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 - Class of 1969

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9 W N . IQPMU " .gun fy x . w pxnqgmwvfmuv r1,'4q,'eum,.q:-I-4,-45.-gveqng pp I, B, ' rr J . 1 eu, 14 f' "' 14,- ,, ',.,., .,., ,, I , Y ..4.-mf. . ,, V., ... .... rx V. ,. ,.,. V., , . ..-I nf---1 1-1, 1-,. fn,-L ,1 . -m-.-- ,-. - V A .. A A, Q , -. -r -1 ., ' A ,, .: , - , . v W . . .1 ,L , 57 ,. .,f.-g,- A- fn.: ' . - 1 . V -- 1-, ,dc - -- ' . ..':z54-fvgu, ...R ,WJ ,,,,,,,.. ,.-,m , X X , W X Y , V Q., .1 hy-.a,,j,,-., ,f ull 4.-g.Lg '.n,- . ,.'5g' ,1un ': , hh , -ac,u ,3, l: , IH. -1 Q., ,1-E?5:g.f3,,f:, fx gifflr- .,-4: ' c---jf-f' is 4 - n .. y , w ,, Q 1 vu 1 is.,- fi .pr , l... , 3, "Q x 404 ', 5f"1ln -. .lg A '- ' f 'H A" ul-"7 L ., -. . rn., v Q 4- -,1"X,y? fr- '-iii' 'I-li' 7-' .2 QQ- Q" N.-Q 4' f" - xsfpxf' is .1 w JM .n'J. qgl .05 ,gli ' 0 .,-1 s. ap- .-' 5-1-" AURICAN, 1969, IS sponsorvd and prvparvd hx' memlwrs of the Sensor Class, Mount Everett R9gional Sfhuul, Sheffield, ,N1dssacl1us4-Its, and ns printvd by Anwrlcan Ymrlmrmk f'0lT1Ddf1Y or Cambridge-, Maryland. TABLE OF CONTENTS ,A 'u f ' 1 .V J, 'i ' X X W f , ' , ,I r1'Q ,' I 9' ' . ig, . P , sX5Ms4 4 , ' ' NJHA 60 56 X QV ff' 2 ' o . 1 ,- V T if 4 I S fx! ATI 1 I -.QQ Y I fi , Cf-' 'xmitx .,.. , 4 School ,. rw p S Q . ff , 5 , - Uncierclawmefm .,.. A. Ei , ll 'f . T is' r. . L LSL- in-4 Q 1 . .' .'.' ,fi . ' L K' , N, jig' Seniors .. 14 .j J! ,..-"'-fi' 1' T gh. p 1 I X-QT, rt A. Q! . ' ' ' I ,' fb .. p- ' I 'I 0 Curriullum ,... ,, 14 . -J 1 I ." . 5 F X Q' . Q! X x . 4 "" ' Q I ' xf L- I' f ' " l ' HXc'tlxat1e-S. W 4 ' S ", , 3 "'l"S 4 is Q N ' P 6 " ' ' ,. Sports... 36 ' .a ' -, Q ' A 5 M 8 . 4 "r I ' 1 A ' ' "' A Chvelrlvaciirwg , ,JH 1 Ju'-' , "Mb O ':- I C A 'T .. l ft-Q.. I if V - - - . . - 24 , '7 , 5 ' jx . '5xC!INI!WlSII'dfIUlW all 30 e 'il - 'X , 1 . I I I i Q 36 fp f I' 5 ' -Q Fm ultx .M ' 1 - .0 5 ,R . ' nf' 0 qt., Q' . -M . . " 'fx 4' xv 5 5 A X16 Plum. ,. 1' S -E SE W 'K Clllwcllrlx Q . 7 , ll C.1l4'mi.H ' '-Bfgj Q., G. IimlI.wL1v -Nr -. , O- os-L47 ,544 ' S' , fe' 8 K S, A I "1 G ...,. -E 0' F3 x . . 4 S -we , ' .34 ' -s gi IUMR i I VXSS. I-IERE'S WHERE WE LIVE . I Q I P fl I, all ww- nm N. 4--' FA.,...-- un llll -4 4 llll Ili' La! Ill lil: r" .--. . . 3 nv , ai. ,x-v' fn' , VVe're Massachusetters from the towns ot Sheffield, -Xshlex Falls, Hartsytlle, Monterey, New Marlborough, Mill Rner, -Xltortl, North Egremont, and South Egremont. Our old New Englandy lrixkrts are rustit with their general stores, colonial churrhes and homes, dirt roads, ten sidexxallts covered bridges, acres of farm land, and taraxxax neighbors XM-'re in the hearts of the Berkshire hills where city people flock to entoy the tall toliage the winter sports, the summer Cultural sites Hanglexxoorl, Iacobs Pillow Berkshire Playhouse, and othersl, the antique shops, and gust plain rountrx living. PICTURE OPPOSITE PACE: One little old latlx got really upset xx hen she drove by and saw Debbie Kelsey, Linda Tryon, and Barbara NlrNamara hitchhiktng in Sheffielrlg she rlirln't see Ntr, Daxis taking this picture PlCTURES THIS PAGE - TOP1 Drixing through covered brtrlges like this one on County Road in Sheffield can give you a funnx feeling - like xottre driving through a barn BOTTOM' Parts ot the big, bustling metropolis til Sheffield are Route 7, F-Z Restaurant, and Tony Caxalier's house ,Ev COLLINS DINER Canaan LANE LAN D SURVEYS INC. 292 stain St Ct Barrington, Ntasst 01250 Albert Nteier - Licensed Land Surxes-or William L. Kormanik - Associate Tel 528-3-KD H. S. ANDRENVS INSURANCE Great Barrington Compliments of WILLIAM C. CULICK, V.M.D. MARGUERITE B. GULICK V.M.D. 770 So, Main St., Ct Barrington CULOTTA BROS. BARBER SHOP Vlain Street Sheftield Compliments or HILLSIDE RESTAURANT Hattsxillr IAMES E. KINTB-NLL. IR., INC. Lxugl -- tltl - XXrnv1 U Rtusrtvf Sl Great B.vfingtov'- LOXXL AND FARM A Dain farm in the Rrrkehirns Ru hard I1 Tryon Ntontr-rm Ntassarhosc-tts 'Af' C, . f,- HERE'S WHERE WE COI83 DAYS A H X..--+""" STATISTICS - SOUTHERN BERKSHIRE REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT it TOWNS IN DISTRICT 5 ii SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEMBERS IO ALEORD I ECREMONT 2 MONTEREY I NEW MARLBOROIICH 2 SHEFFIELD 4 Ili ADMINISTRATORS 7 Ili FACULTY MEMBERS 73 tincludes 2 on sabbatical leave, 3 in special education, 3 in guidance, I librarian, and I tutor-counselorl it SECRETARIESXOEFICE WORKERS 8 it CUSTODIANS IO tincludes 3 part time custodiansj it CAFETERIA WORKERS 9 ii SCHOOL NURSES I PATRONS: Berkshire Oil Company, Dr. Thomas I. Gilligan, Leonard H. Lempert, Atty. Sidney Q. Curtiss, Pizza House. SPONSORS: Dehon Seminary, Dr. Edward R. Wyman, The Hayloft Art Studio and Gallery, Concrete Products, Inc., Dr. and Mrs. Philip Schiffman, Turner and Cook Inc., Dr. and Mrs. it BUSES 34 Iincludes 9 station wagonsj :lr STUDENTS TRANSPORTED BY BUS I,I99"' TOTAL BUS MILEAGE ANNUALLY I98,376t IIISCHOOL BUILDINGS IN DISTRICT 9 if CLASSROOMS 6I MOUNT EVERETT 38 ALFORD I ASHLEY FALLS 2 MONTEREY I NEW MARLBOROUCH 7 NORTH ECIREMONT I SHEFEIELD CENTER 9 SOUTH ECREMONT 2 PERSONNEL BUDCET fl37I4,28I.OO'k OPERATING BUDCET fl32I7,I36.OOI'f Raymond R. Brinker,.MarceIIa's Yarn Shop, Dr. john E. Hassett, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Cooper, Dr. and Mrs. Philip Schiffman, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Altaraz, Broverman's Market, Holden 84 Stone Co,, Inc., Berkshire Interiors, Mrs. Irene Kenny, Gladys Schofield Antiques, Clarence D. Race, Collins lewelry Store. YEAR- LESS IT BLIZZARDS wi I' , g ' S- 1 4 'I 'Q I I I Q I 9 I s :IMI ,E Y ,. my . it STUDENTS 00 HONOR RQLL DROPOLITS K - 108 T - TTU 2 - TO7 3 - T06 4 - T02 5 - T06 6 - T04 7 - 99 1800 8 - 99 2200 9 - T06 2500 I IO - T04 2000 I 11 - 76 T600 T I2 - 75 2800 II 'SPEC - 6 'figures .iw .ipproxinmti South Egremont Service Center, Undermountain Orchards and Greenhouses, Barrington Furniture: Harry Deykin, Prop., Arthur L. Cassel, M. D., The Gans Company, Egremont Package Store, Drs. W. Holbrook and EIiz. C. Carton, Eldred A. Stanton. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hankey, Lost Creek Antiques, Catherines Chocolate Shop, Ntr and Ntrs Martin Dr-Prima BOOSTERS Star Bakerv, Tassone Studios Ntr and Ntrs fharim E. McNamara HERE WE RE --THE KIDS! :lf 3 E A x 3 5. r 1 E 5 5 ' 1 'DB' 'sw 1, -A x A 1 Q ff'---' X 3 . X ' X s 1 f Underclassman Duane Salzmann iPhoto by Phil Amidonj GR DE 9 ui ii., 1 2'-4 WA. v I xo-,QQ ,Q 1 L 1 f sr 'rf""" 1 -V' 1 K I l 'Y L . of ' ' ' xP, CLASS OF N741 1BACK ROWQ Donna Cole-s, lc-ttrm Img, Xtrs 8.1111-r ladvlserj, Mr. Sarmuk ladvlse-rj, Mr Alvarc-s la1lx1s1-rl, X11 lru fadviserl, Mark Brandt, Martha Hnggnns HQOW 71 lxathrx n lu-rugs, Inan Konvazny, Anne' Martnn, Cl'1l'ISlIlldfkl1dSt',SdI1tlfd Dans, iam- C ltlkkltbltl Patrlfla Hull,DorothyIve-s,CJa1ICiurt1ss, Mm lnngtlxlte-, XX1Il1.rm t tlllt'X Michael Guerra, David VVCISH, Carl Zrnnc-rman, lsefnnvth lush, lrmn Bender. UZOW 62 Lorraine' Stevens, IALJR,-N CQRLINHI D URI 'NSR llll Rl Dara Ienssc-n, David LPWIS, 1NllCl1dt'l Martln, Muhaz-I Bxn,r1 lt, twnrgr- Mielkv, Km Agar, Waynef Burnharn, lame-s L1-1 altns, luhn XX.rlth1-r kr-1111 Henna-ssey, BRUCE PALMKR WICBE-l'RlSIlDlNIJ, XX-IXUS' Srnrth Nllwrr Bassc-tt, lose-ph fBdflIl'N'lll, Brooke' Csarton, Ann lurm-r IRON '-1 Ink.: Liebsch, Dvbnrah Crurkshank, lor: lllltJlDl1H'IlIt'll, lu11n1l.r lnrugrlxltv Melissa Hrnman, CHARLIE IUDRINS QSIUDINI t1JllN1 ll REPRESENTATIVU, Irwy Yan D1-ust-n, Rltlldltl Rat 1- 'Xl1lllt'XN Mantis I1 '51 "x.'- l L. llulttlltl Russ: lllI.ll1 ll1'l.1vf11 kt fl' l4"1 x K " Nlmxx lQ1wl11'rll'.tlI1k1s1-11 tw-1'11.r K 1111! 1 1 1 lli XXxr11.1r1 I.r11111- lltllll-tlt l',1l:.1,r 11 1 Nl.t1lD11r1.1l1l R11 lmr-l ll.r:I R114 Htl?" N 1 ' l11s1'pl1 lllrnlw N,rII1 11,r1tu1.1"-1 s lllltwlxl I1rl11v1Hl1'1o, l'111'1',41 li. r1.1 ll.IXItl XX1'11gl1' t..4r1 1K'11-rwslwru I,1'1 1 - X 1ll1txx l'1r11-1 l11t111 l11'1'11"Y K 1.1 V1 -1 K 1 t.1111lxl1 Il11,1r1l'1'.1" l.111'- Xf1"7T ' '. 1, lt'll l'.t1k1t' I-rlwl ,r1." INXX1' A' lt N 5l1'sl1lXX lJ.11,112s1-nl" ll1"1't ll.l11i' R It 1 N llltlx Insvplw l1'1:1 I,1t.r1'1 11,1 s' ' 1 A lr1s11ll.1 l-1111111 l'XlRI1iX NXl,wX"k 1 NN Xl.r1tl1,rll11L11" l df 1 Fe l 6 4? CR DE8 , , , i," J I I -'N A Q gg, 1.. ' ' ji" K I Lx A ' ll h il lu C3 19: is I ' I , L 4 , 4 M4 W ,-4-' f 5 I I ., Xl -' - .Is A X OP 3 9 ea ' ? , . , , Zi 5.43 , s If S' v , C J V . 'K - I .'v ,, .- ,. -, L I' 1. . I Q 4 ' - 4 U ..,. l Il ' of . . 4 I . -of v: . X I . t 3 l II 1 p ,,. 1, . . , . , - , , ' I I 0 1 . . f . f' f ' ' .s" ', . - . . , y. N' Q . .4'l. Jar- 5 , . V, - X.- I .-. I , 'r .. . l ' V 'I . f lc' . - f ,':" in , 'NA ' ,, I . 'we-1" W, L . Q' -45' - - so L ' I ' X 5 " rw' RQ . , C U , -o ,. Q - '- '- ih Y . U , ' ,, A, , .-or tint-XSS Ol ILVI Ilielflx Rljllj Ronaltl Nan Deuse-n, Charles L'Hornrnt-tlit-u, Daniel Macy, Brian Rf-al, l7dX'IKl Roorl, Daniel Miller, Lindsey traxxtortl, lay Ainrclon, Donald Campbell, Willarcl Curtis, lrim-rlrith Moore, Daxrtl thwart, Mr Dum hart latlyiserj, Karen Merritt. IRON' Tj It-nnili-r loiiponre, Aryrlla lrag, lheotlora Chase, Sharon Arzt, Susan Bynaclt, lxaren Ruler, Mary lane- Stexens, Patriria Brazie, Denise Crustatson, 'Store-en lit hsteclt, Virginia Lys-ridge, Holly Delmolino, Susan Ilrninan, luliannt- Lrlt-lman, Donna Bachettr, Patricia Dayiflson, Deborah lltitchei, Dare-en luckt-r, Rene Wyman, Nancy W'ickwire IRHII nj I yrnan lhoinoson, Davirl De-rnpsey, Cathy Kirchner, Dc-lmorah Burnham, trail Cirangvr, Dt-nise Ball, Dawn Agar, lynn O'Brien, Dt-hra Boawlrnan, Anne-inarie lggt-rilwrgt-r, lean lxoneainy, loyfe larnuni, Susari llanltr-x, Ds-lporah Turner IRON" ij Hrartlti Wilson, Stephen llastwlt, lohn Schor-ntt-lcl, john llanlwy, Kexrn Curtis, Terrance Carson, 10 R-rua' . 4 .- Kaffe, lett Barth, .Alphonso Iohnson, Hank Montgomery, Nancy Malnati, Helen Farnum, Dennis Tucker, IROW 4j Dennis Rollins, Clement Robins, Peter Shuts, Brian Kelly, Melissa Scholz, Mark Bullard, Adrienne O'ConneII, lo-Anne Real, Kathy Putnam, Deborah Milligan, Marylee Lopez, George Ullrich. IROW jj Reiner While, Iames Blodgett, Shawn Samuels, Michael Harrigan, Donald Peck, Peter Driscoll, Kathleen MacDonald, Michelle Ives, Thomas Race, Stanley Cracylt, Carl Van Deusen. IROW Zj Elaine Wuori, Elizabeth Tryon, Louise Byrne, Carrie L'Hommedieu, Susan Turner. IFRONT ROWj Donna Turner, IEFFREY STOVER QPRESIDENU, CREGC MASSINI QVICE-PRESIDENTI, RUTH PEDERSEN ISECRETARYL CATHY CHAPIN UREASLJRERJ, CLOFFREY PIPER QSTUDENT COUNCIL RLPRESLNTATIVU, Susan Whisenant. tABSENTj Anita Hutchins, Elaine Martin, Frank Rosier, Timothy Drumm, David White. ,L FRESH N ft , 91 A as J ' ,ff 0 Fl fi I A A -A 5 i y '- f lf, ' A H 'Q a H f "V l ' at r r A or ff 'Lt re ' ' f Q 1 A f P O ypgaifgr ' v. .. f' r il Ju ix, .f' ii!