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For Reference Not to be taken from this library the I 9 6 3 , Eeosofoh 2 o fi gf' ri gf kq""1Rn.t-5080 at LIRIGA Published by the CLASS OF 1963 MOUNT EVERETT REGIONAL SCHOOL Sheiiield, Massachusetts AURIGAN is a name derived from Auriga, TABLE OF a five star constellation. The five stars are ADMINISTRATION 81 FACULTY SENIORS representative of the five towns which com- UNDERGR ADU A1-'ES prise the Southern Berkshire Regional ACTIVITIES SPORTS School DiStI'iCt. ADVERTISEINIENTS FCJREWORD ..' ,.,44Jix -A. A i at ' wg t . t "Don't Give Up The Ship" Because we, the class of 1963, feel that our school is operated somewhat like a ship, we have chosen a ship for our yearbook theme. Aboard the U.S.S. Amiga the faculty keeps everything in ship-shape condition, the students, like a crew, always work together. We realize that our high school career has not all been smooth-sailing. But, like sailors on a ship, we have "manned the boat", had a successful voyage, and enjoyed our four-year sojourn. 2 DEDICATION r I a n I 9 v . 5 Q r 1"" B W, Lark Senior Class Advisor ert University of Rhode Island, BS. University of Illinois, MS. Vile, the class of 1963, take great pleasure in dedicating our yearbook to Mr. Lark. Throughout our high school years, his guidance and understanding have helped us through many obstacles. Wfe appreciate his efforts, for without them, we may never have achieved many of our goals. Through this means we would like to thank him for all his endeavors on our behalf. 3 7 ,lm-nn ., ,Ax 'I il Yt'l9l nun 'liill vi Graduation from high school is an important event in your lives. It is a time of reflection on the past, examination of the present, and anticipation of the future. During the past, your home, church, school, and other community institutions and agencies have provided an en- vironment within which basic facts and skills were acquired, an understanding of the important concepts of our system of life was provided, and a respect for and appreciation of moral and cultural standards and transcendent values were instilled. The present is a period of transition from adolescence to mature adulthood. It is composed of the swift series of events which lead to further education, employment, the establishment of a home, and the assumption of the re- sponsibilities of parenthood and full citizenship. The future is always eagerly anticipated by youth. Unlimited opportunities and challenges in this land of abundance and freedom await you. Your future literally rests in your hands, hearts and minds. Our best wishes as you continue on the journey of life. Bon voyage. Sincerely, George H. Daniel Superintendent SHIP'S 4' Dear Seniors: Congratulations! As you look back over twelve years of education, you can readily see much that you have accomplished in school. You have learned to write and to speak effectively, to reason and to think, to under- stand the physical world and to use mathematics, to know something of man's social, political, economic and artistic endeavors, and to improve your health and physical strength. You will need to continue to learn for the world changes ever more rapidly and new skills and knowledge are needed. And, of course, you have really just begun to understand the world and to develop the best possible skills. But there are many things that are not so easy to see. You have learned how to get along with others and what to expect of them and yourself. I believe that you have come to value honesty, fair play, and kindness in others and that you strive for these things in yourselves. If my belief is correct, then the future is in good hands. By best and warmest regards to you. Good luck. Sincerely, C. Newlon Principal OFFICERS Dear Seniors: It is traditional that each graduating class receive mes- sages from speakers, principals, public ofhcials, etc. To many of you, these really leave little lasting impressions. Usually, you have more interesting and important things on your mind at the time. Consequenty, I wonder how effective my letter is going to be. I hope you all read this and that it will be effective. The biggest and most important task facing you is the development of a sincere sense of moral right and, further more, realization of your obligation toward your children in this respect. As I see it, this is the biggest task facing our country. We parents have failed you in this respect. We are too willing to overlook things which we know are not right. But the truth of the matter is you are hurt. You are learning it is perfectly all right to lower standards - it is perfectly all right to break the law a little bit. This will only stop when the adults of the country become convinced that it isn't all right to do these things. Then and only then can we as a country begin to move forward again. I As I said before, I hope you read this and, more important, I hope it means something to you. If it does, you should find yourself re-reading it many times over. My most sincere best wishes go to each one of you. Sincerely, A. J. Trocchi Vice-Principal Y77 GUIDANCE: Left to right - Virginia Lea Stowe, The Kings College, B.A., Boston University School of Social Work, M.S., john J. Shea, American International College, A.B., University of Massachusetts, Ed.M.g Lillian Preiss, Radcliffe College, William E. Mielke, Director, Harvard, B.A., Boston University, Ed.M., Columbia University, Gerald N. Kriedberg, Boston University, A.B., M.S. ' J F' I-an r r V , AW. , W LIBRARY: Mrs.Lucile Howard FRENCH: Mary Heather, Manhattan- ART: George T. May, Massachusetts ville College, B.A., Fordham University, College of Art, B.S.E., M.E. M.A. 6 Z7 Nl ff? ENGLISH: Left to right - Barbara B. Rhoades, University PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Richard Mag- of Massachusetts, B.S.g Nina Mennone, Brooklyn College, hery, Boston University, B.S., Ed.M.g Lynn B.A., Yale, M.A., Middlebury College, Bridgeport University. Rice, Southern Connecticut State College, B.A. 71 CL ENGLISH 8z SOCIAL STUDIES: Left to right - W. Brent Ferriter, American International College, A.B.g Phebe Eisenberg, New York University, B.A., M.A.g john P. Cicchetti, North Adams State College, B.S, A I K I , K. MUSIC: Arthur I-I. Ellis, Boston Uni- MATHEMATICS: Left to right - versity, B. Mus. Ed. William J. Rice, University of North Carolina, A.B.g Robert L. Dunham, Uni- 7 versity of Maine, B.S.Ed. tr -Q. HOME ECONOMICS: Phyllis L. Larkin, Sim- mons, B.S. W I 1 V-,T A 25? 