Mount Everett High School - Aurigan Yearbook (Sheffield, MA)

 - Class of 1965

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i rary Mt. Everett Regional School Sheffield, Mass. er t lb H 1' Qt Q For Reference Not to be taken from this library U '11, ' ' ' I L" 't,. '. ' ,n ij.-'I"lv -V! - U Y 'nlf-Q nl' 'I ' , ' , ' I' -' ,'. Q ' ' V ' I In foxs' . s' 1 fl . m v. - S. .1 ,V Q . Q. gf. 1 'l 'Q , .yt A u M . Wg Lo r . x W. U -'L z ' Lat. in Q . g. 1 mf I U Y ' ' K Q 5 A ' Y 9 4' - , 'gk' I? 4 1 4 .1 ' rx . -.' . A " . U . , 5 . .' ' A A or v 1 4, ' A .J ' 4 A f 0 3 ., .H If 1 1-7 . ' , "MJ o 1 1... " 4" ' -fm' ' ' '... 4 C .u . I 9 ' ' 'L- A ' ., I 1 , . , . w 5-. : il tv 1 J' ah :f,X!.NJ.1 xii, Av .1 . l L s . M, ., fnulw.-r .Q ff 1 if 'Fw -Q -Jw . ,, I I ri. A' , x mv. - H- N- 1' fb- . ., 4 I , v u . 5 1 ' A Q. . 3.5 li. ' a B ' - , ' . , V 'fa N . 'i--95'-s -'fi-+3 9 'L v ,' L.. 1 r' 5 .m, .,s- ' Vglzf' V v 1 A I " ff Lg: ' i,L'kr",1:. , ' 1 '19 UZQHA . t ' 'ts N :- W-' t I ".L: ' . Q v" "qs 'I m,ox1 ' , U.. . LL -2 ,y'Zf.,s5'1.' ff' 't'o 2-... 4 n 4 -" Il' rf' JL is r . 0 ' g ., 5 . 5 n ,' Y 0 5 . . ' , Q . , ' . ' .".4' l ,, .V .13 , 'P I - ' A 4 . in 4 .flu 'IJ r tl ' . ' 1 . 6- an-' QQ-4,345 f I . - A . - 5 9 , , - 4 , 4 r N .3 'H ',' .13 Y 'tg 1 . 5 5 0 ."l I sr 11 . 1 , . 9, , ' XOU4 u ' fl , U" yfn 2. r 5 u "UL hiv W Q f fl ., .l IA wx , , bi H.. .F . - x-- I Q 4 v x . 4 Q M . ' bv v . V.: ' O. .17 s 4' '- , V " - 3' rs! I1 ' I N All ' I I sn...l'A . ... -gy. .Aug .4 Q .1 9. .A , u - . ' ' '. 3. '- "V - I - " ' 'N. . . I "will I 44 'VJ X .' - . ' f 1.' . ' V u ' ' I 'N '1 4 haf! . V v. . , P v O I Mu- A 4 A I it . 4 1 In 5 '. O 4 . r, u I . . i I 'o 'XO a '4' LJ. I 'Ml Lilbu- A . I .Se uqrf s. 'R I' Hr ' 1' A 5' ', 'rrfff' .M . , Q,- , 6 Ml ' . WJ g I I N I -' is uri..- AURIGAN Sb.WelaQ Massachusetts Class of 1965 Dealiczztzou Because- As teacher, Counselor, Friend- He has inspired And guided us, Because- Through His personal generosity And professional excellence He has become An essential part Of our school, We Dedicate This record Of our life Here At Mount Everett As a lasting mark Of our respect For him- Albert J. Trocchi. N? X fl PM i .7 s -'31 --x .1 ' 1 . x ,-.. .,. ' ff Q.-. ' 'ff-we nr' Y..-Vp ,Q - Mr ,, , at v." -, 4 -QQ.-ms-5 -. ' . , ,'.l'uA1- ." N.-. .,-rx . f . . . .-Lf'-.5 1' , I x. ,Q . 8 -,.,-- y,-. W, -5, I, .-1. . .., v,- ffllzqh K ' T. 1.1 X.-3.'."' " vw. . - .. .. ,T , hrs' X Tctble of Contents Aclnzinistrcttion F ctculty S tuclent Li fe Activities Athletics U nclerclczssnzen Alnugl. . S eniors Senior Activities Alumni Sponsors 4 Q J' 'YI 4 ,..,,....4'1......:--z.ffl-1-M lj. . " v- ' ' ,ff 1 9 , .- 'Wu .J - 1,-Qgvxjfivlf'-Yiiflf-rv, 5.5, Q ', . , f ' , '- 5' ' ' Lrg' ":"'1" '-' '. .. . MW-""'2'. , 4 ' f- uf 4 5'e:f-kiil"k2eW. ei.---222 , Y . mv' ' -A Q- Q"- ' , , ' s , I ' ' I, fi- ,.-. IL- g I .jvfistg-?':f53,Qr-pgl,.1, x Jelly I' Afiffxs, f -1 A ,'-'f"""'g" --Y' L f'f'5f--'wi-fl' f- ' 3:4 3 .'. gf' 1:4 A -.."' " ' 91",-'i" 4" f-., ' .xiuk ,, .-.. , V -ff, ,.- ' .,.Q ' h 'VTQNI' -Q .r ". M. - . """ ' H " ali' ' - .' is 'K 1 "" l 'L,Qr"' -f ' b-of A A 1 N ,vA. 6 B'-A 1 ,.. J 'I , D V .fm Q lv., I !.4 'XTX , I gf-ff. '. . . '. k Q W ffl"-1,-"f'-1, ff: if -Q .' as-.."f 1 '- -z---,:w-+- - - - ,sr -Q ., fs:-X HQ- f-"1-Mm .ww " - ' - --1. - 'N ' - ,, . .,' N xl ' l , ' " ' "L"r" . - 0 -ejgl U' L 't '4 H Q RPX xx t 1 -S v' rf ,n' ,N , . Q f' - K M- Y . U - 'iff ' pf-!."5N, K , "J-' is 3 Q-U" ' "" '- - Fm - b ' - ' .'. 'A ' ' . ' A ' ' 1k s 1'-- iw- Q -.Li-11:0 . v-' S- "K J s ' ' 'r x ' 1 ' '- ' ' U1 .af 4 ,xg fs f .RMQQ ' W. 31' - - . .Q if ,, ,.- ff, Z -nfl, yy gn ',., A! xl .my f-Q- - ' J v , -..,.' rr- 't h H - w . 1,--1. mv- I- f - - . 6' ,vv.p+- My . 9, - - 3 Q x.. J - It 1. go- ' L , un 4 'll'5 ' ' Lx 1 x 4 5 4' IJ,-,,,,. ,-.4 VW EN X 1-if ' ,hit - .4 2 w i !nA, 14 - ""' Administration Dear Seniors: Congratulations on completing this phase of your education. Once the excitement of the prom, finals, and graduation has passed, I hope you reflect upon the responsibility and challenges with which you are now faced. Your parents and the citizens of these communi- ties have an investment in you. They have provided the financial backing necessary for your schoolingg it is now your responsibility to begin to make a return on this investment. What better return can you give them than to help provide leadership in the affairs of the communities in which you live? This, then, is also your challenge. Are you willing to accept this role? Have you had the preparation necessary to ac- cept this role? Are you capable of handling this role? Having known and worked with you, I have reason to believe that your answer to the above ques- tions is a resounding "yes." Again, my most sincere congratulations and best wishes go to each one of you. Sincerely, Albert Trocchi Principal Dear Graduates: My congratulations to you upon your gradu- ation. You have completed twelve years of learning basic knowledge as a means to an end not an end in itself. Your real aim should be to become a better and more productive citizen in our democracy. It is therefore a commencement in which you are about to participate-a commencement into life's real challenges, possibilities, and potenti- alities. It would be my hope that each of you would take unto yourself the motto "Let Each Become All He Is Capable of Being" and that each of you in his own way will live this motto and in his every effort try to reach his potential of suc- cess and happiness in life. Sincerely, Lester G. Peck Superintendent Dear Seniors: Congratulations to you all for your ambition and effort in reaching this most important plateau of your young lives. A high school diploma is not a gift or stroke of luck, it is a reward which you have earned through varying degrees of hard work, personal sacrifice, and a de- sire to develop your potential to its maximum. In receiving your diploma you should be happy, you should be proud, and you should be humble-especially the latter, because without your parents who have supported