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4979-4980 CURRENT EVENTS RUSSIAN LIGHT ARMOR - Russian soldiers atop an armored personnel carrier take part In a soviet offensive on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. . , . . 5 " I if . " Wi: .9 il, '. - . frm. J ' 1 5 1 . '.,mf'g 1' ,s f " l . ' ' u'7'- 'i f f . " 3' gg V it ' 5 . N ' .' , 'Q Y -5 ' 0 .-4. villa 9 ff ' J . "" A 7:9 ff' ' I 1' ' ' . ., , v 1. ' , i I 'iv ' '. . ,. ,Q H lv. QA 1? I m It ' A TOAST - President Carter offers a toast to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, during a state dinner in honor of her visit to the United States. WORLD SERIES ACTION - Pirates Phil Garner slides into third and is tagged by Orioles Rich 'Dauer. The series was won by the Pittsburgh Pirates. I J ight.-.tha ,k A ' ,f-- I - ' . ' fl 51 i FIRST U.S. AMBASSAOOR TO CHINA - Leonard' Woodcoclwf presenting his credentials to Ulanhu, Vice Chairman of the . Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. I i I ' .si,---- 1 I' P I I HOSTAGE - Blindfolded, hands tied,- one of the American g hostages held at the American Embassy is shown to the I crowd by Iranian students in Tehran. I I 1 I A I 1 we oct occ A 5 R M- -. 'sg ' W1 ,gri T55 1-1 It I g 6.5 I. it , M g W. 5. . . .I - T-if A ff? ' inf Q ' at 1 :vt "0 4' .if , .. in if 5 .4 F' it ff 13 i I 55' GOLD FINGERS - A trader bargains in the gold trading -are on the floor of the Commodities Exchange in New York. On z this day gold was selling for about S840 an ounce. 3 I ! Pb rw CAMBODIAN REFUGEES - Andre Kmetz, an International Rescue Committee worker, receives a refugee boy from his mother at one of the camps for Cambodian refugees evacuated from the Thai-Cambodian border. .PAL VISIT - Pope John Paul II visited the United States in vveek-long tour that took him to six cities. M Vu . R., ':. .wif V , uni' 1 f'I"'h':,.?:f 61553 z.f f,'9,tg, 1 -A t . .sz ' .- ' f 3 mT:..:I'. LEFT: ' END OF FLIGHT 191 - Portion of the landing gear of an American Airlines DC-10 lies in foreground of wreckage scene northwest of Chicago's O'Hare. 279 persons perished. RIGHT: NEW LOOK - Clayton Moore, familiar to millions of Lone Ranger fans, now wears sunglasses instead of a black mask as a result of a recent court ruling. Fx 'ij I in Q R , . e 'W P A. 1 mv I Ll, ' ' rv 7 ' If tix 5 'C H A 5 I in W ' , y f gf is I 315.-ff 'Q'.g7fQQQ..M will '4'. :DERAL HELP FOR CHRYSLER - Chrysler Corporation airman Lee lacocca hopes to see government Ioan BRADSHAW IN FORM - Terry Bradshaw cocks arm to pass iarantees change the gloomy financial picture for the during Super Bowl XIV action, Bradshaw led the Pittsburgh .tion's No. 3 automaker. Steelers to their fourth Super Bowl win. -1: in 'fx 02:52 f ,I Ph0i05. Inc. Wld9W0fld fa S as 6 Q fb 0 ,KO 'ZX Q1 QQ K 1? 'Oh Q Q, QS OSQ GQ! CON Q, A as C9 9 Q Q0 QQ to AQ! N0 Qc Q, V G 93059 C5250 ix Dedication The yearbook sraff dedicotes the 1080 MIZPAH to Mrs. Eileen Hart, who retired this year after serving as the secretary to the high school principal for the past tvventye tvvo years. We would lilse to thanls her for the many years of devotion and service she has given to the students of Mount Gilead High School, A surprise open house was hosted by the school secretaries on June 15th in Mrs. Hart's honor, Mrs. Hart is shown with a set of luggage she received from the secretaries and the high school faculty. During her twenty-two years as high school secretary, she worlsed for three principals, Former principals Gerald Tschudi CLeftD and DeWitt Nichole son CCenterD are shown with Mrs. Hart and present principal Joe Griffith. R ,X x 'lvr N..-sf! Retiring ofter 21 yeors of teoching in the Mount Gileod Schools, Mrs. Josephine Gerhordt wos honored or o picnic hosted by the Art Club. Mrs. Gerhordt hos tought high school ort ond served os Art Club odvisor for the post decode. Club president Cindy Chopmon presented "Mrs G." with on engroved music box. Mrs. Gerhordt is pictured holding o colse bolsed ond decoroted by ort club member Myrno Miller. Down Miller CLeftD ond Neol Dumbough Cllighti were the recipients of the 8rd onnuol Scholor- l.eoder'Athlete Aword given by the Mount Gil eod Athletic Boosters. The criterio for this oword includes ocodemic excellence, community ser' vice ond involvement, ond othletic occomplish- ment in high school. The nominees were Tim Broke, Neol Dumbough, Brod lrons, Down Miller, Todd Sweeney, ond Goil Zwicls. Trocls Queen Becci Guiher, who reigned over the Mount Gileod Pieloys, is escorted by seniors Todd Sweeney ond Tim Broke. Other members of her court werei Senior Lori Corrol, Junior Jonoe Tschudi, Sophomore Poulo Smith, ond Freshmon Lori Thomos. i-..... Red Cross Trophy Remoins At High School is 9 4 Q Sue Firzgerold gers her remperorure roken or rhe firsr srop. A nurse checks Greg Croven's blood pressure. A nurse rokes o blood somple during Koren O'Sullivon's exominorion. Eoch yeor rhe Americon Red Cross gives 0 rroveling rrophy ro rhe school which hos rhe Iorgesr number of donors or rhe Bloodmobile visirs. Mounr Gileod High School kepr the rrophy for oll four of rhe Bloodmobiles visirs rhis yeor. The following is o lisr of srudenfs ond school personnel who donored during rhe year: Roger Beck, Suzonne Beck, Lee Blonron, Bill Drucker, Merrill Drucker, Tim Compbell, Dove Corpenfer, Leririo Corroll, Greg Croven, Dole Creomer, Neol Dumbough, Mory Feld, Ed Fidler, Sue Firzgerold, Steve Fuller, Mork Horr- mon, Rick Heimlich, Robin Meyer, Jomes Miller, Keith Minigh, Koren O'Sullivon, Mork Pollord, Suson Pollord, Por Porrer, Dolores Reurrer, Por Rinehorr, Dill Schindley, Kelly Sheers, Mork Shoof, Tom Shorr, Jim Srockdole, Dolores Surherlond, Mory Willioms, ond Goil Zvvick. A smiling Por Porrer proves ir doesn'r hurr ro give blood. Sreve Fuller is reody for refreshmenrs ond on elevoror ride, Fifty-seven Students Attend Tri-Rivers Eoch yeor Tri-Rivers' Joint Vocotionol School tries to improve its progrom. This yeor course offerings hove been expond- ed ond on excellentjob plocement progrom is ovoiloble to groduotes of Tri-Rivers' courses. Fifty-seven Mount Gileod Juniors ond Seniors ore enrolled in Tri-Rivers' vocotionol troining progrorns this yeor. Guidonce Director Woyne Porter tollss to sophomores students who will be ortending TriARivers in 1980- 81. ll Julie Rizor Ieods o gome in the Child Core Lob. Junior Bill Hoclsworth worlss in the school corpentry shop. Infont core is o port of Cindy Little's studies in Diversified Cooperotive Heolth Occupotions. IN MEMORIAM Senior Monico Holrrey is enrolled in Cosrnerology. She rrirns o customers noir in rne schools oeoury solon. 52. ln Grophic Prinring, Michelle Gornpf oqiusrs o printing press. ROBERT GATTSHALI. Terry Knoul worclwes Sreve Doering check rhe circuirry in 0 TV. Terry ond Sreve ore enrolled in Communications Electronics, Mini-courses Give Breok ln School Routine The Srudenr Council sponsored o rwo doy Mini-Courses ro give srudenrs on opporruniry ro leorn o voriery of non- ocodemic subjecrs. For srudenrs inreresred in rhe culinory orrs, lrolion cooking, pizzo-molsing, bochelor coolsing, ond coke decororing courses were offered wirh rhe porriciponrs eoring rheir own creorions, The sporrs enrhusiosr could pore ricipore in flogefoorboll, fennis, golf, bowling, bicycling, lsoro- re, fishing, swimming, ond slsoreboording. Sromp collecting ond coin collecring were offered for rhe hobbyisr. Silk flower- molsing, embroidering, sewing, ond orher crofrs were of- fered. Over fifry differenr courses were offered during rhe rwo doys. Two fours, one ro Conron's Foorboll Holl of Fome ond one ro Germon Villoge in Columbus, were ovoiloble ro inreresred srudenrs. Jim Moslor, Kenr McMillon, ond Chris Conowoy sort rhrough o box of sromps in sromp collecring. Koren Fishburn of Foshion Two-Twenry insrrucrs Viclsie Von Romer in the orr of opplying molsefup. Scorr Wilcox shows inrense concenrrorion os he oims for o srrilse. .........-............. ,... Dilliords insrrucfor Kevin Robinson worches os Jim Boiley purs the 18 boll in rhe corner pocleer, Cindy Hershner CPJGHTD insrrucrs Tino Horris on rhe proper woy ro pin o porrern ro rhe moreriol in "Melee A T-Shirrf' Tracy Bedwell gives Chester Machen instruction in Beginning Piano. Dave Wiehe watches Rod Randall and Lonnie Korody try to outman- euver each other at chess. ,,,-141 K Mrs. Mary Wheeler demonstrates the making of pasta to Wanda Ridenf our, Becky Gattshall, and Jodie Benson, J' Cake decorating is always a favorite course. Sharon Smith is shown working with her cake. Sherry and Shelley Trainer work on their embroidery. .Q-M. ff! I wi" 4-.. .N ,-i. .cm --N. .. , -"A . .3 ' "" ....... .,.. ., .. ..:s ,W --- ...Q -w -Q. an are ...K 1: me u , c -1-gc4,1'5sPt: H-X, N 5 me X. - X4 ' "':..5F . 5 .Q ki., .X 5 3?-zzgsiffiizii-e Frankie Moore and Mike Palmer are shown with the "biggest catch of the day" in trout fishing. QQ, CY' 'X Q1 Junior-Senior Prom At "Come on, Moude, Ier's disco." Morion Country Club "We've Gor ToniQhr" wos rhe rheme selecred by rhe Closs of 1081 for rhe Junior-Senior Prom. Abour o hundred couples offended rhe formol donce held or rhe Morion Counrry Club on Moy 17rh. Donce music wos provided by C. Sunny Morrin. Afrer rhe donce, rhe promegoers wenr ro Sourhlond Moi! for o speciol showing of rhe movie 'ilce CosrIes", The Morion YMCA wos rhe serring for rhe remoining ofrer-prom ocriviries. From 4:00 ro o1OO o.m., rhe Juniors ond rheir Quesrs could orrend o sock hop in rhe gome room, ploy boslserboll, rocquer boil, or go swimming. Pom Sediocle ond Donnie Miller reod rhe closs wills ond prophecies. ri usp-3,s Prom-goers donce ro o slow number. 4, nrxll 1? b .J, f ? r , ,.,, ff' .2 WX I . , J L .V ,M A U .,7, ' f A 1 Q fl. x , 'S ' 1" fg7k?'-15. 5 , Q ff fi, 3 . 4: If , K ' , 1 l .K .cn , X t - ,. g W Q 1 ' ' , 9 0 I Q V., 1' , ,. . gt -, ' ,Vi A fm . M041 K q K I Rift '. W f 1' . L , .ff , 1 few? -y ' Z, Moiorerre Jeri Irons Ieods rhe bond in rneir holf-time show. 1979 HOMECOMING COURT: Arrendonr Lori Corroi, 1978 Queen Juli Fisher, Home- coming Queen Koren O'SuIIivon, Arren- donr Becci Guiher. ABOVE: The cheerleoderii onxiously owoir the onnouncemenrllof rhe 1979 Homecoming Queen selecrion. LEFT: Corinno Horriros, Angie Bush, ond Mike Smith perform in the bond during holferime. "Barefoot In The Pork" ls First Production The brownstone section of Eost 48th Street in New York City is the setting for Neil Simons comedy "l3orefoot in the Porlsf' Poul ond Corie Brotter ore newlyeweds who ore setting up houselseeping for the first time. While Poul, on enterprising young lowyer, is worlsing on his first cose, Corie his pretty but spoiled wife leoses o new higherent oportment becouse of its chorming chorocter. Unfortunotely to reoch the oport- ment it is necessory to climb six grueling flights of stoirs, ln on ottempt to spruce up the smoll, drob furnitureless oportment before her husbond sees it, Corie hostily tries to brighten the premises with o new coot of point. To the dismoy of the couple, they discover the slsylight leolss, there isn't room for o double bed, ond on outlondish gourmet, Victor Velosco, lives in the loft obove them ond uses the window ledge os on entronce to his podloclsed quorters, After dining out ot on exclusive restouront, Poul refuses to occompony his wife, who hod hod o little to much to drinls, on o borefoot stroll through the snow in the porls. Corie lsiclss Poul out of the oportment, but eventuolly he returns ond they worls out their differences. Corie tries to get Poul's mind off of worls ond bocls on her with on outhentic Combodion belly donce, "Wk Corie welcomes Poul to their new oportment with o worm embroce Mrs. Bonlss looks quite ill when she leorns thot the snoclx she hos just wos mode of eel. '41 . ' A E+' kxh. sf - .1- Corie: "Ir wos Greek beon soup ond or Ieosr morher fried ir." . N X Corie unwumds offer drinking "o lime bir roo much" or rhe resrooronr. l Sv fX,h x eg S' Njiib, , 5 5. y AQ xf ABOVE: Pooh 'Goodbye Ieoky closer, Goodbye no borhrub, Goodbye o flighrs of sroirs, ond Goodbye Hole." LEFT Mrs. Books: 'XWbor did you do with my clothes?" Velosco "I roolx rbem ro me deonersf' X wx mf-at g Thespions Present "The Runner Stumbles" For its winter drornotic production, the Mount Gileod High School Thespion Troupe selected 'lThe Runner Sturnblesf' The ploy vvos presented in the high school lecture room on Februory 1517, 1980. As the ploy opens we Ieorn thot o young nun hos died under mysterious circumstonces in o remote porish of northern Michigon, ond thot her superior, Fother Rivord, hos been chorged with her murder. The oction olternoted betvveen interrogotion ond the teosti- nnonv ond scenes of post events. These events reveol thot Fother llivord, ofter o follingeout with his bishop, hod been bonished to the snnoll country porish under the pretext of needing on isoloted surrounding to complete o rheologicol poper which he hod been instructed to write. When Sister Rito orrives to help in the porish school, Fother Psivord is distressed to discover o sensuol element in his reoction to her. Their relotionship, inevitobly, foreshodovvs trogedy, but it is not until the explosive ond surprising climox of the ploy thot the full extent of their socrifice is mode cleor, ond the identity of the murderer is reveoled. l l Mrs. Shondig, the housekeeper, hos devoted her life to the rectory ond to Fother lkivord RIG!-lT1 ln o tense rnonnent, Sister Tkito lies to Monsignor Nicholson when she tells him thot she hos been living in the Convent. A Louise wonts to know if Fother Ptivord lilses Sister Rito af-si ,Q X N, S+ A . 2 x ff 2 .M iQ2i4Hf1'N .. '- ,, 22 f T ws- ' is, X 565 ffl N , Festival Of The Arts Features Many Exhibits The annual Festival of the Arts was held on April 27th by the Art Club and Industrial Arts Club to acquaint the public with the work being done in their respective departments. This year's festival featured the largest number of exhibits and demonstrations in several years. The festival is one of the ways the local school programs call public attention to the statewide recognition of Youth Art Month. Julie Williams crafts stained glass ond Art Club president Cindy Chapman works on wood inlay. Pat McGinnis adds another musician to his wire art country bond. Gregg Sweeney and Kevin Clark work with wrought iron. Doug Hayes demonstrates architectural drawing. Mark Strong cuts o linoleum block for block printing. Ceramic tile mosaics mode by Att I classes are in the background. .4 Becky Gattshall and Jodie Benson demonstrate painting on slate and pen and ink drawing. Cnucls Oclser ond Norlwon Long strip neor ocrylic plosrics for srroignr line Milqe Perry ig fooling Q Copper picture. bending. AA . . '- .xx., A-""" 1 .M-'--i:'.1k'iz. -. wvswumnmqa .'1K'l ' i .-2.5-45" Eric WHQW W0"l45 Wllh P05Tel5- Brion Doughmon shows how ro cur o design in leorher. Denise Mullen ond Molly Keenon use colors ro odd onorner dimension ro Bruce Srnirn uses on oir brush ro poinr models rneir wood corving. au fl sv L 'tex- I h f ChiIdren's Musical ls Velvefeen Rabbit The Mounr Gilead Thespians rhearer season included rhe sraging of "The Velvereen Rabbir" a childrens musical. The musical rells rhe srory of a roy rabbir's guesr ro become "real" He achieves his goal by winning rhe love of a lirrle boy. The lirrle boy discards him when he is old and rarrered for a nevv bunny. Since he has already become real, he is rransformed by a fairy inro a REAL bunny vvho lives happily everafrer vvirh orher rabbirs in rhe forest. Huggsy, Buggsy, and Muggsy show rhe Velvereen Rabbir vvhar ir ralses ro be a "real" rabbir. CAST Karen O'SuIIivan - Velvereen Rabbir Jeff Reid - Uncle Fred Chris l-Iarr - Boy Rene Todd - Buggsy Robin Meyer - Nana Sara Knipp - Aunr Sally Laura Dible - Muggsy Donnie Miller - Tin Soldier Lisa l-lull - Model Boar Sue Firzgerald - Huggsy Jeri Denedicr - Blocls Lynnerre Bush - Clown Amy Fleming A Fairy Susie Snyder - Baby Doll Marla Ohde - Slain l-lorse The roy soldiers, rhe clown, rhe building blocls, and rhe boar explain rhe ways of rhe roy closer ro the Velvereen Rabbit. CAST- FRONT ROW Laura Duble, Susie Snyder, Lisa I-lull, Karen O'SulIivan, Jeri Benedicr, Sue Firzgerald, Amy Fleming, Mark Ohde, BACK ROW: Rene Todd, Chris Hari, Donnie Miller, Robin Meyer, Lynnerre Bush, Jeff Reid, Sara Knipp. QC? Festival ls Highlight Of Art Club's Year Arr Club members enjoyed malsing several differenr crafrs rhis year. Money was raised for Club acriviries by selling lsey chains and picrures in mirrors. The Fesrival of rhe Arrs was rhe high poinr of rhe year wirh more srudenrs demonsrrar- ing media and crafrs rhan ever before. Members of rhe dub enjoyed a field rrip ro rhe Tiffin Glass Company even when rhe bus ran our of gas. Arr Club scholarships were presenred ro Eric Wrighr and Cindy Chapman. Charms for oursranding worls wenr ro Eric Wrighr, Jeri Benedicr, Jodie Benson, Cindy Chapman, Dennis Rarhburn, Denise Mullerr, Molly Keenan, and Milse Perry, ABOVE: Keirh Minigh sells crafr irems for Arr Club ar rhe Fesrival, LEFT: Charlie Brown characrers were parr of rhe decorarions painred on rhe walls of rhe lower hall or Cherry Srreer Elemenrary by Jeri Benedicr and Lisa Hull. i 2 1: . X r n- ' x. if 'W' I A .,,,, .. . 