518 K - N r , i.. +' ' , pl In lrligii it K ,. X' , A BUSINESS: Ailene Dullea, State College of Salem, Massachusetts, B.S., University of Hart- ford, M.S.g William J. Fennell, Suffolk Uni- versity, B.S., Boston University, M.Ed. INDUSTRIAL ARTS: James Shiminslci, Fitchburg State College, B.S.E. SCIENCE: Bert W. Lark, University of Rhode Island, B.S., University of Illinois, M.S.g Raymond Chamberland, University of Notre Dame, A.B.1 Peter Chase, Kent State University. B.S., University of Southern California. X J -,i "T y...- HISTORIES: John J. Kennedy, Westheld State College, B.S.g james Herlihy, American International College, B.A., M.A. 'D 'H Q ?u I I ....ii..1 -N 'lk 1-'-'in-Q 11"'l1-11-:J 4 ----------,-0-Q' ..., ...J gala'-4" .-"Q . fovf' qv I1 V aww' Wy,-,,,,, ,JZ V v""" 'ws -9 - '2 ,lin-il R 4-nu-I """I 'Cf """" l-3-ihAlQ Q.. SANDRA JEANNE BACHETTI "Jean" serene: .renrible BIRTHDATE: December 31, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Shefheld, Mass. AMBITION: Marriage ACTIVITIES: Dramatics I: Science Club 1' G.A.A. 1, 2, 5: Glee Club 2, 5, 4: Tumbling 2: Driver Education 3: Yearbook 4: Senior Play 4: Prom Committee 3. SANDRA KAY AGAR "Sandy" .fparklingg .fociable BIRTHDATE1 May 8, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Shefiield, Mass. AMBITION: Surgical Nurse ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Tumbling 2: Driver Education 3: Prom Committee 33 Allied Youth 4: Yearbook 4: Senior Play 4. l MARY ANN BERNOI ..Mary,. cooperatirep compared BIRTHDATE: April 18, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Shefheld, Mass. AMBITION: Trip to France: Business School ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Newspaper Club 3, 4: Prom Committee 33 Driver Education 3: Yearbook 4: Pep Squad 4: Allied Youth 4. 10 NANCY ANN CHAMBERLIN "Nan" easygoingy efficient BIRTHDATE: March 10, 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH: New Marlboro, Mass. AMBITION: Hairdresser ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Prom Com- mittee 33 Allied Youth 4g Yearbook 4. JAMES MICHAEL CAGNEY "Moose" adventurousg ajfable BIRTHDATE: August 11, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: New Marlboro, Mass. AMBITION: Service ACTIVITIES: Baseball Manager 1g Archery 1, 39 Future Farmers of America 1, 2g Boys' Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 35 Driver Education 3g Soccer 4, Yearbook 45 Allied Youth 4. .v JAMES SHERMAN CHASE, JR. ..Jim,, scholarly: .rcbool-spirited BIRTHDATE: April 15, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Lewiston, Maine AMBITION: Civil Engineer ACTIVITIES: Football Manager 1, 2, 55 Basket- ball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 1: Student Council 2g Glee Club 5, 4g Boys' Intramurals 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Senior Play 4: Yearbook 4, Cross Country 4. 11 DOROTHY LAURA CURTIS ..DOtW,. cute: carefree BIRTHDATE: June 28, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Canaan, Conn. AMBITION: Nurse ACTIVITIES: Twirling Club 13 Science Club 13 G.A.A. 13 Class Secretary 13 Radio Club 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Display Club 23 Majorette 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Ring Committee 33 Yearbook 43 Senior Play 4. -1:5 HAROLD SAMUEL CRUIKSHANK "Harold" rociableg sincere BIRTHDATE: February 28, 1945 PLACE OE BIRTH: Southfield, Mass. AMBITION: Air Force ACTIVITIES: Agriculture Club 3 Archery 1, 31 Wrestling 1, 43 Photography 13 Model Making lg Driver Education 33 Boys' Intramurals 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Hall Monitor 43 Gymnastics 4. N LAWRENCE HENRY DAVIS "Larry" mildg merry BIRTHDATE: March 13, 1945 PLACE OE BIRTH: Mill River, Mass. AMBITION: Navy ACTIVITIES: Archery 1, 3g Display Club 23 Agriculture Club 23 Yearbook 43 Hall Monitor 4. 12 Y-r SUSAN KAY DOANE "Sue" attractiveg ambitious BIRTHDATE: August 20, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Freeport, L. I., N. Y. AMBITION: College ACTIVITIES: Tumbling 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, Chess Club lg Student Council 1, Art Club 1, G.A.A. 2, 35 Display Club 3g Ski Club 3, 4g Cheerleader 3, 4, Prom Committee 39 National Honor Society 3, 4g Yearbook 4. PAULA ANN DELMOLINO "Paula" z'emztile,' vivaciour BIRTHDATE: May 26, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Shemeld, Mass. AMBITION: Beautician and Marriage ACTIVITIES: Class Vice-President lg Art Club 1, 2g Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, Tumbling 2, Display Club 2, Driver Education 35 G,A.A. 33 Prom Committee 33 Yearbook 4, Newspaper 43 Senior Play 4. Yup, X BETTY LOU DOZIER "Doge" friendlyg fun-loving BIRTHDATE: january 6, 1946 PLACE OF BIRTH: Piper, Alabama AMBITION: Nurse or Dancer ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 39 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Driver Education 3g G.A.A. 4g Gymnastics 4 Yearbook 4, Allied Youth 4. 13 MARTHA ELLEN EDWARDS "Mardi" friendlyg faithful BIRTHDATE: September 28, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, Mass. AMBITION: Secretary: Marriage ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. 2: Driver Education 33 Prom Committee 33 Yearbook 4: Senior Play 4. -M JOHN KARL EDELMAN "John" .fociableg Jemible BIRTHDATE: May 27, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Springfield, Mass. AMBITION: Laboratory Technician ACTIVITIES: Choristers I, 25 Track 2: Archery 3: Prom Committee 35 Allied Youth 4: Radio Club 45 Yearbook 4g Hall Monitor. T ELIZABETH GREENLEE FINKE Liz artixticg ambitiouf BIRTHDATE: March 6, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Washington, D. C. AMBITION: Commercial Artist ACTIVITIES: Prom Committee 33 Art Club 3 Glee Club 35 Driver Education 43 Yearbook 4 Allied Youth 4. 