Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH)

 - Class of 1946

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Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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3 w 5 Q I 1 E r 2 L z I Miss Doris 0. Simpson ' As an expression of our sincere appreciation of one who has given freely of her time and effort for the welfare of the entire school, we, the class of l946, do dedicate this annual to Miss Doris Simpson. A s C 5300! fizuzrcf R. E. Linn, Vice President: James Galleher, Luther Asman, G. G. Denton, L. C. Dye, President Harley Miracle, Clerk. Dwight L. Musselmcn, Superintendent Howard R. Rinehart, Principal , Psychology Physics, Chemistry Coiiege-Bluffton, O.S.U. College-Asbury, O.S.U. Degrees-A.B., M.A. Degrees-A.S., M,A. Years taught-I7 Years taught-I4 Home--Mt. Gilead Home-Mt. Gilead Taught last-Arlington, Ohio Taught lost-Chillicothe High School Came to Mt. Gilead-1939 Came to Mt. Gilead-1945 f w:,,, 421 . nA MAMA 1 Wm N fb Aj-ak. ff -rf ii W 'Www .fy Qs. ., w X J. KKUL55 OMCQM QUENTON MOODY came to our class in the second grade, from Hayesville, Ohio. Quentin has taken a College Prep Course. He has taken part in the Hi-Y, M Club, Mizpah Staff, Student Council, Band, and football and basketball teams. He was Class President and Secretary of the Hi-Y in his Senior year, and Band Librarian his Junior year. He was also on the Scholarship Team. A GENE JONES began his Senior year at Mt. Gilead, coming from East High School in Columbus. Gene was affiliated with the Hi-Y, Band and Student Council there. Since joining our class he became Vice-President, a member of the foot- ball and basketball teams and Mizpah Staff. He has token a Commercial Course. ANNA MARY WARD joined the class in the second grade, coming from Williamsport. Anna Mary has taken a College Prep Course, has sung in the Choir for three years andrhas played in the Band for four years. She was a member of the G.R., Gong Staff and Mizpah Staff. She served as Secretary of the Senior Class. GLENNA NEPTUNE is one of the bright people of our class, and has been at Mt. Gilead for twelve years. Glenna has taken a Commercial Course, has been on the'Scholarship Team for three years, has been a G.R. officer for two years, was Treasurer of the Senior Class, was the Editor of the Gong and a member of the Mizpah Staff. eniom Quentin Moody Gene Jones President Vice President Anna Mary Ward Glenna Neptune Secretory Treasurer BROOKS DAWSON has attended Mt. Gilead School eight years, coming from McMillan school. Brooks has taken a College Prep Course. He was assistant editor f th i946 M member of the Choir. o e izpah, and Chaplain of the Hi-Y his Senior year. He was also a . RHETA CONING was an outstanding Commercial student. She attended our school twelve years. Rheta was an .F.H.A. officer her Junior year, ond a member of the Gong Staff, and Mizpah Staff in her Senior year. FRANCES MAXINE BACHELDER has been in Mt. Gilead six years and has taken a General Course. "Max" was Basketball Queen her Senior year, president of the F.H.A. her Junior year and a member of the G.R. Cabinet, Gong Staff, Mizpah Staff, Student Council, and Choir. , g ROBERT HICKSON has had his twelve years of school in Mt. Gilead, and has taken a College Prep Course. Bob was editor of the I946 Mizpah, Vice President of the Hi-Y his Junior year and President of the Hi-Y his Senior year. He was President of the Band and Vice President of the class his Junior year. He was also a member of the Gong Staff, Junior Class Play, Choir, Scholarship Team, and Swing Band. A S 'Y ROSE MARY KINGMAN has been a majorette with the Band-for three years, gone to Mt. Gilead for twelve years, and has taken a General Course. "Rosie" has been a member ,of the G.R., Gong Staff, Mizpah Staff, Junior Class play, and was in Choir, tor four years. ' PATRICIA LOUISE JAMES, the class wit, has been in Mt. Gilead all twelve years, and has taken a Commercial Course. "Pat" was Vice-President of the Sophomore class, and an F.H.A. officer her Senior year. She has also been a member of the G.R1, Choir, Gong Staff, and Mizpah Staff. ' BETTY FLAVIN has been a student of Mt. Gilead for twelve years. Betty has taken a General Course. She has been a member of the following activities: G.R. Cabinet, Gong Staff, Student Council, Class Secretary-Treasurer, the Band Librarian her Senior year. She has been on the Scholarship Team for three years. She was in the Junior Class Play, was on the Mizpah Staff, and in Choir and Band four years. P IRIS JACKSON has had a well-rounded musical career. She has played in the band for four years and was a band officer her Senior year. She has sung in the Choir for three years. "Jackie" has attended Mt. Gilead schoolzfor six years, coming from Williamsport. She took a College Prep course, and was a member of the G.R., being an officer her Senior year, F.H.A., Gong Staff, and Mizpah Staff. JOSEPH BROWN came from Hebron High School his Junior year. He was a member of the High School Choir there. He took a College Prep Course. Joe was a member of the Scholarship Team his Junior year, and a member of the Gong Staff, Student Council, and Mizpah Staff his Senior year. ' J BETTY SIPE came from Marengo her Junior year. She was a member of the G.R. and F.H.A. Betty was in the Sales Department of the Gong and,Mizpah. Sh'e has taken a Commercial Course. BETH ACKERMAN has been at Mt. Gilead for twelve years, and has taken a General Course. She has been a member of the G.R. and F.H.A. for three years, and a member of the Mizpah Staff. i NEAL ROBERTSON came to our school from Ashland in the third grade and has taken o General Course. "Robbie" is quite musical, taking part in the Choir, Band, Swing Band, and the Boys' Quartet. He was also a member of the Hi-Y, Gong Staff, and Mizpah Staff. eniom Brooks Dawson Rheta Conmg Maxine Bachelder Robert Hickson 1 Rose Mary Kingman Patty James Betty Flavin Iris Jackson! Joseph Brown Betty Sipe Beth Ackerman Neal Robertson 1 7 A . ROBERT WILLIAMS has been outstanding in the Chemistry cmd Physics Laboratories. Bobcameto Mt. Gilead asa Fresh- man from Fulton and has been a member of the F.F,A. and Mizpah Staff. LULA SNAVELY came to Mt. Gilead in her eighth year from Johnsville. She has taken a Commercial Course, and was typist for the Gong, and a member of the F.H.A., and Mizpah Staff. GLORIA HARDMAN came from Cardington in l938 an ' has taken a General Course. She was a member of the G.R., F.H.A., Choir and Mizpah Staff. Gloria played the part of "Gertie," the negro maid, in the Junior Class Play. DEAN PHILLIPS came to our class in the fourth grade from Colton, California. He has played football for four years, was president of the class our Sophomore year, was president of the Student Council and Secretary of the Hi-Y his Senior year. "Mole" was in the Jr. Class Play, was a member of the H i-Y, M Club, Mizpah Staff, and Scholarship Team. JUANITA LAMSON came to Mt. Gilead as a Freshman from Fulton, and has taken a College PrepsCourse. She has been a member of the F.H.A., Mizpah Staff, and Choir. I SHEILA POWELL was well liked by