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i2JfiL4,cw9J14fS yu! 77.573 Aw, THE MIZPAH 57 - SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 ... , - Jani,- DEDICATION We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-three, dedicate this volume of the Mizpah to Mrs. Ziegler, who has been a most able teacher and a good friend to us during the years she has taught here. Page 2 ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL BOARD C. R. Gladden, Clerkg James Gallagher, Vice Presidentg Luther Asman, Presidentg L. C. Dye, John Mathews, Williaill Wolhnger. x e O. H. FARRAR G. R. BLOSE Supwimfemlpnt l'l1119iii2mCIIiiII1ivlrlf College-Ohio University -' Q- ' ' 1 Degrees-B.S. in Education, lVl.S. Dgxligsgitjowlliiirtherni BIS., Years TaUSht"'26 Years Taught-14 I-lome-Nlt. Gilead I-lome-lVlt. Gilead Page 3 MR. R. S. BEARD MR. DEWITT C. MRS. CATHERINE MR. REX IANTZ B. S. Ohio State NICHOLSON HANNA Agriculture A. B. Ohio University B. S. Ohio State History Home Economics B. S. C. Ohio University Commercial MISS ESTHER NIR. CHARLES BUSH AIR. EUGENE WEST MR. RICHARD SCHULTZ B. S. Ohio State B. S. Ashland College POFFENBAUCH B. S. Bowling Green Industrial Arts Assistant Coach B. S., B. A., Physical Education Math Ashland College .kai MR. LESTER GRACE MR. OSCAR BECK MISS LOUISE BONAR Drivers Training Science MR. RICHARD B. S. Defiance B. Sch. Mus. Wooster A. B. Ind. University BEHREND Coach College A. M. Columbia B. S. Ohio State Math Music University Math English and French Speech PHOTOGENIC SENIORS SENIOR CLASS WILFORD LEO KEIL President V.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Class President 3, 4 Class Treasurer 2 Varsity Football 1, 3. 4 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1 Class play 3 DONALD WAYNE BYRD Vice-President 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4 Class Play S, 4 Class Secretary 3 Class Vice-Pres. 4 PORTIA ELAINE DETROW 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Photogenic Senior G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 35 President 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, 4 Class Play 4, Student Director 3, 4 Choir 1 Office Help 4 Majorette 2, 3, Drum Majorette 4 Homecoming Court Page 6 LAURA ESTHER POWELL 12 Years at Mt. Gilead G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 President 4 Librarian 2 Class Treasurer 3, 4 Homecoming Queen JANET LOUISE ANDREWS 12 Years at Mt. Gilead C.A.A. 1, 2 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Librarian 2 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4 Band 3, 4, Librarian Student Council 2, 4 Class Play 3, 4 JACOB EDWARD BELT 12 Years at Mt. Gilead V.A.C. 2, 3, 43 President 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Choir 1 Reserve Basketball 1, 2 Varsity Basketball 3 Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4 Page 7 DAVID WESLEY COVER F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 JAMES DALE CONING 12 Years at Mt. Gilead V.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity, 4 H Mid Buckeye Guard 4 CHRISTOPHER WEST BENTON V.A.C. 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Chaplain 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 ' Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1 Class Vice-President 2 Class Play 3, 4 Page 8 CHARLES I. GANSON JR. Photogenic Senior Band 2 General Course BARBARA LEE GEYER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Treas. 3, Secretary 4 F.H.A. 1 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Program Chairman 4 Class Play 3, 4 Choir 1 4 Office Help 2, 3, 4 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 44 Reserve 2 JOANN MARGARET GRAMLEY Librarian 3 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 4 Page 9 KEITH GEORGE EVANS Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 V.A.C. 3, 4 Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Mid Buckeye Guard 4 PHILLIP CLARK HATFIELD JR F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4 Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Parliamentary Procedure Team 4 V.A.C. 3 DONALD SCOTT HAYES F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. President 2 St. Advisor 3, Treasurer 4 Class Play 3 Parliamentary Procedure Team 4 Page 10 WILLIAM RICHARD I-IEIMLICI-I 12 Years at Mt. Gileucl Class Play 3 General Course DONALD EUGENE HOLTREY 12 Years at Mt. Gilead F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, V. President 2 Ghoir 1, 2, 3 Pu1'liamentau'y Procedure Team HOMER LEE INGMIRE College Prep. Course T1'z1nsfe1'recl from Phoenix, Arizona Senior year Page 11 NANCY LYNN INGMIRE 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 3, 4 Librarian 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 BETTY MARIE KEENAN Librarian 4 Commercial Course MARTHA JEAN MOSHER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead F.H.A. 1, 2, Treasurer 2 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Buckeye Girls' State 3 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Office Help 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 4 Class Play 3, 4 Choir 1 Business Manager of Mizpah 4 Page 12 JAMES MOSHER 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Literary Course MARTHA LUA PHILBROOK F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian, 4 C-.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 VIOLET JEANN IN E POTTS F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Parlimentarian, 4 Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4 Office Help, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Varsity Cheerleader 4 Page 13 LETA MAE RATHBURN C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Devotions Chairman 4 Oflice Help 4 Class Secretary 81 Treasurer 1 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President Homecoming Court Student Council 3, 4, Secretary 5: Treas. 4 Mizpah Staff RONALD RAY REED Hi-Y 3, 4 Band 3, 4 i Choir 3, 4 Minstrel 3, 4 Transferred from Martel at the beginning of junior Year Mizpah Staff JAMES EDWARD RICHARDSON 12 Years at Mt. Gilead V.A.C. 