Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH)

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Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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W 4 1 3. si . 1 Ez! K 1 , , 133 , Qi.. . , E Q We've come 6 long way cgi-Isfqx T036-lllei? Eli E 513 55 I Q-if-xml we sm: have G long I Way To 30. Jrhe Senior Class E ol Nll.Gileacl High School Presenls The I956 lvlizpiih, Volume 'Fofly-one edieation With the realization that we are still very young in heart and experienceg with the knowledge that peace and love, and a deeper. calmer preciation for the help and guidance school years: we gratefully dedicate Mothers and Fathers. with their counsel there is yet faith for us to seek. and in ap- they have given us during our this. the l956 Mizpah, to our dministration R D. C. N ICHOLSON High School Principal Am. Government Ohio University, AB., M.Ed., G. R. BLOSE H. E. WEST Superintendent EIC- Prifwipal Ohio Northern, B.S. Ashland College, B-S oard of duca tion Luther Asman, Virginia Bennett, Dale Mosher, Presidenlg C. R. Gladden, Clerkg Clifford Cal- houn, Vice Presidentg Phyllis Rinehart. i h School eachers . Iliff? - f5iil5'51:f'f MR. R. S. BEARD MR. OSCAR BECK MRS. FERN BOWEN MISS HELENE BUZA MRS. MARGERY B-S-, Ohi0 Slate! Agfi' B- Sch- MUS-, WOOSICT A.B., Marshall Collegeg B.S., Bowling Greeng CLING0 culture. Collegeg Music. Vocational Home Ec- Commercial. B.A., Heidelberg Col- onomics. legeg M.S., Ohio Uni- versity 5 Physical Edu- cation. MR. PAUL FURNISS B.S., Wilmington Col- lege 3 Physical Sci ences, English, Math. MR. K.A. OAKES B.S., Ashland Collegeg Social Studies. MR. FRED GOARE B.S., Ohio Stateg Sci- ence, Athletic Di- rector. MR. LEONARD WALLS A.B., Fairmont Collegeg M.A., Columbia Uni- versity 5 Government, Am. History, Coach. MRS. MARTHA HUBBARD B.A., Otterbein Col- legeg M.A., Columbia University 5 Mathema- tire, MR. JOHN MARTY MR. DAVID MCCALL B.A., Baldwin Wallaceg B.S., M.A., Ohio Stateg Coach, History. Industrial Arts. MRS. KATHRYN WIELAND B.A., B. Mus., B.P.S. M., Otterbein College: English II, III, IV. MRS. KATHRYN MR. PAUL ZWAYER ZIEGLER A.B., B.s., ohio smog A.B., Ohio Wesleyang Junior High Math and English, SCiCllC8. Elemental' eachers l MRS. BURGGRAF MRS. IMHOFF MRS. LEPP MRS. MCCAMMAN MRS. MCKIRGAN Ohio University. B.S., Ohio State. Bowling Green- Ashland College. Bowling Green MRS. PETERSON MRS. POTTER MRS. RHODEBECK MRS. RICHARDSON MRS- RIEL Winchester Normal. A.B., Nebraska State Ashland College. Wittenberg College. UUIVCYSHY Of Gefirgia Teachers, UHIVCYSIIY. MRS. RILEY MRS. RUTHERFORD MRS. SALYER MRS. SMITH MRS. WARD Ohio University. Kent State University. B.S., Ohio University. Ohio University. Ashland College. 4 ..ww.....N W . Y ,W ,H , , .. . -.1 ALAN SQUIRES President 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Mispah Staff 4, Operetta 3. DONNA YVONNE WISEMAN Vice President 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Y-Teens 35 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Librarian 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 4, Junior Class Playg Mizpah Staff 4, Librarian 3, Operetta 3, Dramaties Play 43 Scholarship Team 3. MARY ELAINE SHAFF ER Secretary 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. lg F. H.A. 1, Jr. Class Play, Dramatics Play 4, Office Help 4, Librarian 3, Student Council 3, P.T.A. Court 3, Homecoming Court 4, Operetta 3, Mizpah Staff 4. GENE ARTHUR BRUSH Treasurer Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 23 V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 1, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 1, Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3, 4g Librarian 2, Student Coun- cil 1, 2, Class President 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Mizpah Staff 4. JANE ELLEN ANDREWS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, 4, Choir Treas- urer 4, Operetta 3, Dramatics Play 3. 4, Librarian 3, Mizpab Staff 4. JOYCE ELAINE BALDWIN I2 Years at Mt. Gilead, Class Treasurer 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, U.N. Trip , Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Operetta 3, Band 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, Class Play 3, Student Coun- cil 4, Secretary 4, Mizpah Staff 4. MARY .IO ANSLEY Class Pres. 3, G.A.A. 1, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treasf 4, Y-Teen U.N. Trip 4, Choir 1. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Operetta 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Dramaties Play 3, 4, Librarian 1, 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2, 3, Mizpah Staff 4, Business Manager 4. SANDRA ANN BABCOCK Choir 3, 4, Vice President 4, Operetta 3, Dramatics Play 4, Mizpalfl Staff 4. HARRY WILLIAM ARNOLD I2 Years at Mt. Gilead, Reserve Football 1, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Mizpab Staff 4 . KENNETH JOHN BENDLE I2 Years at Mt. Gilead, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 3, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 1. 2, Reserve Basketball 1, Varsity Bas- basketball 2, 3, 4, Golf Team 3, 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 4, Librarian 1, Mizpah Staff 4. CAROLE SUE BENNETT Choir 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Class Play 3, Student Director, Dramatics Play 4, Stud. Director, Scholarship Team 2, 3: Student Council 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 4, Li- brarian 3, Operetta 3, Mizpah Staff 4. Assistant Editor. FRANCES EILEEN COOPER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Treas. 3, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Queenis Court 3, Dramatics Play 4, Office Help 2, 4, Librarian 2, Mizpah Staff 4. RUTH ANN CAMPBELL 12 Years at Mt. Gilead,G.A.A. 1, 2, Li- brarian 1, 3, Scholarship Team 3, Mizpah Staff 4. DONALD LACEY COVERT Class Vice-President 1, Choir 1, 2, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 1, 2, Varsity Football 2, 3, Reserve Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4: Track 4, Mizpah Staff 4. THOMAS EUGENE CASTO Reserve Football 1, Mizpah Staff 4. BEVERLY ANN CROUSE Y-Teens 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, Office Help 4, Librarian 3, Mizpah Staff 4. PATRICIA DENIZA DAVIS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, E.H.A. News Reporter 2, 4, Dramatics Class Play 4, Librarian 3, Mizpah Staff 4. EILEEN JOAN GATTSHALL 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Choir 3, 4, G.A. A. 1, 2, 3, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. His- torian 4, Librarian 3, Mizpah Staff 4. EUGENE NOEL DUMBAUGH 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Treasurer 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Reserve Basketball I, 2, Student Council 1, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Librarian 3, F. F.A. Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, 4, Baseball 1, Mizpah Staff 4. DARWIN EVERETT GEARHART Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 1, 4, Scholar- ship Team 2, Mizpah Staff 4. DAVID GENE FRICKE 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Class President 2, Vice President 3, Choir 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Reserve Football 3, Varsity Football 4, Mizpah Staff 4. MARVIN E. GEARHART Choir 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Miz- pah Staff 4. E .IOHN JOSEPH GERMAINE Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-P Chaplain 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Class Play 3, Dramatics Play 3, V.A.C. 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Reserve Basketball 1, 2, Track 3, 4, Miz- pah 4. JANE LU HEGEL Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Band 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, Dramatics Play 3, Librarian 1, 3, Scholarship Team 2, Mizpah Staff 4. ROBERT GRANT HALBERT Baseball 3, 4, Librarian 3, Mizpah Staff 4. SANDRA LOUISE HOWARD 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Class Secretary 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band President 4, Li- brarian 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Vice Pres. 3, Class Play 3, Homecoming Court 4, Mizpah Staff 4. RICHARD LEWIS HARRIS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Class Treasurer 1, Choir 1, 2, Librarian 1, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 1, 2, Reserve Basket- ball 1, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. VIOLET FAYE HOWARD Y-Teens 3, 4, Majorette 3, Class Play 3, Reserve Cheerleader 3, P.T.A. Queen 3, Operetta 3, Choir 3, Mizpah Staff 4. DONALD RAY INGMIRE V.A.C. 3, 4, Reserve Football 3, Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Track 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. DAVID RICHARD MCKIRGAN 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. MARION VIENNA JOHNSON Y-Teens 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, Office Help 3, Mizpah Staff 4, Dramatics Play 3, Scholarship Team 2. DONALD M. MCQUISTION 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. RALPH LOREN JOHNSON 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. .IUDITH LOUISE MATHEWS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Class Treasurer 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Band Pres. 3, Dramatics Play 4, P.T.A. Court 2, Band Attendant 3, Home- coming Queen 4, G.A.A. 1, Mizpah Staff 4. WAYNE EUGENE MUFFLEY Reserve Football 1, 2, Reserve Basketball 1, 2, Mizpah Staff 4. CHARLES RONALD OSBORN 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 1, 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Re- serve Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Track 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. SARAH JANE NESBITT 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, Librarian 3, Mizpah Staff 4. GLADA ARLENE POWERS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Class Sec.