14 RICHARD JOSEPH FITCH "Dick" generousg genial BIRTHDATE: April 21, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Ashley Falls, Mass. AMBITION: journalism ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1, Zg Baseball 1, 53 Soccer Manager 5: Glee Club 5, 4: Class Vice President 33 Prom Commtitee 33 Yearbook 4: Senior Play 4: Hall Monitor 4g Allied Youth 4. THOMAS ALLEN GAGE "Tom" 'Ui' lifelyy likeable BIRTHDATE: December 24, 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH: South Egremont, Mass. AMBITION: Marine Corps ACTIVITIES: Audio-Visual Aids 1g Agriculture Club 1, 5g Boys' Intramurals 1: Model Making 1g Weight Lifting lg Display 2: Wrestling 2: Volley Ball 2: Glee Club 5, 4: Football 4g Allied Youth 43 Yearbook 4. THOMAS ALAN GIBBS uGibby.. a!tracti1'e,' aflaletic BIRTHDATE: April 11, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, Mass. AMBITION: Air Force ACTIVITIES: Boys' Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 5, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4: Class President 25 Yearbook 4. ili- -'rr n asian 'ff jams: 2? HOLLY MARIA GILLIGAN "Hol" sclaolarlyg school-Jpirited BIRTHDATE: january 18, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, Mass. AMBITION: College ACTIVITIES: Tumbling 1, 23 Drarnatics 13 Chess Club 13 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 Art Club 13 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 23 Newspaper 2, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Cheerleading 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Yearbook 43 Allied Youth 4. JANE GRIFFITH GILLIGAN "Janie" poiredq pfomifing BIRTHDATE: February 20, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Shefhelcl, Mass. AMBITIONZ College ACTIVITIES: Class President 13 Student Council 13 Dramatics 13 Chess Club 13 Glee Club 2, 5, 43 Ski Club 23 Prom Committee 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Yearbook 43 Senior Play 43 News- paper 43 Allied Youth 43 Assembly Committee 4. N It A I. N 5 fl? -14" xg 1 sg R c JOHN CANDE GILLIGAN ll-lake!! practical, pefruafive BIRTHDATE: january 18, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Shefiield, Mass. AMBITION: Engineering ACTIVITIES: Class Treasurer 1, 33 Soccer 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 33 Basketball 23 Glee Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Yearbook 43 Football 43 Senior Play 43 Hall Monitor 43 Allied Youth 4. 16 . V Q T FRANK BRADLEY HOLCOMB "Hokey" funlovingg frank BIRTHDATE: August 31, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Hartford, Conn. AMBITION: Air Force ACTIVITIES: First-Aid lg Boys' Intramurals 1, 53 Glee Club 25 Display Club 2g Wrestling 2g Soccer 2g Driver Education 43 Gymnastics 43 Yearbook 4. .iz,,, " I , K6- BARBARA LOUISE GREEN "Barb" clneerfulg cooperative BIRTHDATE: November 13, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Canaan, Conn. AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Twirling Club Ig Science Club lg G.A.A. 1, 2, 5, 43 Radio Club 2g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Tumbling 24 Ring Committee 3g Prom Committee 3g Yearbook 4. ANITA RUTH KAUFMANN "Nita" efferrefcent: earygoing BIRTHDATE: August 25, 1942 PLACE OF BIRTH: Lake Wales, Florida AMBITION: Teaching ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 43 Yearbook 43 Allied Youth 4g Senior Play 4. 17 A 4-,fi 'Ili-2. 1 ag - 'na "E""' DONNA .IEANNE MARKHAM "Bridgette" entl9u.fiaJtir.' efficienl BIRTI-IDATE: September 30, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, Mass. AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Library Club 1, G.A.A. 5: Driver Education 3: Prom Committee 3: Pep Squad 3, 4: Senior Play 4, Yearbook 4. ELIZABETH ROSE NEGRI ..Betty., likeable, lirely BIRTHDATE: june 2, 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH: Canaan, Conn. AMBITION: Hairdresser ACTIVITIES: G.A.A. l, 2, 5, 43 Glee Club 2 5 4g Prom Committee 3g Intramurals 5: Senior Play 43 Yearbook 4: Pep Squad 4g Allied Youth 4. :J TIMOTHY JOHN NICHOLSON "Tim" "Nick" artiflic: athletic BIRTI-IDATE: August 28, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Hartford, Conn. AMBITION: Commercial Artist ACTIVITIES: Boys' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball l, 4: Weight Lifting 2: Xwrestling 2: Basket- ball Manager 2, 5: Football 2, 5. 4: Volleyball 2. 5, 4: Glee Club 5, 43 Prom Committee 3: Driver Education 3: Allied Youth 43 Tumbling 4. 18 : 1 ' 75,74 ,. K .lt 'I ' a JUDITH CATHERINE RHOADES "Judy" "Squirt" petitef pleafant BIRTHDATE: December 8, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Mill River, Mass. AMBITION: Marriage and Work ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Driver Education 33 Yearbook 4g Allied Youth 4. D N. SHIRLEY ANNE QUEENEVILLE "Shirl" Jufeetg rociable BIRTHDATE: February 16, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Salisbury, Vermont AMBITION: Registered Nurse or Lab Technician ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3g G.A.A. 3, 49 Prom Committee 33 Yearbook 4: Allied Youth 4. C' Club Ig X BARBARA GAIL RIOU "Barb" popularp poised BIRTHDATE: August 10. 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Sellersville, Penn. AMBITION: College ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1: Pep Squad Ig G.A.A 1, 2, 3: Art Club lg Tumbling 1, 25 Ski Club 2 cation 33 Yearbook 4g Allied Youth 4. s 19 a Newspaper 2, 4g Prom Committee 33 Driver Edu- MARION MYRLE ROBBINS "Marion" 45 energetic: eyficient BIRTHDATE: January 19, 1945 V PLACE OF BIRTH: Curnmington, Mass. 5 AMBITION: Nursing ACTIVITIES: Library Club Ig Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Band 1, 2. 53 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4g Ski Club 25 Prom Committee 3: Driver Education 53 Senior Play 43 Yearbook 43 Pep Squad 43 Allied Youth 4. I A D JAMES ALLEN SCHNEIDER fu m uhm.. X affable: agreeable BIRTHDATE: August IO, 1944 ' PLACE OE BIRTH: Great Barrington. Mass. AMBITION: Mechanic ACTIVITIES: Agriculture 1. 21 Model Making Club 1, 23 Audio-Visual Aids Club I. 2, 51 Driver Education 51 Glee Club 3, 4. 