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Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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VI. .1',.. ,Ji xLx!xgf.l 1,50 J 11 ' ,' Q,-x 1 H-'X 'ixllk :.'!x-.3 -l.-, -J-. -. '. f 5 .lrrx ,fxf.j,. 4. ,E 'ff,5 x .ii s -k:x 'Q X4 .ff R . 4' "fx ni , ,' -ex-iv. 'Ny NLF. f,1ff.','Q Uk' 6 Xi.:.':-2--'fm wi Lew? Lg5'o14!.f'3I'Hs? f-'IVA karl' 1 1 'Hx VQFJXJ 9,4 1 ' .Ap -,Ju - .- 'H' 3-Ki'-::'?-'I ax' 1-.V .. -. .Q 'Nr' 1. . Ja, ,fy 1 .1 , -I.. Lfkfhh :fly ,rl I I' QI, , 11 I r . 1 1 I 1 x 4 1 .r ,Y . . W. -,, , . !",?'Q., 1' 'I ..-i4,.J,. i ',VA.:f ,R 'J' 4 v ',U'f" ,s f Mg M W x' A av igkg 5. A . il ,h , y,,',5x, Kgixxlf, , Iii, f -fl' 3 ii!! .gn-E.. ,w f ' ' ,iv V - " K ig-A, i','3f..'nxg, 4,,!1J S. A! ., ,qi xx H, nf I ,xv -, 'v , Yff'Z:vUy'.'iK-4 uf:A QEAX ' , ,. 1' 1152, ,xUjXs,,X , .gy m,f , Q, ,--f K , Y H 7 ,-,n 'V 4 4 1 XrK-Y - K ff" 3:-.21 A '-'I ws'-1 -,Hg 3' Lip,"-1 . r 411, , I .Ji lg LW? 'X lfV.ix'hl.A!.,Y1y Q 5 mi Hyagf . I ' ' V X ef. ' i - I 4, Vf Q. 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I I V 3 f J , ' 4 v J Ecclesiastes III For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted, a time to kill, and a time to heal, a time to break clown, and a time to build up, a time to mourn, and a time to dance, a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together, a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to seek, and a time to lose, a time to keep, and a time to cast away, a time to rencl, and a time to sew, a time to keep silence, and a time to speak, a time to love, and a time to hate, a time for war, and a time for peace. What gain has the worker from his toil? Table of Contents Student Life .... Faculty ............ 16 Organizations ........ ..... 3 9 Sports ............... ..... 6 3 Autographs ...... ...... 8 0 Cheerleaders .... ...... 3 2 Candids ......... Special Events. Classes ................. ..... Advertisements ......84 87 104 158 2 kk-k ""k -'WL MW - , , ,, -W sea ss uma. --i-mv- n-:gan 114-2:-m:..-:i:u u ........Q 6 K"""" W' M 5 ' 5 z . L Mount Gilead High School - within fand withoutj the Walls of its four academic buildings, 452 boys and girls become 452 young men and women. 7 v SMG XX A QQ , A N1 mi EE xx .sq Facilities - at iVI.G.H.S. aid the student in his quest for knowledge. Books, Tools, Office equipment, lab materials-all give him experience in his courses. ,, ...fs .. , s E I 0 , . 1 Communications - are necessary to learning. Books, signs-even such things as simple gestures and warm smiles-aid the student in his search for under- standing. Psychedelic 4' af. K"--an , 1 V ' A Sf' Y' 41 +1 f ? ,jiri ff. if ,.,?- ,..4 W, , 2 P lg 4 v il My I S X .. 5 'LE EE W V ' ' iff I2 Seniors ,Iunwr Joys Sensltwe Sophomores l T05 MV Q' 'Z WY' :Qs Q. 6' Teaching . . . "A time to plant" . . . and "a time to pluck up that which is planted" . . . . ,tic H " fi W ,, . c S 5 . pm Superintendent Of Mt. Gilead Exempted Schools . . . Mr. Hartsell Dodrill . . . his many tasks. r LEFT: Grace Shaffer, As- srifant secretary to Mr. Dod- Il . RIGHT: Maxine Ashbrook Secretary to Mr. Dodrill. Secretaries and School Board Members Seated Rlchard Jagger George Jackson, Eugene Lust, C. R. Gladden Standzng Don Graham Don Bachelder ' . 4. .,.. Principals and Secretaries EDISON ELEMENTARY PRIMARY CENTER Gerald Bosh, Principal Betty Quinn, Secretary JUNIOR HIGH Earl Younkman, Principal Marge Coning, Secretary MT. GILEAD ELEMENTARY Paul Furniss, Principal Evelyn Shoults, Secretary 1 f 5 27 f 'Q Q 2:5 ,Q 1 v ' i 7 X - , ,..,,W,,..,,,..., E., Although Roxanna Fry's job is bookkeeper for the clubs and secretary for Mr. Tschudi, she also manages to lend a helping hand. Tecumseh has to keep hi hraves in line. 1 -gm- :,1 - f--we x,-, ,.,,g, ..k.kk, s As secretary to Mr. Tschudi, Eileen Hart keeps student records, supervises supplies, operates the office machines, does infinite jobs for Mr. Tschudi and the teachers, and even finds time to look in on study halls. b Mrs. Judith Allenworth Ohio University BS. Home Economics I, II, III, IV Sponsor: FHA Mr. Stark Beard Ohio State BS. General Science, Agriculture I, II Sponsor: FFA Miss Loreen Boyce Fairmont State BA. Physical Education, Health, Home Economics II Sponsor: GAA, Cheerleaders W gsm if jiri? gg lug WV' 7 H V , 'ff w-,s,,,.tiWi. af? :Q I v ,, ,F ., ,.,, Q Eygffi ql A ' ' ' -5 I xl, , V f ,. ,,,. 1 'Y My A In M: , ,. l,., . 'rl' ,wxfl I 'g', 24 9 iw, Mr. Merrill Brucker Ohio University BS. Rio Grande lndustrial Arts I, III, IV Mr. Paul Bremigan Ohio University BSC. Otterbein Ohio State Physical Education, Health, Drivers Ed. Sponsor: Football and Track Coach Mrs. ,lo Cerhardt Ohio State B. Sc. Biology, Art Sponsor: Art Club lg, lVlr. ,lan Heckler Bowling Green B. Sc. English IV, Speech Sponsor: Mizpah Mr. Michael Hawkins Ohio State B.Sc. Band, Choir W5jf'W"'53t mf ,, W9 -Y , f,wff .-f, - Uri, .1 ,.,,,.,,,, won-Q..-.......... Mrs. Martha Hubbert Otterbein AB. Columbia M.A. Geometry, Algebra II, Sponsor: FTA Math IV lVlrs. Nancy Kennedy Ohio State BS. Typing l, II Shorthand l, II Office Practice Sponsor: Y-Teens 28 Mrs. Blanche Knachel Otterbien B. A. Ohio Univ. English II Sponsor: Sophomore Class Mr. James Miller Otterbein B. A. Ohio State M.A. French I, II, III, IV World History Sponsor: Junior Class Mrs. Virginia Meyer Ohio University BS. Distributive Education Sponsor: Chess Cluh, FMA, Senior Class Mr. Lowell Phillips Rio Grande Ohio State Ohio University English I Sponsor: Sophomore Class I F I 3 mf- MEM: Mr. John Stolfo Kent State B.S. Ohio Univ. Chemistry, General Science, Physics Sponsor: Freshman Class ,:,. 014419 Lm,h ,uw ,,,,, f'W' - ' VVVVV Mr. Lee Schmitt Miami University BSC., M.Ed Guidance Counselor Sponsor: Student Council Bus Drivers Dave Cover placed second in the state at a Bus Drivers' Convention. Dave had to do well on a written exam and be able to drive with very much skill. Mr Shoults Mr McCurdy Mr. Dorn, Mr. Dickson, Mr. Bailey, H. Dilsaver D Jennings and I Steck were the cooks that the high school tudents aw the most They were always sm1l1n as they dished up the mouth waterm food Mary Little, lack Fisher, and Limml Nufer were always most willing to help the high school students in any way that they could. Lloyd Potter is not pictured with the rest of the high school custodians. Custodians Seated-J. Fisher, L. Potter, K. Sipes, V. Schofield, M. Busse, L. Dader. Standing- W. Baker, L. Nufer, lVl. Little, F. Scho- field. A special thanks goes to these people for keeping the schools in such good condition. Cooks M. Green, G. Holtrey, I. Hil- debrand, V. Shipman, G. Covert, D. Jennings, L. Staley H. Dilsaver, H. Blose. Organlzatwns ' . Row 1-N. Morris, L. Baird, B. Halderman, P. Fox, P. Riggs, B. Kemnitzer, C. Rockwell. Row 2-S. Wuertz, P. Clinger, R Harper, R. Hart, M. Shoults, C. Ruhl, K. Smith, R. Smith, V. Fields. Row 3-Shirk, B. Geddis, S. Bachelder, J. Jagger, S. Brock D. Smith, B. Dodrill, C. Richards, W. Wojtseck, K. Dilsaver, J. Walsh, T. Campbell. Row 4-C. Weller, C. Shealy, J. Jagger, F Dickerson, B. Wood, J. Auld, D. Lyle, J. Barnett, R. Brush, G. Dowis, M. Geddis, C. Brinkman. "Constructing a yearbook is not an easy task," says Carol Ruhl, Faculty Editor. Pam Bradyg Advisor, Mr. Hecklerg Photog- rapher and Assistant Advisor, Mr. Stam- baughg Editor, Lois Baird, and Dave Lyle Assistant Editor, discuss the planning Dum my. The Mizpah Staff Mud Tug was a real suc- cess. Here, the teachers are lined up for the pull against the students. Mizpah ' , . Y . L mm I Fish and Game Club En'oys utdoors Wonder what Jerry has in sight? Larry's on the move! uCatching any, Lindy?" Row 1-D. Cook, L. Taylor, M. Smith, J. Soulier, D. Halderman, J. Welling, J. Gullett, R. Baker, J. Nelson. Row 2-R. Clinger, J Tennant, D. Couldwell, E. Conant, J. Neptune, L. Cook, D. Hudnell, M. Kipp, M. Crane, R. Nelson, R. Tennant. Row 3-D. Earl, R McCracken, B. Wehr, G. Lyman, C. Howard, G. Connant, K. Dameron, J. Jackson, B. Mills, J. Fox, J. Ullom, L. Rogers. Row 4- J. Holirey, L. Reeves, J. Trainer, D. Long, J. Lanum, F. Tharp, T. Rensch, D. Williams, T. Sipes, J. Casio, L. Coldwell. Ad- visor: Mr. Stamhaugh. Row I--D. Cook, J. Harris, A. Baird, P. Fox, A. Harper, D. Gladden, D. Kuenzer. K. Fox. V. Fields, C. McHugh, J. Walsh, P. Riggs, Mrs. Hubbert. Row 2-Smith, E. Mercer, B. Dowis, D. Evert, S. Fletcher, G. Benson, E. Logan, S. Wuertz, M. Shoults, C. Graham, B. Kimnitzer, M. Stevens. Row 3-P. Shirk, J. Walsh, D. Smith, M. Clouse, N. Belville, N. Graham, C. Brinkman, R. Campbell, R. Cronenwett, G. Young, J. Jagger, S. Rensch, B. Wood, C. Long. Row 4-C. Shealy, C. Weller, D. Zwayer. R. Hubbard, H. Hiekson, B. Mills, D. Lyle, J. Auld. B. Cody, I.. Whitney. T. Ward, J. Osborn, M. Vaughn, B. Dodrill. F.T.A. OFFICERS: Claudia Shealy, Nancy Graham, Kathy Smith, Mrs. Hubbert. Portia Shirk, Marcia Shoults, Brenda Dodrill, Nancy Belville. -F TH ADVISOR: Mrs. Hubberl ,,.. ., 1 mf, .,,, big. L fir' '56 '55 -214 "ici 'SA 032 -NJ f-'f 'wi Q F.T.A. Initiation a f was .sf ' be 2 I 1 -f if fi I Q - s A8 F.H.A. President Nanelte Morris Rita Spaulding and Teresa in Home Economies class. GROUP PICTURE: D. Weber, J. Barnett, B. Goff, N. Morris, D. Dunn, K. Salisbury, M. Stevens, K. Brocklesby. n o I K Beck T Mathews D Lenile P Rockwell M Randolph P Conlxle P Brady D Moshier A Standig,Rw-. ',. ',. y,. ' ', .' , . ', . ,. ,. Young, J. Seaburn, D. Tesso, P. Burnell. Row 3-I. Hershberger, K. Salisbury, D. Keenan, T. Echard, J. Sipe, T. Holtrey, S. Bacheldar, S. Bennington, E. Griggs, J. Scott, N. Ford, C. Machen, K. Long, D. Dixon. Row 