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fi 7 W4wl mvw W b 6+ ' K 1 . B QL 'XX -X0U,:1x- K - 22, C? H is lf, 5 C? L VSV : , ' .V 574 Qcpi' wa, ST F Q CQ i if fy w in H, n QQ A X- V V JFK X15 my-, kakf 4 '01 ki Q W Jn 3C'+f'gXfV ff, USN , -7 N LC E Q, f QT Wk 'SD 'dk-1,w Z j'lA1,9f"f1F, T, Ck 1' " :VL xg? X .553 QS43 UVM ' QW LW, Jfh'l5'j A ' nm-55 I lex 1 yy? xg ww 0 cuf.W,Df,,1f1QfL W4 nv XP Hx Q. Wuh. ,N w . Q, 1 li Sk of gf ', nf' Mofi 5b Q M C Mjiji 5' K7'VYgW 1 n 1 XS' ny O1 . QE' 051,50 -I 0+ N' . Y Lblcil' l""U41 XZ , 'n' P,54,VX'Q5 ,ff Lfiixdnuj WV""f!U biifevlfbfb' qlfcwg xg Xb ix fsyxh It - 3 C,,lkC-ki ,bca Q. Lwyv I-8.55 Q 'MQ' I A H n BY Invitation Dnly .. . QR h 1987 SCBIJUBI' Ufxx -' ' sb X QKOQJCL P9 Wd C . X M, 05" . , cz? Ny - A 9953 'Y ' 0 SQXX0 Qggo J gs Oh' fy 'gr GANG Q ff? 16 ff! 55 s QQ! S Qx NLD? fb ,7 0' G99 'X .7 x N 3 f n W1 A 1 3 I , v ,QOQ Q NN B XX K, QE sg ' H. 1. dj! .XX wmywin S54 NN, n nw Q nw VN W Q ws f N' 'QJNQ ng. 'Q 35 Qfb wiv MJ Hg, fs, 'ni is if if ' Rs " ' 1-A . , . . - .W ..,. 55, f, QV ,X N 1JWL3U'V J Q5 9 K LU. X X W X A RI , . 2 uuh, Vx Jw JA 5fQJ7v?i Q ygx wwf M Us SW . Q HQ O gy W3 if Ny ff Sv V. New wow? my V ' g x X4 ix 'Wg ix xi! WJ LV EU U ki q Ni qlv, 55N Q A Sw , Cy , Q .VLQ mw- Qjn 05 my Gy Liu-P , I El YQJ W' QV + Mi L H, .U 5 W i W in ft 5fHwe,ifAEE Xonix wx inks! L. A XJQ J of lava - V Q,-W A -, :P 1 fig. VU, H2 A X15 LQB5 v,Lig,CfVQ x U WU lb Q,i'9iuH' - LLLOQU wh ,sph 'L' By JLUHZU J JQL1'-Q35 'A MJVXIA I K ' GW I Jcikggjuviw W'q0WJQ ? UIDH Q V Aww QV f w if K w- M . WV 019 o.Q W Vbivwlgfs 0w,i'f0 l , 9-10 JS WL ,CNC fix 'A VX ,, KW... 6 wb Cfwwa E C IQ xr' -7 L I J"--""""-.,, . Mt. Eden Hieh School 2300 Dana-Ima Street Hayward, 94545 14151 785-6000 Volume XXVI! M! wi I f r 'flh- Gan 'Zn'-. '35 is "5 1. " if M 49 ,M 8 2 ? 1 :N czfzivoi-fail ltatl nl . . . Q5 5 .Q K has . ..., ,l - N. A S p ' 5 W. ..-WA k V K W .. , K l-...,...,M.W, -ws g rs..-D - V f P Q so L .- A ,iv y " ..x.,. Qiopy Smile, fellas! The fooTball Team was apparenTly happy aT Monarch Day as They smashed TogeTher To geT a greaT picTure. CApovej Maybe a liTTle biT of jeers from a seagull as iT shows who geTs The beTTer of The Senior Quad mural. CRighTj Rachel Wenner shows a mood of neuTraliTy as she siTs in class, no happiness buT no sadness eiTher, jusT doing her work. ... elco e to I3 ee S, eers, and Hanniness! iT's a happy campus. You can Tell ThaT by jusT walking across The :quad aT lunch and seeing all The smiling faces and happy friends. 3uT iT's noT someThing ThaT we've wad To work aT achieving: being This greaT of a school has jusT come easy To us. Cheers, jeers, and happiness are jusT a few of The facTors ThaT wave made This year so very spe- cial To us all. The cheers came aT spiriT evenTs, fooTbaII games, pep 'allies. The jeers were broughT across Through friendly kidding wiTh good friends. And The happi- ness was jusT an everyday occur- ence for The sTudenTs here. I'I don'T know whaT iT is This year, There is jusT This new afmosphere ThaT you can feel around school," commenTed junior Lesle Tyler. "IT's hard To explain iT, buT I like iT. IT jusT seems like everyone likes people more. IT looks like The school is more uniTed Than in The pasT, and l'm glad ThaT iT's finally hap- pened." The feeling of TogeTherness is all around The school, like eIecTriciTy 1 buzzing Through The air. And iT's a good feeling. "I jusT feel like The whole school is closer This year. There is sTill compeTiTion beTween everyone here, buT ThaT's whaT makes This place so fun. VViThouT The fricTion ThaT we have, The cheers and jeers, we would all geT on each oTher's nerves. And we don'T wanT ThaT, do we?" said sophomore Michele Sims. VllhaT we wanT is a close, unified school, and iT seems ThaT for The year 4987, ThaT is whaT we have. -By Laurie Machado Uopj Whaf a bunch of happy ad- minisTraTors! Showing off Their versafil- iTy, many members of The ME. Teach- ing sfaff donned Tuxes and canes for a humorous dance roufine during lvlon- arch Day. QI.efTj Junior pride was auiTe evidenT during The march info The gym on Ivlon- arch Day. IT was one of The greaTesT happy memories for The class. QAbovej Raphael Qulroga has a look of confusion and perpIexiTy as he pre- pares his school lunch. The look of ex- ciTemenT is shared by all aT school. lnviTaTion To Cheers, Jeers, and I-lappiness!-5 Q Wu H15 ' I' ' 'ii' . X CLASS r " ?-'-"' or 9 1 T ' ' 'T L T "T W g ,K T F gi g ' -me To - -'- H t ef.-. X ' . XX 9 .xik N :KW X in .:. N 1 . - . . Q. i my 8 - W- ' ' K ' M 5,1 t Y, ' f 3 i 2 -.,. Uopy The Class of T990 showed off Their spiriT in a rousing cheer alone on Monarch Day, clireoTed Towards The oTher classes. CAbove5 The cheerleaders in anoTher 8-lnviTaTion To STuclenT Life one of Their rousing cheers, clone during halfTime of one of our games. No maT- Ter whaT The score, Though, The cheer- leaders were always There in supporT of The Team. fill' r:J.:huf'i 5 A T! r ' 'Tub in A liii T . .T 61 5 iig Eilli. gmt: if 't " . Q, I T T T . T s .. . QBoTTom5 On one beauTiful sunny afTernoon, Karen Finamore and Valerie Bowlin relax on The quad during lunch. CLefTQ On a play Thai broughT him To his feeT, Damon Hunn yells ouT in proTesT To The referee's call, ready To respond To iT by blowing loudly inTo his infamous Trombone. CBelowj Who is ThaT masked man? Why, iT's The criminal Zorro, ready, will- ing, and able To swaT anyone who walks by wiTh his famed blade. .- in F NOX? nm--.. T B X' .I TV! C Lviax ,er - 'f"'-...-w-.i Guests lnviTaTion To STudenT Life-9 ' G 3, er x . l X Mme if m h h N., I fl Q Q .Q .3 ..l,. . . , , W ...I K ...,,S:,N,, S gg 5 M Z Q 2 Q25 W wk ' X :FXR as 1 I X infra ,fC an .N ,mfggw ,,,. W , LE ? ix X is ff I If ka I ,Q U YQ A vi vwiyk I I , t. ECIBI1 Dil CBS Oh, no! WhdT hdve The ingenius minds of The BOD come up wiTh now? A ddnce To sTdrT off The new YGGV? And everyone peen inviT- ed? The dnnudl Welcome Bock ddnce come in Sepfemper ds is dlwdys expecfed, puf d loT of people were surprised. lvldny were expecTing The dlmosT-Trodi- Tiondl l'Alohdl" Theme To pop ouT dgoin This yedr, puf They were wrong. BOD come up wiTh some- Thing new ond excifing. No Togds, no sock hops, ond no gross skirfs . . . This wds going To be T'JusT d Ddnce." Acfivifies commissioner Oourf- ney Ordy come up wiTh The unique dpprodch To The firsT ddnce. "We were dll so Tired of coming in l-lo- wdiion clofhes, Togds, ond dll ThdT. WhdT we wdnfed wds d Theme we knew everyone could prepdre QAbovej Oeffing The peof, Alondo Delfoung ond Gildo Mologon shore o ddnce. CRighTj Showing everyone else The 'l2- i'JusT o Ddnce" for, dnd 'Jusf d Ddnce' seemed jusf The perfecf Theme. ThoT wdy no cosfume wds reduired. Jusf pring yourself ond The odmission money." she expldined. 'llusf o Ddnce" rdked in The ldrgesT crowd ond The lorgesf gross d BOD ddnce ever hdd. BOD presidenT Alice Chung wds duife impressed by The figures. HIT wds o gredT feeling inside seeing dll These people from school come To The ddnce. We hdd dpouf five hun- dred people There dnd They dll seemed To be enjoying Them- selves ond doncing. AT leosf by The wdy The ddnce floor wds cov- ered wiTh people, I ossume They were dll ddncing." she sold exci- Tedly. -By Ldurie lvldchodo ond Rishi Shukld ir c chic wdy To ddnce, Ellioff Cdrpenfer ond Lourdes Verzosd pop in Their inimi- Tople sfyle. t e i ht Away 'n Style and Grace! I Gopp Tired of ddncing dll nigni, Sher- The fifsf dome' I reese Richardson finds OD empiy SGCIT CLQHD A9995 Cufson Gnd BOO Nguyen To relcxh enjoy d ddnce Togeiner. QAbovej Now This is whdi you cdii ddncingi Lomounffiffowoy ond Quan- Tis Anfoine rediiy gei inio ine music di "JUST d Ddnce"-'I3 R S QQ XSS N. N Q M X Q K L ai ws, v-'!!"" 5 X .gear may vii Acfivifies add appeal fo HOlT79COlTlil1 SomeThing differenT wos in The dir. Be iT The worm Ocfober wedTher or The focT ThdT iT wos Homecoming Week, There cer- Tdinly wds on dir of exciTemenT on cdmpus. No more dull, humdrum, sTrdighTforword eIecTions This yeor for Homecoming. BOD decided To TonTolize everyone wiTh on drrdy of lunchTime ocTiviTies ond rdllies To coincide wiTh The dnnuol elecTions. The resulTs: o fdnTosTic week of fun for everyone. NominoTions sTorTed The week off os usudl. BuT by midweek, The ocTuol voTing wds Tdking ploce. Rdllies were seT up for The condi- doTes To pdrTicipoTe in, dll The while showing off Their spiriT ond dedicdTion for The school. The Top Three cdndiddTes for The cldsses were expecTed To sTorT The dcTivi- Ties off by compeTing dgdinsT The oTher closses in o Mummy Wro- pfLicorice EdTing conTesT. lT wos designed To promoTe The True es- sence of Homecoming ond por- TicipdTion Through The sTudenTs nomindTed. As The week progressed, ond The cdndiddTes were becoming fewer ond fewer, The Teochers oT MT. Eden TredTed The sTudenTs To o Tedcher-orienTed gome. A Pie EdTing conTesT seT The scenorio for such on evenT, ond dll The Teoch- ers who porTicipoTed in iT proved To be greoT sporTs. Even Mr. George Moore wos o good sporT when he become The buTT of The ioke when he hod To eoT his pie blindfolded while dll The oTher Teochers hod Their blindfolds Token off. BuT The biggesT surprise of dll come when Domino's Pizzd spon- sored d Pizzo EdTing conTesT for The sTudenTs The ofTernoon of The Homecoming gome. Teoims from dll four cldsses compeTed dgdinsT edch oTher To see who could finish off TwenTy slices of pizzd The fos- TesT. This ending evenT helped wrop Homecoming week up wiTh o floir of exciTemenT. Through The BOD's hdrd work ond dedicdfion, Homecoming, once d sTole onnudl evenT, wos finolly given The bursT of new life iT so desperoTely needed. AfTer be- ing Thredfened To disdppedr inTo The woodworks of old TrddiTions, Homecoming emerged os o sTrong spiriT evenT. CODQTOTUIO- Tions ore in order To dll Those ThoT helped ond porTicipdTed in Home- coming . . . o sTrong, new TrddiTion oT M.E. . - By Ldurie Mochodo CAbovej Tiffany Esfrelld finds how dif- ficulT iT is To edT licorice wiThouT her hdnds. QRighTjThe King ond Queen in Their glory. A ride dround The fooTboll field in o Joguor converTible wos ci gredT wdy To end The nighT. 'lo-Homecoming Thrills -It--ff-1-i--ssfii'-5'' K: in A A . Qi.efTj Dominos pizza wiii never iasie ihe same! Afier being force fed, Dana Quan ana Mark Dixon ceriainiy aiain'i Think apoui pizza! QBeIowj Felix Miranda races againsi Time and his own feei To finish wrapping up ihe freshmen, QBoiiomj The Royal Coun' prepares for Their ride around The Track, QC , Q U' N ww' iir Ei F tannins hawaiian: una . viz, ,W w.g.,M-V U'f-W fz.,......'L""""fi"""'..,,.z..........f"'m is of "'g.x5..,,,f3QiT,1f. z W f ff- r :sz 'ri ' -A-5. -- 1,3 V .e.Q-h.-M..,....,-,K...,, .W ...wr J-Q., flzloneconing gets attention tt ciesentres A grand slaughter against Sun- set set the mood for celebration as Marcus Rios and Dana Quan were crowned Homecoming King and Queen for 4986. A win was just what the candi- dates, football team, and fans needed to wrap up an exciting week! All the candidates were winners and deserve a big con- gratulations. - By Laurie Machado Queen Dana Quan and King Manuls Qios Swnions Dana Qulon Junions Lestie TQQBJL and Malik 'Dixon and MWIQUS lQioS 48-4986-4987 Royal Homecoming Court Sop94ow4oILeS LOJLO4 C-WeJfw4eJL SLILQSQMQJA QOCRQQQ Lee and 394044144 CWiQso44 and D003 flvacmo 4 1986-1987 IQQQQQ flblomecomimq Count h 49ao-4987 Royol Homo-coming C 4 49 .62 my QM . J., W'!f-i ,' ' LS rx fi M-!4!kg i X i' :rw ,fx wa-Mm ,N f R'fig,,gL ii' ik SomeTimes The preporoTion for lvlonorch Doy seems more ex- housTing Thdn lvlondrch Doy iTself. BuT noneTheless, lvlonorch Eve is one of The greoTesT nighTs you con ever spend wiTh your closs. IT's o nighT filled wiTh exciTemenT, Ten- sion, ond, of course, sTress ond coffeine. ls iT oil worTh iT'? You hecir ThdT muTTered more Thon once if you come To The gym on lvlonorch Eve. BuT, yes iT is oil worTh iT. lT's o chdnce for The closs To work To- geTher, ploy TogeTher, ond Tolk To- geTher. lT's one of Those rore nighTs where everyone is TogeTher unTil The wee hours of The morning, ond dnyone who's ever helped ouT knows how long The wee hours ore! Everyone's inviTed To porTici- poTe in lvlonorch Eve. BuT whoT we reolly wonT To convey To The sTu- denTs is how much fun you con hove while prepdring for The Big Ddy. This yeor's lvlonorch Eve sow The cicTions of mony moTure sTudenTs helping ouT. iT wos o greoT chonge from ldsT yeor's onTics of The groduoTed closs of 4986. The closses were very duieT, inTenT on finishing before The crock of down. Freshmen soT gudrding Their pleochers while owoiTing The orri- vol of Their sTreomers ond Their rides home To coTch on hour's sleep. Sophomores showed off Their works of drT in Their Gumpy shields ond flooT. lvleonwhile, The juniors duieTly worked on some losT-minuTe shields ond Tdping up Their shoker cons. IT wos widely known ThoT The seniors were off To some secreT pldce To sTorT work on Their winning pockdrop. IT moy hove been o duieT ivlon- orch Eve, puT iT wos one of inTense concenTrdTion ond effori. All The work ThoT The closses puT inTo lvlonorch Doy should pe com- mended. To everyone who helped ouT: you deserve d poT on The pockl CongrdTuloTions oil closses on gredT jobs! -By Sunny FroTus 'Tir QLefTj Showing True dedicoTion To The closs of 88, Mike Honkins ond Moy Ai- rnorio fill up The losT of The pink ond red polloons. Qikpovey lvloking sure Sophomore Mi- chele Sims song ond chonT ore reody for The nexT doy ore Juniors, Lourie Mo- chodo ond Leslie Tyler. Mondrch Eve-24 Senior Piraies Sieal The Treasured Golc For The Class of 4987, Monarch Day broughf abouT a realizaTion of a greaT dream ThaT The class had been siruggling Towards for The pasT four years. The dream of Taking firsT place aT Monarch Day came True for The seniors, due To Their hard work and dedicaTion. IT Took auiTe a while for The class To geT Their acT TogeTher and sTarT preparing for The evenT, and mi- raculously They managed To pull Their backdrop Togefher The nighT before Monarch Day. Maybe The lasT-minuTe deTails ThaT needed To be worked on helped The class ouT more Than They expecTed. Com- ing Togefher seemed To bring abouT a clearer sense of uniTy and spiriT To The seniors, somefhing ThaT undoubiedly helped bring abouT Their surprise vicTory. The senior skiT was a parody of iiThe PiraTe Movie," wiTh a band of bad piraTes aTTacking a deserT is- land loaded wiTh young girls and Their king faTher. While ravishing The island for The looT, one of The piraTes fell in love wiTh one of The daughTers on The island. She geTs him To change his evil ways and Turn The Tables on his fellow piraTes. He fighTs wiTh The head piraTe, ulTi- maTely defeafing him, and he gives Them an uITimaTum: eiTher change your evil ways and marry The daughTers or else They would all be in big Trouble. And of course The piraTes agree To marry The daughTers, and They end The skiT off in a merry noTe by doing a jolly liTTle dance signifying The mar- riages. Seniors showed an incredible display of spiriT and enThusiasm for Their class. They surprised all oTher classes by Their greaT number of parTicipanTs. These facTors were accrediTed To Their fanTasTic win "IT was so incredible ThaT ou class managed To pull This off. guess This goes To show you Tha' The underdog can come ouT or Top someTimes. l am very proud o' The class of '87, and l'm very prouc To say l'm a parT of iT. l Think This was The besT way To sTarT off our senior year on a blasT. No maTTei whaT happens in The fufure, our class will be able To look back or our Senior Monarch Day and smile, because They know we were The besT and ThaT we deserved iT The mosT!" commenTed Aice Chung. The Monarch Day Trophy sTands Tall and proud in The office, wear- ing The golden bow of vicTory around iTs neck. -By Sanjay Sabnani ..,N . T X V K . T -r-i rw M ' XJ wif my T T iv N xfx ' i i REQ fr. X X. ' .XE TES by ra al. 'il CAbovej Fighfing over The freedom of Their fair maidens faTher are Rishi Shukla and Alex Medina. CT2ighTp Singing To The Tune of "lT's a Small World" is Teresa Fisher, proud To be in The class of 87. 22-Senior Monarch Day lub 9 M W lf W 2 9 uw, Q, T it sys? , li T, L, ll T E -lane I -'io ish? , E 7 g , V. FI , Q 'H K ,353 1 'Q T Este A-' 'f4'u. ,, ,Q " 1.5 in 5' T T e M g I 1 Ig A V , K k in ., . it T , K, gg, 15? Q 2 'T ' T f T rr T 5 'T' f i T f e f i ' A fill g, 1 in '1 , Qlopp AfTer o loT of hord work The closs of 87 proudly sTdnds in fronT of Their pookdrop. QLefTQ Showing Their spiriT ore Lyzeffe Cruz ond Ceciiio Viiiegos, holding Their shields high. qApovej The men who hove SENIORS wriTTen doross Their chesTs ore, Jeremy Miller, Mike Grohorn, i?on Knighf ond Tony Fernodez, Senior lvlonoroh Doy-23 "H-wQh-ki fl .graves-up in rp i gf 'RF77 fiopj Damon Hunn is poTienTIy c:iwciiTing The wise words ThcJT he hos Traveled so for To heor from The Devii Fred Fox. QAbovej Showing her spiriT onci uniTy is Brenda Temple for The class of 88. QI?iQhTj The Juniors cc1n'T woiT To Toke Their piece in The gym. 211 Juniors Tdke on Unexpecied Second Tglk gpouT ihcrediple fegTs! The juniors were so gmgzihgly TogeTh- er OD ivlohgrch Dgy ThgT They sTuhhed everyohe ghd lefT gll The oTher clgsses ih gwe of Their gregT gpiliTy form ihTo mgsses OD The dgy of This gregT spiriT evehT. Though The clgss wgs disgp- poihied wiTh Their secohd plgce, They do hgve g loT To reflecT pgck oh ghd pe proud of. They cgme ihTo ivlohgrch Dgy deTermihed To peTTer Themselves from Their lgsT yegr fourTh plgce. Ahd Through The legdership of juhior clgss presi- dehT Eddie Lozgno, The clgss pghded TogeTher To form GD uh- sToppgple wgll of uhiTy. Devil's lslghd wgs The locgTioh of The clgss' skiT. Oh The islghd were The WesT Ehd ghd The EgsT Ehd, Two groups who were cohsTghTly fighTihg. They wghT To domihgTe egch oTher ghd decide The ohly wgy To do ThgT is To fighT egch oTher ouT ih The sTreeTs. BuT ThgT highT, The WesT End legders Thihk of gh glTerhgTe plgh. They will gg To The legehdgry Devil Temple, where The Devil lives ghd holds The power of The world. BuT gil This while, The EgsT End Thihks of The jr -In X K w1CF""" I T I :Digi it ,fig H sgme ideg. BoTh groups send g re- presehTgTive To The Devil's Tem- ple, where They legrh ThgT power is gchieved Through uhiTy, hoT domi- hghce. They decide To uhiTe ghd work TogeTher. The skiT wehT well, cohsiderihg The wireless mike wehT off hglfwgy Through Their skiT. BuT The juhiors hgve plehTy To be proud of! NexT yegr They will jusT domihgTe lVloh- grch Dgy ghd geT The wih They de- served! -By Lgurie lvlgchgdo L s CLefTj Angelo Chong, Sngron Sigffgn- son ghd Teresg Chew proudly repre- sehT Their clgss. Qikpovey Represe-hTihg her clgss is Jen- nifer Neii gs she proudly holds up her shield. 25 ,WJ 6' umb " oves tself for licstatic 'SQ This yeor's Ivlonorch Doy wos d hoppy occosion for The Sopho- more Cldss of 4989. IT wds ony- Thing buf disdppoinfing. No longer ore The sophomores Idbelled ds 'xldsf ploce". This yeor The closs re- ceived on oufsfdnding Third. IT wds d smdll yicfory, grdnfed, for some of The clcisses, buf The sophomores were duife conTenT wiTh beofing The freshmen. IT wos The sophomores' godl, noT To come in Idsf ploce, ond iT wds ful- filled. 'll Think This yedr we reolly pulled iT dll Togefher ond mode GD efforf. Vile hod The help of o IoT of hdrd working, responsible sopho- mores which is probobly whoT we were missing in The Idsf Two Ivlon- drch Ddys. Vile were reolly deTer- mined To mdke progress This yeoir, QAboyep Sunny Frdfus ond Michele Sims Try To sTop Jonef Harbor ond lsidro Jiminez from killing edch oTher. Ql2ighTj Proud To be on '8Qer, Roberf LoGrdce floshes his closs' yedr. 26-Sophomore Ivlonorch Ddy ond I Think we did," sToTes Gordon Olsen, sophomore presidenT. VViTh Gumby, pldyed by Cless Buckner, GS Their Theme, The closs proceeded To sTdge o Typicdl Ivlonorch Ddy meeTing. Of course, wiTh one smdll excepfion, Gumby dppeored. The sTudenT dcTivisTs EI- wood ond Freidd, ployed by John Lemdnski ond Jdnis Youngmdn, Tried To geT everyone To pdrTic- piofe. IT wos sIighTly difficulf wiTh The cIdss's pdsT record. Especiolly wiTh d closs including cheerledders Ddnd ond Krisfino Cllflicnele Sims ond Sunny FfOfUS,QC1l'T dverdge girl Teend CLdrd Wennerj, d jock Troy Clsidro Jiminezj, surfers Erico ond Poulo CJulie Olson ond Jdnef Hor- borj, nerdy Brion Cl?oberf Lo- Grocej, ond preppy Biff CGordon Olsonj. They were hdrdly pre- pored To pdrficipdfe. Gumby oppedrs To sdve The ddy. IT works, unTil he Ieoves. In which cose he is obliged To mdke o refurn yisiT. This closs wds reolly ununiTed ond unspirifed. Gumby's refurn yisif mokes The closs redlize The imporfdnce of These Two bedufiful words T'spiriT" ond "uni- Ty" To bring The closs Togefher. The supporf ond spiriT shown wos oufsfdnding compdred To Their repufdfion of being unocfive ond unsupporfive. Their overoll dp- peordnce os on indiyiduol closs in Their sfdnds looked greof. Ivlore sTudenTs porficipdfed ond more were concerned wiTh Their closs. -By Michele Sims sk., , 1-. 4. 7 H '- 13 f .,1 T 2 ' Z 1, 'I Q if: T T fp 'ii Gopj WaiTinQ To spread The good news of spiriT and uniTy, Gumoy QC'iess Bucknerj awaiTs her cue. QLefTj Michele Sims, Jeannie Sfromer, ana isidro Jiminez show Their spiriT for The class of '89 CAboveQ AT The Typical Monarch Day r'neeTinQ scene, Lara Wenner TisTens in- TenTIy while neray i?oberT LaGrace aoes exTra creaiT work. Sophomore Monarch Day-27 ,W A W, ' - ' Yif5f7FfFiiiffi2z1EE V ::fTff?E55f!9kI is -f. :fi-:?5:g,gfiz+, ' ' Fi, ililfk ' i ' .Liz 1, , .1fyif1:I.. A -W iiz1f:,L,,,fq1, f 5354 :i?fiLi iii-f-f LLASS 28-Freshmen Monarch Day sk V. 1 . 4 Q: .yr M ' - ,, nvy ikwh ,,, : . . 1 15" ' ' ' nf 5 Ill l1Hl'C S C llldllet Crilllk the C858 Though The class of 4990 re- ceived lasf place This year, They Took iT in sTride and sTarTed Thinking abouf nexf year. "Though our class did noT place This year, l sTill feel iT was a successful Monarch Day." said Jamie Sanfemeyer, freshman, abouf her class. ForTu- 'TaTely, mosT all of The freshmen wave ThaT same opTimism. The freshmen have noihing To de ashamed of. They had more aeople come Than expecTed and The spiriT was very high, according To Jennifer lviiler. The skiT was very well done. Cindy Rofhfuss and Tre- vor Hsher did an excellenT job as vladdie Hayes and David Addison, especfively, co-owners of The Blue Monarch deTecTive agency. Karen Zen, leader of The good kids, convinces Chris Sfory and The bad kids To clean up The school Cwifh The help of The Blue Mon- archsj. The backdrop and The shields followed The Theme of "Blue Monarchs CATCH THE SPIRIT" very well, buf were noT as defalled as The oTher classes. Maybellene Supnef- l'Some people cared and some people didn'T, puT puTTing all The spiriT TogeTher of all These spir- iTed people makes me proud of all my Monarch Day accomplish- menTs." Agnes Cuison- l'Working on Monarch Day was really fun. l'm proud of my class for showing all The spiriT we could show. We have 3 more years To go, and I know we'll do beTTer." Nina Belen- "This year, many of us became a liTTle Too confidenT, noT knowing The compeTiTion we had againsf us NexT year, we'll know beTTer. I am sTill proud of our class and proud of The people who worked hard." " 4990, caTch The spiriT, shouf iT loud so all can hear iTl" "lT's unfor- Tunafe ThaT we didn'T place higher Than we did, everyfhing was done well and we had a loT of spiriT," said Trevor Fisher. Don'T worry, class of 4990, you sTill have Three years ahead of you. -By John Lemanskl CA TCHE5 THE P I P i qLefTy Heading Towards The gym wiTh The class, Maybelline Supner and Tre- vor Hsher help lead The way. qAbovej Agnes Cuison reads off her shield To sing along To The class' song. Freshmen Monarch Day-29 Clouds cleared and Seniors shone . . . Eorly one weT SepTember morn- ing, cigfTer o dreory rdinfoll, The MT. Edenisenior closs gofhered To- geTher underneoTh o cloudy sky ond hoped To see even o roy of sunlighf. BuT They weren'T going To leT o liTTle wdTer ruinmflfaeir once in d lifeTime senior picnic. Loughfer filled The porking loT os groups of friends gofhered oround ice chesTs filled wifh goodies. Finolly The buses orrived ond The seniors knew Then Thof Their spe- cidl doy wos obouT To begin. The buses ropidly filled wiTh onxious seniors. They were now on Their woy! This wos Their firsT ocTiviTy To- geTher cis o groduoTing closs ond CAbovej lT's Time To flip Those sfeoks before They geT burned. Todd Dixon prepores some fine dining cuisine for he ond his friends. fRighTj Bob Sonfmyer shows off The bod ThdT dll The girls die for ds he lounches o fooTboll. 30-Senior Picnic They were deTermined To moke This doy well worTh Their long woiT. AfTer o long bus ride To Ook- wood Loke T2esorT, lVldnTecd wos quickly invoded by lVl.E.'s lively, hyper seniors. Foofboll gomes obounded ond volleyboll nefs sprong up everywhere ond dll were puT To use in whdT seemed like seconds. The Closs of 4987 seemed To bring lvlonfeco To life! AfTer o while, The sun come ouT ond iT wds Time To hiT The slides! From The crdzy TwisTed wdTer slides To The ouTrogeous Ropids, The closs splished ond sploshed Till They could do no more. All This ex- ciTemenT did more Thdn jusT geT Them crdzy ond wild, iT dlso gdve Them o chdnce To enhonce Their lorge oppeTiTes. iT wds now Time To slop The sTeoks on The grills. There wos food over every kind - Chinese, lvlexicon, Filipino, ond, of course, good 'ole hdmburgers. Ev- eryone hod jusT enough Time To geT in Their Idsf biTe when They were informed ThoT iT wos Time To wrop up The porTy. So The buses were slowly lood- ed ond The seniors heoded home offer o very shorT buT fun-filled offernoon. The closs of '87 hod ci sploshing success! -Trudy Reyes 2 is 8- 4 K 5 2 ll Q l T T f Ci . 'T 'iv rm Nw! T Jw A if I VJ css qi '--1 .., 'mei TVN. T B CLefTp Rodney Marquez draws back for The famous deep Throw To The IefT, QBeiowQ Valerie Bowlin ahd Shannon Griffin shiver ih The cold. CBoTTomj Now This is whaT The Senior Pichic is all abouT! Good friehds and good food are whaT makes The day! "The Gang" gaThers arouhd The bar- becue. , I - Dv? pk..- ,fx wr. W 1 ,V V, , Q. 'wg' W W M. W 1+ ,i qi 4 Q v , T i mln A ,rr we T Mn m 2' T xi T 'uv- I K-wr-N-aw, :'v"'fw' f,2'i"TFw.uif- , A gm , - W' we K ir' v wa N av ,i -., he 1 :.,a,'g. ! ,-32 'T F: 5 'fn- at 4 f.-ferr.-Aiif 'Of T35 Us 'H- T Senior thoughts on their Pronrc Day "lt was short, but sweet, and let's do it all over again, though all the rides were good. lt's something l'll never for- get." -Monique Borunda "l thought it was pretty fun. lt was cold and a lot of things could have been better, but all in all it was good." -Trudy Reyes ul had fun with Trudy and Monique, but the day itself wasn't that great." -Kristi l-lillestad 'tit gave the seniors a chance to be- come closer. Being together all day helped us get to know each other. l had lots of fun . . , wish there was an- other one." -Alice Chung uit was so great. Hanging with my friends was a great way to spend the day. lt was a nice chance to get away from the dull monotony of Mt. Eden." -Alex Medina uit was the most fun l've ever had with our class. lt's making me look for- ward to all our other senior activities. I had fun, no matter what the weather was lik ef' -mimi snukio If CAboveQ Spicing up those ribs for those hungry seniors is Thomas Ferreria. QRightj Gazing in astonishment is Jim Richardson watching Chris Huston put the whole thing in his mouth. CUpper Righty Posing for a picture is Mark Romero, Jeremy Miller and Peter Grace as Mike Graham sneaks in for a quick bite. 32-Senior Picnic QLefTQ LosT minute hoir preoorotiohs for The bus ride home is whoT's oh Rob- ert Lozano's mind os he checks himself ouT in o mirror. fBeIowj Courtney Gray enjoys her ride clown one of The seclote slides. CBoTTomj BesT friends Kristi Hillestcd, Trudy Reyes ond Monique Borundcl goTher for o weT, buT hoppy, picTure. Wx Q Q . if TEES x 1-07 69' T? ,A or S T z IW xxx Q T A T' f 1 T T iraq a X W Close-Up A dvenfures Back East Going To The easT coasT for a whole week To learn and see The real workings of The goyernmenT was a dream come True for five lVlT. Eden sTudenTs as They parTici- paTed in The Close-Up program This pasT fall. A loT of money wenT inTo The Trip To VVashingTon D.C., and all The sTudenTs, Jeremy Miller, Debbie Davis, Ann Seffens, Lyzelle Cruz, and Cecilia Villegas, agreed ThaT iT was all worTh iT. Fundraising, such as selling candy bars for many monThs, helped The sTudenTs af- ford The Trip. Ms. Joan Hoskins was The sponsor of The Close-Up Trip This year. She commenTed ThaT The Trip ouT easT really helps The sTu- denTs undersTand goyernmenT and They all profiTed from parTici- paTing. Close-Up is a loT more Than jusT going easT and seeing all The fam- ous naTional siTes: sTudenTs geT To see and learn firsThand how The naTion works. They aTTended seminars discussing goyernmenT, classes ThaT Turned inTo ThoughT Talks which allowed Them To ex- press Their own opinions, and They wenT on Tours of The area around Them. They had liTTle Time for Themselves or To relax, buT ThaT didn'T seem To maTTer for They were Too busy meeTing new peo- ple and having fun To noTice. AT The end of The week, a loT of The sTudenTs found iT hard To leave Their new surroundings and, of course, Their new friends. BuT when They did leave, They all agreed ThaT They came back richer, boTh educaTionally and emoTionally. "To me, l believe The Close-Up Trip will be one of The mosT memo- rable momenTs in my high school years. Alfhough l musT say l'm noT sure whaT l'll remember mosT: The good Times l had or how unorga nized l was, l could never remem ber whaT Time The Transfer buse lefT or whaT Time we had To be somewhere. Through The whole week, l probably had 'l5 hours C sleep ToTal because l was alway in The middle of a pillow fighT o wresTling maTch wiTh my room maTes, or on The phone wiT someone in anoTher room. We had roommaTes from Tennesse New Orleans, and parTs of Califo nia. I had Two roommaTes fron San Leandro and Oakland, ani one from Tennessee. We all be came real close and when i came Time To leave, saying good bye was real hard. l would recom mend This Trip To everyone. IT' more Than jusT learning, There's 4 loT of fun involved, Too," com menTed Jeremy Miller. By Laurie lvlachadi 34-Close-Up COpposiTe pagey The Close-Up group: Ann Seffens, Jeremy Miller, Lyzelle Cruz, Debbie Davis, ancl Cecilia Ville- gas. Cleflj Jeremy Miller relaxes before ain- ner in The holel. Cbelowp Cecilia Villegas hangs oul near The capilol. flower lefly Lyzelle Cruz goes sighlsee- ing in Ola Town, one hislorlc landmark. "ClQoSe-Up awloweli wie to wleei wramlj View people Urrawr alll aaa . .. " -Lgzeife Grillz "...f'aCioitaQQoUeJL aaaivr . . . " -Jaewuj Milla Close-Up-35 Qowdg rlgulllcgt Keeps l3OlSlQeTbOl0ll To cheer louder Than The cheer- leaders. To be more obnoxious Than one could possibly imagine. And, finally, To make all oTher bas- keTball Teams feel as uncomforf- able as possible when played The Monarchs for baskeTball. ThaT was The whole basis for The exisfence of The "Rowdy Bunch," lVlE's own group of unruly sTudenTs who decided To Terrorize all oTher Teams The school played during iTs season. "Rowdy Bunch" had been around lasT year, buT This year iT really became a TradiTion ThaT will jusT have To be conTinued. lT was sTarTed mainly by The wild imagi- nafions of seniors Alex Medina, Jimmy Richardson, Louis Slaley, and Lori LaManlia. AnoTher sen- ior, Kevin Chow, added his arTisTic abiliTy To The wild posTers The Row- dy Bunch decorafed The bleach- ers wiTh. Though The Rowdy Bunch was Told ThaT They had To subdue Their acTions a liTTle biT afTer The cheers They yelled began To geT a biT lude, noThing seemed To bring Them down. They were definifely The loudesT, mosT brash group of fans ThaT The HAAL has ever come To known. "How do you Tell a Team To pre- pare To face The Monarchs in a baskeTball game?" asked Alex Medina, "And how do you pre- pare Their Team members and cheerleaders and fans for The abuse They are going To receive aT The game?" He smiles. "You don'T prepare Them. You jusT leT Them come in and be shocked by The whole scene." Louis Slaley agrees wiTh Me- dina's ouTlook. 