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Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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X- Ql fi? A D H4 X an X IL ' TABLE OF CONTENTS STUDENT LIFE .. CLAS SES ......... FACULTY ......... SPECIAL EVENTS .. ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS ............... JR. HIIELEMENTARY BU SINES SES PAGE 3 PAGE 14 PAGE 44 PAGE 55 PAGE 64 PAGE 80 PAGE 96 PAGE 130 Tfff x ,f X J QFWJQX ,H N KAW, ,M W QS W? EGO? xY e X N N X Q , ll X , l i mgklil awww All O ,pw ML i if ,. v'QN!"" 'L - all f QQ pf - . , 5 ' ' 5581 v1 0 M, S IN NN QXXDX :Q Y tl' ' 3 1 1363 C ng x . f Q 1 xx x X- I I x N 77727 1' 5 N , XX ,111 'I Hu1!T'T -V 1, f ' . ,- f -, tt- x Ng 1 4, XE-1 If X 4 2. 'EM . A x A- , 1 N L , DJ- - IH . b ww, n X fv hh, ,f X1 N X ' 'V '. A L X :sb L Q ,AGM Athletic Program Expands During Year N-QR Athletic Director Dale Creamer, the man in charge of Mt. Gilead's athletic program, waits to measure a shot putters distance. In the past several years, the athletic program at Mt. Gilead High School has been greatly expanded. New sports have been added and old programs improved. More students are involved in these athletic programs. Students and their coaches spend many hours of practice to make the athletic program successful and a positive learning experience. Randy Tolbert scores a run as he crosses the plate. Pitcher Rob Jaggers fires the ball toward the plate. """""""' Pole vaulter Lee Rizor studies his approach pattern. fi I. .. is we M -we-,,g ti.. K g .. -. ' , X .sta Dawn Miller passes off to teammate Sherry Dlx. Leslie Waggoner does a routine on the beam. Quarterback Steve Burnside rolls out for a pass. V44 rssrss 'a" ' ' Cheerleaders and fans welcome the Indians to the floor. Jeff Harman and a teammate go up for a rebound. ,WS . -ii - . K - X-wffi A . ' UQ, S, 1 NX X , ,, 3' '- as s vw- uwmmvmemv Vaulter Paul Sheets clears the bar. A Don McNamee has just released the shot. Lee Rizor picks up his blocking as he heads for the line. Q X X tx s sm gk was Y if sitts i y y S' A Q i . .' ' is ,.s.. Q T .,:-- I 1 gk .Q A ....Li '- I A - f 5 fi X sy X Se' A , J' . 1 1 - . X .. i 'N Randy Helt and Kim Kipp were the Athletic Boosters' Club selections for the 1978 - 79 Scholar - Athlete Awards. 1 S Denny West spends many hours of practice preparing for the State Track Meet. Jim Everhart strains for every inch in the long jump. bifffa ,hw is V ai .Mg-W wqnwu 4 or I Festival Of The Arts Members of the Art Club and Industrial Arts Club sponsored the Festival of the Arts in the high school cafeteria on Sun- day April 29th. The public was invited to attend the Festival and observe students giving demonstrations of many artistic skills and to see the many exhibits of student work in the classroom. Peggy Lyon's special interest is wood inlay. Q... ABOVE: Dennis Rathburn illustrates techniques used in ar- chitectural drawing. RIGHT: Tracey Corder carefully rolls strips of paper used in quilling. Draws Large Crowd Steve Fuller unloads his snowmobile for the Festival Doug Hayes fashions a belt in leather craft. exif 1 i 1 Students Receive Awards For Excellent Work ff at 3 Q 1 l Denny West and Don McNamee received the outstanding Rhonda Thill, Jackie Curts, and Marijane Ford receive Track awards. , " awards for Candy Striping at the hospital. ,, 'D J . X, .. 1 I i 5 Shawn Thomas, Sharon Smith, Dawn Rollyson, and Teresa Coots outstanding Jill Shipman receives the outstanding Junior DECA awards from Mr. Byron. Lori Lupica received the State Board of Education Certificate of Merit for outstanding academic achievement. Freshman Home Ec. award. Laura Reutter, Mark Wilcox, Coleen Barker, Kathy Meyer, and Brian Kemp receive scholarships from Dollars for Scholars. a Q f Kelley Sheets, Janae Tschudi Paula Smith, Conni Farris Mrs. Gerhardt presents the A t Cl b' 100 OO h l ans. DEN Miller receive Student Council awards from Presl. Juli Fisher. r U S S ' sc O arship to u ne ress. am Nw Steve Miller received the DeKalb Luane Campbell receives the John Phillip Kathy Meyer received the Arion award.for outstanding senior Sousa award from Mr. Anderson for Award for outstanding Choir member. Vocational Agriculture student. outstanding Band member. SCHOLARSHIP TEAM: FRONT ROW: Todd Patrick, Rhonda Thill, Beth Jordan, Sara Wood, Myrna Miller, Sharon Smith, Tracy Feist, Annette Harvey, Ric Lyle, Randy Tolbert. ROW 2: Tracey Corder, Gina Fuller, Jody Moore, Kathy Sayers, Robin Meyer, Kim Otten, Sonja Conley, Pam Sedlock, Mary Phillips, Jim Hernandez. ROW 3: Brian Baughman, Frank Machesky, Cindy Gandee, Teresa Casto, Brenda Conant, Don Miller, Coleen Barker, Laura Reutter, Mark Ohde. BACK ROW: Kent McMillan, Rod Thill, Kevin Clark, Randy Corral, Rick Heimllch, Jean Levering, Harry Cohen, Paul Grasmehr, Mark Wilcox, Dave Willeke. Y' F3 fvfswlx My I Q I f I F .'1i?,12.x YN , F 4 ' Q! X ffxw W 1 WS, E 411141 LSA! , f v 'V ' UW' WSE 6 WP Q A -' A .I ww Iggy Q' 1 Aix x jfyb 1: Q A ,, f'X,,,I - Q.. .ww ,v 1 V' ,'11'v4'f' xii 'vQ3E M iff, Qs. 5 V5 swag 555353 S hs' 'jj .QI I 9 - X Qi I X ix 5' H Osh N K tw - Hui 1. ' 5X"f1j 'S NKQ, Q. fir H H MWFM E if I " I , 3 4 A KATHY MEYER JULI FISHER JODI MOORE STACIE RANDALL . ' ' A PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER xi JAMES AMES LANNIE BAER SALLY BANE COLEEN BARKER wif? - "1-. I ,. Ci JON BENEDICT TIM BLAND STEVE BOGAN CAROL BREY DENA PIPER BUSSE BECKY BYRD MITZI CARROLL DAVID CASTLE SUSAN CLINGER uw CINDY COVER MARK CRAVEN CHRISTINE CURTIS CONNIE BOWER SMITH LUANE CAMPBELL RONALD CONANT JACQUELINE CURTS s X l . SSEV w A f xL-- A X w gff L JON DAVIS MELODY DENDINGER SHERRY DIX DONALD DIXON 'U' ,fr R 1 x V X X BRAD DORAN KEVIN EVANS MARK EVANS ADENNA EVERHART Rfggql X1 7 LORI FARMS DARREN FRICKE CINDY GANDEE TOM GEORGE x Q A 'Q If . SY Q , "rf - W V T, , 1 - -1 -f Q -X 'A 1 ff DONNA GRAY JULIA GRESS RUTH GULLETT TAMI HACKWORTH WILLIADEAN HARDWICK JEFF HARMAN BARBARA HARRITOS VINCENT HAUCK eq-NI, X371 'f-1 TINA HEACOCK TRACY HEDRICK RANDALL HELT RHONDA HERSHNER 1-.f BARBARA HILLMAN MICHAEL HOLTREY TERRY HOLTREY ALLANA IRONS 5-0- N-Q is wi? ' W1 FR A L47 AX 5 J-Eff ff F - ROBERT JAGGERS BRIAN KEMP KIM KIPP PATTY l-EIROCHE . , gr 1 W- xy f H sf .H v W1 DEBRA LEE RAMONA LEHMAN DAVID LEVINGS CANDY LEWIS DEBRA LEWIS KIM LITTLE LORI LUPICA RICHARD LYLE E A PEGGY LYONS SEAN McCAULEY KELLY McCLELLAND BRIAN McCLINTOCK . U "qu Q 'D KAREN MCKINNEY DON MCNAMEE NINA MCPEEK KENNETH MASON 7 Agxxk f 1 V ' 'J 4 I DANIEL MAY TERESA MERRINIAN GAYLENE MICHAL STEVE MILLER -x Hi. V,b., , KL v A Q' X A' 75 s! , Fi - 9 CARL MYNHIER LAURA NESBITT CONNIE NEWSON CHRIS OSBORNEI M-.. JEAN PETAK BETH POWELL CONNIE RATLIFF KIM REPPART LAURA REUTTER STEVEN SCHUMAN BRIAN SHIPMAN SUSAN SMITH 'Ni W X.. IIE MICHAEL SQUIBB MARK STERRITT MICHAEL STUMP RHONDA TH1'-L .E Fx, I 1 IK xl KIM THOMPSON LISA TINCH RANDALL TOLBERT TAMERA VARNER ' L A1-- ' " " hx Kg EN i , . A A f, ' Iq- R -: ' -Ar' X J I . 'f V E-QQ IIP ' I - 1, ' ROGER WELLMAN DENNIS WEST ANNETTE WESTBROOK BRYAN WHITE 'IQ' Yi-uv Q. CAROL WIGTON MARK WILCOX PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE BRENDA CLARK JACK HARRIS RICK LEWIS MARTIN MILLER JERRY PHILBROOK DAVID RADER JANE SHADE DALE SHERMAN DAVID SMITH CHARLES THARP II JACK WILLIAMS AARON WINDBIGLER IUI 522 fbi A233 P3- U-. 392 f-I Ewa 431-4- -.?-5" 25'-2' em- . gg, :QU Q-37 Qhucz -mn rn 1 IA N O 1 LQ 0 rr-IN E fb 3 2 o O 3 Fl' o 0 R' N -I 0 3 C7 co 75 Z SU I 'U I U' 'K o 2 ,N N UJ I. na 3 um 3- -6. 3 aa 3 N W I. DI 3 U o 3 Z o Z m 3 rn 0 N IU av 3 Q. 'NN Illn FV' om cs-4 mm 3- Ng c. gm TT .4N 91 3 K rn 3 'U N L W 2 A I W 1 1 G. rfmofvoo 602250 EE' 'si N - 53:93 Uwft U Ebmigi' fDCJU7:x3-- xxgioa g,:U39,-.O Q- 1XW mOP..'2'0.'f'.. :QE 3- ..Ug3 W W N jililfgjg 33523 -3 Nmf wgfgc'-i 35-10230 N ""z'?V'3 nm N 4 Z gpmgfm I Tiff-v JU Bl 3 Q. "4 U su E. Ch N I 2 rv- N U 0 3 3. us E CD m 1"' U3 1 W ON JU O 3 O O 3 91 3 P' JU o Nn 0 1 E 2 3 as 3 N K. O 3 Z '4 3 'U 1 W rv- fb 1 N Z av 1 ,N U3 re- CD 1 1 rv- ra- N O DI 1 3' 0 1 N m 9- o ff' N CII 0 3 U7 0 91 3 Z o O W : ru '4 N r' o 3 3. 0 ogm Of-4-ll 3f"3 31,3- mz? ggi? EWR.. 2'-T'-4 mg'- 33m :U 3-U0 mo 1733 ow? 'U Em,- Jigs: .. C c..-"' SSW Z Sm IDT I m T V5 3' 3 m 3 X rn 'E' Z 0 O 2 F 3 9' 9 3 Q.. 'Q F' fb 0 N E 5. Q. m W 3 I DI 'E Q. E 2 A N T 3' O 3 D. SU 2 E. If Ch 3' m 1 N W W 1 U' In N U fD U' U' G7 C.. C Q. '4 '4 ,EFS xN HZ? ora- Z m -4 cu T N ii 5 as F K 3 '4 215' 30 Wa fm 9'-1 821 2: ,NN N 0? W3 Sm -51 mm SE 'Nm slh mg W3 1 U2 ,N N T O E ff' 5 3 -I 3 O 3 'c Ui O ',la6uglQ ang 'u U' 2 T uw c UI nv 3 an 3 55 3' N O o 3 3. so I 9' : 3 Qu: 11-4- mm 32. bm JU iw m3 foo. 32 CUT' xv 1 ,N m f- 9' 35 I-W cm N0 25 'Dar O3 Sf. .oc 'rv W 99 3 0 N O o 3 3. ID Z ru E on 0 'J N F' 0 2. F' c 'U o Sv N ro- O 3 N Q DI 'i m 3 cu Z O 3' 2 0 W 1 O E 5. ua nl -2' Q K its KP rf' P' O 0 5-T S O -. 5 rn rv r- O m C E ,'-5 :H N f- 5' 0 rn Q 1 '4 -2 5 2 osx 55' 3 K 9' Z 2 o a. -4 U m 3 9: 3 LQ ru T I O E 5? Z5 3 K 3 I' Fo! rv- Q W 1 3 CD 1 N E 3 W 2 o 'U m 2 ,N N F N 3 3 14 I! 3 O 3' N 17 nz 3 O 3 aa I- CD T 3 xv 3 N -1 SU 0 1 N uw 3-'4 WN 9-r. fum sv m3 fD'u 2m ,N 14 CU '-4 'T U S 923 :sv m D 1 W H- Bl 7 N O ga F-14 3 D2 O O C I 9.L ESBJ guaw LU 'LIB vuuapv EI A 49 'vw QZ 'Hoang Od 1-H99 'HSM 'slung l,lo1 S 'r O r' D ua an O 'n r-I No NI P9 -rl :U O Z -i JU O 3 High School Holds Its 104th Commencement Seniors are given final instructions before marching on to the field for commencement ceremonies. The baccalaureate address was given by Reverend James Walsh of the Sandusky Alliance Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Salutatorian Mark Wilcox speaks to the crowd on the subject of "Today and Beyond." The 104th annual Mount Gilead High School Commence- ment was held on Sunday, June 3, 1979. Mild and sunny weather greeted the seniors and their parents and guests as 119 members of the Class of 1979 received their diplomas. Reverend James Walsh, a former graduate of Mount Gilead High School, gave the baccalaureate address. Musical selec- tions were presented by the band and choir before class members received their diplomas from Board of Education President Richard Myers. "Challenge and Change" is the title of Valedictorian Laura Reutter's address. Senior class president Kathy Meyer presents the class gift of a new Mount Gilead Indian hall mat to high school principal Joe Griffith. Senior Candids e n i o r a n i Lori Lupica gets our vote for the neatest expression at the Awards' Assembly. S Clown Luane Campbell takes a break at the Mardi Gras Party. Vx Denny West shows his winning style. Chefs Tim Bland, Jon Benedict , and Steve Bogan are amazed at what they have cooked. Julie Gress finds cleaning up is a part of chemistry. ! 2 g F A "We utah, . s 5 -.,.. Y ,-. . .,' :YI - Nh .Q . v Senior DECA students look as if they are ready to clean up. Ric Lyle, Steve Bogan, and Jeff Harman get ready for commencement exercises. Senior artists get credit or blame for decorating the school. n N. , I 0 I' 3 fl I A clay vase takes shape in the artistic hands of Juli Fisher. Cheerleader Kathy Meyer tries to coax Tom the I Turkey to strut across the stage at a pep rally. I I Senior Candlds 'Nf SMH? t Q5 ,- U 11 Y' WH. i it W NV' v n S A :X MD N V" S Dale Barnett Linda Belbot Tom Belcher Vicki Belcher Dan Braden Tim Brake Jake Brey Lou Anne Brown Bill Brucker Steve Burnside Bud Butterfield Cindy Cameron Peggy Carr Cindy Chapman Brenda Chilcote Julia Conley Brenda Coots Lorl Corral .n Viv: ge! WS - C L A. 1 A R144 'MSS kf ,4- X Greg Craven Patricia DeBord Linda Dixon Neal Dumbaugh Kris Eastridge Tami Farris William Fife Sue Fitzgerald Marijane Ford Jeff Frye Steve Fuller Robert Gattshall JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: STANDING: Sue Fitzgerald - President, Annette Westbrook - Vice President. IXNEELING: Bren da Trumbo - Secretary, Tami Farris - Treasurer. Jody Grimm Becci Guiher Michael Harris Mark Hartman Tammy Hatten Mike Hayes Jodi Hershner Retha Hite Gary Hoffman Chris Holt Monica Holtrey Mike Hunt l x A W ff? 16233 "'-ss lv -We-5 5 , et., 3 Juniors Tim Brake and Mike Martin order their senior keys. Getting the wheel bolts loose is a problem for Kim Otten in Todd Ireland Brad Irons Tim Knaul Doug Knipp Angie Kuehne Kelly Lawrence Janet Lewis Karen Lewis Keith Levings Tom Lyle Ronda McGinnis Mike McKinney driver's training. 'Y In Vo. Ag., Mr. Beck gives Kelly Lawrence and Dale Bar- Trent Thomas demonstrates acrylic painting at the Festival nett pointers on electrical wiring. ofthe Arts. A Us Cl? V Chester Machen Kim Madeker Joy Middaugh Dawn Miller Tammy Moore Larry Mullennix Steve Murphy Barbara Nance Kim Otten Patrick Porter Jeff Powell Crystal Richards 3 1 is X Tom Short wears his prettiest bonnet to school on "crazy hat Jodi Hershner moulds chocolate candy for one of FHA day". lHERO's fund-raising projects. J 2 its ? Joe Richardson Nancy Richardson Kevin Robinson Margaret Rodman Dawn Rollyson Chuck Salisbury Kelley Sheets Dennis Shoaf Mark Shoaf Tom Short David Smith Sharon Smith cs, A W-me Darrell Spencer Todd Sweeney Marshall Thoman Shawn Thomas Tamie Thomas Trent Thomas Rosemarie Thompson Brenda Trumbo Jim Vipperman Brian West Brad White Julie Williams Eric Wright Gail Zwick WN- . xg . L .,:, Q se: ABOVE: Linda Dixon and Sharon Smith work on practice sets in Bookkeeping. RIGHT: At the French Club Mardi Gras party, Chester Nlachen is all ears. me Jodi Hershner rides on the Junior class homecoming float If Q ey In DECA contests at Richland Mall, Dawn Rollyson placed first in Business Ownership and Management: Sharon Smith placed second in Apparel and Accessories: and Shawn Thomas received honorable mention in Finance and Credit. Neal Dumbaugh and Troy McDaniel store structural steel in Vo. Ag. At the fall sports' banquet, Dawn Miller receives recognition for the most sets during volleyball season. Dawn was also selected to the MOC volleyball team. gi aim will X ' s i44f it 5 i. : -. F 5 W- 5 t ,- V . - we +1 X, t j is 1 ..