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I----.unlvuu-N . , '. 4 1- ' -1--, , .,, V. wan, a ,, ' ,'3a-...f - f -L -f,,,aT5f.T,"., W- ' -Q 'Fm i -3.luE'nr-4 -1. :,-Q ., ,5- . W- fQ-R, 1:11 n ',5w+ i4'- ss.: -Su Q: - s f'--T iv .fi -Q. .. "'N?,5j-:gf -xs '-M Lum , W, 3-in-:RE Q I-if 'T S I - X-Qtm. 41-R6 Hssfw X my-.:. X ' '- X K .4 5 'X' ,I M. 'i msg QQ:-s. ..LN -1 . we I 1 v . x ' .r-Q "if v U -A 1 'Q A'-v" ,f n 1 g v gg 1 v X, .., --L Y 'W' A 'K s's -S 'T 1 f .ln + .W V' 'NA Q - . ' ..x. x n I O . x rm 'QVX ' f ' S.,,, A - '..-'lv fc."-.YL 'Q ' N vm' . 1 ' "2 '- IA' 'gr .I I 1 Y I I ' ...,. . . -1 .,-'l.' Y Q- s N -Q 5 Q N ' GU 7 Q v N. 11 5 .lv sb v' 5 4' THE URIGAN 1960 G 4,,, Qfgrwmfqxl MQL1 NT CVLJQLTI MASS NGN MAKL60 Pubhshed by the CLASS OF 1960 MOUNT EVERETT REGIONAL SCHOOL Sheffmld Ma sachu eu G QS QS QQ XO4, rv , L A X -:?N T1 - -- S Q 3 ,O 5 . C2 - Z T " Q- A S S ,M GN if' Q L GL 'V . 4 N10 To the Graduates 1960 Exposure to formal educatron 15 not enough every educated person is largely self taught The rermlnatlon of twelve years of a gulded tour through basxc lnformanon should be regarded as a spnng board rnto pure study and dlrected effort whlch can make you whatever your occupauon an educated person Attendance at a good college IS the most expe dttrous way of furthenng tlus arm and probably the most economlcal srnce such attendance wlll usually mcrease your economrc potenual but smce ltbrar tes books magazrnes and varrous educatronal agencles are avallable to everyone there 15 no valrd reason why each of you graduatrng semors cannot attarn as complete an educatlon as you could possr bly deslre Let tlus be your arm To develop your mental sptntual and physrcal potenttal to the greatest pos thrng 1n your power to rnsure a healthful happy and constructtve l1fe WxllardA Downle Superrntendent of Schools Un1vers1ty ofwashlngton B A B S Columbra Unrverslty M A ED D Dear Senrors I w1sh to congratulate each of you for complet mg a major phase of your 11fe You have been l1v1ng for around erghteen years growmg tn stature knowledge and wrsdom Ob vlously some of you have learned faster and more than others Time cannot be turned back to change thls the future does he ahead however and can be shaped very much as you wrsh Your educauon need not end now It cannot end now or ever Your control 15 rn how much what lund and to what extent you educate yourself 1n the future You have the tools to do the Job Choose your goal set to the task at hand and do the best you can The best of success to each of you Charles E Bybee Pnnclpal Tarkro College, B. A. Umverslty of Marne, M.E. 2 5 sible degree. If you do, you will have done every- FORE ORD 1 We All the World s a Stage And one man rn hrs t1me plays many parts We the students of the semor class as we draw near the close of school lrfe have taken the somewhat formrdable quotauon from Shakespeare as the gurdmg motto of the 1960 AURIGAN Durrng our trme at Mount Everett we have by chorce or by crrcumstance played many roles tragedran clown athlete and scholar to name a few Our lustory lrke the classes before us and those yet to come has been a real lrfe drama full of Joy and laughter some tears and many lastrng memorres As a result we have taken as the theme of tlus yearbook a theatre playbrll to serve as a gurde and rem1nder of all that has occurred We have served a twelve year apprenuce shlp as understudles before assumrng our starrrng parts but ll has been t1me well spent W1th graduatron the curtaln wrll be com rng down on some of us rn our roles as students However we are grateful to our school our teachers and our classmates for all they have done 1n preparrng us for the blggest role of all future cltrzens of our country 3 A DEDICATION We the graduarmg class srncerely dedrcate our year book the 1960 AURIGAN to Mr Torrey and Mr Frnn All of us realrze that wrrhout therr bounuful pauence and ard our years at Mount Everett would not have been as reward mg To them we offer our deep appremauon for all Lherr wllllng help 4 fi 3 xy X X I -. f MOUNT EVERE TT REGIONAL SCHOOL Proudly Presents I EZ Senror Class Four Happy Years fa real lrfe dramaj Closes June 1960 TABLE OF CONTENTS Superrntendent s and Prrncrpal s Messages Foreword Dedrcanon Table of Contents Curtarn Gorng Up qSchoo1 Hrstoryj Our D1rectorsfFacultyJ Cast of Senrors Who s Who rn the Cast Behrnd the Scenes QSchool Personnelj Understudres to the Stars Four Happy Year Eprlogue QProphecxj Autographs of the Actors ln Days Gone By Between the Scenes qActrv1t1esj Athletrcs Patrons 5 h I' in If f,f' - 1 . . . . , 2 3 . , 4 5 , .... , , 6 ' Y 7-12 ' 13-38 H ' ' U 39-43 H ' J' 44 ' 45-50 H S' 51-55 ' y 56-57 58 H V' 59-62 H ,U " ' 63-68 ' 69-74 75-96 Page MOUNT EVERETT REGIONAL QCHOOL in Sheffield Massachusetts the settrng against which our drama evolves is in many ways unique Nestled peacefully between the gentle slopes and woodlands of the Berkshires it has progressed from a vision in the hearts and minds of a dedicated few to a symbol uniting the five townships of Alford Egremont Monterey New Marlboro and Shef field Designed by architect Warren H Ashly of West Hartford and burlt by the George E Emerson Company of Pittsfield the school is located a mile west of Sheffield village directly off a hard sur faced secondary lughway far from fast moving traffic A one story brick venere layout of 37 rooms rncluding offices it houses some five hun dred students from grades 5 through 12 Its 85 acres contain plenty of open space for athletic fields plus 20 acres of woodlands for nature stu dies some gentle slopes for winter sports and two streams What puts the site out of the ordinary is the splendid view of Mount Everett a mile to the west Incidentally it was from this mountain that the school received its name as a result of a con test held among the students throughout the district With the ground beaking ceremonies on Oc tober 5 1954 the first step of the dream had ma terialized From there work moved rapidly ahead so that the school might be ready for the followrng year. Finally the great day came. With the ce- ment still wet in the blocks the doors opened amidst an atmosphere of excitement and anticipa- tion! The curtain had risen on an important new drama. CURTAIN GOING UP CULT 'W yi? ALBERT T Math CYNTHIA WILLC Ripon Colle ,un 41 A63 'K if 1 ROCCHI .Lg OX L1brar1an ge BA Vice Principal Bates, A. B. ,WN-K PAUL ROCHFORD Gu1dance Psychology Co1umb1aUmvers1ty M A Ph Middlebury B A L ILLIAN PREISS Asslstant . - - , . . K 5 'th- .., 44-1 YS my 'N 'K , . . . Y D . . ., . . ' v , . . 1 LL .if V .A I -..A A - 'W 1 X- ' A , ' iz N..,,,,. M .. . 8 RICHARD SULLIVAN Soc1a1 Stud1es Dnvers Educauon Bates A B CLAIRE GADBOIS, Science BARBARA RHOADES Engllsh Umversny of Massachusetts B S Rxchard F1nn Enghsh Ur11vers1ty B THOMAS NORTON Soc1a1 Studxes C31V1I1C0O11dg6 A B Boston College M Ed U. of Massachusetts, B.A 9 ROBERT COTE Language St Anselm sCo11ege A Xi -.Q Xxx JAYNE ARMSTRONG Commerclal Umversuy OfCOI1I1CCI1CUI B S 7 v BERT LARK Agnculture B1o1ogy o I of I11 GEORGE TORREY Commerclal and Math Suffork Un1vers1ty B S M A ROBERT DUNHAM Math Uruverslty of Maxne, B. S E I0 1' -Lx.. Q,4ve.fQ " V 44 1' 3 Q w fb , ij ' . ' 1' , VW, L l ' M xl 4 5 - X S A 2 A Of Eli 3 T A AO Q o Q Q ,E . XJ I iff V , T . ' , .B. ' U. fR. ., B.S U. ., M.S --ss JAMES SHIMINSKI Industry Arts Frtchburg B S E CEN TER JANE FINN Physrcal Educat1on Sargent College GEORGE MAY Art Mass School ofArt B S North Adams M RICHARD MAGHERY Phys1ca1 Educatlon Boston U B S M d sv-Xt PHYLLIS LARKIN JAMES SANTOS Homemalung M0510 Simmons Couege B S Boston Un1vers1ty B Mus X IAMES HERLIHY C Ore C M .Us nr. CAROLINE HERRMANN Core North Adams B S E ,..