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 - Class of 1959

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i fwffff ""'Hvn. HW - .'. 4,1.,,., .,.. , ,.,,, , . W ,,-.,v, - '. : 4 4 4' f f f ,.,'9f A .A,. A a 2:-an-.-21 pf' E!! V- ' 1 ,- , X 1, 1, , , V .f.,., - I w ,X NLM, 1 . L -,Mu ,-,f . . ' x f ' , ,X xx .X + , ,, -. TJ. ev' " ,J - ' : A K -x xl? This book belongs to FCDREVVCDRD and supersonic cereals, your missile-eye-view, your landina pad on planet Diablo, your space station, guidance and control directors, your payloads and your ln this aae ot jets, space ships, We present tor your section clniets, aroundlinqs, in action in IN MEMORIAM Martin Moore ourDiablo'59. T h e DIABLO '59 MOUNT DIABLCD HIGH SCI-ICQL CCDNCQRD 0 CALIFGRNIA DEDICATICDN Time was when the fastest thing to cross the evening sky was a shooting star. Time was when the fastest growing village in this valley was a sleepy Spanish town namd Todos Santos. ln Space Age l, the missile has overtaken the star, and Todos Santos, now Concord, has overtaken by sheer speed of growth, the popula- tion records of the country. Since we prepare ourselves for your inspection here at Diablo, the students on this campus "Canaveral" pour in the fuel of their affections, make the count-down in lune, and dedicate these launching notes to your files, CGNCORD. May the tracings of our flight into orbit be clear and detectable. You are the object of our spatial exploration. o l 4 I TABLE CF CCDNTENTS Faculty ....... 8 Classes ....... 16 Activities ....,. 66 Sports ........ 96 Tewnspeopte . . 126 MRS. IRMGARD COX4 Girls' Dean MR. NORMAN KESTNER, Asst. Dean MRS. THELMA PIMENTEL, Sec. T 4 4 MR. PETE KRAMER, Boys' Dean M sw' !,-"Q V ti ,QL MR. PAUL STONER, Head Counselor S - . " ,ff MR. MILAN wie:-ir, work . .... Coofdinaqof , V 5 -....-,si ' :. n'f.,7, V f -.1 1 ,V I , . f, 'ff f ft . 'T . "I ' ., , " , . , ,1 45,3-7, K 1 ,L -3: f .f X f . f ':4f2if.f.IMf i iii 5 X 7.4 f X Ati .fits gy M Z mf 2+ ,f- 'Q A' 1 ,Mx J, gl 4' . , 6 The entry of outer space has stimulated imag- inations into a willing acceptance of the immi- nence of a space age. The impact that the unraveling of this concept will have on our culture can at this time he under- stood only in part. A community such as Con' cord, to which this annual is dedicated, and a graduating senior are somewhat alike in that both are on the threshold of maturity in their de- velopment. Proper planning for growth in a space age will focus attention both on recognizable present needs and on the form of the visionary future. The extent to which planning helps the develop- ment of each and the degree to which the growth of one will help the other will determine the full- est realization of looth. The Concord of tomorrow must keep in step with the developments of the space age if it is to provide for the welfare of its constituents, and, by the same token, Diablo's graduates of '59, Concord's citizens of tomorrow, must have the wisdom to understand the challenge and the willingness to perform the task. Count down men 0 qwfn' DR. FERD DIEL, Principal TRUSTEES MR.JOHN LAVINDER P,e:id-en' of the Board DR. ROBERT MAPUN MRS. DORIS LOVERIDGE MR. OSCAR LARSON lb '1- I 4-1 MR. JIM ROOS Business Superinieridenf MR. HAROLD P. HILL Assistant Superintendent MR. HOWARD JONES Trustee our Aolar AQA tem Z if 1, , 1 Q ,w MR. JAMES DENT, Superintendent, Mt. Diablo Unified District X"",2 4.42 H-.. all! MSSSACZ FC? THE DIAELO 'KEAREOOK BY iarries VJ. Dent The pas' decade has been exe ef 'rerneidous expansion in the Mt, Diablo Unified School District. Ten years ago lfit. Diaplo High School was the only secendary scheel in the district. Today there are four high schools in operation, a fifth under Construction, and more to come as we strive to rneet the needs of our evereincreasing teenfage population. Like some forms ef protozoa, lfif, Dtaplo High Schml has divided its student body several tzrnes to create new nuclei on new campuses. In 'lie process, hewever, the rnain body has rnainfained its own strength and vigor, developing new protoplasrn to replace the aid. Unlike the new high schools, llit. Diablo has a solid founda- tion of tradition, interests and aC'i'1ities hurl? up during the past half f:entu17. These have been adapted to the needs of the changing times as our area has grown, and as it has developed from an agricultural into a suhurpan ':orr.rn'.inity llit. Diablo High School can loe very proud ot the attain' ments of its students past and present in the fields of scholar- ship, spertsrnanship, and Citizenship. Future Diaplans will he fortunate to attend the "mother" institution ef all the dis- trict secondary schools. FACULTY .1 1. VA, ,iff IEA--, 5555.71 14' nf 1 ., ff , . , . 4 M , , 1 ,' 1 Q " A' , f' l J' A, , , ,d A , 4 171' t , , r-ui' J il f vnu..-., , Shy V..' . . "4 "T - , , , M xryxg, NY J T., 3...vf- . f,.,,.,.!f -f V1 V x:'fQ5'5 xf.xmwQh, asf: 54355 4. ..-K g f f' ff-w."bff'.L. ,,,,,,,,M --V """ ' 'H , VV H 4, ' V A 1' ' -Vfffff ,,, VV ,V , - 1 , , ,Q ,,,, ,,,f "3 K ' , 5 A1 "Q, ww f ' 'F' -V. V , W , ww, , ,. f ., :Aw T---.. : 'A-. 2 fu: vf f V I K V - .V ,'..JVV,,, ' ',,,1,1 -' ,V .... ....,.k......,,., ,...... V V A ' -' Af f--411--"--f' ,A ,' I V.,. 'z VV V V ,, V - V V VV, , .,V.. "f',,f1'f2p,fff' VV +V ' ' ' , , ,M V' A . ,,7V 1 WV ,QV M7 , ZW! 1,4 , ,V V, ,M MV i ,W V 4 ff, M , , ,, M ,.f,, , , ,' QMW -fu V! 1 1,-' VV x 'V f ,V w f MV5, , ,M , I VZ, hi, f T , V V V, V f,,V ' ,,ff,,,,,,, , W7 VV,.f,d fn ,V L V pp, f--1 , ' n ' f, N 74, V, ,, ,J gwyw 1' ,f,'i, 'V f .f ,, V 3 HV, ll VVVV V 4 X , f 2 .,,, 4 if ,V ,5j,V',e W, .r W, ' ,, ff ,g,,,,V V, ,,,,fVf ,JV fV,,V' 4,4 ff V,V,V Vg ,,V ,,V,n,ff,1,,4, , If ,,' Y , 'V 4 - . W V V "?3,fi1 m',VV "f'V V' , Q ,ff f ' , W M fff + ., f 4,f22,' wif: ,V., W., ,WV ff' ,V f,, M W ' v -- , wwf, ,f 9' V 'H,fW""i,1,Z5'f'.' WMV" .V 1' 4'-Vf VV Vw V" 4 ,f n 0 f, ,iff yay Mawpj, ff, ,,, H - V, ,,ff.-,,0V,,P,,jWVVf ,,, Vw : pgwf fx, 6, n- 4 -- yn g, mf ' W ,.-,WV VV: Mfg 5 ff yy. ww' 'ff'W,f-1, ,QW M' W! V '74, ,mfr nf' H V , M' , W V- Vw V V V V ., V V Wy! f f ,V ff ,, ff, fw-,,,,V'V 1' ,, WV V VM fwffifg ww V VV . - V f V 'if mfwffw W ,Vw wwf ,ffm X, ,- 1 ff f VZ , f y ff' -2- A V MV V- . 'f i ,ff ' W '-wg, UVVQM, y7fwrfM+f2:w fr", S V 'lf -' M -V Q -V, ,..c fgz, ' aw' , f Hgh V V, ,V ' W4 :ff ,ay if ff vw'-yn fl' ,W 'f'f, ' f MJ' . ,3,,3r,W RV" ,MA'ff5,f f "" x ' All -1' nm ' 1 " 'f 1 ua,-. V -. fm. ff ,V V-,W"V fff,,,'w9 yfff V VV fav V . , W- A Q +--,,,::Wf',4V,. ,ffmf -f -,AV -, V -. , 'J W f , ,VV - aw MQW ,,-,M',VVVf'f W., " WMVVVVV Vw pf af SW -f 41-5 4' gffiiffw . f -V " - - 'f , V H ' ' V MQ W VG 'ffyfyff VV,Vvg.,mv1n-,,g,,w- VVM4, V 'V V 2" :uv -'M-f if ww V- !:'0..V-1 vm- -2 -,' 93- ' ',zV1,: , V if A 'V ff'4f+iff"'f,Wf' MV , V' f' V' f' 1-J' wwfie VVf,V,fx ' "1 ' , .J-n"V'V-eg 'f 'LN w' ffk.-:4 1 ,xr ' 'V : A f f ,, V . ,' rw WV - V. - gi , V -v 'V -V -A I 4,1 " W I ,p ffgyf d 4 , V,f,VV7,fjmM7,1 Z, V, 5Vf74f',Mf?Zg,,,,'fV 44, ,VH-ff, b .us " f if I ," fag! If Q, A. j V Vw' 'Wm , ,V 5714! wifi fjwm. ,Quik A f sw X ,,'-1 -f V. f, ,I if , ' VV' , v " .V ' . V' ' -4V .Vw V mf' ,L , n ,n f IV, ' ,H V WV, N4 V , H n ,V 0 fr f L+ ff. , . ' 4 .nf 'W' f 'A' ' ,,,,' ,QW , fry Milf? , ,f1',,,2fi'y,W '2,,Q,,, , 1,,w,, W ,,V3,,,.1 '4,,'f"t" x 4 544-.NL M g,,, M V ' 4 , A- V 'V , ,.,:'-W VVWV, M- ,V "2'f',:'1' Vf4'4'V"f f' -V V . L ,, . .V " V, V- ' ' ' , KV 37 . 17 V"1"VWl,'x' ,-16 5 f qgfnf, .,, V,: W-7 "V,'Z4',ffff,,if4',4f 'ffdwf , A," E V ' f'-If 'Vit 4, J, A ,Jay 91K V , 'V -l H I ' W ' ai,W9"'ff ' iWWlZ'4i1?g' 'V' WW' f Y " " "1 W 'br' 5' W3 , V 4, V a , V V W .MfW"','." , .Vg ff' ,f iff. 'f'V 4V 2 4, Y"f1"VVf'V VV ff v' f.,'f' K ' ' X , V RL avian , 'fr' My 'Mf Y V ' V -'ff ,M N' f ,. fb-'424-VL "f We ff5-f3.snbIx'- wiv .f Qtalrs ,Anti ' s , X . X K 1 S X, A-X -' X - Xi?'T':i..1.ZifXrfn'1SSx1 - as X 'K' X Ie' ' ' ,-'K X . MQ-. ,is----Q KX K , 2 -Ts , 'sf s f .,.g555::::.- , ii i sr X mas wee. W, g X X X s E " C B' x we sg B Xwfxgss. NN Nw X , P X s""N VM X ww' X . X i , A S X a KX -- ? ai ZX , ' Ns X X QQ, X in - Xb xN XX Y Ng ' s .. s x XX 3 1. 'sas H N N w ff Y -- r i s S. f X . . Q ..,-s fr ffsus. x ss XXX SX r i - A 1 , I gif s sts.. " Q dams is x " i f as NR 1" ' 'N 1 6? i WN IO XS X s C Q9 fr. Q-,XXX s six K. rx iv.-f . X " we , s- 3.5 ' gi X X QX X X Q ii Fx j. X v X ,s Egg? Xl si? X - s s Ag X Rh. in X Xiu sig M s Q. Q s ' 'QL 1 i C Yagi. i i X X X S. 1.4 Mr. John Allen Raising Charrioicrr Dag: Painting Travelinfl Mr. George Armstrong Gardening Skiing Bfcvc ing Mr. Robert Armstrong Camping Fishing I Radio and Elect'on cs Miss Lorna Ball Sewing Collecting Records Driving Mr. Harvey Berman Director ol D'arr1a Hollywood tilm 2lF?'.iC Mr. Orville Beutel Chairman Industrial Arts Departmfnt Architectural dS5iQl7l"'Q Miss Leora Bishop Commercial Deoartrnen AAUW Mr, Maurice Bohne Sports Ranching Church Work Mrs. Barbara Bragg General Sports Music Badminton Mr. John Brey Furniture Maring Music Reading Miss Donna Britton GAA Adviser WAA president Chico State College Miss Ethel Brubaker Librarian Violinist in Oakland Symphony Orchestra Mr. Ernest Cecaci Fishing Duck hunting Wrestling Miss Alma Couchn-ian Music Theater Reading Miss Helen Courtright AAUW PEO Travel Mrs. Elvera Curless AAUW Music international Relations Mrs. Margaret Currier Music Travel Senior Adviser Mr. Fury Dalia Social Studies Freshman Adfser Mrs. Jeanne Duerksen Bridge Decorating Athletics Mr. Leslie Dunnells Trout Fishing Camping Hiking Mrs. Marion Early English Department qenior Class A-lxiser Senior Bangurt Mrs. Eleanor Etherton C'lDDE'r Club Women's Society Jr. Wornsn's Club Mr. Hart Fairclough Pork Collecting Golf Camping Miss Jessie Falccner Traveling Bridge Golf Miss Ruth Gallndo AAUW Delta Kappa Gamma SCF Adviser Mrs. Hildred Garrison AAUW Delta Kappa Gamma Traveling Mr. Alan Gellermann Bridge Gardening Boating Mr. Harold Godchaux Music English Department Senior Adviser Mr. Louis Gray Traveling l-lunling Soorts Miss Betty Hawlr AAUW Committee: Health Assoc., CCC uw D:-:vi-, i.4E.:e,,,, M'sA Mirlg- H' ie :ti 5 f' . ez Viz: Na':y r-nope' .li ,, ii - 'Q .: L:- ge Mi Ente lversen ,,.. .-..,, ,-,Y : :eife':e 2'1" V-Wss D:-:wry Jaczc Q MY. REL: John:- EJWS U 42121: Mn Do'a c J:P-':': M' C'a' es Ya': M2 Jia fe' Ke so' 5'-L 5:52 Vi" M's. Pence: Kb: Miz: Be'fy K'-f-ua -1 . . fp -3 M's,He1en llc. M35 .leaf La"c ,141 1 ,LH Mn Wi gon Largrun- Mr. Rzbevv La-.faf M1.RfifTi"5r'r' A. 5145 i ,.. ,. U, ,.. -1 f . . - 2 : .- Eine-za Sze: 3.05. Heier Lum Eidffi' Egje' "e:'e' Mis.dMary Luniipkin ff- , J! - 'ECT' 2' Fziew: ",,,,Y..,,,,...".. . Mrs. Ruth Lundgren T12-2--15Q'f5.':f Mr. Roberf Macomb Mr, Donaid Madera ., . , 'f..-fu, Mi.'WfII'am Marrac? UZ' 5-'.e'e Safe ir: Z"f:':- :J Er: Miss Juie Ann Marr :.'--, ,. LHL 'L-, ,- Mdrj 4Torr?lM'CD?5nie1 : -,-. f' , - ,Q Mis. Ciafherine Megsersmifh Uno' , 'l'f 'lf' ,'E"J.i'.I'E Mr. Sfanley Miller '::F' fit ':,:"'i FH: Mr, Lloyd Moore .,.f, 'rg-, ef HO .,A.,L,,,. .. DL,:...W .,,-who. ,. inn ,.. Mr, William Morris ft: 5 Side: Miss Evelyn Mumma :xii ' F 'lomzewjq peed ' Mi5S E'J3"3"fGV6 Azv :ef Efgif Deparfrnenf EVS":Q Karen Nix ,. fn .f LZVM .-753' V :Fi , V .v 5, ,.L.4, A , .gg 1 9 i . 1 f-9 IH. ,gf . ., xi 1' 1: 1 :QQ in if-x as X ' 41 xfiiix f x Q 1, 1 M 4 1 , A HQ J, Q if I-12 x rv . 57 il Z2 . if E Z 1 S7311 x if H .f-wg M Q KJ .fl vrrrkj A: W fo : x , . ,,.: 'f 5' ',:r fa ,i :rl 'Q' K7 t J! Q - t 5 ' I - I ,i o 5 Y F 4?Ti"5? ' I l it' S is wQ5Q,' ' s ? . 2 f Qing ' W7 . vi gf -r ae? Q .r s arf! . ' QQ, l gin' 2- .Zx -t',4 vi f'iY,",' rlfiiaz X gywikwf iwa .. wma A ,,',,,, -I E Wfjfi g:ki irr7 If Qc i 41 QQ 9 , so yr. 5- 14 dub 9 Wrfoz r gm WJ' f . ff' , , frm-Q. ff , ff + 1 fs 1 f 45 f V 4 0 , , v 1 4 44 f I W' f V l 4 f 2 ,, Z P .-v . X, ffm. f 4... if 7' f S' ,JT f 1, VV,,,, W5 V, , if f W ' Hi, 52 LwfwFQ,. M gnfg rlf- f f f f x 1 , 1 f , of yiw iw fff if Z f ,Z www' W I ' , 1 1 , 9 I 1 1 E . 'Ai' M.'.'e2:' Z i ' Z ff ,yy , s 396 1 1 K F " Mrs. lola O'Grady Spanish Teacher Sophomore Counselor Foreign Language Mr. Norman Olson Fishing Hunting Sports Mr. Wayne Pipes Football Travelinil Raising Flowers Miss Rosemarie Polsinelli interior Decorating leather Work Bowling Mr. George Prall Music Chairman MDUDEA Teachers' Finance Committee Miss Peggy Reid American Friends Service Amateur dabbler in oils Education Club Sponsor Mr. William Riggle Reading Music Gardening Miss Joann Riley Science Department Biology Miss Leah M. Robinson Raising Roses Tennis Interior Decorating Dr. Caroline Ross Music Gardening Cooking Mr. Joseph Rukavina Sliing Dancing Hunting Miss Olivann Rumph Piano Swimming Slriinq Miss Elizabeth Schellberg Woodcratts Volleyball Miss Margarie Silva Drawing Conversation Music Mrs. Virginia Silva Photography Travel Theater Mr. Douglas Smith Slci Club Adviser Boys' P,E. Department Mr. Jack Smullen Mathematics Department Student Coordinator Mr. Orval Steffen Sports Official Swimming Instructor Senior Counselor Mr. Thomas Steyaert Hunting Photography Study Radiation Miss Betty Sullivan Faculty Representative Counselor Foreign Exchange Committee Mrs. Joyce Tarr Travel to Europe Attend Art Classes Mrs. Flora Thompson Travel Ceramics Home decoration Miss Anne Truitf Literature Music Mr. Robert Vencill t-liking Ocean Fishing Vlfater Skiing Mr. Anthony Vidak Sports Cars Boating Mr. Darrell Westover Mathematics Department Rally Committee Sponsor Mrs. Norma White Social Studies JSA Afiviser Mr. William Willard Fishing l-lunting Mr. Lester Williams Working on Master's degree l-lunting Fishing Mr. Richard Wisowaty Chairman Mathematics Department Sophomore Adviser M- rv' .,.... 1 1 5-as -.-v , CFVEPI--Cf' lac. 'V "e":e': -fe f -as ':::"e 'ze: :."'g "e ":' 'e 0- , ,.s J5:i""5"' 'f' Y"f viffin 'EZ ECE 1 r J" lf-':- 4 sf W..-5 ,,-f f..,, 1 ,, 42 , ff -f ,:f, 44- '-'f' my-vf42ff"N 7' ca, ' ,. CD 1:1 f 2 ? 5 ,E "e :.a-' '::e"e' 'J 1: Zz' 'f Z:::e C:-"'e':'e Ze:a""-2" :'a""a' fe ' 'er' 'z 'e' ': 'J':: Jen -.-- Nez' -': ace: VT "av" C:"'we':e. : LI' Nerve' -ff: ffef ': ' ei Zee g' ' ze .:'e" V: My BEM, Chfffg, : Je:e""'e" :sez -v' e 2-2 ' e: ' 'e 'ea -ei' ::e' 5, Mfg 5.91,- 'ece fee 1 :efe 2' e.::e':e :-Q" ': e'-ann 'fi KN' zz' L5":'.'v el' 'ezeffs-C: a-va'd: :ferr "Q N'N:"'.'e fo' Eaffh S:7e'w:e af Cornell Un! few", '- W-ace FLY. 's' sm'-'re' sfudf, and 'fsck We C:.:"'a' :'::e' :.':'e": ':'ee: b"fe':4'f 2: 'J'a1 :V a yea's sndf. Mn e' il "e yea' 'e:e'fe': 'e' a-fe" "1 'T':"a: 5'e,ae" 'ec-e'fe-'J Vs a-fa'd t'C'f' fhe Vi 55537 C .5 a' a .':'e:- ,- 1- ' 4 'Ja' 'e S:'e':e F:-f':a"c' 'Q affefd We Ra- FE9. 2'5" ' i':"+.'e 5' UCLA 'C' 'ne sm'fr'e'. ,vf mr 4 Sm Q.- 2? l f V, ' 5 '95 ,f 'Wy 1 , . , 1' a u..., ,, Z rf , 4 I W 2 5 'V 'Mega' S 1' M' 4 , ' 7 Y - ' f ,A N fag: ' 1 M im , .1 Mr OHiNe Sfeqen and Miz: Beffy Smlifaf were Chaser Seafed af We head table af we Hove C fyeffc-+ :H Maw 15 a' 'fe Ez. fy Fe :-df: ':"'-e' Q be facuiff repfezenfaffe for We zchom fea' l758- ffe'e'rl'vefo1i':w?rvg adm?'T:+fa9of:' p"'c'pa , Head ::.':e!o' :ers c' nm: 'a yadfze' ard -ffe: I957, V. ,V X we M' Smilinq Diablo Secrefaries are Fronf row, leff fo riqhf: Kafherine Morgan, Mickie Bozarl, Pauline Bechfold. Back row Thelma Pimenfal, Belly Lopey, Kafherine Johnson, Winnifred Ruppreck, and Eunice Matheson. Ground handling crewmen, of Diablo, a c as follows: Fronf row, leff fo riqhl: Jim McLaughlin, Wayne Campbell, Marv'n Larsen. Middle row: Elmer Ho- kanson Ar? Younq, John Paulos. Las? row: Alberf Lupori, Head cusfodian, Val Cooper, Frank Leiby, Jas. Fuaiardo. Not Shown: Wm, Osecheck. Pad main tenance, uel loxing, and u per Atagw cream Bus Drivers are: Back row, lefl lo riqhf: Maurice Duncan, Debbie Graham, Ruby Dealon, Hazel Craig, Roselee Coble, Hazel Asmussen, Dorofhy Galloway, Fronl row, leff fo right: Ray Olofson, Jim Pharr, John Bicho, Ted Eqqenl. Nof shown: May Allaer. These cooks of Diablo are: left Yo right, Bobbin Dagneau, Helen Luenser, Hazel De Frales, Florence Olander, Shirley Landrum, Belly Talbofl, June Mould, Margaref Trefle. A, CT f , . ,gf senv-4 W N'e' gee: .:. 