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5 ff X Q35 L3 el Ci W EW S, 3 9 N fmfei 'iefwls u,l 1 D cs, b 4 V H . CW W QF My 4543? ilk AJQMWII Jfxx 9SQOgQg1 t Lqwt jj3ffww'3i,f2Q, Qgfiyivfkggfx V Q x FB 6?Y Ls AH-, f my LERifff,fW wa f UQHWQDQM W ' 4 19' C1575 I 1 Z SEL MQW 5 gif aw Q' if-J XMZW 555953 ig MQW 5 9 9551 gfii R 5 ff N E, 'TS NZ? CY Ellis Q ' sfvffw Jfjwj VWQMVQ A9 M ,L , wwe wwyflw vfwfwijiwia fvw WW Dwj ini,-4 MM, B A914349 yawn M CWM aj L ff,ff7mg1MiL7ffd?MMvWW 4 274. My UUv67Uf MJEQUL QE ,QMQJKWJQZH ,Me 74, 'MP M! WMM Mm ,QWWMW 6255. L5 CSBwQ0fQ iii? Z XQ5XSLAxCCfvEQE gjzy Y Q sm my Caff!Vjl72,LMfVy Z Mmm AQ B K B os . ,.A wfifff,3Qf f Q WfWf5W5'v WW W IQ, ,W My by 3 yfwgiw my ?'glwZA?iMYYmyMQWw DJ QW fww ' Sify ew W Qfifiiwf 3.5 wjwjf? FEES SEQ? W MW 823 V U wvvl MU MQ' PYJV? BNQA dbz ,A Vx if I V M, if A -V , ' ., .V JW +4 uw! ,LJ VOS Udvjgfw ' X fini waxy , W 'ri' My W 2 MM M W W GJ f WX Q, P QLD , J My ju MPJWQ I f wlw' pf-lf W 'V JL LSMLC1 1, I, I VXUV f' V0fJ7,7 X19 353, ff? We - V Y ff f A pf A ' Y U H N vjjjw JZ .xilfmigj QLQQC Zjw1n0 fqcf LU Q65 ' V ffuiigjim W0 like-Q C, .15 'UQ X DI BI. --eb cfb LVM' ' ' afdj D ' JL I f ' ., VA fL ff fa 4 J Axf 1 v .f f ff ' I, , ,V V 1'! V' HM ' llearhook Staff lu - l nl. i .Editor-in-6hief . .... Dohhrl lgetlfvhvr Assistant Sditor ..... .. Sue Gonsidine Organization . . . . . Mflffi Mllyhi and Activities . . .... Sue Sodaro Sports Sititor. . . .... ffrnie L'ievre Eiaenlty ...... ..... P atti Crnillo Klasses .... . .Peggy tyarhatn Illustrator ..... ..... 5 rie Nia' l5'nsiness ,Manager .... .Sharon Walton Photographers .... .Aflike Patterson Steve .?elt Professional Photographer ..... ........... J-l al ,Matson Advisor. . ............. ..... ,C anrenee D. Zhristrnan ! 'JL M fiffffavycewz QV W U' Xw vi , ,r , h 1 W WVVU 1 . rxx X A t X .pl Lfontonts Administration ..... . . 8 f7oonlty ........ .... I 2 ,Coodorsnio ..... .... 2 5 Elossos ...... ...... Seniors. . .... 31 juniors ..... ..... 9 3 Sopnolnoros .... ....... I I9 .irosnrnan ..... ....... I 43 Sports ......... .... I 69 Organikotions ...... ..... and ,4otioitio.s'. .... .........,....... 2 29 Adoortisomdonfs ............................ 271 k f , WJ QWNW9' V C0 fi QQ! gBx 1n! K IQ i Q 4 gimmhbf gawf A ' 'Lo ww W . VA , h , V,h , A ,.,.,,-,,..-f.,..,.-wP"' u p "-kgge,-y ' f"1':" "TfT ...-f W6 Dvd mf 6 O O O The 1965-66 yearbook To Mr. HarT Fairclough, a Tine friend of MT. Diablo High School. Mr. Fairclough came To Diablo in The fall of '51, making 1966 his 15th year here. During Those fiTTeen years, his eTforTs and accomplish- menTs To help make Diablo an acTive school have been widely varied and greaTly appreciaTed. Among These are: inTroducing songleaders To promoTe spiriT aT games, sTarTing The card- sTunTs aT games, having rally band play aT baskeTball games, and inTroducing The TradiTional inTer-class relays. The diTTerenT positions he has held aT Diablo include: J.V. FooTball coach anal head Track coach-5 years. He became assisTanT VarsiTy FooTball coach in 1953 and laTer, in 1956, became head VarsiTy FooTball coach, an imporTanT posifion he sTill holds. As a Teacher, his subiecTs include MaTh B and Algebra. Mr, Fairclough has been married Tor Twelve years and has Tour children, all girls. His wife has oTTen sTaTed ThaT, "There is noT a day when Mr. Fairclough has noT looked forward To going To school." There are many reasons for This dedicaTion, buf one seems To sTand ouT among all The resT: Mr. Fairclough has always exemplified our school moTTo-"VicTory WiTh Honor" in res'pecT To The Team and Their accomplishhnenTs. Regardless of vicTory or deTeaT, Their honor sTill sTands firm. 'K 7 f"""i Princzjwzlis' Message Even Though There is more knowledge available, The need To Tind answers To challenging quesTions is possibly greaTer Than ever before. The inhabiTable world as we know iT has shrunk because of The rapidiTy of communicaTion and TransporTaTion. People are'more aware of each oTher Than ever before. This has increased The need To raise sTandards Tor more and more people. There is a pressing need To resolve The quesTion oT human needs and righTs, economic and social, for more counTries and Tor increasing populaTions. The Time is long pasT when one can Think only oT one's self or only of one's counTry. Theres need noT only Tor improving one's self buT also make iT possible Tor oThers To improve. The men who will build The TuTure are Those who know ThaT greaTer Things care yeT To come, and ThaT They Them- selves will bring Them abouT. Their minds are illumined by The brighTness of hope. They never sTop To doubT. They haven'T Time. Everybody has ideas. Ideas are The naTural resulT of inTelligenT ThoughTTul work. BuT mosT ideas geT away as quickly as They come. Everyone should provide a place To "park" each new idea. Then he should build iT, invesTi- gaTe iT, develop iT, polish iT, and Then devise a deTiniTe plan Tor puTTing iT To work. The TaskTo build TorThe TuTure is noT unsurmounTable. IT will Take educaTed men who will be able To apply This greaTer knowledge. The Task, Then, Tor each graduaTing senior is To build on The knowledge he already has, add To iT and develop i1 To a poinT where iT becomes parT of The TuTure. Dr. Ferd Diel 8 T ..,... T .:.1, rss. N. ,FS 5' ' ss- -5 . 7 Y M, ' ' . its xiii- fl C lfwpfs L gxi,5"W-S .ffifrf-si? if JAMES DENT Superintendent of Mt. Diablo School District Di Irie! HAROLD HILL Assistant Superintendent of Secondary School Admiui fmfv s Dr. ROBERT MARTIN t,,.?i. President of Board of Education KJLLMIV ' -:H f I si g lil lffl 'l s ' M liiil ci JAMES ROOS BERYL LLOYD Board of Education Member JOHN LAUNDER Board of Education Member Assistant Superintendent of School Finance ml Selma! 1671 rd DEAN JOHNSON Board of Education Member JOHN MOISO Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools iii J Q lltlswt 9 MR, ORVAL STEFFEN, Vice Principal-Pupil Personnel ,Q "N MR. JOHN SMULLEN, Assisfcmf 10 We Vice Principals MR. PAUL STONER, K MISS JOYCE HARDY, Head Counselor ,Y MRS, ELOISE HONNET, Curriculum Asslsront Vice-Principal-Instrucrion BETTY LOPEY Textbook KATHERINE JOHNSON Uh 11111114 ,HM ETHEL BRUBAKER MARY DEKNOBLOUGH Librarian Library Treasurer K X I . , 7 A, X - P9 :vw 1 1 X, me K -.- X J E r , 43 PAULINE BECHTOLD Main Office MICKIE BOZARTH Senior Secretary and Secrefary to Dr D I ie WINNIE RUPPRCHT Secretory to Miss Hardy MARION WOOD Secretary to Mr. Steffen .IAN MCKINNON Secretory to Mr. Smullen THELMA PIMENTAL Secretary To Mrs. Honnetf . K .f,. : . , rr, f -T. - ' .:.x.s,. I, 1. ., .. ,:u.w I M , ,- ,. . ff 3:35 :I - 2, . 16. 11-Fi? A - . I We 2- fr N K ,WI 595 I we :I ' ' Sir ' A I. if ,, wi' - ff-r - 'Ev 1:51. ,ffisigk f" ,V V' Armstrong, George Mechanical Drawing Head of Dept. rf ir fi- elf I 5 Costa, Louis McDaniel, Terry Silva, Mariorie Applied Art I 81 II Mechanical Drawing Art I 81 II Art I l6'usir1css Sducat 2711 Biedermann, Jack Photo I Si Il Bishop, Leora Dodge, Dorothy Holden, Sue Koll. Helen Typing I I,W.E. 84 O.W.E. Typing I Si II Sales 84 O.W.E. 2 Piwkiewicz, Bernard Office Practice Shorthand Head of Dept. Weidkamp, Keith Bookkeeping I 81 II Business Math Special CD- Falconer, Jessie Furlow, Kenneth Sperial Ed. Special Ed. K. .L iii 1 A LIL 4 :wild . ,..,, .. ,. gr I7 X QM fi' I f A .2 . 0 v Dept. Chairman Godchaux, Harold English IV Directed Reading Arnold, Gomer English III Reading Center Atkinson English I 8g Ill Bush, Lynn English l 8. II Chrisrman, Laurence Journalism I 81 ll XX, 5 Early, Marion Maylolf, Dorothy English Ill English I 5 Friss, Richard Metcho, Michael English ll English IV Hall, Virginia Perelli-Minefti, English l Julianne English ll 93-J I gh J fx I., KN lniayan, Maluina English I Public Spea-king 'A' wi. -A I Riggle, William English ll English I Ross, Caroline English I, ll, 84 IV .. 1 ,M J fire " I az, 5' raglan 1 asf? 12 3 5 4 4 Senteney, .lack Drama I 81 ll Trivus, Neuh English Ill Wilson, Leah English lll 84 IV 90 Eiga - language Boyden, W0lTef Gomez, Yolanda German Spanish Galindo, Ruth Spanish Department Chairman Messersmith, Vasquez, John Katherine Spanish French Judy trial Arts Macomher, Robert French Department Chairmen Beutel, Orville Jones, Rose Marie Lanway, Robert Navone, Michael Machine l 84 ll Crafts I 84 ll Metal I8 Il Graphics l 8- Il Advanced Machine Advanced Metal Crafts . ig' Miller, Stanley Welding I 84 Il O"LincoIn, Robert Rukavina, Joseph Trefte, Al Elect. l, ll, 84 Ill Wood l 81 II Wood 1 Wood l, ll, 81 lll Welding l Advanced Wood 4. .fgllli K x I' ,, v N l I W W amy, -'f' iqqgmmmif ww. ,MmM? 5 iff? 5 ffm 4 5 fi if Head J-lame ing I f A, Dept. 9 Curless, Elvera Fields, Myrna Hendsch, Carolyn Kirkpatrick, Virginia H.AA. l 8 ll it L H.AA.l, ll 8 lll H.AA.l Adv. Clothing ' Gippo, Kristian Hansen, ViCT0I' Murracino, William Prall, George Orchestra Girls 81 Boys Glee Band Choir S ' rf ll in ,gl 'H' Awbrey, Curtis Bordi, Steve Foster, Harris Kelson, Walter Earth Science Biology Biology Chemistry 81 Biology Landrum, Wilson Macomber, Joanne Chemistry Biology Physics Head of Dept Head of Dept I5 E, tflflafhvwzafivs Functions Head of Dept 7 -. ,. y f . s 'I' Goltra, Richard Johnke, Martin Math B Algebra I 81 Il Functions ' Geometry Fairclough, Hart Algebra I Math B Manilcli, Kathleen Algebra I Math B Self, Carolyn Algebra Pilot 81 I Algebra I 81 ll Computer Teachers not pictured: Cowden, Kathryn Doriclc, Linda Vidak, Anthony Hawk, Mary Sheppard, W. Thompson, Lois Westover, Darrel Math C Geometry Algebra I 81 II Subiects Business Education Typing I 81 II Business Education Steno Business Comm. Industrial Arts Auto I 81 Il Physical Education Rest P.E. Science Biology Wisowaty, Richard Math D Geometry Analysis Qiifq +9wqo -A D 4425? waff' QM F ai' a. +V'-awe -me l 11' XX!! Z 7 uf Q yf I ' 1 ' 'l"'3'n'li ? up : L ggi A Gimali 'gj't1't:W7' L, , Ziflifc 2 iii? T T 0 err it A M , Boy's Girl's L L Department Department Chairman Chairman , A, Williams, Les Britton Donna Arveson, Karen l I Bohne, Bud Boinf, Bill Brevik, Howard Cullimore, Ralph Flory, Phyllis Hagerstmnd Alan Rancatore, Joseph 'w if I Frances Weidkamp, Lindct Sducafbu Sv ia! fudie White, Norma Department Chairman Modern History Goverrtmettt U.S. History Humanities Sociology ffl 'ttf 1 Gulick, Edward Geography U.S. History Dunnells, Leslie Government U.S. History '- - -V i "sf ui 2- -4 1 tif e fi K .4 ff if "' 2 Y Castile, Louis Dalla, Fury Modern History Government Geography B California History s , ., , r Sw 1 M- . X x ' i X, . Q--f W -1- V 'Cl Ill U.S. History Leckliter, Darrel Geography U.S. History Kawaichi, Anne Laird, Jean Geography Modern History U.S. History U.S. History Loos, Ronald Michaels, William Government Government Leadership W 'X , "Z7f fffff ffff A 4 ff , ,yo I 1 l 2 1 ' 2 Morris, William U.S. History Geography U.S. History WW:-' f i W WM ff 6 'I ' ,7 H 9.1 Je p I ' t i Mn: ,..,,, M, rg J I avi 4 X is fttw if K 4 Krfun elm' Elf X .Z Head Counselor Z ,fr j w,f,':ra,'i, will V ' 'af mmyllfli " 2 :'l 'Hill ,K lf"'l'f llll iw'l"ff'1 1,1 VH, N. if X i'rM,2ir.frp+rfrfrrl - r 4,-n X, l ll lg 'lx 'H1'H1l.hl 'l ,, ii ., Jl0,ril.1lV Paul Stoner fscf i eww M an K Lloyd Moore lolo O'Grcidy Norman Olson w Hg 1' is 7 k' .A GJ ll orrro e H- r E I 4- 131 1 .,,, k,,, , I 5 Frances Kidd William Gellermcln Belly Sullivan ,,,,.v---f Mr. Cosio is cough? preporinq for his next class. A M, 'Q Z Mi. Gellermcm gives o lot of thought To students' programs, "They sciy women gossip. . Mr. Phillip Gary ismdenf feocheri breaks for G cup of coffee. Mrs. Bechiold is olwciys i X f ' in. s 'S-. x .- X .V swffi?2 ' 1 ' 'ii' "A vt 4 f F 13653 ff ., ,A , N, W- W nf""u Pbgv'f4B'e 1-8" mf. fa , 1, Q- H f gf, A ,JJ 2- em" News 'Q I Lf52Q'7ff?:if4:iil ,gk ff-,f1g,L.5fff,,f? v .Q fjm541igi4f1:j52QjJg' . 'U' QQ i , VK , new ' fi' b f Q :W 1 Zfz f v - Would you believe, "The daughters of the American Revolution? Would you believe, The Red Rooster Indian Burial Band? Quiet! Nbw children, demonstrating wont solve the Aw split lunch situation. Y X l N Geejodre on candid camera. Some of the Junior boys keep Buz and Paul smiling with last year's iokes. What's a rally without the rally men! ,fi 4- 5. ,nf .a- t Senior boys caught off guard while enioying their lunches. More books and purses on the table than food, but that is the usual scene in the cafeteria. E , ' E' 'W .f' 1. f Y " - EEEEEE:"::'.:5 E 3 .4 1 1 l . "b.,.r?? f W ' .W L . W--Mir' A J U' '. K. -A: I 5, 1 , ..,, .9 Ernie takes cover under Patsy's urn- L brella between classes. 1 , . Aff I Pat and Nancy take time out V t ' f fx between classes to gab awhile. F, 3 5.5: cgtin-3243? W, ,... Lg ,.,V. M i 55 ,1 .V L M L' W H . ,, .. .,,.. ,cf A ' j x ,Y QTM, ,...,,, Q H 'I -,V 1 ,F,...5,4g- ggw 4 5 F. ,N I h Q I ! 4 .il A 1' Q l' K M - . YQ. . v V. f - it r. 1-. .sr ,Y wgv- ,.-. ' 9 ,.. w 7, 'fi Q is weve., sf' V ' s 1 Y: EL. V igliiggggewfi xsi -K 5 - I., x ?ll'nf -e A t -r f ff-:F t -. .grim A 4,f'IZI'.fi - 1 E .,g ft ' fr? 655.-f f ees , G. .w a .ft . e A ss. gf 3: N 1,-A ff'g,y kc W , , -'inf' 'f in fl.,-I.. it L if H V- if ' af" This is a candid picture? rf Q-L. , . Q - . 1 ,E R l f, -5 'A I Q e M- wi . A i . K fi 'az -A - l V s '. 3 'r ev , ? .s .sw ,, . 14 i 4, lb. A., -Y X,',.. i- '-,. K " .. 'TWV KRW . ,. ' 1 S X jx c h e wi, gtg My 5, w ix x KA, K K 'K 15 'j - .- f R 1 ff - 7. "X a l t-2 'i s , A N . t s c The crowd gathers around for a noon rally. 23 1 M f 3 . .Alf Val Cooper Head Custodian 4.1 'll .. X, 'QQ 4 Art Canara 24 45 r- 'QQ il' Ewihely rrwie ' kgi' if :fa f b lg if f ",,,.. 'V' 5 HX Jim McLaughlin R ,F ,LQ .1 .ii R Charles Stegall fx, John Stausbaugh .I .fy , cz- . sf , X . li , M K3 wk s fx, " Sa . K E fr- 553 S Rodney Krick ,Q if "nqQg,... 1 r.,'to new eefa -,. S V eer- Q ' Q' Ed Nigrez John Schumsh Mary Fletcher -4 f .tfftfi lf fi -K' l s 'fm Norbert Cleaves -me-Qfwe. ., - 1:45. Am., 1 A I tiger- . ge ' em? 'X ZX ri .... ,EY 7 X ,R Snr ,,.., F - Andrew Martinez 611 indians A Lfafeferia ' i i Top Row: Ethal Reeves, Carol Elliot, Lee Bello, Mary Garrett, Sylvia Tregilgas, Mary Melton, Hazel DeFratts, Florence Olander, Head. Bottom Row: Marion Renner, Helen Luenser, Margaret Treete, Elizabeth Rogers, Bobbie Sagneau, Harriet McLaughlin, Dorci Bartneck. 1. A Q- k JF Hx kv M : ll xg 'Liar ' nl m lmjiff -Q.: M rl X .Q H' 111 1307 K 4 4-lm! flu lWo'fb'M Y f 'J 'WS' H " IH 11' JliM .41v1:w' fgflh-x ? I 'Ulf Z ff!! ,yrlgqgx ,II NW '-I W I 1 jkfrbw Mlm. ' W -www NN XNX',1x'x QNX X ' XXXHK' ,Ay ,ji a y' Q Wy 5 ,y , V f ge E w'fllf 9 KV A W ' 4 'sw f I , V Q ,, ,Q yihff' I KX - ll Q QW ,P ' of Q?