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This THE MIZPAH OF 1951 Is the thirty-sixth volume. Literally, Mizpah means Watchtower and in modern use after Genesis XXXI-49, a parting salutationz "And Mizpahg for he said. the Lord watches between me and thee, when we are absent one from another." DEDICATION We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-one, dedicate this volume of the Mizpah to Mr. Lantz, who has given much time and effort to help us make this publication a success. Page 2 DEDICATION . . . and to Mr. Grizzell, who has been a most able football coach, a good teacher, and a friend to the students during his three years at Mt. Gilead. Page 3 ADMINISTRATlON SCHOOL BOARD Gladdin, Clerk, James Gallagher, Vice Presidentg Luther Asman, President L. C. Dye, John Mathews, William Wolhnger. O. H. FARRAR G. R. BLOSE Superintendent Principal College-Ohio University Physics-Chemistry Degrees-B.S. in Education, M.S. Degrees-Ohio Northern, B.S., Years Taught-24 Ohio State, M.A. Home-Mt. Gilead Years Taught-12 Home-Mt. Gilead MRS. PARKINSON MR. BEARD O. S. U. Agriculture 0. S. U. Home Economics MRS. ZIEGLER Ohio IVeJ'leyim English EN 2 :1. ir? as 9 - . "I Q 1 if ' , E., W5 fzg, A 2 fa:..f,.,, , I.. , fb. iiefeifaeaav.. ........a: ,mf As fs -----: -.-.-...... .,--. 1 ........ ISM X ,wfswa J 2 fa g.. .1 f ::.:E" wif MR. CLIN GO B oioliii g Green Industrial Arts MR. NICHOLSON MISS WEST MR. HURST MISS BAUGHER Ohio Uiziverfily O. S, U. Arblrmrl College Otlerlaeiiz Social Science Mathematics Music Languages MRS. MRS. HORD MR. WEHR O. S. U. Office Secretary U. Pittrbmgb Phys. Ed. Phys. Ed. Page 5 -MRSLEPP MRS. RHODEBACK MRS. RICHARDSON MRS. GALLEHER M1ssOATMAN Bowling Green Afbland College Miami U niiferrity Miami U niverfity Wittenberg Coll ge lst Grade 2nd Grade Elementary Music 3rd Grade 5th Grd MR. COVERT MISS DENMAN IVIRS. MCCAMMAN MISS BECKLEY MRS KRALLMAN Elem, Principal Obig U7Zi1,'QfAfifjl Afolanil College Afblanil College O S U Kent U nioerrity Sth Grade 4th Grade Ist Grade 6th Grade 6th Grade MRS. POTTER MISS VAUGHN Nebrafka State O. S. U. Teachers College 2 nd Grade 4th Grade Page 6 MISS JACKSON Aflalanil College 3rd Grade PHOTOGENIC SENIORS JAMES CAMPBELL Vice Prerident WILLIAM COVER Pfferirieazt Bill came from Johnsville to join our class in the sophomore year. He played basketball in his sophomore year. He was in both the junior and senior class plays. Bill was the repre- sentative from Mt. Gilead to attend Buckeye Boys, State last year. In his senior year he joined the choir, was president of his class, and president of the Student Council. "Blood,' came to our school in our freshman year. He took an active part in the school activiites by being a member of the football team during his last three years of high school. He was also a member of the M-Club for three years. Jim served as vice president of our class in his senior year. He was also in the Senior Class Play. JOYCE GEIGER Secrelrufy PATRICIA HICKMAN Trearmer Patty doesn't say much, but she accomplishes a great deal. She has been a class officer three years, and a Y-Teen member three years, serving as secretary-treasurer two years. Patty was in the choir two years, and the operetta orchestra two years. She was prompter for the junior class play. Patty has been a librarian three years and an office girl one year. Joyce has been an active member of our class for all twelve years. In her sophomore year she was a member of the Student Council. She was in the operetta for two years, being in the orchestra the first year and the cast the second year. She became a member of the French Club in her sophomore year and also belonged in her junior year. Joyce has belonged to Y-Teens for three years, and also the choir and band for three years. This year she was the band queen. She has been in both the junior and senior class plays. She is secretary of our class this year and is Mr. Blose's odfice girl the seventh period. DONALD BOYLE Don came into our class in our sophomore year coming from Caledonia High School. His first year here, he played on the football team. Don has been a member of the Hi-Y for two years and of the F.F.A. for three years. DUANE CAMPBELL "Daney" has attended Mt. Gilead School for the past twelve years. In his sophomore year he won high honors in the American Legion Essay contest. Duane has been an active member in the Hi-Y Club for three years, serving as secretary in his senior year. Tom is another charter member of our class. He has been. a , D ' -5 -'1:-a '-'-" ' member of the Student Council for the last three years, being vice ,M ' president in his junior year. Tom was vice president of our class in the freshman year. He has shown an active interest in football and H played for four years. He became a member of the "M" Club in his sophomore year and belonged for three years. - .-., , GAYLAND CURREN "Clem" has attended Mt. Gilead School for twelve years. He has been active in the F.F.A. for three years. He is well liked by every- one because of his friendly disposition. WALLACE FRICKE "Wally" has gone to school here for twelve years. He was a class officer in his freshman year. He was in the F.F.A. one year. Wallace has taken a general course. JOEL GARVER What Joe lacks in size, he makes up in wit. He has been a Hi-Y member three years, serving as vice president in his senior year. Joe played football two years, and was manager two years. He was our class president in the sophomore year. JOSEPHINE EISCARELLI Josephine came from Fulton to join our class in our freshman year. During that time she has been in F.H.A. for four years. She was also on the Mizpah staff. PEGGY SUE GALLEHER Peggy started her school life at Mt. Gilead in the first grade. Since then she has been in the operetta cast in her sophomore and junior years, been a member of the choir for three years, and also the band for three years. She was librarian last year for the band. She has belonged to Y-Teens for three years, and F.H.A. for two years, being historian her senior year. Peggy has been in both the junior and senior class plays, has been a member of the Student Council and the G.A.A. for the past two years. She was a varsity cheer- leader this year and was a football queen attendant. WILLIAM GOODMAN Bill came into our class in the fifth grade and has been with us since that time. In his freshman year, he joined the F.F.A. Club and has been a member for four years. HAROLD GOMPF Harold is another one of our original members. During his high school years, he has been active in the music department by being in the band for four years and the choir for four years, serving as president his senior year. Harold was also in the operetta cast for two years. He was an F.F.A. member for four years where he was reporter his junior year and secretary his senior year. MARTHA HIGGINS Marty is another of the "twelve year" members of our class. She has been a band member six years, choir member three years, and was in the operetta two years. Martha has been a Y-Teen three years, serving as vice president her junior year and president her senior year. She has been a member of the F.H.A. two years, G.A.A. one year, and Student Council one year. She was drum majorette two years. Martha was in the senior class play and class editor of the Mizpah. She was elected football queen in her senior year. ROLAND HILDEBRAND "Hilde" came into our class in the third grade and went as-far as the far as the seventh grade with us before moving to Johnsville. He returned to Mt. Gilead in his sophomore year and this time he stayed. Roland has been a member of the F.F.A. for three years where he was an Advisor his junior year and a Reporter his senior year. He was in the operetta one year and the class play his junior year. "Hilde" has been in the choir for four years and the band for five years where he was vice president his junior year and president his senior year. CARROLL HORD Carroll is another student that has attended Mt. Gilead School for twelve years. He was manager of the football and basketball teams in the seventh grade. At this time he earned his "M" and has been a member of the club for six years. Carroll has donated a lot of his time during his senior year toward our Mizpah. He has proved to be a very capable editor and a credit to our Class. RUSSELL JAGGER Russell has spent his entire twelve years at Mt. Gilead School. In high school he played football for four years and basketball for two years. Russell was in the class play both his junior and senior years and was class president his junior year. He has been a member of the Hi-Y for three years and was president his senior year. He was in the M-Club for two years. Russell has been in the choir for four years and was in the operetta cast for two years. He was a member of the Student Council his freshman year. JOAN JAMES Joan has been a member of our class for tvselve years She vsas a member of the Y-Teens three years, F.H.A. four years, treasurer in her