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 - Class of 1944

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Mount Hermon School - Gateway Yearbook (Mount Hermon, MA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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.. gl., ., .. ,., l. ifqgg., Y ..,., f ,ny 1: mf 4. 1-- an-1:2:'.g,:Vgf t.gT,Ly-f:.f:',4.wyafgfy: ,.:w5:,1g..VgzY 1,1-rd: oz ' ' c , w 1:,.- '. A - '. I-'-vw-ff-2 YP , , ,..,...1, . , .... ,, .... . , ....,,, ,.H:,...,,.. .... ,.1 -.-JU.. -,.,L.i.,,. .,, ,-2-.f .::..:J', ',:,rf:.4 2, 3,5-::.'-zknulug' -'z' .,.,k1 . .. .,,.k: . . Q , x 3 E 'I 1 1 Yi r.. -1 1? :I v ,, 1 . 1 E! if 4 If , f . '15 A Eg. "iw , 5.2-gay . ,. W,,?,:1.,,:,., 1,,.,gV.1l-mygE.q:T,u.:.:,,...,,L -i....w,,-... EM., .-1-W, .,-.qk,.,15,g,f,,-l., ,L. ,:, 1 :,,.,.-M1 ,-3.13:q11,.,4:.-N:,1,, 1-1E.q.,.q,,,.-,vw.,-,445 1-D --T,-...V-4-LW.mgmfwi,--Q:-5-v wqpgplqzm,-Nq .Lima-4:,,. .gmr-mg-m..,-l..+5,La rmlgm ' ff' s' x f ""1 N M - I 1'i2v.,!4'hs-QVIK Wh mx 1: Vzx TW: "WWf1n+ E TH T HE PUBLXSHED BY SENXOR CLASS OF MOUNT HERMON O OUNT HER M MASS PXCHUSET SOHO L. MON, Y I 19 A-A GATEW AY E8 LCd,1fL0lfL HROUGH his valuable academic guldance fo each one of us has nnfereshng and xnsplrlng leadership In The classroom and on fhe alhlehc held and hrs unforgellable helpful companuonshap rn +he counfless clally problems whlch have confronfed us Mr Nlbloclc has rughllully gained 'rhe appreclallon and esfeem of each member of fhe graduahnq class Every member of If has al' some 'rome durung has career experuenced lhe helpful dlrechon which he has always wnllnngly and generously exrended ln hearrfelf grahfude for lhese numerous rnvalu able conlacfs wrlh Mr Nnbloclc we of fhe Class of I944 hereby deducale our yearbook +0 hum We couple wrfh lhal dedncahon a sincere wash for fufure happiness +o one of fhe besl frnends we have made on The Hull 4 MR W HOWARD NIBLOCK CLASS TEACH ER DR WILLIAM E PARK ACTlN6 HEADMASTER ZCLCLZ ,XQQIOPGCLCL fL0lfL HE Class of I944 wnshes lo express Hrs sancere lhanlcs fo Achng Headmasler Dr Wullnam E Park for hrs par? IH malcung This year such a mernor able and happy one Called To assume The duhes of heaclmasler al Hermon rn adduhon lo relalnunq hrs posnhon as Presmdenr of fhe Norfhheld Schools Dr Park has lecl us all sn an exemplary manner and by his slolllul leadershnp has ponnlecl The way for fulure admrnnslrahons The class deeply appreclales hrs eftorls on :Ts behal durnng a year which his been one of lhe mosl lurbulenl buf also one of fhe mosl unforgellaole nn l-lermon hasfory 5 VL Coffage Pafh FCREWCRD r-1 G 1 6 ar af HQ-fvwom w me fu PNVI awe + Q HP a wr wan? 'ro remember Nr m cw +0 you The Mau ffvwo ATEWAY if N944 wx? HM: hope f af w 6 m dw ew +0 comm up memore f fkqur , Jr H rmor' ' YS 34 E '.:fO'!x.Jf'i"f,C1 X ,A .THQ 72 a 'f1UQcHf-rw of Cfe' WHCH we 5 C. 1 ye f,'WQViv,'W.-H71 I PM ' ii l f f . A. A Hwouqb me picture premenfed here Is, by no ew Q W, Qlfifi, wr- pff-em? X mf H9 H G X' sf X , ' H A Pw E ymrs ?of' ef V3 i, e ' e Zz on -F 'dew 'I e -HW .if ies 'F F' .7 . Y . : x -. BASSETTE JOHN D Ph B lns+ruc'ror of Mafhemahcs Yale l9I3 Alpha Chi Rho New England Associahon of Malhemafacs Teachers Member of Facully since i935 BAXTER HARLAN L A B M A lnsirucior of Lafln and Spanish Dickenson College Columbia Universify Sigma Chi Director of Permissions Member of Faculfy since l929 BEALS LESTFR H MD Schoo Physician ni versnly of Michigan Member of Faculfy since I942 BOWMAN PAUL E MS Ph D lnslrucior 0 Chemlslry Lehigh Universlly Unlversily of Clnclnnall Sigma Xl American Chemical Sociefy New England Associahon of Teachers of Chemisfry Member of Facully since I936 DEMING GROVE W BS lnsfrucfor of Hisfory Office Records Universify oiConnec1lcuf Thela Sigma Chi Mem ber of Faculfy since IQIO ERICKSON HARRY A Yale A M Harvard sfrucf r of English Faculfy Advisor fo fhe HERMONITE Member of fhe Publiciiy Commiffee of 'rhe Norfhfield Schools Chairman of Gill School Commifiee Member of Facully since l929 FORSLUND AXEL B BPE MA Head of Deparfmenf of Physical Educahon Springfield College Columbia Uni verslfy Coach of Soccer Hockey and Traclc Member of Faculfy since I929 GIBSON ALEXANDER D AB AM Head of Language Deparfmenl, Darfmoufh College. Columbia Universify Uni versify of Toulouse: Sorbonne: Gamma Delia Chi: Kappa Phi Kappa: Former Reader of College Board Examinafions in French: Member of Secondary Educalion Board's Commi+fee of French Examiners: lnsfruclor of French' Member of Facul+y Qince 938. GIBSON, MAY-BESS - . B.. A.M.: lnsfrucfor of En is and Lafin: Universi+y of Texas: Columbia Universifyp Phi Bela Phi: Kappa Del+a Pi: Member of Facul+y since I943. HATCH, ROY R. - Harvard Universiiy: Cornell Universify: Faculiy Member of Cum Laude: New England Associalion of Physics Teachers: Presidenf I928vI929: New England Asso- cialion of Chemisfry Teachers: Member of Facully since 1900. IVORY PAUL S BA lnsfruclor of English Direcfor of lns+rumen+al Music Bowdoin College The+a Della Chi Mem ber of Facul+y since I938 JOHNSON J GLOVER MA M P D Head of Bible Deoarfmenl School Chaplain Mercer Uni versily Soufhern Bapris+ Theological Seminary Yale Uni yersnly Member of Eacully since lc-736 KENWAY JEAN T S B School Librarian Simmons Col lege American Library Associahon Massachusells Lnbrar Associahon Member ol Seminary Facul+y 1939 1943 Mounf Herman since l942 KIRK LEANDER R BS lnsfruclor of Physics Amhersf Colleqe Member of Faculfy since I942 LAURENCE GEORGE R BS MA lnsfruc or o cu ences Yale Uniyersily Harvard Universufy New England Assocuahon of Chemisfry Teachers Coach of Junior League Foolball Member of Eacully since I935 LHOMMEDIEU CARLTON W BA MusB Organisf lnsfrucfor of Music and Lahn Yale Universily Phu Bela Kappa Head of Soufh Crossley Member of Facully since 926 LlVlNGSTON EDGAR J Cashier Member of Facully since I936 MEYERS, BENNETT B.A., lnsfruclor of Hisfory, Amhersl College: Phi Bela Kappa: Coach of Baseball, Baslcefball and Fcolball: Advisor lo Class of I945: Member of Faculfy since 94 . MILDRAM, ROBERT C. - . . B.D. M.A.Z Universily o Vermo.Y: Andover Newfon Theological Seminary' Yale Uni- versily, Kappa Phi Kappa: Coach of Junior League Fool- ball, Swimming, and Lacrosse: Inslruclor of Bible: Member of Faculty since l942. MIRTZ, ORVIL E. - ... ... . . in . . ..i - sfruclor ol Malhemafics: head of Collage lV: Wesiminsler College: Princelon Theological Seminary: Cornell Universifyy Kappa Phi Lambda: Tau Gamma Della: Phi Della Kappa? Coach of Soccer, Baslrelball, and Baseball' Member of Faculfy since l935. fy, MORROW IVILLIAM H A M Ed Inslrucfor of ng lnsh Head of Oalcnoll Wulluam and Mary Temple Umversuly Ph' Bela Kappa Kappa Alpha Dureclor of Socual Acfnvnlxes Member of Facully smce l93I MORSE HORACE H AB MA Head ol Hlslory De parlmenl Harvard Unuversnly Phu Bela Kappa Presldenl of Mounl Hermon Chapler of Cum Laude New England Hlslory Teachers Assocuahon Presndenf I932 Member ol Massa chuseils Husforncal Socnely Member of Facully sunce IQO6 NETTER LEO BS Ed M Sp lngheld College Inslruclor of Malhemahcs Coach of Lacrosse Soccer and Swnmmmg Head oI Nor h Crossley Member of Facully snnce I94I I'ory Bowdom College Harvard Urnversuly Zela Ps: New England Asso Iahon ol Colleges and Secondary Schools Ad vnsor Io Class of 44 Dureclor of Worl: Coach of Traclc Drr clor of Summer School Member of Faculty I936 40 Surce I94I PETSCHKE ALFRED H BS Superunlendenl' ol Wesl Hall Unuversnly of Illmols Phu Kappa Phu Head of Shadow Lage Collage Member of Facully snnce I936 PLATT ARTHUR D BS MAM Head of Malhemahcs Deparlmem' Dareclor of Sfudues Trnmly College Columbna Umversufy Facully Advlsor Io The GATEWAY Nahonal Council of Mafhemahcs Connechcuf Valley Sechon of M Ihemahcs ueachers ol New England Member of Faculfy ce PW PER GORDON F Ph B Inslruclror of Bnology Dureclor of Admussuons Brown Unnversufy Phu Bela Kappa Sngma XI Member of Facu y I926 28 Smce I932 RIKERT CAROLL AB Supernnlendenl ol The Properly of the Norlhlneld Schools Harvard Unnversuly Member of Facu ly sunce IQI7 RINEER WILLIAM R BS Inslruclor of Scnence Wesl chesl r Teachers College Nalsonal Teachers Assoclahon Head of Cenler Crossley Coach ol Foolball Baslnelball and Baseball M mber of Facully since I942 Harvard Unuversuly Member of Facully since I942 SMITH LOUIS E AB MA Head of Engllsh Depari menf Gelfysburg College Yale Unuversuly Phu Bela Kappa Phu Gamma Della New England Assoclahon of Teachers I English Former Reader of College Enlrance Examnnahons Board Nafnonal Assocnaflon of Teachers of Englnsh Member ol r- cufy since Oo S UIERS DAVID E AB AM Inslrucfor of Hlslory Englnsh and Science Weslern Mnchnoan College Kalama oc Co'leoe Umversuly ol Mnchngan Harvard Unuversufy Faculfy dfrecfor of Inrer sl Groups Advlsor 'ro GATEWAY Member sf Facully snnce I943 I I X , I v -1 ,N 4 y , . ,- .B., . .1 E V- 5 ' T 7 ' 1 1 " A 1 y : Sap 1929. I . I I ' 1 1 . ' . ' I g' ' :. 4' I I - I . . I I NIBI-OCK. HOWARD - B-SH IUSIWCIOT pf HIS' SEARS, HENRY F. - A.B.g Inslruclor of French and Spanish: 'II . I I I I B I I ' 'I OI 3 'II' I.It I7 FaII I I9 . I I F . Q . I . A 1- . II .' .II D I ' x X H , ' KI. STENT JUDSON n ru er o n n ve S Ya e DuvmnTy Srhoo Phl BeTa Kan M rnber oT FacuITy l938 Sunce I9-'TO THACH STEPHEN D InsTruCTor oT MaTT' maTn S Y e Urnversdy Head oT Ov rTo n A vlsfr To ArT u Mernb oT EafuITy mme l942 THGMPSQN CHARLES D InsTrurTor o MaTher'naTICs and Econornvrs PrnrnceTon UmverslTy Colurnbna UmversaTy Phr BeTa Kappa NaTuonaI C unrul of MaThemaTn s Teach rs ECODOWGITIC Sr y Amernca E onermr Assocua Tron Advisor To lnTernaTmnaI Club Mernber oT Ea uITy I934 3 Since 8 TITCOMB FREDERICK A M Ir'sTru Tor oT Spams Bowden Cole e Colufnbwa UnnverslTy Mernber oT EacguITy :nee 42 NOT PICTURED JGIYIOVAN L WILHEI MTNA A ns ruf or LOCKWOOD EDSON C MA rr fn UVTIVUSI r New York STaTe College Columou Phl Be-Ta Kappa lnsTruc:Tor of MaThernaTu s Coa h CT Cross lf! 59 ELLIC E V be and I MILDRAM ELEANOR H A Lbraruan Oberlm Col 'ory Cenrral UnnversnTy UmverslTy or Pennsylvanla Colurnbla 9439 Member pf Fmulfy Smge T943 rs rcz eol aural ern ar Ur C1 'WPG G SS ldv FT BLACKWELL DANA TTS C InsTruCTor QT rn T 5 n I942 ng :sh Memoer o Eacu'Ty 5 re I1-43 GAYLORD DOUGLASS umm Mocmfaon Mm' SACAWY HE :mporTanT Task oT bndlnq Hermon qraduaTes To geTher long aTTer They have leTT The Hull as asslduously aTTended To by The Alumni Assoclahon oT MounT Hermon A monThly Issue oT THE ALUMNI NEWS whucih IS senT all over The earrh To aIrr1osT IOOOO Herrnon men as The prun :pal aqenT used by The assoclahon In perTormunq 1Ts Taslc In addlhon Mr Gaylord Doug ass secreTary oT The organ: zaTron ha Toured Th Herrnon clubs ThrouqhouT a large parT oT Thus counTry Thus Two Told servlce has Trernendousy alded IU The unnhcahon oT Hermon men ThrouqhouT The world Y I , Q B.A.. BD.: I ST CT T Bible a d E Cl' Iish' Yale Uni r ITy7 I A A A I: A ,. xpae , E . e BA.: I , ., e Ac' al T' A ' 9 W 7 d A J CI b' . er Y QA, - . A , . W ABM MA.: s f 1 e It -I A ,CIQT ' A uf' f I AA A AT- 7Z AA I93 . 