4sP. Mills, C. Goff, D. Richardson, G. Cunningham, J. Traclit, K. Korody, D. Stockdale, M. Rexford, S. Weber, R. Miller, K. Turner, B. Marlarky. H. Justice, R. Shaffer, R. Spaulding. Lanum Primary Center Nanette Morris Myrta Stevens Marla Kelly Kathy Salisbury Mary Ceddis ' Qny 0 ice Help Debbie Hobson Betsy Busse Rose Shaffer Sandy Phillips Debbie WelJer Carolyn Richards Peggy Clinger Marcia Shoults Angie Harper G.A.A. Nanette Morris and Becky Smith show their skill? mf'- Does Kathy Fox really know what's coming off? l Row 1-J. Harris, D. Kuenzer, A. Harper, C. C-atchell, K. Fox, A. Baird, D. Keenen, K. Beck, R. Stevens, B. Shipman, P. Riggs l nk e P Mills C McHu h B Baker D Brubaker R S aulding D Dixon D Evert Row 2-K. Rockwell, P. Burnel , P. Co l , . ' , . g , . , . , . p , . , . H. Justice, S. Wuertz, M. Kelly, N. Morris, L. Baird, N. Hoopes, D. Tesso. Row 3-T. Mathews, J. Scott, B. Kimnitzer, J. Jagger J. Walsh, N. Wood, B. Smith, C. Ruhl, T. Echard, C. Vallo, C. Counts, K. Counts, P. Brady, C. Lust, J. Sipe, E. Mercer Row 44B. Geddis, A .Wheelerg S. Phillips, M. Shoults, C. Long, K. Smith B. Dodrill, R. Cronenwett, G. Young, A. Kending, P. Clinger, R. Harper, S. Irons, S. Renseh, E. Logan, B. Wood, V. Masterson, C. Graham. Row 5-D. Smith, J. Mosier, M. Geddis, J. Orsborn, H. Hickson, W. Wojtseck, M. Vaughn, C. McCumdy, B. Lyons, C. Bailey, D. Smith, K. Korody, T. Lanum, M. Rexford, V. Foster, L. Fate, B. Dowis, T. Ward, C. Whrel, R. Hamon. Row 1--P. Burnell, A. Harper, D. Long, B. Halderman, J. Walsh, S. Wuertz, N. Wood, J. Welling, I. Hershhurger, Mrs. Myer. Row 2-D. Weber, R. Brock, K. Smith, B. Busse, S. Harvey, K. Turner, K. Dilsaver, K. Salisbury, M. Shoults, S. Irons. Row 3- G. Young, D. Logan, C. Bailey, W. Wojtseck, M. Vaughan, D. Lyle, B. Brush, J. Orsborne. B. Wood, M. Clouse, M. Geddis, S. Cullett. ..,, N -. . H fs. Q, . is H s if xl si? is sl x SQ' r x lxikl 1 EM X N r' 1 .,, 4 as f gk Q A r ag? ig . . NX ...oy , fl X ,ka fmfwsi il Yi f N ....... i5'W" esx ' .X iioi Candystripers at the hospital helped quite a lot. Row 1-Bonnie Halder- man, Nancy Wood. Row 2-Betsy Busse, Marty Vaughn, Sheri Wuertz. 'li' "'i Mrs. Myers, the advisor gave a helping hand in getting the girls .,...,, ,.,. organized' ssvsya. .eyr S President Steve Gullett turns on the charm as he poses for his PIC- ture. Sheri takes a patient out for a ride around the hos- Sheri and Nancy are always welcome in the patients' rooms 't l pl a , when they have food. Student Council Row 1-G. Dowis, R. Cronenwett, B. Smith, S. Gordon. Row 2-V. Masterson, B. Dowis, T. Turner, R. Southerlanx, J. Jagger, D. Kuenzer, Mr. Schmidt. Wx Mr. Schmidt, Jill Harris, Steve Gordon, and Craig Weller, discuss the prizes to he won in the Student Council Magazine Drive. President-Steve Gordon, Secretary-Becky Smith, Advisor-Mrs. Schmidt, Treas- urer-Roxie Cronenwett, V. President-Greg Dowis STAFF Row I Sand Philli s Dot Mosier Darlene Dixon Ardith Tim ackson and Mr uinn 2 - Y P , , J - Q Kendig, Mr. Quinn. Row 2-Mary Geddis, Mike Gallaher, Tim Jackson, view the finished product. Jeff Auld, Larry Miller. Arrowtales The Arrowtales kept us informed all year about what was going on in the school and the com- munity. Although it was hard to have fresh news, the paper turned out to be quite interesting. We, the Mizpah Staff feel that Sandy Phillips should be congratulated on her fine job during the year. Nancy Wood and Mary Geddis look over the paper before running it off for the sale. 48 D.E.C.A Row I-Mrs. Myer, B. Goff, V. Jones, S. Hord, C. Van Schoyck, P. Brady, L. Lyons, A. Wheeler. Row 2-C. McCurdy, E. Roberts, T. Campbell, D. Smith, G. Conant, B. Ullom, S. Carpenter, M. Ceddis, D. Hobson, E. Mercer. Row 3- D. Long, R. Ferrell, K. Fissell, J, Lanum, J. Houpt, F. Tharp, R. Adams, E. Harden. My Wonder how fast Ken Fissell can really stack vegetables? As long as there IS a candy machine around Ron is con- tent. Deb, Mary, and Doug take a few lessons from Mrs. Myer on how to run a cash register. 49 Hi-Y President Craig Weller The Hi-Y is a service club which helps young men become better citizens. This yearis president won "The Most Outstanding Male Graduate" Award presented by the Jaycees. Row 1-D. Cook, M. Fisher, R. Tennant, R. Campbell, C. Persons, G. Dowis, C. Weller, D. Persons, G. Ruhl, J. Walsh, R. Edwards, J. Walsh, Mr. Swanson. Row 2-R. Brown, F. Dickerson, J. Holtrey, V. Farmer, M. Curts, R. Cooper, G. Edwards, B. Dodrill J. Jagger, R. Hubbard, S. Ward, B. Mills, D. Zwayer. Row 3-J. Owens, J. Houpt, G. Curts, T. Turner, S. Gordon, D. Goodrich, J. Auld, G. Young, M. Carsner, B. Cody, J. Staley, M. Galleher, B. Wehr. 50 Varslty Athleuc Club qi X Smce most of the teams d1d very well thls year many of the team members fmembers of the VACJ recelved tropbles Row 1 C Weller B M1115 D Persons J Hobson Row 2 J Fox M Chenmgton G Klmgle R Hubbard C Ruhl L Mlller M George L Rogers Row 3 J Holtrey S Ward W Pnchard R Brown G Connant B Cody B Vaxl ,I Owens F Dlckerson R McCracken L Coldwell .l .lag er Row 4 .l Staley S Stansberry B Franks ,I Harmon G Curts T Turner H Snell S Cordon B Dodrxll H Sample G Young W Q . 1 L 5 1- , V . A, l 1 , . , r w f,-.eizfa 1752. e,.,gxw1" ' 7 1 . , . , . , . . '- . , . , . , . , . , , , . , . . 1 . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , ' 7 ' 7 ' g ' ' 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' Y ' 7 ' 7 ' , . , . , . . 1 A K ' Lois Baird and Pam Brady discuss the time limit of taking out over-night reserve hooks with Mrs. Stamhaugh. Kathy Salisbury and Bonnie Haldernian work on a poster for the librarians workshop. Front Rowgl. Hawk, P. Brady, D. Brubaker, J. Walsh, C. Brinkman, P. Clinger, B. Halderman, N. Belville, K. Salisbury, D. Tesso. Back Row-J. Soulier, G. Young, C. Ruhl, L. Bratton, B. Lyons, D. Hobson, R. Hamon, V. Snell, A. Kendig, J. Walsh, Mrs. Stambaugh. 1'--HF MMMNI- E ' '-'M .m.. -Mm' 'W' -..M v.....3I-j W wif Q. N If 1 X1 X 991 Row 1-P. Woodson, D. Long, M. Shoults, S. Wuertz, N. Wood, D. Bartley, P. Riggs, R. Fields, Advisor: Mrs. Gerhardt. Row 2-J. Jagger, T. Campbell, C. Machen, G. Young, K. Dilsaver, D. Rizor, P. Walton, J. Walsh, B. Kemnitzer. Row 3-S. Harvey, D. West, G. Kirkpatrick, D. Persons, M. Cherrington, R. Starlin, M. Edwads, P. Graham, M. Clouse. Row 4-R. Perry, L. Whitney, J. Owens, R. Lyons, F. Dickerson, T. Jackson, C. Brinkman, N. Belville, S. Tennant, L. Ball. Art . . . the means to express one's self. BELOW: Sondra Tennant and Pam Walton put the finishing touches on their paintings which went on dis- play at the Festival of the Arts. Art Q F.F.A. Several of Mr. Beard's pupils look on as he dem- onstrates the building of a wooden vise. Jerry puts on a grin as he poses with his pet calf kmifflvw f Q Row 141. Shipman, J. Lawyer, J. Korody, R. McCracken, R. Wuertz. Row 2-D. Campbell, R. Wuertz, B. Griffith, A. Brewster, K. Guy, F. Shoaf, D. Gomph. Row 3-M. Linder, T. Myers, J. Hamilton, D. Murphy, S. Mcffhesney, P. Brewster. Row 4-Mr. Beard, L. Hollingsworth, D. Roth, D. Clinger, L. Wigton, E. Hershberger, M. Crane. 54 F.F.A. wins first place at the State Fair with its Community Service Booth. L The boys pack the boxes for the Community Project. They g food to a needy family at Christmas. Kathy 35 Brocklesby reigns as queen 5 of the Mount Gilead Chapter of the FFA HV8 Aw 'H Jack Wilson, President, stands in the study hall doorway as he is snapped. Industrial Arts Club The Industrial Arts Club won first place in the state competition. Twenty-seven blue ribbons were captured. 56 What are the boys makmg now? The club has helped to beautify the school as well as taking on olner projec Band The Marching Band participates in many school functions. Here they stand at attention during the Armistice Day ceremonies at the square. Mr. Hawkins smiles as he hands Gayle Benson the '4Band Member of the 'Yearv award. Mr. Dodrill expresses his satisfac- tion with the preformances given by the Marching Band. Mr. Hawkins, a man of many tal- lents, displays one as he assembles his gift from the Marching Band. 'wwa m :f-.f1sqs1s.x-f- -.-.if -fff wr'-ms.,,t, . .,... . ,,:..,, ,. , , .dim Throughout the football season, the marching hand executed numerous precision drills. RIGHT: Majorettcs Eva Griggs, Connie Lust, Nancy Belville, and Nancy Goff lead the hand in Homecoming half-time festivities. BELOW: Hot summer afternoon practice in preparation for new football season. A successful banquet sponsored by the marching hand wi Row I-Joanne Orsborn, Connie Lust, Jill Harris, Cindy Whrel, Terry Ward. Row 2-Portia Shirk, Lois Baird, Dulcy Smith, Gayle Benson, Craig Carmean, Holly Hickson. Row 3-Nick Jagger, Mark Phillips, Ann Baird. Back--Rick Campbell. Row 1-N. Belville, C. Shealy B. Wood, K. Dil- saver, K. Korody, P. Fox, K. Korody, D. Smith. Row 2-D. Evert, C. Young, E. Mercer, N. Goff, B. Dowis, H. Hickson, B. Dodrill, D. Smith, J. Harris, B. Stevens, .l. Wenger, T. Jagger, F. Robinson, T. Wenger, C. Carmean, G. Benson. ROW 3-S. Wheeler, J. Seaburn, E. Griggs, B. Shipman, M. Randolph, C. Lust, C. Whrel, J. Orsborn, T. Ward, L. Baird, M. Galle- her, D. Hudnell, S. Rensch, P. Shirk A. Baird, M. Phillips, N. Jagger, C. Long, B. Wood Percus- sion: J. Neptune, R. Campbell, M. Fisher, B. Dodrill. Not Pictured- W. Wojtseck, L. Bratton. Linda Dulcy Holly Susan BIHHOH Smith Hickson Carpenter wg, , . . yo . 1 ,gif t. ,M . - ,, 3, 2 . 