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l 3 5 A 1 Y 5 1 5 E THE CAMERA RECCRDS The Year at Mt. Gilead High School in the Pages of the 1939 Mizp ah C mpiled and Edit d By CLASS OF 1939 Editor MAX DENTON Business Manager MARJORIE ASHBROOK A Record of the Year's Events and Activities as Recorded Via the Camera's Eye - - Published at Mt. Gilead High School, lVlt. Gilead, Ohio THE 1939 MIZPAI-I v THE MIZPAH STAFF ERE is hoping that you will enjoy our 1939 Miz- pah. We have put our best efforts into it for you. We wish to take this oppor- tunity to thank Mr. Shipman, our supervisor, for his hard work and his splendid cooper- ation. As editor, I wish to express my gratitude to all the Miz- pah staff memfbers, especially to Marjorie Ashbrook and Don Mateer,-Marjorie for her help and consideration and Don for his successful ad- vertising campaign. Editor. Top-L. to R.fWayne McClelland, Class Pres., Max Denton, Edi- torg Marjorie Ashbrook, Bus. Manager. Middle-Rosemary Ault, Max Craven, Wayne McClelland, Bonita Heacock, Don Dye, Rheta Corwin, Duane Taylor, Mr. Shipman, Richard Blayney, Marjorie Ashbrook, John England, Don Mateer. Bottom-Max Craven, Ass't. Advertising Manager, Don Dye, Ass't. Advertising Manager, Max Denton, Editor, Don Mateer, Advertising Manager. WE HONOR OUR COACH :KK W E, the Seniors of 1939, Wish to dedicate this book to Carl L. Hopkins, who has made a great impression on all of the persons with whom ' he has come in contact. He has commanded the love, respect, and admiration of all of the students of Mt. Gilead High School. 5 BEHIND THE Top: Roy Linn, L. C. Dye. Bottom: G. G, Denton, Dr. G. B. Robinson, Presidentg Charles Dumbaugh. The BOARD OF EDUCATION T HE Mt. Gilead Board of Education establishes personal contact between the student body and the community. The members have succeeded in interesting the people in school activities, thereby creating individual responsibility for the mainten- ance of our school system on its present high level. We feel that each year that we have been in school greater opportunities have been offered to us. The many difficulties we have encountered, the almost insurmountable mountains over which We had to pass, the troubles and trials of youth have all been quietly eased through the cooperation of and sym- pathetic understanding existing Within our Board of Education. SCENES THE CAMERA SHOWS MR ROEDER THE WAY WE KNOW HIM D. B. Roeder was graduated from Lima Central High School, Lima, Ohio, in 1922. He entered Allen County Normal School in 1923. He received a B. S. and an A. B. degree in education at Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana in 1927. He was graduated from Ohio State University in 1933 with an M. A. degree. Mr. ELLIOTT FRIEND AND COUNSELOR W. J. Elliott was graduated from Flushing High School, Flushing, Ohio. He was graduated from Ohio University in 1930 with an A. B. de- gree and from the University of Michigan in 1936 with an M. A. de- gree. Szaperiozteozdeizt D. B. ROEDER Priozmpal W. J. ELLIOTT FRIENDLY F AOULTY PAUSES IN THEIR WORK FOR THE CAMERA Nl iw ,li i.ix L .xxii'le14.1.i. lf izgzlifvli Nlt. Gilead. Ohio D4-iiaxiuc College. A. B. NIR. ,lmuzs NY. BIXEL Ilfuxic lllufftun, Ohio Aincriuau Conservatory, 1'liiu:xggii I3li1tl'um Follcge, B. S. M., A, TS. Nl iw lx xiiiicw x C. XYTL I"m'riif1i !.i11zif1ii1in'. .lliisic XXX-511 rx ills. Ohio Uiivilii-iii Collvge. B. A. li. Klum. l3.1'.S. Xl. NIR. lfrmxcls XY. lJA1.Rx'N1P1,1i Nlixw l.01'ISIi BVSBY .f1g1ri'uiz!Ii4rU Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University, B, S. Miss GAYETTA FILIERE Commercial fuslzxr, Ohio liiiwliiig Green. li. S. NIR. lixi-:x1a'i"i' K. SHIPMAN .llizlliwrziztiur Mt. Gill-ml, Ohio Ohio State Vixivcrsity B. S. Y Fiigillrsll Canal YYim'l1cster lapltul I111x'i-islly, .X. I4 R. CLAVDE R. Yi:NiwsnAi.1z Indzcxtriizl Arts Freilricksburg, Ohio Ohio Slain- Uiiivcrsitv, B. S. M 1 ss R iam H 1' xi xi Eu. 11'umi' 1iu011miiz'i'.r Cnrriml, Ohio Ohm Simi' li11x'r-iwlly. B, S. NIR. CARL I.. IIOPIXINS Coach, Biology Alarou. Ohio Lhiiversity nl- AXl.i'mi B. S, Miss GERTRI'lllQ Xfxx Sin Physiral I-fdilfaiioiz Carmlingtim. Ohio Otterlxeiii. A. ll. Ohio State l'i1ix'i-i'sity, Nl Sp Mx, FRANK S. Iixnxiik ll1'.vlnrj', ii: im' Xlzniiim. Ohiri Kim Sum-. H, S. Ohio Finn- l'nix'rx's Al. A. l ,V K. r I GRADE TEACHERS Top Row-Miss Bessie Beckleyg Miss Velva Merwing Miss Bernice Peoplesg Miss Altabelle Jensen. Front Row+Miss Gayle Rinehartg Miss Eilene Messengerg Mrs. Mable Hoff- mireg Miss Margaret Snyder. W E are rightly proud of these teachers who daily present the facts of the World to passing classes-theirs to guide what tiny thoughts appear, theirs to create new thoughts, theirs to give recommendation for the ones who are now students in life, theirs to create, develop, and main- tain interest, theirs to enjoy the position and fulfill the conditions of their professional status. Self Government An Aid to Citizenship THE Student Council, composed of two students from each home room assists the faculty and the officials of our school in supervision. They have had charge of scheduling the chapel programs. The Club has as its goalg honesty, scholarship, sportsmanship, cour- tesy and loyalty. Officers this year are: President-Jeanne Wellertg Vice President-Don Dyeg Secretary-Alice Morton. THE STUDENT COUNCIL mimi .v-rf limi liva- xlczllllln- XX ullvrl ,fuzliulxvf ,lvvlm U'SIi:iugl1m-ssy .Xlivu lmllisi' Xlrwtnii .Silfvllrrrzaurii - lfvzm lilwrsv 1 Normal Rum' Smith l lfl'i'.v!1rm':1f ' mn raw uri Ili-It-ii Sfzzlzxpzno lfiylzili CIriIzI'i'4 l'.x'L-lvii Iiiwlv lmiiifv Smlzipzxlo Ni'7'f'i1H1 C,Vi1iI'i'--- Ili-lvil Bxxisllur llnnzilml t'luim1 .