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1 rw v' "' f F4 1, 1 1, 1111 1 15-3,111 11 me 11941 7 if 1 1 1 4 'GW 'W' 1 11 1 1 111 N12 111111- 111 'W W WW, 1 N17 11" 1 211- 11 . 111 g , 15,4 ' 1 1 . H1 1. R 11 'T 1 141, , ?1ki W' ,, : , i v i gf L-'A ' 12'-Q,J.1 ff ' 11.14, W ' . 11 11,1 , 1 1 1 F' 1 1 1 W 111 1 ' 1 5,11 " .ff I " 11 Y L1 ' X 1211 '- S 3 1 1 11 K' 1. ,,, . , ,, . -1 H 13, fl' 5 ggi, 2 1, Q1-1' 1 5 4' Vw.1..H" 1, 1111111-QT' 11 2 , VMq'I1!,?j v 1. Q1 -ga f 1' Es-1 ' 11 11 111-nd. 11 "1111 1 1,51 flu 1 fwmmgu IM JM 111 W' 1-1. A ,1 1 e 1 1 1 11,11 f 1113, '1 we 3 " Q"YMf1f:f131f11 Q4 11 1 ,, 1 1 1111111 1 11,11- 5 1 3?m,1,J11111111Wf'WVng111Tii1 1 -Q' i 1 . iff iv iii: 1 V ' 2 1 1 ' 2 1 11 1 m4111111 u'11111,1VVj,7 5 1 1 1 1 11.,:11::1 '1 1 1 Q, -WF' 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 111111111X H Q WEE111 1 br r11 Q f 1 , 1 1 1 2"1111 1 X. E 1. I gl 1 5 1 1 1111 1 1 -Q qw? L' P 515,53 "'n'3" M ' '75.'5.i'Z'.- ' -375 V1 1 1' I 1 , . 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V ,WH if. 1 1 1-11? 1111 111 1 1. 1 my 1 w11M- 1 311 x 1 5 , 'la ' if xl nl '- ' - 4' 'mg' gli .1 1 1 . - ui 4,30 . 4' Q15 E- '5 ',dA'63'V5f -.11, H 11 1,1 Q 9 2 , rj-g3:f.JM11-Q,,1gjQ5 -111 1- 1 1 1 1.1111 v 1 121.1 Q'M.1' N121 1-1411 13.1. WE. M11 Qu Nt nag jYJ51,,hk2 Aw I-1 .1 bu . , Y 1! , ,,, ,K u ' 55-6!:L"Av . ,1 R . ' UM it isvsnz ':?,'giF'5 'f 6 ' -T '. Y 1 i 5 , , 1 , 35 ' I iv , V f X1 1 175:11 - 1511111 A tx 'ff 1 e 1 Q21 'i'11l'JSifif 7 Ml Y -Mix af , 1 V ' xv W' xc it , 'H My 4 I 1 WW K ,M N 1 111 1 N X M .GF 1 ya, 1, N asf' J 1111 1+ ww 115,111 11 1 1 v ,1 1 11 1,1 1 1 1 at W1 1 WNW -1 1: 'M' 'Ea 1 1 '1-.11111?"EI+-1'1.' " - 17' 1 ' X Q, w 1 pg 1 V1 1 1 g v- f' 1 ,525 A511 -,"f,e"' H .if ,AA 'fgtl -i'?w,v- 11 wi 7111,-1"-"1" fw- 1- ' 1 . wfhf' a 1. ,1 W . , 1 1 v1 ff ik' 'WMM WC' M W 1 1 ,, A ', 1 111iQ1i11:111g' I' , Wm. 1, M1 ,1 11 11 1 1 M V Yflfmqh 1 gm 11.1, 1 11' , , 1 1 V.'1-111.-5j.W11ai1..15'hgyy'?f 1 av- , 3, 1 ,XJ 5 '.'.11 K 1' Lg , 4 4' gg Ag . 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M., I 3 'V N ', 31 51 1 '1 13 1- ff" W ' -V ' 1 1 M 5,1 fu' VH Q11 any 1 m 1 1 , ,V , 1 , Q1 25,3 'Yun 'Z' 'N I vs! 2,51 YAJQQL ,T' 7' A I K 4' -X V, 151 i ' X s i -'41 ' 1 if 1 11 1. 1 1 1 . 1 11-41111 1 'ff' 1 1 M 11 . 1 'ww 1511 Q ' my 121 1, 11.m,,, . . 1 . 1 A .gi 1 1,1 -' 1 ' 1' ' xr' , x I 'JA X l : Z Y a 1 1 1 1 1 EJ 31 ni -4 I Q Si 4 J U A '1 15 l Wh J H THE Samoa CL.:-fass of Mbqaleind Hugh School Presents l957 Muzpnl-I Volume XLII IZP DEDICATION The Class of Nineteen hundred fifty-seven cledieates this, the forty-second ecli- tion of the Mizpah to CHRIST, the Son of Cod. Without His help and guidance, we would have never heen able to achieve the accomplishments and goals for which we worked during our years in school. Literally. HlVlizpah7' means Watchtower and in modern use after a parting Salutation: '0f111rZM1'zpnhg for he said, The LORD ll'!1lC!L between me and thee, when ure are absent one from anotlzerfi GENESIS XXXIMLQ CHOLSQN G. R. l,1.0sE H- E t Q. NY Principal 6 Superintmdzfnt F! ' WEST . h School ABM ME ' Ohio Northern. BS. Ash, em. Prlyzcl. Wg -www' ohio stale, M.A. and C011 'W Okixo Om ege' ES ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATIO Clifford Calhoun, Presifienzg Luther Asman, Charles Birdsong, C. R. Cladden, Clefrlrg Virginia Bennett, Vice-Presidentg Phyllis Rinehart. SCHOOL 1 , gf " 3 . :- ,,A, -- - gga Mr. R. S. Beard Mr. Oscar Beck Mrs. Fern Bowen Mr- Reherl Canterbury Mrs- Margery Clirlle BS., Ohio Slate B. Sch. Mus., Wooster A.B., Marshall College A-B-. University Of MiCl1- B-A-. Heidelberg College Agriculture College Vocational Home Eco- igarl M-so Ohio University Musig nomigg History, Government Physical Education, Health Mr. Paul Furniss BS.. Wilmington College Scierlce, Mathematics Hrs. Josephine Cerharclt MIS. lllzlrlha Hnhberi Mr- John MHNY MTS- Hafrieue MCNemar B,S,, Ohio State B.A., Otterhein Collegeg MA., Baldwin Wallace B-S-. Miami UUiVerSilY Sgigngg M.A., Colunihia University Coach, Physical Ednca- Commercial, Mathematics Matlzrnzazicg tiong Drivers, Training Nlrs. Julia Fhirk BA.. Defiance College linglish, Geography Mr. Leonard Walls AB.. Fairmont Collegeg MA., Columbia University Physical Erlzlcation, His- tory, Speech, Coach, Cuid- ance Mrs. Kathryn Wlieland Mrs. Kathryn Ziegler Mrs. Helen Burggraf BA., B. Mus.. l5.P.S.M. Ali., Ohio Wesleyan Ohio University, Ohio Otterbein College English, Librarian Northern English, l"rench Grade 5 FACULTY Mrs. Marion Johnson Mrs. Ruth Lepp Mrs. Dorothy McCamman Mrs. Rainel McKirgan Mrs. Mabel Peterson BE., Whitewater State Bowling Green University Ashland College Bowling Green University Ohio University Teachers College Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 5 Mrs. Sylvia Potter Mrs. Lenore Rhodebeck Mrs. Bernice Richardson Mrs. Pauline Riel Mrs. Ferne Riley A.B., N e h r a s k a State Ashland College Wittenlierg College University of G e 0 r g i a Ohio University Teachers College Grade 2 Grade 6 and Elementary Ohio University Grade 3 Grade 6 Music Grade 5 Mrs. Gladys Rutherford Mrs. Edna Salyer Mrs. Elenor Showers Mrs. Esther Smith Mrs. Mary Ward Kent State University BS., Ohio University Capital University Ohio University Ashland College. Ohio Grade 1 Grade 4 Kindergartens Grade 3 State University Grade 1 ii 5 ? 'Q 3 3 si XL FALL . . . . , . and with it comes the last walk through the park. It also reminds us that school is about to begin, and we have a long year ahead of us. As you leaf through the next few pages, you will hear: the football squad practicing for the first game of the year the band getting ready for.marching season . . . the cheerleaders experimenting with new yells. You will remember: the first day when everyone was trying to find the right room . . . the faces of new teachers . . . the classes electing their new officers . . . the Hi-Y and Y-Teen initiation . . . the majorettes strut- ting through new routines . . . the beautiful Homecoming ceremonies and the forinal dance which was after the game the Juniors receiving their class rings and the Seniors soliciting for Mizpah ads. These and many other things made our '56 Fall a wonderful and memorable season. FOOTBALL BILL HOFFINHRF BOB ZWAYFR FRANK BITNDLE Ifhzlfback Fzzllbuck QZ4WfC'1'5flCf5 DICK ZWAYER LARRY XWUOD GERALD HOLTREY End Qmzrlefbaci Tackle LARRY WEAVER TOM DFTXVILFR BOB MERRIMAN 'I'arHe Guard End LETTERMEN -UM GEYER MARION NEWBIAN BOB RICHARDSON Tackle Center Guard BRUCE CAMPBELL LARRY BROWN KEITH CONKLIN Tackle End Halfback DON XVHITE JACK BARRETT BOB BLOSE Halflmck Cenler Emi FOOTBALL Bellville Olentangy Scioto Valley Big Walnut St. Mary Richwood Elm Valley Cardington Row One, Left to Right: Coach Marty, Bob Merriman, Bill Hoffmire, Harold Philbrook, Bob Zwayer, Gerald Holtrey, Dick Zwayer, Don Bader, Larry Weaver, Larry Wood, Ronald McPeek, Tom Detwiler, Roger Price. Row Two: Larry Crouse, Larry Meckley, Larry Brown, Kenneth Heimlich, .lack Barrett, Marion Newman, Richard Miller, Bob Richardson, Frank Bendle, ,lim Geyer, Howard Lyons, Terry Hunt, Don White, Keith Conklin, Bob Blose. Row West, lvan Neptune, Tom Geyer, Gene Schorr, ,lamy Wheeler, Bob Campbell, ,lim Rutherford, Ronnie Callahan, George Dumbar, Steve Lee, Jerry Sweeney. Jack Holden, Bruce Beard, Richard West, Richard Callahan. Three: Mr. Denny Blose, Don Bader Captain Roger Price Best Defensive Star Harold Philbrook Best Offensive Star TEAM We They 14 26 0 26 59 O 31 0 7 13 14 26 19 13 6 7 4 RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Bennie Kline HOMECOMING COURT yer, Diana Garver , Don Bader. Barbara Clulcote. Sue Rmeharr, B1ll Hof VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Sally Arnold JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Keith Conklin, Treasurer: Sally Arnold, Serretaryg Bob Blose, I'rz'sident: Frank Bendle, Vice-President. Most of the 65 enrolled in our Junior Class found the year of 1956-57 not only busy but fun-filled, too. During football season we ran the refreshment stand which was our biggest profit-making project. Wle were proud to have seven lettermen on the football squad and three varsity cheerleaders. After the Prospect basketball game the class sponsored a dance c'Top Tunesw. Breaking with tradition, the class had a buffet luncheon rather than a banquet for the Junior-Senior Prom. Our theme, 4'Almost Paradisen, was carried out at the Mt. Vernon Country Club. To Mr. Walls, our advisor, we owe a great vote of thanks. He was a big help to the Juniors. For many the memory of our Junior Year will never be forgotten even long after graduation. Row One: Bill Andrews, Jane Arnold Sally Arnold, Suzan Arnold, Jack Bar rett, Marlene Belt. Qwr' ' i JUNIOR CLASS Row Two: Frank Bendle, Robert Blose, Sandra Callahan, Bruce Camp- bell, Jim Campbell, Keith Conklin. Row Three: Bob Cooper, jean Det- wiler, Roxanne Finley, Sharon Gates, Don Gattshall, Jim Geyer. Row Four: Mary Gilfillan, Judie Nixon Harper, Marcelle .Harris, jim Haserodt, Kenny Heimlich, Barbara Hershner. Row Five: Linda Hicks, Galen Holtrey, Pat Howard, Terry Hunt, Dennis Hus- ton, Cynthia Jo Ingmire. Row Six: Dale Kerr, Yvonne Kisor, Gary Link, Howard Lyon, Sharon Mar- tin, Patricia Mathews. Row Seven: Eugene McHugh, Sherry Mettler, Richard Miller. MarioniNew- man, Patricia Patten, Larry Price. Rota' Eight: Robert Richardson, Janice Shaw, Tom Shields, Larry Smith, Priscilla Smith, Linda Spriggs. Row Nine: Mary Ann Vaughn, Eva Jo Wheeler, Don White, Suzanne Zwayer. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Larry Todd, President: Edna Troyer. Treasurer: Larry Brown, Vice-Prexirlwntg Susan Spencer, Secretary. The Sophomore Class began the year with an enrollment of 68 students. We have lost only two, ,Ioan and Particia Vvoodward, who moved to North Carolina. The class sponsored the ulvy League Bop" after the Crestline basketball game. December 7. The class held a bake sale in January. We also sold pom-poms at the football games. The class was very happy to have Bennie Kline eleeted as one of the Reserve Cheerleaders. A vote of appreciation ,goes to our advisors. Mrs. Wielanmi and Mr. Marty, for all their help and guidance during the past year. SOPHOMORE CLASS Row One: David Alkire, Patsy Arnold, Lonnie Ashbrook, Susan Asman, Bruce Beard, Beverly Bennett. Row Two: Robert Berz, Bruce Blarner, Larry Brown, Ricky Callahan, Harrierte Campbell, Richard Cecketti. Row Three: Jerry Colvin, Lorraine Compton, Larry Crouse, Susan Cyphers, Barbara Drown, Sue Fisher. Row Four: Harold Fraizer, Dan Fricke, Betty Fritz, Steve Gerhardt, Tom Harden, Darlene Higgins. Row Five: Ruth High, Janice Hobson, Molli Holden, Marie Hubbard, Jeanne Hull, Roy johnson. Row Six: Bennie Kline, Mildred Landon, Marilyn Linder, Susan Logan, Ted Martin, Nancy McCarty. Row Seven: Don McKirgan, John Miller, Ivan Neptune, Faye Overbee, jean Ott, jo Ann Parkinson. Row Eighl: Gene Piart, Ronald Piatr, Pauline Poister, Sara Powell, Donna Rathburn, Jane Rathburn. Row Nine: Sally Rhodebeck, George Shade. David Shaffer, Barbara Smith, Sandy Soulier, Susan Spencer. Row Ten: Ellen Tharp, Larry Todd, Edna Troyer, Lois Walter, Richard West, Larry Williams. Rou' Elerenz Charlotte Wiseman, Ioan Wooii- Ward, Patricia Woodvsfard, Marilyn Young, Dottie Zimmerman. ge ,. . ,E ff K , .W 3 .1 BM ali FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Dennis Blose, Presidentg Maxine Nixon, Vice-Presidentg Darlene Osborne, Secrelaryg James Wheeler, Treasurer. The Freshman Class began the year with 68 students. We are glad to welcome Karan Crokie, Joyce Ramey, Earl Calbert and Jim Hill to the Class of 760. The Class sponsored the 6'Frosh Hopv after the Big Walnut game, on January ll, 1957. The two student council members for the year were Barbara Behen and Jim Rutherford. We are proud of having Nancy Wones being elected Reserve Cheerleader. We would like to give a vote of thanks to our advisors Mrs. Bowen and Mrs. Gearhardt. FRESHMAN CLASS Ron' Ofze: Linda Andrews, Bonnie Baldwin, john Baldwin, Donald Beard- sley, Barbara Behen, Harry Bishop, Denny Blose. Razz' Tzroz Sandra Brown, Ronnie Cal- lahan, Robert Campbell, Warren Campbell, Carol Cecketri, Holly Coon- ley, john Cooper. Ron' Three: Hazel Crammer, Sandra Cyphers, Tom Dalrymple, Genevieve Davis, Maxine Davis, George Dunbar, Leslie Dupler. Ron' Font: Susan Galleher, Tom Geyer, George Halbert, Lucinda Hardin, Donna Hecht. Karon Hildebrand. jack Holden. Row Five: Evelyn Hull, Ronnie Irons, Janet jackson, Ed Kimmey, Steve Lee, Roderick Lyons, Larry Marsh. Ron' Six: Judy McAnall, Jerry Mc- Clain, Sharon McManis, Dick Miller, Susan Mosier, Sharon Newson, Maxine Nixon. Row Seven: Darlene Osborne, John Peterson, Andy Radel, Rita Rexford, jim Rutherford, Patty Sautter. Jose- phine Sears. -Ron' Eighlc jane Sears, Eugene Schorr, Liberty Shade, Sherry Shaffer, Larry Shepard, Marilyn Smith, Arlen Smith. Razz' Nine: Charles Spriggs, Carolyn Sprinkle, Nancy Squires, Carol Staats, Pat Staup, Dorothy Styer, Jerry Sweeney. Ron' Ten: Lanny Van Houten, James Wheeler, Robert Williams, Nancy Wones. EIGHTH GRADE Row One: Judy Rinehart, Sharon Casto, Shirley Wheeler, Jack Weller, Judith Rathburn, Rebecca McPeek, Margaret White, Sandra Brown, Penny McLain, Bruce McKirgan, Samuel Hindman. Rout' Two: Nancy Breese, Shirley Pollard, Frances Staley, Sharon DeMuth, Robert Bates, Charles Birdson, David Reed, Betty Soulier, Rose Zimmerman, Dan Synder. R010 Three: Rebecca Frayer, Connie Price, Mike Zwayer, Larry Kelly, Bill Fath, Gary Neptune, Patricia Clapper, Jean Martin, Patty Haynie, Nada Powers. Row Four: Roger Beck, Charles Fairchild, Charles Brown, Dennis Rawls, Keith Jennings, John Wolfinger, Gaye Stanley, Sandra Shaffer. R011 Owe: Kim Dupler, Morris Gatchall. James McNeil, Richard Zinn, David Troyer, Tim Sharrock, Evertt Lyons, James Davis, Gloria Dalyrmple, Ronnie Anderson. Row T11'0: Mary Geyer, Diana Cooper, Evelyn Campbell, Diane Keeran, Karen Hecht, Betty McPeek, Freda Davis, Mary Unartel, Carol Gray, Larry Casto, Ron' Three: Dale Vipperman, Gary Dilsavet, Jack Gerhardt, Elton Burns, Gerald McPeek, Dwight High, Leroy Walter, Spencer Harden, Penny Strait, Helen Styer. Row Four: Gene Oldaker, Lloyd Lemley, George Todd, Donald Staley, David Houston, Mary Crarnmer, Martin McHugh, Gary Bayer. SEVENTH GRADE Row One: Joe Lancaster, Bill Wieland, Ned Goff, Don Foos. Lee Hunt, Kenny Kehrweclter. Jack Gruber, Dennis Shipman, Ronnie Bader. James Lutz, Sue Cooper, Ron' Tun: Steve Fisher, Dick Casto, Mary Ellen Nixon, Bonnie Pfeifer, Mary Staup, Patricia Popp, Jean Layman, Gary Shire, James Callahan, Lanny Price. R010 Three: Bill Osborne, Dale Gattshall, John Troyer, Don White, Martha Hildebrand, Ilene Staats, Mary Levings. Phyliss Thoman, Marsha Spriggs, Sharon Casteel. Row Four: Glenn Dooley, Jeff Landon, Nancy Schrader, Nancy Dowalter, Harley Hill, Troy Smith, Jerry Sears, Kenny Staley, Jack Hull. Row One: Charlotte Weaver, Joan McKirgan, Candy Finley, Patricia McHugh, Judy Branaman. Patricia Fath, Betty Peterson, Terry Van Houten, Torrey Griffity, Opan Alkire, Flenor Havnie, Jerry Newman. Row Two: Mariory Sears, Sue Tennant, Sharon Courtney, Bill Heimlich, Mary Sprankle, Holly Long, Bonne Holden, Bonita Griggs, Sue Dunbar, Gene Fissel, Patricia Geyer. Row Three: Judy Logan, Patricia Blose, John Wagner, Bonnie Jackson, Linda Shuherlc, Karen Osborne, Janet Naylor, Carol Schotr, Della Early, Mark Peterson. 'B 1 S 5 5 I 3 5 f 2 3 5 S ff Z 3 5 U 5 5 E Y 5 Q Fi S f A WINTER . . . and with it mines the ice and wait for. It means that ice skating hack for another season, and that we our Winter clothes. snow that so many and sled riding are will have to get out NVQ remember this winter hecause liasketlwall season liegins . . . the tlevorating of the st-lwnl lur the Christ- mas hnlirlays . . . hearing the choir preparing for their Christmas concert the high scliuul Clll'iSllIl2lS party in the gym . . . the days of jny when there was no school hecause of tim much ict: and snow . . . the S'Downbeats" striking up anuther favorite tune . . . and practically the whole student lwdy as they yelled in unisnn at one of the pep rallies just hefure an exciting tournamt-nt game . . . the Seniors passing out name 0arcls.and pictures . . . the March of Dimes dances . . . and the Juniors rehearsing for their class play "Let's Face ltl Yes. we rcmetnlier this winter fur the many activities we attended. Ranny Beard Center, 6'3', . r F Bob ZWSYC6, Cfank Handle vmsny BASKETBALL '56-'57 Jim Rengeff Bill Hoffmire Guard, 6, Forward, 6'2,' Denny Blose Center, 6 3 Back 'Lwaviet GLarry Wood Guafd' 6 UW- 5'11'- VARSITY BASKETBALL '56-'57 Larry Meckley Galen Hohrey Bob Blnse Guard 5,H,, Guard, 5'11" Guard, 5 11 BASKETBA L VARSITY Cardington Galion Crestline Edison M. St. Mary Sulphur Springs Cardington Iberia Big Walnut Richwood Johnsville Prospect Elm Valley Olentangy Fredericktown Scioto Valley M. St, Mary Lexington Marysville ll desire and effort could have lieen the substitute for experience, we would have had a winning season. However, with no varsity lettermen returning the season7s record of 5 wins and 14 losses proved to he rather dismal. On the other hand with a reserve team comprised