Mount Everett High School - Aurigan Yearbook (Sheffield, MA)

 - Class of 1964

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IA, I gl 4' ' .I 'vc- pq? . f 4-5 o ' J ' ' 4' .g- .u. 'X 91 . 4' 0 - If . I 4 l . n - 5 . 4-5 Ar "' . Q , , JI I' -p .1 4-.Ll If 1 'Tr Q Il- .HJ I" "v' gf 'I ', L 21 ly' '.,.I, E-T 01. OVY, 5 . o u ' o ,r 'W '. ,, .' 2-' ' fhizi' , vw I, rE,- 8 . .35 64. Jefgvax 'IIT ,I In , U" v . 4-fi av' , ', V Jani v yi,-. .""' H x X' fl' -. 1 1 L' s 5 n , 4 -1 ,,' .ri v' ,. rw 'x 'I r . If n . ' '-"'V. "' 1 I n O , s i' '- ' 4 , ., . sl- b l .n S 'l L 1 V ., I 'f ' ,C ' P v +I' 0 J rv I 4 .3 D O I .ai 1 I Q. . , v I .J s'!.:w44' gvvw ' lift' F 1271.1 I Q I 0 f J V . , ' ' W .n 3 14. ' 1 0 Q 1 .,-1 H ,J . .11 ' ' MX' f ' ' 1 . 0' g ,. 4 , - 9 1 f Q gi ef. . .v l 1 O I' .,n .0 si MOUNT EVERETT REGIONAL SCHOOL Sheffield, Massachusetts Class Of 1964 IN MEMURIAM john Fitzgerald Kennedy 1 9 1 7 - 1 9 6 3 DEDICATIO James Herlihy, B.A., M.A., C.A.G.S. It is often difiicult to express with new meaning traditional sentiments, This is the case in dedicating our yearbook to Mr. I-Ierlihy. The success of our high school years is about to begin its rugged test. for we will soon be leaving our Alma Mater to enter a demanding soeiety. NYT can look forward with confidence, however, because our career at Mount Everett has been tempered and molded by the instruction, advice, and guidance of one whom we shall not soon forget The class of 1964 of Mount Everett is proud to dedicate its Atiriga to stitch a person We wish to take this final opportunity as a group to expresx our appretiation and thanks to Mr. james Herlihy. The Class of 1964 1 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION SENIORS 4 Pl' 68612 ts ACTIVITIES 5 SPORTS A tlml'nl'stra tion ' 1 V L' l 4-5. ' -Qc"-'T ll I O C Dear Seniors: Congratulations upon the occasion of your gradua- tion from high school. This is an important event in your lives, as your potential for personal happiness and community service has been enhanced by the twelve years of education which you have received in the local schools. As you become an adult member of our complex industrial society, further and continuous education will be necessary to keep pace with the expanding frontiers of knowledge. lt is becoming increasingly important that citizens realize that improved educa- tion for future generations is essential for individual happiness and success and for our national security and prosperity. Although the schooling which you have received here has been of good quality, I hope that your future support of the schools will enable an even better education for your children. As you leave Mount Everett, we will continue to have an active interest in your personal and occupa- tional development. Best wishes. Sincerely, George H. Daniel, Ed. D. Superintendent li Dear Seniors: When you leave Mount Everett as alumni, you are to become citizens of your community. There are a few basic things to remember. Always be yourself, do your own reasoning, being ready to lead or follow as the situation demands. Above all, remember always to live by the Golden Rule. This is essential to our democratic way of life. In closing may I express my most sincere wishes O for every happiness and success in all your eandeavors. Sincerely, A. Trocchi Vice-Principal Dear Seniors: Each of you has much to be proud of as you bid farewell to Mount Everett. Rest assured that the faculty shares with you some regret at this time of parting, for we have found both pride and pleasure in working with you. What kind of parents and citizens you become and how happy you are in your lives will give us some idea of how well you have developed here and, if good, will give reward to the teachers who have worked, worried and rejoiced along with your parents these past few years. Not too many pages of the calendar will turn before you will have children in school. How well they do, how happy they ate, what kindness and good- ness they have will mostly be determined by you - how strong, loving and good you are as parents. And it will be you, as citizens, who will determine the kind of schooling they will have. As you pass from your youth into adulthood, you will find that you must give of yourselves more than you receive from others. The strength of your comrnunity, the happiness of your children depends upon it. Sincerely, C. Newlon Principal acull . i K v 1-"N-1 Ronald A. Bjorklund, B.S.Ed. Industrial Arts S 2' 4122? tv- . ,. 1,- ,.1 .. 5. ,,.,w 2 . A M522 '- A ,' .--51:7 , - ,e was-. .i :JJ -1.31-ve .-?'1,":,1'?' 7- W.-:if 5 " ., wi eps' ji i' uLf,3.x',1gaEeA-: 3 mg ,7-',s:,, ,,-'J-mg' 13.1115 Marsha E. Broili, B.A. junior High Social Studies and English K 'ge-'F' 'iw .wvfx 'S-0 Q E' 'Q Raymond F. Chambcrland, A.B. john P. Cicchetti, B.S.E., M.Ed. Ailene M. Dullea, B.S., M.Ed. Science English Business Education 5' N.. W Peter A. Chase, B.S. Edgar L. Davis, B.A. Robert L. Dunham, B.S.Ed. Stiente English Mathematics XX, I ., Mary C. Heather. B.A.. M.A. French -as ,av 0 xx -. R if'liew"f":g ' A , i K unch xx x Q ' 3 ,tl-is 1 h K :N 1.9! James C. Herlihy. B.A., BLA.. , ,H t Q'-1 Bernard J. Fryc, B.S. ,v J! C.A.G.S. Social Studies Q . --vw . ,K 5:3 l T ,--Q .