-A U Z gf I ' X? ,111 1:54, hd , N K I ,jf WX '10, N QD' PS9 N QR f wxxN i - M f i w x ww sb nv f SN i E' Mike McCartney Senior Representative Steve Mabry Junior Representative r 2 Cathy Muehl Sophomore Representative Vic Chancellor Freshmen Representative I i, - 7 . . ..,, H ,... ,,,,,,:. Cindy Smith American Field Service Representative 5' ,. , R' .'. Ron Toburen Head Yell Leader F y if ti'l Olin Jones Grounds Commissioner Mike Malloy Boys' Representative Pat Baum Buildings Commissioner Mike Vouri Public Relations Commissioner 1 9651 Stun 60 . K KVV, 3 FF i- ' .-as Noreen York - j Tom Heinrich Girl's Representative Connie Steers Programs Commissioner Nancy Whittaker American Field Service Representative if ig! P Donna Reasoner Yearbook Representative I 966 ml Nancy Williams Clubs Commissioner Shellee Davis Social Affairs 1. ., . California Associdtion of Student Council State Vice President District 4 President Pat Church California Association of Student Councils Representative Sue Sodaro Diablo Valley Inter-School Council Vice President Dede Littrell Diablo Valley Inter-School Representative .4 'fl' 5 if f Q, 5 Jim Fergusen Kim Milhollon Chief Jusrice Vice-President tudmt Kauncil nq,.al"""w nm .J qw' Ai E 53765 17' ,hw 15.5 . Mi ,P if? I --.. f 'M 'A" ' 5 IIZI- 3 3 --Q --Q.. 'Z mi -i . i 'N . ee e Pom Getz Jeanine Greening Soles ond Finance Commissioner Secretary we ! an fad I Kady President " ? 55 nf fi , ' HL ,A , IUQELSQ J E 2 'Lf 511155 Lfeadershzp G l. .Q X ' 'Qui' Q' ' 4 ,f - " ' K V159 ge ' 1 K ,ff ,, . ,rv ,W-1 , A 2 H-L A1 f , I lx K i V 'gf Y A .. 1 11 1 ,W ,M 1 1 fs -1, 5 V1 , 'Qffii -X? -'ig'-kv 'N 11 .X I -- wx., , r x 11 '1'-1 ,1 .1 , 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 . X 11111 11 '1' Q1 111111111115 Qf 1 ,II 11'Ml1V1L 1: 1 1 1 'T 1-'1"1 1 1 .::: X1 1,1"A- '11 ..... ix 1. 1 1,, ...1- 1 1111 . -' -1 1 1 A . 1111Ill1umuM1m 2 E 1 111 1 1 . , 1 11, ,1 11 1 11 1 71--' 1 6, ,ufyfff 1-1.: 'un A 4 1 1' If 1':'A1C'f'1iii"ii111i:11557::ff" 1 K 1 3 1, 1 4 H1 1 1 ,, .51 11 112111 i212f1211"1 "' 1 1 1' 11111111111 1' 1 '1 ' f11 11 11M , 111' 1 if rzgfl-53x . ,X ,ff 1 1 1"fiR111-51 N A 11 11,1 Q1 1 K0 111 1 ff 4 1 I. . ggi., 1' 11 1' 1111,",1 1 s sniff' 1' .13 111111, .1 1.,ff.. fu ' 111 fx 1 1 1 1 111 '11-11 1 111 1! '.1xi ,'1t1H 11111 1111 11 1, 11l'W:: 'NIJ ,V lf! 11, 11 111 111 1 111 I 1111 111 1111111111 111111111 11111111 '11 f 111111111 '11'1'i' 11, H, 111111: Y P7 W., 11,-1 M1 V, 11' ' , IW 1 1 fl 1 ha1. ,, 1151, I I ll 1 1 -1"'1 111111111 lllmlllu' 1l, 1 1 1" "M '1 lll11Ill11l1l1ll11111111111' 1 " 1 1 .1 1- 11 11 11' nu 11' 11: 111 111 1- ,111 1 1111! Al 11 11 1 11" lui 1 I W1 V11 L1 I ?',IlIl' 11M .I X , 1 E- 211 1111 1,111 1 11111 1111111111 ' '11 !,11'1 1111 111111111111'111111111'11111 fl 111 1 11. 1? 1 1 111151 ' 11-1 11 1 '1 111 W11111111111111111 111111 11111' 1111 1 11 Z 1 11 11 11" 15 '1 , 111111 111 1111111 111111111 A 1 111 1111111 11 W 11 1 111 1 . 1 A 1 ,111 1 111 lx 111 1' 1 1111 1 W1 '1111 'I M1 ' W I '1 I I b 'U 1 l I W 1 1 1 1 1 111 I W, I 1 will i ',1 11 11111 1111111 111111111 1111 N N 11 l111.11l111x111i 1 V111 R 1 11 H11 11 11111 11111 1111111111 1111111111119 HM Alu! 1 2.1132111121 i 1, V! 111' , , 11 111 11 1 1 1 11111151111 1 1111111 1 11 1, 1T'li 1 11 1 11 " ll: 11. 1 f ' "1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,i 11 11 , 1 Seniors Mm, ,W Rod Redding President 611155 nf '66 Dedication and spirit of The Class of '66 shone through this, our final year, as seniors at MT. Diablo. Not only This year, but in our previous years, have we strived to goals and fulfilled These goals successfully. We have witnessed many changes in our school life during These past four years. We have seen open campus changed To closed, modernization of our buildings, new activities and clubs, advancements in learning, and a better view of our own lives Through experiences aT Diablo. Our senior year was a year of development and mass progress. We started out with an extraordinary Senior Breakfast, kicking-off our Senior Show, South Pacific, which was held in March and enjoyed by many. In April we gathered as a class for our Senior Banquet, where we reminisced about our past four years aT Diablo. The laughs we got aT our Senior Picnic will always be remembered. AT our Senior Ball we got Together for our last big dance of our high school days. lt really was a great year. The Class of '66 would like To Thank everyone who has given us our priceless memories aT MT. Diablo. We feel we have Taken one big step Towards The summit, our goal. . Sincerely, Ron Redding Senior Class President 32 Larry Hill Vice President if .. wc . ft 4 W ..,.,,L, I . T it V A f . Brenda McClintock Secreta ry 4 YN X l Mike McCartney Representative Graduating 61115 af '66 Ji asks' Acompora, Patricia Rally Committee Senior Ball Committee Alley, Janice C. House of Rep. l.W,E. 'K Anderson, Robert W. Track Cross Country Adams, Danny Keith Boys Representative Sophomore President 'Sl' ,A Almond, Dennis R. 'JK Ainsworth, Allen Anderson, Barbara l.W.E. Rally Committee X Aldrich, Nancy Jeanne Student Court Sales and Finance . ' 7 em zrsjff J f....t, i ,rm A v t' fs: A 1 A ? . Y , Anderson, Jo Ann Senior Sales F,B,L.A. X, l,f ,R W Football-l yr. TrackQ3 yrs. Anderson, Sandra 340 Ando, Emiko Ensemble, 2 yrs. A.F,S. 'UM mv y "Stiff Arbon, James Michael Senior Service Varsity Tennis 33 A , JS as 3 J fs' f 'f FX Q Armstrong, Betty Jane X x Y ,f X V. .,--- Baldwin, Virginia Rally Comm. Jr. Fashion Show . 40? Barrett, John Francis 34 L ,ag I! J .r Arnold, Dave E. Varsity Football-l Varsity Track-3 4' .5 ff Bonuat, Elizabeth Stella Jr, Fashion Show , gi Bauer, Linda Susan Senioz Ball Comm. l.W.E-2 yrs. mduafin 5 Ashburn, Patricia Rae Cap and Gown Comm. Atwood, John Edward Varsity Wrestling J.V. Football Barone, Samuel G. J.V. Football Varsity Football-2 yrs. new 'mn Baum, Patricia Joanne Buildings Commissioner Clubs Commissioner Beck, Charles Barber, Gloria Jean !BQcher, Cathy Lea Glass Bender, Christine Margaret Cap and Gown Chairman Girl's League Student Curriculum Senior Ball Committee d,-Nw 'en-f 'f,',k Jygk A-fr, tv L J 1 L , ,.-1 Bergum, Carol Ruth I.W.E. Senior Show Berard, Connie Lynn Sales and Finance-2 yrs. Brunch Service-A yrs. Bobango, Rose Anita Sword and Bauble Bissell, Eileen Marie Education Club Medical Club 'Vx Bennett, Marsha Lee Junior Cap and Gown Comm. F.B.L.A. film mx S 4' -, W, Q!"--,., Benton, Edwin Senior Sales Varsity Golf .,,a Bernavich, John J.V. Football Borger, Vicky Girls Choir Binderup, Timothy Alan Varsity Football Junior Fashion Show ,H " i l ,HRV V Q Bower, June Adelle Model UN. Delegation Chairman 35 I Branscum, Linda Gymnastics Modern Dance rigor' Brenrieman, Lynn ,.,....., Bright, Donald Drama Hfv, A..-wing, Budd, Michael Debaie Club United Nafions Club 36 Senior Ball Committee Di Ho Co-Chairman , ll 1" ' Y C 'Nw qntsfgi , mx Brown, Earl Warren Wood Shop 4 riff' ' Burg, John 3 yrs. Varsity Cross Country 2 yrs. Varsity Wresiling Graduating fff I iii for Breuker, Carol Junior Class Cabinet Senior Class Cabiner , iii ,,fi i'-ii 7f"S'3i'3'fe?Kii ',,' 5'5lf:fEs'?ii B V l G ll' lm Cl O- , R a l ly C o m m i 'nee l l r f1', J u n no r P ro rn Com m i fre e l 'iii ii l TU! 17, I l T 'UB-.o N .Uv-..' Brown, Jerry Dale Bryson, Jane Ann Forensics Club C,S.F. Member Burk, Rebecca Caldera, Maria Cflrzss 66 Campbell, Kaye Newspaper Jr. Prom Committee YP:-.5 Carbough, Barry Jerome l 4' Carlstacl, Carol Denise Brunch Service Sophomore Service I? uv'- Campbell, Peggy Lee 7l.x, Campbell, Ronnie F,B.L.A. Branch Service Q-Q ?""'5 Wea, Ca rdertas, Linda Esther mmm Nnnw--7, K Carman, John Charles Rally Committee Silver D A,--, JUS' 1,-.. Carlos, Stephanie Ann Flag Twirler Candidate for Sweetheart, 2 yrs, fm. Carpenter, Wendy Louise Senior Ball Committee Dance Committee Cantrell, Carolyn Cabinet, 2 yrs. Senior Ball Chairman Carlson, Laurie Anne Medical Club Silver D vwilffi' " I .Gln ..f. 7 g nh- 39' Carroll, Eddie Gene Track, 3 yrs, 37 f i Couclle, Ruth Ann C,S.F. Sketching Club W' au. B h.. in, Gregory V Varsity Gymnastics Block D Church, Patricia Ann CASC Representative Junior Prom Comm. 38 Cavallo, Kirk Frosh-Soph-Jr Cabinets J.V. Basketball lewis.. Mn-V Christian, Rodney L. J.V. Football Varsity Football 1-fu..-1 ' Clanton, Sherry Annette Di-Ho Secretary Rally Committee it ili 'Q' F C C V ' Lyyryyy H s - 5 152. My i N 'f , , Z 1' r . , N ibys Chapin, Brenda Christian, Sheila D. ,so A WY' 'Fai . g i , 1 F t 'M' me Grrzdurzfiug ff! Christensen, Ann Medical Club I.W.E. ,QV 'I A", .f fr Christner, Beverly Ann Student Book Store F,B.l..A. Treas. Clark, Michael Barry Freshman Football Varsity Football Manager Clark, Michael Grant Varsity Wrestling Gymnastics 611155 '66 ' x ' 1 3 li fi l fi' Clause, Ronald Eugene J.V. Basketball French Club Nha- Coenen, Michael William Varsity Swimming+3 yrs. Class Cabinete2 yrs, y N Cortes, Edward Paul C.S.F. German Club gb- Clontz, Lindo Jr, Fashion Show Senior Ball Committee Colton, Verna Lou Kay Rally Committee Sr. Breakfast , , Costa, Jo Ann l.W,E. L.. Clontz, Louise Marie Jr. Fashion Show Senior Ball Committee Z' 1 5 "G tl? wif .V """'m"" T f'Considine, Mary Sosa? Yearbook Asst, Editor Jr, Fashion Show XX g! M fl Cowell, Virginia Eileen f- i, . ' :ilk . Coats, Darcy Senior Ball Committee Senior Breakfast r i fa LQ4 ff ., M V 3 , l , V l Q ag ""UI'1?7v l Cook, David Walter Track Cross-Country Ze V as W YF, Cranston, Ken Dale Varsity Basketball Baseball 39 f,Y,,, Crawtord, Sam Calyi Crenslnavv Patricia A. Rally Committee Senior Breakfast Committee Rr' 'F Yi wtf' Crossley, Sliei la Kathryn C.S.F. Debate Club Cullen, Kathy .loycelyn F.B.L.A. Junior Carnival Comm. "Dx .. .qv 044 uunu.....s, Curcuruto, Leonard V. F ,iff Varsity Wrestling Xxx lf .,-N-M-A-Axff Curley, Patricia K. Senior Ball Senior Sales 40 Graduating Cress, Bonnie Senior Ball Committee Jr. Fashion Snow ,. " 4 5,-gp: ll . .gk 1 'rm Q. ,ff dw' I Vivr- Cullison, Randy Jay Varsity Football Baseball, Q yrs. 71 z 'iw alia V mil" If Curry, Larry Flwoool Frosh Football ff! Crank, Nancy Diane Asst. Sales 81 Fin. Pres. Med. Club aff' Cummings, .lanice F.B.L.A. Di-Ho's Danner, Georgia Anita Rally Committee Nm l 611155 66 NP, ' "5 Davis, Donald Phillip J.V. Tennis French Club ,J 1, 601 vislllms.. Davis, Michael Ritchie Boys League Jr. Cabinet , 'wr' , I 4 . J' .... C! !,,.,. -.C ' -1 . 46, . Z , 1' Dean, David C. QA' ,794 DeGraCe, Susan Mary House ot Rep., Project Hope A-1 Dease, John Michael Wrestling Machine Shop 'wee DeHa rt, Pamela Freshman Representative he Davis, Shellee Jr. Fashion Show Social Affairs Commissioner af C!-X Ap,-v-. Delienedetti, Steven Harold Dealy, Kenneth Charles K" Decker, Betty Ruth Medical Club V.P. French Club Basketba ll, Varsity Gold D DeHart, Penelope F.B.L.A. f T Delinoblough, linda Sophomore Cabinet l:.B,L.A. -41 3 Delmar, Michael Doon, Fred Vorsity Boslceilooll Silver D X , De Vincenzi, James A. . Dolon, Sharon Mcmrgorel Polly Commirfee Senior Soles Graduating ff! ss ,. V - -- -xx X DeVVcin, Lindo Faye Modern Donce Freshmon Rep. ,ff W ff' Douglos, Duane Morie Coq Diewold, Christine K, X' 'Pl Droemel, Deon Clise Vorsiry Tennis Presidenr of C,S.F. 42 Duchi, Dionne Loreiro Polly Cornrnirfee-Puhliciiy Chrmn. Clcss Cobiner, 3 yrs. Cop 81 Gown Senior Boll Committee Duffield, Lindo Kay Songleoder, Q yrs. Rally Comm Doyle, Michael .X YY' k xxx W F- f Durnpit, Emelie Silver D House of Rep. .Cf ss 66 41" Dunning, Angie Capwell Singer Sewing Contest 1 'gt' Dunning, Donald Loring House of Representatives Dyas, Carol Marie Girls League I2 yrs.l House of Representatives ll yr.l '., Earnhardt, Sandra Lou Edwards, Robert Dale Freshman Football Rally Committee Junior Cap 8 Gown Comm, i r Enderrnann, Pamela Katltryn Silver D Qlison Wrestling J.V. Football Y Mil X! nik?-0 '51 Eidson, Dale Allen Varsity Football l2 yrs.i Symphonic Band i4 yrs.l L Endo, Kathleen Harvye Senior Cabinet GAA: Secretary-Treasurer Earls, Lillian Concert Choir i2 yrsl Senior Student Advisor gtg Eldridge, Jean it Esslinger, Darlene GAA. Marching Band 1 43 f 'W E 9 Estes, Caren Farmer, Shirley LaVerne School Paper ,a...4 GAA. vice Pres. C an ws, J., Ferguson, James Russel Chief Justice Varsity Basketball Ferrante, John Robert C.S.F. Varsity Football Manager A-5,,,, Finkel, Diana Lee Junior Service Chairman, Rally Decorations Fischer, Ronald Bruce Frosh Football J.V. Football 44 ,SN Feliciono, Siegfriedo 5 es- 4"'l Ferrell, Barbara Jean Modern DanceAA yrs. Newspaper we Flanders, Diana F.B.L.A. CASSA Lynn Grad ating ff! Q 1 Ferguson, Daniel Frank C.S.F. Silver D. .1 l i Fields, Brenda Joyce Rally Committee School Spirit Medal gnu 'L Florin, Jeanne LuVera Silver D House of Rep. l ? ss 66 rv f ' ' , C 1 J 1 Ford, Paul Fredric 'Um Frey, Linda Lee l.VV.E. Y '9- Galloway, Curtis Wayne Football T42-may me 12:-5' .pli- Fowler, David Theodore Football Forsythe, Charles Fuller, Lela Catherine Jr. Class V.P. C.S.F. Fuller, Catherine Ann Junior Fashion Show Junior Carnival Comm. -Y ffzg, ICE-'H Gardner, Edward Jarnes Garcia, Pauline Aucelia F.B,L.A. an V Franck, John Dennis Band Tennis ,., i 1 I H F, , i. --i, nanny -uv Gabrysiak, Jon Louis lhn Gayan, Patricia Mary C.S.F. Senior Ball Committee 45 Gedrose, Timothy Ray Lug NUTS .7 psi. 'HN '90-uv.-N Ginochio, John Raymond Silver D Gessner, Christy Ann Senior Sales Rally Comm. Ginochio, Joyce Edo GAA Latin Club ELLE Geiz, Barbara Pamela Girls Stare Delegate Soles and Finance Comm. Glazier, Roberta Jean Gordon, Charlotte Anne Flog Tvvirler lSr.l FBLA 46 K Goiifredson, Sandy gf""' Goald, Martha Rebecca Yell Leader Senior Ball Comm. Graduating 19 ix...- s.,.V, Gilloife, Anthony W. Boys League+2 yrs. House of Rep. Gomes, Bernadette Marie Brunch Servicef3 yrs. Spanish Clubffi yrs. Goaveia, Sfeye Boys League Cap and Gown .XX S5 Graham, Gary Grover, Joan Lynn Band Forensics Hip' ,,a-as 'mud Ii-- ii Hamilton, Richard E, Block D lnterclass Relay ig in Greening, Jeanine Ann Student Body Sec. Band-3 yrs. Gurbuz, Nermin AFS. Exchange Student Rally Committee errr , s ,G reryri 5 , ,f ,, - "fQNll is if' r l 1 ' errrey yi e rrey f ' .f ' rrwr N5fg,,g,,k ,YJ N., : . Q I A A Hannon, Patricia Modern Dance Senior Boll Committee Grichuhin, Michael Varsity Football Jr. Fashion Show Gurr, Luana Elaine F,B.L.A. l.W.E. A w. li W 'mv 'hu- Hansen, Thomas George House of Rep. Junior Carnival Grieve, Judith Ann Graduation Usher l'65J i EA F12 Q 1 3 e iss? an-F Hamilton, John Bruce Varsity Football-2 yrs. Jr. Fashion Show f, are M..-1 Harbaugh, Richard 47 Hare, Carol Linda Sales and Finance Senior Banquet Harris, Larry James Wrestling--A yrs, Gymnastics-i yr, . Harman, Eleanor Deyiiette lSr.J Junior Cabinet Harris, Vicki Hay, Cora Ann Newspaper 48 Senior Ball Comm. Senior Picnic Comm. yu rnjwiii H673 Hazlevvood, Tim Mathew Track House of Reps. VVV, Wu y "' f Q i 2 - f 2 . .mf .r . 