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Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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S 44. Q WJ, nf" KQV VV -K :f gn.. w ,, nw-' fax X, ,. ,,. A JY , wa, gr 3.2, ., as if kg, , Pi ,V 5 .QM 1 wi: 4, 94 Rm 2.4! iq V Ia... a, ,,A,,,1Q '5:'41.r, , iffy? M' gf m W, 51? ,. fm 5 - ff. ui"'r 2, fa - L,iW H K Q. ,fn 4. fnfr' 3.345-o'A 'X fi J if 5" Q P' " W ,B le, 5. Jef. M -fu. .- ., fn, mf TQ' ix' 4,59 , K, iff1,aJ 123- ' f, 3 R " 'WA PM w .W Q fu, ,,. - . + wi , -1' , s F r 4 ' 5 ' " ,rp 'N if 1 if .M - Y. Y W .,,,1,i :fl Xa, , W, W Wadi .Lf ww, MM 4 1 -,aff ,M 5 E E f s 5 E Z 2 1 E l K 3 3 1, l l i 2 l a l l l F i 5 5 x 3 iizpnizi - 965 Published hy the Annual Staff Mount Gilead High School Mount Gilead, Ohio Volume XLVIII 'ilk OIFTEWVCQDIF' Reflections enable us to relive the past. The pictures in this volume will reflect many of the events which will forever live in our hearts-especially in the hearts of the Seniors. Whether a senior or a child just beginning school life, we trust that the memories we have captured in this 1963 MIZPAH are happy ones. A As we reminisce, countless reflections from the past year linger in our minds, old and oft-forgotten reflections which still warmly fill a place in our hearts: a building, our friends, our teachers, the athletic events, hours of study, fun and laughter . . . the list grows and grows. CETSUHUIJIJICB Agxctivitoes , as M he Q . 'K M 22' ' , , ,, ' .mm ,,., 1' M 2? X L in Q L' 3 V915 .X K , , 9 sx '4 h X ,Q , H 5 42- 5 X Mi f mm, S ,K ag, , Um , 9,5 ,F - ' ,M Aw, .wg A Q am 4 :xxx ,S K wg ff Za I, 5 A . E x 'Q s 5 'T 1 S , f f L X X9 K X S QW as 93531 wif ,wx , ,, A 1, LM SH S if conlfcemmlf tu cnt . ....... 40 1 ' " " 0 :?2:wV' W -W HE'P'-5,TI.L-1'fi', 723: 'SI 1- 'ff M 1gf'f?gs:f4'M "PV -i1i.1'f:ffQ+z'.f'::ff 1: 4.3: :..'2:'EZ,.: " ,5:,lkg:,2Lf:mf'1f.'L,inf :ff i.m-ffffieii "::5:'f:!::'. VI. - - H S fa: M wi? 'sw ,A km: A Xwa12EaW'wf's 1 aff if gQ w'2,?sE1 '-f Qwfkk - ,- we-,f: 6, i - ., I . im..-miWyifwsff I f iw a z . .,k, 1 ,,:,.f:, .- I 5W,f,g,,kf 2 - f NL . , . ,,b, 4 . , .,., ,,.. , H W.,,., m,,,,. ., my .- V, 'f- L' Y 2 1 2: K L J R- Wi! - lm- fx ,A Qu - .-a ,:,x51-:aw ,La,7-'wa - 2,-g f: '4 2-"f,sv2fs":!,f- ' . :E A -fiwsigxxggiiisiipm A '-"L W gggygjwsxkmgqngw-1 , . 5iff '4r,aQsof A Y 75 ,, im g M115 1 .. A. -- A P ' , H ' . A A wwdwf .............74 PCBCJEQERH EVER ' ....... 'gg Hw,QS..1l7 ..l56 H A X ESANNEL ln our cascade of reflections, we catch a glimmer of the many people Who contributed to the develop- ment of our student body. Included in this number are the administrators, board of education, secre- taries, cooks, janitors, and bus drivers. Most important are the teachers who stimulated our minds. We students have acquired skills, knowledge and accomplishments that would have been impossible Without the guidance and understanding of our teachers. STUD TS The sharpest reflections We see are those of the faces and personalities of our friends. l-low can We forget the many hours we spent with our friends,- talking, laughing, Working and studying? It is amazing how well We learned to know each other's thoughts and actions, and how many times our desires and goals Were the same as those of our close friends. Our friendships are precious, always to he remembered and treasured. D. C. NICHOLSON High School Principal Prin. Nicholson has completed twenty- two years of service for the Mount Gilead Schools, ten of which he has been principal. He received his A. B. and M. Ed. de- grees from Ohio University. Much of the smooth operation of the school can be attributed to his Well- planned program. Administrators RAY MILLS, JR. Superintendent of Schools Supt. Mills graduated from a two-year training course in education at Alfred Holbrook College and received his B. S. from Wilmington College. He received his M. A. from Miami University. Many advancements have been made in the four years that Mr. Mills has been superintendent, the greatest of which is the erection of a new high school which is now under construction and is to be ready for occupancy in the fall of 19644. Bearmil - Seeretariies are integral parts eil enriluealiiien MAXINE ASHBROOK Secretary to Mr. Mills EILEEN HART Secretary to Mr. Nicholson EVELYN SHOULTS General Secretary JAMES KINCADE-Accountant President GEORGE J ACKSON-Farmer Vice President C. R. CLADDEN-Insurance Agent Clerk JOHN GEYER-Grocer LOREN HALBERT-State Supervisor RICHARD JAGGER-State Inspector nirelleintiiing patience, understanding, and consideration 1 x Q BETTY ALVEY B. A., Malone College English I-Biology R. S. BEARD B. S., Ohio State Vocational Agriculture FERN BOWEN B. A., Marshall College Vocational Home Economics JOHN W. CAMPBELL B. S., Otterbein College Phys. Ed.-Driver Ed. FLORENCE CLO,USE B. A., Findlay College Phys. Ed.-History CHARLES R. COOK B. A., Ohio Wesleyan Advanced Sciences DALE DAVID M. M. Ed., Drake . Music MARTHA HUBBERT M. A., Columbia Mathematics DAVID KARLE B. S. Ed., Ohio Northern Industrial Arts characterize ellllvecinve Item: ers .atlfz Mount Gilead g BLANCHE KNACHEL B. A., Otterbein College English II-III JAMES D. MILLER B. A., Otterbein College French-World History VALESKA NICHOLSON B. S., Bowling Green High School Librarian DORMAN PICKLESIMER B. A., Morehead State Speech-Commerce CHARLES SWANSON B. A., Ohio University Sciences-Mathematics JAMES WATSON B. S. Ed., Ohio State Social Studies MARVIN W. WEBB B. S. Ed., Ohio University Business Education GERALD F. WHITE B. S., Marietta College Biology KATHRYN WIELAND B. A., Otterbein College English III-IV 401111: ers Sscom1c111a1111101111 0111114111 1211011111112 111111 60701611 ce ucC1a1lE1101n1 1962 63 0111101 of 1119 11101111 C11ef1d '11 1:1161 A 0010111011 p1c1111Pd 011014 ll 11111 13 11111111 111921015101 104111111116 Ge111a1dt V106 ll I1 11111111 1 ll Hue IIN d Ix 1111511 XX 1111111 1341 1111 1111 01 Illll 111011 11o1df- 111o11t111y 111061111 5 and 111111ers T 111 A ' 1' " 0 1 1 111 Q '-. ,' 1 1' 1 Ha' 's Ss 1' " ' ' '1L'1'.2 PS . " ", , ,, ' ' ', ' lll'f'5.1F1, K' 1 1'1111l'11. s --,la 1111 'a " 111 , 12's '11'. H 2 'ga : ' ' gq '1 good 21' i11g1'.11 ' s " ,L ' 's 'a ' 1 1 ' ly. ', ' ' - Q I : ' ' , .., , ,. 7 . .' , 1' ' , '. We ,Q 1 . 11 1111 P 111011 111111 1116 1011111111 ll 111011 111c1 1110 COIIIIIIIIIII At 1611 PTA o1f1ce1Q duung the pad yvau were S1 AT11 13 XV1111a111 XV00d p1es1dent and H1111ey Hanna tleas 11161 STANDING Mrs Davld H1014 son uce p1eb1de11t and MIS Georg D1x Henretary Clievse- and crackers were on llie menu the day lliis shot was taken -as our cooks-Mrs. Hindman, Mrs. Hildebran Mrs. Blow, and Mrs. llilsaver, substitute for Mrs. .larkson who was ill, get ready for the noon meal. Cooks, custodians provide nouimisllimmmenli and CCll66llI'l1 llmuiiilldliiinigs Below-Mr. Stevens and Mr. Baker were deep in concentration when pllotographed. They soon figured the answer to the problem and com- pleted the job. Right-Mr. und Mrs. Scofield pause from their room cleaning duties to be recorded for 1963. y rl 1 -fm... Senior piifotuinesy collerss play, ttlhre prom? aiinidl girnaidluenfiion Below-A lair of horsoplay by Roh Cerhardt and .ludy Orslioru while Merrill Cillillau, Donna Shade, Lynn McClelland, Charlotte Beard, and lady Hull are otherwise engaged at play praciice, Left-Barhara Higgins is measured for her cap while Linda ,laycox inspects Z1 sample rohe that seniors will he wearing during graduation Ceremonies. Be-lowfCwen Covlirau, Phyllis and Carlyn Fuller discuss their senior pictures. Below-Dave Decker makes close inspection of his formal wear to he sure that this part of the prom will he 'LA-Okay." ighilighlt yceaur' for cciheuss Merrill Gilfillan President Tomothy Marsh Vice President Jean Ault Secretary John Rexford President Jerry Ashbrook Vice President Kenneth Bush Treasurer Judith Orsborn Secretary Gary Rizor Treasurer Judith Bayer Charlotte Beard Michael Belt Jeannine Benson Roger Birdsong Ethel Bishop no llvicellails oil, music, lllitioiruaufzuro, Thomas Ansley Judith Ault Diana Baughman ailmatmaldzics Richard Breese Gwendolyn Cochran George Collins science, illlfllllll mmenllllu were ours tho cexpllcoirce Janet Conkle Linda Conkle Patricia Counts Roger Cox Sharon Curl Larry Daugherty Dave Decker Bonnie Dilsaver Dorothy Dudley Keith Earley Donna Evert Carolyn Ferrell problems in government? vocational training, an William Fowler Julia Fraizer Carlyn Fuller eyeirygrlleiy living also fcrfeaitecril fclliirailllfemlges Phyllis Fuller Linda Furniss Robert Gerliardt Philip Gonlpf Larry Harden Margo Harvey Sharon Harvey Marjorie Heacock Barbara Higgins Q Shing of dlceifceamf, the joy of sluucccfess Carol Lee Douglas Holhngsworth Mary Howard Bonnie Brown Levering Judlth Hull Jane Hunt Robert Lmscott Linda Jaycox Margaret Kimmey pincepaine enwrs fer aaiirui 1, 11 ce Linda Lutz John Petrie Sidney Pinyerd Malinda McClelland Lanny Price Wanda Price David Nicholson Ronda Rathburn Wiliianl Reed Ahalanee will stfztumlly etimll recreation Sandra Rohdebeck Donna Shade James Smith Judy Shaffer Phyllis Shirley Linda Smith Robert Shoaf Louise Sipes Marian Soulier produces dl successful student Dennis Tharp Verne Thomas Glenna Staley John Troyer Myra Jo Ward Sharon Stotts John Zilske Jimmy Strait puftttnts for time prnm and fccmnttcfesstiomt stiptattttutiis, plus om idents is the main sttlmjvvt of this photo of Junior Class offivmw. Left to tight-Stan Southard-Secretary, Denny Cttllugltvi'-Yiwu President. Rogcr Crttwtt-l'rvsidtmt, und Miko Daltytnple-Treztsttret: 0 d,CCcEilfIlllClU1'11lllC Ruth Daniels Sandra Daugherty Robert Davis Robert DeLong Betty Evans Susan Evans Marsha Fate Sheila Ferrell Robert Fissell Kenneth Gerhardt Pamela Geyer Sandra Ghent Rebecca Glassburn Nancy Groves Mary Haenszel Max Heimlich Ida Hershey Gene Hollingsworth Rebecca Hubbard Barbara Jackson Sally Jordan Mary Kerr Linda Kincade Dwight Kirk David Lester lille, lviillll precious lhours coli Juniors rests co merit, lea ers up in activities, and student Sandra Levering Othel Levings Anne Logan Rheta Long Stephen Long Samuel Malone Terry McColl Lana McConnell Diana McCreary Judy McHugh John Morton James Murray Roger Murray Ronald Nixon Carla Osborne Ricky Pinyerd Tom Randall Phyllis Ransbottom Barbara Richardson Patricia Robinson Far left, lVIarslra Fate demonstrates that even Y Teen members who appear as hoboes must some times take to the refuse can. Left, Mary Jane Kerr gets a 4'l1'iendly" 1'6p1'lII1ElllCl from Mr. Picklesimer for not getting that play scenery up on time. 11 ce provide growtfzlht ilfor dlruiniors Evelyn Ryan Michael Schnell Carroll Sears .lohn Shade Roger Shepard .lan Snyder Donald Stuiger Samuel Streley Shirley Thoman Michael Trainer Floyd Troyer James Vail Susan Yvertz Jacqueline West Lillian White Virginia Wright Sally Jordan, Debbie Asman, Pam Geyer, and Jan Snyder dis- cuss the correct proportions of a star pattern for prom decora- tions of a 'gMoonlight and Roses" theme. NOT PICTURED: Loren Hershey, Marvin Martin, Richard Poitel Knfn Rilo! l dlhth Van han and Vir mia Wieland Susan Alkire Michael Bachelder Richard Bachelder Linda Baker Linda Baughman Sharon Brush Gary Buchanan Edward Burns Marlee Carmean Linda Carpenter Candy Casto Carolyn Chandler Soplhrorniores llooia iivorwardi to ordering their Sophomore Class Secretary, Linda Coning doesn't seem to be too interested in the type of ring President ,lim Wfolfinger and Treasurer Kim Piercy are interested in. She'll convince them in her own special way. Not pictured is Lee McClelland-Vice President. Doris Chapman Pamela Clapper Steven Cody Danny Coldwell Larry Collins Lenora Conley Ray Conley Dan Cook Robert Cook Barbara Cooper Barbara Craven Judy Dalrymple Richard