and cared for you all these years, your school committee that has provided so much in such a short time to improve your educational opportunities, your school administration that has constantly desired to improve the caliber and range of the curriculum, and your teachers who have worked so hard to educate you to your fullest, graduation day just would not be yours. Now that you have grown to young adulthood and as you start going your separate ways, you will find a never- ending need for knowledge. You will also find that, unlike your formal education at Mount Everett, you will have to pursue knowledge, because without this pursuit you will not develop whatever gifts God has given you nor achieve the heights which can be yours. Sincerely, James A. Shiminski Vice-Principal 7 M. BROLLI, B.A. English - Social Studies R. BROLLI, B.A. English - Math R. CHAMBERLAND, B.A Science R. COTE, B.A. French E. DAVIS, B.A., M.Ed. English A. DULLEA, B.S., M.Ed. Business R. DUNHAM, B.S.Ed. Math A. ELLIS, B.Mus.Ed. Music W. FENNELL, B.S., M.Ed J HERLIHY B A M A Business M. FITCH, B.S. Physical Education - Health N. FLANAGAN, B.A. French - English B. FRYC, B.S.Ed. Social Studies - English M. GARRAHAN, B.S.E M.Ed., C.A.G.S. Reading Consultant R. GAUTHIER, A.B. Sociology - Economics - Civics 8 J. KEEFNER, B.S.Ed. History - English G. KRIEDBERG, A.B., Ed.M. Psychology - Guidance B. LARK, B.S., M.S. Biology - Advanced Science - Math P. LARKIN, B.S. Home Economics R. MAGHERY, B.S.Ed., Ed.M. Physical Education - Health M. MANLEY, B.Ed. Math - Chemistry G. MAY, B.S.Ed., M.Ed. Art W. MIELKE, B.A., M.A. Guidance H. OLEEN, B.S. Math - Physics 4" f 9 L. PREISS Guidance B. RHOADES. B.S. English 1. SHIMINSKI, B.S.Ed Industrial Arts V. STOWE, B.A., M.S Adjustment Counselor A. TROCCHI, A.B. Math G. YANKEE, B.S. History - General Science - Physical Education R. YUKNIS, A.B. Industrial Arts 2- Q... 1 ,. ,cfs if 7. r 74 if ' vc.. 'E O Ho 5 sa, , .-j ,pv- ' -li? ,Ai 4 I L . v ... Jw , ,'x.' . .w x l ' ,JA VA ,,Q.',.. ,H Y 4 ' I ..,. i Qjvixp, Q .L x i ... , Mi.-. . P. ... V. I Y " -.' ,. Wink , , , , . I ,td 4 - 14+--.N ' 4 ' 1 1 -,' 8' ...o- -'-' v ' ., , .cl 4- -4.-. ' ,.. n."1 'A 1 has x-D' s la 'ive' 1 6 'Q 'jk JM., -q QR- ' fic-v f, f --,YA -gl S uden! To talk in public, to think in solitude to read and to hear, to inquire and to answer inquiries is the business of a scholar -Samuel Johnson dl K E 4' FOOTBA u. 'LEASQQA 119541 951: PLACE T sen ss cnmun H 313 0-lin szrmzs rngyqlgg A on 2 rucanswux ns lI'0 ocr. s Euvunlcu n ou. as noe-me A aan! oc: za , oct an VMRPESVILLEA 200i 5 5 . n S f L ' AL. ,wi I Sponsored by THE VILLAGE GREEN LUNCHEONETTE, SHEFFIELD tix. 2 Sponsored by SHEFFIELD PHARMACY, SHEFFIELD , yt' J Af ,, ....,. I .A , .Av . tu-vL1.,,,3 :-U, - 1 '- y- 'I .,gg-v.::g:,,,3,w. - l 3,::'gr V -..1. "HM-..." ' ' '--. - .rn ..., f Senior f 61 f 20-2l -HU .. iw F .viX2iasf2QfQef QI 5' , Sponsored by CUSTOM EXTRUSION, INC., SHEFFIELD '1 lp 5:7 'x 'ab - -f fffw ...nad Sponsored by MT EVERET1' LUMBER INC SHEFFIELD Win er Sponsored by F X2 RESTAURANT, SI-IEFFIELD, MASS 1,1 1 df 1-l' " fn'-oft.. 5 Sponsored by MRS. MACY WILLETS, NEW MARLBORO, MASS rom 1964 gf? R 3 I SIM 'ng :Pf- V1 Sl' as Sponsored by HENRICUS G. A. BERGMANS, METROPOLITAN LIFE REPRESENTATIVE, PITTSFIELD. MASS A. f-1 . . I f .1 fra Vlf' 17 X: -Q in .xd sz f t- S ' X jc' ,, '. ll 1 A Q-. , 9, vv ,.-"I x f, X -Q.. ADX In v A A r in--ii -if' Q Q0 i f l 14 9- X: ai' rf' x UC" ' .-1-anon , 'm ,.nA...A '4.. .-' 'f,'.-.,,v v . vAv'A:4' .-,Q 51. Student ' ctivities What we have to learn to do we learn by doing. -Aristotle STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: C. Tichenor, M. Chase, T. Smith, L. Schoonmaker, G. Mager, J. Johnston. Seafeds P. Gran- held, J. Coles, j. Lipsky, N. Kinzie, H. Chase. 'sv- 'Y--r NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Standing: M. Van Deusen, S. Barnes, V. Jenssen, N. Kinzie, E. Grinde, Mrs. Rhoades, C. Bartzsch, A. Meyer, C. Batacchi. Seated: H. Anstett, G. Wheeler, L. Wuori, R. Stover, H. Chase, A. Hamilton. 24 "' L." l. X1 i SV 'mls Hat? YEARBOOK CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Davis i-4-me . X' 'Q.....P" ., Q ,ax YEARBOOK STAFF Seated: R. Burnett, Yearbook Coordinatorg H. Anstett, Compilation Etlitorg C. Butacchi, Ftlitor-in-Chief: M. Dempsey, Art Eclitorg G. Crine, Alumni Editorg L. Bowens, Alumni Editorg M. Van Deuscn, Secretary. Standing: L. Wuori, Senior Editorg A. Bachetti, Sports Editorg 1. Parker, Sales Managerg j. Coles, Assistant Photography Editorg E. Grinde, Photography Editorg A. Pixley, Literary Etlirorg R. Stover, Business Managerg C. Rhines, Features Editor. 25 ALLIED YOUTH Sponsor: Miss Stowe 4At LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Howard NEWSPAPER CLUB SPOHSOI1 MIS- 111102465 Il I I I lfjaq 26 , J 'r'KS225f-"1f,Q x SENIOR HIGH DRAMATICS CLUB sponsor: Mf.Bfo1u UNIOR HIGH DRAMATICS CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Keefner 27 BOYS' COOKING CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Iarkin SENIOR GIRLS' COOKING CLUB SPOHSOYI Mrs' Ilfkifl 1 1 ludfw 1 BOYS' MODEL MAKING CLUB SPOHSOV Mr- May 28 H I 3 U Sponsor: Mr. Inrk , 'll' lui' 1 Sponsor: Mr. Oleen -ings' HALL MONITORS 1 E 29 CHESS CLUB Sponsored by Mr. Davis, Mr. Gauthier,andMiss Flanagan n A ca A - - li SOCCER CLUB Sponsored by Mr. Yankee and Mr. Gauthier Q en e x XA- ' xx X e X 5x XX X X We + Enthus1asm for sk1 club was h1gh desp1te poor snow condmons There are hopes of havmg a school spon- sored skx team next year wh1ch w1ll compete rn meets YD w if 75' I 1 I! I. A Y fl brit .f X 'S 3 SKI CLUB Sponsored by Mr. Imk and Miss Flanagan Ef f Mft- .xg , 0 3 I UDY HANG if S 4 Cf C115 JF' 'Z'-3' .- Sf' - L-I-.Z , "'-f, 1 if -f ..::'-H A N- - r ,N p , ., . , n -plo- Mv Er My Ou Uv uf' kf, Lf- Itlh un.-I i , ...fu- -x x -Y Ang, 1 , PEP BAND 'YY 3 GLEE CLUB .1 K ii: , . Y 1 ' U ,. 'K ' P f bb :Turn - 1 U , , 1 l 9 n ,fff K :ALL 'W' ' ' wb: r- ., A ' - 1 1 - ' ar - , ' - uw- - YQ 1 , ,,,,. f 5 f K if N, W l, i , ' - u 3 , 1 , x ,-.