Jones, Da McIntosh, Tommy Thompson, Will Crist, Ken Tones. Butch Jones, Leonard, Terry Waldroop, Dickie Taylor, Dean Clayton Poteat, M.E. Helms, Johnny Iackwood. 93 Patsy Rhyne, Homecoming Queen Homecoming Sponsors Homecoming School spirit at its best! " Shout, students, shout! " " Gotta have a touchdown! 1961 Victory celebration—the Homecoming dance ' Fame to the name of Mount Holly High! Homecoming Queen ir ' i " lliis PATSY RHYNE 96 RHEBA BALLARD CAMILLE STOWE GAYLE ABERNATHY KAREN HUFF " r BARBARA BURGESS Court 97 Junior Varsity Football First row: Michael Guin, Larry Horton, Loy Cannon, Jimmy Wilson, Mike Shelby, Kenneth Blanton. Second row: Lonnie Morgan, Tony Conner, Walter Moore, Jimmy Huit, Ronnie Farmer, Dwayne Moore, Mike Bailey. Third row: Carmie Morgan, Roger Bartee, Earl Painter, Emmett Venning, Gary Horton, Jimmy Drum. Fourth row: Mike Cox, Steve Hansel, Mike Fisher, Bucky Sisk, Roger Stafford, Steve Jordan. Fifth row: Lynn Sifford, Stanley Hawn, Roger Blackwell, Steve Horton, Grady Hoyle, Gene Thompson, Billy Neely. Sixth row: Coach Ferguson, Steve McCotter, Terry Schroeder, Frank Long, Jimmy Bailey, Richard Loftin, Coach Stack. 98 JANET MASON SUSAN ALLIGOOD JACK LEMONS BETTY BARKER LINDA COX " Hey, are you Hawks? " Cheerleaders VIVIAN McSWAIN CINDY TREXLER VICKI VENNING rw II T 11 1 1 Girls’ Basketball First row: Gloria Stone, Mickey Thompson, Shirley Grice , Sue Mason, Doris Miller, Janet Mason, Diane Lyman, Mary Pope. Second row: Juanita Helms, Gayle Stafford, Ann Rick, Judy F rasor e, Geraldine Priest, Karen Huff, Linda Holbrook, Susan Alligood, Mary Reel, Judy Aiken, Janie Tart, Mackie McConnell, Donna Morris, Harriet Johnson, Sheila Jordan, Kay Mace, Brenda Simpson. 100 DIANE LYMAN SUE MASON KAREN HUFF DORIS MILLER " Pass and go! Pass and go! Move! " The gym is empty now; but, for the members of the 1962 girls ' basketball team, it will always echo with the shouts of the coach in practice, the thump-thump of dribbling, and the cheers of the crowd at a game. Because our girls love basketball, practice sessions were never really work. Each game was a great adventure; each victory, a well-earned prize. " Miller pulls us through again! " COACH SPEARS 101 Boys’ Basketball First row: Steve Troutman, Dean Powell, Johnny Lewis, Phil Wilson( v Wafhe Beatty, Da vid Fowler, Gary Loftin. Second row: Archie Huffstetler, John Jessen, Ray Blackwood, Reggie Ballard, Sammy Williams, Larry Henson, James Howard, David Priestnall, Talmadge Sigmon. 102 " 30 to 29 — We really need this one ! " JOHNNY LEWIS REGGIE BALLARD GARY LOFTIN JAMES HOWARD RAY BLACKWOOD Long hours of practice, that tense feeling before a game, the coach ' s last-minute instructions, scoring the first basket, a close first-half, that pep talk during halftime, winning a hard-fought game—these are things a basketball player remembers. The Holly Hawks will remember the 1962 basket¬ ball season as one that was well-played and exciting. DAVID PRIESTNALL " S-I-N-K — sink it! " 103 Baseball First row: Pat Dagenhart, Leslie Givens, Bruce Bolick. Second row: Wayne Bolick )ia Ken Jpja»s, Kenny Nantz. Third row: Gary White,Bob Kirksey, Clarence Kuykendall. Fourth row: Buddy Guin, Reggie Ballard, Butch Toomey. Fifth row: Dean PqwpII , J )avid Fowla j -Phil Wilson. Sixth row: Gary Norwood, Bev Ware, Ru s selLa GrOTiet... Seventh row: Johnny Robinson, Nick Rowe. Eighth row: Walter Moore, Talmadge Sigmon. 