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2 Class Vice President 1 Reserve Football 1 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Student Council 3 Choir 3, 4, Student Director 4 Band 1 Mizpah Staff Page 14 WILLIAM DALE RINEHART F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4 Band 3 junior Class Play Class Secretary 2 Mizpah Staff JAMES EDWARD ROBINSON 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 1 Engineering Course Mizpah Staff NEIL WRIGHT SIPE F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Adviser, 4 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel, 3 Agricultural Course Mizpah Staff Page 15 CAROLYN MARIE SMITH 12 Years at Mt. Gilead G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Ass't. Pianist Band 1, 2, 3, 4 JERRY NEAL SHAMBAUGH 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4 Class Play 3 6: 4 Student Council 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 Reserve Football 1 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 V.A.C. 2, 3, 43 Vice President 4 JOHN THAYER SWEENEY 12 Years at Mt. Gilead Choir 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 V.A.C. 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1, 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Student Council 2, 4, President 4 Mizpah Editor 4 Page 16 JACK LEON WALLACE 12 Years at Mt. Gilead V.A.C. 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3 Reserve Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1, 2 Varsity Basketball 3 Class Play 3, 4 Choir 2, 3 Co-editor of Mizpah 4 JUANITA BELLE WISEMAN F.H.A. 1, 2 G.A.A. 1, 2 Office Help 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Vice President 3 Choir 1 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 MARJORY LOUISA ZIN N College Preparatory Cou1'se Page 17 CLASS WILL AND TESTAMENT To Whom it May Concern: We, the members of the Senior Class of 1953, being of sound mind and body and knowing that our life as Seniors is about to end, do hereby make and publish this Last Will and Testament: 1. To the Class of 1954-Our ability to get flowers 81 trees for the Junior-Senior Banquet. II. To the Class of 1955-Our ability to get out of classes. III. To the Class of 1956-Our ability to 'work together. IV. The undersigned members of the Senior Class do hereby dispose of a personal possession: 1. Janet Andrews-wills her ability to "Buddy Upi' in public to Evelyn Hammond. 2. Jake Belt-wills his ability to get into trouble to Lce Krallman. 3. Chris Benton-wills his ability to "think of so many things to sayi' when out with girls to Larry NVhite. 4. Don Byrd-wills his ability to get stuck making posters for other people to Crete Harvey. 5. Jim Coning-wills his quietness to X'Vally Beck. 6. David Cover-leaves-periodll 7. Portia Detrow-wills her ability to fall in love to Rosemary Osborn. 8. Keith Evans-leaves his "Red Jobi' to anyone who wants it. 9. Charles Ganson-leaves his horse and buggy to Mr. Poffenbaugh for Driver's Training. 10. Barbara Geyer-wills her night-gown to Fddie Osborne. 11. Joann Gramly-wills her ability to dance io Bobby Richardson. 12. Phil Hatfield-wills his football ability to Steve Gerhardt. 13. Ted Hayes-wills his ability to stay out of school to Jack Pursley. 14. Bill Heimlich-wills his janitors broom to anyone who wants to work. 15. Don Holtrey-leaves his upper plate to anyone who needs it. 16. Homer Ingmire-wills his good grades to Roy Styer. 17. Nancy Ingmire-leaves her "Channel No. 5" to Marilyn Monroe. 18. Betty Keenan-wills her shyness to Mr. Lantz. 19. Wilford Keil-wills his ability to "mouth offv to Jeanette Sears. 20. Jean Mosher-wills her cheerleading ability to Kay Cherrington. 21. Jim Mosher-wills his ability to behave to Bruce Campbell. 22. Martha Philbrook-leaves her Driver Training manual to anyone who wants it. 23. Jeannine Potts-wills her lipstick to Bertie Long. 24. Esther Powell-wills her ability to giggle to Joyce Baldwin. 25. Leta Rathburn-wills her ability to argue io Marlene Stanley. 26. Ronald Reed--wills his ability to drive a car to Bill Hershner. 27. Jim Richardson-wills his ability to go steady to four Junior girls. 28. Bill Rinehart-wills his curly hair to Mr. Grace. 29. Jim Robinson-wills his Kroger job to anyone who wants it. 30. Neil Sipe-wills his drum sticks to anyone who wants to play them. 31. Jerry Shambaugh-leaves himself to all his female admirers. 32. Carolyn Smith-wills her unused energy Cwilled to her by Lightning in 1950i to anyone who thinks he needs it. 33. Jack Sweeney-wills his number twelve feet to Vivian Shaw. 34. Jack Wallace-takes everything with him. 35. Juanita Wiseman-wills her ability to talk to the boys to Shirley Meckley. 36. Marjory Zinn-wills her long hair to Mr. Blose. V. To all of the students-we will a wonderful school. Signed, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 Page 18 Sf DUBUC SCV00 LNOZ C Page 19 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ted Moody, Shirley Meckley, Barbara Mitchell, Chuck Walker. As we approach the end of our junior year we can look back with much pride, and feel that we have accomplished our goal. We feel that our long hours of planning and hard work on our football concession standg our class play, "My Friend Ermagi' our dance, "The Bunny Hopns and OUT Il1Hi0l"S9Hi0I' Billlqllet, rewarded US with great success. The members of our class have been prominent in the Hi-Y, Y-Teens, F.H.A., F.F.A., Band, Choir, C.A.A., and V.A.C. - We wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Behrend, our class adviser, for his guidance and faith- ful help. Page 20 JUNIOR CLASS 9 .af i 1,13 SQ ,W . Q 'G 5 r I"ir.s'! Row: B. T. Moody, S. L. XVbitc, R. Osborn, Purslcv. Szfffmul limi: XV. XVigton, R. Burnett, C. YVulkcr, D. Tuylof, McQuisti0n, PxlllIlCI'y. Tllirfl Row: B. Nvp- tunv, li. Osborne, lx. CIlL'I'I'iI1g't0ll, B. I'I1-rsbncr, S. Lancaster, Long. Fllllffll Row: Il. Huston N. Nesbitt, L. Kfilulllilll, C. Ilurvey, P. Scbrzulvr, S. Baker. Fifth Rmu: Bzlclu-lclvr, A. Doty C. Purslcy, V. Todd, D. Burnett, D. Davis. Sixth Row: C. O,lll'1lI'Il, R. Slulifvr, C. Millw- N. Cooper. Hi I 3 I in SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Madclyn Marsh, Marilee Branalnan, XVallace Beck, Fred Jolley. The S0 nhomorc Class be fan the ear with 45 members. The officers for the ear were: l Y Y President, Wallace Beckg Vice-President, Fred Iolleyg Secretary, Madelyn Marshg and Treasurer, Marilee Branaman. Dick Zolman and Caynell johnson were elected as our student council mem- bers. We are lookin forward to our unior ear and therefore have had several mone -makin f . Y Y projects during the year. Two of these were the selling of "pam-pomsv at the football games and the smonsorin of our dance, the Harvest Dance which was ver successful. In anuar , we l v Y ordered our class rings which We will receive next fall. VVe wish to thank our adviser, Mr. Grace, for the help that he has given us. Page 22 SOPHOMORE CLASS Sana E' naw Q., 01 I-' i I ... . je- -' ' 'iff ,Q in - ' . 