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Mount Gilead High School - Mizpah Yearbook (Mount Gilead, OH) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Y Y 711936-37, y 1 . 1 X an 4, :NAS , 'T , if fl", .2 M 42,5 ' 77 ' 1 N I Q V J3.f, THE f ,. ff. cf p 'TJ MIZPAH df "W " f ,izmzxaf-film MMG! A ' . X Wig gf" shows the ilfe, thought yff . . anci actions oi ii.- X X . t 'Q :X ii f . ' f Viv ri' f if CQ N Jgel I and i ' i Mary :Q iY"l '- zgf A Q 'gp SEE CX. CW 'E tt if Leif Sifiz? W V B, xmlyfi D -,Nm V , R25-i .iii fi Knit' for the school year 1936-37 as they tour the campus f in of Mt. Gilead High School VLA -g.-M ,Z M1737 1,54 1:.:L1- -ff -,,i,,,? ., ,f1.i-.a,...s pf - qi' fcffjj. ,A ., 9 C' . cf,f.e1AyJ" - 0 JI as Lmzlff. Q' fe of THE MIZPAHA 77 7 777 77 7777 7 777 7 7 7 77 71936-37 FOREWORD In getting together this Mizpah the members of the Class of l937 have used an idea entirely different from those used in preceding books. We hope that you will like our new plan, and enjoy our many added features in the back of the book. Terry Griffith, Editor. THE MIZPAH 1936-37 In token of our gratitude and sincere appreciation of Miss Gantz, who has given freely of her time and effort in the forward interests of the Mount Gilead High School, we, the Seniors, do dedicate this book. THE MIZPAH4 if ,7 , f 7,21 lQ1936-37 Around this seat and lovely scene In Our memories oft will stray, is i fi! To friends and comrades ever dear, Though many miles away. ADMINISTRATION Contents School Board FacuIty Student CounciI CIasses fi J THE MIZPAH-,i,7 Y 7 Y iii ,, 777777, ,,7,v,1936-37 D. B. Roecler, Superintendent W. Elliott, Principal B. L. Wilson, English L. C. McCarty, History, Public Speaking Beatrice Hufforcl, Home Economics Arthur E.. Moody, Industrial Arts J. W. Bixel, Music, History Kathryn Gantz, Latin, Music C. L. Hopkins, Coac , Biology Avory Caldwelliv- mmercial v lf f s mfs al ..-. f, L QW Q M! !x.,W ,Y N. , ,, 1 . 'f ' ' 7 If in gf-' f s if X 1 tl , 1, r r- y , ,4,f, ,,, x THE MIZPAHY' Y, in 7 Y, ' ,1f'f,7,, 141936-37. .1 MOUNT GILEAD BOARD OF EDUCATION Standing: Roy Linn, L. C. Dye. Seated: G. G. Denton, Dr. G. B. Robinson, Presidentg Charles Dumbaugh Everett K. Shipman, Mathematics Janett Wieland, Home Eco., Eng. X A. Bishop, Vo. Ag. Instructor Alta Dawson, Secretary 8 THE MIZPAH-,Y,,,,,, , ,W Wi, c.. , ,1936-37-.ll Student Council .... sagacious, scholarly, sequestered, sedate .... self-possessed, sensitive, shilly-shallping scltemers .... solemn, sincere, stern sorts .... ,. 'lihe Student Council is composed of two members from each of the upper six grades. Its members are directly responsible for all chapel programs which have included many ectivities by the various school clubs and lectures given by wprofessional men outside of the school. . 'lhe Council has proved a very worth while group in the schoolis administration departments. THE MIZPAHW, 7 iw " ' W, 7 Q , 711936-37 Cla sses .... D iscussions .... Work .... Thought. . . .Steps .... Chapel .... Autumn .... Shivering. . . .Football .... Winter .... Dales .... Bashetlva-ll. . . .Dances .... Spring .... Air .... Nights . . . Exams .... Commencement .... Then What .... Oh, the years we spent at Gilead We never shall forgetg When we pass beyond her guidance, They will inspire us yet. M :LB THE MlZPAHg, Y , ,,,, A L. , L 1936-37 ' 72 our .freshman .Mar AULT, RICHARD Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Special Chorus 25 Sports Club 1. 25 Scrapbook Club 45 School Paper Staff 45 Jr. I-Ii. BB. 15 Intramural BB. 1, 2, 802 ,F FEQEQ 9' 5. 9252.2 H5 5-A . ,,,:, :C ,wmv-US'.zfQ-U':1P 955-52'UQU3'A"l f:J2'1P555'e'Q "4'q:Om55'ol'fl 222053-fr coP'i"'y3,':l310wQ Q?4S?Offe"E?U e 50052. 35.455551 2522145225 N14 Q 'JU 455495352 5? ,Q 3 NES? E ' f N J .2-gi X 8yj 8.1802 Chorus 35 Pep Band 45 All County Orch. 1, 2, 3, 45 All County Band 35 Scrapbook Club 35 Music and Drama 1, 25 G. R. 2, 3, 45 Sec. G. R. 45 Class Treas. 35 Class Play 35 All County Chorus 35 Intramural B.B. 1, 25 De- bate 1. BOWERS, DONALD Baseball 15 Jr. Hi. B.B. 15 Newpaper staff 45 F. F. A. 2, 35 Art Club 45 Stage Mgr. Class Play 35 Baseball 35 Intramural B.B. 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Judging Team 2, 3. BUDD, HELEN UNITA Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Special Chorus 45 O.C.S. 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. 45 G.R. 45 Intramural B.B. 1, 2, 3. 45 Intramural B.B. Capt. 25 CLINE, REBECCA Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Special Chorus 3, 45 Scrib- bler's Club 2, 35 Scribbler's Scroll 2, 35 Drama Club 15 Mizpah Staff 45 G.R. 2, 35 Class Play 35 All County Chorus 35 Typing Contest 35 Intramural B.B. 1, 2, 35 G.R. Con- ference 2. ...l,.1.THE MIZPAH daveltgem Football 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 45 Class Treas. 25 Scrapbook Club 35 Glee Club 1, 25 School Paper Staff 35 Intramural B.B. 45 Sports Club 1. CRAVEN, VIRGINIA Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 45 Pep Band 3, 45 All County Band 35 All County Orch. 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Special Chorus 3, 45 All County Chorus 3, 45 Signum Staff 1, 25 Mizpah Staff 45 G.R. 2, 3, 45 Music and Drama 1, 25 Scrapbook Club 35 Class Play 35 G.R. Sec. 45 Newspaper Staff 35 Typ- ing Contest 35 Literary Contest 25 Librarian 35 Intramural B.B. 1, 25 Student Council 25 Debate 1. W DENNIS, FRANKLIN .. fe, M B.B. 2, 3. 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, , , Vice Pres. Hi-Y 45 Scrapbook Club 35 Scrap- book Club Pres. 35 Class Pres. 15 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Special Chorus 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Sports Club 1, 2. DENTON, CARL F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 35 F.F.A. Vice Pres. 45 Intramural B.B. 1, 2, 3. 45 F.F.A. Judging Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 4. DUNFEE, ESTI-IER A. Bellaire-G.R. 1,25 Mt. GileadfG.R. 3, 45 G.R. Vice Pres. 45 Glee Club 35 Drama Club 3, 4. DUNI-IAM, JANE B.B. 2, 35 Librarian 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 1, 25 Scribbler's Club 35 Mizpah Staff 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Class Play 35 Literary Contest 25 In- tramural B.B. 1, 45 G.R. 2, 3. 4. ff green" as Meg come. lx ll' .I Xl' Yo ..-1. Y, THE MIZPAHW ,, , 7' ff ,,,' if '7 'A' ., ""...., ",.1936-37i, i.l'l iff cyopbomores we were x ETTER, IDA MAE - fm Home Ee. Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 B Intramural B.B. 45 School Paper 4. X f f 5 l l N FATE, JOAN 5 Q Glee Club 2, 45 Scrapbook Club 35 Music and N' 'X Drama Club 1, 25 G.R. 2, 3, 45 G.R. Treas. 35 Class Sec. 45 Typing Contest 35 B.B. 15 Miz- pah Staff 45 Librarian 45 Student Council 1, E' Intramural B.B. 2. X FISHER, ERNESTINE 'B Fulton-Class Play 15 Debate 15 Intramural A B.B. 15 Mt. GileadwO.C.S. 2, 3, 45 Vice Pres. O.C.S. 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Intramural B.B. 2, 3, 45 Typing Contest 35 O.C.S. Play 45 G.R. 45 School Paper Staff 3. FRITZ, ,ANNABELLE Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Music and Drama 15 F.H. A. 2, 3, 4. FURBAY, WALTER Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Special Chorus 45 Debate 15 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Pres. 45 F.F.A. g Judging Team 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Public Speak- ing Contest 4. GEORGE, BERTHA Music and Drama Club 1, 25 Drama Club 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Newpaper Staff 45 In- tramural B.B. 1, 2, 3, 4. N --1-q- , ., , - -L E l i l l I MM-THE MIZPAHQ-gfwuk is ,YY 1936 37 GLADDEN, BOB Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Special Chorus 2, 3. 