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Ai J 3 5 5 1 1 A i 3 21 , fl 'N 1 . ., A 3 i i THE IIIIZPHH Volume XXXV Nineteen Hundred and Fifty AN ANNUAL Published by the Class of 1950 MT. GILEAD HIGH SCHOOL MT. GILEAD, ol-no DEDICATION DEDICATION In recognition of the two 'fine seasons enjoyed by the Mt. Gilead High School Basketball team and for the cooperation which you have shown during the tive years that you have taught here, we, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty dedicate this Mizpah to our coach, Richard King. Page 2 VZZQWJQV was WU Page 3 ADMINISTRATIQN S C H O 0 l. B O A R D left fo right: C. R. Gladclen, Clerkp James Gallagher, Vice President Luiher Asman, President L C Dye John Mathews, William Wolfinger. O. H. FARRAR Superiniendenf College-Ohio Universiiy Degrees-BS in Education MS Years Taught-23 Home-Mi. Gilead Page 4 G. R. BLOSE Principal Physics - Chemisiry College-Ohio Northern Degree-B. Science Years Taughf-'I1 Home-M1. Gilead MR. BEARD MRS. SHOWERS MR. CLINGO MRS. ZIEGLER O. S. U. Capitol U. Bowling Green Ohio Wesleyan Agriculfure Music lndusfrial Arts English MRS. HARRY MR. NICHOLSON MISS BAUGHER MR. GRIZZELL O. S. U. Ohio U. Oiierbein O. S. U. Phys. Ed. Social Science Languages Couch, Phys. Ed MISS WEST MRS. PARKINSON MR. LANTZ MRS. HORD O. S. U. O. S. U. Ohio U. . Mathematics Home Economics Commercial Omce 5eC"ef0"Y Page 5 MRS. LEPP MRS. RHODEBECK MISS CRUIT MRS. RICHARDSON MRS. GALLEHER Bowling Green Ashland College O. S. U. Miami University Miami University Isl Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 51h Grade 5ih Grade MISS OATMAN MRS. DOUBIKIN Wiflenberg Ohio State 3rd Grade 5th Grade and H. S. Ar! MR. COVERT MISS DENMAN MRS. MCCAMMAN Elem. Principal Ohio University Ashland College Kenf University 4fh Grade 2nd Grade 61h Grade In Memory of MRS. MABEL CUNNINGHAM Deceased October 30, 1949 MISS BECKLEY MRS. KRALLMAN MRS. POTTER MISS VAUGHN Ashland College O. S. U. Nebraska Stale O. S. U. Isf Grade 61h Grade Teachers College 2nd Grade 41h Grade Page 6 iw' Q Sanz., Je PHOTOGENIC SENIORS CUBBERLYSTUDIO SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HOWARD EDWARD WHISTON Meathead Class OFficer 4, President, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Miz- pah Staff 4, Class Play 3, 4, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Operetta Cast 3, 4. BARBARA JOAN RATHBURN Joan - Class Officer 3, 4, Vice President, Y-Teens 2, 3,4, G.A.A. 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Class Play 3, 4, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Acc., Student Director 4, French Club 4, Operetta Cast 3. DALE EUGENE MCCLELLAND Mac Class Officer Treasurer 2, President 3, Treasurer 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, M-Club 3, 4, Mizpah Staff, Co-Editor 4, Class Play 3, 4, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Football 'I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Operetta Cast 3, 4. JEANNE LOUISE MCPEEK Jeanne Class Officer 4, Secretary, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Mizpah Staff 4, Senior Class Play, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band Queen 4, Historian 3, Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Operetta Cast 3, 4. Page 9 1950 SENIORS RICHARD ALLEN BAKER Dick Mizpah Sialf 4. RAYMOND A. DUNN Ray F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, adviser 2, reporter Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, M-Club 3, 4, Mizpah Senior Class Play 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Opereffa Cas! 3. BETTY LOU CLARK Beffy F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Siclff 4. DARLI NE FAY FISCHER Darline F. H. A. 4, G. A. A. 4, Mizpah Sfaff, French Club 4. DORRINE ROSE CLEVENGER Rosie Vice-Pres. of Class 2, Sec. of Class 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Sergeani-of-Arms 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, G. A. A. Vice-Pres. 4, Mizpah Stal? 4, Senior Class Play 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Bond 1, 2, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Office Help 1, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Studeni Coun- cil 1, 4, French Club 4, Football Queen 4. LORETTA GEORGIA FOSTER Loreiia F. H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 1, Parliamen- tarian 4, G. A. A. 4, Mizpah Stal? 4, Senior Choir 2, 4, Gong Staff 1. VICTOR M. DAVIS Vic F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Sec. 4, Mizpah Sfaff 4. DON ROBERT GALLEHER Feet Treas. of Class 1, 3, Pres. of Class 2, M-Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Baskef- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3 4, Hi-Y 2 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play, Mizpah Siaff 4, Opereifa Cas? 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, Treas. 1, Vice-Pres. 2, French Club 4. Page 10 SENIORS 1950 DARYL EVERETT GEAR Daryl F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Senior Band 1, 2, 4. BERNICE MARIE HEIMLICH Bernie F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 47 Mizpah Staff 4. KATHLEEN MIRIAM GEAR Katie Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 47 G. A. A. 4, Mizpah Stal? 47 Junior Class Play 39 Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 2, 4. DOROTHY ANN HOFFMIRE Dorothy Class President 1, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 G. A. A. 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Junior Class Play 3: Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Pres. 4, Operetta Cast 3, 4. BONNY LOU GEYER Bonny Class Secretary 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 25 Class Play 3, 4, G. A. A. 4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta Cast 3, 4. . JACK A. LANCASTER Dude Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 M-Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. Ai Miz- pah Stal? 4, Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Basketball 1 2, 3, 4. LAIRD NELSON HAYES Larry Hi-Y 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Senior Choir 2, 37 Mizpah Staff 4. JOANNE LEE LYONS Joanna F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Mizpah Staff 4. Page 11 1950 SENIORS WILLIAM CAROL McMANlS Lightning - M-Club 3, 4, Football 'l, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. RICHARD EUGENE OSBORNE Ozzie Class Play 3, 4, Senior Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, French Club 4, Mizpah Stat? 4. .IUANITA MAE McQUlSTl0N Juanita F. H. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff 4. VENEITA COLLEEN POWERS Veneita Class Vice-President 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, G. A. A. 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Class Play 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 4, Office Help 'l, 3, Cheerleaders I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2. SUZANNE' MOLER Suzi G. A. A. Pres. 