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1 E z 1 ami? f955 Mi Gllead Norih Carolina Mi GILEAD HIGH SCHOOL W ' LEY L BECKY CRUMP -A - ' ' Mana r ' I fli- 'BA DEDICATION To show our appreciation for the tireless effort, patience, guidance, and friendship she has giv en us as our sponsor for the pa s t three years, we the Senior Class, dedicate the 1956 VOCALIT to Miss Celia Anne Brown. SCH O O L S O N G Mount Gilead High, we sing your worthy praise, We promise to be true to you always. ff X . X Q Truly proud we are of what you are, t i 'Na For you have been our guiding star. x "iff, - Y , You are the pride of every lad and lass, ' We bring you loyalty from every class. I Love so true from every heart we bring, Our voices with your praises ring. X Mount Gilead High, each student loves you well, And from each heart this chorus shall ever swell, And to you, we pledge allegiance true. Mount Gilead High, Hail to you! Hail to you! PRINCIPAL Mr. I. B. Shive -5- --up FACULTY MRS O W DEATON MRS BETTY MILLER A B Duke Un1VeTS1ty A B Hlgh Po1nt College Enghsh 1 4 French 1 2 Enghsh 1 Z 3 Typmg MR CI-IARLES FORTENBERRY MR I B SHIVE MR DECATUR JONES A B Catawba College A B Wake Forest College Presbyterlan .Tumor Colleg Sclence Bxology M A Un1vers1tyN C N C State Health Chemlstry H1StOIy Ag1'1C111fl1I'6 Athlet1c Coach1ng xx MISS CELIA ANNE BROWN M155 JANE MCM11-,LAN A B-1 G1'e91'15b0l'0 College B S , Flora MacDonald College M Ed , Un1vers1ty Of N C. Home Econom1cs Math 1,2,3,4 Vi, , s . , , 1 sie. - I I I 0 I ' . ., . ., 13 I V V V Avvrrmx 5 or MQ K SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'The reward of a Pres1dent Jerry Meacham V1ce Pres1dent Harold Lee Thompson Secretary Myrtle Deaton Treasurer Pat Haywood Adv1sor M1ss Ceha Anne Brown MOTTO th1ng well done COLORS Navy and Whlte FLOWER Red Rose 1 to have done 1t" . , - . . , - 1 , . . S . MASCOTS WANDA BYRD as 'map- GARY LONG REBECCA ANNE CRUMP "Lf you assure me that your intentions are honor- able ...... " F.H.A. 1,25 Student Council 15 Athletic Com- mittee 1,35 Class Vice President l, Secretary 2, Treasurer 35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Glee Club 2,35 Cheerleader 25 Social Committee 25 Marshall 35 Business Manager of Annual 45 Senior Play. MYRTLE MARIE DEATON "Though she be little, she is fierce." F.H.A. 1,25 4-H l5 Booster Club 35 Library Com- mittee 3,45 Clas s Secretary 45 Annual Staff 4, Miss Mount Gilead High School, 4. DONALD RANKIN DUNN "I shall laugh myself to death." F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Bus Driver 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play5 Booster Club 3. SHIRLEY ANNE DUNN "Whistle and I'll come to you." F.H.A. 1,25 4-H 15 Class Vice President l, Treasurer 25 Bo o s t e r Club 35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. JAMES CAROLL HAMILTON "It is possible that our race may be an accident.' F.F.A. 1,25 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Social Committee 35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. PATRICIA ANNE HAYWOOD "Never say more than is necessary." F.H.A. 1,25 4-H 15 Glee Club 15 Marshall 35 Class Treasurer 45 Library Committee Chair- man 45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. RONALD LEE HAYWOOD "Measures, not women, have always been my mark." Library Committee 1,25 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Class President 35 Student Council 35 Pr esident 45 Marshall 35 Class Te stator 45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. SENIORS GEORGE MARTIN HEARNE O boy! The times I have seen! " F.F.A.1,3, Treasurer 2, Vice President 45 Build- ing and Grounds Committee 15 Bus Driver 45 Annual Staff 4. DAVID MACK KIME "A g 0 o d many things go around in the dark be- sides Santa Claus." F.F.A. 1,25 Football 1,2,3, Captain 45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Glee Club 2,35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. SHIRLEY JEAN LEFLER "Consider that this day ne'er dawns again." F.H.A. 1,25 Clas S Secretary 1,35 President 25 Monogram Club 15 Cheerleader 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 45 Student Council 25 Glee Club 2, Treasurer 35 Marshall 35 Athletic Committee 35 Editor of Annual 45 Senior Play. MARGARET ROSE MCRAE "Look you, Iam most concerned in my own interest." F.H.A. 1,25 4-H 15 Basketball 1, Manager 25 Athletic Committee 45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. JERRY GUYTON MEACHAM "Here is another bead on the string of confusion." F.F.A. 1,25 Student Council 4, T r ea s u r e r 25 Building and Grounds Cornrnittee 25 G1 e e Club 2,3,45 Program Committee 35 Marshall 35 Class Vice President 3, President 45 Clas s Prophet 45 As s i stant Business Manager of Annual 45 Senior Play. MARGARET FRANCES PARSONS "Promise is most given when the least is said." F.H.A. 1,2,45 Annual Staff 4. NANCY CAROL ROBERTS "I don't care one straw." F.H.A. 1,25 4-H 15 Basketball 1, Manager 25 Booster Club 35 A.nnua1 Staff 45 Senior Play. SENIORS -17 'gs var? .