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Q-XX X' Wk ., 9 VS x + ' -FW 39? - ' fgyf, 'llxfjg Q XV 4 .,.. E , J X f".":E2bfSQy . ,M ,- ,Q Aff 599, - V Q if .Nz MT GILEAD I-HGH SCHOOL Page l TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Faculty ..tA.. Seniors ttttttttttt,t Underclassmen Activities tittiti.i Sports ......,. Music itiiiiiiiiti Grade School Advertisers eeeee Page 2 Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 4 5 8 21 31 40 53 57 65 DEDICATION Because of his interest and friendliness, we the Seniors of 1955, proudly dedicate this 40th edition of the Mizpah to Mr. Eugene West. His pleasing manner and generosity have made him well liked by the entire student body. He may be found at every athletic contest giving full support to our teams. Summing it up-we believe Mr. West to be an all around swell fellow! Page 3 ADMINISTRATION G. R. BLOSE Superintendent Ohio Northern, B.S. Ohio State, M.A. D- C- NICHOLSON H. S. Principal Physics-Chemistry Ohio University, A.B. I BOARD OF EDUCATION H. E. WEST Ele. Principal Ashland College, B.S. ohn Mathews, Virginia Bennett, Luther Asman, Dale Mosher, President, C. R. Gladden, Clerkg Clifford Calhoun, Vice President. Page 4 HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS MR. R. S. BEARD MRS. MARTHA MR. RICHARD MRS. KATHRYNE B.S. Ohio State HUBBERT POFFENBAUGH ZIEGLER Agriculture B.A. Otterhein B.S., B.A. Ashland A.B. Ohio Wesleyan College College English M.A. Columbia Drivers Training University Science Mathematics MRS. MARGERY MR. JOHN MR. K. A. OAKES MR. FRANK MR. GLENN CLINCO MARTY B.S. Ashland College TRUITT WRENN B.A. Heidelberg B.A. Baldwin Social Studies B.A., B.S. Otterhein B.S. Ohio State College , Wallace College Industrial Arts M.S. Ohio University ' Coach Coach Physical Education History French World History MR. OSCAR BECK MRS. FERN MISS I-IELENE MRS. KATHRYN MR. PAUL ZWAYER B. Sch. Mus. Wooster BOWEN BUZA WIELAND A.B., B.S. Ohio State College A.B. Marshall College B.S. Bowling B.A., B. Mus. Gen. Bus. Music Vocational Home Green B.P.S.M. Otterloein Junior High Math. Economics Commercial College and Science English II, III, IV Page 5 ELEMENTARY TEACHERS MRS. IMHOFF MRS. KRALLMAN MRS. LEPP MRS. MCCAMMAN MISS DENMAN B.S. Ohio State B.S. Ohio State Bowling Green Ashland College B.S. Ohio University MRS. PETERSON MRS. POTTER MRS. RHODEBECK MRS. MRS. RILEY Winchester Normal A.B. Nebraska Ashland College RICHARDSON Ohio University State Teachers Wittenberg College MRS. ROWAN MRS. MRS. SMITH MRS. WARD MRS. PARKS University of Georgia RUTHERF ORD Ohio University Ashland College Ofioe Secretary Ohio University Kent State University Page 6 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARILEE JOYCE BRANAMAN Vice-President 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Class V. Pres. 1 Class Treasurer 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Queen Attendant Buckeye Girl's State 3 Office Help 3, 4 Mizpah Staff 4 ra O President Class V. Pres. 2 Choir 1 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 1 v.A.C. 1, 2, 3,4 FREDERICK O. JOLLEY 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1, 2 Mizpah Staff 4, Asst. Editor CHARLES WALLACE BECK GAYNELL LEE JOHNSO Secretary Treasurer 12 Years at Mt. Gilead C1358 Treas. 1 Class Pres, 2 Class Pres. 3 Student Council 1, 4 Student C0l1HCil 2 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 2 Minstrel 1, 2 MiI1Stf9l 1, 2 Reserve Football 1, 2 Y-Teens 2 Varsity Football 2, S Ofliee Help 4 F,F,A, 1, 2, 3 Mizpah Staff 4, Promoter V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Mizpah Staff 4 Page 8 N JOHN IRVIN ALLEN CARROLL BENTON Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 4 Hi-Y 2 Y-Teens 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Advisor 4, JANICE MARLENE AULT G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Parliamentary Procedure Team F.H.A. 3, 4 Homecoming Queen 4 2, 3, 4 OfHce Help 2, 3 P.T.A. Court 3 Mizpah staff 4 Mizpah Staff 4 Mizpah Staff 4 RONALD GENE BELT 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 1 Minstrel 1 Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1, 2 V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Photogenic Senior Mizpah Staff 4 Page 9 RICHARD NEIL CONING 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Mizpah Staff 4 HARRIETT LEE BOWEN Choir 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3 Minstrel 2 Y-Teens 2, 4 Reserve Cheerleader 2, 4 Varsity Cheerleader 3 Photogenic Senior Mizpah Staff 4 SHIRLEY JEAN CYPHERS ROBERT GENE FRITZ Choir 3, 4 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g V. Pres. 3g Pres. G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 4g Parliamentary Procedure Team Reserve Cheerleader 1, 3 2, 3, 4 Varsity Cheerleader 4 Mizpah Staff 4 Office Help 2, 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 Mizpah Staff 4 Page 10 JOHN CLENDON HERSHNER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 1, 2 Reserve Football 1, 2 EVELYN MAY Varsity Football S, 4 HAMMOND V.A.C. 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Minstrel 1, 2 Chaplain 4, Parliamentary Pro- F.H.A, 4 cedure Team 3, 4 Mizpah Staff 4 Mizpah Staff 4 NANCY HOFFMIRE 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Class Secretary 1 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 1, 2 G.A.A. 1, 2 Prince of Peace 1 Mizpali Staff 4 ROBERTA BELLE KERR 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 1, 2, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Minstrel 1, 2 Y-Teens 3, 4 OHice Help 4 Mizpah Staff 4 Page .1 1 SUE ANN LAWRENCE Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 1, 2 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 2 Prince of Peace 4 Mizpali Stall 4 MADELYN GAY MARSH Class President 1 Class Secretary 2 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Pianist 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Oilice Help 3, 4 Mizpah Staff 4 JOHN DAVID MOSHER DONNA JEAN MUFFLEY 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Student Council 45 Pres. 4 Choir 1 Minstrel 1 Reserve Football 1 Varsity Football 4 Reserve Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 2, S, 4 V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4 Mizpah Stall 4 Page 12 Class Secretary S Student Council 1, Sec.-Treas. 4 Y-Teens 2, 4 G.A.A. 1 P.T.A. Court Mizpah Staff, Business Manager DAVID LEE POWERS 1:2 Years at Mt. Gilead CAROL RUTH PHILLIPS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g V. Pres. S, 4 Mizpali Staff 4 G1-iei-Pl, 52, 3, 4 Minstrel 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Reserve Football 2 Varsity Football S, 4 V.A.C. 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 25 Treas. 