5. i eg I Qbr 'NI I X35 Row 1-K. Gattshall, K. Beck, P. Riggs, J. Sipes, P. Shirk, B. Buss e, D. Smith, D. Fate, P. Fox. Row 2-K. Salisbury, J. Jagger, S. Wuertz, C. Graham, C. Brinkman, C. Shealy, K. Smith, J. Welling, D. Dixon, J. Harris. Row 3-N. Graham, R. Cronenwett, M. Vaughan, C. McCurdy, H. Hickson, L. Fate, M. Rexford, M. Clouse. Row 4-D. Gladden, M. Fly, L. Irons, R. Owen, L. Miller, T. Rench, M. Calleher, D. Lyle, D. Lyle, R. Jones. BOYS' ENSEMBLE D. Gladden, L. Irons, R. Owens, L. Miller, M. Galleher, D. Lyle, D. Lyle, T. Rensch. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE N. Graham, D. Smith, P. Fox, J. Harris, P. Shirk, J. Sipes, R. Cronenwett. MIXED ENSEMBLE T. Rensch, M. Galleher, L. Miller, R. Cronenwett P. Shirk, P. Fox, D. Smith. bl Y- Teens ! The Y-Teens is a worthwhile orffanization which is affiliated with the National Y.W.C.A. At its regular monthly meetings, the club has Presider1tM21rlaKel1Y thought-provoking programs during which the Scripture is read Row I-A. Harper, B. Shipman, K. Sutherland, C. Benson, R. Cronenwett, P. Shirk, B. Smith, D, Kuenzer. Row 2-.l. Pinyerd, D Tesso, P. Clinger, P. Brady, P. Fox, P. Riggs, D. Bartley. N. Wood, B. Klingel, E. Mercer, I. Hershberger. Row 3-Advisor Mrs. Kennedy, P. Burnell, J. Walsh, C. Lust, D. Long, B. Halderman, L. Elkin, J. Tracht, C. Sherbourne C. Goff, R. Brock D Stockdale, N. Goff. Raw 4--P. Woodson, S. Harvey, E. Griggs, S. Wuertz, .l. Jagger, K. Smith, K. Salisbury, K. Dilsaver, B Kemnitzer, P. Brady, T. Campbell, M. Shoults, B. Malarkey, K. Salisbury, S. Gatchall. Row 5-R. Harper, R. Hart, J. Welling R. Shaffer, M. Rexford, S. Brock, N. Graham, M. Vaughn, N. Belville, A. Kendig, V. Snell, M. Clouse J. Mosher C. Bailey J. Harris. Row 6-D. Hobson, S. Irons, C. Long, M. Kelly, B. Dodrill, D. Logan, B. Lyons B. Brush C. Brinkman L. Bratton C. Shealy, L. Whitney, D. Smith, S. Rensch, R. Hamon, K. Long, C. Young. 62 g l I l :fl 'll tl' ii l ! ! Q? mln 5 'Sis ll ailta Sports . . . A time to seek, and a time to lose . . Jail! Mighty Won Lost SEASON S SCORES OPPONENT Northmor Centerburg Olentangy Highland Big Walnut Marion Catholic North Union Buckeye Valley Cardington V r C Jones, G. Conant, L. Miller, N. Goff, Coach Castner. Row 3-Coach D . . . Persons, M. Cherrlngton, R. Hubbard, G. Klmgel, B. Wehr B. M1llS, J. B. Cody, C. Weller, J. Hobson, R. Brown, Coach Jackson. Mount Gilead defense Sights the Ball Carrier. Indians 3 it it a , X tr Mark Cherrington and Dave Persons and company make their daily route-the corn. Indians in Action a rrrra waa a f or kia-11 Q -f - q. 4 V .. V. .. tg. A, , A ' 2, r ' 1-1":'f L , 1 , ,. t fr. , W it N .-at Q tw wtaqg--wa-21a,..1.i . .. 2 Mm. x P - J it . r i Q N- A A -,,, ., 4 , , -, ""- '3k1.f" i Lili" fa XUH : -1 .. i "" TX'-wx, 3,1 A , . it , .it - M. 1. - vga, V - xr. . ,. N- " ik -if . x 1' if-' tsiiezif - " ' M L " - - ' ,ar,r1,,z1a. ,. Q , ,if W- SN. 13 X Ng W, ,,,, , , ar,. X WX'-- . L ,X A."L I -.,. , "Not bad but could he better." Another Indian touchdown. Mr. Bremigan reflects The thrill of victory . And the agony of defeat. --...f ...,,, v-.1 1-my an-sq Nui -pa Si ,.. -5 :-:1 '-...:: ' -..' in-., -1 -Q M...-. Coach Castner, D. Sutherland, R. Campbell, D. Belville CManagerD. Back-P. Cogwin, V. Farmer, B. Dodrill, T. Rensch. H. Snell, M. Galleher, B. Cody, M. Curts, R. Cooper. OPPONENT WE THE Y Centerburg 31 37 Northmore 26 29 Cardington 56 43 Fredricktown 38 39 Olentangy 42 32 Wynford 35 40 Highland 28 30 Col. Crawford 50 41 Big Walnut 34 45 Marion Catholic 56 45 River Valley 36 42 North Union 47 54 Elgin 29 60 Blickeye Valley 32 41 Big Walnut 37 41 Cardington 36 41 Olentangy 50 41 Faculty 37 28 Reserves Indian Basketball Teams always showed the Fighting Spirit 'Mft' u Row 1-J. Lanum, D. Zwayer, S. Ward, R. Hubbard. Row 2-A. Masterson, J. Staley, J. Holtrey, B. Wood, M. Carsner, Coach Jackson, G. Curts, T. Turner, S. Gordon, G. Klingel. Finesse N Zwayer takes a shot during tournament action. Varsity -A OPPONENTS WE THEY Centerburg 46 73 Northmor 28 45 Alumni 47 65 Cardington 54 64 Freclricktown 70 60 Olentangy 51 62 Wyrnford 40 63 Highland 56 70 Col. Crawford 47 85 Big Walnut 39 72 Marion Catholic 48 67 River Valley 53 69 North Union 47 81 Elgin 52 68 Buckeye Valley 45 53 Big Walnut 59 75 Carclington 49 55 Olentangy 53 88 Sectional Tournament Pleasant 45 49 Steve Cordon, lefts, reaches high in an effort to control the opening tip. 70 Brad W'ood puts one up from the side. Dan at the charity stripe 1 Track Springs Sports Baseball and GOU' Baseball team, best in Mount Gilead's history' Seated-Jerry Gullet, Roger Cooper, Gary Klingel, Bob Wehr, Larry Cook, Boh Crouse, Mike Doran, Tom Rensch Jlm Gheen Standing-Coach Jim Gooding, Ted Sipe, Tom Meyers, Roger Edwards, Mike Curts, Jeff Owens, Gary Curts Larry Coldwell R1Ck Evans, Llndy Rogers. OPPONENTS WE THEY Galion 5 2 Highland 1 0 Pleasant 15 3 Big Walnut 0 6 North Union 3 5 Buckeye Valley 5 11 Cardington 2 1 Olentangy 8 2 Dublin 15 3 Highland 6 5 Big Walnut 8 5 North Union 10 3 Cardington 4 3 Olentangy 1 0 Buckeye Valley 2 1 Sectional Tournament 2 Fredricktown 1 Cardington 6 3 District Tournament Licking Valley 4 3 Fairfield Union 3 5 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT CHAMPS DISTRICT TOURNAMENT RUNNERS-UP MOC CHAMPS 72 Mount Gilead battery in action 5 S K 1 E , 1, P5 . 2 , s I H 2 I i 1 51 N 1 Q Pro iles 73 M.G. Golfers are Mid-Ohio Champions 4 J. Walsh, C. Simpson, N. Simpson, F. Dickerson, R. Adams, Coach Castner OPPONENT Big Walnut Buckeye Valley Delaware Hayes Big Walnut Highland Olentangy Delaware Hayes Buckeye Valley Highland Olentangy Marion Catholic Marion Catholic W. WE THEY 7 2 7 2 4 5 9 0 11 0 7 2 35 515 Sw 5V3 10 1 7 2 7 2 9 0 Season Record L. T. 9 2 1 Mid-Ohio liecord 9 0 1 2nd Place Mid-Ohio League Tournament Mr. Dickerson shows his deadly putting style. Goyrer Chuck Simpson The d shows us how it's done. tt And fin ishing p h p Varsity Track M. George, R. Campbell, J. Hobson, G. Ruhl, K. Dameron, S. Stansberry. Standing-B. Cody, G. Young, M. Fisher, J. Walsh, J. Holtrey, S. Ward, R. Brown, D. Bowman, H. Snell, J. Harmon. Row 3-B. Vail, M. Calleher, J. Staley, B. Dodrill, Coach Bremigan, Mr. Thill. Freshman Track Row 1-J. Soulier, M. Houpt, D. Franks, L. Taylor, G. Lyman, Coach Thill. Row 2-J. Wehr, R. Clinger, R. Sutherland, R. Owens, S. McChesney, J. Jones. Row 3-D. Lyle, J. Beardsly, J. Trainer, J. Jagger, M. Phillips. Row 4-R. Brady, L. Irons, J. Neptune, M. Hobson, R. Powell. 76 OPPONENTS WE THEY Big Walnut 75 52 Quad-Meet 75W Buckeye Valley 8 West Jefferson 37 Olentangy 412 Lexington 71 56 River Valley 115 12 Tri-Meet 54- Big Wanut 57 Delware Hayes 44 Rigdedale 72 55 Marion Catholic 89 38 Special Meets CENTRAL DISTRICT INDOOR lst MT. CILEAD RELAYS 1st NORTH UNION RELAYS 2nd CAMBRIDGE RELAYS 2nd MORROW COUNTY MEET lst CENTRAL DISTRICT OUTDOOR 2nd STATE MEET JERRY STALEY Track Victories Steve Stansberry brings in a 1st in the 880 yard run The start and the finish a lst and 2nd in 120 yard high hurdles for Jerry Staley and Brad Dodrill. .Q It takes concentratwn is . , .- El , , f Q l s Q . 1 24 l I . ' 3 55:4 gg 1 yi if . , 5 ' 13 . 1535 throw the discus S: :if ixuu s ,az SEE 12 McCrackeng Pole Vault record height: 12'7" Jerry Staleyg 120 High Hurdlesg Record time: 14.9 180 Low Hurdles, Record time: 20.0. School Record Breakers "69" Not Pictured- 2 mile relay Steve Stansberry Mark George Jerry Holfrey Mike Fisher Jerry Holtrey, Mile Run Autographs Autographs -ru!! yi RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: On M. G. .....N. Bottom-BEV WOOD CHRIS LONG. On Top-DONNA KUENZER, MARILEE RANDOLPH Cheerleaders Provide the Spirit We're always alert . . . .Lg L gflnxwg ez. uw wma l"'W3'KL2i!'.l "WW . . . And serious, wwuwr- 'XM VARSITY CHEERLEADERS PATTY RIGGS JILL HARRIS ROXIE CRONEWETT, KATHY SMITH, RITA HART, and BRENDA ,.,, ,. H u,1-nwmw -f-, ,I A L, fm-Qx.1 f 'f"w:zfa1:: ---- , Ni M: L ..-w 1':s.Q.:fg,:x-.:-1-.5 -iisjwsl.. .gf . 5 if i w ' '- .Liz 2 I I ' N . X""11'14i L,.. . W ffy u, l.yf5yf1f i -1 ,f ' ..-W" , -. ' I, :'Zgk x .':1S195i:1 'l HF: - wf ' 1f .f .,f -pl- Yi : E"' ' ' L.. .K,I A MM wx -.-. ta, n ,mm , 53,37-N ,,,Iff'm,..-,g JUUMSV I .... ., ' XX 1 S . , sf M ' ' . ' M--Ax.- , er - .-K.-I -..,,,,, '---4' A W' ,-m.m,W..m..,W1:lZ,w,. , - I ' I f ' . f ,. " E L.,. ,.,, , P ., , K K 6' . . Indians are great." Captam Roxie Cronewett 83 is is as as F11 N 2? Q Q S E S 3 E E wwggg Wm Thacker I5QfUbs lm c Q V ,l,15 3 4 ' Q 52 5 , ,J , If 9 A Z W is 2 ek 4 s . Af 1 ' E if 4 z 31 1 E al I 'QW EQ A M1 . mf 511 5, J' 9 Jr' wa Q fu f ,fi if 7 1 ' 2 w 5 1. 1 . 