everyone, and came to our class in the fourth grade. Sheila has taken a Vocational Home Economics Course and was a member of the G.R., F.H.A., and Mizpah Staff. g MARVENE HERSHNER has been a student of Mt. Gilead for twelve years, and has taken a General Course. She has been on the Scholarship Team for three years and placed first in Bookkeeping. "Minnie" was a member of the F.H.A., Gong Staff,,and Mizpah Staff. VELMA JAMES was one of the typists of the class and has taken a Commercial Course. She was a G.R. Cabinet mem- ber, F.H.A. officer her Senior year, and a member of the Gong Staff and Mizpah Staff. Velma has gone to Mt. Gilead twelve years. JOHN LOREN is well remembered by his basketball ability. He has gone to Mt. Gilead for twelve years and has taken a College,Prep Course. He has been a member. of the Hi-Y, M Club, Mizpah Staff, Student Council, Jr. Class Play, and the basketball and -football teams. I F HELEN ULLOM has gone to Mt. Gilead seven years, She has taken a College Prep and Commercial Course. She has been almember ofthe A cappella Choir, the F.H.A., and the Mizpah Staff. .I NORMA WISEMAN has gone to Mt. Gilead twelve years and has taken a College Prep Course. Norma has been a member ofthe G.R. Cabinet, F.H.A., Student Council, Choir,.Jr. Class Play, Mizpah Staff, and Scholarship Team., CHARLES MOSHER is one of the shy boys of our class. He came from Quarkerdom school in l938 and has taken a General Course. He is a member of the A cappella Choir. Robert Williams Lola Snavely eniom 3 I -N 4 Z . MN 5 ,Q la v lla 5 ww f'?3'EQ-J Xu Ellie Niggas 3 sr Gloria Hardman Dean Phillips Juanita Lamson Sheila Powell " ::Q f,kff:25 5? John Loren Helen Ullom Marvene Hershner Velma James Norma Wiseman Charles Mosher ,L f'-ml J f i I, 1 L 5 sew if 2- Y ' f1fsr2f1'f-M 7 7 IO ANN MILEY came to Mt. Gilead in the sixth grade from Cardington. She was vice president of our class the Fresh- man year. "Jo" has taken a General Course, has been a member of the G.R., F.H.A., and the Mizpah Staff. DIANNE HOWARD has been one of the leaders of our class. She was Secretary-Treasurer her Sophomore year, Sec- retary of the G.R. her Junior year, and President of the G.R. her Senior year. Dianne was a member of the Gong Staff, Mizpah Staff, Student Council, Choir, and Scholarship Team. DALE HARTPENCE is one of the outstanding students who majored in Agriculture. "Rabbit" attended Mt. Gilead school for twelve years. He has been a member of the Hi-Y, F.F.A., M Club, Mizpah Staff, Student Council, Choir, Junior Class Play, Band, Swing Band, and the basketball and football teams. He has been an F.F.A. officer for three years, and has been on the Parliamentary Public Speaking Team for three years. JAMES MILLARD has taken an active part in athletics. He has taken a College Prep Course and has gone to Mt. Gilead twelve years. He was the Junior Class President and was reporter of the'Hi-Y his Senior year. "Doc" has played basketball and football for three years and has been a member of the M Club, Gong Staff, Mizpah Staff, and Scholarship Team. R DON TENNANT is the sailor of our class, having been in the Merchant Marines for seven months, and upon receiving his honorable discharge returned to our class. Heihas been a "Whiz" on the basketball and football teams. Don was a member of the M Club, Mizpah Staff, and Student Council. C . ALDINE FRY is the girl who has backed up our teams for the last six years as a cheerleader. Aldine has gone to Mt Gilead twelve years and is a member of the G.R., F.H.A., Mizpah Staff, and Choir. She played a humorous part in "Adam's Evening." RlCHARD EDGELL came to Mt. Gilead as a Freshman from Fulton. He has taken a General Course, and was class Secretary-Treasurer in his Freshman year. "Shorty" was ay member of the Mizpah Staff. ROBERT LANCASTER is noted for his basketball ability and has been on the football team for four years. "Dago" has gone to Mt. Gilead for twelve years, and has taken a General Course. He was a member of the Club, Mizpah Staff, and Band. A ALLEN IRONS has gone to Mt. Gilead seven years, coming here from Williamsport. "Skinner" has taken a College Prep Course and has played football two years. He was a Hi-Y officer his Junior year, has sung in the Choir for four years,' was in the Jr. Class Play, and a member of the Mizpah Staff. WILLIAM TURNER has been at our schoolfor twelve years and has taken a College Prep Course. "Tippy" was a member of the football squad for three years and took part in the M Club, Mizpah Staff, and the Band. S LOLITA LINN was an outstanding member of the Home Economics Department. She also majored in Commercial and wasla member of the G.R., Gong Staff, Mizpah Staff, and Band. Lolita was president of the F.H.A. and was 'a Band officer. She came from Liberty School in the second grade. IRENE GALLEHER has been a member of the Choir for three years, and has taken part in the G.R. and F.H.A. Irene came to Mt. Gilead in the third grade from McMillan School. She was our Class President in the seventh grade. She was a member of the Mizpah Staff. y - .....................h..i eniom s Jo Ann Miley Dianne Howard Dale Hartpence James Millard Donald Tennant Aldine Fry Richard Edgell Robert Lancaster Allen Irons William Turner Lolita Linn Irene Gallelwcr mi, Mr. Nicholson teaching his American History Class. Mrs. Hard discussing "The Tale of Two Cities" with the Senior English Senior Home Room, Social Science Class. College--Ohio University Degree-A. B. Years taught-eight Home-Mt. Gilead Came to Mt. Gilead-l 94l Taught last-Fredericktown High School English College-Denison University, Denison Conservatory of Music Degree-A.B. Years taught- l7 Horne-Mt. Gilead Taught last-Worthington Came to Mt. Gilead--1943 Mrs. Clouse teaching her eighth grade history class. Mr. Beard teaching different mernods of agriculture to the Agriculture ' Junior Advisor, Physical Education, Science Class. College--Findlay, O.S.U. Degree-A.B. Years taught-nine Home-Edison Taught last-Caledonia Came to Mt. Gilead-i943 High School Vocational Agriculture Home--Mt. Gilead College-O.S.U. Degree--B.S. in Agriculture Years taught-l 2 Taught last-Howard and Gambier Came to Mt. Gilead-i945 ' ddflfky F i Mr. Johnston teaching the wonders of percussion. Mrs. Ziegler teaching the Freshmen to use pronouns correctly Music, Public Speaking, Dramatics College-Capital University Degree--Bachelor of School Music Years taught--one Home-Mt. Gilead He was in the army i8 months, in t Came to Mt. Gilead--i945 Miss McEIfresh helping some of the Home Economics College--O.S.U. Degree--B.S. First year teaching Home--near Ashley Come to Mt. Gilead--l94S Seventh Grade Home Room, Junior High English College-Ohio Wesleyan Degree-A.B. Years taught-l 4 Home-Mt. Gilead he 3rd Infantry Division. Came to Mt. Gilead-l945 Taught last--lberio Seniors .with their sewing. Mr. King with his seventh period Physical Education Class Sophomore Home Room, Physical Education, Junior High Science ' College-Ashland Degree-B.S. in Education Years taught-four HomefMt. Gileod Came to Mt. Gilead-l945 , Last taught-Fredericktown MCMA Q Mr. Noble fGCJCl'1iV1Q l'1i5 BO0kkEeDlr1Q Class. Miss West explaining a problem to her first year Algebra Class High School-Commercial, Basketball Coach E Home-Mt. Gilead ' College- -O,S.U., University of Cincinnati, Rio Grande, Bliss College Degree--B.S. in Education Years taught-l l Taught last-Tiffin University Came to Mt. Gilead-l944 Mathematics College-O.S.U. Degree--M.A. in Education Years taught--four Home-Columbus Taught last-Greenhills, Cincinnati Came to Mt. Gilead-i945 Miss Simpson helping her second year Latin Class read. Mr. Taylor in his eighth period Study Hall. Foreign Language, Grade Music, Sophomore Home Room College--Denison University, O.S.U. Degree-Ph.B. Years taught-Z0 Home-Howard Taught last-Beverly, Ohio Came to Mt. Gilead--l 94l Industrial Arts College-O.S.U. Degree-B.S. in Education Years taught-l l Home--Mt. Gilead Taught last--Kings Mills, Ohio Came to Mt. Gilead--l943 Left: ' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presid-ent ................................................ Phil Dye Vice President ...... ............v.... I .Jean Trainer Secretary ........... ......... M ary Phyllis Jones Treasurer ...................................... Marian Mellott Above: FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President .................................... ....... D avid McCarty Vice President ........... Q Secretary-Treasurer ....... Right: EIGHT CLASS OFFICERS President ..............,................ Vice President ..................... Sec reta ry .......... Treasurer ....... ...... ....-.-.Jcimes Miller Richard Mosher ..Dale McClelland ..-...-.Don Galleher ....-.-....Veneita Powers Dorrine Clevenger Above: SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President .......................................... Richard Hart Vice President .......... ......... E ugene Galleher Secretary-Treasurer ..... ........ S ue Westbrook sy gi Y f Csgcf iw. e K2 we n 1- ? is i E ri Q .xi M 9 t .:: .: few 4 ,B ,R Q I Y SEQZQVE CE we i if M L 3 --ff i.ef ggev,gf' C- . - - .gif Q:-'Q , - C k, A C' 1 , CC ' " ' .- 15555225 QC "f - 2' 'I Sign L -' . SZWSYQC 3 , -- C f Q E"5::v,i A - i ' - f fel' Cv . f - .yzf 'X 12: ln.. "wh E7 "et.e:- 'ns 7 fn ,,.. C rlffx if sw- C ' ' A ip' V A 949524 5 - - 7-., . 'wx , , . ?,f'- 'Tig' " C. . , ,A- my M2555-535: C, C C H :szefwisi.s12 N . K ff-1 52' E. ,- ' LS 'SWS ts'ss,4f,,-f ggff 'W C M :C -55-,ir A -VM QX CQSC M .,,. 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' ITW H' C, vC,.2'::i',- ' ' ' g fy,-QV-wir ,g A -C5 1- Cf - sf -if-egg, " 1' " C 1,f:,a's, .2 ' 'K SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Jane Bachelder, Peggy Galleher Bobby Williams, Carroll Hord M156 QMZQ McCreary Lanum James Case Gompf Geiger Harden Shaw McQuistion Whitaker Poland Higgins Martin Jagger Hickman McPeek Garver Lancaster Hildebrand Meckley Sta iger Campbell Taylor Glathart Nesbitt Rodman Meeker Watkins Smith Lanum Fricke Shambaugh Curren Mullenix Purcell McClenathan Stauffer Park Spencer Shipley Whipple Weaver Wood Sebring Purcell Mosher Poland Szalapato Tennant Stockdale Osborne Rider Teirney Pursley Thompson Townsend Loren Smith Smeltzer Sadler Baker Stephens Rider Burns Sterritt Sipes Howard Pocock Turner Neptune Lyons Sebring Klingel Miller George C Rinehart Chilcote Bachelder Kidwell Hawkins Davis, Mitchell Burns Holtrey Lust Glathart Johnson Keeran ' Leasure Foster Hedrick Mitchell Fricke Faust McQu istion McCammon Chi lcote Cooper Brown Davis George film' "li , ?ff3.ifl-'IH 159' --1 gs: V .. 23: V . - - J .5 - iififf f"k l- kffff C ffflil " V seq-lv ' ', VYLQFQ' :If-V X L , Tgglzfllw . . 1 Q 523322. , ffl 29392. ' C filffiwligef? C J 151- V 'C R, 5 H 2 . W' Q W Y. E. .xii sw -C1 14,1 C in-. ' 1' B - " :sifl?7ff . -'iw P-,i-iii!-525 X f s 5:1134 -:M , 2 5- mi C C . , it ,CNA m e 5 n FT w 0 ,- s .Km ,oL, CCA C' ' iw .K s, if C "f we N fri S E? 1- 4 i W!" W A - ,..-0 K if C C ,e y Q ,..,, Q55 -1 3 C... Ara.. C at ef 'Z if in ,.,,l fe E, 6. Xmmsri ,H t 3 C -Z l i C , in ,,. , . -' - 1- C W: ii '-fs-: li!! ii' S C? 'age wk, C J f i,1SiE'1' A ..- Ci 'Of C 'if C. CC .::, C .Ji ,,.. I in CC ' C 4 C, a l xg? , if i. i 'Z y s SS l x : ig. A, ' " r 'W i i, , if 5 A 1 J C Qi 1- 5 if it :Q We W- 4 N l. M J L 5 'I 2 59 L, J.. 1:11 ' : .l:, LHS? 3 - ,LV ' .i t i lfifixlf i , :. C A Ci, + 1' C my C5 ,i, C. fl 1252! levi-FC C' 1f,5g,.i - V' if,-. ' .eds V E- C QM ' - 3 . .,f "'4- 1 fm.. MD C ' C - 4 'I ie'- . -... 1 C as is Q C cic C CC CC CC CC iiccytl, C C C fs' fr sag ' A K Cz C CC lCCC, C ga 1- Q 2 -r 3 ? Q ,A ar A 'NT -- I, ef. if- " ' ' C 7-11 -V ' ' f 'S ,wal , 2 ze" Q Q E ,C tr S di if f "Wi : ,. C lfglfzfiii sf- - - :s A tg, C meme' -zmslawgggf, E' .- H .fi . of C ggi l i --"- 2 fi K im, C. ,.,. C Q i ,C .C C C . C . ,,.,C.,. C is V5 V C C : ,C M C .'Q:,:.-.QC -.Cm-, ' K k in I kwif , CQ SSC I ,- ' LHHCS "C- "' rll' ? "C'- 353 " Sill Qiwfe 3 Z f E S l ? ,eil s ,,, -CCC ,,. C 5, Cf , ' 0. , t 5 ,ECC ti ki?-: IE 198 i l .naw ' M' "M . ... 'HE'-.X Q gf- n ge ,V .K .3 . 1 . -- 'f -f': . P 'iii if 3' 'Vv . f' w x ,, ,B ,. .,.. , : Q f -at . Z YES 4 tri A ' st . X .xg gf 2- it A i s Q' . V if ,H 1 ii? ' H.. 11' K, if 3 lf .. .W ...I X . , i . sg 1, f wits". '- ,gr Q. . 1-,QQ-,., . 1 .ts .., ,t kg K1 e.: 5 it 1 2 fl, , giiiiiiff 1, ri 145 Y ' --ff -Y tg? in , Q Sl K H- MM be 1 - se ' Qui Xe ff' Q , 'sf .. 3 ., .. ei i 'Y 2171- "1 ' -at i f if , . .cs , ,esffefw l . Smith Dressel - , . ,,.,1,1' Moshe r R E' if 6546. .Lv Y . . - f ' Klingel Detwiler ' Sweeney Wallace 1 I ngmi re ' "' Powell Belt- . iq Hardman I V Geyer if M . S I - Rathburn 1 Bush xiii' eee s 'KS BOW . 1 1 3 S 1 Braden ff--f .wife A - - " . L'fL '- .f -- '1f3:'5- 1 .S We W. Andrews f - f 1 t. - e1,,.tsfz-ra j ee , e 1 sip.. Q l jg t W , 94. , N k E Sipes . . Holtrey 1 I, .,?,,-..r r .LLL . K Harden . ' 'sae Detrow .. a s 4- V. g -1 . Shambaugh 9 , Robinson . I L0 Roche - WiSem0h i S ... Sim' 'f Rinehart t 1 V . 3 I n . .. , Detwiler i n :VVV . , Potts - - - .,, , . 1 '-Ong Q i 2+ .. E? Q Richordson i' - Vvllvq L' V .if ix is 3 Davis ,e e 1 1 it . 'se e CO'b"f ee Evans mee' I ' 'A P""'C"d Schmdef A i g f A Mullenix Geraldine Galleher Home Room-Fourth and Fifth grades College- Miami University Years taught-lO Home-Mt. Gilead Taught last-Edison Edna Denman Home Room-Fifth College-Ohio University Years taught-5 Home-Mt. Gilead Taught last-Chesterville She was a member of the WACS for sixteen months Came to Mt. Gilead- 1945 William Russel Jarrett Home Room-Sixth grade College-O.S.U., Marietta Degrees-A.B., M.A. Years taught-19 Home-Worthington, O. Taught last-White Pleasant Came to Mt. Gilead- 1945 Q 'W' tfi, 4.-Q tQ2-: . A Cover iw. Case Bush Ault Mitchell Osborne Schrader Baker Moody O'Hearn Pursley Krallman Kidwell Messenger Slocum Ireland Hershner Taylor Shipley Detwiler Miller Brown ing Ca rsner Cooper Osborn Stephens Wigton Nesbitt Wolcott Meckley Bachelder Davis Davis McKee Lancaster Sullivan Shroll Neptune Noble V Hobson Staley McQuistion Doty Wairiems Pollard Roach Lartum Stockdale Corbitt Hershner . . i.ii . . . , 1 -We 'X Q ' , Q W ' .e. - --1555 al' J ids , .. .. , 4, f-1 1 F sie 2 51 . ,f W iyi, 4? 1. ,,..,, ,A . . 