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llllIlll IIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIII lllIllll lE5llllll IISFIIIIII Ilirllllll IIESIIIII lliilllll lllIllll IIIIIIII IIIIIIII llllllIl A l Mount Gilead High School Mount Gilead, Ohio I Volume 70 X Table Of Contents Administration 8. Faculty ,........... St dent Lif u e ...................... Special Events ....,.....,......... e :cs ......................... Organizations . . . . . . . . 3 12 23 Classes. . Athl t' 60 . . . . . . . 78 Junior High 8. Elementary . . ....... 90 Advertising ..................... 120 1 IIlllllllllIll lllllllllllIll llllllllllllll llllllllllllIl IIIIIIIIIIIIII ll li lllllllltll- liilil llllk Illll MF! i'llll llllllililllll im YL tl WW If . Xvxxx Sl Irina. xg sg! 0,0 Q Q if y Q " ' At the annual year-end faculty luncheon, two retiring school employees were honored. Cook Vernie Richards was completing 13 years of service and first grade teacher Anna Mary Cronenwett was completing 29 years of teaching. Pictured are Board President Richard T. Myers, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Cronenwett, and Superin- tendent Robert Whitman. P ' ' Board Of Education T5 X Ta" MOUNT GILEAD BOARD OF EDUCATION: Front Row:Jane Griffith - Member, Beverly Taylor - Member. Back Row: Robert Willeke - Vice President, Richard T. Myers - President, Gary Kincade - Member. W I ' , ,R Board president Richard Myers and Edison Principal Stephanie Roarty put the finishing touches on sweet rolls for the school ad- ministration's breakfast to honor the faculty. After serving on the Mount Gilead Board of Education for 19 years, Don Bachelder resigned following open-heart surgery. During this time he served the board as presi- dent, vice president, and member of the Tri-Rivers Joint Vocational School board for 18 years. Mr. Bachelder has served as president of the Tri-Rivers board since 1973. Gary Kincade replaces Mr. Bachelder on the Mount Gile- ad board. DR. ROBERT WHITMAN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Z PEARL IRWIN TREASURER OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION W I NANCY SHORT CURRICULUM COORDINATOR GRACE SHAFFER - ASSISTANT SECRETARY TO THE SUPERIN- TENDENT, GENEVIEVE EVANS - SECRTARY TO THE SUPERIN- TENDENT, ROXANNA FRY - HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITY FUND AND PAYROLL ACCOUNTANT Administrative Staff 'G -may WW I gg 1" H 25' Z.. 1:55 ,f J I CORA UNCAPHER PAUL PENDLETON SECRETARY TO THE PRINCIPAL HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL fav I A4 , . M Qgwvf ' ' in I f ' 'I X VIRGIL STALEY CHERYL RUPP DONNA SHIRK ATTENDANCE OFFICER ATTENDANCE RECORDER ASSISTANT SECRETARY TO THE 6 PRINCIPAL C ...W Mug Q gs "' , W., ..- -1......,,, ga Rx Guidance And Special Education yi X.. QW I I "i' 1 'ii LARRY FURNISS 'Y " si ' 'I Am"Mi"" GUIDANCE COUNSELOR i,,.,, IW W., , VIRGINIA MEYER GUIDANCE COUNSELOR r 1 I Q: 5 'f f , , H13 I I ff I 1' - M' I KX L fig gf' f,f 'WIA ,c,, 2. ,,,, JOANNE HILL SPEECH 81 HEARING SPECIALIST LESTER POAST DEVELOPMENTAL HANDICAPPED Librarian Ilene Stambaugh gets one of the EMC's daily newspa- pers ready for display. Senora Debra Clauss keeps the Spanish department on the move. She teaches Spanish I, Il, Ill, and IV. 2 ,g.,n-nl0ll"""" From the smiles on their faces it must be Friday. Suzanne Beck teaches Bookkeeping and General Business, and Nancy Ken- nedy CStandingJ teaches Typing and Shorthand. l The Math department consists of Chris Kubbs, Virgil Staley, and Larry Krapp. Mr, Kubbs teaches Business Math, Algebra ll, and Computer. Mr. Staley teaches Pre-Algebra and Algebra I, Mr. Krapp teaches Geometry and Advanced Math. After presenting a program to the high school student body, Shakespeare poses with English teachers Mary Johnson, Cheryl Trivisonno, Cindy Fidler, and Janet Ellis. Social studies teachers John Quinn and Jim Miller review books before selecting a new American History textbook. Mr. Miller also teaches French. Heidi Hull fLeftJ demonstrates Papier-Mache at the Festival of the Arts while art teacher Robin Brucker looks on. . Band director Bob Lust mixes sounds for the Music Booster's Ice Cream Social concert in the gym. Biology and Anatomy teacher Ron Thill and Chemistry and Physics teacher John Games are the high school Science Department. www? 1 ,.,..w-nuww f w Vocal music teacher Bruce Histed not only directs, but often accompanies the Choir and Show Choir. Making an after-school memo in the office Cand loving every minute of itJ is Vocational Agriculture teacher Roger Beck. Health and Phy. Ed. teacher Jill Montrose posts grades on cards at the end of the quarter. Athletic Director Dan Swaggerty and Phy. Ed. teacher Olen Jackson read some good news. f'f3 Industrial Arts teachers Bill Schindley and Merrill Brucker stand proudly before the IAC Showcase of Awards. fag? was Forrest Byron prepares a test for his DECA I and Il students. , .fa vf p 1 A K Teacher of Family Living and Home Economics I and ll, Mi- chelle Paolucci helps Sonja Coburn with a difficult sewing project. Mount Gilead School Classified Staff 1 -4' iw www ' 5' ffm' iii:-.ti Y mv 'r George Schiff, maintenance supervisor, takes a break from mowing the campus grounds. land. and SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS: Bottom Row: Mechanic Ron Coleman, Bus Supervi- sor Jerry Shipman, Mary Feld, Ray Byrd, Linda Streib. Top Row:Janet Davis, Kathy Claffey, Cherie Shipman, Janet Mullins. Drivers Not Pictured: Barb Troyer, Mary Ann Rizor, Roberta Hall. High school custodians are Dorothy Emmons, Audrey Suther- Dan Long. Grover Geyer is maintenance man and grounds- keeper at the high school. Left: FOOD SERVICE PERSONNEL: Vernie Richards, Virginia Shipman, l i Becky Higgins, Lois Robinson, Mary y Williams, Sara Wright. Personnel Not f Pictured: Cafeteria Manager Barbara 5 Brown, Lucille Trumbo, Virginia Ba- chelder, Mary Jane George, Ward Shade. llllllllllll llllllllIlllll llllllllllllll llllllllllllll llllIlllllllIl lllllIllllllll llllllllllllll IIIEIH IW : crowd awaits the Indians arrival on the field I l - - Alicia Ault and Kelly Smith hold the "Spirit Tepee" as the l - Bloodmobile M we. in N Everyone loves a cheerful giver. Tom Gompf adds his pint. K Veteran donor Jim Miller works on his eighth gallon. Makes Visit To High School Each year Mount Gilead competes with the county schools in the Red Cross' high school blood drive. F.M.A. advisor, Mrs. Virginia Meyer, re- cruits students not only to give blood, but also to help Red Cross person- nel register donors, to act as hostesses at the canteen, and to generally offer help where needed. In a valiant effort to win back the Red Cross trophy, 64 students and faculty members donated 58 pints of blood on February 22nd. Although the rotating trophy given to the county school that donated the most blood was lost, everyone should be commended for his effort. 'U-., t Nancy Whitman, Melissa Hart, Michele Palmer, and Mindy McChesney have a snack after donating. Above: A nurse pierces Elizabeth Roach's ear in the routine health check before giving blood. Right Above: Even a needle can't wipe the smile off Jodi Farris' face. Left: Melissa Collins and Angela Jackson place donated blood in insulated chests. Right: First-time donor Linda Lord relaxes . with a good book. A E31 24 Y! 555' W -s ,j mf gh fi JW J f 'L fm ,ff I MW, ,. . ,V iii? 'K In The Classroom f' M 1 w Q4 fl Lu 5 Q X , .. M... "A,--r On The Field . . . . ff! Q U flew: xf,......,M,, iffgiaga , 1 16 - 5 On The Floor Student Recognition At the awards assembly, Eric Bush and Don Jackson receive pins for serving as State President and Reporter for IAC. At DECA's annual banquet, advisor Forrest Byron announces that Dennis Geyer and DECA president and Queen Deena Maddy are Mount GiIead's Outstanding DECA Students for 1985. ' .. V' 'V ?:'f-WWW, Mf t' , pl ' Q ' K .' , 'K " A as V1 "2 4. l 1 " .,. , " ,ff F eiffff Y. , , , , ul-jfygrfk, saga. I Q uf - A -' .. H - , . wilt., , ,V . 1 ' , , ,I AV . . ., J . Zyl , , . f , .W f . , rw ,-V 6 - f 3 we mf ,af I , f 3: -ww A 4, " ,N A .-F, , ' , Above: Senior choir members recognized at the music awards banquet are Matt Beltz, Jodi Farris, Tammy Redmon, Tricia McHugh, and Nancy Whitman. Right: Seniors CSeatedJ Melissa Hart, Heidi Hull, Jodi Farris, Donna White, Deb McAvoy, CStandingJ Lisa Bishop, David Grif- fey, Melissa Maslar, Dennis Geyer, Krista Fix, and Rod Benson display their awards for work in the band. 5 Sw Melody Fletcher poses with the trophy she received for third place in the DECA State Marketing Test. for SCHOLARSHIP TEAM: Front Row: Melissa Hines, Candee Harden, Matt Bartholomew, Kristin Fidler, Audrey Troyer, Lisa Crawford, Melissa Maslar. Row 2: Luke Taylor, Merrily Jackson, Alena Miller, Stephanie Shepard, Krista Fix, Michelle Cotton, Shanna Levering, Lisa Edwards, Lee Benton, Stacy Drake, Roni Rosenberger. Back Row: Todd Decker, Mike Kirk, Mark Peters, Randi McQuistion, Eric Bush, Joel Seckel, Melinda Cardwell, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jeff Miley, Dan Swihart. Several Mount Gilead students ranked high on the State Scholastic Scholarship tests. In state ranking, Kristin Fidler was 3nd in French I, Michelle Cotton - 15th in English 11, Melissa Maslar - HM in English 12, and Lisa Crawford - HM in Ad- vanced Math. In the district, Mark Peters was 11th in Geometry, Me- lanie Marshman - 14th in English 9, Lee Benton - 11th in English 10, Candee Harden - 10th in Spanish l, Kristin Fidler - 2nd in French l, Mi- chelle Cotton - 5th in English 11, Lisa Crawford - 6th in Advanced Math, Melissa Maslar - 8th in En- glish 12, and Roni Rosenberger - 10th in English 12. After winning Rounds 1 and 2 of the State Mock Trial Competi- tion, Mount Gilead's was defeated in Round 3 in Columbus. Team members Deena Maddy, Melissa Maslar, Nancy Whit- man, Monty LaRue, and Matt Bartholomew plan strategy for their next trial. Other team members not pictured are Renee Corral, John Harbaugh, and Tammy Redmon. John Quinn was the team's advisor and legal advise was providied by attorneys Link and Donald Wick. Above: Mount Gilead's Flag Corps had five members chosen to perform with the All- American Flag Corps at the Hula Bowl in Hawaii. Pictured before one of their perfor- mances in Hawaii are CSeatedJ Angie Fur- niss, Angie Levings, CStandingD Connie Davis, Deb Burgandine, and Sheri Hall Left: 1985 WINTER HOMECOMING COURT: Front Row: Senior Attendant Valorie McAvoy, Queen Renee Corral, Senior Attendant Michele Palmer. Back Row: Junior Attendant Shelly Machesky, Sophomore Attendant Lee Benton, Freshman Attendant Meegan Levering. Men's Glee Club it's not! Show us feet! Above: "Government did this to me." Right: "Any Requests?" "Showing Off" "I think I've hurt something." "Hey Mark! Where'd the ball go? "Having Fun" 'if' The "APEs" know the score. Spanish III presents "EI Hechicero de Oz." fTheir own version of "The Wizard of Oz"j "V-I-C-I-O-U-S! Yes, we're vicious?" Twister" enhances the educational process. -l Above: "One More Time!" Left: Seniors having "fun" after "decorating" the school. Fun And Games Seniors did this?? My horse won't get a move on. A winning throw??? "What! 2 feet, 5 inches." A . If at first you don't succeed, make a face at it! "See, I told you I wouldn't stick you." W iryy i c y y i i llllllllIlllll llllllllllllIl lllllllll Illl Ill Ullplh "Ll!lf.I-I-l' After receiving their diplomas at Commencement graduatung seniors - - follow tradntron by throwmg then' caps unto the an' Y 2 5 - A K VN W i ' U lf.-.4 V fi , if 5 e K G A 'iv 5 , ' . 0 ENE? e- me V WE I I I I I I I I I Senior Class After many hours of anticipation, this year's commencement exercises were -" held on the football field after inclem- ent weather in the morning. 95 mem- bers of the class were awarded diplomas during the ceremony which featured the traditional valedictorian and salutatorian addresses. Special music was presented by members of the graduating class. A senior girls' en- semble of Pam Bedwell, Sherri Burns, Jodi Farris, Susan Hunt, Tammy Red- mon, Cindy Reed, Tricia McHugh, and Nancy Whitman sang "You'll Never Walk Alone." -1 Q' Front Row: Tracy Doran, Lisa Bishop, Tracy Schindley, Tricia McHugh, Dawn Troyer, Pam Bedwell, Kathy Green. Row 2: Vicky Whitman, Renee Corral, Mindy McChesney, Valorie McAvoy, Michele Palmer, Nancy Whitman, Colleen McGinnis. Row 3: Melissa Maslar, Cindy Curl, Kim Wolford, Heidi Hull, Susan Hunt, Deena Maddy, Beth Webb. Row 4: Tammy Morgan, Melissa Collins, Kelley Snyder, Lisa Snyder, Cindy Morrison, ,p Y 7 6 ' Z' V w ' Y , Sharon Shoaf Robinson, Cathy Knechtly. M l ,Q i f T 1 y 3 Row 5: Steve Richardson, Eric Bush, Tom J fi 7 ff' 'Mai W, , . A fm . .5 2 Gompf, Mike Walter, Joey Jones, Jamie , . ., ffl Fisher, Kelly Fitzpatrick. Row 6.-Mike cas- Q .J Q 1 W 'W L if tle, Scott Orcena, Rob Benson, Mike Bush, - A y ' ,ff ' 'i Mark Wiseman, Shawn Murphy, Joe Ballard, A f . A gt Qi: I f Matthew Beltz. Back Row: Kelly Buchanan . K 4 Y , v , , Chris Anthony, Dean Mosier, Philip Gra- T 'T ' ' " ham, Dan Swihart, Jeff Miley, Monty LaRue. liifi, E I 5 VALEDICTORIAN VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN MELISSA MASLAR KRISTA FIX JEFF MILEY all 'Q G if f J i it 3 , ' f LX' I ,V.Ei Y, : ,I ,z Hxgff ,-i. Y N J ifisjl. V ,VV?:L Krista Fix and Michele Palmer march in the processional. School board president Richard My- ers presents Tom Gompf with a diploma. Front Row: Laura Mills, Denise Lambert. Lisa Crawford, Roni Rosenberger, Tammy Tinch, Melissa Compton, Susan Wilcox. Row 2: Donna White, Melissa Hart, Krista Fix, Te- resa Rhodebeck, Tammy Redmon, Maria Leary, Sherri Burns. Row 3: Cheryl Stotts, Jodi Farris, Cindy Reed, Cindy Comfort, Lisa Simpson, Mari Harris. Row 4: Connie Wigton, Debbie McAvoy, Gracie Lewis, Lisa Schrader, Tom Baxter. Row 5: Don Jack- son, Randy Gould, Tom Waddell, Tim Ball, Curt Robinson, Rob Snyder, Troy Hill. Row 6: Ric Moss, David Griffey, John Harbaugh, Jim Wise, Dennis Levings, Jeff Perry. Back Row: William Stump, Dennis Geyer, Jim George, Randy Baker, Ron Dixon, Bryan Ad- ams, Earl Foor. Senior class advisor Suzanne Beck pins the class flower on Tom Waddell before Commencement. The high school choir, under the direction of Bruce Histed, provides music for graduation. Pam Bedwell Is 1984 Homecoming Queen The week of October 15th, 1984, was MGHS's Homecoming Week with the theme of Purple Reign. Homecoming festivities began with class competitions including Purple Day, Bandana Day, Button Day, and Sweats Day. The seniors, during the course of the week, showed their spirit by winning 4 of the 5 contests. Thursday the 18th found many stu- dents participating in the traditional parade and bonfire. The winning float with the theme, "Crunch Cath- olic", was built by the senior class. Friday's pre-game activities began with the crowning of the queen, Pam Bedwell, by retiring queen Deidre Rathburn. Other members of the court in- cluded: Renee Corral, Valorie McA- voy, and Michele Palmer. The Indians hosted the Irish of Marion Catholic. After a long and heated but disappointing game, the Irish came out on top 28-18. Saturday's dance marked the end of Homecoming Week. The dance was sponsored by DECA and JB Sound provided the music. l ATTENDANT MICH ELE PALMER Retiring Queen Deidre Rathburn crowns the 1984 Homecoming Queen Pam Bedwell. 