freshman year and parlimentarian her senior year. She was in the G,A,A. for two years serving as president in her senior year. She was in the class play in her junior and senior years and served as class treasurer her freshman year. joan has shown outstanding ability in athletics. SHERMAN LEVINGS "Sherm" has been prominent in athletics during his high school years. He played on the football team for four years and the basket- ball team for two years, displaying unending spirit for both. "Sherm" was also a member of the M-Club for three years, serving as vice president in his junior year and president his senior year. DONALD NESBITT AUBREY MECKLEY Aubrey has added spirit and fire to our class through the twelve years. She was office girl the first semester of her senior year and was on the Scholarship team two years. She has been a Y-Teen member three years. Aubrey Faye has been in the band five years, choir three years, and played in the operetta orchestra one year and was in the chorus one year. She was also in the senior class play. ARTHUR MCQUISTON "Art" has been with us for eight years He has been an active member of the F.F.A. for four years JAMES PHILLIPS Jim also has spent all his school years at Mt. Gilead. In high school, Jim was a F.F.A. member for four years. In his senior year, he was a member of the Hi-Y Club and the choir. Don started to school in the first grade at Mt. Gilead. He is one of the quieter members of the class. He has been active in the F.F.A. four years, acting as treasurer in his junior year, and vice president in his senior year. Don played football two years. He has been a choir member all through high school, and was in the operetta two years. RICHARD POLAND Richard is a classmate you can always rely upon. Dick played football four years. He was in Hi-Y three years, serving as chaplain in his junior year, and treasurer in his senior year. He was a promi- nent member of the F.F.A., being vice president lirst, and then presi- dent. Richard was also vice president of the class in the junior year. DONALD RODMAN Donald became a member of our class in the hfth grade. Don is always good-natured and willing to do his part in school activities. He has been a member of the F.F.A. for four years. STEPHEN SHAMBAUGH Steve started to School at Mt. Gilead in the nrst grade, and has been here most of the time since that. He was a member of the Senior Class Play and was assistant editor of the Mizpah. Steve is noted for his wry sense of humor. GERALDINE SHAW Gerry joined our class in the second grade and has been with us ever since. In her high school years, she was a member of the choir three years, band three years, and in the operetta chorus. She belonged to Y-Teens three years, and G.A.A. two years. Gerry was also prompter for the junior and Senior Class Plays. SUE SMITH Sue joined our class at the beginning of our junior year, coming from East Lansing, Michigan. Sue demonstrated her acting ability in the Junior and Senior Class Plays. She was a member of the G.A.A. one year, Y-Teens three years, and French Club one year. Sue was also in the band one year and choir two years. ANNA BELLE STYER Annabelle was a welcome addition to our class at the beginning of the high school years. Since that, Anna Belle has been a member of the F.H.A. for three years, and the Y-Teens two years. She has participated in G.A.A. activities for two years. BEN SWOGGER Ben became a member of our class when he transferred from Edison to Mt. Gilead in his junior year. He was Athletic Manager at Edison for two years and was in the choir one year. EARL TODD After attending Quaker City School for eleven years, Earl came to us in his senior year. At Quaker City, he was in the junior Class Play. He was in the choir for two years, and the band for four years. He was a member of the Hi-Y Club and on the scholarship team. Earl attended Buckeye Boys State in his junior year. RONALD WATKINS Ronnie is one of the "charter members" of the Class of 1951. He has belonged to Hi-Y for three years, serving as social chairman in his senior year. ROBERT WILLIAMS "Tish" has been with the class of 1951 since the first grade. In high school, he has participated in basketball three years, and was manager one year. Bob sang in the choir one year, and was on the Mizpah Staff in his senior year. BETTY WAGNER Betty came to Mt. Gilead in her sophomore year and has been an active member of our class since that time. She has been a member of the F.H.A. for four years, serving as vice president her junior year and president her senior year. She also received her State Homemaker Degree her senior year. She joined the Y-Teen Club in her sophomore year and has been program chairman for the past two years. Betty has been in the band for five years and the choir for four years, serving as secretary of the choir in her senior year. She took part in the junior and senior class plays and was in the operetta two years. Betty was chosen to go to Buckeye Girls' State in her junior year. She was an office girl in her senior year. She is business manager of the Mizpah Staff. LORRAINE WHITAKER "Rainey," who is one of the "brighter" members of our class, has been with us for twelve years. In high school she has been an active Y-Teen member for three years, serving as sergeant-at-arms her senior year. She was a member of the scholarship team three years and worked in the orifice her junior year. Lorraine was in the choir for three years and the operetta for two years, playing in the orchestra the first year. She was in both the Junior and Senior Class Plays. In her senior year, Lorraine was an attendant to the football queen. . lx .r ZW Z1 . ' imc:1'E?iEigs.,.,.,v12I,.' f , ' I -. ' .4 'gg '-"fsggg5,,:zgs' -a ::::":.g':....,,., ' -AEI' 5.1.-F """f ,. W5 W jf: ' fl? fs X Page 16 HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS wg. Sealed. left to right-J. Mercer, B. Cover, D. Muffley, N. Mosher. As We aprpoach the end of another year, we feel that we have accomplished our goal. We succeeded in running the football stand, in sponsoring a dance, and having an excellent play. We feel that our junior-Senior Banquet was a big success. Members of our class have been prominent in the Hi-Y, Y-Teens, F.H.A., F.F.A., G.A.A., Band, Choir, and M-Club. We hope that the Class of 1952 will remain in the memories of Mount Gilead High School. We wish to thank our class advisors, Miss Baugher and Mr. Clingo, for their guidance. Page 18 r ' 7 ' --v.: -P .:.. . ff' A , - V .V ,...,.. 2 , t Q Q.. . s L3 5,13 ,E ,:,, . ww V. , E.. . .i ,Qs A f , . . ' . ,. ' 1 .- . f - ' i S glmw 5 ' 'I YS ....- -fi XY, ..,, v " :::1::- iwkmwfig . i ...':a: "' WY S' 'S f I .8 1 "1i ' W 11.589 .S " A 1 ,, . -- N A px.- li 11? gg . , Fi ' ,, ' f,,i2.,:gg! 1 ,, f , e . xg fl , , M 1 I , Q -si. 2 gy' M .. ,fu 5 ...zu 1, - 1. 1 Q . I- H Q: t , - t I . In I ..., : . ...,. 4' Q :,.v,51. My :-: Q f. V ---2 3 :53, ' I,"'Q iv I .3 -2? 5, 5, P A ' 2: wjgnm i 4 SQ, . wif if f ,lj P gg, ' . ' f- -Qi" a w f " , . ' Q ,... "ii .W ' uzl ,. , '-:: ..,,, ,.. .,,., . "3 f. s 1- - v 'f:':"-AWA .M ...,. , ...,. ' --:, : 1 -'-': L "'-' Alz: l v ...,, dw ' 4 V? VI , ' ,. ,. 2 "Q sz. ,513 MQ 35, wg- A I ...., 2 . ,ga wi Q5 , f- ' "11 - 1 1 Q2 Q K 9 ' LQ ' f 4 . W . i 14,2 XY A .. . . dw . I N . , lf' jig, A, -i 5 . Q? ' if - W A ..AV......., 5 I-'Q ' -4 ,-,:, - A XQMWQ 1 mf-:::, -x,, 9, Q Q S 521:-'-: .-.:, I: Q .....1i5iEfe:a:. ' .,: V . I-1:55. . 5 --.-,-l , ,,,.,. . 4 -- - ,, jf .,, .,., EE- N ,. ..,.::. A N ' 1 -V .. .,N,l, 'sg .,:,,..,,,,5,'., . .. ,.., , :,.. V--:Hz-:I- :. x . .. , -. f - M " i""f. W Vw Q r"ifZ"'l . f K .Q . fr' 'W f W, . U ,MMV . ,V , , no : ---A Af V , .:a:,,. ...nw k ki.. 'Q f . W z ---,.,.., 'E ""' Wy "':" sg wwf' f Y . :-2 1 ..... ,-.- Q g l --'-4 f V.'. S Q " "" ., , -' " ""' W ,fx - , 2 W3 ' . rife- if zzi rl 4,,A , J 5 V V ,,,,,,..,. ,x 5 . wa, ,..: , , ,....,. : .. N fi? X .tvwffa , W -.,.. yy , A .,. , , ,W S 1 5 2 W 'E W L Top R 2' 1. our'-D. Holtrey, I. Burns, M. George, J. Bachelder, J. Leasure, J. Goodman, B, Fischer, B. Loren, L. StauEer. Second Row-H. Harden, B. Davis, B. Hawkins, I. Johnson, W. Lust, K. George, B, Cover, M. Sebring, J. Fricke. Third Rou'-M. Sterritt, R. Howard C. Chilcote, B. Link, E. Klingel, C. Lowrey, B. Rinehart, J. McNeil, A. Sipes. Fwzrlla Rong-D. Muffley, D. Neptune, R. McQuistion, R. Sfnith, F. Miller, P. Tennant, M. Baker, C. Thompson, J. Lyons. Fifth Row-M. Sadler, P. Cooper, S. Osborne, M. Burns, S. Wood, L. Chilcote, A. Spencer, N. Mosher, M. Pocock. Sixlh Row-M. Sebring, R. Brush, D. Muffley, P. Mitchell, J. Zolman, M. Sharrock, B. Szalapato, P. Lawrence, D. Weaver. Seventh Row-J. Mercer, E. Poland, A. Baker, D. Rider. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Seated. lefl lo riglat-B. Rinehart, C. Benton, W. Keil. Our class has progressed much this year. We held two dances, "The Shamrock Dancef' and "The Sadie Hawkins Dancef' which were both very successful. We also published a paper. Two members of our class moved away. They were Leona Hobbs and Tim Hardman, but we still have a fine class. Page 20 SOPHOMORES ,,,,, , . -V ,:,, n , . . .. ':::I5 "E: :-.g :I 'A fi: ,. ,mm ""'f , :: 1 1 Q . 