wholly of Freshmen and Sophomores com- pleting the season with 14 wins against 4 defeats, the future looks brighter. The highlight of the season was Hanny Beard setting a record on the local court hy scoring 34 points against lheria. WE 45 37 55 53 46 47 49 77 68 79 79 57 54 44 50 36 54 48 56 THEY 42 50 78 59 54 97 67 52 76 66 3 1 65 51 65 63 57 55 61 68 RESERVE BASKETBALL Ex wig -x wg , 15 ',f!::: f 'gal-54 -- I 'I E ' - 74 9 91 .ff 6 X' , .' Ns I f x 5 J' Cardington Galion Crestline Edison M. St. Mary Sulphur Sprin Cardington Iberia Big Walnut Richwoocl ,lohnsville Prospect Elm Valley Olentangy Fredericktown Scioto Valley M. St. Mary Lexington QS WE 53 37 38 40 47 37 49 47 37 48 49 37 45 48 40 41 35 38 THEY 37 50 43 34 24 34 47 28 19 58 30 27 38 42 46 30 27 36 Standing, Left to Right: Jerry Sweeney, Richard Miller, Ronnie Callahan. Bruce Beard. .lim Rutherford, Harold Fraizer, Larry Brown, Denny Blose, George Shade. Tom Harden, Roy Johnson, Larry Todd, Ed Alkire, .lohn Miller, Herb Campbell. Kneeling: Mr. Walls, coach: David Shaffer, manager. , lla IUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Svarvrl. Left to Right: Sammy Hindman. .loe Lanvast . J 'k W ll er an e er. Lee Hunt. Donald Foes. virl Reed. Max Decker, .lack Hull, Nlurris llattsliall, Cfliarles IIITIISUIIQ. Bill Fatli, Jack Cerharcll. Sermzfl Rout Mr. West. Gary Neptune. Dennis, Rawls. Keith Jennings. Roger liefk. Donald Staley, Harley H'll, Ch l s F Danny Snyder. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL 1 are aircliild, Charles llrosxn. .Xlartin Xlvllngli. Xlilie Zwayer. First Row: Tim Sharrock. .lim McNeil. Sam Hinclman, ,lack Weller. Bruce MCKirgan. Larry Casio, Morris Cartslmll, Larry Kelly, Clxzlrles llirrlsmmu. Carv Buyer. Svmnzf Row: Hr. Wlest, Gary Neptune. Dennis Rawls. Cliufk Brown, Charlesili'ail'Cliild. lilonalcl Staley. Keith Jennings. M' ' Xl ff ' 7 ' ' ' ' ' artin cHu,l1. Bill lalh. Mike Zvwayer. Danny Snyder. 50 all Q Qian 1145 IUNIOR CLASS PLAY T' Sitting: Cynthia ,Io lngmire, Terry Hunt, Eva ,Io Wheeler, Sally Arnold, Mary Linda Gillfilan, Sherry Mettler. Standing: Marlene Belt. Roxanne Finley, ,lim Geyer, Linda Spriggs, Patricia Mathews, Frank Bendle, Jack Barrett, Bob Richardson, Gary Link. nLET'S FAC: l1'!' ' CAST Father Carr -- ------- ..,,..,. Jim Geyer Mother Carr --- ,.v, Linda Spriggs Carol Ruth Carr - ---Patricia Mathews George Carr --- -.- a.a,a. Frank Bendle Laine Carr ..,. - ,.,, Mary Linda Gillfilan Aunt Lucinda --- .a,.Y Cynthia JO Ingmire Dicky Turner -- Don Drennen ---- Caswell Drennen Janet Roden - -- Mrs. McDuffy --- M r. Yates ..,.. Mickey Strong -- Liz Estes ----- ---------Gary Lmk -----Jack Barrett -----Terry Hunt ----Sherry Mettler ----Sally Arnold ---Bob Richardson ----Roxanne Finley ----Marlene Belt The Carr,s family attempt to spend Aunt Lucindais reported inheritance supplies the plot for 'cLet's Face lt? By the time it is found that the report is false and no inheritance is forthcom- ing, the Carr's have gotten on their own two feetg so all ends happily. CONCERT BAND Row One: Mary Cvilfillan, Suzan Arnold. Linda Spriggs, Marilyn Young, Susan Asman, Harriette Campbell, Logan. Row Two: Janice Shaw, Susan Mosier, Hobson, Janet Jackson, Lucinda Hardin, Bob Lonnie Ashbrook, Sandra Soulier, Susan Gallagher, Wheeler, Shirley Client. Marie Hubbard, Marcelle Cynthia ,Io lnginire. Row Three: Lois Walter, Alkire, Beverly Brown. Anthony Radel, lvarren bell, Linda Andrews, Rita Rexford. Donna Ra Bill Hoffniire, Bob Sipes, Harold Frazier. Sue Our Director Letitia Finley. Jim Rutherford, Larry Marsh, Paul Susan Stewart, Bob Betz, Sally Rhodebeck, Nancy Chubb, Pat Janice Sautter. Row Four: .lohn Baldwin, Pat Mathews, Pauline Blose, Poister, Bruce Campbell. Jerry Sweeney. Lanny Van Eva Jo Houten, Denny Ulose, Nancy Jolley, Benny Kline, ,lim Harris, llengert. Row Fizfez Roxanne Finley, Sherry Mettler, David .lane Hathburn, David Shaffer, Keith Conklin. Douglas Camp- Rogers, Director 0. F. Beck, Jr.. Nlgrs.. Eugene St-horr. Ihltllfn, Charles Fairchild, Charles Brown. Dan Snyder. Fisher. The Mt. Gilead High School band had another suc- cessful year. The marching band prepared and enjoyed giving the band shows at the football games. ln October we went to Wooster' College to participate in the Parade of Bands. The end of the marching season brought the concert season and the contests. The band received an excellent rating at the District Contest in Newark. Several mem- bers of the band participated in the ensemble contests. The flute trio and trombone quartet received I ratings in the district and II and lll ratings respectively in the state. Our concert, Hlnstrumental Capers of '57, was pre- sented in March. The high point of the year was the an- nual Formal Spring Concert presented in May. The officers for the year were: Doug Rogers. presi dentg ,lim llengert, vice-presidcntg and Janice Shaw. sec retary. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Firsl Ron,-: Diana Carver. Darlene Osborne. Nancy Wlones. Patricia lrlowartl. llarilyn Linrlner, Nlarlene Belt. Sue Rinvhart. Sue Casio Vaughan. Ellen Tharp. Susan Spencer, liettie Nlarlin. Sandra Soulier. Arf'on1.g llarliara Belien. Carolyn Sprinkle. Maxine Nixon. llecky Halbert. Mr. lleck. SFVOIIIZ Rami: Sharon Marlin, Sharon Cates. Susan Cieger. Sara Powell. Richard Ceckitti. Holly Coon- ley. Larry Harsh, lllolli Holrlen. .lane Rathlmurn. Fyelyn The A Cappella Choir started off the year with 50 memhers. For activities, we hafl a Christmas Concert ancl aftcrwarfls a clance. ln March, we went to Newark for the annual district contest in which we received a second as our rating. We had a Spring Formal Concert in May and afterwards a formal dance. Vile also have sung for all school religious programs. Our officers are: Presiflent, Larry Woocl: Vice - President, Don Baderg Secretary, Sue Vaughang and Treasurer, Frank Benflle. Hull. Barlmara Cliilcote. Rolmert Wlilliains. Karan llilde- lirantl. Lilierty Sharie, Donna Hecht. Tliirrl Row: Carol Staats. Larry Crouse. Cary Marilyn Young. Jeanne Hull, Sherry Shaffer. Lelilia Finley. Frank llenclle. Larry Nvooci, llan Frivke, llennis Huston. lim Rutherfortl. Charlotte Wiseman. Priscilla Smith. .lean Ott. Larry Meckley, Don Bader, Terry Hunt. lim Geyer. SPRING FORMAL CONCERT "THE DOWN BEATS" Row One: Doug Rogers, Marcella Harris, Cynthia ,Io lngmire, Nancy Chubb, Sally Rhodebeck, Bob lietz, Janice Shaw. Raw Two: Bruce Carnpln-ll. Mr. Beck, ,lim Rengert, Denny Blose, Paul Stewart, Boll Blose, Bill Hoffmire, Bull Sipes. MAIORETTES Linda Spriggs, Marilyn Bartley, Bennie Kline, Pauline Puister, Susan Asman IUNIOR HIGH BAND Seated, Left to Right: Charles Brown, Nada Powers, Shirley Wheeler, Judy Rathhurn, Louise Sipes. Patty Perry. Keith Earley, Sandra Levering, Connie Gray. Char- lotte Weaver, Judy Orsborn, Margaret Kirnrney. Second Row: Danny Snyder, Bonita Griggs, Candy Finley, Joan McKirgan, Marge Heacock, Patty Fath, Sue Dunhar, Sharon Courtney, Rebecca Hubbard, Becky McPeek, Patty Clapper, Charles Birdsong. Judy Logan. Shirley Pollard, Janet Naylor, Rosalyn Fraizer, Linda Shuerk. Third Row: Roger Birdsong, Timmy Marsh. Eddie Vaughn, Robert Bates, John- Wolfinger. John Wagner, Charles Fairchild, Della Earley, Mark Ault. Carol Schorr, Sandra Brown. Terry Van Houten. Peterson. .lean Jerry Ashbrook. IUNIOR HIGH CHOIR Sealed, Left to Right: Eleanor Haynie. Torry Griffith, Betty Peterson. Penny McClain, Patty Fath, Opal Alkire, Bruce Mcliirgan, Bill Heirnlich. Sam Hindman. David Williams. Margaret White, Joan Mcliirgan, Becky Mc- Peek. Second Row: Mr, Beck, Judy Branarnan, Char- lotte Weaver, Sharon Courtney. Pat Geyer, Sue Tennant, Della Harley. Gene Fissell. Charles Birdsong, Larry Kelly, David Reed, Mark Peterson, Judy Rathbum, Rosie Zim- merman. Bonita Griggs, Marjorie Sears, Sharon Demuth, Jean Martin, Candy Finley. Third Row: Patty Haynie, Bonnie Holden, Sue Dunlwar, Linda Shuerk, Bonnie Jack- son, Bill Fath, Gary Neptune. Judy Rinehart. Betty Soulier, Karen Osborn, Shirley Wheeler, Sharon Cast, Janet Naylor, Patty Perry, Pat Clapper, Nada Powers, Pat McHugh. Fourth Row: Linda Stewart, Connie Price, Sandra Shaffer. Gaye Stanley, Pat Blose. Dennis Rawls, Charles Brown, Keith Jennings, Roger Beck, Charles Fair- child, Susan Logan, Linda Newhon, Becky Frayer. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Barbara Behen. Terry Hunt, Joyce Zinn. Larry Wood. Don Bader. Diana Carver. Roh Richardson. Jane Rathhurn. Slurzflingz Patty Popp. ,lean Xlartin. Hoy Johnson. Jini Ruther- ford, Judy Rinehart, Jerry Newman. The officers of the Student Council for the school year of 1956-57 nc-re: Don Bader, Presidentg Larry Wocud, Vice-President: Diana Carver. Secretaryg and Joyce Zinn, Treasurer. The activities of the school which were sponsored by the Student Council in- clude the pep rallies, assembly programs, the annual Christmas Party, the Home- coming Festivities, and the ulylarch of Dimesw Dance. The Student Council also sponsored two cheerleaders and their advisor to go to a cheerleading clinic in Columbus. Every year the Student Council tries to take on more responsibilities and activities to better our school. OFFICE HELP M-A9 Seaffd: Mr. Nicholson. Stfzmzlifzg, Left I0 Riglofz Mary Ann Vaughn, Suzanne Zxxaycr, Sally Arnold, Mary Linda Gilfillnn, Linda Spriggs. Susan Geiger, Molli Holden, Lois Wfrilrer, Gwen Wright, Gracy Hinrlman, Sue Rinehart. LIBRARIANS Swllwfi Shirley Ghent, Ann Bavis, Sll7Llfl Arnolil, Marlene Belt, Marcella llgirris. Alzmc Arnolil Donna Rathburn, Susan Lourin. Slfzrzffiffgi Nancy McCarty, R'fl'f'CC21 Hallwcrr. lfarilyn Young Janice Hobson, Filna Troyer, Susan Gallagher, Srmily Soulicr. Joyce Zinn. Y-TEENS Sl'!I!t'1l, lm!! to Righl: Susan Geiger. Sharon Cates. Mary .Nun Vaughn. .lattice Shaw. lliatla Carver. Sue- Rinehart, Pat Nlatln.-ws. Em Jo Nxlieeler. Patsy Arnold. Mollie Holden. Nlarleue llelt. Marilyn l.intler. Svmlifl Row: lletty lfritz. Harriette Campbell. Dottie- Zimmerman, Sue Casio, Sharon Xlartin. Susan Spenser. Sara Powell, Roxanne Finley. Nlarcelle Harris. .lanice Zimmerman. Donna Ratlilmurn. Sandra Soulier, .lane Rathburn. Mrs. Zn-igler. Tlzirri Row: ,lane Arnold. Linda Spriggs, N0-ff lo New Yorlrfw Standing, Left to Righl: ,Ianice Shaw. ,Ianice Stanley. Rebecca Halbert, Susan Geiger. Cynthia lngmire, Susan Asinan, llwen Wright. Suzan Arnold, Suzanne Zwayer. Sally Arnold. Mary Linda Gil- fillan. Sally Hliocleliecli. .lanice Hobson. Lois fvalter. Peggy Fisher, Susan Logan. Rebecca Halbert. Fnurtlz Row: Nancy McCarty. Susan Cyphers. Charlotte VVisc- man. Janice Stanley. Nancy Jolley. ,Ioan Parlfison. Jeanne Hull. Marilyn Hartley. Jeannette Wigton, Pauline Poister. Priscilla Smith, Marie Hubbard. ,lean Ott. Sherry Mettler. Sally Dunbar. The Y-Teens during the year of 1956-57 did a number of things. The first and perhaps the biggest project we did was to sponsor four girls to go on the Y-Teen United Nations Study Trip to New York. We also contributed S10 to the World Fellowship Fund. The Y-Teens and H1 Y sponsored a dance which was successful. Among the other projects which we did were: a Bake Sale, a Pennant Sale-and We took part in the Mental Health Drive. W would like to thank ou'r advisor, Mrs. Zeigler, for the help and guidance she gave us during the year. HI- Row One: Warren Campbell, Richard Cecketti, Lonnie Ashbrook, Ken Heirnlich. Richard Miller, Don Bader, Terry Hunt, Jim Haserodt, John Baldwin, Tom Geyer, Lanny Van Houten, Jerry Sweeney. Row Two: George Dunbar. Jack Holden, Jamy Wheeler, Ronnie Callahan, David Alkire, Bruce Beard, Jim Geyer, Jim Rutherford, Frank Bendle, Eugene Schorr, Bennie Kline, Mr. Canterbury. Row Three: Burce Campbell, Don White, Larry Wvood, Larry Brown, Roy Johnson, Ranny Beard, Denny Blose, Bob Zwayer, Bob Rishardson, Bob Blose, David Shaffer, Bob Betz. ' L' I The Hi-Y started this year with the initiation of the new mem- bers. We have attended District meetings and had an outing at Mohican Slate Park. We also sponsored a dance and the High School Easter Assembly. Our service project this year was helping collect funds for the Mental Health Drive. Under our new advisor, Mr. Robert Canterbury, we had zi very successful year. Our officers isere: President, Don Bader: Vice-President. Ricliarfl Miller: Secretary. Terry Hunt: and 'llreasureix Jim Haserodt. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Seated, Left Io Right: Joyce Bamey, Peggy Jenne. Charlotte Wiseman, Nancy Jolley, Ruth High, Barbara Smith, Betty Fritz, Crave Hinclman. Lois Wlalter. Ann Davis, 'llarilyn Smith. Seconrl Row: Gwen Wright. Nancy Chubb, Leslie Dupler, Darlene Osborne. Sharon Newsom. Nlarjory Bears. Dorothy Btyer. Mary Barney. Bettie Nlartin, Janice Zimmerman. Ellen Tharp, Dottie Q LEEN AND ATTEN DANTS Zimmcrnian. Patty Howard. Vonnie Kisor. Maxine Daxis Josephine Sears. Patty Stamp. Evelyn Boyle. Mr. Bowen. Azfzisor. Third Row: Jean Detwiler. Linda Hirks. Jean- nette Wigton. Barbara Chilcote. Peggy Fisher. Karen Hildebrand. Judy McAnall, Sharon Mclllanus. Fanrlra Callahan. Nlavine Nixon. Jean Ott. Edna 'l'royer. Norma Martin, Jeannette Sears, Sue Fisher. The members of the El-l.A. were very busy this year. We helped start a new club at Edison, ave our annual Parent and Daughter Banquet at which We crowned Lois Walter, Queen, with Craey llindman, Betty Fritz, Nancy Jolley, and Gwen Vlfright as attendants. We sponsored a dance after a basketball game, a square dance at the fairgrounds, and a Hobo Day. Our club was given the Award of Merit at the State E.H.A. Convention. We would like to give a vote of thanks to our officers and Mrs. Bowen, our advisor. a FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row. Earl Calbert, Bob Jackson, Sentimflg Galen Holtrey, Reporter: Carl Smith, Treas- urerg ,lim Rengert, Vice-Presifientg Roger McNamee, Prvsidentg Ken Hull. Sf-frvlrzry: Rob Zwayer, Student Advisorg Dick Zwayer, Larry Meckley, ,lohn Cooper. Sw-and Row: Lonnie Ashbrook, Don McKirgan, Gene Piatt, Ronnie Irons. Eugene McHugh. Larry Price. Richard Miller, Richard West, Roderick Lyons, Don Gattshall. ,lim Campbell, Mr. Beard. Third Row: Harry Bishop, Eddie Kimmey, Arlan Smith, Ronald McPeek. Howard Lyons. Ronald Piatt, George Shade, Gerald Holtrey, David Vipperman, Ed Bennet. There are thirty-three members in the EEA. this year, and We carried out quite a list of activities. A proportion of these were our Parent and Son Banquet, sponsoring a dance, a window display and attending the Sally Flowers Show during F.F.A. Week, an assembly for the student body, and taking a trip to the lnternational Livestock Show at Chicago. The various contests we entered: First over eight teams in Morrow County Co-op Quizg silver award in the District Public Speaking Conteslg gold award in State . Chapter Contest: first in the District Sheep judging Con- test over sixteen teams. OUR NEW FARM SHOP l l I G.A.A. Seated on Floor: Sharon Gates, Nancy Wones, Pat Mathews, Peggy Jenne, Darlene Osborne, Patrica Howard. R011 Owe: Eva Jo Wheeler, Jo Ann Parkinson, Jean Hull. Patsy Arnold, Mary Ann Vaughn. Sally Dunbar, Janice Hobson, Betty Martin, Carolyn Sprinkle, Maxine Nixon. Susan Logan. Ron Treo: Marlene Belt, Linda Andrews, Sharon Martin. Harriette Campbell, Dottie Zim- merman, Janice Shaw, Marcelle Harris, Roxanne Finley, Bonnie Baldwin, Carol Cecketti, Evelyn Hull, Susan Gal- lagher, Donna Rathburn, Sandy Soulier, Jane Arnold, Jane Rathburn, Lucinda Hardin, Mrs. Clingo. Ron' T171-ee: Linda Spriggs, Cynthia Jo Ingmire. Susan Asman, Sally Rhodebeck, Judy McAnall, Sharon McManis, Suzan Arnold, Suzanne Zwayer, Sally Arnold, Mary Linda Gil- fillan, Patty Sue Sautter, Beyerly Brown. Holly Coonley, Liberty Shade, Donna Hecht. Nancy Chubb. Ron fwfr: Jean Detwiler, Linda Hicks, Norma Martin, Susan Cyphers, Jeannette Wigton. Nancy Jolley, Barbara Behen, Letitia Finley, Sherry Shaffer, Pauline Poister, Rita Rexford, Sherry Mettler, Priscilla Smith, Marie Hubbard, Jean Ott, Sandra Cyphers, Janet Jackson. Ron' One: Sue Cooper? Betty Peterson, Fleanor Haynie, Becky McPeek, Sandra Shaffer, Sharon Cristo, Patty Clap- per, Patty Fath, Torrey Griffith. Jill Wilsruii, Patty Mc- Hugh. Ron' Two: Candy Finley, Sue Tennant, Patty Geyer, Joan McKirgan, Sharon Courtney, Mary Nixon, Jean Layman, Bonnie Pfieffer, Rosie Zimmerman, Judy Rathburn, Sandra Brown, Carol Schorr, Margaret White, Charlotte Weaver, Patty Popp, Della Early. Janet Naylor, Ron' Three: Bonita Griggs, Sue Dunbar, Bonnie Holden, Karen Hecht, Marsha Spriugs, Shirley Wlieeler, Phyllis Thornan, Judy Rinehart, Betty Soulier, Martha Hildebrand, Nancy Dowalter, Shirley Pollard, Nancy Breese, Nada Powers, Karen Osborn, Ron Fam-1 Sharon DeMuth. Becky Frayer, Bonnie Jackson, Patty Haynie, Connie Price, Linda Newhon, Rita Kay Ott, Judy Logan, Patty Blose, Jean Martin, Linda Shuherk. V.A.C. Row One: Marion Newman, Bruce Campbell, Roger Price, Bill Hoffmire, Harold Phillbrook, Larry Weaver, Larry Crouse, Don White, Jim Haserodt. Razz' Tivo: Frank Bendle, Keith Conklin, Larry Wood, Bob Blose, Kenneth Heimlich, Bob Richardson, Terry Hunt, Jim Geyer, Richard Miller, Mr. Marry. Row Three: Don Bader, Larry Meckley, Larry Brown, Roy johnson, Bob Zwayer, Dick Zwayer, Jack Barrett. F.T.A. Row One: Peg jenne, Rebecca Halbert, Joyce Zinn, Sally Arnold, Susan Logan, Gwen Wright, Sandra Soulier, Donna Rathburn, Ron' Two: Mr. Furniss, Diana Garvcr, Sue Rinehart, Suzanne Zwayer, Nancy McCarty, Cynthia Ingmire, Shirley Ghent, Molli Holden, Richard Camnbell. I ..