'Es-G .af via Na -kfk V W W ,,'. . . . .. .... ,, - QR 1 J. We 1 ig... . xxfgggr 1, 1. ,rxx ,.. if My ,. i 'i-' Elf i i ' 4 5 ' mil 5 1 -. is rr H .. VT Q1 H: .Ev .5 .it . .tw . N 1. , Y. . H Q F-1 A is .mi , gs .. . Se ite ' 5i1t--f,.- . . yah wg, . 2. i ff ' J, fl .2 ' . ' 'fx'-, , " itilllatg ,W 'ff .M S 'tif if ci. T' In-V ' , fel A V i. jourfd Mabel Cunningham Home Room-Third grade College-Kent and O.S.U. Years taught-20 Home-Mt. Gilead Taught last-Fulton Grace Leontine Oatman Home Room-Fourth College-VVittenberg Degree-Elementary teaching Years taught-8 Home-St. Louisville, O. Taught last-Critic teacher at Otterbein Came to Mt. Gilead- 1945 Bernice Marie Richardson Home Room-Sixth College-Wittenberg Years taught-13 Home-Mt. Gilead Taught last-.lohnsville Came to Mt. Gilead- 1943 1' .-, ,,., .M H. :,......, ,A . u.:.,... .. ,,.....,,. Us 1 Q 6 . gift i . is " my 'Gs 1 3 f g .. .4 f e - - ir-sf - ff : ' lee 'ifi nt Wifieftfeifi . .... . Je ew: 1- If -1 'li - .y . iifg iif. iff i': f- i I . . . ,gi J . ' STTQ QQ. 5 Q . . 'ifffvfez i Rs. 53152. 1 . ?fM'l,-3' 'E' Wt . ..... . . . .. N44 1 .ft .ts tag 2 fi..-. 51 ,gf:11,ga,. ,., LN K .if X !.. 4 5 G . 1 1 4 1 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 - 1 3 i f i 1 1 ei ' 1 l - l 4 1 5 1 . 4 1 i 19 . . E gg. Q I V3 rg'4l2F '35 ggiliim eye. x P J igge F 'P at Q :gigs Q s.Qf ff. 1 'X J 1.325 35 K yst?i?2 Hwqwweewg eyief i 45. ., ill LE! awww Sig? fu' i1,2f4"' . as , Q., Q, lit Blige fait. tm., eden .Lg . 2, QP' .FA l ,J-Qigfs to X . ,sf A I- I G my -A s-' J.. grits, ' 1 45 'Q ' :: :1?2 '15iiaLQLi?iF1E " ..2e.,-:- sz-. His. S'- Tggglw .seeeEe' ..:,. 3 AA gig? te' I K fix! ig if be if es 1. k,,Vk - ,gl F, ...,. 5 finish , Z - f--, .. fi ,1 Ref? i is V ,S 2, le , QQ sw, by '65 s T Q, ta. , 3325 Q - 1 ' -.1'- W, , 4 Q 55 .T Xiu 1 , 1 .1 -R. in i t ME? ., WN, .,,:.,....euam. , -521 425 : . ,. mm 3-gli' , 3 1 ,A of M 131 Q 1 is T X on 1-2,5215-1:2 .A 5 sfgmwe' 7 'f i '7 -I ggi iss? ' . Q 'EX his ' in K tr 5 2 il lil? Qin' sm-.g tee lv vs, E S .- el , lyme '- . 1 32 wt sgggff lr, KY 'f .i 5 '55-fi' KE .1 ' 3.:'53.':iQE:Fw 'ti' ' si " x wg Q r th Ag , .j'3f.: . ,Queeg an F13 JH fi NK Ke 1 ...fs if .. A f as W9 iw ew-5-Q .- - --wil , gf. em 4 , vs5,,Y.s1 X31 JS? 9335.1 . ji ..,.. ,,,. A 1 ,.vv. I - L Mfg,-131' . :iii , egg' wg veggie ,, 35, . - , Zrg.i5fg35,, Q ith? ' A. gs , 5 af 5,L l Q I. . -. S ' A . gif! fi? ik ee L' xi ' L g is QA ....,. . 1 ',., 2 fy 1 is W i. We Mfislg , .,, gm, V -. 2 ' ww . ...I .V tis: fat. -. 5 F J- iw? Ever ls J .v Qi W ,H f s f' .e 2, cigar w i ll i til - gl S Q H Q5 7? v it 'Y L Q if in we 2 Sipes Phillips Beck Kueeran West Rider Hoffmire Sterritt Andrews Townsend Stewa rt Kerr Brown Sm ith Powel I Clevenger Rinehart Johnson Jolley McKee Ireland Fritz Barson MoQuistion Armstrong Lanum Belt Crouse Stockdale Powers Fosnaugh Coning Rathburn Shaw Smith Sadler Zimmerman Brown Brown Weaver Mosher Brennaman Park Boyd McPeek Osborn Shipley Evans Scheetz Perry Brown Hecker Davis Pursley Bending Andrews Arnold Johnson Gattshall Campbell McKirgan Hobson Sheetz Detwiler Nesbitt 3,-in .. , , . T K Q 'ZH W 4 ,ii W :av - "'.l' fish x.w I -if fair 1 si ti Q fe. 'ligne .. . . .. I A. . 'img SSL l ' w ig .. i ,H, Q5 'flgig f::Z"l?1::. 1 F " Wit. Ilif . -- ,... EEEEQEE? M K ,,. 1 5 Y i as We l 5 vii 5 if sr M A ii , Q 1 .ii Q vf 1 ... es? f ,mmf wiw -e 5 ..., 1 :.: ,fig-, :ni-V3.5 me ., .-- 1 asf, wigs it Q :E.'IEf:I ::di:If'E :sift-i 5 .,. X' l f Rims? 1 . fm X .gwoegg figs? A.yE5.sai..s :aa.1.935g ',Qu-1 .1, ,gmiwiii f eeaeeasam iv v 1 time i- x if .ff i NJ' 1 tv: es: V - .... N -- :wi S .. EXWMEG 1 'S-. 1 fig s 4.1, 3' vi . Mg li? if i tease -.,.. . x,... Q i' - st 1 .,. 5 , S .,..... ii s 'U E e is Te 1 5, S- meg 3322 4 iw. 'S E? st. 23533 eeeegf 1 1 -.Jr : ,, an ii 6, -Wi-15, , iiiffv - f' tiger.. Thelma Lewis Home Room-Second grade College-Kent State Years taught--nine Home-Edison Taught last-Summit Co. Came to Mt. Gilead-l 943 sw,-ira! giucfe emma! gmc! 1' l I . ff r 1 'F5.ZE:?:5siPsa i , i 1. m f' 7 f A 1 , .3 V , - 4 K -,,,, A S" - P ,,. - - M wir awww 1 'T 1-::. -2 U ,, 1. 1' vision fever : . :Pi f ew 1 ., A at sts' iwwmygiff wsiicif , .. N 92 ij: ' it H' B 'ij ' J. i s - . . ., i X ' aif l lln ' - Q, T, W. . ' 'm-. . - . . ff tiifi' ,.. - . -5 l - iii J : ' G' A - L A LL" f . l t , f Y f wW,o'Mi. -WWQ 14.5 l V ' Wx '. i 'L - -' ff' 'ff 1 A 'Z 5, Q , , ' in uf , r A 3. ff . -"L H , -1 ., 1.3.1-3.' 1 ' Qggjf sfgoi -.--twin' 2 . , - 31-5 - '- iL.g,gmg5 ,i Martha H. Vaughn so ' Home Room-Second Egg, Qfflde iii 'a College-Marion, O.S.U., Bowling Green 1 Years taught-I4 Home-Mt. Gilead ' Taught last-Marengo Came to Mt. Gilead- l94l econ gina e Halbert Powers Cruickshank Newson Wagner Cardwell Matthews Turner Vaughan Shipman Hegel Bendle Carr-ier Merriman Ernst Thomas Fricke Jones Shaffer Ault Dumbaugh Staiger Dobbins Squires Germaine Spriggs Baldwin Harris Rutherford Denton Truax Phipps .- Cooper Roller Wiseman Vaughan Howard Lemley Mayhew Brown Wood Hotfmire Zentler Mullenix Ault Sipes Kidwell Detwiler Chilcote Sipes Ward Fairchild Wright Harden Townsend Johnson Scott Case Davis Rogers Braden Ireland Pursley Miller' Geiger Jackson Garver Rengert Halbert Hull Fisher Hill Jolley Smith Chubb Campbell Patten Holtrey Baker McQuistion Swartwood Detwiler Wigton Nesbitt Burson Meckley Armstrong Holtrey 4 .N J K: V . .1 P 151 giiy. .t mg.-in 'ws-Z'. i, '-1 .-'gh T U,-5 ,, 1, ' L'-z E55 ' ,NL,J" s s T . it tii, .. L fi agile. 1 1 2- 552-Qs 1 ,H -1- 2 V' se 2 t N? Ali i . ffnfil . .. 25" -T st H .1 ii? , Q. , W-.46 .-3, at 4,995 ..--Q xi I r . ,Sf . .I 1? ' , ,. -: L? P . 4,,un3,e.,q1 ga ggi-as - ' fi igigf .ii - -Q..,.., . -ff.. 13 f vt: . . .M E. - 0 w,MQ Nggms in .zo-"5 c we c. gg mix. M , l v E. , H35 , .. 0 , y : . if wx, .. A x , 4 Q . s 2. .L N., K W if A 15 it Q x s F 'gi I ' 1 I bio'. f I i t. tags, .. 3 . mga ' V 'A 7 Q- Q fl 2 .. ,i " xii f , s ,. J , " i--. gi 4, sf, 1 .. jf-X, .,....TM ff we ' iii' fag.-E G, -, wk . geo . I . :eff . 'Y' J giff1s:.2Z. is- ' hiv 1 - . - .gist yawn' ' . P-'E ifvffli ' A . ,,::,:: zqffix - QI 'V' , K 2. , A Qgghwg. I- . sv a,.w+.. f ' ,,.. . 1.1 f. , 'T ' w if? "im1i ' - --'T 5 '1 - iz L Fx , 7 v V 4 r. g,7g,i.7. --:' w.i,2 ,,.. 2 ., f'QxRwwEiw5 .2E' wiQ4wwv 53 W . -P W., - -. Tw : 'W g',' we Wa.. 'am inf? wdaib swf? 'fda to QWEQQ. ,. , ' ' . in g a. K 0 H .+ii21l:. 2wfs2'2bw1 LB J ' Wf !fQif. 3? ef' L Wwwwwwwi 'I ' L Elisa., P ':. ,t p 5 V i In e Katharine Brooks Bessie NE. Beckley Krallman Home Room-First grade College-O.S.U, Degree-B.Sc. in Ed. Years taught--lO Home-Mt. Gilead Taught last--Johnsville Came to Mt. Gilead- .l94l Home Room-First Grade College-Ashland Years taught-38 Home-Mt. Gilead Taught last-Cardington Came to Mt. Gilead- , 1922 V 21 ..c..,, .