5 . ::'l' 1 -15' 5 M- ' A . il: ' Q gfzs QM Q Q...Q-s A' .. new 5 I .,, ?"'f"Y-. " Q 5 W as -' Q . i i rf 'W 5 wing' SR . 2 Q A S3 8 3 ,, 8, Q. .. . 5 .::., A-:::- A'A' ' ------ PA--:-M V , -- .-.: ii . ..... . fa . ..,.. We . "' . Alzzll Q .. b . , , .M , . w Q 5 ' ' ' xi 3 fi he is Q' 5' S X in Q 1,.. ...Q QE -Q . .ix t if, J 'IS 'W Q2 .1 ..,, E M' Y 352+ .M . f ' -- . A ii M 'Y' . 1.55: .X . ,F 1, MX fm ., , . Q , , . .A mlrgr 33 .. .1 I , , hw ,- 7? I: ::n: :AQ W .. T.. W I V W..." 3 ..,.A . .Q . Q X , , .1 " X .,..- . I X V .,,, . ..,., y 1 gi? X :I A ,X M Q F .f 'K Z vim , ,.,. g my ,js K il M A 'N M - 5 2 Q ww , .Vg ll fx 21 fait? ' ,.,, , V Q W ,:., , N,,,,,gk t kr t x L 'f' 1-vig. , wr's'F"'.5 .ii R I M, I b ,Nw WM? f P ' IQIA X . , ':'2:1 2 3 ,ef s.' EE- "-' : ::.,,1 . Q M s aaaa a . ..... i Fin! Row-D. Byrd, B. Rinehart, P. Detrow, J. Andrews, C. Benton, B. Geyer, J. Coning. Second Row-L. Rathburn, J. Shambaugh, N. Ingmire, J. Robinson, C. Smith, J. Sweeney, D. Sipes. Third Row-J. Richardson, L. Hobbs, D. Cover, D. 'I . 3 4 S' We Mn., fr' V ,J .. X ,M . if . Page 21 - A. . s , . E V5 Q! M mg? f ,., -- .,:. A 5 ' Q.,- E ew .... t g. . .-" "r. . ' 1:5 zz' 4 . . A :N 3, W 1 . ,,,.,. hx '.., I X if ' fig, . Klingle, J. Wallace, J. Potts, J. Mosher. Fourth Row -J. Mosher, H. Keeran, W. Harden, W. Keil, E. Powell, T. Hayes, J. Diseman. Fifth Row-D. Hol- trey, M. Philbrook, P. Hatfield, C. Ganson, K. Evans, J. Belt, B. Heimlich. Sixth Row-N. Sipe. Q f ' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left I0 righl-C. Harvey, D. Taylor, B. Neptune. We're just where we have dreamed of being for the past eight years-high school. Our class is raking part in school activities, of which we are proud. Our boys are active in basketball, football, and F.F.A., our girls in F.H.A., G.A.A., and the girls basketball team. Our goal is to be the best upperclassmen ever. Our appreciation to Mr. Beard and Mr. Wehr, our advisors through our freshman year. Page 22 FRESHMEN Firrl Row-N. Nesbitt, Eddie Osborne, D. Wheeler, W. Shaw, V. Tucker, J. Bachelder, I. Wright. Second Row- W. Wigton, D. Taylor, L. White, V. Todd, R. Barnett, L. Schrader, S. Case. Third Row-R. Osborn, T. Moody, C O'Hearn, C. Miller, B. Neptune, L. Krallman, S. Baker. Fourth Row-J. Brigmon, C. Harvey, B. Dewey, S, Meckley E. Hickman, B. Mitchell, E. Fischer. Fifth Row-S. Lancaster, J. Long, W. Rarhburn, D. Barnett, N. Cooper, C. Piatt, R. Campbell. Sixth Row-P. Schrader, B. Hershner, D. Davis, J. McQuistion, R. Shaffer, A. Doty, D. Lanius. l r 9 I lf A -I '........v it . . V zlzl I A-.-: , --FI x W , , ' 5 MIA. I ' 5, iifiesyx A V 3 F , , , 'fs ' 9 z:z- " N.,Y.,wj:fg ulul lf s Q. Q " ..... A ,. ,A,A - ...V Q, 5 5 Mee- E T F 2 - A my A AA .,.. .. ,,. AA K , ,.,,.,...,.,,.. ,,.,.,.. .A A in :,::,, y '.,x A , in Alzl , E Ji, :., ,: V -::,1,: I Q ulllu E ..,..,,:.. ,I IQIIE: EA . :'. A .A .' 'A I e.. W? V W W if 1, 5 if S' "' L' "'--Wi .,.,.,., ' t fr A ". fwwif ' I -V435 i 9 ' -2,5-33 " ' , ,",, - W-f,j"'? it ' i' ".. : 21: .-., ::A:-5 -:1:- - ' i ,r ,Q sg' ,G 4 3 i ii A, ' 'S :':' 4.A: A ,,.: 5 F af ' ' 2 M 4 . :.', ::. , A, ,-,-- A A A , 'v--- A . ..., Y, A A :EE . .r I A A .A V" ::,. - P -Q I Q ,, D -b L W 'I V A .x,' , ,Q V y lim ' -' 2 . . A 'ff"f3"'. " ffW'i'a".?T .A ' A i A " ' X- 'Q -. 4- , mage' ' 'Aga hwfffigl ' "" .r" '2...,, 'Qi Q I 2 4-3 QAAV .', .:.,1 ' ,A f' " 5 Qi ':-: :-Q zz' 1 f:-: F '-:- 12: f A.'. 5 :Q ..,, ,.,,,,, A , A E .NNMU 'W J W x .....,. L -MM -' Q ., E , V , ,K . , .5 0. A AAAAA- A A A Afg A,AA Q , A.,. 3 ' r AAA., .A.A.AAA B A. ,, , Q W W 5 5 ,AA,A. A fm E A 2 lf 'Nik ' if mx., l ,-.., . .-.- ' ' rt.-: ' n it I W in X "" " K Z -1 J 'A . 2 ' AAA., t XA .. D Q ,, 3 ' ' 1 e' 2 5 EIGHTH Fin! Row-P. Burson, C. Smith, V. Shaw, R. Smith P. Ramsey, D. Rathburn, L. Sprankle. Serond Row J. Staley, C. Phillips, D. Powers, D. Muffley, M Sraup, F. Sadler, F. Sterritt. Third Row-R. Kerr J. Mosher, M. Marsh, G. Weaver, I. Wright, D. Zolman, R. Zimmerman. Fourth Row-P. Skapura W ...X me we I R M. R I -GAA? Q We 2 WB Q 2:-...A - -.- A . .. 2 l xgemv -x l ,Y M in 2 AAA. we A V ::. A . gw g xwegglg , SXj,,,,,AA.i? 1, :A ,I E? h . jing, ,I E: ' . " . 4?"' . ,.,,g., We ww A, ' QQ S ' ,... ,..,. N A, W dw, ,. -2 ,. . A. .+ .S Y i ,If C 'R ,K 'l' 5 t GRADE G. johnson, S. Ramsey, M. Branaman, F. Levings C. Benton, R. Belt. Fifth Row-S. Lawrence, J. Allen B. Keeran, W. Beck, J. Ganson, B. Fritz, V. Dewey Sixth Row-D. Drown, M. Brigmon, C. Hershner E. Harnmand, F. Jolley, N. Hoflmire, D. Coning Seventh Row-S. Cyphers. X S AA S R s ian? s ,xii 2.3: SEVENTH GRADE Q ',7'fW', SWQM? A fr "T" V. - N ff ' levi? ' Va a Q. 2 ' 3 if , 1 5 . ' 5.3. Vg ,AA,, A 3 . I N ,kg .Q U was F . .A,,, .AE, , .... 1. V, V. A,,q, I A , K 3 gg VL-5, .I M 1 'III I I f " l MII, gpm. ' ,Wil ' -+ Wy., - V, . K ,g.I,.V V 2147 W' T I , . 1 'v lk 'T " wi.: In ,fin W l Q afar' V L H M E ffl. M , li .,.,.,. . ' 'Q 5 , 'V sm ' f 1. X a " , "" ' 3 ig i.gIxI5IIIiIEIIwffiI?g?gf?vr,1 EIII. ..,. . I 5 5 II .V E I e -V-V- , .. ., ,,,. , .si . ' ifg If ,asf 'Q ' , , Ig., i'II. -, " ,S , III 1 , .W ig " I ' .,., 52, I as ,.,, I I, .,.... ,,? I III Q MI . . . fi. . . 4 , it EM ... am II A - A . ,a p , N i f -2 We .I m,.,,3,,sV I II 'EV 43" y , ,.,. -3 .. I I N I Iy . Y 1 I ,wax f ,I . iI,Jf'f5i at ,V f ,I,.f III If. 2 , IRI 5 f. Wil RZQQB m N' "' W V Mk 15.5.42 I I ,MI , , , ,. I.2s I , ,AEI V II KIIEZAIPIXIIIIII I I I? I . IM ,.... ag gl ...AQ . I II II QI M Q, . l -,-- I I i, mt I I .. quuuu, -,R . IIIIIII,. ,.,. ,... . . II II I ,. .,. V ' I II,,I,. ,IIIIIIIIII ..,-,.w ..N I E EI. . -my V . V . . M5 7 gg, A ' ,,,. V , , .V gi g Q W 33 W' ,Q '79NJ,,,,.:Ijf V' 2 E 1 C I 4. at . x. A . ,EMI M I QI V. I, ' I I I I 5 K I' 5 I N ?V,gQ1i:.II I g A ' i R ' ' f' fi - - , is , gf 3 First Row-P. Shipman, L. Randolph, M. Ansley, G. Stevens, J. Mathews, B. Vaughn, J. Andrews, K. Bendle, G Powers. Second Row-A. Squires, R. Campbell, J. Sweeney F. Cooper, D. Fricke, P. Staiger, J. Germaine, D. Wiseman a W. Muffley. Third Row-M. Wilson, D. McQuistion, P. Davis, D. Covert, J. Baldwin, G. Dumbaugh, C. Bennett, M. Roach M. Shaffer. Fourzla Row-K. Evans, C. Jones, R. Osborn, F. Gattshall, D. McK1rgan, N. Rutherford s H. Arnold, S. Nesbitt, B. Wagner. Fifth Row-J. Hegel, L. Rider, S. Howard, G. Brush, B. Crouse, L. Thomas, b R C ' L L wer , T. Turner, T. Casto, R. johnson, D. Harris, J. Staup, J. Newson, P. Lemley. Six! Rou'- . arrier, . o y R. Evans. At the beginning of the year 50 members of the class of ,56 entered Mt. Gilead High School. During the school year five new members joined the class and one left. The officers of the Seventh grade are Wayne Muffley, president, Gene Brush, vice president, and Glada Powers, secretary-treasurer. Student Council representatives are Nancy Rutherford and Gene Brush. The two social activities of the year have been a Christmas party and an April Fool's Party. Page 25 1 PED -fvk FF.-Hx' X 1,5 STUDENT EUUNCIL LLH35 - xv As.: .f-7' X41 lllxt on9W,,::,s XX X N X f A V f -3 . ' f , N X I X 1, I X x X M!ZPAH STAFF Advertising Bill Coverl' Peggy Galleher Russell Jagger Duane Campbell Aubrey Meckley Geraldine Shaw Organizations and Martha Higginslk Jim Phillips Ronnie Watkins Don Nesbitt Athletics Tom Case' joe Garver Sherman Levings Pictures Joan James? Joyce Geiger Editor-Carroll Hord Assistant Editors Lorraine Whitaker Steve Shambaugh Business Manager Betty Wagner Class Editors Bob Williams Patty Hickman Roland Hildebrand Anna Belle Styer Sales Wallace Frickek Sue Smiths? Josephine Fiscarelli Arthur McQuistion Richard Poland Bill Goodman Gayland Curran jim Campbell Ben Swogger Earl Todd Harold Gompf Proofreaders Don Boyle Don Rodman 'fDenotes Chairman STUDENT COUNCIL Standlug feff to right-G. johnson, N. Rutherford, J. Andrews, T. Moody, J. Sweeney, B. Mitchell J Mosher, R. Belt. Sealed. left to riglal-lvl. Higgins, T. Case, J. Zolman, B. Cover, S Wood P Galleher. The Student Council has had a very successful year under the learedship of our advisor, Mr. Blose. We sponsored the Homecoming Dance and several benefit noon dances. The school assemblies through- out the year were held by the Student Council. The Christmas Party and All-School Picnic were held under the leadership of the Student Council. The Amateur Show held in the evening for the first time was a huge success, both to the student body and to the town. The members are composed of a boy and girl from each class except the seniors, and they have two boys and two girls. The president is Bill Cover, vice president is jerry Zolman, and secretary-treasurer is Suzi Wood. Page 28 OFFICE HELP Left to right-C. Chilcote, J. Geiger, P. Hickman, B. Wagner, A. Meckley, 1. johnson, B. Geyer, J. Mosher, J. Mercer. Sitting-Mr. Blose. I. I B R A R I A N S Left lo