-. W .vi W mx W, .., . ,,.M.W , ...,.......v...f,....... ,-...N..f......x.M..., W Mvkt ,....M-..-- .N-A... ,,,, M 1 1.-Q..--1. A,.u-w1M- ,W A nm-Aww-mym--, SPRING . . . . . . and with it, green returns once more to the earth. Warm, sunshiny days find more and more students strolling arm in arm or sitting on the lawng idly gos- siping during the noon hour. Jumping ropes and playing marbles are once more in style with the grade students, and baseball games become a common sight on the football field. Gym class - ah f to get out of that stuffy old school for forty-five whole minutes. Remember . . . the F.F.A. and F.H.A. banquet . . . the baseball, track, and golf team practicing in the warm sun . . . the Seniors' terrifying mystery, uThis Night Beware" . . . the last minute preparations for the prom . . . the spring formal music concert . . . the teachers giving more homework in order to complete the books, and the students doing more day-dreaming . . . the time when the Seniors will last be seen togetherg when a bid of farewell will be given to them for a happy future. School is over now, and we look back to the past year and recall the wonderful times we had, and the success which we achieved. BASEBALL TEAM First Row: John Miller, Keith Conklin, Dick Zwayer, Richard Miller, Denny Blose, Ranny Beard, Bob Zwayer, Larry Brown, Frank Bendle, Richard Campbell, Bob Fairchild. Second Row: Ivan Neptune, Bob Cooper, Lanny Van Houten, Larry Crouse, Bruce Beard, Dennis Housten, Bob Sipes, Richard Callahan, Tom Harden, jim Rutherford, Bob Williams, Lonnie Ashbrook, Richard Ceketti, Charlie Spriggs. They We Elm Valley 6 5 Big Walnut 8 9 Bellville 9 5 Edison 10 7 Edison 4 5 Cardington 6 22 District Game Granville 9 4 af Coach West r K . 'S' -fl X ' x ,'A'u First Row, Left to Right: Denny Blose. Keith Conklin, .lamey Wheeler. Ronnie Callahan, Jack Holden. Doug Rogers. Bob Blose, Eddie Nesbitt, Steve Lee, David Alkire, Harold Philhrook, Bennie Klint-. Fred Layman. Bob Sipes. Second Roux: David Shaffer. .llanrzgerg Morris Cattshall. Dan Snyder, ,lack Cerhardt, Martin McHugh. Bill Fath, Mike Zwayer. Cary Neptune, Larry Kelly, Dick Zwayer. Bruce Blamer, ,lack Barrett, Bob Zwayer, Don Bader, Charles Fairchild, Roger Beck, Dennis Rawls, Charles Brown, Cary Bayer, John Wolfinger, Charles Birdsong, .lack Weller, Eugene Schorr, WE Fredicktown Galion Bellville Marion St. Mary Mansfield Reserves Claridon Prospect Relays 3rd - District Meet 4th - 3rd Place in Mid-Ohio League THEY 54 74 81 55 81 26 Schools Schools Manager. TRACK . ,. : , Left to Right: Warren Campbell. Don White, Roy Johnson, Larry Meckley. Larry Weaver, Jerry Sweeney. GOLF WE THEY Shelby 414 11 Gallon 2 14 Shelby 0 16 Calion 4 4 Delaware 8 0 ,ft ,1- Hr SENIOR CLASS PLAY ou' Ulm: Susan Geiger. Crave Himllmin. lliaum liLll'Yt'l'. Run' Tim: Nlrf, l,utl1er Asllliill l1l'ff'I'IOV', Rebecca Halbert, lfwemlnlyri Wright. Sue Hinelxart. Ninn-5 Jolley. Nlrs. Huy Julius ull. irvrtor. Row Tlzrefz Ronald WICPeek. ,lim Julmnaim, Hzmalcl lleurml. .lim Hengert. Paul Ftvwurt. "rms NIGHT BEWARE!" Jim Rvugf-rt Sue Rixisrllarl Paul Stewart Y Nam-5 ,lullvy Cm-ri Xvriglit , Susan Gvigvr l Ranalfl lif?ill"l Diana Carxf-r Jim ,Iulmsfm Gravy llimlmam Ronald Nl:-l'c-ek , D011 llaflvr Relwr-ca llallwrt THE CAST ,W Tod Miller Y Martha Hawk Francis Mallory ,,Velma Rayne ,,Maclame Zora Sukey Simmons ,Lazarus Jones Nam Czu'le1'et ,Hugh Slzmton Harriet llnlc-lmlxiss Tlmimy Nlvziclfms Xlam lllzlir Sluflvul lllI'l'l'lHI' MEMORIES ARE Mm: or THIS! 5 f ypwmw ? fair' A-'gawk ? ,Q PE? K' , was . Q ei W 'Q-355 ,W ',f,my1 ,V- as f 3' L 5 S lf? 14 Y .av 2 .gf ft 1 E :K 5 :W W if , W X 2 4 ,Q Hg 3,3 . , R 2 3 kwa 'gf Q, 3 Q i wg in 3 Q, 2 H T 3 fx .N V' Q? is 1, ffl ,Q if , 1 Q. 2 2 fl Q Y 3 L 4 Si 3 gf' xgg, ,, v M Me!! R 3 li L ,Q T 'six L S Ni' ,, 1, semi rf 57, gg V- . I, K, SIXTH GRADE Ron' OW: Gary Staats. Billy Reed. Roger Birtlsone. Donna Fverett, Gary Rizor, Davy Decker Dennis Tharp. Jerry Ashbrook, Bobby Cook. Linila Conkel. Mary Howard. Ron' 'Trim Mrs. Richartlson, Sandra Rhodebeck, Glenna Staley. Carol Lee. Snyanne Ratlel, ,lane Hunt. Linda Fnrniss, Robert Wilsiun, Sharon Curl. Mrs. Potter. Ron Tlmft: llarry Platt, Robert Patten, Kenneth Foos, Phil Gomhpf, -lack Colvin, Merrill Gilfillan. Tim Marsh, Linila Smith, Donna Sharie. Ron Fmfri -lohn Levings. Jimmy Strait. ,lutly Osborn. Charlotte Beard. Karen Hays. ,lante Martin, Lynn McCQlellantl, Sharon Price. R011 Om: Larry llartlen, Ronda Rathburn. ,lnlia Frazier, Keith Farley. ,lntly Ault. -lean Ault, Maruaret Kirnmey, Margie Heaeoek, Daviil Nicholson. Richartl Davis, Lintla Conkle. Linda Lutz. Ron Trio: Mrs. Johnson. ,lohn Petrie, Louise Sipes, Marian Sonlier, Alohn Rexforil. Sisney Pinyeril, Donald McGee, Bonnie Brown, Tom Ansley, Connie Gray, Vern Thomas, Richartl Breese Ron' Tlvi-ce: Robert Trainer, Sam Srraley. Patti' Barrett, Carroll Sears, Berriatline Levings, Robert Gray, ,lohn Zilske, ,lntly Hull, Bonnie Dilsaver, Tim Gill, Robert Gerhartlt. FIFTH GRADE Ron' One. Lef! If: Rigby: jerry Corbin, Kenneth Snow. Roger Shepard. Richard DeBaun, Mike Casto, Sandra Casto, Karen Rizor, Marilee Upperman, Sara Calhoun, Debbie Asman. Ron' Tim: Mrs. Riel, jon Zwayer, Eugene Dooley, Keith Strait, George Bunker, Gary Lyons, Eugene Hollingsworth, Sharon Blockson, Sandra Levering. Terry Mcpeek. Razz' Three: Bonnie Bennett, Rheta Long. Barbara Jackson, Jackie Wiest, Barbara Bates, Susan Wertz, Tracy Landon, Konald Staiger, Max Heimlich, Mike Dalrymple. Ron' Four: Denny Gallagher, Walter Poetsch, Ricky Pinyerd. Floyd Troyer, Mike Rice, Sandra Ghent, Marsha Fate, Patty Perry. Ron' One. Left to Right: Mary Brown, Judy Strait, Jan Snyder, Kenneth Crouse, jane Birdsong, Pamela Geyer, james Rice, Robert Davis, Rosemary Campbell, Marjorie Andrews, David Spriggs. Ron' Two: Stanley Southard, Ronald Nixon, Barbara Richardson, Patty Clingo, Irene Beardsley, Mary Kerr, Anne Logan, Judy McHugh, Sue Stairs, Ruth Daniels. Rau' Three: Mrs. Burggraf, Lillian White, Karen Williams, Janet Ault, Jimmy Vail, Stephen Long, Dwight Kirk, Richard Smith, David Lester, Michael Trainer, Kenneth Gerhardt. Rout' Four: Larry Burns. Richard Higgins, Robert Fissell, Roger Craven, Eddie Lou Vaughan, Rebeca Hubbard, David McAnall, john Shade, Charlotte West. FOURTH GRADE First Rout June Porter, Linda Tierney, Pam Clap- per, Candace Casto, Gregg Strain, Judy Goff, Stanley Dumbaugh, John Reed, Barbara Cooper, Eddie Burns. Ricky Geyer, Beulah Lyons. Second Rolf: Mrs. Salyer, Bonnie Garverick, Jim Orsborn, Tim Smith, Tommy Benjamin, Bob Hershner, Sue Rice, Phil Shirk, Bruce Kelly, Jeffrey Mosier, Tommy Griffith, Tommy Conkle. Third Rout Linda Vipperman, Linda Kline, Mary Ann Detwiler, Darlene Smith, Jeffrey Logan, Jim Wolfinger, Richard Foltz. Kenny X5C"illiams, Charles Weaston, Karen Nesbitt, Sharon Brush. First Pow: Carol Gattshall, James Gray, Dana Heacockg Dennis Corwin, Linda Carpenter, Daniel Colwell, Marlene Halbert, Judy Long, James Peter- son, Judy Dalrymple, Ruth Van Buslcirk. Second Razr: Mrs. Peterson, Robert Fogle, Richard Bachelder, Stephan Riggs, Larry Furniss, Cheryl Gattshall, Richard Newman, Doris Chapman, Sherry Shelton, Michael MCCombs, Linda Baker. Third Rout David Skeeh, Patty Wyfrick, Kine Piercy, Leslie Coonley, David Hubbert, Terry Wigton, James Stanley, Bonnie Matson, Phil Lee, Pamela Strait. Fifxrf Rmr: Marlee Carmean, Cheryl Rice, Shirley Ratcliff, La Vonne Rutherford, David Laird, Charles Evert. Melissa Y!'eller, Phillip Halbert, Linda Conine, Barbara McKee, Danny Cook. Sammi Row: David Prayer, Nancy Prichard, Barbara Craven, Lee Wfayne McClelland, Dianne Truax, Jo Ellen Sterritt, Rich- ard Goff, Susan Alkire, Michael Bachelder, Tommy Holden. Tbfm' Ron: Richard Claar, Bobby Wertz, Dennis Sims, Carolyn Hull, Sammy Bigham, Michael Lancaster. Douglas Rensch, Edward Staats, Kathie Sue Gompf, Mary Susan Perry, Carolyn Lemley. THIRD GRADE Row One, Left to Right: jerry Christesen, Sandy Kubbs, Suzanne Piercy, James Smith, Barbara Logan, David Mor- gason, William Venger, Gerald Rawls, Brent Coleman, William Calhoun, Skippy Woodward. Rozz' Two: Mrs. Smith, Dickie Vail, Gary McClelland, Carol Shipman, Jill Matson, Carolyn Herron, William Griggs, Renee Sims, Stevie Benjamen, Nancy Bennett, Vicki Ashbrook. Row Three: Gary L. Sprigs, Cynthis Ward, Keith High, Marcia