-fr it , Joy Middaugh gets a jump shot off over the heads of the Northmor defense. g IIE? rx! K Q 'Q vo - 1 P' 1 S, f rirrstrr. X Work-study student Rheta Hite fills the salad bar in the high school cafeteria. Q BQQQ S. +4- Stacey Anderson Kelly Augenstein Kim Augenstein Sharon Bachelder Lisa Baxter Tracy Bedwell Jeri Benedict Tonya Bland Mike Blankenship Lee Blanton Vince Blue Maria Bogan Crystal Bogard Carol Booth Cathy Booth Anita Borders Kent Bowen Debbie Brooks "lr 95734 Ron Bumgardner David Bundy Dave Butterfield Shane Campbell Sheila Campbell Tim Campbell Gary Carr Lori Carr Letitia Carroll Chris Castle Harry Cohen Sonja Conley Leonard Coots Randy Corral Steve Deoring Cassandra Dille Doug Edwards John Estep Judy Evans Sandy Evans Jim Everhart Brian Evert Conni Farris Tracy Feist ABOVE Sandy Evans and Robin Meyer sort posters for distri bution during the sophomore class poster sale Pole vaulter Lee Rlzor strains to gain height to clear the bar Grover Geyer Scott Goff Michelle Gompf Paul Grasmehr Jeff Gress Bill Hackworth Carl Harritos Chuck Harter Annette Harvey Jerry Harfield Jimmy Hatten Jeff Hawk Tracy Hawk Doug Hayes Rick Heimlich James Hernandez Carol Hildebrand John Hillman Margaret Hobson Sandy Holt Lisa Hull Jeri Irons Beth Jordon Rob Keene Terry Kitts Lonnie Korody Kathy Levering Jackie Lewis Rocky Lewis Russell Lewis Cindy Little Teresa Little A L... li L.- Hui ,,,t, W 5 .ww n,,, Mark Pollard works on a chemistry experiment measuring equallbrium in colorimetery. L '4- , X In Chemistry II, Kent Bowen conducts a flame test in quali- 'if . h Dan Long John Long Kenny Long Debbie Lyons Kelly McCauley Sally McCurdy Becky McElroy Pat McGinnis Heather Mann Tracy Martin Robin Meyer Lyndy Michal Don Miller I I x tative analysis. use 5 KM Mlke Patterson Mary Phillips Mark Pollard Lee Ann Randall Dennis Rathburn Jeff Reid Lee Rizor Kathy Sayers Pam Sedlock Doug Seitz Jlll Shipman Darrell Short Mike Mille Myrna Miller Russell Moore Alan Mullett Mark Mullins ' Craig Nelson e Marjorie Ohde Paul Shufflebarger Carolyn Smith Marlie Smith Mike Smith Monty Smith Rick Smith April Snyder - Jeff Squires ,YQ Doug Stewart Mark Strong Darla Styer Vicky Styer RFP s"1:e N r Terri Sudbrook Delores Sutherland Roxie Trimmer Janae Tschudi k xsft 3 'K ---- S - , E is fin Qwfifl - ,sjfli ,L X """" ee i so f + S Terri Sudbrook throws the discus during a meet with Marion Catholic. Jeri Benedict puts the finishing touches on a woodland scene at the Festival of the Arts. ,H-H' it 'Q " Judy Evans and Carol Hildebrand daintily start to disect a worm in biology. Y , S T ff., Q 4 fix f X1 S ix T tiff ix -S if as I f , V? 4Mf 1 's 'T wg v -, T . f was-, -L. -.-oCJs.Q.w T...-to-S Q,-Q15 f..,-,Ye .-ry, Nkk. 1 .,,.fs k ,s .K ix S 5 5:22 Pegg S 1' mms?--1 'fs AIS, fn,-ws 4 figiafe.-, 'iyJ,Q,5n -films-fg"k3c,.r'F'3gA. 5 fQ,.ff3'Qz. jiri P2 wr, 'sgi-gafkwlf':.,f,Q' "'g,.3'ef',liy, 33, 9 nr., .AA.1 rms., -' L sf, s 4 -, avg.. V-X, v . gaw- , . tl. s f g: 1s-Qggtjfafoiyf 1 '-wr if--xwssf-.1-is-Q.ii'm1f Mic? 1' .Q .ff SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: STANDING: Sandy Evans - Secretary. SEATED: Vicki Styer - President, Robin Meyer - Vice President, Sara Wood - Treasurer. Saw W' f'f,.I Y , Q 'A f ' 'S 31 i'QQ,':f'.+3UcgF.ID Q 2. Aff:-1 .file FSS 'Members of the sophomore class visit Tri Rivers JVS Mike Blankenship, Myrna Miller, and Kathy Sayers ladle out onion soup in French cooking. T2 'Na 5 -V 'ishaql' Sara Wood Julie Wright Mathew Wright Carmen Yake Teresa Young N Knox! Cray Warner Tina Wellman Larry Westbrook Gayla Whipple Dave Wiehe Susan Wigton Melissa Wilcox Scott Wilcox Dave Willeke Scott Williamson Penny Wolf Shane Wolford T 5 X X.- Q 5 H - Cz my fl , 'Q' v ry? ' Sify BQ IF' Q sm 1, X' M l wf ' , U MW ,sly Q lah rr , W CWM vlrvlilqiwff. .. BN 'Ni ma 'Q X KLXF- Dan Barker Melissa Bartley Brian Baughman Quint Belcher Mike Beltz Jodie Benson Kim Blue Shelly Bogard John Bowersmith Randy Boyd Sherry Brady Sam Brey Randy Brooks Lonnie Brown Mary Bundy Lynnette Bush Shelly Campbell Craig Cardwell X. D Q l i -fe be ' D .1 xvle QSM! Q s G so as fi V s W ..f ,-1 5 ,f-1 , ,Q ..k. F ,... if f . ,- S , N -...V - New 6 , 'pew' iffn , .. 4 .X A J ,,...-- . KW,-so ..., .... . ,.x. ,,,.s., . :mar , J V will NX Room chairman Frank Machesky distributes sponges to his homeroom during the Freshman class sponge sale. xiii' A fl N ' 's a ' Rena Carte Alex Castle Gladys Casto Tersea Casto Brian Chlpman Kevin Clark Marty Cohen Randy Cole Brenda Conant Mark Conley Terlsa Coots Tracey Corder Tim Counts Brad Curl Jimmy Curts Tim Damron Pat Daugherty Lori Davis John Dendinger Jim Dixon Joe Dixon James Elkins Nell Feist Ben Foust Brad Fricke Dody Frye Gina Fuller Jerry Gandee Becky Gattshall Steve Gray In Shakespeare class, students act out various scenes from Midsummer Night's Dream. Brian Baughman plays the part of Demetrius, Lynette Bush is the fair damsel Helena, and Kevin Clark plays the debonair Lysander Jill Griffith Tina Grimm Doug Gruber Jon Halfhill Don Harman Laurie Harris Myron Hartman Jill Hawk Tim Hoffman Carol Hull Susan Johnson Lisa Keith Paul Kemp Rick Kuehne Doug Lehman Jean Levering Dan Levings Sandy Lewis Kelly Little Donnie Logan David Lyon Brenda McChesney Wayne McCurdy Cindy McKinney ...K-.nllia f offs' V " -sffif its ' ei: me J t- ,.,: gigs If , 'Q' 1 ii Ss Q X .... X MX-A ,- - fi -.: .... , iiii as iett if: :'1 . . A' - al ,z "" ' ' 'A 1 syy fir Ii R ABOVE: Freshman Rod Thill heads for the finish line in the fl A .vp Q' MOC Reserve Cross-Country race. RIGHT: Don Harman comes down in good form in the long jump competition. M nag' g all X FRESHMEN BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Craig Cardwell, Scott Strayer, Scott Snyder, Kevin Clark, John Bowersmith, Randy Cole. BACK ROW: Coach Ron Thill, John Dendinger, Rod Thill, Mike Mattix, Rob Williamson, Dan Barker. NOT PICTURED: Jerald Votau. X1 1 ccioooo ii'l S it .5 2 X If it H. X X Y up-fy 'V , ref Frank Machesky Anna Maiyer Mike Mattix Debbie Merriman Loretta Middaugh Eve Miller Keith Minigh Jackie Monk Lisa Morgan Mary Mullennix Denise Mullett Sandra Mullins Mike Murphy Jill Nesbitt Billy Otten Todd Patrick Laura Prater Jerry Ratliff Dee Reppart Doug Richardson Wanda Ridenour Robert Riley Chris Robinson Noel Robinson board in geometry class x Jean Levering draws a circle inscribed in a square on the ' 'l if 5 2 sfo , 2 g 3 , I J Y X w FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICER S.: KNEELING: Cindy McKin- Jon Halfhill and Dan Levings conduct a probabili ney - Secretary. STANDING: Rod Thill - Vice President, basic math. Greg Sweeney - President, Eve Miller - Treasurer. Scott Rollyson Anna Saylor Dawn Schofield Paul Sheets Gregg Shoewalter Mark Smith SNK' Paula Smith Scott Snyder Chris Staten Marty Sterritt Scott Strayer Kerry Strong xg? 'C Cathy Styer Cheryl Swaney Gregg Sweeney Rod Thill Jim Thompson Kelly Tinch 5 , 4 G, G ty study in Patty Wilson Gerry Zwick Shelley Trainer Mechelle Troyer Tammy Vanlfiorn Vickie Van Romer Bob Varner Glenn Vipperman Jerald Votaw Leslie Waggener Christina Webb Kim Wilkins Tim Wilkins Jim Wilkinson Rob Williamson Becky Gatchall demonstrates copper enameling. ABOVE: Christina Webb and Mechelle Troyer decorate Christmas cookies in Home Ec LEFT Freshmen Tracey Corder, Gina Fuller and Lynette Bush are dressed in cos tumes for the French Club Mardi Gras party 1 aff? 53 2 ia RQ C. ZX xxx N. S 1 .LM c.,v.,,,L,,Q IC! 'I K Board Of Education Rnchard T Myers Donald Bachelder Presadent Vice President Rosemary Brown Mary Jean Hnckson Member Member Pearl Irwin Board Treasurer Mr. Dusek and board members wait for a rain-soaked Clayton Dusek homecoming parade to begin. Superintendent of Schools Maxine Ashbrook Grace Shaffer Secretary to the Superiniehdehf Assistant Secretary to the Superintendent High School Staff Joe Griffith Principal xr, ii 9. r , ix ,i Q ' 'iw 5' Eileen Hart Secretary m 5, Dale Creamer Assistant Principal 5: ge 5 -FL .f 5 l r X 3 5 6, Roxanna Fry Clerk ax Hi h School Staff Completes Evaluation Every seven years the Mount Gilead High School is evaluated by a team of educators to determine if the school meets the standards for North Central High School and College Accreditation. Mount Gilead is the only school in Morrow County which is associated with North Central. This is important to all Mount Gilead students because they can be accepted by any college with North Central affiliation without additional entrance exams. A local steering committee made up of chairman Merrill Brucker, Dorothea Barry, Dale Brown, Josephine Gerhardt, John Quinn, and Joe Griffith worked with the high school staff in writing a self- evaluation of the school system. Considered in the evaluation were such items as teacher certification, course offerings in each subject matter area, physical facilities, adequacy of libraries, and many other factors related to quality education. A team of twenty-four area educators spent two days in the school observing classes, talking to faculty and students, and viewing school facilities. The North Central team, under the leadership of Dr. Herbert Schneider, wrote their final evaluation which pointed out strengths and weaknesses of the high school's educational program. The final report was very complimentary of Mount Gilead High School's overall educational program. Marvin Webb of Pioneer JVS and Mr. Griffith discuss new ideas for the school newspaper. S t S S .ask ,. Q 'Sy aavk sank Principal Joe Griffith, Dr. Herbert Schneider, and Merrill Bruclcer serve as coordinators for the North Central Evaluation. On the second day of the evaluation, observers write up their preliminary reports. ,.,-f A North Central evaluator sits in on one of Mr. Quinn's government classes. INN. fi XX Guidance Director Larry Furniss Mtg-as .l Guidance counselor Virginia Meyer is the high school's coordinator with Tri-Rivers. i Mr. Furniss discusses career options with Brad Doran. S 2 i Mrs. Cindy Fidler video tapes skits in one of her Shakespeare classes. Senior class advisor Dorothea Barry distributes graduation materials. Mrs. Barry teaches English courses. Mrs. Joan Bowling teaches Spanish and English. T39 hx as I U Math teacher Mr. Dale Brown talks to one of his classes. ABOVE: Mr. Robert Ream teaches an anatomy class with the help of "Bert Bones." RIGHT: Billy Otten can't bear to watch Mr. Ron Thill dissect an earthworm in Biology. ,,,,,.E Mr. Virgil Staley teaches math and Algebra I. Mr. Lewis Sarr helps Melissa Bartley with a General Science assignment. -ui-v---7' ' ' 0,,,,.,-- I -s fe' his 2 Mr. John Quinn teaches U.S. Constitution, Current Events, American History teacher Paul Bremigan makes a point, and Foreign Policy. "Go west, young man," or "They went that away." Mrs. Suzanne Beck answers a question about the practice sets for Pam Robinson. Mrs. Beck teaches business courses. A yearbook. He teaches social studies and French. At the Awards' Assembly Mrs. Nancy Kennedy has just , . , , presented Joy Middaugh with an award for typing ever 70 Speech teacher David Hammond climbs the stairs in the Mr. James Miller takes many of the photographs used in the Words per minute' Mrs' Kennedy teaches commercial lobby of the Piccadilly Hotel on the Thespians New York subjects. theater tour. nan,, 4 3. Mr. John Games teaches Chemistry and Physics. K Home Ec. teacher Carol Sarr gives Connie Bowersmith some advise on serving food. Volleyball coach Jill Montrose presents Sherry Dix with the trophy for the most points. Mrs. Montrose teaches Health and Phys. Ed. E During the North Central evaluation, Industrial Arts teacher Merrill Brucker serves as the steering committee chairman. Ml Troy McDaniels practices wiring electrical circuits under the watchful eye of Mr. Roger Beck. Mr. Beck teaches Vo. Ag. l t , Dennis West and Steve Murphy purchase stock from Mr. Forrest Byron who acts as stockbrolcer for an economics simulation. Mr. Byron is the Distributive Education coordinator. 0 N Hx . if rg' f Mr. and Mrs. Barry make a handsome couple at the Prom. Special Ed. teacher Stephen Tracey examines materials he is planning to use in class. Mr. Creamer envisions his diet coming to an end at the dinner prepared and served by the French II class. I if r J - Sf 4: M, 'N is ar' M' if . -s x-,. X 5 2 . wmv . Q i , S X . V , In the faculty and professional football players basketball Santa Claus lRoxanna Fry? made a brief stop at the Student game Mr Griffith ets sacked b a line-backer. Council Christmas party. ' ' 9 y refs , ,.,,,...,..............-.