-.M4 r r A. Meckley G. Shaw M. Staiger L. Whitaker T. Case W. Fricke J. Garver H. Gompf F. Glathart J. Shambaugh D. Neptune S. Osborne E. Poland M. Purcell M. Sadler P. Smeltz A. Spencer L. Staufter M. Sterritt . e ric ' R- Howard lfLWflfOI" L OLP' J. Lancaster D McClelland D Osborne B. McManus V. Powers B. Geyer I B. Bachelder B, Winkler J. Roller J. McPeak J. Rathburn D. Hoffmire D. Clevenger R. Dunn E. Smith S.'Moler S. Road L. Keeran L. Foster D. Galleher B. Stiffler K. Mosher B. Staufter J. McCreary K. Gear D.iGear C. Chilcote N Foust K George . M. George M- Glofhoff 8Ifl'L9lfLt6lfl"y OH' D. Holtrey J. Johnson E. Klingel P. McCammon C. Smith D. Byrd K. Evans P. La Roche J. Leasure J. Mosher J. Wiseman B. Corbitt D. Holt-rey J. Mosher J. Potts J. Bush W. Ernst T. Hardman W. Lust R Hildebrand C Hord R Jagger D Meeker D. Nesbitt J. Phillips P. Purcell S. Shambaugh B. Williams P. Tennant N Sipe C. Thompson P. Tierney E. Wool D. Foster J. Fricke B. Hawkins H Keeran L. Vaughn H. Whiston J. Bachelder P. Galleher J. Geiger P. Hickman M. Higgins J. Lancaster T. McCreary N. Moshe: C. Shipley B. Rinehart B. Szalapato J. Townsend J. Andrews P. Detrow B. Geyer L. Hobbs D. Klingel President ............. ZVLZOI' Bob Hickson Vice President. ......... ........... G ene Foster Secretary ................... ..... B everly Myers Assistant Secretary ......... ..........,.... L olita Linn Advertising Manager ...... ..... Historian ................... .Nelson Campbell .......-.lris Jackson Uniform Custodian ...... .......... R ichard Hart Equipment Manager- Librarian ................... Assistant Librarian... Student Director ....... ...Joe Schoonover ......-..Betty Flavin .-.-..........-..--........Francis Higgins ....c.............-....-...Neal Robertson The band appeared at all home football and basketball games of the season. lt attended a night football game at Marion St. Mary's and gave an impressive performance during the half. Approximately S200 was earned for the music fund by holding a tag band concert downtown last fall. The presentation of the Spring concert climaxed the year's Band activities. Zim MEMBERS Joe Schoonover Anna Mary Ward Betty Flavin Lorna Noblet MarcelinelAddison Dick Mosher Neal Robertson Belinda Stauffer Phillip' Linder Jeanne McPeak Martha Higgins Francis Higgins Milton Hoffmire Dale Hartpence Galen Howard Margaret Bachelder Barbara Foster Billy La Roche Dick Osborne Lolita Linn Wilma Meeker Richard Hart Dale McClelland Alvin lrons Beverly Myers Howard Gompf Bob Hickson lris Jackson Gay Klingel Don Galleher Nelson Campbell Gene Foster Quentin Moody Roy Roller Bill Taylor Dick Campbell David McCarty Sue Westbrook Elaine Pinyerd I WLM? The Swing Band en- joyed a busy year. As a young band composed mainly of freshmen, sophomores, and one eighth grader, not be- littling the couple of Seniors, of course, this organization should have quite a future. As a whole the student body has given them full support and a little encouragement has never hurt anyone. Of course, it isn't a Glenn Miller or T. Dorsey out- 8l"I4'LH,lQf gill, Our German Band has filled one engagement after another. At each appearance "The Hungry Five" received multiple requests to appear else- where. A Mount Gilead organization has offered to buy white uniforms and sponsor these boys at sales, etc. next summer. Mr. Johnston, Milton Hoffmire, Nelson Campbell, Dick Hart, Joe Schoonover. 'J EW' Quartet The quartet has a style that is strictly its own. Of course, you'll say that it is stolen from the "Gay Nineties," but we love it. There is nothing that pulls on the heart-strings more than the close harmony of four derby-laden gentlemen. Mr. Johnston, Bill Taylor, Neal Robertson, Nelson Campbell.. ZZW! fit as yet, but when the smooth strains of -their theme song, "Mood lndigo" waft through the .gymnasium we get a warm feeling in our hearts. Milton Hoffmire Dale Hartpence Bill Taylor Bob Hickson Mr. Johnston Dick Hart Joe Schoonover g Neal Robertson Dale'McClelIand Marceline Addison 1546! Queen M! jug BASKETBALL QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS STUDENT COUNCIL DANCE, NOVEMBER 16. 1945 ' SECOND ROW: D. Hartpence, K. Williams, J. Millard, J. Dix. FIRST ROW: R. Lancaster, W. Taylor, D. Tennant, R. Campbell, Q, Moody. lliamify It looked as it Coach D. B. Noble had another championship I The three high point men for the Indians are Don team as Mt. Gilead started the season by taking six straight Tennant-I 72, Bob Lancaster--I 29, and Dick Campbell games. All games were won by margins of I9 to 28 points, except Iberia, which pressed Mt. Gilead to a 57 to 49 score. Since Christmas the Indians won three and lost six games. Mount Gilead seemed to hit their stride February I, against a good Marysville team. The game was lost by a score ot 53 to 5I in a double overtime. In the Mid State League, Mt. Gilead has a record of I won 5 lost, winning from Richwood once, losing to Marion St.-Mary's and Marysville twice. High School Tournament Mount Gilead ,.,,........,,,,,,,,,...,,.. 40 Ostrander ..............,.., .....,...,.,. 3 7 Coach D. B. Noble Mount Gilead -,------ -,-,-----,--- 2 4 Cardington .,.,....,..,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 25 Freshman Tournament Mount Gilead ........,,,,,.,,.,,.......,. 40 Mechanicsburg ..,.,., ....,,,..... I I Mount Gilead ......... ..... 2 O Marysville ,,.,.,,,,,, ,,,,, I 9 Mount Gilead ..,........,.....,,.,.....,. I6 Delaware ......,......................,.... I 5 The standing in the League is: Marysville Marion St. Mary's Richwood Mt. Gilead --93. Amity ....... Iberia .......... Cardington ..... Crestline ......... Chesterville ..... Edison .......... Claridon ........ BASKETBALL SCORES Mt. Gilead. ......49 Mt. Gilead. -.....26 Mt. Gilead. ..-...26 Mt. Gilead. ...-.-25 Mt. Gilead. ......22 Mt. Gilead. ......43 Mt. Gilead. Marysville ............. ...... 4 6 Mt. Gilead. Edison ............................ 22 Mt. Gilead. Marion St. Marys ............ 55 Mt. Gilead. Crestline ........................ 32 Mt. Gilead. Richwood ..... ....... 4 8 Mt.Gilead. Cardington ..... ...... 4 2 Mt. Gilead. Marysville ....... ...... 5 3 Mt. Gilead. Johnsville ............ ...... 4 6 Mt. Gilead. Alumni-Veteran ............ 48 Mt. Gilead. Marion St, Marys ............ 54 Mt. Gilead. Richwood ...................... 47 Mt. Gilead Won-Eleven Lost-Seven Quentin Moody Weight-125 Age-l8 Height-5' IO" Yeors Football-l Years Basketball-3 Dick Campbell Age-l 6 Junior Dix Weight-l5O Age-16 Height-5' lO" Years Basketball-l weight.-160 Height-5' 9" Years Football-2 Years Basketball--3 f Don Tennant A Bill Taylor Weight-155 Weight--178 Age-l 8 Age--l 6 Height-5' I l" Height--5' Years Footbal I-3 Yeors Basketball-3 Years Football-4 Years Basketball-4 Bob Lancaster Weight-178 Age-I7 Height-6' 1" Years Football--3 l Years Basketball-2 Aldine Fry Kenneth Williams Jim Millard e Dale Hartpence Weight-155 Weight-150 Weight-140 Age-I 8 Age-17 Age-l 7 Height-6' iq" Height-6' Height-5' 6" Years Basketball-2 Yeors Football-3 Years Football-4 Years Basketball-3 Years Basketball-3 4. uardifg BACK ROW: G, Lust, Rf Roller, M. Hardman, L. Burnell, C. Crawford, R. Hart B. Kelly. . FIRST ROW: Coach R. King, E. Galleher, Foster, J. West, J. Tennant, N Campbell. 