-lil.i.ur Nlr. ll. Ii. Rm-ill-i' 9 MT. GILEAD AT WGRK Top left-Agriculture boys preparing to be farmers. Top right-Typing class: speed test, errors, mistakes, corrections. Center left-Broken test tubes, explosions, and foul smells. Center-Becky-our attractive office girl who keeps all our records. Center right-Industrial arts shop: Woodwork, printing, ceramics. Bottom left-Everybody's cramin' for tests. Bottom right-Kitchen: burnt food, scorched pans, but don't forget Mrs Dil1's swell pies. AND AT PLAY Top left-Basketball creates good fellowship. Top right-Cafeteria-good lunches, bad lunches-We like them all Center left--Basketball upsets and set-ups. Center-Graders-Where We got our start. Center right-Boy! isn't it swell, We're going home. Bottom left-More basketball-good shots and bad ones too. Bottom Tight-Pep bands-their music gave pep to ball games. SEN IORS PREPARE Wayne McClelland Class l'i'cs. 2, 4. Mizpali Stall' 4. lli-X l'1'es. 4. V- V- A- lv 3- Duane Taylor llrauizi Club l'lay 3. Claw V Frm 4 Cliffs "lf1Yj' 4' one Club 1, 2, 3. lfdslletlhllyi " 3' 4' Special Chorus 1, 2, 3 lfotlmll " 5' V4' Treasurer Jr. Class lfoutball Captaiii 4. Drama Club 9 1 Art Club l. filizpali Staff 4. Cole Miller Class 'Treasurer 4. Uff 33 4- Bonny Dell Heacock S531 I1 rzasurcli 4' Class Secretary 4. ' ui f' 4' Mizpali Staff 4. M-Klub l'rL-asur 4 Cr ' Sports Queen 4. Cr 3' 4' Editor of News Staff ff 3' Cheer Leader 3, 4. JY' may- F. H. A. Club 1, 4. Vice Pres. 2. Class Play 3. Football Mauag Baseball Mauag Business Mau. Senior Class History By Rheta Corwin N 1927 a memorable event took place in the small but mighty city of Mt. Gilead. The class of 1939 began its battle for education under the watchful eye of Miss Beckley, who was at that time the instructor of the first grade. After a year of turmoil and hardships, a large per cent of our original group advanced a step and entered the second grade. There We were introduced to the eccentricities of spelling and arithmetic, which of course, we came to hold with deep regard. The next four years of our schooling, namely, the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, were spent drilling on the fundamentals of elementary subjects. We all now know that a good foundation in fundamentals is essential to success in high school. In due time, the seventh milestone was passed with a blaze of glory and we found ourselves in the eighth grade, which was just like the seventh grade except that it was harder. There we met what proved to be the greatest source of trouble to both parents and students-those profit and loss and compound inter- est problems. After struggling successfully through these hardships, we became Freshmen. It was in this grade that we suffered the stings and insults of the upper classmen plus a good sound paddling which was our initiation. This was perhaps the making of us, for up to that time there had been no doubt in our minds that we were not the cream of the crop. After numerous secondary troubles, such as Latin and Algebra I, we left the green part of our life and became honest-to-goodness upper classmen. Our Junior year was a huge success Cin our opinionl, and we hope it will never be for- gotten by other classes. The Junior-Senior Banquet went over with a bang. Our Junior Class Play, "The Night Owl" was a success, and provided laughs for everybody. The Senior Class Play "Lookin 'Lovely" was also successful. Our high school days are coming to a close and we are sure that each student will always have fond memories of Mt. Gilead High School. FOR COMMERCE Rosemary Ault Student Council 3. Drama Club 1. 2. 3. Glee Club 2, 3. Girl Reserve Pres. Marjorie Ashbrook Mgzpah Stag 4, Glce Club 1, 2, 3. Sec. of Class 2. Comm. Club 1, Z. lunior Class Play. Girl Reserve Sports Queen Att. 4. Sec. of Class 1. Student Council 2. Junior Play. Mizlmah Staff 4. Girl Res. Play. Joy Armstrong Transferred from Cardington High School F. F. A. 3. Farm Stock Judging 3. Rowena Barler Art Club 1, 2. Scribbler's Scroll. Glee Club 1, 2. Richard Blayney Football 1, 2, 3, 4. llifY Z, 3. -l. lVl'Club 5, 4. Mary Bendle Art Club 1. Glee Club 1, 2, 4. Scrapbook Z. Special Chorus 1, 2, 4. Mizpah Staff 4 Home Ee. Club 1, 4. Comm. Cluh 2. 3. Typist for News 4. Cafeteria 4. Max Craven Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Z, 3, 4. Rheta C0f'VVin Mizpali Staff -1. Girl Res. Treas. 4. Pres- M- Clllb 4- Girl Res. 2, 3, 4. Class Play 3. Class Play 3, Class Pres. 3. lliama Club 1, 2. Drama Club Play 3. Dvnma Club Play 2. Girl Res. Play 3. Miziiah Staff 4. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Max Denton V. Pres. Hi-Y 3. Hi-Y Z, 3, 4. Qrama Club 2, 3, 4. JChI1 England Junior Class Play. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Mizpah Editor. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Aft Club 1- Fomimll 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Bffclub 2, 3, 4. Special Chorus 2, 3. V. Pres. Jr. Class Basketball Capt. 4. Hi-Y 2. 3, 4. Mizpah Staff 4. WHILE OTHERS ARE ATTRACTED Dorothy England Transferred from Ches tcrville Home Ee. Club 1. Librarian 4. Music Recital 3. Corrcspoucleuce Club Donald Dye Glec Club 3. Football 1, 2, 5, 4. Igfy 4' Basketball 2, 3, 4. 'L' ' Baseball 4. Sec. of Class 3. Student Council 4. Hi-Y Z, 3, 4. M-Club 3, 4. Ray Farmer Mizpah Staff 4. Glee Club Art Club Intramural Sports Dorothy Etter Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4. Special Chorus 1, 2, 4. Grover Fissel Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3. juclgiug Teams of F. F. A. I lfootball 1, 2, 3. l". lf. A. Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4. Martha Fisher Glen Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Special Chorus 2, 3, 4. All County Chorus 2, 3, 4, Vincent Gregory Home Ee. Club Z, 3, 4. F. lf, A. 1, 2, 3, 4. O. C. S. Club 1. 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4. lntramural Basketball Football 1, Z. Basketball 1. l4llH'I1l'-Y 1. Katherine Fissel Glen: Club 1, 2. llomc lic, Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Doris Lyons llomc lic. Club l'rt's. 4. Glcc Club 1, 2. Cafeteria 1, 2, 3, 4. G. R. 2, 5. Iutrzunural Basketball Couun. Club, 1, 3, l11t1'Hl11'Ll1'E1.l B. B. 1, 2, 3, 4. James Hull F. F. A. 1, 2, 5, 4. Member of Judging Team 3. Potato Judging Train Z. Meat Judging Team 3. F. 17. A. Soft Ball Team A F. F. A. Basketball Team V. Pres. l'arliamenta1'y 1 Team. 14 Clifford Lamson Football 2, 3, 4. Baseball, Z, 3, 4. hi-Club 2, 3, 4. Stamp Club 1, 2. u BY MUSIC AND DRAMA Ruth Linn Glaze Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserve 3, 4. Home Ee. 1, 2, 3, 4. Don Mateer Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. M-Club 2, 3, 4. Sports Club 1. Pres. Stamp Cl b Z. Glee Club 1, 2' Glce Club 1, 2. Intramural B. B. 1, 4. 