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Class Play 3, 4, Office Help 4, Student Council 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4, French Club 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Football Queen Attendant 4. DWAYNE ROACH Dwayne F. F. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Student Advisor 3, Pres. 4, County F. F. A. Sec. 4. KATHLEEN MOSHER Katie Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, G. A. A. 4, Publicity Chairman 4, Mizpah Staff 4, Class Play 3, 4, Senior Band l, Senior Choir l, 2, Office Help 4. JAMES MORLEY ROLLER Jimmy Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Staff Co-Editor 4, Senior Class Play, Senior Choir 1, 2, 4, Student Council 'l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Operetta Cast 4, Athletic Manager 3. Page 12 SENIORS 'I950 E SHIRLEY MAE ROOD Shirley Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Mizpuh Sfaff 4. JOHN DAVID STEVENS John Henry Hi-Y 3, 4, Mizpoh Siaff 4, Senior Class Play 4, OH:ice Help 4, Library 3, 4. EDGAR ROBERT SMITH Ed Mizpcuh Stal? 4, Senior Class Ploy 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Bond 3, 4, Sfudeni' Council 4, Boskeiloull l, 2, Mizpcih Sfaff. NELDA IRENE WllllAMS Nellie F. H. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Hisforion 4, G. A. A. 4, Senior Class Play 4, Mizpuh Sfolff 4. HARRIETT BELINDA STAUFFER Belinda Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 4, Mizpch Staff 4, Senior Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Olifice Help 3, French Club 4, French Club Vice Pres. 4, Opereha Cast 3, 4, Librarian 4. Page 13 CLASS PROPHECY Fancy finding a crystal ball in this deserted tea room. I wonder if the old gadget really works. Say, if it does, maybe it would tell us what some of the old graduates of Mt. Gilead, year of l95O, are doing. Rolla-bolla, ball and all that sort and the haze begins to clear. We see RICHARD BAKER and his assistants, DWAYNE ROACH and VIC- TOR DAVIS still laying bricks for the new school building. It certainly is a slow process! We wonder how many more are around Mt. Gilead. There's NELDA WILLIAMS work- ing at a gas station. A person would think her husband could support her better than that! The scene shifts to the new Morrow County Hospital, and there we find DORRINE CLEV- ENGER and KATHLEEN GEAR caressing brows while BONNY GEYER is still working at Dr. Kubb's office. Their loyal helpers seem to be DALE Mc- CLELLAND and JIM ROLLER in the local phar- macy who fill prescriptions. Beside their drug- store stands the "Bee Hive" operated by HOW- ARD fTabIes for Ladiesi WHISTON who employs DARYL GEAR as his manager. KATHLEEN MOSHER returned to "undertake" great opportunities in her own mortuary, ably assisted by DICK OSBORNE while JACK LAN- CASTER has a summer football clinic at the local school. The crystall ball shifts to the Union Store and there we find manager, EDDIE fl worked up from the bottomi SMITH, hard at work, and across the street we see a new sewing shop opened by DARLINE FISCHER and JO- ANNE LYONS. Page 14 Down at the post office we see the new postmaster taking a rest period at his desk. Yes, BILL MCMANIS is the best postmaster Mt. Gilead has had in years. There's a fortune-telling shop on High Street and in it we find BETTY CLARK and JUANITA MCQUISTION reading palms. LORETTA FOSTER bought Tony's soon after graduation and hired JOHN STEVENS as a Csodai jerk. SHIRLEY ROOD seems to own the Capitol Theater, and BERNICE HEIMLICH is the new Western Union girl. Now the crystal ball fades, and then New York appears. There BELINDA STAUFFER and DOROTHY HOFFMIRE teach toe-dancing, and DON GALLEHER has advanced to Einstein's assistant. RAY DUNN manages a group of chorus girls there. While SUZANNE MOLER has gained fame as an after-dinner speaker, VENEITA POWERS had become a well-known model. LARRY HAYES wanted to be a salesman and now he travels from door to door selling grape-nuts flakes. This must have been too much for poor old crystal ball because it shows a large expanse of water and then the coast of China. It's clearing now, and we see a woman coming out of a hut. Why-it's JOAN RATH- BURN, foreign correspondent to Tibet. And now the crystal ball clouds and refuses to tell us any more of the unseen events of the year l965. Jeanne McPeek CLASS WILL AND TESTAMENT To Whom It May Concern: We, the members ofthe Senior Class of 1950, being of sound mind and body and knowing that our life as Seniors is about to end, do hereby make and publish this Last Will and Testament: I. To the Faculty-Our booklet entitled, "How to Manage Without the Class of 195O," which is almost impossible. ll. To the Class of 1951-All of our alibis collected over our high school years. III. To the Class of 1952-All of our unused admittance slips to Study Hall to be used when needed. IV. To the Class ot 1953-We will our ability to annoy under-classmen. V. To the Class of 1954--Our much-used booklet, "How to Avoid Matri- mony in High School," in the hope that it may help them. VI. The undersigned members of the Senior Class do hereby dispose of a personal possession: 1, Richard Baker--leaves-period! 2. Loretta Foster-wills her slenderness to Jim Campbell. 3. Joan Rathburn-wills her athletic ability to Joe Garver. 4. Eddie Smith-wills his fondness of Galion to Duane Campbell. 5. Nelda Williams-wills her secretarial abilities to Bob Szalapato. 6. Dale McClelland-wills his basketball ability to Bob Link. 7. Dorrine Clevenger-wills her bloncl streak to Prudy Tennant. 8. Daryl Gear-wills his ability to get into trouble to Robert Howard. 9. Bernice Heimlich--wills her shorthand ability to anyone who has use for it. 10. Darline Fischer-wills the cafeteria to Jean Mosher and Joan James. 11. Don Galleher-wills the Ford to Mr. Blose. 12. Kathleen Gear-wills her height of 5 'feet 1 inch to Mr. King if he has need tor it. 13. Dick Osborne-plans to take everything with him. 14. Jeanne McPeek-wills the color of her hair to Jackie Leasure. Page 15 Jack Lancaster-wills his football ability to Curt Lowary. Suzanne Moler-wills her ability to understand a joke to Lucinda Stauffer. Shirley Rood-wills her short hair to Nancy Ray. Jim Roller-wills his good left leg to Steve Shambaugh. Belinda Stauffer-wills her secret of clarinet playing to Joyce Geiger. Kathleen Mosher-wills her ability to blush to Leona Hobbs. Howard Whiston-wills his number twelve 'Feet to Don Byrd. Bonny Geyer-wills twenty pounds to Mr. Blose. Dorothy HoFfmire-thankfully leaves physics. Veneita Powers-wills her "union card" to Mr. Blose. John Stevens-wills his Dentyne chewing gum to Mr. Farrar. Joanna L ons-wills her overnment book to an one in next ear's 9 government class who wants it. Bill McManis-wills his "speed" to Carolyn Smith to be disposed of as the need arises. Betty Clark-wills her lipstick to Jeanine Potts and Josephine Fiscarelli. Juanita McQuistion-wills her ability to make good speeches to Mr. Blose. Larry Hayes--leaves to become a salesman. Ray Dunn-wills his 'feminine admirers to Dale Meeker. Victor