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Mount Dora High School - Stray Leaves Yearbook (Mount Dora, FL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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V Q- 'P la 2 H. E if -' ' .1 , --Z f-'. 4' . -gf 1, .aff-BL' , , ,K , 1 f , an 9 ' A ' ' u , ' , a N I ' ' ,, V, ' y. ' . 1 ig 1 b 1 Q' rf.. , ' ' ' 9 v ' Sn, C , ' . 5 ' Q3 , ' . "di g 4: . f n , V I 7 . . . . 'f a . ,, Y 42A 'G A 4 V 4 Ng . Q u 'U , H - ll ' ' 5, 1 ' ' , ' v , ' ' 'f I '. ' 'LQ i . ' , 1 , ik F' ' 1 'Q . ,- , . ' s 'ls- 'e -O of .Ig X' A " g ' Q ' .vin 0 kk " Q l 4, I W,- , ' 'V Qfiffffi 'fi-454. ,, ,Q 11- 1 s v 1' M , A mf? 1 , ' - A' ' , 4- ' Pif1H:'92"' 1" V- . ,Q :mm if I mmf 1 EWR? MQW? The Official Publication of Mount Dora High School Published by the Students Q ifliiillliililii fl MOUNT DORA, FLORIDA June, nineteen hundred and forty-eight , HOMER PERICLES I Ei' f' gn M ..,-r uw '- -an . --Qg .. . Q.. , v' , t iligw-Q, ig---. , X V' Ji'xD U -W - 5.- 1'q .-V DEDICATIO5 QXSNT Dog riuitt .Ulf NSU 4. ' 'lqfifif vim? bill 4 youd I . S 3 fl ' 1 5 Q '..,. 7. if f S 5 WSW 'W Q ' LXR- 1-' Q 1 cmlift L b ! 'N H IS 1 X 4 Lwoso oF THANKS Twelve years ago we entered a classroom for the first time in our lives. We timldly clung to our mothers' hands, wondering what was to become of us in this strange school world. We have come a long way since that dayg but, now that we are about to graduate, our feelings are strangely similar. Once again we are embarking on a new experience - that of getting along in the world by ourselves. However, this time, instead of looking to our parents for security, we turn to the knowledge and culture that we have acquired during our school years. To all those who have helped prepare us so that we may leave with confidence for the future, we wish to express our heartfelt thHHkS and aorrecia- tion. THE CLASS OF 1948 ,ef M Ref ,I I ' L. crcsno ' v1RG1L 19 "L '..w1 - 4 ADMINISTRATIGN E 7 D. D. Roseborough, Supervising Principal LL. B., M. A., Stetson University B. A., Latin, C1v1cs,Soc1ology William A. Vincent, Principal B. E., Wisconsin State Teachers College - Stetson University ....... Mathematics, Industrial Arte Kenneth M. Ball, B. A., Montclair State Teachers College, M. A., Columbia Teachers College ............... Mathematics, Science Frances M. Bertesu, B. A., University of Wisconsin ....... English Social Studies, Science Doris Camp, B.A.E., University of Florida .... Commercial Subjects Evelyn Cassady, B. A., Florida State University .......... Spanish Soc1al'Sc1ences Edith Davenport, College des France, Sorbonne, Ecole des Beaux O0 OIDI OOOIIIOQOOOCI IOOOOIOOIO OO llll OOOOOIOUQOOOOAM Janie Frances Saggears, B. S., Georgia State College for Women Home Economics Floyd Jaggears, B. S., Rollins College ........ Physical Education Mathematics, Boys' Athletics Robert Preston Jones, B. A. Stetson University ....... Mathematics Science, Physical Education Dorothy Land, Mus. B., Stetson University .................. Music Nana T. Laney, B. A., Wellesley College .................. English La Nelle Vand1ver,B.A.,Georg1a State College for Women...L1brary English, Physical Education, Girls' Athletics M. A., h SHAKESPEARE DICKENS JW 7' V L J V I 1 x ,E 7, F'-'EV A , 3 'QW ' E -N"X- , NR E! -'F' wif- 5 X I H " I Kkgix S E N I 0 R S E " 'fzigf' 1, E ' I ,'f- ,f ,-'x M", ' .P f' . X , I f 4' , ,- f ' X 'fa .,. 14 . 1 V 5 MMO President ....... Vice-nresident... Secretary ........ Treasurer ...... . Sergeant at Arms.... .. Class Mothers... Class Father... Class Adv1ser.... IOIO li so to ....J1mmy Vincent .....Ross Dutton ........Anne Pike .......Caro1 Swort ..Char1es Bradford .Mrs. O. W. Conner Mrs. J. M. Turner Mrs. W. A. Vincent .Mr. W. A. Vincent .... .... Mrs. Laney 6I1iOt' efqsgffb bno"" Cha Eula Lee Bagwell nEula' Earnest and Bashful Harrold R. Blunt 'Blunt' Handsome but Big rles Crawford Bradford, III 'Skippy' Carefree and Bold Mary Jo Burr 'Jo Jon Moderate and Benign Nell Marie Conner 'Scud' Noncnalant and Cnarming Fred Carl Darkow 'Freddy' Friendly but Demure Ross Stewart Dutton 'Ross' Reliable and Dauntless Roy Frank Dutton uRoyn Roguish but Delightful Gordon Merrill-Folger 'Brub' Goofy and Fun-loving Walter Donald Hogeett 'Don' Worthy but Humble Frank Jackson Keller 'Kilroy' Formidable and Keen Richard Arthur Kurras 'Patchogue' Retiring but Knowing James Roy Ledford lRoyn Jesting and Likable Helen Anntionette Miles 'Lynn' Happy and Musical Davis T. Moorhead 'Lessbralne' Different and Mischievous Delcie Mae Newmons 'Delcle' Dutiful and Nice Howard Earl Nutter 'Genius' Hustling and Nimble-Witted Virginia Lee Perry 'Ginny' Vivaclous and Pint-sized Dorothy Ann Peterson nnodyn Dashing and Pleasant Julia Anne Pike 'Chicken' Joyful but Pert J W 'Uv Sl! William Charles Stephens 'W1ll1amn wilful and Stalwart Carol Elizabeth Swort 'Caro1n Chic but Scholarly George Wendell Treadwell nPoodlen Genial and Tolerant Phyllis Ann Turner nPh1l' Popular and Thoughtful Juanita Joyce Van Deroef "Nita" Just and Virtuous James Edward Vincent WJ1mmyN Judicious but Venturesome George Jeacle white, Jr. WBuddy' Guileless and Winsome Home HE Ahif A remnrkable group is the class of '48 As musicians, athletes, and scholers they rate: But enouvh of this build-un: here's the evidence for you The mlchty seniors pass in review! EULA LQE BAGNELL is sweet and shyg In commercial subjects her reting is hlzh. A dependable zlrl without any fuss, Well-liked and respected by all of us. HARROLD BLUNT is known as s denendeble fellow: His disposition is easy-going and mellow. This no doubt is the reason why He ls voted by all a truly rlzht guy . SKIP BRADFORD is rated as swell all-around: When it comes to athletics, he covers the Rround. He's friendly and witty, and good-looking as well, .So you see with the girls he is sure to excel. This volume is edited by a red-haired lass, MARY JO BURR, the athlete of the class. Intelligent, friendly, and a good sport, too: Her accomplishments number more than a few. AELL COmnER's the owner of those oretty blonde