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1 -r -f Mjlwg , W 9. 50 0' W S MWf Q 4' K 40" 'I I M 1 .?" 2LL 7' p-My ws " j--' x ""'N1m,"' jf 4 J' - J e' , YXXEX-xx 'yifyw 4 K 1 f Q A rf W vw px, my N - . wif A mf N3 bs w , 4 Www L' WP QP N753 X J W ' 1 f Q3 35 M Q - so mg 1 x 'gigxx Ny AM MV Nj: fa Nw q Q W WJ .3 5 ,N ' wi, X! M 2 W Q23 if my We VJ! Jkwfj fy xwpgyko? 2 3U m??'Q5nESff,5 . Piryeivo QW! Q0 Wm . 02 0 iiief 52 L Ui B643 Lp? Bxwfffw msg 333 , My U6 X J x! MMa! gm Nj? X S ' W ,Q .la Wfw N MW' 40 ' M4 -. WL' v W' W f5?Wg ie 'xQ,,i, .1 . Ni' ? ' ' WIP! n " .5 - ' : fupf ,,,,. .1 ' ,ff . 'i 2 E fvwllpj 0.1 -i -1 , . SQL - 5 1.1 1, 2 K , A xg A 't -vm , . :V ni s Q Ulrx- ! AfjJ'- X Ii S L fi! 7 fs fi g 5 f 1 ,ix , v fp I fu' A QLQWD K I Qwwkfw i,mgfw W . WWW 9WmW 9 ? J W Q if Jw iw M fw MM ,ff ' f' , NU . L! , 1 I if ll I J b C WJ on UZ L M fm X00 g f vi if , ,1 .V ,, f jj O' fx ,J ff., ,- f Q V MV . U A f Mudd ', V9W M 'sf' QALNJU A4 J? ff ' fa! 0 0 Q I, ,f LL fa J N rj JW 0 I My XO! hi X R4q,vL!kZfyvfLL lU XZIWML F9 gp b x ffdf f , HU xfl ff V Q C f ,1 AA Q5 VA jf Zfif! A W U N x I M M V K Eggs M Wwfwb G Mdgglff Ilj,!L,!r-,LM This Fool: belongs 'ro F rv uw qv fj , V y : JLQQMAL, CDS rlngg 'CD W - JPQZ ' THE DIA MT. DIABLO CONCORD, Each noon and brunch Time finds Diablo siudenfs lining up af The Doq House ?o buy goodies. This building is only one oi The Parents Club qiffs To us. 1, L 0 '6 O HIGH SCHOOL 1 I O bmw y egsffwjvob MEJGR or D Since I'-702, MT. Diablo has been The parenT high school oT ConTra CosTa CounTy. TradiTions have evolved and been passed on To ouTbranching schools oT The disTricT iusT as Tamily TradiTions are passed Trom TaTher To son, moTher To daughTer. "VicTory wiTh Honor" early became The TirsT spir- iTual commandmenT oT Diablo. IT carries wiTh iT a broader meaning Than one which could be used only on The playing Tields. "VicTory wiTh Honor" has come To mean moral, spiriTual, inTellecTual, as well as physi- cal, vicTory. For These 58 years The alumni have TelT The impacT of These Three words and Today's sTudenTs Teel iT Too. l-lere in The Diablo '60, we hope To illusTraTe whaT we do mean by our moTTo, and how iT inTluences our lives. We hope we have done iT wiTh "honor. NL The members of lhe Parenfs Club Execufive Board are Mrs. Molly Kingsley, recording secreiaryg Mrs. Caroll Sperling, treasurer, Mrs. Edilh Ferriera, membership chairman, Mrs, Lillian Cook, publicity, Mr. Joe Shockey, presi- denfg Dr, Ferd Diel, second vice-presidienfg Mrs. Eleanor Page, corresponding secrelaryp Mr. Eugene Honell, vice- presidenfg Mrs, Lucy Jamison, ways and means, Mrs. Wilma Sands, budget and finance: Mrs. Marian Racine, sfudenl welfareg Mr. Jack Smullen, facully represenlaliveg Mr. Bob Berqlund, audilorg Mrs. Kalhryn Besselievre, programs, and Mrs. Pauline Mason, hospilalify, Dear Moms and Dads: You probably ihinlc lhal we don'i' realize all oi lhe wonderful proiecls lhai' you have underlalcen for us, bul we do. We know lhal you have helped iinance lhe Dog l-louse, ihe consiruciion oi ihe Quad, and send our marching band io ihe Siaie Fair al Sacra- menlo each year. We know Thai you conlribuled greally lo our Senior Career Day, Senior Ball, and donaie a Sl5O scholarship io our seniors each year. You have aided lhe siudenl' body in every rnaior proiecl ii had underiaiien, and we sincerely appreciale ii: As leen-agers, we someiirnes iaii io express our graliiude wiih words, bui we hope io show our ihanlcs in ihe following pages ol ihis Diablo '6O. Sincerely yours, BONNIE MASON Edilor Diablo '60 Table of Con'ren'rs FACULTY LEADERS SENIORS CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS 7 ,-. 1 'WW I i U I DR. FERD DlEL Principal i au--A Q., Principal's Message The heritage of the student malriculaling al Ml. Diablo High is anchored on the solid cornerstone of the school molto, "Victory With Honor." Through the years the achievements ol each schol- ar, team, and student body of Ml. Diablo, and the manner in which these achievements were accom' plished have enhanced the meaning of the motto. Students currently enrolled should indeed be proud that certain members of the present parent group were former students of Mr. Diablo High and have conlribuled lo the lradilions embodied in "Victory With Honor." To those parents and all the parents of the student body we say, "Hail," F. DIEL, Principal The School motto, "Victory With Honor" MRS. IRMGARD COX Girls' Dean MR. JOHN LAVINDER DR. ROBERT MARTIN MRS- DORIS l-OVENDGE President of the Board of Trustees TFUSYES Trusiee MR. PETE KRAMER Boys' Dean MR. HOWARD JONES Trustee Superintendent's Message You, The class OT l96O, are TO be cOngraTulaTed upon cledicaTing This yearboolc To your parenTs. Their conTinued inTeresT in your welTare and Their Tinancial supporT OT The school disTricT over a period OT years have made possible an excellenT educaTiOnal exper- ience Tor you To enioy. As a parenT OT Two pasT graduaTes Trom MT. Diablo High School, I lcnow Trom personal experience The im- pOrTance OT The high sTandards OT scholarship, spOrTs- manship, and ciTizenship which have always charac- Terized The acTiviTies OT your sTudenT body. The achievemenT OT your graduaTes has been elOquenT TesTimony TO The broad TOundaTiOn which was laid in Their high school years. Your moTTo, "VicTory WiTh Honor" has always im- pressed me, noT only in iTs implicaTion in aThleTics buT in all Tields OT human endeavor. IT you members OT The class OT 1960 will sincerely live up TO This moTTo, your parenTs will indeed be proud OT your TuTure accom- plishmenTs. MR.JAM'es DENTH g I Superinfendenf, MT. Diablo Unified DlsTrlcT starts with the Administration MR PAUL STONER MR. NORMAN KESTNER H ad Co selo ASST.Dedr1 MR OSCAR LARSON MR. JIM Roos MR. HAROLD P. HILL M-R. MILAN wiei-iT T usTee Business Superintendenf Assf. Superinfendenf District Work Coordinaio ur as-'W .M , 'gapwlg J gxJ MC Cu JULQAQ M2525 KLM, CVYLCWL' 953311 I CLS? X Q A QM GV XSTQQMUQ, QVHQA Qwg HWHAQKUW 1x Q ' wg M653 ' a x "l, is. ,E-ff' ,J LQ u 1.11. . , fr 4 " 'i4 ' . , I u Lf From faculty members we learn by precepf ol' H, n ,vows R-0+ 'rw . V ,' MR. GEORGE ARMSTRONG Mechanical Drawing Gardening, Skiing MR. ROBERT ARMSTRONG Algebra II Electricity Radio MISS LORNA BALL Algebra Geometry Arithmetic MR. JACK BIEDERMANN Art, Mechanical Drawing Photo MR. ORVILLE BEUTEL Industrial Arts Machine Shop, Sports MISS LEORA BISHOP Machine Calculation TYPINEJ Business Fundamentals MR. BUD BOHNE Physical Education Football Basketball MRS. BARBARA BRAGG Music Swimming Badminton MR. JOHN BREY Algebra, Geometry Arithmetic MISS DONNA BRITTON Physical Education MISS ETHEL BRUBAKER Librarian Music, Theatre MISS BARBARA BUSH Homemaking Sports, Knitting MISS BARBARA CARLSON English Archery, Travel MR. ERNFST CECACI Physical Education Driver Education Hunting MISS HELEN COURTRIGHT TYPII19 Counselor Gardening MRS. EI VERA CURLESS Homemaklng Music, Drama MR. FURY DALLA Comparative Civilization Civic and Economics MISS DOROTHY DODGE Business Arithmetic Steno Secretarial Practice MR. LESLIE DUNNELLS U. S. History Civics and Economics Fishing MRS. MARION EARLY English American Literature Reading MR. HART FAIRCLOUGH Algebra Football, Track MISS JESSIE FALCONER Physical Education Golf Knitting MISS RUTH GALINDO Spanish A.A.U.W. Theater MRS. HILDRED GARRISON Travel, Writing English MR. ALAN GELLERMANN Civics and Economics Psychology, Bridge MR. HAROLD GODCHAUX Fnglish, Music Sports MR. LOUIS GRAY U. S. History World Geography Hunting MISS BFTTY HAWK School Nurse Reading, Gardening MRS. DOROTHY HENDERSON Counselor Blology Gardening MRS. MARION HILLIARD U, S. History Comparative Civilization MISS NANCY HOOPER U. S. Hlstory World Geography S ish P3-fl MISS DOROTHY JACOBUS TYDIRQ Steno Counselor MR. RUFUS JOHNSON Biology Audlo Visual Gardening MRS. ROSE MARIE JONES Crafts Business Math Junior Class Adviser MR. WALTER KELSON Chemistry Golf Boating MRS. FRANCES KIDD TYPIN9 Office Practice Skilng MISS BETTY KIMURA Biology Music Reading MRS. HELEN KOLL Bookkeeping Sales Business Fundamentals MISS JEAN LAIRD U. S. History Modem History Tennis MR. ROBERT LANWAY Business Arithmetic Metal Shop Driver Training MRS. KAREN LIGHT English, Music MR. WILLIAM LOWE Civics and Economics Basketball Coach MRS. HELEN LUM Journalism, Yearbook English MRS. MARY LUMPKIN English Curriculum Assistant Chairman Scholarship Committee MR. ROBERT MACOMBER French, Latin Photography MRS. JOANNE MACOMBER Biology, Dancing MR. DONALD MADERA Physical Education Math Driver Education MR. WILLIAM MARRACINO Band Dance Band, Orchestra MRS. SANDRA CHERRIE Physical Education MR. TERRY McDANIEL Mechanical Drawing Flying, Photography MR. HAROLD McLEAN English American Literature MR. STANLEY MILLER Industrial Arts Hunting MISS JOAN MONROE English, Music Travel MR. LOYD MOORE Mathematics MR. WILLIAM MORRIS Social Studies Driver Training Sports MRS. IOLA O'GRADY Spanish Counselor MR. NORMAN OLSON Driver Education Driver Training S arts MPR. SAMUEL T. PETERS, JR. Arithmetic Business Arithmetic Fishing MR. GFORGE PRALL Choir, Ensemble English Composition MISS PEGGY REID Spanish, Drama Painting 541' ,we fb., the frue meaning of our molto. ,af 2 ' , Ef f N.. 2 ft 'K F! . J WW bf' CZ? English Reading Music DR. CAROLINE ROSS German Latin Music MR. JOSEPH RUKAVINA Industrial Arts Skiing Dancing 'VIISS MARJORIE SILVA Art Conversation Travel MR. DOUGLAS SMITH Physical Education Varsity Line Coach Track Coach MR JOHN SMULLEN Math Driver Training Fishing NIR. RAYMON STANSBURY Drama Speech Music MR. ORVAL STEFFEN Counselor Driver Education Agriculture MR, THOMAS STEYAERT Physiology Biology Senior Physical Science MISS BETTY SULLIVAN Steno TYDW19 Counselor MRS. PAULINE TOSCHI Dance Synchronized Swimming Physical Education MRS. GRACE TOWNLEY Special Class World Geography MR. ROBERT VENCILL Earth Science Physics Water Skiing MR. ANTHONY VIDAK Industrial Arts Sports Cars MISS BETTY WASSUM English Typing Business Communications MRS. NORMA WHITE Modern History Leadership Library League MR. LESTER WILLIAMS Physical Education Hunting Fishing MRS. LEAH WILSON American Literature English Sports MR. RICHARD WISOWATY Trigonometry Solid Geometry Plane Geometry CAMERA SHY TEACHERS Curtis Awbrey, Science Woodrow Wilson, Math Morgan Greenwood, Attendance Coordinator be xi I NW MRS. IRMGARD COX MR. NORMAN KESTNER MR. THOMAS STEYAERT Retiring after ll years as Girls' Dean, Candidate for City Councilman. Science Scholarship winner at Tulane and 32 years on our faculty. University, New Orleans. They, foo, compete. Hart' Fairclough, dressed in sweats, leads a swarm of Block D members, attired in leolards, shades, skirts, and shorts, to the basket in the Faculty Basketball Game, while the lovely yell leaders stand spellbound in the background. i .fl 3 Q S C rv' 'fi , , JK ,mf N , We Others contribute to our comfort and sense of security. CAFETERIA FRONT ROW, left to right: Bobbie Dagneau, Mariorie Leonard, Mar- garet Trette, Helen Luenser. BACK ROW: Rubv Mvers, Barbara Worth, Florence Olander, Alma Frederick. Not pictured is Hazel De-Frates. BUS DRIVERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Kenneth Gilliam. BACK ROW: Juanita Pul- liam, Joyce McGee, Gertrude Dubbs, Ray Olofson. , Q 1 'K fi' MF? ,5 fe E my N SECRETARIES FRONT ROW, left to right: Bonnie Neubert, Mickey Bozarth, Betty Lopey, Pauline Bechtold. BACK ROW: Katherine Morgan, Katherine Johnson, Winnie Rupprecht, Eunice Matheson, Thelma Pimental. CUSTODIANS FIRST ROW, left to right: James McLaughlin, Ron Heller, Marvin Larsen, Val Cooper. SECOND ROW: Gustave Hokanson, Art Young, Albert Lupori, Wayne Campbell, Frank Leiby, Joe Hua- iardo, John Palos. One of fhe newesl buildings on campus, erecled in l'750, is fhe Academic Building which houses The Mafhemafics and Journalism Deparlmenfs, as well as a few of lhe Social Science classes. "ln the shadows-" stands the physical Many of our prize-winning musicians spend lheir working and leisure hours in fhe Music Building. tag. evidence of our Alma Mater. English is one of our basic requiremenfs for gradualion-inside ihe English Building one may find al any period, five days a week, classes in American Lileralure, Drama, Speech, and English l, II, and lV, 1 1 24 41 'vw The oldesf bulldlnq on Diablo campus fhe Admlnislrahon Building will have Hs last sfand this summer as plans for conslrucflon of a new one are belnq y 2 M AW If SW M . 1 , .2 l fp, ,f ,WH W 'V The modern Girls and Boys Gym Building slls on lhe wesf side of 'the campus The Commercial Building halls echo lo The foolsfeps of aparl from fhe Quad acflvllles lls playing fields reach 'ro The edge of lhe fulure prlvafe secrelaries and language malors who enler here ,,,, fl Dm qw s yt 4, e'g l Q, in it . me 7 :few 'W ,,,,, h , , W -. ff fwfmf "' 44... I 'W-'IUK it -rf W v Q :' af' " A, 'sv , K 3 ""-W'--Lfgfss' l., , .. . 5- I. ll 4, j- M , ... m.,:,, fi t. .94 fx 'ifS!Ii'W!!9 7l'A"'g"""if'Q95lW55i"r.25 gafmz, , 11 1 V ,- ,. ,231 ' 1 ' 1 , 1 .. ri inf' ' 15, iw , 1 .,- ' 1 ,1 :Wi Q I s w. 1 Q1 .'. Jiidj. f J . .btw H.. 1 1 211. ', -., .1 I - -o ,1 2. ' ,, gun., -1 ,, 1 ' fXHxg",M.'3 ' V ,A 1, , 11 V 1 fi..-, 51, in'1ff'1a',1 ' R . fm Y 1. - 1,1 - 1 ' 1 fl- 11111 1 - 5 , ww ,A ,A 5, .5 A .bi af. f f-., , -5:-'gz-.1.:' - , .1151-,.3,,-.13 1, 1. .f11.1.g,,. 11 , V 11 1 1 . g.,,1s -1 -1 -2. . -1-M113 1 H ., :.- -1 .. 1 - .gan 1. wp.. :1g,,411-.ffizw :Y 1, 16.314911 :yr 1 J V ' 'J1..1-g 'E ,1.'k'1,.1:,E511 ., . .11.1'-12113, L- - ... - ' , -1:11 - -gs,11.1' 4 1--',,. 1 1.1,-' , Ynzprrx Af, . ,-,1u, I 4 .,A1. HI' 91.150, 411. ."1:'f':.?ftg.1,1 . Q f l A . , 11. ,,,, ,. , , "--9,f1f'.111'1-y,." , - .'. 1' 1'1H.1.1'1-Ls. . 'F Q-.'11n31'f11 .M xp 1. L.. 1 -1' wkvfg.. .- 1011 1. 1 L' 1. 2214- 1 11 ' if 1 11, 1 3 T fl N1 iaww 1 V 1 117 1-11 1,,...,1:vl, .. P?fWfh4H1rw- 'f 11' ' 'ft 3 . . li,iJ.g:S"r' 34, 4,. 'ir 1 M1 . -1 ,wr i , . . 11 E nw:-Q1-. , 1 1111.5 -11. 1 1 . ,1 , 14. 111 ,vm .,, YJ q., X. 1 1 1.1. . , 11.,.,.1.1 3 5: ag, 31, 'T 1 .1 1 11L5?'w -- ""5 111- i- N514 :4 I 1 f -X11 - 1 .,s.," 3 E, N, ,J . ' 51.455 f' . I-V 1 1. ' 1-ki - 1 :"1'111:,1: 1'-G. 41. E I 1 1 V .41- r '1-Il. 1 I H Pt-lglfwg 3 1 .1 1 . F 1. u -1' If S 41 15+ f 'L f'f-- 1 ' ' 1 .Q 'fr ,:"1" ., -1 LL'?1:.'-il . .,',-ff: U11 'e,?t?Y,p4:?2.. .aff , A 'Q I I ' I " STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Jim Racine CHIEF JUSTICE Jerry Loving SOCIAL AFFAIRS COMMISSIONER Linda Jason BOYS' REPRESENTATIVE Charles Shockey SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE Sandy Rasconi JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE Dave Bradley DVIC PARLIAMENTARIAN Paf Hennessey FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE Dorothy Mason PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMISSIONER, SPRING SEMESTER Maria Fernandez GROUNDS COMMISSION Bill Sanfos These leaders are representatives "of fi Dear Sludenls. Sludenl' council lor lime year '59-60 began lo lunc- lion as early as lasl Augusl. The firsl' ilem on +l'1e agenda was lo secure revenue for coming expendilures, and expecling increased cosls, line Council raised flue price of Sludenl Body Cards ro S3. An all-sclnool variely slwow was inirialed Ibis year. This was done Io replace The Iradirional class assem- blies and Ilwe Clubs Assembly. The annual magazine drive had moderale success. Prolils were suicficienl lo sponsor nexl' year's Foreign 'AJ ,,. Shi ,f !-H. 1 4, 1 Af ff g ,fr I I f we 2 , 3 2 1 ,Zi V, fw- ,q i - . I , , , W, Q 9,1 AJ- 6 " , 0.", V L.. -V' V rf ,ff 'W 5 5 1 ff-EK' 2 Ms my y ?f.m4Y for ' jhI,1 'Zan 1 .. A ff 4 , 5 ,brig , 1 fig 4 7, - , rw " 5 E 3 fy v 5 '0 L k.AmWFf A iii. 1 I, me 'QL 3 'R 4 I A4 AW if ,ef COPIG, by the people, for the people." Exchange sluclenl. The Yearbook Slall and lhe band also received a porlion of lhe lake. I-Iighlighling lhis year's Councils aclivily was 'rhe founding of a Code of Elhics lor lhe school. Il is hoped lhal 'rhis code will serve as a conducl' guide lor every lvil. Diablo sludenr. Looking back on Ihe accomplishmenls of lhe coun- cil, il appears lo me lhal lhe year was unusually successful. Yours lruly, JIM RACINE, Sludenl Body Presidenl i i I If-if r I 'Q VV 'QW 'fifill' STUDENT BODY VICE-PRESIDENT Mar-ly Piscovich GI RLS' REPRESENTATIVE Heidi Hohenrieder HEAD YELL LEADER Ed Cavallo STUDENT BODY SECRETARY Sharon Vanicek BUILDINGS COMMISSIONER Gary Lievre SALES AND FINANCE COMMISSIONER Bill Small I PUBLIC RELATIONS le! COMMISSION ER, FALL SEM ESTER Sieve Shelby PROGRAMS COMMISSIONER Kaylene Darnell CLUBS COMMISSIONER Jackie Nulley SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE Rila Haskins 7ae..,....,,. pamaazmww WNW-memssa ,gms-emwww iii ee W7 qwwwmww- nam E 22 mwemawme We gms-wpwefw mwwwmwm W N ww-mwmmpna Lk! 1-1 SEATED left To r-ight: Maria Fernandez, Kay Darnell, Jackie Nulley, Heidi Hohenrieder, Sharon Vanlcek Jim BGCIHB, Marfg Piscovich, Charley Shockey. STANDlNG: Pat Hennessy, Gary Lievre, Ed Cavallo Rita Haskins, orothy Mason, Sandy Rusconi, Bill Small, Dave Bradley, Linda Jason, Jerry Loving, Bill Santos, Steve Shelby. Student Council Decisions or compromise decisions beTween The students and TaculTy are made by The Student Coun- cil, The voice oT The sTudenTs in such maTTers. All The organizaTions, clubs and The Tour classes are represenTed in This group, and Their acTions are co- ordinaTed by The presidenT, Jim Racine. RegulaTing The sale oT STudenT Body cards, and Then buclgeTing The revenue Trom This sale To such groups as Diablo News, The assembly commiTTee, and The Dance CommiTTee, is The principal Tunction oT The council. Problems concerning sTudenTs and Tac- ulTy which come up Through The year, are meT and someTimes solved by This Council. Second in command are the committee membe Senior Student Advisers lT you haven'T seen many conTused Treshmen around campus This year, iT is due mainly To The unTiring eT- TorTs oT The Senior STudenT Advisers. These senior advisers are picked each year by Their U.S. l'lisTory Teachers, counselors, and Boys' and Girls' Represen- TaTives. ln Their Junior year, They help wiTh The Eighth Grade Visiting Day in June and, when reTurning in The Tall, These same senior sTudenTs help wiTh The Tresh- men Tour and with TesTing. IT is also Through These senior advisers ThaT many oT The Treshmen geT ac- quainTed and adiusT Themselves To high school. ROW ONE, left To right: Barbara Bloomer, Kay Pancoast, Barbara Barnes, Charmaine Omania, Enid Mathias, Bar- bara Buscalgia, Judy Zubey, Linda