'Mlzpah Adv' Mgr' Jr. Class Play 3. Jack McPeek Football 4 Paul Lindenrneyer M-Club 4: Transferred from Art Club 1, 2. llolmcs-Liberty School. Intramural B. B. 1, 4, Band 4' Clags Pres. 1. Orchestra 4. Glee Club 2. Glm Club 3' Bascbau 4. Chorus 3. Bob Osborn Mary J. O'Shaughnessy Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1. Special Chorus 1, 2, 3. Girl Reserve 2' 3' rfes. Aff Cmb 3. GIGS Club 1- 2- Art Club 1, 2, 3. Hubert Phillips Comm. Club 1, Z. Helen Phillips Glce Club 1, 2. 3. 4. F .F. A. 1, Z, 3, 4 Glec Club 1, Z. , Treasurer Home Ee. ' Special Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4. F. F. A, B. B. 3, 4 Judging Team 1, Z, 3, 4. Bertha Reinhardt Club 2. All-County Chorus 2, 3, 4. Library 4. Home Ee. Club. Intramural Basketball 1, 2. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Special Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Home Ee. Club 4 Comm. Club 1, 2, 3. Cafeteria 4. Quartet 4. Typist for News 4. Comm. Club Play 2. 41 I Girl Rcserx'cQ Z. S, 4 WHILE "LIVING TC LEARN" THEY Mary Sherman Glce Club 1 Gym 2 Y, Pres. llunu' - Ned Smith Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Secretary Ili-Y 4 Baud 1 . Stamp Club I. 2, -4 . r-w tftoloeft Irainer Football Z, 5 Glee Club 1, 2 Special Chorus Fr:-ucll Club 4 Stamp Club 1. 2 l'ztramural R, 5. 4 Jeanne Wellert Intramural Il. IS. Z, 3, 4 Student Cuuncil 2, 4 Athletic lloarcl Z Cheer 1.1-arlvr 2. S, 4 Basketball l Student Cmuxcil Pres. 4 'l'1'casL1rrx' mf Class 3 Sports Quccu Attr-mlzuxt 4 Robert Patesel Cmnmercial Club l Drama Club 2. Intramural IZ, ll. l. 2. liaskctbzill Mau. 5, 4 "Nl" Club 4 Staxup Club l. J Roy Haines Football 3, 4 Baseball Z, 3. 4 AHI1 Ruth Wheeler HM" Club 4 Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4 Stamp Club 2 Hmuc lir. Club 2, 4 Stage AIZIIIZUJCI' 2 Glru Club 2 l'11prr Saucluwky 1 Cafeteria 4 16 , HAVE BEEN "LEARNING TO LIVE" CLASS WILL AND TESTAMENT WE, the members of the Senior Class of 1939, being of sound mind and body and knowing that our life as Seniors is about to end, do here- by make and publish, this last will and testament: Marjorie Ashbrook leaves her typing ability to Vaughan Tennant. Rosemary Ault leaves her flirting ability to Peggy Smith. Rowena Barler wills Harvey Marshall to the oncoming Senior Class. Mary Bendle wills her love for Galion to Jane Wieland. Dick Blayney leaves his athletic ability to Tom Campbell. Les Burson wills his "Dream Boat" to Bob Lee. Rheta Corwin wills her Swisher to next year's basketball team. Max Craven leaves school to "undertake" great responsibilities. Don Dye leaves the "woods" for the wide-open spaces. Dorothy England leaves her plumpness to Bertha Williams. John England leaves his pitching ability to Billy Turner. Jim Emerson leaves the school to anyone who wants it. Dorothy Etter wills her going to Marengo to Wilma Lee. Ray Farmer leaves his fast driving to any dare-devil who wants to risk his life. Martha Fisher leaves her ability to get and keep a boy to Bonny Andrew. Grover Fissell leaves his cheering ability to Ned Higgins. Catherine Fissell leaves her domestic ability to Betty Shindledecker. Helen Phillips leaves her brotherly love to Bill Trainer. J Hubert Phillips wills his Ford to John Osborne. lled Snnth leaves his ability to sleep tolohn McMillan. Naomi Lee leaves herllfoy 'fiendsto Rhea Richards. Ruth Linn wills her quietness to Jane Wieland. Jane O'Shaughnessy leaves her love for red, wavy hair to Evelyn Mc- Cammon. 4 Bertha Reinhardt leaves her textbooks to anyone who wants them. Anna Ruth Wheeler wills her ability to write essays to Edwin Whipple. Bonny Heacock wills her smile to her sister. Paul Lindenmeyer leaves his ability to sing bass to John Geyer. Don Mateer leaves his love for women to Jack Shipman. Vincent Gregory leaves his farming ability to Jim Fate. Roy Haines wills his love for pharmacy to Jack Phillips. Clifford Lamson leaves his favorite hangout to John O'Shaughnessy. Wayne McClelland leaves his ability to go to Heacock's to Dick Sesler. Bob Osborne wills his salesmanship to Dominic Fiscarelli. Bill Bendle wills his ability to get in the C. C. C. camp to Kenneth Rhodes. Bob Patesel leaves his red hair to Bob Lee. Cole Miller wills his ability to manage the athletic teams to next year's managers. Jack McPeek leaves his liking of the name "Marjorie" to Bob Coning. Junior Class Roll Bonny Ellen Andrew, Connie Ault, Marjorie Baker, Calvin Barler, Bill Batchelor, Maurice Breese, Eldon Brown, Tom Campbell. Lorraine Case, Robert Coning, Mable Clap- per, Jimmy Davis, Erma Denton, Elizabeth Edgegl, Jack Logan, Elva Etter, Esther Furbay, Martha Gey- er, Ilena Gregory, Dick Gornpf, Janis Hammond, Jean Haines, Retha Hart, Ruth Hart, Lucille Helman, Betty Hirth, Jonathan Hudnell, Virginia Krout, Bob Lee, Wilma Jane Lee, Mary Losey, Eve- lyn McCamman, John McMillan, Dorothy Miller, Alice Morton, J'o'hn O'Shaughnessy, Maxine Page, Ray- rrrond Parks, Ruth Peoples, Rhea Richards, Marjorie Richardson, Dorothy Richey, Bette Ross, Orrie Ruhl, Toby Shade, Edna Shelpman, Edna Shier, Jack Shipman, Peggy Smith, Vaughan Tennant, Charles Tharp, Vivian Tuttle, Leroy Vaug- han, Robert Wagner, Geraldine Watson, George West, Edwin Whipple, Dwaine Wiseman, Anna Wiswell, Martha Wood, Adviser, Miss Van Sickle. THE CAMERA Junior Class History HE junior class is composed of sixty members who are noted for their intelligence and coop- eration. Many of the class are active members of some high school organization and have won recog- nition of their abilities. The representatives to student council are Alice Morton and John O'ShaughnessV. In October the junior class sponsored a very successful Halloween Dance. In January they gave a comedy play called "No Foolin' ". They are spending the last few weeks preparing for the Junior-Senior Banquet, which is, of course, the outstanding event of the year. CLASS OFFICERS President ..l,,...,. ........,....,.....,.,cc.......,. G race Wiswell Vice President ,...,,...,.......,. .c.. V irginia Krout Secretary and Treasurer ..,... ..., D orothy Miller SCOOPS THE CLASSES Sophomore Class History HE sophomore class this year has been super- vised by Miss Filiere They have definitely made a place for them- selves in the school