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. 1 .Q ,. It sf' f Pia 4 Bushnell-Sage MemLoriaaI !.5m'ary 1 np -5 Sheiiiei-ai, Maya. C an , an nl' Q1 6.7 1. Mil v 2 I' 'u J 5 '1 "ii - .-1 w I . . ?-X 1 H Q . .h U . ,. TH ADR GAN 11958 fa oq' Q69 MOUNT EVERETT MASS W MAQLB V 9 T5 .etgie F E A 6922. 9? Ng 0 "He builds too low who builds beneath the stars" Published by the CLASS OF '58 Mount Everett Regional School Sheffield, Massachusetts a"1U DEIIM CEXTEI CDN We, the Class of 1958, are happy to dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Barbara R. Rhoades whose sincere efforts on our behalf have helped us immeasurably to attain our scholastic level, Mrs. Rhoades has been able to instill into the daily routine a charming friendliness which has made the work so much easier and memorable. The Class of 1958 has chosen the solar system as its theme for THE AURIGAN. This seems most appropriate since the title of our yearbook is taken from a five star constel- lation, Auriga. Each of the five stars represents a township which together form the Southern Berkshire Regional School District, Edward Young's quotation, "He builds too low who builds beneath the stars," is our motto. We understand the motto to mean that one should aspire to the ultimate, above the stars. In order to succeed one must have an ambition and then be determined to at- tain it. At this time, too, space is in the news. Earth satellites, missiles, and rockets are havinga profound effect upon all our livesg therefore, it is our aim to represent parts of the solar system in designs for the division pages as well as to carry out the theme in the class history and prophecy. The Senior Class would like to express their gratitude to Mr. May, who has designed the yearbook cover, and to Mr. Norton, who has contributed much time and effort to the yearbook by taking and developing photographs of various activities at Mount Everett. Elizabeth A. Schneck Editor-in-Chief FACCULTY SENHURS UNDERCLASSMEEX coma Ts MTG IEXVJERIET V' SIPURTS AUS fl ' HN MEMORY On January 30 of 1956 during our first year at Mount Everett, Richard O'Hara died as the result of an automobile accident, Dick was born in New Symrna Beach, Florida, on November 13, 1939, where he lived until his family moved to Mill River and finally to Monterey, Before coming to Mount Everett, Dick attended New Marlboro High School where he was captain of the junior varsity basketball team and pitcher on the baseball team, Well liked by his many friends, Dick was especially noted forhis shy but genial ways, Dick had two opposite sides to his personality, he was both fun-loving and serious. In either frame of mind he always provided his classmates with good company. Dick's memory will stay with us al- ways, + 1 f , h fi! Q N FXAQLI1JfY DR. WILLARD A DOWNIE CHARLES E. BYBEE Supermtendent Principal Umversny of Washmgton B A B S Tarkio College, A. B. Co1umb1a Uruversny M A Umversity of Maine, M. E. ld HELEN R. BURCHELL Core Cornell, B. A. Columbia, M.A. IAYNE ARMSTRONG Commercial Univ. of Conn. , B. S. DIANE BRIGHTMAN Physical Education Russell Sage, B. A. RICHARD FINN English Boston Univ. , B. S. E. D. , e 'V !3af"' J' 9'-s. X .'rf ',Y , gr FERDNAND BARRETTE Music Supervisor Univ. of Montreal, B. A. if W., RAYMOND CHAMBERLAND Science Notre Dame, A. B. as ffm 'QEP i Q X ,ra 4 ELEANOR GOODMAN Languages Boston Univ. , B. A. 1 ! A . 1 1 ' e X I DAVID BREAKELL Agriculture Univ. of Conn. , B. S. Jw., 4' w ' ,. 7,5 PI'-r' A ' 'A "' -' ff 1: gm. 1 ' lynn: F' -I jr, " K ROBERT DUNHAM Univ. of Maine, B. S. . -1-:jp-' ' 1 4- iii?-833' A W3 PHYLLIS LARKIN Homemaking Simmons, B. S. ' C S . kts, V -. .l I GEORGE T. MAY Art Supervisor Mass. School of Art, B RICHARD MAGHERY Physical Education Boston Univ. B. S. , M. E. D. ' :i",.t.N' .V 1 --. , fu-Q., Q 3 K A Xe, ,ni 9 'Q v i ff '57 fn' . , . THOMAS K. NORTON, JR. Social Studies Calvin Coolidge College Boston College, M. E. D. ff. , , sg?ffWE'd"ff S3141 fi , an GLADYS M. RORABACK JAMES SHIMINSKI RICHARD SULLIVAN Social Studies Fitchburg College, B. S. English and Social Studies North Adams Bates, B. A. U fl irL"'.- 3- . W Ie- Q. - M... . '..'2f"X Lv ii'-an 'Mei' Q GEORGE TORREY THOMAS WIGHT CYNTHIA WILLCOX Commercial Science Librarian Burdett Univ. of Maine, B. S. , M. E. Ripon, B, A, Suffolk, B. S. , M. A. Univ. of Iowa 1 aww 231 an 12 s-0 F7 SENIGRS MF l S my 1 S O C W 'f X i . 1-1 RUFUS GREGORY BARNUM CRUD "I'1l never tell. " Social Dancing 1: Model Airplane Club Club 2, Birthplace: Monterey, Massachusetts Hometown: Monterey, Massachusetts Likes: Most anything Dislikes: Nosey people Ambition: Air Force mechanic r I I 13 Glee BARBARA BLANCHE AMST EAD qBobbieJ "Mercyl " Student Council 1: Glee Club 1, 2,3: Dancing 2 Hiking 3: Senior Play 4: Photography 4. Birthplace: Clayton, Massachusetts Hometown: Monterey, Massachusetts Likes: Dancing Dislikes: People who bite their fingemails and homework Ambition: Beautician I -ml iffy. i MARTHA JANE BROCK QCricketj "You eat worms! " Cheering lg Vice President 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Tumbling 3,4: Yearbook 4: Senior Play 4. Birthplace: Randolph, Vermont Hometown: Lakeville, Connecticut Likes: Foreign cars and stock car racing Ambition: Secretary JANET ELAINE BLAKELY fSnookiej "Doesn't that get you though?" Chess Club 3: Hiking 3. Birthplace: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Hometown: Mill River, Massachusetts Likes: Skating, dancing, and pizza Dislikes: Conceited people Ambition: Stenographer W 1. : .. TY sf' " 1 -'ts . . +gff41s32gE A - ' us' , -g"fS."-vs 123 4. li Y Q . uf J t-i,iK,A,5,:.:f-i , A K if pf! Y iff f "' V' s 5 ' Sift ' ...ff 0.0 Q C . '- N rl C - C 9 1 I ' ig' l I 'A Q 1 'o o , L MARY LOUISE CHAPIN fMary Louj n Oh. ol Social Dancing 1: Library Club 1: Student Coun- cil 1: Pep Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2,3,4: Men and Music 1: Girls' Chorus 2: All-State Chorus 2,4: Sight Reading 3,4: French Club 3: Newspaper 3: National Honor Society 3,4: Girls' State 3: Year book 4: Dramatics 4: Typing Club 4, Birthplace: Alford, Massachusetts Hometown: Alford, Massachusetts Likes: Music, walks, people I can trust Dislikes: Dishonesty Ambition: Social service worker JAMES ARTHUR BUNCE Uakej "Say, Buzzard." Baseball 2,3: Tumbling 2,3,4: Soccer 3: Weight Lifting 3,4, Birthplace: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Hometown: Mill River, Massachusetts Likes: A girl and hunting Dislikes: Homework Ambition: Machinist ,ai Q' ,Hp ,V Q EDWARD ALLEN DELMOLINO qtdp, qsddiep "If you say so. " "Don't get shook." Soccer 2, Intramurals 2,3,4g Baseball 2,4g Club 3g Basketball 2,3,4, Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Girls, hot rods, QBlack 1956 Fordsy Dislikes: Nothing Ambition: Agriculture I Glee DORENE LAYMAN DAVENPORT "Crumb," Art 1,2,3,4g GAA 1,3g Yearbook 4, Dramatics 4 Birthplace: Devon, Connecticut Hometown: Ashley Falls, Massachusetts Likes: Art Classes, Milford weekends, stuffed animals Dislikes: Tuition, study halls, arguments Ambition: Art teacher 'lb N , x X We-.