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3Bl15bl1CUf58QC flDCl11Ol'f3l libl'8l'Q Q Sbeffielb, massachusetts Q? 2 , EX 35 ,, f X - 1 Il ' '2'si -k A' , ,I 1 ff' Kei-Ab' bf-: Y 'A af' 'Q Q af W ""' IDIIBBCIUCU UQ ,K --Qv: 1 - W ,- Bushnell-Sage Memmiai Library Sheiiiieid, Mass. Ga if we A 'ga in O nf? nj,1l,fC1"' iI! Lgffgffffiigiffgy iv" - if, V ojhe LHLIFIQCIII , '45 The name Aurigan is derived from Auriga, a five star constellation. The five stars are representative of the five towns comprising the Southern Berkshire Regional School District. "" Q CU 0' Yu lewfgfjif Lf 5-fg"I ii"Al'iL4 '4 XX 4 x 942'-Bo ' SAEFF 1 4 0 MXX QEHODF H was B X-lTE'Qqi PUVOQD ::67N a ? of S H' 3 5 ' fi- fy? x 6 if if A 3 'hi' 25" ji "?f..i-f . in '34, H if? X I 3 LX ,. K.. wx A +0 Q' ,N 58 Q Q ,.,'wf-t ,- . 4 , ,Wei - , A 7 143 S- ,?f,:'fT?e. Ay rr- 0 mUfWhw,rf .f la, . Q11 . 4'-. F 'Jrim lv rw. . .,. .M WFWMH Wg, '1 y4 3 - f CDCfC!l'C'fl Ho n The year was 1957, the month--February. Our class numbered 38. Then--there were only 37, for death called one of our best friends and most popular classmates. Virgena Zilka passed away on February 23 . 'x Virgie was known for the effort she put into all her undertakings, for her enthusiasm and exuberance, and for her gay, mischievous fun. We can still smile when we remember her many escapades both inside school and We will never forget Virg--no one will ever be able to take her place, for she occupied in our lives an irreplaceable position. Although she is not with us in body, the memory of her optimism and the courage she showed throughout her life will remain with us and inspire us always. In loving memory and in gratitude for all she has done for us, we, the class of '57, dedicate this , our yearbook, to' our departed classmate, Virgena Zilka. ' ' ,, 5 l ' , ju 1 out, and many of us canlrecall the good times we had at her popular parties. 4 7 V it 3: ,,1---,:L:gi. ,,:fQzT , ' -F -, . .. ..... ...A t A A. V:-L 1 N ..q,..,1Q,,g5,, ,N I I W H Z r "Q- XX 55?-L3 'TFA . Y af f if ,054 N x""""'4g4g,-,,,i,,,' 'Q Q11 ,. . 4" I uf!! 1 'L 'S . ' .f kay ' X , A .Q A1 if JOHN SOMES CHARLES ELMER BYBEE HERBERT ARTHUR WHEELER, IR. Superintendent of Schools Principal Mathematics University of Massachusetts B.S. Tarkio College A.B. Harvard College A.B. Columbia University M.A. University of Maine M.E. Harvard School of Education M.A WILLIAM E. MIELKE ALBERT JOSEPH TROCCHI WENDELL S- MOULTHROP Supervisor of Guidance Mathematics Mathematics and SCie1'1Ce Harvard College A.B. Bates College A.B. Westfield Teachers College B.S Boston University M. E. 4 " "- - -4 19"-' "-' "L" -1. . ,., .- 3-Jr .f:.1--su:aa.- -.,... GEORGE T. MAY FERDNAND BARRETTE Supervisor of Art Music Supervisor Mass. School of Art B.S.E. University of Montreal B.A. North Adams Teachers College M.E. , .Q 'I 2 5 33 3 1 F is Q 2 S 3 1 2 X i 'until ,W IAMES ANTHONY SHIMINSKI DAVID CHARLES BREAKELL RICHARD L- MAGHERY Industrial Arts Agriculture Physical Education Fitchburg Teachers College B.S. University of Connecticut B.S. Boston University B.S. r i I -. THOMAS KEENE NORTON, IR. EDWARD ROBERT STEVENS CYNTHIA BARBOUR WILLCOX Mathematics and Social Studies Social Studies Librarian Calvin Coolidge College A.B. Boston University B.S. Ripon College B.A. Boston College P W--mg ALICE KETTENHOFPEN IAYNE ARMSTRONG GLADYS MARION RORABACK Commercial Commercial Social Stl-lCii9S Simmons College B. S. M.A. University of Connecticut B.S. North Adams T95Ch91'S C011999 6 THOMAS WARE WIGHT MICHAEL H. ANELLO DORIS ARLENE CHARTER Science Science French, Spanish, English University of Maine B.S. M.E. Seton Hall University B.S. Russell Sage College A.B. State University of Iowa Cornell University M.A. University of Connecticut M.A. . Q. Y . , irfjprx. ' , 5 Mzqkx 4 . YET' Q-Lt 1' I ' E' QS!-5' .E , v w .FA BARBARA BRADLEY RHOADES FRANCIS C. MERRIGAN PHYLLIS LARKIN English English Homemaklng University of Mass. B.S. St. Michae1's College A.B. Simmons College B.S. ',, .ga 7 I , - C' emor equests to of e Cgeac ers ARTICLEI SECTIONI To Mr. Stevens: a calm, cool, and collected problems class. To Mr. May: we bequeath ten more talented artists to take the place of those who are leaving. To Mrs. Rhoades: we leave a class that appreciates Shakespeare. To Mr. Hummel: we leave his dramatic club. To Mr. Anello: we leave a large number of fish for his empty aquarium. To Mr. Norton: we leave a blond, curly wig. To Mr. Maghery: we leave a new group of office monitors. To Mrs. Roraback: we leave a case of medical supplies for her first aid group. To Mr. Trocchi: some calm nerves for his driver training class. To Mrs. Larkin: we leave a senior debating class. To Mrs. Armstrong: we leave a group of secretaries. To Mr. Wight: we leave a spotless lab. To Miss Charter: we leave a long-playing record of "Keep Quiet! " To Mr. Wheeler: we leave an office all his own for disciplinary reasons. To Mr. Bybee: we leave a crew cut. To Miss Long: we leave a warm locker room. To Mr. Mielke: we leave a large class to take college-boards. To Mr. Multhrop: we leave a long time to get acquainted with his math classes. To Mr. Barrette: we leave an interested music appreciation class. To Mr. Shiminski: we leave a shop full of pretty girls. To Mr. Breakell: we leave ten dozen chickens for his chicken coop. To Mr. Merrigan: we leave a co-operative yearbook staff. To Mrs. Wilcox: we leave a quiet library filled with polite workers. To Mr. Crockett: we leave a cookbook. ARTICLE I SECTION 2 To the junior class: we leave the happy thought that they have only one year of school ahead of them. To the Sophomore s: we leave the hope that they will survive the next two years. To the Freshmen: we leave hope, faith, and endurance. To Mount Everett: we leave a shorter day. . .ten to two. . .with an hour for lunch. To everyone else concerned: we just leave. rv- -H-f' , --f 1"r. 1--T1 "P" -:"f'Y -- Y A-gf-:ii--sq-,EAR9,531,1,TEr1r1:nannu:a:w:a4:unls'msfIrv'xwn.