1 A A T A AA , - AB., . .' . f Ah' i I G ' I A A AI r SA I9 . I I . .- 7 A.B,, M, 9 I T ,T of , .- Ph.B,, . .' B ,v ' - ATy: Ge rnan and English: ' .f 7 'Aa A I Af' 7 'C 1 - Ur'f.ff,-rsITy' Member QT EaCuITy since I938. CounTry7 Member oT EacuITy slnce l943. ANEF, ,Q .- B.A. B.D.' lnsfru Tor QT BI I HAS- W - n .- BI: 1 '- 5 ' . A . , T . , , . I , W T 1 6 , 4 Teaxhe Cdleqe' C Ter Th S ,ir yp TE, Theplcqlial Sel A ry' Nanen I A rr' TAo oT Blblical In- . , S B.A.7 Tu Qllocm- , K e'm"ffn' Mf- ber fTFa1.Iy Ice , E IA ' A T , I in,, '. , . A ' A A . .X I . - . . I . ! I .A A , s e Cfcm Maier? T WAS a balmy aTTernoon, and a goodly crowd oT us was There, worming iTs way Through Hol- brook Hall To The Tune oT H250 in The Books." Un- suspecTingly we were ushered inTo Dr. PorTer's sancTuary by chieT herdsman Charlie Hall, who bore ThaT look which said, l'Oh, broTher, if you only knew!" Having slowly buT surely passed The DirecTor oT STudies wiTh no mishaps 4 excepT ThaT oT Lymie Snyder's TainTing when given LaTin - we halTed abrupTly beTore The iron Tence. BuT wiTh a sweep oT The pen lFaTher's penl, we whisked pasT Tor The key To our - sleeping quarTers in CoTTage Row. The meaT was excellenT Those TirsT Tew days, Then serving The saddles was sTarTed. We almosT goT inTo Camp Hall and The Chapel, buT iT was mideyear beTore we could see The speakers. Our TirsT parTy was very inTeresTing: The Tarmer elemenT, who were aT a loss when no one called a square dance, sTood idly abouT: Then There were Those oT The TasT Type, who rhumba'd up Trom Cuba, The New York neckers, and The Try-anyThing-once group. However, a good Time was had by all. Moon-Tace STorms and his Two saTelliTes. Baby- Tace Cookingham and Phil lwhaT-do-you-do-in The inTanTryl STephan, each received one voTe and be- came The leaders oT The TiTTy-nine successTul council evaders during Their sojourn in OverToun. We were no longer The innocenT, green Treshmen oT The previous year, buT old Timers wiTh a Thin coaT oT blue mold. WiTh The money collecTed Trom radiaTor Tees, season TickeTs To The movies, reserved seaTs in Camp Hall, and passes on The Seminary railroad we purchased The class banner. A large, clear, whiTe emblem placed on a mellow blue background be- came The symbol oT a proud and evenTTul day To come. We were TorTunaTe in obTaining Mr, Niblock as our class Teacher, and said proT proved very eTTicienT in sTraighTening ouT academic, social, and Tinancial problems by arranging schedules, plan- ning parTies and ruling ouT dice. Socially, This was especially helpTul To The Toreign elemenTs lThose who live ouTside New Yorkl when "over The river and Through The woods To GrandmoTher Wilson's house we wenT Fare Drnll were perTormed wnTh amazmg smooThness down IU OverToun and why shouldnT They be when prachced every Ten mlnuTes7 Oh well l guess Ranger Meehl had The 1nTeresT oT The boys aT hearT buT we never drd Tnd ouT wheTher or noT Thus was why Mr and Mrs SargenT moved To a prrvaTe home The beTTer halves oT The campus couples lolned The l-lermon players To make MR AND MRS NORTH a greaT huT Broadway wa broughT To Hermon TH The Torrn oT Todd Duncan baruTone lead oT PORGY AND BESS Because oT an unconsuderaTe luTTle munnp germ whuch caused many oT us To leave a week early only a skeleTon orchesTra and audsence enloyed The presenTaTuon oT IOLAN THE by The comouned glee clubs Wullue ToTh1ll led The Tour score Junuors 1nTo Crossley ThaT record sessnon surrounded by Varga pucTures and brnngsng up The rear were Jams Babcock and MuTcheul Treasurer MarTy Spohn was noT To be Tound buT he has been wrnhng IH red ever sunce We all TelT ThaT lasT years rope pull had gone Too TasT and we were all seT To gave a long arduous Tug o war when Jam Pauly clenched nuary g aduaTes J m M h ll an George STukharT aTTer The bug ceremony PorTer aT a Track meef l T Sp: hus TlsT and broke The rope We goT IT Tied agann evened The sndes To TuTTy TuTTy looseo :T r m The TracTor and Wed The wadda was1dT very code eddyway Whnle our glornous banner was hangong nnnocenTly collechng nobodys dusT buT aTs own un our presndenTs cell an SouTh Crossley enemy hands Tried To geT :T buT an vann Angered They Trned To drown The proud possessors buT Kenny Kalngaan came splashung down The SouTh Crossley rapnds To The rescue We were The prrvrleged ones who were The frsT To go on The hunT aTTer The T-lydraullc Ram armed only wuTh TransuTs meTer sT cks and WuTch l-lazel branches buT we were prepared Tor T We had been runnung up Chapel l-Tull To Increase our horsepower and rumpmg nn The poo To see :T wed sunk We also were The TnrsT and lasT clas To be enl1ghTer1ecl aoouT The NEW YORK TIMES by Ralph STraeTz who Tr1ed To casT a shadow rn SouTh Crossley buT never succeeded SporTs rangers wuTh name snmrlar To Tho e oT erTaun proTs on campu appeared every morning abouT Trve o clock We donT know wheTher or noT W T-l N Jr lnTends To play TooTball buT hu TursT pair oT .rr . - S . 4 - T 1 ' i 3 . '. s ,. - I r U' l Dr. as ing. . f. 0. I , . fo Ja r I iTc e d -4 " " Q V SU.. v H . . . . . I I F5 f' , , , ' ' - ' . ,F , . - 7 I 5 . ' ll l . ' , In . e f 1 f T T ' . . S . . S C . s .' 4 Q." . - , . . . - , .S D l I3 X X ,. A N" L. V T V1 XJ r Nl 1" - rl 1 4 , .. , , wx, ffm Umm., PIes1dent PET R LEYDEN III I2I Pefe 47 30-IQOII1 SIreeI 5 Inq N Y oib a m mmq api acrosse Church Dee on 4 Chur h Comm Hee 4 u den? CouncnI 4 Ccp+a ns CIub 4 Secretary PAUL M CULLOUGH I4I LuIIIe Ceasar 82 Wesf SIreef Soufheaw Washm ,Ion D C Prnnhnq Club acrosse vua non u un Vncfory Corps 3 Vxce Preszdent CHARLES E ROGERS JR I4I Charlne I7 Mul erry Road New RocheIIe N Y SI: q I 2 3 HI L rosse 2 3 Cross Coun r 3 4 a e u n C u 3 Raduo CIu Treasurer FEODORE WAKEMAN WOOD I4I Woody mnqafe Farm HoIIusIon Mass CapIams CIu 4 H Cap? Baslcef a mrmnq H ckey T nms I Lacro e 3 4 H Dramatic u Flu h' . . .Fo all IBIIHI, I4III'-IIIC D+.I: Swi - b , , . , lin I I I ' I3III'II- I4IIHIIC -If I- I3III'II. I4I I4II : ac II- I I? IYI- I:GI- IHIg C I Q i I Ig SI . way Board: Church Membership CommiHee: Aviafion 'IIy ae IJ. ClbIn,2,31:Sanzq IbI2. I: ' bI2I. Q - "' " -3 I ' , - " " - , 'f , . . ' ' S' I' , ' . , ' ' b I4I: I2I: L I3I: A ' I' CI b II, 2I: SIE' g I3I3 Setter Il, 2I, I3IIVHI, I b II IIIQ ' I I. Sm .' I2I: o .I3II4IIHI: e ' I I7 ss I2. Iv I II I2 C' 5- I5 JOHN R ADDISON I4I John Norilrlfleld Mass oo+baII I S ccer 4 Commu ers ub IlI'1 nflls ROBERT R ARNOLD I3I Daqwood 220 Slaler ve P ovudence R I S er 2 3 4 H Drama uc u 3 4 Lacrosse 3 M r BasIce+baII JAMES WALTER BABCOCK I3I lm 6 rn Sfreel' Weslerly R I Soccer 2 3 4 Swummmg 3 4 Ga+eway I4 Hermon Players 4 Baseball 2 Hoclcey JOHN E BAKER III Ba e 24 Merrill Road Waferlown Mass Eoolball 4 Hoclrey 4 Lacrosse 4 Aeronaulucs Club 4 IJOHN DRURY BARNARD IZI Roclc Waler two N Y Fool all 4 H Baslcelball 4 Baseball 4 WILLIAM L BATCHELDER III Balch GOIIS n Cross ounlry 4 un Tr c Hermon Players 4 Chorr 4 A Cappella 4 RAYMOND W BECKWITH III ay Brldqeporl Conn Choir 4 lnfernallonal Club 4 LEWIS W BENNETT III Lou1e I3 Worceslev Slree-I Grollon Mass Herrnon Players 4 Soccer 4 Ari Club 4 MALCOLM 6 BERLIND I2I Ma 8051 9O+h Glee Club 3 Baslcefball DONALD R BLANCHARD I2I Blanche Larchmonl Road Melrose Mass Foolball 4 WILLIAM J BOLGER I2I 5lI Maple Lane Edqeworfh P Choir 3 4 Wresllmq 4 Iniernahonal Club 4 Gas Engine Club 4 FRANK P BRANDON I4I Orson 3I Easl Sfh Slreef New Yorlu Cnly Dramafuc Club 2 3 4 Choir 3 Hermonule 3 4 THOMAS H BRIGHAM I2I Tom 9 Chevuol Roa Arlmgfon Mass Slcung 3 H Taclc 3 ool' b II I4 H Sfudenf Council 4 Baseball 3 Church Membership Commn+'ree 4 J HOWARD BUFFUM JR I4I u I8 I-Iunl unqlon Avenue Boslon M ss Tennls I Rufle Club I oxr 3 4 Glee Club 3 Hermomle Boar 4 Gafeway Board 4 Vrc+ory Corps 3 Slcung I 2 4 Manager Infernahonal Club 3 4 Presldenl GUY W BURR JR IZI Guy 37 Creswell Road Worcesler Mass Soccer 3 lnlernahonal Club 4 LORNE A CAMERON JR I2I Pmhead Eas+ 3:1fh Slreef New Yorlc Cnly Foofball 4 EDWARD D CAMPBELL I4I Mole 2898 Mann reel Brldqepof Conn Sk'-ng 3 4 S ccer I 2 acrosse I 2 H c ey J CHANDLER CAMPBELL III rm Hebron Ohio Choir 4 ACappeIIa 4 r 'I,2I: O Elly: H-+ ' cu '41, 2 3.4I:SL"g II,2I:Te ' II,2,4I. A ., r 'I . . .loccgI . SI, I +' CI b I I If I I I q.Ir I2I. -"1 "- EI - I -- I. . If ' ' II I, . I- I lr I Ir IYI- . -" IH- ' I . II: II: II: ' II. bllllv -II:T Ili low , N. Hf c II: my :I I4II I Ir ' I If I I. . -"R "- ' - ' II: ' II- - I I - TI: II: II- I . -" I"- - Avenue, Woodhaven. N. Y. Choir I3I: Mefeoroloqy I3I: II: I4I- ' . -" "- IIE . . - II. . -"BiII"- . . fi. 'I. I: ' I Ir ' II: ' II- ' . -" "- 6 , '. ' I. . I: ' II: ' ll I- d. ' '. 1' ITIIHTILF- a.II.Ir 'III III ' II- . , . -"B PF"- - ' I I G. ' I I: ' I. 2I:Ch' I2, , I: II: ' d III Ihlr' II2 " I. . - I: I, a ' I. I '. ' T11 -' II. ' ' . . . - "-20 ' . '- II. Sf , ' I r, . " I: 0- I. ,4Ig L I. ,4I: ak Iu,2I. . -"SI' "- . '- ' I Ir I I- bAMUEL CARMAN I4I arn 308 Boolln Av ewood N J L frosse Il 2 3 no al :Inq Mode Anr anes BRUCE F CARPENTER IQI Carp 9I8 onq rneadov Ireel' Lonqrneadow Mass Eoolball 3 4 Hockey 4I Aqrlcullure Club 3 4 Baseball 4 ROBERT ARNOLD CARPENTER I4I Carp Drexel Pa Foo all 3 4 H VVresI Inq 3 Swnmmun r ck C our RICHARD L CHAMPLIN I3I Dc 82 Gibbs Avenue Newporl R I Sludenf Deacons 4 VICIOFY Corps I3I Tennvs 2 3I CI1urcl1MembersI'1Ip om muffee 4 ARTHUR W CHICKERING I2I Cblclu Maqazane Slree-I Sprunqfeld Mass A Cappella 3 4 nnq Base a Clwonr I3 Hermon Km s JAMES L COLOPY I4I Dodo 25 Park Slreel anclwesfer Conn Soccer I 2 3 4 nn Crosse II 2 Drama nc ub Rnfle C u VVIILIAM ROBERT COMPTON I3I Hancoclc Slreel Auburndale Mass Commulers Club occer 3 4I H Aeronauncs Cu r cl: 3 s e ball an T nnns Cum Laude ROBERT ARTHUR COOKINGI-IAM I4I Coolue Easf 2Is+ Slreef Brooklyn N Y Soccer I 2 3 oclcey I La rosse 4 Crafl u Vacfory Corps 3 Sfudenl Councsl 4 Sfudenl Deacon EDWIN H COX I2I New Brunswuclc N J oofball I3 4 askelball 3 enms C onr A Cappella 4 Av ahon Club 3 X mis? 