Davis-leaves to peace and quiet. Dwayne Roach-wills the F.F.A. to Roland Hildebrand. To all of the students-we will a grand school. Signed, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1950 Page 16 221 I5 5. Z"L..f 4 ...ig HI-Y BACK ROW: P. Cooper, D. Boyle, J, Fricke, A. Baker, R. Jagger, R. Dunn, R. Watkins, J. Garver. SECOND ROW: B. Szala pato, D. Weaver, J. Bachelder, N. Mosher, J. Lancaster, D. Mulfley, D. Campbell, l.. Hayes, Mr. Nicholson, Advisor. SEATED D. Muffley, R. Poland, J. Roller, H. Whiston, D. McClelland, D. Galleher, J. Stevens, H. Harden. The Hi-Y Club began their activities of the year by initiating the new members. For the fifth consecutive year they have distributed pocket-size basket- ball schedules. The club's social events of the year include ci February Hi-Y-Teen party and dance. They again presented an impressive Thanksgiving assembly. Their advisor has been Mr. Nicholson and the oFFicers were: President, Dale McClelland, Vice President, Don Galleher, Secretary, Jim Roller, Treasurer, Howard Whiston, and Chaplain, Richard Poland. Page 18 Y-TEENS TOP ROW: P. Mitchell, L. Stauffer, E. Poland, D. Neptune, K. George, L. Whitaker, S. Osborne, B. Stauffer, S. Moler, P. Law rence, V. Powers, C. Chilcofe, J. Geiger, K. Gear, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ziegler, D. Holtrey, T. McCreary, L. Pocock, J. Leasure P. Galleher, B. Rinehart, R. Brush, M. Sharrock, K. Mosher, B. Geyer, A. Spencer, S. Wood, S. Smith, G. Shaw. FRONT ROW J. James, J. Johnson, A. Styer, J. Ratl-iburn, D. Clevenger, D. HofTmire, M. Higgins, P. Hickman, B. Wagner, J. McPeek, J Mercer, A. Meckley, M. Sadler. The Y-Teens began their busy year by receiving, by 'Formal initiation, 21 new members. They co-operated with their advisor, Mrs. Ziegler, in selling Christmas cards, basketball pencils, refreshments at games, and giving dances. 'The oiificers of this year have been: President, Dorothy Hoffmirep Vice President, Martha Higgins, Secretary-Treasurer, Patty Hickman, Sergeant-at- Arms, Dorrine Clevenger. Page 19 MIZPAH STAFF ASST. EDITOR Don Galleher SALES Larry Hayes Bernice Heimlich Dick Osborne Dwayne Roach Juanita McQuistion Daryl Gear Victor Davis Darline Fischer TYPING Senior Typing Class ARTISTS Suzanne Moler Dorrine Clevenger ATHLETICS Bill McManis Raymond Dunn Richard Baker CO-EDITORS DALE McCLELLAND JAMES ROLLER ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER John Sfevens Page 20 ADVERTISING Eddie Smith Loreiia Foster Joan'RaIhburn Bonny Geyer Howard Whisron Jack Lancasier CLASS EDITOR Nelda Williams Joanna Lyons Berry Clark PROOF READERS Dorolhy Hoffmire Belinda Siauffer PICTURES Veneircl Powers Shirley Rood Kaihleen Gear ORGANIZATIONS Jeanne McPeelt F. H. A. TOP ROW: J. McQuistion, B. Turner, B. Davis, B. Fischer, M. George, M. Sterritt, R. Smith, R. Brush, L. Hobbs, J. Wiseman, E. Klingel, P. Mitchell, D. Fischer, J. Lyons. SECOND ROW: J, Fiscarelli, D. Sipes, A. Sipes, B. Heimlich, P. Galleher, T. McCreary, L. Foster, B. Rinehart, M. Sharrock, J. Mosher, D. Klingel, B. Geyer, W. Harden, N. Williams, S. Rood, B. Clark, Mrs. Parkinson THIRD ROW: M. Philbrook, J. James, M. Higgins, K. Gear, P. Tennant, D. Holtrey, B. Wagner, K. Mosher, B. Geyer, V. Powers D. Clevenger, A. Styer, J. Potts. The F.H.A. began a very successful year by both an informal and impressive formal initiation. They held open house in their new kitchen in February. The club also attended a district convention at Cardington. F.H.A. advisor is Mrs. Parkinson. The officers of the past year were: President, Kathleen Mosher, Vice President, Betty Wagner, Secretary, Prudence Tennant, and Treasurer, Doris Holtrey. Page 21 1 M-ASSOCIATION BACK ROW: Raymond Dunn, Russell Jagger, Bob Williams, Wayne Lust, Jim Roller. SECOND ROW: Willard Grizzell, Advisor, James Campbell, Carroll Hord, Dale McClelland, Ned Mosher, Durwood Rider, Richard King, Advisor. SEATED: Bill McManis Tom Case, Sherman Levings, Jack Lancaster, Don Galleher, Dale Meeker. The M-Club is composed of boys who have earned school letters in the athletic department. The advisors of the past year have been the two coaches, Mr. Grizzell and Mr. King. They held their annual initiation in the spring. Officers of the year were: President, Jack Lancaster, Vice President, Sherm Levings, and Secretary-Treasurer, Don Galleher. her. Page 22 F. F. A. TOP ROW: B. Rinehart, W. Shaw, N. Sipe, R. Loren, P. Hatfield, D. Foster, J. Goodman, D. Holtrey, R. McQuistion. MIDDLE ROW: P, Cooper, l. Burns, M. Burns, G. Curren, R. Dunn, J. Phillips, T. Hayes, D. Cover, B. Goodman, D. Rodman, B. Hawkins, F. Miller, A. McQuistion, J. Lyons. THIRD ROW: Mr. Beard, D. Gear, L. Chilcote, R. Howard, H. Gompt, V. Davis, D. Roach, R. Poland, D. Nesbitt, R. Hildebrand, D. Boyle. The F.F.A. began the new year by initiating the greenhands into their club under the direction of their advisor, Mr. Beard. They have carried out various activities, including a safety assembly for the high school, and have completed a very successful year. Officers for the year were: President, Dwayne Roach, Vice President, Richard Poland, Secretary, Victor Davis, Treasurer, Donald Nesbitt, Student Advisor, Roland Hildebrand, and Reporter, Harold Gompf. Page 23 l STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING: M. Branaman, J. Mosher, W. Wigton, J. Shambaugh, N. Mosher, D. Neptune, D. Taylor. SITTING: J. Mosher, E. Smith, T. Case, J. Roller, S. Moler, D. Clevenger, P. Galleher. The Student Council was very active this year. Under the supervision of the advisor, Mr. Clingo, they sponsored assemblies, noon dances, Christmas party complete with Santa Claus and pep meetings before the home games. They also sponsored, with the other organizations, the Homecoming Dance and hired an orchestra. The oFFicers were: President, Jim Roller, Vice President, Tom Case, Secretary- Trecxsurer, Suzanne Moler. Page 24 SENIOR PLAY CAST STANDING-leff fo right: E. Smiih, J. McPeek, R. Dunn, V. Powers, J. Rcufhburn, D. Gcllleher, J. Sievens, S. Moler, R. Osborne, H. Whisfon, J. Roller, D. McClelland, B. Geyer. SITTING-D. Clevenger, K. Mosher, N. Williams. JUNIOR PLAY CAST BACK ROW: J. Bcachelder, Miss West, B. Wagner, J. James, B. Cover. FRONT ROW: R. Jogger, P. Gulleher, D. Campbell, J. Geiger, S. Smith, L. Whitaker, R. Poland. Page 25 A CAPELLA CHOIR TOP ROW: R. Hildebrand, H. Gomph, L. Chilcote, D. Nesbitt, D. Osborne, H. Whiston, D. McClelland, D. Galleher, R. Dunn J. Lancaster, W. Fricke, D. Meeker, R. Jagger. SECOND ROW: A. Mecliley, N. Sipe, D. Byrd, W. Rinehart, K. Evans, B. Geyer J. Mosher, J. Roller, T. Hardman, J. Sweeney, D. Foster, B. Szalapato, B. Clark, B. Davis. THIRD ROW: D. Klingle, C. Thompson M. Sadler, S. Wood, D. Clevenger, D. Hoffmire, J. Leasure, L. Foster, S. Moler, E. Klingle, P. Galleher, M. Higgins, G. Shaw J. Wiseman, J. Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: J. Rathburn, L. Whitaker, B. Wagner, M. George, T. McCreary, M. Sterritt, B. Stautfer J. McPeek, B. Geyer, V. Powers, P. Detrow, D. Holtrey, P. Hickman, J. Geiger, P. Tennant, L. Stautfer, K. Gear, Mrs. Showers The A Capella Choir has participated in several activities this year. For the second year they presented an operetta. This yeor's production, "Tulip Time," - was presented January 26 and 27 under the direction of Mrs. Showers, music , instructor, and Miss W-est, dramatics coach. The choir appeared in several churches during the year and presented their annual Christmas program to the public. On March 31 they participated in the district contest at Westerville. Due to illness, Mrs. Paul Showers resigned in March and an Ashland College student, Mr. Leslie Hurst, was hired to complete the year. Page 26 BAND TOP ROW: L. Rathburn, K. Evans, D. Byrd, P. Galleher, D. Neptune, D. Rathburn, R. Hildebrand, P. Lawrence, D. McClelland D. Klingle, B. Wagner, J. Mosher, D. Sipes, E. Smith. SECOND ROW: L. Staufter, D. Hoftmire, K. Gear, C. Smith, E. Poland G. Shaw, M. Sadler, A. Sipes, N. lngmire, M. Sebring, M. Marsh, V. Shaw, D. Gear, D. Cover, H. Gomph, D. Galleher, J McPeek, J. Rathburn, N. Sipe, Mrs. Showers. SEATED: J. Geiger, H. Whiston, B. Stautifer, M. Higgins, A. Spencer, S. Osborne The Mt. Gilead marching band appeared at all of the football games. On Band Night, October 7, they crowned Jeanne McP'eek Band Queen. In addition to Martha Higgins, maiorette, three elementary students were used, Becky McPeek, Jimmy Sweeney, and Jerry Hecker. The concert band and the choir gave the Christmas assembly for the high school and the band escorted Santa Claus to town in December. The Band officers have been: President, Eddie Smith, Vice President, Roland Hildebrand, Secretary, Betty Wagner, Treasurer, Katherine George, Librarian, Peggy Galleher, and Historian, Marty Sadler. Page 27 HBRARLANS I I STANDING: R. Watkins, N. Mosher, S. Shcmbolugh, J. Sfevens, P. Cooper. SITTING: B. Geyer, B. Sfouffer, M. Sadler, P. Hickman. OFFICE HELP STANDING: Dorrine Clevenger, Suzanne MoIer, Kuihleen Mosher, Jacqueline Leosure, .Ione Bcachelder John Sfevens, Lorraine Whitaker. SITTING: Mr. Blose. Page 28 O P S ?' Q-vS"""' ini-ii 5'-' 5 1 ,ii --Y. i 4 X-, X K?- i gi,iQ if S - fx,-,... Q i L C xl 2 l 1' K, i.. JUNIOR CLASS OFHCERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Poland, Vice President, Russell Jagger, President: Patty Hickman, Secretary- Treasurer. Finally we are approaching our goal accompanied by troubles and worries from making the Junior Class Play and Junior and Senior Prom and Banquet a success. In addition to these social activities we sponsored a dance and also a class party. The Juniors have participated in Choir, Band, F.F.A., F.H.A., Hi-Y, Y-Teens, M-Club, and G.A.A. As we come to the close of our Junior year, we hope to have left an impression to add to the memories of Mt. Gilead High School. Thanks are due to Mrs. Clouse, Mrs. Harry, and Mr. Lantz for their faithful help during our uncertain moments. JUNIOR CLASS TOP: J. Bachelder, R. Hildebrand, J. James, S. Levings, P. Galleher, B. Cover. SECOND ROW: A. Styer, J. Campbell, D. Boyle, H. Gompf, J. Garver, M. Higgins. THIRD ROW: D. Meeker, L. Whitaker, B. Williams, M. Staiger, C. Hord, T. McCreary. FOURTH ROW: J. Geiger, T. Case, G. Shaw, D. Nesbitt, B. Wagner, W. Fricke. FIFTH ROW: D. Campbell, S. Shambaugh, R. Watkins, A. McQuistion, J. Phillips, G. Curren. SIXTH ROW: B. Swogger, J. Fiscarelli, D. Rodman, A. Meckley, B. Goodman. Page 30 .:x-.- vr: -I?E!'?52s5:::::A:::5:5:51 ,..:,:s:z:. ..:a:'s:s ::z:3:i'f' ' 1 A. M afxx 9 We 7 v if 51.3 be X Q' as -. X Q of 6 sv 'Sz P .-.- .v A if wwf wi' sid 6 u fx A , ff .gg ' 14 -,:,. , .. .- :F 0 Q If aff 2' 'If I 5 .gf 9 2 SQ A ,... Q raisimwfri--:. .. 15. .- ,..,.., 1 , .: ,.,, 75320 is v W ,I Q ffiff W W4 sf ,Ni as A5 35.4 . ::.,..::?f:4:sg5:5:Ee:a1e:- Q 'v i-3E513EZ:QiEQ' 5 , vfggf-wffxevv -my-11" sw ':".,.i, -155:15 J 5 M 2 ' R 2 .,...: " +5-Y, .5:5s1:r:rs ,'I:Ii:E ,, ' 2 . ..:z- . 'fE'i':-i. , . iff? :::',1'51:siaQzEiEESf?" , , "" ::5..: . , ' f -I- 2:a:3:s:as:"', E: . A.,a:.1::I:..5E52!53 " G .,.,.,.. L , : :-.'V+"f"::':l..:::..-.::...5.s,:.::' , 1- 1.4.1 2:21.12-. '3ZjI,i. - 1 vs , 2 fififfffizafiff " -1 '- - , A , 5 z f x Y I ..,.,. Q 9 ' Y I I I we Re 9 it B Ns ' ' 5 1 ' 1 ff .3 ab f Q? wx W 4 qw iff , ..,f. 2.2.:aee5i51' ., ' W we-15 an , Q wa 6 4 , all 38 ,ZW .,,,,..,,1. 4 ,, ,s. . .w.w.1.: .vf-wif-. .q.aMzfm.sf-Ugg. '-wxm's'3g,,,,.,,,.a , me 1:5:e:2.1::5.g:5sg5:g55g:5: 9 f Q :qv x v m, 32 ::.-2,-.-. :f-- .g.,:5:5:., , ' v 1.5: , , ,.. .:5s,,.:::..::-, , , ,:55,,,:,. - .Z : Q5g A2gef5222e2g22 fb 2 as " wi ,. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ned Mosher, Treasurer: Malcolm Baker, President: Doris Holtrey, Secretary: Bob Cover Vice President, absent when the picture was taken. Well, here we are Sophomores already and feeling even more grown-up than we did when we entered our Freshman year! We ioined new clubs, the Y-Teens and Hi-Y. Our boys are taking an active part in the sports and are doing a wonderful job this year. We sponsored two dances. We have learned to get along well together and have had lots of fun in our Sophomore year. We want to express our sincere thanks to our advisors, Mr. Clingo and Mr. Beard, for the way they have helped us this year. SOPHOMORE CLASS TOP ROW: B. Szalapato, L. Chilcote, R. Smith, M. Sadler, R. Link, C. Thompson, J. Fricke, B. Clark. SECOND ROW: D. Nep- tune, B. Hawkins, R. Brush, C. Lowary, B. Fischer, J. Bachelder, E. Klingel, D. Muffley. THlRD ROW: A. Baker, M. Sharrock, D. Rider, A. Spencer, M. Sebring, P. Mitchell, M. Burns, J. Goodman. FOURTH ROW: L. Stauffer, P. Cooper, S. Osborne, J. Lyons, E. Poland, J. McNeil, P. Tierney, H. Harden. FIFTH ROW: R. Howard, J. Leasure, D. Weaver, J. Mercer, B. Loren, B. Turner, l. Burns, B. Rinehart. SIXTH ROW: A. Sipes, F. Miller, M. Sebring, W. Lust, L. Pocock, A. Anderson, J. Thompson, B. Davis SEVENTH ROW: P. Tennant, P. Lawrence, D. Muffley, M. George, K. George. EIGHTH ROW: C. Chilcote, D. Foster, M. Sterritt. Page 32 xv- K, gif, W 5 gf 3, ,K , K .ff 1 ff ,,.. H ' T? 'XY ' ,.,. """ z A ,,,.,. . :Ei-:Q:.5:,,EQ. ,.::-.11 V " " 52? ' - 2:-:g:.-:-p5:gg:5-1 .-. . . N 5 " I . 'QL ef W .. ' ""' X 2 T ix ..... 2 6 ... : -:fn I ,,'. Q . ., ,V F blzzz 23 ::'Y :'. 1. 1 --V-- .,. Q i ' A Q +L W gm xr .5 ......., ,.....,..,.,. 3 ' --bvz -" T AA,.:. '5' 'l2Q2,Q.,":i X 1 , ,,.,.: 'zzz' . ' ,. Q ,,.. M Z , SOPHOMORE -Q' , ,., - me mfr.- J Q ' My s ai ,, , -. mg x M Qi, Fil, kr .4 Nw ,Q v fi 'QQ , ' . W . H M 6 3 , , 2 , 2 2 , ,f5:.':..5 ::-V ,.. , Z K' ff, 3-7-Mya -,-. ' 1 z 5 Wg M 3 7 4:22252 5:55 f A 1 f 1 pl V. .- .::s::::f6f:a- 4,31 1 nf 2 f 'ur 'MQM X '95 EQ Q ,f . , "" X y -nr 6' 9 . 9 ,.,.,, WA , Wx gs Q 9 L 5 "': 1 .... " Q : ,.,., : g ' 5 .-:.-:..,..