5, 1 gf Q Q Q- 9 A , B mln ' ,jg s rg we ff ,al-Mai is Q Speclal Events -s..,,-f Roberta Klingle, Queen Roxie Cronenwett, and Brenda Dodrill are honored the game. They were also honored at the dance following the game. Craig Weller embraces Queen Roxie Cronenwett and bestowes the traditional kiss. Brenda Dodrill Roberta Klingle Q51 V' i Spring, a time or Beauty . . . P.T.A. Carnival Court. Bobbi Klingle crowns Jan Walsh P.T.A. Carnival Queer 1969-70. The newly crowned queen and her court enjoy the festivities. XS, 'Nunn-, Retiring Queen Queen Bobbi Klingle Jan Walsh I W. r, x f i Sophomore Alielldalll Freshman Attendant Connie Lust Bev Wood The Juni OT A is "Meet Me Have you lost your mind, Sharon PLAY CAST Mr. Smith-Dave Lyle Mrs. Smith-Diane Smith Rose-Sharon Brock Esther-Sharie Wuertz Agnes-Nancy Wood Tootie-Barb Kemnitzer Lon-I im Jagger Grandpa-Brian Vail Katie-Elli Mercer Student Director- J an Walsh 7 011, no, Papa, please! Presents St. Louzs The cast ponders the strange disappearance of the prop candy. Would you believe Rock Hudson? PLAY CAST Mrs. Waughop-Joyce Jagger Ida-Terri Campbell John-Terry Turner F red-Brad Wood Lucille-Vicki Baker Mr. Dodge-Greg Young Mr. Duffy-George Conant Conductor-Roger Edwards Director-,l an Heckler Committee Chairman- Lowell Phillips 93 M Senior The students follow Mr Bach s fanet Ross-Portia Shirk Phil Ford-Alan Masterson Marion Phipps-Brenda Dodrill John Redman-Bill Mills Cynthia Keene-Pat Fox Raimond Brown-Frank Dickerson Mavis M oriarity-,lill Harris Miss Freeman-Nanette Morris Miss Jones-Becky Geclclis Miss Robinson-,ludi Barnett Tad Voorhis-,leff Owens Stella Brahms-Claudia Shealy Prudence and Arthur look on as Mr. B on a prop chair. ass Presents UST Greg Dowis looks on as the students stand about in their costumes CLOok at o suspend as an object. those kneesb. Mr. Bach-Jeff Auld Dean of W omen-Wanda Wojtseck Pruclenec M ason-Randi Harper Claire Carter-Pam S. Brady Jerry F lanagan-Greg Dowis Arthur Scott fr.-David Persons Student Director-Lois Baird Stage Manager-Jerry Holtrey Directors-Hartsell Dodrill Richard Nauman Phil tries to explain his relationship with Prudence to the Dean of Women. Assistant Director-Lowell Phillips +R. J Jeff Auld and Pam Brady observe Jeff Owens after he has fallen over a chair. The Track Court reigned over the Mt. Gilead Relays and the Morrow County Track Meet My 1 Roxie Cronenwett Queen Marla Kelly Shanlyn Wuertz Senior Attendant ,Tumor Attendant r 5' ,'f'f? f :mt ! ' f 1 I f E! Vtvf - t ,N fi F?- E , R s 4' 5 ! -:M A - 2 1 3, In., ' zz 2, 93 df -E A ve ,gm , 5,-2 X -f kit e , xg 'z 11, w stag 4 Q, in f Y We 1 Y: 4 " tts g ea X l f? t i 5 egg? tt ft 5 Q 25 V- r eff' ,Y . ' 335 " A ttltt,t, tVn,,t.lV,.,,t,n, , t, YM H . M 3, ' ,, ...- - ' Jlt Jtt A223 sq we fttt M :,L, .gy 5. 15 2 gl -z by M X I 1 if f mt i 2?V2iy1,:nf ina if at W an f 6 W xg f, gg QM 3' 5, I 4. ,ff Z5 ,hw Aw- Q :lg 1 fx f 5 , 2, 'fi sl iq t, 3 tt, Chris Long Darlene Dxxon Sophomore Attendant Freshman Attendant E The old members in National Honor Society make speeches for the benefit of the new members. Left to right-Lois Baird, Nancy Belville, Brad Wood, Sandy Phillips, J im Jagger, Marcia Shoults, Kathy Dilsaver, Mr. Dodrill, John Lawyer, and Nancy ABOVE: Brad Wood signs the register. RIGHT: Mary Ceddis is receiving a token of memberilip, a yellow rose, and a handshake from Mr. Tschudi. 98 ational Honor Society 5 3 fb i g, "1 1 9 :Vi ' ig K 1 Sharon Brock helps J ill Harris to punch, while Marty Vaughn, Bennie Haldeman, and Mary Geddis look on. Marty Vaughn signs the register as Lois Baird looks on. rr 9 Y. 42, MEMBERS of the 1968-1969 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Row 1-Lois Baird, Sandy Phillips, Portia Shirk, Jill Harris. Row 2- Bonnie Haldeman, Marcia Shoults, Marty Vaughn, Kathy Dilsaver, Sharon Brock, Joy Welling. Row 3-Kathy Smith, Nancy Belville Mary Ceddis, Nancy Graham, Rita Hart, Joyce Jagger. Row 4-Roger Edwards, Brad Wood, Jim Jagger, Larry Cook. 99 ! 5 Jim Jagger, President of the .lUI1i0l' Class, is welcoming SCHi0fS Everybody laughs at Dave Lyle reads the predictions of the and faculty. future, The Juniors entertained the Seniors with the popular melodies "Love is Blue" and "Some Enchanted Evening." Row 1-M. Vaughn, K. Smith, S. Wuertz, J. Walsh, R. Hart, P. Riggs, C. Lee, K. Dilsaver. Row 2-G. Young, T. Rensch, D. Lyle, B. Vale, G. Lyman. I00 Prom Randy Bader read the Senior Legacies. The Senior film, considering the stars, was quite unique. Dancing at the Leland was romantic. Graduation Top Ten Sandy Phillips Lois Baird Pam Brady Becky Geddis Jill Harris Portia Shirk Greg Dowis Craig Weller Pat Fox Jerry Korody The choir sang at Baccalaureate. 'es fs? , Ei QV E i if At practice, we, the seniors, learned the intricate steps or Baccalaureate and Commencement. A Pam Brady gave the Salutatory Address entitled 4'Responsibility." 1 f 5 ., 1,r Iit, r l J',' ' ' . Sandy Phillips gave the Valedictory Address, 4'Reality'." ' W ' z I The Class of "69" shows that they finally made it by a toss of the tassle. DT- P05I1C1hWHif, Pf0fGSS0r Of Bi- ology at Purdue University, de- livered the Commencement Ad- dress. ow 1-Kathy Rockwell, Jill Harris, Peggy Clinger, Marla Kelly, Nanette Morris, Randi Harper, Pat Fox, Judy Lehman, Pam Walton, renda Dodrill, Judi Barnett, Pam Linder. Row 2-Dave Persons. Sandy Bachelder, Jacque Pinyerd, Gayle Benson, Claudia Shealy, Roberta, lingel, Portia Shirk, Pam Sue Brady, Lois Baird, Carol Ruhl, Sandy Phillips, Jerry Korody. Row 3-Eddie Roberts, Vickie Jones, Sheila Hord, Betsy Busse, Sondra Tennant, Barb Goff, Rebecca Hinton Smith, Denise Trainer, Pam Lee Brady, Wanda Wojtseck, Caroline Richards, arry Trainer. Row 4-Gary McClelland, Bryan Ullom, Richard Hubbard, Doug West, Dorothy Moshier, Rebecca .lane Smith, Bill Mills, teve Cullet, Greg Dowis, Craig Weller. Row 5-Steve Ward, Dan Zwayer, Ken F issell, Rick Adams, Roxie Cronenwett, Becky Geddis, eff Owens, Steve Cordon, Jerry Holtrey, Duane Williams. Row 6-Zach Alan Masterson, Herb Sample, Ron Ferrell, Jeff Auld, Debbie eber, Carnell Bailey, Susan Carpenter, Frank Dickerson, Richard Matson, John Parker, Earl Harden. I I03 Jeff Auld, Sec. Dan Zwayer, Pres. Richard Hubbard, Treas Craig Weller, V. Pres. Rick Adams Jeff Auld Sandy Bachelder Carnell Bailey Lois Baird .ludi Barnett The 69ers Gayle Benson Pam Lee Brady Pam Sue Brady Donn Breese Betsy Busse Susan Carpenter 1 E 3 Y Peggy Clinger Bobbie Klingel Frank Dickerson Brenda Dodrill IO6 What gain has the Roxie Cronewett Greg Dowis Judy displays her many talents PERIOD. worker from his toil? R011 Ferrell Ken Fissell Pat FOX Becky Geddis Barb Goff Steve Gordon Mr. Schmitt says, Wfhree for me, two for you." Is that fair for the SENIORS? IO7 Would you call this a lovable line up? A time to love, and a Steve Glllleff Earl Harden Randi Harper Jill HHIHS Jerry Holtrey Sheila Hord 7- 'fvlf 25855 5: f:iglE:i'if?1ES"i-i,ifgig jsigggtg 5 .y ,Q ,,., , 'flaw ki- ,-m,,..-Q, Nz., f,. -. .- Q L- ---- ,..,, 1 , 51 . . U A -:wwf M--:fcll.,,y,1m ,.,, Wi, I mn. . ,,,.1,:-. ,-,.::X,W,,Q,w,, .,:,w,.,...M-,N,.:.,7 f : ' f ' K - 1 , . . W o "il-i.nkXFf,lsi:7 ff, ir ff HQ-'2Tff'f, ,YM v 41505 .,..f 2415, 11 5 cw " fi Y ,Lew 13ggff:z':f1 Wfwm: ' o' l , , . , f--- - V ,l l A XE.. Q3 ,E W - , . K L P time to hate is , - Seniors say . . . SCALP-EM! ll o 0 o Rlcharcl Hubbard Lloyd Hayes Tim Jackson V1Ck1C Jones Marla Kelly Jerry Korody A time to keep silence, Judy Lehman P21111 Linder Richard Matson Alan Masterson GHIY McClelland Bill Mills Is Jill Harris ever silent? and a time to speak Nannette Morris Dorothy Mosier John Parker David Persons gms SQQN J eff Owens Sandy Phillips Becky and Betsy know WHERE THE ACTION IS . . . FOURTH PERIOD STU- DY HALL. Becky, Carolyn, and Judy take advantageof Mr. Quinn's special exam study period. Jacque Pinyerd Claudia Shealy Kathy Rockwell Herb Sample Portia Shirk Becky H. Smith For Dan Zwayer, any football game was a time for war. 'Q' or ' - Rebecca Smith Carol Ruhl Carolyn Richards Sondra Tennent Eddie Roberts Denise Trainer 'Q Larry Trainer Bryon Ullom Pam Walton Steve Ward Debbie Weber Craig Weller X15 X .JWQQ Bill Mills thought Homecoming was a good time for embracing Roxie Cronenwett. Jerry Holtry said, "I hope I'm next." "K3.'f.'X" Doug West Wanda Woj tseck N I-:jr ,Q IQ: m , ,, . . , lffi gffsi A A ' 5. J ack Wilson Duane Williams Dan Zwayer X WSI lx Q Q Q, 1 v K .J . X X 5 , Peggy is the picture of senior expres sion . . . DUH??? For Kathy Rockwell, getting a shot was not a time to laugh, ns E. Adams R. Badar V. Baker D. Bartley S. Bennington K. Bartley N. Beville P. Brady C. Brinkman S. Brock K. Brocklesby J. Brubaker R. Brush T. Campbell M. Carsner L. Coldwell G. Conant L. Cook G. Curts K. Dilsaver D. Dunn D. Earl E. Edwards R. Edwards V. Fields A 1 J 5 J 4 .1 J 3 Q. 2 . J J ,f . V , mg Junior class officers Jim Jagger fPre5.J, Brad Wood QV. Pres.D, Roger Edwards fSec.J, Brian Vail f'Ireas.J WW? '93, .V A S. Fletcher J. Fox R. Franks S.,Galchal1 M. Geddis M. George N, Goff N. Graham E. Griggs B. Haldeman K. Hardy R- Hart D. Healea D. Henry E. Hershberger I G D, Hobson J. Hobson L. Hollingsworth B. Hord J. Houpt C. Howard R. Howard J. Jackson M. Jackson J. Jagger J. Jagger B. Kemnitzer J. Kincaid C. Klingel K. Korody Juniors proudly compare their new class rings. F. Kuenzer J. Lawyer R. Lee D. Long D. Lyle G. Lyman L. Lyons R. Lyons R. McCracken C. Mcflurrlv D. McHugh M. McLain M. M3fCll E. Mercer J. Nelson M, Powell T. Rensch P. Riggs D- Rizor S. Robinson C. Lee L- ROSCFS J- ROUSII K. Salisbury J- SOON . six 2 Q HY .lo Anne Scott si ns her John Henry too ww, ,X . S wlff3W,,1gzxnxwwaNs,t.n... ,... , B. Seaburn K. Smith F. Tharp R. Shaffer R. Snell S. Torrey M. Shgults C. Simpson D. Smith M, Stevens K. Sutherland J. Tennant T, Turner B. Vail B. Van Schoyck In spite of the Homecoming game that night and and the pain of this finger Lindy Rogers man- ages to concentrate. Not Pictured-D. Barler, B. Evans, N. Ford, F. Geyer, B. Griffith, J. Hamilton, E. James, C. Jones, G. Kirkpatrick, J. Lanum, W. Prichard, T. Sipe, E. Wilson. M. Cherrington .l. Walsh B. Wehr J. Welling M. Vaughan g- Walsh A. Wheeler B. Wood N. Wood R, Wertz WGNZ G. Young a s 3, Ja Sophomore class officers David Cook CV. Pres.J, Mike Fisher fPres.J, Connie Lust, fSec.J, Sandy Irons CTreas.D gg 5 Q J. Adams R, Adams B. Augenstein C. Bailey C. Bartley J. Boyle L. Bratton R. Brock R. Brown D. Brush P. Burnell P. Cagwin D. Campbell R, Campbell C. Carmean J, Casio L. Church D. Clark x 'Q' :,. lajigw -I!" M M. Clouse W. Cody E. Conant C. Coning D. Cook M, Crane R, Crouse M. Curts G. Cunningham K. Damron M. Doran G. Edwards L- Elkifl R- EVHHS D. Fairchild L, Feld M, Fisher K. Fissell B. Fraizer B, Franks ix , f1L, ziyll SIQIIEVEV, . f yu x 'W i K Q: . , K Y 'Mb ' 5 ara .