Lew- is. ROW TWO: Karen Ellingson, Margaret Harwell, Joyce Haring, Sally Gerboth, Joan Brazil, George Sousa, Gary Silva, Ken Hickey, Dina Podner. ROW THREE: Hu h Brown, Bud Chris- man, Chas. Shociey, Ed Bufler, Joe Harrell, Tom Morgan, Ron Belknap, Jerry Atnip, Steve Shelby. , 1 f . A, yt . , , i , N t pictured is Marty Piscovirh who regulates the functions ofthe House. ho coordinate student affairs by keeping order, House ot Representatives The House ot Representatives at Diablo, under Marty Piscovich, student body vice-president, serves as a link between the entire student body and the Student Council, which is composed ot the Student Body otticers. Each homeroom elects a homeroom representative to attend the monthly meeting. Under the advisership ot Mr. Pete Kramer, the l-louse checks tor satety hazards. This year, it devised a method tor a daily tlag salute. Foreign Exchange The Foreign Exchange Committee, an active group on Diablds campus, is in charge ot screening students who wish to spend the summer abroad. Chosen this year as tinalists were Kathleen Leshinsky, Norma Mc- Kenzie, Lynne Peter, and Rita Preszler. On November I4, the AFS Citizens Committee assisted by the Foreign Exchange Committee and Club, sponsored a Chuck Wagon Breaktast. The purpose ot this was to make money to help send a student abroad. Visit- ing lvit. Diablo this year as a toreign exchange student is Christos Saccopoulos who is staying in the home ot Bob Pinger. ROW ONE: Lois Shimrnin. ROW TWO, left to right: Rita Preszler, Cathi Cald- well, Janet Petrie, Lynne Peter. ROW THREE: Rosann Linford, Don Reid, Bob Pinger, Chris Saccopoulos, Steve Shel- by, Pat Hennessy Student Court Those proven guilty by the court were assigned an essa , poem, or paper pickups on the campus. Under the iieadership ot Jerry Loving, Chiet Justice, with the assistance ot Hugh Brown prosecuting attorney, the court has processed many citations this year. By "backing up" the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Service Committees, the court achieves its purpose. SEATED, lelt to right: Rita Haskins, Pav Martinelli, Jerry Loving, Sandy Rusconi, Dorothy Mason, Dwain Adams. STAND- ING: Willy Cullen, Bill Nelson, Hugh Brown, Larry Bisso, Dave Bradley. Public Relations The Public Relations Committee on campus is com- prised ot the school's publication editors and statt members, and various heads ot the major campus groups. The dut ot the committee is to edit quality publications andialso to care tor any ot the publicity problems which may concern the Student Body. M: SEATED, left to right: Carole Lindsey, Cathi Caldwell, Bonnie Mason, Claire Garrigues, Maria Fernandez. STANQ- ING: Bill Nelson, Steve Shelby, Bill Small, Chas. Shocliey. K watching the excheque .gi 1 4 :J dispensing publicity. The siudenf Traffic in fhe buildings is kepf moving smoofhly by fhis group. Junior Service The Junior Service Group. headed by Gary Lievre, Buildings Commissioner. oversees hall Traffic. Two members are siarioned ai ihe doorways and slairways of each building. I+ is ihe responsibiliry of +his group 'ro see ihai no one enlers or leaves buildings ihrough ihe wrong door. Sales and Finance Sfuclenirs in charge of Sales and Finance sell Siudenr Body Cards and all 'rickeis for school Tunciions. Head- ed by Sales and Finance Commissioner Bill Small, members of The commiilee award Tirsl' choice of sears ai rhe assemblies io 'rhe iirsr Third Period Class 'ro gei IOO per ceni on Siudeni Body Cards. Handling lhe money of sludenfs of Ml. Diablo High School is lhls group's iob. Sophomore Service "Block ThaT pass" is noT only a TavoriTe saying aT TooTball games in The Tall, buT is also heard all year long aT our brunch and lunch lines. The sTuden+s who usually whisper, speak or yell This maxim are The mem- bers oT Sophomore Service. These sophomore sTu- denTs are piclced in June oT Their Treshman year by The Sophomore Service Adviser and The TuTure Soph- omore RepresenTaTive. In The Tall when school begins, These sophomores also begin Their year-long iob oT disciplining sTudenTs in brunch or lunch lines. SOCIAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE ROW ONE, Ieff To riqhT: Barbara Brooks, Heidi Hohenrieder, Bonnie Ma- son, Linda Jason, Carole Treece, Judy Sheehan, Barbara Buscaglia, Enid Ma Thias. ROW TWO: Bea Sampere, Dor- oThy Mason, Helen Walsh, Joan Nuiley, Jackie Nufley, Joyce Haring, Barbara Moak, Sally GerboTh. ROW THREE: Becky Nicolson, Mariha Riley, Carol Lindsey, Margie Ecoffey, Irene Omanla. Donna May, Eloise Snipes, Midge Moyer. A This group moniTors The lines of upper and lowerclassmen while They buy brunch and lunch. X .X X xy Social Affairs Heading The Social ATTairs CommiTTee This year was commissioner, Linda Jason. This commiTTee worlcs To presenT bigger and beTTer dances To MT. Diablo l-ligh School. lTs chieT duTies are To obTain TIT music -be iT records or live band, presenT decoraTions, and secure reTreshmenTs. ln The pasT, dances have been The only acTiviTy puT ouT by Social ATTairs CommiITeeq This year, Though, iT was proud To presenT The TirsT Annual Homecom- ing To MT. Diablo l-ligh School. Senior Service Dodging cars is an occupaTional hazard for The Senior Service members, since direcTing sTudenT car Traffic is Their main job. Headed by Senior RepresenTaTive RiTa Haskins, The members conTrol The Traffic befween classes along Gram' STreeT, relieving The Traffic iams as The sTu- denfs' cars leave The sTudenT parking loT and They also keep walking Traffic moving befween classes. Direcfing Traffic is The main dufy of E This group. Freshman Service "Pick up ThaT paper. . ." is a familiar cry of The Frosh Service members. The purpose of The Freshman Service CommiTTee is To keep The grounds Tidy. This group of Frosh are chosen afTer They have become accusTomed To The high school way of life. Being on The job ever day is parT of Their duTy. This year aT MT. Diablo The Grounds Commissioner, Bill SanTos, is head of This commiTTee. T ,... ,W . Keeping The grounds neaT and free from paper is The funcfion of This group. Pop- corn disappears, foo. 4 . It ' f A V E122 Spiri+ is promoted al all foolball and basketball games by fhis group of well over 60 members. R ul Wm or lose, they lead us. y DANNY DEVIL MR. JACK SMULLEN Adviser KAREN KLIHR WVY sf rv WN 37 QF? 5 - , , , Rally Committee Qur sporls season would loe delinilely incornplele wilhoul lhe baclc- ing ol lhe Rally Comrnillee. Nol only is lhe commillee lhe promoler of school spiril, buf il also promoles such necessary lhings as providing lransporlalion lor all away games, lalcing 'riclcels al lhe enlrances, decoraling before each game, and publicizing lhe sporls evenls. This organizalion has various subcomrnillee chairmen: Decoralions, Virginia Pallersong Pulolicily, Maria Fernandez: lransporlalion, Karla Weinzheimer: Card Slunls, Ida Yamanalcaq Sales, Rila Preszler, The Rally Comrnillee is under lhe difeclion ol lhe yell leaders and song leaders guided by Mr. Jaclc Smullen. fix '5 ll CHRYSTAL MALONEY PENNY ROYAL SHARON HENSON VIVIAN BESSILIEVRE EDDIE CAVALLO LINDA LEWIS DAVE CARPENTER PAT SMITH Head Yell Leader Z2 .- ur A icic is N M 5 Yell leaders exciie The spirif of the seniors. John Cash organizes fhe card secfion designs fhis year. The card secfion shows its colors af fhe Piffs- burg game. Birdman Ed Cavallo leads ihe cheering sec- fion. Coach Har! Fairclough irwroduces Champlons of l959-60. f While lalung lime oul from piclures, lhe crew relaxes. glue Fllaasigl lloolball learn leasls al lhe annual duck leed donaled by r, er le. We are all bundled up for a lypical rainy day noon hour, Dl5bl0 is Pfolld fo l1iV9 Glqlll S9lS of lWlV1S on CGYWPUS- The five-minufe period befween classes is in Hs usual rush. Ed and Dave insped The reilinq- uma., ff +54 YQ' ll " EV9"YOne gels in lhe mood while Jim plays lhe bongos. A couple of casual seniors slroll lo class. Debbie is pracficing for her fufure career as a Sonq Leader. 'nd PEWHY lake lime oul for looking over Yhe Diablo News. A few seniors fake fime oul from Senior Veriefy praclice. The bench of The class ol I960 is, as usual, being occupied by lhe Senior Men, Sfaff members while gelfinq ready for deadline work sfeadily, L, E f 4 S M WAWM Q x -I 1 525: Q V A -9 3I Msyd , QMs fir' nzy. Q. 1 3 F xf -13 3, La -5 c i 3 1, . W... mm, 31. X Q5 In w 'Dr ' L k ' 9-5 -HF ED BUTLER CRAIG WILLIAMS LOIS SHIMMIN RITA HASKINS President Vice-President Secretary Representative By now we have learned that Victory with Honor is our first commandment. Seniors Dear Parents: We have now come to realize that lite moves at a tast rate. The time has come when we must turn trom the guiding hands ot our superiors and tind our own way in the world. With us, we shall take our education and our memories. The spirit in the worst ot the game, athletic and scholastic, when we have asked the Good Lord tor that little extra help and understanding, brought "Victory With l-lonor"p those and our activites are un- forgettable memories we shall take with us. The year really started out in a big way with "Bustin' Cut," the Senior Variety Show under the direction ot Judy Edinborgh, and tollowing it was Senior Career Day headed by Bruce Peet and Judy Dalton. Pat Smith saw to it that the Senior Banquet, "Memories in Mod- ern," was a big success, and Ron Belknap did an equally good iob on the Senior Picnic. To end the year the breathetaking Senior Ball, "Enchanted Forest," may be accredited to Enid Mathias and Fred Auda. Last, lout certainly not least, we shall take with us the memory ot Graduation Day which we may attribute to you. Because ot your guidance, tolerance and under- standing we have reached this milestone in our lives. We, the Senior Class ot l96O, would like to thank you and try to make you proud ot this achievement. Thank you, The Senior Class ot l96O. :VV 2 rye ffl ff" ADVISERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Mrs. Helen Koll, Miss Barbara Bush, Mrs. Mary Lumpkin. BACK ROW: Mr. Jack Bieder- mann, Mrs. Barbara Bragg, Mr. Bill Rigqle, NOT PIC- TURED: Mr. Doug Smith, Mr. George Prall, Mr. Alan Gellermann, Mr, Leslie Dunnels, chairman. COUNSELORS Mr. Loyd Moore, Mrs. lola O'Grady ROY ALLEN Crafls I: Welding Il. ROBERT ALLISON Wood Shop: Aufo Shop: Car Club. MARY AMERSON Senior Cabinef: Jury Member: Junior Fash- ion Show: Sales and Finance Commillee. JUDY ARENS Business Club: Sales and Finance Commil- fee: Swim Show: Brunch Service. MADELEVA ARMSTRONG Business Club: GAA: Cap and Gown: Pho- fography. SHIRLEY ARNOLD Business Club: IWE: Rally Comrniflee. SANDRA ARVIN Business Club: IWE: Brunch Service: House of Represenlarive. KAREN ASH Transfer Sfudenf lSpanaway, Washinqlonlg Honor SOCIETY: Drama Club: Siudenl Body Treasurer. JOHN BARTON Transfer Sfudenl fCamden, Arkansasl: Swim Team: Block 'D'. BILL BAWUEN Lug-Nurs: Jury Member. MARGARET BECK Swim Show:'Junior Service: A Cappella Choir: Senior Announcement Cornmiflee. RON .BELKNAP Block 'D': Senior Picnic Commirreeg Gold 'D': Wreslling. GARY LEE BENZLER V r if Football- Block 'D': Honor Sociefy: a s v . Junior Fashion Show. PATTI BINKS GAA: Business Club: Drama Club: IWE. RONALD BJORK Auro Club: J.V. Foolball. KATHY BLIKENG GAA: Choir: Girls' Glee. GERALD ATNIP ' Senior Variely: Senior Sludeni Adviser: DI- ablo News Srarl: Varsity Tennis. FRED AUDA D Varsily Foolballg Varslly Track: Diablo '60: Senior Ball Chairman. DUANE BAILL Machine Shop lll: Gymnaslics: Diving: Block .Di MARGARET EVELYN BANUAT JSA: Honor Sociely: German Club: Senior Banquel Commillee. ELAINE BARANOWSKI Girls' Glee. MIKE BARBOUR Varsily Foolball: Varsily Track: Senior Cab- inet: Term Play. JERRY BARHAM Track: Basketball: House of Representatives: Silver 'D'. BARBARA ANNE BARNES Swim Show: Senior Sludenl Adviser: House of Represenlafives: Senior Ball Comrnillee 32 .W if n, 2 2 My -z, Z.. I' 1 7 f ,1 ' . ' f ff SUSAN COOK Junior Fashion Show: Swim Show: Drama As- sembly: Ski Club. JACK COTCHER Varsity Swimming: Honor Society: Teen-age Rgloresentative-C.C, Safety Council: Block JAMES CRAIG Block 'D': Silver 'D': Yearbook Staff: House ot Representatives, RODGER CRAMER House of Representatives: Frosh Service: Welding IV: Photography. NEVALENE CREMEEN Sales and Finance: Business Club: OWE. JOANN-E CRENNA GAA: Business Club: IWE. SCOTT CRENSHAW Senior Service: Varsity Basketball: 'B' Bas- ketball: Block 'D'. RICHARD B. CRESS BARBARA GALE CHANCE Honor Society: Sword and Bauble: Cap and Gown: Business Club President. MARIA CHATELLIER. I Transfer Student llzloridal: JSA:.Foreign Ex- change: House of ReDf65enl5IlVe5- ROBERTA ANN CHONG - k Business Club: Senior Service: Chairman of Brunch Stands: JSA. WILLARD CHRISMAN . ' Block 'D': Track: Senior Cabinet: Senior Ball Committee. DENNIS CLARK Senior Variety. SUE COLLINS - ' Junior Fashion Show: Mt. Diablo Marching Band: GAA: Business Club. RICHARD COMPTON Wrestling: Future Farmer of America: Foot- ball: Track. SUSAN COOK A House of Representatives: Head Scorer for Gymnastics: Senior Cabinet: Swim Show. JIM CROMWELL J.V. Football: CAP: Track: Gymnastic. JOHN CROSS Transfer Student lLa Canadai: Science Club: Senior Ball Committee. ROBERT WILLIAM CULLEN Varsity Football: Block 'D': Honor Society: Yearbook and Journalism Staffs. JAMES CURRY Frosh Football: Cross Country: Track. JUDITH DALTON Cap and Gown Committee: Sales and Fi- nance Committee: CSF: Business Club Secretary. DIANA DeVERE DALY IWE: Cnoir: Brunch Service: Business Club, KAYLENE DARNELL Programs Commissioner: CSF: Senior Ball Committee: Jr. Service, RAMONA DAVIS Choir-2 years: Diabio '6Og Junior-Senior Service: Cao and Gown Commiffee. DONALD F. DEVINCENZI Block 'D': Varsily Track Mgr.: Varsiry Fool- ball Mgr. HARALD DOGLIANI Science Club: Foreign Exchange Club: CSF: Honor Sociery. VEANDRA KAYE DOZIER Silver 'D': Jury Member: Business Club: House of Representatives. MADALYN DRAGO CSF: Junior Service: French Club: Sword and Bauble. DONNA DRISKELL Senior Banque? Commifiee: Senior Variely Show. MONTY DUARTE Melal IV: Mechanical Drawing IV. BOB DULAS School Phorographer. TERRY DWYER Track: J.V. Foofball: Senior Variely: Junior Fashion Show. . 12. . f JANET LORRAINE DECKER . - CSF: Sales and Finance Commlflee: Swim Show: Choir. JOANNE DeCOFANO . A Senior Cabinet: Sales and Finance Commit lee: Senior Banquef Commlllee: IWE. JoANN DeFRATES Girls' Glee: A Cappella Choir: IWE: Jury Member. ELIZABETH Del-IART JRC: FNA: Business Club: JSA. RICHARD DEL CHIARO IWE. ROBERT DEL CHIARO ROBERT DEL TESSANDRO Senior Variely. HERB DENTON Baskefball: Advanced Wood: Baseball. MARGIE ECOFFEY News Slaff: Dance Commiffee: Head Ma- iorelfe: Senior Ball Commillee, JUDY ANN EDINBORGH Drama Assembly: Junior Fashion Show: CSF: Senior Variefy Show Chairman. KAREN ELLINGSON Senior Sfudenf Adviser: Senior Announce- menl Commiilee: Rally Commillee: Senior Cabinet PHILLIP ERICKSON Freshman Service: Sales and Finance Com- mifree: Junior Service: House of Repre- senfafives. PAUL ERMAN Aufo Shop: Junior Assembly. NANCY EVANS GAA: Business Club: Silver 'D': Junior Fash- ion Show. MARIA FERNANDEZ Public Relafions Commissioner: News Sfaf'l: Senior Variely: CSF. SANDRA FIELDS Senior Announcernenls Commiflee: Junior Fashion Show: Senior Service: House of Represenlaflves. GAYLE FISKE Junior Fashion Show: Sophomore Service- Business Club. MICHAEL FORD German Club: Advanced Drama: Laiin Club. GERALD FRAZER Wood Shop Il: Auio Shop I: OWE, TED FREEMAN Track. CONNIE FULK Ensemble: Oklahoma: Finian's Rainbow. RAEANN FULLER Drama Club: Business Club: Red Cross Club: Junior Fashion Show. ESTHER GAJARIAN Sophomore Service: Eclucalion Club. MARIZA GARCIA Freshman Cleanup: Sophomore Service: Junior Fashion Show: Business Club. KATHY GRAY Business Club. RICHARD GREEN JIM GRIFFIN ROSALIE GRIMM Transfer lArizonaI: IWE: P.U. Parnasses Club. SANIDRA LEE GROSS Business Club: Ski Club. SHARON GROSS Senior Ball: Senior Variely: Junior Fashion Show: Business Club. CHARLES HAGOOD Science Club. DIANE HAMILTON CSF: Rally Comrniflee: Senior Service: Sen- ior Va riefy Commillee. DOUGLAS VERNON GARDENER Senior Adviser, Track, A Cappella Choir, Yearbook I. SALLY GERBOTH Dance Committee: CSF: Educafion Club: House of Represenfafives. ANN GILDER Senior Picnic Commiflee: French Club: Sales and Finance: Junior Fashion Show. CAROL GLASS Business Club: IWE. ROBERT GOBLE Ari I and II: Wood I: OWE, EILEEN GOLDEN Business Club: Sword and Bauble: Senior Picnic Commiffee: Junior Fashion Show. ROBERT GORDON CSF: German Club: Junior Service: Senior Adviser. MICHAEL NATHAN GRAHN III Senior Cabinet Senior Picnic Commilfee: Foofballg Junior Fashion Show. 1 jf ROBERT E. HAMMER Lafin Club: Junior Car Wash: J.V. Baseball. JOYCE HARING Senior Srudenl Adviser: Dance Commilleeg Honor Sociery: Senior Banquel Comrnirlee JOSEPH HARRELL Senior! Sales: Senior Adviser: Junior Car- YIIVB A SHARON HARRIS Honor Society: Sophomore Service: Sales and Finance Commiflee: Swim Show. JERRY HARRISON FrzgsI1lFoorbaIl: J.V. Foolball: Varsily Fool- a . MARGARET HARWELL Senior Adviser: Swim Show: Rally Commit- Iee: Junior Fashion Show. RITA HASKINS Class Represenlalive lSopI1ornore, Junior, and Seniorl: Junior Prom: Flag Maiorefre: Senior Variely, TRUDY LA RAINE HAYS Sword and Bauble: Senior Sales Cornmiilee: Cap and Gown Commillee: Senior Ball Commitlee. ,pax 'Qs HEIDI HOHENRIEDER A I Girls' Rep.: CSF: Dance CornmiHeeI5Ef1'0" Ball Comrnirlee, BRENT HOKANSON Mech. Drawing Ill. NADINE HOLTHOUSE Honor Sociefy: Advanced Modern Dance: A Cappella Choir: Swim Show. RENNIE HOOBLER Junior Fashion Show: Silver 'D': Business Club. WILBERT A.HORNE None. GARY JOEL HUBBARD Arr IJ Crafts I: Frosh Foofball. SHARON HUBBARD Business Club: Rally Commiflee: Silver 'D': Jr. Fashion Show. STEVE HUBBARD IWEQ J.V. Football. SANDY HAYWARD Brunch Service. JAMES CANNON HENDERSON Varsiry Foofballg Wreslling: Baskelball. CAROL HENDRIX Term Plav: Senior Cabiner: Junior Carnival Business Club. PATSY ANN HENNESSY Foreign Exchange Siudenl Io Finland: Fresh man Vice-Presideni: Junior Secretary: Siu den? Council. KENNETH HICKEY Varsity Swimming: Block 'D': News Slaii Senior Variely Commirlee, GREGORY HILL - Block 'D'g Senior Variery Show: Senior Serv ice: Danny Devil. NORMAN HILL Frosh Foolball: House ol Represenialives Silver 'D': Jazz Club. JOANN S. HOFF Transfer lSan Franciscolg Fencing Team Servia Socielyg GAA. JUDITH MARIE JONES Modern Dance: Jr. Fashion Show: Synchrof nizecl Swim. SHARON JONES Freshman Service: Jr. Fashion Show: Jr. Prom. Commiflee: Sr. Banquel Cornmiflee. KATHLEEN C. KABAT IWE: OWE. STAN KALINOWSKI Honor Socielyg IWE. JEAN KARLSRUD Jr. Fashion Show: Ski Club: GAA: FNA. DAVAE KARNS Varslfy Swim Team: German Club, BYRON KELLY Auto Shop. SHARON KELLY Advanced Dance: Business Club: Dance Commilfee: Honor Sociely. DAVID HULL House ol Represenlalives: Science Club: Machine Shop: Frosh Service, THOMAS JACKSON Advanced Wood. ALBERT JACOBS J.V, Baskelball: Varsity Baskelball: Jr. Fash- ion Show: Block 'D'. IRVING JANES Jr, Fashion Show. LINDA JASON Social Affairs Commissioner: Senior Sales: Yearbook Slaff. JU DY JETER GAA. ED JOHNSON Varsily Foolball: Varsilv Baseball: House of Represenlafivesg Block 'D'. GEORGE JONES Marching Band ll: Ensemble: Cross Coun- lry: Transfer from Clear Lake. DUANE KIIHNE Choir: Terrn Play: Freshman Baskelball. WILLIAM KILCORSE C and D Baskelball: PA Crew: Radio Ill: Radio Club. BONITA KAY KILLINGSWORTH CSF: Business Club: Drama Ill: Silver 'D'. JAMES KINNEY BILL KISTNER Foofball: Baseball: Transfer from Pleasanl Hill. BOB KOCH Freshman Foolball: JV Football: Varsity Foolball: Varsilv Track. HOWARD KOOPMAN Wood ll: Silver 'D'. REX KRAMER Terrn PlaYI Sword and Baubleg News SlaHg Senior Ball Cornrnillee. 