Davis Mary Detwiler Stanley Dumbaugh Robert Eckard Ronald Evans Bonnie Fisher Jacalyn Fox David Frayer Larry Furniss Bonnie Garverick Carol Gattshall Cheryl Gattshall class rings Eric Geyer Judy Goff Richard Goff Kathy Gompf Mark Gordon Tom Griffith Linda Haenszel Marlene Halbert Phillip Halbert Terry Hartley Dennis Hartpence VDana Heacock Robert Hershner Richard Higgins Rita Hinton Cinda Holt Margery Houpt David Hubhert Carolyn Hull Bruce Kelly John Kemnitzer Linda Kline Lura Knachel Alan Kramer David Laird Michael Lancaster Phillip Lee Carolyn Lemley Nonna Levering Thomas Linscott llSCCOWCE3lInlllIlg MQW dllllffll STL11CCCCCBSSllvlU1ll 1I1Il1CCDll'11CI'3y-:'lIiIl1Q6J,llSll1I'itg Jeff Logan Judy Long Nancy Long Beulah Lyons Gary Lyons James Malone Lee McClelland Michael McComhs Carolyn McCurdy Terry Mcljeek Virginia Miller Jo Ann Minton Jeffrey Mosier Karen Nesbitt Richard Newman Marca Noakes James Orshorn James Peterson June Porter Shirley Ratliff John Reed Doug Rensch Steven Riggs Donald Roach David Sayers Jean Scott Steven Seaburn Sherry Shelton Phillip Shirk Tim Shoewalter Sandra Sherbourne Kay Showers Dennis Sims Darlene Smith Timothy Smith .lo Ellen Sterritt I Sue Stockdale se emes presents pirelhllemnts ferr' ellass mnermlheirs Gregg Strain Judy Strait Keith Strait Pam Strait John Thompson Linda Tierney Ronald Turner Ruth Van Buskirk Linda Vipperman Kenneth Walton Charles Weaston Melissa Weller Charlotte West Terry Wigton Kenneth Williams Ira Wilson Mary Wilson Patricia Wyrick NOT PICTURED' Eu ene Castle David Davi' Marilee Hollin sworth Joan Honaker, Alice Lortz, Bonnie McGraw, Merle Pol- - a - , S, f as , lard Carroll Sampson, Carlton Thomas, Robert Wertz, and Karen Williams. The month of February brought tragedy to the class as death, without warning and in different forms, claimed the lives of two of its members within the short span of four days. Panfs young life ceased on Thursday, February 21, and Kim's Came to an end on Sunday, February 24. Their absence will vonstantly remind their many friends and vlus-'unites that death, frequently enig- matic, prevented these young lives from realizing fulfillment. 29 Freshman Class officers sneak their first glimpse of high school life. Above, top to bottom, are: Treasurer-Val Harris, Secretary-Bill Griggs, Vice President- Herb Hughes, President-Steve Hart. Barbara Archer Vickie Ashbrook Jimmy Ault Ruth Baird Virgie Baldwin Nancy Bennett Pamela Blose Jerry Bodman Sandra Brady Marty Brinkman William Brown Darlene Bunker Ellen Burson Victoria Burton William Calhoun rweslliumein Qllaceril with preliminary Gary Chubb Jane Clark Mary Conant Virginia Coning Thomas Conkle Phil Courtney Diana Covert Robert Cunningham Ronald DeLong Timothy Ealey Patricia Effland Ambrus Ferguson Richard Foltz Linda Fritz William Garay Janey George Cathy Giffin Dixie Griffith Thurman Hall Kay Hardy plldlllllfilllllllg Of KCELIPCBCCIFS llllll llDTlllSlll1'l1KPJSS9 SCCllCBlIl1KCCB, CCNP' llTLTlllIl1'YLi:'LLl1'l1l11,l1fCS s Donna Hershey Jerry Hershey Keith High Gary Kincade Pam Klingel Terry Hildebrand Michael Hobson Wayne Hollingsworth Sandy Kubbs Kathy Laird Lynn Houpt Stephen Huston Linda Ingmire Ralph Landon Marie Lawyer Phyllis Ireland Mary Jo Jagger Warren Johnson Caroline Lentz Connie Levering Gary Kehrwecker Mike Keil Russell Kerns Michael Levings Barbara Logan Aloma Long Lester Malone Elizabeth Mathews Jill Matson Lillian McConnell Janet McPeek Mary Miller Diane Nicholson Lynn Owen Steve Owens Donald Patterson Ronald Patterson Mary Petrie Lary Phillips Martha Phillips Steven Phillips Suzanne Piercy Karen Ronsbottom Edward Sayers Walter Saylor Judy Schrack David Shade , Nelson Shaffer 1 Carol Shipman l Robert Shirley seems llillse at long time ite wait before You never can tell about the working minds of girls! Here they have raided the lockers of VAC jackets and are planning their next move to capture the fellows who belong inside them. Left to right are Sandy Kubbs, Liz Mathews, Mary Staley, Renee Sims, Suzie Piercy, and Vickie Ashbrook. Jim Ault seems disgusted with this ladder' in the study hall in the auditorium. Since the ladder' is taking his seat, he's going to sit on the ladder. Sharon Shirley Renee Sims Kay Smith Tom Smith Mary Staley Virgil Staley Larry Stanp Blair Strain .lack Styer Jane Styer Thomas Taylor Linda Thomas Carol Thornton Sandra Toot Ronald Underwood li ati: tritfzllce oil lrerirnrg at senior can he ilruilllly acquired Richard Vail Cindy Ward David Warner James Weaston Terry Weber Patrice Wehr Edward West Betsy Wones Dustan Zentler NOT PICTURFD Roger Axthelm Ro er Beall Danny Brook Nlrlhnn Dallr D ulene Chen! Larry Mrrtrn Clifton Simpson Right-Seniors take .advantage of li- brary facilities by listening to record- ings of great music. Right-Seniors '5rush" librarians after school so they can get their books for speech class. H leigh school library Janet Conkle and Sandy Brady pose with the finishing touches of the display the holiday season. they prepared for the library for Karen Nesbitt, left, p reparcd the display for February, depicting the 'Sheart theme." Mrs. Ray Harvey, public health nurse, and Mrs. Nicholson present book con- cerning heart diseases, which were discussed during the Heart Fund Drive. provides stfzrurdleinrtts with relaxation as 'welll as imporityantt information Scholarship Team that represented Mount Gilead in the district is pictured allow: ROW 1: Nelson Shaffer, Steve Huston, and Mike Trainer. ROW 2: Phyllis Fuller, Jamey George, Sue Bailey, Charlotte Beard, Judy Orshorn, Judy Shaffer, Anne Logan, Lura Knachel, Martha Phillips, ,Ioan Honaker, Virginia Wieland, and Jeannine Benson. ROW 3: Mike Svhnell, Terry Hartley, Dennis Gallagher, Roger Craven, David Hubbert, Lillian White, and Barbara Logan. Right-Mary Wilson proudly displays her mobile that she constructed as a project for geometry class. Left-Linda Kline, Pain Clapper, and Nonna Levering show their projects in geometric figures prepared by curve stitching. SCll6lIl14CCBS9 llDTU1SlllUl4CSS llitlfllllllllliillllllfilblllly IUl'ilCE'lCl'iL43llfllllCCiRll 4lllIF'dtWVlll1'llg fBlUlIF'llCCllll Sue Bailey pours the solution into the test tube while Mike Schnell awaits a reaction during lab in chemistry. Betty Carla i E A Evans, Sue Evans, l Osborne and Bar- 1 I Vickie Ashbrook isnit quite sure that all Pam Klingcl is telling Sandy Kuhhs to write down about this weight apparatus in general science is completely true. does see. Left-Eddie Burns peers through the mi croscope during the practical final in biology, trying to decide just what he CCDTUIT CCTU1iF'iI"ilCCTll1 Tll1l1'I1'il Don Staiger and Ron Nixon really huddle over their text from their mechanical drawing class. hara Richardson type away Phyllis Fuller is 'gjust posilivev that she entered the correct digits in that cfalczulator. Mr. Watson gives ,Terry Ashbrook a pointer on El report he is to prepare for economies class. Barbara Jackson and Sharon Harvey appear to he interested in the project also. SIPXGCBCHII, Rheta Long reminds Steve Long of details, examples, and instances needed for a perfect paper in Eng- lish III. Above-Sophomore astronaut Jeff Mosier is making the final count down for his hlastoff from Mrs. Knachel's English class into his junior orbit. Above-Charlotte Beard demonstrates the proper method of ironing a skirt. Frencli HI student, Jeannine Benson learns to manipulate Ve,-ne Thomas believes that Orchids and diarnondg go hand Iliff COHUAOIH of T116 F1'6l1Cl1 1311- in hand in this demonstration of the qualities of a well-cut diamond. lluefallltlnv yeealtienetll training tame essential lem exeelllleintt eiuiimriemillumn Freshman health class finds the girls struggling through the task of tying slings for injured arms. Mrs. Clouse, their instructor, made a good patient with her broken arm, al- though she does not appear in the picture. Sherry Shelton and Irene Beardsley take care of the physical end of tire changing while Nancy Long and Mr. Campbell oversee. Mr. Campbell gives Jeff Logan and Mark Gordon some tips on tennis during physical education class. Below--Carl Thomas, vocational agriculture stu- dent maneuvers his herkshire swine project lnto position for the camera. R 1 NHZATI N 1 1 E 1 ' 1j'5 1, 1 A51 5 ii' ' 7 i 1 2 594 A :Egg g tif? H 1, E1 5 1 M fait: Y 19251 , P., ,115 E113 ' 115 D1fflCU1t to f01CSCC 111 a eleal leflectlon WCIC the undelstandlng of human 11atu1e and the leade1sh1p We have lealned thlough ou1 memhe1sh1p and act1ve pa1t1c1pat1on 111 the vauous o1ga111zat1ons NCV61thClCSS, as We wlll 16211126 1ate1 Ill hfe, these 1eflect1ons a1e 1mpo1tant As We took pa1t IH the act1v1t1es o a Club W1th OthC1S who shaled the same mtelest, We bu1lt ou1 eha1acte1 and developed mo1e lllt61CSt1Ilg p61SOIl311l16S 111 2':ldd1tl0l1 to the fun and enjoyment wh1ch accompamed the tlme and CffO1t we devoted to the O1gE:1I'11Z2:1t1011 ACTHVHTHE Our reflections shimmer with the sound of music. Whether' we strutted in the marching hand or sang in the choir, the music from our high school days will never fade away. The Christmas Concert, the Winter Concert, and the Spring Formal Concert were highlights of the year. Singing for assemblies and participating in ensemlmles added to our wealth of musical pleasure. The long hours of practice were richly rewarded. constructs llvcdrutmdletlflen lllenr' lizlmose Students BOW l: S. lmveririg, S. Jordan, S. Stotts, I. Buyer, C. Beard, J. Hunt, V. Thomas, L. Sipes, V. Wieland, and M. Kerr. BOW 2: M. Weller, l.. Knaehel, M. Fate. S. Ghent, D. Asman, S. Calhoun, K. Bizor, I.. White, S. Bailey, J. West, and Mrs. Hubbert. BOB" P. Welir, .l. George, B. Ifislier, IJ. Smith. P. Clapper, l.. Kline, N. Long. N. Bennett, E. Mathews, and L. Haenszel. ROW 4: K.. frll-lllll, M. 5llllf'y, M. Jagger, M. Petrie, B. Sims, lf. Burson, P. liffland. B. Baird, B. Wones, and B. Logan. FTA adviser, Mrs. Hubbert is presented a cor- sage by Virginia Wieland, president, while Mary Kerr, treasurer, lights candle, and Charlotte Beard, vice president, displays the FTA eniblem at freshman initiation cere- monies. entering ffiieiid off education Right-Louise Sipes was named recipient of the FTA Scholarship and is pictured receiving that award from Martha Hubbert, chapter adviser. Verne Thomas was named alternate. Below-Freshman initiate-Nancy Bennett receives her corsage from Mary Kerr as Barbara Logan, Elizabeth Mathews, Cathy Ciffin, Janey George, Ruth Baird, Pat Wehr, and Mary Petrie await further instructions. Below-FTA officers, Mary Kerr, Judy Bayer, Virginia Wieland, and Charlotte Beard aid with a reading class in Mrs. Ward's first grade as Mrs. Hubhert observes. ROW 1: M. Hancock, .l. Orslporn. M. Ward, S. Harvey. D. Smith, and P. Shirley. ROW 2: P. Geyer, V. Miller, P. Robinson, K. Rizor, S. Fer- rell, and R. Campbell. ROW 3: Mr. Knut-llel, A. Logan, R. Long. li. Vuuglnnn, B. ,lzu'kson, B. Bennett, and R. Daniels. ROW 4: C. Vlfeet, l.. Fritz, M. CilI'IIli'!LlII, V. Aslillrook, CI. fllrnndler, S. Brush, B. Garverick, and l. Re-ardfln-y. ROW 5: D. Covert, P. Rlose, S. Piercy, L. Houpt, C. Lentz. und M. l.uwyel'. Future nurses wo pence and Mrs. Sayers on procedure fO1 tests. Pictured are Myra Ward, Barlrara ,la Sharon Harvey, Judy Orslaorn, Ruth Daniels Mrs. Knachel, adviser. Club officers get instructions from Mrs. ' 1 c .auf llconcoaill hospital, Sharon Harvey, vice piesident, pie-pales to ie plenish the supply of the linen closet. ROW 1: M. Heaeock, J. Orsborn, M. Ward, S. Harvey, and P. Shirley. ROW 2: P. Geyer, D. Smith, S. Ferrell, and R. Campbell. ROW 3: K. Rizor, A. Logan, B. Jackson, and R. Daniels. ROW 4: E. Vaughan, P. Robinson, B. Bennett, and I. Beardsley, ROW l L Burns R Fueell R Coll R Cox P Compf M Belt l lVe1tz and C Bl1IllxPl ROW 2 M Ke1l W Johnson D H0ll1l1f,SN01lll l PIICC C Thoma ll B1ook T M1Peelx and M1 Beaxd aduel ROW 3 l' Sayer J Ault R Beall J Local chapter mem ers rate tops Lynn McClelland '1 Qenlor ww selected by chaptel IHCIIllJSI as then 1963 FFA ueen P1Cl.ll1Fd ale lI1PlNlJ6IN of the coult Cmdy Wfald lICSl'lIlldIl Jlll Ault 11111101 Queen Lynn and Nonna Leyeung S0pl1OI110lC ESCO1tS are Eddle Sayem Rltllald Goff Lauy Burns R0bClt Wextz and ROgCl Cox Opposlte page Gem e Bunker and Bob F1QQell con xatulate Phll Gompf ae the XNIIITICI of t11p to Nehlaskfi by hem top -acoler 111 the Loop Ull The lhlee aleo xanked f11Qt 1 team COITIIJCUIIOH W 1 -:. ':.,,.1,. ,. , . .,,.'