---+- egcg it ' S l C it SN Q i K ,fa Instrumental music director Jim Anderson listens to the brass ensemble practice. U 8' .lil Choir director Cindy Armstrong leads the choir in a practice session. NON-CERTIFIED STAFF FOOD SERVICE PERSONNEL: FRONT ROW: Dorothy Jennings, Virginia Bachelder, Virginia Shipman, Sara Wright. ROW 2: Hazel Blose, Vernie Richards, Lois Robinson, Mary Lou Williams, Becky Higgins. BACK ROW: Cherie Shipman, Lucille Trumbo, Laura Staley, Mary Van Horn, Helma Dilsaver, Mary Jane George. Harold Williams Shirley McElroy Custodian Supervisor Building 1 Custodian Cook Sara Wright makes sandwiches. +1414-ef Q,ff4'x 4 af QQQQQ QYQQL I, fa ,, wg, OZLWM, Juli Fisher Is 1978 Homecoming Queen The 1978 Homecoming activities were interrupted by rain. The Thurs- day evening homecoming parade and pep rally were delayed and many of the floats were rain - soaked. The traditional bonfire was not burned un- til the rescheduled pep rally on Fri- day afternoon. At pre - game cere- monies, it was announced that the Freshman class float was the winner of the float contest and that the foo football team had selected Juli Fisher as the 1978 Homecoming Queen. In an exciting game, the Mount Gilead Indians defeated the Northmor Knights by a score of 18 - 8. Satur- day night the Homecoming Dance was held in the cafeteria. Q45 Attendant Jackie Curts Queen Q37 1978 HOMECOMING COURT: Attendant Jackie Curts, Homecoming Queen Jul Fisher, Retiring Queen Karen Hawk, and Attendant Sherry Dix. Juli Fisher Attendant Sherry Dix M3 Fi Ph N Three - Act Comedy Opens Theatre Season The lively and hilarious comedy "See How They Run" opened the 1978 - 79 theatre season on November 10, 11, and 12. Additional matinee performances were presented to junior high and high school audiences. Key figures in the mistaken identity farce are a pair of old friends - Clive Winton, an American actor, and Penelope Toop, an actress. Clive is now an Air Force Corporal stationed in England and Penelope is the wife of a vicar. Having toured in shows together at one time, Clive and Penelope have an innocent date by way of reunion. When they return to the vicarage, the pair get themselves in a dizzy dilemma that gets even more complicated by the minute. The couple learn upon their return that a sedate bishop is there, waiting to offer Penelope's husband a better position. The mistaken identity theme begins when the bishop meets Clive, who is dressed in the vicar's clergyman's garb. The fun reaches hilarious heights as five men in cleric clothes - one of them an escaped Russian prisoner and another bishop who is to take the service the next day - present a problem of who is who. In addition a self - righteous parishioner who is kept busy carrying tales to the vicar about his wife, a Cockney maid with an over - active imagination, and a British sergeant add to the comically complicated crisis. Penelope and Clive share memories of the times when they toured together in the show PRIVATE LIVES. With everyone assembled except Miss Skillon, who is still in the closet Sergeant Towers begins his interrogation with Ida. After being hit on the head and having his clothes taken from him, the stunned Reverend Lione Toop attacks the Bishop as he hides behind a chair. 5531 .Q w if -1.153- w K' i'fl'Q tQfgf1fV Xfl-lisli-'PFVSVSQ xiiffx C E S ww' ' 1 " gg Xa. kiwi su ,SWF s N X -xt 'X 1 -- 15 5--2 is 2 Q- M :Q fc .1 K. Qisxxv , Ns X X xg 3, N X Q X X Q Pix wt s 's iw? 'T N .... s ' 2 I Q' eeeee f , as I . . we-s. ' 1 tw-:sisetrv-.sfsfsvzifzzfwfati 'ss 1:-:.:e'f i WQXXQ 5 FSS . t"'i S it 1 ' . I .,.. .. Q 33 1 . s 5 X A 225.5 .essaszsi st . ,gt S -iiiiiii tssawfs... K tt 1.--.5 as ,,. g Q ,,.. wa -, X K A ' o s as it osgg , ., gs 1 5 , . K Alter fff ss., A is sei I ' iiie j 3 s ' A A F t 'ii fait 52.5.26 v- Qgitizxi, 5 :sifiit-ty? 11 li .t ,. S ik f Lkggyf t NX GKVFXMK. gg :ts ,X 1 xx. . so? E is E. f to I . ss.. ' J . -,- as a -- fs a 1 Does h REA 1 9 L L Y L 0Ve her? ssh M 1 .5 E .t X-we 4: f ma s: -, ire-1sf.'.-lbs X sit we we is . . , 4 , sgsivaaws Tdmwwggg :AN .Q , K is Q .5 :X Q - -Q While Miss Skillon is soused and out cold on the sofa, the Russian spy enters preparing to exchange clothes and places with Reverand Toop. "And that's how it all began!" As Corporal Clive Winton and Mrs. Toop re - create a scene from PRIVATE LIVES, Miss Skillon catches them in the act. 5 sl I Sergeant Towers lMark Craven! apparently is in need of a little stimulant before he attempts to discover who is the real Lionel Toop. Corporal Clive Winton and Mr. Humphrey try to figure things out while Penelope Toop and her "Husband" look on nervously. "Diary Of Anne Frank" Is Second Production The exciting, uplifting story of a warm - hearted young girl as she grew from adolescence to young womanhood while hiding with her family from Nazi persecution in a confining attic was the basis for the second production of the 1978 - 79 theatre season. "The Diary of Anne Frank" was presented in the High School Lecture Room during February. The play is a dramatization of a real diary written by Anne Frank to chronicle the days of seclusion that began in July, 1942 when she was just thirteen. Over the course of two years she made entries vividly recording the problems, the cour- age, the quarrels, and the discomforts of the eight people cooped up in a cramped loft. It is not the diary's sharp por- trayal of another chapter of war - time misery that has made it one of the modern theatre's greatest successes, but instead, the diary's poignant self - portrait of a girl who refused to be robbed of the adventure of adolescence, a girl who went right on having the usual joys and pains of growing up even in a miserable hideout, with doom hanging over her. 3 Anne, attempting to make friends with Peter, explains she had to leave her cat behind. Bored with their daily routine, Anne dressed in Peter's clothes to add excitement to their life. Miep explains to Mr. Frank how Anne's Diary was found after they were caught. Mr. Dussell bolts his drink as they have a little drink to wel- come him. Mrs. Frank tries to settle Anne and Peter in a commotion re- sulting from Anne hiding Peter's shoes. CAST . M R. o'r1'o FRANK , A MIEP ..... ..... i..:g..tii1fRAicEYiKRQiQRoEgR MR. VAN DAAN ,... .i.R..:..1.g.eJEFRGARESs MRS. VAN ,DAAN ..... f1ggg1LI.f,i,QQJUILZIEQGRESS, PETER VAN DAAN .... .....4....l.rl.i DON-,MILLER MARGOT FRANK ..... 2.gj,,,R5.gco1LEEN.iReARKER MRS. EDITH FRANK .... ...'i.iLtLl..4'JOUY MOORE ANNE FRANKI .. ............ . 'MAGGIE' HOBSON 1. PAULQQGRAS MEHR ZMR.AKRALER ................ ,,. g MR. DUSSVELLL.. ............... .'...,,.... ..... IVINCE BLUE DIRECTOR ANDDESIGNERN i...:D'AVID A. HAMMDND TEcHN1cAL,ozREcToR .....'RENeGALLEHER STUDENT DIRECTOR KATHY MEYER STAGE MANAGER A ...... Anne sticks her tongue out as Mrs. Frank checks for a sore throat. Mr, Van Daan coughs and chokes as he tries to smoke a homemade cigarette --- a Hanukkah present from Anne. ,...... LI' Mrs. Van Daan attempts to flirt with Mr. Frank. While Mr. Frank checks outside and Mr. Dussell disgustedly prepares to leave she is awakened f After moving into medicine when he the room, Mrs. Frank comforts Anne after rom a nightmare. Anne's room, Mr. Dussell takes his allergy find out that Peter has a cat. Junior - Senior Prom At Marion Country Club For the theme of the 1979 Junior - Senior Prom, the Junior Class chose "The Long and Winding Road." The Prom was held May 19th at the Marion Country Club. Following a buffet style dinner, the Juniors and their guests danced to the music of DJ Tom Danner. After - prom activities included the movie, "The Promise," at Southland Cinema. Junior Class President Sue Fitzgerald welcomes the Seniors to the Prom. Shawn Thomas and Lori Corral read the class prophecies. Prom goers enjoy dancing to the slow music. Mrs. Pat Brake decorated a cake to portray the prom theme. A group of prom - goers relax between dances. Angie Kuehne and Mark Mullins are the only dancers on the floor during a fast number. Connie Ratliff Is Winter Homecoming Queen g"'i"'ff ,f-N, 'W Q4 BASKETBALL HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT: Janae Tschudi - Sophomore Attendant, Becci Guiher - Junior Attendant, Queen Connie Ratliff, Juli Fisher - Senior Attendant, Paula Smith - Freshman Attendant. Escort Brian Kemp watches as Connie Ratliff shows her surprise after being selected Queen. Mt. Gilead ReIay's Queen Is Jackie Curts ,Ny , 4 534 ,A mg Xa f . Y a xr i MT. GILEAD RELAY'S TRACK QUEEN AND COURT: Connie Ratliff - Senior Attendant, Paula Smith - Freshman Attendant, Queen Jackie Curts, Janae Tschudi - Sophomore Attendant, Lori Corral - Junior Attendant. QKQM W .,,, -Q-li,s,,W QE f Q ev Q Ara " G3 Q 12 MW iif EQ! 5 k kwpzw Q' "VI 7fZiFL', X' N 1 V ' f K l .ff Q 'Nev 'Y I af'-Ex 'X K 'Q' fr ,f xxxix- 'iff' , . ., x 4 gb f X ' ' 'KQ' Q 'gf A SB K, M 4-LW, Concert Band Performs In OMEA Contest ,......,........s-N tx A 5 The Concert Band performs at the Spring Concert. The Mount Gilead Concert Band went to the OMEA Contest at Malabar High School primarily to gain contest experience. The band received good comments and suggestions on how to improve their playing. During the school year, the band's performances included the Christmas, Winter, and Spring Concerts. Some members of the band participated in the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest at Mans- field Senior High School, at the Ohio Wesleyan University Music Festival, and in the All-County Band at North- mor. At the 2nd annual Spring Music Awards Banquet, awards were given to outstanding concert band members with Luane Campbell receiving the John Phillip Sousa Award. , . Luane Campbell, Brenda Trumbo, Beth Jordan, Carmen The band practices many hours for an up coming concert. Yake, and Dawn Miller went to the OMEA solo and ensemble contest. l I .R me 3 X' a' F t . e It :. .Am X CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW: Luane Campbell, Kathy Levering, Pam Robinson, Jean Levering, Annette Harvey, Julie Wright, Su- san Johnson, Lisa Hull, Brenda Trumbo. ROW 2: Mike Mattix, Gerry Zwick, Jerald Votaw, Jeff Reid, Teri Sudbrook, Kim Otten, Mike Smith, Mike Murphy, Mark Craven, Mr. Jim Anderson. BACK ROW: Carol Hildebrand, Judy Ev- ans, Carol Hull, Connie Farris, Robin Meyer, Sheila Campbell, Denise Mullett, Janae Tschudi, Shelly Trainer, Jeff Gress, Mark Ohde, Dawn Miller, Barb Harritos, Carmen Yake, Beth Jordan, Vince Blue. "We've Got Pride On Our Side" Is Band's Motto "We've Got Pride on Our Side" is the motto of the Mount Gilead High School Marching Band. The Band's pride was shown in numerous parades this year. The Morrow County Fair, the Fredericktown Tomato Show, the Bucyrus Brats- wurst Festival, the Circleville Pumpkin Festival, and the Mt. Gilead Homecoming activities were the biggest parades in which the Band participated. Along with parades, the Band performed at the Highland MOC Marching Band Festival and at all of Mt. Gilead's home and away football games. At the end of the season the Marching Band gave a concert consist- ing of all the marching music performed during the season. " - ff .,fiTQ' "SQ 22 ,i'f,V"f l The Mount Gilead Marching Band heads down the field for their pre-game show. .ve From the stands, members of the marching band play the Majorettes Carol Hildebrand, Jeri Irons, and Jean Petak lead fight song to show their support of the team. the marching band. MARCHING BAND: LEFT - FRONT TO BACK: Barb Harritos, Carmen Yake, Annette Harvey, Gerry Zwick, Vince Blue, Beth Jordan, Jerald Votaw, Judy Evans, Shelly Trainer, Luane Campbell, Tina Grimm, Mike Mattix, Mark Ohde, Kathy Levering. ACROSS: Jeri Bennedict, Mark Craven, Sheila Campbell, Kim Otten, Janae Tschudi, Robin Meyer, Mike Smith, Mike Murphy, Mike Blankenship. RIGHT - FRONT TO BACK: Dawn Miller, Susan Johnson, Roger Wellman, Lisa Hull, Brenda Trumbo, Jeff Reid, Jody Grimm, Carol Hull, Denise Mullett, Jean Levering Pam Robinson, Connie Farris, Mark Mullins, Julie Wright. FLAG CORPS: FRONT ROW: Laura Prater, Dee Reppart, Debbie Merriman, Kelly Little, Shelly Bogard, Maria Bogan. BACK ROW: Cathy Styer, Lisa Morgan, Tracey Bedwell, Laura Nesbitt, Marjorie Ohde, Roxie Trimmer. The Pep Band played at all home basketball games. It also played at the P.T.O. Carnival Mu- sic Food Canteen. The canteen was held as a money-making pro- ject to raise money for new marching band uniforms. PEP BAND: FRONT ROW: Barb Harritos, Carmen Yake, Dawn Miller, Mike Blankenship, Mike Smith, Jeff Gress, Mark Ohde. BACK ROW: Jean Levering, Judy Evans, Connie Farris, Brenda Trumbo, Kim Otten, Luane Campbell, Pam Robinson, Jeff Reid. Thespians Sponsor New York Theatre Tour In addition to producing two major shows, "See How They Run" and "The Diary of Anne Frank," students of the Mt. Gilead Theatre Department also presented two evenings of student directed Workshop Theatre productions. Students who directed the workshop productions were Lori Lupica, Angie Kuehne, Jody Moore, and Julie Gress, The highlight of the year was the annual spring New York Theatre Tour. While in "The Big Apple," students and community members saw current Broadway shows such as "They're Playing Our Song," "The Crucifer of Blood," "Sweeney Todd," the Easter show at Radio City Music Hall, and the longest run- ning off-Broadway show, "The Fantastiks." Other activities included a seminar with Paxton Whitehead, who portrayed Sherlock Holmes in "The Crucifer of Bloody" a tour of Lin- coln Center: a historical tour of Greenwich Village, and a backstage tour of the Helen Hayes Theatre. Additional time was spent shopping in the World Trade Center, the Village, and 5th Avenue shops: touring museums, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty: and eating in some of New York's finer restauratns. After returning from New York, theatre students attended various college spring musical pro- ductions. Students traveled to Heidelberg College to see "Pippin," to Bowling Green to see "Mame," to OSU Mar- ion to see "The Fantastiks," and to Otterbein College to see "Brigadoon." The year concluded with an informal initi- ation and picnic at the State Lakes, the annual awards ban- quet at the Gateway Smorgasbord, and a canoeing trip to Mohican. Initates Pam Robinson, Melissa Wilcox, and Tracey Corder hope for the best as they catch water filled ballons. Who knows what Thespian initates are eating! ,, X, F H5 Q I!! Ai. L.,- THESPIANS: KNEELING: Tracey Corder, Gina Fuller, Lynette Bush, Maggie Hobson, Lori Lupica, Jeff Gress, Neil Feist, Angie Kuehne. STANDING: Mike Blankenship, Lisa Hull, Don Miller, Paul Grasmehr, Pam Robinson, Brenda Trumbo, Janae Tschudi, Mark Wilcox, Jody Moore, Mark Ohde, Kathy Meyer, Sean McCauley, Julie Gress, Advisor David Hammond, Vince Blue. Otto Frank returns to their attic hideout after the war. Mike Squibb received the Thespian Best Actor Award for his por- trayal of Mr. Frank in "Diary of Anne Frank." G Q-HK Anne and Peter chat in Peter's loft room. For her role as Anne, Maggie Hobson received the Thespian Best Actress Award, and Don Miller received the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role as Peter. Thespian tour members visit Greenwich Village while in New York City. Jody Moore who plays the role of Mrs. Frank in "Diary" looks at her Hanukkah gift from Anne. Jody was selected as Outstanding Thespian and Best Director of a Workshop Pro- duction. isi- -tx x .X Ida pulls Miss Skillon back into the closet to hide her one more time. Julie Gress received the Best Supporting Actress Award for her portrayal of Miss Skillon in "See How They Run." Choir Members Have A Very Active Year The Choir's yearly activities began with participation in Fredericktown's Choir Invitational. The Choir also performed for the Thanksgiving assembly, gave Christmas and Spring concerts, and sang at Graduation. Some members of the Choir participated in the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest at Mansfield Senior High School, the All-County Choir held at Northmor, and the Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival. As a fund raising project for the new marching band uniforms, members of the Choir sang for the Music Fund Canteen that was held during the P.T.O. Carnival. The Sophomore Girls Ensemble, the Mixed Ensemble, and the Senior Girls Ensem- ble also sang at the concerts that were given throughout the year.