5 -1.55 EILEEN ALEX1s SIMPSON "sump" gw ' yerene: .fkillful BIRTHDATE: March 11, 1945 . PLACE or BIRTH: sheriaeia. Mass. i --. Q AMBITION: Registered Nurse if ACTIVITIES: oiee ciub 1, 5, 44 Library ciub 1: Driver Education 51 Prom Comrnittee 5g G.A.A. 4. Yearbook 43 Allied Youth 4g Pep Squad 4. 1 20 51-Z1 DIANE LEE SMITH NDF! peppyg petite BIRTHDATE: November 30, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Boston, Mass. AMBITION: Elementary Grade Teacher STEVEN WILLIAM SITER "Steve" laumorouxg bandrome BIRTHDATE: May 9, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Great Barrington, Mass. AMBITION: College ACTIVITIES: Art Club lg Science Club 33 Glee Club 3, 45 Prom Committee 33 Senior Play 4g Radio Club 4, Western District Group 4. ACTIVITIES: Art Club lg Dramatics lg Display Club 23 Tumbling 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 5, 4, Pep Squad 3, 4, Driver Education 3g Prom Committee 33 Allied Youth 4g Yearbook 4. C lv V L' 'J x ELAINE MARION SPADACCINI "Elaine" cbeerfulg comidenzte BIRTHDATE: June 17, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, Mass. AMBITION: Housewife and Work ACTIVITIES: Glee Club lg Newspaper lg G.A.A. 3, 4, Driver Education 33 Yearbook 45 Allied Youth 4. I 21 ACTIVITIES Model Making Club 1 Science Clubl Volleyball 2 3 Glee Club 3 Audio Visual Aids 3 Soccer 3 Yearbook 4 Cross Country 4, LYNDA SPURR "Lynn" demureg diligent BIRTHDATE: September 9, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Egremont, Mass. AMBITION: Marriage and Work ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club I, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling 23 G.A.A. 2, Prom Committee 33 Driver Education 35 Yearbook 45 Allied Youth 43 Senior Play 4. 1:5 JERRY ROCKWELL STEVENS "Rock" "Mick" populary pleasant BIRTHDATE: November 27, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Boulder, Colorado AMBITION: Oceanagrapher or Biologist ACTIVITIES: Golf Ig Tumbling 1, 4g Boys' Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 43 Class President 3, 4g Archery Club li Student Council 3, 4, Prom Committee 33 Driver Education 3, Football 4, Basketball 4g Hall Monitor 3, 4, Allied Youth 4g Yearbook 4. 22 -1-.,,.f. TT " '- V ' I-ttf' ' CAROLYN ELIZABETH THOMPSON "Carol" Jweetg .rincere BIRTHDATE: April 13, 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, Mass. AMBITION: junior College ACTIVITIES: Senior Play 4g Band 45 Glee Club 4g Allied Youth 4. ROSEMARY HELEN STRALEAU "Rosie" .l'il671f,' .rincere BIRTHDATE: December 9, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, Mass. AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4g First Aid Club 1g Driver Education 33 G.A.A. 33 Yearbook 4g Allied Youth 4. 'p - . I dv 5 I 'V-T-7 SHIRLEY MAE VANDEUSEN "Shir1" cbeerfulg considerate BIRTHDATE: july 26, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Great Barrington, Mass. AMBITION: Haidresser ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. 2, 3. 4g Driver Education 3g Allied Youth 43 Pep Squad 43 Yearbook 4. 23 W X-if DAVID JOHN WIHITCOMB "Dave" likeable: lezelbeaded BIRTHDATE: August ll, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: North Egremont, Mass. AMBITION: Accountant ACTIVITIES: Art Club I, 2: Basketball Manager 1: Glee Club 5, 43 Driver Education 53 Allied Youth 4, Yearbook 4, Hall Monitor 4. KAREN LEE WELLS 1'Wellsy" creative: cheerful BIRTHDATE: july 13, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Canaan, Conn. AMBITION: Career in Art ACTIVITIES: Art Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 39 Tumbling 2, 4, G.A.A. 2, 4, Driver Education 35 Prom Committee 3: Yearbook 4, Allied Youth 4: Pep Squad 4. fs-V JESSIE ELAINE WILCOX "Jess" friendly: funlofing BIRTHDATE: July 30, 1945 PLACE OE BIRTH: Alford, Mass. AMBITION: Hairdresser ACTIVITIES: Art Club 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Display Club 2, Girls' Intramurals 3: Driver Edu- cation 5g Class Secretary 33 Tumbling 4, Yearbook 43 Allied Youth 4. 24 JOHN LEON ZIMMER "John" indurtrioufp inquiring BIRTHDATE: February 19, 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH: Albany, Georgia AMBITION: College JUDITH ELLEN WILCOX 1lJudyIl Pfeffyi DWP? BIRTHDATE: july 30, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH: Alford, Mass. AMBITION: College ACTIVITIES: Art Club 1, Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Display Club 2, Class Vice-President 2, Glee Club 3, 4, Driver Education 3, Tumbling 3, 45 Yearbook 4, Allied Youth 4, Ring Committee 3g Prom Committee 35 Class Secretary 4g Senior Play 4. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, Boys' Intramurals 4, Yearbook 4. ir ,, Yi i,1.'r ' ",-,Ks 513,12 'lf' L' 4 ' 'ff' . x..f1,A' 1 zf' .', ',':f?Q. , f49?3:s is L ififif . I-N K' ,-.4 ' 1 V' L fs -5 ' X-' . lf. 25 ,-X-J F CLASS CLOWNS 53 9' K 'i l DONE MOST FOR CLASS 1 :X 4 fx MOST MUSICAL BEST DRESSED . Ae BEST NATURED MOST ATTRACTIVE I : l , X Al? BEST DANCERS MOST ATHLETIC . 1 Y 'r- 'WY I If 1 f f x ,N ru I Pl K HA I 4 MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS - Yun-.-- 5 Sa .?gI - . L., MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED UNA NCCHE JUNIOR PROM ll South of the Border f Queen: Judy Newton ,fk Le, o 1- l Rela ado xy , ks""' xi A in EN SUENCJS SENIOR 1962 -,....l.., , s L Ai ll FU - l 1 ,J 5 . iff' lv . 1 V ' '1' , 5 . -f Ik L, Q A l - A --' Queen and Court At the Marker -. , Q39 ""!.'-1 X OIE! ff . 'rl ' "fs vbwg Do you plan to stay in the country long, Mr. Bingley?" PRIDE AN Presented: BY Written By Directed By is -rf 'L' "Oh, Lydia how could you?" fcpuuunauill I ll bill ll -Ill' "My dear Mr. Bingley!" --18?- CQ --f Ll HQ. -L 9122 11 li 211 "How can we visit him if you don't?" t i t 1 new ,2 "Charlotte and Mr. Collins! What are you doing in the garden?" Y7fi',f2,lTz all ' YJ "Why, everybody knows about it!" PREJUDICE November 15 and 16, 1962 Class of '63 ane Austen , Miss Virginia Lea Stowe THE CAST Mr. Bennett s , Seth Lipsky Mrs. Bennett ssss s as Anita Kaufmann jane , s,,..., in n.,n.., Paula Delmolino Elizabeth is Asvs Jane Gilligan Mary . . , , , Holly Gilligan aber- - 1- Kitty Carolyn Thompson Lydia .s Marilyn Dempsey Lady Lucas s Donna Markham 'Your move Mr' Couinsyi Charlotte M y . Barbara Kop Mr. Bin le . , ames Chase 8 Y Miss Bingley s Betty Negri , Steven Siter Mr. Darcy Mr. Wickham V. s Dick Fitch Lady Catherine . 