104 Around and About ' Loyal Betas! 1 " Hen party! " Ann Miller receives Q.A.R. award. " School daze! " " Stag party! " " Under the Magnolias " —the Junior-Senior. " Slumber party? " " Yell! ' " No school today! " Sue Mason and Harold Davis —1962 Typical Teenagers. 105 % SPONSORS V ' C T. SUMMEY DRUG COMPANY WESTERN AUTO PAUL DERR Y. v» fi v V DR. AND MRS. ROBERT L. DUKE MR. AND MRS. IVEY HENKLE UNITED VARIETY STORE RIVER VALLEY CHEVROLET JOHN SADLER TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION Uti4 ji JUANITA ' S BEAUTY NOQK OQK MA RE ' DL THOMAS, IDEAL RECRE ATIOTj HOLLAND DRUG COMPANY o h RHYNE BROTHERS ' GROCERY JC NN „P CJ TAYLOR MOTORS, INC. BARBARA ' S FLORIST k ROBINSON SMITH ' S VARIETY STORE ELIZABETH THOMPSON ' S SNO-CAP ICE CREAM F. C. TODD, INC QUALlW ST I JONES. O ERS FLETCHER ETIUL AND T STjl y y HELEN ' S BEAUTY SHOP BSO CENTAL BARBPVHHOP PAYNE ' S CASH G ERfep % Vo BEATTY AUTO PARTS ' ? ADER DEPARTMEI -NOLES S CLARK RADIO COMPAQ ABERNETHY ELECTRIC COMPANY SUANNE FLORIST VANITY BEAUTY SHOP — -v 106 OJ UUl U , 4 ? -— S u ' iv7 y % . f,L 71 . ' j. y h ' - Ks ' 1 ' y JL3-? ’ " T ' CONTRIBUTORS 7 ' " ’ V d“) n HELMS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY J SOUTHERN DYESTUFF (Division of Martin Marietta) _y f 1 N Jvjv? j , AMERICAN EFIRD MILLS, INC. GLOBE MILLS CO. (Division of Burlington Industries) MASSEY HARDWARE FIRST STATE BANK TRUST CO. SUNRISE DAIRY INC. SOU-TEX CHEMICAL CO. L. G. BALFOUR CO. BELMONT ABBEY COLLEGE MOUNT HOLLY NEWS PASCHAL OIL CO. P OWER CO. THOMAS HOWARD CO. SETH BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. A- ' ? " s MOUNT HOLLY FUNERAL HOME J si | A 7 KIMBERLY YARN MILLS, INC. MOUNT HOLLY LOAN COMPANY CROSSROADS CAFE MOUNT HOLLY ICE FUEL CO. LEAKSVILLE WOOLEN MILLS NIXON ROBINSON BODY SHOP MOUNT HOLLY FURNITURE CO. KENDRICK BRICK TILE CO. KIMBRELL ' S FURNITURE CO. 4 FAUL CRYMES 4, D W LUNCH BAR SACRED HEART JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ACADEMY —V 107 Autographs cQ-f Xr b 3 AJLC % .• t v l " i r t -t »« » «. -- -» X • -u N. v . A ;, 7 s ' w 4 JJl r Py f7 rpc nr -ofd y pi? J s« Z y 5 " trsw j fj r £ ' £zy) v r f (?™$ y y yp X rPJ 108 Autographs CO £C cixr Jl y — 0 -A U-O (xOfT crTlJt (jSU Xs tz ) Cl£ J Lcrji r jhi xCC. u -(. ■ jlJ C - COx L -Cx ajt v ° (J b ' 7 ' L€n y Cf f 0 (X- . C — t — r — Cj X {S syt-- CyC y - O {oo- Ao H - -Ci .- ' .£ J£ c l - jCt , J 7lcA (xroxj O? J . jisu -y - 2a_o LZ (y-y (x . T Ci- uO CiTZi,-, 7 0 a tu-c Q.O X. Ogjt £U c. JOdJjL 00 yx - - 6 A CXx n. Q o ioi 7 ' ] C • ' J ' Z— , |£aoX f Ou Ot Jz 77 , ; -J) C f -jxjucC. -( JjCO-rO - U L. ' U . CiA pyr -. XL k _ Q v exi -. O t LAu . U Uj _ cAc dL nu j- -aL ' Ooi 3yo« , a- . " ,J cA L Jidl £ . Q O-d _ j (P i rixli ' C ryXtQ p Xy - ryu iX. r? ' -c _ ‘ C jpa c. _ __,, oL-y urt u oo. 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