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Mount Holly High School - Holly Hawk Yearbook (Mount Holly, NC) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 36 of the 1938 volume:

IB 2j is a | g ! fom m a III i | . ■ 1 HLVji f P ' The HOLLY HAWK For 193 8 SECOND EDITION ★ Published by The Senior Class of MOUNT HOLLY HIGH SCHOOL Mount Holly, North Carolina FOREWORD As WE, the class of 1938, reach the goal of all students — gradua- tion, our thoughts are mingled with sadness and joy. Our hap- piness has been marred with sor- row at the realization that we are leaving M. H. High and our class- mates forever. When we look through this book in after years, if old memo- ries are revived, and we are caused to live our happy school days once again in our minds, then this volume of T he Holly Hawk has accomplished its purpose. DEDICATION To YOU who have endeavored to prepare us for a helpful and suc- cessful life by your willing co- operation, wise counsel , sympa- thetic interest and constant com- panionship, as a humble tribute to you, The Faculty, who have meant so much in our young lives, we dedicate this volume of The Holly Hawk. Page Three THE FACULTY Mr. E. A. Thompson U. N. C. Superintendent — History Miss Myldred Lipscomb Richmond ' s Woman’s College English, Latin, Senior Class Sponsor. Miss Louise Holland Queens-Chicora College Home Economics Mr. Allen Deibert Catawba College Economics, English, Science, Senior Class Sponsor, Assistant Football Coach, Boys’ Basket- ball Coach, Beta Club Sponsor. Miss Louise Barrier Woman ' s College of U. N. C. French, English, Glee Club Directress Rev. L. B. Rankin U. N. C. Principal, Math, Hi-Y Sponsor Miss Maude Sadler Winthrop College Mathematics, Librarian Mrs. A. S. Holt, Jr. Wake Forest College History, Civics, Football Coach Baseball Coach Miss Jane Costner Woman ' s College of U. N. C. Chemistry , Science, Dramatic Club Director Mr. L. M. Mellette Clemson College Agriculture Page Four SENIOR CLASS Motto: B 2 and Y’s (Be Square and Wise) Flower: Red Rose COLORS: Red and White Deborah Chiles . . . . Valedictorian Mary Smith Salutatorian Mildred Dunn Historian Sarah Rhyne Prophet J. C. Williams Testator Hazeleen Killian Poet Melvin Johnson . . . . Gift orian Gladys Allen Gift orian Alfred Jones Chief Marshal Ruby Johnson Marshal Margaret Bruce . . Marshal Judson Jones Marshal David Cox Marshal Page Five SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Richard Rankin Sarah Rhyne . Gladys Allen Mary Smith .... President Vice-President T reasurer ... Secretary THE STAFF Mildred Dunn Editor-in-Chief Gladys Allen Assistant Editor Sarah Rhyne Business Manager MIRIAM Clark Assistant Manager Melvin Johnson ....... Advertising Manager BILL Rawlins Assistant Advertising Manager Page Six SENIOR CLASS Mary B. Abernathy “Timid ' Belmont 1, 2; Art Club 3. Lucille Allen " Cille " Dramatic Club 4. Gladys Allen “Glad " Secretary-Treasurer Class 2, 3 : Marshal 3 ; Glee Club 3 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Assistant Edi- tor Holly Hawk 4. Frances Armstrong . ' ' Franme’’ Basketball 1; Glee Club 3, 4. Treasurer 4: Dramatic Club 2, 4; Beta Club 3, 4: Assist- ant Editor School News 4. F. H. Abernathy “Snag " Baseball 1. 