'nz' cc-'e ce-1' Winnerz of science awards- Brooh Ham, second p4ace7 Sharon Robbins fhhd pface and Tim Anglin. second place Na+ pidured, Ted Robert, Hrs? place uinngr, f,:.,4? ms-W... ,eq " 4 ' ff' eff I' ' f' .f 1 2, F '47 Per ormancm Ev 5 AJ- :',- . Ui.,-A 1- . .- . --v L , 'L 'ag ful X' -v Nz . v- 93. ,,.,...- ,Q 1 Mf' ff! xii ne, f,. ",., A . . 'e'n'fUff 'y A o . Q + Q u ff- , 1 v v e 1' ' ' . . ..1,,a a 2 o S Q D....9'g's., as in avail, 1 .lu U , 4 ,,ff.'-,-5, 1 S' -S+'-.w'L . . 1 ' 1 ,i .n t, fR:.",-'.es1,. f, '4-,-".f.".-sw' . 1 "', 'iv ljplu .4 1...- lig:1f'.4.:i , .21 '. ft' 1 f,1Ff,,w-.f:Q1f. . ,yr ' 'W u ' ., ,li-." 2111115 T I K' '- -, ' Y '.:' 'f ' 4 1 35, . x Y Y gf -,fake ,Me-.5 1 1-,i. 5 s n - -,n 5' . , Q 'sf P 'wi ' eff,-.lik 4 .v 'JJ . ' '13-x,.,e,.sw- ,1- ,A 1 .,,, . Q qw- 9' Y 2. N, X . . . . x , ,files Q56 R .. 31 if :fgg 55' ','0f,'. v .A R' " . 1, I ,,-A! - 17:11,- - ,.f-.,1 , ,Q ,.'.. , yur, : ,.,i. -ff,-1 nxfyi, Q ff- oe ,F As ,l,:-5231, -'!'a.,si ,Q .1 Q -.., L . .E f . v'i!-,', Q -1 . . .V .. , s2'fe"f:'-"L , -. 5 'A l 51, -oAY4".l-I I A . ' " L' 1 A2 av , ' , i.- ga, ' .' gi, . - 4 ,xi 1 , 5'-' ,,, 1 " ,' . A . 1. CLASSES -1 v-7 ,gsm Q., wa 'EH ww nz vi ,, , ., 5, 6. . , , fog, -Q 4 Msissw A R ' 5 . 1 'Ii f-1 if is W, Q. ., J "iv ' Y' , A 1 V' ,,,, 4 PF" Q v 3 A we X X A f ' x ,t ts Trek st 'I XY X X sixxsi f i X X X Q H it its ':.- -fs 4 . he PANTONE GOYAK DIANE TADLOCK GAYLE COWDEN BUZZY WALKER president vice-president secretary representative Starting into orbit FRESHIVIEHV The class of '62 and class officers: president, Antone Goyakg vice-president, Diane Tadloclcy secretary, Gayle Cowdenp and representative, Buzzy Walkerg launched its tirst attempt to transmit news of their being, through the Frosh dance held March l3, l959. Later in the year however, their popularity was known to all through their freshman clean-up prograrn. By capturing the trosh grid crown early in the tall, the trosh Were established on the campus. With the help of their advisers, Mr. Fury Dalla, Mrs. Marian Hilliard, and Mr. Terry McDaniel, they gained recognition in this new space age. ADVISERS COUNSELORS The Freshman Class were led this year by the following group: The class counselors were Miss Helen Courtriqht, Mrs. Dorothy Mr. Terry McDaniel, Mrs. Marian Hilliard, and Mr, Fury Dalla, Henderson and Miss Evelyn Mumma, The latter left this spring. I8 FRESHMEN 1 - Y - I Q :Rover aow 'EH -Q Y 1 2- ..-V QQ?--?'f'f'5 ,S Ma'Q-e"'e Cady' Kan' Ca- r S-e M ,' 'Q 'Q v- ,Q I 21. T , EE"E'T Ki"" A'ie'5:'! Q'g'5'- 'J V VVS 1 I 3- . '5i'ib 95 Dire Charnan Ea'-E :N I 7' V 'l j' K A ' 'en 3-9 are Mare-e Brazeala 9-MDDgE Q rv V R ' V - ZTQK Q VOW: Dale Ash:'aL1 ?,':'a': A' E ff' ' ,' tif: -4.1 C."'s Bel: E--ve da Dee' B':v es C ,, -5 - -1 y V517 F I: I' Ere: Ja"'e: E':-1' ':" D' ' G ' ,L ', ' f , 2 1: , Eg Ewa' 9:"'e :"ese' Ja"'es A exa ,I Q"7:': nr 'Lf ' 5-:ef a-1 2:5 am. af-cn new V K , "" "" - MFE Hue ich- AM: B, ' V ,.M.:,,... , E' Q . Carre Je"Y C:::e' Bog A":e'- ' i ' " - ' ...J st' r-4e'be"' Cr'sr'e M19 Bare' M... ' -.".'-I AQ I, , 'U A ' Jeni '52 dsrr?rh Jarnes Baader ard I Q.. 'iff' ' 'N Q Te"y A":'d. 4 .1 X f 1 bl C If l? 5 I, , A ' gg .r , , .. . ibifgrs. bf, IPC'-f Pow es- +2 -'ge-1 v'-. , K Q F 1 q"'a Ca"e' He e- Be :Jn Me-. V ' - 3 Q I-' s ' Bucks L'-ca A 'efsg' 55,1 5 ' 3 Lf f ' rf '- Beva Var Ca"pne' Kara' I ,Q is G "R i p -- 1 , Q' in C:::e' Dafa Cass Narcy B:-- vu sq A - V,,'ia"ws 'A ' . VT'., 41- ' " 'H - ' 51. V . , V - V . an . A , 4 ' ' v V V. 2 ' . ' 'er fi Lena 'Q C'2'e, MIDDLE 1- 4 ' ' 5 V , .'- , A ,ef . --,A ' ,- nCw'g Ezn Cane- Jce Agfa- i,' 2 - A V V -1 gf 'ff ef 5 , K Def: C'ee' F-gg Q-'-A-ev M'Ve . , 2 x Zi '- le Pt I I ,, 'A ,Mi i 5 ', V Ckcae' Deai Assay Est: B'a':- -. , ' in '--1. 5 'sl' 3 it j ,, ,W gl 'A ra-f 5'e'r :1 e-': 'fha A-gc e. '- . -f J-Q-lynn, V f 'fn ' ' ' ' i U' f -K ,4'f"'V7 BACK PCN: Da"v C"'s'::v It , ' -"' L Q' 4' H., A ' Q ' 1 6 Af ' ff' A Pc' Bay e Page' Ca-P Egb Lg. A-'H " F "- "' . 4 - ,. .ik N ' " - . F 4 Z' ' :eg a P:ha': C:-gr S'e:are- s xg ' - ,gl NA L 'iff' - 4 3 Ca f"d Don Baca Gary C'e::" ' , Q - ' -i ' rl ,"' LH Xt , ,", U " '? Q EC PTH Ca":.zaro a'd Fewer D 3 UP - if J' ' ,pf 1 1 A ' Ba:?'e"', f -- 1 . . Y 'N' ' he ' ,.,, i Q K' .f 'W' ' gf. f . v, I I F 'V V ' -Va A -J Q ' 1 1 " ,sf -, .gV. x 1 f - . ri sxfilrsi, FPCNT RON el? 'Q Fgrfg Shaw- C Caste are Parr e a Bicre":'re 0 ji esifse A 'rrrorg Mary Ls. Ea:f-s 5' , 1 9 V Q Ea ' Cs-fde' Barbra Cr'7s"a ' " 9, 9 , 2 Ton' n Jo Cohea, Ge"y Carde' ', .' fq Barr e B'e'nan ard Sy via Ercfz- Cf AI' , , ', 3- -N ' U 8 rg V V V, V. 'na-, MIDDLE POW: Sharon Car- ,4 l' ' Q ' 7 . X A - ' f' ' X' s I , ne"' Ea'ba'e Ardersc' E' ee' ,, ', ' ,,-'- A47 A ', , 1' '- A 5' iff' Carnpbe Bef'ry Ecd'y, NT Es- 3 :IQ ffl--. XF' 55 4' ' ,ig 1- , A f . fvd S.san Cocierharr Dsrna ' ' , ,. fix' V K3 'Lf fu 21, V 1 Eu-'on Larae Alian Pav Cvreal y lx w A - if rv W", ., .' is " e ,z and Be1e"y Bro-fr. BACK ROW: 4 " 1' , ' ' . I ,V ' X W, 5 , ' 3' ifg Min Bradiey Bob Arrnsrrsrg Bob ' l ' f ' 'f"wx,1. -'J' " Biorlr, JTrn Burden, BNI Anf7'?. 1 fx U . V- V 4 7 Dwa'n Adams, Charles Bfnderup C - , 'i 9 f I ' . 'Q E A RTr:hard Ohkcn, Leroy Baprisr are 1, ' 1 t 'u f, - - -- 4, John Barnes. 'f' if .A 12 T Z I1 i S 3 . L-fu 4, ' jb ,4 . ' - .., ,,., Q -J ' Y IV -1- , P S - -317 Y' , . 2 5 D E l uf 'V' Y 45 J X f ' ' s g L X 'f 'A sv - ,I ., I, 1 Q 5,7 L 1 i FP! V' A A 'fi A VV" be V411 f . f A if fr Q 'A N KK, -1, .4 1 Ms A ' Q xii. LY 1 Each year 'the freshman class nominafes candidafes for Hs Typlcaw Freshmen and fhe news siaff makes fhe final choice. SInce fhere was a He fhis year, Two couples were seiecied. The Typical Freshmen for fhe Class of I962 are Joe Hohen- rider, Ginger RoyaI, Pefer Vascon and Diane Wilbiams. ,gf . . gl Rl B.. w-r 4 1 -0 ,- 5 , ,yen-1 v lX 1" A. ' sg 1 l fig .-4--,Q LF , 4 L 1 X gf' Y lf 1 lk zany -- W A, ' 22: .,.-4 rj 10. ' , ,' K . - ,, 541,922 ' f- 11.5 , M Q, . ' V j r . 5, Q 47 A ly Q y -.fa , i, lu gl. I ' ,dl 4 -sa" , , ' ,,+--s,'N V .., ,, c " V H ' N - '1-iii: 1 1 fw' Q " ,f 'F ....... 3. s f ,Mak X i I 5 i B fi 5 -:- "T 1448- if 1 . - ,. ,X JZ 5 r S 1 5' 1' if -:fe -. as fer'- -Q Y... if re 1 ii 1 r 2, Q L X I rv-wa. . ,l ' V ' -me fa ,wmq .-!:'.'f,i: ii.-fig, ' I 'C-"rr lr' 1 lf' 1-: ' su . ., . e, Ac .rr- L 1 V3 ale L i lc -.- R, .I -Y. . . , 4 -A 5. ly .F ," .sljj 4- ii 4 Lisiff - 'll Rl 4- r M- , Q! l sux, 6 P a3,,,n,Q,, ' he f ,r Q , ,M 5 'Y "V fl 2A1 'fir rr , -3-ku-f ww MWQM 'Na P 1,4 c , K 424 X 0, , f ' V 1. J Y 1 I 2 ' !,,r N 4 , A 1 A A I! I iid Mimi V: X ,fxf I ,,l,vfQs1',v f 1 X71 as w , ' , , in 1 Y r, -'Pi-f I ,fi 1 .wwlrgg , ,I , i f rt , F ffl - . , f ' W ef 43, , , ,fi f 5 r ,L ' ' 5' ' y ,Q 'M-4 ,V s ,M , -, www ., ,M 4, x r ,f 1 ,ir ,, 3 Q , ' ,,fz..',4 ' ,", 1 f .. Z L ,, 'i W Wm 'l - "TMR i . f 7, N V- px if f' M i, ,,f, W,4,wy,ff , ,, , - V f r ,Q ff f 7 M W 1 as 5 ., ' ' M .2 f . 1 sf W1 MA V W" ar f .. M1 fs, A , X A l 4 ,, . f f , rw k . , ,,gf?i'Z'i", lil r . 53' , ' gr: 2,5 W ,, , , QL. i. - 4 f. . " ' , '- j , i f fini' ,,J, , N' "F, L " L ..., Y A7"A,f,zi , 'aa , FRESHMEN FRONT Row, len lo ri9hlf Elaine Ea,-I5 Belly Evans, Pal Flefcher, Kathie Gross, Pal Grahn, Barbara Donahue, Karen Fiske, Helen Gadol, Ruth Dickson, and Peggy Duf'lield, MIDDLE ROWf Richard Davidson, Devan Griffi, Sieve Graham, Terry Davis, Norman Grove, Jack Furr, Eddie Elkins, Frank Morgan, Mike Benneff and George Grines. BACK ROW: l-dffv DuBois, Lewis Garrison, Lynn Gerow, Dave Enke, Doyle Greene David Engler, Pal Davis, Craig Dursleler and Dennis Dunham. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righf: Rose Garcia, Norma Davis, Noreen Ferriera, Janice Gurney, Paula Grabowski, Rosalie Dresbach, Lynn Gillman, Mary Flodin, Chrisfine Darrow, and Sandy Gruessing, MIDDLE ROW: Rufh Galli, Carol Furlong, Joan Eaton, Priscilla Garrelfson, Marilyn Fields, Carol Dallon, Karen Gusfafson, Carolyn Drablos, Gail DeGrof'r, and Ki? Gayen, BACK ROW: Mike Hays, Anlone Govak, Paul Davis, Rich Fuller, Bill Fields, Richard Embick, Barry Davis, Gerald Garcia, Ronald Harrison, and Bill Fleming, FRONT ROW, lefl fo righl: David Kalis, Frances Fisher, Donna Larra- mendy, Alice Hollhouse, Sharon Graliol, Glenda Jones, Dana Lovick, Linda Kalinowski, Vanya Lord, and Jim Harrell. MIDDLE ROW: Peggy Juslice, Sfeven l-lackler, Jerry Misch, Bob Kinney, Jim Leonard, Mike Hazelrigg, Dick Jordan, Rick Luna, Micky Himsel, and Kalhy Ludlarn. BACK ROW: Richard Davis, Jim Freeman, Jeff Drago, Bob Johnson, Larry Fran- chere, Mike Jones, Bill Fernandez, Harold Gerow, Gerard Dearing, and Paul Lane. Thal firsl sunny day in September when school opened, freshmen galhered in The Quad for lunch and se? lhemselves a palnlern for the school year. Here They met fheir friends, and learned lo know upper classmen, FRESHMEN -RCM RCW ef- -5 ,E--I 3511 .:'es, C'a':"e .:"::' Ze-'- 54e"f'e' Sa' V'-e'e'e' .e::-e- f' Leafg' Ee':e'e "::ie', A--e 'Jae Y'-g 3e:'g'e -e"': --e-'- -fe F-e"'x aw: Ee", Wy'- 'WDDLE PCN: Ez: "4.::.e': .e -'VE "Jeni "-" Fege- f -gre- -"' Ve'ce F':'e': -ee -.e ":'e"'e':e' Ez' -e-':e" -ew "'-": e': J" 'ere EACV Fir. "" -e::'A':r. Lei: -5-E: V':'ae 1-'e':e" J' Je'2' ze' --'r" :asf Y-:-":v7 Wi.'1e :"z:' Sew -i":e. S'efe uve" e': A de -:'::':'e ZPON' FSH el' " Q". C-3': '-: -: 5f"e, .:":':' C:"'e -e-:':e .:y:e .fe-'ez L," fe'- 'zj Ee':e'e -e'-' ':- weve 'en Je:r'e .:"::' S'e':' 'e'- '-'g e': A " 'e -':"e, V 25-2 :C-N: 9:2-je' -'age':.e-"e' -a'e -':ve'::' Eew' 172 'e' -e':e:f -:" Yve Def: -'e"'e' Sen '49 ZZ"'i TC' 'iii Ee: 42125- ::' rd U11 laczssr. EACV FSH: Pef":'e We-' "3 New -:- -ea'ig:, Eiee' -e":':' Ven f"g Erbaia Y'c.f 7fi'y'A"'E"J"1 :'e"f Jens Ea -e-1: ' Vfxe' e': J:,:e Jef. FRONT POI! e4' ': 'g" L1 'Je-ffre' Ma'Qi'E' I-EWS vffgg Move Serif P-::e" Pen- rw:- Gu"e, L":a Lee D: ve: Nefenz Caffe PJ:"z PJe"'e Js":':' EUC Se'cy -""e , VLDDLE PCN: Cer: y- P.s:e J.a"Ye Mya A" Wee: Jefce Mare Af: P":e Vey Veye' Je'e Heze' r-ic y Marie' Sa":'e Fee ze' and M"ige Mafe-. El-CV POW: Est LCN Law Here- Vicfee Lage' Pkrf Maine' S'ere Mef-: He", Vee'ef, Don De Mewe, Tec R:neH: Lee' Pe'e7'e e'd E-3" Ma':F. FIPST RON eff fo right Da"ef LOFQ Sfeve Maze Mar? MTfcbeH G nger Raya: Eefbafa Pereira Bob Maefehe Der Roevaird Ken Mad- :er-.A BACY ROW: Mari May, Edd?e 1 K-GO il 1 X , , . A - I I . - -. 4- ' 9. 4 5 A fy. 1 ' if . A 1' 4 'T "Y 11 ' ZZ., f 3-11, ff , : 5 QA haf' ' Y ? 4-I K, O x 'U I V3- ' f 1 , 1 W 51 5. . 'f I ,7f . A-E ,gg 's I ,I qw J 4 If If ffzff 1 , A 4 ? . f '1 , A . if 1715 Q f , 'Q 2 .114 J, .. 1 f A B I 135. . 1 L . 4 , -4 e'U, : F ,f ,Flak- 5 2 .'4' I1 ,df -,Q ge 5 ii if E 4 . 0 D . . U A if , ' 1 f J 1 Q I 5 ' N ' I ', 1 , , -fb-H X Y -..- ! , ' :E-:E i-X ' ' ,A . Y I 1 2+ C121 , e S f 1 , 99 ,f E , A ,uve ,: .,. 2 J,,,v --:ef if-if . Q 'f 5 f ' gs C " , A li' 1 " I 2? v P V 'P R 1 1 - 1 Q i f gg ' Y xg if ",, 3 N ' ' as W 'Q if . 4 Q 7 . I Ll NF: . ig xi fire .v .Jin Q --a 'S I gf 4 ff 1 Q ' l il? fi ' f .clan A "7?, . r, 'Q ' 1 -C A bf 1 , f Wng, Chuc? Lavgerwdcrfl Dannf 1 Puff-ear, Tim Murphy Tim Meaief Dorf Nafcne Sandra Mckinnef a'd Walfer Rodgew. Q-19, 1 0 , r N12 af at ag, A . N11-I 5' , 4 Q YS-ni Y' Qxl xv 1 Q 1-M -- v. 5 V ,I L . ,Lv f , - , f E' 7 sp A '. X - O Y I , ri I 4 1 Af. 4. I s 1 ' - 1 -S , .I ' 1 f ' .,-:ii .su ,er-vs , - . . K .IMI ry 2 is ,fi A fa :V 1 I si vs. 357' if AWWA? 'Z , i I ,. S, 5 -W L, , -1 an , R A A A V L Q -ff ff- ' ' . if V ,' i s Q7" s' ,L U Q, Iilszl Q K , i V J M . to .ii Y , I. A saws .Q . i X V, - W l ,I A 1 Z , 1 ,Zag 51.3 fa fr lf ,. . I l .ff ' r I 25 i ig ,af fr ...ll , E X Hi' 'fp I ' if - , - I ' ie" 54, . 9 ' " Ss!" . 12-' ' 1 .T 'xv , A- , 1 I ' H ZII1, ' - il 52:35 W ff z: A W 1 'I ' Q' M" . -'1i': 51 -iv f f " 't. 1 , or 5 1 ' . J. ' 'Q ' -ui 'I - x 1 f sf" sf x 3 gt K i ' Z 7' iff' 0 JK? E ,. V, pr v X a 5 JM- T 1, W I R 3-Wi C. W :N I 1 I if 5 -' ', , I is ' -1: s sv - ' A 1'Qw,., ' f i Q.-f Y A gb V W- Q , . .Fey .e ,... .,,,HV A3 ,NA M -1 :JK ,Q ',a.f..,- :ff ' . ,, ,f " -N. 'uxffitf 21 ,QYQAVI It aw ' on ' ' f 1' i 4 X J' ss... W , V . iw A R I Q i It an -I ' ' 5 I Q-if A . if if 5 In M wi, 1 Q--:J r f fx ' 1 JQWQQ i"....,gQ., N44 .f 4 H 1 au. N X I 1 4, 7 ill ' ' X , ,J W is it 1 'Q t . .J ' f ' If HQ V , J . iff 7 ,f im . ' ' r 22,412 , Q' ' M.. ,,,, W, X, I ' f I FL - f M- lf'-A l 'I FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, left to right: Bar- bara Pereira, Jeneen MCM5han. Vicki Rune, SandY .MCK'f"19Y, Ginger Rayat, Martha RileY- SS"'dY McKay, Pat Pancoast, Mona Silva, and Mary May. MIDDLE ROW: Sally Rich, Darlene Odom, Linda Rubio Irene Omania, Daisy Rhodes, Arlene Miller, Hazel Richardson, Lynn Markham, Sherry McGibney, and Renee McGowan, BACK ROW: Clyde McEuen, Dan Roark, Mike Pine, Michael Mc- Garvey, Bert McCain, Ervin Miller, Jim Moon, Manuel Ramirez, Richard Rubio, and Jim McAfee. FRONT ROW, left to right: Gail Scholes, Sarah Yamanaka, Dickie Smith, Jewel Youles, Donna Truitt, Sharon Williams, Donna Sfeeves, Charlene Watson, Lynda Thayer, and Donnie Walton. MIDDLE ROW: Michele Waymire, Karen Sabo, Diana Simmonds, Peggy Williams, Arleen Young, Teri Wyatt, Pam Zink, Toni Selznick, Judy Skinner, and Diane Williams. BACK ROW: Dennis Van Meter, Robert Wilmot, Russ Young, Eddie Zubey, James Snyder, John Warrick, Mark Staggs, John Trappe, and Richard Steven- son. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Ann Tallman, Nancy Yniguez, Mar- garet White, Marretta Skidmore, Sue Stanton, Sheila Wilding, Diane Tadlock, Rosalyn Tubbs, Frances Shimek, and Judy Simmons. MID- DLE ROW: Norman Thompson, Frank Siegfried, Gary Torrey, Eu- gene Schlieper, Peter Vasconi, Larry Weaver, Ernie Stevenson, Bill Shea, John Scarborough, and Mike Smith. BACK ROW: Lynden Siple, Kenneth Simpson, Darrell Williams, Alan Thomas, Doug Voeks, Charles Wall, Egils Stabulis, Jon Vander- Pauwert, Buzz Walker, and Gary Shelby. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jean Stevens, Bonita Smith, Pat Sarno, Betty Sigfried, Kathy Thornsberry, Sue Turnquist, Mardy Schmidt, and Judy Tomilson. MIDDLE ROW: Ken Treece, Jon Sasaki, Arlyn Turner, Robert Schlesinger, Larry Smith, and Dennis Stevens. BACK ROW: Wayne Weatherly, Bob Salwasser, Brooks Tarver, James Wood, Bob Scarborough, Bill Sullivan, Alan Ufncelqfll. Alvin Stevens, Ted Williams, and Bob Shaw. FRESHMEN """: Sr: 1 v ti :sen Eve ,- 5 ., I-1 Se":yT-5-5.5 V' y SF' 'H F +- , 1 "S IMDD F'TOvJy 3,5 'E' W'::: e' Ma-1' Da' '. v-1 S'1e'efLN- ebfen BACK , M ve vfvba. f G -1 'a'i MSE? Fvi ab 'h'e:'b.-,f Ze 'sm ' " -N fx-,-.', .Q v- :- '5 "' fee 'F'esPf'a- -1 Jw I E-z W5 ie- g 91 1 Cz-'Cer 'V 'L HH Y sv: case be- 'fe QA: a ,.+ .H ML., muw- averpmere, and noi a smg fo spare. 4' 1 ' " Q Z " in 1 ,tx If QL f v 1' 2, if , 7' . 