5 ir Harper, Connie Jo J IJ fri Harrison, Marie Celeste Senior Ball Committee Raliy Committee ,X . Heinrich, Thomas James Varsity Football-3 yrs. CASC State Vice President ix Grrzdurzfirz ff! fini' Harris, Chris Henny J.V. Swimming-2 yrs. Varsity Swimming-i yr. 'I' fab" Hart, Terrance Patrick Student Body Pres. Varsity Cross Country42 yrs. Helbura, Dianne Lorraine Brunch and Luncn Service Silver D .7 ss 66 Y, 5 ri' J- .asv is-J W, - vii 3 Jorgenson, Robert Wayne Varsity Swimming Block D .vgs SA .rs H, -f""4vI-an Katlian, James Roman hub' 65" WX YZI1? zz --------- --sw' , f -'N 4, Juold, Harry Lewis as C J ,Y,,e,i-- Y W 47 ,Z Kegley, Diane Jean - X A Cappella Clwoir D Silver D , 'V' Nu My --wig., iw " R Kelly, Terry James Band Kelly, Patsy Rose X l2UllY Btlfifl ' F.B.L,!-X, Silver D Kane, Adrienne Gi"- Ds QQ- Keim, Jean Marie A Cappella Clwoir 'HJC 'fl' ,p,..-olhfir Kanaclc, David Andrew Wrestling Silver D J ii l l Kelley, Bonita Gale F.B,l.A. l.W.E. .'z'1Z,,, :ff -1, s dv Kenyon, Rose Devileite lSr.l Senior Ball Committee lk 'lg ww. Kerr, John Alan Landscaping Comm. Pres, Science Club 49 pr Kessler, Thomas sr-wx. Kitrieson, Richard an-. Knopf, Vickie Skeiching Club Creaiive Writing 11 ' ri' , ,.,. ,, . 7: King Dennis Le Roy C S F Sealloearer Seminar 3 yrs Graduating l . 1 51.318511 , - i Yflfhnn' . Kir Loren Aus? n Football J V Baskerball Kirchens Patricia Karol Junior Service Dance Committee Klock, Sharon Dance Comm irtee Lackey, Larry Lee Knapp, Julie Ann Senior Ball Chairman Silver D Knight, Linda Lee F,B.L.A. 'L LaFonraine, Michael Science Club ' Boys League ,V Larnurh, Bernard Richard ,ff Track l B 50 XX: K and lass 4?-rf-v Lane, Janet Roslynne Spanish Club House of Reps. C36 tits- , 'Q:'fff:v' Leach, Rita Louise F.B.L.A, Senior Show imp l Lieyre, Ernest Varsity Football Varsity Track 'Uliww-mv iw! Lange, Roland pm Larsen, Randy Cross Country I4 yrs.l .aw Leal, Gary Lee, Elizabeth Gene Senior Cabinet CSF. Senior Service Wrestling Lindberg, David Varsity Gymnastics Card Stunts Lingo, Anthony Mech. Dr. I4 yrs.l Levagnino, Victoria Xxx as-A W 52? Levada, Martlta Louise AFS. House of Reps. Ml - ,Q Littrell, Dianna Songleader DVlC Representative 5l Henclrick, Connie Rally Committee Senior Ball Comm. , l fri, F Hewitt, Martna Jean Jr. 8 Sr. Cabinet Fresnman Advisor if-5 Hodel, Katnleen Diane House ot Reps. Senior Ball Committee 52 lib Herrin, Deboron Ann Card Stunts Chairman House of Reps. Higntill, Tltomas Varsity Football Block D 8,4 Hogue, Ginger Lee F.B.L.A. Senior Sales Graduating Herron, Jo Ann ff! 'Q-f-. hr Hess, Franklin Paul Varsity Football Varsity Track game., Hill, Lawrence Ernest Senior Class Vice Pres. Varsity Football 'ZF' 'dim' Hocking, .lolftn Edward Varsity Track Varsity Tennis Hope, Dennis Michael Block D Varsity Swimming Howell, Charles Glass 66 K X I H J X Jackson, Karherine y F.B.L.A. O.VV.E. gl ' - --Wx V.- A--lf Irwin, Brenda Leigh 1 Junior Fashion Show j Lunch and Branch Service 'i 1 l Hynes, Phillip Senior Sales Com. Jonior Carnival Comm. 4 PU! Hummer, Steven Louis 5 Silver D l i ..., Q ...X 1 1 Jessee, Vicki Lynn l Rally Comm. Senior Ball Comrrf. Jenkins, Thomas Edward L , Varsity Football ' H Varsity Track ' Jamison, Susanne Junior Fashion Show Senior Breakfasf Comm. ' xg N l " Jacobs, Georgeffa i i 'L 7 QQ-Q, Johnson, Karen A Cappella Choir l2l Ensemble 2 years Johnson, Jean Faye Advance Band7Orches1ra Education CIuh7PresidenT Johnson, Dolores Marie Educarion Club C.S.F. Johns, Lelia Rally Comm. Sr. Breakfast Service 53 J J .N l Johnson, Mary Ellen l E V, l Qtr s.,.,,-.A - Jones, James Martin J.V. 8. Varsity Basketball Wood X i AK., , Jones, Robin M. Varsity Football l2l Varsity Swimming lf3l 54 P Graduating -rf? Rv 'iii' .punt mf VLA W Johnson, Robert Richard J.V, Football Johnsen, Sharon V. Concert Choir Jones, Lincla Elaine Homecoming Queen of i965 Ensemble we 'ffm ,Pl Johnson, Virginia ff Flag Twirler 1 Modern Dance Club Pres. g ,Rxi " of-.JM ng R f f M--,ff 'W GH few Senior Picnic Chairman Jones, Sharon House of Rep. Concert Choir Jones, Marcia Lynn Songleader Senior Ball Comm. Louise Jones, Sheila Ruth Synchronized Swimming Concert Choir Jones, Olin Clifton Grounds Comm. Term Play l2l Jones, Talman Varsity Football I2 yrs.l Varsity Track C K7 .1 X Locke, Linda Long, Kenneth 'N , 'N 'DQ Lonsdale, Gary Cabinet l3 yrs.l Lopcicki, Daniel Wrestling , W Lutz, Charles ,. ,X ., Lolz, Ronald Lewis Xi Long, Pegiij Lovick, Jil Ilona Senior Homecoming Princess Head Devilelre Lynch, Linda Marie Senior Banquet Chairman Presiden? of Drama ff! fiber, Long, William 4 yrs. Football 4 yrs. Wrestling 1 A i l l l l Xi Lukens, John B. ,X McCartney, Judy Di-Ho Chairman Senior Ball Comm, 55 ffmcifartney, Gary Michael ff Varsity Gymnastics IQ yrsl Senior Rep, 7,2 MCDougle, Patricia Ann Junior Fashion Snow Senior Ball Committee C36 law' 'mw- Mclienna, James Joseph Varsity Tennis Senior Seminar 56 1 Y McClintock, Brenda Senior Secretary if J vin Brunch Service I3 yrsl ---' -Th McEvoy, Sharon Louise F.B.L.A, Vice Pres. Senior Ball Committee -' . in-1 . McKinnon, Robert Varsity Tennis CSF. ,,,,-- Ni McConnell, Kayra lrene Advanced Art Girls Glee rv! Y,,,, , M M, i VQVV ,,,,..- .443 .3 345, X 'I'-4.-nt' McGuire, Lyle, McNaugnr, Barloa Concert Choir Special Ensemble ra Jeanne Graduali 5 W McCutcnen, Ellen F.B,L.A. House ot Rep, KA 63 McGuire, Marlys Girls Glee Band l2 yrsj Mb.. Macattee, Larry lass 'Ui Maggi, Martha Lou Senior Picnic Chairman Junior Representative rr' '' Marracino, Rachel Freshman Vice- President Devilette Je? f'9'.ZZ"1'-' ,Qi Malloy, Michael John Varsity Baseball Boys Representative K Martinelli, Mary Synchronized Swimming F,B.L.A. f ' "'f,. rr , Mattson, Gary Maurer, William J.V. Basketball Varsity Swimming Mangini, Barbara Anne Junior Carnival Comm. Senior Ball Committee 397 Martinez, Raymond Senior Cabinet Senior Banquet Chairman mit: We if - ,Q - ' ' ' :Tiiiff r."'f'i" ' Kami if tk., Meador, Gloria Devilette lSr.l Senior Ball Comm, March, Valerie Anne F.B.l..A. Brunch Service Matlfiiason, Eric ad J 3" Medeiros, Slteila 57 Meek, Danny B. Wrestling, Varsity Q Meyrick, Lester 'milf' .4-...4-my l i l i i i l Millerburg, Drew Crae ' Swimming Miller, MarySue Songleader Senior Ball Comm. 'Fi Q, ,gn-. Morford, Beverly House of Rep, Jr. Fashion Show 58 Millsap, Phyllis Mitchell, James Mark, Earl Varsity Football I2 yrsl ' ,- Varsity Baseball i2 yrsl Mould, JoAnn Rally Comm. Graduating W '95 989 thas' Miller, Stephen Edward Block D C.S.F. Mize, Marilyn Jean Marching Band Jr. Seminar i25s2f?J'?'N rw rim? Mulkey, Alan Garden J 55 66 K. XE Q 'TN Mullcey, Gerald Scott nik Murley, Leslie Varsity Swimming K2 yisl J.V. Swimming Nelson, Ann Nice, Eric Yearbook Illustrator Seminar JP' N S Nephew, Russell James Gymnastics J.V. Football 455 hd' hrfff-l' Wh' Neilson, Karen Debate Club Gold D M 1 is. Myers, Stephen Robert Boys League Lug Nuts Newby, Shirley Ann Rally Committee Senior Breakfast 'Uk Nash, Charles Don yr Niblet, Paul Wright Senior Announcement C.S.F. E1 'Q 'a-lug. Niles, David House ot Rep. Frosli Football Nilsen, Jerry Clark Senior Cabinet House of Rep. 59 , 777' " ii" " iflffi ' . ' 9 ' H f A " f y lf, if 1 1 'lf' 1. l ' , A i5 Q Nolen, Travis Lug Nuts Auto Racing DX XYYRA-Y-duwgrf s s a t E In g,L ,, at ,f Olson, Gayle Ellen Modern Dance Rally Committee Nunnes, Marianne Jean 'W' Osborn, Peggy Pacheco, Susan Lenore Rally Club Sync. Swimming 3 yrs, ' 60 Silver D Pbotograpby R Pankoke, Diana Lynn Modern Dance Drama Graduating .qv-W as Nutley, Pamela Dell Rally Committee Modern Dance Club - ff, ,L .,,,f,,,-, O'DeIl, Pamela if 'ig if-.-i "f""TP' Ik Pace, Steven G. Computer Programing Pacheco, Melvin Wayne Football A yrs. Junior Carnival VW Parker, James Arnold Ski Club Parret, Lindy Leroy ? ss 66 Pa rscal, Rosemary A4254-an Patterson, Michael Block D Rally Comnfiiiiee Di Has Silver D Si Gold D 'win Pellegri, Nancy M, Synchronized Swim Patferson, Stanley Senior Sales N Perkins, Frank Richard -,,, .,x--ag. , tv av li 4..- f-uv'-. Aziz, Duane Varsity Fooiball X Varsity Baseball - , .4144 ww Peierson, Glenn A , ..s 'fx ' V l QOL Q '-1 x ' Wg ,, .. , V - ... ,P' w W Peiovich, Susan Fay Senior Advisor l.W.E, ag, f 'WN 'rl 7 . ,ang 'NN a ' , 'ik' , ox., 7-X ff! D V D XX ' Pfyl, Linda Yell Leader V jiouse of Rep. If P' -rf Phipps, Noreen Songleader Jr. Fashion Show Phipps, Terry Lee Varsity Football Varsity Gymnastics Piper, Jack Kevin ,r its 61 K-I 1 i Plaiiner, Sandra Chairman of Sr. Announcemenls Medical Club IQM Quinn, Patricia M. Rasnick, Carol F. Concert Cboir Vocal Ensemble 62 J Prenfiss, Charles J. V, Foofball Jr. Carnival Comm, 7 "0"'s4sy fiij j Rainl, Ronald 4Qf...,,f,,i Rassefr, Cheryl Deyilefie lSr.l Cabinet I2 yrs.l Graduating rvrv-' 'ix .W ,, , 1 Frelzscb, George V Quinn, Pamela Jeane Ramos, Beiiy Ellen l l Randles, Nancy f 'r-r l ' ' 'l'-"' Sales 81 Finance Medical Club Raymond, Mary Silver D Medical Club Reasoner, Donna Yearbook Editor Deyilelie lSr.l O! , -itiji rllvt J 66 i i r :Q nrQw.-Q24 Redding, Ronald Wayne Class President Varsity Cross Country, 3 years hiv -H3 Reynolds, Sandra Rae Band'l4 yearsl Rally Committee i"'4""-s.. Roberts, Robert Gymnastics Swimming Reeves, Wayne Robert ,N 'av it-CSI' Rich, Larry Roberts, Steven Jay Varsity Football l2 yearsl Junior Varsity Football Q Retter, Sue Elinor Rally l3 yearsl Senior Cabinet 'K Riddle, Gary Lee fe Y 1 , W, 'wx -s' QUT? Revert, Dean Concert Choir Vocal Ensemble -4 Riegelsberger, Judy Marching Band, 3 yrs. Symphonic Band, 2 yrs. -r..1 concert choir fl as Term Plays ,,., 4 rift I l C157-fU'oV Robinson, Marcia Yell Leader Jr. Fashion Show ,gqaan . 3 1 1 Seymour, Thomas X 63 i of v Robinson, Paul Rowell, Rebecca Soles Commission German Club Salmon, Linda Jean l.W.E. Senior Breakfast 64 X, my ' 'Z' , AM ,. '.-. Graduafin N 01 ,.,,-h.w+a x Rogers, Steve XX Gymnastics .J A is it J if HW Q, A1 , C ,I NVQ' f I W R . R , ,.,, gm f, 4 4'-N. Wtswf Rumpf, Eric Eugene Football Track l2 yrs.l 'f"!"1v mil' '11 Sanchez, Lupe X X J.V. Football 1 1 ,f ,gn--V 'Munn' -film-,,,,,,-,--. Romano, Robert Mario Basketball Baseball -' "RSX, ,Z Rowe, Harold H. Q W Rupf, Keith Ernil Minh, 15" asp' n,,z"':"f' ji Salmon, Eddie 'X Sarg, Luis Spanish Club Savage, Susan D.V.l.C., C.A.S.C. Senior Ball Comm. Lug Nuts 'Q .J SS 66 ww f f - f .s.mmf'., ff Saxton, Patricia Senior Ball Committee Senior Cabinet -F' D' N Schomaker, Eric Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball Sefers, Barbara I.W.E. Choir, 2 yrs. Scearcy, David 2 yrs. Varsity Gym Frosh Football 9-35 " , Schultz, Linda Jr. Fashion Show House of Representatives Settles, Vicki Lynn House at Reps., 2 yrs. Modern Dance 54' ,mymus- Schmiclt, William Varsity Football lntervclass Re-lay Q-:J qc. 4 V, .WLS Schuman, Londo K. X Senior Ball Comm. XX Senior Show l "'r0 'PTS Shalberg, John Lug Nuts Advanced Auto Q16 Scholes, Robert Varsity Cross Country Varsity Track -A.,-' i l l Scoglanol, Barbara l.W.E. Ski Club "rm Sharp, Marilyn l.W.E., 2 yrs. Senior Breakfast 65 i Shelton, Sharon limit Pwr' Shepard, Gregory A, Shower, Sandra Ann Symphonic Band House of Reps. 105 ,.., Siegfried, Dorothy A Singleta ry, Richard W. 66 Junior Service Senior Show Comm. Skelton, Denny Lee 'Q , wfh Shipp, Nancy Arlene Senior Ball Comm. l.W.E. J J 'V' S 1 ma, l if 4" tl S S ' '- Silva, Judy Elaine Synchronized Swim O.W.E. Graduating Short, William Roy House of Reps. Lug Nuts Pres. win... Simmons, Terry Slack, Sandra Maiorette, i3 yrs.l Slagle, Patricia Sue 6 ss 66 my '39 """'N, -me Slater, Edward Sloneker, Thomas 'K Smith, Cynthia Jo A.F.S. Co-Chairm GH Seminar I3 years.l Sodaro, Susan Theo Yell Leader Homecoming Princess I 2 yearsl Smith, Karen Sofford, James Wilson Smiley, William Varsity Basketball Block D -I Smith, Karol O.W,E. F.B.i.A. , W 'I' - fu, , 0 2,1 my-f A . ,W , i yv , Sperling, Jackie Faith Senior Ball Committee DVIC C.A.S.C. 'N-e....., Smith, Carol nv 5 Snedden, Michael Eugene Iv' ll Spur rier, Steven Christopher 67 'Q 5 Sq-V, , Spyrow, Thomas Roynor Varsity Football Yearbook Staff C Z Xxxhi-4-Y-A-,,z Stickney, Michael Lyle 451 Sutton, Kathleen Junior Fashion Show Senior Commencement Committee 68 5 Stanley, Larry Dee ye. Stong, Kathleen Janice House of Reps. Senior Activities ily . I ,, . Swidrak, Richard X i Steers, Connie Programs Commissioner Sales and Finance Commissioner 1-d"""" Strain, Cynthia Girls Gymnastics I3 yrs. Yearbook Tams, Daniel X Varsity Football X Varsity Wrestling K Zff Graduating ff! Steward, Kieran Choir Stucker, Gayle Ann Soph. Formal Decorations House of Reps. I2 yrs.l Tara, Greg Concert Choir Boys Glee Glass 66 Tate, Patrick Senior Ball Committee House of Reps. Thiessen, Maura Cathleen Junior Secretary C.F.S. Thompson, Judith Rae Jr. Fashion Show Modern Dance , ' Taylor, Louise f Q ,Q . 4 fi i -nes. .N 5 T"'x:,, Terrell, Ronnie Keith .W ' mv" W . I y I I 5 , 1 '.., ' nf 9 n '-' fe ff-1 1 F-, Thomas, Arthur Varsity Swimming I2 yrs.1 Silver .D 'kwa--... Thorp, James Jeffery Silver D Tennis Thomas, David Dwight Thibeoleau, William Nik' Thomas, Pamela F.B,l..A. 34 'N Yv1.'T..?m Toburen, Ronald Head Yell Leader Boys' League Todd, Larry 69 W Wm Troyer, Richard Clyde fix., "hQ Valenti, Richard Varsity Basketball Boys League "'5"x Villegas, Barbara Ann F.B.l..A. Dance Committee 70 A-av 5,1 wifi' ,ff -A f----'-H'---si-SK Trujillo, Beverly Ahn Jr. Fashion Show Gymnastics H732 'rfvsxfffn eifx M' 'T-I? Van Brocklin, David George Boys Glee Club Chess Club V - X , , Www x - ' ".4. , 1. '27 Q., ,Abs N7""'r Vouri, Michael Paul Public Relations Commissioner Block D Society Graduating ww-my ff Tucker, Barbara Ann Senior Ball Concert Choir Tuohey, Vicki .fl-wg ,, Van Hueson, Nancy Susan g Wade, John 'fin Vicory, Charles Edward Wrestling Silver D r 555 Walker, Patricia 6 ss 66 Wall, Sharon Orchestra Waters, Shirley Ann Brunch Service, 3 yrs. C.S.F, West, Janice Silver D Rally Committee Walsh, Myron Francis Block D Varsity- Football, 2 yrs '56 , ,fx -usa-v' Walerson, Richard 'fi-vs ' Westbury, Mark pw-1 Walton, Sharon Ann Ware, Carole Diane Senior Cabinet Senior Advisor Silver D Yearbook 'CT' f X gatson, Lyle 'X Wearne, Reginald M" jfs Wharton, Priscilla Ann Education Club Medical Club .M 1 li, my Q White, William Paul Wrestling Track 71 Graduating Whiteside, Larry 5 fl l -an--.r W-.1 Wilkenson, Kenneth Williams, John Frederick Silver D Interclass Relay 72 wx' Whittaker, Nancy Farral AFS. Comm. Chrmn. C.S.F. Whittenburg, Harvey ,ilk ,ww Will, Connie Raydene Rally Committee F.B,L,A. Machine Shop IV J.V. Football 12 yrs.l 'bs Williams, Dennis Klett Varsity Wrestling fff l Wilkenson, David Arthur Chess Club Model U.N. iib, S.O.A. -4 Williams, Nancy Jean Clubs Commissioner Sales 84 Finance Committee Williams, Sheri Lynn House of Reps. C.S.F. Williams, Harold Arthur Wilson, Earleen gl i.vv,E. X" Home Economics 5 5 ? ss 66 was Wise, John Charles Football Varsity Baseball A-all ...YJ Womack, Diana Louise Glee Club Wisner, Nicol Ann Creative Writing Club C,S.F. 