'lThe Rowdy Bunch harms no one. We're jusT a bunch of sTudenTs Trying To have a good Time aT The baskeTball games. We don'T mean To offend anyone by our cheers, we jusT do iT for fun.' The whole group provided fo greaT fun and enTerTainmenT aT a The games and was even sup- porTed by baskeTball coach Ror Benevides. ln facT, aT The annuc SpiriT Game, Coach Benevide: announced over The PA aT The be- ginning of The game "Thank you Rowdy Bunch for making This sea- son The besT." And Thank you, Rowdy Bunci for giving The school The bes' cheering secTion iT has ever seen and probably The besT roofing secTion California has ever seen Here's To hoping ThaT The Rowdy Bunch conTinues on as a name- sake TradiTion filled wiTh loTs of fur and exciTemenT! By Laurie lvlachadc iigiig gigg 5 X Seosovi Juwipiiig CWTTQT SxCiTewieJfri opposiTe DOQGD The Rowdy Bunch in full orce! C5oThering for Their "mug" shoT, aniy ci obouT hoif iTs members showed up! ook QT ThoT size ond imogine even more houTing oT o gome! Abovey In o rore quieT momenT, bond nemberHea1h Ramos Tdkes five by leon- N ii 4 xx g ,3 Q, - 1 K U , 6, 3 A21 F, 'B V. wf 3 ,T T 3 ' 7 T 0 'iThis yeor's Rowdy Bunch wos more exciTing Thdn IosT yeor's. i reolly enjoyed cheering The Teom on, ouT iT wds mode especioiiy fun due To The foci ThoT we were win- ning oil our gomes." -Michele Sims ing on his insTrumenT. The bond usuoiiy shows up To ploy oiong wiTh The Rowdy Bunch. CRighTQ Coach Benevides Thdnked The Rowdy Bunch GT The IdsT Iedgue gome for Their owesome supporT of The winning Teom. 37 The YGGI' in Review: Politics RSGQGH 1.0595 His Credibility Suddenly Reagan wasn'T The 'ibure" presidenT every- one hc T deemed To be. His bigge wlomaTic disasTer became u arenT To The na- Tion when in a brief appear- ance before The VVhiTe House Press corps, he admlTTed Thai he had noT been in full knowl- edge of his aides' acTiviTies in The sale of IeThal weapons To iran. BuT ATTorney General Edwin Meese was Traversed inTo delivering The worsi of The news: up To S30 million in se- oreT profiTs from The weapons had somehow been Trans- ferred over To The subporT of The Nicaraguan ConTras. Three sebaraTe oommiT- Tees were aT once seT up To invesTigaTe The goings on, buT few auesTions were To be an- swered. Key figures, former naTionaI-securiTy adviser John PaindexTer and former sTaffer Col. Oliver NorTh boih Took The FifTh Amendmeni To "prod TecT Themselves." Thus while doing Thai, Reagan himself found his in credibilify wifh The nafion in TaTTers. Rehnquist Sits In the Bench Or'ieof.iThe youngesri ieppeiisiee f chief. .jusTioes for T The notional Supreme Couri. .Bi,giTgClil was noT a pafh of s rosesfo gefihere. ATTer The unhmely deaiih of Warren Burger, chief jusfice, Rehn- auisT was chosen for The job. Bu? The Senaie wcrnfed To geT Their hands on him firsi be- fore he saT in The bench. Ac:cusaTions of drugsuser flew, buT he was acquiffed of Those beliefs. Then he was charged i Thaf while acfing as The a GOP op- erafive in Arizona he Tried To brevenT blacks and Hispanics from voTing. BuT he was Qo- auiTTed of ThaT one olso and was finally approved and confirmed by The Senafe. V The Year in Re vie w: Poliiics Meese: No Porn in Whiie House? re rfirg-frQD0fiS rsf vnder Qsreive Grew- noofdrvhvfi Greek female rrr fire ee for JUSHCG Department. iierfe oreififo Philippines Celebrate Aquino 's One- Year lr was the anniversary, fmoi-R ty. Gver Q yeof ago, Ferd- ncmo Marcos had Tried ro rig The etecrion in The Filipinos, but thot c:iicln"r work. And when he fried to fight, Corozon Aquino come of him with fuii force. e i Due To The overwhelming display of People Power, Mor- cos ond wife imeido fled 4.-v , 1. ,. The Frlrplnesrio Howora, for their r r r' rhen Wsff 'Of hem 'r Q 're- r r rrrirf irrin o'7Qf'?f,MfW5f h i i ieir 6? ro helpzlife in rho 3 People Thai Made the Ne ws Len Bias Meefs Unfimely Cocaine Death IT was The besT of Times, iT was The worsi of Times. li was The biography of The life of baskeTball greaT, Len Bias. lT was definiTely The besT of Times considering he had jusi been drafied by The Bosion Celiics for 34.6 million. i-le sure had plenTy of reasons To be celebraTing. AT Bias' funerai, broTher James Bias Jr. weeps uncon' Trollably while his faiher offers him supporT. The deaTh shocked The whoie counTry. A Royal March Through London lT was a Time of exciTemehT ih England as yeT anoiher one of The Royal Princes Took his wedding vows. s This Time around, TT was Prince Andrew who decided To Tie The knoT wlTh The esT9o+ mable Sarah Ferguson. Noi To be ouidone by his broTher Charles, Andrew and his bride wed all The way firsT ciass wiTh Tradiiional Royai family wedding ceremonies, compleie wiTh a parade oil The way Through London. AO But unTorTunaTely, iT ended up being The worsT of Times. ali due To his celebraTing. T WiTh due cause for a parTy, The prospecfrive pro ended up snorTirzg.a biT Too much oo- caihe. Friends Told him To cui iT out ThaT he'd had Too much, bus' inhis own words, he could 'ihandle .ahyThingl" PrompTiy afier, he collapsed. Suddenly iT siruck America Thai cocaine could affecf' everyone, even a rare user. So sad iT is Though ThaT iT had To be shown Through a deaih. Bui America was finally learner ing ThaT drugs were no longer jusi fun and games. . . . Movies Gnd Music . . . , A'i.4Qi'f, , fwi Q ,, s ,, M mf' ,f . i .is ' -'T' . .. ' U -, . i. 154' ii i. +1 T. 1 iyic 2 f ' r T .Y 'K mm'Q .-'1 Vml' T .. T iii?-N 4 3 T C is f , ,A-...H-., T, V .gr , .. T 'j fg, ,r iii. , - ' I ' 'fsafr 'ri' 5 Sl? ,Lf 5 I n wx I an i T , .r ., Y bl -i ul is 13,',.fs 'mat' H? , .ws fs- X ,xi '1 g,. ef L " ' ' Lisip r as 79 7' .ws I . , N . .,.- Cosby Siill Number One And whoi wouid Americo be like if Their Thursday niQhTs were void of Their fovoriie TV show, 'iCosby"? Ever since iTs premiere over o yeor ogo, The "Cosby Show" hos hii Number One every week in ci row, no moi- Ter vvhoi. Soys Cosby of his success: "Well, when you're hoi, you're hoi . . . ijusiihope my embers don'T smoider ouT." Spock, Kirk Return The reiurn of Sior Trek To The big siiver screen pieosed millions of people. Copioin Jornes T. Kirk pidys wiih furry iiiiie creoiures in 'iThe Troubie Wiih Tribbiesf' ond Dr. Spock does some mindrneiding in "By Any Oiher Nome." Cruise Enio ying 'Top ' Success The egeiess idol ond The young Top gun mei up This yeor for o reoi biockbusier movie, "The Color of Money," iT wos The besi yeor for Tom Cruise, who monoged To gei in Two Top movies, Besides "Col- or," Cruise biosied dwoy in "Top C-Sun." Whdi more could on ocior dsk for? Looks, money, greoi ociing siyie ond fGDTOSfiC movies io booi. Cruise is definiieiy The i"8Os' con-do kid" os he Tokes The movie indusiry by siorm, going moch five wiih his hoir on fire! 42-Show Choir Show Choir-A3 Coming pdck from o four ddy weekend, SpiriT Week loegdn. The sophomores were The firsT To decordTe The ddminisTrdTion hdll. "Sophomore Sdvings ond Loon" The sign redd. IT hod dll The mdkings of o pdnk, even d TodsTer gi- veowoy wiTh edch new dccounT opened. The sophomore hdllwoy won firsT ploce. The evenT for The ddy wds The Bdlloon l-lug ond pro- duced whipped creom conTes- TdnTs, wiTh The juniors Tdking firsT ploce. The nexT morning, The hollwdy wds insTdnTly Trdnsformed inTo d bedch. Blue woves croshed dgdinsT The building. HSurfin' lvl. E. H." wds The Theme wiTh pdndnd peouTies ond peoch umbrellos. ThoT some doy broughT on senior vicTory in The PreTzel Relcry. Lough- Ter wos spredd in This evenT wiTh floured foces, coke guzzling, ond QRighTj Sophomores sTruggle To grosp onTo The rope. QAbovej Sliding dcross The floor, The Ju- niors end up losing To The freshmen. 44-SpiriT Week Sdriorls Cowie OUT Cifictloliious sdITy preTzels. As The Third doy of SpiriT Week dpprodched, The sleepyeyed seniors proughT l'Hedven's GoTe" To The bledk hdllwoy. Everyone hod To wdlk corefully for, ofTer dll, pillowy clouds oren'T ThoT sTurdy. The evenT of The ddy wcrs The info- mous 'lEgg Drop." IT hod To be The obsoluTe messiesT of The gdmes, considering The pldyers hod To drop o crdcked egg inTo cr Dixie cup held in The mouTh of onoTher cldssmdTe. The Seniors didn'T seem To mind The egg yolks, Though, ds They monoged To come in firsT in This evenT, Too. The findl doy of SpiriT Week proughT The juniors To The hollwdy. ChrisTmds in Februory? You peT! Everyone wds in The ChrisTmos spiriT os The hollwdy emiTTed ChrisT- mos cdrols cill Through The ddy pe- hind The chimney The juniors loroughT To The hollwoy. Hopes of l vicTory donced Through The heods. The SpiriT Rolly wds cr rec boTTle ds The puffed ond grul sTruggled Through The gruesome Tug of Wdr. ThoT evenT wds The mdin dTTrcrcTion when iT come down To The wire wiTh The Fresh men ond Seniors bdTTling for firs ploce. The Seniors primiTive, bruTe force come ouT on Top, while The Freshmen Took second, Junior: pldcing Third, crnd The Sophomores coming in ldsT. Then come The pig, findl nighT ol compeTiTion: The SpiriT Gome. Who wds The loudesT? The mosl unified? All in dll, The Juniors endec up winning The dll-dround blessed SpiriT ScepTor. By Michele Sims ivi Spiliii CWQAQ QOUMQS rrr T L Hop IefTj Leslie Tyler, we've Told you hoT To weor so much powder! The hdT- urol look is in! Uop righTQ Eddie Lozcino geTs cieoned up dfTer The Bolloon Hug. CLefTj Shdnnin Collins prdoTices for The Bdliooh Hug, meosurihg The disTdhce oeTweeh her dhd her porTr1er. Ufrbovej You've goT To TrusT your porf- her, Damon Hunn, ds They drop o row egg righT ir1To your Dixie cup! Spirif Week-45 JUST for me Siam G5 IT W 3 Uopj Junior Hugo Schmidi proudly dis- pioys The Dixie cup ThaT earned Them second place. CAbove RighTj IT's a messy job, puT someones goTTo do iT! Tracy Murphy and Keisha CuThberTson ploy The Bai- iooh Hug. CAbovej Chrissie Lee shows poTTie scars afTer The Egg Drop. WhaT o show of cohcehTroTion! QRighTQ Carrie Soares and Louis Staley give iT Their oil ogoihsT The mighTy fresh- meh. 416-SpiriT Week if ,f i at ' ri lj , :,iZ,,H'fr4.,:1 3 f if Q Nr., 'P-of .. 92' ,, "ii 'L ' , i 1 . . Ei? ' 1 .-' 'KK iw ,, 4' ,if mmVV Q T V x" T v 5 :iff i, i d rw, if ' i 5 f in , rs r ,. r ,QM r L Mm iii' rr i ii -A M Q la Q M lr WE , rv 2? " -lm 4 K U 54 " i ! , J. . T y y X rf fi ix E H i 4 X : i r a t A ' 2,' ' 'wi i X so ,. L -f 'L VL" ri, wc? ' rig? , , I ' 've-.ggi . f:e:.Q 1i QAXJ "The funnesr and mosilexciiing part of Spirir Week iscempeiing crgainsl oiher ciasses because i iove cornpeTiTion." Cheri Loza, Sophomore "i never gel much out or Spirit Week. The Spirit game aoesn'T suppori' The Team, if yeggegeies classes. Though ltiseioi offun competing in The Qac:irires 9lCrndl screaming for your oiassk' Micheie Sims, Sophomore "Our class has improved a Qreai ideal. bul when Spirii Week comes, Thar wilirperifyiussre Theiesi, s We iusi hopeffaferffiieswsf and - T 'WSW fswqidefififiiffiiffr-fiiii??QFFl"5f T P ' T. sRebe::etifSiaieitig'Junior "l jusi oiways liege Thai Spirit Week is as gooe?sos'Monarch Doybn A .-,qL K A Nhuir Nguyen, Senior e .ri rnink everyone Sierra enema e Spirit Week beeousejgiflissso ener- ' x T if: igig T 5 ik' ll V' T e "Bad" T i yi T i Uopy Tiffany Esirella, Sherry Koelling, ancl Tracy Hammond all waTch The spir- iT evenis aT lunch. QFar LefTj Preparing her new wardrobe, Robin Aragon fixes her Glad Bag. CAT:-ovej The Number One Monarchs were feaiured in The SpiriT Rally. CLefTQ Alice Chung helps prepare The balloons for The Balloon Hug. SpiriT Week-47 flbIC1QQwO15S Come flllive Dwuvxcg qv N? 5Ei5? Wv0Ev6fd4?fi if s5u+Q 5wf efHQ Zsewffis 118-Spirif Week E. eCLoiLOiTiovi CowqoeTriioviS swsgmwsswfggys ,.-' A.1-.gaygngfzsiss-was-'sg"..,h. . zigzag urno one :uct 8 L r il I J, Q7' gs, ..,...4! ossiufs? g ffygif Takes cqiiorggriifne To get gof- V Uuissvivsfissssivfg wflfch ' 5 + sur s ge? bigggfferowds QT-ine? gienfs' We 99053301 . Qfgigss?3QW.iifse hcrvs inside s 5919 hare Spirit An if does is fear The classes gpm." s g Jenni wller-Carlson, g - , Freshman QFor LefTQ The Freshmen Turned The hoil inTo "Surfin' M.E.H." CFor LefTj The Ho- woiion Bonono coughT The eye of ev- eryone in The Freshmen holl. CTopj isn'T iT jusT like The Tellers To be ouT To iunch oil The Time oT Sophomore Sov- ings ond Loon. QLefTj The gronci opening welcome sign. Uxbovej A IiTTIe sun pup coTches some roys QT Surfin' ivi.E.H. Spirif Week-119 ,Y Q f I 4 ff I 'fr J' gr ' nf pw . f x f Q C r 'Eg' 4' gg J Wa W , aff W in I lr rg S i f T Psnovgiftiierrispsfeii qiagglul-italy. TSUTTTSGY5 31. '-dO.r1fTfhQw TOQQST Cvffiedgvwflfvfefil ss?hQUlQFffl f. i i5UT5i?f5s TWU? iF'f?C?53 Ci"'YWQY3fV5?5 or CFar LefTj May Almario and Nasir Pasha squeeze Their balloons. CFar RighTQ Kerin Zien and Jerrelle Lock- harT are surprised To find whipped cream in Their balloon. CBoTTomp The more Christine Maurici blew aT The flour, The more iT goT on her face. CAbovej And They're off! The Balloon Hug runners Took off wiTh a dash. CLefTj Paul BuTIer sTrugQles on a floured ground To pick up The preTzel he had dropped. SbiriT Week-54 Uopj Selling cider, ine S.A.D.D. iniro- CApoveQ Mr. Cnilcoii gels siudenl clucecl siuclenis To ine imporionce of Karen Hal off To closs wiln Cl pgss. noi drinking ond clriving. 52 lnviiciiion To People QLeflp During free lime in arl class, Tony Fernandez skelches one of lVlE's buildings. Injured and oul of foolball prdclice for a while, CBelowj Larry Byrd jusl kicks iT on The quad, wailing for his lunch To come. CCenTerp Stuffing yourself in a car for Twenly minules isn'T everyone's ideal lunch period, bul il sure is a greal way To meel people! Kim Jackson, John Lemanski, and Nina Belen all scrunch Togelher. PEOPLE lnvilalion To People 53 M , ' V I , ' , f, f V , ' L, .,,,.,,,m M4 - , e... J., if ' 'kirfysedlgkirf G """"""V I , 'wr , ',,, I I 5 Q f 3.6. 1. ,Q ff , V5 M 0 .Wim - 1 .,, , I W N f rv W , , . ' ff" fx M, VV Wk 2 , H ff W 1 'IH , ,,,, MN I ,, " H , ,H , My , , ' ' A , A ' ,Llmvfr gf M vw K ,, 2, - '18, fl qs ,,,, an G F Q95 f fl fwwwW,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,w in W I H 'UIHQ ,. 511-Imvifofion To Seniors I ff qFar lefij Jimmy Richardson casually losses a football. QLefTj Seniors gel ready during Mon- arch Day. CBelowQ Governmeni class musi be amusing for Aaron Geddins. QBelow leflp Darrell Park seems very proud of his player. CBelow righly Jerry Torres ana Kevin Chew enjoy one of The fooiball games. ,flags P lnviiaiion To Seniors-55 vw ,W I 5' IBB j M -E , if J 4' f key WY "W-... if 4-mf 1' , T Cabovej Reading magazines like ThaT, There's no way Alice Chung can fail iVlosT Likely To Succeed also Brian Takenaka, noT picTured Though. CrighTj Alex Medina and Dana Quon, jusT your All-Around Seniors. 58-Senior FavoriTes CIefTj The IaTesT cIoThes, and greaT faces are whaT make Valerie Bowlin and Gary Pear- son iviosT ATTracTive. 9 C Th berlson and Mike Graham FDUST GQTSS, They SUCIQQGCT Eyes. 9 Qbeiowj Paul Rosenlind and Collins, our iviosT Unique seniors. A pic Ture is worTh a Thousand words. i f ii qieftj Dedicdted dnd different. Rishi Shukla dnd Courtney Gray- Most Ser- vice fo Cidss. Qrighf cornerj "Hdven'f I seen you somehwere before?" Biggesf Fiirts, Bret Stover and Dixie Krimm. Editors Note, Specioi thanks to the Southiand Denfai offices, Wiison's Suede and Leather, Spencer Giffs, Dominique Lens Crafters. Dcziiey's, The aCompc1ny, Waidenbooksrond the ,f30'-'fi MQnQQQmeH?if2fi5OUfh- iiii iliidhii for oiiowInQ?QiL3Ssf?ifQ'shoC:t some of these pictures inf sfores. Rishi A. Shukia Kristi Re' Hiliestaci Trudy A. Reyes Qdbovej Naomi Clark, peeks out from behind. CShyesf dlso, Larry Byrd, buf was too shy To take d picturej Senior Fdvoriies-59 - 4 TOP TEN GRADU T ING SENICRS The choosing of The Top Ten graduaTes of The class of 'I987 is done by compuTer which Takes all The grades of The sTudenTs for The lasT four years and Takes The Ten who have had The besT Grade PoinT Average overall. The yearbook wanTs To ac- Alfhough l excell in maTh and biological sciences. l ' siiiiisiif T also enjoy liTeraTure and The performing arTs. Follow- ing graduaTion, I plan To aTTend Chabof College and IaTer Transfer To a four year insTiTuTion such as U.C. Berkeley. In The fuTure I simply hope To enjoy myself and increase my parTicipaTion in Drama and dance. lVly GPA. is 4.0 Denise L. Brady knowledge The following from The class of 4987 for Their ouTsTanding grades for The lasT four years. CongraTulaTions!l!! These Top Ter' siudenfs were The Top Ten as oi The daTe of Feb. 20, 'I987 for The firsT 7 semesfers. l found I have a greaT inTeresT in biological sciences and arT when I was in eIemenTry school. Pursuing The .. .wg -s is sTudy of biological sciences furTher in college will help me To enTer The field of Gynecology. I plan To aTTend, hopefully UC. Berkely or U.C. Davis To reach my goal in being an ObsTeTrican. WhaT is my G.P.A.'? 3.97 so far. Linda Chang 60-Top Grads X Q. ALICE CHUNG I've hod To work hdrd in my closses To exoell. I've Ieorned o lor or Mr. Eden nor only Through irs curricu- lum our Through my experiences os well. I pldn To furrher my educorion or UCLA with The gools of ob- Toining o degree ond o well-poying job. n Edno Dere ANTHONY HOANG Top Grdds-64 AlThough I really do noT Think I excel in anyThing I have achieved a 11.0 G.P.A. which has aualified me for admission To U.C. Berkeley. In school, I enjoy my maTh and sciences parTicularly. As far as fuTure plans, are concerned, I Think I wanT To be a docTor and feel ThaT college sTudies and experiences will supporT or change my goal! Regardless whaT The ouTcome may be, I will keep feeling posiTive Toward iT. Rozanda Lee Now ThaT I Think abouT iT, I really can'T say I excell fully in any one Thing. I'm in a way a "jack of all Trades" I'm fairly good aT being a musician and pres- enTly I play Three brass insTrumenTs. I'm doing very well in my class subjecTs I do enjoy compeTing in sporTs unless of course a sporT evenTuaIly bores me. I do have a knack aT finding high paying parTTime jobs. RighT now I have a parT-Time job ThaT pays nearly double The minimum wage. There is no oTher UniversiTy pesT suiTed Towards my needs Then The Navel Academy. The Navel Acade- my offers an excellenT educafion, a wide varieTy of sporTs and exciTing exfracurricular acTiviTies. IT has aImosT everyfhing one could wanT. lVly grade poinT average is 3.95 JonaThon lVlonTilla I don'T really excell in anyThing parTicular, however I enjoy maTh and have an appreciafion for music. I like wriTing sTories, Though I don'T do Too much of IT, and work hard To aTTain my goals. I hope To aTTend Ca. Poly SLO and major in ElecTrical Enginering, In The fu- Ture, I hope To graduaTe from college and geT a well paying job ThaT will allow me To live comforfably and be happy. Consuelo Sichon 62-Top Grads T I I I I really don'l have a favorile subjecl, bul I do espe- cially well in malh, english, and woodshop. I am plan- ning lo allend San Jose Slale or Cal Slale Hayward. There I plan lo gel a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Juslice. Afler I gel my degree I plan lo become a Law Enforcemenl Officer. My grade poinl average for my four years al lVl.E. was 3.95. Frank Silva l've lried lo do my besl al everylhing I sel oul lo do, pul my grades aren'l lhe mosl imporlanl lhing lo me anymore. Sure my grades are impressive, bul il doesn'l have any significance unless l've learned somelhing new aboul myself. There's more lo school lhen learning lhe malerial handed lo you. ll's aboul underslanding and applying whal you learned lo help olhers. l've had fun here al lVl.E. and wherever I go, l'll conllnue lo enjoy myself. Brian Takenaka " sf' Ten proud Top Seniors CBack Rowp Den- ise Brady, Consuelo Sichon, Rozanda Lee, Alice Chung, Edna Dere, Linda Chang CFronl Rowj Jonalhan Monlilla, Anlhony Hoang, Frank Silva, Brian Ta- kenaka Q. . Top Grads-63 Good Leddel' ship Helps 59l1iOf5 Ex CE i'Serving as Senior Class Presi- denT has been a worTh while ex- perience ThaT will always hold a special memory in my hearT. I owe special Thanks To my officers who have done a superb job in carrying ouT Their duTies, as well as Those spiriTed and supporTive individuals in The class. Alex, Rodney, Dana, and Kevin: The dedicaTion you've puT Towards The class is deeply appreciafed. All The hard work really showed wiTh T87's explosive spiriT which led us To win Monarch Day. lT's been an ouTrageous year and There are many more good Times To come. The Class of 4987 is a unique class which has over- come many obsTacles, and These sTrengThs will Therefore always be relfecfed upon us as The Golden Year ThaT puT us in The limelighT." -Cindy Fogel Senior Class PresidenT "The flock was roused from sleep by his cry, as loud as he could scream iT from five hundred feeT up: 'I can fly! LisTen! I CAN FLY!" -Alex Medina Senior Class Vice PresidenT "I Think our class showed how awesome we really are This year, especially by winning Monarch Day. l've enjoyed being an officer, and am glad ThaT I was a parT of everyfhing. IT was nice serving wiTh Cindy, Dana, Alex, and Kevin, who have all been greaT friends These four years. Good luck To Them, and good luck To everyone in The Class of 'l987l" -Rodney Marquez Senior Class SecreTary "lT's been an advenTure, To say The leasT. BuT There's always been The fun Times everyone in This class has shared wiTh each oTher. Hon- esTIy, I have really enjoyed work- ing wiTh everyone in The senior class, you're all one of a kind. hope you all do greaT in The fufure and don'T ever IeT The memories slip away. To my fellow officers Thank you for always being There in supporT. Good luck everyone! -Dana Quon Senior Class Treasurer "To wrap up my IasT four years ir one paragraph is silly, noT To men- Tlon impossible. The good Times ThaT l've had here were only possi- ble Thanks To The greaT people I've meT and worked wiTh over many Monarch Days. I appreciaTe all The friendships l've made and mosT of all I appreciaTe The supporT The Class of '87 has always given iTs officers. ThaT's why we're so greaT, lcause we work TogeTher. I'm proud To say I was all a parT of iT." -Kevin Chew Senior Class Hlsforian -45959--. ff A L ,K sg, A joseph Acber Phil Alarcon jose Amador Sweeda Amiri Rodrigo Anguiano Quantise Anloine Yuba Ambaki Link Arreaga Lamont Anaway josepb Ayers Bonnie Bailey Kristine Bailey jack Baldridge Silvia Burajas Fernando Base Rober! Bastress Denell Bell I john Berrios Cbarlelba Blabe Monique Borunda Y Seniors Ac-Bo-65 , Valerie Bowlin Denise Brady 4 ' Bradley Brown 1 Lawrence Brown john Buendia Thomas Buena Charlie Burns ' Raquel Bybee Larry Byrd jeffrey Carpenter Cesar Cavazo: Mary Ceniceroi' Linda Chang Kevin Chew julie Christensen 6 6 -Seniors Alice Chung Bryan Clark joseph Clark Naomi Clark Nelson Coelho Shanin Collins Healher Cook jesse Cooper Berin Couacaud Cathryn Cowden Anthony Cozzette Mercedes Cristobal Chelece Crufn Elizabeth Cruz Lyzette Cruz Q' Ronnie Cruz Domingo Cuevas Bryan Cunningham Keisha Cuthbertson Elmo David Deborah Davis Dewayne Davis I Nequetta Davis Rachael Davis jose Delaoruz Seniors Bo-De-67 juan Delacruz Albert Delgado Michelle Delgado Elizabeth Dernpsy Edna Dere Mark Dixon Todd Dixon Michael Dolan Cindy Dorothy 68-Seniors , ,.,, , Gina Duarte Michael Dunne Andre Edwards Lisi Elespp Davkl Encelan Darayus Engineer joann Estrada Liza Eslrada Geeta Faruq Tony Fernandez ' ,,,.,, Thomas Ferreira , ,T . -e ,ks ffl x . . SKS .sm-ff ff ' X2-Q Todd Fisher Teresa Fisher Sandra Fitch Bennxkon Flores Solomon Floyd Cindy Foget Kristy Foster Nancy Francis Joanne Garcia .f Seniors De-Ga-6 9 Aaron Geddins ' - Shajna Gee Tricia Gifford Ferdinand Goloyo Michelle Gomoll I Dario Gonzalez Peter Grace Miha Graham Courtney Gray Liz Grey Meg Grey Pamela Grier Gregory Griffin Patty Grqfin Shannon Griffin Karen Gustafson ' Karen Hal Paul Hale ' lwlliam Hallinan Lynn Harwood 70-Seniors . - 'E?" ,,,:... K V az., i. wa' - - ' Sieg- Q4 lg , 'wa I Ken Henderson Tanya Henderson Frenetta Hendrix, Valerie Hernton Angela Hill Kristi Re' Hillestad Linda Hinojosa Alvin Hoang Anthony Hoang Steven'Hohl 5 X Kenny Huang Chris Huston Viet Huynh jenny Izab jason jackson . Kim jackson Scarlet jackson Abdul jamit Susan jankowsbi Redeemer jaocbieo -Q, Seniors Ge- ja- 7 1 A 1 CI 535 , ' TT-393 , 5 lf" ': Donnelle johnson Lawanna johnson 1 Lavell jones Bruce jordan Darlene jory K ' jolm Kim Young Kim Robert Knight Ronald Knight Dwe Krimm jessica LaCofnbe I 72-Seniors Q Lori Lamantia Hilda Langarcxa Angelica Laxut Vu Le Baldev Leader Hung Lee Rozanda Lee Monique Lewis Vanessa Lim Kimberly Lockwood Maricela Lopez Werner Lowensprung Robert Lozano Frank Luccbesi Kedh Lucicb Q, Paul Lyons Michael Macacbor Bruce Madden Deondra Madere Pravin Mahabir Seniors jo-Ma-73 Kelly Marks Rodney Marquez , Theresa Marquez Diane Martin M Donna Martin Allen Martinez Tina May Robert McKinney ' 1 Donna McCreaa'ie Linda McDonald Alex Medina joann Mejia jeremy Miller Delnis Miranda jonathan Monlilla 74-Seniors Lisa Moore 1 Elezibelh Moran Roxane Moran Andre Mosley Priscilla Moungle Greg Mugg Tracey Murphy Dam!! Myers , Esanullah Najeeh Anupa Narayan yodif Nvlffm Grace Ng Dai Nguyen Nhut Nguyen Thao Nguyen :fx 'Nw Treo Nguyen Viet Nguyen Shawn 0'Connor Christine Papp Darrell PM-L In Sandeep Patel Marilou Paulo: Thomas Paulson Kim Peacock Seniors M a-Pe- 75 Gary Pearson Marci Pennington Donald Perry Guiha Pontrelli Alfred Powell , , .ff P' 1 ' f ' , 1' e ' K A Steven Price jon Quaid Dana Quan Roselin Randy Ramirez Ronda Rawlins I Rachel Reboton Rhondalyn Renda Trudy Reyes james Richardson Alton- Riddle Rachel Rivera Tammy Rivers Anthony Rodriguez 0 76 -Seniors Michelle Rodriguez Barbara Rollins Mark Romero Rachael Romero Paul Rosenlind jocelyn Rout! Eric Ruenz Sanjay Sabnani Rahrne! Safnimi Abel Sancbn Aireen Sanchez Ferdinand Sarxido Robert Sanhnyer Emilyn Santos S Pamela Sarofeen C ynlhia Schnader Kyra Schoening Kurt Scortt Arm Seffem Rishi Shublg Seniors Pe-Sh-77 jocelyn Siapno Connie Sicbon Frank Silva , I Nick Silva X Jeanette Silva Tina Silva Gurindarpa Singb james Sloan Catrina Slobodnink Heidi Smith 1 1 w Robert Smithline I Carrie Soares Osman Sorbbabi Lasbawn Spencer Louis Staley i I 5' Q 14: ,,., 'I' J- -Q, 4. if , ,. Keith Stanton Kim Stapp Melanie Starz Bret Stover Curtis Stredic 78-Seniors 9 . Brian Tabenala Kim Txernan Linda To Arlene Tobia Aida Toledo jerry Torre: Tana Tsai 0 Heather Ulricb Dfhne Vargas N , ..,.....-mln., F?P""' J Seniors jo-Va-79 Peter Vialpando Luis Vxeyra Dean Vigil I Cecilia Villega: Jeri Walher at M Kerry Walker Faylaizia Warren R. Marc Walley Patrick Watson Heather Wesley Max Wheeler Cynthia lwlltkllhf joy Williams Niko lwllxhnzs Todd Woodward L David Yamashha Sang Yi V Eric Yuan 80-Seniors l I lose Amador "Thanks Mom and Dad for all your jelp and support. I'm glad you guys pushed me ar I might have done something I would have egretted for the rest of my life. I love you both for iilways being there when I needed you. Now, Hs hit em'! l Puantise Antoine "CXO "87", the best to each if you . . . Mom and Dad. I love you both. Sister Dee, the best to you now and always . . . Bestest renz: Niko, Stacye and Monica, the best to you all, I luv you guys!!"- Ouanchy loe Ayers "lt was the best of times. It was the vorst of times. That pretty much sums up my 'ears at Mt. Eden. Thank you, everyone that has ielped me make it. Hey Chill Band was great and good luck next year. Caryn. don't forget about four shoe. "87" RULES" lonnie Bailey "Good Luck to the accounting :rew- Catrina, Jenni, Kris, Kim. Sean. Gregg and Jlaria. I love you Adam. Thanks for helping me vith everything, I finally made it!" Iristine Bailey "I dedicate this quotation to my nom and dad. I want to say publicly that I love and respect you very much. I'm so glad I am inally completing high school. Goodbye and good luck in the future, The accounting crew. lack Baldridge 'lThe years were rough, The rears were hard, Now set fire, to my attendance :ardl Thought I couldn't get out of this place. .ook at me now and I laugh in your face! Class of 57" iilvia Barajas "I want to thank my aunt and uncle or helping me through these years that have Jassed. And to all my friends at Mt. Eden, I wish 'ou the best of luck. I'Il miss you all. I wish the best o the class of "87" iernando Basa "Thanks to everyone that made he times at Mt. Eden bearable. Take care every- Jne and enjoy your lives. Sanjay, Laurie. Alice. Iuka. and Greg- Goodbye. My friends, maybe or forever. Goodbye - Ferny" Bobby Bastress "I would like to thank the entire :lass of 1987 for all the unforgettable memories rou've given me. Special thanks to the CREW, 'ony. Charlie, Teresa and Kristi for being there ivhen I needed them most, especially Pam, I couldn't have made it without you." Denell Bell "I liked being at M.E. the two years that I was: I had fun kickin' it with my partners. On behalf of the CONDO PARTNERS I leave my half to my partners: Londell, Chico, Lamont, Omar, and Larry. Have fun the last years your at M.E. Yak- howl!" Monique Borunda "Mom and Dad: I love U for all the love and trust U put in me, Caprice and Royce: Stay cool. Shawn: Thankx A being there. To all my friends, thanks for helping me smile through the years. lets keep in touch. Michelle- I've learned to be adventurous! Steve- UR IN 'IO SE. I love you RAB. P.S. Trudy and Kristi - l gotta go Pl- love MOU L5I,' Valerie Bowlin "To all of my close friends, family, and the class of"87". I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for all of the good times and the treasured memories. l'lI keep forever. but remember. this is just the BEGINNING! Brad Brown "MXI, UX DURX Y! B.T. VOR R.L. IMQP SZR Y!"+ ZAXB.NZB DZU,+Z LVBII MVBR NX9696V4f !ZV9s't6 IZ' 'QRXBIZV4 DXQ SZZRN'Q96'lP. N.P."TBVAX". '?'+MDEO NZBXAXB -What? P.S. Thanks to all of my friends and my parents. Later lil' sis, I'm outa here! QTWEETY BlRDj" Lawrence Brown "Thanks mom and dad for ev- erything. Good-bye and good luck to F.B., S.S.. C.C., and R.M. Good luck to the class of 'i88". Thanks" John Buendid "STAND BY ME" Oh "THE FINAL COUNTDOWNH to USUMMERTIME, SUMMERTIME" when it'S "HIP TO BE SQUARE" to "OPEN YOUR HEART" so "COME GO WITH ME" and LETS GO "WALK LIKE AN EOYPTIANH On this HNOTORIOUS- ""LAND OF CONFUSIONH cuz "THE FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT I GOTTA WEAR SHADES" -"PAUL REVERE"- Tom Bueno "Welcome to where time stands still. no one leaves and no one will. Moon is full, never seems to change, just labeled mentally der- anged. Dream the same thing every night, I see our freedom in my sight." -Metallica- Charlie Burns "So teach us to number our days. that we may apply our hearts unto widsom" Thankx mom and dad for all the love and support QUOTES you've given me over the years. I love you. A special thankx to Tammy Ankrum.I love you. Good luck class of "87" in the future and may we all meet again. Remember - Wherever you go, there you are!" Raquel Bybee "During the time spent here. I have learned a lot about people, thanks to my friends and Ms. Victor. I'm moving on in my life and the people close to my heart made it possi- ble. I am able to love now and I hope never to lose the beauty of it." Larry Byrd "Thank you mom, Toma and Khai for your love and support and being there whenever I needed help. I love you all. I want to thank all my friends for making high school so fun. Good Luck Seniors!!!" Cesar Cavazos "Thanks mom and dad for not pressuring me to succeed in school. Its been fun guys! P.S. Confucious say, "Have a nice day!" Mary Ceniceros "Mark, K.S.H., Tina. thanks for everything! Duckie and Lizzie, together we teased, laughed, and cried, but never fought. We got into mischief alot and almost got caught! But we'lI always be together cause true friend- ships Iast FOREVER!!!" Linda Chang "Eureka!! Eureka!!" Kevin Chew "Thanks to all my good friends who have made these four of the best years a person could have. We've had great times, both good and bad and I never want to forget you guys. Remember. next year - Southern Cal! Good luck to you all in the future!" Alice Chung "Like a bird upon the wind we will know the sense of freedom. We will find the an- swers to the questions we've never known. We will make our names stand out and forever we'Il stand proud. We are here . . . Many thanks to my parents and to all the friends and teachers who never stopped believing in me. Yika - love you! Sanjay, meow!" Brian Clark UILYJU, TFEMSLD, GLTICO87, DMGIF- FITW, BNBBNBS, MSLDTFGMIFWHAP, IGIMYJYMS- MIM. IHlCO87DAWAlGlDITF, DIASIYW, TJUMD- SAM8LR, IGMLT87, GOOD LUCK!" Naomi Clark "Na Na your the best. but save Senior Quotes-84 SENIOR some for Pinky, Ades, Joann. Joann, iT's been greaT, good luck. Brian Thanks for being There, even Though I don'T remember. Ivlarilou, Trudy, lvlonique- We made ITI Friends Forever. Joanna hang In There. Love ya alll" Shanin Collins "Howdy: Vic, Jessy, Pip and Ernie. Doughnui fighfs and IaTe nighT bank escapes. Team A.V.O.K.? Sorry, Team G! Pass The TANG because she's gof Joe's Trousers on. EaT iT, WhaT? Well I didn'T see ThaT rock. LaTer skaTers. STrIng Cdon'T pull iT.y" Healher Cook "I made iT, Thanks To mom and dad, I love you! Good luck "87". A special Thanks To The Crew for all of The good Times. you're The greaTesT! To my Tigger, I love you forever Ba al- ways . . . XOXO" Jesse Cooper "Special Thanks To dad, sis, 84 my grandparenTs for helping me geT all I have. Love always To The boyz, Rock for ages. To IVI.B. a pleasure To know, Kaly Cowden "Thanks mom and dad for all your help. I really do love you boTh. Good luck Chrissy and Chrissy G. Thanks To my friends Jodie Nelson and Cindy Schneider. Thanks Brian Henderson for being There. C Ya!" Mercedes Crislobal I'The Time is here and IT's Time To cheer. Some will bursT ouT inTo Tears while oThers will yell ouT Their cheers. Good Times and bad will be remembered, from beginning To end. BesT wishes To all my friends and To The class of 87l" Dixie Krimm "Mommy and daddy all The yelling did me good. I finally made IT! Duddies we are finally ouT This camp. STrong friendships should never die! BesT wishes Tashai and Sherell. De- Shawn I LOVE YOU and good luck! Be sTrong Pumpkin and Tequila. I love you all, buT I goTTa go. H Lisa Cruz "See mom 84 dad and U.J. 84 A.F. I made IT! Mahalo 81 Aloha Leimomi, Angie, Kawai, 84 Nani. 