--mi 511 Us.. 5--t. SENIORS VIRGINIA YVONNE SMITH "A man is always better than a book." F.H.A. 1,25 4-H 15 Basketball l,2,3,45 Social Committee 15 Athletic Committee 25 Gl e e Club 2,35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. BOBBY LEE SNEED "All is well that ends." F.F.A. 1,25 Bus Driver 3,45 Annual Staff 4. HERBERT EDWARD SPIVEY "What can't be cured, must be endured." Library Committee l5 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Build- ing and Grounds Committee 35 Marshall 35 Band 152,35 Program Committee Chairman 45 Class Poet 45 Assistant Editor of Annual 45 Senior Play. DONALD ALLEN THOMPSON "lt matters not how long you live, but how well." F.F.A. 1,2,3, President 45 Building and Grounds Committee 1,35 Program Committee 25 Baseball l,2,3,45 Class President 1, Vice President 25 Student Council Secretary 35 V i c e President 45 Chief Marshall 35 Class Historian 45 Bus Driver 45 Annual Staff. HAROLD LEE THOMPSON "People who make no noise are dangerous." F.F.A. l,2, Secretary 35 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basket- ball 2,3, Co-captain 45 Class Vice President 45 Annual Staff 4. DAVID BLALOCK TREECE "With the help of a surgeon, he might y et re- cover." F.F.A. 1,25 Basketball l,2,3, Co-captain 45 Base- ball 15 Football 45 Glee Club 35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. LILLIE MERITTA TUCKER "As merry as the day is long." F.H.A. 1,25 Cheerleader l5 Monogram Club 15 Glee Club 1,25 Basketball 2,3, Co-captain 45 4-H l,2, President 35 Office Staff 3,45 Booster Club 35Assistant Bus Driver 45 Treasurer Bus Driver Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. C?" 'S' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Billy Joe Russell - Vice President, Peggy Byrd Secretary, Virginia Haywood - Treasurer, Ann Myrick Sponsor, Mrs. O. W. Deaton Janice Allen Arnell Lee Bailey Irene Blake Alton Byrd JUNIORS Peggy Byrd Leo Byrd Billy Ray Culp Becky Deaton Clydene Dunn Ellen Jean Gardner Hazel Greene Virginia Haywood Patsy Hurley Ralph Reid Harris Patsy Ingold Elgie Johnson Billy Mask Bobby Mask Sylvia McRae 'G' QQ. 'Yu' li' i, JUNIORS Ann Myrick Joe Parnell Billy Joe Russell Eugene Russell Larry Safrit Barbara Smith Elizabeth Thompson Ralph Thomp 3 on Virginia Thornps on Branson Webb Bar din Whitehur st Louise Wilhoit Jerry Williams Margar et Williams an Alex Yarborough SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, .Io Ann Hartsell - Vice President, Joyce Richardson Secretary and Treasurer, Tommy Mask Sponsor, Mrs. Betty Miller -. ln ' Patricia Almond Charles Andrews 1 L' Betty Blake Joe Blake ts!! N1 - ' B A ' ' Patricia Burris 3 11 7.2 Q' i fx 'vga' .-xr 'Z' I Mickey Freeman Bobby Frix Carolyn Haithcock Benjy Harris Buddy Harris Jo Ann Hartsell Doris Hudson Buddy Lake Os ll SOPHOMORES Gene Burroughs Joyce Byrd Betty Crump Sandy Culp Billy Dunn Bill East Bette Easter Edna Evans l W. M. Lowery Shelby Martin Vernon McKinnon Stimpson McRae Tommy Mask Nancy Moore Y. M. Morrow Jerry Parnell ing- Q. 51' SOPHCMORES eq 'X 'Irv as Cecil Parsons Billie Ruth Pate Joyce Richardson 54" Jimmy Russell 2, " T. L. Russell Larry Thompson Yr' Sarah Tyson Hazel Wilhoit '35 ,N Y3! x ,I FRESHMEN Ralph Deaton Pete Dunn Wayne Dunn Homer Edwards Dick Eichelberger James Furr Floyd Greene Keith Haithcock Peggy Hamilton Bobby Harris Brenda Harris Carl Harris I lf A , ,,, , , - X y X " V 2 K 1 l f ki X3 i 2 xl Nannie Harris Wayne Harris Jerry Haywood Geraldine Herron L. C. Hoover Joyce Hurley Dickie Ingrarn Betty Jean Johnson S -' 3 as V. 121.23 Bobby Sedberry A. C. Spinks Charlotte Spinks Al Spivey Frank Staley Robbie Staley David Thompson Ralph Thompson I . ,L s Q .ly xi i A .5 ,L E j 8? ,,, 1 FRESHMEN Billy Johnson Jackie Jordan Steve Lane Jane Link Marie McRae