Clingo, Linda Ingmire, Jack Styer, Sharon Houser, Caroline Lentz, Herbert Hughes, Lynn Owens, Diana Covert. Ron' Fourz Iames Kimmey, Walter Saylor, Gary Kehrwecker, Larry Staup, Steven Phillips, Carol Thorton, james Weaston, Mary Fath, Mary Staley, James George. Rout One. Lefz to Right: David Warner, Elizabeth Mat- hews, Gary Nobel, Bill Brown, Mike Keil. Steve Hart, Leslie Chapman, Blair Strain, Clifton Sampson, Tommy Smith, Kathy Laird. Row Tivo: Mrs. Riley, Don Gor- don, Wayner Hollingsworth, Virgie Baldwen, Jane Styer, Connie Levering, Virgil Staley, Steve Owens, David Shade, Marie Lawyer, Linda Herron. Ron' Three: Virginia Coning, Mary Ann Slavik, Phil Courtney, Darlene Bunk- er, Eddie West, Terry Weber, Gary Chubb, Mike Levings, Linda Fritz, Kay Smith, Diane Nicholson. Row Four: Sharon Shire, Ellen Burson, Pam Blose, Mary Petrie, Sandra Toot, Roberta Crist, Mary ,Io Jagger, Betsy Wlones, Michael Price, Stephan Huston. SECOND GRADE Ron' One. Left to Right: Timothy Casto, Jimmy Keil, Nancy Hildebrand, Darlene Morgunson, Danny DeBaun, Marie Robinson, Christine Mosier, Sally Huston, Connie Morgan, Dennis Brocklesby, Carol Kimball. Roll' Tzroz Judy Badurina, Jerry Hart, Kenneth Smith, Steve Bender, Mike Pfeifer, Judy Hicks. Esther Densel, Helen Staup, John Zimmerman, David Gerhart. Razz' Three: Mrs. lr l L - 'T Rhodebeck, Gloria Conkle, Marilynne Hayes, Diane Rempage, Richard Troyer, Roger Staats, Billy Soulier, Debra Fate, Harold Baldwin, Alice Mosier, Charles Mosier, Raymond Barton, jerry McPeek. Ron' Four: Gary Craven, Loretta Ganson, Bonnie McClelland, Deborah Skeen, Mike Thompson, Billy Fogle, Kathleen Levings, Karen Smith, Frank Slavik, Darral Riffle. l Ron' Owe. Loi! In I-figlili ,lerry Haas, Vicki Chubb, Janet Hildebrand, Edna McHugh, Bonnie jo Coldwell, Cal Shirk, Larry Marty, Marilyn Bker, Diana Smite, Helen Farrington, Bobby Smith. Row Tivo: Leslie Bates, Lana Rae Blaney, Barbara Totr, Kay Tierney, Sharon Heacock, Rheda Kisor, jennifer Long, Bertha Saylor, Becky Holden, Mariann Ufferman, Gary Hobson. Ron' Tlvreez Michael Bupler, Bill Southard, Stene Brown, Vicki Smith, Theresa Fisher, Patricia Poetsch, Judith Rensch, Tamsen Dalrym- ple, lane Prichard, Tommy Trainer, Sharon Levings. Ron' Four: Charles Bragg, Mary Akers, james Williams, Donald Rice, Christina James, Billy McCreary, John Coning, James Taylor, ,ludith Jagger. FIRST GRADE Row One: Kathy Helman, Joe Ellen Carmean, Joyce Kehrwecker, Richard Gladden, Nancy Conkle, Cindy Warner, Tommy Farrington, Connie Shipman, Judy Lester, Jacqueline McPeek. Row Two: Mrs. Lepp, Terry Price, Gail Richardson, David Moody, Marcia Mt:Combs, John Shade, Darlene Barton, Richard Herron, Christine Smith, Sharon Patten. Row Three: Jimmie Lyon, Rhonda Rutherford, Timothy Clapper, Phillip Troyer, Linda Arnold, Donna Mc- Donald, Keith Kubic, Joan Frayer. Ron' One: Michael Randolph, Juanita Lyons, Jane Petrie, Janet Beeman, Kathy Stauffer, Timothy George, Gary Laska, Karen Wenger, Eileen Mor- gason, Diana Shaw. Ron' Two: Mrs. Rutherford, Carol Ann Corbin, Bryan Ullom, Bonnie Sue Ba- helder, Christopher Gompf, Tracy Smith, Keither Bachelder, Peggy George, Mary Beth McHugh, Connie Riffle. Razz' Three: Robert Crist, Bruce Phillips, Susan Mills, Cheryl Kriner, Sandra Mc- Cracken, Richard Matson, Janette Houser, Con- stance Shuherk, George Hildebrand. Ron' One: Michael Robinson, Joe Hamilton, Mary Katherine Jordan, Peggy McKee, Sandra Foster, Dana Noble, Julie Beth Coleman, Laura Lee Brown, Marilyn' Swisher, Judy Goff. Ron' Two' Mrs. Ward, Timmie Geyer, Richard Porter, Teresa Rizor, Carhie Prichard, Judith Simpson, Cathy Kubbs, Cathy McClelland, Shayne Edwards. Ron' Three: Michael Lepp, Roger Matrix, Patricia West, Sharon Sherbourne, Bruce Snow, Rita Levings, Michael Hord, Jane Logan, David Bennett. KINDERGARTEN Kinilergarten - A M Ron Owe. Left fo Riqlvf: Dorothy Mosier. leff Owens, Bruce Truax. Denise Trainer, Pnrtia Shirk, Mary Louise March, LeRoy Hollingsworth, Janice XWalsh. Ron' Tivo: Duane Williiinis, Chris Atlkins. Steve Xwartl, Mary Rice. Paula Strait, Charmaine Hayne. Kinny Akers, Billy Nlills. Run' Tlvree: Mrs. Showers, Davitl Barler, Tim Jackson, Earl llartlcn, Debby Wfeber, Don Chris- tensen, Vicki Bender, Don Breese. Kindergarten - PM Ron' One. Leff I0 Rishi: Russell Stauffer, Jeff Hecht, Richard Hubbard, Jerry Bailurina, Sally Tennant, Ruth Swisher, Barbara Goff, Linda Smith. Ron' Two: Barry Wcuiwtlvfartl, Ricki Stull, Gene Levings, Bouglas West, Sam Farison, Craig Weller, Cathy Rennabage. Ron' Three: Mrs. Showers, Kathy Trundle, Larry Trainer, Billy Bragg, Claudia Shealy, Marla Kelly, Kenny Fis- sell, Susan Carbenter. y R' Nz ""Y. ' , ' , ' , V Xa, - Ls, K M 553 4, .N , ,,?yyf4,,,l'f,' i 15 ,T f 4,w,,Uw 'K' " Y My Q Y ,M aw VL .4 3 ' ' wi 553 ,X 1. 5? 2 41 Vs i. - 'E' . Y 1 kkry 235,53 V.. I . V Q 'Y fb nv "Q 'dpi Am' www WILLIAM LEWIS HOFFMIRE 12 Years at Mt. Cileadq Foot- lmall Res. I. 2. Varsity 3. 4g Varsity Basketball 4: liantl I, 2. 3. -lg Dance Rand -lg Choir I. 2: Hi-Y 3. -lg VAC 3. 43 Scholar- ship Team 35 Class President 4g Nlizpall Staff 4 SLSAN JANE GEIGER I2 Years at Mt. Gilead: Class Secretary 4, Y-Teens 2. 3, 4, Y-Teen UN Study Trip 43 Choir I. 2, 4, Band I, 25 Stu- dent Council Ig Office Help 3. 45 Operetta 2, llizpali Staff 4. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Class Motto Enter to Learn Go Forth to Serve Class Colors Navy Blue and White Class Flowers Red Roses REBECCA ANN HALBERT Class Vice-President 4, Secre- tary 2, 3, Treasurer Ig F.T.A. 4g Y-Teens 2. 3. 4, Library 2, 3. 45 Mizpah Staff 43 Class Play 3g Student Director 4, Y- Teen UN Study Trip 4g Scholar- sliip Team 1, 2. 3, 4g Choir I, 2, 4. NANCY ANISTACIA JOLLEY I2 Years at Mt. Cileatlg Class Vice-President 3g Treasurer 4g Secretary lg Student Council 25 Majorette I. 2. fl: C.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Secretary 2. President 3g Y-Teens 2. 3. -1: F.H.A 3, 4, President 2, State President 3, Historian 4g l, 2, 3. 41 Choir l. 2. l-'lay 3. 4g Lilurariun 2. 1, 2, Vice- Band Class DON ALD LEROY BADER Student Counpil 4, President 4, Hi-H 2. 3, 4, President 3, 4, VAC 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 23 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vive-President 45 Class. President 2g Football Reserve 1, Varsity 2. 3. 4. Captain 4, Varsity Track 2, 3. fl: Buekeym- lioys' State 3: Class Flay 3. 4: Hizpali Sales Chairman 4. RANALD STARK BEARD 12 Years at Alt. Cileaflg Football Reserve 1. 2. 3: Basketball Re- serve 1, 2, 3. Varsity 11: VAC 2. 3g Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. flg Class Play 3, 4, Prime of Peace 4, Seholarsliip Team 2, Baseball 2. 3, 4: Mizpah Staff 4. CHARLES EDWARD BENNETT F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentary Proeerlurc Team: Reserve Football 1, 2, Student Council 1g Mizpah Staff 4. EVELYN JEAN BOYLE F.H.A. 2, 3, 4g Mizpah Staff 4. RICHARD DAVID CAMPBELL 12 Years, at Mt, Gilead: Scholarship Team 1, 2. 3, F Mizpah Staff 4. .T.A. 4, BARBARA ANN CHILCOTE 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.H.A, 1. 2, 3, 4: Choir 4g Football Homecoming Queen 4, l'.T.A. Queen Attendant 2. 3, F.H.A. Queen Attendant 3, Librarian 1g Mixpah Stalf 4-. NANCY LOU CHUBB 12 Years at Mt. Cilearlg l,.A.A. 1. 2, 3. -lx F.H.A. 1. 2. 3. 4, X- Teens 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 4g Dance llaml 1, 2, 3. 41 .Nlixpah Staff 4. ROSALYN ANN DAVIS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.H.A. 1. 2. 3. 4, Librarian 3, 4-g Mizpah Staff 4. THOMAS WILLIAM DETWILER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Football Reserve I, 2, Varsity 4, Mizpah Staff 4. SALLY ANN DUNBAR F.I'I.A. 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Class Play LStudent DirectorJ 3, Mizpah Staff 4. ROBERT EUGENE FAIRCHILD I2 Years at Mt. Gilead, Football Reserve I, Basketball Reserve I, 2, 3, Varsity 4, Mizpah Staff 4. PEGGY ANNE FISHER I2 Years at Mt. Gilead, G.A.A. I, 2, I7.H.A, I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, Mizpah Staff. DIANA LEE GARVER I2 Years at Mt. Gilead, Librarian 2, 3, Cheerleader Reserve I, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Choir I, 2, 4, Homecoming Court 4, Student Council, Secretary 4, Senior Play, G.A.A. I. CHARLES H. GEYER Senior Year at Mt. Gilead, Nlizpah Staff 4. SHIRLEY E. GHENT Senior Band 2, 3, 4, F.'I'.A. 4, Library 4, Klizpah Staff 4. GRACE ELAINE HINDMAN F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 3, Secretary 4, Queen Candidate 2, 4, Y-Teens 2, Scholarship Team 3, Office Help 4, Class Play 3, 4, Student Council 3, Librarian 3, Mizpah Staff 4. GERALD NELSON HOLTREY 12 Years at Mt. Gileadg EEA. 1. 