-Treas. 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matics Play 3, 4, Operetta 3, Office help 3, Reserve Cheerleader 1, Varsity Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. JOHN NEWSON 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity football 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Varsity Basketball 4. ROBERT EUGENE RASOR F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Vice President 1, Mizpah Staff 4. JOAN LOUISE RIZOR F.H.A. 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. MARY LOUISE SPEARS Moved to Mt. Gilead during her Senior Year, Y-Teens 4, Mizpah Staff 4. NANCY LEE RUTHERFORD 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Class Pres. 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens Pres. 4, Vice- Pres. 3, U.N. Trip 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir Accompanist 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, G.A.A. 1, Office Help 1, 3, Class Play 3, Buckeye Girls' State 3, Music Queen 2, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, Mizpah Editor 4. .IANICE ELAINE SPRIGCS Moved to Mt. Gilead at beginning of Sen- ior Year, Choir 4, Mizpah Staff 4. IVA JANE SHIPMAN 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Band 3, Drarnatics Play 3, 4,3 F.'H.A. 1, Office Help 3, Mizpah Staff 4. PATRICIA ANN STAIGER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, F.H.A. 3, 4: Li- 'orarian 3, Mizpah Staff 4. CHARLES LEE STANLEY V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, V.A.C. Sec.-Treas. 4, Re- serve Football 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, Mizpah Staff 4. JAMES HOWARD SWEENEY 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary 3, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, V.A.C. President 4, Student Council President 4, Class Play 3, Reserve Football 1, 2, Var- sity - Football 4, Reserve Basketball 1, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Golf Team 3, 4: Mizpah Staff 4, Choir 1, 2, 3. JANET ROSE STAUP G.A.A. 3, F.H.A. 3, Mizpah -Staff 4. LOWELL ROBERT THOMAS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, Band 1, Class Play 3, Mizpah Staff 4. GEORGE WILLIAM STEVENS F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Chaplain 4, Of- fice Help 4, Librarian 3, Mizpah Staff 4. THAD D. TURNER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Choir 1, 2, V.A. C. 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Mizpah Staff 4. , ,,.,,. WZ L ROBERT STANLEY VAUGHN SONDRA ANNE WILLIAMS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, V.A.C. 2, 3, 4-g G.AA 1 FHA 2 3 4 Parllamentar Reserve Football 1, Varsity Football 2, ian 2 Sec 3 Pres 4 FHA ueen 3 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball Office Help 3 4 Mizpah Staff 4- 1, 2, 33 Track 3, Mizpah Staff 4. ROBERT DAVID WAGNER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4-g Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, Band 1, 2g Reserve Basketball 1g Class Play 3, Dra- matics Play 3, Librarian 2, 3, School Projectionist 4, Mizpah Staff 4-. sxmmwwws 0 0 fffaanf, s Pa sf f cp , , ." 1 ' ' be ' A fflfpfwfa oo? W 32 xxx ms xxx NW In memory of those who are gone but not forgotten Kenneth Evans Larry Randolph Margaret Roller George Kimmey Glen Byrd 0 C a s s W1 l l I. We the members of the class of 1956 do hereby dispose of the following posses- sions: George Stevens, I will my slowness to Buddy Birdsong. Patricia Davis, I will my ability to attend school regularly to Katy Baker and Carol Cherrington. Eileen Gattshall, I will mythinness to Holly Coonley. Eugene Dumbaugh, I will my red hair to Mrs. Ziegler. Darwin Gearhart, I will my French horn to Hull's Junk Yard. David Fricke, I am lucky to have what I got and I,m going to keep it. Marvin Gearhart, I will my bass horn to Charlie Spriggs. Bob Vaughn, I will my hot-rod Plymouth to Floppy Philbrook. Bob Wagner, I will the Cheekmobile to Don Bader so that he can burn for 15c. Sandra Williams, I will my ability to give speeches and my speech book to Mr. Oakes. Carol Bennett, I will my Jr.-Sr. Banquet memories and souvenirs of last year and this year to Mr. Oakes. N Pat Staiger, Iiwill my shortness to Sally Dunbar. Mary Shaffer, I will my ability to get out of Dramatics class to Sue Rinehart. Don Covert, I will my ability to stay out of trouble to anyone who needs it. Don Ingmire, I will my pink bucket to the Drivers Training class. Gene Brush, I will my ability to make hydrogen sulfide ,to Mr. Furniss. Judy Mathews, I will my chewing gum to anyone that can get away with it. Kenneth Bendle, I will my knowledge of Chemistry to Don Bader. Nancy Rutherford, I will my ability to tumble to Harriette Campbell. Marion Johnson, I will my braces to anyone who can stand wearing them. Ralph Johnson, I will my skipping school to Richard Campbell. Ruth Campbell, I will my quietness to Peggy Dupler. John Newson, I will my hot-headedness to Marlene Belt. Glada Powers, I will my ability to cheer to Jack Barrett. Sarah Jane Nesbitt, I will my ability to blush to Janet Germaine. Wayne Muffley, I will my behavior in second period study hall to Nancy Wones. Mary Jo Ansley, I will my ability to run into trouble at basketball games to Mary Ann Vaughn. Harry Arnold, I will my ability to break my bones to anybody who wants it. Sandra Babcock, I will my high E flat to Priscilla Smith. E Jane Andrews, I will my love for Fredricktown to anyone who is lucky enough to take it. Joyce Baldwin, I will my giggle, fwilled to me by Esther Powell in 19531 to Donna Rathburn. Violet Howard, I will my pug nose to Jane Rathburn. Dick Harris, I will my ability to get along with Mr. Oakes to anyone. Sandra Howard, I will my ability to carry the School Flag to Janet Germaine . Bob Halbert, I will my football managers job to Larry Wood so he can get fired. Jane Hegel, I will my ability to fall-in love fwilled to me by Rosemary Osborn in 1954-Ito Diane Garver. Joe Germaine, I will my 'gJungle" name to anyone who is man enough to have it., Donna Wiseman, I will my seat in first period study hall of Ken. Alan Squires, I will my southern accent to Mr. Oakes. Peggy Shipman, I will my naturally curly hair to Diane Woodward. Mary Spears, I will my curly hair to Janice Zimmerman. Ioan Rizor, I will my ability to lost my boy friend's ring to anybody who can get by with it. Bob Rasor, I will my curiosity to Bennett. Jim Sweeney, I will my ability to play football to Bob Richardson. Tom Casto ain't going to will nothing to nobody. Beverly Crouse, I will my ability to eat anything I like without gaining weight to Jeanette Wigton. Chuck Stanley, I will my size to Charlie Spriggs. Thad Turner, I will my ability to get along with girls to Don Bader. Don McQuistion, I will my ability to give speeches to Eddie Bennett. Janice Spriggs, I will my ability to keep late hours to Jeanette Wigton. Ronnie Osborn, I will my ability to sleep in Study Hall to Gary Link. David McKirgan, I will my ability to farm to Bob Betts: Frances Cooper, I will my ability to argue to Betty Sult. II. We, the Class of 1956, leave the following for next year's students to enjoy dances, ball games, dates, studies, exams, books, tournaments, assemblies, initiations. and everything else that has helped to make our high school days ones which we will never forget. L'!9if4'SV-'f .,f'-Y' l V D0 You Remember When ' . ' 7 ' ""' v jf iff ILASSMEN M 55 Don Bader Kathryn Baker Ranny Beard Eddie Bennett Evelyn Boyle Richard Campbell Tom Detwiler Peggy Dupler Bob Fairchild Peggy Fisher Diane Gawer Susan Geiger Jim Johnson Bob Jackson Fred Layman Bob Marriman Roger McNan1ee Ronald McPeek Doug Rogers Jeanette Sears