-en, WILLIAM RICE Math and Scxence M1cld1ebury A B JOHN CICCHETTI Core North Adams B S E mv- RAYMOND CHAMBERLAND Scxence U ofNotre Dame A B I2 robert barnes davrd blodgett donna calms elarne campbell marcra cartrnellr ellen chapm robert chaprn susan chaptn donald choquette rrchard consollnr lrnda corset davrd cosgrrff Carole curtrss russell doane errka ergen alfred fehn marilyn fitch grace french CAST Cm alphabeucal orderj gary grllrgan errka goden trudy grtnde thomas gurdr kathleen hrggtns lena hunt george krnzle Judlth macdonald malcolm mrller mary morandr I3 charles Ogden Joy anne ovrtt walter parks robert pekrul rodney penzrner penny peters barbara pezze Carolyn prttman paul ranolde Judrth st clarr deborah schneck donald schnerder gerald srter Janette stevens adele stubbs davrd wells judith wells nancy woodbeck 6666666 "3 " DAVID BLODGETT Clever Congenral Who tolr .rlo r1a 'P Davrd Straton Blodgett halls from ROBERT BARNES Sllent srncere Ill be darned! Robert Lee Barnes lrves rn M111 Rtver Bob was born rn Gt Barrtngton December 23 1942 A future pharmacrst or accountant Bob w1ll never forget the sports he enjoyed at Mt Everett Actrvrtres Football 2 3 4 Audro 2 Aids Club 1 Basketball 4 lntra Drarnatrcs Club 4 Baseball 2 Play 4 II Semor Cape Vrncent N Y where he was born February 1 1943 Dave l1ves rn South Egtemont now Equally fond of good foods and agood argument he ts sure to be a suc cess tn engrneermg For lum Mlss Gadbots physrcs lab wrll be unforgettable Act1v1t1es Basketball 3 4 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Audro V1sualA1ds Club 1 Radro Club 1 Football 3 4 Newspaper Club 3 Archery Club 1 Skung Club 1 Model Makrng Club 1 Senror Play 4 Class Presr dent 4 Student Counc1lPres1dent 4 Na tronal Honor Socrety 3 4 "xv-'P' ELAINE CAMPBELL Sociable Scotch Honestlyl Elarne Burr Campbell was born 1n Prttsfreld Mass March 19 1942 and now lives rn North Egremont Blame en1oys sports and good music She is looking forward to a ca reer rn nursrng and w1ll never forget the first day at Mt Everett ACUVIUES G A A 3 4 G1r1s Intramu rals 1 2 Newspaper Club 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Dramaucs Club 4 Senlor Play 4 Archery Club 2 4 Yearbook 4 Nauon al Honor Society 3 4 Debaung Club 2 DONNA CAIRN S Frlendly frank Gee thanks Donna Gayle Carrns was born ln East Canaan Conn November 11 1942 Donna lrves in Ashley Falls Fond of dancrng swrmmmg and skaung she w11l always remember the Iunlor Senror Prom of 59 Good luck as a halrdresser Acuvlties Dramatics Club 4 Yearbook 4 Archery Club 1 Semor Play 4 ELLEN CHAPIN Sincere . . sophisticated . You ll never guess what happened! Ellen Elaine Chapin who lives in Monterey was born February 21 1942 in Egremont. El or Rocky may be found sleeping or eating Chinese egg rolls. Our future Mrs. America she will al- ways remember her wonderful classmates and teachers. Activities: Glee Club 1 2 3- Dramatics 4- Yearbook 4- Basketball 2- Senior Play 4. MARCIA CARTINELLI Eas going effervescent I m only kidding! Leona Marcia Cartinelli now lives in Sheffield but was born in Gt Barrington Mass October 20 1941 Marcia enJoys tennis volleyball and badminton Activities G A A 1 Outdoor Club 1 Popular Singing Club 2 SUSAN CHAPIN Frrendly funlovmg Susan Alrce Chaprn resrdes rn Alford where she was born November 8 1942 Sue or Suey a fu ture harrdresser enloys srnglng dancmg and parues Her favorlte foods are shrrmp and lobster newburgh She W111 never forget the day Judy Mac came Acuvrues Glee Club 1 2 3 4 G A A 3 4 Band 1 2 3 Orchestra 1 2 Archery 1 ROBERT CHAPIN Happy handsome Scooch around! Robert Cowles Chapln now lrvrng 1n Shef f1eld was born October 22 1942 1n Gt Barrmgton A future sarlor he 15 fond of outdoor sports and cars Bobby wrll always remember hrs teachers Actlvrues Industnal Arts Club 3 4 Dra matrcs Club 4 Senror Play 4 Intramurals 1 2 Basketball 2 Baseball 2 3 Audro Vrsual A1ds Club 2 Aguculture Club 1 RICHARD CONSOLINI Llkeable lrvely Oh my gracrousl Rrchard Allen Consolrnr who was born De cember 23 1942 rn Canaan Conn now l1ves rn Southfreld Among hrs many 1nter ests are good food football huntmg and f1sh1ng A future constructlon engrneer Drck w1ll always remember our physrcs lab perrods ACIIVIUSS Soccer 1 2 Basketball 2 3 In tramurals 2 3 lndustrral Arts 2 3 Senlor Play 4 Dramatrcs Club 4 Hall Monrtor 4 Football 3 4 Baseball 3 4 DONALD CHOQUETTE Cooperanve casual Hey Fred! Donald Edward Choquette born November 21 1941 1n Gt Barrrngton now lrves rn North Egremont Fond of grrnders sports and cars Donrue hopes to become a jet mechamc ACIIVIUCS Soccer 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Intramurals 2 3 Baseball 3 4 Senror Play 4 Hall Momtor 4 LINDA CORSER Unbrased understandrng Don t be srllyl Lrnda Lee Corser who now lrves rn M111 Rrver was born rn Gt Barrrngton Mass March 13 1942 L1n who lxkes musrc and cookrng wants to be a laboratory technologrst ACIIVIIIBS Seruor Play 3 4 All State Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Assrstant Drrector of Band and Orchestra 2 3 4 Dramaucs Club 4 Yearbook 4 DAVID COSGRIFF lnqurrrng rndustrrous How 1'1d1C ulousl D3V1d Wrllram Cosgrlff III present ly lrvrng 1n Sheffreld was born rn Gt Bar rrngton Mass August 6 1942 Dave who enjoys reachng and Spanrsh 1SIO0kll'1g forward to a career as a forergn drplomat Actrvrues Soccer Manager 2 Baseball Manager 2 3 Football Manager 3 News paper Club 2 3 4 Photography Club 1 Art Club 2 Scrence Club 1 2 Dramatrcs Club 4 Yearbook 4 Senror Play 4 Nauonal Honor Socrety 2 3 4 RUSSELL DOANE Mild . . . methodical . . Never fear when Reek is here. Charles Russell Doane now residing in New Marlboro was born in Free- port Long Island N. Y. August 16 1942 Russ who enjoys reading and collecting records plans on college and then abusiness career. Activities: Audio-Visual Aids Club, 1,23 Newspaper Club, l,2,3g Outdoor Club, 4, Archery Club, 43 Yearbook, 4. CAROLE CURTISS Friendly faithful A penny for your thoughts Carole Ann Curtiss was born Sep tember 12 1941 in Ashley Falls where she presently resides A future housewife she likes talking on the telephone and meeting sincere people Activities Popular Singing Club 1 Out door Club 1 Red Cross Club 1 ' if ALFRED FEI-IN Amrable attracuve That s hfel Alfred Marcel Fehn halls from Mrllheck Long Island N Y where he was born April 1 1940 Fred now res1des rn New Marl boro Undecrded about hrs future he enjoys cars and all outdoor sports He w1ll never forget the sports and klnd teachers at Mt Everett Act1v1t1es Baseball 1 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 Soccer 1 2 Football 3 Skr Club 1 2 3 Senior Play 3 4 Newspaper Club 1 2 Intramurals 1 2 Class Presrdent 1 2 3 ERIKA EIGEN School sp1r1ted sparklrng Get the rebounds Mt Everett! Errka Malita Ergen was born rn New York Crty December 15 1942 Now lrvmg rn M111 Rxver Rrcky l1kes happy people She rs sure to make a successful arrlxne hostess Actrvrues Tumblrng 2 French Club 2 Dramaucs Club 3 4 G A A 3 4 Cheer leadrng 4 Yearbook 4 GRACE FRENCH Scholarly sensrble Guess what! Grace Eastwood French now 1rv1ng rn Shef freld was born November 24 1942 1nP1tts f1e1d Mass Gracle who enjoys sports espec1al1y tumblrng 15 fond of readrng the B1b1e She w1l1 never forget her part as Nana rn the senlor play Acuvlues Orchestra 1 2 Band 1 2 March mg Band 3 4 Semor Play 4 Nauonal