-At the 2nd Annual Spring Music Banquet, awards were given to outstanding members with Kathy Meyer receiving the Arion Award. Choir members lFRONT ROW! Jeff Reid, Coleen Barker, Carol Hildebrand, Angie Kuehne, CBACK ROWD Tammy Van The Senior Girls Ensemble sang "Matchmaker" at the Spring Concert. Horn, Janae Tschudi, Don Miller, Scott Rollyson, and Kathy The Choi' sings af commencement exercises' Meyer sang at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest. CHOIR: FRONT ROW: H. Mann, L. Baxter, P. Sedlock, L. Carroll, B. Ot- ten, G. Votaw, T. Hoffman, N. Robin- son, K. Levering, P. Carr, V. Van Romer, A. Smith, T. Casto, C. Gandee, B. Guiher, A. Kuehne, D. Rollyson. ROW 2: J. Irons, P. Williams, J. Monk, L. Lupica, B. Harritos, L. Westbrook, J. Gandee, R. Williamson, J. Squires, S. Wolford, J. Reid, M. Ohde, T. Van Horn, K. Little, M. Troyer, L. Camp- bell, P. Robinson, M. Hobson, K. Otten. ROW 3: L. Dixon, T. Bedwell, M. Phil- lips, M. Miller, R. Trimmer, S. Wood, G. Shoewalter, M. Mullins, P. Gras- mehr, T. Knaul, M. Patterson, S. Goff, R. Thill, C. Barker, K. McKinney, G. Michal, C. Webb, C. Styer, C. Hilde- brand. ROW 4: K. Meyer, D. Lewis, J. Morre, J. Curts, S. Bachelder, D. Styer, D. Miller, R. Moore, M. Pollard, B. Co- nant, S. Evans, P. Gordon, J. Tschudi, K. Sheets, J. Nesbitt, Mrs. C. Arm- strong. BACK ROW: B. Trumbo, R. Meyer, S. Campbell, M. Ohde, M. Smith, S. Williamson, C. Warner, M. Strong, R. Heimlich, R. Keene, J. Bai- ley, R. Smith, D. Levings, D. Seitz, R. Jaggers, J. Fisher, C. Farris, A. Borders, J. Evans, L. Prater. Art Club Honors March As Youth Art Month Art Club officers Cindy Chapman and Julie Fisher watch Supt. Dusek proclaim March as Youth Art Month. Officers of Art Club for 1978-79 school year were Julie Fisher - President, Cindy Chapman - Vice-President, Luane Campbell - Secretary, and Becci Guiher - Treasurer. The club held meetings twice a month with a craft item being made at each meeting. Field trips were taken to the Gover- nor's Youth Art Exhibit and to the Children's Hospital Twig Bazaar. Club members made key chains, picture mirrors, and spirit necklaces to finance the club activities. Art Club co-sponsored the Festival of the Arts with IAC and had an exhibit at the Morrow County Fair. Other activities included going Christmas caroling, a picnic, and installation of offi- cers at the end of the year. .-7? EY A Luane Campbell demonstrates the use of the hand loom at Laura Reuttel' exhibited her HCYYHC Pelnflflq "Maple SYYUP the Festival of the Arts. Camp" and two sculptures at the Governor's Youth Art Exhi- bltion. ART CLUB: FRONT ROW: Luane Campbell, Cindy Chapman, Becci Guiher, Julie Fisher. ROW 2: Mrs. Jo Ger- hardt, Myrna Miller, Donna Gray, Kelley Sheets, Coleen Barker, Laura Reutter, Lee Ann Randall, Teri Sud- brook. BACK ROW: Eric Wright, Jeri Benedict, Becky Gattshall, Teresa Young, Rhonda Thill, Shelly Trainer, Sue Fitzgerald, Rob Keene, David Castle, Randy Tolbert, Rick Heimlich, Rod Thill, Keith Minigh, Brian Evert, Letitia Carroll. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT ROW: Lori Lupica, Jody Moore, Sharon Smith, Brenda Chilcote, Dawn Miller, Laura Reutter, Coleen Barker. BACK ROW: Julie Gress, Kim Otten, Kathy Meyer, Juli Fisher, Karen O'Sullivan, Sue Fitzgerald, Karen McKinney, Mark Wilcox. VARSITY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: FRONT ROW: Jon Davis, Ric Lyle, Jeff Gress, Tom Short, Don McNamee, Scott Williamson. ROW 2: Tom George, Brian Kemp, Tim Brake, Steve Workman, Neal Dumbaugh, Tim Campbell, Denny West. ROW 3: Scott Snyder, Paul Grasmehr, Trent Thomas, Dennis Shoaf, Randy Tolbert, Shawn Thomas, Shane Campbell. BACK ROW: David Castle, Mark Hartman, Tom Lyle, Dave Willeke, Scott Wilcox, Mark Wilcox, Brad Irons, Mike Patterson, Randy Helt. French Club Holds "'-x..... Cathy Booth fills the Mardi Gras pinata with candy. 'TTS r"' as U I The Best Mardi Gras Party Costumes. RIGHT: Pat McGinnis rides the club's Homecoming float. Mardi Gras Party To start off the 78 - 79 year the French club entered the Homecoming Float Contest. The club used the theme "Daze the Knights" for their float. In February the club held a Mardi Gras party for the members and other French students. Chosen as the best costumes were Kathy Sayers and Myrna Miller's Donald and Daisy Duck costumes and Mike Blankenship's Roman patrician's toga outfit. FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Myrna Miller, Tracey Corder, Gina Fuller, Pat Porter. ROW 2: Kathy Sayers, Chester Machen, Mike Blankenship, Dan Levings, Neil Feist. BACK ROW: Luane Campbell, April Snyder, Stacey Anderson, Melissa Wilcox, Mr. James Miller. Student Council Has Very Active Year The week before Homecoming, Student Council sponsored ' a "Spirit Weekj" consisting of a "Favorite T - Shirt Day," "Hat Day," and "Dress Crazy Day." They also sponsored the Homecoming parade and the float contest. They contributed 550.00 to both Meals on Wheels and the Community Action Program at Christmas time. Other , activities of the Student Council included Winter Homecoming and the movie "Jeremiah Johnson" for the student body. On Valentine's Day they sold "Friendship Carnations." They also sponsored a number of dances throughout the school year. representative Mrs. Vicky Thoman. 1.1.-- -..-1'W"" Pat McGinnis models his favorite hat during Spirit Week Students enjoy dancing at Student Councll's Christmas which was sponsored by Student Council. Dance. few or 4, 7 ' Hg... . s Student Council president Julie Gress STUDENT COUNCIL: SEATED: Don Miller, Paula Smith, Jill Griffith, Brenda aI1I'10uI'1CeS the Basketball Homecoming McChesney. STANDING: Jody Moore, Shawn Thomas, Conni Farris, Janae Queen Connie Ratliff. Tschudi, Cindy Chapman, Karen McKinney, Kelly Sheets. Members not pictured: Julie Gress, Eric Wright, Kim Kipp. Student Council members donate a 550.00 check to C.A.P. Y X- . .1 Spanish Club Sponsors VaIentine's Dance v , m,,. One of Spanish Club's major projects this year was to sponsor the Valentine Dance. Members of the club made Valentine decorations and decorated the cafeteria. Other activities for the year included attending a lecture series on foreign cultures and traveling to Mrs. Bowling's home for a Spanish dinner. S Mi Kathy Levermg and Sonja Conley decorate for the Valentme's Turn About Dance Lori Lupica puts up decorations for the dance. LEFT: Mrs. Bowling l'?J helps make decorations for the dance. i' t 'eq D N- ?' ' Los .,,,,, A as E. E. U.U SPANISH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Kathy Levering, Lori Lupica, Lou Ann Brown, Pam Sedlock, Sonja Conley. BACK ROW: Mrs. Joan Bowling, Jeff Reid, Sara Wood, Kim Otten, Cindy Gandee, Mary Phillips. F.F.A. initiates Plans For New Building Under the direction of advisor Roger Beck, the Mt. Gilead Chapter of the Future Farmers of America participated in many area activities. The chapter competed in the County Parliamentary Procedure Contest and attended the State Convention in Columbus. Local projects included the Fourth of July Tractor Pull, a pancake supper, citrus fruit and cider sales, and the distribution of FFA calendars on Teacher Appreciation Day. Social functions of the chapter were a Get Acquainted Picnic in September and the Parent and Member Banquet in March. The chapter's biggest undertaking was initiating a program to get a new Vocational Agriculture Building. To fund the building project, the chapter is conducting several money - making projects and collecting donations from area farmers and ' businesses. At the Parent - Member Banquet, Dan Barker received the Star Greenhand Award and Steve Miller received the Star Chapter Farmer Award. F.F.A.: FRONT ROW: Shelley Bogard, Annette Smith, Steve Gray, Carolyn Smith, Robby Moody, Kelley Lawrence, David Lyons, Glenn Vipperman. ROW 2: Jerry Gandee, Wayne McCurdy, Leonard Coots, Steve Miller, Tim Wilkins, Lonnie Brown, Tim Counts, Jim Thompson. BACK ROW: Chris Lloyd, Randy Helt, Chuck Salisbury, Neal Dumbaugh, Troy McDaniels, Dale Barnett, Doug Lehman, Advisor Roger Beck. Members not present: Dan Barker, John Long, Mike Mattix, Scott Snyder. Whose rope trick is this, magician Eldon Wigton's or Steve Gray's'? D Q F.F.A. Queen candidates and their escorts are: Seniors - Randy Helt and Kelly McClelland, Juniors - Brenda Chilcote and Dale Barnett, Sophomores - Carolyn Smith and John Long, Freshman - Dee Reppart and Scott Snyder. Junior Brenda Chilcote is F.F.A. Queen. Brenda Chilcote Is 1979 - 80 State President The Mt. Gilead FHAIHERO chapter is one of the strongest organizations in the high school. Its members are active at the local, county, district, and state levels. In November at the District Rally at Tri - Rivers, Brenda Trumbo was elected as District 1st Vice President. The Mt. Gilead chapter is a strong supporter of Children Hospital in Columbus. Proceeds of a chapter Walk - A - Thon and Rock - A - Thon went to the hospital. In February, the chapter recognized FHAIHERO Week and raffled off a box of Valentine's candy as a money - making project. Several members attended the State FHAIHERO Convention at Columbus. The highlight of the chapter's year was the election of Brenda Chilcote as the 1979 - 80 State FHAIHERO President. l Brenda Chilcote is ready to select the winner of the Valentine's candy. At the FHAIHERO Banquet, the following officers for 1979 - 80 were installed: Jackie Monk, Melissa Wilcox, Jill Shipman, Brenda Trumbo, Laura Prater, Lisa Morgan, and Mrs. Sarr presents the Mt. Gilead chapter's Outstanding Brenda Chilcote. FHAIHERO Award to Brenda Chilcote at the banquet. FHAIHERO: SEATED: Lisa Morgan, Cathy Styer, Chris Webb, Mechelle Troyer, Jackie Monk, Terlsa Coots. STANDING: Donna Gray, Dawn Schofield, Jodi Hershner, Cindy Little, Brenda Chilcote, Brenda Trumbo, Sandra Lewis, Julie Conley, Laura Prater, Brenda Coots, Rena Carte, Melissa Wilcox, Joyce Johns, Jill Shipman, Peggy Carr. DECA Wins Awards Mt. Gilead DECA students were involved in many local and district activities this year. In district contests Mt. Gilead students won numerous awards and honors. Tami Farris was a finalist in the district Miss Ohio DECA contest. District first place winners were Carl Mynhier in the Petroleum Contest and Jon Davis in the Finance and Credit Contest. Second place awards went to Kevin Evans in the Parliamentary Law Contest and Sharon Smith in the Apparel and Accessories Contest. Mark Sterritt won third place in the Food Marketing Contest. Honorable Mention awards were won by Mark Hartman in the Free Enterprise Contest, Brenda Coots in Public Speaking, and Kevin Evans in the Marketing Test. Named outstanding DECA students for 1978 - 79 were Lisa Tinch and Jon Davis. Seniors Brad Doran, Lisa Tinch KBACK ROW? Jon Davis, and Brian Shipman received the State Board of Education Award of Distinction in Distributive Education. ' In District Contests Jon Davis and Lisa Tinch are the 1978 - 79 Outstanding DECA Students. as 'iff 'sVs?Eiu""' gym ggfnn Puauc SPEAKlNG ausmss f L 'nfwcwfs' Tommy es y:....... .ls. . t ,, 324. 5 a s 'Ti' 2 .,ss- T-. 7' "1 I.. i . A I f" ' 1 . f, ' if :ii ' ' Il. 2 ..ils -.-.. .. ASAI. 5 'L lts. 7 S DECA ....s . mgqtxggnc y Acmsomss 7' is si s.. A ' " Si . 2 I 1 ,,,, i , l'1. if K ,.