4l KAREN KAE KUHR Yell Leader l2 yrs.i: Honor Society: Modern Dance: Rally Committee. RONALD LASLEY Frewrgan Football: Mechanical Drawing IV: LINDA LEE GAA: Business Club: IWE. SAM LEONARD Photo Club Pres.: Football: Track: Freshman Cabinet. LINDA LANAE LEWIS Yell Leader i2 yrs.i: Diablo '60 and News Stati: Senior Picnic: Senior Varsity Show. U CLAUDINE IBI LLIEI LOGAN JIM LOHRMANN Auto III: Welding Ill: Drifters Car Club. LAEL LORENGER IWE: Business Club: Sales and Finance: Silver 'D'. JERRY LOVING Chief Justice: Varsity Basketball IZ yrs.l: Gold 'D': Student Council. SUE LUCAS IWE. SANDRA MAE MADLENA A Cappella Choir: Marching Band: Swim Club: Senior Picnic Committee. STUART MANN Advanced Wood Shop. BRUCE MARTIN GARY LIEVRE h Building Commissioner: Varsity Football: Wrestling: Track. CAROLE LINDSEY News Staff Bus. Manager: Yearbook Staft: Egucation Club President: Senior Variety ow. RICHARD LOERA Auto Il: Welding ll: Auto Club: Industrial Art Club. STUART MARTIN News Staff: Yearbook Statt. PATTY MARTINELLI Rally Committee: Business Club: Swim Club: Sales and Finance. BONNIE LOUISE MASON CSF: :Editor Diablo '60: Sophomore Vice- President: Sr. Banquet Committee. GARY MASON Praaidkent Radio Club: Chess Club: Science u . ENID MATHIAS Assistant Editor Diablo '60: Senior Student Adviser: Dance Committee: Senior Ball Chairman. SANDY LEE MATTSON Girls' Glee: Swim Show. JOYCE MAYFIELD Brunch Service: Class Alternate ll-louse ot Representativesi. MARILYN MAYLONE Sr, Banquet Committee: Rally Committee: Senior Variety Show: Sales and Finance. GEORGE THOMAS MCDERMOTT Senior Variely Showg B Baskelballg Cap and Gown Comrnifleep B Baskelball. ROBERT LYLE McELWAINE Indusrrial Arls Clubs: Mefal Ilg Crafls II1 Sr. Banque? Commilfee. PAULA MCGUIRE Honor Socielyg Term Play: Sales and Fi- nance: Ski Club. KENNETH MCKINNEY Teahouse of The Augusl Moonp Finian's Rain- bow: C and D Baskelball. PATRICIA ANN MEALEY Senior Sales Chairmang Yearbook Staff '59 and '60g Swim Showg Jr. Fashion Show. BOB MEEKER Bandg Dance Banclj Jr. Achievemenfg Slu- denf Courf. BILL MEESE J.V. Foorballg Senior Variely Showg Year- book I. THOMAS MAX MESSER Frosh Foolballg Trackg Gymnaslics. BEVERLEY ANN MUNDY A Cappella Choir: Senior Announcernenl Commiffeeg Sales and Finance: Junior Fashion Show. LINDA MYERS - A Junior Fashion Show: Rally Commllleeg Busi- ness Clubg Junior Service. NANCY NAKATANI DONNA NEES Honor Socielyg Swim Showg Junior Fashion Show: Advance Dance. BILL NELSON V Junior Class PresidenIgABIock 'D' Presldenfg Varsily Fooiballg Senior Ball Commillee. DENNIS NEWMAN Freshman Football: J,V, Foofballg Lugnuls. THOMAS B. NICHOLS' B Baskefballg Senior Varlely Show: House of Represenfalivesg Frosh Foolball. JULIAN. NICKLAUS Football: Block 'D'g Wresllingg Baseball. MARILYN MICKEY Girls C-lee Junior Prom JOYCE MILLER Modern Dance Silver D LINDA MILLER 4 I Silver 'D'g Ensernbleg Senior Variely Showg Advanced Drama. JACK MOORE KAY MOORE . Transfer from Pleasant Hlllg Sales and F'- nance Cornmilleeg Jr. Fashion Show: Tri Hi Y. WILLIAM MOORE Varsify Foofball lrnqr.Ig Varsify Baskelball Imgnj. TOM MORGAN House of Represenlalivesp Senior Adviserg Senior Cabinelg Senior Variety Show, CHARLES DUANE MORRIS Frosh Foorballg Varsfy Foofballg Track. ,,., Q' 'fu' Dx is-... ELSIE ROBERTA NOE Oklahoma: Finian's Rainbow: Ensemble: A Cappella Choir. JIM NORMAN Junior Fashion Show: Senior Varieiy Show' Swim Team: Senior Service. RANDY NORRIS Junior Fashion Show: Senior Picnic Commii- lee: Yearbook Slafi: Senior Variely Show. JACKIE NUTLEY Clubs Commissioner: Honor Sociely: Mod- ern Dance: Junior Cabinel. JOHN G. ODEGARD JR. G,-ymnaslics: Marching Band. CHARLES ODOM Aeronaulics Club: Phofo Club: Freshman Foolball. MAUREEN C. OLIVER Business Club: JSA: IWEQ Senior Announce- rnenf Committee. CHARMAINE OMANIA Senior Banquel Commirlee: Junior Fashion Show: Sales and Finance: Senior Service. SHEILA PEEBLES Advanced Dance: Swim Show: Transfer lSacramenfol. WALT PEEBLES Block 'D': Wreslling: House of Represenla- tives: Mechanical Drawing IIIA. BRUCE PEET . Cross Couniry: Science Club: Honor So- ciel'y: Science Fair. CARMEL PELLAND House of Represenlafivesg Honor Sociely: Business Club: IWE. JANET PETRIE Ensemble: Foreign Exchange Commilfee: Rally Commiliee, Cap and Gown Com. SANDRA LEE PHELPS Advanced Band: Business Club: IWE: Silver iD.. ROBERT ROLAND PINGER JR. Varsify Fooiball, Honor Sociery: Track: Sen- ior Ball Commirfee. JOHN PLOEGER Junior Fashion Show: Drama Assembly: Silver 'D'. E filo SUZANNE CAROL PADELFORD Junior Prom: Journalism Siaii: Dance Corn- rnirlee: Jury Member. KATHRYN ELLEN PANCOAST Senior Adviser: Senior Announcemenl Com' millee: CSF: Dance Comm flee. RITA PANYKOVIC IWE: Synchronized Swim. JAMES PARKER Freshman Football: J.V, Football: Senior Variety Show. WILLIAM PARRISH Swim Team: Jazz Club, BOB PARSCAL VIRGINIA LEE ANNE PATTERSON Rally Connrnillee: Junior Fashion Show: A Cappella Choir: Cap and Gown Com- rniflee. GARY PED'ERS EN OWE. KN JIM RAWLINSON Junior Fashion Showg Senior Serviceg Junior Promq Play Feslival '57, BILL RESTUCH Wood X. HARRY SH EPARD REX Furure Farmers of Arnericag Phofoqraphy. PATRICIA ANN ROBERSON IWE. PRISCILLA ROBINSON 6-AAg Business Club: IWE. CAROL RODGERS Ski Clubg GAA: Business Clubi KENNETH ROE Journalism, Wood II, JACK ROOKAIRD 4l-I, 15 IWE. iii spik- DINA PODNER Diablo News Sraffg Senior Variefy Show' Diablo '60g Senior Picnic Committee. LINDA PRISK lWEg Silver 'DH Business Club, PAT PRYOR A Transfer lPleasanI Hilllg Senior Sales. GAYLE PU RYEAR MIDGE PUTNAM Senior Sales: Frosh Assemblyj Junior As- sernbly. JAMES RACINE Sluclenf Body Presidenlg Varsily Baslcelballg CSFg Varsify Track, JAIME RAMIREZ Honor Socielyg Wresrlingg Gymnasficsg Aulo Shop I-II. ROBERT RAMSEY RICHARD ROOT Frosh, Foolballg Junior Fashion Show. NANCIE ROWDEN , Sales and Finance Cornmllfeep A Cappella Choirg Jun'or Fashion Show: Senior Variety Show. PENNY JILL ROYAL Songleaderg Senior Picnic Cornmillcej Homecoming Queeng Yearbook Slafi. PETE RUBIO BRIAN RUSSELL Aufo Shop llg OWEg Melal Shopj IWE. RALPH RUTHERFORD Foolballg Block 'D'g Ski Club. CHRISTOS SACCOPOULOS Senior Cabinerj Jury Member: Foreign Ex change Student from Greecej Seri or Va rierv Show. SHARON SANDMANN Transfer Sludenl from HOW Narnes1A CJD. pella Choirg Cap and Gown Cornrnilfee we 'C' Qi R -1991. 'W MAX SHORT Marching Band Cross Country Wrestling AUGUST SANTOS Varsity Football: Varsity Track: Grounds Commissioner: Block 'D'. MARIE LOUISE SCHELL Transfer from Oregon: GAA: Flag Twirler: Platter Party. TOM SCOGGINS ROBERTA SEIBOLD GAA: JSA: Latin Club: FNA. ROBERT K. SEMANS Latin Club: Science Club: Honor Society- Senior Service. STEVEN M. SHELBY D Public Relations Committee: Foreign Ex- change Committee: Gold 'D': Senior Ad- viser. LOIS JEAN SHIMMIN Senior Secretary: Foreign Exchange Com- mittee Chairman: Dance Committee: CSF. CHARLES SHOCKEY Boys' Representative: Senior Adviser: A Cappella Choir: Basketball. Rally Band GARY SILVA Wrestling Senior Service Senior Announce mergtt Committee, News and Yearbook Sta . WILLIAM ALLEN SILVA Auto Club: Advanced Wood. STEVE SIMONDS Machine Shop IV. BRIAN ALLEN SLAGLE Transfer from Brentwood: Baseball: Junior Executive: Honor Society. TH OMAS SLATER Football: Ensemble. MORGAN ADELBERT SLONEKER BILLY SMALL - Sales and Finance Commissioner: Rally and Dance Band: Soph Service. DARLENE SMITH Rally Committee: JSA: GAA: Honor Society FLETCHER SMITH MEL SMITH PATRICIA SMITH Yell Leader: Senior Banquet Chairman: Ral- ly Committee: Dance Committee. RUTHANN SMITH Modern Dance: Junior Fashion Show: Junior Assembly: Senior Announcement Com- mittee. GENE SNASEL GEORGE SOUSA Varsity Wrestling: Varsity Football: Senior Ball Committee: Diablo News. JOSEPH SOUSA Sophomore Service: Sales and Finance Corri- mittee: Dance Band: Marching Band. WILLIAM SPENCER Drgnwa Assembly: Welding I: OWE: Boys' ee, CAMERON SPERLING JANET SPERLING JSA: French Club: Senior Sludenl Adviser: Sales and Finance. LOIS SPIVEY Junior-Senior Prom Chairman: Junior Class Represenlalive: Transfer Sludenf IDaIlas, Oregonl: Sophomore Class President. JOLENE SPURLOCK Girls' Glee: A Cappella Choir: IWE: Syn- chronized Swim. LESLIE HOWARD STEVENS Marching Band: Melal IV. RALPH STOIKES LORETTA SU M MER S Jury Member: A Cappella Choir: Swim Show: Business Club. DWAIN rnosr sos Tuimouisr RICHARD VAN DYKE si-:Anon vANiceK Sludenl Bod Secrefary: Marching Band: Y GAA: Honor Sociely. NONA VAN SCHAACK A Cappella Choir: Business Club: GAA. ARLENE VASCONI Business Club: IWE: House of Represen- fafives. DENNIS VENTURINI Jury Member. BETTE VISPERAS IWE: GAA: Business Club. an 941' A 'J' JIM SUMNER House of Represenlalivesg Advanced Wood II: Aulo Shop. MELINDA SWEENY Senior Cabinet: A Cappella Choir: Cap and Gown Commillee: Junior Fashion Show. DAVID SWIDRAK RICHARD TERRA Senior Variefy Show: News Slaff: Fool- baIl:Track. RON TERRY CAROL THIEMAN STEVEN THOMAS MIKE THOMPSON Advanced Band: Senior Variely Show. PHIL C. VOEKS Aulo Club: ACS: Ski Club. E. JAMES WELLS JR. Marching Band-Drum Maiorg Senior Variely Show: Radio Club: Honor Sociely. SHARRON WELLS Swim Show. SHARON JEAN WEST CSF: Junior Fashion Show: Modern Dance' Senior Variely Show. I KYLE WESTOVER Senior Variely Show: Ensemble: Oklahoma: News Slaif, Assisfanl Edilor. KENNETH WETZEL Radio Club. NANCY WILEY Dance Commifleeg Honor Sociely: Modern Dance: House of Represenlalives. CRAIG WILLIAMS Senior Class Vice-Presidenl: Sludenl Courlg Football: Track. JIM WOODROW . House of Represenlalivesy Honor Sociefy, German Club: Junior Service. DONALD WRAY KAY WYLIE GAA: IWE: Business Club. IDA YAMANAKA GAA: Cap and Gown Co-Chairman: CSF: Junior Vice Presiclenl. RODENA YORK Business Club: GAA: IWE. SHARI ZOCCHI Junior Fashion Show: House of Represen Ialivesg Senior Sales. ANDREW ZOPOLOS Varsifv Track: Block 'D': Senior Picn'c Corn- millee: "B" Track. JUDITH ANN ZUBEY Junior Cabinet: House of Reoresenfalives: Senior Sfudenf Adviser: Senior Banquel. ,pw -:gk W 'SZ' DENNIS WILLIAMS Golf. HARRY WILLIAMS Diving: Football: Block 'D': Honor Sociely. JANICE WILLIAMS OWE: IWE: GAA: Synchronized Swim. NICK WILLIAMS CSF: Gold 'D':GymnasIics1 Block 'D'. MICHAEL WILSON ROBERT WISYANSKI Wresllinq: House of Represenrafives: Honor Sociely: Lafin Club, ED WITT CSF: Yearbook Slalf: Senior Picnic Com' rnillee: Senior Variely Show. DORIS WOOD Junior Fashion Show: Girls' Glee: Business Club: Red Cross Club. I F3447 -Q ' QQ 1 wfnif ZA WX W JW 2 f A X Wmevws-mwswesslm rf SENIOR CABINET SENIOR SALES 'Ihe Senior Cablnel spends all year planning and plofhnq to provnde The members oi the Sensor Sales commuffee coached by Pam Mealey Ihe sahsfaclory Senior BCIIVIIIES af Diablo chairman sell goodies af fhe foofball games To earn money for Class of 60 organizes for unlfy These camera shy Sensors Carl Brown Wanda Backer Richard Comp lon and To'n Clarke sfop fhenr acfuvlhes and sfudnes long enough for me OW 'IIS life 'Wie BARBARA BROOKS JUDY EDINBORGH JUDY DALTON RON BELKNAP Picnic Chairman wa.. PAT SMITH Banquet Chairman BRUCE PEET Announcement Chairman Variety Show Chairman Career Day Co-Chairman Career Day Co-Chairman Each senior contributes his own particular talent to the canvas of class achievements. I I VARIETY SHOW COMMITTEE FRONT ROW left to right: Maria Fernandez, Joan Brazil, Diane Hamilton, Judy Edinborgh, Chairman, Barbara Bloomer, and Ida Yamanaka. BACK ROW: Kyle Westover, Terry Dwyer, Tom Morgan, and Ken Hickey. ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, left to right: Peggy Beck, Barbara Brooks, Chairman, Barbara Bloomer, Karen Elling- son, Kaye Pancoast, and Beverly Mundy. BACK ROW: Pat Smith, Gary Silva, Donna Driskell, Maureen Oliver, Sandy Fields, and Rulhann Smith. SENIOR PICNIC COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, left to right: Eileen Golden, Penny Royal, Dina Podner, Linda Lewis, Ann Gilder. BACK ROW: Andy Zopolos, Randy Norris, Mike Grahn, Ron Belknap. we , ,1-1.5. SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, Ieff to righf: Heidi Hohenrieder, Enid Mafhias, Trudy Hayes, Barbara Barnes. MIDDLE ROW: Bud Chrisman, George Sousa, John Cross, Bob Pinger. BACK ROW: Fred Auda. Nof Piciuredz Kay Darnell, Marge Ecoffey. SENIOR CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, Ieff1o righf: Virginia Pafferson, Judy Daiion, Trudy Hayes, Barbara Chance. MIDDLE ROW: Ramona Davis, Sharon Sandmann, Barbara Cash, Judie Jones. BACK ROW: Ida Yamanaka, Janet Pefrie, Barbara Buscaglia. SENIOR BANQUET COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, Ieff fo righf: Sharon Jones, Barbara Brooks, Joanne DeCofano, Judy Zubey, Marilyn Maylone. MIDDLE ROW: Lynn Banuai, Pa? Smirh, Bob McEIaine, Joyce Haring, Charmaine Omania. Noi Picfuredz Bonnie Mason. SLATE OF SENIOR ACTIVITIES Varieiy Show ..., ...., D ecember 3 and 4 II Career Day ..........,... ,March Banquei Picnic .....ApriI ,,,,..May Ball ......,,...,............ ...... J une Awe rds Assembly .,,,., June Graciuaiion ,.....,,,,.. ,,.,., J une ENID MATHIAS Senior Ball Co-Chairman FRED AU DA Senior Ball Co-Chairman JANET PETRIE Cap and Gown Co-Chairman IDA YAMANAKA Cap and Gown Co-Chairman N sux fx 'rm 5-af A iZ'i'x?'Q' ii N, . ,' N , W Q- ff , ig - ff W "gf 4 f wwf, ' z fx ' 'Q :N M.. 5' - ,, ,3 x W W 1 K: Q if Q W ff f ' fifx 'THQ WS Magi fs ff . FZ! -Wy, ,Ig , ?i"f'fiZw ni X g 1 The. Moun? Diablo Seniors present themselves well on the annual Senior Career Day. Career Day Section Chairmen receive the final instructions from Bruce Peet, Chairman. The subchairmen are expected to introduce speakers and attend the luncheon. Barbara Chance is making sure Billy has the right sized cap for the big day. greg, Judy, Terry, and Judy are all set tor the fun-filled Senior icnic. Planning for the Senior Banquet, "Memories in Modern," is the Banquet Committee, headed by Pat Smith. 9 fi '19 zww zf' L ff 2' 25 Jw ,' Wil i ,? 4, 5 .-Vw, WY ony, ,af0'w'4W"lN-w MARIA FERNANDEZ Nelional Merii Finalisf Srafe Scholarship sernifinalisl 4-yelxr fuilion scholarship fo Holy Names College ED JOHNSON "Back" of Year LOIS SHIMMIN Firs? Diablo Sfuclenr of fhe Monlh Quill and Scroll Naiional Socieiy ' Junior Service Award Pin QW? AWARDS MARGARET HARWELL Berry Crocker Award Homemaker of lhe Year PAT HENNESSY Junior Undergraduale Scholarship AFS Summer Refurnee Sludenl 'lo Finland DAR Good Cilizen Award 5. f ROBERT GORDON Nafional Merif Finalisl Bosch and Lomb Science Award Semilinalisr, General Mofors Scholar lu ship DUANE MORRlS and HUGH BROWN All-Counfy Foolball HARALD DOGLIANI Jei' Orienfalion Siudy Award Preliminary nominaiion io Annapolis and Air Force Acade m These mighly seniors will never forgef all fhe fun fhe "Senior Bang'n Wagon" provided af lhe beginning of ihe year. Bank of America Scholar- ship Awards: FRONT ROW, leff fo right: Judy Dallon, award in Vocafional Arfsg Roberf Gordon, award in Mafh and Science: Lois Shimmin, award in Liberal Arfs. BACK ROW: Pat Hen- nessy, cerlificale in Liberal Arisg Harald Dogliani, cer- fificale in Mafh and Sci- ence, Cafhi Caldwell, award in Fine Arisg and Ron Belknap, cerlificaie in Vo- calional Arfs. SEAL BEARERS Sealbearers are chosen on ihe basis of maintaining six semesters of a fen- poinf grade and acfivify average in CSF. Failure in any subied or a "D" in any academic subiecf bars one from being a candidale. Members of the CSF Sealbearers are Harald Dogliani, Lois Shimmin, Maria Fernandez, Carhi Caldwell, Robert Gordon, Palsy Hen- nessey, and lda Yamanaka. Mr. Alan GeIIerrnann's students close iheir books long enough af Christmas lo say "cheese" for fhe phofoqrapher. '07 X, Y 3 is! Q X ' if s iv. as R7 ii fa M J' 'W wwmwza, Sf -'w4'!MwWMrVQW1W kisgwm WV?- ,,sw"'e Rita Preszler, Lynn Peters, Norma McKenzie and Kathy Leschinsky are the choices for a European summer. Chris and his American brother, Bob Pinger, brunch together. Chris enioys the fun of a league basketball qame. History is Greek to me! We better international understanding . S. .Qui Chris poses with his American "family," Bob, Mrs. Finger, Dr. Finger, and their sons Rick, Tom, and Jim. P with our foreign exchange program Poinling lo Finland, Pal talks lo a group aboul her visi? Chrislos Saccopoulos, lhe son ol an Alhens lawyer, was lhe exchange sludenl lo Diablo lhis year. ln Alhens, Chris allended a privale school lounded by an American. l-le ap plied lo be an exchange sludenl in Oc lober, l958. The lirsl parl ol lhe exam he look was composilion, and lhe second objeclive. Chris learned he was lo come lo Amer ica in lvlay and he arrived here lo live wilh Dr. and Mrs. Roberl Pinger in Au- gusl. Palsy l-lennessy, a Diablo Senior, was a summer exchangee who lived wilh a Finnish family in l-lelsinlci, Finland, lor lhree monlhs during lasl summer. Chris ancl Pal agree lhal lhe mosl dil- licull parl ol being an exchangee was adaplinq lo new cusloms. ' .'.: '- 'T 30" , 1' '. -'T -na 5' C' , vm. ,. sa 'WRC-1 ' Q f " .Q L 14 i Q' M e pn. -a,. A 5, im sg., ,T , Q ...LJ A ,H :lb f Nt P I - :- ,- ,Q .1-ff' .gf .Q 'r 'Q k A , , 'Z If ' 52,5 :SEEK Q K tw: 1 ' w1"": ' .?'1f..,'L1f fd? if 1 'J F-X . vw? " ,S ' ' I Q n-,fn ,gs , .JA 5 '+- f-Y,-.-1 -- P '. - . 5' .Q Q 41.1 KL 1, , , -Y 2' " YM' 1 Lgriw 4:7 .- V-.X ,JI ' ,f Ku. ' f I f3'KkMfzm,x3 f- J' A A , Q -g,9sQQiJ A ,gpm .diy-. 