1 Dotty Curtis PROMPTERS jean Bachetti Rosemary Straleau "Oh! Mr. Darcy!" 31 PM "I wish expressly that you would attend." ,Z , l- 7 , '. 1 "You have no concern for my poor nerves! ?1 'Y' i I W AWARDS f."- 14 50a 133-5 1.4113 H me ma ,--nr! T 'Car BOYS STATE James Chase, john Gilligan and John Edelman 5 1 , Lf' ' Yi'- NATIONAL MERIT, D.A.R. AWARD STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY REPRESENTATIVE Seth Lipsky jane Gilligan 53 I NY K ' i '-if ECRO S ' I-ff 5 sg, ,A 1 g W I i I 1 I I Q15 1 FL' Y Q' ',,.,:" , .-if: u f- f W ' ft. 14 a Q 'la fi ' 0 ., 11 1 4 1 xx 4' 'Q E i 151 Pia IXVA 1 y 1 . . , v . vvxv -,V . vv: ' tar 24 STUDENT COUNCIL Seated, left to right: J. Johnston, P. Gunzinger, R. Stevens, H. Chase, C. Battzsch. Standing: A. Whitehouse, J. Lipsky, G. Henderson, T. Smith, M. Parker, Mr. Trocchi. Absent: D. Doane. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an important organization in our school. Through the twelve members of the council, the student body is more closely linked to the school and faculty. Under the guidance of Mr. Trocchi, the council is capable of making recom- mendations and passing laws to benefit the school. In addition, membership on the council gives the student an opportunity to develop qualities of leadership, fellowship and responsibility while at the same time, they are taking an active part in the school's operation. The Student Council has been responsible for such things as sponsoring spectator buses to basketball games, maintaining the school store, and ushering at the annual Open House. 36 'iE I4 Z I . A gl 5 FE Y. 7 f 49 I L4 51 in E 4 If 5 P 3 3 54- 4 '4 l Qi 1G ff T! -1 5 in Q , NA, ,J L2 A A -XX-5 I ,J 7.1, JUNIOR 'iff M fr -'Pi' JUNIOR CLASS Row 1, left to right: Mrs. Mennone, B. Kop, E. Warren, S. Artz, R. Kradel, G. Granfield W. Hamilton, S. Penziner, Rhinesmith, P. Gunzinger, C. Meyer. Row 2: E. White- house, D. Doane, D. Delmolino, J. Gage, I. Ruthel, C. Hunt, M. Hendrick, S. Babcock C. Boice, H. Slaughter, R. Pekrul. Row 3: P. Coons, P. Vickerman, XV. Duryea, L. Curtiss R. Bennett, F. Nourse, W. Nourse, P. Amidon, R. Ruthel. Row 4: M. Brewer, S. Page, R. Cook, P. Smith, W. Finke, J. Kimball. 7 7 7 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Secretary, D. Delmolinog Vice-President, S. Penzinerg Student Council Representative, D. Doane. Standing: Treasurer, R. Peckrul, President, P. Gunzinger. 58 CLASS x H Row 1, left to right: C. Cary, S. Peck, C. Manghue, P. Clark, L. Hoffman, E. Hill, S. Lipsky, C. Shove, J. Zwick, Mr. Herlihy. Row 2: J. Thompson, J. Carr, C. Cairns, R. Schneider C. Landry, N. Simpson, M. Lathrop, P. Parks, E. Stalker, S. Pillman. Row 3: C. Higgins E. Pezze, C. Reed, C. Martin, D. Gibbs, R. Wells, T. French, T. Farnum, K. Bartzsch Row 4: D. West, J. McGarry, H. Conklin, L. Carter, G. Davis, D. Streeter, C. Richards 39 SOPHCMORE 1 .lnj icq 1 SOPHOMORES Row 1, left to right: Mr. Fennell, S. Phelps, I.. Pezze, G. Stenner, R. Winterbottom, E. johnson, F. Frengs, G. Wheeler, I.. XY'ouri. Row 2: P. Campbell, E. Grinde, A. Pixley D. Losaw, S. Kelsey, R. Burnett, M. Marion, A. Beneat, M. Smith. Row 3: Hall, Ranzoni, D. Guidi, G. Hughes, R. Bachetti. A. Bachetti, R. XY'ilcox, Parker, M. Dempsey, L. Fenn. Row 4: j. Grandi, R. Paliini, S. johnson, H. Riou, K. Brown, G. Duryea, J. Lipsky. 7 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Row 1, left to right: Secretary, H. Anstettg President, J. Lipsky, Treasurer, C. Gunzinger. Standing: Vice-President, J. Coles, Student Council Representative, G. Henderson. 40 CLASS - -- lla Row 1, left to right: A. Wells, B. Twing, M. Masse, K. Klahn, H. Anstett, S. Wells, S Consolini, W. Eichstedt, M. VanDeusen, S. Corset, Mrs. Heather. Row 2: C. Stanton, C Shmulsky, E. Hill, A. Wells, J. Hitchcock, R. Pezze, K. Gibbs, E. Ball, C. Gunzinger, D Smith, G. Crawford. Row 3: M. Henderson, G. Henderson, Coles, S. Rhines, C. Batac- chi, W. Bock, J. Dinan, K. Proctor, J. Royer, W. Deming, S. Dunlop. Row 4: R. Lossow F. Lopez, M. Btazie, R. Stover, S. Cowen, J. Rutsis. 41 FRESHMAN - A L Q - FRESHMAN CLASS Row 1, left to right: B. Brunt, H. Robbins, S. Cary, D. Price, T. Doane, P. Amidon, R Ovitt, P. Gulotta, D. Stalker, J. Morandi, J. Snyder. Row 2: C. Hendrick, D. West, N Sindler, VanDeusen, C. Tuller, M. Sadera, S. Barnes, A. Meyer, P. Thompson, G. Moul- ton. Row 5: F. Paul, Garcia, N. Kinzie, Pallini, M. Landry, XV. Schoonmaker, J Cosgrilf, M. Kirchner, K. Brown, B. Agar. Row 4: WY Robbins, C. Manghue, H. Green B. Daggett, E. Clouser, B. XY'eigle, G. Peck, A. Vosburg, B. Stevens, M. Mielke, Mazer- alle. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President. C. Bartzschz Vice-President T Stes ensg Secretary, N. Pekrul: Treasurer S Barnes Student Council Representative. H Chase 42 CLASS l 5 l 1 Row 1, left to right: C. Zucco, M. Boardman, S. Moulton, N. Pekrul, D. Gunzinger, K Emprimo, L. Farnum, P. Leffingwell, M. Cummings, M. Antoniazzi. Row 2: Gillette V. Finke, P. Nason, E. Cronk, Frengs, Macy, R. Duryea, V. jenssen, L. Tidball, C Cagney, G. Small. Row 3: M. Bock, C. Bartzsch, H. Chase, T. Stevens, S. Smith, S. Mc- Whirt, K. Ball, P. Winters, D. Race, R. Gilmore. Row 4: D. Davidson, S. Hall, D. Page S. Fletcher, B. Ball, C. Stevens, M. Queeneville, R. Bettis, G. Pixley, Z. Carter, H. Twing it 43 3 GRADE EIGHT 1 .4-,gs E A L 4 L l L - Row 1, left to right: G. XY'uori. Zwick, Simpson. L. Shepard, Clarke, M. Fitch S. Clarke, K. B. Leining. E. Hankey. L. Marchand. M. Oleen, K. XY'ilhur. S. Scholz, C. Tryon A. Borg, D. Smith, XV. Sanford, S. Deland. Row 2: R. Read. A. Hamilton, M. Doane, E Dempsey, E. Penn. S. Sellew. C. Steuerwald. J. Curtiss, B. johnson. Dietter, D. Stalker -I. Ranolde. N. Masse. A. Higgins. D. Stevens. K. XY'inters. Row 5: R. Varney. J. Ovitt XY. Kelly. G. Oyitt. R. Pautot. N. Stalker. L. Lanoye. S. VanDeusen. D. Farnum, S. Dellea S. Battistoni. -I. Coles. C. Fay. V. Robbins. XV. Chapin. F. Phelps. Row 4: P, Zucco, R Ruthel. S. Cary. T. Buckley. L. Gulotta. R. Messer. M. Barrier. R. VanDeusen, Tucker R. Stenner. J. Zucco. XY. Davidson. R. Johnston. B. Dunlop. R. Butler. Funk. R. Turner D. Gartha. Row 5: T. Flinn. B. Philipps. R. Cronk. H. Hughes. R. Sanders, B. Sanderson T. Smith, B. Vosburg. D. Duryea. E. Carr. T. Shmulsky. G. Mager, M. Parker, K. Frengs H. Crine, C. Burnett, VV. Dodge, D. Brooks. XY. Dodge. R. Stenner. N. Stalker. 