2, 3, 43 EEA. Parliamentary Procedure Team 33 Varsity Football 43 Mizpah Staff 4. KENNETH LOUIS HULL l2 Years at Mt. Gilead3 Class Play 33 EEA. l, 2, 3. 4. Reporter 3, Secretary 43 Judging Team 2, 3, 43 County Co-op Winner 43 Mizpah Staff 4. ROBERT LYLE JACKSON l2 Years at Mt. Gileadg EEA. 1, 2. 3, 4, Sentinel 4, Reporter 33 Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, 43 Choir 2g Mizpah Staff. PEGGY ANNE JENNE G.A.A. 3, 43 Y-Teens 33 F.H.A. 4g Mizpah Staff 4. JAMES IRVIN JOHNSON 12 Years at Mt. Gilead3 F.F.A. l, 2. 3g Choir 33 Nlizpah Staff 43 Class Play 4. FREDERICK EUGENE LAYMAN Scholarship Team 4: Track 3, 43 Mizpah Staff. ROGER EUGENE MC NAMEE F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Advisor 3g Parliamentary Procedure Team l, 2, 3, 43 Judging Team l. 2. 3. 4: County Co-up Team 33 Student Council 33 Mizpah. RONALD EUGENE MC PEEK EEA. l, 2. 3, 43 Class Play 43 llixpah Stall 4. LARRY LEE MECKLEY 12 Years at Nlt. Gilead, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Reserve 1. Varsity 4: Football Reserve 1, Varsity 3. Football Manager 43 Golf 2. 3. 43 Choir 1, 3, 43 V.A.C. 3. 43 Nlizpah Staff 4. ROBERT LEE MERRIMAN Football Varsity 3, 43 Basketball Varsity 43 Track 33 Photogenic Senior 43 Mizpah Staff 43 V.A.C. 3, CHARLES EDWARD NESBITT 12 Years at Mt. Gileacl3 F.F.A. 1. 2, 3, 4. Chaplain 43 Parliamen- tary Procerlurc Team 43 Co-op Quiz Team 43 Football Reserve 1, 2, 3g Track 2, 3. 43 V.A.C. 2, 3, 4,iSecretary7 4, Treasurer 43 Class Play 33 Mizpah Staff 4. HAROLD EARL PHILBROOK Football Reserve 1, 2, Varsity 3. 43 Track 2, 3, 43 V.A.C, 2. 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Mizpah Staff 4. FREDERICK ROGER PRICE Moved to Mt. Gilead Senior Year3 Football Varsity 43 V.'A.C. 43 Mizpah Staff 4, JAMES WESLEY RENGERT 12 Years at Mt. Cileadg Mizpah Editor 43 Ruckeye Boys' State 3g Student Council 23 Class President 1, 33 Class Play 3, 43 Bas- ketball Reserve 1, 2. 3, Varsity 43 Rand 1, 2. 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Dance Rand 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Secretary 23 Parliamentary Procedure Team 2, 3, 4, Public Speaking 23 judging Team 1, 2, 43 All-Ohio F.F.A. Band 3, 43 Co-op Quiz Team 43 Solo-Ensemble Contest 43 State Farmer Degree 4. SUE ANN RINEHART 12 Years at Mt. Cileadg G.A.A. 1, Secretary 13 Choir 1. 2. 43 Band 13 YvTeens 2. 3, 4, President 4, Vice-President 33 State .lr. Executive 3: U.N. Study Trip 33 Future Teachers' Association 43 Class Play 3, 43 Buckeye Girls' State 33 Homecoming Court 43 Office Help 3. 43 .Prince of Peace 4, First in District3 Vice-Presi- dent of Class 1: Operetta 23 Assistant Editor of Mizpah. DOUGLAS ROGERS 12 Years at ftlt. Gilead, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3. 4. President 4, Vice-President 3, Student Director 43 Music Clinic 3, 43 Baseball 1. 23 Track 3, 43 Basketball Manager 43 Mizpah Staff , 4. IEANNETTE ARLEN E SEARS 12 Years at Mt. Cilead5 Rand I, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 25 C.A.A. 1, 25 F.H.A. 1, 2. 3, 45 Mizpah Staff 4. ROBERT LEWIS SIPES 12 Years at Mt. Cilearl5 Band l. 2. 4, Dance Band 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 35 Mizpah Staff 4. CARL EDWARD SMITH 12 Years at Mt. Cilead5 F.F.A. 1. 2, 3. 4, Reporter 2, Sentinel 3, Treasurer 45 Parliamentary Procedure Team 2, 3, 45 District Judg- ing 2, 3, 45 Mizpah Staff 4. .IANICE LOUISE STANLEY Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Sergeant-at-Arms 3: Program Chairman 45 U.N. Trip 45 G.A.A. 15 Choir 1, 25 Office Help 25 County Commercial Contest 35 Mizpah Staff 4. PAUL CARL STEWART Moved to Mt. Gilead in Senior Yearg Senior Class Play 45 Dance Band 45 Mizpah Staff 4. WILLIAM EUGENE TROYER Mizpah Staff 4. SUE ANN CASTO VAUGHN F.H.A. 1, 25 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. I, 25 Choir 2, 3, 45 Photo- genic Senior5 Mizpah Staff 4. LARRY LOU WEAVER 12 Years at Mt. Gileadg Reserve Basketball 1, 2, 35 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 45 Band 1, 2. 35 V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Golf 3, 45 Mizpah Staff 4. CAROLYN JEANNETTE WIGTON 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, Band I, 2, 3, Majorette I, 2, 3, F.H.A..1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 2: District Parliamentarian 2, Junior Class Play, Scholarship Team 1, 2, Office Help 2, 3, Operetta 2, Mizpah Staff 4. LARRY LEE WOOD Football Reserve 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Basketball Reserve 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Band 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, President 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Student Council 1, Vice-President 4-, Mizpah Business Manager 4, Class Play 3, Operetta 2, Scholarship Team 3, Senior Scholarship, 10th in County. GWENDOLYN MARY WRIGHT 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Bi-County President 2, Secretary 3, Bi-County 'Parliamentarian and News Reporter 3, Vice-President 4, F.H.A. Queen Attendant 4, State Homemaker Degree 4, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Office Help 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 4, Class Play 3, 4, Prince of Peace Contest 4, F.T.A. 4, Treasurer 4, County Commercial Contest 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. JANICE CAROL ZIMMERMAN 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, C.A.A. 1, 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Mizpah Staff 4. JOYCE ARLENE ZINN F.T.A. 4, Vice-President 4: Student Council 4, Treasurer 4, Office Help 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4-, Mizpah Staff 4. ROBERT MILTON ZWAYER Basketball Varsity 3, 4, Reserve 2, Football Varsity 2, 3, 4, All- Mid Ohio First Team 1956, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 4, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Junior Class F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Student Advisor 4, Para liamentarian 4, Mizpah Staff. RICHARD LEE ZWAYER Football Varsity 2, 3, 4, All-Mid Ohio First Team 1955, Basketball Reserve 2, 3, Varsity 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Class Vice- President 2, V.A.C.' 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. BETTIE RUTH MARTIN Moved to Mt. Gilead in Senior Year, Choir 4, F.H.A. 4. ,V-A O, 1 H S, A f 4 ' yyv- - H . 2 A I Vykk .vi- n ' 5' A 5 S S3 5 A 9 5 A -- V f 1 5 V V V- -'3,ff51': V' .. ' g r Of Q ,. Q Q --I L 5 f ' - -Q1 M. 2 OA - f A 12 m -, wr' weiisissz A ' ,Q A A A . A Vrzlccliflrzrizzll llwemlwlyn Xlary Wright SIIIIIHIIOTIVIZIY Hwlwrvu .Kun Hull, "We finally gut them. ami um' svhmml ff2lX Z1 re rwvrf' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "Waiting fm' those Dilillrllliliu FY W' . I , ' 1 , r Mn, fi ly il 2 . 3 PLLm Ak 4. 'Af , Q V ll ' Q' K .. ,. .,,.W It seems as though the years flew by. But friendships marie shall never Clie, For now that our high school days are to end, Weill recall each classmate As I1 true loyal friend. We' can he carefree and happy this precious night Anil let our high school memories always burn bright For our Graduation is the climax of it all, Tomorrow Weill face lifeis beckoning call. IUNIOR-SENIOR PROM THE GATEWAY TO PARADISE Q 2 H!! EI' QV QUE "Amon PARADISE" 126 ix' ' ' A SCHOOL PERSONNEL CUOKS--Mrs. Hazel lllrvfe. Mrs. Cnlrlie .lui-lv suu. Nlrg. Virginia Himlliian. Nlrs. lrp-rw llildf lxranzl. Cl'S'l'OlJlANS Mr. Davis, Mr. Baker SECR li'l'.'X H W Hrs ,Ioan Full! BUS IJKIVICHS- Nlr, Williams. Ur. Shade. Nlr. Nlzirly. Wir. llevli. llr. Newman, Mr. lhivis, Nlr. Nliller. X g MIZPAH STAFF Jim Renger. Editor: Sue Rinehart, Mazinger. Safes Committee Don Bader Nancy Jolley Bettie Nlartin Ann Davis Gracy Hinrlnian Shirley Client Evelyn Boyle Harold Philbrook Douglas Rogers Fred Layman Richard Campbell Jeannette Wigton Charles Geyer Ronald MePeek Sally Dunbar Paul Stewart Larry Meckley Bob Sipes Bill Troyer .lim .lohnson Copy Committee Janice Stanley Susan Geiger Gwen Wright A sail Editor: Larry Rebecca Halbert Nancy Chubb Diana Garver Arlvertising Comn Bill Hoffmire Roger ,NICNBIIISB Bob Fairchild Larry Weaver Barbara Chilcote Peggy Fisher Bob Zwayer Eddie Bennett Dick Zwayer Bob jackson Roger Price Tom Detwiler Bob Merriman Gerald Holtrey Layout Committee Ranny Beard Sue Vaughn .lim Rengert Sue Rinehart Wood, Business lfiltfl, Dear Subscriber, Even though the school year of 1956-57 is enflecl, we hope by the means of this forty-secvoncl eclition of the Mizpah you will he able to relive the many activities pictured here and that they may bring back many happy