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4: Futu re Farmers of America 4. Martha Baker “Mot” Glee Club 4. Lucille Black “Cille” Basketball 1, 3, 4; Glee Club 4 . Craig Armstrong “Craig” Hi-Y 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4 ; Baseball 4. Ruby Beatty “Cotton Top ” Dramatic Club 4. Margie Black “Marge” Dramatic Club 2 ; Art Club 3; Librarian 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Reporter 4. Page Seven SENIOR CLASS John Benfield " John B. Sports Reporter 4; Future Farmers of America 4; Reporter 4. Dorothy Cashion “Dot " Vice-President Class 1 ; Glee Club 4; Dramatic Club 4. Miriam Clark “Pee Wee " Basketball 1 ; Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4, Chief 4; Dramatic Club 4; Glee Club 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Assistant Business Man- ager Holly Hawk 4. Christine Cole “ Priss " Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4. Ross Cox “Cox " Future Farmers of America 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. Carl Broome " Grouch ” Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Future Farmers of America 4. Deborah Chiles “ Debbie ” Beta Club 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Glee Club 4; Literary Editor School News 4. Doris Clark " Dor-ris " Basketball 1. Johnnie Carpenter “Solicitor " Boxing 1. 2: Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Future Farm- ers of America 4. Frank Craig “Hooch " Football 4: Future Farmers of America 4. President 4. Page Eight SENIOR CLASS Mildred Dunn " Mickey " Basketball 1; Librarian 1, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4, President 4; Glee Club 3 : Editor-in-Chicf of Holly Hawk 4. Ray Finger " Finger ” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Football 2; Baseball 2; Marshal 3. Elizabeth Flowers " Elizzie " Glee Club 3; Art Club 3. Elizabeth Gardner " Lib " Sarah Grice " Sally " Gastonia 1 : Huntersville 2. Ivy Mae Hagans " Ivy " Clover 1, 2, 3. Mary Howard “Frankie " Dramatic Club 2. « Mildred Harkey “ Harky " Art Club 3; Dramatic Club 4: Librarian 3, 4. Helen Helms “ Dowhachy” Basketball 1, 2, 3; Beta Club 3, 4; News Reporter 4. Ralph Lee Hobbs " Muggsie " Glee Club 4. Page Nine SENIOR CLASS Melvin Johnson “Gome r” Basketball 1, 2; Football 1. 3. 4; Baseball 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Advertising Manager of Holly Hawk 4. Bennie L. Johnston “Nell” Basketball 1. 3, 4; Marshal 3; Glee Club 3. 4. President 4; Dramatic Club 4; Debating 3, 4, President 4. Marjorie Ketchum “ Ketchum” Basketball 1 : Dramatic Club 2. 4; Art Club 3; Glee Club 2, 3. 4; Debating 4, Vice-President 4. Helen Killian “Joe” Boyd Lowe “Lowe Down” Baseball 3, 4. Helen Johnson “Helen’’ Beta Club 3, 4, Reporter 4. Frances Kelly " Sister Rick " School Pianist 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club Pianist 2, 3. 4; Dra- matic Club 2. 4; Beta Club 3, 4: Feature Editor of School News 4. Hazeleen Killian " Hazel” Beta Club 3, 4; Debating Club 4. George Lawing " Jerome ” Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 4. Jack Lutz “Battler” Future Farmers of America 4. Page Ten SENIOR CLASS Baxter McIntosh “Whitey” Boxing 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Manager 1, 2; Baseball 3, 4; Football 4. Manager 2: Future Farmers of America 4. Buford Price " Blue” Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3. 4. Richard Rankin " Dick” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 4; President of Class 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Chief Marshal 3; Glee Club 4. Mary Smith “ Smythe ” Gastonia 1. 2; Beta Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Secretary of Class 4; Business Manager of School News 4. Thelma Warren " T oots” Dramatic Club 4. Billy Moore " Willie ” Future Farmers of America 4. William Rawlins ‘Bill” Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Secretary and Treasurer 4; Glee Club 4; Dramatic Club 4; Assistant Ad- vertising Manager of HOLLY Hawk 4. Sarah Rhyne “Sally” Vice-President of Class 1, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Business Manager of HOLLY HAWK 4 ; Editor-in-Chief of School News 4. Lafayette Underwood " Faye” Basketball 4; Future Farm- ers of America 4. Coyte Williams " Katie” Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4; Fu- ture Farmers of America 4, Vice-President 4. Pa e Eleven SENIOR CLASS J. C. Williams Torrence Wilson Katheleen Sawyer “Chump " " Tump " " Kat " Basketball 1 ; Boxing 1 , 2 : Marshal 3; Football 1, 4; Future Farmers of America 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y 3, 4 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Future Farmers of America 4. Basketball 1. ★ OUR MASCOTS Dicky Carpenter Martha Ann Kendrick Page Twelve SENIOR CLASS HISTORY During the many years of the history of Mount Holly High School, there has been no year as important in the history of the school as that of 1934. It was in that great year that one hundred and five girls and boys, with the broad high- way of knowledge stretched before them, first made the firm foundation for the class of ’38. We knew not what lay before us then; the future was clouded by the mist of uncertainty. Our class was divided into two sections with Richard Rankin as leader of the A section while J. W. Moore, Jr., was chosen to guide the B section. But the fact that we were freshmen did not take any of the joy from our first year in high school. In the fall of 1936 our arrival was still more important for at last we were Juniors. We could now look a mighty senior in the face without shame. We were even sorry for them as they were soon to leave our dear old Alma Mater, while we had another year of school life. After a few months, J. W. Moore, Jr., our guide, left us, and Richard Rankin continued his guidance. Next we were Seniors. The joy of almost feeling our diplomas between our fingers wa s indescribable, although we were saddened at the thought of leaving our school forever. Richard Rankin was again selected to lead us through the final journey. After we had progressed a few months, it became necessary for our home room teacher, Miss Lipscomb, to leave us a few months, due to illness. During her absence, Mrs. F. M. Mellette, successfully filled her job. This year we accomplished many difficult things. When at last we reached the top, we realized that our class had diminished since we had started the journey, but we could still have that honorable title of being the largest class of Mount Holly High to stand on the Rock of Graduation. Mildred Dunn, Historian. Page Thirteen Miss Louise Barrier, A. V. Diebert, Teachers; Marcell Abrams, Frances Allen, Miriam Allen, Sarah Black, Clyde Barker, Yates Baker, Bryce Beach, Willard Bone, Thelma Bryant, Aubrey Bumgardner, Edna Caskey, Gus Chagaris, June Cloniger, Charles Cloniger, Dorothy Craig, Elsie Craig, Helen Craig, Sarah Frances Gaddy, Joyce Garrett, Kenneth Glenn, Alvin Grice, Evelyn Hamilton, Murray Hendrix, W. G. Henson, Jr., Flossie Hollis, Shirley Hoover, Vance Hunter, Mary Alice Henson, Eddie Hunsuck, A. C. Huffstetler, Wilma Jordan, Chick Kale, Alvin Killian, Clyde Keever, Blanche Kelly, Edith Kelly, Alene Lawing, Lonnie Loftin, Tom McConnell, James McElduff, Myrtle McIntosh, Cora McIntosh, Sarah McIntosh, Paul Martin, Betty Moore, Isabel Moore, Grace Morris, Charles Outen, Charles Pennington, Martha Patterson, Louise Rankin, James Reeves, Raymond Rinehart, Carlton Rhyne. Tommy Rhyne, Charles Sawyer, Doris Spencer, Bill Sisk, Billy Spittle, Elizabeth Spittle, Elizabeth Stack, Nell Stack, Edwin Springs, Dollie Stewart, Jack Summey, Thelma Thompson, Ed Thompson, Walter Thomasson, Mae Tucker, Emmett Venning, Frank Wyatt, Clara Mae Williams, Melvin Warren. SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL JUNIOR CLASS ROLL A. S. Holt, Jr., Teacher; Mamie Allison, David Autry, Jack Batchelor, Helen Beatty, Helen Benfield, Margaret Bruce, Frances Brittain, Ruby Bumgardner, Ruth Bumgardner, David Cox, Bill Craig, Roger