-vuuu1unrqmnurnvvmuuwn-V.,-Y.. ---:..- , :ure-I:-A . ,,... ,. .- .. .. .......A.4....f,.. ..,..-...4......... -.lilnl-ngu151qv Wkx C XJ ' ,QS .. kg: J we L, if V fm Yau... U' ? fr ,141 1' ii an 1 5 H I mm wlf ,if , Q ' , Y xx 7 3 AW-W cgi fgg, HELEN LOUISE LOVE llHe1ll Mill River, Mass. "I really d1dn't mean it that way." Glee Club 1 , 2 , 3 ,4: Student Council l , 2 ,4: Girls ' Chorus 3: Basketball l,2: Class President l ,2,4: Class Vice-President 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Majorette l , 2 , 3: Cheerleader l , 4: always a leader. . .wltty. l .a friend to everyone ZOE ANDEL SMITH "Zee" or "Zee-Zee" Sheffield, Mass. "Oh! how wretched" Majorette l , 2 ,3 , 4: Class Vice-President 2 , 4: Glee Club 1 , 2 ,4: Basketball 1 , 2: School Newspaper Staff l ,2: Girls' Chorus 4: studious . . . some seem born to organize. . .cordial VIRGINIA DORIS SCHULTZ "Ginny", "Gin" or "SChultz1e" Ashley Falls, Mass. "I hope I get a letter today . " Nkwivssu Glee Club l ,Z ,3 ,4: Cheerleader 1 ,2: Senior Play 4: G.A.A. 3,47 Yearbook Staff 4: Photography Club 3: School Newspaper Staff l ,2,4: Student Council 2: Class President 2: Class Treasurer 3: Class Secretary 4: optimistic. . .a friend indeed . . . "fllvver" owner SALLY LOUISE PRESTON llsalll Sheffield, Mass. "Gerry says-" Glee Club 1 ,2,3 ,4: Girls' Chorus 3: Cheerleader 1 ,2: Senior Play 4: School Newspaper Staff 1 ,2,3: Yearbook Staff 4: Treasurer 2,4: energetic. . .loquacious . . .class party thrower E 5 ' Q 4 ' .ti . ' v-1" si an 1 1 l3ji'fZk1.'7"gf4'.'Z""'Ef'2i'g"A'IF.l5"f'W9l. ,.5-''i'f":"'v.'ua2E'Yl""mwwi--if .west 'E' if It J. PHYLLIS HARRIET BOARDMAN uphylu Sheffield, Mass. "Ohl Honest?" Glee Club 1 ,2,3: Band 37 Orchestra 3: Yearbook Staff 47 Softball 1: Science Club 3: amicable. . .has a ready smile. . . slim REGINALD LEE BROCK llReg ll Ashley Falls, Mass. "Anybody got any gum?" Baseball 1,37 Basketball 1: F.F.A. Club 1: Yearbook Staff 47 Tumbling Club 47 Hall Monitor 49 Class President 3: Student Council 3: determined. . .enjoys a hot argument. . .class dozer IUDITH ANN CAIRNS nludyn Ashley Falls , Mass. "I'm hungry!" Glee Club 1 , 2 , 3 ,4p Orchestra 1 , 2 ,3 ,4p School Newspaper Staff 1 ,2,3: Girls' Chorus 3: Cheer- leader 27 Yearbook Staff 45 prudent. . .girl behind the pictures. . .trim SHIRLEY IAVERNE CARTINELLI "Shirl" Sheffield , Mass. 'Ohl Dam ltl " Glee Club 37 Library Club 37 Yearbook Staff 45 calm. . .qulet and efficient she will be. . .business minded. Q- .- , - aural! X UCI' Q. 1 ,- - 4 F. ' 1 'ptr' hrs' AQ? f "z N '. v' Lew " -A -. ' ve- 1 . - .Wiz if ' gt- A. W 7: '4 I-:pg-.": 'Who'-' .., 'FT' kim ,fi - lt mf' f ..-1g,....,.,,- ... ...age--. .. 1-14... ..- . i ANNETTE MARY CI-IOQUETTE "Choke -it " North Egremont, Mass. "I nearly flipped" Glee Club 1 , 2 ,3 ,47 Dancing Club 1 , 2,37 G.A.A. Z,3,47 Majorette 2,47 Girls' Chorus 47 Senior Play 47 Yearbook Staff 47 Cheerleader 47 Student Colmcil 27 vivacious . . .bouncing sprite of the class. . .bllthe ROBERT STANLEY CLARK "Bob" Sheffield, Mass. "You better believe ltl " Dancing Club 37 Checker Club 1,22 Baseball 17 Dramatlcs Club 37 Hall Monitor 4: Senior Play 47 class handy man. . .where there is mischief there will Bobby be found. . .boisterous DIANE MARIE CUMMARO 'De De" Monterey, Mass. "Welll I I " Glee Club l,2,47 Dancing Club 1,2,37 G.A.A. 1,2 ,37 Yearbook Staff 47 petite. . .vlcacious . . .chic ANTHONY MARTIN CONSOLINI "Butch" Southfield, Mass. "Oh Surel I I II" Basketball 1, 2 ,3 , 47 Baseball 1 , 2 ,3 ,47 Industrial Arts Club 3,41 Tumbling Club 17 Hall Monitor: Class Vice-President 17 Class Secretary 27 candid. . .lxains behind the pranks . . .clever f ""'1i PTI 1 ,Us Eff. ' fi K R N X ffiyfm 4, -I WINIPRED GERTRUDE DOW "Winnie " Mill River, Mass. "Fabulousl " Glee Club 1 , 2 ,3 ,4: Basketball l ,2: G.A.A. 37 Softball 1: School Newspaper Staff 3: Senior Play 2,45 Girls' Chorus 3: Yearbook Staff 47 volatile . . . artistically inclined . . . co-operative IUDITH CAROLINE DUNTON "Carrie" Sheffield, Mass. "Oh pifflel " Glee Club 1 ,2,3 ,47 Photography Club 37 Yearbook Staff 47 Girls' Chorus 2,3: Cheerleader 2: Senior Play 1 ,45 excitable. . .can always be found in the art room. . . quick moving 1 I DAVID WILLIAM EMPRIMO "Dave" or "Davey" Ashley Falls , Mass . "I don't know what to tell yal " Basketball l , 2 ,3 ,47 Baseball l , 2 ,3 ,4p Hall Monitor 47 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Council 3: Class Presi- dent 27 "GQ-1-if happy-go-lucky. . .athletic. . .dependable Dave lon others! BARBARA IUNE GARDNER "Barb" Sheffield, Mass. "I don't knowl " Glee Club 2,32 Dancing Club 35 Yearbook Staff 45 agreeable . . .habitually willing to accomodate. . . tranquil 'NQX Vx "'!Q"" 22 Z4-x A an as S, og Za-A X., sg 5 . Q PAMELA ELEANOR GILCHRIST "Pammy" Monterey, Mass. 'Oh really?" Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Band 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Cheer- leader 3,4: Basketball 2: Girls' Chorus l,2,3,47 Girls' Athletic Association 3: Senior Play 47 per severing. . .the girl with the infectious laughl . . expressive ROBERT CUR'l'ISS GUIDI "Burt" South Egremont, Mass. "Oh horse-feathers! " Basketball 3,47 Baseball 3: Tumbling 4: Hall Monitor 4: agile . . .personality plus . . . level-headed MARY LOUISE HART 'Mary lou' Sheffield, Mas-s. "I guess so" Glee Club l ,2 ,3: Photography Club 37 Yearbook Staff 47 on the alert. . .courteous. . .helpful to everyone ANTIONETTE IEANNE HOTCHKISS "Toni" or "Honey" Alford, Mass. "Oh goshl " , Glee Club l,3,4: Bird Banding Club 2:. G.A.A. 3 ,47 Typing Club 27 Popular Singing Club 47 Dancing Club 3,41 Girls' Chorus 27 affable . . . performs her tasks systematically . . . lighthearted T,-L W 2+ I-2-f '-if ,ima ,. J PW S- lf I' I K HARRIET RUTH IESPERSEN "Harriet" Mill River, Mass. "Oh, Lord help us! " Glee Club 1,3: Dancing Club 1 ,2g Yearbook Staff 4, tacituxn. . . sympathetic with others . . .industrious CATHERINE BNOLE JOHNSON "Cathy" Sheffield, Mass. "Ohl My gosh' Basketball 1 ,2, 3: Glee Club 1 ,2: Yearbook Staff 4: Softball 17 absent-minded. . .always cheerful. . .carefree CAROL ANN KERESZTES "Carol" New Marlboro , Mass . Basketball 1 ,2,3: G.A.'A. l ,2,3 ,4: Red Cross l , 27 Yearbook Staff 47 talkative. . .misplaced city girl. . .enthusiastic FRANCIS PETER LEMERE "Pete" Sheffield, Mass. "It happens that way moving West. " Baseball l,2,47 Basketball l,2,4p Hall Monitor 45 ' i Senior Play 4: Student Council 2, Class Vice- President 25 ----4 tease. . .thought of as a brother. . .keen ff W x ww, fr. X , Yb- CECILIA LUCY MORANDI "Cecilia " Alford , Mass . "How about that! " Dancing Club 1,27 Science Club 2: G.A.A. 3,45 Choir 1 ,27 Glee Club 3 ,47 Typing Club 3 ,4: Basket- ball 1,2: Popular Singing Club 47 genial. . .never does work but what it is well done . . . always smiling MARIA ELENA MORANDI "Marie" Alford , Mass . "Did I get a letter?" Girls' Athletic Association 1: Glee Club 3: Library Club 1: Science Club lg Yearbook Staff 45 Red Cross 4, Photography Club lg Dancing Club 1 ,27 Choir 1 ,2: Bird Banding Club lg sociable . . .perpetual smile. . .gay EMILY LINDA PALFINI "Em" or "Emm1e" Hartsvllle , Ma ss . "It beats mel" Basketball 1 , 2, Glee Club 1 , 2 ,3 ,47 G.A.A. 4, Girls' Chorus 2,37 Class Treasurer 1 ,27 Senior Play 4: School Newspaper Staff 1 ,2, Yearbook Staff 45 Library Club: gracious. . .ever present when level-headedness is needed. . .well groomed ROBERT IULES PAUTOT 'Bob' South Egremont, Mass. ' 'Not me" Baseball 3: Modelmaking Club 17 Hall Monitor 47 restless . . .guardian of the conference room. . . mechanically minded . A75 MARIIXN ADELE PECK I IIMBPII North Egremont, Mass. "Oh, not againl " Glee Club l,2,3,47Girls'Chon1s 45 Band 1: Dancing Club l , 27 Girls' Athletic Association 3 ,4: Yearbook Staff 2 ,4p bright eyes. . .the girl who most likes the dismissal bell. . .well dressed MARY ELAINE SMITH nsrnittyu Mill River, Mass. "No joke?" Glee Club l , 2 ,3 ,47 Cheerleader lp Maj orette l ,2 , 3,42 Yearbook Staff 47 Senior Play 47 Basketball 1 ,Zz School Newspaper Staff l ,2 ,37 Girls' Chorus 3: G.A.A. 3.47 dependable. . .often seen bustling around the comer. . . "ever ready' GARY DAVID SCHOONMAKER "Schoony" Clayton, Mass. "Oh blizzard! " Bus Monitor lp Hall Monitor 4, Hiking Club lp Dancing Club 3,47 Football Z7 Basketball 27 Class Secretary 25 Baseball 37 constant flirt. . .the deer fdearj slayer. . .opportunist I SHIRLEY MAIG' THOMPSON "Shir1" Mill River, Mass. 'If you say so" Glee Club l , 2 , 37 Majorette l , 2 , 37 Dramatics Club 37 Yearbook Staff 47 Dancing Club 1 , 27 chatty. . .faithful to a cause . . .absentee 1...S t. an rs J' A52 Nt' -4'f' 1 I i SALLY TOMPKINS "Tommy" Sheffield, Mass. "Tommy calledl " Glee Club l,2,3 ,4: Girls' Chorus 4: Yearbook Staff 47 Homemaking Club 3: sincere. . .she follows a stately course. . . sentimental W WILLIAM PECK WARNER "Bill" or "Wlldcat" South Egremont, Mass. "What's lt to ya?" Hall Monitor 4: Hiking Club 3: Industrial Arts Club 4: Tumbling Team 4: Tumbling Club 4: slow spoken. . .eats well, sleeps well but little inclination to work . . .nonchalant Q , W ,M i S 4 X LUCILE LORETTA WHISENANT ll ll Alford, Mass. "I just had a fight with Al." Band 1 ,2 ,3 ,4: Orchestra 3 ,4: Glee Club l,2,3 ,4: Majorette 1,2,4: All State Chorus 3: musical. . .goes through life with a light heart. . . wistful DENNIS THADDEUS WHITCOMB "Denny" North Egremont, Mass. "What's coming off 'P " Baseball 2 ,3: Hall Monitor 4: Senior Play 4: School Newspaper Staff 3: Tumbling Team 4: A.V.A. Club l ,2: Glee Club 1 ,2,3: Boys' Chorus 3: friendly. . .usually the last to arrive . . .neat HELEN ELIZABETH WOODBECK "Woody" Sheffield, Mass. "Oh, is that so?" Glee Club l ,2, 3,47 Band 27 Orchestra 27 Cheerleader l,2,3,4p Girls' Chorus 3: Basketball 17 Softball 1, Yearbook Staff 47 School Newspaper Staff 1 ,27 Senior Play 47 Student Council 2: sportive. . .the golden voice of the class. . . sprightly VIRGENA ROSE ZILKA "Virgie" Hartsville , Mass . "Oh crumb' Cheerleader 1 ,2,37 Basketball 1: School Newspaper Staff 1 , 2: Student Council 4: Glee Club l , 2 , 3 ,47 Girls' Chorus 3: Majorette 1 ,2 ,3p Yearbook Editor 47 All-State Chorus 4: Softball 17 exuberant. . .characterized by her ready answers. . . mischievous We ever orget The senior girls' pajama party The days in the conference room Annette's shortie pajamas--and Helen's Mr. Wheeler :Sr Mr. Bybee--checkmates Losing various parts of the class will Bearded ladies in the senior class Commuting between senior home rooms Senior Play Gary's trial in P of D New Year's Eve Music Appreciation class Home Bc. projects Skipping school to get ads Caravans from F-2 Mr. Steven's cookie factory Springfield Fair The Senior Farewell of '56 Ginny's hotrod Our cool tempered class Handwriting class Driver's Education The visit of the skunk Class trips Cheerful hall monitors "Anyone to make roses?" Pete LeMere's sideburns The cool, cool classrooms Mount Everett?'