right-P. Mitchell, C. Chilcote, J. Andrews, E. Powell, K. George, A. Spencer, M. Pocock, E. Osborne. Stmlzfing-Miss Baugher. "THE MAD HATTERSH Sealed. left zo riglaz-Lorraine Whit- aker, Aubrey Meckley, Peggy Galle- her, Betty Wagner. Standing-Steve Shambaugh, Martha Higgins, Sue Smith, Bill Cover, Russell Jagger, Joan james, Jim Campbell, Joyce Geiger. "THE BABY SHOW" Left to right-Patty Hickman, Car- roll Hord, Joyce Geiger, joe Garver, Russell Jagger, Geraldine Shaw, Har- old Gompf, Martha Higgins, Ronnie Watkins, Lorraine Whitaker, -lim Phillips, Peggy Galleher. Page 30 "GREAT CEASAR'S GHOST' Seated, left to right-Jackie Leasure, Shirley Osborne, Dorothy Neptune, Marty Sadler, Pat Lawrence, Lucinda Stauffer. Standing-Jerry Zolman, Ned Mosher, Don Muffley, Don Weaver, Bob Cover, Pete Cooper, Katy George. Miss West-Director HI-Y Seated lefl Io right-D. Campbell, D. Weaver, R. Poland, R. Jagger, J. Garver, Mr. Nicholson adviser Secwzd Rau'-N. Mosher, D. Muffley, A. Baker, J. Phillips, J. Sweeney, W. Kell J Richardson, K. Evans, C. Benton, D. Boyle. Third Rout'-D. Muffley, H. Harden, R. Watkins B Szalapato, J. Bachelder, J. Fricke, E. Todd, J. Shambaugh, J. Wfallace. The Hi-Y boys started the year by sending two representatives to Camp Nelson Dodd, the officers training camp of Ohio for one week. Wlien the school year started, the club took in ten new members. The club gave a very impressive Thanksgiving program at a school assembly. Included in their school program were: devotions at a P. T. A. meeting, and a guided tour through the H. P. M. The Hi-Y and Y-Teen Dance was an event of the Christmas season. A group attended the Spring Conference at Marion on the 25th of February. The Club sold decals to make money for their treasury. A point system was worked out so that at the end of the year those deserving will receive sweater emblems. Officers this year are: President, Russell Jagger, Vice President, Joe Garverg Secretary, Duane Campbell, Chap- lain, Don Weaver, Social Chairman, Ronnie Watkins. Page 31 Y-TEENS Circle, left to right-L. Stauifer, D. Neptune, C. Chilcote, S. Wood, S. Osborne, J. Leasure, K. P. Detrow, R. Brush, M. Martha, W. Harden, C. Smith, M. Pocock, B. Rinehart, M. Sharrock, L. D. Holtry, N. Ingmire. Triangle. from rout'-B. Wagner, Mrs. Ziegler, adviser, L. Whitaker, M. P. Hickman. Lef! ride, from to back-S. Smith, A. Spencer, E. Poland, P. Lawrence, J. James, J. Right ride, fron! to back-A. Styer, J. Wiseman, J. Mercer, P. Mitchell, G. Shaw, A. Meckley, E. L. Rathburn, J. Geiger, J. Potts. The Y-Teens began their active year by receiving, by formal initia- tion, fourteen new members. They cooperated with their advisor, Mrs. Ziegler, in selling basketball pencils, refreshments at games, and sponsoring dances. The Y-Teens officers this year have been: president, Martha Higgins, vice president, Marty Sadler, secretary-treasurer, Patty Hickman, and sergeant-at-arms, Lorraine Whitaker. Page 32 George, B. Geyer Hobbs, P. Galleher Sadler, M. Higgins johnson, J. Mosher Powell, J. Andrews M ASSOCIATION Sealed, left to right-Mr. Wehr, W. Keil, J. Garver, R. Cover, S. Levings, R. Jagger, N. Mosher D. Muffley, Mr. Grizzell. Second Row-H. Harden, R. Szalapato, J. Zolman, M. Baker, J. Belt M. Bachelder, J. Shambaugh, J. Richardson, D. Rider. Third Row-K. Evans, D. Nesbitt, R Poland, T. Case, C. Hord, J. Campbell, J. Sweeney. The M-Association added 15 new members into its organiaztion in a spring initiation. During the past year, Mr. Grizzell and Mr. Welir have acted as advisers. The officers were: president, Sherm Levingsg secretary- treasurer, Don Muffley. In order to raise money the group had a scrap drive which proved very successful. The club bought a new popcorn popper that can be used to sell popcorn at various activities held at the school. Page 33 F.H.A. Seated left Z0 right-J. James, D. Holtrey, B. Davis, B. Wagner, J. Mosher, P. Galleher Second Row standing-Mrs. Parkingson, P. Tennant, J. Fiscarelli, R. Bush, J. Johnson, R. Smith W Harden S. Meckley, R. Osborn, S. Lancaster, N. Cooper, D. Sipes, M. Philbrook, M. Higgins Thzrd Row Jtamiing-P. Mitchell, A. Styer, M. George, M. Sterritt, C. Thompson, A. Sipes, B. Rinehart B Fischer, M. Sharrock, E. Klingel, J. Potts, L. Hobbs. The F.H.A. was organized this year with Betty Wagner as president, Betty Davis, vice president, Doris Holtry, secretaryg Jean Mosher, treasurerg joan James, parliamentariang and Peggy Sue Gelleher, his- torian. Our chapter adviser is Mrs. Catherine Parkinson. We had new chapter mothers this year. They were Mrs. Ray Wagner and Mrs. Helen Mosher. The formal initiation was held in November and six new members were brought into the chapter. At Christmas time we enter- tained the people at the Morrow County Home. We also conducted a Courtesy Day for the high school in February. The Chapter received the Award of Merit for the first time this year. Page 34 F.F.A. Seated, left zo right-R. Loren, L. Chilcote, H. Gompf, R. Poland, D. Nesbitt, R. Hildebrand Second Row-R. McQuistion, D. Davis, M. Burns, N. Sipe, J. Phillips, E. Hickman, J. Long B. Rinehart, D. Holtrey, D. Boyle, P. Hatfield, B. Hawkins Mr. Beard. Tbirri Row-R. McQuistion J. Goodman, P. Cooper, B. Clark, J. Lyons, A. McQuistion, D. Barnett, C. Miller, G. Curren, F Miller, R. Howard. Fourth Row-D. Rodman, T. Hayes, B. Goodman, D. Cover. Under the direction of R. S. Beard there were six green hands initiated into the organization at the beginning of the year, making a total of thirty-three members. The F.F.A. took part in many activities including county and state contests. The F.F.A. won many high awards in these activities and contests. Some of the boys showed their projects at the county fair, taking many of the top prizes. Several of the boys went on to the State Fair. Officers for the year Were: president, Richard Poland, vice president, Donald Nesbitt, reporter, Roland Hildebrand, treasurer, Robert Loren, secretary, Harold Gompf, and student adviser, Lowell Chilcote. Page 35 9 ., X. A -:E EQ. A vt. +R, . P5 x A CAPPELLA CHCIR Fifzrr Row-S. Wood, accompanist, J. Andrews, D. Taylor, B. Mitchell, L. Stauffer, J. Geiger, S. Smith, C. Smith, P. Galleher, B. Wagner, L. Krallman, E. Klingel, D. Neptune, A. Meckley, W. Rinehart, D. Holtrey, C. O'Hearn Mr. Hurst, director, Second Row-B. Davis, P. Tennant, D. Holtrey, G. Shaw, J. Johnson, J. Leasure, S. Osborne M. George, P. Lawrence, D. Klingel, M. Sterritt, S. Baker, C. Thompson, M. Sadler. Third Row-D. Byrd, R. Link W. Clark, R, Szalapato, J. Wallace, J, Sweeney, D. Nesbitt,C. Lowary, J. Phillips, H. Gompf, R. Hildebrand, R. Osborn S. Meckley. Fourth Raza'-S. Case, R. Hawkins, C. Benton, L. Chilcote, W. Hershner, W. Wigton, J. Shambaugh N. Mosher, W. Cover, R. Jagger, N. Sipe, E, Osborne, K. Evans, C. Harvey, L. Whitaker, M. Higgins. The high school A Cappella choir under the direction of Mr. Glenn Hurst is composed of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. We have given many concerts this year. Among these have been concerts for the Kiwanis, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, our annual church concerts, and the spring concert in April. We have many different songs but some of our favorites are: "O Bone jesuj' "Hosannah," Fred Waring's "The Night Before Christmas," "I Got Shoesf "My God and I," "Open Our Eyes," "Carol of the Bells," "Swing Low," 'iAll in an April Evening," "Go Not Far From Me, Oh Lord." Each concert is concluded with "God Be with You." The selections for the district contest at Newark were: 'iGod Be with You," for the warm-up, "O Bone jesun for the selected, and "Go Not Far From Me, Oh Lord," for the required number. The officers for this year were: president, Harold Gompfg secretary-treasurer, Betty Wagner. Page 37 s s a a BAND Firrl Row, left to right-H. Gompf, N. Rutherford, K. George, M. Sadler, G. Shaw, M. Marsh, B. Wagner, J. Mosher, P. Lawrence, D. Sipes. Second Rou'-D. Neptune, K. Evans, A. Spencer, E. Poland, M. Sebring, D. Klingle, A. Meckley, P. Galleher, L. Stauffer. ThirdiRow-M. Sharrock, F. Jolly, G. Weaver, C. Smith, L. Rathburn, N. lngmire, S. Wood, S. Meckley, D. Byrd. Fourth Rauf-D. Covers, E. Todd, J. Leasure, V. Shaw, M. Higgins, J. Geiger, A. Sipes, S. Osborne, R. Hildebrand, N. Sipe. Majoretter-S. Lawrence, P. Detrow. Director-Mr. Hurst. Under the able direction of Mr. Glenn Hurst, the Mt. Gilead Band had a successful year. There were forty members in the marching band. They used many new and different formations for their football shows this year. They also accompanied the team to the football games away from home. Sue Lawrence was the head drum majorette. She was assisted by Portia Detrow and Joyce Thompson. After the marching band season was over, the concert band was started. Several new members were brought into the band. Not long after the Concert band had been started, a Band Mothers' Club was organized. Their goal was to get new uniforms. With chili suppers, paper drives, the Kiwanis Club dance, volunteer