- , ,X .m:5s::.x:: .A - ...Q 4 4 K f, 3, f f , , 1 J' 3 , f . , 1' ', 48' X. .. Q X1 X Wim ,Q , K ri W sk X Ni .404 it i , 1 ' -be :az 1 . ,f'1:Z: I . w i , A ...vz ' ,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,.', - ,., . .xi 'V'V '::1'1:1::Qf::::. I ' ' .l::,., , 1 "" .A V ":"' .A...f .Ve I " - S "" C L A S " ,.,.. ' ,fg MW',m -':.:",:f:':Q 1 'ff Q 1' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Tim Hardman, Vice President, Donald Byrd, President, Leta Rathburn, Secretary'Treasurer Our first great milestone has now been reached-we are in high school. With high school has come many activities that had not been open to us before. Our boys have become active in sports, for this We are proud, our girls are also interested in sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccerball and softball. These girls are members of the new G.A.A. just organized this year. Our appreciation to Mr. King and Mr. Grizzell who have been our advisors this year. Page 34 FRESHMAN CLASS TOP ROW: D. Klingel, J. Wallace, J. Potts, D. Holtrey, C. Smith, J. Richardson, M. Philbrook, J. Robinson. SECOND ROW R. Lindsay, J. Wiseman, J. Coning, W. Harden, J. Shambaugh, N. Ingmire, W. Keil, J. Hobbs. THIRD ROW: D. Sipes, J Mosher, E. Powell, B. Rinehart, P. Detrow, C. Benton, B. Geyer, J. Sweeney. FOURTH ROW: N. Sipe, J. Andrews, T. Hayes J. Belt, K. Evans, D. Cover, J. Mosher, P. Hatfield. FIFTH ROW: B. Heimlich, H. Keeran, W. Shaw. Page 35 EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: R. Campbell, B. Mitchell, S. Baker, A. Doty, B. Neptune, C. Miller, D. Wheeler, J. Long, I. Wright. SECOND ROW: S. Meckley, D. Davis, S. Lancaster, S. Case, D. Taylor, C. Piatt, N. Ray, D. Barnett, C. Russell. THIRD ROW: J. Brigmon, C. Harvey, T. Moody, N. Nesbitt, W. Wigton, N. Cooper, B. Dewey, L. Schrader, V. Tucker. FOURTH ROW: R. Shatter, E. . Hickman, R. Osborn, C. O'Hearn. FIFTH ROW: L. KraIlman,Osborne, J. McQuistion, E. Fischer, B. Hershner, P. Schrader, E J. Bachelder. The eighth grade started the year with 40 members. Bill Wahl was elected president, lout early in the first semester moved away. Lee Krallman as vice president assumed the presidency. We have lost a 'Few more of our members but have gained some new ones 'to replace them. Our main event this year is the eighth grade test to which we are looking forward. Page 36 SEVENTH GRADE W sw 9- TOP ROW: R. Zimmerman, J. Styer, E. Hammond, L. Rider, P. Ramsey, S. Lawrence, M. Roach, V. Shaw, J. Staley. SECOND ROW: J. Allen, F. Sadler, R. Belt, l. Wright, C. Smith, D. Muttley, R. Kerr, D. Wrhel, G. Weaver. THIRD ROW: S. Cyphers, F. Levings, V. Dewey, C. Hershner, C. Phillips, J. Mosher, M. Brigmon, R. Smith, B. Keeran. FOURTH ROW: W. Beck, N. Hoff- mire, M. Staup, C. Benton, S. Ramsey, G. Johnson, D. Powers, P. Burson, R. Coning. BOTTOM ROW: B. Fritz, M. Branaman, F. Jolley, M. Marsh, D. Rathburn, F. Sterritt. On September 6, 1949, forty-six members of the class of '55 entered Mt. Gilead High School. During the year two names were added to the class register. The Seventh Grade is led this year by Madelyn Marsh, President, Dale Rathburn, Vice President, and Fred Jolley, Secretary-Treasurer. Student Council representatives from the Seventh Grade are Marilee Brana- man and John Mosher. The class has had two social activities during the year. The first was a Christmas party, the second, a St. Patrick's Day party. Page 37 JUNIOR CHOIR TOP ROW: R. Smith, R. Shaffer, E. Osborne, C. Harvey, S. Lancaster, J. Bachelder, W. Wigton, N. Nesbitt, V. Tucker, D. Muffley, S. Baker, D. Wheeler. SECOND ROW: C. Hershner, R. Zimmerman, D. Powers, S. Meckley, R. Osborne, S. Lawrence, J. Mosher, C. Russell, D. Taylor, B. Mitchell, N. Holtmire, B. Neptune, C. Benton. FRONT ROW: C. O'Hearn, N. Cooper, C. Smith, R. Belt, D. Rathburn, M. Branaman, F. Sadler, P. Ramsey, E. Hammond, R. Kerr, N. Ray. ELEMENTARY CHOIR TOP ROW: S. Ghent, D. Byrd, P. Lemley, R. Osborn, G. Brush, N. Rutherford, D. Covert, K. Evans, B. Crouse, E. Gattshall, B. Chilcote, R. Johnson, H. Philbrook. SECOND ROW: C. Jones, R. Harris, J. Germaine, J. Sweeney, J. Mathews, S. Nesbitt, Y. Wiseman, R. Sipes, M. Shaffer, S. Howard, R. Bader, L. Meclcley, L Thomas, G. Munn, J. Johnson. THIRD ROW: J. Hegel, R. Fairchild, T. Turner, L. Randolph, J. Sears, J. Wigton, R. Wagner, R. Jackson, N. Jolley, P. Shipman, G. Powers, P. Staiger, T. Casto, T. Smith, Mrs. Paul Showers. FRONT ROW: J. Zimmerman, J. Andrews, R. Long, J. Rengert, D. Fricke, P. Fisher, S. Rinehart, J. Baldwin, K. Baker, S. Geiger, D. Garver, N. Chubb, J. Zentler, L. Mayhew. Page 38 SIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW: F. Cooper, J. Andrews, R. Carrier, L. Thomas, T. Casio, D. Fricke, D. McQuisTion, J. Baldwin, J. Hegal, G. Dum- baugh, H. Arnold, J. Hecker. SECOND ROW: Mr. Coveri, P. Sfaiger, T. Turner, G. Stevens, P. Shipman, S. Howard, D. Harris, J. Sweeney, G. Powers, P. Davis, R. Campbell, D, McKirgan, R. Vaughn, W, Muffley, L. Randolph, Mrs. Krallman. THIRD ROW: J. Germain, A. Squires, J. Newson, R. Wagner, L. Lowary, C. Jones, E. Galfshall, B. Crouse, J. Mafhews, M. Shaflzer, J. Sfaup, R. Johnson, R. Osborne. FOURTH ROW: K. Evans, S. Nesbiif, C. Bennett, Y. Wiseman, D. Coveri, M. Rutherford, P. Lemley, D. Munn, G. Brush, K. Bendle. FIFTH GRADE TOP ROW: N. Jolly, V. Swarfwoocl, S. Ghenf, R. Sipes, D. Byrd, A. Barreit, E. Benneif, W. Sensel, R. Bending, R. Beard, W. Higgins, P. Wifzel. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Galleher, G. Holtrey, J. Wigion, L. Waierer, D. Bader, R. Piaff, S. Rineharf, J. Sears, S. McLain, M. Wrighl, B. Chilcofe, K. Jull, B. Jackson, L. Weaver, E. Boyle, Mrs. Doubikin. THIRD ROW: R. Campbell, R. McQuisTion, J. Johnson, T. Defwiler, C. Munn, E. Nesbiff, F. Smith, D. Rogers, L. Wood, C. Smith, J. Rengerf, L. Meckley, R. McNamee, B. Hoflimire, J. Philbrook. SEATED: G. Hindman, A Davis, .I. Zimmerman, L. Mayhew, N. Chubb, J. Zenfler, S. Geiger, G. Wrighf, K. Baker, B. Long, P. Fisher, R. Fairchild, W. Hill. Page 39 FOURTH GRADE TOP ROW: B. Hershner B. Case, J. Detwiler, B. McElroy, S. Hull, J. Barrett, P. Witzel, E. Wheeler, P. Patten, B. Taylor, R. Styer, T. Hughes, D. White, T. Hayes. SECOND ROW: J. Arnold, D. Gattshall, T. Hunt, T. Shields, B. Staup, P. Harden, R. McCamman, L. Young, P. Smith, S. Callahan, J. Shaw, B. Richardson, J. Geyer, M. Newman. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Potter, K. Heimlich, F. Bendle, I. Neptune, R. Clark, G. Piatt, J. Haserodt D. Arehart, E. Harden, B. Ramsey, B. Campbell, J. Campbell, G. Holtrey, B. Blose, P. Styer, Miss Denman. FOURTH ROW: S Gerhardt, D. McKirgan, M. Vaughn, P. Howard, M. Belt, J. Germaine, R. Finley, B. Cooper, J. Witzel, B. Andrews, P. Mathews, J. Nixon, S. Arnold, M. Harris, G. Link. THIRD GRADE TOP ROW: J. Parkinson, M. Waterer, L. Walter, W. Fisher, P. Poister, D. Higgins, B. Bruce, T. Hardman, R. Piatt, R. Callahan, G. Shade, S. Mettler, J. Hull, M. Young. SECOND ROW: D. Fricke, T. Benton, D. Wickham, B. Kline, B. Smith, B. Rinehart, C. Gray, H. Campbell, S. Smock, S. Fisher, D. Dewey, K. Graham, B. Beard, T. Roach. THIRD ROW: Miss Cruit, J. Sears, L. Ashbrook, D. Davis, L. Crouse, R. Wright, R. West, N. McCarty, D. Shaffer, J. Hecker, J. Rathburn, K. Estep, D. Alkire, S. Logan, J. Hobson, R. Betz, S. Spencer, S. Rhodebeck, Miss Oatman. FOURTH ROW: J. Campbell, R. Ceckitti, P. Boyd, J. Evans, B. Fritz, P. Burson, P. Arnold, D. Zimmerman, J. Zentler, D. Beardsley, M. Ramsey, B. Jones, D. Jones, S. Powell. Page 40 SECOND GRADE BOYS TOP ROW: D. Sialey, R. Callahan, D. Taylor, J. Rufherford, D. Blose, L. Lemley, T. Brown, E. Schorr, H. Hill, T. Truex. SECOND ROW: J. Wheeler, J. Sweeney, L. Marsh, J. Peterson, R. Wells, L. Van Houfen, J. McKay, S. Lee, R. Campbell, E. Kimmey, L. Myers, Mrs. Rhodebeck. FRONT ROW: T. Geyer, J. Carrier, J. Cooper, J. McLain, J. McNeil, J. Hull, J. Waferer, R. lrons, J. Baldwin, G. McQuis1ion, W. Campbell, R. Lyons. GIRLS TOP ROW: S. McManis, K. Hildebrand, S. Gallagher, H. Cramner, B. Harlan, R. Rexford, S. Mozier, J. Jackson, E. Hull, A Van Meier, D. Sfyer, J. McAnaIl, S. Whifing, Mrs. McCammon. SECOND ROW: Miss Vaughn, L. Finley, M. Unarfel, D. Osborne, B. McElroy, M. Davis, C. Ceckiffi, J. Sears, P. Sauffer, C. Sprinkle, M. Smith, B. Gray, L. Andrews, J. Wifzel. FRONT ROW: J. Esfep, S. Casio, N. Wones, S. Arehart, P. Staup, P. Daniels, L. Hardin, S. Shaffer, K. Owens, M. Nizon, S. Newson. Page 41 FIRST GRADE FOURTH ROW: J. Rathburn, J. Tucker, C. Fairfield, K. Jennings, R. Craven, R. Beck, L. McCreary, C. Brown, J. Gerhard? E. Burns, J. Levings, G. Neptune, B. Doubikin. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lepp, P. McClain, J. Davis, S. Hindmon, E. Lyons, J. Weller L. Sherman, L. Kelly, L. Chalfunf, T. Jones, S. Harden, G. Bayer, D. Gilfillan, K. Kehrwecker, B. McKirgan, Miss Beckley SECOND ROW: S. Shaffer, P. Clapper, L. Newhon, C. Price, M. Shambaugh, N. Schrader, J. Wolfinger, J. Sears, P. Roller K. Staley, T. Snider, T. Sharrock, R. Trainer, H. Sfyer. FIRST ROW: B. McPeek, S. Demuih, D. Keeran, P. Clark, M. Cramer B. Ann McPeek, P. Belchar, E. Campbell, B. Frayer, M. While, J. Rineharf, L. Wine, B. Wine, S. Wheeler. Page 42 Dear Readers, As Editors, we wish to express our appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the success of this yearbook. We wish to thank Mr. Lantz, our adviser, the faculty, and the Mizpah stat? who have given their full support for the publication of this annual. We wish to give special thanks to the merchants who have contributed so generously to help greatly in financ- ing this book. This book is published to summarize the activities of the school year, 1950. May it recall many pleasant happenings that have taken place. Co-Editor Co-Editor gmt .qjlolfer U SDalle fVVlcCllclUZancll Jim Roller Dale McClelland Page 43 FOOTBAlL QUEEN Left to right: Don Gcnlleher, Suzanne Moler, Dorrine Clevenger, Veneifa Powers, Jack Lancaster .CHEERLEADERS Dorrine Clevenger, Doris Holirey, Prudence Tennant, Veneifcm Powers. Page 45 SPORTS ROUNDUP The Mt. Gilead Indians football squad had a 'fairly successful season defeat- ing five opponents while losing four games. The squad named two co-captains for its 1949 season. They were Jack Lancaster and Don Galleher. In the preview before the scheduled season, Mt. Gilead lost to Ashley 6-0 but bounced back and beat Cardington 12-0. The team got off to a bad start during the early part of the season by dropping two straight games. The Indians hit their winning stride during the next five games during which they went undefeated. Their last victory came in the mud and rain at Bellville. The next game the Indians played good ball and even threatend to score several times more than they did but they lost 21-12. The last game of the season was lost to Marion St. Mary by a score of 33-7. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Ashley ,.,,, Sunbury ,.., Butler .........,. Centerburg ....,, Richwood ..... Bellville Cardington ,,,,,, Fredericktown ,.., W, Marion St. Mary We They 3 26 3 20 -,,--,.46 26 ,.---..26 7 ,,,,-,-31 14 ,,,,-.s25 19 . ....,.. 19 7 2 21 7 33 Page 46 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE We They Edison ....,. ,,.,,,, 7 8 58 Carey ....... , ....,.,..,,.,,, ,,,,,, , 69 52 Iberia .....,..,,.,.,,,A,,,,,,,,, --., ,49 51 Columbus University ....... ...... . 61 37 Marengo ,.,.,, . .,,,,,,,Y,.,.,,, ,.,,,,s 6 6 56 Richwood - .,,..,v..s. ,..... , 57 41 Cardington A... ..... , W ,,.... .64 63 Marion St. Mary ,,,,,,,, v,,,,, . 63 60 Claridon ....,........,,. ..,.s.. 6 5 42 Sunbury .... Y ,..... 59 57 Carey - ..... , ...... 80 60 Edison ,,.,.. ,,.,., . 64 37 Ashley 6 ....... . .... ..52 74 Johnsville ,A,.,,,..........,... ......, 5 6 48 Columbus University ....... ....... 6 4 36 Cardington A..A,..a,. . ....... ......, 5 1 46 Richwood ...... .. .... ..,.,. . 45 37 Fredericktown ..,,..,. .....,. 4 4 45 Marion St. Mary ,.,.,.. . ...... 65 57 Delaware Willis ....,,, . ..... 44 61 District Tournament Madison Rural .,., .... . H68 47 Marysville ,,,,.,,,.s,, . ...,. 41 55 JACK LANCASTER Fullback 5'11" 190 lbs. All Mid Buckeye Buck 1sf lecxm II Ohio Honorable Mention Co-Captain DALE McCLELLAND Quarierback 6'3" 155 lbs. RAY DUNN Hulfback 5'10" 150 lbs. SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Page 47 DON GALLEHER End 6'1" 180 lbs. All Mid Buckeye End 1sT Team Co-Cczpfcuin BILL McMANIS Tackle 6'2" 170 lbs. All Mid Buckeye Tackle 2nd ieam JIM ROLLER Guard 5'1 O" 150 lbs. SHERMAN LEVINGS Guard 5'9" 160 lbs. All Mid Buckeye 151 ieum DALE MEEKER Hulfbuck 5'8" 145 lbs. All Mid Buckeye 2nd team NED MOSHER End 5'11" 175 lbs. WAYNE LUST Guard 5'8" 160 lbs. VARSITY FOOTBALL Page 48 TOM CASE Center 6'1" 180 lbs RUSSELL JAGGER Tackle 6' 178 lbs. JIM CAMPBELL Tackle 6'1" 230 lbs. FOOTBALL RESERVES TOP ROW: J. Fricke, T. Hardman, J. Bachelder, D. Nesbitt, R. Poland, J. Shambaugh. SECOND RON: P. Cooper, K. Evans, J. Wallace, J. Belt, W. Keil, C. Benton, B. Szalapato, J. Coning, Mr. Richard King. THIRD ROW: D. Muffley, A. Baker, H. Harden, D. Weaver, M. Baker, J. Richardson, J. Sweeney, D. Rider. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL BACK ROW: W. Wigton, R. Coning, C. Smith, J. Staley, D. Rathburn, J. Bachelder, E. Osborne, B. Hershner, T. Moody. FRONT ROW: R. Campbell, F. Sterrit, G. Weaver, J. Mosher, C. Hershner, R. Belt, F. Levings, R. Shaffer. Page 49 COACHES Richard King-Basketball Williurd Grizzell-Foofbcll G. A. A. CABINET MANAGERS Leff io right: Kathleen Mosher, Bonny Geyer, Suzanne Moler, Durwood Rider, Bob Cover Veneifu Powers. Page 5U VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Donald Mufifley, Ned Mosher, Tom Case, Wilford Keil, Wayne Lust, Bob Williams. FRONT ROW: Richard King, Ray Dunn, Dick Osborne, Dale McClelland, Don Galleher, Jack Lancaster. The Mt. Gilead Indians' basketball team of 1949-50 enioyed a highly successful season winning 16 while losing 4. At one time during the season the Indians had a victory string of 9 straight wins. Their victory string was broken by the Ashley Aces, one of the better teams in the state. Two of the team's losses were at the hands of Fredericktown