1 5 P' QA , fl Ab Lf . .1 5 . S 1.1-:QQ A " A ,j5gsasiff"'if' ,ifgx !y-Y -'Q W ART CLUB: FRONT ROW: Beclsy Garrshall, Karen O'SulIivan, Sue Firzgerald, Cindy Chapman. ROW Q: Sherry Brady, Melissa Tomlin, Myrna Miller, Leriria Carroll, Ride Heimlich, Pam Sedlocls, Tom Wellman, Keith Minigh, ROW O1 Scorr Rollyson, Sara Knipp, Anna Maiyer, Debbie Welry ROW A: Par McGinnis, Karen Lewis, Jodie Benson, Shelley Trainer, Rena Carre, Sandy Lewis. STANDING: Kelley Sheers, Mrs. Jo Gerhordr, Andrea loggers, Terri Sudbrools, Carol Hull, Rhonda McGinnis. MIZPAH STAFF MIZPAH STAFF FRONT ROW Brian Chipman Tim Hoffman, Jerald Voraw, Vince Blue. BACK ROW: Mr. James Miller, Linda Wrignr, Suzanne Campbell Lisa Hull Angie Bush Rene Todd Carol Shaffer IN TREE: Myrna Miller. MIZPAH STAFF Ediror - Myrna Miller Business Manager - Lisa Hull Advisor - James Miller AD SALES Angie Bush Suzanne Campbell Tim Hoffman Myrna Miller Carol Shaffer Linda Wright LAY OUTS Angie Bush Suzanne Campbell Brian Chipman Don Miller Milse Miller Myrna Miller Carol Shaffer Rene Todd Linda Wrignr PHOTOGRAPHERS Brian Cnipman Jerald Voraw Vince Blue James Miller Phororama ARTIST Milse Miller SUBSCRIPTION SALES Angie Bush Myrna Miller Denise Mullerr Carol Shaffer Lindo Wrignr -View ,JM Mount Gileod DECA Wins District Trophy Members OF Mount Gileod's DECA Club porticipoted in seve erol district octivities during the yeor. DECA's officers ottend- ed the Foll Delegotes' Conference which feotured the role of the officers in their locol clubs. Eighteen members of DECA won honors ot the District DECA Soles ond Advertising Con- test held ot Tri-Rivers, This yeor, to increose interest in these contests, the DECA Clubs of Ohio outhorized the owording of o trophy to the school receiving the highest number of points in the competition ln their district. Becouse of the lorge number of locol winners, the Mount Gileod DECA wos oworded the First Annuol DECA District Trophy for District Four competition. Mount Gileod compiled 417 points to 28 points for the runner-up. Mount C3ileod's contest winners ottended the DECA Store Leodership Conference this spring. Mount Gileod olso received the Stote Membership Avvord for 1002 membership in DECA of students in the locol cooperotive worls progrom. DECA President Tomi Forris holds the District Four DECA Trophy which wos won by the Mount Gilead club in the soles ond odvertising competition ot Tri-Rivers. SENIOR DECA MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Keith Levings, Tom Lyle, Milse Mortin, Shown Thomos, Trent Thomos. BACK ROW: Shoron Smith, Tomi Forris, Julie Wil- lioms, Kelley Sheets, Vint Whitmon, Tom Short, JUNIOR DECA MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Rusty Mort, Croy Worner, Morls Strong, Vicki Styet, Debbie Lyons, Trocy Howie, Croig Nelson, Tereso Little, Rhondo McGin- nis. BACK ROW: Jeff I-lovvls, Dove Corpen- ter, Russell Lewis, Shone Wolford, Ricls Heimlich, Solly McCurdy, Doug Seitz, Scott Williomson. Candystriping Program Expanded This Year I 13 v. Q FUTURE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION SEATED HOSPITAL SUPERVISORS' Virginia Lepp, Marilyn Ward, Fern Werzel ROW QI Pam Robinson, Sracey Andere son, Sara Wood, Lisa Baxrer BACI4 ROW- Robin Meyer, Melissa Wilcox, Cardingron Srudenr Absenr Tonya Bland, Sheila Campbell, Mrs Virginia Meyer f Faculry Coordinaror RIGHT Physical rherapisr Barb McElyey shows Lisa Baxrer how ro ser up some of rhe rherapy eauipmenr This year rhe familiar candysrriping program was alrered by adding orher rypes of medical experiences ro rhe program. Srudenrs were offered rhe opporruniry ro yolunreer for experience in nursing, medical lab, xrray, and physical rher apy. Ar rhe end of rhe year, all srudenrs were given cerrificares indicaring rhe number of hours of worl-z rhey had complered, The program is unigue as ir offers srudehrs rhe opporruniry ro do rheir volunreer worls during rhe regular school day. Scholarship Team SCHOLARSHIP TEAM. FRONT ROW, Terri Sudbrools, Jean Leyering, Tammy Benron, Lou Ann Brown, Lori Corral, Tracey Corder, Mr Larry Furniss ROW 2 Brenda Trumbo, Brenda Chilcore, Sherry Trainer, Linda Wrighr, Tammy Van Horn, Gina Fuller, Parry Wilson, Teresa Casro, Brenda Conanr, Becky Garrshall, Wanda Ridenour BACK ROW: Jim Masler, Kenr McMillan, Chris Conaway, Franls Macheslsy, Rod Thill, Shane Wolford, Brian Baughman, Chesrer Machen, Scorr Srrayer, Por Porrer, Harry Cohen French Club Sponsors Trip To French Conodo French Club members hod o busy yeor plonning o trip to French-speol-zing Conodo. Thirty-one students ond choper- ons toured Montreol ond Quebec City during spring voco- tion. The group, which troyeled by school bus to Windsor, Ontorio, completed its trip in Conodo on Conodion Notionol Roilrood, Groy Line tours were tolsen in both Montreol ond Quebec City. These tours feotured visits to the Olympic ond Montreol Expos's Stodium, Notre Dome Cothedrol, Soint Anne de Beoupre, ond seyerol ortison shops, ln Februory club members held o Mordi Gros porty. About twenty members ond guests come dressed in costumes, Prizes were oworded for the best costumes ond o pinoto full of condy wos broleen to end the eyening's octivities. French Club members ore shown in o voriety of costumes ot the Mordi Chosen os best costumes ot the Mordi Gros porty were Trocey Feist os Gros porty. Chorlie Choplin ond Myrno Miller os Mory Poppins. ' Y 1f4"Q:1' W n 2 . 5 P ' O 5 at ltrtivf.. W :lf FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Lorry Kohrig, Diono Wilcox, Rene Todd, Lindo Wright, Myrno Miller, Trocey Feist. ROW 21 Pot McGinnis, Corol Hull, Sherry Troiner, Koren Lewis, Suzonne Compbell, Stocey Anderson, Robbin loggers. BACK ROW: Mr. Jomes Miller, Poul Grosmehr, Brion Doughmon, Nothon Long, Chester Mochen, Don Leyings, Terri Sudbrools, Gino Fuller, Trocey Corder, Angie Bush, April Snyder, Corol Shotfer, Melisso Wilcox. IN TREE: Lynnette Bush. Hors were popular wirh srudenrs visiring Quebec. Myrna Miller, Suzanne Campbell, Carol Hull, Karen Lewis, and Sherry Trainer show off rheir new hors, racey Corder gers ser ro rry ro breal-2 the pinara or rhe Mardi Gras parry. rench falls dancing is a parr of rhe evenings acriviries or rhe Mardi Gras arry. French srudenrs enjoy hor fresh bread and maple burrer or the bake ovens. Suzanne Campbell, Linda Wrighr, Brian Baughmon, enjoy earing on rhe rwenry-sevenrh floor of the Le Concorde Horel. and Carol Shaffer French srudenrs wair ro board rhe rrain in Windsor, Onrario. Notionol Honor Society lnifiofes New Members Sevenreen Juniors ond five Seniors were inducred inro Noe rionol Honor Sociery rhis yeor. A formol iniriorion for new members wos held on Morch 20, 1980. The memberseelecr were evoluored by rhe high school foculry in four oreos: scholorship, service, chorocrer, ond leodership. To ddolify for membership in NHS, o srodenr mosr overoge 8.2 or berrer on o scole of L1 in rhe fuorion. i l New Senior members ore Lou Ann Brown, Jodi Hershner, Morls Ohde, Joy Middough, ond Por Porrer. Superinrendenr Cloyron Dusels oddresses members of NHS or rhe formol iniriorion. l l -, so l Senior members of NHS ore CSEATEDD Down Miller, Brendo Chilcore, Shoron Smirh, CSTANDINGD Kim Orren, Advisor Mrs, Borry, Sue Firzgerold, ond lsoren O'SolIivon. Pom NEW JUNIOR MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Cormen Yolse, Jill Shipmon, Sedlocls, Myrno Miller, Berh Jordon, Terri Sudbrools. ROW Q- Horry Cohen, Morls Pollord, Sheilo Compbell, Robin Meyer, Judy Evons, Dorlo Sryer BACK ROW: Ride Smirh, Dovid Willelse, Scorr Wilcox, Dennis Rorhburn, Croy Worner. Thesprons Produce Severol Ploys During Yeor The Thespion Troupe hod o very busy yeor, ln the foll, the theotre deportment produced the Neil Simon comedy 'Dorefoot in the Pork." The second dromo production, HThe Runner StumbIes," kept the deportment octive through most of the winter. The finol presentotion of the yeor wos the chiIdren's musicol "The Velveteen Robbit" which wos token on tour. The Thespions olso sponsored two sets of student directed one7oct ploys. In the spring ten new mem7 bers were initiored into the orgonizotion. The onnuol owords bonguet completed the yeor's octiviries for the troupe. Awords presented ot the bonguet were: Dest Actor 7 Chris Hort, Best Supporting Actor 7 Donnie Miller, Dest Actress 7 Moggie Hobson, Best Supporting Actress 7 Drendo Trumbo, Best One7Act 7 Moggie Hobson in "Four Poster, ond Dest One7Act Director 7 Donnie Miller. Honor Thespion Awords were given to Jeff Gress, Moggie Hobson, Vince Dlue, ond Mike Dlonkenship. X s-'svn X .c.c C Thespion officers ore CFRONT ROWD Mike Dlonkenship 7 Historion, Liso Hull Vice President, Trocey Corder - Secretory, Jeff Gress 7 Sergeont7or7 Arms, Thespions operoted o booth or the Student Council sponsored fleo mor CSTANDINGD Jonoe Tschudi 7 Treosurer, Brendo Trumbo 7 President, ond 49 Mr. Lourence Clement 7 Advisor. MMS , THESPIAN TROUPE 1893: FRONT ROW7 Vince Blue, Rene Todd, Chris Hort, Lyn nette Bush, Trocey Corder, Anne Ste W, phenson, Mike Dlonkenship, ROW Q Jeff Reid Dovid Reutter, Liso Hull, Terri Sud7 brook, Donnie Miller, Mike Mochesky, Gino Fuller, BACK ROW: Mr Lourence Clement, Jeff Gress, Amy Fleming, Mork Ohde, Down Schofield, Moggie Hobson, Pom Robinson, Jonoe Tschudi, Robin Meyer, Brendo Trumbo, Soro Knipp Key Club Holds Cor Smosh To Rouse Money Key Club, which is sponsored by Kiwonis lnrernorionol, ossisred irs porenr orgoni' zorion in severol prolecirs. Club members worked or rbe Kiwonis Aoorrmenrs ond or rne Kiwonis Poncolse Supper. Pro- groms on model oirplones ond comoure ers were me subjecrs of rwo monrlnly meerings. A cor smosn wos held ro roise money for club worls. Key Clue members lgsfem fo Om explononom of Anne Drown Morls Olwde Tum Hoffmon Todd Porrlcls Greg Slwoewolrer Croug Cordwell BACK new recnnology rn smoll compurers. ROW Mr John QUWW MEDIA AIDES: SEATED1 Julie Wrignr, Eorlene Linder Kelly McCouley Debble Merrlmon Luso Morgon Molly Keenon Angle Orgon STANDING Heorher Monn, Lyndy Michol, Lou Anne Drown, Down Muller John Dowersmlrb Louro Duble Som Drey Angle Bush Mrs Irene Srombougn Moscor Koro Srombough, 7 . F.C.A. Holds Peewee Basketball l Varsity Athletic Club Tournament For the first time in several years, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes planned and carried out a program of activities. Besides regular meet ings, the Huddle sponsored a pane cake supper and PeeWee League Basketball Tournament. A picnic feae turing boating, swimming, and games was held at Sharrock's Lake. This was the HuddIe's final social ac' tivity of the year. In cooperation with the State Huddle, local members worked at the FCA. Dairy Oueen stand at the Ohio State Fair. FC A 1 FRONT ROW- Mr, Ron Thill, Keith Lev ings, Brad Irons, Neal Dumbaugh, Scott Wil- cox, Dennis Psathburn, Mr Robert Hodgson ROW Q1 Jerry Ashbrook, Jerald Votaw, Na than Long, Angie Bush, Jean Levering, Myr na Miller, Brenda Trumbo BACK BOW Mike Curtis, Bod Thill, Rob Keene, Mike Paterson, Tim Brake, Jim Bailey, Lonnie Korody C FRONT ROW: Mark Pollard, Don Harman, Myron Hartman, Brad Fricke, Mark Strong, Paul Sheets, Dan Campbell, Scott Snyder, Kevin Clark, Harry en Dennis Rathburn. BOW 2. Tim Campbell, Trent Thomas, Marty Sterritt, Keith Levings, Shawn Thomas, Mike Patterson, Scott Wilcox, Jim Curts, John etsmith Dave Willeke, ROW B: Tam Lyle, Steve Burnside, Mark Hartman, Mark Shoot. BACK BOW: Jim Everhart, Lee llizor, Dennis Shoaf, Scott lliamson Brad Irons, Todd Sweeney, Neal Dumbaugh, Tim Brake, Randy Casro, Jeff Hawk, Rick Heimlich, Doug Edwards, Lonnie Korody, Jim Bailey, Bob Spanish Classes Fete First Grade Students Spanish Club members participated in a number of Spanish cultural activities both in and out of regular classes. Columbus Day and Christmas are special Spanish holidays. To celebrate Columbus Day or Dia de la Raza, Spanish students made a pinata and held a party for first graders in the Primary Center, Club parties during the year featured various kinds of Spanish food. I -L' is ,,, IQ l ' ' '51 Jill Griffith Paula Smith, Cindy McKinney, and Brenda McChesney reach Spanish numbers to Primary Center pupils. ABOVE: Kathy Levering, Cindy McKinney, Brenda McChesney, Jill Griffith, and Jean Levering make a pinata for Columbus Day. 'S T1 RIGHT: Spanish I students Carol l-lildebrand and Rick Heimlich act out the proper way to order a meal in Spanish from waiter Robert Waggoner. ,. SPANISH CLUB1 Mrs. Donna Jackson, Ed Dible, Annette Harvey, Lou Anne Brown, Gail Zwick, Jean Levering, Brenda McChesney, Kathy Levering, Jeff Reid, Russell Moore. Student Council Sponsors Mini-courses Srudenr Council sponsored o fleo morlser in the high school porlsing lor. i l Srudenr Councils ogendo of ocriviries is srudenr oriented. The Council's mojor projecrs of rhe yeor wos rhe plonning of Spirir Week ond rhe Homecoming Donce, rhe Chrisrmos Assem- bly ond Srudenr Chrisrmos Porry, ond the Mini-Courses in April. To finonce rhese projecrs, rhe Srudenr Council spone sored o fleo morlser, sold cornorions on Volenrine's Doy, ond sold peonurs. A-AQ if ABOVE: Member Koren O'SuIIivon, Presidenr Cindy Chopmon, ond odvi- sor Dole Creomer check mini-course regisrrorionr LEFT: Tommy Benron ond Chesrer Mochen register srudenrs for mini' courses. STUDENT COUNCIL: SEATEDg Lori Thomos, Eye Miller, Koren O'Sullivon. STANDING Lori Cor- rol, Shown Thomos, Chesrer Mochen, Torri Broden, Tommy Benron, Poulo Smirh, Cindy r Chopmon. IN TREE: Donnie Miller, Conni Forris, Trocey Corder. FHAfHERO Chapter Receives Award Of Merit Wiih rhe beginning of a new school year, Fl-lAfl-lERO's year of acriviries began on Seprember 5fh when Bernard Sr. Bernard visired rhe firsr grade. Bernard, Jackie Monk in a Sr, Bernard cosrume, promores good menral healfh. Wifh Bren- da Chilcore serving as FHAXHEBO Srare Presidenr for 19794 80, members of ihe Mounr Gilead FHAXHEBO were in- volved in a number of disrricr rallies and conferences, The Mansfield March of Dimes Peer Educarion Conference, which was a Srudenr Council Educarion Workshop, was headed up by rhe Srare Presidenr and members of rhe local FHAXHEBO. ln February FHAXHERO held a Bock-a-Thon for rhe benefir of Children's Hospiral, On March 8rh ar rhe Norfhwesf Srafe Rally or Ohio Hi-Poinr JVS in Bellefonraine, rhe Mounr Gilead chaprer planned and carried our rhe rally, Af rhe rally, rhe Mounf Gilead Fl-lAfl-lERO received rhe Award of Merir, ihe highesr chaprer award and firsf place in rhe chaprer Acrivifies Manual Conresr. The annual Parent- Member banguer and rhe srare convenrion ended rhe year's acriviries. Senior officers for 197980 were Parliamenrarian and Srare Presidenr Brenda Chilcore, Firsr Vice Presidenr Jodi Hershner, and Presidenf Brenda Trumbo. ET '5 - 'ff' ' as c,c, ,.,, FHAXHERO advisor, Miss Karhy Shisler, presenrs rhe Oursranding Member Award for 1979-80 ro Brenda Chilcofe. Officers for 1980-81 insralled ar rhe banquer were: CL-PO Membership Coordinaror Teri Brake, Hisrorian kathy Chilcore, Beporrer Molly Keenan, Secrerary Lynn Wise, Firsr Vice Presidenr Lisa Morgan, Presidenr Laura Prarer, Second Vice Presidenr Jackie Monk, Treasurer Diane Wilcox, and Parliamenrarian Melissa Wilcox. Fl-IAXHEPNO1 FRONT ROW: Mrs. Tsira Wood, Brenda Chilcore, Lisa Morgan, Jodi Hershner, Brenda Trumbo, Jackie Monk, Laura Prarer, Miss Karhy Shisler. BOW 21 Lisa Varner, Karhy Chilcore, Teri Brake, Molly Keenan, Dawn Schofield, Andrea Jaggers, Bonnie Lanrhorn, Lu Anne Hall. TOP ROW: Deanna Schofield, Julie Conf ley, Debbie Merriman, Lynn Wise, Ginger Bowden, Robin Sparks. IAC Makes Clean Sweep Of State Contests Members of Mount Gilead's IAC have been very busy during the past year. In November the local club hosted the Ohio Student Industrial Arts Club officer training conference. The club publicized National Industrial Arts Weels and con- structed a Santa House of the Chamber of Commerce during November. Nineteen member of the club participat- ed in the Ohio Student Industrial Arts Club Convention in Dayton, Ohio, on March oth. Todd Sweeney served as state vice president and Steve Burnside served as Sergeant-at- arms for the business meetings, The Mount Gilead High School IAC made a clean sweep of the first place club trophies at the OSIAC state contests. For the ninth year in a row the Mount Gilead parliamentary procedure team was number one in Ohio. The Mount Gilead scrapbools placed first in the state. The Mount Gilead IAC was chosen as the outstanding industrial arts club in Ohio, This award is based on the history of the club, interchapter activities, chapter promotional activities, fund raising activities, community sere vice, and state and national activities. The Mount Gilead IAC was also awarded the sweepstakes trophy for winning the most trophies of any club at the convention, Two members of the Mount Gilead IAC were elected to state office for the 1080-Qi school year. Dennis Rathburn was elected state reporter and Jeff Hawle was elected State North Central District vice president. IAC members winning individual tro' phies were: Dennis Rathburn, second place in senior practie cal drafting, Eric Wright, third place in senior safety post contest, Kent Bowen, third place in senior research paper, Todd Sweeney, first place in senior general lsnowledge test, Doug Hayes, third place in senior metric 500 race, Dan Campbell, third place in junior Technical Speal-ting and first place in junior practical drafting, Glenn Hayes, third place in junior practical drafting and first place in junior metric 500 race, and Bruce Smith, third place in junior general lsnowl- edge testi The Mount Gilead IAC also received an Outstand- ing Booth Award at the 1980 Ohio State Fair. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB, FRONT ROW: Mr. Merrill Bruclser, Todd Sweeney, Marl-z Shoaf, Steve Burnside, Kent Bowen, Jeff Howls, Dennis Rathburn. ROW 2: Milse Reed, Bruce Smith, Doug Hayes, Jon Meyers, Gregg Sweeney, David Reutter, Jeff Clarls, Brian Baughman, Glenn Hayes, Nathan Long, Mike Ohler, TOP ROW' Quint Belcher, Tony Fagan, Chucls Oclser, Tim Campbell, Steve Fuller, Eric Wright, Jim Curts, Kevin Clatlf, Dan Campbell, Lonnie Korody, Tom Belcher, F.F.A. Roises Money For New Vo-Ag Building The moin prqecr of the Mounr Gileod FFA, rhis yeor vvos roising money for rhe nevv vofog building or rhe high school. Such moneyemoleing projecrs os selling svveer corn or rhe counry foir, selling sousoge ond cider or rhe Srudenr Council Fleo Morlser, ond rhe onnuol FFA. cirrus fruir sole were conducred by rhe choprer. Along vvirh donorions from oreo businesses ond formers, the F.F.A. wos oble ro roise over 515,000 TO poy for rhe building which vvos delivered in rhe foll of 1979, Consrrucrion of rhe building begon in April, The onnuol Porenrs' Bonquef vvos held on Fridoy, Morch 28rh. Severol members received ovvords vvirh Scorr Snyder being nomed rhe Sror Choprer Former ond Scorr Cox rhe Sror Greenhond, The choprer chose Brendo McChesney os rhe 1980 FFA, Queen The choprer concluded rhe yeor vvirh irs onnuol Fourrh of July Trocror Pull, wa, A 2 ,ir ABOVE: F.F.A. members help pour cemenr for rhe foundorion of rhe new building. LEFT: Consrrucrion begins on rhe vo-og building. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA: FRONT ROW: Sieve Groy, Allen Wolrers, Tim Wilkins, Scorr Snyder, Don Borlxer, Jerry Gondee, Doug Gruber. ROW 2 Mr Roger Beck, Leonord Coors, Rondy Crovvford, Milse Polmer, Tim Cools, Annerre Smirh, Jeff Higgins, Rolph Weikel, Glenn Vippermoni BACK ROW Kevin Solisbury, Bill Drucker, Dole Bornerr, Neol Dumbough, John Long, Kenny Long, Poul Compron, Lorry Elliorr, Scorr Cox, Chris Robinson, Jeff Squires Milse Dedvvell. 'H-n,AsJ.'6 .- S , .5 , , 5. Q ' t -5 ,fi To help roise money for rhe vo-og building, Mrs. Joe Lloyd mode o quilr which wcis roffled off by rhe FFA. Mrs. l-lelmo Dilsoyer wos rhe winner ond receives rhe quilr from Scorr Snyder. Scorr Snyder receives rhe Sror Choprer Former Aword from Mr. Beck or rhe bonquer. l if 72 ,cg 'KYHJQQALQ-1, ,N Qaxmvn W., . ,, . FFA. QUEEN AND COURT: Kim Smith, Drendo Chilcore, Queen Brendo McChesney, Myrnc Miller, Kelly Lawrence. faW"wy" s , ' , .' f""K" ' .i 5' v w " if Q fl -Wi. 5 c,i.. ...V xv' , N X' P'-r Q, . uk ,, rv- Us-1 A2 1 J, A ..f"f ,..- ,,., 3154, F.F.A. members build forms for rhe foorers of rhe new building. Y I F Mrs. Dorb Troyer bolsed o special coke of rhe F.F.A. emblem for rhe FFA Bonquer. ......,......,, -lizi R, Don Dorlser, Bill Bruclser, Dole Bornerr, ond Scorr Snyder prepore bolred pororoes for rhe bonquer. Choir Is One Of School's Lorgest Groups This yeor's choir is one of the lorgest in the school's history. To occommodote the lorge number of members, , the choir wos divided into two closses, ln cooperotion with the Concert Bond, the Choir song or the Christmos, Winter, ond Spring Concerts. The Choir tools port in the County Music Festivol ot Highlond High School, Other performonces of the Choir were singing ot the Boptist Church Lenten Service ond ot groduotion. Bren- do Trumbo wos chosen os the outstond: ing choir member ond wos the recipient of the Arion Aword ot the Spring Music Bonquet. MIXED ENSEMBLE: FRONT ROW: Sondy Evons, Rene Todd, Tommy Von Horn, Jeon Levering, Jeri Irons, Pom Robinson, Rod Rondoll, Sheilo Compbell, Robin Meyer, Corol Hildebrond, Judy Evons, Kim Otten, Trocy Bedwell, Chris Irons. BACK ROW: Morls Pollord, Milse Potterson, Morls Ohde, Jeff Reid, Donnie Miller, Jerold Votow, Shone Wolford, Milse Curtis, Rod Thill, Milse Smith, Jeff Gress. Q NF' SIXTH PERIOD CHOIR: FRONT ROW: Trocy Bedwell, Myrno Miller, Lindo Dixon, Llso Boxter, Down Fisher, Tonyo McLoughlin, Sue Willelse, Pom Sedlocls, Lori Thomos, Teri Curts, Debbie Howl-2. ROW 2: Potty Wilson, Morjorie Ohde, Jill Nesbitt, Christino Webb, Kelly Little, Ginger Bowden, Tommy Benton, Suzonne Compbell, Rene Todd, Milse Polmer: ROW 3: Judy Evons, Corol Hildebrond, Brendo Holtrey, Anne Stephenson, Donnie Miller, Sondy Evons, Dorlo Styer, Don Leyings, Rusty Moore, Morvin Edwords, Milse Ohler, Peter Stewort. BACK ROW: Milse Smith, Robin Meyer, Shone Wolford, Pom Robinson, Sheilo Compbell, Tim Hoffmon, Cecil Adoms, Tony Rollyson. SEVENTH PERIOD CHOIR: SEATED: Jeff Gress, Fronls Moore, Chris Irons, Mike Mocheslsy, Mrs. Cynthio Armstrong - Director. ROW 2: Tino Horris, Lori Corr, Letitio Corroll, Corinno Horritos, Jeri Irons, Brendo Conont, Annette Smith, Tereso Costo, Debbie Merrimon, Louro Proter, Jonet Mullins, Penny Persinger, Susie Snyder. ROW 8: Angelo Orgon, Jeon Levering, Kim Collins, Kim Smith, Torri Broden, Heother Monn, Lyndy Michol, Conni Forris, Brendo Trumbo, Rod Rondoll, Diono Wilcox, Tommy Von Horn, Louonne Holl. BACK ROW: Doug Seitz, Soro Wood, Scott Rollyson, Milse Potterson, Morls Pollord, Doug Wolters, Rod Thill, Greg Shoewolter, Bill Otten, Dove Bunnell, Milse Curtis, Jeff Reid, Morls Ohde, Jerold Votow, Robin Joggers. Morching Bond Enters Numerous Contests QF' MOUNT GILEAD MARCHING PURPLE PRIDE- MAJORETTES: Corol Hildebrond, Jeri Irons, Kim Smith. ROW 1. Milse Murphy, Kim Otten, Robin Meyer, Milse Smith, Director Jim Anderson, Milse Blonlsenshio, Sheilo Compbell, Terri Sudbrools, Lorry Kcihrig, ROW 21 Corinno l-lorritos, Jonoe Tschudi, Angie Bush, Rene Todd, Down Fisher, Beth Jordon, Vince Blue, Chris Conowoy, ROW B1 Nothon l-lorvey, Jeff Reed, Teri Curts, Doyid Reutter, Down Miller, Suson Johnson, Cormen Yolse, Brendo Trumbo, Nothon Long, Jerry Ashbrools.ROW 4. Jerold Votow, Melindo Storrs, Gerry Zwicls, Kristy Philbroole, Torri Broden, Corol Shorter, Penny Britt, Beclsy Woods, Robin Browning, Brendo Holrrey, Denise Mullert ROW 5, Connie Forris, Jodi Grimm, Judy Eyons, Lori Geyer, DeeDee Sipe, Kothy Levering, Suzonne Compbell, Julie Wright, Tino Grimm, Jeon Leyering, Annette l-loryey. TOP ROW, Down Schoteild, Joclsie Monls, Liso Morgon, Kelly Little, Shelly Bogord, Trocy Bedwell, Michell Troyer, Lindo Wright, Morgone Ford, Debbie Merrimon, Kothy Sryer, Louro Proter, Roxie Trimmer, Christine Webb. The Mount Gileod Morching Purple Pride performed ot o number of oreo func- tions in oddition to footboll gomes. The Bond ond Flog Corp porticipoted in the Highlond Morching Bond Contest, the Otterbein Bond Doy, the Fremont Morching Bond Festiyol, the Fredericlse town Tomoto Show, the Memoriol Doy Porode, ond the Morching Bond Con cert. Outstonding morching bond meme bers for the yeor were Milse Smith, Brendo Trumbo, Louro Proter, Down Miller, ond Liso Hull. as iiir ,L ,, N SF ' 9, G X I Q A , .v 2 Iv i 3, 4 " '- ' W'-it Morls Ohde, Down Miller, Bond Director Jim An- derson, ond Brendo Trumbo pose with the Fre- mont Morching Bond Festiyol Porticipotion Tro' PTWV BELOW LEFT: Moiorettes Jeri Irons, Corol Hilde' brond, Kim Smith, ond Flog Corp Louro Proter morch on the field for pregome ceremonies, BELOW: The bond forms its pregome tunnel, l i ," t' in .E I it Bond Performs In Concerts And Contests Concert Bond's busy schedule included o series of school performonces. Christmos, Winter, ond Spring Concerts feo' tured the work of both the Bond ond Choir, The Winter ond Spring Concerts olso feotured numbers by the Jozz Bond. Other octivities of the Bond included porticipotion in the Ohio Musicions' Associotion competition held or Molobor High School ond the County Music Festiyol ot Highlond High School The John Philip Souso Aword for the outstonding bond member vvos presented to Down Miller ot the Music Awords Bonquet. Severol bond members ployed in the All-County Bond ot Highlond. At the Spring Music Bonquet, Mr. Anderson presents the John Philip Souso Senior b0nd fTT9fTlb9l'S WhO VGCGWGG fOUi'-VGOV owords Ore Brenda Aword to Down Miller, the outstonding bond member. Trumbo, Kim Otten, Morls Ohde, ond Down Miller. CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW: Pom Robinson, Suzonne Compbell, Kothy Leyering, Jeon Levering, Chris Hort, Tommy Benton, Annette Horvey, ROW 2: Judy Evons, Conni Forris, Jodi Grimm, Denise Mullett, Shelley Troiner, Sheilo Compbell, Lori Geyer, Tino Grimm, Corinno Horritos, Deidro Sipe, Julie Wright. ROW 31 Amy Fleming, Robin Meyer, Corol Hildebrond, Robin Browning, Gerry Zwicls, Jerold Votow, Jeff Reid, Melindo Storrs, Kristy Philbrools, Torri Broden, Anne Stephenson, Liso Hull, Brendo Trumbo. ROW 41 Beclsy Woods, Corol Shoffer, Robin Sporlss, Donno Belbot, Penny Britt, Brendo Holtrey, Chris Conowoy, Jerry Ashbrools, Nothon Long, Down Fisher, Vince Blue, Rene Todd, Beth Jordon, Jeff Higgins, Doyid Reutter, Teri Curts, Chip Horris, Nothon Horyey, Morls Ohde, Cormen Yolse, Jeff Gress. BACK ROW: Director Jim Anderson, Mike Blonlsenship, Lorry Kohrig, Kim Otten, Jeri Benedict, Milse Murphy, Milse Smith, Angie Bush, Terri Sudbrools. Cross Country Teom ls 2nd In District Meet Mount Gileod's Cross Country teom ploced vvell in severol invitotionols during the seoson, Returning lettermen on the teom were Poul Sheets, Don Compbell, Tim Brolse, Milse Potterson, Brod ltons, Scott Snyder, Scott Stroyer, ond Kevin Clorls. ln o field of thirteen teoms, the lndions vvon o second ploce trophy ot the Wynford lnvitotionol with Poul Sheets plocing first in o time of 18150, Brod Irons sixth in 141102, ond Don Compbell thirteenth in 14116, Mount Gileod ploced fourth in the Golion lnvitotionol from omong twelve teoms, In the District Meet ot the Pine Hills course ot Bloom Corroll, the lndions ploced second with only the first 'teom Amondo Cleorcreels going to the Stote Meet, Poul Sheets vvos sixth in o time of 13155 ond Milse Potterson wos ninth in 111107. At the Foll Sports' Bonquet, Poul Sheets vvos nomed the outstonding runner of the seoson. Three runners were recognized for ocodemic excellence. Chris Conovvoy, Kevin Clorls, ond Rod Thill oll hod A grode overoges. Kevin, vvith five A's to Chris ond Rod's four, received the ocodemic trophy, KJ CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: KNEELING1 Trent Thomos, Jerry Gondee, Jeff Clorls, Poul Sheets, Don Compbell, Chris Conowoy, Scott Stroyer. STANDING: Kevin Clorls, Don Dorlser, Scott Snyder, Tim Brolse, Brod lrons, Rod Thill, Poul Middough, Cooch Ron Thill, U The runners ore off ot the gun in the MOC Meet or Northmor. Poul Sheets finishes fourth in the MOC Meet ot Northmor in o time of 13137. rf f 3 'Big Golf Teom Finishes Seoson With 15-6 Record E? GOLF TEAM: KNEELING l-lorry Cohen, Doug Yoke, Fronls Mocheslsy, Doug Sreworr, Mike Mo- cheslsy, STANDING: Morry Cohen, Kenr Bowen, .loe Borrley, Poul Grosmehr, Milee Boush, Cooch Lorry Furniss. The lndion's golf reom posred o winning 156 seoson record. ln rhe MOC Tourno- menf or Wyondor Golf Course, rhe reom finished in rhird ploce. Doug Edwords received o rrophy os reom Med olisr for the 1079 seoson. Girls' Soffboll Added To Vorsity Sports .iss GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM: KNEELING: Debbie Howls, Shoron Bochelder, Kim Blue, Lynn Wise, Down Fisher. STANDING: Cooch Trish Trocey, Brendo Holrrey, Corol Hull, Solly McCurdy, Terri Sudbrools, Robin Sporlss, Brendo Cononr, The Mounr Gileod Girls' sofrboll reom complered irs firsr seoson of comperirion wirh o 8-18 record. The reorn's leoding hirrers were Solly McCurdy wirh o bor- ring overoge of 1372, ond Kim Blue, Suson Johnson, ond Brendo Holrrey overoging over BOO. Cheerleaders Have A Long And Busy Year The Mounr Gilead cheerleading squads spend many hours decorar- ing rhe high school buildings ro boost school spirir and cheering for rheir respecrive reams. Win or lose, rhe cheerleaders always supporr rhe Mounr Gilead arhleric reams. Janae Tschudi was recognized ar rhe Fall Sporrs' Banquer as rhe oursranding cheer' leader for rhe foorball season. VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: Becci Guiher, Lori Corral, Janae Tschudi, Sara Wood. Nor Shown: Karen O'Sullivan. RESERVE FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS1 Eve Miller, Brenda McChesney, Paula Smith, Jill Hawls. 'L L . . , , , ji. 1 1 lb '-I .Ji - ' , ' I ..- . . fi ,. fl Q L , . , f'-g. . .x, 2 " iq f if ' wb , NR, I 'Ai 5 Wwxysl Zh U gi VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: KNEELING1 Karen O'Sulliyon, Kelle beers, Becci Guiher STANDING: Jorioe Tscriudi, Sora Wood, Korhy Lever- mimme in XZA Sig A fi Guiher, Koren O'Sullivon, ond Amy Fleming e boslserboll players' loclsersi Y Reserve cheerleader Brenda McChesriey roofs for her re-om during RESERVE BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Amy Fleming, Brerido McChesney, Poulo Smith, Jill Howlx. Indians Top MOC Co-Champs In Final Games The 1979 Mounr Gilead l-ligh School foorooll reom had a successful season wirh a 7 C3 overall record and a 52 record in MOC play, The Indians were rhe only ream ro defear Colonel Crawford and Cardingron during rhe season. The uoser vicrories over MOC co-champions Cresrline and Card ingron were rhe highlighr of ihe Indians' season. Several Mounr Gilead gridders received oosreseason recognition. Neal Dumoaugh, Todd Sweeney, Jim Everharr, Lee Piizor, and Scorr Wilcox were selecred ro the MOC All-League ream. Scorr Williamson and Marla Harrman received MOC honorable meniions Lee llizor was also named ro rhe All- Disrricr ream. 57417 Coach Paul Bremigan was selecred MOC "Coach of rhe Year." The alert Indian defense recovers an Eagle's fumble Lee Tkizor's inrerceorion of o Highland pass sers up rhe lndion's final rouchdovvn in rhe Homecoming vicrory over the Scors. B On rhe firsr play from scrimmage, Lee llizor sweeps around rhe Eagle line and our runs rhe secondary ro score, M..m........ .. - u . ' A 'ae L .Q - 1 . VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Assisranr Coach Mike Tracey, Assisranr Coach Jahy Oysrer, Keirh Levings, Mark Sboaf, Tri-Caprain Sreve Burnside, Tri-Caprain Todd Sweeney, TrifCaprain NEAL Dumbaugh, Mark Harrman, Tom Lyle, Steve Workman, Head Coach Paul Bremigan. ROW 2: Rick Smirlw, Randy Casro, Lee Rizor, Tim Campbell, Scorr Wilcox, SCOTT Williamson, Mark Srrang, Jeff Hawk, Alan Mullerr, Jim Everriarr, Dennis Rarbburn. ROW 3- Doug Lehman, Jerry Rarliff, Ben Fousr, Paul Kemp, Keirn Minion, Marry Srerrirr, .lim Currs, Tim Damron, John Bowersmirh. BACK ROW: Brad Fricke, Don Harman, Myron Harrman, Gregg Sweeney, Noel Robinson, Sam Brey, Kerry Strong. RETURNING LETTERMAN: Tom Lyle, Sreve Workman, Keirh Levings, Scorr William' son, Lee Rizor, Mark l-larrman, Neal Dum- baugn, Todd Sweeney, Scorr Wilcox, Sreve Burnside. When ir appears rhe Colonel Crawford defense is abour ro srop an Indian running play, quarterback Sreve Burnside breaks the rackle and picks up addirional yardage. Down Miller ls MOC Ployer Of The Year Mounr Gilead Girls' vorsiry volleyball reom posred o 5-8 record in MOC league play. ln rournomenr ploy, Mounr Gilead was defeored in rne firsr round ofrer o rnree game baffle, Down Miller was named MOC Player of rne Year and also was chosen for rne ALLfMOC Firsr Team. Carmen Yalse received Honorable Menrion. W e Z e y e r, y e iee , ,iei eee A i g eil,e J,l eee eriefi L M is 'k Down Miller sers up rne ball for Carmen Yol-ze ro arrempr o spike. Ar rne Fall Sports' Banouer, several special rropnies were awarded. Myrna Miller received o rropny for ine mosr improved player, Carmen Yolse received rropnies for the mosr poinrs served and for me mosr spilses, and Down Miller's rropny was for me mosr serups. RIGHT: Carmen Yalse goes up for o spilse. 4 G 3 N VARSITY AND RESERVE VOLLEYBALL TEAM: SEATED: Sharon Bacheldei' CVARD, Kim Blue CRESD, Mario Bogon CRESD, Debbie Hawk CRESD, Down Miller CVARD, Angie Bush CRESD, Myrna Miller CVARD, Corny Sryer CRESD. STANDING: Robin Meyer CVARD, Connie Farris CRESD, Solly McCurdy 4RESD, Brenda Cononr CRESD, Bern Jordon CVARD, Carmen Yolse CVARD, Terri Sudbrools CVARD, Susan Johnson CVARD, . , ,,, .. L K Senior Down Miller serves ogoinsr the Pirores. Soily MCCurdy bumps rhe boll ro serrer Brendo Cononr. Myrno Miller bumps up o serve ro the serrer. 5- IIE mill i Myrno Miller spilses the boil ogoinsr the Cordingron vorsiry, Angie Bush soves the boil, In reserve ocrion, Deb Howk spikes the boil. Indians Are In District Tournament Action The 1979-80 Varsity Boys' Baslsetball Team fought hard for a Std place tie in the always tough Mid Ohio Conference during regular season play, The Indians, whose hard sched- 3 ule paid dividends in post season tournament play, were seeded Ath in the Central District Class A Sectional. The S W ' varsity responded with outstanding play at the end of the season by winning Mount Gilead High School's first sectional I , i. championship in fifteen years. The Indians started slow in the lst game of District Tournament play at the Columbus Fair- ground's Coliseum. Facing a Canal Winchester team with an I outstanding 2012 record and a front line which averaged H o'8" tall, the Indians fell behind early in the game and were ' down by nineteen points entering the fourth quarter. Then an Indian rally led by Neal Dumbaugh came within strilsing distance of an upset in the last minute of play. The Indian rallyiust fell short as ali" Dumbaugh played the best game of his career scoring a game high 27 points against the taller Canal Winchester team. For his effort, Neal was selected: Honorable Mention in the Associated Press Class A All- State, to the Ohio Coaches Association AlleDistrict ll team, ALL- MOC, to the Columbus Dispatch All Central District team, and to the South All-Star team for the Mansfield News Journal NorthfSouth Game. Other team members who received post-season recognition were Dave Willel-te who was ALL- Senior guard Dennis Shoaf defenses a Fredericlstown player. MOC and Honorable Mention All-District, and Dennis Shoaf who was Honorable Mention ALL-MOC. Scott Wilcox led the conference in free throw percentage at 882, for the sea- son. Other season award winners were Special Mention - Neal Dumbaugh, Defensive Award A Dennis Shoaf and Dave Willelse, Most Improved Player - Jim Bailey, Hustler Award - Tim Bralse, and Outstanding Free Throws - Scott Wilcox. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: KNEELING: Harry Cohen - Manager, Coach Robert Hodgson, Assistant Coach Stephen Tracey, Jim Maslar - Manager. STANDING: Jim Everhart, Dennis Shoaf, Tim Brake, Dave Willelse, Neal Dumbaugh, Brad Irons, Rob Keene, Jim Bailey, Scott Wilcox, Tim Campbell. Junior Dave Willel-ze splits the double team to begin the fast breals. cs? 'iii Reserve Teom Posts A 4-16 Seoson Record - we .N L-f.'ls-11,s,L-. - wwf:-2: ' " , Kevin Clerk scores on o fosrbreok os Scorr Scorr Snyder goes up for two. DOU9 Gruber Shoors from OUV5ide me 'SQY 05 Snyder looks for me rebound- Rod Thill, Scorr Snyder, ond Kevin Clork move in for rhe rebound. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM1 Kevin Cloris, Don Borlser, Doug Gruber, Rod Thill, Lonnie Korody, Scorr Snyder, Tim Compbell, Jim Everhorr. Miller And Yoke Are MOC Honoroble Mention At the Winter Sports' bonguet, Down Miller vvos oworded the trophy for the leoding scorer on the Girls' Boslsetboll teom. Pot Dougherty wos recognized os the most improved ployer on the teom. Down Miller ond Corrnen Yolse were selected MOC Honoroble Mention. Down Miller brings the boil down the floor. The Gileod girls try to breols through the Crestline defense. Sue Willelse posses the boil oround the Highlond defense, BETH Jordon ll'l9S for TWO pOirNtS. L A GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: KNEEL' ING: Sue Willelse, Down Miller, Goil Zwicls Beth Jordon, STANDING: Cooch Trish Trocey Corrnen Yolse, Pot Dougherty, Gerry Zwicls Debbie Howls, Potty Wilson, Cooch Jill Mon trose. iv- Gymnostics Teom Hos A 4-10 Seoson Record Moryone Ford Lori Geyer The Mounr Gileod High School gymnosrics reom hod o seoson record of 4-10. The gymnosrics reom operores os on independenr reom since rhere is no MOC gymhosrics leogue. Leslie Woggoner scored rhe mosr comperirive points of rhe returning reom members. Liso Vorner hod rhe highest number of poinrs for o firsr yeor porriciponr. Mem- bers of rhe ieom ore Teri Currs, Moryone Ford, Lori Geyer, Joclsie Monk, .lill Nesbiri, April Snyder, Susie Snyder, Liso Vorner, Leslie Woggoner, Julie Wrighr, Lorroine Wrighr, ond Shelly Compbell. Cooch Tim Scherer rollss ro reom members Teri Currs ond Liso Vorner, Leslie Waggener Jocleie Monk Lise Vorner Clork Sets School Record For Stolen Boses The 1980 boseboll seoson vvos o disoppoinrmenr for rhe lndions. The vorsiry finished rhe seoson vvirh on overoll 2-18 record ond 2-Q in MOC ploy. Pircher Neo! Dumbough ond firsr bosemon Dove Willelse were Honorobie Menrion in rhe MOC. John Bovversmirh fools rhe reom borring chompion- ship vvirh o .828 seoson overoge. Horry Cohen received rhe Boil Four Avvord for rhe seoson's mosr vvollss. Three ployers brolse rhe school record for srolen hoses vvirh Dove Wilielse ond John Bovversmirh eoch moising 15 sreolsi Kevin Clorls vvon rhe Mosrer Thefr Avvord ond esroblished o new schooi record vvirh 21 srolen hoses during the seoson. A 1' L X "1 4 ' -fm, V - NM, 4' Lefry Jim Boiiey pirches some relief innings. Third bosemon Keirh Levings worches rhe incoming throw ogoinsr o Pirore il' . Xyxrkkk ' . -A 'ix Q' -. rw VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: KNEELJNG: Jim Dixon, Mike Ohler, John Dovversmirh, Shown Thomos, Doug Edwords, Horry Cohen, Kevin Ciorls, Rick Von Houren. STANDING: Monoger Jim Moslor, Mike Curtis, Jim Zwoyer, Neol Dumbough, Dove Willelse, Rob Keene, Norhon Long, Tim Compbell, Jim Boiley Keirh Levings, Cooch Robert Hodgson, Norhon Long rops our o hir, . ..: 1 . '1 'X"x x ' SQ . fs ' 'f D- X Q ' 'W ' 1 k-.' ff BLA 'si S-ffQ2s:':2Zii.5s E, C K K . K K .K gifs X ...f ' g , A 1 L " ,f ,J " 1 - . - W :om K 5 J' .-..- : k,f- .. . ,z VL C C as is ,Q 'E W Q -E. E , . - L sam C ff R df in ,, , .A Xi Y f" ' , is :TC 2 E I J N E ak .---V A Wfili E f .,A. , N I Xw 'x,,. E ' Y 'afif y gg f .f Vorsiry corher Mike Ohler rogs rhe Cordingron runner or home piore Reserve pircher Rob "Peaches" Keene delivers the boil, i RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM: KNEELIN Doug Norhon Long, Mike Ohler, Cooch Tim Scherer, Rick Von Houren, Mike Curris, Chuck Dcker, Jerry Ashbrook. G: Jim Dixon, Jeff Clork, Jim Zvvoyer, Chip Horris Chris Irons Doug Woirers, Scorr Cosro. STANDING: Geroid Vorow Both Track Teams Place Third In MOC Meet Mount Gilead's boys' and girls' varsity track squads both placed third in the MOC Meet. The boys' squad won a second place trophy at the Fredericktown Invitational. At the Sectional Meet at Mount Vernon, the Indians were champions and the following boys qualified for the District Meet at Riverview: Brad Irons and Mike Patterson in the 880, Paul Sheets in the 2 mile, Rick Heimlich in the high jump, Lee Rizor and Mike Murphy in the pole vault, Jim Everhart in the shot put, and Todd Sweeney in the discus. Brad Irons and Lee Rizor qualified for the Class A State Meet with Irons finishing twelfth in the 880 and Rizor placed fifth in the pole vault. The girls' team finished seventh in the Sec- tional Meet, The following girls qualified for the District: Kim Smith in the AAO, Natalie Maceyko in the 880, the 2 mile relay team of Lori Thomas, Natalie Maceyko, Sue Willeke, and Carmen Yake, and the mile relay team of Sue Willeke, Kim Smith, Paula Smith, and Janae Tschudi. In the MOC Meet, Kim Smith set MOC records in the 220 with a 2418 and in the AAO with a 61.8 The girls' mile relay time set a new MOC record in 4122. Todd Sweeney fights for the lead as they come to the line in the 100 meters. Joy Middaugh competes in the shotput, Paula Smith gets off a good jump in the running long jump X ' M ' 1' N , 3 iz BOYS' TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Marty Cohen, Chris Conaway, Dan Campbell, Mike Murphy, Scott Strayer, Mark Pollard, Brad Fricke, Jim Everhart Frank Machesky. ROW 2: Don Harman, Greg Sweeney, Paul Middaugh, Rod Randall, Mike Patterson, Jeff Hawk, Scott Williamson, Jim Curts, Alan Mullett, Paul Sheets. BACK ROW: Coach Rick Campbell, Lee Rizor, Vince Blue, Rod Thill, Todd Sweeney, Rick Smith, Brad Irons, Rick Heimlich, Brian Baughman, Coach Ron Thill. Absent: Tim Brake, Chet Machen, Steve Murphy, Randy Casto, Mark Strong, Doug Lehman, Scott Cox, John Gulher, Mark Rader, Coach Pete Dertra. " ff---Nunn!-,,..., ,, W ...... ... -vi ..g,. Pole vaulrer Lee Rizor clears rhe bar wirh roam ro spare. Mike Murphy rries ro gain heighr for his vault. Ar the Spring Sporrs' Banquet, Sue Willelse was named oursranding Kim Smirh has a big lead as she sers a new MOC 440 yard record. distance runner and Kim Smirh rhe oursranding sprinrer in girls' rrack. GIRLS' TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Donna Barron, Lori Thomas, Brenda McChesney, Gladys Casro, Sue Willelse, Jill Hawk, Kim Smith. ROW 2: Gail Zwick, Liserre Powell, Carmen Yalse, Krisry Philbrool-2, Torri Draf den, Gerry Zwicls, Paula Smirh, Janoe Tschudi. BACK ROW: Coach Rick Camp' bell, Brenda Levings, Naralie Maceylso, Coach Ron Thill. Absent: Joy Middaugh, Coach Pere Derrra. My 1 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: SEATED: Jodi Hershner- Treosurer. STANDING: Kelley Sheers - Secrerory, Brenda Trumbo - Presidenr, Becci Guiher - Vice-Presidenr. 6 I ...X L I 4 " DALE BARNETT JOE DARTLEY LINDA BELDOT TOM BELCHER Jgm BENEDQCT TONYA BLAND DAN DRADEN TIM DRAKE JAKE BREY PEGGY CARR LORI CORRAL NEAL DUMBAUGH LOU ANNE BROWN BILL BRUCKER STEVE BURNSIDE '. xxx L . I CINDY CHAPMAN BRENDA CI-IILCOTE JULIA CONLEY GREG CRAVEN ED DIBLE WV LINDA DIXON 1 ,, I I I I I L I - KRI5 EASTBIDGE TAMI FARRIS WILLIAM FIFE -N N N K SUE FITZGERALD MARIJANE FORD I JODY GRIMM BECCI GUIHER PATTI HEACOCK JODI HERSHNER MONICA HOLTREY KIM HOWARD STEVE FULLER MAUREEN GRAHAM 'fi MARK HARTMAN MIKE HAYES RETHA HITE GARY HOFFMAN JOAN HUNTER BRAD IRONS 'Hoff 0 I I 'v 0,1124 RHONDA JONES TIM KNAUL DOUG KNIPP KELLEY LAWRENCE e IQ KI I X KEITH LEVINGS JANET LEWIS KAREN LEWIS CHRIS LLOYD www 5'1" 'IX' LA N5 Y ' I Wwe I I .. TOM LYLE TROY MCDANIELS RONDA MCGINNIS CHESTER MACHEN MIKE MARTIN JOY MIDDAUGH DAWN MILLER TAMMY MOORE L STEVE MURPHY BARBARA NANCE MARK OI-IDE KAREN O'SULLIVAN AS ui? KIM OTTEN PAT PORTER CRYSTAL RICHARDS JOE RICHARDSON NANCY RICHARDSON KEVIN ROBINSON CHARLES SALISDURY KELLEY SHEETS DENNIS SHOAF MARK SHOAF TOM SHORT BRIAN SMITH SHARON SMITH TRENT THOMAS BRIAN WEST TODD SWEENEY SHAWN THOMAS TAMIE THOMAS ROSEMARIE THOMPSON BRENDA TRLJMBO JIM VIPPERMAN VINT WHITMAN JULIE WILLIAMS ERIC WRIGHT PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE RICHARD CASKEY BRET CONLEY SONJA CONLEY TAMMY HATTEN CHRISTINE HOLT MIKE MCKINNEY LARRY MLJLLENNIX JULIE RIZOR LORI SCHLJMAN DARRELL SPENCER DEBBIE STUMP BRAD WHITE GAIL ZWICI4 :""-L- I swsxsagqxx You N.- LJ-J ....n. A number of seniors enrered me Morrow Counry Junior Miss Conresr Counry winner Koren O'Sulliyon presenrs her rolenr presenrorion or ine Ohio Junior Miss Sclwolorslwip progrom or Vererons Memoriol in Columbus. Kelly Lowrence finds me quierness of ine EMC conducive ro srudying ond sleeping wb fx, Jodi Herslwner, Kelly Sneers, ond Brendo Trumbo ore posrure by ploying o yoriorion of me srorue Qome srudying body we 5, ,oi R SX , - 31 .. Sue Firzgerold demonsrrores o gome ro sixrln groders or Enyironmenrol Comp 9 '- f , x Nei-gf 11:5 2, A " X ' X ' 123733 i , - 'S 'HO nu," no "Hn 'lr in N4 A X A X. .ui 4 0 i f'iE'Rf n 'S if 17" .' U 1, '9 ' 0' ' - , . ,Oc I y Y M D x Y. I. V t A si ' Brod Irons works on o difficulr rrigonomerry problem in Morlw V Calculus, Senior FRONT ROW: Goil Zwicls, Kris Eosrridge, Lindo Belbor, Lou Anne Brown, Down Miller, Julio Conley, Rerho Hire, loner Lewis ROW Q1 Borboro Nonce, Monico l-lolrrey, Julie Wil' lioms, Crysrol Richords, Julie Rizor, Chris Holr, Joy Middough, Kim Orren, Tommy Moore. ROW O1 Eric Wrighr, Trenr Thomos, Shown Thonnos, Moria Shoof, Sue Firzgerold, Kelley Sheers, Koren Lewis, Cindy Chopmon, ROW A: Chris Lloyd, Dole Bornerr, Vinr Whirmon, Tom Belcher, Milse McKinney, Sreve Burnside, Kevin Robinson, Keirh Levings, Richord Cos- lsey. BACK ROW Milse Morrin, Troy McDonf iels, Chuck Solisoury, Don Broden, Sieve Mur- phy, Todd Sweeney, Morls Horrnwon, Tim Broke, Dennis Shoof, Torn Shorr. Closs Presidenr Brendo Trumbo ond Srudenr Council Presidenr Cindy Chop Reverend Ronold Aoborr of Sr Poul Evongelicol Lurheron Church in C mon leod rhe procession or cornmencemenr exercises ron gives rhe boccloureore oddress "i Vw talurarorian Sharon Scnirh speaks ra her classrhares on rhe ropic "To Dream he Impossible Dreann", Class FRONT ROW' Tamie Thonnas, Rhonda Jones, Joan l-lunrer, Margane Ford, Becci Guiher, Brenda Chilcore, Jody Grimm, Linda Dixon, Peggy Carr, ROW Q1 Debbie Srurnp, Tonya Bland, Lori Corrall, Ronda McGinnis, Brenda Trumbo, Kelley Lawrence, Sonja Conley, Parri I-leacocls. ROW B Jodi Hershner, Tami Farris, Karen O'Sullivan, Kirn Madelser Howard, Sharon Smith, Darrell Spencer, Larry Mullen' nix, Ed Diole, Bill Bruclser, Williarn Fife ROW A- Torn Lyle, Jalse Brey, Milse Hayes, Jim Vipperf man, Brad Whire, Tim Knaul, Brian Wesr, Brian Smirh, Greg Craven. BACK ROW Joe Richardson, Chesrer Machen, Brad Irons, Neal Dumbaugh, Joe Bartley, Doug Knipp, Sreye Fuller, Par Porrer, Maris Ohde. "So Lirrle Done - So Much To Do" is the rirle of Valedicrorian Karen O'SulIivan's speech ar rhe comrnencemenr exercises. Srocey Anderson Shoron Bocheider Jim Boiiey Liso Boxrer Trocy Bedweli Miise Blonlaenship Vince Blue Morio Bogon Crysrol Bogord Corol Booth Corhy'Boorh Dove Bunnell Shone Compbeli Sheilo Cornpbeii Tim Cornpbell Dove Coroenrer Gory Corr Lori Corr Leririo Corroll Korhy Cosrle Rondy Cosro Horry Cohen Pool Compron Leonord Coors Rondy Corrol Milse Cover Sieve Deoring Cossondro Dilie JUNIOB CLASS OFFICERS: STANDHNIG1 Sondy Evons - Secrerory Pom Ri son - Presidenr. SEATED: Porn Sedlocis - Vice Presidenr Berh Jordon Treosurer. SV' koi .Rv 31: 4 i AX Q ' Q' ' Y u S i 'ir' , v - . , .. i QQ ' ' S ii S ix g R 'F ,X -93 my or 5 f S' Q SS' jg., K - :S -3 A. , 's w . Q3 S ..- "-.. QL- "-....-q1...,-- Q.-L-.-nv-X -X -1--4-as-' x Nw K V -wg. N S " S . .', SBFTQ, 9"'x S i A C A VK i.i ie. . 