-- SENIOR DECA: KNEELING: Lisa Tinch, Brad Doran, Jon Davis, Kevin Evans, Brian Shipman. ROW 2: Rob Jaggers, Darren Fricke, Steve Bogan, Carl Mynhier. BACK ROW: Mr. Forrest Byron, Tom George, Don Dixon, Mark Evans, Arron Windbigler, Dale Sherman. IAC Members Place In State Competition Mark Shoaf and Dennis Rathburn work on I.A.C.'s prize - inning scrapbook. ennls Rathburn recondltlons football helmets for the Mt. ilead Athletic Department. X OFFICERS: Sgt. - at - Arms - Shawn Thomas, Vice Joe Richardson, Treasurer - Steve Burnside, Todd Sweeney, Reporter - Dennis Rathburn. Not - Secretary Paul Grasmehr. I.A.C. attended several conferences and brought back numerous honors. In April the OSIAC Convention was held at Dayton and in June the AIASA National Convention took place in Memphis, Tennessee. At the State Convention, Mt. Gilead's I.A.C. won first place for the eighth year in the Parliamentary Procedure Contest, first place in the Scrapbook Contest, and second place in the Outstanding Club Contest. Paul Grasmehr placed first in the Technical Writing and Extemporaneous Speaking Contests, Dennis Rathburn was first in Drafting, and Mark Shoaf was first in Research Paper. Kevin Clark was third in Drafting and Randy Cole placed third in Technical Writing. Joe Richardson was elected State Vice - President and Steve Burnside was elected Sergeant - at - Arms for a second year. Paul Grasmehr was elected North Central District Vice - President. At the National Convention, Mt. Gilead's I.A.C. was one of the five finalists for the Outstanding Club in the Nation Award. Paul Grasmehr was one of the five finalists in the Technical Writing Contest. I.A.C. also went on field trips to HPM's Engineering Department and to OSU's Industrial Art and Engineering Departments. The Industrial Arts Club also co - sponsored the Festival of the Arts with the Art Club. EF These IAC members received trophies at the Ohio State Industrial Arts Club Convention. FRONT ROW: Dennis Rathburn, Kevin Clark, Randy Cole, Bernie Butterfield, Paul Grasmehr. BACK ROW: Mark Shoaf, Steve Burnside, Joe Richardson, Doug Hayes, Todd Sweeney, Advisor Merrill Brucker. N ,., , x ff xx - . , I QNX. .XL If V, aj Hy fX Q V, FM X., gk I X M N5 Cfx D f 1 J' nfxx 1'Nx .J ,SU X5 Exhf' -MX X .J Q N f,,! a 1 ff x,. KX xj' N A, X ' 1, If A f ' XO 6 .,, f' , E51 X ff -' N K 'XC-TW' I' ' My 97 6 'I . L", Z- I Nz -. f- A ,..f"ZLf X X -1? X 5 J I if :ff 'f-X Q6 w f I 9 "5 ' ',yh,,!X,- ,XS Q 1 rr,-1" ' t A ,,.f-ff! I A Q xx I ,ff ' . W N . I J , M 4 ff X , 751 X ff yvff ,w .f- X ' jg 'V vxxvlx I if I . XXXN, LA -, , A , T' fff ' X. X W ' "i 1, 1 X9 5 5 ll T lv-Z "iii QYZQQQI' ' Denny West Runs In State Cross Country Meet Randy Helt fights for the lead as he nears the finish line. Mike Patterson finishes the MOC Meet. The Mt. Gilead Cross Country Team competed in several dual, triple, and invitational meets during the season and placed well at each outing. In the Mid - Ohio Conference Meet at Fredericktown, Denny West placedtfirst with a time of 14.24. The Mt. Gilead team placed second in the conference meet. In the AA Central District Sectional Meet, the Indians placed sixth as a team and Denny West placed third which qualified him for the Central District Meet. Denny's time in the District was good enough to qualify for the State Meet at the OSU Golf Course. In the AA State Finals, Denny placed 34th with an outstanding time of 13.1O.6. Fredericktown High School Principal Al McClung presents the MOC Cross Country Meet first place medal to Denny West. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: FRONT ROW: Trent Thomas, Randy Helt, Denny West, Brad Irons, Mike Patterson. ROW 2: Paul Middaugh, Scott Strayer, Dennis Rathburn, Scott Snyder, Kevin Clark, Jeff Clark, Chris Conaway. BACK ROW: Coach Ron Thill, Rod Thill, Randy Corral, Tim Campbell, Shane Campbell, Chester Machen, Scott Goff. Indians Gain 19 - 16 Victory Over Irish The Indians' 19 - 16 victory over Marion Catholic was the highlight of the 1978 football season. The victory brightened an otherwise disappointing season in which the Indians compiled an overall 3 - 6 record and a 3 - 4 record in MOC play. Several Mt. Gilead players received post - season recognition for their outstanding play. Halfback Jeff Harman and end Darren Fricke were selected for the All - MOC team. Tim Bland, Mark Wilcox, and Don McNamee were MOC Honorable Mentions. Jeff and Darren received Honorable Mention on the Associated Press Central District Team. At the Fall Sports Banquet, Don McNamee and Darren Fricke were named Outstanding Linemen for the season and Jeff Harman was the recipient of the Ron McCracken Award and the Outstanding Back Award. Jeff Harman tries to buck through the Northmor line. The Indian blockers give quarterback Tim Bland time to get off his pass. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Ric Lyle, Jeff Harman, Tim Bland, Don McNamee, Mark Wilcox, David Castle, Darren Fricke, Rob Jaggers. ROW 2: Tom Short, Neal Dumbaugh, Mark Shoaf, Keith Levings, Todd Sweeney, Dan Braden, Steve Burnside, Mark Hartman. ROW 3: Lee Rizor, Jim Everhart, Scott Williamson, Scott Wilcox, Mark Strong, Steve Workman, Kevin Robinson, Tom Lyle. BACK ROW: Carl Harritos, Mark Pollard, Terry Knaul, Jeff Gress, Alan Mullett, Jeff Hawk. Lee Rizor speeds into the secondary after going through a hole in the Northmor defense. End Scott Wilcox grabs a pass before going out of bounds. RETURNING LETTERMEN: FRONT ROW: Tom Short, Ric Lyle, Mark Wilcox, Darren Fricke. BACK ROW: Don McNamee, Tim Bland, Jeff Harman, Rob Jaggers, David Castle. After playing one of the toughest freshman schedules in the area, the team ended the season with a 2 - 4 - 1 record. Three of the opposing team's went undefeated. Although the team's record could have been much better, the season was successful because there was a lot of learning taking place and the players improved as the season progressed. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Joe Dixon, Jerry Gandee, Randy Brooks, Marty Sterritt, Myron Hartman, Jim Wilkinson, Greg Sweeney, Chris Robinson, Todd Patrick, Tim Hoffman - manager. BACK ROW: Coach Mike Tracey, John Bowersmith, Paul Sheets, Brad Fricke, Robby Moody, Doug Lehman, Don Harman, Tim Damron, Jim Curts, Jim Elkins, Greg Shoewalter - manager. Football Cheerleaders The Varsity cheers the team on. Senior cheerleaders, Juli Fisher and Kelly McClelland are honored at the Fall Sports Banquet. Combined Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders yell for the team during Homecoming. VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: SEATED: Lee Ann JUNIOR VARSITY: FRONT KNEELING: Paula Smith. ROW Randall, Kelley Sheets, Juli Fisher. STANDING: BOTTOM 2: Eve Miller. ROW 3: Jill Hawk, Leslie Waggener, Melissa TO TOP: Annette Westbrook, Kelly McClelland, Lori Corral, Bartley. TOP: Brenda McChesney. Becci Guiher. Basketball Cheerleaders Varsity mount: "You can make it, Becci!" The Reserves cheer the team on! RESERVE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Sheila Campbell, Janae Tschudi, Robin Meyer, Sara Wood. VARSITY: Juli Fisher, Kelly McClelland, Lori Lupica Becci Guiher, Kelley Sheets, Kathy Meyer. FRESHMAN: KNEELING: Eve Miller. ROW 2: Cindy McKinney, Brenda McChesney, Jill Hawk. TOP: Paula Smith. Varsity Plays ln District Tournament The Mt. Gilead girls' varsity volleyball team posted a 5 - 9 record during the regular season. In tournament action, the Indians defeated Ridgedale and Marion Catholic in the Class A Sectional. These victories moved the girls to the District Tournament where they defeated Northmor before losing to Newark Catholic. Dawn Miller was selected to the All - MOC varsity team. Kim Kipp and Sherry Dix were named Honorable Mention. At the Fall Sports Banquet, Debbie Lewis received the best spiker award, Sherry Dix the award for most points served, and Dawn Miller the award for most setups. V' iiss s as - Q11 15-1 ' as T .,: t., Q Dawn Miller 1121 and Coleen Barker 1401 watch Debbie Lewis go up for a spike. A-na. 86 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Dawn Miller, Carmen Yake, Coleen Barker. BACK ROW: Assistant Coach Theresa Weisbarth, Sherry Dix, Kim Kipp, Debbie Lewis, Jody Moore, Coach Jill Montrose. Carmen Yake C203 and Sherry Dix C305 wait for the return volley as Jody Moore serves. The team leaves the floor after winning a game. Kim Kipp dinks the ball past the opposition. Myrna Muller dlrlks the ball over the nel. Robin Meyer returns a serve. Risks-.... mps the ball to setter Kim Blue Kelley Sheets bumps the ball toward the net. RESERVE VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Sharon Bachelder, Susan Johnson, Cheryl Swaney. ROW 2: Coach Theresa Weisbarth, Kelley Sheets, Janae Tschudi, Robin Meyer, Carol Hull. BACK ROW: Myrna Miller, Sara Wood, Kim Blue. Mike Holtrey Is MOC Most Valuable Player The 1978 - 79 edition of the Mt. Gilead Indians finished with a 7 won - 7 lost record in the MOC, good for a fifth place finish. Playing one of the toughest schedules in their history, the Indians completed the season with an overall record of 8 and 10. The highlight of the season had to be the 67 - 65 victory over Marion CAtholic at the Marion Coliseum. The Indians accomplished this after trailing 20 - 2 in the first quarter. Another exciting moment was the last regular season game, in which the Indians played their best game of the season, going into a triple overtime thriller before losing to Highland 61 - 59. The Indians graduated four seniors, co - captains Mike Holtrey and Jeff Harman, Roger Wellman, and Brian Kemp. Mike received many honors this season. He was voted All - MOC, Most Valuable Player in the MOC, All - District first team, and played in the Mansfield News Journal All - Star game in Mansfield. Jeff was voted the Indians' most improved player. Dave Willeke, a sophomore, was also honored by being named All - MOC. Dave was the only underclassman so honored. RIGHT: Neal Dumbaugh 1403 and Dave Willeke C323 go for a rebound against Cardington. iiri Q , F Q ? ,iz YT 5, , Jw Ab 5 N i, , , y lgw 3 'gli' ' " 53' I A' , Mio . . I C' I 1, gf 'L '4 'l N f, S A , tx i4l1'f?Xi, Q X' ' 4 X , 1' 8 M. , U R . , , N gs .9 v!J-1 a Vg Ak lv"-vmm... "" IWW Mike Holtrey waits for the Indian Dave Willeke tries for two points. Scott Williamson brings the ball down offense to get set before moving the court. ball toward the basket. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: KNEELING: Roger Wellman, Dennis Shoaf, Scott Wilcox, Tim Brake. STANDING: Mike Holtrey, Jeff Harman, Dave Willeke, Neal Dumbaugh, Brian Kemp, Brad Irons. Reserves Win Five Of Last Seven Games Tim Campbell looks for an opening in the Northmor zone. Mc' , e - e en The 1978 - 79 Mt. Gilead Reserve Basketball Team compiled an 8 - 10 record. The team started the season slowly and had a record of 1 - 6 after the first seven games. The second half of the season, the team improved tremendously, winning five of its last seven games. Highlights had to be the wins over Marion Catholic and Highland on foul shots by Jim Bailey and Robby Keene. Many of the reserve players from this year's team will be able to help the varsity next year. ABOVE: Rob Keene goes up for a jump ball. LEFT' Rob Keene and Dave Wiehe defend a ainst the Elgin - 9 attack. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: Scott Goff, Jim Bailey, Rob Keene, Dave Wiehe, Rick Heimlich, Tim Campbell, Scott Williamson. Sherry Dix Is Named To MOC First Team The Mt. Gilead Women's Basketball team, under the guidance of Coach Melody Neumeister and Assistant Coach Patricia Tracey, finished the season with a 7 - 10 record, and was 6 - 8 in MOC play. Senior Sherry Dix was named to the MOC first team. Other Indian players to receive post - season recognition were senior Kim Kipp and junior Dawn Miller. Both girls received honorable mention. Kim Kipp tries to control the tip off to Joy Middaugh. WOMEN'S VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Kathy Sayers, Carmen Yake, Gail Zwick, Dawn Miller. BACK ROW: Joy Middaugh, Barb Harritos, Kim Kipp, if . ai J S sa e? 1 Sem' PM Gilead's defense tries stop Northmor from getting two points. - 2 ,eee Q ME, Sherry Dix attempts to block a shot. 'S- lug X A ,Mc N:.swx ' ass' .17 S vw, ,..t,-W If Sherry Dix, Beth Jordan, Coach Melody Neumeister. Dawn Miller and Beth Jordan fight for the ban fl, Xb Dawn Muller trles to make two from the top of the key ,jf Julie Wright Gymnastics Team Gina Fuller Eve Miller Lynette Bush Paula Smith April Snyder PII EAD Leslie Waggoner 84 Coach Tim Scherer Marijane Ford GYMNASTICS TEAM: Gina Fuller, April Snyder, Julie Wright, Nlarijane Ford, Leslie Waggoner, Lynette Bush, Eve Miller, Paula Smith, Tracy Hawk. The Mt. Gilead High School Golf team placed third in the MOC Match at King's Mill Golf Course. The Indians overall season record was 4 - 8. Joe Bartley was this year's team medalist. GOLF TEAM: FRONT ROW: Frank Machesky, Brad Curl, David Willeke, Doug Seitz, Rob Williamson, Harry Cohen. BACK ROW: Paul Grasmehr, Tom George, Brian Kemp, Joe Bartley, Kent Bowen, Doug Edwards, Coach Larry Furniss. The Mt. Gilead Baseball team finished the season with a record of 12 - 9. In conference play, the team was 7 - 4. Three Indian players were selected for the MOC first team. They were Randy Tolbert, Jon Davis, and Neal Dumbaugh, Rob Jaggers received honorable mention. :jg V Neal Dumbaugh, Randy Tolbert, Jon Davis, and Rob Jaggers received baseball awards. BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Scott Williamson, Doug Edwards, Randy Helt, Brad Doran, Jon Davis, Harry Cohen, Kevin Clark, Keith Levings. BACK ROW: Coach Dale Brown, Rob Jaggers, Randy Tolbert, Rob Keene, Neal Dumbaugh, David Willeke, Jim Bailey, Scott Wilcox, Shawn Thomas, Coach Roger Cooper. miami. Rick Heimlich clears the high jump bar- Don McNamee Mt. Gilead's top discus man, concentrates before the throw. -.5 T, ' ,A -Q .. , 4:1313 ex SL 22.2 At the Mt. Gilead Relays, Mt. Gilead's Two - Mile Relay team set a new meet record of 8:25. KABOVE LEFT? Mike Patterson hands off to Tim Brake and KABOVE RIGHT! Denny West crosses the finish line. Brad Irons is the fourth member of the team. BOYS' TRACK TEAM: SEATED: Don Harman, Marty Cohen, Frank Machesky, Brian Baughman, Mike Murphy, Mark Strong, Marty Sterritt, Kerry Strong, Greg Sweeney, Brad Fricke. KNEELING: Doug Lehman, Tim Campbell, Denny West, Doug Knipp, Mark Pollard, Mike Patterson, Paul Sheets, Jim Curts, Jeff Hawk, Chester Machen, Jim Everhart. STANDING: Coach Ron Thill, Rod Thill, Scott Goff, Mark Shoaf, Rick Heimlich, Randy Corral, Tim Brake, Brad Irons, Don McNamee, Tim Bland, Lee Rizor, Todd Sweeney, Steve Murphy, Assistant Coach Rick Campbell. Indian Track Teams Have Excellent Season Kim Kipp hits the string for a win in the 100 yd. dash. ABOVE: Teri Sudbrook follows through on a discus throw. RIGHT: Carmen Yake, Kim Kipp, and Sherry Dix show their outstanding track awards. Carmen's award was for best distance runner, Kim's award was for outstanding track events, and Sherry's award was for outstanding field events. The 1979 boys' and girls' track teams had an excellent year. The boys placed fourth in a field of ten teams in the Mt. Gilead Relays. A new meet record was set in the two mile relay by Mike Patterson, Brad Irons, Tim Brake, and Denny West in a time of 8:25.6. In the AA Sectional Meet, the boys' team placed sixth. Don McNamee placed first in the discuss with a toss of 140' 10". Denny West won the mile run with a time of 4:37. Both qualified for the District where Denny placed among the top three finishers, thus qualifying for the State Meet. The girls' team placed fourth in the Mt. Gilead Girls' Invitational in a field of nine teams. In the Class A Sectional Meet, Carmen Yake finished second in the mile run, Kim Kipp was second in the 220, Sherry Dix placed in shot put, and the 440 relay team finished second. All of these girls qualified for the Class A District Meet. In the District Kim Kipp finished fifth in the 220, Sherry Dix was fourth in the shot put and the 440 relay team finished fourth. At the Spring Sports Banquet, Denny West was named outstanding runner and Don McNamee was named the outstanding field event participant. For girls' track, Carmen Yake was the outstanding distance runner, Kim Kipp was the outstanding track participant, and Sherry Dix was the outstanding field event competitor. 