and Iberia by one and two points respectively. The Indians participated in the Middle Buckeye League where they finished runner-up to Ashley with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss. The Indians played in the tournament at Westerville where they played two games, winning from Madison Rural 68-47 and losing to Marysville 55-41. They finished the season with an over-all record of 17 wins and tive losses including tournament play. The Indians were led by Captain Dale McClelland who scored 473 points in 22 games for an average ot 21.5 points per game. The team had an offensive average of 59.31 points per game scoring 1305 points for the season. Page 51 VARSITY BASKETBALL DON GALLEHER DALE McCLELLAND JACK LANCASTER 6 'I" 180 lbs. 6' 3" 'I55 Ibs. 5' II" 'I90 Ibs AII Mid Buckeye AII Mid Buckeye All Mid Buckeye 'Isf feam 'Isf Team Honorable Menfion All Ohio UP 2nd Team Captain RAY DUNN DICK OSBORNE BOB WILLIAMS 5 10" 150 lbs. 6' 4" 'I75 lbs. 5' 9" 140 lbs. All Mid Buckeye Honorable Mention Page 52 BASKETBALL RESERVES BACK ROW: Durwood Rider, Manager, Jack Wallace, Jack Sweeney, Pete Cooper, Donald Weaver Willard Grizzell. FRONT ROW: Herberf Harden, Tim Hardman, Donald Mugley, Jacob Belf, Jerry Sham- bough, Jim Richardson, Wilford Keil. CUSTODIANS Vern Bloomfield, Fireman, Elmer Hershner, Janitor Page 53 HOME ECONOMICS ROOM Pc1ge54 FRENCH CLUB I THIRD ROW- Left to right: G. Shaw, J. Rathburn, J. McPeek, S. Smith, B. Lindsey, T. Hardman, N. Ingmire, C. Benton, J. Andrews. SECOND ROW: J. Mosher, J. Bachelder, S. Moler, D. Clevenger, H. Whiston, D. Osborne, D. Galleher, W. Keil, J. Richardson, J. Sweeney, J. Roller, D. Klingel, Miss Baugher, Director. FIRST ROW: D. Fischer, P. Detrow, B. Geyer, J. Sham- baugh, D. Hoffmire, B. Stauffer, J. Wallace, J. Geiger, C. Smith, E. Powell, L. Rathburn. A newly organized group this year was the French Club. All members of French classes I and II are eligible to ioin. They began the year by informal initiation and election of officers. The club is under the supervision of Miss Baugher. The oFFicers elected were: President, Dorothy Hoflimirep Vice President, Belinda Stauliierp Secretary, Jack Wallace, Treasurer, Jerry Shambaugh. Page 55 Congratulations to the Class of "50" .ION ES' ISALY'S DAIRY While in Mt. Gilead We invite you to visit us We feature: WALTHAM ELGIN BULOVA GRUEN BENRUS The Gift of a Lifetime In clocks we offer GENERAL ELECTRIC SETH THOMAS TELECHRON WESTCLOX INGRAM And Others YOUR BASEMENT JEWELER 56 SOUTH MAIN STREET Mt. Gilead, Ohio Telephone 355-X REP O- 2 J E x W E'-RY Z T2 ,I favs 5 Z eb 5 5 I Wm. Rogers 8x Son International Sterling Community Plate In Ladies' Jewelry We Offer VAN DELL FORSTNER SETS GOTHAM PINS ASKIN SETS DELTA and MARVELLE PEARLS And Many Other Lines For the Gift Long to be Remembered D I A M O N D S The Magic Circle Perfect, Blue White Diamonds with the polish girde Also Dr. I. Q. Ussue Qualityj Perfect Diamonds SILVER GIFTS ROGERS STERLING 'I847 ROGERS BROS. Page 56 STULL'S MEN'S SHOP WHERE QUALITY IS FIRST AND LAST 7 West High Street Mt. Gilead, Ohio MORROW COUNTY'S MOST COMPLETE LINE OF MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHING. "THIS IS YOUR STORE IN YOUR TOWN" WE FEATURE THE FOLLOWING NATIONAL ADVERTISED BRANDS. Garfield Ace and Mayfair 4-Star, "Suits" and Topcoats Alpagoa-"Topcoats" Wilson Bros. and Essley "Shirts" Lee and Champ Hats Wovenright Socks Bill Barton Slacks Swank Jewelry Pioneer Belts and Billfolds CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T950 TURNER SUPPLY CUMPI-INY Dealers of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER . FARM AND DAIRY EQUIPMENT Home Freezers - Refrigerators Oldsmobile International Trucks Phone 350 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 57 EDISON MILLS Mtg. PENNANT Feeds Dealers in GRAIN - SEED - COAL FERTILIZER - FEEDS W A G N E R B R 0 S . EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Authorized Dealers and Service Agents For Hotpoint - Kelvinator And Maytag Appliances Phone 98 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone I89 Edison, Ohio TELEVISION Compliments of MT. GILEAD LIIMBER C0 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 23 THE SMITH CLOTHING CO. Marion's Best Men's Store Home of Nationally Known Brands MORROW RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. MT. GILEAD, ol-no Phone 299 75 s. Cherry Page 58 COMPLIMENTS OF THE PEOPlE'S SAVINGS BANK CO. Mount Gilead Compliments of J 8. H sl-los sToRE LORDS JEWELRY Public Square - Galion, Ohio M A R I O N J hn W. McAnall Howard M. Dudley COMPLIMENTS OF Gazllelzer amz' T zzylor P 59 Compliments of JERSEY KNOLL FARM GRADE "A" DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone: 627-L Mt. Gilead SHARROCK ELEVATOR Grains - Coal - Seed - Fertilizer Hay and Straw BUILDING SUPPLIES AND TILE Phone 84 Mt. Gilead Evenings Phone 266-K Compliments of REED'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 122 Mt. Gilead THE WHITE HOUSE Women's Wear and Accessories MT. GILEAD W . E . F L A V I N PLUMBING AND HEATING SHERM'S BARBER SHOP MT. GILEAD OHIO MT. GILEAD OHIO Elsie Hann Grace Orr PEOPLFS CAPITOL THEATER CLOTHING STORE MARION OHIO MT. GILEAD OHIO P 60 CONGRATULATIONS 'ro The CLASS OF 1950 ON MT GILEAD SQUARE am an Ewing DAIRY LUNCH , X i -sw YUNCKER'S SPORHNG GOODS Mansfield, Ohio C R A V E N FUNERAL HOME TEAM OUTFITTER'S CHENILLE LETTERS and EMBLEMS AMBULANCE SERVICE CLASS SWEATERS and JACKETS pHQNE 117 JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS CENTURY BOATS MT. Gilead Ohio 116-118 N. Main Phone 4546-6 Pg61 ALLIS CHALMERS NEW IDEA FARM MACHINERY Mt. Gilead Ohio Compliments of WlI.l.lAM'S BAKERY MT. GILEAD OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF ASM!-lN'S DRUG STO RE M1'.Gileacl Ohio SHELLHORN'S MUSIC STORE "The Home of Kimball Pianos' Everything Musical Phone 289 184 S. Main St. Marion, Ohio THE MORROW MOTOR SALES, INC. STUDEBAKER DEALERS MT. GILEAD OHIO Phone 184-R BDLINGER BROTHERS Dealers in JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY REPAIRS Edison, Ohio P 62 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES CLASS OF 1950 MT. Gilead High School - Your Appearance Is Our Business - MEN'S FINE CLOTHING JINI DUGI-IN'S STORE Marion, Ohio SIIMES and COOK HARDWARE Pg63 Compliments of FIRST NATlONAl BANK In Mt. Gilead Member of Federal Reserve System CI d Federal Insurance Dep st Corp rat COVER MOTOR COMPANY P 64 Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 When You Wear the Best It's McGregor Sports Wear Shapely Shirts Jarmon Shoes Interwoven Socks A Complete Ready-to-Wear Department THE UNION STORE AULT MOTOR SALES S A L E S - S E R V l C E E Night Phones-233L - l85X Day Phone-130 GENERAL REPAIRING 24-Hour Towing Service 'I44 South Main Mt. Gilead Page 65 Compliments of MORTON HARDWARE Hardware for Hardwear Phone 62 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of THE GALION All-STEEL BODY CO. Galion, Chio Manufacturers of HYDRAULIC