44 EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Row 1. left to right: S. Sellew, L. Shepard S Scholz. L. Doane. J. Simpson. Row 2 M Parker R. VanDeusen. G. Majer. T. Smith C Burnett GRADE SEVEN SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Seated, left to right: B. Burdsall, E. Smith, Schneider, F. Higgins. Standing: Newton, P. Delmolino, M. Wing, L. Schoonmaker, T. Manghue. :U-Jig -si A 5 . 7 L Row 1, leftfto right: Mr. Ferriter, A. Agar, J. Schneider, R. Preiss, C. Kimball, L. Klein C. Doty, M. Smith, S. Farnum, Clouser, B. Stevens, M. Agar, Johnson, P. Daigle, A Mangue, R. Leffingwell, R. Dozier, D. Schneider, E. Hall. Row 2: Mrs. Eisenberg, L Warren, K. Anderson, V. Fay, P. Rhoades, P. Delmolino, B. Machia, C. Hall, B. Coons J. Drury, D. Wright, W. Klahn, R. Handlowich, T. Brown, G. Landry, C. Leo, W. Mc- Whirt. Row 5: P. VanDeusen, L. Warren, J. Newton, M. Malnati, M. Liebsch, A. White- house, G. Shepard, R. Bailey, Dozier, D. Pixley, T. Manghue, B. Marion, L. Schoonmaker R. Mielke, T. Gunzinger, R. Higgins, D. Campbell. Row 4: A. Higgins, M. Beneat, R Chase, M. Wing, G. Green, T. Hewins, M. Paul, K. Packlick, B. Martin, B. Burdsall, M Edelman, R. Duryea, B. Mazerelle, Daigle, B. Emberlin, W. Chapin, E. Goble, Mr Cicchetti. Row 5: F. Gove, E. Pezze, L. Peck, D. Green, S. Caul, K. Brazee, S. Brooks B. Butler, J. Richards, J. Golden, J. Collins, Lathrop, J. Bennett, J. Hendricks, D Crockett, S. Farnum. l 45 I as THEY CONTRIBUTE TOO X KITCHEN STAFF I I OFFICE STAFF BUS DRIVERS 46 ,. GLEE CLUB The glee club. our most popular school club, performs at various school events and at two concerts each year. The Mount Everett Band provides the musical entertainment for our concerts and assemblies. r . . ALLIED YOUTH The Allied Youth is an organization to educate teenagers about the effects. both social and physical, of alcohol. It also provides various types of entertainment for its members to prove that fun can be had without drinking. 48 SKI CLUB The ski enthusiasts of Mt. Everett are members of the ski club which frequently visits the local ski areas. , 4. l . . G. A. A. The G.A.A. gives the girls an opportunity to compete in various sports throughout the year. HIGH SCHOOL INTRAMURALS The high school intramurals club creates a spirit of competition and sportsmanship among high school students by giving them the opportunity to enjoy many different sports. 49 NEWSPAPER CLUB The newspaper club, which publishes AURIGA monthly, provides literary experience for its mem- bers and reports the school news to the students. PERSONAL TYPING CLUB The personal typing club gives an extra course in typing for those interested students. The members also do some typing for the school. LIBRARY CLUB In the library club the members learn the pro- cedures necessary in the operation and functions of a school library. BOY'S COOKING CLUB The boy's cooking club teaches its mem- bers the fundamentals of food preparation and the art of cooking. SLIDE RULE CLUB The slide rule club teaches its members the uses of this instrument which gives them many short-cuts in math. CHESS CLUB After learning the basic rules of the game, mem- bers of the chess Club have play-offs and tournaments to establish championships. Il if ' 2 V if - - 4 SEXVING CLUB The sewing club teaches its members various methods of hand and machine sewing. Z a WESTERN DISTRICT VOCAL GROUP Left to right: L. Hoffman, A. Meyer, C. Rhines, Pian- ist, C. Cairns, B. Kop, XV. Schoonmaker, Carr, S. Siter, R. Cook, D. West, P. Gunzinger, R. Kradel, F. Nourse, P. Smith, R. Bennett, R. Daggett. BOY'S VOCAL GROUP Left to right: R. Cook, P. Gunzinger, F. Nourse, R. Bennett, P. Smith. RADIO CLUB In its first year at Mt. Everett, the radio club teaches its members amateur radio enthusiasts, much about the theory of electricity. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1, left to right: L. Hoffman, H. Gilligan, S. Arzt, C. Hunt, D. Doane, C. Meyer. Standing: S. Penziner, W. Hamilton, S. Doane, Gilligan, Gilligan, Thompson, C. Bartzsch, T. Farnum, T. French, H. Conklin. K AA ad' WRESTLING CLUB The wrestling club teaches its members the fun- damentals of this sport. The junior high intramurals pro- vides competitive athletics for the seventh and eighth grade students. JUNIOR HIGH INTRAMURALS HALL MONITORS The hall monitors compose our corridor patrol and attempt to keep order in the halls between classes. 52 ,W s.-J 53 FOOTBALL TEAM A 4 I i' Row 1, left to right: J. Rutsis, H. Cruikshank, D. Stalker, J. Gulligan, P. Smith, Coach Rice. Row 3: C. Richards H. Robbins, P. Gunzinger, R. Cook, Z. Carter, 1. Parker, J. Zwick, R. Kradel. j. McGarry, N. Kinzie, W. Nourse M. Kirchner, C. Higgins, W. Dodge. Row 2: J. Lipsky, R. Ruthel, VY. Bock, R. Stevens. C. Shove, G. Henderson. S. Kelsey, T. Nicholson. T. Gage, '-'U . Row 1, left to right: Coach Shiminski, I.. Mazarelle, R. R. Daggett, G. Crockett. Row 5: A. Vosburgh. J. Cagney Wilcox. J. Coles, A. Bachetti, T. Gibbs, E. Pezze, T. Doane. R. Bennett. Row 2: W, Robbins, G. Hughes, D. Smith, R. Bachetti, 54 CROSS COUNTRY Kneeling, left to right: S. Cowen, D. Price, S. Cary, K. Proctor, W. Brunt. Standing: J. Chase R. Stalker, G. Moulton, S. Phelps, Coach Proctor. A new sport was added to the schools fall sports program this year - cross-country. It was coached by Mr. Charles Proctor, who graduated from this school in 1959 and formerly ran cross-country for the Uni- versity of Massachusetts. Captained by Robert Stalker and James Chase, the team had a fine season. They competed in the State Cross- Country Meet held in Boston and hnished a very creditable eighth. 