6AeerAao!er5 J. West, J. Clinage, A. Fry, J. Clinage, J. West. zfmior jguacf BACK ROW: D. Hard, D. McClelland, B. McLain, D. Galleher, A. Irons. FIRST ROW: J. Lancaster, D. McClarren, G. Klingle, D. McCarty, W. Decker f-W 1 KD 1 .....M..... THIRD ROW: R. Roller, D. Shipley, A. lrons, C. Crawford, M. Hardman, D. McCarty, M. Phillips, R. Campbell, J. West, L. Burnell. SECOND ROW: P. Dye, G. Klingle, K. Kimmey, H. Phillips, J. Tennant, N. Campbell, W. Taylor, E. Galleher. FIRST ROW: Coach R. King, W. Turner, R. Lancaster. G. Jones, D. Phillips, D. Tennant, J. Millard, D. Hartpence FOOTBALL SCORES Mt. Gilead ....... ........... O Crestline O Mt. Gilead ....... ..... O Carey ............ ...... 3 2 Mt. Gilead ....... ..... O Richwood ...... ...... 2 O Mt. Gilead ....... O Danville ..... ..... . 5l Mt. Gilead ....... ..... 6 St. Marys ...... ...... 3 3 Mt. Gilead ....... ..... 6 Bellville ........ ...... l 9 Mt. Gilead ....... ..... 6 Marysville ............... ........ 2 6 Mt. Gilead .......................... O Fredericktown .................... 26 Won-O Lost-7 Tied-l Our football season couldn't be called a success, but the team worked hard all the way. The Indians had a new coach, Richard King, who came from Fredericktown High School. He had tour weeks in which to organize the team for the Crestline game, which ended with both teams tied. lt looked as if we might have a good team, but due to injuries and lack of replacements the squad was unable to gain a victory the rest of the season. The outlook for next year is bright because many Freshmen and Sophomores gained needed experience this year. This should make them a winning team in the future. SENIORS SECOND ROW: W. Turner, R. Lancaster, J. Millard, D. Hartpence FIRST ROW: D. Phillips, G. Jones, D. Tennant. ... ., .. .. -. ................-P -V-, --- -- - if . ef? ss 2 s f W ,IZ- -. . .. iss- .wsfiefv ' -' , 1 W . ,,i"3'.' A 5. Wk. .w- 1" ' lien K HI-Y OFFICERS Bob Hickson President . A. Irons Phil Dye A. Irons Vice President R. Campbell Quentin Moody M. Phillips Secretary W. Taylor Dean Phillips J. Loren Treasurer D. Hartpence Brooks Dawson R. Roller Chaplain J. Schoonover James Millard R. Hart Reporter N. Campbell DeWitt C. Nicholson D. Shipley Faculty Advisor E. Galleher Each year the Hi-Y Club chooses a project which will be of benefit to both school and community. The main service project for this year was the free distribution of pocket size folders of the i945- l946 basketball schedule. The club also included several social events on its calendar during the current year. They were: a Hi-Y - Girl Reserves party, a Valentine Dance, and a Spring Dance. MEMBERS N. Robertson C. Crawford On Good Friday the club members co-operated with the Girl Reserves in the presentation of the annual Easter assembly. The group was active in the State and District Hi-Y Fellowship. Robert Hickson was secretary of District 9. Mt. Gilead was represented at Camp Nelson Dodd, the Hi-Y camp, and at all State and District Conferences. "1 " ' 'W Ei5Y?Q2?.1t?f1?i?fH525LW 'Mfii in --" -f ., - W ,gal G F E, J ffl? ' EEE 1 ,sw f-'Lyn ii L ' ,,ii.iQ,fs.f2igM . K. is ia 8.'58l"l!85 OFFICERS Dianne Howard President Marian Mellott Vice President Glenna Neptune Secretary-Treasurer Advisors: Miss Simpson Miss West MEMBERS I945-46 B. Ackerman M. Bachelder B. Flavin A. Fry I. Galleher G. Hardman l. Jackson P. James V. James L. Linn S. Powell B. Sipe A. Ward N. Wiseman B. Burns R. Geyer H. Hack C. Irons L. Johnson M. Jones D. Meeker' B. Meyers P. Nesbitt D. Osborn J. Parks D. Peoples E. Pinyerd W. Turner J. West J. West H. Arnold M. Bachelder K. Bennington R. Bonham D. Burnell C. Burroughs J. Clinage J. Clinage M. Curren D. Detrow H. Galleher L. George E. Glathart V. Harden F. Higgins A. Johnson B. Loren O. McLain L. Noblett E. O'Shaughnessy' J. Parks E. Shipman B. Shoewalter S. Westbrook With the pleasant memories of the formal dance, which climaxed the social activities of the last year, the Girl Reserves began another busy season. The club has reached its highest membership this year. In November twenty-nine girls became members through informal initiation in the audi- torium and formal initiation at the Baptist Church. For financing the organization, the members col- lected sales tax stamps, sold basketball pencils, Christmas and occasional cards. The Girl Reserves .contributed to the lnfantile Paralysis and the Red Cross funds. During the Christmas season the Girl Reserves decorated the corridor with greenery and carolled in the halls. Mrs, Lorin Beck of Galion reviewed a book at the Christmas Tea held in the honor of the Alumni. The members participated in the National Girl Reserve Week in February. One of the various activities was attendance at church services. ln co-operation with the Hi-Y, the girls presented a religious assembly at Easter. The annual Mother- Daughter party was the highlight of April. Two formal parties-the Senior Garden party and the Commencement dance-closed the activities of the year. "'- T' "" . - :.Q "::,,: ii! --2.fIi'f '--..- me-1 " - Fei we Kgs ' 4 J 08: ,igwi wg fs, .. I i Q A XA A ga , .... J ...,z. W ' 'fm x P' ' it 'si " ls Q 5- EP.. .. .. it , Wi"-- '. M . Sl F.F.A. OFFICERS Howard Gompf President Dale,Hartpence Vice President Jesse West Secretary Gene Foster Treasurer Gene Lust Reporter MEMBERS Frank Phillips Harry Williams Ralph Davis Hugh Wrhel Gaines Rinehart James Miller Dale McClarren Curtis Rhodes Richard Kitts William La Roche Loyal Shaw , The F.F.A., headed by Mr. R. S. Beard, has had a very active schedule the past year. ln September the officers of the group went to Cardington to the Officers Training School, where they learned their duties for the office they held. The Greenhand Initiation was held at the November meeting with eight members being initiated. ln the county pest hunt, which was held during December and January, Mt. Gilead was in second place. On January 30 Mt. Gilead was host to Parliamentary Procedure and Public Speaking Contests. Mt. Gilead rated sec- ond place in the Parliamentary Procedure and, Dale Hartpence was awarded a gold medal for winning first place in Public Speaking contests. Howard Gompf, Dale Hartpence, Jesse West, Gene Foster, Gene Lust, Frank Phillips, Hugh Wrhel, In remembrance of John Whitaker, class of l949, whose sudden death oc- curred on December 30. John's faithful service in F.F.A., Band, and Choir will long be remembered by the school. Gaines Rinehart, and James Miller made up the Parliamentary Procedure Team. Other activities included: The manager of the Farm Bureau as speaker at the February meeting, a County Basketball tournament between F.F.A. Chapters in March, a Parents and Sons Banquet in April, and election of new officers in May. For June the boys have planned a swim- ming party. In July they will attend the F.F.A. camp, which is held near New Philadelphia. Their year will be completed by the slcrowing of their projects at the county fair. aww? ,.s. ta " ':. 