5 .Q 7" "' , Ifirxt Rmu: D. Zolinan, BI. Stanley, D. Powers, S. Luwrcncc. H. Fritz. F. Sndivr. C. Tmld SUCUIIII Row: S, C,'1JilL'l'S, Allvn, II. Bowcn, XV. Beck, B. Kvcruii, F. -lolivy, N. Iluiiiiiirv Tliirfl Row: S. RQIIIISCY, E. Ihnnmoncl, R. Strulcy, Gunson, Muslim-r, C. Phillips, C. XVQ-nvvr l"11urfli Row: L. Sprunklc, R. Bolt, D. Mniiivy, Stziicv, Zinn, I". Stcrritt, M. Braniannnii. Fiflli Row: R. Zinn, R. Zinimcrmani, P. Piusor, P. Bnrson, C. llc-1'siim-1', V. Shaw, Ii. Smith. Sixfli Row: C. Benton, C. Sinitli, C. johnson, D. Ruthimrn, M. Marsh, P. Skzlpnrsi. M. Stamp. Scmrcnlli Row: D. Drown, D. Coming. FRESHMAN OFFICERS jim Sweeney, XVilliam XVilliams, Dick Harris, Gene Brush. The Freshman Class of 1952-53 has a total of 56 students. Two students who started the year here left-Ronnie Carrier went to California and Margaret Wilson moved to Edison. Our class had a dance February 6, 1953 after the Iberia basketball game. We also had a class party. Page 24 FRESHMAN CLASS Y A xi Y iv SX X 5 Q XI N xx . S is W? 'if' X X 'il' X X I his K 9 1 3. xx K SN I S is 1A..iE"fi A J W If I .... 6 'K 5 1 .:.- ' I X A,f ' f 1 . .94 W f f ,k 1 Q R... Q iw. -maf- 4.45 1 First Row: I. Candcv, I. Staup, K. Evans, H. Cainpbvll, C. Brush, P. Lcniivy, G. Stcvc-ns. Matin-ws. Secmul Row: N. Ruthvrford, D, Covert. G. Powers. I. Ncwson. E. Norman, D. Cm-arhart, C. lone-s. C. Stanlvv. Third liow: K. Bcncllv, S. YVillia1ns, R. Iolinson, C. Bc-nnvtt, VV. Muillm-v, I. lla-in-l, T. Casio. Nl Anslcy. Fourth Row: S. Nesbitt, D. Frickc, B. Crouse, R. Halbert, P. Shipman. Cc-rinainv. AI. Audra-ws. S. Mcliirgan. Fifllz Huw: L. Randolph, F. Cooper. NV. XVillizuns. P. Davis. T. Turnvr. j. Baldwin. I.. Thomas, D. XViSClllill1. Sixth Row: B. XVagncr, M. Shaffer, Pi. Hasor, P. Staiga-r, Swc-vm-y, M. johnson. D. Harris, E. Cattshall. Sevenfli Row: A. Squires, I. ML-Quistion. D. Ingmirc, B. Vaughn, U. Dunnlmaugh. M. Ci-arhart, R. Osborn, II. Arnold. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS jim Rengert, Sandra Halbert, Dianne Carver. The class of 1957 is ealgeiiynwuiting entering High School next year. We now have 58 memhers in our class. This year the class sponsored two social events, 11 party in December, and L1 Wiener roast in April. We wish to express our thanks to our two advisers, Mr. Luntz and Mrs. Ziegler. Page 26 EIGHTH GRADE Q NV . .::S. . 1: :uz ::E.::,., Q ' ,Dl x S L V S -. ne 3-'Er Q' Aqzb L-L71 -sf ,Q I Q NQQQQ: I . i ut ,:,, 3 IQII- ' ,,,.. ..,. A 4 A N . .,:.. 1 X L p ., , ff. .. Qiqb i v -x AIA ..., gk, J nu' Q, , n Q , S X .. A Ma Q V Kg' A dit Q L ti' K A, ,Q t ISS . 'M X: ,.:'2 a .' . , " ...N Hf jff "" . . vi V ' 3' 1:1 ' ' I H If. J SQ. Lv ' Mmgfldw :" fi ""' 3-.. ,,,, E- V 5 R f cf m ' ' .-. . LT , - ' Il, .. ..:,: 6 1 , .. . ,,.. . 42 b sc, 3 A X. ,cj .Q .A S fb A .F gg. 5 , L J . -:ef L - S 1- . W ,:. J . H Q K , s y ws . f. 6 k z , ' i- S I ., -+ I i i... Z., I 3 saw, N Z . 5,..: 16, . Y Y . . .fi ju w 5 if 2 Y f Firxl Row: B. IIoll'lnirc. S. Ccigvr, R. Stycr. S. Mason, IQ. Nvshilt, M. Burson, II. Hasor, li. Purslcy. Scrrmul Huw: N. Clnllub, C. Smith. C. xvfigllt, Rvngvrt. S. Ghcnt. T. Dclwilvr, li. Boyle-, E. Bvnnctt, Third Row: D. Rogers, A. Bznrctt. L. XVcuvcr. D. Carver. G. lloltrvy. B. Clnlcotv, K. Ilnll, S. Casto. Frmrflz Row: R. M4-Quistion. F. Layman, P. lfislwr, R. Bonding, N. -Iollcv, L. M01-klvy, B. Hulbert, K. Bczlrd. Fifth Raw: B. l"nircl1ild, Zinn. li. SIcNu11u-v, ZillIlllK'l'lllil1L D. Budcr, ll. NVigton, XV, Higgins, S. Rinclmrt. Si.x'll1 Row: C. liindnmn, j. johnson, A. Davis. R. Ln-1-. tl. Scars, R. Sipcs, K. Bnkvr, II. Pl1ilb1'ook. SCl7Ullfl1 Row: R. Cannphcll, C. Chcrringlcm. L. XVoucI, Stnnlcy, R. MCPQQ-k, B. Long. B. Jackson, B. Pnrslcy. Page 27 SEVENTH -GRADE OFFICERS Bohhy Case, Bruce Cznnphcll, Patricia Mathews Iluerc wc arc in our first year of -Innior High School. NVQ stnrtcd off right hy electing good, dependable class officers. Then many of ns were on the Honor Roll. Our boys played junior High loothull and huskethull. Our girls joined junior C.A.A. Most of ns attended the dances regularly and wc had our own successful class parties. YVe wish to thunk our advisors Mrs. Hunnu and Mr. Beard for the help they halve given ns this year. Page 28 SEVENTH GRA DE .gy 1 1 'Ir-':'1' gilt -": A , Rm xv ., ,,,,,v I-,yi 'f Q ,TSS af., g my 5 x " X. Fla, 4 1. -s I Q Pf X f .g'.,g1T:!t . SX a z., f X' . .,., . s g ,F X N ' mg Q- ..., -' Uh 'Q' h, M. V 1 gd , why. Mason, T. llunt, S. Calluhzm, T. Shields, M. Ilnrris. Serfoml Row Ifirs! How: B. Blose, Detwiler, F. Smit F.. XVilkie, B. Richardson, j. Nixon, F. Bendle, P. Patton, L. Smith. P. Howard, K. Conklin. Third How: S. Cer- hurdt, J. Arnold, D. lluston, Shaw, Geyer, M. Belt, D. Kerr, P. Smith. Fourlh How: lt. ML-Caunmon, G. Link B. Haunsey, D. XVhite, P. Styor, D. Irons, B. Hershncr, T. Hayes. Fifth How: Barrett, P. NVitzel, B. Cooper, P Mathews, K. lleimlieh, M. Vaughn, D. Cuttslmll, Germaine. Sixth Row: D. Rizor, C. lloltrey, E. XVheeler, E Reed, lt. Finley, H. Miller, S. Hull, Pt. Pintt. Seventh Row: P. XVitzel, E. llurden, B. Case, A. Mattingly, P. llur den, XVitzel. B. Stamp, S. Arnold. Eighth Row: B. Taylor, A. Buthhnrn, C. Ingmire, VI. Cumphell, S. Mettler, 1 lluseroclt, D. XVoodwurd, B. Andrews. THEME CLUBS Q 41 , l',n Or' X J iii? aj E vmgbiq 2: 1-H' 'af STUDENT COUNCIL Scrllcll: LL't1lR1ltlll7lll'l'l,I1lCl'i Swccncy, Icrry Shanihaugh. Scronrl Roux: Suc liinchart, Carolc Bcnncll, Dick Zohnan, Larry XVhitc, C11-tc Ilarvcy, Barbara Raunscy. Tlzirrl lime: Bill lloilinirc, Cayncll john- son, lanct Anclrcws, Ccnc Dunilmaugh. Frank Bcnlllv- Thi- Stuclcnt Council has hacl a vcrv succcssllul vcar unclcr the supcrvision of Mr. Blosc. NVQ' havc sponsorccl scvcral assclnlmlics which wcrc paicl for hv thc activity fcc paicl at thu first ol' thc veal' hy cach stuclcnt. The Stuclcnt Council also was in chargc ol' thc big Clnistmas Party ancl thc All-School Picnic this spring. The stuclcnt Council is maclc up of a hoy and a girl from cach class from thc scvcnth grauh to the twclfth. The twclfth ffraclc has two lnovs and two firls. The olliccrs this vcar arc: ack U .f 51 , Swccncv, Prcsiclcntg lcrrv Sillllllllklllgll, Vicc Prcsimlcntg Lcla Rathlmurn, Soc.-T11-as. Pllzffl' 31 HI-Y Seated: Mr. Behrend. Adviser, Chris Benton, -lerry Shambaugh, Keith Evans, Larry YVhitc, Ted Moody. 