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Class Treas. 45 Sports Club 1, 25 Art Club 3, 45 Pres. 45 Basketball Mgr. 3, 45 All County Band 2. 35 Pep Band 45 Intramural B.B. 1, 2, 3. GRIFFITH, TED Band 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Mizpah Staff 45 Editor Mizpah 45 Football 45 Scrapbook Club 35 Sports Club 15 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Sec'y. 35 Class Play 35 Vice Pres. Class 25 Signum Staff 2, 35 Student Council 15 Special Chorus 2. HART, JACK Student Council 45 Pres. 45 School Paper Staff 35 Mizpah Staff 45 Class Sec'y 35 Music and Drama Club 25 Drama Club 35 Pres. 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Brass Quartet 1, 2, 3, 45 All County Band 2, 35 All County Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Literary Contest 25 Intramural B.B. 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain 15 Football Mgr. 3, 45 Baseball 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Special Chor- us 1, 2, 35 All County Chorus 35 Drama Play 35 Class Play 35 Hi-Y 45 Debate 15 Sports Club 1. I-IOBSON, ERNEST Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Glce Club 1. 2, 3, 45 Sports Club 15 Scrapbook Club 35 Mizpah Staff 45 Pep Band 3. 4. HUNT, NEVA Fulton-Class Play 15 Debate 1. Mt.4 Gilead -Glee Club 2, 35 O.C.S. 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Intramural B.B. 2, 3, 45 O.C.S. Play 45 Cheer Leader 2, 35 School Paper Staff 45 Girl Reserve 3, 4. JOLLAY, DEAN Band 1, 2, 35 Music and Drama 25 Drama Club 35 Sports Club 15 Student Council 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 35 Intramural B.B. 1, 2. 3, 4. acfzers THE MIZPAH 1935-37 rn ur zmzbr ffswzr JOHNSTONE, HELEN Librarian 2. 35 Mizpar Staff 45 Signum Staff 25 Newspaper Staff 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Special Chorus 1, 2, 35 All County Chorus 35 All County Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Music and Drama Club 15 O.C.S. 25 Scrapbook 35 Class Play 35 Literary Contest 25 Intramural B.B. 1, 25 G. Reserves 2, 3, 45 G. R. Pres. 45 Student Council 35 Debate 1. KIMMEY, DOROTHY Music and Drama 15 O.C.S. 25 Art Club 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Intramural B.B. 15 Baseball 2, 3. LEE, SARAH ELLEN Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Base- ball 2, 35 Intramural B.B. 45 O.C.S. 1, 2, 35 Drama Club 4. LEWIS, MILDRED O.C.S. 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. 45 G. Reserves 45 Glec Club 1, 2, 45 Special Chorus 25 Typing Con- test 3. ' LOGAN, IVAN Student Council 35 Class Pres. 25 Class Vice Pres. 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Sec. 25 F.F.A. Pres. 35 F.F.A. Reporter 45 F.F.A. Judging Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 35 Football 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural B.B. 1, 2. 3, 45 Captain 2, 35 Glass Club 2, 3, 45 Special Chorus 2, 3, 45 Debate 1. LOREN, BETTY Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Girl Re- serves 3, 45 Drama Club 2, 45 O.C.S. 1, 35 tramural B.B. 4. H! found QI.: Ne: pzw.1,6' 6' 111.112 53-ftyx I7 12 .sud i 5 5 X . 4 THE MIZPAH X 1936-37 A 1 A K W .5 MCCAMMAN, SYLVIA ,M Glee ciub 1, 2, o.c.s. 1, 2, 3,49 o.c.s. Play 49 O.C.S. Treas. 49 Newspaper Staff 49 Intral mural B.B. 1, 2. McMILLAN, JANE Alexandria-Newpaper Staff 1, 29 Operetta 1, 2, 39 Glee Club 1, 2, 39 Library 2, 39 Spring Contest 1, 2, 39 Mt. Gilead-Library 49 Spec- ial Chorus 49 Honor Society 39 County Chor- us 2, 39 Intramural B. B. 3. TN X. 51: if 2 x . 1 YJ MIRACLE, RICHARD Football 1, 2, 49 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 49 Base- ball 1. 2, 3, 49 Special Chorus 1, 2, 39 Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Band 1, 2, 3, 49 Orchestra 39 Class Play 39 Class. Pres. 49 Athletic Board 3, 49 Pres. 49 Hi-Y 2, 3, 49 Pres. 49 Signum Staff 29 Sports Club 1, 29 Scrapbook Club 39 Library 39 All County Band 39 All County Orchestra 2, 3. PARTHEMORE, RICHARD Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 49 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 49 Football 2, 3, 49 Sports Club 19 Scrapbook Club 39 Mizpah StaH 49 Special Chorus 4. PICKENS, FANNY LEE Centerburg-Orchestra 1. 29 Glee Club 29 G. R. 1, 29 Class Sec. 29 All County Chorus 1, 29 All County Orchestra 39 Mt. Gilead- Orchestra 2, 39 Band 3, 49 Glee Club 3, 49 O.C.S. 39 G.R. 3, 49 Special Chorus 3, 49 Art Club 3, 49 Art Club Sec. 49 All County Or- chestra 4. POTTER, KENNETH Signum Staff 19 Glee Club 19 Library 1, 2, 3. Scribb1er's Scroll 1, 29 Circulation Mgr. 1, 2, 39 Stamp Club 39 Stamp Club Pres. 39 Library 39 Hi-Y 3, 49 Hi-Y Treas. 49 Mizpah Staff 4. anxzbus io be Jenlbrs. THE MIZPAH ,..B,. . "'fT4,,e,, 1936-37 ow as enzbrs we are ex REINHARDT, NINABELLE Glee Club 1, 29 Basketball 1, 29 Baseball 2, 39 O.C.S. 1, 2. 3, 49 O.C.S. Play 49 Intramural B.B. 4. SNYDER, BULA Glee Club 1, 29 Music and Drama Club 1, 29 Scrapbook Club 39 Drama Club 49 Signum Staff 29 Library 3, 49 G.R. 49 Shorthand Con- test 39 Class Play 39 Intramural BB 1, 4. SPRIGGS, LENA R. Glee Club 1, 29 Basketball 1, 29 Baseball 2, 39 Intramural BB 49 O.C.S. 1, 2, 3, 4: O.C.S. Play 49 Shorthand Contest 3. TRAINER, TI-IELMA Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 49 Special Chorus 1, 2, 3. 49 Music and Drama Club 1, 29 Scrapbook Club 39 G.R. 2, 3, 49 Class Play 39 Shorthand Con- test 39 G.R. Conference 2. if l 1 , N WAC-NER, MARIE ISABEL Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 49 Sec. 39 Vice Pres. 49 Mother-Daughter Banquet 3, 49 Typing Contest 39 Shorthand Contest 3. WEATHERBY, ISABELL Glee Club 1, 29 Basketball 1, 2, 39 Baseball 2, 39 Intramural B.B. 49 Captain 49 Athletic Board 49 Sec. and Treas. 49 O.C.S. 1, 2, 39 Sec. and Treas. 29 Pres. 39 Class V. Pres. 39 Shorthand Contest 39 Mizpah Staff 4. THE MlZPAH "Qf,1f7'f"ff 1936 37 WIELAND, PHIL jr. Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 3, Special Chorus 4, All County Band 1, 25 Sports Club 19 Drama Play 35 Scrapbook Club 3, Business Mgr. Mizpah 43 Hi-Y 3, 45 Library 39 School Newspaper 2, 35 Class Sec. and Treas. lg Class Play 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 49 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra- mural B.B. 1. WOOD, ROSEMARY Glee Club 1, 2, Scribblers Club lg Drama Club 2, 3, Library 2, 35 Slgnum Staff 3, Mizpah Staff 4, Class Play 33 Intramural B.B. 1, 2, 3, 4. WOODRUFF, FRANCES Home Ee. Club 1, 2. 