-1 dl , ,, CLASS OF 19721 fBACK ROWQ Paul Pixley, Scott Davis, thomas Curtiss, David Paul, Chrrstopher Beattie, Eric McCarthy, George Martin, Peter Cassidy, lill Lipsky, Marcia Wuori, lean Gingras, David Haste-dt, Peter Chase, Dominick Dombrovvski, George Masse, Barry Ball, lohn lit-ld, Larry Stevens, Charles Ball, Gavin Egerton IRON' 72 Duane Nloultonr Paul Milligan, Mark Van Horn, Peter lucker, Daniel Dukall, Margaret Egerton, Ruth Carter, Virglnia Bou hton, Elizabeth Nlrlxiristrx, ludith Rawling, Dawn Samuels, lennie linllr, Dona Wheeler, lirnothx Briggs, Roger Abbott, Robert Law. IROW 61 ludith Marion, lenny Nlerritt, Neil Lidstone, Dale lenssen, Donna Marion, Kim Marrhione, lxathx Xliellte. Deborah Lewis, Cheryl Hewins, Sherry Cook, Susan Martin, Hnllx Curtis, Frances l.aPlante, Gilbert Malnati, Kexin Shortis, lames Gower IROW Sl lames Olmsted, Steven Cronk, lost-ph Carr, lohn tilomer, Bruce Turner, Lawrence U'Brien, Eric Carlson, Stott Nlac lKf'I1llt', rntilskx Kal N-.ini x if Xxllllllltlll Vipers Krew lecaltis fRt7ll -If t irx Whitt lxllr Im ree Rr-i-il lrrhn l.isn'.ii' Rm' limi 1 5 t l.imgl-viluilx low N lrxon Nllrlt lrutthi ll1iim.isl'.iiklitk Xtilliai l . lxlrlNrtlNrll1xx Nlrpliin Nl ri lx i, li N t 4 4 1 1 l D rrx taml ll Rex Itillltins Nh in Ntaritriri lane lgriwiiii Qs i Irwin lrils llaiipl rlsltll at 1 qw t irx l itiitm Kassi-lx Nl lffilwtl l lvtt-R i HLR lllRlNllllXll NlXKt CXRHH Nl-Xt,lllRN Alt lxllXlsNl klt,lNX sl.Rl 'sl Ns -ses stllHtJN1X l lNlllWlXl tttlNiIl lxllkl IN XRR 'Vi f- Q. if.f. - L iv'i'l L 'i Vt l'4".!v it. Marx limi 1 N" ,f iii tl.l'v1i--.s ll',,i' Q '. Tit ll.l'.i'. l"" .1 'i r' i linitws K.i"'-v' li."R N' Qfttt tw it 4--. - sifiw 'X Xlill llLKXl'l -li V-ies MX s 1 ,X .R. Ctllri lXllhlNll l7i.IIH llll.ll"'W NJ"-. im' ,1 lt 1 X111 l llirii Nlwm sm I ".i"'i N - nl.. i R l l SOPHO ORES 1 A A W Q A 'N x A 5 sl fl 1' I iw' 3 of ,, Nh- Cl -XSS Of l'F'l KBACK Rtllllj Patricia Salisbury, Mary lfVelc'h, Sharon tileason, luclith Streeter, Susan McNamara, Martha Shuts, lulie N'lacDonald, Debrah llankey, Dianne Day, Bruce Consolini, Brook Walsh, David Macy, Arthur Batacchi, Clary Driscoll, Mr. Eline tadviserl, fROll" Tj Nancy Olnistecl, Marie Cjagne, Annette Bassett, Anne Saunders, lack Anderson, Daxid Pedersen, Iohn Cfook, Robert Turner, Paul Nan Deusen, Claudia Allsop, lohn Bailey, Paul Thorn, fROW 61 Candace Iudkins, Sherri Wyman, Madelalne Smith, Betsy Whisenant, lsristine Pekrul, Diane Salzinann, Anita Kaulrnann, Shelley llloinrneclieu, Nancy Pasc he, Linda Briggs, Iaines lohnston, Ronald Ruthel, Idniund lichenor IRON' Sl Wlilliarn West, Kinfdon Hunt, Nlark Bachc-tti, Richard llardisty, Daxid Stevens, Patrick Mlbore, Peter Delrnolino, Wray Clunn, lony Cavalier, Robert Ernberlin, Laurie Riiska, Ntaclelc-ine Robins, William louponce IRON' -lj Gloria Reeb, Nancy tlilrnore, Daxicl Pshenishny, Daniel Miller, Michael Marchione, Ernelyn 12 .GK iiflaykf. r' ri 'ri ,Q A , fain?-,gig 4-If Q Vw-f Harp, Diane Cagne, lane Sehoenteld, Renate Liebsch, Nancy Phillips, Timothy Zucco. fROW 31 Barbara Tompkins, Mary Ellen Dornbrowski, Deborah Dinan, Cathi Meyer, Mary lane Anderson, Airlie Wheeler, Louise Antony, Iohn Harvey, Dennis Buckley, Floyd Clouser, UZOW 21 Christine Rahrn, Linda Drolett, Stacey Brandt, Lucille Cappadona, Patricia DeVoti, Kris Martin, Eugene Phillips. URONT ROlAg Dolores Heath, STANLEY COLLINS KPRESIDENTI, WILLIAM ULOTTA LVICEAPRESIDENTI, BONNIE WATSON QSECRETARYI, IOHN GULOTTA ITREASURERI, TIMOTHY HARRICIAN QSTUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVEJ, STEPHEN LEININC QSTUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVEI, Iarnes Small. IABSENTl Debra Caldwell, Robert Poirier, Scott Bafhetti, Matthew Clark, Marsha Iohnson, Barbara Phillips, Marguerite Smith, Clarence Wheeler, Shelley Van Deusen, Diane White, Edward Mafhia, David Irvine, Debra Gregory, Mark Bacehetti, Ieanne Brazee, Ann Carroll, Ellen Carter. JU IORS 1 I Lf' L . J .fr xi' CLASS UF l970: fBACK RUVVQ Stanley Ulrnsteri, Xrvayrwr- Sr hrnrvnrnalwr, lnhn Fratalnne, Phillrp Handlrmwrch, Le-nn Lrrhsterit, frank C,aIIn, Thomas Fleming, Mr, Sann fadvrsf-ry, Cjrarg Ellmtt, Carl Knlrnnrv, Nanrx Duryea, Anne-Ilese Llc-hsrh, Susan Cunzrngr-r fR!JH lrj Rurharrl Gregory, Lawrence lnhnsnn, VVrlIram Simpson, Ixerrh Ile-lr hr-r, lrixxarri Farnurn,W1IIrarnTurns-r,Lrnr-st Lr1ulsnr1,Mltrhell Smith, Rnlwrt Null:-r. Dunlop, loseph Read, latrurk Kr-lly, kent Mrllrgan, Nr-:I Craxxlnrrl, Michael Cawrriy, NWIHIJITW Cary, Nancx Shrnulskxy N1arrarN1anghmr Andrea Elfhslr-dt, Martha Merritt IRON' -lj Nhrhar-I Nhrrrrll, Marx Bralller, Dehnrah Uerrrpsev, lanrs Hnswnrlh, lamr-s lam, lllr-n Pnrr-A h r A . 4 L N ..z.-.,, - 1 . . , r frr-ci Srnrth -Xnnrrrr lr trrnexxr II Swan 1 .rrrk l.1.rn r 1 Rf S Ruxwll Hauling I rrnr lr li M lc an L".rwrr' 1-nw' r haw? W Rar ri lr-annr' -Xlx rrr lxrrr ir Har're-11 ian. .rrr Nr .N N Chrlstrnr- ihrririlrwrrrm rRl NX 'r laxxrr rw v Vw W .11 1 N111-Ike, Hr-Hx Huh hun Hrrrn Q an' N1.r'r'r-r rX.1"w' I r 1 rr .. Nan Prnkaxa HMTNI ANU: larnrw Nr iw Mr HXKW W x Bernard Kirchner, Thomas Ihnrn, Patrrrra Srnrth UQUH 31 Haxnr- ' Y N-XlfN1AXNN QSIK XRXN All? VKINIIW URINIIHNH INNTIN llrll RIIXRNIlXNIrl1T!flNINrrr7Kf'NWWr9 lXfkllClx1hTll7fNl 14WlNlll KIVKPNPNAXENXP1 NX' hllWl7fNIKf7l3Nfll HNHINQNIXUXIM Nrr'N.l'VN.lY"r WN kr rl Nlllx lLrrnr'r Ianrr N , rrrrrr krnrn Marr. lrrr "" r ' . r r I i .I 1-'A -lil! f-'T'-1, Q 'I ,uf f"'!?"'N M' a s. ' "',"fx' , i " , its J' , 1 Q- ,wif r.4Ai 0 , gf I 14 li rrx Cruiksh ink ind iapability tPh oto by Linda lryonl VVE'RE THE OUR HEAD GUYS Class President - Terry Koldys Class Vice-President - Stephen Berkel Class Secretary - Terry Cruikshank Class Treasurer - Kevin Wheeler Student Council Representatives - Michael Finn, Suzanne O'Connell Aurigan Editor-in-Chief -' Debra Kelsey Band President - Bonnie Walsh Basketball Captain - Tom Sindler Basketball Cheerleading Captain - Debra Kelsey, Barbara McNamara Field Hockey Captain - Lauralei MacDonald Football Cheerleading Captain - Lindsay Lanoue Future Teachers President - Ursula Liebsch Clee Club President - Kevin Wheeler Head Maiorette - Barbara McNamara National Honor Society President - Neil Pedersen Public Relations President - Michael Finn Student Government Representative - Terry Koldys Varsity Club President - Debra Kelsey Volleyball Captain - Kenneth Guartha .ww Q4 ' ' ' ""' " " 1 BIG KIDS CHRISTOPHER K. AGAR, b. November 20, 19515 Dramatics 15 Drivers' Ed 45 German Club 25 National Honor Society 3, 45 Auriga 35 High Honor Roll 35 Honor Roll 2, 4. PHILLIP AMIDON, b. February 23, 19525 Allied Youth '15 Baseball Manager 15 Camera Club 25 Dramatics 2, 35 Drivers' Ed 35 Football 4 - Manager 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics 2, 3, 4 - Manager 15 Hall Monitor 3, 45 Intramurals 15 Language Lab 35 Physics Club 35 Prom 35 Senior Play 15 Varsity Club 4 - Treasurer5 Aurigan 3, 45 Honor Roll 3. GERALD D, BALL, b. August 14, 19505 Auto Club 35 Groundskeep- ing 25 Intramurals 15 Wrestling Club 2, NANCY TERESA BERKEL, b. December 27, 19515 Drivers' Ed 35 Intramurals 25 Library Club 25 Prom 35 Aurigan 3, 4. STEPHEN THOMAS BERKEL, b. April 2, 19505 Class Vice-President 45 Drivers' Ed 35 Intramurals 2, 35 Prom 35 Spring Track 2, 3. LINDA ANN BRANDT, b. December 2, 19515 Allied Youth 15 Chess 45 Dramatics 15 Drivers' Ed 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Gymnastics 45 Intramurals 1, 25 Prom 35 Aurigan 3, 45 Honor Roll 3. RONALD GORDON CARTER, b. lune 27, 19515 Chess 1, 25 Drivers' Ed 35 Glee Club 25 Hall Monitor 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 4. WILLIAM COLLIER CARTON, b, April 2, 19525 Allied Youth 15 Camera Club 1, 25 Chess 15 Drivers' Ed 35 Games 25 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Golf Club 45 Language Lab 35 Model Making 15 National Honor Society 3, 45 National Merit Semifinalist 45 Physics Club 35 Science Countdown 35 Western Massachusetts Regional Science Fair 3, -15 Aurigan 45 High Honor Roll 45 Honor Roll I, 2, 3. NANCY M, CLARK, b, April 22, 19515 Camera Club 25 Cookin Club 15 Dramatics I, 2, 35 Drivers' Ed 25 Future Teachers 1, 25 GAR olf lub Intra urals1 7 3 Librar Clubl Maorettes l52,35G C 45 rn 5,-,: Y 51 I 1, 2, 35 Auriga 1, 2, 35 Prom 35 Sewing Club 1, 45 Ski Club 1. 4 .Sk , --f f PHILLIP AMIDON cggiqqrig gsm 2 'i 1-' l , -v' NANCY I3ERIxEL STFPIILN I3IRlsLl ff jig LIN17-X 1314-XNIJI iqimxsxilm xiqiiit XXllllXN1t XIQHNX NXXi'-i,N'ix i U- . RI X - Phillip -Xmidon and All-Americ an poten is 1' ki s I' Susan Cage and Susanness. tial C If is V Y. rf iy f ROBERT CRONK TERRY CRUIKSHANK -av-7 I MICHAEL EINN PENNY FUNK ROBERT S. CRONK, b. Iulv IZ, N505 Allied Youth I Assembly and Props 4, Baseball I, 2 - Manager I, Camera Club 2, Chess I, Cooking Club I, Dramatifs I, Z, Drivers' Ed 35 Football I, 2, 3, 4, Colt Club -Ig Ciroundskeeping Ig Intramurals I, 2, Model Making Ig Russian Club 25 Shop Service -Ig Volleyball -I, Weightlifting I, 2, 3. TERRY LOUISE CRUIKSHANK, b. April 9, I95Ig All-County Band Ig All-County Chorus Z, 'Ig Allied Youth lg Band I, 2, 3, 4 H Secretary 2, Cheerleading 3, 4, Class Secretary I, 2, 3, 4, Drivers' Ed 2, CAA lg Clee Club I, 2, I - Vice-President 3, Gymnastics I, Prom I, Aurrgan 4, Honor Roll I, 3, 4, SHARUN LALJRIE CLJSHMAN, b Novernber I7, I95l, Arts and Crafts I, 2, Assembly and Props 3, Chess Ig Dramatics I, Drivers' Ed -I, CAA I, 2, Clee Club I, 2, Auriga 25 Prom 3, Sculpturing Club -lg Sewing Club I, I, 4, Aurrgan 3, -I, Honor Roll I, 3. CATHERINE HELEN DODGE, b November 29, l95O, Allied Youth I, Band Ig Cheerleading 2, 3, -I, Chess 4, Cooking Club I, Drivers' Ed 3, Future Teachers Ig C-AA I, 2, -I, Glee Club I, 2, Gymnastics I, Z, I, Intramurals Ig Kitchen Staff 2, I, -lg Prom 35 Sewing Club -I, Ski Club I, Z, Varsity Club -I, Aurrgan 3, -I. CHRISTOPHER WELDON DRLJMM, b, September 2, I95Ig Arts and Crafts Ig Camera Club Z, Cross Country 5, Drivers' Ed ig Clee Club 25 Intramurals I, -Ig Aurrga Z, 3, Public Relations I, School Store 35 Ski Team 3, Weightlifting Club 3, FREDERICK EDWARD DURYEA, IR., b. April Ib, IQSO, Audio-Xisual I, 2, Chess IQ Drivers' Ed -1, Model Making I . A 3' .Sir '57, 'T' f-,,y ,.. 7' SHARON CUSHMAN CATHERINE DODGE CHRISTOPHER DRUMM FREDERICK DURYEA CAROL EICHSTEDT Y . " ' ""r'f 'f ,r L' ' '-f"' sv' iff Nu.