55 BASKETBALL 'Xjr x Q f L 4355 5:1 J X, 4 'P PU fi? f-I '-4 95 Wm Urn D",- D STV? "1 F IE .F nw F3 221 -' D ,rf QPU 72? mf? Pc 2.34 775 ,.. 0 C30 '38 gy 233 Sf? :VN on-. O0 :a-"' B I-BG F rg UO P502 7:3 E Sir? 2'3- T53 QT' 'J' Em 3-23 12. N-, D Five -..Q -5 "V" qvng " ,X gy Epo ' I gqrlfgfk MAJ ll! x .., lk JUNIOR VARSITY Kneeling: C. Manghue, R. Bachetti, J. Cosgriff, J. Ranzoni, F. Lopez. Standing: M. Kirchner H. Robbins, G. Stover, G. Moulton, J. Coles, F. Frengs, A. Bachetti, J. Chase, Coach Lark. 56 CHEERLEADERS Ns -iilll jumping: S. Penziner, Captain. Kneeling, left to right: C. Zucco, D. Gunzinger, D. Delmolino S. Peck, S. Babcock, C. Meyers, D. Doane, C. Batacchi. MAJORETTES Left to right: C. Gunzinger, D. Curtis, E.Whitehouse, M. Boardman, H. Chase. 57 fl A SEASON'S SCORES FOOTBALL Mt. Everett Opponent 20 Hunter-Tannersville . .. 0 13 Ravena ,. ., 26 12 Averill-Park . . .,.tt 26 12 Vorheesville . 1 .... 32 0 Roeliff-Jansen 40 0 Ockawamick 47 2 Tamarac .. . .1 ..t, 46 SOCCER 3 Berkshire School j.V. C, , 2 2 'Williams 7 .. 3 2 'Chester 1 ., 4 2 'Searles it 1 ,ti,i,4 2 1 0 Berkshire School J.V. 0 ' 2 'Williams , ,i.. , , . H 4 2 'Chester ,A 0 1 'Searles t.... 0 'League games. BASKETBALL Mt. Everett Opponent 35 Roeliff-Jansen C ,. 70 28 Chatham ...,. 60 25 Webutuck .C 41' 29 Webumck . .t.,i 47 30 Ockawarnick . ...., 73 30 'Lenox ..i,i 43 51 'Chester .,,., 48 40 'Lee . , 61 43 Chatham C, . C... , 46 27 'Searles it ,..,. 57 37 'Willimns ...,i 63 48 'Lee ., , ,. 55 47 Roeliff-Jansen .. 58 1 56 'Chester M .,., .,,a, 4 7 1' ' 48 'Lenox .t,.o, ,.... 8 3 ' 44 'WiHiams, M , .a,i.. ., 50 46 'Searles . ., . ,.ai .,ai. 1 , , 78 CROSS COUNTRY Mt. Everett Opponent 31 Housatonic Valley 25 16 Kingsley Hall .. . ,... C 40 29 Housatonic Valley , . ...., 26 58 S P O N S O R S John R. Elliott Albert Chesanow Richard M. Stevens Waldo G. Edelman W. Holbrooke Carton Edward R. Wyman Ay!! Valmore E. Cross j W f 1- l lr 4 l 1 rv r l f ' l or S L f ,Lge Z f S X Salt 'W Sf 7 I r ,f-of f 1 feeeege-Ax f, ijrifffvr ,, , U S, f' S 1 E -- fc AX-Q:iE.--,,,Tr' 'Q 'I ' ' 117, S, ,t in ,E ,o,, 59 "5 JACOBS' GARAGE and SERVICE STATION Compliments of Your Local Pontiac and Tempe!! Dealer Serving the Community for 33 Years See Us For Bargains and Select HOLOHAN'S Re-Conditioned Used Cars We Have What It Takes To Fix All Makes AMOCO SERVICE STATION HEAVY DUTY WRECKER SERVICE Tel. Canaan TA 4-5861 FALLS VILLAGE, CONN. Compliment: of THE WHITE STALLION A Year Round Informal Refort HILLSDALE NEW YORK 0-anafaa-010' 60 JK 10101'0N0f -'-0f'01'01 THE VILLAGE GREEN LUNCHEONETTE "In the Center of Sllejieldn Featuring COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE SANDWICHES - HAMBURGERS HOT DOGS - FRENCH FRIES GRINDERS Take-Out Service eww' eooo fcosrsrse C. H. 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Telephone TAy1or 4-5455 JFIJHEL Authorized Salef and Service RAILROAD STREET CANAAN, CONNECTICUT BACHETTl'S ESSO STATION LUBRICATION - TIRES - BATTERIES BRAKE WORK - MOTOR TUNE UP CORNER EAST and STATE ROAD GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. 0'0K0'0"0N0" 69 -01'-0'Y65C 10f0f0N0Y Aja' '05' 101' ' '01' 6 x SHEFFIELD PHARMACY WILLIAM J. SILK, Reg. Pharm. MAIN STREET T 1 h H Hi ld Prescription Sep one S C e lg Q Specialists f : ggfolggrtgurruss 229-8702 DRUG SUNDRIES arg.-bg, vnescmrrlou FARMERETTE SHOP "For Clotbey That Are Fun To Wear" HILLSDALE, NEW YORK New Englanvdk Moy! Famouf Barn J U G E N D B A R N in the BERKSHIRES SOUTH EGREMONT, MASSACHUSETTS IVONDERLAND RESORT OF THE EAST 0-0-:ara-fo-so-f 70 SHEFFIELD, MASS. JK 1011011011-0' Mir x '0- 6' 1.2. H . B . S T A N T O N BROVERMAN'S MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES EXCAVATING SERVICE PROCESSED GRAVEL "From 4 Shoe Lace Z0 aT-B0neU G Phone 757 Telephone Shelfneld STATE ROAD 229-2183 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. MILL RIVER, MASS. C omplimentf 0 f JOHNNY'S RESTAURANT Telephone TAylor 4-7658 CANAAN CONNECTICUT u,7J,hJ, TACONIC BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., INC. 'I 'I I -HAS "Mon Everything In Building Materialf' gfiflhh And All Your Glass and Mirror Needs For Glass - Phone 85 - Building Materials - Phone 600 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS 0'4?'0Y-0K0"0" 71 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS AVALON SCHOOL MONTEREY, MASS. TERESA MELISON and STANLEY PAPO, Directors Compliment! of CANAAN SAVINGS BANK CANAAN, CONNECTICUT E. CALIGARI 8. SON A complete decorating sewice ar no Charge with our HOME DECORATORS. Slip Corerf - Dmperief - Diytinctire Wallpaper GREAT BARRINGTON. MASSACHUSETTS 0'6N0'-0'6'0' 72 411 FAST ,faq SERVICE 401010 HAMMER PLUMBING x N ww 0' 1- - 'www so A A SHEFFIELD FARM SUPPLY Tel. 229-8767 FORD TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT DE LAVAL MILKERS NEW HOLLAND HARVESTERS SHEFFIELD - : - MASS. ' I RTVKIARE QW' n fu r"- Tel. 112 RAILROAD STREET GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. CUSTOM EXTRUSION, INC. COUNTY AND HOME ROAD Phone Sheffield 229-8748 SHEFFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 05Z5C05'0'5"-0' 62 61'0v'0Y '-05 f0110f'-0PL0v'0H01 X?" 49010 C omplimentx of JOHN A. BIANCHI 8. COMPANY MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING CANAAN CONNECTICUT ROGER'S SHOE STORE FINE FOOTWEAR Edward H. McGuire -:- Caroline S. Smedick Tel. TAy1or 4-5245 CANAAN - CONNECTICUT THE BERKSHIRE COURIER SOUTH BERKSHIRES HOME NEWSPAPER SINCE 1834 Commercial Printing Of Distinction Telephone 115 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. SEGALLA'S SERVICE STATION ROUTE 7 CANAAN, CONN. 0-'0u0f0-'aaa' 74 JK '-01' 40'6"0140' X '-0" 407919 J. H. MALONEY, INC. . Complzmentf R. H. CONGDON, Manager Of "Quality Furniture Since 1896" DECKER 8. BEEBE ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER 291 MAIN STREET CANAAN CONN. GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. C omplimenty of COVE LANES 8. COVE RESTAURANT Tel. 1328, 1720 109 STOCKBRIDGE ROAD GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS LOWLAND FARMS A Dairy Farm In The Berkshire: RICHARD D. T RYON MONTEREY