-. It in 1-os.. Q '.1-,k- 1 ' 1 5 f gg 51 1 1 , -.: - '. ,I " 1 v ,a. ' , 'fbw . H 1 I .. A - "Ffa g- . ,IF - Sis 1. 1. MARTHA RAMONA FRENCH fMartyJ "What time is it?" Student Council lg Girls' Chorus 2: Glee Club 2, 3,4g Classical Music 3: Newspaper 3: French Club 3: Sight Reading 3,4g National Honor So- ciety 3,4: Yearbook 4: All-State Chorus 4: Typing Club 4. Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Music, art Dislikes: Rain, tests Ambition: Teacher JOSEPH ROBERT FITZPATRICK fFitzj "lt looks like a giant grasshopper. " Tumbling 3: Baseball 3,4: Intramurals 3,4g Soc cer 4: Glee Club 4: Senior Play 4: Dramatics 4. Birthplace: New York, New York Hometown: Ashley Falls, Massachusetts Likes: A girl, fast cars, sports Dislikes: Crew cuts, sad movies Ambition: Television technician us, fi a ' ' ggi 5 1 JL' '1".1" .,,-,ew-I .A I. . ftlx. X' 5 f ff .iz ij J FRANK BUTLHQ GRANGER QFarley or Frankj "Hey, youI" "Yea, Glick!" Public Speaking 1,25 Band 1,2,3,4: Line Crew 2: Glee Club 3,4: Ski Club 4: Intramurals 4: Hall Monitor 4: Vice President 4, Birthplace: Yonkers, New York Hometown: North Egremont, Massachusetts Likes: Skiing, driving, Plymouths, and aviation Dislikes: Loud noises and tire chains Ambition: Aeronautical engineer , , . L MARGARET RICE GOLDEN fMargiej "Who said that?" Glee Club 1, 2: Basketball 1,25 Outdoor Club 3 Archery 3: GAA 3: Softball 3: Skiing Club 3: Yearbook 4. Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Convertibles, skiing, and modern jazz Dislikes: Being interrupted when thinking Ambition: Designer - .4 5 ., ff s""'L 'Y' -"'f'-Trl' 'MTW fr, ,. WW -ape, ,, 1. - . -. , 1.1 .r W , 5 X M. g , ,,,i X 6 . I . L , :ff ing! .E :.,.-, ' ' A J' ' .. ' f1,"P' ' ,,,.' 1' an ' ff- H t. D- W 3 ,.,u.,:. - , f, ,. ,,, f- .. ak r.-4 . 35, , it A- JOAN PATRICIA HALL Uoanie Baloniey "Holy Toledo!" Basketball lg Glee Club l,2,3g Newspaper l,3g Dancing l,2g Typing lg Volleyball lg Tumbling lg Softball lg Archery 3g Dramatics 3,4g Year- book 4g Cheerleading 4g Good Government Day 4. Birthplace: Monterey, Massachusetts Hometown: Monterey, Massachusetts Likes: Dancing, New York, and summer Dislikesg People who can't be trusted and getting up in the morning Ambition: Nurse LUCY MARIE GREEN fLouj "Oh, sugar!" Sewing Club lg Volleyball lg Softball lg Outdoor Club 2g Social Dancing lg Yearbook 4g Dramatics4 Birthplace: Canaan, Connecticut Hometown: Clayton, Massachusetts Likes: A certain boy Dislikes: Double dating Ambition: Secretary at 4 'Q, 1, if .3. '- z mf, h Wa 5 A ., if Y tag? e i g Q W X A 52 2 gs'-ig' 'W E1-5. Y -r I, ' L za, 'gffa ' T3 7 7 1 " , . wg, ,g l , fish if X . Mig 'Q ,t cg., r 3? s 1 5-:Q M .,f' ANTOINETTE MARIE HAYES ffonij "Don't be so sarcastic." Glee Club lg Tumbling lg Basketball lg News- paper lg Volleyball lg Dancing lg Sewing Club lg Photography lg Softball lg Outdoor Club 2g Dramatics 4g Yearbook 4, Birthplace: Great Barrington, Massachusetts Hometowng Mill River, Massachusetts Likes: Red and white Fords, shorthand, and people Dislikesg Greedy people, spinach Ambition: Stenographer BETTY LOU HANDLOWICH fLizJ "Oh, gee." Chess Club 3. Birthplace: Meriden, Connecticut Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Sports Dislikes: Certain kinds of foods Ambition: Artist ,,., J r"'b if I 1 ROBERT ERNEST HEWINS like? Agriculture Club 2,3,4: Yearbook 4 Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Custom cars and hot rods Dislikes: None Ambition: Farmer E LLOYD IRVING HOYT QLidj "I'll be darned, " Boys' Intramurals 2,3,4: Basketball 3: Glee Club 4, Birthplace: Chester, Vermont Hometown: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Likes: Sport cars, swimming, and telling jokes Dislikes: Childish people Ambition: Radio technician in . . f . ""i'.."3 .' '- v E' . 1' , ' t X ,Q If ' R. .eff Srl r ,Zgf'55?f1' 'af "ff iii. - , if ,, ,. ,s"f'11::'1w '- ' ,Ag s .r . fs ,ks 5531. f' 9 if 'fjW5U5.-sw , 1 3,'y.' 6 "1 ,311 ff ' g .",,f.N-pg: .-.x, T ,rf-fa 5 'IQ , sf 1,1 ,fi-syn? - ',.f f, ,,',."-Qs ,', 'n AIA. I it -N. tfig' gl, , ., ss, ,, . , ,,. f 9' 1+ ,A.Q,xsr.x, . ':i..:'17S,'- , VV-IT:-r rn r , 5,ZEs.:,a-,yr-5:-35.1" , tj, ,zz -,pggia yy, ,A ' , f -we ,,,' 1,.,:, .1 if - f1:s-'f'e:?:4'- :f'k:1::1.s - fir, MABLE JOHNSON CMPIYJ "I did not. " Hiking 3: GAA 3: ski Club 3: Volleyball 3: Arch ery 3, Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Rock 'n' Roll Dislikes: Conceited people Ambition: Receptionist HENRY HUBNER "C'est la vie. " Typing Club 1: Science Club 1: Senior Play 4 Dramatics Club 4. Birthplace: Springfield Gardens, Long Island, New York Hometown: Alford, Massachusetts Likes: Stock car racing, fishing, hunting Dislikes: Work, homework Ambition: Career in Merchant Marines xtig-1 - ,, 5- ,, - - -4 4--'F' THOMAS HARRY KRADEL fTommy, Tom, T. K., Yagi, "Yea, Glick!" Basketball l,2,3,4: Baseball 1,2,3,4g Soccer 3, 4: Tumbling 2, Audio Visual Aids 3: Student Council 2,3,4g Class President 2,3,4: Weight Lifting 3: National Honor Society 3,4: Yearbook 4: Dramatics 4: Hall Monitor 4. Birthplace: Ashley Falls Massachusetts MARJORIE ANNE JOHNSON fMidge or Margiey "Oh, honest!" Cheerleading l,2,3g Hiking 3: Dramatics 4: Pho tography 4, Birthplace: Great Barrington, Massachusetts Hometown: Ashley Falls, Massachusetts Likes: Cheering, dancing Dislikes: Dishonest people and studying Ambition: Secretary ' 'C '.".x: 1-" 'gy-,1j,.i,g:,,',, -' ' - 2' fra' . Hometown: Ashley Falls, Massachusetts grins: t if Likes: Sports, eating, sleeping 'Jfff ',g ,K 5,111 ,""f", --.1 E' iff -.P Dislikes: Dancing, leaky convertible Ambition: Civil engineer L rr' Q4 . M, r 1 . -iw ,- p A in x 'is . uw! ll L1-J' nur: f M x-M' JANICE PAY LAsHooNEs 021115 "swell, ' Conservation Club 1: Social Dancing 1,35 Girls' Chorus 1,3g Tumbling Club 3,4: Yearbook 4: Dramatics Club 4: Senior Play 4, Birthplace: Great Barrington, Massachusetts Hometown: Alford, Massachusetts Likes: Skiing, nice kids, and eating Dislikes: Quiet people and long walks Ambition: Secretary SHIRLEY MARY KEACH fShortyj "Obi For Pete sakes, " Glee Club 1, 2,3,4g Dramatics 2,4g Girls' Cho rus 3,4: Band 4, Birthplace: Pittsfield, Massachusetts Hometown: Pittsfield, Massachusetts Likes: Sleeping Dislikes: Studying Ambition: Missionary . WI f-5 ji ig..