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Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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I I 1 J wi .TAR ,. 9' 'LAM Q. l mt The Nineteen Sixty-seven MIZPAH Mount Gilead High School Mount Gilead, Ohio Volume Lll li f XJQAD H1 X C9 Qs I 2 X 1 Plus ULTRA t 3,1 ff' xxx I A E xl X - A v ,I 0 S xxxx - If Foreword The classrooms, the hallways, the offices - the school. More than brick and mortar, the school is the students. If there be students, there must be teachers, and both require administrators. Yet, as important as the buildings and personnel, is the spirit, symbolized by a seal, newly created, a motto, "This far and farther." Mount Gilead is made up of traditions of the past, knowledge of the present and potential of the future. Ninety-four years of progress to this end, this beginning. 2 I Table of Contents Personnel ....... ..... 4 Seniors ......... ..... 1 4 Underclassmen ..... .... 3 O Organizations ....... ....... 4 8 Athletics ........ ....... 7 8 Special Events .................. .... 9 4 Junior High 81 Elementary ...... ..... l O8 Advertisements .............. ..... l 50 PERSONNEL High School Administrators Guide Student Life. K I kyrh -,X- . ffm d A 4 Q Q --ff' . ., f -' ga- W i 3 ',--:.""""....-- i .. Q Q, Cf .M 2 . iiiiii . H ' ' 3' ff " ' 1 D. C. NICHOLSON High School Principal A. B. Ohio University M. Ed., Ohio University X EILEEN HART Secretary to Mr. Nicholson ROXANNA FRY Bookkeeper and Secretary Administration ond Board of Educotior ? Y, if RAY MILLS, JR. Superintendent of Schools B. S., Wilmington College M. A., Miami University MAXINE ASHBROOK Secretary to Mr. Mills Oversee School Functions. The five members of the Board of Education are elected by voters in the school district. Meeting bi- monthly, the board pays bills and controls finances. Their philosophy is to give each student the best edu- cation possible with the available funds. Members of the Board discuss possible improvements in the school system -vw-um ,.4,fn-..,... . ,, , , ,.,. uma, ....,,,..c..- - .. .- . fee. ,W M um! ' "" .., ,,..c,:,-,tM..W.cM,..a.....,.,...-,..,,., my , , t . -Q- ,...,....,.. A W,,,1:,,. , ' W' V' "e't:""'-'es -'M -M .......a..r--.,N.. .Mae . 1 K ,E .,. i -M NMA meFWNmiMVMWWWNNWWMWLW qkkk WMM K, -K A- ...a......,...,... .. . 1, i -vu .. W .......-l. i ......... ...MW ,, M. ,, --""s if 2 - . . :., . , . Q p X . , .... A. ...av .N..w..M...-..w...t,M,.t.t-.,.,.t.t.-w-....,W.. ,, WW, KAAK M, A, 12 4, I .... ...M A ., f,,..., ....,. ., . , A. ..... g , ..,,.,... M, .. -, f L I . N ,-,,. -.....,....t,,,, ,.,. , j A W a 5. ,..,.. .. ..., ,,.r,.-,,.,r,..,MM., ,.., ,.-,. .. .-, , ...N .. ,. . . u... . .., ,, , Y - W a I a. a ., ., ,. . ...-........,....,....,t.,.,.., ,.., .... . . ,......c...,., . .,.N. f K, N, ,ic I pn M I ...-,...,..-.,-..,...,. ,-,-. . W i Donald Bachelder, George Jackson, Richard Jagger-President, Donald Graham-Vice President, Eugene Lust, C. R. Gladden-Clerk. 7 Teachers exhibit on vclriefy MRS. VIRGINIA MEYER Business Law, Economics General Business, Civics MR. MICHAEL HAWKINS Vocal and Instrumental Music MRS. NANCY KENNEDY Commercial MRS. JANE THROCKMORTON Home Economics of skills cmd talents. MR. JAMES KNOTTS MR. BENJAMIN STOUT II1flL1SfI'i3.l AITS Industrial Arts Efiw.. I Lg.: ,K 1:- ,A ,lf ,isa +V of MR. PAUL STINEMAN MRS. FLORENCE CLOUSE Physical Education Physical Education Driver's Training Health, Guidance Health 9 You cannot Teach c mon cmythingg you car A H' ., .-v Yiigag 5 i ., 'tymwm MISS JAN ICE MURPHY English I, Civics MRS. KATHRYN WIELAND English III 84 IV MRS. BLANCHE KNACHEL English II 8a III MR. RICHARD NAUMAN English I, Speech only help him to find it within himself. . . Galileo S MR. JOHN QUINN American History, American Government MR. PAUL BREMIGAN Social Studies, Guidance if MR. JAMES MILLER MRS. VALESKA NICHOLSON World History, Librarian French Teachers are guides and participants. MR. CHARLES COOK Chemistry, Physics, MR. CHARLES SWANSON Algfbfa I General Science, Physical Science, General Math, Algebra I MR. STARK BEARD Vocational Agriculture, Vocational Horticulture aiu E CV' iss- MRS. MARTHA HUBBERT Advanced Math, Algebra II, Plane Geometry MR. GERALD WHITE Biology Cooks cmd custodians perform necessary fosks. Yu -1+ s :ya jg, .-wivyt I, , -ana x- if-we , r.:s S S , gt ".: sg .:,,f Q We " ii' 'tr "ll . . ,,,..W :uf Q I A I 5 I K T A ' ., . .s 1, Q.. ' 'E I' rrsrr' . ' a t .. ' .f Q . . S' s sr L + Q ssr 2 . . S sero I I I S . 'Y' f rr flzz., f:-: aff -f n ..:.' - -'r2-" . -::. , " L' .,,. . " " 1s . -- ss'.r ai ffii l g " ' - f SITTING: D. Jennings, M. Nesbitt, L. Bader, G. Covert, I. Steck, M. Green. STANDING: H. Dilsaver, I. Hildebrand, L. Staley. ' Barbara Billingsley pauses as she cleans building number two. Mr. Potter happily mows the lawn. Jack Fisher and Libby Nuffer take time out from their endless tasks. I3 gm:.m L SENIORS ,Ai President Gary Craven and his fellow- officers, Vice-President Frank Slavik, Treasurer Steve Brown, and Secretary jenny Long are always eager to see what's around the corner. Officers lead the class of sixty-seven. Patricia Allen Mary Baird Marilyn Baker Harold Baldwin Michael Barnett Jack Bartley .-. P ew Seniors goin maturity os they begin ii-up QkY""-v ' ' 'ff--J Dennis Brocklesby Steven Brown Tim Casto Christie Clark Barry Cody Bonnie Coldwell fl Kris Wood and Sherry Heacock enjoy cultural pursuits in the fields of Recess IV and Advanced Bubble-blowing. s their final yeor of high school. la ' WMM 'Immun ,v john Coning Rebecca Cronenwett RIGHT: Presenting a demonstrative speech, Bill Soulier shows the class the techniques of playing guitar. FAR RIGHT: Judi Jagger examines cur- rent periodicals seeking research ma- terial for a theme. K-...MW " Gloria Conkle Gary Craven Claude Dallas Tamsen Dalrymple ,Q -i Bertha and jim present a government report concerning alcoholism. Seniors recall Times spen QV Mary Elkin Linda Evans Debra Fate James Fisher Helen Farrington Franklyn Fox ulone or in on crowd. .r M Along with the educational fac1l1t1es of " " L l' MW h h l ' tk d t fthe t e sc oo , semors a e a van age o relaxing beauty of the campus rn the fa War 0r"""" David Gerhardt David Hartpence 2. f 1 John Geyer Martina Harvey Jerry Hart Sherry Heacock Organization ocfivifies help Michael Hedrick Charles Henry Thomas Higgins Keith High janet Hildebrand Gary Hobson w Homecoming rehearsal: "Your job, boys, , is to see that she doesrft trip getting out of the car." l l H 9 is form responsible citizens. I in 'QW 1, Sally Huston Judi Jagger Christina James Clarence Keckler james Keil Teresa Kelley A special committee composed of John Coming, john Zimmerman, Frank Slavik, and Gary Craven review ideas for class projects. 2I Hmm . . ., hanky-panky! Seniors will their cherished possessions S -Q ge . Teresa Knox Betty Linscott Jennifer Long Barbara Lykins Bonita McClelland Sharon McCracken Senior girls present an extra credit proj- ect in Mrs. Wieland's class. Y! 3 U- To Juniors of The Junior-Senior Prom. Edna. McHugh Charles Mosier .Y Edna Malone Christine Mosier f Alice Mosier Carolyn Neal The spirit of sixty-seven is reflected 'M ,,, -,,,,.1 , ,e.,, . , ,, ,,,, . ., M if , Mis.. I A X 'Z ITT' Carol Pate Judy Phillips :iff D011 PPIHCISOII Michael Pfeifer Judith Rensch Donald Rice Q' FAR LEFT: "Oh, 'bout this big!" ,g,5Q1.hN9 LEFT: Tim Casto and Mike Pfeifer are among seniors ordering graduation announcements. by laughter . . . ond meditotion . . . QUE tw, 2 fi? M s 3 Q, Darrol Riffle Calvin Shirk Deb and John express the changing moods of seniors. ,,.....a-M Carolyn Roberts Charles Shaffer David Sipe Frank Slavik ,, 5 ' ,gh 'V ' 2509 ,I "I-IUH?!?" Spring fever and approaching graduation 18 Qfgjv K., fav' B 'www V'CT'fN,." Karen Smith Vickie Smith john Snyder Wfilliam Soulier William Southard Larry Stockdale Turn Thoughts from studies. "Do you people in the back have some thing you want to share with the c1ass?' qw , H, af 04 , 't 2! ' Kay Tierney Thomas T rainer Richard Troyer Mariann Uffefman Sandra Wehr Rudy Wilkinson After graduation, eighty-three seniors will each travel separate roads. R 2 is Kristine Wood Dan Wyss Harold Young Richard Young john Zimmerman RIGHT: A busy senior takes time out from her schedule to Study. FAR RIGHT: To serious- minded seniors, English is a. subject which will help them further their com- municative abilities. ,.....aeau!!l'! r 5 W, ,RW L rrii or i , ...t f - - - in W -W 5252 .r..,.,k5,,,qr. eff .sf A W :W - The seniors of their best. Bonnie guzzles again! AM V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! That's the Senior battle cry! nssess c Ah-ah-hh- 'X r if ia A 4 J ' if ff? I Q1 .H if We W ., '- ,M f ,,,, Seniors line up for another delicious cafeteria meal. jerry and Gary concentrate on the corn plexities of football at a practice ses sion. 29 UNDERCLASSMEN Excitement reigns os Juniors receive their closs rings. Each year juniors plan and finance the Junior-Senior Prom. Elected to organize the event this year are Mike Lepp, Presiclentg Jane Logan, Vice-Presiclentg Sharon Taylor, Secretaryg and Cathy Kubbs, Treasurer. , V mlb ra ' 0 Q ' N.. y ii laerrr t wi' .fa i if W E. 3,167 " 'Lu-.P E-:mf ev ag? 1 in I Q jg. Q y Z 'I A Q 5 14 fi W it :W V. Armstrong B. Bachelder S. Beall L. Brown D. Burnell W. Campbell J. Carrnean S. Carter j. Casto T, Clapper C. Clouse N. Conkle C. Corbin R. Cotton C. Counts gg 9-'G pw. 4 , fx.. One hundred and one Juniors assume new 1 uuuu s-5.5. x- i A ,X- .rr I 5 . "n"' V 1 ,Af I . ,,.,. W E v. A 1 Q w V - sn H i fa.. R 4 x if ,", f .W . ,i,fg m . - tk P 'F' il ' 1 fi. my G. Counts S. Edwards T. Farrington M, Ferrell S, Foster D. Franks j. Frayer P. George R. Gladden J. Goff C. Gompf N. Harden P. Hedrick K. Helman G. Hildebrand Sharon Taylor reads minutes of the last junior Class meeting as members discuss plans for raising prom funds. responsibilities cis upperclcissmen. , 2f"S, G4 ff-Q, wi. ll' '54-...f D. Hinton J. Kehrwecker C. Kubbs All 'UN lib M. Hord M. Kemnitzer D. Kuenzer if 'iz as -wig, M. jordan S. Kirkpatrick M. Lepp A 2 irii I W . .A,,,, 'L QTTW 'ff' il V x A N M. jordan M. Keckler R. Kisor D. Knox R. Levings L. Loffer 1' .f w. , f f W W .1 . 1- J a W J. Logan J. Lyon C. McClelland M. MCCombs M. McHugh T. McKinney J: McPeek S. Mills f Q ' f f, ' ' 'ff .. I ul I V 95 '. 'f ,V , , I . . QW iw. ZW. .fi lf. .. .mp W ..f ..,.. . D. McDonald L. Pangborn Spring PSAT is administered in it ii 5 ,VV , ,,,, 1. in F . iii 1 ' .,.. . AL 11- ,,.. , "'.. N2 : Nz -q gggg me S. Patton J. Richardson J. Sayers K. Shelton C. Smith FEM , . . W if . fli' ' , in Y Q ii' if Qi-f ww o, 5? " .1 13' ,,.. 1,, .. ..., , K iA,.ii , K iioo B. Phillips C. Riffle P. Seaburn J. Sherbourne T. Smith K . ., t . as R W .ufsslep ww- zz as -f Jv' :,' 325 , F H Porter Rizor Seaburn Shipman E. Snell M. Randolph UJ?"?"?" RUPP Shade Simpson Stansbery J. Ransbottom R. Ryan D. Shaw R. Smith Y. Starlin prepoi ation for college opplicotion. 4T'V"7 xi HI 'X Q-.-New G. Stockdale P. West NOT PICTURED: K. Bachelcler, G. Bailey, S. Baker, P. Bradley, L. Chase, P. Clark, C. Hall, R. Richards, S. Sherbourne, B. Steckg P. Troyer, G. Watt. Libby, as usual, supports a class project by purchasing a place setting from Erin Snell and Vicki Wilkinson. S. Taylor D. Vanderkooi C. Wafnef V. Wilkinson C. Worline J. Wren 1 .Treev i projects. is .no sap! He supports his Junior Class Sophomores goin assurance now that They I 5, ,A l, cf F4 c if QQUM l if jill Harris, Sophomore Class President and her cabinet, Roxie Cronerlwett, Marla Kelly, and Jeff Owens, familiarize themselves with the fire alarm system in preparation for emergency. av 2 for WM, ' ii ' V 0 3 l W? 'no- vm . J. Auld S. Bachelder L. Baird I Baffleff M, Billingsley P. Bradley P. Brady P- Brady P. Brehm B. Burgess S. Carpenter P. Cllnger G. Benson D. Breese S. Collet have o yeor of high school behind them. : . , fi , -, ., , ff ... ..,,. . E V 1 f-395' N X an R. Cronenwett B. Dodrill 3 5 D. Daniels T. Eckard D. Devore D. Efaw f ,fm 4 1 Z fb L. F. Dickerson P. Ferguson WT' Irv ll .gi R .-.Y 'Jae J. Dallas G. Dowis 1 .sl , . I.-. Th , .llvyz 2' ' 5 , Q, 1 H 'f-' ' V .1 is , , 'l.1"'0'f. ,V I L Vriyr , K Mlv , , J hllel R - . . F , . f. D, H Zhi yr K ,. ..2E ' . N , , ., i H V: R. Ferrell K. Fissell P. Fox B. Goff S. Gordon S. Gullet J. Harris L. Hayes R. Hinton WN B. Geddis E. Harden J. Holtrey 'nv-,fr D. Gheen R. Harper S. Horcl Imaginative proiecfs are fashioned a Y fa B.. ., -an 4... jf1i5fgf" - 'HN' -iw' 8 39-W 2 ??!s'f..g5ii ' 3.55 R - " ff-4k ,Q-. QQ, -" D f mf . 8. R. Hubbard T. Jackson E. james V. jones K. Kistner R. Klingel J, Korocly J. Lehman Nn...,,,,. it ll? A. Masterson R. Matson G. McClelland W. Mills P. Moses D. Mosier L. Noakes J. Owens M. Kelly M. March X, is .. Q 1 M 5-ali X -E 1. ' u 43' gas x X -M 35 is 2' s 6 N. Morris D. Persons s Sop omores study The novel SILAS MARNER. , ,F fl" Y A xxx' if Tv: , .