'is-X-' if Woodruff, Sam Track Wrestling 3""i' York, Noreen Elaine Girls Rep. Freshman Rep. 'N-.s W Younker, Diane Lynn Senior Cabinet Senior Ball Committee 'Hr Wolfe, Virgil Frank Varsity Football Varsity Track Wygal, Craig 2 yrs. Track X Zufall, Cynthia Louise Senior Ball Committee Modern Dance , rr , es r it +- L 'll fy :f KS 'Qgirfy i K 'L , ., "" T Q Woitt, Toni X XY W . - Wylie, Susan Aileen House of Reps. l2J French Club Aarhus, Virginia 73 ,9CF""' 'Fu' W, Beck, Monica Butters, Sharon -abr' "'Ps Forsythe, Edward ffl C Xe Lohrmann Tirnoth 1 Y ,X Cassanova I2 yrs.l fff 74 Newspaper Yearbook '2"4"f W ,,. Fugate, Calvin 4' Carver, William Newspaper q Cooper, Thomas rumah Lee, Vanessa Murray, Peggy SB" X 5, Q C.S.F. Sealloearer National Merit Test Finalist ft, ZR e .. "Winn Neely, Charles Lickliter, John Varsity.Football Varsity Basketball ll' Peacock, William E F 33- '-arlr fx , V? ,'.,,n ,guy-Q GJ' 'Fun 1 an-.. My Speights, Bruce Willis, Sfgve Sm 271' P 0,016 -fa, ff .fx .J W r , 'Nl sw A .A I IJ, rx y'..zz.MiiM A x Nr., ..VN ,N-gxm W 5 Q . -A L? f X A I' f A 1 -1-lu-up-. N - ' A xy N ' . A l : 1 ' 4 . ' 1.23-:,y k i 5,33 .Ag . -,,m"' L' wk l T 5 c lfl I 0 r Habincf Scuivr Service' s Maffy Gould Sue De Grace A f' . ,W ! fx uma 4' ,pf .gl V f M, J A XR Sue Savage A A I ' LLL'i 'ew , r at Q W w K 91 . ' Q ff in A ' V3.4 an r :la . ' f' ' A 3 X ' :r - I W- ner ' Norco 1 s fr, fi, ,go 'F Nancy Shlpp "ant ' -- 4, 'L ' af ' .- K'.,71Q1"f'::"4'7 I ' A A, af, A 4 ROD Toburen fan Dave Kanuck Ernie Lievre 'Ab Pat Saxon at - Jones YV' Celeste Harrison a Barb Anderson " '5"' 'Aw -if 4 . " . , A - ' 'f' - .,, I. A p 0 fx M 2 f, YZ, 3 ,W. Li: "i':..,"'0 ' f . 2 1 W... -4 'S x ri? q Ed Benton Mike Malloy Dee Douglas Mel Pacheco JoAnn Anderson Steve DeBenedetti aw Barb Mangini Nancy Williams Betty Decker fx Ron Redding 4-fi? Susie Retter ww vw f i. it .4 Mike Clark Adrienne Kane ,, .7 ' A Mike Coenen ee e f Emilie Dum ir i p Judie Tompson z:'L ",, i , V J l r - VA,: i ff? m Q51 ,, h . ,,.- V , q,,, I W I in .i . , me mow ll if ff - V .,,,y A . . if - I ' ,Y 3 r Bev Tru1lll0 if M -fi iw. tr Kathy Sutrel W l All i P n 3 , Fir LBJ 'iw' .-'H V R1 " W,-x. 7, . Gin Baldwin , M i ke ,Dav i s . ,- x i in f .QU -1 ii A 5 TWH Jenkins Steve Miller .,, -Q 3 Sandy 'Earnhardt x . . Ed Vicory ' E 'f i i l Pat Gavan 1 ln, r l ' ,M 153' ei kr X gf. E. 'gt , ,gf lu : ' Shirley Newby Q K ,iff , .e G If 'Q Linda we QM 'Li X .X , Belcher B ob M'clSinnon Lynch , 1 ' H , - , fp' ai' , 5 imdy Reynold Donna Reasoner Warcia Robinson I Mr M W' ak fQ ' Pat Baum ' f Patsy K hen S 14 Carol Rasnuck ,,"5Q yu.,-" 9' Sir Watson '-' 'F' , . W R 5 if 7 557 it.. .iff :X : Lg U Q l Y Chris Spu - 431533 Sue Sodaro l rrler Tom Spyrow Pat Curley 'J-4.-ffl JW ,L. bww . L- . ,.AA ' l l , V,', - J H 11' I .V 4 I A KJ ', ' ' V ,V Q sf. 15. 4' Kathy Fuller f 5 L, if lv ' , f M Die V'W' A' "':i 5 , ,, .K , . ,W K-3 V Cres if l l , l l l l 1 S ' ' V 5 L l - A: - , "'b" l- , V V' I f V H' I I i V I I f ',:, fn -wx ., , fy ' ,g, if EQ-7 i fi' , - A ,. ," l ,, , Marti Maggl ' ,W,, W. M Q Q .,,-, t E A W F' l 4 . lll l . Sue Consldme m Of , ' v Kaye Campbell V Steve Rubens ,, . .-,, Q ,ll ,,, ll,, , , L..,,,ll , Suzannle Jamison Senior Show Commmee Baccalaureate Committee Pam Getz, Lions Club, Senior Essay winner, firs1 place. Senior Essay Winners Lions Club, Senior Essay Finalists 2? 0 Semors A! lunch and f- .. , . . Mx?-f. . ..v. . ..Zi.i. ffl M V S X53 Y' ,L . ff1,,Q2.-...,-.fglik ,g,fi+r.wgly., :QL 1, ,ww .x,q,,, ,. Q Y nw., if X 'I' 1 X, ,gif 'W N ,,.,..,..v.,, X Wark ,lv . ffffix-. ,,X.1, pg '., 1 , .. Q. M. Af- ......... - i ' 'ifliifl S ' ' . . Q, Q lm ff . M . XM., 1 3 X .AL R A- 'Q' Xx 4-QQ., f ix. ."""' 4 1 .ff- X4 v ,QA N, 51 5 is 'AL X f' "DME Moi" I -Y' "J"'.'Yy . "Drk " ' v'q"fl'I "Some Enclwcnfed Evenlng W W F Q. "Bloody Mcmry is The girl I love" A 'ew lfllf , Q, 'X 1 ,, X x 'I'm gonna wosh that mon right outo my hair." R Q-Ev! X rx Make-up girls played cz port all their own. 5 . X if ,pf ua n Y 'K' iii? Eaccalaurcafq I 965- '66 Scwim Picnic Hap And Gaufn cmcy i ioms Shaw Lir1dG Jones Chris Bender Marti Moggi PUT Baum Banquet f Announcements Gelnlniffee efnn einen y ladrenkfnsf is . 4 U n 4 'R i f Q r Brenda McClintock Ron Redding Mrke McCarTney Larry Hill Sandy Plarfner PGUI Niblef Kathy Fuller Julie Knapp CUVOIYV1 Ccnfrell QF' ex T Senior Bonquet Committee Senior Breo kfost Committee Senior Boll Committee Cop ond Gown Committee ' Announcements Committee Xl Senior Picnic Committee 87 'W Paul Niblef Lindo Pfyl Graduafizfn in ' Jim Ferguson Speaker 'wi T, ' . .11 fi, . , , gf .Q . 'H 3 - eff + Cofhi Fuller e Mikezwxeccrfrm Q , Y VYVY W-Avi' -W w,dY,,.f-f' Pom Getz Vanessa Lee XJ y r 4 Nermin and Mrs. Kidd discuss her yecr's program. Nermin relaxes on the lawn with Pete Wiley studies. I . ermiu gvreign Sychaugc fudeuf Qu bu To catch up on some Vim., I N ff' XX Wag ,r K , . f I A- it X24 1-v--if---f--Q., yfb-'x if 1 W inf l MT. DlABLO'S i965-66 foreign sTudenT, Nermin Sikriya Gurbuz, came To America from Kadicov, a small Town ThaT is a suburb of The capiTal of Turkey, lsTanbul. Nermin, an 18 year old bru- neTTe lived wiTh The Mr. and Mrs. Allner family, becoming a fourTh ,wi daughTer To Them and gaining Three sisTers, Carolyn, Marylou, and Rufh Ann. This became a real adiusTmenT for Nermin since she is an only child of her family in Turkey. Regarding The educaTion and Types of schools ThaT are in Tur- key, Nermin Tells us ThaT There is quiTe a difference. Since The high schools are only Three years long, Nermin graduaTed in June, 1965. AnoTher difference is ThaT sTudenTs aTTend classes six days a week, This includes SaTurdays. MosT high schools are eiTher all girls or all boys. In Turkey, very seldom does one find The co-educafion ThaT is so familiar To us here. The sTudenTs are also required To wear uniforms. An exTensive parT of The Time is spenT on homework. BuT when Time allows, They may Take in a play aT The Theafre or have a parTy. Anofher aTTracTion for The youThs of Turkey are The clubs feaTuring bands and singers from various parfs of The world, such as France and England. As Nermin says, "DaTing is noT a cusfom in Turkey, as in The UniTed STaTes, we do aImosTevery1hing as a group." During her sTay in America, Nermin came To enioy all The specTa- Tor sporTs held by The school, wiTh baskeTball becoming her favoriTe. She also enioyed drive-ins, someThing noT found in Turkey and T.V. which is new This year To The area where Nermin is from. Nermin has ofTen said abouT Diablo, ThaT, "The sTudenTs are iusT wonderful, so friendly." For her To leave The UniTed STaTes is going To be difficulT, for she has grown To love iT. BuT when she reTurns To Turkey, she hopes To aTTend The UniversiTy of Isfanbul To become an English Teacher of high school sTudenTs, and Then plans To someday reTurn To The UniTed STaTes. We, The sTudenTs and c1dminisTraTion of Diablo do wish Nermin a safe Trip home and hope her TuTure plans are someday fulfilled. J is u 784 if ,.x""'T Nermin spenT many hours in The school library preparing for her classes. 2' ,,..L. ,gg ,..,- - mw- warg? wma. 'fi wage .. M55 4 'YL K 3 I I M Mia, xii' XX 22 4f Qfffi,f i ?EX ' , :mu lpimn' M I H r' tx I , Il xl , f f,a A-'R-. 1 IWW 'fax J . 1 f1f,mz 1sH: 55 ,', ,WQfmWLWU'WWm ' ,T Vw Ns--Q3 Wi' qu 4l'l - , 1 ,- ' ' W g N- Q Wa 'WV' ' , I v ' 1f, llIlIIlI X W , srl' , " ' I r " ly il l Q Mu lim.. . 1 JU. ll !, I 5 qi 'IIE k 1 u N H" T-I1 X , ' EMM ,mln A WW I .. W, O ax! l l Wm ni 2' X ' fl! 2 K N Aww Q nn 7 C'::::HH::'? 'W 4 l 1 ? f fm -QM 4' ' I N ss. I : O I W L M I WE t 1UZWH"w l km. 1, 1 w MMM ,za ' My X'MWviY my Y 5 UTI X W I -: :L ' fx V X I l J H ki ,I X , X i ' X I' ,N W: y R 'Amt lull- XQMM X fmiiiimimngm 'K M,,,,..a uVIMNxg1 y , gi ' X "W " 1?,gi1W '.111,14 xl!JIt'll,1, 'O -I ' MEM- M5552 if .---n-- lwxxxkmwx nhl ' umllllnygu UWHW WW LY V ,E 5: will .. W PI 5 exessazmi -,Q - 1 ' l::::: E: "ll"--N-I .5HHI ll ' ' ff" If f an I Vi, umors i 'tl' ff I ' T T . :i , 'wi X . ,: , ' .ff . Ti' if 'LL-,- ,,,. - VVLL T "-L L'-- V 'Lb' Patti Trulillo President Steve Shimmin Vice President Left to right: Jorene Cassanello, Steve Mabry, Patti Trujillo, and Steve Shimmin. Although This years class officers had never held any office previously we did the best to make it a good year. Our Junior Carnival proved To be more suc cessful than The two previous classes. "Devil's Hi Shop" was The Theme for ou Fashion Show held This spring, All other projects performed by The class were successful. There was much enthusiasm among the students. Interest was alsc shown by many students who had not been in the activities of last year. Mr. Goltra and our other advisors helped immensely. All the students whc participated would like To say "thanks" for all The help in making This a success- ful year. Patti Truiillo Junior President L x- in -ff, , s l'- 91, Jorene Cassanello Secretary 94 Yiiia- Steve Mabry Representative juuiar Service junior dzbilfef Acrldge, Kaflwy Adamo, Lau Adams, Aaron Alnsworllw, Rmhle 61115: Arbovv, Maureen Armsrrong, Terry fILQlQ,..EdClJe. Aslwlock, Terri Allard, Candi Allner, Mary Lou Anderson, Tom Angelo, Teresa ffl!! Barden, Joy Ba rlwam, Peggy Barker, Blll Barneff, Doug 96 lid?" 440 7 Bagala, Bill Bgkyamlames- ,U '-Baloga, Carlwy Barber, Dennis Bcxrnew, Gaul Bmrifecmux, Bonme Barron, Jo Arm Bosseff, Marsha .,-""' K Berord John Berq, Steve Berqomim, Steve Berger, Steve Bible, Pam Bishop, Robert Block, Neva Blackstone, USG 97 -,M1Ld..iQih+ Bolduc, Jim Bornloen, Ken Bowen, Joe 6111 . Briggs, Randy Brirn, Jessica Brown, Terri Budde, Dovld 'WW' az, 2 Bowers, Craig Bowrnon, Pom Boylon, Mory Bradburn, Rick an ' Qi Q x Butler, Borbcxro Cohill, Boroboro Cahill, Pgfrick Colvird, Lorry 98 Butler, Allen Bush, Tereso Buscoglio, Phil Burdg, Pixie ,J LJ .5 5 'C' m-341 f67 arson, Vicki arter, Jim arfer, Terry ariwrig Rick I han, Juanita henowefh, Bill hivers, Vicki hrisfenson, Camille Qgrdiel Ron Carlton, Richard Carroll, Barbara Carscadden, Richard 11 Cassanello, Jorene Chavez, Joanne Castellano, Becky Cabghrean, Greg Cianfichi, Angie W' Clifton, Debbie Codinqfon, John Coenen, Neal Cosia, Tony Cullen, Bill Collins, Kathy Comeaux, Margaret Cooper, Jane Corbett, Christina lsham, Roberto Craig, Sharon Cuevas, John Cuneo, Bob Curry, Shoralyn Cufhbertson, Georgia lOO Compton, Vickie Connolly, James Conners, Mike Cooper, Evelyn Crozier, Ado Cullen, Debbie ,gafgiainb Cuevos, Alice De Bermedeifi, Jim De Grow, Teresa DeMello, Poi Dickson, Joan Drcxemel, Robert Druef, Borbcxro Dugan, Julie Dolos, Por Ecoffey, Rocky Eker, Dono Em rv, HER' English, Morico 101 Erickson, Pamela Feierong, Lola Fonklll-je.. miono, Anim Filios, Bill Fink, Dolores Fischer, Herb Flud, Kollwy , Brenda Freeman, Keivlw Freeman Form, D Gardiner, lO2 6111. Fell, Sreplnen Ferriera, David Field, Linda Filer, Donald TK Foster, Steve --......,- - Fowler, Dale Frazier, Joann Freeborn, Steve 67 Gloss, Rodney Gordon, Kathy Groser, Judith Gray, Dole '10 Mun, M'-eq, bw ' A, 1, W Y Goridei, Lou Gorrett, Wayne Ge-tinger, Fred Getz, Ron Guyon, Andrea Hockier, Melody Hadley, Debbie Hole, Noncy 'S MY i v lx' 'YET fr' Greene, Kathy Greenoord Phil Grier, Jornes Grow, Christine ..1.-,,,...l, S fm. HGH, Mikgq Hornilton, Bev Hampton, Ann Hnmrick, Pot iO3 - , I .Liv 'f-QT? ,V it In . as 'tiff' A- 144, QQ vfo Hope, Rick Hopkins, Mlke Horrlcks, Sandy Housley, Beverly Q' J, '72 Irons, Dave Isaacs, Claudefl Isola, Mike James, Kathy N N Holi, Jerrie Holi, Ken Holt, Wayne I-Ioobler, David aa. 1, 9 Q 24" 490- gin-T-1.3 Hulsey, Jim Halsey, Tom Ines, Lorrella Ingalls, Rory GS VQOW ,Ja vw f"'ff3 I Tw' 'iw-.. Janos, Kathi Jlrnlnez, Jerry Johnson, Jan f4ehw in-L Longford, Kathy Longford, Koren Long, Jackie Lone, Tom g wi.. 6111. Lee, Bill Lawler, Pamela Loudenslcger, Lynn Leiter, Tony Knutson, Mike Kidd, John Kelley, Don Koroicci, Sandro Lodieu, Nancy Koffer, Jerold KUcl'1inslci,Mczr5li Kosvik, Bill Qi. X i Jones, Holly Jones, Harry V Johnsfone, Karen M6 Lee, Yvonne Levado, John Levvis, Bonnie Levvis, Sue -4' f , f x Maderas, Cynthla Magglo, Rlch Moich, Morelyn Monkini, Laura is 54.09 Q"-'gp' N 'Q nw lf .li sl shag ' ,Lt sl Q V A H 5 QL' fix VV N. sul Lilllelohn, Vivian Lodln, John Long, Donna Lopez, Fred li' 'nw-N, Oo 4' Marvin, David Mason, Steve McCartney, Jan McCoTheon, Craig Marlick, Plnny Marsh, Loren Marshall, Jody Marshall, Par Morirmme, Dick Monk, Nancy Moniz, David Mohrw, Cindy if Miller, Jeff Miller, Buzz Miller, Berylcmne Milhollcm, Kim rffo Nunez, Mel Norris, Leslie Qijjign, Jim- Nielsen, Jocqueline 4K"'Yv Nelson, John Nosh, Kathy ..l'lSM.9lJEo.QJlY.. McKeighon, Donna Nickeison, Sue Nice, Cynihio Newby Gladys Nefhery, Diane O'Gormon, Po? Omcnio, Moriho O'NeiII, Phil Ovvsley, Carol 'ff 1273. fiat' McGuire, Melcyno McGinTy, Lindo McDaniel, Mike Oberiofz, Ann - ....1 rw- an ik, A ,H u vw Romsey, Ricn Rosrnossen, Sue Reed, Dennis 'mriaiaaei' 'CET Rocconi, Leo Rogers, Bob Rowe, Ken , RoweN, Bruce ,pang Schubert, Madeline Schuldt, Christina Scoglcmd, Thomas Scott, Dixie - Rider, Margo Ridley, Shirley Rivera-Qlzjg Roodmfxn, Sfeve Rush, Jon Sornorin, Sue Sonclrncznn, Gary Scnopiro, Paulo .,, Sellers, Liz Schaffer, Thomas , Sheperd, Roberta K 611162 Scoit, Mike Seals, Patricia Segal, Marsha Seihel, Brian Short, Penny Seim, Paul Silva, Melody -Silveiro, Mickey Sherrod, Bolt: Shindelus, Joe Lynds, Jamesio Shirnmin, Sfeve Simmons, Monte Sims, Doug Srnailes, Lynn Small, Sandi V67 Smith, Smith Smith Smith John Joyce Karen Margaret 50:4 nn.-1... Speakes, Sue Spencer, Ray Spink, Margaret Stidman, Pam 'Strongman, Bob STUCK, Bonnie Sunseri, Beth Terra, David fx A , i r ,,, 3 ' nf 9 A il 7' I I Valenrine, Kathy VanderGroen, Joyce VanMeTer, Debby Visperas, Francis 4, ,gm M I W,k,kV Z .AV I i 6111.9 Trofler, Jerri Trotter, Sherri Turner, Arr Underhill, Larry ,S awe' s,., Walbridge, Glenn Weaver, Melody Weilzman, Toby Wells, Don X Voorhies, Nikki Vanlandingham, Bill Volunfad, Judy Wagner, Bob rf -ng. ,bb u wa Y' be ,, A , if Werner, Dennis Werfz, Linda West, Joan Wesf, Steve V67 Whorton, Jim Whitehead, Carolyn White, Christine Wight, Norm . ,av 'XYZ Us 'lbw 9l"'Pvf Witt, Jock Wohlers, Dione Woiick, Robert Wood, Liz 'WG Wiley, Pete Williams, Noncy Williams, Vol Willis, More Yniquez, Dennis -ljggk Stuort Higgins, Steven Love, Rose Woocls, Donna Worrell, Ed -Vyig ht Co roi Wright, Koren MQ www' fx QQ R x "Itwc1s o thrilling night!" ex claimed Gayle Phillips, Sweet heart, reigning with Steve Berg os Cossonovo, of the Junior Corn-ivol Dance. -e,,,mi-f-im Food was a main aiiraction at The Junior Carnival. - 1 L F , 5, l Mike ! 