Estridge, Mabel Farrar, Howard Flowers, Dempsey Fortner, Lena Mae Harkey, Charles Hayes, Glenn Holobaugh, Gwendolyn Hobbs, J. L. Hunt. Jr., N. H. Huffstetler, Jr., Fowler Jackson, Myrtle Johns, Alfred Jones, Judson Jones, Kenneth Jones, Leonard Jones, Lee Jordon, Roy Killian, Georgia Lawing, Jack Lawing, Ruth Lethcoe, Billie Lewis, Harry Lineberger, Jr., Beulah McDaniel, Miriam McConnell, Peggy Miller, Ruby Mullis, Inez Pryor, Atha Price. Frances Pierce, Jack Ramsey, Olivene Rozzelle, Rose Emma Rhyne, Catherine Sifford, Frances Smith. Claude Spencer, Jr., Elizabeth Spencer, Faye Skidmore, J. S. Stilwell. Jr., Harold Stroupe, Wearn Stowe, J. C. Stone, Dorothy Tarleton, Frances Thompson, Carl Underwood, Cleo Williams, Nalle Wyatt. Page Fourteen FRESHMEN CLASS ROLL Miss Maude Sadler’s Room: Lloyd Abernathy, Louise Abernathy, Ruby Allen, M. L. Barnes, Jr., Coley Beatty, Rachel Broome, Max Brittain, Glenn Brown, Christine Craig, Marvin Crafton, Andrew Dellinger, Frances Finger, James Goodson, James Grier. Virginia Hager, Jack Hagans, T. C. Hager, David Henkle, Ivey Henkle, Edith Hartsell, Bertha Hartsell. Myrtle Hart- sell, Henry Herms, Bub Holobaugh. Harry Hope, Everett Johnson, Evelyn King, Frank Line- berger, Sallie Lipscomb, Mary Gale Logan. Virginia Logan, Lodemma Lutz, Ray Martin, Frances Morris, Helen Mundy, Wayne Pennington, Margaret Rankin. James Rankin, C. B. Stroupe, Jr., Thelma Thompson, Yates Wallace, Shirley Mae Wells, Dorothy Williams, Miss Jane Costner’s Room: Margaret Abernathy, Virginia Abernathy, Charles Ballard, Nora Lee Baker, Breta Barnes, Grace Benfield, Dorothy Crawley, Ruth ' Davis, Tommy Dunn, Harvey Feimster. Mary Fortner, Edith Glenn. Elva Glenn, Ruby Gilbert, Ruby Greene. Ruby Hall, Delvade Hansel, Virginia Hart, George Helms, Ruth Hendricks, Earline Hollis, Billy Holoway, Wayne Huffstetler, Margaret Jenkins. Carl Jolly. Iris Jones, Ruth Jones, Evelyn Kelly, Helen Martin. Dale Parker, Gertrude Parker, Odel Pryor, Sam Sigmon, Mary Simmons, Dorothy Skid- more, John Wagstaff, C. K. Williams, Charles Ward, Louise Youngblood. Page Fifteen SENIOR STATISTICS Miriam Clark, Richard Rankin Most Popular Frank Craig Best Looking Marjorie Ketchum, Richard Rankin Biggest Flirts Frances Armstrong. John Benfield Biggest Bull-shooters Gladys Allen Prettiest Lucille Black, Coyte Williams Most Athletic Sarah Rhyne, Coyte Williams Best All Around Miriam Clark, J. C. Williams Wittiest Mary Belle Abernathy, Lafayette Underwood Most Timid Frances Kelly, Craig Armstrong Most Conceited Doris Clark, Richard Rankin Best Dressed Helen Johnson, Ralph Lee Hobbs Biggest Babies Nell Johnston, Coyte Williams Most Attractive Miriam Clark, J. C. Williams Cutest Mary Smith, Ralph Lee Hobbs Most Business-Like Frances Armstrong. Ralph Lee Hobbs Most Dignified Deborah Chiles, Ray Finger Most Studious Frances Kelly, Richard Rankin Most Talented Sarah Rhyne, Richard Rankin Most Personality Nell Johnston, Bill Rawlins Most Graceful Helen Helms, Coyte Williams Best Disposition Dorothy Cashion, Johnny Carpenter Most Absent-Minded Dorothy Cashion, Melvin Johnson Most Talkative Sarah Rhyne, Richard Rankin Neatest Sarah Rhyne, John Benfield Most Dependable Page Sixteen BETA CLUB A. V. Deibert, Sponsor Members: Helen Beatty, Georgia Lawing, Miriam McConnell, Frances Armstrong, Frances Smith, Helen Helms, Mildred Dunn, Frances Brittain, Frances Thompson, Dorothy Tarleton, Mary Smith, Margaret Bruce, Sarah Rhyne, Hazeleen Killian, Margie Black, Deborah Chiles, Helen Johnson, Peggy Miller, Wearn Stowe, Alfred Jones, Roger Estridge, Carl Underwood. Frances Kelly. HI- Y F. B. RANKIN, Sponsor Members: Wearn Stowe, Fowler Jackson, Gus Chagaris, Bill Rawlins, Emmett Venning, Carlton Rhyne, Craig Armstrong. Torrence Wilson, Richard