'I-A-3 D.P. Ivle Kealoha Pumehana - lkaika" Lyzelle Cruz "Ces and lVIalou: you guys awe besT of friends anyone could ask for. 'I2' 'I3' ' 82-Senior OuoTes Ronnie Cruz "The Time has come. School is done. I couldn'T have done IT wiThouT my mom and my grandparenTs. I love you all. LasT buT cerfainly noT leasT my girlfriend. I love you, Tail" Domingo Cuevas "MT. Eden has been The besT four years of my life - sikel To my mom and The uTols, Thanks for all The supporT. John, Jerome, Gary, Tracey, Delnis and The Gang, Ces, Ivlarilou and LyseTTe - lVlahalo" Bryan Cunningham "I hope everybody's dreams come True. I know my dreams have come True. Because over The summer I ran inTo a very special girl. If she'II have me I would like To marry her. I LOVE YOU! Cheryl Robinson, and don'T ever for- geT ThaT! Now kiss me you fool . . . " Keisha Culhberlson "Look mom - I made ITI, I passed The TesT. These pasT Twelve years have been The besT. To all my friends ThaT have more years, I leave wiTh happiness and shed some Tears. I love you mom, STanIey, Angie, and dad. The Kid from New York!" Deborah Davis "Thanks mom and dad. You made This year special for me. I LOVE YOU AL- WAYS. Pooh sTay cool. Remember "FIRST CLASS FOREVER." Leah, Nicole "The Crew." IAN DARRYL SIMES, YOU'RE SPECIAL. Toni, iT's been fun. Salna, Thanks for being my friend. PaT, Donnelle, Dell BYE! HEY Nesha, Nesha, BLUE FOREVER." Dewayen Davis "I would like To Thank The follow- ing companies for making This school year possi- ble! Budweiser, Coors, and Jack Daniels. WiThouT Their help I wouIdn'T have made iTl" Naquelfa Davis "I'd like To Thank God. Say I love U mom and Thanks for being There for me, and 2 Norwarren I wish U all The luck 84 happiness in The fuTure, your a greaT friend. Jacie 84 Sonya Thanks for making 2nd live. l'll miss ya Noo Noo! . . . lvls. Davis" Rachael Davis "I would like To Thank my mom for all The supporT you've given me over The years and a special friend David Jones. Good luck in The fuTure LaIVIan. E "STay SweeT?" Good luck To our fuTure Freddie Taylor. "Bless you all" Jose DelaCruz 'II wanT To say Thankx To all of my frenz and fellow gradz of 'i87" for The greaTesT high school years anyone could ever have. Espe- cially To you Angela Rose Reyes, for making rr life so wonderful. Love ya all and Take IT easy. P. "Someone busT ouT The yayo" Remember TI' smoking law CUSSK! Juan DelaCruz "Well fellers, iT's Time To jam, O ver Edgar, HenesTy, Donald, Ivlondi, Paul, Denn Jeff, Robby, all of you undergraduaTes make Tr besT of your youngsTer years. Angie, Tricia, Trud you all be good. Everyone keep In Touch. All c you guys are one in a million, especially by br! JoJo." Alberl Delgado "I finally made IT. Good luck I The resT of The underclassmenf' Michelle Delgado "Thanks mom and dad. couldn'T have done IT wiThouT you, your Th greaTesT. David you mean everyThing To me an I love you so much. I miss you grandpa, I wish yc were sTiIl here." Edna Dere "IT's all been worfhwhile buf This is ju The beginning! Mom and dad- Thanks. Jane you've been a greaT sIsTer. Have fun R's. Goo luck and congraTuIaTions To The class of 1987! Todd Dixon "All my life I never sTopped To wori 'bouT a Thing. Open up and shouT IT ouT - an never Try To sing, wondering If I've done IT wron Will This depression IasT for long? Won'T you 'S me . . . where have all The good Times gone? Cindy Dorolhy "I would like To Thank my parenT Teachers and God for helping me make Through The years. I love you all." Gina Duarle "Thanks mom, dad, and Mark for c The supporT you've given me Throughouf my hig school years. Joey your The greaTesT! I hope w sTay TogeTher forever, babe. I love you forever and aIways!" Lisi Elespp "Mommy no pudiera hacerlo sinTi IVIL chisTsmas gracias para Toda Ter ayuda. Te amo eres Ia mejor! And To my Three besT buddies IVl.lN R.R., and Mr. Bear- I super love you guys! Thani for all The memories." JoAnn Eslrada "I, JoAnne EsTrada, firsT, Thank m parenTs for bringing me up Thru my high schoc years. To all my friends, hope To be seeing yo around. lviomi and Mooke, Thankx for being sl nice To me. Jimmy, Take care and good luck wiT your up-coming years," Liza Estrada "Thanks Ms. Griebrok for allowing me to graduate at Mt. Eden. Thank you Jim Sloan for introducing me to the drugs, alcohol, and rock-n-roll. Uust kiddingj Thanks Jim for every- thing. I love ya. I love you mom for standing by me and understanding me." Tony Fernandez "To THE CREW-Mike, Peter Mark, Gary, Robby Yvonne, Brigette, Maria, Heather, you guy's are THE GREATEST! I could never forget the good times. Mom I put you through a lot of hard times. I'm sorry! I love you mom. To Heather I love you and always will. Hi Ron." Thomas Ferreira "Mom, dad, Coach Matthews, Ms. Schwiers, Mr. Wyckoff, thanks for everything! I LOVE YOU ALL! Bubbles, you're my favorite 'I IGeorge, hang tough buddy! Lil' Dude, good luck' lTo all my friends, I'll love you always! Lowerclass- rnen, you'II always be WORTHLESS EIGHTGRADERS to me! Best of luck to '87! "LEAD" Todd Fisher "Mom 84 dad thanks for the guid- ance. The worst is over. And Ms. Schweirs thanks a lot. Class of 87 the laughs and joys will ever linger on. Keith, Gary, LuLu, good luck in the fu- ture. Jay will always be Brown. To Niko, paradise is our next stop. Teresa Fisher "To dream the impossible, to con- quer the unconquerable, this is my quest." Mom and dad, you've given me the love and encour- agement more than one could ask for. I love you forever. Trevor, good luck in your next 3 years at M.E. Shawn FOREVER FRIENDS secrets told, memories shared, remember you only live once. Bret and Robby, to know you is to love you and that I do. You guys are the best. Good luck class of 87." Sandra Fitch "Mom, thanks for your support. I ove you! Members of the R Club, Sonny, good uck Grace, we've had our ups and downs. No 'natter what happens, you are and always will be 'ny very best friend! Take Care. Au revoir" Bennison Flores "Mom 84 dad I told you I'm gonna Ttake it. Thanks for all your support. Glad to have you with me. I love you! Solomon Floyd "First of all l'I like to thank my Tlother and father for everything. I wish good luck and a great future for the basketball crew, S.L., Kurtis stay down, and Dre toss-up the town homeboy!" Cynthia Foget "lf we could sell our experiences for what they cost we'd all be millionaires by now . . . As we go don't forget the FLAMlNGO!" Kristy Foster "Mom and dad, sorry for all the trou- ble l've caused you throughout the years. Well I finally made it. Michelle thanks for everything . . . We've been through a lot together, but we made out on top. Donna it'i been fun knowing you. To Ms. DelaRiva. thanks for everything. I love you allI" Nancy Francis "Mom and dad thank you to the both of you. You are the best parents anyone could have, I wouldn't have made it without you, mom! To my brother I wish you lots of luck next year. Best wishes to the class of 1987. P.S. I love you mom, dad 84 Don." Joanne Garcia "Some people call me rude, I wish we all were nude. I wish there was no black and white, I wish there were no rules. PRN- Prin- cedemonianism - Electra. Jay, Nut, Bucky, you are my life, I love you. Jen Pal, Freaks! Take care all ya tosses! Jobaby 57" Salna Gee "I thought this time would never come it seemed so far away, without you mom, without you dad l wouldn't be able to say, it was hard, but it was fun the class of B7 is number one. Thank you for everything." Patricia Gifford "Goodbye to my friends and thanks to my teachers. Good luck to you all. Good luck to Angie, Mary, Sherri, and Sheli. I hope that the rest of your time is as great as mine has been," Michelle Gomoll "Thanks to me l made it. So screw all of you who thought you helped. I love you all though, especially me." Dario Gonzalez "l'd like to thank my parents, and many friends, without them I don't know how I could have made these the best A years of my life. All the best." Mike Graham "To: Jim z, Pete, Tony, Heather, Alex, Jeremy, Mark, Greg, Rachael, Robby, Gary, Tina, Rick, Brigette, Levon, Maria, thanks - you nerds. Love you Teena! Thanks mom and dad! BEASTIE BOYS!! "When I get my fill I chilly most" GRAHAMBO-87-STIE." Greg Griffin "lt's been a good A years at M.E. but l'm glad I'm leaving. Good luck to the Crew in the future. 86 B2000 Rules, BOYS." Patti Griffin '!Thanks mom and dad for all of your support and understanding. To my special friends: thanks for all the good times! T.H., Y.M., JC., W.P. Qstay in school womanly D.M, and to my boyfriend, I love you very much babe. Good luck class of lQ87." Shannon Griffin "Sunny, thanks for being there for me. To Lore, and all spiritleaders, thanks for a great fun filled year, I'm gonna miss the squad. Valerie and Kelly, thanks for all the memories, I love ya and will miss ya!" Courtney Gray "My eyes are watering, there's a lump in my throat. l've longed for graduation, now I don't want to leave. I'Il miss the games, my boring classes, the close friendships l've made over the years. But qBoo-hoop I won't let the sad- ness of leaving my friends - family keep me from partying my A- off in college! Good luck 87, Corky G Pam Grier HBAIGO thank you God, Hank 8cC.B.C.Y.C., Niaue, Lace, Deac, Rell Yeah, lt's that T.U.C. forever. And to that old Bhrama Fam- ily- U- KNOW-WHO-YOLJ-ARE! lt's kazual cuz we'll miss you wenches too. T.U.C. Alwaze. PS. Throw that Hay." Karen Hal "My last year, ma, and you're not here. Be proud of me, I love you. Thanks L and Pops for the help and understanding. to the up- coming seniors keep the Mt. Eden Spirit alive and good luck!" Lynn Harwood "Theres no secrets and no corrup- tion in the center of infinity. Theres no limits in non- existence and no beginning to my destiny. Ozzy." Kenneth Henderson "Mom, thanks for supporting me through all these years, you're the greatest! Ms. Schwiers thanks for being there, especially you Keith! Good luck class of 87 l'll never forget you Joanna, I love you and always will! K.I.T. al- ways." Senior-Quotes-83 I lJ ENIOR Tanya Henderson "Mom, dad I've finally done iT! Thanks for everyThing. l'm glad I had The Two of you To see me Through. I love you boTh, Neil W. XOXO, Good Luck. LaShawn, happiness is get- Ting whaf you wanT, success is wanTing what you geT. 4987 was so legiT! Frenetta Hendrix I'To my moTher and faTher who I love very much, I Thank you for your love and for your supporT. Good luck in The fuTure To The class of 4987 and you NeTTe." Angela Hill I'Mom and dad I love you boTh and I hope I haven'T been a disappoinTmenT To you Two, but I do Try my best. Thank you very much mom for everything. Darryl Malone, you've broughT me happiness, I LOVE YOU. Take care everyone! Love always, fuTure Mrs. Angela Ma- lone." Kristi Hillestad "Of The four years I've been here. I've come across many friends, you're all very dear To me! Trudy and Monique, my best friends, Thanks for all The good Times! Grandma and Grandpa Thanks for everyThing. I love you boTh. Ricky CM.D.j you're my everything. l'lI always love you . .. FOREVER! Good luck nexT year Teena Beena, you, I could never forgeT! ONO SKONO 84 OOMPS QwhaT did ThaT meanp? Hey, Monique Go PI!!! Linda Hinoiosa "IT's been fun, but now IT's Time To go afTer our dreams and make Them come True. Thanks for all The greaT Times DaneTTe, Roxane, Lamont, Luis, Michelle, MiTchi, and Greg. To my family, Thanks for all your supporf and help. To my freaks, keep dancin. 'IC-Ya Babes!" April Hiram "Mahalo To my sisfas lkaika, Nani. Kainoa, Kawai, Malani, Namakalani, Leialoha, Angie, Napua, Angelica, Joann, and PaTTy. Thanks for The smiles, laughs, and Tears. May all your hearTs be as one Through all The years - 'ISTAND BY ME" Smile Jimmy! I love you mom. dad, and Moke. Aloha, Leimomif' Kevin Hoang "May you have The greaTesT Two giffs of all on These holidays: someone To love and someone who loves you. If you already had IT, don'T blow iT - good planeTs are hard To find. Never eaT more Than you can IifT!" Steve Hohl "To The guys I hung around with aT lunch, 'IHope you make iT Through The rest of The 84-Senior Quotes years wiThouT me." l'd like To Thank all my friends for being There Through The years. To my mom and dad, I love you and Thanks for everyThing," P.S. Good luck Kevin." Chris Huston "ln only a single year aT ME. I've gained friendships ThaT will never be forgoTTen. Leaving my old school as a senior seemed like a Tragedy Then, but being welcomed as I was made IT loTs easier. Thanks Bene for The greaTesT season. Julie, I love you, Thanks everyone!" Viel Huynh "My one and only, Nancy Francis: You're a very special person To me, em Ha. Don'T you ever forgeT ThaT!!! You're my besT friend! You're mine, and always will be. Please forgive my misTake."Anh yeu em mai mai, I missed your TLC." Jenifer lzak "I don'T wanT To sTarT any blasphe- mous rumors, but I Think ThaT God's goT a sick sense of humor, and when I die I expecT To find him laughing. Rachel Thank you for undersTanding me. You're The besT. Rishi I will be your friend unTil The end of Time, "sweeThearT" Laurie, I know ThaT you will geT everyThing ouT of life, but just don'T forgeT who you are, SPUNK. l.L.U. ALL." Jason Jackson "The official, biodegradable quoTe of Jason J. Jackson: "I suppose for once in my life I mighT as well be serious and Thank every- one who goT me here, CYou know who you arej so, class of 87, leT's geT out info The real world and show 'em how IT's supposed To be done. Bye Ms. James!" Kim Jackson 'ITo mom and Ed, Dad and Erica, Thanks for everything, you're The greaTesT! To The family, I made IT! I love you all. To The friends I leave behind, good luck. And To The class of 4987, we are The fuTure. Good luck and make The most of your lives. Always remember your dreams. Thanks for The meories, l'll cherish Them always. P.S. Rishi, remember our OSCAR!" Scarlet Jackson "Momma, Daddy, Thanks for supporTing me Through The years. I love you boTh! Del, Randel and Theda, I made iT! Arn'T you proud of me. STerling Moses, I give my best wishes To you, love you always. yo LaShawn, was 87 legiT or whaT!" Susan Jankowski 'Thanks mom and dad for ev- eryThing. And To my friends especially Joanna, Rachael and Lynn for being There when I needed someone To Talk To. And To ArT Ramirez you will always be SOITWSODQ VGTV SDGCICII To ITIS. I love YOU. Donelle Johnson "I would like To Thank all of my friends and my moTher and faTher for geTTing me Through The year. BuT now To my parTner Dell, IT's been fun because The roap squad was number 4. BuT all that I know is The class of 87 must go." Lawanna Johnson "To my friends, for The resT sTrive for The besT, cuz This cruel world will puT you To The Test. Thanks mom for yelling aT me. IT got Through. A special Thanks To Ms. Schwiers. To my longtimefriend Kristi HillesTad, may we be friends for Ten more years. Ms. Bunny." Lavell Jones "To my parTners Danny J. 8s Big D Holloway, be cool 84 sTay in school. To Omar J. we had our ups and downs buT your sTiIl ok. To Lacy Lace I love you 84 always will. I want To be wiTh you forever: Love Chilly Veil." Darlene Jory "Thanks mom and dad for pushing me when I needed iT. Good luck Andrea and Wendy in your fuTure years aT MT. Eden. I love you alI." I I Debbie Kearns "See mom, I Told you l'd gra- duate. IT's been Tough, buT I made IT. All my friends, Thanks for The memories. I Love You! Rishi. where would I be wiThouT your supporT'? You'l make iT cuz baby you're a sTar. JuJu, I wish yon. were here To share iT aII." Robert Knight "I will never forgeT The fun, of Th friends I've made here aT MT. Eden. BUT MOST O ALL MOM, Thank you for your sTrong and lovin support all These years. BesT of luck in The futur class of 4987." Ron Knight "There comes a Time when every- body musT grow up. I guess This is our Time. Thanks: Rob, Tony, Rishi, Kim, Louis, Rachael, Don- na and a whole bunch of oTher special people. FLEA you're a great friend, Thanks. Michellj you're The besT. I LOVE YOU!!! Mom Thanks I lov you. 87 lives." Dixie Krimm "Hey ChrisTy! LeT's break ouT The Sody Pop! Yo Pinky whaT's up'?! To all you crazy people iT's been . . . Well, all is not lost! Bye morr 84 dad . . . Thankx Schwierso for all your help! P.S John M., I'II always love you." Lori LaManlia "Mom and Dad - Thank you for all of your loving supporT. I couIdn'T have made iT wiThouT you! Good luck Pafrick, I'II be Thinking abouT you always! I love you and I'm going To miss youll!! I can'T believe high schools Through and I'm on my way To SDSU!" Hilda Langarica "Good Luck To all The senior class of "87". A dlllar, A dollar, A Ten o'cIock Scholar. Whaf makes you makes you come so soon? You used To come aT Ten O'cIock buT now you come aT noon. Thank you mom, dad and friends and Teachers." Angelica Lasul "Thanks mom for all The helps you've given me. I wouldn'T have made IT wiTh- ouT you. For The class of 87, I wish you The besT of luck. Thanks To all of my friends, and especially mommy, yau're The greaTesT . . . human. I'lI al- ways love you." Jeff Lee "Follow your dreams - in This world They are your besT chance. Don'T lose hope, find a reason To keep iT. Good luck. Thanx for every- Thing R.H.,S.H.,S.S.,J.S.,M.G.,and S.G. Classof87 Rules!" Rozanda Lee "The essence of a higher educa- Tion is The search for ideas." Monique Lewis "Mommy 84 Margie, my inspira- Tion ThroughouT The years. Mission accomplished I made iT, Thanks. The Crew: Lace, Rell, Bop 84 Pam, Thanks for good Times. Hang in There TasTy. So- nya, my besT friend, 87 was your year Too, so This ones for you. May you resT in peace." Nique- Niauef' Vanessa Lim "Thanks mom and dad for supporT- ing me all These years. Yeah! I made iT, isn'T iT greaT. I especially like To Thank all my friends. lT's been greaT. Dana, hope we'II sTay friends for a long, long Time. J.R., E.S., H.L., R.S., S.P., S.R., V.T., Good luck To The class of l987!" Kimberly Lockwood "I finally made iT. Told you I could do iT. BuT I couIdn'T have made IT wiThouT The help of my mom and my grandparenTs, Thanks for your help. BesT wishes for all my friends, E.R., D.M., N.S., and many more. Good luck To my underclassmen wiTh whom I also had many friends. R.J., L.G., KC., M.S. BYE EVERYBODY. 87 is The besT." Maricela Lopez "I wanT To Thank my mom and dad for helping me Through These years and I also wanT To Thank my boyfriend for supporTing me on finishing school and being There wiTh me when I need him, and l wish The besT of luck To The class of "87". Keilh Lcuich "Plan for The real life before you know iT you will be There. To my friends James Lucas, Mikey D., Mr. Anderson, Barb, Anna M., KrisTy, JaneT, Chrissy L., Thanks for The inspiraTion, also my parenTs Don, Julie, Ron, Barb wiThouT you I wouIdn'T be here." Paul Lyons "Well mom and dad I finally made iT. You helped a IoT U2 Vernon, as four aa!! of yu Teechers hoo Ierned mee well, Thanx for The Times. Also Thanx To all my friends for puTTing up wiTh me. Mr. W., Todd, Ken, Cari, Jay, Mic, Dee, Shane, CinfBear and Mr. and Mrs. R. Thanx for The rldes." Michael Macachor "AfTer The dreams, come re- aIiTy. The pasf is gone forever, buT The memories sTilI live on. Friends and family Thanks for making my years The besT." DeOndra Madere "I would like To Thank a very special person in my life . . . MY MOM. I would like To Thank her for all of her help, because wiThouT her I would noT have made IT This far. you are The GREATEST! Love Qyour oldesf daughferj Ms. DeOndra Madere of Class of lQ87." Kelly Marks "Thanks Lori and ChrisTine for all The greaT Times This year. And Valerie and Shannon, l'll never forgeT you! Good luck class of 87, I hope all your dreams come True." Rodney Marquez "Show's over, were hisTory now! Special Thanks To all my friends for making These years memorable and fun - especially This one. Good luck To you all! See you guys down SouTh! Good Riddance M.E. cause I'm gone - Spike." Allen Marlinez "Thanks mom and dad for all The Things you've done for me ThroughouT The years, especially having me. Thanks C.K. for being There I love you. I also wanT To Thank B.Y. for everyfhig you've done for me. And K.W. for being There. I love you alI." QUOTES Donna Marlin "Mom, dad, Thanks for everyThing. see I made iT! Nick Thanks for The supporf I love you! ChrisTy ofh was fun, keep in Touch." Donna McCreadie "Mom, Thanks for all your love and supporT. Dad, I wish you could've been here, I love you boTh very much!-Chris, HeaTher, and PaTTi Thanks for being such greaT friends. - Joh- nie, YOU are The besT and I Love You!l!l" Linda McDonald "Everybody's searchin for a hero. People need someone To look up To. I nev- er found anyone To fulfill my needs. A lonely place To be, so I learned To depend on me. I decided long ago never To walk in anyones shadows. If I fail, If I succeed, aT IeasT l'II live as I believe. "RespecT YourseIf"- Bruce WilIis" Robert McKinney "Thank you mom and dad for puTTing up wiTh me all These years. I finally made iT. Bye Bye MT. Eden." Alex Medina "BarTender I'Il have anoTher" '!Love is only chaTTer, friends are all ThaT maTTer" "STrike hard, sTrike fasT, sTrike ofTen" I love you mom and dad, Good luck To The class of "87", and check slxf'Speed is life" Joann Meiia "Each day is filled wiTh fear along our way. BuT This one brings our cheer Our Gradu- aTion Day. P.S. Thanks mom and dad, J.J.M.E.G. BesT wishes To all my friends." Jeremy Miller "I wanT To say "Thanks" To all my Teachers who learned me so good. I be grad- giaTed now. PeTe, Mike, Greg, "BesT Senior Buds" To my sis I leave my swim lane. To JB, besT friends always. Class of "87" besT of luck, Love class clown. LONG LIVE SAPPOROJ' Delnis Miranda "GraduaTionl A memorable Time of boTh bliss and sorrow. Looking back in reTro- specT I find myself yearning To relive memories long gone. To my buddies-keep in Touch cuz' I sTiII luv ya! To!'Smurfy" and '!AbduIa" Alfhough The fufure separafes us, we will always be The besT of friends." Jonathan Monlilla "To live for Today and To love for Tomorrow is The wisdom of a fool. Because Tomorrow is promised To no one. You see, love is ThaT wonderful Thing ThaT The whole wide world needs plenTy of. You may conquer The world, buf wiThouT love There is noThing aT aII." Senior Ouofes-85 ENIOR Elizabeth Moran "My end aT MT. Eden is jusT The beginning. We musT now look To our fuTures and reach our goals. If may noT be easy, buT iT will all be worTh iT someday. Thank you for everything mommy and daddy. I will always love you. Helder Deider you are The greaTesTII!!I" Roxane Moran T'CongraTuIaTions cfo 87. lTs been a greaT Time 84 The memories will IasT for- ever, Thanks To my friends: Linda, DaneTTe, Greg, Luis, John, JaneT, gs C-Hall. Special Thanks To my parenTs for Their supporT 84 belief in me. Love you. "The Real." Andre' Mosley "Thanks moms and Pops for ev- erything. To Curtis and S.L. good luck To your fuTure. To my Ace J-Luv Keep The Tenders flowing HOMEBOYI- DRE '." Priscilla Moungle "Thanks To all my friends for making my senior and iunor years compIeTe. Thanks To mom and daddy for everything. BesT of luck To Emily, Swena, Jocelyn, AnnaLeah, Rachel, Vanessa, Rosalind, Hilda, Young, Angelica, Fran- ces. Celina . . . Friends Always." Tracey Murphy T'There are no endings only be- ginnings. To my buds Chilly UD" and 'TKing of The AI" don'T parTy Too much. To Mike and Dave and The rest of The gang l'lI be over for dinner. To my good friend Lourdes don'T forgeT To do your homework." David Myers "Thanks mom and dad for every- Thing. Val kindergarTen Through our senior year Together, Thanks for being a good friend. Jason, sweeT bug Alex Medina and PeTer Grace goT horse nuTs. Tic Tic Tug see ya Greg Mugg. Tyler is your bug done yet? Gary Pearson your awe- some. BNBBNBS. Louis STaIey you scrounge. Bye seniors." Barbara Nabors "Hey people The end is noT hear buT The end is here. So To all The guys and gals and all my close pals, I bid you all a shorT good bye. Because long ones always make me cry. Y'aII be down. Sheronica, Shawn, and ScarIeT Oh Yea The E-Hall CrewI" Anupa Narayan "Good luck! Classes of 87. Mom, Dad, Jai, and Rakesh Thanks for supporTlng me. I Told you all I will make iT and This is iT. Also Thanks To you Too Ashees for sTanding by me all The Time when I needed help. Once again Thanks a loT 86-Senior Quoies everybody!" Jodie Nelson "Thanks mom and Jeff for giving me ThaT extra push when I needed IT. If if wasn'T for you guys, Kathy and Cindy, I couldn'T have done IT. Good luck! I love you mom, dad, and Diane. Jeff, I'll always love you. Jo-Lyn. P.S. Good luck Tara." Bob Nguyen "The learned man auoies well The words of oThers, The wise man quotes his own." Dan-Thao Nguyen "The key To success is The consTancy To pursueI!" Nhut Nguyen "Thank you, Ngoc, mom, and dad for keeping me on The righT Track ThroughouT high schol. Thank you, Tien and VieT for lending me your ears during my hard Time. IT has been a Tough year, buT we made iT. Now comes The real challenge." Grace Ng I'Mom and dad, I love you. Thanks for everything. To my baby slsTer Florence, hang in There. I will always be here for you. Sandra, my besT friend, we made iT! You're The greaTesT. R's forever! Good luck To The class of 873' Joe Ockhuysen "This was my very inTeresTing school, ThaT was really boring To me aT Time." Shawn O'Connor "Happiness is seeing your boss's picTure on The back ofa milk carton. I wanT To Thank Jerry Falwell and Marc Wilson - The only Two guys who can make Thousands of people sTand up In unison and shouf, "Jesus ChrisTl!" The falcon has landed, The faT man walks alone . . . H Christine Papp "Looks like we finally made IT! Good luck To The class of 87! Thanx To my cIosesT friends wiTh who I laughed and cried. Donna and JeaneTTe- we had a IoT of good Times. More daze To come, new places To go. l've got To leave iT's Time for a show . . . " Darrell Park "We've all been looking Towards graduaTlon and now ThaT iT's here, l've never really realized whaT lies ahead unTil now. Keep in Touch MonTilla and YamashiTa and steer sTraighT Through life. I love you mom, clad, mama, papa, and especially my babez I love you Eileen. DJ Park C 3 Pencilfon '87." Sandeep Patel "Mom 84 dad- Even Though I'm sTiI gonna prove ya wrong, you're seT for life, mark my words. "Sis"- Though we've had our differ- ences, IeT IT be . . . "FeIIas" - Here's To fuTure days . . . cause The NIQUE will fly in '87, P.S, HEY DUDES. whaT ever happened A.S. and The S.S. Looks like The game's over." Thomas Paulson "May The roads rise To meet you. May The winds be always aT your back. May The sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fail soft upon your fields, and unTil we meeT again senior class of 87, may God hold you in The hollow of his hand." Kim Peacock "Thanks mom and dad for youh supporT Through my years aT M.E., Good luck To' The class of "87" and To all of my friends ThaT will be graduaTing in The fuTure years. Deedy, ChrisTy M.M., K.S., J.D., A.S,, and B.B. P.S. Boudy." Marci Pennington "iT's been a long four years. I' kinda sorry iT's over. Lynn we've been besT friend for a long Time now. I hope IT stays ThaT way. Pl we've had some good Times TogeTher, I'm sur we will have more. I hope we will always be Th besT of friends." Allred Powell 'Thank you mom and dad for sup- porTlng me Through high school. IT was a high hil To climb, To reach The Top. Buf when I did I never sTop. I give my best To my girlfriend nexT year al climbing ThaT high hill. I'll miss you Sherreese Rich- ardsonf' Steve Price "Mom and dad I couldn'T have made if wiThouT you,Iove you both. My homeboys Dre', J-Luv, The KID and The hoop crew good luck ir whaTever The hell you do, we'II iT's Time To get ghosT, don'T geT ill be like SL. and "chill The most" - player S.L." Dana Quon "To my mom and dad and To all my friends: Thanks for being There when I needec you and for being greaf people. Cari and Cin, you guys are The besT of my friends and I luv you, Angels foreverI" Randy Ramirez "If you Take a few minuTes To look inthe past you knew IT would never IasT. The smile and Tears of Those lasT four years could never be forgoTTen wiTh These special people, mom, Den- nis, and Lisi. Thanks mom, I love you. Our dreams are now possible Dennis!" Rhondalyn Renda "Thanks mom and dad for all your support during my four years at M.Eden. I'd like to thank E.R. for keeping me going in govern- ment. Thanks Mike for all your support, I love you. "87" is the best." Trudy Reyes "Good luck everyone!!! Thank you mom for all your love 84 support 84 dad I'm so glad we made up. As for Monique 84 Kristi, thanx for the best of times you crazy chics. Jessica you'II al- ways be my bestest buddie. And last but not least . . . To my baby Johnny, we've been through so much and we survived thanx to our love. You're everything in the world to me sweet- ie. I LOVE YOU!" James Richardson "To LOU, Mark, Sean, Val, Shannon, Susie, Chris- Contrast, Kev, Rod, Robert, D.J., Jon-Man, Rishi, Jeannie, Courtney, Linda, Jo- baby, Nut, Wilmaduke, M,C., Ice, Pam, Alex, Larry, Brian, Bret, Bob, Ziggy, Big AI, and Marcus - It was fun while it lasted. BERIN - may you al- ways remember this year." Allon Riddle "Mt Eden has been a good home for four years. I have met a lot of new people and kind teachers l'll miss. Thanks for your help. I love you Nicole Olate for always and forever. Look out world here I come. Thats all foIks." Rachel Rivera "David, I couldn't have made it through these last two years without you. Thanks babe. I love you a lot. mom and dad thanks for your support. You're the best parents in the world. Bro, P-nut, Tony, Jennifer, Good luck with your remaining years here." Tammy Rivers "Thanks mom, Tina for the support, but now I'm on my way, thanks for the helping hand. Graduating from Mr. Eden is one of the best things that's happened to me besides my love for Lamar Myson Brandon. Thanks for the wonderful years in school. Good luck class of"87" Anthony Rodriguez "Ann, may it last forever. Fly high Dean, to the A, what happened?" Michelle Rodriguez "I finally made it through school. I'd like to thank my loving parents and all my best friends. And also I would like to thank Mt. Eden teachers who gave knowledge to us stu- dents who want to pursue better educations. Good luck class of '87" Barbara Rollins "We'Il I finally made it dad and mom. Thanks for all your help and support. I love you both. Kim, thanks for being such a great friend. Elena and Angelique good luck next year and the years to come. l'lI miss you both. Mike, Take Care, and I LOVE YOU!" Mark Romero "Thanks to everyone Family, sis, MUG, Big T, A special thanks to Kristi Re' Hillestad for helping me in government. See you D Hall MJG, Big T, GB, PV, TW, BL, KRH, TR, MB, VB, JN, Big Les, KF, WALL AND JMG! Gary P you got SHAFTED! Pimping Carmellol PD+l" Rachael Romero "Congratulations class of 87' . . . Love you mom and dad, thanks for all of the encouragement and for believing in me! Espe- cially for Mark, just remember I'II always be there for you. Thanks T.F., M.G., and K.W. for every- thing. To Tashai S. I'll miss you!" Paul Rosenlind "Zoltan, Mike, Dan, I'lI be waiting with the party place! Take it easy Nelson and keep in touch. You guys are too much! Anastasia I'rn gonna miss you, but l'Il visit you I promise. Your the best girlfriend a guy could have, I LOVE YOU! IRON MAIDEN R.I.P.'s ...... Mr. Unique" Jocelyn Routl "Mom, dad, Jenny, Erlindo, and Freddie, lfinally made it through school, thanks to you. I also want to thank my best friends Hilda, Emilyn, Rosilin and Vanessa. The best of luck to the class of '87" Eric Ruenz "I finally made it. Thank you mom and dad for all your support. Best wishes to R.R., T.C., E.D., F.S., M.S., K.L. Take it easy Phil. The class of 87 is the best." Rahmat Samimi "I want to thank my parents for helping me throughout these past years. I really enjoyed playing soccer at Mt. Eden. I made a lot of friends during the past years. Thank you and God Bless everybody" Abel Sanchez "Party people all over the world. Fly guys homeboys and pretty girls. This is my quote I'm about to say, party hard and stay a pain cause when your out of school it won't be the same." Emilyn Santos "Love to mom, dad. Good luck Francia 84 Dino-is this for real? Amy 84 VO5-re- member rhombus, triangle, parallelogram? We QUOT 5 made it without them bozos-good memories though . . . To my friends-sorry guys, didn't have time to write anything else-I'II miss u'aIl though . . . Bye!" Bob Sanlmyer "To my family: your sweet thoughtfullness has been beneficial to me among circumstances! To those crazy guys in statistics:"SNAUSAGES!" BS Incorporated. Hey Bret, you still owe me money. Thanx for the laughs 87' T.C. 84 D.M. some of thsoe jokes are actually funny! I love you mom 84 Carm." Pamela Sarofeen "What is past we know, what is for to come we know not," Thanks Linda, Rishi, and Charlie for making these years what they were. Most of all thank you Robby, don't ever give up on me, I love you." Cindy Schneider "Thanks mom and dad for ev- erything. I love you both. To my friends Kim, Kathy. Jodie, 84 Stacy, I couldn't have done it without you. Guy, thanks for everything. I love you, babe! You are everything to me. Together we'II make it forever! cfo 87" Kyra Schoening "We've finally come to the end, but really it's just the beginning! I finally made it Londa. I love you sis. To all my friends, thanks. Dad, never could have made it without you. All my love to Darryn, my strength for 3 years. "87" will never die." Kurt Scorlf "I made it, thanks for your help mom, Jay, Dar, and Greg. Good luck to the class of "87". D.N. I will never forget the good times we had." Ann Selfens "How do I love thee . . . Mom, dad. even Chris. Forever yours, AJ. Day?" Rishi Shukla "Babe look at me and tell me what you see. You ain't seen the best of me yet, give me time l'lI make you forget the rest." Thanks mom and dad." Jocelyn Siapno "Good luck to all R's. Hope you fulfill your dreams. It was fun while it lasted. Keep the tradition underclassmen. R's Forever! Live your dreams! Thanks, Jackie, for "Standing By Me." Consuelo Sichon "When Failure stares you in the face fight back with might and main, and if your Senior Quotes-87 faith is strong enough your goals you will aTTain" - Mohn "Think about itll", as I always say . . . " Frank Silva "My A yrs, at MT, Eden have been fun but went by fast. L.B. and G.H. enjoy The rest of your stay at M.E Good luck T.F. and D.G. in what- ever you decide To do. Thanks for all your help mom and dad. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF "87" Jeanette Silva 'IWeII . . . I've had loads of GOOD TIMES CI-le! I-Ielj School can be as fun as you make it. I'm thankful To my parents who I love very much and helped me To get back in school and my friends who stood by me! Stwilly, I luv you!" Nick Silva "Chevy's Rule. Good bye and good luck To all my friends To my mom, dad, brother Rich and cousin's Jim and John. I finally finishedI" Tina Silva 'ITo: My mom and famiily This year I dedicate To you for your support. I love you all. Love Tina P.S. Arizona here I come." Gurindarpa Singh 'IThis is The most happy and sad moment for all The senior year. The most Thing I like having The high school and entering college life. This occasion only comes once a year and all we have is memory That we have done in high school. Good bye." Jim Sloan I'CIing To The past you'll be left behind cause you can't turn back The hands of Time. Rock-n-Roll ain'T no noise pollution, Rock- n-Roll will never die, Thanks mom and dad. Love ya Liza. Thanks To all of my friends, couldn'T have made it without you." Catrlna Slobodnink "Thanks mom and dad for being so supportive and helping me struggle Through high school, You were always There en- couraging me To be what I am Today. I wouIdn'T be here if iT weren't for you! I love you! Well, Dennis, we FINALLY made it! Heidi Smith "Mom, Pop, Pouge, Dad iT's been hard but I did it. Phil I love you. IT's going to last forever, Lizzie Thanks for being There when I need- ed you. To my friends don'T dream it -be iT. Adults don'T spit on us because we are The fu- Ture." Dennis Smithline "The best feeling is knowing you've made IT! Its been a struggle but Ms. Ad- ams helped me Through iT all, l'II never forget her 88-Senior Quotes for That. To my special friends Randy, and Joy you've been The best friends a person could have. Mom I did iT. I love you mom." Robert Smithline "Thanks mom and Bob for help- ing me Through These years. I wish your picture was here next To me Dennis, for our final year aT M.E. I love you all. Especially I love you Norma Sanchez, your my all. I love you honey, I want To be with you forever," Cari Soares "Mom and Kenny Thanks for all your love and support, I love you both. Dad, I'm still confused, but will always love you. Cyndi, your special to me, I love ya sis! Cindy and Dana I hope our FRIENDSHIP lasts FOREVER! My buddies in Psych, Paul and Mike, Thanks for cheering me up, Good luck class of "87", see ya aT ChaboT." Osman Sorkhabi "Osman's Law: I. Good luck to all The F-LS I hanged around with aT lunch. 2. Make wise decisions in The future. 3. And may I asked - why are you Trying To read This you nosey F-LS?" LaShawn Spencer "Mom, didn't Think iT could be done "huh' '... '? To my love and second half I'l Love You! Scarlet and Tanya, live your lives To The fullest. Classmates "Get all you can Today for Tomorrow it may not be There." Scarlet, 87 legit! I Thought you knew! Hang in There Lewis." Louis Staley "Thanks To: Donna, Sean, Kevin, Val, Ron, Rob, Jim, Suzie, Greg, Gary, Ken, Dana, JoJo, Rishi, Courtney, and Cindy your The great- est. A very special Thanks To my family. Coach Becker Thanks for helping me mature on and off The field. l'Il miss You Berinl D.M. you scrounge. Hi Carol! Thanks Laurie, Jenelle, and close friends Love you all The Regime. ul-lang Loose" 'IGidde Mate" Keith Stanton "I, Mr. Wonderful, wish The best of luck in The future 2, 442, 44666, Sweet Lou, A.M.L., The class of 87 and myself! I will always luv that someone special. Thank U Ms. Schwiers, and my broTher." Kimberly Stapp "Thanks mom for all The support you have given me. To all my friends, Thanks for being There: Kim, Danielle, Paulie, Tina, Diane, Mary, Nequetta, and Lisa. Special Thanks To Bill you are The best boyfriend a girl could have. Good Luck cfo 87" Melanie Starz "l'll always remember my years c M.E. Thanks To all my friends. I'Il miss you all. Goo luck To The class of "87" Party on! Thanks mor and dad, I did IT! When one is one, and one is a To be a rock and not to roll . . . " LED ZEPPELIN Bret Stover TIThanks mom and dad for all The sup port! To all the girls aT ME, its been The best, I lov you all! To all my buddies Thanks for being Ther Teresa, Robby, Mike, Charlie, Tony, Joe, and T Bobby I love you more Than Carm. Good luck an goodbye ME." I Curtis Stredic "To my homeboys Dre', Steve Solomon, and etc. May God bless you all in yoL future schooling or careers. Also To The preTT young ladies of 87, stay sweet, kind, and fine and stay in Touch. To my family I love you al thanks for everything mom 84 dad. And To Mese love you," Brian Takenaka "'?4fM,PYDTMY, DXZL DVQV9aZV"2Yl+'3ls+VR8! ZCHGVI6? IXADIQIX BYXOR7 '?'IAUX3+'BXQMVR6+ ZDXSSZZREI YDXQTQSRZOI 69l,ZXAI MX7TZRX2V++MZ96l GOODLUCK MARIJUNE, MAHAL KITA MALOL THANKS A BEING A GREAT FRIEND. LlMZ7DX QVTTXXR? YEAH RIGHTTP? IZ'79sIYQ qCYXTX6ZN VTP2ZNz1+MY! 5+'leWl2I BV+M3TVQ94fT'DDI QHQRTBI 6'?VS7? XVTOITPI! Kim Tiernan "Thanks mom for your support. wouldn't have made it without you, I would alsc like to thank Barbara Rollins for making my fir: year at MT, Eden enjoyable. I love you. And than you Rachael Davis for helping me write This an with cosmeTology." Linda To "I like To Thank you all my Teachers fo helping me out for The past four years. Speck Thanks To my mother for raising me up and mad! me go To school. I love you. Best of luck to Thi class of 87."M,F.L.L." Arlene Tobia "Thank you for all the supportivl people who helped me succeed all of Thesl years. Without you, I would've noT been here. of The people who were left in MT. Eden, esp cially To my friends, good lucklll' Aida Toledo 'Tl finally made iT! To my frienc we've had some good Times, but There will bt many, many more To come. Good luck class a 87. Gracias mama'y papa por Todo hecho. Lc quiero mucho." Jerry Torres "Arise and go forth and conquer - Tennyson Rod and Alex hope you hit Mach 2 with your hair on fire. Thank you Jules and Amy two of the finest girls a guy could know. Thanks mom and dad for everything. 87 was. is. and always will be NUMBER ONE!" Heather Ulrich "I did it mom and dad. I know I don't say it very often. but thanks and I love you! Jeff. we've been Through some hard time, but I know were gonna make it. I love you babe! Two years and many more to come. Thanks Donna. you're a sweetie." Diane Vargas "To my mom and dad, I wish Them the best of love. To my friends: Lacy. Sherell, Pam. Monique, Stacy. Paulie, Kimmie, Chelece, Rox- ane, Elesabeth, I-leidi, Joanne. Trudy, Monique. Keisha and Brinda. I wish the best of love and friendship, especially to my babe in 861' Pete Vialpando "Thanks to my mom and dad for getting me through the school years at M.E. P.S. Good luck Joe." Luis Vieyra "Well I did it, Thank God! Thanks mom. dad, grandma for all your support. Good luck to my brother and sister Pep and Maritza. Lori re- member I'Il always love you. I'Keith B. Stanton, good luck buddy!" Dean Vigil "I-li there!" Cecilia Villegas "To mom and dad, thanks for all your love and support. I wouldn't have done it without you. Lyzette, Marilou, my pal and all my friends, thanks for being there when I needed you. I will never forget all the good times we had. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 873' Jerilyn Walker "Thanx for all your love and sup- port mom, dad. and sis's. . .Don't cry JuI's, 4989 is not that far away. Enjoy! To all my friends Best Wishes 8k Take care. s.e.f. Special thanx to "JIM", Fred, George. Carlos, 84 Hilger for making these past few yearsareal. . .BLAST!! CDOORKYDATEY Kerry Walker "Can't say it's been fun, but can't say it hasn't either. I'd like to dedicate this gradu- ation to my mother to whom I know it means a lot. I'd also like to thank a person who is very special to me as a friend, Bret Yuto. Also Coach Ronny B." Faylaizia Warren "Mommy thanks for all your confidence in me. T.U.C. Krew: Monique, Che- Iece, Pamela, Sherell, Diane, and Stacey: thanks for all the UNFORGETTABLE times together. Now its time to move on and l'll never forget you guys. Sherell and Chauncey have a funky-fresh Senior year. Can you feel the Beat? Lacy-Lace" Christy Wartenby "Folks, I heard you. Okay? To the Dove Way Boys- Thanx, but I don't wanna play. Dixie - ATTITUDE PROBLEMS? Nope We loved it. We got it! And with love and admiration. Dale,l offer you it all! It has something to do with the Flintstones, right? Sweetness and trust always." Marc Watley "Life is living on the edge. unknown destiny: Adventure. To be the very best at what you do. Mam'y'pap' Gracias Para Creer enmi. Seniors Fazio, Capitani, Y Adams: Gracias por- todo. Siosa, Palagi Kitang mammahalin. Y a ti, Querida, Te amd mas que digo." Pat Watson "Thanks mom, dad. Rhonda, Victor and Valerie for your love and support. Good luck to my love Lori at SDSU and in your future. I'Il miss you! Good luck to my cousins Darren and Da- mone. Also to Dell, Donnelle and Ben, may we stay cIose." Heather Wesley "Study to show thyself approve unto God. a workman that needth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." II Timothy 2:15 Thank you God, for without you I could do nothing. Thank you mom, dad, and Heath, for everything. Good luck Letta Webster loves B.J. Forever!" Cynthia Williams "It's been a great A years and I couIdn't have done it without you. Thanks morn and dad for being there I will always love U." Niko Williams "Well we made it class of "87" Good luck to you guys in the future. Special good luck to Ouantise, Monica, 84 Stacey, oh yeah, I can't forget all my freaky friends good luck to all you freaks love ya. I love you Todd." Todd Woodward "Thanks for the good times folks. Especially J.J.J. for lots o'Iaughs. Don't worry about tomorrow. just live your life day by day, for tomorrow has enough to worry about. MATT. Special thanks to Mr. A.. B.VW., S.C.. L.S, K.C. and QUOTES the "best boy". Look for me in the credits. TI-lAT'S A WRAP!" David Yamishita "Class of 87 rules forever!! Thanks June and Patti for helping me in school and dad and mom for understanding the prob- lems I had. Good luck D.J. Davis and D.J. Park in the future and take care. Well class of 87, ITS NOW TIME TO PARTY HARTY!!!" Sang Yi "Nopel nothing profound form confuses, just thanks to my buddies, and my parents. I love ya all! Eric Yuan "Thanks to Ms. Adams. Shalom! Mr. Martino. To Mr. Hokom, Math is fun. Best of luck to all my buddies. Bret, don't forget to feed your car. Thanks MOM and DAD for supporting me qfinanciallyp J.K." Senior Quotes-89 -AW, Nws 90-Invifofion To The Juniors QFar Lefiy Michelle Elfring ponders wnai To Take nares on. QLefij Jusi a punch of friends hanging outside C-Hail. CBeIowQ Erica Mussoio is far rnore concerned aboui ner nair Tnan ner Eng- lisn work. CBoiTorn Iefip Sorneining amusing musi be happening To Marcus Rios'. QBoTTorn rignij Matt Praii and Paul Builer prepare To do Tneir infamous High Five. JUN ORS 1988 in f H 1988 P lnviiaiion To the Juniors-94 9 CDII1 tl? th lll1i0l'S I Sun rb eadershin Ma es 1: ass rent! I feel Thof This yeor's officers did o superb job in conTribuTing To Their cldss. Even Though lvlonorch Doy didn'T fdll inTo our hdnds, I feel The efforT we puT inTo iT supplied d gredT dedl of responsibiIiTy I'd like To Thdnk mdny people who rndde This yedr d successful one espe- cidlly Jennifer Ho, who pldnned ond orgdnized The Junior Prorn. The only Thing IefT I hdve To soy is ThdT I redlly enjoyed being presi- denT of The Junior closs of 4988. UnTil nexT yedr . . . . . . -Eddie Lozdno Junior Cldss PresidenT Being 4988's Vice Presidenr hos TdughT rne life isn'T d bowl of Jello. 92 Junior Cldss Gfficers Accepfing responsibiIiTy isn'T dn opTion, iT's d reduiremenT. -Ddrnon Hunn Junior cldss Vice Pres. This yedr vvds very prosperous for our cldss. Specidl Thdnks To dll Those who cooperdTed in rndking This yeor o prosperous one Cyou dll know who ore OTGD. I dm very for- TunoTe To hdve been eIecTed To serve my cldss, I helped To Iedd iT, which hos given me experience ds d Iedder. -lvldy Alrndrio Junior Closs SecreTdry This hos been d good yedr for The Junior Cldss. We've received ci loT of supporT from our cldss. We rndde This d gredT yedr To remern ber! -AnThony Vdn Ddrnme Junior Cldss Tredsurer iT's been d greoT ond fun, fur yedr for us. The officers becdrne besT of friends. Of course, I be come very sTressed ouT driving people dround during lvlondrc Ddy dnd dll ThoT, buf I've survived I've enjoyed being GD officer iT': helped me mdTure, if ThoT's possi- ble! I rnusT Thdnk dll of The officer: for rndking This yedr gredT! -Pdul BuTIer Junior Closs HisToridn Q l QB i I L 'cs ' J Y t Q "Uh , ,, , L. 'N -wr Q f X 'Q ST Manuelila Abaroa Yama Achizai Faridullah Ahrari Domingo Alcon May Almario Anlhony Alvaez Rafael Alvarez Viclor Alvarez Vincenl Alvarez Paulefie Amador Kevin Amaral Lisa Amaral Renee Amedio Zaki Amin Madina Amiri Londell Anderson Lorraine Anderson Elsa Andrade Denis Aroma Brenda Baez Xochill Baez Cindy Bailey Tomoko Bando Nicole Banks David Banof Roben' Barfo Jake Barfoni Nidia Belmonfe Caryn Benedicf Geoffrey Birohfield Gary Boyd Sheli Boykin Chrisfine Branlome Deanne Brewsfer Pafrick Brill John Brooking Denise Brown Jeffrey Brown Anfhony Buhagiar Paul Bufler Eilioff Carpenler Niisa Carfer Michael Caseffa Chrisfopher Cash Yvefle Casfillo Shawn Cavangh Ann Celada Yvonne Cervanfes Yumi Cha S. Champion Angela Chang Elisia Chesiang Tony Cheung Teresa Chew Tommy Chong Lisa Cisneros Juniors Ab-Ci 93 Chauncey Clark Donyl Clark John Clark Kelle Collins Slephen Cornofon Tamara Conway Richard Cordova Eric Cornelious Chrisfine Cowden Susan Crofhers Slefanie Culberlson Michael Curiis Lorie Dayenporl Darlene Deanda Jeffrey Delgado Delano Demps Sharon Deplush Lee Depoysfer Janel Dere Alanda DeYoung Amarinder Dhillon Tracey Dolan Jeffrey Douglas Lewis Dukes Michele Dunkin Rechird Duvall Michelle Elfrung Eva Escofo so J cccc ccc .. .... 1 -- 1-fi:--w-s.W,.::,. . .a . l W . we -favs: ,sy J is ..rr.. xg ' N , r gc t sl 'iii K W' NF , 3 1+ FNS ,. X Swiss W W If . QR, fs. in wxi sy , lz. C. qlztt i s K NX iff his greal sludy habils. CAbovej Displaying a nalural Talenl is Michelle Souza. CLeflp Gefring a lasl glance al his noles for a big Tesl is Eddie Lozano. 94-Juniors Ci-Es on lik, . K 391- . .X . ilscll. Clfar Leflj, Alfonzo Garcia is showing usy ' .- F 'Ss Nvf K so xg, .ff r Y l xi-UN . ,, . ,, . S Vx if fs 2 .. 4 A. ,, ..-Nl G F - . s W. sw .Q35 sf I .- -- - - qw. ' s 'les N X X mtg S 4 5 . Sm ,X Q.. 'D K X 5 5 is Qyx S' J i 8 l bij sl fl. . , K Q, - AD P K "K , : , , is . www, 95 M- L, ' , -.A s -ig QW R,-ws - K ss Y 5 if Milinda Eslacio Jean Evans Amro Ezzal Karen Finamore Sonny Filch Maria Flores Fredrick Fox Donald Francis Darren Frazier Maria Gamino Benjamin Garcia Blanca Garcia lrma Garcia Rebecca Garcia Salvador Garcia Jacaulyn Gardner Michael Gaskin Marlin Genera John Gomez Chrisline Gonzales Darold Gonzalez Celesle Gonzalez Cullen Gordon Mark Grohnke Calhy Guerrero Sandra Guerrero Michelle Guy Michael Halvorsen , V E ' CAbove3 Arl Ramirez is concenlraling hard on his sludies. CLeflQ Gerling ready 'ro go 'ro her nexl class is Kellie Collins, she flashes her smile for The camera. Juniors Es-Ha-95 Tracey Hammond Micheal Hankins Dirk Harmsen Eric Harrison Todd Hashimoio Debra Hayward Scoii Hill Jennifer Ho Thy Ho Damon Hunn Edmond Jaochico Ellen Jewell Chrisiopher Johnson Anneiie Joinier Irene Jon David Jones Lalrice Jones Monica Jones Evelyn Juzix Cynihia Kacludis Denise Kaheiki Jason Kamai Nasir Khan Tracey Kim Tracey King Angela Kirchner Donald Klaas Jenelle Kline Sherry Koelling Marc Kolbmann Sheldon Krause Sheri Kucera Vicioria Lafaille Oscar Langarica Wendy Lara Michael Lauraya Van Le Viei Le Shannon Ledford Vu Lee Alfred LeMasTer Brigerie Lorenzi Bradley Louden Eduardo Lozano Joanna Lubas Jacqueline Lucchesi David Macachor Laurie Machado LaShawn Mack 1-, ,1 Q Q I LV N, 6 I' m rJff7'2r3,f 6 so D. W VD ' sv if - ' A ' Q 1 E 35 . D ni f , ,I 594 ,ii J ?"-if E .F L. 3 Y V' AQ D . A cf . W zkzi ' inn A-u. HQ ,.... W 96-Juniors Ha-Ma S- an A 1 J? .J :""11em,L 09 KE ..kbVk vs ' K wr il K 9' W. ,,-K.. X: E if . QQQ. i "s Q- ' I' so nf as N.. 'if Lg:-ai sri . s M- . . X Q. Yf 'Vs N- -ss T J A l L-. , " vs K if ix is if L 2 mid ,., 3 , ask The Preliminory ScholosTic ApTiTude 'esT is o sTep below The reol Thing-The eol pdnic ond score To seniors ond ome juniors. The SAT TesT could meon fe or deoTh To mony, puT forTunoTely. he PSAT TesT scores don'T dffecT The Tondings for college enTronce, like The LAT TesT does which is mosT cerToinly o wig sigh of relief To juniors. The PSAT TesT cores do in focT give you on ideo of vhoT is on The dcTuol TesT. Some soy iT is omewhoT eosier. Everyone enTers The cofeTerio To oke The PSAT TesT opprehensively ond inprepoired. Once They hove bubbled 1 Their onswers ofTer pondering hrough The somple TesT for o few hours hey deporT from The cofeTerio Thinking o Themselves how eosy iT wos ond vondering if The reol Thing is much more 'fs "T-... I E P AT Tesf difficulT, or They leove owe sTruck oT how unbelievedbley difficulT iT wos. A few monThs loTer The sTudenTs ore re- veoled Their scores. They look oT Their scores willing To improve Them or im- pressed wiTh The high score. No moTTer whoT feeling The TesT gove you or whoT your resulTs iT wos given jusT To give you on ideo of how much preperoTion is needed To prepore for The dcTuol TesT. "The PSAT TesT menTolly ond physicolly prepores us for The reol Thing." -JoneT Dere "The PSAT is one of mony TesTs ThdT help us predicT whoT we musT foce in our fuTure perToining To our educo- Tion." ' -lvlonoin Genero "l believe The PSAT is o college prep- oroTion TesT ThdT will show The True opili- Ties of The sTudenTs who ore Toking iT. The sTudenTs will Then Toke The SAT ond show colleges whoT They con do." -Kevin Amorol "The PSAT is d good woy for sTudenTs To prepore for The SAT, which mony colleges look oT subjecTively. IT gives mony sTudenTs o chonce To exper- ience Toking o college enfronce exom." -Ape Wong "The PSAT gives us o chonce To exper- lence whoT The SAT TesT-Toking is like. AlThough The TesT scores do noT counT, There ore cerToin meriTs dworded To Those juniors who do excepTiondlly well. ThoT's probobly one of The mony incenTives why juniors Toke The PSAT even if They didn'T hove To." -lvloryjune lVlonglicmoT NPV' ,wi ... Ji., 7 QFor LefTj Looking up ouT of his sTud- ies is Jdson lvlorshol hord oT work. QAbovej Looking in To his sTudles in greoT depTh is Dovid lvlefford. QLefTj Toking o quick look oT The co- moro is Michele Monson, she reolly only did iT To geT ouT of Typing for o minuTe. . 4' f -A Z' M I Juniors-97 qRighlj Charing over a few good poinls aboul The game are Joanna Uhl and a few of her friends, QBelowj Wilh a puzzled look on his face li jusi seems like Cullen Gordon will never undersland. QBoTlom Righlj ln a daze Alanda Deyoung walks down The hall nnenlally preparing for her nexl class. Sandra Magallon Hoang Mai Gilda Malogan M. Manglicmol Michelle Manson Helen Marizelle Tracee Marizelle Roberl Marsh Jason Marshall Harrell Marlain Veronica Marlinez Kalhy Maslerson Gary McCoy Camelia McDaniel Joy McElhannon Kimberly McKee Tina Mederos Felicia Medrano David Mefford Sohaila Mehdavi H. Mehlabuddin H. Mehlabuddin Joel Mejia Maria Mejia Rodrogo Mendoza Sheilah Merz Arny Michel Byron Miller 98-Juniors Ma-Mi xv l - 4 I ik: nv xx ,y X Q gh ik:- f Q, X l A . ' 4 . .fav i 9 xiii Rf .. L' ag. ,, .X an A -,z -.f. 1 ----W 1:-- f--'f.:' SWF? t Xe 5' Y 3 as as o QI? P 1' M--rt :mas N Wmexmzm 5 W. 419 QFar LefTQ Feeding each oTher by The mouTh full is Karen Finamore and Paul Buller aT The Pizza conTesT. CLefTQ Singing in uniTy To show Their spiriT are Damon Hunn and Leigh Purry for Monarch Day. Qlielowy A proud Junior Class showing a loT of spiriT and uniTy aT Monarch Day. ff if LeveTra Mills Joseph Mills Mario Miranda James Morris ea.-eb R. v- ,,. I ...W- q ,, M as Q-2 Sean Murphy ,f giFffQf1if5,x-.:,Q'?fL.'ffi Erica MussoTTo Jose Nazario is g Vivian NaThanlel 5 Q43 J M Q ' Jennifer Neil gf, E J " " ' R. Nepomuceno x 3 Mx' rsss T LocNgo A f-Eff' , fi -- L f Q fl' Brian Nguyen T ' Diem Nguyen 9' - va L. , 1 7 u Q ,, Y fs Phuoc Nguyen Tuong Nguyen Enrique Ochoa Danny Pan BharaT PoTel SangiTa PoTel Erica Paulson Perfidia Percha Nancy Perry STacey Perry Sunil Perumal Lorrie PeTerson Juniors-Mi-Pe-99 Belgium Moungle Deedee Okoronkwo Claudine Percha Timolhy Phelps Sheri Phillips Karen Pipkin Michael Plunkell Jason Popper Joseph Porle Ragni Prasad Mallhew Prall Leigh Purry Rafael Quiroga Masud Ramich Anna-leah Ramirez Arluro Ramirez Felicia Ramos Danny Rasmussen Karen Renda Gary Resurrecclon Boppy Ripaya Sherrese Richardson Marcus Rios Paul Ripley Michael Rivera Troy Rivera Danelle Rodrigues David Rodrigues Shari Rogers Chrisline Romano Ricardo Ruiz Marzia Safi Nahela Safi Najia Samini Danell Samorano Mario Sanchez Jeriann Sanders Rajwinder Sandhu Elsa Sandoval David Sanlacruz Mark Salariano Sleven Schirado Hugo Schmidr Lori Schroer William Schumann Russell Scoll Jipalia Scruggs Edward Shinhira John Sibley Slephanie Siguenza Slacye Silas Lina Silveira Sean Smilh Sherri Smilh Tashai Smllh Timolhy Smilh Dennis Smilhline Courlney Sorrells Michelle Sousa 'IOO-Juniors Ph-So Q. if S is - ,M A ff 1 . Q: -fe. .ws fs., K ' s 613 S X - -N Q. W T'5w"3 R' 5 W w f R xl Ap X 1 Q E . New f .Q vs 'K .-NS Ngkd R w -1 .gg :ns K as vu NP' BT RQ, ' R X, S s sk 2 is ed' s J ik gg 'E 5, l X ks N sss, ,y 3. sm 55 f. 55325 L iw-fi of 5 J an vs 2' I' . . xc .5 ,,... ll,l , Q --is ... .rw . X 5, .1 mx j S5 in-N sf, R' ' vc 3 E Sk " ir vm we? A , A-ml: K -1 .L K -. - . S ., f 1' X as 3 X WS s x am lar Faces from the class of ' '88 ' ' WR N-...- A R. . 0 5.44 X rv 1ll fupper lefty Russel Scott explains the seore-cts of eating a lollipop. fUpper Lefty Redoing her paper to make it final is Christine Brantome. QAbovej Helping out a friend is Amy Mi- chel and Wendy Lara. fAbove Righty Friends forever Are Elsa Andrade and Lisa Cisneros. fApove Far Righty Taking a pose is San- dra Guerrero and Danelle Rodrigues. :Righty In a daze frorn his test score is Will Schumann. Juniors- 4 Ol 4 Liso Sowunmi Shoron Sfoffonson Tosho Sfdmps Shown STory John Swofford Tony Toisler Thomos Ton Troy Toylor Vonessd Teixeiro Brendo Temple Annolizo Teodosio Frederick Thomds C. Thompson Quyen Ton Thon Tron Gene Trujillo Tdnyo Turner Leslie Tyler Joonno Uhl A. Vdndomme Derek Vorgos Deserie Velosquez Chrisfine Vidol I-lerberT Vieyro Troci Wogner Jeffery Woinwrighf All Wois Nobilo Wois QAbovej I wonder whoT Mike Gaskin is grinning obouT. 'lO2-Juniors So-Wo , . ' " ' f -,,. J. J TX fl X . Q ,Ri .. .2355 .' , T .six . f f. .is ,lr,l G . - .. 1 .f - if. gy -,lf .M . .. . .,. . f X , X . .. 1.59, .K gig: s,.- .. g - . . ... 4.-2 S . T. was fi' X X sw, S x ill' HP' if E gg is Y' s T iss s is Q E I V.AA I s.l-1. Q , fw'f'sER" - ..-. f -' 'iii T I I .f T ' Are You Excited Abou Your Junior Prom? One of The mdny Things sTudenTs dreom dbouT when They enTer high school Their Junior Prom, whoT will I weor? or who will be my dreom doTe'?, These quesfio run Through The minds of mony of The juniors This yeor. "l've been woiTing for my Junior Prom ever since I enfered high School. l've bee Thinking oIoT dbouf iT since my sophomore yeor. Our Prom will be GREAT!" -Moy Almorio "Yes, I'm very excifed obouT The Junior Prom, becouse dll my friends ore juniors si know I'm going To hove fun." -Sondy Guerrero "Yes, I om very exciied dbouT my Junior Prom. l've olreody mode big plons, l'r going To look for o dress soon. My boyfriend ond I ore going To renT o limo one hove o gredf Time ond porTy!" -Donyl Clork i'Yes, I'm so excifed obouT my Junior Prom ThoT I'm wondering if iT will be how I olwoys wished ond will my doTe be edrlier To geT me There so I con show off." -Tonyo Turner "l've been dreoming of my prom since I firsT Iedrned of Them when I wos IiTTle. dreomy dress ond o perfecf ddTe . . . or is iT d perfecf dress ond d dreomy doTf Anywoy, I om eIoTed!!" -Rochel Wenner "I om reoiiy excifed obouT The Junior Prom! I olwoys wonfed To go when my broTher ond sisTer wenT, ond now ThoT I hove The chonce I'm going To moke IT reolly speciolf' -Dovid Ivlocochor -4' 'sq- , L Qupper Lefij Shhhi Geoff Birchfield is reading his book wiih much inTeresT. CUpper Righij Hey gong make way for The lunch crew. Civiiddle Lefiy Taking a break our of Pho- Tography class To gei a pioiure is Tracy Marizehe and Shannon Ledford. CAbovej Con'T waii To Turn The nexi page is Lisa Cisneros. QLefTj Checking our Thai gorgeous hunk across The quad is Sharon Siaffen- son and Stephanie Siguenza. Juniors- 'IOS Saya Walcirnann I V 7 i.. Chris Walker ' Chris vvaikup 1 e xg-e. Snerell Warren ii- r a X' Tina Websier ' Xa Cf Rachel Wenner 'i Gregory Werne , r rr Q JP' 55' A yu ul -X: Q 'R for li Suzanne Wnarion Daniel VVneaT Harrice Wnire erfe Cnrisiopner Wiclner eve n, Q- X 3 F5 Anioineiie Wiiaer Vinson Wilneimi 4011-Juniors Wa-Wi ar Upper Leflj Helen Marizelle is happy -n be in class. Ipper Leflp Jeff Lee seems lo know how i daze all The girls. CFar Bollom Leffy Vic- rr Alverez seems sure of himself before s big 'resl ollom Leflp Wilh a sure sign of concen- alion on his face il's Tim Phelps. S l z Q 9 -.--.QA QFar Leflj Karen Renda is pracficing for nicesl smile nexl year. QBoffom Leflj Jusf clowning around is friends Jake Barloni ana Mannie Abarca. QLefTj Wifh Baby raffle ancl all Tai Wolfe shows her school spiril on Halloween. QBoTlomj Tommy Chong poses like a proffessional would have. f rf -A. N f W W , sw E L Y . Carolyn Williams if ,Q i, 1 5. wi j . 1 Chanele Williams ,fi H- 'rs La Shawn Williams M -i 1 Eydie Wisdorf ,1 il Ll Jason Wolf f . . ,flag I, ? Tai Wolfe ,s4l'gQ1. N U Q Abraham Wong 73. A- 5, 4 fig .5 ' if Slacy Yamashifa s M ' Brian Zailz 1- " 1 LA i , . Salvador Zumuclio . J L U c Q, l-lumberfo Zeyallos 2 ' , ' 5 ' ' so Michelle Zien Q ' y Amiki Ziomek Juniors-Wi-Zi 405 406-InviToTion To Sophomores Qfor IefTjLara Wenner iD Homecoming puzo SOHHQ CODTGSY QlefUSophomores show spirit OD Moh- orch Doy. UowerIefUJoyanne Denogc hos o heori To heori folk. CriQhTjGordon Olsen, sophomore oloss presidehi. flower righTjLuhohTime OD The quod ,, ii -marc qw- .iffy N- 'Q . ' ,. Y I ' .K 1 13 wi -Qo., ' i X k f SOPHOMOR S 198 9 ii 1989 P Ihvifoiioh To Sophomores-'IO7 Officers Help Class m ro ve "l Think The Sophomore Closs of '89 reolly mode progress This yeor. We showed considerdbly more spirii, orgonizofion, ond uniTy This yeor Thon ony oTher, ond, os for os l'm concerned, we hoven'T even sTorTed. '89 broke iTs lvlonorch Ddy slump ond showed honesT enThusi- osm in spirlT evenTs. Sophomore pride wds obvious This yeor, ond l'm sure we've seen our besT ones . . . so for. NexT yedr promises To be even beTTer Thon This one, ond oT The rdTe we're going l won'T be surprised if iT is." Gordon Olsen Closs Presidenf "The Cldss of '89 hos come d long wdy since we firsT orrived of The goTes of MT, Eden over Two yedrs ogo. Like mosT eighTh grdd- ers, we were confused wiTh The new school, new TrodiTions, new people, ond our new lives. This re- flecfed our performonces in ivlon- orch Doy in our firsT Two yeors. BuT "Tile gm cerrioirrig los been bull, O6 swrpruses g .'GOlLd.OlA OQSQJA G2ighTj Leno Celddo, Gordon Olsen, Roberr l.oGroce, ond Lord Wenner. 408-Sophomore Officers This yeoir, someThing hoppened. ,SOMETHING Tell in ploce. '89 is off To o new beginning, Thonks To mony people, '89 is beginning To Toke off, ond once we geT going, we'll be hord To sTop. -John Lemonski Closs Vice-PresidenT "Being hedvily involved in my closs hos redlly helped me grow. i've Throughly enjoyed working wiTh dll The sTudenTs in my closs, noThing will ever reploce The feel- ing you gef working TogeTher wiTh your clossmoTes. l'm gldd l be- come redlly involved This yeor be- couse This is The besT yeor ever for us. iT's been wonderful To be o porT of iT dll. Thonks everyone for mdk- ing iT possible." -Lora Wenner Cldss Co-Tresurer "lT's been o yeor of improve- menT for The sophomore closs. NoT coming in ldsT on lvlonorch Doy proved ThdT our clciss hos spiriT. We hdve one problem ThoT's keeping us down, ond ThoT's our lock of uni Ty. lf our cioss con become unifieo we will be someThlng To be reck oned wiTh. All ond dll iT's been c good yeor for The Cldss of '89. TT' been fun being Trecisurerf' -Robert LciGroce Gloss Co-Tredsurer "This hos been ci greof yedr fo us. VVe've leorned To deol wiTh re sponsibiliTy ond in pldnning for ol. closs ocTiviTies. ln The pdsT, we hove been coreless, buT were Iedrning ThoT we won'T olwoy hove odvisors To help, so we holvs To Tdke The responsibiliTy To moke sure we gef Things done on sched ule. l dm hoppy for The improve menT, ond l know The nexf Two yeors ohedd will be worihwhilel' -Leno Celodo Closs Hisforion 'T 'UN 38" -.... sn' ,, Pun an-,A y O is K A . as - ,-.M , - ,iff - - l gs? Q' wi no Q fps .sv ii A -. N A, 4 cy 45 9 .Q v- A l ,. -. l AQ.. '- K ::3-s.- fr H h ss -5 C if m. hw., "WN -. u as . fx 9 ss- v Y 19 v Q., Q-- f I .qw , X 1' J ff Qi x 2 ag? :ix ff V . :il Y . R1 x .3 , - 0+ 9. :vs E VH . 