25: v mb. - ' vsp ' in i im 'Sv . V A' A , ee 1 ,:., 'Q-3' fi , fu, 3 fn- S5 E gg 'Y is iw ' S Him .55 my ' ,S S. i'k-- 1,-'ix ie, . .X 5 S i ii 3 I :pw i . C. ,C sf X 5 W E . , I ,Li ,X XFZYX Y .1 . S' X f 1 .ww ml ' fl s or Q ?1Q' "f , XIX 411, .X L if a . x . ,, l r all if-K ..,-- r 4 fe er? r o er e r R K N "' I . J 1: -" X 1 l M' J Vff X ' " l l -X gg L . o 6- if Xe. v ww! A Arm h -r 'e xx lvl V' l l ' ' 'W Y As K X 'Wir ume 5ruoenr5 worle rn rne offuce dunno rnelr sruoy nolls r Lcirerorlea Cornwen Yolse oreoores enyelooes for rnolllng o osslsr rne Doug Edworos Jonn E5reo Brlon Eyerr Judy Eyons Sonoy Eyom llVTW Eyernorr Tony Foqon Conn: Forrls Grover Geyer Mlcnelle Gornof Poul Grosrnenr Jeff Gress Bull I-loclsvyorrn Goyle lloroen Corl Horrlros Annerre l-loryey Jerry Horfleld llrn Horren Jeff l-lowls Trocey Howie Doug Hoyes Mlrcn Heococll Rude Hermllcn Corol l-llldeorond Moggle Hobson Sondy Holr Llso Hull lerl lrons xx H ..-'M - r ,.W......,.,,.:o . . Buy ex Ar rne Fesruvol of rne Arrs, Por McGlnnr5 oenwonsrrores nls slsrll nn wrre orr Robin loggers Berh Jordon x , Bob Keene 3 4, ',,, Terry Knoul " .211 Tereso Knipp ,W,,, V, A E' Q Lonnie Korody Korhy Levering 5 V ZVA fy' , G: 1,1 Joclsie Lewis M M Bod-xy Lewis 3 if f Russell Lewis , Q Tereso Lirrle Don Long John Long Kenny Long Debbie Lyons Kelly McCouley Solly MCCurdy Beclay McElroy Por McGinnis Heorher Monn Trocy Morrin The Americon Legion Auxiliory's Buclseye Girls' Srore vvos held from June 14121, 1980 or Ashlond College. The purpose of Girls' Srore is ro educore young vvomen in rhe ouries, privileges, righrs ond responsibiliries of Americon Cirizenshipg ro give ro rhese cirizens in o reolisric monner, on opporruniry ro leorn rhe problems of government vvirh speciol emphosis upon rhe Conrriburion vvomen con molse ro rhe vvelfore of rhe ciry, counry, srore ond norion. Along vvirh rhe T. P. Johnsron Unir 329 of rhe Americon Legion Auxiliory, rhe Peoples Bonls, Morher's Forum, Firsr Federol Sovings ond Loon, The Mr, Gileoo Kivvonis, ond rhe Mrs Gileod Lions Club served os Co-sponsors for rhe oelegores. Girls selecr' ed os delegores ond olrernores ore: SEATED: Judirh Evons Coeli, Berh Jordon Coell, Myrno Miller Cdell STANDING: Cormen Yolse Colrb, Korhy Levering Colrl, Dorlo Sryer Colrl, Korhy Soyers Cdelb, Robin Meyer Cdelb. SEATED IN TREE: Shelio Compbell Colri, Jill Shipf mon ColrD. Robin Meyer Lynoy Michol Donny Miller Jerry Miller -v , 1 'Q X r if G Milse Miller .,, - . Myrno Miller L Q., llusry Morr ' YHAI , , r 3 L. g Alon Mullerr J Croig Nelson Moriorie Ohde Milse Porrerson QQ ' g Moria Pollord T ' Jeff Pollocls ,ss A05 4, g , Lee Ann Rondoll W . jg ! 72 I . I, XM -s tw Q fl f H lu l W. ,Q k.AQ X 'gi - Ji . ,f-i. Mo. v is as if lKlXiffVQiTlVfx ' Q 1 2 X 1 :ii " 7 'ii 1 3 '51 M' H W' G is axiaixii ff' IMT i ,ay . 1 .40 -ur:-If fu my 1 iw A V , , ! if " T X N in ly X yy, smki' Qiykiik' A J, so fr '31 as sm , is Jr A , . . 'f xi li' 'P Q R . 1 ggi . f ,i Y? ff re W F, TX. -r,. SX 1 v. ii , ..k,. x L, I . - ' V ' Q Q 1 YH h :ffw,j"1 V Vxk , 'l I I ' Dennls llorlwburn Jeff field Lee lllzor A 4 5 Pom Roolnson ' Roo Roolnson i Korny Soyerx Ky' V 4 x Pom Sedlocls Doug Selrg . Jlll Snlonnon LV. Corolyn Smrrlw Mllse Smlrrw lllcls Sfnlrlw Jeff Soulres f . A g: X K A Anne Sreonemon - rl L for D' V ' Doug Sreworr 1 Morls Srrong W ' Q ' Dum we-r ' 4. , '-9-13, ' ' ' H , Q W' "" 'V Vlclsy Sryer , , " 'A Q l, " 'Ma 3 , X F l fo r V yu Terrl Sudorools , V A A f Li 3 8 F' Dolores Surnerlond V ,,,, Q 'L ,co per 32. '. F S - X115 so wfa r' K o fund rolslng orolecr, rne Junlor closs neld o clwlll supper before rlwe 1 r gorne Snone Wolford ond Llso Hull ser up o slgn odverrlslng rhe Counselors Vkooln Meyer ond Jeff Gress lnspecr o snnoll snolse found by slxrn Qroders or Lurneron Menworlol Condo " ' pxOXl9 Trlrnrner ' Q "1 . M Jonoe Tgcnudl Q 7' H ' Croy Worner K9 ' I ,I Tlno Wellrnon Q., -lm ' . , ii Lorry Wesroroolr l V I . r Dove Wlene x ' M D si A ig Q Y -"l1?fl'X! Suson Wlgron X' ,l 73 'fr Q, 5.3 Qi - V. if xl I Mellsso Wllcox Scorr Wllcox FB N Dove Wlllelse Scorr WllllOFUSOW Kreg Wll5on Soro Wood Julle Wrlglwr ll 5 7 , , 45? fy ' X 7 'D D Sl l Ql'W7jiigfETaf Pl XOTOS NOT AVAILABLE Lee Bronron Mork Maller Isenr Bowen Aorrl Snyder Debore Derwuler Snone Worforo Trocy Feisr floberr Weils Tereso Young K f John Long works on nas woodbornrng projecr for rne Fesrivoi of rne Arrs, ,,-.Q - r R-of To neip rouse rnoney for rne EMC, rne Me-duo Andes sponsored o book forr Terrr Soobrook, Anne Sreonenson, Jody Evons, ond Mike Srnrrn browse rnroogn rne sekecrron of books El ,f y i Morrnew Wrrgnr m L g , Cormen Yoke , QQ 551 1, ... - N ,-9 --4 f zslmifh. , 1' sw "kk - "' ' ln one of rhe drscovery sessions or Envlronrnenroi Edocormon Como, Knmrney ond Myrno Mrrier snow orn Qroders now ro moke sonprrnrs, ,,,..-NH? Mr Scnrndley snows Dove Coroenrer now ro correcriy oojosr o roorrng plc In one of the mony dosses durrng Minnfourses, Mork Pollord demonsrrores nas skull nn buHoros Yoke prepores ro spake rne ooll during o vorsiry volleyball Qorne A 3 Durung Hkugnr To Read Week" or 0 deslgnored fume, srudenrs spenr one nolf nour reodmg o book of rneur cnolce. Heorner Monn rokes mme our from rypmg Closs ro reod .M-1 Q g 5 J Ds. X 1 3 'X .31 s Mus. Q Y X X Mike Blonkensnnp IS shown loylng our o Cornedrol gloss design in Arr Closs For 0 fnnol ocrwlry 1n Honor 11 Enghsn, Mrs Borry's Gloss nod rnenr own owords' ossem biy The srudenrs of rne closs dvsploy rnenr owords Dan Bari-:er Melissa Barrley Brian Baughrnan Quinr Belcher Milse Belrz Jodie Benson Kim Blue Shelley Bogard John Bowersmirh Sherry Brady Sam Brey Lynnerre Bush Shelley Campbell Craig Cardwell Rena Carre Alex Casrle Gladys Casro Teresa Casro Brian Shipman Kevin Claris Marrin Cohen Randy Cole Brenda Conanr Marc Conley Terisa Coors Tracey Corder Tim Counrs Brad Curl . M ax.,X SOPHOMOBE CLASS OFFICERS TOP Carol Hall Secrerary Brenda McChesney Vice President Cindy McKinney President Gregg Shoewalrer Treasurer fund- "x F ,Qs 35? , .7 2 y .3 Lf' X Sv, si i SJ? 3 4,2 us K K' .T igao S 'T C, 'I' ' A7556 C4 T C 'E lri, -f - , .. : - . ' . ' . - lr 1 l 'i.,r , f L 'V is I fr ' ' IN " . , T V , is - fe ' 4 x ' A 9 ' , 'X E ' 'K . if A' , Lg "' 4 vw , ' ' 1 . g K V.- . S iiii M551 7 i I, y ,. ,:q1.:.g N4l 1 .,, ,, iw? ,?x:,ifg1fAf X Q' l" , 'f l l fl .41Y5'.?sl Wi., E " . C T I m3Qfn,jf ki I . I ::e 113 .. ky . ,ul 5 J fx! fb , gin 'rr S . C. h e -if 3 , 4 t'i: Q W - "5 W' as '95 - 1, . AKL, M V -K 1 i, '5 i 15 , Xi , ig, C , ' ,sl T 77 4 , I V veqig' qi, f Q A fu. gg. A 1 W ' ff I b if " ' A , xr - ' ' img X V' 'LA Y! A T. i Because af rhe populariry of rhe sporr of canoeing, rhe physical educarion deparrmenr sponsored a A wer and cold John Bovversr-nirh is proof rhar peo vvarer safery program canducred by rhe Ohio Deporrmenr of Narural Resources. Billy Orren and Todd ple do fall our of canoes. Parricl-z prepare ro docls rheir canoe ar rhe Srare Lalses. wi' .Ai .gf .. .1 :a 4. P fe-N ,MA ,N 1' 'fx' if E, 1 ff frffgi J - J- Vx F R .151 it .E E 1 . his J so se,- ' ii X61 ff t ,iii ,. 'Lx V I X -.Y ix .Q ftlv i xx 1 AW lr A K N - K A 4-, K .1-,vs :P f 41' ,,. , i R i l Xl 1 L V N ' G r I 'fy 'FY 2 if 5 .All l A' ' A' W! r ' Trl Jw I ' l an Q V my Q xslvql fb Q l .5 vs l A Q 'L lag, L I Y ix ,421 1 ly G s K I Q X r , ..:- ,ff N 11354, 'ggi 'I 'Xl ' 2156 l l i .fr . ,gig 'Y 'Q-Q fs, b in N wr, fix K, TEL? 55. ,Ng - f W X x . 'fl ' X xii I Y ni 5? X ' l .f 5' x Jim Currs Tim Damran Par Daugherry John Dendinger Laura Dible Jim Dixon Joe Dixon Amy Fleming Den Fousr Brad Friclse Gina Fuller Jerry Gandee Rebecca Garrshall Marsha Graham Sreve Gray Jill Griffirh Tina Grimm Doug Gruber Jon Halfhill Don Harman Tina Harris Myron Harrmon Jill Hawk Tim Hoffman Carol Hull Susan Johnson Larry Kohrig Paul Kemp Sara Isnipp Doug Lehman Jean Leyering Dan Levings Sandy Lewis Kelly Lirrle David Lyon Brenda McChesney Cindy McKinney Kenr McMillan Franls Mochesley Anna Moiyer Debbie Merriman Lorerra Middaugh Eye Miller Keirh Minigh Jaclsie Monls Lisa Morgan Mary Mullennix Denise Mullerr Milse Murphy Jill Nesbirr Dill Orren Todd Porriclx Laura Prarer Jerry Rarliff Doug Richardson Wanda Ridenour Rooerr Riley Noel Robinson Scorr Rollyson Anna Saylor Dawn Schofield Paul Sheers Gregg Shoewolrer Annerre Smith W fel . gg? . 5' N N cl QAR Q if ,..k I V i ,ff .. K ' i 1 " 52 ,,iii i i f Q , -H fy X 'M Q ff--1. :b v ii .Q ie .V V mfr- VA Q Q ii f is, 1 low . f 5 f 1-i,, ,L :if ,if w- , .LAX . Y , xx V7 S, Q Mi wi, il ii ill' l i " "-- E L ff'1.32 ,-or X X? Z if f 1 Kg Ly . .,,i ,J if LSQ . I Ab Afxiw ii g. ,iv A W ,,,f2'31A Ji, L 3 'S 5 NX will 4 ,Qi """D--gf fl? lr viii Si S'i- is 'V ' V ' F ' .1 L S ,bil , 'gig ,X I l g is i 5' iz, 531 ff N, I :.L Sophomores now order their class rings in Seprember or Ocrober and receive in rhe spring. Amy Fleming piclss up her ring. F . frm. , 11 I ' 'X Q fig K ' 'Qi 3-L X X . 3 S 1 152 Xl , 1 lgxsm '7' -" JE' 455 , what 5 X' -1, I' ER' X mA W' f ,gt .9 W is 'M 1' .Y ,fp 'f' , , ,Z f l I l s H , i - f , X 'E 25- 4 V 3 , 3 I W v r ' V S L " 'W 3:5 ' : 'NS --A - . e' VM,-ffm ,A 633: S S s ' . -M - res., - -W x ,fy Q 'S' , 1:41 'foe ' iifirqvf . Q N., . K ,x.RXyi1t ,Q Q X 'K I ' ' , n igh 1"el,Q:S"Q?l"Zl: 'A'-. N 'W V S fkgggri ,r r p "'f?mi5?i:s i:f 'T 1 - ff. , ,m- V .',.,s,f,:.w - N ' 'JN My -'U mmvv v'N.ff1AfV-. I I .A R. 3 , V. , X 1, ,, A - ,--. Z -J- H , 1:3271 '-1 . s - I .fifg QE' , . .5-1,5'i, 4 H 11' .21 l fl :- Q 221, .S lk s E K - 5 , 7' p-A .M S ,Q f'l'i:. - S T f . l X,-EQ xqll i 3 "' ' i Piciores Nor Ayailoble Nila Klaiber Cnris Robinson Wayne McCuroy Darrell Snorr Rasrye Moadispaagn Jim Thompson Jim Wilkinson ' lea if Qc ,com me ,.- an M hd' 'L sw 8.5-... a money-making proiecr, ine Sophomore class sold poraro chips Jim Corrs up nis order ro deliver ro purchasers while Jim Dixon wairs in line ix w fr if GT' ull' X 'A 12, kg' 3 ' --4f', , 'Q--Ss, Q I Y' i ' A., . V, . ' . :gptQf+- W .Alllilll "3 ju , I.f-fffiiif Aff ' Y .331 ig M1 4 1913 5 ,Q Q - will .. as IN MEMORIAM 'Q Marla Smiin Paulo Smirn Scorr Snyder Marry Srerriir Scorr Srrayer Kerry Srrong Carny Sryer Gregg Sweeney Rod Tnill Kelly Tincn Shelley Trainer Michelle Troyer Tammy Van Horn Viclsie Von Romer Bob Vorner Glenn Vippermon Jerald Voraw Leslie Waggoner Cnris Webb Ralpn Weilsle Kim Willsins Tim Willsins Rob Williamson Parry Wilson Gerry Zwicls MIKE MATTlX 1 :wayw- ....... Milee Murphy cleors rlwe por in rlwe MOC meer ' - A 4 H 1 i Keirlw Minigli ond Norolie Moceyl-xo work on rlweir shop proiecrs, Mory Mullemmix, Jill Nesbirr, ond Kim Willsiris show off rlieir emrry in rlwe l Crocker Coke Bolsino Corireer Shelley Troimer demorisrrores rlwe orr of quillimg or rlwe Fesrivol of rlwe 1 Jill l-lowls comperes. in rlie running long jump 2 I E - oyne Porrer, Tri-f1iver's Direcror of Guidonce Services, folks ro sophomores who ore plonning ro orrend rhe vocorionoi school nexr yeor. xvsx Nw? Like mony other sophomores, Fronls Mochesisy foces boosrer shors wirh o smile. ABOVE: To help poy rhe cosr of Mini-Courses, rhe Srudenr Council spon' sored o srudenr body peonur sole, Ben Fousr, Gregg Shoewolrer, ond Gerold Vorou picls up rheir orders. LEFT: Eoch yeor rhe guidonce deporrmenr conducrs 0 sophomore rour of Triilivers. A Tri-Rivers guide expioins how rhe greenhouse fociliries fir inro Tri-Rivers vocorionol progrom, Penny Brirr Robin Browning David Burden Angie Bush Dan Campbell Suzanne Campbell Lula Casro Scorr Casio Karny Cnilcore Jeff Claris Robin Collier Kim Collins Chris Conaway 1 V , Tim Cools , Andy Cooper if Terry Coors Scorr Cox iyy "lli Randy Crawford ' Mil-ze Curris Teri Currs Tami Derwiler Marvin Edwards Larry Elliorr Karla Evans Dawn Fisher Lori Geyer X' i 45- A X frfal , llv J .3 2 E' ef' Fw iw W- Q Milse Bedwell Donna Belbor Tammy Benron Ginger Bowden Torri Braden Teri Brake if X' f H,-Q. 75 Q51 Cecil Adams Jerry Ashbrook Dan Baer Chris Bailey y it f i 'ii CCF' W M 1 . -1. u. il 1 it Q' sg rw I F K E? 'lf Ee- ff I ' ' X KQV In SC N ' vii , ' if 1 . ' if f,,f. ,....,w, , ,L i, i wg i n an X f YB' A El 1 as 9 , air . 1 X X N if- YA J - ,.,,f,Q,13' 1- ' S Q N Y iw. H1 "WA K", if 5 SL i 4 E ,V i - - llll ii il V ,.. W V 42, . A-'. . .4 V ' L ' M k 5-,1 ' K 2 i, ' , ,...Vk -,yn ' i , , as ,A - i. Ay . AEA ,Q H "I Q LK .Q L 1 W if 11 b rf' , . Q 'wid H344 42, J C3 1. 6 A -f.,-- . U . f R I x ' .IF Z X 7 MQ. BL ,, . Mo. f. -Ar-A ,. 1-vii il C N , A -. fe-. le X FI i X he ll X - A , K J CCCC . J gg ET ig - 5 , -rf y ' .,i' ,. ff 3,5 A J - A M s -" - . Egfr X ,i 1 fi,'F..C XC , A 4 ' Qi 5' 525Ei:525s'ZiE535- A A ' :iffy 'J ' JR ' 'Z '- r '93 Hui-C-3' 3 r ,field-112' is ai C , J - .T A is Q - 'A A' ga ' iiis 'lr -'il A J To 'fs l ,fi ' , T J My S xi Q K ' ' Q xy x A A ,a b 8 .LQQ , S g y -,Q K? sit Q: ly ii ' J L J Q ' :QS :mL ll L Chris Irons ,Q A x Q g , K ' -K Tx David Jaclsson gg. L L 5, -Q ,P , 5 Y L -N gala Andrea Jaggers wif 5 Q g i Q Q , --gt l 1.. g X Debbie Jewell Q Z L1 J is ,J - Molly Keenan H6 . err or Donnie Lemmon .C ,rrr K f . 'W his J a Qi Q " J Xi ' - -' . -111 Marla Leary EN M Brenda Levings 5 N " -, . i Ng, Cary Lewis V Karen Lewis ,, 'T Y Q. 'I Lg ' ' is QT Earlene Linder N lli Z J , 'F Narhan Long . . -...x 'T' 'L 'fl S X CC 'k Liv 'Nm 3 mir T- AHL Sl 4 A in ix i jg .b ' gg i A "lite JL ' A -"" j .N ' ' t l A msn N 5'-'J J , ef. 7 f n ' L' A 2 i A 'K :ii -- ,L ' I ,I n-1 Si. Frank Moore Don Mullen Janer Mullins Jon Myers Tonya McLoughlin Milse Macheslfy Rhonda Maddy Jim Maslar Paul Middaugh Jim Monk Melanie Graham Charles Greenawalr John Guiher Lou Anne Hall Corinna Harriros Chris Harr Narhan Harvey John Harfield Debbie Hawls Glenn Hayes Jeff Higgins Anna Hillman Brenda Holrrey Theresa Hughes FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: Karhy Chilcore - Secretary, Rene Todd President, Kim Smirh - Vice-Presidenr. Treasurer Lisa Vorner is nor picrured Liserre Powell Mark Rader Roddy Randall Mike Reed David Reurrer Richard Roach Tony Rollyson Kevin Salisbury Mike Perry Penny Persinger Krisry Philbrook 'if , 9 i ig, l S, 5, :I I -iI:'lV'4f 5. my? , 915' A, 'CE' X ':'r' -1 v , . x xl A, ,Y Nl rr 2zV'lr3'. .iz , A " Deanna Schofield Carol Shaffer Jeff Sherbourne Y Mike Ohler Chuck Ocker fT'Wfii'!i'lt:i2 ' v :Hin EW Q? i .malls Mike Palmer H 14 lW 'i A H 5 A in 'N N' ri i R 1 xfix irA 2 C ki A-' 1 V .Ti E. ,I xi Ng.g,,o4 E. -4 J' 1 5 Q, if xql 3. . ti? if .Mg irlrr f r 571:-all 'T K f ' in M s ll i ieii R R Rl A rl r R ir i M ff E X K I A ffl ,r'l --igliuih K In if-V l Tz',Q'in k I .W mn. ,, ..,. ,.., ,,.. . ,, M... ,M . 5 -1v9""l5 -WVV ' ' ' , r!':1,y M 35, 2 44,11 if i 'Z' i, 1 9 Dan Shoaf Deidra Sipe F.. Bruce Smirh .. E wg, .W i X V im 95,52 ill fF David Reurrer makes lndusrrial Arrs Club decals by screening merhod ar rhe Fesrival of rhe Arrs. During rhe GATBY resrs, Davvn Fisher moves pegs one side of rhe board ro rhe orher in the dexreriry oarr of rhe resr. rnnasr Lisa Varner performs her rourine on the OVTW 41 i ,KAV 1 S -viii? X if L ' W Li 3 vim M, , , u . :P X l fr w 'iiiiif' fx wi. ix ,- A gi -A, wi. f '-gm if yi li H rr 'Hd' J f NW,i N ay - Fil Kim Smirn fi ,f - X W ,, , wggw If in y - J' 'xt "rd ' , Lf 1. '- ,wr Richard Snider Susie Snyder I Robin Spariss Sue Srevens Perer Srewarr Chris Stoner VN I W Q5 Melinda Srarrs ,L R , A Sreve Taclserr . S yi., Q. 7 - Wwq, ni- - K . if.+ :H -'31, P x Caileen Tnarnas 4: 'xjp :fy , - f . f, P bn Z1 V rr" X 3 Lari Thomas 5 A E Rene Todd ,A . 2 Sl . ' - Melissa Tomlin or gi. .2 f .., if 3 f I fx , kg ' ' Sherry Trainer - za.. A ,I mx I In f x V 1: Bit' W W t 3 Q , R 9 - xg. ' 1' K-QL. .ie x I 'MQ ,, ., , if - I S -. .1 ' . gg 6 . , wx v ,S ini V' in Q' EA E EM 3 " '-2 ' 4 - 6 W W ai Em A 25,1 fi ifivf... 7 S N v .-.-:nh Tam Wellman , Rodger Waller Doug Walrers Rick Van I-lauren Lisa Varner Roberr Wagganer PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE Tommy Reed Mike Roush A srroy Conodion goose seems ro inrrigue Mike Mohceskyi Debbie Welry Gory Wesrbrook Annie Wigron Diono Wilcox Sue Willeke lloberr Wolford Becky Woods De-oroh Wrighr .,..L " f. i xxx xv! 7, X i Lindo Wrighr Lorroine Wrighr Doug Yoke f.1 ., Xi A I vs Xl L'LL X YS .w- is 5, A ,Q XY, X 23' s K gy -f L SEQ ini' ' cf. A -N. . 1- 1 2 2 s. xl ploy school Eorlene Linder helps severol of rhe children moke ploy doo ABOVE During rhe Child Developmenr unir in Home Ec. I, rhe closs he - Q r LEFT: Tomi Dervviler, Korld Evons, Lolo Cosio show off rheir coke in the Be Crocker Coke Baking Comperirion. Q -5 of it - S 'R ' is wwf! Q s , fx, Q . A Y , ff ' On o sreol from rhird bose, Jeff Clorls slides in ro score. fx K' - rhe freshmon worer sofery course, ood weorher forced the sessions in building 4 gym. Terri Coors ond Susie Snyder demonsrrore rhe correcr ro ooddle o conoe. The lovers Pyromus ond Thisbe meer os rhey did every nighr ro chor rhrough rhe woll. Rhondo Moddy os rhe Moon, Kristy Philorools os Thisbe, Colleen Thomos os Woll, Lindo Wrighr os Pyromus, Don Compbell os Lion, ond Rene Rodd reods rhe Prologue in o scene from "Midsummer Nighr's Dream." saswmx.