- A THOMAS FUNK SUSAN GAGE CARL GERMAN SUSAN CILLETTE ALICE GOBLE CAROL ANN EICHSTEDT, br September -1, 'I95Og ,Allred Youth Ig SUSAN ELAINE GAGE, b, Nlarch II, WSI Allred Ntrutb I Chess I, Drrvers' Ed ig GAA I, 2g Krtchen Staff 3, -Ig Lrbrary Club Ig Cheerleadrng I, Z, 3, Drrwrs' Ed I, GAA I Glu' Club I Prom 3, Sewrng Club Ig Skt Club 2. Intramurals I, lg Prom Ig SLI Club I, J, Xarsrtx Club -1, Aurruan I MICHAEL IOSEPH FINN, b. April 8, I9SIg Audio-Visual Ig Boys' 45 Honor Roll -I. State I, Camera Club 2, Chess 2, Drivers' Ed 35 Glee Club 2, Ig CARL LEONARD GERNIAN, b August II, IU-W, "XLllIIlI'XIxLjdl Q Groundskeeprng 25 Hall Monltor -I, Physrcs Club Ig Prom 3, Publrc Groundskeeprng I Relatrons I, -I - Presrdent 3, 45 School Store 2, 3, -I - Manager -I, SUSAN IANE GILLETTE, b Itrbruarx In rrrsl, Arts and Crarts 4 Student Councrl Representative -lg Aurrgan 4 - Photography Chess Ig Drarnatrrs I, Glet- Club I, J, I Clolr Club 4 lntrtrrntrral- Edttorg Honor Roll I, I lg Aurrga 1, Prom I, Aurrgan I 4 - St-tretarx ELISSA PENELOPE FUNK, b. February 20, I952g Allred Youth Ig ALICE NIARI-CATHERINE GUHLE b lulx IJ IUSI All t ounrr, Chess Ig Drarnatlcs Ig Drtvers' Ed, Glee Club I, 2, Lrbrary Club Ig Band I, lg Band I, Q, Cooltrng Club I Drrxr-rs Ld I CIAA I I Prom l,,Atlflgf1fI 3. Glu- Club I, J, Clolt Club -I Irrtrarnurals I Q lrbr.rrx Nur- I THOMAS XWILLIIANI FUNK, b December LI, ICISII, Future Teachers Sewrng Club I, -I, Western Drstrrct Band I Aurrgan -I, Honor Roll I, -I - Vrtt--Presrrlerwt -I, I I7 3 fi IUHN CTCJLLJEN LOUIS GONYHXLEZ LUXNAXRD CTULCYTTNX PPXTTI IRXINE , ,qv 1.4. KENNETH CUARTHA INCRID IXVES CLAIRE IUTDRINS DEBRA RELSEY 1T""' IRENE KLEIN TERRY KOLLJNS LINDSAY LANOUE URSULA I IEBSCH fl. I I ,J . ll .:. 4 nl Q. 5 Neil Pedersen and Conscientiousness. Ntarrt I IOHN E. GOLDEN, b, September 18, NEO, IIaslwtball I, 2, I, -Ig Drivers' Ed Ig Football Z, Intramurals I, J, I, -I, Werghtlrttrng Club I, 2. LOUIS E. GONZALEZ, b lanuary 5, N523 Basketball -Ig Cbr-ss I, -I, Football 3, 4, Gymnastics I, Intramurals I, -Ig Spring Iraclt I, Honor Roll I. KENNETH CHARLES CUARIHA, IJ, August III, WSI, Allis-tl Noutb lg Auto Club I, 45 Cbess I, Z, Ig Debating Club I, llrrxr-rsl I,rI I, Intramurals I, 2, Model Making Ig Prom Ig Yollexlmall -I Af Captain, Honor Roll I. EDVVARD I. CULOTIA, b lanuary III, IIISJ, IXllIt-tl Noutb I, Baseball I, 2, 4, Basketball J, I, -Ig Cliess I, 3, l,IIXl'lNl Itl I, II.III Monitor -Ig Intramurals I, Z, I, Language lab I, -I, I'rfIrII I, Stutlr-nt Leader I, -I. DENNIS VVILLIAM I-IANKEY, b. September II, IIIFI, 'Ntts tlllll Crafts 2, Chess I, 2, Dramatrcs 2, Drivers' ltl I, frrIlIIt'N 3 I, t.fIII Club 3, Intramurals I, Z, Model Making I, 2, I.xlk'lglTlllIlIIII.1fklllllf PATTI ANN IRVINE, b. August IS, I'I'3I, Alltvrl Noutb I fl1t'ss I Debating Club I, Ilramatics J, 4, llrrwrs' Irl I, Iuturf- It-.It lIt'IN I Z, Glee Club I, 2, I, Intramurals I, J, I, 'ltHl,Lf.I I Prom I Decorations Chairman, Sewing Club J, Ski Club I, J, "tuf1g.In I I1 INGRID MAY IVES, ll, Atlgtlsl Ill, l'I5l, Data llItItl'NNIlII.: I l,IIXt'IH Ed -I2 CIAA I, 4, Cllet' Club I, J, I, 4, llonor Roll I CLAIRE MARIE IUIJKINS, b It-bruarx 34, IIISI flIt'l'Ilt'.ItllIIQ I I Class VICE"l,I4'SItll'IIl 2, Ig lV,IIX.t'IN' lrl I, CA-X 4 t.It-r- tlulI I Intramurals 2, Prom I, Slu Club I, 'LHIIQJII I 4 st-IIIIII st-IIIIIII Erlitor. IJIIIR-X Nm INNN IxIlNIN II X IIIIIII I ern an Ileltl Nl'lXItl' tht t III IIIIII Ilramatus I J I 4 NI't I Klub I, lntIaIIIur.IIs I u N III IIII II I N lllIXNI4 clllll I lltIIII I be III II IIII vt t N I Xarsrtx I lub 4 'I'rt-srtlt III It I 1 Iur I IIIIIIIH lxtvll I ' I J Nl IIXXII lslllN II XIII I I tI lItlI.IllIlL1flIIlI I ll III-rs l I 1 I I N I :gan -I Ilrgb IIIIIII-I Ist Il 1 II I lx XII-XNOLI lIlIttlnI l'l Xt Il IIRRN IIIXX NKIIIMIIIINN II N I II I Q I -Xssvrnblx IlIl I'r.I II lllss lrt I llIt'I I tlass l'r I II I lltvsltle III , lIrII.i'II It I IIIIIIII Rrlitrons I XIII' I st ttrint Il RIIIII It,ItII.I ' st I 1Ig.IlII llltll-II Iso- I IINIJN-NN XII I IIIIIII tlIII'tIs II, flIt't'IlI'.ItlIIlL I I' I cXIIIll4IXlIlN I l I lx ll I IIsNIIXIIlIIstII II I,-I I llllllll' lvntr' I , .1 lHXUlxfXlll Nliclllblwklll MMG NMXCHIA ROBERT MacKENlZlE Nl NWVN CON l3tJNNll MOR-XNl7l SLl!fXNNlE tJ'CONl'XlElL Socwty 3, S, 4 - Nam-Pre-stdent -lg AUfIj.?,d lg Prom 3- Dccorattons Co-Cna1rmangStudent Counctl Rcprc-sontdttvc lg Studcfnt Loader 5, -lg Atrrtgtafr 3, -1 - Lttvrarv Editorg High Honor Roll lg Honor Roll Z, 3, -1, GERALD VVILLIAM McPEAK, lbt March 2, l952g Bawlnall Managefr 2, 5, 45 Clem' Club 2g Hall Monitor -lg Pulnllc Rvlatrons 3, -lg Russtan Club J. LORINE FAYE MONTGOMERY, lm, Oftolwr IS, N514 Dramatrcs -15 Future! Nurses 2, -lg fltlrlgd -lg Honor Roll 4, BONNHE IEAN N1ORANDI,l1MarCl1 16, lLJ5lg Allwtl Youth lg Class Prveiclelnt l, lg Intra- murals l, 1, Student Council Rt'orPser1tattxe- ig Yollelvlmall l, Honor Roll 3 '-"""Q, Q W rv' by BARBARA MCNAMARA GERALD Mc PEAK 1 - , Q., S N.:-W 5 Lf rf-,N -5 5 V4 I M1- - -ru' 5 lie-Iam Ixvlwx JIIII Liltt-I I' I ANNE PASCHE MARIE PASCHE I --1 NEIL PEULRSIN IIAIRIC IIN I'I!!I XII III Il 'XS IINIII NINIINN Nl XXX Wlxx '- SUZANNE BRIIXELET U'CEONNIlI,Im IIIIN I4t,Ift3l,'XIIIour1txII.ImI I'III1IIuIIIxtII.-tux! XIII.-II NIIIIIH I IIIII I 32 Allred Youth 'I, Btmd I, J, I, 4, Calm-1.1 Club 3 C I.1II-H+-A-Iorf-r I ctw.-A I IIIM I-II,III'I. I II' .I 'I I I I 2, Drlve-rs' LII I, CAA I, 2, I, CLI-rman C lub I, 4.IrlI Stats- I IIImI.IIx NIIIIIIIMI I1 N.III..II,,I III-I- -' I It ' Club I, INIHIIHIIJI HoI1orSocIr-ty I, 4, IItlrlg.I I, I, I'IIIm I RIIIIIIIII I ,II1IIIII,III- I I'III,xII I I IIIII I I Club Ig Studi-mt foum II Rvprt-wnt.1tIxv I, -I, 'IIIIINLIJII -I IIIIIIIII-W I Iv-I utw-I IIIIIIII II U' II 'I I 1 Mandgvr, Honor Roll I, 2, I, 4 VXIRII IX NIXKN I'I ,'.' I It III. I' I '. ANNI IUIS I'IX'wC'IlI,, 'XIIIII III, IIIFI, -XIIINI IIIIIIII I IIIIIW I I ,' I I XI -I'- .Im I,I1I'I' I I I ' Iirlvvrs' III I, CIIXIX I, 2, CLIN' CVIIII7 I, CIIIIIIIJIIIIN I -I lI1tr,1rI1III.III IIIIIILI ,' IMI-II A XIII,-. 'III I IIII I 'I I Ig Honor RoII I NII III II XX II Ittx -'XIII XINIIKN I- ' INIARIE IEANNI' IVXSI III, 'XIIIII III, IIIGI, 'XII C IIIIIIIN IIIIIIII I XIIIIIII Im,III T ' I 1 II,I.sI-'III I ft' .I Youth I, IIJINI I, 2, I, 4, I,IIXI'INI III I CIIXIX I Q Mlm- KIIIII I IWIIIII I Y II' IgI,II1I QI - 1 Natlonal Honor Sotuftx J, I, -I - III-.IIIIII-I -1 Ptmxwtx IIIIII I NI NXNI RIIIRX ' IIIQ- I Prom I, 'Illfl'Lf.lII I,-1'f4IoorrIIo.IIoI Itugtw Itfmor Roll I I IIIIIIIII I.xx ' ' A 1 . 1. Roll I, 2, -I I"IIrII I II 'I I' 'I ' NEIL ION PIIJLRSIN, lm fungus! II I'I'II 'XII I ountx II.mII I I 21 593.2 I1-XXlI1AI,lX-XNIIIIC SXIIIII, b Apr1llI,lII51,.AIItt- 0 'sl 1-, an K XIAIQY ILICIII ICCDKCJS LIAINI IQCJCDIJ ..s 4 I., WI". -1 .IIB .V I if! -I A 'f r .1 I. s11I1IAsxtIXlI I7-XXII? SNIITII 30 w up ina.. XINC ENI IIIIRICEII IJAXIIJ X AN IJLIISLN NIIARY-IIICIII ANN RC1lsCJS, b Aprrl III, 1950, IJFIVCITS' Ld I, Ltbrary Club J, 1 J NNII1j.IfILlIJ,,bIxlfILlI1-, 'ILIIIILIJII 4 IIAINI RLIIII RCJCJIJ, b Cirtobt-1 III, 11151, AIIII-d Youth I' Chess I C Iolung C lub I, llrarnattt s I, Ilrrxf-rs Id I, Intramurals 2, ls1tchenStatt 4, ' I Irbrarx Club I, Prom I, SIIXNIIIIQ C lub J, Honor lxoll I IXIIIQA IIIIII SCIICIIX b Iunt- 'II lAI5l Allttfrl Youth I Band I I I' lhlxtlrs' ld I, CIIC-11 Club 1, J, I, 4 -- X1roI'rf'stclt-nt 4, ALHIILZJ I, Svwrng Club 4, XM-stvrn llnslrutt Chorus 2, I, Ilonor Roll I, 4. IIIIN SllNllllSlsY b Cbttobvt 'I N511 Allwd Youth I Ilrarnattts 1, I 1 - lima-rs Irl I, Intrarnurals I, J, I rom I, Svwtng C lub 4, ,Aurrgan I, 4, Honor Ill I, -I IIICJNIAS NI SINl,1IllC,b April III, lII5I, Alllt-d Youth I, Basvball I, J, I, 4, ska-tball I, l, I, 4 A Captatn 4, CIIM' Club I, J, I, Intramurals I, J, I, I IlI.1LltILlI'I,1IIJ I, 4, l'hxs1cs C lub I, Prom I A Chatrtnan, Studs-nt Lt-adm-r I 4 Y IISIIX Club I 4 Il Inor Ixoll I I 1 1 I I I I SIIIIIA ANNI SXIXII b Nttx I 14151 AllwdYouth1 llrtxvrs Ed I, CIAA I - I I I I C Ita- C lub I I I 4 IIIHIII I 'IIIIIUIII I 4' Honor Roll I I, 4 I I 4 I ,-If I I I CI Youth I, Basvball I I 4 III1slCt-tball I I III r State- I'l1rtxr1rs Id I' Ioolball l'CIm'Club1 I ,,,,,.lC 1 T7 'P' E LAURA SCHCJLZ ELLEN SHNILJLSlsY IHCDMAS SINDLER ,, , I , , It? , -JSI, 5' ."II , 1 D 1. 0-A is i ,L -.. IH, I . efv1..,1 , :na---. , - 1 , ..,, ...was . 3 1 .', IL- --1. A ' - ,Hx -.,,nd .. C 'I T-ff." CANIDACE SIAIICER BRIAN TRIAPNELL LINDA TRYON I 'ID It L' Q-v IOHN IVAN DELISEN SHERRY MAN DELJSEN BONNIE VVALSH I, 4, Hall Monitor I, Prom I, IAur1gan I, 4, Honor Roll I, I, 4. IIAINIES SMITH, b, lulv 2, 1951, Drivvrs' Ed I, Intramurals 1, 2, I, Shop '5tITVICiI I, 2, I, VVC-tghtllttlng Club I. CIANDACE ,ANN STAIlsER, b Aprrl 4, 1951, Allred Youth 1, Chess 1, Cooking Club I, Dramatlcs 1, Drtversf Ed I, GIPQ Club I, Intramurals 1, 2, Sowing Club 1, I, 4. BRIAN STEPHEN TRIAPNELL, b. Ianuary 25, 1951, Base-ball 1, I, 4, Drtvvrs' Ed I, Iootball 2, I, 4 - Managvr 1, Colt Club 4, CIroundslCeeptng 2, Intramurals 1, 2, I, 4, Vollvyball l,2,WIelghtllft1ng Club I, 2, IINDA LCJLIISE TRYON, b. March 28, III51, Draw-rs' Ed 4, CAA 1, I, Glcfe Club Z, I, Cymnastlcs 1, J, I, 4, Intramurals I, 2, Prom I, Sewing Club I, 4, Varsttv Cflub 4, Aurrgan 4, Honor Roll 4. VINCENT C. ULLRICH, b, November Z, 1950, Baseball 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Che-ss I, 3, I, Draw-rs' Ed I, Football 1, German Club 1, Hall Monrtor I, 4, Intramurals 1, Language' Lab I, 4, Math Club 1, Prom I, Studs-nt Leadvr I, 4, Honor Roll 2 , IJIAXVID BURTON MAN DEUSEN, b, March 7, 1950, Arts and Crafts Z, I, IAudto-Xfrsual 1, Clroundslweprng 1, Intramurals 1, Z, I, Model Making 1, Shop Svrvicv I, 1 I I-I I I .-, 5 1 Q 1 lb? i. PETER WEICLE PATRICIA INELCH ALLEN XNEILS IxIXIX XXIIIIIIII RALPH WHEELER RIDE-I XXRILIII XIIIII XXITIIII INXWIII 'I II I IXIIRXXIIIIIIKM IH I IOHN VAN IJELJSEN, IJ, D1-c0mIwr 37, IIIGI, AXIIII-II IIIIIIII I, -Xuflufw Xmml IIIX IN X III I IIIIIIIHII I IIIII IIIIII I ' I, Z5 Dmmatlcs I, .25 Ilrwvrs , , . , . Cl'OLIUCISI4III'I7IDg 2, InIr.nmn.1Is I, J, I, Pmm I, XM'IIgIIlIIrrIm4 I IIIII I Wrestling Club 2. SHERRY LYNN VAN IJILISINI, In 'XIHII I, IIIFI, 'XIII .mrl Imlls I Aswmhly .md Props I,I'I1c-xx I, IJIIXUIN' III 4, IA I I 3 I 4 I.II-I- I IIIII Irltrdmurdls I, 2, I,.fIL1r1,q.I I, J, IIIIIIII I, SVXXIIII.: I IIIII I, 'IIIIILQIII I 1 BONNIE LYNN WYAISII, Iv ldrmumx II, IIIHI 'XIIIITIII All'CoLmIy fhurus 2, I, II.mrI I, J, I, 4 IIIIWIIIPIII 4 IJIIII-fx III -I I. X N 2, I, 4 f SoIIImIII'.IpI.1In I, C.I1-I' Club I, J, I, 4 Nl'III'I.lIX I IIIIIIII Wvstvrn llistrnl C'ImruI J, 4 PETER NVEICJLE, In IXIIIII Z, IIIHII, -XIIIIIII-XmI.Il I II.Ill NIHHIII-I Intramurals I, Z, I,dITf.1ll1lI,:f' lah I, 4 PATRICIA ANN VVTIEII, Im Uc'u'I11lme-r III, I'I3II,I7rIx1'u III I I.II-I-I IIIII Inlramumls J, Sc-wang Club J, 4 ALLEN L. VVLLLS, IJ Svplf-mIwr I4 IIWI, 'NlIfIIwXmI.II ' III II IIIIII I l"x I I,IIIIlI.II ,I:I' IIIII IK! I I.Iw'I IMI IXIIIIIXIQIIIIIQIXIIIIII I IIH4 I I IIII I III' .. II I IIIII I NI-I-1: 'xn- ,VV N I XIXIUI XXIII! 'I' ' III IIIIII -XVII 'IW' Il, I II.vI.