5 yyky i .X K Q, Q . : ,W K- kk . W 1 Q 1 I ...ff ...Ep i 'X.-. X aeee f S of S ' , p r -L C. S -ssi A fl I A ' h- VS - 9" , 1 X ' Q , . ' ' 1 . A N. " 555. . . ssl... 1 easel GIRLS' TRACK TEAM: SEATED: Jeri Benedict, Shelly Campbell, Sara Wood, Sharon Bachelder, Carmen Yake, Lynnette Bush. KNEELING: Jean Levering, Leslie Waggoner, Paula Smith, Brenda McChesney, Lee Ann Randall, Gail Zwick, Pat Daugherty, Eve Miller, Beth Jordan, Teresa Casto. STANDING: Rhonda Thill, Patty LaRoche, Carol Hull, Gerry Zwick, Joy Middaugh, Kim Kipp, Sherry Dix, Debbie Lewis, Lori Corral, Patty Wilson, Coach Jill Shipman. Q2 S3 T533 TSE SQQQM ESM Q? x IJ X1 -4 V XRS W Q 3 9 ' ' K- X ui. f 4 "W WM ' vb X , YK N W 1 W 1 N M523 M still' xii, Q is J? 8 x T fl - N up ff f f If T X Sam f , - 4 gf f:,Y.fw , : f J xxx -rQ xcvfikj 'KJ Junior High Administration ws-"K -sigw'-" 3 ,gs C f . gm. , N.. . is Evelyn Shoults Junior High Secretary Speech therapist Joanne Hill works with Charles Greenawalt. 39" av' 1' Guidance counselor Virginia Meyer talks to a junior high class. . , .gf P Frank Paulman Junior High Principal Julia Shirk Reading Bill Schindley Ind. Arts Marcia Cooper Phys. Ed. Bob Castner Phys. Ed. Rosellen Taylor Librarian ,R Francine Schofield ' ' Janitress ,. xg-J 'J rf f- La:-fi A 4 . 14.1 Other Junior High Personnel Dorothy Bishop - Mathematics Donna Bremigan - English 8 Maude Griffith - Home Economics Jane Hunt - English 7 Olen Jackson - Phys. Ed. Wilford Keil - Social Studies Edward Kimmey - Special Education Cris King - Social Studies John Oyster - Science Lewis Sarr - Science Dave Dickerson - Custodian - Fireman Cecil Adams Jerry Ashbrook Woody Augenstein Dan Baer Christine Bailey Barbara Beach Mike Bedwell Donna Belbot Tammy Benton Ginger Bowden Ronda Boyd Torri Braden Teri Brake Penny Britt Robin Browning David Burden Angie Bush Dan Campbell Suzanne Campbell Lula Casto Kathy Chilcote Jeff Clark Kim Collins Chris Conaway Tim Cook Andy Cooper Terry Coots Scott Cox Randy Crawford Nlike Curtis Teri Curts Marvin Edwards Larry Elliott Karla Evans Dawn Fisher Lori Geyer Charles Greenawalt John Guiher Louanne Hall Corinna Harritos Chris Hart Nathan Harvey John Hatfield Debbie Hawk Glenn Hayes Jeff Higgins Anna Hillman Rod Hoffman Brenda Holtrey is i so v .. :Q r 5? fciff ia? 4 Q ,A X M 1.5 'v .sr .. d I 1 ,, ' N' 5 far' 1 54' ,4 .gl Theresa Hughes Chris Irons David Jackson Andrea Jaggers Debbie Jewell Arnold Johns Molly Keenan Bonnie Lanthorn Mark Leary Brenda Levings Cary Lewis Karen Lewis Earlene Linder Nathan Long Mike Machesky Rhonda Maddy James Maslar Tonya McLoughlin Paul Middaugh Frank Moore Dan Mullen Janet Mullins Jon Myers Chuck Ocker Mike Ohler Mike Palmer Mike Perry Penny Persinger Kristy Philbrook Mark Rader Roddy Randall Brian Rankhorn Mike Reed David Reutter Doug Roach Tony Rollyson Denise Russo Mike Roush Kevin Salisbury Deanna Schofield Carol Shaffer Daniel Shoaf Lois Shutt Deidra Sipe Bruce Smith Kim Smith Richard Snider Susie Snyder Robin Sparks Peter Stewart Chris Stoner Melinda Stotts Tina Taylor Colleen Thomas Lori Thomas Scarlett Thompson Rene Todd Melissa Tomlin Sherry Trainer Rick Van Houten Lisa Varner Robert Waggoner Rodger Waller Allen Walters Tom Wellman Debbie Welty Gary Westbrook Annie Wigton Diana Wilcox Sue Willeke Robert Wolford Becky Woods Debrah Wright Linda Wright Lorraine Wright Doug Yake Student Council members Dawn'Fisher and Larry Elliott hang Christmas wreaths to decorate class room doors. W Mike Bedwell and Brenda Levings model various kinds of life jacket for Bob Supler of the Department of Natural Re- sources. Mr. Supler is speaking to the Phy. Ed. classes on water safety. QWY X C ..,,, . of In Q . X 5 A, . N 5 , Ay . , . 1 ' l ,f .r--at 9 I' Mike Roush, Dan Baer, Doug Yake, Dan Campbell, and Doug Roach observe Marty Cohen working in biology class at the high school. LUN -gf Junlor high students are taught Basic Cardiac Life Support techniques in Phy. Ed. Jim Maslar demonstrates the correct method for checking carotid pulse. ,.-fy.. SEVENTH GRADE W-If 5:,'2 . .. X X if Q xv J ,Sl asasb I my J fu xoxox f--Mwwzvgzmmw vb. , V 'TTY my ,3 , ,X G we l vi' '- Cui 'X of . ." 'mal X, C.. Q, ,... sm. - 'CW IR ,- ,E ..., , ..:, '51 A A . as f -In 'W H' . , .gl Si 1? J W ' R EEEEE T o,.ikg3i j1., ga, . . ' i L 'wi R me ' 9' WK is 2 ff N- ' A wx W Ei L N Y .- 7 Q T aw J J x X 1 -2 f :fi , .T ..., .f or , fr X EfE5B'.v, by W 5.2. .f X, cg bskftxkff 'r 1: R Nadeem Ahmed Jack Ames Sabrina Bailey Raymond Baker Tom Baker Tim Ball Linda Bartlett Billy Belcher Suzanne Bell Paul Bloclcsom Laura Booth Kim Bostic Tim Bostic Randy Brewer James Bunker Jamie Bunker Sherri Burns Shauna Campbell Paul Castle Chris Casto Tammy Casto Earl Chipman Carl Clingan Jonathon Collins Tami Cooper Janet Corbin Randall Corwin Dale Creasap Glenn Daugherty Debbie Davis Rhonda Davis Cody Eastridge Tracey Elliott Kathleen Evans Kelly Everhart Shannen Fagan Lance Feist Steve Fidler Chris Fricke Jan Fryman David Gray Becky Goff Robbie Gould Jannette Graham Rod Graham Julie Griffith Cristina Harden James Hatfield Alan Helt 'I02 Dickie Higgins Joel Higgins Randy Hoffman Shelly Hootman Nancy Humphrey Amy Hunt Dean Jackson David Johnson Shad Keith Larry Kitts Margie Korody Nancy LaRoche Lori Landon Glenda Latham Dorene Lee Gracie Lewis Paul Lindsay Monica Littell Ray Little Bill Lyon Pat McCauley Jack McCoy Cassie McCreight John McCurdy Michele McKinney Tracy McQuistion Brenda Maddy Karen Martin Paula Martin Joe Maslar Artie Miller Dale Miller Cathy Monk Ronald Morr Don Morrison Bob Moss Lee Mullins Norma Murphy Robin Nesbitt Melissa Palmer Brian Patterson Christine Peterson Denise Pollard David Ramsier Janet Randolph Shelly Rankin Dee Dee Rathburn Dean Reed Ronda Reeder Mike Reid David Ricks Clara Ridenour Diana Roach Angie Roberts Michelle Roush Jeff Royer 4 in . P ,-Q 1 4 . . ffzre, K- far.: vb ' , A . KM JW f., 5 iis g X N? X 1 Y X ,Q J Y -... 2 W 55' Swim -.. Q-use as --.ufersff cave' 9, is' X559 4 fi PS N X . Xx if 1 K QS! at-.S a sf A ...t X 1... Ps H s ? w i- 'Q X.. ,1 . r . rf 'W - v- ..s .... 'X 5' ' - Ks fm 3 -K ' t P1 s ' :Eff . " ' Q ..,s . .53 K, 36 X, . ' 1 W .. .X 3 . R ' t ' .- -- ."r-sf ffazm asf: -- -3 . ,,,:H. .. . .gag f f' i ' S -f"1.1s1 7x2i'1n'.'flTP5 ' 'fv ,ws tg 5 xl O t N K 1 K ., Wialii I fri R f' 115+ X 4 J x -.-.EM 1 ,, 1 A. s xl , NW X I ' we x X we 1. F Sw S . Sis X x V 1 A EX N s a M X Q N " X Q X N X Si 1 X J .Q , 5.2 " 'S s R Xt... t . .-. J. ss 'fm I , . i l P ix , ,qfriifg ' ,, I., Q. A ' , in 'Q 'Q i ,,,, ,AI X. Sgt ,t Q gi X S f X' r X, iii' sg at ai i XS l 1- Lisa Schrader Wendy Scott Terri Seitz Jim Shaffer Jeff Smith Bill Snyder Tammy Stacy Devin Strong Pam Sweeney Jim Thomas Laura Trainer Jeff Tschudi Renee Van Horn XLQQ Robin Nesbitt models a pioneer's dress she made as an Ohio History project. Heidi Van Romer Brian Votaw Jeff West Mark Willeke Kevin Wolford JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS: BOTTOM ROW Corinna Harritos, Torri Braden, Julie Griffith, Tammy Benton MID DLE ROW: DeeDee Rathburn, Tammy Cooper Sue Willeke TOP: Pam Sweeney. Junior Hi h's Fifties Day A Big Success 5. Rolled up jeans, bobby socks, letter sweaters, bright make-up, slicked-down f hair, and sun-glasses were the attire of the day at the Junior High's Fifties Day. Both Junior High students and faculty dressed up for the occasion. Dawn Fisher and Brenda Holtrey show Cecil Adams dresses as a i50ns llhoodl off their bobby socks and saddle shoes. .kms ,fshof 5 Q ABOVE: Lisa Varner and Mr. Oyster look the part of a 1950's Cassie McCreight, Cathy Chilcote, Lisa Varner, Lori Landon, Molly Keenan , Barbara Beach, and secretary Evelyn Shoults show off their outfits. student and teacher. RIGHT: Paul Lindsay, Brian Votaw, Robert Waggoner, Lance Feist, Pam Sweeney, Lori Landon, DeeDee Rathburn, Julie Griffith, and Tammy Stacy pose for a picture. L -MNU EIGHTH GRADE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Coach Marcia Tracey, Lori Thomas, Sue Willeke, Lori Geyer, Kim Smith, Manager Tammy Benton. BACK ROW: Robin Sparks, Debbie Hawk, Brenda Holtrey, Melinda Stotts, Sherri Trainer. The team finished the season with an 8-3 record. EIGHTH GRADE BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Nathan Harvey, Doug Yake, Jerry Ashbrook, Jeff Clark. ROW 2: Mike Ohler, Dan Baer, Chris Conaway, Nathan Long, Mike Curtis, Rick Van Houten, Andy Cooper, Coach John Oyster. The team won the MOC 8th Grade Basketball Tournament and ended the season with an 11-5 record. .LFXNO L, L C 2, S A in 3' J 1 xs X -N.. Jerry Ashbrook dribbles across court to set up a play. SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Coach Marcia Tracey, Cathy Monk, Kelly Everhart. ROW 2: DeeDee Rathburn, Sabrina Bailey, Tammy Cooper, Linda Bartlett, Pam Sweeney. BACK ROW: Heldl Van Romer, Margie Korody, Tracey Elliott, Julie Griffith, Tammy Stacy. SEVENTH GRADE BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Manager David Ricks, Mark Willeke, Cody Eastrldge, Jim Shaffer, Jeff Smith. ROW 2: Jeff Tschudi, Brain Patterson, Artie Miller, Dale Creasap, Bret Cox. BACK ROW: Coach Rick Weaver, Earl Chlpman, Alan Helt, Pat McCauley, Randy Brewer. T :: ' n Jeff Tschudi tips the ball toward a teammate- Mark Willeke goes up over the heads of the defense on a jump shot 'N-ig., SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Billy Belcher, Randy Corwin, Kevin Wolford, Rancy Brewer, Dale Creasap, Chris Fricke, David Ramsier, Joe Maslar, Mike Reid, Artie Miller, Tim Bostic .ROW 2: Jeff Smith, Brett Cox, Jim Shaffer, Paul Blocksom, Ron Morr, David Ricks, Cody Eastridge, Brian Votau, Lance Feist, Jack McCoy. BACK ROW: Coach Lewis Sarr, Alan Helt, Mark Willeke, Earl Chipman, Jeff Tschudi, Jon Collins, Randy Hoffman, Brian Patterson, Pat McCauley, Steve Fidler. LQ 1 .1 X + ,f new 3 fh H. . EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Manager Eric Walters, Mike Bedwell, Nathan Long, Scott Cox, Jon Myers, Peter Stewart, Jerry Ashbrook, Kevin Salisbury, Rod Hoffman. ROW 2: Rod Randall, Randy Crawford, Mark Rader, John Guiher, Jim Maslar, Robert Wolford, John Hatfield, Mike Perry. BACK Row: Coach Virgil Staley, Robert Waggener, Dan Campbell, Doug Walters, Larry Elliott, Doug Yake, Coach Cris King. Cherry Street Elementary Staff 18 . 