-fr ' A HELEN MAE LEGEYT n Oh. nogu Newspaper lg Dancing Club 2g Glee Club 2,3g Needlework 3: Classical Music 3: Typing Club 4: Yearbook 4: Senior Play 4: Natioal Honor Society 3,4, Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts .I Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Swimming, rug hooking 5 g 4 U 35 4- A Dislikes: Hot dogs, baked beans - A g , , Ambition: Nurse ' ' I 1 Q I C ep - , T , Q1 ' Ee :vi-A Z V 4 -I . 1 t lf, wg SANDRA CHRISTINE MacDARBY fSandyy " Listen. " Newspaper l,2g Dramatics 4: Yearbook 4: Vol- leyball lg Glee Club 1,2g Class Secretary lg Soft- ball lg French Club 2g Typing lg Art 3. Birthplace: Lenox, Massachusetts Hometown: Monterey, Massachusetts Likes: Sincerity, Connecticut Dislikes: Thoughtless people and untidiness Ambition: Court stenographer l X PATRICIA ANN OATES QRip or Ripper, "Something fierce. " Basketball lg Volleyball lg Tumbling lg Softball lg Class Treasurer lg Glee Club 1,2,3g Newspaper l,4g GAA 2,35 Sewing 1,3g Senior Play 4, Year- book 4, Classical Music 3,4, Birthplace: Canaan, Connecticut Hometown: Mill River, Massachusetts Likes: Sports, especially tennis, and people Dislikes: Thoughtless people and people who don't have respect for others Ambition: Professional tennis player ROGER SHELDON NEWTON QNewtj "l don't know. " Student Council lg Dance Bandg Agriculture Club 2, Social Dancing 2. Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Music and Ford cars Dislikes: Noisy people, school, and Chevies Ambition: Farmer 1 ,234 EDWARD HOLGAR RAINSFORD OLEEN "Prove it!" Photo Club 1,43 Audio Visual Aid 2,43 Science Club 3,4g Radio Club 3: Classical Music Club 3: Tryping Club 4, French Club 4, Birthplace: New York, New York Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Electronics, good music Dislikes: People Ambition: Electronics engineer GEORGE BARTON ODGEN fBartj "Later for you. " Student Council 1,25 IV Basketball 1, 2 Social f E Dancing 1,2,3: Fire Crew 1,23 Projection Club 2: Intramurals 4: Yearbook 2,43 Dramatic Club 4: Yearbook Business Manager Birthplace: New York, New Y 4, Typing Club 4 ork Hometown: Egremont , Massachusetts Likes: Summer, swimming, p Dislikes: Cold weather arties Ambition: Mechanical engineer I af .A V, ' iff 'eg " " f ,J" 11" ,ff W ' I ,l , - r F - Y 32. v 'fa x t .L ' wg r fr -, L r is "" ' A f s 1 a 1? g f 515 P 1' Rs- js wi. 83. I 1 , 1 '52, V asf 1 M 'fr .49 1. 9, ..J,gfJk47f 1, ML fs , 1 ef 1 Y 7 .191 gf .M gffn 2 N 15' 3 f ft' :W is fb' .as f s ,s 3514? 4' 0 wif' ,, if 'Sf 41,4 5 , , My 5 v w 1 . W sf 4. ,ff wg , 1,- sf" , J ff, ,ff if " 2 was 1 Y , , ,W f . , 5 ' Q M My 4, ,J f .f gif? x II! ffwxg I? ' " f" 'fa : J , if .ww-:,f,Q -V f 4: 'K ff w : ' , G22 : N . - ' :-S't'f'i: ff 1' z " , Y' ' 1 I f fy 6.551 x 9 is MZ, ,ff , r 4 f 1 s Z if J is WAYNE BRICE OVITT QFlat Topj "What's going on here?" Dancing 3: Tumbling 3: Intramurals 3,-4: Soc 4: Dramatics 4: Glee Club 4. Birthplace: Pine Plains, New York Hometown: Clayton, Massachusetts Likes: Girls, dancing, sports, cars Dislikes: Anyone who isn't good-natured Ambition: Carpenter CCI JANET ARCHER OLSEN fArchie, Kid, Jany "Think you're smart, don't cha?" "Later," Basketball lg Majorettes l- GAA lg Class Secre- tary lg Senior Play 4: Yearbook 4: Dramatics 4. I Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Canaan, Connecticut Likes: Boys, everything, everybody Dislikes: Nothing Ambition: To work for the telephone co or be a secretary rf 'Xt' 5 , A-we mpany -..- f 1 5 RICHARD CARL PEKRUL fDickj Band 1,23 Orchestra 1,25 Glee Club 1,2g Tum- bling 3g Boys' Intramurals 3,4g Dramatics 45 Hall Monitor 4, Senior Play, Birthplace: Port Chester, New York Hometown- Sheffield Massachusetts Likes: Fords, pizza Ambition Arr Force Pilot . , -,,,. ff . Dislikes: '51 Plymouths, homework 1'2" Xf , t Jil j ffm , ' ' ff!!! 1 i fy? X Q ff xg ' 1 9 0 'at MARGARET JOSEPI-UNE PALFINI CPCSSYJ "Well, I didn't want to do that anyway." Girls' Basketball Manager lg Tumbling lg Band 1,2,3g Orchestra l,2,3g Glee Club 1,2,4g Art 1, 3, Needlework 1,33 Newspaper l,4g Yearbook 4g Dramatics 4, Senior Play, Birthplace: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Hometown: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Likes: Movies, parties, weekends Dislikes: Homework over vacation Ambition: Nurse X "H at in ,7 AUDREY JUNE PINKAVA fPinkie or Audiey When are we going to Milford?" an Alu Glee Club l,2,3, Orchestra 2,33 Band 2,3,4g Dramatics 4, .. Birthplaceg Ashley Falls, Massachusetts : Hometown: Ashley Falls, Massachusetts Likes: Music, dancing, and a certain guy Ambition: Secretary 3 it k X gs C JEAN ELIZABETH PET ERS Ueaniej "How drab, " is 1 Glee Club lg Newspaper lg Hockey lg Softball 1 A? ' GAA 2,3g Homemaking 2, Art 3, Needlework 3, I Dramatics 4, Yearbook 4, V'-4' 4 J ,.,a"'Jr r , Birthplace: Lee, Massachusetts 3 Hometown: Alford, Massachusetts F Likes: Long weekends, good times Dislikes: Homework on weekends N - Ambition: Nurse 1 - N s. 1 I if.. ANN MARIE RIOU fAnniej II ll Bowling Club lg Girls' Sports Club lg Future Teachers 2,4, President 4g Newspaper 3,4, Assistant editor 4, Classical Music 3g GAA 3, Hockey 2, Volleyball 2g Basketball 2, Softball 2, Birthplace: Ambler, Pennsylvania Hometown: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Likes: Sports and television Dislikes: Gossips Ambition: Physical Education Teacher ALBERT PASQUALE RAN ZONI cfm "A little more wine, my dear?" Baseball 2, Basketball 2,3g Senior Play, Intra- murals 4g Tumbling 3,4g Dramatics 4, Birthplace: Alford, Massachusetts Hometown: Alford, Massachusetts. Likes: Sports, dances, hot rod racing, money Dislikes: Work, homework Ambition: Radio repairman 'x I X has it NICHOLAS EMANUEL RUTSIS, JR. fNicky SUSAN GAIL RIOUX fSuziej "lsn't that touching?" Basketball lg Tumbling lg Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2g Hiking 2g Library Club 3g Art 33 Dramatics 3,4g Yearbook 45 Newspaper 4g Senior Play 4, Birthplace: New York, New York, Hometown: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Likes: Boys and private schools Dislikes: Studying Ambition: Medical Secretary "Yea, glick." , a fUU"fY,1 Football lg Track 1g Basketball 2,3,4g Soccer 3, ,A H! fd 4g Weight Lifting 35 Tumbling 3,4g Senior Play 4g Baseball 3. 