35 Pres. 4 Buckeye Boyis State 3 Movie Projector Operator 4 Mizpah Staff 4 PAUL LLOYD RASOR F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Sentinel 4g Pir liamentary Procedure Tea Mizpah Staff 4 DALE HERBERT RATHBURN 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 1 Minstrel 1 Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1, 2 V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 45 V. Pres. 4 Mizpali Staff 4 Page 13 Ili .Wm FRAN SADLER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 1, 2 Band 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 44 V. Pres. Mizpah Staff 4 35 Pres. 4 RICHARD EUGENE BARBARA JEAN SOULIER SMITH Choir 3, 4 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Y'TeenS 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, stu- GAA- 3, 4 dent Advisor 4, Parliamentary Pfmce of Peace 3, 4 Procedure Team 3, 4 Vztrsity Cheerleader 4 Mizpah Staff 4 M1ZPah Staff 4 . ' s Page 14 LINDA LEE SPRANK Student Council 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 C.A.A. 1 Homecoming Attendant 4 Mizpah Staff 4 LE JOHN CHESTER STALEY 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Reserve Football 1 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 v.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Mizpah Staff 4 Page 15 LILA MARLENE STANLEY Choir 2 ' Minstrel 2 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 3, 4 Office Help 3, 4 Mizpah Staff 4 FLOYD ROY STERRITT 12 Years at Mt. 'Gilead Choir 1 Minstrel 1 Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1, 2 V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Mizpah Staff 4 CHARLES WILLIAM TODD Varsity Football 3 Varsity Basketball 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 Mizpah Staff 4 VIRGINIA ANN VIPPERMAN F.H.A. 1 Mizpall Staff 4 Page 16 GERALD FRED WEAVER Band 1, 3, 4 Reserve Football 1 Varsity Football 2, 3 Reserve Basketball 1 V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Mizpah Staff 4 ROBERTA ANNE ,ZIMMERMAN Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel Y-Teens C.A.A. 1 Photography Club 3, Secretary 8 Prince of Peace 4 Mizpah Staff 4 Page 1 7 RAYMOND EUGENE ZINN Student Council 3 Mizpah StaH 4 RICHARD WARD ZOLMAN Class President 3 Class Vice President 2 Reserve Football 1 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1, 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 45 Sec- retary 3, Treasurer 4 Mizpah Staff 45 Editor 1 TEACHERS?? Teachers are a funny lot, Sonme are nmushians,sonie are not XV e have a hunter in our midst, Even hot-rodders with a car that its. The before and after of a football team, Now what do you think of this little scheme? Page 18 MIZPAH STAFF G Edztgr ,,YYYY,,,,,V,,,,,,,,,,,,A777,,--,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,7 ,,,,, , D ick Zolman Assistant Editor ,,,,.,.. frrf 7 Fred lgllef' Business Manager ssssssss ssss.sss D orma Mutfley P1-gmgter ,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,77 C aynell johnson Adpiger ,,,,i ,,,,,,,, M r. Poffenhaugh Advertising Committee Planning Committee Sales Committee Wallace Beck Shirley Cyphers Gerald Weaver Harriett Bowen Richard Smith Janice Ault Floyd Sterritt Barbara Soulier Copy Committee Marlene Stanley Marilee Branaman Madelyn Marsh Roberta Kerr Fran Sadler Linda Sprankle john Mosher Carroll Benton Page 19 David Powers Raymond Zinn Paul Rasor Clendon Hershner Carol Phillips Nancy Hoifmire Ronnie Belt john Allen Richard Coning Roberta Zimmerman Virginia Vipperman Sue Lawrence Charles Todd Dale Rathburn Bob Fritz Evelyn Hammond john Staley Margaret Cooper CLASS PROPHECY IN THE YEAR 1990 WE PREDICT- F red Jolley-Replaces Liberace. Marilee Branaman-A great sensation with her' trained Hea act. Wallace Beck-Receives a contract with MGM, playing the 'KWolfman.,, Gaynell Johnson-Elected sheriff and given a horse at Johnson City, Tennessee. Iohn Allen-Studying under Professor Clendon Hershner in the Paris School of Music. N Janice Ault-Author of Love and Matrimony column in the "Firey Fargo Flashesf, Carroll Benton-Hired as personal secretary to Mr. Oakes. Ronnie Belt-Replaces Mrs. Potter as kindergarten teacher at Mt. Gilead. Harriett Bowen-Traveling with Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus as the 'Tattooed Ladyf, Dick Coning-Helping Puerto Rican economy by using more rum. Shirley Cyphers-Wins popularity poll at Kenyon College. Bob Fritz-Arrested for serving hole-less donuts. Evelyn Hammond-Undertaker on trial for burying a live body by mistake. Nancy Hoffmire-Finally reaches the moon after 20 years of research and experiments with her 'KHoffmireship.', Roberta Kerr-"Remove your fat in 10 seconds Hath, is the slogan of Roberta Kerr's Reducing Salon. Sue Lawrence-Registered nurse in men's Wards only. Madelyn Marsh-Replaces Bill Stern on the American Broadcasting Company. john Mosher-Teaching a course in ditch digging in a leading engineering school. Donna Muflley-A model for leopard skin c'Tarzan Suitsf, Carol Phillips-Chief spy for the F!.B.l. David Powers-Teaching a course on handwriting at Vasser. Paul Rasor-A Wrestler stand in for "Gorgeous Georgef' Dale Rathburn-Invents Rathburn's "Stickless Gooey Gluef, Fran Sadler-Living with her harem in India. Richard Smith-Due to past experience, is elected Truant Ofiicer of Mt. Gilead Schools. Barbara Soulier-Personal psychiatrist to Albert the Ape at the Philadelphia Zoo. Linda Sprankle--Creator of Sprankles "Kiss-Proofv lipstick. Marlene Stanley-Getting on a TWA rocketship to Fulton to await the arrival of her 15th grandchild. Iohn Staley-Director of "Staleyis Burlesque Theaterv in Chicago. Floyd Sterritt-Placed in local pen by Keith Sterritt for disturbing the peace. Charles Todd-Awarded 5151.000 for winning pie baking contest. Virginia Vipperman-New lady barber at Shermis Barber Shop. Gerald Weaver-Photographer for lingerie ads. Raymond Zinn-Selling mermaid bait to deep-sea fishermen. Dick Zolman-Completely flabbergasted upon learning his wife had just given birth to quintuplets. Page 20 if JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS IN MEMORIAM KENNETH EVANS Secretary: Sandra Howard, Vice President: David Fricke, President: Mary Jo Ansley, Treasurer: Iudy Mathews. As we look- toward the end of our Iunior year, we feel that it has been a very successful one, VV e had many good times together in sponsoring our dance, presenting our class play, c'Adam,s Eveningv, and getting ready for the junior-Senior Banquet. We feel that our efforts were well rewarded. We wish the best of luck to the class of 1955. Our thanks to our adviser for this year, Mr. Oakes, for all the help he has given us. Page 22 I Row One-jane An- drews, Mary Io An- sley, Harry Arnold, Ioyce Baldwin, Ken- neth Bendle, Carole Bennett. Row Two - C en e Brush, Ruth Camp- bell, Tom Casto, Frances Cooper, Don Covert, B ev erly Crouse. Row Three-Patricia Davis, Gene Dinn- baugh, Kenneth Evans, David Fricke, Eileen Cattshall, Dar- win Gearhart. Row Four - Marvin Cearhart, joe Cer- maine, Bob Halbert, Dick Harris, jane He- gel, Sandra Howard. Row Five - Violet Howard, 1 Don Ing- mire, Marian Iohnson, Ralph Johnson, Iudy Mathews, Paul Mc- Daniel. Row Six-David Mc- Kirgan, Donald Mc- Quistion, Wayne Muffley, Sarah Nes- bitt, john Newson, Ethel Norman. Row Seven - Ronnie Osborn, Robert Rasor, Nancy Ruther- ford, Mary Shaffer, Peggy Shipman, Alan Squires. Row Eight - Patsy Staiger, Charles Stan- ley, George Stevens, jim Sweeney, Lowell Thomas, Thad Turner. Row N ine - B o b Vaughn, Bob Wagner, Sondra Williams, Archie Wilson, Donna Wfiseman. JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Treasurer: Larry VVood, President: Don Bader, Secretary: Rebecca Halbert. Our first project this year was a class dance, "The Sophomore Dance," on October 1, following the Marion St. Mary football game. It was the Hrst