Hon or Socrety 2 3 4 Tumb11ngTeam 1 2 3 4 MARILYN FITCH Arnbmous athletrc I m not krd drnl Mar11yn Lourse Frtch was born 1n Wlnsted Conn May 11 1942 but nowl1ves rn Sheffreld She 1S sure to be a success as a veterrnarran Frtchre won I soon forget the rught we beat Searles Hlgh School at basketball Actrvmes Intramurals 1 2 Outdoor Club 2 Archery Club 2 4 G A A 3 4 News paper Club 1 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 Senror Play 4 Nauonal Honor Socrety 3 4 ERIKA GODEN Proud perky Oh that s mce Enka Goden was born April 25 1941 rn Hamburg Germany She now l1ves rn M111 Rrver Mass Llttle Er1ka 11kCS 1ce cream and 1ce skatmg She 15 sure to be a great mterpreter Act1v1t1es G A A 3 Dramaucs Club 3 4 Glee Club 3 Semor Class Play 4 GARY GILLIGAN Faceuous frrendly Walt a mm ute Gary Matthew G1111gan who was born rn New York Crty November 23 1942 IS now a Sheffreldrte Gary can usually be found eaung spaghetu or playlng one of hrs favonte sports He hopes to become a CIVI1 engmeer ACIIVIUBS Class V1ce President 1 Indus trral Arts Club 1 2 Soccer 2 Basketball 2 3 Football 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Dramaucs Club 4 Semor Play 4 Yearbook 4 Intra murals 1 2 3 4 TRUDY GRINDE Scholarly srncere Oh fudge' Trudv Sofra Grrnde 11V8S rn Monterey She was born in Annapolis Md February 23 1943 Wrth an ambruon of workrng rn scr ence Trudy w1ll f1nd ll hard to forget all of the homework and report cards Actrvrues Typrng Club 1 Majorette Club 3 4 Glee C Dramaucs Club 4 Senror Play 4 Natlonal Honor Socrety 2 3 4 THOMAS GUIDI Cooperauve congenial Oh yeahl Thomas Bernard Gurdr lrves rn South Egre mont where he was born Apr11 21 1942 Tom a future offrce worker w1ll always remember the day he frrst met hrs new class mates at Mt Everett Act1v1t1es Boys Industrral Arts Intramurals 2 Tumbhng Club 2 Volleyball 3 Dancrng Club 1 Yearbook 4 Senlor Play 4 Dra matlcs 4 W LENA HUNT Effervescent effrcrent Oh don t be funny! Lena Osgood Hunt who was born June 14 1942 rn Gt Barrmgton Mass now a Sheffreld resrdent Lee who enjoys sports and arguments dl sl 1 ke s concerted people Fond of meeung people she hopes to become a socral worker Actrvlues Outdoor Club 2 Typrng Club 2 Debaung Club 2 Dramaucs Club 1 G A A 3 Class Treasurer 3 4 Natlonal Honor Socrety 2 3 4 Senror Play 4 News paperClub 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 Pep Squad 4 KATHLEEN HIGGINS Pleasant peute Oh stop that! Kathleen Ursula Hrggms now a Sheffreld grrl was borr11nP1ttsf1e1d Mass October 21 1942 Kathy can be found swrmmlng skatmg or eaung steak A promrsmg secre tary she wrll always remember the brg mght graduatron ACIIVIUCS Dancrng Club 1 French Club 1 Typrng Club 2 Popular Smgmg Club 2 25 nb GEORGE KINZIE Stolrd SChO13SI1C Oh noi George Relnhold K1nz1e who now l1ves 1n South Egremont was born October 14 1942 rn Washington D C George whose favonte color 1S blue enjoys seafood Hoprng to be come a successful electrlcal engrneer h wrll never forget the Senlor Play of 1960 Acuvrtres Band 1 2 Orchestra 1 2 Sen lor H1ghSc1ence Club 1 2 French Club 3 Marchrng Band 3 4 Nauonal Honor Soclety 34 Dramaucs Club 4 Senror Play 4 Yearbook 4 IUDITH MacDONALD Parsrmonlous peppy Now Ive done rt! Judlth Ann MacDonald halls from Qtuncy Mass where she was born October 1 1942 Mac or Judy now resrdes 1n Alford A future nurse she enjoys people sports and dramatrcs She wrll never forget that mp to the Sprmgfreld EXPOSIIIOH Actrvrtres Glee Club 1 2 3 Dramatrcs Club 2 4 Yearbook 4 Natlonal Honor So clety 3 4 All State Chorus 3 Seruor Play 4 Class V1ce Presrdent 2 3 4 D A R Award 4 MARY ANN MORANDI Sympatheuc SOC13b1C Ralph was up! Mary Ann Rose MOI3Hd1 l1ves rn Alford where she was born October 26 1941 May re or lrttle s1ster llkes to dance and to read but one of her pet peeves rs people who thrnk they own the world A przza fan she hopes to become a secretary Act1v1t1es Glee Club 1 2 Grrls Industrlal Arts 1 2 Rad1o Club 3 4 Dramaucs Club 4 Yearbook 4 Dancrng Club 1 MALCOLM MILLER Levelheaded hkeable I don t know! Malcolm Bruce Mrller was born 1n Portland Me October 20 1941 but now l1ves 1n Sheffreld A fellow of many mter ests Mal lrkes people travelrng stock car racrng and the Red Sox A future busr ness tycoon he w1ll never forget the fun he had at Mt Everett basketball games Actrvmes Model Makrng Club 2 Intramu rals 2 Stamp Club 2 3 Sen1or Play 4 Yearbook 4 Volleyball 3 Dramancs Club 3 4 Hall Morutor 3 4 CHARLES OGDEN Tall thoughtful You re k1dd1ngl Charles Pomeroy Ogden was born January S 1943 rn New York C1ty Chuck who now lrves rn South Egrernont IS fond of cars and clothes A future college professor he wrll never forget the day he became a perma nent member of the Nauonal Honor SOCISIY Act1v1t1es Aud1o V1SLl3lA1dS Club 1 Radlo Club 1 Personal Typmg Club 2 French Club 2 Soccer 3 Volleyball 3 Yearbook 4 Seruor Play 4 Dramatlcs Club 3 4 Hall Monttor 3 Natlonal Honor Soc1ety 3 4 .TOY ANNE OVITT Competent composed oh fab ulous! Joy Anne OVIII was born October 26 1942 1n Hudson N Y Io Anne now makes her home rn Clayton Mass Deslrous of becomrng a beaut1c1an she w1ll never forget her ftrst day at Mt Everett ACIIVIIICS Glee Club 1 2 3 G1rls Chorus 2 G A A 1 3 Yearbook 4 Popular Stng ng Club 1 2 Dramaucs Club 2 3 Red Cross Club 1 Semor Play ROBERT PEKRUL Pracncal promising Oh I wouldn t say that Robert Adolph Pekrul who was born in Port Chester N Y October 1942 resides in Sheffield Mass A sure be successful engineer Bob will never for get those Student Government Day cam paigns Act1v1t1es Ski Club 1 Tumbling Club 1 Industrial Arts Club 1 2 Audlo Visual Aids Club 1 2 Boys Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Vol leyball 3 Dramatrcs Club 3 4 Hall Mon itor 3 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Stu dent Government Day Representative 4 Na tional Honor Society 3 4 WALTER PARKS Lanky. . . laconic. . . "Well now." Wal- ter Marshall Parks, who now lives in Monte- rey, was born July 7, 1942, in Duxbury, Mass. "Wally" or "Hiram" likes fishing and hunting. His favorite food is deer steak. Hopeful of becoming a geologist, he says he'll never forget that chemistry class. Activities: Ski Club, lg Industrial Arts, 2, Agriculture Club 4 Volleyball 3 4 Year book 4 Dramatics 4 Senior Play 4 PENNY PETERS Versaule vrvacrous Oh what fun' Dale Penny Peters who resrdes rn Sheffreld was born June 25 1942 1n Darren Conn Penny who hopes to be an execu uve secretary 11kes people who enjoy lrfe She ll always remember thrs senlor year Act1v1t1es Glee Club 1 2 Nauonal Honor SOCICIY 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 Senlor Play 4 Dramaucs Club 4 Newspaper 1 2 3 4 Cheerleadrng 1 2 3 4 Student Councrl Representauve 1 2 3 4 RODNEY PENZINER Resuve rollrckrng I drdn t o anything! Rodney Lowell Penzlner was born February 13 1942 rn Gt Barrrngton Hot Rod IS known for hrs fondness for grrls and cars He who wrll always remember the Jun 1or Prom of 59 hopes to further hrs educa tron rn the freld of markeung Actrvrues Soccer 2 Dramaucs Club 3 4 Industrral Arts Club 1 3 Audro V1sualA1ds Club 3 Senror Play 4 Yearbook 4 is,-r"' CAROLYN PITTMAN Tactful tuneful How d ya spell Carolyn Prttman who lrves rn Alford was born August 3 1942 rn Pla1nf1e1d N I Cookle who enJoys musrc and scrence drslxkes to get below a B rn any subject A future physlcal theraplst she wrll always remember that l1ttle green book 1n Drrver Educatron Act1v1t1es Orchestra 1 2 Popular Srngrng Club 2 G A A 3 Radro Club 3 Year book 4 Sen1or Play 4 Dramatrcs Club l 234 