.', -1. X' : . ',. ,. fs"w,.,. ' , .. s,..-' ee, . ' ', ',' z.. 's, . , . , . He1'shey, R. blnrley, V. Staley, IC Hlgll, R. Underwood, and D. Lalrd. 1 , 1. . l , . A ' 1 1. 1 lv s O ' ' , ' . ' : V 17 Y 4 7 ll 5 l . , . u . - QU . D .1 gf l 5 v' v " , ' s . ' g . ', ' Above-Richard Goff shows his Slll'OpSlllI'Q sheep which is his current ag project. Below-Mr. Beard sells cider to Keith High While Steve Owens awaits his turn. Above-MCHS Parliamentary Provedure Team that added another gold medal for the chapter in County - ' W competition. FRONT ROW: E. Sayers, R. Bc-all, and jf V V. Staley. BACK ROW: M. Belt, P. Colnpl, R. Fissell, G. Bunker, and R. Goff. several llliielldls Above-Keith High rings the dinner hell for his Berkshire swine. Futlzuire llttcoamteirmatllseirs lltgllligllt year with Iintitfiiatltticnn, ROW' 1: C. Gatlshall, V. Wright. J. Ault, J. Anlt, B. Dilsaver, Mrs. Bowen-adviser, J. Ault, S. Alkire, and C. Gattshall. ROW 2: L. Lutz, .l. Long, J. Scott, .l. Sterritl, C, McCi1rdy, M. Halbert, J. Uulrynmplu, S. Stockdale, C. Holt, and C. Casto. ROW 3: D. Bunker. L. Tliomus, L. Smith, J. Frazier, M. Klll1I1I6y', D. Chapman, J. Matson, und D. Hershey. ROW 4: V. Burton, S. NVGNZ, l.. Vippm-l'im111, l'. Strait, K. Gompf, V. Baldwin, und J. Strait. FHA cabinet members at left are: Ault, Jean Ault, Jan Ault, Bonnie saver, Mrs. Bowen, Susan Alkire, Vir ginia Wright, Carol Gattshall, Cheryl Gattshall. llmnqruuetfz, and satlles campaign FHA ceremonial team members at right are: ,lolfllen Sterritt and Linda Thomas, seated: and standing, Cinda Holt, ,ludy Dalrymple, Doris Chapman, Darlene Bunker, and Vickie Burton. Left-lnitiation night found Bonnie Dilsaver, cliaptei' president, presiding at the punch bowl. Linda Thomas, Julia Fraizer, and ,ludy Ault await service from the president. Right-Virginia Wfright displays cookbooks to Carol and Cheryl Cattshall. This was a chief money-making project for the chapter. Leftflndy Ault presents initiate Doris Chapman with the FHA flower, the red rose, which is symbolic of vibrant, glowing health. ROW 1: J. Hunt, C. Beard, R. Shoaf, J. Strait, T. Marsh, S. Harvey, and M. Soulier. ROW 2: D. Asman, D. Kirk, M. Dalrymple, S. Southard, D. Gallagher, and V. Thomas. ROW 3: B. Jackson, M. Fate, P. Robinson, S. Stotts, J. Bayer, B. Bennett, and V. Wieland. espiietn troupe presents severe oulfgsten ling Left-Max Heimlioh at the light control panel during a Thespian production, Below-Thespian officers running through a script with Director Picklesimer are: Myra Ward, Sharon Curl, Phil Compf, John Petrie, and Lynn McClelland. pmwdlucclfzlbonns during span of scchcoaol yemawr' Above-Tim Marsh and Sharon Curl in a scene from 4'The Death of the Hired Manf, Top left-Scene from g'Eve1'ybody's Secret" includ- ing cast members-Judy Buyer, Debbie Asmuu, Verne Thomas, Marian Soulier, and Bonme Bennett. Left-Mr. Picklesimer presents constructive criti- cism to play cast. K1rk, Pat Robmson, Stan and Bob Shoaf rehearse a for wfhe Monkey,s Pawf' W f W Club members are ready for action as the lowly initiates appear to be about ready for some rest. As can be seen by the above photo, VAC initia- tion is quite rigorous. RightSTom Ansley and Gary Rizor Compare sizes of Mount Gilead sweatshirts that VAC members sold as a club project. membership and projects Above-Roger Birdsong commands Randy Brinkman, "Move that basketlu The popcorn concession stand reaped profitsg and, it's no wonder with officers such as Cilfillan, Bush, Ash- brook, and Smith adding ad libs along with each popcorn sale. Girls Athletic Association llseeps llvit hy sessions FRONT ROW: D. Nivholson, S. Brady, C. Giffin, L. Owen, S. Kubhs, M. Phillips, M. Lawyer, B. Logan, C. Levering, S. Piercy, L. Mathews, and V. Ashbrook. MIDDLE ROW: V. Coning, R. Sims, J. Schrack, N. Ben- nett, P. Blose, C. Ward. R. Baird, M. Jagger, L. Houpt, L. Fritz, J. George, P. Wehr, and K. Hardy. BACK ROW: M. Staley, B. Wones, D. Covert, S. Curl, L. Fnrniss, P. Klingel, D. Shade, M. Petrie, S. Rhodebeck, J. Hunt, M. Ward, R. Rarthhurn, B. Levering, M. Howard, and B. Higgins. Checking off the roster of the member- ship against unpaid dues are CAA of- ficers and Mrs. Clouse, their adviser. Left to right: Mary Haenszel, Judy Ors- born, Candy Casto, Marian Soulier, and Doris Chapman. oilf swimming aintcill llmowlliing alluring scclhiooll year FRONT ROW: L. Knachel, L. Carpenter, L. Coning, M. YVeller, M. Halbert, J. Long, R. Van Buskirk, T. Tierney, P. Ransbottom C. Cattshall, C. Cvattshall, J. Scott, and E. Ryan. ROW 2: J. lhilryniplv, J. Snyder, L. White, J. Birdsong, P. Geyer, S. Jordan, M Kerr, V. Wieland, A. Logan, L. Conley, S. Levering, M. Hem-of-k, D. Dudley, .l. McHugh, C. Mt-Curdy, B. Cooper, and B. Classburn ROW 3: K. Nesbitt, D. Smith, C. Carverick, B. Bates, S. Toot, U. McCreary, B. Bennett, B. Hubbard, M. Fate, E. Vaughan, B Rivhardson, S. Client, L. Kline, P. Clapper, B. Craven, J. Porter, P. Strait, and M. Houpt. BACK ROW: R. Daniels, J. Ault, B Javkson, M. Detwiler, M. Kinnney, ll. Asmun, S. Calhoun, R. Long, L. lngniire. C. Chandler, J. Strait, M. Carniean, S. Alkire, M Brown, P. Wyrick, L. Baker, B. Fisher, N. Long, L. Haenszel, K. Rizor. and J. West. Right-It was a cold, blnstery day when the CAA went swimming at the Marion Y. Betsy Wones, Linda Kline, .loan Honaker, and Lura Knachel can vouch for that. Below-Pain Blose, Mary Kerr, Ginny Wieland, Mary Haenszel, Linda Haneszel, Judy Goff, and Vickie Ash- brook are ready for a session of bowling at Carclington. STAFF MEMBERS Editor Assistant Business Manager Photography Su bsrriptions A fl zrerlisi n g Copy Layou z Charlotte Beard Merrill Gilfillan Lynn McClelland Dave Decker .ludy Shaffer Carol Lee-Verne Thomas Ken Bush-Phil Gompf Tim Marsh-Marian Soulier Dave Nicholson Myra Ward Donna Shade-Linda Furniss Sharon Curl-Jeannine Benson ,lohn Rexford-John Zilske John Petrie .ludy Bayer-.ludy Ault .lean Ault-Bonnie Dilsaver Jane Hunt Sharon Stotts-Louise Sipes Marjorie Heacock-Judy Orshoru Dorothy Dudley izpalhi sttarilli Left-This picture of the editor is not a true one since most of the work connected with production of an an- nual is not that pleasant. There are usually too many horizontal pictures, not enough copy, too few pictures, etc. However, Charlotte does seem very pleased with the pictures she's working with in this layout. Below-Even the cameraman gets caught once in awhile. Dave was so sure that there was no picture of him for the annual. He found out there are always solutions to problems. Myra Jo Wa1'd, advertising chairman, instructs several agents on the correct procedure for so- liciting advertising. Listening intently are Linda Furniss, Sharon Curl, and Jeannine Benson. irefcordls lhiistory of scclhooll year Merrill Gilfillan, assistant editor, and Lynn McClelland, business manager, are on the gloomy side when they realize how much it's going to cost to publish this year's edition. lvill there he , enough money??? r Dennis Shipman, post-grad student and a member of last yearls staff, tells Judy Shaffer, subscription chair- man, and Ken Bush how many copies they will have to sell of the '63 edi- tion. Copies of the '62 hook are pic- tured with the students. Carol Lee distributes subscription hooks to fellow stu- dents on her committee. Verne Thomas, Ken Bush, Dave Nicholson, who was high salesman, and Marian Soulier, along with other salesmen, sold 375 copies. Senior girls pictured at right-Lynn McClelland, Sharon Curl, Linda Furniss, and Charlotte Beard were awarded a week-end trip to the United States Conference on Teenage Affairs in New York City. goal oil, Y :Teens Above-Hohoes Anne Logan and Carla Osborne really enjoy cookout UD. Right Wlld heaiteister decorations are modeled hy Pat XVyr1ck, Mary Broun linda Tierney, and Nonna Leveling At the holiday season, it is traditional for Y-Teen members to devorate the high srhool huilding. At left, Sue Alkire, Carolyn Chandler, Linda Kline, Linda Carpenter, Sharon Curl, Linda Furniss, and Carol Lee put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree, while below, Melissa Wleller and Linda Coning paint windows in chemistry lah. i' Hi:Y aims ilfor higher Qhristian living ROW lc I. Smith, K. Hurley, T. Marsh, J. Strait, B. Shoal. D. Decker, C. Collins, D. Nivholson, and D. Tharp. ROW 2: J. Cor- hin. M. Heimlivh, Southard, K. Cvrhardt, R. Pinyerd, D. Galluglwr, R. flravell, D. Kirk, and E. Burns. ROW 3: K. Wil- liams, T. Griffith, M. BLlf'lllFldHI', D. Sims, R. lfckard, D. Rensch, S. RlgQ'S,ill1d E. Geyer. Hi-Y officers displaying their emhlem proudly are: John Petrie, front, Bob Gerhardt and John Rexford, middle row, and Mike Dalrymple, Charles Swanson-adviser, and Merrill Gilfillan, back row. K W . ,fue Cust niernbers are-STANDING: Dwight Kirk, Pat Robinson, Dennis Cullagher, Marsha Fate, Mike Custo, and Stan Southard. SlCArl'lCD: Sinn Streley, Bonnie Bennett, Barbara Jackson, Virginia Wielnnd, Debbie Asman, Barbara and Dennis Richardson. Outstanding productions oil? Wlllllite Curious Satvtatgew and Left-Mrs. Paddy fBarbara Jacrksonl is the center of attention as Barbara Rivhardson, Stun Sonthard, Sam Stre- ley, Dwight Kirk, Debbie Asman, Dennis Gallagher, Bonnie Bennett, Pat Robinson, and Mike Casto await her actions. Right-Pat Robinson fEthelJ and Denny Gallagher fDr. Emmettl in a moving scene. Left below-Technical and stage crew that worked so diligently behind the scenes. ei fe X.-33, gay Cast members and student director shown above left to right are: ,lzuuf Hunt, Tim Marsh, Myra Ward, Bob Shoaf, Lynn McClelland, Sharon Curl, Marian Soulier, John Petrie, Charlotte Beard, and Judy Buyer. Wllqllle Helressii presented hy qllnniiors and Seniors respectively Shoal as Dr. Austm Sloper, of the heiress. ar Right-Sharon Curl who portrays le of Catherine Sloper, the long- heiress who seeks forever- love. and technical crew that no glory but definitely helped play the success that it was. Qbfllllilllli gill? S 61111 ll lI"i3J,lIllliElllIIlS SCBIPVCC ELS Mis Halt secretaiy to Principal Nicholson 1 flanked by her office aids-Bonnie Dilsawei Judy Shaffer Phyl lis Shirley Ruth Daniels Lynn McClelland Charlotte Beard, and Pain Geyer Left-.l u d y Shaffer takes message f r o m telephone. Lower l e f t-Phyllis S h i rl e y distributes mail to teachers' mailboxes with some late mail. Right-P am Geyer has to strrretch a lit- tle to lift the absence slips from the doors. Wrdllllllldllllillii 4El1lllfllS lllfll COJlpJCCII'i1llIll0ll'll Ulla SClll10COJl Mrs. Nicholson, high school librarian, demonstrates to Ver- ne Thomas how to check names from file cards as other senior librarians work in li- brary. Standing are: Janet Conkle, Mary Howard, Linda Furniss, Donna Shade, Carol Lee, and Barbara Higgins. Juniors who are working on book covers are: Sandy Ghent, Barbara Bates, Lillian White, Sara Calhoun, Sheila Ferrell, Lana McConnell, Jane Bird- song, and Karen Rizor. Freshman and sophomore librarians pictured at left are-SEATED: L i n d a Coning, Cliff Sampson, Dick Vail, a n d Terry W e b e r. STANDING: June Porter, Pam Clap- per, Linda Tierney, Ka- ren Nesbitt, Pam Blose, Sandy Brady, Jane Clark, Mary C 0 n a nt, Linda Thomas, a n d Darlene Bunker. 