3' Birthplace: Jamaica, New York -L-ifgf ' Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts ,ff a- . Likes: Sports, certain girls A- .Q 'gi'?f:,+ -Q Dislikes: Banana sandwiches and Worcestershire Q ' f H- ' ,"::f:..f.'- ' sauce ,L-5-,gp ' f,'Jf ' - Ambition: Doctor ' ' A ' ' , 'R ' . Q - '. ' 1 , . o . u O .. . ,, c'o , . ' l ' 1, rv' I o',,' ,xg ? ,r F , A DEBORAH JANE SHAW Class Secretary 1: Majorettes 3: Industrial Arts 4: Photography 4, French Club 4: Typing 1, 3, 4: GAA 3: Glee Club 1, 2: Vocal Class 3,4. Birthplace: New York, New York Hometown: Monterey, Massachusetts Likes: Brad Dislikes: Lnsincerity Ambition: Teacher ELIZABETH ANN SCHNECK fLiz, Betty, Schneckiej Newspaper l,2,3, 4, Editor 3,4: Yearbook 4, Editor Orchestra 1, 2,3,-4: Band 2,35 Classical Music 3, Glee Club 2: Class Secretary 3: National Honor Society 3, 4. Birthplace: Flushing, Long Island, New York , x . Hometown: Ashley Falls, Massachusetts Likes: Debating, reading , -' 'f Dislikes: Persons without opinions , Ambition: Publisher, journalist fi' 1 , , A . fDebbieJ L R " Why?" . 1 , , . s,,' . K I Q. lb, -- an -., f 1 51,1-. JACK LEANARD WELLS fSputnikJ "What's to eat?" Hall Monitor 4: Intramurals 1, 2,3,4: Baseball Manager 3: Soccer Manager 3: Soccer 2. Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts Likes: Chevies and wide open spaces Dislikes: Fords and English Ambition: Forester EDWARD JOHN SMITH IR. fEd or Dirnplesj Baseball 1,2,3,4g Soccer 1: Hall Monitor 4: Bas- ketball 1,3, 4: Glee Club l,4g Student Council 1 2, 3, 4. Birthplace: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Hometown: Mill River, Massachusetts Likes: Girls, nice looking cars Dislikes: Chevrolets and homework Ambition: Agriculture , as DEANNA ARLENE WHITE!-IILL CDBG? "You've got a lot of room to talk. " Band 1, 2,3,4, Glee Club 1, Basketball lg Drarnatics 1, 4: Yearbook 1,4. Birthplace: Colebrook, New Hampshire Hometown: New Marlboro, Massachusetts Likes: Noisy cars, skating, rock 'n' roll Dislikes: Housework Ambition: W.A. F. A Q g ,U . 2 ' SHIRLEY ANN WELLS qShirlJ "Let's go to the aft room! N Basketball lg Tumbling 2,35 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Popular Singing 3, Yearbook 4, Senio Birthplace: Sheffield, Massachusetts Hometown: Sheffield, Massachusetts r Likes: Art class, working at the dine Dislikes: Physics, bossy people Ambition: Nurse r Play. , sleeping l K X if . ' , . , :A .1 gt :gym ,..,:s:,,,,4..-T ., 5?-f,',,, yivy.:w1 T- Pix' . 1 :fr 1.1: sr ft- ff Y. ,I ,Y , . ,ff Q .1 --.,'m1'- 1 Xt CAROLE FLORENCE WILLIAMS "'I'hat's different! " Girls' Chorus 1: Girls' Fix-it 1: Social Dancing 1: GAA 1,2,3: Typing 2,4: Hornemaking 3: Needle work 3: Dramatics 4: Yearbook 4: Newspaper 4: Glee Club 4: Senior Play 4. Birthplace: Kent, Connecticut Hometown: Alford, Massachusetts Likes: Swimming, skating, movies Dislikes: Homework over vacation Ambition: Nurse BARBARA ANN WILCOX fwilly, Barb, Lou, " Honestly! " Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1: Junior Band 1: Library Club 1: Men and Music 1: Social Dancing 1 Girls' Chorus 2: Typing Club 2, 4: Newspaper 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Dramatics 4: GAA 2: Senior Play 4: Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4. Birthplace: North Egremont, Massachusetts Hometown: Alford, Massachusetts Likes: Florida, swimming, skating Dislikes: People one can't trust Ambition: Nurse A 469 ---27 6 CLASS HISTORY Our goal will finally be attained as we reach the North Star on Friday, June 13. Associating ourselves with the Big Dipper, it can be said that we have looked to this star as our guide. Now reminiscing, we can recall our past pleasurable experiences found in learning and in working with our friends. Wending a pathway towards our sophomore star, the Class of '58 consisted of individuals from the five stars: Alford, Egremont, Monterey, New Marl- boro, and Sheffield. Time was allotted to become acquainted with our new classmates before elections. Under the supervision of our class advisors, Mrs. Alice Kettenhofen and Mr. James Shiminski, we selected: president, Tom Kradel, vice president, Tom Andrews, secretary, Sandra MacDarby, treasurer, Barbara Wilcox, and Student Council representative, Ed Smith. Our class was saddened on January 30, 1956, by Dick O'Hara 's death which was the result of an automobile accident. The social highlight of the year was our spring dance. Mary Lou Chapin represented Mount Everett' Regional in the All-State Chorus at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and also attended the Music Educator 's National Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. ln June of 1956 we had finally arrived at the sophomore star, but all too soon we began a new trek toward our next destination, successful completion of our junior year. Upon returning in September, we chose the following as our class officers: president, Tom Kradel, vice president, Jim Bunce, sec- retary, Elizabeth Schneck, treasurer, Barbara Wilcox, and Student Council representative, Ed Smith. The officers were assisted by Mrs. Jayne Arm- strong and Mr. Grank Merrigan. We Juniors gave the first dance of the school year. Receiving our class rings will be remembered as another step toward the North Star. The junior class was proud to have six of its members inducted into the Aurigan Chapter of the National Honor Society. Those initiated were: Mary Lou Chapin, Martha French, Tom Kradel, Helen Le Geyt, Elizabeth Schneck, and Bar- bara Wilcox. This was a very solemn occasion which made us think about the even more solemn one to come - graduation. Then came the two yearly proms, the Junior Prom and the Senior Farewell. The Senior Farewell, which we presented to the Class of 1957, has as its theme, "Harbor Lights. " A light house, boats, and nets were used to develop the motif of a fishing village. Lloyd Hoyt, Richard Pekrul, Ed