50601111 Row: jake Belt, NVilford Keil, -lack Sweeney, .lim Richardson, Bill Ilershner, Rex Shaffer, Ronnie lived. Third Row: David Powers, Lee Krallnlan, -lack NYallaee, Eddie Osborne, Vernon Todd. john Allen, lloward llnslon. The Hi-Y started out its meetings with club initiations. Among other things We spon- sored a hayride, a feed for the basketball team, a trip to Bncyrus with the Y-Teen members, and climaxed with the Sophomore initiation. VVe have had a fine year and the club has been very active. The following people are officers: President-Keith Evans, Vice President-Larry XVhite, Secretary-Ted Moody, Treasurer-jerry Shambaugh, Chaplain-Christopher Benton, and the Advisor-lNIr. Behrend. Page 32 Y-TEENS Sealed: Mrs. Ziegler, Adviser, Barbara Ceyer, Barbara Neptune, Esther Powell, Portia Detrow. -lean Mosher. Second Row: Leta llathburn, Naney Cooper, Shirley Baker, Fran Sadler, Sue Lawrenee, janiee lttnnery, Harriett Bowen, Crete Harvey, Caynell johnson. Tlzirrl Row: Vivian Shaw, Roberta Zimmerman, Linda Sprankle, Shirley Cyphers, Carolyn Smith. Barbara Mitchell. Sally Lancaster, Jeannine Potts, Juanita XViseman, Dianne Taylor, Carroll Benton, Janet Andrews, Marlene Stanley. The Y-Teens started the year, as nsnal, with their formal initiation in November. VVe had a dance on January 9 after the johnsville game. VVe had a very profitable season selling refreshments at the basketball games. The Y-Teen officers this year have been: president, Esther Powell, vice president, Barbara Neptune, secretary-treasurer, Portia Detrow, and sergeant-at-arms, Fran Sadler. Page 33 SENIOR G.A.A. Seated: E. Powell, S. Lancaster, P. Detrow, B. Geyer. Second How: F. Cooper, Andrews, Balclwin, N. Cooper, G. Powers, M. Ansley, M. Phillmroolc, E. Gattshall, V. Shaw, Miss Schultz. Third lima: S. Nesbitt, N. llollniire, C. Bennett. N. Rutherford, P Lelnlev, C. Iones, S. Howard, L. Piathhiirn. Fmzrtlz Row: I. Ileqel, I. Mathews, D XVisenian, N. Neshitt, I. Grainley, C. Benton, Shirley Cyphers. JUNIOR G.A.A. Seated: S. Geiger, G. Hinclinan, N. Iolley, B. Halbert. Second Row: D. XVooclward, B Ilershner, A. Piathhurn, Zimmerman, R. Finley, N. Chnhh, E. Harden, P. Howard M. Harris, M. Belt, S. Arnold, M. Vaughn, E. Pursley, Miss Schultz. Third Row: R. Me: Gammon Stanlev S. Casio D. Garver S. Rinehart D. Rizor I. Germaine P. Math- I ews, I. Sh-aw, P. Styer, G. XI'right, E. WIVilkie, B. Raimsey, Nixon. Fourth Row: I Smith, Detwiler, P. Fisher, XVigton, B. Chilcotc, K. Baker, Sears, M. Burson, S Callahan, S. Mettler, B. Taylor, Arnold, R. McQuistion, S. Hull. V. A, C. Sculccl: Tccl Moody, jake Belt, jcrry Sluunhungli. First Row: Mr. NVQ-st, Chris Benton, Phil llutficlcl, Keith Evans, Allin Coning, jim llichzxrclson, Floyd Stcrritt, XVull:1cc Bock, XVilforcl Kc-il, lim-x Shallcr, Ccrulcl NVcuvcr, Lu-c Krullinun, Mr. Grucc, Aclviscr. Second Row: luck NV11lluu-, john Moshcr, Dick Zohnnn, Eclclic Oshornc, .luck Swccncy, john Slulcy, John Buclicldcr, XVcnclcll Vligton, Larry xVlll'.LY, Bill llcrshncr, Dulc Rllllllillfll, Frccl jollcy, Phil Schruclcr. The V.A.C. has had il vcry successful year. Our funcls halve been lllCI'CilSCCl hy our popcorn sulcs. The club bought tcn pairs of white lmskcthalll punts for thc tczun. The club also uttcnclccl ll basketball gzunc ut Columbus. During the lxislicthull season, thc visiting tcauns wcrc lccl scvcrnl times hy thc V. A. C. VVc ure now in thc process of planning for our iniation for our futurc incmhcrs. Page 35 .H. . Sculcll: Mrs. llznma, Shirley Baker, Sally Lancaster, Nancy Cooper, Jeannine Potts, Nancy Nesbitt. Sceonrl Row: Frances Cooper, Eileen Gattshall, Ethel Norman, Peggy Shipman, Patty Lemley, Carol Phillips, Martha Philbrook, Patty Davis. The F. H. A. ollieers for this year were: President, Nancy Cooperg Vice-Presitlent, Sally Lancasterg Secretary, Shirley Bakerg 'lll'C2lSll1'CI', Nancy Nesbittg ancl Jeannine Potts, Parliamentariai1. Mrs. Catherine Hanna is our chapter adviser. Six new members took part in the formal initiation in December. Our annual Bi-connty meet- ing was heltl at Mt. Gilead this year in December. Four towns attencletl the meeting and Frecl- ericktown had the largest attendance of all the Chapters. Money making projects for this year inclnclecl selling cancly mints, Christmas cards ancl stationery. Page 36 F. F. A. Sealed: Mr. Beard, Adviser, Neil Sipe, Ted llayes, Bill Rinehart, Don lloltrey, Carl Miller. Second lime: Ralph johnson. Clendon llerslmer. Aloe XleQuistion, Delbert Davis, lack Long, john Newsou Gene Dumhaugh, Dave Meliirgan. ltohert Razor, loe MeQuiston. Tliirll How: Paul ltasor. George Ste- vens, ltohert Fritz, Daton Barnett, NYally Beck. Vernon Todd, Charles Todd, David Cover, john Allen Richard Smith. This year, with Mr. Beard as our Advisor, The F. F. A. has a total of twenty-eight regular members and several associate members. YVe took part in many activities this year and we won a gold award in the District Parliamentary Procedure Contest. Several hoys show- ed projects at the County Fair and several at the State Fair. VVe held our annual Parent and Son Banquet on March 24th. The chapter is doing pretty well this year. The officers this year areg President - Bill Rinehart, Vice President - Don lloltrey. Treasurer - Ted Ilayes, lteporter-Carl Miller, Secretary-Phil Ilatlield. Student Advisor-Neil Sipe and Sentinel'- Vernon Todd. Page 37 1 OFFICE HELP Alcannino Potts, Nancy Ruthcrforcl, juanita XVlSClNtlll, Alcan Moshcr, Barhara Ncptunc, Kay Chcrrington. Portia Dctrow, Barhara Cc-ycr, Lcta llathhurn. Scufczl: Mr. Blose G ROOM td Seated: Ruth Campbell, Shirley Cyphers, Jeanne Canson, Sue Lawrcncc, Vivian Shaw, Linda Spranklc, Nancy Coopcr, Nancy Ingnlirc. Standing: Darwin Gearhart, Judy Mathews, jane Ilcgcl, Mary jo Anslcy, Sally Lancaster, David Powers, VVcndcll XVigton, Ccnc Brush, Howard Huston, Kcnncth Bcndlc, Boh XVagncr, Betty Kccran, Maclclyn Marsh. Page 38 DRIVERS' TRAINING Kneeling: 'lake Belt, Mr. Pollenbaugh, Keith Evans, Don Byrd. Siruuling: Jean Mosher, Joann Crainly, Martha Philbrook, Nancv Iufmire, eannine Potts, uanita VViseman, Lcta Rathburn anet Andrews, lVinnie Rathburu, Portia Detrow. . . 