GleeClub 1234 Band 1234 BARBARA PEZZE Loquacrous lrkeable Oh that s ruce Barbara Ann Pezze born rn Gt Bar rrngton January 27 1943 now lrves rn Shef freld Barb IS one of those people who lrkes to have a good trme She hopes to be come a beauucran and wrll never forget her teachers and classmates Actrvrues Dancrng Club 1 Guls Indus trral Arts Club 2 Glee Club 3 Dramaucs Club 4 Yearbook 4 R8d1O Club 4 Sen 1or Play 4 DANIEL RANOLDE Agreeable athletrc Oh yeah? Paul Danlel Ranolde born August 13 1942 rn Canaan Conn now l1ves 1n Ashley Falls Danny can be found eaung spaghettr or bowlrng Hopeful of becommg a burldrng contractor he w11l never forget his senror vear ACIIVIIICS Soccer 1 2 Baseball 2 3 4 Senlor Play 4 Drarnattcs 4 Yearbook Basketball 2 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Foot ball 3 4 Tumbhng 2 3 4 DEBORAH SCHNECK Artrsuc arnbmous Don t cop out now' Deborah Mane Schneck who now 11VeS 1n Sheffreld was born Aprrl 12 1943 rn Flushrng Long Island N Y Debby who d1S11kSS greasy French frres enjoys hot fudge sundaes Fond of playrng golf she hopes to become a playwrrght Act1v1t1es Glee Club 1 2 Class Secretary 1 2 Band 3 Yearbook Club 4 Newspaper Club 2 3 4 Nauonal Honor Socrety 2 3 4 GERALD SITER Reahsuc relaxed He s thmkrng about ll Gerald Wesley Slter was born 1n Gt Barrrngton Mass on June 21 1942 He now l1ves 1n South Egremont Gerry enjoys przza and bowhng He w111 always remember our teachers Act1v1t1es Intramurals 1 A g r 1 c ul t u r e Clu 2 DONALD SCHNEIDER Helpful happy go lucky He you guys! Donald John Schne1der who re srdes rn South Egremont was born February 27 1943 rn Great Barrmgton Fond of cars and sleep Dons future Job wrll be a farmer Actxvrues Future Farmers of Amerrca 1 2 3 4 JANETTE STEVENS Senslble skrllful Why not? Janette Carol Stevens now lrvmg rn M111 R1ver was born rn Canaan Conn Apr1l 5 1942 Jay who likes French fr1es roast turkey and money plans to become a commerc1al arust Actrvltres Debatmg Club 1 Newspaper Club 2 Art Club 1 2 G A A 3 Year book 4 Dramat1cs Club 3 4 JUDITH ST CLALR Attractrve agreeable Boy o boy' Mary Judrth St Cla1r who was born Aprll 10 1943 rn Jamaica N Y now lives rn Egremont Judy who enJoys Jazz and chocolate malts can be gener ally found playmg golf wlth Debby Sch neck Her ambxtron for the future 15 s1m ply to be successful Actrvmes Typmg Club 1 Glee Club 1 2 Yearbook 4 Newspaper Club 2 3 Natlonal Honor Socrety 2 3 4 DAVID WELLS Cheerful COOPCISIIVC Take rt easy Dav1d Samuel Wells lrves rn Shef f1e1d where he was born November 21 1941 Dave who l1kes sports w1ll always re member that flrst tumblrng exhrbrtron He plans to go to college before becomrng a farmer ACIIVIIICS Audio V1sualA1ds Club 1 Soc cer 1 2 Basketball 3 Football 3 4 Base ball 3 4 Tumblrng 1 2 3 4 ADELE STUBBS Energeuc ef ficrent Boy 1 Adele Loutse Stubbs born rn Far Rockaway Long Island N Y on March 30 1942 recently moved to South Egremont Stubby who l1kes sports has a pet peeve backseat drrvers A future busmesswoman she wrll never forget Drivers Ed class Actlvrtres Orchestra l Bowlrng Club 2 Glee Club 3 4 Dramatxcs Club 4 Semor Pla 4 Band 1234 NANCY WOODBECK Capable constderate Really? Nancy Chapin Woodbeck 11ves ln oheff1e1d where she was born August 30 1942 A future legal secretary Nan enjoys people She will always remember her wonderful classmates JUDIT H WELLS Quiet . . . qualified . . . "Oh, shucksl Judith Nancy Wells, born in Canaan, Conn January 6 1943 now ltves tn Monterey Fond of steak and movies she hopes to be come a secretary Acttvities Typing Club 1 Activmes Glee Club 1 2 3 G A A 2 3 Newspaper Club 1 3 4 All State Re presentatxve 3 Yearbook 4 Dramatrcs 4 Semor Play 3 4 Class Secretary 3 4 Na tional Honor Soctety 3 4 Pep Squad 4 Entrance of Cast ---------- 8:25 Warning Bell ------------ 8:42 Home Room -------- - 8:45-8:50 Scene 8 53 9 41 Scene 44 10 32 Scene III 10 35 11 23 825 920 Scene 1 31 2 19 Scene 2 22 3 10 Home Room 3 10 3 15 3 15 EXII of Cast 3 15 TYPICAL DAY IN OUR PLAY 37 I I - - - : - : II - - - 9: - : L U I N C : I H 1 I 1 N a : T n 2 E d 3 R M .. A I C 1 . S T 2 Z S I 3 I V 3 O '7 N I T I E S fy I Scene IV ---------- 12:40-1:28 Q V "-"-'---- : - : A VI ----------- : - : COLLEGE Enghsh IV Englxsh V fSpeech Composrtronj Psychology Economrcs Latln Il French III College Mathematrcs Physlcs Home Economrcs Mechamcal Drawrng Physrcal Educ ation Socrology COMMERCIAL Englrsh IV Bookkeeplng Shorthand II Offrce Practrce Psychology Economrcs Physrcal Soctology GENERAL Englrsh IV Busrness Mathematrcs Psychology Economrcs Latrn II French III Advanced Mathematrcs Bookkeeprng Industrral Arts III Art II Musrc II Physrcal Educatron Socrology wllllllii www! ...I 1 f AGRICULTURE KW Englrsh IV Psychology nconomrcs Agrtculture Agrrculture Mathemat1cs Bookkeeprng Phys1cal Educatron Soclology " J-e-4 SCRIPTS 'weve- r-N-J The curr1culum at Mt Everett COHSISIS of four spectahzed courses of study They are as follows the College Preparatory Course that rs desrgned to meet the needs of students wrshtng to contrnue therr educatton the Comrnerctal Course whrch prepares students for varrous frelds 1n busrness the General Course for those who do not mtend to go beyond hrgh school and the Agrrculture Course for boys who have an lnterest ln one of the phases of farmmg 38 we s f"1 ' I' ' sq' 1' "--- -1 ri - r ' , g IV g y , rv Education - f 'X Business few - I y ,tf.' N sg, mm? ' 1 f 1 h ,. . -4 P ' ' 4 ' si , , Y, g f WV P:'l,i-,,,Mr ,A ' M.. Q flash: STARS ' D. A. R. student E , Award Government J, MacDonald R. Pekrul 5 1 ity Nauonal Mer1t D Blodgett G K1nz1e Boys State R. Barnes R. Pekrul M Mlller R. Consohm 5 I A11 State Concert J MacDonald L Corse: N Woodbeck CLASS CELEBRITIES Q 5 Hall Morutors 39 I MOST ATTRACTIVE J St Can Fehn BEST DRESSED B Pekrul L Corser BEST DANCERS MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED G G1111gan G Gllhgan I OVIII P Peters DONE MOST FOR CLASS MOST SINCERE TEACHERS PETS M. Miller J MacDonald J MacDonald N. Woodbeck T. Guidi D. Cosgriff 40 MOST MUSICAL G K1nz1e C Putman TEACHERS PES TS D Blodgett E Goden MOST ATHLETIC CLASS CLOWNS F Fehn D Conso11n1 M Fltch E E1gen BEST ACTOR and ACTRESS C Ogden Elgen MOST POPULAR P Peters F Fehn MOST LIKE TO SUCCEED G K1nz1e L Hunt lxk ,IT x XX' E.-' 11 STUDENT CGUNCIL SEATEDf1eft to nghtj C Hunt S Doane E Jackson D Blodgett P Peters F Ryan M Gaylord D Doane STANDING fleft to rlghtj R Palfinl S Bennett J Gilltgan The Student Council is a vital organism in the life of our school In addition to serving as a link promoting better understanding between the faculty and the students it also provides a representative student body capable of making recommendations and passing laws within the framework of existing policies which benefit the entire school Furthermore membership on the council gives each student an opportunity to 55532 93 3'Oab4UQ 0 or Eglv' D-NHS-35.250 Uggmpwg no 00 0 cv-'5:r:'oG, :J-'J' o H-ff. W OO va '5'wS-"HUB-'22 cr,1,'oU-Umse Enom.-. .., s4D.,,1'6'1fVNO moo mOv-1 NHNSMOM 392' GSS NEZU 0 '-gN,,,s- 'Om HCDDUEM O "' mv: OUQWN 0-:::"E' C O Ev-I 9v9.,'+'R5-'0v- 2590152 "rvf"22m5 Meow ,Dorm mv-10,4 F" NCDD":r4r-Q HWOQNZT' "'o Om "'t"'tcz.9'. 910'-ir-Cl! mO0E Egiam x::19' S "'CLI1""re Wmoog' finomo 8:4-Q-H50 .,.gwg5 t1 002 "'0""v:v-I UEOSSAH w,Qv-'EE rL't'U"' 315325 "'oQf-4:--9, E? 5'9" o 0 mama? omg:-'54 Enema 550,-.,U" nn.E,9,ffg 0 C-Egg, H ro Qi'-'rrmg p5OE:v-,,,:1 'H IH IH -L develop those qualities of responsibility, initiative, leadership and fellowship which 11.-.1 I -1 li 111 ..... 