2, - ' .. Willamine Burns Donabel Chilcote Wanda Coning Dorothy Curren Barbara Foster Orpha Hedrick Mary Jane Hook Elnora Heimlich Lila Koon Myrtle Martin - Nancy Parks Janet Reel Waneta Shaw Mary Ann Tennant Beverly Wiseman Violet Smith Helen Arnold Margaret Bachelder Ruth Ella Bonham Dorothy Burnell Barbara Callahan Mary Curren Helen Jane Galleher Eileen Gompf Velma Harden Barbara Loren Rosalie Mossburg Jane Park Eloise Shipman .A.LA.........4. .,. ,-.. . F.H.A. OFFICERS Lolita Linn President Margaret Sheehe Vice President Elizabeth O'Shaughnessy Secretary Luella George Treasurer Patty James ' Parliamentarian Velma James Reporter Roberta Geyer Historian Bernadine Burns Alclene Coykendall Doris Fate Hazel Hack Carroll Irons Luelda Johnson Dolores Meeker Marian Mellott Joan Park Doris Peoples Sheila Powell Wanda Turner Jean Trainer Beth Ackerman Rheta Coning Aldine Fry lrene Galleher Gloria Hardman Marvene Hershner Iris Jackson Joan Miley Lula Snavely Betty Sipe Helen Ullom Norma Wiseman The activities of the Future Homemakers of America of i945-46 have varied. As most clubs, they started out the year with a formal and informal initiation for 23 new members. ln January the first and second degrees were given to the Fresh- man and Sophomore girls. At that meet- ing the Club presented Mrs. Edward Liet- wiler a gift. She resigned soon after- ward. One of the ways the Club raised money was serving refreshments at the H.P.M. Party in November. The F.H.A. also sponsored the annual Christmas Dance following the Chesterville-Mt. Gilead basketball game. A Social Activity the Club had this year was an F.H.A. and F.F.A. Hallowe'en Party with the F.F.A. acting as hosts. A guest speaker for one of the meet- ings was Mrs. Charles Matti, a Missionary from China. She and her husband were recently planning to return to China. The' Mt. Gilead F.H.A. Officers were hostesses to the Regional Officers in November. The State Advisor was there and officers were elected for the Region. As one of the F.H.A. projects, the girls packed Christmas boxes and sent them to the children in foreign countries. Among other things, the F.H.A. is planning a Mothers' Tea. The third and fourth degrees are to be given to Juniors and Seniors who qualify this Spring. The Club is expecting to buy some furniture to improve 'the Home Economics room. A social event the girls are planning is a party at the close of the year for the Seniors. At that time they will elect officers for the following year. Mrs. Edward Lietwiler 35 OFFICERS Dean Phillips President Dale Hartpence Vice President Eloise Shipman Secretary , MEMBERS Maxine Bachelder Joe Brown Bill Taylor Doris Peoples Nelson Campbell Gay Klingle Lilo Koon Forest Glathart Martha Higgins P The Student Council had charge of the student government activities The f 3 C special activities sponsored by the Student Council included a March of ' Dimes Dance to raise money for the county campaign and the organization fu' of-a Junior Red Cross Chapter in both the Elementary and High School The Gong Staff edited six issues this year. The issues contained lists of honor students, and news of sports, assembly programs, clubs, the elementary f school, original stories, and the "Snooper," or gossip column. Q Carroll lrons drewnthe illustrations for the covers. STAFF Editor .............. Glenna Neptune Asst. Editor ........ Dianne Howard Art Editor .............. Carroll lrons Literary Editor ........ Betty Flavin Sports Editor ............ Jim Millard Feature Editors-Beverly Myers, Marvene Hershner, Anna Mary Ward Clubs .......,......,..... Rheta Coning .Music .,.................. lris Jackson Grade News .......... Velma James Bus. Mgr ....... Maxine Bachelder Sales Staff--Joe Brown, Neal Robertson, Don Tennant, Bill Turner, Betty Shoewalter, Betty Sipe, Eugene Galleher, Roy Roller Faculty News .......... Bob Hickson Snoopers ..........,. Jock and o Jill Typists-Patty James, Lolita Linn, Rosemary Kingman, Lula Snavely Faculty Advisors. ..... Eloise Hard D. B. Noble Ofice Jew Mrs. Musselman Maryene Hershner Lolita Linn Dianne Howard Dean Phillips Beth Ackerman Carroll lrons Dorothy Osborn Juanita Lamson Brooks Dawson Velma James ' Rose Mary Kingman Glenna Neptune 'W W CAL Lawrence Burnell Richard Campbell Nelson Campbell Eugene Galleher Dale Hartpence Gene Jones Kenneth Kimmey Gay Klingel Bob Lancaster Jim Millard Dean Phillips Bill Taylor Don Tennant John Tennant Kenneth Williams Jesse West Quentin Moody William Turner John Loren Harold Phillips Coaches Richard King D. B. Noble zfufufor pfay Cami Dick Campbell Jean Trainer Phil Dye Hazel Hack Beverly Myers Jesse West Marshall Phillips Doris Peoples Bill Taylor Mary Phyllis Jones Roberta Geyer Dorothy Osborn Marian Mellott Carroll Irons Advisors Richard Johnston Helen West Editor Bob Hickson Assistant Editors Dean Phillips Brooks Dawson Business Manager 5' Sales Anna Ward, Chairman Betty Sipe Lula Snavely Velma James Marvene Hershner Robert Williams Don Tennant William Turner John Loren Sports Editor Dale Hartpence, Chairman Jim Millard Bob Lancaster Dick Edgell Society Editor Norma Wiseman, Chairman Gloria Hardman Neal Robertson Picture Editor Joe Brown, Chairman Jo Ann Miley Aldine Fry Irene Galleher Allen lrons Charles Mosher Rose Mary Kingman Sheila Powell Maxine Bachelder Art Editor lris Jackson Advertising Quentin Moody, Chairman Dean Phillips Gene Jones Typists Dianne' Howard, Chairman Rheta Coning Lolita Linn Patty James Glenna Neptune Proof Reader Betty Flavin, Chairman Beth Ackerman Juanita Lamson Dear Subscriber, l wish to express my appreciation to you for your purchase of this year's annual, and l hope that you may enjoy and value it. I extend my most sincere thanks to Mr. Mussel- man for his guidance. To the assistant editors, Brooks Dawson and Dean Phillips, manylthanks are due. To the committee chairmen and the entire staff l give the credit and honor, as well as my whole hearted thanks for their loyalty and support. To those who aided us financially by advertisements, we express our gratitude and appreciation. l hope that the Mizpah staff, composed of the entire class of l9-46, haspresented an annual which you will long remember. Editor "Farewelll Farewell! ' . Comrades true, born anew, peace to youl , Your souls shall be where the heroes are And your memory shine like the morning-star Brave and dear, Shield us here. Farewell l" l -loyce Kilmer ....,-,.., Q.,,a.5L,,,.,,.L.,,.....,.aa....gL ,..-.Qg..,s,. ,AM 12537 'fy ,W k,,W,W,,?,:,.., if W. M.. M M ,. f f Q " ,, ig, 1 ' L -Em-gas' My 1- gg? V 1 , 4222, .' I K K, ' , ':: '. fi? Riu: v ., .V ., -wh w 1 .'ffE5: f, I ' ' M032 N A , N f mm 11' -N. ss- 1 2 Q J ww ,- , -- wx ff 0 ,1 i ..,, f,:gf:fg-ff-,Q.:,g, V . ay-L K --Vv V: 1- xwffsw1-:z.-- wa:-2: . 2.15 f 5 , if ., :azz 'u y YV- MWZWQQQS, . .,,fI,-7 , ,-l,: . W , , gg Y , , -Q , - V mg ' Qrffgwy -f' .. K K r A 1 --3 g f J "Z.,, ,I - Q' Y 'ff '::. 1 A Qlsg 7 ' Q by ' ' -V " " H ff' ,L 'ii lk A. - W,-L 1 .Ei:. N .6 M 1 -':V , -V1.. ,K I ALY' CONGRATULATIONS TO THEX CLASS OF "46" Frank Spencer S Leonard jones Compliments ot The UN10Ng PQWER WHQIIBI' BI'0IIlBI'S CIHVIPANY FRIGIDAIRE BUILDING MATERIAL Ranges - Refrigerators and THQR Hot Point Electrical Appliances Washers - Ironers - Phone 98 Frigidaire are makers of Ranges and - Refrigerators, MT. C-ILEAD, OHIO Thor are makers of Washers, and Ironers COMPLIMENTS of lIlllVlPBELL llllTU SUPPLY MT. cu.EAn . WISE ARE THEY WHO BUY -AT SAVINGS- Full of Smiles Pointing the Way To Greater Savings For the Whole Family! THE UNION STIIBE FOR GOOD FOOD 3-R's TAVERN Mary and Chris Glitsch Managers INVITE YOU UBETZ FLUBIST I "Say lt With Flowers" Mt. Gilead Phone 226 PATRONIZE YOUR o W N B U SIN E 5 S Monkow co. FARM BUREAU co-or Mt. Gilead, Ohio "Homes of Character are the Basic Foundation of America" Especially is this true of FARM HOMES H. FLOYD CRING Realtor WE WISH TO CONCRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1946 FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS ALSO WE WISH TO THANK THE PEOPLE OF MORROW COUNTY FOR THEIR PAST PATRONACE MR. AND MARS. EBECK 7 CMM .IE W E L E RS Famous for Diamonds G Watches GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 50C to 52,500 Marion, Ohio 5 5 ffm' . 