-,........a ln onorher scene from rhe immorrol "Pyromus ond Thisbe" ore Angie Bush os rhe Prologue, Melindo Srorrs os rhe Moon, Milse Bedwell os rhe Lion, Deidro Sipe os rhe Woll, Teri Currs os Thisoe, ond Chris l-lorr os Pyromus. Thisbe orepores ro lsill herself os she mourns for Pyromus K Board Cf Education ...1 unusual BOARD OF EDUCATION: SEATED- Rosemary Drown - Member, Mary Jean Hiclsson - Member. STANDING: Raberr Wwlelse - Member, Dorwaid Bachelder - Vice Presidenr, Richard T Myers - Presldenr Administrative Staff Superinrendenr Dusels ond his sroff hondle rhe doy-roedoy odrninisrrorion of rhe Mount Gileod Schools. Mr, Dusels, who hos served rhe locol schools for rhe posr seven yeors - rhree yeors os Junior High Principol ond four yeors os superinren- denr, will be Ieoving Mounr Gileod ro pursue his docror of philosophy or The Ohio Srore University nexr foll. K Peorl lrwin Cloyron Dusels Boord Treosurer Superinrendenr of Schools wif!" R is A ..J,, , y WW-,,,.. rkx, Moxine Ashbrook Groce Shoffer Sggergry rg me Superimendenr Assisronr Secrerory ro rhe Superinrendenr 5 s Y x llf Hl h school rlna al Joe Grnfflrh worlss on rhe com urer rlnraurs far nexr Q D D D years rnasrer schedule M 1 avg Roxanna Fry rs all smlles when all her accounrs balance 3 X Mr Dale Creamer IS asslsranr hugh school prlncupal arhlerlc dlrecror and advusar of rhe Srudenr Councll Mr Creamer checks rhe resalrs af rhe Sradenr Council peanut sales ABOVE Mrs Ellene I-larr IS rhe hugh school secrerary NGHT Mr Grrfflrh signs congraralarary nares on rhe grade cards of sruaenrs wlrh hugh acadernlc rnarlss C csccc 5 Cf C ,' n gy Q, Ng C C S K C r 511-,f fjrzlfjxf J sf C .gil g X x c,cc g C C I, 1 WK J 3 ' if ' ' C J C, C , C Y 7 C C VS C ' CT C QCA C C. , 'C C L A i Z C C I Guidance counselor Virginia Meyer gives a Junior English class insrrucrions on how ro fill our job aoplicarions. !""" K K f Mr. Virgil Staley reaches General Marh, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. ABOVE Adyanced marh courses are raughr by Mr. Larry Krapp who is cornolering his firsr year ar Mounr Gilead IIIGHT1 Mr, John Games reaches Inrro-Chemisrry and Physics, Chenwisrry, and Physics. ,,--' " Guidance counselor Larry Furniss helps Rick Smirh malse our his schedule for his nexr yeor's classes. ..-XRS Y - Mr. Ron Thill defines rhe paris of a bird for his biology class. In Spanish classes, rs Donna Jackson uses visual cue card to teach new vocabulary Mrs. Dororhea Barry uses many methods to get her English classes to study ',,a--E. ss..ss4,s C 5 sss, English teacher Cindy Fidler contemplates the proper superlative to de' scribe the roast park at the faculty pig roast. Librarian Ilene Srambaugh updates the EMC card file. ll Sip Pl ABOVE: Mr. Stephen Tracey and Dan Long season the sloppy joes in an EMR cooking class. LEFT: Speech teacher Laurence Clement and the cast of "The Runner StumbIes" take a break from rehearsals, During Mini-Courses, sociol sfudies reocber John Quinn shows Robert Riley now ro folly o bowling score Mr. Chorles Swonson rolses o breols from moniroring rbe study holl, '.iis,i i ,.L' ' 'X ABOVE: Mrs. Jill Monrrose reoclwes Pbysicol Edocorion ond l-leolfh, RIGHT1 Ai o pep rolly before o rournomenr boslserboll Qome, Cooch Roberr Hodgson speolss ro rlwe srudenr body. Mr. Hodgson reocbes plwysicol eoucorion ond beolrb. Bond direcror Jim Anderson presenrs rhe John Philip Souso Aword ro Down Miller Mrs, Jo Gerhordr prepores worer colors for her orr closses. Choir direcror Cindy Arrnsrrong presenrs rhe Arion Aword ro Drendo Trumbo or rhe Spring Music Bonquer. - i Y, Miss Chrisrino Fronlslin gives Poulo Smirh insrrucrions in O typing Class. Eoch yeor FHAXHERO recognizes rhe reoching sroff for rheir conrriburion in Mrs. Noncy Kennedy rolses rime from o ryping closs ro be recognized by educoring rhe yourh of rhis cornmuniry. Molly Keenon gives Generol FHAXHERO member Deonno Schofield. Business reocher Suzonne Beds o hond decorored heorr coolsie. Vo Ag reocher Roger Beck ond Kenny Long srol-xe our rhe foundorion for rhe new vocorionol ogrlculrure shop, 1 be ebee is bmi Shop insrrucror Merrill Bruclser gives Doug Hoyes help in loying our 0 shop prqecr. use M he s 1' r rr As 0 resulr of Croy Werner winning rhe DE, free enrerprise conresr, he ond DECA coordinoror Forresr Byron orrencl rhe Morion Counry Economic Council nfieering. Srore FHAXHERO Presidenr Drenclo Chilcore ond Miss Korhleen Shisler lools or rhe locol choprer's scropebools. Miss Shisler reoches Home Ec. ond is FHAXHERO odvisor, Mrs. Piiro Wood leods discussion in her Home Ec. closs. ' :nn Russell Lewis receives sonne poinrers on ossembling his woodworking proiecr from shop reocher Bill Schindley. Cusrodian supervisor Harold Williams repairs a loclser. Mr, Williams, afrer serving on rhe Mounr Gilead cusrodial sraff for eleven years, is reriring rhis year Mr Williams vvas also cusrodian ar Edison for several years before coming ro Mounr Gilead A . Even subsrirure Susan Creamer parrlcipares in Righr-ro-Read. COOKE FRONT ROW Vernie Richards, Lois Rob' inson, Dororhy Jennings, Mary Lou Williams BACK ROW' Mary Van Horn - Cafereria Man- ager, Helma Dilsaver To help supporr the many Mounr Gilead srudenrs who compere in rhe Morrow Counry Junior Livesrocls Show, rhe Mounr Gilead Teachers' Associarion purchased a pig ar rhe Junior Fair Livesrocls Sale. Roger Becls and Virgil Sraley purchased a Q37 pound pig owned by Mllse Bedvvell for one dollar a pound. Mr. Beck is shown finishing rhe roasr for the faculry ger-rogerher. ,,V,,, R . . , 5 s I ll! X The Mounr Gilead Arhleric Boosrers purchased a van ro help cur rranspor- rarion expenses in rransporring small reams ro arhleric comperirion. Bus mechanic Norris l-lorlocl-zer and Mainrenance Supervisor Bob Jones cam- plerely recondirloned the donated van before purrlng ir info service, Junior High Staff x.,,,k . inior High Principal Fronls Paulman gives Michele Palmer insrrucrions on an 'rand she is going ro malse. JUNIOR HIGH STAFF Cynrhia Armsrroag . . Dororhy Bishop . . . Donna Bremigan . . . Roberr Casrner . . . Marcia Cooper . . . Maude Griffirh . Jane Hunr .... Olen Jaclsson . . . Wilford Kell ...... Edward Kimmey . . , llira Kimmey . . Cris King ...... . . Virginia Meyer .... John Oysrer . . Dill Schindley . . . James Sroclsdale . . Piosellen Taylor . . . Mrs. Evelyn Shoulrs is secrerary ro rhe Junior High principal ...............Music Marh7and Algebra .....,.....English8 . . . Phy. Ed. and Healrh ...........Phy.Ed. . . . Horne Economics ...........English7 . . . Phy. Ed. and Healrh . . . . Hisrory and Marh 8 Science7and8 ..............Pieading Ohio Hisrory and Geog. .............Guidance . . . Science 7 and 8 . . . . lndusrrial Arrs . . . Special Edocarion ........ Librarian Nadeem Ahmed Sabrina Bailey Tom Baker Jody Ballard Linda Barrlerr Bill Belcher Paul Bloclsson Bandy Brewer Jamie Bunker Shauna Campbell Paul Casrle Chris Casio Tammy Casio Earl Chipman Carl Clingan Jonarhon Collins Tammy Cooper Janer Corbin Brer Cox Dale Creasap Glenn Daugherry Debbie Davis Cody Easrridge Tracey Elliorr Karhleen Evans Kelly Everharr Shannen Fagen Lance Feisr Sieve Fidler Michael Fleming Chris Friclse Jannerra Graham Rod Graham Julie Griffirh Chrisrina Harden James Harfield Alan Helr Diclaie Higgins Jael Higgins Randy Hoffman Shelly Hoorman Amy Hunr Dean Jackson David Johnson Margie Korody Lori Landon Nancy Lalloche Glenda Larham Dorene Lee .. ..,, Xt. ,.i. 5 Eighth Grade -2 ii -il J w A . 2. - if ... X-X Q f , Q 6 . ' I., .v-,,i:f5czf1g5 .,,, ,. c J K. C 1. A eg . ,c:,..x- - is -C ., ' is ' .3 if G . . 3, ki Q S, x I F if -' ',, u. i. ' .ip if 'li r H -u K L ui Q 'K i if L' YK s ji K A.Vk :Vi .,,,,, .. , , s 2,y,gi1k5i,m -wr - ,fox ,,' , . X ,, A, , if 12 . Qi,-gf . ,,c. ., R. i if 2 I :A if 'W' K r X . ,ff bu Ns x SR X W6 in N ,, is i cm i S ,i r Q me ,C .3 E is W ,i .W if 55 - age, . -af f11..wsX:. -2.." 1.. - 1' "--'frrqvxfrfi 1zM..ss5gipr5x'krii. W 'K '15Q'z2 igiiisfiitssg si "'5'i55ff515f Xu E' ' ' fir Ri E il , Q , Y is i 5 k 3' J 1 I .Q ey - , - 5' W' s-fs . ' Is - -J - 1 - ff. 'i if W W J i ' x . 1 . 'rs J C si gii A :gs .--i A! C N. yr A W' N., X ns. feli d' 5 , . s r ,E 'Ei 2 S" ' e i ir . Q ' O zf- 5 .Q W ... , Q . A -, 3, .-as 5 - 5 bv si 1 Q , N -' 5.1 L k ., I C .L . mm. ,sa xg xx K - Renee VonHorn Heidi VonRonfier Brion Vorow Jeff Wesr Morls Willeiae Kevin Wolford Poul llindsoy Roy Lirrle Dill Lyon Por McCouIey Jock McCoy Cossie McCreighr Micheie McKinney Trocy McQuisrion Brenda Moddy Koren Morrin Poulo Morrin Joe Moslor Arrie Miller Cindy Miiler Dole Miller Corhy Monk Ronold Morr Lee Muliins Robin Nesbirr Meiisso Poimer Brion Porrerson Chrisrine Pererson Denise Pollord Doyid Romsier Joner Rondolph Shelly Ronlsin Deidre Rorhburn Deon Reed Rondo Reeder Mike Reid Debero Reyes Dovid Ricks Cloro Ridenour Diono Rooch Angie Roberrs Michelle Roush Jeff Royer Wendy Scorr Teri Seirz Jim Shaffer Jeff Srnirh Dill Snyder Tommy Srocy Devin Strong Pom Sweeney Jim Thomos Corolyn Toclserr Louro Troiner Jeff Tschudi Junior High srudenrs parricipared in rhe American Cancer Crusades fund raiser Laura Trainer and Ronda Reeder promore rhe cam- paign by wearing rheir 'Send A Mouse ro College" T-shirrs. -n-f""""YvM".',,"M Srudenrs in Mrs. l3remigan's language exrension classes combined rhe communicarion slsills of wriring and speaking info rheir unir on careers. Each srudenr had ro wrire a reporr an rheir chosen career and rhen rell the class why rhey chase rhar parricular career Renee Vanl-larn rells rhe class abour rhe career of a docror Julie Griffirh, James Harfield, and Shelly Rankin are rhe rop eighrh spellers, Julie was second runnerfup and James was winner in rhe spelling conresr. Shelly was rhe winner of rhe Mr. Gilead School conresr compered in rhe srare conresr. Joe Maslar displays his projecr on prehisraric life which won him a score and a superior raring ar rhe Disrricr Science Fair comperirion or berg College. J s mares Nor AVAILABLE! 1 Jack Ames fmura Boom is James Bunker Rob Gould J -Debra Lesrer , Don Morrison Norma Murphy Richard Phelps Marrho Reed Donald Rowe raiia 'S Seventh Grade -'DVM L x 4 X S 4 x , Q Si. I 3.- . QS' Ms-if -f i L Q . S' , so. is A i L.. K. XAIYSYLM , Xi.. , - N . X L " X f X X M Ni ?f 'FM .X ,X Q x .Sew is ss NW 'N' S "TE "W ig. V': ,:vYia4XuA fi' . . kkkk Xe g 'N Larry Adkins Chris Anrhony Laurerra Balser Randy Bal-xer Joe Ballard Charles Barron Tonua Barron Tom Baxrer Sherry Beach Pam Bedwell Marrhew Belrz Rodney Benson Lisa Bishop Joe Blanron Kelly Buchanan Eric Bush Milse Bush Brian Caslsey Milse Casrle Melissa Collins Melissa Compron Philip Coors Renee Corral Lisa Crawford Cindy Curl Clifford Daugherry Bon Dixon Tracey Doran Jodi Farris Jim Fisher Kelly Firzparriclq Krisra Fix Dennis Geyer Tom Gompf Randy Gould Chrisrina Graham Philip Graham Karhy Green David Griffey John Harbaugh Melissa Harr Troy Hill Laura Hoppe Susan Hughes Heidi Hull Susan Hunr Donald Jaclsson Joey Jones Carhy Knechrly Timorhy Knighr Monry LaRue Marielaina Leary Dennis Levings Lloyd Loring Zelda Loring Debbie McAvoy Valorie McAvoy Melinda McChesney Colleen McGinnis Tricia Mcl-lugh Deena Maddy Juanira Marrinez Melissa Maslar Jeanice Middleron Jeff Miley Cynrhia Morrison Dean Mosier Shawn Murphy Scorr Orcena Michele Palmer David Parks i Penny Penningron Jeff Perry Teresa Persinger Melissa Raines Tammy Redman Cynrhia Reed Craig Reeder Sreve Richardson Curtis Robinson Candy Ruhl Robin Schimmoeller 9 Tracy Schindley Diana Schonauer Sharon Shaaf Kelly Snyder Robbi Snyder Regina Srevens Cheryl Srorrs William Srump Kim Thompson Tammy Tinch Dawn Troyer Eric VanSchoycls Tom Waddell Mark Waller Michael Walrers Derh Webb Donna Whire Viclsy Whirman David Whirr Connie Wigron Jamie Wilson Mark Wiseman Kim Wolford , Wi? 52 as gm .ii 2igg?"!zi il 'A' H A , 7 s gk W - , 'K " ' ' 5. - , ,E ' . . 1 -, i 'N ii Q I I , I i X H if -+ :rf ' K ,H if-W 1, , X, i in Z' fl ni f 7 " is 1 UE i ziggy . - 1 5 , f S" it ' 35 1 , vi yi 1. if' 7 'F W., " ,. UWM i fi i im: .. , Q Y ,1 , , r iw ii or ,C ,N ., i Q 7-L3 fi C, X . X 2 .. sg' iw .352 l 2.35, . -A . , hx. i S KM .f :if N C -nfl x i wif-iriyii ,T :qw gg,,!vff:l,. i.i. far i if if Q, W ak wah' is 4 g F 5 i i A A ffl, 5 in i Yr' -N A. .X X H . 3 xo is . ,sf .Q H, C .i 3 S , ,,- 4- 'Ri .5 Q I ,- , -i . K ov.. Qi X R "N :Q will C X l IN MEMORIAM iviioios Nor AvAiiAi3iE l Bryan Adams Kevin Carre Laura Mills Leslie Simpson Lisa Snyder 4 Susan Wilcox Birdie Woods Ryan Marrix 5? Tam Waddell's prqecr also involved a srudy of microscopic pond life Tom received a raring of excellenr for his proiecr 5 5 Q 2 is usfdhffzh rl' -SX " , Ms sf . i if A i 5 -v'g'f.f ' S ' s- 5 2 , C M ' H 'T' 1 lflgmf ff 'W' 5 'RN Q The Mounr Gilead Junior l-ligh Drama Club and Srudenr Council joinrly I I sponsored rhe school Chrisrmas program The Drama Club presenred a Melissa Maslar displays rhe prqecr she developed on diaberes Melissa ploy enmled --WMI Happened In Toylmd if ASSISTON dlrecror Alon HGH recewed O 'Omg of exceuem and club advisor llira lsimmey prepare stage props for rhe play SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS: Mindy McChesney, Valorie McAvoy, Tracy Schindley, Donna Whire. 5 saw ,M .X.,W...Q..., f i Jon Collins was undefeared in rhe hurdles and Marla Willelse was unde feared in rhe high jump during rracls season. EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS: Dee Dee Rarhburn, Sabrina Dailey, Pam Sweeney, Cindy Miller. gfi'rZQ Jeff West, Jeff Tschudi, Marla Willelse, championship 440 yard relay ream. , .fmmssvf Earl Chipmon, and Milse Fleming were members of rhe Junior High Jr. High Track Teams Have Perfect Season 4 -C ' ee2 ' 'W 5" 1 2 5 A " M 5 .. ,.A, Zill Q1 'A - A li ee e 'v Q ia ' -F53 .'A, iilggg J H A S Ari ' V' wc Wig, l The 1980 Junior High Tracla Teams had an oursranding season vvirh oorh the girls' and rhe boys' reams compiling perfecr records. The boys' ream oosred a 50 record in regular meers and vvon borh rhe Fredericlsfovvn and Mounr Gilead Junior High lnvirarionals, The girls' ream also oosred a 5-O record in regular season meefs and sponsored and vvon rhe firsr Mounr Gilead Junior High Girls' lnvirarional. EIGHTH GRADE GIRLS' TRACK TEAM FRONT ROW. Kelly Everharr, Shawna Campbell, Cindy Miller, Michelle Roush, Sabrina Bailey, Lori Lan don ROW Q Cassie McCreighr, Julie Griffirh, Amy Hunr, Pam Sweeney, Dee Dee Rarhburn. BACK ROW. Coach Rhonda Derrra, Manager Linda Barrlerr, Tracy Elliorr, Janer Corbin, Tammy Sracy, Teri Seirz Aosenr Tami Cooper SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS' TRACK TEAM FRONT ROW- Charyl Srorrs, Deena Maddy, Colleen McGinnis, Jodi Farris, Renee Corral, Berh Weoo, Kim Wolford, Heidi Hull, Tricia McHugh ROW 21 Coach Rhonda Derrra, Man ager Linda Barrlerr, Laura Hoppe, Susan Hughes, Valerie McAvoy, Mindy McChesney, Karhy Knechrly, Dawn Troyer, Tracy Schindley, BACK ROW' Melissa Collins, Cindy morrison, Donna Whire, Krisra Fix, Viclsi Whirman, Pam Bedwell Aosenrz Lisa Snyder. ., . . W., C ,-,.,-..