Murphy McRae Suzanne McRae Judy Parker Phylis Parnell Grace Poe William Ridenhour Janie Rose .f,w:14Q' 'EV .5 , Wig, 1-X N if HALLOWEEN COURT KING AND QUEENS Bobby Sedberry Myrtle Deaton Barbara Smxth PRINCES PRINCESSES Donny Furr Saundra Ingold Johnny L1nk Thelma Jean Byrd M1chael Hamlet Dawn Parnell Aiifi 51359 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY On a Septemberrnorning in 1944 just twelve years lgo a large group Ofsomcwhat startled youngsters as scmbltd before Miss Margaret MeLeocl in the fi r st grade A tear may have trickled clown the faces of some while others a little bolder were eager to know what went on in side this classroom At any rate, the y were brought togethe r under thi direction of Miss Mclsc ocl lhus beginthe twelve years of school ac tivities for this graduating class of 1956 Unbelii vably soon tht y we underway in thei r second yea r of school with Miss Sally Ewing serv mg as teacher Then in rapid suc cession came the thi rd gride with Mrs I' B Braswell the fifth wih Mrs O M Scarborough indthe sixth with Mrs Ted rl ir Robcrts During thc seventh ye 1 r tht y were taught by Miss Margirct Kirk and Mrs Rfubf n Adkins Mr Reuben Adkins wis the ir tight grade teacher Thr highlight ofthe eight grade was a weiner rox'-.t at Norwood Like lha nn xt ye irbrouglxt them into th: ninth grade Ce rtai n now that thty were grown up thny set to work with gre at vigor With Don Thomp sun rf s 1 en Shir f Ann: Dunn il Jrl SICPH K llff 1 rm injo rious M r Rohn rt Wiugh xml Miss Jann MeMill1riwert Lliss sponsors Becky Crump wks urli l C June rn presm nt ltivx fro 1 l- rr slxrnin Cl iss A erthree montlisvicition L imc Sophomore clay s lha honor J ing., presi entvurt to Shir e lc r 1 Ft l to nompson S r to Bea Crump and l re ist Q r to Shir Anne Dunn Jerry Meacham was Student Council Treasurer The class sponsor was Miss Celia Brown Under the guidance of Mis s Brown the class helped sponsor the annual Halloween Carnival Magazines were also sold to help pay for their Washington tr 1p which the y were planning for their Junior year The last and greatest honor came to the Sophomores when at graduation they carried the traditional Daisy Chain Before they were quite ac customed tobeing Soph0mOr9S they found themselves in the Junior Class How important they felt' 'Those elected to fill offices were Ronald Haywood, President Jerry Meacham Vice president Shirley Lefler Secretary and Becky Crump Tre isurer Don Thompson was elected is secretary of the Student Council lhe class sponsor was Miss Brown During the year Christmas cards hose drinks, and candy t ballgameswere sold to make money for the Junior Senior Banquet Ihe banquet was given in April with Easter as its theme Aone week trip to Washington was the highlight of our Junior year ist t L y started into thx finaly: ir Offic ers who were chostn were Jerry Meacliam Presidnnt Harold Lee 'Thompson Vice presi Pit Haywood 'Ireasurtr Ronald Haywood and Don T h om p s on we rt Pre sident and Vice president of the Student Council respectively Dur ing this their Senior year they were entf rtiined it rn xny parties g1VLIl in their honor lhm y wt rt gr xtelul r the enjoyablz binquet given to them by the Junior Cl iss And now tht y gradu itc Class Historian Don Thompson L h ' 4 , D . . , . ' " A 41 i 1 D 2 , - . . , . I I -A' . 3 , 1 -re I 4 . ' ' j I . 1 ' I ' - . S . ' 2 - ' ' l '- i 2 I 2 , , , - at , ' 1 1 .. . . , , x'. 1 x T. V ,lc K I S 7 ' Y a ft , , ,I - At le' h " ': i ' 'ir . K ' 2 ' H , A -' '-5 . I , , - 1 3 , - 5 - E P ,-,il tp 'K . by U dentg Myrtle Duaton, Secretaryp and Vi"-I A. 'l tg :ini Sl' l'yl,,vf14-r, T 2 F ' 'Q S ' S Se' -tary-treasurer, they - ye-ci V 1 h . ' va' J activities. . t T' I Y A - Q Sl 'n "1 'il - , - . ' ' m It l h I V, 2 C , I f th- ' -, z 'z.'