33 5 I .if -su '43 ii . 1 - ,.: ,. -"1w,::'Hv., . , 'Elf W M -rw Y nd' gui 7 3 -1. K- QIX W, 3 RI Qs Q W...-av-ff . libsent at time of pivture. any henins ell, lliiine enteietaninirnent hy cclhreiiir' ROW 1: S. Stotts, B. Logan, M. Kerr, M. Brown, A. Logan, C. Chandler, K. Hardy, M. Harenszel, M. Fate, S. Calhoun, B. Wlones, L. Carpneter, L. Coning, IQ. Mathews, M. Weller, and Mr. Uuvid. Row 2: IJ. Buuglnnun, L. l"urniss, S. Curl, C. Beard, M. Ward, J. Snyder, L. Houpt, K. Rizor, J. Hunt, N. Levering, S. Kulilms, I.. Wnite, L. lVl4-Clelland, S. Jordan, V. Wieland, S. Thoman. ROW 3: R. Sims, P. Klingel, M. Staley, D. Covert, U. McCreary, B. Riclnirdson, P. Hlose, S. Brush, J. Goff, R. Hubbard, P. Strait, L. Kline, L. Baughman, J. McPeek, M. Jagger, and M. Andrews. ROXX' -1: CI. lrntz, P. llfflund, B. Garverick, D. Heacock, R. Nixon, K. Crouse, T. Mc-Coll, J. Rexford, J. Petrie, J. Loga1n,D. Rli'IlSf'll, R. Evkard, J. Bayer, K. Nesbitt, M.. Petrie, and J. Honaker. ight-Girls ensemble received a I rating the distrivt nd competed in the state contest. Members are-FRONT: ally Jordan, Joan Honuker, Sharon Curl, and Lynn Mv- Qlelland. BACK ROW: Linda Furniss, Barliura Richardson, nd Linda Kline Kfty Hardy and Janet MffPC6k were pposite Page-Choir officers Kay Hardy, Linda Kline, -ohn Petrie, and Diana McCreary look for new music or concert. Nleny llueurs ell crlllllllgenii pralcllzlce precealle llnllne Right-Brass choir composed ol Ba1'lJu1'a'Crave11, Barbara Jackson, Dave Frayer, and Dave Hubbert played for several events during the year. Left-Clarinet quartet was Composed of Dick 'Vail Levering, Judy Orsborn, and Lura Knacllel. performances oil Qonfcceiriit Banfill 3 1 . Q :Zv Levering rehearses memorizing her solo for the contest where she re- a superior rating. Below Band offuem 'ne ludy O1 boin and Balham Jackson in back low and ROW 1: B. Bates, P. Vifyrick, I. Nvol- finger, S. Rhodeheck, M. Carmean, N. Bennett, D. Asman, B. Craven, G. Casio, M. Belt, C. Giffin, C. Leverirlgv J. Ben- son, and B. Bennett. ROW 2: L. Knachel, I. Orshorn,.S. Levering, D. Vail, M. Heacock, D. Dudley, M. Kim- mey, N. Long, S. Toot, C. XVard, D. Nicholson, L. lngmire, L. Smith, J. West, D. Chapman, R. Daniels, B. Turner, J. Hershey, J. Bodman, D. Kirk, B. Shirk, D. Frayer, K. Gerhardt, and B. Jackson. ROW 3: B. Glassburn, S. Alkire, M. Houpt, C. Thornton, I. Her- shey, G. Cochran, J. Schrack, J. Fraizer, C. Shipman, E. Vaughan, J. Mosier, P. Gompf, S. Southard, S. Phillips, and D. Hubbert. ROW 4: Mr. David, L. Haenszel, R. Hershner, R. Baird, T. Webe1', and T. Smith. Carol Shipman and D no Hubheit in front. ROW l: S. Rhodebevk, B. Bennett, D. Asman, B. Cal- houn, S. Owens, L. Haenszvl, J. Wolfinger, T. ,Weher, N. Bennett, ,l. Svliravk, P. Courtney, D. Cook, B. Cflassburn, B. Craven, and Mr. David. ROW 2: C. Viletzel, S. Southard, D. Hubherl, lj. Gompf, S. Phillips, E. Vaughan, C. Shipman, J. Rodman, and K. Laird. ROYV 3: J. West, M. Belt, B. Jackson, C. Casto, D. Kirk, P. Shirk, R. Turner, and J. Hershey. ROW 4: J. Ors- horn, D. Chapman, R. Daniels, S. Ghent, J. Benson, C. Ciffin, D. Nicholson, and C. Leveling. ROW 5: M. Hearoek, I. Hershey, C. Ward, M. Houpt, D. Smith, B. Bates, C. Thornton, L. Knarhel, and S. Levering. ROXV 6: N. Long, S. Alkire, R. Long, I. Fraizer, S. Toot, L. Ingmire, G. Cochran, and D. Dudley. ROW 7: R. Hershner, P. Halbert, M. Kimniey, P. Wyrick, M. Carmean, T. Smith, and R. Baird. .lvlouinlf Gilead lmliiwi Marching Band adlrrlls Ben Kline, drum major of the famous Ohio State Marching Band, performed during one of the games last fall. Benny has one accomplishment these girls can't acquire-it's an all-male hand-that is, unless they change the rules. Here, Becky Debbie, Sandy, Barbara, and Bonnie pose with the former MGHS drum major. ,.N. Rf ,Ag , 'J I3 QW Ni? jyf ww., I mil ,f- .Afsfi K, ,.,,, L.l,w'.ffs1vw2vl fm ,M .fs .LII , K mm Reflecting from our trophy case are the numerous awards earned by our athletic teams. This school year of l962-63 has heen especially noteworthy, as we earned three championships and established league as well as school records. The teamwork and sportsmanship displayed hy our players and cheerleaders contributed much to make our school one to he admired. Team memhers will never forget the fun, work, satisfaction, accomplishment and pride gained through sports endeavors. THLETTCS Important as the players in a sports event are the spectators who cheer the team to victory. Oui reflections reveal the faces in the crowds, tense and excited, jumping and yelling, living each move- ool yeai, since they stiengthen school spnit and loyalty. l i ATHLETMYS ment witli the players on the field or in the gymnasium. Athletics constitute an important part of our luinicclellfeiaillzemll season lleiamlls llnallialns liao llliiirstf ROW 1: D. Warner, lmimlger, li. Geyer. K. Williams, M. Heimli4'l1.J. Levings, V. Harris, U. Roach. YV. Hollingsworth, L. Malone H. Bvull. R. Foltz, und li. Burns, nmunager. ROXX 2: J. Malone, S. lllalone, ll. Sims, C. Weaston, ,l. Mosier R. Bachelder K Geri lmrnll, T. Conklv, H. Coiilvy, W. Suylor, li. Hollingsworth, ll. Fruywr, R. Vail, and S. Hart, inanager. ROW 3: Assit. Coaoh Nhfllite, Before - the - game session with seniors at left: Ans- ley and Zilske check their shoes while Cilfillan, Rex- ford, Ashbrook, and Bush chime in with their '42 bits." Midzwhio League liooltlballll crown Coach Dodrill, R. Nixon, J. Ashbrook, T. Cotton, K. Bush, T. Ansley, J. Rcxford, M. Gilfillan, J. Zilske, J. Murray, R. Brinkman R. lickard, I. Orsborn, L. Furniss, and Ass't. Coach Campbell. INDIANS 1962 FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Gilead ....... 28 Ridgedale ....... . . . 6 Gilead ....... 6 Bellville .... . . . 6 Gilead ....... 36 Olentangy .... . . . 24' Gilead ....... 441 Scioto Valley . . . . . 8 Gilead ....... 28 Big Walnut ...... . . . 16 Gilead ....... 32 Marion Catholic ....... 8 Gilead ....... 52 Richwood ..... . . . 14 Gilead ....... 511. Elm Valley . . . . . . 6 nt Gilead ....... 24 Cardington ........... 141 -The coveted Mid-Ohio Championship Football Trophy which Mount won after so many years. Right-Eckard is tackled by a Cardington player, as Bush 1633 comes in to assist. Left-Zilske, leet hack, skirts the end for Gilead in an effort to svore against Olentangy. Zilske was the second-leading scorer in the urea, followed by Nixon, also of the Indians. ITLO unproccoolonlbemll lwliiciilzffwlliiiio Clwmplamllip JOHN REXFORD JOHN ZILSKE BOB ECKARD All-Conference End All-Conference Halfback All-Conference HM Special events litiglnliglnit football Above left-4'Dad's Night" found these players and their fathers lined up in the center of the field in pre-game ceremonies: Les Malone, ,lim Malone, Mr. Malone, Ken Cer-hui-dt, Mr. Cerhardt, Mr. Sims, Denny Sims, and Mr. Williams. Above right-Players and coaches huddle during a time-out for some minor repairs. Left-Coach Dodrill isn't minding this dunking one bit because his team had just won the MOC crown for the first time and finished an undefeated season. Below-Lou "The Toe" Groza, famous professional star of the Cleveland Browns, visited school for an impromptu assembly and talked with senior players Rexford, Gilfillan, Zilske, Ansley, Bush, and Ashbrook. SCSEHISCOIUI EDT COHECTCMCC iCH'l1iR1Ul'llpS llnailians annex iyliicillzflbllaio Clnannpionslhiip llvoir' Repeating as MOC Conference Champs are the Indians pictured above: FRONT ROW: Mike Schnell, manager, Ron Nixon, Terry Wigton, lfhil Lee, Caryx Rizor, and Larry Furniss. BACK ROW: Kim Piercy, Ken Bush, Denny Gallagher, Tom Ansley, Steve Long, Randy Brinkman, and Loaf-h Gerald White. BASKETBALL RESULTS-1962-63 MCHS OPPONENT 86 Cardington. 1111 641 Iberia 112 68 Catholic 58 63 Calion 53 61 Big Walnut 56 50 Ridgedale 49 63 Elm Valley 5 1 66 Richwood 53 62 Highland 441 86 Bucyrus 60 Rightiflary Rizor lets go of a "bunny shot" against Calion. Rizor, leading scorer in the league, had a 17.2 average MCHS OPPONENT 72 Olentangy 57 75 Fredericktown 42 57 Elgin 59 77 Mar. Catholic 441 66 Lexington 67 42 St. Peters 98 97 Cardington 37 57 Scioto Valley 40 53 Eastmoor 59 QDist1'ict Tourneyj x + lf' mf ,, W " ,R . M ,,M ix smi- M ds? 32 . -av ,M .,.,, in 3 .S .W ig ,E 153 ,fr if sig wg ,, 21 i - fr? Q wr John Campbell and his Reserve squad pictured above completed il very srrcw-swfiil season. KNEELINC: Coarh Campbell, Larry Furniss, Phil Lee, Mike Laiicasin-'r', Kim Piercy, and Terry Wiglon. STANDING: Eddie' Burns, Val Harris, Ken Williams, Larry Phillips, Holm Shirley, Denny Sims, Torn Griffith, Herh Hughes, and Sl:-re Hurt. JIM IPCBSCJIDWCB llICBifRlVlI'i1 llllil Qlll1mllWCB lP0lIl' llCBi3lgYI.l1lB CTUWH loling equipment to and from dressing room are l, Lee lVIcClellzmd, Danny Coldwell, and Bill Terry Wigton, Mike Lanvusler, Mr. Campbell, Phil Lee, and Larry Furniss proudly display trophy awarded team. 'Qaunriplbellllis ailiamonall nine earn ar season KNEELINC: R. Landon, T. Wigtou, J. Levings, T. Cotton, K. Crouse, J. Murray, S. Long, and R. Turner. STANDING: Coach Campbell, S. Hart, D. Coldwell, R. Conley, C. Weaston, J. Weastou, B. Murray, K. liarley, S. Riggs, V. Harris, H. Hughes, and bus driver, T. Ball. Mount Gilead 2 0 4 1 16 2 7 163 Opponent Lexington Highland Brookhaven Brookhaven St. Peter Crestline Elgin MOUNT GILEAD BASEBALL RECORD Mount Gilead Opponent 5 2 Washington C. H. 1 5 Iberia 3 7 Cardingtcn 0 11 Big Walnut 3 13 Bellville 4. 2 Franklin Heights 0 0 Franklin Heights Mr. Campbell and members of his base- ball team who have received trophies as second-year awards are pictured at left. The players, all juniors, are Ray Conley, Junior Levings, Tom Cotton, and Ken Crouse. lT"KBiCCODlI"d Ulll 9 WVllIf11S 5 HCCDSSCES EOE' SlBihSCOJl1'l1 Right-Catcher Tom Cotton awaits the ball that is too late to catch the runner out at home in a game against Franklin Heights. The teams split a doubleheader 2-1 and 6-0. Left below-Junior Levings scores 21 run to aid in the 2-1 victory over Franklin Heights of Columbus. Right below+Pitcher Ken Crouse has just uput one in there" for a strike against a Franklin Heights batter. Th Hd pMidL.Uhi0 Champ 15 .lftllll RC'Xf0l'fl illld TOIU AuSloy, team captains, display the chzunpionship trophy on If Q i ln the above picture, Max Heimlich Fleurs the hurdles in a meat with Iberia and goes to win the event. and rihhons won at the Rivhwood Relays. QEllTUI'i1p1lCUDlU1S iilCOJiI"TU1T1 Randy Brinkman easily clears the mark set for the high jump in the photo hclow. ,lim Peterson SlICC'f5SSllllly goes MOVSI' the top" in the pictiirc helow during a pole vault event. Qiloiiteins piitatee high in cdhistiniiet meet llc-nny Galluglier, junior, Jim Smith, senior, Coach Jerry White, Dave Frayer, sophomore, and Ric Geyer, sophomore 1963 GOLF RECORD CSeven gamesj Won 2, Lost 3, Tied 2 Mansfield St. Peter Tied Lost Mount Vernon Won Tied Mount Vernon St. Vincent Won Lost Marion Harding Lost Right-Denny Guliagiior, high man on the teamg plaved second in the district and competed in the state tourney. The team ranked 14-th in a field of over 50 competing teams in the district. Qjhreeirleadleirsl spirit spurs limllian Lfzceaims to victory Pam Geyer and ,lane Birdsong portray a football player and his father at a pep assembly. Above-MGHS Cheer- leaders are ready for the football s e a s on after having attended a clinic at Mansfield where they placed second. F R O N T : Carolyn Chandler and Betsy Woues. BACK: Jane Birdsong, Pam Geyer, Sharon Curl, and Linda Furniss. Left-Decked out in uniforms for the bas- ketball season are Carolyn, Linda, Sha- ron, Betsy,,Pam, and Jane. The girls are to he