1 -45' G Y ag I f I I Q Q . , Q 9" 4, 'B 4 iv 5 'D E 4 l l I' JI ,E f . 41. X.. 1 . V t 5 .5 l 1 tag xy T S ,Q A Q IQ J, I I W If 4 . V, s:s:,:g:1 .ss ' -r s .' ' -' , X I f it V 5 Q ' . MIKE HASTINGS ROSANN Ll.NFORD LINDA DOMINGUEZ MIKE SWEENEY president vice-president secretary representative This year's advisers were Miss Karen Nix, Mrs, Ruth Lundgren, Spearlaeading attack in outer Apace SOPHOMORES Mike Hastings, sophomore president led the Class of '61 to plan its schedule of activities this year. The first activity turned the Girls' Gym into a winter won- derland with the decorations for the Christmas Formal entitled "Silver Bells." To finance all oi the projects, it was necessary for the class to hold a car wash on December 13, which added 5545.00 to the sophomore treasury. A cake sale was also held in which the class made a profit ot approximately 530.00 November l3 was another important date, tor on that date the class presented its assembly entitled "luke Box Baby." It was a talent scout's dream displaying a number oi unknown greats. Many sophomores won awards this year, among them was Tom Brown who received honorable mention in basketball, "The class owes much ot its activity success to its three advisers, Mr. Walter Kelson, Mrs. Buth Lundgren, and Miss Karen Nix," Mike said. ADVISERS COUNSELORS and Mr. Walter Kelson, chainman who guided the activities. ma, and Miss Betty Sullivan who planned student programs The class counselors were Mr. Don Johnstone, Miss Evelyn Mum SOPHOMORES UI n- nyyn nv 1- 1-UmvUO','ULlfQHUGH,1: H, 4- v , W '-W u ,lv nf Q5 0 U ' u I' , 3 nv u 1 .mn y .u,,O Un, 'N u I vmn -g1.nU m .Ju m - "E Xu 41... tv, 'i ng 2 I: 5 mln 1 1 M - -A n xv " h '. ..-52... ' m ny " w no ' 'f' -W '7 ' Q, , ,.,. ya U .ana 51, ., ,xwm-.,,4 .1 ,,, uv ... m , I -w U .Q H v v .-X ' m gtg N .I mg l ,n 1 9:1 -4 U ny : -X - K .. ' n',:t'uy 5 "' 1 1 m K7 ,' 1 t A L m 'X 0 4 30 , :P i I ryan., v0 .n ., U 0 MA ' D m IL. 0 n U ' HL ni SPH' ' m UH' ' 0 '-'Q 0 3- 1 H 1: . l y. n- .n U , "". 1' U - 1 uv H ny nv J ' 1' W dj NWOT 05" '. ' 1 ' v . , . ny x 4 ki, U 1 A E 1 'E ' " nl u yvmm, v hrukm 'QL 1 X- u. l W W .nv 3 ', 'm'1'..' .' v U . U qu U Q .T vm ', A.. yljuj : IV: Wm , Q -: -1 1: m U. , I1 ,W Suu., nf u'.,', .- v'x,, ..- .-5. nv mn: A. A m U- In if C5 uf 4 K 1 O nv 1 v 0' " u-UU.. mm, 'A-rv bu, . -an -3 fl: 0 1 D U, '- "Q U' 1 1-Ot . KNOW 0 , .uv .1- 4-n 11' UK .lf-'iqf ,-vnfu-I-H":fgu, "F ' n'n "'. ix..'3'-. .'." .n' "ive, 2: :"g Dee' D'a::: Ez.: I- a' za. E'.'e e a": Ez: Seng a-: EAC! 5203 L5--y ELE- Qze C-"'a' E' Ca'-:'a S'ef: C1-fe Ear: 3.:"' L:.':e A-:a: CF' Benz' -az '.2.""'A': Eaf' C-"a' ': :ay C3255 WC'-' :CN e" fc ' gn: C'a' a'e Six' Va" aa' Ag.' a' Cam Efazaa ffa' Eezzeive Syfa Ace" P," E:"'g'e' Sw"5, C"':'Ae L":a C'a":a': D'a'e 'lc ": a": S'a'e Eiif, V EDLE PCN' E": I- "asa .5.a"' I-:era Man Lz- A "e':a Ca-5 F" E'eez-5 Peg-a"a I-"':"':-g 'law Eva" Ye'-' Efgw P555-5 A'e":'::' a": S'a'c' Ea EAC! VON: F'a'f C'::: Pc' Czar Dafa 512 'if Na fe' Ee"-5" rife Bene" ?J':v Ca"':':' Jar- Cas' fe' Ea": -any I- 'zz' a": f, 59,7 7-FCAT PON ef' fs Vgrfz C502 9a"7Q.e: Eecry Era's Lc"a"e '5a':Ta 'Jrzaa F'?'::w Mary Davy Jea' Dircafc Va'af Dazca :: Ca':'yr Dari: Jar- Adam: af: T'efe:a Cer. MIDDLE RON: Dan Ea'cay Jah' Gafcf Ge' E'g- af: Pave' Gzffikb Pc' Ea-var Dafa DanTa1: F:dy D'az, Ffdy Fez: Gary F's?e ard James Fa"r.a'. E!-CK ROW: L'r':a Deal? L"ca Dzfnlnguez Kathy Charm?- Swe 'y Exgazs Eamara Cu View Mafyarr I-'Q-210 Kay Bcsiwcif Faf"A'Ja"v1: a'd P-e'r.y DJ-aria. No Gras: assembfy I5 zomplefe .fhhouf a modern dance foufine, This rerfef of sophomore meies be- deded Tv' fule and bcmnen infer- prefed a :er?ous raundelay fo Heads and Flowers," - J C74 1 3 xv 'A raf-L.,.- -1 y ,1 ia ,R I , 5 7 F F bv -', f ,Q . 1' , F asia If Q y ff-if D+ V I -1 f fl 1 . n Ny . - I - -, 44 D . ' . QE' ' 'L ,J ' , ' y A -. . w 1 D ' 7 ' .""f'1 ' -'f'-1 f 5 BR 1 I by 'fa 1' I My "'f- f V ' +R? . 777-iihxq fy r yy D J - In A 1 ' I3 . 4 ,,iffl, . , f kai --,,. 7' if - D ,Q ,N Q A k y, 1 ' fi 1 : -. , L- ' 9 ' ,Z ' W 1. rj ' y ' . , ' ff L4 3 ' H r' W - f 1' r 'ff - " , xv- 4,1 L-1 - 'iw- 4 4 ! .,, at .,,' ' -an " 4 , .- - er, 5 3. - A V , I-,lf-pi p .,. J, vp, , .Q A 3 ap, 'fir , , f, Q v ,ev , S .,' 5 Yierzvzm if J 41 H .P - . Q ' f"'.,X"'7fl' It Al T N' e ., in L A, an g . . illfrgrzl. 1 f 'ESE 4 ' -b -"' f A L 'A ' Q Q 'M f-r 'P-5 ii" i . - ' - ' ----- ' - - . . 'il H ' ' l , . 1 if xk , , - I , -W . f .,,A.. - A4 .tb 'Q VA 5 is f .,, . VA R S90 I Q 1 f i A 1 . ,S X v I E Q? :gf 7 Mm, . ....- ,f ' XA3' 9 ' f f .vs ,ffl are . ,1 l ' cf , ,,-- .K VH 'dll fx 1 ,, ia. K f, i ,, .:' -' rv ., 4, ii sn- ' k 4' , a 345 -:' 1 - , , - .1 . J.. , A ,iv x, . -Abu ,rl , Q Q X Je ' ' , 'Z' i vi 'X Cs, , " f" f. -. X " ' L ' . g, .1P A 4 4 5 Q y . f ,ij X f .t ,vi vvuv ti , rf x , ,ik J, ' , ' 1, C - , , I la V N ' 6 is ,, asv 1 VL K -M , v Q , Q - , .., r 2. my NA .. I ,, . V yy R ,Q so , ' i - g J- 9, N -1 rf , -' , l if ff 1 rl J .. .,. J A A. , Y41' .Q 'I , , . M ff" v- ,I ep , 3 ff if , " A 3 ' Mi: I Q Wfxfv ' J lm 'J U ' . fini ?x' I ' 'Q if ,:1. 1? If V, Z lg 2. VAIA ,F , ,Q I ,I , ,, : ig ' i 2 5 7 , ' if 0 I Q ' Q :" 5 , ' I el Q . J ' r I l l if if Ni Z I i s l 1 1- ffm' i 'Q ' 4 V lm' .yi -, 1 i f ' . S . 'i f ,ef , W, wx' A, V , -. , ,farm fs , ,. we X 66,11 , " 5 .fs ml P 'Q . . A ,WZ . xl Sig fi , 4 for ' if 'I 1 ll f ' ' l f f , it Q 3 ww ,alla , JZ' SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW, lefi to right Frances Dickie, Roberfa Ferguson, Diane Finley, Margaref Gurney, Loraine Furnish, Susan Daws, Sonia Gram- monf, Belsy Edinborgh, Kafhy Griffifh, and Susan Daly. MIDDLE ROW: Ron Daniels, Ken Davey, Ted Davis, Bob GeHy, Jim Foran, .Paul Delinsfa, Jim Ellis, Terry Edison, Raymond Davidson, and Mike Brandi. BACK ROW: Dan Duncan. Jay DeHarl, Joe Freeman, Donald Dees, Bob Duira, Dennis Enochs, David DeDuchi, Bren? Dagneau, Jim Fraga, and Floyd Davis. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Pai Doran, Sharyon Danna, Sherian Dickeson, Sharon Fulk, Connie Foliz, Thea Dykman, Sharon Groves, Linda Treilas, Marilyn Gruessing, and Lynda Day. MIDDLE ROW: Dennis Duggins, Richard Davidson, Al Deneen, Jim Halderman, Tony deJong, Merrill Downing, Ricky Evans, Maior Inch, Mike Hastings, and Jeff Jones. BACK ROW: Vir- ginia Fischer, Mary Hanley, Doris Firman, Nancy Green, Clay Drexel, Maureen Hanlon, Gloria Draper, Virginia Glines, Mary DeVan, and Evelyn Earl. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righi: Sharon Henson, Twilla Irons, Barbara Har- per, Palricia Hosick, Lea Heskel, Joyce Kimmel, Risa Harris, Susan Lamb, Linda Kirkwood, and Margo Holi. MIDDLE ROW: Kelly Jones, Ronnie Johnson, Ted Krunland, Tim Lievre, Kevin Keeble, Robert Larkin, William Johnson, Bill King, Dave Himsl, an'd Wayne Hudlin. BACK ROW: Ken Hammer, Alfred Jungen, Roy James, Bill Landis, Skip Hunler, Gerard Good, Turner Hardesfy, Coby Kerr, Don Lerber, and Joe Jacoby. FRONT ROW, lefl lo right: Connie Kapsalis, Penny JueH, Alice Latham, Jane? Kimmel, Barbara Hari, Carol Helzer, Camille Jenk- ins, Bonnie Jewell, Mary Lea, and Kafhleen Leschinsky. MIDDLE ROW: Howard Herin, Charles Hally, Phil Hanslen, Richard Hoppers, Bob Leonard, Paul Ludwig, John Liffle. lohn, Joe Jara, and Jim Johnson. BAC.K ROW: Linda Javis, Fern Koshk, Rosann Lindford, Margie Hanners, Joy Krobolh, Joan Hull, Judy Loomis, Mary Hancock, and Maureen Joseph. SOPHOMORES :sys :gy EN -. -.v 33. C"e"e 3:"' ' .- Je-'gg viz" S'A'51 Qan 5 eng nf, 'e : J:e"e v -': S"-9. -"ee" E-e Qre: :'a':' 7e.'::: e': -v" 9::e":. V 'JZLEXVCN -"' 'J,e': Dre: 'Je-' Fe. 9e:'re S'e- 'W er 'fre Pfce' Def: V' e' .ce 5e':e 'fe-'. 5':::1':' en: 75' ' :': E!-Cf 7'Cfv': ?::'er :e:'e:: Ce'e':e 'Jerez' J. 5, Uz--' N' 'e- V' e' "5-fr: 'f:-e" :: zeve' Q" C:'-': Vane" V :": 1-'res' F' -fr 5-' :9C'v' PCN e . ': Je:: : Ve"::' Cr: Ve? : De-- Ffree' E'e':' CD:"e !:"'e '-:': ::' E1':'e 5 e' E e' Fzyze Ve'a'e V: fee' - ce V' e' e': Cr':'e'e 5:-"'ee. v 32-5 VLH: -:'-e' Cjgg Es: we-U 255 Fey: Pz' P-':':::' 5" V:Fee P::e' 5:"': 'Jefe 'levfe' 'ew' Fe'e': .:"V:"': e-: V:"'e W:x:e":. EACV PCN: Fe' Vev: ':: 5"e 9'e:z e' 2:"e Ver Aef: 7" ':: Fe' Ure. 'fvee Vzrge' Ez", 'f'::zr:-v- :f' L'z '-ezc' L,"e 5e'e' e': '-:"'e V:Ve'z'e FPONT PON e41 rg 'fg": EVE 7:-fe': Lice Mfer: Fe' Vet' Vary Pe an: Tc" Vye': Ea'::a'e Pav: I-:ee Nycegqei Hare,- V":'e Crde vi e' e': Eve y' V'i'15'. M?DDLE PON: fr' Yer: ef Jef T.:rer, Jefre: Fefe V+ M:Ca u" F" F":e D'e'e Re-f"::' Sevgwfe Ze'e Pre'- 'r':e PL", BT U++e', e'd MAre MJ'-ay, El-CY PGW: 'Neve Fe- :a:e W: Fever JH' Mamafz Dc' Puma' Jac? Tuhe Irdn Serra- Iciar' Ffabefr Pabkszrr N':f Pcxreo Herod M:C.?:H-es' rf: T7'm Pzbirzcn. FRONT ROW, Def? 10 right Mickie Sforer Sandy Vedofe H, Perm, Wlze, Judy Shfdeier, Dani KafSa1- +an Purim Ann WTHIams, Kafhreer VlaHe'S, Jo Ann Terrerrl Lee Wehrlie and Marr!-na Sands, MID- DLE ROW: Jerre Slaghr JoAnn Sfagge Judf Smirh, Jane Thrasher, Juan??a Wezf, David Sarrdofai, Gary Srrfrh Jimmy Sardz, Larry Sm"rh, and Thurman Sanders. BACK ROW:JerrySmE1h, Bob SMH, Rich- ard Shelfon, Yenny Perring, Pau! Sherman, Ron Sipes, Demi: TeifeN Jerry Sfanley, Bob Sfefens, and John Shower. 'Q 1 I k Lx --. 5 ,M pt wht new -4' s . V' 3 . ' 552 L'5' :'?: L ,V , 5 - i x E ,A D 5 X I 'Q 4 4- a nf' fa s .. "' ' ' 'fl-Ts, . : xr W. Aww., :' M iff we Till 2 ' .. W 1 A V7 g W xv' ffv 7 ,wf , iw 1 f X , n'y 'ZA , 9 AS . M. ,, X 1 f 1 M aw, I ,ff W wi 1' is X 1 is Z' ?f , r f ff. Q -,uf .. I X 1 X i z 1 1 ? , r ! 5 M-. SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW, Lefl lo Riqhl: Bar- bara Sludl, Midge Upshaw, Sylvia Selberg, Linda Spencer, Barbara Sousa, Nelda Williams, Virginia Willigmg, Virginia Tally, Par Weela and Karla Weinzheimer. MIDDLE ROW: Karen Terry, Kafhy Wilson, Sandi Tomrnela, Judy Shaver, An- fonelle Sampere, Shirley Slimson, Colleen Tingley, Janice Watkins, Sandy Shepherd, Margie Schrie- ber, BACK ROW: Jim Scully, Phil Swindall, B'll Smiih, Bill Seals, Lar- ry Teixeira, AI Saunders, Jerry Sim- mons, L e o n a r d Salisbury, Carl Skropela and Dan Scribner. FRONT ROW, Lefl lo Righl: Babe Sfone, Peggy Templefon, Lynn Turner, Billie Jean Walker, Kalhy Williams, Juanifa Smilh, Ilona Woi- cek, Marie Slarr, Judi Sheehan and Jo Wheeler. MIDDLE ROW: Gary Sbona, Charles Williams, Harold Sundquisl, Jeff Slonecker, Chris Tierney, Mike Schmihies, Mike Warren, Barry Tillman, Dick Vaughn, and Eloise Snipes. BACK ROW: Carole Treece, Jan Sidwell, JoAnn Youles, Sue Whilney, Barbara Seby, Barbara Trevorrow, Jan Trebino, Terry Treal, Pal Sfinemelz, Sharon Savage. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dee Slroup, Sandy Spessard, Mariha Skurlun, Lyla Smifh, Pai Slephens, Karen Waler- son, and Joy Sfeward. Chrislmas cheer was eviden? al lhe Sophomore Formal, "Silver Bells" as many couples qalhered in lhe corners fo admire lhe gayly dec. oraled fir frees, sled, and deer. Sophomores Don Rumph, Carol Treece, Mike Lyons, and Kil Mc- Callum add las? minuie louches lo lhe picfure corner. 5? Qing f X.wN N J ,vw X' A ' ' a MQ ' 4 A Q ix WL. ,W n J U 1 X ws' '-E-S3'- 1- 'AMA 1-14 FL f-ENNES9' 54" i a? s 5 L., ex' . C'lim6in9 High into The great Unknown IUTUORS f,,, ,V-Y,,,v M. .-,--,- fr, , -A ,-- V ,- ..-T ,,,... V-. h,. 1070, ,. V -.H-:.n,.,.. -:.,.,L::. -H-.H -..H -,.:, ., ..,,,, . ,,.,. . - - .A,.,f A.: ..,1.-..: ,, ,-.:'.. - .,- .,- --.- L :.,., -' :.- ,.,... - : X, 22,511 ClZi'2e7.zQef,E1QQQ- ,, Hui' Erzwrr. 2435- x " A. 4 fill f fa.. - -U l v - ,- --VA - - . - - 'A 'ff ,..' f-1 "L 'ff .1".1j ' "Aj: "L "L"".- ' - ' -.":. .Q vfwf -'rv--f --,f--, --- -,- -f F' -QL ,-f Y,--, ,. -V-- ,,vf, ,, ,.-,,,, .. ,- -,, -. v, ,H-vw, .,, --,,,,,.,,.,. ,,,, -. N- ':' ,A- ':..-,,.: - W. 1 .J .- -:.,.--5 ...C :.,,.A7...: 21-.. fl ' - f-f- fl 'sf-ff Q A --,-YF l,v ' A 'H-7-rv W- vfv- 1'v A 1' , 3-7 -' - .,-. ,,,. -- ....::..: ..: 1 . A.:.. ..t.v ,WL M .,, ,, f-,W 1 I -, :,:L,,,,,,: : -- if ' f F ',-.. ww. V .fi -,-1?'gYkN"" " V vfa -'1:"e ' M' Gerge!-'rf:+'on, M's: Eevy K'f'.fe 'feJ.":':aa: -f""':'.'fe' .:a:fA1'1'e:. Mr Lzfd Mzve aw' Mx Isa OG'ady comseled We '97 .ff A . 4 I' ' L A ni 1 2 -.13 , ' .i , 1, ,sqm " . xr , QI,Z2:fc'iTZj,'. -' was XR sf, I, , fi aa,-....s:,. ' ' ls ,",us,',', ' A 'Q A in I ay 1 ' ff,:.x:::::- i i J L f - A sn- 'V fwfqv ,-,.- ft 1VQfhli"il3 1 A ff Q 'c '- fa is ,Y ,c ,gl,, a sa- Y ,f - N-1 A ,, , A. K .K 1 5, A ,pig G H X w. s -ss, ar' si , I A iss: , 5- ' ,f J 1 . ,S H f I ' A , s . s A '-is .3 ""' 1' s J - . ' was . - s. L, ' X ,B 'M' ew' - 4 V 2 A' X ' ,, 145 in . : ,L s, . , , J :Q s I ' im.,?,, S - 3 J .1 WV , "" Y' .2 A , " ' P' 'L A, ....., 'wx' , -. ' , Wm f e' . , ua ' ' af as ZA,,g,.f Q " ' lla, 3 's 3' 5 : A 6.3 I eaessaaiaz. 2 :J :Mil A .1 1 . if .,.,. , .,., li, A i ,ui , ' ergo , , 1, I iw, s-was , H s, . , :. H ff" -S? wal iss: -: :+,f,,i,ff Q , , J , s- ,Q of A A 3 f L .fs V ,fy N . . 5, I an 14 34 - G92 3 ' f , 5 l ' 4 l ' ffjfff , .. ,, .,,. , , If -"' 1 1. W, . a .Y ve I ....4 ,f ,. ' o ws, -f .1-rn-Q , if W 'Q 1 Q , ffl my ii g F il il' r l' Q' " ' e if ' "' W, W. I, if-gm , ix , ii.5i,j,,, ,Q was l 31 .ix ' ,, 'Z kit so rf it J . 3 4 , 7 ,,,. if is i F Q . ,Q A idk . as A F, A 1 1 W , f 1' ::!:::. me J 0 if A F, I L ML. Janus.. ll l IUNIORS FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Duane Ball, Bruce Boqgess, Bill Cullen, Ed Buller, Jack Cofcher, Will Brown, Roy Allen, Gary Benzler, Dick Buscaglia, and Jim Cromwell. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Amerson, Carol Carden, Kafhy Blikeng, Brenda Bryan, Judy Arens, Sue Cook, Judy Bruce, Sandy Arvin, Roberfa Chong, and Cafhi Caldwell. BACK ROW: Richard Boyle, Bill Bawden, Paul Belarde, Jim Craig, Mike Barbour, Fred Auda, Jerry Alnip, Scolf Crenshaw, Jerry Barhan, and John Carlson. FRONT ROW, le-if lo righf: Maddy Armsfrong, Lynn Banuaf, Georgia Carler, Barbara Buscaglia, Barbara Brooks, Marlha Baker, Joan Brazil, Sandra Collins, Judy Allen, and Vicki Brandi. MIDDLE ROW: Bud Chrisman, Ed Binam, Rick Cress, Larry Campbell, Bob Allison, Troy Brown, Eddie Cavallo, Dave Car- penfer, Rudy Caslaneda, and Andy Casazza. BACK ROW: Carolyn Bur- den, Suella Carlos, Barbara Bloomer, Barbara Barnes, Sue Cook, Judy Conn, Jo Anne Crenna, Bar- bara Chance, Nevalene Cremeen, and Sharon Cooper. FRONT ROW, Ieff 'lo righf: Carol Gorman, Judy Edinborgh, Jo Ann DeFrafes, Judy Dallon, Sharon Gross, Rifa Haskins, Margie Ecoffey, Donna Driskell, Kay Dozier, and Ann Gilder. MIDDLE ROW: Connie Fulk, Pal Hennessy, Connie Curly, Trudy Hays, Maria Garcia, Jo Ann Dana, Carol Camp- bell, Kay Darnell, Karen Ellingson, and Maria Fernandez. BACK ROW: Gary Hubbard, Phil Erickson, Bob Gobel, Harold Dogliani, Dennis G-arreffson, Norman Hill, Wilberf Horne, Dave Harris, Mike Ford, and Sieve Hubbard. Juniors go dulifully from pose lo idenrificalion spols on piclure day, Slaff- members are ready with PEl'1CIlS and clip boards lo wrile down lhe iunior Joes or Pams. IUNIORS :HUNT mfr ee ., V-Q., 55,2 -49.47, pa.-5.