tressesg Talent, energy, and beauty: all these she possesses. She has what it takes to keep the boys in a whirl: All in all she'e suite an outstanding girl. FRED DARKOW is a nev recruit ln the classy In football he's noted for catching that pass. Although his manner is modest and shy, We all agree - he's e really swell guy. ROSS DUTTON is a led with lots of brains, Whose pet hobby is creating model airplanes. Although of girls he steers quite shy, They all seem to think he's a very nice guy. Without ROY DUTTON the class would be dullg He's up with a qulp whene'er there's a lull. As a football player his reputation reigns, While his "Dutton theories" prove he has bra1nsC7l GORDON FOLGER - nov there's a charecter for you: Another like Q13 has ne'er come to view. When it comes to lnaneness, he's right on the ball, But he's actually intelligent in spite of it all. DURALD HUuSETT is a quiet and retirlng lad But his clothes are right up to the latest fad. His politeness is quite exceptional, toog Manners like his ere all too fer. FRANK JACKSON KELLER - Kllroy to you - Is a hard-working fellow - that's something new! But his athletic prowess and wit have won Popularity for him which is second to none. RICHARD KURRAS is quite s nblrdug His is that Ndovn Eestn accent you've heard. But he's a good sport and polite as wellg Everyone agrees - he's really swell. Nov ROY LEDFORD's an enterprising young many Get on in the world he certainly can. He has whvt it takes to make tts girls fall, And his good nature wins him the approval of ell. LYNN MILES is a girl with sparkle and zestg lith attractiveness, charm, and wit she is blessed. Her numerous talents go further to show That she is an A-l girl to know. Wherever there's excitement DAVIS MOORHEAD is found: There's no doubt about it - he gets'srnund! A dashing Casanova, on a dance floor he rates, And bashfulness is assuredly not one of his traits. An unassuming member of the senior class Is DELCIE MAE NEWMONS, a quiet lass. She's dependable and willing, virtues indeed An all-right girl, as all will concede. HOWARD NUT1ER's our scientist - of that ther Some cute little gadget he's never without. He can fix 'most anything lor tear it down!Jg His enterprises make him the man-about-town. e's no dou VIRGINIA PERRY is cute and pint-size with light brown hair and big blue eyes: For the home team you should hear her yellg As one of the cheerleaders she's been swell. DOT PETERSON's a gal who gets around, In all school activities she's to be found. Flirting to her is a pet recreation, The boys agree - she's quite a sensation! AaNE PIKE ls a girl who ls lots of fun, But her efficient manner can get things done. As a basketball player she surpasses, too, While her friendliness makes her friends not a few. Now BILLY STEPHENS is s lad independent, But over it all his good nature's ascendant. On gridiron or court his action ls valiant, While his trumpet attests to his musical talent. JEORGE TREADWELL is only a little guy, But on a basketball court his rating is high. By nature he is nonchalant and carefree, And he's also right cute, the girls will agree. PHYLLIS ANN TURNER, the cute head majorette, Is as popular and pretty as any you've met. She shines when it comes to basketball, And her vlvacity and sparkle quite captivate all. JUANITA VANDEHOEF is Whose brains put her She's also polite, a a pretty brunette lass, scholastlcally high in the class. virtue lndeedg bt with her efficiency and willingness she should succeed. JILMX VINCENT needs no build-up at allg He's the girls' ideal: dark, handsome, and tall. Class president, musician, star athlete, He's as swell a fellow as any you'll meet. Look up and down, and there you'1l see BUDDY WHITE and all his six-feet-three: With his wit and considerable intelligence as well, In the future he surely ought to excel. CAROL SWOHT is the author of most of this stuff, But I think that by this time I've said enough! Jilii Here we are going to state WHO'S WHO in the class of '48 A poll through the high school reveals These as outstanding in various fields. f - is First we come to the boy and girl Who really keep our hearts in a whirl. Yes, Jim Vincent and Nell Conner are the two, For they're best looking in everyone's view. These two liven up the classroom And chase away everyone's gloomy Their cheerful oulps keep us all in smiles - The wittiest - Roy Dutton and Lynn Miles! vi Zhi U , 1 1 .aww v if lF" Next on the list is the couple that's cutest, Not only among seniors but in all M. D. H. S. We won't say they are Turner and Darkow Because this fact you already know. You've seen them on the field or in the court, These two are interested in any kind of sport. Most athletic - Mary Jo Burr and 'K11roy' - That's right, Frank Keller is the boy! Most likely to succeed are Swort and White, They have common sense, push, and fight. Yes, they have everything needed to go farg In all they undertake, they're far above par. You'1l find Jimmy Vincent and Anne Pike Do well in sports and studies alike. In all they attempt they gain renown: That's why they were voted best all-around- Those with the brains and things of-that sort Are Ross Dutton and Carol Swort. Though their noses aren't always in a book, The title, most intellectual, they took. - All are friendly in the class of '48g This there's really no need to state. However, two have an edge over the rest: Anne Pike and Skip Bradford were voted best. s Of flirts each class has its share, In ours the question was, WWh1ch pa1r?N The race was closeg for a while no one ledf Who won? Dot Peterson and Davis Moorhead. There's absolutely no need to guess Who're the most polite around M. D. H. S. Richard Kurras and 'Nitau Van Deroef Easily carried the title off. . ' 5 X l N. , -1 k Q . W . V F s are l5!lV EIB? SNU5 About them all their classmates seem to flock, And in them everyone holds great stock. All agree Jim Vincent and NPh1l' Turner rate As most popular in the class of 1948. Don Hogsett and Nell Conner Their smart anpearances are Yes, they are certainly the When it