3,45 Extra Projects 1, Q 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Mother and Daugh- R ter Banquet 35 Intramural B.B. 4. S' M 2 ii, 2' be I 101 M .syauzzsf V ' w 1 if, cz!! over Ure Jcfzoof l 1 :J X7 QQ , za THE MIZPAH' 7 ,, YQ, 'K ' 7 .' , W' fw .l- -QQ 7 ,. A 'W' 1936-37 jovial, jocular jesters of jollity and joy .... ihey are iubilant jinglegs .... lwut ai iimes juclicaiive .... we call them funiprs .B- Y wx. Ei XY N rf 'irff JUNIOR CLASS lop row: P. Davis, S. Evans, B. Nye, E.. Turner, D. Keller, F. Kuhhs, G. Weller J. Ramborger, D. Cline, D. Nichols, Z. Fissel, D. Pinyerd, W. Wright, C. iVlello'tt J. Benson. Middle row: Hedrick, Mr. McCarty, F. Taylor, D. Smith, A. Bending, l... Shade R. Sipe, G. Gordon, V. Rhodebeck, Teeple, M. Hinckley, W. Rhodebeck, M. Boncr, E. Brown, E. Haecock, lVl. Dennis, M. Andrews, A. Geyer. lfront row: E.. Woodruff, O. Harris, G, Meckley, G. lVlcPeek, M. Tuttle, P. Page 1 1 .THE MIZPAH -,,- A Q Y' -i936-37f -.T-f -. sf' f, , 'L l'll.,.f1w-I-fly U 3 1 " Once saucy, seedy, showy .... sappy, silly and simple wx slrirlfers .... Now sulyile, sociable, sopliisiicaled speci- V mens .... we present our Sophomores 5 b , 1 A v F 'f 9.1 I 1 f' N 3 - 71' I '-.'- X5 Qi lm- . X .7 f K !A,.' .. , V If. ,le-5 J ' ,A . rl," ffl M I sf '1- I , xii' 4 , , X, V A 2 5, Q-' : 5' N xy 1 l ,ix . I. 6 K' ,A 4. .. in , L., SOPHOMORES 'lqop row: R. Patesel, G. Hartpence, W. Bendle, D. Mateer, L. Burson, M. Craven W. McClelland, R. Blayney, C. Lamson, R. Pearl, D. Dye, England, R. Trainer N. Smith, M. Denton. Middle row: L. Wood, E. Burson, B. Reinhardt, D. Taylor, D. Etter, M. Bendle, M. Fisher, R. McCombs, R. Linn, M. Ellis, R. Farmer, Wellert, M. Ashbrook, J. Mcljeek, D. Mellott. Front row: C. Hopkins, Advisorg R. Barler, B. Heacoclc, C. Fissel, B. Losey, G. Francis, R. Ault, R. Corwin, D. Lyons, M. O'Sl1augl1nessy, N. Lee, H. Phillips, R. Haines. THE MIZPAI-1 , ,, ,,,,,7,,, Mmm, .... . .1936-37giM Frowzp fizzles .... foggy .... flowery and flippant. . . .with a fretful frenzy to be frightfully frivolous. . . Our Freshmen FRESHMAN CLASS Top row: E. M. Woodruff, Logan, T. Campbell, K. Blackledge, R. Conning R. Mason, R. Lee, M. Levings, R. Parks, W. Batchelor, H. Burson, E. Whipple D. McLain, C. Tharp, C. Ault, A. Shade. Row 2: E. Everhart, B. Reed, E. Edgell, R. Hart, B. Ross, P. Smith, E. Denton J. Hammond, C. Brokaw, M. Page, E. Furhay, M. Herron, P. Talmage, V. Krout A. Morton, M. Richardson, V. Tuttle, D. Miller, M. Clapper, Mr. Shipman. Row 3: I. Gregory, E. Etter, M. Losey, W. Lee, L. Case, M. Wood, E. McCam mon, E. Shelpman, R. Peoples, A. G. Wisewell, M. Geyer, H. Talmage, D. Richey B. Andrew, Haynes, Coutchure, M. Baker. Front row: C. Barler, McMillan, Cox, D. Wiseman, R. Wagner, O. Ruhl V. Tennant, J. O'Shaughnessy, M. Breese, B. Ellis, G. West. "-r'4""5M-"THE MIZPAH , ' Q., . . .1935-37 V 'X Classes!OF 19 . . . ? EIGI-ITI-I GRADE Standing. Top row: B. Brollier, C. Taylor, D. West, R. Cyphers, Noakes, R Struble, T. Herron, S. Foster, Fate. Standing. Middle row: Holtrey, H. George, B. Bending, Keller, Hull, I.. Hinckly, V. Kelly, Miss Hufford, N. Smith, B. Williams, R. McClellan, Phillips l... Burnett. Third row, seated: H. James, R. Wright, A. Bonham, Teeple, Wieland, M. Cole man, B. Herron, E. Parks, P. Heacock. Fourth row, seated: W. Hildebrand, O. Hildebrand, H. McClenathan, B. Turner D. Sesler, W. Davis, B. Trainer, D. Breese. SEVENTH GRADE Row One: B. Corwin, R. Corwin, Sesler, D. Boyle, G. Jackson, W. Davis, C White, C. Phillips, N. Richendollar, R. Pollard, S. Miller. Row Two: Miss Wieland, D. Bennett, E. Case, M. Geiger, C. McClenathan, H Szalapato, M. Williams, M. Reed, R. Batchelor, B. Neal, D. Coning. Row Three: G. Koch, D. Wagner, D. Canterbury, R. Harrison, E. Thompson, V O'Shaughnessy, B. Ireland, C. Mellott, R. Masters, D. Corwin. Row Four: K. Beardsley, D. Reinhardt, Geyer, C. Rhodebeck, N. McMillin, B Ward, J. Fate, E. West. l Activities Contents 2 . bg! . If I A V , 'ix Ciu bs ,fljf Commercial Play Music Organizations Mizpah Stall Class Play yd! 1, ' X I 'f ,. THE MIZPAHYVV ,,,,, , , , , ,,,,,, Y W, ,1936-37...- Tl-llf. ART CLUB With lVlr. Moody as their instructor the members of the art cluh developed their talents along the lines of ceramics, drawing, Woodwork, and printing. Tl-IE SCRAPBOOK CLUB The Scrapbook club members, under 'the tutelage of lVlr. Shipman, took as their project the making of individual scrapbooks. These included such topics as sports, photo- graphs, and Home Economics. HE: MIZPAH 1936-37' l Curtain . COMMERCIAL CLUB PLAY From left to right: Nina Reinhardt, M. Baker, Miss Caldwell fSupervisorJ, M. Ash- brook, S. McCammon, V. Rhodebeck, Neva Hunt, G. Gordon, B. Reinhardt, L Spriggs, B. Reed, R. Sipe, E. Fisher, Teeple. "'i' ' THE MIZPAHQQQ' 'Q ' ' ' ' . "YY" Y g W 777771936-37 Future Homemalcers Top Row: N. Conant, M. Losey, H. Phillips, E.. Woodruff, B. Losey, C. Fissel. Middle Row: E. Vvoodruff, E. Etter, W. Lee, D. Etter, M. Fisher, E. Vvoodruff C. Mcpeek, Miss Hufford. Bottom Row: W. Rhodebeck, G. Dill, H. Budd, I. Etter, R. Linn, M. Wagrxer, A Fritz, M. Lewis. The F. H. A. has taken an active place in the school curriculum this year. l,-.i.THE MIZPAH 1936-37 Future Farmers Top row: P. Swisher, G. Pissel, H. Phillips, D. Ramborger, F. Taylor, H. Denton. Second row: W. McCracken, P. Davis, E.. Brown, R. C-ompf, H. Burson, V. Gregory, G. West, A. Bishop, adviser. First row: R. Wagner, J. Logan, W. McClelland, G. Denton, W. Furbay, I. Logan, C. Jackson, Davis. The F. F. A. has proved to be an outstanding club in the school. With the help ol lVlr. Bishop, the boys were prepared for the public speaking contest. Many interesting projects have also been completed. , -JHE MIZPAH , , , , , , , , , , Y , , , Y ,1936-37 Shirt Sleeves Presented by the Junior Class of Mt. Gilead High School Decemlier l0, I926 Directed by Leon C. McCarty. Characters Esther Rand ..... ..... . . .Virginia Allison Theodore Rand . Diana Rand .... Norman Aldrich. Franklin Rand. . Julia Rand ..... Donald Rand .... Margie Scandlon Richard Crandall Kitty ......... Elmer ......... Clarissa Scott. . . Midge Waring . . Auctioneer ..... Omega ....... Alpha ........ First Baggageman. . . . . .Francis Kubbs . . .Janice Brollier .......John Benson . . .James Ramhorger . . .Martha Morton . . . .Gale Weller . . .Pauline Page . . . .Dean Keller . . . .Maxine Boner . . .Clifton Mellor Katherine Andrew . . . . .Jean Cladden .....Sam Evans . . . . . . .Jean Hardman Margaret Andrews . . . . . .Bill Wright Second Baggageman. . . . .Bill Nye THE MIZPAH,7,,,,,j ,,,, f,,,f ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, ,,,-, W ,,,1936-37?.,,W Music and Drama The Music Club has been one of the most outstanding clubs of the school this year. lhey have spent their time studying lives of famous composers and also have had varied programs, made up of various fields. ilihe Drama Club has been studying the drama this year, besides putting on several groups of plays, directed by members of the Drama Club. "F"-l'-'THE MIZPAH A 1936-37 Clean Speqiih . . Clean Sports . e f. NT 5 N A, 9-J xl' ,x Standing, top row: L. Burson, B. Ramborger, P. Weiland, Ramborger, D. Jollay, F. Dennis. Standing, second row: K. Potter, M. Denton, D. Dye, B. Nye, B. Gladden, G. Weller, D. Miracle, M. Craven. Seated: R. Blayney, G. Coleman, Mr. Wilson, adviser, T. Griffith, England, Hart. A group of twenty boys, selected from the upper three grades, constitutes the member- ship of the Hi-Y. They hold meetings once a week. Their room has a ping pong table and is used for various activities. Distinctly religious in character their purpose is: "To create, maintain and ex- tend throughout the com- munity high stand- ards of Christ- ian charac- ter. i-l,,,.l- THE