'I x r BRYANT CUSHING I3I Jerry 9 Hull Avenue Souflubrldge Mass Debahng 2 Cross Counfry 3 Swnmrnmq 3IlH 4 Clwour 3 4 Hermomfe Boarc 4 Gvafeway Board 4 Harmon Knnqlwls 4 IMqrI Treasurer of Class 4 Cum Laude ROBERT JAMES DAVIDSON I3I Dave 885 Elm ofball 2 3 4 H lcelball 2 3 H 4 ase 23 Lacrosse DUANE W DAVIES III Buc Paris Slahon New Yorlr Foolball 4 Baslcelball I4 Aeronaulucs Club 4 PHILIP H DAVIS I3I I-Iarlford Vermonl appella 4 Band 2 3 4 Cross Counfry nnq 3 4 Chour 3 4 Glee Club 3 Orclwes ra 2 3 4 Camera Club 2 3 4 CI1emucalWarfare 3 DONALD R DE SOCARRAS I2I DIEIZ 8963 2I5II'1 Place ueens Vullaqe N Y Sclwaumuler Assocuales I4 Hermonule Board I4 Safeway Board 4 Meleo roloqy 3 Surveying Club 4 Slrmg 4 Baseball 4 Cum Laude 9 V 6 4 -4- ,, ,fill X x", X I X 'si ' 2- 'I I ,- ' -"S I- f 1. ,-YI XXI X Enql, , , ,, ,4I-F,1b lII,2,3j 5.1 If If sr' III- I I 'pl III, . ,K - . T." . I- " " - L - - .I 5 , I . I, I: X N I I .1 A I I I: I I- f I Hill--. Ib IIIII If Ts II:-' 'Q I4I: Ta' I3IIHI, I4IIHIr I1 ' I3I. F.. nn- . ' -" IIN- ' ' . , . . I I: ' 2 ' I. ,z ' C - I II II I I II' ' '- II- C III I . II -""'-I27 ',jI',I,II: 'I,IfI ' II I ' . I - I - Ir I If I Ir I I. SI: I4I: b ll I4I: I: 'qlwl I Ig . I3,4I. 1 I II I I I I I Slreel. New Haven, Conn. Choir I2, 3I: Glee CIuIb IZI: E I. .BII I- CI I4I: ' gill, ?2I3l ESI, II III' II II II'4II?S III II I' I I' B ' - - "Bill" 7 144 II III I I I 12, ap: s II2, II IIIg ' +' Ib I4I: . ' II: I: ' I I I. Ta I,4Ig Balm? , I2, 3Ij Slrfg I4I: e ' . . - "Pl1II"-- , . -I,, ...- AIIC I I: I I. . I: I4I: 24,8 I I I I II I IMI II III. lr I.I I: II I I lr III H I,2, 3, 41: C I2, 3. I: CI ba ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Ilr 'III -lma- I4I. I-Q . I I I I . ' - -I'Ed'- 'I - - .Ir ' .II II: - F .IIIIB II I In I' I3I1 I1' I3l4I: I Ir ' I If V I Ir I Ir I7 I s e fl. X .X Z j I X " f ...X V .. .f" , ,Lf H l - 1. . 2- X "Wwe f . X 1 T' EK n X , X E' l F v ln' 'ALFRED M. DE WOLF l2l - "Al" - 24 Middle Slreel, Soulh Darlmoulh. Mass. Meleorology l3l: Wresllinq WILLIAM H. DICKSON l2l - 'lBiq Billl' - 380 Con- gress Avenue, Easl Willis+on, N. Y. Foolball l4l lHlg Baskelball l3llHl, l4lll-ll: Baseball l3llHl, RICHARD C. DIXON lll - "Dick" - 3l Llewellyn Road, Wesl Newlon, Mass. Foofball l4l: Baseball l4l1 Wresllinq l4l: Aeronaulics ROBERT J. DOW - "Bobbie" - 346 Pleasant Slreel, Porlsmoulh, N. H. Foolball l2, 3, 4llHl: Baskelball l3, 4i7 Baseball l2, 3, 4l. 'WILLIAM E. DOWTY l2l -- "Doly" - 29 Middlefield Drive, Wesl Harlford, Conn. Baseball l3lg Skiing l3lg Band l3l, Foreslry Club U WILLIAM S. EDGERLY ill - "Bill" - Sudbury, Mass. Soccer l4lI Skiing l4lI Lacrosse Jil- JAMES A. ELLIOTT l4l -Y "Jim" A 2lI Winlhrcp Slreel, Winlhrop, Mass. Science Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Fool- bsii 431, mini. ROBERT F. ELLIOTT - "Bob" - 2lI Winlhrop Slreel, Winlhrop, Mass. Caplain's Club l4l: Foolball ll, 2, 3, lil: Lacrosse l4llHllCapl.l: Wres- lling l3llHl, l4llHl7 Fencing l2llHlg Surveying l4lI Hermonile Board ROBERT FEDERMAN ill - 'lBob" - 72 Beverly Road. Cheslnul' Hill, Mass. Cheer Leader l4l: Hockey l4l lHlZ Baseball ERNEST R. FITCH l3l - "Ernie" - 232 Soulh Prospecl Sfreel, Granville, Ohio. Baskelball l2, 4l: Foolball l2l: Baseball l2l7 Arl Club l2, 3. 4l: Chemical Warfare l3. 4l1 Prinling Club 'KENNETH W. FORMAN l2l - "Ken" - Danvers, Mass. Caplain's Club l4l7 Foolball l3ll4l lHl: Baskelball l3llHl. l4llCap+.l: Baseball 'CHARLES ROBERT FRASER, JR. l3l -- "Bob" - I43 Moson Terrace. Brookline. Mass. Hockey l2, 3, 4lg Tennis l2, 3l: Choir l2, 3lg Viclory Corps DONALD E. FRENCH lll - "Frenchy" - Plainville. Conn. Foolball l4llHl: Baskelball l4lll-ll: Track l4l. RICHARD MCG. FRY l2l - "Dick" - 627 Elm Slreel, Arlinqlon, N. J. Swimming l3. 41: Lacrosse l4l. OSBORNE Y GAINES I3I Of 30 N rllw T I reel Easlen Pa Clworr 4 ArlCIu 3 df vnmrmnq 2 MERLE GALBRAITH JR III Goldle l2I fl a eel New runs I o a vflm m no I4 at C our NATHANIFL GILLAM III a 25 Fellow Slreel Sauqus Mass Hoflcey 4 Lacro se 4 Dramallf ub PAUL R GLEASON III Pau 26 Paym Slrf el armllon N Y ramaluc Cub 4 err na Ion C ub CLYDI: GOLDTHWAITE III Goldre 29 Roberts Slreel Buddelord M Slumq 4 Traclc 4 BRUCE A GOODALE III G 208 Parlcer Avenue Merlderl Conn Soccer 4 NEWELL T GORDON JR I2I Mouse I789 Alhal Road Sclweneclady N Y Vlclory Corps 3 Glee C u 3 A JAY GRANT I2I ay 45 Harl Terrace New rl ann Conn lmonr lnlerrla Iona C u Foo ball 3 4 Eoreslry Club 4 Slc Inq 3 4 Lacrosse OLIVER WATSON GREENE III uzz 8 Jullz Slreel Cranslon R I Cross Counlry 4 Soccer 4 JAMES M GREER I2I Im Lullle Cemplorw JOI-IN G GUTHRIE I3I Jac 323 Hlqlml nd eball IOHN C I-IAMLIN IZI l94 Plymoullw reel Slrallord Conn Soccer 3 un an rc es ra Vrclor Cor s IPETER E HARVNESS I3I Pnerre Beeclwlwursl olball e a 4 Lacrosse WILLIAM HARRIS IZI 78 Gr erlway Slreel amderl Corm Cllour I3 4 S c A Cappella ar' rc es ra Dramalrc C u Sc aulller As oclales 3 4 Al Club I3 4 LOWELL B HAYNES III Maeslro Grolorl Mass our 4 A Capoella 4I Orclweslra 4I Sclwau er sc ales 4 Bas elball Oc el nan s MARSHALL HIGGINS III ep Slarwl rd Corr- rr 4I rclmeslra 4 Fool all 4 JOHN DAVENPORT HOPKINS Dm 294 Asn reel Broclclon Mass Cheerleaders 3 4 Capl ng Hermorl m bls 4 Gale ay Boar HARRISON HORN I2I Ho 20 Moran Avenue Rcuolwlr epsue N Y Pbolcqrapby Club 3 4, Galeway ard I4I Wre r S C er 4 um Laude . , 7 D fl fr lrrrcl SI , ,, . 'I bII'Tr.IcI3,4I: Sf 1' I I- I3IIHI. I4lII'II- , . +I Al Y Ma - ncll Slr , I B wlclr, N. J. F olb,ll I4Ij S A A i , It Tr lc I4I: ll ' . a "N l" - . . I . . I I: s I I: . '. CI I4I. , E 7 I" - 2 :,, H ' , . . D ' I I I: Ch ,' I4I: Inler- I' el I . ' , S- " TI1 IT I ' . - MB. - I I, .I I. A 'M IT: I'b I , , - "J ' - , B 'l ', . C ' I3, 4I: l' I I b I4I7 l I . I? I I? V I I IT I4I. ' - "B " - 5 ' , . . . I I: I I. R. I. . - " lc" - 8 ' a Slreel, Allenlown, Pa. Foolball I3I: Slciinq I2, 3, 4I: Bas I2, 3. 4I. . . - VJ. C." - Sl , , . . I If SIM' g I3I: B d I3. 4I7 O lr l I3, 4I7 ' y p I3, 4I. N, Y. ra' III2I:BasIf1kiI II,42, Ii I2Il - 'Bill' - e ., H , . ' I e I4I: B .d I3, 4I: O I1 l I3, 4I7 ' lb I4IA I1 s A I , r ,L , cr ' I Izh . R: -I n ' rw ' As rcl I I: I4I: l p' if I4I. , I I - T '- o , . , Ba CI I I' O I IT ID I 1 " 'L ,t I S+., , , , II, III If SMI I3Ig K Q' I7 w d A 9 ' W U t - m - I W I BC I ,Z sfling I4I: Te mls f4I: o c I I: C DAVID D HURLIN IZI Dave num Soccer 3 Baslme' al Mana qer 4 EORGE C JOHNSON III Geeroe Tedlscn T arblelwead Mass Sknnq 4 c Surveynnq 4 PAUL M JONES l3I Jcnesue BenneI College Greensboro N C FooIbaII 2 nms H as e bal 4 Sccrelary ol Sun a Sclnoo Vlclory Corps KVNNETH M KALIGIAN JR I I en Eas Mann Sfreel Avon Mass Sludcnl Council 4 resllunq 3 H ao ec a H Tr clr 4 Plwolooraplny Club 3 CapIalns ub I4 SIudenI' Deacon I4 WARREN GLEN KENISTON III L Srlwocl Steel Greenfneld Mass CHARLES A KENNEDY III Bdclclurd Allred Slreef Buddelord Me JOHN W KENNEDY I2I Reverend 2I2I e rnonf Place Seallle Waslw SIudenl Deacon 4I Sluclenl Councll 4 JOHN KINGSTON III Vonce 9 Hllsr e Avenue Easl Wulluslon N Y Foolball 4 H Hockey KENNETH E KOLKEBECK IZI Kolce 45 Larch venue Floral Parlc N Y Iball I4 Baseball 3 Sludenl Councul 4 SoclaICOn1mllIee 4 Vrce Presnclenl of Class 4 ROBERT EDWARD LAZZFRIN JR Der Fuerher Mann Slreel Slurbrudge Mass Park Palmerfon P Slclng 4 GUSTAVUS E E LINDQUIST I3I Cus unona Slreel Lawrence Kansas Band 2 3 4 eslra 2 3 H K glwfs 2 DONALD S LITTLE I4I Toul1y Louie 32 Larclm venue Dumonl N J Soccer 3 H 4 II-I Wres :ng Lacrosse Rule C u RUSHTON H LITTLE IZI Ruslw 542 Broadway aerson N J C nr I A Cappella I4I Garevvav 4 Herrnon Players I Clnurclw Deacon 4 Slcnnq T nms ra Cum Laude RAMSEY LUDINGTON Ill Pele on N oolball 4 Slcnnq 4 Tr cle EUGENE MALANCHUK III Clwuclnanmelon Wallnnqlord Conn Foolball 4 FREDERICK L MCGUIRE I2I Mac 88I Ocean Avenue New London C nn Baslcelball 3 4 H Base JOHN E MCVEIGH I4I Jolwn Slanlnope N J ross Counlry 3 H 4 H Cap? rac HI Capl H clcey I 2 3 4 Caplauns Clu our 4I Cappella 4 A rucu Iural Club res r s ccer ennn . I - I' A If I N, II, I,4I: .b I I I 3 . 7 ' 7 23 A ., M : , 4' I It Tralc ' I I- c - ', .Q - II, ruin: Te ' II2,P3I I4II yI:B Inf I Il, 2, 3, I: 1 d y 'Q ' . . 2 7 "K " 7 35I I ' . , . 1 ' II: W ' III I4IIHIIC F Ib II I3I I4I I I: a II: J ' 'CI Ir .I. ' I ' 7 'R-d -- I33 ' ,' - ':i 1 7 373 . -' I- Eclq- . . . K I ,: 'II- - H H ' '7 5 :la . " . . v III I: I4I. R . ' . . .Foo- I3IIHT IIHI: I I: ' I I: ' ' I Ir ' ' ' Il- CHARLES JEROME LENTZ 7 "Heaven" 7 Residence . . a. i' I ' . . 7 '- '- 7 W' , . - I IZ Or- ch ,4I: ermon ni I,3,4I. A .',..- IIIIIITI: . Il' I3,4I: I4III-II: 'I Ib I2I. P+ , .'.II1a'I4T T ,- IIg .3,4I: II: " I3.4I: e ' I3I:T ck I4I: . ,7" "7FuII , .Y. F II: " III G I4I- ' . . II- T T . ' : O . T IITII I: A ball I3,4I. C ' III I. ITI II T T IISIIHI I4II I -I: O I. . . I: " bI4Iv Ch' IMA II: fa' In I2II3I IP .I. I4IIPe.I:So Il 2I:T s II,2I. DELAMAR WELLS MANN I I I Duke Soulhern s oo a e a Base a Choir 4 ROBERT MQW MILLER I4I up 597 Norrh venue N w Rochelle N Y S ccer I 2 I4 rmq rosse 4 ra FDGIIC Club 4 JAMES C MITCHELL JR I3I Mulch RFD a esvr e I Gareway oard 4 n 4 Hermon Knrqhfs 4 Ochesfra 2 3 4 Dramaluc Club 4 Foolball Mgr 4 Schaufller Assocnales 2 Scnence Cub Go Sknnq 2 Secre ar lass 3 RICHARD U MOENCH I2I Duc I5 Pleasanl Srreei Corlland N Y Hermon Kmqhls 3 4 B nd 3 :Inq se a C our 3 4 Orcheslra Curn L ude RICHARD H MOODY I2I Duc Mnddlelown Conn Cheerleader 3 4 Baseball 3 Wreslllnq 4 Track 4 Seminar HENRY K MOOK III Hank I3 Glenbrook Avenue Yonkers N Y ROBERT FREDERICK MULLER I3I The Vonce 280 Broad Sfreel Keyporl N J Cross Counlry I4 H a elball 3 4 n oor rack r Cheerleaders 4 Camera Club 3 4 P Gale wa Board 4 P nlmg Club 3 4 Chonr 4 A a pe la Choir 4 Frsf And 3 Cum Laude ROBERT NICKERSON I4I Nrc 496 Klllunqly reef Providence R l Soccer I 2 I4 oc ey I Tr c Lacrosse 2 Base a I Recrealuonal Leadership 3 mils! 'N WRIGHT NORTH I3I Of 486 Grove Srreel a ell N J Chonr 2 4 IP es Glee u Cappella 2 O ef 4 ILdr Hermonule ard 2 cuence u e u 2 um Laude JAY OKER III Spike 72 Hnllslde Road Soulh brldqe Mass ROBERT W PARDEE III u 20 Sprung Slreel' Madnson Conn Wresllnnq 4 JEFFERSON PARKER I2I er'I I49 Clay Srreel unncy Mass Baskefball 3 Foolball 4 Ba eball 3 F hr JAMES PAULY I3I nm 655 Hazelwood Delroul nc F ofball 2 3 se a 4 Baskef a 2 3 4 Dramahc Club 3 4 PhoI'ography Club 3 4 DANIEL F PAWLIKOWSKI I4I Herky Wesl Mann Sfreel New Brllaun Conn Hermon Players our a e a Pr I ccer 3 4 L crosse 2 S 0 I A ...4- ff .N 3 J . 3 If 4f., ETYKQX SIC, , x C -I I - if N. Pane, c. F wan I4I: B sk Ib ll I4IT L, II I4Ip U X 11' I . J' N . - 'ISI' " - X I ll ' P5 All , e , . . o I, ,3I, IIHI: X I Sk II,2I, I3IIHI, I4IIHI:Lac I2, 3, I:D - I Y Il- I T ' ' ' Q U I 3' 1 Fw ln' NO.v,syI 'lI,R., B IJqBadI2,3, lr A Il: f I. . I: ' I lr - I I: ' I . 342: 'Q 41 I I3l: IfI3I: " I I: I y - -"Q D- l I O I - Ord, .. Clb2,3IZ I I--I-PM A I,.3,4I: cf II I ' I I . I - II I: 5 I4 Bo I . 3I: S Cl b I2I: RIII CI b I I7 C -II: A Cappella I4I7 Foolball I3. 4I: Baskelball I4Ig ' sk" I3IIBa bI1I3,4I, lv I, I, I4I: , -,. . ,.-I .. I n . - " 'ul' - ' , ' ' . I, lf Ilr ' Il . -'lBil'- ' . IHII III I4I- ' , . ' I I. T I I I . v 1M Il T ' IIT I N A H O' , . I I: I I: S I ll " Pre- Iiq Bsk I. Ind lT..I3,4I:TackI3,4II -HJ-IL I -, Ilrm IlIIIres.I: - M-II, O I, ,4IgBa bll I2,3. I1 bll v llrrrl I.l: 'Il: Cp- IMI, A III: I,I, I ' Ilr I ' III - ' , ' -"-I'-- - , -" "-219 S . ' . .. I . I- I3lIHl- IIHI: ' - ' '- A l-I k I , 2, 3. 