4:07121 ,,.,.,, Q I-M 1 -an AULT MOTOR SALES Phone 130 144 S. Main St. GENERAL REPAIRING 24 Hour Towing Service , 2 .,.. . .,..,Qi..,,...,gI...L- ll FRIEND MAST'S SHOE REPAIR Wear-U-Well Shoes Cr Boots For The Entire Family 35 S. Main Mt. Gilead Phone 53 Compliments of C. D. OSBORN Compliments of FLORENCE HOUSEBERG jeweler 48 S. Main Mt. Gilead Compliments ot' R. BENNINGTON lACK'S TEXACO STATION Tires - Batteries - Accessories Lubrication Marvin Levings, Mgr. Compliments of CORWlN'S GULF STATION Phone l34 MT. C-l LE AD Compliments of Mt. Gilead Bakery Compliments of LUUIS USBUHN'S MARKET Phone 105 Mt. Gilead Don't Guess - Be Sure Compliments of C 0 0 K 'CHN WMATHEWS ELECTRICALLY DiSmb"'fO' of FLAMELESS HEAT Gulf on Products is Ask About Our TIRES rf BATTERIES FU'U'iIDe'iVe'Y MT. GILEAD A MARION THE MARION RESERVE POWER CO 37 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead, O ,, ,W , A A ,, ,,-, .4 , ,,, ,W .-.g.,,..,,,,.......T,.....T.+ THE Mnmrnu HARDWARE HARDWARE FOR HARDIWEAR John Loren PLUMBING and HEATING n W. Hih "THE SENTINEL" If you want the best in P RIN TIN G' HARULD HETRICK'S Compliments of EIILLEHEH 81 TIIYLUR SHADY INN If R I E N D MT. CILEAD Phone - 221 L Compliments of T YLOR' RE TAURA Phone 174 Mt. Gilead Compliments THE BUCKEYE MILL of TUXEDO FEEDS H A N K,s C.e W L WoittXee Phone 2'I4 Shoe Repair Coffee Shop CHARLES CEYER Proprietor Mi. Gilead I7 N. Main Compliments of Compliments of UTHARD nn. w. M. Mcconmlclc DR. A. F. S0 Compliments of Compliments of HAFFENER'S DIME QSTORE SENTIERI'S MONUMENT si-lor Compliments of S. Main St. ART HUR W. AULT Mt. Gilead Ccjmplimenfs of Conqphnqentg of Dodge G Plymouth Dealers B U S Y B E E MYERS G' STRAIN SALESGSERVICE RESTAURANT West Center Mt. Gilead I3 5. Main MT. Gilead Compliments of CR VEN FURN A 'TUBE WHISTIIN'S QUALITY FURNITURE MARION, OHIO E 3 93 C Q -U 3 , z S :- -U g Z S 'I 2 2 'L 2 5 Z -3, I: F an 4 Q 5' 95 'l rn -4 I'I'I -I r'b0-W-l0mr'rn mn1nZb-I--rub -U 3' S In fb :I c I fg 5 ::I m 0 n :U m m 0 I 3 Z 1 I Q Q Y: 1: EIS' b m 7' . 'A " 2,5 qw Z n CJD I F? 2 m H 8 2 is 5 ' 3 W b 1 Q 1' ,rm I 0 V' .Z North Central Ohio's Largest and Most Complete Men's and Boy's Clothing Store Home of Famous Brands HART SCHAFFNER 6' MARX . . CLOTHCRAFT . . VARSITY1 TOWN . . UNDERC-RAD ALPAC-ORA . . ARROW . . WINGS . . DONICAL . . HICKOK . . SWANK . . INTERWOVEN . . HOLE- PROOF.. . COOPERS IOCKEY . '. LAMBKNIT . . RUC-BY . . MUNSINC-WEAR. . REIS SCANDANL. . CHENEY . . BOTONY . . SILVOLINE . . IERSILD . . BANTAIVIAC . . CROSBY SQUARE . . ROB-LEE . . SCHOBLE . . PLEETWAY . . BVD . . IANTZEN . . AND OTHERS ' ' Thrifty Folks Come From 40 Miles Around To NG STORE 1- MARION Fred shoewalfef Compliments of SINCI-AIR,lzE SERVICE MT. GILEAD ELECTRIC CO. Tires - Batteries - Accessories Your WESTINGHOUSE Dealer union e vane sfs. MT. CILEAD G. S- Granger . Compliments ot Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE WHITE HOUSE inMt.GiIead womenfs Wear 5, Accessories Member of Federal Reserve System and MT' GILEAD Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation Compliments of I C. I. VANATTA r Compliments of THE PEOPLES SAVING General Insurance B A N K C Q, Phone 419 Mr. Cilead, o. MT- CWEAD I Compliments of ' THOMPSON'S BARBER SHOP C0mPliments of Dry Cleaning Agency DR. PAUL REEL I - I Optometrist C. F. Mossman RADIO SALES Cr SERVICE Compliments of - A MORROW CREAMERY V DY E'S FOOD' MARKET Compliments of Charge Accounts Cl-Ill-CQTE'S WE DELIVER I Phone 29 B E A U T Y S H 0 P WATTS BROS. "MERRY BIRD" M O T 0 R S A L E S B E A U T Y S H 0 P Your Hudson Dealer GENERAL REPAIRINC Expert Beauty Work Body, Fender 6' Repainting Of All Kind L S ' ,O .-M B d, M , . Main Street Phone 412 ou tram pr ary yr gr MT. GH-EAD 20 N. Malh Sf. PI'l0ne 86 Clyde Caste SHERM CQNKLE'S CITY SERVICE STATION BARBER SHOP Car and Tire Repair "It Pays To Look Well" TAXI Phone 43X I5 North Main Street Compliments of A5 LEarhv1hrr'5 BUS SERVICE ' Phone I50 Compliments of 1 11 Compliments of A X SETHEL ELDER 1 Attorney-at-Law ifsfabkshed 'I 91-9 - IZO W.CENTER ST. "aMARION. OHIO. THE DIIMIUND STDHE 0F MHHIDN L , , 4 ' E l .arg M ASMAN'SS RENTUN AGENCY DRUG STURE CHARLES C. HICKSON MAX L. SMITH Compliments of SAIVIES R BURR HARDWARE HEATING SYSTEMS Congratulations to the Class of '46 The NleCermiek-Deering Store A Complete Line of Farm Machinery Dairy C1 Refrigeration Equipment C Hanna's Green Seal Paints TURNER SUPPLY COMPANY . R. C. Turner l Phone 350 Mt. Gilead, Ohio ee if ee ee COQKINC HEATING REFRICERATION HOT WATER THE FOUR STAR UTILITY The Uhie Fuel Gas Company C. V. Messenger, Mgr. lfglf "BRING-YOUR CAR UP TO STANDARD" UNION REGISTER W.lE. FLAVIN Morrow County's Plumbing Cr Heating First Newspaper Phone l25 Compliments of OHIO CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO. RUBBER G' ELECTRIC SALES CO. Youri Store 52 South Main Mt. Cuilead, Ohio Compliments of FATE COAL CO. Compliments of MATEER'S DRY CLEANING Phone SO Mt. Gilead, Ohio Quality Seed Produces Quantity Crops FIELD SEED-GARDEN SEED-LAWN SEED U. J. CUVER SEED lIUlVlPllNY G. G. DENTON' R. D. MT. GILEAD Phone 206 DENTON BURNER EUUD lVlllRllET L. E. Weaver 6' Elwood Shaffer GROCERIES - MEATS - FRKUITS - VEGETABLES PHONE 21 23 S. Main St. E Mt. Gilead Compliments of EURDUN R JAGEER Ford Motor Solos and Sorvioo Phone 75 R Mt. Gilead Since The Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Company was founded sixty-nine years ago, it has faithfully served the people of Morrow County. H-P-M employees, through their cooperative efforts, have seen the H-P-M Company grow from a very small concern to the world's largest builder of hydraulic presses. Many present H-P-M employees represent the second or third generation of their respective families who have worked at H-PlM. Such family loyalty is one of the keynotes to the success of the H-P-M Company. During the war, The Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Company was classified as Number l6 on America's list of essential war industries. With the combined efforts of all Morrow County citizens, H-P-M can maintain its enviable position as one of America's most essential industries, thereby insuring that Morrow County will continue to be the world's headquarters for hydraulic presses. THE HYDRAULIC PRESS MANUFACTURING COMPANY Mount Gilead, Ohio BEST WISI-IES TCD THE CLASS S QF S X46 THE NUHTH ELECTRIC MFE. CU GALION, OHIO mx ff. . f 4' 1 X I X I Q 14 1. m J ,- ., 1 5.1- s ,. x , , x x " A , W,. X .. 1 1' 11

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