- . wif. ,hx R24 -1 1 ,,a Arthur H. Ellis, B. in Mus. Ed. Junior High English Lucilc R. Howard MU5iC and Social Studies Lihrsrmn Y' YI-17' .i L! William J. Fennell, B.S., M.Ed. Marion E. Garrahan, BSP.. Jam. c I Ixvcfncr. B S Business Education Mid., C.A.G.S. l Y ' ll l 91 Reading I N 2 N' " Z5 Q...-I Gerald W. Kriedberg, A.B., Ed. M. Guidance, Psychology I "vs-, -s if nv'-4' S' 'Y-7 QTQ? mls Bert W. Lark, B.S., M.S. Richard I.. Maghery, B.S., Ecl.M. William E. Mielke, B.A., M.A. Science Physical Education Guidance ,uw t ,.,. , TZ 'X 3 1 '9' Phyllis L. Larkin, B.S. George T. May, B.S., M.Ed. Holger D. Oleen, B.S. Homemaking Art Mathematics - l 1 ,,. M .5 if 2. 1 -. .. ., , I i' . 1, l i 1 -A i Vi: 1 .W i l E Y I l f i 2 ,,......,-sn'- l lil Ee. 'N .2 "Fi W 3 Us Q'-1-an James A. Shiminski. B.S.ECl Industrial Arts rg ' H1 'ef 'gg' Carol C. Pflumm, B.A. Barbara B. Rhoades, B.S. Virginia Lea Stowe. B.A.. M S Social Studies English Af-4" Lillian E. Preiss John J. Shea. A.B.. M.Ed. Guidance Guidance Adiustmenr Counselor ,'v,-fs X K if l Florence F XY'l1cclcr.B.S. Vin if X P 7 x KXJKX-'A,f, x 1 I' enior .1 lifb, DEAN PAUL AMIDON, JR. December 11, 1946 Football-4g Volleyball-43 Baseball-2, Intramurals-3g Ski Club-2, 33 Allied Youth-33 Hall Monitor-3, 4 SUSAN HARRIET BABCOCK February 1, 1946 Gymnastics-1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading- 3, 4, GAA-1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth-3, Art Club-1g Sewing Club-1, Slide Rule-35 Awards Committee-3, Prom Corn- mittee-3g Senior Play-4, Yearbook vw 1 '- -an x SUSAN WARREN ARZT November 12, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 3, 4, Glee Club-2, Allied Youth-33 Display Club-1g Prom Committee-3 az ,rm Yi -1 KARL EDWARD BARTZSCH September 22, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 3, 4, Gymnastics-1, 3, 4, Science Club-2, 3, 4, Math Club-2, 3, Photography Club-3, Hall Monitor-45 Yearbook CYNTHIA JANE BOICE November 24, 1946 Gymnastics-2, Cheerleading-4 GAA-1, 2, 3, 4, G1ee Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth-5, 4, Pep Squad-3' Awards Committee-53 Prom Com mittee-55 Senior Play-4, Yearbook ft dv li CHERYL FRANCES CAIRNS August 16, 1946 National Honor Society-5, 43 GAA- 2, 3, Glee Club-2, 3, 43 Wfestern District-35 Yearbook 'BT' A - ' , sf! .0 MARTHA ELISABETH BREWER March 22, 1946 Glee Club-1, 3, 4g Girls Industrial Arts-lg Library Club-1, 3, Drama- tics Club-4 jOAN MARIE CARR December 17. 1946 GAA-l, 2, 3, Glee Club-2, 3, 4, Western District-SQ Prom Commit- tee-3 Al -I ,l i PAULINE MARION CLARKE C30 LORIN STEPHEN CARTER May 8, 1946 Intramurals-11 Science Club-1, 2, 3, 4g Photography Club-33 Radio Club- Sg Hall Monitor-3, 4g Yearbook March 19, 1946 GAA-1, 2, 3g Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4g Allied Youth-3, 4g Arr Club-lg Newspaper-3g Cooking Club-45 Yearbook CHRISTINE CARY November 26, 1946 National Honor Society-3, 4g GAA- 7' Pe S uad 7 3' Glee Club 2 79 -1 P q 'Ha 3 ' Q V 1 4g Allied Youth-3, 4g Newspaper-3g Senior Play-4g Yearbook fl' HARRY EDMUND CONKLIN February 11, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 5, 4g Band-1, 2, 5, 4g Pep Band-3, 4g Glee Club-1, 2, 4g Western District-33 Boys' State-3g Allied Youth-3, 45 Slide Rule-3g Prom Committee-33 Awards Committee-3g Hall Monitor- 4g Senior Play-4g Yearbook RICHARD JAMES COOK July 21, 1946 Football-1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball-1, 2, 3, Baseball-1, 3, 4, Volleyball-4, Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad-3, Glee Club-2, 3, 4, Western District- 3g Boys' Vocal Group-33 Allied Youth-3, Awards Committee-3g Prom Committee-3, Hall Monitor-4 wr- LEIGH WILLARD CURTISS November 22, 1946 Soccer-l, 2, Weightlifting-lg Intra- murals-I, 2, 3, Glee Club-I, 2, 3 4, Allied Yourh-3, 4, Prom Com- mittee-3g Hall Monitor--4 DONNA LOUISE DELMoL1No July 21, 1946 Gymnastics-I, 2, 3, 41 Cheerleading- 3, 4, GAA-I, 2, Class Secretary-I, 2 3, Allied Youth-3, 41 Prom Com mirree-3, Yearbook PHILIP HAROLD COONS August 15, 1946 Intramurals-3, Glee Club-33 Allied Youth-3, Automobile Club-4 PN 'll Tip' IF 'V DIANE STEWART DOANE january 17, 1947 National Honor Society-2, 5, 4g Gymnastics-1, 2g Cheerleading-2, 3, -'ig Student Council Representative- 1, 2, 5g Allied Youth-3, 4g French Club-lg Clothing Construction-2g Slide Rule-5g Prom Committee-31 Bridge Club-41 Yearbook XY' l l.l.lAM THEODORE DURYEA October 20, 1946 Intramurals-2, 5. 