15, Trokey Takes careful aim at Block "D" booth. .1 '53, W Jlfl. 1 swim, L, .Mk Mrs. Honetf ioins in the fan of The Junior Carnival like a good sport. Debby and her balloon enjoy the dance, l ima bg L Q! .JK WmN'SSQ5E!'!! H F N wr' Q. , fl H fm, '- ' ' Iigggilsijiiigl S7 'sw X Q., V f 2 K 3.1. 4 fu' 9 SSR' Smit: ,sf ilu!! ,jj -:Q ix K ,QQ ,,44n.vf4'11f-11 X 1 21,1 N1 -11 111111 1,:11j"111 1' yy -1-xl 1 11 11111111 .111111, lg 151411 111 H 11.1 A1111 "'?1,1,151 1 ' '11't111 "9"-11" 111111115 '1'1'M1 1 "I 1111111 ' "H "11 ,f 1 7111 ' 11111 1 ' 1 1 1111 14-111'i1': 5111111111 1 ,1 I 1 1,.1,,11 ,1 11 111-11, 11,1- 111111'11'1 11 1' 111 1:11 111111 1 1 3:- .1 -111 1, 1 1 F 11 ,1 1 1 1, ,1111111,!111111111 1 111 11 ,1, 1511 11' '11 1 , I W 1 . ', I I il '1 1 1 11 '11 1 11111 111' 1 I 1 11 1 11' 11111111 1 11 , 11 1111,-11 11 11 -S .-'ii -- 1 s: 1 1 4, .liiliii 1 nn 1: 11' 111 .4-1' 11 Eiissssi. 111 1 1511 11135121 1 1 911. 11, sig?-I 11, 'Sf 1 .fgigggiili-"Eg1 r' EIEEEEFEI: aiiigisssaigirg rsfaigiriagiff Egg. 45" 11111111 ', ,LQI g 1 i 3444-QQ-W ' . 2 14 7,3-gxyqx-11 1 -X-QQ? ww 'n f-fn..2I.Q Q1 1 M1111 1111111111 1 1. 1-11' .,11"' 1 1 'TW 11 ,111111111 1 1, 111 1 I 1,1"'1n11GU1111f1111 ,11 V111 1 I' 1 W 1111111111111 111 11111111111 11 1111 '11 I11111,', 1 1 11'i1 1 L 1 ' 1,1211 ' "" ' 1 1, 1'1." , 1' I1 1 V V1 ,1 1 1 '11, 3 ' 1131, 1" 1' 1 1 111111 1. 11111 1' 111W 1"A 1 I ' 1 H1111 1 1 J I 1111111 ,I 1 ' 1111111111111 1 111 111111 ,11'111'1 1:1 1 11 1. 1111 11 ' hlllilliillll V A ' 1 1 1 'H111111' 1111 11 11" 1 11, '1 1 1 , 1 1 1 I 111 11 1 V1 11- ' 11 1111111111 111 1 11 11 11111111l!11"' 1 11111 1 11 111111, 1 mtl 11111 111111 11111 1'1 1 1 1 Sophomores ilk.. ei ' - Ir 5. -3. Russ Painter President Jenny Ruscoe Vice-President Claudia Vierra Secretary 120 IQ Cathy Muehl Representative 511155 if '68 Th' ast ear has truly been a great one for our Sophomore Class. Our is p y year started with the election of Jenny Ruscoe as Vice-President to complete our team of officers. Our first car wash on October 9, 1965 netted us S50.00. On December 10, 1965, we held our Sophomore Formal, Santa's Candy Cane Ball. This event, as the people who attended will acknowledge, was very pleasant and a good time for all. Our candy cane sale netted us about 34500. Our second car wash was also a big success, I cannot give enough credit to a fantastic advisor Mr. Howard Breivik, without whom our class wouldn't have been the same. Also I'm sure a president has never had a better team of officers than I. They are Jenny Ruscoe, Vice- ' ' t t' . Iwould President, Claudia Vierra, Secretary, and Cathy Muehl, Represen a ive also like to give a word of thanks to the Sophomore Cabinet, whose hard work was really appreciated. Last but not least, l would like to thank you, members of the Class of '68 for electin me to this office. Russ Painter President "" Left to right: Cathy Muehl, Jenny Ruscoe, and Claudia Vierra. Not pictured is Russ Painter. Saplzofzfzvre Service Szfplzvmare Hzzbinef 61115 -Vit 912 f I 5 ' 7 . .,,, '42 4 V, , 13. 4, , 5. I , , ww, A i IDN Aarhus, Gil Alves, Georgine Amo, Smldfc' Abbey, Sharon Abon, Domingo Bflmelff JOGH Amyoite, Carol Anderson, Barbara Bellini Fefd Atkins, Sue Avillo, Harry Burton, Pom Boughmon, Elllen Bello, Don Berglund, Tom 122 Aikens, Tom Antonio, Rod Bailey, Kirk Becker, Mitch Bernovich, Joe Q Alsup, Mike Arnold, Diane Barber, Billie Bedecczrre, Joy Bird, Jackie 0f6 pf iw an-..... Bobango, Bonnie Brazeal, Richard Byrd, Carmen Cahill, Tim Capas, Rosemarie S..,?,-. Bowersmirh, Karen Brigham, Steve Byrd, Bill Caldera, Rick Cappellotii, Anira Bowman, Dave Bramfield, Brenda Bischopink, Mike Calibro, Sfeve Carlson, Claire Branch, Sally Bush, Linda Brarnberf, Kay CTR-E?l-TEE Burns, Karhy ,colmsf Johnny Bissell, Barbee Canrrell, Alan Carlson, Richard Car Ton, Sieve . aw. --di 4, 7 30- NS A"'hwnu I Fit Carmean, Mary Jo Chappell, Beth we.. Clousoll' KGll'le"V"' Carmichael, John Costa, Virginia Chappell, Don Cullison, Richard Clayton Dennis 4 Ca rdoza, John Currier, Kathy li Carper, Nancy Chappell, Ron Cook, Larry Cowger, Mike Curtin, Sharon Carson, Larrry Christenson, Cynthia Cooper, Daryl Cox, Sandra Dance, Paula 671115: far' l Catanzariti, Randy Clanton, Hilda Copeland, Chuck Critchtielol, Russ Davenport, Bill 'TWV' MQ' ,W QW xv' rib'- Nsw.- fax Q ,NH Davis, Arlene Defehr, Mike DePaImo, Sharon Douiy, Patty Edgar, Jeri Davis, Becky Deimler, Marty Derona, Sue Dryden, John Egglesfon, Anne ,V K Davis, Charles Day, George De Knoblough, Susan Del--Qcwillo JL: Devincenzi, Harold "D6hdero, Sharon Du Frisne, Glen Dufey, Don Eldridge, Sue Endermann, Gary ,. l Dean, Nancy Delisle, Loretta Dofy, Carla Earnhardt, Sue Engler, Connie 61115 ZS QQ- 1 Q 31 '- l,,, Q Erwin, David Ferrando, Roy Fletcher, Dennis Francis, Sleven Garidel, Dennis 126 Estrella, Mary "'Fe'FRa-TTTEFM Flowers, Pal Franck, Tim Gellmer, Gary Farris, Claire Flagg, Patty Farley, Forrest , Ferrell, Rogemgry Foxcroff, Bob Fields, Karen Finkel, Sheryl Gardner, Florence ionies, Mel Forsythe, Brenda Gillanrcl, Julia F ?hle Freeman, Gary Gibson, Steven Gilljerfl Bruce ..f""' Gillespie, Eva Grabowski, Susan Griggs, Roger Haley, Ellen Harris, Richard 49' V mf' N7 Glover, Brenda Graham, Paul Grishaber, Chris Hammer, Jack Hart, Greg ww 'Um 'f"1."" 3 ,R . l f 5 1 I R54 Q, ,aww Golden, Neal Goldstein, Marvin Greene, Robert Greenway, Janice Gross, David Groves, Clifford Hardy, Ruth Harris, Donna Hari, Linda V Hartmann, Linda L K fig., Gordon, Pat Griffith, Darrell Guerisoli, Vicki Harris, Glen Hairnaker, Wall l27 Hina: ,M on QJYX. Hawkins, Mary Herron, Jim Hosick, Sue Hunt, Mary Jamison, Bill 128 J qw. .4- bw free .W X -paw-H aww Healy, James Hoffman, Buffy Howard, Kathy Hurd, Lynnette Jeans, Nicki 4 X v may 1'- 0' V ,J N .r dnb ...N im-2, Hermans, John Horback, Jim Heiderick, Ken Henkins, Granr l'l'-md' Jim Holloway, Deanna Hood, Eva Jackman' Sfeve Huddleston, Guy l-luddlesfon, Nancy Johnsfon, DGVWY Hutchinson, John Inns, David Johnson, Fred Johnson, Wendy 'MQW' 'M -48. 'hu -1'--r .K , gy, Johnson, Bob X Kamarzell, Karyr Kfendrlck' .John Joyal, Gloria Jorgensen, Rhonda Jones, Morris K'mU'O' -llm Kannel, Mike Keane, Kathy Keaveny, Bruce Knox, RCW Kerr, Warren Kefferer, Dan Kilgour, Laurle Klimosh, Bruce Kline, Barbara Knapp, Harold Korfurn, Linda Krauss, John Kroul, Diane Jones, Barbara Kelly, Dan Kimes, Susan Knofr, John Krugler, Lavonna 61115 N. an. 2 Kruse, Bonnie Lee, Joan Long, Regina Luttrell, Sandra Maniscalco, Linda l 30 LaJeunesse, Dan Leggett, Ralph Lopez, Moria ,MQMLLQLQ-gi Mann, Alice 1 ww, EZQQV , 'Y -fl' .M M 'W ffL 4, ,vx'L Q Larkin, Kathie Laurence, Cathy 'ET Lenchus, Debbie Lopez, Ruben Lucky, Tom Mackey, Kris Madsen, Carol Mansfield, Cynthia Mardock, Margaret 1 1 i 5 L 'N il 11' Leach, Barb Lindsey, Marien Ludwig, Mike Maggi, Dave Markham, Leslie i Marple, Rich Mathos, Mark Mathers, Rob McKinney, Mike Melton, Cathy :vs 153 Ulrf 'f ,,,,. Marheson, Mike Mayer, Bill Martin, Bob Martinez, Gene Martinez, Kathy Mclqennaf Sleve Mattson, Debbie Matuich, Nikki Maurer, John Meclmmf Rendell McClintock, Margie McConnell, Dennis McGinty, Sheila Mlcfof Mike McKinnon, Barb McNulty, Pat Meahan, Dawnita McClellan, Debbie Messick, Dave Matcalfe, Twilla 3 l l Millhollon, Pam Morris, Micheal Myers, Dan Nicholson, Ron Ohana, Carolyn 132 iff 6111 . Md Y am, ,f 1 linux-f., ,399 I vig Miller, Marvin - -.xM,orrison, Peggy- Myers, Marian Nielsen, Sina Ohlson, Janice Mondragon, Rose Mould, Kathy Neely Sharon AO'Dell, e ora Oliphant, Sfeve 'L- Montano, Michele Muehl, Karhy Nice, January O'dello, Annette Oliver, Wayne Morris, Larry Mulcahy, Sheila Nichols, Par Evlionnell, Tony Olsen, Pam ll'l1 O'MoIIey, Mauro Parker, Larry Peiof Anim Ospenson, Anita PfYIf Rfmdb' Patterson, Sue Porfer, JOYCE Penorelli, Ricky Pniliips, John Posfon, Paul 41. Ouko, RoberT Pofferson, Ted Perez, Bea Picco, Mike Prenriss, Curl Parker, Burch Pellcfnd, Pot Perry, Greg Payne, George Ponsegrow, Doris Perez, Berncdeffe Rowski' Dennis PICJ11, Karon Rolphs, Joanne Pointer, Russ 133 em W, N M 7' NL," ir""'7 'Dk ?'?.Z" ii ' 'ngff i,s i Reordon, Terry Riddle, Guy Rodriquez, Mike Rudie, Koren Sandorol, Leonord 4 X W Reed, Sharon Riedinger, Mike Rogers, Carolyn Rudolph, Luna Saxton, Andrea ra li Q , Richardson, Evelyn Rivera, David Reeves, Bruce Reynolds, Sal mmf Dove Riley, Tom Risi, Roy S0999 Keren Rogers, Nancy Rohde, Carolyn Sclwles, Bfelldc Ruscoe, Jenny E Russell, Rich Scecnrch, Tim Schmidt, Don l a as N. i , ',- Ti x VR' f s l Scofl, Dennis Sefers, Par Semas, Mike Sherwood, Linda Slllppf Rlcllafd Seagoe, Penny Seals, Ken Seals, Warren Singletary, Lindg Slnkf Robin Serventi, Paul Slriafswell, Kathy Shauglwnessy, Debbie Smllll' lorry Smllll' Mark Siegfried, NGDCY Siegfried, Rosalie Simmons, Lance Somllonf J'm Skaggs, Jim Smails, Jim Smith, Jim SHGCMGH, JGGV1 Sofford, Dorcas Solis, Franklin 135 lass S041 W Q-an Souihwick lD.lJd.l-Cl- ie an, Heidi 5llClm9Yf Piilwfd Soyo, Joe Squires, Rich Slflfkllflf SCOTT Siephenson, Illona Sievens, Melissa Towel Bill Sfidman, Teresa Siong, Sue Sullivan, Jim Taines, Pete Tovve, Jack Ross Trice, Richard l36 Ox Qs 45" Quuo-S 'ins Stark, Dennis Siewari, Pam Stover, Morry Tobin, Mike Trujillo, Jon Qin Ki' A , SlQ1.LL..N2D-CV-f,.Nl fi-Qi-ohn, Jackiy Sirain'f'D'elJ'l:N'e' Tow, Thomas Try, Karen A af 68 ix' ?g-illlx "eww- mm Underwood, Jan Verduzco, Doug Visperas, Lolifa Watson, Deloris Wharion, Burch .'. La 'ima 'Br' UQTOQ Sag Vickery, Gary Waliszewski, Debbie Watson, Maxine Wheelihan, Noreen Valdez, Vickery, Walker, Wayne, Whitley, Pai Greg Lindley Tony Elmer 'dw Venable, Par Villegas, Fran Walters, Donerta Webb, Steve Wilkinson, Dennis 'bv -ygdien,--Niel Vining, Rich isWEET"IiE'- West, Randy Will, Joanne Cflass QW! -c"""' Williams, Pai Yarbrough, Harry Holman, Linda Dugan, Julia Grottola, Diane 138 xx , 2,55 l! N H. Winter, Elaine Yocum, Linda Degraw, Teresa Ramirey, Peggy Hauser, Ray ml 11,119 X V 'Q, - X4 f- fi L' llhi Ti, V :Jf 1' V W 9- B , f. , I ' , , V- . V, , ,,,V ,H l y, ,, -i , 'W ' B rrr , B . fi ,M ,y 2 g , , 5 ii , K' V' 4 ,1,, 5 . , ' , Q lk ,i,' Q Wiseman, Chery Beiriger, Bob Vierra, Claudia Duncan, Brad Herman, Shirley if-i -,, Wiftebol, Ingrid Benner, Jerry Wafson, Bob Griffin, Larry Sirmans, Pat 9 f Woiff, Kay Campbell, Brenda Doolin, Mickey Griffin, Sandy C f iel , Q, 3'5'7'A, Melissa and Jim are ready To experiment. .ff Sue Upfon and friend caught on a windy day These boys si? peacefully daring an uhcrovvded lohch. -- Aa q,L,,g, A -x -..Q . 'W -' A f1.,'f,42f. sy, it Q-.94 .Ever 1 :- Shirley and Sumo, al- ways rogefher, pose with some sophomore boys, .X There are problems about being a sopho- more-Iike Biology. E R Hw- ,andy 157111 " "Hove you been Q good boy this year?" "Hmm! And let's see what we have for you." "I believe in Santo! I really do!" . ' VI A l ' ' ' 4 1 i' , Q ,, M 4 In 8 qi ga '- -4 vis f ' , ' - ff 'I Fi .. ii 7 i , if y . N 5 iff-1 V A . so-J hhA. A fl .i.s,fn,i,i .,,x,, .51 J L...,.k 1 gi ..,...,mE,Nie,sgg,..,.,-iz... ps, .g-,g,m: 'V -.fs Q i ,. 1 -' 5 J i f','fI . 'tl "if-Nl A L 1, UW V- .,. , Q . l A 'itil' 2 sing? 1 ,ltil1"lQ,"F4'rQ:1 r' , fx mg s 1 li.. '.3"i.fl5i'J?l't'lPj, w'+5x32M"v 3'ls"'Q, 'iss wifes i J- it . A W , ' i S' Q Y D15 ' e , . Q, Us at ,, ssss iff' f' Q. mv J .1 f? ' y , The two comero hogs ore well known Juniors, Jeff Miller ond Jim Bernstein. Senior Donny ll ,Q nf. A Adams with his back to the camera. ll l , A J , X J J E , .,,, , .4 ,J J me " so X.: -f M' This yec1r's rallies usually gathered quite c crowd l l l L, Mfid lsnlf eX0CflY on the Gppfoved f9C'Cl5"1Q list, but it mckes for on en- Most of this group seem To be more interested in having their pictur lunch hour. token than watching the rally. These boys moke their lunch hour worthwhile reading Diablo News. More Hcumero shy" Juniors. 'l42 11 1111 11 1 1 11 111 .V 1 1 1 1 1 11 .1 1 .yi I lf f ff f X! 7 11. 1, Af 1111! 1111111 f r 111171 1 W 11 '11 1 1,15 111111 1 1 11-lf 11' 11 1 11111111 111 11 1 111 11111111 ,11 1 11 1 1 111 "1 11 1 1' 11 .111 -111 1 11 421 ,F .g X X J' 1:1 . A 5 ' 1 . . . . 111 1 1 "2' 1 111151 3- 1 11 1 1' A11 1191 Z1 1 11,1 1 EMM 1111 11171111 H!!! 1 13 1 ' .1 ' ' 111" 11 1 1 1 If 1 1 '1 1 ,1 11 ....:!'1g 1 1 1 1 1 111 Q1 xx - - 55? '11 I ., 'Ni lt" ..' 11111 .. 111 111 "'1 1 .11111111 11 1:1 TX-21111 1 1 1 ' 1 I 111111111.. 11 -11111 11 1 . U X T,-..,13 ' gQ I yy ,.-ziirgv s -X551 47 I X X X X1 X 1115 J 1 my ,ff 1 11' M11 :b,.11u1n11 1 1 1111111 1 1, lull' 1 41 1 1115111111111 1111 111,11 . 1 111 11111111111' 11 1 . 1 1 1155 1 .t.... i:.::- ,I X .-N f 1 . 11 11111 1 --11 " -. 5 1. 11 1 1 111:11 11 U11 1 1111-3533i-7,1 F1 111 1 '11 I fl "'i5g111,u. 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 11 .- 1" 13 1 4 111.11 .K '11 111.111 1 1 ' 1' 115 11 1 1 1 5:-111 'I1 ::1:'."1 . , 1 1 1 .:'::'e1:l1 ' ' .- 1, : 1', 1 '11 1,1 111111111X H 11' '1 1 111 1111111110 Q I1 I 1 11 1 'S11111' 5 1 155-. l, 1 11111 11.-1' 1.1 11 ' " 1111 1111 1 1 1 1 I 111 1" -1.5 1 1 111111 1 ,V .11 11111, 11 11111 11.1 ' 111.1111 11 13. 1 1,1 1 1- 1 " 1 1 11111'11111 11111 111.-111111 11 1 11 11 31 5-'rw , . lllll H 5221 H 11 11 1 1151 1111551 .1 1 .11 1 1 1 5'1.11I 111111 1 . ,..,. 1 .111 . 1 1 .1 . 1 1 11 1 1 1. '11 nllllllu - n1 In 111 11111 ' 11 111111 11 -1 5111111 1 1 1 'I 111 1 11111 .11111Nm 11'11111111111111111I11111 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 :E .. -: 1 I. -11 .1 1 1 111111111111 ll 1111 1111 111111 . '111 u. 'lm Y I 1' I 1 1-11110 Y 1 1 :EEE .... 1 ..:::' 12253 ....... 1' 1 - 555251 zz-, . .4 :I-5551 '555555555E5555g ----::::::, -EEEEEE5555555 . --' ::::.....-5 -5:--:':::. 55552355 5 551 :ISIS ' ' SEEK' 1 -- 1 111111111111 111 111431 1 111111111 . 1111.111 11' '111 111' 11 111111, 1 111 1 1511? 1 1-1111111111111 111111111111111111...... IH I! ......11111111111 . M NNW 'W N 111111 Nm, 11111 1 .1 1 1 . 1 1 1.111 1 11 1111--111 1111111 H11 :::: . 1 1 11 1 1- 1 Q 5 HJ. " 1111 11 1 ' 11 1-1 I1 1 1 1 11111 11- 1I1gi1:iil !:1 :! 