.', 1 ' D ' ' i O ft 1 2 Q ' af: .f . fd- "1 A ' ley ' 2 """"' Lf-, Vi'e-p :sirlvn Don 'l'l 5 , 'ec rs-ta y Sky I I ' ,' " sy ir - ' ' ley S ,,.u..f CLASS POEM MEMORIES OF GILEAD O fellow classmates, all too soon There comes the time, though oft unjust, When we, without fond backward looks, Must leave our teachers and our booksg And friends, whom meinory ne'er o'erlooks For graduate we must. We know that in our hearts will live The fondest mem'ries of these years-- The flagpole, where the gang all metg The lawn, each morning, dewy wetg These little things We'll not forget Though youth soon disappears. We'll also think of teachers who Would help us over high school's hills, Of fun we had on all our tripsg Of groups of friends, all making quipsg And, finally, of Conduct Slips. This, memory distills. And now, as faces forward turn To greet the task of life anew, We'll try to do our best to live As best we can, to life We'll give Our all. And this is positive ---- MOUNT GILEAD, HAIL TO YOU! Clas s Poet Ed Spivey wi. BEST PERSONALITY Meritta Tucker Jerry Meacham QUIETEST Margaret Parsons Harold Lee Thompson MOST DEPENDABLE Shirley Lefler Ronald Haywood efwyfa MOST POPULAR Shirley Lefler David Treece WITTIEST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Yvonne Smlth Pat Haywood Ed Spivey David Treece NEATEST Becky Crump George Hearne BEST L OOKING S . LAZIEST hlrley Lefler D 'd K' Margaret McRae aw lme George Hearne MOST STUDIOUS Pat Haywood Don Thompson 1' H 'P' BEST ALL ROUND Becky Crump Ronald Haywood 0 MOST ATHLETIC FRIENDLIEST Shirley Lefler Meritta Tucker Harold Lee Thompson Jerry Meacham 1 A BIGGEST FLLRTS Nancy Roberts David Treece LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT On th1S most solemn occasxon we are gathered together to hear the read1ng of thls tht last wlll and t e stam e nt of the Senxor Class ot' Cnlead H1gh School We the Senlor Class ofthe year one thou sand n1ne hundred ard f1fty s1x I'B1l171l"Lg as we read th1s that our txme IS short at thxs beloved IHSIILULIOH and hopuug that ou r twelv e yeirs have been prohtable do hc-rebx declart thxs to be our last w1ll and testament Item l Item Z Item 3 Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Sectlon I To Mr Shue our pr1nc1pal we leave our greatestadmxrauon and apprec1at1on for the gu1dance he has g1ven us through the years To the faculty N e lt ave our most slncere w1shes for therr happ1ness throughout l1fe To our sponsor M155 Brown we leave our deepest respect and apprec1at1on for her pat1ent work and gu1dance through out our h1gh school career Sectmon II hoplng they w1ll l1ve up to It To the 1nc om mng .Tumor Class we leave the wxsh that thexr last two years 1n I-hgh School w1ll be as enjoyable as ours To the xncomlng Sophom ore Class we leave our places Athlet1cs hoplng they w1ll do a good ob To the lncomxng Freshman Class we can only leave the hard shmps of be1ng a Freshman Sectlon III I Sh1rley Anne Dunn leave my quxet and shy ways to Clydene Dunn I .I1mmy Harrulton leave my ab 1l1ty to draw to anyone who w1ll f1I11Sh my ser1es of sketches 1n my chemlstry book I Sh1rleyI.,efler leave my crazy left handed basketballshot to anyone who can shoot lt I Jerry Meacham leave my wltty attltude to anyone who can control It I Nancy Roberts leave my lovc for blue 55 Fords to anyone lucky enough to capture one I, I , ly, 1 . I., V L ,I Y 1. 5 - X I -A I A I ' ', I L f I I . I I I Z . , , I- .I . - Item l: To the clas s. ofhfifty seven, we leave the name "Seniors", Z1 ' i W ' .I I ' ' 3: .I -. . .1 1 J - 4: D ' . ' , - 1: , . K' V . Z: , vl.. A ., I. I . 3: , ' , V " - " 4: , . , ' ' 5: , , 1 - ' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Item I Ed Spxvey leave my qulet ways and loose Jaw to Branson Webb Item I Ronald Haywood leave my spot on the pxtehers mound to Bobby Mask hoplng he can dodge lxne drlves better than I Item I Merltta Tucker leave my abllxty to score 51 polnts 1n one game to anyone as lucky as I Item I Dav1d Treece leave my football unlform and Charhe Hosses to Jack Jordan Item I Margaret McRae do not leave anythxng Ineed everythuxg I have Item I David K1me leave my football un1form to Wayne Dunn hopxng that 1t w11l be b1g enough Item I Pat Haywood leave my qulet studlous ways to Sarah Tyson Item I Harold Lee Thompson leave my Hawa11anWr1gg1er QKnuck1e Item I Margaret Parsons leave my quxet ways to E11zabethThomp son Item I George Hearne le ave my heavy foot to anyone who knows the curves Item I Yvonne Smlth leave my crazy walk to anyone who can per form such a feat Item I Bobby Sneed leave my Job of washlng M155 Brown s black boards to anyone Item I Donald Dunn leave my ab111ty to get a bucket of water thrown on my head 1D Washlngton to Ralph Re1d Harrxs Item I Don T h om p s on leave my Sen1or Engllsh Book to anyone who can understand mt Item I Myrtle Deaton leave my love for a certa1n Ellerbe boy to anyone who can take my place Item 21 I Becky Crump leave my typewrxter to a ny one Wlth nerve enough to try to learn to type In w1tne s s thereof we do hereby affxx our hand seal and stamp Slgned the twenty mnth day of May 1n the year one thousand nzne hundred and f1fty SIX Clas s Te stator Ronald Haywood 6: , ' , ' ' ' A 72 , ' , ' ' 8: I . , . . . . 