-. .J- JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' TRACK TEM: FRONT ROW: Allen Helr, Arrie Miller, Chris Casro, Joe Jones, Marls Wiseman, Jeff Perry, Marr Belrz, Dennis Geyer, Bill Belcher, David Whirr, Manager David Riclss ROW 21 Milse Fleming, Randy Hoffman, Nadeem Ahmed, Bill Snyder, Jim Shaffer, Kevin Wolford, David Ramsier, Jeff Wesr, Dean Jaclsson, Dan Jaclsson, Ran Dixon, Jamie Fisher, Manager Milse Reid, Manager Sreve Richardson. BACK ROW- Jon Collins, Marla Willelse, Jeff Tschudi, Brer Cox, Brian Parrerson, Earl Chipman, Par McCauley, Ray Lirrle, Glenn Daugherty, Don Morrison, Jacls McCoy, Clifford Daugherry Aosenrr Coach Cris King, " ""'f E 2 E l SIXTH GRADE: BOTTOM ROW Laurie Marrinez, Gail Snell, Elizaberh Tomlin. ROW 2: Kelli Ashbrools, Shelly Macheslsy, Carmen Mabry, ROW B: Teresa Hollingsworrh, Angela Jocleson, Gail Mullerr. ROW 41 Brian McFarland, Janer Four, Michelle Orren, Jenny Hoorman ROW 5 Randy Beach, Brian Dye. ROW o- Jon Higgins, Randy Chilcore, Sreve Hatfield. ROW 7. Davy Sryer, Jamie McAvay, Tim Hacls, Brian Hershey. TOP ROW: Mr, Edmund Fidler. Absenr: Bruce Ramsier, Carol Ridenour. One of The evening acriviries or camo was gathering around rhe campfire for singing and srory relling T08 xox' SlXTH GRADE: BOTTOM ROW: Karhy Friclse, Shanna Levering, Angie Sracy Siegfried ROW 2: Chucle Cuoers, Ron Johnson, Sieve Fowler, Nelson, Mr. Perer Derrra ROW 3: Ernesr Blanron, Milse Tolberr, Mil ROW 4: Rachel Palmer, Robby Johnson, Ron Young. ROW 5: Wagner, Debby Wiseman, Holly Hughes. ROW o: Noel Van Romer, nerre Bares. ROW 7: Joey Maison, Angie Levings, Regina James, TOP Bruce Cameron, Cathy McElroy, Maurice Graham. On slsir nighr each of rhe cabins presenrs a slsir. One of rhe boys' cabii presenrs rheir producrion. V GRADE: BOTTOM ROW: Poulo Belbor, l-leorher Young, Liso Shoewolrer. Berry Rooerrs, Chris Connody, Jeff l-loyes, Jimi Dodd. ROW B: Becky Brion Zermon, Jeff Roush, ROW 4: Thereso Mullen, Corlo Wrighr, Scorr. ROW 5: Angie Everhorr, Jenny Royer, Sherri Holl. ROW or Misri Krisrin Fidler, Elizoberh Rooch. ROW 7: Jody Corre, Jim Gress, Eddie rom TOP ROW: Dick Nelson, Ken Wolf, Liso Snider. f 1 ,X 5 iwere mony inreresring creorures ro observe or comp. Suson Reid holds corerpillor while Misri Corron ond Regino Jomes look on. 2 F , 9 1 , XP. I 4 lg E1 mtv? L , 5 ii:":.f ,S SM' st . - - w' K ' ,. V ezm- ,u.'-5., 5 -, ,k. ' W is -J - ,ss ' - ,f',v:'U'Sfr1iv2:'-"T s N Q 1 , J. L, i,4f,,',-J Q ,ib:.L., Mi b E g Agia' -ur if 'g P Ziggy Y R 'E SIXTH GRADE: BOTTOM ROW: Brion Groy, Srephonie Shepord, Bill Rowe, Eorl Linder. ROW Qi Srocy Greenvvolr, Yvonne Borrmon, Kim McForIond, Donno Refinori, Mrs, Phylis Miller. ROW 81 Rusry Kloiber, Ted Furniss, Tony Nicholson, Jim l-lormon. ROW 4: Suson Reid, Melody Fletcher, Lynerre Morgon, Chris Eichler. ROW 51 Grero Loren, Jennifer Kimmey, Greg Bunker. TOP ROW Brendo Mullerr, Tommy Smirh, Mike Cook, Connie Doyis. Absenr: Cuory Chubb, Richord Moron. Before rerurning home rhe compers gorher in rhe outdoor chopel for group singing. 109 Sixth-Graders Enjoy Camp And Mini-Courses Of the many activities the sixth graders participated in during the year, the outdoor environmental camp and mini- coutses were some of the most popular. Miniecourses fea' tured bowling, horseback riding, golf, fishing and nature study at the State Lakes, drama classes, cooking, and dance ing. Sixth graders spent three days at the Lutheran Memorial Environmental Camp in October and miniecourses were held on Friday afternoons April and May. . .:Z.,h,., 6 . at S' L .hw x ABOVE: Under Mrs, l4immey's direction, Stacy Cureenwalt makes on ammonia print at camp TOP RIGI-lT1 Ranger John White measures Gary Chubds bluegill which he caught at the State Lakes during mini-courses. RIGHT. Heather Young, Shelly Machesky, and Kelli Ashbrook apply their artistic skill in stone art at the State Lakes, 1-av P35 I au '---' mrs .,-, gg NL max,,N.,,.:..:,vn':tf:tt:'f:E59'E??5r ..-N ,.c, ,.,...,...,- ,.,.. ., ...,,...., We . . Q , During mini-courses, golf coach Larry Furniss In Mrs. Miller's social studies class, students selected projects to make when they studied medieval instructs students on the proper way to swing history. Yvonne l3artman's project was a painting depicting a medieval stained glass window Chris a club, Eichler constructed a model of a medieval castles ! X-an 'X .Q K. N 4 l". 7 As o porr of Mr Knosr s sociol srudies unir on Pioneer his closs spenr o holf doy Cooking oi ihe Junior High lsirchen. Srew, Cookies, ond Colses were Q Q ornong irems prepored by rhe closs. Terry Edwards ond Andy Hoffnnon Williom Edwords pours rhe filling for o desserr he is molsing. SOI mew pioneer Stew. Kish. Q2..,..d Rx Q Srudenrs on rhe Edison oloyground show Julie Elliorr ond Angelo Furniss ore molsing cools- Brion Buchonon removes o sheer of cookies from how ro "sruff" rhe boslser. ies. the oven. Comperirion is keen ornong rhe fifrh grode closses in rhe girls' three-legged roce. ad FIFTH GRADE: FRONT ROW1 Julie Mosier, Andy Hoffman, Terry Edwards, Brian Buchanan, Eric Casro, Corey Murphy, Alberr Kendrick. ROW 2: T Van Houren, Chad Casro, Tom Green, Kim Beall, Wendy Posrell, Sharon Sraley, Tina Hanlsins. ROW 31 Troy Rhodebecls, Viclsi Rose, Angela Furniss Elliorr, William Edwards, Marr Bartholomew, Tricia Murphy BACK ROW Mr Bruce Knosr, Absenrf Chris Moore, Greg Moorison, Berry Daugherry, Graham. JOBS FIFTH GRADE: FRONT ROW: Joel Seclsel, Tommy Cooper, Denny Noble, Jaclsie Maceylso, Lee Ann Benton, Kelly Nesbirr, Amy McCreary, Schimmoeller, Debbie Coors, Sherry Persinger. ROW 2: Keirh Voraw, Brad Sraiger, Todd Ullom, Marr Graham, Kevin LaRue, Ted Trour, Robbie Mrs. Barbara Friclse. BACK ROW: Scarf Hershner, Melinda Cardwell, Lori Conlsle, Jody Harris, Elizaberh Pollard, Angela Boughman, Damon Kevin McCoy, Berry Sears, NA ,.Xx eq., IFTH GRADE' BOTTOM ROW: Chorlene Wollser, Scorr Corrs, Mort Vonderlsooi, ondy Snyder, Derels Yeogley, ROW 2: Brion Bornerr, Troy London, Liso Ed- ords, Berh Bensley. ROW 3: LoDonno Srevens, Michelle Reed, Berh Creosop, lim Weosron, ROW 41 Sreohonie McCreighr, Rod Brewer, Kirby Froncis, Shon- ion Leory, Rondi McOuisrion ROW 54 Morry Werrz, Sieve McForlond, Jeff lonsborrom, Jomes Greenowolr TOP ROW: Jeremy Ohde, Mr. Jerry Bloom' eld, Kelly Smirh, Absenr: Jody Edvvords FIFTH GRADE: BOTTOM ROW Shonnon Kilgoor, Andy Hershey, Zulfi Ahmed, Becky Kniop, Clo' rence Cosro, Dorren Shode. ROW 2 Vern Bosrer, Pom Lehmon, Sonny Boll, Lynnie Morr, Roxie Monls, Brenr Sroley. ROW Cl, Regino Reed, Jill Griffirh, Trisho Srroir, Milce Perers, Tommy Broolse, Joy Posrell. ROW A' Morls Whire, Rollie Thill, Eric Compbell, Dovid Burns, Lindo Moddy, Tyson Griggs. TOP ROW: Mrs. Morcio Higgins, Michele Wolrer, Shown Moiyer. The rhree winners ond rhree olrernores of rhe fifrh grode spelling conresr were CFRONT ROWD Keirh Vorow - Alrernore, Shelly Reed - Winner, Kirby Froncis - Alrernore, CBACK ROWJ Trisho Srroir- Winner, Dovid Burns - Alrernore, ond Melindo Cordwell - Winner. MRS. PETRY'S FOURTH GRADE: FRONT ROW: Lori Persinger, Pam Reed, Laurie Drake, Nikki Wagner, Wendy Richards, Tad Nicholson, Lisa Taylor, Sandy Sears, Patrick Beall, Tonya Heacock. ROW 2: Keith Shipman, Joe Casto, Debbie West, Dean Zwayer, Chris Thompson, Eric Squires, Debbie James, Eric Hughes, Jon Royer, Angie Moore. BACK ROW: Kristina Counts, Candee Harden, Teresa Ohde, Shannon Lemley, Fred Hamm, Barbara Hollingsworth, David Compton, Brian Birnkerhoff, Bob Nelson. Absent: Mike Welty. FOURTH GRADE: FRONT ROW: Anna Sta- ley, Lena Meadows, Larry Skinner, Lorie Mynhier, Amy Ramborger, Roni Chubb, Angie Rankin, Mark Crawford. ROW 2: Heidi Van Horn, Tina Bunker, Tressa Kin- cade, Teri Hurtt, Sharon Gayhart, Cindy Birckbichler, Meegan Levering, Kathy Greenawalt. BACK ROW: Allen Wigton, Brian Thompson, Anthony Bush, Todd Coning, Paul Palmer, Craig Matney, Steve Burden, Carmen Roush, Mrs. Bonnie Le- vering. Absent: Andy Snyder, Lori Gra- ham, Tom Latham, Billy McLaughlin. IN MEMORIAM ALAN MATTIX At the Cherry Street Open House, Alena Miller shows her parents some of her work. A orely is o fomilior worls omong srudenrs in rhe Cherry Srreer Elemenrory ding Sromp club members Kirby Froncis, Brod Sroiger, Trovis Schindley, e Kirk, Mrs Rinehorr, Joel Seclsel, Jeremy Odhe, Todd Declser, ond Ronee mos meer during lunch period. FOURTH GRADE BOTTOM ROW: Bobby Belcher, Virgil Schofield, Ken Smirh, Jereme Mess, George Levisoy, Tim Ullom, Robin Sudbrools, ROW 21 Angie McMillin, Mory Jo Anrhony, Audrey Troyer, Aleno Miller, Tino Persinger, Porry Corr, Jonelle Levings. ROW 31 Rondy Eorley, Dovid Cuorrsholl, Eric Wolrers, Kelley Cook, Lulse Toylor, Bobby Rohl. ROW rim Lone Miller, Melonie Morshmon, Michelle Hedricls, Jeonie Joson, Melisso Zermon, Tom Srrong, Mrs. Porricio Rinehorr TOP ROW- Kroig Shiomon, Tonyo Collins, Todd Declser, Milse Kirls, Jeff Renshow, Ken Collins. During field doy comoeririon, Mory Jo Anrhony rolses her rorn in rhe Arh grode girls' sofrboll rhrow. Cherry Street Elementary Staff l Y Principal Patrick Giar and Ruth Logan confer at the Primary Center. Dr. Karen Hehrer directs first graders in musical games. Speech and Hearing Therapist Joanne Hill helps screen next year's lsinderf garteners. O Cherry Street Elementary secretary is Bonnie Galleher. Reading Specialist JoAnn Bamford listens to Jeremy Landon and Kenny Levisay read. Mrs. Lucille Trumbo, Mrs. Virginia Shipman, and Mrs Sara Wright are cafeteria servers at Cherry Street Edison Elemenfory Stoff sxXi mxmxA Mrs. Lindo Groy is Edison Elemenrory secrerory. T' -I "T Z 1. ' ' , -K-.. X iii. , , i A 'Zigi R 5.1 ?'?f'l- . ' :-x e . , as q glif1'.iigf Z,7Q54?f3' -, W" 3,2 Edison Principol Tim Scherer visirs ine ployground. Ms Eclssrein, Mr Rice, Miss Forringron, ond Mrs. Somple ore reody for rne Edison Hoiiovveen Porode. 41 ,N if BBQ. Librorion Morilyn Dix helps liso Morgon find some inforrnorion. i ABOVE: Mrs. Cindy Arrnsrrong Ieds o second grode music closs LEFT: Virginio Bocnelder ond Mory lone George ore cofererio servers or Edison, THIRD GRADE: BOTTOM ROW: Reece Morrin, Tyno Mann, Melanie Spearman, Tim Frosr, ROW 2: Gary Dennerr, Teresa McKinney, Lisa Red- mon, Craig Sraley, Drer Shoewolrer, Wendi Cle- menrs, ROW 31 Mrs. Jane Rorhburn, Tisha McLoughlin, Corhy Burns, Tina McFarland, Jerry Murroy, Scorr Drocklesby, TOP ROW: Troy Miller, Jill Seckel, Tony Depolo, Marr Marney, Kerry Mar- rinez, Michelle Ghenr, Absenr: Susie Sharp. THIRD GRADE: BOTTOM ROW: Joe Edwards, Lori Kehrwecker, Melissa Perry, Shondo Eosrridge, Tracy Sherman. ROW 21 John Trour, Brion John- son, Lynn Sebrino, Kim Sroner, Mardean Daniels, Sandy Welch, Jeremy Ball, Den Graham. ROW 81 J, D. Junk, Colerre Colcorr, Rosie Ruhl, Renie Celli, Mrs. Dolores Reurrer. TOP ROW1 Sreve Fuller, Sreye Underwood, Denny Miller, Tony Derwiler, Norhon Corron, 3' , 4. Q. w ,V ,. Harvey Keenan ond Lonnie Scorr browse rhrough rhe selecrion of books On June 2nd afrer heavy roins Lake Edison greered srudenrs who found or rhe Cherry Srreer book fair. of rhe lower playground flooded THIRD GRADE: FRONT ROW: Milse Green, Eric Roush, Rusry Slseens, John Soylor, Shown Honlsins, Chris Srreer, Brion Hoff- mon, Brion Srorrs, Jeff Ryon. ROW 2: Morls Owens, Jim Brey, Todd Snyder, Jeff Elliorr, Angie Trimmer, Rondy Cosro, Alicio Powers, Ms. Penny Eclssrein. BACK ROW: Angie Honolser, Chondo Pfeifer, Cherie Howk, Foirh Cosro, Dennis Busse, Kolene Robinson, Leslie Wolf. THIRD GRADE: FRONT ROW, Colleen Welry, Leso Joclsson, Trocey Mess, Tommy Howell, Krisren Moher, Bronwyn Noysmirh, Robin Keene, Rochel Lindsoy. ROW 21 Lonnie Scorr, Molindo Cholfonr, Denise Downer, Somonrho McCreighr, Down Wollser, Dovid Firzgerold, Suson Shepord, Jeff Bunker, Tom Conlsle, BACK ROW: Mrs, Jone Bruclser, Dovid Horfield, Ruby Prichord, Rob Bishop, Liso Wesr, Hor- vey Keenon, Joe Wrighr, Heorher Wilson. THIRD GRADE: FRONTROW- Erich Boh- ringer, Tony Belden, Joson Morrin, Spring Boer, Annerre Celli, Diono Chrisrner, Robin Pererson, Srocy Beck, ROW 2: Trovis Ben' son, Peggy Fleming, Dewoyne Corre, Me' lisso Moore, Lynn Denmon, Norhon Hull, Lonnie Wesr, Down Wisemon BACK ROW: Cheri Reed, Tereso Heococls, Bruce Levings, John Reoper, Shone Roberrs, Ryon Cordwell, Srocey Morrix, Mrs, Joyce Giouque, SECOND GRADE: FRONT ROW' Nadean Daniel, Teddy Mann, Michael Kimmey, Robert Williams, Gary Waugh, Mike Smith ROW Q1 Mindy Staley, Jenny Campos, Chris McCoy, Candi Findling, Dene ise Clements, Michele Mynhier, Cindy Snider. BACK ROW: Mr. Greg Rice, Danny Whitt, Connie Greenwalt, Bobby Littell, David Mellor, Gary Mar- tin, Tom Hack, Mona Sprague, Chris Young. SECOND GRADE: FRONT ROW1 Dwayne Miller, Marla l-lonalser, Shane Bennett, Mike McAvay, Travis Kidwell, Chris Parlser, Shelly Parlser. ROW 2: Teri Morton, Andra Huffman, Nanetre Craw- ford, Kathy Denman, Roy Keclsler, Kim Rein- beau, ROW O: Laura Leyings, Jenny Newman, Jannifer Fletcher, Bryan Smith, Michelle Riley, Sue san Burden, Angie Snyder, Michell Lindsey, Matt Miller. BACK ROW- Mrs. Roberta Sample, Title I Reading Coordinator Della Earley worlss with a group of Edison Elementary art students participated in the Ohio Tornado Safety Poster students. Conresr. Arr teacher Gladys Srarlin presents awards ro winners Tracey Dusels - grade 1, Steve McFarland - grade 5, Kristin Bullsowslsi - grade 2 Other winners not pictured are Russell Slseens - grade C3 and Greta Loren grade o. TNE T0 BRUSH Fc 'tb SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW: Kenny Hol: lingsworrh, Scorr Dosrer, Rondy Osborne, Scorr Cloffey, Tomi Grosh, Shonno Rich ords, Kori Fisher, Melisso Deuerlein, Scorr Whire ROW 2 Tim Belrz, Normon Wilcox, Joel Holfhill, Jeffery Doisden, Corl Croven, Juoniro Homm, Dionne Noble, Shelley Corre, Tereso Gould. BACK ROW Mrs Alice Morsh, Angie Dovis, Aoron Crow ford, Norhon Sroley, Roberr Wollser, Jenni: fer Turner, Pom Sroley, Noncy Wilkins, Chris Morrin, SECOND GRADE- FRONT ROW: Ronnie Joclsson, Porry Kline, Milse McCreory, Ro- berro Ruhl, Brion Monk, Jeff Borcheller, Jimmy Reed. ROW 2: Michele Cochron, Kim Sroiger, Thod Ullom, Jennifer Tschudi, Lonnie Levisoy, Broin Dullsowslsi, Jon Ed- words, Done Srroir, Monico Grohom BACK ROW: Amy Vonderlsooi, Tony Wil: liomson, Kevin Howlsins, Seon Lozoder, Steven Bryon, Eddy Sroner, Shonno Morch, Willie Bell, Crissy Wilson. Absenr Tino Cosrle, Mrs, Noncy Moslor SECOND GRADE: FRONT ROW: Scorr Huff' mon, Suson Toylor, Jennifer Furniss, Tonyo Sudbrools, Mirch Wollser, Tommy Do- chelder, Lori Greenwolr, Krisrin Dullsowslsi ROW 2- Trovis Redmond, Shorlo Shorrocls, Declsey Morshmon, Greg Goefs, Sreph: onie Grohom, Kenny Leyisoy, Scorr Cools, Jeremy London, Derels Joclsson, Corey Koeppen. DACK ROW: Mrs, Fronz Minron, Jon Hoppe, Andy Drolee, Abbey Froncis, Pool Mills, Dennis Siegfried, Shelden Comp- bell, Morls Rowe, Doyid Sims. FIRST GRADE: FRONT ROW: Holly Horr, Brondie Solisbury, Morilynn Clorls, DeeDee Fissell, Jenny Higgins, Mondy George, Adom Hughes. ROW 2: Roy VonHorn, Chris Ogle, Dorby Boll, Ronee McForlond, Rick Bornerr, Amy Ecleorr, Eric Hoff- mon, BACK ROW: Julie Scorr, Joson Brooke, Chrisropher Rogers, Kregg Creomer, Brendo Greer, Jeremy Chubb, Angelo Celli, Mrs. Rurh Logon. FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW: Kim Hollingsworrh, Roymond Mullen, Roymund Bohringer, Morls Nuce, Wendy Hoppe, Bobby McHugh, Bobbie Jo Downer, Doug Joclsson. ROW 2: Lori Predmore, Eloine Wolters, Trino Stump, Tommy Smirh,Jenni Adoms, Terri McCoy. BACK ROW: Mrs. Mory Croner, Robbie Miller, Bloine Yeogley, Julie Ken- ney, Billy Boldwin, Korhy Homm, Brendo Howell. Troy Kincode srudies his numbers wirh o number wheel Heidi Weover Angie Smirh ond Roy Cosrner molse poper flowers in orr FIRST GRADE- FRONT ROW, Carhy Casro, Heidi Cover, Down Shade, Scorr Ransbor' rom, Sheila Howard, Kelly Deoll ROW 2 Sreve Dion, Robert Snyder, Brion Perry, Eric Haycaok, Elizaberh Daughmon, Su zanne Decker, Jeri Taylor, Shown Wade DACK ROW- Mrs. Anna Mory Cronen werr, Devonna Dell, Wendi Garverick, Ali son Ooinn, Todd Durkhalrer, Debbi Kirk, Jeremy Shipman, Amy Smirh. FIRST GRADE: FRONT ROW: Marr Perer son, Jon Mermann, Ray Cosrner, Mike Beck, Tammy Casrle, Lisa Scorr, Kevin Fowler, ROW 2 Shawn Dawalrer, Bridger Jackson, Amy Wilson, Angie Smirh, Melis so Ohler, Johnny Schoellkoof, Drian Far' ley DACK ROW Jackie Lewis, Tracy DU' sek, John Powell, Ken Dorrley, Todd McOuisrion, Heidi Weaver, Crysral Jones, Mrs. Ruby Jackson. FIRST GRADE: FRONT ROW: Troy Kincade, Shelly Lirrle, Larissa Skinner, Arrhur Pen' ningron, Chris Congrove, Willie Prichard, Berh Thompson, Travis Wrighr, ROW 2 Miss Helen Farringron, Carrie Cole, Soen cer Bennerr, Jennifer Hill, Rhonda Mynf hier, Decky Lyon, Scorr Trimmer BACK ROW Jay Jordan, Nikii Srreib, Dobby Hurrr, Mark Hess, Elizoberh Mellor, Joshua Cannody, Hearher Owens, 4 MORNING PRIMARY CENTER KINDERGAR- TEN: Amy Folk, Shown Kervvecker, Croig Edgell, Jenny Slweers, I-Ieorher Bensley, Dulcy Miller, Angie Turner, Andy Corron, Kevin Cook ROW 2: Corl Horruff, Billy Greenowolr, Myron Clork, Tony I-Iufper, Shown Wnirr, Bobby Bocbelder, Becky Homm, Robbie Jomes, Cnod Willioms BACK ROW: Mrs. Koren Gollener, Lorry Persinger, Horry Yen, Jeremy Borcneller, Missy Geyer, Jennifer Jo Jonnson, Jennifer Gress, Kelly Dion, Absenr: Brooke Fuller, Joson McKee, Desony Riggs. AFTERNOON PRIMARY CENTER KINDER- GARTEN: FRONT ROWf Jeremy