1l11!i1l nik lil 1111111 1 ,EE -55. - E EE.. 11 A 11 I Freshmen 11. I M111 1 69 Victor Chancellor Representative This year our Freshman class, with The help of our fresh- man officers, was ambitious. Together we tried to do as much for our class as possible. We'd like to thank each and every freshman for doing his or her part to help us make this a year to remember. George Bohn President s f Mwgwr i:V1i gpvfkg y 144 I ,,,1. , VW, Freshman officers Cleft to rightl George, Chris, Becky, and Victor. r 40' George Bohn President Becky Perkins Vice-President Chris Day Secretary .Weslzmm Eabinci ?ms'l1mc14 Service Aarhus, Jett Aloles, Roberto Adams, Jim Adams, Steve Adams, Susan Ainsworth, Carol Albisu, Norma Albrecht, John Aldrich, Liz Alfano, John Allen, Steve Alsup, Kathryn Anderson Clinton Anderson Cynthia Anderson Lynne Anderson, Jean Anderson Kurt Anderson, Lester 2 Anderson, Beth Anderson, Ray Angelo, John Armstrong, Aaron Armstrong, Pam Armstrong, Tom Arnold, Lance Ashford, Gary Aston, Janice Atkins, Greg Atkinson, Joe August, Steve Avilez, Mike Azevedo, Karen Azevedo, Manual Arevedo, Stephanie Backovich, Sandie Backus, Susan l-46 A : X5 Ls '.'i5tZW45WffW5?31r ii X Q hz? ,, ., 1- in A st' E if in is L ,fe ii " S Jil ef lt 5 W all .,, be ! ft 4 , 5 . gtk - on f A . . A Y 41"- ff--ur so l -wen iw .....'-f ,, , ,W ,van , Bailey, Chris Bagley, Bobbie 'B'cTl?ETCE'f Banger, Julie Barker, Christine Barnes, Brenda Barnes, Milton Barnett, Maura Barnnill, Linda -BunmfizTi2iw- Baxter, Jim Bazzini, Donna Sue Belcher Robert Beldin Joanne Bell, George Berard, Diane Berkier, Georganne Beckman, Linda . Berg, Mary Bergum, Paul Berry, Steve Bi at, Don Birge, Gail Bishop, Don Blackburn, Paul Blackburn, Kathy Blackstone, Patty fBlair,.-Connie C Basguez Greg Bliss, Scott Bloomfield, Ellen Blount, Clyde Bohn, George Bond, Christina Bonger, Julee Boone, Patricia 147 Bosawco, Mark Bowen, Jim Bower, Ron Boyesen, Nancy Bradshaw, Mike Bragg, Jim Brenneman, Mindy Breschini, Victor Brewer, Mike Brightwell, Sandy Brim, Scott Brodie, Arnie Brooking, Danny Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown, Betty Georgina Janis Marna Paul Brown, Teresa Brunner, Mary Buckley, Patti Bugai, Becky Bulechek, Lynne Burg, Russ Burk, Dennis Burton, Cindy Burton, Linda Buscemi, Ralph Buss, Bonnie Butcher, Roxanne Butler, Susan Byrd, Paula Borgen, Terri Cubihi, Mike Cadd, Tim Cahill, John 148 f 7969 L....J wr ' T"'9 'X M s g f f A,,L. L W,'L, V l ! l ff J s s V C 9' 1' QW f ,qm- I 'Marr -wr Cain, Cafhy Caldera, Dave Caldera, Steve Callahan, Christine Campbell, Carrie Campbell, Jim Campbell, Susan Campbell, Yvonne Cannara, Ray Capshaw, Pam Cardenas Carmen Carini, Linda Carlson, John Carmean, Carol Carr, John Carscadden, Gary Cariwrighf, Larry Casazza, Tony Cassonello, Mike Casfagnenfo, Roy Casfro, Glenda Causey, Wanda Cavelero, Kathy Chabof, Susan Chancellor, Vic Chapman, Valerie Chapman, Cynthia Chenowith, Regina Choisser, Paul Chrisman, Chri M...- Clark, Cynfhia Clauson, Jeaneffe Clontz, Gary Coleman, Shirley Coch Mar Collins, KaThy 149 Collins, Diana Collins, Mark Comer, Karen Compton, Raylene Considine, Colleen Coniasiin, Francoise Cooper, George Cook, Cheryl Cook, David Cortes, Larry Cowden, Jim Cox, Gary Cox, Tom Craig, Nancy Craim, Billy Crandell, Gloria Cravens, James Crawford, Charles Cronk, Bob Cserep, Pal Cuevas, Louie Daley, Linda D'Angine, Ray Daniel, Bill Dansie, Barry Darby, David Davis, Davis, Davis, Rhonda Ray Cheryl Jim Marx Davis, Ann Day, Christine Dealy, Bill De Angelis, Fred Dease, Mark Debban, Ann l5O F, 1, E 3 E X s Kg ...N pig' Elm iff Q,- if "la-Www ,, L .W ,ia k yk ,WW I, any ,fe Q ,,,, ,kg ,.. V 1969 we tw , 7 Wil. v 1' - I Aft I' S A .r . X -is 1 -,,' : . f,':'gf 2 ,ld x X -Q fl ,,, ,Q b A 9, , ! f' . 1, n is.- se.. by ga WL, 4 ,,,, 3 . ,ii gl rx, V x ' f f ,Q ,Q rs. 4? f 5 X , fl , 7 1? 1 Q i Dennison, Greg De Martini, Dennis Des Marais, Chris De Guenne, Paul Dianda, Linda Dievvolol, Betty Dickson, Dean Dingley, Pam Disher, Cathy Doan, Sandra Dodge, Beckie Doolin, Janis Dotson, Janie Dryden, Lora Dudley, Brenda Duffy, Phil Dulas, Rick Duncan, Kathy Dungea, Jim Dunning, Anita Dunning, Dan Dunning, Parn Dupouy, Lorraine Dyke, Steven Dysinger, Diane Earl, Jack Ebert, Cindy Edwards, Betty Egbert, Jerry Eker, Paula A sn Elam, Marlene Ellis, Pam Elsberry, Gene Elswiek, Connie Enderrnann, Julie Epley, Christene 151 Espinoza, Ron Fair, Sam Farmer, Michelle Feierang, Frank Ferrel, Bruce Ferman, Jeff Fields, Pai Fisher, Lilee Fisk, Brad Fisi, Jeff Flesher, James Florin, John Foltz, Diane Ford, Tony Foreman, Linda Foriierm, Francis Fousf, Steve Franks, Mae Fraser, Debbie Fraser, Jim Frafas, Tony Fredrickson, Candice Freeze, Ron Freymulh, Jeff Fuller, Caroline Folllrerfjflil Fuller, Layena Gallagher, Denny Galloway, Diana gGansalis, Ronnie CMWEETQISET Garrison, Bob Geniry, Ken Gilbert, Debbie Ginoc io, ouise 152 f Y' L 'wr J as " ,, -221 ' f 'ff-. M 1969 f ff if ,. gg A 2+ ,f W W if ',' 1,5 W yr Au 'fa .L '1 J? 'Q' X, Ig: lb .2 If WW vw l ll P , "Sv di, , pr ,J ' H' 4 .cv emit V' , N s Glasgow, Eric Glover, Phyllies Godchaux, Brian Goins, Gregg Gomes, Rose, Marie Gonzales, Paul Goodell, June Gouveia, Sue Grandall, Richard Graser Gray, Charles Green, Bill Green, Karen Gregory, Debra Grichuhin, Shelley Grovers, Sue Guevara, Loo Hadaway, Porn Hadley, Bill Haines, Mark 71611-Qim' Haley, Pat Haley, Roy Hall, Steve Halleff, Jack Harnpfon, Scott Haming, James Hanson, Debbie Harbuck, Rhonda Harmon, Larry Harper Carlene Harrie Sara Harrison, Jim Harrison Harrison, Pam Harrington, Jacgueli 153 Harrison, Pat Hart, Richard Hartwood, Helen Hatch, Sharon Hayden, Shelley Hedlund, Bruce Heether, Fred Heinrich, Mike Heinrichsen, Steve Hendrich, Gayle Hervey, Phyllis Hershman, Pamela Herbert, Terry Hieb, Janis Hike, Linda Hilliard, John Hironynious, Pete Hodge, Royal Hoffend, Tommy Hoffman, David Hogan, Bette Hollinger, Edward Hoist, Bonnie Holt, Mark Holf, Wayne Hope, Mark Hopkins, Janet Hoppen, Heidi Horne, Barry Horst, Sharon Howell, Karen Huff, Larry Huggins, Lorraine Humphreys, David Hukert, Diane Huzefka, Paul 154 , ., EJ , , ,, ,ln l f 14 ',iA if VV it Q .M wo, fn fm "UV ra i , .K 343, 'wil A . will 2 -97 rf P J. . 1 .W .. -f 6711 , - - rf ll " Wing , .ff lei' L fm M1 Q r 4 P' 'A N Z i Jr ,M , , - sy' 1 ,l , ' it I r 6 , 1. - , I 5 ,4 in 31. ,. i fit se, ij! J i f : Y -gg , F? an 1:9 ,fix , f 1969 A s 1 . , Q1 64231 c ll K 4 -ive 3 1 Isa- I ,Mr 'nr' -I9 W Q - 4 li Wig! -FK fi K I E , ..,,,,M , if W , am fb. f, W. s sm. , IO' an , 'ua we 1 V QW lmwalle, Don Ingalls, Randy Irons, Alfora Irwin, Sleven lsham, Jim Isola, Dan Jackson, Karol Jacobs, Raymond Jacobson, Jim Jaime, Rudy Jenson, Tove Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Dan Johnson, Pat Q gg Johnson, Rick Johnson, Walfer Johnson, Wayne Jones, David Jones, Janet ' Kaepper, Karl , Kalmanovifz, Sieve Karlsrund, Mary Karnes, Danny Kafarsy Sandi ' Keeler, Tom Keller, Jeffrey Kelley, Robert Kelly, Peggy Kelly, Renee Kelley, Virginia Kerr, Karen Killingsworth, Mark Kimball, Dave King, Jim King, Theresa 155 King, Val Kirkham, Dianne Kittleson, Karen Kline, Dorothy !MkLfwk1.w Knapp, Richard Knott, Bala Knudsen, Lynn Knutson, John Koontz, Gary Korb, Marjorie Korpi, Darlene Kraus, Karen Krause Ken Krul Malorie Krumland, Scott K e Phil gif f K 1 I by E Krumland, Wendie V, , if f, vl , y , fre' is "' 7 Langes, Kathy La PdnY1MRo'd"A Larson, Steven Latteri, Lynn Lavy, Denise Leiker, Michele Lenard, Patricia Lewis, Joyce Lind, Bob Litnen, Lyne- L9CkeJeBOb,, Lodin, Jim Long, Cathy Lopez, Joyce 'L'ovel'arvci,. ,Tgm Lowe, Charlotte Lundeberg, April Lynch, William 156 I sd' ,r E X X , iff. i3Al Q W ! fl. z , '7 i Design MacAlvery, Linda Nlalian, lonn ' Malloy, Pat Malloy, Palrick Malulick, Marta Mangini, Larry Mannolz, Carol Manning, Edward Mark, Gary Marguaraf, Karen Marshall, Luel Marlin, Gary Martin, Julie Martin, Melody Mason, Ron Massey, Kent Matheron, Jim Mafsurnolo, Mike May, Cathy McClure, Paxil McCullun, Troy Mayse, Carol McCou'fTer, Sandy M c Il 11, Nf.l',fi9L'Bgh McDonough, Eugene McDoughe, Lee McElwalne, John McGuire, Lindsay McKay, Kathy McKinley, Donna Mclfygney-fBTTI' "MELain, Tom McLaughlin, Fred McMahan, Mark McMillion, Bob McVey, Melanie 157 Mead, Linda Meek, Cancli Mello Joe -,Mendenhall Bill! Merriff, Dona Michael, Karin Michaelis, George Miller, Curtis Mills, Lois Mize, Ralph Moneft, Janis Mooney, Richard .MQQQQUQD-lei 'Moore, Kent Morris, Benny Morris, Chris Morris, Stephanie Mosher, Peggy Moss, Mike sMuhlenbruch, Cheryl iTs'imT'+ uns, Murphy, Beisy Murphy, Frank Musfain, John Myers, Corky Myrile, Alan .Nlees Kathy Nero, Jim Nephew, Caihy Neu , e Newby, Joe Newby, Rex Newneker, Donna Nickelson, Janet Nielsen, Karl Nielson, Terry 158 5 1 " 5 is M31 ' 5' f if 3 ff ff, we 1 'ww' Q9 g 4 flll X .. li, mx X6 my lx ll ir'-N s, sv an W s, 251 V S .. .. ,V AQ, .,.,,. V".-yy . ai ,- , 9 , an - W 10 492 5 ' A 'Y lyy, 3? W, iii , i -,, f 7969 ,QAJ V .Mx ? M ,V wx .M LQ af " Aa lf ov gr- 4-'W Niles, Tim Nolan, Lynn Nordagarden, Don Norfh, Joyce Novak, Pefe Oiala, Leslie Olsen, Danny O'Neal, Sheri Onslofl, Paliy Paananen, Steve Pace, David Pacheco, Kathy Page, Clarla Pakes, Judy Ponlaqua, Sam Pann, Marlies Pargetf, Glenn Parr, Laura Patterson, Dave Patterson, Phil Patty, Joanne Pawson, Jackie Pearson, Linda Pelligri, Parfie Penny, Pal' Piercy, Lerae Pereira, Donna Perez, Becky Perez, Carolyn Perez, Richard Perkins, Becky Peterson, Sherri Phipps, Don Phillipsen, Debbie Picco, Jay Pinkham, Bob 159 Pitzen, Dave Potts, Jim Polina, Gil, P Sherry Powers, Robert Price, Larry Price, Peggy Quick, Denise Radclltf, John Radman, Joyce Radovich, John Rahrick, Jackie Ramos, Paul Randolph, Wally XRUHQEL D19 Rassett, Kerel Reasoner, Craig Rector, Judy Redding, Becky Reed, Ken Reed, Linda Reed, Mary Reeves, David Reid Gayle Reynolds, Donna Rhoades, Dennis Ricketts, David Riddle, Doug Riddle, Judy Ring, Kathy Roadrnan, Sandy Roan, Jim Robinson, Gary Robinson, Priscilla Robinson, Wayne Robles, Jess 160 rw +4 ,, . W 4-jf W wi' K ,fm . 3 A j ,ig Q , E ..,,. f,,,i . ,, i V 7969 R " " "A ""- ff ,f ' f-"fe fx ,if A 'c ' M l - f' f it I Ju, I A. Q as 1 'L i . im ,S . 5 by 's.,, rl S 1 is-J nv.. nv' J Q5 N., ll 4 , 4 if 0 is 1' U we Q 1 in 1 '-S., .,,t Roe, Sandy Rohrs, Bonnie Roele, Katy Rose, Beverly Rose, June Rose, Nettie Rosentionz, Sharon Roth, Eileen Rounds, Steven Royal, Kandy Rudolph, Tim Ruiz, Joe Runnion, Tom Ruscoe, Tim Russell, Debbie Rust, David Saathotf, Gary Salmon, Ginger Sanders, Henry Sanson, Loren Sattler, Alfred Savacool, Mary Sawdey, Jack Schapiro, Ross Schierenberg, Paul Schindler, Sandi Schlieper, Nina Schmidt, Bette Schrniedl, Therese Schubert, Victoria Schulze, Mike Schuman, Roger Scott, Tamera Scramstacl, Elaine Sealock, Jim 161 Seals, Stanley msarmftimr Shanklin, Kathy Shaw, Tom Shea, Denise Sheets, .Terri Shelley, Linda Shelton, Bill Shelton, Carlened 'Debbi 5IHEbIi3eE1:i'sU? Sh'opher, Judy Siegfnied, lrene Siegfried, Steve Sikes, Luwana Silva, Howard Silva, Judy Silverfoote, Bob Silveria, Rick Simerly, Deanna Simpson, Karen Simpson, Randy Sinclair, Mathew Sisson, Dave Skaggs, Eric Skelton, Debra Skelton, Pat Slack, Bob Slicker, Russ Slobodnik, Mark Sluder, Pam Smailes, Sharon Smith, Debbie,- Smith, Debby Smith, Mike Smith, Patrick l62 KN! .fm X fc' wg . . "" '... . V Q. f V' 'QQ S, J2ki , f " ' iii r 5 z ,A KL W 11 .1 W i v A f ff i hi S ,mx ,r ' U f' mx A , I 1 x' i M91 If 1 ,Y at' 'l r,, , r,f,, , 1, T, H fiie iff' 'Q ZX ,b, . I-S. ' l "'1'?'icifA 13 fa S f my xi, 'f 'bs Q ,iid -il' , F 'Ciff 4-. L. 1 l S. Nw if yfww , Pj-..fw 9. . If K . .-V ' ' 1 61114 Smith Ronnie Smith Sharon Smyers, Leslie Sorrell, Rick pangles, Kathi Smith, Ron 'illi- Spomer, Joyce Squires, Kathie Stahl, Rich Starr, Richard Steele, Jerry Steers, David Stephens, Ken Stephens, Sid 'SFEITE' Stevens, Debby Stevens, James Stevens, Thea Steward, Rhonda Stimson, Kathy St. John, Sherry ewar , Stockinger, Brant Stoddard, Gary ...SIQD-6w- Stone, Neal Stone, Valerie Stowe, Cathy Stratton, Connie Strip, Jim Sullivan Cheryl Sutton Todd Swanson Reatha eSwar eanore Studley, Tom 163 Tamborskl, Steve Tannohill, Scott Tapley, Gary Taylor, Jlm Teitgen, Sharon Terherst, Klrby Terry, Bill Thlel, Donna Thomas, Cathy Thomas, Todd Thompson, Scarlett Thori, Marsha Timbrook, Sandy Todd, Bruce Tomlinson, Steven Tooker, Tom Tonningsen, Karln Topping, Kathy Toth, Tom Tow, Dole Townsend, Beverly Trager, Cathy Trautman, Jeanne Tregilgas, Lynne Trette, Frank Truiillo, Andy Tucker, Jewell Tuer, Jim Tuer, Nancy Touhey, Julie Underhill, Dan Upton, Debbie Urbancie, Les Van Brocklin, Jan Vannoy, Henriettc Vargas, Steve 'I64 Klux 4'-K Wh ' l A j rv "' 5. ' r I M W' S L J' 3 'NY 9 ey ,ui vw VK" Q 1, - Q , .5 ,Q 2 '34 J ,-A S , . A X 644 X ' ' ? 'war 1 me rf 1969 f if! 0 Q9 at Q4 . .af fs 1 .ly if . ., JY 017' ow Wt!" "-uv 41 Vasquez, Nick MM. A Villarreal, Chris Villasenor Ed Vi lasenor, I-lenry E' Vincent, Pat Voluntad, Leo Voluntad, Rose Walker, Randa Wall, Mike Wallin, Craig Ware, Bonnie Warner, Jan Watanabe, Mike Watson, Del Watson, Jim Watterson, Barbara Weaver, Stephanie Webb, Bill Weinheimer, Kathy Weissner, Greg Wells, Curtis Wells, John Wells, Rick Wessrnan, John Wester, Denise Welzel, Rusty Wharton, Don Wharton, Dennis White, Phillip White, Richard . Whiteside, Diana Whiting, Jeanne Wilkerson, James Wilkes, Larry 165 - .,. Wilkinson,!Ka.tby.. xWlTlRf12 Belinda Williams, Kelly Williams, Mark Willis Karen Willis, Sharon Wilmofh, Pam Winn, Susan Winslow, Dave Wirt, Joan Wiltlebol, Renee Wolter, Debbie Womack, Donna Womack, Roy, Wonders, Lynette Wong, Stan Workal, Debby White, Dan Wutzke, Alan Yarbrough, Mario Yarbrough, Tom Yater, Shelia Yelverton, Ron Young, John we ,nga , 1. 1, K Q . Q I A 'V 4-. . lv E y A 611155 of '6 9 ,I xx sf E Yuhre, Yolanda Zufall, Gary I66 so H ff? 4 7' I ,.1,,', N' 5? of eb sf ,, 5 Sk P' A' sf "' ci X v ,lv l 5 f , Q SX V06 A , i Qfsswwsii L . - ffrsifmiilil A A if- fy MJ 4 i 11 'W ,K W if Y Ah it Vs .f il 5 K .. , ,Q ,-v- -1, gi. A W .2 ,, 3. V ,.'fo' 55 'Q , ,A W, , .g,,,-gg ff M'- . jx Q EI 9 vm E338 ug W ,, 51 ,ZX J K xr '27 f 75- , 4 , ,MQ fp NWS?- A-3 A N WCW ml' 1-1- 1.... A. S1 K 'S zlx U ,, 1 --'Il l ' " MW M' ww 1'-1 lfXNh 'nl if -ifi l""UmlI " M'u'lnu.1.l.Imw2!w!Qlu My 3 1 ' ,I lk- NN Q W -Eg: vim ll' I? + is + W 9 5 'N X .5 'VS ' is lg ami: NWEEL w W ' . fy' T ' ,V Y 1 ' h 13-,E A K - ...ff sf, W 2illsIlL,!'.EQ Irfan N w ,. wk l Jim., i-11 1 7 'Ed' X ! ww' I A , L ' ' Xa lu. IU A - V, N 14N I lllillln. 'Hmm' Q nh- K ' , , !hl1--- ' L' M- ....,.X.,,,. .1 u L ""' 13? ::.'.::"' W 1? 'L W' ' ! X-nlxx' ml I wlllllm 'L 1 H 1, I ' , V 'lm I iff ' ai- Q xtv, Ja' 'K v.,I 5-jmu . mf- -' ' ---'-' f---- ' "" llllllwluull H' ul!! x Xklb 4' yxli 5 E qu S , fb" f 1?'W'., 'MM Ml'fWW'W'M ,D Q Il' Mm! 11, Hin!! A .mxxvmx l 'ly' Alma' 6l ,1'Nn 'x.' 4,uulnll'1i: My w 1 M" 'x""' """" 1 " ""1: Hi V A'4' . ui ' VY? Mlifg 'Q .1 f::, H W W9 WW, New l 'f U ! 2 My V Q I 1 -vi" - ' N :12 'X A LP!!! I imma sf ' . ' ,fn 'W :NT ff -9 . wi ff , NHMWMW V 2 W 5 ' Jx . Q I A , Q f 5 ,-.- K 0 1 f. - , 3 df w dl-.' D L ..-on,,1'gr ,auf '2 ,,-A 5' X ' ex' 5, 1. K O4 ,,: K r 4 x' I CQ.. 