?????????????? Glass gfistorty Two years ago we were first united. Previously we were members of four schools: New Marlboro, Sheffield, Searles, and Roeliff Iansen. We had 43 students when we started our junior year at Mount Everett. Class officers for that year were: President, Reginald Brock: Vice-President, Helen Love: Secretary, Fay Stoddard: Treasurer, Virginia Schultz: Student Council Representative, David Emprimo. In the early spring of '56 we gave a round and square dance, "The Home Run Hop". On Iune 15 we sponsored a dance for the departing seniors. Theme: "Moonlight and Roses". In May 1956 we became the first proud possessors of Mount Everett Regional class rings, black onyx in a gold setting. During our junior year we lost the following members of our class: Diane Handlowich, Ioan Scott, and Margaret Golden. In September of 1956 we returned to Mount Everett to complete our last year. Upon returning, we found that many of our former classmates had left us. These were: Richard Bothoff, Barbara Curtiss, Susan Sande, Fred Schneider, Fay Stoddard, and Eleanor Swain. Mary MacKoul left us in the latter part of our senior year. We were joined, however, by Francis Lemere from Avon, Connecticut, and Carol Keresztes from New York City. Officers of the class were: President, Helen Love: Vice-President, Zoe Card: Secretary, Virginia Schultz: Treasurer, Sally Preston: Student Council Representative, Virgena Zilka. Our first social event was our Halloween Costume Dance, which proved to be quite profitable. Many good costumes were seen and prizes were given for the best. On the nights of November Z8 and 29 we presented the play "Aunt Cathie's Cat" , a mystery- comedy in three acts. The leading actress was Emily Palfini: actor, Robert Clark. Supporting roles were played by: Helen Love, Virginia Schultz, Annette Choquette, Sally Preston, Judith Dunton, Francis Lemere, Dennis Whitcomb, Winifred Dow, and Helen Woodbeck. Richard Pekrul and Theadore Somes, two junior boys , took parts to help make the play a success. Five days before the yearbook was sent to press the senior class was saddened when they lost Virgena Nirgiej Zilka, the yearbook Editor-in-Chief. Our next big project was to sponsor the junior Prom. The theme was the beautiful southern song "Gone With The Wind", and the gym became a Southern Mansion. Now we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Class Night, and, most of all ---- Graduation, after which we will embark upon our journeys through life. . fast any clstarnent We , the second graduating class of Mt. Everett Regional School, being of bright C27 minds , quick tempers, and loud voices , do will and bequeath these things to the following unfortunate people: Shirley Cartinelli wills her natural red hair to Ioan Curtiss . Antoinette Hotchkiss leaves her nickname "Honey" to the bees. Catherine Iohnson leaves her mutterings to Peter Reich. Maria Morandi wills her letter writing ability to Iack Wells. Cecilia Morandi leaves her pierced ears to Grace French. Barbara Gardner leaves her ability to hit things to Peggy Palfini. Be careful, Peggy I Pete Lemere wills his sideburns to Tommy Kradel. Sally Preston gives her Connecticut boys to any girl who likes to travel. David Emprimo leaves his fender skirts and mufflers to the person who stole them. Virgie Zilka wills and bequeaths her ability to tell "interesting stories" to Gordon Brock . Diane Cummaro leaves her ability to type with one hand to Barton Ogden. Virginia Schultz leaves her modern means of transportation to Ianet Olsen. Bob Pautot wills his popularity with the state troopers to Pat Oates. Annette Choquette leaves her shortie pajamas to Betty Schneck. Mary Smith bequeaths her nickname "Chug-a-lug" to Ed Oleen. Pam Gilchrist sadly gives her seat in Problems of Democracy to Debby Shaw. Bob Guidi wills his tumbling ability to Chris Edwards. Emily Palfini bequeaths her sincerity to Bruce Howden. Bill Warner leaves his shyness to Ioey Macchi. Anthony Consolini just leaves a new school bus. Harriet Iespersen wills her long fingernails to linda Cummaro. Helen Woodbeck leaves her cheerleading uniform to the lucky girl who's good enough to get it. Bob Clark wills his cigars to Jack French. . Jack, you're turning GREEN. Phyllis Boardman leaves her short hair to Mary Lou Chapin. Reg Brock bequeaths his trips to Housatonic to any Junior boy interested. - Gary Schoonmaker leaves his Henry I to anyone willing to take it. A Iudy Cairns wills her trips to Canada to her sister Donna Kas long as Donna keeps away from what Iudy goes to see.D Mary Hart leaves her seat in Physics class to anyone who is foolish enough to take it. Sally Tompkins leaves her poise to Bernice Philips. Zoe Card wills her discussion ability to Roger Newton. Carrie Dunton leaves her paint brushes to Bob Rutsis. Helen Love wills her neat hair-do to Beverly Muir. Lucile Whisenant bequeaths her musical ability to Al Ranzoni. Shirley Thompson leaves her absence slips to Penny Peters. Carol Keresztes wills her ability to talk in study hall to Barbara Wilcox. Winnie Dow leaves her short temper to Ted Somes. Dennis Whitcomb wills his friendly personality to anyone who needs it. Marilyn Peck leaves her attentiveness in English class to Ed Smith. Date: Place: Setting: lClSS prophecy Iune 1967 on a TWA plane taking off from London a pilot, Anthony Consolini, and a stewardess, Helen Love, standing at the door of a plane. kkkkkkkkkkkikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiikkkkkkkkkikkkkkikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkikkkkkkkkkkk Anthony Helen: Anthony Helen: Anthony: Dennis: Helen: Anthony: "Are all the passengers on the plane ?" "No, there's one left, a man named Mr. Dennis Whitcomb. " "Mr, Dennis Whitcomb! Why, I wonder if that's good ol' Denny, our classmate at Mt. Everett?" "I was just wondering the same thing." "Look, here comes someone now-but it doesn't look like the Dennis we knew, not with that mustache--and look how stout he is!" "Pardon me , is this the plane going to--Butch Consolini! !