comes to being well are well attlred much admired. best dressed. We often see them glide 'cross the floor' When they dance, they Just seem to soar., Is there anyone who'll contest That as dancers Moorhead and Miles are best? For fun, Justice, and fair play They're the outstanding ones, we say. If things go wrong or trouble should occur, Best sports are Fred Darkow and Mary Jo Burr QEXELNL--QEEIEQ Eula Bagwell will create a fussy Into her place the ladies'll rush, Coming out pretty after going in slopoy, Mlraculously changed in Eula'e Beauty Shoppe. A man of distinction, honor, and sklll Whose Job is more honorable still - A lifelong career Harrold Blunt will forge Keeping watch at the gloomy morgue. Skippy Bradford, you shan't be missed, You will be kissed and kissed and kissed. Testing lipstick will be your chore. Hurry, girls! Need we say more? Mary Jo, upon the hill Will blow the bugle for the kill. Plenty of food, free from pests, In Burr's Hunting Lodge for guests. A rich little lady'l1 be Nell larle, Throwing away money as though it were free. How did she prosper so very soon? She started an express line to the moon. Up in a tree we find old Fred Feeding birds on hunks of bread. When asked why, he laughed, 'Hee, hee! I've gone nuts, can't you see?' Next on the list is Ross Dutton's case, A shameful failure of the human race. All is lost, there is no hope, He's a roaming tramp who's always broke. Gordon Folger, you're next on our llstg when they passed out glory, you certainly missed Here's the sad tate in store for you - Training skunks at the city zoo. His feet aren't flat, and he lsn't mean, But he'll always catch the crook or fiend. Checking up on foe and stranger Is Donald Hogsett, Texas Ranger. Money, money, everywhere, In the closet, under the chair! An expert counterfelter is Frank Keller, Making bogus money in his cellar. Richard Kurras will have great fame, From coast to coast they'll shout his name. Thousands in him will put their trusts, For he'll make bubble gum that never busts. Roy Ledford has a scheme: Running his oar on Energine. Imagine his feeling when he hits the ceiling And spreads all over the scene! A delightful person is Helen lllesg To many faces she'll bring bright smiles. Touring the country, her fame will grow As a talented singer with Vaughan Monroe. In and out the traffic winding, Ignoring the headlights that are blinding, Moorhead Van Lines haul far and near, 'Never a fear with Davis at the gearln Delcie Mae, you've stumped us all: We see nothing in the crystal ball. But if the future is like the past, The effect of your work will surely last. No more crime: lasting peace, Quarrels and wars will have to cease, Plenty of bread: plenty of buttery Such are the aims of President Nutter. Up till the wee hours v.'e find Virginia Perry Raising whoopee and making merry, Touring the night spots, raising a howlg Coming in late is our little night owl. Dorothy Peterson will soothe many meng They'1l thank her and smile with a shining grin, Coming in from every path To sweat it out in her Turkish Bath. Anne Pike, with delicate hand, Tende the sick throughout the land. A first-rate nurse she will be, Helping folks out af their misery. Now we look at Wi1liam's fame fHis last name ls Stephens, out he's not to blamej. Pressing pants will be his chore And mending their seats where they are Wtore.W All the men will swoon and faint Over our bralny lady saint. Over Niagara Falls in a barrel Is the job of brave little Carol. Little America, icy and cold, Explored by someone brave and bold, Following the footsteps of Admiral Byrd Is George Treadwell, without a word. Haste thee, Phyllis, and bring with thee Cokes and frosted malts for me. - For, as we see, you will work Tending the bar as a soda jerk. Juanita Van Deroef was her name, But now it's no longer still the same. She's living in ease and Vanity Fair, After marrying a millionaire. Jimmy Vincent will be rolling in doughg The source is perfectly legal, though. Beechnut's and Dentyne will have a threat when Jim makes gum with a two-way stretch. Just look at Buddy White - In piles of money to the left and right! In a flood of nickels and dimes he sank while counting money at the First National Bank. And now, at last, at the end of the list Is the poor old soul who had to write this. If the future doesn't bring what was said in each line, Don't blame me: I had to make them rhyme. Professor Roy Dutton, Seer if 345 , , L., .., , V, x , fk -x as . S-'I 'Y5 'S Nl risk- f 5, Q 5 .,,.-1543 i..'1"'-- ,..- qui" CLEMENS POE C Q fl! JU if .Q IOR ...gk Ji- . ' Wewo - Poulton - Driver - Lofroos Shines - Norton - MacDonald - Glaflln LONGFE LLOW Q! W t A 'Q ' ' HAWTHORNE Q X'jf-fgigww-lf:'gv W ' . ' gr, , A L-V l L' FLJLK FRESHMEN Wcw GMO' Patton - Strawn - Bond - Ray - Johnson Van Deroef - Williams President... Vice-president. Secretary... Treasurer... Reporters... Class Mothers Class Father. Class Adviser. Hubert Bevill David Blanchard George Blunt George Bond Billy Carroll Juanita Combs Margie Gorrell Mae Dean Patricia Denmark Lucius Driggers Loyce Hill John Johnson Neville Llppman Elwood lcHaff1e Frank Meade William lizell CLASS OFFICERS ... ....Norris Williams ....Danny Patton . ....Lottie Mae Strawn -.- ... .....Oeorge Bond ..Bettye Ann Ray Dolly Van Deroef . ..... Mrs. Lewis Carroll Mrs. Walter J. Patton . ..... .lr. Lewis Carroll CLASS ROLL .......M1ss Camp Barry Norton Danny Patton Dolores Pochettino Bettye Ann Ray Darlene Schaff Christine S1115 James Sille Edward Stewart Lottie Mae Strawn Jack Swain Clark Van Deroef Dolly Van Deroef Helen Whitehead Norris Williams Rhoda Williams Fred Wise agua kai" 6644 or6,6jCB"K4f Beims - Turner - Marsell - Claflin - Dufour 49414 QkhQ9-QEElQEES Pres1dent........... Vice-ores1dent......... Secretary-treasurer.... Reporters........ Class Mothers.... ... Class Father... ... Clase Adv1ser.... ....P1nkney Turner ....William Beims ......Alan Claflin .....Ellen Marsell Charles Moorhead Mrs. M. B. Claflin Mrs. E. S. Marsell .Mr. Grady Simoson .........Mre. Land CLASQ-BQEQ Nllliam Belms Max Bulske, Jr. Alan Claflin Virgil Combs Oraville Day Patsy Deen George Detten Arthur Dufour Donald Ford Kenneth Harris Ruth H111 Carl Huff Billy Jones Allen Keller Carolyn Keller Bobby Williams Betty Kembro Ellen Marsell Charles Moorhead Crane Murphy Jack Norris Jean Pike Jimmy Sanders Herbert Schneider Martha Simoson Bobbie Jean Swain Lonnie Talbert Lena Tate Pinkney Turner Frank Watson Chester Weinman .' ,gif euwvB 'President ............ Sweat! SECTION A cnssshgrr ICERS Vice-pree1dent.,. . .......larg1e Kenyon ......Donald Wetz Secretary ...... ...... Nancy Driver Treasurer ........ ......... Jean Parker Class Mothers .... ..... Mrs. Owen Conner Mrs. E. S. Marsell Class Father... .... Mr. E. S. lareell Class Adviser .... ........... .Mrs. Berteau CLASS RQLL Barbara Banks Irma Billette Phillip Boyd Mae Frances Collins Mary Combs Patricia Conner Harold Crosson Kenneth Darkow Nancy Driver Helen Durham Muriel Gulledge James Henry Rosemary Huff Jackie Hutchlnson William Johnson Gerald Jones George Keen Margie Kenyon smcrxou s ggnss orrrcmas George Lasher Arthur Howie John Marsell Ernest McRee Jean Parker John Rappel Diane Te Strake Frances Ward Donald Wetz President ......... . ........ .David Sellers Vice-president... .....Harry Wise Secretary...... ..........Glenn Ford Treasurer...... .........Barbara H111 Class Mothers .... .... Mrs. Bernard Bowers Mrs. Grady Simpson Class Father ............. Mr. E. E. Nutter Class Adviser ............ ..... ..Mr. Jones Boyd Atkins Douglas Bevill Ann Bowers Carolyn Boyett Robert Correll L. C. Durden Frank Hall Barbara Hill Paul Hopkins CLASS ROLL Romey Foley Glenn Ford Betty Key Les Edward lcRee Peggy Lou Nutter Diane Parish Aline Paul Morris Pollard Lorraine Priester Betty Sue Scott David Sellers Wade Simpson Marion Snell Bobbie Sue Teasley Vera Mae Wiley Harry Wise William Wise Q . K f , 1, I VAN DYKE W , J 5 ff , f -5' 3 - F , S Ac:T1V 1 K 3: S .43 'P-Tl' I Zane! We guna! The Manuel J. Sedano Memorial Band had a new leader this year. Mrs. Bennett Land has proved herself a very capable and efficient instructor as well as a charming person. She has been able to hold the students' interest so completely that they have made consider- able progress during the last school tent. The band has played on numerous occasions. Their performances at football games added much to school spirit although they were handicapped by the fact that many members were on the team and so were unable to play any part in the exhibitions. However, several younger members did a wonderful job filling the gaps left by the absent football players. D On Armistice Day, the band participated in the memorial cele- bration in Tavares. Both the band and the glee club received much praise for their Christmas program last December. A number of enthusiastic younger band members look forward to the time when they will be playing the solos. Mrs. Land has worked especially hard with these pupils, and prospects for the band in future years are promising. William Stephens was band manager and student director, while Evelyn Minkley served as librarian this year. 51319-ysmssrzs Mary Ann Bradford Mary Frances Collins Mary Combs Harold Crosson Kenneth Darkow Nancy Driver Gordon Folger John Gargano Prank Hall Verdual Hamlin Billy Harding James Henry Rosemary Huff Jackie Hutchinson William Johnson John Keller Herbert Kurras Richard Kurras George Lasher John Marsell Betty Jo MacDonald Evelyn Mlnkley Nancy Moorhead Clyde Mosteller Barry Norton Howard Nutter John Rapnel Floyd Rleley Fred Roseborough Marian Roeeborough Robert Schneider L. G. Simpson Wade Simpson George Sims William Stephens Sally Strite Diane Te Strake Jimmy Vincent Donald Wetz Buddy White Helen Whitehead Billy Wise Glen Woodworth MQJQQETTES Phyllis Turner Nell Marie Conner Virginia Perry Martha Simpson Ann Bowers Aline Paul Sarah Jo Land Joyce Moon We This year's high school glee club, composed of about sixty members, has had an excellent director, Mrs. Bennett Land. The large enrollment gives mute testimony to the popularity of the organization. The glee club's first public appearance of the year was at the P. T. A. amateur show on November 25, when their group of Negro Splrituals launched the program. The group had many other engagements during the year, but their presentation of Christmas carols was one of the most out- standing. Lois Driver and Charles Bradford were managers of the glee club this year, and the librarians were Barbara Shipes and How- ard Nutter. Mary Ann Bradford Evelyn Brock Eula Lee Caudel Juanita Combs Nell Marie Conner Margie Correll Jeanette Dean Pat Denmark Lois Driver Maxine Evans Shirley Ford Mary Foucart Gertie Mae Harrie Raoul Barker Wilber Bloyd Harrold Blunt Charles Bradford Jack Campbell xennazn Clark tt GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Girls' Section Betty High Elaine Hubinger Lee Hubinger Betty Ann Keen Pamela Lippman Betty Jo MacDonald Helen Miles Judy Mills Evelyn Minkley Adrianne Norton Dorothy Peterson Dolores Petruschell Anne Pike Boys' Section Sam Ford Robert Hall Donald Hogsett Billy Lofroos Lonnie Moore Davis Moorhead Clyde Mosteller Roberta Pollard Bettye Ann Ray Marian Roseborough Barbara Shipes Christine Sills Mary Martha Simpson Lottie Strawn Martha Stokley Phyllis Turner Dolly Van Deroef Frances Wages Helen Wages Helen Whitehead Howard Nutter Floyd Risley Robert Schneider Donald Schubert Dale Tucker Jimmy Vincent fgumov QXGSS PXq3..'XLQQXLg Penng' ,fXYxrxxxhX S emov Qxx 355 PXQg '-u TNrxe.XlG.XYXX'X?