- ' . J 1 ff-'r ff' '53 ' VWV47 I ll X + Ill , A 5- I 7, y I i 'Wifi A -' A '3 WV i 5 I 4 R BOYS' STATE Maurice Brazie, Wesley Bock, Glenn Henderson wa ds fi. 'ISN 47? '19 'Z YZ? STUDENT EXCHANGE Burk rffu: Alan Pixley, Norman Kinzie. Front rout Marie M.1ln.1ti, Deborah Gunzinger, Bruce Tichenor. 7 LETTER OF COMMENDATION FROM NATIONAL MERIT Erick Grinde Class e ebrities X1 , - E , X2 5 Shyesr Most Co-operative Most Versatile Most Scholastic 35 Most Athletic l Best Looking Class Clowns i i Class Actor and Actress Most Musical Class Flirts Class Pests f Most Populax Done Most For Class 'fr .N rf i 1 , Ewbbts 4 P' D Most School Spirited Most Sincere N. Q, 1 . 3, Y , H Y o J if 3--..,.,x.... IX-x xx,-Xlxil i- '-'rx---1-1 4 1xv.'..fV."-N Ki. ki X his -l ."-'.s?qbcf.'. .'.L4h'f,.'. x x - - - 'V wi ' ' '. .K.'.'.' CUSTODIANS .,A3.'f'?fZ if Q, '. . 1 - . - .... - '?'.',',4,',','f, ,',' , ,',',' '-' Mr. Love, Mr. Rooney, Mr. Arzt CHead 1' ' " "-jf? ,Q , Custodxanj. I Q M .o.,.,...f fy.. lui.. .1-Q., ,3 +f 27Il:izi:i. .3354-l3' 'Fil-:i:Tfi:'i ,ff -iigifif-iff f-'-f-f-F' "Iff'f'f lf-f'Q'1-YI 1 i-:iiiii-3-1 -13 ,fp?'g,f:TYfi39 ,X A - ' i i ,,... , . . . v . f:31??49:3i :3:3:4?i4:L Q x. Q --xl--.'. .','.i,'.', 53 ' C' 5 ' 'fa ':. x if .v... -...,. S ti ':'?"i6t"9",' . , , cz cc .. A... .,.., W ,J K , :fx . jj. ff. - - - . - - u I . . - A 4 ' . f-U'-4' cv-vw ' ' "" . . I' H :Z - ..a-Aung' .asv V.. ,g.4'y'1.?.E.,- .h ....... .A ,,,,, - .gm-Q. -..5, -- l,'lAq.vkl ,qw-' +P 49" ' ws wwncbgs :scat "L ihhv b- I .swan .T F X- ' , 'If' f-Y. 'W A W H Y o J L.....1 bum .5 nz- 'I-I... I af .- ........ I- ff'.-frhe--TA sf --"' ,g W k , 53' -.-L -' E 5-3 ,,.i...5L .... 5 j ' j-in YH, ......a. ... 12 :Q ,Q-un--.1 L.-fe-ua 0.4 , . . ,'3+Mi'TT' 1- i-1 J. '-4 4 if ' ' ' 3-,fi-1-3-1-,. :L o ii:-f'fMf""'7"'k"f'H-.1."".'.-1'3-Q-1-T,-i-i- "fi "5 M A 4 . Photo by L. Carter -7 XJ X- - M .... 5 ,. ...... , , A V Lu "W" . " 'fff-ifwipuai 4,1-gZ.'D,T'+'3..',o..,f ' ff"fQl-' ' ii'-1 .,,.- I ---,,. , -- 1 .-,, obj-'T J if Q'-'4'.J'i 4 ' 4 . X I X --?11'..jg',,....i"II.',. .W 'fi , , ,.,., ,W , o . - 1 rj-N ,.... ,...f- In r- ' l:-'H -E """"" wacaoc A : LI""Qf"',f"": I Lf Y.: . V, gunman: E 2 if 5 2 1 "" -f ' "J" ' ' ' A -ui- -1-. .Kei OFFICE 'XL 'K " Miss Sakalas, Mrs. Arzt. ' Photo by L- Cane' -,.1' , X , , vuuuvswsoa :img :i.1.1.-...sag f' ...M J. X J . I c c c L L R. t ll 'AN 1 W- - I-A 3 ' I I i x. N.. , MOWWN., ' 7 :I ammo - uucunuceo M me M ,f"""" KITCHEN Mrs. Hines, Mrs. Gleason, Mrs. Nardo, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Adams CDieticianJ. Photo by I.. Carter a i 3 i 3 .4 S .-.I -W 5 E 1 C H n , : L- I Doc J rw-r ansnv " swung 1- . it f .I ioo-oo' :rev jo cou5TL2oLT.Ou new cousuucnou X Z exusnuc. -,I Aureunowa IZETT QEGIONAL SCHOOL ADDITION ' b . Approved October '14, 1964 Photo YL Omer ,yf . ""1 5'..'...- ' 39 Mrs. Tidball bil' ff 'Z-'L X.-. '?'ITx- X' - x J' 'Q .v, M li. S ?! 1 nifg 'x '-'Fl Wm .., f' 9 J rx. .Z 7 J , fc ND f ls tv! r K3 l ,f I E. 1-v .yfl 7 -'r xx' " vi? On a Hat road runs thletics the well-trairfd runner, He is lean and sinewy with muscular legs, . . . -Wfalt XY'hirman '7.. .. ., . . ., . -. .. gm 1,31 , s 'liste ' 5 H35 --'-r' f' I' ' 4 f 4? 'f 4,-55, ll 5 v '. ' . ' ,A ...pffrg 0- ' 4. 'Adv 1' -, A XL,E',G 'L. rf ' ' ' "f, '. ' ' if v i I I . 9 . - 4 f , 1 - 1 I . . Y W 5 , , 4 . .V ' -, D 5 . 41 ,.1. .I , 3-, . ,.-'-' . 4, 114 1, 'nu- 'I -K-fl. X nf I 'ggi- -:4-ffgrfz . ag-. KKK K 'P ,gr Qylf, ,. p .4 1.3, 'Pez' .A . f J J .yuh . J.. -35,595-1, 4. 1 mu x ll L ll ,. f Q ' X t .0 'n r tml 'Y 'N ' 4 ' ' :O-so x- - my ., ' 5 , Q -1 If 0' 4 V , f , 'A - 0 v . 1. K l v I .5 -..' f',I. 4 'J U 1 5 .. ' . Q 1 - -'-.Q- 2 ' .4 f-- 1 Q--,f 4- ' 1, r f. N - .ls 0 ill. 'J -1? ootbazll .rV, Ckkfl-'iq' f 'Q' nrt VARSITY FOOTBALL Date September October Rout I: C. Burnett, P. Amidon, VU. Robbins, M. Landry 6Co- caprainp, G. Henderson cCo-captain J jj. Rursis rCo-captainj -T. Cosgriff, VV. Bock. R. XX'interbottom. R014 2: R. Butler, R. Marion. XY. Dodge, G. Moulton. K. Frengs, D. Duryea, Price, T. Gunzinger. Rout 3: Coach Maghery, G. Mager Mic-Ike, M. Liebsch, P. Cronk, W. K. Chapin, D. Guartha Saunders. R011 4: Coach Frye, T. Shmulsky, W. T. Chapin Y. Kinzie. M. Kirchner. D. Emprimo. SCHEDULE Opponent 18 Chatham 25 at Tarnarac 2 Hunter-Tannersville 9 Ockawamick 16 at Roe-Jan E 31 at Voorheesville C ross ountvgf Row 1: E. Johnson, D. Newey, K. Proctor, S. Dunlop, T. Doane. Rou' 2: J. Royer, B. Tichenor, B. Dunlop, C. Tichenor, D. Crockett, C. Proctor. SCHEDULE Opponent Score at Wahconah Reg. 15-46 at Lenox Prep V. 15-48 Wahconah Reg. 22-53 Cornwall Academy 15-40 Lenox Prep. j.V. 15-46 Willimns High 15-50 T? at Cornwall Academy 15-60 Schuylerville -65 at Housatonic Valley Reg. 27-28 at Wfilliams High 15-50 Berkshire County Championship 45-45 State Championship T. Doane and S. Dunlop placed second and fourth, respectively, at the first annual Berk- shire Interscholastic Cross-Country Meet where Mt. Everett and Lenox School tied for county honors. A new course record for Mt. Everett was set by Tom during the fall meets. CROSS COUNTRY Winner Mt. E. n n n n Cornwall Mt. E H. V. R. Mt. E. Tie-Mt. E. 8: Lenox Mr. E. placed 10th among 25 schools competing 45 mfsiljf czske Im I I 1 l U Ron' I: T. Doane, J. Ranzoni, J. Cosgriff, NW. Dodge, D. Price. Ron 2: Mr. Chamberland, H. Robbins J. Palfmi, T. Smith, NW. Schoonmaker, G.QMoulron, E. Carr. N. Stalker, Mr. Lark. unior rsizjf 235' 43 W X f Ron' I: R. Dozier, R. Manghue, 1' ' Basketball iz. -. .. - s A 1 . ',' r .. , Q K1 .4 f I ..r-,4 ' 'Wi F1 ' :-4, V I .f ff, Y , 4 gf f ,' 541' X D' R. Butler, M. Parker. VV. Chapin. R011 2: Mr. Chamberlarid, R. Marion H. Crine, R. Ruthel, C. Burnett, K. Frengs, Mr. Lark. 46 rg V 5-AF'-31 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opponent Chatham at Ockawamick ar Roe jan Housatonic Valley at Lenox Wfilliams Searles at Chester Roe Jan Date December 14 " 16 " 18 " 22 January 8 " 15 19 22 26 " 29 February 2 an vu 8 9 12 16 " 19 Lee Lenox ar Wfilliams at Chatham Ockawamick at Searles Chester at Lee i mmzsiics mm January February February February