--and no--it couldn't be-- Helen Love! ! " "It is Denny! How are you? My goodness, we hardly recognized you. " "Now we can really talk about old times. Have a seat and as soon as the plane is in the air I'1l be back." kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkikkkkkikkkkkkkkikkkkkkikkkkikkkkkkkkkikkiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkii Time: fifteen minutes later Place: in the air between London and New York City. kkkikkkikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkikkkkkkkkkkkikiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Anthony: "Well, here we are, Denny. GOsh, I still can't believe it's you. You look like you've done pretty well for yourself." Dennis: "I have done pretty well. I'm president of the General Electric Company." Helen: "That's wonderful, Denny. I didn't think you were capable of moving so fast in ten years . " DG1'11'1iS! "I've changed, but I see you haven't. You're just as witty as ever, always good for a laugh. I don't think you ever got as many laughs as you did the two nights of our play, Aunt Cathie's Cat." Helen: "And you--the big brave policeman who came to Aunt Cathie's rescue after she caught "them two bugglers" . " Anthony: "Nobody needs to come to Ginny's rescue now. She's married now, and doing well for herself running a beauty shop in South Carolina." Z' Q, ' " uiliiiti YW, H Dennis: Anthony: Helen: Dennis: Helen: Anthony Helen: Anthony: Dennis: Helen: Dennis: Anthony Helen: Anthony Dennis: Helen: Anthony Dennis: "The "bugglers" aren't doing badly either. Pete is manager of the Pittsfield G.E. , and Carrie is the leading commercial artist at Lord and Taylor's in New York." "Carrie and Winnie always were the artists of the class. " "Winnie made good use of her talent too, she's an assistant to Ceil Chapman, the famous fashion designer." "By the way, I ran into Zee Card when I was in Spain last week. She's a high school teacher there and really enjoys her work. " "Weren't Sally Preston and Carol Keresztes going to be teachers too? " "I hear Sally is an English teacher at Skidmore College: and Carol has moved back to New York to teach elementary school there." "Lucy is a teacher, too: she's teaching Physical Education back at Mt. Everett." "Whatever happened to the three that were going into the Navy after graduation: Bill Warner, Bob Guidi and Bob Pautot? " "Oh, they've teamed up together and own the "Triple B" Steamship Line. They've hired two other former classmates as secretaries, Toni Hotchkiss and Shirley Cartinelli. " "Speaking of secretaries, what became of the other girls who were planning to do that type of work?" "Well, recently I stayed at the Pountainebleau in Florida and was quite surprised to see Maria and Cecilia Morandi employed as receptiortists. They went to Florida soon after graduation and said they'd never move back up north." "Guess where Cathy Johnson is working? " "Where? " "I saw her in Boston the other day , and she told me she lives there and is a private secretary for the vice-pre sident of the Boston Beanery, Inc. "The last I heard, Phyllis Boardman was working with comptometer machines in Springfield , and Barbara Gardner is working in the newly established Sheffield Savings Bank." "Oh, and Diane Cummaro is living in Hollywood. She married the late st movie rage, Elvis Iones. They now own four pastel Fords . " "All our classmates did pretty well for themselves. Did you know that Dave recently purchased the Great Barrington Airport and Gary is working as head in structor? " "That's greatl I must make it a point the next time I'm near there to drop in and see them. I haven't been up that way in a long time. " He len: Anthony Helen: Anthony Dennis: Anthony Helen: Anthony Helen: Dennis: Helen: Anthony Helen: Anthony: Helen: Dennis: Anthony Dennis: "While you're there, you might stop in and see a few of our other former classmates. Sally Tompkins married her high school sweetheart and is co-owner of the Reed Gas Station. Harriet and Shirley are hostesses at the Berkshire Inn." "By the way, what's become of Reggie Brock?" "I saw him on a plane a couple of months ago when he was going home on leave. He joined the Marines right after graduation, and now he's a major." "Good for him. Say, what are Marilyn and Annette doing now?" "Well, Marilyn has an interest in the Granger Engineering Corp. in Pittsfield: Annette is a nurse at the Medical Center in New York City." "Did any of the other girls in the class become nurses?" "You bet--Judy Cairns and Mary Hart are working in the Children's Hospital in Boston. Pam and Emily are working at Bellevue Hospital in New York. Emily is working in the juvenile division and Pam is connected with the social work department." "Remember Mary Smith? She's working for a travel agency and I think she has been in almost every country in the world . " "What is Bob Clark doing now?" "I recently read in the 'Wall Street journal' that he has become controlling stockholder in Macy's Garage, Inc. I guess his after school work paid off well for him." "It's too bad Helen Woodbeck isn't with me on this flight. She's a stewardess also, and we do a lot of flying together. Woody is engaged now and she's planning to be married next fall. She hooked a real cute looking pilot." "Who ever thought that our class would be so successful." "Yes, remember all the arguing we did? I don't think we ever agreed on anything, but maybe it gave us some initiative to get ahead in life." "Goodness, how time has flown--I'd better get back to my cockpit." "And I had better get back to my passengers. It's been wond-erful talking to you, Denny, and I hope it isn't ten years before we see you again." "I don't think it will be now that I know you're working on this airline." "Come on, Helen, we've got to go. So long, Den." "Okay--see you. " E K, 5 L I 1 E.. 1, as .I 2' i I 1 rj. T1 Ginn. , .f5f'f I, I 4 x .U f . 