life. They are eager to par- ticipate in all the activities and make each act they do a success. Those who helped bring the basketball "B" squad through as the Morrow County champions are: Dick Sesler, Jim Wolfe, Dean Breese, John Osborne, and Jim Fate. These boys will be mem- bers of next year's "A" squad and they have a very bright future. The band and orchestra are very well sup- ported by: Ruth McClelland, Eileen Parks, Pauline Heacock, Bill Trainer, Jack Phillips, Bill Brollier, Dean Breese, John Osborne, and Janice Keller. CLASS OFFICERS President .ii..... ,.......i,iir....,...,..r,.,... P auline Heacock Vice President rrro,rroo,rr.,,...,r rcrrr J anice Keller Secretary and Treasurer ..... ..... P auline Gartin Sophomore Class Roll Betty Bending, Annabeth Bon- ham, Owen Bowman, Dean Breese. Bill Brollier, Hope Clark, Charles Coning, Martha Coleman, Warren Davis, Jim Fate, Dominic Fisca- relli, Leroy Fisher, Pauline Gar- ten, Pauline Heacock, Bernice Her- ron, Margaret Heimlich, Wilma Jean Heskett, Orrin Hildebrand. Warren Hildebrand, Ned Higgins, Margery Hobbs, Ben Holtrey, Joanna Hull, Stella Kasavage, Janis Keller, Harvey Marshall, Betty McCammon, Ruth McClel- land, Horace McClenathan, Vin- cent McCreary, Rosellen Mosher, Charles Nevvhon, John Osborn. Eileen Parks, Jack Phillins, Mari- lyn Rice, Virginia Rider, Richard Sesler, Betty Shindledecker, Norma Rose Smith, Cecil Tavlor, Jov Teeple, Bill Trainer, Eugene Tur- ner, Vesta Watson, Raymond West, Jane Wieland, Bertha Wil- liams, James Wolfe, Ruth Wright: Adviser, Miss Filiere. ANDHCLICKSHAGAIN T0 Freshmen Class Roll Melba Bachelder, Ruth Batche- lor, Kenneth Beardsley, Dale Boyle, Dorothy Canterbury, Eileen Case, Kick Christman, Doris Cor- win, Donald Coning, Fred Corwin Tom Crawford, Bob Corwin, John Henry Evans, Jack Fate, Jean Fate, Gene Garner, John Gartin, Mary Geiger, Harold George, John Geyer, Rose Ellen Harrison, Dale .Houseworth, Betty Ireland, George Jackson, Jane Kasavage, Geral- dine Koch, Robert Lawyer, Bill Lee, Norman MacMillin, Ruth Masters, Dayle McCamman, Cleta McClenathan, Charles McNeal, Robert McNeal, Salo Miller, Ger- aldine Mitchell, Betty Neal, Vir- ginia O'Shaughnessy, Mary Pat- terson, Richard Patterson, 'Marv Perkins, Charles Phillips, Mary Reed, Buddy Reinhardt, Charles Rhodebec, Kenneth Rhodes, Daisv Lee Robinson, John Sesler. Helen Szalapato, E 1 a i n e Thompson, Marymae Tippett, Rhea Ullom, Doris Wagner, Billy Ward, Kath- leen Watts, Harry Wertz, Eugene West, Darlen Whipple, Charles White, Mary Jane Williams, Ad- viser, Mr. Shipman. Freshmen Class History N SEPTEMBER, 1938, these boys and girls as- sembled in the Study Hall as freshmen. After studying very hard, they are now ready to become upper classmen. They have added much to our school and will continue to do so, We are sure. They have many outstanding students, each one having a slightly different goal from the other. Those who play in the band and orchestra are: Fred Corwin, John Geyer, Salo Miller, and Bill Lee. Many of the boys have gone out for basketball, baseball, and football, and in the future years they will help bring victory to Mt. Gilead. CLASS OFFICERS President ........ ........ S alo Miller Vice President .cc..........c... R uth Batchelor Secretary and Treasurer ..... .,... E ugene West CATCH THE GRADE S This class has had as its adviser this year, Mr. Francis Dalrymple. This is their last year in Junior High School and they are passing on to high school in a blaze of glory. Many members of this class are in the band and orchestra, and they are also par- ticipating in the intramural sports. They have always helped make school life a happy life and We are sure it will con- tinue this Way through the rest of their high school years. CLASS OFFICERS President .,.,,..,,i,..,.,....,. ....,..............,.......,.., ........... W a nda Keye Vice President .................... ....,....................i.,............ P hyllis Meyers Secretary and Treasurer .V.VVVY.Vw.................................. Harold Furbay The seventh grade has been ably advised this year by Miss Louise Busby. As this is the first year in the high school building for these ambitious students, We think they have done remarkably well in adjusting themselves to high school life. Two outstanding events which occurred this year were the Hallowe'en Party held at the school house, with everybody coming masked, and the Valentine Party which was held in their home room. ' With such cooperation and sportsmanship as this class has shown, we are sure the school traditions will always be upheld. CLASS OFFICERS President .............. .................................................. L ouise McCarty Vice President ................................,. ,.......,.... ........ L o well Bogart Secretary and Treasurer .....................,W..l,..e,..Y......,.......,,,. Billy Neal Sth Grade 'Zth Grade 21 The 22 FUTURE MT. GILEAD The Grade Building llli elementary huilding nf the Mt. Gilead schools has a total enrollment of two hnndrefl and ciglny- three niniils, one hnnilri-rl and forty-four girls and one hnnilred and thirty-ninv hoys. 'I'l1c-re are eight romns in the hnililing and the six ggraflvs are fliriflr-fl arnnng these wmriis. Bccausv of the large nnmher of mnmils in the first. second. and filth pfradncs. it was necessary to divide these ronins. The most imlvnrtant activity undertaken hy each grade during the school year is the preparation nf an entertaining and educational chapel program. The calendar for these progrranis for the rnrrent sclimyl yr-gr 1958-1039 follows: Octnlivr ., Yrmrmiilmcr ,,,. Dcwviiilwm- ,, lannary l"eln'narx' Klarrh April May Grade School Fifth Grade Miss lkmplcs Tliird Grade .... ,,...... ....... , , Mrs. llufifiniru Fifth Grade .....,i ,. ,, .. Nliss Snyder First and Second Grade ,, ...,,, Miss Hi-rwin Grade Miss Beckley ........,9cw'rnifl lirafle . .. ., Nliss ,lvnsen Sixth Grade ...... , ,,,, Miss Hi-ssc-iiger Fourth Grade ,..., ...... M iss Rinehart HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Another activity for which thc- pupils of the fnurth, hfth. and sixth grades have hc-on very grateful was atldcdvtn the grad-e nrlogram this year. This was the creation ot a regular weekly gym period under tlit- supervision and tlircstion ot' Miss YanSickle. thc high school gym teacher. Un lliursday evening. March tl. :in t-xt-t-ptimiaily worthwhile entertainment was given in the high sclmnl izvm in coimcvtifm with an 1-xliilwit nf naintings hv thc nld masters. A ivlay entitle-l "Magic in Color," unrler the direction of Miss Snyder was ivrcscnted in a very ahlc manner lxy :ill the girls in the sixth grade. 