Smith, Ted Somes, and Mary Lou Chapin were our delegates to Massachusetts Boys' State and Girls' State respectively. The Aurigan Fair presented by the Student Council culminated the social activities for 1957. Shortly we could expect to attain the North Star. Eager to start our last year at Mount Everett, for the last time we chose our class officers. They were: president, Tom Kradel, vice president, Frank Granger, secretary, Jean Peters, treasurer, Barbara Wilcox, and Student Coun- cil representative, Ed Smith. Mrs. Jayne Armstrong and Mr. Thomas Norton became our patient, hard working advisors. As seniors we have been involved in constant activity. On September 20 we sponsored a dance, and then on the evenings of November 21 and 22 we presented the play, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN. Taken from the book of the same name, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN was greeted with great enthusiasm by the audience. The North Star has burned more brightly as we quickly approach the end of our senior year. Work on the yearbook gradually diminished, and members of the class even found time to participate in the Christmas assembly which included a satirical version of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas. ' Janet Olsenreceived the Daughters of the American Revolution award, and Joan Hall was voted by the student body to represent Mount Everett at Good Government Day. Both Mary Lou Chapin and Martha French acted as repre- sentatives for the All-State Chorus. With still a few months to go before arriving at the North Star, we made plans for the Junior Prom, Class Night, and Graduation Exercises. After graduating, each member of the 1958 Graduation Class will strive to attain his own star, his ambition in life. GLASS lPlROlPHlE,CiY Each succeeding year the Aurigan Fair at Mount Everett has grown into a larger and more tumultous event. After strenuous effort, extensive bribery, and physical coer- cion, the year 1968 finds the Student Council securing the services of the great and unparalleled Indian mystic, Madame Zurini, who will exert her most stupendous pro- phetic and psychic powers in tracing the achievements of that famous, that unprece- dented, and that unforgettable class of '58. Upon entering the booth of Madame Zurini, one is struck with a feeling of the most profound and supernatural. The incomparable astrological fortuneteller is sitting with a look of utter omniscience on her face. Her shawls of inky black, somber purple, and striking red serve only to enhance the mystic mood of the booth, draped in royal blue silk and trimmed with countless numbers of glittering stars. On a table before her rests the crystal ball, the instrument with which she is able to delve into the unknown. Appearing on the scene is Mr. Kradel, current ambassador to the Soviet Union who has just completed a great diplomatic mission, on a recent journey to the moon he suc- cessfully negotiated a treaty between American and Russian forces there. En route to Washington, he has stopped in Sheffield to deliver an address to the fair-goers. Parting the curtains and entering the booth, he greets Madam Zurini. MR. KRADEL: Oh, Madame Zurini, it is indeed an honor to have the opportunity at last of meeting you. On behalf of the principal, Mr. Robert Hewins, Iwish to wel- come you to this school. Mr. Hewins is recuperating from a nervous breakdown due to the heavy burden of guiding the development of our youth. MADAME Z.URlNlg l feared that my schedule would not permit my appearance here, but upon learning that the renowned millionaire publisher, Elizabeth Schneck, is an alumna of this school, I was most happy to come. Of course, you realize that she wrote the story of my life. This best-selling biography sells for only 510. 95. MR. KRADEL: Well, then, you must know her private secretary, Janet Blakely. MADAME ZURINI: Oh yes, both she and Antoinette Hayes are very competent em- ployees of Miss Schneck. MR. KRADEL: There are several other class members who have become prominent figures. You have undoubtedly heard of Debby Shaw, the inventor of the Automatic Shoelacerg Janet Olsen, Miss Rheingold of 1965, Roger Newton, Mr. America of l968g Pat Oates, former winner of the Davis Cup and now a professional tennis player, Mar- garet Golden, most photogenic of the Powers models, and Carole Williams, the lead- ing lady of Broadway. Madame Zurini, I would be immensely grateful if you would apply your mystic powers to discover the whereabouts of Henry Hubner, my old classmate. MADAME ZURINI: For you, Mr. Kradel, I shall be glad to oblige. ln fact, lshall even favor you with information about some other class acquaintances. Watch care- fully. . . within the depths of my crystal ball I see shapes emerging. I see the darkest jungles of Africa. There stands Henry Hubner, an elephant driver and guide to a party of missionaries, whose destination is the mission settlement of Shirley Keach. Boosting the morale of their fellow travelers, Jean Peters, intent upon nursing the sick and needy, and Janice Lashoones, whose self-applied task is to teach the natives the alt of hair- dressing, are enlivening the group with their gaiety. MR. KRADEL: Your powers are indeed extraordinary! What you have said surpasses anthing I have imagined. MADAME ZURINI: But wait! There is more to come. New figures are forming. I now see Ringling Brothers Circus. In the biggest ring the undaunted lion tamer, Mar- jorie Johnson, is captivating the audience with her breath-taking feats. About to make his entrance is Joe Fitzpatrick, the world's funniest clown. Munching some popcorn, cowboy Wayne Ovitt is awaiting his cue to ride his horse Thunder into the ring. MR. OGDEN: Excuse my interruption. However, as Mayor of Sheffield, I wish to welcome Madame Zurini. And what a pleasure to see my old friend, Tom Kradel. MR. KRADEL: It certainly is, Mr. Ogden. Madame Zurini has been generous enough to divulge news about our former classmates. Perhaps you could tell us of those who have remained in this area. MR. OGDEN: Among my most ardent political supporters are Lucy Green, Joan Hall, and Barbara Amstead. In fact, they took time from their housekeeping chores to act as my campaign managers. Peggy Palfini and Mable Johnson both work for station WSBSg Peggy has her own program, "At Home With