- IXI XIIIII R Ilyymy .I II II. I",.'v' I INNIIIIXIIXN "I II I'I"' II II I I 1 . I III" I.,IT'I I I INIXIIN III ' lfmllnll NIIIIILJI I IIIII I IIIIII NI I 1 XI' I " - ' Q Cooking Club I, ' ' -, . . .!" . I Mlk 7 om I . ing I, -g Pr - Liyzg ... II I I ,I ,.. I I ' I ffl, 1 ,fe-' G ff""'q' -'-,Ns ,,.n WMV E 'Til .f-5 ffl: From 8145 until 315 tive dats a meek, were Stutted with facts and ideas that were supposed to aesimilate tor ourselxex We meet in our texts Such guw ai Shakeepearek Macbeth who bumped oft Duncan, Galileo who dropped a ten and one pound weight from the top of the leaning Toner ot Pisa, Teddy Roosevelt who carried a big slit lc and Max and Herb who :mented modux ponenx and modus tollens, In our allfimportant process of being educated, our brainx are charged from September through lune with Science and math and historx and Enelixh and French and teQtQ and reportx and paving grades, Although our brains some-timex get bogged down with all thie enlightenment sur- prisingly we usually do learn something PIC' TURES - TOP LEFT Computing molex in chem- istry sometimeQ requires a little extra help, and Mary lane Andergon Qeelv aid trom Nlr Eline. TOP CENTER' Ecoutez dew bondx axet lohn Cooke TOP RIGHT Pattx Pelle lxnoxxs what it's like to xhalxe in xour xhoex xxhile gixing an English X oral report BOTTOM LEFT' Mr, lxellexk anatomical man leood tor seeing what hai happened to the Frent h toasted tunaffish Qandxxichesl hax hix tacade torn oft bx Bill Carton BOTTOM CENTER l TS X 13 : -1-15 - multiplxing Ntiie i- a Nnap C7 f7Nl xtith the good old xlide role B ll RIQHT The US historx lmoolt ix one ot the thicltest, heaxiest boolw in the xxhole NT hool and box, Nlr Rutsteink head muxt lie wiellx l l l heaxx with all those taste loaded inti t Congratulations to the Seniors tromi TERRY E. KOLDYS, Pres. and KEVIN S. WH EELER. Treas. WEST STOCKBRIDGE PUBLIC MARKET Groceries and xleat Beer - Liquor - Wine Nlain Street West Stockbridge, Massachusetts lOHNNY'S RESTAURANT Ashley Falls Road Rt. , Canaan, Conn. Compliments of TRIANGLE MILK ROUTE New Marlborough CORASHIRE REALTY Star Route 262 Gt Barrington, Mass. Tel. 528-CD1-1 or 528-3214 FRANK E. BEATTIE ELECTRIC SERVICE Westinghouge Sales 8 SPVXICP Gt Barrington, Maw MACY'S GARAGE Vlain Street Shettield KAUTTU'S PHARMACY Carl E kauttu Regwtefed Pharmacist Telephone 824-4606 5 0 5 -1 liv L., , , 1 Qi' ei' 1 lr !"? 1: 1 .gp X .1 .- Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Saddle Shop - Home and Garden 528-2390 Supplieg 30 Maple Avenue, Great Barrington 1 "--if a 2 fffttf fi SHEFFIELD MARKET "A Good Store In a Good Iownw C'ur11pIur11Pf1!S0T 'Q g X Fresh Meat and Produmv - Croce-ru ' ,N V A C. A. 84 E. VV, Bartholomew unmmm Y 1 229-8939 4. ION I KL-an u Q O AND STUFFED Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 DEMPSEY'S THE KN GARAGE, INC. 42 Bridge Street I 1' B ' k O I T' h OLLS CHINA SHOP, INC. Sheffield, Mass. Tel. 229-8743 Jon lac, unc , pe, riump ,and G.M.C. Sales and Service South Berkshire Area BUTTERNUT BASIN BACHETTV5 ESSO STATE UNE state Road STATION PACKAGE STORE Great Barrington 528-3470 Slate Road Canaan, Conn. Great Barrington I s v. r 9 I I I i I W3 Q JI. .4 . A ' 1 wiv' 3 ld E54 Th the dfh Bri dw Sf EI putfinp, .max rrxnmg In dll me s n hru mf 1, nv nv AW fmief' CTURES OPPOSITE P-RCE LU sh RICHT Phys fd It1NNsl1l . mms and rfs men was s N TO! LE RIGHT lI1s!Qdri4 gg K 1 s lumh1 . Pwuss rhsr LINK IHIINHIIN gmllps Ill Xm. ru. 1 W ey begun hack an sexchth dfif 1 . Q ou'rP .1 gurl ri iustrna ar s I . fumteohs or .md the wax H 1 e . Nl to apureclatc C sm N1 he fc rw 1 tuned an by all types ut musu rangum, mmm Be uadmax musucals As hug h fare ol the dum 1 fn w 1 1 Coinpliments nil vElCER'S 256 CAR WASH Route 7 Great Barrington xftassachusetts BERKSHIRE ENGINEERING CQRPORATION Great Barrington, Mass. Builders - Contractors - Swimming Pools - Earthmoving - Crane Work Congratulations to the Class of "69" MILL RIVER STORE Mill River, Mass. RIED CLEANERS 84 DYERS Quality - Service We Serve Your Area Twice Weekly 218 Main Street, Ct. Barrington Phone 528-0178 DE BARBlERl'S MARKET Railroad Stl Canaan, Conn. RUSTLINC WIND STABLES, INC. Boarding - Instructing Trail Rides 824-7634 . Pony Rides 824-7761 Canaan Mountain Falls Village, Conn. We Feature Friendly Service at Bill's - Barracini Chocolates - Kodak Film ' Sealtest Ice Cream mf ' Yardley, Rodger Caller and Bonnie Bell Cosmetics BlLL'S PHARMACY, INC. 282 Main St., Great Barrington, Mass Phones 528-2860, 528-1590 SHEFFIELD POTTERY Sheffield I Teleohone 229-770 ACTI ITIES ASSEMBLY AND PROPS: Adviser - Mr. Cote, Number of members - 6 boys, senior high, Aims and objectives - to help students learn proper props-hancllrng technicjues. They' gain experience in using sound systems and preparing for assemblies. Accomplishments this year - Members assisted IIT staging and light-handling for a number of assemblies. AURICA fNEWSPAPER CLUBj: Advisers - Mrs, Chapman and Mr. Morgan, Number of members - 7 boys, 2 girls, senior high, Officers - Richard Patterson tEditor-in-Chreft and Mitchell Smith tAssistant Editorj, Aims and objectives - to inform Mount Everett students about events and activities that concern both them and the school, The club gives members experience ID preparing and publishing an amateur journalistic product. Activities this year - Members reported on school events, prepared news, and published the paper itself. CHESS CLUB: Adviser - Mr. Davis, Number of members - 27 boys, 5 girls, senior high, Aims and objectives - to give students a noneacademic mental challenge that develops a lKll'lfl of sportsmanship and competitive spirit ditterent from that found ID athletic sports. Activities this year - include both "friendly" games and a formal competition designed to include everyone, DRAMATICS CLUB: Adviser- Mr. Kelley, Number of members - 5 boys, I3 girls, senior high, Aims and objectives f To develop communication skills including those other than speaking. Members learn about both the performance and technical aspects of actin . Activities this year - both rehearsing and presenting the per ormances of "Horrors, Incorporated" at the Halloween assembly and "A Christmas Story" at the Christmas assembly. DRIVER EDUCATION: Adviser - Mr. Sano, Number of members - IO boys, I5 girls, senior high, Aims and objectives - to give students good basic instruction ID the handling ot automobiles in traffic situations. Another important concept that students learn is the correct driving attitude. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: Adviser - Mrs, Preiss, Number of members - 4 boys, 5 girls, senior high, Officers - Ursula Liebsch tPresidentl, Thomas Funk tvrce-Presrdentj, and lane Schoenfeld tSecretaryj, Aims and objectives - to expose students to the field of education. They learn the cjualrtres of a good teacher and compare them to their own cjualrties, Activities this year - Members see films and listen to guest speakers about the teaching profession, A tutorial program for fifth and sixth graders is planned C-OLE CLUBi Adviser - Mr. Corbett, Number of members e Il boys, 4 girls, senior high, Aims and objectives - to give students an awareness of a recreational outlet in which they can participate on an individual more than a team basis Fundamentals of style and rules of golf are taught or further developed. Activities - supervised practice outdoors HALL MONITORS: Adviser - Mr, Shimrnskrg Number ot members - 22 boys, senior high, Aims and objectives - to provide the selected student with a chance to display leadership and to serve a vital role in the smooth flow of traffic within the school, Activities this year - Monitors assisted not only' during regular passing periods but also during numerous assemblies, easing much congestion INTRAMURALS, BOYS' AND GIRLS' Advisers - ytrss Beaumont, Miss Lelito, Miss Lewis, and Mr Callahan, 'Slumber cyt members A ntl boys tjunror highj, BS boys jsenior hrghj, 33 girls fjunior highj, JS girls fsenior hrghl, Aims and objectiyes e to grye students a chance to practice skills IH sport situation, yyork as a team or group, and enjoy recreation and relaxation regardless ol skill or ability, Activities e tboyst Soccer, Football, yolleyball, Basketball, and Baseball, tgirlst Field Hockey, yolleyball, and Basketball. MODELMAKINQ CLUB' Aclyiser - ,Str Ntenin, Number of members - lt! boys tjunior hrgbj, lT'llOYSf'st'lTlOTlTll.1lTl, Iyims and objectives e besrcles assembling automobile models, the clubs PICTURESL fTOPl Here are the members ot l7riyer ld assembled around the car they use They learn hoyy not tcm run into trees, telephones poles, and parked cars, especially Nlr Sano's car in the Mount fyerett parking lot tNtll7l7Ill Str Kelley's Dramatics Club clrcl a great job frightening thc- student body with their rendition ot "Horrors, lncorporatecl " Sltcic ls It to us, shock it to us. tBOITOMl The students in 'ytr Xtenrns Modelrnaking Club are rarely seen in a group, as here they are usually found hunched oyer a model, either gluing on a carburetor or burning it up yyrth a candle members cleyelop manual rleyrern-I. and I transform mass-proclucecl products IIIf- custom creations, kcrtryrtres - Cars are I.y Vs r open to all members PEAINLIT PREl'IEtt tILtS.IOR HIGH NLXNSI X' I Ntrs. Brollr, number of members f ltr boI I rr Officers - Iames Blodgett fEtllltlT'llI'filTlt tl it' Is- f tAssrstant Edrtorjj Arms and objectryes t t photograph, proofread, type organize, and nntil h I for a junior high audience It proyrrles a con 'ru t seyenth and eighth grade literary and rou Iralr Activities this year f 3 issues published PUBLIC RELATIONS CIUB -Xdyrser e Str I irhcr Xt llt members W S ljoys, senior high Otrrccr Ntrcnit fm tPresrdentj, Arms and objectrces - to lit tir thc It I I I student lbcicly ind Its actryrtres through many cl I c t communication media 'Xctryrtrc-s this yi tr I r Iuy If I basketball games and neyys releases to III rl nricr incl it stations, SCHOOL STORE Adyrser' f Str Ciauthicr Numlicr Ir rt rbi - 5 boys, senior high Officer f ytrcbac-I fron jylinr I I X rr and objec tryes f to raise money tcir' the sltlcli nt rc fI If ci t r supply students yyrth an opportunity to sc-Il inc other students Accomplishments this yr rr clt It i I uniforms tor both boys and girls and hayc many jackets, sweaters, turtlenec ks, syyeatshrrts, att t 1 just a tevv. SEVVINC CLUB -Xdyiser e 'ytrs Larkin, u n Jer I2 girls, senior high, Arms and objc-ctry opportunity to learn adyancecl seyying tec hnrcjuc hrch f not get inthe regular Home Economic s c Ia N some girls took part ID a fashion shoyy both ccs g 1 modeling their own creations, SHOP SERVICE Adyrser f Str Sano Nun ic boys, senior high, lyrms and objectryes - tri ht improve the shop tacrlrtrcs Xtc mbc rs cl i odd I II I r I icni and learn more aclyancecl shop technrcjuc-s Xct InIIII hrrc t I I c j year A Students built a sayydust bloyyer ystc ltt inc cabinet. STUDESIT COUNCIL 'Xdyrser f Str Cituthrir X mic members f III boys 5 girls, elected junior incl Irti t members, Officers - Terry Isoldys tl'rI-srclc ntl lsrc nrrt lltllr tVice-Presiclentt, Stanley Collins tTrc-asc c Inc O'Connell tSecretaryl, Arms and objectryc t p yrclc tn organization in a unicjue position to guide tuclc nt tty their problems, as yyell as other approprritc fun upon issues through competent and mc Inrn ful icnuc It thc idmrnistritronotficril