42 YEARBOOK STAFF l Thrs year the Aungan staff rs composed of twenty f1ve members Under the super vxslon of Mr Torrey and the leadershrp of Penny Peters the edrtor tn chief the partr crpants whole heartedly donated their mme and Sk111S rn order to make the 1960 Auugan the best yearbook ever The theme for our publrcatron 15 All the World s a Stage Into thrs the staff has worked all the phases of school lrfe at Mt Everett One of the umque features of the book IS the full color end sheets Other rnnovauons are the recogmtron of 1nd1v1dual achrevements by student members and a p1ctor1al representatron of a typrcal senlor day at Mt Everett FRONT ROW D Schneck I St Cla1r M Morandi P Peters C Plttman M Frtch E Campbell B Pezzee SECOND ROW R. Doane J MacDonald R. Penzrner G Glllrgan E Eigen L Hunt D Caxrns B Pekrul L Corser E Goden LAST ROW E Chapin D Wells W Parks G Kmzre C Ogden D Cosgnff M Mrller J Stevens Office Staff Polly Hall Yvonne Fehn Lunch Room Staff Ann Bachettl Marge Hlnes Lily Boardman Shlrley Bachetti Vrrgil Crockett Janitors Marty Love Arthur Goewey BEHIND THE SCENES WI: -'JN Q.- us Drivers E Peezee H Massini J Leca kis J Stanton J Ormsbee D Ball 44 H Mar1on G 1 G 9 UNDER STUDIES GRA E8 G '7 45 JUNIOR CLASS OF '61 As heirs to the long desired title of senior, the junior class anxiously looked forward to September, the third year of our high school lives. We suspected then, and came to realize even more fully later, how important this next to the last rung on the ladder of secondary education could be. To help and advise us throughout the year we elected the following class officers: President, Marilyn Gaylordg Vice-President, Patsy Cartinellig Secretary, Shelia Bettis: Treasurer, Ellen A. Chapin: and Student Council Representative, Francis Ryan. Many times their opinions aided and influenced us The first of our many activities occurred on November 20 when we sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Dance which proved highly successful Then came the ordering of our class rings and the Never to be forgotten Junior Senior Prom with its gay Parisian theme A11 in all it was a busy wonderful year FIRST ROW A Stevens F Ryan E Chapin M Gaylord S Bettis M Pezzee N Van Deusen D Sturdevant SECOND ROW P Morandi N Snyder D Hall L cox I Morandi N Hitchcock F Machia K Keresztes A Ward H Higgins E Severn A Chase FOURTH ROW M Hunt S Rrou P Newell J Connors J Van Deusen B Wilbur M Adams J Peck FIFTH ROW C Edwards R Macy P Sanford A Ruthel N Pezzee R Ball R Schneider S Wells SIXTH ROW C Deland S Oates I Crurdshank F Clark W Hitchcock I Wilkinson R Vicker man H Stalker 46 Wells, A. Suffie, M. Swan, A. Suffie, B. Poucher, G. Cooper. THIRD ROW: S. Wil- SOPHOMORE CLASS OF '62 FIRST ROW K Peck B Estus P Gmgras P Sm1th E Jackson A H1tchcock I Henderson J Newton G Rhtnes SECOND ROW E Packard L Snyder P Percy M Bailey M Adams R Dow L Kramer C Lancome T Dempsey T Macy THIRD ROW E Willcox L Swarn I Lossow N Swarn M Bradley D West J Percy J Hall R Zucco FOURTH ROW S Cah1ll B Murr V Emmons M Rmou D Mott K Mrller R Coon L Hakulrn B Antomazzl FIFTH ROW S Cosgrrff Gilmore SIXTH ROW J Wells M Decker J Stevens G Huften A Shultz B Beneat A Delmolrno R Chrrstman C Carley C Knlght W Hall SEVENTH ROW B Elhott B MacDonald R Stubbs R Bachettr R Choquette T Hnchcock I Plontek G Corset R L1ttle T Dozrer I Schnelder Ord-Q Q,-53-FJ As we returned to school rn September we could not help but feel proud that we were no longer the lowly freshmen The begrnnmg of school meant the end of sum mer vacatron but tt also meant a chance to renew old frrendshrps and advance another step rn our academic careers Before we knew 1I we held our f1rst dance the Sophomore Shuffle on October 2 and felt Justxflable proud of 1ts success At the same time we could not help but feel th1s same sense of accompllshment as we watched many members of our class comprle outstandmg records as partrcrpants tn our school s many sports activmes 47 P. Cowen, K. Stiles, H. Huften, G. Coffin, R. Durant, J. Babcock, G. Piontek, D. FRESHMAN CLASS OF '63 September, 1959, was an exciting time for us because it marked the beginning of our Freshman year in high school Besides allowtng the opportunity to participate in numerous school activities it gave us the chance to pursue those fields ot education in which we were most interested To ard us in the numerous decrsrons to be made we elected the following class offrcers Presrdent Jane Grllrgan Vice President Paula Delmolrno Secretary Dorothy Curtis Treasurer John Grlhgan and Student Council Representative Susan Doane FIRST ROW J Rhodes S Agar D Curtrs J Gilligan I Grlligan S Doane D Smith E Spadacclnr SECOND ROW B Dozier K Wells J Blakely R Stevens Thompson J Chase L Spurr N Chamberlin R Straleau FOURTH ROW A Pezzee T Gage R Zucco M Edwards B Rrou H Gillrgan M Follmer FIFTH ROW J Bachetu D Markham S Story A Masse J Wtlcox D Whrtcomb H Stalker L Davis SIXTH ROW S VanDuesen D Stiles W Richards H Crurk shank I Cagney B Amstead L Rossi B Green SEVENTH ROW F Holcomb T Gibbs I Golden R Fitch S Siter W Rushetti D Green I Tullar W Stalker T Blakely 48 J. Santos, T. Nicolson, W. Webster. THIRD ROW: E. Simpson, M. Robbins, D. Sth GRADE CLASS 0F '64 FIRST ROW S Lrpsky D Delmollno C Gary S Arzt C Meyer S Golden I Gage S Penziner C Hunt I Rosenstem P Gunrzmger D Gtbbs J McGary SECOND ROW P Smrth B Leal C Booth C Borce G Ferrante R Pekrul R Bennett C Shove R Carley J Krmball L Curtiss C Higgms THIRD ROW R Stalker T French E Pezze R Lossow W Frelds F Dellea R Twing P Camp bell L Carter P Saunders P Amrdon E Davidson FOURTH ROW E Herrick P Parks P Clark S Babcock S Pillman S Story B Stalker R Schnerder N D Crarne A St Clarr S Peck G Granfreld M Brewer W Nourse H Slaugt her E Warren B Kop SIXTH ROW E Whitehouse P Vickerman R Kradel S Page I Carr B Reynolds C Cairns W Hamrlton C Manghue J Rossr L Hoffman W Duryea F Schoonmaker SEVENTH ROW H Conldln R Wells C Bartzsh F Nourse C Marun D West I Zwick A Rice G Davis C Rhoades R Ruthel As erghth graders we realized that our long waltmg was nearly over soon we would be enterrng high school Wrth this thought in mind the year seemed to pass more swiftly than ever Many of our friends brought new honors to our class by distingursh rng themselves in dramat1cs scrence music athletics and cheering A hrghllght of the year was our annual dance held rn October but the most excit ing event ln all was selectmg the courses of study we would follow durrng our high school l1ves 49 Simpson, C. Richards, R. Cook. FIFTH ROW: I. Ruthel, J. Rinesmith, T. Farnum, Q 0 O I . 