1984 HOMECOMING QUEEN PAM BEDWELL RETIRING QUEEN DEIDRE RATHBURN ATTENDANT RENEE CORRAL ATTEN DANT VALORIE MCAVOY Senior class president Mike Walter displays the trophy for the winning float designed by the senior class. l lndians on the warpath!!! iw N seg, 5 K4 in-5516 "Purple Reign" is the theme of this year's homecoming as shown on the cheerleaders' float in the parade. Members of the Marching Purple Pride show their spirit by ' X. fix if l s l . 1 Students and community gather at the bonfire held x . 'xl S K X, 35' sw" l ' decorating their instruments for homecoming. t 4 r ,Q fr My x ,if . i ,KX . PW? ICWLFAD pp .Q ,,, the night before the game. FFA's entry for the float contest walks in the parade. Literary Arts Day Features Guest Author Cynthia Rylant, poet and author of several chiIdren's books, was the featured speaker at the first Literary Arts Day. Regular classes were suspended so that students could sign up for mini-courses in papermaking, book- making, acting, calligraphy, book talks, and book reviews. All courses were presented by professionals in and around the area who donated their time to make their presenta- tions. Subjects covered included talks on Jim Thorpe, picture books, controversial books, and video writing to name a few. Ms. Mary Johnson, teacher of English and speech, was coordinator of the day's events. Author Cynthia Rylant spoke to students about her early years in Appalachia and the kind of experiences which helped her to be- come a writer. She shared the joys and pains of writing for publication and helped the stu- dents realize the process involved in bringing a piece of writing to print. Through the speakers and the creative, hands-on work- shops, students experienced literature and the arts in a new way. Above: Guest-author Cynthia Rylant takes a break between lectures. Right: Mrs. Trivisonno shows Greg Bunker exam- ples of a good lead in preparation for writing a news story. The EMC's display area features the theme of Literary Arts Day. 1 Valerie Schimmoeller and Alicia Ault help each other learn the art of bookmaking. Voila! Jeanie Jason peels up a piece of paper created out of bits and pieces of colorful pulp. Linda Lord mimes the panicked driver learning to operate a 5- speed as part of the drama workshop. Kelly Fitzpatrick is the patient teacher. . ,,, K ...M l f Spanish teacher Mrs. Clauss becomes involved in Literary Arts Day with a Book Talk. Above: Jodi Farris learns the rudiments of papermaking from Caroline Garrett, a graduate teaching assistant at OSU. Left: Kelly Plogher learns to "Create Art the Simple Way" in a workshop which demonstrated the sponge technique and others. Industrial Arts And Art Club Combine On Sunday afternoon May 5th, the eighteenth annual Festival of the Arts was held in the high school lecture room and cafeteria with dispalys and students who dem- onstrated skills they had learned in Art class and in ln- dustrial Arts. Art teacher Robin Brucker and Industrial Arts. Art teacher Robin Brucker and Industrial Arts teacher Merrill Brucker combined the talents of Art Club and IAC to present an interesting and educational dis- play. As part of the Principal's Purchase Award, students displaying their works at the Festival could receive cash prizes for their work. Randy Baker, Kathy Green, Steve Hatfield, Tonya Heacock, and Cindy Reed were recipi- ents of cash prizes for their artistic works which will be placed on permanent display in the high school. .F tv! A papier-mache bear emerges from paste and newspaper at the hands of Heidi Hull. ' With a simple strip of acrylic resin and a basic heating element, Randy McQuistion shows how money clips can be shaped. One of lAC's moneymaking projects was to mass produce cut- ting boards. ln showing the production steps, Steve McFarland uses the router to finish the boards edges. Though his masterpeice is not permanent, Randy Baker pains- takingly paints a unicorn on Angie Rakin's hand while Kathy Green looks on. alents For The Festival Of The Arts Kathy Green uses acrylics and ingenuity to get just the right reflection in a pool of water. She uses some of the oil painting techniques learned from the visiting artist program. Q x 6 Q .ma MLK To form handles for various tools, Lane Miller uses an injection molding press. Sitting amongst a gallery of her work, Cindy Reed demon- strates watercolor techniques. 'vat mutt' bi 9-.. jg!! Mark Peters demonstrates the art of leather tooling as he imprints a design for a leather key ring. Caligraphy, the art of lettering, is demonstrated by Angie Baughman and Tonya Heacock. Prom Theme Is "Almost Paradise" This year's prom, "Almost Para- dise," was held Saturday, May 18th, at the Marion Country Club. The pro- gram included a Welcome by Junior Class President Tim Hack, Com- ments by class advisor Forrest By- ron, and the reading of the Class Prophecy and Class Wills. Prom-go- ers danced until midnight at the Country Club and then attended the movie "Red Dawn." The rest of the post-prom activities were held at the L-K Convention Center. Below.'Angie Eve-rhart,Carla Wright, and Junior class president Tim Hack wel- their dates take a break from dancing. Comes the Seniors to the prom. Jim Shaffer and Teresa Rhodebeck pose for a prom piture. Above: Prom-goers relax in the "Almost Paradise" ' atmosphere. Left: Jeff Renshaw and Melissa Collins enjoy dancing. Misti Cotton, Greta Loren, Susan Reid, and Noel Van Romer read the Class Wills. I I I I I I I I I H kb ' I IllllMLE1!lllI Seniors Class Of 1985 sq-,f lx 1? 7-ai di- --3 ,.,-Fi'-'A I ,,.,. x,..JQ Ai 'Ii as 1 'D Members of the 1984 Football Homecoming Court were Renee Corral, 1:33-1, Valorie McAvoy, Queen Pam Bedwell, Michele Palmer, and Retiring Nl Queen Deidre Rathburn. A l There is no better time to be a "nerd" than on Spirit Day. Lisa Craw- ford, Mindy McChesney, Valorie McAvoy, Cindy Curl, and Melissa Mas- Iar dress for the occasion on "Northmor Nerd Day." .lair x W1 , 'ASQ Q' QKIUQ, ' 5 if 'V I Si' .wg 'WIA www nur J, ,wan .gy-0 fight 1.9 BRYAN ADAMS CHRIS ANTHONY TIM BALL RANDY BAKER JOE BALLARD PAM BEDWELL MATTHEW BELTZ RODNEY BENSON LISA BISHOP SHERRI BURNS ERIC BUSH MIKE BUSH MELISSA COLLINS CINDY COMFORT MELISSA COMPTON RENEE CORRAL LISA CRAWFORD CINDY CURL TRACEY DORAN GERTHEL EDWARDS JODI FARRIS JAMIE FISHER KELLY FITZPATRICK KRISTA FIX 35 Seniors Receive Numerous Honors 'RN XR i Mark Wiseman proudly accepts the third place award in the DECA State Parliamentary Procedure test. 4 ,pV W zt,f isa ' 3 ff V 54 wi Y Above:Jodi Farris served as the field commander for the 1984- 5 Marching Purple Pride. Right: Krista Fix is all smiles as she displays her trophy for Outstanding Marching Band Member. 36 iw? - . erm.. Tracy Schindley was selected to represent the Mt. Gilead F.F.A. in the National FFA Choir at the National Convention in Kansas City. iffy E And Offering A Helping Hand Scott Orcena and Jim George give each other a helping hand is , TK I , I I Nancy Whitman and Lisa Snyder run the polls for the school's mock election as Deanna Peterson prepares to vote. ., B !,43NQ' eq as they "work on homework." SENIOR PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE TOM BAXTER KELLY BUCHANAN RON DIXON TROY HILL TAMMY MORGAN MARI ROWLAND CONNIE WIGTON NOREEN BILGER MIKE CASTLE EARL FOOR GRACIE LEWIS JEFF PERRY LISA SCHRADER JIM WISE Randy Baker, Jeff Hayes, and Joey Jones display a refurbised trophy they made for the athletic department. 37 JIM GEORGE DENNIS GEYER TOM COMPF RANDY GOULD CHRISTINA GRAHAM PHILIP GRAHAM KATHY GREEN DAVID GRIFFEY JOHN HARBAUGH MELISSA HART HEIDI HULL SUSAN HUNT DON JACKSON JOEY JONES CATHY KNECHTLY DENISE LAMBERT SUSAN LAMBERT MONTY LaRUE MARIA LEARY DENNIS LEVINGS DEENA MADDY MELISSA MASLAR DEBBIE MCAVOY VALORIE MCAVOY 38 P Dr p HW .W i F' -Q xii ,dv ,, f Pi Dv 44 ,P ' b-A-- , . I " -s Envy, ,pw 01 40 I' M -K,-,,,-., Ji. Senior Class Officers are President Mike Walters, Vice President Jodi Farris, CStandingJ Treasurer Valorie McAvoy, Secretary Donna White. Y, -Au'-V -1---1-?5:.1?:v ' : . Dr- :- :. I Q., VI... ... A. If . l .-if 1 Mindy McChesney feeds the pigeons at a pep rally. "Here pigey pigey. ln Home Ec. I, Miss Paolucci helps Joe Ballard mark out an apron. Seniors Work For An Education Deb McAvoy must make precise measurements in Chem I if the experiment is to come out rights 3 Above: In Advanced Woods, John Harbaugh learns to skillfully turn down a wooden core on the lathe. Right: Runner Eric Bush comes in fourth in a cross country meet. Rob Snyder works on a restoration project in Ag. Shop. Art student Cindy Reed carefully sketches drawings for a class project. Mike Bush becomes teacher for a day as he gives his report in Physics class. 'X Tom Gompf prepares to weld a joint on a livestock holding crate in Vo. Ag. 1 l Heidi Hull writes down the data as Susan Hunt reads the weight off the scale in Chemistry l. M , fi '41 Above: Matt Beltz uses a planer to finish lumber for a shop project. Left: Tom Waddell and Alicia Ault mix paint for Art Club artists who are decorating Woodside Village. 4'l ni .anvil Donna White, Teresa Rhodebeck, Roni Rosenberger, Melissa Maslar, CBack Rowj Krista Fix, Cindy Curl, and Mindy McChesney say "GO BUCKS!" during Advance Placement English class' "Beat Michigan Party." '- Melissa Collins, Scott Orcena, Renee Corral, Monty LaRue, Beth Webb, Don Jackson, and Kathy Green practice drills in Spanish II. i1'.1 1 i Deena Maddy, Dawn Troyer, and Pam Bdewell are turned loose after a long day at the DECA State Leadership Conference. 42 M- Qs. , iii L, lv l .. i mx. ,dh ff awww vm Qu if 'F 4 1 ' ,,, wx W f f -,av , an ' .a Mg. 14 F--2 .1 ' ,fn ' , 1 -'f .,.,, 1 .Agua ,17,,,,W 45? . 5 ' 'mf , is iv . 3-4-rw ' H16 Ji i ,QW Ui? 5' - Jr 2 025 U 1. 25 5 ll f, ff K 'kv' NJ ,.,. 'f -'Vi f ' , ,nf .fl .. .. 3i'4,,. - A' . - 45' ' N I A Q41 ""i ' u x ' Y if ' 5 ha H 4 " as ' W iff ,lv its, 4 113 X fffigffil 2 f if f 5' J f 1 ei gsf an is WE A. 4. -'5' . .pw ,V ...i "It's Casual" Wrestling becomes a way of life at Mount Gilead High School as Rob Snyder, Mike Walter, and Tom Gompf release some extra energy. 1 .. Skipping class puts a smile on the faces of Michele Palmer, Kim Wolford, and Joey Jones. msfwm There is a big smile on Valorie McAvoy's face as she gets a hug from the broken Donald Duck clown. Above: Melissa Hart waits for the bell as Debbie McAvoy and Sandy Sears relax on "jock row." Left: Seniors Jodi Farris, Vicky Whitman, Cindy Reed, Tracey Doran, and Lisa Crawford are hoping for a Homecoming Vic- tory over the Marion Catholic Irish. DANIEL SWIHART TAMMY TINCH Q , DAWN TROYER TOM WADDELL "' MIKE WALTER f BETH WEBB jg , , -Q.. I Q A is , K 'B ' I DONNA WHITE NANCY WHITMAN VICKY WHITMAN SUSAN WILCOX MARK WISEMAN KIM WOLFORD if fmt ,swf I I I w Z- IALAQ. I' 11 It ...I If . 4 .1 Y lg, I Above: Seniors Melissa Hart, Dan Swihart, and Krista Fix decide on graduation announcements before placing their order with a Josten's representative. Rfghtx Beth Webb works on a self-portrait in Art Class. 46 Rf W ' ,t,,.,.. f fam A ,, :.K-M ,i-I X 1, AN , Q ...K ui' ' f -...NNW-VV ,,::.- -..,4, '?Q- ,,.. K. Melissa Collins lunges to bump the volleyball in a match against Fredericktown. Members of the Class of 1985 showed their school spirit by constructing the winning float in the Homecoming Parade. if 4 L. Wi is-N . "Whoa!", yells Kim Wolford as she and Melissa Collins carefully mea- sure the ingredients for their chemistry experiment. 47 Juniors Class Of 1986 Kelli Ashbrook Lorena Augenstein Yvonne Bartman Doris Bevan Greg Bunker Debbie Burgandine Debbie Burkeen Randy Chilcote Becky Collins Mike Cook Phil Coots Michelle Cotton Constance Davis Brenda De Board Brian Dye Angie Everhart Kristin Fidler Melody Fletcher Janet Fout Kathy Fricke Ted Furniss s' is -veg: ,., X .2 'F JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Treasurer Kelli Ashbrook, Secretary Holly Hughes, Vice President Noel Van Romer, President Tim Hack. Junior Leanna Scott draws the outline for decorations as she and senior Kathy Green put their talent to work on painting' Christmas scenes on the windows at Woodside Village Care Center. xv Wm-,1,,,,..amau Maurice Graham Brian Gray Jim Gress Amy Guiher Tim Hack Steve Hatfield Sheri Hall Angie Harvey Jeff Hayes Brian Hershey Jon Higgins Teresa Hollingsworth Jennifer Hootman Holly Hughes Angela Jackson Regina James Rob Johnson Ron Johnson Kim Keith Jennifer Kimmey Cindy Kurtich 1985 Buckeye Girls State delegates are Stephanie Shepard, Holly Hughes, Mi- chelle Cotton, and Greta Loren who will attend ses- sions at Ashland College from June 22nd to 29th. Al- ternates are Doris Bevan, Kristin Fidler, Susan Reid, and Constance Davis. Jim Gress, Jon Higgins, Jeff Roush, and Tony Nicholson are the 1985 delegates to Buckeye Boys State at Bowl- ing Green State University from June 15th to 23rd. Al- ternates are Ted Furniss, Bri- an Dye, Jeff Hayes, and Mike Cook. Shelly Machesky gives a break dance demonstration in speech Class Mike Cook works out a math assignment on a computer Shanna Levering Angie Levings Earl Linder Linda Lord Greta Loren Shelly Machesky Juanita Martinez Jamie McAvoy Lynette Morgan Theresa Mullen Brenda Mullett Gail Mullett Dick Nelson Tony Nicholson Bob Plogher Bruce Ramsier Craig Reeder Susan Reid Carol Ridenour Elizabeth Roach Julie Rogers Botany students Jennifer Kimmey and Brenda Mullett plant flowers as a class and school beautification project. JUNIOR PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE Tracy Best Mitch Hutchinson Georges Klein Cathy McElroy Billy Rowe April Spencer Jim Harman Russell Klaiber Tim Knight Shelby Parks Lisa Snider Mike Tolbert Michelle Wolford Gymnast Kathy Fricke concentrates on her rou- tine as she performs in the beam competition. Stefanie Wagner bumps up the ball as she returns a serve. M5333 'xsane as it f N ix XX , Di P f-: k , an Q t 'IC' it ' - X -"" Yi Sv X' I tl izgy 1 I uk? S. is W ' "" 2 N N. S 'T fo X 2 'iq Ji X X f X 5 Jeff Roush Leana Scott Jeff Seckel Stephanie Shepard Lisa Shoewalter Stacy Siegfried Becky Smith Tammy Smith Gail Snell David Styer Noel Van Romer Stefanie Wagner Debby Wiseman Carla Wright Heather Young Brian Zerman Paula Belbot Mindy Brown Jim Dodds Gurthel Edwards Chris Eichler Chuck Goers Mike Hurtt La Vonne Hutchinson Laurie Martinez Joe Matson Kim McKillip Mike Peters Robin Powell Ed Ransbottom Ron Sullivan Ron Young Sophomores Class Of 1987 Zulfi Ahmed Sonny Ball Brian Barnett Matt Bartholomew Angela Baughman Kim Beall Beth Bensley Lee Ann Benton Steve Booth Dee Branch Rod Brewer Tom Brooke Brian Buchanan David Burns Melinda Cardwell Chad Casto Clarence Casto Eric Casto Rob Chalfant Jamie Christian Jason Christian Tom Cooper Debbie Coots Beth Creasap Scott Curts Jerry Drake Stacy Drake Charisse Eckard Jody Edwards Lisa Edwards Terry Edwards William Edwards Julie Elliott Kirby Francis Angie Furniss l , l all i l I' w I X , 1- l 'Hs SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: L-R: Julie Elloitt - Treasurer, Kelly Nesbitt - Secretary, Lee Ann Benton - Vice President, Lizz Pollard - President. 