- 8 W ii 'FNS S. Phillips E, Roberts ll Sophomores prepare mums for distribution on Homecoming night. .A SQ. J. Pinyefd R. Ramsey C. Richards A. Riley K. Rockwell F. Roush C. Ruhl N. Sabbe We ...Wi S. cf Ha 'X z 1'-bt... -s , K A H. Sample H. Sanders C. Shealy D. Sherbourne P. Shirk I- Smith Sophomores participate in traditional selling of mums. , T Zi! I is ,,L i , , . ka V ii! l f , i , Q K 1- .. Xiu-4fl!s ' 'Q y- gli it "' 'ai J' Q L 0,. -1.1 :.s", ,. W -. ,. .. ,. -.-M., il il tg, R. Smith P. Stiers R, Stull S. Tennant D. Trainer L. Trainer B. Ullnm P. Walton S. Ward M. Watkins D. Wfeber C, Weller D. West D. Williams' R. Wilson . . 'ii i 1 i'i ' W is s""'A it. an 6 Q kj? I i VVI I J rts ... ... iifif -and . .ww ,,. .... 4 5. ,il . K. Kistner diligently unearths a diagram of the intricate anatomy W. Wojtseck D. Wyss of an annelid. J. Zimmerman D. Zwayer NOT PICTURED: R. Allen, C. Bailey, J. McPeek, M. Young, R. Walters. 1 , ,,,.. . ,f.. - ' . by fsx '. - ' L 4 1 Freshmen conscientiously plon courses in preporofion for their coreers. Rain or shine, Linda Hord, Freshman Class President, and other officers, Bob Wehr and Sharon Brock, are prepared for the task of governing the Class of Seventy. Secretary, Becky Brush, is not pictured. 'li iiisirii . ihh ' a r iii,, . r'Frr A , .iii so w ir in J f t do tt- 1 isiii .2 .I I ,12' ' Q V 44,,,,M, ' .,'1f g ' 'w.'iA ' t. A ii . 'fy t . 'x i M. f .l if 252732 LVxV g ZFZ L V K J.. 4,7 ...Z ' 'exit' 'f 'WB i s...,,, .-A ' "" " -f, 2 ,W -ea sill i s , Qi ir Av' ig-:A-Auf gn www V ffm B. Augenstein B. Augenstein R. Bader V. Baker D- Baflef D. Bartley K. Bartley N. Belville S. Bennington C. BOONE' P. Brady C. Brinkman S. Brock K. Brocklesby .l- Brubaker ig Q is V' x kk ... Z A F N 1 SQ 4 SR :VV K xx. A ,..'L A - . fx, . -1af'W-w it A B. Brush L. Coldwell E. Davis R. Edwards R. Franks Freshmen class officers actively participate 5 r A E ' A is-.surfqd ' ., -fi' 'F me A f- .. . . vs 5 . 1 . :'- 5 K ".- gg g:,A. Ti -. r - x 2 . cccc . Q , , .W AA V Q .4 - . 'eec W 1 E--A Q sv if cci -me . .. K. LLV: . Msg. ix , J R W' 3 f WM - 9 i K . , .,,.W,, is f f he-we as T. Campbell G. Conant K. Dilsaver R. Evans S. Gatchall W. Campbell L. Cook D. Dunn V, Fields M. Geddis X, :GSW Q 1 ? 'f ...awk f" -vs X 2, sx Rx X NX SS b Isis Z M. Cherrington G. Curts E. Edwards J. Fox M. George in student government. I . 1 ,M Is that really me? I . ,.k: K PF N. fl W yu, 'K ' t f -.1 1 . Q-'. . if gi 1' gi l ' -me , -W .,. 1 . 'Cx Q' 'nntn i e tt t F' fr I .,-,Q ' nf ' f 272 ' 5. . 'a-Q F. Geyer N. Goff B. Haldeman J. Hamilfon "P9liQ.,a' I N. Graham K. Hardy li wx X 'ks y r tr fa ,. - " . 1' -. .Ig 2 -, vi... .- ? 'W .ik "1""" -wg, iw B. Griffith E. Griggs R. Hart D. Henry t 12 ,W - ,H i Iv.. Hjvx i Q1 VW .W-M .Q f Af '53 24 ,A D. Hobson J. Houpt M. Jackson J. Kincaid F. Kuenzer 'lin x 1' if MMV jfQ,,,,,m5 5 . ,, , . 'A 1 5. 0 V 1 awww' ff' i- -,, , , iw 1'lL'ff' Freshmen ioin in The prepcrclhor K slim.. QJ J. Hobson C. Howard J. Jagger G. Kirkpatrick J. Lanum f ,sh 1 Q' qw-. . H . ,, J fi-44' . 'Q . N. W "' . ' I in , W s wana L i li-QV 'awww x A 4 11 , ,' "k' 72. J Q V A," J i. ' I XX , Ill 1' R 4. . P 1 X D ' " ff'-+3 I ki. 'xx kgr A .A riff, qv, y I wr 1 J my H . ' 1 " ' . if , . as .... , , - - -'Q 5 A ' edgy, 5 5 's ff' W ' ' . all J ., fl . -in W L. Hollingsworth B. Hord L. Hord R. Howard J. Huston J. Jackson J. Jagger D. Johnson B. Kemnitzer K. Kistner G. Klingel K, Korody F. Long D. Lyle G. Lyman I1 ew literary magazine. fa, ., S . il f 1,:':..gj:gggj:mZ WQZQWX L . 4, wh? I "x ,' "vi vs fa, 2 N " nfs B. Lyons D. McHugh L. Osborn D. Rizor J. Sabbe km- 'QS WIN M , L wry . ffm , f 4 ' L 4, , -ffmwaw i .v-'fb sh, g Il' sz M., Z wi-,. ,,. L. Lyons M. McLain M. Powell S. Robinson K, Salisbury vu, 7' ?'aU2'Ql Q , , I ,W V ,41f.2C"'w 'tl' f 1 , 1 X. - I ' ls' , . " ' I wx f -' W 1 Q, .. ' r. E. Mercer E. Moore W. Prichard D. Rogers L. Saylor .fi r -'V' rg' I 2 , ': 'W W 115, 3 w.1" ' llll Mb, ' .1 1, ll' K ,, ,. in K .rra L .V i L L flick WW 1 - nll - L 2 1 ,X f .5411-q i.. :fum ' A x , .,,I,. ,Q V rr 'ff " -fx ..,..,, lr Us . 5 V H :,: ' H 2.15 ,, K A i , 1. ,,. , 4 Ju, 1 , .5 y .f 'mf R. McCracken R. Neal T. Rensch L. Rogers J. Scott if l A ? YQ TYVV McCurdy Newsome Riggs Roush Seaburn . i Q Q-s.,-..., ss w E., is 14, .- 1- usx I 'fr Q4 W' iii N ws st 17 ft' . os., in . so 'L Closs of '70 looks forword -. 'ro becom ing ' :,o -1. .4 5 -A N , Z 'Z 'f' ' 3. K Qi X 1 K i osl so ' . - , f - K Rikiii ff? P R. Sears T. Sipe H. Snell R. Toplyn B. Van Schoyck 'VY MW! llll J'-I' 4. ..,. .... it X 1. .X . Q si .. f K- s X S. Shipley M. Shoults D. Smith K. Sutherland S. Torrey BI. Vaughn J. Smith J. Tennant S. Troyer j, Walsh st, . W 'Z "WV TH - -9 X o 'E K 5 s fs . ., C. Simpson K. Smith F. Tharp T . Turner J. Walsh nlricoie part of extra-curricular activities. AN, . we 1 iii ii il ,lzf - . ' V k:.,.w'f' ' . . I . gg. V fkl' L' fi bfi. F "mf iii . . ii i .f Y in N In wr Z. , be 5-f f - 4. f wr. we - f' f N R K L, W i iiii . ' iiii Si kv,,k, I ,V . EE ,Si x fn :,, 1 ,55 fi Sig: . iiiiiiiiiiiii K . R. Wehr R. Wertz A. Wheeler E, Wilson B. Wood N. Wood M. Wood S. Wuertz G. Young Two members of the Class of '70 test their sales ability on a skeptical upperclassman. NOT PICTURED: J. Lawyer, J. Lester, P. McCracken, R. Shaffer, B. Vail. E 5 4 ORGANIZATIONS Spiritual Growth is the Y-Teen gool. ROW 1: Mrs. Knachel-Advisor, B. Coldwell-Sec., J. McPeek-V. Pres., T. Dalrymple-Pres., J. Logan-Member at Large, J. Jagger-Treas., Mrs. Wieland-Advisor. ROW 2: S. Kirkpatrick, L. Baird, P. Brady, C. Shipman, S. Foster, G. Benson, V. Wilkinson, M. Jordan, P. Fox, J. Harris, D. Shaw. ROW 5: B. Linscott, B. Bachelder, N. Harden, L. Brown, W. Wojtseck, M. Kelly, C. Shealy, P. Shirk, J. Carmean, J. Frayer, D. Kuenzer. ROW 4: R. Cronenwett, M. Ufferman, S. Carpenter, M. McCombs, C. Worline, B. Stansbery, C. Clouse, B. Dodrill, J. Pinyerd, M. Elkin, S, Wehr, K. Tierney. ROW 5: B. Cronenwett, K. Smith, C. Clark, D. Fate, J. Rensch, S. Heacock, B. McClelland, M. Baird, B. Klingel, P. Brehm, C. Kubbs. ,, U1 O 5 'Egg B D. sm "'l U' E' E. 53' FD pg N 5 " En 74 rn O r-I I3 E7 5. 2 2. 0 sg' 53 02 is G' 9 E' A is 'D o 3 Lf Ph s-. ifn F. Er. P2 pf- 53- rn P ua FD D their projects are taking charge of Christmas and Homecoming decorations in addition to conducting the Thanksgiving assembly. The club makes an effort to have outstanding programs to bet- ter its members, and a service project to better the com- munity. Cathy Kubbs and Jo Carmean Selected to attend the Y-Teen United Nations Study deliver holly that was sold by the Trip in New York were Bonnie Coldwell, Judi Jagger, Y-Teens and Tam Dalrymple. Building character and enthusiosn' I f 3 ,. 3 s ROW 1: D. Hartpence, G. Dowis, Mr. Swanson-Advisor, C. Weller, D. Brocklesby. ROW 2: J. Snyder, S. Ward, D. Zwayer, M, jordan, J. Zimmerman, E. Harden, D. Williams, T. Higgins. ROW 3: D. Riffle, T. Jackson, G. Counts, J. Owens, S. Gordon, J. Auld, S. Brown, C. Mosier. ROW 4: J. Hart, B. Cody, J. Coning, F, Slavik, G. Craven, D. Sipe, M. Barnett. fe, . A . .k gggg. . ., , ... Hi-Y member Chris Gompf poses with the Hi-Y Honors flag and its creator, Mrs. Fry. 50 In fulfilling their goals, the Hi-Y took part in several projects this year. They pur- chased an honors flag to be flown for ath- letic victories or other honors that came to our school. On a Saturday when the temper- ature was -SOF., the club members sold bal- loons for the Heart Fund Association. They also participated in the Hi-Y basketball tournament at the Marion YMCA. in its members are the Hi-Y gools. Gary Counts displays the flag purchased by the Hi-Y to be flown when an honor comes to our school. Craig Weller is elected president of next year's Hi-Y is ls sn ,. Q , ' l r'i sr' l' f ig if S, Q lg '1 4. flax' 29+ fi we ' ' t no is f s A . SE ' if 1 ,J l 1 The Honors flag is flown in honor of Gary Craven's appointment to the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. Spirit cmd pride describe the MGHS Indian Bond Marching Bande"Blow on those horns. Bring those knees up. Point your toes. Stand up straight and quit looking aroundi This doesn't even look like a marching band!" How many thousands of times do the band members hear these words at each practice? Many times they think they aren't going to live through the long weeks of practice. But all the work becomes worthwhile when they do their best on Friday night and know they have done a good job. LEFT: Majorettes Vickie Wilkinson, Karen Shelton, and Mary Jordan stand patiently by as drum ma- jorette Kay Tierney twirls the fire baton, 52 Concert Band develops musical appreciation. N,.i I ciiiei i is -:.,lL ,,,, , ROW 1: J. Logan, B. Stansbery, K. Korody, B. Cronenwett, P. Fox, M. Jordan, K. Shelton, C. Shipman, D, Smith, C. Pate. ROW 2: 1. Frayer, C. Clouse, L. Brown, B. Coldwell, N. Harden, Y. Starlin, J. Rensch, S. Mills, M. McCombs, D. Dunn, J. Zimmerman, M. Vaughan, G. Benson, G. Dowis, S. Brown, ROW 3: N. Belville, R. Hart, C. Shealy, S. Bennington, N. Goff, B. Bachelder, K. Dilsaver, E. Griggs, N. Wood, E. Mercer, V. Wilkinson, R. Gladclen, J. McPeek, S. Foster, C. Kubbs, J. Carmean, C. Smith, J. Harris, J. Smith, L. Baird, P. Shirk, B. Wood, D. Hartpence, T. Smith. ROW 4: J. Snyder, D. Efaw, W. Wojtseck, K. Tierney, Mr. Hawkins, C. Shirk, J. Hart, M. Baird. Although less rigorous than Marching Band, Concert Band is still hard work. Under the direction of Mr. Hawkins, the band gives three concerts a year besides playing at grad- uation. The band made an excellent showing this year in competition with other bands by bringing home a II rating in Class B. John Snyder packs up the drums for the trip to the contest held at Mansfield Senior High School this year. 53 "Music Alla Mod" was the theme of the 1967 Spring Concert presented by the music department. The band played "Them Basses" by Vincent Persichetti, "Themes from Doctor Zhivagou by Maurice Jarre, l'Music to Watch Girls Byl' by Sid Ramin, and a trombone trio, "Trombrero", by Frank Cofield. Mike Barnett presents Mr Hawkins with a gift from the band and choir 54 of the bond cmd choir. prepare for their spring performance. The choir performed a varied program of popular songs, folk music, selections from Broadway hits, and sacred numbers. Some of the featured numbers were "The Shadow of Your Smile" from The Sand- piper, "The Sweetheart Tree" from The Great Race, "Summer Time" from Porgy and Ben, "Country Style", "A Taste of Honey", and "Almighty God of Our Fathers". The choir presents their most outstanding performance in the spring. The choir blend their voices fo: ROW 1: C. McClelland, C. Ruhl, J. Phillips, R. Cronenwett, C. Corbin, C, Mosier, P. Brady, D. Rogers, V. Baker, Mr. Hawkins. ROW 2: P. Riggs, J. Hildebrand, J. Jagger, B. Lykins, S. Torrey, M. Baker, D, Hobson, K. Smith, S. Shipley, H. Farrington. ROW 3: M. Ufferrnan, J. Rensch, K. Wood, D. Fate, T. Dalryrnple, C. Kistner, J, Jagger, K. Smith, P. Shirk. ROW 4: Gay Sears, C. James, D. Henry, G. Conant, M. Jordan, T. Higgins, B. Henry, M. Bar- nett, D. Gerhardt, T. Rensch, N. Graham. f S X i' Mr. Hawkins gives the choir a tidbit from his endless re- serve of knowledge. mony hours of entertainment. Under the direction of Mr. Michael Hawkins, the choir sings for several special occasions. They give two concerts during the year' and sing for school assemblies, as well as Baccalaureate and Commencement. This year the choir made an excellent showing in competition with other high school choirs at contest by receiving a II rating. iP- get it The choir prepares to sing at contest na y is The choir's final appearance of the year is at Commencement. Thespicms have ca ROW 1: M. Baird, Y. Starlin, B. Lykins, B. Coldwell, P. George. ROW 2: S. Wehr, 1. Long, Mr. Nauman-Advisor, B. Bachelder, S. Kirkpatrick. ROW 3: B. McClelland, T. Dalrymple, K. Smith, J. Jagger, D. Fate, K. Wood, C. Smith. ROW 4: M. Barnett, G. Craven, F. Slavik, J, Snyder, B. Phillips, T. Smith, C. Shirk, M. Randolph, D. Gerhardt. Steve Brown, prospective Thespian, talks with The-spian advisor Mr. Nauman about Thespian membership. common inferesi n acting and drama. 1 5 l Laura Brown, Jo Carmean, Steve Baker, Richard Gladden, Nancy Harden, and Mike Randolph give the play "Antic Spring." Thespian troupe 1893, under the guidance of Richard Nauman, experimented with sev- eral new types of material this year, including a Christmas play and a one-act comedy pre- sented for Beta Progress. The organization's goals are those of any group of actors-to promote the high ideals of good drama. 53' W W: -r?ikMwJ,,, Sherry Heacock experiments with make-up on Bill Southard. 59 Juniors Proudly Present "You Con'T Toke ll With You". ROW 1: M, Lepp, C, Counts, R. Gladden, M. Randolph, B. Phillips, ROW 2: T. Smith, B, Bachelder, S. Kirkpatrick, P. George, C. McClelland, P. Clark, J. Goff. ROW 3: D, Vanclerkooi, S, Baker, M. Kemnirzer, C. Clouse, M. Jordan, G. Bailey. "The fireworks! The fireworks!" cries Paul Sycamore fR. Gladdenj, as Grandpa QT. Smithj and Ecl QS. Beallj look at the ominous smoke coming from the basement. 