soliciting, and other contributions, enough money was raised to order new uniforms. This year's officers are: Roland Hildebrand, president, and Marty Sadler, secretary- treasurer. Page 38 JUNIOR CHOIR FIN! Roux left to rigbl-M. Marsh, P. Staiger, G. Powers, M. Ansley, J. Hegal, N. Rutherford, M. Shaffer, J. Mathews N. Hoflmire, J. Baldwin, Mr. Hurst. Second Rozl'-J. Andrews, V. Shaw, R. Kerr, E. Hammond, C. jones, P. Ramsey S. Nesbitt, C. Phillips, B. Kerran, S. Lawrence, F. Saddler, L. Sprankle, G. johnson, R. Zimmerman, P. Shipman Thin! Row-L. Thomas, D. Fricke, D. Harris, R. Belt, J. Germain, R. Osborne, G. Brush, C. Todd, W. Beck, D. Covert F. jolly, Y. Wiseman, C. Bennett, D. Powers, K. Evans. ELEMENTARY CHOIR Fin! Row, left to riglaz--P. Howard, J. Witzel, S. Geiger, D. Garver, G. Link, K. Baker, S. Rinehart, P. Mathews, F Bendle, M. Belt, B. Campbell. Second Row-L. Mayhew, M. Harris, R. McQuiston, J. Rengert, J. Shaw, S. Callahan J. Wigton, J. Wilson, J. Zentler, K. Conklin, D. Irons, Mrs. Richardson. Third Row-B. Richardson, R. McCammon P. Fisher, J. Derwiler, M. Burson, D. Rizer, N. Folley, T. Shields, B. Fairchild, B. Hershner, B. Blose, J. Germaine Fourth Row-L. Meckley, L. Wood, P. Smith, B. Taylor, J. Sears, B. Chilcore, E. Wheeler, M. Wright, S. Hull, S Casto. D. Bader, D. Kerr, D. Douglas, T. Hughes. MAJORETTE Portia Detrow served as one of the drum majorettes for the band during the 1950 football season. Although this was her first year in helping lead the band, she did a fine job. Page 40 BAND QUEEN This year the band nominated Joyce Geiger as their queen to reign at the Ashley- Mt. Gilead football game. After the half- time show, Joyce was crowned by the presi- dent of the band, Roland Hildebrand. She was presented with a beautiful bouquet of white porn-poms and yellow mums. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM OF 1950 P 4 june 1, 1951 Dear Subscribers: The preparation of the 1951 Mizpah has gone through many processes: the organiza- tion of the staff, the choosing of a theme, the cover design, the write-ups, the lay-ou: of the pages, the engravings, the printing, and finally, after many other small details and late hours, the annual goes to press, is bound and distributed to the students. Cooperation is not merely a Word, it is the means by which this yearbook was made possible. At this time we wish to express special appreciation to-- The members of the Mizpah stall. Cubberly Studio, Delaware, Ohio. The merchants who so willingly have aided us in linancing this book. Our faculty adviser, Mr. Rex Lantz. And you, the subscribers. Sincerely yours, CARROLL HORD Editor STEVE SHAMBAUGH LORRAINE WHITAKER Auittmzt Editor Auittant Editor Page 42 5 34 x 001' 3914, -'--qqg- Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. 15 22 29 6 15 20 27 2 10 Due to the graduation of several key players, Mt. Gilead's football team of 1950 was in the process of rebuilding. After losing the first four out of five games, Mr. Grizzell began to field a much improved team. The last four games were divided- winning from Belleville and Fredericktown, while losing to a strong Cardington team and barely being nosed out by Ashley. With only six players, including four lettermen graduating, we are looking for a more successful year in 1951. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE FOOTBALL LETTERMEN We They Tom Case Jake Belt Marion St. Mary 6 53 Sherm Levings Junior Bacheldef f3llIEE?ty 73 52 Russell Jagger Herb Harden Cenfefbufg 0 .leffy Z.Ol1'I'l21f1 Richwood 13 19 I Bob Szalapato Belleville 12 6 Richard Poland D M El Cardington O 48 109 Gafvef on u ey Fredericktown 6 0 Ned Mosher lim Richardson Ashley O 6 Malcolm Baker jerry Shambaugh RUSSELL JAGGER Tackle 6' 1 50 lbs. TOM CASE Emi 6'1" 185 lbs. All Mid-Buckeye End lst Team Captain DON NESBITT Tackle 5'11" 155 lbs. SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS SHERM LEVINGS Guard 5'9" 165 lbs. All Mid-Buckeye Guard Znd Team JIM CAMPBELL Guard 6'1" 250 lbs. RICHARD POLAND Tackle 5'11" 155 lbs. VARSITY FOOTBALL PLAYERS JR. JUNIOR BACHELDER Center 5'8" 150 lbs. HERB HARDEN Halfback 5'8" 145 lbs. JAKE BELT Halfback 5'l0" 155 lbs. JERRY ZOLMAN Halfback 5'9" 155 lbs. Page 45 DON MUFFLEY Fullback 5'11" 160 lbs. BOB SZALAPATO Guard 5'8" 175 lbs. NED MOSHER End 6' 175 lbs. MALCOLM BAKER Tackle 5'11"16Olbs. VARSITY FOOTBALL Seated, left to right-J. Garver, R. Poland, D. Nesbitt, D. Weaver, J. Campbell, J. Zolman, M. Bachelder, T. Case, R. Cover. Second Row-N. Mosher, S. Levings, D. Muffley, B. Szalapato, M. Baker, J. Richardson, R. Jagger, J. Sham- baugh, W. Keil. Third Row-W. Grizzell, K. Evans, J. Belt, J. Sweeney, P. Hatfield, J. Coning, J. Wallace, C. Benton JUNIOR HIGH ATHLETIC SQUAD Seated, lefi to right-D. Fricke, K. Evans, C. Smith, R. Belt, T. Casto, G. Dumbaugh, R. Carrier, K. Bendle, J. Sweeney L. Rider, R. Johnson. Second Row-B. Vaughn, R. Osborn, J. Newson, D. Rathburn, D. Covert, J. Bachelder, R. Camp- . - . A bell, L. White, F. Jolley, P. Skapura, G. Weaver, L. Randolph, L. Thomas. Third Row W. Muffley, D. Harris, Squires, G. Brush, J. Mosher, F. Sterritt, J. Staley, R. Shaffer, D. Zolman, E. Shrader, J. Germain, H. Arnold, T. Turner Page 47 FOOTBALL QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Left to 'right-Lorraine Whitaker, Martha Higgins, Peggy Sue Gallehe VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to rigbtewPrudy Tennant, Peggy Galleher, Doris Holtrey, jean Mosher. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Left to right-Mary Jane George, jacquelyn Leisure, Barbara Geyer, Shirley Meckley BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec Dec Dec Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec Jan. jan. jan. jan. Jan. jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. At Edison Carey At Marengo Johnsville Iberia Howard Big Walnut Dresden Edison Marion St. Mary Ar Claridon At Carey At Cardington At Ashley Fredericktown Cardington Sunbury Ar Richwood At Marion St. Mary They 72 64 53 40 75 48 45 83 68 91 66 70 59 64 57 81 62 78 53 VARSHY'BASKETBALL Sitting, left to right--Ned Mosher, Ted Moody, Wilford Keil, Don Muffley, Jim Richardson, Jerry Shambaugh, Standing-Bob Szalapato, Dick Wehr, Coach, Dick Zolman. BASKETBALL RESERVES Sifling, left lo right-Pete Cooper, Don Weaver, Jake Belt, Jack Wallace, Jack Sweeney. Stamfifzg- Dale Rathburn, Eddie Osborne, Don Lanius, jerry Zolman, John Staley. VARSITY BASKETBALL JIM RICHARDSON WILFORD KIEL DON MUFFLEY Gmzrd Center F 0rzz'11rff 5'10" 160 lbs. 5'9" 160 lbs. 5'9" 160 lbs. NED MOSHER TED MOODY F orwfzrd Gkffzwf 6' 175 lbs. 5'7" 135 lbs. Page 52 SENIGR G.A.A. Fin! Row, fefzeeliwg, left to 'right-J. Mosher, J. James, L. Stauffer, P. Mitchell. Second R011 C Smith, D. Klingle, M. Sharrock, N. Nesbitt, S. Lancaster, E. Poland, B. Rinehart, W Harden E. Klingle. Third Row-S. Meckley, W. Rathburn, D. Neptune, P. Tennant, L. Rarhburn J Andrews, E. Powell, G. Shaw, 1. Mercer, N. Cooper, A. Styer. Fonrlh Ron'-B. Geyer, P Detrow M. Sadler, J. Leasure, P. Lawrence, A. Spencer, P. Galleher, S. Wooti, S. Osborne, R. Smith M J George, M. Sterritt, D. Sipes, R. Osborn, Mrs. Harry. The Girls Athletic Association was organized last year. The girls in the 9th, 10th, llth and 12th grades are eligible to Our club adviser is Mrs. Harry. The officers elected president, joan james, vice president, Lucinda Stauffer Mosher, treasurer, Phyllis Mitchell. Page 53 join. this year were: g secretary, jean JUNIQR G.A.A. Kneeling, lef! to right--J. Baldwin, C. jones, M. Ansley, J. Mathews. FEM! Row-E. Gattshall, J. Hegal, R. Zimmerman, G. Powers, V. Shaw, P. Staiger, F. Cooper, J. Andrews, P. Shipman, S. Howard, G. Johnson, C. Benton, M. Brigmon. Seroml Row-R. Campbell, S. Nesbitt, E. Wright, M. Shaffer, N. Hoffmire, F. Sadler, N. Rutherford, S. Lawrence. Pace 54 W M-A , . 32 :SQQGI 5,i,M43?g2M. .4 " K E - Y .f 256 QM ,,ywv1gium.:y2vw Q 4 as Q :WW f 32 ga ,. 2,3543 ,2 E z , 3 ,5 , ,W www vmewfw "V ' "" SZ'3Qif H '?w.Q.w:s , , ,X Mi W 44:m:fe1,:,.:,,.- .4,, . - f SIXTH GRADE l .:.i.i...-Q" , 12-V . Il v. .,. A"-1 ---, 1 ..-.-. . - ....v . .--- . ,.,. . if . A it M " if p g is 5' A "T if? I E' My Q5-fwfr ? e t g. 5 we W4 . . A f ef, ,.,. 'iz ' Q' "Z:-I . D 5 ' elif? A ""' -N V 4. ff f " 5. A ' ' " J ' "" ,,... if A Q , Q ,wif ,. A , M V, 2 -. .,,. ,,,,:,,,,,, W .. t t ga 1.5535 1 .:. Q . ii 5 - Q r my 1. 2 ,.,, .. . ,if fi .. E ,gem i. , -' f , Qs - . F- 3522? E . ,.-., - 'Lix.,w +51 -: E :,,. 'gk ....: LZ. .A V -gi, t l f Ms. f A l ll 3 ' if wwf, ' ' ' 1 ,Q 3 ., . . ,. V i Q W5 - 5 117551: W . . - -' .-.- J V A 'A , lie A 'A ff 4' . ,. A 5 .- 'AU i i MY' gay 'A - 'M . -V at G f an ..: , . ..... - is . ..i...:-s.::::.:.- 3 'Milf' JN f A .- .. t l f 2 Q 3 . . ary-M. ' t . . 1 X 1 1 . 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'E EQ - W, Q 1 N 'N .- . ..,:.... 4 QQ' A :Q VAT' Wgwm swf' 53, AIS-'vm ? 3 f FQ ,Q if W M 53" Q sf 1. 'K W l ,f, .s 1, A I e ni . ,:.,,,. .,., , . M In -1":1: ,,,,,, . ,,,,, . s N .,,, ,...,: 1 Q ., :-A-, ' -'---- ,. . .,..,: 3 - . ' ":' ' '1': ' .,,:..