MlZPAl-liiiji ' 'iii iiiiiggjg iii in, Wgiiigiii l'Q,,,.L1936-37 Follow the Gleam l Top row: E.. Fisher, N. Hunt, M. Ashbrook, D. Lyons, R. Sipe, M. Lewis, R. Wood, B. Snyder, T. Trainer, G. Dill, H. Batchelor, F. Pickens, Dunham, Fate, E Blayney, H. Johnstone, president. Second row: M. O'Shaughnessy, E. Loren, H. Budd, Teeple, M. Tuttle, Brollier, P. Davis, E. Dunfee, M. Andrews, A. Geyer, Wellert, V. Craven, M. Ellis, Miss Hufford, Adviser. . Front row: M. Boner, E. Heacock, W. Rhodebeck, E. Brown, I. Allbaugh, K. Andrew, P. Krout, Gladden, V. Allison, P. Page, Hardman, M. Morton, B. Heacock, M. Dennis, R. Ault, R. Corwin. All activities of the Girl Reserves are designed to lead directly or indirectly to the fullfilment of their purpose and slogan, Hto find and give the best,', and 'sto face life squarely." Like the Hi-Y, the Girl Reserves are a Christian organization, being part of the Young Womenis Christian Association. Miss Hufford served successfully as sponsor of this large high school group. E M IZPAH 1936-37 Rhythmn ls Their Business The band is to be highly complimented on its splendid work this year, directed by our music instructor, W. Bixel. The Pep Band has been active this year, furnishing pep and enthusiasm at all our home games. TPiE M IZPAHQQ Y L "" !4 74" ""1936-37 Cords and Discords . . . The Boys, and Girls' Glee clubs, composed of members of the upper four classes, practiced once each Week under the direction of lVlr. Bixel. The members of both of these organizations appeared in many of the chapel programs throughout 'the entire school year. THE MIZPAHQHH7 7 ' f,,.1936-37 l.eI:'s All Unite anci Sing 'lihe Special Chorus has met on the average of twice a week this year. It has Worked hard to furnish special music for our Chapel programs, etc. ..,4.THE MIZPAH 1936-37 Trumpets, Percussion, and Wind The orchestra has done very fine work this year, and it may be heartily commended for its efforts. It has produced for Chapel special music, which the student body has appre- ciated very much. YYY YWTHE MIZPAH , YYXY 7 7 YYYY, 7 7 7 7 g,,,,, 7777 KXYY 777777 71936-37i1 Reporters. . .reasonable remonstrators. . .ready relat- ors. . . roving retrospectives. . .rendering rare reftec- tions and rampant reports. . . . . . . The Business English Class sponsors the school newspaper which is published in hotlg of the local newspapers. Menibers of the class chose different editors through the year. The rest of the class act as reporters, interviewing teachers and collecting news for the paper. This proves good training in journalism to 'the class, and also gives school happenings to the older people outside of school. V .-i.llTHE MlZPAHiT', Q' j ' W1 i f 'Qfj,1,j ' Q i i1,1f T' 1 11936'37.. 7 Typing. . .Camera. . .Late Hours. . . Deadlines. . . Printers. . .Engravers . . .Art Work . . .Proofs . . . Costs. . .Covers . . .Slugs ...Plaies. . .Bora'ers. .. Dummies. . .Pictures. . .Copies . . .Forms. . .Pages ...Result. . . 1937 Mizpah. .. A The Mizpah Stall, together with , 5 adviser, Mr. Wilson, has worked all year getting the Mizpah ready for you. The Mizpah is published each year by the Senior Class, and endeavors to capture 'the spirit of the school year, and preserve il for you. I' bg! .. ql" i1 ly' +5 W--'-.Jf..:.a! 'l-"i'THE ivuzPAH W - 1936-37 Commercial Club 'lihe Commercial Club is composed of commercial students who are encleavoring to reach a higher degree of efficiency. 'lahey also put on a successful play this year. , s:.g,MW,g 7 ,rf-.-in Hu, - ' Athletics Contents Athletic Boarcl Football Baslc etball Scores " 'THE MIZPAH -,Ai .. .Fl-. - 1936"37 Athletic Board Standing: G. Weller, D. Miracle, Wellert. Seated: I. Weatherby, Mr. Elliott, Adviser. 'il' he Athletic Board, with members chosen from the athletic squads, represents the athletic interests of the school. lihe board sponsored the Annual Athletic Banquet, promoted athletic interests, had charge of ticket sales and advertising of athletic contests. The board has a very essential part in the Mt. Gilead High School Athletic depart- ment. 1 , ,,,+.THE MIZPAH ,, fini? ,Y 7 4, Y ,,,,,,,.,,Wl935-3711.. -. Turbulent, titanic, tournament throngs. . .thrilling title tussles. . .tributes to teamwork. . .tllirty-j5ve's trophy CCISC... ... . TROPHY CASE " In this case are shown the many trophies won for different honors by the Mount Gilead School. The trophies represent basketball, football, baseball, track, foul shooting, Schol- astic Award, and Home Economics awards of the past years. We can always count on our Athletic Squad to contribute a trophy each year. Many other organizations also contribute to it each year. ...A THE MIZPAH 7 77 7 7 7 77,7 7 777 77 7 771936-377 Flying wedges .... fumbles .... jit and fearless fight- ers .... falls .... foxy held marshals .... the Fool- ball Squad ALi. .Bi. .Bi. .and the forty points. Q Rough! Tough! Hard! Big! Mighty! Small! Green Squad! Nluddy Fields! Injuries! That constitutes our squad and its success this year. Though we won but two games this year, I'm sure we were better than that. Our opponents always knew that we were on the field. We never quit until the linal whistle was blown. We lose but eight out of nineteen lettermen via graduation route: Dennis CCD, Griffith, Logan, Wieland, Miracle, Lewis, Parthemore, Ramborger. Weller was the only member of the squad to make the HA!! Mid-State !..eagueTeam." THE MlZPAHg,,' 'QW1' j. 'Q Q Y. Q Q., 1, f 'Q Q' 'U936-37' Scores, Scars and scares Marion-Harding-Lost-26-12. Team made good showing. Bob Lee outstanding player. It was a tough game. Alittle nervous at first. Bill Lewis hurt. Miracle and Weller score. Butler4Won-7-0. Our line was weak. Butler 'had tough team, scoreless up to last few minutes of play, when Weller took the ball up the field and olver. Kubbs scored extra point. We looked worse that we did the week before. Played at fair, before very large crowd. Had the ball within 5 yd. line two or three times but failed to score. England knocked out. Sunbury-Lost-7-6. Trying to play in mud and rain, our shifty backs were of no avail. VVe scored early in first quarter on an end run by Kubbs. We were very weak on dc- fense. Kubbs played a very good game. Has promise of a great little quarterback. Miracle can't take it, gets knocked out. Not a league game, so still undefeated in league. Bellville-Lost-13-7. Francis Kubbs out for operation. We missed him. Parthemore and Craven played quarterback. Weller played good, 'hard game. Griffith breaks into lineup. Pass defense was weak. Fredericktown4Lost-13-22. They had a fast, hard, fighting team. Our line couldnt hold, they blocked two punts, one for safety, one for touchdown. Miracle was hurt in first quarter, tore a ligament in his knee. Wieland played good game. Gut of League Race. Danville-Won-13-7. Played good game. Blocked and tackled as they should. Wellei ran wild accounting for all 13 points, headed by fine interference. Ashley-Lost-8-0. Played in muddy field. Couldn't show any of our' razzle-dazzle foot- ball. Had to .hit the line and try to keep the ball at the same time. We played a good game. Ashley had a big, strong team. Loudenville-Lost-20-0. Revive the War, played on Armstice day. Got off to a bad start as usual. They scored a touchdown on the first