dance of the school year and we were very successful. Seven of our class members are on the reserve basketball squad and one is on the varsity squad. We would like to give a vote of thanks to our advisers, Mrs. Bowen and Mr. Truitt, who have helped us very much. Page 24 How One - D o n Bader, Kathryn Baker, Ranny Beard, Eddie Bennett, Eve- lyn Boyle, Sue Casto. Row Two - Carol Cherrington, Bar- bara Chilcote, Nancy Chubb, Ann Davis, Tom Detwiler, Bob Fairchild. Row Three - Peggy Fisher, Diane Gar- ver, Susan Geiger, Shirley Ghent, Re- becca Halbert, VValter Higgins. Row Four-Gracy Hindman, Bill Hoff- mire, Kenneth Hull, Bob Jackson, Jim Johnson, Nancy Jolley. Row Five - Larry Meckley, Roger Mc- Namee, Ronald Mc- Peek, R u t h Mc- Quistion, Edward Nesbitt, Harold Phil- brook. Row Six - Roger Primmer, H a r o l d Rasor, Jim Rengert, Sue Rinehart, Doug B 0 g e r s , Jeanette Sears. Row Seven - Carl Smith, Janice Stan- ley, Larry Weaver, Jeanette W i g t o n , Larry Wood, Gwen- dolyn Wright. How Eight - Janice Zimmerman, Jo y c e Zinn, Dick Zwayer, Bob Zwayer. SOPHOMCRE CLASS Page 25 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Secretary: Janice Shaw, President: Suzanne Zwayer, Vice President: Bob Richardson. The Freshman class began the year with an enrollment of sixty students. That number has only been decreased by one, james Breece, who moved to New jersey. The two Student Council members elected for the year, were Don White and Frank Bendle. The social event was our dance, "The Gold Diggeris Ball", held after the Iohnsville basketball game on january 7, 1955. The class was especially proud of having two members selected for cheerleaders, Diane Woodward on the reserve and Suzanne Zwayer on the varsity. Roxanne Finley won an all expense paid trip to Detroit through being a winner in che Ohio Edison Science Contest. To Mrs. Ziegler and Mrs. Hubbert go our sincere gratitude for their co-operation and guidance during the past year. Page 26 Row One-Billy An- drews, Jane Arnold, Susan Arnold, jack Barrett, Marlene Belt, Frank Bendle. Row Two - Beverly Bennett, Bob Blose, Bruce Campbell, jim Campbell, Keith Conklin, Bob Cooper. Row Three - Patty Curtis, Jean Detwiler, Roxanne Finley, Sharon Gates, Donald Gattshall, Steve Gear- hardt. How Four - janet Germaine, Jim Geyer, Mary Gillillan, Mar- celle H a r r i s , jim Haserodt, Ken Heim- lich. Row Five - Barbara Hershner, Linda Hicks, Galen Holtrey, Pat Howard, Terry Hunt, Dennis Huston. Row Six - Cythnia Ingmire, Dale Kerr, Gary Link, Pat Ma- thews, Sherry Mettler, Richard Miller. Row Seven - ju dy Nixon, Patricia Pat- ten, Bob Richardson, Janice S h a w , Tom Shields, Priscilla Smith. Row Eight - Bob Staup, Mary Ann Vaughn, David Vip- perman. Eva Io XVheeler, Don White, Ellen VVilkey. Row Nine - Joyce VVitzel, Paul Witzel, Phyllis WVitzel, Dianne VVo0dward, Suzanne Zwayer. FRESHMEN CLASS First Row: jane Rathburn, Ruth High, Pauline Stewart, Harriette Campbell, Sandra Soulier, Susan Spencer, Sarah Powell, Patsy Arnold, Mollie Holden, Tommy Benton, Richard VVest, Boy Iohnson, Dale Irons. Second Row: Mildred Landon, Ioan YVoodward, Paul Harden, David Shatter, Bennie Kline, Danny Frieke, Larry Crouse, Susan Asman, Barbara Smith, Patricia Burson, Mara-Lyne Cyphers. Third Row: Marie Hubbard, Barbara Drown, Larry Todd, Ronald Piatt, Marilyn Young, Judge Kennedy, Tommy Harden, Io Ann Parkin- son. Martha Gearhart, Susan Logan. First Row: jane Macy, Roberta Bruce, Pauline Poister, Donna Rathburn, Robert Betz, George Shade, Bruee Beard, jerry Colvin, Patricia XVoodward, Sally Bhodebeek, Marilyn Linder, Janice Hobson. Seconfl Row: Betty Fritz, Lonnie Ashbrook, Richard Ceekitti, Donald MeKirgan, Keith Levings, David Alkire, Harold Frazier, Kenneth Graham, Dottie Zimmerman, Ellen Tharp, Gene Piatt, Freddie Smith. Third Row: Charlotte VViseman, Ivan Neptune, Sue Fisher, Lois YValter, Richard Callahan, Susan Cyphers, ,lean Hull, Darlene Higgins, Teddy Hauser, Norman Bennett. ' Page 28 First Row: Jerry Sweeney, Darlene Osborn, Mary Kay Unartel, Nancy Squires, Tonnny Geyer, Roderick Lyons, Tommy Dalryinple, Edward Kiininey, Sharon Stillings, Evelyn Hull, Lucinda Harden, Karen Hilde- brand. Second Row: Jerry McLain, John Baldwin, John Cooper, Jimmy Carrier, Sharon Newson, Larry Shepherd, Ronnie Irons, Leslie Dupler, Maxine Davis, Linda Andrews, Patty Daniels, Jane Sears. Third Row: Marilyn Sinith, Liberty Shade, Rita Rexford, Letitia Finley, Judy Levings, Judy MeAnall, Donna Hecht, Beverly Brown. l First Row: Susan Mosier, Carol Ceckitti, Linda Durkee, Bonnie Baldwin, Janiy YVheeler, Nancy YVones, Robert Campbell, Patty Sue Sautter, Stephen Lee, Eugene Schorr, Bonnie Harlan, Sandra Billingsley. Second Row: George Halbert, NVarren Cginpbell, Josephine Sears, Patty Staup, Donald Beardsley, Lanny Van Houtenj John Peterson, Larry Reisinger, Larry Marsh, Jack Holden, Ronald Callahan, James Rutherford. Third Row: Robert VVillianis, Susan Gallagher, Maxine Nixon, Carolyn Sprinkle, Sharon McManis, Denny Blose, Arlen Smith, Sandra Cyphers, Sherry Shaffer, Genevieve Davis, Hazel Crannner, Janet Jackson. Page 29 D0 YOU REMEMBER WHEN . . .? Page 30 K E E STUDENT COUNCIL First Row-Linda Sprankle, Wallace Beck, Vice Presidentg Iohn Mosher, Presidentg Donna Muflley, Secretary-Treasurer Second Row-Susan Logan, jim Rengert, Nancy Iolley, Frank Bendle, Mary Shalfer, Gene Dumbaugh. Third Row- james Wheeler, Don VVhite, Ivan Neptune, Jimmy Rutherford, Mr. Nicholson. The purpose of the Student Council is to promote co-operation and good feeling among the student body and to afford opportunities for students to learn and practice democratic principles of government. During the year We have sponsored a number of school assemblies, all pep-rallies, printing football and basketball schedules, the annual Christmas party, the Homecoming Dance and the "March of Dimesv campaign in the high school. f It is our desire to work at all times to improve our school. Page 32 V. A. C. 41. l . First Row-Fred Jolley, Treasurer, john Mosher, Presidentg Dale Ruthburn, Vice President, Dick Zolman, Secretary. Second Row-Roger Primmer, Eddie Nesbitt, Clendon Hershner, Harold Philbrook, Larry XVood, Robert Vaughn, Thad Turner, Dick Harris, Robert Fairchild. Third Row-Mr. Truitt, Ronnie Osborn, Don Covert, Kenny Evans, Don Bader, Dave Powers, Gene Brush, Ranny Beard, Gerald YVeaver, Mr. Marty. Fourth Row-XVallace Beck, Bob Zwaycr, Ronnie Bch,jnn Swwcney, Kenny Bendkg BHlIIoHnure,John Stakqg Lany XVCHVCL The V. A. C. began the year with twenty-two members and added more members throughout the year. After the Richwood Football game on October 29, we sponsored a dance. We sold popcorn at the home football and basketball games to increase our funds. We had fun during spring initiation! Page 33 F. H. A. First Row-Frances Cooper, Sondra lVilliams, Nancy Jolley. Second How-Pat Staiger, Katy Baker, Ann Davis, Eilccn Gattshall, Patty Davis, Sue Casto, Gracie Hindman, Carol Cherrington, Ellen VVilkey. Third Row-Jean Detwiler, Barbara Chilcotc, Phyllis Witzel, Sally Dunbar, Marion Johnson, Beverly Crouse, Joan Rizer, Ruth McQuistion, Jndy Nixon, Jeanette Wigton, Mrs. Bowen. Fourth Row-Jeanette Sears, Peggy Fisher, Nancy Chubb, Evelyn Hammond, Janice Ault, Carol