-.,. .,:, ,::-, I I- . A My -at mf " 12 em " fe . .. - . ,, 5... fi ': ' M -' . at Q fi' .......-1 QQ rw S .X ' f 'T Z'i'6'l?9' 'V , V, Q , ' ,.,.,, "" ' A J ' :A ' """: : i' Al . - ri 9 H ev .- A W ,. H: I In X 'tg f -:-A gr T 'M . -fra. We .. X., Q ' ' Q ' Q 'X ' " ai , " fi: 'E 'M Q J . 5 " f A 'V as 1' N if A:"-:' . f 5 e.maf'X i Q.1: Tw' ' A . 5. i . ' ' . ' .,,. . -. ,,,, uqbl I r ,P-- h as ...Q .W ":' - -P E53 ff: at is A 'iw fwfif? was 52.5 aw - 5 L , ,:: x. A K , gf? fi' I .aww E' ,L tw Y .:- W' ' 2: , 1 F . . .Zi .. " 1:. .. li Q, ' luzuq A. W ' ni .,:A,A 1 at Q A Q ...: .:.: -A ' ,5 3 :J " -"-: Zzzf ' A ":" """ :- EQ M- .., 'yr ay x ::5 . ,.a:-:1:?" .. .- .. . tra ata 1 . .... . ...R .... ..: z ' A .,,.. . .,---, " . 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I , li f55s: ifs:2i"i5i.':f?wWf' V. ' B 1 ' 'A W " rr" A... M rs MJ 'Q ' '::': 'N' if ' " M. 'l I ww- Q si., jf ' l' 'Z A l, F , AY , 'fue . "' 1 ,gf ' . if A- f 3 . 2' ,gin t 3 .3 . ., A Q b ,R A ,gg 3 'J' as ' WE, JE S f A , ,. , Q :-.,., 3 ,. Tir 1, .gg ,,'. ..,.,,, . ,,., 2 :,. f ',,:,,, f ff "': f :,, ..,,, "', ,,.,,... J .. .. :,, , 5 lr? ti.st1 , A J Al ' fr if M . VV ww -1 ox W gpg. ,::2S.i: if if i f , , r A 0: In fs, x me Pr Fin! Row--B. Campbell, P. Smith, G. Link, D. Riser, B. Cooper, M. Vaughn, P. Harden, J. Shaw, S. Gearhart. Second Row-M. Belt, P. Witzel, S. Arnold, F. Smith, A. Rathburn, D. Irons, P. Mathews, D. White, R. Finley. Third Row- K. Heimlich, B. Ramsey, K. Conklin, J. Nixon, B. Case, M. Sheets, J. Geyer, J. Witzel, T. Hughes. Fourth Row- P. Howard, T. Hayes, B. Taylor, B. Andrews, E. Wheeler, F. Bendle, R. McCammon, P. Patton. Fifth Row-T. Hunt, J. Arnold, G. Holtrey, P. Witzel, J. Campbell, S. Hull, R. Miller, M. Sheets, T. Shields. Sixth Row-D. Woodward, L. Smith, B. Hershner, D. Gattshall, J. Germaine, D. Kerr, R. Clark, B. Richardson, E. Harden. Seventh Row-B. Blose, C. Ingmire, I. Neptune, J. Detweiler, M. Harris, R. Styer, B. Staup, P. Styer, J. Barrett. Page 5 7 FOURTH GRADE ,.,. . 2 V W Q 4 I EH Y 1.2. A... Q V, ,flea-9 " Ni x t E 537 . fxiihgbg if 5 if Ti SM". 1 if .-22:53 M 2 R ,,i:.:., 112. y AM M K A M, 'QM .W A 5:2-:I I v,.,,,,:, Ii: ,..f, . if-A " -ff' -. 1-., wi ,Q 5 . -Q .... . .. , A -.v-'Al,:-: V , I Wa. . - 3' -I-:zz-EL ,J ji? D y . V t 6 Q A A qc 6 1, 1. , .. ,g l z W ap' .. KW!! ,,.., , g.. . -ffl .--:.,: sa?" ,.,. 5- 'F -"-' I ':1':.:. """" ""' ' :" : ii icic . f t.. V P fe ww- .Q -. ' ff 6' ,X 2.. at . figs, .Sly ' rj mf" R' ' any " A' 'W' 5 A ' P it ' F sf.. My 'C I- ... . za.. ,. W 5 N, W- if Q I-fa5g5,.,, . i rx A T . - ,,A. Mews J 'fi .4 a 3 'x ' ' TK " L Ei" ' 3 ':" 'Y 5 - . b F 5 l 1 T w:.3..ff ,.::Z,,, , . of T I -:1Ag '::. 5 if 1 if -'f ' Sf-if ' XE, "AN 5' V 3 2 if ::' Q Q .if ' . ' R df' 2 , ' ::--- - ,,.A,. zzz - APAA 3 ., . - 'I' N' 'X ..:s:g 1. ::-::-,. .5..-f- Q gm -. ...-.:. , - .. . M" . Q ,,.,,,,:: ,,.,1.,. V... ,.,A,,, E In ' N. b b , ',V,' I., 1, " 'il " m- i , ,, , .E . 2.3. M f , . N- .I-.rl Q 1 y t gf' 'gk fs: rg wg? .,,. gb-if Q A wig? -. 11 as ry ,xl VA X7 N. . ,,.. 222: WAV : V TA W ,FJ ' 'P S lg.. 5 ... 5 ' 5 .W ' 1 xl ' 1 ,V iff?" T. 1 'I . N X A ' Ex ,Q V -3 gfilg, t. Xia, . T .' 1 V Q N? ' .' f-.g . ,..,..f..fzf 2 - S ,r ,Ng Q 59, M ki we . Q-af. .... .... 1 Xa. .4 WM ,Q wx 3 .1 .W M Q., gg? r -fp .M g , C - SA1' .A . .Ml - of jr 1 ' --1- . ' 1 . i ls..-f :gt H 2' F- .. ""'A ' ---'- . ..,.. , ,,:1 ,.,,. . ' " ' ,.,. bzz- -- ' ' Qi f L ,X f .. ,..... ' 1 A ' ':"" -. N Q, fin- -Y lr 1 N319 . . 5 ' "T . 1 .Qs fi -f P' ' .. be ' 1 1'- new - -per ' X' it f P' was ... , . ' Q ... F. ' ' 'W P . Kg S lk if F . .-....... . .. , T E E' X ..s5jp . -t -:.f'.' ..... E .... . s mg 'sr Rvws 4 . . h F' P i' 'S . . .- ' -- .... - ---- A 22' 1 : -':1 t " t , el: .,. .,.... : tis .... zsg.-ct: A ....,.. .- no ..,., ., Q 2 . 3' ..'fjf-.Em ki t-:Z--::E:E:.,:Ei:--: N 'ii' A -Qld Q. IL... lv? Q Q31 f - "::1 -. 'Ze' in ' i .. " ' ' x .. " - W. 2 ' '- .,,. Q I C30 K V A . X - ' i W ' -"E: x:" F' ..-.. :' .Jil P Q ' 4, t ..... P- ,Q - . t 1 1 . .-,,. - " t V "1 -':" ' " V' .. :.. ...1 -V ' ::-:f: ,... ' First Row-T. Roach, J. Woodward, B. Kline, S. Mettler, D. Shaffer, R. Bruce, R. Callahan, L. Walter, D. Alkire, J Hobson. Second Row-P. Poister, R. jones, B. Rinehart, L. Crouse, S. Fisher, L. Todd, C. Gray, E. Piatt, 1. Campbell R. Wright. Third Row--B. Beard, S. Logan, D. Wickham, S. Smock, D. McKirgan, B. Fritz, D. Davis, M. Ramsey R. Betz, J. Rathburn. Fourth Row-N. McCarty, M. Young, M. Evans, R. Jones, J. Zentler, L. Ashbrook, B. Drown P. Woodward, P. Boyd, R. West. Fifth Row-K. Grahm, N. Roach, S. Powell, R. Piatt, P. Burson, B. Smith, T Harden, P. Arnold, W. Fischer, J. Hull. Sixth Row-C. Wiseman, D. Fricke, M. Lindner, H. Campbell, T. Benton, S. Rhodebeck, E. Tharpe, G. Shade, D. Zimmerman, R. Ceckitti. Seventh Row-D. Dewey, J. Parkinson, D. Higgins S. Cyphers, D. Rathburn, S. Asman, S. Spencer. Page 58 Q es.. ""' z ' . " AA V- 2 'ii . ,..V.. 1 ...,. .. . V..-v.-- - ""' z ,. .V : , mx. , ,,. WW.. L V . .. V , - A. V5 .M - -yi e . . J. .,,... .. , 'M A Q i , XWTXA .Sk . Ai AMT ' A' fe A l A f ,, '-...f"ea,,ju ,zgff P " . ----- 1 WW' AA 4? .A .Q Q? 1 , .,,.,, V , .',,- -' -:: :,."1 . :+.v . ,Heyy I' 1 , X , ' a. ak, . ' . I 1 """""' i .... . ,V .,.V .,,,. , ,,V,., , .,.... . ' "" ' V '- ' --'V 1 1 . SWA? eW?was??e fwfw SWT? few? iwwa awww iryh ...QS ,., f - f '- V... I , a ' A7 -3 . --'-- " J A f A A S' ,. "' ' ' of if f ,. - 'A 4? 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I T. .-A .....,.: .. 45 V 'E , -2 ii.. if, ., ,- sw. .V I I -4'-1 ----, . ,,., ullllbn In gf' . -. ,.:- ,V V- :S - A by , .,, 1 ,-,-., A J ':::,:Q,- ,V 5 I M V 33 ' wi, ' 1 , AM "", 5 ' 59 W " l ,X M5 Aj A A gl, aa as A eww 1. H '35 ff WJ, 'K' ..,. .J A . V- ' 5 . V. :' .VV. J. V' ' 'H -V if -5 SAA' A f Wg V "" Q A , M " V e, . , ., ' , . U sf. X , j -I . .Wg ....,, . A , ,A . ,S "f1".fs ,j,ff4p2- ' r - X 'J " . A .V 2' way. H F . ,. ,gg i , x 5 . ...Q ,gdeigs . f V Q ,,,., ff A A --,- V ..., 'A A i' a , ' 222. 95' SA . 59 1 , , . -. z-eff. .. ' M ' " A ' ' Q2 W' .. 'W 1 Y Q mf We WA, ,AAN A in M '5 W' 2 " W AA 5Q2QZ"ff1l' 'A'A,,j- ' 5 'JW V V 1 .. W mlkv 5 fs-sf-rf A 2, M Vi IM " ,..,. . Cwamsu l f fl .ZA AK' X 'V .V V' ,S 1 Q A 3 av ,S .... mm V 1 -'-' .M in Qw . ,-f za... Q , t- . x Ma ,ll ,, , 3 ,y PV " ., - "" : f 'Q 1-fi "M Qi,-""""" , fl" :: z:15::fEEE2sE5g'-Ig:-: ' " j' .,.,9E:I v : A3 . 'Q , ,. 9 , X V... ..V. , , ,,,., , ,QA Asa ' ... "" -' ' ' W I l , 5 ' as , -' -r-sea' f '- 2' 'V N. I faxes: '- f:r:-:::: M. f15I.,:5E21 f Q' ' ' , ,3,,,. if - 3 Q Cf... , 3 W' W ' f Mff' ff ,Q 5 fW,, 1 ... Ve 'MW x , I mia ,I ' Y :',,..l,. N ,,MV,.f M Q , I Q Ax A" I A I- ,Q W .... . . - . Q N e . W 1 Q W . .... . H f " 1 ' 3A ' J WA 3555 ' .. gt ..,V , I THIRD GRADE C. Sprankle. Firrt Row-K. Hildebrand, D. Beardsley, M. Kehrwecker, E. Schorr, P. Daniels, J. Hull, S. Areharr, R. Callahan, J. Jackson. Second Row-J. Sweeney, C. McCreary, J. Hill, B. Harlan, J. McKay, N. Knestrick, J. Rutherford, J. Witzel, J. Peterson. Third Row-N. Knestrick, L. Van Houten, S. Gallagher, J. Wheeler, S. Shaffer, R. Lyons, S. McMannis, W. Campbell, C. Ceckitri. Fourth Row-M. Smith, M. Nixon, H. Cramner, P. Staup, J. Sears, L. Durkee, L. Finley, B. Gray, N. Squires. Fiflh Row-D. Osborn, A. Smith, S. Cyphers, R. Irons, S. Mosier, R. Huddle, S. Hickman, R. Wells, D. Styer. Sixzh Row-D. Taylor, S. Pangallo, J. Baldwin, B. France, J. Cooper, J. Sears, D. Blose, L. Harden, J. Carrier. Seventh Row-L. Shade, R. Campbell, E. Hall, D. Staley, P. Sautter, E. Kimmey, L. Andrews, T. Geyer, N. Wones. Eighth Row-J. McLain, S. Newson, S. Lee, S. Whiting, L. Marsh, R. Rexford, M. Davis, J. MacAnall, SECOND GRADE 3 A A 'A AEA, .....-- .......A.AAA5A i AA ...... gf " V :gl " g igs: W xi: i : nil V '-" A f b. ...Al-:qi -A it A. Q A. U t A., ,S :A AA ,EFAA Qvtt A H V at-A, 3 QW. 2 F A A ...., NWS Z' 0"VQH .A Jai, -1 A g V- A-AA:a A 5A: si F I 4, 4, . .,.,, A " ,',:- ' A AA 1 2 Q ----r: A E ' QQ ., rj A ' ' .,.. P r ' in If are as A is. A ,:4,.:.:.,,.:, , 1 A A A .....,,:5. AA Q A .A S A X A ,,.,,. A ' A-:-' F::11sa:A.A I A ,A qlbuuuluqvuvi ,.A.. A .,.V,..., .,A, 1 lqqv, A AA A AAAA AAAAA A A ""' " AAAA A 5 X " """"" z K ,A .M ---. A " AW, 25A . A- W.. A A 2 a Aff A 'W A.A. A " A " " A- A - A :gs-::::'AAA-1 A z::QA,A:AA,z2,'A'? X AA V- Y M 'A X. ,AiIA'1'f:'-.A- 2 2- ,AA,AA lg A Y X A - ---' ' ' -- ' A A ' A'-.. A A A A AAAAA. A AAA A AAAA .AAA are A AAAAAAA . AA AAAA A AA AA A A 'A I AA A S ' AA. "" ---.AA: A As-1 A--- A A AA 4 , ,, -A, 43 AA ,,A.. V s w-'Q' 2 2 le A "A.'11,A Zi' sf-:MX 1:21 5.-Al. 1 A' 'Y::,'A1' .ww A A A AA A AAAAA.A. A A wp, A ,A A A A. A. , mi AA V 3 1-ws' T? f'6""'l 'lg A 1 fl 'P :f"f?'if?za 4' TA .life ' W 'l '-" A AA ' A " A - A A W A A AA ' " as U .AAA A - - A 1' V A .A.A AAAAAAA. A . A A AAAA A ,A 2 AAAA A fm .AA SA A,,A,,,,,. il I ,eg AMAA, :E I . A,,,, ,lla 'A W M , 35, A F' ,A f- AA A Af. .f A AAA A A A AAAA, AA A- AAAA. A fi ' ri 'Q-W if A A " i A A' l . V x A M ip x A33 AA, yes M. A A we-HA A A M if wee H A- X X-My : Y 'ls fM'x3S' Q' , ,A '53 .A I 'WA ' A -"Q W? 