playg then another shortly after- wards. The last half was an evenly fought game. "Johnny" England showed up good in running and passing. Madison-Lost-30-0. It was the last game for Wieland, Logan, Dennis. Griffith. Miracle, Parthemore. We were completely outsized, and had some bad breaks, Our boys put up a good tight. Weller and Dennis hurt. Next year's material expected to be good and tough. THE MIZPAHQ Q 'YQ Q Q 'Q' Q QQ Qi' Qi' Q Q Q QNQ Q 'T1936-37Q, Q Q QQ Yeah Mt. Gilead, Fight ! ! ! Q I' , 5 xii K li 292' 'ilu A'l'lll ill il W lil Adel gi Qi'lE5a2'Li' ,gifiinllv i Z Dennis-"Capt Denny"-Give me a bushel basket, and then throw me that ball. Wielande-"1"ee Wee"+After I get my feet started, watch me go. Lewis-"Bill,'-I would have been with you all the way if Parthemore weren,t so Tough. - - Griffith-"Grif"-I am always the man in motion, so I can look at the side line, and read the rules on the "First Pagef' England-uslohnnyu--I'm good for two touchdowns today. I got that "Good Luck Kiss" last night. Miracle-"Henry"-I am a great pass catcher for I use "l..ePage's" Glue. Logan-"Hay Seedn-That couldn't have been my man that came through, for he was lying on top of me. Weller-'iS0ggy"1It's not a good policy to shift gears fGeyerD on a week-end fweak-Endj run. Ramborger-"Jim,'-Me for my brother "Bill". Mateer--"Don"-Give me a big crowd, and watch me do my stuff. l'l'THE NIIZPAH Wk' 'W li1936-37i ' Athletic Big Shots Cline-"Dave,-I could never catch a pass, but I can knock down the Interference Burson-"Les"-'lihey tell me I talk 'too much. Smith-"Smitty"iSay, coach, what cio you have to do to get on this Ai . Mi Mid-State League Team? mi-53,51 Lee-"Annabelle,-By ciod, I'll get him ciis time. G1 gi's get the game over With, so I can go over to Edison. If ii' Ramborger-"Bill"-I will show you how it is done in the "Navy.7' if 4 I is J, .in ..t.,--+ W e 4 I THE MlZPAH,7 1, 1,11llg,l -,4I936-37 MIRACLEA"Senior"--I was small, but mighty. I favored a bad knee which kept me out part of the season. I was not as fast as I was a year ago, but I tried to make up for it otherwise. They could depend upon me for at least one or two baskets a game. As usual, I spent most of my time on the Hoor. The squad elected me Honorary Cap- tain, and I was also selected as all-county guard. DENNIS4"Senio1"'-I was the same old Dennis, fumbled passes. and missed lay-up shots. But I got the tip-off for the boys most of the time, and was a great help to them on follow up shots, and in getting possession of the ball from the opponents basket. I was the coaches' selection for second team all county center. VVIELAND-"Senior"-I am tall with big feet. I played my best all the time I was in there. Though, defensively, I had some weak points, I more than made up for it on offense. I was the team's leading scorer for the season, and also one of the best foul shooters on the squad. I got honorable mention on the all-county team. CRAVENi"Sophomore"-I was inexperienced this year, but did pretty Q1 well. I am a pretty ,good shot from. the side of the Hoor. I was always 5 ready. when called upon. I had my weak points, but will be in good iQ :' form next year. I expect to cause opponents plenty of trouble during 6' mn the next two years X ENGLAND Sophomore Being the youngest and least expeiienced on the team I had to give my best all the time to stay in the game I was a hard Hghtci ast and a good long shot I was in a teriible slump I have two more years and you will hear a lot of me in that time B,-,,.K 5- , I U ' ' 1' 5 if Q, gn ,U H7 - A N I U 1. . ix - lf! H ', f , . ' " X ' W at the end of the season, but I will make up for that next year. I think J I had more bruises, as results of rough games than all the other players. f V . . . i i I , , , ,,-,.-..1.i"THE M lZPAH'ff 41936-37-?-- Buckets. . . .bouncing balls .... burns, banlgboard and basket bombafds .... bzfsfm, blocks, blunders. . :Q . .brilliant batllcrs .... our big baslfcteers. f Eff! K f 1 H' U itnfgf :hm 1 il iw' .iiiifiifg 5QniQii!l! ihjlrii 1 f , ' b g, FISSELi"Junior'l-I was one of the iirst seven. Though I didn't play regularly, I received my letter. I was No. 1 as substitute. I could go in the game in anyoncis position without weakening the team. On the team I played left guard, while Miracle was hurt, and I was also a good long shot. I have one more year and I will be one of the best players on the team. BURSON-f'tSop'homore"-I am going to be one of the best pivot men Mt. Gilead has ever seen. I was a first string substitute and they could put me in the game at any position without weakening the team. I had an inferiority complex this year, but watch me go next year! I have a shot that nobody can stop. WELLER-"Junior"-I wasl faster this year and also a better shot. Being shifted from a guard to a forward, it took me some time to get settled down. I finally got my one, hand shots down "pat", and I was a scoring threat at all times. Maybe not .noticed so much on offense, but I was in with all my weaith on defense. I have one more year to show my stuff. GLADDEN-"Senior"-I was the manager of the team this year. I gave them rub- downs at halves. I worked hard all the time, cleaning balls, and tabulating the results of foul shots in practice. I was referee in all the practice games. If the coaches had chc-sen an "All County" manager I am sure I Would have been unanimously elected. The boys will miss me next year. HOPKINS-COACH-I was new here this year, and the boys didn't know my style of playing. It took some time for them to get used to it. I'm sure I am a better coach than my teams' records show. I am well liked by all the boys. and I t'hink next year you will see some championship teams. THE MIZPAHW' "' Y ' W Y " rj' VW' ,YQ 1 L 936 37 Basket Ball Scores Dee. 4f--At Shelby We 5--Edison We I I---Ht Sparta We Elf--it Galion wife I8 iffxesterx ille We jan. 8-At Cardington We 'JfMa1'ysyille We l5fAt Iberia 'We Zi----At Marengo We Z3--Frederiektown We 294Il3eria We 33feAt Edisin We heb. 5--At johnsville We I Z--Carclington vWe I 9-johnsville We County Tournament Feb. Z6-Iberia We 22 27--Iohnsville We I6 T1 hey They They They T hey They They They They T hey They Tipey They They They They They l- -'THE MIZPAH ' wi" 7 " -,ij j" "' 7 71936-37 Letter "M" Men 13,2 'Q X 1 5 .J ,T X ,H I A lil ill l l , ill 1 ll: To be eligible to receive a letter, a player must participate in one over half ot all tl.e quarters of the season. It is considered an honor to receive a letter, and it is something an athlete will always remember. FOOTBALL Dennis-Captain Miracle Wieland Griffith Parthemore Logan Lewis Ramborger, Ramborger, W. Weller Kubbs Cline Wright England Smith Burson Blayney Lee lVlateer Hart-Manager BASKETBALL Miracle-Captain Wieland Dennis Weller Fissel England Burson Glaclclen- Manager L i ,,1...l.......... THE MlZPAH' i ldj, l fi, 'I.l.QZ1ilI,,....T-..l935-37i.. l "B" Varsity Basketball Squad Due to a "mix-up" in taking the basketball pictures, we are unable to have the "B" varsity picture in here. They should be given special notice, for it is these boys that will make up our future HA" varsity team. The "B" Varsity went through the county season undefeated. These boys are young and inexperienced, but they proved to be coming players, out-classing their