60 Building with his erector set, Paul Sycamore QR. Glaclclenj gives Penny Sycamore QP. Georgej a worldly bit of advice while Essie QB. Bachelderj nonchalantly continues her dancing, Senior production is "Stage Door." 3 6 . PM V gt ROW 1: M. Elkin, J. Phillips, T. Knox, H. Farrington, S. McCracken, M. Harvey. ROW 2: M, Baird, C. Pate, C. Mosier, B. Lykins, K. Tierney, M. Ufferrnan, J. Long, J. Jagger, S, Wehr. ROW 3: D. Gerhardt, E. Malone, G. Conkle, V. Smith, B. McClelland, T. Dalrymple, C. Clark, C. james, Mr. Nauman-Director. ROW 4: C. Shaffer, D. Brocklesby, T. Higgins, B, Southard, S, Brown, D. Riffle, J. Coning, J. Hart, F. Slavik, G. Hobson. 3, "Yes, I came down to do a bit of shopping and surprise my little girl here," says Mrs, Shaw fHelen Farringtonj to Mrs. Orcutt fTam Dalrymplej 'Louise' Darling! I was so afraid youkllbe gone," CX- claims Terry Uudi jaggerj to Louise fMartina I-Iarveyj .au lm Terry Uudi jaggerj attempts to read 21 script for Mr. Gretzel fCharles Shafferj bl Future Teachers experience crctucr A " ' t Giving high school students a look 5 . A at teaching as a career is the major objective of the Future Teachers of a America. Observation of teachers in action helps each F.T.A. member decide if he is suited to be a teacher. Each year the F.T.A. visits a college in ad- dition to holding a county rally. The high point of the year is the awarding of a scholarship to the most outstanding club member. Ft-wi ' ':!ZQL4:n:.:-... f 51 1' 1 2.5 f. 1 -f. r -at .. ff W: - . Initiate Kathy Smith lights her candle, representative of the torch of knowledge, symbolic in the F.T.A. program. ROW 1: K. Smith, T. Smith, J. McPeek, M, Baird, C. Kubbs, J. Harris, J. Rensch, M. Harvey, M. Randolph, J. Jagger. ROW 2: M. Hubbert-Advisor, P. Shirk, T. Campbell, E. Lashmit, L. Baird, N. Wood, P. Riggs, D. Bartley, P. Fox, C. Ruhl, M. Elkin, K. Tierney, C. Shealy. ROW 3: D. Fate, C. Clark, K. Dilsaver, L. Brown, M. McHugh, L. Hord, J. Frayer, N. Belville, K. Smith, J. Jagger, S. Wertz, M. Shultz, G. Benson. ROW 4: C. Brinkman, B. Stansbery, J. Logan, B. Lykins, S. Heacock, B. McClelland, M. Vaughan, G. Sears, C. Clouse, B. Dodrill, S. Mills, M. McCombs, N. Graham, B. Bachelder, N. Harden. 62 Teaching situations. Nancy Graham, Marcia McCombs, and Cindy Brinkman put up posters announcing National F.T.A. Week. President Mary Baird conducts a routine F.T.A. business meeting. 62 L f if' Cathy Kubbs, F.T.A. secretary, reads the min- utes of the previous meeting, Mrs. Hubbert and Mary Baird pose with next year's officers: Portia Shirk, Vice-President Laura Brown, Presidentg Gayle Benson, Treasurerg and Lois Baird, Secretary. 63 ........... Crop ond livestock proiects teoch Future Fclrmers. 7' 7 tl ROW 1: T. McKinney, J. Keil, D. Hartpence, T. Trainer, B. Smith. ROW 2: R. Wertz, M. Keckler, N. Sabbe, M. Young, J. McPeek, Mr. Beard-Advisor, D. Barler, D. Hinton, K. Salisbury, F. Geyer, J. Hamilton, L. Hollingsworth. The objective of the F.F.A. is to give members an opportunity to de- velop leadership. Serving as officers and committee chairmen, the members learn good parliamentary procedure. The club stresses participation in activities such as community service, public speaking, and cooperation. These experiences will encourage the members to actively par- ticipate in community organizations af- ter they have completed school. F.F.A. members learn to work together for the betterment of themselves and their Community. LeRoy Hollingsworth proudly displays his award for selling the most Farm Journal magazines in our community. A at Modern principles of agriculture. F.F.A. members look on as the mayor officially declares F.F.A. Week. During F.F.A. Week, David Hinton and Robert Smith show their appreciation of the teachers. itt r f r e t ef r , r o 6 ttie of ,ett :-r il, ..,. , -rii ietii s iteetr eei,teeer ritt in s i Iii' ee'i1 , tirii ,tte i,ee . 't'. eeeee e t iQ" .,Xt ' ',', iiis iii K 'ti' itz' ii'i t. xz': ' K itl --11:-: F.F.A. QUEEN AND COURT Peggy Clinger, Queen Judi Jagger, Connie Shipman, and Sharilyn Wuertz were chosen by the club members. 65 Girls Athletic Association Supplements the "The purpose of the Girls Athletic Association is to stimulate interest in sports, to develop a spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play, to provide opportunities for leadership, and to promote participation in a wide va- riety of activities."-G.A.A. Constitu- tion Becky Geddis and Pat Clark burst into action as 'jill Harris, referee, steps out of the way. ROW 1: B. Linscott, K. Smith, D. Fate, M. Baird. ROW 2: J. Jagger, P. Brady, A. Wheeler, E. Mercer, D. johnson, J. Scott, N. Wood, D. Bartley, P. Riggs, B. Kemnitzer, D. Rogers, S. Gatchall. ROW 3: N. Bellville, M. Woods, K. Smith, S. Wertz, M. Schultz, E. Griggs, P. McCracken, K. Salisbury, D. Rizor, 1. Phillips, S. Wehr. ROW 4: G. Sears, K. Korody, C. Brinkman, B. Brush, N. Graham, M. Geddis, K. Tierney, B. McClelland, L. Hord, S. Brock, S. McCracken, M. Elkin, T. Campbell. ROW 5: C. James, G. Conkle, D. Hobson, C, Kistner, K. Sutherland, C. Boone, S. Heacock, J. Jagger, J. Rensch, B. Lykins, K. Wood, A. Mosier, V. Smith, M. Vaughan. Girls Physical Education Program. fi ROW 1: E. Lashmit, C. Shipman, B. Coldwell, J. Pinyerd. W ROW 2: D. Kuenzer, P. Clinger, L. Baird, B. Smith, D. Mosier, B. Goff, P. Brady, V. Wilkinson, P. Fox, N. Morris, J. McPeek, J. Harris. ROW 3: F. Clouse--Advisor, R. Cronenwett, B. Dodrill, M. Kellyi, R. Harper, B. Geddis, S. Tennant, P. Walton, S. Hord, I.. Brown, S. Phillips, J. Carmean, C. Ruhl. ROW 4: S. Foster, N. Harden, B. Bachelder, K. Helman, Y. Starlin, P. Hedrick, P. Clark, K. Shelton, R. Levings, M. Ferrel, B. Stansbery, C. Clouse, W. Wojtseck, C. Worline. Heads bob through the spray in an attempt at synchronized swimming W Diana Kuenzer strikes again. 67 F.H.A. members leorn home efficiency. ROW 1: S. Tennant, C. James, G. Conkle, C. McCurdy, J. Zimmerman, C. Richards, J. Barnett, C. Boone. ROW 2: Mrs. Throckmorton-Advisor, C. Mosier, S. Patton, C. Pate, H. Farrington, J. Phillips E. Malone, L. Evans, D. Smith. ROW 3: M. Wood, L. Lyons, S. Bennington, K. Brocklesby, V. Baker, D. Rogers, K. Sutherland N. Morris, D. Mosier, S. Torrey, B. VanSchoyck, A. Wheeler. ROW 4: R. Kisor, R. Shaffer, L. Noakes, M. Watkins, S. Hord, V. Jones, K. Salisbury, P. Brady, P. Brady, B. Goff, S. Huston. ROW 5: D. Dunn, J. Roush, B. Hinton, K. Kistner, S. Phillips, P. Seaburn, M. Ufferman, D. Knox, D. McDonald, D. Gheen, N. Conkle. ROW 6: C. Kistner, D. Weber, Y. Starlin, F. Roush, R. Harper, B. Steck, P. West, P. McCracken S. Brock, P. Walton, D. Rizor. r s n Tomorrow's homemakers partici- pate in activities on local, state, and national levels. The girls Work to- ward Junior, Chapter, and State degree awards. This year Judy Phil- lips won the State degree award. Several representatives attended the State Convention on April 7 and 8. During National F.H.A. Week, the club took part in var- ious activities promoting the F.H.A. Thirteen F.H.A. members are installed in the 1967 formal installation of officers. 68 F.M.A. members work toward ci career in medicine. ROW 1: S. Hord, M. Watkins, J. Lehman, K. Salisbury. ROW 2: J. Carmean-Treas., -I. Long-Pres., Miss Murphy-Advisor, C. Shipman-V. Pres., B. McClelland-Sec. ROW 3: L. Baird, S. Wehr, K. Smith, B. Linscott, A. Mosier, P. Brady, C. Ruhl, V. jones. ROW 4: S. Carpenter, B. Haldeman, C. McClelland, C. Corbin, J. Rensch, B. Lykins, M. Ufferman, K. Tierney, M. Jordan. ROW 5: J. Smith, C. Smith, K. Helman, P. Brehm, M. Kelly, N. Harden, B. Geddis, J. Pinyerd, B. Goff. ROW 6: S. Gullet, C. Worline, J. Zimmerman, M. Vaughn, B. Brush, D. Hobson, M. Geddis, W. Wojtseck, P. Clinger, B. Bachelder, D. Lyle. F.M.A. members explore the opportuni- - ties and requirements of the field of med- icine. After a member has been in the club for a year, he may be a candystriper at the Morrow County Hospital or an aid at one of the nursing homes. This year the club members raised money for the heart fund 4 and for the Cancer drive. ' , f' V. .-,A V 5 . ' .iii Ju H w it Jil if itll, Candystripers jo Ellen Carmean and Sandi Wehr demonstrate their medical skill on Rudy Wilkinson. Will he live? 69 VAC members ore MGHS's finest athletes. ROW 1: G. Craven, J. Hart, F. Slavik. ROW 2: C. Shaffer, B. Wehr, N. Sabbe, D. Brocklesby, fl. Holtrey, C, Weller, R. Gladden. ROW 3: B. Cody, D. Patterson, C. Gompf, G. Bailey, D. Vanderkooi, M. jordan, S. Edwards, M. Lepp. ROW 4: 1, Fisher, 1. Coning, D. Burnell, B. Phillips, J. Lyon, R. Ferrell, D. Gerhardt, R. Wilkin- son, G. Hildebrand. All varsity lettermen are eligible to join the V.A.C., an organization which supports high school athletics. After making it through the traditional initiation, the new members order jackets. V.A.C. members have hay-rides and parties, but they end the year on a more serious note by awarding the most promising member a scholarship. Chuck Shaffer helps himself to a bag of popcorn, or is he making a sale? 70 Lunch-a time for study, cards, and conversation. "Take out a sheet of fresh, clean paper and a pencil." The unreal world of students and teachers. Mr. Bremigan demonstrates his unique filing system. Mr. Holtrey enjoys the intellectual pleasures of the PTA Car- nival. 7I Student Council coordinates the work of the orgonizotions. ROW 1: R. Wilkinson, T. Campbell, J. Snyder, B. Dodrill, j. Zimmerman. ROW 2: Mr. Nicholson-Advisor, J. Bartley, T, Turner, B. Phillips, C. Hall, S. Ward. ir Z V i Q : 5 ws-REQ President john Snyder confers with Mr. Nicholson about some important Student Council business. 72 "The Student Council's major project for the year was to revise their con- stitution. The council also worked to promote school spirit. The arrangement of school dances, pep assemblies, and the planning of the homecoming festiv- ities were among the useful services performed by the organization." -D. C. Nicholson Office girls learn secretarial Techniques. SITTING: C. Pate, J. Goff ':3921Q:2fi..x:z eg, yizzi- 1... .i'i K ..5g.,,. . ,lilzi STANDING: L. Evans, C. Warner, S. Foster, Mrs. Hart-Sec., C. Worline, C. McCracken, Mrs. Fry-Sec., B. Stansbery, C. Kubbs, D. Shaw. These are the very capable girls who do an endless number of jobs to help with the office work. They are afforded the op- portunity to deal with personnel-a valu- able experience in learning to be a secretary. Each has her own special duties and finds working in the office an enjoyable expe- rience. Sandee Foster finds today's absentees especially amusing Arrowtoles keeps students informed. ....t.-,...,,.,..., ..,,.. ,..4,,..... .1 a elle e '-'M ...' lffiig gg. . 'F . Ti D , W ' ' ROW 1: N. Harden, B. Lykins, B. Bachelder, M. Harvey, Mr. Quinn-Advisor, S. Brown. ROW 2: T. Dalrymple, M. Kemnitzer, J. Jagger, -I. Snyder, J. Long, K. Smith, B. McClelland, J. Rensch, M. Baird, L. Brown, M. jordan, Y. Starlin. ROW 3: C. Clark, J. Phillips, G, Craven, j. McPeek, J. Frayer, C. Kubbs, V. Fields, C. Kistner, K. Kistner, C. McClelland, C. Corbin. It was a year of learning for members of the "Arrowtales" staff. Trying to build a newspaper from scratch, with- out the help of a journalism depart- ment, is a task which requires the help of a journalist steeped in the basic back- ground of journalism. This background must be created by experience, educa- tion, and study. The members of the staff are dedicated to these precepts. 74 X-.. n Editor Tam Dalrymple puts the finishing touches on the layout sheets. The Mizpoh staff works 'ro publish o yearbook. 1 . l S f A 4 - l S G. Craven T. Dalrymple J. Long M. Baird S. Heacock M. Harvey S, Brown Plaomgmplaer COM' Edilw' flffzwziriflg By,-ifgggy iliqfmgff Edilor Szzbrcrzjffmzzr Sports The Mizpah staff works together to pre- serve the events of a memorable year. Press- ing to meet deadlines, staff members take pictures, sell advertisements, write copy, make lay-outs, and take more pictures. To capture the vigorand the color of events as they really happen is a difficult task, but a unique and rewarding one for the yearbook staff. Editor Sherry Heacock types hurriedly as she tries to meet the last deadline, ROXY! 1: G. Hildebrand, R. Porter, J. Snyder, J. Jagger, J. Zimmerman, B. Cody. ROW 2: S. Foster, I. Frayer, C. Kubbs, B. Bachelder, J. Logan, J. Carmean. ROW 3: B. Coldwell, K, Tierney, B. McClelland, C. Clark, B, Cronenwett, K. Smith. Student-librarians practice library skills. W ., The student-librarians trim the tallest Christmas tree yet for the annual decoration of the library. Giving up study hall time, student- librarians help keep the library operat- ing smoothly. They learn library rou- tines, accept the responsibility of library duties, create displays, and 'serve library users. This year the' organization was host to twenty-six schools for the an- nual North Central Ohio Stuclent-Li- brarian Workshop. ,K , .T vi swf? 1 - NA. ,..,.,N ROW 1: L. Evans, M. Ufferman. ROW 2: K. Helrnan, B. Haldeman, K. Smith, C. Shipman, P. Hedrick, C. Brinkman, M. Ferrel. ROW 3: K. Brocklesby, P. Clinger, D. Kuenzer, C. Smith, C. james, C. Neal, J. Logan, P. George, M. Elkin, Mrs. Nicholson-Head librarian. 