4I: ak I3I7 I I: b II I3. 4I: Ch ' I3. 4I: A C pp Il I4I: e-FI'qhr I3Iz I I: - ' I I- So I I lr G I -3I 4l. 2l X X f.e,7SQ R , FRANK PECHMANN I3I Frank I r eel SI Albans N Y eball Baske a 3 VICIO y Corps Dramahc Club 2 3 4 Hermomre E coRTRIeHT PHILLIPS I2I arg 329 Sher wood Place Slralford Conn CIWOIF 3 4 A Cappella FRANKLIN EDWARD POWELL I4I 48 Purnlan Dnve r Clwesler N Y Clnonr I rnnlmq Club I 4 P ee u 2 Dramahc Club 3 4 Cappella 4 CHARLTON R PRICE I3I Charlue brook Road Morrlsfown N J Hermomle 3 4 B s Mgr CI'IoIr 3 Schauffler ASSOCIBIGS 2 Sludenl eacon 4 Baseball 3 4 Hockey 4 Mgr Cross Counlry 4 Hermon K Ighfs 3 4 EdIfor Gafeway 4 VICIOFY Corps 3 Cl1urcl'I Memberslup Commrlfee 4 Cum Laude 34 Sprung GEORGE PUTNEY IZI u Pl1IladeIpl1Ia Pa Eoolball 3 Baseball 3 VICIOFY Corps 3 RICHARD M RAEBURN III DIC 2475 Walker Lane Sall Lake CIIy UIaI'1 ScI'IauIfler AssocIaIes 4 WILLIAM RICHARDSON I4I IC IO29 Mam reer Leucesfer Mas Hockey I olball Oo Base a 3 C our 2 3 4 Cum Lau e CHRISTOPHER RILEY IZI Teddy Bear Dorser Dramahc Club 3 4 ClIoIr 3 Glee C ub A Cappella 4 OcIel 4 FRANK RINO IZI Rmq Dmq l4B9 Cenire Srreer Newlon HIgl1Iands M ss Soccer 4 HI Hockey 3 H 4 H Caplam Lacrosse 3 4 Capfams Club WYDELL ROOD I4I Roody 69 Day Road Wa'rer r C nn Soccer I 2 IIV1 mms Foofball Mgr 4 CraII Club 3 THEODORE R ROSCHE III e 37 36 bllw Sfreel Jackson Heuqlwfs N Y CIWOIT 4 lnfernahonal u 4 A Ca pella Arl Club 4 Sclmau er Assocnafes 4 H SHEPARD ROWLAND I3I Slwep Hop Creek Road HolIndel N J Srudenl CouncIl 4 Soccer 2 3 4 HI Wr srlmg 3 4 Tra k 2 Tenms 3 Lacrosse H ALLEN ROY I2I e 23 Lake Sfreel wanron V+ CI'IoIr 3 4 Ca pella 4 Tra 4 HI Foolball 4 Wre flung 3 AVIGIIOFI Club 3 Cum Laude 'LEONARD V SALVATORE I4I Shoulders 3 93 free? New York CI+y Foofball I 2 I3 HI aseball 2 se a I3 S1udenfCouncII 4 I 9 0 ,ff K, '- fy 'N ,X X I A A X I A f' .5 -5 I X ,f ,XX " -- A, , .II gg I A . I .. II , M X 'A I I 3 TIRIIIIITIIIHI III I , ' , 3. , , I 4 X II IHIIFO II,2,3,4II lfI2I: IsIII Ip Iv I I, . I: d. In I.- In. ' I. I: -'HI,4I: T I3II I I: II. --I "-II4eI6-73d ' IITII I II' SII I, I ,D . .Bas I II2. 3Iq It Ib II I2, I II I II II 'II I , Ig " , '3,I4I. ' ' ' ' -H II- , . l bu y, o . I I. I: Sknlgl II, ZI: Te ' II, 2II I ' ' - T IC I I I IT dl' a I4Ig Baskelball I3, 4IIHI: Baseball I3. 4I: Soccer ' - I I I- A I V C , . . CI bfr I: p I4II I II HI Por ... 'I.2,3,4I:A III ll' H H P' - . ZI 3, res.I:-OI CI b 3I: . I - It I I " llllzeknl-l:cIl: 'lI: I -'I - H- ' , l4I. . ' . . . ' II, I u. 4 , - "R du - I .Iz ' II: ' II: ' - . . D Ilf I-II III - III 5' lIlIlS"AlI,: 'Ill' III I I: n' I. Ir ' , I ' I I: ' ' H H I ' ' I x- l.I.'IlHI. ' - "P I" - ' ', . S: B I I, I3IIHI: Ba k Ib II II, 2I, IIHI: I I: l I: ' I I- ' I I- 22 FRANK THOMAS SCOTT III S olly 4 Hen I ool' a C oIr Club 4l Ir'nmI IP A SHEARMAN II Speerrnan Berkel y Slreel SprInqIIeId Mass Clncnr I4 EVERETT P SHERWOOD I3I e Webbs HIII a R D am ord nn wImnfIII-q I e VIC or orps Soccer A IE SKIB I4I Soullw Verrnor Mass Soc er omrnu ers u Pre as elball I e a ROBERT GLEN SMALL I2I Doc RockvIlle Cenlre A a e a 4 Galewa e F ase a Bas e a ee MILTON SMITH I4I SmIIIy Balboa Canal ne Foolball 4 ase a Vmfor Cor s rarna IC Club 4 as e a Indoor ra: yIa+Icn Club I ERT D SMITH I SmIIIy Russe y u alerlown Mass ool a IIN Aqncullural Club 4 Lacrosse 4 RICHARD GARDNER STAMMERS I2I om 24 Luncoln SIreeI Walerlown Mass Eoofball 3 Skunq 3 T HUIS 3 PIIoIograpIwy Club 3 VIcIory Cor s Church Memberslmp CommIIIee 4 GEORGE STUKHART JR I3I DGISY SIreeI UNION CIIy N J Cum Laude Dramallc Club 2 r s Ga ewa OIF 4 Baske a nnI o a Base a CORTLANDT L TERHUNE I2I Corky 2l Thomas Avenue Maywood N J Foc+baII 3 4 IH Baseball H as e a I 4 Cap ams C u H LYTLE THOMPSON I2I Thomy I24 W Lenawer Slreel' LarIsInq MIcI'I E olball 3 4 Lacrosse 4 ASFOHGUIICS Club 4 P e FIIGIWI 3 Orches ra DWARD B VALPY III BQ CI 77 saufh Randolpln Avenue PouqI'IkeepsIe N Y Foolball 4 oIr I4I C s GEDARD R VANDERMYN I2I Vandy 409 Marl r e ass oo a Im ba I n Drama I C u 3 VIC or Corps I3 DONALD C VINCENT III VInce I4 MuIIIn 'eef Walerlovn N Y Gas Enqme Lab 4 Inq 4 r kIes+ra 4 T ack PEARSONI WADE I2I u l'lCOI ol MIII y Governmenl CIIGVIOIIS v Ile Va Eoolba 3 4 Hockey Ilnls RICHARD WADSWORTH I2I 32 Garden I n ass enms I4I H Ca rk a anns u Foo a ff' NILLIAM WELLIVER I2I Lnqoy 46 Bee II ood Avenu Trenfon N J Herrnon Kmqlwts I3 4IILeadeI' r lnesvra 3 res res IU 4 I all I' C ANDRVW WESTON I3I Andy N srua N H n 0 u dV'ClIS'J"I Place, Fair Haven, N, J.T:T bzll I4I:Tl'I ' AI'I I TSW' 'nq PHIL . 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War Seminar 3I Sunday School Class 4 ROBERT F HUTCHINSON I3I Hufch Cenlral Slreel Randolph VI Foolball 3 4 H nn ase a 4 H Sfu en? Council 4 FRANCIS JOSEPH KENDRICK III Kenny Pefersburg Florida Classucal Orcheslra 4 A Cappella Chonr 4 Phofcgraphy Club 4 Track 4 KURT LOEWUS I2I Kurf 3I Congress Slreef reenfueld Mass Choir 3 4I Ca pella occer 3 Swrmmmg 3 Ocfel I4 Glee Club 3 Cum Lauoe LAWRENCE H McGILL I3I Mac I94 ark snde Druve Washunglon D C Sknng 2 ALAN C MOORE I4I 27 Wrllard Slreef New Haven nn S ccer 2 3 H Lacrosse me u I 2 Baskefba 3 4 Vnclory Corps I ROSS MULFORD I2I Mull 38 Anderly Road Monfeluel Swrmrmng 3 4 Pholography Club 3 T ck 3 Lacrosse 4 Wafer Safely Club 4 R d, ' ',, C . II I I3 I I'y r I I: ' I I. ron vx 7 lsr - ,N. Y- lull IJ Ski' I3IIHI, I I II a ff: ro I , Ig KH I3, 4I: SI d C 'I I h A I If ' I ' I IT ' . K I. 'ROB . -' ill H- , . . , - M' 'I - 73 'Q , I , . . I , , 4I: B k I I: Tra I3, 4I' Al Club I3, It f clbI,3I4IIch' 13, 4If pll IIgGI I bI I. A I I , . . 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J., Kessler., Krivsky, lkrueger, lkazzerin, J.,l McGill, McVeigh, C. J. D. Cm of 46 Members of 'rhe Sophomore Class Include Aclus Grande Akerel Allen F H Allenby Amundson Andrew R Armsfrong A B Aussenhofer Ayer Baullne Baker Bealfy Bellefonfaune Boyle Brown F' Buker Carbonell Chase ChoFFy Cochrane Conrad Coons Crawford Davus R C DeAngelus Dorr Downes Duryea Ellloll J Ellroll R P Everson Falrburn Finch Findlay Fllhlan Ford Fosler Freeman Freyd berg Gull Golden Goldsberry Good Hannum Hanson Hanssen Harland Haslun Kvllredge Klemer Kle++ Lawson Lenharl Lerourneau Lulchfueld Long Lowden McGahle McLamore Marzo Markerl Marshall Marlin E Marhn H Mellay Mulowsku Moore V Mulcahy Olds Parker J Jarker R Plnkham Porler Readuo Richardson Robba Roberls D Rowe Roy Sayles Schaffer Schefler Shoemaker Shores Sumons Slmpson Sommer Spofford Sfevenson Sfouf Slraflon Taylor Thompson R B Pres Thomson Trask Twombly Valenhne Vesoske Walslecl Wash burn Wafson Wheeler Whnkney Wrlknnson Wnnslow and Wyka E 30 f , 5 Herbsf, Hipps, How, Hughes, Hungerford, Jacobs, Jillson, Jones, Kaase, Kamerzel Ca of 47 Member of lhe Fre hman Clas Include Adams Allen D Anderson A Arm slronq Arnold Barlon Bassofle Becker Bouvner Bowyer Brady BruH Bundy W Case Coleorook Cook H Cook R Dannlc DPallo Ekdahl Elluoff R A Ella H' R S Ferry Fischer Franke Frye Greenwood Gregory Gryfe Hahfenden Hammar sfrom Hearns Hochsfrale Hufchnn on A Johnson Johns n D V Joslin K rk S Nelson Noe Norlon OBrien Parmele Peck P Perryman Powers C A Powers T L unnn Reardon Reed Reesman Rndgway Roberls R Royar Ruhl Sargenl E Shanley Sharp Summon D Summons E Snedden Spooner Tellnn Thompson O Veqhre Webber Wulson F Wnlson S W1nlerbo++om and Wrlghf W J 3 I f , 55 , ' , , ., , ., ' V I ' , , ' , . ., 'O , . , ' s . ., , o . . .. ' , a Lillard, Lockwood, Lohr, Manville, H., Manville, P., Marsh, J., Milrchell, C., Mifchell sw Q 13 ,. L ' W v y A S p o r t s a n cl AC'l'IVI1'IeS . . f Z fg 6 I vi Fronf ro lefT To rlghf Kollce eclc Barnard Jones Dolan CapT Leyden Salvafore Davidson Brugharn Dnclcson Sch arfz Second row leff To rughf Coach Hoople Housman Dow Purse l-luTch nson Terhune FlluoTT R S Roy Young Hall Coach Runeer Third row lefT To rlghf Cox Coons Coy Kalngaan Scoff Kungsfon Ruchardson Goodspeed Sfoclcer Fourfh row leff To rnghf Forman jmfiaf LTHOUGT-l There were only four reTurnnng leTTermen around whom To mold The foofball squad of l944 The prospecfs for a wxnnsng year were good aT The sTarT of The season An abundance of promlslng maferlal led coaches Runeer and l-loople To hold much ophmlsm for a swnfT powerful well rounded Team The l-lermon eleven proved :Ts superuornTy un The openung game of The season when a confndenT Maroon Team rolled over lnexpernenced Kimball Unuon To The Tune of 54 O Faced by speedsfer Ed Dolan and CapTaun Leyden The home squad ran up a ToTal of seven Touchdowns whale holdmng The vusufors scoreless The commendable lnne play was hxghllghTed by vlcnous Taclclung on The defense and flawless bloclcung on The offense Covernng The ends for l-lermon were Ken Kollcebeclc and Bull Dnclcson from lasT year s squad whsle new sTudenTs French and Schwarfz guarded The Two Taclcle possTlons Jack KlngsTon Tom Brngham and Jam ElluoTT rounded ouT The cenTer of The lane The sTarTlng baclcfueld was sparlced by The decepTuve sweeps of new sTudenT Ed Dolan and The sw1fT cuT baclcs of Capfann PeTe Leyden Depend able Bob Davud on remauned The marnsTay of l-lermons defense and The savage charges of fullback Salvafore were a cons1sTenT ground galnung devace A swnTT sfeady l-lermon eleven decnslvely Trounced :Ts arch rlval Deer held nn The second conTesT of The year Alfhough The play was slowed by a ,veT and slfppery fneld The Maroon scored In The flrsT peruod afTer runs by Capyam Leyden Dolan and Leyden seT The sTage for a Dolan To Dnclcson pass l-lermon s pass 34 5 T wk. S f , , , A W. ' i b . .... . . ' . I v . I W - I A f v I T I - I ' i . . ' , . .. . , . ' . ' ' , ' : , , Elliolff, J., French, Long, Valpy, Willrinson,lCarpenTer, gneddemhlvlanagers Nllfchell and Rood. I Inq allarl I I d prohrIenHy and Two UCCGQIVG pa sesgiaced The ba on Th D erl ld f2yard I e Davmion scored and PIme second convermon oocvled The rounl lo I4 O Dolan plunged Through IU The lhlHd pemod lor ennon T ore rnalhg The hnalcounl Hermon eerhed O l regmwlabk lhal uch a weHearned vmfory wa rnawed by some unsporh manhle c nducllowardlhe end llhe game lhelMaroonleplIG shle dean by deleahng Vermonl Academy ullhe ThIrd T T Ial lal The unscored on I-lermon eleven made Two QUICIK louch down In The ooemng perIod Dolan and Salvalore goung over lor lhe aclual o T o ould up a I3 poml advanlage Nyhde keepxng The Vermonlem c roles The Iwcd RaIders ol I-Iermon marched The ball lrom mIdlIeId To The my g JII where Ken Forman phnged over wwh onw lhuly seconds renrnmng Inlhe hah Ihhhough a pwned and delennmed Vermonlleam lhrealehed In he Ia l slanza lh I-Iermon lIne slIlled any scorlng sprees whuch nnghlhavc mal nahzed NVhen lle lnaIwhIlk sounded Hermonled I9 O Qur lasTcI and more powerlul Team easIly delealed an Inleruor bul hard lIghlIng WIIbraIIam eleven pIIIng up lhIrly one poInls agannsl none lor The oplo ITIon Dolan conlInued hI scorIng slrealf asslsled Immeasurably by The cxcophonal bl cIIng ol The Maroon IIne by crossIng The WIlbraham goal Ino Thrrc T e lhu The llennon Iuggernaul conhnued Ils brdhanl record In Thela l ganwe ol The sea on The unscored on record ol The Teanw was napped by a d lcrmmed WIIII Ton eleven Three uccesslve long pase br ughl The TI l score ol The year aga nsl The hAaroorI eady IH The lwsl pemrd Idernwon relahaled qUlCHf however The convermon laued and The c re rnuwned ID The v IT lavor 7 6 VVIHIlon score IWICQ agaIn on pa P n The lIsT hull ald The honwe I66W1If5d9d aT The hall by a counl ol I9 6 Il wa noT unlIl lne Cfond hall lhal hlermon was able lo hall WIIIISIOH s pa Ing Hveal VVlh Down Leyden ard KoWebeckIeadmg The ohenmve fha Hermon ekven Mnned on The power Three hnwx lhe Nkvoon crowed Nw goalhne hoklng Wm v hor corde and Qoppmg Thew oHenmve ma chIne complelely Cny aller a ha d game however was WIIII lon ubdued llcnnon conqioled her undelealed eason by a score ol 3I I9 tx TA 35 ' . clk 'e 'Q I s -s s II e e,- Ie I Y 'In . 