Phillips, Janet Staup, Sandra Callahan, Beverly Bennett, Gwendolyn VVright. Our oH'icers for the 1954-55 school year are Nancy Jolley, President, Frances Cooper, Vice President, Sondra Williams, Secretary, Barbara Chilcote, News Reporter, Sue Casto, Historian, Jeanette Wigton, Parliamentarian, and Gwendolyn Wright, Bi- Connty President. We have about thirty-two members in our club this year. One of our projects this year was taking gifts to the county home for Christmas. In April we sponsored a dance. Some other projects and activities have been our annual Parent-Daughter Banquet and conferring our Junior and Chapter Degrees. VVe also plan to have booths at the county fair and the state fair. We owe a great part of our success to our adviser, Mrs. Bowen, who has devoted a lot of time toward helping us with our projects. Page 34 F. F. A. First Row-jim Rengert, Bob Fritz, john Allen, Gene Dumhaugh. Second Row-Galen Holtrey, jim Campbell, Clendon Hershncr, Paul Rasor, Don McQuistion, Dave Mcliirgan, Carl Smith, Richard Smith, Eddie Nesbitt, lim johnson. Third Row-Paul McDaniel, Harold Rasor, Paul Witzel, Roger McNamee, Don Gattshall, Larry Wood, George Stevens, Ralph johnson, Gerald Holtrey, Larry Meckley, Mr. Beard. Fourth Row-Bob Zwayer, Dick Zwayer, Bob Rasor, Ronald McPcck, Bob Jackson, Kenneth Hull, Eddie Bennett, john Newson, jack Barrett. This year the F. F. A. has a total of thirty-three members. Vile won a silver award in the District Parliamentary Procedure Contest. Several boys displayed their projects at the county fair and at the state fair as Well. We held our annual Parent and Son Banquet in March. Eight of our members visited the Purina Research Farm near St. Louis in November. We have organized a F. F. A. reserve and varsity basketball team. The 0l'l'icers for this year have been, Bob Fritz, President, Iohn Allen, Vice Presi- dent, Gene Dumbaugh, Treasu1'er, Carl Smith, Reporter, lim Rengert, Secretary, Richard Smith, Student Adviser, Paul Rasor, Sentinel, Clendoa Hershner, Chaplain, and Mr. Beard, Faculty Adviser. Page: Y-TEENS First How-Nancy Rutherford, Fran Sadler, Marlene Stanley, Mary Jo Ansley. Second Row-Janice Zimmerman, C-racy Hindman, Diane Carver, Violet Howard, Jane Andrews, Joyce Baldwin, Sue Rinehart, Sue Casto, Glada Powers, Peggy Shipman. Third Row-Frances Cooper, Susan Geiger, Marion Johnson, Donna VViseman, Jeanette Sears, Peggy Fisher Nancy Chubb, Jeanette VVigton, Ruth McQuistion, Rebecca Halbert, Janice Stanley, Jane Hegal, Judy Mathews, Mrs. Ziegler. Fourth Row-Barbara Soulier, Harriett Bowen, Mary Shaffer, Carroll Benton, Nancy Jolley, Sue Lawrence, Donna Mutlley, Roberta Kerr, Sarah Jane Nesbitt, Shirley Cyphers, Roberta Zinnncrman. The Y-Teens activities began this year with a football feed for the football team. ln October the club sent Fran Sadler, Nancy Rutherford and Marlene Stanley on a Y-Teen trip to New York City. ln December we were host for the inter-club council. We also had initiation for the new members and a slumber party in the cafeteria. We presented an assembly for the high school this spring to coincide with the centennial anniversary of the YWCA. We had a very successful season with our concession stand at the basketball games. We wish to thank our adviser, Mrs. Ziegler, for her help in making our club a successful one this year. Page 36 a HI-Y tw? First Row-Gene Brush, Dave Powers. ,loc Germaine, Kenny Bcndle. Second Row-Bruce Campbell, Terry Hunt, Ken Hiemlich, Frank Bendle, Bob Blose, Don YVhitc, Bob Richardson. Third Row-jim Haseroclt, Lowell Thomas, Larry YV00d, Don Bader, .lim Sweeney, Ranny Beard. Bob XVagner, Ronnie Osborn, Richard Miller, Jim Geyer, Mr. Oakes. The first activity of the Hi-Y this year was a hayricle in October. Some ot our other activities have been initiation, formal initiation, and a St. Patrick's Day dance. VVe solcl beanies at the basketball games to increase our funds. The officers for this year have been, David Powers, Presiclentg Kenneth Benclle, Secretaryg Gene Brush, Treasurerg and loe Germaine, Chaplain. Page 37 SENIOR G. A. A. First Row-Frances Cooper, Sandra Howard, Carole Bennett, Nancy Jolley. Second How-Susan Arnold, Mary Ann Vaughn, Patricia Howard, Janice Zimmerman, Jane Andrews, Eileen Gattshall, Beverly Crouse, Joyce VVitzel, Janet Germaine, Marlene Belt. Third Row-Nancy Chubb, Sandra Callahan, Sherry Mettler, Priscilla Smith, Patricia Patten, Eva Jo Wheeler, Buthanna McCammon, Mary Cilfillan, Suzanne Zwayer, 'Patricia Mathews, Mrs. Clingo. Fourth Row-Diane YVoodward, Roxanne Finley, Marcelle Harris, Janice Shaw, Jane Arnold, Marion Johnson, Jeanette YVigton, Peggy Fisher, Cynthia Ingmire, Sharon Cates, Barltara Hershner. A d JUNHOR G. A. A. First Row-Nancy VVones, Barbara Smith, Sandra Billingsly, Susan Asman, Susan Spencer, Donna Rathburn, Lois VValter, Ellen Tharp, Betty Fritz, Susan Callagher, Maxine Nixon. Second Row-Sherry Shaffer, Sandra Cyphers, Ruth High, Bonnie Baldwin, Patsy Arnold, Pat VVoodward, Jane Macy, Janice Hobson, Sarah Powell, Roberta Bruce. Third Row-Marilyn Smith, Sally Rhodebeck, Jane Rathburn, Pauline Poister, Joan YVoodward, Jo Ann Parkinson, Susan Logan, Sue Fisher, Charlotte VViseman, Darlene Higgins, Susan Cyphers, Carolyn Sprinkle, Sharon McManis, Patty Daniels, Mrs. Clingo. Fourth Row-Sharon Newson, Lctitia Finley, Patty Sautter, Lucinda Hardin, Rita Rexford, Donna Hecht, Karen Hildebrand, Beverly Brown, Judy McAnall, Darlene Osborne, Linda Andrews. Page 38 BIBLE CLUB --IQ H B Qnqn "' 75 . , 'IST' B .,: :QV I I nk , 1: ,, 0 I K ., , .,-, 1 lnzzn V . b 7 A :MW . 5 ...- 2 - V ...-- 9 Qigggig .:,:... S . lh-lam-L-21 llullx-rt, Hlltllilflnkl RICCEIIHXHLIII, Gary Link, Marilyn Linclvr, Mrs. Rowan, Adviser. OFFICE HQELP Sonclru NVilliums. Nunn-V Rutlmerforcl, Suzanne Zwaver, Cwe-nclolvn YV1'igl1t, ll0lll'l't2l Kerr, Marlene Stanlev jzvlicc Stunlcy, xl1l1'lOl1'jUl'lDSOI1, Roberta Bruce, Mr. Nicholson. Page 39 aff ' F . Q., 45 'S f f fx? ' FOOTBALL 1 Although the Mt. Gilead lndians didnit hoast an impressive season, they did im- prove over the record of last year. Launching of a rebuilding Process will start next season as thc Indians will lose Ronnie Belt, Clendon Hershner, Fred Iolley, john Mosher, David Powers, Dale Rath- hurn, john Staley, Floyd Sterritt, Gerald Weaver, and Dick Zolman through graduation. john Staley was given the honor of being placed on the All Mid-Ohio first team. Gerald VVeaver and Dick Zolman received honorable mention. A hearty Hcheerv goes to our new coaches john Marty and Frank '1'1'uitt. and to all the players who devoted much ellort and time throughout the season. SEASON'S RECORD LEAGUE STANDING VVG They Summit Smtiml 7 19 1. Marion St. Marys Big Walnut 12 6 V - J 1V1il1'1UI1 sf. ivnu-ys 0 :si 2' Rlchwood Centerhurg T 13 3. Mt. Gilead Cardington c , 13 I3 4. Curdmgton Elm Valley 20 0 H I Richwood 14 37 D' Blg lvahmt Fredericktown 7 55 6. Elm Valley . Page 41 VARSHW'FO0TBALLAMmh l l i Row One-Iohn Newson, Gerald VVeaver, Dale Rathburn, Fred Iolley, Ronnie Belt, Clendon Hershner, Floyd Sterritt, Dick Zolman, John Mosher, David Powers. Row Two-Ranold Beard, Bob Zwayer, Dick Zwayer, Harry Arnold, Ron- nie Osborn, Don Covert, Don Ingmire, Gene Brush, Bob Vaughn, Archie XVilson, Iohn Staley, Wallace