4: Glee Club-2g Allied Youth-3 'nj' 1--J TIMOTHY DUANE FARNUM September 2, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 3, 43 Glee Club-2, 33 Newspaper-1, 3g Science Club-1, 2, 5g Photography-lg Stamp Club-lg Hall Monitor-4g Senior Play-4g Yearbook WILLIAM JOSEPH FINKE March 19, 1946 Gymnastics-3, 43 Intramurals-3, 4g Wrestling Club-5g Science Club-3g Photography Club-3g Slide Rule-3 EVELYN HILL FLEMING October 1, 1945 GAA-1, 2, 33 Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4g Allied Youth-3, 4g Cooking Club-4g Clothing Construction-3g Yearbook ,rs X is ' ,L THEODORE MERRILL FRENCH November 16, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 3, 43 Glec Club-43 Band-1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band-3, 4g Class Treasurer-lg Slide Rule-31 Hall Monitor-4g Yearbok 45: ill? JANE ELLEN GAGE April 1, 1946 Gymnastics-1, 2, 3, 41 Cheerleading 4g GAA-1, 2, 3, 41 Pep Squad-3 Awards Committee-31 Glee Club-1 2, 3, 4g Allied Youth-3, 41 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Play-3. 41 Yearbook SALLY ANN GOLDEN june 24, 1946 GAA-1, 21 Glee Club-1. 2. 31 Prom Committee-33 Clothing Construc- tion-32 Cooking Club-4g Allied Youth-3, 41 Yearbook i i" Z 1 1 A ' Q V iw? GAEL-ANN GRANFIELD January 3, 1947 CAA-I, 2, 3g Pep Squad-33 Glee Club-1, 2, 5, 4g Allied Youth-3g Prom Committee-33 Newspaper-4g Senior Play-41 Yearbook PHILIP FRASER GUNZINGER September 27, 1946 Class President-3, 4g Football-1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball-1, 2g Gymnastics-2, 3, 49 Wfeightlifting-5, 4g Wrestling Club-2, 5g Volleyball-3, 4g Boys' State-5: Glee Club-2, 3, 4g Boyls Vocal Group-3g Allied Youth-3, 4g Prom Committee-3g Awards Com- mittee-Sg Automobile Club-4g Hall Monitor-5, 4 7-fit W-.I - WENDY HAMILTON February 17, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 3, 4' 7 Cheerleading-2, 3, 4g Gymnastics-lg GAA-2, 5g Class Vice President-1g Glee Club-2, 3g Allied Youth-33 Newspaper-3g Prom Committee-3' Senior Play-44 Yearbook '-Q Q-53, MARLENE KAY HENDRICK April 6, 1946 GAA-2, 35 Glee Club-2, 3g Allied Youth-33 Cooking Club-4g Yearbook 9 CHARLES FRANCIS HIGGINS September 13, 1946 Class Secretary-4g Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4g Football- Manager-2, 3, 4g Baseball-3, 4g Class President-2g Glee Club-2, 3g Allied Youth-3, 4g Prom Committee-33 Hall Monitor-3, 4g Yearbook "'C'Tf7' 'T' CYNTHIA HUNT August 19. IQ46 National Honor Society-2. 5. 4' Q 1 Cheerleading-2. 3. 41 GAA-I. 2. UQ Allied Youth-5, 4: Newspaper-2, 33 Chess Club-33 Ring Committee-3. 'ill Bridge Club-43 Senior Play-4: Yearbook 2, 51" LINDA JANE HOFFMAN March 8, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 3, 4g GAA-23 Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 41 Western District-2, 3, 41 All State Recommendation-2, 33 Allied Youth -3g Newspaper-2, 3, 4g Senior Play-4g Yearbook .IAINIES EDXYARU lilMBAl.l, February li. 194' Basketball-lg Baseball-2, 3. -lg In- tramurals-2. FL Cilee Club-3. All 7 Audio-Visual :Kids--1 Slide RlllL'-Sl Prom C0I'l'lH1ll'ICC-,RQ Hall Monitor- 3. -lL Senior Play-AI. Yearbook 'Ml E ii 6 'JA BARBARA LOU KOP December 7, 1946 Cllee Club-I, 2, 3, 4, Band-1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band-5, 4, Senior Play-3, 4 CLAIRE LOUISE LANDRY February 11, 1946 GAA-3g Glee Club-5, 43 Allied Youth-3, Gymnastics-3, Sewing Club-33 Yearbook RICHARD LEONARD KRADEL january ll, 1946 Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball-I, 2, 5, 43 Basketball-1, 2, 3, Intramurals-1, 2. 5, 41 Glee Club-5, 4, Western District-5, Allied Youth-3, Year- book sal' 43? fb 'ff SETH ATHERTON LIPSKY june 16, 1946 Student Council Representative-4, Intramurals-1, 4, Student Govern- ment Day-3g Class President-15 Newspaper-2, 3, 4, Ski Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth-3, 4g Chess Club-2, 5, Science Club-1, 2, 33 Dramatics Club-2, Senior Play-3, 4, Yearbook CATHERINE MANGHUE December 25, 1946 Gymnastics-lg Majoretres-3, 4g GAA -1, 2, 3g Pep Squad-3g Glee Club-2, 5, 4g Allied Youth-3, 4g Newspaper- Sg Prom Committee-55 Cooking Club-4g Senior Play-4g Yearbook -K..." l-'GX H JAMES MILTON MCGARRY january 4, 1946 Football-l, 2, 3, 4g Baseball-1. 2. 3, 4g Basketball-l, 2, 3, 41 Intramurals- l, 2, 3g Glee Club-lg Allied Youth- 3, 4g Awards Committee-33 Hall Monitor-43 Yearbook CLIFFORD FRANCIS MARTIN July 27, 1945 Volleyball-1 3 Intramurals-1 CYNTHIA ANN MEYER March 15. 1946 National Honor Society-2. 31 Cheer leading-31 GAA-1, 3, 4: Gymnas tics-5g Glee Club-1, 2, 5, 4: Band-l Allied Youth-5, 41 Newspaper-5, -4 Math Club-21 Prom Committee-3 Yearbook IU' tr, ' SANDRA JANE PAGE january 7, 1947 GAA-1, Z, 3g Glee Club-2, 3, 4, Allied Youth-3, 4, Prom Committee -3, Ski Club-3, Yearbook i FRANCEIERNARD NOURSE, JR. june 30, 1946 Soccer-1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals-1, 2, 33 Weightlifting-1, 2, 43 Volleyball- 2, 3, 4, Wrestling Club-3g Glee Club -3, 4, Boy's Vocal Group-3, Western District-3, 4g Allied Youth-3, Prom Committee-33 Science Club-2, Hall Monitor-3, 4 i x WALTER JOSEPH NOURSE April 12, 1945 Football-l, 2, 3, Weightlifting-2, 3 Intramurals-1, 2, 33 Boxing Club-1 2g Glee Club-1, 2, Allied Youth-32 43 Science Club-3, Radio Club-3 Automobile Club-4 -2: "P ,H , ' 0 . 1' , v -v ll ltr . Q ,J an 4 ll" ' QW.. - M. ASQ T ' 'AH'-.if-kt PATRICIA FERN PARKS July 23, 1946 GAA-2, 3, Glee Club-2, Slide Rule 3, Cooking Club-4 SHIRLEY. ANNE PECK May 20, 1946 Gymnastics-1, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleading- 3, 4g GAA-2, 3g Pep Squad-33 Glee Club-2, 3, 4g Allied Youth-3, 4g Prom Committee-3g Yearbook , 'V 1111? 