76 Students vary lelsure hme ClCl'lVIl'I6S lille-1 NX! X X' 'S BY 'A 3 g -. N -, 1 Band members illegally hang uniforms on lockers, awaiting time. Eat up gang, we only need three thousand more dollars for our Prom ATHLETICS Varsity players exhibit skull ond sportsmanship ROW 1 D Sherbourne R Young, managers Mr White coach, E. Harden manager ROW 7 S Ward R Wilkiiiscn I Owens B Cody J Coning, T. Clapper G Cra en BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Clearfork . . Northmor . . Fredericktown Cardington . Lexington . . Olentangy . . Wynford . . Ridgedale . . Highland . . . Col. Crawford Big Walnut Marion Catholic River Valley . North Union Elgin ...... Buckeye Valley Cardington ., North Union Reserve players work for berth on Vorsify squad. nw 4 4 f ."' i 1 , . 5 5. MM... V V .2 5 ' .W ,, f ROXW 1: S. Gullet, J. Jackson, mnnagers. --4 .I ROW 2: Mr. jackson, couch. T. Clapper, J. Lyon, T. Turner, L. Trainer, B. Wood, Dickerson, M. Carsner, G. Curts, B. Xwehr, D. Zwayer, G. Klingle, J. Fox. Larry Trainer goes up for a shot at the basket. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE lVe hey Clearfork . . . 34 38 Northmor ..... . . . 34 33 Freclericktown 32 44 Carclington .. 57 '32 Lexington . 25 34 Olentangy . . . 35 47 Wynforcl .... 36 53 Ridgeclale . .. . . . 37 32 Highland ..... . . . 26 23 Col. Crawford 32 43 Big Walnut 26 34 Marion Catholic . . . . . 40 43 River Valley .... . . . 43 38 North Union 52 60 Elgin ........., . . . 26 46 Buckeye Valley . . . . . . 32 50 Carclington ...... .,.. 4 6 32 Indians battled against rugged competition. A Buckeye Valley defender tries vainly to stop a bucket john Coming goes up for an easy two points. by Steve Gordon. l M. L ,wxh ara wa, .,,, N" ""' N -1 M ,,,,..,, WW.W at M ,,.,, , ,, ,..,v- fy J., t,,,,, , , , Q--...,,,,, A typical crowd at a Mt. Gilead basketball game. 8I Enthusiasm overbouncls following firs 1. 3? mi ROW 1: fl-rj B. Dodrill-mascot, C. Weller, J. Hart, D. Brocklesby, D. Vanderkooi, J. Fox, D. Persons, J. Holtrey, J. Tennant. ROW 2: R. Glaclden-Manager, M. Lepp, S. Edwards, B. Wehr, M. Billingsley, S. Ward, C. Shaffer, T. Turner, J. Fisher, B. Soulier, H. Sample, R. Castner-Ass't. Coach. ROW 3: P. Bremigan-Head Coach, B. Cody, F. Slavik, G. Craven, J. Coning, T. Clapper, J. Lyon, D. Burnell, B. Phillips, O. jackson-Ass't. Coach. ROW 4: B. Vail, C. Hall, G. Young, D. Riffle, ISI. Hord, J. Jagger, B. Mills, T. Smith, D. West. Fullback Frank Slavik siclesteps a Big Walnut defender as he powers for yard- age during Mount Gilead's Homecoming game. 82 ficfory over Ridgedole Rockets. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE We They Ridgedale . . . 22 0 Dublin .... 16 22 Olentangy . . 16 O Highland .... . . . 12 6 Big Walnut .... . . 38 8 Marion Catholic ..... 0 22 Richwood ...... . . 12 14 Buckeye Valley ...... O 34 A Cardington .,.. . . . 8 58 Indian defenders rush toward the ball carrier in an effort to halt a Carding ton drive. As he breaks away for a long gain, Coming delivers a jarring stiff-arm to a would-be tackler. 83 Varsity cheerleaders spur the team one I l VARSITY SQUAD: jackie McPeek, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Diana Kuenzer, Cathy Kubbs, Bonnie Bachelder, Karen Smith. The varsity cheerleaders enthusiastically lead yells and cheers at all the football and basketball games. Besides putting on pep rallies, they Amake an inestimable number of posters to boost school spirit. This fall, they attended an all day cheering clinic at Bowling Green State University. The cheerleaders balance precariously in their six- man pyramid. 84 ABOVE: The cheerleaders and Mrs. Clouse, advisor, discuss plans for the pep rally. BELOW: The final draft is prepared after many toilsome hours of hard work and practice. T ' - 2 ,," if frri'rr' at ... f work To keep up school spirit. The Cheerleaders sold pecan pies and booster badges to raise money for the new uniforms shown above and below. BELOW: FRONT ROW: Cathy, Sharon V . , , 1 R e Q Diana, jackie. BACK ROW: Karen and Bonnie Reserve cheerleaders represent spirit ond sportsmanship. E i 5 Q RESERVE SQUAD Kathy Smith Roxie Cronenwett Brenda Dodrill, Rita Hart. The reserve cheerleaders are an addi- tion to the cheering squad this year. These four girls from the freshmen and sopho- more classes are chosen by the student body. Elected in the fall, they cheer for the reserve basketball team and help the varsity cheerleaders with their activities. AFTER The other side of sports. 231957 H is i eww! 1 X-Ti if "And seven divided by thirteen half time. the Statisticians hurry at "If they've changed their offense, switch to the A study in concentration. The Dugout. 'Q 'ii t +A' 'fr-e 1-2-2 zone." Gary and john lead the team in an assault against Big Walnut. 87 1 The baseball team ends the year with a 4 . - fre. .Q . Q I gl 'lm l 'lglaf ss its S V e, 943. f ROW 1: D. Sherboume, L. Coldwell, C. Shaffer, C. Hall, R. Wilkinson, L, Rogers, P. Stiers, S. Beall, R. Young. ' ROW 2: T. Rensch, G. Curts, G. Hildebrand, G. Young, D. Sipes, F. Slavik, J. Owens, M. Young, L. Panghorn, G. Klingel, E. Roberts, Coach Stineman. 3 1.. am Coach Stineman awards Chuck Hall the most valuable b player award. aseball BASEBALL SCHEDULE Highland ...... . . Big Walnut ........ Colonel Crawford Buckeye Valley . Lexington ..... Cardington . . . Olentangy . . . Highland .... Pleasant ...... North Union Elgin ......... North Union . . . Northmor ...... . . . Buckeye Valley . Cardington ..... Olentangy ..... Harding Reserves Harding Reserves Big Walnut .... Lexington ..... ....7 They 13 2 2 21 2 5 5 2 1 1 4 11 1 10 13 3 6 10 6 5 record of I2 wins ond 8 losses. f He's safe! George Hddebrand swmgs for a blg h1t. Paul Stiers seems a little depressed over Coach Stinemarfs admoni- Mount Gilead players warm up before a game tions. 89 The Mt. Gilead track team makes superior 1-.. 'A ROW I: G. Conant, mgr. J. Smith, M. I-Iorcl, T. Clapper, C. Weller, R. Porter, S. Ward, J. Rupp, mgr. ROW 2: I. Jagger, B, Wehr, J. Fox, J. Sayers, D. Persons, M. Kernnitzer, D. Zwayer, B. Vail, 1. Sabbe. ROW 3: Coach Brernigan, D. Burnell, M. jordan, B. Henry, B. Cocly, R. Ferrell, M. Lepp, J. Coning, J. Holtery, B. Soultier, G. Bailey, R. McCracken, C. Gompf, T. Turner. Fritz receives the trophy awarded to him for being elected most outstanding track player. TRACK SCHEDULE We They Big Walnut .... 83W 44yQ Buckeye Valley .... 54 72 Lexington ........ My? 52W North Union . . . 61 66 Olentangy . . . . . . 92 35 Elgin ............ 51 76 Marion Catholic .... 75W 51V2 Cardington ...... HSM 17W Upper Arlington Reserves ........ 60 67 Place League Meet .... . . . 2nd County Meet ..... . 1st Cambridge Relays .... .... 3 rd Richwood Relays . . . . . . . 5rd T ri-Meet ......... . 1st Mt. Gilead Relays .... . lst Standing on oll levels of competition. Bill Soulier clears the pole at twelve feet, setting a new school record. Shayne Edwards springs forward from the start- Ron McCracken and Barry Cody are all ing block, smiles after placing first in the 880 relay. Q!! Fritz takes off . . , . . . and finishes another winning run. 9I Ten schools porficipole in the first MT. Gilead relays Gary Bailey comes in first in the 220 yard dash at the Mt. Gilead-Cardington track meet. Barry Cody takes the lead in the low hurdles. . . 'Zi ,. f i Q 4 Q ,,- C r if N 3:1 0 ' A l ,a si 1 A W ' i' i I N f ll 1 5 y i - we L. U : fs vi' LJ? V L - Ly 1 .ll ,,Mqfl,V:: ii,',1 s . i,s, 1 f' f' l,1s Q J? ' V as 'W iyyyy is , so l'lse' l'l lies el l 92 Fritz Lepp brings in another first place. .ga 55 N-E Mark jordan runs the half mile. Chris Gornpf takes the lead in the two-mile run, Golf supplements spring sports. i . X X, iff. ,a -. ll 'A 81, Xi, .Q is cr t 1 x r I X-"'-it if ROW 1: R. Stull, F. Dickerson, S. Collett, T. Riley, J. Houpt, T. jackson, D. Riffle, G. Dowis, C. Simpson, Mr. Casner. At the Johnstown Invitational Tournament the golf team received the first trophy ever to he won by a Mt. Gilead golf team. GOLF SCHEDULE We They Olentangy .... . . . 7 2 Ridgedale .... .. 9 0 River Valley .... . . . 5 4 Olentangy ...... .i 7 2 Buckeye Valley .... ' , . 9 O Lexington ...... . . . 5 4 St. Vincent ..... . . . 4 5 fMt. Vernonj Lexington ...... . . . 1 8 Olentangy . . . . . 4 5 Ridgeole .... .. 7M IVZ River Valley ........ 3w 5V2 Finished second in Johnstown In- vitational Tournament. ,- Q, Sw r ew X X ar " W il f E ' ifiim A , mA V m V: k SPECIAL EVENTS Outstanding Juniors represent MGHS at Boys' State and Girls' State. t l it fi 1 V 4 ROW 1: Delegates-Cindy Clouse, Laura Brown, Cathy Kubbs, Bonnie Bachelder. ROW 2: Alternates-Connie Shipman, jane Logan, Sharon Taylor, Vickie Wilkinson. 1, 5 5 ROW 1: Delegates-Mike Lepp, Bruce Phillips, Tracy Smith, Mike Randolph, ROW 2: Alternates-Richard Porter, Mike Hord, Shayne Edwards, Richard Gladden. Clear fall wecafher and o decisive Gary Craven crowns Sherry Heacock Homecoming Queen for 1966. Queen Sherry is escorted by Frank Slavik and Darrol Riffle. victory provide o clossic homecoming. Homecoming was held on a beautiful, clear autumn night. Brown-eyed, golden- haired Sherry Heacock was crowned queen of the festivities. Her attendants were Becky Cronenwett and Debra Fate. These three lovely seniors were honored at the game and the dance following. 3. hw-.M J? Y Attendant Becky Cronenwett Wm Queen Sherry Heacock Attendant Debra -Fate 1 t t if RE YUU CUMINE THE RELAYS A P R 1 L Z Z www no 9 MT GILEAD HS S .., . , 0 A SV .-as , fly A 1 be 1 5 Y 3 A AA 3 Us , 53. " S5 " ' 52,5 s ,SW yy T VERN N NORTH CC , A Y , VINC N U N lo N 5 ,W ' l 0 N Q L , R OR T H , Indions sponsor The frock relays. .fo wewwf ' 1 5 o xp Q, Q Hi Y H? l . 6 m 1 7 , Q TRACK OUEEN AND COURT Roicie Cronenwett, Judi Jagger, Queen Sherry Heacock, Diana Kuenzer, Cathy Boone Even though the weather did not do its part to help, the Mount Gilead Relays held on April 22 was a big success. Of the ten schools parti- cipating - Lucas, Big Walnut, Dublin, North Union, Northrnor, Olentangy, Mount Vernon, Saint Vincent, Centerburg, and Mount Gilead - the Indians compiled the most points, making the first Mount Gilead Relays a true success. K. ,Z The Track Queen, senior Sherry Heacock, and her court-Judi Jagger, senior attendant Diana Kuenzer, junior attendant, Roxie Cronenwett, sophomore attendant, Cathy Boone, freshman attendant-passed out ribbons and trophies ticipating in the event. to the athletes par A one-twoifinish in the 100 yard dash piles up points for Mt. Gilead. Barry and Gary recuperate following a victory in the 880 relay. Sherry Heacock congratulates Barry C in the high hurdles. ody for a first plac l 99 1967 Cornivol Queen ond Court f JUDI JAGGER MARLAIKELLY Retiring Queen 1967 Carnxval Queen Senior Sophomore ti on 4 ., 5' Q, , C ,SL KATHY SMITH Freshman Attendant JACKIE MCPEEK Junior Attendant -fa. if' The Junior-Senior Prom creates jenny Long and Gary Craven are elected King and Queen of the Prom. mt' w J 'i ' ' i' ' 1 .vi . . yy V , . V SZ N . " . H .A .. 351.5 H, ' .t gi 1 Ni y i V A : X gy . . . , i . , Z - 5 6 IV, ' S, , . . Qtg Vi ff if 1. -, ' " 535572, i . . . 'mmf . 5 g Gite , . . . . 4 L 7 VL . W.. F Q. W joan Frayer, Mike Lepp, and Tim Clapper work at covering the walls with bamboo. "Isle of Golden Dreamsn was the theme at the Junior-Senior Prom, which was held at the Marion Country Club on May 12. The Junior Class entertained the seniors with a program including the traditional wills and prophecies, a hula contest, and an original movie of scenes around MGHS. For the first time, a king and queen of the Prom were named. The junior Class elected Gary Craven king and jenny Long as queen. Following the dance, every- one returned to Mount Gilead for a movie and a breakfast pro- vided by the parents of the junior and Senior Classes. I02 A lllllllil' l.i..',llll llllllllliililll 1 Hill li lllllwlllll. il li ll. il ii' ll il fam: ,ir,1lii it ll. ,filliii ll ,liilliiii"lt l 'llllli ll'lil,.l lilAll.ill'l a. 2 4 , . , r . V N... ,.., sm., i ll, The audience sits back to enjoy the program presented by the Junior Class. 