93 , ' , ' " ' 'Y . 10: , , ' . X ' 111 , ' ' , ' , 12: , , ' , ' . 13: , , " ' Ballj, to anyone who can throw it. 14: , , ' ' - 15: , , 16: , ' , - 171 , , ' ' ' ' - 181 , , ' ' 192 , , ' ' 20: , , ' CLASS PROPHECY As I was walklng ln the woods one dark and sunny day A l1ttle man about tvso meet h1gh stepped out mto my way I looked at hlm I thought I recognlzed that crewcut and sm1l1ng face And then I knew 'twas Da 1d Treece who else could look that commonplace" He sa1d I ve been explor1ng 1n 'The Land of the Afr1can Anl hate found out somethlng sure Don't ever mess w1th a w1tch doctor man' He a1d Bobby Sneed hasn t graduated although he wlshes he could Mxss Brown ouldn t let h1m go because he washes the boards so good We s arted off on foot by George w1th ne1ther car nor sh1p Treece sa1d we'd v1s1t our old fr1end Don the Dean of the college at Chlp And after that we saw a ma 1 tn a sports car tearmg around Treece sa1d 'That s our good fr1end George the crazztest race drmver 1n town We aught a plane and found ourselves 1n Chxcago Ill1no1s And there Merltta the Cattle Queen was fl1rt1ng w1th all the cowboys She sa1d that she d seen Harold Lee who was r1d1ng the Texas Range QI-Ie xs now sell1ng I-Iotpomt stoves from baseball that's qu1te a change J Then we saw Margaret Rose and Yvonne who were strollmg the street Now they are models for pocket rnagazmes No f a1n't that just too sweet J Yvonne asked had we heard about Ed who was re wr1t1ng the Const1tut1on We hopped another plane to see Becky and Sh1rley who are l1v1ng 1D Hollywo We heard they are mov1e starlets now QQu1te w1ld we understoodll Prancmg down the street came Jlmmy I-I and though we are not boasters We must admlt he S an art1st now drawnxg mustaches on posters' We saw M rtle Nancy and Shlrley Ann wlth whom no others compare Thr y reahzed the1r fondest dreams and marrled a m1ll1ona1re Ihear lt s true about Ronald H whom no one s seen IH y'ars He really 1S a p1tch1ng star plays baseball now on Mars And Donald Dunn s at hxgh school st1ll and not ashamed of It S1nce he got that brand new bus he doesn't want to quxt Margaret Parsons the Qu1et One who was alwa a b1t shy Is a d1SC Jockey now on WCKY Pat Haywood who 1D our class wa voted most l1kely to succeed Is on the street corner sellxng penc1ls a true Success lndeed Punch' Klme who 1n our h1gh school days was the favorlte football hero Is stmll 1n college trylng to pass I-hs grades not less than zero You may wonder what I do 's not so very hard I'm a vagrant now a tramp a bum Have any clgarette butts to d1SC31'd7 Insanely yours Jerry Meacham Class Prophet Rates very cheap n ' ' 5 . I , . . , U . . . 3 Y 1-f' , ' - I ' H I ' ' ' I ! . 1 ' g - , . Q ' I ' s , . . , . I t . . . ' I J 7 , . 1 1 , S ' Y l ' ' ' ' YI , , - if J 5 , , , - . , . . , , . H . 5 , . I J ! V- I A . . . . 1 fYou guessed it, brother, he's now in a Mental I.nstitution.l A , ' ' ' od. . , . -, , , . , ' Y 1 , I 1 A S X . . U . . , . ' . I I . ., . . I . . . J 1 , ' , ys ' , 1 A 5 4 1 H V . , . I . . Y 1 I i "' u . -------- It . --- I I ----- - h . , I . SNAPSHOTS in K3 AVF fs. T .Aw SNAPSHOTS .29 f""'fr"x 5.1! F' .,, :Wi In-y 'HB ,G 'V+ 2 x- , L J ,V,A. Q N H ' Q if X.-. - ., --if I I I r ' ,X 5 I ,V L A ' A L , L!'f"',. gi , 5 tx . I ' ' , xv M A, 1 ' 4 -3 V V 1 t - A I r V V QQ ' 1 - V A. gs 4 F , 3 V , . ., qi," lit - ' X X k L , ' Md W 1 1 JJ , If ,ER ' A - in K . 5 - wi g , ,L 1 Q H ' A . .A . 3 I ji 56 v v I-19 . f i I 1 s , I , , S V , V ' w I lr 1 M wx X i ,wg V ,W t 4 N. f '11 ' . f ' 1, , if I -J , 3 l ,Q w Z ff . X ' 1 I N K STUDENT COUNCIL Pres1dent Ronald Haywood V1ce Pres1d6-nt Don Thompson Secretary .Patsy lngold Treasurer J1mmy Russell CLASS REPRESENTATIVES . . . . Jerry Meacham . . . Billy Joe Russell . . . . Jo Ann Hartsell . . . . Bobby Sedberry .,--I ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . . . Shirley Lefler Assistant ....... .,., E d Spivey Business Manager . . . . . Becky Crump Assistant ....... . . Jerry Meacham Typing Editor .......... Margaret McRae Assistants . . ............ Yvonne Smith Pat Haywood, Myrtle Deaton Meritta Tucker, Nancy Roberts Shirley Anne Dunn SHIRLEY LEFLER BECKY CRUMP General Staff ............. David Treece David Kirne, Margaret Parsons Jimmy Hamilton, George Hearne Bobby Sneed, Donald Dunn Ronald Haywood, Harold Thompson Don Thompson Faculty Advisor . . . . .Mr. I. B. Shive 3 ,, it fi, in F.H.A. 0 guru, Nfw OFFICERS Pres1dent Peggy Byrd V1ce Presxdent Patsy Hurley Secretary .To Ann Hartsell Treasurer Clydene Dunn img-nm Reporter Irene Blake Advlsor M1ss Jane McM111an FFA 222 -in Hairy-EL "-5" 5 OFFICERS Q9,,.1,. ,H WV Pres1dent Don Thompson V1ce Prf.s1dent George Hearne Secretary B11ly Ray Culp Treasurer B111y Joe Russell A F Reporter, Jxmmy Russell Sentmel Larry Thompson A Adv1sor Decatur Jone s D Ocu A .,- 1 Q Q . f 2 N 1 4, i x' 3 Q A KL V . -. F , R. a 4 A 9 -4 -gf , " K 1 t K ' A . ' ' s I ' ' I A 1 n - 5 .X 1 X 1 Y A ' ' -' . in - 'boy' 0,1 - . . Q I ' 1 oe xoe I U , ' D ,Ad 1 ' " wif M W l R 1, so r I a R' f 2 me my f Y , 5 - .. 5 xi Q I ,li K A ,f , btfozew+e21fz,flfi - . ' EE' w . y r ' 1 .ph -i .CW 5 n ii 5 . f r , .5 I . ,V W 5 Fr 1 , , H A ' ,, W 5' ,Aim DS 3, ' il' S .' "- . ' 1' I u. ' 1 L1 LIBRARY COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE PROGRAM COMMITTEE ATHLETIC COMMITTEE PLEASE KEEP OFFICE STAFF BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE CHEERLEADERS Joyce Byrd Jerry Parnell Alex Yarborough BUS DRIVERS Bobby Frix, Chiefg Ann Myrick, Ellen Gardner, Patricia Burris GLEE CLUB ii L 3 CHA gD BAND STUDENTS X vii -- 'rg vw 553 17 vw! W BASEBALL TEAM Coach Fortenberry Under the skxllful coachlng of Mr Charles Fortenberry the baseball team of 1955 won the Montgomery County Champ1onsh1p and were r u n n e r s up for the Dlstrlct Cha np1onsh1p -3.xf,, f-N Y FOOTBALL TEAM QS Davld KIITXE Captam Buddy Lake Wayne Dunn Managers - , A , f. +- . ,-. ' , A , ' ' V alxiwi -' "Vw" ' A-v-'-' , .'1'-fr'a'- '- nfl--"f ew' ,. .,, ' levgifif-V " fy r--- 1 ,, -- ,K .XT-f'Jf' Af"'ff3"7f'f'W'J'?4.af21+, f 'af V'-1' M ' -L N 1 ffg: -,' ' - -- V '- , ,, .. ,, A b A , , f N J' A ' A V- f- 4 Hifi ,. '- , ' -ru . L HI , - , I " f : 7 f ', X x x ,, , A . t . . 1 S V , BASKETBALL Curls Team Sh1r1eyLef1er Capta1n Mer1ttaTuf.,ker Co captz-un MR. CHARLES FORTENBERRY, Coach Boys Team Co captams Dav1d Treece Harold Lee Thompson SNAPSHOTS I .iii SNAPSHOTS 3...-J ----J U A... v f-'F-4 G -J -7-1 I xl! livin-A Irie, T- 'T wa vi-. ix Xl 453: a II AW .sniff ,GJ 4 1' 'RK 'F Q' Wx -nv' f 432' f bf' J , M ' f 0 . X 'A ' N x 0 'fp 35 M, F 2 4 , ,w K ' x , if 4 5 V ' V "' Q, ,A , V Y ' -- , .-....--: 55,-, ,, ya .Q -J--- ' J "-"V f ' I ' .- ' x u- A , ,Qs -QL 1 I v L 1 A i J.. - AH 35" -N . 4 f f V , Q , f" - -.J 4, I Y 1 . .Y .,-- . , , J -' .J A Q L J V ' I Q ' gf F ,. A f ...... - . 2 W 5 . - -- .1 nf ' .Y , 2 4. K . E ' K f L- ,,-' 2 V ', 5 hifi , ' 7 3. A -Y- , J' x rl, Kwmz ,R f ' ' 'TBP ' I ' Y ' t Q' K ' A 'S g .W 0 I 1 in , 7 A , . w-.f - 1 .f , 5 ' -f f W I . 1 , NX, A X fb ' - qs 'Q -- 1 J ' . A is - N V, ' A' Q f ' .X , - R, l - W .-W f 1' H t N' .. gig, vi 5: as nf A 13 ' - . PJ ' ' "'-1 in W b. 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Food Servxce Equ1pment Co GREENMONT EQUIPMENT Ralelgh North Carollna STANLEY HARDWARE D1str1butors for McGregor Spaldlng and Rlddell Sports Equ1pment Albemarle North Carolma L v' 1 . ' U ' ' Fertilizer--Feed . . ' i ' 7 1 I 1904 1956 THE BAN UNT GILE D MOUNT GILEAD NORTH CAROLINA We offer a complete Commerclal Banklng SQTVICC Real Estate Loans lndustrlal Loans L1V8StOCk Loans Installment Loans Compliments f MONTGOMERY DAIRY Your local d1str1butor Branson Haywood O TCO ERY D IRY PRODUCT , NC Troy North Carolma Agricultural Loans Commercial Loans ' o I GILMONT THEATRE W1de Curved Screen C1nemaScope Year round comfort Y our famlly theatre Gllead North Carollna Compliments of JIM SMITH S SERVICE STATION Shell Gas 81 011 Pekln North Car ollna HARRIS CHEVROLET COMPANY ..a fCHEVROLET! Sales SGTVICE Telephone 2521 Troy North Car ohna Compliments of MT GILEAD FURNITURE CO Radlos App lances and Jewelry Mt Gllead North Carolma SHELL SERVICE CENTER .Tame s M18 enhelmer Corner N C I-hghways 73 and 109 Mt. Gllead, North Carolma NEHI BEVERAGE CO INC U KQSIIIIQ NEW QYALCROW Q' com 0 Albemarle, North Carohna . I , I Mt. I , I I 1 I u - f -I l -L I , ,H II ' ' . 7 . , - I I . , . . 