Bob Sipes Carl Smith Janice Stanley William Troyer Class Officers-Secretary, Becky Halbertg Vice President, Nancy Jolleyg President, Jim Bengertg Treasurer, Roger Primmer. Nancy Jolley union' The Junior Class had a very successful year with almost everyone participating in sports, clubs, or other organizations. ln the fall we presented our class play, "The Perfect ldiotf' We also sponsored a dance after the Cardington basketball game and operated Janice Zimmerman the concession stand during the football sea- SOD. All of this work added up to a success- ful Junior-Senior Banquet. We want to thank our advisors, Mr. Oakes and Mr. Walls, who have helped us very much. Sue Casto Carol Cherrington Barbara Chilcote Nancy Chubb Ann Davis Sally Dunbar Shirley Ghent Rebecca Halbert William Hoffmire Gerald Holtrey Grace Hindman Kenneth Hull Edward Nesbitt Harold Philhrook Roger Primrner Harold Rasor .lames Rengert Sue Rinehart Larry Weaver Jeanette Wligton Larry Wood Gwendolyn Wright Richard Zwayer Robert Zwayer Junior P1 ,The gy Cast rehear , effect Idiot v Smg Bill Andrews Jane Arnold Sally Arnold Suzan Arnold Jack Barrett Marlene Belt Frank Bendle Patty Curtis Jean Detwiler Roxanne Finley Sharon Gates Don Cattshall Janet Germaine J im Geyer Pat Howard Terry Hunt Dennis Huston Cynthia .lo lngmire Dale Kerr Yvonne Kiser Gary Link Bob Richardson Richard Robinson Janice Shaw Tom Shields Larry Smith Priscilla Smith Linda Spriggs Phyllis Witzel Paul Witzel Diane Woodward Suzanne Zwayer David Vipperrnan - 'iQ1i11i1s1Zi ewes me -, , 111 ,1 v. H 921521911 15:1aL11at1s51g:1 -W--W -eu? . . 1 Q5?1f?EfS 1111111-151111-15, M gmsiigsrissig s1s11lS11fv,1f1- 'fl1?11i1"'fi1?1if? iff- gzqgl-Q1 fg1fg,1s s12ev11:ie? - f- 1 1- Q1'M 212ig1zs Q .,,.., 51 .KVM 1 7 ,1:i111i1 -, 1 5:31 as..,1, N- z1,'11fmef11se1 z sz1:2 ge? 12235311 " 1,g121Q1f,1111:1e1 1 1-1 L is-'ffsfif-i'5 i:1..1' Lis .3531 a' ' 11es1::12zM11v5':5Tii,1 1- 1-111111 1 111-5-1 Se: v H . . , '. I " ' 15,1-- 2 ' '1 ' 11.ZI1..,Ig1 ' 1 .. f111.'.1:"1-.,. 1--1Q.55.?"'.Q-5512? , - 11 m f'fEaiH. 52-55155111 K1 E . .... 55:e:Eaai:Ea1'- 3-f5?'if'f:Q3-ii 1 . -. .A 1553139 35913: ' feffi 911551552 as fff'f5Ef:nU1 .. ' . 1 . .EEyjl"gE: P : F1 15 1 1,-51-,.,11,1z,1 11, ,. -.1 111 ezsszs ,E 1, 1 11, mm5,1g11, .g1..?g111 11 e1m111s1e1, 111131: - 1111 , ..- - 5 ., E2..E.EE,.,EEzE: A -351,15 S ,ggme215wgQ55-15j -- 1- -- 1. gL1L:Y5Z1.l2i1f5: 1:K:16is13'1I3fis?:7I4Ei . 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Sis, . ,V -1 fgfs Q11 535 E15 1. 1 .11 ... 111 11,111,, 1 1. 1111 . .2 111,, 11111 1 , 11,1 552215552155 F-Swii if " M A555155 Ufiiffs i?l1f5?555?f153?s s itfgafi EllE'SEffl5.f-1, -e11 - 'llasitlffv 41.115123 1 iisrlmis Qfs2leQSw1w11S3 1 'Q 1- 11 Sophomor The Sophomore Class began the year with an enrollment of Sixty-two students. Our class activities included a "Memory Dancen after the first home basketball game and a pom pom sale during the football sea- son. 5,53 . , , 2 1,151 . ., 1:3351 1 1 'iissiigssf1s1v1fs2f.11l L11. 1f ':1' '-':- . -,f 21 1- Q if 13 . 1, J . ., 5.1 ima. e f? '. , if .. . its " 'f'f"2iw 1,,I Q -7 , Y, Y fa Q V . ' lass We were very happy to have had two varsity cheerleaders and three varsity foot- ball lettermen in -our class. We would like to thank our advisors, Mrs. Wieland and Mr. Marty, for their pa- tience and co-operation throughout the year. Richard Bending Bob Blose Sandra Callahan Bruce Campbell J im Campbell Keith Conklin Bob Cooper Mary Gilfillan Marcello Harris James Haserodt Kenneth Heimlich Barbara Hershner Linda Hicks Galen Holtrey Patricia Mathews Ruthanna McCammon Sherry Mettler Richard Miller Marion Newman Judy Nixon Patricia Patten Robert Staup Mary Ann Vaughn Eva Jo Wheeler Don White Ellen Wilkey Dale Wilson Joyce Witzel "N ow, which ri ng it be9n David Alkire Patsy Arnold Lonnie Ashbrook Susan Asman Bruce Beard Bob Betz Larry Brown Elaine Davis Barbara Brown Sue Fisher Harold Frazier Daniel Fricke Betty Fritz Martha Gearhart Jeanne Hull Roy Johnson Bennie Kline Mildred Landon Marlyn Lindner Susan Logan Nancy McCarty Donna Rathburn .lane Rathburn Sally Rhodebeck George Shade David Shaffer Barbara Smith Fred Smith Richard West Charlotte Wiseman ,Ioan Woodward Patricia Woodward Larry Williams Marilyn Young Dottie Zimmerman Y K x1 we VS fe- . . ,. w e fsfafkasus, .sasmzzz-1 2 -f,- . wg. A ,. ,. . K. , iw, . K .,.. Li.,, A., . , ,,.. . . ,, at . srflwssse- fessws -r s K ' +2 ,F f, at si:wQ-mx-.f 11 ws- f I x 439 ,Wo Xu: Wim Q . 1 ,S-, f N 5 f . ek, g- ti. yd, ' V I . - -. , .-,. V- , Qi: ::ff:1S.:..'Sf?' 1:-l:::'r,.: 532 , .. ' si-as5ll?i ': i 1".s5'3I:r'i.f2- 5. A Q it X was me mia.. +2 E gt , Qi, a- lgfggtei 3 Q fi Q55 l fwiiig: :fi-ii : Q L Vw - We .4 .,. all 0 . me 'E K 4, , as X rn S 4 . x L1 s , Sym H Mk, . , 2 , :- K, ' 5 .,.a: M35 - M-W files -2 E.. W V' 1, . 3. 5 3,35 'N K 1'-fi" iw as a ,H rg ,al X A3 1. S t wp 1 Q ss 41 a 4- P f s Q' 91 J t X 44 4 'iii Q i li 5 21. - .sw ,,,., ,.., , -Y sz,:,-f--.....,.m, , "fr : SV??fLz'!' '.z':5:"si ,- -1 :K m wil ggl sw? 1.1 i m , - ' - ' M- f :,,1 ,, 1. s-:wt-R 'Z. M 1 5 5, 1 A tiny., :W si H: 5 mg 5 in s f? 2' AN X W 4 2 ' :W X m' , ,- 'Q , f.,.w4t-fe. ffwy-f-f. J , i , , 5 ai- y i e QQ b .,,, ,.,,.V.,.,,., ,:... EI.. i was 11 .: ,. ff' lf?Zg!P:f arm :iff-flf 'H 9631! Yi' ' s Class Officers-Secretary, Jeanne Hullg President, Lois Walters: Vine President, Susan Logang Treasurer, Marilyn Young. . V -- -V . ....,.. f W f --f--me -xt ..:.,,,.::,,,.,,,:... ,.,,. f,.,,..,.,,,,, s . , .t-, -:ffiiii1PzZ?5i?5 ::1'rW- '-1 , -f "-, 2.3- I , . , M. W ,Z I ,,.. S sr ty , trai 1 'i'- ?g3i1f1f 1 Y it "T ir- - -- . . n,.,, , f e a Nil . in N f S' f al V A 1 1.2. A. .Wg W-,st F SQ ES is is nw Qggagff, - 553,355 ' B ff' use , ra' " ,... .. . i n , I ia- . -Mm. , I 'fp , ,W X, t N' Wk. siemfas a Y, rr is 1, lf' tw , .1 .B , is X .W K G! we 1' he K eshman The Freshman Class began the year with an enrollment of 64 students. We have lost only one, Kenneth Graham, who moved to Florida. The class sponsored the "Christmas Ball" after the Edison basketball game, Dec. 23. f F e lass The class' was very happy to have ,loan Woodward elected as one of the varsity cheer- leaders. A vote of thanks goes to our advisors, Mrs. Hubbard and' Mr. Coare for all their help and guidance during the past year. im...,...,, Richard Callahan Harriette Campbell Richard Cecketti Gerald Colvin Roberta Colwell Larry Crouse Susan Cyphers Tom Harden Darlene Higgins Ruth High Anthony Hobson Janice Hobson Molli Holden Marie Hubbard Don McKirgan Ivan Neptune Joan Parkinson Gene Piatt Ronald Piatt Pauline Poister Sara Powell Sandra Soulier Susan Spencer Elizabeth Sult Ellen Tharp Larry Todd Edna Troyer Lois Walters I'l0II1ewOI-k must be interestin days! 8 these Row One: Patty Staup, Warren Campbell, Josephine Sears, Lanny Van Houten, .lohn Peterson, Leslie Dupler, Katherine Hobson, John Baldwin, ,lerry McLain, John Cooper, George Habert, Charles Spriggs. Row Two: Sherry Shaffer, Maxine Nixon, Carolyn Sprinkle, Susan Gallegher, Robert Williams, Evelyn Hull, Genevieve Davis, Dorothy Styer, ,lerry Sweeney, .lohn Burrey, Larry Marsh, Linda Andrews. Row Three: Judith Levings, Janet Jackson, Denny Blose, Tom Dalrymple, Sandra Cyphers, Susan Mosier, Donna Hecht, Arlen Smith, Eugene Schorr, .limmy Rutherford, Ronnie Callahan. Eighth Grade Row One: Jack Holden, Sharon Newson, Larry Shepard, Robert Campbell, Maxine Davis, Ron' nie Irons, Donald Beardsley, Marilyn Smith, Darlene Osborn, Tommy Geyer, Nancy Wones. Row Two: Charlene Rigney, Karen Hildebrand, Barbara Behen, Lucinda Hardin, Liberty Shade, Sharon Stillings, Nancy Squires, Jane Sears, Carol Cecketti, Bonnie Baldwin, George Dunbar, Andy Radel. Row Three: Eddie Kimmey, Harry Bishop, Judy McAnall, Rita Rexford, Letitia Finley, Hazel Cramer, Beverly Brown, Sharon McManis, ,lamy Wheeler, Stephen Lee, Roderick Lyons, Patty Sue Sautter. Row One: Jimmy McNeil, Timothy Sharrock, Sandra Brown, David Reed, Jack Ransom, Bruce McKirgan, Richard Zinn, David Troyer, Jack Weller, Ronnie Anderson, Everett Lyons, James Davis. Row Two: Dale Vipperman, Gary Bayer, Dwight High, Ruthanna Powell, Billy Fath, Mary Unartel, Betty McPeek, Evelyn Campbell, Elton Burns, Kim Dupler, Leroy Walters, Karen Hecht, Gloria Dalrymple. Row Three: Lloyd Lemley, Gene Oldaker, George Todd, Donald Sta- ley, Keith Jennings, Mary Cramer, Gerald McPeek, James Ranson, Richard Keeran. David Hus- ton, Mike Zwayer, Gary Neptune, Gary Dilsaver. Seventh Grade Row One: Frances Staley, Rosalyn Fraizer, Sharon Casto, Rose Zimmerman, Robert Bates, Shir- ley Wheeler, Betty Soulier, Judy Rathburn, Becky McPeek, Penny McLain, Margaret White, De- wight Burrey, Sam Hindman, William Ransom. Row Two: Janet Witzel, Patsy Razor, Patricia Clapper, Patty Haynie, Diana Keeran, Linda