-Q YWNSM ' 0 Previous to this year all the school views Appeared in the Topic among the town news. However, with the present term's embarkation, The H1-goings became a separate publication. In this undertaking many had a hand, As leaders, Mrs. Laney and Miss Camp stand, For valuable was their assistance In keeping the paper in existence. First editors were Mary Jo Burr and Anne Pike, Credit goes to English 12 and commercial classes alike Two sheets composed the very first issue - School news, activities, and gossip, too. The gl Points came out twice a month on a Friday, Soon ifhaffour pages and was with us to stay. Then, all at once, second semester was on us - Seniors sighedg Juniors took charge without fuss. Editors Tim Poulton and Patty Claflin carried on, Thus H1 Points continued - and will go on and on. When your high school days are through, And cherished memories, not a few, Of all the things you left behind Come traveling through your busy mind, It might be fun to get that old book Down from the closet to take a look. There are class pictures, activities, athletics, too. Now, how did those teachers ever tolerate XQET This volume, of course, is your annual, Stray Leaves: Here is the staff, whose aim was to please: ' Editor-in-chief... Assistant Editor... Feature Editors... Activities Editor.. Athletics Editor... Art Editor ........ Class Editor ....... Business Manager... Advertising Manager Typists ........ .... Faculty Adviser... ...Mary Jo Burr ....T1m Poulton .....Foy Dutton Carol Swort ....Frances Smith .......Frank Keller ......Patty Claflin Mary Martha Simpson ..........Anne Pike ........Roy Ledford .......Eula Bagwell Delcle Mae Newmons Juanita Van Deroef .. ...... Mrs. Laney .7 uciov 1923 QQ. C50 0 gas, GSIAXPQQY9 Q . xgiqigv if QQ? xg ge? .ay aw 3, Q soil 'F SY' -dx Ni ' as 5,5 Q60 kqlqh ' fa Qxmbubigw U56 X W Q9 cfm? r9'S"XG1gK GQ qw 'W ek' Q4 Q- 290' gc: Qyoafgizs' 'fa SS W Q59 U' 15 Q3 bg u - 0 N ' V 9 ,fs Q19 .of i new Q K3N,3'?34fix5i83'x web QQ? as Q9 at x3h'5'x Q0 . Q0 N326 Q 0 rg' 55' bqwfi Us-IQ, Dos 4005.6 q'1wi"'N0a5 V5 X' Qifdbmps . X of QQ CQ xo 'kvgk . .1 .bf bswwgvk Q Ga 'M vw f' SW 'J ' +24 Q 'b 6+ .4 69695 DQ Q., oc'N'o- bf? Nfg who QSCKQ, Dx 605 'SN 'SX Y Q-5 gg? Xb X 'msixbo OJ cygizkbbgxgicoexgigwa ,ggsozeoix Q9 Q? Lg. if :wx We 5,22 Q K5?SQ5?'Q3gsQ'gf12?3X5o?3fb 'QQ Qggfgd ,seg ,gQ?Qkx0EFQ,1vw ,bf 5? B 4,54 39536 N6m5S0liws3g'S'Q8 lbbstgge f?QXff'3' W6 49' J' Qfxffb ,QSXSXQ Sm? Q9 wi? xy QWA QP' 325' vxggS20,,a 33 vfvxgf P0 sfo 'fb '60 Q5 Qxb 'KX 14, FQ' 099W I: 23" M 1,5'R?0' '3 ba gb' so S"GW'.f is Q3 Q60 by .Su sin B gf Wvlf rf S :wf pk 6 QFX 'GSB us 51' YF QC 6994 ef fb 99 65 ig!! eww YN fwagfb Q, X nigga 'gg ik ibboxbgizilv 9 fgvb' 4: WEN 'fel 6-VCQNQQ' .34 "4-4 'QQ 'QXK' sbxe, xg, 10,6 fxbbh 494-4x9 We N55 11.4435 mxgxfxe ogbbix bsvofiozfssoxi 1530 gm g'SQ"sfQ N o I of 0 .ogbiod jiggbg 0 Q. 'XG 'B 5 crapbookl nlounl, Dora, Florida 5ciTurclo,5,,l"l 4134, 1449 SENIORS CLASS YANKEE KING PRESENT PLAY BIG SUCCESS Fi-ada , April 3o,'l'he Dora. High School exgsbile when 'llfax'e ov-iginu lee. acl come 9 Senior class of lvlounl' d +lrieir elrqmliighdbi li-Hes bg win ug was eniogecli bg acaffacilg crowd in-lim Communilg Building Ross Duflo n porlrdae O llfie, mock. hom peeked 0. Hlnkle ,who dreams lrxo.'a 'llie lo sl- ruler ol: Laurcmia. A racing lo 'lrg vagal liffe-Yor aio mo-iliis ,he and hi, H10 UL +0 'HWS Evy-UP- EGU Counlrg. Howeugrfhg, Laoremians decide no Ho ld-liar Kin leaue.5 so-Hia l-lin lcles are lieli Uirlunlpriso nerS in +lwe.ii- Cdslle. Pda ve: nis Qhiracler- lub bg mdng RUYYIOYOUS incldenls ,and llxe, dream comes lo A hedic. climax willi hlrwolul-ion and Al'le,m?+ lo exeau+e,Va.'Tlne. orospecliue So rx-in-law arrives sgvsr in 'limo lo mid kliemri, bvl' Pgis wounded. l-low e.0er,lie,l'l1erl dwQk0.n5 and realizes has bun dre,aming,bv'f luis erP2l'lGl'lU-9 Q m co age Q im eel-F and Go riheiirsl' lime in lxis married lile he iciaiesiohis clominezring wi? Q.. L Ailihe members o-Nha 945+ Porfraqed 'llwelr pavls B515 eiid alioiuecl eonaellenl' coaching Ylrs. Laneg direclecl llie, pleas ii while. Miss Cnssadg was in charge ol make.-UPTTM, Cast characlars was as 'l:oll0wS1 Pdllinkle ,amiddlefa ell Yankee: Rogs Dul'+0l'l x l'lAll'inkle,,l'iis wile-Helen Miles Q Marian l'llnlde.,'l'lw.i r ddughlqh .Q - Shi een Mari Foucm-4' ilbur Hinkle., lrieir son, even-l'e.en-Rag Duhon aqne Douglas, ago v H3 auimlor - Richard Kurras Siepheri Kr Ug2Y',YrimeNinis1'el' o' runin.-Sim mg. Uince-vi? Oswald Mahler, Councilor- . H A A Nukfzlf- OK-U Y Ne,lissADes'l'li5yJ Rigid 3740122 ar - A5 Supreme. Yulzr o-F Laumniml ' n 0 we l'li ur +0 assul' pi,drw.SS A3USl'6,b45klffSwa2l:o:Rog. I mg -"'le'?. E:Lig1g':::.'ia'g-si.l'4g1omtgi'fi'lH ' - 0 Evrieiwcour iv' Gag' W wa d 's-Ps mv ffl- 1 im no ollflkiii-online -Nfl' WW- pa3gTwg girls .-PhylliSTvl-flfl '-S'73 On April 16 at the Lakeside Inn, the senior class of 1948 was honored and royally enter- tained by the class of '49. The banquet was named 'Plantation Partynand was cleverly planned to bring a bit of the'Old Southn to the Lakeside dining room. The mem- bers of the faculty, guests, and juniors de- lighted in the entire evening from the delici- ous dinner and appropriate program to the fi- nal dance in the lobby of the hotel. Tim Poulton, the junior presids t, welcomed the guests with his speech entitled 'Welcome to Dora Hall.n Jummy Vincent responded with NNothing Could Be F1ner.' The president ot the sophomore class, George Sims, told the seniors NYou Is Mighty Lucky.' 'I's Here to Tell Ya' was the title of Mr. W. A. VLncent's address. Next came WDown In the Cornfield' by Helen Miles, who let everyone in on the latest gos- sip. Patty Claflin presented a peek into the future with nsome of these Days.' Mary Jo Burr and Roy Dutton asked '0h,Don't You Rememberf' as they revived memories of past happenings. Appropriate gifts were presented to the senior class of '48 by a member of the junior class, Adrianne Norton. The senior farewell speech was given by Carol Swort, who assured that'0ld Times Dar Are Not Forgotten.' These humorous and interesting talks were not all that was enjoyed, however. Plantation melodies played and sung proved to be one of the evening's highlights. Billy Lofroos, C.L. Keen, Clyde Mosteller, and Verdual Hamlin, the Plantation Boys, entertained as a quartet with the song 'Shortnin' Bread.' Pleasing selec- tions on the guitar and accordian were played by C. L. Keen and John Gargano. Mary Foucart demonstrated her ability, for writing whenvshe presented an amuslng skit in whlch sophomores served as the cast. A lovely