Beck, Bob Cooper. How Three-Coach Frank Truitt, Bruce Campbell, Donald VVhite, Eddie Nesbitt, Don Bader, Paul Witzel, jack Barrett, Tom Detwiler, Bill Hofhnire, Kenny Evans, Chuck Stanley, Larry VVood, Bob jackson, Coach Iohn Marty. Row Four-Harold Philbrook, jim Geyer, Don Gattshall, Kenneth Heimlieh, Bob Blose, Frank Bendle, Bob Richardson, Richard Miller, Dave Fricke, Eddie Bennett, Terry Hunt, jim Haserodt, Galen Holtrey, Dennis Huston. QTBALL ef Row One-Ronald Callahan, jack Holden, Lanny Van Houten, Larry Crouse, Robert Campbell, Jerry Sweeney, Tom Geyer, Iohn Cooper, Richard Ceckitti, Lonnie Ashbrook. Row Two-Coach Gene VVest, David Shalter, Stephen Lee, jim Rutherford, Roy Iohnson, Richard VVest, james VVheele1', Bruce Beard, Daniel Fricke, David Alkire, Keith Levings. Row Three-john Baldwin, George Shade, Bob Betz, Denny Blose, judge Kennedy, Tommy Hardin, Richard Callahan, Tommy Benton, Dale Irons, Eugene Sehorr, XVarren Campbell. Page 42 VAR JOHN MOSHER GERALD WEAVER DAVID POWERS Height 6' Ui" Height 6 1 Height 6 9 Weight 170 Weight 165 Weight 170 Weight 168 RONNIE BELT JOHN STALEY FRED JOLLEY DALE RATHBURN He1ght 5' 10" Height 6 Height 5 10 Helght 6 1 ht 170 Weight 180 Weight 165 We1g CLENDON HERSHNER Height 5' 8" XVeight 145 VVe1ght 130 VVe1Uht 180 VARSITY FOOTBALL RoNN1E OSBORN BOB VAUGHN FRANK BENDLE DON BADER Height 5' 10" Height 5' 10" Height 5' 7" Height 5' 11" Weight 140 Weight 145 Weight 130 Weight 160 1 DON COVERT DON INGMIRE JOHN NEWSON BOB RICHARDSON Height 5' 11" Height 5' 8" Height 6' 2" Height 5' 7" Weight 165 Weight 12.5 Weight 153 Weight 135 BOB ZWAYER KENNETH EVANS DICK ZWAYER Height 5' 10" Height 6' , Height 5' 1O'f Weight 135 Weight 185 Weight 135 Page 44 HOMECOMING QUEEN Dale Ratlibnrn, Ronnie Belt, Shirley Cyplicrs, Queen Carroll Benton, Linda Sprankle, john Stalev, Fred Jolley, Dick Zolman. r T Q H U E E E C N R Q C W A N R I R N O G L L O F Page 45 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS BLl1'btll'21 Soulier, Suzanne Zwayer, Shirley Cyphcrs, Cludn Powers. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Diane Carver, Diane Woodward, "Mascot,' Bonnie Bachelder, Harriett Bowen, Violet Howard. Page 46 -1 M BASKETBALL 19 WINS TO 4 LOSSES We ot Mt. Gileoid l-l. S. Consider The '55 Season A Great Success are . O. L. STAN DING W L Marion St. Mary W ,, 5 l Mt. Gilead ,. , 4 2 Czudingtoii ,S . 4 2 Olentangy , 7,,,. 3 3 Big VVuln1.t ssssss 3 3 Elm Valley ,, ,,,,,, , 2 4 liicliwoocl , ,, , 0 6 SEASON'S RECORD Mt. Gilead Page 47 VVesterVille Marion St. Mary Richwoocl Elm Valley ,, Iberia , Marysville Edison ,, ,, Iohnsville , 7 Big Wzllntit ,, Olentangy , ,, C2l1'CllHgtiDI1 ,, , Caledonia 7 Marion St. Mary Chesterville Carclington 7, F redericktown Crestline ,, , Lexington , ,,,, U Paroclzial-Exemptvd Vzllu c FOIHH Mt. Vernon St. Vinnent Columbus Holy I unlly District 7011111 Ashville 7 , , Ainandu Y Semi-Fmuls Liberty Union , VARHTY ' -Jun- BASKETBALL GENE BRUSH JOHN MOSHER DICK ZOLMAN JOHN STALEY JIM SWEENEY Page 48 VARSITY gf. BASKETBALL ROGER PRIMMER BOB VAUGHN KENNETH BENDLE DICK HARRIS DON COVERT Page 49 VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: John Mosher, Dick Zolman, Iohn Staley, jim Sweeney, Gene Brush, Kenny Bendle. Second Row: Coach Truitt, Kenneth Heiinlich, Roger PI'l1HU161', Don Covert, Robert Vaughn, Dick Harris, jim Geyer, Terry Hunt. RESERVE BASKETBALL First Row: Jim Rengert, Harold Philbrook, Bob Blose, Bob Fairchild, Frank Bendle, Larry Wood, Don WVhite, Bill Hofhnirc. Second Row: Coach Marty, Kenneth Heimlich, Bob Richardson, Don Gattshall, Ranny Beard, Bob Zwayer, Dick Zwayer, Jim Geyer, Terry Hunt, Bob Cooper. Page 50 DON'T LO0K T00 GLUSE, YOU MIGHT SEE SUMEDNE YUU KNUW! ! JUNIOR-SENIOR-1954 Page 52 I Page 53 X MAJORETTES mi 2' Violet Howard, Nancy Hoffniire, Snc Lawrencc, .lcancttc Wligton, Nancy jolley. SENIOR BAND Fiixt Row-Danna Rathlinrn, Nancy Rutlierford, Linda Spranklc, Violet Howard, Nancy Hofimire, Suu Lawrence-, ji-ancttu Vlfigton, Nancy jullcy, -lndy Mathews, Mary Shaffr-r, Sandra Soulicr. Second Row--Shirley Ghent, Indy Nixon, Gwen NVriglit, Bennie Kline, Roberta Zim- im-rinaa. Lonnic Ashbrook, Harriett Campbell, Patricia Mathews, Ianct Gcrmainu, Patricia Woodward, Susan Asman, ,loyce '+Vitzel, Dale- Kcrr, Mr. Bock. Third R0wfHarold Fraizcr, Marilee Branaman, Sandra Howard, Carole Bvnnctt, Cynthia ll'llIlHll'L', janicc Shaw, Sharon Gates, Mary Gilliillan, Marcclh- Harris, -lnycc Baldwin, Patty Curtis, Nancy Chnhh, David Alkirc. FUIITHIH010-SllCFiSl1CT,PC1l2'y Fisher, Susan Arnold, Susan Lu5.1an, Rulmerta Bruce, Lois YValter, Ianicc Hobson, Suv Hinchart, Sally lllimli-hvck, Mailclyn Marsh, Sarah Nesbitt, Juno llcgal. lfiffli Row-Mary jo Anslcy, Peggy Shipman, Donna Wiseman, Susan Cicqcr, Paulina Poistcr, Eva In YVheeler, Marilyn Young, Martha Ci-arhart, Ieanncttc Scars, Ruger Priinmer, Larry YVeavcr, Marvin Gearhart, Huh Boll, Darwin Gcarharl. Sixth Row-lim Haserodl. Kvith Conklin, Doug Rogers, Mario Hubbard, Priscilla Smith, Gerald VV:-aver, David Powers, Bob Sipvs, lnhn Allen, Bill Hoffmire, lim Ren- gert, Bruce Campbell. Bob Blow. Page 54 L sENloR CHOIR First Row-Diana Carver, Jane Andrews, Eileen Cattshall, Susan Gieger, Sarah Nesbitt, Jane Hegal, Shirley Cyphers, Nancy Hoffmire, Linda Sprankle, Nancy Rutherford, Judy Mathews, Joyce Baldwin, Roberta Zimmerman, Pat Mathews, Madelyn Marsh, Mr. Beck. Secrmrl Rvw- Sharon Cates, Evelyn Hammond, Janice Stanley, Sandra Babcock, Sue Casto, Patricia Howard, Janet Germaine, Janice Shaw, Exca 'Jo Wheeler, Roberta Kerr, Nancy Jolley, Mary Ciltillan, Peggy Shipman, Violet Howard, Marlene Belt, Roxanne Finley, Sandra Howard. Unrzl Ron:-Priscilla Smith, Rebecca Halbert. Carol Phillips, Buthanna MeCannnon, Jeanette Mligton, Dennis Huston, Terry Hunt, Gary Link, Marvin Gearhart, Bob Blose, Larry VVood, Jim Geyer, Bob Richardson, Clendon Hershner, Donna YViseman, Harriett Bowen, Carole Ben- nett, Sue Rinehart, Fourth Row-Clada Powers, Mary Jo Ansley, Carroll Benton, Barbara Soulier, Frank Bendle, JO6.Gic'fl11illlll', Bob Jack- son, Don Bader, Biehard Smith, David Powers, Jim Sweeney, Bob XVagner. XVallaee Beck, Larry Meekley, Bill Hotfnnre, Sue Lawrence, I' ll 1 Y JUNIOR CHOIR Mary Shatter, F a Sadleg Cynthia lngiuire. First Row-fSandra Sonlier, Sandra Billingsly, Yaney Squires, Patty Daniels, Nancy 'vVones, XVarren Campbell, John Baldwin, Larry Crouse, Richard Cc-ekitti, Leslie Dunler, Susan Asnnin, Mollie Holden, Linda Durkee, Mr. Beck. Secoml Role-Sharon MeManis, Lucinda Harden. Ellen Tharp, Liberty Shade, Susan Gallaglier. Sara Powell, Jerry Sweeney. Danny Frieke, Jlin Rutherford, Larry Reisinger, Larry Marsh. Patty Sautter, Bonnie Baldwin, Betty Fritz. Third Row-Ruth High, Susan Spencer, Carolyn Sxrinkle, Marilyn Linder, Letitia Finley, Ronnie Callahan, Bennie Kline, Denny Blose, ltoy Johnson, Karen Hildebrand. Donna Hathburn, Pauline Stewart, Maxine Nixon, Evelyn Hull. Fourth How-Janice Hobson. Lois NValter, Sherry Shaffer, Roberta Bruce, Sally Bhodeheek, Jane Bathburn. Pauline Poister, Doris Higgins Marilyn Young, Janet Jackson. Jean Hull. Charlotte Wlisenian. Susan Logan. Sue Fisher. Joanne Parkinson. Rita Besford, Donna lleeht. Page 55 ELEMENTARY CHOIR First Row-Margaret White, Judy Branaman, Rebecca McPeek, Bonnie