Beory, Ronnie Ness, Tiffony Wolclie, Nicole: Lonf don, Corlo Cosrle, Aurumn Noysmirlw, Dewoyne Wesr, Down Morsnmon, Cossie Wesr. ROW 21 Scorr Borler, Snonnon Ross, Deliso Gorris, Michelle Von Sickle, Molio Torrey, Domon Durre, Mike Knioo, Renee Srevens, Brenr McCreory. BACK ROW Mrs. Koren Gollener, Tnirzo Chord, Mike Fricke, Keyin Overmoyer, Jockie Feusrol, Dovid Young, Korie Wells, I-lorry Toylor, Sieve Rogers, Tisn Corcler, Derro Porks RN S ABOVE: Kindergorreners prepare for on excercise from me sound book RIGHT- Tisn Corder is orrired in o Lirrle Bo-Peep cosrumec EDISON MORNING KINDERGARTEN. FRONT ROW: Nilslsi Findling, Jeff Ogle, Pam Pow' ers, Jenifer Murphy, Jeff Murray, Angie Ball, Sieve Pfeifer, Clinr Saylor ROW 21 Michelle Darrman, Milse Neal, Perer He dricls, Joy Scherer, Kevin Ferringron, Sieve Hacls, Parry Cordle, Shane McKinniss, Marla Bennerr. BACK ROW, Mrs, Janer Dedwell - Aide, Harold Young, Gwen George, lvy Hedrick, Jeremy Osborne, Chrissy Hoff man, Joel Freese, Ryan Curris, Joel Jor' dan, Marcia Sraley, Mrs. Mary McAlisrer Absenr: Shanna Sransbery, Bryon Dam' ron EDISON AFTERNOON KINDERGARTENQ FRONT ROW: Milse Jiles, Mindi McAvoy, Susan Balser, Carrie Campos, Annerre Cannady, Jason Flercher, Srephanie Flercher, Ryan Miller, Narhan Williams. ROW 2: Jennifer Buchanan, Teddy Derz, Angie Cassell, Adam Rensch, Angela Weir, Brian Levering, Aaron Cosro, Jessie Reeder, Dwighr Wiley DACK ROW Mrs Janei Bedvvell - Aide, Carmen Mills, Tracy Korody, Shane Smirh, Krisri Graham, Amy Casio, Heidi Sprague, Joshua Smirh, Nicole Simpson, Lulse Hill, Mrs. Mary McAlisrer - Teacher. cr-gm Sroley Joel Freese Parry Cordle Marls Dennerr and Chrissy Hoffman Edison lsindergarreners celebrare Presidenr's Day by marchin around rhe Q their clown drawings room in colored hars and by waving rhe American flag. 1 mam, 1 74a 776mm beauty SEINITI Nl EL UNT GILEAD 138 YEARS OF SERVICE S 13'--at FK: J I .. U, If U Gun- Q", --,r. .r " 'I- 5 ALL THE SCHOOL NEWS EVERY WEEK 18 WEST HIGH STREET ?SF:: . LA N DM A RK unnumnxe INC. WITH ALL YOUR FARM AND HOME NEEDS PHONE Q46 4015 WEST MARION ST MT GILEAD OHIO Prudential Insurance DOYLE SHOEWALTER Phone 947-1100 Life Health Home Auto Own A Pzeee Of The Rock OHIO PHONE: Q46-8010 SINCE 1877 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO Good Luck Seniors From Phyllis 81 Bill Smith G I , S lL7ll.' ,7HlIllEl U7 p DIEEI 00 IHSUHIHCQ io "WITH US SERVICE IS A PROFESSION NOT A SIDELINE" INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED 38 WEST CENTER ST. MT. GILEAD, OHIO PHONE 946-4906 Q9NDif collnico ca1EfQUfmo'lc5iUQ 420 DOUGLAS STREET I MOUNT GlLEAD,OHlO 43338 AREA CODE l4I9l 946-2020 I Mannw CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM 1.1'E?3i1El-LQJQUJ 7 FEED!-25LLDf'i4S3 'TW Q1 AQPPIEIIALN 32 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead, 0. PHONE: 946-5931 voun ExcLus1vE DEALER or Hvlru ,- mmmql ' ' ' " 3 '- " ' 1'5flQ'a' I fAwA ' 4 R 3 W .IMEAEI W v' 7 me A 1. X...-16 1- F X ve GENERAL ELECTRIC + CWe Service makes television What We Sell D specialagain SERVING MORROW COUNTY FOR OVER 30 YEARS Mr mi www www CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OE 1980 Qrfxgii is ,M-M SEQ-Q-mf' WMA www TALK UFTHETNNNNE Q5 NX ll RMS ywydee Van efzal imma 70 SOUTH MAIN ST MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE 911641881 130 BEAUTY SALON WILHELM BUILDING MARION ROAD EDISON, OHIO MONDAY THRU SATURDAY PHONE Q46 5738 GINNY SCHINDLEY - OWNER '43 ,NY ' A . 'III- 6 I ..L.. I I ,- ..--""" ,- :Q-.+f ' - ' QQ 1355 , --vi-N 'T rw A S"f..XT'S f i N s 1 M- fm Q A ,. . :am 9 em:v:v,mewr J' t 4 I I 'WE fa II I Q53 I s' ' ri - 1 ' I LIJ 451 af' 5 SHINABERRY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE SMALL ENOUGH TO CARE LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS O9 EAST MAIN 77 NORTH MAIN ARDINGTON OHIO MT GILEAD OHIO HONE 846 2026 PHONE Q46 5261 D X AUTO SERVICE GEORGE DIX OWNER I2 EAST CENTER STREET MOUNT GILEAD OHIO PHONE 9116 7596 -gil? I , 4 I I . , , , - , j f A I I 3 . A T1 1 X 5 is C 1 E f ' ' N fj Q " f ' fb-ff' ,, ViQ,.,Yw , 'L --'fr ll , C 'f"H ' vt H2 UQ... , J L, ,www Avi V , ,Sr W ,,.-L,,,,,,, M . Q 3 M T I ........ .........f I If --- E , 1 b'.L ' Y A , I 5. k 4 Q ,Le I A I ' L Whiston Pharmacy WHISION uf A' F7 ' NW wi , Robe-rr Willems-, Howord Whrsrom, Brod Wood, ond Tom Whisrom ro serve- your phormoceuricoi needs. Bring us your KODAK Color Movie Film... . FOR 0 QUALITY COLOR PROCESSING KODAK was-, 0 gvlfdr- X V 21:4 g,.xu-.ini A' Us N , ray' Candy , Q 1 A fog G ggogisrn I, -r" WHEEL Crrfxrras rssrrrsrx rlrxrcrs cfworrifs WALKERS W CRUTCHES Morarxow coumrv , RENTAL MORROW CQUNTYS orvrarxr so Houma A werfre AND ONLY DIRECT rvrwrffrrarwxcrsr or: DUTY AT Arr rrrvrrss SALES WDM DEALER 201, orscourvr ow Pmscnrprrows MOUNT GGLEAD, OHIO 25 SOUTH MAIN STREET FOR PEOPLE OVER 60 PHONE: 94165911 the pq-yup 9 INSURANCE Sz REALTY Q2 SOUTH M IN STREET 'Servxmg All Of Morrow Co O T GLE D OHO P O E: O 5 FIRSI' FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN OF GALION GO E D FINISH OFF YOUR THIRST WHILE YOU FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK CENTU RY Z1 FERTILIZER 8. FARM O . . ,X T I . . I . Q , I I j LETTERPRESS-I flj, QT, 'IX R RR I :OFFSET I ' CHEMICALS, INC. A - .,-AV . l'VNTE.VR3 A,A' ' I A ' A. 'Y LR.: ,L V L, RL K ,V V VL EmL I LVRA VS L-L, R' I DHONE 4199401055 115 EASTI-IIGH STS RRRRRRR if S S ig SNIQUNT RRRR GIEEADTOHOIOSRSOSR , S94-?4915 RR RRR RR R RR I RR I Q RR RR Q PO BOX 208 EDISON OHIO 43320 LEAF RESTAURANT BELTZ GREENHOUSE SL HOMEMADE RASTRIES INTERSTATE 71 FL S T AND ROUTE Q5 PHONE- CMOO187 LEAF ENTERPRISES MOUNT OIEEAD, OHIO 2112 NORTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 43335 Peabody Gallon Building o beller future with our Goiion neighbors, o worid fomous division of Peobody lnlernolionoi Corporolion, lhe energyfenvironmenl compony Peabody-Gallon . . . Manufacturers of truck equipment and solid wastes handling systems. A name known and respected, wherever men are building the future today, constantly striving to develop new products in the battle against pollution Peabcily Gallon Peabody Gallon Division 500 Sherman St. Galion, Ohio 44833 419-468-2120 Richard Bailey Insurance Agency GRANGE INSURANCE CELINA GROUP INSURANCE ST RT Q5 EDISON, OHIO PHONE CMO 41911 Q Fertlllzer Plant - CONGRATULATIONS pu MOUNT OILEAD HIGH SCHOOL SENIOITS if Jim-K CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS STEVE WISE SIMS FERTILIZER PLANT 18 NORTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO GN STA RT. 61 PHONE 94742203 PHONE: QAIS 2015 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO I CONGRATULATIONS SIENIOITS BUW EN S J EW EL RY N I I ffw S III 1 RI'I S"II kL3',3" 1 I :IT SOUTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO TSSSS 1 A I-716SST. IRTf951 , 4: SSSI I MCIUNT GILEAD-SYOHIO A IIIIIA . PHONEATSSAQQQIS COMPLIMENTS OF LONG'S SEED HOUSE SEED IS OUR SPECIALITY O42 WEST MARION RD, MOUNT GILEAD, OI-IIO 136 PHONE: OAOHIOSO PI-IONE: 9116-1851 SPIiCIAI,S IQVLQRY DAY! TI1 ' . I If DAIRY LAND .3 OUAR TER S " H SIIISIIIQS SAN IDVVICI IIfS Y , To To - GOOD I-'OOD I YOUR FULL fi: 'A N IT , f ICI: CR I1.fX M HAIR R lCRS l PERMANENTS I STYUNG I T,Nf,,Q,G R f SE MARION ROAD MOUNT OILERD, OHIO BLOW CUTS ff PRECISION CUTSITI-S1511 O O A BOUNDARY STREET EDISON, OHIO i EE PHONE: Roawsscg IDHONE1 91653933 45 Sf CHRYSLER .fe HOMES .Q Plymaulh FARMS COMMERCIAL 115 NORTH MAIN STREET MOUNT CIILEAD, OHIO 418838 PHONE- OFFICE O47-1075 I-IOME. Q46-41766 RON HARPER REALTY . 2 CONGRATULATIONS FROM MORROW COUNTY S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE ON THE SQUARE MOUNT CIILEAD OHIO The ZCD'-IZC F1 I- IP UT UT O T1 - 05 Q Bob Trout Motors, Inc EOR SALES AND SERVICE ST RT Q5 WEST EDISQNI QHIQ PHONE: 941668410 OR 9471525 KEITHIS FLOWER .WMM 50 5 , QQ? 28 NORTH MAIN STREET 5 E MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO FTD PHONES Q46 4800 3 4- IQZQTED M9956 T37 C 6 D CHEVROLET - THE PLACE TO BUY LASTING CHEVY 'VALUE COME IN AND SEE THE NUMBER ONE TEAM ' IN MORROW COUNTY 1414 SOUTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD OHIO PHONE 9416 QO15 'GOK USED CARS9' GEORGE LUPICA - OWNER CBC RADIO CK AO SOUTH MAIN STREET T 1T L 7 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIOST TT PHONE: Q46-3506 g T T TTTT I TTTTT 4 if iT ' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS COSIYIO 825 LEE STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO E. E. MCCAULEY DISTRICT MANAGER ""'+---.. 'l H A A MI GILEAD ""' I IIAITITWAIIE FQ!! MOUNT GILEAD HARDWARE THE HARDWARE EOR ALL YOUR NEEDS RED WING SHOES ELECTRICAL WORK CLOTHES PLUMBING DEAN G BARRY PAINT HOWARD G GARNET COVER - OWNERS 45 SOUTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: Q46-188O CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1980 1 A was 544071 Owen A CONTINUING FAMILY TRADITION OF SERVICE TO MT. GILEAD AND ' 4 D 6 - COMMUNITY FOR OVER So YEARS. 7347546 no We zafdt CRAVEN FUNERAL Opezatoza ?mn 41164 HOME . 77Zowcca We ltzeg NORTH MAIN ST. MT, GILEAD, OHIO QQ NORTH CHERRY STREET PHONE: Q46-3040 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: QAO-8801 139 FRANICS SALVAGE THEY MIGHT HAVE IT FURNITURE X BUILDING MATERIALS 9' TOOLS OPEN DAILY Q TO 6 CLOSED SUNDAY 2 MILES WEST OF MOUNT GILEAD O STATE ROUTE Q5 EDIS N, OHIO PHONE: Q46-41037 l .1 TI WMM I 116 WEST HIGH STREET , I MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO - PHONE: 9416-41515 MAR IGN HOGS ARE BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTION ,fm CREDIT A X Q, Q ASSOCIATION f NXT! SERVING MORROW COUNTY AGRICULTURE WILHELM BUILDING PIG E, I . W, MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO FJHONE: QA7Y1O4O ST. RT, Q5 WEST EDISON, OI'II WEAVER,S IGA FOODLINER ,If-'iii ",,U C I Jw' 720 MARION ROAD 140 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO mi DICK MILLER REALTY 'WE BRING PEOPLE HOME 4I N. Main Sf. Mt. Gilead Ohio Phone 946-4060 946-6426 Star-Mill Development Co. 41N Main St Mt Gilead Ohio Builder of Pease homes ENG INEERINC Warren J. Slarlin Insurance 41N Main St Mt Gilead Ohro ' LIFE " HEALTH " HOME AUTO EXCELLENCE INNOVATION MOD U KRAF HOMES INC Phone 946-4060 946-3811 MUTUAL FUNDS Warren J Storlin CLU PIIOHG 946-3811 WWQUTT Sl MQ Q57 PORTLAND WAY NORTH N HIO 441883 O ' . . ll J ll THROUGH + COMMERCIAL A " - gf T - O-Z O if N G I I a Tl C ,X .f GALIO , O PHONE 410 4168 4400 THE WHITE HOUSE LADIES' APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES THE COPPER KETTLE RESTAURANT GOOD FOOD COURTEOUS SERVICE JEANNE LEHNER OWNER MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO N1 CLAUDE ASQAQTXIISIEJTDEDEY URANCE INC. ON THE SQUARE M T - G1 L E AD f O H T0 PHONE 946' 2916 SHARRQCK ELEVATGR HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL CAR - TRUCI4 - TRACTOR - PARTS PHONE: MOUNT GILEAD MARENG Mommow coumvs BEST GRAIN MARKET 9464055 253920 Eousom, OHIO PHONE: 0464540 ,. I-Y K .fn L.: 1-1.3: I ,ki H k K fa'-'ixlrmsf ,. ,, ,, ., -- 151 fQ:111r.'sir-fwf: ' 3 iriifjjiiri 14,7iir,i ?jL::.,Z .,jI.M.Vj:!L ggjigxggkl 5.5.?,j:7,:5Z:EHV15?.1E:75.gfiggjgfm:5W5t:,5,5.3,k,,5,,55:,i5M,AWE3:,fg,gfE,,,,g ,L:::3g.k :-,, If ig, C 4... ,gf C K .1 - ,L , I i . 1, Mgg5,-.r,kg,-f- f1.Q-..4..,-,WCW-2 C A TfC 1 3 - 1 -"' A A T A 3 E wx .-...f Cmgwf x Q L, T C , W,,.. ..,., . .. We .,,.., T,CCC T The Opportunity Bank CDIVIIVILIINIITY NATIDNAL BANK MT. GILEAD. on-no kk 1, ,iv L . 'H' 4 Iiiilii J' I fy, S fy master charge -P THE INTERBANK CARD Y : 0 ,Sf .q - J- ' -ii' v1 A-f-""" B Af," ., F T .. F' T' MAIN OFFICE DRANCH OFFICE 17 WEST HIGH STREET CONGRATULATIONS 5041 WEST HIGH STREET PHONE QZIOQOIO TO THE CLASS OF 1980 PHONE: 9416-9010 HOURS Dolly 9 T6 9 Sunday 12 To 6 I 90 EAST MARION ST I MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO I FAMILY DEPARTMENT STORE LEVERING BROS., Inc. PLUMBING A AIR CONDITIONING HEATING - ELECTRICAL WIRING 414186 US. RT 42 CARDINGTON, OHIO 413315 PHONE: 4119-8641-3921 , MATHEWS FORD MERCURY INC. CAR AND TRUCI4 SALES SERVICE G PARTS 222 SOUTH MAIN ST MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE 9416 9060 143 SMITH INSURANCE ff xx T T SERVING Ru. MORROW COUNTY - I T Amo W FARMS J ? I gy . , SH Wi 2 A HOME OWNERS M jf Q E Q3 X E EERE E T SICKNESS fs ACCIDENT E E 1 T 3 E E E T VENT , T T T BONDS A ,-fs... E4 f ...,gE,,lSl5i'LJ 14 WEST HIQH STREET M E T MOUNT GILEAD, or-no MMT GMM CONGTTATUUXTTONS SENIORS we Qifead 4 '. n T -'I . -' Guy 2 ,',.,1 fb, QL. ff-j,'f'.ff-71' Ju' ,wwf 3 - 1, r A He arn: ' ., G C 0 PETE AND C!-XTKEA HATRPNTTOS PHONE 91161856 41346 STATE ROUTE 4395 MOUNT GTEEX-XD, OHIO POR TER 9 FAMIL Y RES TA URANT Phone: 947-2417 228 South St. Mt. Gilead, Ohio We Also Have Daily'Lunch And Dinner Specials Party Room Available ...ll "BUD" WILLIAMS DON'S FIRST CUSTOMER IN 1968 DON 'S BARBER SHOP DON STALEY - OWNER 158 IDERIA STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: Q46-5026 GOOD LUCK SENIORS ll Clinger's Tree Service TOPPING - TRIMMING FIREWOOD - STUMP REMOVAL INSURED - FREE ESTIMATES 5254 TWP. RD. 180 RT. 'ffl EDISON, OHIO 48820 PHONE: Q47-2669 ALLIS-CHALMERS NEW HOLLAND NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT EVANS IMPLEMENT ST TE ROUTE Q5 EDISO O IO PHONE Q 62876 Fashion Plus Beauty Salon 'TFASHION PLUS FRIENDLY SERVICE 158 IBERIA ST. MT GTLEAD, O. PHONE: 946 7846 ALLIS CHALM ERS GOOD LUCK GRADUATES STU I I I Swfmq youre Thafogwplwa 7Zeed4 Ara WARREN CAMPBELL NIORS 12 WEST HIGH STREET T5 Congratulatlons Senlors :Jim Q CIZSFBLTICSLP MRS CHESTER IHELENJ GATES Gmiwy WE RE THE NEIGHISOIIHOQD PROFESSIONALS JIM SPIRES REALTY EDDINGS CON THE SQUARE? AIREAL 42 S MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD OHIO RTRAITS MOUNT GILEAD OHIO REUNIONS MMERCIAL PHONE 9468566 PHONE Q47 2555 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Cha B CLAIR BARDO J "R" INSURANCE ,IGH FIRST STATE REPRESENTING NATIONWIDE INSURANCE 1 EAST HIGH ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946 1016 CREATIVE STYLING SQSIIIMQION IDIIE SQIECIELES JANET ZIMMERMAN PHONE 946 6936 172 EAST NORTH STREET MT GILEAD OHIO 43388 IN? I I I o GEMS fk " IQ. H J K! I1 E SAVINGS SL LOAN I o un-u--.J ASSOCIATION 419 HARDING WAY WEST P O Box 850 GALION, OHIO 44833 TELEPHONE 419 4681115 XM O ca E P O S I O Au. SAVII-G5 A "GUARAuTEEa Q IN sun any 147 EIET f r ' H T . QL S I '.LS-L 5 'L .L 4 I I . I ta , A I I I I "ff eo e o 'L m S 'f ' I 2 MILE NORTH OF NIT. GILEAD ON ex in 'K . V2 MILE E N TWP. RD. 99 x . , E . K '51, I' V I 1' 4 K Q rT"3I .Tf ,i W4 A 5 A . -uv 4' 1 ' A ' I . - - r---.- ...-....i. -,,,,.,,,,i I - - I lv ! ! N A , :usuv I Ilucvru: I , J ,. .1 I ' . I GA noi LTWNF pw' 'Il'-DE. I -- In- 'P Ll QIIIANIIESGIIEQS BUSINESS PATRONS ERICI4SON'S MUSIC 650 EAST CENTER STREET MARION, OHIO 40802 PHONE: 887-2868 GRAHAM'S SOHIO STATE ROUTE 95 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 946-5821 I4UNZER'S BODY SHOP ROUTE 61 NORTH MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-4926 WHETSTONE LANES, INC. STATE ROUTE 95 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 946-2076 FISHER FARM SERVICE 812 NEAL AVENUE MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-4876 JIM'S ARCO CORNER OF ELM 6 NORTH MAIN MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE 946-2991 PFEIFER'S BODY SHOP BOUNDARY AND VINE ST. EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 946-2051 WOODSIDE VILLAGE CARE CENTER WEST MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 947-2015 PROFESSIONAL PATRONS MEDICAL STAFF OF MORROW COUNTY HOSPITAL I I I I S Q , M... I .- . it EQA ., A ,, . , V5 rr-I -- I' ' -N -I -' Y -A' - .- -I my I -, ' If I NO:EL I.vI.Q.QE.w - I'vic.noi' mi:I'ucLt I'ccQIx'c.u ut: Iwisoi .f'd:.I Prize ict' 1579 Ircm the C2zairI:2L,ii oi 'Lite iic.i.ft,'ii'..t Iislfei H g I 4 3 A i,ommi'iLe: :sun Sanrxsss. r ' I I 'W . I k 7 , .1 , I :silt I ,V ' 'f I Q , Y 3 1 I I QI r I ,. LEFT: , ' FORMER FIRST LADY DIES - Mamie Eisenhower holds up a campaign button for her husband President Dwight Eisenhower at a San Francisco show in 1956. RIGHT: MEETING THE PRESS - Chicago's first woman mayor, Jane I Byrne, is shown facing newsmen to announce appointment of I four administrative assistants. N , ,424 ' J' ' I . . . ., . . . , ' I I gf. if "' ,, 1,5 R . I , .Ak g -N -,M ,.'ff,, , . JI 1 E I I '- I I ff: ik IL' I " ' . 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