opponents at all times. Boys who received "B" Varsity letters are as follows: Kubbs, Lee, Tenant, Batchelor, Pearl, Dye, Craven. Baseball Squad The baseball squad is said to be the largest that they have had out for some time. Though we do not know how good they are, there are several experienced players. They are expected to win a majority of their games this spring. There is a cup being given for the county champions. Besides the games scheduled in the county, there are several games with Class A teams. The squad is getting new baseball suits this year. lntramural Baslcetball The seniors ran away with the Intramural Basketball laurels this year. Both the senior boys and girls teams won the championship. The senior girls had many players Wlho had played on the girls, varsity team. They were fast, good shots and just couldn't be stopped. The senior boys out-classed all of their opponents. Gene Coleman and Dick Ault were the main cogs, both in offense and defense. The seniors ran up at least 50 points a. game. Other players were: Hart, Logan, Bowers. Denton. THE MIZPAH Special Features Contents Gracie Pictures Jolces Snapshots Can You imagine Autographs Alphabet Class Will THE MlzPAH:k '-'-'-f- V H ' 'W ' R if - g ' 36-37 Grade Picftures THE MIZPAHf 7' ' f "7 f f' Q, '.I' 1936-37 - I I ,l,1L,,.,1THE NIIZPAHQ' ,, f' 'QM' 'A ' 77741936-37 Gracle Faculty Top row: Eleanor Vvarcl, Bessie Beckley, Bernice Peoples, Altabelle Jensen. Bottom row: Ramel Logan, Mabel Hoffmire, Gayle Rinehart, Esther Donovan THE MIZPAHY Y 7,7717 WNW Y -YYwgW,MF1935 37 Senior Class Will We, as the Senior Class, do hereby bequeath the following: Coleman is looking for some one to whom to leave his "Fate" Potter leaves his ability to flirt to Francis Kubbs. Dick Miracle leaves his "bum leg" to Gale Weller. Walter Furbay bequeaths his orations to Zeno Fissel. Jane McMillan leaves her vocal cords to Dale Nichols. Dick Ault leaves his ability to ride horses to Bill VVright. Virginia Craven leaves her 'lbeautyu to Anna Geyer. Frank Dennis leaves his jumping ability to Glenna Francis. Ivan Logan leaves his "Sheep-ish" look to Don Mateer. Jack Hart leaves his pugelistic ability to Fanny Kubbs. Helen Jonhstone leaves Johnny to any Lonesome gal. Eileen Blayney leaves Isaly's Dairy for good. Sylvia McCammon leaves her flat feet to Mr. Hopkins. Cline leaves .her t'Beau" to any old tie. Woodruff leaves herself to any sailor. Batchelor bequeaths her bashfulness to Dick Blayney. Lena Spriggs leaves her shortness to .Geraldine I.IcPeek. Weatherby leaves 'her loveable ways to any Romeo. Fritz leaves herself to any lonesome boy. Loren beqeauths her tallness to Peg Smith. Snyder leaves Williamsport to any "cross-roads." Etter leaves her shortness to Hub Phillips. Lee leaves .her rectitude to any "straight-jacket." Earnie Hobson leaves the school to anyone who wants it. Ester Dunfee leaves her "backwardness" to Leslie Burson. Gladden leaves his ability to peel oranges to Jim Ramborger. Dick Parthemore leaves his violin to John Hedrick. Pickens leaves her "Rorneos" to the marines. Bertha George bequeaths her avoirdupois to Mr. Wilson. Joan Fate leaves her basketball player to any team. Neva Hunt donates her dancing shoes to Sally Rand. Dean Jollay leaves his knowledge of Shakespeare to D 1 e Cline. . av Kimmey leaves her hair to any hair dresser. Carl Denton leaves his "bow legs" to Mr. McCarty. Don Bowers leaves his face to any would-be comedian. Mildred Lewis leaves her typewriter to any junk dealer. Marie Wagner bequeaths her talkativeness to tonge-tied Fanny Kubbs Dunham leaves Mr. Wilson to anyone who wants him. Phil Wieland leaves several of his shoe boxes to the Craven Funeral Home Ted Griffith leaves ,his taste for Latin to Ward Powell., Reinhardt leaves her ability to "swing it" to Maxine Page. Rosemary Wood leaves her "splinters" to anyone. Fisher leaves her desire for books to any book worm. Helen Budd bequeaths her school girl complexion to Charles Jackson Thelma Trainer leaves the "frying pan" to go into the tire. i-l-THEQ MIZPAH Wg M L935 37 Mugs and Miscellany SHN ,,v-.,, THE MIZPAH , 7, , 4 , ,71936 5-5 Alphabet A is for ault a dolorous dupe pooey to richard he's fiies in our zupe. B is for bert whose dry snapping humor is gained from hard cider or so goes the rumor . C is for coleman a sour-panned gent who had better reform or he is hell-bent. D is for dennis who captained our team he also possesses a very weak bean. E is for earnest who is surely a novice at keeping away from the principal's office. F is for fate she likes not the ice man but follows instead in the steps of the "coleman". G is for gladden wlhose hobby is croonin' he also excels in rumble seat spoonin'. I-I is for 'hopkins our coach who is new he isn't so hot but he'll have to do. I is for isa muggin to you I'm stuck-oh dear me so this'll have to do. J' is for jack who is known as a sage ftoo bad that you guys didn't edit this page? K is for kenny who goes for all women better it were that he should go swimmin' L is for leon who teaches us speech it takes a diploma to escape his long reach. M is for miracle the coed's chief rage it took a frosh girl to fill out his page. N is for neva whose beautiful lips are often but masks for boyish grips O is for "owful" excuse please our spell but after 4 years We feel likefioh welll P is for phil-bert whose brain's a bit limp but he's really quite harmless so we call him wirnp, Q is for quiet the law of the school it's never obeyed but its still a ,good rule R is for romance the students chief hobby but its hard tolrake plogress with the gals that arc sfnobhy. S is for shiprnan known as the wise masquerading as prof a nifty disguise T is for terry an editor throttlcd better it were that he should be bottled, U is for "youse" the classes to come do just as we did and. oh boy, what fun! V is for virginia who had a great payne it took a small miracle to keep her the same. W is for Weller Che paid us for thisl who receives many cheers but never a hiss Knot Much? X is for 'xit we're soon gonna leave unless our dear prof has an ace up his sleeve. Y is for yesterday when this was written if it's out of date there's no remitten. Z is a zound kids make when they're zleeping we all fall asleep when bertie starts cheeping. . THE MlZPAH 11, ,,, .. D. . 1 J... 1936-37...-.......1. Can You imagine? 1. Dick Ault getting NA" in English. 2. Blayney not working at Isaly's. 3. Batchelor not carrying home all her books to study at night. 4. Budd as a Comic author. 5. Bowers not asking for credit at the candy booth. 6. Cline not roaming the streets with her fellow. 7. Craven not winning a "beauty contestf' 8. Coleman not stopping on his way up North Main Street. 9. Denton six feet tall. 10. Dunham not flirting with some boy. 11. Dennis making a foul shot in basket ball. 12. Dunfee going with Clark Gable. 13. Etter as the worldls champion chess player. 14. Fate not going with Coleman. 15. Fisher running for Secretary of Labor. 16. Fritz being a t'second" for Mae West. 17. Furbay imitating Patrick Henry. 18. Gale not being "dressed-up" for school. 19. George tap dancing. 20. Griffith turning over a new page. 21. Gladden washing a basket ball clean. 22. Hart not trying to crack a joke. 23. Hobson running for Mayor of Fulton. 