2 if , 1 305 Stn W'W-uv' RONALD FREDRICK PEKRUL September 26, 1946 Class Treasurer-3, 4g Intramurals-lg Glee Club-3, 4g Allied Youth-3, 4g Newspaper-3, 4g Audio-Visual Aids- 2g Slide Rule-5, 4g Prom Committee- 3g Hall Monitor-4g Senior Play-4g Yearbook 95 Q73 .-- S I - 6 far SUSAN BETH PENZINER September 8, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 3. 41 Cheerleading-1, 2, 5, 41 Intramurals- l, 23 Awards Committee-31 Glee Club-l, 2, 5g Allied Youth-5, 41 Newspaper-5. 43 French Club-ll Ski Club-3, 4g Bridge Club-41 Prom Committee-3g Yearbook EDXVARD SAMUEL PEZZEE May 2. 1946 Soccer-l, 2, 33 Intramurals-l, 5, 41 XY'restling Club-lg Vfeiglitlifting-lx Volleyball-l, 41 Baseball Manager-1: Gymnastics-2. 31 Glee Club-l. 2, 5. 43 Allied X7OL1Il'l-51 Dramatics Club- 5, 43 Senior Play-4 Surf SHARON ELIZABETH PILLMAN February 19, 1946 CAA-4, Clee Club-Z, 3, 4, Allied Youth-3, 43 Prom Committee-3 JEAN ADELE RHINESMITH February 6, 1946 Cheerleading-4, GAA-1, 2, 3, Gym- nastics-1, Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth-3, 4, Outdoor Club-lg Cloth- ing Construction-3, Prom Commit- tee-3g Yearbook 'Tv 4 1 .xi 1 HAMPTON LEE PRICE October 3, 1945 Newspaper-4, Yearbook CLIFFORD ARTHUR RICHARDS March 17, 1946 Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club-2, 35 Allied Youth-4, Automobile Club-4 KAREN ALICE RIISKA December 15, 1946 Allied Youth-4 al , ' RICHARD WALTER RUTHEI. September 6, 1946 Football-2, 5, 4g Intramurals-2, 3, 4, Weightlifting-3g Glee Club-SQ Allied Youth-3, 4g Science Club-2g Archery Club-2: Slide Rule-3g Radio Club-3, Hall Monitor-3, 45 Year- book ,pf RENATE INGE RUTHEL April 3, 1946 GAA-3, Gymnastics-lg Glee Club- 1, 2, 35 Allied Youth-3, 4, French Club-lg Prom Committee-33 Year- book ROSEMARY ELLEN SCHNEIDER March l, 1947 GAA-2, 3, 41 Glee Club-l, 2. 31 Allied Youth-3, 4: Sewing Club-2: Industrial Arrs Club-lg Yearbook If 'R ii-3' CHARLES BELL SHOVE April 5, 1946 Football-I, 2, 3, 4g Gymnastics-33 Volleyball-3g Weightlifting-3g Al- lied Youth-3, 4g Slide Rule-3g Awards Committee-3g Prom Com- mittee-Sg Ring Committee-3, 4g Hall Monitor-3, 4g Automobile Club-4 HOLLY ANITA SLAUGHTER May 8, 1946 GAA-1, 2, 33 Gymnastics-33 Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth-3, 4g Pep Squad-3 1 NANCY ELIZABETH SIMPSON August 21, 1946 Cilee Club-2, 3g Allied Youth-3, 4g Prom Committee-3g Yearbook PETER RAYMOND SMITH May 11, 1946 Class Vice-President-43 Football-1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball-1, 2, 3, 43 Gymnas- tics-3g Intramurals-1, 2, 33 Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4g Western District-3g All State Recommendation-3g Boys' Vocal Group-3j Allied Youth-3, 4g Prom Committee-3g Awards Com- mittee-3g Automobile Club-4 BETTE ANN STALKER August 17, 1946 GAA-2g Pep Squad-5g Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4g Allied Youth-3, 4g Industrial Arts Club-lg Prom Committee-33 Yearbook A IL, Z " B?"""' PETER CHARLES VICKERMAN April 17, 1946 Soccer-1, 23 Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball-23 Baseball-23 Volleyball- 1gGlee Club-3, 41 Allied Youth-3, 43 Audio-Visual Aids-23 Archery Club- 2g Automobile Club-4 'Y' JAMES PATRICK EDWARD THOMPSON April 30, 1946 National Honor Society-2, 3, 4g Weightlifting-2, 35 Allied Youth-3, 4g Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Radio Club-34 Newspaper-2, 3g Debating Club-43 Dramatics Club-43 Senior Play-5, 4g Yearbook FRANCES ELAINE XVARREN November 14, 1946 Q Q1 151' if '34 if? 'Hi' RAYMOND A. WELLS january 30, 1946 Intramurals-4, Weightlifting-1, Gymnastics-2, 3, Volleyball Mana- ger-3,41 Glee Club-1, 2, 5, 4, Allied Youth-5, 4, Prom Committee-3, Dramatics Club-4, Senior Play-4 ELEANOR FULLER WHITEHOUSE August 30, 1946 GAA-2, 3, Majorettes-2, 3, 4, Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth-3, Prom Committee-3, Ring Commit- tee-3, 4, Cooking Club-4, Yearbook Y' VN-7 DONALD STEVEN WEST April 27, 1946 Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager-2, Volleyball-1, 2, 5, 4, Glee Club-5, 4, Allied Youth-3, 4, Archery Club-1, 3, Science Club-2, Future Farmers of America-1, Prom Committee-5 -X H ig! JOHN CONRAD ZWICK March 7, 1945 Football-1, 2, 3, Basketball-1, 2, Vol- leyball-1, 5, 4, Baseball-1, 2, 3, In- tramurals-1, 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics-3, Allied Youth-5, 4, Radio Club-3, Science Club-5, Prom Committee-3, Automobile Club-4 Q 'il Ni X . Y., C.. l 'ff lv underclassmen 5 4 ,- qw' I--rig?-5-ii 1 I X x lqdnq K., , Ht. "P" J R 'L IMX fl 1-uk' -,...X HJ s l . I r 'E 5 ff 1 I N I If . ff. "if .337 Wlflf' l ,f First Row: D. Emprimo, C. Gunzinger, D. Newey, G. Wheeler, A. Wells, M. Van Deusen, J. Barrett. Second Row: K. Gibbs, R. Burnett, C. Shmulsky, M. Smith, L. Wuori, K. Klahn, I.. Bowens. Third Row: H. Riou, C. Stanton, R. Palfini, W. Eichstetlt, M. Percy, S. Rhines, A. Beneat. Fourth Row: R. Bachetti, G. Stenner, J. A. Parker, G. Williams. R. Wilcox, J. Ranzoni, F. Lopez. Fifth Row: J. Dinan, W. Bock, R. Winterbottom, S. Phelps, K. Proctor, D. Smith. CLASS QF 9 IN MEMORIAM Sandra Marguerite Wells y july l9, 1947 4january 5, 1964 I 34 'T ., f 1, G ffl ' - First Row: J. Hitchcock, S. Johnston, M. Masse, H. Anstctr, C. Baracehi. ql. D. Parker. F. -Iolinson Second Row: J. Lipsl-cy, L. Fenn, R. Guicli, S. Dunlop, F. Ball. R. Pence. ml. Rursis. Thirrl R.