7 , L . ,AML s .Amin Michele Walter and Lisa Edwards watch Wendy Postell make a piece of paper in one of the Literary Day demonstration classes. ,Jf f 'fr 7 I liz f",,f' W4 f-, ,. H 5 'T f ttjgjhazi it , SIL N' r ' 'M " if ' rf ' Q, f',' M ,, f i pf? Wm - 1' A2713 dxf ' ' A ff' 'N At the West Muskingum FFA Livestock Judging contest, Troy Landon carefully studies the beef animals. Troy was lst place individual winner in the beef contest. Debbie George Craig Graham Matt Graham Tom Green Donna Grimm Tina Hankins Jody Harris Stephanie Hartley Chuck Hasman Andy Hershey Scott Hershner Andy Hoffman Shannon Kilgour Troy Landon Shannon Leary Jackie Maceyko Linda Maddy Shawn Maiyer Amy McCreary Steve McFarland Randi McQuistion W ' :uw new A W WWMMW ? if - 'i 'W A......, sfqh Troy Rhodebeck and Chad Casto show their CO2 powered model racers before participating in lAC's Metric 500 race competition. SOPHOMORE PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE Angie Black Lori Conkle James Greenawalt Greg Morrison Mike Peters Tracy Smith Tammy Van Houten Roxie Monk Julie Mosier Corey Murphy Tricia Murphy Kelly Nesbitt Denny Noble Sarn Oh Damon Osborne Sherry Persinger Mark Peters Deana Peterson Kelly Plogher Lizz Pollard Jay Postell Wendy Postell Shelly Reed Troy Rhodebeck Vicki Rose Tonya Rupp Valerie Schimmoeller Betty Sears Joel Seckel Darren Shade Kelly Smith LL ln the game against Fredericktown, Kelly Smith goes up for a lay up shot. Kirby Francis, the Indians' Spirit Chief, gives his spirit dance at half-time. 'After stealing the ball, Tom Cooper tries to outrace the Bulldog defense to the basket. Mk. Andy Hoffman shows good form as he runs the high hurdles at Marion Catholic. V Q " cg Q ' , Lee Ann Benton and Melinda Cardwell weigh a graduat- ed cylinder in a Chem. I experiment. Kenneth Smith Randy Snyder Jamie Sparkman Brad Staiger Brent Staley Trisha Strait Patrick Swihart Rollle Thill Robin Trimble Ted Trout Tim Ullom Todd Ullom Matt Vanderkooi Keith Votaw Charlene Walker Michele Walter Marty Wertz Debbie West Mark White Derek Yeagley FRESHMEN ci.Ass or 1988 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: L-R: Alena Miller - Treasurer, Candee Harden - Secretary, Melanie Marshman - Vice President, Wendy Richards - President. April Anthony Mary Anthony Amy Applegate Bill Arnold Alicia Ault Patricia Baughman Patrick Beall Bob Belcher Brian Brinkerhoff Tina Bunker Steve Burden Gail Burkeen Anthony Bush Mike Bush Kirsten Carlson Gary Carwell Tricia Carr Roni Chubb Kenneth Collins Joanna Collins David Compton As winner of the paper airplane throwing contest, Bob Whit- man shows his winning style. ig T is ' .i. I Bob Belcher runs on the Pine Hills Cross Country course in the District meet. ' - A1 L-"' At the Festival of the Arts, Angie Rankin demonstrates techniques used in working with clay. Paul Palmer helps manage some of the animals at the FFA'S Agri Day in the elementary schools. ww..-w-""'Mw Tooling leather is one of Tadd Nicholson's specialties at the Festival of the Arts. Kelley Cook Kris Counts Mark Crawford Sherry Davis Debbie DeBoard Todd Decker Alicia Drake Bill Drake Laurie Drake Greg Elsey Bob Everly Jason Falk Thad Fidler Dave Gattshall Jeff Ghenco Dennis Gleason Lori Graham Kathy Greenawalt Anna Hamilton Jeff Harbaugh Candee Harden Tonya Heacock Michelle Hedrick Pearl Hillman Barb Hollingsworth ,gil Teri Hurtt , Doug Hutchinson f , ali' , l Merrily Jackson V Debbie James Jeanie Jason is f--,' 1 X Melissa Hines J , , ' iii'AA , an fi f 'gn 2 if ef 1 'W Jimmy Jones Jeff Kilgour Tressa Kincade Mike Kirk Michelle Lambert Shannon Lemley Meegan Levering A ..,- lg 'EL A :A,,, , ff ,irfj V ,M-'e J if i Jeff Levings Karolyn Lewis Barry Little Melanie Marshman James Massey Craig Matney Bill McLoughlin i Angie McMillin Lena Meadows Tammy Metzger Alena Miller Lane Miller Lisa Mills Angie Moore Lorie Mynhier Bob Nelson Tadd Nicholson Paul Palmer Kevin Patrick FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: Kneeling: Shannon Lemley, Keith Shipman, Doug Hutchinson, Mark Crawford, Travis Schindley, David Gattshall, Larry Skinner. Standing: Bob Whitman, Eric Walters, Jeff Renshaw, Bill Arnold, Anthony Bush, Tadd Nicholson. The team finished the season with a 2-13 record. W .a'iM lE?? JM .PW ww R A rw di Rosenberger makes a clear shot to the basket ainst the Freddies. FRESHMAN PHOTOS NOT AVAILBALE Gary Chubb Mary Lashley Jerome Mess Tammy Moyer Vicki McCrea Karen Schiff Allen Wigton Betty Perkins Lori Persinger Tina Perslnger Amy Ramborger Angie Rankin Jeff Ransbottom Pam Reed Jeff Renshaw Wendy Richards Lisa Robinette Jodi Rosenberger Carmen Roush Bob Ruhl Travis Schindley Virgil Schofield Todd Scott Sandy Sears Keith Shipman Larry Skinner Nikki Slavik Keith Smith Anna Stanley Tom Strong Lisa Tackett Luke Taylor Ranee Thomas Chris Thompson Audrey Troyer Heidi Van Horn Bonnie Van Sickle Nicole Wagner Eric Walters Mike Welty Bob Whitman Melissa Zerman Dean Zwayer ' 59 lllllllllllIll lllllllllllllI llllllllllllll llllllllllllll llllllllllllll llllllllllllll Illlllllllllll lllll 1lI Wi "ft E M3515 'ft' i'?ff"VeSL1' Ie' .Q Y M L W +"fQiw wg 'M 'gf ,M ... jug "QQ VM N-. X. GFQ' tg ' V' fri? U W , 'J 1. Wm W: ,. "lf tr -gg, M gfifgggrtg " Z',jmW1,!wii-1, fa ,wr 1 ,aww WWW 5,W,,,,-Aff W new '35 f We Q ' wywWQ ,rK.y3:,,..v1-f V, A 44 swf' 'TP' fww Wwe' W gem Wigwam efgfgaw -Q' I wi? MW rw 5 what rf V ig 5 we mmmww 44 team, tr Mtgmffgm X lfetsseelgefrfff .fwwr gmipwwi rf ,lf Wear - - ln the Reguonal Track Meet at Musklngum College Brlan Hershey wms the 200 meter by a bug margin Brlan also won the 100 meter In the Regional W . 'V Y' fy' ' ' I f "'P.f M' f ' Aw W' v if .rr f "," G ft .1 X ' ,' . 1 t., V1 'ffl 0 V, lg 'A M r f-'age , A I Z' ,ww tk' rl' ni' i 0 i 0 Qs' . W , l , or ,, fr, , V4 4 I X f , ,Q " - . f , it f Q r r ,. leigh.- , r A Q. 0 Y 1 .L,slq . If , V ' - ge DM. gn J Sl, 5.--1, 3, l ,' -if - f 'v' .,,' ' U. T w'UEf' .,.. ' 2 4' 3 4 4 f - N V' ' I 3-',v"'V ' lf 9 G f fat 1' K ' r "K," f .fy 5 ff: if , ' if 4 , 'A 0 lf 'W ik ' rl 'V .+ ' 34 px' ,255 ' t, , f uf- , 5 iv, ,,,.,' 9 X. M" . .. 3 Jul: ,V fi ', I Y ff: ft 1 fuk. Aram L K ,nh-L n J' ,J J' 5 5 ' fa V ' W " W - " , A 1 . L'l ,Q , 0 r if M-1 -E I V f, Y. ',- .N K ,h .v . .Q vu, Q """ V, , ., Y . 3, 3 0, , . , 0 , ig Q . f e, . ez. ., 4. '- -, , '- ' ., 1 , ,L H - fi 4' y A . 'Q A . ' , Q "mf" , ' . SL' v 'NX ' 9' e - . 'F' ,t,' f Xf 'wt 1 f '- - 'M l ' ...fam "fl M . A' rf. e . ,, gg, '1-.ft , f Q -- - Y, l " I l W - V U ,N '.,'-if ' 1 ,,, M " ' ' ' E f ' ,' ' 4 K L ' ' , H i ,I 'W '- yr 1, K 1 il. . ,- . Q' M W 0 0 -e 0 , 0 1 .. fr -,. Mt, -- ff 0 , f ', gg, , 4 "gg 4, - -J ,MQ , H K 'T . ' ,, ,, ' Af' f ' 7 ' t 'J l, - , . V 1 ,J ,- r ' f , U' 01.9. 5 0 - 0 ,I , . ' ll" - ' 1 ,- ' s . lf' t n ' t , 1 ' I V 4 my mv' 1 A I i H 5 an - 3,7 if Z: ' - fb . X at 4 ' ' W. 1' .1 Q ' " l .K 3 4 , 1 0 , , . ,.,,Q. - , ,gf V A-A , V N ff 'P Y M , . lf, W ' iff . my- l ff I 0 . 2 N lg .fe .W W ,e 0 V s -' 7' ' - X ff r ' J 4 ' W... f-' Y 0 'K A .K V- f ,f 'f lf Y L 'lfm-Thi, 1 M .nf M "1 V- 0 I ,,k,,,,,l,.,rwrL71f"WZ t'?W5Fffj5"':3x''H-sL"'l'f"lffl'f'l3f'i - ,- W-'X'4if?"l - g, - . , . , or j ' tgrjj, 1,i1',"1', ' ., ,f-film - ,, Whgjl 'HZ-ffzwm Mft? 5 , 0 ' g 1 V A "" timff ,f ly ,r,':g,,,,: W f+1AM"ffM,f ,WiT?g?ZgF2t 74 ., " ' f , 4 t, - .. -' ll-r I ' M,1W,,,f,zt4f:fft.r I I 3 X7 W ,Q no M753 A. iml,-,- ,V , Y ,M V w e-,M ,W ri ,W 'MM-f',fwj . I lf , ' , H I N'e.l,jy-4 .' ., ziggy,-,. R' , .. ,G A ' W' ' A WG' ' ' -' ws' ,. , whiff 4" ftffrflwgtl 'Q' A ,M r ' W3 1 V 1 V l l Indians Repeat As MOC Golf Champions At the District Class A Tournament at the Highlands Golf Course, David Gatt- shall, Jeff Roush, Ted Furniss, Troy Rhodebeck, and Mark White wait for the fog delayed tournament to begin. The Indians placed third in the tournament. For the second year in a row the Mount Gilead varsity golf team won the MOC championship. The Indians carded a 337 team score at the Valley View Course near Galion to beat second place Marion Cath- olic by 8 strokes. Troy Rhodebeck took MOC medalist honors with a score of 80. At the Mill Creek Golf Course near Dela- ware, Mount Gilead continued tourna- ment play by winning the Class A Sectional with a team score of 334. Mount Gilead, Marion Catholic, and Cardington were sectional representatives to the Central District Tournament. The Indians placed third and missed by one place go- ing to the State. Jeff Roush, who was dis- trict medalist, was eligible to play in the State Tournament as an individual. The Indians finished their season with a fine 16-4 record. Ted Furniss set a new school record of 35 and was the team's season medalist with an average score of 38.4. ,sm YT' . ,R QR. ,Q f 2 me MD EH VARSITY GOLF TEAM: Coach Larry Furniss, Troy Rhodebeck, Jeff Roush, Ted Furniss, David Gattshall, Mark White. Cross Country Team Places Fifth In MOC Mount Gilead's Cross Country team finished fifth in the MOC Meet at Table Rock Golf Course near Center- burg. Jim Gress placed fifth in the men's race and Valerie Schimmoeller was third in the women's race. At the Pine Hills Golf Course at Bloom-Carroll, Jim Gress finished fourteenth in the District. The Indian Harriers also placed eighth in the Fourteenth Annual Rio Grande Col- lege Invitational. At the fall sports' recognition banquet, Jim Gress received the Outstanding Male Runner award, Valerie Schimmoeller was named the Outstanding Fe- male Runner, Bob Belcher was the Outstanding Reserve Runner, and Eric Bush was the recipient of the Coaches Award for Scholarship. Jeff Seckel maintains a steady pace around the course. Jim Gress drives for the finish at the District. Gail Mullett overtakes another runner as she rounds the Pine Hills course. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Kneeling: Eric Bush, Keith Votaw, Jim Gress, Valerie Schimmoeller, Gail Mullet. Standing: Bob Belcher, Ja- mie Sparkman, Rob John- son, Matt Bartholomew, Jeff Seckel, Kirby Francis, Mike Bush, Coach Ron Thill. Walter, Stump, And Gompf Are All-League Brian Hershey gains big yardage in the exciting tie game with Highland. Mike Walter stops an Irish runner for no gain. --sf - -- - , . .... , ' -. .nn 4... 2. Early in the season Mount Gilead fans had visions of the Indians winning the MOC. In their first league games, the Indi- ans rolled over Cardington 20-O, followed by a 14-6 victory over Fredericktown. The Indians' third conference clash ended in a 28-28 deadlock with a tough Highland team. Then title hopes faded as the Indians dropped three straight conference games, and it wasn't until the 44-8 romp over Northmor in the season's finale that Mount Gilead got back on the winning track. The Indians ended the season in sixth place in the MOC with a 3-3-1 record in conference play and a 3-5-1 overall record. At the Fall Sports' Banquet, Tom Gompf was named MVP, Mike Walter was Lineman of the Year, and William Stump was Back of the Year. Mike Walter, William Stump, and Tom Gompf were selected for the All-MOC team. Kelly Fitzpatrick, Brian Zerman, Eric Casto, Dick Nelson, and Mike Cook were MOC Honorable Mention. Monty LaRue catches a pass against Marion Catholic. ... ni - S.. S VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: Front Row: Matt Beltz, Mark Crawford, Gary Carwell, Kenny Collins, Jeff Kilgour, Keith Shipman, Shannon Lemley, Tadd Nicholson, Eric Casto, Tom Waddell, Assistant Coach Lester Poast. Row 2: Assistant Coach Cris King, Bob Whitman, Anthony Bush, Bob Nelson, Bill Arnold, Jeff Levings, Robin Trimble, Rollie Thill, Steve McFarland, Brent Staley, William Stump. Row 3: Jim Harman, Brian Hershey, Eric Walters, Tom Strong, Larry Skinner, Curt Robinson, Jeff Hayes, Brad Staiger, Brian Barnett, Troy Landon, Head Coach John Oyster. Back Row: Assistant Coach Chris Kubbs, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Mike Cook, Dick Nelson, Mike Walter, Tom Gompf, Tim Hack, Brian Zerman, Jamie Fisher, Chris Eichler, Monty LaRue. Volleyball Team Wins Sectional Title VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Shanna Levering, Melissa Hart, Stephanie Wagner, Deb Wiseman, Brenda Mullett, Melissa Collins, Deana Peterson, Cindy Curl, Kim Wolford, Deena Maddy, Dawn Troyer, Kathy Green. The 1984-85 varsity volleyball team was successful because the team set goals and met them. Having never been a serious contender at the Cardington Invitational, the girls along with Coach Dettra made it a priorty and as a result were runners-up to Loudonville. The plan was to do well at the sectionals and there the Lady Indians defeated Buckeye Valley, Elgin, and North Union to take the Sectional title. A third goal was to have more Mount Gilead players recognized by the MOC. At season's end, Melissa Hart and Cindy Curl were named All-MOC while Melissa Collins and Kim Wolford received Honorable Mention. Fourth, teamwork was stressed by Coach Det- tra, who had coached some of the girls for six years, as they key to success. At the Fall Sports' Banquet, Melissa Hart was named team MVP and Best Setter. The Coach's Award for Best All-Around Player went to Kim Wolford. Other awards were Cindy Curl the Best Server Trophy, Melissa Collins the Best Spiker Trophy, and Brenda Mullett the Most Improved Trophy. The varsity ended the season with a record of 10-3 in the MOC and 18-8 overall. The reserves posted an 11-3 MOC record. Both teams finished a close second in the conference race. "Best Setter" and MVP, Melissa Hart, prepares a set for Cindy Curl to spike. Melissa was also chosen for the Ontario All-Star Volleyball Team. Cheerleaders Participates In Area Events Cheerleading involves much more than just cheering at football and bas- ketball games. The cheerleaders are responsible for building school spirit and pride. In addition to the many hours of practice, they have spent countless more hours making spirit posters, planning pep rallies, decorat- ing team members' lockers, and orga- w nizing homecoming activities. This year the cheerleaders represented Mount Gilead High School in several area pa- rades including the Marion Popcorn Festival Parade and the Bratwurst Fes- tival Parade in Bucyrus. They also cheered for the girls' volleyball team in the district competition at Gahanna Lincoln High School. Probably the greatest effort, as well as the most sat- isfaction, came in decorating the entire school for both fall and winter home- coming activities. The theme "Purple Reign" was a great success during foot- ball season, as was basketball's "The Heat Is On." The cheerleaders are a dedicated and hard-working group that has represented their school well. , VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: Seated: Michele Palmer, Mindy McChes- ney. Row 2: Shelly Machesky, Tracy Schindley, Kathy Fricke. Back Row:Valorie A McAvoy. RESERVE FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: Seat- ed: Lizz Pollard, Julie Elliott, Lee Benton- Kneeling: Wendy Rich- ards, Meegan Levering, Merrily Jackson. Row 3: Nikki Slavik, Tressa Kincade. Back Row: Vicki Rose, KeIIeY Cook, Jody Edwards. 