Peggy, " and Mable is adisk jockey. Nick Rutsis, president of the National Mahaiwe Bank, with his financial genius has raised the interest rate to 10 per cent. At this school, Ann Riou is working as a phys- ical education instructor, Eddie Delmo1ino's hair is turning white from his experiences as a driver education teacher, and Martha French is head of the math department. Rufus Barnum is still staunchly defending women's rights. I have heard about some of our other friends working in Boston and New York, but I'm not sure of their occupations. MADAME ZURINI: I believe that I can help clarify this. Oh, yes. . . my crystal ball is showing me Boston. There I see Mary Lou Chapin, a sensational torch singer at Al Ranzoni's night club. Ed Smith is taking time out from his work with the Boston Red Sox to attend the latest concert given by the Boston Symphony Orchestra in which Pinkava is an outstanding trumpeter. Now, I see New York City. Jack Wells has attained fame as top Santa Claus at Macy's, and his sister Shirley is an assistant in the interior decorating department there. Deanna Whitehill seems to be the bestrsaleslady in Sak's fur coat department. Martha Brock's picture is a popular sight in the lpana toothpaste ads. MR. OGDEN: Have you heard about the terrible murder case? Even Lloyd Hoyt, the astute FBI agent, with his helper, Sandra MacDarby, can't help the district attorney, Richard Pekrul, in solving it. I understand that they have to bring a marriage counselor, Sue Rioux, and a psychologist, Betty Handlowich, into the case. MR. KRADEL: l've certainly learned a lot in these few minutes! But now I must be on my way to Washington to give my moon report to President Granger. By the way, did you know Edward Oleen was the first man to land on the moon? Helen LeGcyt organized the details of the journey for him. While I'm in Washington, l may very likely meet the President's chauffeur, Jim- my Bunce, and the architect of the new White House, Dorene Davenport. Good -bye, Madame Zurini. LAST 'WJILJL AND TESTAMENT We, the third graduating class of Mount Everett Regional School, supposedly of sound minds and packed with energy and good cheer, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. RUFUS BARNUM leaves his ability to sleep in class to Jack French. JANET BLAKELY leaves her rock n' roll records to Mr. Norton. MARTHA BROCK leaves David's letters wrapped in asbestos. JIMMY BUNCE leaves on time - at last. MARY LOU CHAPIN leaves her musical talent to Billy Hall. DOREEN DAVENPORT leaves a neat and clean art room to Mr. May. EDDIE DELMOLINO leaves his height to Shawn Oates. JOE FITZPATRICK leaves his red hair and freckles to Bruce Howden. MARTHA FRENCH leaves her A's to anybody who needs them - Who doesn't? MARGARET GOLDEN leaves her huge pocketbook to Lorraine Snyder. FRANK GRANGER leaves his tuba to Bobby Pekrul. LUCY GREEN leaves her temper to Sue Shaw. JOAN HALL leaves her driving ability to Ingrid Joeston. BETTY HANDLOWICH leaves her ability to talk in study hall to Susan Chapin. TONI HA YES leaves her shorthand speed to Billy Emprimo. BOBBY HEWINS leaves his quiet way to Billy Mintz. LLOYD HOYT leaves his nickname "Lid" to Bob "Tank" Rutsis. HENRY HUBNER wills a bottle of hair dye to Mr. Sullivan for those prematurely gray hairs he caused. MABLE JOHNSON leaves her nonchalant way to Nancy Woodbeck. MARGIE JOHNSON and BARBARA AMSTEAD leave a map of New York state to anyone who'd like it. SHIRLEY KEACH leaves her shyness to Janet Cagney. TOMMY KRADEL leaves his hall monitor's position to anybody who wants to buy a traf- fic light for that intersection. JANICE LASHOONES leaves her Oscar to next year's star of the Senior Play. HELEN LE GEYT leaves her job at the F-2 to Charles Ogden. SANDRA MacDARBY leaves her trips to New York City to Linda Corser. ROGER NEWTON leaves his cowboy boots to David Cosgriff. PAT OATES leaves her ability in sports to Chris Edwards. BART OGDEN leaves his yearbook managing to Jill Pickett. ED OLEEN leaves his humane qualities to Lois Kramer. JANET OLSEN leaves her typewriter to Ernest Preiss. WAYNE OVITT leaves his popularity with the freshman girls to Charles Knight. PEGGY PALFINI leaves her pennies to the French government to buy newspapers. DICK PEKRUL leaves his car to someone who can tow it away. JEAN PETERS leaves her ability to getin public places at kid's prices to Billy Gilchrist. AUDREY PINKAVA leaves her trumpet to Joe Macchi. AL RANZONI leaves his seat in the office to Barbara Lewis. ANN RIOU leaves Spanish to Miss Goodman. SUE RIOUX leaves her fingernail to Marie Peters. NICK RUTSIS leaves his gym shorts to whomever goes on the trampolin. ELIZABETH SCHNECK leaves her ability to argue to Jane Herrick. DEBBY SHAW leaves her attraction for blondes to Linda Sanford. ED SMITH leaves his dimples to Alice Stevens. JACK WELLS leaves his long corridor walks to anyone with roller skates. SHIRLEY WELLS leaves her life savers to anyone who dares eat them in class. DEANNA WHITEHILL leaves her long trips on the bus to Evelyn Jackson. BARBARA WILCOX leaves her seat in trig. to Gerry Rhines. CAROLE WILLIAMS leaves her seat in Problems class to Joy Ovitt. WEYLL NEVER FORGET Mr. Norton and those "crazy" projects. Debating Presley versus Beethoven in music appreciation classes. Donating pennies for "La Jeunesse" in French LI class. The day the skunk invaded Mount Everett premises. The noxious odors from hydrogen sulfide chemistry experiments. Struggling to meet yearbook deadlines. That momentous sports event at the Aurigan Fair when the student body bested the faculty by a narrow margin in the annual softball game. Parodying "The Night Before Christmas" in our Christmas assembly. The rise and fall of the "printed" Mount Everett News. The black attire of students in deep mourning when report cards were issued. Frantic last-minute rehearsals for 'Cheaper By the Dozen." The squeaking lighthouse at the Senior Farewell. Proudly parading our class rings. Studying to the accompaniment of workmen's hammers and drills during our first se- mester at Mount Everett. GRA DUATION! I ! V 5 I F . JK 'WW' x ---my AA' tl WI' 4 f i ia. Y Htl, A if N n BQPLJFQ H, Wm' gf.-UN X, '-s',! ,I ,- .W WA 4 , . t I ,W-.,.,S I . p ,Mia 1 ff--Z1 r iw? fb., -' . Nm bf A f Z , ,, 4 ,K : A u, 1 cfw U wily, , 'qi ' ' L. ' 2 Ll, . , yy H,ffy3fm35 7 Y , '-fir L wQ 'U 53 . A 'H f, fy: 7' Zi it 'Wi 1 A 6 if A H' L: ,-. f .4, ' V? 