6, Y k kkrk ...WN f-4 , : "4 C EE... .f '- Angel Ahumddd Gregery Albrechl Andrew Allen Alfredo Almdrio Rosemdrie Allez Sleven Ames Shdnnon Anderson Ddvid Anidno Denequid Anloine lvldrlhd Arocd Chrlslopher Ashley lvlichdel Ayolle Ericd Bdker Bridn Bdlddnzi Michdel Bdldridge Omar Bdrdkzoy Jennifer Bdrnell Dole Bdrringlon Rdyrnond Bdrldlussi Yvonne Bell Shirley Benedicl Mddjesdci Bengson Llsd Berndrdo lvldrk Blum Cless Buckner Brdndie Burgdsser Thomds Burns Michelle Burl Floyd Cdlkins Theodore Colvin Edwdrd Cdpucion Anlhony Cdrdvdlho lvlichdel Cdsds Meldnie Cdslro Lend Celddd Toe Ho Cho George Chong Ddrrick Chdvis Teresd Churches Michdel Cldrk Addm Cldylon Jerry CLirner Hedlh Cofrdn Yoldndd Colemdn Bridn Colld Julie Collins Jodnnd Collhdrp Shdron Complon John Cooper And Cornejo Viclor Cruz Yvelle Cruz Eron Currier Serennd Cushere Thdi Dong Alishd Ddvison Sophomores Ah-Dd 409 Michael Davis Angelique Deal Dean Deanda Degroal Joyanne Denoga Carl Desamour Daniel Diaz Aaron Dixon Khoi Doan Douglas Drewek Clifford Duenas Glean Duenas Chaz Dumas Siephanie Dunn Earl Dyer Lamonl Ealy Dawn Easlin James Enos Raymond Enrlauez Lanelle Espinoza Edgar Eslavilla Oliver Eslavilla Q9liffany Eslrella Erin Evans Cynlhia Evill Chris Fernicle Sharon Fobroy C Sunny Fralus Damone Frazier Kevin Furlado Aracelia Galindo Tim Gamble Maria Gamino Dolores Gann Armando Garcia Rene Garcia Joel Gardner Ericka Garside Clarence Gifford Anfinelle Gomez Chrislopher Gonzales Roloerf Gonzalez James Green Roberl Green Krisiina Guerrero Arneil Guevarra Laurie Guiles Edward Guillermo Michelle Guillory Ann Gulierrez John Hall Cherise Halsell Sherry Halverson Adam Hamann Malfhew Hamann 440 Soohomores Q. H . Q., .. IX as if W sv 'Ir Q . ., .. .l... if YE l ., K 4 l 1 , I ,frl - se , -- ' Giig l! Iri E H J .ff .1 W if aw: ili K f" " .D 33 ff? -s..s.. L KIK... iii D W X "'.- 5 ' 1 px , - - M new XM, , ss .- s E ..l,,,,sl vw A E s Nl f i, X 9 l 'A 6 KN H p- 6 A.. '1 5. is gs... as Q i Turhing Dreams into Reality A car is someihing every sopho- more wanis more Than anyihing else. Life is hard Though, geiiing a oarand aoiually driving isn'T The easiesi Thing in The world To do. Pirsi' of all, you have To know how To drive, obviously. To do Thar, you have To pass driver's Training, gei permit and finally, your li- Sure, ThaT's oil you have To GOT Yeiysomeiimes ihere are cer- Tain unavoidable oircurnsianoes Thai You from doing all Those WUQS- i, , , T T in ikiy drivers education you can only be abseni Three Times in The Thiriy fivesohaol days you are in iT. So, if you sleep lore one day, The Cor breaks down anoiher day. and when you absolurely oannoi 'niss anoiher day, you become deathly ill, and you couldn'T go To school if your life had depended on iT, oh well! You'll jusi have To Take iT nexT year, UGC-3HHHl Drivers Training is a liiile easier To gei Through since There are only Two weeks of iT. All you have To do, is sTay awake aT The simulaior, and Try noi To run over anyThing when you are driving. Preiry simple righi? Well, ii Takes Tremendous effori To siay awake during Those incredibly boring simulaiors and Those Trees and Telephone poles 'iusi come our of nowhere! The lasi Two Things, The permii and The li- cense, are really easy after you have survived drivers educaiion and drlver's Training. Now Thai you can drive, you have To find a car To drive. Well, if you don'T have a job, your only hope is Thai one of your relaiives is mega-rich and likes you a loT. if you don'T have any really rich relo- Tives, your jusi going To have To gei a job. Then you have To work, for monihs and monihs ands monihs before you have enough ' money To buy a cor Cused of coursej. Afier you buy iT you have . To gei car insurance or else you can'T drive Thai' hard earned oar ofyours, And iT isn'T jusi as couple of hundred dollars eirherl So you s slave away ai your job for ia cou- T pie more rnonihs. You can finaliy drive your car, maybe . . . You siiii have To have money for gas, and for Those unforeseen liTTle acci- denis, oar Troubles Thai have To be fixed by Those expensive me- chanios who rip you off royaliy. So sophomores, have fun wiih your car, you earned iii!! -Serena Cushere 1-- 2516- W Lisa Hamilion JaneT Harbor KeiTh Harris Paul Harris William Hariley Sandra Heigh Ariuro Heredia George Hernandez Paul Hernandez fl Jusiin Herrera DaIjiT Hir Tina Hisola Kevin Hohl if Q lg, B g. " .. 4 r xv' 'if' -- sfgfrr!icfb.f..,:Biw -it I ,ffl Y , Q' A we .A ' if 1 Derrick Holloway Lawion Hooks Vikki Hoos Mary Howe Henry Huang Marlon Hudson Uzma Husaini David HuTTon V Abire Ibrahim f Jose lrlzarry ' Guy Jakub we T ' 'W 1, ri .. ,y John lwawaki l T ri c r - , ,yr ,f li, 5 Q 5 , A 1-. ', . K XX X Chrisiine James Ginny Janow Ronald Joachico Sophomores Da-Ja 'l 'I 4 This is The yedr The Sophomore cldss is redlly puT To The TesT. Will we cuT iT dcd- demicdlly? Only The fuTure con Tell ThdT of course. For now, our worries ore moinly focused on geTTing Those homework dssignmenTs in on Time, ond keeping The old grode poinT dveroge up. For some, ThdT TrdnscripT hos To look good for fuTure employers. OThers pldn To go To college. For dll Sophomores, This is The firsT yedr ThoT will dffecT our fuTures. In oddiTion, closses ore more difficulT ond Tedchers expecT much more This yedr Thdn They did in The pdsT. WhdT does This meon To The Sopho- CAbovej Aoron Dixon sTudies hord for his hisTory TesT. CLefTj Ddvid does his homework in The cofeTerid GS Tony looks on. CRighTj Tdnyd Rice discusses her new love life wiTh Sdndy Heigh. 'l'l2 Sophomores more sTudenT? Well, iT mecins Those ThdT hdve never lifTed d pencil in Their lives dre going To see whdT iT's like To STUDY! New ldws, effecTive in 4987 require Those sTudenTs involved in dThleTics ond oTher exTro-cirriculcir dcTiviTies To mdin- Tdin good grodes or be cuT from These ocTiviTies. Keeping your grddes up dlso hos o mojor dffecT on enTry inTo col- lege ond jobs. Colleges ond businesses wdnT highly moTivoTed people. They judge you by whdT They see in your TrdnscripT. So, now is The Time To buckle down, dnd puT your nose To The grind- sTone. WhdT you do now could medn your fuTure. iisis Q ,X- Whsww 11. .ge in Jinx 3 gli eggs si? 1 l sri ' W. A rw vlv vi- 1 sw-, vu. YQ. ' sw if Q as Q... mm Q., .sf .11- 5 . 'lx gf Ai i vo L I ref Q . L ss .L dx r x Q 1 J ' ii if - Q 0 X l f 1 l fv- ,.. pm nw Q., L is S Ss' 55' ' i 'S Q , J, si ' 0 f ' l Mdrchelle Jdromillo Lisd Jdrino lsidro Jiminez Chdd Johnson Omor Johnson Donny Josey Lourd Kocludis A. Kennedy Julio Kim Norworren Kiffling Dovid Kldsser Roberl LGGFGCS Levon Lorgusd Derrelyn Ldshley Rommel Ledl Anild Lee Chrisline Lee Hilien Lee Thereso Lee Aileen Leeson John Lemdnski Ddvid Lefleer Wendy Lewis Simon Lo Teresilo Longcop Bldnod Lopez Kimberly Louden Cheri Lozd Rose Luods Angelo Lucero Cynlhid Lund Sfeven Lunlsford Thereso Mdderd Tonid Mddere Sunild Mdhobir Elizdbefh Mdnuel Derek Mdrohdn Jeffrey Mdrohelli Angelo Mdrfin R. Mdrfin T. Mdrlin Gilberl Mdrlinez Numdn Mdrlinez Shdyieen Mdxwell Anissid Mdy C. McCldndhon Jeffrey Medler Morid Mejid Rodger Mendenhdll Rdmlr Miloy Sonny Monlez Lisd Morgddo Leondrd Morrison Neil Morrison Kdloloine Muller Edwdrd Mullins Sophomores 4 'l3 KaTherine Murphy LaveTTe Murphy ChrisTine MuTo Jamal Najibi Rahela Najibi M. Nepomuceno Allen Neula Florence Ng Joan Ng Leah Ng Sabin Ng Khoai Nguyen LindafDung Nguyen Son Nguyen Truc Nguyen Van Nguyen Bobby Nunn Danielle Nunn VincenT Oaker William Okoronkwo Rosemarie Oliva Gordon Olsen Julie Olsen David OrTega HenesTy Pacheco Wendy Palmer Alina Papaev Wesley Parker A :2s2:2.1i2'i? H. ' l x N 5 X x sissy PW X Ne .... : Q.. ' t. WA X iii I X x a . X ' ex N h gf' f N Ni W 'Ts gf i r, is W6 I ' ' ix I .. i A Q A'i:: i Q V' y N 5 DAY IN 8:45 4sT Period. ChemisTry wiTh Mr. Buckner. Really nice guy, in- TeresTing Too, buT a Tough class. 9:46 2nd Period. HisTory Mrs. James. We have a TesT on Rome Today. Mr. James Tells us how easy iT is. I hope so. 40:26 3rd Period. English. Mr. Marlino. Talk a!oouT exciTing. AcTualIy iT's preTTy fun, consider- ing iT's an English class. My pesT class all day. 44:22 LUNCH!! BuT Today, I have To do homework for Trigonom- eTry. 444 Sophomores - :::':k L'f-: . I 1 'ii' ' ' g K I he X . .. 'I THE LIFE . . . 42:07 LITh Period. Trig. I didn'T fin- ish. Mr. Q is gonna be mad. Well . . .... he'II undersTand. 4:08 5Th Period. P.E. Managed To sprain a finger and TwisT Two muscles playing paskeTloalI! 2:09 oTh Period. Foods and NuTri- Tion wiTh Ms Kirk. I really like This class, Today we are making cookies. My parTner forgoT The eggs and flour. There is some glue and gIiTTer in The arT room. 3:05 Our cookies were a hiT. puT now, iTs Time To go . . . HOME! X T..-. - Ley. . Q 5 N. L .V . 1 vas 1 - A - 9' rs ... . "Please Eron I jusT wanT your auTo graph," says Paul Butler. .v,..5 Y, , H . RY A V sl si 16 A rw Q H. 4-1. s , 0 v s. r 3, Y 22 .. -i ir- E ' ' V- iii 4 , Q ' 1 . Q 'iw 'aff XX xs. - "? vi if ii S. ,, 7 .sr is-f lf' A Q, ,.. ,,...., - ,, -. -v- Amish Palel Warren Paylado Cindy Penaflor Erica Perkins Michael Pellinichio Michael Phan Chrisry Porlilla Cindy Polls Nicole Powell Ernie Poyorena Rajesh Prasad Sunil Prasad Edgardo Presloza Brian Price Rachel Ramirez Healh Ramos Vicloria Reeves Sean Reinharl Pamela Reinslra Angela Reyes Tanya Rice Michael Richardson Troy Rockelman Elena Rodriguez Shane Rogge Connie Rosa Mario Rosales Charles Rose flefry Sean Webb and friends jusl han- gin' our. Crighlj UI wanl YOU To do my home- work," says Jose Irizcrry. Sophomores Mu-Ro 'I 'l5 WZ if ,, rf Maria Rosinski Adieaner Runneis Todd Saine Jawad Saleh Marcus Salinas Trina Sanders John Scheid Roberi Schrnidi Keri SCOTT Kiongozi Scruggs Arny Senna M. Shaughnessy Darren Sherman Ashuiosh Sheih Aunya Shipman Jenni Siiva 446 iw L . 'I f 1 eg ' 1, .mmm . .. Q : if 5 . fe .r ew. , 1' fm- , if 5 if Tk K 2 X if 3 f e F N i - ,... s- K lii S 'K f rrrr A A,.r X .:r:- .W S. A XRS Qi ,., SS S Q iadi xx. .lf 3 , Opposite page top leftj Junior Kathy Senoya tells Sophomore Robert LaGrace that he is okay in her book. Opposite page top rightj Tina Hisola vrites love letters to her sweetheart aur- wg History. Opposite miaalej Serenna Cushere ana Erica Baker work on yearbook every :hance they get auring Ms. Victor's Ger- nan class. lower lefty Freshman Donna Jarino walks ke a lady, as sister Lisa Jarino and Janet larbor pay close attention so that they :an learn how. Upper rightj Vicky Reeves ana Steve untsford show everyone else the latest lances. Upper lefty Cyndi Evitt and James Enos alk about their Geometry class. fe ,msc A T tl 3 sw W x atv. fm k k " ' ' va", Y I s - -,lf Q Wd? :xi is S ,.'-,-'. i 5 g 3 KK- UU sa 1 " s' i 5 Lisa Silva Michele Sims Stephine Sims Dennis Smith Glen Smith Michelle Sprague Yolanda Stephen Shawna Stewart Jeanne Stromer Patrick Stump Donarell Swanson Habibullab Tarin lvlartinrey Teoaosio Latanya Thomas Duane Thompson Dana Thompson 'l'17 Pierre Thompson Jomarr Thornwell lvlyrosoi TolenTino l-long Ton Linh 'Train T Ricky Twymcigfz Sonya Valderromd Lourdes Verzoso YV' S N- X5 f s S B X 'fi' VS Qs X if 3 , oo S Joseph Violpondo ,I Q s .x 4 Iv2 X gy o Jamie Vierro ' ooo 'i l""f oro GGDYTG' Vi"OSefiOf ., so ..' JoneT Vivioni ,,:e" TT 'S hhor f I A X hhby Q so Julie Walker QQ js ii i S vt ore Loneshd Walker S siuney walker S S as reopen Walls eee J S ' CBelowj Sophomore Michele Sims show us The True meaning of pain during The CC STuff, which wos held oT The beginning c The school yeor. qBoTTom RighTQ Smile, Isi dro Jiminez. QBoTTom LefTj "JusT how long will This go on?" cries Sunny Fraius while Taking members for JSA during club week Opposiie Page QAbove LeTTQ Jeff Meale smiles for The camera on PicTure Day fBoTTom LeTT5 Jeannie Siromer conTem ploTes wheTher she should eoT her IVI 84 M' or her SkiTTles firsT. fBelow RighTj Sean Wil son and Sunny Fraius wrap Lara Wen a and Roberi LaGrace wiTh ToileT , , during SpiriT Week. Clvliddle LefTj people reolly QeT inTo school spiriT os Clark shows us. i 'll8 Sophomores 5' 58' new . W iill .Q Ni rs, kvfi Wulf 'Rs YQ . .,. , .r isfpwl I . . . A 5,35 .1 ,sd-QA 1' W' Q.. .,. 1. n- ' 1 l . . Q h is 4, f J Y A .Ulu - 0 . as ., ,.. X .- .. fm- 0 K ,-Q Lisa Walley Everell Walson David Walls Lara Wenner Julius Wnile William Williams lvlilcnell Wilson Shawn Wilson Darren Will Darryl Wong Kenneln Woolen Hsiao-Tung Wu Pally Yang Violel Yeung Janis Youngrnan Sonia Zepecla , , H , 'H 4, vmsf' 'O L, Soonomores Tn-Ze 'Q l 449 l 420-Invifcfrion To Freshmen 2 QOpposiTe Pagey RoberTo Torres checks ouT The view. Cllpper LefTj Sung Tae Kim ana Anh Nguyen make skeTches for The fuTure in Ms. WiIcox's arT class. Clipper RighTQ Ruben Oregon wanders if The cookies are burning in The oven. Qlower LefTj Class of 'IQOO showing Their spiriT aT Monarch Day. flower RighTj Joachim Mansalay Takes a look aT our fine school on T.V.. 1 -..- 1. Ss . 1 FRESHM N 1990 i wr CLAS lnviTaTion To Freshmen-'l2'l Officers Behind the Scenes "The yedr in prospecTive in one word? Rewdrding! Even Though some Things didn'T end up Too suc- cessful, The ouTcomes were dl- wdys rewdrdlng dnd mode me proud of whdT my cldss dccom- plished. Ivlondrch Ddy wds GD ex- dmple of This. I wdsn'T Too Thrilled dpouT The resulTs, puT when I redl- ized jusT how much we did dc- complish IT IeT me know jusT how imporTdnT our TogeTherness wds. For The fuTure, l plon To hdve o IoT of fun wiTh my cIdss." -Maybellene Supnei Cldss PresidenT l'AIThough my cldss received fourTh pldce in lvlondrch Ddy This yedr, I feel iT wds o Iedrning exper- ience. Everyone helped ouT d llTTIe insTedd of o few people doing ev- eryThing. So fdr, our cdndy sole hds been successful dnd we ore pldnning on using The money we rdised for OD end of The yedr cldss Trip. We ore pledsed wiTh The cldss spiriT dnd involvemenT. I feel ThdT The Cldss of '90 hds d IoT of poTenTidI dnd l'm proud To pe d pdrT of iT. The nexT Three yedrs, I'm sure, will prove To be gredT ones for The Cldss of '9O. -Jennifer Miller-Carlson Cldss Vice-PresidenT 'lShouId I lie dnd soy ThdT lvlon- drch Ddy wds d gredT evenT for our cldss? No, I don'T Think iT wds, louT IT wds d good ledrning exper- ience. ThdT wds The mosT impor- TdnT Thing. The fdcT ThdT we worked dnd dccomplished some- Thing TogeTher wds redl impor- TdnT." -Nina Belen Closs SecreTory l'This 4986- 4987 freshmen school yedr wds dn okdy yedr. IT wdsn'T gredT, jusT okdy, lvlondrch Ddy, SpirlT Week, Leddershlp Cldss, The Pizzd Sdle, dnd The Cdndy Sdle were dll fun To be d pdrT of. To dll my freshmdn friends, we'II be pdcl nexT school yedr, puT ds sopho- mores. Tdke core of yourselves This summer, dnd l'll see you dll This coming SepTemper. Good luck Tc dll Those seniors." -Agnes Cuison Closs Tredsurer "Prepdring for dnd Tdklng pdrT in Ivlondrch Ddy wds once dgdin d fun dnd gredT experience! IT wds d IiTTIe disdppoinTing, puT I Think if our spiriT dnd uniTy is kepT up, we will hdve noThing To lose! I hope nexT yedr we con do peTTer on lvlon- drch Ddy, puT The mdin Thing To do is keep our spiriT up, dnd hopefully The yedr's will geT beTTer!" -Rdchele Lee Cldss I-llsToridn I CBeIowD Rdchele Lee, lvldypeller H Supnel, Nino Belen, dnd Aon Q Cuison. I 422-Freshmen Officers yr. ilu... ev' of ' E sl-f C iii + M ,fl V is I' ,la ,C 'Q no '- 5 lil .i ,g ,I Q . A I 3 .. Fir' one ss Tv A -W ,. . 1 4' t f C , ' in 1 x lwl , N- Tn, V .. V. 3. N3 .... ,X I B I I , Qs' 1. 'bi' 4... K' :mrs K . J . C , 4" Q X 1 Y . R ,1 f' i J" Q. , . ! , Q fa! : , I . is L., -is 1- ,. s q . ' V' . ' ' kwin. M ug l i J A 3 , S B -itil :'l - 1 -' i ., 1 lf' i ' i n A. r , K kb, 5 xl. , J A :gk 4 , .... xr 1 g Q X 4' . if. sf... 'Wil' . C3 Mariam Achikzai Cheryl Adams C-eorge Adams Ray Aguilera Nilofar Aharl Ryan Alberfson Feroz All Lenora Amador Jamal Aminy Morwarid Amiri Sekandar Amiri Bradley Andriese Dale Aniano Robin Aragon Andre Arellano Cyrus Ashford Chrisfopher Barese Troy Barger Vince Barr Nesfor Bazalar Nina Belen Laurie Benedicf Gordon Beresford Michael Borrero Carole Branfome Cynfhia Breshears Michael Briff Dylan Brown Sfeven Brown John Bryanf Melissa Bryanf Jennifer Buna Jennifer Burk Jennifer Burk Sfeven Burklin Juvy Burlingame Lee Caballero Carla Cabral Pamela Caraway Lori Carlson Alicia Carson Anlhony Casfillo Louie Cervanfes Thao Chau Pamela Chavez Rachel Chavez Richard Chew Beverly Childers John Chin Sieve Chung Amy Clark Khalersfa Clark Jacie Colburn Jackie Coleman Joseph Colligan Kafrinka Conway Freshmen Ac-Co 'l 23 in ..,,.. 3 Hillary cook Q i Aiexeeeef Cefiez e Michelle Cowdrey gf ee . ' ' RODGVT CSGCN .,, T. - e e 'eee .- fx. - "ee, "M "i 'F Agnes Cuison A T . Kevin Cunnlnelwrn TG GGGG G f e-ee' - . .- . 1 TGVGSO DOVGNDOVT , f . DOVTU Deifles T Q" ' ee eee T T Q X Eldfich DGIGCVUZ .W ' GG X Erie Deleheueeeye . e e ee , Gaymarie Denoga F c l - , e e V . s T s. T Zif ' i T Joann DepoysTer Maninder Dhillon Melissa Espinosa Sharlene Franke Bianca FranzaTTi MarTha Gallegos Dyrk Dorris Clifford Duenas Danielle Eaglin Ambrose Earle RoberT Eidson PedriTo EsTrada Eric Ferea Trevor Fisher Owen FiTch Kevin Flock f . . rre. . t Q.-e , sex es X 1. a x "sf Ni " F .ep ' 'Y' - - - . I . ,rraa Q G gd N' Brandon Flores f Michelle Flores Jason FulTon Becky Garcia Juan Garcia sl X if sex '35 NPN? 5? X 'iil S it T s 3+ ? we ze - - ' - T .. 1 .-,....f,...f e .75 .3 .i,,,. - T e .az as T e..e,.e.. 3 -Q .- rw rrr,..r f G T f . c,-. . .. r,... E X S N- me 3305 S AMDEDE WiTh all The homework The Teachers lay on us each day, iT's a miracle we have any Time for ex- Tra curricular acTiviTies. Well, whaT do we do when The daily TorTure is over aT MT. Eden . . . . . . some Freshmen say They go home and do Their boring home- work. OThers head for The gym To change for pracTice, wheTher iT 424 Freshmen be fooTball, baskeTbalI, or volley- ball. Now wiTh The new Tardy poli- cy, a loT of Freshmen head sTraighT To M-4 To serve Their long half hour of deTenTion. For Those whom are noT very acTive in school, They will jusT go home and waTch T.V. or grub on some food!!! -Shawn Hayes -Trevor Fisher X sn , I 3, .s f 'W j ir... .X ... X QW if Q . rf' , gg V Miracle Garcia Michelle Gardner F 4 Rashawn Gilmer Michelle Goguen ' Fernando Goloyogo Lisa Gonsaives Timolhy Godfrey iiil Sheila Gonsaives Anna Gonzales as ,sf G is . Madalane Gonzales ' - Michelle Gonzales tcc c ,. ChrisTopher Goodloe QXQ, - 1' f I Brenda Goodner s J Q Jason Green Jaum Greenburg Paul Grier Jeremy Grimes Jeannie Guiles Adrian GuTierrez Vlcioria HamilTon si, In .h , -. Q - M K, , . K .. ,T . 3 2 is i X? K r A ,Q yy Eric Harris ' KeiTh Harris L J If v 'X is 5' ' Q James Haslim G William Haslim T .. . ChrisTine Haws 0 l air- P ii " Y -Q' ."' fs . . ag? nv s 1 . l il T' h 7 -n" F 'G Shawn Hayes 4 Sfephen Head Tamra Hennogir K.. Jessica Hernandez c Jennifer Herrera fp. F., .. -' Michael Herrera T as ' -- Richard HesTer J iiii if ,, i -' ' S. HigginboTham William Hiram Kim Ho CODDosiTe pagej On Their way To lunch are Danielle Eaglin and Errica McKnight. CLefTj Freshman Mall Pitta and sophomore Todd Saine show new sTudenT Laura Kline The campus aT lunch Time. CApoveQ Be careful noT To make a Typing error, Maninder Dhillonl Freshmen Co-Ho 425 Cori Hodge Dovid Holle Dexler Hollowdy Tosho Hughes Shoree Hurls Gory Huynh Jomol Jockson Chrislopher Jdcobs J Donnd Jdrino John Jdrin H Jg Gregory Johnson ,goog J X.. Tdmero Johnslon 5, Cdndoce Jones Endid Jordon Chorlene Kon Amondo Kennedy Cllnlon Kennemore Jennifer Kennemore Chrisllno Kenl John Killebrew Frdncis Kim Sungloe Kim Louro Kline or. Trdoe Knox - Rebeccd Krunich ' Jednie Kucero "i H .J .J N , X X we . X x Sommy Kwok Hr Slephen Kwok :3?::z1:z:HJ Edwdrd McCloud ' if gi J .ilygl 5 X Q 5 gg X is 3. xi W, Q85 3 Q dw ,J N S i wi S N S il 3 Y s mfs. L Nm J gJ g V.-- .,,kb, J g, JJ '. K g H , S35 J i ww Q N H R ..., Ja Q Q, X sei N Q." i' 'F 'Nia in mx Ii 1. JJXJ H Q X XX . M f, we V x ...K JJ if i Q: P M. ww X' ,sri Ja gg g . J g J gg X, Q gt fi g JW. gg -W f JJ 1, M5 . Q , Nqr J, .ii,, di X""li cv'i""a--4. km g N if YQ YQ Y x N X Jf+""' Trino Lonleigne K Dollos Losolo J A gg J ii,, ' i HH J JJ Rdchele Lee o r Woon Lee J J Angelo Levingslon J A l Philip Lidng R SH A.. 3 Jeffrey Lienhdrd Jennifer Lienhord H J oi K KJ gg J , K - - J J J N -- I J ii g r DGVICI Un JJ Us J Jerrelle Lockhorl J ' Chrislo Loflon J J eeyl ' J .. ,J J , 'J H Shannon Long :,. Kidni Longmire 1 we Kev LUN idii Lomberl Lum - J LJ . fflJfQli"1f .J ' IN -'Ni if "17' Ji E"2C'be'fh LUNG i e Xer H Tonvfl Lundy elee ellleee J ' iiilii 1 J - - - J. H 'r---r 5 an HX Scnieshnl Mon' Held YJ H H Moilhew Mdnjdrrez ' J E' H eri g J g ,fx X Jodchim lvlonsoloy f wx R, H R I N ' 11 Howord lvlorizelle HJ HHHKH J H J Jg gg H J g ivlichdel lylorroquln J J gr gg gg JJJ JJ J J Rolph lvlorehdll g , ggJ J .ggJHi g ggH g gg JJ g PC1ullVlC1rTineZ " JJH J , Wlglg gig , f . . . . ,I H- -- H . Ch"ST'ne MGUHUO T H JJJJJKJJJ Amo MGV KKH H iygr , iii H J J J HKHH J 426 Freshmen Qleffj Jennifer Nascimento works 15 very hard in her mafh class. CBelowj Cindy Rofhfuss, Trevor Fisher and Jen- nifer Leinhard lisfen fo Their advisor dur- ing Monarch Day skif pracfice R f--: W , My N W" ,, Q ,ssr J J l 'i iiir s .4 3' ' c . J J 1 ' W. McCormack Q , M . Shamae McCreary L - c a Q iiis Qs, 'N i f N CHGG MCDOHGIG x ss o RQ ,rg ggg N ,fi g i my - gg, so Melissa McKee i i shh is N ,soo ' i Q Y srii i i ' Errica McKnighf - rii J' a N Sean McNamara 2 I N X' Jennifer McQueen .i'- i zzg l P , ,, . gg Nicole McShane l or ' 2,4 Paul Meagher is s , gi 3 1 Michael rvleclley " i" A, Daud Mehfabuddin A .rl Y soe e,o g 5 ,. rrr Jennifer Miller ssr fs af iaa f? Feliz Miranda X N ee ! fi 7? +s- , 'T I x . iw. rg R - ""10"S K3 John Murillo 1 fi 'i Maybelline Miranda K. Monasferial Sherri Moore Adrian Moreira Richard Morgado 9 Byron Murphy Kimberlyan Murphy J. Nascimenfo Louis Neman Anh Nguyen Chau Thi Nguyen Jeffrey Nicholson -K -- ff" ' gs Sf' 5? if N if X Michael Nicholson - . Jon Nicolaus H is c up Q Carmen Nieves f N a H sf Teresa Ochoa Dean Oerfle iiii Ruben Oregon i Troy Orosco , - 1 kr 3 Q, N, - J.. Freshmen Ho-Or 427 FIQESI-I If CIJSES!!! You're siTTing There in cldss, hop- ing, proying, ThoT your Teocher will noT coll on you. Suddenly, l'Where is your poper?" rings ouT dcross The cldssroom. You look up. Yes, The Teocher is looking sTrdighT of you. Millions of excuses swim Through your heod, ond findlly The Teocher booms "Don'T Tell me you've losT iT AGAIN!" You Tell The Teocher "No, I hoven'T losT iT. I, uh, Turned iT in yesferdoy, yeoh, I Turned iT in eorly, yeoh, ThoT's iT. Yeoh, I sure hope you didn'T lose ThoT, 'couse There's no woy I'm doing ThoT Term pdper dll over ogoinf' You fold your drms ocross your chesT ond geT inTo o sforing deodlock wiTh your Teocher. Excuses, excuses, excuses. You know Them oil, ond your Teocher hos heord Them oil. YeT some sTu- denfs sTill insisT on conjuring up Their Teocher. Here ore d few of The besT: 'IA Russidn spy ThoughT iT wds o secreT CIA messoge ond sold if I didn'T give iT To him, he'd blow my kneecops, so I gove iT To him." 'll wds chopping veggies for din- ner, ond I sliced my sisTer's orm when she come in The room be- couse she wds geTTing me mod. I jusf losT conTroI ond I sliced her. The blood squirfed dll over my dssign- menT ond we hdd To Tdke her To The hospifdl. I didn'T geT home unTil ldTe so I didn'T hove Time To do iT dll over." 'lA cdnnibol wds going To edT me, ond I jusf hoppened To hove my homework wiTh me so I gove him ThoT so he wouldn'T edT me. He wds so confused Trying To reod iT, I ron dwoy while I hdd The Time." By Trevor Fisher some fonfosfic Tole ThoT will sTump AnThony Orfego Q s A I Tommie-Lyn Osborn gg g p Irenio Pocheco so I RoberT Poinfer 3099 POR , . . I if .. X 1 1 11 Cond Pon R Zolfdn ,Rapp X N Xi s Joson Pork Igq Elizobefh Poz Nfl Thomos Penn , Rondoll Penningfon Rochel Pefdgoro x 1' I X I lvloffhew PITTO D. Querubin s qg P I amp s 'r , AnThony Rogon . ,sd ,. Loreno Romirez rs I . Eorl Reilly .... W T I 'E lvlory Reilly of E A Shonnon Reifer ,ss J .s.. I . Kofhy Reyes rlss I - s I Tricio Reyes r -Q' w- '2 in . i n Q 1 ' 5 a s is in - F S Chormoine Ribeiro Chorles Rice Lofochio Rice Evyonn Riddle Deonno RigheTTi Jdmes Rivero Alicio RoberTs A at I ps., 1 5 gg g E Q is 428 Freshmen CBeIowj Enjoying The sun of lunc Time is Troy Rockelmdn. QOpposiT pogej As freshmon Jeff Leinhdrd Iool Through The microscope in Mr. Rod's b ology closs, sophomore Angeliqu Deal helps focus The lens. if irs .QW i N Q, E' 1 R , M sm. 3, : Zami ,infix .wk T235 S el, , gf Q i . i' if g QC' -J S, , ,W if I I' I- Q ,7i,. vs' F5 m Qs I S .X 1 J 1 N xl ff cg M .,... fs' M, ,, s 6 ,X Steven Roberison Edo Rodriguez Neo! Rogers Joseph Romono Elbd Romero Brendo Ronholrn Cynihio Roihfuss Juon Ruiz Michelle Sockeii Nelofer Sofi Soimo Sojid ioion Solozor iviichoel Solinos Joseph Sonchez Moriesso Sonchez Jornie Sonimyer Ann Sonios Jennifer Sorofeen S. Shookeiford Michoel Show Roberi Shinhiro Mike Silvo Cindy Silveiro Anjilo Singh Tonyo Srniih Iviosiofo Sorkhobi Anneiie Souso Volerie Speors Freshmen Or-Sp 'I29 l xmas, N 'xx mn Q .H i e s o is 5 ..,.. 5 Teresa Slaffanson W Sean Sialey ' if :ze T ,,, so Cnrisiopner Slory as iiii A T Gerly Suarez gy so i ISSOC Supnei ' al Maybellene Supnel Frank Taeu T ' T Azi Tarin is T s so Xa a T T Ellon Teixeira M 3 T, Neriaa Tejeda Nalasna Tnayne Marcus Thompson T T ATTT Anne Tobias I-leriberlo Torres T Jerry Torres 1 s Roberlo Torres gg- T Senie Trujillo s g John rsui i s TTT Leanne Tillis Anaslasia Vegas Sneila Vergara Angelica Villasenor Leo Villegas X 5' til 'V X we lanuwn ..... CRigniD Howard Marizeiie lislens in Ms. VllrignT's main class. QAboveQ Cindy Rolhfuss lisiens io wnom Valerie Spears and Jamie Sanimyer lnink will win for Besl Cosiume in ine Hallow- een Rally. fupper rignlj AT a meeling during Iuncn, Chrisfine T Mauricio Tries To gel Nina BeIen's aiienlion, bui sne's loo busy T feeding ner face!! 'l3O Fresnmen as W ,W . T ar- .. ! i i ' ' ' if L ' ' 1 are. . ' - -. W' - 'vu .N .K K v f it K ,,. ., x 5 , w XE frm, l Ft T A .W we -ff W .. T lf- 1. ' T ly., S xg 6 I ig l T .' T ' Aw x 'ii ' 255, . T. my T L! JJ -T wx K r if FY P1 rs sg -V l,. TM h h h f ,,'l"" T' T " 'Q T .. Q y u lm. M I C!-Xbovep Go fosTer, Felix Mirc1nda,fosTer!l QLefTj Tanya Smith signs up To see her counselor obouT o Tasha Thyne enjoy The longer lunch Time To eoT lunch ond check ouT The ouTe guys on The quod, oloss chonge. QAbove le-TTD Cindy Silveirci oncl Ncr- Cuong Vu Cornelius Wolker Sondro WolTers Kimberly Word Rob-erT WoTermon Sy WoTTers Clncly WoTTs Seon Webb Eriko VVebsTer Dovld Wee-den LeTTo Wesley Deboroh WheoT STephen Wickmon Andy Willioms Joson Willloms Rodney WorTh Dovid Wu Thereso Yodoo Phillip Yeung Irene Yuon Kerin Zien X we K Freshmen ST-Zi 'l3'l I K 432 Invifcmfiom To Foculfy Qifor LefTJ Mr. Rodriguez looks like he heeds o nice hoT chocoioTe. QLefTj Mr. Tcrioli ond Mrs.Griebrok sTroII ocross The quoci QT IuhchTime. QBelowQ Mr. Kessler woTches The vor- siTy fooTboII game very ihTehTIy. QBoTTom LefTj Is This The True Ms. Vic- Tor GDC! Mr. Moore. OD Holloweeh? QBOTTOFTT RighTQ A differehT side of The sTuciious Mr. Wick. L 4987 IhviToTioh To FocuiTy 433 Do We Really Need Teachers? Do we really need Teachers? ATTerall, all They do is sTand over us, punish us, give us "F's" on our finals, Take over The role of our parenTs and overall jusT Take The fun ouT of being aT school. RighT'? Wrong! If There were no Teachers There would be no school. Teachers help us in many ways. They are The one's ThaT make us more inTelligenT. They Try To help in differenT ways when we are Trou- JOHN DAVINI- Principal CHARLES CAGLE- AssisTanT Principal 'I 311-FaculTy bled. Each Teacher will Teach you someThing, and each one will leave a mark on you, wheTher iT be good or bad. 'iThere are all differenT kinds of Teachers and each is essenTial To our growTh. IT is jusT a maTTer of which one can help you," sTaTes Lara Wenner. There will always be one Teach- er ThaT you remember The mosT r l CTopQ Mr. Davini and Coach Ron Bene- vides are having a happy Time as They waTch The fooTball game. QBoTTomQ "Now IisTen here . . . "says Mr. Phil Calling as he Tries To Teach his eng- lish class. and label as your favoriTe. IT ma have been your firsT grade Teach er, your sophomore english Teach er, or in The fuTure, a college pro fesser. Please always remember an never forgeT, if There were n Teachers There would be n school and no world. Everyon would walk around quiTe clueless -Michele Sims FRED TAIOLI- ViCe Principcll LYNDA GRIEBROK- AssisTanT Principal ' QQ, 'rf- if a y , , ,,, ',-, . H A "N "' il f A as I f ml 1 7' Q gl k s l ,r r F ' iv - , 3 f if P jg 4, K r ,. in i . , , . - ,i W BA H :L', , , xi My ' " 1 .".Nk ,fj1 , ,,,y V, my zw, I A , ' n 2 V Va : V , I Q , I Km I ' V ??'fQ , g w'Z5,li?' 'yn , . A W J ,, sign,-gl 1 li Q' -as X-,,P"?Qm "" a . 34 5 X r yi f' K 1 L ,l . L 7 yy , V NT , l X 3, fl 2: Q r Y E ff! F' - f ' " ' Y ' 1 fig, f ,, ,V . ,i . M Y, , ILM ,QM A K J? -.. I is s. M, , W'-Q 4' B3-af f gg -' 'K , ' - ' , I , V , S A ...if ,r r A l l , l Us 25 H ' Q I V .0 if , ff m , l XL A E W yrrr 5 2. P . P 1 .khyh 5 X f-1 ,V ,es -v. , ,. A 7 , 5 V is X, i so vu' -1- I , - , X ' J 'fag ff gf if I jffi 5 if gif' ,3 E' Yii A 'wg Elaine Adarns- counselor Debbie Polrnesil- counselor Frank lvlaryrnee- counselor Calhy Schwiers- counselor Charlolle Ainslie- regisirar Pai Albrighl- English Phillip Anderson- social science Ernesi Avellar- foreign language Don Baken- work experience Ed Baker- auio shop mechanics John Barlevian- science Lee Becker- maih Leorah Benaderel- special educa- lion Ron Benevides- rnalh, PE, fine aris Jacklinn Bennell- English Susan Black- rnodern dance Arlene Blandeno- aide Marjorie Bond- business educalion Barbara Borel- cafeleria Glen Buckner- science Evelyn Buderus- supply clerk George Chilcoil- fine aris Belly Clark- principal's secrelary Phillip Colling- English lVlillon Deviil- English in wousr rm 0 is nirriurllw mst im vous. CFar Lefly- ZOOM! Whai did Those senior pic- nicers slip onlo your barbeaued ribs Coach Bennie? CAboveQ- Looks like Mr. Queheillall would ralher be fishing Than working on Tangenls, Faculiy- l 35 Carolyn Drybrae- English Bernaaine Fazio- foreign language BeTTy Fisher- cafeTeria Nancy Foley- maTh, sTuaenT acTiyiTies Jack Freclerick- PE Don FreyrnouTh- special eaucafion Barry Gilberf- social science Marilyn Gise- science lvlary Fioefling- cafeTeria PeTe Hokorn- rnaTh Joan Hoskins- social science GarTh Jaehnig- rnaTh Jackie James- social science Ron Jorgenson- science, fine arTs Mary Jones- cafeTeria CAoovey Mr. Winterholler is auiTe Thor- ough when Teaching his classes. CAbove RighTQ Ana jusT whaf is so funny on This fine evening aT The foofoall game Ms. Cathy Schwiers ana Ms. Su- san Solsby? Ql?ighTQ Ms. Stone is hara aT work in The aTTenaance office making sure you are in class. 436-Faculfy . 51:4 7 s T' Tax H- '51 ,fi T -if rl 'T T' in My . ., f 3 1 f ,f f 1 'fa' 'H ,F -. QT "I Have This Prcblem . . . " Ms. Susan Viclor is in her sec- ond year Teaching aT ME. She is auife pleased wiTh her Teaching posifion here. Ms. Viclor loves Teaching "and aT ME especially." She Taughf in San Francisco for Two years and she feels much more conTenT here. She enjoys The sTudenTs because They are ouT- spoken and moTivaTed. She feels "very comforTable" here since she affended a high school similar To ME. LasT year, Ms. Viclor Taughf Two german classes and Two spanish classes. This year, howev- er, she TaughT one course in each of Them. She was really excifed To learn ThaT she would also be Teaching Three psychology courses. She sTaTes ThaT The subjecfs in her psychology classes are inTer- esfing and currenT. She is abso- luTely Thrilled ThaT she in facT had fhree psychology courses. "I would have been happy wiTh one" she auipped. She wanTed The sTudenTs ThroughouT The year To gain an undersfanding of Them- selves. She believes ThaT is The mosT imporTanT lesson. Moreover, she says ThaT, "This knowledge can be used To undersfand and HELP oThers." In addiTion To her busy schedule, Ms. Victor was also The club advi- sor for The Peer Resource Club and S.A.D.D. CSTudenTs Againsf Driving DrunkD She spenT one year prior To coming To ME developing a peer counseling program aT a high school in San Francisco. "l found iT rewarding To Teach sTudenTs how To help Themselves and Their friends." Ms. Viclor is a vegeTarian and eaTs a loT of Tofu. She lives in Berkeley and Tries To live like a hip- pie. ParT of her german skills were acauired from her parenfs who were survivors of Nazi Germany. -Michele Sims STuarT Kessler- maTh Suzanne Kindle- English Debbie Kirk- homemaking Gary Leonard- maTh Agnes Llorens- aide ,-' X tl James Lucas- science . .wx 3 fi if 1' Rufh MalfaTTi- assisTanT principal's T SGCVGTUVV Barry Manning- English X gf VicTor MarTino- English I NX . Evelyn Medelros- cafeTeria ' ir-", - 1 U , l 'Y I g ' iw 'I . gg L We s M ' i.", 1 .", ,j 'g..TT3'C , T' k 14 nf- K f -r E Aida Mejorado- office aTTendance Pril Mills- special educafion T Peggy Miloslavich- business educafion Lucerne Moreland- fine arTs Dorofhy Mullen- PE fLefTj- Mr. Rodriguez, Mrs. Polmesil, and Ms. Cathy Schwiers seemed To enjoy Themselves aT The Senior pic- nic. Faculfy- 437 Barbara Nielson- Librarian i'ii1: 1 Nola Phagan- library A 'ff if Gary PoTTer- science Qrfiiirre s if T AniTa Quarry- cafeTeria Ted QueheillalT- maTh Barbara RanelleTTi- homemaking Grace Reliford- cafeTeria Marvin Rodriguez- science Judy SanTariano- sTudenT sTore Jo ScoTT- insTrucTional aid Anne Scurr- English Florence Soldahl- career cenTer Susan Solsby- social science Janice STone- aTTendance office Mary Suziki- aTTendance office Myron Swezey- PE Karen Taylor- special educaTion ,V , .i E Xp A if f f J, f if Aga V .