Sult, Nancy Breese, Nada Powers, Helen Styer, Sharon Demuth, Larry Kelly, Larry Chalfant, Charles Birdsong, Judy Rinehart. Row Three: Roger Beck, Gaye Stanley, Sandra Shaffer, Linda Newhon, Chuck Brown. Dennis Rawls, Charles Fairchild, Jill Wilson, Connie Price, John Wolfinger. Ronald Craven, Ronald Milligan. Rebecca Prayer, Shirley Pollard. x 4 Classroom X Row One: Joyce Baldwin, Sue Casto, Sharon Gates, Pat Howard, Mary Jo Ansley, Nancy Rutherford, Sue Rine- hart, Marlene Belt, Janet Germaine, Frances Cooper, Pat Curtis. Row Two: Advisor, Mrs. Ziegler, Mary Ann Vaughn, Pat Mathews, Linda Spriggs, Sandra Callahan, Eva Jo Wheeler, Sally Arnold, Mary Shaffer, Mary Spears, Suzanne Zwayer, Mary Linda Cilfillan, Cynthia JO Ing- mire, Beverly Spears. Row Three: Jane Arnold, Jane Lu Hegel, Sarah Jane Nesbitt, Roxanne Finley, Barbara Hershner, Susan Arnold, Marcelle Harris, Diane Wood- ward, Ellen Wilkey. Janice Shaw, Janice Zimmerman, Susan Geiger, Peggy Shipman, Glada Powers. Row Four: Judy Mathews, Sherry Mettler, Priscilla Smith, Jeanette Wigton, Sally Dunbar, Nancy Jolley, Becky Halbert, Peggy Fisher, Linda Hicks. Y-Teens The Y-Teens is a branch of the Y.W.C.A. with membership open to high school girls in towns where there is no organized Y.W.C.A. unit. We began our activities this year with the formal initiation of twenty-eight new members. ln October we sent Joyce Baldwin, Mary Jo Ansley, Sue Rinehart, Diane Carver, and our advisor Mrs. Ziegler, on the United Nations Study Trip in New York City. Some of our other activities have included a hay ride at Holiday Hill, sponsoring the concession stand at basketball games, decorating the halls at Christmas time, the football feed, helping a needy family, and a Spring tea. The club also sponsored a il "thought for the day', each morning following announcements. Our officers this year have been Nancy Rutherford, President, Sue Rinehart, V Vice-President, Mary Jo Ansley, Secretary-Treasurer, Diane Carver, Assistant Secre- tary-Treasurerg and Janice Stanley, Sergeant-at-arms. We wish to give our .thanks to Mrs. Ziegler for all of the help and guidance she has given us the past year. Row One: Bob Richardson, Larry Wood, Don Bader, Gene Campbell. Raw Three: Kenny Bendle, Bob Wagner, ,lim Brush, Ronnie Osborn. Row Two: Advisor, Mr. Oakes: Sweeney, Bill Hoffmire. Ranny Beard, Joe Germaine, Jim Lowell Thomas, Richard Miller, Kenny Heimlich, Bob Geyer, Frank Bendle. Blosef Don White, ,lim Haserodt, Terry Hunt, Bruce C ln 4 4 The Hi-Y is a Christian organization whose purpose is to serve if both the school and community. , f Our activities have included a Christmas Party at the home of ll' our advisor, Mr. Oakes, a district Hi-Y meeting at Shelby, and spon- illmlh soring a dance with the Y-Teens. Our officers are: President, Don Bader, Vice-President, Ronnie Osborn, Secretary, Bob Richardson: Treasurer, Larry Wood, Chap- lain, Gene Brush. Row One: Lois Walters, Eileen Gattshall, Patricia Davis, Row Three: Ellen Tharpe, Sandra Callahan, Sue Fisher, Gwen Wright, Sondra Williams, Frances Cooper, Judy Martha Gearhart, Helen Lyons, Phyllis Witzel, Patty Patten, Nixon, Gracy Hindman, Charlotte Wiseman. Row Two: Jeanette Sears, Peggy Fisher, Barbara Chilcote, Jeanette Evelyn Boyle, Betty Fritz, Nancy Chubb, Katy Baker, Wigton, Mildred Landon, Nancy Jolley, Jane Rathburn, Roberta Caldwell, Elaine Davis, Joan Bizor, Ruth High, Janice Zimmerman, Betty Sult, Dotty Zimmerman, Mrs. Patsy Staiger, Joyce Witzel, Ellen Wilkey, Yvonne Kisor, Bowen, Advisor. Carol Cherrington, Patty Curtis, Ann Davis, Barbara Smith. .ll. A. The officers of the F.H.A. for the 1955-56 school year were Sondra Williams, President, Frances Cooper, Vice-President, Gwen Wright, Secretary, Judy Nixon, Treasurer, Gracy Hindman, Parliamentariarlg Eileen Gattshall, Historian, Patricia Davis, News Reporter. At the State meeting in April, 1955, Nancy Jolley was elected to the office of State Vice-President in charge of the State Projects. Some of the big events of the year were as follows: formal initiation with a guest speaker, Civil Defense assembly, selling identification tags. The F.H.A. has become quite active. They were the hostess chapter for the Bi-County Rally in March and were in charge of the Award of Merit Ceremony at the State Meeting. The fact that fifteen girls are trying for the Junior Homemakers Degree, ten girls for the Chapter Homemaker Degree, and two for the State Homemaker Degree, exemplifies the outstanding work achieved by the 1055-56 F.H.A. Chapter. Row One: Kenny Hull, George Stevens, Harold Rasor, Piatt, Bruce McKirgan, Lonnie Ashbrook, Row Three: ,lim Rengert, Robert Rasor, Gene Dumbaugh, Roger Mc- David Vipperman, Gerald Holtrey, Bob Zwayer, Edward Namee, Carl Smith. Row Two: Larry Meckley, David Bennett, John Newson, Bob Jackson, Ralph Johnson, McKirgan, Jim Johnson, Don Gattshall, Paul Witzell, Ronald McPeek, Ronnie Piatt. Advisor Mr. Beard. Edward Nesbitt, Jim Campbell, Galen Holtrey, Gene .F. . There are thirty-one members in the F.F.A. this year, and we have carried out quite an extensive list of activities. Among these were our parent and son ban- quet, a roller skating party with FHA, sponsoring a dance with the FHA, furnishing food for two needy families at Christmas, setting up a silver award booth at the state fair, putting up a window display during FFA Week, and organizing a FFA basketball team that won 10 out of 12 games. Among the various contests we entered we won first over 23 teams in the dis- trict livestock judging contest, a gold award in the district parliamentary procedure contest, third in both the State Berkshire and Tamworth judging contests, a gold award in the state safety contest, a gold and a silver award in two demonstrations at the state fair, and a bronze in the F.F.A. district public speaking contest. Our officers for the year are: ,lim Rengert, President, Bob Rasor, Vice Presi- dent, Harold Rasor, Secretary, Gene Dumbaugh, Treasurer, Kenneth Hull, Re- porter, Roger McNamee, Student Advisor, Carl Smith, Sentinel, and George Ste- vens, Chaplain. Row One: Pat Curtis, Frances Cooper, Sarah Powell, Diane Woodward, Treasurer, Carole Bennett Vice-Presi- dent, Nancy Jolley, President, Mary Ann Vaughn, Secre- tary, Sandra Soulier, Susan Asman, Harriet Campbell, Patsy Arnold. Row Two: Advisor, Mrs. Clingog Donna Wiseman, ,lean Hull, JoAnn Parkinson, Marilyn Young, Susan Logan, Eva Jo Wheeler, Sally Arnold, Pat Wood- ward, Jane Rathburn, Sally Rhodebeck, Roxanne Findley, Jane Arnold, Lois Walters, Janet Hobson. Row Three: Betty Fritz, Susan Spencer, Donna Rathburn, Pat Howard, Senior Sharon Cates, Linda Spriggs, Pat Mathews, Barbara Hershner, Susan Arnold, Marcelle Harris, Susan Zwayer, Mary Linda Gillfillan, Janet Germaine, Marlene Belt, Cynthia Jo lngmire, Janice Shaw. Row Four: .Janice Zimmerman, Nancy Chubb, Peggy Fisher, Marie Hubbard, Priscilla Smith, Sherry Mettler, Linda Hicks, Sally Dun- bar, Pauline Poister, Joan Woodward, Janet Wigton, Sandra Callahan, Charolette Wiseman, Marion Johnson, Sandra Howard. .A. A. The Senior G.A.A. officers of 1956 are Diane Woodward, Treasurerg Carole Bennett, Vice-Presidentg Nancy Jolley, President, Mary Ann Vaughn, Secretary. This year the Senior G.A.A. has participated in numerous sports activities. Among these were golfing and bowling parties. We also played several basketball and volley- ball games against other schools. Our projects were our dance and sale of sweat shirts and pillows. We in the Senior G.A.A. wish to thank our advisor, Mrs. Clingo, for the time and attention she has given us. Row One: Judy Rathburn, Karen Hecht, Frances Staley, Darlene Osborn, Nancy Wones, Liberty Shade, Susan Gallegher, Patty Haynie, Margaret White, Penny Mc- Lain, Sandra Brown. Row Two: Mrs. Clingo, Judy Mc- Anall, Patty Sue Sautter, Beverly Brown, Karen Hilde- brand, Holly Coonley, Becky Frayer, Connie Sue Price, Evelyn Hull, Lucinda Hardin, Carol Ceckitti, Linda New- hon, Shirley Pollard, Linda Andrews, Sharon Newson, Marilyn Smith, Bonny Baldwin. Row Three: Leslie unior Dupler, Diana Cooper, Betty McPeek, Nada Powers, Nancy Breese, Patty Clapper, Sharon Demuth, Rosalyn Frazier, Linda Sult, Judy Rinehart, Betty Soulier, Sharon Casto, Rosie Zimmerman, Becky McPeek. Row Four: Gaye Stanley, Letitia Finley, Sherry Shaffer, Rita Rex- ford, Susan Cyphers, Janet Jackson, Sandra Shaffer, Don- na Hecht, Maxine Nixon, Carolyn Sprinkle, Barbara Be- hen. G Q C C Row One: Sammy Hindman, Joyce Baldwin, Carole Ben- Wheeler, Terry Hunt, Donna Rathburn, Gracie Hind nett, Mr. Nicholson, Jim Sweeney, Gene Dumbaugh, Lar- man, Marcelle Harris. ry Todd. Row Two: Danny Fricke, Denny Blose, Jamey Student ouneil The Student Council of 1955-56 has endeavored to promote co-operation and good feeling