HOISTS and DUMP BODIES The Rexall Store Phone 48 WHISTON DRUG STORE WHITMAN'S CANDY AGENCY EASTMAN KODAK CO. EARLE A. WIENER CO. 126-132 North Washington Galion, Ohio A. T. KING CLYDE CASTO General Manager Sc'IeIihRepriS5g1:HVe one - Phone 60444 Mr. Gilead, ohio P 67 Compliments of THE HICKSON-SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY CHARLES C. HICKSON MAX L. SMITH NELSON TALMAGE BETTY NEAL WEAVER'S SUPER MARKET Largest and Most Modern FOOD MARKET IN MORROW COUNTY Open Until 9 P.M. Complete Line of Groceries - Meats - Fresh Fruits - Vegetables - Frozen Foods Phone 21 Mt. Gilead and Edison Road Pg68 TIERNEY 8. VAUGHN Home Owned Meat Market Retailers of HOME DRESSED MEAT Free Delivery Compliments of MYERS 8. STRA N Dodge - Plymouth Dealers SALES AND SERVICE West Center Mt. Gilead Phone 72 Mt. Gilead 24-Hour Wrecker Service CAMPBELL AUTO SUPPLY FIRESTONE TIRES REPLACEMENT PARTS Phone 85 Mt. Gilead, Ohio UNION REGISTER MORROW COUNTY'S FIRST NEWSPAPER Pg69 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF J 0 H N B O Y D ENGLAND MORTUARY Compliments of COFFEE SHOP WHERE GOOD PEOPLE AND GOOD FOOD MEET Complimenfs of GORDON 8. JAGGER FORD SALES AND SERVICE Phone 75 Mt. Gilead Pg7O BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of "5O THE NURTH ELECTRIC MEG. C0 GALION, ol-no Congratulations to the Class of "50" from GENE'S SHOE STORE AND QUALITY SHOE REPAIR SHOES and BOOTS For the Whole Family FULL LINE OF SHOE REPAIRS Gene Hord coMPuMENTs OF BROlLLER'S PRESSERY Arrow Shirts - MacGregor Sportswear SCHAFFNER-MYERS CO. Galion, Ohio Phone 53 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Interwoven Sox Grittin and Hyde Park Suits COMPLIMENTS OF BETZ FLORIST MT. GILEAD PRESSERY Sid Tenant 29 S. Main Mt. Gilead, Ohio "Say lt with Flowers" Phone 226 Mt. Gilead, Ohio g72 Congratulations, Seniors You are entering that portion of life where work, courage, and effort is of the greatest importance. Always remember- in everything QUALITY COUNTS SEEDS SERVICE Paul C. Smith, Owner THE DENTON SEED HOUSE Phone 206 Mt. Gilead MORROW COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION FEEDS PETROLEUM SEEDS MACHINERY Farmers- Call Your Co-op for Your Needs Douglas Street Phone 236 Mt. Gilead, Ohio A Round of Applause for You Seniors of Mt. Gilead High School GRADUATION IS LIKE A PORTRAIT the achievement of a great deal of work and pleasure We hope your lite will be an outstanding one and that when you want PORTRAITS THAT LIVE REMEM BER THE CUBBERLY STUDIO Delaware, Ohio Page 73 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 I'Ilf NN Congratulations to you l950er's GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD HEALTH RECOMMENDED BY DUNCAN HINES ...YOURS... CONGRATULATIONS For greater enjoyment comfort and economy in the years to T H E come by O H I 0 F U E l Cooking Electrically A N D G A 5 me oulo PUBLIC sfnvlci COMPANY COMPANY T5 West High St. Mt Glleacl Pg74 PURE OIL SERVICE STORE Phone 87 Salapato and Dalrymple Mt. Gilead, Ohio Tom McNew CARMEL'S RESTAURANT Galion, Ohio Compliments of THE CITY LOAN 8. C""'P'i"'e"'S of SAVINGS CQ. ANDREW'S DAIRY 23 South Main Street Mt. Gilead, Ohio GRADE A MILK PRODUCTS Congratulations Class ot 1950 C I f om iments o NATIONAL MAILING P SERVICE SNYDER'S HARDWARE The Friendly Store with the Glass Door 215 Harding Way East Phone 192L GALION OHIO JEWELRY - WATCHES - DIAMONDS Compliments of EDISON BARBER SHOP A J. C. Farris Telephone 416L EDISON, OHIO Edison, Ohio Compliments ot HAROLD HETRICK GEYER PRODUCE uve AND DRESSED POULTRY Buyer of POULTRY - EGGS - CREAM Phone 70 Mt. Gilead, Ohio SPENCER'S CHILDREN AND LADIES WEAR JEWELRY 48 S. Main Street Mt. Gilead Ohio Compliments of C. I. Vanatta Insurance Agency C. I. Vanatta C. R. Gladden Phone 419 GENERAL INSURANCE GENERAL INSURANCE Mt. Gilead Ohio I TH D0 S E I HDND T215 0F MHHIDN - 1 fsfabbsbed 1919 IZO W CENTER ST MARION OHIO , 1 . V , ,g , 4 ' A X f fozlxiy NNVV CRYSTAL ICE 8. ZERO LOCKERS CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING MEAT CURING AND SMOKING PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS WE BUY BEEF HIDES Phone 283 Mt. Gilead, Ohio "MORROW DALE" QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Page's Ice Cream MORROW CREAMERY CO. 38-42 West Center Street Phone 2-K Mt. Gilead MOUNT GILEAD ELECTRIC Philco Refrigerators - Radios Marion Electric Ranges Easy Washers Coroaire Space Heaters Gas Monitor Home Appliances I2 East High Street Phone 158 McKinley Thomas Compliments of BAIRD INSURANCE Phone 76 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Page 76 Good Luck, Gang! G LO B E H OT E L BOB'S GULF SERVICE Phone 49 Mt. Gilead, Ohio THE MORROW COUNTY SENTINEL I 848 to 1 950 Morrow County's Leading Newspaper 102 years old, new every Thursday DYE'S FOOD MARKET RALPH E. HORD 8: SON 215 West High Street H-C GASOLINE - FUEL OILS FARM LU BRICANTS INSECTICIDES Phone 327-L Mt. Gilead WESTERN AUTO ASSOC. STORE E. L. Wilcox qownery Mt. Gilead, Ohio FACTORY SHOE STORE 52 South Main SHOES FOR THE FAMILY MT. GILEAD, OHIO NELSON CAMPBELL R 8. H Floor and Wall Coverings DOUBIKIN MARATHON SERVICE MOTOR TUNE UP AND RADIATOR REPAIR LUSTY'S Compliments of BLAYNEY'S LUNCH 39 s. Main Phone 57 Mt. Gilead MT. GILEAD, OHIO Compliments of Compliments of LLOYD CORWIN'S OSBORN'S BARBER SHOP GULF STATION Compliments of BLUE RIBBON GRILL FRY'S SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Lubrication a Specialty Phone 54 Mt. Gilead P 78 You Are Thrifty When You Shop At CARROll'S Famous for FINE DIAMONDS, WATCHES and SILVERWARE tCARROll'S JEWELRY STORE 'I72 W. Center Street Marion, Ohio Phone Marion 2806 Compliments of OHIO THEATER A FRIEND Marion Ohio P 79 l l 1 nu 15" N ?: als XL, 0 B I PRESSES STRAIGHTENING PR:-zsses ima 'E Q. ' 131.55 "W . 4' ' - i 'E ' 'Q' 5 'sal-1. u"' ""h:'92WQ C0 l l me . -.4 it - 5 , Ewig 4 Ill O EJ Q ' ..,f . rg 10-if 'gun DOUBLEACTION EXTRUDING PRESSES x 1El B U nnAwxNG PRESSES ,S ' THE HYDRAULIC PRESS MFG. COMPANY MOUNT GILEAD, oHlo For 73 years, The Hydraulic Press Mfg. Company has been the world's leading builder of hydraulic presses. Much of the company's success is due to the cooperative eHorts of its employees and the people of Morrow County, who have seen it grow'from a very small concern to an internationally known organ- Many present H-P-M employees represent the second and third generation of their re- spective families who have worked at H-P-M. Such family loyalty is one of the keynotes to the company's success. H-P-M presses have solved production prob- lems in a multitude of industries. Their accept- ance makes H-P-M the world's headquarters ization. for hydraulic presses. 1: me cAsTiNG I .X H G . 0 -AI - MACHINES ' E .. 4, ' as I ' ? .-- sl 'm qlp I t - If 1, 5, ' r-w ,,, - .-Egg.. 2 an W- t ,..-'tr idkfuili ll - C Ili? 5 , X : - Q Pnsssss 'Q 4:3 'I' lfljllii' E wr m mm E .ll X BENDING Q ,gy l l .iam-:seizes '4 N11-L 222322 amd ' 'G Page 80

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