4,2 , K5- M K 5-ln' 7 0 rf? I . 4' ' I O I 0 1 0' ' X E ! I i I !,4'? R, 'glnr KN Q '.ll fiff 70' 1 K -li ,-,ZX-f CLASS 1357 'Q 'Cgf I S Ab" !UQg If g f V 's 5 - M - M 5 U 5 jf'- E 'Q' , Z : L S. N-ui fix'- M f .AJ .if fax si most cafe!!! to Csluccee Emily Palflni Denny Vifhitcomb most Cgcftool Cgpiritecf Pete Lemere Vir ie Zilk Q a David Emprimo Glass 61018708 Helen Woodbeck Pete LeMere Qest Lgctors Emily Palfini Robert Clark ass Qro tlzer - Cgister Zoe Card Pete LeMere E p Nzost Jrqttra ctfxge E Virginia Schultz 1 David Emprimo 1 3 Qest Qancers Helen Woodbeck 1 Dennis Whitcomb 1 A A 1 1 I f Best C-Oressec! Lucile Whisenant Butch Consolini 772031 . qiflfcffltc' Helen Love David Emprimo - 0 l ,l 444' . .ffx 57, I ,o I fa ' vs , , ' .A.... ,A VL M ' Jax it x SHIRLEY 2 MARIA 41 X .f D? X , h 14 s V Y .,. ,Z ml? X 1 4 , - , , Q., 4. " , 'E G , M ,... 4 . . . N ., --2212235 , I - : CAROL GARY I ZEE CARRIE MARY l Y 1 nun IUDY PHYLLIS 1'Q'r ANNETTE 'K 1.4 A . SALLY P . DAVE HELEN GINNY L DIANE J 'W 1 in is fi .J g .. ' sa I: Wg, rf" 4 W, . 4 A V ,XZ .- We .X 'fi xy... ,. .iid .lg Y., . fsif' , ' ' , U, ,aff-f" . Q ii ""'f. s gl ' Ai L- L X ffl' '.f--vi-f' . , I 5 MARILYN ,rw I , ' , , 1, 37 ef, F 346- fy . 5 A633 . . s , W ,gg LE J L- 'D W A rl, 4 at 45 5 A k. K PAM , DENNIS LUCY F' . L i SALLY BARBARA 4' L .25-.X CECILJA -AH,,,mg, 'Lx ldap. TONI 1 Q 4 3 fgllflf Gatlzlek at 2 3 f . gl 3 V n. V?- 5- F f j ' ,,V,. X .V ,gw ,,:,, f 5 s 1 5 W x 5 Q Our senior play was held November 28th and 29th and proved to be a great success Cat least we think it wash. Mrs. Agnes Ames directed our play, with Mrs. Rhoades stepping in while Mrs. Ames was ill. We also received help from Miss Charter, Mr. Trocchi, Mr. May, Mr. Shiminski, Peter Reich, Tom Macy, Pam Gilchrist, and last but not least, Mary Smith. "Aunt Cathie's Cat" was a mystery comedy in three acts, and if, in memory, you settle comfortably in first row center, we'll review it for you. What is more exciting than a spooky old mansion that has been shut up for a long time? Especially when two very refined maiden ladies with their two attractive nieces and dumb-Dora maid decide to rent the place unaware that anything mysterious is happen- ing. t When the real estate agent takes his prospective tenants to the house, two queer, rough-looking people scurry across the stage carrying the bloody-faced body of a man. A strange , white-faced woman dressed in black appears on the stairway but withdraws when she hears people coming. The ladies decide to move in at once , and then the excitement begins. One of the nieces is alone in the living room, reading, when the black-clothed woman appears and advances toward her. The girl screams, then faints. Her aunts rush in but fail to find the intruder. Miss Cathie decides to go down into the cellar to feed her pet cat. She fails to return. Groans are heard. The cat caterwauls. A policeman is sent for. He brings the unconscious form of Miss Cathie from the cellar. She had received a blow on the head. He reports having seen a grave. Pande- monium breaks ou t. Vlfho is going to be murdered? Finally, at the height of their terror, the solution comes , and the whole mysterious business is cleared up. A romance develops between one of the nieces and the personable young realtor. But more surprising is another, unforseen romance, which is disclosed at the end, between Aunt Iane and David Brent. 'sf Qf r 2? , Y ,Z 4 ,Ky f , . My X f R, f x f U Q X W 'J ,Q ,. ,Q , W Iii X X fx ,. xx 4 ,2.. .,,,:,, , , f ZW , 74 f ' X x ,,, X W 'K X 2 x xx , fi 1. , 'V X 2 x xg 5, SQ Z5 5 f ,, ,V L f ,-g,. ' - f 4 , , X H ,, S Q f ?. .... W : ce f ,g ,, ,MN XX 5 , A ,. ,iw Q S 11 ,ff A px I, X ,A X - , , 4 We X My M ' x g W M V 1 x 3 y my , X Z fllffi if ,V ,N , y - .. . ' -J A f w'5,,,.,, . 4' A X 5 x fwfa Q - Q '1-f?5s2..2"' f" ' Z ' y , is 2 S if - 9 if in . 1, ff Q . ,X I , Q X 5 M I K W ' .V f, E-: if ,, .,.,, 4- -X L ,iwffwwg : 1. X3 - .... Mznwf X vs' if 4' -WW ang ' Q 'if T? f f my Z fu f w I 5? S X ,Q , nf 1 f ,f ww, ' 16 ' my NM 1 Q 2 ? ., 4 A, . , ,,v,5.5, X, 7M: QA? ,.,.. W, 7 WW 94 MNMMX.. -rw W2 v Vw mf hx' 2, cz- J' xx S MK? 5 A f P X gg' 1 12.5 S YS f f 5 K f ff X , ' ,QW . . X Q X f XS X j jk 2 J .1 M I .:.-1 ,SL , M f ' vp -z,.. X ' W! f f , '-:fx x P? 1 x I . I W' Q 4 - Q 4 319 1 X -1 ,I M Q S I I' f"x I llll van!!! V71 ' 5 Q H 7 I E , IP! 49? La! N 'I 'uns ' Q, LD,,,eQlf,AQ1frx "pri xx f I 'ar' aj - 07 o'F'5'7, 1 fb M4 NOTTO " G LLHTH GOD N ' HPR 0uQ SIDE, Lugo mf .fir Cm! BE AGAINST US RB I OMG H X Qibmfgbqifgr' . fi hh ' N xg Wim Ee, if GW ' if SJ - EY AE QE my GOLO WQWLQ gb 5.2 We g 5 RQ Ag 5 QW: if W if 2330 ' WXMQIXWW , WWW Pm-.uu1w"?2fu51 H ' ? Sf-D' ' Mm fi? ?' is 95919 Ht: JQaiQB?22L"m? awww M gk i5fvQ,,1,MfQ' . WW ' J WM Of I .AK 1' ,Il xx ff' x N' m P i ,M X V li I f W, f iiff' "' JT I ' ,. I' 417 q Q 1 2 I .. if fl lla '3y4VJ,,'j4f-,,5f,,f'Lg ,,?f?!j3-L',ii':,Uf1, 'Lzgs ,ff QQ UHIOI' C188 13153 as Q lQL:'B. Handlowlch, I. Lashoones, I. Curtlss, M. French, I. Blakely, S. Keach, S. Rloux 23331: Mrsz Armstrong, C. Williams, B. Wilcox, I. Bunce, T. Kradel, E. Smith, E. Macchi, I. Peters. gig: Mr. Menflgan, I-I. Legeyt, D. Shaw, M. Iohnson, A. Willcox, A. Hayes, S. Wells, M. Brock. 