7 . A Driver Training program was started this year in Mt. Gilead High School. Sixteen seniors en- rolled and completed the course. Due to the fact, however, that it is only a one semester course, nine seniors enrolled the fall semester and seven the spring semester. Each student receives a twofold benefit from the courseg namely, a driver's license and BQ high school credit-provided the necessary requirements are passed. Even though the paramount purpose of the course is to promote safe sportsmanlike driving, not all of the work was done in the automobile. Time is provided for 3 classroom sessions per week and at least 2 periods of driving the car. A complete textbook is used for classwork discussion and each class saw approximately 12 movies. During the last week of each semester a state patrolman comes to class and becomes acquainted with the students. Questions are asked by both students and patrolman, also slides of serious accidents in Ohio are shown. Mt. Gilead is quite fortunate in having automobile dealers who are enthusiastic about Driver Education. The first semester class used a new Chevrolet, courtesy ot AULT MOTOR SALES, INC. The following semester a new Pontiac was used, courtesy of CHARLES XV. BIHDSONG, INC, The cars are equipped with dual controls, that is an extra clutch and brake for the teacher-just in case! Of course the big day that the students eagerly await is Driver Training graduation day, when a driveris license and certificate are awarded. Page 39 JUNIOR-SENIOR-1952 . , .fiff x ' A + X. V AT k. 'W me -"alfa X X S S vt- m'Q': X Mfr , xx ,M .NW Xxx Page 40 l JUNIOR-SENIQR-1952 Page 41 fi' N XX X x ,,. xv! No FFILETL3 VARSITY FCOTBALL A , x IL tL 1111 llfllllllgll not lmving ll vuv buccuslul sc mm h ul 1 lot ol su xp xml spnxt l1lIlS Lnclul up with il season 1 und ol 1 Wm L mc 1 losses lhp Spllll ol tlu school and the fans xx IS uullnnt md thc V l3lClxiCl thy tc lm llllUllLIll0lIl Marion St. Mary Big Xvillllllt ,, llichwoml , ,, Ccnterlmrg Elm Valley ,,,, Cllllillllgtllll W Plymouth ,,7, Frcclerictown , , Utica , . VARSITY FOOTBALL JACK SYVEENEY YVILFORD KEIL PHIL. HATFIELD 111-ight 6'5" 111-ight G' llc-ight 5'10" Weight 165 Wcigm 175 W4-ight 190 1 1 i LARRY XVIIITE CF111ALD XVRAVER HEX SHAFFER 111-ight 6' Height 5'1l" Height 5'11" XV1-ight 150 NVcig11t 145 XVcight 155 TED BIOODY .IOHN STALEY DICK ZOLNIAN Ilcigllt 5'10" Height 6' Ilcigllt 6' 1Vcig11t 145 XVeig11t 160 1Vcight 145 VARSITY FOOTBALL .-nl""" IAKE BELT KEITH EVANS CIIRIS BENTON Height 5'l1" Ilciglmt 5'8" II1-ight 6' NVQ-ight 185 NVcigl1t 165 NVQ-ight 175 .1 JACK wA1,1,AC1: .l151111Y s11Ax111AUc11 -IINI 111C11A111JsoN llm-ight 5'9" llvight 6'1" 111-igm cs' W1-ight 165 Weight 175 W1-154111 170 -IIM CONING BILL HERSHNER EDDIE OSBORNE 111-ight 5'9" Height 511011 II1-ight 6' XVcig11t 155 XVeig11t 170 Xvlqgllt 160 Foo'rsAl.l. SQUADS Firsl Row-Managers Larry XVood, Ronny Oshorn. Sceuml Roll'-Keitli Evans. Phil Ilatlield, jim Richardson, jerry Sliamhaugli, lack Sweeney, Chris Benton, jake Belt, ,Iaek XVallaee. Third How-Fred Jolley, Ronnie B1-lt, john Staley, Larry YVhite, Eddie Oshorne, 'lied Moody, Gerald XVeaver. Fourth How-l"loyd Slerritt, Dick Zollnan, Dale llatlihurn, Don Covert, Clendon IIershm'l', David Powers, Kenny Evans. lfifllz Row-Coach Lester Grace, Gene Brush, VVayne NIufHey, Kenny Bundle, Jim Sweeney, Assll Coach Cene NVesl. First Row-Ronnie Belt, Diek Zollnan, Clendon Hershner, YVallaec Beck, Gerald 'NVeavcr, David Powers, Dale Rathburn. Second Row-Thad Turner, Don Brush, john Staley, Kenny Evans, Bob Vaughn, Ronnie Osborn. Third Row-Kenny Bundle, Floyd Sterritt, Fred jolley, Diek Harris, jim Sweeney. Olulilu UCCIB VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Jean Mosher, Shirley Meckley, Barbara Geyer, Jeannine Potts RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Janice Rumery, Kay Cherrington, Harriett Bowen, Glacial Powers. Page 48 BASKETBALL The lndizms had ll scuson rccord of 12 wins amd 7 losscs, onc ol' tht has sc ons 1 o f time. Starting out in at ncw gym, the team with at lot of fight amd ClCtC1lHlIl ltion xxon than nxt five gznnvs without n loss. The school :md fans showed more spirit and lmc-king than thcy limi in tht pist Lats io in that they keep up the good work. Caledonia Alumni Edison Clnridon Curvy 77 Elin Valley Johnstown 7 Cnrdington Iohnsvillc Lexington Edison ltichwood 7 77 Cnrdington 7 Marion St. Mary Big NVnlnnt 7 llncriu 7 7 Frcdrictown 7 A Nlairysvillv 7 7 Mt. Vernon St. Vincent 7 7 Pagr 49 Tlmy XVI' 56 61 40 55 43 G2 5l 5:3 51 5-1 57 54 32 49 40 59 69 59 G9 G4 66 75 64 G0 57 59 40 55 41 50 48 60 77 59 67 53 56 55 VARSITY BASKETBALL JIM RICHARDSON Hei 'ht 6' All MiciiBuckeyc Honorable Mention VVILFORD KEIL Height G' JACK SWEENEY Height 6'5" TED MOODY Height 5'10" All Mid-Buckvye First Tcaun LARRY XVHITE Ilcight G' JERRY SHAMBAUGII Height 6'1" All Mid-Buckeye Second Tcann Page 50 VARSITY BASKETBALL DICK ZOLMAN Height 6' JOHN 1sAc11uL1JL:u llm-ight 6'4" EDDIE OSBOHNIC Height 6' .IOIIN STALEY llc-ight 6' FRED IOLLEY Height 5'11" IIOIIN MOSIIER IIL-ight 5'11" Page 51 BASKETBALL vARsl1Y SQUAD kneeling: Coach Grace, Wfilforcl Keil, Ted Moody, jack Sweeney, jim Richardson, jerry Shambaugh, Manager-Phil Schrader. Sf!ll'!lIi7lgI lohn Staley, Eddie Osborn, Larry XVhite, john Bac-holder, Dick Zohnan, John Mosher, Fred Jolley, Coach VVest. RESERVE SQUAD Sitting: Ronnie Belt, Floyd Sterritt, Don Covert, Dale Rathhurn, Kenny Bendle, Ronnie Us- born, lim Sweeney. Stancling: Coach WVest, Boh Vaughn, XVaync Mnllley, Kenny Evans, Dick Harris, Gene Dumbangh, Gene Brush, Coach Grace. Page 52 JN USIC. . NK K ZX S 1 S 1 x. X , X Q ,E Q Of , X, X Ax vi, SL X If .1 ' 1 x K, m""""'-w-W-"", X T' ,.., gn ir - C? I I I I l X fi Xb:-f' --Q, a'or-Q P 54 A :Q-H es Jlujorettes: Nancy Hoffmire, Portia Detrow, Sue Lawrence, Rosemary Osborn. First Row: Mr. Beck, Director, Carolyn Smith, Connie Jones, Judy Mathews, Madelyn Marsh, Marilee Brana- man, Carole Bennett, Mary Jo Ansley, Jane Hegel, Leta Rathburn, Sandra Howard, Nanev Ingmire. Second Row: Doug Rogers, Gwen Wright, Roberta Kerr, Donna YViscman, lloward lluston, Bob XVagner, Jeannette Sears, Nancy Chubb, Lowell Thomas, Susan Geiger. Third Row: Roberta Zimmerman, Jeannette VVigton, Joyce Baldwin, Larry NVood, David Powers, Bobby Sipes, Ronald Reed, Don Bader, Linda Sprankle, Larry Meckley, Billy Iloffmire, 7 Nivian Shaw, Fourth Row: Bruce Campbell, Janet Andrews, Sarah Jane Nesbitt, Nancy Jolley, Nancy Rutherford, Jolm Allen, David Frieke, David Cover, Fred Jolley, Jim Rengert, Pat Lemley, Sue Rinehart, Larry VVeaver. Page 55 CHOIR The Hi fh School A Canella Choir is under the . 