- Eazfizgsl -::. . VV.' R. Cooper B. Dodriil V. Farmer M. Galleher ,nr Sophomores learn the tricks of the trade as they watch Frank Dickerson copy Jim Dallas's Physics homework. Sophomores gladly leave ninth period study hall to participate in a pep rally. M55 lid? C. Goff J. Harmon .l. Hedrick R. Jones D. Gompf O. Harmon I. Hershberger G. Keckler J. Groves A. Harper D. Hobson A. Kendig R. Hall S. Harvey M. Hollingswor S. Kidwell th f 'fi 3 . - a 4 1 5 Q I R, Hamon Hanna J, Hawk Hayes S. Irons N- Jagger D. Kuenzer D. LemleY 2 1 i Sophomore Glenn Edwards shows his skill as a blooming biologist. D. Logan C. Long D, Long K. Long C. Lust C. McHugh B. Malarkey V, Masterggn L. Miller J, Mosher T. Myers R. Nelson R. Nusser C. Owens R. Perry C. Persons M- P0fteT L- Reeve s S- Rensch M. Rexford B- Salyer B. Shipman M. Smith W, Smith G- Si0Ckd21l6 D. Sutherland . sf i-Sf K sm . D. Richardson J. Shipman V. Snell R. Tennant 'iw G. Ruhl K. Sample K. Salisbury P. Shockley N. Simpson D. Smith J. Staley S. Stansbery D. Stockdale D. Tesso J. Tipton M. Toot One of the Sophomore class projects was selling Homecoming mums. I z W ff- . W VY' 5 l 'WJ af if V f ' g ' 4? A . .ff Z K., F E., .- xg 2 J. Tracht W. Trainer J. Ullom C. VanSchoyck R. Watkins S. Wheeler L. Whitney L. Wigton W. Wojtseck P. Woodson Not Pictured: B. Augenstein H. John- T. Wenger son, D. Goodrich J. Gullett, J. Walsh G. Young D. Bowman ..-v"""' v: The studious Sophomores play euchre at noon. Freshman class officers Steve Mc Chesney CPres.J, Donna Evert CTreas.J, Darlene Dixon fSec.7, Terri Ward fV. Pres.l err X REQ?" N. Bachelder L. Ball P. Brewster S. Bachelder J. Beardsley S. Brinkman A. Baird B. Baker J. Baker R. Baker K. Beck R. Boyle R. Brady A. Brewster D. Brubaker J. Canterbury S. Castle R. Christopher :mi S f at? E. Church K. Counts D. Fate D. Franks Mr. Phillips lends a helpmg hand z Becky Stevens and Ann Young see if they burned anything in home economics. View W 1? W JE C. Graham P. Graham L. Hildebrand T, Hildebrand D- HUdS0I1 D. Hudnell . , l' 1... A. M Q 'ff I Q X4 K. Guy M. Hobson L. Irons D. T. J. Haldeman Holtry J agger R. Hawk H. Hickson N. Hoops M. Houpt T. Jagger J. Jones id, iv g:V.' .Q ' , .. , . :. vv : ,. . AIVV :VP ,, p . P . ? 5' in Q ' f Justice Logan Masterson Neptune iw. AS iw? f f r iv 5 W,- 1. J f ff . D. Keenan M. Long T. Mathews C. Osborne Mike Fry and Dan Halderrnan take down the flag after a weary day at ... . AQ., , I 5. T if .A , 4. , . .ri , . 1 7 M. Kipp D. Lyle G. Mercer J. Orsborn . .M e P V 'V . l m lj ... ,, i., ' Y .,.i P ,I T. Lanum C. Machen P. Mills J. Phillips M. Linder J. March D. Murphy M. Phillips A. Poast K. Rogers K. Simmons R. Sutherland ls home where their hearts are? 1.1:, I R. Powell M. Randolph T. Richardson P. Rockwell D. Roth J. Seahurn R. Seitz C. Sherbourne J. Sipe T. Snyder J. Souiler R. Spaulding L. Taylor G. Thompson J. Trainer K. Turner R. Robinson F. Shoaf R. Stevens C. Vallo Not Pictured: S. Byrne, R. Collins, J. Jones, K. Korody, S. Mc Chesney, J. Seaburn, G. Slone, D. Steck. Freshman Marilee Randolph gives a whistle to boost Mt Gilead's spirit. ,.i, , ' . ff , . 'QM . Y 1 'X ' ,, Ulf, T ff Y if f Lb. ,Z :Ll ..4 i w S. Weber J. Wehr J. Nvelling B. Wood R. Wren C. Wrhel J. Wenger T. Ward M. Watkins R. Wuertz J. West J. Williams A. Young J. Young Junior Stop v Look Listen Someone always watching!!! igh Life Study Study Hi! Study I know, teacher You have got to be kidding J h7s great expressions. Their school days are always a barrel of laughs Oh Bh D Jh 1 Y th h gl dth What, no comic books? Once upon a time there lived a golden haired girl. But they must work to learn liguess you are - nght, it is 4 instead of 5. Eighth Grade . . . A time to prepare 01 Row lfL. Brown, T. Powell, F. Casto, D. Albright, D. Shaffer, S. Tracht, M. Brown, L. Campbell. Row 2-D. Robinson. S. Foster, B. Weaver, J. Schmelzer, M. Adams, D. Belville, B. Bowman, Mrs. Burns. Row 3-J. Curtis, C. Lepp, S. Lust, S. Carpenter, B. Cvalleher, C. Benedict. Row 4-D. Kendig, L. Davis, M. Cyphers, B. Kreider, C. Baughman, R. Damron, D. Shaw. Row I-K. Cooper, T. Halt, S. West, T. Halt, S. Kelly, D. Shaffer, P. Robinson, B, Rizor. Row 2vP. Linder, S. Wright, P. McPeek, D. Styer, E. Evans, D Helman, R. Shipman, C. Johnson, Mrs. Dodrill. Row 3-V. Graham, D. Cruber, G. Cronenwett, R. Weber, C. Daniels, D. Hobson, R. Shoults. Row 4- J. Chapman, S. Filson, R. Smith, D. Jagger, S. Edwards, A. Simpson. B. Lohman, T. Smith. I38 High School. Row I-D. Jackson, S. Brock, L. Levering, L. Oliver. L. C-atcliell. R. Franks, YV. Far- mer, D. Dickerson, M. Hersh- lierger. Row Z-J. Clierring- ton, C. Gardner. P. Keenan, J. Cooper, J. Linder, C. Har- mon, R. Harper. B. Reeve, Mr. Kell. Row 3-S. Bloom- field, S. Croy, L. Burnell, F. Joan, L. Lanum. C. Seeley, C. McClelland, W. Chance. Row 4-E. Gilluln, R. Conant, F. Fox, D. Earl. S. Bauglnnan. D. Osborn, A. Clark. l ,, Row 14-S. Slierbourne, D. Adams, P. Reece, S. Malone D. Sutherland. R. Ransliot- tom. L. Trainer, W. Ritchey. Row 2-Mrs. Bowen, C. Van- derkooi, S. Curts, L. Richards. D. Hudnell, C. Kemnitzer, C. Dix, Mr. Scliindley. Row 3- ,l. Shipman, C. Staley. D. Evans, P. Conkle, li Kitt. L. Smitli, P. Irons. D. E. Benner. Row 4-D. Zeigler, S. Dil- saver. D. Edwards, J. Hedrick, T. Zwayer, T. Tennant, B. West, B. Compton, C. Kipp. Row I-D. Roush. M. Baker. J. Marold, M. Strope, A. Wheeler, .l. Stockdale, M. Torrey, D. W0l'SIHf, M. Law- yer. Row 2-H. Hedrick, L Wigton, C. Thompson, L. Watkins, D. Earl. S. Christo- plier, lj. Campbell, Mr. Cast- ner. Row 3-S. Lee. R. Nus- ser, ,l. Sample. W. Weston, F. Chase, D. McCurdy, K. Barnett. I3 Seventh Grade . . . A time to learn Row I-K. Crown, M. Grasmehr, C. Moodispaugh, R. Hichson, R. Conley, D. Woodson, J. Beltz, J. Pinyerd. Row 2-C. Cunningham, M. Long, R. Rupp, D. Guy, T. Lepp, S. LaRoche, R. Piercy, Mr. Meyer, Row 3-C. Zeger, C. Daniels, J. Pate, B. Roth, T. Logan, J. Ramborger, M. Farris. Row 4-D. Osborn, S. Bishop, K. Smith, T. Wigton, D. Kirkpatrick, C. Cover, K. Levering, A. Hickson. Row IMR. Bryant, C. Shaffer, K. Frey, J. Stevens, D. Lyons, D. Levering, D. Osborne, Row 2-S. Taylor, R. Warner, S. Young, E. Miser, S. Ferrell, Mrs. Hunt. Row 3-P. Stahl, D. Denton, J. Stiffler, A. Korody, D. Shockley, E. Whipple, J. Stevens, J. Jones. Row 4-D. Harman, T. Lyons, C. Beeson, S. Bowman, R. Davis, S. Bartley, M. Ghent, S. Hoopes, C. Jones. good stud habits. l Row 1-R. Shipman, G. Miller, T. Clinger, D. Holtrey, L. Hershberger, V. Nesbitt, K. Bennington S. Randolph, C. Campbell, J. Jyle, K. West. Row 2-R. Mathews, B. Cherrington, J. Lloyd, V. Price, S. Gruber, J. Sims, D. Barnett, L. Wojtseck, J. Peterson, D. Scribner, Miss Botimer. Row 3- K. Irwin, S. Matson, D. Richardson, A. Rouwenhorst, B. Judy, J. Fate, M. Reinhardt, D. Graham, C. Miller. Row 1-M. l.JeBord, R. Tesso, J. Hamon, R. Adams, T. Tesso, R. Kitts, T. Hudson, R. Miller Row 2-R. Ball, K. Bailey, J. Nusser, M. Mills, D. Stockdale, L. Sherhourne, Mr. Jackson. Row 34 D. Knipp, S. Weller, T. Harman, R. Waddell, B. Owens, M. Augenstein, E. Merser. Row 4-K Mason, D. Williamson, B. Tipton, D. Stacy, D. McCurdy, E. Saylor, B. Bailey, C. Clinger. 1 Top Row Ueft to right!-Carl Castle, Debbie Hedrick, Karen Mason, Joyce Wilson, Danny Newsome, Mrs. Ferne Riley. Bottom Row-Ronnie Byrd, David Knipp, Tommy Boyle, Dave Underwood, Donna Gray, Iona Williams. Absent-Ronnie Cook, Randy Grayson. Top Row-John Torrey, Robert Glleen, James Newsome. Clifton DeBord, David Wheeler. Bottom Rows Junior Geyer, Joyce Lyons, Barbara West, Sharon Knipp, Jimmy Gbeen, Mrs. Gooding. Absent-Larry Geyer, Bill Ritchy, George Thompson, Clarence Brewster, Don Rinehart. Candids 0 Q- '- ' . sms:-::a ii.. 531 k , 2:21, 5 5' 5555 4 H V I ::,,,..,,,, vu k M54 in N Nm 'Su A K : W . R Q Qffis 'Q W .X Q sl fig. '11 .5215 ' f in , ' 1' , a Q U' QQ? Q1 " Q Q A 1 4 5 n gg wg? l 3 2. 