'Is , ' ' Is ' I , . . , . . . , .A I-I ' Ia? sc , 'I. 20, D I . I IJ 5 - I s - .1 rx A , ,u . o . , ., L . L V - , h L I I ' I ' - .. UTI, I - . u F QI - G, 'X ' s ' ' , . . . ence of Inc, . A I ' l s . e ' ' ' e o . 1 I s . . - . W 3. . V X . .S . V . . I e- Im 3, , ' ' ' ' ' . 1, s , - 5, e 's' . s s s o In I ' ' : . ' I: f I ' ' I 5 o ,, rf ' - I, ors , - . s d I I' C , I ' K . , . . , " . J V ,Ll ,- . . , . . as , I , , . , 1 , I Ii s s ss ' - . g , g . . F , : Y . I ,V , , , S J , A Y s, I - Q. ,I . he 'llwff Vffld 'Ie sf,-f-I' fir' C'l'1I'1'A IIVI. ru oc o nd N clce son CapTaxn Wco an No e T e 0 econ o R ng Skub Zalu ny McVe g C Afro d R Moore A orn ll Th d o leTT To rghf Coach NeTTer Babccclx Calopy Manager Sch anIcerT CompTon Camp bell I Coach Forslund f -1 CapTa n Wood I-IE MounT I-Iermon soccer Team Tnnlshed a Taur season wuTh Two vucToraes agaunsT as many deTeaTs The Team played wmTh pIenTy oT drive and sp1rlT all year buT seemed To Iaclc ThaT scornng punch an The lasT Two games The season opened wnTh a game aT ChoaTe a newcomer To The Maroon s schedule In The second pernod of an excuhng game Phrl Harland broke The Ice gnvung The Team a I O lead In ThaT same perlod NoITe scored IH The second haIT NolTe made has second Tally oT The day and Rowland added one To leave The Tnnal score 4 2 In Tavor oT MounT I-Iermon We TnrsT had a chance To vrew The Team when IT meT Wnlbraham here on a muddy held The Maroon easuly won wrTh Rowland scoring Two Nucl: erson and I-Iarland one each and Skub puTT1ng on The Tunushung Touch wxTh a long shoT lusT beTore The Tnnal whnsTIe The excellenT goal Tendrng of Alan Moore showed up especually well In Thus game as drd The hugh sprr1Ted playnng of CapTaln Wood The Thnrd game was a home encounTer w1Th an undeTeaTed WulIssTon eleven ATTer a hard Toughl' game The score 1nducaTed ThaT our Team had been loeaTen Tor The TnrsT Trme The Tlnal score 2 O rn Tavor oT The WrlI1sTon1ans ThroughouT The hrsT haIT of The Deerfield game boTh Teams played well buT ne1Ther scored Mndway In The Thnrd pernod a Deerheld forward sllpped one In Trom The rnghi srde and ThaT was Tne end oT The scorrng for The day AlThough The Maroon played well IT never overcame The I O lead 36 FIrsT row, IeTT To 'ghT: Hall Ic, R wIe . I r , ' dl I-Iafl dl I+ 1 Li +I v D., Mill r, R. S d row, IeTTT righT: I . ' , Z , I h, ., , I , ., , ., C - we . ir r w, r' : , 4 , my I W ' I , . OCCQI' 4' ' . V2 . . I . i . ,. . ' VY I . - ' I .T ' . . q . . 4 I I . . . . , I I I . - I To e e a co oac oc oo e ar er M age rce P055 Qlftlfl ITP? LTl-TOUGH lumuTed rn :Ts schedule oT meeTs The cross counTry Team con Tunued :Ts undeTeaTed record whnch has now run To e1ghT sTranghT sea sons CapTafn John lv1cVeugh and Ted SweTT were The only men on The squad reTurnang Trom The successTul aggregahon OT l943 buT a promusrng group was soon Tormed aTTer a Tew weeks oT 1nTensnye pracTuce The l-lermon harrners lourneyed To ChoaTe Tor The TlrsT encounTer on Theur schedule and They polushed oTT an nnexperuenced group oT ChoaTe runners by The perTecT score oT I5 40 Our Team Took nnne oT The TlrsT Ten places The T:rsT ChoaTe man To cross The lnne was sevenTh ID The race Nrcoll RuekerT and PlanT Tollowed close behind The Thorough condrhonnng oT The Hermon runners was apparenT nn Theur brnlnanT perTormance on The course oT approxnmaTely Two mules WrTh The second Team aso runnung alongside Them The cross cour-Try varsnTy Two weeks laTer held a me-eT on The home 27 mlle course wuTh a Team Trorn Classncal T-lrgh School an Sprrngheld Once more The resulT was a clean sweep Tor The Maroon as Parker agaln Took TursT rn an excuTung Trnush wrTh Don Sherk whom he barely nupped aT The lrne BeT Tn hung drrve n Thus race was dusplayed by Prledruver John PlanT who ran a oeauTlTul race lhroughouT a well The anTrclpaTed New England lnTer cholasTuc MeeT could noT be hed a a resuT T-lermon keeps Tor anoTher ea on The Trophy won Two years ago e I943 squad TII reTurn prac 'cally rnTacT nexl Tall and hould prove Tully 1 successTul as The precednng one has oeen 3 ,Q 37 l Ur From? row, lc-TT riqhtz Ru k rT, SwelT, MvVeiqh, J. lC pTalnl, Ni ll, Muller. Rear rc-.-ff TQTT To rTQhT: C h l. kw d, Sh rk, P k , L., PlanT, an r P T, . Pace-seTTer Larry Parker garnered The TlrsT posiTion, while McVeigh, Sherk, . . .,. ' l ' ' , - , , T . S I T I f . . , T . . , T . - sgi, 'Q s l s 5 . Th w' T' ' , 15' e 4 ' ' A C,p, lr Mfvszkrs SeaTed leTT To rqhT Babcock GalbrauTl'u HoTTman M lford RuekeT ST rdunq leTl To rqhT Lonq Nucoll CapTaun Leyden Ga nes CarpenTer Manager McCullough lfULWLlfIfL LVL? T-lE maroon Tankmen sTarTed OTT Theur season wuTh a bug splash as They racked up Tour TursT places To wun over Deerfueld 37 29 Gaunes Nucoll and CapTaun PeTe Leyden Turned un sTellar perTormances ThrouqhouT The season buT Gaunes and Nucoll were especually ouTsTandung un Thus TursT encounTer l-lermon losf The duve as a resulT OT PeTe Leyden s absence neverTheless The Team Turned The heaT un The swummung also resulTed un vucTory Tor The Maroon Perhaps The buggesT evenT Tor Hermon swummers durung The season us The Trup To Provudence Tor The Brown lnTerscholasTuc meeT Our Tankmen Took second Thus year Traulung only ExeTer Academy Sux oTher compeTunq schools parTucupaTed OuTsTandung perucormances un Thus meeT were Those of Hank Nucoll and Duck Long Russ MulTord and Jum Babcock all oT whom placed well Two wuns Trom Deerfueld and a second un The lnTerscho lasTucs ThaT us The Hermon record un swummung un I944 as a resulT OT greaT naTural abuluTy The able coachung oT Mr NeTTer and a well rounded Team wuTh good spuruT CapTa n Leyden 38 , i 1 , ' . , u , ,r. au ' , I 1 evenTs To win The meeT. The second oT a home-and-home series, held aT Deerfield, , 3' we , I Lefl lo rgh+ Rchardson F derman Dx Spencer Caplam Rrg Pe ry Weds orh Sche'fer Manager Pnkham ,Mc eg T cannol be saId lhal 'rhe hockey season was a successful one buf consIderIng Jrhe Inexpemenced ma'rerIal whIch Coach Forslund had lo work wI+h I+ was a good one Several IHdIVIdUBl slars appeared among The younger members of lhe 'ream nolably Rod schefler and Eugene DIx Caplam Frank RIng played a sleady srnarf game IU lhe lIne 'rhroughouf rhe season One of lhe faslesl games of lhe year was a 2 2 deadlock wnlh Alhol l-hgh Sclaool on home ICG Schefler scored bolh goals lo slar IH a lIne lhal was IH our allack zone durIng almosl all lhe playlng llme Ross Spencer slarred on defense A rough and Tough conlesl wITh WIllISlOD was heId lale IU lhe season Scheller and Dnx scored a goal apIece whIle Cap+aIn l2Ing shone In defenswe play Anolher 'rwo goal deadlock was lhe resull buf nol wI+houl Dlenly ol I Ighhng on lhe Ice Durrng lhe +hIrd lhe asf and lurIou play resulled In eIghl penalhes almo l equally dIfIded among lhe lwO leam Capfam Rmg 39 .ui ---my bu 1 A si 'I 5 W ..., I L I : I ., e , I, . , I I., r , vv f, I i . . . I - . - I . .. I . , . , 1. . . h . . F . 2 . . . S .X. ps Duc cn er u UF C F If C gmgefgaf AGED by hugh scorer Purre a Trong Maroom gJInTel aT er a slow sTarT ran wild over an unTerror NermonT Team on January I5 BIII Dlclc on had The prlvllege oT nnlcung The TursT poznf oT The year as he dropped a To I shoT ea ly In The T T quarTer Durlng The second quarTer The Maroon baslceTeers ran ed The score To 20 4 as Plrle Davudson and Dolan all scored on TasT brealfs The remaunder ol The game was a scoring spree Tor The Maroon as The whole Team led by Duclcson ran wrld The Tlna score OT 53 I6 was The greaTesT margnn OT vucTory ever rolleo up IH lolermon basIceTball hIsTory The second Tangle oT The sea on was noT so successTuI as The TIrsT had been The Maroon IosT a close conTesT on The home courT To The WorcesTer Boy s Club January 22 The more experienced vnsITors managed To sTay ahead ThroughouT The game and had plenTy oT drlve leTT aT The end de pITe The Tlne playing oT The Meyermen The IasT guarTer held The mosT excuTIng play oT The game BoTh Teams scored TreguenTIy and wuTh Tour munuTes leTT I-lermon Trauled by only Three poInTs AT Thus sTage boTh quInTeTs were very Tired yeT The rapzd play which had been The rule ThroughouT The game was conTunueo Perhaps The l-lermonuTes were even a lITTle anx ous lor The r deTense collapsed and The va :Tung H y F H 5 Team wenT ahead To war by Ten pornTs 48 38 40 Le-TT To rlahlg Manag, H rln, McG ir: Barnard Coy DPU. ap'aIn 'evil' favl st' Ci ar 4 ' Ins . . . I S X N Y W . y . . . y W D . . S . . s' ' ' ' in u r ' Irs I -Q , . , . . , . . I-. I f . , . I- . I 4 . A-N C . N I ' 4 fi- ' ' ' I V2 i w -Q 5, , V . I X . C. p aln ve C ' " F ' T Manage lnurn ers Ta Ca a W knson or l'luTc on S Ther CGDTGID Wnlklnson Llflflfg APTAIN WILKINSON and reTurnlng leTTerman Rogers Muller l-luTch1n son and Trask Tormed The nucleus oT l-lernnon s T944 sk: Team The lack oT a regular coach appeared To be a bug handncap buT Bob Wxlknnson compeTenTly subsTuTuTed as coach IH addlTnon To performlng has duTles as capTa1n As a resulT oT The poor sknng condnhons which prevailed during The larger parT oT The season The Team meT The VermonT Academy snowblrds oT Thus drawback The l-lermon1Tes squeezed ouT a Two po1nT vncTory gannmg The honor oT handnng The vusnTors Thenr TnrsT deTeaT an Tuve years The poor snow conclnTuons led To The cancellaTnon oT Two meeTs wuTh Deerheld buT as The season drew To a close our Team Iourneyed To VermonT To meeT The enemy