February February February February March March 48 GYMNASTICS SCHEDULE 9 6 10 15 22 25 26 27 5 13 Massachusetts Developmental Meet Girls' Western Mass. Invitational Dual Coed Meet fGirls' Team conducts Gymnastics Clinic for Assoc. of XY!omen in Physical Ed. in Columbia County, N. Y. at Chatham H. SJ QBoys' Wfestern Mass. Individaul 8: Team Ron' I: B. Martin, C. Kimball, A. Hamilton, G. Wuori, C. Caul, C. Hall, E. Demp- sey, C. Steuerwald, D. Gunzinger, M. Smith, C. Doane. Ron' 2: B. Fenn, K. Ander- son, T. Gunzinger, J. Johnston, M. Landry, G. Mager, S. Cary, P. Amidon, S Sellew, 1. Zwick. Roni 3: D. Newey, B. Dunlop, D. Crockett, W. Gage, T. Shmul- sky, G. Henderson, J, Dinan, B. Emberlin, G. Landry, J. Rutsis. Championships at U Mass.J QBoys' Triangular Meet with U Mass Freshman, Needham H. S., 8: Mt. Everettj Boys' Western Mass. Taim Champion- ships Boys' Individual State Championships Gymusic Show at Mt. Everett Boys' Team State Championships f.-ac.- i Sponsored by DEMPSEYS GARAGE, GREAT BARRINGTON March 20 Girls' Wfestern Mass. Championships April l 8: 2 Eighth Annual Physical Education Dem- onstration April 5 XVestern Mass. High School Develop- mental Meet April 10 Girls' Individual State Championships Baseball X X7 f 'wf g lf IVR' ll 'sf' f 2 xff EX A X BK Row I.' H. Lanoue, C. Burnett, W. Dodge, G. Moulton, H. Crine, L. Gulotta, A. Bachetti. Rou' 2: E. Johnson, T. Buckley, K. Frengs, M. Parker, R. Bachetti, D. Newey. Row 3: T. Smith, J. Cosgriif, G. Hender- son, D. Brooks, R. Messer, S. Cary. April 26 April 27 April 30 May 4 May 6 May 7 May ll May 13 May 14 May 18 May 21 May 25 May 27 May 28 june 1 19" WA-l if 4 Sponsored by BACHETITS ESSO STATION, GREAT BARRINGTON BASEBALL SCHEDULE Ockawamick At Chatham At Lenox Wdliams Chatham Searles At Chester At Ockawamick Lee Lenox At At Searles Roeliff-Jansen Chester At Lee 44 V 1 Ea oo ball bggy Ron' I: C. Doane, M. Dempsey, C. Batacchi, B. Coons, A. Hamilton. Ron' 2: M. Smith, G. XVuori, B. Fenn, S. Sellew. 50 31 if ,s Q . A ' --: l -I., ,. , . . , . 8 1 .,u YQ, 3 ww?"-42 ,Q .r - . . 'iw . v"'-' -'JF -"N Q K 1 A.-5 'A ,W-ho-gsm , ' 9 1' I -Xl 'x 'lr 1 ,. k ncierclassmen How many ages hence Shall this our lofty scene be acted over In states unborn and accents yet unknown! -Shakespeare 34, . ., J. J Jar-.. '47 F"! ol -D - Oy 'Z 411- J .1 .4-it G ' F111 fa V - 1 ' ffdjf ' .f,., J I , 1 . 5-Cv' Q 1 Q 1 . 9 l L0 ' 's Y,- , , X as . t -..Ni Ll, 1 il CL As s OF 1970 do SL :E o I' 1 .26 L 0 has I-gg.::Q..U mill . , Cages ge 52 QL: U- :ggi as H Egaw .- C 2 LJLISEOK' E 5530 25069 Aim. S 25 ..I,.i-3: 2 -.M- ::g3'2 B 25.24-J .. Jg :: Ein: -QQLCDA Q Ei ,,J'-.Lf dzaws u.. 0 ui 6 mf rj r.4 c1iC'41i'i -A U 'Og 95355 c: ,gg EE Stand 66 3 33 5 ::'E:::.:5 .Nun-1,,,, vi LE -,ACD-1:0 E Sim NE 5 2- Q -ffacaccliq' u cj v.1"' - "' mf'-12:5,:3-U Euxl-1' Ad-me 3 im5f35 HE Uicfg CIE mm 3. 'ihiz is A U2f'5 z"m' 'ECffu?'- . J? ,,53Ei? 3g1Q4.i gan .CL CQ dizzsi 2 55 r.,..: '...m,,, 9.-'Q D- I-..'6 Q 6gEs5Uz gfm Ea 525:22 :fra :..::-A ""'nn?DL.XU EQ :wi .U Q, 3 maiazga .CDES X-Pu.. 3 5 Jig WF 235 522 E 5 Oi gui? mga? EE cugj' gOaQ.2, g23gEQ 1 Brief if 2,25 QQAVJ 2: ..i C-If E.-.....,.QO.u cgiv Ci . v Llp.. FA-53:3 QQSQQS. 232 41 Q QS- - 2. .2aQ5E Q -O'- :J ZOEEG Q.:-YQ Q-. .J Y'- 'G 4154. I i I QA x x s N x - 'K 4 Vi X I w 5: 1- S., Jr X 1 M 'f V rg- C:-N ? ,Qw '-11. ,i Q-Li CL A Ss 0 P 1969 E. Sin H,-4 .pf 1 iz? 2 :msg .aCi':d A1552 fi B5 Qi. E554-5 1-ag? gk Z QEQA -F 5 G4 f.g QEBQA EEEM: 5nBX :AJ E, Qrd:24 L ii 5iJJfmN ,U-J :- ji-at 11 zncafvl-ILC N5 J 3 . --+- JCQDKQA J 5,i.:z :J EF A,'E:sJi EELZ5 C sw +L Sujf JL Njii Cr 45.3 ji of-F.L'f 345305 DSNLDQZ EEG if 2 if Ld , C ... is w 5 QRS-img ffgizwa WE:-5 fngj 25 'ES EN 5 gigs 523 MN 5 M525 -f:J"j,-jf Ex: Dub E5QgU2f Q T ug 3 is mio -AE --"viii N-GSU: E 5+ -5 Eqn'm', 5 513: iifcc-5 lEE5g:Q Q55 A: 2 ues'-5 Q35 Q A I.. Z .-Q4x.f.x": EQVN: U -LLAL: 'ef ?.'C'Z-fc' IJ,-'IQ J vang- 3:4 E 5 Jil gcggi Q 5 E1J nfl 5':E 59 A Q0 2 5555 35 5? FM:-.x'-Jx-. .1 LJQ-C., B3 uf , 4.iEN: AJBGQSE FiiEdNC E'w3 f I-55-J', su 3 g+Av Ndvd Hi4'Egf - UAE 5 43 5 gg !g,g V ::.d' 2 Qmgf F .uiigj f Q12 dfuE?i .h-LE .iv Q A ...L- . Benncrr. S .3 .sc D.. Q zz I c: .C C '13 -4. iw :J .S G3 p-1 D S .J ? x.. '33 I ui gwcll. R. Leffin E .C 2 ac 3 af T1 ri C S C 'E' :fi .J N 1-.1 L-1 CQ :Z .C u ea :ri U x.. fs ..- ci 5- .. .-. ,.. C5 .Q .E bd 'Q L: U -'J U c ..:: Q an v-Q X35 TY. c 2 vi c .... .. - c U A 5 ik. 6 0 ,. lv wx: M, X, s F 1967 CLASS . ,. fs "31f':"' 11555 ...., L --"-' ... jizfi V -2.454 .45 , g'..J't:Q.QE" .4 Qicgf :Ei -45 -V x' T CL. fQ54z '-'I r CAE:-L 'fl-.: .iTfEfXE fi:-eff Q :f'C'-'Ef' ..,,. .-f3 f .22 - .2 IZ. 1' .?f:x, .JE-'3E'5-f Q-:CL fx'T' :J-5-if-.a :Nd I SEP: -vm.: ' , -duxga ,:L-,L-".EA, T:E:i ,... 24225 N , -.. ZMZQT 1-I ,: .'T':51H eeE2Z ,L13-CL-Af: 112553 Q. Le .tt ' -- an .1112 -51-, Swdic CLJ.E-gg. I- 3:13 Pifg, JQEQP P-'4 Q n ,igxc C: 532:99 : .2 -J Nkmwi diiii .J Cv ..,g ' :L::?3'im '-:-:v:1- - C "" .- 221 ..q , .-UV.: it-....'.x'-'E ,.,..., v wwcih 2.2?' 32'-N2 . .. 255- ., 3 Zvi.- V7..E -.EE ,CTQLU ..-cc.-1 Vfwf. i'6-1 pf-. 50245 Eff AZ.: 'n-J .v:: 5.0-LSE .::E1 c3232 -. QQ. r: E 534113.43 Liege --q '-i '- QFYKB-1 m11o': k-IQJLU 5 "2 U -gy . :P725 L, u . vJ.5...':-J. ,-F"io: A5559 ..- "U 1,3-XE.: car" Lf' aff -A aggiz-i QQTEF qcjzz :vu Egiga f'N wxV Q 2"25s . '-jC'."" 45:25 QCIQE 'S-E .E M-Rina 4-.1 ... .... P FN u 'Q J A V ... 3 n Q- M Q Q CJ Z z VJ A L! :I E E 11 A A -L1 1-5 - : I5 A 5 m Y uf w C U I-1 L bd J U i rx A S S Q Z E lu : 3 2 QI Ei o Q E-3 ui ': CL 3 U A N 'L' 2 IJ O ol N .E Tad Z VN S. e D5 n-I 2 3 rd U E CQ ati V3 c: U ? L' an E-5 Lf ll .:: Li .2 u.. vi :Z z: o l-A U L1-i J. KJ c CQ 2 ,.. Tx -D T2 I- .i 43 E cn vi 'N S Q CZ U an N U 4 Q. U 'c D-4 C. Zucco, D. an I-A I1 .Q sn o 5 4 nghue, Ball, C. Ma 'EEC -J: 6 3 o P4 . 