'w-A A ' AA.A W V"w'l ' if 5. sf' '---' "" AA A, ,fi , " tk egg! V SN N is - v A, AAAAAAAAAAA AAAA,,. A AAAAAAA. an 1 News 5 A AAAAAA - A A AA f -- '- I 5: ' --'-- - -1mA?f:':"Eg:z2A V Q AA AA A AAAAAAA ,lu AA.A. A V. A K AAA A AAAA - I AAA: S b A an t Av 3 AA., .NW Av A A55 V' AAA .A A , A 'wg' 9 Nw. -My we E 5:53:72 X A. I S 'X " he A QA!-TY' A AA si" " "' AA xf ' 33 We A A :ff A M AAAA A A il A. E yi ,AAAA-faire 6 'L ff ,Af SY f ' cs S AE M if A 5 ' A AAA . " Tkfifzwf ' 9 V P 5 3 s I .AA AAAA AAAAAAAA I 1 -- -- : : -...AAAA AAAA z :,rA:,-A .A.A.A A A AAA. V A51 'K fr' ff AA fl f " ' l A- A A.A. A A A: A ' eaeeg """ 3.215 ' AA :gi Ry MWAQA -.A A First Row-C. Brown, M. Shambaugh, L. Newhon, K. Jennings, R. Powell, R. Craven, DA Keeran, L. Lemley. Second Row-S. Wheeler, P. Roller, B. McPeek, J. McNiel, C. Price, J. Sears, P. McLain, L. Chalfant, S. DeMuth. Third Row -G. Neptune, E. Campbell, L. McCreary, B. Rinehart, S. Harden, F. Staley, J. Gerhardt, M. Unartel, C. Fairchild. Fourth Row-M. Crammer, E. Lyons, RA Zimmerman, S. Hinclman, J. Rinehardt, R. Beck, J. Rathburn, F. Sharrock, M. White. Fifih Row-J. Wolfinger, B. McPeek, J. Davis, S. Casto, B. McKirgan, N. Shracler, G. Dewey, J. Wilson, ' E. Burns. Sixth Row-S. Shalfer, L. Walter, B. Frayer, G. McQuistion, H. Styer, L. Kelly, J. Tucker, G. Bayer, PA Clapper. Seventh Row-S. Pickering, T. Snyder, N. Powers, 1. Weller. 2 X I "-1:- 1 :2, f'-f y 2 .. ... gk 1 ,ag I Q Xiu , I 5.5.5 3,59 , 1 -:EE .I . . . ea . i gi ig an .. We Q1 -4 . fniaa .15 M. T if 'T lil? -M -1 fffi ' V-ww ,,,. , ' ' ' iwg st 5? . ,. . ag, rfjimifi ,.,, V- .,.v 4 . Z V.. :aH'e?,x f .- :vii 1 Q., Y I t 1 ka, 1 gf., g-fish . . ..... asv. - 2:5 5, ' ,., . in 'f A k ,-, .,Q. - 1 5 " .. - , . . if FIRST GRADE .. . W . . . ' 563,94 -af -Q., .--. ,. -:.:. '--- iz- . ' 2 wwa 1 Q , - .,.- . z .rim . :s,.::' , ,,..., A ,, I sf 9 A . .. .. '..f"'.. Z- 55 : ::.a.5.k H ,R ..,.,....,. ..,..- p Q V 3, .- l f S J ig A 'if mgiii 1 21 253 3 I .ji.ij'ii. A,., . , . ,A..AA, . ..... f A " iw: L: " X 9 H ' V "" .,, H j:.I ::g: Eizffr-...a:f:5..g-M. lf ' 'f ' , Q . , -A . ...QQ ,fi - ,Q W ' ---- . ' er "9 ZW? " ff T if 'i ' . . . . .. I V9 3: . . , ' ' 2' 4 - if C i .2 "" :21:..a..:" ""' g ...,,. ' ' - ' Pi it --fvv . H - I -" my .-v-'---,-l H ,, ,.,. , ,, H V y A gl ,. ik t A .2.........,- Pi V J :E ,,. . 5515: p .. .. . .fi- Q ' " 'V -at -:' 8 - .1 ....a2..1 ..V.: .-' 2 ,,M: ,ft , ww, 1 ty . . ,. ,, M. i t .., K Ns. p 8' ij, , . .. , ,,,, , A. . ' ' l"" -' ' .Q if ,V , 'Q,....:...-.e 'f'i.......,.. ,:.'15:ffE'f:' F as.. ""' .:::.: -' ' jg,..::-I ':':"::"":'f :g5.jj, 2222 . ' Q Q my A 5 In . Q. I- ,. ig f 5 . GN VZ ,. . I axial Z, 3 E I ... J Z.: 1 " ,,,, V ' 3 ., Q ' 65, 6 gi., ,.,, x A V' I W. .-.- ' 'i' .. 1 x Y . . ,Na ig. i 35 "" I ,I V. :5gvv ,s:-' 51.fQ.i .. .: P Q ' - '----A ""' - at ,,,. J .. -, ,ee2i..a-:--2-' -' " . ""' ....- i' -P . .. .Q .. "" .A .... .w1 :..z-i ....... 2. f as - f. Z, ""' W li., fwms S. 1 . fx .3 AAA' 2 .. . Q. . ' T M ! " "' 45 233 ..,.. . Q "' 355. Y C " X' sg W ' 5 7 3. :M - E :'. ,:,- . ,::: !, . . - .. ,.., , Q a sf' -- -- ' I, . Il: .- .. . ,gy P-5 .QQ . f A as . v . , ....... 4 vw . . , AA y 0 Qi y .1 Wx .:.::.e: . 1'1-: -... . :Ei-'-I ....... ,... . X ' . 'W A fy.. 4 12 r In I N .Q . K. em. ,. A -A .tl . ' .f .. - .,,,. . ..., . .. f - W -M I 6 . E ,Qi 'V' , . - 3 . . . V.. Q .. I., A 123323, AI- v 'mgvzgw ,. Q 5,543 - ..:... .. .....: ----- ' . z .ymmmx First Row-M. Sprankle, S. Fisher, M. Staup, J. Whiting, S. Courtney, J. Levings, P. Belchar, J. England, K. Kehr-' wecker. Second Row-B. Osborne, D. Earley, N. Goff, L. Shuherk, H. Platt, J. Naylor, B. Wreland, J. McKirgan, J. Wagner. Third Row-S. Tennant, S. Streley, B. Peterson, J. Hull, S. Wells, R. Higgins, O. Alkire, R. Patten, K. Osborne. Fourth Row-R. Bader, B. Pfeifer, D. Gattshall, M. Levings, G. Irons, M. Hildebrand, B. Heimlich, J. Logan, L. Hunt. Fifth Row-C. Weaver, T. Thompson, M. Murphy, D. Graham, S. Cooper, J. Lancaster, M. Sears, D. Shipman, J. Branaman. Sixth Row-E. Amick, B. Jackson, J. Poole, T. Griffiths, R. Trainer, C. Schoor, J. Craven, M. Nixon, D. Hines. Sevenih Row-C. Finley, D. Roach, P. Geyer, T. Van Hourcn, P. Popp, K. Staley, D. Casto, R. Ruhrmund, P. Blose. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '51 JONES' lSALY'S DAIRY Compliments of CRESTLINE MUSIC SHOP Compliments of Mrs. Arvine C. Kindinger K I' I N E S 520 North Thoman St. Crestline, Ohio M . Oh. Agency for Americas Foremost Band anon' 'O and Orchestra Instruments "Fashions in Good Taste" S A U L ' S Galion, Ohio "The Hat Shop of Ga1ion" ANNE'S HAT SHOP 113 Harding Way West Compliments of OSBORN'S BARBER SHOP TIGERS' DEN GALION,OHIO Compliments of J . E . R O Y S T O N A FRIEND Page 62 STUll'S IVIEN SHOP WHERE QUALITY IS FIRST AND LAST 7 West High Street Mt. GiIeacI, Ohio Morrow County's Most Complete Line of MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS "This Is Your Store In Your Town" We feature the following nationally advertised brands: and TOP-O-MART MAYFIELD SUITS ALPAGOA AND ALLIGATOR - TOPCOATS Van Heusen and Wilson Bros. Shirts Lee and Champ Hats - Holeproot Socks - Bill Barton Slacks Swank Iewelry - Pioneer Belts and Billiolds ON MT GILEAD SQUARE g 4 QNSNCS on vs DAIRY LUNCH Page 63 Congratulations of The Marion Business College 133 West Center Street Marion. Ohio "COMPLETE BUSINESS TRAINING" A FRIEND We Congratulate the Class of '51 ANSON PICKEREL, INC. Apparel for Men and Young Men 131 East Center Street Marion. Ohio Compliments of J 8. H SHOE STORE Public Square GCIHOIL 01110 Iohn W. McAnall Howard M. Dudley CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES CLASS OF 1951 Mt. Gilead High School - Your Appearance ls Our Business -- MEN'S FINE CLOTHING JIM DlIGAN'S STORE MARION, oHlo Page 64 tu 15' 6 . I ' OBWRESSES srmusntzumo Pnsssss fm? i t Q .. lil lllllll L li all M li? 3 ' 1 D il I GX-ilnff DOUBLEAC-HON Exmuomc Pnsssss l x !I oRAwnNs Pnssses "' ' is THE HYDRAULIC PRESS MFG. COMPANY Mount Gilead, Ohio For 74 years, The Hydraulic Press Mfg. Company has been the world's leading builder of hydraulic presses. Much of the company's success is due to the cooperative efforts ot its employees and the people of Morrow County, who have seen it grow from a very small concern resent the second and third generation ot their respective families who have worked at H-P-M. Such 'Family loyalty is one of the keynotes to the company's success. H-P-M presses have solved production problems in a multitude of industries. to an internationally known organiza- Their Qccepwnce makes H-P-M the hon' world's headquarters for hydraulic Many Present H-P-M employees rep- presses. , --E25 P if mirage 'm t T .tt lilly' -73 Q H -, .l ss sl ffm! W? s' is-' r'5-7' Q PR' I' . - . 11 ' P' r " Q PR an Ill Q I - Kg? E X.,,Ll!i. mir qs 4 4:-5 g BENDING l I li Ili! ! - .N FORCING. PREssEs - l Pizmfaszgzzs ' N-J' Alien Compliments of THE HICKSON-SMITH Compliments of INSURANCE NlANSl:lEl.D BROTHER AGENCY IMPLEMENTS CHARLES c. I-ucKsoN MAX L- SMHH SHIPPARD DIESEL TRAcToRs 22 South Main ond Cther Implements Phone 95 Compliments of MORTON HARDWARE HARDWARE FOR HARDWEAR REPLACEMENT PARTS Phone 62 Mt. Gilead, Ohio 66 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 51 THE GALION IRON WORKS 8. MFG. CO. GAuoN, oHlo Compliments of CAMPBELL AUTO SUPPLY FIRESTONE TIRES and ACCESSORIES Phone 85 M1'. Gilead, Ohio COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 THE INN Congratulations To You T951er's GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD HEALTH Recommended by Duncan Hines MT. Gilead, Ohio BeS'f'fLuCk EoB's GULF SERVICE CAPITOL THEATER Phone 49 Mt- Gilead, MT. Gilead, THE MORROW COUNTY Good Luck, Gang! SENTINEL 1848101951 GLOBE HOTEL Morrow County's Leading Newspaper 103 Years Old, New Every Thursday Page 68 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '51 THE North Electric Mfg Company GALION, OHIO Compliments of B O W E S ICE CREAM CO. Marion, Ohio LONG'S GARAGE Phone 40R2 Cardington, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of '51 National Mailing Service The Friendly Store with the Glass Door 215 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio IEWELBY - WATCHES - DIAMONDS GALION SPORTING GOODS HUNTING - FISHING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 237 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio CARTER ELECTRIC HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Electrical Contracting and Supplies 208 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio McEIroy's Furniture Store Member National Furniture Service Nationally Known Furniture, Bedding. Carpets, Armstrong's Linoleum, Asphalt Tile, Quaker Wall, Crosley "Shelvador" Refrigerators Phone 2-7841 Hardwing Way at Liberty St. Galion, Ohlo Arrow Shirts - MacGregor Sportswear