among the student body by sponsoring various programs and school functions. Among these functions were the pep-rallies, the annual Christmas Party, the Homecoming Festivities, and the "March of Dimesi' Dance. Another special ser- vice of the Student Council was the conversion of the old juke box from 78 r.p.m. to 45 r.p.m., to accommodate the more popular 45 r.p.m. type of records. It is our desire to work for the good of our school and the student body. Our officers for 1955-56 were Jim Sweeney, Presidentg Gene Dumbaugh, Vice Presidentg Joyce Baldwin, Secretaryg and Carole Bennett, Treasurer. ffiee elp Mary Shaffer, Mary Ann Vaughn, Mr. Nicholson, Susan Spencer, Gwen Wright, Sandy Soulier, Susan Geiger, Sue Rinehart, Sondra Williams, Frances Cooper. ibrarians Row One: Mr. Nicholson, Mary Jo Ansley, Janice Shaw, Diane Garver. jane Arnold, Gracy Hind- man, Marlene Belt, Susan Logan, Janice Hobson. Row Two: Darwin Gearhart, Letitia Finley, Susan Gallagher, Patricia Mathews, Cynthia ,Io lngmire, Becky Halbert, Marilyn Young, Nancy McCarty. union'-Senior 1955 Evening in Paris"-those few words bring back a lot of memories to the class of '56 because that was the theme of our Junior-Senior Prom. We never will forget the hard work and late hours we spent in getting ready. The sidewalk cafes, French boulevards, and even.the Eiffel Tower were brought into the gym. in E A French atmosphere was added to the occasion by the ser- vers dressed as French waiters and waitresses and the messengers dressed as Apache Dancers. All these things made for us one of the most memorable occasions of our high school days. WS llomeeomin Court Mary Shaffer, Queen Judy Mathews, Sandra Howard. Cheerleaders Joan Woodward, Suzanne Zwayer, Diane Woodward, Glada Powersg Diane Carver The Mt. Gilead Indians' football team was Football Team Row One: Larry Weaver, Bob Vaughn, Bill Hoffmire, David Fricke, Jim Geyer, Bob Zwayer, Don Bader, Bob Richardson, Dick Zwayer, Gene Brush, Ronnie Dsborn. Row Two: Kenny Heimlich, Jim Sweeney, Larry Wood, Paul Witzel, Bruce Campbell, Jack Barrett, Eddie Ben- nett, Frank Bendle, Don Gattshall, Bob Blose, Don Ing- mire, Ranny Beard, John Newson. Row Three: Jim faced with rebuilding a new team, with only three regulars returning. The season was better than average. We won three, tied one, and lost four. ,We defeated Centerburg 13 to 6. Gene Brush scored on a quarterback sneak and Bob Zwayer intercepted a pass for the other touch- down. The highlight of the season was tying Westerville 6-6, a Class A team. Gene Brush passed to Frankie Bendle for our only score and Dick Zwayer played a"'bang-upi' game on de- fense. We won from Big Walnut 7 to 6. Gene Brush scored on the option play from 20 yards out and passed for the extra point. Our home- coming game with Elm Valley was easily won 38 to Bobby Richardson scored three touch- downs, Gene Brush two, Dave Fricke one, and Larry Brown kicked two extra points. Our losses were to Olentangy 0-32, St. Mary's 0-2, Richwood 6-19, and Cardington 0-6. We placed three on the All Mid-Ohio League Team. Gene Brush at quarterback, Chuck Stanley at tackle, and Dick Zwayer at left end. Haserodt, Larry Brown, Terry Hunt, Keith Conklin, Don White, Harold Philbrook, Larry Meckley, Chuck Stanley, Bob Merriman. Row Four, Coaches: Mr. Marty and Mr. Walls, Tom Hardin, Marion Newman, Tom Detwiler, Floyd Thomas, Richard Miller, Roger Primmer, Eddie Nesbitt, Bob Wagner. Row Five, Managers: Bruce Beard, Richard Ceckitti. oothall HARRY ARNOLD DON BAUER FRANK BENDLE Half Back Full Back Quarterback GENE BRUSH DAVID FRICKE JIM GEYER Qlwftefbaf-'k Tackle Guard BILL HOFFMIRE JOHN NEWSON RONNIE OSBORN End Tackle Half Back ettermen BOB RICHARDSON CHUCK STANLEY ROGER PRIMMER Center Half Blldf Center JIM SWEENEY BOB VAUGHN LARRY WEAVER End End Guard PAUL WITZEL BOB ZWAYER DICK ZWAYER Tackle End End a s k e th a l l RECORD 1955-56 W e They Cardington 74 61 Westerville 69 60 Richwood 68 47 Marion St. Mary 40 41 Galion 56 77 Edison 74 41 Marysville 56 69 ,lohnsville 86 65 Big Walnut 85 56 Olentangy 66 51 Iberia 72 56 Cardington 85 49 Elm Valley 67 51 Prospect 49 66 Fredericktown 69 88 Lexington 75 46 Crestline 60 71 Marion St. Mary 41 43 Tournament Marion St. Mary 75 62 Olentangy 62 82 The record for the 1955-56 basketball season was 12 wins and 8 losses. The record speaks well for the boys, considering the fact that only one regular returned to form the nucleus for the team. The outstanding game of the season was our victory over Marion St. Mary's in the Non-County Tournament. It was strictly a team victory. Seven Seniors will be graduated from this year's squad. A group of promising Juniors, Sophomores, .and Freshman boys will be returning next year, from which we hope to select a number to carry on the tradition of the school in true Indian fashion. Varsit asketball cam Row One: Gene Brush, Roger Primmer, John Newson, Kenny Bendle, ,lim Sweeney. Row Two: Ronnie Osborn, Dick Harris, Bob Merriman, Don Covert Row Three: Bob Zwayer, Frank Bendle, Larry Wood, Managers Jim Haseroclt, Terry Huntg Coach, Mr. Walls. eserve Basketball eam Row One: Bob Richardson, Bob Blose. ,lim Rengert, Bill Hoffmire, Bob Fairchild, Ranny Beard, Dick Zwayer, Larry Weaver, Don White. Row Two: ,lim Haserodt, Bruce Beard, Larry Todd, George Shade, Larry Brown, Tom Harden, Roy Johnson, Terry Hunt, Coach, Mr. Marty. GENE BRUSH Guard 6, 1,7 JOHN NEWSON Forward 67 257 J IM SWEEN EY Forward 6, 1 99 DON COVERT Guard 59 10,7 KENNY BENDLE Guard 5' 11" Varsity ROGER PRIMMER Guard 5, 779 RONN IE OSBORN Guard 5, 9,3 Basketball FRANK BENDLE Guard 5, 8,7 DICK HARRIS Guard 5, 9,9 LARRY WOOD Guard 5' 10' BOB MERRIMAN Forward 5' 10,, BOB ZWAYER Guard 5' 10" olf eam Don White, Larry Weaver, Dick Harris, Roy Johnson, Kenneth Bendle, Larry MeckleY, Jim Sweeney. rack eam Row One: Don Ingmire, Bob Richardson, Don Bader, Jack Barrett, Gene Brush, Joe Germaine, Harry Arnold. Row Two: Mr. Marty, Bob Blose, Harold Philhrook, Edward Nesbitt, Tom Detwiler, Bruce Campbell. vi Ao Co Row One: Larry Meckley, Kenny Heimlich, Bill Hoffmire, Joe Cermaine, Don Bader, Chuck Stanley, ,lim Sweeney, Don Ingmire, Don Covert, Ronnie Osborn. Row Two: Mr. Marty, Larry Weaver, Larry Wood, ,lim Geyer, Frank Bendle, Harold Philbrook, Bob Zwayer, Bob Vaughn, Dick Zwayer, Thad Turner, Dick Harris, Edward Nesbitt Bruce Campbell. Row Three: Jim Haserodt, Terry Hunt Bob Richardson, Bob Blose, Ranny Beard, Gene Brush Kenneth Bendle, Richard Miller, Don White, David Fricke aseball eam Row Une: Bob Fairchild, Richard Campbell, Keith Conk- Rogers, Richard Miller, Bob Sipes. Row Three: Richard lin, Frank Bendle, Ranny Beard, Roger Primmer, Bob Ceckitti, Terry Hunt, Bob Halbert, Bob Vaughn, Tom Zwayer, Gene Brush. Row Two: Mr. West, Dick Zwayer, Harden, Larry Crouse. Ronnie Osborn, Kenny Heimlich, Bill Hoffmire, Doug s union' i h oothall Row Une: Bill Fath. Lanny VanHouten, Tommy Geyer, Craven. Gary Neptune. ,lack Holden. Row Three: ,lamy Jimmy lNIcNiel. David Reed. Bruce MCKirgin. .lack Weller, Wheeler, ,lim Rutherford, Dennis Rawls. Denny Blose, Charlie Spriggs. Sammy Hindman. Row Two: Dwight Charles Brown. George Dunbar, Jerry Sweeney, Coach, High, Mike Zwayer. Herb Campbell, Tom Dalyrmple, Mr. West. Ronnie Callahan. Donald Staley, Charles Fairchild, Ronnie unior i hllaskethall Row One: LHTVY Marsh, Lanny VHHHOUICH, -lack Holden, Denny Blose, Jim Rutherford, Herb Campbell, .lohn Cooper, Steve Lee, Ronnie Callahan. George Dunbar, Tommy Geyer. John Baldwin. Row Two: Coarh, Nlr. West,,lerry Sweeney,,lamy Wheeler, 'WMV Senior and Row One: ,'VIan.ager.s, Larry Marsh, Charles Brown, Warren Campbell. Row Two: Nancy Chubb, Shirley Ghent, Marie Hubbard, Marcelle Harris, Cynthia Jo lngmire, Doug Rog- ers. Sandra Howard, Janice Shaw. Sharon Gates, Susan Arnold, Bob Betz, Susan Logan, Harriett Campbell. Row Three: Joyce Witzel, Judy Nixon, Janet Germaine, Gwen Wlright, Lois Walters, Janice Hobson, Mary Linda Gil- fillan, Pat Woodward, David Alkire, Sally Rhodebeck, Martha Gearhart, Linda Spriggs, Susan Asrnan. Row Four: Pat Curtis, Patricia Mathews, Sandy Soulier, Eva Jo Wheeler. Darwin Gearhart, Peggy Fisher, Harold Fra- zier, Tony Hobson, Sue Fisher, Donna Rathburn, Lonnie Ashbrook. Row Five: Larry Weaver. Jeanette Sears, Dale Kerr. Bob Blose, Keith Conklin, Bob Sipes, Jim Rengzert, Jim Haserodt, David Shaffer, Sherry Mettler, Jane Rath- burn, Bruce Campbell. Director, Mr. Beck. Majorettes P X 2632 '2 RN , Q I -h Vrky., , 4 V, EN Vvnkyr 4? Q I iii' s ia. ' 4 . . ,. iv ' 4- 'fi 11-. , t K , ' Y x. ' 'L - " -me ,, . X 5 ,ff .M asasi -. Jeanette Wigton, Marilyn Young, Drum Major Benny Kline, Pauline Poister, Nancy Jolley. Senior hoir Row One: Pat Howard, Jane Andrews, Beverly Spears, Jane Lu Hegel, Sandra Babcock, Priscilla