un The laTTer halT oT a home and home series InTrequenT pracT1ce had puT The Maroon aT a dnsadvanTage and The VermonTer Took all Three evenTs To compleTe The schedule Tor The season The Wnlknnson men meT PuTney ln spuTe oT some specTacular perTormances IU slalom and Iumplng by our boys The Tlnal score was IU Tavor oT PuTney 297 To 29I The won and losT record oT The T-Termon snov birds does noT accuraTely TesTlTy To The skull oT Tne squad ln spuTe oT some bad news Thus year There are brnghT prospecTs In The abundance oT maTerual among The underclassmen whnch wrll go a long way Toward gwung l-lermon sknng an excellenr record In 945 42 LelT To righ : f ' r Bl" , Roo, , r sk, pT in il'i , Mill , hlns , u land, aT l-lermon wiTh merely Tour days oT Tormal skiing To Their crediT. Regardless Fx ' ' . . .T Q K I . . . I . Sealed, lell To rlqhT: Moody. Caofain Kaliqian, Welllvcfr, Cornwell, STanding, leTT To riqhT: Welch, Housman, EllioTT, Manager Brandf. l Jun or League FooTball and Soccer Teams lasT Tall 5 lfl,lfLL0l" edfglfte HE undeTeaTed maTmen of T-lermon 44 pnnned down a sTellar Thrnllung season oT vncTorues under The coachnng oT V A Campbell and The capTanncy oT Kenny Kaluguan Subdued were ChoaTe Sufheld and ST Johnsbury CapTa1n Kallgnan and has roommaTe TeammaTe BTI Welluver boTh wenT undeTeaTed per sonally accounhno Tor all The men They Taced by rapud punnungs Also ouTsTandung were Juniors l-lous man and Cornwell ForTunaTely The maTernal avaul able Tor nexT years squad should guaranlree a equally successTul wresTlnng Team nexT wunTer Con graTulaTnons are oTTered To coach capTann and Team members Tor carrying T-'ermon colors Through such a sensahonal season OR Those boys under snxTeen years of age Hermon has an aThleTuc organuzahon known as The Junxor League which offers The opporTunuTnes of a Tull sporTs program and lnTerscholasTuc com peTuT1on wnTh ouTsnde Teams of snnnllar age and snze Because of warhme resTrucTnons The second phase of Thus program was curTalled somewhaT buT ouTs1de games nn TooTball soccer baslceTball hockey swnm mlng lacrosse and baseball were held The capable coachung gnven To boys on Junnor League Teams prepares Them well Tor varsuTy aTh lehcs IaTer nn Their sTay aT Hermon Indeed The perennna' wealTh of experuenced maTerual Tor The varsuTy Teams sTems largely from The Traumng and guudance gnven nn The Junior League I 'I r . . . , . , '. n - - 43 ' lOl"Ll'Lg 5 Ol" 15 FINAL counT oT Hermon s Tour sprung sporTs OT I943 reveals ThaT The Maroon copped I0 ouT oT I7 encou.nTers MaunTaunung uTs superb record oT prevuous years The Traclc Team conTunued un uTs undeTeaTed ways capTurung all Tour meeTs by decusuve scores In The TursT meeT oT The season VermonT Academy aTTorded ample compeTuTuon Tor The Maroon aggregaTuon buT The Tunal score regusTered 64lf2 46If2 un I-lerrnon s Tavor Jack Ferguson capTured Two TursTs and a second un The hurdles and sprunTs To be hugh scorer whule Hoelzer and Nuxon lead un The Tueld evenTs Deerufueld and Kumbauu Unuon Academy Tell easy vucTums by respecTuve scores oT 7l 46 and 75 33 Bulcer and McVeugh upheld Theur Tune records un The long dusTance races and Webb and Bramhall sTarred un The 880 and 440 Four schools were represenTed un The lnTer scholasTuc Track MeeT buT I-Iermon s score oT 74' 2 Topped The cornbuned pounTs oT The oTher Three The I943 baseball squad cenTered around Bug Duclc Manvulle reluable TasT ball arTusT and CapTaun Paul Royar The maunsTay oT The Team un The Tueld and aT The baT The Tour huT puTchung OT Manvulle noT To menTuon I7 sTrulceouTs paced The Maroon To uTs TursT vucTory over VermonT by a 5 3 Tally The WullusTon nune shuT ouT Mr Meyers squad 60 despuTe puTchung oT Manvulle who yue ded only sux huTs The Maroon dud noT huT un The cluTches and leTT Twelve men sTranded GreenTueld TelT The sTung OT revenge as They were on The losung end oT a 4 I counT wuTh The bug baTs OT Royar and Terhune leadung The way Two close conTesTs wuTh Deerfueld resulTed un spluTTung The honors Deerfueld Academy Topped The I-lermon lacrosse squad un The openung game oT The seasohn I0 4 Bobby Arnold CapTaun Lou Jones Maysharlc and ArT CarT were all reTurnung leTTermen and The prospecTs Tor a wun were hugh Deerheld wenT on a scorung spree however Trom whuch The Maroon never recovered In a reTurn maTch The Green and WhuTe agaun were The vucTors by a 5 2 counT Paced by CapTaun Lou Jones The lacrosse Team Trummed Kumball Unuon Twuce 7 2 and I0 I In boTh games The excellenT sTuclc worlc oT The aTTaclcmen resulTed un many goals l-lacker BarTleTT made numerous saves oT duTluculT and TrequenT K U shoTs 44 Led by Capfaln Clwuclc Keevnl 'rlwe lennus leam louglwl llwrouqlw a rarluer unsuccess ful year droppung +l1ree mafclwes and annexnng only one wan over Wnlloslon In 'flue ln-sf meel of Hue season Keevul Grelzler Barlram Franlc and Sfevenson clwallced up wuns and llwe doubles were splul' l-larnpered by a laclc of ouldoor praclnce 'rlwe nelmen dropped a 5 I score nn a relurn malclw wnflm Wrllus+on Keevxl playnng a brllllanl came easlly subdued l'us opponenl for 'rlwe only wan The rnasferlul nelmen from Deerfueld 'roolc rlwenr 20 and Zlsl conseculuve rnafclwes al llwe expense or l-lermon by perlecf scores of 8 O 8 O Wadsworllw and Keevll louglwf slubbornly our 'he enlure Maroon Team was downed Capla n Bobby Ellzol+ af an early sprunc pracfxce 45 . . . , 1 . . . . . . .,,. . . 1 - I I - . . - ' , ' - - J n . . f . , . - , - . , A , I . . 46 The Chapel SeaTed leTT To rnghT McVengh C Leyden Wnllrlnson PresldenT Coolungham Thompson STand ng leTT To rghT Br gham Ro land ForresT Sal aTore Kallglan NOT plcTured l-luTch nson Goodspeed Kennedy J W sgilftjelflff QDLVLCL T has OTTen been sand aT Hermon ThaT a councslman s lnTe as nOT a happy one ThaT ln large measure IS True Achng as a llnlc beTween sTudenTs and TaculTy IS a Taslc carrynng immense respOnsubnluTy and requnrnng The services OT The mosT able mosT courageous and mosT nnTluenTlal members OT The sTudenT body ConsequenTly elecTlOn To Thus leading sTudenT organnzahon whale enTalllng greaT responsnbrldy carries The sTamp OT approval Trom Ones Tellow sTudenTs regardnng The above qualnTlcaT1Ons OT The :deal councilman Elechon as enTnrely by members OT The sTudenT body who choose Tor members OT The councnl a presadenT Trom The Crossleys OverTOun and The COTTages a Junior member aT large a prcsudenT OT The AThleT1c Assocuahon and a presndenT from each OT The Three upper classes ln The sprung OT each year a Councnl PresndenT IS chosen Tor The succeedlng year by a general elecTuon ThrOughouT The school RoberT Wrllonson has held Thus mosT lmpOrTanT and dnTTuculT pOs1Tlon during I'-743 I944 and has per Tormed has Taslc wlTh an immense amounT OT leadership TacT and eThclency The Wednesday nlghT sessions In The Social Hall are nOT The only acTlvlTy nn which counculmen parTlclpaTe AT The opening OT school They are On hand To OTTer assusTance To OTTen befuddled new sTudenTs ln The dormvTOrues The presudenTs regulaTe lnTer dorm and nnTra dorm aTTanrs The clas presudenTs worlc wnTh The councvl presudenT In governnng maTTers OT umpOrTance To each class To These oTTlcral duT1es are added The Thousand '1TTle snTuaTaOns whuch arnse nn dauly school lmTe requiring The decnsuon OT a sTudenT leader TO all OT These responsnbrluhes duTues and honors The STudenT Councnl OT I94J I944 has responded as a group an exemplary Tashoon 47 - , 1 . l ' l. ' . . I, 1:l ,w, ,v , ' : i, , ,.. - . . ,. . - T , . . . - . I . , . .. . . I . I -- 3. . .. . T . .. , - I . I I ' - - . 5 . - T . - A Q LOL!" Mourr Herfnor on r n year unoorwonr a an e eaderbnw T r ,Q me wnc M Vemyn G a ers a o fn pac me grouo wa formuraro an nay rg Mr Aroerf Raymond a wh conducfor Th Hmrfy momoer ard 'ne for y new one who rrdwcafed an wnrere T rn Q ora work were yory con uenfmoub and per? many enyoyable as weU as producnye noun ooerner Win 15 nymn rrqrng and an nems me anon' had an opporfunxfy fo exemwo Nr aen n Hne weekday and Sunday e woes of worihrp ou? mf aw o performed o pecraW oc aswon Quan a flne Chrw rmas Candlenqnf Serymce and me Sacreo Concerf an May Much credn fo be qwven for me many hours of experr wnsfruclnon qryen by Mr Raymond Gu condudor and Mr L Hommedweu Gu accompanm eu V a rs Turnbln n r a r 1 e xc or Fm e In r row om frgrs r r L Ruelrerr Lundquusf Scoff Walker Bolqer Muller Rosc Q :er y r ca rv w sea C oewus H Wa's ar ea cmd emo y S n Y Dayrs W C Sfeonan Games 48 Ae f HE . r 'K oA f If ' N' ghd g In . ' e 'N 'p fo me Pri H 5' e r. .5 I a!! ah ' arriy I n e HH? in I933. ln H5 W e H S r U . 1 , H 1 Y S I A . Q A Cd 1 A J r W Y X 3 . . . , E, . I I 'l I 1 5 . l A F f . . I I V 'Sm . y Ax . . k.x A . fd ii I : f ' ' I ' 'Q n 5 r ' Q ' 5 . s . 's ' ' , ' A Frnf' rff, 'ef' 'P dvr: R lem She", M: eY'15', J. 'Cana'-W, Ni:o'V, Muwcfr, Qe I 05' SA--wfnsff Porrer Sarzen' BEI'SlCVxQ Hwwerford, Sefond row, Neff +C riqnf: Clarke, W. D, Haynes fxmruby, T, Ke d MP, Hood Ad ms, D., Cu Vs, UW , R., EH' H, N fn, ' W y, T E d . , WM' ff ridnf: Tw Hy, X1 le Pa Pe, . , A , , , , , , P'-, Ed. . ' , Ha fis, Paw'?5r,v.'sH R' ey. F' uvn rev, ief' M 'qnh WWW , , C X, L., . Roy, , A., . on Grfin Gee, Sams dai' Srearman G .Snr P., Y Y rf, D. MQV 'yn J., Da i P. S"'a!'. PPE rev., Q-H so rIo,r': Moen' Coins Valoy, Pcref ', . ,, ' A . 6179196 KAL N R +V gurdw ff Mr Refmord me A fx ppe'a For omoered an excel yeer 0 mu 3 em ea 0 In The Chmfmab a C1 CMT Serwce Hfwe new romp proved 5 abN1y and he Sa r d omferf ww My al mduoed everax sewec: 'ow rendered oy Wee dede Hermov mge O e 'wee eo oy our ofew em rngn orfb 3 c C1 0 We sea rocfnmb pre d ourmg e , r -2 fm meer Quo ay wel as f e U er wr 'r e append ho Cf comrve occ r er emcud wer? V o C Aon T 3 s v N 5 I O V-' 49 pe- I A X DE we ' mic , , N . " , Va ', 3, ' 2- , ' ,- 'enf W f tin! d V' V. '. ' C r 'KVI , ' 9 1 H 73, T re C M 's fx io' " - ' ' - 7 ' ' G rf. An efif d " cP1'!.2'd 'W"?N ,fee mu:?mL ,e' my if We p I f ' ferfe ' The :surge cf +11 Th , e P 3 Lf ihfs QV 1 hefh5',hACI 'lC'fr,arefC Q ,fffc fh, zcf " .. C'?e+: fvf' "f vIu5"': SL,'!1er35v: view' Veaiswi- Tpwcx. PM ey' Lrxewus Payv-35, WN". Siffffq 3,-. ef' 'i VIf:H': T,-.iff EY! 'V-grI"1 PCe'3rffQf, Cv'-: gee Sarufn' L"'Q R, 5e's'ife ENS D. VW '1-f.,Nef' '5 rI':?": Sa" bl Ce'iC1a PT5"'fA 'VA ea Hawk Fifi :ex-."iv.sir' Lu':1cL,is' Pi"fA', TC ff.-. ef' 'P "nw: CC' Meeffw Qw , A. fads, P. Pi.