- 'vv T-Y. '- -ucf w, 4 VV Av , fi Mx T21 1- Y M R f 8 4 T .5 , l 45 , ill 1 ls in '11-. ff V w' ,,., A f KW. f , A fe .,, . ,. -Q 1' L3 . If 'lf Joyce Thornburg- Dafa processing T T A L.: clerk f A RoberT Van Wagner- English Susan VicTor- foreign language, A psychology T. T it Xl .2 'ff rl V -. , ,AA 1 V, i Pickles and Mus fard? Ms. Lynda Griebrok has seven- Teen years of Teaching under her belT, buT, she felT iT wasn'T enough. She felT she had a loT To offer. So, she wenT To nighT school acauired a masTers degree, complefed The C-BEST TesT and was on her way. She really enjoys being in admin- isTraTion. She likes working aT ME. She is happy wiTh The sTaff and The sTudenTs because They have a knowledge, caring, and are jusT iiTerrificl" A place wiTh Those kinds of people is The "besT place To be." 438-FaculTy Ms. Griebrok has been a cheerleader for many years and was an original RaidereTTe for The now Los Angeles Raiders. Now, she devoTes her summers To The CADA Cheerleading Camps. Long ago she voiced an opinion ThaT cheerleading camps should Teach The sauads how To lead The crowd. She was Then offered a iob To help carry ouT her "opinion" Now, she's in her ninTh year, working for CADA. This year she was a "dorm-mom". She made sure all The girls were comforTable and noT home sick. Ms. Griebrok is a very fashion- able lady and seTs her own Trends She wears The looks ThaT are righT for her figure. She has her colorf done every year. She loves Renoir. She plays dupli- caTe bridge. She haTes liver ana her favoriTe foods are hoT dogs Tuna fish, and chips. She considerf big pickles dipped in musTard To be The ulTimaTe in gourmeT cuisine. -Michele Sims Tr "x A -sf sl' 5? 2: " .wH.5-r' ,L 1 -,I 2 N . 3 E CR.. ! S'-'offs QAbove Lefip- Mr. Van Wagner osks Jeremy Miller why he never cioes his homework. fAoove righij- Mr. Rodriguez Toiking on The phone, QLefTj- Mr. Anderson cioesn'i seem To be oble To fii oil of his fooci inio his mouih. CAoove5- Mrs. Potmesil recops The highlighis of her life wiih Ms. Cathy Schwiers. ivieriiyn Weiss- speciol eciucoiion Shoron Wilcox- fine oris Norm Winierhoiier- sociol science Joonne Wrighi- hornemoking, rnoih Alien Yonoeil- business eciucoiion, moih Foculiy- 'i 39 Q Clopp Wendy Lara, Jennfer Ho, Leslie CAbOveD EVUOYWWQ iiie SUN GTDiSr1evIOhOI Tyler, and Laurie Machado awaiT The OD The COHSQG Ciblb iViD Ole Debbie BART Train To Take Them To Fall STaTe. Davis, Kevin Chew, FernClI'Id0 BCISG, Ni- cole Clark, and Jocelyn Siapno. 'TAO-IhviTaTioh To OrQanizaTiohs CCenTer5 Taking a resT and waiTing for an elevaTor aT The HilTon are Michele Sims, Laurie Machado, Leslie Tyler, and Rishi Shukla. CLefTy Pam Sarofeen, Lori Lamanlia, Shannon Griffin, and Carolyn Williams Take Time To pose wiTh The ever famous Minnie Mouse. CBelowj Delivering holiday cheer for The College Club are Cindy "Santa" Fogef and her liTTle elf Amy Michel. V ' DDGANIZATIDNS E lnviTaTion To OrganizaTions-'llll BUD Has es ear Ye New officers ond ci new cidvisor To booT, The 4986-4987 Boord of DirecTors hoped for d TonTciIizing yeor for ivIT. Eden sTudenTs. BuT iT wdsn'T ds eosy cis iT sounded, cis new BOD members sow how diffi- cuIT iT recilly is To keep Things run- ning smooThIy. 'iVVhen you Think dbouT being STudenT Body PresidenT or Vice- PresidenT, you firsT Think of The oT- TenTion you geT. BuT dfTer You're eIecTed, iT's noT os sensdTionoI os you firsT ThoughT," commenTed BOD PresidenT Alice Chung. "IT wds hord Iedrning dll The ins ond ouTs of possing Things Through od- minisTroTion, plonning donces ond dll The findnces. If iT looks like on edsy job, Then iT's dppedrdnce is duiTe deceiving, for iT's no picnic!" BOD spenT much hord work ond long hours prepdring ideds for dc- TiviTies for school. VVhciT They wonTed wos To emuldfe o feeling of wdrmTh ond uniTy dmong The sTudenT body. To sTdrT off wiTh, BOD sponsored ci 'Cor STuff" in which They crdmmed over TwenTy "ITS Dwi 0 Qeurufiivicg ex- peiiiemue. . . ovie IW Inw- eri borirgei . . . " -Alice OQIMQ BOD Cldss PresidenTs: QCIockwise from Topy Senior Clossz Cin- dy FogeT, Sophomore Cldssi Gordon Olson, Freshmen Cldssz Ivioybellene SupneT, ond Junior Cidssz Eddie Lozono. 442-Boord of DirecTors sTudenTs inTo d I-Iondo Civic. Then come The firsT donce of The school yeor. i'JusT o Donce" sTdrTed Things off on o grdnd noTe. IT received The IdrgesT crowd ond profiTs from o BOD donce ever. STudenTs popped cill nighT To The sounds of everyThing from modern music To The beoT. lvlusicdl selecTions To suiT every need piedsed The crowd. Ivionorch Ddy 4986 wos The smooThesT running ever, Thdnks To The gredT efforTs puT in by oil BOD members plus closs officers. Every- Thing wds well-orgdnized for once ond ron on o loose schedule. IT proved To be The mosT enjoycible Ivlonorch Doy for dll, especidlly for Senior Closs PresidenT Cindy Fo- gel, whose closs sndred d firsT pldce win. IvIisIeToe come in sedson, ond ds iT did, iT come Time for The Win- Ter Boll. No longer o cdsuol dffciir, BOD upheld d semi-formdl dress code for dll sTudenTs. 'lJingIe Bell Rock" wcis d greoT success ds sTu- denTs opprecioTed The ccindIeIiT Tdbles ond o ChrisTmds dTmo sphere. "The WinTer Boll wcis mos' deTiniTeIy one of our high spoTs. I' wos The mosT orgonized donce yeT, everyThing wcis reddy ond ir perfecT order before The dcince even begon. All The commenT: we received on The ddnce were generolly posiTive. And if The sTu- denT body's hdppy, Then we're hoppy," exploined BOD Vice- PresidenT Ldurie lvldchodo. A long-overdue poinT job on The STudenT GovernmenT Office wos nexT on The ogendo. BOD decid- ed ThcrT would be The righT wdy Tc end Their busy yedr. WiTh closses plonning Their proms ond boils onc fundroisers, BOD seTTled for ci few rdllies To be puT on, buT noThing mdjor ThdT would go down in hisTo- ry. They wrdpped iT dll up in June for everyone wiTh The Goodbye ddnce. A busy yecrr over so soon. YeT The reTurning members cdr only Think "Three more monThs . . . By Ldurie Ivlcichodo Apooinlecl BOD Officers: Acliyiiies Commissioner Courlney Oroy oncl Rolly Commissioner Jennifer I-lo. "Ii Qosvfl nlwolis bw will but its olwogs been woluifi rl . . . " -Lawrie Mncllorio 4986-'IQ87 BOD Officers: Cl3ock Rowp Secreiory Ann Celooo, Ao- visor Noncy Foley, Treosurer Mike Hon- kins ond Puolicily Direclor Lindo Mc- Donold. CFron'r Rowj Vice-Presioenl Lourie lvlocnodo oncl Presiolenl Alice Chung. f""5y 1. .J Booro of Direclors-4413 FSU- mpro ves This Year Don'T make The misTake of mix- ing up The clubs like Asians UniTed and Filipino STudenT Union because The Two are auiie differenf. FSU us auife a hoT club This year as They seem To rake up acTiviTy afTer ac- TiviTy making Them one of The bu- siesT clubs on campus. A loT of The club's success lies in Their acfive membership, and dedicaTed officers and fun pro- jecTs designed To bring The club closer TogeTher. The members Tend To Think of Themselves noT as jusT club members buT as a close- kniT family. This year, They've "adopTed" a new member To Their family in The role of moTher. Ms. Jackie Bennett joined The FSU helped The club bring To realiTy many of Their excifing dreams. FSU has had plenTy of fund rais- ers This year, and The money will be puT To good use as They prepare scholarships for some worThy sen- ior members. They hope The mon- ey will help Their members see how really precious They are and how much The club has helped Them in Their high school years. "The FSU here aT lvlT. Eden helps mainly To fosTer pride in The culTure of iTs members. Through us, They can Take pride in who They are and They can explore Their back- ground and herifage wiTh us. lT's a real good club for sTudenTs who wanT To learn how To appreciafe one can join This club, There's n clause ThaT says you have To b Filipino. We'd like To geT suppo from all groups aT school," con menTed FSU Co-Presidenf Lyzell Cruz, "The club This year has reali improved iTs sTaTus here on can pus and l'm proud To say iTs be cause of iTs wonderful members. All involved in This worThwhil club have a loT To be proud o especially iTs officers. Co-Pres denTs Lyzelle Cruz and Qenili Villegas and SecreTaryfTreasure Marilou Paulos have helped FS gain The sjccess iT deserves. 9 ' JN J By lvlay Almario V 1 U ,X family as advisor This year and has I I Their eThnic backgyund l if A T of K LT fl The Frllpino Student Union 'lllll-Filipino STudenT Union A 3 A1 Q .gy x WM, QWM X, fl 1 X 'il 12 , L My KS 'Q A T A sans, l l if A.lJ. eads Eveniful Year Eighf years and sTill running Trong, Asians UniTed sTill Takes an npressive picfure wiTh all Their nembership. One of The few acfive clubs on :ampus, AU has over The years ielped many new immigranT sTu- lenTs and new Asian sTudenTs in he school feel comforfable and T in. Now, The club Tries To deal viTh ThaT, buT also The Task of earning abouT The differenf Asian :ulfures and meefing oTher Asians IniTed members from oTher chools. On The Top of Their agenda for This busy year was Their infamous Feasf from The EasT, one of Their mosT popular and profiTabie fun- draisers. They also had a forTune cookie sale and planned on hav- ing a candy sale. Presidenf Bob Nguyen also hopes To plan a social wiTh his oTh- er officers, Vice-PresidenT Brian Nguyen, SecreTary Janet Dere and Treasurer Sang Yi, which will bring Togefher sTudenTs from ofher AUS all over The Bay Area. Advisor Pele Hokom has been wiTh The club since Their beginning eighT years ago. 'lin The pasT eighT years," he says, HAsians UniTed has served lVlT. Eden sTudenTs in a varieTy of ways. AT firsT, The club was very imporTanT for immigranT sTudenTs who knew no one here. Lafely, emphasis of The club has been on fund raising and social acTiviTies. ln The fuTure, I hope To see The club emphasize on The original purpose and concenTraTe on The various Asian culfures ThaT compose The heriTage of many of The families of our members." By Laurie Machado Asians UniTed- 4415 M' QOpbosiTe Pagej The gang gaThers for one lasT group shoT before They leave. Hop lefTQ Lori Lamantia enjoys herself aT Disneyland on The college Trib. flop riQhTj GaThering before dinner, Bri- an Takenaka, Marilou Paulos, Naomi Clark and Jocelyn Siapno decide where To go. QAbovej Goofy loves Those college- bound girls as he cuddles wiTh Lori La- manlia. Ql'QighTj Sanjay Sabnani finds his True likeness aT Disneyland! 'lilo-College Club Sollege Club Aciiviiies Bring New fiemb GTS Srowing five Times greaTer Than he previos year, College Club has enjoyed much success This year. 'hough They didn'T hold regular neefings every week, They have nanaged To remain very busy viTh sTudenT life. 'o sTarT off a membership drive, he club sold Rose Grams, which ieTTed Them a nice profiT, noT To nenTion many new members. The uccess of The firsT gram sale nrompTed anoTher sale, wiTh jusT ms good a resulT. The club will wrap ip Their fund raising wiTh anofher lower sale during Valenfines Day. T December, The club hosTed a PoT Luck Alumni dinner, which al- lowed club members To see and hear Alumni Talk abouT The col- leges They are aTTending. IT was a greaT chance for new members To geT To hear firsT-hand abouT prospecTive colleges. BuT The biggesT of all Things ThaT College Club has puT on was The Soufhern California College Tour. Many IVIT. Eden sTudenTs aTTended This Tour of fifTeen colleges in SouThern California. While down There, They dropped by many col- leges and Talked wiTh aTTending IVIT. Eden alumni. AfTer The Trip was over, many of The sTudenTs decid- ed whaT colleges They wanTed To apply To. lvluch of The club's suc- cess has To be accrediTed To The hard work of iTs officers: Saniay Sabnani, Greg Vecilio, and Jen- nifer Ho. l'lT's been a real pleasure working wiTh The club This year. All our fundraisers have been Terrific, our alumni dinner wenT greaT, and mosT of all, The college club Tour was a blasT. iTs definiTly been a good year for all clubs, especially This one. I only hope ThaT nexT year College Club will do jusT as well." commenfed Presidenf Sanjay Sabnani. f""5'i -T - . FRE wifi C. C. Wreaks Havoc Down South! H1 Uopj Ancl They're off! Anofher ride on The lvlalferhorn for Tracy Wagner, Lara Wenner, David Myers, Sunny Frafus, Carolyn Williams, Lori Lamanlia, and Shannan Griffin. QAboveQ The lafesi in The 3-D look is Sunny Frafus and Shan- nan Griffin. QRighip The College Club sfucls show off Their lalesf L.A. gear. Tracy Murphy, Roberl Lozano, David Myers, and Brian Takenaka. 448-COIIGQG Club mi, .... in , , N-fX!""' x to qua 'N "R T4 QLeflQ Jusf anofher greaf day in soufh- ern California, perfecf for college four- ing as Carolyn Williams, Sunny Fralus and Lori Lamanlia relax by The foun- fain. ,gfg,5g, The College Club. Fronf Row: Jonafhon 5 Monfilla, Danny Pan, Fred Fox, Roberf f LaC-race, Mike l-lankins, Eddie Lozano, Nasir Pasha, David Macachor, Delnls Miranda, Cam Khaleeli, Gilda Malogan, Brian Takenaka, Roberf Lozano, and Sandeep Pafel. Back Row: Shawn Sfory, Teresa Fisher, Amy Michel, Young Kim, Jocelyn Siapno, Lourdes Verzosa, Dean DeAnda, Jennifer Sarofeen, May Al- mario, Eric Yuan, Edna Dere, Linda Chang, Caesar Cavazos, Rozanda Lee, Alice Chung, Paul Buller, Yuka Ara- kaki, Sanjay Sabnani, Fernando Basa, Jennifer l-lo, Greg Vicilio, Ann Celada, Chris Husfon, Connie Sichon, Karen Pip- kin, Brad Brown, Sfefanle Culberfson, Mary June Manglicmof, Janef Dere, John Kim, Cindy Fogef, and Chrissie Lee. "' 4 -V g i , ...,.., .,.c A , . .. .M . -- X L, - L F' ii irl. L' F F --L ii,.-- - w ' yy,y, - y , A . a AA,,, at kk" K ' r F if .A ,, . . K J 5 :F . - . - , s fig ,Q I --'N ' K - .i - K .. K. - -.1--. 6 I Q .. A X 'M Ani ---. f .- X ,S A ,kkkk K F . . , A so or ,, c .C , C A ssss , L College Club-449 Q Q Q Skl lub Springs nee Again re ' i fTh f'TT T rn plarivofcfhce skiiiubiiriiginci iv Q5 again formed masses in hopes of ' ' T hiTTing The slopes. And once again, as has hap- pened in previous years, The weafher hasn'T played up To Their parT. Headed by PresidenT James Enos, The Ski Club sTarTed The year off well. They held a mosT profiT- able Gummi Bear sale in which The profiTs neTTed were To go To plan- ning Their ski Trip. BuT The Trip had been forced onTo a book burner while The sTudenTs hoped for snow. Ski Club, once again, is booked by lvls. Lucerne Moreland, who hopes iT will become an on-going Club QBack Rowy Vanessa Lim, Ericka Gar- Tracy lvlurphy. side, John Capucion, James Enos, Dar- QFronT Rowj Gilda lvlalogan, Mark Blum lene DeAnda, Lawanna Johnson, Bob Jeremy lvliller, and Rueben Oregon. Nguyen, Advisor Lucerne Moreland, Writers Rake lip More Members lT's always been a small and inTi- mafe club, buT even This year The Creafive Wrifing Club has exper- ienced some growfh. LasT year, The club boasfed a meager mem- bership of five, and since Then iT's been doubled and upped To elev- en dedicafed members. The goal of The Creafive VVriTing Club is To help Teach sfudenfs how To wriTe well and geT Their feelings ouT Through words in sfories and po- ems. The wrifing efforfs of all The members is showed off in a book They hope To publish aT The end of The year which will confain mem- bers' works. Creafive Wriiing Club officers were Presidenf Amy Michel, Vice-Presidenf Felicia Ramos, Secrefary AI LeMaster, and Trea- surer Don Francis. By Laurie Machado Advisor lvlerilyn Weiss, Vince Oaker, Joy Ann Denoga, and Fred Fox. Don Francis, Max Wheeler, Amy lvlichel, 450-Ski ClubfCreaTive VVriTing Club Berman lub Surfaces on ampus Advisor Susan Vicfor, Chrissie Lee, Jen- Werner Lowensprung, Vanessa Teix- nifer Sarofeen, Joanna Lubas, Charlie eira, Sung Tae Kim, lviike Hankins, Cindy Burns, Chris Husfon, Janef Viviani, EviTT, John Lemanski. A new club sprang up amidsf The mass of old ones This year, and iT comes under The name of The German Club. Though small in size, The club hopes To aTTracT many new mem- bers Through The German classes here aT MT. Eden. IT was formed by advisor Susan Victor and is head- ed by officers Charlie Burns and Janei Viviani. Being so new and so small, Though, The club hasn'T really had a chance To plan any acTiviTies. As iT ages, The club will progress To The sfage where The oTher clubs are aT. BuT for The Time being, The German Club is doing jusT fine as iT is. aleulaiing Some New Feats . . K... .. .. A . --p - . V 'T '-- . v - r--'r 5:1951 5 .- so ".- .k'k Bharaf PaTel, Alice Chung, Yuka Ara- zanda Lee, Cam Khaleeli, Brian Taken- kaki, C-ildo lvialogan, Linda Chang, Ad- aka, Delnis Miranda, Jonafhon lvlonfilla, visor Garfh Jaehnig, Don Francis, Ro- Sandeep Pafel, and Eric Yuan. lVlaThleTes is a club which boasTs of a number of successes. IT man- aged To increase iTs membership from lasf year's Three, To nineTeen sTudenTs This year. in November, club members wenT To Sanfa Clara, and parTicipaTed in The an- nual SanTa Clara lvlafh ConTesT. Members spenT Three hours Trying To figure ouT seven problems. Throughouf The year, The lVlaTh- leTes encouraged The enjoymenf of mafhemafics and To furfher The sfudy of maThemaTics among The sTudenTs of lvlounf Eden High School. Mr. Garth Jaehnig, The club advisor, showed his many years of experience as The advisor Through his guidance and encour- agemenf To The members. lvlem- bers worked closely wiTh one an- oTher, and were auick To aid each oTher as need aroused. German Club f lVlaThIeTes- 454 e Sweet Sound of Success Under The direcTion of d new ddyisor, The Bond gdined d reyiTdl- izing bredTh of fresh dir. Mr. George Chilcoif, one of The newesT Tedchers dT MT. Eden broughT new life bdck inTo The bdnd. This wds The firsT yedr OD orgd- nized pepbdnd wds broughT To d few of The fooTboll gdmes, dnd pldns dre under wciy To orgdnize for d fuTure mdrching bdnd. Bcind members dre gdining new insighT inTo music GS Mr. Chilcoll gives Them exciTing music To pldy. There hos been noThing hedrd buT rdyes dbouT This yedr's bond. No longer is iT The cdsudl group of sTudenTs iT used To be. Member- ship is now down To serious musi- cicins so They cdn hdye The chdnce To pldy good music. -By Lciurie Mdchddo 4987 Jdzz Combo. CLefT To RighTj Jesse Cooper, Mr. George Chilcof, Gurin- ddrpd Singh, Donny Didz, STephen Hedd, Jdson Willidms, ond Vince Bdrr. T987 Symphonic Bond. FronT Row: Te- reso STdffonson, Cindy Silvero, Ericd Websfer, DeeDee Brewsfer, Michelle Sousd, Julie Olson, Sfefdnie Culberfson, Kciren Pipkin, dnd Tdshd Hughes. 2nd Row: Mdrcus Sdlinds, Lourdes Verzosd, l-leirberTo Torres, ElizdbeTh Moron, Becky Gdrcici, Mciry Ceniceros, Teresd Ddvenporf, Kdfhy Murphy, Angelo Kirchner, Shdrlene Frdnke, Mdybellene Supnef. 3rd Row: Chris Bdruse, MdTT PrdTT, Michelle BurT, Ericd Boker, Anno Moy, Anfhony Cdrdvdhlo, Jednie Guiles, Afh Row: EllioTT CdrpenTer, Jdmes Hdslim, Ddmon Hunn, Ddniel Didz, Aromondo Gdrcid, Jcison Green- burg, Guy Jokub, Bill Hdslim, John Coo- per, Jennifer Ho, MdTT Jiminiez, Jennifer Sdrofeen, Tricid Gifford, Serennci Cu- shere, Rose Lucds, Michelle Gognen. Bock l?ow:Joe Ayers, Pdul BuTler, Tyler Cldrk, Hedfh Ramos, J.J. Mdncldy, Eron Currier, Mr. ChilcoT. 452-Symphonic BondfJdzz Combo S 3 5 3 5 E s s 5 3 T 1937 Jazz Combo .9 -B-5555 ss C C if n 5 r I E .Q Q F 1937 S mphonie Bam CSF Upens Educational ours 5 W MIK fronT Row: Don Francis, Mike l-lankins, Iennifer l-lo, Alice Chung, Roberf La- Srace, Brian Nguyen, Delnis Miranda, Sildo Malogan, Mike Macachor, David Aacachor. 2nd Row: Sanjay Sabnani, Aay Almario, Mary June ManglicmoT, Brace Ng, Sandra FiTch, LyzeTTe Cruz, Marilou Paulos, YveTTe Cruz, and Mi- chelle Nepomuceno. Back Row: Young Kim, Connie Sichon, Jocelyn Siapno, Edna Dere, Florence Ng, Yuka Arakaki, Brian Takenaka, Eric Yuan, Rozanda Lee, Sandeep Pafel, Thao Nguyen, Abraham Wong, and Mr. ErnesT Avellar. Membership has increased for The California Scholarship Feder- aTion This year, hopefully inTimaTing ThaT The MT. Eden sTudenTs are be- coming more inTeresTed in Their grades, considering you musT be an honor sTudenT To join. The Fed- eraTion was founded here To pro- moTe educafion and increase The inTeresT in keeping up your good grades while in high school. IT gives you someThing To be proud abouT, knowing ThaT you have made iT in. lTs basic inTenTion aT MT. Eden is To leT academically moTivaTed sTudenTs know ThaT There is a chance for Them To aTTain a schol- arship on The grounds of Their grades. This year's chapfer presi- denT is Mike Macachor, who hopes This year's membership will bring abouT more inTeresT in bef- Tering The chapfer. P.R.C.-Small but Worthwhile A' , FQ rs- ronT Row: Trevor Fisher, John Le- COIGVTTOVL Michelle SNOUQTWVWGSSYI R0- wanski, and Jeremy Miller. Back Row: QUGIBYQGGILOWCWWG Jomsoflfcmd MS' ricka Garside, Lisa Amaral, Yolanda SUSOVW VICTOV- This is The second year The Peer Resource Club and S.A.D.D. have been aT M.E. Club advior Susan Victor says ThaT "sTudenTs ofTen IisTen To each oTher more Than To an adulT. Thus, iT's essenTiaI ThaT They learn how To IisTen To each oTher, how To respond wiTh under- sfanding and how To seek help for Themselves and Their friends." Club Presidenf John Lemanski also added ThaT l'iT noT only means helping ofhers, buT iT also means Trips To Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and YosemiTe. IT meanT gaining a new family and new friends for life. MosT imporTanTly iT helps you undersTand yourself and oThers." The Vice-Presidenf of The club is C'less Buckner, SecreTary Yolanda Coleman, Treasurer Mi- chelle Shaughnessey. By Jenifer lzak CSF f Peer Resource f SADD-453 eerleaders Have Great ear The '86-'87 SpiriTleoders conTripuT- ed much To The lvlonorch pride. The pep sduod oTTended Their firsT yedr oT CADA cheerledding comp oT STonford UniversiTy. IT proved To pe duiTe sucessful ds Those cuTe, pouncy liTTle spiriT- leoders wenT on To win mony prized dwords. Shannon Griffin, Sheri Phillpis, ond Michele Sims recieved some ouTsTonding individudl dwords. They dll were given The opporTuni- Ty To perform in fronT of royolTy in Englond ond lreldnd. Sheri Phillips dlso wos choosen To cheer oT The infdmous Alohd Bowl in Howoii. The sduods olso were blessed wiTh Two spiriT sTicks, which symbolize overdll spiriT. The pep sdudd wds under new di- recTion, Mrs. Miloslavich, who wonTed The sduods To concen- TrdTe Their efforTs on crowd invole- menT. AT Their firsT compeTiTion, spon- sored py ChdpoT Junior College, The Junior VdrsiTy sdudd proughT proudly home d second ploce Tro- DMV- The nexT compeTiTion olso provec sucessful os Cindy Fogef ond Mi chele Sims performed Their liTTle heorTs ouT To win d firsT pldce Troy phy in The lvloscoT cdTegory. The sdudds did excepTionolly we on dll occounTs ond proved Thor They were "doing iT for The school!" - lvlichele Sim: Q, - l 1937 Junior arsiiy heerleader T511-JV Cheerleoders 1937 Varsity eerleaders QV JV Cheerleaders. Sondra Walfer, Elena Rodriguez, Sherry Koeiling, Janice Youngrnan, Michelle Sockefi, and Erika Websfer. Varsily Cheerleaders. QBack Rowp Cin- dy Fogei, Lori Schroer, Sheri Phillips, Sun- ny Fralus, Shannon Griffin, and Ann Sef- fens. Qlvliddle Rowy Alanda DeYounQ, Michele Sims, and Brigeiie Lorenzi. QFronf Rowj Sfefanie Culberfson. Sunny Fralus, Shannon Griffin, and Bri- gelfe Lorenzi compele af Omega Ral- ly. Varsiiy Cheerledders- 455 Lion's ale eaches Success AfTer o yeor of ddopTing To be- ing o club, ond Then on indepen- denT sTudy progrdm CinsTeod of using on dcTuol closs periodb, The ME Lion's Tole is in iT's prime. There ore nine members on The sToff This yedr, ond Ms. Anne Scurr is odvisor for her second yeor. ul redlly enjoy iT, The sTdff reolly works hord" she conTends. The sToff publishes oT leosT Ten issues o yeor due To business reduiremenTs. The Lion's Tole is designed for sTudenTs oT lvlE who ore inTeresTed in jour- nolism ond The publicdTion of newspdpers. The poper hos im- proved gredTly over The pdsT Two yeors, even Though The sTdff is smdll. NIT hosn'T been eosy, buT iT's been ci loT of fun. We work os o Teom, ond ThoT is whoT keeps The duoliTy up" commenTed senior EdiTor-ln-Chief R. Marc Wcilley, Ill. 'll wos gidd To see ThoT we hod new sTudenTs who wdnTed To be involved wiTh The pdper" sTdTed junior FedTures EdiTor Amarinder Dhillon. lvlony of The sToff members were newcomers. They were very willing To leorn. 'TIT wds o loT of work, buT olso o loT of Tun," re- mdrked sophomore SporTs EdiTor John Iwciwcki. The mosT grueling Tdsk for The sToff is "pdsTe-ups!" "lvlosT of uf sTill don'T know how To do The 'posTe-ups' buT we ore dll ledrn- ing," pronounced junior Opinion: EdiTor Ray Nepomuceno. Usuolly The Fridoy before eoch public Tion, sToffers hdve been known sToy unTil 5 ond 6 o'clock dfTel chool, ldying ouT pdpers. UAH ThoT work reolly poys off," so Principol John Davini, "iT's d ore poper!" -R. MCIFC VVoTley l v 456-Lion's Tole TM fi-lQlr5. fl wif W 'figs T . NN ly K? gl? fi-L if Ya., C U 5 36' Q. Ts il I A 9' l' Y IR KVA its :Huw .f U I Nao, -ga-LM y Q ww, 'Y' A if ' 7111. A 'sr K 9. , Ar V' r l K ff 'ir 515 ,xr . 42 A ff' .Q L2 oz, H I -2. fx' gff . i 5 gf Mila Q, ,M-M. 4, ,X n--V, nu "s 44, SA Proves to be the est! Six musT be a lucky number, and JSA proved ThaT as Their sixTh year in The running proves The mosf suc- cessful. Junior Sfafesmen of Amer- ica has unauesfionably become The mosf dominanT club on cam- pus. BuT is iT really a club? They seem To do so much more Than a club. JSA officers refer To Their group as a "chopTer" a unified group of sTudenTs who work wiTh each oTh- er. And They musf be unified con- sidering Their size This year. JSA, can easily boasT a sfeady membership of sixfy sTudenTs, and They all managed To make iT Their weekly meeTings. IT all sTarTed auickly for JSA, as a heavy membership drive wenT info acfion in SepTember. And The response for membership was in- credible, especially considering lasT years membership was a whopping Ten sTudenTs! They be- came The fasTesT-growing club on campus. ln Ocfober, The JSA chapfer af- Tended a one-day conference aT Sfanford UniversiTy. IT was on "ElecTions 86" and The 500 sTu- la Wok W -kwa , - gh, ,- V. g ..- -:5:X.,3E!:,,gg,s , sau sf ' ' - 4 ' . . if denTs from all over Norfhern Cali- fornia held a mock elecTion for Governor and STaTe SenaTor. November was a monTh of ac- Tion. The Fall STaTe Overnighf came up auickly, and MT. Eden JSA Took TwenTy-Two of iTs mem- bers To The San Francisco HilTon for a weekend of debafes, ThoughT Talks, mock Trials, and of course, fun. ln December, JSA Tried The fun- ny Tale characTer Goldilocks in a mock Trial on The grounds of breaking and enTering, Members acTed ouT The parTs of judge, law- yers, and wifnesses, AccusaTions flew in The courfroom of every- Thing from zoophilia To rape, and Topics of buTTock prinfs and psy- chology kepT coming up. The liTTle blond girl ended up being hiT wiTh a TwenTy year senTence. Members also goT Togefher for a ChrisTmas Pof Luck, and deco- raTed a reTiremenT home for Chrisfmas. lf was The besT monTh by far for This acTive club. 4987 broughT a flurry of acTivi- Ties as The chapTer prepared Themselves for The infamous Three f . - if day Spring STaTe Convenfion. lT's been a fruifful year for The JSA, The besf ever! The officers were The besT ever, as They were able To work Togefher auife well This years cabineT was Presideni Laurie Machado, Vice-Presidenl Courtney Gray, Secrefary Wen- dy Lara, Treasurer Leslie Tyler, and Legislafive lnvolemenf office! Rishi Shukla and Council of Ap proval Michele Sims, Alex Me dina and Jenifer Izak. The club' advisor was Ms. Anne Scurr. 'TIT has mosT definifely been good year for JSA, and iT's mad our dreams come True. All w wanTed was a 'good' year, bu due To our excepfional members. They have made iT GREAT! The whole club has broughT The suc- cess around and They should fee proud of Themselves for This. We have some incredible members. and we're proud of everyone! JSA you guys are The greaTesT, buT you already know ThaT!" Com- menfed Laurie Machado ano Leslie Tyler. -Laurie Machado QLeflj Walling lo head home on BART are Angela Chang, Rishi Shukla, Stephanie Siguenza, and Teresa Chew. CBelowj AI LeMasler walls his Turn To speak. CBoTlomj Alex Medina al The Fall Slafe Convenlion. CBollom Righlj Isidro Jimenez moder- ales one of The debales. fxx N Q Junior Slalesmen of America. Back Row: Advisor Anne Scurr, May Almario, Becky Garcia, Rachel Wenner, Jennifer Sarofeen, Jennifer Ho, Leslie Tyler, San- jay Sabnani, Jenifer lzak, Rishi Shukla, Eron Currier, Laurie Machado, Al Le- Masler, Courlney Gray, Michele Sims, Cam Khaleeli, Lawanna Johnson, Yumi Cha, Kim Jackson, Sangila Palel, Slephanie Siguenza, Ann Celada, Alice Chung, and Mary June Manglicmol. Fronl Row: Aaron Dixon, Teresa Chew, Alex Medina, Fernando Basa, David Macachor, Fred Fox, Parry Yang, Mike Hankins, Isidro Jiminez, Brian Takenaka. Junior Slalesmen- 459 1 L,,, .. QLefTj Rishi Shukla geTs his poinT across QBeIowj AT The STanford One-Day Mary June Manglicmoi and Rache Wenner relax as The day comes To C close. Bal In Search of hapier of the Due To The facT ThaT The Junior STaTesmen of America is a naTion- wide clup, There are many awards given ouT each year by The Junior STaTe FoundaTion. One of The awards, ChapTer of The Year, is whaT IVIT. Eden's shooT- ing aT. The award is given ouT aT 460-Junior STaTesmen Spring STaTe To The chapTer who has done The mosT and deserves iT. And MT. Eden deserves iT. Time will Tell, and in The mean- Time, The JSA will prepare for Chapier of The Year, and hopeful- ly win iT. Uxpovep Tosha Stamps iisTens inTenTl' To one of The depaTes. CRighTy Laurie Machado and Leslie Tyler "do Iunch" aT The STanford One Day. JSA Officers. LIO Rishi Shukla, COA Mi- chele Sims, Treasurer Leslie Tyler, COA Jenifer Izak, Presideni Laurie Ma- chado, Vice-Presiaeni Courlney Gray, and COA Alex Medina. Secrelary Wendy Lara nor piciureci. Ciiieiowj Mi- chele Sims or The Fail Sraie Overnighi. is vi f' ' . W VWMW , , ,, 462 Imvifofion To AThleTics . ' . -P ,, in R . ,V l ss' SW' sf " 2 S X T, ... is :IQ of P . fd "1 QFar LefTj MT. Eden's Frosh-Soph Foof- ball Team sTanas anxiously on The side- lines awaiTing for The game To begin. QBoTTom Far LefTj Showing us her full swing is VarsiTy player Wendy McCor- mick. Qlvliaalej PunTing on The fourTh down, Todd Fisher shows The graceful sTyle of his kick. CLefTQ Warming up for The game is imporTanT, Keifh Hoffman aemonsTraTes This imporTanT Task be- fore pracTice. qBelowj Going for 2 poinTs in The Alumni baskeTball game is Senior Paf Watson. . T... T Sports Clfwvfg dwxiem MQ 7006! M Mm W -'f f' . J I' If .,,f, . ugfmgy M4273 . Qfjjfwe 1 - I W' 'Q' ' r I V . C., 1 K fy fx lnviTaTion To AThleTics 463 wa. , ,V . ., :NI .4 V 3 e'ffT:T5f2ff np ' , ,,y,.ZM!,.Y,'i ,. M ,,.,,'3pg,,J,g,: If . VarisTg Team Couldn'T QuiTQ Pull IT TogQThQr Young dnd inexperience This is vvhdT The lVlT. Eden VdrsiTy fooTpdll Tedm locked This yedr. Finishing sixTh in ledgue The vdrsiTy Tedm couldn'T duife geT iT TogeTher. The Tedm hdd d good sTdrT by su- ceeding d vicTory over J.F.K. 311-'12, BuT dfTer This vicTory The VdrsiTy Tedm wenT on d losing sTredk. Losing Their nexT six gdmes The vdrsiTy Tedm couldn'T duiTe pull TogeTher. WiTh d sfrong defense ond offense dT The beginning of The sedson They soon losT iT when injuries sTruck The Tedm. The lvlonTerey Trip proved To pe unsucessful puT The Trdveling vvds fun. When sedson sTdrTed IVIT. Eden hod hedrTpredking gdmes ogdinsf SLZ ond Tennyson. The Tennyson gdme vvenT inTo overTime ond They pldyed d firsT score firsT vvin gdme. Tennyson recieved The poll dnd They scored from The Ten ydrd line. VicTo- ry findlly come by The end of The sedson. The lvlondrchs wenT on To vvin SunseT ond CdsTro Vdlley giving Them d hope ThdT They vveren'T in IosT pldce. Even Though The sedson did'nT Turn ouT duiTe like They vvdnfed iT To pe, The VdrsiTy Tedm never gdve up The moTivdTion of vicTory ThroughouT Their sedson. 