MASSACHUSETTS axafafo-Q0-0' 7 5 JBC '-01101'0N0Y 101' 04' KQV 4-0'K0"0 J IM ' s G A R A G E HARPER's PHARMACY In New Location AUTO REPAIRING - LUBRICATION GREAT BARRINGTON - WASHING - MASSACHUSETFS TIRES - ACCESSURIES Ga: and Electric Welding REXALL DRUGS Tel. 229-8896 Home No.229-2035 Phone 201 NORTH MAIN STREET ' SHEFFIELD, MASS. C omplimentf of KAUTTU'S PHARMACY CARL E. KAU1'rU, Regiyrer Pbarmamz Prescription Specialist .guwalf ,. Tel, TAy1or 4-5646 PRESCPW' CNS CANAAN, CONNECTICUT THE CANAAN NATIONAL BANK CANAAN, CONNECTICUT Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. onowafa-axov 76 JK 101' '-0'0"02'-0' X9' 10" 40-10110 Compliment: of SHEFFEILD PLASTICS, INC. C omplimentf 0 f C. A. LINDELL 8. SON, INC. FARM EQUIPMENT Manufacturer: of Doon and Stub Tel. TAylor 4-5444 or 4-5445 CANAAN, CONNECTICUT Sheffield Motors YOUR LOCAL RAMBLER AND RAMBLER AMERICAN DEALER Come in and Test Drive the 1963 Rambler Today! Telephone 229-8789 ROUTE 7 - SHEFFIELD C omplimentx 0 f LIMESTONE FARM A. G. BREWER - R. I. BREWER MILL RIVER MASSACHUSETTS awonovo-10110- 77 JK 10' 1-0'0N0N0Y KQV :of- MACY'S GARAGE, INC. CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE ESTABLISHED 1921 Phone 229-8727 MAIN STREET 5 SHEFFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS and Sgfpige PROMISE AND YOUR FUTURE THE BEST IN DRY CLEANING FULL - FILL YOUR HOPES R l E D s CLEANERS and ovens 'A' 218 MAIN STREET THE KRAMER AGENCY GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. :cava-10-'ova' axoxovoa-0x0-f 78 Aawawo C ompliments of M A R S H A L L ' S FURNITURE G TOYLAND CHURCH STREET CANAAN, CONNECTICUT Compliment! of the F-2 RESTAURANT 8. COFFEE SHOP SHEFFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS DWIGHT FORD'S GARAGE, INC: Your INTERNATIONAL Dealer FARM IMPLEMENTS - TRACTORS MOTOR TRUCKS I SALES AND SERVICE Tel. 229-8451 MAIN STREET, SHEFFIELD, MASS. anawova-:ako-f 79 JK 10' l0"61'0N0Y K f01' .....1- 40'0'0' GILLIGAN BROTHERS CONTRACTORS Lumber and Building SHEFFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 9 S1 rg ,,..4..!!-.I F, EGREMONT STORE EDWARD Choice Meal: Fruity and Vegetablex PAINT - HARDWARE - DRUGS Phone 288 SOUTH EGREMONT, MASS. 80 B. DOLBY FLORIST Flowery For All Occafiom Phone 230 or 626 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. 0-'040Y0r0'-0' BARRINGTON HOUSE SOUTHERN BERKSHIRES FINEST COMMERCIAL HOTEL Tel. 1840 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. HARLAND B. FOSTER INC. BEN FRANKLIN STORE Refrigeration - Air Conditioning NATIONALLY KNOWN - Oil Heating - Electrical Equipment LOCALLY 0 WN ED 15 BRIDGE STREET 286 MAIN STREET Tel. 698W or 564 GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. 0-010'-0-so-for 81 62 61'0N-05' f0Yf0' X7 '01' GREAT BARRINGTON SAVINGS BANK YOUR SCHOOL SAVINGS BANK All Deposit: Imured in Full GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS WARD'S NURSERY AND GARDEN CENTER GREAT BARRINGTON MASSACHUSETTS GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. NEW MARLBORO STAGE D NEW ENGLAND'S AMERICANA MARKETPLACE A complete .rource of Early American Fur- niture, lamp:, lighting f'2xture:, china, gla::. You hai'en't :een the Berk:hire: if you hai'en't :een Jenifer Hou:e. Don't mi:: Seth and Jed': no:talgia filled Country Store in the Big Red Barn: on Stockhride Road, Route 7, One Mile North of Great Barrington. Open Every Day Tel. 1500 0'0'K0"-0'0N-0' JK '-0'W1'0N0Y 0"0K0'0K0K0"' 10" 6 x 401010 CASSILIS FARM REG. JERSEY CATTLE AND HACKNEY PONIES NEW MARLBORO, MASSACHUSETTS GULOTTA'S SERVICE GREENFIEl.D'S STATION Auto Repairing and Wheel Balancing GIFT AND TOY SHOP - Lubrication - Washing and Waxing GREAT BARRINGTON TIRES AND ACCESSORIES SANT1 GULOTIA, Prop. Phone 229-8878 MASSACHUSETTS SHEFFIELD -1- MASS. 0-e0w0f0w0-s0-f 83 -62 if 10'61'0N0Y K 101' MERRILEA FARMS LEo KAPLAN, Owner Dealer In High Grade and Regixtered Cattle Telephone 796 8a 797 85 SILVER STREET GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS DEMPSEY'S GARAGE, INC. PONTIAC SALES and SERVICE In Southern Berkshire SINCE 1926 Telephone 226 42 BRIDGE STREET - GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone SHeflield 229-2117 ASHLEY FALLS MONUMENTAL WORKS i iio I 'leele 2 eea-: .le,. EAST MAIN STREET ASHLEY FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS GUILD Eee, ,,,A p pilw SSI, .,:, . WILLIAM B. HALL, Proprietor Monuments Memorial! of Fine Qualify 0"5"0"-7l?N0"' 84 JK 021717 I-0f'0' K 101' C omplimentx of WILLIAM C. GULICK, V.M.D. and MARGUERIT B. GULICK, V.M.D. GREAT BARRINGTON MASSACHUSETTS Best Wishes to the Class of '63 MILL RIVER STORE LEE BARNES and JAMES WARE "We Sell to Please" Succen in the Future zo the Class of '63 CANAAN SUPER MARKET RAILROAD STREET CANAAN, CONNECTICUT E. M. RYDER, Inc. -jEWELERS- + 285 MAIN STREET GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. 0:10-:ofa-asa' 62 101'0-'10Y 17101 20" J O H N P . T R A C Y ELECTRIC HOME APPLIANCES C ompliment: of RADIOS We Sewice What WAl.l.Y'S TRUCKING SERVICE We Sell TEL. 117-W 285 MAIN ST. SHEFFIELD MASS. GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. GAS - TIRES OIL - ACCESSORIES Compliment! of L 8. G S E R V I C E N T E R KERSEY'S MARKET SHEEEIELD - MASS. 345 Main Street Great Barrington, Mass. LARRY RHLNES, mp. Tel. GB 1403 010l0f020N7 47'0"Q SHELLY FINK R. P. STRALEAU GENERAL CONTRACTOR Bulldozer - Shovel and Crane Service REALIST PAINTER Landxcaping and Black Topping Dial 229-8810 2 Q ALFORD, MASS. SHEFFIELD, MASS. C omplimentx of MARIE 8. JOSEPH C O W E N SHEFFIELD POTTERY BERKSHIRE OIL CO. INC. SHEFFIELD, MASS. Tel. SHeHie1d 229-8780 X 0v0+f0Y-0'0K0' 88 JK 20" '-0'61'0N0Y xo, 0, , v , 4 I "U Y vw wg. -4- 'w - V'-' rata. 1, 4' - J 'lu 7 . J 1 ' " x 1 I I . i - I H U ., . 'V , ' 47' ,YM ,., - f -A -ws .X bidi: V . I h.- '1'f' ' " ,. 21. D 4 -t I jf:f ' , 1 . I , lt A 'Ny . ', I 'D -J . , 5 Q , lo 5 4 Ali' I lr ' '51 ll ' 1 I I I . .' v -A Q '."', . 'A .- -LY! Y I Q :il 5: Mx ' s 1 . W ing I , ' , , r gy-f U -, '. . " W , V, ' ,V 'Q sk L... '. u QJYJ 'Jn v ,l ,A .lf V vp U 'J . Y,n W Wt. p . l ,j '.K 4 o ' ' U

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