35' - " V ,A A -"' 5 , ' :ff fi!! Wihf- ' ' nh-23" . ,., . .,Q.f'-2357 W ' , 5:57 V, f'Q31.l'x' " .4-4. pibfi' sw. mf' , Q,...+'f-f ' ' . , - ff in 555, , I V , mmfx.iffg,.w,5q, , n. , .if iz .hu rn Si,,4:fg-Ei yin-,..Iy. .A . . - , , ' ' ' . ' Wt: lf,-?4?!'ff ff w f ' ' . ,. " wfwfffx 4' 1 , ,Ae ' gm . v M: '- 455 4-21 ' Av I J f ,i5s.1??'Y3NA?wMi?MTF 1 ,QA ,V I I , gg6?e5Q5Q5g5.fQ,4f k l - ' ' 1,.. HJ' , N' f E' 'V rv f -. ,. P11253-rggi-Efml : . x .1 - Yi: Y ,i , .gggvwi 4' , , W 1 A we J wr ' n 1 f f5,'. . E-' ' . ' ' K , . " -- . "N 514 1 ? ' 9 ' ' 'H :S p.,2fM'ff-31s 1, limi, Kvfpmgiigg-:ELG g . ,,.-'rw , A I V I ' -' ' '-' , , ' D ,- Q A94 . 1' 'ig 'W . - A 1 j-vw , 1 2 Q 4' L ,A I . - , 1, -I 5 U 5,7-U .KZ -4 -- ,sz af. fl, TQ' if 515 ' .. .1 9 iw . 19' q' T. ' ,V . Q f , . fa 'jf I js' V' 'V ,.,, K ,Mm i J. si If 'L jeff' T ' . , 1 E ' . . ,mac P X-'3f"ifD' ,yuan .. , ... ' - , , ,., .34 ,. STI! 5 3 7 Fill ' .L A-, 1 W! 5 E, , ia, ' v 5 3319 , 1. ,-in-ilti o ,giirv WW - .AMW ff-ww MIKE SWEENY ANN PRICE JO WHEELER DAVE BRADLEY President Vice-presidenf Junior Secrefary JUHi0f R2Pl'eSef1'f5i'V9 Juniors prepare this year for the responsibilities of nexf year. J un lors Leading rhis year's aciive Junior class are Milce Sweeney, president Ann Price, vice-presideni: Dave Bradley, iunior represeniaiivez and Jo Wheeler, secre- idly. Aciiviiies ihis year for ihe class included: Junior Fashion Show, Junior Prom, Junior Carnival, and Junior Car Wash. A rainy-day car wash increased ihe ireasury of ihe class and helped io malce 'rhe Junior Prom a success. On February I7, ihe class oi 'ol presenied "Por'rraiis in Fashions" under The chairmanship of Ann Price, wiih Co-Chairman Rira Preszler. During fooiball season 'rwo juniors caughi ihe spoi- lighiz Tom Brown made second siring all-couniy and Marry Piscovich was given honorable rneniion. Enrhusiasiic iunior leaders are making plans for iheir coming senior aciiviiies wiih The help of 'rheir advisers: Mrs. Leah Wilson, Mr. Walier Kelson, Mrs. Rose Marie Jones, and Mr. Joe Rulcavina. 6? Mrs. Frances Kidd and Miss Beify Sullivan are Junior Class counselors. Noi piciured, Mr. Alan Gellermann. Junior Class advisers are Mrs. Leah Wilson, Mr. Walter Keison and Mrs. Rose Marie Jones. Noi picfured, Mr. Joe Rukavina. DENNIS ABUSIINU KATHLEEN AGUILAR MIKE ALEXANDER JOHN ALLEN LARRY ALLISON ENID ALMEIDA MARY AILMEIDA CHAD ANDERSON GARY ANDERSON PAM ANDERSON MARY ANN ANGELO JOAN ANTIN'K ED ARROYO BEVERELY ARVIN LOU AUDAS BRIAN AUGUSTINE DON AVERY DAN .BARCLAY VIRGINIA BARHAM KENDRICH BARRON WALTER BARRON DIANE BASICA VIRGINIA BATT LARRY BIAUER JENNETH BEERS SHARYON BELL MIKE BENNETT CLINTON BENTON BOB BERGLUND HAROLD BERGUM VIVIAN BESSELIEVRE STEVE BIGGS CAROL BINAM LARRY BISSO DIANE BLACK LINDA BLAKESLEY ROBERTA BLISS RUTH BLOMGREN JIM BOHANNON TOM BOYLAN DAVID BRADLEY MILE BRANDT THERA BRASWELL JERRY BROTHERTON ALBERT BROWN THERESA BROWN TOM BROWN PAUL BRUNELLE LYLE BURKS ROBERT BURROR BILL BURTON DIANE BYHOLT NANCY CALIBRO BILL CAMBRA PAT CAMPBELL NICKIE CAIMPTON VALERIE CANONICA TED CANTRALL RINA CARNILL SHIELA CARPER NANCY CARTER DAVID CARZINO JOHN CASH JANET CASEY DOUGLAS CASKEY BETTY CAUGHMAN KAREN CAVALLO JAMES CECIL LINDA CHAMBERS DAVE CHAPLIC KATHLEEN CHERNOH SHIRLEY CHRISTIE PAT CHRISTY FRANK CHURCH CHARLENE CIOFFI DARLENE CIOFFI JACK CLARKE JUDY CLIFTON PHILLIP COLLETT BILL COLTON JOYCE CONNEALLY FREDA COOK RONNIE COOK JAMES COOPER JOHN CORY THERESA COX CHRIS COYLE JOHN COYNE DAVID CROMWELL FRANIK CROSS STEVE CROIWELL BARBARA CULLISON LESTER CUMMINGS BARRY CURRAN JOE CURRIER BRENT DAGNEAU MARY DALY SUSAN DALY DAVE DANIELS SHARYON DANNA CHRISTINE DARROW JEAN. D'ASCANIO KEN DAVEY RICHARD DAVIDSON CAROLYN DAVIS FLOYD DAVIS f I f ,LM , Q 7 iq' gy, ' " ' , A . X , ' Q, bf " 7 A ft., , j f . 5 , ff . , , ff KI, uv Nw :L , , I . X - 'M , I 0 I X ff' 4 If .I 2, W Q- ,QM 6. 1 f ' f ff. I A, QV , 1' ,ff , ff f ' f I ff' X1 ,M , , ,V . ,,, .. I X N .1 Y ' Q M Ii. , 5 - 1 Sw W ': I I W? , 1 nw fjwzfngx ,KX a 1. Wx ,,,.+... ff,--5 LA J f ""2"q 1 13, X401 !!f' 0 y- 1 In f I an 0' ' . YW. . ge, A f Q A ,V Z f A 4 W " -A M W ,. , f- Q, ., 3 vm " I wb? S I QQ ' -N - .:.,-I f IAIAA g A F f 'V I 2 A I N I +-,115 , 2 I+, ,, ,, f I .5 ,W , , M , , . gt .2 , ,Aff L2 ' A g 'v- Q3 I QL A of 'fb , if 4: MZ! A 1 I I .5 5 'Q -,Q f M 9 ,,, 4 I iw I I ' I iq, I I w xx V, Vx 1 l ik V V. ,V A, I VW'77m Tiff? ' -1z3a:,.f ,,... V X ai V A . . 1- V nh V X VV ' V XV ' . V- I V V 1 V-N 1- -Af V, ,M V' V,.,, VV - V "' , V , .51 A V fa? M g , H A I -V 9 F' ,, V X Q- ,V 3, VVVVV V V. -- Vg., J , ' bz, , QV . S, f ef' 46? Sw fl I - -I A Vi h i 1 ,lb V V,.VV . 1 V g -VV ,V VV V V , 2 V VV, Vw M VV ,,f' V ,WW 4x,, ,. VW, ,. W ,W f' ' A Q VI . nf, 'I --V.L,.J.i,. V A 1 -"- ,S M, Q V 2 " V - A Q' igw V V,f - W A f V, V A fl- V . S' I 4 Y' ' V43 , V I gl 'V' Vg? S31 f , I ,V L-,M VV VV V V V V V , , , -, gy , V AF VVAVXV X V V V VV A QV ' " V V VV 'V A V A V VV V VV . if . L V ,, ,VM , , , N .Q V, . ,, -VV V? -, V, W . - -I if , A 'Z' f 5' X' VA' V2-f ffm, ' - . fx 1 - f' K V L , s I ku 5 -A VV. VV A , V E . -.V ,V I .--. V '15-Stwff . 4 -,- 5:11 x N- U -' L, V A, V- , wg ' ,f ff ' Q ' T' 11 . . I . VW, ,V ,L V - ff V, V A I I , " -V V V 5 ., Q,few.V gg i VV V ,-.. , .V Vw ' ' - VV ' "'-" 1 : - , fV VV, V , .A-- V WV V , V V V 3 .V V V Vey VV , V . -J V V wr-A V5 h 'jig V V ,Wg VV," , ' l If V A' J 5, Q V 'ggi 2? Eg -2. ,J . 1. V .- ' -. Vg -I xy: X , I 'Cir' V 5 " ' D ' I V' 2 A ' P F ' V ' X . V Y "W ,Q V I J Vf ' 1. 4, , wwly W-ff -vm f2-L,.- ,hw A , VWVQ 15- ' :ff ,C M-vw f' if..nV"" A 'V ,.' , V ,L -.qw .,..,. V.g::.Vg.--EV, L, V . V .. H , , , ,V V -, . ' V -I I V, 1 V ' - 2 " 152' - 1' - V 3. af , , K7 Vf , ,V V, V V4 V .Vis im ' Q Z V 'f I -' " ' V f , 2 55' V N if V 1 W VV V , V H 4, V V V ,V VIP V V V: V VW I V ' T V I 'X' V V , H, V- fp.. .. V 5V V A ,Mg V. V ,V fV-P -V ., -L , Z " " MPV H , W- I' V , V ' w - I ' - I at :-.- , V - V V - , I 'CV EX ff, fi V Q y V 5 . V 'V fi . 4 f 'M - I V f . " ,I Vg , ' V- af VV! V , f V .V I - 1 V V V V AV, I -V .M 1 , V 5 V f QFCEE - ' A V - V V mv, V f a VV A ' VV V 5 K f. 44. M ,V , - .f I aa Vigf V V ,gh Vg. f . L 1' 'aff I: 'K 5 Q , ' ' ff ,Q . , J . , 'V WV gy, ' V Mtv . MV V V. . , ,I-V ,VV V V qwgzigm A -VZ: ,- V , 5 ,, , -FS V - V 5 A -sr -w ,- V. . V. L 5 A I 4 ' - , K A My-fx as V V .-VV 4. V V 1+ 5 . Vw- V Vs- , V f fVV V. ' V V ' f f V Ji ' "" I' ' .' J .f.- '17 ' if' V ' . 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V Q w. - V ' X X, V K . V V 1 si LYNDA DAY DONALD DEES TONY de JONG DAVID DEGUCHI JAY DE HART PAUL DELNITSTA AL DENEEN MARGARET DENNY MARY DE VAN RUDY DIAZ LINDA DOMINGUEZ LINDA DOOLIN PATRICIA DORAN MERRILL DOWNING MIKE DOYLE DEAN DRABLOS CLAY DREXEL PENNY DUARTE DENNIS DUGGINS ROBERT DUTRA THEA DYKMAN EVELYN EARL BETSY EDINBORGH TERRY EIDSON GLEN ENGLAND DENNIS ENOCHS BECKY EVANS RICK EVANS CAROL FARMER JAMES FARMER ROBERTA FERGUSON DORIS FIRMAN GARY FISKE RICK FLOOD CONNIE FOLTZ JAMES FORAN JIM FRAGA JOE FREEMAN LINDA FREITAS URSULA FRITSCH SHARON FULK LORRAINE GARCIA JOHN GARLICK PRISCELLA GARRETTSON CLAIRE GARRIGUIES BOBBIE GATHERUM SETH GAY BOB GETTY VIRGINIA GLINES GERALD GOOD PETER GOTTLIEB SONIA GRAMMONT DOYLE GREEN MARY BETH GREEN NANCY GREEN CATHERINE GRIFFITH SHARON GROVES MARILYN GRUESSING MARGARET GURNEY KATHY GROVES SHARON GROVES JAMES HALDERMAN KENNETH HAMMER MARY HANCOCK MARGE HANNERS ALBERT HARCOURT TURNER HARDESTY WALTER HARDISON BARBARA HARPER RISA HARRIS MIKE HASTINGS SHIRLEY HEATH CAROL HELZER LIN'DA HERMAN SHARON HENSON HOWARD HERIN KATHY HERTING JACK HETHERINGTON DAVE HIMSL MARGO HOLT RICHARD HOOPERS PATRICIA HOSICK GERALD HUDLIN JOAN HULL SKIP HUNTER MAJOR INCH TWILLA IRONS JOE JACOBY RAY JAMES JOE JARA JUDY JARVIS CAMILLE JEN'KINS SHIRLEY JETER BONNIE JEWELL JAMES JOHNSON RENATE JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON WILLIAM JOHNSON KELLY JONES MAUREEN JOSEPH PENELOPE JUETT ALFRED JUNGEN MARY LYNN KALINOWSKI CONNIE KAPALIS JOHN KEEBLE JIM KELLOGG SANDRA KETHLEY DON KIDD CAROLYN KING BILL KING GEORGE KOHLER BOB KOHLER FERN KOSTICK JOY KROBOTH TED KRUMLAND BILL LANDIS ROBERT LARKIN LINDA LASLEY ALICE LATHAM MARY LEA DONNA LEHMAN ROBERT LEONARD CLAUDIA LEONTINI KATHLEEN LESCHINSKY DON LIEBER TIM LIEVRE ROSANN LINFORD JUDITH LOOMIS PAUL LUDWIG MIKE LYONS DON MAHR CHRYSTAL MALONEY JIM MARLAIS ED MARJUEZ PAT MARSH RAY MARSHALL ROBERT MARTIN DARLENE MASON RANDY MATTHEWS JESSICA MATTSON RICH MAXWELL DONNA MAY JOE MAYFIELD MERRILEE MCCALLUM HAROLD MCCUTCHEON NORMA MCKENZIE CLARENCE MELANCON MIKE MCMILLEN PHILIP MCRAE GEORGE MEEK EVELYN MELANCON DAVID METHVEN CHARLES MIDLAND CINDY MILLEN STAN MILLER LINDA MILLER WILLIAM MILLER NANCY MITCHELL TED MOISO PATRICIA MOREY JANICE MORK JON MORRIS RONALD MORRIS DOROTHY MROCZKOWSKI LINDA MYERS LIZ NELSON BONNIE NICHOLSON DONNIE NICHOLSON RONALD NICHOLSON PATRICIA NISSINEN PRENTICE NUNN SHARON O'DONNELL MIKE OHRAN SOPHIA OMANIA RODNEY PACHECO ED PAKES BARBARA PARKS VIC PATTON JOANNE PAVILIONIS MARY PELLAND LYNN PETER TERRY PETERS MARSHA PETERSON JANET PHILLIPS NORRIS PHILLIPS JOHN PICKETT SANDRA PINTER MARTY PISCOVICH FORREST POLLOCH GLORIA POWERS PAT POWERS RITA PRESZLER ANN PRICE CAROL PRIESTAP DIANNE PURYEAR FRANCES PUTNAM LOREN OUIGG RON RALPHS DIANE RAWLINSON DONALD REID WAYNE REPOSA JAMES REVELL PAMELA REYNOLDS SHARON REYNOLDS MICHELL RIDER ROBERT ROARK BARBARA ROBERTS RONNIE ROBERTS ROBERT ROBINSON WILLIAM RODGERS NICK ROMEO ROGER ROMIG 7- W I , M I , 7' W V, im, I X, if ' 'T Y 1.1 , wg, I IAA W, ,A ug , B.-. x '- , 'T' x ,I , Ls "R x .4 fi 12" A I 7 A i g , , Z1 , 7, I f Gm. w, MM, J W If ,,., f 'K' 4,....i-13 1 1 H22 U 'R ibn . ..,,,,3Y9gf,I5-,,,.,N L .. .AH ty? xg R 9 ,im . Q' I. A ' 'I I . ,L - In X ri my -,'I , , W x L , 1 , I I ,, 79411 fi? A H , 9. 1 If Ls Q. I x .1 N I 1 I ' R If I 6 11 1 I I II"I1If:f?V R I ' : 1 ' I - 1 I . I ws If 1 2 .1 ff - ' 1 Avrl 4 X12 H. M i gk t A , J , E 49 L A .E K ,L cw , F., yi , umlfww I Q K ,K . 4, .. E .T Q V, 1, If L. 7 I ., f A I M, 1 I . ' -S fl 13 I' A ' I' INR 1 "7 It . N'1c1TJ, 1, Q. 1 11 1 'rv' 5 'S " ' yi ,f , " A -1: 9 ' ffimn I , ' ' " . 6 2 'Wi , I nil Y :-A -, 1 "4 ' I ,, - ' 13 I I ' wg., ESQ , , L 1 ... ' , iw askin Lf ' A 17111: -IK Fw I I .I II 'i-53 W I I I ' , 1 N If1I V Wx I- Y f TW ?'I::f',,'f-E1.7'. :-:ILM 57 'I I II I ' I 1- :N S f I I 1 4 M ff, I 2 5 , , I 5' II L- ,, I . .5 , W A , , I S K , 1 , . , 1 . , , , Q 1 - x, ,Q SE, .I Q W L ,X D 5- ff. 3 21 .M I 1 A L , A I . J ' "" , 1 1 T. -,I -5 Q, 1 1 II Q1 f Q ' ' II- IQ -.A , , , A, , W I ,M n 4 - .M Y-gf f7f,Q7----1-"W - I I ,,.'1f"'f.fii::.fI' 1' I ' , 'Ip S' I ' X f 3276 I I' " I 0' I 1 11 1 Q Q 7 A ff '1 , M 1 g 1 I , . M ,gf V 3-j ,, .ff I ,f., I. 4. 'W f i GMI . 'I 43" , - H5 , fr' P I - f A " if 1 ff W R fax I - V I I A , -f in V- 1-11 1 2 1, ., 2 , W fi' 1' we ,. n ,- . " Sf- I QR Q A I 11 :I.e ' 1 , 4 r , Q 4 Q 1- Wm 1 , 377 fp' 'Wy f M L Lv .,,, 1. , 1 -. Lu A A AM I 7 ' K I I iii XY In 1 0 . 5" II 1 "' 9 , 8 , A - , b.,.,,, 211: -r I 1 BH uf Aim 1. f 1 J I - '11 , " 'II , - , 1 ty 32112 "1 ,I ,W 1 ,cg I f- A 1 ,If Q' A Q 3 11 - , IV Y I I 1 ' 'M . ' 1 ' 1-Q0 ' vi Q ' f,2,.11"L:,f '. ' H1 WS- 14 -1 1? , i v b4 y I . A S VK V I' , I- ,, ' 1j" '1 ,,1. N 5, 1 I I s T' I W , Ll E , Q ,I 4 IL I N3 M I I , I df V, M, M . Y , -I 'wr I IVY' A yn' 55 f 5 ,L 5 I QW 'V 'xg , R w X-.MII I 'II I I I I I II I I s, Im' , 1: 4- -.1 " 2 K - A X I' X if - ,, I-"lyk JL' 1 ,, g , X.,, L " C gk WS. 5 IBN 4' Hi 'Lv ixwi 41' :ff N f'1L.gfV . LQ, III" , 7 ki ii I K ,...:.v 11 L , Y ,.,. ,Ah , ig . 1. I f i ' ' "5 ' . I 5' " 4' ,sg M I y' I , 'I 1 ,II s,, Q' I S' LN I ,Q -f '7' 4 45m ' kv If 'EJ' ' , S xl,-. , l Q ,L V W. . , It , . , - , VI,f , ZA - lx ,W Q . KU. 5 I ,fi -., A ., . 1. ,IM Q1 ,- I x. 2, I ,AF .4 X :G Ss- R y A I A ,I , ZMI 4 l L Q4 4. X QI!-W , 4 '1 ..,, ffgg 31 S , ' Q ,qi N 1 , 'U' , V ,L Y me fd I 1 I IL 5 1 ' If X I "', M if , f B 'Q f 1. 1sg.,2212::., ' 4-1 M ' II' ffvf " 2 1 .,,, : 'pI fif- ff I. ,Lf 'Tae iff?-7 W ,. 41 , X - .1 II I, . MQ A f 44.21 1 ,Vg .1 , er ,Y T if 45? I as 1 1: eff 11 ' L1 'I' , W Laffy J' 5' I X ,, , ,. A - "L 2, ' qw ' 4, -X , A ' fy , 1 H X 1 ,1. " M A - Q 4 -6: Y Q ' , ,Lb 1 , S. .L - I' '12 QI I Q, f 2 'I , Y .M ...f A ,, f f - 44 y I , IIN., ,f 4 ff , ,f Q. 7 M .I , '1 , - -I 14 ., 214: .. 1 ' ' . H 4 j A ,V L Xe, '7 , 1 ns .f ff ,, . 1 , M QT ,, , , Z IT 1' Q 1 L T I K 1' I I iii? "Y W I 1 Y SIL I, Q ah' X K V, K , 4 A I is , K U - X 2 Ii KM, ,,:II 595 W- J. 1- 3 Qi ,, . I, - 2 lx x U A X I ,f L51 , 1 XY I , , I jfs, II - , " -- .' , u ' ' I ' f 1 I 'iw-YI3'fllLr,I' X1 I V R IES 1 T .5571 3-I' ml 'L I 2 an X1 I 'I I Y I , I I A "NI as V , -T, ,, in 2 Am 'K 6 , A V f R5 , I K '11-1 ., 1, . 1 , ,R E vf 13 ,, f .I V , a' I ,n,,f,1Q,!, I 44 , an .I.I 1. . nv- VII I .b W f A .L I , 7, 7. 1 ,, X DON RUMPF IJEONARD SALISBURY ANTONETTE SAMPERE DAVE SANDOVAL JI'M SANDS MARTHA SANDS ALBERT SAUNDERS BOBBIE SAUNDERS SHARON SAVAGE DANI KAY SAXTON GARY SBONA IRVIN SCHMALJOHANN SHARON SCOTT DON SCRIBNER JAMES SCULLY BARBARA SEVY JUDY SHAVER LYNN SHAW JUDI SHEEHAN RICHARD L. SHELTON SANDRA SHEPERD JOHN SHOWER JANICE SIDWELL JERRY SIMMONS PAULA SIMMONS NORMAN SIPES ROBERT SIVEL CARL SKROPETA MARTHA SKURTUN JERRE SLAGHT IDA SMITH JERRY SMITH JOYCELYN SMITH JUANITA SMITH JUDY SMITH LARRY SMITH LYLA SMITH BILL SMITH ANITA SNIPES BARBARA SOUSA LINDA SPENCER SANDRA SPESSARD JO ANN STAGGE JERRY STANLEY MARIE STARR PAT STEPHENS BOB STEVENS JOY STEWARD SHIRLEY STIMSON PAT STINEMETZ BILL STINNETT MICKEY STOVER DEE STROUP KEN STUCKEY BARBARA STUDT HAROLD SUNDOUIST MARY SWARTZ TERRY SWARTZ MIKE SWEENEY VIRGINIA TALLY DENNIS TEIFEL LARRY TEIXEIA PEGGY TEMPLETON DON TERRA JO TERRELL KAREN TERRY JERRY THEOBOLD JANE FHRASHER CHRIS TIERNEY BARRY TILLMAN TERRIE TREAT JANET TREBINO CAROLE TREECE BARBARA TREVORROW JAY TUCKER LYNN TURNER JACK TUTTLE MARY ELLEN UPSHAW WILLIAM UTTER JERRY VAN PELT SANDRA VENDOVELLI CAROL VERDIER BILLIE WALKER JERRY WALKER JUDY WALSH JOANNE WARING MIKE WARREN KAREN WATERSON JANICE WATKINS KATHY WATTERS GEORGE WEATHERSBY LEE WEHRLIE KARLA WEINZHEIMER PAT WELLS JO WHEELER MELINDA SUE WHITNEY LLOYD WILL CHARLES WILLIAMS KATHY WILLIAMS RUTH ANN WILLIAMS KATHY WILSON LARRY WISE PENNY WISE FREDDIE WOITT ILONA WOJCIK Camera Shy Juniors are FRONT ROW, left to riqht: Georqanne Zaro, Linda Cofham, Sharon Woolf, Karen Wolf, Norma Siegfried. BACK ROW: Richard Wells, Anthony Shindelus, and George Togneffi. This year's Junior Cabi- net helped plan acfivi- fies fhaf pleased the classmen, These fhree female serv iors embarrass Jun.or Service members as they breeze out the Sci- ence Buildinq exit, Two-piece swim suits brought outa lacy gar- ter fo accent fhe male's cosfume at the Junior Fashion Show, "Porfraits in Fashion." Juniors cared not whether if rained or shined, they were out to pollsh and collect "bills" to help finance the Junior Prom. Dani Kay Saxton and Bill Cambra make their "Junior Fashion Show" entrance to "Stardust" music. Dani Kay wore a tiered ruffled gown while Bill snorted a bro- cade weskit under his dark suit, Although it was April Fool's Day the Juniors held fheir annual Junior Prom, "Driftwood and Dreams." By the qay look on these couples' faces, fhe dance was not an April Fool. 4 4 fi if HELEN BALDWIN Presidenf 'Z ,WW .7 i ty I JANE NELSON Vice-Presidenf 3 T 'Q I sim' DIANE WILLIAMS SANDRA RUSCONI Secreiary Sophomore Represenfafive Sophomores are progressing in the understanding of code ethics. Sophomores IT's Truly a "women's world" in The Sophomore class This year, wiTh all girls class oTFicers, including Helen Baldwin, presidenTg Jane Nelson, vice-president Diane Williams, secreTary, and Sandy Rasconi, represenTaTive. They led Their 46I cIassmaTes in many Tun-filled acTivi- Ties, including The annual ChrisTmas Formal. This year's Tormal, enTiTIed "WinTer IIIusions," was held on The nighT of December I8, when The Girls' Gym was decoraTed wiTh silver and blue. The nexT iTem on The agenda was The All-Class VarieTy Show, where The sophomores had a chance To show oTT Their greai TaIenTs. Along wiTh This, They seT up a booTh in The Junior Carnival. The proceeds were more Than welcomed To The class piggy bank Tor TuTure acTiviTies. The oTFicers and class worked wiTh and were guided by The class advisers Ivlrs. Karen LighT, Mr. RoberT Macomber, and Miss BeTTy Kimura. SOPHOMORE COU NSELORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Dorofhy Henderson, Mrs. Frances Kidd, Miss Helewn Couririghi. SOPHOMORE ADVISERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Karen Lighf, Mr. Robert Macomber, Miss BeHy Kimura. ROW ONE, left to right: Pat As- born. Reba Armstrong, Elaine Ber- ta, Pat Conneally, Gerry Carden, l-Ynn Baldwin, Virginia Carter, Sue Cockerham, Barbara Christie, Betty Jo Bodily, Gail Cowden, Barbara Anderson, ROW TWO: Murlene Brazeal, Kathi Anderson, Betty Brechtel, Sue Bennett, Nancy Bow- man. l-Ofraine Chong, Linda Benson, Laurann Bechtel, Beverly Brown, Judy Clarke, Karen Cooper, Diane Collins. ROW THREE: Bob Cannon, Mike Cooper, Dean Auday, Dean Boyles, Blll Clarke, Dale Ashcraft, Bob Buwalda, Jim Bates, Forrest Backert, Leroy Baptist, Tom Brian, Bob Anderson. ROW ONE left to right: Sharon cafben, Nilii sufofa, Kathi caweu, Donna Burton, Jan Christensen, Cathi Caulk, Linda Altevogt, Sandy Covert, Elaine Bush, Dianna Chap- man. ROW TWO: Kenneth Belcher, Bob Boos, Vernon Sweatt, Danny Sinclair, James Brown, Frank Con- don, Joe Aguilar, Gene Brown, Bob Bradshaw, Jerry Cooper, Terry Ar- nold, Gary Christiana. ROW THREE: Bob Biork, Phil Bradford, Bill An- tink, Charles Binderup, Duane Adams, Roger Clark, Richard Clough, Ron Boyle, Bob Armstrong, Rich Fuller, Bob Buscaglia. ROW ONE, left to right: Rose Gar- cia, Rosi Dresback, Norma Davis, Diane Grimm, Carolyn Drablos, Marilyn Fields, Jack Furr, Lee Geis- ness, Gail De Grott, Mary Flodin, Peggy Duffield, Sonny Ecoffey. Hel- en Gadol. ROW TWO: Terr Davis, Paul Davis, Pat Davis, Jeraid Gar- cia, Dave Engler, Don Del Monte, Lynn Gerow, Bill Fleming, Harold Gerow, Frank Forgan, Fred Crum- mett. ROW THREE: Larry Franchere, Herbert Christie, David Enke, Mike Baker, Barry Davis, Richard Embick, Doyle Greene, Mike Boyle, Joe Curiel, Bill Fernandez, Jeff Drago. ROW ONE, left to right: Ruth Dickson. Christine Darrow, Karen Fiske, Kathie Gross, Paula Grabow- ski, Kit Gayen, Mary Brooks, Sharon Gratiot, Noreen Ferriera, Pat Flet- cher, Tanya Ferogiaro, Frances F'sher. ROW TWO: Barbara Dona- hue, Bonnie Duell, Cookie Granger, Louisa Eddy, Pat Grahn, Juanita Goodman, Pricilla Garrettson, Joan