commended for their performances and the many skits they presented at as- semblies. SlPlti',CllAlL, At certain times of the year, our dreams were filled with reflections of special events which were soon to become realities. Whisperings of who was going with whom, what to Wear, hair styles, and cars were common. Those special events are now among our favorite reflections, never to he forgotten. Whether' it was Homecoming on a brisk fall evening, or the Prom with White coats and formals, these reflections are dear to our hearts. TS Not only do We notice the beautiful reflections from our special occasions, but also the hard Work that was required for the success of each event. Committee meetings, telephone calls, cutting and pasting, covering card tables, stuffing paper, and an endless number of details were an integral part of the Weeks preceding our special events, making them more memorable. These moments from our collection of reflections shine still brightly. Senior beauties reign auf: Homecoming Vivacious, strawberry blonde Sharon Curl, a senior cheerleader, was selected by mem- bers of the football team to reign over Home- coming festivities. Sharon, whose effervescent personality has brought her many friends, is president of Y-Teens, performed so capably in Thespian plays, and is a member of choir and band. mg MISS LYNN MCCLELLAND Blonde, blue-eyed Lynn 'MC- Clelland, and blue-eyed brownette, Linda Furniss were selected to at- tend the. queen. Lynn was active in Thespians and Y-Teens. Linda, a cheerleader for four years is an active Y-Teen member also. The evening was complete with a victory C28-l6j over Big Walnut and a dance with students and grads. MISS LINDA FURNISS Freshman coaimilifdlalte colhosen as PTA Queen Susie Piercy, candidate of the freshman class, was selected by popular vote of the high school to reign over the PTA Carnival. A quiet, brown-eyed brownette, Miss Piercy, is a member of Future Nurses and Girls Athletic Association. MISS KAREN RIZOR Karen Rizor, who has brown eyes and brown hair, was nomi- nated by members of the Junior Class. She is a member of Future Teachers, Y-Teens, and Choir. Melissa, blonde and blue-eyed, was selected by the Sophomore Class as their candidate. She is a member of Choir, Y-Teens, and Future Teachers. MISS MELISSA WELLER 5 2 x Stfzrurdleinrllss Selleetf llvaeenulllpiies lfzo reign over' Preparing to he presented to the football fans are the three candidates selected by members of the team. Sharon Curl, Lynn McClelland, and Linda lfurniss, at this moment, do not know which girl has been selected for the honor. John Zilske and Tom Ansley escort the new queen to her place of honor at the sidelines. llmilllll 4611111461 Sp1F'llIU1g Sjplffllfilllafflll SCCll11KUJCODH KBVCEHUIYES Viewing the carnival proceed- ings from their place of honor before Greek columns and starry background are Pam Geyer, 1962 PTA Carnival Queen, Melissa XVeller, Queen Susie Piercy, and Karen Rizor. Right-Our 1963 PTA Carnival Queen, Susie Piercy poses with members of l1er court for the royal photo- Draph. Below-Pam Geyer, 1962 Queen, crowns our 1963 Queen, Miss Suzanne Piercy. Pam Geyer and escort, John Rexford converse with Rob Ce-rhardt Ilelllll the rose trellis. Below-Sandy Levering, Dwight Kirk, and Lillian White :.1ren't quite sure just how peppy they feel at the moment. Mblloonlliigliut etinall Rosesll All eyes in the above pix are on the skit on the opposite page. Below right-Mr. Watson, Mrs. YVat:1ou, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mrs. XVieland, Mrs. Bowen, and Mrs. Hubbert are realizing the hour. They didn't get the afternoon off. is sewing for Tlne prom 1 Jackson, Z1 hratty-type kid, tries to enroll in an exclusive Marjorie Andrews and esrorl display table decorations in the skit above, called HBulJbles Goes to School." Bonnie they purchased as souvenirs of the gala evening. nett is the mother and Marsha Fate, the proprietor of the school. Below-The dance floor wasn't too crowded at this point. The faculty really enjoyed the music for dancing. pecta events lhiglhliglhuiz school year Above-AT LAST-Official groundbreaking ceremonies were held on Thursday, April 11, for the new high school building. James Kincade, board of education president, is seen turning the first spade full of earth. He is flanked by other board members, school personnel and students. Occupation ol the new 389801300 high school is set for September of 1964. Left-Ben Kline, former Mount Gilead High School drum major is presented an appreciation gift from Robert Gladden, Clerk of the Board of Education, as a token of his appearance at the football game. This gift was awarded in acknowledgement of his outstanding achievement of being Drum Major of the nationally famous Ohio State Marching Band. Delegates selected to represent Mount Gilead High School at Buckeye Boys State are pictured standing ahove. They are Dwight Kirk, Roger Craven, Dennis Gallagher, and Kenneth Gerhardt. Selected as alter- nates were Stan Sonthard, Terry McColl, Max Heirnlieh, and Steve Long-front. Eight delegates represent selhroell at llgiurcclkeye State Anne Logan, Jackie West, Marsha Fate, and EdDith Vaughan were selected as delegates to Buckeye Girls State. They are pictured seated at right. Their al- WVCTC Virginia l, Karen Rizor, Jordan, and Barbara Bates. Vlllweintlgynsiix seniors ireeeiive lleingzfatwatiited dltipllomnats Mr-rrill Cillillan, ahove, attained the scholastic rank of first in his class and delivered the valedictory address. MOUNT GILEAD 1963 GRADUATES Kopp. pagel ROW 1: Barlnara Higgins, Linda Conkle, Sharon Stotts, Jean Ault, Phyllis Shirley, Lynn Mrfflelland, Judy Ault, Margo Har- vey, and Linda Lutz. ROW 2: lVlarjorie Heacoc-k, Sharon Harvey, l'atrif-ia Counts. Ethel Bishop, Dorothy Dudley, Linda Smith, Mary Howard, Donna livert Smith, and Glenna Staley. ROW 3: Judy Orshorn, Janet Hunt, Ronda Rathhurn, Carolyn Ferrell, Gwemlolyn Clovhran, Verne rllhornas, Diana Baugllman, Carol Lee, and Janet Conkle. ROXX' -1: Donna Shade, Marian Soulier, Judy llull, Carlyn Fuller, lVlargart't Kinnney, Sharon Curl, Linda lfurniss, Julia llraixer, and Wanda Price. ROW 5: Cary Rizor, John Hvxfnrd, Jimmy Strait, Judy Bayer, Sandra Rhodeberrk, Tom Ansley, Tint Marsh, Robert Cerhardt, and Douglas Hollingsworth. HOW 6: John Petrie, Phillip Contpf, John Troyer, Sidney Pinyerd, David Nivholson, Lanny Prire, Xvilliarn Reed, Keith Earley, James Smith, and Dennis Tharp. ROW T: Roger Cox, Mivllael Belt, Rollerl Linsvott, George Collins, Robert Shoal, Richard Breese, David Decker, Kenneth Bush, Larry Harden, Jerry Ashbrook, and William Fowler. ". :f M 6, W . A A f MXN? ' ...u-" -. 'i"'? wid Aa-,C J ""'w.N "Y , Vkjrykkr A M, -'hug A M: ' , my ,4 Q xiii . fi 1 ,M A 5531-K -35:92, L. ., -5,1 Q Q' sf! 5' ,,.-fm J ' 'N' TOM ANSLEY-Basketball 1-2-3-4, Football 1-3-4, Track 1-3-4, FFA 1-2, Hi-Y 1-2, VAC 4. JERRY ASHBROOK-Football 1-2- 3-4, Basketball 1-2, Class Officer 1, Student Council 1-3-4, FFA 1, Hi-Y 2-3, VAC 32-415, Band 1. JEAN AULT-Class Officer 4, FHA 1-219-3-411, GAA 1, FFA Queen Att. 1-2. JUDY AULT-FHA 1-21'-3-412 GAA 1. DIANA BAUGHIVIAN-Class Of- ficer 1, Student Council 1, Library 1-3, FHA 1, Choir 1-2-3-4. JUDY BAYER-Librarian 1-2, FTA 3-471, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4. CHARLOTTE BEARD-Class Of- ficer 3, Girls State, Office Help 1-3-4, FTA 1-2-3-495, GAA 1-2-3, Tliespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, UN Trip, Choir 1-2-3-4, WAR WHOOP 1-2-315 IVIIKE BELT-FFA 1-2-3-4-II, Hi-Y 4, Band 1-3-4, Baseball 1. JEANNINE BENSON-Band 2-3-4, I-'NC 3, Class Officer 1, Girls State Alt., Tliespians, Choir 1, Dance Band 3-4, Sax Quartet. ROGER BIRDSONG-Baseball 1-2, Football 2-3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, VAC 2-3, Band 1-2. RICHARD BREESE-Basketball 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3. IO4 S KEN BUSH-Basketball. 1-2-3-41, Football 3-4, Class Officer 1-2-3-4, FFA 1-2, VAC 3-493, Boys State. CWENDOLYN COCHRAN-Band 1-2-5.4, FHA 1, Choir 1. GEORGE COLLINS-Track 1-2. JANET CONKLE-FHA 1-2-3, GAA 1-2-3, Y-Teens 2-4, Librarians 4. LINDA CONKLE-FHA 1-2-3, GAA 1-2, Y-Teens 2-3-4. PATRICIA COUNTS-Y-Teens 4. ROGER COX-FFA 1-2-3-4-if, Band 1-2-3, Football SHARON CURL-Girls S t a t Q, Homecoming Queen, PTA Queen, Cheerleader 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, GAA 1-2-319-4, Y-Teens 2-31?-42, Thespians 3-4-ff, Thespian Plays, Junior-Senior Plays. LARRY DAEGHERTY-Track 2-3- 4, Hi-Y 1, Choir 1. DAVE DECKER-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4. BONNIE DILSAVER-FHA 1-21- 3-4-fi, Office Help 4, Librarian 3. DEDLEY DOROTHY-Band 1-2- 3-4, GAA 3-4, FHA 1. KEITH EARLEY-Baseball 1-2-3-4, Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, Band CAROLYN FERRELI.-Librarian 2-3, School paper 3. eintior' Activities WILLIAM FOWLER-Office Help 4, FFA 1-2. JULIA FRAIZER-FHA 1-2-3-4, GAA 1, Y-Teens 2-3, Band 1-2-3-4. PHYLLIS FULLER-Librarian 3. LINDA FLIRNISS-Cheerleader 1- 2-3-4, GAA 1-2-3, Thespians 3, Y- Teens 2-3-4, IQN Trip, Homecoming Court, Cboir 1-2-3-4, Girls En- semble, Librarian 3-4. ROBERT GERHARDT-Hi-Y 2-3- 411 Choir 1-2-3. MERRILL GILFILLAN-Football 1-3-411, Track 1-2-3-4, Class Officer 3-4-, Boys State, Hi-Y 1-2-3-42, VAC 3-flfi, Student Council 1-2. PHIL GOIVIPF-FFA 1-2-3E-4-T, Tliespians 3-411, Band 1-2-3-4, Dance Band 3-4, Basketball Manager 2, Track Manager 2. LARRY HARDEN-Class Officer 2, Baseball 2, Basketball 1-2, Foot- ball 1. SHARON HARVEY-FNC 3-411, Thespians 3-4, Choir 1, Band 2-3. MARGIE HEACOCK-GAA 1-2-3- 4, FNC 4, Y-Teens '2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4. BARBARA HIGGINS-GAA 1-2-3- 4-, Y-Teens 3-4, Office Help 1, Li- brarian 1-2-4, Team Statistician 3-4. G E O R G E HOLLINGSWORTH- FFA 1-2-3-4. u MARY HOWARD-Librarian 3-4, FHA 1-2-3, CAA 1-2-3, Y-Teens 2-3-4. JUDY HULL-GAA 1-2, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3. JANE HUNT-Girls State, FTA 2-4, GAA I-2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3, Choir 1-3-4, Senior Play. LINDA JAYCOX-GAA 2-3-4, Y- Teens 4, Office Help 1. MARGARET KIMMEY-Band 1-2- 3-4, FHA 1-2-3-4, GAA 1-3-4, Y- Teens 2-3-4. CAROL LEE-CAA 1-2-3-4, Y- Teens 2-3-4, Librarian 3-4, FHA 1-2, Choir 1-2. BOB LINSCOTT-Track 2-3-4, Bas- ketball 1, FFA 1, Hi-Y 1-2, Band 1, Choir 1. LINDA LUTZ-FHA 1-2-4, CAA 1-2, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Choir 1-2. TIM MARSH-Band 1-2-3, Hi-Y 2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, Class Officer 1-4, Football 2, Basketball Manager 2, Baseball Manager 1, Junior Play, Senior Play, Thespian Plays. LYNN MCCLELLAND-Thespians 3-4, Homecoming Court, FFA Queen, Music Queen, Choir 1-2-3-4, FTA I-2, FNC 3, Y-Teens 2-3-4, UN Trip 4, Student Director 3-4. DAVE NICHOLSON--Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3, Basketball Manager 1. Senior Activities JUDY ORSBORN-WFNC 3-43, GAA 1-2-3-43, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Librarian 3, Band 1-2-3-4, Student Council 4. JOHN PETRIE-Hi-Y 1-2-33-43, Thespians 2-3-43, Choir 1-2-3-43, WAR WHOOP 2-3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Thespian Plays, Track 1, Football 1. LANNY PRICE-FFA 1-2-3-4. WANDA PRICE-PTA Carnival Queen's Court 3. RONDA RATHBURN-GAA 1-2-3- 4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3. BILL REED-Football 1-2-3, Track 2, VAC 3-4. JOHN REXFORD-Football 1-2-3- 43, Track 1-2-3-4-ii, Basketball 1-2, Student Council 4, Boys State, Hi-Y I-2-3-43, Choir 1-2-3-4, King of Music. SANDY RHODEBECK-Majorette 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, GAA 1-2-3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4. CARY RIZOR-Basketball 2-3-43, Football 2-3, Track 1-2-3-4, Hi-Y 1-2, VAC 3-4, Student Council 4. DONNA SHADE-GAA 1-2-3-43, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Librarian 4. JUDY SHAFFER-Class Officer 1-2, Office Help 3-4, Student Coun- cil I, FHA 1, FNC 3, Y-Teens 3-4, Girls State. PHYLLIS SHIRLEY-Cheerleader I-2, Office Help 4, FNC 3-4, Y- Teens 3, Homecoming Court 1, WAR WHOOP 3, Junior Play. BOB SI-IOAF-Junior Play, Senior Play, Thespians 3-4, Thespian Plays, Baseball 1, Basketball 1, Class OI- ficer 1, Hi-Y 3-4. LOUISE SIPES-FTA 1-23-3-411, Thespians 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Li- brarian 2, Band 1-2-3-4. JIM SMITH-Golf 2-3-4, Football 3, Hi-Y 2-3-4, VAC 3-43, Choir 2. LINDA SMITH-FHA 3-4, FNC 3, GAA 1. MARIAN SOULIER-GAA 1-2-33- 43, Thespians, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Tbespian Plays. CLENNA STALEY-Y-Teens 2-3- 4, FHA 1-2, GAA 1-3. SHARON STOTTS-FTA 3-4, Y- Tecns 2-3-4, Tbespians 3-4, Band 1-2, Choir 4, Librarian 1. JIM STRAIT-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2. DENNIS THARP-Hi-Y 4. VERNE THOMAS-FTA 1-2-3-4, Tbespians 3-4, Tbespian Play 4, CAA 1, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Librarian 4. MYRA WARD-Y-Teens 2-3-4, FNC 33, GAA 1-2-3-4, Thespians 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Thes- pian Plays, Choir 1-2-3-4, Girls State Alternate. JOHN ZILSKE-Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3, FTA 1, VAC 2-3, Band 1, Cboir 1-3. l05 Sfcllnooll llilllce llscoplip LeftsSliui'on Curl gl'llUilC'f"H as lx'Il'F. Hzlrvvy administers shot. Pat Counts is ai little hazy, while lielow, Mr. Wfhite does it the easy way with orul vuc'c'ine from Mrs. Carmean. Middle left-Judy Long took charge of thc sandwich plate at FHA initiation. Bottom lvl!