2 uf su nl :U s-a U YU Ll an VJ uvg U 5- O 2 ... fri 2 P- gen I In U ...D QD not U 5- L.. 3? Q .NW Di S 2 C 351 Z Tx E va L5 H. .0 Bo ,M cd Fin .Q U ,am 'Cd Q Fc. Class vers CLASS OF 1966 Standing: N. Pekrul, D. Gunzinger. Seated: H. Chase, N Kinzie, A. Meyer, .P-.4 - if, W4 I CLASS OF 1967 CLASS OF 1968 Standing: S. Scholz, K. Leining. Seated: T. Smith, G. Mager, Standing: M. Wing, 1. Newton. Seated: J. Johnston. C. Tich- S. Sellew. enor, J. Schneider. SI CLASS OF 1969 59 CLASS OF 1970 Standing: T, Koldyg, Sedfedg B, McNamara, p. Granhelki pl Standing: E. Price, W. Gunzinger. Seated: Cf. L Weigle. i Schoonmakcr, M. Chase. 1 gr- 4 . rt' ,Q Q , 'boeoann -1 W I 3 ' -"" ,S JZ , 4 Q ...' 3 ,, i 6 QQ-fe? H A fri' Q-W 4- ,FA ,us i 1 l 1 1 irfwqfi T , 1-1 wi Q "'i.- . iifzffb' ff N i. w . 5' . . ' Q 'Q Y wg, 1,5 O FE Q SE I ORS I dipt Into the future Far As the human eye Could seeg Saw The vision Of the world And All the wonders That would be. - Tennyson umyzovam dhmffacll-5? 75 'fx " X ..- 'ff' Bumgziauiws Glunoxgall- N4 Qtww Saul 0mm.a6uv.lAD fi Gfwuyl. gatacclul fads-74wvnof LJJAJBQE, www .gk xfifff Q. i wx w 3 r 1 0. 'Cl- i 'Udmn.aa,'Bu'r-nit 444161400 Crlnl, . I fcdg-D C""'N "Mr :Qi QAM N-,,,,x- 'T' xx N 4""?"-'v5f'f 1 4 Cpbvm Hynduuvx fs' , W J. pac mmm 1 WTLQWMFM qmvwmwm Y-UMA-v..1-91'-GJ-u M" A.. 240-:I iw-f CWQAWMAW 65 Y: - 9'-Q-w'P,g, i 9-IM. 0. Bmw N. DMM? 3... LM? 73291 Jzwwwgjgnzzjli '7"""ff?14-1 A 66 MBPUW' WWMM4 'Hahn' lfebv.. GMM Qcma Gmaiiz J Qawcy 34646-U Hwy-Jiium zihlwtiddiv-ea, X 9'llamdl.4,E. Zfuu Alu44m, H+' , 4 V' N g X NN ff" 1 K Om-.mimuu .Eff v I Q . 'ff 'QF x fn , '1- ,wuggzmat ,JWQAQJW ml!-v 3 ...J...,,. 12.k..1c.1ALf.:..-hwav.. .61-av 44...-L x 'N In Memoriam 68 4v:f"'i .KK . 1 W? 4 I .Q -, .4 ' 5 . X in X, K If . f A 9 fl .41 ,r' --'P . A. J -1 ,,,- Qi, .J '. J '.cf-'X 'rg faigma, 1 ' ad4 Y vi. .5- -- 1-fx-' , , no ' 'A-ap-. 1 -r',,,. r'+: '11-.. HAZEL LOUISE ANSTETT, b. Jan. 24, 1947, Great Barrington, Mass.: ambition: To further my education: activities: National Honor Society-3,4: Class Treasurer-2,3,4: Prom Committee-5: Allied Youth- 2,5,4: Yearbook Compilation Editor. ALAN WAYNE BACHETTI, b. April 9, 1947, Sheffield, Mass.: ambition: Physical Education Teacher: activities: Class Vice President- 5,4: Intramurals-1,2,3,4: Baseball-1,2,3,4: Basketball-'1,2: Soccer-2,3,4: Glee Club-2,5,4: Allied Youth-2,5,4: Prom Committee-3: Volleyball-4: Yearbook Sports Editor. RICHARD MASSIMO BACHETTI, b. Nov. 27, 1947, Shefiield, Mass.: ambition: United States Army: activities: Intramurals-1,2,3,4: Basketball-1,2,5: Soccer-1,2,3,4: Baseball-1,2,5,4: Glee Club-1,2,3,4: Ski Club-2,3,4: Fishing Club-5: Auto Club-5: Allied Youth-5,4. ELEANOR JEAN BALL, b. Jan. 2, 1947, Sheffield, Mass.: ambition: Steady job: activities: Glee Club-2,3,4: Ski Club-1,2,3,4: GAA-2,53 Fishing Club-5: Allied Youth-3.4: Prom Committee-5: Cooking Club- 4: Yearbook. JEAN SUSANNE BARRETT, b. April 26, 1947, Torrington, Conn.: ambition: Business School: activities: GAA-5: Cooking Club-4: Prom Committee-3: Yearbook. CHERYL SUSAN MARIA BATACCHI, b. March 6, 1947, Sheffield. Mass.: ambition: Major in Physical Education or Psychology: awards: Nomination for NCTEA Award: activities: National Honor Society- 2,3,4: Cheerleader-2,5,4: Gymnastics-l,2,3,4: Glee Club-1,2,3,4: Pep Squad-2,3,4: GAA-2,5,4: Allied Youth-25,41 Prom Committee-5: Newspaper Club-3,4: Yearbook Editor-in-Chief. ANNE MARIE BENEAT, b. March 24, 1947, Sheffield, Mass.: ambition: Major in French: awards: NEDT Award: activities: Glee Club-1,2,3,4: Class Secretary-1: Allied Youth-2,5,4: GAA-5: Prom Committee-3: Newspaper Club-4: Cooking Club-4: Senior Play-4: Yearbook. WESLEY FREDERICK BOCK, b. April 7, 1947, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.: ambition: Traveling Laborer or Army: awards: Boys State: activities: Band-l,2,3,4: Intramurals-1: Wrestling-2,4: Football-2,3,4: Gymnastics-2,5: Allied Youth-3: Glee Club-4: Weightlifting-4: Hall Monitor-4: Yearbook. WILLIE LORETTA BOWENS, b. Sept. 3, 1947, Great Barrington, Mass.: ambition: Pediatrician: activities: Glee Club-5,4: GAA-3,4: Ski Club-3,4: Newspaper Club-4: Cooking Club-4: Allied Youth-3,4: Chess Club-4: Prom Committee-3: Yearbook Alumni Editor. MAURICE GENE BRAZIE, b. Aug. 17, 1947, New Marlboro, Mass.: ambition: Dairy Farming: awards: 1963 Music Award, Glee Club Award: activities: Band-1,2,5,4: Pep Band-1,2,3,4: Stage Band-5,4: Glee Club-1,2,3,4. REBECCA EMILYNN BURNETT, b. June 4, 1947, Southfield, Mass.: ambition: Major in Journalism and Psychology: awards: Rotary Ex- change Student to Puerto Rico, Attended Tri State Science Seminar: activities: Glee Club-1,2,5,4: Band-1: Gymnastics-1,2,3,4: Slide Rule Club-2: GAA-2,3,4: Allied Youth-2,5,4: Prom Committee-5: News- paper Club-5,4: Cooking Club-4: Pep Squad-2: Yearbook Coordinate. JOHN LANGE COLES, b. 11,.1947, Tarrytown, N. Y.: ambition: International Business: awards? Rotary Exchange Student to Puerto Rico, Alternate for Boys State: activities: Soccer-1,2,3: Glee Club-3: Basketball-1,2,3,4: Class Vice President-2: Intramurals-1,2,3: Wrestling- 2: Chess Club-2: Allied Youth-2,3,4: Student Council Representative- 5,4: Student Council Vice President-4: Prom Committee-3: Photo- graphy Club-4: Senior Play-4: Hall Monitor-4: Yearbook Asst. Photo Editor. CHERYL ANN CORSER, b. Feb. 2, 1947, Great Barrington, Mass.: ambition: B.A. in Liberal Arts: activities: Glee Club-1,2,3,4: Allied Youth-2: Ski Club-4: Yearbook. J. STEVEN COWEN, b. Jan. 1, 1948, Sheflield, Mass.: ambition: Civil Engineer: activities: Band-1,2,3: Newspaper Club-1,4: Ski Club-1,3,4: Glee Club-1,2,3,4: Chess Club-2,3,4: Photography-2,5: Cross Country- 2: Baseball-2,4: Allied Youth-2,5,4: Yearbook. GAIL LYNETTE CRINE, b. April 17, 1947, Mill River, Mass.: ambition: Social Work or Guidance: activities: Glee Club-1: Student Council Representative-1: Student Council Secretary-1: Ski Club-1,4: GAA-1: Senior Play-4: Cooking Club-4: Yearbook Alumni Editor. Senior XVAYNE HARRY DEMING. b. Dec. 1, 1946, Torrington. Conn ambition: Professional Pilot: activities: Ski Club-1.2.5.