'ff i Qs' f J4'H4Q' 1w?? Jjfnv C- -u 1 ,x gt:glf5,,4,s Jaan H. Audrey Toni gffvv JJH.CC L51fH- k,I,,J, I. CA, 5 EGL 4 l. V. I., nh 7 A 4. I i, Hg . 11 .. .,,.4. . J xf.- . -J. .aff ,1f, ,133 g-ff 1 A 'J L 3 6 nal fu 7 ' arjor'P .01 4 . ',4.,f,L- 21- - . . . . Y , v , ' L ...qq'l?r- X ". . qs 4 f' . 'Q 16 4 gy. N I, ,f JilFQ' .1 Q v- f -,fy ir: . 4 Lf fu a - yy .Q . , r n - lL.44m-A , MOST SINCERE MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Ioan Hall Dorene Davenport Dick PCRIUI Tgm Kyadel I-IAPPIEST BOY and GIRL MOST MUSICAL Pat Oates Mary Lou Chapin Ed Smith Frank Granger t 4 in ,, BEST ACTOR and ACTRESS CLASS CLOWNS Janice Lashoones Sue Rioux Nick Rutsis Joe Fitzpatrick 1 .,,........,..-,. -.-ni-- ' J, BEST DRESSED Janet Olsen Barton Ogden 1 T? LA BEST NATURED Jean Peters Jack Wells ...A 'fn ,...4 BEST DANCERS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Han Martha French f'oanBunce Barton Ogden HD ..-ASL MOST ATTRACTIVE MOST POPULAR Mary Lou Chapin Janet Olsen Ed Delmolino Tom Kradel 1 H 1' MOST ATHLETIC QHIEAPER BY THE DUZEN Q nr' 'A m . "T ri' Semor Play ax iii ski' ii? Kzwiw' 251 wi 451225 fx 451451 4:42 5 if ,im ff il? 22724 it if, 53 K 275 522 igflf "' 4 ik irigfw UNDERQLASSMEN JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: B. Snyder, 1. Christmas, J. Macchi, D. Preston, R. Jackson, W. Mintz F. Willcox, J. Herrick, M. Peters. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sullivan, D. DeLand H Johnson, G. Dozier, J. Wyman, S. Shaw, L. Sanford, B. Cahill, J. Cagney, C Grahn E. Rurhel, I. loesten, E. VanDeusen, N. Warner, S. Macchi, M. Gingras, Mrs Rhoades THIRD ROW: R. Rutsis, E. Guidi, W. Clark, E. Holcomb, I. French, B. Elliot P Eichstedt, E. Holcomb, E. Preiss, M. Percy, W. Emprimo, B. Howden. CLA SS OFFICERS ROBERT JACKSON President ---- ------------ - Vice President - - - ------- ' - - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Student Council - DAVID PRESTON VERONICA HIGGINS ' ' JOSEPH MACCHI - WILLIAM MINTZ SOPHOMORIE CLASS FIRST ROW: E. Ormsby, S. Chapin, K. Higgins, P. Peters, D. Schneck, A. Fehn, J. MacDonald, R. Consolini, M. Morandi, L. Cartinelli. SECOND ROW: Mr. Torrey, I. Ovitt, M. Fitch, C. Curtiss, B. Pezze, L. Corser, D. Cairns, D. Spadaccini, L. Hunt, J. Stevens, E. Eigen, J. Wells, T. Grinde, T. Ford, B. Lewis, N. Woodbeck, L. Cumrnaro, C. Pittman, Mrs. Larkin. THIRD ROW: T. Guidi, R. Pekrul, R. Doane, R. Bassett, P. Ranolde, G. Gilligan, W. Gilchrist, G. French, J. St. Clair, E. Campbell G. Franklin, E.,Storti, B. Stevens. FOURTH ROW: E. Lyons, D. Wells, R. Chapin, R. Barnes, D. Cosgriff, W. Parks, C. Ogden, G. Siter, G. Kenzie, D. Blodgett, R. Schneider, M. Miller, R. Penziner. CLA SS OFFICERS President ---- ------------ ----- F RE D FEHN Vice President - - - - - JUDITH MacDONALD Secretary - - - - DEBORAH SCHNECK Treasurer ---- - RICHARD CONSOLINI Student Council - - ---- PENNY PETERS FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: A. Stevens, N. Snyder, S. Bettis, L. Ensign, M. Adams, M. Gaylord, E. Chapin, B. Poucher, A. Suffie, J. Connors, J. Roys, F. Macchi. SECOND ROW: P. Cartinelli, M. Swan, A. Suffie, A. Morandi, N. Hitchcock, J. Morandi, L. Wells, N. VanDeusen, G. Pickett, G. Cooper, P. Sanford, A. Ward, H. Higgins, S. Wilcox, L. LeFever, D. Hall, S. Riou, Mr. Breakell. THIRD ROW: MI. Finn, D. Snyder, J. Wilkinson, M. Pezzee, J. Peck, B. Wilbur, A. Chase, A. Ruthel, M. Hunt, S. Klahn N. Pezze, E. Severn, A. Brown, J. Cruikshank, R. Vickerman, S. Oates. FOURTH ROW: F. Clark, C. Deland, D. Kimble, H. Stalker, R. Drumn, G. Welch, J. Kelsey G. Piontek, R. Ball, F. Ryan, R. Sturtevant, W. Hitchcock, R. Little, C. Edwards. CLASS OFFICERS President - - - ---------- ' ' MARILYN GAY!-ORD Vice President - - "" ELLEN CHAPIN Secretary ---- - MARY LEW ADAMS Treasurer ----- - BETSEY POUCHER Student Council - - ' ' LYNN ENSIGN l51lIGTHI'TlHI G R D E FIRST ROW: P. Smith, A. Ovitt, C. Rutsis, A. Schultz, S. Cosgriff, R. Dow, J. Pal- fini, P. Gingras, A. Hitchcock, B. Estus, R. Bachetti, B. Elliott. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wight, J. Stevens, M. Adams, V. Emmons, J. Lossow, P. Cowen, K. Kramer, S. Cahill, E. Jackson, J. Newton, B. Muir, E. Packard, B. Beneat, E. Willcox, K. Stiles, M. Bailey, P. Percy, L. Swain, K.Drumn, Miss Goodman. THIRD ROW: G. Oleen, L. Keith, G. Coffin, T. Johnson, T. Macy, T. Dempsey, W. Hall, J. Hall, D. Hunter T. Gage, G. Rhines, C. Knight, C. Carley. J. Wells, W. Webster, J. Schneider, J, Babcock, R. Roys, Mr. Broderick. FOURTH ROW: A. Handlowich, D. Mott, K. Mil- ler, M. Bradley, N. Swain. J. Percy, B. MacDonald, A. Delmolino, F. Eichstedt, T. Hitchcock, J. Piontek, l. Harper, D. Gilmore, S. Bennett, B. Antoniazzi, J. Gibbs, L. Hakulin, M. Rioux, W. Paul, D. West. E V T H G R A D E FIRST ROW: J. Wilcox, M. Bassett, M. Robbins, S. VanDuesen, J. Humphrey, W. Stalker, P. Anderson, R. Fitch, B. Green, J. Wilcox, S. Doane, E. Spadaccini. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Chamberland, Miss Burchell, D. Markham, D. Smith, B. Riou, C. Thompson, J. Bachetti, A. Masse, S. Story, F. Stalker, M. Edwards, N. Chamberlin, T. Perry, M. Follmer, D. Stiles, D. Emprimo, M. Bernoi, K. Wells, B. Dozier, S. Agar, J. Blakely, Mrs. Roraback. THIRD ROW: D. Whitcomb, C. Reed, W. Richards D. Green, T. Gibbs, L. Rossi, L. Bush, J. Chase, E. Poplar, B. Amstead, L. Davis, J. Staniels, W. Ruchetti, J. Santos, F. Holcomb, R. Stalker, T. Nicholson, H. Cruik- shank. FOURTH ROW: L. Spurr, R. Straleau, H. Gilligan, P. Delmolino, D. Tite, J. Gilligan, M. Hoyt, J. Spadaccini, T. Blakely, J. Tullar, J. Cagney, A. Pezzee, S. Siter, J. Gilligan. A X ,,, W Xff -- 1- S Xf 'A Y Q X 5. l J U55 AT MT. IEVERETT The Student Council is a school organization which represents the student body and serves as a link between the teacher and pupil. Members of the Dra- matics Club, usually rehearsing, are caught off-stage clowning. HIIBWWSHDGIHDCBIP stat A- -----nr -1 A -9 t Mount Everett's band has marched during the past years in the Memorial Day parade, as well as played at other functions. 'Nr- OIPCHJICBS .- ' Y 2 !f!!E'mVV14!1ll'i The orchestra of talented Till school musicians has played for a number of assemblies through out the year. The girls of the Glee Club give each year a delightful perform- ance during Class Night and Graduation Exercises. The members of the tumbling team put on a fine performance as they exhibit one gym nastic exercise they have mastered. 