-llflary Hosyurcl, Linda Lutz. Sandy Rhodebeck, Eddie Burns, and Dan Cook proudly display CHS tags worn previous lo Pirate game. Bottom riglit-Roger Bvull and Bob NVertz don aprons for service at FHA banquet. f Q us rulsy oiing many things RightfOur fuithful Dennis wus always ready to open the door for students and teachers alike, no mutter what the weather might he. Below, eenter-Mrs. Clouse should he the one who is getting the sling job, instead of ,lutwt Mcpeek and Judy Svhrack, who url' heing instru4'tvd. Bottom left-Put Robinson and soveral Y-TCl'llPI'S prepare for the hoho feast at vhapter party. Bottom l'lglltil.9BVE it to Linda Kline to try to make a skirt of anything. Mrs. Knachel and sophomores are busy making shakers for sports events. 'Below-Linda CilI'pBIlff'l' and ,loan Houukel' are very, very, very busy pasting paper lor Iliff backdrop for the FOI-mal Spring f,OIlCCl'l. llllbiuuilldliing construction, fconcoirifs, pllaiys, Left-Mr. Mills points to future site of the new football field at the new high school, while below he and Mr. Claddon view the first bricks for new buildings. Bottom-Marjorie Heacock explains about saddles during a speech class session. lbansellmllllv foam washes - ttimemeonsumers Right-Ray Conley finds out that even though he wears a baseball uniform, there are other duties he must perform sueh as baby-sitting with the C0Z1Cll7S daughter. Below left-Pam Geyer posts one of the many posters that cheerleaders made for lurtliering school spirit before games. Bottom left-Ginny Wieland has been snitching on play practice by studvinff on the side and here he finlll Hot . I D , , s , a y D caught. Below--Slierry Shelton. Lenora Conley, Barbara Cooper, and ,lim Wolfinger, ull sophomores, are busy at the sophomore- sponsored r-ur wash. llmllnottogiruatplltetll in Action ,lean Ault seems to think it's just like senior boys not to pay attention during a cabinet meet- ing. Tim Marsll, Merrill Gilfil- lan, and Ken Bush figure tl1ey'll get the work done. Middle left-Verne and Louise getting some costumes ready for a Tllespian production. Below-Dixie Giffitlm fi I1 d s Z1 quiet niche in the auditorium and proceeds to study. Hg Iulinriicoir' llzlliiglltr and Elementary Scclhrocoll HARTSELL IJODRILL Junior High Principal PAUL FU RNISS Elementary Principal VINETA BROWN Elementary Secretary MARJORIE CONING Jr. High Secretary MERLE ADAIR First Grade' DORIS BAIRD Fifth Grade JOHN BAUMAN O. History-Phys. E. BILLY BISHOP Sixth Grade HELEN BURGGRAF Fifth Grade MABEL BURNS English 7 and 8 GLADYS BURNSIDE Fourth Grade ANNA MARY CRONENWE First Grade PATRICIA CUBETA Fourth Grade ESTHER DETROW Third Grade MARILYN EIBEST Second Grade .IO GERHARDT Fifth Grade KATHRYN HALFHILL Second Grade LOUISE HERRIOTT Braille SARA HUBBARD Social Studies 7 and 8 ANNE IRICK Mathematics 7-Geog. lfeacclliueirs are presented ilfcorr BARBARA JOLLEY Fourth Grade NANCY KENNEDY Phys. Ed. 7 and 8 WILFORD KEIL Math-Science 8 ALICE MARSH Second Grade PHYLLIS MCCLELLAND Third Grade RAMEL McKIRGAN Fourth Grade F RANZ MINTON Second Grade MABEL PETERSON Fourth Grade IDA PF EIFER First Grade BERNICE RICHARDSON Music 1-8 FERNE RILEY Special Education BETTY ROBERTS Sixth Grade PATRICIA SAUTTER Sixth Grade EMILY SCHROTH Third Grade IRIS SELLERS Second Grade .IULIA SHIRK Reading-English WILLIAM TUTTLE Fifth Grade DOROTHY TROUT Third Grade MARY WARD First Grade NOT PICTURED: MARY GRILE Special Education OLEN JACKSON Phys. Ed. and English 7-8 Eng itll graders anxious y prepare ilfer Mary Baird Marilyn Baker Leslie Bates Marsha Baughman Steve Bender Patty Brady Dennis Brocklesby Steve Brown Sue Brown ,loan Burton Linda Castle Tim Casto Charles Chainplin Vickie Chubb Barry Cody Bonnie Coldwell John Coning Gloria Conkle Conrad Counts Gary Craven Becky Cronenwett Rose Cunningham Tamsen Dalrymple Esther Densel Kathy Doup .lohn Eilerman Billy Eulrieh Linda Evans Helen Farrington Mike Farris Debra Fate Sondra Fowler Frank Fox Loretta Ganson Davy Gerhardt .lohn Geyer George Grile Jerry Hart David Hartpenee Martina Harvey Sharon Heacock Mike Hedick Torn Higgins Janet Hildebrand Gary Hobson Elmer Hughes Sally Huston Judy Jagger Christina James those llongzfawaruie Hgh selhoo years Robert James Junior Keckler Jim Keil Carol Kimball Jimmy Kimmey Elsie Kincaid Rheda Kisor Teresa Knox Barbara Lee Kathy Levings Sharon Levings Betty Linscott Jennifer Long Edna Malone Randy Martin Bonnie McClelland Sharon McColl Sharon McCracken Edna McHugh Mike McKinney Larry Meddles Charles Mosier Christine Mosier Mike Pleifer Judy Pollard Mike Price Gloria Redmon Lynn Reiner Judy Renseh Don Rice Darrol Riffle Carolyn Roberts Sue Saylor Calvin Shirk David Sipe Jim Smith Karen Smith Kenneth Smith Vickie Smith John Snyder Bill Soulier Larry Stockdale Kay Tierney Tom Trainer Sandi Wehr Richard Troyer Harold Young Bill Zimmerman John Zimmerman NOT PIC TURI D Huold Bildmn link Birtlcy Mike DllIllPl Mrkeluldhouf ind J0ll!1M1 on Seventh gradlers learn yariaticon llrernt grade reiutttiine Vickie Armstrong Bonnie Bachelder Keith Bachelder NOT PICTURED: Steve Beall, Richard Bird, Clyde Client, Mary McHugh, and Patty Seaburn. Chris Mary Mike Joyce Mike Dixie Mike Gary Bailey David Bennett Laura Brown Dennis Burnell Jo Ellen Carmean Eddie Champlin Tim Clapper Cindy Clouse Nancy Conkle Carol Corbin Ronnie Cotton Gary Counts Shayne Edwards Tom Farrington Maris Ferrell- Sandra Fish Sandra Foster Diana Franks Joan Frayer Peggy George Tim Geyer Richard Gladden Judy Goff Gompf Peggy Hedrick Kathy Helman George Hildebrand David Hinton Mike Hord Mark Jordan Jordan Keckler Kehrwecker Kemnitzer Knox Kathy Kuhbs Diana Kuenzer Lepp Rita Levings Larry Loffer Jane Logan Jim Lyons Juanita Lyons Roger Mattix Susan Mills Cathy McClelland Marcia McCombs Donna McDonald Terry McKinney Jackie McPeek John Noakes Leslie Pangborn Sharon Patten Jane Petrie Bruce Phillips Richard Porter , Terry Price Mike Randolph John Ransbottom Janis Richardson Connie Riifle Terry Rizor Roger Ryan James Sayers Paula Schnell Nadine Schroth Randy Seahurn John Shade Diana Shaw Karen Shelton Judy Sherbourne Sharon Sherhourne Connie Shipman Judith Simpson Christine Smith John Smith Robert Smith Tracy Smith Beverly Stansherry Yvonne Starlin Sharon Taylor Phil Troyer David Vanderkooi Pam Walton Cindy lVarner Patty West Cathy Wforline Jennifer Wren Susie Bedwell Wanda Johnson Cary McClelland Alice Mosier Linda Noalies Michael Short Jim Williams Richard Young :omg Qdlivisflcony science, English studied by sixifzlu grade K. Miller D. Mosier M. Mulvaine J. Owens J. Pinyerd B. Randall E. Roberts M. Robinson K. Rockwell C. Rule H. Sample L. Saylor C. Shealy D. Sherbourne S. Shipley P. Shirk R. Short A. Smith R. Smith P. Strait R. Stull R. Thomas D. Trainer L. Trainer J. Wfalsh S. Ward M. Watkins D. Webber C. Weller D. West D. Williams J. Wilson W. Wojtseck M. Young I. Zimmerman lllliilllitllii is D. Bates P. Bauman J. Bennett P. Brady C. Brinkman K. Brockelsby J. Brubaker B. Brush J. Buell T. Campbell YV. Campbell largest class :scope Bader Baker Baker Bartley M. Cherrington itllly madly If all P. Clark C. Bailey B. Baker J. Beardsley D. Bowman J. Boyle L. Bratton R. Brown D. Brush P. Burnell S. Burton D. Campbell R. Campbell C. Carmean S. Castle J. Canterbury W. Cline M. Clouse W. Cody E. Conant F. Conley D. Cook R. Cooper W. Cox G. Cunningha M. Curts L. Daugherty B. Dodrill C. Dooley M. Doran G. Edwards R. Evans D. Fairchild V. Farmer L. Feld K. Fissell M. Fisher B. Franks M. Calleher J. Caray C. Goff D. Gompf D. Goodrich .l. Groves C. Harden A. Harper S. Harvey G. Hecht .l. Hedrick D. Hobson very necessary course in imiulllfipllicuaitiomi Ihailhlles M. Hollingsworth D . Holt S. Irons N. Jagger T. .Jagger M. James W. Johnson S. Kidwell M. Kimball D. Kuenzer C. Laird C. Levings C. Long D, Long K. Long C. Lust B. Martin R. Matrix L. McCoy C. McHugh J. Miller L. Miller J. Mosher C. Owens R. Parks R. Pitchford M. Porter K. Pottenger E. Ramey L. Reeve S. Rensch M. Rexford P. Rockwell G. Ruhl K. Sample C. Sherhourne D. Sherhourne M. Sherhourne B. Shipman J. Shipman N. Simpson D. Smith R. Smith W. Smith J. Staley R. Starlin D. Stockdale C. Stockdale f C. Stone S. Doup B. Dowis T. Eckard M. Edwards B. Eilerman J. Ernsberger D. Eulrich D. Fate L. Fate D. Fisher V. Foster F. Fowler D. Franks M. Fry K. Cattshall C. Geyer R. Gheen F. Giffin D. Gladden N. Goff C. Graham D. Grile D. Haldeman J. Harden G. Headings H. Hickson L. Hildebrand T. Hildebrand M. Hobson F. Holtrey M. Houpt D. Hudnell L. Irons J. Jagger D. Johnson W. Johnson J. Jones D. Keenan M. Kipp K. Korody K. Kubbs T. Lanum S. Lee M. Linder E. Logan M. Long D. Lyle C. Machen J. March T. Mathews S. McChesney R. Miller D. Murphy W. Norman .l. Orsborn D. Osborn C. Phillips M. Phillips R. Powell J. Putnam M. Putt L. Rainey M. Randolph T. Richardson YV. Ritchey B. Rizor F. Robinson K. Rogers J. Seaburn R. Seitz F. Shoaf .l. Soulier R. Spaulding R. Spielman J. Trainer K. Turner T. Ward M. Watkins J. Wehr .l. YVelling .l. Yvenger J. West B. Wood R. Wren C. Wrhel R. Vifuertz D. Zimmerman R. Zimmerman . . l . Zimmerman NO D. Adams D. Albright A. Baker C. Baugliman S. Baugliman C. Benedict E. Blair S. Bloomfield B. Bowman L. Brown L. Burnell T. Burton B. Campbell L. Campbell I26 A. R. J. L. E. B. D. D. J. C. T. B PFD. :vwrcnpa PU wgsrgsm Simpson Smith Stockdale Stone Stough Strait Styer Sutherland Taylor Temple Tesso Tipton Tracht Trainer Troyer Vanderkooi Watkins Watkins Weaver Weber West West Wheeler Wigton Wooster Wright Adams K. S. Angeline Baker Baker D. M. K. Baldwin Ball R. P. Benson P. Bevel S. Bishop S. Bowman M. Brown C. Campbell Castle . Cherringt Chisholm S. Clark Cover Davis C. B S. C. R. C. DeBord T. Decker D. Denton J. Doup M. Farris R. Fensler S. Ferrell P. Goodman D. Gordon M. Grasmehr D. Hedrick A. Hickson B. Hobson M. Huffman K. Irwin C. James W. Johnson .L .Tones B. Keil B. Kincaid R. Kitts iirsilp graicriieirs aipproafellam first lfnig amilyentfure A. Korody S. LaRoche T. Lepp J. Levering K. Levering B. Lippiatt J. Lyle D Lyons E Lyons G. Lyons J. Lyons T Lyons