Holden, Patty Geyer, 'forry Griffith, Dick Casto, Penny McLain, Mary Sprankle, Mary E. Nixon, Joan Mcliirgan, Eleanor Haynie, Dennis Shipman, Betty Peterson. Second Row-Sharon Casto, Sharon DeMuth, Shirley Wheeler, Bill Osborn, Mariorie Sears, Lee Hunt, Jimmy Callahan, Donna Brush, Candice Finley, Sharon Courtney. Third Row-Mrs. Richardson, Larry Kelly, Diana Keerun, Nada Powers, Patricia Haynie, Patty Clapper, Jack Gerhardt, Nancy Breese, Eddie Amick, Betty Soulier, Karen Osborne. Linda Shuherk, Rosie Zimmerman, Janet Naylor, Judy Rinehart, Judy Rathburn, Susan Geiger. Fourth Row-Charles Birdsong, Judy Logan, Charles Brown, Rebecca Frayer, Ronald Craven, Keith Jennings, Gaye Stanley, Patricia Blose, Connie Price, Jill Vllilson, Sandra Shafer, Janet VVitzel, Patsy Rasor, Larry Chalfant, Bonnie' Jackson. JUNIOR BAND First R0wwRonald Bader, Jerry Ashbrook, Timmy Marsh, Terry Van Houten, John Zilske, Louise Sipe, Margaret Kimmey, Judy Orsborn, Sandra Mosher, Marjorie Heacock, Connie Gray, Judy Rathhurn, Rebecca McPeck, Ned Goff, Mr. Beck. Second Raw-Jefirey Landon, LeRoy Walter, Nada Powers, Patty Clapper, Jill 'XVilson, Linda Durkee, Lucinda Harden, Charles Brown, Linda Andrews, Vfarren Camp- bell, Linda Shuherk, Shirley Wheeler, Phyllis Thoman, Sharon Courtney, Tommy Geyer. Third Row-John Vlloltinger, Lanny Van Houten, Larry Marsh, Jimmy Rutherford, Eugene Schorr, Roger Beck, Denny Blose, Janet Jackson, Sherry Shaffer, Rita Rexford, Susan Gallagher, Susan Mosier, Patty Sautter, Beverly Brown, Sandra Billingsly, Charles Fairchild. Page 56 Page 57 First Row: Rebecca Frayer, Diana Keeran, Gerald McQuistion, LeRoy Wlalter, Connie Price, Elton Burns, Patricia Clapper, Judy Platt, Sharon DeMuth, Nancy Bre ese, Betty McPeek, Spencer Harden, Karon Hecht, Penny McLain. Second Row: Mrs. Inihoff, Charles Fairchild, Kim Duplcr, Sharon Casto, Shirley XVheeler, David Reed, Gloria Dalrymple, Bruce Mcliirgan, Robert Bates, Terry Snider, Richard Zinn, Indy Rathburn, Everrett Lyons. Third Row: Lloyd Lemly, Linda Newhon, George Todd, Gaye Stanley, Roger Beck, Sandra Shaffer, John Wfolfinger, Donald Staley, Mary Cramner, David Huston, jill XVilson, Dwight High. First Row: Sannny Hindnian, jack Gerhardt, Gary Neptune, Larry Chalfant, Gary Bayer, Charles Birdsong, janet Witzel, Patsy Rasor, Diana Cooper, Nada Powers, Iames McNeil, Evelyn Campbell, Tim Sharrock, james Davis. Second Row: Mrs. Richardson, Ronald Anderson, Frances Staley, Judy Rinehart, Patricia Haynie, Rosalyn Fraizer, Margaret XVhite, Sandra Brown, Rosie Zimmernian, Betty Soulier, Becky McPeek, Jack YVeller, Mr. XVest. Third Row: Gene Oldaker, Kenneth Hellman, Keith jennings, Dennis Rawls, Ronald Craven, Charles Brown, Gary Dilsaver, Larry Kelley, Dale Vipperinan, David Macy, Ieltrey Landon. Page 58 MRS I M H 0 F F Zowusuzfzn-:ui First Row: Candace Finley, Patricia Popp, Janet Naylor, Bonne Holden, Sue Tennant, Della Earley, Lee Hunt, XVilliam Heimlich, Mark Peterson, Michelle Murphy, VVilliam VVieland, Glenn Dooley. Second Row: Mrs. Rowan, Mary Nixon, Charlotte YVeaver. Dale Gattshall, Opal Alkire, Mary Staup, Torrey Griffith, Richard Casto, Mary Sprankle, Judith Branaman, Dennis Shipman, Ronald Bader, james Callahan. Third Row: Indy Logan. Bonnie jackson, Ned Golf, Carol Schorr, joe Lancaster, YVilliam Osborne, Ierry Sears, Terry Van Houten. First Row: Linda Shuherk, Martha Hildebrand, jerry Craven, Edward Amick, lack Fisher, Donna Brush, Phyllis Thoman, Marjorie Sears, jack Hull, Donald Foos, David Graham, Kenneth Kehrwechcr. Second Row: Mrs. Krallman, james Rasor, jean Layman, Patricia Geyer, Sharon Courtney, Bonnie Pfeiffer, Gene XVilliams, Eleanor Haynie, .Ioan Mcliirgan, Gary Irons, Betty Peterson, Sue Cooper. Third How: jacqucline England, Nancy Dowalter, Nancy Schrader, Patricia Blose, lohn Mlagner, Samuel Streley, Kenneth Staley, Karen Osborn. Page 59 MRS R O W A N MRS K R A L L M A N First Row: Io Ann McManis, Maxine Burson, Sidney Pinyerd, Pamela Peterson, julia Fraizer, Carol Lee, Bonnie Dilsaver, Robert Patten, Donna Shade, Louise Sipes, Marian Soulier, David Nicholson, Glenna Staley. Second Row: Larry Harden, Judith Ault, Roger Birdsong, jean Ault, Robert Cook, Bonnie Breece, Linda Conkle, VVillian1 Reed, Christine Cyphers, Margaret Kininiey, Mrs. Peterson. Third Row: Myra jo VVard, Charlotte Beard, Neil Daniels, judith Hull, jimmy Strait, Sandra Rhodebeck, Kenneth Foos, Tommy Ansley, Malinda McClelland. ,u l ,First Row: jack Colvin, Patty Barrett, Carroll Sears, Harry Piatt, Robert Gerhardt, Me 1'1' ill Gilillan, john Zilskbe, john Rc-xford, John Petrie, Donald McGhee, Timmy Marsh, Earl Bennett. Second Row: Mrs. Patzer, Dick Breese, Keith Earley, Linda Sinith, janet Conkle, Marjorie Heacock, Cary Rizor, Dickie Davis, Dennis Tharp, Ierry Ashbrook, Mary Howard, XVihna Stillings. Third Row: Bobby Trainer, Bernadine Levings, Judy Bayer, Phyllis Shirley, Judy Orsborn, Ronda Rathburn, Sandra Mosher, Connie Cray, lane Hunt, Sharon Curl. X Page 60 MRS. P E T E R S 0 N MISS D E N M A N First How: Mary Anne Brown, Rosemary Campbell, Dana Harlen, john Shade, David MeAnall, jimmy Vail, Eugene Dooley, Donald Staiger, John Miller, Ricky Pinyerd, Nllflkllll Cearhart, Patty Clingo, Anne Logan. Second Row: Mrs. Riley, Barbara Richardson, jon Zwayer. janet Ault, Ruth Daniels, Irene Br-ardsley, Shirley Thoinan, -lane Birdsong, Kenneth Snow, Kr 'iiii oth Crouse. Nlary tlane Kerr, l,illIlClH. Geyer, Blajorie Andrews. Third Row: Connie Corwin, Virginia YVie-land, Jacqueline West, Chester Hel iiuz rn, Richard Higgins, Bobby Fissell, Larry Burns, Rebecca Hubbard, Bill Mosher, Patricia Reisinger. E l l l l"ir.s'f How: Stanley Soutliard, Tracy Landon, George Bunker, Susan VVertz, Barbara Bates, Barbara Jackson, Kenneth Cerhardt, Lynn VVilliaxns, Dean Minard, Max Heilnlieh, Michael Dalrylnple, Eugene Hollingsworth, Cary Lyons. Second Row: Mrs. Sinitli, Roger Shepard, Sara Beth Calhoun, Deborah Asinan, Sandra Levering. Terry MePeek, jerry Corbin, Michael Casto, Karen Rizer, Sharon Bloeksoni, Robert Davis, Maehael Trainer, XVillia1n Stillings, Third Row: Dennis Gallagher, Edith Vaughan, Sandra Ghent, Roger Craven, Michael Rice, Rheta Long, Marsha Fete, Bonita Bennett, Lillian VVhite, Larry I Ioflinan, Ronald Nixon. Page 61 MRS R I L E Y MRS S M I T H MRS. RHODEBECK First Row: Lee VVaync McClelland, La. V o n n e Ptutherford, Dana Hcacock, Doris Chapman, Shirley Ratliff, Linda Baker, Linda Coning, Denny Corwin, Melissa WVellcr, H o w ard Daniels, Linda Carpenter. In dy Dalrymple, Tcrcssa Hoffman, Indy Long. Sco- mlrl Row: Mrs. Rhodcbeek, Russell M n f f l e y, Kenny VVilliams, Stevie R i 5.2 Q s. Gary Kehwrecker, Sharon B rush, Carolyn Leinley, David Frayer. Polly Peter- son, Pam Clappcr, Gregg: Strain, Tommy Griffith, Ricky Geyer. Third Row: Dianne Trnax, Tommy Ben- iainin, Patty YVyrick, Phil Lee. Timmy Smith, Corky Norris, Marsha Rice, Bobby Hershncr, Bonnie Fisher. Denny Sims, I0 Ellen Stcr- ritt. MRS. MCCAMMAPN First Row: Gary Chubb, john Heed, Stanley Dinn- bangh, T om my Holden, Cheryl Swanson, Betty lo Stillings, Sh e r r y Shelton. Barbara Craven, B o b li y Armstrong, Sammy Biglram, Cheryl K l i n g e l, Bonnie Garverick, Sharon Honscr, Second Row: Mrs. Mc- Cainman, L i n cl a Tierney, Michael Murphy, C a