Eaton, Betty Evans, Elaine Earls, Re- nelle English. ROW THREE: Dennis Dunham, Tim Budde, Lewis Garri- son, Eddie Elkins, Steve Graham, DeVon Grithn, Arthur Curiel, Bob Granados, Richard Davis, George Glines, Jim Freeman, Dave Gallo- way. ROW ONE, lei? to right: Sandy Hallock, Janice Gurne , Lynn Har- ing, Barbara Kochany, Sherry Jarvls, Harlwell Harris, Anna Mae King, Annefle Johnson, Befly Korin, Nola Kniffen, Barbara Gouf, Judy Kel- logg. ROW TWO: John Hinkle, E'd King, Mike Hazelrigg, Jim Kendle, Mike ErreH, Dennis James, Bob Kin- ney, Rodger Kingslon, Larry DuBols, Danny Gilkey, Dave Greer, Harry Kuhr. ROW THREE: Dave Jones, An- lone Goyak, Mike Hays, Jeff Jones, Sleye Hacker, Jim Keane, Bob John- son, Jerry Goldsmith, Mike Herberl, Gary Kyle, Gary Holcomb, Ron Harrison. ROW ONE, lefl fo righf: Sandy Jones, Carol Holub, Glenda Jones, Alice Holfhouse, Barbara Hamillon Sandie Kefhley, Joyce Joy, Merriall Kerr, Sharon Hopper Mary King, Linda Kalinowski, Almira Horne. ROW TWO: Penny Kegley, Char- lolle Johnson, Shirley Johnslon, Joyce Jarnes, Jackie Johnson, Karen Gusfafson, Francine Hunn, Danella James, Eileen Hamplon, Brenda Henderson, Marlha Johnslon, Holly Hayden, Sandy Gruessing. ROW THREE: Henry Keefer, Doug Keiih, Wayne Johnson, Leon Hull, Dave Harmon, Bob Jacobson, Sieve Hon- elf, Dick Jacobson, Lary Hund, Joe Hohenrieder, Gerard Dearing, Mickey Himsl. ROW ONE, lei? lo righl: Liz New' man, Mary Meyer, Janice Moore, Lo's Maffson, Ann Nees, Linda Lee, Dolores Navarro, Darlene Mason, Lynn Markham, Pam McGuire, Dana Lovick, Doris Smart. ROW TWO: Norman Grove, Darrel Long, Sieve Maze, Bob Neuberl, Rick Lana, Gary Guerrera, Jim McAffe, Dan Navone, Earl March Albie Long- shore, Jim Moon, Per l.andeck. ROW THREE: Dave Lorrey, Norman Thompson, Tim Mealey, Doug Mi- chael, Gene Moreau, Mike McGar- vey, Kennelh Nissinen, Pat Lufkin Clyde maven, Ricky Maxwell, Sreve Manus, Tim Leschinsky. ROW ONE, lefl lo rlqlll: Connie La Londe, Janeen McMahan, Shen-ye MCGWHGY. Kdfhy Ludlam. Kalhy Mcsfelflor, Mary Lou Leahigh, Re. nee.McGowan, Ruth Nelson, Colene Lewls, Margaref Lamb, Rifa Malf- ble, Barbara Moak. ROW TWO: Berl MgCain, Jane Hohanson, Clark Soulhwlck, Eldon Lamberl, Jim Har- rell, Gerry Lane, Ken Madsen, Jim Leonard, Chuck Langendorf, Ray Marshall, ROW THREE: Donna Lar. ramendy, Donna Marlinez. Sandie MCKIHHEY, Jacquelyn Leahiclh, Jua- nlfa Mora, Claudia Moniz, Dorclhy May, Sandy Lillrell, Arlene Miller, Marlene Miller, Vanya Lord, Mary May, Jane Nelson. ROW ONE, leff fo righfz Belly Sieg- fried, Karen Sabo, Daisy Rhodes, Llnda Rubio, Rufh Richardson, Toni Selgneck, Judy Ogle, Avis Price, Gall Lewis, Nancy Shellon, Sue Roof, Judy Simmons. ROW TWO: Barbara Pereira, Sandy Paulson, Darlene Odom, Dickie Smith, Donna Sleeves. Ginger Royal, Sandy Rus- conl, Carol Rowe, Mardy Schmidi, Ann Odegard, Frances Shimek, Mer. rella Ek'dmore. ROW THREE: Rich- ard Ohlson, Kin Simpson, James 5"YCl9r, Floyd Radcliffe, Gary Shel- by, Morris Scharff, Frank Siegfried, Manuel Ramirez, Richard Rubio, Richard Sandoval, Ted Roberrs, John Scarborough. ROW ONE, lefl 'ro righf: Grover Soonable, Bob Shollenburger, Mike Slallery, Dan Smilh, Don Roark, Tom Plowrighf. Bob Shaw, Bob Maelche, Don Rookaird, Larry Smilh. ROW TWO: Bill Rewerls, Bob Scarbor- ough, Dennis Slevens, Lynden Siple, Danny Ramirez, Bill Sharp, Mark Sfaggs, Harold Orfega, Bob Schle- singer, Dave Richmond. ROW THREE: Sandy Sanchez, Joann Sned- eker, Vickie Reeves, Mariha Riley, Eve Sfanlon, Gail Skinner, Phyllis Sandoval, LaVonne Sims, Pa? Oyen. ROW ONE: Iefl lo righf: Sarah Yamanaka, Dixie Wilson, Michele Waymire, Mary Ann Tallman, Sandy Thomas, Arlene Young, Lynda Thoy- er, Jeanne Ward, Diane Tadlock, Karolyn Tubbs, Sue Turnquisl, Judi Tomilson. ROW TWO: Charlene Waison, Sharon Williams, Donna Truill, Evelyn Slone, Suzanne Thom- as, Kalhy Thornsberry, Belh Wygal, Pam Zink, Sharon Harlung, Mar- garef While, Sheila Wilding. ROW THREE: Ernie Stevenson, Alan Thom- as, Bob Zelinski, Doug Voeks, Rich- ard Sfevenson, John Warrick, Mike Whilaker, Tom Shenefield, Deryl Taylor, Sfan Wippler, John Trappe, Mike SuHon. ROW ONE, lefl lo righl: Jim Wood, Dennis Van Meier, Ed Zubey, Dave Wesl, Russ Young, Lola Whilson, Nona Yniguez, D'ane Will'ams, Peq- qy Williams, Jane? White, Bonnie Wallon, Terri Wyall, ROW TWO: Arlyn Turner, Brooks Tarver, Ken Treece, Ted Websler. Mike Wil- liams, Wayne Weafherby, Paul Tarr, Pele Vasconi, Charles Wall, Bob Tale, Darrell W lliams, Harry York. 1 ffl? l H "Lb- The Sophomore Service main- rains order in the long lunch lines af noon wilh members like fhis. "Winter Illusions" was fhe name chosen for fhe Sophomore For- mal af Chrisfmas lime, The day before fhe Christmas vacalion. Sophomore qirls are fhe same world-wide. They love fo stand and lalk. The Sophomore Cabinef is se? for ils piclure. Sophomore Goof-balls fake Time off from decoralinq for the formal. Her Honor, Penny Royal MT. Diablo l-lighls sTands overTlowed aT The TirsT league play wiTh PiTTsburg The TirsT annual Home- coming game. The ceremony aT halT Time was The big evenT oT The evening. Mr. William Marracino, MT. Diablo l'-ligh School band insTrucTor, direcTed his prize-winning musicians inTo a Diablo march which carried Tive charming ladies escorTed by Tive handsome senior boys To The plaTTorm where The queen was To be crowned. Jerry Loving, speaker, slowly announced The resulTs of The VarsiTy TooTball Teamls voTe. Junior princesses: Sharon l-lenson, Ann Price. Senior princesses: Sue Coolc, Margie EcoTTey, Pen- ny Royal. "The l-lomecoming gueenlu exclaimed Jerry. There was a TrumpeTing TanTare by The bandg Then, "MT, Diablo's TirsT annual Homecoming Queen oT l959 is -" pause- "Penny Royal!" Penny was escorTed Trom her Throne Tollowed by her respecTive courT and was ushered inTo a whiTe I96O Oldsmobile converTible driven by Mr. Erv Leh- mer himselT. The princesses rode in a red Olds. Princess Sue Cook Princess Margie Ecoffey Princess Ann Price Princess Sharon Henson The court beaufies ride parade slyle in The Olds, Charley complimenls The Queen. IK 1 l l GJ' vig JOE TBEBINO PAT KEANE MERYL CONNERS DOROTHY MASON Pf9S'd2f1i Vice-presidenf SecreTary Represenfafive Freshmen come To Diablo eager fo learn and ready fo follow the fradifions. Freshmen Members oi The class oT '63 wiTh Joe Trebino, pres- idenTg PaT Keane, vice-president Meryl Conners, secre- Tary, and DoroThy Mason, represenTaTive, received Their iniTiaTion early in The year. lnsTead oT being hazed, The Frosh"hacl To perTorm K.P. duTy on November l9. This consisTed of cleaning up The school grounds under The direcTion oT upperclassmen, who awarded Them reTresh- menTs aTTerwards. March I8 was The nexT daTe on The agenda Tor Frosh acTiviTies. This was The annual presenTaTion oT The Fresh- man Dance. The class also parTicipaTed in The combined class assembly and They operaTed a booTh in The Junior Carnival as well. All oT These acTiviTies were under The guidance of Mr. Fury Dalia, Mrs. Marion l-lilliard, and Mr. Terry McDaniel, who served as Freshman class advisers. T Freshman counselors are as follows: Miss Dorofhy Jacobus and Mr. Orval Sieffen Freshman advisers for This year are as follows: Mr. Terry McDaniel, Mrs. Marion Hilliard, and Mr. Fury Dalia. ROW ONE, leff Yo righl: Kalhy Caruso, Calhy Bourrel, Jan Albielz, Lois Bools, Karen Bechlel, Char- lolle Briggs, Dorofhy Aarhus, Rulh- ann Allner, Judy Bisso, Nancy Angelo. ROW TWO: Janie Byrd, Jean Buckley, Linda Blackslone, Pa- lricia Bruce, Glinda Cargile, Lynn Bair, La Donna Bignoli, Barbara Allen, Diane Bielawski, Anne Bru- nelle. ROW THREE: Tom Arnold, Rich Brooks, Frank Courler, Rich Adams, Joe Banual, George Arroya, Allen Boyesen, Gary Alexander, Ron Baughman, Brian Baker. ROW ONE, lefl 'ro righl: Beverly Calhoun, Barbara Armslrong, Judy Afherfon, Mary Boyle, Gay Carlos, Lynn Cox, Susan Benson, Darlene Biork, Sandra Beaulieu, SuEllen Al- lison. ROW TWO: Shirlee Ball, Cheryl Carfer, Darlene Barlon, An- nefle Bullard, Norene Canonica, Doris Allison, Barbara Carol, Linda Brufon, Linda Blikeng, Anna Bolla. ROW THREE: Jon Beers, Mike Cur- ry, Ken Clarke, Ron Brown, Leon Blackburn, Mike Cadd, David Bab- bill, Cliff Bell, Sian Bennell, Larry Barnes. ROW ONE, leff lo right: Mike Broce, Huberf Bromma, Dale An- derson, Richard Anderson, Pele Berwick, Johnny Farmer, Lesley Al- len, Tim Eifzen, Ron Enqlish, Rick Allen, John Erman, Rex Dickenson. ROW TWO: Gaylene Biorkczuisl, Sharon Armslron , Janie Brolher- lon, Judie Brofzerfon, Barbara Derana, Judy Coenen, Colleen Cur- lin, Joan Dyer, Paul Colvard, Glenn Dunlap, ROW THREE: Maior Bran- lee, Jim Arens, Bill Curran, Gary Estrella, Terry Colcher, Roberfo Eslrella, Rod Durflinger, Frank Day, Dava Clark, Arlene Childs. ROW ONE, leff lo righl: Kathy Er- rerf, Viva Dake, Jackie Dallon, Mary Dykman, Grace Chaplik, Judy Day, Mike Collins, Linda Emerick, Kalhy Ellingson. Gloria Drurn, Carol Cree, Connie Fachner, Vicki Cash. ROW TWO: Sue Dul"f, Sandy Cook, Sue Courlney, Nancy Deselms, Jan Cummings, Shirley DeFrafes, Sherry Crifes, Margarel' Draemel, Dorolhy Darrell, Marcia Clark, Meryl Con- ners, Theresa Dorsle. ROW THREE: Bob Darden, Bill Fell, Bob Duffield, Bruce Divine, Bill Dougherly, Mike DeHarl, Ken Doeckel, Charlie Dyer, Don Cue. -' 'kfqvwmj , ,....... li J J IR V 'l ,.,'s, ,ii xfvl-A wg V. ROW ONE, left to right: Nancy Fitch, Pamela Hurst, Sheila Hunter, Barbara Floyd, Lauralee Harinq, Frances Courter, Joanne Jarvis, Gay Goodman, Janice Huffman, Ger- trude Chong, Colette Ewing, Jean Davis. ROW TWO: Ann Gay, Donna Holz, Mary Green, Diana Henry, Francine Hampton, Sharon Herr'ng, Vicki Garrard, Linda Housour, Mary Gloekler, Caroline Gee. Rosemary Hibel, Jean Hayes. ROW THREE: Bob Glalier, John Fore, Jim Gibbs, Tom Horsfall, Stewart Glalier, Dud- ley Gann, Donald Hall, George Hegarg, Dennis Hroselton, John Gour ,Fred Granados, Rick Heignes. ROW ONE, Ielt to right: Mike Gar- rett, Rich Harmon, Chuck Gabry- siak, Earnest Forbess, Jerry Grahn, Joe Hardcastle, Jack Hawk, Gordon Horch, Danny Freeman, Craig Hag- er, Richard Garvin, Tom Gunn. ROW TWO: Ken Hardman, Bill Hansen, Harry Hugel, Ellen Kings- ley, Dorothy Mason, Cheryl Lewis, Mary Grahrn, Janis Gedrose, Shari Fennell, Juanita Guddleston, Carol Forrest, Sue Hopkins. ROW THREE: Stanley Hatch, Dan Friese, George Hatherill, David Hammari, Bill Gal- li, Larry Glessman, Ralph Ford, Dennis Garcia, Paul Hamel, Bill Figueroa, Peter Gehringer, David Gehringer. ROW ONE, left to righl: Judy Karns, Andrea Moore, Sandy Nailen, Eileen Miller, Judy Long. Cheryll Nielson, Joan Moorhead, Leslie Krumland, Sandra Jones, Claudia McCarty, Patricia Krout, Sheila Jones, ROW TWO: Joe Mangini, Walt Johnson, Bill Maggiora, Jim Hanuds, Larry Mason, Bill Kirk, Rich Jacobs, Gary Loomis, David Har- desty, Bob Hitchcock, Ron McGrath, Tom Lewis. ROW THREE: Lenie Miener, Grace Leschinsky, Helen Merchant, Grace Maestas, Ruth Kegley, Dona Montgomery, Sue Moise, Vivian McMasters, Becky Nicholson, Kathy Keane, Pat Keane, Lauri McGuire. ROW ONE, left to right: Penny Rider, Alice Schenewolf, Sandra Shuntleff, Yvonne Van der Groen, Pat Kestelwoot, Laurie Lane, Judy lmmel, Carol Longshore, Peggy Kimp, Margaret Larson, Cookie Martin, Joan Nutley. ROW TWO: La Velle Jackson, Colleen Nelson, Sylvia Ludricks, Pat Lonsdale, Edna Smith, Eileen Sidebottom, Nancy Ludlam, Judy Tierney, Pam Scott, Carol Taylor, Daryl Pennington, Donna West. ROW THREE: Charles Lopez, Tom Russell, Joe Trebino, Paul Raymond, Ron Kohler, Bill Rutherford, Jim Thornton, Harry Le- Munyon, AI Kiely, John McKinley, Rich Yamanaka. ROW ONE, lefr fo righiz Barbara Srokes, Darlene Ouigg, Sandra Wa- fers, Robin Wells, Janice Walker, Janice Simmons, Sue Templefon, Kaihy Wilding, Beairice Sampere, Cindy Ulfer, Lonnie Williams, Mary Smirh. ROW TWO: Karla Srnilh, Roberta Thain, Barbara Van Deven- ler, D'ane Ponsegrow, Terry Wil- liams, Carol McMillen, lris Powning, Julie Parry, Dee Ann Peiers, Jill TuHle, Bev Schipper, Barbara Jami- son. ROW THREE: Tyler Niesen, Jim Payne, Kip Roebken, Gary Parks, Don Onsiolf, Paul Sfimell, Roy Whit- field, Jack Sunseri, Jim Simmons, Mike Torpacka, Piaul Rugerl, Don Pau . ROW ONE, leil' fo righl: Lyneife Terry, Nancy Weslbrook, Helen Walsh, Sue Recklenwald, Nancy Smith, Sherry Pergrim, Charmian Phipps, BeHy Van Pelf, Par Shawver, Ann Schwalen, Lynnerle Simms, Pal Simpson. ROW TWO: Gary Rich- ardson, Mike Yarborough, Ron Peferson, Pai Timbrell, Larry Rich- ardson, Dick Schaumburg, David Palrison, Gary Speelman, Gary Wenger, Dan Smilh, Bill Warle, Al- len Wizner. ROW THREE: Kim Wil- liams, Mike Prisk, Mike Tare, Joe Trappe, Jim Rego, Jim Peebles, Bill Oswald, Gorden Shepherd, Ken Williams, Bob Planrz, Frank Sier- ling, Bob Van Dyke. ROW ONE, lefi fo righf: Jaclyn Pelland, Sandy Recklenwald, Sandy Thomas, Karen Servenfi, Anne Shi- mek, Marry RuboHom, Linda Reebes, Janice Smith, Jerilyn Tay- lor, Carol Herbel, Susan Pefrie. ROW TWO: Judy Ried, Linda Ped- erson, Janer Twigg, Bob McClain, Jerry Royse, Fred Schwecke, Tom Porier, Marshall Malseed, Tim Jones, Sheryl Theobald, Sandy Thomas, Vicki Roimig. ROW THREE: Gary Widner, Rick Saxion, Ken Smifh, Dale Weir, Um Shindelus, Bob Kohler, John Vinceni, Haskell Ward, Jim Sousa, Raymond Schei- ber, Rodney Kefchum, George Sieg- fried. The lucky Freshman English siudenls in 5l AC. don'f have io ioin fhese energefic Frcsh Service members in cleaning up the school grounds . . . lo .4 , QA lalfsllii 4 4 J. - H ? . ., l J W R n 5 f-a '-LH JH, , f W, .Sh Pi-1'-.Q V www f if War '23- C14 Ai The end of Clean-up Day, Frosh swarm inwards rewardinq refrcshmenrs. Frosh prove fha? money can be made from cake sales. Doro1hy Mason and Jim Sousa were chosen fh s year's Typical Freshmen. Nancy Westbrook and Norris Dahl were crowned as fhis year's Kinq and Queen af fhe Fresh- man Dance. The Freshman cabinef was re- sponsible for orqanizinq fhe class acfivifies. "Golden Tw3Iiqh1'," fhc Fresh- man Dance, was presenfed on March 18, "Gerling fo Know You" was fhe lheme of our firsl school dance of lhe year, slick- The annual furn-abou? dance, "Pineapple Junction," pre- flgures formed lhe decoralions. senled by fhe Social Affairs Commirlee, danced lolhe music of Bill Marracino. Our dances "swing" us out of the routine. Chrisfmas lime means Sophomore Formal Vme, I959 being no nxeceprion. Tho fhemc of lhis year's formal was "Winler Illusions," Some Hawaiian Hilo Halfis and fheir dales dress alike in bright Mid-March brouqh? lhe Freshman Dance "Golden Twll qhl," over which Queen colored muu-muus and shirfs af lhe lurn-abou? dance. Nancy Weslbrook and King Norris Dahl reigned. 7 XA i .13 . 15.9 1 gx if rv F2 UZ Q ,W Eg .QI A i -qu xg. -Im . 1 ef m .SF 1? V 7 -1 ,W , r X , 2 .fy - is' .Q . .3 . ef 'HZ - ' wwf-V 12r?i?iL3T4? - 'lf V b 21,4 , . ,MA ...nk - ,N . ' ,, V if x l.-5 rr TCT 74:5 f"'Qs '57 'Yfe wg! X, BONNIE MASON ENID MATHIAS Edlfill' Assisfanf Edilor ' I Ehalno Bonnie Mason . . ,,,Yv,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,w, Edilor Enid Malhias. .. . ,ufxssislanl Edilor Fred Auda ,, , ,Y., Q.,,w. S p orls Edilor Calhi Caldwell Subscriplion Manager Lois Shimmin . Business Manager Willy Cullen . Ad Manager The sludenls ol Mrs. Helen Lum's sixlh period yearboolc class, urged on by edilor Bonnie Mason, combined lheir erclorls lo malce 'rhe Diablo '60 a good annual. Gerling ads, selling yearboolcs, conlacling various people, wriring copy, and choosing pholographs lor lhe annual comprise a lew ol lhe "chores" ol 'rho yearboolc slall members. The slalll was headed by ediror, Bonnie: business manager, Lois Shimrning ad manager, Willy Cullen: sporls manager, Fred Audap arl edilor and subscrip- lion manager, Calhi Caldwell. Slaff members are CFRONT ROW, lelf fo righll: Enid Mafhias, Bonnie Mason, Linda Jason, Pam Mealey, Penny Royal. SECOND ROW: Jenny Beers, Pal Campbell, Rise Harris, Margo Holl, Frances Pufnam, Jan Phillips, Sharon Woolfe, Linda Lewis, Dina Podner, Sharon Kelly, Bill Cullen. THIRD ROW: Wanda Bacher, Joyce Harinq, Heidi Hohen- rieder, Lois Shlmmin, Cafhi Caldwell Carole Lindsey, Karen Ellinqson, Ramona Davis, Randy Norris. BACK ROW: Dennis Duggins, Sfu Marlin, Jim Racine, Jo-Ann Hoff, Fred Auda, Ken Hickey, Jim Craig. Diablo Communications headquarters for '60 Stuff Penny Royal, Sharon Kelly, Ramona Davis, Gary Silva, Joyce l-laring ,.........,,....., Class Edilors Pam Mealey. .. . ........ ...,,.. . ....,,.... L eaders Karen Ellingson .. .. , .. .Clubs Bob Dulas , , , , , Pholographer Special seclion edifors IFRONT ROW, lell lo righll: Karen Elllngson, Dina Podner, Pam Mealey, Jim Racine. BACK ROW: Fred Auda, Ken Hickey, Randy Norris. Business, ads and subscriplions edilors llefl fo righfl: Lois Shimmin, Bill Cullen, Calhi Caldwell. Class edilors llefl lo righfl: Penny Royal, Sharon Kelly, Ramona Davis, Gary Silva, Joyce Harinq. Bob Dulas, Pholographer Y Diablo News M RS. HELEN LUM Adviser '!',.."'s as-' is Q parents and sfudenfs is the :E , S Journalism Department. X f Ss Whai's lhe lalesl scoop in rhe ever-preseni quesiion of lhe Diablo News Slaif? ln rneeling iis bi-monihly deadlines, ihe siarf quile ade- . 1 quaiely achieves iis goal ol bringing The curreni happen- ings io lhe siudenl body's aHen+ion. This year ihey have racked lheir brains lor new ideas io give 'rhe paper a diiiereni slanl, iraclced down siories of inieresi, and ialcen pholographs so lhar ihe news was more lively. The slaii was headed by Sieve Shelby, iirsl semesier, and Maria Fernandez, second semesiery Business Manager Carole Lindsey: Adverlising Managers, Siuarl' Marlin and Bob Wisyanslcig Press Release Managers, Calhi Caldwell and Eloise Snipes: Piciure Manager, Sue Padeliordg Ex- change Manager, Dina Podnerg Pholographer, Bob Dulasg and Facully Adviser, Mrs. Helen Lum. STEVE SH ELBY Fall Edilor MARIA FERNANDEZ Spring Edifor wr gp-New . I, imxi Four workin women of the Press llefl to righllz Diane Hamil- 9 lon, Dina Podner, Eloise Snipes, Sue Padelford. Ads and Business Managers: Sfu Marlin, Carole Lindsey. Diablo News Slaff CFRONT ROW, lefl fc righll: Slu Marlin, Sieve Shelby, Pam Reynolds, Sue Padelford, Maria Fernandez, SECOND ROW: Carole Lindsey, Trudy Hayes, Pal Smilh, Diane Hamillon, Margie Ecoffey, Dina Podner, Linda Lewis. THIRD ROW: Calhi Caldwell, Kyle Weslover, Eloise Snipes, Dani Kay Saxfon, Ken Hickey, Jerry Alnip, Gary Silva. FOURTH ROW: Rich Terra, Fred Auda, Bob Dulas, Bill Cullen, Jerry Sfanley, Randy Norris, Rex Kramer. 