2 ' - ,K'L i 4,.,1" ahh wx fflfE ff i 5A Grade - ' Schools I43 Sixth Grade . . . Preparation or Jr. High First chance to change classes Row 1-C. Casto, F. Swint, B. Bennington, V. Augenstein, D. Anderson, A. Damron, V. Baker, M. Curtis, K. Fields, A. Smith. Row 2-P. Cook, C. La Fever. A. Chapman, C. Beeson, J. Burson, A. Gatewood, R. Beeman, Mrs. Baird. Row 3-A. Conkle, S. Dix, L. Bloomfield, B. Belville R Bailey K Baughman C. Evans, K. Baldwin. Row 44. Davis, M. Daniels, K. Baker, D. Essi, M. cisppsr, J. Bishop, Jeff Brockleshy. How I-K. Bailey, K. Price, D. Pfeifer, P. Ratliff, G. Seaburn, L. Powell, B. Snell, L. Holbrook. Row 2--K Robinson, J. Rockwell, J. Rizor, M. Staley, T. Shirley, Miss Earley. Row 3-S. Reeve, D. May, C. Snyder, R Smith, F. Simpson, C. Benner. Row 4-J. Rouwenhorst, S. Styer, M. Page, L. Newsome, C. Lyons. I44 Row 1-L. Irons, Z. Geyer, J. Welling, R. Busse, R. Ghent, B. Howell, K. Hout, C. Hetrick, J. Gladden. Row 2-M. Foust, R. Goodman, C. Grasmehr, K. Linder, R. Grimm, R. Graham, C. Ham- wey, Mrs. Roberts. Row 3- T. Davis, B. Hobson, R. Hord, J. Hildebrand, B. Keil, B. Keenan, T. Casto, C. Everly. Row 4-B. Giffin, K. Hout, P. Franks, C. Richardson, C. Evans, R. Damron, J. Justice. Missing4S. Smith. Row 1-A. West, P. White, L. Underwood, L. Miller, S. Hornbeck, P. Swint, T. Wilkinson, Row 2-K. Wil- liams, M. Ward, B. Dodrillj B. Trombo, J. Sutherland, Mr. Hague. Row 3-C. Wig- ton, C. Brewster, B. Ratliff, M. Zwayer, T. Wright, D. Weaver. Row 4-J. Walsh, N. Wheeler, S. Tharp, S. Wiehe, M. Wilson, M. Whipple. Missing4Kathey Williamson. Row 1-S. Linder, B. La Roch, R. Howell, C. Miller, A. Holt, R. Breg, R. McQuistion, B. Hobson. Row 2-D. Kimmey, B. McChesney, T. Lehman, Lyman, D. Kendig, L. Bartley, . Beeman, Mr. West. Row 3- Stover, C. Morris, C. Machen, . McPeek, J. Moore, J. Weston, McAfee, P. Krauss. Row 4-D. Keil, J. Long, M. Mosher, B. Lyons, R. Shoults, K. Kipp, C. McGrath. psniirsw I45 Row I-E. Sipe, L. White, B. Spaulding, D. Sherhourne, M. Sterritt, V. Reppart, K. Williams, S. Hudson. Row 2fR. Ritchey, B. Tennant, N. Shipman, S. Tharp, D. Hunt, M. Ransbottom, S. Trainer, S. Sheets, Mrs. Belville. Row 3-P. Walsh, E. Weaver, A. Whiston, L. Smith, P. Southerland, P. Young, K. Torrey, S. Hiokson. Ron' 4fR. Zeger, B. Young, T. Roth, R. Thomas, .l. Williams, R. Roberts, R. Soulier. Row I-D. Brey, G. Hetriek, T. Harper, T. Burnside, R. Goldsmith, J. Linder, J. Salyers, D. Graham, F. Salyers. Row 2-C. Hawk, D. Pfeifer, S. Burnside, R. Murphy, C. Henry, J. Woodson, T. Ramborger, M. Goodman, Mrs. Miller. Row 3wD. Robinson, F. Farmer, T. Dailey, T. Smith, S. Shipman, J. Fricke, D. Gordon, K. Tinkey. Row 4fT. Stover, l. Gray, L. Rurnell, B. Gruber, S. Harmon, R. George, E. Nance, l. Stevens. Fi th Grade . . . First chance to change classes Row I-J. James, R. Poland, S. Porter, D. Phillips, K. Kennedy, B. Osborne, L. Lyons, Brenda J., C. Kubbs, R. LaRoche. Row 2-B. Mullins. D. Lloyd, P. Lyons, E. Kline, M. Maher, B. Irons, S. Newson. Row 3-J. McCurdy, P. McConnaughy, E. Lyons, R. McPeek, C. Lanum, S. Osberne, M. Overfield. Row 44R. Kincaid, G. Lust, S. Kreider, S. Judy, J. Jagger, K. Logan, J. McLain. Row I-D. Brubaker, C. Curts, V. Bailey, S. Crown, R. George, B. Fox, R. Chilcote, L. Hanna, D. Graham. Row 2-L. Cover. G. Mullins, D. Hildebrand, C. Ghent, S. Gardner, B. Gallclier, B. Harvey, S. Beck, Mrs. Sechel. Row 3!B. Edwards, M. Goff, C. Albright, A. Bailey, C. Carsner, L. Allgire, J. Force, T. Elkin. Row 4-B. Bachelder, D. Lane, S. Bowman, J. Gillum, K. James, B. Compton, P. Gompf. Absent: C. Arnold. ourth Grade . . . Introduction to Social Studies Row I-M. Adams, P. Bradford, S. Coldwell, C. Beck, C. Cody, K. Anderson, E. Brady, M. Conkle. Row 2- C. Booth, R. Byrd, P. Hersberger, S. Cook, R. Long, L. Bowen, J. Cooper, Mrs. McKirgan. Row 3-V. Compton, T. Brooks, T. Barnett, R. Bending, J. Bracker, J. Dix, D. Muffley. Row 4-E. Castle, B. Brat- ton, K. Baker, C. Baer, S. Damon, D. Benedict, K. Campbell. Row I--K. Jackson, E. Bowersmith, C. McAfee, J. Myers, D. Prater, J. Nusser, J. Rizor, D. Muffley. Row 2- S. May, E. Powell, G. Malone, R. Kuenzer, D. Michael, K. Philbrook, C. Nesbitt, Mrs. Rathburn. Row 3- C. Machen, K. McLain, B. Moore, M. McDaniels, B. Matson, J. Piatt. Row 4-M. Long, S. Newsom, H. Whi ple, J. Richardson, F. Long. I48 Row I-M. Thomas, J. Tol- bert, D. Swint, M. Robinson C. Holt, J. Welling. R. West J. Williams. Row 24K Wenger, J. Stump, H. Schop: man, T. Bailey, T. Whiston T. Sherman, S. Wigton, Mrs Starlin. Row 3-P. Ward, L Westbrook, S. Graham, R Williams, D. Saylor, D. Shoof, C. Whipple. Row 4-D. Shaw J. Snyder, J. Willeke, R Wiehe, M. Sebring, H. Har mon, D. Dendinger. s s 1 1 Row I-T. Shaffer, R. Bee- man, B. Fritz, G. Waddell, G. Graham, B. Hout, J. Til- son. Row 2-S. Everett, K. Hobson, L. Irons, J. Hull, D. Graham, E. Holtrey. Row 3- D. Hayes, K. Irwin, M. Har- man, D. Hoopes H. Guiller, J. Cooper. Row 4-K. Gattshall, K. Gompf, E. Day, B. Dodrill, T. Helman. Row I-D. Collins, R. Shirley D. Styer, J. Scribner, J. Harper, J Ratliff, J. McPeels L. Cherrington. Row 2-K Osborn, C. Patterson, C. Far ris, P. Dunn, C. Holtrey, G Hughes, T. Hawk, R. Howell. Row 3-D. Edwards, D. Dam- ron, J. Campbell, R. Myers, C. Mulvaine, J. Schockley, C. Hornbeck. Row 44J. Mc- Elroy, T. Cover, J. Koon, T. Stansbery, J. Mulvaine, R. Chase. I49 Row I-C. Wren, K. Hawk J. Hurnbcck, B. Halt, H Cullet, E. Scribner, J. Burn- side J Hawk K Hu hes D. N Q Q 1 - g -1 McPeek. Raw 2--D. BIvElruy C. Myers, J. Graham , J- Rockwcll, L. Wuertz, M. McElroy, H. Masterson. J. Robinson, Mrs. Castner. Ron' 3-G. Darling, D. Daniron, B. Nanmv, S. Martin, M. Burn- side, R. Murphy. Row 4-M. Cordon, Nl. Harmon, L. Morgan, K. Kelly, R. Bower- smith. Not Pictured-Rodney Lortz. I50 v 1 Row IgG. Hunt, L. Packer M. Smith, M. Thomas, R. Simnirns, B. Miller, M. Watts, Donna McHugh. Row 2-K. Harden, L. West, K. Powell, B. Wilderbrand, J. Todd, G. Mullins, J. Justice, Mrs. Brucker. Row 3+S. Williams, J. Macher, M. Wilson, B. Bishop, J. Sweeney, R. Tur- ner, J. Taylor. Row 4-D. Rizor, D. Dudley, P. Jackson P. Judy, D. Berg. L. Phillips. R010 I-R. liryanl, S. Jordan, M. Lewis, J. Daxis, M. Shaf- fer. E. Graham. K. Bloom- field, J. liardvr. Row 2-XV. Cunuway, Z. Lane, R. Hoopes, R. Lung, E. Blanton. C. l-lurritor, Nlrs. Dvtrow. Row 3-L. Foster, R. Poland, L. Allgirs-, li. Hour, D. Doran, R. Lyons, P. Halfivld. Row 4--W. lfissell, T. lirakt-. C. Oliver, D. Hivkson. V. Drown, K. lla:-In-lcle-r. Third Grade . . . Introduction to new math 1 Row I-R. Shaffer, E. Adams, V. Swim, R. Bowersinith. C. McQuisti0n, E. Taylor A. Coots, P. MCChesney. D. Long. Row 2-J. Jones, K. Lyons, M. Curtis, K. Force, C. Tennant, M. Keckler, J. Logan, C. Walsh, Mrs. Holtrey. Row 3fS. McConnaughy, J. Harper, K. Osborn, C. Davis, L. Smith, J. Day, D. Noukvs. Not Pic- turedgT. Hickson. Row I4K. Higgins. C. Jones, C. Curls, L. Smith, H. Book. T. Brady, S. Tirudford, P. Hancock. Row 2' C. Hetrivk, Il. Bonding, P. Sha-els, R. Davis, A. Cllilplllllll, N. Holtz. S. Joncs. Row 3-L. Brilcy, B. Everly, C. Leu-ring, U. Cooper. L. Coinpf. B, BUXVIHLITI. R. Braden. Row -I-D. Howard, S. Richardson, C. Har' mam. W. Williams, D. Dnmlmuugh, D. Huffman. R. Nelson. I5I Second Grade First taste 0 Row I-M. Sterritt, D May, T. Casio M. Craven, S. Di J B . ' , x, . erge, J. Davis, D. Dodrill. Row 2-K. Gilbert, M. Stump, L. Nesbitt, D. Lewis, R. Byrd, L. Mercer, K. McClelland, Mrs. Abraham. Row 3-K. Zeger, P. Lyons, A. Irons, R. Helt, J. Benedict, B. Harritos, E. Torrey. Row 4-R. Thill, L. Campbell," M. Overfield, L . . . . Baer, M. Evans, B. George, J. Flsher. Not Pzctured-S. Miller, P. Carr. Row 1+C Smith, C. Ratliff J Richardson, C. C T Sh . , . over, . irley, C. Barker, K. Evans, W. Stanley, H. Rook- well. Row 2-M. Ruhl, D. Dixon, R. Cullett, S. Ball, S. Smith, N. Edwards, L. Underwood. Row 3-D. Bowersmith, T. Hedrick, T. Howell, T. Holtrey, L. Farris, D. Rader, D. Fricke, C. Bowersmith, Mrs. Johnson. cript writing. Row 1-L. Bloomfield, B. Powell, B. Doran, B. Shipman, G. Michal, J. Curts, L. Reutter. Row 2-T. Merriman, R. Sutherland, C. Gandee, L. Dendinger, M. Owen, C. Hedrick, R. Conant, J. Philbrook. Raw 3-M. Wilcox, T. Varner, K. Meyer, S. Randall, D. McGrath, C. Sherman, G. Seitz, T. King, Mrs. Marsh. Row 4--J. More, C. Levering, D. Roberts, D. McNarnee, R. Tolbert, 0. Maggs, A. Schopman. Row IJJ. Walsh, B. White, K. Reppart, B. Guiher, D. West, K. Little, D. Leving, C. Nusser, V. Saylor Row 2-R. Lyle, V. Hauck, S. McCauley, C. Osborne, M. Holtrey, R. Irons, K. Kipp, L. Prater, Mrs. Minton Row 3-C. Everetts, J. Call, S. Clinger. J. Harmon, J. MeNellis, D. Castle, P. LaRoche, K. Mason, T. George. l54 Row 1 Hutc-hin- . , . Mrs. Cronenwett. Row YR. Beeman, J. Welling, C. Macllein, J. Bray, C. Curtis, T. Franks, D. Long, T. Lyle, B. White, L. son Row 2--B K. Bartley, C. Bradford. First Grade . . . Learns the 312 's West, D. Jones, R. Krauss, P. Dewey, D. Jones, D. Shoal, B. Coots, J. Young, 3wJ. Klenke, S. Fuller, S. Bane, T. Brake, S. Wood, J. Williams, M. McDonald, Row I--T. Burnside, B. McElroy, T. Hatten, D. Mcljeek, E. Sclioukley, M. J. Ford, K. Castle, M. Wright, S. Howell, B. Darling. Row 24T. Ferris, J. Hudson, M. Holtrcy, S. Burnside, B. Nance, M. Oliver, B. Smith, J. Grimm, D. Sliovkley, Mrs. Durrett. Row 3-S. Thomas, M. Martin, D. Myers, J. Cordon, J. Clinger, T. Short, C. Castle. Row-I M., Hayes, .l. Vipper- man, B. Shout, B. Lushmit, B. Ransliottom. Row 2-J. Higgins, P. Everett, J. Nusser, K. Lyons, L. Randall. Row 3fE. Wright, K. Eustridge, D. Muffley, B. Beemun, C. Richards, B. Chilcote. Row 4-A. Kutonu. C. Hoffman, T. Mcljaniels, A. Xvcstlirook, B. Brucker. Row lfD. Miller, C. Swint, L. Navarre, G. Vaughn, J. Midduugh, B. Howington, L. Brown, P. Porter, D. Everly. Row 2gMrs. Jackson, M. Drake, J. Rizor, J. Bartley, D. Braden, M. Shoal, L. Blanton, J. Harmon, D. Barnett. Row 3fD. Whipple, K. Augenstein, T. Sweeney, R. Gatshall, N. Dumliaugh, L. Brown, D. Keil. Row 1--M. Hunt, T. Thomas T. Simmons, H. Fields, P DeBord, C. Booth, C. Holt G. Craven, A. Hutchinson Row 2-C, Lloyd, M. Cover N. Ricllurdson, R. Brown, G Torrey, D. Evans, ,l. Shrule D. Knipp. Row 3-B. Irons B. Trumlmo, K. Sheets, C Schopman, T. Heuoock, B Rouwenhorst, Smith. Mrs. Wtmrid. I55 Kindergarten . . . Learning to get along Row 1-R. Hauck, J. Everly, D. Rathburn, P. Cates, A. Mullett, C. Harritos, J. Wright. Row 2-ML Detwiler, L. Rizor, M. Hobson, A. Drake, J. Detwiler, J. Holtrey, J. Irons. Row 3-R. Morris, L. Allgire, J. Call, J. T schudi, C. Yake, K. Miller, .S. Campbell, R. Navarre. Row 4-D Carpenter, S. Wilcox, S. Campbell, R. Heimlich, D. Willeke, R. Keene, S. Williamson, C. Warner. Teacher: Mrs. Barber. L Row IQD. Lyons, S. Higgins, D. Thomas, D. Brooks, S. Holt, A. Stephenson, R. Maggs, H. Mann, C. Smith, K. Packer, S. Wolford. Row 