1 l Q 3 Xi I S .El :ra if ff-af if ' A . ? N i. -' , A fl A H--Q W, ... ... . W 'VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Front Row: L-R: Tra- RESERVE BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Bottom: Lee Benton Icy Schindley, Shanna Levering, Amy Guiher. Back Row: Donna Row 2: Valerie Schimmoeller, Vicki Rose. Row 3: Lizz Pollard White, Debbie Wiseman, Shelly Machesky. Jody Edwards. Top: Julie Elliott. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: On Floor: Merrily Jackson, Wendy Richards, Kelley Cook. Standing: Nikki Slavik, Meegan Levering. Top: Tressa Kincade. Indians Finish In Fifth Place In MOC The boys' varsity basketball team compiled a 5-9 MOC season record and a 7-13 overall record. At the end of the season, the Indians found themselves in a three-way tie with Northmor and Fredericktown for fifth place in the MOC. The Indians closed out their season with a 58- 51 loss to top seeded Worthington Christian in the Class A Central District tournament. At the Winter Sports' Banquet, Rod Brewer was recognized for his shooting percentage and number of assists. Mike Walter received awards for plus points and being most inspirational. Dick Nelson was named the most improved player and top rebounder. Mark Wiseman was recipient of the Coach's Award. Sophomore Rod Brewer was selected to the All- MOC team, and senior Mike Walter was All-MOC Honor- able Mention. Rod was also named to the Class A District ll second team. Above: Rod Brewer takes an easy shot as he completes a fast- break play. Left: After rebounding the ball, Mike Walter tries to get off a shot. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Kneeling: Mark Wiseman, Ja- mie Fisher, Tom Cooper, Don Jackson, Rod Brewer, Mike Walter. Standing: Coa- ch Dan Swagerty, Rollie Thill, Mike Cook, Bob Nelson, Den- nis Geyer, Jim George, Assis- tant Coach Kent Baker. Dick Nelson battles for a rebound. Mike Cook goes high over the defense for a shot. Derek Yeagley comes down with 2 Mark White studies the defense as he rebound. brings the ball down court. Jamie Fisher looks for a break in the Bull- dog defense. Tom Cooper passes off to a teammate. ing: Chuck Hashman, Matt Vander- kooi, Mark White, Tom Cooper, Craig Graham. Standing: Coach Dan Swa- gerty, Steve Hatfield, Derek Yeagley, Denny Noble, Andy Hoffman, Coach Kent Baker. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: Knee!- Lady Indians Are Fourth In MOC Action The girls' varsity basketball team, coached by Charles Todd, played 15 games and finished the season with a 7- 8 overall record. ln conference play, the girls placed fourth with a 6-8 record. Melissa Hart was selected to the All-MOC team. Stephanie Shepard, Carla Wright, and Kelly Smith received All-MOC Honorable Mention. At the Winter Sports' Banquet, Melissa Hart was recognized as the team MVP and received awards for her freethrow percentage and outstanding defensive play. Deana Pe- terson was named Most Improved Player and Kelly Smith was recognized for the season's most rebounds. RETURNING LETTER WlNNER: Front Row.'Angie Harvey, Stephanie Shepard, Melissa Hart, Back Row: Beth Webb, Tammy Morgan, Carla Wright. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row: Angie Harvey, Stephanie Shepard, Melissa Hart, Beth Webb. Back Row: Debbie George, Carla Wright, Deana Peterson, Kelly Smith, Tammy Morgan, Coach Charles Todd. GIRLS' RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row: Lisa Tackett, Jeanie Ja- son, Beth Creasa, Laurie Drake, Shan- non Leary, Ranee Thomas Audrey Troyer, Alena Miller. Back Row: Angie Furniss, Debbie George, Roxie Monk, Jodi Rosenberger, Candee Harden, Kirsten Carlson, Coach Janet Ellis. Deana Peterson puts one upfor two points. Audrey Troyer gets off a pass. Debbie George drives down court cn' ,,,.- ...f-"" vi' Audrey Trgyer drives in for 3 layup. Beth Creasap dfibblf-ZS through the FI'eddi6S def6I'lS8. ..-.f".4 M- o Kelly Smith goes up for the tip. Stephanie Shepard drives in for a layup. Indian Gymnasts Compete At Invitationals Mount Gilead's girls competed in several invi- tationals in central Ohio because the MOC does not have gymnastics competition. The team competed at Galion, Franklin Heights, North Union, and in district competition at Dublin. At the Winter Sports' Banquet, Coach Pauline Campo recognized the following girls for their outstanding work during the season: Lisa Shoewalter was the most improved performer, Kathy Fricke had the highest average for one event, Kathy Green had the highest total points, and Cindy Morrison had the highest all- around average. VARSITY GYMNASTICS TEAM: On Floor: Kelly Plogher. Kneeling: Angie Levings. Standing: Kathy Fricke, Kathy Green, Debbie Coots, Linda Maddy, Angie Rankin. Back Row: Shannon Kilgour, Greta Loren. Ab- sent: Lisa Shoewalter, Cindy Morri- son, Coach Pauline Campo. W 3' 2 ..... . .., T . .... r r Wag, , '::"::'r:' 'Z - Greta Loren Kelly Plogher Linda Maddy Angie Rankin Kathy Green Kathy Fricke Cindy Morrison Shannon Kilgour Softball Team Finishes With 8-10 Record Melissa Hart delivers a pitch to the plate. Angie Harvey is set for a bunt. Deb McAvoy snags a throw to make an out. A level swing pays off with a hit for Cindy Curl. vw tag. Donna White slides under the The girls' softball team, coached by Janet Ellis and Lester Poast, fin- ished MOC action with a 3-5 record and had an overall record of 8-10. Seniors Cindy Curl, Melissa Hart, Donna White, and junior Amy McCreary were named first string playes for the All-MOC team. They were also elected members of the Central District All-Star team. Se- niors Deb McAvoy and Colleen McGinnis received All-MOC Honor- able Mention. grounder. GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM: Front Row: Angie Harvey, Amy McCreary, Nikki Wagner, Tressa Kincade, Melissa Hart, Donna White. Back Row:Tammy Hicks, Coach Janet Ellis, Leana Scott, Melissa Collins, Deb McAvoy, Kelley Cook, Cindy Curl, Can- dee Harden, Colleen McGinnis Coach Lester Poast. Amy McCreary fields Indians Play In Regional Semi-Finals During the 1985 baseball season, the Mount Gilead Indians traveled a great deal in compiling a 22-6-1 sea- son record. After winning the MOC and Sectional titles, the team captured the Central District Championship at Cooper Stadium in Columbus by defeating Grandview, 7- 6, and Bishop Wehrle, 10-7. Advancing to the Regional contest, the Indians ended their bid for the State Class A title with a loss to Piketon in the semi-finals at Ports- mouth. Coach Chris Kubbs attributed the team's overall success to good teamwork and outstanding individual play by Mike Cook, William Stump, and Rollie Thill who were named to the All Central District Class A and All- League MOC teams. In addition to these team honors, Tom Cooper, Joey Jones, Denny Noble, and Mark Wise- man earned Honorable Mention All-League MOC. Pitch- er Rollie Thill's 14-O and 2 saves season record, and outfielder Mike Cook's11 season home runs set two new Mount Gilead School records. The Indians celebrate after winning the Sectional title. Rollie Thills makes the put out at first base. William Stump gets the winning hit against East Knox. lNDlitNg if 'NK VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: Kneeling: Tom Cooper, Mark White, Joey Jones, William Stump, Brad Staiger, Matt Vanderkooi, Troy Landon. Standing: Chuck Hashman, Rollie Thill, Steve Hatfield, Cory Murphy, Mark Wiseman, Denny Noble, Coach Chris Kubbs. , ' ,Ns ' .N Qi A 'Q lt.,-ef,,.s.m,i I k - an - ,af-v.f.., f V., -t A p of , f X-wk -- L . it . 4 V 'T -it , . - . A-,. X , 8 J. ,Y lmao, .ff -S - .. , fs ,. -swsegsxs.,-2 mils-'-:vw.wSw.smfs12sea3 wig sf? Y , Q .as-ms,.3q7lz,-1. X .Q Mark White lays down a sacrifice bunt against the Pirates. William Stump steals second on the Pirates. Rollie Thill delivers one of his pitches on the way to a 8-5 decision over Cardinton. Denny Noble pitches against East Knox in the Sectional win. Mike Cook scores on a close play at the plate. William Stump slides in under the throw at third Joey Jones blocks the plate and saves a run. Track Team Wins District And MOC Meets Both of the Mount Gilead varsity track teams had good seasons. The boys' team, who had a total of 99 wins and 6 losses, placed first in the Fredericktown Invitational, the Richwood Relays, and the Regionals while taking second in both the District and MOC Meets. The girls' team finished sixth in the MOC Meet with Shelly Machesky and Kelly Nes- bitt advancing to the Regionals. In the State Meet Brian Hershey finished second in both the 100 and 200 meter dashes. Brian was also named Central District Class A "Run- ner of the Year." Some of the new records set this year were: Ted Furniss with a long jump of 21' 7W': Brian Her- shey with a time of 10.8 in the 100 meter dash and with a time of 22.4 in the 200 meter dash: and the 400 meter relay team of Brian Hershey, Ted Furniss, Darren Shade, and Andy Hershey with a time of 44.3. For the girls, Shelly Machesky set a new school record with a jump of 16' 7W' in the long jump. At the Spring Sports' Banquet, girls receiving special awards for outstanding performances were: Outstanding Runner - Julie Elliott, Leadership Award - Kathy Green, Out- standing Field Events - Shelly Machesky, and the Indian Award - Alena Miller. Boys who received special rognition were: Leadership Award - Mike Walter, Indian Award - Eric Bush, Outstanding Runner - Ted Furniss, Outstanding Field Events - Dick Nelson, Outstanding Sprinter - Brian Hershey, and the Most Improved Award - Andy Hershey. Ted Furniss shows his winning for in the long jump. Above:Dick Nelson clears the bar in the regional high jump competition. Left: Brian Hershey easily wins the MOC 100 meter dash. Below: BOYS' VARSITY TRACK TEAM: Seated:Virgil Schofield, Tom Green, Keith Votaw, Bob Belcher, Andy Hoffman, Matt Beltz, Eric Bush, Jeff Levings, Thad Fidler. Kneeling: Jeff Seckel, Rob Johnson, Brian Brinkerhoff, Jim Gress, Darren Shade, Tom Gompf, Ted Furniss, Jeff Roush, Andy Hershey, Eric Casto, Bob Whitman. Standing: Coach Ron Thill, Tom Waddell, Jeff Hayes, Brent Staley, Jeff Renshaw, Dick Nelson, Brian Hershey, Derek Yeagley, Bill Arnold, Brian Barnett, Assistant Coach Denny West. r Kelly Nesbitt runs her specialty, the 880, in a meet against Marion Catholic. Dee Branch puts her all into the long jump against the Irish. ..-gy ln an early season meet at Colonel Craw- ford, Valerie Schimmoeller has a big lead as she wins the 800 meter run. Kathy Green clears one of the hurdles in a close 100 meter race a Colonel Craw- ford. Kathy won the race in a time of 19.35. GIRLS' VARSITY TRACK TEAM: Seated: Dee Branch, Alena Miller, Audrey Troyer, Kathy Green, Angie Furniss, Kelly Nesbitt, Julie Elliott, Shelly Machesky. Kneeling: Anna Stanley, Jeanie Jason, Tonya Heacock, Kim Beall, Stacy Drake, Michele Walter, Jody Edwards, Kelly Smith, Valerie Schimmoeller, Gail Mullett. Back Row: Coach Ron Thill, Assistant Coach Denny West. lllllllIllllll llllllllllllll lllllllllllllI llllllllllllll lllllllIllllll lllllIlllIllll lll!-Ill! FI! Ill A M W MQW ww avvf-w""'J?"f" WM' 10? IVV! www 4-m '11 'T 2250 on-h Iwfbo -:QC 3333-Er. 5 mg UDg,,f-+ :S U23 C"'3O OQI5 :Egg gy Fi JE-5 mga? 333m gm.:-'4 4110933 F.-rar-O-7 sf-w :SD 0:55-"Z 3-img 300: DCDH' f-FK, 3' IPD CDES? 'TIOUQJ mg-on UIO3 'Z'-H-In 432- 91.31-+P 2,510 f-o-9,93-9 5"31 1,535 15513 2B"43'D :S 9155 29.1 aww :,, ,N Iq., .Q , . ' j viii: , ' -' ir Q ' gi D - 53 , ' ,1 iii Z, , Q ,,,i? A 4.,i, ,Q b . l bwwwu-r'Q Q 3 4 ,,.,....- ali 'N K E . , , 5 . - WMM. Q 1 E mv M W., 3 - ..D,..,..h.,,...E 1 I .- ,...w.........., , X Q . , , -5-www 5 ,gy , ,Ig N i , I . . 1 ' iffy 5 -W-ww----, iqbr., - me-wwf 'K I 525, I " .W---N . in ,: . ,W ' ..A.