7th GRADE CLASS OF '65 Entermg the seventh grade was a very rmportant step rn our lrves because rt marked the end of our elementary school days and the begrnnmg of our hrgh school lrfe A Mt Everett we made many new frrends from students throughout the drstnct What thnlled us most was the fact that we were now permltted to Joln school clubs attend assemblres and sponsor our f1rst dance FIRST ROW P Edelman R Palrfmr H Anstett G Crlne I Hrtchock D Smrrh R Burnett I Lrpsky G Crawford M VanDeusen A Chase R Pezzee K Grbbs SECOND ROW H Dozrer A Bachettr J Cowen J Ranzonr C Gunzmger Johnston M Dempsey L Wuorr G Wheeler G Stenner R Wrlcox J Rutsrs THIRD ROW A Wells R Bachettt C Corser S Wells C Shmulsky L Stalker Burton C Batacchr M Marron J Grandy M Masse FOURTH ROW J Hall Coles J Bybee R Stover R Wrnterbottom K Proctor I Blodgett Z Carter Wood R Gurdr D Huges L Pezze FIFTH ROW S Hayford W Etchstedt Twrng M Keemlt K Klahn V Blrkloz V Martm G Duryea A Beneat M Smrth S Consolrnr A Wells E Ball SIXTH ROW H Rlou C Stanton Ball J Drnan M Brazze I Bull S Kelsey D Drury E Grrnde C Rhrnes C Markham SEVENTH ROW S Phelps W Back G Henderson J Parker E Mrlru 11s E W1ll1ams E Olmsted A Prxley F Frengs F Datgle R Handlwrch J Curuss W Demrng 50 CLASS HISTORY i SENIOR 1 LEADS "FOUR HAPPY YEARS" fXCHfI 1956-1959 CAST: Fred Fehn President ----------------- Vice-President ------------ Gary Gilligan Secretary ------------- Deborah Schneck -Penny Peters - - Theresa Ford Treasurer - - --------- - - - - Student Council Representative - - DIRECTORS Mrs Larkin Mr Norton Scene I Our first year in high school found us buck Img down Scene II The Freshman Roundup was presented ACT II 1957 1958 X CAST Fred Fehn Judy MacDonald Deborah Schneck Dick Consolmi Penny Peters President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative DIRECTORS Mrs Larkin Mr Torrey Scene I The class presented the Lollipop Hop and the Pixie Prance our two biggest productions of the year Scene II Many of our players appeared in the play 'el-L, X Yu, 4' ,jsfi 1 i 1 A r if SL .,, gif' f - 97 ----------------- 34 : 1,4 . - . ----------- Qi n ' ' In - - N I . 2 r 2 I ',p , 9 1? 319 ' A A o A 9' f . 4 xl I S .5 , V XA! fs? fx- R' ' 1 V :lu 525' Y' CAST: ACT III 1958-1959 President --------------- Fred Fehn Vlce-President -------- Judy MacDonald Secretary ---------- Nancy Woodbeck Treasurer --------------- Lee Hunt Student Council Representative - - Penny Peters Directors Mr Torrey Mr Cote Scene 1 As Junrors we proudly received our class rings Scene II Bob Barnes Dick Consolini Mal Miller and Bob Pekrul went to Boys State Scene III Senio r Representatives to the All State Music Fesuval 1n 1-Iyannrs were Nancy Woodbeck Llnda Corset and Judy MacDonald Scene IV Oriental Gardens our prom was presented on June 5 ACT IV 1959- 1960 CAST: President - - ------------- Dave Blodgett y Vice -President ----------- Iudy MacDonald Secretary ----- ------- N ancy Woodbeck Treasurer - - - - - - - - - ---- ---- L ee Hunt Student Council Representative ---- Penny Peters DIRECTORS: xmmm f 1 Mr. Torrey SA Mr. Finn S A012 E Ts E'-s 5 'fl 7 Scene I I udy MacDonald won the Daughters of the Amerrcan Revolution Award Scene II Bob Pekrul was elected as our Good Gov vemment Day Representauve ln Boston Scene III Dave Blodgett and George Kinzle were finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program Scene IV Dave Blodgett was a finalist in the Na tional Honor Society Scholarship Program Scene V Lrnda Corset was again chosen forAl1 State Scene VI The Football Farewell paid tribute to the senior spotted football squad Scene VII We published the 1960 AURIGAN Scene DC Graduation SceneX The Springfield Expositron will long be remembered by us il 6 ACT IV fCon tj Thls year the semors offered as their annual play Peter Pan by James M Bame Attendance records were smashed as aud1ence5 composed of young and old ahke flocked to the audltonum to thnll agam to the adventures of Peter Captain Hook and all the rnhabr rants of the legendary Never Land lawn ibm! msg WE: .KB-6 'NA PETER PAN P Peters CAPTAIN HOOK C Ogen MRS DARLING E Chapm MR. DARLING D Blodgett WENDY L Hunt MICHAEL Pekrul JOHN M M111er LIZA E Elgen NANA G French TOOTLES MacDonald SLIGHTLY G K1nz1e CURLY G Grlhgan NIBS D Cosgnff OMNES C Plttman STARKEY W Parks SMEE R Penzlner TIGER LILY L Corser PANTHER F Fehn TWINS M Frtch E Campbell EPILOGUE ENCORE' ENCORE' The curtarn descends the scenery and props are stored away to used at a later date actors drrectors costumers stage hands elect.r1c1ans depart Paradoxlcally the show has Just begun Now 15 the moment for whrch all the members of the drama have worked, then' graduation mto the future Who knows what the years hold in store? From thelr ranks w111 come tomorrow s doc tors nurses engrneers teachers sc1ent1sts f1nes of home and school to step onto the wrder stages of the world For those who watch them go there rs sadness at the1r de parture and pr1de rn then accom phshments Behrnd them they leave thousands of mem or1es of r1ch wonderful frrendslups On these pages let us pay them one f1na1 mbute Let us clasp to our heart the memory of these students as they are and were Whatever therr destmy they carry w1th them the warmest of wrshes for they are tomorrow s hope in an uncerta1n world . ' 2 . . . . , - I I I D l . I I and parents. They leave the narrow con- . . . - . . , . . I 17 , Qfa A1LToGfifLP N5 of The STARS cax.9 lj W ,Y Lf mf Qmwhwfdmw QW ff MM, nlwfiw U J aoucsflmfl 071154 A444 MQW Cfwfwaw J, LJ JA tlillmlll Q? Q21 diff! ir! 'uumufum W CWM nffj Ag 5 ,fwcdf 'Lf ,4 ,VQ,67b2ff7j 63 WWW, kijbdj Q1-JJQQQ, gl Sym Kwbhtjiw! fgfaipgf MWW L 6995! 5 W 5 was J 'M gpdiagdg, MAXIM 37? jgbzwab :W VN if fx! 'flf C711 ,Y izf2,9VL4Zz CHO ff ,gf Lg W QQQQQQ? J, W ,Kem Qu pow ' ZTTVLI FK W , gy! ,'M,1a ' Q H l ffl 4 Q ' w r I I 1- 3 ' qaaxn 'HON H 'Hx ff, f xr V , f jf if ff A ,C KMQ A X 4 If ff ff ' JW www Q . ,Q 0 . 4 w V '40 f ? f . i I 17 V X X C, G-,D O! ff ,MMV f W 6 K ' XA, XL Q? M W N hw . fn 0 . Q af L ss IN DAYS GONE BY SOUTHERN BECKSHIRE REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRIC I' OUTH ER N ERKS HIRE CHOOL STRICT ALFORD 4 4 N VUREMONT 1 MONTEREY NEM NARLEOROUGH 1 SHEFFIELD CENTER 1. 4 MT EVETZETT IZEGTONAL 512 if ADHLH mm 14 FLASHBACK GC 99 Q9 ST Y 3'-1, 5 EGREMQNT QGIQ 'YQ CQ . GPI ,qw S L ' 3 'he- SHEFFIELD CENTER SCHOOL BOTTOM left Clockwlse R. Penzmer B Pezzee D Wells G French G Chapm B Pekrul K Hlggms D Cosgnff M. Carnnelh P Peters M. Fltch G G1111gan ASHLEY FALLS SCHOOL BOTTOM, left, Clockwxse C Curuss, D Calrns, D Ranolde, D. Schneck 60 , ,L , , ,,, .f ' f A K V in 4 ' I f 51' 1 B . J" nv-n X Bile 5 9 . 3 1 X I ' . I ' I ' ' . l ' . I ' .I i. XL, 1, ' ,I is If ' 5. MONTEREY CENTER SCHOOL Top to Bottom I Wells T Gr1nde W Parks af 4.-ggi' d,43z,, fir wr- 9'1b U4 an I A' Q: 1'1"-5' 7 X ""1 .www NEW MARLBOROUGH CENTRAL SCHOOL Left to Right: F. Fehn, B. Barnes, L. Corser, I. Ovitt. ALFORD GRADE SCHOOL Left to Right E Chapin C P1ttman M Morandl I . , u , . . N Fw ,. , 3 , 1, f aq, -?,f.::m 1 f - , fm, ,,'w,,-ku L , . if J :,i,..5f,55 vi. 5 4- . V '-,At 'ef - 4' fr . Q . : f,. 4, 4' . 4 , 1- -- 5 Q?-32,5 f:f'n 5- 'TL ahaha. , V ffgfag. , Jgwfa. , - My .Y I X if rf xx-, . K 1, 'f 9':'?.'L f ' - lg if ' 'divx' X' Y 5 1: J, , ' ' ' N ,r 3 :,.. 1,1 E . wi , . . . , . if , 'f . . if . ' f 1 - 'z , . . ,uf .4 K J . f' If ' . - f --41 . -,,. L V ? 1 Q K' R ' 15 ' il Q , ...f .- ww-1-',..-, a - . -gf T 1 .-f - at Q., , :ff ?Qg',,,, Arg ' Y A F Q, - . It , .VY ' , Hgh' of 'PPI W Dy--,f ,N.,f,,, ' ' fit? viiin, "'-., Qfiiif 1 5 .iiiiigiiiibttzf-5 NORTH AND SOUTH EGREMONT SCHOOLS LEFT Top to Bottom E Campbell D Choquette T Gmdi Top to Bottom J St Clan D Schnelder D Blodgett 'X V9 ANY OTHER SCHOOL BOTTOM left Clockwlse E Elgen I MacDonald L Hunt E Goeden A Stubbs C Ogden M Mxller 62 v E T43 S I V 1 -H A V ' , Q I E -: , T S X X ' in -9 rr to H3 6 ? , , AVN. H-, K. S . wh V' 1 , ' v1l'1'1Zr1'1CW1 O F 5 9 6 0 JR HIGH SCIENCE -,l 1,2 CLUB The senousness of this club xs well proven by the fact that one of 1ts mem bers Seth Lrpsky was a finahst in the Junior Hi Science Award Contest LZ fi -- GOLF CLUB Designed to teach the beginner and improve the skill of the more experi- enced golfer this club has enjoyed great popularity throughout the school ARCHERY CLUB .E sl This old and popular sport has found many new and enthusrasttc followers s1nce being added to the 11st of school acttvmes AUDIO VISUAL AIDS CLUB In order that they may be of assxstance to then' teachers and fellow class mates members of IIIIS organrzation are taught the proper use of the school s audto visual ards equ1p ment L RADIO CLUB Each Thursday these students sprn the top records of the week on therr own Teenage Hop program over Statron W S B S rn Gt Barrrngton GLEE CLUB The Sound of Musrc really f111s the arr when these grrls meer for thelr twrce weekly rehearsals Under the drrectron of Mr Santos they have taken part rn concerts assembhes and other school functrons 65 NEWSPAPER CLUB Thrs busy group helps keep the students mformed of school act1v1t1es and future plans JUNIOR DRAMATICS Q7 C? Composed of students from grades 7 and 8 the club enjoyed a very actlve f1rst season presentmg two orrglnal plays by its dlrector Mr F1nn 66 M1 YN CHEERLEADERS ......