-5 9555 hi-.. .. ,. , .JEvC'5'S Ea'l:a'a Ca? Hes' "l':'e"ie':e' Jayce Ha-'-g De-5 Jay Sa":' Grass Earcf Ha,-fa-: a-': Car: Sass. M?D5l.E PON- Ra"'a r-1:25 ar S'a':' l-a"': Eine' 'S-a'a"a' Maia y' Drag- E'aa' S: :en Ja":e D:"a':e Sa-:-a F'e cs Va-ga-ef l-le-.fa Sa f '5e't:"' a-r: Me"-e Dee--, EASY RON: Ramen '5:.'::' Ra. 5"'a' Ecu De C"a': Te", D-vyei Hara' E er Riche-g ?":"' F'a'k P."'::' Cie-ex "'a'5::'i '5e'ad F-aze' ar: 1-fer: Da":'. ivan? nga 51+ -5 fy.: Nam, Dye' Jae Heffe M517 5,502 Da"': Fe"'e'a Jerry l-la"is:' Di'-5 H. Ka' l-fcrey Gezrce V:De"':" 'ec Free-ra' a-': Bin D. as. MlDDLE HORN: Fav Heaney Srarcn Ke f E:-i'a K7 'ngs-fgy-fb B:"'e Mass' J.':'e J':'e: Dorc- 'W Jves LW:-a Le-fi: Jackie NJ. El Mariyn Mapcre and Papa Vl:'5-"a. BACK ROW: Karen Kal-' 'l5'3.'9 Ho'fl':.:e Peggy Ear? JV? F"'gan Eiabern Delia" Vafrf Graf Gaye Fila Ja-af 'Jawa' Lael Lorvge' a": Joy:-e M' ef ?P,ONT ROW, lair TQ age., S'L5P' Man' Torn Mess-ar, Pobar'rJo..rdan Richard Green, R':lnard De'Cl-'arc Ben Lewis, Ron Lasiaf Gveg Hil, Rfnard Leer, and Pzf Craignead. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Lee, Nancy Narafari Sandi Madlera Judf Jerer Claw:"e Lcgan P:,se'yrne Marana' Marie Krguf Sheer Hubbard Danna Hee: ard Sally Mclfaf. BACK POW: I-l Jaccbs Duare Maris Bfil Meege Jerry Lcfing Tarn Morgan Ed Johnson Rardy Norris Sam Leorard Dafd Karrs, and Garf Liefre. FRONT ROW, lef'r fo righf: Arlene Beffy Vasconl, Sharon Vanicek V75 eras Ida Yarnanalal Sheri Zubey P i Zocchi, Dick Terra, Judy Sharon WEST, Doris Vlood, Sharon Tailor and Lila Zimmerman, MID- DLE ROW: Charles Odom Bill Resfuclr, and Bob Wisyansri. BACK ROW: Dennis Williams, Richard W'lliams, Richard Tull, Donald Rah John Walsh. Bob Carscadden Duane Trosl, Tom Slalerx Bill Wood, and Bob Ramsey. ,ll it ,Q Z :,.,'i .21 V3 4 r - me R R' ,f 4 1 Y I ,Q 1 ,R fl Jia ,Nl 5 55' -fi A . ., l I, ' sy fd , -1 S 1 .u.,...u P .. r ":1v1'll llflf if l W R L fl, i. ie 1 1, L K 4 1 tv, V v Q W. '-1' ' .-. , , ' e 5 Q, I .' . 9 W aw' H an a' NJ 'V 'y4 -an if KAQB avi x...A'J JR J ,GQQ L 1 f f '93 " 1 , lr in 0. 9 W A X -r- r iw, fir ' O ' -O ' f ll ffl, , ' , ,.. -Z 'Y , N V I , if fl ' f li 5 ' at A 'E ' 1 .. f - f f Q in i , rllkiif 1' ' 7 5 ' 7, f. 'f ,,,,. ' qi 'f' 2.1, . If f l . YW. .. I A il 6 J Z B S I , ' - f L 4 - X ' X -if s W Y I ' ' i I IUNIORS FRONT ROW, lefl lo rrghlz Su-e Lucas, Marilyn MiCkf2Y. Pal Maffl' nelli Sharon McAllrsler, Roberia Noe,' Carole Lindsey, JOYCG MBY' field, Kafhy Kabol, Sharon Jones and Bev Mundy. MIDDLE ROWS Bill Moore, Harold Kqoprnaru BPI? McElwaine, Julian Nicklaus, Jlrn Norman, Mike Grahn, Brill KIIQOVSQ, James Kinney, Sran Kalinowskl and George Jones, BACK ROW: Dennis Newman, Duane Kuhne, Bren? Hokanson, Roy Cramer, Irving Hanslen, Richard HOPPQW Bob James, Dick Lindslrom,-Bob Koch. Thomas Jackson, Tom Nicholas and Howard McElhaney FRONT ROW, leH lo righl: Penny Royal, Marsha Peferson, Lorefle Peterson, Kalhryn Pancoasl, Dar- lene Smifh, Deanna Runnion, Midge Pufnam, Rufh Ann Smifh, Rifa Panykovic and Lola Low. MIDDLE ROW: Bill Kisfner, Gary Silva, Cam Sperling, Max Shorf, Joe Sousa, Bob Pinger, Augusl Santos, John Swid- rak, Jack Rookaird and Jack Pence. BACK ROW: Jim Summer, Gary Pedersen, Mike Murphy, Jim Raw- linson, Dick Rool, Dave Sleele, Bill Silva, Jaime Ramirez, Harry Wil- liams and Billy Small. FRONT ROW, leff lo righl: Char- maine Omania, Glenda Orfega, Pal Roberson, Jolene Spurlock, Carmel Pelland, Nancie Rowden, Cookie Sweeny, Jane? Sperling, Doffy Mroczkowski and Mary Logan, MIDDLE ROW: Carzi Sfone, Par Smiih, Gayle Puryear, Harla Smifh, Lois Shirnmin, Jean Karlsrud, Dina Podner, Jane? Pelrie, Ch'isf'ne lrlsh, and Sue Padelford. BACK ROW: Byron Lenerose, Ken Roe, Chas Shocl.ey, Jim Racine, Jim Lohrmann, John Odeqard, Jim Parker, Roberl Semans, Steve Shel- by and George Sousa. FRONT ROW, lefl' io righl: Linda W"Ql"'f. Nancy Wiley, Marfha Snow, Janice Williams, Sharron WGIIS. Nona Van Schaack, Sandy Phellis, Linda Myers, Virginia Pal- ferson and Linda Prisk. MIDDLE ROW: Bob lurnquisl, Kyle Wesf. Over, Dennis Venlurini, James Woodrow, Craig Williams, Ed Wifi, Mme Thompson, Nick Williams, Jim Wells and Phil Voeks. BACK ROW: Wall Pee-bles, Rob Slonecker, Ralph aches- B'H Spencer, Cecil Sheaffer, Owdfdl Slevens, Dennis Clark, Sieve Slmonds, Don Rich and John Ploeqer. x Y Y I 1 'xi e -:J Vmy 46,01 SAM JOHNSTON DEAN DEATON JAN BOLCEREK PETER BANG-KNUDSET1 President Vice President Secretary Representative Count down-0-Nut off SENTORS lt is easy to relive senior activities during the last year. Happy Holiday, the colorful variety show, started the senior year activities. Pam Doweil and Becky McLaughlin co-chairmened the show. Norman Smith and Barbara Clough headed the well-coordinated Career Day for which all dressed to enjoy. Under the direc- tion ot Marby Drexel, A Biento tTill We Meet Aqainl the senior banquet, was second to none. Sunburned seniors proved the senior picnic headed by Barbi Kendle and Chet Belnap was really rippinl At the height of senior activities the Grecian-themed ball. "Corinthian Cotillionf' proved to be the most memorable niqht. lune 12, marks the close ot the Senior Class of l959! Advising the senior class this year are, FRONT ROW, left to right: Mrs. Jeanne Duerksen, Mrs. Mary Lumpkin, Mrs. Carol Etherton, Mrs, Mar- The counselors who have guided the seniors throuqh high school are garet Currier. BACK ROW: Mr. Leslie Dunnells, cha rmang Mr. George left to right: Miss Dorothy Jacobus, Mr. Orval Steffen, and Mrs. Frances Prall, Mr. Bill Riggle, and Mr. Alan Gellermann. Kidd, ' 'hw I ,f Qmiw EEYEHL' UAE A525 Y--' . Pcs:-L 5 Aavu cf-anfgi, 4""1 AP-'QA V!-9,5 ADAMS ,,.,.,f, ' Sf--E ADAu5.j1:- J U'A-EXA NDEP,-Q , JEAN A,--Af.iZ- - -A PF' ' A --EW-:jj 'L .fL,. .L -CFEN A--E 11 3 l'E DEE A..SC'1-'-if a:,. ., PLL L. , .,,-L., .,L rr"r"r f ' P uafvx' A-LYSJN-3: '-1 ,AW CY AQL SC?--Tig :I-V D ANDEPSOP1 DEHNNS ANDEPSON .., ,., ' , DfCY ANDEPSON POBEPT ANDEFSON-233 v 5 ' , SA-NDPA ANDEFSON-2,1'i11f ,Q ANN ANGEL-H: 'Q '- PL' 3262 " " TIM ANGLIM-:ff ' . i ,,L,L TCM ANTINK-I fy JOY ARCHIBALD-Q' ALJ. ,, l',,V,,',,, --.-V L, M . -,H A BOBv ARENDTSON-E' f L Ln- If A .-4, GARY ARENT2-.C ' JUDY ARNOLD-La':e Can" e' EFA' ' ' r ,,F :,.C'z'Z' ,,' ELWOOD ASTON-Ct is-, 'Yr-, fn, ia: 3 f qs, filvg "9"7 1' 'I I f " 5 f.: if I W li ...-A. M N5 J'-if Agia A xv.. Y ' 'W 4-V , rx '43 1 rv Va? 'U' 'P ' Q wg ' -- 16 'zap 3, A . I . ' Q N' 1 R '. S2 5,13 J v W ,Bm ... -A 5 as. .U ,v fa f Snr 4'-6, 1?"R 3 6 f-v S? vw W' ECW rib M ,, A , fu,- A .Lf xwg ,f Auf.. 'WN JUDY ATWOOD-fBuSIner, Ciubg Sa es F ' H". GAN Brunch Servvce. LESTER ATWOODS cms, COMM Lffwff 3" III: Craff Ilg Mechanical DVGNWCJ- JOAN AUBUCHONfDiabio News ST-GHZ CSF Honor Sociefyg Junior Prorri Sfeer fl'-3 CWA sauce AueAsoNEECriwC1Ub:Gefffian CM MARCELLA BACAfTran5ier Frorri Ainarribfa. MIKE BAIRD-Gold "D"g Marching Band. CAROLYN BAKER-Sfvirri Sho-'fi GAA! JUN? Fashion Snow. PAUL BAKERiIWEg Wood IVQ Fooroaii Ma' gqgrg Swirrirriiriq Manaqpf FRED BALL-Tracij Junior Fashion Snow, LANNY BALL-GyrrinaS1iC5jD1v riqgSi1ve"iD , Block LINDA BALLOCK-Senior Serviceg Business Clubg Ski Ciubg House of Represenfafives PETER BANG-KNUDSEN-Block "D"q Seniof Represenfafiveg Sfude-nr Cowfg Vafaih Swimming. JOHN BARCLAYsVarsity Foofbailg Biock "D 'g Senior Sfudenf Adviserj Senor Varieiv Show. DONALD BARFUSSfVar5iTy Basebaii Man aqerg Varsiiy Baskeibaii Managerg Bioc- "D"j Proieciionisis Club, DAN BARNEY-CSFQ Varsifv Basibaiig B.o:i "Dug JSA, ELVA BARNHART-Svznior Varieiy Show: Mod' ern Dance-5 Honor Societvi Raiiw Cornrri fr ine, DONNA BARTNECK-Gold NDMQ Dance Com rniffeeg Business Ciuhq CSF MARILYN BECKERfAdv.3nQed Bandg Silver "D"g Synchronircd Swimrrmnqj GAA. CHESTER -BELKNAP-Varsiiy Foofbaiig Varsity Wresflinqg CSFQ Prosecuting Afforney Siudeni Court. CAROLYN BENGSTON f Rally Cornrniffeeg GAAQ Senior Siudwni Adv xer, JIM BENNETT YOLANTHE HERGER-ffSoien and Financej Senior Vfiriiyry Showj Moda-rn Danqej Swim how. TERRY BERG-MAN -Auto Ciiib. ANN BERGUM Club' --in cnppviia Cnoirg Businexg -'95 Eff"-5f?T1'f' Z Cf E 215-45211 li" '-e:'e1f. S-APCH C-"'E: ' E': E25 if 7 'lf-5bCTL'.'1E,I-'I,"'-' .ACf'E -' E-A'1'C-K .C'-F-Erjfjiipj-3.1 Enlgfif-, -SQL'-Q 1 .A'-E' 55-2555-f-I .C-H E'L-C'5'- -I' -us' acc: ace amz'--A.: -Q S-EA'- avrsaave-is WK 'L-V L .',. .24-.-. aaaz:-cfa 1i1 -10 WL, -j . J.: -fzzvcf a:c'::---H :ow vue-A-1 EASE!-H EPCN'--'L' ,Of-NNE EPOJP1 - .EAv.r4E MAINE EFPNJH EAA .J 1' "2" !A9EH ANN EQPQES , aynrwwffie' J M CALDEPA-1"2:'. pmmfg cpm ffgugai-f Cf-POL CAwLPBEL.f'-f, 'S L eg - MAQPEEN Cwomej S- iw' s' :Big h1""L 46 'P 'Qa- 4 'W 'S' M-I 4 f.-255 0 , 4'.:"' ti in sgi Q' A- , 45 'Y-J gn 1' in 7 1 9 ?l 6 1+ E '-I. ..- 'ICN fp, Tn c-ax fb- in Q... 'bv 5 ff' fi 11:4 YT'-r 9 9 A 1 MARIA cARvAJALfBwfIffs1C-A01 1 U E- YIEXT GARY cAsEYHvafS:fv FOOIESW ,V'3'W' Im' Varsifv Baskefbafh BIOCI D v JAKE CASEY-Indu51:IaI Ads: Am Swv OWEQ Honor Socwefv- b.JIIg SIIver D . BEVERLY CASKEY-Houm Q1 RQofe'en'afvff2. SLI CIub BRIAN ANDREW CATTO-BIocr 'D I: Vafsif. SWII-rvmmqj Semor Varhefv SWONI CSF PAUL CAULKfFre5I1m.3n F0oIbaIIj AMC CIJC. CARL CAVALLO-FoofbaIIg mug Chow CSF. JIM CHAMBERSSCQOSS Ccunvvl Cfdf Sei' Iary. ALNITA CHANDLER-SrIvef "DY Ad IIT? ,NNI ed Arr Ig urns I. PAUL GEORGE CHAPLIK-Boss RSDVESEDTB' Mveg SIIver "D"g BIOCI' MDM? SIUUGVE COUHCII. LANCE CHEEK-SIIv-ef 'DAX Gwvvavzs B' I-II Y DAVID CHRISTIANA - Sfaqe Cfaf' S-w"' Teamq Silver "D" RONALD CHURCHMAN-B QCII Dj Sfver 'DQ Chourj Band. SHERI CIMINO-JSA: SaIes am France: French CIubg GOICI JUDI CLARKfJunIor Fashuon Swv: Jwb CarnIvaIg Buswness CIUEQ SM CME. MARY CLARK-Sona Leads-rg Sopbofvwcfe Cass Socrefarvg CSF: Sewer Sfucienf Adwser, RALPH WILLIAM CLARKKJV PooIbaIIg Sliver "D"g Indusfrhl Arfs CIubj MacIwIrvE' SIQD II. JUDY LEE CLARKE-GAAg a cappeIIa C"oIrg GMI! GIEE Club. CAROL CLIF-TONiTran5Ier from New JE-rsexj IvIaIoreHeg Busmess Clubg Seniof Annowce men? ComrnIHQS. BARBARA JOAN CLOUGH - CSP Forewgn Exchange Cor'nmIIIeej RaII'v Commiffeej Advanced Modern Dance, JOHN CLUGSTON - CSF: Honor SOQISMQ 'KW Dwablb '59 SIaI'Ig Senior Sefvwge. RICH OOBLEfFresIwman FooIbaIIg Freghmam Sj'I'Vlf.E: Amo Shopg Me-:hanQQ.aI Dravdnq I . LINDA COFFEE-Dance Comm'Heeg D ablo '59 SIaI'f3 SenI0r Variefy Shgv. STEVE cA5EYAv!afgjw FOQIDGIII VG""' BW' RONALD COLE CLINTCQLEMAN-E if J ., ,Z - ,E,, JAMES DONALD CONCANNON- - ' -M., ,L t.,,. -, .L ,4 gap BETTY CONTRERAS-EAA .,f- JANET copx -- 231- iryf-'L J RONALD GENE COOK-3."'i" s-HRLEY coaow.-af EE 2.14 ci: f.,r 3,-,,. dj"-' --E L'-Ha' 'E TRINA ELLEN CORNELIUS j 'H' H' ,E f----'EE' -L, -. LA. ,g..!f .i' Z' 'i' E'. ,'Z". LEO J. COSCEj'!e:'?' te Def- JANELLE CRABBE-l'5"e AE. GORDON CREER-I .5 D WLC, f , , 1- IIE' 'C' 4 ,Z. CAROL CRETSER-Sf'-P' E: ' 1' ANN CURETON - f in-51' e" E' :J ew- .. 1-'Caffe , , ., . f-, CAROL CURTIS-HV: ,-. -If-- NE. L.. f DONNA HUGH DABNEY-.J 2' ine" ', .11 X-1:e": .' D'e"e I-Z.. fret Tc'-. LINDA RAE DALLYfE-zz S 'f:':e" Di'Cej 'E-2":' Effie ,L,,, , f-.1:', :X- DIANE DARROW-JZ!-' Zz: cw f'-::e":, :'e'i' C .Lf Li"'- C .L. RONALD DASCALLOS-Jx Q' X-" Q-ff ',,,,a,.',,'-,A' f-f. -,...r J .. A -. ., ,, 1, lf: , JCC X-new SHARLEEN DAVIS-GFXV JSF- 5" Q C .Lf 1l!E. SHARON DAVIVS - Jifg GF!-' ELL e' E.1'e:: C .L MARLENE DIANA DAWE-D as ' 'etz Virage" C as: Fc' 1 ' er Cz""i1z'-2' f-112163 BVU :I 'pw B - ,- J 'L' Q5 P' BETTY JEAN DEATON-Snow ap' Bala Linea: CD51 Za eip Ffezfffaf .ue fte. DEAN DEATON-Eifoif D' fE1'CV"' Fowl: Jafzw Tfacfq Se! Q' fee-V'es . . DAN DE PONT-Ffeifwan F0355 Eazfama 3 Sffrnfnfg Teaft U ,v gw, fu: 19- 'fs 5. 1 QQ .5 La,- 1-. 'Qa- 'K Z-Gu' lf W ' M Q24 ff if r Q W af fw- 'A U ,,. Q- 5-4 rf. W f-A A I af A in X YQ DIANE DEWSBURY-Silver "DQ f C55 I-404,56 gf Representatvii. HARRY GENE DIRKS-Bloc? D: SW' Yew' Marching Band: St' CIUI9 LINDA DITMORE--JSAL SIIVQ' 'D , ELM CIubj Juntor CGVHIVGI. JUDY oooes--Dram New sw' PAMELA DOWELLfJun:or Chasey ce-'Pres Gif Senior Variety Show Crtarrrrtanj Sen Q Servi-:eg Sernor Student Ad-mer. MIKE DOWLlNG!Varpity Footbaug Stnef Body Vice-Presldentg Btoctc Dj CSF. MARBY DREXEL-Senior Banfluet CI'5"7I'f1' SiIver "D"g Dance Corrtrrntteii EWU Variety. OLEG DUBNEY-Sftver "DH Adfaniei M5 dune Stvopg WeIr:IInq. MARGARET JEAN DUVAL-Sales ann F nate Silver "D"g Brunch Servrceq IWE. DELORIS JUNE DYE-a :appeIIa CWOIVI GAA IWE. DARRELL DUANE EBERT-Foregn EKCLSFQE Conmg House of Representat vezg S'Ive" D Senlor Varlety Show. GEORGE GLEN EBERT-Sword and Baude t'The Hasty Heartf "OIrIanorna", SINE: HD.. MARY ANN ECKFORD-Ski Clubg Honor So- c-ietyg Swim Snowy I-touae ot' Representa- twves. HARRY EITZEN CALVIN WICK ELDER-Varsity FootbaII. DONALD CARL ELFVINGiCSFg GoI:I "D"g JSAg Senior Cabnne-t. LINDA MARGARET ELIASGI-Iouse QI Repre- sentattvesg Senior Student ACIv7serj SIIver "DDQ French Club, LEN ELLIS-Varsity I:ootbaIIj Tragkg Block D' Senwor Variety Snow. I ROGER A, EMANUELS-Ensernblej Orchestra: Sword and BBULHIQQ JSA, KEN VENKEGBIOCK Dj Dance Bandg Senior Va, Hetv Snow: I-tonor Societv. PATA ERMAN - I Head Song Leaderg Sentor Student Advwserg Sentor Service' RaIIy Lonwnwtttefi-, ' BUD EVP-N5fVdfSIttf FOOtba'I: Jv roofbau- E, cappella Chow. ' JIM FAISON f Block Dy Vdrgtty Wwswng. S-amor Servnieg Servo, Variefv Show' ' YVONNE FARAOLA-Enxernbteg Song LQade.,.. RGIIY Cornrnrttf-cj Swtrn Shown ' VJILUAM JOHN EELDFAKE MARY FERGUSON-12: 1- ' ,. ,.. ' .JOHN FEPRAP1-A -- A:.i':-ei -'-., Amy rmcmea - 21- VAPCELLA FITCH-l 5 KEN FQLTZ-F:.e' BAREAPA CAROL FORD-E LEROY A, POPE-E,"1" KAREN EREDRLCKSON A LYNN FREEMAN-uf INGE FRITSCH-22" '- STEVE FRY-'-53' A33 MARILYN JEAN EUHLMAN PATVFUNDERBUPG - it LOUIS GADOL-:VS ' E 2 :Nez Lonefm ef-new A 1e':' .'.:e" Azria' MARY ALICE GARCI5-1: 'Elf .,.Z' 4.' 2' "1 5E"i' 151 LORENE MARIE GIANNI - MARLENE GILFORDAEFP- Gus GINQCCHI9-9-ezjre fe: 'L' ROSLYN GOLDSTEIN - f, Cxg JJ' Pa f Can'- BARBARA GONDERMAN-C fa'Ae'. f':ff :ar 2' I' GENEVA PAYE GOOD-CE: p..,. f f. :ff J.. ... ,.., 1 , BENNIE GOODMAN -- !f'e1'- 'Q. QQ., g .,. N-rj X S A F75 ' WU' K ,NVQ- SW' we MN. an-Q ,,X .qwww Nur when I A -I ,. 9 I Im 'Ii , 7: 9'm'4 C' I' QV f,,,,,..n 1' W 3 Ti'-'-1 ,fr " Nm' rj Rfk Q' , ,,. ., X I 'Nut If X Q was f 4 'f X mx -I 58 'V NSU:-. mm Nww www ,. . EI, my , an fl .. mv 4 ,wr 7' wwfwf IW, Why 'Elf' K.. w,.J' " Z -ML., f A DENNIS M,e.ooDRuMA.I':eQwIn1: fffifw 11. SHARON GRAHAM DIIJLIQ 57 SIGHT Z f "Dug Sophomore Serfvivf SIN C '15 MARY SUZANNE GREGORY- Tunsffe' Zu ' Honor SOCIETY. LEE GRICHUHIN Y Vgrgww Fomban Vrafgn Ba5ebaIIg Grounriz Cornrnosronffl Bw LLOYD GEORGE GRIFFITH W SUCH: fo Djfmlo '52 Spnvor B.3Il Cornmifieoj Snfe "DM: Varaify Trad, ARLENE GRIFFORE Sozrrwrnore Cahvf' GAIM Buswnei: CIubj IWE IV. DENNIS GUYONfFreshman FOOIIQQII, T'aCv Rmiio CILJID JEANIE HABE-Business CIubg Bmncn Sewwip SI1ICIubgJunIor A55er'nbI,', WEBB HADDEN-CSF Treazurefg S361 YG Fnance Cornrnhewonfi-fy EHLCBNCIH CMD Presnjenfg BIOCI D. ALLEN HAGERSTRAND - Vers r, Wresfl 'gg Varzify FC-oTbaIIg BIOCP Dj SIIVU ALENE B. HALL-GwrIs' Gleeg IWEg Cnfrzvrnag Pageant SONJA HALVORSEN-Proqrarn Conwnnwsi onefj Sophomore VIQe,Pre5n1ervIg Senor Ban :ner Commiifeeg Dance- Cornnwffee, RALPH HAMILTONGSWMUVU ngj Sn Crux, BROOKS O. HAMM-JSAQ Gevwan CIUD, Honor Sodefyg CSF. RICHARD FREDERICK HANCOCK--Meghan lfiaI Drawing IIg Wood Shop II. DOROTHY HANISCH -Ordvmfrag Salm and Hnanwlg SIver "DM: Bumncss CIub. JACK DENNIS HARPE-FII-Ishrnan Foofbang Snnror Cab ne? GARY DEAN HARRINGTON -- SIIv9r "D"g Lnfrn CIubg JSAQ OMIM:--.fra. PATRICIA LOUISE HASKINS Head Mniowifeg Spnror Varwefy Showj Modern Dnnfjwj DIAINIQ '59 Sfnff DONNA HATLEYfa CJDDQII-J Chow? Bu-,Inesw CIIIIJQ Honor SOQIPINQ Sflnlor Varnffv Show, EDDIE HAWLEYfSwnnwmI1'Ir1 Inamg BIQQI D: SIIW-r "Dug CIwrI',Inw.Jn Pa'1r.3nI. CARL I'IAYESfVavnIIy FOOILWJII: Vf1rf.IIy Swwm rninqg SIIver "D"j Block LARRY HAZELTON-Smqo CraIIg SIMM MICHAEL GUSTAFSON -Amo SWL III I"f93'i .A-J55 HEAT.