2-C. Little, J. Reid, C. Nelson, M. Miller, P. Underwood, R. Meyer, K Augenstein, A. Harvey, M. Curtis, M. Miller, C. Hildebrand. Row 3-D. Logan, J. Hatfield, M. Pollard J. Jones, T. Young, B. Lyons, J. Chapman, L. Westbrook, D. Miller, S. McCurdy, S. Sherman L. Michal Row 4h-T. Amick, S. Goff, J. Herrod, L. Hull, D. Styer, D. Wiehe, D. Buyer, M. Wilcox, R. Slnith. Teach- ers: Mrs. Barber, Mrs. Bowen. ith others. Row 1-K. Noggle, K. Levering, J. Hatten, D. Wright, T. Martin, J. Shipman, J. Hutchinson. Row 2-A. Machesky, V. Styer, B. Varner, G. Prinzing, J. Ratliff, R. Robinson, D. Coon. Row 3-P. Grasmehr, T. Conant, R. Bowersmith, M. Patterson, T. Bedwell, J. Hawk, T. Hawk, J. Smith. Row 4-D. Short, M. Smiley, T. Bensley, G. Geyer, L. Wood, J. Bailey, C. Farris. Absent-M. Harvey. Teacher: Mrs. Wallis. Row 1-A. Castle, T. Swint, B. Ruhl, M. Heacock, J. Benedict, K. McCauley, K. Bowen, S. McNeilis, S. Bachelder, D. Edwards, D. Sutherland. Row 2-S. Wood, D. Hayes, S. Anderson, C. Snyder, L. McNeilis, H. Dewey, M. Bowman, B. Briley, J. Evans, L. Coots, M. Phillips. Row 3-J. Squires, K. Long, H. Jones, M. Smith, J. Long, V. Blue, L. Korody, T. Campbell, D. Seitz, A. Judy. Absent-M. Gompf, T. Kitts. Teacher: Mrs. Wallis. The Mizpah Staff wishes to thank the following merchants and businessmen for their school spirit and financial support . . . .., - i v K kk , 5 Mx -T-ati. - . g 7. -, k NR-Q 'Q-IPAQ'-'-fi x A " 'i i X4 T ' , 1- + ' f ? -E N , 1 - -, ' if X y X X - I ,4 32 'X ' . ' b JN XX S ,k m x Q X - QR, . TX Y.., ts ig Tx: Q XX XT 'x x xl in N Advertising L, - 1- I Q--1, X x CAMPBELL AUTO SUPPLY 50 Soufh Main Moun+ Gilead, Ohio Congraiulafions fo fhe Seniors! HICKSON INSURANCE-REALTY Serving all of Morrow Couniy 946-6055 Mouni' Gilead, Ohio SOUTH STREET LAUNDRY 81 CAR WASH 2090Cen1'er Sfreei' Cardingfon, Ohio Bes+ Wishes +o 'rhe Seniors THE GLEDHILL ROAD MACHINERY Ga'i""- Ohm Complimenfs of MORROW ELECTRIC CO-OP Moun+ Gilead Ohio 946-2856 J 81 H SHOE STORE Public Square Galion, Ohio SID'S CLEANERS 29 Soufh Main Moun+ Gilead, Ohio 946- I 966 Complimenis of l'lUFFNER'S SQ-SI.00 STORE Mounf Gilead. Ohio Congra+ula+ions Seniors BOWEN JEWELERS 37 Soulh Main Mounf Gilead, Ohio 946- I 85 I H P M Division of Koehring WlEHE'S WESTERN AUTO Mounl' Gilead's Family Sfore 54 Soufh Main Mouni' Gilead, Ohio Yea! 69 BOLINGER IMPLEMENT Lawn and Gardening Equipmen+ John Deere Ed Oh 946 50 I 7 Phone 946-3076 Mt. Gilead, Ohi GE, 777fng br ,e f - 1969 Sink N X zfgghfjrfaeg X E Rf L - K X ,,e,,,,.. J - "W . Lex" - VN, x Q-15, A X' X U X l ' X XX ' , X e , 'X x N ' 5525 f f - ' ' Q ' ziiiaias - ff 'ff A e . E ::::'77 f ' 3 Q A , , 'vi IHRID LI ll 2-DR IIAHDTUI' JUHN JAGGER MUTUR SALES JIM DUGANS I23 NorI'h Main S'I'ree'I' Marion, Ohio EVANS IMPLEMENT Allis-Chalmers New Holland New Idea A-C Trac'I'or I' B. B. MOBIL HOMES Galion, Ohio CompIimen+s of BENSON T.V. 8: RADIO Edison, Ohio I63 I Yea! 69 Complimenis of BENNETT'S on Ihe square Galion, Ohio Congrafulaiions Class uNloN ,229 REGISTER FATE I9 Easf S+ree+ 'Morrow Counlyls 33 Cenier Slreei Firsi Newspaper" Mouni Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-6866 MORTON HARDWARE 28 Sou'I'h Main Mounf Gilead, Ohio 946-594 I THE SENTINEL I22 Years Old New Every Wednesday "AI The School News" SNYDER'S MILLING SERVICE Concreie Block ik Feed and Supplemenfs 'ik Buyers of Grain if Also Shelling-Grinding-Mixing 253-248I or 263-259I OZZIE'S OIL CITY BARBER SHOP I Mile Norfh of Edison on Boundary Road Complimenis of YUNKER'S SPORTING GOODS OPAL CAMPBELL-JEANNE LEHNER I55 Cline Avenue Mansfield, Ohio '64 Salesman: JOHN JOHNSON THE WHITE HOUSE Ladies' Apparel and Accessories 20 WesI' High SI'ree+ Mounf Gilead, Ohio 946- I 046 Compliment of COLUMBIA GAS OF Tuma or-no NEWS BARBER PRESS LAND MARK iP'i"'i"9i FARM SUPPLY M"u'gh?'i'ea" I0 Wesf Marion Mouni' Gilead, Ohio JAN REE BEAUTY SHOP High Fashion Siyling Edison, Ohio 946-4856 Complimenfs of DAVE DECKER and JAC HULL K I3 Soufh Main Sfreef Mouni' Gilead, Ohio WH ETSTONE LANES Edison, Ohio 946-2076 Congra+uIa+ions Seniors QUAYIS DRUG' STORE Galion, Ohio Er W K Ie' HARPER'S DAIRY Edison, Ohio Phone: 946-4836 "Four Regislered Pharmacisls 'ro Fill Your Prescriprionsn Kodak Cameras Cosmefics BILL'S HARDWARE 33 Sou+h Main Mouni Gilead, Ohio THE GLOBE CLOTHING STORE Galion UIZIIERS CRYSTAL ICE 8: ZERO LOCKER Mouni' Gilead, Ohio 946-2846 Complimenrs of TAYLOR'S MARKET 30 Soufh Main Mouni' Gilead, Ohio 946-3 94 I KEITH'S FLOWER SHOP 946-4866 .L-,, WORNSTAFF INN Cardingion, Ohio ROSE ARNOLD BEAUTY SALON 2 I4 Sou+I1 S'I'. Mounf Gilead R 8' H 946-583I AND M WALL COVERING Inferior Decoraiing mmV A b., , ig , K IZ 52 Soufh Main Mouni' Gilead, Ohio BLOOMFIELD'S T.V. and Appliances Mounl Gilead, Ohio 946-893i SOULIER PLUMBING AND HEATING American Slandard Ins+aIIa+ions and Repairs 946- I abl GATES 8: WALSH, Con'I'rac+ors and Builders Phone--945-5237 Mounf Gilead, Ohio Rou'Ie alfl SNYDER HARDWARE Best Wishes to the Seniors GAMBLES 81 WEAVER'S IGA FOODLINER PORTER'S FROZEN CUSTARD Mee+, Ea+, and Drink a+ Por+er's B Best Wishes to the Seniors VALLO MOTORS 220 Sou+h Main Mouni' Gilead, Ohio Salesmen: BOB WEAVER AND FRANK MCCLAIN QMACWI SERWCE 1 GEYER'S SUPER DOLLAR NL'-IbiRd PEOPLE Yl ZA 16 6'f , f 4 gg Za? 1 if F5 01 I Y QQQ , LAN E Mr. Best Wishes to the Senior Class of I969 WlG5 ModeOf 10091. WIG 4 , FALL SALES RNA l. THE UNION STORE Mounl' Gilead. Ohio 946-4956 Mrs. Annie ScoH' Mr. and Mrs James Auld Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bachelder Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baird Mr. and Mrs. James Barne'H' Mr. and Mrs. Dwighl' Benson Mr. and Mrs. Alberl' Brady Mr. and Mrs. James N. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Breese Mr. and Mrs. Marion Busse Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carpenler Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Clinger Mr. and Mrs George Cronenwe'H Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Dickerson Mr. and Mrs. Har'l'sell Dodrill Mrs. BeH'y Dowis Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ferrell Mrs. John Slyer Mr. and Mrs. Dale Fox Mr. and Mrs. John Geddis Mr. and Mrs. Carl Goff Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gordon Mrs. Anne Gullell' SENIOR PARENT PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hunelxe Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harper Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Harris Mrs. Florence Webb Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hinfon Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hollrey Mrs. Agnes Hord Mrs. Mildred Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jones Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly Mrs. Kalhryn Klingel Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Korody Mr. and Mrs C. L. Lehman Mr. and Mrs Dennis Rogers Mr. and Mrs Warren McCelland Mr. and Mrs Earl Mas'l'erson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Maison Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mills Mrs. Melody Morris Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mosier Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Mulvaine Mr. and Mrs. Price Owens Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Parlrer Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. M rs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Bernice Persons and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Maurice Phillips Dale Pinyerd Waller Richards BeH'y Mason and Mrs. Lowell Ruhl and Mrs Richard Sample and Mrs: C. A. Shealy and Mrs. Everefl' Shirk Margarel' Smilh and Mrs. John Tennanl and Mrs. Roberl Trainer Dean Higgins and Mrs. Harold Ullom and Mrs. Kenne'l'h Walfon and Mrs. William Ward and Mrs. Edward Wallcins Be'l'h Weber and Mrs. Gale Weller and Mrs. R. D. Wesl' and Mrs. Ray Williams and Mrs. lra Wilson and Mrs. Waller Woilseclr and Mrs. Paul Zwayer l73 ASMAN'S DRUG Mf. Gilead, Ohio Auld, Jeff-Class Officer 45 Boys State 35 Student Council 35 Constitu- tion Committee 45 F.T.A. 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Chess Club 3, 45 izpah 45 District-State Scholarship earn 35 National Merit 35 Preliminary District 1, 2, 35 Preliminary Scholastic 2, 35 Junior Class play 35 Senior Class Play 4. achelder, Sandy-F.H.A. 3, 45 Mizpah , 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior lass Play 4. F Bailey, Carnell-Track 35 lndustrial Arts Club 4. ,Baird, Lois-Girls Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Track 45 F.M.A. 1, 2, 35 lF.T.A. 2, 35 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Thes- ians 3, 45 Y-Teens 25 Librarian 35 cience Fair Award 15 Girls State 35 and 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 2, 3, 45 izpah 3, 45 District-State Scholarship eam 1, 2, 3, 45 Preliminary District , 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 5 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class lay 45 Thespians 35 Pep Band 2, 3, 4. ,Barnett, Judi-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 15 Mizpah 3, 45 Arrowtales 3, N45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 4. Benson, Gayle-Constitution Commit- tee 45 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mizpah 35 Pre- liminary Scholastic 2, 3, 45 Senior 'Class Play 4. Brady, Pam Lee-F.H.A. 35 G.A.A. 1. Brady, Pam Sue-Class Officer 35 F.M.A. 1, 25 G.A.A. 15 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Choir 1, 25 Vocal Contest 25 Mizpah 45 Preliminary District 1, 25 ,Preliminary Scholastic 1, 2. 