'V' E: fl: 1. Q WJ77 1 XJ zzeff- whQs fff'fQ 6Qf1 We- L . M3 N 1, Q ww K Q xl' 'gl I, f A' :vw ws:- YV is K N' QQ. , .. . N ,,f,. S I f1f 1 ggl b A ff 4.1: 1, " fd 'xi 'N , 4, N '1 ,f-.. ..,, ,,,-,....1-... ja HQ X 1 W 1- P sf' 'X AS Q QENIOIZQ lRow onel Bill Long, Torn Jenkins, Eric Schornoker, Robin Jones, Mike Grichuhin, Tom Jones, Larry Hill, Paul l-less, Virgil Wolfe, Steve Roberts John Lickliter. lSecond rowl Tim Binderup, Ernie Lievre, Dave Fowler, Sam Barone, Tom Heinrich, Mel Pacheco, Dole Eidson, Ron Walsh, Duoni Paz. lThird rovvl Tom Spyrow, Terry Phipps, Randy Cullison, Earl Mork, Brace Hamilton, Tom Highfill, Rod Christian, Dave Arnold, Ted Schmidt NG ELEVEN 172 new , . f . 4 S547 ' ,Ji mf? 1- Q fr fs '1 , my Ziff 1' ff qi-r" 2 Zxjzg 1 Tom Highfill Rod Christian Quarterback Guard Q l v, 12 'R , , l ,J li' is Tiff ,, ' X , V 5 ' .I ,haf , - f 3' J I iw 'H JH ,gmfrmifffer-E V. ' 5' '?l'6.'l1'Ef!!9f'S"5- ff .: ' " vu -f: :' yi,-'rw f V- 11,56-4f,jl',,, 'W-f , ' . .,,.,,,vfg,,,Q ,, ,Wa .fn . M fl., ,4 ' .Ar . r- K ,fpfzif 55 ,U 1..-V, ww . , xr vrgfql- j W M .., ., Bggr, , .X'9,,.g,,f , ,gf QQQQZ' f,w,g,L if fv, rw Mf. ,r -, ,QW ' Ron Walsh End -Mare nv- Virgil Wolfe Randy Cullison Tackle Tackle Tom Sprow Halfback Tom Jones Dave Arnold Mike Grichuhm Tackle Hclfback End 151 w"!l'?,i,v-'V .V Tim Binderup Earl Mork Paul Hess Halfback Guard Fullbcick ., H.. .,v ,, wi ., . , f A . ' ff i,1:?1fllfwlfl12JZrif1Tyl ll i l .. -ii., 'f. f TQ 'fp Y ,, -5' -fri." 5 -L".,y",fgz f 5.3, ir , n . ,' .' J " . K1 ' , ' W ' . '-if ,Lu.W, . ffl ,:, . ..,,. -e-, Aw m 4 1, ff -'ff ' 'ww f f g -f ' , .i'K'l5 Aa Q Tom Jenkins Dave Fowler Bruce Hamilton Halfback Tackle Fullback Mel Pacheco Torn Heinrich Terry Phipps Guard Center Fullback ,yu-'Q 117-N, W xxx' HorT Fairclough Head Coach Al Tfelle Joe RancaTore Back Coach 1-me Coach The 1965 Team had an "up-and-down" Type year, as TooTball seasons go. BuT Those who vvaTched Them will noT soon TorgeT The greaT TourTh quarTer Touch- downs ThaT broughT a Tie wiTh The evenTual league champions Trom PiTTsburg, The upseT of previously unbeaTen AnTioch, and The deTeaT of College Park in The weT and muddy season Tinale, Behind-The-scenes, The coaches knew a squad ThaT was closely bound TogeTher in uniTy and spiriTg one ThaT worked hard and was coach- able beyond usual expecTaTionsg a group ThaT visioned more Than iT was finally able To aTTain in winning resulTs, buT yeT gained greaTly in wisdom and sTaTure from iTs seasons experiences. Coach Fairclough Coaches Take The field. yf mm ecomzhy 'ni ueen 53122061 jones 1965-1966 iii? ,gi - . . kj csenzor Jrzlfzcess Jil Lovick junzbr Trzhcess Chris Bianco cgenzbr yjrzlfzcess Sue Sodoro 5 V i ' is junzbr yjrzlrz cess Sho ron Proff .3 .' gf Q fx. 'fxf , YR ,K s . ' Kai 'gg ' Q1 f if Qs ,- ,fa I ,xv ' , I Q W K ' 1 fjfq ,E xnxx- F 1 w- K, A Liv 5 X , S 4 ,.,. - , vt ew. x uk A Q ..,-5 I HE ,,, 2 E 1 1 N X X-F365 alim- 'Y 1 QQEQQ mv i Q li., ,L MM, , Q pf iii Mtv, f ' v' ' j K R " f A Axf.. rn . .JVL ., I . F yi" 632. J K A w K ' X -W ' 5- -Q." ' f Z an k ,..-V75-fgdx I is ' .. f' Hx 1 I, g g sw- fr , 5 , ' A ,K M X X' wr lx. 55, 5 Emi, .rv , I l PHTQBURJG flk . W f , I ' 7 Wow 6 6 ffwgj NW ,4 Pitt fries fo move as Long No, 78 and Jones No. 85 moves in for 1he Tackle Emo Qclwmalwf CoowTlvwuglv Toswxjoaes Bfuwef Rowellu Schomaker ns trapped up after short yardage. Blocking are No. 33 Hamilton and No. 62 Mork Gomg gets Tlghf as No. 12 Adamo No. 62 Mork and No. 86 Jones make The stop. NUTDIABLO O YGNACIOWU-EV 26 Y 5 X! Syl 5 In F MLN ,y,.., ez Nr if L 9 .ef My , , X ,Q N """ A N ll L N I. 5 3 ss ,pw- Going gets tough for Warrior as Walsh No. 86 and Freeborn No. 87 move in. 182 Paz No. 68, Freeman No. 69, ond Rowell No. 26 close in to stop cz charging Warrior. Lina Duaw Pag Bach Bmw I-lamtkow Comefrlswuglv Robfwjoms 'E Arnold No. 27 makes the stop the hard way. Moving in to help cure Jones No. 88-, and Walsh No. 86. .D 12 ANHOC!-I LM-N, -My-W is M-H ff , L Highfill No, 'I3 scores as Heinrich No. 52 cmd Lievre No, 72 clear the wcxy. Schomoker No. 44 moves around end os Freeman No. 66 Tries fo throw cz block. Lim Efav1eLiww Bach r Emily Qclwmalwv CmwT!vwu.glv P Desbwgws ,, 11" fm, ,,.,f,. V . - Highfill No. 'I3 is sfopped offer o good goin. ting, Poz No. 68 looks on offer cuf- 183 I8 L MIZDIABLO I8 PLEASANT!-IILL ze lib Wi? QW ifffi - fl X fl? A xxx lx X ff WTQQX -fCX'- 4 L at X, t ,fi K A Xx XA l A7 lp Arnold No. 23 goes head hunting as Paz No. 68, and Mork No, 66 come to help. Freeman No. 69 stops Ram from getting a big g Line Robiwjoms Boch Tom I-ligkfillb ComwT!vwuglv Milweazdudaw Efu1iaLiww lCaii1vFaeemaw Jones No. 88 makes a good tackle as Ram tries to get around en 4 d. Mn DVXBLO 6 PACIFIC 22 ,ii aw 'mn ,M NX VV! . X i LJ Q W QL i I 'Q 'ii L lx DQJI V 37 J Pacifica tries to get around end os Rowell No. 21, and Freeborn No, 84 pursue Lim Dumw P03 Bach Evra Q Comdhouglv Loumdww Lichlifer No. 22 gets crfew around end as the Spartans move in. Pacifica Tries To move by air as Arnold No. 23 ond Hamilton No. 33 move in To make the Yackle. 185 MJZDIABLO 26 i fffff' Yfx QQ Pri? 1 I f 4: 1 X1-if If XL! f-XX ' C Q gf f T T1 I 9 wg X ,ff Xf, 4 ' Xi! , 'N ' ' u , W G f SU f f dffe K ' I f r X A , E S ff L, f, of 'ff , ff if I X Lou Adamo No. 16 moves for yards as Walsh No. 86 comes to throw 1 K block. xg AAdd ' Desbwgeuuuw Desbwgefu Backs ComuT!vwu.gk P Tom Qpgww Bill, Long Euro Qclwmxluw Adamo moves again as Arnold No. 27 throws a block. Freeman No. 69 and a Clayton back meet head on at The line fo see who is strongest 186 'T' vu 5-,, K-,. F5 DEVILSONTI-IEMOVE FN dj ,7 P5 'N fm. ELI DEVILS ON THE MOVE ffl A , M Qi I 3 1 5 5 ,g, z A I i Earl Mork, Mos? Courageous, Dan Colchico, Master of Ceremoniesg Robin Janes, Mos? Improved, Duane Paz, Most Valuable Linemang Eric Schomaker, Most Valuable Back. W 'I Duane Paz, Fnrsr Team All-League Team Captain. off' Eric Schomaker, All-League Honorable Robin Jones, First Team AII League Mention. fFron1 fowl Parker, Jim Mike Mwcco Ionginghom Herron, Jim J. V. players aT Their leisure afTer c win. The 1965 J.V. Tooiball Team performed in True Diablo TradiTion This year winning The Junior VarsiTy TooTball championship. This Team sTarTed quickly in developing The necessary skills and Team spiriT which carried ThroughouT The en Tire season. Many of These boys will play an imporTanT role in The varsiTy compeh Tion in The coming years. One of The high poinfs of The pasT season was our Team vicTory over previously undeTeaTed Clayfon Valley-7-6. MT. Diablo MT. Diablo MT. Diablo MT. Diablo MT. Diablo MT. Diablo MT. Diablo MT. Diablo MT. Diablo Coach Howard Breivik Season Record 26.. ........... .. 14.. 26.. 6.. . 19.. 18.. 2O.. 7.. . 33.. . . . Redwood . . . Oakland .........PiTT Ygnacio Valley ..... AnTioch . Pleasanf Hill . .... Pacifica Clayfon Valley . College Park 1 191 l-IMANFO -- E 5 siisr A - 2 a i f VLL- :iff L if' I -A-1' ,I ,.L' ,W , N K , t X- ,- - ' it L -,- V'L' , V 1 A ,.., , , .. ,ni fi tt, W , ,,,. .sffiff K ii , N,,-,' 7 ' K A fkrmgf N... ..,.f, Y ..,.-Q . , 4 I ,,k, M, .. iriver-gw. .M.,,m,V,,,,,,,,,,., -7 ir :L , ,-3 .. ,,. ., M- it K' .. I ,, ,. .. ...Ls .. W. g , E g a V .5 fat., QQ!" 'E A' .M.,.!......,, ,, ., R -n-4. -T..-vi-ani ' - .: "ti-,, ' 2' f-k- Q ly'-L ----r ..-. Q, df' X 3 - i... sq.: f , .tm 'fA,x'- ,ne ..,. s bg g . -We...-vs--... ....., M-, 3 .. .,...g.. .1-. x.-.1 ..e. 2.3 -. .... -sr ' ' " gg- +.,. ., L' f' "M . .32-v ri ef- 0--' H - , ,, ..... ii 'f . "h" .+-1 -.. K 'E A ' Q . -W s L. isi, ., . . .C .C - L , re A A . s .f '- ' , wi . s - C , ,5 -xv. .4 ,,.m...,,i:9'i " t , if .M J A --1. U - .Q ' . . bg, K' . '20--'--3 I, . A L i.. , A if .P X X ff-A B7 it . - - Q ff: L s W ,. W , -s . ..,. , , . . X , g f , - ' aw' ., ' T i- mm,, - 1 . - 3 7 r 1 r " 1 wg, 'f.,f. ' Wfffrfi. C '- Q lllflfg' 1, f" f' ,- ,Q is ssrs 1 . ' s tis v , M- : ' is ' f ' -, h' L' .i s 1 L A ,, 'P 'A 1 H Q 5 ,i f - : '-.A A ..,.f 1 1- M ' A 2 1 I Y- ll sr sw fr x fo. . -s. 'te i -- L , U .. -1 Af . ':'?i' . , -fff' '- r f- 1 . 1 I f - L - ' v Q - ax - ., .Su EI Q ti s, 81 I . . 1 I I Q f" e .lx Q, .-.- Jig ' 1- - V, ' .. . fl ',, -' , -12- 15 gif T T. V F - - . .Q . . 5 .. H. 7 f5l?qs52.:af,v ,-:. Front Row---l-r, Olson, Frietos, Cabihi, Smith, Kyle, Cooper, Allen. 2nd row-Rhodes, Gray, Yarbrough, Cronk, Vincent, Silva, McDougel, Warton, Herbert, Carscadden, August, Campbell, Feiirang, Harrison, Lodin. 3rd row-Novak, V. Freeze, L. Anderson, Williams, Green, Casazza, King, Keeler, White, Villegas, Carini, Morris, Tamborski, Berry, Myrtle, Atkinson, R. Freeze. Back row-K. Anderson, Hadley, Cowden, Cox, Riddle, Brim, Huff, Bowen, Burk, Tomlinson, Tapley, Schultz, Wall, Baker, McClure, Knapp. The freshman football program is designed to introduce football to boys that have had no contact sport experience. The teaching of fundamentals and a love of the game are most important. Each year Mt. Diablo's Varsity winning tradition can be traced to the foundations and encouragement these freshmen receive. This group of boys were ci credit to their school and show every indication they have inherited this pride in continuing Mt. Diablo's "Victory With Honor." Coach Wilson Landrum Coach Landrum T92 3 -Q ,A- CJOU QFror11 rowj Jim Hulsey, John Burg, Bob Sclwoles, Steve Miller. fSecond FOWI Steve Miller, Make Isolo, Terry Hart, Bob Anderson. Couch Weidcomp 1 4 g-vias' 193 FIZOQI-l-QQPI-I. 8 Row 1-S, Hoobler, Cahill, Hatmaker, Mason, Knoft, Burg, G. Hart, Walker. Row 2-Graham, Caald, Sullon, Perlow, Villasenor, Holt, Furman. 'Row 3-O'Neil, Chappel, Saffler, Ramos, Crifchfielcl, Larson, Baughman, La Jeunesse, Faust. JUNIOR-SENIOR Row l'-fD. Haolplgw, Adams, Weanjner, Hulsey, Mabry, Cook, row 2--Wearne Mgr. ChenoweTh, Stevens, Anderson, Miller Coach Weidkamp, row 3-Yuhre, Burg, Redding, T, Han, lsola, Scholes, Larson. WINTER: QPOPJQ BANQUEI' Dave Arnold, Steve Burg, and Bill Long look over program at winter sports banquet, -........... Some of Diablos prized individual sports rrophies awarded To wrestling and basketball players each year. gm ibm 430 344 1554 452 Mana Mike Lou Adamo Fred Doan Rich Valenti Ron Walsh Ken Cranston Jim Ferguson gen Patterson Coach Bud Bohne 43650 3640 .HID Q32 422 Sieve West 1 Paul Hess Jeff Miller Jim Bernstein Dick Carscadder Manager: Curt Adams Fred Doon Rich Valenti Ron Walsh Dick Carscodden Jim Bernstein Jim Ferguson ' f 1 3 'K Wm' fn 5- ,,.,. Lou Adamo Poul Hess Steve West Co-Ccpfoins Fred Doon and Ken Cronsfon Jeff Miller r. xx , f Y"'T ' 1 ,f'xX X XX f W ff X"Y1fi?'f: Y W Vx fx" 1 Q m e N , X I fu 3 4 M5 .ix II v I ffl! Qx X! 199 Ken Cranston iumps high to grab o rebound agoinst fighting opponent. While grabbing a rebound, Ken Cranston is fouled by opposing Ygnacio player. Rich Valenti looks on. 200 Q. Pacifica ployer roles iomp bull as Diabl CI ayers look on in amozement. Jo Ron Walsh lumps and shoofs from The side as a Ram player fries fo block the shot. Junior Jeff Miller dribbles around surrounding Pacifica opponents. 201 Ram opponent Tries in vain To dribble captain. 202 I ami , is., John Lickliter is racing to get the ball as Jim Ferguson looks on. MMU Ron ,wgggw . . . , Walsh passes off To Junior Steve Wesf as he g around Fred Doan, co- f""'I'N xught in between Pacifica players. Jim Ferguson fights hard for a rebound, while Cranston and Doan move in to help. Jim Bernstein guards a Warrior close but To no avail, as the Warriors scalp Devils in both games. 203 4 Steve West 350 iumps high to fry for rebound againsf Spartan players. Junior guard Jeff Miller brings down rebound, although being surrounded by many Pacifica opponents. 'T N .im . Jim Ferguson 352 screens OuTWC1rrlor, giving iunior, Jim Bernstein roorn To dribbie. Junior, Steve West 450 goes high in rhe oir with Ygnocio opponent To grab rebound. ,ss x 5 E Pleasant Hill Ram jumps To slwoor, bm is blocked by unidentified Devil. Ken Cranston is forced To pass ball as four Rams swarm in. Ron Wals 206 is There To help. 'f F IT looks as Though This Eagle is laying an egg. The ball wen? our of control as everyone looks on. I s i i i S 5 5 5 J .v. sas: 194125-Jim Herron :ffl I-Randy Pfhyl 13526 3515 .1-T32 7213 gin Mgr,- Mgr.- -Steve Jackman -Doug Barneff -Jim Sorohan -Don DeFesi -Greg Messell Jack Sawdi Dennis Werner Coach Ralph Cullimore Coach Cullimore 1214-Rich Carlsen -Q23-Paul Servenrs 334-Darol Brignrvvell 1522-Mike Hermens H31-Russ Painfer 11512-Russ Kninle If-'35-Jay Bedaccrre trot pmmredj Bob Landrum J J J uiww me i iFirsf rowl Lee McDougIe, Jim Motheron, Capt. Jirn Cawden, Howard SiIva,Y Benny Morris, Jerry VSteeIa, Ken Gentry, Coach John Vasquez, Gary Garscadden, Don Nordgarden, Pete Novak, 1Bottorn rowj Tim Rusco, Jim Henning, Mgr. Doug Ballard. Not pictured Jerry Egbert. 'SEASON RECORD 17-2 LEAGUE io-o J 7, Coach John Vasquez TENNIS es-ee QI, 7 fn' X If X K, yxsxwj, Ifxx 'xx K , Yo! V lf X ' L m.-, L,lL iv l Tx' -'1 l- T Q Qfiililr .,f. ' ' Mr. Gulick in action. "Strategy Bob!" Coach Gulick and Manager Jim Greer Sparked by a squad of mostly seniors, the Diablo tennis team surged to a second place finish, its highest in many years. The only loss was to the league of champs Pleasant Hill in the early part of the season. The race for second place went all the way down to the wire, as Diablo met its two closest con- tenders in the last two matches. In the next to the last match against Clayton Valley, the first doubles team rallied after being down match points to pull out a 4-3 team victory. The last match found Diablo avenging a practice season defeat by College Park in another thriller, 4-3 to drop College Park to third place. Coach Gulick "Ready, set . . .' rg 4 i alfa, C O T is , T T .ef ,,,, ,A ,. . , .T ,, ,,,,, L,-es.. 2 HYTENNI IFirsT rowj Mike Arbow, Deon Draemel, John Hocking, Bob Angle, Bob McKinnon, Jim McKenna, Dave Moniz, Ron Getz, Steve Shimmin, Jim Greer, Manager, Coach Gulick. lFirsr rowl Terry Armsfrong, Greg Caughrean, Terry Carter, John Banuat, Ricky Silveira, Chris Kemp, Jon Sansfrom, John Birchfield, Jim Greer, Manager, Coach Gulick. WXIZQHY NG '66 A A, JLL Front Row: Don Ellison, Larry Horns, Wait Hatmaker, Jim CampbeH, Paul Scholes, Duane Meek, Dave Muti. Back Row: Dave Arnold, Gary Mattson, Steve Berg, Bill Long, Dan Johnson, Norm Wrght. nyew. Q ,441 if ff fr" f 'J ft -r., . ,t X4 J, ,wg 'ff 54, r V' ni-1 r QAKK K 'N ,,5f..-,ifi o .QQLTO f + l"!"1 212 Coach Hogerstrand F? E 21,59 59815368 W? A E 1 ,, x S ' WRSHYBA TEAM A A 8 A- , A l ' eA C First row: L-R. Mike Harron, Mike Malloy, Earl Mork, Lou Adamo, John Birchfield. Middle rowz Bill Smileyjqjohn Cappas,lJim Bernstein, Danny Adams, John Nelson, Bob Angle, Steve Freeborn. Top row: Eric Shoemaker, Ron Walsh, Duane Paz, Coach STeve Bordi, Bill Lee, Loren Kirk and Mgr. Reggie Wearne. Captain Ron Walsh, Catcher Third Base-Earl Mork 214 I bf 4. ' f .fm " vi f' " vb K -Hb -. Y. Pitcher-Eric Schomoker Second B059-Bob Angle ' 'xsig A ,Q r in if JL X . X, I X 4 I r Lfv f . ' ' i flffffl A First Bose-Loren Kirk Short Srop-Jim Bernstein f, , '-A .