4x is r.. 90, Tuinbling tfhillll Students of this club -X are preoccupied with pottery making, sketch ing, and woodworking. arts and czrieifis F1111 Under the direction of Mr. Norton the Photo- graphy Club carefully inspects a new camera. 1- ..tggi' not i to All no t ,J - The boys of this club are constructing, and skillfully too, a bob- sled. ' l l t l E ,J 4 urls im m stminl uri ugrundtmrctlm S Cllllll These modern deluxe bird houses are being built by the girls of the Girls' Industrial Arts Club. Members of the Agri- culture Club are ap- parently testing milk for bacteria. "Hunt and peck" cer- tainly is not the method of typing taught in the Typing Club. 0000000000 00000000000 L....J lapping rlturui s 5 01 1 souffle. F00 llllllg I7 lUl The members of the Junior Red Cross have prepared thoughout the course of the year many various articles for local hospitals. The boys of the Cook ing Club are busily preparing, with an ticipation, a French 'f '.v"ffr, z if :..- V , 2? 4 1 11 Herr, TLII IITIIIUII' T661 CCIPUSS R mlatffuonal Honor' slorreifv 4.121.215-Ph.iZEhLri mi- -- '-V184 - iam.-' The smartly uniformed majorettes in blue and gold take an important part in leading the Mount Everett band. As always, the year- book staff is trying to meet the deadline at the last minute. 4 v A 33,35 N- Ji' .vu , . QQ X XE Q XXX is 2? Ek K w 1 . Y' 'wr' 0 0 8 . 'Q .x 1.4 Xi! xl 'lv-R4 .K G w v Q JG s BGA O 7 ff A 1957 - Sl-EASUN RECURUS 1 1958 Total Total Shooting Total Total Total Average - p1ayer - Shots Shots Per Cent Foul Shots Foul Shots Points Points I- Taken I Made Taken Made Scored -Per Game Bob Jackson 201 76 39070 n 84 49 209 13. 1 1 Bill Mintz 155 45 29070 44 28 128 3- 5 Ed De1m01iu0 135 37 27070 86 57 139 8- 7 Ed Smith 114 38 33070 42 19 93 I 5. 8 Fred Fehn 30 10 30070 25 8 32 2. 0 Tom Kradel 204 71 35070 96 64 215 14- 3 Bob Rutsis 50 11 22070 22 8 30 3- 3 Nick Rutsis 10 3 30070 5 2 8 0. 8 Joe Macchi 6 0 0070 2 1 1 0. 3 Bill Gilchrist 6 3 50070 2 0 6 6. 0 Mount Everett 899 291 ' 32070 409 238 ' 854 53. 4 Opponents A 899 322 36070 348 188 839 52. 5 MT. EVERETT'S BASKETBALL SCORES Mt. Everett 38 Webutuck Williams 47 Mt. Everett Mt. Everett 44 Lenox Mt. Everett 51 Dover Plains Mt. Everett 66 Chester Searles 50 Mt. Everett Lee 69 Mt. Everett Williams '70 Mt. Everett Mt. Everett 66 Ockawamick Mt. Everett 48 Lenox Mt. Everett 65 New Lebanon Mt. Everett '72 Chester Ockawamick 62 Mt. Everett Searles 96 Mt. Everett Dover Plains 67 Mt. Everett Lee 61 Mt. Everett This year basketball continued to be the favorite spectator sport at Mount Everett Although the team's league standing was somewhat disappointing, the team more than compensated for losses to their opponents by their good sportsmanship and their strenuous efforts to win. Full support of the team by the cheerleaders and fans increased the high morale of the players. In these respects the results can be termed successful. BASKETBALL TEAM Tom Kradel Fred Willcox Ed Delmolino Dan Ranoldi Ed Smith Bill Gilchrist Bob Jackson Dick Consolini Bill Mintz Bob Barnes Fred Fehn Wally Hitchcock David Cosgriff Gary Gilligan Nick Rutsis Sterling Bennett Bob Rutsis Dave Blodgett Joe Macchi Francis Ryan Bob Chapin Don Choquette N wb F.. .I ,ff it ' 'lfgl' Tn, in ,B H3 S CV! -Q., 'f an ffffk ' Lf! N 5' , 4 R. .- l 1 Q, , ',,,Q-QI' Q ,fi I A 1' ,- 'fl v - " Y ' 4 X Q. ff"Q , 1 -7: fl . gig M .. J, .. "Q, .. A '-r K Q , A v if 4 A if ' " C! ' -, v.. .5 34. .hi 4. - :nxgl 4i'.' 8. "lm 2. 114 mx I Y '93-if - fs - Y ,gr -.,1- L ' t '- ' sfo 1, ' P f EV? 'Q X -1 '1 X '1 SULLMR During the soccer season relatively inexperienced players steadily developed into seasoned players under the able direction of Coach Maghery so that the Mount Everett team provided real competition for opposing teams. P 3 i ml u OOO .O Q.' v , w"1' . IRASMBATJ, The return of several varsity members to the baseball squad promises to make this year's baseball team one of the best in Mount Everett history. gag., .-7 if 'LW v , ' 'f 'sa ,cf :O B Q .,, cl N- A A ag sf, A ,. ' M a H My ,N f'?Wg A A1 ! X J ,A M . , ' Q ,::'::,A V -- uf: 'fr ,VM if , ' Q- 4 A f xp, ,raw l A ' A J . . A .4 u..,.A,A. n M'f!"' ,V ,A . 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Chevrolet Sales and Service Established 1921 Phone 9-8727 Main Street Sheffield, Mas sachusetts M EQ12-IEMONT Z STORE Choice Meats Monterey Fruits and Vegetables Paint - Hardware - Drugs Fresh Eggs Phone 288 South Egremont, Mass. q Best Wishes From THE ESI-l3E.l:3l: IELTD DO I I 5E'I2Y Route 7 Sheffield, Mass 5 Vw Compliments of D5 ' MARKET I Meats and Groceries "From a Shoe Lace I to a T-Bone" TRUCKING SERVICE State Road Phone 757 Great Barrington A-1 Best Wishes From BGB'-5 ' W E5 E, ss OI1 YOHI' Teenage Hop, Monday Ashley Falls, Mass. Thru Friday, 4:00 P. M The Be rkshire s ONLY Phone Sheffield 9-3451 Clear Channel Station Difzefkgzm FURNITURE CO. Z5 Railroad Street Great Barrington, Mass. HARRY DEYKIN, Prop. , ESCDLJTI-I3I':FEL.'ID GENERAL STORE I General Merchandise Hardware - Admiral Appliances Southfield, Mass. I Tel. Shefheld 9-3135 Zeenffhg Store of a Thousands Gifts Great Ba rrington Mas sachusetts QW1g5f7m4f5 GARAGE,1Nc. Gene ral Auto Repairing Arc Welding I International Farm Machinery I F Sales and Service I Phone 9-8451 Sheffield, Mas sachusetts Compliments of M625 2256 ANTIQUE SHOP Ashley Falls, Mass. DINA AND HARRY WEISS. Compliments of 25666656565 Parties RESTAURANT 8: COFFEE SHOP Breakfast Luncheon Dinne rs Banquets e-t U-s H-e-1-p Y-0-u P-1-a-n Y-o-u-1' P-a-1'-t-y i-n t-h-e e-w- S-h-e-f-f-i-e-1-d R-o-0 Telephone Sheffield 9- 8774 Receptions 746 QQZZQZW Qffezkz Since 1834 Commercial Printing of Distinction Tele phone 115 Great Barrington, Mas s 'I2LJ1D- TLJCDNADSCDN LCDVVLZSJNID REALTORS 'ZIIAIIZIVI ELIZABETH RUD A Dairy Farm in ELIZABETH THOMPSON the Tel. Sheffield 9- 2006 Ashley Falls Sheffield, Mass. C: I--l7E?,-'T-'E'2 1-1 . NACETSN JEWELER 317 Main Street Great Barrington, Mass. Telephone 69M Berkshires RICHARD D. TRYON Monte rey, Mass . RONALD F. WEST WESTS FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Authorized Sale s and Se rvice Phone 9-3283 Sheffield, Mass . E. W. 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