-it G. Duryea, M. Dempsey, C. Corser, A. Wells, S. Consolini, F. Hill, Ci. Frmrrlr R. it G. Henderson, D. Losaw, W. Deming, A. Bacherri, R. Stover, M. Brute. I, Pine lfrtrlm R.-ur N1 Hennessey, A. Pixley, F. Frengs, E. Grinde. 1. Coles, D. Gibbs. CLASS OFFICERS President tlccl Iipsky' Vice-President Alan lS.1el1e-tri Secretary Crinclicc Ciiriwinger Treasurer ll.1zel Ansrerr Student Council Represent.1tix'e Dlwlm Coles SS I - . - - Q A . First Row: D. Stalker, T. Doane, N. Pekrul, A. Meyer, D. Gunzinger, S. Moulton, -I. Losaw, P. Winters. Second Row: J. Frengs, S. Barnes, G. Small, K. Ball, C. Stevens, C. Tullar, P. Nason, D. Race. Third Row: C. Manghue, G. Crockett, G. Pixley, R. Bettis, C. Fleming, G. Petk, D. Dellea, T. Stevens. Fourth Row: L. White, J. Morandi, W. Robbins, P. Amidon, M. Kirchner, J. Cosgriff, P. Guyler, H. Robbins. CLASS GF CLASS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative 36 First Row: P. Gulotta, B. Ball, M. Quenneville, W. Schoonmaker, M. Mielkc, R. Duryca. D. Page-. C Zucco. Second Row: Z. Carter, K. Brown, S. McNWhirt, E. Cronk, S. Fleuhcr. I.. Ilxrnnm. C. Klxgncy D. West. Third Row: K. Emprimo, C. Bartzsch, M. Bock, L. Tidball. H. Chase, V, FIIIIKU. M. S.1dr'r.1 P. Lefhngwell. Fourth Row: P. Thompson, A. Van Deusen, S. Cary. J. Palnni, B. Src-mm. D. Prnc N. Sindler, V. Jenssen, M. Boardman. Fifth Row: M. Landry, E. Olmsted, G. Munir-an. D, Flynn E. Clouser, R. Daggett, N. Kinzie. .1966 OFFICERS Sharon Barnes I Judith Van Dcusen Nancy Pekrul Deborah Gunzinger Roberta Gilmore N First Row S DeLand K Lemme L Tenn G Wurmri L Shepard D Smith J Clarke, 1. Clarke, B. Voshurgh Seqond Row J Ranoldc D Stexens M Smfill E Hinkey P Firth K. Arienti, . das. Q R D Van Deuscn R Butltr L Mazcrallc Th1rtlRovx lx Frcngs L Gulotta C Stowtr,G.lN1ager, . Brooks 1 Tucker 1 Funk R Ruthel E Cirr B Dodac Fourth Rim H Crlnc H. Hughes, T. Smith D Gudrtha D Duryea T Shmulsky C Burnett B Phillips P Cronk W Brunt. CLASS OF CLASS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative First Row: V. Bailey, C. Fay, D. Stalker, L. Marchand, A. Hamilton, N. Stalker, Ci, Srt-nrwaltl. F Dempsey. Second Row: I-I. Lanoue, A. Higgins, S. Scholz, K. Vfilhtir, XV. Chapin, li. Dunlop. R Johnston, A. Borg. Third Row: M. Barrier, R. Pautnr, S. Van Dt-risen, G. Ovitr, T. Bntkltty. S Cary, R. Stenner, M. Parker. Fourth Row: R. Messer, R. Sauntlt-rs. -I. Ovirt, XV. NY' Breznick, B. Agar, J. Zwick, J. Simpson, R. Bailey. 196 OFFICERS George Mager William Dodge Sara Scholz Kay Betty Leining Thomas Smith 39 First Row: C. Hall, M. Beneat, j. Drury, R. Preiss. K. Packlirk, UI. Schneider, E. Smith, V. Fry, C. Kimball. Second Row: S. Caul, L. Klein, S. Farnum, M. Wing, P. Van Deusen, L. Warren, A. Higgins, C. Grabmeier, D. Green. Third Row. M. Paul. K. Brazee, B. Machia, S. Brooks, P. Dclmolino, K. Anderson, R. Chase, M. Malnati, B. Coons. Fourth Row: E, Pczzee, T. Munhall. D. XX'right, M. Liebsch, W. Klahn. C. Lihou, T. Brown, L. Peck. 40 CLASS UF CLASS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative I , First Row: S. Turner, F. Higgins, J. Johnston, J. Collins, D. Crockett, M. Agar. T. Hewins. IT. Hall A. Agar. Second Row: J. Clouser, E. Moore, B. Burdsall, B. Tichenor, R. lNIanghue. R. Letlirigwr-ll R. Dozier, J. Golden, E. Goble. Third Row: P. Rhoades, S. Farnum, G. Landry, I.. Sturges, D Campbell, E. Harvey, R. Duryea, G. Shepard, D. Snyder. Fourth Row. bl. Ncwron, S. Goble. R Bailey, F. Mielke, T. Gunzinger, W. Chapin, R. Marion, D. Pixley. Fifth Row: D. Lakcy. nl. Dozicr J. Bennett, W. McWhirt, B. Mazeralle, B. Emberlin, T. Manghue, L. Schoonmalcer. 968 OFFICERS Frank Higgins Cheryl Hall Sherry Caul Martha Wing Arnold Whitehouse lil 4? 4h.,.,j i First Row: J. Smith, V. Liebsch, B. Ball, G. Hutchins, C. Stalker, I. Ives, D. Holmes, G. McPeak. Second Row: T. Cruikshank, K. Guartha, D. Smith, R. I-Iankey, F. Fmmons, B. Markham, J. Warner, S. Cushman. Third Row: M. Machia, N. Pshenishny, R. Wheeler, F. Rood, D. Van Deusen, C. Zucco, D. Brazie, C. Dodge. Fourth Row: F. Shumulsky, P. Pezze. J. Marchand, K. Crockett, S. Barrier, S. Gage, N. Hinman, P. Welch. Fifth Row: A. Goble, A. Wiutiri, C. Eichstedt, R. Cronk, R. Bali, D. Lopez, B. Butler, M. Williams. CLASS OF CLASS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative 42 S -4 .1 "A A - A - - First Row: W. Carton, C. Drumm, C. Agar, S. Gillette, T. Klein, S. Van Dcusen, D. Hanltcy. W. Field Second Row: P. Funk, I-I. Campbell, D. Kelsey, K. Wheeler, F. Gulntta, R. MacKenzie. P. XY'ei,ule R. White. Third Row: L. Scholz, R. Carter, P. Irvine, P. Kaufmann. UI. Bennett, R. XY'ri,uht. F Duryea, J. Van Deusen. Fourth Row: R. Taylor, T. Brooks, V. Ullrith, M. Finn. T. Knltlys. N Peterson, B. Morandi. Fifth Row: A. Wells, T. Sindler, N. Stalker, B. D. XY'in,u. N. Clark 6 9 OFFICERS Philip Amidon Robert White Suzanne Newey David Smith Patricia Granfield 413 M-vu-.4 . E xf i tic5 . . . 