R. Mathews V. Matlack S. Matson K. Metcalfe C. Miller C. Miller V. Nesbitt D. Osborn D. Osborn R. Parks R. Piercy M. Pitchford in erlluccatttiiolni with sttrurcrlliices oily rearcrlliimrg annmll writting FUPDFFU EUZP1 powwwza wwormzw Price Ramhorger Randolph Ratliff Reebel Reinhardt Richardson Robinson Robinson Rockwell Rouwenhor Saylor Scribner Shipman Sims Smith Smith Speilman Stacy Stahl Stevens st D. Stockdale G. Stover C. Swary S. Taylor R. Tesso C. Tharp T. Thomas S. Weller K. West D. Wheeler E. Whipple T. Wigton L. Wojtseck D. Woodson S, Young M. Zimmerman NOT PICTURICD: H. Bender, K. Boggs, R. Cline, C. Cunninglmm, B. Decker, L. Farris, J. Fate, S. Fisrlier, M. Ghent, R. Hiclt son, D. Holtrey, ll. Jenkins, R. Kenyon, C. La Fever, J. Lloyd, 'l'. Logan, M. Long, M. Mills, J. Pinyerd, L. Sherbourne, M Shipley, T. Snavely, J. Walsh, and R. Warner. PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. James Kincade Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Harvey Mrs. Lowell Murphy Mr. Harry Minton Mr. and Mrs. Simon Seif Morrow County Democrats Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pangborn Mrs. Vincent Rhodebeck Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foster Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Coykendall Mrs. Edna Jaycox Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Daugherty BOOSTERS Ida E. Detwiler Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Beard Mrs. Max Smith Beatrice Pinyerd Mr. and Mrs. Lesley Hildebrand Marie Keenan Krouty Barber Shop Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wones Mrs. Luther Asman Anne Weir Dotty Hazelton Clifford Harvey Mr. Gerald While Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coning Margaret Snyder William Tuttle John Peterson lChairman of Morrow County Democralsl Mike Scott Porter Mrs. Dorothy Brooks and Danny Mrs. Kale Klingel and Girls Mrs. Lucy Saxton Virgil D. Fuller John G. Clark Elizabeth Albert .lack Jones Mrs. Darwin Shipley Glen A. Fisher Mr. Dale Force Mrs. Lester Lemley Mrs. Mary Jackson James Craig ' Rev. Jr E. Pottenger Mr. C. F. Brocklesby Mr. Newton Dalrymple Mr. Eugene Stough Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Audrey Dormon Roger Kemmer Walter Harner Elaine Van Winkle Mr. Frank A. Phillips Mr. Wendell Shipley Tim Sharrock Mr. and Mrs. William Bayer Members of the MIZPAH staff wish to thank our Patrons anol Boosters for their sincere interest in our yearbook by their contributions. We also wish to sincerely thank our merchants ot the area tor their pa- tronage ot the following pages: l32 ADVERTISING FOOD - CLOTHING - SERVICES IIW VANATTA-GLADDEN AGENCY C. R. GLADDEN Your Independent Insurance Agent "Serves You First" est High Phone 946-2916 wHlstoN's PHARMACY Pharmacist on duty at all Times Mount A' 25 South Main Street BETZ FLORIST Gilead's Telegraph Florist 203 East Elm Street h - fdoounni Lhio Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-1086 UNT I E JOHN JAGGER Mo G L AD Motor Sales 8. Service "Your FORD-MERCURY Dealer" GOLF CLUB George Smith-Pro Phone 946-1856 45 goufh Main gfreef "Some of the Finest 'Links' Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-3070 in Central Ohio" East of M t G'l d St t R oun lea on a e oute 95 opposite the Beautiful Mount Gilead State Lakes Compliments of NlXON 8, RIGGS Doctors of Veterinary Medicine iso I WAGNER BROTHERS Phone 946-5951 81 North Rich Street Mount Gilead, Ohio Zenith and Philco-Radio, Television, and Stereo Hotpoint, Philco, and Maytag Appliances Siegler-Oil and Gas Stoves Dupont - "Lucite Paint" Best Wishes From Compliments of the THOMAS COPPER JEWELRY KETTLE "Harry is ready to serve you at your convenience." Above--Mr. Picklesimer enioys ca fine lunch. Public Square Mount Gilead, Ohio 48 South Main - Mount Gilead - 946-5026 Phone 946-4991 JlM'S MARATHON "' Goodrich Tires 'l' Delco Batteries "' Tune-Ups 4' Brake Service 'F Car Wash 28 North Main Mount Gilead 946-4901 LLOYD coRwlN's Mm' GNN" GULF STATION LUMBER Gulfpricle, Oil, Tires, Batterie PHW946-1866 "PIeasing You, Please U Mount Gilead Ohio Phone HPM DIVISION of KOEHRING COMPANY Serving Morrow County Since 1877 Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-0222 CONGRATULATIONS! WEAVER'S MARKET 720 Marion Roacl - Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-5861 BENSON TV - RADIO SERVICE For Fast Service O Service On All Makes 0 Antenna Systems 0 Over 20 Years Experience 0 Hi-Fi and Stereo Call 946-4037 Edison, Ohio wi W ,U v I . , I W EE II I Furnishings For The Family Mount Gilead, Ohio "Congratulations, Seniors!" SIMS-LANDMARK FERTILIZER PLANT We at SIMS wish to extend to you our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the many years to come. -0. B. Sullender Manager I K --s iiliq :-, ":l:-.f , " WM ' L-500 Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-5896 BOWEN JEWELERS 0 Keepsake Diamonds O Diamond Setting o Watch Repair I Jewelry Repair 0 Expert Engraving 0 Trophies and Plaques 37 SOUTH MAIN MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO Phone 946-'I85'l FOR - "The Last Word in Dry Cleaning" V I S I T SlD'S CLEANERS Free Fur Storage During Off-Seasons 29 South Main in Mount Gilead Phone 946-1966 I39 FIRST NATIONAL BANK 17 West High Mount Gilead 946-1055 Sandy wants to be sure to keep her money in a safe place. Evans Implement Co., Inc. SENTINEL OFFICE I 848 - 1963 AI-LIS CHAI-MERS MORROW COUNTY'S LEADING NEW HOLLAND NEWSPAPER NEW IDEA New Every Thursday Edison, Ohio 946-2876 Phone 946-3010 Mount Gilead, Ohio SHERMAN'S BARBER Craven Funeral Home 67 North Main Mount Gilead, Ohio North Main Street phone 946-1346 Mount Gilead, Ohio Compliments of INSURANCE MORROW ELECTRIC Located on the corner of Main and East Center Streets Phone 946-3951 Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-2856 Mount Gilead, Ohio BAILEY'S Compliments of 1 S 'l' Radiator Repairs - 'l' Wheel Alignment 5C 'oo Store 'l' Wheel Balancing Mount Gilead, Ohio 'l' Frame Alignment Edison, Ohio 946-4826 GEYER'S SUPER DOLLAR MARKET The friendly people at Geyer's will help you shop easily and quickly. East Marion Street Mount Gilead 946-3956 I4l HOEKSTRA P'-AZA READY Mix CONCRETE BOWUNG "All Equipment Radio Controlled" Galion-Marion-Mount Gilead Marion, Ohio BLOOMFIELD T.V. and APPLIANCES GENERAL ELECTRIC MAJOR APPLIANCES Refrigerators Ranges Freezers Television Record Players Radios Automatic Washers Disposalls ALL-ELECTRIC KITCHENS FAMOUS FOR DEPENDABILITY 130 South Main Street Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-5931 Good Luck to the Seniors I A-C LA OFFICE EQUIPMENT COC 0 llThe Mmqua, S ,ore,, BOTTLING coMPANY 117 North Main The Home of Pihone DU 2-3620 "The Pause That Refreshes" Marlon Ohio MARION, ol-no l42 Congratulations To the Bolinger-'implement Co Class of 1962 S I Service , a es S JOHN DEERE FARM MARKET WHEEL HORSE Mount Gilead, Ohio Edison Ohio State Route 61 North 946-5017 KlRK'S DARI-DRIVE-IN North Main Street - Mount Gilead - 946-1951 "Hmm," said Merrill to Joe, "I sure am glad we stopped for a snack before going back to school." OTTERBACHER'S CHEVRULETI 'NC J. c. PENNEY, INC. The Home of Useol Cars. Phone 946-3055 144 South Main Street Mount Gilead, Ohio MARION, OHIO TAYLOR'S MARKET Delivery Service MORTON HARDWARE 28 S l1 M ' S 30 South Main Street Gul am heel Mount Gilead' Ohio Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-3941 946-5941 I I I . The Farm 86 Home Lumber C0 Dud s n Sud s Cleaning Center Lumbe,-Mi,,wo,k Coin-op Laundry and Dry Cleaning Builders ' 5UPP'ieS Phone 946-3986 Roofing - Hardware - Paint Across from Morrow County Hospital High Slreel Phone 845-2691 Mount Gilead, Ohio Henney 81 Cooper, Inc. Walgreen Agency Drug Store Bolo's Barber Shop Your KODAK Dealer Mount Gilead, Ol1l0 Phone 946-5027 136 West Center Mqrion, Ohio H I D 0 RON'S Cl' el' S Cllr P Y BEAUTY Borden's Dairy Products Edison, Ohio Phone 946-4836 SALON Marion, Ohio I44 GamIole's Store Virgil Howard, Owner 656 Marion Road Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-5047 CAPITOL THEATRE "FIRST-RUN FEATURES AT A FRIENDLY PRICE." Mount Gilead, Ohio LONG'S SEED HOUSE -Garden Seed -Plant Food -Peat Moss -Farm Seeds Marion Road Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-'I056 Sohio Station Phone 946-3991 Mount Gilead, Ohio Marion Production Credit Assn. Marion Road Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-5936 Morrow County Bar Association Mount Gilead, Ohio Compliments of EDISON FARM SHOP Edison, Ohio Sophomores During Noon Hour P AND M DRIVE-IN "The fellows really go for the good food at The P and M. it NELSON'S HARDWARE Phone 946-1886 Mount Gilead, Ohio MORROW MEATS Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-1931 TUTTLE'S NEWS Galion Ohio QUAY'S DRUG STORE "Public Square" Galion, Ohio REGULUS INC. 600 Marion Road Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-5055 B. B. Trailer Sales New and Used Mobile Homes Bottled Gas Two Miles East of Galion on Route 305 THE GLOBE CLOTHING STORE Galion, Ohio LENNON'S FURNITURE Marion, Ohio Compliments of CERTIFIED GAS Mount Gilead, Ohio Phone 946-5966 Rand H FLOOR COVERINGS Wall-To-Wall Carpets LINOLEUM RUGS DRAPERIES Tile Wall and Floor Coverings 52 South Main Mount Gilead, Ohio 946-5036 ANDREW'S DAIRY Grade A Products Fancy Ice Cream Galion, Ohio Phone HO8-3262 JET CLEANERS 34 South Main - Mount Gilead - 946-5871 J8tH Shoe Store Pusuc SQUARE Galion, Ohio John McAna II Howard Dudley GALION, OHIO BeaI's Royal Blue 54 South Main Street Phone 946-2931 Mount Gilead, Ohio SNYDER HARDWARE Edison, Ohio 946-4036 Compliments of NORTH ELECTRIC COMPANY And Its POWER EQUIPMENT DIVISION GALION OHIO G C MURPHY COMPANY Alfred Nlckel Bakery 787N thM Ph 3 T450 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN 9 M Oh' 'Bakers of Toastmaster Bread" . Compliments of M Oh Galion, Ohio Congrotulotions to the Seniors FUEL and GAS There's Nothing Like O FLAME FOR MODERN LIVING Phone 946-1006 'I6 South Main Mount Gilead, Ohio GALION O BOWLING CENTER CAMPBELL AUTO GA'-'ON' OHIO SUPPLY, INC. 50 South Main - Mount Gilead - 946-4055 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1963 "Your Appearance Is Our Business" JIM DUGAN'S. INC. Men's Fine Clothing MARION, OHIO PAUL AND JlM'S SINCLAIR STATION Phone 946-2991 North Main and Elm Mount Gilead YUNCKER'S THE SpOI'1'II1g Goods 20 West High "Joh:lny" Jolgnson-Salesman Mount Gilead 946-1046 em qwpmen , , 155 Cline Ave. Mansfield, Ohio ,, . ,, Congratulations Compllmerlls from Local Patrons from Marlon 1 Patrons BEECH ER S Pnossr suPPLY co. EMSON MARKET RICHMONDIS JAN-REE BEAUTY SHOPPE CLIMAX ELEVATOR GARSON'S DUPLER'S Marion, Ohio RESTAURANT "Mom, you should see the beautiful shoes in here!" 32 South Main - Mount Gilead - 946-3921 BENNETT'S ON THE SQUARE GALION, oHlo The Union Register MORROW COUNTY'S FIRST NEWSPAPER Phone 946-5841 Mount Gilead, Ohio Crystal Ice And Zero Lockers Party Shop Lockers for Rent Phone 946-2846 South Street Mount Gilead, Ohio Compliments of our Patrons in GALION. SCHAFFNER MYERS F. W. WOOLWORTH CO TIGER CLEANERS TlSCHER'S LOCK Compliments of HERCULES GALl0N PRODUCTS. INC. GALION, OHIO Our Sincere THANKS, From the MIZPAH Staff, To all those persons, businesses, and organizations, who aided in any Way, to make this edition a success. J L g l said I would go to the Prom with you f y g t y orsage at Keith's," declares Liz Mathews. Nothing, however costly, conveys so much truly personal feeling as . . Y O U R P O R T R A I T. Of course, it should be a recent one. HAVE WE PHOTOGRAPHED YOU LATELY? CUBBERLY STUDIOS 38 South Sandusky Delaware, Ohio SEILILQIJIOIIE IIIUI .A- ALKIRE, SUSAN 26-48-55-58-59-69-70 ANDREWS, MARJORIE 22-67-99 ANSLEY, TOM 3-14-52-53-63-72-74-75 78-79-80-81-86-87-96-103 ARCHER, BARBARA 30 