-..f..amnwv-ed- ' T5 . .,1,, , L i-34:4,pjL , Moumt Gilead Repeats As Ohio's Top IAC For 1985 Don Jackson is State Reporter and Eric Bush is State President. "lt's Race Time!" The Metric 500 Race is a big event for the Industrial Arts Club. The Industrial Arts Club had another very successful year. At the National Convention in Knoxville, Tennessee, the club re- ceived the following awards: General Knowledge Test - Joel Higgins lst place and Jeff Miley HM, Drafting Interpretation - Eric Bush 2nd place and Don Jackson HM, Industrial Bowl Team - lst place in the nation, and the Chapter Team made up of Joel Higgins, Eric Bush, Jeff Miley, Tony Nicholson, Don Jackson, and Jon Higgins were national finalists. The following students won awards at the 1985 State Convention on the freshman level. Safety poster - Keith shipman 2nd place, Technical Draft- ing - Bob Ruhl lst place and Lane Miller and Travis Schindley, HM, Drafting Interpretation - Lane Miller lst place and Jim Jones 2nd place, Technical Writing - Virgil Schofield HM, Re- search Paper - Bob Belcher 2nd place, Creed Recital - Tadd Nicholson 2nd place and Bob Whitman HM, and Extemporane- ous Speaking - Bob Belcher HM. As a club the freshmen re- ceived lst place in the Chapter Team contest, 3rd place in Record Book, and 3rd place in the Outstanding Chapter con- test. Travis Schindley was selected as Ohio's Outstanding Freshman Industrial Arts Student. In level ll competition at the state convention the following awards were won: Safety Poster - Jeff Roush HM, Technical Drafting - Jeff Roush lst place and Randy Baker HM, Drafting Interpretation - Don Jackson lst place and Jeff Roush 2nd place, General Knowledge Test- Mark Peters 3rd place and Don Jackson HM, Technical Writing - Randi McQuistion HM, Research Paper - Jeff Miley 3rd place, Technical Speaking -Tony Nicholson lst place, and Extempora- neous Speaking - Eric Bush lst place and Jon Higgins 2nd place. Mount Gilead won lst place in the Chapter team and Industrial Bowl contests and was named the Outstanding Chap- ter in Ohio. Eric Bush was also selected as the Outstanding Industrial Arts Student in Ohio. ca- -Fl' SWDHYFK-11 vw!" IAC: Front Row: Mr. Merrill Brucker, Jeff Roush, Jon Higgins, Chad Casto, Jeff Hayes, Don Jackson, Tony Nicholson, Jeff Miley, Eric Bush, Steve McFarland, Travis Schindley. Row 2: Bob Ruhl, Doris Bevan, Jimmy Jones, Lane Miller, Keith Shipman, Bob Belcher, Ted Furniss, Tom Waddell, Mark Peters, Randi McQuistion, Mark Crawford, Rob Chalfant, Larry Skinner. Back Row: Randy Baker, Gail Snell, Tadd Nicholson, Troy Rhodebeck, Dan Swihart, Tim Hack, Jim Wise, John Harbaugh, Virgil Schofield, Bob Whitman, Andy Hoffman. Members of the Mount Gilead Chapter of the FFA par- ticipated in a wide variety of activities. As part of the chapter's Building Our American Community project, members of the chapter completed the construction of planter boxes in downtown Mount Gilead and new signs for the municipal recreation area. The chapter received a plaque in recognition of this project at the District 3 FFA Officers' Training School and Awards Banquet held at Pioneer JVS. In November Mount Gilead hosted the county Parliamentary Procedure Contest. The chapter received a gold rating, placing a close second to North- mor. Also in November, Advisor Roger Beck and a group of students toured several agri-business facilities and attended the National FFA Convention in Kansas City. The local chapter observed National FFA Week with May- or Giauque issuing an official proclamation. Again this year, the FFA sponsored Ag Day in the elementary schools. During the year Mount Gilead's judging teams competed and won trophies in contests at Wellston, West Muskingum, Wynford, and New Lexington. Several members of the chapter received individual awards this year. Tracy Schindley placed 3rd in the District Public Speaking Contest at Monroeville. Tracy and Lisa Bishop were selected to attend the National FFA Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. At the State Conven- tion, Brian Dye was chosen to play in the All-Ohio State FFA Band, and Tracy Schindley sang in the All-Ohio State FFA Chorus. Tom Gompf received his State Farmer De- gree at the convention. i Some of the Mount Gilead students attending the National FFA Convention pose for a picture outside the convention hall. They are CBottom5 David Compton, CRow 25 Rob Snyder, Scott Gompf, Troy Landon, QTop Rowj Mike Bush, Anthony Bush, Shannon Lemley, and Brian Gray. FFA: Front Row: Patty Baughman, Paul Palmer, Mary Jo Anthony, Earl Linder, Darren Shade, April Anthony, Tracy Schindley, Travis Schindley, Todd Ullom, Tom Gompf, Eric Bush, Bob Everly. Row 2: Brian Barnett, Brian Gray, Eric Walters, Steve McFarland, Matt Vanderkooi, Troy Landon, Andy Hershey, Shannon Lemley, Robin Trimble, Bill Mcloughlin, Melissa Zerman, Advisor Roger Beck. Row 3:James Massey, Sonny Ball, David Compton, Todd Scott, Shawn Murphy, William Stump, Jay Postell, James Greenawalt, Marty Wertz. Back Row:Jef Seckel, Corey Murphy, Bill Arnold, Anthony Bush, Curt Robinson, Rob Snyder, Brian Zerman, Randy Snyder, Randy Chilcote, Jeff Kilgour, Brian Dye. Y 9 9 Purple Pride Plays At Area Festivals The Marching Purple Pride of Mount Gilead High had a very busy year. Band members par- ticipated in the MOC and Brunswick marching band competitions and finished 3rd in the Brunswick contest. The Purple Pride marched in numerous parades beginning with the Bu- cyrus Bratwurst Festival, the Edison Zucchini Festival, and the Marion Popcorn Festival. Dur- ing the football season, the band performed at all of the games and presented a special half- time show at the Homecoming game. The pre- sentation of its annual concert ended the band's fall activities. At the end of the school year, the band marched in the Memorial Day Parade and performed at Cedar Point. The Purple Pride's All-Star Squad which was selected by the vote of members of the band are Melissa Hart, Eric Bush, Donna White, Steph- anie Shepard, and Krista Fix in the tree. BRASS SECTION: Front Row.'Melissa Hines, Jeanie Jason, Kelly Nesbitt, Eric Bush, Damon Osborne, Mike Kirk, Kirby Francis, Kirsten Carlson, Melinda Cardwell, Chad Casto. Row 2: David Griffey, Gail Mullett, Theresa Mullen, Brian Dye, Deb McAvoy, Melissa Hart, Susan Reid, Meegan Levering, Dee Branch, Alena Miller, Joel Seckel, Jeff Ghenco. WOODWIND SECTION: Front Row: Keith Votaw, Lizz Pollard, Tammy Van Houten, Lorie Mynhier. Row 2: Tricia Murphy, Kelly Plogher, Sheri Burns, Heidi Hull, Deana Peterson, Lee Ben- ton, Stacy Drake, Merrlly Jackson, Roxie Monk, Bonnie Van Sickle, Julie Mosier. Back Row: Melanie Marsh- man, Linda Lord, Yvonne Bartman, William Edwards, Craig Matney, Stephanie Shepard, Luke Taylor, Kelli Ashbrook, Audrey Troyer, Lori Gra- ham, Debbie DeBoard, Angie Moore, Debbie James. A 2 X 4, . , ,K MGHS MAJORETTES: Head Majorette Donna White, Lisa Bishop, Greta Loren, Jennifer Hootman. .lui .A Amy Applegate sets the beat at Cedar Point. . -f1sr ,:.' ss 1 Above: PERCUSSION SECTION: First Row: Krista Fix, Wendy Richards. Row 2: Dennis Geyer, Rod Benson, Marty Wertz, Paul Palmer, Angie Above., Gail Muuett ways some ..SeriouS,, music- Eggxliiy. Back Row: Todd Ullom, Andy Hoffman, Jom Higgins, Todd Below: MGHS FLAG CORPS: Captain Lisa Snyder, Angie Levings, Lisa Shoewalter, Connie Davis, Sheri Hall, Brenda DeBoard, Michelle Cotton, Angie Furniss, Kim Beall, Heidi Van Horn. Band Performs Many Times During The Year The Concert Band was involved in a number of musical activities this year. In addition to the annual Christmas, winter, and spring concerts, the band played at the O.M.E.A. large group contest. The band also performed at the Music Boost- ers' fourth annual Ice Cream Social which was held in the Cherry Street gymnasium. Playing for the Commencement exercises ended the band's activities. At the Spring Music Awards Banquet, Krista Fix re- ceived the John Philip Sousa Award for being selected the outstanding band member for the year. PERCUSSION SECTION: Standing: Todd Decker, Marty Wertz, Dennis Geyer. Row 2: Todd Ullom, Paul Palmer, Wendy Richards, Jeff Levings, Jon Higgins, Rod Benson. Back Row: Amy Applegate, Angie Harvey. WOODWIND SECTION: Front Row: Luke Taylor, Donna White, Melanie Marshman, Krista Fix, Debbie DeBoard, Steve Booth. Row 2: Bonnie VanSickIe, Roxie Monk, Julie Mosier, Merrily Jackson, Angie Moore, Lizz Pollard, Audrey Troyer, Brenda DeBoard, Jodi Farris, Linda Lord, Stephanie Shepard. Back Row: Stacy Siegfried, Sherri Burns, Tammy Hicks, Debbie James, Craig Matney, Yvonne Bartman, Kelly Plogher, Deana Peterson, Stacy Drake, Angie Levings, Greta Loren, Jennifer Hootman, Lorie Mynhier, Tammy Van Houten, Keith Votaw, Lori Graham. BRASS SECTION: Kneeling: Mike Kirk, Lorena Augenstein, Jeanie Jason, Kim Beall, Theresa Mullen, Gall Mullett, Kelly Nesbitt, Melinda Cardwell. Row 2: David Griffey, Andy Hoffman, Chad Casto, Melissa Hines, Meegan Lever- ing, Melissa Hart, Alena Miller, Brian Dye, Kirby Francis. Back Row: Joel Seckel, Damon Osborne, Dee Branch, Debbie McAvoy. ln Tree: Kirsten Carlson. Choir Gets "Excellent" Rating At Contest The Senior Girls' Ensemble gives its last performance at graduation. The Mt. Gilead High School Concert Choir and the show choir, Celebration, had an active year. ln addition to the annual Christmas, winter, and spring concerts, the choir was invited to sing carols at the State House Rotunda in Columbus for the second year. The concert choir received an "excellent" at OMEA large group con- test. They also sang for the Lenten Service at Edison United Methodist Church. The show choir sang for many service and social groups throughout the year. Both groups performed for the Music Boosters' annual Ice Cream Social. To end the year the concert choir and senior girls' ensemble sang at Commencement exercises. CELEBRATION: Tricia McHugh, Keith Votaw, Meegan Levering, Stephanie Shepard, Scott Curts, Angie Levings, Tammy Redmon, Nancy Whitman, Jodi Farris, Jeff Levings, Pam Bedwell, Angie Furniss, William Edwards, Susan Reid. CONCERT CHOIR: Front Row:Director Bruce Histed, Vicki McCrea, Doris Bevan, Tina Bunker, Lori Persinger, Lori Mynhier, Kim Beall, Meegan Levering, Angie Rankin, Nicki Wagner, Stacy Siegfried, Heidi Van Horn, Deb Burgandine, Melissa Hines, Tricia McHugh, Sherri Burns. Row 2: Kim Keith, Janet Fout, Linda Lord, Leana Scott, Theresa Mullen, Cindy Reed, Susan Hunt, Keith Votaw, Angie Furniss, Stephanie Shepard, Susan Reid, Noel Van Romer, Misti Cotton. Row 3: Gail Snell, Tracy Smith, Julie Mosier, Gail Mullett, William Edwards, Kelly Cook, Matt Bartholomew, Kirby Francis, Merrily Jackson, Matthew Beltz, Sheri Hall, Brenda DeBoard, Jodi Farris, Nancy Whitman. Back Row: Jody Edwards, April Spencer, Michelle Lambert, Brian Dye, Connie Davis, Vicki Rose, Todd Decker, Brenda Mullett, Tammy Redmon, Angie Levings, Lorena Augenstein, Jim Wise, Jeff Harbaugh, Jeff Levings. Mount Gilead DECA ls Tops In District The Mount Gilead DECA Club swept the annual district contest at Richland Mall in Mansfield. Mount Gilead placed first out of 18 schools with 85 points to sec- ond place Clear Fork's 42 points. Local students winning awards were Doris Bevan, Mitch Hutchin- son, Angela Jackson, Dawn Troyer, Pam Bedwell, Deena Maddy, David Griffey, Joe Ballard, Stacy Siegfried, Joey Jones, Becky Smith, Vicky Whitman, Maurice Graham, Gail Snell, Kathy Fricke, Melody Fletcher, Jamie Fisher, Julie Rogers, Bruce Ram- sier, Lynette Morgan, Christina Graham, Debbie Wiseman, Randy Gould, John Harbaugh, Cindy Morrison, Amy Guiher, Tracey Doran, Susan Hunt, Matthew Beltz. JUNIOR DECA: Front Row: Gail Snell, Debbie Burgandine, Doris Bevan, Kathy Fricke Shelly Machesky, Stacy Siegfried. Back Row: Lynette Morgan, Melody Fletcher, Paula Belbot, Bruce Ramsier, Angela Jackson, Debbie Wiseman, Becky Smith, Maurice Gra ham, Elizabeth Roach. tiff' SENIOR DECA: Front Row: Susan Hunt, Deena Maddy, Dawn Troyer, Pam Bedwell. Row 2: Tricia McHugh, Susan Wilcox, Lisa Bishop, Christina Graham, Heidi Hull, Cathy Knechtly, Vicky Whitman, Tracey Doran, Cindy Morrison. Back Row: Matthew Beltz Randy Gould, Dennis Geyer, John Harbaugh, Jamie Fisher, Joe Ballard, David Griffey, Mark Wiseman, Joey Jones. wg ' ,"": . J Front Row: Kathy Green, Pam Reed, Angie Rankin, Tonya Heacock, Melanie Marshman, Beth Bensley, Leana Scott. Back Row: Randy Baker, Jodi Rosenberger, Don Jackson, Michelle Hedrick, Brenda Muilett, Alicia Ault, Mrs. Robin Brucker. Front Row: Melody Fletcher, Pam Reed, Roni Rosenberger, Kelly Nesbitt, Lizz Pollard, Damon Os- borne, Shanna Levering, Kristen Fidler. Row 2: Mr. James Miller, Merrily Jackson, Lynette Morgan, Tom Cooper, Jodi Rosenberger, Michelle Hedrick, Angie Rankin, Jeanie Jason, Randi McQuistion, Brian Brinkerhoff. Back Row.'Jennifer Kimmey, David Griffey, Cindy Curl, Lisa Crawford, Alicia Ault. Kneeling: Lisa Shoewalter, Angie Levings, Greta Loren, Susan Reid, Donna White, Linda Lord, Kristin Fidler, Audrey Troyer, Tonya Heacock. Row 2: Melissa Hines, Brenda DeBoard, Debbie Burgandine, Michelle Cotton, Sheri Hall, Lisa Edwards, Lee Benton, Kelley Cook, Melinda Cardwell, Tonya Rupp, Kris Counts, Angie Furniss, Valerie Schimmoeller, Dee Branch, Donna Grimm, Michele Walter, Debbie George, Renee Corral. Back Row: Candee Harden, Lorena Augenstein, Deb McAvoy, Thad Fidler, Dick Nelson, Tim Hack, Jeff Roush, Jeff Harbaugh, Todd Decker, Mike Kirk. Art Club French Club Spanish Club Indian Express Staff National Honor Society Students Against Driving Drunk Doris Bevan, Gail Snell, Tony Nicholson, Tom Waddell, Dan Swihart, Jeff Miley, Rick Moss, Mike Bush, Eric Bush, Jim Wise, Advisor Merrill Brucker. 'i"'l5"' i' Knee-ling.'Tony Nicholson, Greta Loren, Misti Cotton, Stephanie Shepard, Kristin Fidler. Standing:Eric Bush, Krista Fix, Cindy Curl, Melissa Maslar, Teresa Rhodebeck, Mindy McChesney, Valorie McAvoy, Michele Palmer, Lisa Crawford, Roni Rosenberger, Cindy Comfort, Jeff Miley, Monty LaRue. Front Row: Jennifer Kimmey, Tammy Hicks, Angie Harvey, Kristin Fidler, Shelly Machesky, Misti Cotton, Susan Reid, Sherri Hall, Debbie Burgandine, Brenda DeBoard, Melinda Cardwell, Noel Van Romer. Back Row: Matt Bartholomew, Theresa Mullen, Gail, Mullett, Greta Loren, Angie Levings, Lorena Augenstein, Debbie McAvoy, Advisor Virginia Meyer, Jeff Harbaugh, Tom Strong. wx? Patricia Carr, Angie McMilIin, Sherry Persinger, Heidi Van Horn, Brenda DeBoard, Donna Grimm, Stacy Siegfried, Shelly Machesky, Kathy Fricke, Sherri Burns, Lori Persinger, Sherry Davis, Debbie DeBoard, Lisa Mills. Front Row: Advisor Cheryl Trivisonno, Melissa Maslar, Misti Cotton, Susan Reid, Kelli Ashbrook, Melody Fletcher, Lynette Morgan, Lisa Crawford. Back Row: Mark Peters, Mindy McChesney, Valorie McAvoy, Michelle Palmer, Kim Wolford, Advisor James Miller, John Harbaugh. Seated: Becky Collins, Shanna Levering, Shannon Kilgour, Mark White, Rollie Thill. Standing: Lisa Shoewalter, Advisor Dan Swagerty, Tracy Schindley, Krista Fix, Monty LaRue, Don Jackson, Jamie Fisher, Angie Rankin, Tressa Kincade. FHA Hero Mizpah Staff Student Council Ill- I-"TIE II lIll'l'l1'!'I'll"lTl'1V-1 ll children In Ruby Jackson s first grade present the play The Llt 'dest Pumpkin for therr parents fruends and relatlves I 'r , 2 l I . I " nz n IA A I ' x As a part of their observance of the Thanksgiving season the Junior High School Staff f' " fyyv i XF EVELYN SHOULTS FRANK PAULMAN JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL WW JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STAFF: Front Row: Marcia Cooper - Physical Education, Janet Yake - Home Ed. and L.D., Ann Campbell- English 8 and Reading 7, Joyce Giauque -Librarian, Cathy Oyster - English 7 and Reading 7, Virginia Meyer - Guidance Counselor. Row2: Rita Kimmey - Reading, Bob Castner - Physical Education and Health, Joanne Hill- Speech and Hearing, Robert Lust- ln- strumental Music, James Stockdale - Special Education. Back Row:John Oyster - Science 7 and Math 8, Frank Paulman - Junior High Principal, Wilford Keil - History 8 and Math 8, William Schindley - Industrial Arts, Olen Jackson Physical Education and Health, Cris King - Social Studies, Bruce Histed - Vocal Music, Edward Kimmey - Science 7 and Math 8. Staff Not Pictured: Dorothy Bishop - Math 7 and Algebra 8. Stacy Beck Tony Belden Gary Bennett Travis Benson Scott Burgandine Rob Bishop Tammy Bishop Yvonne Black John Blanton Jim Brey Scott Brocklesby Michelle Buckel Jeff Bunker Cathy Burns Dennis Busse Ryan Cardwell Matt Carwell Faith Casto Randy Casto Annette Celli Malinda Chalfant Tammy Chelette Dallan Christian John Christman T. J. Clark Wendi Clements Colette Colcott Tonya Collins Mel Comfort Nathan Cotton Lynn Denman Tony DePolo Tony Detwiler Denise Downer Shonda Eastridge Joe Edwards Jett Elliott Becky Evans David Fitzgerald Tim Frost Steve Fuller Ben Graham Michael Green Chris Grimm Shawn Hankins David Hatfield Cherie Hawk Teresa Heacock Randy Hinkle Brian Hoffman Melissa Hollingsworth Nathan Hull Debbie Hunt Melissa Hutchinson Lesa Jackson Brian Johnson Adam Kalb Harvey Keenan Robin Keene Lori Kehrwecker Coreena Kelsey Mary Lashley Bruce Levings Rachel Lindsay Kristen Maher Tyna Mann Reece Martin Kerry Martinez Shelly Mason Stacey Mattix Tina McFarland Mike McKinney Teresa McKinney Tish McLoughlin Jerry Miley Dennis Miller Troy Miller Melissa Moore Jerry Murray Bronwyn Naysmith Mark Owens Paul Pendleton Melissa Perry Shane Peters Kristi Peterson Robin Peterson Chanda Pfeifer Alicia Powers Ruby Prichard Jason Raber Lisa Redmon Cheryl Reed Frank Reymer Jason Rogers Eric Roush John Saylor Robert Scholes Lonnie Scott Jill Seckel Susie Sharp Walter Shelley Susan Shepard Kraig Shipman Bret Shoewalter Jim Shortridge Todd Snyder Melanie Spearman Sheila Spriggs Craig Staley Scott Stephenson Tracy Stetson Brian Stotts Christina Street Angie Trimmer John Trout Jon Turner Steve Underwood Dawn Walker Sandra Welch Colleen Welty Lisa West Heather Wilson Dawn Wiseman Joe Wright 1 Above: As a speech assignment in Mrs. Campbell's English class, John Christman explains trapping techniques and dis- plays some of his furs to the class. R1ght:Robin Peterson and Julie Seckel present a puppet show using Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf to illustrate child care to students in Home Ec. li' r ins. I! C i.i Q Q ,. Q V. ,, Q ir' gi 7 Kp, If iv 6 'Q .t rslt Q By playing the game Food Bingo, Sth grade Home Economics students learn the Basic Four Food Groups. Stacy Beck, Ma- linda Chalfant, and Melanie Spearman play the game. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM: The Ju- nior High football team was 2-3-1 forthe season and posted victories over Card- ington and Marion Edison. Front Row: Nathan Hull, Scott Stephenson, Travis Benson, David Fitzgerald, Jeff Elliott, Mike Green, John Trout. Row 2: Nathan Cotton, Jason Raber, Reece Martin, Paul Pendleton, Brett Shoewalter, Steve Fuller, Ryan Cardwell, Scott Bergandine, Back Row: Harvey Keenan, Kraig Ship- man, Joe Edwards, Jerry Murray, Adam Kalb, Mike McKinney, John Christman, Wally Shelley. EIGHTH GRADE BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM: The Eighth Grade basketball team placed second in the MOC tournament. The team completed their season with a 10-4 record. Front Row: Joe Wright, Mike McKinney, Kraig Shipman, Jeff El- liott, Mike Green, Todd Snyder. Back Row: Nathan Cotton, Jerry Murray, Adam Kalb, Joe Edwards, Rob Bishop, Scott Bergandine, Harvey Keenan, Assis- tant Coach Robert Webb. Absent: Coach Rex Yeagley. SEVENTH GRADE BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM: The Seventh Grade basketball team compiled a 7-7 season record. In the MOC tournament, the team finished in third place. Front Row: Joel Halfhill, Derek Jackson, Jimmy Reed, Tom Hack, Scott White, Paul Mills, Jon Edwards. Back Row: Sean Luzader, Scott Cook, Tim Beltz, Ronnie Jackson, Steve Bryan, Coach Jim Malone, Randy Osborne, Tom Kalb, Sheldon Campbell, Travis Rupp, Brian Monk. Girls' Team Compiles A 6-0 Season Record The Junior High Girls' track team compiled an impressive 6-O record in its regular season meets. The team also placed first in the Fredericktown Invitational and fifth in the Marysville Relays out of a field of fifteen teams. EIGHTH GRDE GIRLS' TRACK TEAM: Front Row: Robin Peterson, Kristen Maher, Susan Shepard, Malinda Chal- fant. Row 2: Cherie Thompson, Susie Sharp, Robin Keene, Cherie Hawk, Mi- chelle Buckel. Back Row: Tina McFar- land, Kerry Martinez, Melanie Spearman, Dawn Wiseman, Lori Kehrwecker, Jill Seckel. SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS' TRACK TEAM: Front Row: Jennifer Tschudi, Mindy Sta- ley, Kim Staiger, Nanette Crawford, Ab- bey Francis, Angie Davis, Row 2: Melissa Beuerlein, Sharla Sharrock, Cindy Sny- der, Teresa Gould, Kathy Denman, Cris- tine Wilson, Amy Vanderkooi. Back Row: Teri Morton, Susan Burden, Shanna Richards, Jenny Furniss, Cindy Toot, Dionne Noble. 54, GlLE U Q 'ALE -QXHLE4 3' , 40 et U' 'Z 5 Q x5,r,lLr,, wld 1 - Robin Keene, who was voted the most outstanding athlete at the Fredericktown Invitational, breaks the tape inthe 100 me- ters in 13.0 record time. Robin also set new meet records in the 220 and the long jump. J o A' . l fi I .if A Il ,..., JL E- Susan Shepard crosses the finish line to win the mile run at the Fredericktown Invitational. Boys Track Team Finishes Season At 5-1 The Junior High Boys' track team closed out its season by placing sev- enth out of fifteen schools at the Marysville Relays. For the regular season, the team had a record of 5-1 and finished second in the Frederick- town Invitational. EIGHTH GRADE BOYS' TRACK TEAM: Front Row: Brian Stotts, Lonnie Scott, Paul Pendleton, Jon Turner, David Mor- gason, David Fitzgerald, Randy Casto, Troy Miller. Row 2: Scott Stephenson, Travis Benson, Mike Green, Mike McKin- ney, Kraig Shipman, T.J. Clark, Brian Hoffman, Jim Brey, Coach Pete Dettra. Back Row: Nathan Cotton, Steve Fuller, Adam Kalb, Jerry Murray, Scott Burgan- dine, Dennis Busse, Matt Carwell. SEVENTH GRADE BOYS' TRACK TEAM: Front Row: David Simpson, Aaron Craw- ford, Jim Reed, Scott White, Jeff Bais- den, Scott Claffey, Jeff Moss. Row2:J.D. Junk, Derek Jackson, Ronnie Jackson, Brian Bulkowski, Sheldon Campbell, Chad Watkins, Tom Kalb, Corey Koep- pen. Back Row:Travis Rupp, Scott Cook, Randy Osborne, Clay Brady, Steve Bry- an, Joe Halfhill, Tom Hack, Chris Martin, Coach Pete Dettra. sw. . . ., Scott Burgandine puts all his effort into throwing the shot Scott Cook has good height and form as he competes in the long lump at Fredericktown. Junior High students crated a wide variety of out- fits for Funny Fashion Day. Some students with zany outfits are CBottom Rowj Jeff Ryan, Scott White, Scott Stephenson, fRow 22 Cherie Hawk, Jill Seckel, Sharla Sharrock, Jill Howard, CTop Rowj Tony Williamson, and Paul Mills. I7 David Siimpson, Melissa Beurerlein, and Kristin Bulkowski present a skit for their classmates. During the week of November 5-9 as part of a contest and community project, the Junior High Student Council sponsored a food collection for the Community Action Program. Over 550 food items were collected with Mrs. Cooper's homeroom winning the prize of a donut breakfast. Council advisor Ann Campbell, Kristin Maher, Shanna Richards, and Jerry Murray are shown packaging boxes of food. f Eel Q1 The Junior High choir, with Paul Pendleton accompanying, sings at the Music Boosters' ice cream social. In science class Dionne Noble assists Veterinarian William Taylor take a sample of blood from a dog to test the animal for canine heartwork disease. SEVENTH GRADE w f 1 3 l x i xt CM,,,,,,.,.,,W,,i, Qi Tammy Bachelder Jeff Baisden Jeff Batcheller Jeff Beechum Tim Beltz Shane Bennett Melissa Beuerlein Clay Brady Desi Branch Steve Bryan Brian Bulkowski Kristin Bulkowski Susan Burden Garry Caldwell Sheldon Campbell Sonja Chelette Scott Claffey Denise Clements Michele Cochran Tom Conkle Scott Cook Aaron Crawford Nanette Crawford Nikki Crum Angie David Helen Davis Kathy Denman Eric Disterdick Jon Edwards Candi Findling Kari Fisher Joseph Foor Abbey Francis Jennifer Furniss Staci Gleason Greg Goers Teresa Gould Monica Graham Stephanie Graham Jennifer Grau Connie Greenawalt Tami Grosh Tom Hack Joel Halfhill Kevin Hawkins Dawn Hinkle Ken Hollingsworth Scott Huffman Derek Jackson Ronnie Jackson J. D. Junk Tom Kalb Michael Kimmey Patty Kline Corey Koeppen Laura Levings Allen Little Sean Luzader Teddy Mann Becky Marshman Chris Martin Kim Martin Tammy Mason Matt Matney Tonya Metzger Matt Miller Paul Mills Brian Monk Teri Morton Jeff Moss Shelley Mynhier Dionne Noble Rick Ogden Charlie Oh Randy Osborne Kelly Perkins Michelle Plogher Jacquie Raber Jim Reed Kim Reinbeau Shanna Richards Michelle Riley Robyn Ruhl Travis Rupp Jeff Ryan Sharla Sharrock Tracy Sherman Sandra Shockley Chandra Shortridg Dennis Siegfried David Simpson Mike Sipe Michael Smith Paul Smith Cindy Snider Mona Sprague Kim Staiger Mindy Staley Pam Staley Eddy Stoner Dane Strait Boo Tansriya Susan Taylor Shelly Thomas Cindy Toot 6 Jennifer Tschudi Jenny Turner Scott Turner Amy Vanderkooi Mitch Walker Chat Watkins Gary Waugh Scott White Norman Wilcox Tony Williamson Cristine Wilson Christopher Young SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Bottom:Jenny Furniss. Center:Jenni fer Tschudi, Shanna Richards, Sharla Sharrock, Kristin Bulkowski. Top: Me lissa Beuerlein. EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Bottom:JiIl Seckel. Center: Lori Kehr wecker, Chris Street, Robin Peterson Dawn Wiseman. Top: Rachel Lindsay Cherry Street School Staff BONNIE GALLEHER PATRICK GIAR CHERRY STREET SECRETARY CHERRY STREET ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL CHERRY STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STAFF: Bottom Row: Karen Edwards - Kindergarten, Jane Perrin - Second Grade, Miss Cynthia Myers - DH, Bonnie Galleher - Secretary. Row 2:Jane Rathburn - Third Grade, Thel- ma May - Teachers' Aide, Patricia Trimble - Fourth Grade, Dolores Reut- ter - Third Grade. Top Row: Barbara Fricke - Fifth Grade, Patricia Rinehart - Fourth Grade, Jane Brucker - Third Grade, Judith Graham - Second Grade, Cathie Burson - Fourth Grade, Melody Houk - Second Grade, Karen Hawk - Substitute. Staff Members Not Present: Rhonda Dettra - Fifth Grade, Jerry Bloomfield - Fifth Grade, Barba- ra Doty - Art, Linda Kahler - LD, Sara Lindsey - Reading. Edison Elementary Staff ,iff EDISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STAFF: Bottom Row: Robert Lust - Instrumental Music, Earl Smith - Custodian, Theresa McWhorter - EMRXDH, Bob Castner - Physical Education, Edmund Fidler - Sixth Grade, Peter Dettra - Sixth Grade, Gladys Starlin - Fifth Grade. Row 2: Roberta Kalb - LD Tutor, Della Lyon - Sixth Grade, Phylis Miller - Sixth Grade, Helen Farrington - First Grade, Penny Reeve - Third Grade, Paula Hritz - Second Grade. Row 3: Marilyn Dix - Li- brarian, Bonnie Levering - Fourth Grade, Connie Higgins - Teachers' Aide, Ann Bloomfield - LDXBD, Luane Gale - Vocal Music, Stephanie Roarty - Edison School Principal. Top Row: Linda Gray - Edison School Secretary, Doris Baird - Second Grade, Jan Cox - Teachers' Aide, Nancy Maslar - Kindergarten, Joanne Hill- Speech and Hearing, Roberta Sample - Second Grade. i. 'iii ' . .f, ar. Y N , mv, 4. h , we ! y A A fr: y . rf i, 4 V, af' .1 ,:,gMz1,-3' ,I s 1 ,J , N, f , 874. L L ,H - .,.. .,,. ..- .- ..,c,, ...C ......W. g.., .op Mr. Dettra gives a group of six grade campers the low down on hape. survival in the wilderness, ,we 1 :-v SIXTH GRADE: Front Row: Troy Kin- cade, Ray Mullen, Dawn Shade, Shane Schaffer, Jeri Taylor. Row 2: Kelly Beall, Willie Prichard, Mike McCreary, Shannon Thompson, Bob Drake, Jenny Higgins, Heather Ow- ens, Suzi Decker. Back Row: Mr. Pete Dettra, Heidi Weaver, Bill Baldwin, Melissa Ohler, Brandy Keen, Tom Smith, Scott Austin, Eric Haycook, Harold Smith, Bill Best. Absent: Bob Snyder. SIXTH GRADE: Front Row:Scott Trim- mer, Brian Perry, Travis Redmond, Mike Binau, Andy Drake. Row 2: Elaine Walters, Rhonda Mynhier, La- rissa Skinner, Amy Smith, Holly Hart, Kellie Bradley, Lizzy Baughman. Row 3: Tony lman, Travis Wright, Jason Brooke, Mike McAvoy, Robert Walker, Mandy George, April Van Romer, Becky Lyon, Jennifer Adams. Back Row: Mr. Edmund L. Fidler. SIXTH GRADE: Front Row: Kelly Wilt, Matt Peterson, Mike Beck, Blaine Yeagley, DeeDee Fissell, Chris Con- grove. Row 2: Lisa Scott, Melanie Kur- tich, Billie Jo Swain, Richard Scarberry, Chris Parker, Jeremy Chubb, Robbie Miller. Back Row: lnez Wright, Jackie Lewis, Chris Ogle, Kim Hollingsworth, Carrie Cole, Julie Scott, Angie Smith, Niki Streib, Amy Wilson, Mrs., Phylis Miller. Absent: Paul Bidwell, Angie Celli, Terri McCoy, Jeremy Landon. 5' Y 1 Flll E llll W SIXTH GRADE: Front Row: Brian Farley, Joel Hedrick, Spencer Bennett, Crystal McCurdy, Jason Webb, Jen- ny Hill, Debbie Kirk, John Powell, Jeremy Shipman, Ali- son Quinn, Wendi Garverick. Row 2: Travis Kidwell, Jon Mermann, Wendy Morgason, Todd McQuistion, Ray Van Horn, Doug Jackson, Ray Castner, Marilynn Clark, Wanda Comfort, Carrie Os- borne, Brandie Salisbury, Trina Stump. Back Row: Mrs. Della Lyon. ln the sixth grade boys' relay race on Field Day, Jeremy Lan- The sixth garde choir performs as part of the program for the Music Boosters' ice cream social. don hands off the baton to Jeremy Chubb. P 'W FR-M16 , D,,. ,yy,, ,,.Z 3.115 After being the big one-day sellers in the magazine selling con- ,, . . . . . test, Marilynn Clark and John Powell earned their class the glass Wmdow deggns from 3 project In the Study of medmval right to have Claude for a day. Because of their great selling mstory' job, Mrs. Lyon's class got to keep Claude permanently. Amy Wilson and Kim Hollingsworth display their "stained While studying advertising in reading class, Jackie Lewis, Josh Mason, Matt Peterson Cln Boxj, Jenny Higgins, and Angie Smith use the bandwagon technique for advertising their prod- uct Funky Punky Detergent. Miss Barbara Doty gives six graders assistance on their art projects. Six graders take turns working in the cafeteria. Billie Jo Swain, April Van Romer, and Doug Jackson do a great on the trays. On Field Day, Elaine Walters, Jenny Higgins, and Angie Smith watch Debbie Kirk take her turn in the long jump. 'i T'vw Heidi Weaver, Eric Haycook, and Billy Baldwin show Mr. Dettra the Christmas decorations they made for the Bank One Christ- mas tree. Mrs. Miller's social studies class takes a walking historical tour of Edison. ' Literary Week Centers On Mountain Life For author Cynthia Rylant Week, the first grade teachers and students at the Primary Center dress as people in the mountains would dress. -MWHMM. x Awww !,.-Q.