n d y Castn, Bruce Kelly, '1'onnny Conkle, D a n n y Coldwell, E dw a r d Burns, Marlene Halbert, ,Indy Goff, Beulah Lyons, Rnthann Van Bus- kirk. Barbara McKee. Tliirzl pow: Kim P i e r c y, jim Stanley. Donald A ni i c k. David Skeen, David Huh! bert. Dick Foltz, lim Ors- born, L i n d a Vippernian, Bobby YVertz, lim VVol- finger. MRS. RUTHERFORD First Row: Iune Ann Por- ter, Phillip Shirk, Michael Bachelder, B a r b a r a Lon Craven, Carolyn H e 1' r o n. C a r o l Gattshall, Marlec Carnican, Cheryl Gattshall, D a n i e 1 Cyphers, XVayne Hollingsworth, S u s a n Al- kirc, Brent Coleman, Phillip Halbert, Barbara Cooper, Ianies P e t e r s 0 n. Daniel Cook. Second Row: Mrs. Rutherford, leffrey Mosicr, Fred G r a h am, Michael Lancaster, Pamcla Strait, M a r y Detwiler, Carolyn Hull, C h a r l e s VVeaston, Douglas Rcnsch, S a n d r a Chalfant, K a r e n Nesbitt, Patricia Foster. Third Row: li a r r y Staup, Iamcs Mc- Clnrc, Tcrry VVigton, lei- frey L 0 g a n. Iames Bird. R i c li a r d Claar, Darlene Smith, Bonnie XI a t s o n. Linda Kline. SECOND GRADE Page 62 First Hour: Linda Davis. Mary Ann Slayik. Lynn Owen, Virgie Baldwin, Iaines Sinith, hvlllifllll Calhoun, Marie Lawyer, Gerald Rawls. David XVarner, Elizabeth Mathews. XVilliam Brown, Steven Hart. Blair Strain, Michael Keil, XVilliam XYoodward, Second Row: Philip Courtney. Linda lnginire, Donald Gordon. Alaines Kinnney, Stephen Benjamin, Connie Levering, Diane Nicholson, Richard Vail, Marcia Clingo, Terry VVelJer, Linda Herron. Aludith Sehraek. Mrs. Lepp. Tiiirri Hour: james lleaston, Herbert Hughes. Rohert Shirley. David Piatt, Carol Thornton. NYalter Saylor, Mary Staley, Cynthia VVard. .IQIIDPS George. - First Row: jerry Christensen, Mary Petrie, Carol Shipman, Clifton Sampson, Renee Sims, Cary Nohle, Vicki Ashbrook, Nancy Bennett, -llll Matson, David Shade, lohnny Swanson, Nancy Coare, Mary .lo Jagger, Toininy Smith, Leslie Chapman. Second Row: Mrs. VVard, james Morgan, Bertha Saylor, Barhara Logan, Miehael Levings, David Morgason, Virgil Staley, Darlene Bunker, Alice Mosier, Steven Barler, Mary Harvey, Sandy Kuhhs, Suzanne Piercy. Third Row: Stephan Huston, Keith High, Steven PllilliPS,.P811lCltl Blose, Sandra Toot, Cary McClelland, Diana Covert, Linda Fritz, Ellen Burson, Virginia Coning, Betsy NVones. Page 63 MRS L E P P MRS W A R D DEAR FRIENDS: i The school year is now over and all that remains is friendships, memories, a limited amount of education, and your 1955 MIZPAH, which We hope will enable you to accurately recall your happy high school days in the future. At this time we Wish to express our appreciation to the following, Who, by their cooperation and support, have made this fortieth edition of the MIZPAH possible: Our adviser, Mr. Richard Poffenbaugh The Cubberly Studio, Delaware, Ohio The merchants of this area who helped finance the MIZPAH The members of the MIZPAH staff And you, the subscribers. Sincerely yours, J' J 95672071 ' Editor K We, Assistant Editor Page 64 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 JoNEs' IsaIy's Dairy ' Compliments of MORTON'S HARDWARE HARDWARE FOR HARDWEAR Ph 62 Mt. Gilead Oh S Compliments to the 7955 Class And Best Wishes QGBUEIBGN WEAVER'S Super Market PHONE M GI da JONES POTATO CHIPS Guaranteed Fresh or Your Money Back Mansfield, Ohio Phone 1325-6 MORROW COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Distinguished Owners of the famous World Book Encyclopedia Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs . Leroy Bader Mrs. Kenneth Brown Mrs. Lawrence BurneII Mrs. Don Curl Mrs. Joseph Hubbert Mrs. Richard HuII Mrs. Vaughn Tennant Mrs Mrs . John Wolfinger . Robert Zimmerman More people buy WORLD BOOK than any other ENCYCLOPEDIA Q Mt. Gilead Representative RICHARD POFFENBAUGH Phone 269L P5 67 Bring refreshment into play have u Coke f gurl fgwir ee fl 'x ,.,.,..N.,M,.,r r O C O C A C O L A Bottling Co. Marion, Ohio Compliments of GOLD MEDAL Coffee and Canned Goods Mansfield Brother Implements Sheppard Diesel Trcrctors Ferguson Tractors and Equipment The Tracy 81 Avery Go. Mansfield, Distributors for Goodyear Ohio products in Morrow County P 68 UNION REGISTER BETZ FLDRIST O , 'cSay it With F lowers' O Morrow County's First Phone 226 Newspaper MT. GILEAD oHlo Congratulations to the Class of 1955 Congratulations to the Class of 1955 from from THE INN GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD HEALTH . Dairy Form Recommended by Duncan H es AAA 0 MI. Gilead Ohio Mt. Gilead, Ohio Pg Compliments of Gordon and Jaggers FORD and MERCURY Sales and Service 9 A. A. A. SERVICE Ph 75 Mt.GiIeud Congratulations Senior Class of 1955 MT. GILEAD BLUE SUNOCO STATION FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE Feed-Seed-Fertilizer Gasoline-Fuel Gil Tile-Fence-Freezers Farm Supplies Authorized Dealer for Gookshuti Farm Machinery Phone 384 Compliments of Galion Allsteel Body Company GALION OHIO Compliments of THOMAS JEWELRY C""lgr"ml"m"'lS Fosrom. CRYSTAL 2 J RfP4lR'N. OHIO FUEL 2 JEWE AND '-RY ss s. Main G11 35324 COMPANY Hamilton Elgin 62 Bulova Dealer Compliments of Compliments of MORROW HICKSON MEAT PRCDUCT C0 CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING CURING AND SMOKING CHARLES C. HICKSON . Compliments of SAM RICHARDSON 22 South Main Street Dealer in Phone 95 Highway Equipment Earth Movers and Sewer Pipe O 0.0 Craven Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE Congratulations to the Class of 1955 MI. Gilead Farm Equipment Go. llealers of Phone 'II7 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARM AND DAIRY EQUIPMENT MT, GILEAD HOMEFREEZERS REFRIGERATORS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Q29 Phone 350 Ml. Gilead SHIRK'S SHOE REPAIR Shoes for The Family and Dry Cleaning Agency ANTHONY LAUNDRY 35 South Main SI. Mt. Gilead, O-hio SH ERM'S BARBER SHOP Mi. Gilead, Ohio DY E'S Food Market Phone 29 MI. Gilead, Ohio MOORE'S STORE VIRGIL HOWARD Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 414-R AUTOMOTIVE PARTS T.V. APPLIANCES Page 72 Compliments of LLOYD CORWIN'S GULF STATION wesf High sf. Me. Gilead WH ISTON'S Compliments of StuII's iMen's Shop Congratulations to the Class of 1955 M O R R O W D A L E Quality Dairy Products Morrow Greamery M" Gneud WEST CENTER STREET Phone 2-K Mt. Gilead Best Wishes F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Gculion, Ohio Phone 37 FRIGIDAIRE wEsTlNGHousE JOHN SZMAPATO Lclhmcm's Appliances Nh. Gilead, Ohio mG':I?::19 vgalfijos' D h L h Ph assoz Compliments of Dsborn 81 Hetrick BARBER SHOP Sohio Station Corner Main and North .Page Compliments of HAFFNER'S 5c-51.00 Store Mt. Gilead, Ohio Congratulations Seniors SMITH SEED HOUSE Compliments of BLAYNEY'S LUNCH - Mt. Gilead Phone 206 Mt. Gilead Compliments of J 6' H SHOE STORE KROUTY'S BARBER SHOP Public Square Galion, Ohio JOHN McNALL HOWARD DUDLEY SGHAFFIIEII-MEYER 00. Menls and Boy's Clothing Galion, Ohio 202 Harding Way QUIIY'S DRUG STIIIIE WALGREEN AGENCY Galion, Ohio IIIIIIIE APPLIAIIGE 00. "Galion,s Record Sliopi' 215 South M kef Street W IIIIIIE'S IIAT SIIIIP II3 Harding Way "The Hatshop of Gillian" Compliments of J. C. PENNEY Galion, Ohio Best Wishes MORRIS STORE Public Square Galion, Ohio Phone 2-2511 Galion, Ohio TERRI TYLER Fine Fashions at Budget Prices Galion, Ohio MAIIIUII REGREIITIIIII "Best in Bowling" Marion, Ohio I Compliments of GALION TABER CO. Compliments of PeopIe's Glolhing Go. GRACE HAHN-ELSIE ORR 71 W. Center Sl. Marion, Ohio Compliments of BLUE RIBBON GRILL Page 74 Compliments of LENTZ'S COFFEE SHOP Where Good People and Good Food Meet MI. Gilead, Ohio CRYSTAL ICE AND ZERO LOCKERS Custom Slaughtering Meat Curing and Smoking Processing for Homefreezers New Party Shop Lockers for Rent South si. Mi. Gilead Compliments of Gharles W. Birdsong Inc. Your Buick-Pontiac Dealer U. S. Royal Tire Distributer Complete Service for All Makes Guaranteed Used Cars Phone 79 8. 