-4: Baseball-. Radio Club-2: Slide Rule Club-2. MARILYN EILEEN DEMPSEY, b. Aug. 8, 1947. Great Barrington Mass.: ambition: Artist: awards: Senior Art Prize Award: activities Glee Club-1,2: GAA-1: Intramurals-1: Senior Play-2.41 Ski Club-I Cheerleading-2,41 Allied Youth-2.3.41 Dramatics-3.4: Oil Paintin. Club-3,41 Prom Committee-3: Art Club-3,41 Bridge Club-3: Yearboo- Art Editor. JOHN RICHARD DINAN, b. Aug. 12, 1947. Great Barrington Mass.: ambition: Civil Engineer: activities: Intramurals-1,2,5,4: Gyn: nastics-1,2,3,4: Weightlifting Club-1: Ski Club-25.41 Allied Youth-I Math Club-3: Prom Committee-5: Volleyball-4: Senior Play-4: Year book. STEPHEN M. DUNLOP, b. Jan. 15, 1947, Chicago, Illinois: ambition Psychology: activities: Chess Club-2: Intramurals-5: Track Team-Sh GAIL ELIZABETH DURYEA, b. April 23, 1947, Egremont, Mass. ambition: College: activities: Glee Club-1,2,3,4: Slide Rule Club-I Ski Club-2,5,4: Allied Youth-2,5.4: Prom Committee-3: Newspaper Club-4: Yearbook. WANDA LOUISE EICHSTEDT, b. June 1. 1947. Sheffield. Mass. ambition: Accountant: awards: NOMA Certificate: activities: Allict Youth-2,3,4: GAA-2,3: Chess Club-4: Cooking Club-4: Prom Conw- mittee-5: Yearbook. DAVID FRANCIS EMPRIMO. b. June 19, 1947, Great Barrington Mass.: ambition: Air Force and Police Academy: activities: Band-1.2 5,4: Pep Band-2: Baseball-2.5,4: Chess Club-2: Allied Youth-2.5.4 Glee Club-l,3: Basketball-5: Science Club-5: Football-5, 4: Yearbook LUCINDA M. FENN, b. Dec. 13, 1947, Hartford, Conn.: ambition To further my education: activities: GAA-2,3,4: Glee Club-2.3.1. Allied Youth-2,3: Ski Club-2,3.4: Fishing Club-5: Prom Committee-E Newspaper Club-4: Dramatics-4: Cooking Club-4: Senior Play-4 Yearbook. ELIZABETH ANN FLEMING, b. May 5, 1947, Burlington, Vt.. ambition: Beautician School: activities: GAA-1,2,5: Glee Club-4: Li- brary Club-2: Yearbook. FREDERICK WILLIAM FRENGS, b. June 25, 1947, Mt. Kiscn. N. Y.: ambition: Civil Engineer: activities: Intramurals-1,2,3: Baskei- ball-1,2: Baseball-2,3,4: Allied Youth-3. KATHRYN KING GIBBS, b. Sept. 23, 1947, Great Barrington, Mass. ambition: Undecided: activities: GAA-1,2: Gymnastics-1,2,3,4: Per Squad-1: Glee Club-l,2,4: Cheerleading-2,3,4: Cooking Club-4: Senior Play-4: Yearbook. ERICK RICHARD GRINDE, b. Aug. 13, 1947, Great Barrington. Mass.: ambition: Electrical engineer or Mathematician: awards NMSQT Letter of Commendation, Second place in 1964 Massachusetzs Math Fair, NEDT Letter of Commendation, Berkshire County Mat? Fair, Bausch and Lomb Science Award: activities: National Honor Society-2,3,4: Student Government Day Representative-3: Class Vitt President-1: Intramurals-1: Weightlifting-1: Gymnastics Manager-1. Slide Rule Club-2: Radio Club-2: Cross Country Manager-2: Mat? and Science Club-5: Allied Youth-4: Hall Monitor-4: Yearbook Phott Editor. CANDICE ANN GUNZINGER, b. Oct. 28, 1947, Brattleboro, Vt.. ambition: Nurse: activities: GAA-1,2,5,4: Glee Club-1,2,5,4: Major- ette-2,3,4: Pep Squad-1,2: Library Club-1: Ski Club-2: Class Secretary- 2,5,4: Dramatics-2,3: Cheerleading-3,4: Allied Youth-5,4: Cooking Club-4: Newspaper Club-4: Yearbook. GLENN CHARLES HENDERSON, b. Aug. 7, 1947, Wfestfield, Mass.. ambition: Business Administration: awards: Boys State: activities Football-1,2,3,4: Intramurals-1,2,3: Weightlifting-1: Gymnastics-l.2.F 4: Baseball-1,2,3,4: Wrestling-2: Volleyball-2,3,4: Student Counci Representative-2: Prom Committee-5: Yearbook. JEANNE MARIE HITCHCOCK, b. July 31, 1947, Great Barrington Mass.: ambition: Undecided: activities: Glee Club-1,2,3,4: GAA-1.2 Allied Youth-2,5,4: Prom Committee-3: Yearbook. PATRICIA VIRGINIA ANN ILNICKY, b. June 19. 1947. Sourl Hadley, Mass.: ambition: Missionary Sister: activities: Ski Club-- Cooking Club-4: GAA-4: Chess Club-4: Glee Club-4: Yearbook. Silhouette ILMER XVALTER JOHNSON, b. Aug. 24, 1947, Fall River, Mass., mbition: Service or college, awards: Glee Club Award, activities: Glee Qlub-l.2,5.4, Band-1,2,3.4, Intramurals-l,2,3,4, Baseball-2,3, Chess jlub-2.3, Soccer-3, Volleyball-3, Stage Band-4, Cross Country-4. LHARYN LEE JOHNSTON, b. Aug. 21, 1947, Mill River, Mass., mbition: Registered Nurse: activities: Glee Club-1,2, Newspaper Qlub-1: GAA-2, Allied Youth-2,4: Prom Committee-3, Cooking Club- ig Yearbook. QATHLEEN ANN KLAHN, b. Jan. 27, 1946, Hillsdale, N. Y., mbition: Nurse, activities: Glee Club-l,2,3,4, Library Club-l,2,3, SAA-2, Cooking Club-3, 4: Yearbook. L'DITH M. KRAUSE, b. April 21, 1947, Keene, N. H., ambition: fndecided: activities: Allied Youth-3,4, Bridge Club-3, Dramatics jlub-3, Prom Committee-53 Glee Club-1,2,4, Cooking Club-4, GAA- .: Yearbook. ED PETER LIPSKY, b. July 5, 1947, New York, N. Y., ambition: nternational Relations and Government, activities: Class President-1, LSA: Student Council Representative-l,2,5,4, Student Council Presi- lent-4: Intramurals-1,2,3,4, Weightlifting-1,3,4, Ski Club-1,2,3,4, Svmnastics-1.25.41 First Aid Club-lg Wrestling Club-2,4, Football-2, lllied Youth-2,5,4, Slide Rule Club-2, Math Club-53 Science Club-3, 'rom Committee-5: Soccer-4, Senior Play-4, Volleyball-4, Hall .Ionitor-4, Yearbook. iREDERICK LESLIE LOPEZ, b. Sept. 50, 1947, Great Barrington, .Iass.: ambition: Undecided, activities: Baseball-1,2,4, Basketball-2, Yeightlifting-2,5,4, Intramurals-2,4, Wrestling-2,4, Slide Rule Club- I: Allied Youth-2,3,4, Math Club-5, Football-3, Prom Committee-3: Solf Club-3, Science Club-3: Volleyball-4, Hall Monitor-4, Yearbook. DAVID JAMES LOSAW, b. May 18, 1945, Middletown, Conn., mbition: Musical Instrument Repairman, Awards: 1964 Music lward: activities: Band-l,2,3,4, Stage Band-5,4, Pep Band-4. .IARCIA LEE MARION, b. March 21, 1947, Mill River, Mass., mbition: Undecided, activities: Glee Club-I,2, Allied Youth-2,5,4, SAA-5, Prom Committee-3, Cooking Club-4, Yearbook. IAROLYN MARIE MARKHAM, b. July 14, 1947, Hartford, Conn., mbition: Undecided, activities: Library Club-5, Glee Club-5, Year- rook. DAVID EUGENE NEWEY, b. Nov. 15, 1947, Norton, Mass., mbition: Study Mathematics in College, activities: Baseball-2,3,4, ntramutals-25, Slide Rule Club-2, Allied Youth-25: Photography Ilub-2: Soccer-3, Gymnastics-5,4, Chess Club-5, Cross Country-4, Glee Ilub-4: Ski Club-4. lOSEMARY ANN PALIFINI, b. March 10, 1947, New Marlboro, ilass.: ambition: To own a fully customized T-Bird, activities: Glee Ilub-1: Gymnastics-2, Dramatics-2, Ski Club-2, GAA-2, Majorettes-3, Ihess Club-4. AMES ALLEN PARKER, b. April 6, 1947, Middletown, Conn., mbition: Metallurgist or Dentist, activities: Intramurals-I,2, Slide lule Club-2, Football-2, Math Club-3, Science Club-3, Bridge Club-5, Iross Country-5: Allied Youth-3, 4, Prom Committee-5, Senior Play-4: Kearbook Sales Manager. vIARY LUCILLE PERCY, b. Nov. 24, 1947, Sheflield, Mass., ambi- ion: Elementary Teacher, activities: Glee Club-2,3,4, Prom Commit- SC-51 Yearbook. .ARRY PEZZE, b. Nov. 21, 1947, Great Barrington, Mass., ambition: Iransportation Engineer. IOSEMARY ANNE PEZZEE, b. June 5, 1946, Great Barrington, glass.: ambition: Secretary, activities: GAA-1,2,3, Glee Club-2,4, -heerleading-2.4, Allied Youth-4, Yearbook. -IENRY ARTHUR SCOTT PHELPS, b. Oct. 31. 