-- Through snow sleet rain and hot gym lights this year s cheerleaders urged the team on to greater efforts X GAA Besides giving girls the chance to keep in top physical condition, the girls Athletic Association provides the opportunity of making new friends through competition with other schools. rl 67 LIBRARY CLUB Thrs club has prov en a valuable asset to school by helprng Mrs Wrlcox the lrbrarran wrth many detarls of runnrng the depart IIISHI One of the1r many progects durrng the year was the makrng of the crocodrle for the Senror Play Peter Pan NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY We are proud of these twenty one students who through the1r character scholarshrp leadershrp and servrce to our school have earned a place on our Honor Socrety 68 I I 1 A ET H ART CLUB -352 NX lt " - ' SPORT LIGHT Hi'-1 SCCCER FIRST ROW C Reed T Nrcholson I Gtlhgan G Coffm D Choquette R Cho quette F Holcomb T G1bbS F Dellea SECOND ROW I Golden J Harper D Fttch B Elltott M Bradley A Rrce F Ryan T Hrtchcock Mr Shim1nsk1 Overjoyed fans witnessed Mt Everett s most successful soccer season Records were play1ng great v1tal1ty and enthustasm 1n all tts games the team grves every 1nd1cat1on of becoming future league champtons Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Webutuck Berkshue U V 1 Wtllxams Chester Searles Wilhams Chester Searles Berkshue Q Webutuck 70 established as the team piled up two shut-outs, three wins and fifteen team goals. Dis- Mt. 1 0 Mt. 2 ' . . Mt. 1 ' ' Mt. 0 Mt. 1 Mt. 0 ' Mt. 2 Mt. 1 Mt. 4 ' J. VJ Mr. 3 FOOTBALL FIRST ROW C Edwards T Dempsey I Hall W Hrtchcock G Rhrnes D Ran olde R Coon G Gxlligan R Sturtevant SECOND ROW Coach Rrce I Pa1f1n1 D Gilmore K Miller B MacDonald S Wells D Blodgett M Decker R Con so11n1 R Barnes D West I Chase Although th1s was only the football team s second season of competmon 1t exhtb 1ted in all tts games a frne potentlal for thmgs to come Drsplayrng a keen sense of sportsmanshrp and the abthty to work together well the squad showed marked 1m provement in every encounter From me valuable experrence tt has gamed the group should prove to be a form1dab1e nval for league honors rn future years Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Ockawamlck Voorheesv111e Roelrff Jansen Aver111 Park Chatham Hunter Tannersville Ravena Mt. 13 ' Mt. 0 ' Mt. 0 ' - Mt. 0 ' Mt. 18 Mt. 0 - Mt. 0 7I BASKETBALL K M111er S Bennett G Rhrnes T Hrtchcock P Sm1th Mr Chamberland B Barnes D Blodgett S Oates In a season that wrmessed much f1ne playrng by the basketball squad the hrghlrght was undoubtedly the surprrse vrctory over Lee 51 43 Although there are not many members to the team they work together well as a strong frghtrng umt In all therr games they have exhrbrted a f1ne potentral for the promrsrng future of rncreased use fulness to Mt Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Everett Lee Lenox Chester Searles Lee Wrlllams Lenox Chester Mt. 44 Mt. Everett 40 Williams Mt. 51 Mt. 61 Mt. 38 Mt. 51 Mt. 53 ' Mt. 46 Mt. 34 72 TU BLI G FIRST ROW S Doane F Dellea I Morandr I Hall M Gaylord D Ranolde G French T Macy I Henderson F Smlth SECOND ROW P Morandr B Rrou S Rrou B W1lbur B Poucher E Jackson A Ruthel L Kramer H G1ll1gan R Bachetu P Cartmelli THIRD ROW G G1111ga.n F Fehn F Erchstedt I Palfrnx F Ryan D Wells D West R Stevens The tumblxng team is a group of whlch our school can well be proud Composed chxefly of freshmen and sophomores they are extremely sk111ed for then years Be s1des bemg an eagerly awarted attractlon of the physrcal educauon demonstration mn Apr11 the tumblers entered the state w1de compeutron 1n Frammgham I . , . , - , . , . , . , . . . . - , 1 , . , Q . . - , . , u , . , Q , 0 , . , Q , - , . , - . I . , . , . , . , 0 , u , . , . Q Q 1 0 ' 1 ' ' X B SEBALL FIRST ROW P Smrth G Rhrnes D Ranolde B Barnes G Gillrgan D Coon B Cofftn T Dempsey SECOND ROW R Conso11n1 K Mlller I Pa1f1n1 S Ben Donald Many of Mt Everett s fmest hours were due to the baseball team wh1ch was easlly the most outstandlng lnterscholastrc sport of the year Encouraged by success and em boldened by a desire to w1n the team advanced steadlly through a season of tuumph Equally 1mportant as 1ts Wlll record was the populauty of the sport ltself throughout the school Because of the unusually large number of qua11f1ed apphcants for the team a d1v1s1on was made provrding for the establrshment of a Junior varslty group Such a move cannot help but prove benef1c1a1 ln prov1d1ng needed experlence for teams to come 74 nett, T. Hitchcock, M. Rioux, M. Bradley. THIRD ROW: M. Decker, B. Mac- . . . . COMPLIMENTS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE COLONIAL MARKET GORDON S SECOND HAND STORE POLKA DOT WSBS HELBLING DELICATESSEN SUN INSIDE SILVER STRINGS TONY S BARBER SHOP HARRY and DINA WEISS MR and MRS GEORGE WELCH MR and MRS EDWARD BARTHOLOMEW MR and MRS PAUL RANOLDE MR and MRS RUSSELL WOODBECK MR and MRS WILLIAM S HUNT MR and MRS RICHARD FITCH MR and MRS LARRY P RHINES RUTH FITCH IANETTE STEVENS LEE HUINT ERIKA EIGEN WALLY PARKS GEORGE L FITCH STUDENT PUBLICATIONS ROOM MR and MRS WILLIAM CHAPIN MERTON A CHAPIN DORIS M CHAPIN MR and MRS DANIEL JONES REVEREND and VIRS WALTER K MILLER MR and MRS GEORGE PETERS MR and MRS JACOB PENZINER MR and MRS MATTHEW J GILLIGAN PENNY PETERS DANNY RANOLDE DAVE WEST PHIL SMITH KEN MILLER MAL MILLER BARBARA PEZZE and MRS RICHARD K SULLIVAN MR RICHARD P FINN MR GEORGE N TORREY MR, and MRS. GORDON OGDEN Y MR. . . THE VILLAGE GREEN LUNCI-IEONETTE "In the center of Shefhe " featurlng Complete Fountam Serv1ce Sandw1ches Hamburgers Hot Dogs Take -Out Serv1ce Gas Tlres O1 Accessones L 8. G SERVICENTER 345 Mam Street Great Barrmgton, Mass Tel GB 1403 7 GILLIGAN BROTHERS CONTRACTORS Lumber and Bu11d1ng Sheff1e1d Massachusetts .1 . ' ld French Fries LARRY RHINES, Prop. I D 77 NEW ENGLAND'S MOST FAMOUS BARN Jug End 'Banu un Hue Berkehnres SOUTH EGREMONT MASSACHUSEYTS YEAR ROUND RESORT HOTEL Sunday Buifel: Tra.ns1ent Meals Banquets Group Bus1ness Meet1ngs Fac111t1es Telephone G B 434 C OMPLIMEN TS OF THE NATIONAL MAHAIWE BANK Great Barrmgton Mas One Stop Bankmg 78 I O I ' , s . THE SPURR 5 BARRlNGToN HOUSE Homemade Ice Cream All Flavor s Candies, Soda Cigars Southern Berkshire' Magazines' Newspapers Finest Commercial Hotel Tel GB 1152 M t ii am S ree Gt Barrington, Mass South Egremont Tel 1840 EGREMONT SERVICE STATION Towing Se rvic e RESTAURANT and COFFEE SHOP Breakfast Luncheon Parties Dinners Receptions Banquets Tel SH 9 8774 79 1 D . S RAY DELMOLINO F-2 Alunnnurn Wlndows Doors J'a.1ous1es RANO BUILDING CONTRACTORS Phone SHeff1e1d 9 3843 Mall Box 334 Canaan, Conn 80 I O D. E. RANOLDE Fflf :'.:9'!.: ':.:9'r.:9'r.:9'!.: '!.:9'!.:9fr.: '!.29"'9"'-'Kf-- '33 6:6 2 9 QQ! DlSLlUCIlVC Glfts N X for raclous llvm for graclous glVlI1g -si' 4.