'Bu.sse, Betsy-Office Help 45 Candy Striper 45 F.H.A. 3, 45 F.M.A. 3, 45 Y-Teens 35, Choir 3, 4-5 Junior Class Play 3. Carpenter, Susie-F.M.A. 25 G.A.A. 15 Y-Teens 25 DECA 45 Choir 1, 2, 45 Vocal Contests 1, 2, 4. Clinger, Peggy-Office Help 45 F.M.A 1, 2, 35 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 45 Librarian 1, 2, 3, 45 Mizpah 3, 45 Jun- ior Class Play 3. Cronenwett, Roxie-Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 25 Student Council 1, 3, 45 F.T.A. 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Girls State 35 Homecoming Court 45 P.T.A. Carnival Court 15 Track Court 25 Homecoming Queen 45 Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play 3. Dickerson, F rank-Basketball 1, 25 Golf 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 45' Thespians 3, 45 Chess Club 35 Art Club 45 Mizpah 45 Preliminary Scholastic 45 Junior Class Play 35 Sen- ior Class Play 4. Dodrill, Brenda-Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Thespians 35 Y- Teens 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Court 45 Track Court 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mizpah 3, 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 4. Dowis, Greg-Baseball 15 Golf 25 Student Council 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Thes- pians 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 35 Dance Band 1, 2, 35 Mizpah, 3,45 District-State Scholarship Team 2, 45 National Merit 35 Preliminary District 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 4, Ferrell, Ron-Basketball 15 Football 25 Track 25 Thespians 35 V.A.C. 35 Jun- ior Class Play 3. Fox, Pat-F.M.A. 15 F.T.A. 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 Mizpah 3, 45 District-State Scholarship Team 1, 2, 35'National Merit 35 Preliminary District 35 Preliminary Scholastic 35 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 4. Geddis, Becky-Office Help 45 F.H.A. 1, F.M.A. 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Candy Striper 35 Mizpah 45 Arrowtales 35 Preliminary Scholastic 25 Senior Class Play 4. Goff, Barb-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.M.A. 2, 35 C.A.A. 1, 2, 35 DECA 45 Arrow- tales, 2, 3. Gordon, Steve-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 V.A.C. 3, 45 National Merit 1. Gullett, Steve-Basketball 2, 35 F.T.A. 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 3. Harden, Earl-Basketball 25 Hi-Y 15 DECA 45 Junior Class Play 3. Harper, Randi-F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 45 Art Club 45 Mizpah 45 Arrowtales 35 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 4. Harris, fill-Cheerleading 45 Class Of- ficer 1, 2, 35 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 45 Dance Band 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Play 4. Hashman, Mardee-F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Arrowtales 3. Hayes, Lloyd-Track 35 Chess Club 35 Photography Club 3. Holtrey, ferry-Basketball 3, 45 Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 V.A.C. 2, 3, 45 Fish and Game Club 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 45 Thespian Play 3. Hard, Sheila-Office Help 35 Candy Striper 35 F.H.A. 2, 35 F.M.A. 2, 35 G.A.A. 1, 2. Hubbard, Richard-Football 3, 45 Track 35 Class Officer 45 F.T.A. 45 Hi-Y 45 V.A.C. 45 Science Club 15 District-State Scholarship Team 3, 45 National Merit 35 Preliminary District 3, 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 4. 1 I75 l Jackson, Tim-Golf 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, V.A.C. 3, 4, Arrowtales 4, Junior Class Play 3. fones, Vickie-Candy Striper 3, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, F.M.A. 2, 3. Kelly, Marla-Class Officer 2, F.M.A. 2, 3, C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, PTA Carnival Court, Choir 1, Jun- ior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4. Klingel, Bobbi-Class Officer 1, Of- fice Help 3, C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Court 4, PTA Carnival Court 3, 4, Choir 1, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4. Korody, ferry-Basketball 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 1. Lehman, lady-F.H.A. 3, F.M.A. 2, 3, Candy Striper 3. Linder, Pam-F.M.A. 2, G.A.A. 1, Thespians 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, Prelimi- nary District 1, 2, Junior Class Play 3. Masterson, Alan-Basketball 4, Track 1, 4, Arrowtales 3, Band 3, Senior Class Play 4. Matson, Richard-Industrial Arts Club 4. McClelland, Cary-Junior Class Play 3. Mills, Bill-Baseball 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, V.A.C. 3, 4, Senior Class Play 4. Morris, Nanette-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.M.A. 1, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Mizpah 4, Senior Class Play 4. Mosier, Dorothy-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Arrowtales 1, 2, 3, 4. l7b Owens, feff-Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, -1, V.A.C. 2, 3. 4, Senior Class Play 4. Parker, John-Constitution Committee -l. Persons, David-Football 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 4, V.A.C. 4, Art Club 4, Senior Class Play 4. Phillips, Sandy-Office Help 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 4, Arrowtales 2, 3, 4, National Merit 3, Preliminary District 2, Preliminary Scholastic 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Play 3. Pinyerd, facque-Statistician 3, F.M.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, Junior Class Play 3. Richards, Carolyn-Office Help 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, Mizpah 4. Roberts, Eddie-Baseball 2, 3, 4, V.A.C. 3, 4. Ruhl, Carol-F.M.A. 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, Y- Teens 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, Mizpah 3, 4. Sample, Herb-Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, V.A.C. 3, 4, Arrowtales 1. Shealy, Claudia-F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 4, Mizpah 3, 4, Arrowtales 2, District- State Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4, National Merit 3, Preliminary District 1, 2, 3, 4, Preliminary Scholastic 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4, Thespian Play 3. Shirk, Portia-F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Thes- pians 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 4, Instrumental Contests 1, 2, Mizpah, 3, 4, District-State Scholarship Team 2, National Merit 3, Preliminary District 1, 2, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4. Smith, Becky H.-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Jun- ior Class Play 3. Smith, Becky-Student Council 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Mizpah 4, Junior Class Play 3. Tennant, Sondra-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Thes pians 3, Art Club 4, Senior Classl Play 4, Thespian Play 3. Trainer, Larryv-Basketball 1, 2. 1 1 Walton, Pam-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, G.A.Al 1, Thespians 3, Senior Class Play 4. Ward, Steve-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4,1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 4, Stu- dent Council, 1, 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3l Weber, Debbie-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4" F.M.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Arrow tales 1, 2. Weller, Craig-Football 1, 2, 3, 4,1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 4' F.T.A, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4 Mizpah 4, District-State Scholarshi Team 4, National Merit 3, Preliminar District 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3,1 Senior Class Play 4. West, Doug-Football 2, Track 1, 4, Industrial Arts Club 4. Williams, Duane-Hi-Y 2, Junior class- Play 3. Wilson, Jack-F.F.A. 3, Industriall Arts Club 4. Wojtseck, Wanda-F.M.A. 1, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, Y Teens 2, 3, Candy Striper 4, Band 2 3, 4, Mizpah 4, Arrowtales 3, Junio Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4 Thespian Play 3. Zwayer, Dan-Baseball 1, Basketball 1 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 4, F.T.A. 4, Hi-Y 2 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, V.A.C. 3, 4 Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Pla 4, Thespian Play 3. x 6 -5 M E. 2 X E -Q w a K L I 'A ar ff . - K x , u if s .gf 4 1 S i 1, '. :Eg Mn . v Sh Q, 4 x K! 'u'5 A 'Y H 5. i', a A,, ' fxvxx' H41 ' min 4 'N1 x ' ' I N u ka Q ,4 w 'A , wx 'sz wp ,QU ' a w '-5 ,Fifi .ll ,W 5 3 ,Ag f an 4 ' , ,, if 0 351 v Q 4 .,, Um' m f 31 ith all 154 f'i 9 A 'NY' v 4, 1 Q f W 5 1 Y . f 4. .x. , , 3 'L J ,E,'f W v , A i , ,, M, 'K ,. in ,VA , -x ,j, W , Q, 1. 4,. 3 4 -'a ,,f . in i f, .wi ,, f 1 x,- 1 Q giR4Q I 1 S' slfxf,-" ,QJA ,-bf , .azuze wi EK l4!,,, 51,1 HH Nw fx' v , f 4 w ,,1.m, ., 1 I' Mfg" 1 , nf ww 2'?,l',,.1xM 'xrk f Xifllifzf X' Vt?,!r1 Wg 1 w ig Ha ' lf Q4 x,4,r'Y Lhf, w 1, a I4, A A '1 A w-1 1, e ff 4 V ,,, J , ,,, ,,v.u ,a.,, Vg X ,Tr V , f x-.5 ,3, 'xx'y1.ugH ', 'Wf 9- li, Q. , ! 9 1 5 f, www, ul' 4 A ,es,,.' 1 lz ,s Qi 3 VV 5 K wa 1 , 1 x v' , i NY MN r L! K 1,-A K X 1 S a 1, 1 -gl Q HY I 5 M x ffm 3 ,Kl'n 'A .rx ' . , X mgvxwlk if-4 'aff I 'A 4. IK 11 lg " Qs 'xy 11 x 'H .X 3, 4 ix ,' H af' J I' x I". 1 fy' '.. IVX s 'R .- 4 1 if L. ' L 4 "u 'K v 1 I, a IX Vx ,K ,xx g 'I 1. 'M I V. - I .- . . 7, 1 I , lr- 1. v:K 'l lx 1'. a. W X'l'l ,Q SD . 'wg nah'-' 1 u B , . 1 Q

Suggestions in the Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) collection:

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