4, 'H A C f Q 2 ffl X we ' I- I . - I f 2 . ' l I -' If - H. ,, on . U I n. X. nf I-uv. nf.: CR E BRUTHER Quallty Home s Deslgned for Llvmg Reasonable Pr1ces F H A and V A Loans Telephone Mt Gllead 3136 Wadevllle North Carollna BELK CLINE COMPANY Clothlng for the ent1re farrnly Mount G1lead North Car olma Get the Best Get Sealtest Complvments of DAIRY PRODUCTS JACK WINIFRES Wadesboro North Carolma OUR FRIENDS McRae Motor Company Sk1nner's Garage Florence F1Sh 8: Oyster Co Inc Lowder Hardware Co fAlbemarlej Ha1thcoc:k Barber Shop George A Hormel Co QCharlotteQ Dav1d Harms , . ' "P t I . 'g' Y V f . f, Q , - Il ' ., . I IJIMUQGI COMP I CURPOR TED Glnners Buyer s Fertrlmer Dealers Andrews Bonded Warehouse Phone ZO01 2011 Mount Cnlead North Carollna JURDAM 1MBER A D IWWAfCO A Manufacturer Wholesale Retall Hotpolnt Appllances Phone Offlce 2011 Store 4511 Nlght 3411 Mount G11ead North Carollna Complumenfs f J B GREENE GROCERY Mount Culead North Carol na Compliments f UPHOLSTERY Er REPAIR SHOP Rayrnond Haywood Owner Route 1 'viount Cultad North Caro lna CONCRAIULATIONS to the CLASS O STANDARD DRUG COMPANY 'l roy North Cdrollua Compllmenfs f TROY FURNITURE COMPANY l1'Uy North Carohna FRUTCHEY S GROCERY Lxrocerles Gas and O11 Mount Cfllead North Carolma 'X llx ' o ' o L ,. J, 1. E EEEEE E W W-fE7EmE E QYQQ ' o Colnplt-tc Horne Furnishings 'l'I IIC MC ENT! li J. IICKY I Il'1ll.XI,l J Stfi'1'!1,.j ,Uwf1fIgw,'1f ilk' flfzzwffbx' 'A 'UY. NUIQTII 1'.XlQlH,IN.X LOWDER S JEWELRY F1ne D1amonds Bulova 8: Elgm Watches Mt Gllead, North Carol1na Guarantee y Good House eeptng m There s Good Health an These Lrquld luxurles EXTON s gcntlc squccze method almost coaxes the jutccs from sun rrpcncd plump oranges tomatoes and grapefrurt Only the true ncctar of thcscvrtamm rrch frurtsfrndsttswaytoyourtable There are ftftcen famous Sexton Jutces all equally prquant and vsholcsome John Sexlon 8- Co Sexton Square Chlcugo Ill. Orange Julce Grapefru1t Ju1ce Tomato JUICE Quahty Foods For the best ln Bread Buy MARY JANE Baked by THE ALBEMARLE BAKERY Albemarle, North Carohna DAVID WILDERS Grocery and Bus Stat1on Texaco Gasolme Ice Cream Drlnks Phone 3621 Mt. Gllead, North Carol1na 1 . . L- ' B, 5 A t iff xfgli, . r' f N , Q l , L.-t-'Hqgw--., S' dbx M . ,, , "Hum-nm W I . . . . . . - - -I 1 ' 1 . 1 Compliments of G A HAYWOOD GROCERY Esso Gas and O11 Ch1p North Carollna STILL OIL COMPANY D1str1butors or C1t1es Serx Petroleurr Products Wholesale and Reta1l Phone 340 East Mam Street Albemarle lNorth Carolma 6 RHEW S DRESS SHOP Rhew s quallty remalns long after the prl e lS forgotten Compliments f CREST STORES Best Vhshes From PI EY S GROCERY Mount Gllead North Carolma . . . . . , , Vic I ' 0 .l ' ' Mt. Gilead, North Carolina Mt. Gilead, North Carolina A E Wx o NX? Pg C, XS 'W W YG: M N. 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I ,M,o I l I 1 . I ,Av I Compliments of MOUNT GILEAD FIORIST Phone 3501 Mount Gilead North Carolina Compliments f MYRICK 8. MYRICK Wholesale Frult and Produce Ellerbe North Carollna Best of Everyth1ng to the CLASS of 56 ABERDEEN PACKING CO. Sandhlll Brand Meat Products Aberdeen North Carohna CITY DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Who Serves Best Mount Chlead Phone 3841 North Carohna ' o I "He Profits Most II STANBAC C Home of the Nat1on's FaVOI1tC for Headache Rehef STAN BACK HSHVN W3 Q f G Z nunacnz ,X 9 mm Q Born of the 1deas of a Mount Crllead natlve Stanback 1S natlonally accepted for use for the re11ef of headache neuralgla and tlred sore achmg muscles due to colds neur1t1s lumbago and 11ke a11 ments Th slogan SNAP BACK WITH S ANBACK IS a by word ln the Amerlcan home today ANDB CK COMPANY LTD Sallsbury North Carolma F1ne Clas s R1ngs Announcements Yearbooks Awards JOSTEN'S Slnce 1897 Repre sentauve L.C. Ch11es 611 Colonlal Drlve Hlgh Polnt, N.C. Compliments f OUR FRIENDS STOKES FURNITURE CO fA1bemar1ej ELLIS M STONE QA1bemarle1 RITCHIE AUTO PARTS CTIOYD TROY ICE 8: COAL CO Compllmenis of OUR FRIENDS WALLACE at SMITHERMAN, INC. qTRoYy MR.8z MRS. ALBERT CRANFORD QTROY3 JET LISKE or-uEE1N's FLORIST QTROYD 1 L A ' Ck' Q wr Lk, ..-3921 2' ,u1f,...3 i x . I 1 1 1 1 ' o ll 'T' rv ' - . .. .. . . . . 