Smith, Sally Dunbar, Helen Lyons, Mary Jo Ansley, Mary Shaffer, Charlotte Wiseman, Peggy Shipman, Sarah Jane Nes- bitt, Sue Casto, Janice Spriggs. Row Two: Eileen Catt- shall, Susan Spencer, Sara Powell, Ellen Tharp, Roxanne Finley, Jean Hull, Donna Wiseman, Nancy Rutherford, Marilyn Lindner, Barbara Hershner, Clada Powers, Joyce Baldwin, Marlene Belt, Molly Holden, Director, Mr.Beck, Row Three: Cary Link, Dennis Huston, Terry Hunt, Lar- ry Wood, Larry Meckley, Jim Geyer, Joe Germaine, Bob Wagner, Don Bader, Larry Smith, Frank Bendle, Tom Harden, Howard Lyons, Danny Fricke, Larry Crouse, Richard Ceckitti. unior hoir Row One: Penny McLain, Leslie Dupler, Katherine Hob- son, Nancy Wones, Linda Sult, Betty Soulier, Darlene Osborne, Judy Rathbun, Rosie Zimmerman, Becky Mc- Peek, Margaret White. Row Two: Director, Mr. Beck: Newson, Patty John Baldwin, Peterson, Patty Haynie, Nada Powers, Frances Staley, Judy Rinehart, Sharon Casto, Shirley Wheeler. Row McManis, Lucinda Hardin, Liberty Shade, Susan Gal- Diana Keeran, Nancy Squires, Sharon Styer, Sharon DeMuth, Patty Clapper, Larry Shepherd, Larry Chalfant, John Three: Sharon legher, Patsy Razor, Janet Witzel, Connie Price, Larry Marsh, Jerry Sweeney, Ronnie Irons, George Dunbar, Warren Campbell, Patty Sue Sautter, Barbara Behen, Evelyn Hull, Becky Frayer, Maxine Davis. Row Four: Holly Coonley, Sandra Shaffer, Gaye Stanley, Sherry Shaffer, Letitia Finley, Charles Brown, Jim Rutherford, Denny Blose, Roger Beck, Steve Lee, Janet Jackson, Rita Rexford, Donna Hecht, Linda Newhon, Karen Hilder- brand. unior i hlland Row One: Shirley Pollard, Becky McPeek, Patty Clapper, Robert Bates, Lanny Van Houten, John Wolfinger, Denny Blose, Susan Gallagher, Nancy Wones, Liberty Shade, John Baldwin. Row Two: Judy Rathburn, Warren Campbell, Nada Powers, Linda Andrews, Andy Radel, Charles Brown, Janet Jackson, Sherry Shaffer, Lucinda Hardin, Beverly Brown, Mr. Beck, Director. Row Three: Rosa' lyn Frazier,'Ceorge Dunbar, Barbara Behem, Holly Coon- ley, Patty Sue Sautter, Letitia Finley, Rita Rexford, Jim Rutherford, Jerry Sweeney, Larry Marsh, Tom Geyer. Elemental' hoir Row One: Ronda Rathburn, Eleanor Haynie, Judy Ault, Judy Brannanian, Linda Smith, John Rexford, Robert Wilson, Joan McKirgan, Margaret Kimmey, Sue Tennant, Mary Sprankle, Dennis Shipman, Torrey Griffith. Row Two: Ronald Bader, Sue Dunbar, Karen Osborn, Donna Robinson, Bonnie Dilsaver, Donna Brush, Julia Frazier, Connie Cray, Patricia Geyer, Donald McGhee, Judy Hull, Bonita Griggs, Pamela Peterson, Janet Naylor, Dick Cas- to, Mrs. Richardson, Director. Row Three: Susan Gal- lagher, Lee Hunt, Sharon Courtney, Carol Lee, Jean Lay- man, Linda Furniss, Tommy Ansley, Marsha Spriggs, Phyllis Thoman, Sharon Curl, Mary Nixon, Patricia Fath, Betty Peterson, Suzanne Radel, Jean Ault, Candice Fin- ley. Row Four: Steve Fisher, Bill Osborne, Bonnie Jack- son, Jerry Craven, Linda Shuherk, Holly Long, Della Early, Patricia Blose, Judy Logan, Carroll Sears, Myra Ward, Charlotte Beard, Bonnie Holden, Marjorie Sears, Patricia Barrett, Sandra Mosher. DES im A2 Row One: Jean Layman, Henry Burrey, Della Earley, Thoman, Stevie Fisher, Patricia Geyer. Row Three Dale Gattshall, Mary Staup, Opal Alkire, Mary Nixon, Nancy Dowalter, Naney Schrader, Marsha Spriggs, Holly Judy Brannaman, Eleanor Haynie, Dennis Shipman, Betty Long, Linda Shuherk, Jeffrey Landon, John Wagner Peterson, Sue Cooper. Row Two: Phillip McKinstry, Billy Osborne, Jerry Craven, Jack Hull, Eddie Amick Bonnie Holden, Patricia Popp, Kenneth Kehrwecker, James Rasor, David Graham, James Callahan, Phyllis John Troyer. Teacher, Mrs. lmhoff. Sixth Grade Row One: Lee Hunt, Bill Heimlich, Sharon Courtney, Jean MeKirgen, Mark Peterson, Bill Wieland, Terry Van- Houten, Mary Sprankle, Torrey Griffith, Dick Casto, Jerry Newman, Ronald Bader. Row Two: Marjorie Sears, Donald Foos, Bonita Griggs, Carol Schorr, Char- lotte Weaver, Sue Dunbar, Gary Shire, Candice Finley, Sue 'Tennant, Ned Goff, Glenn Dooley. Row Three: Patricia Blose, Judy Logan, Jerry Sears, Kenneth Staley, Joe Lancaster, Bonnie Jackson, Bonnie Pfieffer, Donna Brush, Sharon Casteel, Martha Hildebrand, Janet Nay- lor, Karen Osborn. Teachers, Mrs. Richardson and Mr. West. Row One: Roger Birdsong, Marjorie Heacock, Suzanne Radell, Keith Earley, Judy Ault, Jean Ault, Jerry Ashbrook, Bobby Cook, David Nicholson, Linda Conkle, Mary Howard, Wilma Still- ings. Row Two: Jack Colvin, John Rexford, Merrill Gillfillan, Louise Sipes, Philip Gompf, Linda Furniss, Jo Ann McManis, Julia Frazier, Sandra Rhodeheck, Timmy Marsh, Jane Hunt. Row Three: Bernadine Levings, Samuel Streley, Carroll Sears, Robert Trainer, Myra Jo Ward, Charlotte Beard, Judy Orsborn, Sidney Pinyerd, Marian Soulier, John Petrie. Bonnie Dilsaver. Robert Wilsong Teacher, Mrs. Burggraf. ifth Grade Row One: Carol Lee, Vern Thomas, Ronda Rathburn, Linda Smith, Larry Harden, Glenna Sta- ley, Cary Rizor, Donna Evert, Janet Conkle, Bonnie Burrey, Dennis Tharp, Richard Davis. Row Two: Earl Bennett, Richard Breese, Thomas Ansley, Donna Shade, Donald McGhee, Judith Hull, Sandra Mosher, Margaret Kimmey, Pamela Peterson, William Reed, Sharon Curl. Raw Three: Clarence Caldwell, Judith Bayer, Jimmy Strait, Donna Robinson, Harry Piatt, Patricia Barrett, Malinda McClelland, Kenneth Foos, John Zilske, Tom Gill. Robert Patteng Teacher, Mrs. Riel. Row One: Roger Shepherd, Ruth Daniels, Max Heim- lich, Virginia Wieland, Micheal Casto, Sharon Blocksom, Gerald Corbin, Mary Jane Kerr, John Miller, Karen Rizor, William Stillings, Deborah Asman, Robert Davis. Row Two: Stephen Long, Darlene Milligan, George Bunker, Jacqueline West, Kenneth Crouse, Anne Logan, David McAnall, Bonita Bennett, Trace Landon, Patricia Clingo, Barbara Bates, Ricky Pinyerd, Sara Beth Cal- houn. Row Three: Stanley Southard, Larry Hoffman, Jon Zwayer, Edith Lou Vaughn, Michael Rice, Robert Fissel, Charlotte West, Floyd Troyer, William Mosher, Sandra Ghent, Albert Rampone, Miriam Gearhart. Teacher, Mrs. Peterson. ourth Grade Row One: David Lester, Jane Birdsong, Shirley Thoman, Kenneth Snow, Mary Anne Brown, Eugene Hollings- worth, Terry McPeek, David Spriggs, Mike Trainer, San- dra Levering, Pamela Geyer, Nancy Harvey, Rosemary Campbell, Marjorie Andrews. Row Two: Eugene Doo- ley, Connie Corwin, Janet Ault, Barbara Richardson, Ronnie Nixon, John Shade, Richard Smith, Karen Elaine Williams, Gary Lyons, Mike Dalrymple, Dean Minard, Barbara Jackson, Irene Beardsley. Row Three: Dennis Gallagher, Roger Craven, Walter Poetsch, Richard Hig- gins, Larry Burns, Marsha Fate, Pat Perry, Rheta Long, Jimmy Vail, Lillian White, Susan Wertz, Jerry Colwell, Donald Staiger. Teacher, Mrs. Salyer, Third Grade Row One: Pamela Clapper, Richard Newman, Cheryl Gattshall, Carol Gattshall, Susan Alkire, Charles Evert, Melissa Weller, Candace Casto, Phillip Halbert, Eric Geyer, Beulah Lyons, Danny Cook. Row Two: Samuel Bigham, Stephen Riggs, Thomas Holden, Edward West, Sharon Brush, Cheryl Klingel, Polly Peterson, Gregg Strain, Dianne Truax, Barbara Craven, Michael Bachelder, LeWayne McClelland. Row Three: David Skeen, Rich- ard Claar, Terry Wligton, Darlene Smith, Pamela Strait, Michael Lancaster, Mary Ann Detwiler, Harry Sult, Kim Piercy, Marsha Rice, Karen Nesbitt: Teacher, Mrs. Smith. Row One: Betty Stillings, Tommy Conkle, Doris Chap- man, Eddie Burns, Marlene Halbert, Barbara Cooper, Lin- da Carpenter, Judy Long, Judy Dalrymple, Teresa Hoff- man, Barbara McKee, Jimmy Peterson. Row Two: Rus- sell Muffley, Tommy Griffith, David Frayer, Tommy Ben- jamin, Bruce Kelly, Sherry Shelton, Douglas Rensch, Tan- ya Bates, Stanley Dumbaugh, Shirley Ratliff, Mary Susan Perry, Linda Tierney. Row Three: Donald Amick, Jef- frey Logan, Bobby Wertz, Jim Stanley, Jin Wolfinger, Patty Wyrick, Patricia Foster, Bobby Hershner, Denny Sims, Bonnie Garveriek, Linda Kline: Teacher, Mrs. Riley. Row One: Richard Bachelder, Marlee Carmean, Dana Heacock, LaVonne Rutherford, Jo Ellen Sterritt, Judith Goff, Dennis Corwin, Daniel Coldwell, John Reed, Linda Baker, Linda Coning, Ruth Ann VanBuskirk. Row Two: Kenneth Williams, Charles Weston, Larry Furniss, Kathie Gompf, Fred Graham, Sandra Chalfant, Jeffrey Mosier, June Porter, Barbara Craven, Carolyn Lemley, Phillip Shirk. Row Three: James Bird, Richard Foltz, Linda Vipperman, James Osborn, Corky Norris, Bonnie Fisher, Carolyn Hull, Bonnie Matson, Phillip Lee, Timothy Smith, David Hubbert: Teacher, Mrs. Rutherford. Row One: Carol Shipman, Gerald Rawls, Alice Mosier, Bill Sult, Jerry Christensen, Virgie Bald- win, Lynn Owen, Virgil Staley, Brent Coleman, Gary Noble, Bill Calhoun, Suzanne Piercy, Eliz- abeth Mathews, Steve Hart. Row Two: Jimmy Smith, Mary Ann Slavik, Caroline Lentz, Con- nie Levering, Stevie Benjamin, Sandy Kubbs, Carolyn Herron, James Kimmey, Jack