1947, Monterey, wlass.: ambition: Mechanical Engineer, activities: Glee Club-1,2,3' ntramurals-2.5: Allied Youth-3, Cross Country-2.3: Baseball-5. XLAN EDRYARD PIXLEY. JR., b. June 15. 1947, Great Barrington. ilassg ambition: To become an Author, activities: Volleyball-I: Chess -lllb-2.9.41 Photography Club-2: Newspaper Club-3.4: Yearbook -iterarv Editor, Q KENNETH DEAN PROCTOR, b. July 21, 1947, Lunenberg, Mass.: ambition: Law, activities: Intramurals-l,2.3, Glee Club-2, Chess Club- 2, Cross COUDIIY-237,41 Dramatics-5: Allied Youth-3.4: Yearbook. JAMES ROBERT RANZONI, b. Oct. 5, 1947, Great Barrington, Mass., ambition: United States Army, activities: Basketball-l,2,5, Baseball- 1, Intramurals- 1,21 Soccer-4. CHARLEEN LOUISE RHINES, b. May 28, 1947, Springfield, Mass., ambition: Career in Music, awards: Music Award, activities: Glee Club-1,2,3,4, Prom Committee-5, Stage Band-3.4: Senior Play-4, Yearbook Features Editor. - HELEN DOROTHY RIOU. b. Jan. 12, 1948, Huntington, N. Y., ambition: Social Worker, activities: Glee Club-l,2,3,4, Newspaper Club-1, Allied Youth-2, Prom Committee-3: Yearbook. JOHN RUTSIS, b. Feb. 5, 1947. Brooklyn, N. Y.: ambition: Com- mercial Artist, activities: Intramurals-1,2,3,4, Soccer-l: Gymnastics-1, 2,5,4, Baseball-1, XY'eightlifting-1.2: Glee Club-2,5,4, Football-2,5,4, Allied Youth-2.3,4, Pep Squad-2: Art Club-3, Ski Club-3.4, Volley- ball-3,4, Yearbook. CHERYL M. SHMULSKY. b. Dec. 26, 1947, Great Barrington, Mass., ambition: Teacher: activities: Glee Club-1,2,4: Prom Committee-3, Yearbook. DANA PARKER SMITH, b. May 28, 1947, Boston, Mass., ambition: Forestry, activities: Soccer-1.2,5,4, Basketball-1: Baseball-1,2,4, In- tramurals-l,2,5.4, Science Club-3.4: Ski Club-1.25.41 Allied Youth-2,51 Math Club-3, Fishing Club-5: Volleyball-l,4, Slide Rule Club-5: First Aid-2, Weightlifting-2: Yearbook. MARION SMITH. b. Jan. 12. 1948, Egremont, Mass.: ambition: Social XVorker or Peace Corps: awards: All State - side horse vaulting second place, 1964, activities: Intramurals-1.2.5, GAA-2,4, Glee Club- 2, Gymnastics-25.4, Allied Youth-2,41 Girls Softball-2, Girls Track-5, Math Club-3, Cheerleader-4: Camera Club-4: Yearbook. CYNTHIA LOUISE STANTON. b. April 21, 1947. Great Barrington. Mass., ambition: College, activities: Glee Club-3.4, Prom Committee- 5: Yearbook. GEORGE E. STENNER, b. March 9, 1947, Great Barrington, Mass., ambition: Undecided, activities: Intramurals-1,2,3, Chess Club-2,3,4, Gymnastics-2, Wrestling-2, Industrial Arts-3. RICHARD LESLIE STOVER. b. May 16, 1947, Pittsfield, Mass.: ambition: Engineer, activities: National Honor Society-2,3,4: Band-1, 2,5,4,-Pep Band-l,4, Slide Rule Club-2, Radio Club-2, Ski Club-2.5.4, Basketball-2, Science Club-3: Dance Band-5: Yearbook Business Manager. MARTHA ELAINE VAN DEUSEN, b. Dec. 7, 1947, Great Barring- ton, Mass., ambition: Secretarial XY'ork, activities: National Honor Society-3,4, Glee Club-1,2,5,4, Allied Youth-2.5.4, Prom Committee- 5: Yearbook Secretary. ADA RUTH WELLS, b. Oct. 19. 1947, Great Barrington, Mass.: ambition: Marriage: activities: Glee Club-1.2,5,4, Allied Youth-2,5,4: Yearbook. ' ANTRONET JEAN XVELLS. b. Ocffi 12. 1947. Sheffield. Mass., ambition: Accountant, awards: Two NOMA Certificates, activities: GAA-1,2,3,4, Allied YOUIh-2.5,4ll Prom Committee-5: Yearbook. GLADYS MARY NVHEELER, b. April 14, 1948, Egremont, Mass.: ambition: Biologist, activities: National Honor Society-2.3.4, Glee Club-1, Slide Rule Club-2: Science Club-3: Intramurals-3: Girls Soft- ball-3, GAA-4, Yearbook. RAYMOND NVILCOX, b. Jan. I9. 1948. Alford. Mass.: ambition: Undecided: activities: Intramurals-1.2: Basketball-1.2. Baseball-1.2: Soccer-2,3,4, Allied Youth-2. ROBERT CLINTON XVINTERBOTTOM. b. Oct. 27, 1947, XY'ilton. Conn.: ambition: Forestry: activities: Band-1.3.-iz Glee ClUb-1.25.41 Intramurals-1: Chess Club-2. LINDA RUTH XVUORI. b. March 8. I9-17. Canaan. Conn.: ambition: Major in French: awards: Attended Tri State Science Seminar: activi- ties: National Honor Society-2.3.-I: Band-1.2.3.-4: Glee Club-2.3.-4: Prom Committee-3: Yearbook Senior Section Editor.- Dean Paul Amidon, Jr. Susan Warren Artz Susan Harriet Babcock Karl Edward Bartzsch Cynthia Jane Boice Martha Elizabeth Brewer Cheryl Frances Cairns joan Marie Carr Lorin Stephen Carter Christine Cary Pauline Marion Clarke Harry Edmund Conklin Richard James Cook Philip Harold Coons Leigh Willard Curtiss Donna Louise Delmolino Diane Stewart Doane William Theodore Duryea Timothy Duane Farnum William joseph Finke Evelyn Diana Fleming Theodore Merrill French Jane Ellen Gage Sally Ann Golden Gael-Ann Granfield Philip Fraser Gunzinger Wendy Caitilyn Hamilton Marlene Kay Hendrick Charles Francis Higgins Linda Jane Hoffman Cynthia Hunt james Edward Kimball, III Barbara Lou Kop Richard Leonard Kradel Claire Louise Landry Seth Atherton Lipsky Catherine Manghue Clifford Francis Martin james Milton McGarry Cynthia Ann Meyer Francis Bernard Nourse Walter Joseph N ourse Sandra jane Page Shirley Anne Peck Ronald Frederick Pekrul Susan Beth Penziner Edward Samuel Pezze, jr. Sharon Elizabeth Pillman jean Adele Rhinesmith Clifford Arthur Richards Karen Alice Riiska Renate Inge Ruthel Richard Walter Ruthel Rosemary Ellen Schneider Charles Bell Shove Nancy Elizabeth Simpson Holly Anita Slaughter Peter