-.e , Tefe J, MiY'f:-"M, J, Pima-, S"'e CCQW. SeaTed leTT To rughT HochsTraTe Lohr GoTden Vandermyn G e Ford H rrus Davus P Welluver MTTcheT ndlng ITT To hT rsT WrTgnT T Was ne I6 an urs Hamm Harro Pm am r cuno C u er new P er HEN Mr Ivory d parTed shorTly aTTer rmdyear The MounT T-'ermon Band wa on The Hull However PresndenT BIT Weiluver sTepbed nTo The breech and Ted Tne Band an boTh rehearbal and concerT Tor The remainder oT The year howung a greaT deaT oT TaIenT Tor The posuhon Thanks To his eTTorTs and To The ToyaTTy oT The oTher members of The organuzahon The Band has been abTe To carry on :Ts program unlnTerrupTedly The MounT Hermon Bard T one OT The mosT acTTve mu can group on The H N FooTball and ba keTba1 game are a wayb made more en erTaTmng by The me marc an our memorade chool ong wh ch The Band perTorm :Th ch T ard Q h eau musucsansh Q 50 . ' : , ' T T , e , , a ' . 4 T .T ' T ' T STa ' , e rlg :Bo , Ao' , .SU hbur , Pir' T L4 dq 'T, TV, vf, 'kh T Powe 5, Y T D., h TT , M Tch, ark , J. leTT wIThouT Teadershlp, as were The oTher XnsTrumenTal musical organXzaTion5 ' , , ' '! " T ' ' T . , . S . T 's ' S7 ' 5 H. 5 'T 5 T ' T ' ' T' . hee d ' T S 5 3 E 5 w' su spiri T -ue r I " I . 2l"WLOI'L J Lili HE Hermon KnIghTs The slIghTly lIghT slde oT lvlounT Hermon s varlous musucal organuzahons have been consndered one oT The besT groups on The hull Thus year by Those on campus who know Their muslc The ChaTeau Dance oT l943 was a prevuew OT Thus combunahon and The kund oT musuc Tor whuch The band was laTer To be known The 1nTerpreTaTIons oT The year s ouT Tandnng Tunes by The aggregahon pepped up many a parTy and gamed new members Tor The already large group OT dancers UnTorTunaTely mud year graduahon Took Gus LIndquIsT Top alTo soloIsT and Bob Wnlluams Tub man of The OUIIII BrIllIanT TrumpeT by The leader BIII Welluver was oTTen heard along wITh sTylIsTIc Tenor rndes by Homer Washburn and True CounT Basle breaks by Dunk Hopklns NOT To be underesTumaTed IS The parT whuch dynamnc manager Jam Pauly played TD The success oT The organuzahon Tor IT was he who Took care of The InsTrumenTs and Tuon alThough noT deTInITely clecnded upon should uphold The sTandards oT good musuc which The Hermon KnIghTs have maInTaIned durlng 194344 5TandIng leTT Wel ver leader and TrsT Trumps? Sfandung rghT Pauly Tmm managers Sealed BoTTom H pk ns Gee Forresf Pre LndquIsT Washburne V der olk Moench Top Tv'nTchel Wnllams Ch cker ng NQT p cTured Walknnson 51 C U made all necessary arrangemenTs, especially Tor TransporTaTIon. NexT year's organIza- ' , : II , I . ' , I 1 , I , . . 1 o I , , , II , I ' , , an w , . I I' l, A I , I I . I I : ' ' . Kfcwdica OrclLedfrcL HE fradilional opening seleclion ol lhe annual oncerl ol Sacred Music is a number rendered by The combined orcheslras ol fhe Norlhlield Schools. The Mounl Hermon orcheslra parlicipares, of course, in +his concert buf in addilion carries a program ol ils own during The remainder of lhe school year. Al leasl one assembly during school is devoled fo a concerf of classical music perlormed by lhe group, which presenls selecfions from Haydn and lvlozarl symphonies, worlcs by The modern maslers, and olher wellflcnown lavoriles in lhe classical reperloire. Mr. George Aronson ol Springfield assumed lhe conduclorship ol lhis group following Mr. lvory's deparlure, and moulded if in+o one of 'rhe mosl successful orcheslras in recenl' years. Sealed, leff lo righl: Lindquisf, Anderson, Heer, Golden, Davis, P., Welliver, Moench. Chuiler Sfanding, lefl lo righf: Borsl. Mifchell, Gee, Hamlin, Harris, Hochsfrale, Kendrick, Haynes. ibegafing HE arl ol argumenlalion is as old as lhe hills, bul slill llourishes in lhe modern world because ol lhe excellenr inlelleclual lraining which ir offers lo any parlicipanr, l-lermon debalers have been aclive for years in mainlaining lhe high slandards of rhe besl worlc in lhe lield by lreguenlly holding infra-mural and infer-mural debafes on currenl ques- lions. One ol The mosl inleresling and slimulaling de- bales was a home-andfhome conresl wilh Deerfield on 'rhe +opic, "Whar Should We Do Wilh Germany Aller rhe War?' Several olher pracrice debales on currenl 'ropics proved mosl inlormarive. '. --...... xglftdelftf QQQCOHJ S in lhe pasl, lhe Sludenl Deacons have dur- ing l943-l944 been an imporlanl lie berween lhe sludenls and The religious aclivilies of lhe school. The Deacons assisl al communion services, spon- for lhe Old Clolhes Drive and olher Church aclivie lies, and as members of We Church Excculive Com- millee, voice s+uden+ dcziros and opinions in lhe discussion of problems porlaining 'ro lhe lvlounl l-lermon Church. A memorable phase of Jrhe yearsl religious ac- livilies has been fhe sludenf led weekday chapel services. Sealed, lol? lo riahf: Frosl, McVeigh, J.. Mr, Erickgonl Cornpfon, Arroll. Slandino, lelf lo righl: Royi Hamilfon, Good. Pinden, Marsh, Borsf, Yefvegl lel' 'f r3f:h+: Crolririqham, Swell, iw-may J. W. wife Mqvsifw- c. S'ar'dir'1 'el' 'C 'ifxhlz Li+lle, R. Samar- dfalv Vlfilliriscn Gcodspeed, Champiin, Kallifiian. INTERNATIONAL CLUB Firsl row, lefl lo riglnfz Selley, Harland, Mr. Thompson. Loewus. Buflum, McLaA more. Roberls, D. Second row, lell To riqlnf: Lelourneau, Gleason, J.. Burr, Davis, W., Pullen, Rosche, Taylor. Tlnird row, lell To rlqlwl: Beclcwilln, Ellioll, Porler Roy R Borsl Harrow CHEER LEADERS Fsrsf row leff lo rnqlwl Hoplcuns leader Hoffman Slandunq lelf To ruqlnf Moody Muller Eederman CGMMUTER S CLUB Furs? row lef+ lo rsqlwl Wlnferbollorn B uvler P cl: P D A Slandsnq lelf fo rvqlwl MIlOWSliI Slnores Zaluzny Addlson Cochrane Rulwl No? Plclured Peel: W J Greenwood Spencer Sarqen+ Lockwood . I . I . 1 Quinn, lioberls. R., Sllib lpresidenll o ' . e . . ., yer. J 3 C-ff JU LUQ an age J 0lfU5ALlQ ffff 8l"WL0lfL year wTTh The world Tn pre TT r Th lnTernwTTona Club has become more vTTal Than eve ouT TwenTy sTudenT me pr c TT cy E d B muda A Trua a an lndua uT he maIorTy comonq Trom JTT oar IOTFS T Club lasT Tall The lnTernaTTonal Club has had a varled proqmm Club du cusslons meT wTTh much success The mam sublecT d cus ed wa WhaT Shall We Do WTTh Germany and Japan ATTer The War7 Durmq These dT cu everal peace pans w re sup mTTTed and sTudTed OTher Topics discussed were Ou R laTTons WTTh GreaT BrTTaTn and Russia Durunq and ATTer The War d Th N gr S u1T on Tn Thr CounTry Then Too :Ts memoers wall alway rememoer ne X6 ends peTT a The caon and especnally The banqueT held IU The ormq over Tn NorThTTeld The members oT The lnTernaTTonal Cluo v T a a o oT ThanT To Mr and Mrs Morrow Tor The use oT Thelr parlor Tor The Sunday ev n q meehnq QW jf JJ!! M1408 f HE cheerleadmg squad consushnq oT Boo Eeo rman Mom HoTTman Boo lvlu ler and Duck Moody and capTaTned by Dmlf Hopkun lTTTed The Triduhonal Hermon spTrTT To new and hngher levels Thus year EspecTal y noTe f Thy ou Tnq The pa T ea on were The acrobahcs OT The enT1re squad parhculary Those oT lvlonlc HoTTman on several new cheers acrobahcs whTch meT w h TmmedTaT a raTm Trom The un suspechnq sTudenT body On several occasTo s h T moaoe were n ea d by cheerleadereTTes Trom across The nver and The enlarqeo quwd wa receTved enThusTasTTcally by The large crowds aT all The home T oToall qam s lasT Tall aga1nsT VermonT Academy The walls oT old Camp Hall re ounded wTTh ala rahs whale The squad puT on an amuslnq show depTcTTnq Th me Tlnq oT The Two Teams as well as leadlng The pep rally ThrouqhouT w Th a or aT oeal T L8 0l!Ql" 01, O l"0lfl,lfL HE COMMUTERS CLUB as The name uqqe compo cd oT Tho Hermon Te who lnve Tn The nearby Towns and vTllaqe Every morr nq we ee Them comunq To school Tn Thenr own cars wTTh oTher Telo 3 v 3 a roT Tve campus or occasnonally on blcycle The purpose oT The club TS To Tom The e ooys o erher o They ma 5eT The mosT ouT oT Thenr lTTe aT Hermon They have a TO er an J 'n em nT RecTTaTTon Hall where They may pend h a The lnbrary Tor sTudyTnq and readmq The Day STudenTs are deTTnTTely a a year e have underTalcen uch proIecT a marng r o T uses aT :Ts home games They have had Th yea T r w o helps Them To enloy The r choo days r a 55 U I HTS ' . ' lTs 1 senT cond' Tin The vforl oT e Q ' T l ' r. Ab s, so re es In 'nc nqfan , er , us ' , Br zTl d ' , b T ' E ' ered N Ti oT The U. S., ' 'T d The V . . VC I .Q K . . . l ' ,s 2 ll T - ' A 'S sion, 2 l e ' - ' ' an T e e o TT K 7. ' 's . ' ' ' s T T' o TT eh s T T ' T , . I T T o e c r ' T s . . ' T T e fr A '. s. . 7 . . . T ,F , , T C I T T l T " ' ' . ' TT v or T T r' s s - ' ' ET ' ' e 'cc' ' f ' . ' n' T e or E' ' T7ve T T cr se ' ' , ' ' s Q s ' ' ' o l e, I even in w ic e c e rl a rs nla ed an lm orTanT oarT was The dame A bg T h h Th h e e de ,V y A A . . T 3 T . T A , T e e T ' I J e In o QTTTT. ' , i sTs, Ts y se ie T. s ' ' ' s. T TT s ' ' ' , ' ll wg, wTTh mfferg fh- leo do T l' on , ' ' s. ' A ' S l T Q T , T fy r ' ' . T cl d :lub fro. Tn The bas e oT ' ' , s T' elf Tree Tlme, an They oTTen m'Te ue oT ' ' T n :eeT To The Qihool. ln oTher T i Th Ty s ' Ts s 'T The fcoreoi-ard .-.hlih :u 'azeball ,eam ' . ii T r a, Ther Tammy advfe Mr. K?rT, h ' I s T ag mucl 1c32'c 3. ir saw, cm Auf CH LTHOUGH uruacTuve unTul Eebruary The Lubrary Club had a compleTe reorganuzaTuon aT mud year and came TorTh wuTh a deTunuTe program oT unTeresT To all Under The leadershup oT lvluss Ken way and Mr lvluldram The group sponsored many lubrary dusplays Tor The beneTuT of The sTudenTs and prevuewed The new sprung books un The HermonuTe Mr Gubson and Mr Morrow addressed The club upon subuecTs oT concern To The members whule more speakers were looked Torward To laTer un The year IT us The desure oT The club To creaTe a more acTuve parTucupaTuoru un The lubrary by The sTudenTs so ThaT They may more readuly make use oT one oT The TunesT prep school lubrarues n The counTry HE ArT Club commenced Thus year wuTh nune urTere Ted member Under The lounT supervusuon ot Mr Thach and Mr Squuers boTh TalenTed arTusTs They rapudly became an eTTucuenT group The mosT umporTanT work whuch The ArT Club undcrTook was a serues oT prouecTs Tor The beneTuT oT The whole school Everyone remembers The Graphboard dusplayed RecuTaTuon whuch recorded resulTs oT The War STamp CompeTuTuve Druve The paunTung oT The board was The work oT Thus group OTher school proIecTs compleTed by The ArT Club urucluded The desugnung oT The l946 Class Banner seT Tor The DramaTuc Club and posTers Tor GATEWAY publucuTy Seafed leff To rughT Raeburn Mcfxull Harrs Pnkham Rosche STand ng leTT To rughT M Tchell SargenT Fnley Hay es Taylor de Sora SeaTed leTT To rgl'uT Mr qu e s Sc Mr Thach STand ng leTT To rghT Wullsea GroTl S Th Rosche HochsTraTe NOT pucTured Adams J . 0 lflf I' lflf s. ' , ' ' - q . , ' in ' ' , ' . V S . I T ' 1 , JI i, i , '. I , , ' : I , , I , ru , , rms. , i : .S lr, oTT, u , 'u f A T A mi , ', . 