51153: M. Golden, I. Hall, N. Rutsis, T. Somes, W. Ranzoni, M. Chapin, M. johnson. Sth Row: G. Quinlan, I. Wells, R. Pekrul, I. Zadra E. Oleen, B. Ogden, R. Newton. ,I. Olsen, S. MacDarby Schneck, B. Amstead, A M. Palfini, A. Pinkava Ovitt, I. Fitzpatrick, A L. Hoyt, E. Delmolino, CSBOlDllOI72OfQ fCLSS -Lg Row: D. DeLand, I. Christman, B. Snyder, S. Smith, B. Ensign, B. Higgins, I. Macchi, C. Gage, I. Herrick M. Peters. QQ- S. Macchi, H. Hohnson, M. Gingras, S. Shaw, T. Trierweiler, E. VanDeusen, I. Wyman G. Dozier, C. Grahn. Ig-iglz L. Sanford, I. Ioeston, G. Ulrich, S. Moran, B. Cahill, N. Warner, E. Ruthel, I Cagney. LQ-13141: M. Percy, B. Howden, M. Hamilton, E. Holcomb, B. Jackson, B. Rutsis, B. Clark, E. Priess D. Preston. ill: B. Mintz, B. Elliot, E. Holcomb, P. Eichstedt, B. Emprimo, E. Guidi. IPS AM7'lCl'fl USS 4 .. ..- Qkowz I. Ovitt, D. Price, P. Peters, T. Ford, G. Gilligan, D. Schneck, M. Morandi, I. Fields, G. French. 2nd Row: Mrs. Rhoades, L. Cummaro, B. Stevens, E. Storti, B. Pezzee, I. St. Clair, E. Campbell, S. Chapin, L. Cartinelli, K. Higgins, Mr. Norton. Ely C. Curtiss, R. Pekrul, T. Guidi, L. Markham, T. Grindi, A. Kaufmann, N. Woodbeck, C. Pittman, E. Ormsbee, M. Fitch, G. Franklin. LQ IQ: L. Carley, R. Consolinl, L. Hunt, D. Spadaccini, I. Wells, A. Olmstead, D. Cairns, L. Corser, D. Schneider. Q33-5311: D. Cosgriff, G. K1nz1e,'T. Drury, D. Blodgett, R. Chapin, D. Ranolde, R. Schneider, D. Choquette, R. Doane, M. Rhoades. Qthgf: M. Oates, C. Ogden, R. Anderson, A. Dow, W. Gilchrist, I. Slter, W. Parks, D. Wells, R. Harris. glgfz tfz Q10 cfe Qgjeventk Qra cfe ,...L.q 3- l. A 311 ' ' A Aigfw 1, V ZX A 11 aw 1 1A M. M iff at 1, 1 A , X V X V. , ' , 2? f f f, V KM X X ' 1 QQ E. I 7 q 3, rf! A A N A K L' 553, Aff AA. A.1z1111d'2?Qk'11f,msi4 x r ' i 11 7 A ' : AAAA A, V -1: l I Stix- 'V V 1,531 f W ,wfmgmf '- ,yfiqg 4-f 1A 4, i 'U' VA. ,A,.V ' W AS: il .A Ms mg , 3 ' V., , , Qww-P ' 1 A . A. f.: 1 A V1 if F7 3'-'2'i,Y V " A 1 Q AZN!! f Q ,, 4,5 xQ 3, A, JP- A 3. V A. AV - i if x A A ' 1 ' " www 1 " . A ' lv 1 AA A iwzvw 1.1 J W A 1 Vav 1-' fQ ,aww V A X fx.1-fps. V 1 A f -' V ', - If A if Maj! 5 ffw MA 21 - V f Qs- X 4- 'ff X 7 Z 1 A gg! A. A. ,A.. AA A :V VY 2 , ff 2 w -M, A ,A ' asa' Af V A A, A . ,V-. N I 1 N A 1 A, t -A ""' ,gf .114 S 1 I A x H s 4 , 1 11 f Wig, A sf 1? ' xmgf- A 11 Ei , A 'HW' ,M 1 If Tw! 1 1 f-- 1 ...M-N - A V v VA:-WA" V - ' ' .A af? A 1 I nk I K Av 1 Y 1 I1 wx A 5 yn Vg' K f M. 5 41 is at 15 I ,Q V1 1 7 4! 5' 13 1 1 . 1 1' 4 ,f ,ff 1' f 1V' 111 11 H 55 .4121 M411 . A E-qA21.A WMV X WX V E 5 A- - s- ff AA A.,A A A X , 1 2+ 11 J V 1 i V1 Q tg if A 1 M' -53 .... if 1 ' .A..A,3,,.. Q, ive if 'W 1 1 Q 1 A V ,VAQQM A AMW" f A ,A 1 1 ' Q, f ig! ' A X fx-if VV im 59 W vwuv X L X gi 2 1 1 1 AA Q J A A -'--,AA , JV, 'A Sag ' 'A -- w 3 - A f 1 -- 12 'f W" 15 gg Q :X , A V ,A 1? .A ' f ,Mi J - f 5 'Ag' ,731 1, , f M A V ' -ng, V A , vw . . A V VV.V Q Xi X A 1 i ! X . A11 1, ry ' fgiwl ,. V11 1, W, Z ,.,.... V W "im w " ,f f aff A, V' if if " AW, A ,L,, 1 AA A., Ama A .A A, A -1 A 11 ' A 'X -N:'-- ..-. 1 RQ: ww? wg-ASSE V4 X' A' ' Wwi 1- .... A ik A1 V M 1 Q 1: - : gg A. - M6 45 213. A:,,A,:Ax,? Q9gagQ ?' 7' Q ' A .X.x A 1, A Ai. 41 9 'fiiiffl x , 9 Q f 'li-" ,R V W x Q ,A XM, A1 SV 1 'V ,A 1 ff N 'Q y Afzjyf I 7 V A ,Z 1 I 1 7, . sf. , 1 K V V ,,1.,A., Q Q2 . i f V , 7" V ,.,, U 1 - Z I my fi '- .A Q ' .- ' ' 1 V?'iA',.'ia af +V-f' . V A' F ,,,,,, 2 1 - W' A if V: ,11g,y1W . A fs' A1 f ' 1 f f f ,1 ,W V X ' ' 4 1 J 5 A- 2 W? WSL xt. ,.AAf:mmr1s.', 5 3 ' Q 'AMAA A A 1' ' AA.A A A . ,5 1- " ,1 V2 , ' ?z'. 1 'v H 1-'A V . 1 A VA V sw V W V, --.QMIH ,VVA3V-- 1 X A by ,A 'V 15- VA,AA,fiy :AVA Vf 4 If ,A 1 I .- -V V M K Q' A fi: , is 5? A 1 iz A . 7 'WV 1 if-A ' f+1"X,1 2 A A., , 4 , 1.511 ' ,AA j 31, f X Nz K. v. QRS Q 'ie ,Y A. R ' Xi 'Q F35 1 - :fx 1 A q xg xx ,Q Q, It 6 1. A M X 2 ef. 3 0 'Qs WX 4 1 'VM fx? Y, - 'ft' 'R A Q fm ,ZX an I df' W "2 wo Q , xx 111 A , 4 by F R X X Q X 1 K A A4 .Q A "i Q 11 f ' 1 A -V 1, 11, fxw V7 A ,M 5, FA , ,Q A A. . 7 A 'Q 5 ' 4 ' Q. A K., - , 12 'AL 53' M L 1 152' A Q 1 , V, A. 3, 1 ww -W Wm W 'A f, A' W' VM: V? A AAAA ,J V if Q Ainaw' X N I A. Aff . A ,NA ',V 'ig f fwwz 4 EQ? I 1 43 'Aw A N if ' my ra A11 1 A 1 3 1 ff I, f, as ' 'G f' 1 1 V A VA? wx ff lg, 1 ,L1 X ffv WW 2 .V aww , A.. 5, AA, A , A , A, V ., iw. "-"' ":' ' :"1 ' ": " .A.AAAAAVAA V AA A.A. ff AAAA , , A AA'A A,V, V A P AV X f X 1 if, ? 'V ff fi A 2 59 f V 4 QW A XR f 1 X 1 of 3 A QC Ccw K N f E XDX . 5 'I O ff i i . ig tt' I' qqiz: X 40 - X335 5 4, 4.9 W VP Q mx 0 X QE 4 .If , K qssqj qv? lf' G aa .9 "' .nv Quia 2 fx- gi, gwrett Tlews Q7yp1'ng4 RQJ GFOSS Cqutaloor Club Lgncfu,str z'a ! Rrts Cbfufv Ji IH Allillg Gfllb W'-1l1 D'v Student Gouncz' WW A fzj X, ,f ff X ff, W, golf 1,14 .TF fb ,ws 1-. rama tics Q iw QD ancing gmfzotograplzy Gfufa ifmlglztffhlng 116 gk? UI? Qjirls 7 Glzorus iw 5 2 . Q 535: . x ' gm : 1 5 f Q Qi M3 0 Quad Q UHIOI' GAOII' p 1 ns- j 'f'4.W W m Ql'CAQSfl'Cl Q J 'Y Cl!.O rcfttcfs '79 girls, glome gcononzlcs ,gfgrlcufture Gfub 6,1883 okgs, gIO471Q gCOI'lOITLl.C.S' .grt Gfub Qopufar QSj1'ng z'ng Gfub g .Zucfio-Kfsual v i ra rg 146 I sl. i I7 I bf 4-:S Y .4-L. if .41 v-www, ,E,, H , i lvlvzl X X X1 V X x f Al Qywu-in ' ,r ,w ','x TW f A X wwf Q ,f f i ff' , ff 'iw f if--, 'Q gg5:s:ww?31'wf A-N, f 4 W, hr, S lillllll.. g 5 9' ' A 'Q-QL g,,,l2'4q. Q Q' 6 J f ff 4 'X 4 2:-. ,9ff'g. ,45 'Q ff 1 Q 5 fm 3 fir! Hurd r -f ,fl ww V 1-f' Q--ff Q uhhh! I' Q: K 'J if 2 1 5 I 5 I ,A Y-S f ,I Q f f L 2 . 