24. Hunt not chewing gum. 25. Jollay not fighting with Dennis. 26. Johnstone not going with England. 27. Kimmey not walking around with Fritz. 28. Logan running in a 100 yard dash. 29. Loren being a "blues singer." 30. M. Lewis in opera. 31. W. Lewis playing the part of Robert Taylor. 32. McMillan not arguing with a teacher. 33. Miracle as an English teacher. 34. Potter not trying to do something different. 35. Pickens not carrying half of her Wardrobe with her to class. 36. Parthemore not trying to fight with someone. 37. Reinhardts trying to do the Rumba. , 38. Spriggs as a cigarette girl. 'f 39. Trainer not arguing with Mr. Wilson. A 40. Woodruff teaching tap lessons. , . 41. Wieland not being late. 42. Wagner as a caddy-girl. 4 43. Wood trying to hitch-hike around the World. gg x 44. Weatherby not going to Edison. 45. McCammon as an avaitrix. ' i 46. Snyder as a tight-rope walker. W- ' -5' -5 47. Lee as a taxi-cab driver. X . :ai E ...-...Q-THE MIZPAH " A' 1936-37 Student Dictionary . . . CARTOON-A funny drawing that makes people laugh which other people claim cigarettes come in. CREAM-Is something that dry cereal doesn't taste as good without, unless you use milk, but you haven't any. HEARSE-A car they are dying to ride in. POOL-To drag, haul, as "pool up the anchor." BOAT-Including two persons as, "boat of us together." WATER-Implying a sense of obligation, as, "you water go to church." SIREN--As, "siren down the street as fast as I could go." DOCK-To plunge, dip, as, "he docked his head under water." LAKE-Lower limb, as, "he fell down and broke his lake." GRUDGE-Something you keep cars in. CHEER-Something to sit in. FULLBACK-Old fashioned bathing suit. QUARTERBACK-Change from a dollar. DRUNK-Main part of a tree. BOTTLE-A combat. DOORKNOB-Something a revolving door goes around without. STRAW-Something you drink something through two of them. FERN--A plant that you are supposed to water, it once a day, but if you don't it dies, and if you do it -dies, only not so soon. COBBLESTONESAA pavement that people would rather were asphalt than. SUMMER4Aseason that in winter you wish you- could keep your house as warm as TRUE-FALSE TEST-Gambling game with no money involved. GLASSES-Something even the slowest and dullest people can see through. SLEEP-White, Wooly things which are counted when you are suffering from insomnia TIES-Tihings which hold your collar around your neck. SKY-Holds up the clouds. . .in plural form a winter sport. BLUE-An important color which is used to rhyme with "you" in popular songs. MOVING-Something we don't get anywhere without. HALLS-Something that has rooms on either side of. HOME-A place there's nothing like, be it ever so humble. 3,32 ' E THE MIZPAH, ,aa K, Q lm, L, is LQ l1 ,1 '-1639-37i Thanks A Million We, the Senior Class, wish to thank the Junior Class for their cooperation in our Mizpah sales campaign. To the mer-chants whose advertisements appear on the following pages we take this opportunity to' thank them, one and all. for the splendid cooperation they have shown. For if it had not been for their unswerving loyalty to the Senior class, this book would not have been possible. We had 'hoped to have an Alumni Directory, but the response from the circulars we sent out to them has been small. We deeply regret to say that we cannot have at least a page of the alumni with their addresses, so you could know where your class mates are. Among the alumni who responded to our circulars are the following: Mrs. Merrill M. Berry fMarjorie Ecnnettb, 204 North High Street, Chillicothe, Ohio. Class 1917. Oc- cupation---Wife of Superintendent of Schools. James R. Furbay, 1515 South Adams St., Marion, Indiana. Class 1918. Occupation-Minister. We wish also to express our thanks to Stuart Cover of the Class of 1936, whose drawings have been used in this book. ,s The Only Complete Car In the low-priced field with Knee-Action Valve-in-head-Motor Turret Top For Economy's Sake Buy the New Chevrolet AULT MOTOR SALES . Mt. Gilead, Ohio .4 1 rl fci-nsvkcgif THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD An old saying, but a true one. Great changes were wrought in ancient civilizations by the in' ventions of writing. Still greater changes were brought about by the invention of printing. As practioners of the art of printing We call ata tention to 80 years of community service. The Sentinel Publishing Company T-L "THE NIIZPAH 'A" W ' ' W ' " i 35-31 A Clothes Makers RICHMAN S 1879 BROTHERS FINE CLDTI-IES L ALL wool- Sfamfd in Qualify PREP SUITS 516.50 1 ALL ' RIC!-IMAN BROTHERS Sz Marion, Ohio 167 West Center St. liluoinu-ng 1lm.-lm...ym.-m.1m:1,,,,... 1 ,,1m-m.1,,..1,m.-,,,1, CONGRATULATING the CLASS OF '37 The Florence Pottery Company Manufacturers of Clay Products Mount Gilead, Ohio FLOWER POTS DRAIN TILE J O S T E N ' S Treasure-Craft Jewelers and Stationers Class Rings, Pins, Medals, Trophies, and Invitations Factory, Owatonna, Minn, W. E. Weaver, Division Manager Box 133 Mansfield, Ohio Compliments of LEVERINCPS DAIRY -E F T 1nn-nu-nu-un-un1nn1nn1lul-uu1lnl1lnl1nu1uninn -ml...m,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,...,m-,M 1m1g1-l1-.-- Compliments of Alfred D. Crock Clerk of Courts "Chiropractic has helped oth Why not investigate?" LOUIS C. HART 115 W, Union St. m.-gl.-.g1g,.,m1m..m1m.1nim1-li..-miqi Compliments of a Friend '+THE MIQPAH Qi li Q Ll 1, ' a f a 'W if 'f i1936-37-' K , A l A llFllRlIUIE5lINIllID X' J 2 :iff JOI-INSTONEYS BARBER SHOP On the Square A Reliable Place To Trade 1nu1 1 1 1 1m,1m.1.m1nu1,,,,1,m1nn...,,,,1nu1,m1,,,,1,,1 1 Watch 8z Clock Repair FLORENCE HOUSEBERG Watches Gifts 355 Main St. Mt. Gilead, Ohio KEN'S TEXACO I inn-lm1'ln-nn-uuvlln1nn111111un...llll-lul1un-nu11m-11:11 1 MORROW CREAMERY COMPANY Makers of "Pride of the Dairy" Butter Phone 2K W. Center St. Mt. Gilead, O THE MIZPAH ' ' FIRST NATIONAL BANK in Mt. Gilead A RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION for SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation un -lu:-uninn1un--nu1un-nu-nn Compliments of STANDARD OIL CO. Mt. Gilead Atlas Tires, Batteries and Accessories Lubricating Oils and Greases HOMER'S BARBER SI-IOP nn1nn-un--un-nn-nn.-un..nm1nu.-un-un-un .-nu.-im-au .- "Say It With Flowers" BETZ FLORAL CO. lVIt. Gilead, O. - Phone 226 l.u1.u..,.u-,,,,11url1nn1.m......1,.....,...1....11ul1.m1.,...w1 .,........ JERRY'S RESTAURANT Outside of home it is the Best Place to Eat W.-q1l-...plug-111-.1u1m.-g1g1g1gi-1341 HANNA'S GARAGE New and Used Cars W. High and Cherry St. Phone 8 COMPLIMENTS ZELLER cgc GALLEHER lVlt. Gilead Bakery Home of Quality Baked Goods and Home Made Ice Cream Phone 83 M. A. WATTS, Prop. -.M1w.1.,m..l..,1M --1--.1-1-1 Compliments of J. E.. Royston W1,,,,....m1m1m.1.,n1,m1,,,,1m.1uup-,,,,.-m1uu Compliments of Sterritt's Nlillinery Worthington's Barber Shop Bob Puss a '1' - I ,-N, W4 ,fn 7 ., i 4 .li.i.1.i "WHERE GOOD CLOTHES COST LESS" Home of HART SCHAFFNER 8: MARX CLOTHCRAFT TAILORED CLOTHES VARSITY TOWN UNDER-GRADS FURNISHINGS SHOES SPORT CLOTHES lT'S WELL WORTH A TRIP TO THE O CLOTHING Jun Dugan lm.-un-I-111 nu.