Rankin, Nalle Wyatt, Ray Finger. Page Seventeen GLEE CLUB Miss Louise Barrier. Directress Members: Marcel Abrams. Evelyn Kelly, Miriam Clark. Frances Armstrong. June Cloniger. Mary Smith, Marjorie Ketchum, Beulah McDaniel, Edith Kelly. Frances Thompson. Nell John- ston, Ruth Bumgardner, Lucille Black, Christine Cole, Martha Baker, Deborah Chiles, Frances Pierce, Dollie Stewart, Dorothy Tarleton, Thelma Thompson, Ruby Bumgardner, Dorothy Cashion, Frances Kelly, Harold Stroupe, Bill Craig, Richard Rankin, Ralph Lee Hobbs, Ed Thompson, David Cox, Roy Killian. FUTURE FARMERS F. M. MELLETTE, Sponsor Members: Bill Craig. Lafayette Underwood, Howard Flowers, Ross Cox, Lonnie Loftin, James McElduff, Roy Killian. Frank Craig, M. L. Barnes, Jr., Coley Beatty, Frank Wyatt. Ray Rinehart, Johnny Carpenter, Yates Wallace, Charles Sawyer, Yates Baker. Carl Underwood, James Rankin, Bill Moore, David Henkle, Coyte Williams, Kenneth Glenn, David Cox, Nalle Wyatt, Torrence Wilson, John Benfield. Baxter McIntosh, David Autry, F. H. Abernathy, Carl Broome, Ivey Henkle, N. H, Huffstetler, Judson Jones, Jack Lutz, J. C. Williams. Page Eighteen FOOTBALL TEAM A. S. Holt, JR., Coach A. V. DEIBERT, Assistant Lawing, Abernathy, Williams, C., Holloway, Huffstetler, A- C., Hayes, Dunn, Stroupe, Carpenter, Huffstetler, N. H., Rankin, Thompson. Lineberger, McElduff, Spencer, McIntosh, Johnson, Craig. Absent: Kale. Henson, Jordan, Stowe, Williams. J. C. BASEBALL TEAM A. S. HOLT, JR., Coach Juhan, Lawing. G., Williams, Bumgardner, Carpenter. Huffstetler, N. H., Henkle, Henson, Hollaway, Dunn, McIntosh. Stroupe, McElduff, Price, Hayes, Craig. B., Lowe, Huffstetler. W., Brittain, Ward. Springs, Craig, F., Johnson, M., Stroupe. C, B.. Armstrong, Cox, Rinehart, Rankin, Herms, Stone, Holobaugh, Stowe, Johnson, E., Lawing, J. Page Nineteen tt.tfot i: [htHOUvI GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM " Topsey " Dunn, Coach Harkey, Black, Pierce, Stewart, Johnson, R., Johnston, N., Bumgarner, Jordan. Hamilton. McConnell, Lutz, Hollis. BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM A. V. DEIBERT, Coach Hayes, Carpenter, McIntosh. Jones, C.. Jones, L., Sigmon, McElduff, Abernathy, Absent: Kale, Jones, J. Page T wenty Compliments of Quality Store Compliments of Orange Crush Bottling Co. GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of Frank B. Rankin, Jr. Compliments of F. W. Woolworth Go. GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of The Bank of Belmont Compliments of Belmont Service BELMONT, N. C. Station JACOBS ■ Launderers and Cleaners Compliments of Gastonia’s Newest and Most Modern Phone 1100 The Belmont Building Loan “Wash your duds in Jacobs BELMONT, N. C. Suds” Compliments of Butter Kist Bread New Way Laundry + Have you tried our doughnuts ? Gastonia’s Oldest - Largest - Best Phone 844 Page Twenty-one • F. C TODD Compliments of INCORPORATED Gastonia Mill + Supply T extile Machinery Company and Supplies GASTONIA, N. C. + • GASTONIA, N. C. 1 Compliments of AMERICAN YARN PROCESSING CO, • Spinners and Mercerizers Belmont Abbey College The College Near Your Home! A Liberal Arts College — fully ac- credited. Member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secon- dary Schools — American Associa- tion of Junior Colleges. Small classes; excellent athletic facilities. Courses leading to A.B. and B.S. degrees, Medicine, Law, and En- gineering. Home of The Red Crusaders For Bulletin — address The Registrar MOUNT HOLLY, N. C. Belmont Abbey College BELMONT, N. C. Page Twenty-two Compliments of Vanity Box Beauty Shop Compliments of Gaston Theatre Massey Clark Go. J. W. Holland GENERAL INSURANCE Dealers in Hardware and Building Supplies Phone 168 Welcome to Mount Holly Funeral Home