78 H. 0. Grawhaugh Hardware Marion's Uld Reliable IIS N. Main St. Marion, Ohio Compliments of SHELL SERVICE STATION Mt. Gilead Sharrock Elevator Grain-Coal-Seed-Fertilizer Hay and Straw Building Supplies and Tile Phone 84 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Evenings: Phone 226-K Page 75 Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 THE GALIUN INQUIRER Published Daily E bl h cl l877 Compliments of BENNETT'S Public Square Gal o Oh o Compliments of From a Candlelight Table for two To a Banquet for 100 Remember THE GLOBE HOTEL Mt. Gilead Lumber Company Phone 23 J. Er R. Service Cities Service Products Mufflers-Batteries and Accessories Mt. Gilead Compliments of BEECHER'S FROZEN CUSTABD Service With a Smile South Main St. Mt. Gile d Pg 76 Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 Taylor's Market Bloomfield T. V. 8 Appliances ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES and R.C.A. VICTOR-CROSLEY RADIO 8. T.V. MOTOROLA-and WESTINGHOUSE l30 S. Main St. Phone 57 VAIIGIIII WILLIAMS Footwear for the Entire Family ll P p V. H. WI lams, ro . Mt. Gilead, Ohio Congratulations Class of 1955 ' S-750 Dslaunl fbi: Jflllnin' lllllllluos Y WAILHES Amous owfsr :wma SXXMA' 'sf FX yxxx A. I 4,,f",f X t Compliments of Owners Products lno. .lobbers of Aul'omotive, 8. is Equipment Machine Shop Service 225 S. Market St. Galion, Ohio EIIIIIIS IMPLEMEIIT 00 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments to The Class of 1955 SPENCER'S Phone 223 43 S. Main Page 77 Compliments of CAM P B E L L Auto Supply Firestone Tires cmd Accessories Ph 85 Mt. Gilead Oh Compliments of A S M A N ' S Drugstore O Mt. Gilead, Ohio FRY 81 ZENTLER SERVICE STATION Mt. Gilead, Ohio Ph 54 Herft Jones Company 'Worldis Largest Manufacturers of Class Rings 'I40l-19 North Capital A I d p I 7 I d Compliments of SIDS CLEANERS 29 South Main Mt. Gilead, Ohio Ph 336 Compliments of COLLEGIATE CAP Er GOWN CO. Pg 78 Compliments 0 if VMIIITTII GLIIDDEII AGEIIGY GENERAL INSURANCE C I VANATTA C. R. GLADDEN Phone 419 Mt. Gilead, Ohio IIXTHELM-TIIRIIEII 00. Richman Brothers Clothes And Furnishings 180 S. Main St. Marion, Ohio Compliments of PRlMMER'S BAKERY Phone 42 9 West High Street Mt. Gilead, Ohio SH ELLHORN'S Music stone 163 S. Main Street Marion, Ohio THE MORROW COUNTY SENTINEL 1a4a to 1955 Morrow County,s Leading Newspaper 'I07 Years Old New Every Thursday THE WHITE HOUSE Women's Wear and Accessories Mt. Gilead, Ohio Y U N C K E R'S SPORTING GOODS Mansfield, Ohio Team Outfitters Chenille Letters and Emblems Class Sweaters .and Jadcets Johnson Outboard Motors Century Boats 155 Cline Avenue Phone 4546-6 Page 79 Compliments 0 f AULT MOTOR SALES INC. 'Mom ghwfww comm Sales-Service-General Repairing 144 South Main Mt. Gilead GEYERls MARKET WAGNER BROTHERS Everything Electrical Groceries-Meats Hotpoint-Philco and Poultry Maytag-Washers 8. Dryers Phone 98 MI. Gilead Gilead Phone 70 Evenings: 455-K Compliment-9 of Complllments of BOWENIS BRULLIERS GLEANERS 42 S. Main Cfedif JSWSIYY Mr. Gilead, Ohio Page 80 Compliments 0 f FIRST NATIONAL BANK in Mt. Gilead Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Insuranc and e Deposit Corporation RCrH FLOOR AND WALL COVERINGS Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Jim Smith-Owner SHADY INN GARAGE Phone 451 Mt. Gilead, Ohio All Kinds of Welding General Repair G ge Shade Maple Grove Lake Truckslop Transportation Supplies 8- Auto Accessories GOOD FOOD GULF PRODUCTS 24 Hr. Service Rt 42-2M mi. N.E. of Mi. Gl d Phone 7'I2R Page 81 Your Westinghouse Dealer Cardington, Ohio Your DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer Chesterville Complete front end alignment 81 frame Ohio . . straightening Phone 2421 Phone 40R2 l'lllTOHlNSON'S GARAGE C,,mp,,3me,,,S of and Welding Jan Ree Beauty Shop Phone 736-L Route -95 East Mt. Gilead Phone -'92-W Sohio Products EDISON Dependable Service Compliments of THE PEOPLE'S SAlllllGS BANK "Serving all Morrow County" Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 82 HARLEY-DAVIDSON Sporting Goods Co. Compliments of R. P. MYERS INC. "Everything for Every Sportv Dodge and Piymoufh Dealer I824 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio Opp OSU KL 4603 Phone 99 Mt. Gilead, Ohio S O U L I E R Compliments of Plumbing 8. Heating American Standard FARM MARKET Installations 81 Repairs North on Route 61 I6 West High St. Phone 'I25 ML Gilead, ohio YOUR PATRONAGE Has made it Possible for us to help Make this year the Biggest Ever THE UNION STORE 'Where Everyone Shops and Saves Mt. Gilead Page 83 'It Pays to Belong' GALIDN AUTUMUBILE CLUB 'I39 Harding Way West Galion, Ohio Compliments of J. 0. PENNEY Gill., ING. Marion, Ohio Compliments of Marion lltfiee Equipment Go. Complete Office Equipment Cffice Supplies O 0.6 ll7 North Main Street Marion, Ohio Compliments of Capitol Theatre "Home of Cinemciscopeu ROGEll'S AND GOMPANY 33 N. Main 809 Ashland Rd. Authorized Dealer for R.C.A. Philco Admiral Westinghouse Sales and Service Mansfield, Ohio DlAMONDS-JEWELRY-WATCHES National Mailing Service "Galions Leading Jewelry and Gift Store" 215 Harding Way East Galion, O -Royal Portable Typewriter- C ongratulation to ,55 024 ANTHONY'S Laundry 8. Dry Cleaning Marion, Ohio Chester Shirk, Mt. Gilead Agent Page 84 fZlT ' i im -.Il I l I .:::!EE555i1DI l L.!::lZ ijllllll Ill Wfwfwfff N -- I-I-P-M C5 5 0 Yes, Students and Faculty, the welcome g mat is always out. You have a standing rn invitation to visit H-P-M and see the world's largest exclusive builder of hydraulic presses and power equipment at work. Who knows . . . hydraulics and H-P-M may play a port in your future . . . and you in ours. Just call our personnel manager ond let him know when you'd like to come over, so he can arrange for a guide to take you on the tour. THE HYDRAULIC PRESS MANUFACTURING CUMPANY MUUNT GILEAU, UHIU, U. S. A. Page 85 Mizpah Covers Furnished by Crafto Yearbook Covers Chicago, Ill. Compliments of THE FARM AND HOME LUMBER CO. One Stop Building Service Where Your Building Dollar Goes Farther Call 2691 Collect Caledonia, Ohio Compliments of SNYDEIYS HARDWARE Phone 192-L Edison, Ohio BOLINGER BROTHERS Dealers in John Deere Farm Machinery and Repairs Phone 388-R Edison, Ohio Compliments of A F Rl E N D SMART'S "A REAL MUSIC STORE" 6 S. Main Sl. Mansfield, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of STAR RUBBER GUMPANY "smz rmesff Mansfield, Ohio C F. MUFFLEY-District Sales Mg Phone 612-W DR. A. F. SOUTHARD DR. W. W. VOGAN DR. J. R. PETRIE Page 86 Best Wishes To the Class of '55 V THE NORTH ELECTRIC MFG COMPANY AUTOGRAPHS

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