'l'it'kets inr this entertainment wc-rc snlrl liy thu pupils nf the third. fourth. tiftli. and sixth grades. Tn frt-ate an incentive for salesmanship a lovely picture was tn he given to the room selling the largest nuinlmt-r nf tickets. This nrize was wnn liy the third grade which sold a total of 70 tickets znnnunting tn ill.-HJ. One ni thc most important events nf the early spring was 'an Amcriean Folk Music lfcstival pre- sented by the Music Department of the grades under the direction of Miss Gantz nn Friday evening. March 31. The final activity of the sclmnl vcar and one in which all the pupils partivipatcrl was thc May Fes- tival rin thi' svlinnl lawn :luring thc latter part ot' May. This also was under the direction of Miss tlnntn assisted hy the grade teachers. The Grade School l 2 3 9 ill a 2 525: xiii 'M' ll" V ,zz ie SCHOLARSHIP, SPORTSMANSHIP Hi - Y "M" Club OBJECTIVES CF HE local chapter of the Mt. Gilead Hi-Y is affiliated with the National Y. M. C. A. It is one of the outstanding clubs of our school. The Hi-Y in conjunction with the Girl Reserves have sponsored several interesting chapel programs. The oflicers are as follows: Wayne McClelland, president: John McMillan, vice presidentg Ned Smith, secretary: Cole Miller, treasurer. Mr. Shipman is the adviser. HIS club was organized in 1938 by Coach Hopkins. The club tries to aid athletics in any way possible, and has strived to do, mainly, two things. They are: encourage team spirit, and add money to the athletic fund. The club earns money the following ways: by sale of Indian heads, Hershey's badges, rule-books, and sponsors' athletic dances, and banquets. The officers are as follows: Max Craven, president: Cole Miller, treasurer: Leslie Burson, secretary. Coach Hopkins is the adviser. I 4 AND CITIZENSHIP ARE THE THESE GROUPS Girl Reserve HE Girl Reserve is a national organization. The goal of this or- ganization is to uphold the ideals and standards of Christian womanhood, to create a spirit of service, to promote high stand- ards of honor in school life and in personal living. Highlights of the year were: formal initiation, Christmas party, handicraft, book reviews, and Mother-and-Daughter Banquet. The Club's slogan is: To find and give the best, the purpose: To face life squarely, the song: Follow the Gleam, the code: As a Girl Reserve I will strive to be: Gracious in manner Impartial in judgment Ready for service Reaching toward the best Earnest in purpose Seeing the beautiful Reverent to God Victorious over self Ever dependable Sincere at all times. The officers are: Rosemary Ault, president, Alice Morton, vice president, Mabel Clapper, secretary, Rheta Corwin, treasurer. Ad- visors: Miss Hummell, Miss Busby, and Miss Van Sickle. 25 Gir1's Glee Club WE DEVELOP THE CULTURHL The Girls' Glee Club is composed of twenty-seven girls from all classes in high school. Rehearsals are held once a week, under the direction of Mr. Bixel who has had charge of this department for the past three years. Virginia Krout was the pianist. High School Orchestra A person passing through the Junior High School building between one and one forty-five P.M., might have heard a jumble of squeaky and mournful sounds issuing from the music room. His curiosity being aroused, he might have ventured to look inside the door, where he would have beheld the High School Orchestra assembled for rehearsal. Members of the orchestra are taken from the Junior and Senior High School. ART CF MUSIC - The Boys' Glee Club is composed of musical talent found in the Fresh- men, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Classes. This organization practiced each Monday morning under the direction of Mr. Bixel. Virginia Krout Was pianist. Band We are very proud of our High School Band, which has been making rapid progress this year under the direction of Mr. Bixel. This group of thirty-seven musicians has played for assembly programs, and other special programs throughout the year. Boy's Glee Club RJ! 27 Special Chorus Registers Community "Hit" 33 Worthy Home Membership the Aim of These Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers' Club has been one of the most active school organiza- tions this year. Along with the regu- lar work in vocational agriculture, the boys found time to present a chapel program, put a cable around the ath- letic Held and sponsored a parent-and- son banquet. Mr. Dalrymple is the adviser. The officers are as follows: Richard Gompf, presidentg James Hull, vice presidentg Dominic Fiscarelli, secre- taryg Eldon Brown, treasurerg Jack Logan, reporter. Future Homemakers of America CREED: "We are Home Economics sisters striving to be better Homemakers both today and tomorrow. We carry out the purposes of the Future Homemakers' Association and we serve the association, the home, and the school to the full extent of our ability." The club sponsored a Hallowe'en Party, Christmas Party, a Mothers' Tea, several banquets and a dance, as well as an assembly program. The club officers are as follows: Katherine Fissell, presidentg Wilma Jean Heskett, vice presidentg Bette Mc- Camrnan, secretaryg Joy Teeple, treas- urerg Pauline Gartin, reporter: Miss Hummell, adviser. 