solo, nRaccoon Lullaby,' was sung by Adrianne Norton, and a duet was given by Lois Driver and Barbara Shipes. . Thanks goes to the hard - working committee members of the Junior class who made the ban- quet a big success. This is the first year in the history of Mount Dora High School in which each class has had a supervised home room period. The third period on Mondays and Wed- nesdays has been devoted to home room activities, and all class business has been taken care of during these meetings, which are conducted according to parliament- Although this use of ary law. The and has members or class routine may be fusion. Because of the announcement or plan may home room plan is recognized as very worthwhile a variety of purposes. In this period all the of the class are assembled, and administrative handled with a minimum of con- compact size of the group, any be discussed in full. the home room is important, it has more far-reaching objectives. Its principal aims are to develop desirable ideals and habits of citizen- ship and to give the students educational, vocational, personal, physical, social, and moral guidance. At the beginning of the year, the new officers were elected after thorough discussion of the qualifications and duties of each. In addition a number of committees were chosen to serve throughout the year. Lspecially worthy of mention has been the work of the beautification committees of the three upper grades who gave their time outside of school hours to painting the lower walls and dingy radiators of their rooms. Probably the most hard-working committees have been those in charge of programs for one period each week. They ing, bers ious Seven A, George Lasharg have tried to arrange programs which are interest- educetional, and timely and which include all mem- of the class. The program committees for the var- home rooms were henfod by the following chairmen: Seven B, George Keen: Eight, Kartha Simpson: Nine, Pat Denmark: Ten, George Simsg Eleven, Sally Str-iteg Tv.elve, Mary Jo Burr. . Not only is the but it is yet in its nation. however, it and promises to grow has home room plan new to this school, experimental stages throughout the met with success in most cases in importance and influence during future years at Mount Dora High. PPIDES CULES ATHLETICS 153 meds osflim .M A . X x 1 X . . 5 N! rl - J mmm 'moiev when time and fortune cast their spell And youth's bright years are o'er, 'Tis then our memories fondly dwell Cn days that are no more! For busy, carefree high school days And comrades tried and true, To thee we sing our song of praise, Dear Dora High, to you! 7 This year the Mount Dora Golden Hurricanes had one of the most powerful football teams in the school's history and, by the latter part of the season, one of the strong- est in the Central Florida Conference. After edging out Webster by a 7-6 margin in the first game of the season, the Dorana, unable to get an offensive started, dropped a 12-O decision to Ocoee and a 6-O deci- sion to Tavares in two very close games. Against Apopka, the Hurricanes turned on their power for the first time, and outplayed the Blue Darters for the last three ouarters of the game. However, unable to over- come their opoonent's first-quarter lead, they suffered a 20-18 defeat. Outplaying Eustis all the way, Mount Dora defeated them 12-O in a hard fought battle, and then, a week later, trampled luckless St. James in a one-sided 53-O game. In Groveland the Hurr1canee,tra1l1ng 7-O at the half, roared back in the second half to smash the Greenies 26-13 in a major upset of the season. Clermont, however, was too strong for the badly crip- pled Hurricanes. With only half of the 'An string in ac- tion, the Dorans met their worst defeat of the season in a 21-O loss. Q Mount Dora came back the second half to defeat Winter Garden'l6-6 in a rough game and finally to down Ocala 'Bn 15-7 with a last-minute touchdown to close the season. The Mount Dora Golden Hurricanes were ranked fifth in conference rating and olaced one back, Fred Darkow, on the all-conference first team as co-captain. THE TEAM Backs: Bradf0ra,"5Erk'0'w', Ham11n, R. Ledfm-Q, simpson, Treadwell, Vincent, Williamsg Ends: Keller, Lofroos, Na- pier, Bloyd, Whitey Tackles: Keene, Stephens, Mosteller, Kurras, Van Deroefg Guards: Ross Dutton, Roy Dutton, Mc- Haffie, Moore, Centers: Harriett, T. Ledford. Coaches: Jaggesrs, Jones. Managers: Harding, A. Keller. THE SCHEDULE Mount Dora -" 5 Webster Mount Dora O Ocoee Mount Dora O Tavares Mount Dora 18 Apopka Mount Dora 12 Eugtig Mount Dora 55 St, James Mount Dora 26 Groveland Mount Dora 0 Clermont Mount Dora 15 Winter Garden Mount Dora 13 Ocala 'BN 153 3 7am The Mount Dora Golden Hurricanes made ah ,admirable record ln basketball this year by winning sixteen out of eighteen regular season games and scoring an. average of 42 points per game. V - Playing fast and flashy basketball, they completely outclassed all but the very strongest of their opponents and scored 918 points against 692 points for the opposi- tion. The Dorans averaged ll points a game more than their rivals. - Jimmy Vincent led in scoring with 275 points while George Treadwell followed closely with 225. Vincent also had the best record in free throws with 605 of his foul shots being accurate. . Mount Dora, seeded second ln ment, was put out in the semi-finals by third place Vincent and Keller, on Hurricanes were seeded thb C0l'lfEI'8flOQ tourna- Tavares and placed two players, the all conference team. The first in the district tournament, but failed to defeat Clermont in the semi-finals. Vincent was also placed on the all district first team. ' The squad will lose the following seniors through graduation: Darkow, Keller, Xurras, Schubert, Stephens, Treadwell, Vincent, and Whitey but the remaining mem- bers of the squad are expected to carry on next season. THE SQUAD Captain: Stephens Co-Captain: Treadwell Manager: Chuck Allen Darkow, Hamlin, Keller, Kurras, Ledford, ulosteller, Lofrooe, Napier, Poulton, Schubert, Simpson, White, Vin- cent. " SCHEDULE