-q-g E. Plc-uaq Hsoseshi .Ev PAQJOND JOHN MED-UND--, :,, so-fm He:.w-if -4 YE HENNEMANN B:-nggiyx r-15wZELi1,,-. ,. ,L-.,.,..z. ', 1 . CONEJJE ,HENDERSON f li ..F ge' 2' -i'e'. .' S'-VPEE' HESTER - "Z"' ' ,1 EFL :HL CFPOL HIEE-75 . 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KIRK JAMES JACOBSON-Ffezffwafl .'f':Q7 JV Wrfsllmqg Jw mf FBT' of' Plat NANCI LEE JACOBY-S I-fp' D Q Ami' A Aff: Arl X JUDITH MARGARET JAGGER - D 5: 2 55 Sfallg Mo-JP-In Darmeg S-5fIIor VBVEU Swan SII Club. DAROL LEON JAMES - Meclqim ii Def- 3 Illg Amo Ig Metal Illg Remo l. FRANK JAMES - GEORGE ROGER JAMES -A Van M Ffflral ' A "' 'V' I A Var-My G,I'IIn-aililgi M JUDITH ELLA JANAS - Ajvancid Moaern ff " Darwcag Sllwg-r "Dug Sewer Vgfe-+I, Shgvq , 'fp' ' Jun or Carmval CQITIWIHQI3, '4lN',, F ROY JARA - Gvfvwamlisj AJN'3N1E1 VI-ICICI V575 f Blocl D. KANDY JASHEWAY-JIIFII Dulyj IWEg CWI If ! was WCIrIg Hmm' ol R-Dprisfvral ve. 1'0- uvgg, i EDWARD JEANNOTTE -- Amo Clubg Aujc VIsu.3I. LOUISE JENSEN -Bullwus Clubj SINE' GOI-'I "D 'Q JIII-IIm Sefwcf. I RAYMOND LEON JOHNS-PVP-Slvwwgn Foolballj Pre-s,hm.1II Bmlctball. DAVID JOHNSON- Vamlfv IZOOILIQIIQ BBSLQI, IIall3Tr'III3C.I-mfg'V,1f',gfI, LINDA LOU JOHNSON' CSF: bcnfor V.jVIGIy Show-rg I-Ionf3I' Sminglyg Swgrd ,gl-1.1 B3U5I,-I, SHEILA JOHNSON' Frf-,lwman Smvlccj Busl III'-:L Club. Jurnor Cmulvalg SUIIIO' Ball C0mrIIIIII?I', SHIRLEY JOHNSON FrQ5lwrIIfIn SIUVIIYP: Sony, Iilmfbvf- SI'-rvI-irq Afivqrlmz-.1 Mgifafn DJWCCZ 'TIIIIIIIII V'IrIE-If Shgw. SAM JOHNSTON'-Swwlor CITISLI Prffsldwzl' Vqr. -,IlOrII.IrI'.j CSFQ Mr,IflI ni Emi, I Cf-93-01 -aa .5-.e5.1i Sl- L. 2 I-'-E JCHES-14 - 'QCP'-'A .JONES - Ze :ALL JCHE5--it-. Ei. . ,Z , Zz, ' ,.... P CHAVD E--CNC7'T'-4 JSP. 'Z2'ZE Z Zif - ' N1-0-E EA P45 JONES'-'-'L' .ACK JCPDAW- -H: -'O-NA9D 9 JOSE?- DOQOTHY JJAPVTA JOSE CHI- FLES .JJSTCE-1 SAP' KAPLSPJ3-Ze' wmcv YELLEPj:,f- E!-PQAPA rawmeai- JACK, VENNEPSONf.:-- , f., JACK KENT-, - 5 1 r CHARLES KIMESfi 11' l Y... V., , f, '?', 1 i.' . 2' -:Z' HFRL!-N KING-Zi: . . 5 f , RONALD KING-"V -- PUSSEL KING-"eff - f- ROBFRT E. KINT-Ie' 2 SANDRA LEQ -KIRSCHNER 'eat' ,-" f".a Ji 1.':'f:'12--" C .L LARRY KISSINGERWE' CLYDE W. KNOTT GARY KORPI.-'lac' L2 ' fe' 2' WF? T mmm f""f, .2- .- QQ 2 'V i,,. ff 'unaw-g 'Hhw X my 'bu 2 S, '57 xr Q nie, n r Y f- 11' .4 X . 'git L Hfwmlg ,JS ,pq f ,QL ay E5 W ,fbi 41. 'Q mx 1 'rib ,1.i, , .r i Q4 , XX I '-in :xl 3 ,- W4--A-...., 74 QW WK ...aan-5 'M i Q .gau- ",, ...Z' ff ,L Q ' 'MK' 1' 'W fd' ,New-ls f x 42 aww 'rin--W .Ldv Q fix ROD KREISSHFVESIIVPIQI1-SEVliC ,ffrfor Var e' Snowy Traclg Tumbling. ROGER C, KROBOTH-House of Reprezerfa livesy Block "D"j Varzilf Wrecllingg Ve':r Foolball. KENNETH KROGER - Ge-rrriar Club CSF Honor Society. MARTHA LANDIS---Sales and Finarcej BJ: re Clubj GAAQ IWE. MIKE LARKIN-News Slaflg Eniernblej H-if Presldenlj Silver ND". MARGE LARSON-Transfer lrofri Mirrf: fn Secrelary ol Bandg Orcneslra. JUDIE ANN LAUGHLIN-CSF' ia cauoella' Dance Confirnilleeg Bufiriez: Cub. RICHARD LAURENCE-Cross Cour-+f,f Vllrifsfy Snow: Blocl "D"j CSF. SUSAN LEACH-a caopellag Erigerribiej Spa' S' Club Se-crefaryg Senior Varelv 5l'0N, VAUGHN CHUCK LEATH - Ser or V'1r'ef', Showg House of Represenlal vecj Varc Y, Foolballg Vanity Swimming. SHERI LEAVER-Club: Cornwizionerj La' ' Club Presiflpnlj Science Club Pweziinenlj CSF lSealbearerI. LARRY LEIMONE f Varsilv Baiebaig Vari' Ionians. LINDA LEONIiArlg Craflsg IWE. RON LICHTI-Varsify Baseballj Vai-sir, Foot- ballg Block "D"g Honor Socielv. JIM LIGGETT-Varsily Basebellg Varzil, Fool- ballg Block "Omg Honor Sociely. ANNETEE LINDERMANN - Businesi Clubj Sr' Clu . RUTH LINGENFELTER-Cao and Gown Cnairr many Pre-nlwman and Jun.or Serviiiej Gold "D"j CSF fSealbearerJ. DONALD ROBERT LUCAS'-Melal Slioci. HERB LUDRICKS-Aulo llg Machine Shop LANA JEAN LUDWlGfCSFg Businebs Club Publicity Chairmang Senior S1udenlAdviz.e-rj Diablo '59 Sfaff Ar? Edilor, BRIAN LUIZ-Senior Sludenf Adviserj Senior Service Cornmiffeeg Blofgl Dg CSF, AMANDA PENELOPE LUNDEBERG - CSF' Junior S+-rviceg Modern Dance! Eduqnfgfi Club. CLYDE -DEAN LUOMALA-Vargity Foigtb.gllA www Track music 'sv smfg Blocl o. ' JUDY LYONSfSSnior Ball Comrnilleej Senior Variely Sliowg Q1 cazpfgllu Choir: Sk? Club . A-.5 wx- -wif '-QA -EE VLZ"'A:Q- I-ff 'ILS-L22 - ' IP" .Cf-'. -fA22E'. 'FAH 5 'H-3593532 ,C'.'.A 'JI---Ev-Z ,L "'A:7C'- '!A'-C'.E'- ,Z '- I-'.'. uA-C'Lv f':P-EH 'U--Craif ECE MA'-5 H -,, LA' UAPKQJQ-1,111 If np! '5' v,'.:g.- 3'ff ze" 22111 EFE3 Nl-F'i'1-le' VI-if E.. Z!-EETr- 'IAF ZTEPHEN PlAPff1-1-5 IJI-?w,TA 5.E MAPT1' 'J-CY N!-SC TE-Lf ff G-OP A rn-SOM' VI-Y NI-STEPSONf2k fffflr-1!-PD Ml-Tr'iENS'-! ' :zu Q GLW MAHJI-F113 -- TEPI. MA HJAFDAQ 'P VI-PET! MCC!-IN k ', 3, ff'-F PICHAPD MQDERMOTT ' , ,. ' f "Q, .i .' - .L Mk APN ff WILLIAM MCDERMOTT-Senior Varierf Snow Cap and Gown Cornrnitieaf JUW0' Ci' nival. MIRIAM MCDONALD-CSE Juni-or Slflf Sophomore Servicey Senior Varieff Snwf. WILLIAM A. MCELWAINE-Advanced Woou ing iws. Sales and Finance Comrnifreeg Honor So' ciefyg IWE. MARTY MCGRATH-JSAg C5AAg Sword and BaubIeg Honor Sociefy. GERALD WILLIAM MCKAY - Sporfs Edifof Diablo Newsg House of Represeniafivesj Drarna Ig Mechanical Drawing III. KATHIE McKEE-Business Clubg GAAg IWE. BECKY LYNN MCLAUGHLIN - Senior Va"ie'r,f Show Chairmang RaII'y Cornrrnrreeg CSFQ Term Play. TIM MCOUILLAN - BIock D Vice-Presfoenig Varsity Baskefbalig Varsity Track Varsm' FooIbaII, JANET KATHRYN MEDCALF - Senior SaIes Comrnirieeg Senior Serviceg Senor Vafew Snowy CSF. HENRY F. MELENDRES-Spanish Ciub Presi- denfg Orclnesirag Gold "D"g Sword and BaubIe. SYLVIA MESNA-Sales and Finance Comm?- Ieeg Spanish Clubg Business CIub. KAREN MESSER-Senior Salesg IWE. CAROL ROSALEE MIERS-a cappeIIa Choir: Transfer from Oklahornag Drama Ciubg Modern Dance. LEE ANNE MILLER-Honor Socieiyg Junior gap and Gown Commirieeg JSAQ Swim now. THEODORE C. MILLER ELSIE MILLS-GAA: Junior Prom Commifiee. MARY JO MITCHELL-Business Ciubg Junior Red Crossj Tickef Comrniffee Senior Varie-Ty Snow. TIMOTHY MITCHELL RALPH MOHR-CSFg Raily Bandg Blo-:If og German Club. ALLYN MOISE-Transfer from Richmond. JOHN VIEBROOK MOORE-Head YQII Leader- CSFj BIOCI DQ Swimming I KAY MOORE-Sonqieaderg a cappeIIa Choir: ginlor Sfudeni Adviser: Junior Fashyon OW. MARTIN MOORE BILLIE JEAN MCGOWAN - Buzinezs CIubj DOQA MOORE - L- QQD' vcvg-g-, E -SWE-E+ CT' -15:94 5' '5F"E yung - - CALJVJ MURPHY -CES NAV!-SAK! - E DAVO NANCE UI- fr N EEEQGALL-"5:f NITQ NELSQN - 'Lge omg Nnemerr - GAPY NIXCN ROBERT NQLDEN - E 201' Je"'i' ' P+-anus NL4LI:- 1, MZJL Z. ,L,.,,:., BARBARA gwrrme - 2 cmouw QAKLEY-12 . 22.5 251-12: Tix PX-UL OHRAN-gf." 1 enucg ogsew-Q 1- 3 .1 ' -E' Z' L'.'J6" F RUDvOLPH OP-AANIA - 'Q' 1-f ANQ Ov'NEAL-535621 'Q . ..... '. ,.. f, . C:,,,,'..L: DARLENE ONSTOTT--1" CATHRINE ORTEGA CAROL OSTERHOUDT - L VSAA. ELIZ5-KBETH OR'SALINO 5 ,-:,------ rg' F V- ROBERT EDWIN PAR'KS.- .1 1- Lew ze' ge' 1' lf' 2' fewfe. W wiv! Ik, ,W mf JOE ROSS PARTANSKYJCMI Jjvfe- 55:6 "D"g Cross Countfyg CASC. MARILYN PATBURG- Tfanifnfg BJC ff:iC CLJ5 IWE. DON PATTON--Sen Jr Sffmap Home 0' PEL rmenfafivee. SHIRLEY JOANNE PAULSEN-Tfan:I-Qf SM denij Spanien CIubj Buzwnecf CMI' GAA LARRY PAVILIONIS f ESIQCI "D" Pres dem' Varzify Tradfj Varswff Cfoci Connffvl S116 PATRICIA PAYNE-Dance Comfnlneer Wav' BaIIeIp Rally Commnfeeg Modern Dante. BUD PEEBLES-BIock "D"'q Varsnly Bazebalg Varzify Baskefballg Sensor Camne-I. LEW PENGILLY-Bandg Jufv Mernbef. DON PERDUE-Varsmf Golfq Joufnonsfn' SJ'- naaIIQ Team: Freshman Foofbaii KENNETH PETERSON-Cfaffs . WAYNE PETERSONAWrezIIFng CAROL ANN PHILLIPSEN-vFre:nfnan Sew CE Modern Dance: Educafwon Cfnkig I-Ions' Socfeiy. MICHAEL PHILO DARRELL PHIPPS-OWEQ Amo Snoog Wading, BYRON PIERCE-Frosh FOOILISIIQ Gyrnnasffcsg Trackg Advanced Band. JO ANN PIMENTEL-Slfudenf Body Secretary Advanced Modern Danceg Junior Cabinetg Senior Variew Snow. SHERRON PIMENTELfRed Crossg Educaflon CIubg FNAQ JSA. SHARRON PINELL-FNAg Snver "DMZ Spanigh CIubg Term Play. MICHAEL PLOEGER-Swlvcr LAURENCE POPLACK-Transfer from Hillsdaleg B Trockg Finance Cornn'nHeej Varsfiy Tr,3qk4 NANCY LEE PUTNAM-Honor Socie-Typ GAAQ EUSIVISLS Club: Sales and Finance. JERRY LEE QUIGG-Senior Servicej Gold "D"Q Sensor Sfude-nf Advlgerg Spanish Club. RACHEL RADMAN E Spnior Varfe-Ty S16-erInq CornrnIIIe-eg Senior Sefvlceg IWEQ Aff Ill. RUSEZELE RALPHS-Radio Club: JSA: Lam U , uf EF new-1 :gz--, C""1 PEDS'PEAfE 55" E PE --Y HF' ve--2:-5--1 - A551 9:15 - -.. EW' 5"":J2ES - 3' .-SF'1 NEJA 9 CE-, ' 'CN P'C"'F95SC'i .EPPY P CHESCN-Zi" 1.2 E P 695-"' ' PGEEPT 9,935-3' 1" ELF!!-PA PLEY - - ' E g, WNY-.5-3 JOE CARY ROE!-SCN--5 SHA.-PCN L.OU!SEPGQB1N wvemrf. ,HOQTER mean .,. :...,. f , eng vcelwsorpa 1 POEEPT PQDRIGUEZ-fb E."'a:' 1: I-", Pun :cu p aqsgrzs-iq JUDITH ROP-4ANOj'-2.22 '.s..g --L- RONALD POSEAEX .,.,,.2.',:,. , C JIM ROYSE-2 1' 1:2 ei X-,': SUSAN RUSSELL - 5" ' 'V iff CAP,OL RYQN A , I. N, de. , i 22:9 4,1 , Wg. fiirw PAM sAFFenLmnSiei aww 'WT 'fa inqlong YEGVLJOOP Sfelfi HOME' 9' pw Seniafyvggg Girls' Club'Nf1s' "J 9 ,f 'E DOLORES SALISBURY-fChoirq Bushes: Club B RA ANN SALWASSER 3 Juni' P? BARCixossg GAAg Educaliori Club? PNA LOU ANN SANDERSfDran1B l. JUDY sANosAFfeSnmn .Queeru How ,Sv Cielyg Rally COVUVVIlil9'?i 5f'fL"J"Ze'j Swim Club. RICHARD SAUER-"C" Baslvballi WOOTHOD GARRETT SBONAsTerni Pl6'rI HOUSE Ol RED resenlafivesg Slri Club. SANDRA JEAN SCARBOROUG-H f Advance Dramag Typical Freslirnang Dante Cornrri feeg Term Plaf. WALLACE DARWIN SCHAUMBURGSSDNVS Clubg Civil Defense Clubj Rii'e Tea". 9. PETE SCHLAMAN-Sword and Bauoie' SODPO- more Service-3 Marching Banclg JSA CARLA JOAN SCHLOTTER-Sooliorriore Cabi ne-fp Dance Cornmiffeeg Swirr' SW:-wg JSA. HERB SCHOELLER-Silver "D"g JV Pooiball JSAg Educaiion Club. - KEITH SCHWARTZTRAUBER-Block "D"3 Gum riaslicsg House of Represenfarivesj Silver MD.. TOM SCOGGINS-Gvmnaslicsg House ol Reb- resenlafives, DONNA SCOTT-JSA: GAAQ Props Cornrn'I'ee Senior Variely Show. PHILLIP SEFERS-Plwolo Club Presidenlg Oi-Y Clie-Sfrag Rally Baridg Tenn's Team, MARLA LOU SEG-ALSTransler from Slogkion, WILMETTA SERVENTI-House of Representa- fivesg Cap and Gown Commilleeg a cap- pellag Freshman Service. SUSIE SEYMOURiEduC-aiion Club Presidenfj Rdllv CCjmrnillee-g Arinouricemenls Cornmif- lee Cliairrriang CSF Sealbearer. BARBARA SHARP-GAA: Junior Fashion Show: Lafin Club: Junior Prom, SONDRA SUE SHAVER - Eclucalion Club' GAAI JSAI Junior Fauliion Snow. i JACK SHEEHANf-Gymnagliqs, RONALD SHEFFER-Aulo ll. SANDRA SHEFFIELD-Swim Club Presidenlg J'-IVIIOV F0Sl1IOf1 SDOWI News Sfaflg GAA, U SUSAN JANE S-4E2:'5L3- D'A'iE SHELB'-1 'izze UUpRPYS5"E-'G"4-'-1' W'L-it-M SHINH - .L PEG?-V S'QEECT'TOM-,j'- EJDON CAP- SMJA-i 5: Lf- NRENCE DEA SHAMONS sway- '-Q ' ::" g'.:e" :' ' Awww samfsorgzffz? f-,.,-. ... .. , MAPTLVN SWAPSON -- .f.' PHYLL'S SIVIL FLOYD SKAGGS JOHffvSKE5Pf-if 1' 2321 JU!-Lfflfii, LEEi'SV'lf4,NERf7i . 'l:"" "6 PAUL'SLATER--e':', 5' " RICHARD L. SLONIKER-E . 'e:'2:f"i' 1-G" -'f::: TERRY SMALL- .'.'E' J!'e:' LYNDA SMASAL-Eiga' 2' 'GH 2.1! .-'Z 'C NORMAN SMITH-Cl? -5" :e"' Semi' C .:g Sz RUBY SHIT?-Eff' NE' '-' ' fi e'f-ez' e": ee". TONI SP:1lT.H-,Fe 1 C:""A' .V ,,,, .,-,,.f.,-,,,,.,-2.5, DAN SOVEREIGN - FJ: Vi". FLOYD SOVEREIGN LARRY SPESSARD--Vac: J' iv 'C' I, Z7 an-,tx ff--. J psy f wr., ary Q54 2 r v, ,V ., f ,,,, 41, V Na .ii 56- "Lf f-H, -:: A 1- 7' 11-4 'P- 1 L on : I at -G YY ' an i. X 9' T' 1. np.. F fx ix Ev Q A , I 4 A -2s4""" .a4,,,,,. .L ! ! ZH P fb. 3. ur' 'YK 1-' S 5 5 'E Y 1? "5" -Q. - -nv- 41- E-x 7' I 4-I GARY STAGGE ROGER 5TAGQ5CM,5rglwir,g Barrzrg C'o:: Cc. fry. WAYNE STEPHENS- Jv Foofbal 1 Dance CQ" mifleey Senior Awards C0rW'W'fl'fEI SGW C Cornrniflee. DIANE 5TONAKERYFfO5h Ser-ficeg Auvanc Danceg Advance Dramai DWW6 A55E"l5" BILL STONE-Bloclr "DHS B55fDf3llI C in? Baskefballg Wood X. GERALD STONE-JV Foolballg Aofarce Woes Welding Ilg Froalv Foolball. SHARON STONE --- Modern Dani-EI BQSP-22 Clubp Junior Fashion Snowy Cnrrvrna Paqeanl. JUDY STREETER-Diablo '57 Ediflor: Rallv Cofr rnilfc-eg Honor Sociewg Jur 0' Sew ie. PEGGY ANNE SUGARS-Transfer Japari Na tional Honor Socreryg Senor Sales Conv' ' fee: Junior Prom Chairman, MAREN RUTH SUNDQUISTWCSF5 Go fx 'D' Rally Comrniffeep Senor Variery Snow. LARRY FLOYD SWANSON - Senor Ware Snow, ROBERT SWANSON-Swirnrr-ingg Junor Fasnlo' Showg Junior Assernblyg Frozn Foyball. STEVE SWINDALL - Freshman Foolsalij "B Baskefballg Variely Baslnelballg Senfor Can'- nel. GERALDINETALLY-IWE. DON TARBET-Senior Vaneli Sl-QR: Sui Club. EVA JEAN TATE-f-Junior Class Represenhafweg Senior Sludenr Adviscrg Honor Sogiefiy Diablo '59 Slaff. SUE TATE - Honor Socielxg JSA: Educalfon Club: Science Club. SHIRLEY ANN TAYLOR---Silver "D"g PNA Treauurerg JSAQ Drama IV, GAYLE .TAYLOR 5 JSAQ Sword 3nd Baublp Presidenlg Senior Variety Show Steam-,q Cornnnllecg Sale-5 And Finance Committee. JOANN CHRISTINE TAYLOR-Senfor Variely Snow: Honor Sofiofyg News Slaffj Swim OW. WILLIAM TENER I - Senior Student Adviserg Senior Sale? Cornmrlfeeg Rally Corrmmillecj Junior Serv:-Le. RON TERRY 'Y-3VQllVl.Foorballg Senior Variefy Ellgwi Blvfl D I Houm ol Reprggxonlaf lves. SANDRA TERWILLEGER--B wi cgi, - ' V GAA Brunch Servigr-, ll lil K Club' Chow' MICKEY rHoMAs,rf.,.er3 Ywmoi io GERALD 7H5wv5Qp4-.f.:1 F-,'1 'P--1 vAa1I.Yu mom :sc-4-5, - MARY Lou ULLEY-EL A ...Z-,L 1. ,,-.L.L.-, b ewsenfaez TQIALINS-QQ-Q? f':--' ff C .1 DAV'D TORPES-5:31- VALQRIE -TORRES--' 'L DEHIJIS TREAD-HAY-TCE: ALBEFjT1:RETTE-Cr :ous mos: JEAN ETTA wash:-f ,.:':-'V' , ' PONA LD TROST GILBERT TULLY-E .L- cLlFP.oRqrveTeg-..- Z'fL1' L ., .C ein. ,.L.,. ,. ASHFORD TWIGG-22:5 'l'e"' BONNIE UFFENS-lr? 22:21 ' Y SONJA VAII DER GROEN - -' '- ' f' -71' .:: 2'-' 'f::e" ui'E'.. RICHARD GERALD VANDYKE af-Luxe vguooserzee - A-':' 'ein FORREST XANWERT-'fat' f' 'Q' Wiif' ff- 4. ,..,, ,t TONI VARGUS - F' "nf C.- 2' , UA CAROL VARGUS-Eh ' I f , f 1- , J', J'EE.,.... CLIFFORD VAUGHN-Eefc' -'fed '1 I' I-12.12 1' Veyese' PAT VICKERS-"avi: " RICHARD VICKERY-'lac' ' s ax' 'CTI I a 'F-C 2: "bk -nv, 19 , I ' K li. 521 3- 3 if EQ 5 92 ,' ,hw wan 'MLA XQQH T!""'V was DALMACIO VISPERAS - Gfff'f'Qf'fC'I 'J "DM: Student Advisefi S'IVEV D ' DENNIS WADSWORTH - Bagimsiig JIM Fashion Showj SiIv6f GAIL WAG-NERwBusinf3sS CIMO? SLI CMH, PHIL WAGNER-Auto ShoD. BRUCE WALTON-House of R:nfe2fn'dW'22 Metal Shopg Shop IVg Indnslr a' Pvt: Cub KATHLEEN WANGAN-Junior As:ernbIfI Sr CIubg Business CIubg Sen 0' Vf3"9'I 5'2f' LEE WEEDMAN WALTER WEINZHEIMER - CSF: Sr Cm Spanish Clubg Silver CURTIS WHITEsDri.irn Maiorg Ra In Banog A1- vance Bandg Senior Var etw Show. JUNE WILLIAMS-Modern Dancey SaIes and Finance Committeeg News Stew: I-tono' Society. LEONARD G. WILLIAMS - FootbaI3g Juno CarriivaIg Senior BaII Steering Committee: Senior Variety Show. WALTER BILL WILLIAMS FLAVIA VICKIE WILSON-Sales and Finance Cornmitteeg Business CIubp IWEg Sir-Is' GIee-. RONALD SCOTT WINKLER-CSF: Goid "Dug Chess CIUIJ. WILLIAM WOOD-Wood IIIQ Swim Team. JOHBN gNOODiInte-rrnediate Bandg Advance an . EDINA KAY WORKMANfSiIver Dj Modern Danceg Sword and BaubIi9j RsIIv Commit tee. JOYCE WUTZKEfIWEj GAA. JUOIE YERGENSON-IWEQ GAAQ GirIs' G-Ieej Sophomore Cabinet. JOE YORK LARRY YOUNG f En:.cnibIf-g Trniikj Senior Variety Show: Choir. JOSEPHINE ZAMBUTO NATALIE ZAVIALOFF- SHOWS Junior Fashion Show: Rally Com' mittee. CSFQ Senior Varigti MERLIN ZIMMERLYH-Fre'1.hrn.3n Servigg: Sopho. marc S5"V'CCI JUUIOV Servi-:eq Junior Cabi- ne . uni' EEC" 1 "Q4v:-.. 