0 1 AAS 1 H . h h -mV.V F51 W . Patrick Giar Bonny Galleher CheYI'Y Sffeef Elemenf-VY Pl'if1ClPal Cherry Street Elementary Secretary il r he Stephanie R,-,arty Jerry.Bloomfield Ann Park Patricia Tribble Elementary Guidance RGHCIINQ Specialist LDIBD Special Education Picture Not Available Dr. Karen Hehrer - Music Thelma May - Teacher Aide Edna Noble - Teacher Aide Gladys Starlin - Elementary Art Joanne Hill Bonnie Ashbrook Speech Therapist Teacher Aide Edison Elementary Staff l I Linda Gray Edison Elementary Principal Tim Scherer, who also Edison Elementary Secretary coaches gymnastics, watches members of the varsity team V give a demonstration at a P.T.O. meeting. After the dem- onstration, six graders under the direction of Mr. Scherer put on a gymnastics program. Pictures Not Available Cindy Armstrong - Elementary Music Marilyn Dix - Librarian Patricia Tracey - LDIBD Susan Pollard - Teacher Aide Jim Anderson Della Earley Instrumental Music Reading Specialist Mr. Edmund Fidler Chuck Barton Tom Baxter Rodney Benson Lisa Bishop Joe Blanton Mike Bush Kevin Carte Renee Corral Jamie Fisher Kelly Fitzpatrick Kathy Green Laura Hoppe Deena Maddy Ryan Mattix Jeanice Middleton Mindy McChesney Colleen McGinnis Tricia McHugh Ladonna Mullins Michele Palmer David Parks Teresa Persinger Melissa Raines Curt Robinson Robin Schimmoeller Lisa Snyder Tom Waddell SIXTH GRADE X f afvf, XP w we QFWNW ei W f w. ax . . as - .. fi Q h 5 4 of xt is S ,11. z ,:s-i Q : 515. i . il JM 'lf meow f':s wviy if-ir Q Y 5 X 'lf Q, .Q 'W airwxkf L L, ll Y x K Mrs. Betty Roberts' Class Lauretta Baker Randy Baker Matthew Beltz Eric Bush Melissa Collins Lisa Crawford Clifford Daugherty Tracey Doran Dennis Geyer David Griffey Trever Holtrey Heidi Hull Susan Hunt Don Jackson Joey Jones Cathy Knechtly Monty LaRue Valorie McAvoy Melissa Maslar Laura Mills Scott Orcena Penny Pennington Tammy Redmon Craig Reeder Kelly Snyder Mike Walters David Whitt Roberta Woods 157 X ., : P T335 t 3 E: -f M1 gi- 3 is 5mf.fff I 5 ' fi f , 1 - W ty s Ttxs 'x s L L I. 553 W l A i , if Blix- ' Kim Wolford Kim Young 'ikg'w5WQ , ,near 1. - N., a,uw5gfgag lfff hg3p3f'ipm5g 3 3 1 9 f- Mrs. Phylis Miller Bryan Adams Tonua Barton Sherry Beach Pam Bedwell Kelly Buchanan Mike Castle Philip Coots Cindy Curl Krista Fix Tom Gompf Melissa Hart Susan Hughs Brenda Johns Chris Kuehne Marielaina Leary Dennis Levings Lloyd Loring Debbie McAvoy Juanita Martinez Jeff Miley Steve Roush Candy Ruhl Andy Russo Tracy Schindley Sharon Shoaf Kim Sims WIlliam Stump Mrs. Rita Kimme Larry Adkins Chris Anthony Brian Caskey Melissa Compton Ron Dixon Jodi Farris Randy Gould Christina Graham John Harbaugh Troy Hill Loen Irons Cindy Morrison Dean Mosier Rick Moss Shawn Murphy Jeff Perry Cindy Reed Steve Richardson Diana Schonauer Robbi Snyder Cheryl Stotts Eric Van Schoyck Mark Waller Beth Webb Vicky Whitman Connie Wigton Mark Wiseman Six Graders Have An Interesting Year The first special activity for sixth graders this year was environmental camp during the first week of October. Outdoor class sessions were held in forest and stream study, wildlife, field math, Indians, and pioneer life. Discovery groups participated in sports and cheerleading, outdoor art, explored an old cemetery, baked bread, dipped candles, and danced the Virginia Reel, Classroom elections, social studies projects, reading extension activities, and the celebration of events such as the 50th birthday of Mickey Mouse filled the school year. Friday afternoons during April and May were devoted to mini-courses. Activities included stamp collecting, quick snacks, horsemanship, first aid, jogging, softball, bowling, and nature hikes. Anna Gray and Mike Bush watch Earlene Linder check the progress of pancakes over the fire. Ed Fidler shows students plaster casts of wild animal tracks found in the woods. Ed Kimmey demonstrates how to seine marine life in the stream at camp. In field math, Melissa Hart and Melissa Compton pace off distances. V916 VOTE for mx: i wwf? , - i V -FH! on Gu 1 E' , as 1 7 .. IF A l g s f x K L ' Y K 'tx . b' ec, VM: n HM! , fifraofvf X v '1 ct f. will 5 5 'bg vg.. Students in Mrs. Robert's class campaigned for class offices. David Griffey, Mike Walters, and Dennis Geyer campaign for the position of treasurer. E Pam Bedwell, Anna Gray, Tammy Redmon, Connie Wigton, and Lisa Crawford watch as Mrs. Chipman prepares a banana boat for roasting. :F,i'rv+favs M ,pr Q ' '-f .' rw".-w' , "-ugyfii "'.g,' 'yt ' , A th, .f"":.,, 3, ' ve 3 'L' Q' I t 'A W , A " ' My ., r - . ,uk 11 W N. Q ,,,,, 1. , ,., .. H L f. -, T1 - ,. , PM-f ' S. t ., ,r,. - H We--W-,l xt 1 1' ',.. Qfp.QQgf.LLlQflQ7Qf 'ii X 'rl-L--. Q' Q A47 , , ,J b ,. .. M H , ,3,.u.'. 'k i 4- , ' I I :, A ' ' , 4 'F A ,h 'Cf 3 , 49' , 4 ,z f, , rg A . -L ' " "Q v T if ,, , . . - A ,W If ' w,.f'T- ' f3j"f?2 r A -A 5 -A ' 5 YiS2'?i""2f5'i'?"'ff-37'F-115fiif A Tl f ' f 'A f'Jr'k'??f:-'F-,-'-ifr35Z' Q - 1' ' I - N ' K ' J J ::,.1'fXf-nffes-f Q , , " . . ' 'Q ' wpwg:-rv,-'F'. :Q -',Q,3'+.s "K . H 4 5 at Q .,.Q,-N-,w,,,.j -Vg: - F .1 'vw ., 4., - f Q ---A-,eg-5" A A, .+V N. ,J ' 331. " 3" g" . 1- - - ,ta ' ' ,,,5.N7 .4 zu .j' .., - I., Q' cf-Lag' ..1j 5' v- , .. 4-.. .-V " 'Q"V"'.Y'v . - ' ' During mini-courses, Sharon Junk watches Tammy Tinch practice correct horsemanship. Students learn basic disco steps in mini-courses. 11' 552 Q ijt Q si, John Harbaugh, Chuck Barton, Eric Van Schoyck, and Dennis Levings listen as postal employee John Stevens explains how sheets of stamps are printed. '11 In the emergency squad vehicle, Troy Hill and Maria Leary use a stethoscope. Tom Gompf, Susan Hughes, Debbie McAvoy, and Andy Russo made models of medieval castles as social studies projects. Mrs. Marcia Higgins Kelli Ashbrook Randy Beach Randy Chilcote Gary Chubb Brian Dye Angie Everhart Kristin Fidler Kathy Fricke Brian Frye Chuckie Goers Tim Hack Sherri Hall Jim Harmon Jennifer Hootman Holly Hughes Gary Humphrey Regina James Shelly Machesky Lynette Morgan Dick Nelson Tony Nicholson Donna Refinati Elizabeth Roach Jenny Royer Leanna Scott Lisa Snider Davy Styer Stephanie Wagner Carla Wright . Miss Melody Neumeister Yvonne Bartman Ernest Blanton Chris Cannady Lori Conkle Jimi Dodds Melody Fletcher Brian Gray Angie Harvey Dawn Higgins Mike Hurtt Angela Jackson Robby Johnson Chris Kingsbury Rusty Klaiber Shanna Levering Earl Linder Jamie McAvoy Cathy McElroy Kim McFarland Brent Pierce Lisa Sisk Kenny Smith Tammy Smith Ken Wolf Brian Zerman . FIFTH GRADE E A wi 1 ',-l ' SR: ,,. , K 1313535523: 'Xp Q ll fx 3353251 FIFTH GRADE S as as fs rs., .M My Mrs. Cathy Oyster Jeanette Bates Paula Belbot Deborah Braddock Mike Cook Kim Franks Ted Furniss Jim Gress Steve Hatfield Teresa Hollingsworth Kevin Kilgore Jennifer Kimmey Laurie Martinez Brian McFarland Gail Mullett . Robin Powell ex j f Bruce Ramsier g Rhonda Rankhorn fi t-s. ' Carol Ridenour K Jeff Roush x Q3 Susan Reid ' -:. A , "-' -- Jeff Seckel X t s 1 - .. Lisa Shoewalter Becky Smith Gail Snell Noel Van Romer Debby Wiseman Heather Young Ronnie Young Mrs. Barbara Fricke Sonny Ball David Bolles Greg Bunker Jody Carte Michelle Cotton Connie Davis Chris Eichler Steve Fowler Stacy Greenwalt Jeff Hayes Brian Hershey Jon Higgins Kim Keith Keith Kilgore Angie Levings Greta Loren Kevin McCoy Faron McElyea Carmen Mabry Joey Matson Theresa Mullen Brenda Mullett Michelle Otten Rachel Palmer Eddie Ransbottom Stephanie Shepard Stacy Siegfried Elizabeth Tomlin Mike Tolbert 1 --1. --"' F' ' 6 dmsvwsfg, VN 'A W' X A In the fifth grade boys' relay race, Brian Dye passes the baton to David Styer. Brian Zerman l23D and Jeff Roush wait for the hand off. N X, MFC: i .. .,,., .. ,J 'Lf' s 45 A, "' .N . aavflxe 4 if .gl N , s, 3 D ii . R aaaa Ni: .f x X K K kigfz.-1 fr Jax V . sk AJ JH,,QN,,,,.5, Fourth graders Jodi Harris and Roxie Monk have a commanding lead in the girls' three-legged race. , il.. sl. we o. 4 Fourth grade girls compete in the standing long jump. pk..- - xx.H"k .J Cherry Street students under the direction of Mrs. Karen Hehrer presented a Thanksgiving program. Third graders in Mrs. Reutter's class prepare for the program. FRONT ROW: Luke Taylor, Lori Persinger, Angela McMillin, Tonya Heacock, Angie Moore. ROW 2: April Anthony, Calvin Pierce, Bill Arnold. BACK ROW: Bonnie Van Sickle, Virgil Schofield, Tadd Nicholson, Michelle Hedrick. J. ,Q Mrs. Jack Jones shows Missy Hines and Audrey Troyer how to make beaded tree ornaments. A nativity scene was part of Mrs. Craner's first grade Christmas program. Students participating were lFRONTJ Three Wisemen - Kenny Hollingsworth, Jeff Moss, Jonathan Hoppe. IBACK ROW? Joseph - Norman Wilcox, Angel - April Van Romer, Mary - Brandy Keene, and narrator - Mary Stephanie. Mrs. Brucker's second graders participated in the Christmas program. KNEELING: Denny Miller. ROW 2: Debra Morrison, Susie Sharp, Kerry Martinez, Tony Detwiler. BACK ROW: David Hatfield, Bret Shoewalter, Ryan Cardwell, Jeremy Ball. ', T' Ben Graham, Colette Colcott, Cathy Burns, Mike Sipe, and Tina Mann dance around a tree in a Christmas skit. Cherry Street students display their Christmas crafts. Pictured are CFRONTD David Burns, Randy Snyder, Amy McCreary, CBACK ROWJ Greta Loren, Jon Higgins, Paula Belbot, and Jim Harmon. FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Patricia Rinehart Lee Ann Benton Rod Brewer David Burns Beth Creasap Stacy Drake Kirby Francis Tyson Griggs Jody Harris Shannon Kilgour Kevin LaRue Shannon Leary Roxie Monk Kelly Nesbitt Jeremy Ohoe Shelly Reed Darren Shade Keith Shipman Randy Snyder 'ff Brent Staley Matt Vanderkooi Keith Votaw Michele Walter Kim Weaston 1 Mark White Mrs. Kathleen Cass Kim Beall Cindy Bell Beth Bensley Brian Buchanan Chad Casto Betty Daugherty Terry Edwards William Edwards Julie Elliott Raylee Finnell Angela Furniss Craig Graham Tom Green Tina Hankins Andy Hoffman Shawn Maiyer Chris Moore Greg Morrison Julie Mosier Corey Murphy Tricia Murphy Damon Osborne Elizabeth Pollard Wendy Postell Kelly Smith Sharon Stanley Tammy Van Houter ears. dw N l x 1 FOURTH GRADE L Trisha Strait Todd Ullom David Utter 'B 433' Allen Wigton Mrs. Nancy Maslar Zulfi Ahmed Dawn Bolles Angela Baughman Joe Butterfield Clarence Casto Robbie Chalfant Larry Countryman Dale DeBord Jody Edwards Scott Hershner Troy Landon Linda Maddy Denny Noble Sherry Persinger Mike Peters Todd Pinyerd Jeff Ransbottom Rollie Thill Ted Trout Charlene Walker Marty Wertz Tom Williams Derek Yeagley Miss Terri Weisbarth Brian Barnett . Tommy Brooke Melinda Cardwell David Compton Tommy Cooper Debbie Coots Scott Curts Lisa Edwards Jill Griffith Andy Hershey Amy McCreary Stephanie McCreight Steve McFarland Randi McQuistion Lynnie Moor Jay Postell Jeff Renshaw Valerie Schimmoeller Betty Sears Joel Seckel Brad Staiger Mrs. Jane Rathburn Heather Augenstein Bobby Belcher Brian Brinkerhoff Carrie Boyd Kirstina Counts Kelley Cook Alicia Drake Randy Earley Ronnie Fowler Missy Hines Eric Hughes Debby James Jeanie Jason Jimmy Jones Karolyn Lewis Jerry Miley Lane Miller Lisa Mills Adrienne Palmer Tina Persinger Kevin Pierce Pam Reed Billy Roberts Jon Royer Jimmy Saum Travis Schindley Sandy Sears Mrs. Doris Baird Pat Beall Cindy Birckbichler Tina Bunker Steve Burden Anthony Bush Kenny Collins Todd Coning Mark Crawford Sharon Gayhart Lorie Graham Anna Hamilton Kenny Higgins Terri Hurtt Tressa Kincade Donnie Lafferty Janelle Levings Craig Matney Alan Mattix Billy McLoughlin Lena Meadows Lorie Mynhier Paul Palmer Amy Ramborger Angie Rankin Carmen Roush Larry Skinner Anna Stanley Tom Strong Lisa Tackett Brian Thompson Heidi Van Horn THIRD GRADE -'S ,Q I L s AL. THIRD GRADE + Arie is sir' Mrs. Dolores Reutter April Anthony Bill Arnold Angie Augenstein Patty Carr Joe Casto Tonya Collins Torrey Corder Pat DeBord David Gattshell Tonya Heacock Michelle Hedrick Merrily Jackson Mike Kirk George Levisay Angie McMillin Angie Moore Tadd Nicholson Teresa Ohde Lori Persinger Calvin Pierce Virgil Schofield Kraig Shipman Lisa Taylor Luke Taylor Chris Thompson Bonnie Van Sickle Nikki Wagner Mrs. Joyce Giauque Mary Jo Anthony Annette Baer Mark Bartley Patty Baughman Roni Chubb Kim Creamer Todd Decker Sean Dusek Thad Fidler Doug Fry Jeff Harbaugh Candee Harden Barbara Hollingsworth Dawn Hoppe Jeff Kilgore Shannon Lemley Jett Levings Melanie Marshman Alena Miller Bob Nelson Kevin Patrick Tammy Pierce Wendy Richards Bobby Ruhl Tonia Scott Kenny Smith Eric Squires Tim Ullom Eric Walters Melissa Zerman Mrs. Jane Brucker Jeremy Ball Scott Brocklesby Cathy Burns Ryan Cardwell Annette Celli Malinda Chalfant Colette Colcott Tommy Conkle Tony Detwiler Shonda Eastridge Ben Graham David Hatfield Lori Kehrwecker Bruce Levings Teresa McKinney Tyna Mann Reece Martin Kerry Martinez Denny Miller Debbie Morrison Kerrie Scheff Susie Sharp Bret Shoewalter Mike Sipe Craig Utter Dawn Walker Mrs. Alice Marsh Rob Bishop Travis Benson Renie Celli Q David Fitzgerald ff t PM Abbey Francis Michele Ghent Bridgett Gray Teresa. Heacock Pearl Hillman Harvey Keenan Rachel Lindsay Tina McFarland Stacey Mattix Bronwyn Naysmith Shane Peters Fred Preston Lisa Redmon Rosealie Ruhl Susan Shepard Tracy Sherman Ricky Van Schoyck Sandra Welch Lisa West Lonnie West Lori Williams SECOND GRADE Mrs. Roberta Sample Jimmy Brey Dennis Busse Faith Casto Randy Casto Teri Clagg Jeff Elliott Mike Green Shawn Hankins Cherie Hawk Brian Hoffman Angie Honaker Adam Keirns Jerry Murray Chanda Pfeifer Alicia Powers Kalene Robinson Eric Roush Jeff Ryan Rusty Skeens Todd Snyder Brian Stotts Chrissy Street Angie Trimmer Leslie Wolf Mrs. Franz Minton Spring Baer Stacy Beck Rich Braddock 3 al, Nathan Cotton Terri Dempsey Lynn Denman Nathan Hull Christine Ireland J. D. Junk Robin Keene Samantha McCreight Kristen Maher Jason Martin Matt Matney Troy Miller Melissa Moore Robin Peterson Jaunita Preston Lonnie Scott Lynn Sebring Jill Seckel Craig Staley John Trout Steve Underwood Coleen Welty Dawn Wiseman SECOND GRADE Mr. Greg Rice Tony Belden Sonny Bennett John Blanton Jeff Bunker Ginger Burns Q- ,fi Dewayne Carte Tammy Chelette Wendi Clements Allen Cumston Mardean Daniel Tony DePolo Denise Douner Joe Edwards 1' W Shelly Finnell Tisha McLoughlin f ,, 'z 1 Mark Owens ,wx fl Melissa Perry ' T :Erg i Ruby Prichard Mfg J' Cheri Reed Shane Roberts John Saylor Melanie Spearman Kim Stoner Heather Wilson Joe Wright FIRST GRADE Mrs- Anna Cronenwett Brian Augenstein Tammy Bachelder Melissa Beuerlein g,ril Tye Bradley Sonja Chelette Aaron Crawford Lori Greenwalt Sharon Higgins Bryan Hulme Derek Jackson Patty Kline Laura Levings Chris McCoy fig H Michael McCreary D Robbie Miller Ricky Ogden V T , . , An-1 ri isters - V. e : ' w :I f , fl? Us .