In .nc at lc communication yyith ' . . Student Councr group that se proyrdes the examp - ' Is . . - Attended Western Stass Student Couric Il t tlc rc c c I is not a "telling group but rrthcr y y I Is the pace tt'L1Islf'IS approyal in I II ipryr y ti I t lcs Xctiyitrc and tcccttrtjylr nm. tt tt y a Xyrnter Ciarnryal, Purchased X ic tory Ilag an I hc I I jtc tr tor the tirst time, as yxell as many other ac tryrtrc to t mention STUDENT IIBRPXRN ysslsl IXNIS Xclyrc Xtr Number of members f III girls junror .Incl I yI y I objectiyes f to tlloyy students to jlt'll"ll Iri library, yyhrc lt tic I s the regular lllll.lll.llT tIIr thc I s 'r responsibility incl many things connecfc I yy It 1 i Accomplishmc-nts this yc-ar c.IIls help- I III rr more than itll books as yyc-II .is jII-I'oII-yrn I j XOIIINBXII Xrlyrsirr yt' ytc-err- XII boys, In girls sr'tttcil high t.rrr'.iIns l'I N s Bc-rlsel, Iynthony tayalrc-I .lltrl lsr rrt' tit t X olijecttyc s to jyrc'si'ttl to stIIIII-'tts ,I 'cyI-'s s garner cyl ycyllc yly.lll yyrtlr tltr fruit-I'ttI" Ty and to afford .I bc III" orrIII'rST.t't-I 'tg -If -I cycjjcjtjc-s X t itltlT.l'Itt'ryl I,X.lS s'.rr'I It t'r.i the sprin ,I -s DRI: OT US BIC KIDS Y it 5- I D 'P P Lf-si' ga PXBOXE Smiling and hearing it, Sheila Small prmes again how irusP 0-ll,-S ill lsnldvs imrganized his political machine wells BOTTOM LEFT Alter trating it is to nit the wrong lwv vxnile typing tur the yearinimlt collecting the absentee slips, Tom Sindler attempts tu plefe together PTCVTLIRES OPPC JSITE PAGE - TOP LEFT The well-knim n Binh Mat- .2-165 lmnre ur Iessl puzzle parts before the end ot the period BOT- l lsenzie smile is captured CENTER Materials manager Cfathie Dodge TOM RIGHT' Cindy Zuccp posts her yearbook posters - announcing in t he-4 lss TOP RIC HT Student Gmc-rnrnent Dax' repre-sent.1tive Terry lltdl f'W'fY'lm' STWOUTTT HUT Wdlll T0 TWV the Hffadliaal TNT Vadfllflflk WFT STDCKBRIDGE T?:'lNH B.. HIUIWYIHINC- Compliments of ue - eating ns a a ions - .Wm CO?5fgifl'llg,nigiRM 1 2 T LUNCHFUNET I ' ' ' ' HD Main Street 485 South Main Street Slockbfldge Ashley Fans Gt. Barrington Great Barrington cms 81 Garb Telephone 528-2800 BERK BTLT PRODUCTS f Specialty Wood Manufacturing S Billiard Cues - Custom Furniture Mill River Realtor , Box 84 Telephone 229-3105 Sheffield, Mass. "Leo R' Segana' Mm River, Mass. Tel. 229-8926 Canaan' Cana' Tel. 824-7682 Tel. 229-8333 'ra- x A ,,l, 4.-9: X Af :qt I I I I I I 1 I I Y e , Ai' .Q XQN' 1- R 4 5.1221 as ,1",x, V- i"x'1-L-:K rx 'gs Dirfi. x- -Ziyi le, 5 ' 'I' ""'A V .yi F pb- X +5 1 Q I jx, vs- X CANDIDS Rv A 0' J. I ,nv ' I , ,. 1 QI . . Q Qdry Wlqjrp Roger Abbott lean Chapin Robert Poirier . ,A 'x - 1' , . 'ws A . . .un X uv- Claudia Allsop C0mvHmQf'fS of CHARLES vv. AGAR, C0mP"m'f"tS Of . BERRSEHRE AVIATION INC. BARRWCTON FOOD THEOHSQETSQIZRE ENTERPRISES, INC. Fuel Orr - Mohr. Heat CENTER COURIER Airport - Great Barrmgron Great Barrington Quality Vegetables and the 528-3020 Best Meats 55 ' lfnfigii l bb - ' in .vr..:..1 NanCy Gilmore- ROGER'S SHOE STORE Fine footwear for the entire family Edward H. McGuire-f Caroline C. Smodick Canaan Telephone 824-5254 MOUPYHIZP Your Honw I Q DN TRICVXI, S - E, E , E , :xc Nll-ES H. CAGE THE CJASLICHT STCNXE ,,,,Q,,H.i , Burldung Contractor W fwvfwwi ww L.,-. XM S0 fgfpn10nIA Xhygg TPUPIJNUIN' OH-U QJINH HJ,.,,, H X Tele-phono 528-1183! '4 K. Nirvvw '1 k ggi l 4 it " r, 1 te 4 2 X 1 ' ,ff 'H 'ei 5: l 'M"2f' QW, k uv ,qt V. X Us 'UKMIL xv ' gg? . A K -f' P I .51 L." ultra- . " N ' ' .A Q.--,.,.. ,,-.. V.- , VVe really got the busrness thus xear trom lxrrl- tror-1 other schools askrng ue about our football team ir- T. dld lose a few - you c'an't urn 'ern all Tho year max lust a starter for most ot the guw XX nth our greer- rem we dldn't expect to wan any Champnonxhrnx, extrec lalf, Qrnce we battled agarnst huilxuer, older r"lrrrf- experienced teams from larger xchook It a tough season. Cheerleaders trred to get ui all to cheer the team on to a ylftory Well all haxe to trx harder next year. Now that wexe had a butter xeaxrmx north ot battle expertence, well be readx tor surprlse attar lx next tall Everybody better watch out became rt null be our turn to do the shulumprng T968 FOOTBALL TE-XM CO-CAPTAINQ -10 - IAXTEN PHILLIPS IFBJ and -l-l - G-XRN BR-XLLIER lHBlr -tl - Bruan Trapnell tTl, 56 - Robert Cronlx lTl, 83 - Robert Muller fGl, 82 - lames Stexens tEl, 81 - Fred Smrth lLl 80 - lames Edelman QEJ, 54 - Phullnp Amndon lH8l -ll - Dennw Buckley QOBJ, ll - Tum Harrrgan lOBl lll - Tony Cavalier ll-IBJ, Bl - Richard Hardrxtx tHBl 'S - Matthew Clark TU, 72 - Patrrclx Nloore lTl, no - Brook VValSh TGJ, 63 - Clarence Wheeler tGl, ll - Rrtharrl Sellew tQBl, IO - Stephen Ntorns tHBl, -ll - lean Gingras lFBl, 42 -Dan Nlrller lF8l, 38 - Lourx Gonzalez Y ll-lBl, 35 - Tony Llllrrch QHBJ, ..l - Trmothx Brrggx lll8l 58 - Robert Turner lCl, 3-l - Ntrchael Gallo lCl, ol e Lelgh Tryon TGJ, 61 - Douglas Lxman lGl, tw-1 - Peter Casvdy QGJ, 71 - George Ntartrn lTl, 85 - lhomae Packllck QEJ, Z2 - Peter Chaxe TEJ, Ill - Xkrllram Bender lEl, 59 - Roger Tryon lTl, 37 - Chrrxto uher Beattre Tl l l , 55 - lohn Real tCl, Manager Rex Iudlxrnx Ntanager Michael Harrtgan. 1968 FOOTBALL ,SCHEDULE Sll 6-4, ROL I-'KN S28 O-fu COUNTLRCL O5 0-32 N14 CMXNN O19 ll-2.2 'Xmer Sr h lor ljtkll O26 U-W PINE PLAXINN NJ O-84 NTONUNHNT NlOL'Nl-XIX Nil tl-.Zh New toxx n HOME G-XXTLS 1968 TOOTB-'lll SCHHJL U ' It XICJR MXRNIH 'will 8-Stl lee Ill-1 ll-28 XlllNL'XllNl Xltll NTAXIN Oll llfll let' 'N-1 'IJ-tl ROI I-XX HOXlL G-NNN? 'Hum VIC lllRlN ltll' llll l.lllrlllt'lll.ltLx llltk Neilexx 1 to exemute .1 paw lltllltlX1 lll l llrtk ll'-lllx fhlxxqw llflllflXl L lltl' 4.llt lt 'N "F-l-T' Ur-nous lltlmlxlvx lltllltlN'l Rlblll tr-.lrbrx ll..- .4ntlll.1Ilrrl.1x lwltltlrl llw rr'H'ruw' llll Nl? N" ' Nr-Ilexx .mtl N11 inlotlwrr-r .ro the 1'-tT'r""' spe'rt.llorN.1mltl1vr'tlr'.trlu'vx 3' NV r EI I V '-4 ASQ 5,..- , -C M 2 i 35 1 mf ,..,, .if ,v n 1 ig H O Q... S- ,Q 1 1 ,N -. E, I. 1. I, I L I l H -, - G i 'E ' 0 if, , ' 'Q ' 'U' H Q . 'Q Y YM 2, " 5 ' W . U Q xx ,, 5 A' Q if I vb , 9 ' I by 4. Q .Q " 1 :oo , Q-1 ' v ' vo. ,"' x "A .-' N ,Wm A 7 -:O R , f ,,-' . 5 W + , . ' " - " ' K ' Q - ' 5 . A. f . . . , I ' 4 ' , .ev I' " A Q , X , - 4-rv b X 1 . 1 u , , ,F - , , 1, Y , A, X ' : . ' 'J 44 ..,,,A " , 11 ' ,' K qx J' nl' . 1 , ., , , . li fu, 1- 1 I -V , Y ' ,- 1,m ' X f nf. ' ' V gf ff' ' . fn- M' 1' , ' y I f Y - ' I 1 I 1 ' 1 1 .4 YY X , ,Y . ' "f x .4 ' fp 1 f 'ad ' ' ' ' , Y " -'w f Q w - f, . f-- ' . . T' ' I .- ' 1 K. ' . - .v I H - 1,5 1 ' ' x .V ' ,fain r - i r Q 1' N f 1 ' , W ' ,. -W 1 Q ,' f 'WJ f , 1-',ff,'5fti'f:"J .- xfs'I51C"g'2l?'h ,- 4-" jg 1 " L 6 w , D F 5 , 1 ' ,.. ,, 4 ' , . 1 H ' x""2"fffz f192',.1-Zi.,-ff ' "' 1f'w- .", "1f'.fv'f.'. ..., f' , ,-QQ., ,pl lv., A' , H . ,QQ Ygj4?q:,g, . vw- o - Q .rf t ' . ' 5 ev 325 .TS . K rugs if' N. I.,- --.. pi lb . ' C ou, ' . ji. xv- '- T o S I Q fr 3 K , F-1 9 an QQ! as i. 4 L fig Q 'Q 'nga Or. '75 59 ""'x9 "YI 7 ' if 5. 'N hawrnen e kung Hunt, Tony Cfavalrerg Ind hasernen f krrs Martrn, Brad Parker, Shortstop ef lrrn Harrrgan, Srd baseman - john Barley Outlrc-Idc-rs f Bull Ciulotta. Richard Hardrstx, Barn Uaxrdson, Michael Ntarc hronc-, Manager - Pat Mooreg Scorc-keeper M lack Anderson, Coach - Mr Dans, fcbciflldltl Irrn Stevensj PICTTURTS TOP ROW Wrax Ciunn warrnrng up tor hu trrst game Outtrelders A Brian lrapnell, lohn Hendrrclc, Rene Manghue, Mark Edelrnan, lrrn Edelman, llrn Bennett Catc her Uaxe Srnrth r Shortstop arg xc st Cook trelds a ball ,. Captain Terry lf" SINDLER Clunzrnger stops a grounder. BOTTOM ROM' Rene Manghuer Ed Harxex, lrrn Law, and Mark Ldelman hc-tore the start ot a game at Adams u Bob Ntarron axxarts a pitch , Coach Botez I0 the dugout , Slndler warms up tor a three-hitter against Adams , , Scorekeeper Mc Peak , Coach Gauthier goes over ground rules wrth the urnprres Y Manager krrchner BOTTOM page 41 The Iayvc-es - Scorekeeper Anderson, Parker, Martin, Ntdfihlclmff, Harrrgan, Ellrott, Hardrsty, Stevens, Caxaller, Pshenrshny, Barley, Davidson, Hunt, Manager Moore, Cfoac h Davrs I fi,,,-1 'Y' ,rn PITCH ES NO-H ITTER 1968 BASE3ALL SCHEDULE - VARSITY 1968 BASEBALL SFHEDULE IUWOR 14128111 A19 '6 1 A22 16 A22 4 A23 0 A23 6 A26 I A26 4 M7 6 A30 115 M10 '18 M3 '18 M14 '7 M7 4 M17 T11 M10 2 M2-1 '12 M14 5 M28 10 M17 '8 HOME M21 '20 'VVIUS M27 1 M28 2 HOME GAMES 'Wins i1fLeague games f .Q-ggfk fwfrlff -.4.". xi ' 1 5 1' -' '21, '6 ' ',xf,-. ' . 3 A ' fb :I I, '.1 f l - 4 'z. ,,P ut' '5 l3'.xMV .- -N" W 2' 5 , A vi f ' ' . ' Q .. ll 4. Q. 1 , B M ' you "' ' Q, 3 f"',Ln .4915-vfn. .d' it .B- its -s.I!".,f-u-' , r CYMIXIASTICS IWW! f,IX1N'X'wllfIS 3fIHHlLI'Lf - GIRIS IWUII IIH -I5 35 XXISI SIIRINCLIILIID I4 IJ3 44fh3 NIuvwvIhJug II8 IH -Ilfff IdI1IdNl1L1d I5 IIS HCJINKDIXI' FI IJII XX Maw CIImrnpIfmsI1IpQ' F5 NIT IILMIMIIV F8 FIS F33 fIIINfINI,"ISIIC,-g SCHEDULE - BOYS 58-92 45756 5.2438 56-75 48-63 48-57 'Iwnts III lake plaw atter Iast yedmcmk civarillrw CEXPII LXL LLTTFRSIncIIcdts1hmm- rmwts. SPRINGFIELD TECH, VVEST SPRINCFIELU Mlnrwc haug Cathvdral SIJUIII Hddlvv Iantasqua HOLYOKE' NN Mass Champlrmshlps' 4 ,If ig 3 af f I .i Q ff p mama l . - ighg 'wg I? Xi" if 42 "-"W" L" ,M L L,1. I I r4HI IQ 1 I I I I I I I I I GROUP PICTURE BELOW: Coach Callahan, lohn Culntta, Alyarex, Shawn CI:-axnn. Q Daniel Miller, Neil Lidstone, Dennis Buckley, Tony Cavalier, Cary, Diane Fratalfine, Anne Phillip Amidon, Matthew Clark, lohn Fratalone, Cary Brallier, Ciunzinger, Shelley L'Hnrninfaili+ ti xl I Brian Care, Gary White, Coach Lelito, Kneeling leanne ShutS,Carnle- XldL1l'IE1lX,lLIIIt' Xldf 1 Q, .F . -, , W 1 . a -i ' 'K it . I I- if .' f' 5 ff Jim ' ,I A mf . ,e -, "4 -.,..,,. .wx X- , A W Mflvyg. s.. if . nl ' , iff is 'Q ' ' . ,f l t . j' t ,' ' ff f ' mf A. .I . - 7 fi fi, if ,I Y:21Q4"'f5s'fn2A "PJ" :I ig- ' "'f'5W' Q f P I- , Wivfnwf, U .W my I PM, . -xg, 4 5 vt I 'N , 'i . . 1' fi A c, ' an - .W X I x P' -' lli A an -I +0 I l W' INDIVIDUAL PICIURES - TOP MIIJDIUI Phillip 'Xiniilun udllx Hu., xyiiylnli l.,y,f4, Iyy.i I i, , hanrlstancl. FAR llll f IOP Cary Brallii-r - I' lmis Immlxtaml .xiii Hi X,,,,,. VIN IH. g,.,lA,,,, ,. I, ,, I , Nancy Pasthe f pas cI'has, tlnm l'XE'fCINf', Brian Kari- high Um.x,.,, l,4,,K,li,.l mu ,,Imi,. 4 4, I, har giant turn IAR llll P- BOIIONI Caiule- Ntaglwi-ix i,,.,,,,, l,,,,,',,,,g hwy, ,,,.u,, , I I strarlclli' vault, lnhn Ciulntta P scissors, Ntartlm Hhiitx Pirie Iii it I 5? 'na' a x,,l D ,.. if Q, BASKETBALL 9 .L IV , '41 543 KQAIQ 4 j J -J . ' Q ip. J ff 88" ' A I xxxxwwuk ' is Sf' M 'TI if J .Y , 'W' . 