ASHBROOK, JERRY 13-37-52-53-61- 74-75-78-79-103 ASHBROOK, VICKI 30-32-36-44-54-55 ASMAN, DEBORAH 3-22-25-42-50-SL 55-58-62-69-70 AULT, JANET 22-46-48-55-58 AULT, JEAN 13-48-103-110 AULT, JIMMY 30-33-46 AULT, JUDY 14-48-49-103 -B- BACHELDER, MICHAEL 26-60 BACHELDER, RICHARD 26-74 BAILEY, SUE 22-35-36-42-58 BAIRD, RUTH 30-39-42-43-54-69-70 BAKER, LINDA 26-55 BALDWIN, VIRGIE 30-39-48 BATES, BARBARA 22-55-58-62-65-69- 70-101 BAUGHMAN, DIANA 14-66-103 BAUGHMAN, LINDA 26-67 BAYER, JUDY 14-42-43-50-51-58-63 67-90-103 BEALL, ROGER 46-47-74-106 BEARD, CHARLOTTE 12-14-35-38-42-43 50-56-58-59-63-64-66-102 BEARDSLEY, IRENE 22-39-44-45-62 BELT, MICHAEL I4-46-47-63-69-70-103 BENNETT, BONNIE 3-22-44-45-50-SL 55-58-62-69-70-71-99 BENNETT, NANCY 30-42-43-54-69-70 BENSON, JEANNINE 5-14-35-38-55-69 70-102 BIRDSONG, JANE 22-55-65-89 BIRDSONG, ROGER 14-53 BISHOP, ETHEL 14-103 BLOCKSOM, SHARON 22-58-62 BLOSE, PAMELA 30-44-54-55-67 BODMAN, JERRY 30-69-70-86 BRADY, SANDRA 30-34-54-65 BREESE, RICHARD 15-63-103 BRINKMAN, MARTY 30 BRINKMAN, RANDY 22-52-53-62-75- 76-80-86-87 BROOKS, DANNY 46 BROWN, MARY 22-55-58-59-62-66 BROWN, WILLIAM 30 BRUSH, SHARON 26-44-67 BUCHANAN, GARY 26 BUNKER, DARLENE 30-39-48-49-65 BUNKER, GEORGE 22-46-47 BURNS, EDDIE 26-36-60-74-83-86-106 BURNS, LARRY 22-46 BURTON, VICTORIA 30-48-49 BURSON, ELLEN 30-42 BUSH, KENNETH 13-52-53-57-72-74-75 76-77-78-79-80-81-82103-110 .C- CALHOUN, SARA 22-42-58-65-66 CALHOUN, WILLIAM 30-70-83-86 CAMPBELL, ROSEMARY 22-44-45 CARMEAN, MARLEE 26-44-55-58-69-70 CARPENTER, LINDA 26-55-58-59-66-108 CASTO, CANDY 26-48-54 CASTO, GARRY 22-69-70 CASTO, MICHAEL 22-62 CHANDLER, CAROLYN 2644-55-58- 59-66-89 CHAPMAN, DORIS 26-40-49-54-58-09-70 CHUBB, GARY 30 CLAPPER, PAMELA 26-34-34-42-55-65 CLARK, JANE 30-65 CCRSIIIRAN, CWENDOLYN 12-15-69-70 CODY, STEVEN 26 COLDWELL, DANNY 26-83 COLLINS, GEORGE 15-60-103 COLLINS, LARRY 26 CONANT, MARY 30-39-65 CONING, LINDA 26-55-58-59-61-65-66 CONING, VIRGINIA 30-54 CONKLE, JANET 15-34-58-65-103 CONKLE, LINDA 15-103 CONKLE, THOMAS 30-74 011-X CONLEY, LENORA 26-55-109 CONLEY, RAY 26-52-74-84-109 COOK, DAN 26-70-106 COOK, ROBERT 26 COOPER, BARBARA 26-55-58-109 CORBIN, JERRY 22-60-62-86 COTTON, THOMAS 22-52-53-62-74-76- 84-85 COUNTS, PATRICIA 15-58-103-106 COURTNEY, PHIL 30-70 COVERT, DIANA 30-44-54-67 COX, ROGER 2-15-46-103 CRAVEN, BARBARA 3-26-55-58-68-69 70-71 CRAVEN, ROGER 22-35-60-86-101 CROUSE, KENNETH 22-52-53-67-84-85 CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT 30 CURL, SHARON 3-15-50-51-54-56-58 59-63-66-79-89-93-96-103-106 -D.. DALRYMPLE, JUDY 26-48-49-55 DALRYMPLE, MICHAEL 22-50-52-60- 62-86 DANIELS, RUTH 23-44-45-55-58-63-64 69-70 DAUGHERTY, LARRY 15 DAUGHERTY, SANDY 23-62 DAVIS, RICHARD 27 DAVIS, ROBERT 23 DECKER, DAVE 12-16-55-60-103 DeLONG, ROBERT 23 DeLONG, RONALD 30 DETWILER, MARY 27-55 DILSAVER, BONNIE 16-40-48-49-64-102 DUDLEY, DOROTHY 16-34-41-55-69- 70-103 DUMBAUGH, STAN 27 .E- EALEY, TIMOTHY 30 EARLEY, KEITH 16-60-84-103 ECKARD, ROBERT 27-52-60-67-75-77- 86 I53 EFFLAND, PATRICIA 31-42-67 EVANS, BETTY 23-36 EVANS, RONALD 27 EVANS, SUSAN 23-36-58-62 .F- FA TE, MARSHA 23-24-42-50-55-62-66- 99-101 FERGUSON, AMBRUS 31 FERRELL, CAROLYN 16-103 FERRELL, SHEILA 23-44-45-65 FISHER, BONNIE 27-28-55-58 FISSELL, ROBERT 23-46-47 FOLTZ, RICHARD 31-74 FOWLER, WILLIAM 16-34-103 FOX, JACALYN 27 FRAIZER, JULIA 16-48-49-63-69-70-103 FRAYER, DAVID 27-52-53-61-68-69-88 FRITZ, LINDA 31-44-54 FULLER, CARLYN 12-16 FULLER, PHYLLIS, 12-17-35-37-102 FURNISS, LARRY 27-52-53-75-80-83-86 FURNISS, LINDA 17-54-56-58-59-65-77 79-89-93-96-103 -G. GALLAGHER, DENNIS 22-35-50-52-53 60-62-80-81-82-88-101 GARAY, WILLIAM 31 GARVERICK, BONNIE 27-44-55-67 GATTSHALL, CAROL 27-48-49-55 GATTSHALL, CHERYL 27-48-49-55 GEORGE, JANEY 31-35-42-43-54 GERHARDT, KENNETH 23-52-60-69-74- 78-86-101 GERHARDT, ROBERT 12-17-60-63-9L 98-103 GEYER, ERIC 27-52-60-74-88 GEYER, PAMELA 23-25-44-45-55-58-64 89-97-98-109 GHENT, SANDRA 23-42-55-58-62-65-70 GIFFIN, CATHY 31-42-43-54-69-70 GILFILLAN, MERRILL 12-13-52-53-SL 60-63-72-74-75-76-78-79102-103-111, IS4 LETu1cc11cc-smltfz IITTTJIEX GLASSBURN, BECKY 3-23-55-58-69-70 71 GOFF, JUDY 27-67 GOFF, RICHARD 27-46-47 GOMPF, KATHIE 27-48 GOJIQPF, PI-IILLIP 17-46-47-50-63-69-70 GORDON, MARK 27-39 GRIFFITH, DIXIE 31-110 GRIFFITH, TOM 27-52-60-61-83-86 GRIGGS, WILLIAM 30 GROVES, NANCY 23 -H- HASINSZEL, LINDA 27-38-42-55-61-69 7 HAENSZEL, MARY 23-54-58-62-66 HALRERT, MARLENE 27-48-55 HALBERT, PHILLIP 27-70 HALL, THURMAN 31 HARDEN, LARRY 17-63-103 HARDY, KAY 31-54-66 HARRIS, VAL 30-74-83-84 HART, STEVE so-75-as-R4 HARTLEY, TERRY 27-35 HARTPENCE, DENNIS 27 HARVEY, MARG0 17-34-58-103 HARVEY, SHARON 2-17-37-44-45-50-103 HEACOCK, DANA 27-67 HEACOCK, MARJORIE 2-17-44-45-58-63 69-70-103-108 HEIMLICH, MAX 23-50-60-62-74-86-87 101 HERSHEY, DONNA 31-48 HERSHEY, IDA 23-69-70 HERSHEY, JERRY 31-46-69-70 HERSHNER, ROBERT 27-69-70 HIGGINS, BARBARA 12-17-54-58-63 65-103 HIGGINS, RICHARD 27 HIGH, KEITH 31-46-47 HILDEBRAND, TERRY 31 HINTON, RETA 27 HOBSON, MICHAEL 31 HOLLINGSWORTH, WAYNE 31-74 HOLLINGSWORTH, DOUG 18-46-103 HOLLINGSWORTH, EUGENE 23-74 HOLT, CINDA 27-48-49-58 HONAKER, JOAN 35-58-67-108 HOUPT, LYNN 31-54-66 HOUPT, MARGERY 27-44-55-58-69-70 1 HOWARD, MARY 18-54-58-65-103-106 HUBBARD, REBECCA 23-36-55-67 HUBBERT, DAVID 27-35-68-69-70 HUGHES, HERBERT 30-61-83-84 HULL, CAROLYN 27-58 HULL, JUDY 12-18-58-63-103 HUIIET, JANE 18-42-50-51-54-58-63-67 HUSTON, STEPHEN 31-35 ..1... INGMIRE, LINDA 31-55-69-70 IRELAND, PHYLLIS 31 -J- JACKSON, BARBARA 23-37-44-45-50 55-58-62-68-69-70-99 JAGGER, MARY JO 31-42-54-67 JAYCOX, LINDA 12-18-58-63-102 JOHNSON, WARREN 31-46 JORDAN, SALLY 23-25-42-55-58-67-101 -K.. KEHRWECKER, GARY 31 KEIL, MIKE 31-46 KELLY, BRUCE 27 KEMNITZER, JOHN 27 KERNS, RUSSELL 31 KERR, MARY 23-23-42-43-55-58-62-66 KIMMEY, MARGARET 18-48-55-58-69 70-103 KINCADE, GARY 31 KINCADE, LINDA 23-58 KIRK, DWIGHT 23-50-51-60-62-69-70 98-101 KLINE, LINDA 27-35-42-55-58-59-67-107 KLINGEL, PAM 31-36-54-67 KNKACHEL, LU RA 27-35-42-55-58-68-69- KRAMER, ALAN 27 KUBBS, SANDY 31-32-36-54-67 -L- LAIRD, DAVID 27-46-70 LAIRD, KATHY 31-39 LANCASTER, MICHAEL 27-82-83 LANDON, RALPH 31-84 ifuidlcemdz Index MARSH, TIMOTHY 13-50-51-60-63-103- 110 MATHEWS, ELIZABETH 32-42-43-54-61- 66 MATSON, JILL 32-39-48 McCLELLAND, LEE 28-83 MCCLELLAND, LYNN 12-19-34-46-50- 51-57-58-59-63-64-66-67-79-92-96103 MCCOLL, TERRY 24-61-67-86-101 McCOMBS, MICHAEL 28 MCCONNELL, LANA 24-58-62-76 MCCONNELL, LILLIAN 32-38 McCREARY, DIANA 24-55-58-67 MQCURDY, CAROLYN 28-48-55 LAWYER, MARIE 31-44-54 LEE, CAROL 19-34-57-58-59-63-65-103 LEE, PHIL 27-52-61-80-82-83-86 LEMLEY, CAROLYN 27-39-58 LENTZ, CAROLINE 31-44-67 LESTER, DAVID 23 MCHUGH, JUDY 24-55-62 MCPEEK, MCPEEK, MILLER, MILLER, MINTON, JANET 32-67-107 TERRY 28-46 MARY 32 VIRGINIA 28-44 J OANN 28-58 NESBITT, KAREN 28-34-55-65-67 LEVERING, BONNIE 18-54-102 LEVERING, CONNIE 31-54-69-70 LEVERING, NONNA 27-35-46-58-59-67 LEVERING, SANDRA 24-42-55-58-68-69- 70-98 LEVINGS, MICHAEL 31 LEVINGS, OTHEL 24-52-74-84-85 LINSCOTT, ROBERT 18-103 LINSCOTT, THOMAS 27 LOGAN, ANNE 24-35-44-45-55-58-59-62- 66-101 LOGAN, BARBARA 31-35-42-43-54-66 LOGAN, JEFF 28-39-67-86 LONG, ALOMA 32 LONG, JUDY 28-48-55-58-106 LONG, NANCY 28-39-42-55-58-69-70 LONG RHETA 24-38-44-55-58-62-70 LONG, STEVE 24-38-62-80-84-101 LUTZ, LINDA 19-48-103-106 LYONS, BEULAH 28 LYONS, GARY 28 7 -M- MALONE, JAMES 28-74-78-86 MALONE, LESTER 32-74-78-86 MALONE, SAMUEL 24-74 MORTON, JOHN 24 MOSIER, JEFFREY 28-38-69-74 MURRAY, JAMES 24-52-75-84 MURRAY, ROGER 24-84 -N.. NEWMAN, RICHARD 28 NICHOLSON, DAVID 4-19-57-60-103 NICHOLSON, DIANE 32-54-69-70 NIXON, RONNIE 24-37-52-53-61-67-75- 76-77-80-82-86 NOAKES, MARCA 28 -0- ORSBORN, JAMES 28-52-53-61-77-86 ORSBORN, JUDY 12-13-35-44-45-54-58- 61-63-68-69-70-103 OSBORNE, CARLA 24-36-58-59-62 OWEN, LYNN 32-54 OWENS, STEVE 32-47-61-70 -P- PATTERSON, DON 32 PATTERSON, RONALD 32-47 PETERSON, JAMES 28-86-87 PETRIE, JOHN 19-50-60-63-66-67-103 PETRIE, MARY 32-42-43-54-67 PHILLIPS, LARRY 32-83 PHILLIPS, MARTHA 32-35-54 PHILLIPS, STEVEN 32-69-70 PIERCY, KIM 26-29-52-53-80-82-83 PIERCY, SUZANNE 32-44-54-95-97 PINYERD, RICKY 24-60-62-86 PINYERD, SIDNEY 19-103 PORTER, JUNE 28-55-58-65 PRICE, LANNY 19-46-47-103 PRICE, WANDA 19-103 -R-. RANDALL, TOM 24 RANSBOTTOM, KAREN 32 RANSBOTTOM, PHYLLIS 24-55-58 RATHBURN, RONDA 19-54-58-103 RATLIFF, SHIRLEY 28 REED, JOHN 28 REED, WILLIAM 19-52-53-103 RENSCH, DOUG 28-60-67 REXFORD, JOHN 13-52-53-60-61-63-66 67-72-74-75-76-77-78-79-86-87-98-103 - RHODEBECK, SANDRA 3-20-54-58-69 70-71-103-106 RICHARDSON, BARBARA 24-36-55-58 62-67 RIGGS, STEVE 28-60-84 RIZOR, GARY 13-52-53-61-72-80-81-82 103 RIZOR, KAREN 42-44-45-55-58-Q1-62-65 66-94-97-101 ROACH, DONALD 28-74 ROBINSON, PATRICIA 24-44-45-50-51- 58-62-107 - RYAN, EVELYN 25-55-62 A 155 S -5.- SAMPSON, CLIFTON 65 SAYLOR, WALTER 32-74 SAYERS, DAVID 28 SAYERS, EDWARD 32-46-47 SCHNELL, MICHAEL 25-35-36-80-83 SCHRACK, JUDY 32-39-54-69-70-107 SCOTT, JEAN 28-48-55-58 SEABURN, STEVE 28 EIIIICIIICEIIIIGZ IIEITIIEX STALEY, VIRGIL 33-46-47 STAUP, LARRY 33 STERRITT, JOELLEN 28-48-49-58 STOCKDALE, SUE 28-48 STOTTS, SHARON 21-34-42-50-58-63 77-91-103 STRAIN, STRAIN, STRAIT STRAIT 7 s BLAIR 33 GREGG 29 JIM 21-50-60-63-103 JUDY 29-48-55-58 WRIGHT, VIRGINIA 25-48-49-62 SEARS, CARROLL 25 SHADE, DAVID 32 SHADE, DONNA 12-20-54-58-63-65-103 SHADE, JOHN 25 SHAFFER, JUDY 2-20-35-57-58-64-101- 102 SHAFFER, NELSON 32-35 SHELTON, SHERRY 28-39-109 SI-IEPARD, ROGER 25 SHERBOURNE, SANDY 28 SHIPMAN, CAROL 32-69-70 SIIIRK, PHILLIP 28-69-70 SHIRLEY, ROBERT 32-46-83 SHIRLEY, PHYLLIS 2-20-44-45-64-83- 103 SHIRLEY, SHARON 33 SHOAF, ROBERT 4-20-35-50-51-60-63- 103 SHOEWALTER, TIMOTHY 28 SHOWERS, KAY 28 SIMS, DENNIS 28-60-74-83-86 SIMS, RENEE 32-33-42-54-67 SIPES, LOUISE 20-42-43-58-63-102-110 SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, DARLENE 28-42-44-45-55-70 DONNA 16-44-58-63-103 JAMES 20-52-53-60-88-103 KAY 33 LINDA 20-48-69-103 TIMOTHY 28-69-70 TOM 33 STRAIT, KEITH 29 STRAIT, PAM 29-48-55-58-67 STRELEY, SAMUEL 25-62 STYER, JACK 33 STYER, JANE 33 .T- TAYLOR, THOMAS 33 THARP, DENNIS 21-60-103-107 THOMAN, SHIRLEY 25-67 THOMAS, CARLTON 39-46 THOMAS, LINDA 33-48-49-65 THOMAS, VERNE 21-38-42-50-5I-57- 58-63-65-103-110 THOMPSON, JOHN 29 THORNTON, CAROL 33-39-39-70 TIERNEY, LINDA 29-55-58-59-65 TOOT, SANDRA 33-55-69-70 TRAINER, MICHAEL 25-35-61 TROYER, FLOYD 25 TROYER, JOHN 21-103 TURNER, RONALD 29-69-70-74 ..U. SNYDER, JAN 25-55-58-62 SOULIER, MA RIAN 20-50-51-54-57-58 63-103 SOUTHARD, STANLEY 22-50-51-60-62 69-70-101 STAIGER, DON 25-37 STALEY, GLENNA 21-63-103 STALEY, MARY 32-33-42-54-67 I56 UNDERWOOD, RONALD 33-46 -V- VAIL, JAMES 25 VAIL, RICHARD 33-65-68-69-75 VAN BUSKIRK, RUTH 29-55 VAUGHAN, EdDITH 44-45-55-58-62-69- 70-101 VIPPERMAN, LINDA 29-48 -W- WALTON, KENNETH 29 WARD, CINDY 33-46-54-69-70 WARD, MYRA 21-44-45-50-54-56-58-63- 66-102 WARNER, DAVID 33-74 WEASTON, CHARLES 29-74-84 WEASTON, JAMES 33-84 WEBER, TERRY 33-65-69-70 WEHR, PATRICE 33-42-43-54 WELLER, MELISSA 29-42-55-58-59-6L 66-94-97 WERTZ, ROBERT 46-106 WERTZ, SUSAN 25-48 WEST, CHARLOTTE 29-44 WEST, EDDIE ss WEST, JACQUELINE 25-52-55-58-62- 69-70-101 WETZEL, CHARLES 70 WHITE, LILLIAN 25-35-42-55-58-62-65- 67-98 WIELAND, VIRGINIA 35-42-43-50-55 58-62-67-101-109 WIGTON, TERRY 29-80-83-84 WILLIAMS, KENNETH 29-60-74-83-86 WILSON, IRA 29 WILSON, MARY 29-35 WOLFINGER, JAMES 26-69-70-109 WONES, BETSY 33-42-54-55-66-89 WYRICK, PATRICIA 29-55-58-59-69-70 .Z- ZENTLER, DUSTAN 33 ZILSKE, JOHN 21-53-66-74-75-76-77-78 79-96 1: 3 5 ASM' T fx ' 7' f5.p'l5ii.f9 L' E V Q -'Q' ' A H . 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Suggestions in the Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) collection:

Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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