'i1,pj'p.Q -.Q 'iv sz-'ft 'Q' ' 1 Ass! A 4 ls umssmeai Vicki Wilkinson attempts to explain the table decora- t1ons,to Cindy Clouse. sd I o night of beauty and enchantment. I X ' Q . X ff rf The Es-Shades from Ashland provided music for the dance. You really think so Dick? .ar 5 Jn Everyone seems to get a big kick out of the hula contest. l , ' 5 ..,,, kv M , MZ 3 I U 1 K K Vrrrr ff- N f V X 5 x ?n The prophecies are presented as the observations of a group of "You call this punch travelers in 1987 . . K t 4' 1-Q ' , A : 'if x K ai: ROW 1: T. Higgins, J, Zimmerman, H. Young, M. Pfeifer, M. Baker, S. Huston, L. Evans, C. Roberts, C. Pate. C. Mosier. A. Mosier. ROW 2: C. Shaffer, R. Wilkinson, R. Young, B. Coldwell, K. Tierney, M. Ufferman. M. Elkin, S. Wehr, T. Kelley, J. Long. ROW 3: C. Shirk, D. Wyss, J. Bartley, C. Neal, E. Malone, T. Dalrymple, C. James, G. Conkle. ROW 4: K. Salisbury, B. Henry, B. Soulier, B. Southard, S. Brown, H. Baldwin, D. Riffle, D. Gerhardt. After Twelve years of wcaifing, working, on l-nil I - This year, Commencement was held out- side for the first time. It was a beautiful May night, and the seniors in powder blue and midnight blue robes made an impres- sive picture against the clear sky. The band, the choir, and a senior ensemble provided music. Tam Dalrymple delivered the Salu- tatory Address, Judy Phillips presented the Valedictory Address. The speaker for the evening was Reverend M. E. Hollensen, D.D. from Marion. Richard Jagger, president of the Boardpof Education, presented the diplo- mas to the graduates. The campus buildings and the athletic field provide a beautiful setting for the Graduation Exercises. I04 d ROW 1: T. Knox, V. Smith, S. McCracken, J. Hildebrand, J. Phillips, M. Harvey, H. Farrington, G. Craven, J. Coming, T. Trainer. ROW 2: S. Heacock, M. Baird, B. McClelland, 1. Rensch, E. McHugh, B. Linscott, J. Jagger, F. Slavik, B. Cody. ROW 5: K. Smith, B. Cronenwett, C, Clark, D. Fate, K. Wood, L. Stockdale, J. Keil, T. Casto, D. Sipe. i ROW 4: C. Mosier, J. Hart, D. Hartpence, D. Patterson, C. Keckler, M. Hedrick, M. Barnett, 1. Snyder, C. Dallas. Nishing, The long-owoited moment finolly orrives. i Suri Reverend Hollensen made Graduation Exercises memorable with his Judy Fhillips presents her Valedictory address, "The Indi humorous and meaningful speech. vldual In an Ordered Society." l05 'Q' Top Ten and Scholarship Recipients ROW 1: K. Smith-6, B. McClelland-9, J. Phillips-1, J. Jagger-3. ROXXY 2: G. Craven-8, J. Hildebrand-10, B. Linscott-7, T. Dalrymple-2, M. Baird-5, R Wi1kinsonf4. Y g.,f G . -gf L wb N., M. Harvey, 1. Rensch, M. Baird, R. Wilkinson, T. Dalrymple, J. Jagger. Charter members ore elected to the Notionol Honor Society SENIORS 5 til f ' Q 321. -. Q... .Q . ., tif t V V , ..,, rrly ii I i ROW 1: J. Hildebrand, K. Smith, B. McClelland, J. Phillips, J. Jagger, T. Dalrymple. ROW 2: M. Harvey, B. Linscott, R. Wilkinson, F. Slavik, G. Craven, S. Brown, J. Snyder, M. Baird, S. McCracken. This spring four juniors and four seniors in coordination with a faculty committee organized a local chapter of the National Honor Society. Members of the faculty rated the juniors and seniors having at least a 2.8 grade average on their qualities of service, leadership, and character. Fifteen students from both classes were elected to the organization. They were initiated as charter members of the organization at an induction service given by the faculty. JUN1oRs ROW 1: V. Wilkinson, D. Shaw, J. McPeek, D. Kuenzer, B. Bachelder. ROW 2: S. Taylor, C. Clouse, M. Lepp, T. Clapper, E. Snell, J. Logan, J. Goff, C. Kubbs. NOT PICTURED-M. Randolph. I07 fr 'QA' Q1 'Zi -Vg ww QQ ? 'E 'ifxgf A 7, A 1 z I X Q ' - 1 E, s 'a i .Q - ki ,, , , K is ai , , b i g, W x . J ' E 'X E EE ' A ' 7 Q- ni ,, , H , E 3 ' , , ' 1 VKVL .JA V ' ...-..-4. ' ' . A PC! ' 1671215157-' 1 V, xl , t , V V' I ' H I View' .f'- wgn.. xv 1 , 1 ' f , 4 JK. , ,vi A ' , 99 5 7, gf' 1 I QM .- av. I ima f , ,qu Q . , gwfgifzgvzq,-Fr Q LH J. - lf' " .ff ' uf ga 'Ip Q, A 1' yf-:Ka +' -, "'-L. ' E175-"zffi"g. E 4 1 . Vw flierf. ' 4 ' 41, M QQ -f F ,QF ww K ' kzp Q A :fav +w'.a+3.-fra f JUNICR HIGH AND ELEMENTARY 1-Q 4- V,,,. ,. , an . Principals direct school affairs. JUNIOR HIGH Principal: HARTSELL DODRILL Secretary: MARGE CONING ELEMENTARY Principal: PAUL FURNISS Secretary: EVELYN SHOULTS WSG EDISON and PRIMARY CENTER Principal: GERALD BOSH Secretary: BETTY EVANS Eighfh graders acquire reading proficiency ROW' 1: R. Hawk, B. Shipman, D. Bowman, C. Sherbourne, C. Goff, W. Smith, M. Frashier, D. Kuenzer, A. Harper, D. Cook. ROW 2: V. Snell, D. Smith, R. Brown, M. Curts, V. Farmer, M. Porter, C. Stone, J. Hisle, Mrs. Shirk. ROW 35 C. Bailey, L. Whitney, J. Mosher, W. Wojtseck, M. Clouse, L. Wigton, L. Miller, B. Do rill. , ROW 4: C. Ramsey, S. Baker, R. Watkius, R. Cooper, M. Galleher, M. Clark, G. Keckler. NOT PICTURED: P. Kelley. il 5 ina.-- ,zu Mrs. Shirk's eighth grade students practice study habits. Through the use of The controlled reoder. ROW 1: Mrs. Burns, T. Wenger, K. Sample, D. Brush, C. Lust, J. Shipman, M. Fisher, S Irons, D. Fairchild, j. Tipton. ROW 2: J. Cunningham, B. Hayes, R. Brock, J. Tracht, A. Kendig, G. Stockdale, E. Conant K. Salisbury. ROW 3: C. Long, L. Reeve, R. Nusser, G. Young, G. Cunningham, B. Crouse, G. Ruhl, M Doran! ROW 4: S. Kidwell, L. Bratton, R. Evans, B. Cody, D. Goodrich, J. Hedrick, D. Stockdale. . ,,,: 1 . wlfzqg. .,." L 5 Gaining poise and confidence in any unusual speech situation is the purpose behind this somewhat unconventional dissertation. Q Eighth graders prepare for high school. ROW 1: D. Tesso, O. Harmon, M. Sanders, J. Ulum, M. Hollingsworth, C. Persons, P. Burnell, P. Woodson, 'C. McHugh, S. Wheeler, D. Long. ROW 2: Mr. Keil, S. Harvey, V. Masterson, D. Richardson, H. Hanna, J. Boyle, C. Coning, M. Toot, L. Feld. ROW 3: C. Carmean, D. Hobson, G. Roarick, K. Fissel, B. Trainer, F. Dallas, R. Edmundson. ROW 4: J. Young, S, Rensch, J. Staley, D. Gompf, R. Collins, D. Campbell, D. Logan, K. Griffith. PF.. Mr. Keil proves that a relaxed atmosphere is conducive to group participation Indians romp Through second undefeated season ROW 1: R. Campbell, C. Van Schoyk, A. Ellis, J. Hawk, J. Walsh, J. Gullet, P. Rockwell, S. Cockran. ' ROW 2: M. Crane, T. Lego, M. Davis, S. Kistner, B. Malarkey, L. Elkin, C. Owens, Mr. Hinerman. ROW 3: G. Gaverick, M. Burgess, R. Hall, N. Jagger, J. Casto, S. Edwards, M. Rexford, K. Long. ROW 4: B. Franks, D. Steck, S. Stansbery, J. Harman, S. Castle, D. Clark, N. Simpson. ROW 1: D. Hudnell, R. Campbell, M. Kipp, J. Boyle. ROW 2: K. Fissell-Mgr. K. Kubbs, A. Poast, J. Trainer, V. Farmer, M. Curts, D. Brush, B. Cody. ROW 3: R. Brown, B. Dodrill, M. Doran, J. Staley, M. Galleher, R. Cooper, D. Gompf, I.. Reeve, W. Wopjtseck, M. Houpt, C. Carmean, HartsellDodrill4Coacl1. Junior High girls compose originol cheers. Q9 1: M. Fry, P. Graham, K. Gattshall, D. Gladden, R. Powell, B. Rizor, C. Osborne, N Bachelder, Miss Barker. ROW 2: R. Boyle, E. Logan, C. Counts, K. Kubbs, D. Franks, M. Edwards, D. Evert. ROW 3: T. Holtrey, A. Baird, D. Hudnell, R. Seitz, C. Graham, D. Roth. ROW 4: V. Foster, B. Wood, M. Houpt, J. Trainer, D. Lyle, B. Dnwis, P. Weatherford. NOT PICTURED: H, Hickson, D. Allen. 6 l ROW 1: D. Kuenzer, M. Randolph, E. Logan, A. Baird. ROW 2: C. Lust, B. Wiuod, D. Smith, C. Long. Seventh graders ore motivoted by S.R.A. ROW 1: J. West, F. Robinson, J. Sipe, R. Lashmit, T. Snyder, P. Conkle, R. Wren, R. Campbell, B. Fields. ROW 2: J. Soulier, J. Neptune, L. Masterson, B. Cotton, D. Keenan, D. I-Ialdeman, L. Irons. ROW 5: A. Young, C. Machen, K. Counts, R. Brady, R. Owen, K. Fox, R. Miller, T. Jagger. ROW 4: S. Bachelder, J. Beardsley, K. Turner, S. Brinkman, V. Wallace, J. Jagger, T. Lanum. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Jackson. A single die-hard faces noisy opposition in seventh grade physical education Seventh graders investigate the techn ROW 1: M. Linder, D. Brubaker, J. jones, S. McChesney, F. Shoaf, G. Mercer, B. Baker, L. Hildebrand, Mrs. Dodrill. ROW 2: R. Spaulding, T. Mathews, J. Wehr, K. Rogers, K. Guy, M. Kipp, B. Dallas. ROW 3: G. Gray, D. johnson, R. Clinger, D. Fate, C. Wrhel, D. Murphy, R. Sutherland, P. Mills. ROW 4: I. Orsborn, J. Williams, R. Christpher, M. Phillips, T. Ward, D. Zimmerman, S. Ramsey. NOT PICTURED: D. Joan. Mr. Castner teaches the proper procedure for the division of decimals. ccllities of English grammar. ROW 1: F. Giffin, N. Goff, M. Hobson, J, March, R. Wuertz, T. Geffs, J. Wenger, L. Taylor ROW 2: T. Cook, B. Goodman, J. Seaburn, S. Rector, C. Bradley, M. Randolph, L. Ball, Mr Kimmey. ROW 3: K. Korody, S. Weber, T. Echard, M. Long, D. Coldwell, J. Phillips, R. Gheen. ROW 4: L. Fate, T. Hildebrand, M. Watkins, T. Zimmerman, K. Simmons, A. Poast. Mr. Kimmey introduces seventh graders to the principles or science. Varied subiects did special education students. nf ROW 1: L. Geyer, B. West, C. DeBord, J. Newsome, J. Gheen, R. Collins, J. A. Kuhn, M Gifford. ROW 1: C. Castle, J. Geyer, D. Newsome, D. Hedrick, J. Wilson, B. Kincaid, Mrs. Riley. ROW 2: R. Haddock, E. Brenneman, J. Torrey, J. Lyons. Sixth graders review basic mathematics. ROW 1: L. Campbell, V. Ruhl, D. Huclnell, L. Levering, P. Keenan, R. Franks, S. West, S Brock, D. jackson, Mrs. Dion. ' ' ROW 2: D. Corwin, C. Daniels, P. Irons, C. Dix, L. Gatchall, D. Robinson, S. Foster, D. Dickerson ROW 3: R. Conant, C. Gardner, S. Bloomfield, R. Billingsley, R. Campbell, R. Weaver. T. Smith D. Roush. ROW 4: S. Filson, A. Simpson, S. Edwards, D. Osborn, C. Baughman, L. Lanun, T. Tennant. Mrs. Dion's sixth grade class doesn't seem to be too enthused about the subject matter. Sixth graders look forword to Junior High ROW 1: C. Staley, J. Cherrington, J. Shipman, T. Halt, B. Schmelzer, C. Geffs, M. Strope, P. Linder, S. Sherbourne. ROW 2: Mr. West, R. Harper, D. Seamons, J. Linder, S. Lehner, C. Lepp, C. Hetrick, W. Farmer. ROW 5: S. Carpenter, G. Cronenwett, J. Chapman, D. Worster, D. Helman, T. Huff, M. Torrey, B. Reeve. ROW 4: E. Evans, J. Hedrick, D. Shaw, J. Sample, L. Davis, D. Jagger, L. Watkins. .,., 7 ,L Becky Hutchinson, Jon Shipman, and jackie Sample practice working with fractions. Sixth graders form study habits. it E .Q Q . i is 5: E? fi ROW 1: D. Kendig, S. Kelly, S. Malone, C. Kemnitzer, C. Vanderkooi, j. March, K. Cooper, Miss Steele. ROW 2: D. Edwards, C. Harman, D. Evans, J. Cooper, C. Seeley, D. Styer. ROW 3: G, McClelland, L. Stone, K. Lego, R, Hedrick, B. Owens, S. Dilsaver, R. Troyer. ROW 4: A. Clark, C. Benedict, B. Campbell, R. Fox, S. Baughman, C. Croy. i Danny Stockdale and Charley Hamon watch the girls go by. Sixth graders ore introduced Tc ROW 1: S. Curts, B. Ritchey, L. Trainer, T. Halt, L. Richards, J. Curtis. ROW 2: D, Albright, B. Shipman, D. Ellis, P. Robinson, T. Osborne, R. Weber. ROW 3: M. Lawyer, K. Barnett, C. Temple, M. Augenstein, E. Saylor, I. Moore, B. Ransbottom. ROW 4: B. Kitts, S. Lust, S. Christopher, R. Nusser, M. Cyphers, B. Galleher. NOT PICTURED: P, Burgess. wmwb Mrs. Bachelcler and Mrs. George sit down to eat their lunch after another trying noon hour in the cafeteria. the horizons of World Social Studies. ROW 1: D. Saddler, P. Conkle, D. Sutherland, V. Graghm, M. Brown, F. Casto, L. Brown, T. Powell, Mrs. Roberts. ROW 2: D. Hobson, L. Burnell, A, Wheeler, S. Tracht, S. Wright, D. Shaffer, J. Stockdale. ROW 3: L. Wigton, L. Devore, F. Chase, B. West, R. Smith, B. Hutchinson, B. Shoults, B. Bowman. ROW 4: B. Cook, P. McPeek, R. Hisle, T. Zwayer, D, McCurdy, D. Belville, C. Kipp. 9 iyip , 4, K 1 L " K, f ,N -f Si 5 ,......-5 : Y F1 Mrs. Roberts' explains an important mathematical concept to her sixth grade class. Fifth graders delve into the ROW 1: R. Little, R. Kitts, K. Frey, S. K. Bishop, K, West, C. Campbell, V. Nesbitt, K. DeBard, Mrs. Gerhardt. ROW 2: R. Cochran, J. Beltz, E. Mercer, D. Barnett, A. Billingsly, R. Piercy, C. Whited, ROW 5: T. Lepp, G. Toplyn, J. Pate, C. Cunningham, S. A. Bishop, C. Patten, B. Roth, R. Rupp. ROW 4: D. Wheeler, M. Ghent, B. Smith, D. McCurdy, D. Stacy, T. Logan, E. Wipple. These fifth graders, Vickie Nesbitt, Robin Piercy, John Beltz, and Bill Smith, are studying a science unit on the solar system. realm of science. 0860 S0100 ROW 1: S. Randolph, D. Lyons, K. Baldwin, J. Harvey, D. Guy, D. Osborne, T. Tesso, C Campbell, Mrs. Belville. ROW 2: S. Young, M, Long, D. Kirkpatrick, S. Weller, L. Sherbourne, J. Lloyd, S. Matson. ROW 3: C. Daniels, D. Denton, P. Stahl, K. Irwin, S. Bartley, T. Lyons. ROW 4: R. Davis, A. Hickson, K. Levering, T. Wigton, S. Bowman, D. Richardson, J. Stiffler NOT PICTURED: B. Cherrington, D. Blethen. h. ,. - f' Roger Davis, Amy Hickson, Kevin Irwin, Susan Weller, Shirley Young, and Donald Blethen, absorb knowledge from the encyclopedias. Fractions augment the Fifth ROW 1: R. Bryant, D. Holtrey, R. Kirby, M. Mills, C. Rector, R. Hickson, S. Taylor, R. Ship- man, R. Tesso. ROW 2: M. Zimmerman, J, Sims, D. Levering, S. Ferrell, M. Shipley, J. Lyle, R. Warner, Mrs. 1 Toplyn. l ROW 3: R. Mathews, J. Pinyerd, C. Miller, T. Harman, N. Watt, S. LaRoche. ROW 4: J. Peterson, M. Reinhardt, A. Rouwenhorst, J. Fate, R. Tipton, A. Korody, J. Stevens. l NOT PICTURED1 K. Allen l . 