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Q' J , 4, 4 WON LOST TIED GAMES 5 SOFTBALL FIELD HOCKEY VOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL O 4 0 4 I 6 I 8 2 3 O 5 I I O 3 i' PICTURES: Hop Rovvj Mary lane Anderscmg Be-tsy Whuwnanl, Bonnie' Nlarsha lohnwn, Tiuanm- Dax IN-I1r.lI1 lhmkvx Imlx Nlrewlv' NI Walsh, Nanfy Olmstedg Mrs Shaw, MISS Frlshw, Lynrw Ofonnell, Bvtsx Turns-r Whisenant. ISC-'cond Rowj Volleyball team fTh1rdRowI Basketball If-am, y 1 .9 H. I it -'VU , wr. , ix., :Hg N h.. , 1. !.13r?LT2,2A. Sponsored by MT EVERETT LUMBER, INC and SHEFFIELD PLASTICS INC 24:1 I' Pg I I P N 1' II 2 I I 5 P I I N P I I . . NJ 3 Q D li I x P W 4 ,fp .U A A I I I I W I I I , I f .I I I . ' O A Sponsored by THE HOME GAS CORPORATION 5 'lib wh N I 4 1' SCTHC X Pl CTC JMMII TEE NTENXBERS I968-69 Mm hurl XX- Bartzsc In Mr. Rulwrt I. Bright HERE THEY RE - THE GUYS IN THE SCARYOEHCES Mass Paw C .ampbe II MIL Edward I. Cfcmnurx Mm Rulwrt I. Umm Ian Mr Nw! CJ. Flatc her Mr. lame-s E. Kimball, lr. Mr. Damiol A. Millvr, Sr. Mr, Rugor P. 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Slwrrx Mm Ibn-uwm, Match Smulh, Slmrcm Cushrmm, Fwd Smith, l mcia IIWJH, ldXAIl'f1il'I,If'Il4',kNf'IllliiNIlH11',fVII1fiN ZL1cum,l5c-rlmfciYxrrchnvr ,fn 1 Iii' x v ,, s 's w u Q V 1 u I 'Q 0.95 fm' ,Q Q' 'UC 4' LJ zUVNlIOR-SENIOR PRQM - CI-IERYL HALL pear! I X 4 Y, M.. 4 I 5 X is If T ' 'JW-i ' X CROW ED OF BALI--l-l l . f 9 4-WYE! it ff 'CT-if? gisiii av:-:Me 5 'Y Iune 7, 1968, saw the best prom ever to hit Nflount Everett tue seniors thinltl' After iaassiiirxiw class meetings and endless decisions, work began on Bali-Hai, roflt hunts, mirror siiiiisn mural paintings, and palm tree building contributed In our idea or a South sea island atriwosiiii.-. Looking very different in formal clothes, we dined - surrounded by grass huts and a leaky nail' fountain. Freshmen hula girls and native beach boys serxefl evcotir Polynesian dishes Strains V ' music, played by "The Los Amigos," lured couples through the best volcano in the Be-rlt-hires ' the iungle and coastal area of our island Mexican hat dances werent out ot plat e in our paradise Midnig t's magic wanded over all-night parties The follv ot allenight parties was earlx morning Clean-up and the conversion ot our romantic isle into the plain emptx gxm PICiTLRENeTfJl' LEFT: Suzanne O'Connell and Terry Koldys swing to the beat of "The Los Jtrnigos Ti ll' RIGHT Beside seniors Ed Harvey, Dave Wright, and their dates, natives Sherri Wyman, lim small, stat ex Brandt, Susan McNamara, and Wray Gunn seem to be anticipating xx hat their iunior priim will be like. BOTTOM LEFTi Queen Cheryl Hall and her court - Sarah Blodgett, Linda Camp lxathx Packlick, lessie Newton, Donna Gower, and Barbara Coons, BOTTOM RICHT Fortune-teller Holly Campbell and Larry Loebig were among the visitors to Bali-Hai BOTTOM Radiant Cjtii-en Cheryl and her escort Bill Chapin, 3.1 J ' fl' SE ICR PLAY llll I lllsiltll N NXXAXMI I communrcate smce her husband told her to "shut up"g anc llllf-I s.11,.11g1- Irnris I11-rst-It .III 1nl1.1I11t.1nt tml lhe K Io1st1-rs" llannrhal and Earn Mae, who consrder themselxes the onlv guests l.Xllt'Il her thsldren lrlx Iielle, Irtus .1n1l Sdllllllll set-Is psxt llldllll tree to leaxe Iltus, Samuel, and Irly Belle had put their mother IH help 1111 I1111 111,111 Ihr 11111111-11 111111 xtrcs txrllu-111111111 Ihr-c "The C'Io1sters" to keep her trom Ioslng all therr money, hut they 111r1s11I+1r ll11'Il motht-r to hate gone ott her roclser lmecause she push the panlc hutton when thex dlscover that she solcl all the .Ins I11-1 him' hlut- NIl'l'IjN tum ,1 1111113 ljpllfr 111-11111-s to he an Saxage rndustrres and IJLIFIPCI the remaining money whrch was .11lr1'ss I.1t ,Il'f .1cg1-I and StILIcIIItIl'IN her Nlemorral Iund or conxerted unto honds Lrlx Belle gets arrested when she loolcs lor Ilrrppmttcs Iuncl hx 1l11r1.1t1r11grn1,1111c 111 loolrsh iciLINt's f Irlce two the honcls that her mother sand were hldden un a stuffed fish IH h11r11I11-1I1IolI.1rst111get dllrhkttl so1I trom It.1Ix tor .1 tarmer, lmuxrng the Department ot Ichthvologx ot the Museum ot Natural .1 IIIIIIIJNIIIIII' tor .1 tloner peddler s horse, clllflLlTdflt'fII1t.1 .1 shrp to Hrstory Meanxxhrle, Tltus dlgs under petunlas In the Whrte send .1 Illllllmillfl school chrldren around the world lrlx Belle, House hothouse, and Samuel has a CITIIUIWPX' collapse on htm I1t11sr .1111I S.1m11eI stop her gust as she rs ahout to set up this Iund xvhrle he searches III the hrlclss, The Savage tortune IS destroyed I1-1g.1Ilx xxlth cl postman, .1 gardener, .1 Xt'lt'IlITdI'IdI1, and herselt xx hen the honcls are hurned IIT Mrs Pacldy's hathtuh, Mrs Savage gs I111.1r1l ot drrectors 'Xt ' lhe t'Io1stc-rs", ,Ntrs Saxage Imecomes succeeds rn making her f'l'1IlKlft'I't look like tools, although she ,It rIII1IIIIlt'tl xxrth other IMIIIVIIIN e Ilorent e, who helrexes that a hoped thex would learn to unclerstand "the tools ot good heart - doll Is her d1-.1d1h1ld, lt'lII4'X,XXIII?lIITcll.1II1t'Sl1f'llc'lN .1 hrdeous scar those who gamble or1 people, and Invest IH lclndness - thosc III hrs Idtt' resultuncg trom hrs IJPIIIQ the sole surxrxor ol a plane who douht that posltron means prrxtrlege, or that manners mean cf.lsl1 IIIIIIIILL the xxar, Mrs Paddx, xx ho cIoesn't Itlce to morals, And, ot course, the rebels wlth no tear ot tallure " f--.ff fe-jf f-:rf 4- CUSIIMAN AMIDON CRUIKSHANK DRUMM KEILEY EICHSTETDT CUARTHA CTCONNELL IRVINE SMITH Mac'DONALD WHEELER -., , qgnd if I laugh OKI' and YTXOTTQX ibm " "Tas haf I not VSQQPO.. -eYRoN C of APE IM . . 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Ivey 'luly1 IND - SUMMER SCHOOL BEGINS. - Terry Cruikshank leaves for 4-H Interstate Exchange to Nebraska. luly 3 lWl - General William Westmoreland becomes Army Chief of Staff. luly 7 fSl - Mrs. Charlene Mitchell, 38 year-old Negro, is named as the U.S. Communist Partys Presidential candidate. luly 10 fWl - Dr. Benjamin Spock and two others are sentenced to two years in prison for conspiring to counsel draft evasion. luly 14 CSI - Aeroflot, the Soviet airline, and Pan American open the first direct air service between the Soviet Union and the United States. luly 15 QMJ - The 1095 surtax on personal income goes into effect. luly 26 lFl - Senator Edward Kennedy announces he will not accept the Democratic nomination for the Vice1Presidency. luly 29 lMl - Pope Paul officially condemns all forms of birth control. luly 30 lTl - The Treasury announces a federal budget deficit of 525.4 billion for the fiscal year, 1968 - the largest since World War ll. I TER ATIONAL FELLCDVVSI-IIP "Mo, corno val voce?" is, for Brazilians Eliana Ruth Heilberg and Lauro Henrique Moser Coelho Fonseca, another wav of saying, "Hello, how are you?" lt must be kind oi scary going to a country where people and signs say things like "Co, tite, win" and "Beat tvlonurnent Mountain," but our two exchange students caught on to English and the prevailing Mount Everett attitude very quickly. SheffieId's ice storms, snow, and wind provided a good contrast to ine- hot, Brazilian summer they left behind in Sao Paulo, which is near the 'Tropic of Capricorn. 72 Sometimes we think that Mount Everett is pretty rigid in trying to educate us, but - boy - compared to Eliana's and Lauro's schools, Mount Everett is like a country club - phys ed, dances, and sports just aren't a part of Brazilian school life. They, Eliana and Lauro, learned a few good things at Mount Everett- such as a lot of English words, some principles of skiing and skating, and what it feels like riding over icy roads sideways and backwards with Editor-in-chief Debra Kelsey. -ab sk, 801' W-,IIN In Itw f Iase nt 651 TEUS SMOKE SHOT" FARSH AW' AN D CO M PA N Y Great Barrmgtfrn Mau House of Gadget, Offme Suppltes Gifts A Crvettng Card 528-IBSKI SOUTH FIELD STORE Tele 229-8650 COLONIAL RESTAURANT Ratlroad Street Canaan, Conn WANDER WAGON TRAILERS West Mann Street Canaan, Conn. Tel. 203 - 824-7820 Sales and Rentals C. A. LINDELL and SON, INC. Farm and lndustnal Machmery Sales and Servsce Butldtng Mateuals and Fuel OII Canaan, Conn SHEFFIELD MOTORS Route 7 Sheffwld. Mass MAHAIWE IEXNLLLRS Canaan, funn Daamnnds Wattltr-s - Runga - Snlvemuttv -- C hma - Luggage- Iel 824-'Sth i" .,i, ,wit-:S-I . i' - 1 ' 'K' V' i 5.'lqli,f,1w,Ql, ,M 5.113 .Af-,AJ V X i, . .l'iilrii1'll'v'fI3'j,wi,,'ui - 1 , ' K' ' N ' ' ilkflaiilil :NY ,- August 6 in - SUMMER SCHOOL ENDS. gym-ago, AUS'-151 3 lTl ' NlX0n is named 35 the Rel3PbllCafl Candldalf' August 29 tWl - Humphrey wins the Democratiig l'reiSiclifntiai , for the Presidency on the trrst ballot by the ,qmmndigfml 29th Republican National Convention. - Maryland'S Governor Spiro Agnew is named as Nixon's running mate. Eisenhower has his seventh heart attack. Democratic National Convention begins in phrey'S running mate August 19 QMJ - August 26 Uvll - - Maine-'S Senator Edmund Nltukse is Hum- '-t?'l1"QZ:l .tiff "4'fu 't l'7"iEi"tf2i'l'?ff? fly 122359 ' RL Ql-.N -, f Fi xuQ,,zis.z'.'.u?'gzig?4 fn L dy U h I i.53?"lf'i'-'ifilif51.2,-Elalllf354ii'5tg4f:Z'Qfi??3U' , ' .fir -flillfilw 2' .fl -f ,' ' ' l - rvgf?j"'15.ififfg"?i"llif5lili"'tfft"5fQgw.'-ftsfiw'l!iQ3iW5'?il :lg l5Wll"'A Mitra? S time 1w':1"' 1, - i ' S S,-livl iiiirll iiiifliid lM'fZ+"'l75"-'r -7F " ' V r9ef1f'ff'fl if . S Q Ulm9lf-'XV-Q' "'l'f ,, ' a ' i ' M 4 'ififffQifrtttlliiiimiitzigME-ftfiilltiiie-ti S i xfiflililgi-tw wPvNN' l0Ul5E SHUP C0mP"mf"'fS Of p5"'-S "' if"ffl,? 'J '- ' ' ' M rf - Q N 2 '. . . l f' 304 MM M' M MT. EVERETT iif'jflfifigifiitf., fr'llittibyri2Tf3l53ll'fl'ffifit'itl?lll' "tl31ifllt'-'tttsi-tafY- F- S' it . l 1'-f i ici' test ' t nf Wi Z ,':Wgig.1,-Eg f,J5,ti-3561.2mail.-ual, ,, ,i naiggpiif gt iilglii W H I 5 My ,fp ww 3, g fi K 93 afffltlg O t trpvivvfx , 3, rg' Z' in 1.131 ,lint ,?,!ilifv.q2A, E.J.Q,,tg3,g,q'gQ1 iq tl., It x , Y: tang . ' gilt fl, .gt 1- X ,-T, I I , y.'i-yaifgrlf,.t5tjt3rv,'f' ,-iriyjg 50 L lt 1,Qt,1iQQS1x ,gift f, ,flggvil gt .3 3, 3. 1 m 4 1, '. fffErl5lSlll"iit'titsirfiiffililfiilttliffli if tritvftltitglgtf 'ltktiirflfstil if f M + S S i.:'S35imt,i. 21.5, 2-,Elf ,M:13tjg.,f 513' 1 gQ.'y'Ls.A, F , V., 1 f1'Aixf3,'4,tpj-fit i'i b 2Qgl',.t:'I j pp t i Wrlliftl Agri 5?rfSg',A1Jfg12iill Wt! ' 'Il E! 1. X jlfi Sd . lglf tflt RNS, 'Qt V 9 ' if Mil ' f-. -,Iii S fjffrs?-Z'gigri:gEtni'.f3, ' f in 'i, f .lu f i t fl? 'mi 'Mil if YQ ' I alfa jJ'??',zgi r ' ' ,. 1 f' 1,' lg. flltx ln ' -E , ixufgli'-lflff ti I ,gtg pl is e iglilf:,5iWl, V tt rt lv ' -Liw 'lam if. Wifi .X-3. ll lit'-at 1 'if' Ut."ii'-" ,i i 'wgiwkg-4,.l 17.415, tt f a+l'm.f'-Q L' i' 'il Nj: A fJ"""' ll ll? I fl... .T gi: t,i"t.'i, 1' ,ffl wg! if k"'ri"k, il 'fx' I ' 1 i f.fZD'jf,,illl, l1!',f':'.,,, ' 1' im- 8'f,,i:-'t- ft'-i wet. .f iw N52-:Q 214-' 35 The Student Cfotintiil Serviw to help US uwiv. .irziz .i.wr'i .1-'ii ,. 1 become intir-i-aSinglv Nt'll'l'llll"llIWt' ihrotiglw llgt-lllllflg lf'XillXl ir -i , real problems ol tht- Sthfifvl -- not thi- pr v!iiifinS -2 thi' int- i- the -sqary ollirera tv the prfilyli-mt oi our Sturt' S lm.: fm: tu WF- nS Alhflllmwwf fl fi Our rS'DreSenlatixt'S viliw thi- wpini-int iii iliif -tfiitliw' ' . .Ja Ja. -.V A V - , A H L Y , . W, . and present idoaS for ilmngiw i- tw Xfli iini i .iii iw i-i ii '- . keep artiw bv niina-wing the --t html -'mi Spf-i+..ii: t' iirww 1 v ,Iv - yy: fs -S ff I - 1 p N 1 r. .A-6B5l"L,,ll..i3 dll l tl5,!'