'A' .K 15? 9 ' 5 If X - 1 xx 9 ,gg mid -fi H uf. 6 51 Pos R.G L.F. C. L.G R.F. F. C. G. F. G. Varsity Ola m em ers l I Total Points single game ------ Total Points single season ----------------- David Emprimo '57-297 Total Points High School Career ------------ David Emprimo '57-484 Thomas Kradel '58-32 Gan. 7, 19471 Team Members I Player Efkmrg Shit? F5-552, Ziifw-F3:cEl'5A:.5l5-f5fmin v2?LAFf A 223 22:51 Sm David Emprimo, Captain :Z "1 '53 12-7 22132 Ziff Thomas Kradel q' 0 '07 ' ' ICQ 2 5 Lf 3l-3 7 3-Q: Edward Delmolino q ,L 55- 52' 63- 6, i7 7- 4 FI'61'1C1S LSMGIG lb IQ 15' 33 4-f5",15' 53 3,5 Robert Jackson 110 CY U9 35 513 .37 2-3 William Mintz 12 7 "f I'-f 28-6 I 8 U-5 Edward Smith l 'lg 2 3 Z 3242! 'Z . . Y 1 Q Robert suldl 5' . o i o o oo.o 0 a o.o James unce I6 235 2'l-5' CIW 5516, sos' 50-5 Anthony Consolini r 52 I T 'E iv. Wiount gverett tmeglona Basketball 1956-1957 SC1'1edl.1lGZ Opponent Mc . Everett Pittsfield 84 3 0 "Ockawamick 39 45 "'Webutuck 44 6 7 'Searle s 73 3 l Lee 42 46 " Webutuck 71 64 "Chester 30 5 l 1'fPittsfield 62 49 Lenox 38 46 Searle s 64 46 Williams 76 58 "'Lee 47 53 "Williams 69 54 Che ster 53 68 Ockawamick 48 42 fLenox -gi -Q Total Points: 876 808 Ave. Per Game: 54.8 50.5 4' home games WQSfQIfH Nqassaclzusetts gina!! School cgoufnament This year, for the first time, Mt. Everett was privileged to participate in a post- season tournament. Unfortunately we lost to Palmer High School in the closing minute of play by a score of 43-41 . Palmer went to the finals and lost the championship game by one point to Frontier Regional. On the strength of an excellent game against Palmer, David Emprimo was named to the first team in the tournament all-star selection. The Berkshire Eagle named Captain Dave Emprimo to the Berkshire County All-Star Team. It was the second time this year that he had been honored for his standout play. Dave , in the Annual Southern Berkshire All-Star game , outscored all players by col- lecting 16 points. amor arszty Edward G-uidi William Gilchrist Richard Consolini Robert Barnes Albert Ranzoni Fred Willcox OCCQ4' Soccer as a varsity sport was introduced at Mount Everett Regional this year . Since the game was entirely new to the boys , only an informal schedule of four games was played. Looking forward to the coming years in the Southern Berkshire League , only boys in grades nine through eleven partici- pated. What the players lacked in experience , they made up for in enthusi- asm. The record book shows one win against three losses, but each game showed a marked improvement and the final game of the season was a win over Berkshire School junior varsity. The boys were captained by two hard-working leaders in the persons of Nick Rutsis and Tommy Kradel. Players seeing considerable action were: Billy Mintz, Bobby Jackson, Ioe Macchi, Steve Smith , Fred Willcox, lack and Dave Wells, Eddie Delmolino, Fred Fehn, Iim Bunce, Ted Somes, Mark Hamilton, Ed Guidi, Dick Consolini, and Dave Blodgett. The school will be represented in the Southern Berkshire Soccer League beginning next fall. QQEQSQKIKU A 5, Is. M I I 5 'sl fi .-'J 4' I ll? 'F if V I f 1'9 V Al 1 I ,F Y 1 6 ks! .' Id" Sheffield Market Compliments "A Good Store of In A Good Town" James G. Stevens Groceries Builder Meat Fresh Pmduce Monterey ,M Massachusetts hound hill afghan hounds telephone: 1153-W4 gt. barrington, massachusetts 5 e , i l Compliments lowland Farm Of a dairy farm in the Berkshires The RICHARD D. TRYON Monterey , Massachusetts Compliments Of Gilligan Brothers Contractors And Builders Lumber And Building Materials Telephone 9-8756 Sheffield, Massachusetts Canaan Lumber 81 Coal Co., Inc. AQLACO T Texaco Distributor Lubricating Oils Fuel Oil Gasoline Kerosene Greases 'l'Aylor 4-5614 Canaan- , Connecticut Egremont Store Farm Equipment Choice meats C. A. lmdell 81 Son, Inc. fruits and vegetables Manufacturers of paint - hardware - drugs Doors G Sash phone 288 Tel. TAylor 4-5444--4-5445 South Egremont, Massachusetts Canaan, Connecticut Class Of 1957 Canaan Savings Bank A Friend The Spurfs P' Homemade Ice Cream Telephone Sheffield 9-3601 All Flavors Candies, Soda, Cigars Magazines--- Newspapers-- Stolar Heat Fishing Tackle Ashley Falls, Massachusetts Tel' 88M Main St South Egremont Know Your Dealer Dempsey's Ga rage, Inc- Oldest Pontiac Dealership In Berkshire County Bridge Street Great Barrington, Massachusetts The Berkshire Courier Southern Berkshire's Home Newspaper Since 1834 Commercial Printing Of Distinction Telephone 115 Great Barrington, Massachusetts Great Barrington Savings Bank Savings Accounts Mortgage Loans Thoma s Armstrong Martin Leafgreen Sheffield Farm Supply Co., Inc. Ford Tractors Dearborn Implements Farm Supplies New Idea - New Holland Implements And Parts DeLaval Milkers Mall Chain Saws Telephone 9-8767 6: 9-8768 Sheffield, Massachusetts f I 1 if 5. csmatrsi 5 7.15.1 EXCAVATING ! 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Suggestions in the Mount Everett High School - Aurigan Yearbook (Sheffield, MA) collection:

Mount Everett High School - Aurigan Yearbook (Sheffield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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