Raymond Smith Bette Ann Stalker James Patrick Thompson Peter Charles Vickerman Frances Elaine Warren Raymond A. Wells Donald Stevens West Eleanor Fuller Whitehouse john Conrad Zwick Sandra Kay Agar Sandra Jeanne Bachetti Lourdes Azucena Baldor Mary Ann Bernoi james Michael Cagney James Sherman Chase, Jr. Harold Samuel Cruikshank, jr. Lawrence Henry Davis, Jr. Judith Rhoades Dellea Paula Ann Delmolino Susan Kay Doane Betty Lou Dozier Alumni Class of 1964 Air Force Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science University of Tampa Lowell Technological Institute Cambridge School Married ' Cambridge School Vassar Brothers Hospital School of Nursing Post graduate - Mount Everett Webster College College of St. joseph on the Rio Grande Columbia Warren and Macchi Cemployedb Navy Employed by James Shanahan Good Counsel College University of Massachusetts Air Force University of Massachusetts Marine Corps Helping sister in Pennsylvania Wheaton College Berkshire Community College Moved Becton, Dickinson and Company Bridgewater State Teacher's College University of Massachusetts Hairdresser in Illinois College of the Holy Cross University of Florida University of Massachusetts Hoosac School Teacher -- Avalon School Bridgewater State Teacher's College Secretary - Aetna Life Insurance Co. Harvard Castleton State College Becton, Dickinson and Company Employed at Macy's Garage Burdett College Berkshire Community College In the service Berkshire Community College Webster College Wagner College University of Massachusetts Navy Working at nursing home in Canaan Berkshire Community College Haupt Tree Co. Cemployedb University of Massachusetts Florida Southern College Air Force Employed at Jug End Barn North Adams State College Comptometer School Practical nurse course - Pittsfield Vocational School Army Berkshire Business School University of Massachusetts Paier School of Art Huron College Wentworth Institute Stockbridge School of Agriculture Arkansas College Navy Class of 1963 University of Massachusetts Mrs. Rodney Christrnan Secretary Mrs. Oliver Curtiss, Secretary at Palmer Lines Becton, Dickinson and Company Berkshire Community College Navy Employed at Ed Stalker's Farm Married Mrs. William Hall University of Massachusetts Married 72 John Karl Edelman Martha Ellen Edwards Elizabeth Greenlee Finke Richard Joseph Fitch Thomas Allen Gage Thomas Alan Gibbs Holly Maria Gilligan Jane Griffith Gilligan John Cande Gilligan Frank Bradley Holcomb Anita Ruth Kaufmann Donna Jeanne Markham Elizabeth Rose Negri Timothy John Nicholson Shirley Anne Quenneville Barbara Gail Riou Marion Myrle Robbins William John Ruschetti James Allen Schneider Eileen Alexis Simpson Steven William Siter Diane Lee Smith Elaine Marion Spadaccini Robert Charles Stalker Jerry Rockwell Stevens Rosemary Helen Straleau Carolyn Elizabeth Thompson Shirley Mae Van Deusen Karen Lee Wells David John Whitcomb Jessie Elaine Wilcox Judith Ellen Wilcox John Leon Zimmer Robert Lee Barnes David Stratton Blodgett Donna Gayle Cairns Elaine Burr Campbell Leona Marcia Cartinelli Ellen Elaine Chapin Robert Cowles Chapin Susan Alice Chapin Donald Edward Choquette Richard Allen Consolini Linda Lee Corset David William Cosgrif, III Linda Lee Cummaro Charles Russell Doane, III Erika Melita Eigne Alfred Marcel Fehn Marilyn Louise Fitch Grace Eastwood French Gray Matthew Gilligan Erika Goeden Trudy Sofia Grinde Thomas Bernard Guidi Kathleen Ursula Higgins Lena Osgood Hunt George Reinhold Kinizie, Jr. Judith Ann MacDonald Malcolm Bruce Miller Mary Ann Rose Morandi Charles Pomeroy Ogden Joy Anne Ovitt Walter Marshall Parks Robert Adolph Pekrul Rodney Lowell Penziner Dale Penny Peters Barbara Ann Marie Pezzee Carolyn Pittman Paul Daniel Ranolde Mary Judith St. Clair Deborah Marie Schneck Donald John Schneider Gerald Wesley Siter Janette Carol Stevens Adele Lousie Stubbs David Samuel Wells Judith Nancy Wells Nancy Chapin Woodbeck University of Massachusetts Mrs. Robert Wheeler Married Northeastern University Sheffield Plastics United States Navy Bay Path Junior College Bucknell University Gettysburg College United States Navy New York . Berkshire Community College Mrs. Richard P. Carson Buera Art School Sharon Hospital Laboratory Technician Mrs. David West Mrs. Dominic Negri United States Navy, Married Shefheld Plastics Licensed Practical Nurse Northeastern University Iowa Wesleyan Mrs, Robert Crine United States Navy University of North Carolina Berkshire Community College Becton, Dickinson and Company Wheeler and Taylor Wheeler and Taylor Berkshire Community College Married Nursing School United States Air Force Class of 1960 United States Army, University of Denver Degree in Business Administration Married, University of Massachusetts Mrs. Richard Busch, New England Tel and Tel University of Rochester Engaged, Becton, Dickinson and Company Mrs. David Emprimo Employed at Robert Chapin, Sr.'s Farm Hairdresser, Polly's Beauty Salon Shefiield Plastics Married, Graduate of Wentworth Mrs. John Persch Employed in California Married 1 Married, Puerto Rico Employed in Washington, D. C. United States Army, Germany Physical Education Teacher at Mount Everett Missonary Work Graduate of University of Maine Mrs. David Sheldon Graduate of University of Massachusetts Science Teacher at Lee High United States Navy Veterans Administration, Northampton Married Graduate Student at Dartmouth Nurse Salesman, Macy's Garage Married, Germany Graduate of University of Massachusetts Teacher Mrs. Peter Eichstedt Montery Post Ofiice Consolidated Commonwealth Edison Company Chicago United States Army Married Mrs. J. Paul McCann Mrs. Richard E. Morse Married Married Boston United States Marine Corps Married Mrs. Allen Richardson Mrs. Gerald Siter University of Massachusetts Married Mrs. Shears Boardman 73 Congratulations and Compliment: of Best of Luck in the Years Ahead HARLAND B. 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Suggestions in the Mount Everett High School - Aurigan Yearbook (Sheffield, MA) collection:

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