5 jg, fc Q 'ilk A HCUVIUGS . gl -LL, E f f x 'X ix ALLIED YOUTH Sponsor: Miss Stowe Q A .4 A ,L M L A A A n A- GIRLS COOKING CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Larkin gm' GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Sponsor: Mrs. Wheeler I 46 BRIDGE CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Trocchi INTRAMURALS Sponsor: Mr. Maghery iii ' 7' Spomorz N1r.Olcun 4 DRABTATICS CLUB Sponsors: Miss Stowe and Mrs. Kcefner +1 Q Sponsor: Mr. Herlihy N f LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Howard Sponsored by SHEFFIELD PLASTICS, INC., SHEFFIELD Sponsors: Mr. Dunham and Mr. Chase Yr, 'P HALL MONITORS -...J -i'jQQ5iQZz. SKI Sponsors: Mr. Inrk and Mr. Hcrlihy Mass fui Sponsored by AVALON SCHOOL AND CAMP. MONTEREY NEXYVSPAPER CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Rhoades STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor: Mr. Trocchi my 'Q BOYS INDUSTRIAL ARTS Sponsor: Mr. Shiminski T IIIIIT P Sponsored by GLADYS B, NVILLETS, NEW MARLBORO AWARD Donald Gibbs, james McGarry, Ward Schoonmaker x E211 f l l l fg 4... BOYS' STATE C1bs.J Karl Barrzcch. Philip Gunzinger, Richard Ruthcl, Harry Conklin, STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY Erick Grincle NATIONAL MERIT LETTERS OF COMMENDATION l. 'D v Cynthia Hunt. Harry Conklin ALL STATE Rwlwrr lhkgkgit Cynthia Hunt, Editor-in-Chiefg Marlene Hendrick, Assistant Editor, Wendy Hamilton, Features, Seth Lipslty, Assistant Editorg Harry Conklin, Lireraryg Karl Barrzsch, Photography, Pauline Clarke, Art, Richard Kratlel, Sports, Theodore French, Music. MEMBERS YE RBGQK CL B STAFF -.Iv I!! l 52 NATIO AL H0 GR UCIETY AURIG CH PTER SEN IORS Linda Wuori Sharon Barnes Richard Stover Victoria Jenssen james Thompson Norman Kinzie Erick Grinde Theodore French MEMBERS Timothy Farnum Hilda Chase i5T.lI1C'I3O.1HC 1Yitc-Pros 1 ii..1Fl'X'c'UIliiiiI1 iPru 1 Christine Bartzsch Ku! Hirrntlw 1 Trc.1w v Susan Arzr linda Hoffman Cihci'yl B.1t.1cchi Susan Pcnzincr Chcryl Clnrns Sponsored by THE VILLAGE GREEN fVXIHili.liiUI1I :Sur ' Cl1r1st1r1cC'.n'x' .XIHLI Kicwr Cflmhw XY'htcicr XY'tr1tixaH.arn:l:wi1 LUNCHEONETTE. SHEFFIELD lx: 'WI ' i -5-' Y' -vii 44' 5 A4 .,--4- 4' 47, ,. 4-4-4--lf :" nf 4-,, - 4- Y-J' I 4+-r 4, ,Q 1 .lil iii N , N A a I n A s Q . L,-J ,' I l i 1 ' g'-3433? 14 X ' 'I ir: ' X r, E V 5 If .Qt - 1 0 pm- '. . E IOR PLAY Directed by Miss Stowe f 35 4. 4 JB ss ,A ip, - F X 54 , ' '1-gagyuWmamw11251f5Vr44!iffi1i::::fv:zmf.'a:1r,nczuwszruliihrnmraznzazirm .- NWVK'-im' .. - - 1ni,5QfL,m.hLf- ..'u:::::.m' I1 mi-11-r.-'.......... 'X I XS!! f FY -,--1-.1 Une Foot in Heaven X r'x. tis. by Hartzell Spence 4 J! , mn X -1 W-.. uw! .A 'A was -if 'X i'-LU W f ig., T vw Q ,g:' FT. r H ,E X dixklf Xxfirx J ii-' l Une Foot in Heaven by Q X. Kg 9 1 r' . IJ I Piartxul Xb' 1 51 n L ,,,,f A J 4 fe 1 K 9 'x .ka , ,,u. X ' 1 LJ AN S I .y if 9, 56 1 41' w ,if 4 Y E3 X -lr ,lf X.: jr 4 'V- P' 7 xi: ,Vx W fe' M15 L? '51 F M 4 i '-4 ff 1 1 , M "" M' h 1' N, -4 A ' I ! 1 n X 3, I' 'Q 'xi , , , , '."iidm,. an F ?1 ja X v fi1' , 15 F1 il A .fit music: . . . 'Y' w l l I I x l 4 fjxl f ff ' I ' ' , -4" u , 4 J x - - :ff X . 5 f:3 ff' Jig: , M s , f K? 'SX .fb wi f" -'f w- Ax ,ff W 1' Q A S9 PEP BAN First Row: S. Rhines, D. Losaw W. Dodge, G. Stover, B. Burclsall Director Ellis. Second Row: B Tichenor, H. Conklin, M. Brazie T. French, Third Row: E. John son, T. Gunzinger, N. Kinzie, B Kop. Fourth Row: R. Winter bottom, D. Emprimo, R. Stover W. Bock, C. Burnett. Sponsored by CUSTOM EXTRUSION, INC., SHEFFIELD lp GLRE Cll B WE TER DI TRICT ze, .Q mg: 5, 'h T? R. Daggctt, F. Noursc, L. Hoffman. SPODSOICCI by LES AND BONNIE ULRICH ANU THE BOYS AN MAIORETTE C. Manghue, M. Boardman, F. Xwhitchousc, H. Chase,C.Gunzir1ger Sponsored by ASHLEY FALLS ANTIQUES X 1"" 4.-Sf '2Wi'vf,,, Yearbook Photography by LORINCQ STITDIOS J A- ,4-wr sxwxik l RX U I 1, 1 H J, IV' -., GH .. HW-W' '3?5?e4 23365611 64 , ,V Xsilr 2 J T' FDOTBALL TEAM rf Q , 'l Lk 1 1 9 i ' .... ' I 5-4 First Row: C. Higgins, M. Kirchner, W. Chapin, T. Williams, Z. Carter, Co-Captain Shove, J. Rutsis, D. Emprimo. Second Row: P. Amiclon, M. Landry, G. Henderson, F. Lopez, R. Cook Co-Captain Gunzinger, H. Robbins, Coach Maghery. Third Row: C. Richards, P. Smith, N. Kinzie, J. McGarry, R. Ruthel, R. Kradel, W. Bock, F. Frengs. K4 Y 'Uv he 'Y 9 JL., First Row: D. Newey, N. Stalker, Co-Captain Nourse, Co-Captain Doane, W. Dodge, S. DeLand K. Frengs. Second Row: D. Brooks, H. Crine, G. Williams, C. Manghue, R. Bachetti, A. Bachetti G. Crockett. Third Row: D. Duryea, C. Burnett, W. Robbins, G. Mager, T. Smith, J. Coles, E Johnson. Sponsored by SHEFFIELD PLASTICS, SHEFFIELD rf CRGSS-COUNTRY TEAM y QLVIQVO 2 se .3af'Q 1 EU Q ' mann C if N gf? vi. iz f I Qt wg! I 1:1679 V funn First Row: S. Cary, S. Dunlop. Second Row: Co- Captain Price, B. Dunlop. Third Row: H. Phelps, L Gulotta, J. Parker. Fourth Row: Co-Captain Proctor G. Moulton, E. Carr. 1-3. E' . 