-fl School marm Barbara Fricke gives her little "mountaineers" a spelling test. Cynthia Rylant, the author of sev- eral books for children, visited the Cherry Street and Edison Elemen- tary Schools on March 14th and 15th. Many of the classes dressed as characters based on her book, "When I Was Young in the Moun- tains". After her presentation to each group of students, she an- swered questions and autographed books. Her visit culminated several weeks of art, music, literary, and craft activities centered around the "mountain" theme of several of her books. Above: Author Cynthia Rylant signs as autograph for Edison fifth grader Jason Fletcher. Left: Music teacher Luane Gale uses a mountain zither to ac- company one of her music classes. "SlS! BOOM! BAH!" a youth musical was presented by the Cherry Street fifth graders. Music teacher Mrs. Luane Gale, with the help of the fifth grade teachers, directed the production. The two-act, fun-filled football musical was about school spirit, teamwork, never giving up, and doing your best no matter what you do. Right: The school spirit at Whatcha- macallit High is extremely low. Knute Rockne CMark Bennettj gives advice to Coach Agnes Gooch CKristi Grahamj dur- ing a pep rally for the team and student body. Rockne says, "Just think about beating State." Below: Team captains Kevin Kelley Ueremy Batchellerj from Whatmacallit High and Billy Bully CDewayne Westh from State wait for the flip of the con from referees CRyan Pen- dleton and Joshua Smithb. FIFTH GRADE: Front Row: Bob- by Grimm, Andy Cotton, Ron Ness, Mike Fricke. Row 2: Jer- emy Batcheller, Nicky Simpson, Larry Persinger, Bobby Mc- Hugh, Sheila Howard, Lori Best, Cathy Casto, Brenda Greer, Mindi McAvoy, Ryan Curtis, Tra- cy Korody. Back Row: Kristi Graham, Angela Morgason, Mark Nuce, Kevin Cook, Tony Hupfer, Tim McKinriiss, Joshua Smith, Jay Osborne, Michelle Van Sickle, Delisa Garris, Ted Betz, Shane Chellette, Dewayne West. Absent: Mrs. Rhonda Dettra. l Q., 'iiffl Winner! mi eww--.L f-W . U14 . V , 1 r as A1 FIFTH GRADE: Front Row: Patty Cor- dle, Shanna Stansbery, Carla Castle, P.T. Hedrick, Tami Foor, Nikki Black, Kelly Sinden, Pam Powers. Row 2: Luke Hill, Heidi Cover, Jason Fletcher, Jackie Feustel, Gwen George, Tracy McCoy, Amy Casto, Mae Larkin. Back Row: Jeff Murray, Mike Jiles, Dwight Wiley, Aaron Casto, Bryan Damron, Chrissy Hoffman, Tiffany Czahor, Jeni Murphy, Michelle Bartman, Angie Turner, Mrs. Gladys Starlin. Absent: Tina Huffman, Jessie Reeder. FIFTH GRADE: Front Row: Kerry Toot, Carla Puckett, Heather Bensley, Sandy Grau, Keith Brown, Mark Ben- nett. Row 2: Angie Weir, Autumn Naysmith, Heidi Sprague, Rob James, Adam Rensch, Jeff Ogle, Scott Rans- bottom, Brian Levering, Carl Harruff, Mike Neal, Kevin Overmoyer. Back Row: Beth Vonder Embse, Craig Ed- gell, Joel Freese, Ryan Pendleton, Steve Hack, Shawn Kehrwecker, Ryan Miller, Dulcy Miller, Malia Tor- rey, Karie Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Barbara Fricke. FIFTH GRADE: Front Row: Lisa Pridemore, Jenny Sheets, Jenny Gress, David Young, Bil- ly Greenawalt, Robert Ba- chelder, Bobbie Jo Downer, lvy Hedrick, Dawn Marshman, Brooke Fuller, Shannan Scholes. Back Row: Brian Moss, Chad Williams, Danny Shelley, Michael Gustafson, Mark Carwell, Jenny Buchan- an, Penny Wolford, Jason Scott, Amber Clark, Melissa Geyer, Angie Mullins, Damon Durre, Kevin Ferrington. Ab- sent: Mr. Jerry Bloomfield. Fifth grade band l'Tlel'T1bel'S JaSOl"l Fl6tCl'leT and Nicky Simpson is dressed in her best Autumn Naysmith play a trumpet duet at the Mu- "go to meetin"' mountain costume sic Boosters' ice cream social. for Cynthia Rylant week. V Yfgaynnsn I LJOQD For book sharing time, Autumn Naysmith and Kristi Graham present a skit for their book. Kristi is a drumstick. FOURTH GRADE: Front Row: 'E JA, W Andy Davis, Kim Stanley, Bran- yu dy Griffith, Tracy Shaffer, Linda Finchman, Robert Davis. Row 2: Jolene Powell, Andy Baughman, Michelle Shinaberry, Brad Swain, Jenni See, Nathan Say- ers, Christine Shelley, Jason Shipman, Stephanie Bartley, Matt Denman. Back Row: Bud- dy Rose, Bobbie Jo Huffman, Justin Jason, Danella Branch, Jessica Raber, Larry Mason, Nikki Landon, Thirza Chard, Ca- sey Thomas, Heather Morton, Mrs. Cathie Burson. FOURTH GRADE: Front Row: Thomas Steinhelfer, Bruce Shockley, Jamie Paxton, Paul Bircher. Row 2: Tony Mathews, Kipp Friend, Abby Haag, Jahna Street, Annette Pfeiffer, Steve Pfeifer, Michelle Higgins, Paula Schimmoeller, Andrea Lanum. Back Row: Scott Bunker, Jenny Batcheller, Lori Normant, Bobbi Jo Wilson, Jody McLain, Christy Roush, Jenny Crawford, Kristen Dye, Eric Watkins, Shannon Campbell, John Burgandine, Jo- dee Seckel. Absent: Myron Clark, Mrs. Pat Rinehart. ,vi ik '- 'K il" , A W e ' 1, ': Tj' ' 'frm , I , ..,..,,, . ,.,, ,... M., . , -i--1 - ww FOURTH GRADE: Front Rowf John Keith, Robert Park, Mike Ashcraft, Jason Gheen, Mike Wood, Matt Owens. Row2:Jeremy Gordon, Sean Snyder, Shane Smith, Trent Kincade, Roxanna Wilt, Tsawya Van Romer, Tonya Bailey, Rachel Crawford, Me- lissa Tate. Back Row: Mrs. Bonnie Levering, Angelina Roberts, Leslie.Snyder, Bud- dy Powell, Jeremy Stafford, Jason Hanes, Daniel Hord, Jeremy Bailey, Kara Gallo- way, Misty Orcena, Jennifer Dodds. Wayne Belden, Bobby Con- v.. I M, n , Jnwmm I U - .W ..,, ,. W.. ' 1 f , - ly ' v"U'l'9f 1 ly An, 3 l..7m',? pg .C , 'fx K f -V X! nt .f TZ fig S--3 ' l 1 5' i 4 , tx Q Nh .wr 0 . H l ' f' f Q.. Gift L fm i 'f 2 Y Q ff Nanwzgsw "'1f'i-fl' l., X IZLEJQ1 J' 'Q I ' 2 RLX4 ,figyx ---it 1, lil ' 7. 'V 5- ,,RQY l L v X V. Cho: ,Q Z5 'V ' .1 444 I Y tram I . ' QA. .ww 3 hum My '-Nav, F 5 QT 'ffflt .lf.'..,n 5""Et4" J-Us -'-I :ktga,tiLC.H1 N1 13, X ns Tfmy i my y . , M Z ,W ,.. f . A it Maint... lflklll I .. ti grove, Jeremy King, Joe Malena Greer, Nichole Bais- den, Brandy Wren, Jeannette Chase, Stacy Welch, Scott Main, Corie Evans, Joshua Hershey, Angela Loffer, Jere- mie West. Back Row: Miss Patricia Tribble, Toni Mann, Shannon Ross, Christopher Conant, Kerrie Van Sickle, Nicky McHugh, Vicki Collins, Jennifer Zerman, Jenny Street, 'Michelle Quinn, Brid- get Webb, Kathy Strayer. Each student in Miss Tribble's reading class developed a quilt square illustrating and writing the title of their favorite book. Wayne Belden, Charlie Snyder, Jeannette Chase, Jeremie West, and Scott Main are pictured with the Reading Quilt which was displayed on the hall bul- letin board in Cherry Street. FOURTH GRADE: Front Row: Fultz, Charlie Snyder. Row 2: THIRD GRADE: Front Row: Jon Tschudi, Nicole Shinaberry, Charlene Blanton, Justin Harruff, John Carwell, Mike Thompson, Jerry Korody, Carl Caldwell. Row 2: Angie Groves, Sherri Congrove, Lindy Fitzgerald, Brittany Tobin, Hallie Wagner, Brent Rush, Mike Friend, Chuck Sterling, Michael Martinez. Back Row: Robert Frost, Tina Newsome, Robyn Kline, Bryan Vanderkooi, Jerry Bailey, Bobby Man- ning, Ed Finchman, Dominic DePolo, Mrs. Jane Rathburn. Absent: Racquel Downer. THIRD GRADE: Front Row: Shelly Ross, Bobby DeBoard, Jeff Bryan, Gary Hackworth, Mike Lufaso, Mandy Kehrwecker, Melanie Stockdale, Nikki Robinson, Shawn Shipman. Row 2: Rebecca Jackson, Amie Clements, Clayton Hershner, Matt Leonard, Travis Yoakam, Aaron Bush, Jeremy Keith, Brandon McClelland. Back Row: Shane Clark, Ebben Sample, Adam Castner, Corri West, Angie Ly- ons, Susie Von der Embse, Ricky Welch, Anne Strunk, Mrs. Dolores Re- utter. Absent: Jamie Thomas. THIRD GRADE: Front Row:Jason Rog- ers, Andy Sherbourne, Bryan Guy, Ja- son Jennings, Ryan Snyder, Robbie Thomas, Jamie Lilly. Row 2: Jennifer Dailey, Suzy Blanton, Tracy Barnett, Julie Morgason, Jaime Wells, Amy Lindsey, Karen Overmoyer, Ann Ma- rie Frazier, Emily Wasserman. Back Row: Nathan Richardson, Shawn McClelland, Sean Williams, Aaron Haycook, Adam Staley, Peter Wasser- man, Shawn Malone, Jeremy Burns, Michael Leonard, Cory Collins, Mrs. Jane Brucker. l THIRD GRADE: Front Row: Don Fissell, Erica Galloway, Glenn West, Mandy Czahor, Eric Powell, Robert Fitzpatrick, Jill Richards, Dinah Hoffman, Casey Roy, Jessica Van Horn, Amanda Bradley, Angie Ryan. Row 2: Marla Wolfe, Brian Cordle, Jennifer Gordon, Quenton Edwards, Chucky Starlin, Chad Disterdick, Brian Pangborn, Becky Larkin, Billy Howell, Mike Gerasimof, Margie Bruning, LeeAnn Gollehon, Georgann Brey. Thirza Chard CLeftJ and Michelle Higgins lead the fourth grade girls' sack race at Field Day. Edison second and third graders visit Chet Snyder's sugar camp, Edison school aide Jan Cox explains the syrup-making operation to the students. SECOND GRADE: Front Row: W Jason Hammond, Jeremy Eichler, Scott Lambert, Don- ald McCurdy, Jessica Wren, April Steinhelfer, Tracy Miller, Rachel Mills, Stacey Blanton, Lisa Ashcraft, Mi- chelle Dorsten. Back Row: Mrs. Jane Perrin, Brian To- bin, Jason Williams, Samuel Kalb, Travis Waddell, Nathan Wilt, Michael Russell, Jona- than Corwin, Jessica Her- shey, Amber Franks, Tara Meadows, Michelle Hawk. SECOND GRADE: Front Row: Jason Weber, Brandi Grosh, Farah Scott, Billy Reinbeau, Joanna Peterson, Cecil George, Lynn Golden, Trisha Hart, Heather Brooke, Lisa Wilt, Anna Patterson, Leah Johnson. Row 2: Chain Bilger, Gerry Persinger, Gary Staley, Adam Dean, Alan Gordon, Danny Arndt, Jer- emy Gable, Travis Smith, Chris Wood, Mark Gustafson, Mandy Jones, Mark Meftah. Back Row: Mrs. Judith Graham. SECOND GRADE: Front Row: Mike Lyons, Jon Chubb, Ran- dy Smith, David Baldwin, Chantel Porter, Mary McKnight, Tonya Howard, Heather Strait, Stacy Som- mers, Steven Hardin. Back Row: Kenneth Bircher, Mike Morrison, David Finchman, Jake Frost, Mike Pridemore, Sherri Reed, Amanda McCar- dle, Tim Sloulin, Jeff Young, Joseph See, Benji Mosher, Dale Damron, Miss Melody Houk. 2 flW""""T ,. , ,.,. .,,, . ,,.,..V Azvl my .,,,, , , Q , ,V -, O mai On election day Mrs. Jackson's room set up a voting precinct to vote for president and sheriff. Precinct workers Carrie Co- lumber, Sarah Porter, Trevor Ward, and Stacy Mathews ex- plain voting rules to Eric Masterson from Mrs. Craner's room. , l SECOND GRADE: Front Row: Dean Paxton, Chris Huffman, Kenny Mounts, Brent Cover, Steve Postell, Chris Reeder. Row 2: Matthew Hanshaw, Larry Leonhard, Nathan Hartpence, Tracy Kidwell, Jessica Binau, Tracy Lanum, Janice Parker. Back Row: Danielle Buckel, Lisa Corbin, Shawn Thompson, Bridget Browning, lsakimi Van Romer, Clifford Kaiser Jr., Jean Kincaid, Christine Kyle, Mrs. Paula Hritz. SECOND GRADE: Front Row: Jeremy Conant, Annette Grimm, Jeramie Lackey, Owen Miller, Eric Shaffer, Michael Dodds, Jasmine Lanum, Erica Rensch, Frank Hamilton, Geoff George. Row 2: Mike Murphy, Leslie Wood, Stephanie Cole, Matthew Harper, Shawn Stansbery, Michele Weir, J. Clover, Tyler Schindley, Kyle Oyster, Amy Beardsley, Michael Waugh, Doug West. Back Row: Mrs. Bobbie Sample. N . 'M my .SF ,. it 1 E ,,, Student dress in Mrs. Graham's second grade reflects the elementary school theme of "Mountain Mania" on Cynthia Rylant Day. FIRST GRADE: Front Row: Nathan Newson, Stephanie Jones, Melissa Corwin, Tonya Brown, Trevor Hershner, Chris Miller, Jim Jones. Row 2: Craig Lewis, Tina Loffer, Missy Rush, Jill Freese, Gerrilin Eggleston, Sidney Chard, Alona Starlin, Jason Seitz. Back Row: Mrs. Mary Craner, Billy Eusey, Tammy Rine, April Bal- dwin, Ben Yeagley, Chad VanSickle, Sarah McKinniss, Susan Bill. FIRST GRADE: Front Row: Nikki Pow- ell, Nathan Rogers, Jessica Hershner, Victoria Jordan, Willie Tate, Row 2: Russell Kuykendall, Toby Edgell, Shawn Sharp, Larry Harrod, Erica Banks, Shannon Robinson, Sara Bal- dwin, Seth Jackson. Back Row: Mrs. Anna Mary Cronenwett, Angie Ogden, Tiffany Shaffer, Nikki Mathews, Ruth Ann Martinez, Shane Smith, Brooke, Arndt, Jessika Russell, Erin Bland, Duane Boggs, Tina Grau. FIRST GRADE: Front Row: Linda Mounts, Jesse Stockdale, Trevor Ward, Paula Landon, Clay Hedrick, Rachel Coldwell, Eddy Best, Steph- anie Bloomfield. Row 2: Chad Hershner, Joslyn Mills, Stacy Math- ews, Brooke Montgomery, Andrea Nelson, Joshua Baldwin, Cris Boehm, Andrew Haag, Ronda Torrey. Back Row: Mrs. Ruby Jackson, Carrie Co- lumber, Leah Blocksom, Whitney Gar- verick, Sarah Porter, Barry Morris, Matthew Shockley, Terry Howard. Ab- sent: Lacie Richardson. M wxaff FV" J . ...Q , ll ,wf 35353-gllllllll 'jf rs Mindy Hawk and Charity Howell work on a ,M W i liii J Miller and Stacy Beam make Halloween owls during art V M' Mi.: V, ,M V . ' - xg. I----I 1, z Jennifer Stearns, Jason Co- nant, Sean Cordle, Jamie Pangborn, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ricky Bowens, Nicholas Sulli- van, Roger Kincaid, Ben Gal- loway, Jeremy Ashba, Kim Hilgenberg, Timmy West. Row 2: Travis Miller, Connie Richey, Jon Fletcher, Chris Miller, Niki Mulvaine, Scott Geyer, Jacob Gerasimof, Vickie Cole, Missy Hol- sionger, Thomas Stotts, Ryan Hartpence, Bobby Starlin, Carrie Fout. Back Row: Miss Helen Farrington. bn, :,Ynnk' Following a story by curriculum coordinator Mrs. Short, Mrs. Cronenwett's first graders create Perky Pumpkin's house. Mrs. Short helps students cut out jack-0-lanterns. Mrs. Craner's first graders play "Upset the Color Wheel" as a part of Mrs. Doty's art class. FIRST GRADE: Front Row: CHERRY STREET MORNING KINDER- GARTEN: Front Row: Jamie Jones, Kelly Betz, Crystal Baker, Richard James, Joni Stevens, Lilly Wasser- man, April Dix, Ryan Shinaberry, Toni Wood, Eric Riley. Back Row: Jacob Meadows, Trinity George, Keith Har- ruff, Sarah Swain, Jason Whipple, Cori Toot, Samantha Hutchinson, Joshua Peterson, Rita West, Tammy Smith, Mrs. Karen Edwards. Absent: Jessica Keirns, Angie Lyons. CHERRY STREET AFTERNOON KIN- DERGARTEN: FRONT ROW' Bobby Copley, Mandy Hawk, Brooke Franks, Margaret Sterling, Charity Howell, Mike Lyons, Jason Downard, Robin Wine, Annette Martinez, Billy Catron. Back Row: Jeremiah Batcheller, Amanda Staley, Mindy Hawk, Nick Van Horn, Tammy Persinger, Jody Greer, Billy Waddell, Butch Newson, Wendy Trubee, Joey Paxton, Mrs. Ka- ren Edwards. Absent: Andy Mills. PRIMARY CENTER MORNING KIN- DERGARTEN: Front Row: Chad Sny- der, Lisa Guy, Amanda Hammond, Kevin Fitzgerald, Kenny West, Mandy Brady, Amy McLain, Clayton Grau, Scott Shinaberry, Jason Mosher, Chris Shinaberry. Back Row: Mrs. Ka- ren Galleher, Joey Pearce, Alan Fra- zier, Jeremy Clements, Heather Moore, Jenny Stojkovic, Shawn Dor- sten, Elizabeth Smith, Julie Harden, R. J. Nixon, Phillip Wood. ... L4 A A -Je f .V --'-e ff all we .4 N ", W I, 63 491,13 ttf PRIMARY CENTER AFTERNOON KIN- DERGARTEN: Front Row: Kelly Kearns, Brandi Tobin, Mike Henson, Rachel Ruhl, Shawna Grimsley, Brian Korody, Amanda West, Cheryl Welch, Heather Hamilton, Ryan Thoman, Back Row: Mrs. Karen Galleher, Dan- ielle Conkle, Jeremiah Jordan, Ryan Irons, Jessica Jobe, Shelly Frost, Sa- rah Counts, Rebecca Jones, Stacy Beam. Absent: Sarah Morrison. EDISON MORNING KINDERGARTEN: FRONTROW' Ricky Gullett, Mack Hol- trey, Kurt Hildebrand, David Wren, Stacey Smith, Rebecca Lackey, Me- linda Ebert, Holly Cox, Heather Long, Cristin King, Travis Fleshman. Back Row: Myria Edwards, Tammy Miller, Aaron Sample, Beau Seaburn, Mathew Griffith, Stacey Hanes, Kim- berly Bailey, Emily Patterson, Tanya Clark, Amy Hartman, Tara Hines, Mrs. Nancy Maslar. EDISON AFTERNOON KINDERGAR- TEN: Front Row: Timothy McKnight, Troy Fleschman, Scot Billings, Mi- chelle Malone, Crystal Turner, Jeri- miah Carpenter, Chad Gheen, Brandy Gheen, Jeremy Hetrick. Row 2: Mary Ellen Haney, Brett McCoy, Vanessa Ashba, Richard Kuykendall, Patrick Bradley, Phillip McCurdy, Mandy Gheen, Amber McDaniels, Kevin Fitz- patrick. Back Row: Mrs. Jan Cox - Aide, Mrs. Nancy Maslar. 