Oviedo 46 Mount Dora '57 Sanford 52 Mount Dora 50 Winter Garden 27 Mount Dora 38 Umatilla 29 Mount Dora 59 Inverness 39 Mount Dora 52 Sanford 24 Mount Dora 55 Tavares 56 Mount Dora 27 Winter Garden 29 Mount Dora 39 Eustis 54 Mount Dora 48 Groveland 24 Mount Dora 55 Tavares 59 HOURS Dora 40 03093 30 HOUHU Dora 59 Leesburg 21 Mount Dora 52 Lyman 20 Mount Dora 43 Eustis 25 Mount Dora 45 Umatilla 54 Mount Dora 28 Winter Park 55 Mount Dora 42 Leesburg 25 Mount Dora 28 CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Ocoee 52 Mount Dora 71 Tavares 45 Mount Dora 56 DISTRICT TOURNAM NT Lyman 55 Mount Dora 58 Clermont 59 Mount Dora 56 '3 7mm As ahfesult of losing most of last year's squad, the Hurricsnettes won only six out of fourteen games this season. However, their season could be termed a success because of the teamwork and spirit they exhibited. The girls scored a total of 250 points against 403 for their opponents. Barbara Shipes was high scorer with 166 points to her crsd1t,. She also led in free throws by sinking 555 of her shots. Although six members of the year's team 'Ore seniors, next season's prospects are fairly bright. The experience gained this year by undergraduates will be a valuable asset to the future teams. TH SQUAD Manager - Mary Martha Simpson Burr, Conner, Foucart, E. Hubinger, L. Hubinger, Miles, Minkley, Peterson, Pike, Roseborough, Shipee, Strite, Turner. SCHEDULE Oviedo ' lount Dora winter Garden Mount Dora Umatilla Mount Dora Inverness Mount Dora Tavares Mount Dora winter Garden Mount Dora Eustis Mount Dora Groveland Mount Dora Tavares Mount Dora Ocoee Mount Dora Leesburg Mount Dora Lyman Mount Dora Eustis Mount Dora Umatilla Mount Dora Leesburg Mount Dora Zack "B'Szw,7M..z J ' Z3 This season's-'B' Team, showing great promise for the coming year, scored 229 points to 219 for their opponents although they won only four out of nine scheduled games. THE TEAM White, Simpson, Kurras, T. Ledford, Mcsteller, Lofroos, Pculton, Schubert, Campbell, Blanchard, F. Hall, R. Hall, Pollard, Patton, Ford, and Windham, Turner, Jacobsen, sims, Staton, Barker, and Hutchinson, Manager. SEASON'S RECORD Mount Dora 51 Sanford ll Mount Dora 26 Eustis 28 Mount Dora 11 Tavares 12 Mount Dora 30 Eustis 25 Mount Dora 28 Tavares 21 Mount Dora 31 Leesburg 32 Mount Dora 20 Sanford 34 Mount Dora 21 Eustis 51 Mount Dora 31 Winter Park 25 In addition to 'B' games this year, several games were scheduled for the Junior high boys and girls. The boys played s total of eight games, winning four of them. Mount Dora downed Tavares three times and bowed to them once. Eus- tis captured three games from the boys, but lost to Mount Dora once. Those of 'the teal were Pollard, Blanchard, Huff, Dufour, G. Ford, Hall, sills, Turner, D. Ford, Glaflin, Keene, Moor- head, Simpson, Biems, Hutchinson, Grossen, John- son, Sellars, and Marsell, Manager. The girls won half of their four scheduled games. Although Umatilla defeated them twice by scores of 30-6 and 19-9, Mount Dora was victor- ious in both games with Tavares. The final tal- lies for these games were 14-12 and 57-17. The girls' squad included: Dean, schsff, Whitehead, Simpson, Wiley, Williams, Pike, Teasley, Keller, Strawn, Denmark, Van Deroef, Gorrell, S1lls,Ray, Paul. w l 'B .7 This year Mount Dora High School was again host to two basketball tournaments - the Cen- tral Florida Conference tournament held Febru- ary 12, 15, and 14 and the Class C State tour- nament larcn 11, 12, and 13. As both tourneys were packed with close, hard fought games, the capacity crowds witnessed plenty of dexterous, fast basketball. Apopka,seeded first in the conference tour- nament, flashed on through to win the champi- onship while Tavares, seeded third but de- feating Mount Dora in the semi-finals, took second place. In the girls' tourney Tavares downed Uma- tilla in the finals to become the feminine conference champions. After the final game trophies and basketballs were awarded to the deserving teams, and the all - conference team was named. Havana,defending Class C State champions, easily roared to victory and retained their title by eliminating Chum ckla in the finals. Pierson, a local team, played excellent ball and won two games although they were edged out by Chumuckla in the semi-finals. In an added attraction the Weirsdale girls, playing the Tavares saxtet, won by the narrow margin of 51-29-g At the completion of the tourney, trophies and baaketballs were awarded to the winners and runners-up, but no all- state team was selected. - 5 At the time this annual is going to press, an exten- sive program of spring sports is being planned by coaches Floyd Jaggears and La Nelle Vandiver. Mr. Jaggears haslopened this project with a post season double elimination basketball tournament. Eight teams, composed of volunteers from the Junior and senior high, are participating while the senior mem- bers of the varsity squad are acting as coaches. This tourney started March B and promises much fun. Intramural softball games are also being arranged, and some contests with other schools may be scheduled. Grounds east of the football field are now being con- verted into a diamond for these teams. In addition Miss Vandiver will direct a program of tennis and badminton for the girls. Interest in an M. D. H. S. baseball team is running high, and prospects for a successful season seem good. Training will begin immediately after basketball season and fourteen games have been scheduled. Home games will be played at Heim Field. 