Holland Drug Go. The Complete Drug Store + Funeral Directors and Embalmers AMBULANCE SERVICE Westland Farms Grade A Dairy Products Make this your dairy Phone 3400 Compliments of JENKINS MOTOR COMPANY E. D. Kelly and E. D. Kelly, Jr. Page Twenty-three BUSINESS EDUCATION A MODERN NECESSITY CLARKS Executive Accounting, Steno- graphic, and Secretarial Training. Competent Teachers — Easy Pay- ment Plan. Special Summer Classes Gastonia Business “The Better Food Store” + STAPLE AND FANCY College GROCERIES GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of LIBERTY LUNCH Compliments of Holly Lunch Whiteway Cleaners Compliments of IVEY’S The Predominating Store of The Carolinas CHARLOTTE, N. C. Modern Business Training Geyer Business College Largest and Most Completely Equipped 531 S. Tryon CHARLOTTE, N. C. Smith- Wadsworth Hardware For Roller Skates, Rifles Baseball Goods 428 S. Tryon Phone 3-5161 128 N. Tryon St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page Twenty-four r MAXWELL BROTHERS 217 South Tryon Street Furniture — Philco Radio PHONE 4874 CHARLOTTE, N. C. ★ FREE DELIVERY CONVENIENT TERMS “Let ' s Go Modern . . . It ' s Really Cheaper ” The progressive family that today is using electricity for refrigeration, for cooking and for water heating is not only enjoying the manifold ad- vantages of these automatic home services, but they are actually saving more money. They are living better, more comfortably, without the drudgery, labor and worry that attend the old methods — they are actually LIVING BETTER for LESS. It costs the average family less per day than the cost of a single loaf of bread to cook electrically. Automatic hot water service through an electric automatic water heater is available also to the average family for less than the price of a package of cigarettes per day. The cost of electric automatic refrigeration to the average family is little more than the cost of a package of chewing gum per day. Electric refrigeration, electric ranges, electric water heaters — any of these appliances of the makes you are likely to desire may be had on terms to fit your budget. Easy to buy — inexpensive to operate — and yet they bring indescribable comfort and freedom from work and worry. DUKE POWER COMPANY Page T iVenty-fiue If you want Grade A Milk and rich cream get it at Kendrick Brick Tile LOWLAND Co., Inc. DAIRY • ¥ Manufacturers C. S. Wyatt, Owner Mt. Holly, N. C. MOUNT HOLLY, N. C. Clark Radio Compliments of Company Everything Electrical Summey Drug Company + Cut-rate Drugs Everything Musical Pianos — Radios + MOUNT HOLLY, N. C. Phone 9 T ubes Service MT. HOLLY, N. C. Page T wenty-six Compliments of Jones Brothers Mt. Holly Fuel Company + COAL-WOOD-FUEL OIL “Where the Dollar Does its Duty” Phone 142 Compliments of JAMES WARE G. A. HOBBS Groceries, Fresh Meats, and Confectionaries Adrian Mill, Mt. Holly, N. C. Compliments of R. M. Stroupe A. Q. Kale Sons — Fuel Compliments of Carolina Winding Dyeing ★ Remember you always save at Belk Brothers “Charlotte’s Home of Better Values” Compliments of Mt. Holly Lions Club Faul and Grymes SPORTING GOODS 415 South Tryon St. Compliments of Leventis Restaurant Gastonia ' s Most Modern CHARLOTTE, N. C. ▼ Year-round Air Conditioning Page Twenty -seven Printing and Binding By Ob server Printing House, Inc. Charlotte, N. C. Page T wenty-eight

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Mount Holly High School - Holly Hawk Yearbook (Mount Holly, NC) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 7

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Mount Holly High School - Holly Hawk Yearbook (Mount Holly, NC) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 7

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