29 A SCUND MIND IN A - - - - SOUND BODY The Mt. Gilead High School is sponsoring an extensive program of athletics. There are three major sports that take the spot-lightg these are football, basketball, and baseball. All these sports function on an inter-scholastic basis. Due to the fact that not all the students are able to participate in the three major sports, there is another phase of athletics being carried on in the school. This pro- gram is carried on through intramural sports. A few examples of these are boxing, wrestling, archery, softball, and volleyball. There are two reasons why these activities are carried on so extensively. One is the fact that all the students will be able to participate in some activity which should help build up their bodies and likewise their minds. The other is that it creates an interest in the major sports, and tends to make the students aware of the signifi- cance of these sports. FOOTBALL CREATES TEAMWORK Though hard fighters, our football team was not at its best during the entire season. There were several injuries of a minor nature that took many boys from the determined team. There were, also, a number of ineligibilities. One cause for so many injuries was the extremely hard athletic field on which most of the games were played. Unlike the year before, the team played only one game in the mud, this being the rain-soaked field at Madison High. V The schedule was broken up by two of our opponents. The Bellville game was cancelled because of the threat of scarlet fever. The Ahsley game was also cancelled due to the numerous injuries of the players, but the date was filled with the Galion Reserves. The first team was composed of fairly green material even though there were nine seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore. Nearly every player back from the team of last year was changed to a new and unfa- miliar position this year. Linemen were made into backfield men, tackles into ends, and many other changes. This year the schedule was composed of teams that had nearly the same aggregations back from the .year before. The first three games brought no praise to the defensive ability of our team, but after these our team was suddenly inspired. They won their next three games, and tied the fourth, holding their opponents scoreless for four straight games. This was a feat that had never been accomplished before in the school history. We can praise the team for its ability to get along together. This year every one of the seniors took his turn at being one of the game co- captains. There were no arguments among the players that were not rapidly settled. FOOTBALL SCORES GALION The boys opened the season by winning only a moral victory. The old sleeper play was the only thing that made it possible for the Indians to be the only team that was ahead of the strong Galion team. LOST, 25-7. BUTLER Butler, a supposedly Weak team held the Indians to a 6-6 deadlock. All large gains were called back due to large penalties. SUNBURY With their first victory under their arms, the purple and White literally handed the Sunbury team their victory. LOST, 26-20. BELLVILLE The game was cancelled due to scarlet fever in the Bellville Schools. FREDERICKTOWN The purple and white turned in their first victory of the year by the hard running backs, blocking, and tackling. WON, 35--0. TOP ROW Craven, Right Half Blayney, Guard Haines, Tackle BOTTOM ROW Dye, Tackle McPeek, Right Half Burson, End 32 AND RESULTS Scored all points in the first half, but was unable to score in the second half due to the great number of penalties. WON, 25-0. GALION RESERVES Every member of the squad was in the line-up. The first eleven were able to score at will. WON, 39-0. LOUDONVILLE Even though this was only a tie game, it was the greatest spiritual win of the season. TIE, 0-0. MADISON Game was played on the rain-soaked field of Madison High. The purple and White held the high scoring team to a 19-0 decision. TOP ROW Mateer, Center Smith, Tackle McClelland, Guard All Mid-State Team BOTTOM ROW Lamson, Left Half Emerson, End England, Quarter Back 33 BASKETBALL SCORES Mt. Gilead .......... Mt. Gilead .......,.. Mt. Gilead .......... Mt, Gilead ......,... Mt. Gilead .......... Mt. Gilead ..,...,... Mt. Gilead .......... Mt. Gilead ...,,.,... Mt. Gilead .......... Mt. Gilead .,..,..... Mt. Gilead .....l.... Alumni ..... Mt. Vernon Edison .,,.,.. Sparta ................ Galion ........i....... Chesterville Danville ..........,. Cardington Iberia .i.............. Crestline ............ Centerburg Mt. Gilead .......... 50 Marengo ,........... 10 Mt. Gilead ...,..,.,. 32 Crestline ..,..,.,,... 24 Mt. Gilead .......... 38 Iberia ..,l... ...... 2 3 Mt. Gilead ..,..,.... 34 Ashley ....,,.....,,.,, 30 Mt. Gilead ..,....... 26 Johnsville .......... 23 Mt. Gilead .......,,, 46 Danville ..........,. 21 Mt. Gilead .......,.. 21 Cardington ,..... 26 Mt. Gilead ........., 25 Galion ......,......... 56 MORROVV County Tournament Mt. Gilead ........ ,. 35 Chesterville Mt. Gilead .......... Totals: Mt. Gilead, 598, Opponents, 556. 23 26 Sparta ................ 37 TOP ROW Patesel, Burson, Lee, Coach Hopkins Tennant, Smith, Miller B O T T O M R OW McClelland, Dye, Craven, England TOP ROW Tharp, Fate, Wolfe, Breese, Logan, Batchelor, Breese, Coach Hopkins BOTTOM ROW Parks, Sesler, Osborne, McMillan, Crawford, Ward AND RESULTS - - - Although this year's team was not a championship team, we are proud of many of their showings. As a rule, the team was regarded as a "Last Half" team. Many times, they held their opponents on even terms during the first half, and "turned on the heat" during the remainder of the game. Being in the strongest bracket of the county tournament, the boys opened their play by overwhelming the mighty Chester'vi1le quintet. The Indians looked as though nothing could stop themg but the following week- end was a very different story. Unlike the previous game, the players did not stand up under the tournament tension, and withered under the tre- mendous power of a Sparta five to end the basketball careers of seven mem- bers of the varsity squad. , 1 BASEBALL - - We regret greatly that due to the early taking of our pictures we are unable to have the baseball pictures in this Mizpah. Although losing many hard hitters and good fielders, We are expecting a championship team. This year We are in the county tournament play, and have high hopes of capturing the cup. By changing our field to the fairgrounds, we hope to have more spec- tators and followers. We are engaging in a very hard schedule, which is as follows: April 4-Wooster ,.... There April 7-Wooster ..... Here April 11-Open April 14-Cardington Here April 18-Open April 21-Iberia ..... Here April 25-Marengo .... There April 28-Edison ..... There May 2-Open May 5-Johnsville ...... Here O I O We, the