1948 BASEBALL SCH DULE March Groveland Here April Umatilla Here April Tavares There April Eustis Here April Groveland There April Apopka Here April Tavares Here April Umatilla There May Leesburg There May Winter Garden Here May Apopka There May Eustis There May Winter Garden There May Leesburg Here S y.bwS,oo1t4, SKIP BRAUPORD A good defensive player, who could also advance the ball on down the field. MARY JO BURR A fighting guardl NELL MARIE CONNER This small but mighty guard gave trouble to many an FRED DARKOW Excelled ln broken field running! In basketball he was adept at dribbling. ROSS DUTTON Could always be found in the midst of the pile-upl ROYQDUTTON Never m1ased'h1s manl DONALD HOGSETT Ill health was this football player's only formidable enemy. opponent. FRANK KELLER A fighting linesman. Was good at sinking long shots! RICHARD KURRAS Showed plenty of fighting spirit in both football and basketball. ROY LEDFORD las a valuable backfield man and launched many beauti- LYNN MILES A wllling and able forwardl DOT PETERSON A rough and tough guardl ANNE PIKE Her height added to her natural ability made her an indispensable member of the team. WILLIAM STEPH NS Good at kicking the Hurricanes out of a hole and working a basketball into the basket. GEORGE TREADNELL Besides being the B team's key man, he contributed much to the success of the varsity football squad. His crip shots were valuable in giving the Hurricanes a safe lead PHYLLIB TURNER This spirited forward had a true love of basketball. JIM!! VINCENT Could always guide a football or basketball to its in- tended destination, Ihether the basket or a toammatefa 81118, ful passes. BUDDY WHITE . His will and indomitable spirit were to be admlredl 7' W! HOLMES -1 BRYANT ' 1 7 f A :xxx rg J v AUTOGRAPHS l l 'QR 11 ADVERTISING Rehbaum's Hardware and Rel1baum's Appliances ln Mount Dora 32 yearse'-growing all the time. Crane Furniture Company Venetian Blinds-House Furnishings-Window Shades 'M Awnings -'-- Refrigerators - Stoves -- Washing Machines. Phone 2091 Mount Dora, Florida co1v1PLuv1ENTs OF Ryan and Company Apopka, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF Sun State Stores, Inc. DEPARTMENT sToRE Zellwood, Florida coMPL1MENTs OF State Bank of Apopka Apopka, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF Vincent's Flower Shop Phone 3956 Zellwood, Florida Congratulations to the Class of '48 from The Lake County Fuel Company COMPLIMENTS OF Plymouth Citrus Growers Association Plymouth, Florida Congratulations, Class of '48 PATTUN Metal and Roofing Works, Inc Mount Dora, Florida Congratulations, Class of '48 Tuxedo Feed and Seed Store Phone 227l Mount Dora, Florida Congratulations, Class of '48 Texaco Service Station Congratulations, Class of '48 Stephens' Cleaners ns: West Fourth Avenue Phone zo: 1 Mount Dora, Florida L. E. Klatte Grove Service lnternational Fertilizers lnsecticides Grove Management All Types of Grove Service Phone 3336 Phone 3034 Mount Dora, Florida BRGWN'S Builders Supply Company, Inc. Lumber, Building Materials, Roofing Hardware, Paints l 34 Third Avenue Phone 22l l Best Wishes, Seniors Simpson Hotel Best Wishes to the Class of 1948 MOUNT DORA HIGH SCHOOL The First National Bank of Mount Dora GEORGE WHITE, President ALFRED REHBAUM, Vice President J. M. McCown, Cashier MARY M. TRUE, Assistant Cashier OSCAR D. STEPHENS, JR., Assistant Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System Congratulations, Class of '48 R. V. Parker Meat Market and Story Brothers Grocery Mount Dora, Florida Congratulations, Class of '48 The Grand Leader Dep't Store Where Prices, Styles and Quality Are Always Right Mount Dora, Florida Congratulations, Class of '48 Hale's Grocery Monarch Finer Foods Mount Dora, Florida Congratulations, Class of '48 Turner's Paint and Body Shop Congratulations, Class of '48 Charles Bradford Sandwiches -:- Soclas Phone 38l 2 Mount Dora, Florida Congratulations, Class of '48 Piggly Wiggly Save a Little Every Day on Everything You Buy Fifth and Donnelly co1v1PL1MENTs or The Citrus Culture Corporation Congratulations to the Class of '48 Simpson's Fruit Company Good Quality Fruit-Since l904 COMPLIMENTS OF A and P Where Economy Rules COMPLIMENTS OF Sadler and Simpson INSURANCE Mount Dora, Florida coMPL1M1aN'rs or-1 Mount Dora Pharmacy THE REXALL STORE Phone 236l Mount Dora, Florida ico1v1PLuv1ENTs or Zellwin Farms Co. Zellwood, Florida Congratulations, Seniors! McHaffie's Grocery Fresh Meat ' Frozen Foods Phone 2573 Zellwoocl, Florida COMPLHVIENTS OF Russ's Grocery and Service Station TEXACO Paonucrs Tires - Batteries - Accessories Marjak Lubrication Service Call 2165 Mount Dora, Florida A CQMPUMENTS or Paul's Gulf Service Station Tires -- Greasing - Batteries - Simonizing Phone 244l Mount Dora, Florida co1v1PL1MENTs off The Sally Dress Shop Mount Dora, Florida Best Wishes to the Class of 1948 Turner's Bakery "Pinclcney's Mom and Pop" B-est Wishes, Class of '48 Gordon Folger COMPLIMENTS OF Thomas H. Cooley and Roy Christopher Attorneys-at-Law Mount Dora, Florida c:oMPL1MENTs OF Mount Dora Growers Cooperative co1v1PLuvuaNTs OF Burton's Garage Courteous and Dependable Service Phone 361 I COMPLIMENTS OF SWANK'S Standard Gil Service Station Mount Dora, Florida Best Wishes to the Senior Class of '48 from Myrt and Her Pop COMPLIMENTS GF A. MQ SL S. Sales SL Service 404 Donnelly Street ' Mount Dora, Florida COIVIPLIMENTS off Club Rudo CQMPUMENTS or Galloway Service Station COMPLIIVIENTS or The Green Lantern Cafe "COOKIE" Chicken Dinners - Steaks -- Sea Foods Phone 2533 Mount Dora, Florida COMPLIIVIENTS or Fred W. Sage, Jeweler Watches - Silver - Stationery -- Clocks Souvenirs - Leather Goods -- jewelry - Novelties Eastman Films -- Developing and Printing "Our Reputation ls Your Guarantee" COMPLIMENTS OF Lloyd Atkins Laundry and Dry Cleaners We Pick Up and Deliver Phone 252l Mount Dora, Florida COIVIPLIMENTS OF Sylvan Shores Hotel o. E. scHuBERT Brenwood Studios Photographic Art of Sterling Quality Portraiture and Commercial In Cur Business - - - The way a tree grows in the years before it be- comes lumber determines its value and the quality of the products produced from it. Strong, straight- grain, even texture, and a fine inherent character are all important. These aren't so very different from the factors determining the quality of each of us- Swift Woodcraft, Inc. co1v1PL1MENTs OF "New" Topic The Newspaper Devoted to Mount Dora and The Mount Dora Publishing Co Specialists ln Fine Printing COLOR FOLDERS u,'oo nfs' vvw- --V - -- Y 3 -I-I-Q Q- A, -1 1

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