5- ?"'S sf- gli -' sw 3 at 'f' my A nl 7 L ff ' 4-99" X VE Q2:e""g D2?'f C' "e E-efc' :lax wa: '+ve Safe' Cal:'feV::'1':5:e'.: 25: FRONT HON Leif +9 R?gM: Jan Eg te'-ef 'e' 'fevcfc' Pye Mc:-e Vfi'Q'E -a-:V Tr, SWIM- Noe! Humphfez rc Jnf Srfeefen MIDDLE ROW SV' .9 ':':' Je:-f Venue Fave Berg-Vf.::e' J:-f Move B-'af' l.u'Z,i'1 Svefe Sff'da4 BACV ROW: B' Snirf P F' Dee' dere' .,'e"e V""e: 9':'a':: H-sage: Dc' ELf"g aw BA Peet e: I my 4 ,J 'V . ',wfVw, -. VVi,zV . 3 3, , , ,VW A ,, ' f W, A m 1 ' rf 'J x V A hw f V ', V ' V 2:-. V- V - V wr 3, f 1 ,, Q, ,Vw if " , fy - V ' :L f ' " MV: .,g1f""i'l , ,. ff 7' . V V , Camera :hy seniors who wil! io3r.1he ofher 503 odd to receive dipbomas Y' Jura a'e as fc dwg. F'a':e: VVVQQEV' C Jaffe: W'rrr-ner Pa? Cro:-2, Ralph bum CeceVa Thompzcn Jac? Hurwey, Pfeffy Jcfe: Lcf' e -5 Pg rd Ea'5a'1 Berry. ND? picfured, Dorothy Baffon and Maureen Saeefen 5 I A "Ahoy mates, which way's the ship?" exclaim fhe girls in The Tales of Tough Terrific. Sam, the individualist, looks in The other direction. Four little Happy Birfhday Babies coast hrough their number in candy striped costumes. Lv H, an , a " 5 L ,. f .J , 7 "Aren't you in the wrong picture?" the girls of the Night Before Christmas skif ask the Cerveza dance duef and Bill Williams. Stal-A Ywinkled and With much excitement and enthusiasm, the class oi '59 presented the annual Senior Variety Show, "l-lappy Holidays", on December 4 and 5. The audiences applause was warm and friendly as the Varsitonians played the openina number, and the cast beaan sinaina "We are alad to see everybody." This class had a month less than other Senior classes in which to rehearse: so Mr. Harold God- chaux says, "Hats otf to the cast ot '59 and every- one associated with the show." The grand finale: over one hundred Senior students bow out with Auld Lang Syne. The show was successful fun under the direction of the co-chairmen, Becky McLaughlin and Pam Dowell. Te'1 beffs-fe'eC P. 'P 4. - 1,-N. , a :dye swayed a-c V-Fpped 'Q +-1: 'se c' L""e B'o-1' Ga -'H 2 YPE-V da"Vy 4ee+ fanned 53 We 'M""1. banced in the Senior Uariety Show -----.- WZ' F -J--L -- -JL --.L-Lip--, ,..--fy: .J,. --gig -V, -L, :Lf-. -HL, J -JJ-..- J- .-.J .-.-J.J...---5 -.J-.-,JJ-.J .--,,.JJ.,J. -.. -..': -..J .. .. J- J -J-. --,Q " rv :ff J., :P 'ff.".,.--2. 1f-,:v.f,',.L,," -. 'ff-,C -..--1 -..-' nJ:J,.- J. .,J.J ,Jj ..1... fu ..--J-----, ----J...-5---J... , J. .JJ v .. J,..J -5... -Jfnzw -f.,,.L. f Jnf,-. JJJJHH., :-,',.!," -, J-,-.-W.,--. f':..-.- ---JJ-J-U J-J--.-J --J-.Jyf .,--.--J-J-1 .JJ-.,4 J. ..J----J-..-- .7 ...J--C: ,---,f" ,W :fl 1--f ',--J T"-I. "IL-,,-Lfv: L-,Jfv ' ,-. TNF,-Y ,Q-M,-,. JJ.-J , J. -J-J .-j ...':-- ...----,, -.-,..J-.. .-. J.f , J. -.J.--J. J'J-.-7, . - ,,,- . ,.. .. .. . ,.,., , ,, . . ,- , .. ,,. nf- - ff f..,.J ,Jvf--F Nh-vh ,-ffv---. f-V f .-ff f -J..':': J- ---7 -JJ5-- -7--.--J J. -gn.: .,..J- JL ...7. --it .NTI ---J f-, - - -V7 V, - A - -I H-K - ' H -ff f f-W fm ff ,-f P f- Ni.-- ,---YH. vff WH- N f.--'. .J--: -J ...J.: - JJ. , J- :J-J .Jf -J.-f - JJ..-3, I'-J,J-5...: , J. J-JT, L7 '--,L-L ' hf.5.','--J ,WA ffvvf, :High "2--A,--3 f"..fQ" f, ,HJ Ije Sefxw fwew S':-1 was env GW5755 by mum S' .J J .-- .. - . .... -- --. ..J- .,.. ,-- ,,,., V ...J ,.... .7 ,--- . -JJ.-. , . f ,- - - J JJ- J J J J - 'J - J ' J - -:ec ge Pxa Hafcwd GJd:HaJr and Hg rev Bermaf' -f-ff-vfs. W -n,- ,Jaw-VL ' fv-3-vffvg ' rv v-rv-fvvflfv -,v--. ",'ffg:-f--f-,f-f .J-----.-J, ----5--- .JJ-J-J J----..----J.. J. :JJ.,J---.J 5---., - J-....-J. J., - H , - -- H - f-. - V - ,f-1: r' vfvv-rv,-,JL f-J fwfi .-f--vvf,-Y-f f-fr,-. xr-f-ff.-,v -vg-fviv. ...J J , J. :JJ----J----.-.J .Jn ,J.--J --J--...J.- J.-.J. sJJ...J3 --....J.-.--- HL-+. L :V-,W fuxf ,Q-Ny- :uh gn.--2. "2-.Y-C: rf", Cf,-. -...- -.--J .J-J-J.. JJ-- , J. .JJj I, --J..J. J-J.-..,J, -J-f-.... - J..- -J.,..g JJ... J- I-,Cuff Z--,JJ f.-ff: -fi QL--ff ':- :L--'f Q, "f"',.-1--wht--J f- .Jf .J-J-----: .-J5J-- J.-.J --J .J,---J- .....,,---,,.J, J..--...---J, ... --- - ,, f- - - - -- - ,-- A f. - fvrvzw M xf-f-g- v-gf -f , f-rf-ff-L. -gpg f-fri: Xf"Y"'-' f-' H" ': -JJ---f , J. .J,J,.. ---...- - J--- JJ.-J., --J.., JJ--..,.. -JJ,-LJ. , J,1.-.- - - 1 MA ,, - - .- - qff f-ny,-,-. ,-.-Jn ffuz ,. fy W,-f A--L f- 1 f-,-fn Tn,-fi-, ny,- --.-7 J.J.-.,:', JJ-J f:- . JZJ, J .J-:J JJ, .Jf .J-..-.J. .zJJ,,.-JJ J..- rv-f Q- ffgnf-ffi ,J--.J. - ..,J-J--. 1 Z 4 l Z 2 TT' ff F' , aw- The Kwarrwey Lasses V71 1 We" breeze in the Scomh-Msh dance foufne -.Awe they bk! for fha 'arc' 0' 'e'o Dave Jaknsc' . . f , GE Journalism l. sludenfs look for fheir copy in fhe local paperS Mr. Orville Beulel demonslrafes safely fechniques in mefal shop. Mr. Waller Kelson is known as lhe ex- perimenf king of chemlsfry I. Mirrors are no longer The vogue on coffee fables as these boys demonsfrafe fo Mr. Don Johnslone. a'y:':P:gy :'-de"': re :-ew Hg. '- Ve'ab:N3s" r'a:V'e -fzrkr uf Lgig , , sg , . 1. ........... -, . ,Eff N.,i...,., .- Y 7 M L.-J-jg.. i V s---1.1. wi. M .1 Psirv'-g If 'ra rv-gr 'r-'fn'a54 5' fiaro 'iawf fm' - " - 4 - ' - - --- ,F f :,, , Q, . ,. V --. ecfar-:ed A-1 II'fs. f .f 7 , Q- V ' . . 'mimi' ic 9 - , Q 5 5 'v , 0, . " "XT" 7 ' 4 Y qi I I J ',-W' Here a sfuden? is 7ns'rruc1ed In how fc, use 11-,els safely by Mr. Sfaniey Mflfr We3dTng feather. Siudenfs learn how fo improve fheir reading fechniques in Miss Couchmans Directed Reading classes. ,- Z W 'f-'f V, s - fffff' A :..."'1-J " D A I 3 , 1 - 'I --vfw-we i i'U'?"1'1"" -,F 11:1 ,fs 3, 1-'r 2' 2 Senior Varieiy Commilfee was composed of: FRONT ROW, Left 'io Righf: Carol Oakley, Becky McLaughlin. MIDDLE ROW: Judy Janas, Nita Nelson, Paf'Haskins. BACK ROW: Louis Gadol, Carol Miers, Brian Luiz. Senior Banquel commiifee was made up of: FRONT ROW, Lefl lo Righi: Lois Nakagaki, Sandy Kirschner, Marby Drexel. BACK ROW: Pa? Payne, Pa1Erman, Kay Moore, Judy Sands. ,I lvfow - .. M. ' - W f mae, NWN. Rf a Classmen who direcled fhe lasl exciling evenls of The senior year are as follows: Career Day, Norman Smifhg Varieiy Show, Becky McLaughlin, Pam Dowell, Picnic, Chel Belnap, Barbi Kendle, Banquel, Marby Drexel. The seniors smile on. MAA -N. 7 Senior Picnic plans were made by: FRONT ROW, Leff To Righl: Pam Machado, Barbara Kendle, Jack Harpe, Chef Belknap. BACK IROW: John Moore, Chuck Leafh, Dennis Wadsworfh, Gus Glnocchio. R l .. ik Count down WWI 'Q Q I 'hal -iv ff '-z 7 1 'rr The Ser-'S' Ea Cor'n"ffee 'ed by Jane Hoxrnan a'd Jef Ar:h'ba'd was responsible fo' rnarirg 'rhe Serior Bail a color-ful :access RG-f I, 'eff ro rlghf: Brenda H'se ef, charrvan- Jane Horrmad and Jof A":h'baid. Ro-1 Nl: Sharron Mahorey, Lirda Bernard R:-1 IM: Charie K'rr-es J..df Lyor: ParrA:'a Rodgers Lenff Wfwiar-ng ya Budd, Peeb es men of actialitien ww The Senior Announcer-nenis Comrniffee worked hard 'ro enable Seniors io buy announcer-nenfs io send 'ro fheir refahves and friends. Row I L 'ro R: Sue Leach Sandra Shaver Barbara Riley, Chairr-nang Susfe Seymore and Linda Daily. ROW H: Jean Dearon, Sue Brafsburg, Lynda Srnasal. Barbara Clough, Carole ClEf?on, Row IH: RosNyn Gmdsvein Ralph Barrd, Chef Belknap, and Brine McGowan. Cap ard Gown Comrnhiee led bv Rufh Ungenfelferl Took charge of 'neasurinq and fiffirg 'rhe CNass of 59 fnro their caps and gowns for graduafEon, Row I, L Vo R: Sandy Shefield, chairmang Rufh Lingen- fener Sue Shefiiewd. Row Il: Barbara Nuvting, Maren Sundqursf Sharon Robbins and Ahce Hurley. M. rn ww. fm,- -swam rv ,ei I Ofher members Tn command Dosiflons are as fo!- 4 lows: Senior Bal! Joy Archiba!d, Jane Houman 15257 Announcernenfs, Sus? SEYVWOUVI CW99' DBY B'5'Df3'5 Clouqhg Cap 81 Gown Ruth LRngenfeHer AH wear daHy arming R51 XL , ww Q 2 is J , , Qs , ,LU 1 i is SHERIE LEAVER Nafional Finalist Wesiinqhouse Science Talenf Search WWW M25 M NAf'4C.' KELLER GARY CASEY SAPwl?i' KiFSCij.viflEfl Beify Crocker as of February All-Siar Norih-South Game D-ARA 60043 C"'lE"' WWWKQQ WWW figs is ,W-K. .... , ,-+1 L ,ff s J ROGER EMANUELS Music SUSI SEYMOUR Meri? Scholarship if 5. S u. "N-E W LINDA JOHNSON Bank of America-Language GERALD OUIGG Industrial Arfs Award WW 'QW SYLVIA MESNA Business FOSTER ROBERTSON Liberal Aris Award WM ww 'WM GUS GINOCCHIO Social Sfudies MAREN SUNDOUIST Mafhemafics Award MW Mei 4 ,fmww 4, , Z ,.A. , Z "" A 1 'If 4 ' Q, Mw...,.,.,-I Manly W ffl , mf ff 5 W f W ,W of x W ,MW 5 , , " ' -4 s ,. DONN NIBBLETT PENNY LUNDEBERG JIM LIGGETT One of the winners ofthe speech contest Winner of all-county awards in football, sponsored by the Junior Chamber of basketball, and baseball. Fund. Commerce. C.S.F. Sealbearer is the highest aca- demic achievement at Mt. Diablo. Be- ginning in the sophomore year, four semesters ot membership are necessary: at least one of them in the senior year. Many scholarships are open to Seal- bearers. 3 Winner of the Ford Motor Company's 4 S2 . r -'W vrf " ' s ' XVTTT A , . fr 7' A V I g ' 354- .. in r . f,,?,,. f ' ' f r f " KY ' 7 ' ' ,J 59,-,,.,f P ' , , V' . .: , "Y sf ' L 'W ' M 'f ' Q F - 7 t , R A. V - Qu gan - ' w W A -h .. 1 i , , ' ,W 5 vi ..., , Z. W may , , :gy V , I , , , ggsg lfif f jg Q , yawn IL 6' ..,,,.. 0. ' f ,M 5 ff ,M--f tw " tt vw 5 0'7" -5' W ' , f we ' ' -'sm -. ,, f r . ,. l A l 5 A fr , I ff' n . i Q ' :Tw 5 4 f ' if fi . , ,W W at gg .V ' " pf Q eff. , ., ,,..,, -f -- - 'rf' ,.. If ev 'f C! 2 ' 1- rf: . 51? f' ,- " ,, - 3 ' " ' ' f , W. W a' 1 ' f -ef 'uf' . - " f 1 ' I .,ifVcQMf fx , 'v X' , iff X Ziff! " 4 -eff, f V? f' f i if, W -2 fri lsr ,fW4sw.4ff 41 iw wwf- 'f 4 www' f ,f I W , f .4 rf .Jeff f ,Wm f if wa We fu 0.11.4 ,rf W! f W W of 4 -fn' ' f 'f ff f ' 4 ' " dwg yr sw z. 4, f ,aw W, ,, .fa ff ,f ,f ff 4 ' 4 f px J ' '4 W cf-,, f'fkg,f:h I, , ry, 5, ,ff 'fr f .J Jia, , ,ffm . f if ,mf ff Senior Career Day, under the direction of Norman Smith and Barbara Clough brought occupational speakers from tar and near. The day began with a general assembly held in the auditorium, tol- lowed by a luncheon for the occupa- tional speakers and career day chair- men. lt ended with two meetings, each about an hour long, in which speakers from occupational fields talked about iobs in the tields they represented, ACTIVITIES 4 ,X 5 g f ' .sf t J t S t Q s J" Q C i 5 ." 4 O v Eveline Hugon, foreign exchange student from Switzerland, smiled her way into our hearts early last fall. She made news. Switzerland is the topic of Nancy and Eveline in the For- eign Exchange Assembly held this spring. Roger Emanuels accompanies Eveline, with the help of Mr. Prall, in her number for the Senior Variety. When Lee Grichuhin saw her, he called, "Let's change partners, Janet. My turn HOW . ,rg 'iii Janet Medcalf, Eve's American sister, and Eveline caught the eye as they crossed the cam- pus fhat first sunny day. Swim! MIAA Zandei Here This Year was the first in Diahlas history to have a foreign exchange committee. ln the previous years students have visited us troni Italy and Norway through the American Field Service. Diablo has in- itiated the Foreign Exchange Coinniittee this year, which supports the AFS at Diablo. The pufpgse Of fhg AFS is to promote international friendship arnong nations. Charmfrrg Miss Sherie Leaver has mace Diab o proud of her success in The field of science. bia6lv Comet 6reakA honor barriem f: ,-WLM., 5. ,-.v,,.v.. 'I "E-SZ"'l1 'ECE1761 'II lz... . ,.: ..l..E..'E ...2'I'-'EI' 'HID 1 w '-'-"' DT CRQV ......,..s,: :-..-,.4.:....J, ...Hu :UE 'ZTTILYQECI ECHO - 4, ,uv - - 4. -":-1-if-v-flllrg-'L '.-Jzrz 121 ln L:--ff-' .. ..,, ,,,,.-, ,,,, Ame M1 ..r1xs. .,,-,A..1n---, :i::'.::r:i it tit: ': '.":'':: T: :est iii 'Zi '.'.'it?. PIQELCI-EI',f D'm':h1 J, 115e::.:-.'.'e:. Sie iii ': Tigre ct S21e"1 l" "" ie Test :xi f Derszxzgi' Miss Alma Couchrnan poinis ou? Sherie's iciure which made fron? D page of ihe S,F. Chronicle, January 29. ' My 'iwqyfz 1 J ,., 7 ,, 1 ' mil 4 7 vw Q 5 lf? g, -A i Y 7:5 W 1""l"1 422, he-'fl lk Ugiglivsu lnvivnc .ff use 3 hm.. Nof only is Sherie a lop scieniisi, bu? she also holds fhe nosifron of Clubs Commissioner and as such ala-s fhe ahnual Clubs' Assembly. Top ieen-age scierdisfs were in. froduced fo Presiden? Eisenhow- er fha? brighl February day. Sherie and Represenfarive Baldwin discuss 'the Para- bolic course af The Wesfinghouse Science Exhibifs. W A Z is X ' Space woman meels space man on Mars where bofh donafe papers. X, Staff man Sharing the duties of co-chairmen for fhe paper druve were Jerry McKay and Carol Campbell. searche X PFS X . A K VRS P 513 ex-N me e 1 wfli ips. .fq s brain of sfaff woman for ouler space idea for capfions. Jerry McKay appears lo be af a loss for words as he and Carol Campbell cha? with Ted Randall. The greedy members of The slaff are lakinq advanlaqe of Hal Malson's generosily, X - V T . H N. - L... a -N X S X . ..xpx M . i '-rrx. 55 fl .sa . X X X Q- R Q R X X ,a 45:5 A "Take off your :hoeg and relax," :faff member: yell 'fo one anofhef. The fravelinq Diablo fournalisfs arfended lhe P.S.S.P. conference af fhe University ofWasl'1ing'ron. A ,, .4 V , . ,WWW Here members of fhe :'faH are gelfinq new ideas from our head. -A f M.: fn f "' 1 5 , f' ' , :Quai , H I me U ff mv., mm, Jim V f mm, W, , W ,Mm M' Busy, busy pasle-up day, rhere's always a k'bi'rzer In fhe way. fbi J! Wi ,Agfa W , f f - V WN? 'ff W, ,f 2 fhwr f f ' V W f 32 fu , fy, Z . ,K 7. " A Q W Lmvwf we-WM UW 1 ,i , X!! 7274 aff-q,.,m ,iww . X ff ., I ,r A- ff f, 0 W 'wwf " f, , .eff y ,,,, , 'f f ,ff f f I 2 . f f f .X X X ,J X 1 ,f , ' ee fn Nwf'-ri i We ,J Wandering iournalisfs sef a goal for The maga- zine drive. W! 7: M, 1 f f 4 l ZX, f -f , ef? BARBARA RILEY SHARRON 'MAHONEY Fall semester editor Spring semester editor cltt: r., - f fl, 3 .z ,gba 1 A 3. mf I' A Mas. HELEN LUM Y J' Adviser this 'Q' , . it i 'Jf,',,Q M .QUT j Em earclu cream Keeping up to date on all campus news was made possible throuqh the Diablo News. Edited in the tall by Barbara Riley and in the sprinq by Sharron Mahoney, the Diablo News was presented to the students every three weeks free of charqe to student body Card holders. The paper has been complimented many times tor its fine layout and "catchy" stories. 5' FRONT ROW, left to right: Gloria Mason, Beverly Caskey, Sandy Sheftield, Barbi Kendle, Pat Markovich, Barbara Riley, Sue Sheffield, Sandy Shaver, Marcella F.tch. SECOND ROW: Rona Mcore,.Joann. Taylor, Ruth Lingenfelter, June Williams, Judy Romano, Mrs. Helen Lum, Pat Rogers, Sharron Mahoney, DIXIE Allison, and Linda Jason, THIRD ROW: Carole Lindsey, Maria Fernandez, Joan Aubuchon, Mary Ferguson, Brian Maderos, Susi Seymour, Marlene Dawe and Sherron Pimentel. BACK ROW: Mike Larkin, Nick Mascitelli, Greg Martin, Stuart Martin, Steve Shelby V and Jerry McKay, make up the Dfablo News Staff, ' 75-to JUDY STREETER Editor 0 our world' Here is the publicity departrnent explanation of our planet: Editor ....,,........t...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - , . 1 We lj Are 45 of Assistant Editor, Second Semester VY...t, Assistant Editor, Eirst Semester .rY...v Business Manager,.,r,..,,vrr,,i,r,, Assistant Business Manager ,r,r Advertising Manager ..ri....Yr.trr Subscription Manager ir.. CAROL CAMPBELL SANDY KIRSCHNER Assistant Editor ite, Diablo '59, to bring you this ,r.........ludy Streeter .i..e.Sandy Kirschner ..i.r,Carol Carnphell ,,,....Clyde Luornala r.......Ron Caldwell ............Carol Ryan i..,,....Donna Bartneck Clubs Manager ,.rr,...,,. ..... M aureen Cardinet Eaculty Editor .... ,,,,, rrl,,ir........,,,....r,,,,.,,,r,,,,, I ea n Tate Sports Editors ..... rrrrrrrr,rrrrrr,..rrrrr.rr..,r,... L loyd Griffith, Lee Grichuhin Senior Editors .,....., ., r.,rr, Heather Hooper, Mary Martin, lane Hoffrnan Art Editor .ii,..Ve,Y...r..,,..,,..... irr.. .,,lrr...ii....V........,.,.....,,.,,,,,r..,,,,,,,rr,.i.....Y.r L a na Ludwig Student Photographer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,rr,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,r,r,rri,,L,l,.,,ir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S tu Martin Assistants ........i...,r,r Pat Haskins, loAnn Taylor, Ginger Tornlinson, Pam Saffer, ludi lagger, leon Tate, ludy Dodge, lohn Clugston, Sha.ron Graharn, Linda Coffee, Bill Cullen, Brenda Hiseley, Bill Tener, Bonnie Mason, Parn Mealey, Buhy Srnith, and Penny Royal. Assistant Editor DIABLO '59 STAFF FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Tener, Clyde Luomala, Lloyd Griffith, Lee Grichuhin, Ron Caldwell, John Clugston SECOND ROW: Gin er Tomlinson, Brenda Hiseley, Carol Ryan, Pam Saf'fer, Pat Haskins, Sharon Graham, Mrs 9 Helen Lum. THIRD ROW: Judy Jagger, Mary Martin, Sandy Kirschner, Heather Hooper, Hal Matson. BACK ROW. Lana Ludwig, Carol Campbell, JoAnn Taylor, Linda Coffee, Donna Bartneck, Jean Tate, Judy Dodge, Judy Sfreeter. ' - ' ' M P M I R b Smith and Penny Royal No'1Plctured. Maureen Cardinet, Bill Cullen, Jane Hoffman, Bonnie ason, am ea ey, u y fa 6 2? X ,, 4 ,f f"""h MWA, SWB W Throughouf Baskefball sea- son fhe missile firings of fhe cheer secfions were led by Linda, Sharon, John, Karen, and Sandy. M2 The Maiorefies go? credil for the spark of color and gpirif as fhey led ihe March- ing Band af foofball games ihiS season. f 0 k 95 ll N 79 All of ihis excifemenf, ioy, and iumping around Could mean nofhinq more fhan an- ofher iouchdown for Diab- Io's championship foofball ieam. ' He., A., Q ,,4s 11 'Uh as,- Q5' , r-.W A '53 A Vt f11..J??i"3 , 1, M he SANOY KORSCHNEP LINDA LEWIS KAREN KUHR SHARON HENSON Ye'l Leads' Ye11 Leade' Yeil Leade' Ye'I Leader s, O, f' O ,Q 'K cf, JOHN V. MOORE head yell ieader Bill Tener pNayed an excellenf roxe as Danny Devii in 'the new coiorfq Co rn nf d b Yhe M? Zeadem of atomic Apirit z,az1zS2a,iMrub. Newt off in their dutieA Cameraman cafches cheerleaders In a r'no1?onless momen'fdurir1g?he Anfioch game on Ocfober I7. Wm r""N .fm 'Nw 4 t g' 'ii X':" sr W L is W A ft Q PAT ERMAN BONNIE UFFINS X ' - -.1- , , ,,,. 1 Head Song Leader Song Leader 'f" A f ' ' - - . X M' 1 ' , --'--2-V gi, A We it 2 ,Z V. wwe- - ...Q A K. A ELLEN CORNELIUS MARY CLARK Song Leader Song Leader KAY MOORE YVONNE FARAOLA So n g L ea d e r Song Leader MR. JACK SMULLEN Adviser Showing radiation and imagination aA they per orm . Q 9 Zieqfeld picked no prettier girls ever than this year's crop ot Devilettes who sang and moulded clap- ping from the stands to suit their own dance routines, Pompons acted as tom-toms and the show was on, l Z r l l f 76 K an W t' it 1 it, W 1, rf ,MN W X, . 7 We I , I upqrf- 'M fl, ,, , X Z W!! M-4 E 1 ! fy , in ' 1 if ., f, I " W' lt' , I' aw 'fl f V 'tw ' as wa. FRANCES ITANEN Maiorette PAT HASKINS Head Maiorette f if 1-P f z- , 'Q ,f'-Q 175 N ff.. ,.,...?, 'QA F MR, Wll.LIAM MARRACINO MAJORIE EQOFFEY Band Director Majofehe Acinq ct spark cf cclcr Grid ci Llczst cf riusic was the Ifloirchinq ccriciucteci by Mr. '!f1ll1crr. Mcirtccixc. The Qccizid wer. fgrst place czt the Pcvr 'Wcvr cmd. at 'ie '.'!'3lr.'gt Creek Festival parades. lt alsc icck seccid at the Lcdi Grape Pesti- 7211 ciid Sc. S011 Frciicisco Gaiden luscilee pcrcdes. In conjunction with the speech depc:' the scifi played, 3 'fcfriety cf pieces including ct little Icck uid rcll ll the Feb. li CIESEITQILTX. The 72 rieriber band tcck pczt in all fcctbctll qfzrges, On M07 8, the ccrid put cn its Uririucil music festival in the High Zciccl Gyrf.. "Cc7.f1c,er.tiQll7, l expect cis Z8 piece hiffi next year," stated Mr. Mczrctcinc. f Under the able direction oi Mr. William Marricino, the Mt. Diablo High School Marching Band has added color and weight to Diablcfs trophy case. Trophies were won by taking a Vrst place in the Walnut Festivall second place in the Lodi Parade and also South San Francisco's Golden Anniversary Parade. The marching band consists of 77 uniformed members, who "beat and blew" at all home games. 7, M, RITA HASKINS Flag Bearer was ss. -s f"I 154 f' r gt! 4 Ji, ' H 'S N g, The Varsitonians are kept busy with their many appearances and practice under the direction ot Mr. William Marracino. Pictured FRONT RCW, lett to right: Bill Small, Hugh Brown, Dennis Treadway, Larry Leimone, Bob Maetche, and Roy Iames. BACK ROW: George Sousa, Mr. William Marracino, Sam lohnston, Mike Thompson, Ed Butler, Curtess 'W'hite, Ken Enke and Harold Sundauist. 50411144 regw ter Can you imagine what our basketball games would have been like without the pep and high spirit ot the Bally Band? Members ot this perky group include, FRONT ROW, left to right: Sam lohnston, Harold Sunclauist, Ralph Mohr, Ken Enke, Mike Thompson, and Bob Maetche. BACK ROW: Curtess White, Pete Schla- man, and Forest Van Wert. They are completely out ot costume here-no straw hats, no striped bermudas. The dinner hour musicians or Orchestra members pictured are FRONT ROW, lei? to right: Holly Hayden Merretta Skidmore, Margie Larson, Gayle Taylor, Dorothy Hanisch, Pat' Fletcher, and Barbara Donahue, BACK ROW: Sylvia Adams, Jo Ann Terrell, Wayne Johnson, Ruth Nelson, Gary Harrington Barbara Sevy and Barbara Sousa. The orchestra has been operating under a dual role this ' ear: as a strina V 1 n b I J orchestra, and as a symphonic orchestra. The string orcnestra played tor the Christmas proaramg on April 23 the symphonic orchestra in conjunction with Modern Dance group put on an assembly. The orchestra then went to San lose on April 25, to perform at the Northern California Music Festival. On May 8, the loand and orchestra put on its annual concert tor the town. from outer A ace "Dog Patch Drag," held in the Girls' Gym on November 26, found the Varsi- tonians dressed in casual attire to suit the occasion. Vlfith music as "catchy" as their outfits, they added a touch ot humor to the atmosphere when they tilted their chairs loacli, and lolew for the loarrier. rf ,Q Caught off guard at the "Dogpatch Drag" are the Varsifonians who costumed their dance music for the evenung's share of fun. X 4 ,,,A., 7 rw , 29 1 K Q .Lt - S i 14nd Ainging waw heard The charm of these girls' voices has afforded many pleasurable moments to the student body. The glee club presented the gay, bright side of the Winter holidays in the Christmas Pageant and was represented in the Clubs' Assembly by a select group. Mrs. Barbara Bragg, the director of this group, has shown competent leadership in her first year at Diablo and made a big enough hit with the girls to merit a huge Easter bunny in its respective season. Sweet feminine harmony came from the 48 Bragg-trained Girls' Glee Club members in l959. This year, as in the past, the Berman- staged Christmas Pageant was beautiful and realistic. fl' ffl aiu' 'ff-229' ,V K 'lf " wig , , - . , -. ,g V 5 . -Q , F V - K 1-7 J, 2 I C . , ' xt " fr ,Q 5 MRS. BARBARA BRAGG Director ENSEMBLE FRONT ROW, Left to Rignf: Janet Petrie, Susan Leach Evelire Hugon, Linda Miller Yvonne Faraola, Connie Fulk, Maren Sundquist. BACK ROW: Mr. George Prall, Kyle Westover, Mike Larkin, Larry Young, Bob Hunn, Brian Maderos, Lennis Ellis, Roger Emanuels , , A CAPPELLA ENSEIVIBLE Tie A Cappella Cqnoir is an irnpor- This year the Enserznle appeared tant part of Diahlas high rating in more times than any preceding En- tne field of rnusic. The Choir takes sernhle to date. Merriloers sang for over where the Band leaves oft. ,oath inrcrrnai occasions, such as Tiiis years choir rnernloers tool: parents' clulo and for rncre formal part in the annual Glee Club sgng events, such as the Kiwanis instal- at the University oi Caliiorrna and lation dinner and the Masonic din- ""W'7' I cn a Clinic on C.O.P. Vflnile this is ner. More than ever before the En- ihe srnallest choir ir. recent years, sernble participated in On-Campus the director, George Prall, regards events. The lunior Assernloly and the Vfater Show audiences in the Fall, heard their trernolos. it as one of the loest ne's instructed. MR. GEORGE PRALL Director A Cappella Choir members are as follows: PIANO: Roger Ernanuels, Mr. PraII. FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Bev Mundy, JoAnn De Frates, Susan Leach, Miriam McDonald, Wilmetta Serventi, Sharon Bish, Lennis Ellis, Brian Maderos, Jim Chambers. SECOND ROW: Judy Clarke, Jolene Spurlock, Janet Petrie, Judy Riggs, Linda Myers, Pat Funderburg, Ron Churchman, Bob Hunn, Mike Larkin, Linda Miller, Maren Sundquist, Connie Fulk, Yvonne Faraola, Sandra Ter- williger, Deloris Dye. THIRD ROW: Jean Trost, Janice Burkhart, Kay Moore, Marilyn Malone, Ron Terry, Janet Decker, Virginia Patterson, Rudy Omania, Jack Kennerson, Larry Young, Kyle Westover, Ramona Davis, Nancie Rowden, Maria Carvaial, Ann Bergum, Ina Irish, Barbara Barry, BACK ROW: Judie Laughlin, Donna Hatley, Becky LcLaughIin, Larry Simmons, Denny Goodman, Brent Evans, Larry Campbell, Jon Blood, Tim Anglim, Bill Tener, Carl Cavallo, Duane Kiihne, Nadine Hclthouse, Carol Miers, Judy Lyons, Carol Stone, Diane Shelby. Attentive is the attitude toward Maren and Gary in this table "l'II tall!" squeals Becky as Gary pulls her across a deep chasm. s 3, . The Stage Crew waits for an equipment call from the "M6eStI'O"- The Drama Department produced tour main productions this year. VIE'VV'POINT: A LIMITED STUDY IN ACTING was pre- sented in the fall semesterg THIS PROP- ERTY IS CONDEMNED, received the top ratinq at the l959 Pacifica One-Act Play Festival ithis was the third year in a row that Diablo has received the top accoladel: Tl-IE CHRISTMAS STORY, an annual event in December, and the spring musical FINIAN'S RAINBOW which hit the stage in four performances in May. Mr. Harvey Berman, Director of Drama, staged all the productions. Mrs. Barbara Braqq handled musical direction for Fin- ian's Rainbow. efartlulingff Ati!! dmmatge ELLO ELLO Donna and Jan'e re-enact the conversa- YOU GOING tion printed on the large cards behind therrl in this interesting study of concen- DANCE TUNIGI-lT'7' ip A, tration and believability in the drama KNOW ARE YBE assembly. QT ' .,.,,. , 2 i li?-Zi 5 M125 fl lei fl' 'Q' fi 4 L - , - 4 fri sl l ' X Z Q f ! . 1 5 1 ' 1 l 1 l g l E l I A 1- A 1 r- 1 A -- ' I C351 lsr be prCc1,1,.,C1'ls -rlellded die lil- lewirlgz VIEVJPCIFIT Dezina D:l2Ke'f, lane l-loirrlfxn, Sandy Fftcr- lccrcuqh, lim Faison, Dicme Sicncxker, Tcni Smifrl, Mqrerl Sunclouisl, Roger Krelcclh, S017 Sleonq, Becky llflclctuqltlifl, :rid Caro- Oakley. THIS PBCPZPTY lS CCIQDEMNED lady lfdinlccrgh, cmd Mike Binrlzeur. PlNlAN'S RAINBOW' Sue Lezch, Dive lohnson, Brian Mcrdercs, lClll'l Bclccmi, Lentils Ellis, lim Faison, Mike Bcnlcour, lchn Bozrclcry, Lenny Vlfilliczrrns, Mike- Ford, and Cx suppcriinq Cust of twenty other keys and girls. their may 0 life Finian and Oz hide behind Sharon as Woody defends fhem wifh a smile from fhe fhreafs of villianous Billboard. "Do you go 'ro school?" asks Judy Edinborgh of Mike Barbour in DIablo's winning poelic of- fering, "This Properfy ls Condemned," a+ 'rhe fall Play Festival. 1 'Q Q ' 5 v x -N 'NZ' , 'V X V' '53, "tl , 4' 1 fir. V " . e7'bf"41 84 Kwik N bancing around MRS. JEANNE DUERKSEN Modern dance inslrucfor Members of fhe fourlh period advanced modern dance group are FRONT ROW, leH lo righf: Par Payne, Joann Pimenlal, Gloria Mason, Shirley Johnson, Sue Jackson, Judy Sands, Joy Archibald, Edina Workman, Penny Lundeberg, Linda Jason, Heafher Hooper, and Sandy Scarbrough. MIDDLE ROW: June Williams, Sandy Kirschner, Linda Bernard, Enid Mathias, Joyce Herring, Martha Baker, Donna Maher, Marby Drexel, Rona Moore, Teri Maynard, Barbara Clough, and Diane Sfonaker. BACK ROW: 'Marlene Dawe, MiIes1a Sfelnovics, Judi Laughlin, Dixie Allison, Mary Clark, Janef Medcalf, Judi Janas, Elizabefh Orsalino, Diane Dewsbury, Sue Brafsburg, Donna Barfneck, Pam Dowell, .Becky McLaughlin, Jan Bolcerek, Carolyn Oakley, Sharon Slone and Linda Dally. One of .lhe memorable scenes from rhe Chrisfmas Pageanf was fhis one. The Pied Piper of Hamelin marched 'rhrough line B-oys' Gym followed by elghl' prerly rafs as pad of 'the modern dance assembly in May, in orbit an ,ff These Iecrard-clad g'r2s rnesi of whorn are iunicrs, will be remembered for interpreting "Win+er Wonderlardw In This years Chrisfrnas Paqeanr. The officers, Kay DarneII,presiden1gLois Snimmon, segrefary were eleded las? fail. Mrs. Jeanne Duerksen insfrucfs and supervises the groub's dancing done by fhirfyesix members of Y beginning modern dance class. he i I! W VV I -If Z? Img, . 'W-may W C, ' -x -. 'W A 4 N' ,f ff"mL N4 ef . . ,f'3-. Making vnernseves DVGHY for 'Wheir bub1'c"are+i-iese sfudenrs iusf before H-ie'r performance in the Chrigr. mas Paqeanr 85 ,vw F WW i.l?5i'5i v , ,vp -9-rp 4 s .aN'0Qar Sonia Halvorsen, The Program Commissioner Sherie Leaver, The Clubs Commissioner Joann Pimentel, The M.D.H.S. Secretary Pau' Ch'p'Ik 's The Boys' Rcprescntatva Lee Grichuhin, The Grounds Commissioner Pete Banq-Knudsen ls The Sr. Rep. Rita Haskins, The Jr. Representative -1 John Bologni, is The M.D.H.S. President novice adminixf tmtom command We began this year as a student council with one dis- advantage and one offsetting advanlage: first, there was a serious lack of experience in the group, which was tho dis- advantage: and second, there was abounding splrit and enthusiasm, which toiled in our favor, as an encouraging asset. tin one respect even the lacl: of experience proved to be an aid, for it was the instigator of many fresh ideasl Let us not separate the class officers from the Student Coun- cil, for they actually operate as one lccdy. This year the Student Council and the class officers have steered a magazine drive to a moderate success. This drive occurred in September cf 1958: it payed for the next years foreign exchange student, curtains for the gym and thfg film to photograph our football games next year. ln Febru- ary the combined group of Student Council and class offi- cers presented an assembly program, "Student Govern- Mike Sweeny ls The Buzzy Walker ls The Soph Representative Frosh Representative Noel Humphries Head Yell Leader Social Affairs Commissioner John Moore actia7itieA of bezlil Planet ment ls Education in Actionup we hope this program has informed those who are unfamiliar with the major points of the student government at Mt. Diablo. A Diablo Valley lnterschool Council conference was executed and hosted by the Student Council, and class officersg one of this type of conference is held at Mt. Diablo every two years. From the advantages of communication offered by such meetings as the D.V.l.C. conferences and guidance and leadership of the sponsors of Mt. Diablo the officers of the four classes and Student Council have learned the best and finest points of our democratic life. MIKE DOWLING student body vice president Q wr fi zfff Public Relations first semester, Barbara Riley Public Relations second semester, Sharron Mahoney Chief Justice, Joe Partansky Girls' Representative, Lois Nakagaki Buildings Commissioner, Harlan King Sales and Finance, Webb Hadden Chairman of Foreign Exchange, Nancy Keller f an 40' "" I Vkwe ZVWKW 4 we ,Q W ' Q , we 4, W f , Z i gi 4? f my .gm- - , W aww- 1 ,QQ 'fmyaya , Qlywf ,, ,vi wp, WZ, h -'A al-Ms .eg-4-J r W ,,-My W is f -- 'tw-if - fm fi, 4 is ,M U!,,,ff .X ,K m, W., .ZWWV ,, ZW , Q w ,M ' JIM. I Www - .. ff Members of the Student Court are: FRONT ROW, Lett to Right: Pete Bang-Knudsen, Rita Haskins, Joe Partansky, Ann O'Neal and Sandy Jones. BACK ROW: Mr. Jack Smullen, Buzz Walker, Marty Piscovich, Mike Sweeny, Chet Belknap and Hugh Brown. Communicating tice atomic attempt! 