0 .,,.,, i Z . A t rf' W flu l l l l l l l l l i l w Robert Hickson, Susan Taylor, Randy Warner, and Jean Sims make a bulletin I board for American History. , grader's mathematical knowledge. ROW 1: J. Nusser, S. Hintz, M. Grasmehr, K. Robinson, K. Bennington, C. Moodispaugh, L Seamons, V. Matlack, Mrs. Baird. ROW 2: C. Cover, D. Scribner, D. Harmon, D. Stockdale, D. Woodson, L. Wojtseck, V. Price. ROW 5: M. Farris, R. Ball, J. Ramborger, J. jones, R. Kenyon, D, Graham. ROW 4: G. Roarick, D. Williamson, K. Smith, J. Martinez, D. Osborn. Vallha Price enters Mrs. Baird's room as school takes up for the day. Students first become acquainted witt H- - LL Ah... , ROW 1: R. Osborne, M. Curtis, R. Carlile, D. Anderson, M. Staley, B. Hobson, J. Gladden, C. Casto. ROW 2: A. Conkle, L. Powell, A. Chapman, C. Morris, D. Kimmey, D. Kistner, F. Simpson, J. Walsh, Mrs. McKirgan. ROW 3: R. Hord, J. Hildebrand, M. Zwayer, C. Snyder, R. Shoults, J. Moore, K. Kipp, J, Bishop, J. Rizor. Y NOT PICTURED: A. West, M. Gray. 1 t ,p S . We ,....- .Q ,. we R W mmm ...,, h ,V Mathew Long demonstrates the fine art of being a patrol boy. Americon History in the fourth grade. ROW 1: T. Wilkinson, L. Miller, R. Goodman, C. Everly, J. Sutherland, E. Snell, L. Irons, K. Fields, Mrs. Rathburn. l ROW 2: D. Clark, B. Dodrill, C. Miller, F. Ferguson, D. Weaver, C. Evans, S. Dix. ROW 3: M. Daniels, M. Neal, B. Keil, K. Baker, G. Mowery, G. Lyons. w ROW 4: T. Blethen, L. Newsome, S. Tharp, M. Whipple, J. Rouwenhorst, J. Wigton, B. l Ratliff. Randy Goodman and Kevin Baker put the finishing touches on their picture of "The Desert." Fourth graders show their musical ROW 1: P. White, B. Howell, K. Baughman, C. LaFever, T. Davis, S. Hornbeck, R. Ghent, V. Augenstein. ROW 2: P. Krauss, C. Machen, D. Kendig, G. Stover, T. Casto, T. Edwards, K. james, Mrs. Starlin. ROW 5: J. Brocklesby, J. Burson, B. Keenan, T. Devore, C. Wigton, B. Giffin. ROW 4: 1. Long, T. Wright, M. Fath, B. Lyons, D. May. NOT PICTURED: C. Evans, M. B. Kelley. il j K fsqsety 1 V1.5 s ,' ' s . I . 7, , M .fu , :fr J gil Q-. 'ij' 155 Mary Beth Kelley, jim Burson, Theoria Edwards, Paula'Krauss, Connie Evans, and jeff Brocklesby study according to the Hastings Mills Reading Program. 130 l linleresf by ioining the bcmd. it PYCFUFZEE ROW 1: B. LaRoache, W. Grey, R. McQuiston, B. McChesney, P. Ratliff, M. Foust, T. Eclmison V. Harrocl, Mrs. Peterson. ROW 2: B, Hobson, R. Howell, R. Graham, E. Malone, S. Reeve, K. Williams, S. Layman. ROW 5: B. Trumbo, J. Davis, K. Keil, L. Bloomfield, T. Covert, R. Thomas, ROW 4: B. Belville, C. McGrath, M. Clapper, K. Klymer, K. Houpt, N. Wheeler, G. McPeek. Carol McHugh patiently awaits her next milk customer. Third ond fourth groders inves ROW 1: K. Price, Z Geyer, C. Grasmehr, D. Robinson, C. Hetrick, D. Prater, L. Underwood, S. Linder, Mrs. Williams. ROW 2: R. Grimm, R. Martinez, D. Pfeifer, T. Haddock, B. Bennington, K. Linder, R. Goodman. ROW 3: P, Bailey, T. Bryant, D. Borah, L. Morton, G. Seaburn, J. Rockwell, T. Shirley. ROW 4: P. Franks, S. Styer, M. Wilson, M. Mosher, K. Williamson, B. Smith. Edison students in grades 1 through 5 and all sixth graders attend the Edison school building. tigote the world around Them. OHIO ROW 1: T. Ellis, K. Williams, K, Kennedy, D. Ritchey, B. Galleher, M. Sterritt, D. Graham, J james. ROW 2: E. Weaver, T. Temple, J. McElroy, D. Miller, E. Stone, T. Kirby, J. Watt, P. Lyons Mrs. Detrow. ' ROW 3: E. Whited, C. Lanum, E. Lyons, B. Bachelder, B. Clevenger, J. McLain, S. Bowman, R Soulier, J. McCurcly. NOT PICTURED: P. Gompf, S. Hickson, C. Carsner. Sarah Hickson, Eddie Weaver, Dick Ritchey, and Barb Galleher are enjoying stories from the Third Grade S.R.A. Reading Laboratory. Third groders receive on introduction ROW 1: C. Curts, D. Brubaker, S. Porter, M. Maher, S. Gardner, C. Kubbs, B. Tennant, C. Albright, Mrs. Wood. ROW 2: B. George D. Hildebrand, D. Lloyd, B. Harvey, E. Kline, T. Stover, B. Edwards, S. Sheets. ROW 3: G. Malone, L. Roberts, R. McPeek, T. Rath, G. Lust, J. Williams, L. Grim. NOT PICTURED: L. Shipley, B. Irons, J. Bockelman. Judy Bockelman, Bret Irons, Linda Shipley, Chris Kubhs, Brenda Edwards, and Bobby George study phonetic drill cards. To geography ond The world around Them. ROW 1: R. Poland, L. Lyons, L. White, D. Phillips, B. Osborne, R. LaRoche, L. Cover, B Fox, V. Reppart. ROW 2: A. Bailey, L. Allgire, M. Goff, S. Tharp, N. Campbell, T. Ramborger, N. Shipman, C Arnold, Mrs. McClelland. ROW 3: A. Whiston, J. Force, D, Jagger, K. Logan, B. Young, Lisa Smith, P. Young. "Show-ancl-Tell" enlivens a third grader's school day. Multiplication is ci chollenge ROW 1: T. Powell, D. Sherbourne, C. Ghent, S. Trainer, H. Guiher, L. Hanna, D. Pfeiffer, R. Spaulding, E. Sipe, Miss Hale. ROW 2: P. Walsh, R. Chilcote, D. Graham, P. Sutherland, M. Ransbottom, D. Frasier, D. Riley, K. Torrey. ROW 5: T. Elkin, S. Newson, C. Blethens, J. Jagger, M. Overfield, S. Osborne, T. Smith. Denicia Graham studies her reading lesson like a good brownie should. to third graders. ROW 1: K. Pfeifer, S. Burnside, T. Burnside, T. Harper, T. Kincaid, D. Prater, C. Hetrick, Mrs. jackson. 1 ROW 2: C. Henry, M. Goodman, J. Linder, D. Graham, J. Hintz, L. Porter. 1 ROW 3: J. Bryant, S. Shipman, J. Fricke, D. Gordon, B. Murphy, J. Woodson, F. Farmer. 1 ROW 4: S. Kenyon, K. Tinkey, E. Nance, L. Burnell, S. Harmon, J. Lamb. NOT PICTURED: C. Hawk. Edison students have access to the Ohio State Library through the bookmobile. l Q"-gf Proficiency in writing i ROW 1: Y. Miller, M. Thomas, J. Tolbert, G. Malone, M. Kirby, P. Solomon, C. Cody, M. Robinson, P. Bradford. ROW 2: S. May, G. Graham, C. Clymer, D. Michal, T. Helman, K. Sadler, R. Kuenzer, C. Whipple, Mrs. Marsh. ROW 5: K. Philbrook, S. Newson, R. Williams, F. Long, D. Benedict, D. Dendinger, J. Stineman. NOT PICTURED: K. Hobson, G. Bockelman, R. Draughn. Second graders are taught to tell time. IQQ u gool for second groders. ROW 1: J. Williams, E. Powell, K. Fix, E. Holtrey, K. Wenger, J. Fisher, S. Bishop, E. Scribner ROW 2: R. Byrd, E. Malone, J. Tilson, J. Cooper, B. Fritz, B. Howell, E. Bradley, Mrs. Sellers ROW 3: T. Boone, S. Wigton, C. Hornbeck, S. Graham, K. McLain, H. Schopman. ROW 4: L. Irons, S. Dallas, H. Whipple, K. Baker, D. Muffley. 6,4440 Harold Whibble and Sandy Graham work addition and subtraction problems. Second graders acquire knowledge ROW' 1: R. Long, B. Harrod, T. Whited, S. Coldwell, T. Brooks, D. Muffley, J. Scribner, V. Campbell, J. Copper, K. Powell. ROW 2: C. Holtrey, P. Fraisher, I.. Bowen, B. Matson, B. Moore, J. Dix, N. Hinkle, J. Wigton, Mrs. Minton. ROW 5: J. Piatt, D. Shaw, E. Castle, M. Sebering, M. Long, J. Koon, B. Dodrill. NOT PICTURED: B. Bratton. 5 my pn.. -gan. 'K 1 zu Kirt Powell, Bruce Matson, Nancy Hinkle, and Elmer Castle Watch intently at Vickie Campbell points out a spelling word, of basic arithmetic. 05180 SCHOOL PKTUQES ROW 1: J. Ratliff, M. Conkle, R. West, V. Kirby, S. Everet, J. Stump, M. McElroy, C. Catron Miss Brown, ROW 2: K. Anderson, R. Branham, J. Hull, K. Irwin, L. Westbrook, K. Gompf, G. Hughes. ROW 3: V. Compton, J. Rizor, T. Barnett, T. Sherman, C. Machen, C. Nesbitt. ROW 4: R. Bending, T. Whiston, S. Studor, C. Baer, K. Campbell, J. Snyder, K. Gatshall. A typical scene in the Cherry Street School cafeteria. Even in primary grades, students experiment with science. ROW 1: J. Nusser, J. McPeek, R. Shirley, J. Harper, M. Burnside, D. Collins, J. Rockwell, D. Styler, L. Cherrington, Miss Shepherd. ROW 2: R. Myers, P. Dunn, D. Saylor, K. Osborn, T. Hawk, A. Kincaid, J. Edwards, C. Farris. ROW 3: T. Cover, J. Campbell, R. Chase, T. Stansbery, L. Campbell, H. Harmon, D. Underwood. Miss Shepherds second graders listen to a classmate reciting at the board. First graders meet "Dick, Jane cmd Scully." 710 ROW 1: A. Malone, L. Packer, R. Evans, A. Layman, S. Smith, B. Hildebrand, G. Bishop, G. Davis G. Mullins, D. Long, L. Goodman, J. Hornbeck, M. Campbell, C, Ratliff. ROW 2: Mrs. Wood, B. Cooper, B. Everly, D. Doran, L. Foster, W. Fissell, D. Dumbaugh, L Wuertz, D. Noakes, E. Evans, J. Taylor, R. Lyons, D. Hoffman, L. Briley, D. Moore, S. Williams NOT PICTURED: D. Dudley, D. Sadler. It's all a part of the confusion of learning. ROW 1: J. Davis, R. Bryant, C. McQuistion, K. Weatherford, R. Lyle, T. Howell, J. Barker, J Todd, G. Gray, D. McHugh, S. Frashier, C. Everett. ROW 2: E. Taylor, T. Martin, M. Keckler, L. Allgire, K. Lyons, J, Studer, R. Poland, J. Graham ROW 3: R, Davis, D. Howard, V. Brown, G. Harman, K. Bachelder, P. Hatfield, A. Chapman. "Y ' - ,, ,,,,3:,, ,,,,aay,1t,,,w f , Mrs. Logan's first graders express themselves through creative .art. First graders learn to co-operate with each other. Q OHIO ROW 13 V. Ward, C. Curts, M. Lewis, L. West, T. Harrod, L. Smith, J. Osborne, K. Higgins, ROW 2: K. Powell, K. Farce, K. Riley, E. Torrey, J. Maker, M. Thomas, K. Brown, Mrs, Ward ROW 5: L. Phillips, J. Logan, P. Sheets, D. Rizor, B. Bowman, C. Walsh. ROW 4: N. Beltz, D. Hickson, J. Phillips, C. Levering, P. jackson. NOT PICTURED: D. Bending, T. George, S. George. LL.,-msww .xx X W. . e .... . T . .Ar ...--... The students in Mrs. Ward's first grade class learn to work in groups we ,Q Numbers ond letters orouse the first groders curiosity. , ,. , ,,,,,,,,,...,.-....,..4:4.':, . R ROW 1: E. Kincaid, T. Hickson, B. Bradford, K. Bloomfield, J. Wigton, B. Holt, D. McElroy, D Castle, M. Wilson, T, Brady, K. Hughes, B. Masterson, P. Soloman. ROW 2: R. Gullett, R. Long, J. Sweeney, L, Gompf, K. Covert, B. Bishop, S. Cowles, E Blanton, Mrs. Kimmey. ROW 3: C. Tennant, R. Bowersrnith, M. Knox, W. Williams, S. La Prodd, L. Smith, R. Braden. The end of another day! ROW 1: J. Burnside, J. Robinson, J. Hawk, K. Hawk, V. Saylor, E. Graham, P. McChesney D. McPeek. ROW 2: Mrs. Cronenwett, D. I-Iintz, C. Hetrick, G. Myers, S. jones, J. Allen, R. Porter, J jones. ROW 3: G. Darling, R. Farmer, K. Osborn, R. Matlaclc, R. Murphy, S. Martin. ROW 4: K. Kelly, B. Nance, L. Morgan, M. Harmon, M. Gordon. we . Q First graders learn to read silently. wt . .. 5 Kindergorfeners learn fc CHOOL ROW 1: L. Rentter, G. Michal, D. May, R. Byrd, B. Dodrill, J. Davis, L. Bloomfield, B. Doran, M. Cover, B. Byrd, M. Sterritt, J, Walsh. ROW 2: J. Carlile, B. Guiher, J. Evans, K. McClelland, D. West, S. Randall, M. Evans, D. Studer, T. Casio, R. Conant. ROW 3: Mrs. Kees, K. Meyer, C. Sherman, D. Roberts, D. McNamee, R. Lubert, J. Benedict, C. Levering. NOT PICTURED: A. Hutchinson. :Q 911 n ROW 1: L. May, K. Reppart, M. Wilson, L. Whited, J. Stineman, D. Levings, C. Osborne, M Owen, S. Bane, S. Dix, M. Craven, ROW 2: S. Miller, L. Campbell, B. Clevenger, J. Philbrook, L. Brown, A. Irons, L. Baer, J. Fisher, Mrs. Kees. , ROW 3: L. Dendinger, R. Sutherland, R, George, L. Kunz, J. Moore, A. Schopman, D. Lewis. NOT PICTURED: V. Hauck, L. Merriman. shore and take turns. ROW 1: C. Gandee, D. Bowersrnith, T. Shirley, N. Edwards, C. Barker, L. Mercer, C. Cover, M Ruhl, B. Powell, K. Wimsatt, Mrs, Shealy. ROW 2: D. McGrath, L. Nesbitt, K. Evans, M. Temple, M. Overfield, T. Varner, K. Kipp, C Hedrick. ROW 3: R. Irons, P. Lyons, J. Call, D. Fricke, S. Wood, S. Morton, S. Pfeiffer. ROW 1: S. McCauley, T. Loos, R. Krauss, M. Stump, K. Little, R. Gullett, T. Corns, Mrs. Shealy. ROW 2: B. Borah, T. Holtrey, L, Farris, N. Williams, L. Prater, L. jones. NOT PICTURED: G. Powell. ' V ff" , i ADVERTISEMENTS PORTER'S FRQZEN CUSTARD Meei, Eai, And Drink AT Por'rer's 5004? Dunn! I' Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-5067 I-IPIVI DIVISION OF KOEI-IRINO COMPANY 'iw u 4 I Y ki"vZw:..m , H ' 1, , ,A - If I L if 'ly W TI ng- E 5 N I-A .M-.-Q.. M . a gffv, L MI J., SNYDER FUNERAL HOME BOWEN JEWELER'S Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-1851 946-4881 LUST HARDWARE Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-I 886 OZZIE'S OIL CITY BARBER SHOP 946-4516 SMITH'S JET CLEANERS 946-5871 ASMAN'S DRUG STORE Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-I O26 SOULIER PLUMBING AND HEATING American Standard Installations And Repairs 946-I 86I CRYSTAL ICE 81 ZERO LOCKERS Mount Gilead, Ohio . Q,i,i,,, ..mE:,: , :,,.:,,-, . .. my Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-5036 HICKSON INSURANCE-REALTY Serving All Of Morrow Co. 946-3951 Mount Gilead, Ohio BLOOMFIELD'S T.V AND APPLIANCES Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-5931 V" ' ' iiii lg 4, C E " I E- Sigel ., K , ii . VL VLW hgh .fxxia SQ I I i, , gm , J, 'Q' :sv -zzh X - - ,L ' ' . , ,. ,,L,,,..,......,.-W -- -- GAMBLES 946-5047 THE CAPITOL THEATER Mount Gilead, Ohio , X . , H4 7 ' . ,1 ' t, Nr Foo? Lmvas NF, 6, conveys FRIE5 A P0734 TUEHONIONSQA HAMauRGERs , ,. .-,, ' F SHARE: 5 SUNDA ES V son Dfeuvxs X Jig! 4 N M, L V M5 'gif' 1 Q W3 ' F- lr-E Q qw x ' " F -' ' a , if :ze ,V f, ' jx 45? ..-, .V ' ' .a Q, 1 A ' . 2' 'QF WH E-STONE LAN ES , ,Z I Ed Oh 946-2076 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOA ASSOCIATION OF Galion, Ohio 'X ,,....,,m...... - ..,,.,,, F , ., Engin e -2 SMITH INSURANCE I ,,LL.,, , . ' 2.-9: I ff Q5 N. .few "i-. "LL Mount Gilead, Ohio II4 West High Street Phone 946-3916 1' :fait fi ii i A ttt A ? .I ,.,.. ett. 2 5 eiii isi- 'E ? 