Styer, Billy Wenger, Billy Griggs, Gary McClelland, Michael Hobson. Row Three: Walter Saylor, Larry Staup, Carol Ann Thornton, Penny Henderson, Pam Blose, Jimmy Weaston, Gary Kehrwecker, Diana Covert, Cindy Ward, Herbert Hughes, James George, Marcia Clingo, Linda Ingmire. Teacher, Mrs. McCamman. i Second Grade Row One: Vicki Ashbrook, Barbara Logan, Steven Barler, David Shade, Linda Heron, Bill Brown, David Warner, Mike Keil, Blair Strain, Skippy Woodward, Leona Burrey, Leslie Chap- man, Tommy Smith, Clifton Sampson. Row Two: Mike Levings, Wayne Hollingsworth, Linda Fritz, Nancy Bennett, Mary Jo Jaggers, Terry Weber, Renee Sims, Diana Nicholson, Phil Court- ney, Darlene Bunker, Mary Harvey, Jane Styer, Jill Matson, Marie Lawyer. Row Three: Bobby Armstrong, Stephen Phillips, Virginia Coning, Mary Petrie, Gary Spriggs, Mary Staley, Ellen Burson, Gary Chubb, Sandra Toot, Sandra Shire, Don Gordon, Stephen Houston, Keith High, Betsy Wonesg Teacher, Mrs. Rhodebeck. Row One: Esther Densel, Jerry McPeek, Jerry Haas, Sharon Sherbourne, Larry Marty, Bertha Saylor, Janet Hildebrand, Judy Hicks, Judy Rensch, Sharon Milligan, Connie Morgan, Carol Kimball, Pat Hobson, Dennis Brocklesby, Bobby Smith. Row Two: Michael Thomp- son, Lana Rae Blayney, Harold Baldwin, Michael Dup- ler, Judy Jagger, Debra Fate, Kay Tierney, Karen Cray, Sharon Levings, Becky Holden, Helen Staup, Diana Cochran, Judy Badurina. Row Three: LeRoy Oldaker, James Williams, Donald Rice, Janet Chalfant, Gloria Conkle, Lee Akers, Charles Bragg, John Coning, Steven Brown, Darrol Biffle, Billy Southard, Teresa Fisher, Co- rine Norris. Teacher, Mrs. Lepp. First rade Row One: Marilyn Baker, Vicki Chubb, Sharon Heacock, Michael Pfeifer, Jimmy Keil, Leslie Bates, Marie Rob- inson, Patsy Smith, John Zimmerman, Stephen Bender, Timmy Casto, Cal Shirk, Sally Huston, Helen Kay Far- rington. Row Two: Sue Stillings, Rheda Jo Kisor, Tom- my Trainer, Charles Mosier, Barbara Torr, Patty Poetsch, Tamsen Dalrymple, Jimmy Taylor, Billy Soulier, Nancy Jo Hildebrand, Bonnie Jo Coldwell, Christine Mosier, Treva Bates. Row Three, Teacher, Mrs. Ward: Cary Craven, Cary Foster, Billy McCreary, Diane Renn- page, Vickie Smith, Kathleen Levings, Deborah Skeen, Bonnie Sue McClelland, Loretta Canson, Jennifer Long, Francis Slavik, Jerry Hart, Richard Troyer. Row One: Dana Noble, Marilyn Swisher, Janet Beeman, Nancy Conkle, Suzanne Barler, Sandy Foster, Joe Hamilton, Cindy Warner, Kathy Helman, Cheryl Hobson, Jackie McPeek. Row Two: Bryan Ullom, Timmy,Ceyer, Tracy Smith, Karen Shelton, Laura Lee Brown, Peggy George, Kathy Stauffer, Janice Casto, Jo Ellen Carmean, Timmy George, Richard Gladden. Row Three: Michael Hord, Michael Schurtz, Bruce Snow, Sandra McCracken, Michael Lepp, Linda Arnold. Joan Frayer, Carol Ann Corbin, Donna McDonald, Connie Riffleg Teacher, Mrs. Potter. Kindergarten Row One: Jill Norris, Christoibher Gomph, Christine Smith, Judy Kay Lester, Peggy McKee, Tommy Farrington, Gary Laska, Mike Robinson, Mary Kathryn Jordan, Joyce Kehrwecker, Michael Randolph. Row Two: Richard Porter, Johnny Shade, Kay Miller, Janie Petrie, Keith Kubic, .lulie Beth Coleman, Terry Rizer, Cathy Kulmbs, Bonnie Sue Bachelder, Patty West. Row Three: Shayne Edwards, Bruce Phillips, David Bennett, Leslie Armstrong, Jane Logan, Rhonda Rutherford, Tim Clapper, Cathy McClelland, Susan Mills, Cheryl Kriner, Richard Matson, Teacher, Mrs. Potter. PROOF -READING Mizpah Staff Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Nancy Rutherford Carole Sue Bennett Mary Jo Ansley ADVERTISING COMMITTEE COPY COMMITTEE SALES COMMITTEE 'Bob Wagner 'Marion Johnson Mary Shaffer Jane Andrews Dick Harris Gene Brush Sandra Howard Donna Wiseman Joe Germaine John Newson Carole Sue Bennett Mary Jo Ansley Glada Powers LAY-OUT COMMITTEE Nancy Rutherford Carole Sue Bennett Mary Jo Ansley Alan Squires! Jim Sweeney Judy Mathews Jane Lu Hegel Ruth Campbell Peggy Shipman Bob Halbert Gene Dumbaugh Sarah Jane Nesbitt 'Joyce Baldwin Darwin Gearhart Frances Cooper Sondra Williams 'Chairman of Committee Glada Powers Kenny Bendle Sandra Babcock Harry Arnold Tom Casto Don Covert Beverly Crouse Pat Davis Dave Friclce Eileen Gattshall Marvin Gearhart Violet Howard Don lngmire George Stevens Lowell Thomas Bob Vaughn Ralph Johnson Dave McKirgan Don McQuistion Joan Rizor Janet Staup Thad Turner Janice Spriggs Wayne Muffley Ronnie Osborn Bob Rasor Patsy Staiger Chuck Stanley Mary Spears ' '40 000 .0 " 0 42444000 44442440 4660 444 04 4440 4400 4004 0044 04444 WW 4443 22 4 6 40 2 440 4339 0 'Q '400400 Q '04 022220 040 Q 4004000003 'W 00 00 343' 0 0 040400 5252 5522 D 4252 44 5000 0 :uf 00 0500000 4400 'MMO' Ruthlotfjrgethe YQ0 44g444 00 4 355322650 gg 0 Q0 0 E. 434 " 44 004444 0000000000 00000000 040g Q3 0004 0 W. 44g0404 2 00000 0 0155 JONES' ISALY'S DAIRY COMPLIMENTS OF MORTON'S HARDWARE HARDWARE FOR HARDWEAR Mt. Compliments of AU LT MOTOR SALES, INC. Your Chevrolet Dealer Best Wishes to the Closs of '56 BLOOMFIELD T.V. 81 APPLIANCES Dealers in Electrical Appliances and R C A Victor - Crosley T V 8. Appliance Sales-Sefvi G I R P " 9 RCA Estate Ga d EI 44 south M M GI d ch AB.C. andRage?1dix L cl y Equipm t 30 S M S Ph 57 M GI d Oh Best WishSigrpg1ia9CIoss of '56 INTERNATIONAL COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION or MACHINISTS ASSOCIATION Mt. Gilead, Ohio GEYER'S MARKET Groceries - Meats and Poultry Mt. Gilead Phone 70a From a Candlelight Table for two To a Banquet for 'I00 Remember The GLOBE HOTEL Your Patronage Has made it Possible for us to help Make this year the Biggest Ever HICKSCJN INSURANCE Charles C. Hickson Robert C. Hickson 22 South Main Street Mount Phone 95 Where Everyone Shops and Saves ML Gilead Congrcatulotes the Class of 1956 Gilead Compliments of C A M P B E LL Compliments of Auto Supply A S M A N ' S F T Drugstore Cl A M G d o 85 M GI d Oh BEST WISHES TO THE C if CLASS OF 1956 MT. GILEAD LUMBER COMPANY Phone 23 TAYLOR'S MARKET C k Compliments of C g l GORDON AND S f 191 JAGGER C. J. Rizor FORD and MERCURY MT- Gll-EAD Sl and Servi STATIGN 7 M GI d A.A.A. Service Compliments of COCPERATIVE Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Gasoline - Fuel Oil Tile - Fence - Freezers Farm Supplies A tlworized Dealer for hutt Farm Machinery one 384 HERCULES GALICDN PRODUCTS, INC. GIONOO Bring refreshment in have u Coke Q I I ei I elite re V W 1 ll III to play Ill IOVVLIU UNUII AUYIOOIIYT Ol 'Pl IOC! C31 COMPANY IV COCA C Bottling Co., Marion, Ohio LA Congratulations to the Class of T956 MT. GILEAD FARM EQUIPMENT CCD. Congratulations to the Class of T956 from THE JERSEY KNCLL International Harvester Farm and Dairy Equipment Homefreezers Refrigerators International Trucks Tractors Phone 350 Mt. Gilead DAIRY FARM Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK in Mt. Gilead Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation THE PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK "Serving all Morrow County" Mt. Gilead, Ohio GOODMANS OF GALION "Where Quality Is Not Expensive" Featuring Nationally Advertised Lihes of Quality Furniture, Appliances, Lamps and Carpet. Phone 27841 Galion, Ohio ' Compliments of JOHN W. MATHEWS Distributor Gulf Oil Products Mt. Gilead, Ohio COMPLIMENTS TO THE 1956 CLASS AND BEST WISHES WEAVER'S SUPER MARKET Phone 21 Mt. Gilead 8. Edison Road Congratulations THE OHIO FUEL AND GAS COMPANY When in Galion Visit THE DAIRY QUEEN Compliments of J 81 H SHOE STORE Public Square Gqlion, Ohiq John McAnall Howard Dudley E. Z. LUNCH 602 South Market St. Galion, Ohio QUAY'S DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency Galion, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I956 GALION BOWLING CENTER Galion, Ohio TUSCON RECREATION Modern Bowling Galion, Ohio G. 81 G. DECORATING CENTER The Valspar Store I Paints and Wallpaper To Suit Your Every Purpose JON ES POTATO CHIPS Guaranteed Fresh or Your Money Back Phone Mansfield, Pl'lOl'le 217 South Market St. Golion, Ohio GOLD MEDAL BETZ FLORIST Coffee and C d G d anne oo S "Say It With Flowers" ,THE TRACY at AVERY , co Phone 226 MT. GILEAD, OHIO Mansfield, Ohio Compliments of THOMAS JEWELRY Congratulations to the Class ot l956 Fostoria Crystal from 'rch 2 tpqln THE INN Q! 