'UB K 0- 5 F6450 Qiiiiiiv GYMNASTIC TEAM First Row: G. Henderson, S. Babcock, R. Burnett, D. Gunzingcr, C. Batacchi, P. Gunzinluer. Second Row: D. Newey, S. Cary, Z. Carter, J. Morandi, EI. Rursis. Third Row: K. Bartzsch, AI. Dinan, 1. Lipsky, M. Smith, K. Gibbs, J. Gage. KETB LL - U A 'S 5 , ' ' 7 - il 1 . i - l ' ' i N .. Q , -" L. ' Q . x 4 i .x xxX . ul In - ,. 1' 19 6 4 VARSITY N . R First Row: D. Emprimo, M. Landry, C. Higgins, J. Cosgriff, J. Ranzoni, L. White, H. Robbins. Second Row: Coath Lark, G, Moulton, W. Schoonmaker, NI. Coles, Captain McGarry, D. Gibbs, R. Bacherti, D. Price, Coach Chamberland. JUNIOR VARSITY 1 I i , F l M 23 ,31 First Row1 D, Emprimo, B, Dunlop, G. Magcr, T. Doanc, K. Frcngs, XXV Dodge, H. Robbins. Sctoriti Row: Coach Cjhamberland, L. Gulotta, -I. Palfini, H. Crinc, D. Duryca, I.. Sthnoomakcr, E. Carr, C Burnt-tt, 'I'. Smith, D. Brooks, Coath Lark. Sponsored by SHEFFIELD PHARMACY, SHEFFIELD ii GLLEYB LL TEAM Q AW M ' Q r ' A' , A Ng EW wr X EV! Q3 EW 6 M776 ,SEQ SWE 5 Q L S 4? 9 as 5 f X 5 ' wg -4 Q i Ci X is H G ' U sl , XI , Y , 5 ,L Vx if f A ' U Af + 5 lf' , 3 ff s 'N so A XX ' H 'HQ' " Q 'Ii ' mi A ' 'W L .vg A L A WEL U A - if - 'msg' VV ,. my x Na E: if U A ' A A .A ff ' 1 2 L E . A. W '. ff' EQ A BASEBALL TEA Y I i 1 I I 4 Sponsored by DAVE'S MOBIL STATION, SI-IEFFIELD r c' 7- . ' ,Q IV I J. Gage, C. Boice, C. Batacchi, S. Peck, S. Sellew, C. Zucco, J. Rhinesmith, C. Doane, Captain Wendy Hamilton. CHEERLE DER i 4 .iv I S. Babcock, D. Delmolino, D. Gunzinger, S. Moulton, S. Penziner, D. Doane, C. Gun zinger, K. Gibbs, Captain Cynthia Hunt. sponsored by MT. EVERETT LUMBER INC., SHEFFIELD If .AUX gr fx 1 'vf N ,,f Mrs. Arzr Mrs. Stephens Mrs. Srrecrer THEY HELP TUG .... Q'-sr 15 iflin 'I CUSTODIANS Mr. Love, Mr. Arzt, Head Custodiang Mr. Rooney. .kiyif Bus Drivers X-VV' 1 1 Oo vm an ,sawn lx , . x L V . if X , J fa f' g -5 , .T I I f 'U-3' I.I 'Nfl IROON1 ST.-N FI" Mrs. Hinos. Mrs Clhnwru, Nw C-:rms 71 Mrs N1.1r1-rn, Hrs 'X.?.arus. IYrr:.1,a junior Fire Marshalls tell us that only competent electricians should install or extend wiring. They will see if more circuits are needed for additional appliances or lights. Also have them check old wiring. For insurance protection for your home, school, auto or business, consult: CARLTON W. FRENCH INSURANCE SERVICE SHEFFIELD, MASS. Compliments' of 1 SHEFFIELD, MASS. AUTO REPAIRS General Repairs On All Makes o Tune Ups o Ignition Work o Mufflers Brake 8: Electrical Work GT. BARRINGTON 849 A in Bruno Bachetti 1 Proprietor N I State Road ' Great Barrington I ' 'T Esso BACHETTI'S STATION SHEFFIELD MOTORS, INC. Your Local Rambler and Rambler American Dealer Come in and Test Drive the 1964 Rambler Today Telephone 229-8789 ROUTE 7 SHEFFIELD SPONSORS DR. EDWARD BROLLI DR. A. C. SMITH DR. FORBES S. ADAMS DR. THOMAS J. GILLIGAN FRANK J. THOMPSON, C.P.A. DR. PERCY ROBERTS DR. ELEANOR HAMILTON ATTY. SIDNEY Q. CURTISS The Staff wishes to express our sincere appreciation to our Advertisers and Page Sponsors. Their financial support has helped make The '64 AURIGAN a success. 7 3 CYNTHIA HYNT Editor-in-Chief HARLAND B. FOSTER INC. Refrigeration - Air Conditioning Oil Heating - Electrical Eqiiipnzent Harilware 15 BRIDGE STREET Tel. 698W or 564 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. GULOTTA'S SERVICE STATION Azito Repairing ancl Wheel Balancing - Lubrication - Wafhiiig ancl Waxing TIRES AND ACCESSORIES SANTI GULOTTA, Prop. Phone 229-8878 SHEFFIELD f -:- MASS. C ornplirnentf of WILLIAM C. GULICK, V.M.D. and MARGUERIT B. GULICK, V.M.D GREAT BARRINGTON MASSACHUSETTS 5:55 1:38 L -Q Sh. 5' if? E. ,Q WHEELER 8-'TAYLOR, Inc. A 21 A , A REALESTATE-INSURANCE A, Elf ' fag cam BARRINGTON,MASS. f. 'Z 4' ' E' 4 . .- ,,..,--- in TH: names:-nn: HILLS -S' flglpuoug omg 1 ...N Sponsor of BUILDING STRUCTURES COURSE OF THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Ben' Wifbef to the E. M. RYDER, Inc. Class of '64 -fEU"ELERS- MILL RIVER STORE LEE BARNES + and JAMES WARE :si M.-mx STRITIQT , CQRI1.-YI' IIARRINCYISOX. MASS. ' U70 Sell to Plcafd' 'S Dlbtinvtive Gifts jbr Gracious Living, fir Crarious Giving Pi x ? .51 A complete source for China, Glass, Dinnerware, Clocks, Candles, Lamps 8a Lighting Fixtures, Baskets 84 Pottery, Woodenware, Pewter, Brass 84 Copper, Door Stops, Hitching Posts, Weather- vanes, Braided 8a Hooked Rugs,Woven Coverlets, Place Mats8t Table Linens, P QTY? . 5 'ig iufiaffigv ' ' inserfziii X 'xx OPEN EVERY DAY Gourmet Cookware, Colonial Hard- ware, Franklin Stoves, Andirons Sc Fireplace Equipment,Pictures. Wall Hangings, Mechanical Banks, Excit- ing Imports, Decorative Accessories, Documentary Fabrics Sa Wallpapers, Upholstered 3a Early American Furn- iture, Authorized "Colonial Williams- burg" and "Henry Ford Museum Collection uctions, Authentic Americana. Revapturv l2fst0ry011r's Nostalgia at g Seth ga J' ed's Country Store Herbs and Spices Gourmet Foods owupashioned Maple Products -or ff' --'--- -- ...,, ,jail Candy Choice Cheeses gm 3 6 Imported Delicacies Jams and Jellies e' Ag in Apothecary Jars I:Te'.v' IEng1a11c1's Annericana lxffarketplace GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS . In the Big Red Barns on Stockbridge Road, Route 7 l Mile North of Great Barrington Telephone: Gt. Barr. 1500 Remvmbvr, you hava'n't svvn tha' Bvrkshirvs if you hllI'l'n'! 