memories. We would especially like to thank Mrs. Harriette Mclxlemar, our advisor. Her co-operation and help rnacle this yearbook possible. Our thanks also go to our photographers. Cubberly Studios at Delaware and Mr. Oscar Beck, Jr.g the members of the Mizpah Staifg and you, our subscribers. Sincerely yours, -94' l of Jim Rengert, Editor Sue Rinehart, Assit Editor s , 5 l Q - ' l 4 f f .L ff! f I f fv'f l f . X. wr- ll' 3-"I 'l f 1 x t 'ff Xi. A y l j- it ., 1 Q Ni- fI xl XX N E- Congratulations to the Class of 1957 JONES' ISALY'S DAIRY Compliment: of FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ond FEDERAL INSURANCE DEPOSIT CORPORATION Compliments of MORTON'S HARDWARE Hardware for Hard Wear Phone 62 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Best Wishes 120 The Clflss of 1957 DARI DELITE 4, A at ,. K-H f 221 ig A T- r ,A f A, sw fm- "" U 12:21:25 nfs- v 4 0- ' ,,, ,f .. ' I -my HNvJ,, -- ' rv . lg ' '--'1 . nl ! l My 1 A T, .H N . x T ' , .U , 'Y wa- '- T ' ..,. ig A U giv e, X, ,vi - ,W ,, Y 1 lli fd- if at ff m T m r Urlrr U11 C7 Q Z rw Who knows your future FWHM 0 Yes, Students and Faculty, the welcome mat is always out. You have a standing invitation to visit H-P-M and see the world's largest exclusive builder of hydraulic presses and power equipment at work. . . . hydraulics and H-P-M may play a part in . . . and you in ours. Just call our personnel manager and let him know when you'd like to come over, so he can arrange for a guide to take you on the tour. MUUNT GILEAU, UHIU U S A THE HYDRAULIC PRESS MANUFACTURING CUMPANY SHOP WHEN YOU WANT TO SHOP We ore open every evening 'riII 9 p.m. THE UNION SHOP Where everyone shops ond soves Mt. Gilead Best wishes to the class of 1957 TAYLOR'S MARKET Compliments of ASMAN'S DRUG STORE Mt. Gileod Ohio Phone Compliments of CAMPBELL AUTO SUPPLY FIRESTONE TIRES AND ACCESSORIES 85 Mt. Gileo d, Ohio W. R. MC CLELLAND COAL 81 CONSTRUCTION LONG'S SEED HOUSE ll S E L E C T II C0- BRAND SEEDS BUILDING SUPPLIES - STEEL SEED MERCHANT5 BROKERS BUILDINGS Wholesale 84 Retail Ph 152 SEED PROCESSING one Mt' Gilead Oh Phone 206 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Complimevm of GALION OWNERS PRODUCTS, INC. Jobbers ot Automotive Parts 84 Equipment Machine Shop Service 225 S. Market St. Galion, Ohio FARM SERVICE, INC. 322 South Market Street Galion Ohio Complimemff of ANDREW'S DAIRY Complimentf of THE MOORES STORE Galion Ohio Marion Road Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliment: of Visit New TOMBOY DRIVE-IN POWER EQUIPMENT FINE FOOD Galion Oh GGIIOH C ompliments of SIDS CLEANERS 29 South Moin Street Phone 336 HICKSON INSURANCE Chorles C. Hickson Robert C. Hickson Congratulates the Class of 1957 22 h ' Ph Mt. Glecdl Ohio Sout Mom Street one 95 Mt. Gileod, Ohio Congratulations to the Graduates Class of 1957 Mt. Gilead High School YOUR APPEARANCE IS OUR BUSINESS JIM DUGAN'S STORE Mcirion Ohio Compliments of VANATTA-GLADDEN AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE C. I. Vonotto C, R. Glodden Phone 419 Mt. Gileod, Ohio Compliment! of STULL'S MEN'S SHOP Mt. Gileod Ohio i Congratulations to the Class of 1957 from g THE JERSEY KNOLL c'Pleaszng You Pleases Us-7 DAIRY FARM phone 23 Mt. Gilead Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1957 MT. GILEAD FARM Congratulations to the Class of 1957 WAGNER BROS. EQUIPMENT ELECTRIC HOTPOINT AND Pl-lIl.CO International APPUANCES Trucks Tractors ZENITH AND Pi-HLCO T. V, Farm Equipment MAYTAG Oldsmobile WASHERS AND DRYERS East Center Street Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 98 Mft Gilead' Ohlo phone 350 Evening Phone 455 K COMPLIMENTS cmd BEST WISHES To The 1957 CLASS WEAVERS SUPER MARKET ids .. in :af REE 43- 'S Mt. Gilead 84 Ed WHISTON'S PHARMACY Complimentf of CHARLES W. BIRDSONG, INC. YOUR BUICK - PONTIAC DEALER U. S. Royol Tire Distributor Complete Service for All Mokes GUARANTEED USED CARS Phone 79 84 78 HUTCHINSON'S SOHIO STATION ond Welding SOHIO PRODUCTS Dependable Service C omplimenty of THE P 8. M DRIVE IN Mt. GiIeod's only drive-in tor fine toods ond drinks ond complete corry out service. Route 95 Mft Gilead Phone I73 Route 42 North Compliments of IMPLEMENT COMPANY BOB'S BARBER SHOP Mt. Gilead Ohio Mt. Gileod Ohi Compliment! of MORROW SERVICE STATION MEAT PRODUCT COMPANY phone 87 Custom Sloughtering Curing ond Smoking Mt John Szolopoto . Gileod Ohio NORTH ELECTRIC CO Ol THE WHITE HOUSE C,,,,L,,Zm,, of WOMENS WEAR AND BROLLIERS CLEANERS ACCESSORIES 42 5, Main Mt. Gileod Mt Gleczd Ohio C ompliments of SOHIO STATION B O W E N ' S Corner Main ond North Credit Jewelry Camphmemf of DYE'S FOOD MARKET JOE'S MARKET Phone 29 Mt G lead Ohio Mt. Gilead Oh Complimentf of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE BARBER SHCP Jim Smith, OWHGI' Mt. Gilead Ch Compliments of QTTERBACHER CHEVROLET, INC. YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER Sales - Service I44 South Main Street General Repairing Mt. Gilead, Ohio CRYSTAL ICE AND ZERO LOCKERS CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Meat Curing and Smoking Processing for Home Freezers NEW PARTY SHOP LOCKERS FOR RENT South Street Mt. Gilead Best Wishes to the Class of'57 BLOOMFIELD T-V- 8t APPLIANCES Dealers in Electrical Appliances R.C.A. VICTOR R.C.A. WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES ESTATE GAS AND ELECTRIC RANGES l3O South Main Street Phone 57 Mt. Gilead, Ohio THE UNION REGISTER Morrow County's First Newspaper Mt. Gilead Ohio Compliments of CAMPBELL'S FARM MARKET North On Route 6I Mt. Gilead Ohio G 8g G DECORATING CENTER Interior Designing Pratt 81 Lambert Paints-Wallpaper 2l7 So. Market St. Phone 2-07322 Gallon, Ohio Compliments of HERCULES oALioN PRODUCTS, INC. Galion Ohio GOODMANS OF GALION 'gWhere Quality is not Expensive Featuring Nationally Advertised Lines of Quality Furniture, Appliances Lamps and Carpets. 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C 0ng1'atLLlatL01z.s Class of J 957 GALION BOWLING CENTER Galion Ohio I l From A Candlelight Table for two To a Banquet for IOO Remember The GLOBE HOTEL A THOUGHT FOR TODAY You Seniors now have new, modern, up to the minute portraits of yourselves, BUT do you have a really good photograph of your Mom, Dad or other dear ones? Give them a little "sweet talk" - let them know you'd like a portrait of them-call us for an appointment. They would be pleased to know you caredl THE CUBBERLY STUDIO 38K2 S. Sandusky Street Delaware, Ohio Call 3-3OII Congratulations to the Class of 1957 PLUMBING St HEATING MoRRowDALE A . merican Standard Quality Dairy Products Installations EL Repairs Morrow Creamery I6 West High Sf. Phone 125 West Center Street Mr, Gilead, Ohio Phone 2-K Mt. Gilead COMPLIMENTS OF JAN REE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 192-W, Edison, Ohio DON'S SHOES 113 Harding Way, Galion, Ohio ANNE'S HAT SHOP 113 Harding Way, Galion E. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Galion, Ohio THE DAIRY QUEEN Galion, Ohio GLOBE CLOTHING STORE Galion, Ohio UHLMAN'S Galion, Ohio CORNER PHARMACY 201 Harding Way, East, Galion, Ohio GALION AUTOMOBILE CLUB 139 Harding Way, East, Galion, Ohio J. C. MURPHY Galion, Ohio NATIONAL MAILING SERVICE 215 Harding Way, East, Galion, Ohio DON'S SHOES 107 Harding Way, East, Galion, Ohio SHADY INN GARAGE Phone 451, Mt. Gilead WEBER'S JEWELRY STORE 109 South Market, Galion TUTTLE'S NEWS Third Public Square, Galion PEOPLE'S CLOTHING CO, Marion, Ohio THE RACKET STORE Marion, Ohio THE COFFEE SHOP Mt. Gilead, Ohio KROUTY'S BARBER SHOP- Mt. Gilead, Ohio TI'lE THOMAS HARDWARE CO. Galion, Ohio SCHAFFNER MEYER CO. 212 Harding Way, West, Galion, Ohio BENNETT'S Public Square, Galion, Ohio SWEET GARDEN Galion, Ohio WEBER'S JEWELRY STORE 109 South Market Street, Galion x"E,f9f"" " 'W 'QV 1 " 'A - 'V 'P' 1' f"u"fT"f'1 'W W ff' 1'-'Q ': fjfff-rw-tux iw-"SQA 1'-m1?2?Lvf""i by A LM-1 , . , ,, , - ,I ,, 5, Vlxl .. k ,A ,j Q., ., Ik-, ,lr ,Z .gm jig L-iff ' " ' ' X ' J f, f up ,, , ., - Q "g,'., 'iw'C-4' 1, 3 .:g,:Nfi,?f. -3: Qqg .-,-, I -A 95, -h V1.1-k ,. "" ww -Q f- f. -rw N L x.a:r.a'E!.cw35 ' ' M, k" '53 1"I " ' H' .- .yu 'ry ' "' i f f ' -" - . f-Lvrftz-'44'xr:'LvqM'ffnb':v 51,5-::.,'-QgF!w:'fi'be-m4'1'f:Q tr? 31" X '-?i.,,,.,.m-.,1gv2g- mm ,, 315. 1-f-,vw gflfgqgef' -.,,yg.,, ,. 4 ' k. , , , , A , . f,U.N,:,-f- 1, ,-. ,Wg ,j,5.f nz- 's 3 A 1 g--:xg,:g,'s:. .z7tQv-4'-wig ,gs-Q ' - . f N. im 5,5-W ,E X W. f , .- ,, 3,1 F4-G-, xl, KM" flw K K , , . 'sf , . .jg 1-' w - p - ,, ,x .mx ' Q. ' , --X W ---. . Af , M ' '- N fg - .., .1-A., -,xg nw- J- X ,4 41' , ...- . 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