0 . . . . I HELPING 'ro BUILD 6 an I TI-IROUGI-I1 Agmculturol Development Commonuty Improvement Industrfol Exponslon CAROLINA POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY Complimenfs of OUR FRIENDS F. PARNELL GROCERY CLA UDE GRAY MILLIKAN SAUSAGE SALESMAN MAXWELL BROTHERS IAlbemar1eI DUN RITE LAUNDRY Sz CLEANERS IA1bemarleI REXALL DRUG CO IA1bemarleI MIDWAY GRILL EFLRD S DEPT STORE IA1bemarleI HUBERT HARRIS RUTH MCRAE F B BRANDENBURG Compliment of MOUNT GILEAD INSURANCE AGENCY J E Dawkms Manager General Insurance Phone 2.651 Mt Gllead North Carolma PEOPLE S MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION It pays to save the Bu11d1ng and Loan way Y ou may open a savmgs ac count for that futur e home for llttle as 1 OO per month thls commun1ty for 40 year Phone 2.651 Presldent Lee Johnson V1ce Pres R B Jordan Jr Sec 81 Tres J E Dawkms Mt Gllead North Carollna ' . ' . I o ' ' .. I I I I ' s as ' . S . . We have been serving the people of - ' ' s. ' .: . . , . Meet Your Frltnds At STRIDER S GRIll D1nners Sandwlche Curb Serv1ce Phone 3361 ount Gllead North Carolma BATTEN S SERVICE STATION Oldsmoblle 1 Sales Servlce Phone 2631 Mount Cnlead North Carollna PIEDMO T GROCERY ARKET Dellvery Servlce Phone 2441 Mount Gllead North Carohna I 1 A I S 1 r M ' ' ! 1 3 I 1 Unifza rrze fn ss owned and operated by PREMO fr KING INC PRINTERS 3 Old Courthouse Square Troy North Carollna ALLEN FARM EQUIPMENT CO MASSEY HARRIS Equlpment Rockmgham North Carolma HAYWOOD MOTOR COMPANY Dealers 1n FORD Cars and Trucks Parts and Repalrs Mt G1lead North Carollna Compllmenls f BOB SWAN Dealers 1n Plne and Gum Pulpwood Albemarle North Carolma BARNA ALLEN HARDWARE CO Apphances Sportlng Goods Bulldmg Supplles Old Courthouse Square Troy, North Carollna LEFLERS PLACE Stop Wlth Sandy and Kate for Sandwlches P1t Cooked Barbecue GTOC6I1eS Gas and O11 Junctmon Hlghway 73 27 Mt. G1lead, North Caro11na 1 1 4, I - , 1 : O . , , 1 compnmenfs of BISCOE COCA-C0lA BOTTLING C0.,INC. Biscoe North Carolina. COCHRANE RIDENHOUR DRUG C0 Mount Gilead North Carolina Compliments of HARDISTERS GROCERY General Merchandise Highway 73 Mt Gilead North Carolina Compllmenls of BILL PHILLIPS BUICK CO fxhii Q' fx' When better automobiles are built BUICK will build them Albemarle North Carolina LEFLER FURNITURE COMPANY Furnlture Dealers and Funeral Dlrectors Phone ll7 Ambulance 97 Albemarle North Car olma Complrmenfs of TROY LUMBER COMPANY Troy North Carol1na NEWSOM S JEWELRY S1lverware Chma Crystal R1ngs Watches and g1ftS for all occaslons Troy North Carohna Complrmenfs of ROBERT S GROCERY Hlghway 109 Mt Gllead North Carollna STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY A complete lme of school supplles 175 N Zncl Street Albemarle North Carolma Merchants and Farmers US Royal Tlres Esso Gaeolme Motor O11 Route l Phone 3192 Mt Crllead North Carollna MORGAN MOTOR COMPANY 304 E Mam St Phones Offlce 1057 Repalr and Parts Department 553 Z4 Hour Wrecker Servlce .Toe Parker Local Salesman Albemarle North Carolma Compliments of ARCHERS BARBECUE Albemarle North Carohna I I ' I I I l . I ' I I T. B. MATHESON rf sow I I 7 . TROY AUTO. INC Ford MSICLITY A l Used Cars gl Trucks Telephone New Cars 4141 Used Cars 6271 Troy North Carolmna RUSSELL HARVEllE HOSIERY MIllS Manufacturers of Infants Chlldrens and Mlsses Anklets Telephone 4021 Mount Cnlead North Carohna HERFF JONES CO. INC IVXANTUFACTURING .TEWELERS AND S1ATlONERS 1407 1419 North Cap1to1 Avenue lnchanapolls E L Hedrlck Taylorswme North Carolmna I o I v ' v ' 1 u 0 r-4 1 , . CONLIRAIULATION 5 TO IHF Cl xss FROM A FRIEND Complrmenfs f ROBINSON S GROCERY 'vlo 1tL1le1d 'NU 11 Cf'lI'Ll.1I GULF OIL PRODUCTS H R Holt Dlstmbutor rlffiy 'Nor'h C1101 xv. CUNVIKA ILLHIJQNS SF NLQJXQ FWN C I OTHI Clothmg Shoeb Hats anal-urn bh 1, PwfoQ15OU' 1 MOkl1lIC11L3fl Nurflm Calfllll 'I "' " " ,, MLC. 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Suggestions in the Mount Gilead High School - Vocalit Yearbook collection:

Mount Gilead High School - Vocalit Yearbook online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 57

1956, pg 57

Mount Gilead High School - Vocalit Yearbook online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 46

1956, pg 46

Mount Gilead High School - Vocalit Yearbook online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 8

1956, pg 8

Mount Gilead High School - Vocalit Yearbook online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 39

1956, pg 39

Mount Gilead High School - Vocalit Yearbook online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 34

1956, pg 34

Mount Gilead High School - Vocalit Yearbook online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 57

1956, pg 57

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