4 . .1 ll . direction ol Mr. Beck, who IS new to us this year. YVe have given a number of concerts this year. One of the hi f fest and most im uortant ones was our annual Christmas t I program. The Music Department and the Dramatics Depart- ment presented a Minstrel Show during the year. One hall' ol' the proceeds went to buy new music for the Choir and Band. The Choir chose jim Richardson as their student choir director this year. The following officers were elected: President, Bill Rinehart, Vice-president, Don Byrd, Secretary-treasurer, anet Andrews- Librarians, Shirle Meckle and Nanc , , Nesbitt. l"ir.s'I How: Mr. Beck, B. Mitchell, C. Tones, Andrews, V. Shaw, R. Zimmerman. lf. ,llam mond, B. Keeran, V. Kimmey, N. lloflmire, Meckley, Mathews, Baldwin, P. Shipman S. Lawrence. Second Row: D. Taylor, C. Smith, Hegel, S. Neshitt. C. Powers, C. Harvey N. Neshitt, Y. NVT- 1 N. R l ' " 1 ' ' ' ' istm m, ut ierford, M. Stanlcy, L. Sprankle, C. Bennett, M. Shailer, ll Bowen, ll. Oshorn. Thim' Row: M. Ansley, F. Sadler, S. Baker, C. Oillearn, Sweeney, C llcrshner, R. Smith, B. Rinehart, B. Hershner, YV. Beck, K. Evans, D. Byrd, D. Powers, K Evans, B. XVagner, D. llarris, C. Smith, P. Skapura, E. Osborne, Richardson, B. Reed, D Cover, ll. Huston, Candee, L. Thomas. Page 56 ELEMENTARY CHOIR First Huw: N. XVom-s, D. ZIlIIlIlL'l'lll2lIl, L. Mursli. S. Asnmn. YV. Cz1mpIwII. Baldwin, 1 IDlll'Iil'l'. Swvc-ncy. L. SIIQICIC. IInII. P. Boyd. Sr'1'nnrf Bow: B. II:1rIz1n. NI. Nixon, 'I'. Cvvcx D. Osborn. S. BICBIZIIHIS, L. Crouse. E. Kilninm-V. IInIIi0rI0i'cI. D. IIilIIII7llI'll, D. I'wI'I1I'Ii1 Third Row: K. IIiIdcIm1'a1mI. S. CuIIuLQIicr, II. Cullailmn, II. Cain JIiL'II. L. I"inIL'Y. IC. 'I'Iiz1rJ. B IIncImI1'II. S. I I I' mln-1, I. Bc-ntun, B. C.z1IIz1In111, L. XXuItvrs. l'UIll'lI1 Huw: C. NIL'CI'i'lII'V. D. Iliq 7 J gins. IIOIiS0n, B. KIinc'. I. Ioistvr. S. BI1ocIcIivcIi. AILICIQSOII, B. Bruce-. D. Blosi-, Iwi' Iinrn. NI. Yuung. B. johnson. C. Slmclc. JR. HIGH CHOIR First Bow: Ccigvr, M. Ilnrris, D. Carver, P. Howard, C. IIincIlnzin. S. CixTI11ll'CII. 'I'. SI1ivIcIs Ii. Conklin, B. I'11irL'IiiIcI, B. Blosv, B. Bclt. A. Bntliimrn. B. Finlc-y, E. XViIIiic-. Scwnifl Hou ' ' I. B. Annlrvws. L. XVUOLI. XV. 1'IUlll'lII- Huw: II. I5IL'I'l't'Ii, Jolley. Nlr. Bm-ck. IL. I'nrsIc'y, S. Casio, Ix. BllI'iC'l'. C. NVrigIit. ZIlIIIIli'I'III2IIl. C. Link. II. PIiiIImrnu B. IIOIIIIIIII1' D. Bogvrs, B. Calnipbc-II, F. Bc-ncIIv, B. I-Icrslnwr, Cc-1'ina1inc, D. XVOOIIWRIFQI Tlzirll RUILT SIIIIIICY, I'. Smith, D. Bizor, B. IXICCIIIIIIIIIOII, L. Smith, B. BIL'NilIlIl'l Higgins. L. XV01lYL'I', B. Ilicliurdsnn, IIIIICIIQITI. IInII, C. Ingfniirv. I'. fNI:1IIi1-ws B. 'l'ayIox'. S. CILIIIQIIIQIII. XVigton, B. CI1iIcolc, Dc-twilor, Shaw, Rvngvr l IJ. BillIl'I', E. Bcinlvtt, -I. Ccycr, T. Ilnnt, S. NIL-ttlvr, 1. Fislicr, B. IIuIIx-rt, N Page 5 7 XX, T ABE P SC Hom, MRS. SMITH MHS. FARRAH MISS DENMAN BIHS. KRALLIXIAN MISS OATMAN Ohio Uiiivcrsity Ohio Univcrsity ILS., Ohio University B.S.. Ohio Stuto XVitlviihci'gJ, Colin-gc MRS. AICCANIKKJNT MHS. POTTER MISS BECKLEY MHS. KILE MHS. IKIIODICBICCK Ashland Colh-gc A.B., Nchmsku Stzitc Ashland College Ohio Stutc Ashland Coll:-gc Tvalclicix -in MRS, PARKS MHS. CALLISIIICR HRS. RICHARDSON MH. BNAIXAIKD Office-Svcn-tz11'y Nliumi Univ:-rsity NYittcnhm-rg Collvgc- Ohio Stain' B.A.: 13.5. Page' 59 SIXTH 'GRADE -nf' First Row: D. Fricke, llathhurn, D. Mcliirgan, Parkinson, R. Betz, P. Burson, G. Shade M. Mattingly. Second How: B. Drown, L. Crouse, S. Logan, M. jones, N. McCarty, R. Ceckitti D. Rathhurn, R. Piatt. Tlzirrl Row: D. Alkire, S. Fisher, L. Ashhrook, Hull, T. Harden, l Hohson, R. Callahan, L. YValtcr. Fourth Row: S. Powell, B. Dewiel, P. Poistcr, D. Howard -I. Macy, R. johnson, H. Campbell, K. Graham. Fifth Row: R. XVest, R. Bruce, B. Kline, XVoodward, B. Beard, S. Cyphers, M. Young, P. Arnold. Sixth Row: D. Higgins, P. Boyd, E Tharp, M. Hubbard, L. Todd, M. Lindner, S. Asman, S. Spencer. Seuenllz Row: H. Shonk, B Fritz, M. Holden, M. Cearhart, S. Bhocleheek, B. Smith, P. YVoodwnrd, G. Piatt. FIFTH GRADE S First Row: NI. Baldwin, C. Mc-Creziry, R. Ilncldlc, P. Snuttcr, R. jones, B. Ilarlnn, XV. Crunplnell, S. VVl1iting, j Meliny. L. Pnrsley. Second Row: L. Andrews, Mattingly, M. Smith, ll. Looney, S. Mosier, -I. llill. P. Daniels D. Blose, B. Baldwin, j. Holden. Tliirrl Row: G. McPcek, S. Stillings, A. Smith, N. Squires, j. llnll, E. Ilnll, ll. jones, M. Davis, 'l'. Geyer, S. Newson. Fourth Row: Levings, C. Ilalluert, jackson, D. Taylor, S. Cnllnglier, E. Kimmey, P. Stnnp, H. Lyons, Al. Sears. Fifth How: 'l'. Dalrymple, L. Dnrkee, I. Cooper, K. Ililclelmruncl, L. Mnrsli, M. Unurtle, L. Vun Honten, R. Rexforcl, B. Slionk, M. Fuunsey. Sixth Row: ll. Slionk, C. llonie, L. llurcl- en, C. Stnrner, L. Finley, E. Seliorr, O. Looney. Seventh Row: D. Benrdsley, C. Ceekitti, ll. Irons, MeAnnll, H. XVilli.uns, M. Nixon, -I. Rutherford, D. Osborne, Sweeney, D. Stycr. Eiglzllz Row: N. VVones, li. Cullulnin, II. Crannner, S. McMunis, McLean, Scars, L. Shade, WVl1eclcr, S. Shaller. n J, 1 FOURTH GRADE 3 W , W, First Row: P. Roller, B. MePeek, E. Burns, P. Haynie, B. MeKirgan, L. Newlion, R. Bates, D. Keeran, C Mc-Quiston. Second Row: VVitzel, K. Jennings, C. Price, L. MeCreary, Rathburn, C. Oldaker, P. Strait M. Nvllittl, C. Stanley. Third Row: D. Rawls, M. Crammer, C. Neptune, R. MePeek, C. Dilsaner, C. Fairchild J. Wilson, L. Sherman. Fourth How: P. Clapper, D. Macy, N. Brease, S. Harden, W. Howard, Cerharclt R. Zimmerman, E. Campbell, S. Hindman. Fifth Row: L. Lemlcy, J. Rinehart, D. Huston, S. Looney, C. Brown S. Shaffer, R. Anderson, P. Rasor, Davis. Sixth Row: S. Shaffer, E. Lyons, S. DeMuth, C. Boyer, VVilson, .I McNeil, F. Staley, L. Walter, II. Styer. Seventh Row: R. Craven, N. Powers, D. Reed, P. McLain, T. Snider M. Slmmbaugh, C. Birdsong, S. Casto, G. Todd. Eighth Row: L. Clialfant, R. Beck, R. Frayer, T. Sllarroek, I XVQ-ller, R. Zinn, L. Kelly, D. Staley, VVolHnger. Page 62 THIRD GRADE l X if l Q XE. .3 S l WYE ... q i ' I . in :. . S . ' is 4 , .,.,A:,:.V 4 PM Q , ,,,,, lil! First How: Craven, M. Murphy, D. XVillia1ns, 0. Alkire, D. Craham, E. llaynie. XV. XVielancl, ll. Shonk. Second Row: L. Shurherk, K. Staley, B. Peterson, R. Casto, P. Geyer, M. Peterson, D. Earley, 'l'. Van Ilouten. Third Row: R. Bader, M. Sears, E. AllllCli, M. Sprankle, R. Ruhrinuntl, j. MeKirgan, NV. Osborne, K. Oshorn. Fourth How: T. Griffith, F. Reed, Naylor, C. Dooley, C. Sehorr, NV. lleilnlich, Logan, L. llunt. Fifth How: J. Callahan, P. Popp, Lancaster, B. Pfeiffer, R. Trainer, S. Cooper, D. Cattshall. P. Blosc. Sixth Row: Eng- land, S. Straley, Branaman, XVagner. B. Holden, K. Kehrweelcer, M. Hilclehrancl, D. Shipman. Seventh Row: Hull, M. Staup, llasor, B. jackson, S. Fisher, S. Courtney, I. NVhiting, N. Sehracler. Eighth Row: C. Finley, S. Tennant, I. Layman, I. Scars, M. Nixon, C. YVeaver. SECOND GRADE 1"ir.s't lime: D. Shade, lt. Higgins, VV. Stillings, Rexford, I. Bayer, H. Piatt, I. Hunt, I. Ashbrook, P. Shirley. Second