1.1 .1 MAJORETTE HEAD MAJORETTE FLAG TWIRLER MAJORETTE Sandy Liifrell Marge Ecoffey Sunny Ecoffey Cookie Marlin The boom-boom of Diablo drums is admired by the townspeople Band Zlyyryji , , The Ml. Diablo Band performs as a marching band in The fall and, in The spring, as a concerl band. As a marching unif, if performed a+ The California Sfale Fair and in The Concord Pow Wow, in which il placed lirsl This year. The band also look Tirsl in 'rhe Lodi Grape Feslival parade-lhe prize was SIOO. The band placed lirsl in The Walnul Feslival Parade where il received The Sweepslalces Trophy for The besl unil in lhe parade, while The majorelles received a lirsf also. The band wenl lo The Davis Picnic Day for marching and was defending champion al The Los Banos Mayday Parade where lasl year The "Red Coalsu received The coveled lirsl-place lrophy and sweepslakes lrophy. MR. BILL MARACCINO Prire-winning Band Insfruclor The MY. Diablo High School Band made Diablo proud by winning many awards in iniersfaie compefiiions. ' If fr x I My , 7 E Noon rallies, headed by The yell leaders and sang leaders, were held lo increase spirit for fhe games. and if sparks sportsmanship in the stands as well as in the Quad. Sounds of shouling emanale from lhe while-shirled scclion ol baskel- ball slands. Each game was cheered on by lhe rally band under fhe direcfion of Mr, William Marracino, This year's Varsitonians have participated in school dances, played in the assembl'es, and for many outside activi- ties. They include: Rita Haskins, vocalist, Glen England, Bob Zelinski, Bob Maetche, Bob Meeker, Bob Plantl, and Mike Sutton. BACK ROW: Sandra Littrell, Fred Granados, Ron Roberts, Hal Sundquist, and Alan Thomas. The concert groups demonstrate the department's versatility. GIRLS GLEE The Girls' Glee, under the instruction of Mrs. Barbara Bragg, have added much to the music proqram of QIdblO this year. They have participated ln the Christmas Pageant and on March .4. they held their concert tor the public. ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW, left to right: Barbara Donahue, Kathy Caruso, Holly Hayden, Sylvia Adams, Sandy Jones, Roberta Seibold, Colene Lewis. BACK ROW: Peter Gehrinqer, Barbara Souza, Bar- bara Sevy, Nancy Smith, Dennis Van Meter, Bill Kirk. Wi 75 W3 5,9g.,.,2 .1A ,v 5 ,x,,, 'f1'5,3v5,3 ' as gg 1 fx "The play's the thu g" DRAMA For many years lhe drama classes have performed ourslanding plays and lhis year is no exceplion. Among Them "The Slolen Prince" which was lhe sub- Sreve Thomas and Virginia Paflerson here pose as Persey and Madame DuBonnel in fhe ferm play "The Boy Friend." Dave Daniels and Donna Driskell, as Tony and Polly, do a scene from fhe lerm play "The Boy Friend." Sl d Ch i here wails behind the scenes for The players of the term play "The Boy Friend Trudy Hays and Don Wray inlerprelecl fhe paris eepy eye r s of The Royal Nurse and Long Fo in "The Slolen his enfrance as Joseph in fhe Chrislmas Paqeanl. here are practicing a chorus line dance during rehearsal. Prince" for lhe Drama Assembly. M' "' V53 '21 "2?'f't'2Z2ee at Diablo foo. ieclr of 'rhe drama assembly, "The Boy Friend," as lhe annual lerm play, and lhe dramalic porlrayal of Chrislmas and iis meaning in The Chrislmas Pageant Wilh his lalenls behind The back drop, Mr. Raymon Slansbury has shown his direcfing abililies by lhe qualily ol his performances. Our farm play "The Boy Friend" was a swing back 'lo lhe 'Z0's with flappers and peg-lopped lrousers. Donna Driskell, Virginia Paflerson, and Belsy Edin- borgh, as lhree female leads pose for our camera. Behind lhe scenes of "The Sfolen Prince" lhese sludenls awail the cues for iheir opening performance. Donna Driskell, Bill Spencer and Donald Wray are piclured here while performing in The play "The Slolen Prince." m...-he 5-W- 2' if I O, i QPJSTR 4 ',x 5 ,, We I ,ix CT MRS. PAU LINE TOSCHI BEGINNING DANCE FRONT ROW, lell fo righf: Renole Johnson, Juanila Smith, Joyce Mayfield, Sandra Vedo- velli, Ann Price, Vivian Besselievre, Billie Jean Walker, Peggy Temple- lon, Lynn Turner, Karla Weinzheimer, Sharyon Danna, Virginia Bal? Nancy Carler, carol Priesfrap. MIDDLE ROW: Belsy Edin- bourgh, Joy Sleward, Evelyn Melacon, Shiela Carper, Linda Spencer, Jo Ann Sfagge, Rufh Ann Williams, Palfi Adams, Dani Kay Sax- lon, Jerre Slagil, Sophia Omania, Linda Miller, Karen Cavallo, Susan Daws. BACK ROW: Barbara Bloom- er, Barbara Chance, Janel Sperling, Sharon Savage, Pal Stinemifz, Maureen Joseph, Sonia Grammcnf,ChrisRound- free, Linda Freilas, Margo Holt, Sharon Wesl, Linda Doolin, Janice Sidwell, Lynn Peler, Rifa Presller. Leofard-clad future bullerinas 5551 0 The breaking of The pinafa was the climax of lhe "Mexican Hal Dance" in lhe Christmas Camel'-3 lwld SIUCIGHIS DOSE GIDSIIQBCI CISSIQV1 during Pageant. advance dance session. express the arf of the dance. ADVANCED DANCE FRONT ROW, Ieff fo righf: Penny Royal, Lin- da Jason, Bonnie Ma- son, Linda Lewis, Karen Kuhr, Kaylene Darnell, Sharon Kelly, Donna Nees, Joan Bralil, Bar- bara Brooks. MIDDLE ROW: Carol Treece, Joyce Haring, Jane? Pefrie, Nadine Holl- house, Enid Mafhias, Jackie Nufley, Paula McGuire, Lois Shimmin, Roseann Linford, Maria Fernanel. BACK ROW: Pal Smifh, Judj Jones, Linda Dominguez, Kar- en Ellingson, Gigi Zero, Joyce Miller, Pam And- erson, Marilyn Malone, Rufh Ann Smith, Bar- bara Buscaglia, Nancy Clarke. Suslained movemenl was lhe key fo "Midsummer Day" which went lo ihe Alhambra These dance sfudenfs represent the many hours spen? affer school EXCl'1if'Qe ASSGmblY- in concenfrafed practice. These are the organizers who depufize and supervise. Members of lhe clubs council who represent their various clubs are ROW l, left to right: Helen Gadol, Kathy Leschinsky, Peter Gehrinqer, Walier Johnson, Bill Nelson, Norman Hill, Charlene Ciotfi, Claire Garriques, Sharon Woolf. ROW 2: Virginia Glines, Jackie Nutley, Clubs Commissioner, Gary Mason, and Mrs. lrmagard Cox, Adviser. Under the advisership of Ernie Cecaci, the Block D has performed its many functions. These include: keeping order in the assemblies, competing in the Block D vs. Faculty basket- ball and baseball games. The Block D is led by president Bill Nelson: and sergeant of arms Tom Brown . . . Members of the German Club tried to promote an understanding of the German language. Some of the activities included attending Ger- man movies, visiting a German restaurant and also visiting the Vienna Boys' Choir. Leaders tor the first semester were Robert Gordon, president, Ida Yamanaka, vice-presidenig and Barbara Bloomer, secretary. Dr. Caroline Ross , advised the group. l t Any student who has taken commercial courses is eligible tor membership in the Business Club. The officers are president, Barbara Chance, vice-president, Judy Arensg secretary, Judy Dalton, and treasurer, Linda Prisk. During the first semester several meetings were held for ihe adoption of the Business Club Constitution. On March 28, the graduates ot three years ago attended the annual Business Club re- union. Also on the list of activities were the annual presentation of a gift to the school, a club social and elections, which terminated the year. This year the GAA had a very active year under the sponsorship of Miss Donna Britton. Some of the activities were the modern dance play- day held at Antioch February 6, the bowling playday held at Las Lomas February 273 and the badminion playday held in our gym on March l7. Other exciting events were the two mother and daughter nights held in December and .March. Club officers are Claire Garrigues, president, Charlene Cioffi, vice president: and Bonnie Jewell, secretary and treasurer. The EDUCATION CLUB sfarfed The '59-'60 season wifh The elecTion of new officers. The following people were elecfed: Presidenf, Carole Linseyg Vice-President, Janice Moore, SecreTary, EsTher Gaiarian. The ad- viser This year was Miss Peggy Reid. The club was formed in order To inTeresT sTu- denTs in The Teaching field. The firsf acTiv- iTy was The Educafion Club Tea held for members, new sTudenTs, and members of The adrninisTraTion. The nexT acfivify was The lnfernship Program. This allows several sTudenTs To go To Williams School To ob- serve Teaching Techniques firsThand. The club's Two field Trips consisfed of going To San Francisco STaTe To aTTend meefings and see The campus, and The second was an Educaficn Conference af C.O.P. in Sfockton. The FUTURE NURSES CLUB was formed in The spring of l957. The club officers This year are KaThy Leschinslry, presidenfg Pen- ny Jueff, vice'presidenlg Caroline Gee, secrefaryg Judy Tierney, Treasurer, BeTh Wygal, corresponding secrefary. Th's vear The club has made Three Trips To The Con- cord Communify Hospifal. Under The su- pervision of The adviser, Mrs. JoAnn Ma- comber. JSA was organized To help sfudenfs learn more abouf sfafesrnanship. Regional and sfafe governmenl' come under scrufiny aT The many convenTions held during The year. The organizafion even prov'des The services of a lobbyisl' in The sTaTe capifol. Ten local members were picked in The spring lo represenf Tunisia and Haifi in a mock UN Conference aT The UniversiTy of Cali- Tornia. Officers for The fall Term were Ginger Glines, presidenfg Sarah Yamanaka, vice-presidenfg Maria Chafellier. secrefaryg and Jennefh Beers, Treasurer. Mrs. Norma WhiTe is chief adviser To The group. DRAMA sfudenfs who have parficipafed in plays in The lasT four semesTers were priv- ileged To enfer The Sword and Bauble Club. This club has sponsored Trips To plays and musicals wifh hopes of develop- ing inferesf in The drama field and en- couraging sfudenfs To follow acfing ifself. Judy Edinborgh has been presidenf for The year. Mr. Ramon STansbury heads This group. 49y,ww,4,,z,.A., ., ,, , , in wr f 2994 f 92 Sfudenfs who are trying to furfner their knowledge in the French language and have fun doing it belong to the FRENCH CLUB. During the first semester the club iusf met and didn'f do foo much but Mr. Roberf Macomber, the adviser, expected to be doing more fhings in fhe spring semesfer. The following students are in the French Club: Mary Liz Nelson, presidenfg Janice Moore, Melinda Whitney, Ruth Nelson, Toni Selznick, Ursula Fritsch, Diana Chapman, Michele Waymire, Jan Sperling, Jo Wheeler, Jack Cofcher, Rifa Maltbie, Judy Edin' borgh, Rene McGowan, Rosalie Dresback, THE STAMP CLUB-Consisfing of fen mem- bes and ranging in size, form, shape and intelligence, the stamp club's obiect is to creafe an inferesf and gain knowledge valuable to the stamp lickers Every Where. Fufure stamp lickers include FRONT ROW: Walter Johnson, Maior Branzel, Bill Waife, Bob Neudert, Peter Gehringer. BACK ROW: Gary Widmer, Donald Hall, Paf Luflrin, Ken Doeckel, Dave Gehringer, with Mr. Fury Dalla, adviser. 1 paul S Under the sponsorship of Miss Ruth Galin- do and Miss Ethel Brubaker the CALIFOR- NIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION has proudly maintained the stale standards, these being ten points for the six-period student, twelve points for the seven-period student. Therefore it is an honor for stu- denfs to become members of C.S.F. This year's club counts as members FRONT ROW, seated: Elaine Earls, Maria Fernen- dez, Kafhlene Leschinsky, Ida Yamanaka, Norma McKenzie, Dani Saxton. ROW Z: Bonnie Mason, Kathryn Pancoasf, Pat Hen- nessy, Lois Shimmin, Joan Brazil, Judy Dalton, Madalyn Drago. ROW 3: Rita Presz- Ier, Hartwell Harris, Janice Moore, Diane Tadlock, Marfha Riley, Lynn Markham, Nola Kniflen. BACK ROW: Harold Sund- quisf, Bill Fernandez, Pete Vasconi, Ron Boyle, George Weafhersky. Headed by President Gary Mason, fhe RADIO CLUB has experienced many field trips, to examine the various types of radio equipment-one of fhe club's main pur- poses. Having equipmenl fo operate Ham radios and work with radio apparatus are the prin'cipal obiectives of this organiza- tion. Ken Wetzel, vice-president, Jim Wells, secretary, are the remaining officers and Mr. Robert Armstrong is the club adviser. W The SCIENCE CLUB members work on scientific proiecls. The club enioyed buy- ing a refrigerator for the Science Depart- ment this year as well as the trip to Mor- rison Planitarium, The leaders for first semester were Harald Doglinani, president, Charles Hagood, vice-president, John Cross, secretary-treasurer, Bill Miller, pub- licifyg and Mr. Robert Vencill, adviser. Second semester leaders were Bruce Peet, presidentg Paul Ludwig, vice-president: Connie Foltz, secretary treasurer, Bill Mil- ler, publicity, and Mr. Thomas Steyaert, adviser. Under the direction of Mr. Anthony Vidak was formed the Mt. Diablo LUG NUTS. This club promotes and sustains an interest in the functions of an automobile. Meet- ings are held periodically, whereby mem- bers have an opportunity lo work on their cars and discuss future plans of the club. Members are FRONT ROW: Jack Clarke, Ted Moise, Ron Biork, Jack Bouguennec, Walt Peebles. BACK ROW: Ed Cavallo, Norris Phillips, and Bob Allison. Q, , . ,mug VW! f., fai 4 9 yy 'FH ,, ., ,X we 2, , , fix. yr v The FOREIGN EXCHANGE CLUB supports the Foreign Exchange committee and offers the student body a chance to participale in the American Field Service Program. The club, which is in its second year of activity, is advised by Nlr. Robert Ma- comber and the officers are Susan Daws, president: Helen Gadol, vice-president, and Margaret Harwell, secretary, THE PROJECTIONIST is not a club but it functions like one in that members perform such special duties as running the noon movie, and running class movies. Some of the students who serve you in this capacity are as follows, FRONT, left to right: Bob Del Chiaro, Steven Hubbard, Kenneth Mc- Kinney, Albert Brown, Richard Del Chiaro. BACK: Jim Parker, Mike Hays, Ray Mar- shall, Bob Zelinski, James Wood, and Stan- ley Kalinowski. Under fhe leadership of lhe Advisers Miss Ruih Galindo and Miss Eihel Bru- baker, lhe second semesfer California Scholarship Federation takes part in many springfime aclivifies. Among ihose planned were fhe Sealbearers Banquef, Dilch Day, and Spring Picfure Sales. Officers for fhis semesler include: Paisy Hennessy, presidenlg Rob Gordon, vice-presldenlg Rila Preszler, secrelaryg and Cafhi Caldwell, lreasurer. Advanced Harmony is Diablo's smallesl class. If is exclusively for music maiors and is laugh? by Mrs. Barbara Bragg. Cusfodian Val Cooper no longer sings in The rain. fmw fi ff WM . ? 'E 1: Q' r " Q nigh ' 1 Mfr " 7, f J , 5 3 Es,-?..X M LL Zz 74 - f A S ,1 K V I "':w.4f'. . ' 5 Slimulafing a guided inferesl in all forms of Ian is The main purpose of The ian club. Group proiecis according io Mrs. Barbara Bragg include: alfend- ing iazz concerls, playing good ian for the members, and providing club iau concerls, Officers of lhe iau club are Norm Hill. presidenlg Mike Thompson, vice-presidenfg Fred Auda, aclivify chairmang Sophia Omania, secrefary. Crazy legs Gary models his maiorelie cosfume. Q , Mr. Tom Vidak checks for sfudenf body cards ai the firs? school dance las? fall. 4, yy LEAP YEAR brings abou! girls' choice. . . . These girls are quick fo fake ad- vantage of if. Dr. Ferd Diel appcinfs Mary Flefcher chief-fasfer for fhe ducks he prepares annually for the Football Banquef. Deferminafion fo win sparks fhis loot ball squad. 45 wt ,rig KE 1. ek. L I HE 'V nm my 'Q 243571 1 's. ,w.-'iii' qt ' -'yn r 9-1,, r" , 1. .,.. .fi 'Fo PM mm ' , :I 1-jg -' , I - u 'X' X -Y 1 Y Q. I - , ,L 1, Q 1 1 , . 4 . f. ual, 91. , , .,'. way. '-' f f 1:-H-aweB'1'2ss', mg A 1 1 e ,.z. X H ww C' l Q, 55 55'.4"5 -YN: 4 WMV. ln' L if 9 wa L1 Q0 Q-, A QQ, J- pm? :fm :x7'X"', KL I px . .W .7 J? 1 ,iw 1 w,,N?i. ,Y ' V,ixS,1zv L y Z W 'K gat, , ff? fr, 32 7'5" ,j"'f rx!! ,5,,x, gg? Q, if 4 v. ,ff iff, I 'N' ,lf af fqw - pt xy 9 I ,.f,,, BILL NELSON Honarable Menfion Halfback ' , I xh 7' M . - xjw "Q I 4 iff 26? FRONT ROW, leff lo righl: Mike Benneff, Richard Wells, Howard Johnson, Julian Nichlaus, Coach Bohne, Jerry Harrison, Al Longshore, Bob Finger, Jim Henderson, Gary Benzler, Dave Chaplik, SECOND ROW: Dave Mefhven, Bob Koch, Bill Cullen, Ed Johnson, Mike Barbour, Bill Nelson, Ralph Rufherford, Carl Skropela, Ed Bufler. THIRD ROW: Coach Smllh, Larrg Bisso, Ron Boyle, Bill Landis, Gary Lievre, Marfy Piscovich, George Sousa, Dennis Enochs, Don Riumpf, Fred Auda, oach Fairclough. BACK ROW: Bill Cambra, Bob Berqlund, Dave Jones, Duane Morris, Tom Brown, Bill Sharp, Hugh Brown, Lou Audas. Small men, big spirit, fake championship. Varsity Football December 7, l959 On Monday nighf, Sepfember 2 I, Diablo fans saw 36 boys fake fhe field for fhe open- ing game of fhe l959 foofball season. Many of fhe older alumni in fhe sfands had nof seen a local feam so small in size in over a decade. This was also an inexperienced group wifh only six veferans refurning from lasf year's squad. l-low could such a group capfure fhe fancy of fans and roofers whose ears were sfill ringing wifh fhe six successes of fhe mighfy champions of fhe year before? Nine weelcs lafer, fhis same feam walked off fhe field wifh eighf vicfories and a cham- pionship of fheir own. Behind fhem was a fale of success rarely equalled in fhe annals of lvlf. Diablo afhlefic hisfory. Here was a feam so filled wifh desire, dedicafion of purpose and group oneness fhaf fhey became one of fhe fasfesf-learning and besf-condifioned feams ever fo wear fhe red and green. Their work and spirif grew sfronger weelc by week and wifh each vicfory came fhe sfrengfh and confidence upon which fheir ulfimafe record was fashioned. They will be remembered nof as a feam of individual sfars, buf rafher as a group of individuals fhaf made fhe feam fhe sfar. l-larf Fairclough HEAD COACH HART FAIRCLOUGH COACH DOUG SMITH COACH BUD BOHNE .., ,N ,, K 45 J J Duane Morris throws a key block as Billy Nelson digs for extra yardage againsf Oakland Tech. Diablo gol iis first viclory I3-b. .pw Anfioch lullback prepares lo do a nosedive after being lripped by Devil defender, Don Rumpf, Limifed running room is given lo Devil runner Julian Nicklaus. The Red Devils bear Anfioch wifh a decisive score of I3-0. ZW? Zmpk 1 M!'ff'25i-'YH fx 5 ,vw nf "4?f1'fy7, f ff' S-46 4 Q51 5 Q n' - 4 ll f ,ku Q , ..A V f ! , 'lips I . .,.' :A 'N1' ' , ' Q1 V lvll c bw . , 5, fl' '..,,,,.......,.," H" If .dz ' ..,. ' av K lc , i ' -'JS' ,. V, j I , 1 - . 2. V XL, ' , 'xiii ' ' . bl! 3. -f-9 A ' lvl Bk' 2 " D A W, " ' Zz?-...:.-4 A I I 7 5 X35 ..