56 gl"LClfL tlfLlf'8 N rne lvlounl Hermon farm lhe school has an rdeal sublecl for sludy ol modern agrrcullural melhocls The Agrncullural Club 'ralces advanfage of fhe oppor runny offered here along rhese lnnes and examines hrsl hand some of 'rhe eguupmenr and Jrechnrques In use al The barns and Creamery Mr Demang has acled as lacully advnsor for rhe group for several years and gives rhe members a chance 'ro learn more abour rhe sublecr of agrncullure Than would be possible elsewhere Consequenrly rnreresr and loyalry of club members has always been sready and lashng 6L:5LC 8l"0l'L6LlfLtLC:5 NE ol lhe mosr achve groups on 'rhe l-lull was lhe Basra Aeronauhcs lnreresl Group under lhe leadershnp of Lyrle Thompson presndenr The chuef arm of rhe group was 'ro gaun a beller lcnowl edge of rhe lundamenrals of aeronauhcs prepara Tory 'ro Army llughl Jrraunung Dr Bowman and Dr Thompson assnsred marerually ln alrannnng 'rhus goal and The achvmes of The group as a whole were complefely successful rs? 0 fl M Dernn C rrpb ll D MrVe gh C McVeugh J reslderl Carpenler B F rry a r burn and gh? Purdum Srnons Mar 'nal Q D Bonham Parse ally ar + Cornpfcn D Tho pson D on r l os D v - ' ' I ' . . . Fl row, lol? T Aghl: r. l g, a . e , . , I , ,, ' . lP ' T , ., e , F I - Su lnrx, lel' lo ri -: , i lo, S 'ln r, ,, , I Ne, Be . Swan, R. Sef ed, lelr .o rlqh': , 4 r. Bow' var, Tnfmpscn lpresl Mr. " . ir . S'andino, ld' 'rr Fqh 1 Nlqh l , Hall, avles. 57 Firsf row: Ball, Pullen, Daylon, Powell, Lillie, R., Swell, Arnold, R,, l-lousman. Second row: Harris, Milchell, Davis, R., Riley lVice Pres,l, Sfulcharf lPres,l, Brandon lSec.l, l-lanssen Brandf, Sarnardalc. Third row: Pauly, Balchelder, Marsh, Pechmann, Harland, Gee, Miller, R., Bowyer, Thomson, Lennan Calopy. Fourlh row: Everson, Whilney, Pinlcharn, McGahie, Roberfs, Aw Wood, Bascomb, Pawlilrowslci, Fraser Vesoslce, Hearns, Robba. ramafic EATURED produclions in The highly successful year ol The l-lermon Dramalic Club iusf finished were "Seven Keys fo Baldpalef' presenled al Chrislmas lime, an adaprafion of a porfion of John Sfeinbeclcs novel "The Moon Is Down," and an English comedy, "Bachelor Born." Wifh Smolcey Lennan in fhe lead fhe Club enrerrained and 'rhrilled l-lerrnoniles wilh shols, screams, and lainling women for over an hour The Salurday nighl before vacalion. l'Seven Keys To Baldpalefl by George M. Cohan, is a gay comedy cenlerf ing around queer silualions in a horel one nighl nor so long ago, The play was direcled by Mr. Morrow, advisor To 'rhe club, and slarred wirh Lennan were Chris Riley, George Slulcharr, and Rodney Davis. Roberr Brandl, head ol The slage crew, did an erlecrive iob wirh The sers. Abou? a monrh before The close ol school in May, a small casl ol piclced club members gave a slage adaplalion of a chapler from "The Moon ls Down," by John 58 ' STennbeck Realasm oT The presenTaTnon was nncrea ed by The use oT clever lnghhng eTTecTs and auThenT1c cosTumlng Among The prnncupals were J C Campbell Wullnam l-larrls and Trevor SweTT Bachelor Born us one of The mosT unusual plays ThaT The Dramahc Club has ever presenTed Thus charming comedy oT lnTe nn an Englush prep school enTerTaungly porTrays a pncTure oT llTe In an Englush school much lake l-lermon and gnves a deeper unswghT unTo Englush speech and humor The Dramahc Club has presenTed several producTlons each year consnsTenTly Tor several seasons Usually Included are a raduo play a presenT or pasT Broadway hnT and a good one acT play The choice oT producTuon has been excellenT Tor almosT every Tame The DramaTnc Club Takes over Tor The evenung nn Camp I-lall a saTnsTred and enTerTauned sTudenT body saTs beyond The TooTllghTs The organ1zaTuon whuch makes such plays possuble cerTa1nly deserves creduT Tor marnTannvng hugh sTandards IU l-lermon enTerTaunmenT h1sTory PresndenT George STukharT was among The January graduaTes as were Frank Brandon ChrnsTopher Rnley and Franklin Powell The servnces oT These nascenT acTors and producers were sorely mnssed nn The laTTer parT oT The year buT under Trevor SweTT The new presudenT The Dramahc Club Torged ahead To new hnsTrnon1c achneve menTs NexT year should be equally successful and mark anoTher ouTsTandnng season oT presenTaTnons by The Hermon Players Scene Trom a DramaTc Club producTlon Riley Lennan and Rod Davis caughT ID an exclTnng momenT Trom The wnnTer presenTaTlon OT The Club George M Cohans Seven Keys To Baldpafe 59 . . . , , . TT TT . I . T - T 1 . l I . . .T .T . . . . . n I - - I I ' I - . . , . . .. .T Shandinq IQII Io rif CAPTAINS CLUB caIed, Iefr fc rIqI1I: W'hfd, 50669: FIIIOII, R., Iarrfssfe' WIiIifsHn, slfiinq M'VmqIw, Crass rfxunhy rd Iv-MI' KaI Qian, wrfesIIi ,4I1I RIF1 Iwr In-y Wadsv.fcrIII, 'ennisq Terhmff, basobaII. CAMERA CLUB fnfed II rn 'W r PII LA er rvsudenf 3 ws Kfmcr ndmfz sau Lwsun Groff S'mII1 I-Icrr PRINTING CLUB P MUI ndn ra FIG :' - , le Io 'qI1I: Kcud ink, fLIy MII IP,' I,La',P., IJ SIA ' , IQI4 Io riqI1I:WiII ff, 5 1- Semvd, IGI' Io riqI1I: Pm:-II, Mr. Jmhn sc , Im. Sie I fl, IQIL Io "qIII: Rfvbf1rIS, A. Sfevewscn, Horn, d'IwI. 1211111 1111112111 1114 1 HI!!! fj All ill, 1' n 5. x V Cxf A 2" 'ng' X ValedicTorian Richard U. Moench lftlflfl, oZ76LbL6ll8 LeTT To riqhf: William CompTon, Bryanl' Cushing, Donald de Socarras, Harrison S. Horn, RushTon LiTTle, KurT Loewus, Roberf Muller. W. S. WriqhT NorTh, CharlTon Price, William Richardson, H. Alan Roy, George STulrharT. NOT picTured: Philip H. STephan. EMBERSHIP ia The lvlounT Hermon ChapTer OT The NaTional Cum Laude SocieTy is an honor accorded To Those members oT The Senior Class who have been on The Hill Tor aT leasT Two years, and who rank scholasTically in The upper TenTh oT The class. IT is inTeresTing To noTe ThaT Those who gain This disTincTion have perennially been Those who in general have excelled in sporTs and exTracurricular acTiviTies, as well as in The classroom. The SocieTy was Touncled aT Tome School in PorT Deposit Maryland, and Today has local chapTers in more Than one hundred secondary schools, boTh public and privaTe, headed naTionally by Dr. David R. PorTer, Tormer headmasTer of l-lermon. Membership in The group is roughly equivalenT To a similar posiTion in Phi BeTa Kappa, The collegiaTe honor socieTy. Like Phi BeTa Kappa. Cum Laude is a selecT organizaTion, and elecTion To iT is a True disTincTion. If ggi EclnTor AnThony ArroTT 8l"lfl'l Olfblffe OEM" T lvlounT Hermon There are Two sTudenT publncahons THE HERlVl0NlTE and THE GATEWAY Whale THE GATEWAY ns solely a producT oT The eTTorTs oT The Senior Cass THE HERlvlONlTE prunTs maTerual wruTTen by boys Trom all The classes and as a resulT :T as aT leasT a Taur represenTaTlon oT sTudenT luTerary eTTorT and sTudenT opunlon THE HERMQNITE a blweelcly publucahon wuTh large clrculahon among boTh sTudenTs and TaculTy as now un 1Ts TuTTy second year and has adhered To :Ts precedenTs by presenhng boTh campus news and some oT The more worThwhnle l:Terary eTTorTs OT various conTrnbuTung sTuclenTs EduTor Tony ArroTT has done a commendable 'ob alThough he as one oT The Tew Juniors To be elecTed To The posT In recenT years The perennual problems oT publnsh mg ednToruals sTudenT Issues make up and assngnmenTs noT To menhon The new resTrlcTlons on copper engravlngs and newspr1nT have been meT un all cases wuTh aT leasT some degree oT success The paper occasnonanly a day laTe oecause oT Trans porTaTnon dnTTnculTnes neverTheless appeared regularly regardless oT warhme resTrlc Tuons an achrevemenT oT no small lmporTance conslderung The TaTe OT some sTudenTpubl1caTuons un oTher parTs oT The counTry Tacung The same duTTuculTues Several new TeaTures were presenT In The malce up Dlscardung The Trxle Hodge Podge and :Ts lumuTed possubuluTues F P Brandon presenTed has new humor column Furcly wherem w1Th Marqul luke phraseology were Traced a cockroach s umpres sions concerning camou personalrhes and evenTs Crher new TeaTures were The poeTry oT Owen Marsh a member oT The Board and The OperaTor Spealcs a regular sporTs column Many members oT The Board wall be reTurnlng ned Tall Thus THE HERMOTXHTE should have a succe Tul year oT acTuvnTy In I944 l945 aT lcsxn ea ann 4 us M r B andpn Cushnng STand Mxrs Man sTa'n R nd n BuTTum dc Sofarras Gr d T ur fer C Rogers nsfon F osT 63 fr. K. I ' Z? X n I l ss ' ' ' - . Se ed, IQTT To riqhl: Mr. Eric r , K T- inq, Vs,-fhnv ., Prire IB . q r r , ' f. inn, leTT To riqhl: f h, del' el I e , , - , , ,o . Nc plc' ed: Roy S. ., , , W., Joh , r , EllIoH, R. afeway EQFC! ARTIME shorlaqes, increasing prinling and publishing cosls, and gov- ernmenlal reslriclions made il seem lilfely al lhe beginning of The school year Thar 'rhere would be no I944 edirion of THE GATEVJAY. However, a board, organized early in The Tall, worked wilh a grear deal ol excellenr co- operation, and as a resull Thar board is now able ro presenr a finished year' boolc. Special fhanlcs are due Mr. Plall, Mr. Smilh, and Mr. Squiers, who did so much lo malce The anlicipaled publicaiion a realily despile many dihficulf lies. Also we give credil here fo Peler Brandon for 'rhe Class Prophecy, and ro Francis Kendrick, Allred DeWoIT, William Harris, Lewis Benner? and o+hers, who did much imporlanr worlc on all deparlmenls ol lhe boolc. The members ol rhe Board hope sincerely Thar The rnarerial belween These covers will preserve for you somelhing ol The lile and spiril ol Hermon. lr is wirh lhis hope as rheir main obieclive Thar They have compiled The presenl edilion ol THE GATEWAY. Leif To riqhfz Arfhur Plall, David Squiers, Charllon Price lEdilorl, Charles Rogers lBus. Mqr.l, Bryan? Cushing lBus. Mgr.l, James Mirchell, Donald de Socarras. Roberr Srnall, Georqe Slulcharl lArr Edilorl, J. Howard Buffum, Paul McCullough. Rushlon LiHle, Roberf Muller lPho+oqraphy Ediforl, Harrison Horn, Frederick Willsea, James Babcock. WDW -fx N1 if an-vw ,assum- 66 4 3+ Ns. any my S Af-Q .Q ' vs Z "' - , Y , kr GN - i . . Vi 'hi ' . X v. 1 N , v Q ' A , . mvwauiQ "Nnq.,,, Kg mi 68 . 'G " ' ' "":M1iR 'HY " ' "' in 'ib!d:"5?fiQkli1-'E ii.Wallilizl'IiEfH'viE7:i-'E 5't'i1flIi'cl'l5"5'lE,iii'LI55gi5iC1lib1'lii5QE iki11IQ'ii3'iE!I'bf l?1'ikvii'F!l'V-31K3?Z56EliiI-'f!'3 f-f E522-i1EiE'i':!Il'eI:l!'5t?E'59-EY 3E?i"4I!b!?lE' 'kvi?1u'5'l-35iHf"'1I'2"3'i ETL 355352.ii!1!I"!l1bI:1Eigf?rHP"ii!i JI5i5Vliix.''V25'.i24if,-XPESQJPill!hifi'Egfiiiriii'!ZYviii13i'Wfibi'!:-ikiiLPi?i5XL1'E5Hi'4ll'!'EN5E3Ekf5E:if1.libi3i'iH!Ilbi":SvEf:iJ11i1I-Iii5C':QIi'c!1!25':J".'1ifiiiv4 nkii esh 114'fs-elf-f:5+Mwr1b-if-9+9laleww-a:2l',3-wliinasnievazxr--f-Je-E13He1a:wba:H'-Efafszezwe?aim-an 'hhiglhi-Llf5hxF'maqwzizmiiemfgxnifiv1e5515:25-gffmhfivlvvhiiQfrkif-ae'?w1JriE-ixexspifiainv?522:-iimaxfmhifm'125:-:gf-hfirriviiiw THi1q::tf51f'e5-wa:-'sie'igqrggpfilfsxiigwi. 'aim ra , ' A1 2? gi Fi 1, is 'Ur 212112'12'Q12f1f9fgffS5:ffsie1:t E .H-:email wwsf 1, if ,isfrat .. "Lu "yuh,

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