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Manufactured Housing on if I S Permanent Foundations 946-1046 Mount Gilead, Ohio I ,M Q ?,i1 Gladys Rhodebeck, Prop. I X O LONG'S SEED HOUSE ssrl g s -W Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-9056 Two Miles East of Galion on Route 30-S Galion, Ohio Phone 468-6729 BENNETTIS ROSE ARNOLD BEAUTY SALON on The Square 214 South Street Mount Gilead, Ohio S It Galion, Ohio Phone 946-5831 GTTERBACHER WHISTON PHARMACY CHEVROLET INC. les 5 ' PHARMACY 25 South Main Street South Main sneer 946-5911 Mmm' Gilead' Ohio Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-3055 CRAVEN FUNERAL l-lOME MAX R. CRAVEN, Director Ambulance Service - A K ,,,,.c .. ,N .,, 2 , .. A,,.,.., - E Q I at 4 1 E T' l 'l oy 1 'lung , . Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-3040 E A-N, A -N, vxyk M N , K 1-...,,N N Q ...M .Mi w...,,., ww- -A. New fdff K norm E - lhlllt i . '-,No an -' ' 'H-.M 5 ,Nkmkx N -'H was-ur V k.iM5..--.fav ' . vw- --Q ' 'X ' -- -va f--' ' N- mg-1-ff5F?9Q11e--2 K, - ,M .Q N v 5'?""'-f"'f- , my ,M ,..,.. . c W A uma, ...-- K ., W. A . We . 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Tl-lE PEOPl.E'S BANK Serving Mount Gilead 81 Cardington Mount Gilead, Ohio BAILEY DODGE 9590065 ,fff"f'5"'4esgTg4d "' Radiator Repairs " Wheel Alignment " Wheel Balancing X Frame Alignment Edison, Ohio 946-4826 THE SENTINEL T19 Years Old- News Every Wednesday "All The School News" 946-3010 J 8t H SHOE STORE Public Square Galion, Ohio F gr .Q ,, L,:. , Jvjpumww ggiiii T. ,,.i ' ii"ii 5 :Z JAN REE BEAUTY SHOP High Fashion Styling Edison, Ohio 946-4856 mg , xv .Z JOHN JAGGER Motor Sales And Service "Your Ford-Mercury Dealer" 946-3070 BETZ FLORIST Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-1086 ' I ' ' ',.v V - WWMN. 4 V fx M.-. If , . gl K Y., Qi -Nl M 11 ,Axfym fQa.f?i 17 ' I GEYER'S SUPER DOLLAR MARKET Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-3956 THE GLOBE CLOTHING STORE Galion, Ohio For "The Last Word in Dry Cleaning" Visit SlD'S CLEANERS Free Fur Storage During Off-Season 29 South Main Street in Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-1966 I, A i l'f I l Qi 6 rig' BENSON T.V. AND RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Edison, Ohio 946-2816 .. ..,, HAFFNER'S -S f fa"' T ' 'M' 'Y i , Ma l l f T - is 'T if " tLtL a i f ' A L 4- "L f Q A di s i L r o li L ' A ii' Q t i . L L . ,,,, ..,.,,. ,, ....,, 1 5 , Hi s. L 5c-5l.OO Store Mount Gilead, O. SNYDER HARDWARE i ' STANDARD ou. l il-eg L m i 1 Edison, Ohio MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS 'X ' FREE DEMONSTRATIONS Try Before You Buy Phone 946-2096 lea BURNELUS DISTRIBUTING CO Tender-Bite Meats Edison, Ohio 946-4921 SIMS FERTILIZER PLANT Box 71 Mount Gilead, Ohio Bes T Wishes To The Seniors il!-H5 S ' Q H ie, as Q' 'V f f' X f 'fvff' - Wg' . . T: -K -T Mp- :ie- F Q '+- so .., THE GLEDHILL ROAD MACHINERY CO. MGS KCSAGBATU CMounT Gilead School Kids Can Smell a Good Buy aT The Unionj THE Galion, Ohio - MounT Gilead, Ohio 946-4956 UNION STORE A 84 M CASTLE Galion, Ohio Good-Luck Class of '67! KOMlTO'S Mansfield, Ohio R 81 G COMPANY Advertising Agency South Main Street Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-5581 l-IERCULES GALION PRODUCTS, INC. Galion, Ohio SNYDER'S MILLING SERVICE INC. Phone 253-2481 Marengo, Ohio 253-2591 MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE FARM MACHINERY MASTER MIX FEED 81 SUPPLEMENTS Buyers of Grain Shelling-Grinding-Mixing Ready Mix-Blocks-Coal gg , I ' ' F- Mug s ' I ':'L4:' J5'2' i .,S.A., ,,igg,5 'N -S P ' I I " .Q-' 2A-.2-". ' Q 3 . I luwwiixzql- I :IN-1 ,- it iv if-it h 1 I q x lu X 1 " II WI ' - M" . 1 ,f,, V'2' ' ,-,,5 -- I 1' , 1' I so I WIIZIG , 1 A I,-ci . . A ., A,A.,,: V , I I I I , II E vu? " ' Machinery Re'3dY MIX JOSTEN'S Owatonna, Minnesota DICK WILSON Box 29 Bucyrus, Ohio 562-3821 CRAWFORD CONSTRLCTION Galion, Ohio Creators of fine class rings, awards, announcements, "We helped buiId your schooI." Ye6fbO0kS, and CIIPIOFWS- f Congratulations Seniors- On Your Graduation From High School! The Very Best of Luck to You All! Come See Us Again! K I' The Most Modern and Up To Date Portrait Studio In Delaware and Surrounding Area. THE CUBBERLY STUDIO of Delaware, Ohio MOUNT GILEAD LUMBER COMPANY "Pleasing You Pleases Us" Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-5866 Y -H Mlllxilill X 768-2560 Congratulations Class of '67 FATE OFFICE SUPPLY 33 East Center Street Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-6866 """'!Qn COLUMBIA GAS OF OHIO, INC. There's Nothing Like a Flame "CONGRATULATIONS For Modern Living East High Street Mount Gilead, Ohio 9464006 GLADDEN H INSURANCE Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-2916 3 Compliments the - EDISON MARKET Edison, Ohio Compliments of MORROW ELECTRIC CO-OP Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-2856 MARY BAIRD-Class Officer 1, FTA 1-2-3-4'l', GAA 1-2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 3-4, Science Club 33, Band 1-2-3-4, Arrowtales 3-4, Scholarship Team 2-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Miz- pah Staff, Girls' State Alternate, Na- tional Honor Society MARILYN BAKER-GAA 1, Choir 1 HAROLD BALDWIN-Basketball 1 MIKE BARNETT-Basketball 2, Hi-Y 4, Thespians 3-4"', Choir 3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays JACK BAR'I'LEY-Football 1-2-3, Track 1, Student Council 4, Hi-Y 2-3-4 DENNIS BROCKLESBY-Baseball 3, Football 1-3-4, VAC 4, Scholarship Team 2, Sr. Class Play STEVEN BROWN-Basketball 1, Class Officer 2-3-4, Hi-Y 2-3-43, Boys' State, Band 1-2-3-4, Dance Band 2-3-4, Arrowtales, Mizpah Staff, Sr. Class Play, National Honor Society CHRISTIE CLARK-FTA 4, Mizpah Staff, Sr. Class Play BARRY CODY-Basketball 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, Hi-Y 2-3-43, VAC 3-4, Band 1-2-3, Mizpah Staff, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays BONNIE COLDWELL - Baseball Statistician 2-3-4, Office Help, FTA 1, GAA 1-2-3"'-4'l', Thespians 3-4, Y- Teens 2-3-4"', Band 1-2-3-4, Mizpah Staff, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays JOHN CONING-Basketball 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, Hi-Y 2-3-4, VAC 1-2-3-4, Band 2, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays GLORIA CONKLE-FHA 1-2-3-4, FNA 1, GAA 1 GARY CRAVEN-Basketball 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Track 1-3-4, Class Of- l70 ficer 2-3-4, Boys' State,.Hi-Y 2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, VAC 2-3-4'l', Science Club 395, Mizpah Staff, Scholarship Team 3, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, National Honor Society BECKY CRONENXWETT-GAA 1-2- 3, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Mizpah Staff, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Homecoming Court TAMSEN DALRYMPLE--Class Of- ficer 1-2-3, Basketball Statistician 2-3- 4, GAA 1-2, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-31'-43, Arrowtales 3-4, Choir 1-3-4, Mizpah Staff, Scholarship Team 1-2-3- 4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Girls' State Alternate, National Honor Society MARY ELKIN-FNA 3, FTA 1-2-3- 4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, Y- Teens 2-3-4 LINDA EVANS-Office Help 4, FHA 2-3-4, Student Librarian 1-2-3-43' HELEN FARRINGTON-FHA 1-2- 3-43, GAA 1-2, Choir 1-2-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays DEBRA FATE-FTA 1-2-3, GAA 1- 2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Homecoming Court JAMES FISHER-Basketball 3, Foot- ball 2-3-4, VAC 3-4 FRANK FOX-Baseball 1-2, Basket- ball 1, Football 1, Hi-Y 2-3, Jr. Class Play DAVID GERHARDT-Football Mgr. 1, Track Mgr. 2, Thespians 3-4, VAC 2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays JOHN GEYER-Football 1 Foot- JERRY HART--Basketball 3, ball 1-3-4, Track 2-3, Hi-Y 3, VAC 3-43, Band 1-2-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays DAVID HARTPENCE -- Track 3, FFA 1-2-3t-411 Hi-Y 3-496, Band 1-2- 3-4, Dance Band 3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays MARTINA HARVEY-Student Coun- cil 1, FTA 1-2-3-441, GAA 1, Science Club 3, Band 1-2, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays,- National Honor Society SHERRY HEACOCK-FTA 1-24'-3-4, GAA 1-2-31'-4, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Homecoming Queen, Track Queen, Choir 1-2-4, Mizpah Staff, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays BILL HENRY-T rack 3-4, FEA 1-2-3, Choir 4 TOM HIGGINS-Hi-Y 3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Shcolarship Team 1-2-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays KEITH HIGH-Football 2, FFA Pl'- 23-52-424 JANET HILDEBRAND-GAA 1-2, Choir 1-3-4, Scholarship Team 2, Na- tional Honor Society SALLY HUSTON-FHA 4, FNA 1, FTA 2-3, Y-Teens 2, Choir 1-3 JUDI JAGGER-Basketball Statistician 4, FNA 3, FTA 1-2-3-4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Y-Teens 2, Thespians 3-4, PTA Carni- val Queen 3, FFA Court 1-4"', Track Court, Choir 1-2-3-4, Mizpah Staff, Arrowtales 4, Scholarship Team 3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Girls' State Al- ternate, National Honor Society CHRISTINA JAMES-FHA 1-3-4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Student Librarian 4, Choir 1-3-4, Sr. Class Play TERESA KNOX-GAA 1, Y-Teens 2, Sr. Class Play BETTY LINSCOTT-FNA 1-2-3-4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Sr. Class Play, National Honor Society JENNY LONG-Class Officer 1-3-4, Student Council 2, FNA 1-3-4"', FTA 2, GAA 1-2-3, Thespians 4, Y-Teens 3, Student Librarian 3, Choir, Mizpah Staff, Arrowtales 4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays BARBARA LYKINS-Student Librar- ian 1, FNA 1-2-3-4, FTA 2-3-4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, Band 1-2-3, Choir 4, Arrowtales 3-4, Scholarship Team 1-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays BONNIE McCLELLAN'D-FNA 1-2- 33"-43, FTA 2-3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Science Club 3, GAA 1-2-3-4, Thes- pians 3-4, Girls' State, Choir 3, Mizpah Staff Arrowtales 3-4, Scholarship Team 1-2-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, National Honor Society SHARON MCCRACKEN -4 Office Help 4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Y-Teens 2, Na- tional Honor Society EDNA MCHUGH-FNA 1, GAA 1- 2-3, Y-Teens 2, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays EDNA MALONE-FHA 2-3-4, GAA 1, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays ALICE MOSIER-FNA 1, GAA 1-2- 3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays CHARLES MOSIER-Hi-Y 4 CHRISTINE MOSIER - FHA 2-3, Choir 1-2-3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays CAROL PATE-Office Help 4, FHA 1-2-3"'-432 Band 1-2-3-4, Sr. Class Play DON PATTERSON - Baseball 2-3, VAC 3-4 MIKE PFEIFER--Baseball 3-4 JUDY PHILLIPS - FHA 1-34'-4"F, GAA 1-3-4, Choir 3-4, Arrowtales 3-4, Scholarship Team 3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Girls' State, National Honor So- ciety JUDY RENSCH-Student Librarian 2, FNA 1-23-3-4, FTA 2-3-43, GAA 1-2- 3-4, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Science Club 3, Girls' State Alternate, Band 1-2-3-4, Choir 4, Arrowtales 3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Scholarship Team 1-3 DON RICE- -Football 1-2-3, Golf 1-3, Track 3, Hi-Y 3, Thespians 3-4, Band 1, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays DARROI. RIFFLE-Football 4, Golf 4, Track 3, Student Librarian 2, I-Ii-Y 2-3-4, Science Club 3, Sr. Class Play CAROLYN ROBERTS-Choir 1 KERRY SALISBURY-FFA 1-2-3-4 CHARLES SHAFFER-Football 3-4, 2-3-4, Jr. Class Plays CAL SHIRK-Thespians 3-4, Band 1- 2-3-4, Jr. Class Play DAVE SIPE-Baseball 3-4, Thespians 3-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays FRANK SLAVIK-Baseball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1, Football 1-2-3-4, Class Officer 4, Hi-Y 2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, VAC 3-43, Science Club 3, Scholarship Team 1-2-3, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays KAREN SMITH-Cheerleader 1-2-3- 4'l', Student Council 1, FNA 2-332 FTA 1-2-3-4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Thespians 3-4"', Y-Teens 2-3-4, Science Club 3, Student Librarian 2-395-43, Choir 1-2-3-4, Miz- pah Staff, Arrowtales 4, PTA Carnival Court 1-2, Scholarship Team 1-2-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, National Honor So- ciety, Girls' State JOHN SNYDER-Baseball Mgr. 2-3, Basketball Mgr. 1-2-3, Student Coun- cil 2-4'l', Hi-Y 3-43, Thespians 3-4, Science Club 3, Band 1-2-3-4, Dance Band 4, Arrowtales 3-4, Scholarship Team 1-2-3, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays BILL SOULIER-Basketball 1, Foot- ball 1-3-4, Golf 1-2, Track 3-4, VAC 4, Band 1, Jr. Class Play BILL SOUTHARD--Baseball 1, Foot- ball 1, Track 1, Choir 1-2, Sr. Class Play LARRY STOCKDALE-Choir 1 KAY TIERNEY-FNA 1-2-3-4, FTA 3-4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, Y- Teens 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Majorette 2-33?