-nu1uu I l Compliments : of 1 Compliments i KROGER of 1 GROCERY CO. n Sunoco Station : R. Cruikshank, Mgr. u Chilcote Bros. 1 N, ,,,, - ,,,, , ,,,, - ,,,, , ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, , ,,,, - ,,,K , ,,,, -M, 1 NEW I Gulf Station l Across from Fairgrounds At your needs at all times ELMER BROLLIER ff kia: ,.. --l Compliments of CRAVEN FUNERAL HOME 1m...,m1m,1m,...,,,,..m, u Compliments of Q KENNETH CARIS Sinclair Service Station Co. E. Union 8: Vine St. The peoplefs M'1'.G1LEAD, OHIO Savings Bank Co. H. Cn GEYER Deposits Insured Buyer of . Poultry, Eggs and Cream with F .D.I.C. g phone 70,K Safe Deposit " Safes" I '-""n""""'""""""""""""' I Compliments : of : The Coffee Shop I A llFlIRllUlE5lINlHlD 1 1 1 1 1ml1,.,,1m,11m1lm.-1m1M1,,,1 1,1 1m1M.1M1 BADER SALES 8: SERVICE Radios Washers Refrigerators Many other useful and handy Appliances NW. Square, Mt. Gilead, O. Phone 104 1 1n-nu-um1nn--ms-nn-mn-un1uu-H111mn1uu1u m1W,1m1 1 1 ,1m,...m1m...,,1m1--1m....uu.1um1un1uu- I-lealea's Sinclair Station at Chevrolet Garage -ny-un-nn-nn-un1lnl1nu.-nn-nu1nn.1un-nniun-nu A Good Place to Eat At Mae's Restaurant All Home-Cooked Food 38 South M.ain Street Mount Gilead, Ohio Insurance All Kinds O. E. Smith, Agency "W Y 6-37 ' '- , WHlSTON'S DRUG STORE Save with Safety at your Rexall Drug Store Compliments of H. R. FATE Mt. Gilead Hardware and Implement Co. Mt. Gilead, Ohio Ball Paints and Gloves Varnishes Fishing Electrical Tackle Goods WILSON 81 MATHEWS COMPANY Hardware for Hard Wear Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 62 Typewriters Ribbons Base Balls Base Ball Bats until... -ml,,,, THE BRODHEAD-GARRETT Co. Cleveland, Ohio "Soft-Texturei' Lumber In-dustrial Arts Supplies Fine Arts Supplies "The House that Pays the Freight" Grain Feeds Flour Seeds Coal A. C. HARVEY, Owner Western Auto Associate Store E. L. WILCOX Tel. 16 Mt. Gilead, O. 7 ,. Y I 1 ..l.A?THE MIZPAH A Q gmgnnmn1936-37g Young and Old Alike enjoy the things they Q get at 1 ,n ' ' , me , 5 .', v :Q if 1? 3 , .! ' rj if tiff . Q A f . I 4 e il E E . N s Y t P XLS- W ' . Nec 1 I lx Q hhikv H FOR Ts I X D EAL TH '4'-, 'lee 1 T I AN I , I - I VI 1' D ,ai:-.2155f1f3:w,,. ,.. I Q ---1 :ne V e eeee so '2Q:-1Q A - Levs f" 3a....E2g 1g 'fee' At n 'e A I Isaly s 'Mm' Follow the crowd to ISALY'S, where ev- eryone goes for good things 'to eat. Once you try our delicious Ice Cream you, too, will agree it's the best you have ever tasted. After a party, a show, a game, or at any time drop in and en- joy the genuine good- ness of our tasty re- freshments. We know you will come back again. CONGRATULATIONS I p ll t H th ' f I May we extend our most sincere congratulations to the IV iz at effort in producing this fine publication. S -3' 0I1 I ell' S110 I S A L. Y D A I R Y DALE C. BACHELDER MT. GILEAD, OHIO Compliments of Ohio Central Telephone Corporation 1nu1nu--nn1m:1uu-.nn1un1un11m1um1nu1am1nu1un--nn CANFIELD Canzol '4900' 21 9-10 miles per gallon Average official road tests u'1uu-un1mu1uu1nn.-uu1uu1 nu1nn-uu1nu-- uu1uu1un1 un1nu- Compliments of Farmers Implement Co. Your Qliver Dealer 36 So. Main St. 1nu..uu-u1m---1.11.1-.,.,,1,n-.m1rm..1lu1,.n..,, Compliments Osborne's Meat Market 2 " my n L936-37 E' Campbell' s Market Meats, Groceries and Fruits , Globe Hotel and Coffee Shop Food Deliciously Different .....H.......1m.....m..-m.1.m..m...m.-.m..m..-,lu1,m1uu..,,,,., Compliments of I-laffner's 5c-51.00 Store 1nn-nu1nu1nn1un1uu1nn1un1nn1nu-un 11m 1mu1xm141u 1mw1vm FIRESTONE TIRES Hold all records for Safety, Mileage and Endurance WILLARD BATTERIES Quick starts and many of them Everything for the Car Campbell Auto Supply Phone 85 Mt. Gilead, 0. 551 ! -3 COMPLIMENTS DAY STAUFFER, Inc. Sales Service ...-..-.....-.1-....1....-111111u,,1yl,, Quality Hardware Garden Tools Bulk Garden Seeds Farm Implements Dean Sz Barry High Grade Paints Quick Meal Oil Ranges Sunray Gas Ranges Round Oak Coal Ranges See Us For Your Hardware Needs SAMES 81 COOK Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 157 THE UNION Locally Owned ALL EARNINGS STAY IN IVIT. GILEAD, QHIO Modernize YOUR KITCHEN With a Hotpoint Electric Range Get the Thrilling Story of Electric Cookery See Our Display Today! ONLY 510.00 DOWN And As Low As 15c a Day, Payable Monthly Money Back Guarantee Free Installation THE MARION-RESERVE POWER CO. 37 S. Main St. Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 51 g T -l PISQQIQQQQQLLtiQl2f:WEQQ'il-M : ACKERMANS I RESTAURANT I 0 0 Compliments I Mt. Gilead, Ohio KELLY F DRY. 8: MACH. it-MTM-ml-M-M-inM-M-M-NP 218 Town St, AsMAN's DRUG STORE Mt, Gilead, O, Mt. Gilead, Ohio I Builders of M- III, - IIII - Illx - XII: - IIII - Illl -Mn llll - UUII -W-M-m'-M-Im-mm Special IN SHOE REPAIRING Machinery YOU BEST : BENDING'S a 30 W. Center St., : Mt. Gilead, O. Compliments of DlCK'S SHGE REPAIR ll.-...ll-...ll-........nn,,-..,.,-N.,-,m...,,,,..-N,...,41--N... DYE'S FUQD MARKET Phone 29 n....m.1nn-nu-uu-un-mn-un-nun-nn-un-nu-nn-:ul-nm-1 Compliments of AMSLP. TEA COG Compliments of ENGLANITS PRESSERY ml-nn-mn--vm1m:...uu-- Compliments of PRQSECUTING ATTORNEY Compliments of WOQD'S FARM DAIRY .-un ,lm -nu im, -m, 1.m1n.,,-,m1nlu1,,,,..,m.. Compliments of The Morrow County Cooperative Farm Bureau 'By cooperating, you Build" m.....m1,mlnn.-nl,-.nn-..m.-nulqninulmx-531531m1m1migm1 PAGE. CENERAL STORE Fulton, Ohio General Merchandise Groceries, Dry Goods Meats, Hardware R.C.A. Radios HMOST sE.VERYTH!NG YOU NEED" THE MIZPAH X ' A7 f ,1936-37' For Homemoleers o Tomorrow MODERN GAS REFRIGERATIO N .:z5f' 4.5.1 ,....,1.e- I-l -.f-:A-- 4'-: s 51E25.I-iiifiiiiiffffiigifiiff59552559 GRADUATES today . . . homemakers tomorrow . . . gas refrigeration will be even more of a favorite with them than it is with hornemakers of today. The modern Servel Electrolux Gas Refrig- -ll V .. -,.,... . .... ,.,.,,.,,1. is ,:.,:.,:,, , :Wu ,,:.-.,.,-A,1:1::: :1,:,5,,.,.,. erator is silent in operation. It has no moving iv' parts to Wear out or require costly repairs. It operates for an average cost of 2 cents a day. Thats why gas feffigel-ation will lead the field tomorrow as if does today- Q not SERVEL ELECTROLUX GAS REFRIGERATOR gn:ICG1i5fS'i E3OESN'T ACOST..,.'-17' PiziYs.f hQ ,.-,, The Union Register Morrow County's THE MIZPAH' ' ' 7 "" 7 'TWZTQQQQQQQQQQT "WV 936-37 Oberlin School Oi Commerce Made Member Oi I I l I Junior College Association An outstanding event in the long 'history of the Oberlin School of Commerce occurred November 27, 1936 when it was made an active member of the American Association of Junior Colleges. This association is composed of over 600 of the leading schools in the United States offering two-year courses beyond high school, in either academic or tech- nical subjects. Young men and women of this community are very fortunate to be able to acquire their business training in a school of Junior Collegiate standing, thereby being assured of courses of a .more advanced nature, taught by properly qualified teachers, under the most favorable conditions. This school has for many years held a position as one of the leading schools of business training in this country. Its graduates occupy prominent positions in all parts of the United States. -.11g1g11111...-111n..un..,n,1111.-1111111111 l l I l always be a pleasant l I Q I FIRST i Nliwspaper T Compliments of The Capitol Theatre I 3 i L I l I May this Graduation Day remembrance to each student

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