-' Dunne Pcxz Right Field ,,, , Pircher -- was-Q.-Q., ,....,,,.,,' Bill Smiley Left Field -5 Donny Adams .X YJ, . Y' 1 iv-51.4 111. Mike Molloy Steve Freeborn Show Stop Center Field 1 r K5 . Q 3 5 E E s x J M B495-BALL PW ron? Row: Tom Berglund, Cowden, Tom Lorry Huff, Pete Hnronyrnous c Ruscoe Row: cmny Contreras, Jim Ballard Denzii Parker, Dove Mcggi, Don George ooper, Russ Pointer, Jnm Kung, n Bull Moiheron Vmce McKinley and Doug ue ' ' P e ki H X X y XXL Aff Y'-Lf' 5 1' -X gm- fi 1. ' A ' " I -X e. , . W 4 . N. f 5, Q Q , x 1 l1':.qx,fN,f I ,ix W N- L 1, -K e iw If it Stix, -ML' 1 K I I x 'XV X 24- H. y KJ, . g fe HQW xv, J e , ' . e A fe ,W e . if 7 F3 ak me 'X yn? fwf' 5.f,.Cx'fW A gli 1' .Elf Znriwfkvxkb K, QC Q. f ff , A , j ,C Lux lj? 4 W In , J R ix, l MUN' . 1 fl K Mil Av 5 3 V!-,Y V! Ax. fx X k , ix fl KX, XJ .f i J' gf- xw 53114- K , ',5 K " V kd .Q ArblVg,- K -e,. ,L Q-few' X' A-LW ' ' 'mf' ff , 1- 'X A f . ef ff- , b w - : , S of ' fum 4 wwqa, fy L lf f ur 64.11 'ff W ' 1,1 ik 'xg gif-iwinx, Sy-lvfmk. ' J 'C ' " ' A T , R e -we . - J ,f Q JZ , 1 Week me Wwue MJ M mb JD vw ffl ef N Uv' ee - ' f - " . pi T-,1 , X., , H Nm f V .Q-ct, 'W X , : F AN CLA"-1 XA- P 4 If . K fp , XQQf'3,.'ix"-gl., xI.fK!x-If X ' L. V- C3 M' W EN ?XQ.fy,',, 'fiwslf 'N fi, ge f .ff 5 c' ' A if 1, ef- 'qf A fe 'L f' S U-Q.. 'N KVggm Nv'x, N.grLL,f ez ' mi qyye rg Eg : ,, My - EF. Q 5 Xl W Q, Y ,',. Qfei- 'Jn ' 1 . xy li M1 Y ff' L J 'A , , ,ij-A, Aj ILML ,,,,, 'L .fm .A Krqfyqgl U , 1' gf. X M vw 7 .MV fU.s,k4.-, 5 fb., - Iv: h 'Q'-1 ,245 SQL aux GOLPTEAM 'WS 'L I S 4 Coach William Morrocino OF- 1966 X b C , x'ii.,,0?x,' .,, F2 ,VX A m V I ,f' L llc! li ' A ri 's-. Niki' Ed Gardner Dsrell Griffith Ron Nicholson NM. 'f '1',n .,, 6, :lla .2 HH' l 4, , -,,: V :yb V- 1 , A 'ff 2 1 "Q fxf' f M, l M- 5 2 'A N w. .f fl, '-.x 5 f 2 ".., It., .,: I, , V ,eff ,,, . - ,f I Ed Benton, Captain 9 UZACICTEAM mee TN! Q2 h , X as 8 ,gi W M E45 ,:L , 4- , 1 - Q , f A sf ? 'M , " 0222 K' 3 1'3" Wll2.QHY'lT2ACI6 ax 'IPACIC COACHES Assistant Coach Mr, Tretfe Assisfom Couch Mr. Weidkomp Head Truck Coach Mr. Breivik 220 i ' s Dove Arnold-hurdles Q, Paul Hess-shot put -fr x 41 2 U H2 fa .sr - JUN IOIZ WKPSHYTPACIC fix. Ulm Yum I - wr' Q ffgfgg K 4 V. - I .- ...,,. - 7-:, 5 -' .. if Jim Wharton-high hurdles Mike Isolcs-mile Sw ig, X 3 s Y -1---... Steve Burg-high iump Rick Rumplw-discus ITT SWIMMING 1 Q66 , E' - WUPBITY 955 AY'-'s , 222 JUNIOI21 IARSIIY i 'Z N.. L V ,"g g V5 Birds ofa feather . . . if only these boys could fly Mr. Boints worries would be over.. Rich Hope follows his brother in capturing Dennis Hope lets loose with ci two and a half pike in anticipation of battling Martinez at Antioch. points for Dioblas diving team this year. xx-?f'5x The J.V.'s Watch the varsity during time trials, ahead. Diving Cooch Mr. Navone, Swim Team Coach Mr. Boint Jones finds it advisable to get o jump on Murley during practice for the Ygnacio meet. as the league meets loom 223 4 The i965-66 Varsity Gymnastics Team Three years at The Top as defending DVAL champions and each year we have had outstanding individuals to lead the team to victory. This year's seniors, Terry Phipps on rings, Greg Christian in all-around, and Dave Scearcy on Trampoline have been consistent winners. Junior, Paul Scholes looks like the one to beat for all-around champion in our league. Strong underclassman, Tim Niles, George Cooper, Richard Stickney, and Jim Smith should make the next year another banner year for Diablo Gymnasts. Coach Leckliter Mr. Darrel Leckliter, Varsity Gymnastics Coach 'Hi I' sv as . fr'- 9- "T ,Na- .- 5 92 Members of GAA. GIRLS ATl-ILEHCD AQQOCVYHON ,Q ,ie-51. -A Q, . ,gtg N. 39653 . . she's safe! Sheila Crossley, sole member of Honor 'D society. The girls gather orouhd for o Team shot. 6 Mount Dioblo's cmsvver to Holler! J e ,NN .,,,,,, 'S fe Q ,S 1 fa o Q m"Qf:e55,0g H513 t- .,-A4-00+ I FU 95: ' 5v'Q'4v'o:o:oi-siszfg :h'.'4 ovofgg , r H.: -. - H ' .,. . 5 , -gave . .M r , , r 0 0 9 ..- wi'g"h . kQfo'0'fQ Q: ,Y is . 22.1.1020 4 ,-E. , 38 Q Q al 9 I 4 Q 1 At- N 2? ,Q .gg we-. f f Q r e ff N, . C VL nt A 45 use ,m mf. ., if " Ton K 4 L3 , rf is rl: ai uv ra ,. 961- X. 31' 4 1 NVQ 0 if 2' Q frfgfgftx V s fin, Q:- 'Q i A Alf N if bs at ff A '12 4"" k Qffi ' vqfi, 'ti' ' Y ftizlt xy. 4' 1 ,QI 3. Vbvv Kathy Endo lets ga with a mighty swing. 4 Nikki Matulich and Marilyn Maich execute perfect swans. The members of the girls gymnastics team pose on the tricky unevens. 7 GHZLQ N " mAL:A F zz, '1" , ,ez 400--ecmhzz Q SYNC!-IPJONIZED QWIM QM J f gym 42523 G Nf 'N f Wi aww" ' i N T i xg, Qy - fi Q 1, 5, 'N' f F " iw w f W i wif m nl IA Q If .X 3 A Grganizations N i and A Activities 'liln lmfl may lllld I 5 66 - x ,,..Xf is I V vicxrcic Robinson Morfy Goulc Y V W1 Ron Toburen Head Yell Leader -1 3 2 J 'und -f 5 leader mi 'T Sodoro ,, ,X 1" 5 1 ix Lindo Pfyl 231 Sang Leaders I Mory Sue Miller J, 1 , I 49-4 DeDe Littrell "i Lindo Duffield-Hecd Songleoder 'fs- igja I I 'ff ,Q-2' S.. M Marcia Jones Noreen Phipps i.. l 13,4 f- ,X :SST Viv M AJ .K ,mf Q51 - 1 Q sy - - Danny Devil I The Rally Committee worked hard to make the year cz success. l Advisors Mr. Moore Mr. Smullen Mrs. Roylance The "Caging ofthe Cats" during the Antioch rally 52 The talented Rally Band in their Basketball "uniforms" nq,. AI Much of the noise heard at the games and rallies came from the Rally Men and Devilettes Q33 Salas and Nuance 624 S6-Z3 M76 Student Kaur! Assembly lflannilzq Kommiffee Dam' Hzfmmiffvc' f6'f'W 15649116 I ,llrezerieezre .Weld Sereiee 0 Girls league 237 euse ef Representatives THE CAST Algernon Moncrieff John Worrhingion, J. D. l-lon. Gwendoline Foirfox Lcicly Bracknell Miss Prism Rev. Canon Chosulole, D. D, Lone Merrirnon Directed by Mr. J. C. Senteney November I8 ond 19, 1965 Neal Vedier Fred Lopez Cotlwi Fuller Lindo Lynch Susan Somorin Olin Jones Dove Messick John Rodriguez ,ML Diablo? Marcin '965- 7 966 rg Hand J ..,. ,124 542' f .xg iw gg 5 1 4 F 5 9 Q ef 44 2 Y f f I 9 f ,f M 1' AVVV ,mdk ,.,,, L--f 244 Eleanor Harman Chris Bianco Rachel Marracino Jil Lovick Gayle Philiips I 9 6 5 , s S X XS D. if SY if 5 . 'F FF B Q Gloria Meodor f 7966 ffffcis' Xe' 45? N-RSVSQ9 xf 4? Donna Reoso HEY Rose Kenyon 7 Heed Deviletfe Jil with Drum Moior Mike 245 Majrfreffes 1 P Annette Odelfo I 965-7 966 Wag gflirlcrs Girlvglee 'Q ep' df-Tgf I Hays Glen - V b fm. Q- .1 I Q . an ' Q .Iv I is g , 'S A x S -'- i 5 fix vf Q Q 5? W x X J an 252' . .3 gg Q' Q- ar-. Hzsamble I 'W Stage Baud Orchestra 'F 5 ' , . V, . , . ,ik 1 11 5 String Orchestra 2 . ,ig Mrfdern Cnird Periad- Beginning kg gf as '56 Sinfn Periad-Beginning H1465 HTQD E EQIQUE " ,-.. . i1 2 1 1 Q Zjgriad-V4dVaucgd 671116 Latin Klub ?rc'm'h Klub Swish ew Q German glllb Debate gfllb Zalzfcfruiu Selma Spring Scmaster 96? 'zvhzkf Sifdcraiivu Sducafirw 61116 .7411 Semestvr X 1410 k s- L ,J , ,ff ,ff .,-ff! Med Zu! Klub Mmm' Q 4 H' .,A -.. M. ,I5iQ,gM?jg3E3aazsf5gg333 E 1 4'-fin E?'3 'f ZKEA. A 2 f an ' ' ,, ,If . 1, z.Z- x4 4 .FA A if WNW? n I 5 Q X . x f XV ' . i , S U 1 -1 . 'J M 5 r Seminars fuuivr Ssuior Svphvmm' Made! Zlrzifed ,Nafirws 671655 61116 Di flak l6'ruuel1 Sereiee Is? Tk Au, H e Pa e . Q A 3. ' Y ff 5 W4 A ' 22:7 1 .A 1 I ', ' "ei w I ---M' 3 3 f N e V 3 Viz V' ' Q 1 I' Q H ' . e A,, E A ,., g, 9' 1-ii Seieuee glllb T 2 lug-Nuts MJ I ? is fs gl , eg 3 A 5 ks li E , . ,J :EXT Dormo Reosoner 1966 Yearbook Editor 1135 Sue Considine, Assistant Editor Ernie Lievre, Sports Editor Pdf Trujillo, Clggges Editor Mr. Christmon, Foculty Advisor R f . gp ee Sue Sodoro cmd Marti Mdggi, Activifies cmd Orgonizcnions Editors me 'U v Tom Spyrow, Staff Member nnmmf Www, 64 Yearbook stuff 'fakes time out to pose. vm! re Peg Barham, Classes Edifor rr Mike Clork, STQH Member Q .jg Q Barb Ferrell Editoriol Editor Sharon McEvoy Editoriol Editor Mike Vouri, Editor-in-Chief wil' Don Defesi Sports Editor Kdye Cdmpbell Fedture Editor - 5 3,5 Lindo Jones, Feature Editor Jon Rush, Sports Editor 'Ula W 'sit X we xx N, -, t W,,,-x .14 :M ' Journalism II news staff takes time out for a candid pose. BQ' ., ,'3,pA sw' f l x is km .4 'wi Qfiqiffkljg 1 5'J,.w-f':'-A" 'Le ' 5 , f ...W-'fo""""""iMMQi K 5, i I Journalism I, this year's reporters, next year's editors. 267 , - X 13' MS -1- ,l 3939 l Quill' ' , . Www 'lweomu ,gg ig' wlefll Q . Xf"f'. -'-7 These Journalism I girls helped pu? ou? 1he Diablo News cub editions. i 'naw "YT 1-gn ' 11.3 The girls evaluafe exchange papers. i 'X Mr. Matson, our studio phoiographer, is caught in December rain. A bewildered Mr. Christmon is caught unaware. 268 i 'A v Q v . I ' D .A W1 x " . 5, we QW 5 gn. xx .u s Q xx Q'v ,'zs. ,N Sharon Walton, Business Manager fi? 5 4 'Nw 81 1 X. ,rf A"' , E in 7 , f-, "l f J ---QQ, ,M T ,,:. ,K kv .f'- P' ,.. , f A ' Shes Kaffe I the G0 d Uma W . bw m .52- N I g . V5.3 V , fy i Q r ,IM ' , X 11 z Z X w t , 35 , H H I fini' M- ,wafigi f I 322192 a 4- ' ffagpwf ar ... fn .. K i fl 4 fha' Had Photographers Yearbook 3?klZLHD,S2'fF.l. Ph0f08faPhefS Tlimplebor 2-2530 4 ...A Earl's Music Store Records 0 Music 0 Radios Phonos 0 Cartridges 0 Needles Band Instruments 1919 Salvio St. 685-5252 Estates Hardware and Variety For real variety come to the "Estates Hardware and Variety" Where you get better buys 2158 Solano Way 0 682-0712 Concord Paint Company Your labor is worthy ot the Finest Materials 2096 Adobe ' Concord 682-6531 Jefferson Moto rs 1 Block from City Hall 2820 Willow Pass Road Concord 682-3150 Jess Hernandez Jay Jimenez Jess' Barber Shop Jess Hair Designs For Men 2749 Clayton Road BOYSEN PAINTS WALL PAPER Wally's Rental S Supply RENTAL TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT FOR HOME AND BUSINESS USE 1390 GALINDO ST. Concord 685-9867 CONCORD. CALlF'ORNlA ees-seso CONCORD 717 Galindo St. 1 Concord Eff-N251 Bowling Supplies TF STUDIUS 682-1757 2056 concord Blvd. P 1 'r A Nt ICI ' - 0' 'C"Qy"' G Um OO' Devils Mountain Richard ,f"'i-- Trophy Co. Portraits 0 'Schools 0 Ray Morsh 2O66M?JOgfZgEl33BlVd' Weddings 0 Commercial 0 mcmclger f 1 E325 S5 MacFarlane-Bryant Chapel Funeral Directors 1385 Galindo Street Concord, California Phone 682-1100 Frank King Furniture All Home Furnishing 1998 Salvio Concord 685-1000 Congratulations Seniors SattIer's of Concord Willow Pass 84 Colfax Street Furniture 84 Appliance Ruth's Fashions Styles taken out of "SEVENTEEN" Magazine 1661 Willow Pass Road Concord Park 8g Shop Concord's Oldest Discount House 682-2964 Congratulations Holbrook Barber Shop Class of '66 From The Hair Cut to Perfection By Experienced Barbers 3369 Port Chicago Hwy. Concord 682-0258 Style Shop For the latest in Fashions Concord Park 84 Shop 685-8421 7 r , To All the Students at Mt. Diablo from your A S W DRIVE-IN During the past two years it has been our privilege to serve you. We sincerely anticipate serving you in the future. Thank you one and all for your marvelous cooperation and loyalty. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. CM. Reeves, Gwners 274 L-i bl? 1841 Willow Pass Rd. Concord, California Telephone 682-0818 All your sports needs Letter Sweaters, Gym Clothing, 8. lbaseball, football, and trackj Shoes. Sold by Diablo Alumni Mike, Buzz, Larry Barbara, Mike, Ann Make a good choice, order date's flowers early from LaiIa's Florist 2133 Concord Avenue your Brown's Music For the Finest in Musical Instruments and Lessons from Qualified Instructors Come to "Brown's Music" and Congratulations Class of '66 435 Chestnut 685-3252 Concord Flowers for all Occasions Import Autohaus Parts and Service for Foreign Cars Open Evenings and Weekends 3311 N. Main St. Pleasant Hill, Calif. 939-4131 75 9 V' 276 all X er ,figyifieipfiyg of ATTENTION Model Ccir Rocing Fonsl Two Big Trocks AT Riggs Speedway 2190 Solono Woy Phone 685-6663 lEsfciTes Shopping Cenferl Come in, Try Your Skill AT Rcicing Open Every Doy ond Every Night Lough-Ouimet CONCORD FUNERAL CHAPEL FUNERAL DIRECTORS Gronf Sf. 81 Concord Blvd. 682-4242 if if ill ff iiiffffifrf 5 ?3 2 f 53 iwirl Li A G df 0' - x 0 QQQX - 9 We 4,21 , ' Q! X Q Q1 QD Yx x A 'N . ' Xpxv Q! ' V 9 ye f X 1 X4 Njmi ' V' ,PNxxx I Xxx, 5 wk ff 0 37 A Q 75 Q5 off! CNR U X W Om XA 0,097 Q' XJ W of 91 O 509 Q Qnffox wa Q X . X wg ,M W D QNV w0 CDO WE fe, X fy QV! 'M Q 54 on Jx fa x L 9 Ab X-Q0 Q gy 9 ,J Q! F K xWfXX QU? f3c, Ux U, SLCNQLQY GOOZW We ML 6 Q09 Vo Q M CGM Q1 MVjMvmQ's 60 do iw I S06 ffl A in hT A , My A bi juni wwf VM M5659 YwN4 QBANQQ gg N,Qwl3g?x!? J ffjsqf "'1 MQW LwwY fx' w X Qff P9,!i,3fiy fqfflfihf W 5 M ff J M5555 f: 2ff23 1QE i? 3 Sf by Q Wjfffff' Liiixgiw I Sfffffgf 2 Q 2532259 Sf' Eff? A mggiw si , QD 9 . V A, 4 - 4... r" an ' . . , ,, J,,',-.113 A f -'.:-Q1,g,-:Mi L ' ,J V A fn 1 , Ts .F V , AI' me EGM NF ' A ,1-' . .' ,vw Q - ' I K x , "L fa' . ' , x '35 ,, 1. f . 3 , ., - .fx , - ,, , 3 -,.f.!y,,a ,,,.'xpgzg khfwlm ,Z V , M 3 . W A , ' V fr'-4-9, W 1 f ge Y A- w. , - , 4 ,M ,, ,,:.,,--, , - V V . f'g,-'f-.f- ur L-, .,,. . A 5 3,31 .- -: ,L . -, , L . ,'-.: - 14, , , ,- . f f' , m fr-5+ xc. .'. ,ew .ff uf: , ,: 4 i . ,, , l . . -1 ,, 1' W ' .. V, H, . V, 3 'f - 1,1 . ' ,. 'H u'- n,. .e " Q-"1-'-if " fix if F1 Ty SSW ...W igigsw E Q E2 55553335 wgfwfw Fififwwg , I, ,. A , 4.l4f:t,'hQ.-,' 1.gQ-,:- -1-- L-,,...-.... tm-, ,......, fs. My S3 fi Wgffwfiwfw SWAN X9 1? V 0 7544 QU7'ES'7l' 55 iw! I E UFQ. flfb E7L,, I AQ O70 F U IV QANH yo, ffl! omg Crcwpqts QlQS'5, JVJQ' fi Qlh ELIU .I SBC-11' ffl! QIUIJ b,Q,4::brC, I 'Y I gm fn, +A A QQ 3 -5 A , n . P k U QQ I CBQHU TQRQ kfcu CUT9 J 'Wff Q0 JDQQQUSQ Sv g 41. YLQQL Lfhg jffxv y Lf 01, 6-Czjrf 'iff-ELJYQ fl' I ' 'QQL Shel 'LUX - QQ 114 ET 'ffgfff' I ,Q QqLy RNQeJQ0.,',Q Lxfvd H9kCk7LS M I N N C I-Jgj ISE- OCD QL 56, 1 9 c11U fl U f7""kl AQVGL CL Qfffnzz fvex? 'qs-e""ti Qkwffff wfkk 9 86731 R , sl, ,917-Qgxg-SN J- I ,Vow Zjwqj LO mv- Foclfl 4 7 . I L , IAQ jfoo QC LO-jf 8510! LL SGYLQ. F O ' P jjodi Ffwnlfvffp 280 UUVES Qiw'fRyg Qick jG vXS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylorvmadeu 3. ,x ii M it, tvs, wut . ,gag Y- .A. , I . , v I O 94,1 Q wirffw A Qwgiyifw www F2 515 Mfigulgwz? 'egiigx REE-2 ak QQ iii-E12 if NV! 'MM , . ' ' x 4 1 . vt ,..: ,-..,. Q, A , - iz, .A .1 43 - . ,x.,'.,-, K , M gli? C. J., IT Q 9 , Hg ,,.. I 4, . 1 fr 'U as S 44' 5 fr s E 1' 3 1 Q' 1 'S ff QL, V lwwyf 1' A Ahkrhy M325 M in ga E J f -fr ag Y 2 ,N ,i jf iw 41 i 'Q-'aff QL 4 , M C' X Ur , 35' A ' 5,3 7' iq ,MX - vw- ,., vw f in wg 'F U-w,, my t' -A ,, , sm FLW, If fd: , V Y, 5. Q. M HK 4-www ,L M V if !

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