-I Chma Glass Lamps Llghtmg Flxtures Decorauve Accessorles Early Ameucan Furmrure , , 9 New England s Anaemcana lffarketplaoe In the Bag Red Bu-ns on Stockbndge Road louis 7 Q 0 OD 1 male north of Great Bnrrunglol, llus "' Telephone Great Buvmgha 1500 cv-- sgn nostalgla fllled country store :JDCQJD G 'HD Qf,:9Qf.:9Cf.:D tag? Cf,:DC:.:9 Q:.:Dt:.:J 4: "X.f'X Wgaimm 0 Q xg: I o syn ' - H r.: 9 MT EVERETT X I", u Ns! n umb nszsln 'iizig Sheff1e1d Mas sachusetts Comphments of MARSHALL S Quahty Home Furn1sh1ngs Sportlng Goods and Toys Church Street, Canaan, Conn. fx A I A A A A A A A A A I ' I u u 9 a o 1 o D n u 1 Q o .6 tg' ' 0 0 N M., g ' ' ' g. . . X I A 1: I' 5.275 , -rr as '-4. xr l ' 7 in . ' cgr' .1-:x-iv., 6,- 19 -Z Q , . F .A . - 5 . . - ' ' ' I 9' I Asggg ' A Q ' I ' I ts Q 0 K ' J A . I 9 "" A ' ' ' Q ' 9 ' A Don't miss Seth and Ied's Q ' 4 9 . - . ,x ., 1 A A A A A A Am A A . A A l . o A o v o I 1 o Q i . " Q 9 ' , lgl - lit D h I fs "' A Z ,luapl ,Nun 'lug' W, A I H --uhh' .mn--. Ahhh.. x 'fl H. A M Y H.. I- H.. V. 1' 1" .' I V "- ' f' -Ai ,f 3 N., 'N f ,f X 7 '. as 'x f 'K 5 5 , a - l N - - - Q 7 Our Congratulatmns and Best W1shes for Health Happ1ness Prospemty to the Class of 1960 N l... LEER BARNES 1 2 gi!! JAMESH WARE ilu" MILL RIVER STCRE M111 R1ver, Mass Tel SH9 8710 COMPLIMENTS OF CANAAN SAVINGS BANK 82 u f . ' V ' 9 2 H Q! K 1 f Q ii A 1 , ag "1 - 1 I K 1- A a. -fi A ,, Hg.: l . L .- 1 I I 1 Nl I A t , I , 7 ze 1 1, f ' ' ' A" 1 I 'M V . I ,UW ,gig If ' 1 MACY S GARAGE INC She ff1e1d Mas s c 5 'rel sH9 8727 I HEVROLEW Comp11ments of i RECORDS STEREU KERSEY S MARKET Canaan Conn Sheff1e1d Mass 83 5 I o . - 1'-H -- F1 1 ' 1 ! ! 'i i ?g 221 , 0 ' . ' ' LANGDON S STORE Est 1780 Monterey, Mass Grocerles Ceneral Merchand1se Candy Ice Cream Soda Frozen Foods Try Our Famous Cheddar Cheese Owned a.nd Operated CHARLES E SLATER Compllments ROADSIDE STORE Monterey, Mas sachusetts glmgf 17218 otors Route 7, shefflerd it 11 FAST rn, SERVICE am, Tel SH9 8789 0 Your Local Rambler and Rarnbler Amer1ca.n Dealer Come 1n and Test Drlve the 1960 Rambler Today' SHEFFIELD FARM SUPPLY Sheffreld, Mass Tel SH9 8767 De Laval M11kers Mall Cham Saws Bulk Coolers 84 7 . , . of by f C .1 lb-, - fu al. Z . 1- . - 7 O I W LORING STUDIOS FINE PORTRAITS Offlces and Laboratomes Off1c1al Photographer of the Class of 1960 85 Hartford, Connectic ut 011 be NNW 0 Q What LAD N LASSIE has for the Infant thru Sub Teen Your Complete Ch1ldren s Shop 290 Maln St Gt Barnngton Comphments of DECKER 8. BEEBE Canaan Conn JOHN P TRACY MASTER ELEC TRICIAN Electnc Home Appl1ances Automat1c Heatmg 283 Maln Street Great Barmngton, Mass. Telephone 117 W I BREWER BROTHERS INC Your Local Deale r or DeSoto and Plymouth Cars REO Trucks Canaan Conn 86 ' 1 ' X :gf ' n ' . U ' -gi Sq . 1. ' R. W. TRYON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Bulldozing Sand Truckmg Gravel Crane Rental Txle Wells Monte rey Mas s CARL CHAMPIGNY Tel 1698 M E LOCKWOOD JEWELER Great Barrmgton Mlss BROVERMAN S MARKET Meats and Groce me s to a T Bone State Road Phone 757 Great Barrmgton Mas s THE BERKSHIRE COURIER Southern Be rksh1re s S1nce 1834 Comme rclal Prlntmg D1St1HCt1On Telephone 115 Great Barrmgton Mass M. . 7 ' v "From a Shoe Lace Home Newspaper .. H . of . 9 J 87 Telephone Sheff1e1d 9 2117 ASHLEY FALLS MONUMENTAL WORKS East Maln Street Ashley Falls Massachusetts BARITQ GU"-HJ Propr1etor Memonals of f1ne quahty COOPER Sz HAYFORD'S STATE LINE MOTORS Quahty used cars Route 7 Ashley Falls DWIGHT FORD S GARAGE INC Your INTERNATIONAL Dealer Farm Implements Tractors Motor Trucks Sale s and Se rv1ce Tel. 9 8451 Mann Street, Sheffield, Mass. 88 - WILLIAM B. HALL ug? . 7 I o GREENFIELD S GIFT 85 TOY SHOP d g ft KELGUE HARDWARE INC H MORTON INC JEWELER HARPER s PHARMACY 317 M coca!! Tlph 69M 2 89 Compliments of 9 Store of a thousan i s Great B 'ngton, Massachu tt Best wishes from , . Main Street, Tel. 20 Great Bar 'ngton, Mass. . , , 1 Great Barrington, Mass. ain Street t. arrington, Mass. - e e one - Phone O1 CUSTOM EXTRUSION INC Sh ff 1d M SH ff ld 9 8748 MARJORIE MCLAUGHLIN INTERIOR DE SIGNER Y CONKLIN LIMESTONE 90 7 County and Home Road e ie , assachu tt Phone - e ie - Best Wishes from Montere , Mass. Compliments of Canaan, Connecticut Comphrnents of CANAAN OIL C0 Canaan, Conn DEMPSEY S GARAGE INC Great Barnngton Mass Pont1ac Sales 8: Serv1ce In Southern Berkshn-e IYIQTIII' 42 Bmdge Street Telephone ZZ Your School Sav1ngs Bank GREAT B RRI GTO AVINGS BAN Great Barnngton Massachusetts All Depos1ts Insured 1n Full 9l I 7 7 V Since 1926 ' 6 THE CANAAN NATIONAL BANK Compliments of BERKSHIRE OIL COMPANY INC Canaan Conn ARNOTT EQUIPMENT SERVICE EVERETT P GAYLORD Prop Falls Vlllage Conn Tel Taylor 4 7190 or SHeff1eld 9 3601 Best W1shes to the Class of 1960 HIGH FIDELITY MAGAZINE Comphments of KATTU S PHARMACY CARL E KATTU Reglstered Pharmac1st Pre scr1pt1on Speclallst Canaan Conn Tel TAylor4 5646 93 y u , . . , . , . Great Barrington, Mass . 1 0 , I . , a - 0 - Start Out With the Best Insurance and Real Estate WHEELER 81 TAYLCR INC Great Barrington Tel One MAHAWIE JEWELERS RONALD E SCHCLZ Tel TAylor 4 7516 Canaan Connect1cut Clocks Gifts China Silve rwa re Samsonite Luggage all sizes and colors Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing Free Engraving Best Wishes from STANLEY SAGALA Route 7 Ashley Falls Rd Canaan, Conn y o Diamonds, Watches, Rings 94 E II1?'IgII...z 'As sr-fawfirki iq rg, IW 4+ is ff 'Che Meadows Gxft Shop Sheffxeld Massachusetts pours 7 soura OF GREAT BARRINGTON CHINA GLASS DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES Comp11m ent s of CASEY S GARAGE Sales and SCTVICC of FORD MERCURY FALCON Canaan Conn Tel TAy1or4 5455 Compllm ents of C A LINDELL8L SCN INC Farm Eqmnpment Manufacturers of Doors and Sash Canaan, Conn. Tel. TAy1or 5 444 or 4 5445 95 ' ',s..Uk3", I If A x ?ElxI I. Hb. A . . -.k 174444234 I T -, If. 'Il' 'Y I. a z-sr 'JI - 'za u"""ig WfI'f'T'f" , . fr I rx -- L. I 'J Vin , I 3 " vm' I 'is-IQIf?fEIf IB " mm "Hu, I SL IFIIIII 'V W A, ,-7: l' ' L AJ M-I. ju. V. ci, fy 'F wif M ,j , - '-f'- ' , ' ' 4 414,94 '- -?-3--A A ..,.....-A 1 A-lt.: I if I -1- .,-fr- .. ,Z f L - ff- A -. .-.. - I I g:g f 4-: ,..I- - f , 1 Y -O.. -0- 7 , l 1 I - . . 7 . 6 fTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY f 9 'The World! Bin' Yearboub An- Tfvy10'f"' wf Oki fs .- 5. C - du- ., . A .-4:st:Ei:.v,,a,-. 'ly v 'gnu ., - , ,,. . 4 'F V . f,-.5 I... fn r 4--30.-2.4 0 Q- 13 , 1 ',,g,-:fl ,,,, . - Q, . it 1 .4 v , . '1'i.gfIiv:.-fy -v. ' 5 1 if-Q .. , 1-2.4-2, 327' .v ' ' " .K "' '-'1NL- --b,f., , -s- f- ,g-.4 Q 1 11- aff- - '- PQ.:i:' AEd1-' " 'W"Hff-il, . '- ' - +157 ' 755-3 "': I :STI-Q 'X L-:Q?:Q:fI"".v 55" Q- XQE- 3 A my :,. I- ' ' -,V Q- - 155 .Q -qk " 'A ' . in 5.-Q-43. 5 fi, yr.- i V: . f- 4 ' ' Q 1- ' H Q "'-- g- W--112. - F457-98 -f xxx- 44' x.- L1-,-" S .. 'l'31'.-'15-A4 - .:fx'f", .' Q- ,""3:-:L..f - 'K ,224-ga-q 4' Nsshif'-. , ,'xx R 4 X- "-. , - is I ig. '- -, Ny- ,' s QL +Sf.--J - XX 41",-.""3s?'- X-- - , .--.8 ' Su.: A X"-. 'Q'-0-."' 'f " f:J,l'. - " 'u 5 Y 's X ,i . ,-. - f- h ' s A A - ., .., -fqfi 1 - -'..: -- - -- K Q S-2, - X1--Q - - -'h,x'gfQ,":-f:5,?,- X - ' 'Ik - N, 'Q , if 'f Q- J' Y- ' X ' ' "-T an ,ax 2. 1-51.3.-X Q I:-.9 .Ks 5 NK., ,hi 1 -N -Y I 1' x X 'i , X., , my .4 - ,S-' it 5 1 5, -A X 'S hi ' ' s, - S 1 's 4 f ' Q hm, Q. s 'Q N' , xl S. " TN' , Q Q.

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