.lf'n1 Christina-aanilyearlyioltflantt-S,Stipiiiviziig, 1.l'NUll'li H- l1i'i i Clubs and .tt,lix'iliv,-S in lhf' -1 hir il, and ll'-1-S unit '-i. iii- tit-' 'iw A QS' the Sltitlr-nl tf'ount'il Spun-.iriul .1 lov- 'HY "IN 1'i:1 5' 'ii i ChriSlmaS Carnix dl 5r"1y"a-3' Wulf-tit PlCTURE OPPt'lSlilibPM.E 5-Sf -Niji'J,fx'i'. it ,if-qv x' - U r wr i V " ' ' "Q " "" ' """ Piper,Tin1othy llarrijqfm,Nite!-l'RlKl47l'Qi QI! ll 'xiii l' X I,-I'i 'I it-iw iw ' PRESIDENT 'ilFllxY M ll DVS, itil Wt itil R i .,., ' ldfmw Slm'ePS, 'Qlt'f5l'l'H lviiwrq ll-triii' Nhnglv 'X ' " i ltins Sfflllflj SUfREl-XRN SILUXNNI 'H CPAN' www - li Robin Srhoiutinakvii 'vlf1it:.ii'.uLZick, Nl' l..ti1'ia IX ' i 1-. i 1 l v winzifw-if i-'Hamit-ii.gfin1.i:irr1'i'fwtmnm-mmiiuwmmmuv - ' no """'a"'-""""f'r"- lllklllllvl 13 llxl - CMRCJSS CVQYUNIRY VXHH NH lNU'xllNl 5Q'lJlllllllll'l ji lm lf ll Jlllllll 'l'.i?lll"'xl'1ll4ll 'JI il ' l MOUNTMN A' NllDl"Nl IXHQHI I'l Hug! ll ll ll'j'Nls1HlQfl l. Q Q1ONLlxlll Nl MOllNl-HN 44 al-pw.-fllll.1u lil lxll l1lllIHx.ll Wlylg Ill ll 1:l'll. 4 l,.5.p, plmnlu-1 L lll v CRUSH f,ULJNlRN Hllll XNfXllHNxll M Ill lu MOLJNI LXLRHI in WMlCUNLNll ll BARBIERI LUMBER CO. "Everything fm' the Hgmegwng-f" and Builders - Hardware Bunldvrs lohns-Manville Mill River, Mass. Rodfing - Siding - lngulation Fluor Sandong 81 Flmshmg Windows - Doors -- Wallpaper New Home-s - Rvmude-ling Park Street, Housatonic Rvvfing Telephone 274-6231 14" ll 528-1404 TOP ROW lwu nmn show bv lwnl Mnllugmm and Nlurlmwl Nlvrf frwlllf' 'WU' 'Wlllll-lf' VIH' Id VM UH k H4 'iff W7 R1 lll www Htl. um- man slums hx! Shvrrx Mm Uvuwn, NMI I ldkklilfli, -Xlue' CUHPTU' YV' ff-i""U -H' ff-M1--fl flllfll fri' I H lJfl'lN?1"-'fll' ll! 4,-' , o In , .-4 4 v f - pu lo r . f lv F, , 4' .. .. ., . K 'l OOK, .2 l . , Q ,ri -. ..., . l f Q, r 1 IIXIIQIII I' IJIQIIRN -II 'F V-II CIIIIIIIPI III ISI " IIKJIHIXII XXIIII XNIIIQILNN NCIIIIIII IIIIQ IIf"1II1'l,"-III IIX1I1II.'-111 -4412.111 Ig 2111111 I Q IIII IIIIXI - NIIJINI IXIRIII IQ XNIIIIII XZ IRI 111.1 1 Il ,".I'II '91 I1 1 'I 1" 11, NC,I'IUUl, IUR IHI DIXI' IJ ' NII IIINI I .EFI :I .I '21 I. 11 I1I CMIUII1-I JI IMI 1 IIINICJR XPXIMIIN IIJIIIIINII XXIIII III XI NIULINI IXIIQIIII Il III, IQ II.I1I'H"l'1I5I If PI III i'1Il XXIIII IIXI 'I KIT' ff ILMIILIUIIIII' Ix1-IIII1--1Ix IIIAIIIQN IYIIIIIVIIIIIII1llI.IIIt' IXIIQI II 'I I'I'NI I'I IIN' v' 'XIII-IIIII4' IIIICINNIN III a11Ix1'I ,NI III 'IXIVW IIII 'X-II9v '.'1lIf' III . P1 II U1t1vI:1-I .IJ III CROSS CIIIINIKI NXIIII I,I,N.lJX NIIIINI IXIRIII Il III '-I' I,XIRIIII5,II,NfJXf3II f IJIICIH IIIIIJ IIIIIIJI IXIU1 '11 IIN' -I f,IRlN IIHI7 I IUIIIxI'N XNIIII I'IUl,ISXIIINII mul xl IXIIIIII I II1 In1s'I. 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I--4.1" 1 1' XII I,ImI-IIv'11- I 1f'1- -' NI r' -V111 '11 l1IIIIl' 'JH X141 'xIII"' ' ,v' " 714 November 'T ffl XlClN'f'llTllPl' 2 lS'I Yoxivrnlwr -l lhll YClX'l'lTlllf3l' S UI The laomlurng halt that President lohnson announ: eil yesterday begins. FOOlBALl Vlflllsl NAONIUMENT MOUN- TAIN - MOUNT EVERETT 0, MONU- MENT MOUNTAIN 8-I. IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL WITH ROE IAN -- MOUNT EVERETT T4, ROE IAN O. ANDROCLES AND THE LION IS PRE SENTED TO THE ELEMENTARY GRADES. Electron Day - Voters choose among Hum- phrey, Nixon, and Wallace for our next November 3 QFI - November SI lSl - Novi-mber I1 QVIQ - November T-I lTl - November l5 lFl - as Vice-President. COLLEGE NIGHT. SEVENTH GRADE DANCE - HAPPENING '7-fl. FOOTBALL WITH NEWTOWN - MOUNT EVERETT O5 NEWTOWN 26. Veterans' Day - NO SCHOOL. BERKSHIRE COUNTY CROSS COUNTRY MEET - MOUNT EVERETT TIES WITH CRANWELL FOR STH PLACE. OPEN HOUSE. REPORT CARDS. President. , U November tw lXfVl Nixon is our next President with Agnew ' Um-5 GYMNASTICS PRACTICE BEGW5- -ll. A " if- '. HARLAND B. FOSTER ' I - . y Qfllgililtg Refrigeration I f , A ,X , yi .4 l- . 'f1':.t?:I4' Khin Air Conditioning Oil Heating , y Ashley .Falls I Tel,lL2r29-1577 I HHOHH., J. Electrical Equipment I Excitihg'U,ress,.Dr8l7e'Y' C4981 ' alt.- Hardwafe I A. Slipcover Fabricfi ' I I l ' 1 7 f S 3' Bridge gt,-ee, Great Barrington A . I I I 1 528-2100 or528-0564 I -- I f ' .Q 1. y I ' X ,K ff, M S I -Q! """""---n- E A ll l I Q .4 N-ff li, ,Q . One of the places where you can let yourself Y go and sing with all your might is the music y room -- if you are in the choir. This is one time I . ,r . :J ., I , when you're allowed to make a lot of noise in school. Our singers get chances to perform in public - at school assemblies, at concerts, and at graduation. During Monday, Thursday, and Friday activity periods, the band members practice blowing their flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, saxo- phones, French horns, and beating their drums and bells. It's really a blast. The concert band, which is the largest group, performs various types of music for school and public concerts. The stage hand plays contemporary and pop music for their public appearances. At pep rallies, football games, and basketball games, the pep band really belts out Mount Everett songs. Each year some of our talented vocalists and musicians pass the tough auditions for Western District chorus and band, Annually we have kids participate in All County band and chorus. Mak- ing a bunch of kids produce the right sounds isn't always easy, and sometimes flying batons join the melodious notes that float around the room. 80 .V ' v. Q li "iff ' Q r 1 I 1 I' A1 s l S ,Il-3 Q . ' I l . . :Mfg 1 l ' l ir' ' . l ' r November I9 fTl November 21 lTl November 22 IFJ November 24 lSl IUNIOR DANCE - BORN TO BE WILD. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL WITH ROE IAN - TEAM'l LOSES MATCHg TEAM II LOSES MATCHg TEAM Ill WINS MATCH. BUDGET MEETING IN SOUTH EGREMONT. BUDGET MEETING AT MOUNT EVERETT. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL WITH HUDSON - TEAM I WINS MATCH, TEAM II LOSES MATCH, TEAM III WINS MATCH, TEAM IV WINS MATCH, Five years ago today President Kennedy was assassinated. Rumors that President de Gaulle was going November 25 KMQ November 26 QTJ November 27 tWj November 28 lTl to devalue the tranc are denied atter a meeting with his advisers BUDGET MEETING IN NEXX NIARLBORCJ GIRLS! VOLLEYBALL WITH OCRAXX ANHCR - TEAM I LOSES MATCH, TEAM II LOsES MATCH, TEAM Ill LOSES NIATCH BUDGET MEETING IN MONTEREY HALF DAY OF SCHOOL - BEGINNING OE THANKSGIVING VACATION, Thanksgiving Day, Pets 84 Pet Supplies PET HAVEN rbnls Hamsters Rabbits 81 Mice upplies 8: Accessories for all pets Pets Boarded uthorrzed Ralston Purina Dealer Frances L Sandgren Prop Great Barrington 528 0404 Best Wishes To the Class of 1969 STEVENS FUNERAL HOMES INC Great Barrington Mass TACONIC BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., INC. Complete Do-It-Yourself Department Building Materials Lumber - Mason's Supplies - Hardware Doors - Windows - Millwork - Paint Painter's Supplies - Roofing Materials Railroad Street Great Barrington 528-0600 C. H. MORTON, INC lewelers 317 Main Street Great Barrington 528-2143 BAND MEMBERS - SEVENTH GR-KDE Sallx Cruilcshank, Timothy Frnlt, Richard Hall, Daxrd Lewis, Bruce Palmer, Andrew Piper, Ann Turner EIGHTH GRADE Mark Bullard, Cathx Chapin Theodora Chase, Patricia Daxidsrin, Daxrd Demp- sey, Timothy Drumm, Deborah Fletcher, Nlrchael Harrigan, Stephen Hastedt, Niancx Xlalnati Elaine Martin, Gregg Massinr, Daxrd Ntrller, Deborah Milligan, Friedrich Moore, Geonrex Piper Irr- Anne Real, Karen Ryder, Nlelrssa Scholz Xtarx lane Stevens, lettrex Stoxer, Iared Ilrriinpstin QUOTE? Ullrich, Susan XX hrsenant, Reiner White FRESHMEN Roger Abbott, Diane Fratalnne Frerl Glanville, Nancx NIacDonaId, Grllmert Ntalnati Paul Ntrlligan, Duane Ntrrultnn, lurlrth Raxxlrnrg Marlt Trocchr, Bruce Turner IUNIURS Pamela Bock, Ernest Lnuison, Russell Raxxling Insepli Read lFquiprnent Ntanagerl, Xtillrarn Srrnpstrn lEqurprnent Managerl, William Turner SUPHUA NIORES Louise Antony ltihn Bailex Ciarx Ilris roll, lohn Gulotta, XX rllrarn Ciulrrtta Irnelxn Ilarri Daxid Pedersen, Paul Thorn, 'Xrrlre XXheeler Cilarente Wheeler SINIORS Ierrx tririlsslians Ierrx Isnldx s, Lrndsax lannue, Suzannetlt I-nnell Xldflt' Pasthe, Neil Pedersen Bonnie Walsh Isexin Wheeler, Ralph XXI1eeler BI Ili-r Iliff Ili-t Ili-4 nilir- mlm-- rnlii' -inlai- J INII BCJNS CN NINKSIIC S PRRCIIC I BICJINS Ilvteriilmr- f Ili DNS B'XSlxl IBHXII l'RrXC'klli I, BIMINS Ileceinlmr- llll IIIQRN lxl JIIJNS WINS KJXIIQ C-XNIJICL lJr-tr-rnlir IIININC, RS SILIIJINT CAJXLKNNITNT IDM RIIIRISININIIXI w Ill lllltli In-tirl litiiisplanl f llis-rv lmxt- liz-t-ri Ile-tr-riilmv llll in alriiul tl xr-ar 'ISI f Ctllllfil BCHKIDN fe f.llQlN XCJIIINB-XII ll'XNl MINS IXNO OUT Ol' IIXI CVXNIIN l'i-.irl llarlitir lirirnlwrl lvi tlglim The Cleaner with the Spotless Reputation A Complete Cleaning Service 26 Railroad Street Great Barrington 528-0096 ARDS YQ" ix -5 82 SIIXAXNNI IJ! CDNNIII, Cilils bltlli' rfll Nll f FIRSI ICJNS IOR THIS DRINK BICJINS lj Ili - GIRLS' B-XSKEIB-XII PR-Xffllffl BEGINS ll Ill - Bl,RlxSl'llRE CKCJLINTN I-XNIBCJRII 'Xl PITTS- llllll BOYS CLUB - NIOLJNI IXERETT SJ ,NMC ANN ll l'lTj - BASKETBALL XXITH ROL IAN e IUNIOR MXRSIIN li, ROL I-XN 33, XAXRSITN 56, ROI INN lull SPORTS IDM f UNI llerernlit-r IH Ill e lasttfrn Airline- plant- is lwiiarkr-il.1i1rl taken to llaxana lm an unltnrmn man f attrfr t-nty-st-xt-ri xr-ars lr-.rung the intin in Haxana tlii- plane re- LEoNARD's CLEANERS, INC. RED SABER INN AUMAN ,69 South Egrernont, Mass, 01258 A Colonial Inn amid the Berkshire Hills 413-528-1819 Warm, Friendly, Nearby Debbie Kelsey Neil Pedersen Barb McNamara Bill Carton Marie Pasche Suzanne O'Connell Phil Amidon Terry Cruikshank Cindy ZUQCO wi 'tif X4-" TERRN MJLIJNS NNILLIAM CARTON Student C,oxt-rnrnent Day National Nlerit Semi-tinalrst Represerttatixe Bausch dml Ulmb turns to the United States. - TOYS EOR TOTS DRIVE ENDS, - CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY PRESENTED BY DRAMATICS CLUB AND CHOIR - BASKETBALL WITH GATEWAY - IUNIOR VARSITY 28g GATEWAY 68g VARSITY Zig GATEWAY -I8 - Apollo 8 blasts oft taking astronauts Anders, Borman, and Lovell to orbit the moon to take pictures for maps. December 20 QFI December ZI lSI IENIFER HOUSE New EngIand's Americana Marketplace Distinctive Gifts China, Glass, Dinnerware, Lamps, Decorative Accessories, Woodenware, Pewter, Early American Furniture Stockbridge Road Great Barrington 528-1500 Dece m be Decembe D ec e ni bt D ec e m be Decembe Decembe H ist 23 IMI 25 rm 27 in as tsp si in - Eirst fldx ot xxintfir f 83 men ot Put-lilo rreix are relt-asrirl - CHRISINIAS IE-X - Christmas - Apollo 8 returns to Earth aitt-r ti sll rin trip to the moon - a pt-rivet tlight - Mr Nlav dies A ICE SRATING AI BERRSHIRE SCHOOL H CHRISTMAS DANCE f New Years Exe BARRINGTON HQUSE New EngIand's Finest Cuisine Cocktail Lounge Dancing Every Saturday Night Open 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. 