'Na Good Food For Good Health Recommended by Duncan Hines ina' --.x ss s. Main A A A Ph. 355X ,' 'l Mt. Gilead it Mt. Gilead, Ohio I III' Hamilton, Elgin 8. Bulova Dealer CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 HWAGNER BRGS. EI.ECTRIC" Zenith and Philco T.V. Maytag Washers and Dryers Phone 98 Mt. Gilead Evenings: 455K MT. GILEAD AUTO SALES, INC. Dodge 8: Plymouth Compliments ot MCNTGOMERY WARD Cars Trucks l . Sales 8. Service M""'o"' ohm Robert Birdsong Phone 99 General Manager Compliments ot A FRIEND Everybody says, "lt Pays To Trade At" LENNON'S 259 West Center Street Marion, Ohio Compliments of BOWEN'S Credit Jewelry Compliments of BROLLIERS CLEANERS 42 S. Main Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of LLOYD CORWIN'S GULF STATION SOHIO STATION West High Sr. Mr. Gilead Corner Main and North Phone 'I34 Congrotulotions to the Colss Compliments of of 1956 M O R R O W D A L E STULLIS MENIS Quality Dairy Products ML Gilead MoRRow CREAMERY WEST CENTER STREET Phone 2-K Mt. Gilead PURE olL SHERMS SERVICE STATION BARBER SHOP Phone 87 JOHN SZALAPATO Mt. Gilead, Ohio Mt. Gilead, Ohio R8tH FLOOR AND WALL COVERINGS Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Jim Smith - Owner SHADY INN GARAGE Phone 451 Mt. Gilead, Ohio All Kinds of Welding General Repair George Shade Compliments of MORROW MEAT PRODUCT CO. Custom Slaughtering Curing and Smoking CRYSTAL ICE AND ZERO LOCKERS Custom Slaughtering Meat Curing and Smoking Processing for Homefreezers- New Party Shop Lockers for Rent th St. Mt. Gil CRAVEN FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 117 MT. GILEAD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES CLASS OF T956 MT. GILEAD HIGH SCHOOL Your Appearance Is Our Business JIM DUGAN'S STORE Ma rion, Ohio Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. Marion, Ohio Compliments of B E E C H E R ' S FROZEN CUSTARD Service With a Smile South Main St. Mt. Gilead Compliments of Charles W. Birdsong, Inc. Your Buick- Pontiac Dealer U. S. Royal Tire Distributor Complete Service for All Makes Guaranteed Used Cars Phone 79 8. 78 SHARROCK ELEVATOR Grain - Coal - Seed - Fertilizer Hay and Straw Building Supplies and Tile Phone 84 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Evenings: Phone 226-K H. O. CRAWBAUGH Compliments of HARDWARE SNYDERS MILLING SERVICE Marion's Old Reliable Marengo' ohio Cement Blocks Feed 113 N. Main St. Marion, Ohio Ready Mixed Concrete LONG'S GARAGE Cardington, Ohio Your Plymouth - DeSoto Dealer Complete Front End Alignment and Frame Straightening Phone 3581 SOULIER PLUMBING 81 HEATING American Standard Installations 8. Repairs 16 West High St. Phone 125 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments ot CAPITOL THEATRE "Home of Cinemascope" Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 140 Compliments ot LONG'S SEED HOUSE Mt. Gilead, Ohio RICE PLUMBING 8. HEATING IDon Ricel - New Installation 8. Repair - Plumbing Fixtures Of Quality Phone 519 or 142-K 41 E. Center St. Mt. Gilead, Ohio LOWE BROS. CO. Paints - Varnishes Wallpaper - Linoleum Floor Tiles Phone 2-2694 196 W. Center Marion, Ohio KROUTY'S BARBER SHOP SCHAFFNER-MEYER CO. Men's and Boys' Clothing Galion, Ohio 202 Harding Way W. ANNE'S HAT SHOP 'l'l3 Harding Way "The Hatshop of GaIion" Compliments of HAFFNER'S 5c - 51.00 Store Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments ot HOME APPLIANCE CO. J- C- PENNEY ug1'iZI.'QZ.RSZfl.lfl 12.5" G"'i0"' Phi' Phone 2-2511 Galion, ohio Compliments of Compliments of PEOPLES CLOTHING co. BLUE RIBBON Grace Hahn - Elsie Orr 171 W. Center St. Marion, Ohio VAUGHN WILLIAMS Famous Brand Shoes Footwear for the Entire Family MARION RECREATION "Best in BowIing" Marion, Ohio V. H. Williams, Prop. Mt. Gilead. Ohio BMABBB FRY AND ZENTLER "A Real Music Store" 6 S. Main St. Mansfield, Ohio. Mt. cg3Zc'd?2lgi:-lres' Greasing :scat 54 B WEBER'S JEWELRY STORE The Diamond Store of Galion SWEET GARDEN Galion ' 109 South Market Street Galion, Ohio Home Made Candies Galion Farm and Home Store Mc1rty's Stork oncl Teen Age 203 Harding Way - East Galion, Ohio R. G. Allenbach Cenler Phone 3-5704 203 Harding Way- East Galion, Ohio Compliments of OWNERS PRODUCTS, INC. Compliments of VANATTA GLADDEN Jobbers of General I Automotive Parts 81 Equipment C I V nsurance I Machine Shop Service ' ' enum' C' R' Gadde Phone 419 . . ' , Oh 225 S Market St Gallon Mt. Gilead' ohio EVANS IMPLEMENT CO. Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of PRIMMER'S BAKERY Phone 42 9 West High Street Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of SNYDER'S HARDWARE BOLINGER BROTHERS Dealers in John Deere Phone 192-L Edison, ohio Farm Machinery and Repairs Phone 388-R Edison, Ohio THE MORROW COUNTY Compliments Of SENTINEL SIDS CLEANERS 1848 to 1956 Murrow County's Leading Newspaper 109 Years Old New Every Thursday 29 South Main Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 336 Compliments of GALION FARM SERVICE 602 South Market Street Public Square Galion, Ohio Galion, ohio ' Congratulations, Seniors Compliments of THE RQCKFT STORE UH'-MAN,S I I Galion, Ohio Marion, Ohio Phone 2-4019 Compliments of Rexall GLOBE CLOTHING STORE Phone 2-111 201 Harding Way-East Galion, Ohio Galicn' ohio Compliments of National Mailing Service "GaIions Leading Jewelry 8. Gift Store Diamond - Watches Royal Portable Typewriters 107 Harding Way-East Galion, Ohio 2-I5 Harding way-East Galion, om Compliments Of Hamilton Omega I Bum ,Hsin PORKY s DRIVE-IN Galion, ohio Galion, Ohio THE FAYE SHOP 176 W.Center St. The Thomas Hardware Co. Galion, Ohio Marion, Ohio Compliments of HARDEN'S Pianos Organs Instruments The CIIY Ice 8' Fuel CO' 179 5. Main Phone 29544 M"""" oh" 173 oakasffeer Marion, om Compliments of TU-I'-I-I.ES Third Public Square, Galion, Ohio Ph 192-W one Magazines - Greeting Cards Edison Ohio Hobby Supplies - etc. Compliments of ANDREWS DAIRY Galion, .Ohio THE WHITE HOUSE Women's Wear and Accessories Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of BOB'S BARBER FOCD MARKET Phone 29 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of Compliments to The Closs of l956 JoE's MARKET SPENCEWS Mt. Gilead' ohio Mt. Gilead, Ohio 233 43 S. M Compliments of M C t' Fi t Where Good People and crm: Dun YS rs ewspaper Good Food Meet Mt. Gilead, Ohio Mt. Gilead, Ohio E O ill! , - 1 :gm ' illltlp aillllil 'I' bffwwffff M -f I-I-P-M FT1 K C7 5 0 Yes, Students and Faculty, the welcome lg mat is always out. You have a standing f1'1 invitation to visit H-P-M and see the world's largest exclusive builder of hydraulic presses and power equipment at worlr. Who knows . . . hydraulics ond H-P-M may play a part in your future . . . and you in ours. Just call our personnel manager and let him know when you'd like to come over, so he can arrange for a guide to take you on the tour. THE HYDRAULIC PRESS MANUFACTURING UUMPANY MUUNT GILEAU, UHIU, U. S. A. FINE CLASS RINGS Renresentdtiver ANNOUNCEMENTS B"' L""""e Compliments of YEARBOOKS Box 29 Town 81 Country I.G.A. Food AWARDS Bucyrus, Ohio Liner I S Marion, Ohio Since 1897 YUNCKER'S SPORTING' GOODS Mansfield, Ohio 155 Cline Avenue BEST W'5HE5 Team Outfitters TO THE CLASS OF 1956 Chenille Letters and Emblems Class Sweaters and Jackets THE INQUIRER Johnson Outboard Motors Century Boats Published Daily Established 1877 Johnny Johnson -- Salesman Phone 4546-6 I Compliments of OSBORN AND HETRICK SEARS ROEBUCK 3' CO- Barber Shop Marion, Ohio Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of THE FARM AND HOME LUMBER C0 SHELLHORN'S ' MUSIC STORE One Stop Building Seryice WHERE YOUR BUILDING DQLLAR l63 S. Main Street Marion, Ohio GOES FARTHER Call 26961 Collect Caledonia, Ohio I I I I NORTH ELECTRIC C0 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 Compliments of CARL'S AUTO PARTS Marion, Ohio "lt Pays To Belongf' THE MT' GILEAD canon Aufomobaie Club 'I39 Hardwing Way East Galion, Oh BEST wisi-ies F. W. WOOLWORTH CO Galion, Ohio Compliments of CAMPBELL'S FARM MARKET North on'Route 61 Mt. Gilead, Ohio WHlSTON'S HUTCHlNSON'S GARAGE ond Welding Sohio Products Dependable Service t 95 Mt. Gilead WOOGERD JEWELRY Complete Repair Service 'I27 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio Compliments of J., C. MURPHY Galion, Ohio ALWAYS CORRECT I The most appropriate remembrance for all occasions is . . YOUR PORTRAIT. Nothing, however cosTIy conveys so much Truly personal feeling as . . . YOUR PORTRAIT Of course, iT should be a recent one. HAVE WE PHOTOGRAPHED YOU LATELY? CUBBERLY STUDIO Delaware Ohio Compliments of Compliments of THE P 81 M DRIVE IN Mt. Gilead's only drive in for fine foods A and drinks and complete carry out service. Phone 173 Rl. 42 north TUROFF'S LI NSTEDT AND ANSLEY Your Sohio Distributors Phone 31 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Where good food and people meet. Marion, Ohio Compliments of A FRIEND -311 . if S r - E " E' . F , fx' 'fy 4 Q X 3 1 V . 15' . Y - mn- SL W 1 Mr. ,L . X , , ijfma Q , an "I, - as 'CF' ' K 1,1 1 , , Ls. ., .V n i: -x -. 74 s Q' We t W 1 g e Ml. n fi I "haf vr ,A X Z INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Munufatlurers- Book Binders FACIORY -HOME OFFICE Kansas City

Suggestions in the Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) collection:

Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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