-'Q Jim Reed Sharla Sharrock Dennis Siegfried Nathan Staley Dane Strait Susan Taylor if 474 -W' 1 ,ggi Q ni fi' fs lr is -is ur 5:-' if FIRST GRADE Q- H. is -,f,.Y,, x in xl . MRS. LOGAN'S CLASS Willie Bell Tim Beltz Kristin Bulkowski Sheldon Campbell Tina Castle Scott Claffey Denise Clements Scott Cook Amy Davis Tom Dempsey W Jenny Furniss . V: if 3 W .135 f, 1 F 5 si W ,fm 'ii- Q -i 4' 1 Q gif t . .BN- ' ' -"" fu: riilieitggi 'xv -ram: Grosh Corey Koeppen , J A 'le,l - Jeremy Landon jfifzg Shanna March me Chris Martin P I Brian Monk Glenn Prichard T .NJ :xg J , Buffe Ream Shanna Richards Kim Staiger Jennifer Tschudi Thad Ullom Scott White Mrs. Ruby Jackson Deanna Bolles Mike Boyd Brian Bulkowski Scott Dempsey Kathy Denman Jon Edwards 1. Kari Fisher in ie X f Jannifer Fletcher ,V W Kevm Hawkins , fn, Kim Hollingsworth Bobby Irons Doug Jackson Roy Keckler Kenny Levisay Bobby Littel Sean Luzader Becky Marshman Paul Mills Dionne Noble Chris Parker Travis Redmond Robyn Ruhl Pam Staley Shelly Thomas Amy Vanderkooi Crissey Wilson Mrs. Mary Craner Shelley Carte Angela Celli Jeremy Chubb Greg Goers Teresa Gould Stephanie Graham fjff? Kenny Hollingsworth ' , V .V Melissa Hollingsworth ' - Ronald Jackson iist ' 5 Jonathan Hoppe f ,Qt i Brandy Keen stiff' t Lonnie Levisay Gary Martin Dwayne Miller Jeff Moss Randy Osborne Tammy Persinger Kathy Saum John Schoellkopf Nathan Snell Cindy Snider Eddie Stoner April Van Romer Mitch Walker Robert Walker Norman Wilcox Miss Helen Farrington Ken Bartley Tiffany Bates Jeff Beechum Susan Burden Nanette Crawford Nadean Daniel Angie Davis Candi Findling Tom Hack Mark Honaker Travis Kidwell Michael Kimmey Mike McAvoy Teddy Mann David Miller Matt Miller Teri Morton Michelle Mynhier Kim Reinbeau Michelle Riley Bryan Smith Mona Sprague Mindy Staley we-.ii e 5. 'mf . 'Q ,, fi swf, . 4, ,. " jx.: Z 4 -.a fte r is T , A' Q 3'9" 'igizrilfiv .. it . 1 ,, s.. wg M fini my 15 Q l f 4 say? 2 rl - , ,ki n 'UV Beth Thompson Gary Waugh Robbie Williams Tony Williamson Chris Young S 1 3 A f 32 . 225215 V233 sf! 5 -if 2. Ng, . 26. E' ant, rc " V ' . :..2:uE'f Yeilf- 1 ,.f"Y.l , J? ,, .Z ,., ygzv, . H fQ2':,"3 1 . .f ' '7'Y?iL'. FIRST GRADE - ui. if . 'iii 2- - Us get . 1 vm' Q a n S. if sw mv aw , wwf. '-snszzlwa N51"""""""'Q W an Q Q X . . s A I sc , . ,: 5 g -lr 92 F' if 6- f ' . " 3' f i' . .W-., Kindergartners present the play "Peter CottontaiI" for their kkkg xE,r parents at Eastertime. s r er s . . .k.- K ,Q M ' 5 t P' E will N5 8 1, f 'il Shanna Richards, Scott White, and Jennifer Tschudi play 1 Mrs. Craner 's First grade presented a Christmas program for the second graders. Robert Walker, Jeremy Chubb, Eddy Stoner, Greg Goers, Lonnie Levisay, Teresa Gould, Nathan Snell, Cindy Snider, and Angela Celli are in a Christmas skit. '-Si : " ' - ' 5 s f during recess. 2 2 -, xx 5 ,ff Q sa S ABOVE: First graders made three-corner hats from pie pans Art teacher Gladys Starlin adjusts Teri Morton's hat. LEFT: Mindy Staley models her three-corner hat. Rick Barnett Jason Brooke Tammy Castle Marilynn Clark Heidi Curry Shawn Dowalter Brian Farley Mrs. Karen Galleher Jenni Adams Darby Ball Todd Burkhalter Heidi Cover Kregg Creamer Suzanne Decker Michelle Fryman Morgan Goff John Harrison Holly Hart Sheila Howard Valerie Irons Julie Kennedy Jackie Lewis Todd McQuistion Matt Peterson Lori Predmore Scott Ransbottom Julie Scott Dawn Shade Jeremy Shipman Amy Smith Angela Smith Tommy Smith Trina Stump Ray Van Horn Shawn Wade Heidi Weaver Amy Wilson DeeDee Fissell Kevin Fowler Wendi Garverick Mandy George Eric Hoffman Wendy Hoppe Debbie Kirk Terri McCoy Bobby McHugh Dulcy Miller Brian Moss Raymond Mullen Melissa Ohler Alison Quinn Christopher Rogers Jason Scott Michal Scott Elaine Walters ,- 41 PRIMARY CENTER KINDERGARTEN N-4. " , -- 2 .2 . ww? si ., 'E' 94: 4 ref we sew if r fi an..- :fri My " -swf : -: :Es -or A s V 2 S " 'Q ffl, vfffff , . -. 5552255 A f ssri S K nl ' fkz I is sf ' .Q Q . if s X Q saw W 'Y I Y Si md? ,I , l Q ' " J' ' .amr...2---- rw f X 'Rf X ,av T . itiiii f an M439 -rv game . 5 i -- . t-s.t- EER N - , vi ,Sr .X S- es M fl X X . 1 Q at si f X ., Q' .Axim W. . A' X xg u5,+, A 1 X i A ii Rv ' EDISON KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Mary McAlister Mrs. Janet Bedwell - Aide Kelly Beall Mike Beck Carrie Cole Chris Congrove Tracy Dusek Craig Edgell Eric Haycook Joel Hedrick Mark Hess Jennifer Higgins Adam Hughes Jay Jordan Troy Kmcade Becky Lyon Shannon McGuire Shea Massle Elizabeth Mellor Jon Mermann Rhonda Mynhier Mark Nuce Chris Ogle Heather Owen Johnny Powell Brandie Salisbury Lisa Scott Niki Streib X? . S at X X K K 2 Q s Q 3 .N X Billy Baldwin Lizzy Baughman Spencer Bennett Ray Castner Cathy Casto Bobbie Jo Downer Amy Eckard Niki Finnell Guy Gray Nikki Higgins Jennifer Hill Charlie Hoskins Paul Hulme Bobby Hurtt Crystal Jones Peggy Kilgore Joshua Mason Arthur Pennington Brian Perry Willie Prichard Larissa Skinner Scott Trimmer Jason Webb Travis Wright Blaine Yeagley Matt Zaebst ffXN A D Y Ldv, mm? 38935 Q1 553 5 K .jf 'W XP A .F. f I my M- 2 ' gi41i'w3S' C l ' 5 0.4 A BRUSHES , ml Um gi, grae ' if :L WJQL LQ-bxxi vfj ,W '- a'7y ,fl 'ov' A .,0xxw' " VA 74a SEINITI INI EL 132 YEARS OF SERVICE 5. Lin f r Q, oUNoso W' ALL THE SCHOOL NEWS I EVERY WEEK 18 WEST HIGH STREET "IOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-3010 Congratulations Seniors A all , en-l Q C' s a NIRS. CHESTER KHELEND GATES 2 MILE NORTH OF' MT, GILEAD ON 61 f MILE EAST ON TVWIP. RD. 99 WEAVER'S l.G.A. FOODLINER 720 MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO Ezicgaon Q LLLLG 635 EAST CENTER STREET , ' ' ' MARION, or-no 43302 -, ' ' - PHONE: 387-2868 I A M 'Y The Opportunity Bank l:l:lMMuNl1'v NATIDNAL BANK MT. GILEAD. OHIO sf -. . . --56 km, .- F, . Member , C MAIN OFFICE CONGRATULATIONS BRANCH OFFICE 17 WEST HIGH STREET TO THE CLASS OF 1979 504 WEST HIGH STREET PHONE: 946-9010 PHONE: 946-9010 F . ,. . rw I , ?J -'E' master charge l Dil IN I. B! 1. i Peab'o'dy Gallon Building o belfer future with our Golion neighbors, o world famous division of Peabody lnlernolionoi Corporation, the energyfenvironmenl compony it Peabody-Galion . . . Manufacturers of truck equipment and solid wastes handling systems. A name known and respected, wherever men are building the future today, constantly striving to develop new products in the battle against pollution al551yGaIion Peabody Gallon Division Peabody International Corporation 500 Sherman St. Galion, Ohio 44833 419-468-2120 Whiston Pharmacy ,. rfrrsg. Of , A ,M3,?'9fr5 r , ,K .L ,fr .....g?,g" ,Y X " .FEE A 2 Y ' A is " ' Vg rikf rf' A W A ,. A MQ' , , I : I A, VM 1 Mig -5 .4 , - ,,,,w,.. f - i rv 55' 'ak Bring us your KODAK Color Movie Film FO QUALITY COLOR PROCESSING KODAK V Q5-, L09 5rNG "Rim ' R K BY Wah X 'U' , MORROW COUNTY'S ONLY DIRECT KODAK DEALER 25 SOUTH MAIN STREET 4 THREE PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU Rfabert Howard Brad W' Heke Whiston Wood Zta 1751-s 0 avail?-' 'iarza iauugui' Candy ssrr-ran Pmce cruxrmes IN MORROW COUNTY OPEN 80 HOURS A WEEK PHARMACIST ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES 202 DISCOUNT ON PERSCRIPTIONS FOR PEOPLE OVER 60 PHONE: 946-5911 WHEEL CHAIRS WALKERS CRUTCHES RENTAL AND SALES MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO M . BILLS T GILEAD -"'j11f'lARDWARE I Hd A I 7: OFFSET LETTERPRESS QF! 'H PRINTING A ""'1"' PRINTERS 15 EAST HIGH ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO T I PHONE: 946-4916 MOUNT GILEAD HARDWARE CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES THE HARDWARE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS B. CLAIR BARDO RED WING SHOES ELECTRICAL INSURANCE WORK CLOTHES PLUMBING REPRESENTING DEAN 81 BARRY PAINT HOWARD a. GARNET COVER - OWNERS INSURANCE 45 SOUTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 21 EAST HIGH ST- MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-1886 PHONE: 946-1016 GEYER S SUPER VALU .X . I 1 A fi AOOI I f A ,LETIIAL STREET A MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO i 5 gilt? goxy PHONE: 946-9342 FAS!-HONS FOR THE CONTEMPORARY ON THE SQUARE WOMA N JAMIE FULLER - OWNER MT. GILEAD, OHIO CBC RADIO SHA CK 46 SOUTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-3506 'fx -. Xx- TY'-A C 8: D CHE ROLET THE PLACE TO BUY LASTING CHEVY VALUE OK USED CARS COME IN AN SEE THE 541 TEAM IN MORROW COUNTY 44 SOUTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEA OHIO PHONE 946 90 5 OWNED BY AT DOYLE KIRKPATRICK 8: GEORGE LUPIC.-X CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1979 MOUNT GILEAD HIGH SCHOOL The Qalion Inquirer COVERING SPORTS AND NEWS OF MORROW COUNTY Published Daily Established 102 Years Ago 378 NORTH MARKET ST. GALION PHONE: 419- 468-1117 SHARROCK ELEVATOR MORROW COUNTY'S BEST GRAIN MARKET EDISON, OHIO 43320 PHONE: 946-1846 I OHIO ASMANS REXALL DRUGS hx we .Aan ii.. QQ i Y uma K., I! -iii? Dependable Serwee 'Q VEQEIGWL VH. T WN M TNI'-vu HN VM! 'IU RUSSELL STOWNEFE BMWNDV NF WG MIL lkilrh Y Y , N ,nr V, Y , , X W e e e e e e e e K e iw, A 'ffm' !w "" We W W WW Q e 51 .3 e e 1 e e HM f ,ii V e e , e W we we 1 U 1 , M ' Ala 2 H 13 ' ' l e ee - e ' V V,,,V Y- Y ' X 3 w 1, e eeee we? 'e e e e.4g,e-ee-,.,' 5 " """ mmm lflfklllllmlmllliwi- ,diumvw ' ' Y we ' Te he e YI! bl 'fig-NI! lx WMM! we 'emi 1U'f HNm mmm. ,ardti M, dl e e 7 e J l 'er Mcmmw Clmunrlw ,, 1 we 1 CREATIVE SPECIALS EVERY DAY! STYLING At QIIVANIIEBGJIF S SOQIUMDN GDJIE SGJIFCMLES JANET COLLINS -- PHONE 946-6936 DAIRY LAND 172 EAST NORTH STREET MT GILEAD OHIO 43338 SLUSHLS FRANK S SALVAGE SANDWIC H L5 THEY MIGHT HAVE IT FURNITURE A BUILDING MATERIALS I' GOOD I OOD TOOLS AND OPEN DAILY 9 TO e CLOSED SUNDAY ICL CRLAM 2 MILES wEsT OF MOUNT GILEAD 51-ATE ROUTE 95 EDISON of-410 MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD OHIO 9 a T : ' PHONE: 946-4037 PHONE: 946-3933 HP SINCE 1877 MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO 142 GLADDEN INSURANCE I o ,T ffm iul a inn T X-f x CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BOWENS JEWELRY ala. Internatlonal hh QQ' ,fifxrf Q 1, SOUTH MAIN ST. MOUNT GILEAD, ol-no "Q'A' ' 6 1 PHONE: 946-1851 Nf I-71 8: St. Rt. 95 Mt.TGilead,O 419-768-3311 KEITH'S FLOWER 40""Lo SHOP MOUNT GILEAD on-:Io .FTD PHONE 946 4866 RWD If 02 28 NORTH MAIN STREET 6 S 'Q' 4Q'7I'DM19 SMITH INSURANCE SERVING ALL MORROW COUNTY AUTO """"' FARMS HOME OWNERS BOND S 14 WEST HIGH STREET MOUNT GILEAD OHIO PHONE 946 3916 I I N L, ' 55 If 5' QE I 'IE W 31 Ii! i ' RX - SICKNESS a. AOOIDI-:NT f rlf rx X ..., . ml' I v,kk V AWK I Q VK K I - SAW, x.. IJ. ,,k.,Lj'g XLX I if' ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1979 4 TALK OF THE TOWNE A, .1 BEA UTY SALON ,. IR., in . ' . 5 JF WILHELM BUILDING Q s, MARION ROAD - 11. EDISON, OHIO -5 ." 19" MONDAY THRU SATURDAY PHONE: 946-5733 GINNY SCHINDLEY - OWNER DIX AUTO SERVICE GEORGE DIX - OWNER 12 EAST CENTER STREET MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 946-7596 144 MATHEWS ef ' f f 'l -A I I. '51 E- . . . I If sf I 3 2 WSI 4 I S, i . 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A I ' 9' 1 ,IU BUILDING -7 SUPPLIES -REMODELING NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION ' 101 NORTH RICH ST. MOUNT GILEAD, OHI PHONE: 946-5866 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "79" FASHION PLUS BEAUTY SALON "FASHION PLUS FRIENDLY SERVICE" 153 IBERIA ST. MT. GILEAD, O. PH NE' 946978406 ALLIS-CHALMERS NEW HOLLAND NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT EVANS IMPLEMENT STATE ROUTE 95 EDISON OHIO PHONE 946 2876 ALLIS CHALMERS GOOD LUCK ' GRADUATES N 79 SID S CLEANERS 29 SOUTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD OHIO PHONE 946 1966 IHI UHIIII HUUSI 20 West High Street Mount Gilead Ohio 43338 Phone 4I9-946-I046 e COPPER KETTIIE RESTAURANT GOOD FOOD - COURTEOUS SERVICE 11 North Main Street Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338 Phone 419-946-4991 IDTFHUHIU 251 PORTLAND WAY NORTH GALION, OHIO 44833 PHONE: 4191468-4490 MARION PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION mduction 'edit ssociation SERVING MORROW COUNTY AGRICULTURE WILHELM BUILDING PIHIITOIIIH Bob Trout Motors, In FOR SALES AND SERVICE ST. RT. 95 W. Edison, Ohio PHONE: 946-6349 OR 947-1525 9 You: 573111181 m JIUIBCIIUII Insurance "WITH US SERVICE IS A PROFESSION NOT A SIDELINE" INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED 38 WEST CENTER ST. MT. GILEAD, OHIO 148 PHONE 946-4906 C. W. MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO PHONE: 947-1040 if f" fix' f' -f 1 1' , ge lf ,, .- ,-ff f" .I fy' " ,-' ' V gf' ,f' .Z ,f" WUT 1',' .f ,,, ',f I ale E4 HICKSON 512359 I NSURANCE all R s ng All oflva POR TER ' d REALTY Cty 2. 22 SOUTH MAIN STREET MOUNT GILEAD OHIO PHONE 946 6055 F AMIL Y RES TA URAN T Phone: 94 7-241 7 .. , V .-g 228 South Sz. Mt. Gilead, Ohio We fllso Have Daily Lunch And Dinner Specials Party Room -4 1-ailable 149 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM ELG Q1 APPR 32 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead, 0. PHONE: 946-5931 Youre EXCLUSIVE DEALER OF fNlfH ,. IHIIVHIH Q O" 4 1 -M my AE f'?'4H' 41 5 -4 UMA' X VE- -they' Kyiv- E x N Qjf 9 X KS. GENERAL ELECTRIC + QWe Servlce alla-sal! makes television What We Sell D specialagam 5 SERVING MORROW COUNTY FOR OVER 30 YEARS BUSINESS PATRONS GRAHAM'S SOHIO PFEIFER'S BODY SHOP STATE ROUTE 95 BOUNDARY AND VINE ST EDISON, OHIO EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 946-5821 PHONE: 946-2051 WHETSTONE LANES, INC. STATE ROUTE 95 EDISON, OHIO PHONE: 946-2076 PROFESSIGNAL PATRONS MORROW COUNTY HOSPITAL MEDICAL and DENTAL STAFF LAY OUTS MIZPAH STAFF Editor - in - Chief - Luane Campbell Assistant Editor - Myrna Miller Advisor - James Miller AD SALES ARTIST Luane Campbell Lori Farris Patty LaRoche Myrna Miller Laura Nesbitt Luane Campbell PHOTOGRAPHERS Vince Blue Brian Chipman James Miller Photorama Gerald Votaw Vince Blue Luane Campbell Brian Chipman Paul Grasmehr Dawn Miller Don Miller James Miller Mike Miller Myrna Miller Kathy Sayers Rhonda Thill Janae Tschudi SUBSCRIPTION SALES Patty LaRoche Myrna Miller Kathy Sayers 1979, being the closing year of the decade of the 70's, has been a year filled with many school memories here at Mt. Gilead. We hope the 80's will hold many pleasant memories for the students following us in the future. We feel it is quite fitting to be reminded of the meaning of the name of our yearbook. "And Mizpah: for he said, 'The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another."' Genesis 31:49 God Bless, 6770

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