members of the 1939 graduating Class, Wish by this means to sincerely thank the business men of Mt. Gilead and vi- cinity for their thorough co-operation. mal FIG, 49183-B One of the largest hydraulic presses in the worldgan H-P-M Fastraverse Press of 5000 tons pressure capacity---installed in the plant of Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., Santa Monica, California. This, and another H-P-M Press of 2000 tons pressure ca- pacity form more than a thousand different duralumin parts for the huge Douglas Transports traveling the skyways from coast to coast. It is one of the many industries in which H-P-M Fastraverse Presses are playing a vital part in reducing production costs. THE HYDRAULIC PRESS MFG. COMPANY Mount Gilead, Ohio OFFICES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES GENERAL ELECTRIC TRIPLE THRIF T STOVES REFRIGERATORS Thrift in Price - Thrift in Current - Thrift in Upkeep MAYTAG SALES and SERVICE Phone 135 54 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead Compliments of Say it Ifwth Flowers ALVIN L. SPRIGGS ' BETZ FLoR1sT YO UR CITIES SER VICE DE R E Mt. Gilead, O. Phone 226 I i I 1 C pl' t f Jostin's Jewelry Co I 9 Day Stauffer s SEE THE NEVV FORD AND MERCURY S a I e s S e r v i c e Mt. Gilead Ohio Pho e 75 45 South Ma St xxx xxxx xxxxxn HARRY M. WARD EDUCATIONAL PUBLICATIONS AND EQUIPMENT By OI10 NORTH CENTRAL OHIO'S LARGEST, MOST COMPLETE MEN'S and BOYS CLOTHING STORE wig? , I p I g ' , ' -Q 'Ez v.,. 1 V1 .111 fe THRIFTY FOLKS 'A" I ., , FOR 40 MILES 'E5EE?g5QQ5 T TT COME T0 DUGAN'S TO TRADE AND SAVE 2 fm 3 I AP I iz ,, I I L31 3 5 I I T 535 LLLL T 2 ' s o .T.. llllflz '.1,L. I .,l.l. I ,...: I Congratulating THE CLASS OF "39" DENTON INSURANCE AGENCY Marion, Ohio xxxssxxxxxsxxxxxn Congratulatio to the Class of "39" 5 4 4 The Union Power Co Mt. Gilead, Ohio 1 f BLIZZARD'S Home-Made Ice Cream Fountain Service Sandwiches Candies Cigarettes Salads Cold Meats Mt. Gilead, Ohio xxxxxxssxxxsxsxxxsxxuxxxxsxxxs I I I I I I S A M E S 8a C O O K Hardware f Hardware - Stoves E Furnaces and E Sheet Metal Work E Mt. Gilead, Ohio 5 Kent Jennings See Me For Your SILK WEAR Mt. Gilead, Ohio A Good Place to Eat Mae's Restaurant ALL HOME-COOKED FOOD 38 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments of Marold Taylor Compliments . D. CRAVE mxxx x Compliments of ALFRED D. CROCK xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxx CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1939 NELSON CAMPBELL PROSECUTING ATTORNEY ' KEN'S TEXACO Congratulates the CLASS of "39" Quality Costs Less at SMITH'S All Nationally Known Brands Featuring Wilson Brothers Shirts and Furnishings Stetson-Mallory Hats Griffon - Worstecl Tex Clothing The Smith Clothing Co Quality Always Center Street, East of Main MARION, OHIO WORTHINGTON'S Barber Shop BOB PUSS xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Compliments of B L A Y N E Y AUTO SALES SERVICE Mt. Gileacl, Ohio It Pays to Look Well Linn'S Barber Shop Over People's Savings Bank xxx1.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Carrolls Jewelry Store Gifts for All Occasions Thousands of Items for Every Purse Marion, Ohio xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx QUALITY BARBERING F. H. Louclenslager 15 N. Main St. xxxxxxxxxxxxxnx Compliments of Morrow Rural Electric Cooperative Mt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments , of a FRIE D Compliments of The Morrow County Sand Sz Gravel Co. Mt. Gilead Ohio MORROW CREAMERY COMPANY PASTURIZED GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS ALWAYS YOUR BEST MARKET FOR CREAM Phone 2K Mt. Gilead, Ohio R. W. 8: R. Wolforinger 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We Specialize on Your Baked Goods Order Watson 8z Hardman Mt. Gilead Bakery Phone ss ' xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxmxg Compliments of STERRITTS MILLINERY H. C. GEYER Buyer of Poultry, Eggs and Cream Phone 70K ilVlt. Gilead, Ohio Compliments 'df w OSBORN'S P MEAT MARKET Stop at This Sign c,.Q.f..fE V ' - RESTAURANT FQUNTAIH SE RYYCS Dr. F. McNare OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined - Glasses Fitted Mt. Gilead, Ohio ,S if Barber Shop J. H. SNYDER ff KEYSTONE FENCE JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENTS Phone 192 L l N S U R A N C E ALL KINDS O. E. Smith, Agency Compliments of T. B. MATEER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgxxxxxxgiyxxmx For Finer Care of Your Car et Hobson s Cities Service Main 8: Union Mt Gilead I , ,.,.""' .-. "-- : L g , -f-. -'-' :.:':,':3::, 4 ' ,:--' . 53.5 .-,- 315.-.5 ,1-,. 3 '.,2, 2-355 VI., if-'Z,f',.:f.f'.:5If.2.33f':-53.212-..,.:g-5:5 .,.': 5 1., 3 .--,.,.. ::g..:f" ' l 9 ' ' ' ,Z if ,::, ,..,A 52. ..,.... ,ig ,,.,. .,., . .. .E '.,.. I' 52- ,, V l Q ---' i ,,.,V . , 4 ' if ... . '-'1 . ---'e-'- f J .r" V 22- l if ' ,, A ' 1 5 ' ZZ V. - -.,.---. 1: -'.:.' 52 ,.., .-,.-,.- ' --2: -....':- 3" .-.-- . '. ..-:::155I555..+f.:.1ESE-:,,.,,,.,.Q-:- - . '. 2 U : ' --G-Z ..,' : '.--.-'- .:..5:f:3.5..:zjg-S-is-.,,I. 1f,: I,.-' 5-1 QVQA. -1 ' , Logk After lf ' "'.'. 2 iiulz i':': f . - - " """ i ' ' Compliments of First National Bank I N lVl t. G i I e a d Compliments of H 0 WS ER S Jewelry Store 141 E. Center St. Marion, Ohio The Home of Finer Gifts The Mt. Gilead Hardware and Implement Co. H. R. FATE, Mgr. nxxxxxxxx Compliments of A U L T Insurance Agency xxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmxxx Compliments of J. E. ROYSTON FOR THE BEST VALUES IN TOWN : WHISTON'S : Drug Store 7710 ..I'f0fE v I I I I I GLOVES VARNISHES I Q FISHING ELECTRICAL TACKLE GOODS BALLS PAINTS AND 5 The Morton Hardware I I I E "Hardware for Hard Wear" a I 4 I I Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 62 1 I I I TYPEWRITERS - RIBBONS 4 5 v v 4 a BASEBALLS - BQASEBALL BATS I I I If Compliments of The Union Dept. Store Yuncker Brothers Sporting Goods Wilsons, Rowlaning 8x O'Shay Dist. 108 North Main St. Mansfield, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF I-IERFF-JONES CO. M f t f JEWELRY AND INVITATIONS xxxxxsxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx , Compliments Of B A D E R'S : , I Geo. W. Phillips SALES-ELECTRICAL SERVICE : I SUNOCO PRODUCTS Phone 104 14 W. High St. : 4 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead, Ohio Mi. Gilead, Ohio Q . phone 99,14 --------a--a-----------.