SCHAFFNER-MYERS CO. Galion, Ohio Interwoven Sox Griffin and Hyde Park Suits TOM McNEW'S RESTAURANT QCARMEL'SJ Galion, Ohio Page 70 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE C. L. MORKEL 121-123 So. Market S1'. Galion, Ohio BENNETT'S Shoes - Ready to Wear Phone 2-5141 Public Square Galion, Ohio FARM SUPPLY STORE. Inc. 1251-53 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio JOHN DEERE QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT Y U N C K E R ' S SPORTING GOODS Mansfield, Ohio TEAM OUTFITTERS Chenille Letters and Emblems Class Sweaters and Iackets Iohnson Outboard Motors - Century 116-118 N. Main Phone 4546-6 Boats P Q 71 .I. C. FERR EDISON MILLS Mfg. Pennant Feeds Dealers in GRAIN 0 SEED 0 COAL FERTILIZER 0 FEEDS Phone 'I89 Edison,Ohio EDISON CEMENT WORKS Ready Mixed Concrete Phone 24 Edison, Ohio Compliments of MAY'S JEWELRY COMPANY Established 1919 THE DIAMOND STORE OF MARION L20 W. CENTER ST. MARION, OHIO qwfr lightweight, yol om packed wilh power, Full .M R e, Truly Weodleu Operation. S IS Compliments oi SNYDER'S HARDWARE Phone 'I92-L Edison, Ohio HENNEY 8. COOPER, INC. IWa1qreen Agency Drugsi YOUR KODAK DEALER Marion, Ohio Now for 72 Years RICHMAN BROTHERS Have the Clothing Values Furnishings - Hats - Sport Clothes AXTHELM-TURNER, INC. 108 S. Main Sree! Marion, Ohio YOUR RICHMAN BROTHERS STORE Page 72 TUSCAN RECREATION I P.M. Io 11 P.M. Reservations - Phone 2-331 SINGER SEW NG MACHINE Galion, Ohio :Play Refreshed . . . Have A Coke Before The game, during the game, after the game, n Irosly bollie of ice-c Ia ls so refreshing. The Canton Engraving and Electrotype Company 400 - 410 Third Street S. E. C A N T 0 N , 0 H I 0 EDWARD T. SAMUEL P R I N T E R S 0 1459 LAKESIDE AVENUE CHerry 1-6240 Compliments ot GALLEHER AND TAYLOR SHELLHORN'S MUSIC STORE "The Home of Kimball Pianos" Everything Musical Phone 289 184 S. Main St. Marion, Ohio LORDS JEWELRY MARION LANDERS JEWELRY 227 West Center Street We Specialize in Diamonds and Watches We Mount your Diamonds While You Wait Compliments of ANDREW'S DAIRY GRADE A MILK PRODUCTS Page 74 You Are Thrifty When You Shop At CARROLL'S Famous for FINE DIAMONDS, WATCHES, AND SILVERWARE CARR0ll'S JEWELRY STORE 172 W. Center Street Marion, Ohio Phone Marion 2806 EARLE A. WIENER 126-132 North Washington Street GALION, OHIO A. T. KING CLYDE CASTO General Manager Sales Representative Phone 604-L Phone 622-T Mt. Gilead. Ohio Pg75 The RexaII Store WHISTON'S DRUG STORE Whitman's Candy Eastman Kodak Agency Phone 48 Compliments of MYERS 8. STRAIN Dodge-Plymouth Dealers SaIes and Service West Center Mt. Gilead 24-Hour Wrecker Service Compliments of C. I. Vanatta Insurance Agency C. I. Vanatta C. R. Glcrdden Phone 419 GENERAL INSURANCE Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments ot WILLIAMS BAKERY Phone 83 Mt. Gilead, Ohio MORROWDALE QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS PAGE'S ICE CREAM MORROW CREAMERY CO. West Center Street Phone 2K Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of THE CITY LOAN 8. SAVINGS CO. 23 South Main Street Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 76 ALLIS CHALMERS NEW IDEAL MACHINERY Mt. Gilead, Ohio ALBRlGHT'S MARKET Complete Line of Groceries and Vegetables Featuring Home Killed Meats NEXT TO CAPITOL THEATER Free Delivery Phone 105 Mt. Gilead Congratulations, Seniors You are entering that porition of life where work, courage, and effort is of the greatest importance. Always Remember- in everything QUALITY COUNTS SEEDS SERVICE Paul C. Smith, Owner SNllTH'S SEED l'IOUSE Phone 206 Mt. Gilead WEAVER'S SUPER MARKET Largest and Most Modern FOOD MARKET IN MORROW COUNTY Open Until 9 P.M. Complete Line of Groceries - Meats - Fresh Fruits - Vegetables Frozen Foods Phone 21 Mt. Gilead and Edison Road Page 77 Congratulations to the Class of '51 from MORRQW COUNTY FARM GENE'S SHOE STORE AND BUREAU COOPERATIVE QUALITY si-los REPAIR ASSOCIATION FEEDS PETROLEUM FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY SEEDS MACHINERY FULL LINE OF SHOES REPAIRS FARMERS- Gen H01'd Feed Mill Phone-236 Machinery and Store Phon -384 Phone 53 Mt Gilead MT. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of Gordon and Jagger FORD SALES AND SERVICE AAA Service Phone 75 Mi. Gilead, Ohio P 8 SHERM'S BARBER SHOP Mt. Gilead, Ohio MOUNT GILEAD ELECTRIC Coroair Space Heaters - Gas Capehart Television Philco Refrigerators - Radios Marion Electric Ranges - Easy Washers 12 East High Street Phone 158 McKinley Thomas THE WHITE HOUSE woMEN's WEAR AND Accfssomes Mi. Gilead Compliments of THE SMITH CLOTHING COG Marion's Finest Men's Store Compliments of COFFEE SHOP Where Good People and Good Food Meet Mt. Gilead Compliments of HAROLD HETRICK BARBER SHOP Compliments of JAN REE BEAUTY SHOP Phone I92W Edison, Ohio P 79 KROUTY'S BARBER SHOP C R A V E N '35S'M"I" FUNERAL HOME MI. Gilead AMBULANCE SERVICE Pl10I19 117 FOOD MARKET MI. Gilead, Ohio Phone 29 amz FLoRlsT BUUNGFR B R o T H E R s "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Dealers in JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY REPAIRS Phone 226 Phone 338-R MI. Gilead Edison, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF T951 from SALY'S Makers of the World's Finest ICE CREAM and DAIRY PRODUCTS Available at Jones lsaly Store or for Delivery to Your Door Compl imenieof FIRST NATIONALBANK IN MT. GILEAD Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation Pg8l TIERNEY 8. VAUGIIN Home Owned Meat Market Retailers of HOME DRESSED MEAT Free Delivery PHONE 72 Mt. Gilead Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE E. L. Wilcox, Owner Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of MIDWAY SANDWICH BAR Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Irwine Mt. Gilead, Ohio FACTORY SHOE REPAIR Footwear for the Entire Family V. H. William, Prop. GEYER PRODUCE LIVE AND DBESSED POULTHY Buyer of Poultry - Eggs - Cream Phone 70 Mi. Gilead, ohio L. H. HUDNELL FARMS City Property - Farm Loans Phone 289 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of NELSON CAMPBELL Page 82 Complimenis of COVER MOTOR COMPANY YOUR BUICK - PONTIAC DEALER Complete Service for All Mokes Phone 79 M1'. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of LLOYD CORWIN'S GULF STATION CRYSTAL ICE 8. ZERO LOCKERS CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING MEAT CURING AND SMOKING PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS Compliments of SHOEWALTERS SERVICE STATION GAS, OIL AND ACCESSORIES FRY 8. PEOPLE'S SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS LUBRICATION A SPECIALTY Ph 54 Mt. Gile d Phone 286 MI. Gilead P 83 l Compliments of C mplimenfs Of BLUE RIBBON GRILL SIDS CLEANERS A 429 South Main Compliments of Mt. Gilead BEECHER'S FROZEN CUSTARD Phone 36 . , Service with o Smile South Main Mt. Gilead Compliments of SAME5 AND COOK HARDWARE P 84 Compliments of Compnmems of BROILLERS PRESSERY JoHN w. mAtHEws Mf-Gi'eGdfO't0 Distributor of GULF OIL PRODUCTS Compliments of Ml' G"e""' ohm AsMAN's DRUG stone Mt. Gilead, Ohio Congratulations to the Class ot 'l95'l TURNER SUPPLY COMPANY Dealers oi INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Farm and Dairy Equipment HOME FREEZERS 0 REFRIGERATORS OLDSMOBILE 0 INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Phone 350 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 85 Compliments of 'Me ?7eo46e 'a manga Zami "Serving All Morrow County" MOUNT GILEAD WOODS HARDWARE COMPANY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Fredericktown L Mount Vernon Mount Gilead Pimone 2081 Phone 51321 Phone 69 MOST DEPENDABLE SOURCE CF SUPPLY Page 86 Compliments AUlT MOTOR SAlES.INC. YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER SALES SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING 24-Hour Towing Service 'I44 South Main M1'. Gilead, Ohio BAIRD INSURANCE AGENCY I UNION Compliroents REGISTER A. SENTERI'S STUDIO MONUMENT BUILDER Gczlion, Ohio Harold McCczmmon, Rep. on Phone Mt. Gile d Ph 26801 751 K P 8 MARATHON SERVICE GAS, OIL, ACCESSORIES Lloyd D. Potter, Prop. FREEMAN'S CITIES SERVICE Quality Petroleum Products North Main and Union Street Phone 57 Mt. Gilead. Ohio Phone 43-L Mt. Gilead, Ohio SHARROCK ELEVATOR R 8 H Grain - Coal - Seed - Fertilizer Floor and Wall Coverings Hay and Straw Building Supplies and Tile Phone 84 Mt. Gilead. Ohio Evenings: Phone 266-K Compliments of MT. GIIEAD LUMBER COMPANY Phone 23 WAGNER BROTHERS EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Authorized Dealers - Service Agents for Hotpoint - Kelvinator Maytag Appliances Television Phone 98 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 88 lt's a Wonderful Thing That You Seniors Have Completed Your High School Training. EVERYONE IS PROUD OF YOU We, ot the Cubberly Studio Would Like to Thank You tor the Opportunity of Working for You as Well as With You It Has Been a Privilege. GOOD LUCK! THE CUBBERLY STUDIO Delaware, Ohio Page B9 AUTOGRAPHS 92

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