'x X , 86' VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM CTopD Chris Thompson, John Cdpucion, Bry- dnT Nedl, Jim Richdrdson, Lewis Dukes, Alon Nueld, Phil Dyer, Eron Currier CfourTh rovvb Louis STdley, Codch John Bdllonos, Codch Bill lvldr- onis, Codch Lee Becker, Codch Don Villid, Codch Bop Springer, Ken l-len- derson CThird rovvb Troy Toylor, lvldr- cus Rios, Guy Jokob, Derek lvldrchdn, 4641-Vdrsify EooTpdll Sidney Wdlker, Sedn SmiTh, Will Schu- mdnn, Todd Fisher, Csecond rovvl Omdr Johnson, Berin Coucdud, Jeff lVldcheTTi, Sedn ReinhdrT, Hugo SchmidT, JusTin l-lerred, Ddrold Gon- zdles, KeiTh STdnTon CpoTTomD Gdry Pedrson, l-ledTh Rdmos, Deon DeAndd, Ldrry Byrd, Russ ScoTT, Brion Colld, Pdul Lyons, Kevin Amdrdl. I 6 Cbelovvj Running for The firsT down is pldyer Omar Johnson. '86 SEASON RECORD ME VS. OPPONEN' 34 J.F.K. Encinol 0 Monterey 0 Son Lorenzo 7 Tennyson 7 Arroyo 0 Hoyword 27 Sunset 20 Cosiro Valley 0 Son Leandro 12 42 37 27 14 gory 14 23 3 6 14 lx ' r Nh ' 'kw-4' MS J 1 fi' "' QTopj WiTh a clean snap Quanerbook Will Schumann pre- pares for The handoff. fapovej Looking clown-field for on open reoiever Todd Fisher prepares for a pass. Cobove righTj i-iorci and Tough This is how MT. Eden's Defensive was ToughT To hiT Their opponenfs. qiefTj Looking over like o foTher Coach Becker sfuaies his Team during prooiice. Y WW REM! H ax! v if Www. ., ., A-...Qu -0 ,W u Q 1 '. I X. '86 SEASON RECORD ME vs. OPPONENT 0 San Leandro 2 0 Sunset 2 2 Hayward 0 2 Arroyo 1 2 Tennyson 1 1 Castro Valley 2 2 San Leandro 1 0 Sunset 2 2 SanLorenzo 0 0 Arroyo 2 2 Tennyson 0 0 Castro Valley 2 2 San Lorenzo 1 2 Hayward 1 .1 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEA TAKES FOURTH The varsity volleypall team had an exciting and eventful season this past year. They worked hard and the dedication of the players paid off in the form ofa fourth place posi- tion in the HAAL championships. The team worked very well to- gether. Most of the girls' have played together for many years and the team had the togetherness that any team would want. They were like one big family. Not one single player really dominated the team! They all pulled together. If they lost the team lost if they won the team won, it was an individual year. The team had all returning players except for a few. Next year they well have all new players. The gradu- ating seniors that will oe leaving are: Yuka Arakaki, Moniaue Borunda, Al- ice Chung and Susan Jankowski. Over all the girls' had a good sea- son with their togetherness and their closeness the team made it through enjoying the season. A I 5 .ws A,.i F5 X. JV' V P It SIKA t XXX!!! f",, P-un' '86 VOLLEYBALL TEAM GOD? Alice clark Cpottomb Yuka Arakaki, che-ri Chung, Tomoko Bando, Joanna Loza, Susan Jankowski, Moniaue Bor- Coltharp, Coach Mark Aauilino, Julie unda, Mary Manglicmot Walker, Sherry Halvorsen, Chauncey Varsity Volleyball-167 TQYWONI T ,691 ,3Qx" Cy, Uv kb EUR, xr-5X W 40. I5 , .Q . - . T My x wdjbefw XLOUX 1575 v Wxxesf cr V0 5 wig .sf W2 we QW XB XM se This VViTh an empire puiIT up from lasT year, iT's no wonder when a MT. Eden sTudenT menTions loaskefpall They geT exciTed. The Monarchs played hard and Tough and cap- Tured many vicTories over Their op- ponenTs. For The second year in a row The MT. Eden VarsiTy Baskefpall Team wenT undefeaTed ThroughouT league and capTured The HAAL TiTle. The Monarchs losing only Two sTarT- ers were able To find replacemenTs and build a winning Team. Through pre-season The Monarchs losT a few games puT They recovered from The defeaT and wenT on To play ThirTeen games wiTh vicTories. Pounding Hayward ouT of The l-lAAL TiTie, The Monarchs played one game aT a Time, wiTh a crowd called The Rowdy Bunch Ca group of ener- geTic MT. Eden sTudenTsD, The Team was cheered on and coasTed Through each game. The Team wenT on winning The HAAL playoffs buf Their Trip was cuT shorT losing To DeAnza aT The Coli- sium. VViTh all The paskeTpaII Team has accomplished They will pe con- sidered winners To MT. Eden High School. H AL CHAMPION VARSITY BOYS' BASKETBALL- fleff To righTy Kerry Walker, Darren Frazier, Allen Mar- PaT WaTson, Donnelle Johnson, Dana Tinez, Bennie SmiTh, Jason Marshall, Derrick Thompson, Chris Housfon, LamonT Halloway, John Scheid QKneelingj Coach ATTaway, Dell Demps, Leon Thompson, Ron Benevides 468-VarsiTy BaskeTpall 7? ,sr4' ifi' lfis ,l Q .hrr T or 959 i,sl rllri, 5 ii.r f.i,l T551 T.ii ,iisif T691 if,i . ,7Qg,:. i.i, 5 .f. T M .QV4 ,g., T - , , .s'? ,lf ARRGY .. CASTLE VALLEY? f..,W fgiip, SAN LEAIXTEJTE TTH SUNSET 351 . Zlgffgfggg l s'.f ARIQ Y 45 T ff CASTTQ T VALLEY .,'. T ,l.i l.,l, Tfsf T 'fffgff D s MryMw .,., I 36, ,Z ffm ' 1, '.q'Gf-1 L. '--3?-vi, -7 Sag,-Z"E'9 'V s ,s X. I, 43 Qfor iefiy Up for Two is Dell Demps. Qlefij Wiih o immocuioie loy up,Pc11Woison sinks Two. fbeiowp Sneoking posi his opponeni is Donnelle Johnson. Cfor boiiomy Recieving o poss onci going for Two is Allen "ML Husiie-" Martinez. Vorsiiy Boskeiboli- 469 GIRLS' TIE FOR FOURTH AKE HAAL PLAYDFFS STruggling hara The VarsiTy Girls' BaskeTpall Team foughT for Their place in The l-lAAL league. VViTh a recora of 7-6 The girls' pas- keTpall Team was aple To capTure fourTh place in The l-lAAL sTanaings ana proceea To The l-lAAL playoffs. VViTh a hara aefense ancl offense The Team was aple To work TogeTher ancl work hara in Their games. No game was easy for The Team They foughT hara ancl Tough ana The sTanaings prove iusT ThaT. VViTh reTurning players like Erica Paulson, Desiree Purry ana Gina DuarTe The Team was alreaay on iTs way To a HAAL spoT. New yarsiTy players like JaneT Viayani ana Joan- na ColTharp The Team haa exTra sTrengTh ThaT helpecl Their defense ancl offense. VViTh such a young Team The varsi- Ty girls' paskeTpall shoula capTure anoTher TiTle nexT year. VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM- QlefT To righTQ Roxanne lvloran, Joanna ColTharp, Coach Connie Sipianos, Erica Paulson, Ra- 'l7O-VarsiTy Girls' BaskeTpall shawn Gilmer, JaneT Viyani, Tanya l-len- clerson, Desiree Purry, KhaiersTa Clark, Shawna STewarT 86'-87' SEASON RECORD vs PALO ATLO JFK HEAD ROYCE TENNYSON SAN LEANDRO SAN LORENZO SUNSET HAYVVARD ARROYO CASTRO VALLEY TENNYSON SAN LEANDRO SAN LORENZO SUNSET HAYWARD ARROYO Y CASTRO VALLEY OPPONENT 40 L19 53 M 63 50 52 26 53 46 33 64 67 641 44 50 412 i vit , Q . 5-E ., ww' H., Nw. 35, r' - 1. A is WI -1 QW li' lm . E f f , ,,fAi3,ixj',e' M Eu L3 M - A L L ,L 3' L7 I if -1,-I f - . LL ,. A L ,. L mm,W L WLLLL ,m-. LL L L . LL . L, L L- f 'KE H I "hk :Le L f 5 , L LL L , LLhL ,L I y L :, LLL ----' L Y 1' : A m L' . ,Lg K' "' SML sf LL A Z L f w w.. V V L L , L, ' a. ,, fi:,, ,L , Q , ' ' gi, 5' , km L L 53 A Z? ig 5?4fgixLfyf AL W .. L4-', W 3' I .L ,L L A ' : L' I +1 L WW? M AY '5' i'w'v-Sgfgz af L ' .', LL ,L , L 2 L wa, ,N 45, W' 4 I m A fn' '53 ' y ' LILLLL K7 L L ' dv H 59535593 'if 'Ugg K L ' LL f 4 A 3' -' .Q 'Ls La? H' ' LL, ' YL iw f"2f ' iqy:: f fm ,Lf LL L L if Lx W- L' L, L 3,4 SELL L A ' 1 J SL L 'f Lg X "W I , L A, A N , L A L X Z pw xgwigfw ba if 'L v A X 11 LLLLL " A A Af L- 9 Y. 72. ' ' C ,5 LL 1 9 3 S W L N L W vi- Wivk si' I' a, H125 ' gl L mp, ,gg ., .N 4 L LW hw A -0 . L L ' LL ,L -1-+V 4'--is L L uhm N K ,ki V +5 ight LW ka.LL E HL, S Kjiffs-:FSU , AA Lili' W, .V , Y:Q,:'k,,VZ " i,'L V ,k LLL' ra L Q: 'lx H L L L L sg, L 4 1, K af L L I gk! Q5 Lv 3 M vs L Lx Wx ZPL, L' VLLh 5 if fQ k, '13 ,L L I ,L .Iw i LA A K L,-,jfil-nl-2, iw -rf 4, uw wt V img ,T K I , f LL L ML, H A QW 'Agn i' IA 6 , fggdmi L fr' ff M A ' ' . A h " LLLLLLL I LL 'I72-Vczrsify Soccer L LLLLL. gk I 86'-87' SEASON RECORD ME VS OPPONENT 2 AMERICAN 3 I NEWARK MEMORIAL 'I 9 ST. ELIZABETH O . 2 JAMES LOGAN 5 if TENNYSON igiigjg-.4 I y T cfxsrno VALLEY7 I 3 f 3 SANLEANDRO 2 I HAYWARD 0 I 'T ARROYO 'I i 0 SUNSET 'I 2 TENNYSON 3 'I CASTRO VALLEY 2 'I SAN LEANDRO 3 I 2 HAYWARD T 3 1 Arefaovo 1 4 ' 4 SUNSET Ii 0 SAN LORENZO 2 lg , I I BOYS SNAG SPOT I HAAL PLAYOFFS Many up and downs were on The record of MT. Eden's VarsiTy Boys' Soccer. WiTh many reTurning players The Team had The skill and experience To go far puT wiTh a few problems They losT iT in The HAAL playoff games. Over all The Team placed Third in league and Then losT Their playoff game To Sunsef. WiTh a sTrong line and leadership of reTurning players Kevin Amaral and BreT STover The Team was on a roll. Many Ties came upon The Team This year and many of The Ties cosT Them in Their over all record. The Team had one Team ThaT They foughT hard and Tough againsT and ThaT was San Leandro. San Leandro seemed To give MT. Eden Their pesT compeTiTion and gave Them Their pesT challenge. San Leandro was peaTen once ouT of The Two games and The games againsT S.L. gave The Boys' Soccer- Team The challenge They desired. 5 A H 5""2i- C5 . I 95 . ,. so w""',f . A L -I . I f . 9 . A K, . . Q, Q K V. I ' .. ' K n . V if sf: . ugTi.L4Z,2E4f'g ' K, . ' T N ., 7 . - . vi gf' 1 . E.. T' ws' . 5 A . , I S Eff . if .,- .Tm inf. ' .. f A 11 L-LA' -f f ar LefTj 'lsr sTring goalie Brel STover kicks ack a save he had jusT made. Cabove fTj FeeT movemenT is all parT of The dme demonsTraTed by Kevin Amaral. moTTom lefTQ The Team gaThers aT half ne To discuss sTragedy for The nexT half. afTj going for iT all is Mail Pratt. Cabovej eparing To kick The ball is Sieve Hohl. VARSITY BOYS SOCCER TEAM- Uopy Omer Samimi, Hugo Schmidf, Essan Na- jeeb, Sfeve Hohl, Coach Dave RoThling. John Quaid. Kevin Amaral, Rodrigo Men- doza, Jeff Wainwrighf, Qboffomj Roberf SchmidT, Jorge Aguilar, HumberTo Zeval- ios, Vu Lee, Mike Herrera. NhuT Nguyen. MaTT PraTT, Kevin Hohl, BreT STover VarsiTy Soccer-473 HAAL championship. an immaculaTe firsT place. is s vw? s WX s k X Q N ,N ss s t sw us T X . M s. HE NWA W I 1-A ai f-1 ss - G .ms . ,, rw, NQQ. - fr . ,s . 1 P r 5- ,ff T T' mf '- LF, if Rf! . H K., ,sh :.s'zzs-mggsggg . C sl- If gr' r esiiivf A , .,... f . . . 1i wlnglng HOT, Girl s T ' k ' ill'. nm I 8 IT all HOT!! This is whaT The Girls' Tennis Nguyen and 4:2 doubles player Ro- T . If elee lle ig eelle f eeea Team was This season. WiTh a 'l3-'I sanda Lee, The Team almosT wenT T ' sl sT is slss record The Monarchs preceed in undefeaTed puT wiTh a maTch C T llll Taking 'lsT in league and winning The againsT San Leandro The varsiTy had C a crushing loss. The maTch was so gy rg rssr DoupTfully going inTo The season close puT San Leandro seemed To The Tennis Team wasn'T sure how have a edge on us by winning 3-Ll. ggg gg They were going To place since They WiTh The immaculaTe placing and losT almosT all Their seniors from lasT wiTh such a young Team The Girls' , ' gssss. 1 year. BuT The Monarchs jumped on Tennis Team should be vicTorious ry Their opponenTs and surprisingly Took ThroughouT The nexT couple of year, Good job!! WJ il '69 so WiTh plcyers like 44 Seed Thao KX J' Q TX srlrr s fx.r1q .BN gr , .... s, ................................ 3 ,...,........,... , ..,s,,,... ....s ....... ........... , ...... , 7 sy s T ,..rr" A T .rsrrrr s Q 'H 86 GIRLS 'TVARSITY TENNIS CSTandingD McCormick, Thao Nguyen, Rosanda Naomi Clark, Charlene Kan, AniTa Lee, Joyanne Denga, Joann Mejia, Lee, Linda McDonald, Kim Ho, Coach Gary Leonard, Ckneelingb Wendy 4711-Girls Tennis CnoT picTuredD Mercedes CrisTopol, Linda Tu, Diem Nguyen QTopj During a maTch senior Thao Nguyen demonsTraTes her sTrong backhand Qabovey WiTh a powerful fronT swing Dien Nguyen shows her deTerminaTion Througl her face expression. '86 SEASON RECORD ME vs. OPPONENT 8 San Leandro 6 I 10 Sunset 4 11 San Lorenzo 3 9 Hayward 5 13 Arroyo '1 14 Tennyson 0 8 Castro Valley 6 Qiefij Showing a smooih siyle Linda Mc- Donald geis prepared To reiurn The serve. Cabovej Cohcehiraiion and Deiermihciiioh is pari of The game and Charlene Kan pre- pares for her serve. Girls Tennis-175 , iff F J .Q Q? . . Q. Y ,wws N I . .fi QM if If .A-if W . -wg. W ww an r -wif 'X . . X A NSN- , :I , kg., K Ada' .A Sk.. ., X. ,.... wif x .. f M .nm P. W , .... . . Q.. '13 .ij -.2 LQERMXZQ , ' N Q f is 2 Y-X. .F ' .".Y x"k- . 'nf ' uf - .-'..... 1 . TJ Y " if -1 vm-fm wg ' -fullh h-Q! wh- .Q-.wx-NA.,... ...., .,. 5 .4 v, A K ' ' 1 f Z.:',,'4."mf?fi4f??:4 If ' ,W I ?' . . ... 2" 'vb 'AF' X -an - Q -- g WLww5."',iQ A ' . Ne . 1 M, 4 r4f ' 1 ..fwf'-3'.a1'..s'4t SEl'4AF4s v.VAF4-W P V - . +wfl f ' e , .,,,,,...-.,.,., ...H,...,,-....,..........,..............................Mm-'mam-M-mfg-A-an .ff A f 1 1 'r P4 lx Q 4' Vw' Q """"M 'F Q, . .4 ,. x' , ,f ,f . . . , ' ,.j'lM,r' 1 if -X b. -NJ,,fuf'.f: N. 82.3. N -1f, . . '1 K J ' ' I " fs f' ' " 'Q .. :Q Av:., . . 4, ...:' 'E -' kr '1.'. -- . -Y "' .5 1'k -' X .. 2 'fx . 5 .f . .. ,Q -.,k - .V .ik x .f . Q ,X - - S- .35 i my . , i n ag. in X. Q Y, Nh, YE Tir", .. , ..f,f, 4--N5 t h -N. ,-tw - Q . . Aj' ' " f ' X 'I76 BOYS' TENNIS 4 -' '.-x,,.-, V, N.. 4-W--..f1v"N4 ... M,-' v 32 xii X. ""I'7 'f' "1'.1'sa. 1 'Y ' I I I J Xl v 1 w f 'VJIVQQ vjgplrvpul ff. , ' ' ' I 1 ' A J f I 1 Jr: Qpnrzfynrvm , fy: fi xy Q....'-' 'fwf i-T Q AIS 1' UNIQUE INDIVIDUALITY s t- 'Q-Vis I 'Q 1 Q 9' T ' c is is YQ' uv. t 5 .5 , N ,kk K . T .k:J:-X I tv , fr yi - 1 ui? , Q , J' V 'v I Q 1 3 K . ' 1 X., h. I R ri:s,.f3, ' M ' s. 4 'U I K K I x 9 ' 'fi 5+ r f ii M- T T Us gait? .N X. 'gfsf M Q i! f Aff',1d !, :I , . 'A 2 ff! gg' ' T if as 4' 1, 5 -xxxxf fiilfff ffl. ' 3' ma! f --N. ,ll DeTerminoTion ond concenTroTion ore ie key focTors in The swings of The Boys ennis Ployer. Eoch Ployer hos o unique rive ond movemenT buT eoch hos The rengTh ond obiliTy To be The besT. The boys Tennis Teomg o group of young men moTivoTed ond deTermined To conTribuTe Their personol sTyle To suc- ceed on The Teom's success. WiTh reTurning ployers like Mike lvloco- chor, Dovid lvlocochor, Fernondo Boso ond RoberT Lozono The Teom hos o good chonce To pull off The HAAL Ieogue like IosT yeor. Eoch member of The Teom hos puT oloT SUCCESS of hord work ond deTerminoTion in Their procTices ond The Teom looks very well. The Teom procTices everydoy ofTers- chool buT wiTh weoTher problems Their procTicing Time is cuT shorT. WiTh The weoTher The Teom hosn'T hoo o chonce To ploy ony pre-seoson gomes buT wiTh shiny doys oheod The Teom will pull To- geTher ond will hiT Themselves To vicTory. or as sss N K g Qc 1:5 9. V I R. ,tx EK g A E P25 'HI f, D f Ai 'qw gg .P . Q ss, 2 ,z H, c.sS1uof' 5 T T TH Q- 'I-9 491' VARSITY BOYS' TENNIS 4987: Cooch G-ory RODGVT LOZGVWOI HnuT NQUYGVL Abe VVOVTQ Leonard, Frm-,cis Kim, 30mg Pgkl 30m Qkneelingj Gildo Mologon, Eddie Lozono, Nguyen, Fernondo Boso, Mike Mocochor, Dovid IVTOCOCTTOVI Mike Phcn AQM71, M Z7 MWWZ if wail' NWI? fffff,?T'TT S Boys' TENNIS 477k f - , afar,-2.06 awed jL,L,,,,. Varsity Wrestling for The 4986-4987 season was The pest at MT. Eden High since 4976. The Monarchs went 7-4 individual meets, losing only to Castro Valley. l-loweyer, the Mon- archs came on strong in The league tournarnent, placing nine wrestlers and taking first. The nine league players were: Jer- emy Grimes and Juan Delacruz who both Took seconds, Tom Burns and Shawn Wilson who took third and second respectively, Jason Ka- mai who took fourth, Keith Stanton who was forced to settle for a sec- ond pecause of a knee injury, Paul Lyons and Todd Fisher both league champions, and Troy Taylor who also Took a second. Varsity standouts included Todd Fish- er who, with a 28-2 record placed 5th in North Coast Section Keith Stanton placed in Three tourna- ments and finished with a 25-8 re- cord. Juan Delacruz had a 23-7 re- cord and placed at league cham- pionship for the 2nd year. Paul Lyons was undefeated until NCS action. Varsity is losing four star wrestlers but because of The depth in J.V., who took first at league, the Monarchs should be ready To dominate league again next year. -Jeremy Grimes. WRESTLING TEAM- Ctopp Paul Lyons, Todd Fisher, James Enos, Tony Bonetti, Coach Paul Canada, Scott Canada, Russ Scott, Troy Taylor, Allen Neura Cmiddlej Jason Kamal, Len Morrison, Mike Casas, Shawn 4 78-Wrestling Wilson, Keith Stanton, Earl Dyer, John Cooper, Neal Bryant Qbottomj Sonny Montez, Jeremy Grimes, Cliff Duenas, Tom Burns, Juan Dela Cruz, Martin Teodosio, David Yamashita. vu ,,. 7 sf ,, .fl ' .,, is 1 r 4 , dwg T i 5 ? , ,,L, , U Q"'+-Qui-V"N" Ciefi obovej Going for o pin is senior Paul Lyons. QFor Lefip Wiih deierrninoiion ond oonceniroiion Jeremy Grimes Tries To pull down his opponeni. Qlefip Fighiing for The 'riiie Keiih Stanton gives ii his oil. Cfor ooovej Preparing To oreceed Todd Fisher owoiis for The referees whisile. Cobovey Afier o hard rnoich o vioiory is rewarded Coach Canada gives Shawn Wilson o oongroiuloiions hug. Wresiling- 4 79 1 i ib ,s Nih- v-. ,.,, Q' vi' Twsse gs- T ,..., A , -'Sw im -,ft.1ziQ,'?s-f. - +122 -f':4f- ,v ' 'fsM,,gi', :gi ' 1 lf ff, 'EL five ,W fusm 1 if Q- Ei' afff'-v.W+ff' ' ffl' 480-Girls' Soccer in . - . - 2 Uopy Giving iT her oll is Senior Linda Hinojosa. ClefTj Gooliei Shirley Benedici soves o poinT ond reTurms The boil clown fielcl. Qobovej Toni Wilder pulls smooTh moves orouncl he opponenT. CrighTj WITTT deTerminoTion oncl The Doll Lara Wenner sohuffles down field for The gool. I JURIES AND ILLNESSES HURT THE GIRLS' SOCCER TEAM Injuries ond missing ployers wos The Trouble ThoT The girls' soccer Tedm ron inTo. ThroughouT The seoson iT wos Tough for The girls' soccer Teorn To geT eleven ployers on The field oT o gorne due To The drnounT of injuries ond illnesses. Somefirnes They hod To subsTiTuTe The injured jusT To sTdrT The ers did well due To The condiTions. MT. Eden besf compeTeTor wos The Arroyo Tedrn. The Teorns bofh hod greoT defense ond offense ond iT wos hord for The Teorns To score buf MT. Eden goT The beTTer edge ond They won The Dons 'l-O. Their besf defesive ployers were Lara Wenner, Shirley Benedict ond ,..s. T it I " 5 . " . a A ,. K . s, 'lv- ' a Mg., . .. I S K .ew f if I1- T' .air K K ' .Q- 1 Q . " A siss f . ,.Ri 1 if R fx T' o " : " fs all 51.3 kjir 1 ks . A ss f - A . sr-. ef Sarge. - A ...--.... 'T R if gorne so They wouldn'T hove To for- feiT. MosT of The Time They would end up wiTh nine ployers buT oil The ploy- Kdy Crowe. All The girls did exTreme- ly well. Hopefully less injuries will oc- cure nexT yeor. Good Luck!! 1 pr , K . VARSITY GIRLS TEAM: Csfondingb Tif- fony EsTrello, Cindy Pendflor, Lourie BenedicT, Jennifer Miller, Shirley Bene- dicT, Ann Gufierrez, Koy Crowe, The- reso Churches, Cooch Roy Myer Ckneelingj Sheiloh Merz, Lord Wen- ner, Chorrnoine Riberio, Sherese Richordson, Lindo Hinojoso, Leonne Tullis, Cindy EviTT Girls' Soccer-484 1 A Q Q fd! X Lf. 7M Zfwileguwzojyfi-few Cross CounTrg 4 wwf XII no we Q as Disappoinhng Season They puT forTh greaT efforT buT were unable To compleTe Their goals. VViTh a 2-5 season The Cross CounTry Team fell shorT of going To The championship. They had The ex- perience buT do To injuries and Team Troubles The cross counTry Team didn'T do as well as They would have liked To. The Boys VarsiTy didn'T have a greaT season buT Their efforTs and spiriTs were kepT high. The Team was faced wiTh new faces and They ran well. Four of The guys placed in league: Damon Hunn, Paul BuTler, Robert LaGrace, and PeTe Vial- pando. Paul BuTler was The only run- ner To make iT To The NorTh CoasT SecTion. He placed SixTh. The Girls Team didn'T sTrive forTh buT efforT was greaT. WiTh Joanne Garcia leading The pack The girls were able To pull off a 2-5 record. She pulled The girls TogeTher and Garcia placed in The league finals. The 86 Cross CounTry didn'T su- ceed in winning iT all buT wiTh The years To come They will sTrive forTh. -Paul BuTler '86 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM CTopQ Will lVlaTThews, Ashi SheaTh, Shane Rogge Damme, RoberT LaGrace, Damon l-lunn, Qabovej Placing oTh in NCS Paul BuTler Daneil Diaz CboTTomQ Tanya SmiTh, Me- shows us The pace ThaT made IT all possl Paul BuTler. Sid Jimenez, Mike I-lankins, lanie Casiro, Brenda Goodner, KaTrinka ble Qabovey Leading The girls is Joanne PeTe Vialpando Cmiddlej AnThony Van Conway, Tina Hisola, Charmaine Riberia Garcia 482-Cross CounTry NAL .I ,441 ,vf ff '- ' Y A-f.2jA , ,- gf X-f 1 t W Q qhsfrv. F N " Q Q sw ,,M,b suns-r ws 2 I i VTE CFor lefty Concentration ond preporo- tion ore the key foctors in running, os demonstrated by Mike Honkins. Qleftp Leoding the pock is Pete Vialpondo ond Robert LaGrclce. Qtopy Anthony Von Domme shows us The procedure of running up hill. Qobovey Running To- worcis the finish line is Brenda Goodner. Cross Country-483 ii "i" :W gg, ga, , An 4 A MU, 1 3, ,, TSWW , Undefeahadg Boys' CapTurQ HAAL Championship HoT! Smashing! DynamiTe! These were The words ThaT described The Junior VarsiTy Boys' BaskeTpall Team. The Team going 'ld-O was The pesf Team around. Taking The l-IAAL Championship wiTh a breeze The JV BaskeTpall Team was hoT. VViTh Their awesome defense and offense The Team dominaTe all The oTher HAAI. schools ThaT They played. Tough and hard The JV Team gave iT Their all in every game. They kepT The moTivaTion and ampiTion of winning lead Them To each of Their vicTories. The vicTories wenT along side by side wiTh The Var siTy Teams. The Team kepT in mind ThaT iT was MT. Eden ThaT has The pesT Teams noT The oTher schools. Winning was The main parT in Their season. Players like Chad Johnson, Chris Widner, Mike Davis, and Jim Morris kepT This Team piping hoT!!! Con graTulaTions poys on your undefeaT ed and successful season. H on , al 5. V.. V ' v i ., 4 S , Q . . L 3 , sg ' V , . if T 5 1 ...s Q T' J T g 1 3 K L K W A. , f . g .W T' , . ' is ' J ,Q T' Ji - fy f Avg f 1. y fir-T f T .T i V T f g V., 5 . I g A K 5, , . 1 5 T s 2 ' ' A ' 5 .. , T i ix' ' X 5 T T is -.' ,.. 6 . , 4 T gg . if g , 5 . ,L 1 k , . f f - :in H - V if 4 a ni L V I f L. V I is 1 r ' T' ' 4987 J.V. BaskeTbaII Team: CsTandingj Mario Maranda, Chad Johnson, Paul Buf- ler, Doug Drewek, Julius WhiTe, Jim Morris Qkneelingj Sidney Walker, James Green, Joe Vialpando, Dondrell Swanson, John lwawaki, Chris Widner, Mike Davis. JV Baskefball- 'l 85 POSITIVE OUTLOOK SHOWS THEM TalehT and Their posiTive ouTlook goT The JV baseball Team on and ihTo The sea- soh. WiTh a good aTTiTude and a posiTive ouTlook OD The game The players ooh be- gih To sTrive forTh and aTTaih Their vioTory. WiTh bad weaTher and lack of pracTioe The JV Baseball Team had Trouble geTTihg THE WAY sTarTed buT They did geT in a couple of pre-season games. The games were played uhder harsh cohdiTiohs due To weaTher bug They were able To shag a vioTory. The Baseball Team has puT aloT of hard work in and The Team look spiriTed and ready To go. ,,,as. ,-Q 9 If V, Q B - , Ji V. . -il ff ly 1 , l . " gL - ,,, Q Q ' - L .-1 asv I . ,..., ,NSW 'Y T x ws. 1' T i- --. 3- ,Q " 'kk'kk , - l""' V x 4 t yr ,bs as -....-... ...Q- ..-u-gu. .gn-wr-1"""' "' ...-.-N. .-.-.....- ,--- h I ,, . , f 51. ry Akife,.bN.1.: 15, fjs' T N-sf B T ' s "' f --we-r-- J., ,,,.. .ss . MWA ,V ir K A 5 fi 4, 9 T ' ga - 5 "" T , 'T T T ' ' Q lsss 'R i f ' , T - V T A b VM, - K, . ,,. 'O .-. S. 5, 1 Six. K t gk .4 was Os """'1cw r - ,ug QNX-.g.Qs i'.Q.if:Zi. . x' as wr is JV BASEBALL T987 486-JV Baseball ..-N52 'igksif f . -f . A . - fy .. ..i we-my-Gm ' kk ' 'TNQ .. -jf?2kw.::4T!iviA:nfQ, 4. .. .., .sf . ' .. - , ff 3,45 1" ' Q' ? -2a?sl- . -'L ' . xi , , Q - . .Ant T. V N- A " an ' -49 .,.,, . GIRLS' TURN N DISAPPUINTING PERFORMANCE Lack of experience and skill were The imporTahT facTors ThaT The JV Girls' Bas- keTbaII rah ihTo. The Team had The rhoTivaTion and The spiriT To win buT The scoreboard hever seemed To show iT. WiTh a record of 6-7 The Girls' BaskeTbaiI Team capTured fifTh place. The Team hever gave up The hope of winhihg ahd always carried Their heads high and ready To Take oh Their hexT op- pohehT. BuT They jusT had a iiTTIe Trouble Trying To fulfiii These expecTaTiohs. af? ifg ,. 4 f- ? c ,, ! E., sskag sl div. J- 5... Qwffiar R " '..?,1gQQ., 25" f----me J BASKETBALL: Tracy Kihg, Jehhifer Herrera, Chrissy LofToh, Jhya Rice, Viviah NaThahiei, Dee AnToihe JV Girls' Baskefball-'I87 JV SOCCER TEAM HAS DISAPPOINTING SEASO , VViTh The weoTher onci The Timing The Junior VorisTy Soccer Teom hoo ci very ciisoppoinTinQ seoson. VViTh o record of only Two wins The Teom dicin'T geT To be chompions. The Teom never gove up ond fouQhT To The horciesT wiTh every Qome buT They jusT couicin'T seem To pull oheoci ond win. The Teom locked The experience onci ooiiiTy To ploy. WiTh o IiTTie more work The Teom moy perform beTTer nexT yeor. I ,,f t S 7 v s A V so ,, - - at W 9 . T y ' ' - - 'fan s .Q I ' I "" N- V. -i .5 , ,Q Ai, JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER TEAM: mon sTonciin D Cooch KermiT Dukes CboTTomD John iviuriiio NesTer Bozo C Q , 1 STeve Kwok, Dennis SmiTh, Howorci ior, George Acioms, OmorBoirokzov iVlorizeTTe, I-ieoTh Coffron, Vince Sommy Kwok, Chris STory Borr, EvereTT VVoTson, STeve Wick- i88-JV Soccer za, ' i i F 2 . ff'- L fi U x i YT i W. 'his 'ii I ix' 1' '- rw -s lj s 7 ,is gs is iio g 4 V A I , ,H A , , V :,a ':'I ' L i ,,,. M' ,,Mff L, ' ,,'L K K 1 , . . ii if f , .3 ,I sf if i i is 2' 'f ' ,V:, i i SM if , V A, I f 'V ' , I , fgg ' i K, 3 V, I . i ii s g i ,,,. ,, A gi " iTA"'M. 2 s --H is wid!! as 1 img? ,AQQITQQ ,A , . ', t g . f' fm v Erin 5'fi"f,l'?,, Going off o heooi block is George Adams onci his ieornrnoie. Woiiing for o oleor shoi is John Murrillo. Swinging oround his ooponeni is Sieve Wickmcln. Throwing o kick oui book in is Sieve Wickmcn. Thoi's The woy To use The heoci. JV Soccer-489 -I FROSH SOP!-I Fl ISHES UP AS HAAL BaskeTpall a winning sporT aT lVlT. Eden and The FroshfSoph Boys BaskeTpall Team made sure ThaT They were righT up There on The lisT. WiTh a season record of 43-l The EroshfSoph Team was able To capTure The l-lAAL championship and become one of lVlT. Edens winning Teams. Hard work and Tough pracTicing goT The boys inTo shape and ready To become champions. The CHAMPS apiliTy of The new players was very high and This lead Them To The vic- Tourios season. The new players were TaughT and Trained by The pesT and The over all coaching was fanTasTic. lVlT. Eden has always had a win- ning paskeTpall group and were glad To include The new players To The lisT,' CongraTulaTions on your wins! Q- Ji,-. X N .L ' r - LM, ' 1 will i, ,F ,T iz- .lifziiiif i fate! I - ' T987 FROST-lfSOPl-l BASKETBALL Coach Jan Hannah. Ckneelingj TEAM: CsTandingj Crissy Lee CsTaTD, Troy Barger, Sean McNamara, Eron Dixon, Jason Green, DexTer Gordon Beresford, Jeff Lienhard, l-lolloway, Darrick Chayis, Cornelius Randy PenningTon, Tony OrTega. Walker, DeWayne Thompson, 490-EroshfSoph BaskeTpall CTopD WiTh a rebound Green TighTs for The pall. CBoTTomD Dexier Holloway bloc The shoT from Hayward opponer Jasc :,i.'f',ii?9T1' ' if. .,i.. . J.. x - K pi., x A . -If 4, mf X ,W ,Nw 15Efw,,l s 1- , 5 . ,if- gil. f Q10-Il 'I ii vp ,J 3 L' A ' MW? K M if ' vi fa - ,M J.V. Vollegball gives Determination 8 Motivation Determination and motivation were The main faciors of The JV Vol- leyball Team. VViTh a record of 7-7 The Team didn'T have Too pad of a season. Even Though The season didn'T Turn out auiTe as They would have liked, The Junior Varsity Team never gave up. The Team always kepT Their spirits high and played Their pest. Even when lossing They would fight hard until The end and practice Twice as hard The next day in order To Turn around The scoreboard. Their pesT compeTiTors was San Lorenzo. lVlT. Eden gave Them a run for Their money. Going inTo a Third game paTTle The Junior Varsity Team pulled Together and with Teamwork and determination They skidded pasT San Leandro 'lo-'l41. Despite Their wins and loses The JV Volleyball Team learned To use Team work and sportsmanship To succed in Their game. T86 JV VOLLEYBALL CTopD Shirley Benedict, l-larrice White, Trina Sand- ers, Coach Brenda l-lunrick, Cpottomj lVlary Reilly, Aunya Shipman, Nicole 492-J.V. Volleypall Powell Cnot picTuredD Laurie Bene- dicT, Jennifer lVliller, Sherreese Rich- ardson. 86' sEAsoN Recoizn . ME vs. OPPONENT 2 San Leandro 0 Sunset 2 Hayward 0 Arroyo 2 Tennyson 0 Castro Valley 2 San Leandro 1 Sunset 2 San Lorenzo 2 Arroyo 2 Tennyson 0 Castro Valley 2 San Lorenzo 0 Hayward 0 Munn,-ef mania: Q.. , Y W . :ff Q wwuuu.,,, 5 ' 9' .. YM 5 K .. k..,H s. K K as " Xxx N Qabave leflj Players Qalher arouhd wilh Coach Bolanoes To discuss The game previously played. Qabavej Wilh speed ahd slick moverhehls George Adams slides pasl his oppohehl. Crop righlj "l-lui ohe, Hui Two, l-like!" Qrighij Mt. Eden's Frosh- Soph Ieam huhdles logelher To prepare far The hexl play. 4941-Frash-Soph Faaihnll 'ln-.W ' 'W' is-4' f . -if N.. ki PNXN, , . , , 2 T L up 4311 Shawn Wilson runs for The firsT fn againsf l-layward. avey As The game goes on Howard Mari- e looks on. lnexperienceg The Keg VViTh mosfly nineTh graders, The FroshfSoph foofpall Team had a slow sTarT. They seemed To lack The ex- perience ThaT would have given Them a winning season. VViTh a new coach and fresh new players The Team had a new sTarT. Pracficing hard and Tough was whaT The young FroshfSoph players did. They had The drive and The moTiva- Tion To pe winners buf They jusT Facior lacked The experience To perform. Alfhough The Team was The under- dog's all season They always foughT unTil The end and Then They'd Turn around and Try iT again aT The nexT game. Even Though The players were new They've had This one year's ex- perience. NexT year They will come pack and surprise Their opponenTs. 'aa - .M hen 2- T , Q1'f'9 H f T86 FROSHXSOPH FOOTBALL TEAM Uopy Coach Bolanoes, Jason Ladd, Paul Grier, Maninder Dhillon, James Enos, HeaTh Ra- mos, Frank, Taeu, Sy WaTTers, Michael Clark, Coach Bill Morones QThird rowp STeve Chung, Juan Ruiz, Troy Orosco, Felix Miranda, Fernando SanTos, Dave Deines, Brandon Flores, Marus Thompson, Jeff 3975 eh 55 2- - -rrr wr .. ,vi Mealer Qsecondj Eric Ferea, Eric Dela Housse, Randy Penningfon, RoberT Eidson, Geoffrey MarcheTTi, Vince Barr, Lenny Morrison, Mike PeTTinichio, Jerrelle Lock- harT CpoTTom5 Earl Reilly, Eric Birchfield, Louis Neman, Sean Reinharf, HeaTh Cofrin, Shawn Wilson, George Adams, Howard MarizeTTe Frosh-Soph Foofpall- Wa A 1- ,.... ,... fi new . ...Q,. ., ,... my ., ,...... s, +A mu mm New ,T WGN QNN ,N i' ew? is , is, X H E xi xi T xww X, .a.-sm-,X Wm wav .WW M.. M. N- www -was T wmv ,,,N,. N.. I: T w1-- Jiff T sssehhs s? wks Q swef T i Tssi Oopj Joe PorTe swings ond woTches his boil fly. Cobovej WiTh o QreoT T wihd up Dc1vid'Rodrigues fires The boil To The oppohehT. CrighTj Ar- ' Toro Heredio mokes good oohTocT wiTh The boil, Cfor obovej Ronnie - Cruz worms up pioyihg coToh. QrighTj VVoTohihg ond woiTihg To sTeoI 4 Third bose is Greg Mugg. 496-VorsiTy Boseboli :ram ' " 1522 iii' X, ,,. ,, ,, Z., , fj ' R -xi L , Z,r Q p if ,fa-Tx , '. T . ,1,,,1,,2- ,Q f,jf,x, fi "' TT , 1 'Km' fp ,a a, .1 3 "Ja ,BQ V515 Q1 1 ,, ,, . 1 I nfs in 2 ffl FJ Hi: 1 x,,s.- 1 4 I ,lawyer e' 1 r" ' 'K' 2 V 411 3321 7 I, 1 " vi 4 ..' 