-v -- i- , o J l L 1 1 . ,:..,-V-we xy f F N, 'f N 'il yggwgillgt J 1433 D, if , ,fm Y , FRONT ROW, left to right: Kevin Keeble, Gerald Garcia, Jim Leonard, Dave West, George Meeks, Mike Slatterl, Ricky Flood, Bob Jacobson, Glen England. SECOND ROW: Bill Fleming, Pat Davis, Martin Wharton, John Warric , Don Avery, Larrg Franchere Howard Johnson, Bob Armstrong, Dwain Adams, Gary Smith. THIRD ROW: Dick Jacobson, Paul avis, Bob Buscaglia, Gary Shelby, Douglas Keith, Rich Clough, Rich Ohlson, Al Saunders, Rick Shelton, Buzz Walker, Mike Jones, Skip Hunter. BACK ROW: Richard Fuller, Charlie Binderup, David Deguchi, Mike Bradley, Ken Siuckey, Russ Young, Steve Manus, David Cromwell, Tim Leschinski. Absent: Ed Zubey and Larry Texieria. Height varied lor the l959 Champions. Little Devils take third. ERN IEOOEQIACI DQNCZTXBERA JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Mi, Diablo ,.... 7 Valleio ....-- eee-- - I3 Mt. Diablo ...., 7 Tennyson .... 6 Mir, Diablo ,..., ,..... I 9 Acalanes .... 5 Ml. Diablo .,... ...... 2 5 Tracy ..... 9 Mi, Diablo ,,,,, ,,,.., 2 O Pittsburg ......... .---.. l 4 lvit. Diablo ..... 6 Clayton Valley ...... 7 Mi, Diablo ,,,,, V,,,,, I 9 Pacifica .... ..... . .. 6 Ml, Diablo ..... 7 Arilioch ....-. ,---- - 33 Ml. Diablo ..... 6 Pleasant Hill ..... ...... l 2 49 s. Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo ,,,. - ff 49 m FRESHMEN SCORES , O Livermore .,Y,,,. ,I4 O Claylon Valley , I4 O Alhambra O O Pacifica 2 6 Claylon Valleyw, ,,..l4 O Pleasanl l-lill,,,,. W32 M A Pam, Linda, and Penny lake names for annual Frosh Coach Assislanl Coach DON CARLTON RALPH HERBERT These seniors sparked lhe H759 varsity. FROSH SQUAD FRONT ROW, leff lo right: Gordon Wilson, Alan Wisner, Larry Mason, Chuck Gabrysiak, Larry Barnes, Dennis Garcia, Paul Hamel, John McKinley, Dan Griese, Ronny English, Rex Dickenson, Ken Hardman. MIDDLE ROW: Rich Jacobs, Bill Huddlesfon, Bob Van Dyke, Dudley Gann, Jim Kanuck, B.ll Waite, Jack Sunseri, Harry Hugel, Gordon Horch, Dennis Bisso, Don Cue. BACK ROW: Jim Payne, Glen Dunlap, Richard Brooks, Mike Torpacka, Tom Gunn, Norris Dahl, Virgil Crommie, Mike Johnson, Joe Banual, Don Onsloll. FRONT ROW, left fo righf: Joe Freeman, Marfy Piscovich, Jim Racine, Jerry Loving, Jim Fraga, Merill D Scolf Crenshaw. BACK ROW:, Bill Cambra, Dave Jones, Hugh Brown, Al Jacobs, Ken Hammer Mike Sweeney, ' K Q A ' A and Tom Brown. JIM RACINE , ' V , " ' SCOTTCRENSHAW L 7' ii 3 Big Devils Fight for Second Place HUGH BROWN Varsity Basketball The Ml. Diablo Varsily baslcelball leam ended ils I959-60 season wilh lhe pooresl win-loss record in 7 seasons bul slill finished in second place behind Co-champions Pillsburg and Claylon Valley. Under lhe coaching of Bud Bohne in his 'lirsl year as baslcelball coach al Diablo Jrhe Devils ended Jrhe season wilh a league win-loss record 5-5. Seniors Al Jacobs, Scoll Crenshaw, Jerry Loving, Jim Racine and Hugh Brown led lhe way. SCORES Diablo 46. . . ,,,, ,.,. 3 O San Lorenzo Diablo 30... . M36 Richmond Diablo 4l ,,,,c,,,, ,,,c,,, 4 7 Encinal Diablo 4l.. . , ..,,,,, 49 l'larry Ells Diablo 4l ,,,,,,,,, ,. N42 El Cerrilo Diablo 55 ,,c,c,,,, ...,,. 3 4 Armiio Diablo 34 ,,,, ,,,,.,. 37 Acalanes Diablo ol .,,,,,,,, ,,,. 5 l Navy Depol Diablo 35 ....,,,., ,,,,c,c 3 9 Albany Diablo 47 ,,,,..,.. ,,,,,,,, 4 l Anlioch Diablo 36 ..,,, ,,.,., 33 San Ramon Diablo 33 .,,,. . .,,c. 35 Claylon Valley Diablo 44... .,c,, ,,,c,Y, 2 8 Pacifica Diablo 5l ..,,,,... ,,.,,.. 5 5 Pillsburg Diablo 33 .,,,,...c ,,,,,,. 3 5 Pleasanl l-lill Diablo 55 .. ,.... ,,,., 3 2 Anlioch Diablo 29 .,,.,,,,, c.,,,,, 5 4 Claylon Valley Diablo 59.. .. . ...28 Pacifica Diablo 29... ..... ..... 4 9 Pillsburg Diablo 3O.. .......................... 26 Pleasanl l-lill AL JACOBS JERRY LOVING COACH BUD BOHNE FRED CRUMMETT GARY FISKE This year's B 'ream under lhe iirsl-year coaching oi Don Madera ended lhe season in lhircl place. ln lhe second round of league play The Lillie Devils pulled lhe big upsel of lhe year by dumping Pildrsburq 39-35, giving Pillsburg B's lheir lirsl loss in five years. Oulslanding players for ihe B's were Fred Crurnmell' Dave Bradle , Riclc Clou h, Rich Embiclc and Gary of ll-9. Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo COACH DON MADERA . Diablo FRONT ROW, Ieff fo riqhfz Dave Bradley, Jim Budde, Bob Plan Binderup Ed Pakes lmanaqerl, Rich Clough, Terry Eidson, Ric Liffle Devils Capture Third' B Basketball i Y Q . Fiske. The season ended wilh a win-loss record B SCORES 38 .....,. .......:..,.... l 5 San Lorenzo I 25 ...,s,, ...,.... 3 2 Richmond J.V. 40 .,.,... ,.,,,... . 38 Encinal 5l ,,,a,,. ......... 3 l Harry Ells 48 s,....V ,....,. 2 7 El Cerrilo 3l a,,,... ......... 3 8 Armiio 37 .,..... ..., ,,.. 3 O Acalanes 33 ,a,,... .o,o,,,, 3 4 Navy 4l .,,,,, ,,,,,,,. 3 9 Albany 34 ,a,,,,, .,,,,... 4 5 Anlioch 4l ..,,... , ,i,,,s 38 San Ramon 40 ,,s,,,. 33 Claylon Valley 40 ,i,.,,, ...,a,,.. 5 3 Pacifica 4l ,,,,, , , M48 Pilisburg 2l ,,,.,,, ...a,,,., 3 8 Pleasanl l-lill 3I ,,,, ,..,,.... 3 6 Anlioch 46 ,,,. Y ,,,,,,,, 48 Claylon Valley 48a,. ,..,..., 39 Pacifica DAVE BRADLEY 39 ,,..... Y ,, ,.,, ,,,. , 735 Pillsburg , 51 oooi.,.,.,.,,,....,,.,,,..... 30 Piiwbufq RTCZKSFJJZT. fz, Ron Eafon, Fred Crummell. BACK ROW: Charley h Embick, Gary Fiske, Tim Mealey, Jim Kendle, Mike Curry lmanaqerl, Dennis Slevens. 5-'X Q. av' f ' v lilzfzq ' ' F '- X ' fm3z,f,1Swiffzfff wif? ,, f A M . ,, A .yi , My X' V, Q 1'g?X,yXs,1 aff J ,y ,I ,Wy f f , .15 f y? ,nf . , x :ff 'L ffwmrffw-Q ffzff ' "7 2 4 5 ,, 1 f 2, ,i'f12f'-if-vi X f f, M 1 Q H44 wmfhxyzwfvvifmxy may , , . ff ,ff , f ,,, L M, My , - f Q . JW fm-M, X -, f' f A 'fxzffrvfx-412 Kkv-ff,fffwff,wX , fwywfww Wgwvw W.. , ,f 4 X, f ,fm wa MM W. ,LW ffW.4,,f 5,4 V . , gf ' f W" W f X 511, ff ,f ff H ff f i f ,715 ' X ,mf f M W-wxwgwamvffw 4 X Q. 'Aw ,, iw iff' f 4 .3 Q2 ,Kf fW .X 1 ,ff W X 1 11 UN fl NQ5 Q N, yy, xx" 'J yy., ,, ' Q N50 Jn' Q 'xx uivllf 3 3 JV's, Frosh, C's, and D's Gain Experience for Varsity IIJ VII IYICII IIDII This year's J.V. squad ended The sea- son wiTh a win-loss record oT 2-6. Coach Ashbrook Lowe coached his Team againsT sTiTT compeTiTion as mosT OT The oTher Teams consisTed OT The "lasT Tive" men on The varsiTy. During The year aT diTTerenT Times Dave Jones, Jim Fraga, Merrill Downing, MarTy Piscovich, and Ken Hammer as- sisTed The J.V.'s. The Frosh Team ended The year wiTh a I-9 record. The season was highlighTed by deTeaTing The PiTTsburg Frosh by a score oT 28-l8. Up To ThaT poinT The PiTTs- burg Team was undeTeaTed. The sTarTing Tive were Rich SaxTon, Bob PlanTz, Paul Colvard, Dudley Ganns, and Jim Free- man. Every Team which The Frosh meT was bigger and This oTTen proved The diT- Terence. C . ,ff . , , ," -,f if ij, IniTiaTing The sporTs season were The C and D baskeTball Teams. The C Team Tied wiTh PleasanT Hill Tor The TiTle while The D Team Tinished wiTh a 5-5 win-loss record. Leading The husTling C Team, which had a slow sTarT, were Tloor leader Fred CrummeTT and leading scorer Dave Brad- ley. "Dennis STevens, Terry Eidson, Rich Hoppers, Gary Fiske, and Bob PlanTz conTribuTed greaTly To The 8-win, 2-loss record," sTaTes Coach Brook Lowe. The D Team, composed mosTly oT Treshmen, progressed remarkably well in The eyes oT Coach Lowe. Jim Budde, Dan Freeman, Mike Yarbrough, Bob HiTch- cock, and Rich Yamanaka were sTill main- sTays oT This year's squad. ani' gf M . ffiL?., . COACH BROOKS LOWE COACH DON MADERA FROSH BASKETBALL FRONT ROW, lei? To righi: Frosh Rick Saxfon, Mike Yarbroqh, Rich Yamanaka, Bob Plantz, Dan Freeman, Bob Hifch- cock, Paul Colvard, Joe Trebino, Dudlev Gann, Tom Gunn, John Esfes. BACK ROW: J,V.s Joe Mangini, Morris Scharff, John Hinkle, Dave Sandoval, Bob Biork, Tim Leshinsky, Larry Teixeira, Rich Ohlson, Bob Sfevens, Mike Curry. C AND D BASKETBALL FRONT ROW, Ieff fo righf: D's Bob Hitchcock, Rich Yamanaka, Mike Yar- brough, Jim Budde, Fred Schwecke, Dan Freeman, Paul Colvard. BACK ROW: C's Mike Curry, Dennis Sfevens, Bob Planfz, Tim Mealey, Bob Sfevens, Terry Eidson, Dave Bradley, Fred Crummef. f ,1 FFR -L iv .:7 U COACH GEORGE ARMSTRONG COACH ERNIE CECACI Runners and Wrestlers Build for Teams of the Future Cross-Cou nl'ry " ' l-lighlighfing fhe season for fhe cross- counfry leam was a vicfory over Pilfs- burg in fhe divisional meef. This same feam had beafen fhe Devil runners in a dual meef earlier in lhe year. Coach George Armsfrong sfafes fhaf fhere were no refurning leffermen fo fhis year's squad, and is looking forward fo nexf year's squad since he is losing only one lefferman. Awards were given fo co-capfains Doug Caslcey and Ron Nicholson and fhe mosf improved runner, Rich Sandoval. Runners awarded leffers were Ron Nich- olson, capfain Doug Caskey, Dave Lory. CROSS-COUNTRY FRONT ROW, lefl fo righl: Larry Hund, Jim Keane, Harry Kuhr, Dave Sandoval, Doug Caskey. SECOND ROW: Tim Lievre, Dave Lory, Tom Shenefield, Jim Kindel, Rich Sandoval, Bill Anlink. BACK ROW: Coach G. Arrnslronq, Dan Roark, Bill Fields, Jerry Greene, Ron Nicholson, Jamie Rameril. WRESTLING FRONT ROW, leff lo right: Jim Sousa, Frank Cross, Gary Loomis, Mike War- ren, Dick Compton, Selh Gay, Ron Bel- knap, Bill Nelson, Larry Hesfer. MID- DLE ROW: Larry Franchere, Jim Hen- derson, Jim Johnson, George Sousa, Ray Marshall, Vic Paflen, Paul Davis, Mike Johnson, Mike Bradley. BACK ROW: Coach Noakes, Ted Websler, Gerry Goldsmifh, Marly Wharfon, Al Harcourf, Mike Cadd, Jim Cannon, Dale Ashcrafl, Tim Jones, Ken Madsen, Coach Cecaci. T ' ii 'Wresilihg' T Wresrling has been af Diablo now, four years and is becoming more popular year by year. l-lighlighfed by placing an upsef sec- ond in fhe Diablo Valley Afhelfic League. fhe wresfling season for Mf. Diablo fearn was a greal success. The feam record for fhe season was eleven wins and five losses in which only fwo losses were in league mafches. The feam placed second in fhe Division and second in fhe DVAL, upseffing fhe favored runner-up Acalanes. ln fhe DVAL finals, Diablo placed ren men: Bill Nelson, Jim l-lenderson, Viv Paffon, Paul Davis, and Mike Benneff all fool: fhird places. lvlarfin Wherfon, Sefh Gay each foolc fourfh place. lvlilce Warren and George Sousa placed firsl' in fhe League fhus qualifying him for fhe Norfh Coasf Sec- fion. Sousa wenf on fo fhe Sfafe lvleef, where he pinned his firsf man and losf his second mafch 3-2. ..-KJ '44, 4' F. - 4. ' '-... .,, vi ,ill , . l 1 'K GOLF SOUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Jack Bou guennec, Jim Bohannon, Paul Tarr BACK ROW: Al Saunders, Jerry Coop- er, Coach B ll Marracino, Jim Cooper, John Moore, Golf and Tennis Gain Popularity While Providing Stiff Competition Golf Squad Led by Jerry Cooper, Tony cleclong, and Jaclc Bouguennec, this year's golt team, started the season under Coach Bill Marracino. ln the tirst two matches Diablo was triumphant, beating Pittsburg and Antioch 4-2. At the time this copy went to press Diablo was tied tor tirst place with the detending champion Pleasant l-lill. lt now loolcs as it the big match ot the season will be against the Rams. Six men play in a match trom each team. At the end ot the year the top three players trom every team enter in the County Meet. Diablo has a good chance ot talcing the championship and placing high in the County Meet despite the tact that there are tew returning lettermen. Tennis Squad Tennis has developed into a very popular sport at Mt. Diablo l-ligh under the coaching ot Mr. Samuel Peters and Mr. L. M. Gray, This year's team is now in the middle ot a IO- match schedule. Outstanding players are John Showers, Tim Leschinslcy, Larry Franchere, Bill Rod- gers, Jettxlones and Tom Arnold. So tar in the season, Diablo has beaten Pacitica twice and lost to Rich- mond. Spirit is high among the 28 boys who have turned out tor the raclcet sport. TENNIS SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Rod- j ners, Terry Arnold, Paul Delnista, Bill Fleming, Rick Flood, John Shower. MID- DLE ROW: George Weathersby, Albie Longshore, Gary Widmer, Rick Luna, Gary Henqer, Ted Davis Dennis Hgsel- ton, Ken Madsen. BACK ROW: Coach Lou Gray, Bob Robinson, Jim Kellogg R'ch Davidson, Tim Leschinsky, Ed Palres, Larry Franchere, Jeff Jones, Brian Slaqle, Coach Sam Peters. GYMNASTICS A's FRONT ROW, Ieff1o'righl: Ken Davey, Ken Treece, Dave Carpenler, Mike Wilv liams, Craig Dursfeler, Dave Bradley, Dennis Bisso, Joe Jara. BACK ROW: David Dequchi, Nick Williams, Mike Slalfery, Dan Smith, Doug VoeksXBob Stevens, George Sousa, Bill Sharp, John Odeqard. Season Looks Good For Coach Don Madercfs Gymnasfs Varsity Gym nostics Gymnasiics is now a well esiablished sporl on ihe Diablo campus and is gaining popularily. Coach Don Madera is in his second year of coach- ing lhe ieam. The ouilook is good wiih Nick Williams who placed ihird on The side horse lasl' year al' ihe Norih Coasl' Championship lvleei, and George Sousa who placed second on 'rhe rope. Oiher ouislanding members of ihe 'rearn are John Odegard and Dave Carpenier. B Gymnastics The B Gymnasiics Team, also coached by Don Madera, is working and siriving for a chance 'ro win ihe championship. Allhough young, 'rhe +eam's spirif is high and a successful season is hoped for. Siandouls on ihe squad are Jim Cromwell, Jim Sousa, Allan Wisner. and Bob Jacobson. The firsr meef was on Friday, March 25, againsi ihe Oakland Wildcals. GYMNASTICS B's FRONT ROW, leff lo riqhl: Chuck Gary- siak, Dan Gildey, Allan Wisner, Jim Sousa, Joe Manqini. BACK ROW: Dave Dequchi, Mike Hvrberf, Bob Jacobson, Dick Jacobson, Wayne Wealherby, Jim Cromwell. -'wi f. .C L :aww 'QQQQ I T3 Q ywrs M I f F' if - 'VVL7' ' I b -f I A K ti VARSITY TRACK-FRONT ROW, left to right: Gary Lievre, Dennis Ferriera, Don Smumers, Gary Shelby, Greg Hill, Rich Fuller, Ron Boyle, Dennis Tietel. MIDDLE ROW: Don Devincenzi, Jim Racine, Terry Dwyer, Ron Biork, Bill Nelson, Larry Teixeira, Ron Nicholson, David Sandoval, Rich Clough, Paul Davis. BACK ROW: Seth Gay, Ken Simpson, Ed Zubey, Russ Young, Louie Audas, Bill Sharp, Bill Fields, Bob Dutra, Joe Curiel. 'fx ,..., H I' Varsity and B Thinclads Meet Stiff Competition M' V' "A" TRACK As ot April I, Mt. Diablo's thin clads will have started the D.V.A.L. dual meet competition. Leading the ts I runners on the '60 squad is senior captain Andy Zopolcs, high and low hurdles specialist. Coach Doug Smith and George Armstrong expect great achievements trom senior lettermen Duane Morris, pole vault: X, F in Bill Nelson, hurdles and relay: Gary Lievre, 880. and Terry Dwyer and Jim Racine, 440 and relay. 'S The scarcity ot sprinters and depth in every event on the track squad has been the main headache tor coaches Smith and Armstrong this year, ii X "B" TRACK 5 The "B" Traclc team season was highlighted by Rich Olson lorealcing a 32-year-old high iump record- 5'7" is the new standard. Captain West was also an outstanding pertormer. s V' COACH GEORGE ARMSTRONG - v COACH DOUG SMITH B TRACK-FRONT ROW, left to right: Dave Holden, Pat Timbrell, Ron Morris, Rich Hernandez, Bob Cannon, Harry Kuhr, Larry Hund, Art Curiel, Rich Sandoval, Rich Yamanaka. MIDDLE ROW: Pat Davis, Doug Keith, Dave Lory, Doug Caskey, Dave Harman, Gordon Horch, Paul Colvard, Ron McGrath, Jim Kendle, Rich Curtis. BACK ROW:'Jim Leonard, Dave West, Gary Guerrero, Frank Sterling, Norris Dahl, Don Scribner, Bill Antink, Richard Stevenson, Gary Parks, Dave Enke, Tom Shenefield. 1' 1- l V.,- v . ,4 Disfance men Gary Lievre, Terry Dwyer, and Jim Racine warm up before enlering in a meer. Andy Znpolos and Bill Nelson clear Yhe low hurdles wifh lhe same ease fha? helped us win. r is fl X W 71 ,sf .,,w,,,s.w we we - - Dwain Morris makes pole vaulfing look a lol 3 easier fhan if really is as he smoofhly iackknifes over The bar. N.. s. X N-J ev L. MN, l l E V 1 0 5 421, Andy Zopolos, Terry Dwyer, Jim Racine, and Bill Nelson made up lhe nucleus of our relay feam. . ,, ,ff-rffrmf? ff Wwvw- ,.. 'D' -W, r-.M L FRONT ROW, left to right: Forrest Pollack, Ed Johnson Jim Fraga, Chuck Midland Floyd Davis Phil Collett Jim Keane, Skip Hunter, Carl.Skropeta..BACK FQOW: Bob Armstrong, Dwain Adams, Dennis Enochs, iMike Jones, 'Gary Fiske, Merrill Downing, Tom Brown, Marty Piscovich, Jay DeHart, Varsity Sluggers Strive for Fifth Straight Title Varsity Baseball Coach Ernie Cecaci in his tirst year at the helm as head baseball coach has high hopes tor his l96O team. With returning lettermen Eddie Johnson, Tom Brown and Marty Piscovich trom the team that won l5 straight league games last year and took the championship, he hopes to coach the team to Diablo's titth straight title. Thus tar in competition Diablo has beaten Las Lomas who usually places high in the Foothill Division ot the D.V.A.L. The team to beat seems to be the Clayton Valley Eagles with all returning lettermen due to the tact that they were only a iunior school last year. Diablo has tor the past tour years been the championship team in this league and due to this tact every team will be out to beat the Devils. ED JOHNSON DENNIS ENOCHS MARTY PISCOVICH TOM 9 if BROWN DWAIN ADAMS I 5 ag Y if 'iv V var Q 3 W i K in U ' S-of Ni f ' F ff , f .42 ,.,, i ' ' 4, X , '." tw? M S. 1 , J - v i .s ' - V 'P f A it W If f , X f W X of Q xx !?,.,7 ' ' A V i ' f Z if -it " 8 X' i X S A , if ,fi l at ff Q 1 f S MIKE JONES CHUCK MIDLAND SKI X If I 4 X f ff' l ff A , 5' 1 Q, Y M fall-5 -, i A P HUNTER PHIL COLLETT BOB ARMSTRONG Little Devils Strive for Second Straight Championship JNL B asebaH The Diablo J.V. baseballers are this year coached by Bud Bohne. Lasi year's ieam look the championship and +he ouiloolc for This year is very good. Ouistanding players on lhe I960 squad are Fred Crummeil, Ken I-lammer, Morris Scharfl, and Terry Edison. In compeiiiion so far The J.V.'s have won one game aqainsl the Harry Ells' Eagles, FRONT ROW left to right: Kurt Maurer, Jim McAfee, Mike DeHart, Rich Saxton, .lim Budde, Bob Plantz, Fred Crummett. MIDDLE ROW: Paul Rieqert, Morris Scharff, Gary Alexander, Dudley Gann, Jim Moon, Joe Banuai. BACK ROW: John Hinkle, John Fore, Richard Embick, Ken Hammer, Terry Eidson, Don Paul, Coach Bud Bohne. A -C. 1,1 A-.,,,-,- N.. , Q , 2 Q . V T' 'qmmwivm S f 5 .ya s ygwl X M , Q ,. A slolen base is anlicipaled as Ed heads for second. DiabIo's varsily baseball leam huslles on lhe field. 