-43, Mizpah Staff, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays TOM TRAINER-F00tba11 1-2, FFA 1-2-3-41' MARIANN UFFERMAN - Student Librarian 1-2-3-4, FHA 3, I-'NA 2-3, GAA 2, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3, Choir 1-2-4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays SANDI WEHR-FNA 1-2-3-4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Thespians 4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Band 1-2, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays RUDY WILKINSON-Baseball 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Student Council 3-4"', VAC 4, Scholarship Team 2-3 KRIS WOOD-FHA 1-2-3, GAA 1- 2-4, Thespians 3-4"', Choir 4, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays DAN WYSS-Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Scholarship Team 3 RICHARD YOUNG--Baseball 1-2, Basketball Mgr. 4 JOHN ZIMMERMAN--Baseball 3, Basketball 1, Football Mgr. 1, Student Council 4"', I-Ii-Y 4, Thespians 3-4, Mizpah Staff, Scholarship Team 3, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays l7I -A- Allen, Patricia-15 Armstrong, Vickie--31 Augenstein, Augenstein, Auld, jeff-36, 50 -B- Bachelder, Bonnie+31, 49, 53, 58, 60, 62, 67, 69, 74, 75, 84, 85, 95 Bachelder, Sandra-36 Bader, Randy-41 Bailey, Garyl60, 70, 90, 92, 99 Baird, Lois-36, 49, 53, 62, 63, 67, 69 Baird, Mary-15, 49, 53, 58, 61, 62, 63,66,74,75,1o5,1o6,107,176 Baker, Marilyn-15, 56, 104 Baker, Stephen-59, 60 Baker, Vickie-41, 56, 68 Baldwin, Harold--15, 104 Barler, David-41, 64 Barnett, Judy-36, 68 Barnett, Michael-15, 50, 54, 56, 58, 105 Bartley, Donna-41, 62, 66 Bartley, jack-15, 72, 104 Bartley, Kenny-41 Beall, Steve-31, 88 Belville, Nancy-41, 53, 62, 66 Bennington, Sandra--41, 53, 68 Benson, Gayle-36, 49, 53, 62, 63 Billingsley, Michael-36, 82 Boone, Catherine-41, 66, 68, 98, 99 Bradley, Patricia-36 Brady, Pamela Lee-36, 67, 68 Brady, Pamela Sue-36, 49, 56, 68, 69 Brady, Peggy-41, 66 Breese, Donn-36 Brehm, Pam-36, 49, 69 Brinkman, Cindy-41, 62, 63, 66, 76 Brock, Sharon-41, 66, 68 Brocklesby, Dennis-16, 50, 61, 70, 82 Brocklesby, Kathy--41, 68, 76 Brown, Laura-31, 49, 53, 59, 62, 63, 67, 74, 95 Brown, Stephen-15, 16, 50, 53, 58, 61, 74, 75, 104, 107, 176 Brubaker, Jerry-41 Brush, Becky-42, 66, 69 Burgess, Barbara--36 Burnell, Denny-31, 70, 82, 90 -C- Carsner, Martin-80 I 72 Campbell, Theresa-42, 62, 66, 72 Campbell, Wanda-42 Campbell, Wayne-51 Carmean, jo Ellen-31, 49, 55, 59, 67, 68, 69, 75 Carpenter, Susan-36, 49, 69 Carter, Sharon-31 Casto, Janice-31 Casto, Tim-16, 24, 105 Cherrington, Mark-42 Clapper, Tim-31, 35, 79, 80, 82, 90, 102 Clark, Christie-16, 49, 61, 62, 66, 74, 75, 105 Clark, Patricia-60, 67 Clinger, Peggy-36, 65, 67, 69, 76 Clouse, Cindy-31, 49, 53, 60, 62, 67, 95,102 Cody, Barry-16, 50, 79, 82, 90, 91, 92, 95, 99, 105 Coldwell, Bonnie-16, 49, 53, 58, 67, 75, 104 Coldwell, Larry-42, 88 Collet, Sam-36, 93 Conant, George-42, 56, 90, 175 Coning, John-17, 21, 25, 50, 61, 70 Conkle, Gloria-17, 61, 66, 68, 104 Conkle, Nancy-31, 68 Cook, Larryn-42 Corbin, Carol-31, 56, 69, 74 Cotton, Counts Ronald-31 Conrad-31, 60 Counts, Gary-32, 50, 51 Craven, Gary-15, 17, 21, 29, 50, 70, 74,75,79,81,82,87,96,102,105 106,107 , Cronenwett, Rebecca-17, 28, 49, 53, 67, 75, 97, 105 Cronenwett, Roxie-36, 37, 49, 56, 86 93, 99 Curts, Gary-42, 80, 88 .D- Dallas, Claude-17, 105 Dallas, james-37 Dalrymple, Tamsen-17, 24, 49, 56, 58, 61, 74, 75, 87, 104, 106, 107 Daniels, Danny-37 Davis, Edna-42 Devore, Douglas-37 Dickerson, Frank-37, 80, 93 Dilsaver, Katy-42, 53, 62 Dodrill, Brenda-37, 49, 62, 67, 72, 86 7 Dowis, Greg-37, 50, 53, 93 Dunn, Deborah442, 53, 68 ,E- Eckard, Terry-37 Edwards, Eddie-42 Edwards, Roger-42 Edwards, Shayne-32, 70, 79, 82, 91, 95 Efaw, Dave-37, 53 Elkin, Mary-18, 49, 61, 62, 66, 76 104 Evans, Linda-18, 68, 73, 76, 104 Evans, Robert-42 -F- Farrington, Helen-18, 56, 61, 68, 105 Farrington, Tom-32 Fate, Debra-18, 25, 49, 56, 58, 62, 66, 77, 97, 105 Ferguson, Princess-37 Ferrell, Mavis-32, 67, 76 Ferrell, Ronald-37, 70, 90 Fields, Valerie-42, 74 Fisher, James-18, 70, 82 Fissell, Ken-37 Foster, Sandra-32, 49, 53, 67, 73, 75 Fox, Joe-42, 80, 82, 90 Fox, Pat-37, 49, 53, 62, 67 Franks, Diana-32 Franks, Robert'-42 Frayer, Joan-32, 49, 53, 74, 75, 102 -GW Gatchall, Susan-42, 66 Geddis, Becky-37, 66, 67, 69 Geddis, Mary-42, 66, 69 George, Mark-42 George, Peggy-32, 58, 60, 76 Gerhardt, David-19, 56, 58, 61, 70, 104 Geyer, Foster-43, 64 Geyer, John-19 Gheen, Dolores-37, 68 Gladden, Richard-32, 53, 59, 60, 70, 82,95 Goff, Barbara-37, 67, 68, 69 Goff, Judy-32, 60, 73 Goff, Nancy-43, 53 Gomph, Chris-32, 50, 70, 90, 92 Gordon, Steve-37, 79, 81 Graham, Nancy-43, 56, 62, 63, 66 Griffith, Bill-43 Griggs, Eva--43, 53, 66 Gullet, Steve-37, 69, 80 -H- Haldeman, Bonnie-43, 69, 76 Hall, Charles-72, 82, 88 Hamilton, Joeg43, 64 Harden, Earl--37, 50, 79 Harden, Nancy-32, 49, 53, 62, 67. 69, 74 Hardy, KimA43 Harper, Randy-37, 67, 68 Harris, Jill-36, 37, 49, 53, 62, 66, 67,87 Hart, jerry-79, 29, 50, 53, 61, 70, 82,105 Hart, Rita-43, 53, 86 I-Iartpence, David-19, 50, 53, 64, 105 Harvey, Martina-19, 61, 62, 74, 75, 105,106,107 Hayes, Lloyd--37 Heacock, Sherry-16, 19, 49, 59, 62, 66, 75, 96, 97, 98, 99, 105 Hedrick, Peggy-32, 67, 76 Hedrick, Mike-20, 105 Helman, Kathy-32, 67, 76, 69 Henry, Charles-20, 56, 90, 104 Henry, Donald-43, 56 Higgins, Tom-20, 50, 56, 61, 104 High, Keith-20 Hildebrand, George-32, 70, 75, 88, 89 Hildebrand, Janet-20, 56, 105, 106, 107 Hinton, Dave-33, 64, 65 Hinton, Rebecca-37 Hobson, Debbie-44, 56, 66, 69 Hobson, Gary-20, 61 Hobson, John-44 Hollingsworth, LeRoy-44, 64 H01trCy,Jerry-37, 65, 70, 82,90 Hord, Hugh-44 Hord, Linda441, 44, 62, 66 1nnd,10ke-33,s2,90,95 Hord, Sheila-37, 67, 68, 69 Houpt, John-44, 93 Howard, Chester-44 Howard, Richard-44 Hubbard, Richard-38 Huston, james-44 Huston, Sally-21, 68, 104 -J- jackson, jim-44, 80 Jackson, Marvin-44 jackson, Tim-38, 50, 93 Jagger, james-44, 82, 90 Jagger, Joyce-44, 56, 62 Jagger, Judi-417, 21, 49, 56, 58, 61, 62,66,74,75,87,98,99,100 101,105,106,107 james, Christina-21, 56, 61, 66, 68, 76,104 James, Everettf38 Johnson, Dianna-44, 66 jones, Vickie-38, 68, 69 jordan, Mark433, 50, 56, 60, 70, 90, 92 jordan, Mary-33, 49, 52, 53, 69, 74 -K- Keckler, Clarence-21, 105 Keckler, Mike-33, 64 Kehrwecker, Joyce-33 Keil, james-21, 64, 105 Kelly, Marla-36, 38, 49, 67, 69, 100, 101 Kelly, Theresa-21, 104 Kemnitzer, Barbara-44, 66 Kemnitzer, Mike-33, 60, 74, 90 Kincaid, John-44 Kirkpatrick, Gene-44 Kirkpatrick, Sharon-33, 49, 60, 84, 85 Kisor, Rheda-33, 68 Kistner, Christine-44, 66, 68, 74 Kistner, Kathleen-38, 44, 56, 68, 74 Klingel, Gary-44, 80, 88 Klingel, Roberta-38, 49 Korody, jerry-38 Korody, Kathy-44, 53, 66 Knox, Dixie-33, 68 Knox, Theresa-22, 61, 105 Kubbs, Cathy-31, 33, 49, 53, 62, 63, 73, 74, 75, 84, 85, 95, 169 Kuenzer, Diana-33, 49, 67, 76, 84, 85, 98, 99, 175 Kuenzer, Steve-44 -L- Lanum, john-44 Lehman, judy-38, 69 Lepp, Mike-31, 33, 60, 70, 82, 90, 91,92,95,102 Levings, Rita-33, 67 Linscott, Betty-22, 49, 66, 69, 105, 105,107 Leffer, Larry-33 Logan, jane-31, 33, 49, 53, 62, 75, 76, 95 Long, Douglas-44 Long, jennifer-15, 22, 58, 61, 69, 74, 75 ,102,104 Lykins, Barbara-22, 62, 66, 69, 61, 56, 58, 74 Lyle, David-44, 69 Lyman, Gail-44 Lyon, james-33, 70, 79, 80, 82 Lyons, Becky-45 Lyons, Lois-45, 68 -M- McClelland, Cathy-33, 56, 60, 69, 74 61,62,66,69,74,75,105,106,107 McClelland, Cathy-33, 56, 60, 69, 74 McClelland, Gary-38 McCoombs, Marcia-3 3, 49, 53, 62, 63 McCraken, Patty-66, 68 McCraken, Ronnald-45, 90, 91 McCracken, Sharon-22, 61, 66, 73, 105, 107 McCurdy, Connie-45, 68 McDonald, Donna-33, 68 McHugh, Dan--45 McHugh, Edna-23, 105 McHugh, Mary-33, 62 McKinney, Terry-33, 64 McLain, Michael-45 McPeek, jackie-35, 49, 53, 62, 67, 74,84,85,100,101 McPeek, Jerry-64 Malone, Edna-2 3, 61, 68, 104 March, Mary-38 Masterson, Alan-38 Matson, Richard-38 Mercer, Ella-45, 53, 66 Mills, Susan-33, 53, 62 Mills, William-38, 82 Moore, Edward-45 Morris, Nanette-38, 67, 68 Moses, Pam-38 Mosier, Alice-23, 66, 69, 104 Mosier, Charles-23, 66, 69, 105 Mosier, Christine-23, 56, 67, 68, 1 Mosier, Dorothy-38, 68 -N- Neal, Carolyn-23, 76, 104 I73 Neal, Ron-45 Newsome, Patsy-45 Noakes, Linda-38, 68 -5- Osborn, Linda-45 Owens, Jeff-36, 38, 50, 79, 88 -p- Pangborn, Les-33, 88 Pate, Carol-24, 53, 61, 68, 73, 104 Patten, Sharon-34, 68 Patterson, Don-24, 70, 105 Persons, Dayid-38, 82, 90 Pfeifer, Michael-24, 104 Phillips, Bruce-34, 58, 60, 70, 72, 82,95 PhuupS,Judy-.24,56,61,66,6s,74, 105,106,107 Phillips, Sandra-39, 67, 68 Pineyard, Jacqueline-39, 49, 67, 69 Porter, Richard-34, 75, 90, 95 Powell, Mark-45 Prichard, Walker-45 -R- Ramsey, Roger-39 Randolph, Michaeln-34, 58, 60, 62, 95 Ransbottom, John-34 Rensch, Judith-24,A49, 53, 56, 62, 66 69,74,105,106 Rensch, Tom-45, 56, 88 Rice, Donald-24, 103 Richards, Carolyn-39, 68 Richardson, Janis-34 Riffle, Connie-34 Riffle, Darrel-25, 50, 61, 82, 93, 96, 104 Riggs, Patty-45, 56, 62, 66 Riley, Anthony-439, 93 Rizor, Diana-45, 66, 68 Rizor, Theresa-34 Roberts, 'Carolyn-25, 104 Roberts, Eddie-39, 88 Robinson, Steve-45 Rockwell, Kathy-39 Rogers, Dona-45, 56, 66. 68 Rogers, Lindy-45, 88 Roush, Freda-39, 68 Roush, janet-45, 68 Ruhl, Carol-39, 56, 62 Rupp, james-34, 90 Ryan, Roger-34 I74 -3- Sabbe, Jeffery-45, 90 Sabbe, Nelson-39, 64, 70 Salisbury, Kathy-45, 66, 68, 69 Salisbury, Kerry-64, 104 Sample, Herbert-39, 82 Sanders, Harry-39 Sayers, James-34 Saylor, Linda-45 Scott, jo Ann-45, 66 Seaburn, Bruce-45 Seaburn, Patricia-34, 68 Seaburn, Randolph-34 Sears, Gay--45, 56, 62, 66 Shade, John-34 Shaffer, Charles--1.8, 25, 61, 70, 82 88,104 Shaffer, Rose-68 Shaw, Diana-34, 49, 73 Shealy, Claudia-39, 49, 53, 62 Shelton, Karen-34, 52, 53, 67 Sherbourne, Darwin-39, 79, 88 Sherbourne, Judith-34 Shipley, Sandra-45, 56, 65 Shipman, Connie-34, 49, 53, 67, 69, 76, 95 Shirk, Calvin-25, 53, 58, 104 Shnk,PorMa-39,49,53,56,62,63 Shoults, Marcia-46, 62, 66 Simpson, Charles-46, 93 Simpson, Judy-34 Sipe, David-25, 50, ss, 105' Sipe, Theodore-46 Slavik, Frank-15, 21, 25, 50, 58, 61, 70,82,88,96,105 Smith, Christine-34, 53, 58, 69, 76 Smith, Diana-46, 53, 68 Smith, Jerry-46, 90 Smith, Joyce-39, 53, 69 Smith, Karen-26, 49, 56, 58, 62, 66, 69,74,75,76,84,85,105,106, 107,169 SmMLKMW-4Q5Q6l6Q8Q1M, 101 Smith, Rebecca-40, 67 Smith, Robert-34, 64, 65 Smith, Tracy-34, 60, 53, 58, 62, 82, 95 Smith, Vickie-26, 61, 66, 105 Snell, Erin-34,35 Snell, Howard-46 Snyder, john-26, 50, 53, 58, 72, 74, 75, 105, 107 f Soulier, William-17, 26, 82, 90, 91, 104 Southard, William-26, 59, 61, 104 Stanabery, Beverly-34, 49, 53, 62, 67, 73 Starlin, Yvonne-34, 53, 58, 67, 68 74 Steck, Bonnie-68 Stiers, Paul-40, 88, 89 Stockdale, Gloria-35 Stockdale, Larry-4-26, 105 Stull, Rick-40, 93 Sutherland, Karen-46, 66, 68 -T- Taylor, Sharon-31, 32, 35, 95 Tennant, john-46, 82 Tennant, Sandra-40, 67, 68 Tharp, Fred-46 Tierney, Kay-27, 49, 52, 53, 61, 62, 66,69,75,104 Toplyn, Ron-46 Torrey, Sheila-46, 56, 68 Trainer, Denise-40 Trainer, Larry-40, 80 Trainer, Thomas-27, 64, 105 Troyer, Richard-27 Troyer, Sharon-46 Turner, Terry-46, 72, 80, 82, 90 -U- Ufferman, Mariann-27, 49, 56, 61, 66, 69, 75, 104 Ullom, Bryan-46 -V- Vail, Brian-82, 90 Van Schoych, Brenda-46, 68 Vanderkooi, David-35, 60, 70, 82 Vaughan, Marty-46, 53, 62, 66, 69 -W- Walton, Pamela-40, 67, 68 Walsh, jan-46 Walsh, john-46 Ward, Steve-40, 50, 72, 79, 82, 90 Warner, Cindy-35, 72 Watkins, Mardee Jo-40, 68, 69 Weber, Debbie-40, 68 Wehr, Robert-41, 47, 70, 80, 82, 90 Wehr, Sandi-27, 49, 58, 61, 66, 68, 69, 104 Weller, Craig-40, 50, 51, 70, 82, 90 We-rtz, Richard-47, 64, 65 West, Douglas--40, 82 West, Patricia-35, 68 Wfheeler, Allyson-47, 66, 68 Wilkinson, 95, 102 Wilkinson 88, 104, 106, 107 Williams, Duane-40, ,50 Wilson, Edward-47 , Rudy-27, 69, 70, 72, 79, Wood Wood Vickie-35, 49, 52, 53, 67, Wood Wilson, jack-40 -Y-. Wojtseck, Wanda-40, 49, 53, 67, 69 Wood, 105 , Nancy-47, 53, 62, 66 Young, Greg-47, 82, 88 Harold-28, 104 Michael-64, 88 Richard-28, 79, ss, 104 Brad-447, 55, 80 Kristine-16, 28, 56, 58, 66, 175 Young, Young, Young, Martha-47, 66, 68 MZ Worline, Cathy-55, 49, 67, 69, 75 Wren, jenny-35 WllCftZ, Sharon-47, 62, 66 Wyss, Dan-28, 104 Wyss, Denny-40 Zimmerman, Jane-440, 53, 68, 69 Zimmerman, john-21, 28, 50, 72, 75, 104 Zwayer, Dan-40, 50, 80, 90 ,S vp I 7 7 .ya W ' - ,,.. 1 'o,e , "i, ski' sxgffffe Q s im - ,si ff , 'Ss ,e, 7 7 ' 7 , s f -4 t, ' ,F -cl I 0 f 5 sg . Kris Wood demonstrates the correct procedure for flipping. if Q f:. f'g,-f,a,.'N X il 3: S' AF meats, mfs 1 Diana Kuenzer flashes a big smile as she leaves the lecture room. George Conant strolls around the campus showing off his new gym uniform. There are no smiles or happy faces among these sophomores as they, participate in Mr. White's famed biology practical. I75 The 1967 Mizpah Staff wishes to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to all those persons, businesses, and organizations who helped in any way to make this edition a success. The E nd TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "nw wana, sm vwbwn Au m4m,m.a."

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