3 ., ' n 'gwWiQQpdQ, M 'A ,VAS x x, ,if i 4 A EH m x , , . T vs A 4. , , Z' 'wp ' , T fw. ,,,, WZ, My n Q 10 - T fm . , K+. ,. A, ,, HY" rf, Q mv- 4 fw,f,4,., ,, -fm of V A' ' " W. , M, , , Jisfa- ,MH A I - m UW hr , ' -if-W .ff Q' "'i' " I i ., 4:4 ' A .f 1 QV, -Q, gn H- , , M, ..,. M ' wir f ,.s, N um, ff. 5 ,Q mf! -.LR x M NL L- RAI DOES 'T STUP VARSITY BOYS TalenT and skill This is whaT The VarsiTy Baseball preoeeded To show us. Taking Their firsT pre-season game wiTh ease The Team demonsTraTed The arT of Teamwork, TogeTherness and The Thrill of vicTory. The Team works very well TogeTh- er and many of The players are reTurning and have played on The same Team for many years. The Team possesses many possibiliTies and jusT may Take iT if They can pull iT all TogeTher. The spiriT and The deTerminTion To win is seen Through Their Coach Ron Benevides. WiTh a winning baskeTpall Team he likes To see a winning baseball Team. WiTh pre- season on The way and league around The corner The Team looks in good shape. Q , T T' T: 5- 1 is T, V1, Qing I Y M "- T Q T ' T V l 1 g gg fb A If R QA T , A N, i V' Lxih A K , Tw s T . k T 3' f T 39? .dsx 'Q TT is ,L rrsu 19, T, ,srsi 1 ' 2 T wr' 1 A - ' T is X, I K1 -as 'fT'1,:5 - d I, T A g ,l. 5 ,T T fl' 4- ,YS -A' 3"J-V -349-. . I , f f ' , bb-f,.g,.T.A ..y.J. 3 Q T. 6 T .. X iv., Q 'V Z . . .V K A V.: .. '57, T g T , -A345 b T T. '. , f-is g 'N , ji - I., ,. T -4-L mlm W T- T - 1,1 T 'ff T -T T my T VARSITY BASEBALL '87 VarsiTy Baseball-497 Winning Sheak hiT Ladg Monarchs WiTh The rdln pouring down dnd The mud Thick ond gooey The MT. Eden VdrslTy SofTboll Tedm hod some difficulTy geTTing in procflce ond Their pre-sedson gomes. Bui lvlofher NdTure did provide d few ddys of sunshine for These HAAL Co- chornps To puT forTh o prillionT displdy of Tedrnwork ond TolenT in Their pre-seoson. Overpovvering VVoshingTon High, IVIT. Eden's offense wds hoT. WiTh ThirTeen hiTs dnd d conTinous spiriT The Teom vvenT on To d vicTory. NexT vvds The Tough Tedm of Nevvdrk lvlemoriol. WiTh The defense working hord ond The offense honging in The Tedrn pulled off o 4-O vicTory. Leoving MT. Eden wiTh d second vicfory ond Their piTcher Teresa Fisher wiTh her second consecu- Tive no-hiTTer. The Tedm hos whdT winning Tedrns dre mode of. WiTh dlrnosT oll reTurnlng pldyers The Girls' SofTpoll Teom hos d chdnce for The TiTle. Their defense dnd offense hos im- proved since losT yeor ond The girls' ore on The winning sTredk olreody. y . xi. ,. .gg g up 5 i- W ' N s ,Y . V. . Sh 1 I ,-. . ' n... ' ,Q lVlT. Eden VorslTy Girls SofTbdll 4987. QsTondingj Ellen Jewell, Wendy Lord, Julie Wolker, Teresd Fisher, Vicky Reeves, Julie Olsen, Ericd Pdulson, Cooch Billy Evons. 498-VorsiTy Soffpdll 'iflfb Qkneellngp Cindy Kdcludis, Sheri Kucero, Chouncey Clork, Cheri Lozo, Desi Purry, JoneT Viv, Tonyd Rice. Q1 'S 4 W ge, V ,Q it sis' 4 fa? L.s?'f-5 .5 L 1 Y J: N Y -., f . fy I' 5 f,QQCiQQq "fa, , e,x A . P 4 7 ' ' . o , v, . s PA T- Fw iff! , 'E li'Ni iw! .5.,,,,. ,R " 4 A if g'Y6s,+ 4 ' P H dk f .4 1 . fe. ft. , L 6 . 3f...EnT . , oilssf - hiiii of iii iiol K s c s ' is ll.. ii .T E .....c sl E E E ,.,. mg? .. , -" is I. , I l Ai' x""' l 3' I l .SR 'L 'W N 2 I fi. I Q6 . li 'vw qua, Yi Qfar lefly Erica Paulson runs To lsl base on a bunl. QFar lower leflp Powerhouse nlller Cheri Loza nils a Triple. CUDDSF lefly Wiln slrengln 84 aurabilily Teresa Fisher bllcnes a NO-l-llTTEl? againsl Newark Memorial. Qlefly Concenlrallan ana eye-conlacl ls an impor- Tanl faclor in balling, as clemonslralecl by Vicky Reeves. rubber rignly Loosenlng up before ner lime al bal is Desi Purry. Qabovej Ready for aclion is Julie Olsen. Varsily Soflball- 499 DeTQrminaTion and moTivaTion makes up The TRACK TEA VViTh The moTivdTioh ond The deTermi- hoTioh ThoT The Trook ond field Teorh pos- sesses They should beoome The ohompi- ohs ThoT They desire. lvlohy reTurhers from losT yedr's Tedm. WiTh The roih The Trock Teorh goT off To o slow sTdrT buT oT The momerTT The Teom is going hon-sTop. They procTioe hord every r s ofTerhooh owoiTihg for Their firsT meeT. WhoT The Teom looked ih experience They moke up in Their deTerrhihoTioh ohd hord work. The Teorh mokes The Thrill of vioTory become o reoliTy To Them. The fuTure holds o good ouTlook OD The Tedm dhd iT's seosoh. i T .T Zlls 87 TRACK 8: FIELD 200-Trock A' 'gs lllssll fj l gl iiiii is g, yyl sll ggyll T T ,,LL g KV V kL,.l .',.Q -g i "I. sllrl T s sr JK. 9'-4? x W s M, lb K ' -an 4 Track-204 Hard S Tough praciices makes a bQTTer Team WiTh our baskeTball Team sTriving forTh To vicTory The baclminTon Team haci a de- lay in pracTioe due To lack of spaoe in The gym. The Team aian'T geT To begin prac- Tice unTil a few aays before pre-season buT ThaT never leT The Team clown. The Team jusT worked harci ana Tough ancl Tryecl To pull TogeTher Their vioTorious Team. Losing Their firsT pre-season game aicln'T seT back The baaminTon Team iT jusT maae wanT The vicTories more Than ever. 'TWe had lack of praoTioe clue To our bas- keTball Team buT we will pull iT all TogeTher auring our nexT week of pracTice ana be hoT when season arrives." oommenTs Team player BreT STover, The Team mosTly oonsisTs of reTurning players. These players having The winning elemenT To Take The league. BADIVIINTON '87 202-BaaminTon J . 4 X . 3 ix ' X + YL: + f wr' W, ' L. i. -fxwfgl 5'l:qiK,1'xR,. 'K in 5 -xvfjxbr X ,A B 1 55 K fn 1 gk-w x, ve, . , B 'df 25 ' S 75' Q- .. 1, '.,,..g1::'f F in r ' .wif-5X'f W f fx ,Q 1.1 Q -"'- A fy? V xx S ' :.f:g:tiz"f ,, rzxzxx rx' , .:::'x 'S YO , .. .. ......::':':'- 3 ' 'U Amie! . Q ..::5:z-- , s' as .. g 'v da. wi . 2 . 1 3" , .K ZS. 'E gf, :g 1 A .m.t..,8:' 5+ 11' 2 .ff"I. a Q --231' 3 K V 2g:::::f:2-228 ".. gifx .., iggxgqx. M3532 H :'!2:arg'.EZ23?:11 f new ,, 0 WW W -V .M W ,WJ 5 ww.-,:fmW..m..1w. ,M wfzuhu, L ff i X 4 4, W ff Av 'W M R 'UH , I f ' - rf . 'W 'V f 4 X 4' if f 4' ff fa aff X My ' ,,, . 2 LQ f ff 204-JV SOfTbOlI la nr W 4 f . ,,,, W 'S 'lk Eh 5 ,. 4 i mn ' hs" 244. X 'QW """ r . A A , M- sr -ff H.: V - f '.1' V,,V,, 5 X NNY, ??i?3arl'f ,, , s T , , X . qx ", X f'x'x A .X T kk XX NN K-IUWXVC-ng, ,yff 'I T N X - X X XA v fn G, - N LA, I5 K, .9 T La.-T T" 'J X L V - -f 9 A i' S K X.f---ff x M N" . ' . . K- v s J Q -' my , " T .s ,- 'L L- TAX, - X 'TQKV X ix, kj L sdl - h- T-T X X' up Nl, N N u X X x A . T Pr L C 5 ,. X Y k X My xyccfy M . . NQy.L"- L is-sv QA lt, is L X xx X I v X C g X I .T rr ,X 'L I KJ ' iA""'x xg.. SQ XAQ'fkA,,L4N C"-if "' ,'x-,C K L, CX is BJ A 3 H K J , T . rr , 'T x, ,mg dials T 'LL MT 1' Hifif T Mg, L 5 C41-X2ML"h T fo-of 51 X L W g J a .-. - f -.4 1 Ni l,,,. ' if l S-f N 1 X ff 7 AQ fx L ,ipizl fi R-K' N: sr-1 f 'vs' CT L' C T s'il"QfM 9 K 1 x - T' R N f 0 T I 1 X r J' T L is .vw xwfxx 4,1 S cgfffgcigc lfi x L' Li 1 1 Nc' 'T X U 'k , T, lj Y . z , . -s T - X J T fx T f fi 4 LA r - P X ua, in up Xa.- sl, Lf? C' C SH C so-L"L'rLf'T'XrC L' B W ,T .. 9' . V . o 4 ., J s if J fs. , P 4 X., Ag: -X ' -v 6lL,iLme ' 4, c.,f yo--f L-of xc-gif BN L-fl -PM-H T K A l , f j ,Q Lys Qvfslf 2nd Qal lQam W . g,,.',L T CNKAHKY works hard For The second year in a row The soflball TryouTs were able To come up wiTh fifTeen more eager girls ready and wanTing To play sofTbaII. WiTh a liTTle Trouble in The beginning, wiThouT a coach and unable To pracTice The girls are working hard and Trying To Turn Their O-2 ore-season around. Tough WiTh lack of pracTice The girls' are Trying To make up for losT Time. Hard and Tough ThaT is how The girls pracTice. VViTh Their spiriTs high and The moTivaTion and deTer- minaTion ThaT The girls show The Junior Var- siTy sofTbaII Team should Turn Their record around auiTe soon. if-Sir 5.5.9. JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL 4987: CsTand- Mendrono, Melissa BryanT, Becky Krunich, ingj Anna lvlay, Shawn Hayes, Sharon Fo- STacye Silas, Aunya Shipman, KhaiersTa broy, Sonya Valderama, Shirley BenedicT, Clark Coach Ben Henderson Qkneelingj Felicia JV SofTball-205 E u 1 r 1 4 f s 1 'L s 1 1 0 , , , ' fi n' f-wvlriliw This The end The beginning ond dll Overcome Time IefT is Now. And in The Here ond Now, don'T foil Think we rnighT see eoch oTher once or Twice?" -Richdrd Boch Thonk you, ond good luck, every- ODS... AMA, ffgwfmiaf' QBack Rowp Teresa Fisher CSporTs Edi- Tory, Laurie Machado QEdiTor-in-Chiefj, Rishi Shukla QSenior EdiTory. CEronT Rowp Shannon Ledford QJunior EdiTorp and Miss Deborah Kirk CAdvisorj. - .1 1 1 ow, C1 qAfOlLd fjclrawl QUIT Spoksoli . "VVe've been Through The good and we've been Through The bad: IT's now Time To Think of all The good Times we've had . . . A loT of Things were missed This year due To lack of class Time, and I regreT everyThing ThaT was overlooked. As you, The reader, skim over These pages, you may realize ThaT The WinTer Ball and WinTer ConcerT are noT fea- Tured on These pages. No, ThaT is noT The sTaff's fauiT, I can'T pinpoinT whose fauiT iT was, buT somehow The picTures were IosT, negaTives and all. i've Tried To make up for iT wiTh coverage of ev- eryThing I could. Please Try To under- sTand my siTuaTion. Thank you Michele, Shannon, Tere- sa, Trevor, Rishi, and expecially KrisTi and Trudy for all your hard work and dedicaTion. You'll never know how much i've appreciaTed all of you. Rishi, maybe Things would've worked ouT beTTer wiTh The book had we class Time To work on iT, jusT like lasT year . . . BuT Things can'T always work ouT like we planned . . . Michele, you've been The greaTesT friend I could ever wish for This year: you've given me sTrengTh when I ThoughT I was weak. And Jen-Bop, This year has been The greaTesT, I-lon, and l'll NEVER forgeT you, honesT! Jennifer Ho, you've always been There for me and I appreciaTe iT. 208-Yearbook STaff And Leslie, we've been Through a loT This year and iT's only made us boTh sTronger. I couldn'T have made iT Through wiThouT you! I love you IoTs, you're The besT budlll LasT, buT noT leasT, To my favoriTe senior bud, Courtney, I wish you all The luck The world has To offer you! Alex M., Kevin C., Robert L., Fernando, Sanjay, Louis, Cindy, Jimmy R., Chris H., and Rodney, my senior pals, make The mosT ouT of your fuTure for you ARE The fu- Turell Yeah, yeah, l'm sTill sTuck here for anoTher year! I love you all and Thanks for making This year 'hip and hap- penin'l" Love To all, Laurie A. Machado EdiTor-in-Chief 'TIT doesn'T maTTer whaT fools say . . . " - The Damned To The GraduaTing Class: MAY YOU HAVE Enough happiness To keep you sweeT. Enough sorrow To keep you human. Enough hope To keep you happy, Enough success To keep you eager, Enough friends To give you comforT, Enough weaITh To meeT your needs, Enough enThusiasm To look forward, Enough faiTh To banish depression, Enough deTerminaTion To make each day beTTer Than yesTerday. I owe The besT four years of my life Tc MT. Eden High. MT. Eden has broughT me many memories. Memories of "Those good ol' days." BuT Those days have jusT passed us by . . . so soon, so fasT . . and now They're gone. Well, Class o '87, iT's Time To grow up. LeT's hang or To our dreams and make The besT o our fuTure. Good luck everyone anc God Bless Youlll Fr: Trudy CTruj Reyesj Co-Senior EdiTor "I had some fun Times in yearboc class, buT iT was also a loT of wor Thanks Miss Kirk for being so unde sTanding Toward Trudy and me. Trud yearbook wouldn'T have been Tl' same wiThouT you. Monique and Trud I WANT SOME SCHHTPSII , Grandma and Grandpa, Thankeiyc for always being There for me. Teen WebsTer, Thanks for being mys be friend Those Three and a half years. Ricky, you're The one and onlyin rr life, l'll always love you. ' , Lori, I hope your years aT SDSU ar The besT. You're a greaT friend. To all my friends, Take care and kee in Touch. Thank you everyone, KrisTi Re' HilIesTad "If I fail, if I succeed, aT leasT l'll live as I Delieve. No maTTer whaT They Take :rom me, They can'T Take away my dig- TiTy . . . ' Always believe in yourself, be- :ause if you don'T, no one else will. This fear has been greaT, I won'T forgef iT. Special Thanks To . . . Krisli Re' and lrudy, The besT co-ediTors anyone :ould have . . . Dan Reynolds and his :Taff for The picTures . . . GRACE and .UMAR CMS. Schwiers and Mrs. PoTme- ally, Thanks for everyThing. You are Truly JuTsTanding . . . Corky, Ken, Alice, Jen, .aur, Lou, Deb, Ron, Kim, Louis, Pam, .inda, and Philip, you guys made iT spe- :ial . . . Elaine 'cuz you make me look good . . . John and Rach, 'ln a world full nf fanTasies, iT's realiTy ThaT hurTs' . . . Jlom, Dad, Vasanli, I love you all very nuch . . . All of Show Choir for an exper- ence and mosT of all, Marc and icoll, you guys are The besT." P.S. Neeru - "Memories fade buT cars sTill linger." '87, of course, Rishi "The choices I made were my own, Th a liTTle help from my friends. The iwanfed responsibiliTies were shed id days wenT on. Working on The Iarbook sTaff was greaT. The year Js full of surprises, good and bad. Laurie. you made Those surprises aarable, and you are a Terrific friend. enny - whaT can I say? WOW! I love au. For my special Diane, you are The ulTimaTe. I wish I could repay you, Cin- dy, for all you've done for me, Bozo! Learn how To make hoT chocolaTe. And for The weirdos, Paul, Pally, Lara, Paul, Kim, and Addison, Rishi, you al- ways made me smile and you are all so loveable. I only wish I could express my graTiTude in much more elaborafe fashions. Everyone needs friends To survive, and my friends are The greaTesT. I love you so much. Good luck, everyone, Michele L. Sims FaculTy EdiTor "PicTures!! PicTures!! More picTures!! l'm Tired of sporTs picfures. This year has been very nerve- wracking. Deadlines, more deadlines. Finally, no more To meeT. I enjoyed my Two years of being SporTs EdiTor on MT. Eden's yearbook sTaff and I wish I could conTinue, buT I musT graduaTe. So good luck To nexT year's sTaff and I hope you have as much fun as I did. Fondly, Teresa M. Fisher Sporfs EdiTor "Many long hours were spenT To draw IayouTs, look Through hundreds of freshman mug shoTs To maTch To a name, wriTe copy and capTion, Then Type copy and capTion, meeT dead- lines . . . All for whaT'? . . . To make sure Laurie wouIdn'T jump down my Throaf? Well. kinda! BuT more imporTanTly iT I l I was done so all The freshmen could look back aT Themselves and Their friends in 4986-87 and To live a greaT year again. Shawn . . . Thanx for all your help . . . Teresa , . . Thanx for answering all my auesTions and giving me The supporT To make iT Through yearbook . . . Ms. Kirk . . . Thanks for leTTing me ouT of class early all The Time! Thanx again and God Bless! Trevor Fisher Freshmen EdiTor "Our labors are coming To an end, we are abouT To separafe for a Time, The friends and memories will live on for- ever . . . Thanks Laurie and Ms. Kirk for helping me learn all The new sTuff wiTh The new company. Considering The cir- cumsTances, The sTaff was greaT. The yearbook shows how TogeTher The sTaff was, Through good and bad. Lau- rie, jusT waiT 'Til nexT year. To all my friends, Wendels, Paul, Becky, Amy, Sue, Kay, Chris, and especially Erica, I love you guys and couldn'T have made iT Through The yearfsy wiThouT you. Thanks! Love ya, Shannon Junior EdiTor QBack Rowp Trudy Reyes CSenior EdiTorj, Trevor Fisher CFreshmen EdiTorQ, Michele Sims fFacuITy EdiTorj, Richard Cordova CHead PhoTographerj, KrisTi Re' HiIlesTad QSenior EdiTorj. qFronT Rowj May Al- mario QAss'T Junior EdiTor, copy ediTorj, FreneTTa Hendrix Clndex EdiTorj. Yearbook STaff-209 Abarca, Manuelita 45, 93, 405 Achikzai, Mariam 423 Achizai, Yama 93 Acker, Joseph 65 Adams, Cheryl 423 Adams, George 423 Aguilera, Ray 423 Ahari, Nilofar 423 Ahrari, Faridullah 93 Alarcon, Phil 65 Albertson, Ryan 423 Alcon, Domingo 93 Ali, Feroz 423 Almario, May 24, 92, 93 Alvarez, Anthony 93 Alvarez, Rafael 93 Alvarez, Victor 93, 404 Alvarez, Vincent 93 Amador, Jose 65 Amador, Lenora 423 Amador, Paulette 93 Amaral, Kevin 93 Amaral, Lisa 93 Amari, Sweeda 65 Amedio, Renee 93 Amin, Zaki 93 Aminy, Jamal 423 Amiri, Madina 93 Amiri, Morwarid 423 Amiri, Sekandar 423 Anderson, Londell 93 Anderson, Lorraine 93 Andrade, Elsa J. 93, 404 Andriese, Bradley 423 Anguiano, Rodrigo 65 Aniano, Dale 49, 423 Aniano, David S. 409 Antoine, Deneauia M. 409 Antoine, Quantise A. 43, 34, 65 Aragon, Robin 28, 423 Arakaki, Yuka 56, 65 Arellano, Andre 423 Aroca, Kenny B. 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Childers, Beverly 423 Chong, Tommy 93, 405 Choothesa, Piyayos Christensen Julie A. 67 Chung, AIiCe,K. 42, 43, 57, 58, 67 Chung, Steve 423 Churches, Teresa M. 409 Cisneros, Lisa 93, 404 Clark, Amy 423 Clark, Bryan T, 67 Clark, Chauncey M. 94 Clark, Donyl L. 94 Clark, John K. 94 Clark, Khaiersta 423 Clark, Naomi 57, 59, 67 Clark Michael D. 409, 449 Clark Naomi 57, 59, 67 Clark R. Joseph 67 Clayton, Adam C. 409 Climer Jr, Jerry D. 409 Coelho, Nelson J. 67 Colburn, Jacie 423 Coleman, Jackie 423 Coleman, Yolanda M, 409 Colhour, Daniel E. Colla, Brian F. 409 COLLINS, KELLE A. 94, 95 Collins, Shanin 57, 58, 67 Coltharp, Joanna M. 409 Coltman, Eric D. 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Lafaille, Victoria R. 96 LaGrace,Robert 26, 27, 108, 113, 119 Lamantia, Lori J. 73 Langarcia, Hilda A. 73 Langarcia, Oscar 96 Lanteigne, Trina 126 Lara, Wendy 96, 101 Largusa, Lavon S. 113 Lasala, Dallas 126 Lashley, Derrelyn T. 113 Lasut, Angelica M. 73 Lauraya, Michael B. 96 Layco, Virgilio RR. Le, Dung t. Le, Qui T. 96 Le, Tam H. 126 Le, Van H, 96 Le, Viet H. 96 Le , Vu Hong 73 Leader, Baldev S. 73 Leal, Rommel L. 113 Ledford, Shannon C. 96 Lee, Kay Lee, Anita 113 Lee,Christine L. 113 Lee, Hillen 113 Lee, Hung K. 73 Lee, Jeff 104 Lee, Rachel J. 19, 122, 126 Lee, Rozanda 73 Lee, Theresa Y. 113 Lee, Vu H. Lee, Woon S. 126 Leeson, Aileen J. 113 Lemanski, John L. 53, 108, 113 Lemaster, Alfred 96 Letteer, David 113 Levingston, Angela 126 Lewis, Angel R. Lewis, Monique D. 73 Lewis Wendy D. 113 Liang Hao QAndyJ Y. Liang, Phillip W. 126 Lienhard, Jeffery 126, 129 Lienhard, Jennifer 126, 127 Lim, Vanessa P. 73 Lin, David J. 126 Lo, Simon S. 113 Lockhart JR, Jerrelle L. 126 Lockwood, Kimberly A. 73 Lofton, Crista J. 126 Long, Shannon M. 126 Longcop, Teresita 113 Longmire, Kiani K. 126 Lopez, Bianca L. Lopez, Maricela N. 73 Lorenzi, Bridgette 96 Louden, Bradley H. 96 Louden, Kimberly M. 113 Lowensprung, Werner 73 Loza, Cheri A. Lozano, Eduardo l. 92, 94, 96 Lozano, Robert I. 33, 73 Lubas, Joanna K. 96 Lucas, Rose M. Lucchesi, Frank R. 73 Lucchesi, Jacqueline A. 96 Lucero, Angelo A. Lucich, Keith G. 73 Lum, Lambert C. 126 Luna, Cynthia A. Luna, Cynthia A. Lundy, Tonya M. 126 Luntsford, Steven B. 117 Lynn, Jason D. Lyons, Paul F. 73 Macachor, David A. 96 Macachor, Michael E. 73 Machado, James C. Machado, Laurie 21, 96 Mack, Lashawn 96 Madden, Bruce A. 73 Madere, Tonia N. Vladere , Tania N.. Vladero, Massiel Magallon, Sandra 98 vlahabir, Pravin C. 73 v1ahabir,Sunita Vlai, Hoang T. Vlalogan, Gildo U. 12, 14 Wanglicmot, Maryjune 15 vlani, Sanjesni J. 126 Vlanjarrez, Matthew D. 126 vlansalay, Joachim J. 121, 126 vlanuel , Elizabeth 109 vlarchan, Derek 109 Marchetti, Jeffery P. 109 vlarizette, Helen R. 104 vlarizette, Howard C. 126, 130 lllarizette, Tracee R. Ngo, Loc G. 99 vlarks, Kelly L. 74 Vlarquez, Rodney R. 31, 64, 74 vlarroquin, Michael A. 126 vlarsh, Robert E. 98 vlarshall, Jason A. 98 vlarshall, Ralphie 126 vlartin, Angela L. 42, 43, 109 v1artin,Diane M. 74 vlartin, Donna M. 74 vlartin, Harrell J. 98 lllartin, Richard J. 109 martin, Timothy A. 109 lllartinez. vlartinez, Allen D. 74 Danielle J. Jlartinez, Joe A. vlartinez, Numan A. 109 vlartinez, Paul A. 126 Jlarfinel, Veronica 98 Jlartinez Jr, Gilbert 109 Jlasterson, Kathy A. 98 Jlauricio, Shayleen M. AAURICO, CHRISTINE 42, 43 Jlaxwell, Shayleem M. 109 Aay, Anissia B. 42, 43. 109 llay, Anna 126 AcClanahan, Carolyn D. 109 llcCloud, Edward A. 126 llcCormack, Wendy T. 127 AcCoy, Gary P. 98 AcCreadie, Donna M. 74 AcCreary, Shamae U. 127 AcDaniel, Camelia P. 98 AcDonald, Chad P. 127 !lcDonald, Linda M. 74 !lcElhannon, Joy R. 98 McQueen, Jennifer R. 127 McShane, Nicole L. 127 Meagher, Paul 127 Mealer, Jeffery R. 109, 119 Medeiros, Tina M. 98 Medina, Alex G. 57, 58, 64, 74 Medley, Michael 127 Medrano. Felicia M. 98 Mefford lll, David M. 98 Mehdavi, Shahnaz Mehtabuddin, Daud 127 Mehtabuddin, Habibunisa 98 Mehtabuddin, Hafizunisa 98 Mejla. Joann 74 Melia, Joel v. 98 Mendenhall. Robert F. 109 Mendoza, Rodrigo Merz, Sheilah A. 98 Mesfas,, Terisita E. Michel, Amy E. 11, 98. 101 Miguel, Jenny M. 127 Milay. Ramir R. 109 Miles, Landry Miller, Byron L. 98 Miller, Jeremy 23, 32, 34. 35, 57, Miller-Carlson, Jennifer 122, 127 Mills, Levetra M. 98 Mills Jr., Joseph L. 99 Miranda, Delnis C. 74 Miranda. Felix 17, 127, 131 Miranda, Mario D. 99 Miranda. Maybelline C. 127 Monasterial, Katherine 127 Monasferial, Richard Pl. Montenegro, Daniel E Montez, Sonny D. 109 Monfilla, Jonathan G. 74 Moore, David A. Moore, Lisa M. 74 Moore, Sherri R. 127 Moran, Elizabeth S. 74 Moran, Roxanne M. 74 Moreira Jr, Adrian L. 127 Morgado, Eric J. Morgado, Lisa 109 Morgado, Richard A. 127 Morris, James H. 99 Morrison, Leonard S. 109 Morrison, Neil 109 Morrison R. Neil 109 Mosley, Andre D. 56, 74 Moungle, Belgium 99 Moungle, Priscilla 74 Mount, Christine M. 127 Mugg, Gregory T. 75 Muller, Kalolaine 109 Mullins, Edward L. Munnaf, Mohammed Murillo, John F. 127 AcGuire, Kevin J. llcKee. Kimberly A. 98 llcKee, Melissa A. 14, 127 llcKinney, Robert C. 74 r1cKnight, Errica F. 127 1cNamara, Sean 127 Murphy, Byron L. 127 Murphy, Katherine R. 114 Murphy, Kimberlyan 127 Murphy, Lavette M. 114 Murphy, Sean 99 Murphy, Tracey D. 75 74 Murray, Stacey J. Mussotto, Erica L. 91, 99 Muto, Christine M. 114 Myers, David R. 75 Nabors. Barbara A. Najeeb, Ehsan U. 75 Najibi, Jamal 114 Najibi, Khalil Najibi, Rahela 114 Narayan, Anupa 75 Nasa, Fernando R. 65 Nascimento, Jennifer A. 127 Nathaniel, Vivian D. Nazario, Jose E. 99 Nazario, Ramone E. Neal, Byrant Neil, Jennifer A. 7, 25 Nelson, Jodie L. 75 Neman, Louis R. Nepomuceno, C.Michelle 114 Nepomuceno, Raymond J. 99 Neula, Allen J. 114 Ng, Florence W. 114 Ng, Grace W. 75 Ng, Joan V. 114 Ng. Leah V. 114 Ng, Sabin L. 114 Nguyen, Anh Q. 32, 44, 46 Nguyen, Bao 13 Nguyen, Dal X. 75 Nguyeyen, Dai X. 75 Nguyen, Dan Thao T. Nguyen, Diem T. 99 Nguyen, Huy Nguyen, Khoai V. 114 Nguyen, LindafDung 114 Nguyen, Ngon K. Nguyen, Nhut M. 75 Nguyen, Phuoc D. 99 Nguyen, Son V. 114 Nguyen, Tien H. Nguyen, Treo V. 75 Nguyen, Van , Truc D. 114 Nguyen. Van T. 114 Nguyen, Viet V. 75 Nicholson, Jeffery H. 127 Nicholson, Michael Nicolaus, Jon J. 127 Nieves, Carmen M. 127 Nolle, David P. Noos, Vikki D.. 111 Notrangelo, Maria Novay, Michael A. Novay, Pamela M. Nunn, Bobby B. 114 Nunn, L. Danielle 114 Oaker, Vincent F. 114 Ochoa, Enrique 99 Ockhuysen, Joe D. Oconnor, Shawn 75 Okoronkwo, DeeDee G. Okoronkwo, William 114 Olivia, Rosemarie 114 Olsen, Gordon D. 20, 107, 108, 114 Olson, Julia A. 114 Oregon, Ruben E. 121, 127 Orosco, Troy A. 127 Ortega, Anthony D. 127 Ortega, David 114 Ortiz, Jennifer M. Osborn, Tommie-Lyn 127 Pacheco, Henesty E. 114 Pacheco, lrenio E. 128 Painter, Robert D. 42, 43, 128 Pak, David Y. Pak, Song C. 128 Pallen, Robert J. Palmer, Wendy J. 114 Pan, Candy K. 128 Pan, Danny K. 99 Papaev, Alina 114 Papaev, Alinay K. 99 Papp, Christine P. 75 Papp, Zoltan A. 128 Park, Darrell J. 55, 75 Park, Jason W. 128 Parker. Wesley A. 114 Pasha, Syed N. Patel, Amish R. 115 Patel, Bharat K . 15, 99 Paulson, Thomas R. 75 Paylado. Warren J. 115 Payne, Denita M. Paz, Elizabeth M. 128 Peacock, Kimberly L. 75 Pearson, Gary M. 57, 58, 76 Penaflor, Cindy B. 115 Penn, Thomas M. 128 Pennington, Marci L. 76 Pennington, Randall J. 128 Percha. Claudine L. 99 Percha. Perfidia 99 Perkins, Erica 115 Perry, Donald L. 76 Perry, Nancy M. 10, 42, 43. 99 Perry, Stacey M. 99 lndex-213 Perumal, Sunil S. 99 Petagara, Rachel M. 428 Petersen, Lori M. 99 Pettinichio, Michael 445 Phan, Michael H. 445, 447 Phelps, Timothy G. 400, 404 Phillips, Sheri G. 400 Pipkin, Karen E. 400 Pitta, Matthew J. 428 Plunkett, Michael 400 Pokorny, Richard J. Pontrelli, Guilia 76 Popper, Jason G. 400 Porte, Joseph A. 400 Portilla, Christy J. Potts, Cindy 445 Powell, Alfred K. 43, 76, 424, 4063, 445 Powell, Alfred K, 43, 76 Powell, Nicole L. 445 Poyorena, Ernie J. 445 Prasad, Ragni 400 Prasad, Rajesh R. 445 Prasad, Sunil 445 Pratt, Matthew 3, 94, 400 Prestoza, Edgardo 445 Price, Brian K. 445 Price, Steven L, 76 Querubin, Dulceamor L. 428 Quiroga, Rafael 5, 400 Ouitugua, Patrick A. Quan, Dana A. 47, 48, 57, 5 400 Ragan, Anthony W. 428 Raj, Anesh P. Raj, Roselin D. 76 Ramich. Masud 400 Ramierez, Rachel F. 445 V Ramirez, Anna-Leah 400 Ramirez. Arturo 6, 95, 400 Ramirez, Lorena M. 428 Ramirez, Rueben R. 76 Ramos, Felicia L. 400 Ramos, Heath J. 445 Rangel, Peter J. Rapley, Christophe Rasmussen, Danny M. 400 Rawlins, Rhoda 76 2 44-Index 8, 64, Reboton, Rachel 76 Reeves, Victoria R. 445, 447 Reilly, Earl W. 428 Reilly, Mary L. 428 Reinhart, Sean 445 Reinstra, Pamela D. 445 Reiter, Shannon L. 428 Renda, Karen M. 400, 405 Renda, Rhondalyn G. 76 Renteria, Alexander Resurreccion, Gary M. 400 Reyes, Angela R. 445 Reyes, Kathy 428 Reyes, Tricia M. 428 Reyes, Trudy A. 33, 56, 76 Ribaya, Bobby R. 400 Ribeira, Charmaine L, 428 Rice, Charles A. 428 Rice, Latocchia 428 Rice, Tanya L. 445 Richardson, James 32, 54, 76 Richardson, Michael J. 445 Richardson, Sherreese 43, 400 Riddle, Alton L. 76 Riddle, Evyann M. Righetti, Deanna M. 428 Rios, Marcus F. 48, 94, 400 Ripley, Paul A. 400 Rivera, Michael G. 400 Rivera, Rachel T. 76 Rivera, Troy C. 400 Rivera Jr., James A. 428 Rivers, Tammy D. 76 Roberts, Alicia Y. 428 Robertson, Steven 429 Rockleman, Troy D. 445 Rodrigues, Danette M. 400, 40 Rodrigues Jr., David 400 Rodriguez, Anthony J. 76 Rodriguez. Eda D. Rodriguez, Magdalena 445 Rodriguez, Michelle M. 77 Rogers, Neal K. 429 Rogers. Shari L. 400 Rogge QNelsonj, Shane A. 445 Rollins, Barbara A, 77 Romano, Christine M. 400 Romano, Joseph A. 429 Romero, Elba Y. 429 Romero, Mark 32, 77 Romero. Rachel 77 Ronholm, Brenda L. 429 Rosa, Connie S. 445 Rosales, Mario J. 445 Rose, Charles R. 445 Rosenlind, Paul B. 2, 57. 58, 77 Rosinski, Maria N. 446 Rothfuss, Cynthia L. 427 Routt, Jocelyn 77 Ruenz, Eric L. 77 Ruiz, Juan C. 429 Ruiz, Ricardo O. 400 Runnels, Adleaner V. 42. 43, 446 Sabnani, Sanjay A. 77 Sackett, Michelle R. 429 Safi, Marzia' 400 Safi, Naheta 400 Safi, Nelofer 429 Saine, Todd A. 446 Sajid, Salma 429 Salazar, laian C. 429 Saleh, Jawad 446 Salinas, Marcus A. 467 Salinas, Michael 429 Samimi, Najia 400 Samimi, Rahmet O. 77 Samini. Daoud Samorano, Danell C. 400 Sanchez, Abel S, 77 Sanchez,Aireen C. 77 Sanchez, Joseph M. 429 Sanchez, Mariessa A. 429 Sanchez, Mario R. 400 Sanders, Jerriann 2, 400 Sanders, Trina 446 Sandhu, Rajwinder 400 Sandoval, Elsa M. 400 Sanido, Ferdinand B. 77 Santacruz, David 400 Santmeyer, Jamie 429 Santmeyer, Robert 7, 30, 77 Santos, Ann M. 429 Santos, Emilyn G. 77 Santos, Fernando E. 429 Santos, Marvin G. Sarofeen, Jennifer 429 Sarofeen, Pamela 77 Satariano, Mark A. 400 Scheid, John M. 446 Schirado, Steven E. 400 Schmidt, Hugo Schmidt, Robert S. 446 Schneider, Cynthia L. 77 Schoening, Kyra M. 77 Schroer, Lori C. 400 Schumann, William T. 400, 404 Scortt, Kurt M. 77 Scott, Keri L. 42. 43, 446 Scott, Russell A. 400 Scruggs, Jipatia 400 Scruggs, Kiongozi 446 Seffens, Ann E. 34 Senna, Amy M. 446 Shackelford, Samantha 429 Shaghasi, Mohammed Shaughnessy, Michelle 446 Shaw, Michael R. 429 Sherman, Darren M 446 Sheth, Ashutosh 446 Shinhira. Edward 400 Shinhira, Robert M 429 Shinhira, Robert M. Shipman, Aunya S. 446 Shukla, Rishi A. 22, 42, 43, 57, 59, 7 Siapno, Jocelyn Sibley, John V. 40 Sichon, Consuelo J. Siguenza, Stephanie M. Silas, Silva, Silva, Silva, Silva, Silva, Silva, Silva, Silva, Stacye 400 Barry Frank J. 78 Jeanette M. 78 Jenni L. 44.6 Lisa M. 447 Michael A. 429 Nicholas M. 78 Tina M. 78 Silveira, Lina M. 400 Silveria, Cindy M. 429 Sims, Michelle L. 44, 24, 26. 27, 447 449 Sims, Stephanie R. 447 Singh, Anjila J. 429 Singh, Gurindarpa 78 Sinlao, Raymond S. Sloan. James P. 42, 43, 56. 78 Slobodnink, Catrina A. 78 Smith. Dennis D. 447 Smith, Glenn J. 447 Smith, Heidi 78 Smith, Lincoln Smith, Patrick O. Smith, Sean 400 Smith Smith Smith Smith , Sherri L. 400 ,Tanya M. 429, 434 , Tashai 400 , Timothy J. 400 Smithline, Dennis 400 Smithline, RobertW. 78 Soares, Carrie L. 78 Sorensen, Theresa M. Sorkhabi, Mostafa 429 Sorkhabi, Osman 78 Sorrells, Courtney 400 Sousa, Annette 429 Sousa, Michelle 94, 400 Sowunmi, Lisa Spargue, Michelle L. 447 Spears, Valerie 429, 434 Spencer, Lashawn 78 Staffanson, Sharon R. 25 Staffanson, Teresa A. 430 Staley, Sean T. 430 Staley Jr, Louis T, 78 Stamps, Tasha Stanton, Keith B. 34, 78 Stapp, Kimberly 78 Starz, Melanie K. 78 Stephen, Yolanda D. 42, 4 Stewart, Shawna R. 447 Story, Christophe S. 430 Story. Shawn Stover, Bret A. 7, 57, 59, 78 Stredic, Angela D. 430 Stredic Jr, Curtis L. 78 Stromer, Jeanne A. 20, 27, 447, 449 400 3,447 Yadao, Theresa A. 434 Stump, Patrick B. 447 Suarez, Gerty J. 430 Summers Ill, William C. Summerville, Frank A. Supnet, Isaac E. 430 Supnet, Maybellene E. 29. Swafford, John Twyman, Ricky G. 448 Tyler, Leslie R. 7, 48, 24 422, 430 Swanson, Dondrell D. 447 Taeu. Frank A. 430 Taisler, Tony Takenaka, Brian K. 79 Talley, Joseph M. Tan, Thomas C. Tarin, Azi 430 Tarin, Habibullab 447 Tarin, Razia Taylor, Troy M. Teixeira, Elton D. 44, 430 Teixeira, Vanessa R. Tejeda, Nerida 430 Temple, Brenda R. 24 Teodosio, Annaliza Teodosio, Martinrey 447 Thayne. Natasha M. 430 Thomas, Frederick D. Thomas, Latonya S. 447 Thomas, Sorina Thompson, Christophe L. Thompson, Dana T. 447 Thompson, Leon Thompson, Marcus L. 430 Thompson. T. Dwayne 4 47 Thornwell, Jamarr A. 448 Tiernan, Kimberly 79 Tiernan, Michelle D. To Hong, Linda 79 Tobia, Arlene V. 79 Uhl, Joanna R. 98 Ulrich, Heather M. 79 Uppal, Ranjith S. Valderama, Sonya L. 448 Vandamme, Anthony D. 92 Vandriel, Hendrik M. Vargas, Derek M. Vargas, Diane L. 79 Vecellio, Gregory J. Vegas, Anastasia L. 2, 430 Velasquez, Deserie M. Vergara, Sheila R, 430 Verzosa, Lourdes M. 42, 448 Vialpando, Joseph G. 448 Vialpando, Pete L. 80 Vidal, Christine M. Vierra, Jamie G. 448 Vieyra, Herbert J. Vieyra, Luis C. 80 Vigil, Dean 80 Villasenor, Angelica 430 Villasenor, Gabriel 448 Nffvillegas, Cecilia 23, 34, 35, 8 Villegas, Leo A. 430 Vlviani, Janet C. 448 Vu, Cuong V. 430 Tobias, Anie Leine T. 430 Toledo, Aida M. 79 Tolentino, Myrasol D. 448 Ton, Hong N. 448 Ton, Quyen Torres, Jerry A. 55, 79 Torres, Roberto 420, 430 Torres Jr, Heriberto 430 Torres Jr, Jerry J. 430 Tran, Can N. Tran, Kim CTonyj M. Tran, Linh L. 448 Tran, Than D. 20 Trujillo, Senie Li M. 430 Trujillo Jr, Gene C. Tsui, John 430 Tsui, Tom 79 Tuason, Iris P. Tullis, Leanne S. 430 Turner, Tanya Wagner, Traci C. Wainwright, Jeffrey T. Wais, All S. Wais, Nabila Waldmann, Saya 404 Walker Walker. Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Chris M. 404 Cornelius R. 434 Jeri L. 80 Julie A. 448 Kerry 80 , Lanesha L. 448 , Raul E. .Sidney E. 448 O-ef Walkup, Chris M. 404 Walls, Robert L. 448 Walter, Sondra L. 434 Ward, Kimberly K. 434 Warren, Faylaizia 80 Warren, Sherrell 404 Wartenbe, Christy L. Waterman, Robert M. 434 Watley, Lisa M. 449 Watley, R.Marc 57, 59, 80 Watson, Everett S. 449 Watson, Patrick 6, 80 Watters, Sy A. 434 Watts, Cindy A. 434 Watts, David I. 449 Webb, Sean P. 445, 434 Weber, Delilah L. Webster, Erika E. 434 Webster, Tina L. 404 Weeden, David M. 434 Wenner, Lara C. 45, 49, 27, 406, 408, 449 Wenner, Rachel E. 4, 404 Werne, Gregory K. 404 Wesley, Heather L. 80 Wesley, Letta D. 434 Wharton, Suzanne C. 404 Wheat, Daniel 404 Wheat, Deborah S. 434 Wheeler, Max B. 80 White, Harrice 404 White, Julias H. 449 White, Neilson K. Whitehead, Roger Yamashita, David M. 80 Yamashita, Stacy 405 Yang, Patty S. 449 Ybarra, Loraine D. Yeung. Phillip 434 Yeung, Violet L. 449 Yi, Sang 80 Yoder, Shantell R. Youngman, Janis M. 42, 43 Yuan, Eric 80 Yuan, Irene 434 Zaitz, Brian J. 405 Zamudio, Salvador C. 405 Zepeda, Sonia 449 Zevallos, Humberto M. 405 Zien, Kerin 44, 28, 434 Zien, Michelle R. 405 Ziomek, Amiki 405 Whitheeler, Max B. lACj.f,fXY X Wlckman, Stephen L. 434 winner, Christophe J. 4O4'Jf'LfLJlLl5 I Wllder, Antoinette 404 MJNLXL-C wllnelmi, Vinson P. 404 Q1 JV X A Williams, Andy 434 Um , Qt Williams, Carolyn 405 Williams, cmneie 405 i n YKQVV UQCS Williams, cymnio so QQ UH I Williams , Joy L. so , N - Williams, Losrlawn 105 ' Lifm LLL . W'll' ,N'k D. A ..:..l22:,.l..3.,...2?i re OG 'CAQL Williams, William re. 449 wilson, Mitchell A. 449 Wilson, shawn lvl. lo, 449 MV Q, QL. Wisdorf, Eydie M., 405 W Wise, Carl D. Q Witt, Darren E. 449 Ljfx L GLDLIIVL, . Wolf, Jason W. 405 Wolfe, Tai M. 405 Wong, Abraham C. Wong, Darryl B. 449 Woodmancy, Nicole K. 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Suggestions in the Mount Eden High School - Scepter Yearbook (Hayward, CA) collection:

Mount Eden High School - Scepter Yearbook (Hayward, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 184

1987, pg 184

Mount Eden High School - Scepter Yearbook (Hayward, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 80

1987, pg 80

Mount Eden High School - Scepter Yearbook (Hayward, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 20

1987, pg 20

Mount Eden High School - Scepter Yearbook (Hayward, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 116

1987, pg 116

Mount Eden High School - Scepter Yearbook (Hayward, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 17

1987, pg 17

Mount Eden High School - Scepter Yearbook (Hayward, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 223

1987, pg 223

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