How: D. Nicholson, S. Curl, D. Breese, C. Beard, N. D1lI1i6lS, V- Tl10l11HS, K. Eilrlcy, M. IV11rtl, T. Marsh. Third Row: M. Kinnncy, Zilske, S. Mosher, D. MQA1-tall, C. Gray, Howard, R. Rathburn, C. Ptizor, B. Dilsaver. Fourth Row: D. Tharp, -I. llull, R. Nixon, E. Looney, L. Harden, M. Howard, K. Strait, M. Bnrson, R. Davis. Fifth How: S. Taylor, Strait, L. Smith, R. Davis, P. Pursley, R. Cerhardt, C. Staley, T. Ansley, N. Iones. Sixth Row: T. Mattingly, Conkle, S. Pinyerd, P. Barrett, E. Dooley, S. Rhodeheck, E. Hill, MeManis, B. Reed. Seventh Row: L. Sipes, AI. Petrie, C. Lee, R. Patten, L. Mattingly, E. Bennett, Billing, C. Sears, P. Peterson. Eighth Row: Osborn, B. Levings, G. Sherman, L. Conkle. FIRST GRADE First Huw: D. Callaghcr, C. Lunlloy, C. Bnnkcr, S. Calhoun, Hein, S. lluddlc, K. Cc-rharcit, Strait, D. Alnick. Srruiari How: R. Campbell, P. Price, M.. Brown, M. D.1lrymplv, B. Richardson, ll. Cravcn. R. Long, NV. llollingsworlh, D. Harlan. Third Row: Corbin, D. Asman. K. Snow, R. Danicls, .l. Blillcr, D. M1-Crm-ary, L. Smith, B. jackson. L. YVil1iams. Fourth Row: K. Rizor, Shade, B. Bc-nnctt, 'l'. ML-l'c-ck, C. NW-sl, L. Stamp, M. Cc-arhart, Vail. V. XVic-land. Fifth Row: R. Fisscll, A. Logan, C. Drown, N. Harvey, S. Sonthard, M. KL-rr, C. Sherman, B. Batvs. D. llcbc-fling. Sixth Row: C. Looney, R. Pinycrd, S. Blockson, K. Crousc, M. Fate, M. Casto, S. VVortz, M. Fisscl, E. Vaughn. Sr'uz,'nlh Row: D. Minard, NVest, L. Burns, R. Hubbard, XV. Stillings, I. Beardslcy, C. Lyons, P. Ccycr, M. Trainer, Eighth Row: D. Staiger, L. XVhite, M. Rice, S. Levcring. Page 65 MIZPAH STAFF xlfUl'l'ff-Yillg Cmnniitlcc' Lllll-Olll Cfllllllliffftc YVili'or4l .Kvil juauiitai xViSl'lll2lll -laxkc Bc-it Ki-ith ICVLHIS -Inna-t Anch'1'ws gflll'-Y Cmzzlliillvrf lim ltohiiison itoiuiit- Hemi David Cove-r Hill llc-imlich 'ltd Hayes Martha Philhruuk Chris Bc-ntcm lim Coming 13011 Ilultrvy Alim Mosher Phil lhili-iclci Clmrlcs Gainsuu Nt-il Sipc- Klurjory Zinn Betty Rl'i'lltll1 llomci' lngmirv -lozuin Cramilcy Eflilm' Jack Swccncy iA.S'-Yi-Yfllilf lidilor .luck NVnllaxcv Bzzsincss Manug .lean Mosher Page 66 UI' Don Byrd Barham Coycr lvamninc Potts ilcrry Shumhnugh Bill Rim-hurt Copy Commiflvc Portia Dc-trow Esthur Powcll Num-y Ingmirc Carolyn Smith Lt-tu Hzithhurn -lim Hichairdsmi Dear Subscriber, We, the editors of this thirty-eighth edition of the Mizpah, wish to express our appreciation to the Mizpah Staff, the faculty, the advertisers, Cubberly Studios, and Mr. Rex Lantz, our staff adviser, for their Hue co- operation in publishing this annual. As members of the staff we have endeavored to preserve by pictures and articles the many activities of our High School days which are to be long remembered. We hope that this book will be treasured very highly by every subscriber and will recall to them the many happy days at Mt. Gilead High School, so as we set out sails for the future that lies ahead, may this book serve as common bond between us and join us together momentarily again in the years to come. Co-editor Co-editor Keeney f f n Page 67 Congratulations To The Class of 1953 Jones' IsaIy's Dairy Compliments To 7953 Class and Best Wishes Weaver's Supermarket Mt. Gilead 8. Ed Pg 68 Com pllmen ts 0 f GORDON and JAGGER FORD SALES AND SERVICE AAA SERVICE Phone 75 Mt. Gileod, Ohio Compliments of COFFEE SHOP Where Good People ond Good food meet Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE JIM SMITH, Owner Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of REED'S BEAUTY SALOON Phone 192 Mt. Gilead, Oh MI. Gilead JAN REE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 192-W Edison, Oh Page 69 SHAW'S RESTAU RANT 6'Home Cooked Foods Homemade Piesv 32 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of l ' l ' Peop e s 0 othmg Co. GRACE HAHN-Elsie om: 171 West Center Street Marion, Ohio Now as for 73 Years Richman Brothers Have the Clothing Values SUITS-TOPCOATS-FURNISHINGS Axthelm-Turner, Inc. 180 South Main St. Marion, Ohio Your Richman Brothers Store Compliments of J 84 H SHOE STORE Public Square Galion, Ohio JOHN MCANALL HOWARD DUDLEY T E R RI TY L E R "Fine Fashions at Budget Prices" Galion, Ohio SCHAFFNER-MEYER CO. Men's and Boy's Clothing Galion 202 Harding Way West ANNE'S HAT SHOP 113 Harding Way West Compliments of BENNETT'S Public Square Galion, Ohio Compliments of 'GALION TABER CO. UNION REGISTER E67 OCX Page 70 Compliments of Compliments of BOWEN'S Credit Jewelry CARTER ELECTRIC Singer Sewing Center Gallon, Ohio A FRIEND Compliments of Compliments of Fry's Cr Zen!-ler's KLINFS Sinclair Station Marion, Ohio Compliments o f THOMAS JEWELRY .4 WAT CH 'ltr 2 A 401 fe El-RY ss s. Main 5 Ph. sssx 9 1 Mt. Gilead 21 2 Page 71 Compliments of .Q'9fQ. XL 71? I 'll' II4 S. MAIN STREET Compliments of Mt. Gilead Lumber Compliments of HAROLD HETRICK'S BARBER SHOP THE WHITE HOUSE Women's Wear and Accessories Mt. Gilead Company Phone 23 Congratulations From the MORROW COUNTY FARM BUREAU PURE OIL Co-operative Association We Invite You To Use The Services We Offer SERVICE STORE Feed Farm Seed Store Phone 87 Fertilizer Machinery John Szolopato Animal Health Petroleum Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 72 ' Compliments HAFF N ER'S 255-S1 .oo sToRE Mt. Gilead, Ohio SHlRK'S SHUE REPAIR 81 Dry Cleaning Agency Anthony Laundry 35 South Main St. Compliments 0 f BRUILLERS PRESSERY 42 S. Main Mt. Gilead, Ohio GEYER PRODUCE Live and Dressed Poultry Buyer of POULTRY-EGGS Phone 70 Mt. Gilead, Ohio I Compliments To the Class of '53 SPENCER'S Compliments of CAM P B E L L AUTO SUPPLY Phone 223 43 S. Main St. Firestone Tires and Accessories Phone 85 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 7 3 Compliments of THE PEOPLE'S SAVING BANK "Serving all Morrow County" Mount Gilead Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN MT. GILEAD Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Insurance Deposit Corporcrt' Pg 74 Compliments of Snyder's Hardware Phone 'I92-L Edison, Ohio WAGNER BROTHERS Everything Electrical HOTPOINT-KELVINATOR MAYTAG APPLIANCE TELEVISION Phone 84 Mt. Gilead Evenings: Phone 266-K ALLIS CHALMERS New Ideal Machinery GMC Trucks Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments 0 f MORROW MOTOR SALES INC. Sales and Service Phone 395 BETZ FLORIST uSay it with flowers Phone 226 Mf. Gilead, Ohio MORROWDALE Quality Dairy Products Morrow Creamery West Center Street Phone 2K Ml. Gilead Page 75 Compliments of EIIIILE II. WIEIIEII 00 0. H. CRAWBAUGH HARDWARE DEXTER WASHERS-DETROIT JEWEL LUCAS