288 Main Street Great Barrington 528-1840 r r. i Wt' A Nr ff' f.. .1 I - 'pm Q lifllxllxlll NIICIIAXII IINN It-XXII? NXlllll xiii VIIXIQXLN INIIIIIRHII X1 fi, lioxs Nl.ili' vVi'Sll'TIlljlSlllllk-l1flIllS -NNI? X INC lanuarx I INXI - New Years Day YIAIRSIIY 50' IEE QU A Three G I 's are released hy the Vvet Cong. I I I , E - Fure and explosuon erupts on LIS nuclear arrcratt Carrier, lanuan 4 ISI A BUYS' CYNINASTICS MEET VNIIH SPRINGFIELD U SS Enterprise, the worId's largest warshrp - I3 are killed and IUIIINIC 'Al 85-IIXI wounded Ianuarx III III A BASIsEIB-XLL XXIIH LENOX PREP - MOUNT - Savuz -1, a Soviet spate shun as Iaunt hed at 2 39 AM, EST EXIREIT ISII, IENOX PREP 92 Ianuary IS IWI - Sayuz 5 is Iaunc hed unto space and a Irnk A Saturday Exenrng Post shuts down puhlntatron and IS no between the two shrps rs expected. Western experts predict longer In husrness, that other shrps wall group to form a space statron crrclrng the - Shettnelds Dr Eleanor Harnulton shocks a Plttsfreld church earth group with her talk on "Sex Betore Marriage." f lanuary I7 IEI - BASKETBALL WITH MONUMENT MOUNTAIN - I lanuarx I-I III f Presrdent Iohnson, In hrs cornbrned State ot the IUNIUR VARSITY 26, MONUMENT MOUNTAIN 7-IQ VARSITY Unron and Farewell Address, calls on the natlon to contrnue MII, MONUMENT MOUNTAIN 73. the pear e quest and has sotnal programs, Ianuary I8 ISI - GYMNASTIGS WITH VVEST SPRINGFIELD - f GIRLS' BASKETBALL WITH LENOX A TEAM I I-I, LENOX IZ: GIRLS 45.64, WEST SPRINGFIELD 56, BOYS 45.23, WEST IEAN1 II 4, LINUX I-I SPRINGFIELD 56.05. - BASKETBALL WITH LEE - IUNIOR VARSITY 52, LEE 93, Ianuarv I9 ISI - Plane crashes rn Pacitnc killing all 38 passengers. SHEFFIELD Pharmacy Sheffield, Mass. SKII lv' if 4-r Spv-Ca' .4 PICTURES I'-969 SKI TEAM: Iudy Rawlnng, Ruth Pederson, Susan Paul TIIUTTII Tpm TITUTITJ IABSENTI NANCY MJCDONALD ICIRLSV 84 Whusenant, Betsy Whlsenant, Paul Van Deusen, Davrd Pedersen, CAPTAINI, VHICHQ Cldfwlllef TIIIIOIIIY Dmmms IOITTI Olmsk' stat PEIJERSEN Iaovs' CAPTAINI, Entert Haupt, Robert Law, Stdwng 'OW WWI? SOH12 through dn Oven sate- Sum WHISPMHI Rrthard Stat Donald, Rex Iudklns, Iohn Ollnskl, Russell Rawling, twins III- Nell Pederson Walflng in the Staflmg Bates N january 20 IMJ - Nixon is inaugurated. january 21 tTj - BASKETBALL WITH LENOX - JUNIOR VARSITY 50, LENOX 48, VARSITY 41, LENOX 73. january 22 lWj - Commander Lloyd Bucher is informed that he is suspected of violating Navy regulations and is subject to court-martial for surrendering the intelligence ship Pueblo to North Korea last january. january 24 tFj - BASKETBALL WITH McCANN - IUNIOR VARSITY 44, McCANN 28, VARSITY 53, McCANN 44. january 25 tSj - CO-ED GYMNASTICS MEET WITH MINNECHAUC. january 26 lSj - Rain stops in California after 6.5 inches had fallen causing floods and mud slides that left at least 90 persons dead. january 27 lMj - GIRLS' BASKETBALL WITH OCKAWAMICK - TEAM I 30, OCKAWAMICK 25, TEAM ll 12. OCKAWAMICK 28. january 28 tTj - BASKETBALL WITH ROE IAN - IUNIQR VARSITY 37, ROE IAN 39, VARSITY 70 ROE IAN 77. - Oil Slick appears off the California coast coming from an oil well that is being drilled by Union Oil Company. january 30 lTj - NO CHOOL BECAUSE OF ICY ROADS. Ianuary 31 tFj - ANOTHER DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL DUE TO ICY ROADS. - BASKETBALL WITH LEE - IUNIOR VARSITY 19, LEE 72g VARSITY 44, LEE 81 - Navy issues a report about the nuclear submarine Scorpion which sank last May with 99 men aboard. No evidence ot sabotage has been found. The submarine wreck lies in 10,000 feet of water 400 miles from the Azores. WHEELER at TAYLOR, iisic. Great Barrington, Mass. I I lt t I 5 After those big, white, downy flakes of snow start sticking to the ground, we head for the slopes - especially lug Ends Every Tuesday afternoon we do exercises to stren then our legs and help get us in condition. On Wednesday and Frigay nights, lug Ends lim Day, a former member of the U, S. Demonstration Team, instructs us in the slalom and giant slalom. His racing "secrets" come in S handy xx hen we compete against other .area st no-vls I" I.: Saturday morning practices with Ckmch tote me time intra sr1ir.ir1 Sb meets and time trials which help gne us the experient e newrleti' I' rnrnpetrtion The ski team is rleterminerl tn bet--me r no -I' Nl ww Exerelts must stjrressttil intersrhtvlastir siwrts sr ui r tit tm as ntten as pnssilwle trxing tn imprnxe our ter lwnrigtie 1 I ' T Ir-liruarx I Ihl TTJIID CJNNINASIICS Ntlll WITH CAIHTTJRAI Ielrruars 4 III BASRITBAII WIIII NICJNIINIENI NIfJtINIAIN Ir-Irrirarx 3 IWI BIJNS' CINNINASTICS NIITI WITH SCJLIIII IIATJLLN f- I RAM. IIIIIJI WINS C IJNIISI SIWJNSHRIIJ IIN IIII CEICIN IIIIXIII Al CIIRIWJRATIIJN BN IIXXINC, IHT BISI IIRCJIICTI CIJNIBININCI IIISIURI ANIJ ARI Tc-lurtrars ' ITI ff BASRTIBAII WITH ITNIDX lelmrcrarx lt ISI TT Worst snow storrn in sears hits the Berlcshrres lt'lJTthiTX III INII 'NIJ SCPHTJTPI IIICVAIIHI IXLIQYKDNI IS SNCJWBKJIINIDI Telnruarx II III -- Nth SC Htittl BIT AUSE PLCJWS IIAXENT BEEN ABIE IU NtAIsE All IHI ROUNIDSNTT f BASKETBALL WITH ,Ntcff-ANN IS I1OSTI'CJNEU Ir-Imruarx Il IWI f lincoln! Iarrthclax BICRON ELECTRONI S DEWEY ELECTRIC C A SCHOOL IS CLOSED UNTIL MARCH 2-ITH Tc-Irruarx I3 ITI A Shettielcl Town Selectrnan Earl Sutphen rlres ITUTTIITlILlTIt1STt'f6'IX.t'tl in an autornohrle accrclent Iesterclax f BASKETBALL WITH McCANN Ielrruarx I4 A IIIIRTD Telrruarx I3 Telrruars IB lelpruarx IH Ielrruarx ll Tehruarx JJ WESTERN Tehruarx 23 Eehruarx JB A KN SIN III A Xalc-ntrne's Dax ANNUAI PCJPS CONICERT ISI A CitJfETD CI NINASTICS NIEET WITH HtJLIrtJIsE ITI - BASRITBALL WITH LEE IWI A Ash W eclnesclay, IEI - BASKETBALL WITH NICJNLJNIENT MOUNTAIN ISI - CIN NINASTICS AT WEST SPRINGFIELD A BOYS' NIASS CllA,NlPlCDNSHll'S. ITI A BASKETBALL WITH LENICJX ITI A BASRETBALIE WITH NtcCANN ASTICES AI WTST SPRINCQEIEITD f GIRLS' WESTERN MASS CH ANIPIONSHIPS. COMPANY Canaan, Connecticut Main Sweet Tel. I203I 824-5125 PINE TREE RESTAURANT Great Barrington Great Barrington Coils, Solenoids, transducers, Shettield, Mass. Mass, TQIE 528-0210 transformers, x-ray thickness g3Ug6j SQUJTS VVBVQ, g9F1E'T8lOTS ABC PIZZA HOUSE Main Street Winsted, Connecticut Railroad Street Canaan, Connecticut EPIIOCL E T970 AURICAN Nearlmools procluctron The sales rnanaiger IIsoIclxsI The sec rc-tary IQrIletteI is a cornplex process clrrects the pulmlrc rtx lceeps talms on vearhoolc people occupying one ancl one-halt sears Amd styles crt xearhoolcs ancl recornrnencls mastery ot the alphabet ancl rnvolxrng an rnterrneshrng The calenclar eclrtor IShrntrIsIcxI to those xx ho use her tiles ot plans, exents, ettorts, rec orcls current exents The senior section eclrtor IIucllcrnsI trtIStdlseS, IJetH'IlIINIIN, dtttl ttecilttllt on the txorlcl, national, ancl local lexels tunnels an avalanche ot rntormatron on the part ot ITTJTII IJeftIJlf' trorn Marc h through Telrruarx ancl pic tures into the senior section The exec utrxe eclrtor II'erlersenI The spcrrls eclrtor ITrxonI The txprsts Ieteryone alrnostI hanclles Iearlmoolc personnel rnusr present an accurate recorcl near clcm n rnany wdwfc assignments ancl sc hc-clulrng cnt all sports exents ancl scores ancl crurnple up rnanx papers The coorclrnator Il'ascl1eI The photographs PfI'I"TlE'1'iI"'II in ettorts to procluce a pertect copy lceeps a progress chart gets to lcnoxx too xxell or two ancl chastises Ilre proper people ltoxx mans things can go wrong in plc tutes HW Im MIIIIII IZUIIUI xx hen the progress line exposure, clepth ot trelcl, toc us, exec utes or clrrects the art creations I.1oeSl1orr1ontallx Irglwtrrrgl training, unsteaclx carnera, IU, II1fu W,d,I,I,I,IKI The literary eclrtor IMc NarnaraI selec tion, cornposrtron, angle, IIN, wI,II,r-,,HIq,ItI IIXQAIQAIII rnust he creative ancl capalmle oxerlapprng, margins, tangents, has an oxerxrexx ot the proyect ancl almlc- to write a lroolc "ham" sulmger ts, ancl cox people ancl rnust procluctrxely clrrect - The lmusrness manager ItJ'C onnc-III The materials manager IDoclg,eI ANI IWW, up Wah MINI IIIIICNI clirects the solrc rtalron ot ails anticipates pic ture ancl rnaterral Ceumlmwtl W paw. 88, ancl keeps tabs on all rnonex nratters nc-ecls tor tour cleacllrttw 86 ,- L. .tx U . 'H Y x .11xQ,lQ'5X'ff,L'fxIl!E,' 1. I-'Lf' 1 I v V, X f 4 X . KN X. S x .N , 1 X 7 xx , . , ' V" ' yn X -"nX"bl.4!1', K wg ' . J- , h ,R - fi S Qi W. . 1 'S CP 'E 'QI Z' V A ffx 1 :X , ,ff NENKBUOK NINH fB1vHum Run! Xe-:I Pvmivrwm - f kXQ'iLlIIXl' Lciltur fmdx fmuw f -XII ldutur Nimr-w X - CLININWTJH, Clalrs' Iudkum f Sn-nw: Nwtwn lfivln H 8 -1, 'Namx Bvrkvl, 'xlllt' Cmlmlv llmhi Irum Npwrl ff FA Q h' Eucillmn f3t'4Hl7fi Rfmj Xian 1.1 V.uUIm K TQ-rw g Crurkximmk f lvaturw Edltwr Phil: Irxmv X'L.1'u K ' 'f A Vanin- Ckwurciurmlm Bull Km!-m -Y l'l1--t1-gr.1p!wx f j 5 11 , M Ifhtm,She-uIK1Hm.all Smmm Cnllvtlv f Nwwlnrx Kham ,XX Al " lmgh Rulwy lamlmlm Xtmlimmlci NIJIINI-lx flfwwi Q Nl Run! Numnm- Hmmm-I1 BLINIINWN NN.m.1Qvf Iwm 'L wi, Pxlvm C w1r11pml.1lmrwlmiltlwr Nfwrrx MW IW:-uwfw lhxxi H' f',, .JM .P N .1 Smith ffumtlv Rmxp I'hulMp Xmmf-uw 5.4. mu fmt. ,, Uvlwm ixvlwx im1uturluQhmM EH.-xv N'v"v.Hwx Y Tl 5 V C.1lm'm1.1r Nu-.1rwi..1gn' l1m1.1Br.m-11 HLMWLWUV1 fi I X . x '-U I VN. -AN AL Fwillwr H.w!mw.a XMN.w'.yr,q iq, '11, 5 Nl NRHUUK rwl mix W- . f . 87 .,.,- ,,. ', , lContinued from page 861 and learn from mistakes and persevere. The adviser iMr. Davisj has an overview too, and when things go wrong his job becomes letting folks know. The editors and staff, teachers and administrators, secretaries and others, all help to make the yearbook. The yearbook staff dedicates this work of many months, the 1969 Aurggan, in memory o our late teacher, Mr. May. ff ... . , . .. ... 0 .aa . v,',', . ...- ..t .,.. ' ..... --1 ..--A ......' .- a.. 0 , .. ..- ... ........' O, I ,. . ...a-. n - .. . .,.. "A" - .. aa...- . --nu ....- .'.'..'-... .- n...ona ........ .. 4 -url .......-1 .an .,....-O-. .. ,','.'.......- ."..'. . ........ annul ,'.,, ous: ...- ' 'n.u' .. IN MEMORIAM GEORGE T. MAY 1931-1968 1946-49 - student, Pittsfield High School 1949-53 - student, Massachusetts School of Art 1953 - BSE. 1953 - teacher's certificate 1953-56 - teacher, elementary art supervisor in North Adams 1955-57 - student, North Adams State College 1956-68 - Director of Art Education, teacher, Southern Berkshire Regional school District- 1957 - M.Ed., North Adams State College 1961 - draftsman 1961 - VVho's Who in American Education 1961-64 - coach, Babe Ruth Little League 1962 - NEA life membership 1962-66 - American Red Cross First Aid Instructor 4 2 iL 1 X , I I r 0-4

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