1 Carl Skropela swings for The fences in a big game. Devils lake a resl between innings againsl Las Lomas. Ron Ealon prepares lo swing againsl a Knight pilcher. VARSITY SWIM SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Brad- shaw, Ernie Stevenson, Earl March, Jim Sands, Harold Sundquist, Bill Huddle- sion. MIDDLE ROW: Ted Krumland, David Karns, Gary Christiana, John Cash, Harry Williams, Steve Maze, Del Sponable. BACK ROW: Pete Gottlieb. Glen England, Ken Hickey, Jim Craiq, John Barton, Chad Anderson, Jack Cofcher. B SWIM SOUAD FRONT ROW, left to riqhf: Mike John- son, Bob Maetche, Ron Brown, Steve Holley. MIDDLE ROW: Ron Baughman, Ken Kooyenga, John Beers, Terry Catcher, Peter Berwick, Gary Loomis, Sfan Bennet. BACK ROW: Tucker Haq- ardy, Randall Ko-oyenga, Mike Card, Stu Glalier Norman Thom son Steve . P I Maze, Gerry Lane, Brian Baker. Swimming Team Enters Season With Winning Spirit and High Expectations COACH RON NOAKES Varsity Swimming Under the leadership ot Coach Ron Noakes the Varsity swim team is tough com- petition in this year's meets. Led by seniors Jim Craig, Ken I-lickey, John Barton, Jack Cotcher the squad hopes tor high berths in the coming county and North Coast meets. Although young the Varsity squad members are in hopes ot breaking some previous school records. ll ll ' ' Swimming With practice every day and hard work, the "B" swim team hopes to be the strongest in years. John Beers, Terry Cotcher are two ot the outstanding swimmers on the team. Spirit on the team is higher than previous years. :lima GAA DOINGS This year's GAA CabineT consisTs of, FRONT ROW, lefT lo riqhlz Darlene Cioffi, Claire Gar- riques, and Charlene Cioffi. BACK ROW: Anne Brunelle, Marcia Clark, Paf Campbell, Carolyn Tubbs, Sandy Spessard, Fran Shimek, Ida Yamanaka, and Sharon Williams. Basket accuracy is The oblecT of spring play when GAA gurls qeT WhlTe caps do noT appear only aT sea, GAA qirls bob abouT and llqhT Togefher on The courT up The pool on swim niqhTs. The Monurnenf Bowl opened mls hospllable alleys lo The gurls In GAA There 5 never enough Time for The girls on The Trampolines so They every Tuesday durlnq The w nler monlhs Take Themselves down To The public lumps for more bounces 'ov 9 We H s 4 ' " --iff ff ' Q P 'X-.0 C I . . , 5 o frfx Diablo '60 staff members wish to thank the follow ing advertisers who made our ad pages possible: Alhena Beauiy College Mr. B's Founiain B 81 J Fabrics Beede's BeHy's Beauly Box Bob Balcer Chevron Slaiion Brown's Music Cenler Clip 8: Snip Barber Shop Concord Aulo Glass Concord Eleclric Concord French Laundry Concord Inn Concord Iron Works Concord Shoppe Concord Slalionery and Giils Diablo I-Ii Sleppers Diablo Sporls Cenler Earl's Music Slore Ellingson's Marlcei Enar's Barber Shop Filzpalriclc Chevrolel oi Concord Flossie's Apparel Four Corners Pizza Four Corner Signal Service GalIenlcamp's George Rouse Flying "A" Golden Slale Dairy Graham's Marlcef Granshaw's Florisl I-lolbroolc Barber Shop Jerrico's KeIly's Krueger 8: Co. l.aiIa's Leana's Floraland Lehmer's Oldsmobile Lemos Grading 8: Trucking Li+'rIe's Merkel Lou 8: Jess Barber Shop Lupoi Produce MacFarland 81 Bryanl Mario's Shell Sialion Mall-sons' Creamery Monigomery Ward Monumenl' Bowl Murphy's Flying "A" OIiver's Shell Slalion Plaza Shoe Service Qualify Bakery Riclcsha RicI4's Rigg's Toylown Rile-Way Marlcel Rod's Marlcefr I Salllers' Sheehan Plumbing 81 I-Iealing Shell Chemical Corp. The Sporl Chalel Sporls gl Games, Inc. Siyle Shop Sunsel Beauly Box Suzy's Casuals WalIy's Renlals Wali Bennell Appliance Willce Really Waring's Frosly Freeze PROFFESIONAL LISTINGS: Concord Pei I-lospilal Denlislsz R. I-I. Dobson, D.D.S. R. I.. Fulgham, D.D.S. James J. Gaulier, D.D.S. Carl Mills, D.D.S. Murray I-I. Groves, M.S.D,, D.D.S. M. G. Iflarvey, D.D.S. Allen L. Lagier, D.D.S. Donald E. Gme, D.D.S. William Sheeran, D.D.S. David Tillle, D.D.S. Vincenl A. Wood, D.D.S. AHorneys: Bells 81 Renaghan I-I. F. Bradford K. J. Samuel Tom McBride Oplomelrisl: Dr. Aloysius F. Laube Public Accounla nl: Tom J usr CHURCHES: Baplisl Church Mosi Precious Blood Church Concord Melhodisl Church Church oiJesus Chrisl ol l.aHer Day Sainls Queen of All Sainls Jolwn Ellinglon demonsrrales Filzparriclc Minule- Man Service as Randy Norris and George Mc- Derrnofi admire inferior ol new Corvelle from FITZPATRICK CHEVROLET Galindo and Laguna Slreeis MU 5-8564 .3- T? Best Wishes lo Class of '60 RICK'S BURGERS CHARLIE MANN Besl of Luclr Class ol: I96O LOUGH-QUIMET CONCORD FUNERAL CHAPEL I763 Granf Slreel, Concord MU 2-4242 WALLY'S RENTAL 8m SUPPLY Renfal Tools and Equipmenf For l-lome and Business Use I39O GALINDO STREET, CONCORD MU 5-5630 SUZY'S CASUALS 3442 Claylon Road M U 2-8252 KELLY'S MARKET 2836 Claylon Road MU 5-8634 THE RICKSHA zine ML Diablo sf. Mu 2-loss GRANSHAW'S FLOWERS I833 MT. Diablo Sl. MU 5-7238 LEMosleRADlNe- a. TRUCKING 3426 Ml. Diablo Boulevard Lalayelle. California Congralulaiions io The Class of '60 ATlan+ic 3-2333 YN- . ffzwg 6 ' L' GOLDEN STATE DAIRY GOLDEN STATE cows give GOLDEN STATE MILK lo be delivered in slreamlined lruclcs To mill: +l'iirs'ry Diabloans. This mill: depo+ is on Monu- menl Boulevard near four corners in Concord WILKE REALTY Real Esfale and Land Developmenl Growing wifh Concord and Claylon Valley 4670 Claylon Road Phone MU 246560 H RVI E Orihopedic Correcfions Dresses by Jonalhan Logan Invisible ReboH'oming-Shoes Dyed and Lanz Ori inals Refinished-Resueded Q Leafher Goods Cleaning--Repairing MU 5-842i I805 Willow Pass Road 2OI3 Granl' Sireel Concord, Calif. FOUR CQRNERS SIQNAL SERWCE SHEEHAN PLUMBING AND HEATING MU 2-i549 CONCORD, CALIFORNIA CONCORD, CALIFORNIA 2832 Clayfon Road MU 5-BIBZ SUNSET BEAUTY BAR QUALITY BAKERY Elhel Woodruff, Mgr. Concord's Finesf Fine French Paslries Open Evenings by Appoinlmenf Bread-Rolls Personalized l-lairslyling MU 2-6880 I655 Galindo S'rree+ 2Ol8 Salvio ST. MU 5-5454 SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION PITTSBURG, CALIFORNIA Chemical Parlner of Induslry and Aqricullure Fred and Sru pur rhe finishing rouches on Lew and Penny wirh a corsage 'from LAILA'S FLORIST ZI33 Concord Ave. MU 5-4464 353I Claylon Rd. MU 5-4466 LUPOI PRODUCE Wholesale Io Reslauranrs-Our Specially WALT BENNETT APPLIANCE NORGE AND MOTOROLA Since I929 Service Colfax Phone YE 4-5132 I96I Salvio S+. MU 5-I343 CLIP AND SNIP BARBER SHOP 208I Salvio Sfreei' CONCORD, CALIFORNIA coNcoRD FRENCH LAUNDRY B 8, J FABRICS The Shop For All Your Sewing Needs I85O IVI'I'. Diablo SI. 5-75I2 2I20 Concord Blvd. Phone MU 5-7I77 CONCORD AUTO GLASS O. I-I. CARSTENS Phone MU 5-3674 P. O. Box 68I 2254 Concord Ave. - Concord LEHMER'S OLDSMOBILE Ed, Midge and Dina inquire abour The new I96O Oldsmobiles Ihar are on display ar Lehmer's Oldsmobile, Galindo and Concord Blvd., Phone MU 5-44BI. ng A IN CONCORD iI's BROWN'S MUSIC CENTER EVERYTHING FOR Tl-IE MUSICIAN Sales, Renlels, Experi Repairs Music Lessons on all lnslrurrienls VOICE STUDIO Inslriicfor Colleqe Accrediled Doclor's Degree in Music ACCORDIONS-GUITARS-PIANOS BRASS 81 REED INSTRUMENTS-ORGANS Piano Tuning and Servicing Phone MU 2-2338 3435 Cheslnul Ave. -.,.. . Obng INN or ALL INNS CONCORD INN I959 award winner for Ihe oulslandinq irnprovemenl in Conlra Cosla area. A Garden Holel wilh GOLF, SWIM- MING, COCKTAIL, DINING, AND BANOUET FA- CILITIES, When smarl slylinq and good Ipod are in mind, all the Iillle Devils qo Io Concord Inn for fun, lood, and service, l6OI Willow Pass Rd. MU 2-7330 sf K CONCORD ELECTRIC Elecirical Appliances and Service Weslinqhouse and Zenilh 2039 Granl' Slreel MU 5-5000-MU 5-4977 If ir's a crew cur you wanf or a Ilal lop, iI's ENAR'S BARBER SHOP where The proprietor, A. B. Ornania, specializes in These hair slyles. ENAR'S is locaiecl ar I905 Salvio S+. Phone MU 2-QI29 ENAR also has his own dance band lor any occasion Ir's a Union barber shop. WWQMX -nn-nk wi -- f 'R AMW f'A' " W? "mv, DIABLO HI STEPPERS Masoriic Temple or Concord Armory-9 p.m.-l2:l5 a.m, every ollier Salurday MRS. BOB BERGLUND, ADVISER I959-I960 officers are Don Rumpf, sergeanl-al-armsg Bonnie Back row: Bill Cambra, sergeanf-af-armsg Craig Williams, president. Mason, secrelaryg Charlie Shoclrey, vice-presidenl. BETTY'S BEAUTY BAR 34I7 Chestnut Avo. MU 5-9393 CONCORD STATIONERY 81 GIFTS Ollice Supplies-Typewrilers--Sales and Renlals 2285 Willow Pass Rd. MU 5-8802 BOB BAKER CHEVRON ATLAS PRODUCTS Tires-BaHeries-Accessories Piclc Up and Delivery MU 5-0276 2380 Willow Pass Rd. GEORGE ROUSE FLYING "A" I277 Monument Blvd. MU 5-9907 CONCORD IRON WORKS MICHAEL D. CAVALLO - LEO J. CAVALLO 280 Mariel' Slreel MU 5-8463 GRAHAM'S WILLOW PASS GROCERY Homemade Bread--Delicious Paslries Willow Pass Road 8: Parkside Ave. BEEDES VARIETY 2002 Salvio Slreel MU 5-8292 EARL'S MUSIC STORE 26 Years' Service Concord Area RECORDS. TAPES, RADIOS. Pl-IONOS "2 81 4" Track Slereo Recorders l9l9 Salvio Slreel MU 5-5252 MACFARLANE-BRYANT CHAPEL Funeral Direcfors Ambulance Service I385 Galindo SI. MU 2-I IO0 CONCORD, CALIFORNIA KRUEGER 8: CO. JERRlCO'S INSURANCE BROKERS Generalors and Sfarfers 1948 Colfax sneef Mu 5-7723 MU 5-5310 2353 Concord Blvd. LlTTLE'S GROCERY AND MARKET LEANA'S FLORIAILAND 68' Monumenlr Blvd. MU 2-9924 Renfal Pieces - Free Class Insfrucfion 2440 Salvio Sfreef MU 2-7820 Lou a Jess' BARBER sHoP , MONUMENT BOWL Frnendly Famuly Recreahon Cenfer . I6 Full Aufomafic Lanes 2Ol5 Salvlo Slreel MU 5-2492 2265 Confra Cosfa Hllvy. MU 2-236I PLEASANT HILL d k FLOSSIE'S APPAREL Gar en Grocery and Meaf Mar e+ 2085 Concord Blvd. MU 5-7028 Qualify Meals Firs+ Io Offer Everyfhing in Ladies' Readyelo-Wear Coafs, Suifs, Dresses, Skirfs, Blouses, Sweafers, Slaclcs, ,, L' ',H+,6I ,B ,B 'D Aklf. MU 5-8484 High School Avenue mgerne a s ovgsymrgimsonnle oon n e s USE YOUR CREDIT MONTGOMERY WARD and Co. MARlO'S SHELL SERVICE CATALOG TELEPHONE ORDERS I79O Galindo S+. 1825 erm s+fee+ MU 2-5300 MU 20882 ACME AUTO REPAIR 2825 The Alameda CONCORD. CALIFORNIA General Repair MU 5-8495 Ben Manion Cecil Kissinger STEVE CWICK CHEVRON YOUR LOCAL CHEVRON DEALER Corner Concord Ave. and Marlcef SI. 'MATT-SONS' CREAMERY BEST IN HOMEMADE ICE CREAM 2666 Willow Pass Road Concord MU 5-86I9 MURPHY'S FLYING "A" SERVICE 2OII Concord Avenue MU 2-9900 CONCORD, CALIFORNIA VI'S The Place Where All The Kids Go VI'S COFFEE SHOP Salvio Sfreef Manager: Viola Massone CARL JAMISON CONSULTING ENGINEER I76I Monurneni Blvd., Concord, California GALLENKAMP SHOE STORE -WE HAVE THE STYLES- Dress Shoes-Play Shoes-Tennis Shoes I73I Willow Pass Rd. Concord MU 5-9920 SATTLERS' OF CONCORD MU 5-8547 FurniI'ure and Appliances MU 5-8I36 23OI Willow Pass 2304 Willow Pass THE SPORTS CHALET SPORTS EQUIPMENT OF EVERY TYPE 3303 Norfh Main SI'ree'I YE 4-0297 PLEASANT HILL RITE WAY MARKET QUALITY MEATS 2700 Willow Pass Rd. MU 2-9904 MONUMENT BOWL I6 Au+oma+ic Lanes FREE INSTRUCTION DURING DAYS MU 2-236I 2265 Confra Cosfa Hwy. Banque? Facilifies Pleasanf Hill THE CONCORD SHOPPE Sfyles for All Occasions 2IOI Salvio S'rreeI CONCORD, CALIFORNIA ROD'S MARKET A CompIeI'e Shopping CerI+er MU 5-4706 2I9I Solano Way OLIVER'S SHELL STATION Manuel Oliver, Propriefor GOODYEAR TIRES 81 BATTERIES Free Piclcup - Delivery MU 2-9980 CIayI'on Road 8: San Jose Shell Dealer for 25 Years MONUMENT BOWL DIABLO SPORT CENTER I6 Aufomalic Lanes FREE INSTRUCTION DURING DAYS 2057 Salvio Sheet MU 2fZ36l 2265 Conlra Cosld l"lw'y, IVIU 2-OBIS Banquel' Facllilies Pleasarnl Hill N CONCORD, CALIFORNIA HOLBROOK BARBER SHOP LEE, CHUCK AND KEITH Holbrook Plaza, Concord WARING'S FROSTY FREEZE Clfwar-Broiled Burgers Slwakes. Iv1al+s, Cones. Sur1Claes,e+f:. Holbrook Plaza Porf Chicago I-lwy. MU 5-8II9 SPORTS AND GAMES, INC. fX+lTle'rIC Equipmenl ol Every Type Award Swealers and Jackels l604 l.oCus+ S+. Walnul Creek, California PROFESSIONAL PAGE The iollowing are some of +he professional people who serve M+. Diablo s+uden+s: DENTISTS R. H. Dobson, D.D.S. 2598 Easl' S+. Richard l.. Fulgharn 2696 Willow Pass Rd. James J. Gau+ier, D.D.S. 3042 Clay+on Rd. Murray H. Groves, Jr. D.D.S., M.S.D. 2245 Sunse+ Ave. M. G. Harvey, D.D.S. I747 Galindo S+. Kenne+h R. Krey, D.D.S. 2907 Salvio S+. Allen l.. Lagier, D.D.S. 2I65 Eas+ S+. Carl F. Mills, D.D.S. 2245 Sunse+ Ave. Donald E. Ome, D.D.S. 2696 Willow Pass Rd. William Sheeran, D.D.S. I747 Galindo S+. David S. Ti++le, D.D.S. 2I0O Monumen+ Blvd. Vincen+ A. Wood, D.D.S. 3042 Clay+on Road DOCTORS Raymond Chan, M.D. 2943 Salvio S+. Dean H. Johnson, M.D. I747 Gran+ S+. Julius S. Kanzel, M.D. 3lO0 Clay+on Rd. R. R. Pinger, M.D. 2650 Willow Pass Rd. Sybil Jean Schellhase, M.D. 2025 Por+ Chicago Hwy. Ronald L.Thiele, M.D. 2I55 Parlc S+. CHURCH DIRECTORY Calvary Bap+is+ Church of Concord Reverend S+anley D. Miller Concord Me+hodis+ Church Reverend Paul l. Irwin Mos+ Precious Blood Church Reverend E. Varni Church of Jesus Chris+ of +he I.a++er Day Sain+s Bishop D. N. Anderson Queen o+ All Sain+s Reverend l.. Hennessy ,xx c, OPTOMETRISTS Aloysius F. Laube, O.D. 228I Eas+ S+. Drs. Pierce 81 Grove, O.D. l755 Willow Pass Rd. VETERINARIAN Concord Pe+ Hospi+al J. M. Chris+ensen, D.V.M. 5 Monumen+ Blvd. ATTORNEYS Be++s and Renaghan l665 Galindo S+. Tom McBride Concord Blvd. 8: Gran+ S+ P.A. Hal W. Forsey-Tom Jus+ Member Socie+y 0+ California Accoun+an+s I 790 M+. Diablo S+. iw, X .57 7 .fe or X.. Z., i fc 247, ff V 7 'fZ?,fC .,f f 5 X16 ff, ' x .ly x 1 . 5 , . X ,X ,X .H .X TX A X 'TX x .xk Q 4 CCRNERS PIZZA We Deliver Phone ll04 Monumenl' Boulevard MUlberry 5-9903 Concord, California Mr. B's Founlain and Lunch Congralulalions 'ro The class of '60 I965 Ml. Diablo Slreel' MU 5-3847 Concorcl, California 'X x N v i ii .ii Q . i X x iX, , +A 1 -,K F I32 9 4. Q 'Fr ,X ol Nix as IN . r A Q 5 ,V -.f A nov Acknowledgements Bob Ozias, Lederer, Slreel 8: Zeus Co., Inc. Prinling anol Planning Bob Moon, Calilornia Ari an Engraving l-lal Maison, Pholographers-Hal Maison and Bob Brazil, Pholography Pholographers-Ed Bell, Concord Transcripl: Chuck Chapman. Richmond lnclependenlg and Bob Dulas, Ml. Diablo l-ligh School Bill Relchin, S. K. Smilh Co.-Covers Cardoza Binding Co. cl Engraving Co.- Ads ...........,,.......... II6 ACTIVITIES C A Cappella Choir .... Advanced Dance Awards .,,A........ Band ..,.......,A.... Beginning Dance Boys' Glee .,,,..A.... Candids ........,Y....... Choir Candids ....... C. S. F ......,,,..,........ Danny Devil ...,......,... Diablo News Sfafl .A.....,...Y....Y. Diablo '60 Sfaff .............A........,...... ...... Drama Deparfmenl' Candids.. Ensemble .................................... ..,... Foreign Exchange .................... Foreign Exchange Commiffeei .... GAA Candids .............,.............. ,.....,.. Girls Glee ,,,..,.,. , ............... . Homecoming ..........,............. House of Re presenfalives .... Journalism Candid .,..,,..,,,,. Maioreffes ..,,.....,..,........ Marching Band ........ ,,,,,,A,.. Modern Dance Candids ........ Orchesfra ,.,,.....A................,..,,... ...... Public Relafions Commiffee .... ...... Rally Band ...............A.............. Rally Candids ..........A,,........ Rally Commiffee .....,,A.......... Sales 8: Finance Commiffee .... ...... Social Affairs Com miffee ,,,, Songleaders ....,,,,,..............,.... . ..... . Senior Sfudenf Advisers .......,..,,, A,,,.. Sfudenf Body Presidenf ,,,,....,...,.,,,,. ...... Sfudenl' Body Vice Presidenl' Sfuclenl' Council Members ....,, Varsufonians .,,.., ,,,....,,.,,.,.,....... Yell Leaders ,,.......,...,,,,,,,, LU BS Aufo ...... ..........,, Block "D "u,. ........,.. , Business Club ,........Y. ....... Educafion Club .............,.A. Foreign Exchange Club ........ French Club ...... .,,.. ............. Fufure Nurses Club .....,,.. G. A. A .,,,...........,,,,,..... German Club .......... Jazz Club ,,.,,..,, J. S. A. Pro'ecfionisIs I Radio Club ..,,... Science ......,,,,,,,,,A, Sfamp Club ......,,,,.,,. Sword 81 Bauble FACULTY Bus Drivers ..,......,,.., Camera Shy Teachers. Cafeteria ,H .,........... Cusfodians ,......,...,..,A...,..,.............,........................,.... Faculfy ...,.....,,.,.........................,......,,....,,.........,.....A..... Faculfy-Blocl: "D" Baslfefball Game Candid .,........ .. Faculfy Awards ............................................,..,.,.......... Secrefaries .,,,u,. ........,.....,........,............. . . 85 I2 I- I3 I INDEX SPORTS 89 54 82 88 85 30-3 I 85 92-94 28 8I 80 86-87 85 56-57 23 I20 84 7I 23 8I 82 82 88-89 84 24 83 83 28 25 26 28 22 20 2I 20-2I 84 28-29 93 90 90 9I 93 92 9l 90 93 94 9I 93 92 93 90 9I I4 I2 I4 I4 I0 I3 I3 I4 BASEBALL Varsify Baseball .,,,.. J.V. Baseball ....,A.u....... Baseball Candids ....... BASKETBALL Varsify Baslcefball ..,,... B Baslcefball ...................,. Baslcef ball Candids ,............ ..-.---,.. C 8: D Baslrelball ............ Cross- Frosh counfry ........,................,A -,-..- and J.V. Baslcefball ....... ------ FOOTBALL Varsify Foofball ...,.. Varsify Candids ..,... J.V. Foofball ........ Frosh Foofball ,,........ Golf ............................. Cvymnasfics A 81 B .,,,..,.. Tennis TRACK Va rsify Traclc ,,,.,,.. B Trac Ir ,,,.., I .....,.,.....,. Track Candids .....,....... Swimming A 81 B .,..,.. Wresfling ,u..... ......... CLASSES FRESHMEN Frosh Frosh Frosh Advisers ..A..s....... Candids ................. Class Officers ..,..,. more Class Officers ,., Frosh Class Picfures... Frosh Counselors ..,.. Frosh Service ..,..... JUNIORS Junior Advisers .,...... Junior Candids ......,,,,, Junior Class Officers ....... Junior Class Picfures .... Junior Counselors .... Junior Service ...... SOPHOMORES Sophomore Advisers ..,,. Sophomore Candids ,...,,., Sopho Sophomore Class Picfures Sophomore Counselors ,,,. Sophomore Service .....,,.. SENIORS Camera Shy Seniors .......,.. Sealbearers .................... Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Acfivify Candidsniiiiii Advisers .............,,,,, Award Winners . Cabinef .....,,, Class Officers , Class Picfures. , ,, Commiffees ....,A,,A....... . ,, Commiffee Chairmen .... .,..,. Counselors ,,,, ...... Sales .,,,,,,,A.....,.......,. Service ...,.......,...,, . Variefy Show .......... II7 Il8 IO6 IO7 I08-I09 IIO III IIO 98-IO5 IOI-I03 I04 IO5 II2 II3 II2 II4 II4 II5 II9 III 72 76 72 73-75 72 27 60 65 60 6 I -64 60 25 66 70 66 67-69 66 26 49 55 53 34 54 49 34 35-48 50-SI 50-5I 34 49 27 52 I33 4 'ef Q ffiffgyfa Q if OSEIQJVOIQV ,g Lg 5Jf2f3 f,fiffY 5 2lbFQ?PyQyQQO??:il5QLQ 23 22? wwf Sv Nslfilx P A Qfx ik TS JQ gil his -2 X-N.. ix A Q -5 'XX--aiu? ' is f --" Hx BED if ag X lfd ,zbxia kb 'fx QR QS Q XB -5 ia '3 E155 CN SEQ A Q? A '11-X xukiu EA ali, D 2 x-1 " I .2 X - X --. 'X -. X ,N . . 'Bb 'J 'ix TD .mx XD fJX ,, Kit? 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Suggestions in the Mount Diablo High School - Diablo Yearbook (Concord, CA) collection:

Mount Diablo High School - Diablo Yearbook (Concord, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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