50011 IHNIFICR HOUSE! 76 BREWER BROS. INC. Aumomzen DEALER CHRYSLER V 1 Mmons convonmon CANAAN, CONN, 874-7019 Compliments of ..IOHNNY'S RESTAURANT Telephone TAylor 4-7658 CANAAN CONNECTICUT 501 09, TACONIC BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., INC .1 . "Mon Ererytbifzg In B1rild1'1zg Alatcrilzlf' A af!l"'l' I . I And All Your Glass and Mnrror Needs For Glass - Phone 85 - Building Materials - Phono 600 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS FRIENDLY ICE CREAM SHOP 148 MAIN STREET GREAT BARRINGTON. MASSAC1III'SIT'I"I'S Qmzlifj Ive Cr'c'.1m .WJ 5.111.111 helm 77 DWIGHT FORD'S GARAGE, INC. Your INTERNATIONAL Dealer FARM IMPLEMENTS - TRACTORS MOTOR TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE Tel. 229-8-151 MAIN STREET, SHEFFIELD, MASS. BROVERMAN'S MARKET THE BERKSHIRE C O U R I E R MEATS AND GROCERIES SOUTH BERKSHIRE? HOME NEWSPAPER "From a Shoe Lace M617-Bom,-, SINCE 1834 Commercial Printing Phone 757 of Diflinction STATE ROAD GREAT BARRINGTON MASS. Telepheee 115 78 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS FARSHAW AND COMPANY GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS HOUSE OF GADGETS Office Supplies - Gifts - Greeting Cards Compliment! of CONKLIN LIMESTONE, INC. GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Electrical C 07Zfl'6ZClf1Zg BARRINGTON ELECTRIC SHOP 291 MAIN STREET GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. H. G. Morelli hI'clc-plmunc Cozzzpfizzzwzff of MARCELLA'S YARN SHOP GREAT BARRINC QTON. MASS 79 J 0 H N MI N T Z GENERAL TRUCKING .sl BACKHOE WORK SHEFFIELD, MASS. Tel. 229-8947 Complimefztf of LEONARD'S CLEANERS, INC: Telephone 96 26 RAILROAD STREET GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. GILLIGAN BROTHERS CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS SHEFFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Compliment! of MACY'S GARAGE SHEFFIELD, MASS. 80 HIGH FIDELITY MAGAZINE GREAT BARRINGTON MASSACHUSETTS SHEFFIELD FARM SUPPLY Tel. 229-8767 Ford Tractors and Equipment De Laval Milkers New Holland Harvesrers "jeep" and Toyota 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles Fart Service SHEFFIELD, MASS. SHELLY FINK ARTIST ALFORD, MASS. Conzpfimevztr of KERSEY'S MARKET SHIZFFIEIAD. MASS. Congratulations and WALLY'S TRUCKING Best of Luck in the Years Ahead SE RVIC E r n 'If ,- JOX Telephone 229-8940 THE HOME GAS CORPCRATION OF GREAT BARRINGTON MASSACHUSETTS KENVER SKI and SPORTS CENTER 13 RAILROAD STREET GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. Phone 669 Sporting Goody For All Compliment! of GEORGETTES BEAUTY SHOP Telephone 229-6411 SHEEFIELD, MASS. 82 Good Luck To All And Our Grateful Thanks To The Students Who Were On Our Staff During Their School Years Jug Sud in Hue Berkqhirm EDWARD B. DOLBY FLORIST F-2 RESTAURANT Flowery For All Occasions SHIZFFIELD. IWASS. Phone 230 or 626 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS, 85 N 1 mn IVANHOE 110 GUESTS :- r f1f ..f,S C0 IQ- . Sz"- S. TX I en U A pw? 2 4' op Azz HOUSE ,, W Q ' X Complimefztr of LIMESTONE FARM A. G. Brewer - R. I. Brewer MILL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS MARIE 8. JOSEPH SEGALLA'S C O W E N SERVICE STATION SHEFFIELD POTTERY ROUTE 7 SHEFFIELD, MASS. CANAAN, CONN. 84 DEMPSEY'S GARAGE, INC. PONTlAl'... 42 BRIDGE STREET - In Southern Berkshire SINCE 1926 Telephone 226 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone SHeff'leld 229-2117 ASHLEY FALLS MONUMENTAL WORKS VIIZZ IZIZZllzz:.,,:VIl:,ZZirli,:,:::i::,:,l,,:::AIWu:Zi... EAST MAIN STREET .QBARRE ASHLEY FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS William B. Hall, Propriezor 'AIA . .'.1,E.l.1,.:.:.,L1.S,f,1.Z1.f.:.:.::::::-11,1'-1f1:11:2 ll Memorialf 0fFi1ze Qzmlill Monuments g"E"'E3'f!7iQ' ...:'f -' : . 2l4-.,f'Y'- , T 4 2? If-Y J F. WARD'S NURSERY iw ,gmgmmrl L. '.g1i0f""f-: A 1 "- ' 'J I--" Akai -1 ' 1 AND GARDEN CENTER GREAT BARRINGTON MASSACHUSETTS the Meadows oifr"sT55'5T Shcffizld, Massachusetts noun 1 sour: or ann auuznmron GIFTS SL'ITABLF FOR ALL OCC.'1,9IONS CHINA GLASS STAINITSS STIYEI ITINIQ DINNER WARE Over 5lNlp.1rrcrr1SroLhooSc from 'IL-lr.'XrL.1CmlcAlI42217-S744 85 HAMMER PLUMBING FARMERETTE sl-lop QWARE 81 "For Clotber That Are Fun To Wear' Tel. 112 RAILROAD STREET HILLSDALE, NEKW YORK CREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. Compliment! of JOHN A. BIANCHI 8. COMPANY MENS ami BOYS' CLOTHING Phone TA 4-7608 CANAAN - CONNECTICUT Complimevztr of KAUTTU'S PHARMACY Carl E. Kauttu, Regirtereczf Pbfzrnmcirt Prescription Specialist . Rf-HABLt , . Tel. 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