47. ,MW Wmfwmwmwwwirw, "wv3fwmv,-..m.,MW,wm.m,M.. , , , , ' ' V V 'L I K , W, 1,1 ,453 f ff ,1 q'Wg?T Q ff 3 n:4ghZ:Q4gg.2,f, ,,f y,f 12W,,' , f,M,3'1,,,, , ,3, f I -.L' Ill 2 , nf I ffm, I X I ,xx , X' ,M ,., Q ff ,J W J iz. f ff ,, ffrf 'X u , ff' f Y M W X ff A y , a is X Sfb ,L V is A , f ,H A f my X f A x - - 1 - NEW IDEAS ff NEW FASHIONS voun BEST Bc Q PHUTI1xf1'11'IC4u5iIlf7f E QM P11010 n ite? fi 4M?ha dwphdw P fx. 5' DAVE KARLE s. cnmc. ALGUIRE 645-, Gpvgxgw as OWNERS t X. fL:'f'i'- , l'.3..5fff' , ,rn V Vrxk My NNW, , ,,V,, WHETSTONE FURNITURE FACTORY 7k 77fofmw Howdy, SEINITI IN' EL 138 YEARS OF SERVICE 5 7 t T-1 ,xfly RESTORE THAT OLD FURNITURE lQ?f',, -.T'. STRIPPING - CANING I REFINISHING -vi H- ' FACTORY LOCATION WHETSTONE INDUSTRIES 21 NORTH MAIN STREET 406 BANK STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO MOUTN GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-6971 ALL THE SCHOOL NEWS EVERY WEEK 18 WEST HIGH STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-3010 121 BANK UNE E.-'E MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO CARDINGTON, OHIO MARENGO, OHIO PHONE.' 946-3015 PHONE.' 864-6036 PHONE.' 253-4681 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I LEVERING BROS DAIRYLAND INC. , . PLUMBING If AIR CONDITIONING Save wlfh 0UI' Daily HEATING I' ELECTRIC WIRING SPECIALS! 4436us RT 42 CARDINGTON OHIO 43315 PHONE. 419 864 3921 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS sI.usHES BELTZ GREENHOUSE SHAKES SANDWICHES FLGRIST MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD OHIO 242 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE: 946-3933 MOUNT GILEAD OHIO PHONE 946 9137 WEAVER'S IGA FOODLINER AUTHORIZED HOOVER DEALER - SALES AND SERVICE PHONE: 946-5861 720 MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD OHIO I Put Lunber 1 to work for ou 01985981 I t y 91 Real Estate Corporation. I-,qu IH g OpportunityQ INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED OUR YOUTH - OUR TOMORROW GEORGIA CARPEIINC. STATE ROUTE 95 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 946-5326 THE HOBBY HORSE CRAFT SUPPLIES AND CLASSES PICTURE FRAMING 20 WEST HIGH STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 124 JI M SPIRES REALTY 198 WEST HIGH STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 43338 PHONE: 419-947-2555 TM ' IIB RFAIYOR' VCR RENTALS 57.00, S9.00, 81 512.00 MOVIE RENTALS 352.00 PER DAY RENT 3 AT A TIME 81 GET 4TH FREE. Video A MAIN STREET MARENGO, OHIO PHONE: 419-253-8091 HOURS: MONDAY-SATURDAY 12:00 NOON - 8:00 PM Video A- II 16 WEST HIGH STREET CNEXT TO SENTINELJ MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 419-946-8406 HOURS: MONDAY-SATURDAY 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM C 81 D Chevyl0I s THE PLACE TO BUY LASTING CHEVY VALUE ' I CHEVROLET -A ? ,E f A T3-.",1fi1,v I PARTS'SEfW'CE A Y ..-f-" 'Tyvek - Mwwwyd, COME IN AND SEE THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN MORROW COUNTY RICK LUPICA SEE DON WILLIAMS PETE BELT WES WILLIAMS MARK HARTMAN BILL WOODROW FOR ALL YOUR CAR NEEDS 144 SOUTH MAIN STREET PHONE 946 9015 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO KEITH'S FLOWER SHOP f MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO FTD PHONE: 946-4866 .WMM 28 NORTH MAIN STREET Q, Q- Qbltn M099 PHO,- SPECIAL OCCASIONS In 'Z' WEDDINGS .. , PORTRAITS by . , Q6 .nn- lf a TME ICPT G 9602669 III PICTURE YOURSELF WITH US! 9:30-5:00 TUES-FRI. 9:30-12:30 SATURDAY OTHER HOURS BY APPOINTMENT RON 81 PAT GROGG 116 WEST HIGH ST. MT. GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINING 84 PARTS STUDIO: C4193 947-5190 FORMING HOME: C4195 768-3475 515 NORTH EAST ST. GALION, OHIO 44833 PHONE: Q419D 468-5214 A' 'A Ak SHOPPER'S S COMPASS FREE TO OVER 12,400 HOMES WEEKLY POTENTIAL READERSHIP OF OVER 49,000 GUARANTEED CIRCULA TION 114 IBERIA STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 419-946-6681 GEYER'S SUPER VALU M , A......A. . IBERIA STREET PHONE: 946-3956 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO i ywvydea Gvunefzaf Jfome 76 SOUTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-4881 NG COW? OWNER ROSE ARNOLD 16 WEST HIGH ST MOUNT GILEAD OHIO PHONE: 946-7197 ' GJ 8.1-!.5" 115 NORTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 947-1065 127 CAMPBELL AUTO SUPPLY l5Ut'a qf HICKSON INSURANCE HEADQUARTERS FOR , . ALL CAR - TRUCK - TRACTOR - PARTS MOUNT GILEAD MARENGO 22 Sou 946-4055 253-2202 PHO Q+OQ'5O+O4-'OO-"lO4Of'0f'OO-+-DO+OO+O0"D9f9Q"QO+5 PIZ A HOUS IF YOU LIKE GOOD PIZZA - YOU LL LOVE OURS OPEN FOR LUNCH MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 11:00 AM TO 1.'O0 PM MON. TUES. WED. THURS. 4-11 PM FRI. 84 SAT 4-12 PM SUN. 4-11 PM PHONE.' 946-8933 vw 4, 149 IBERIA STREET MOU Y 5 3 5 I TH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD OHIO NE 946 6055 O4 1-6000040 --H-ma.-L V Q71 fl" N 000045 - 4 I+, I fe' PHONE 'ASERVING ALL OF MORROW COUNTY" iw: Q. f -. Q f :Q w +' Q.. wr Q In 'fx Q :Q z Q rf +. A 3 s, js' I 651 I s 'nj I U I s, gy Q I .9 ' I f' Iv , l I I , 02- + .91 1 ' f I I ' .9 I , ' . Q I A IIN 1 NL' 9' 2 . 1 +1 .v I I I 1 s I T GILEAD, OHIO so 3'++O:'.0'97'f+'i:"fG"0f',6"li+'-lgr,O+-09.0-'-b5IO-v-DEffQ0QfO+O?64O.'fQ4-Dc'.Q+0"I0+O 'ft'-O.QG4?4'0? 0 CQFOWQO HON Movre Frlm FO QUALITY COLOR PROCESSING KODAK PF?-iw Bring us your KODAK Color f R gk sv EQLOQSSNG MORROW COUNTY'S ONLY DIRECT KODAK DEALER 25 SOUTH MAIN STREET Whistpn ,qw , Q A TT Bae gg.. ,nr Candy ESTHER PRICE CANDIES IN MORROW COUNTY OPEN 80 HOURS A WEEK PHARMACIST ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES 2095 DISCOUNT ON PRESCRIPTIONS FOR PEOPLE OVER 60 PHONE: 946-5911 Pharmacy Brad Wood, Robert Wilieke, Tom Whiston, and Howard Whiston serve all your pharmaceutical needs. f f ,Ag M5 rr Q 1 ASL Q4 I ,V Y ff , ff 1 I SX' ', rf' 1 T fr xv FI -ff I 'II I! X I! if I 'lik 4, W Q i' WHEEL CHAIRS WALKERS CRUTCHES RENTAL AND SALES MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 93 Q 'Is SDMQ-QM COLD BEER, WINE, AND PARTY GOODS. 157 SOUTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 43338 PHONE: 947-5855 Prudentlal Insurance DOYLE SHOEWALTER Phone 947 1100 Own A Pwee Of The Rock Life - Health - Home - Auto H ' ., U C ONG RA TULA TIONS S E NIORS I li' I , jgsaiii I I I I I I L Make our store your Class Ring Headquarters M I I 37 SOUTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-1851 -I F Q .:":Ts7.N-777T77T"""-- MT. 0n.EAn TW llllllll MOUNT GILEAD HARDWARE THE HARDWARE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS ELECTRICAL PLUMBING DEAN 81 BARRY PAINT "SWAN CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY" HOWARD 81 GARNET COVER - OWNERS 45 SOUTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-1886 BOWENS JEWELRY Q I 9' , fa ' i gig ' IIIJBCUOII oldmgs . . . Structural Foam Moldlngs . . . Decoratwe Parts 84 Assembhes' From molded functuonal parts such as fllters agntators and pump housungs to Include Insert moldlngs and secondary operatnons Arundale IS a One Stop servuce center for thermo-plastuc deslgn engmeerlng and productlon Strateglcally located plants and patented technology provude the hughest oualaty at me Iowest posslble Cost on Ilme every Plastlc 8 Rubber Moldung Extruslons Creatlve Engmeermg Innovatlons and ln a wlde range of processes tame' To learn more call or wrlte for a free Strucwral Foam Mommg booklet on Arundale s plastic moldlng and Med ca, pmducts Technology assembly capabtlrtaes Assembly as Frmshlng QND4 QJEFQUDOLIJQJUGQEUQQ DON S BARBER SHOP THE PURPLE INDIAN E, I K .iff PIZZA 8. SUBS A PLACE TO MEET EAT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME BEHIND DAIRYLAND PHONE 947 4777 MOST MODERN SHOP IN TOWN DON STALEY OWNER ' S 153 IBERIA STREET mddtet' J Uiactae Secwce MOUNT GILEAD OHIO FARM EQUIPMENT REPAIRS PHONE 947 5306 LAWRENCE CBUDJ MOSIER DEAN MOSIER BOX 185 EDISON OHIO PHONE 419 946 9752 131 O O . C O O I O . I . w . V ... ' ' l . . . VM . -- , fn- ' I I I Q ' Arm 'EO ' " ' 'O -"" O O O C' O X. ll" I , I ll ll i I 1 I , I - 0 I 9 1 MIKE GRAHAM INSURANCE SERVING ALL MORROW COUNTY AU O 'TM FA MS HOME OWNERS CROP INSURANCE SICKNESS 84 ACCIDENT BONDS 14 WEST HIGH STREET ' MOUNT GILEAD OHIO PHONE: 946-3916 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 Talk Of The Towne Beauty Salon I I, WILHELM BUILDING , MARION ROAD ' EDISON OHIO 1 N -3 I SATURDAY WW' MONDAY THRU 1 f PHONE: 946-5733 LQ ff -A GINNY scHINDLEv - : ' OWNER DIX AUTO SERVICE AAA ROAD SERVICE GEORGE DIX - OWNER T? A MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO -TR -,J PHONE: 946-7596 img 12 EAST CENTER STREET . Ei6OO ALAN W JONES PRESIDENT EDCO DRILLING AND PRODUCING INC. P.O. BOX 329 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 43338 PHONE: 947-2515 the peop e place FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN OF GALION BRANCHES IN GALION, MOUNT GILEAD, MANSFIELD, RICHLAND MALL, LEXINGTON AVENUE MANSFIELD AVENUE, SHELBY. v MARATHON DAVIS DISTRIBUTING ou. Pnonucrs 115 NORTH MAIN ST MT GILEAD OHIO HOME 946 9404 OFFICE 946 4851 Reproduolble Inserts for Your Advertlslng A , FATE OFFICE XEROX SUPPLY EVERYTHING YOUR OFFICE NEEDS DESKS CHAIRS SUPPLIES FILES ADDING MACHINES TYPEWRITERS 33 EAST CENTER ST MT GILEAD OHIO SELLING EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN , PHoNE 419 947 3813 x , 419 947 3213 Vonnle Hull Realty And Auction Company VONNIE HULL BROKER 169 WEST HIGH ST MT GILEAD OHIO Loren and Powell Bullders Mt Gilead Ohlo NEW HOMES REMODELING ROBERT M LOREN JOHN D POWELL STEVE M FULLER PHONE 9461512 OR 9461511 Xerox Sales gen PHONE: 946-6866 ' ' ' 1 P 133 ru -, ' H 1515254515 1 4.LJ.u.I H M SINCE 1877 MOUNT GILEAD OHIO REALTY WORLD Ron Harper Realty REALTY WORLD THE RESULTS PEOPLE HOMES FARMS COMMERCIAL 115 NORTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD OHIO 43338 PHONE 947 1075 S VARNER WELL I SERVICE INC CQKQ CONTRACT PUMPING 81 SERVICE WORK MARION COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY GENE VARNER PRESIDENT 309 NORTH MAIN STREET P O BOX 209 MOUNT GILEAD OHIO MARION OHIO 43302 PHONE 419 946 6826 PHONE 614 382 1129 P KWQ DRY CLEANERS ' UNIFORM RENTALS LAUNDERERS DUST CONTROL CORP, LINEN RENTALS INDUSTRIAL RENTALS LOCAL MANAGER - SHIRLEY LLOYD 42 SOUTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-1966 Maw M35 JIM BARTLETT - OWNER 13 NORTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 419-946-3061 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE WARREN J. STARLIN C.L.U. DAVID COOK 900 MEADOW DRIVE P.O. BOX 286 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 43338 PHONE: 947-5050 947-5060 GEORGE 'S DRIVE- IN FEATURING PEPSI PRODUCTS AND BOB EVANS SAUSAGE f O A AA ILpwwwm,1 SANDWICHES NORTH MAIN ST. SUNDAES MOUNT GILEAD. SHAKES OHIO CONES PHONE: 946-1951 .,-- X 53? - XX-x ,A ' w w: , - A , Af: A 650' w:T:,f IIE ' If.U "3'i " I-'va 'fs g A bb , ...--L K . H - . V , V, ...0.f. A I 'U' I-?': :- ---.: QV, . ' I I MORROW COUNTY HOSPITAL HOMER GEORGE REAL ESTATE 3766 TOWNSHIP ROAD 115 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 43338 PHONE: 419-946-5345 651 WEST MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 43338 PHONE: 946-5015 DUANE R. SHINABERRY AGENT 'SVG SHINABERRY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. All foams or INSURANCE 109 EAST MAIN ST. 77 NORTH MAIN ST. CARDINGTON, OHIO MT. GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 864-2026 PHONE: 946-5261 Farm Supply I MORROW COUNTY'S BEST GRAIN MARKETS I LEAF RESTAURANT HOMEMADE PASTRIES INTERSTATE 7 1 AND A STATE ROUTE 95 LEAF ENTERPRISES MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE' 768-2551 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "Ss" - N FROM YOUR CaIedOnla I FAMILY DEPARTMENT STORE ON THE SQUARE MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO EDISON, OHIO 43320 PHONE: 947-3007 I b., ED'S0N BILLIARD 8. CYCLE 3 EDISON, OHIO 946 - 2956 YAMAHA MOTORCYCLES ATv T MOOELITRI-2250 E A-W b I . ., MODEL: MOTO-4 9' ee Capitol Theatre ,101 f afufea The Mt. Gilead Indians 947-3455 an U Wfzen gttiday lieu gueoky ylow yfado 7-'30 .Teal .,ddme'aoabn g'fu'cea OLUUNJ .'.'.' 22 WEST HIGH ST. MT. GILEAD, OHIO 'I38 GOOD LUCK SENIORS OF THE CLASS OF 1985 i FIELD CONTAINER P4 CORPORATION I. C. CLARK COMPANY A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY SERVING THE CONCESSION INDUSTRY FOR 39 YEARS THE WORLD'S LARGEST POPCORN BOX MANUFACTURER 2079 CANAAN TWP. ROAD 244 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 845-2161 MID-OHIO CHEMICAL COMPANY -I ,ST. RT. 95, EDISON, 01110 L HOME OF PROFESSIONAL CROP MANAGEMENT PROGRAM I Designed to return you greater maximum profits on your fertilizer investments. I Quality Products QQ Top Manrrgcmcnl Ls The Key To High Profits I I TDI' QUALITY r'lrorrt1r'TS IlICI'I'INIDAIlI,Ii Sr-Jrrvrcris 0 Custom Spraying 8- 0 Dry and Liquid Fertilizer 0 Anhydrous Ammonia Spreading o 2801, Solution 0 Custom Blending a Farm Chemicals 0 Soil Testing I Century 21 Fertilizer Seed Computerized Soil Test Recommendations Lk High Yield Consulting Data PIIONE 'II9-.9-I6-I 055 0 Equipment Rentals BOX 208 EDISON, OHIO 13320 1 WHETSTONE LANES . WHETSTONE LANES INC. STATE ROUTE 95 ' in . PHONE: 946-2076 .X ' ' I- EDISON, oHro 01 G U Y , S It :" , - ' 13 :'- 2f ' : 15 4"-.4 I n s u r a n c e "WITH US SERVICE IS A PROFESSION NOT A SIDELlNE" INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED 38 WEST CENTER ST. MT. GILEAD, OHIO CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1985 SUBIL PLASTIX CO. NORTH DELAWARE STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-8307 MERRIMAN'S SOHIO CORNER OF NORTH MAIN STREET NORTH STREET 81 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 947-9902 MT. GILEAD IZEEIE LA N D M A R K INC. PHONE: 946-4015 WEST MARION ST. MT. GILEAD, OHIO I . . LAIIDIIARK CD Streib Auto 8r Truck Repair 2900 TOWNSHIP ROAD 136 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 947-3761 139 MILLER LARRTS IMPLEMENT FARM EQUIPMENT 50 ROSS STREET SALES 3. SERVICE DELAWARE OHIO AUTO 81, TRUCK REPAIR 'Tix COMPANY PHONE: 614-863-1286 PHONE: 419'946'9726 214 SOUTH ST. MT. GILEAD, OHIO BUSINESS PATRONS BOB CASTNER REALTY 900 MEADOW DRIVE MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-6551 EVANS IMPLEMENT STATE ROUTE 95 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 419-946-2876 GRAHAM'S SOHIO STATE ROUTE 95 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 946-5821 KORNER KLIPPERS BEAUTY SALON BOUNDARY STREET EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 947-5775 MARY K'S GREENHOUSE STATE ROUTE 95 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 947-3488 PFElFER'S BODY SHOP BOUNDARY AND VINE ST. EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 946-2051 j OSTENS

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