--aa.....---- : aa----.--------------- f The Baird Insurance E Congratulations from AND E ' Morrow County Credit Rating ! I I I I I Real Estate Agency Mt. Gilead, Ohio , 4 ttxx ittixittttttxttxiixxx xxxixxxx : WWWVVWWYQVVVKKKYYWWQKK 5 Com limen s Dye's Food Market 5 P t PHONE 29 5 Mt. Gilead Ohio of , Englancl's Pressery VVhat a Combination . New Chevrolets "O.K." Used Cars CO-mplete Service Found Only in Morrow County at AULT MOTOR SALES 144 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead, O. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx l After the Game 5 Meet at I Beem Brothers CHICK GRIGGS E Compliments xxxxxxgxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Watch and Clock Repair 4 Watches - Gifts : Florence Houseberg of 355 S. Main Street E I I ' Mt. Gllead, Ohio : -,-----,-------, I I Com limen S 5 , r poi t 5 The Standard O11 Co Dick's Shoe Repair I 4 ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Compliments of Zeller and Galleher EAT AT SMITTY'S PLACE xxxxxxuxxxxxxxx Compliments of I-IarcIen's Music Store Marion, Ohio Compliments of Porter Oil Company DISTRIBUTORS OF NATIONAL PRODUCTS W. Marion St. Mt. Gilead, O. -..----..-----------------------.----..-- WAGNER BROS. GRAIN - FEED - SEEDS COAL and BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 98 Mt. Gilead xx Western Auto Associate Store Phone 16 Mt. Gilead, O. Compliments of KENNETH CARIS Sinclair Service Station Cor. E. Union 8: Vine St. Mt. Gilead, Ohio sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Compliments of Judge P. H. Wieland xsxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxnxgx W E L D I N G GENERAL REPAIR SHADY INN GARAGE Phone 221 L ShacIe's Mt. Gilead xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmxxnnxxmxxxxxxxxxx Don't Wait Until Tomorrow - Buy To-day and Enjoy These Unrivaled Advantages of H OT P O I N T ELECTRIC COOKERY ' 1 The Marlon-Reserve Power Co 37 S. Main St. Phone 51 . The Peo le's Mt. Gllead P Savin s Bank Lumber Co. g Company LUMBER 8: BUILDING A Safe Place to Bank MATERIAL Since 1904 DEPOSITS INSURED Mt. Gilead, ohio WITH F- D- '- C- PHONE 23 Safe Deposit "Safes" for Rental Q 9 0,0 0,0 THERE's NOTHING LIKE GAS F OR - - REFRIGERATION Q - COOKING 5 I - WATER HEATING : - HOUSE HEATING .... Use Gas for Clean, Economical, Carefree Cooking With Most Accurate Results It's a real joy to cook on a modern gas range. SO much of the Work is done for you and appetizing results are more certain than ever before. Present day methods enable you to cook in a cool, clean kitchen, enhanced by the beauty Of a new gas range. Among the more attractive gas range values Offered today are the Tappan divided-top ranges, await- ing your inspection at ...... The Cas Company I x ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK - EGGS I ' I 1f A I CHEESES ' A LUNCHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE ISALY'S DAIRY ' W. P. KENTNER, Prop. xxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxx Compliments l of Mathews 8: Talmage Cil Company REST : REFRESH : REFILL Come Young - Come Old Our Hospitality Nefver Crows Cold Try Our Chicken Dinner R. D. 42 SOUTH Compliments of AL'S KICKS Always Two Good Feet Ahead 106 N. Main St. Mansfield, Ohio xxx1x1xxx11xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE VOC UE Where Smart Fashion Reigns MANSFIELD, OHIO xxxxxxxxxxxxx Compliments of Charm Beauty Shoppe 15M South Main Phone 28 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Dear Graduate: We Wish to congratulate you on mak- ing the goal for which you have been aiming the past several years. Now that you have completed your high school course, what about your fu- ture? Our 44 years in Business College Works prompts us to advise your joining our summer or fall classes to continue vour educational Work along the line best suited to enable you to make BASE HITS in your future efforts. WRITE OR PHONE The Marion Business College J. T. Bargar, Pres. Phone 2767 Marion, Ohio You cAN no BETTER Ar . .NN Xxx 2 x v 1 If f , df. 'I .Lx sb s 2 f EV! ,fir I T is fjf' Axfxieio-N: A 0 .'X-iftrs-f xxxsx xssxxxxxxsxxxxxxxssxxxxx ZERO LOCKERS For preserving Meats, Fruits and Vegetables They retain their Flavor and Freshness as when they were picked. FOR RENT AT ICE PLANT Also see our Modern Air Conditioned Ice Refrigerators xxxsxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmxxxxxsx Do You Take Advantage of YOUR OUR BUSINESS Farm Bureau Co-Op Phone 236 xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Compliments of The Richman Brother's I Clothing Co. We Extend You Our Personal Invitation To Visit Our Store When In Mansfield MANSFIELD, OHIO 7 Compliments of ADDING MACHINE and TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Representatives of UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER CO. 131 N. Main St. Phone 4290 M A R l O N, O H I O CONGRATULATING THE May This CLASS OF .39 : Graduation Day f Always be a Pleasant T I-I E E Remembrance to Each St d t Florence Pottery U CH C G. Compliments Manufacturers of Of CLAY PRODUCTS Mt. Gilead, Ohio The Capitol Theatre fr Y ,Q ' ' - f a XX .T I 5 ll 1 A 7g X f . A Delicious and Hellthful, Refreshing Dain.: SO EASY TO SERVE Buy a Carton From Your Favorite Store Marion Coca - Cola Co. Compliments of ampbell Auto Supply FIRESTONE TIRES WILLARD BATTERIES REPLACEMENT PARTS Phone 85 Mt. Gilead, Ohio We Are Specialists In Garment Flattery For Women Coats, Suits, Dresses and Accessories The White House Compliments of KROGER G r o c e r y C o R. CRUIKSHANK, Mgr. ontiac ngraving 812 - szxgkw. Van Buren St. CHICAGO, ILL. GR E G 515. Sf' MOUNT VERNQN. OHIO Q z Z9Z1i5!Lc1fs bjgaiiozflevs 1 6212019 g2"'i11,ZC1'S my ,f l m V ,IQ Ji lx J L Q S AJQTOGRAPHS i Vw ww QAM 7 V 5 . f My X GW GNL! ' f 1 EJ , ' fi! ,1 , ' ' ly My z rfxdxrb D M f'1ffLf,ffy,, ,K Q U J7fff7f9C f f 'mwmffg G M kyyxf, ,XV - f , ,, . , Y 'ff f I f N X VM W ,lf ff' yf! ,Q A ,g .,! K' f " I ,f ff ,. 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Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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