PAINTS-ELECTRIC RANGES REFRIGERATORS Your Lincoln, Mercury Dealer 920-923 HGV'-ling WUY WGS? BOTTLE GAS FOR COOKING HEATING Phone 2084-4 REFRIGERATION Galion, Ohio Phone 2-2606 Marion, Ohio TU ROFF'S NVhere good food and good people meet Marion, Ohio "Keepsake" Diamonds 'NATIONAL-MAILING SERVICE 215 Harding Way East Watches-GRUEN-BULOVA-ELGIN Compliments of THE CURTAIN SHOP All Your Window Needs I42 South Main Street Marion, Ohio Compliments of Schiffs Shoe Store Compliments of Fred Ellery Cr Son Page 76 Compliments of GALLEHER STOCK YARDS Compliments AULT MOTOR SALES, INC Your Chevrolet Dealer SALES-sERvucE G lRp g 24H T gs 'I44S thM MfGI d P 77 Compliment f MORTON HARDWARE HARDWARE FOR HARDWEAR Phone 62 Mt. Gilead, Oh Compliments of TAYLO R'S MARKET RZ'rH Floor and Wall Coverings Pg, 78 BULINGER BRUTHERS Dealers In JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY REPAIRS Phone aaa R Edison Ohio CONGRATULATIONS! THE OHIO FUEL AND GAS COMPANY Compliments of SHARROGK ELEllATOR MANSFIELD BRUTHER IMPLEMENTS Sheppard Diesel Tractors And Other Implements Grain-Coal-Seed-Fertilizer Hay and Straw Building Supplies and Tile Phone 84 Mt. Gilead Distributors for Goodyear p oducts in Morrow County Evenings Phone 226-K Page 79 Complimenls of SIDS CLEANERS WHISTON'S 29 South Main Mt. Gilead Phone 336 D Y E ' S Food Market Phone 29 WOODS HARDWARE , Wholesale and Retail Fredericktown Mt. Vernon Mt. Gilead Phone 2081 Phone 51321 Phone 69 MOST DEPENDABLE SOURCE OF SUPPLY Congratulations to the Class of 1953 From "THE BUYS AT S0lll0" Congratulations. Senior Always Remember-In Everyth g QUALITY COUNTS Smil-h's Seed House SEEDS SERVICE PAUL C SMITH Owner Phone 206 Mt. Gilead MT. GILEAD BAKERY Phone 83 Mt. Gilead, Ohio A Friend Page 80 ClVan Compliments of C. I. VANATTA INSURANCE AGENCY alta C. R. Gladden Phone 419 General Insurance Mt. Gilead, Ohio SH ERM'S BARBER SHOP Mt. Gilead, Ohio CRYSTAL ICE ZERO LOCKERS Custom Slaughtering fr Meat Curing and Smoking Processing for Home Freezers LOCKERS FOR RENT Tires, Batteries Auto Parts Sentinel T. V. Kalamazoo Appliances MOORE'S Mt. Gilead Ohio Thomas's Gulf Station The Morrow County Sentinel Phone 49 1848 to 1953 Mt' Gilead' ohio Morrow County's Leading Newspaper 105 Years Old - New Every Thursday Maple Grove Lake Truckslop Umler New Management GOOD FOOD GULF PRODUCTS 24 Hour Service o R f Mi. G-lead r. 42 2111 Mi. N.E. Q Ph. 712R Compliments of BLAYNEY'S LUNCH Mt. Gilead Page 81 Congratulations to the Class of 1953 TURNER, INC. Dealersof INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Farm and Dairy Equipment HOMEFREEZERS REFRIGERATORS OLDSMOBILE I INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Phone 350 Mt. Gilead, Ohio ON MT GILEADQSQUARE QQXC5 FN YS DAIRY LUNCH Page 82 Congratulations To The Graduates Class of 1953 Mt. Gilead High School Your Appearance Is Our Busines. JIM DUGAN'S STORE MEN'S FINE CLOTHING Marion, Ohio VAUGHN WILLIAMS Famous Brand Shoes R'S Footwear for the Entire Family v. H. wlu.lAM, Prop. Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of M. DOYLE RUVSK I nrunluasrunar al - 1 1, A ffl, r ' ' o:L:4.fl-'ff ' P IIY i rv ,mb cull Il fx!4Mi'eJ .'9,'9 YEI SY Manton 9-ug A Friend SPORTING GOODS Mansfield, Ohio Team Outfitters Chenille Letters and Emblems Class Sweaters and Jackets Johnson Outboard Motors Century Boats 'II6-'l'l8 N. Main Phone 4546-6 Page 83 HARDEN'S MUSIC STORE Since 1906 . C. G. CONN INSTRUMENTS Complzments of 179 s M st. M Oh ASMAN'S DRUGSTORE Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of CITY LOAN CO. SHELLHORN'S MUSIC STORE as The Home of Kimball Pian " Everything Musical Phone 22713 'I84 S. Main Sf. Marion, 0 Compliments of The Hickson-Smith Compliments of Insurance Agency CAMPBELL Chzlrles sHic::o D 22 South Main Street Pagew84 HENNEY 81 GUUPER, mc. Matlttll l.lll60lll-Metttltty 00. Walgreen Agency Drugs Your Kodak Dealer Marion, Ohio Marion, Ohio 202 S. Main Street "SAFE BUY USED CARS" Compliments of Compliments of Beeoher's Frozen Custard "Service with a Smile" South Main Shell Service Station M"Gl'e"d Mr. Gilead Compliments of MURRUW GUUNTY BAR ASSUGIATIUN Craven Funeral Home Ambulance Service Compliments of Marathon Service Station Phone 117 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 85 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1953 Your Patronage Has made it Possible for us To Help Make this year the Biggest Ever The UNION Store Where Everyone Shops and Saves Pg86 World's Largest Exclusive Manufacturers of Hydraulic Presses for every pressure processing application. U whoever employs it in their , ' production is a customer or potential .' E customer of H-P-M! ' E llll P Q it alll! ACTOR IN YHE VIHD OF HVDPAU C5 x5'.f2nLo!b77 THE HYDRAULIC PRESS MFG. COMPANY MARION ROAD MOUNT GILEAD, OHIO, U.S.A. Builders of Presses for the Metal Working 8. Processing Industries o Plastics Molding Presses o Die Casting Machines u Hydraulic Pumps, Valves 8 Power Units Best Wishes To The Class of '53 THE NCRTH ELECTRIC MFG COMPANY Compliments of Congratulations 62 Good Luck w- To The Class of 1953 Inc. YOU' GLOBE HOTEL Buick Pontiac Dealer Harry 8. Mary Kay Mettler Complete Service for all Makes Phone 201 Guaranteed Used Cars Main Street Mt. Gilead Phone 79 Mt. Gilead, Ohio 8 Compliments of . I Sales 8. Service Beecher S Ferguson System Frozen Custard "Service with a Smile" Calendonia, Ohio Phone 2631 South Main Street Mt. Gilead, Ohio Hutchinson's Garage G' Welding Compliments of ' A I Phone M LLOYD coRwlN s Route 95 East Mr. Gilead, Ohio G U L F S T A T I O N S O H IO P RO D U CTS West High St. Mt. Gilead Dependable Service Page 89 Shady Inn Garage Phone 451 Mt. Gilead, Ohio All Kinds of Welding General Repair GEORGE SHADE B G' W SERVICE Gilies Service Products Mufflers-Batteries and Accessories Phone 479 Nor1h Main St. Congratulations Compliment and Best Wishes to the To The Class of 1953 Class of 1953 From 'lille Jersey llll0ll soon Fool: Fon soon HEALTH I Recommended by Duncan Hines Dairy Farm A A A Ml. Gilead, Ohio Mt. Gilead Ohio Page 90 Congratulations to the Class of 1953 from CUBBERLY STUDIOS Delaware, Ohio PHOTOGRAPHER OF 1953 MIZPAH Compliments of Compliments of IMPERIAL ENGRAVERS SPENUER-WALKER PRESS, Incl Inc. Engravers Of Printers of THE I953 MIZPAH 1953 MIZPAH Phone UN. 4185 2176 c'e"e"""' Ave' C"""'b"s az-40 warren sf. Columbus a, Ohio Page 91 AUTOGRAPHS v I 5. ,F fl 4. V 5 4 , F 'V i - i yi I .wg xl r J i H i I f I 's 4 13 11 Q 5 X ? C if. X s 2 'Q T i Y 13,

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