0 our club or our PUBLIC RELATIONS lt is the duty of the Public Relations Committee to supervise the promul- gation oi student body publications and to take care ot many publicity problems that might arise which con- :ern Mt. Diablo. The committee is comprised of members of the school publications' statts and also members ot major campus committees. STUDENT COURT The purpose of the Student Court is to benefit students by disciplining them in order to turn out capable citi- zens. When a student is caught break- ing various school rules, he is given a citation and then tried before the Student Court. The student is sen- tenced according to the seriousness oi the crime. X Ii .. 'T' I ..,,, 2 ,Zi rg , 7 4? 5 ,, . . 'I f Q, ' gy I "Ww w " 1 Ci' L Zh B ag? wzwfifv ' 'R 'Q -144- .', ugh, Members of the Public Rela- tions Committee, who work to interpret the school to the com- munity and student body are as follows: FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Sharron Mahoney, editor Diablo News, spring semester, Barbara Riley, chairman public relations: Linda Barnard and Barbi Kendle, Diablo News Staff. BACK ROW: Judy Street- er, editor, Diablo '59g John Moore, Head Yell Leaderg Larry Pavilionis, Block D presidentg Sue Seyrnoure, Diablo News sports editor. SALES A-ND F-LN:-NCE N-ebb Hedda' ass':'en by Sffe Meva 'eadec Sa es Frrwahce Cow-m"'ee :sid Yhe Sf AV- ff-4 H-f :refs far achoo frmchchs, town lf 6014 21-eye iew, IA tire Public Qelatiom lbepartment SALES AND FINANCE SENIOR ADVISERS -3 . .3 . . V , . , . L, ,, f-Q1-L -3 -ff vffvg- Q-fm-ff'-f -Y, -fa-rg r-,gr rfrfgv-+ f-+-'- A gf-f - -Y -f-Q vff-rf, f-- ff- ,-.ff - X -..-- , -- --, ----,--j ----3-,,, re..- 33e,3,..-.,--., 3.33.53 -.J.j 1..- ..--.-n -- -1-3,1 he 1351" ' ": Cf' ,L ' fr' 'N' 1.:f"4'fY ""':.""" L'.2."'f",C.C1 f Tffzff 'rrirff' ff-"Y: f::'f v-31-123 'f' :.:v'1: HQ ':"f4f'r CI -. -., ..,.,-.,.f J. -.,.--.,..,-. J,g,-.., --.,J...L ,,,.,,., ...-., --J. - ,, .,-,-. r.f..,.-.,J. .J ...M . 3 3- ..':-...,- J -v . . , S , . r . , . , S F. emma, ,MUG f. W.: WWW.--is nm,-LA wi., Vey: -H .fi ..,-,,f-AN, -cyefze .fr XSULW T --,.33,... - -, ,... H.- ,- ...-- ,- .......,, -3 -3.--,-3 .-,.- --. N., ...-,-..-.., -.,-...-.,.. ee, re-. V, . ,.- .-. , ,. ,, -. U- .,- e- w,- 3 ,-:A ,-,- ,- rv-. 1,-Q.. . . H+- A Ax.. -..zzef ezine, 3:3 ,-C1e.e --r -35 .5 3.33- -xeeepeepe 3re e.fen-re.e 2.I,1':L j:'.3'1'.:r,.'3. H ' ,-. -.- Y ,. fw 4, ,.-,.- f- ff- A f- - f --. ff ' -' - ,- U- 1- F-v Q I 'f I ,M 1L'.CiT.-:A :...zer.e. ezieee were eee up 3-e3 51 me 3..3 may QTY: ,, .per nerr. Lf me e3r,f -ec .hc , -. 7-'H ',- , . L?V"r ,- -,.' . fl-' 1 T H+ I+' ',-Mi '4 ,--. -,- '-' Qrcep. fret Marge rear. ec gee - Ju jzercezu Lug ecizc. CT Ae-33, .IS :eh r:3t ,he earner CIC1 71 3: studeni had? tickets ','f3s 3'.f13r3eci first Chciie 3: give the h3bes 3 better feelirg if berq f of S933 3t the Weekly 3sserr.bl1e5. Ire 53193 313 Serie an 3 EfI"I1'.'If9 C-355533. ?l1'.UIiCE :Cite '.ff33 HP37 you.: 55.25.97 3nd get 'f" "1rf"rf'.'3H 1,31 -r.,,3,. 2 ' SENIOR ADVISERS Through fhe help of 'rhese Sen- ior Sfudenf Advisers, fhe Fresh- men were made 'ro feel riqhf af home here af Diablo. The ad- visers fried 10 help the Frosh in chosing 'their course of sfudy for fhe nexf four years, and give ofher advice They soughf. i rf? M ,W rf 35123 IUNIOR STATESMEN OF AMERICA The Ml. Diablo Chapler of Jun'or Sfafesmen .of America was founded len YSGVS, 390 W'Il'! M45 E, Mumma as sponsor af fha? TIITIE. Serv ce fo our school is The club's main proiecf, buf J-S-A- also assisfs in communify proiecls and Olhef venfures. CIMA from Planet bidlv anction W P' fi CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION The CSF slarfed in I949 under fhe sponsorship of Mrs. Elizabelh Johnson, who is now al' Junior College, and Miss Ruth Galindo, presenl sponsor. There were approximafely 25 -students who belonged lo CSF then. The largest enrollment for CSF has been l35. This year Miss Gallndo esfimafes fhe enrollmenf fo be 65. SKI CLUB Organized -in l956, by Mr. Doug Smith, the Ski Club .IS an active group during snow Season- Sk' If-Ps are laken to Sierra winler resorls, where sludenls enioy skiing plus Qiher Sporfs. Officers are presidenf, Jerry Afnip' secrefary-Treasurer, Mary Clarkg and vice: president, Pam Dowell. BUSINESS CLUB The Business Club opened rh's year w"h a oo'- luclr dinner. The ma'n service of fl-e club 's +o V' rnainfain fhe brunch slands. lf holds a spr'r'g p'cnic and a fea for fhe graduafes of fhe secre- farial pvacfice, and was originally called The Commercial Club and Fuiure Business Leade's of America, The officers are Ann O Neal, pres? , denlg Ann Horsefallx vice-presdenf' Ginger Q, 5 Tomlinson, secrefa'y' and Judy Srreefer rreas- i urer, The rnembers'ac'rIv1fies are supervised by Miss Dorofhy Dodge. e en in Apace sm EDUCATION CLUB The Educafion Club was organized in l955 under fhe leadership of Eloise Honefl. The club was founded fo inreresf high school sfudenfs in 'reaching as a career and fo provide ac'riviHes also, This year 'rhey have assisfed 'reachers af Williams Elemenfary School. This year's officers 3 are Susie Seymour, presidenfg Anne Curefori, vice-presidenf, and Par Markovich, is secrefary- freasurer. ?', "17- -1 LET-kv' , ,, 5125, BLOCK "D" SOCIETY This year fl-ie Block "D" Sociefy received Two new advisers, Coaches Ernie Cecaci, and Doug Smifh. Under fhe com- pefenf leadership of officers Larry Pavilionis, president Tim McOulIlan, vice-presidenfg Al Treffetsecrefary lreasurerq and Ron Lichfi, sergeanf af arms, such proiecfs as: Pafrolling fences al' foolball games, and limifinq the flow of fraffic on 'rhe gym floor af assemblies were carried out During fhe scan of fhe year, 'rhe Block "D" Faculry baskelball game was played, from which fhe faculfy managed fo squeeze a I5-4 wln, the four poinfs coming from Clyde Luornala and Larry Pavilionis. The Block "D" acfiyifies were Block "D" dance May lg Block "D1' picnic., May 203 rhe annual Block "D" banquef, May 29, Block "D" also sponsored a boofh af 'rhe Junior Carnival. 9l FOREIGN EXCHANGE Under Miss Marge Silva's supervision the Foreign Exchange Club started this year. The purpose ot the club is to get more people interested in The Ameri. can Field Service proiects. Ralph Mohr was the president: Maria Fernandez, secretary, Sally Gerboth, treasurer, and Harold Dogliani is vice-president. Chosen to represent the club to the Foreign Exchange Committee is Kay- lene Darnell, iunior. SWIM CLUB The first swim club was formed by Mrs. Jeanne Duerksen, l955, that Diablo might have a group capable of skilled performances. Each member must pass a special ability test. Club officers are as follows: president, Sandra Sheffield, the choreographers, Carol Bengston, Kathy Chernoh. PHOTO CLUB "The camera bugs" of the Photo Club which was founded in H55 to develop interest in photography, are FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Bob Dulas, Bob Neubert, James Bates, Wayne Weather- ly, Gary Chapin, Charles Wall. BACK ROW: Pat Lufkin, Phil Seters, Bob Shaw, Mr. Terry McDaniels, Charles Odom, Bert McKain, Sam Leonard, Stanley Taylor form the '59 Club. PROI ECTION ISTS The Proieclionists Club was founded in l935 by Mr. Rufus Johnson and is still under his supervision, The club lists among its activities, showing noon movies and aiding teachers to present their classroom visual proiects through- out the school year. Bill Schreeder is the presidentg Roy Riccobuono, vice presidentg and Jerry Clarke is secretary treasurer. SCIENCE CLUB Organized in I95Z, the Science Club hdS gone 3 long way toward cultivating skills in science. Sponsoring the SCIQHCE fair is one club activity. Officers -are Bill Miller, president, Ken Enke, vice- presidentg Sue Tate, secretarY-lfeasufelv FRENCH CLUB Q The Frercn C ao, under fre ',:r 5' Pav Marvovich p'es":e' 'rs' -r- na'd fee-presidenr and Ma-fy M:- Eiravh se:'e1ary-ireasrer ""'a'e': 'ri- cdzred pr: sporsored a ':a':e -frn Yhe orner larguage :labs and -vcr ?7'sf D'i1e fn the C ubs Asserrb y. Mrs Rere Messersrnivh is acfsed T .-M., 'Wr.rn'fLg.,,3..:.L 4g iv 'CTI e ,- '57 L, if y ff ' 2713, M' WW 2 RADIO CLUB Th's yea' is rhe l7's+ in Diablcfs history Yo have a Radio Club. The members er' pe-'imenr vfrh radio, and also work fo- -ward lheir arnafeur radio licenses. The orficers fhis yea' a'e Karn Sperling presidenfg Randy Mathews, vice-p'es'- denlj Warren Wasson-i, secrerary and Don Elfvirg 'rreasure' F.N.A. The Fufure Nurses Club was formed in 'rhe spring of l957 for girls irieresled in nursing. During The year the club visiled hospilals which qave nursing scholar- ships, IR. RED CROSS Presideni Virginia Glines says 'the Jr. Red Cross Club was organized in l927. Since rhen The club has made Toys for lhe children's hospital during lhe holi- days and has also sen? Care packages lo foreign counlries, LATIN CLUB This space is reserved for THE LATIN CLUB, whose piciure doesn'1 appear here. The members of the club have had many acfivifies rhis year under The direciion of Mrs, Rene Messersmirh Among fhese are a pofluck dinner fol- lowed by a dance on March 20 I959, They also parficipaled in the Clubs Assembly by sponsoring the Varsiro- nians. The orlicers for firsr semesler were Kafhleen Leschinslfy, pres'den+' Al'ce Salharn, vice-president and Darlene Cioffi, secre'rary.'rreasurer The oi-Ficers for second sernesfer were Lee Mi le' president Roberf Durra vice-presdenir Lynn Gillrnan, secrelary-ireasurer The membership of rnis c ub includes rhe following: Ronald Doyle Calhy Cher- noh, Sherry Cir-nino Darlene Ciorfi Robert Defra, Dennfs Dreqqrs, B'l' Fernandez, Lynn Gillman Connie Hen- derson, Camille Jenkins David Jones Alice Lafharn Karhleen Les:h3rskv Lee Miller! Ralph Mohr! Michele Moroan Norman McKenzie Russel Ralohs Ro- berla Seibold Norrra' Srnfh A":e Sarharn, Gayle Taylo' Be"y T'irna" John Warrick, and Bill WW 'arms GERMAN CLUB The German Club was conceived in '55, Throughoul The year if has had quesl speakers al lhe meelinqs. The club also visiled lhe Vienna Boys' Choir. Nancy Keller, club presidenl, spoke of her lrip lo Swillerland, and Eve Hugon spoke on Swiss governmenl, life .ww S X . ! LUGNUTS These fulure Mechanics belong lo Ml. Diablo's only car club, lhe "Luqnu1s'. They can be found working on cars elery Monday evening under lhe walchful eyes of Mr. Tony Vidak and Mr. Jo Rukavina. The officers are Jack BoUCJU9n"'e. PWS" denlg Jim Healh, vice-presidenlg Ron Biork, secretary. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club of Ml. Diablo High School was reorganized so fha? the Spanish sfudenls will have more prac- fice in conversafional Spanish. The lead- ers of The club This year are Henry Melendres, presidenlg Irene Ornania, vice-presidenlg Susie Leach, secrefaryg and Carol Blachlyl Treasurer. SWORD AN D BAUBLE Sword and Bauble is lhe dramafic so- ciely which honors members of fhe slu- denr body who have confribuled Their lime and lalenr To fhe growth of drama al Ml. Diablo. Led by Gail Taylor as presidenl and Marly McGralh as secre- lary-lreasurer, The club has had a full schedule of aclivifies which included a frip fo San Francisco Sfale College. S ei.. 2 N83 DANCE COMMITTEE The Dance CornrnI'r+ee :porsored by Mrs. Jeanne Duerlseny plays an impor- fanl par? in Diablo's social acfi-wifes. This comrnlrfee pul: on the sport dances and helps w'lh all lrhe ofher dances dur- ing 'rhe school year. INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Indusfrial Arls Club is in Hs 'rhird year af Diablo High. Throuqhouf The year if planned a field 'rrlp in order lo vlsif 'rhe Chevrolel plan? in Oakland. Z 5 A WW A Z vm I f .aan M . 'f x IAZZ CLUB The Jazz App'e:'a":' C .b 'az ezlsled "':e year: on of :ernp-:. Th's year MQ, E,'ba'a Eragg az: s': We grourb 7' 'ff a:'?f?"e:. Tre :b'e:' cg We c ob ': YD D'o"5'e a' app'e:Aa'l:' for good lazz S:r'e cl "1 r'e"'be's hare f:'led 're Qazz :creed ire: a' fre Peasarf l-ll l-Vgh School. J! 'I U- . 'Q f. l QT, ' " 3 ,f 1 f .-9 f A I f 1 !' .2 g, 4, - hm as X , , V A H if .M L A- ' f ' . ,K ' M 4 If " my v it sw.- Z 10 RALLY COMMITTEE Wifhoul fhe help of fhe Rally Cornmll- lee, ll'e yell leaders and song leaders would have a hard time raislng and holding Dlablo's school splril. Abou? elqhleen members were se'ec'red lo al- lend lhe Fourlh Annual High School Rally Convenflon af San Franclsco Sfale College on April IB. A cake sale was held by 'rhe Rally Commlffee members early ln the year lo false money lo buy new blouses for 'rhe song leaders' uniforms. ' 95 SPORTS THREE -WAY CHAMPIONSHIP IN 1958 Z 5 AE su. , ' NA I ' if W A V ,J-N, A I f, 5 1 f if Q , si? ,gs 4 ,- E A 4 , ii' I QA - f , 33 35 15, is r , Varsit FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Sfeve Casey, Bill Cullen, Dave Anderson, Gary Benzler, Bill Nelson, Ru'dy Omania. SECOND ROW: Allen Hagersrrand, Jay Jackson, Al Trefle, Cary Robason, Eddy Johnson, Lee Grichuhin, Dean Deafon, Jack Kennerson, John Barclay, Dennis Treadway. THIRD ROW: Tom Brown, Dave Torres, Len Ellis, Duane Morris, Paul Slaler, Bruce Olson, Chef Belknap, Mike Dowling, Ron Terry, Chuck Lealh, BACK ROW: Carl Hayes, Dick Jones, George James, Wick Elder, Gary Casey, Dave Johnson, Ron Lichfi, Hugh Brown, Jim Ligqelf and Clyde Luomala. ' , I, .- ,., 7 , ,- x xi lv , ,, i i :iff n , 5 ,,, --r : r 1 I ' ' 6 ii' , , 'li' V is ' ' ..,:z:.f: it I' I 1- l Q , ' ' f ,, 3 "" Sf ' I ' f 2 fi' , N- I ' ,W f -- W f ' l 1 Y f ' A 2 I 1 ' ' fl . . I , I , ' . , - 1 I I 1 'fi r , 4 H ' ' 1: QM: 4 4 C yy , r . , . . S , ., H , f y , V 5 ,S 2 V , KV, 2- , ., , H 7 I ,, , , 3 , X V im -Z, .7 i w ' ff ' Q ' - V .wf4iLa.,f f1 I' .ali--ga. 1. I 1 WA-5 .mm i. J. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: John Keeble, Norris Philips, David Melhven-, Leonard Salisbury, Larry Bauer, Mike Benneff, Carl Skropefa, Jerry Harrison, Paul Radfke, Bob Pinger, Dave Chaplik. SECOND ROW: Bill Sanlos, Gary Lievre, David Deguchi, Larry Bisso, Jim Parder, Bob Koch, Julian Nicklaus, Mike Grahn, Ralph Rulherford, Ed Bufler, Ed Torres, Jim Cromwell. THIRD ROW: Ron-nie Johnson, John Mounl, Ron Biork, Clinl-on Benlon, Terry Dwyer, Duane Trosf, Fred Aude, Mike Barbour, Marlin Piscovich, Don Rumpf, Craig Williams, Irvin Schmaliohann, Clarence Melansoner, Bill Kisfner, Jim Johnson. BACK ROW, Jim Craig, Dennis Newman, Mike Murphy, Bill Seals, Don Terra, Byron Lenerose, Harold Tomason, gob dBerglund, Bill Cambra, Duane Enochs, George Sousa, Al aun ers. Frosh Dunham, Frank Cox, Bill Clarke, FRONT ROW, Iefl lo righf: Larry Dubois, Tony Marraclno, Lewis Garrison James Leonard, Ernie Slevenson, Gerald Garcia, Dave Wesf, Ronald Coles, Manager. SECOND ROW: Mike Whilaker, Grover Sponable, Lynden Siple, Roger Clark, Larry Franchele, Mike Boyle, David Harman, Don Baca, Dick Jacobsen, Bill Fleming Gary Shelby, Bill Walker. THIRD ROW: Dan Ramirez, Mike Jones, Richard Clough, Ron Boyle, Bob Tale, Jim Snyder, Bob Armslrong, Larry Hesler, John Warrick, John Barnes, Leroy Baplisfe, Ed Zubey, Harry York, Manager. BACK ROW: Jack Furr, Tim Leschinsky, Bill Anlink, Dwain Adams, David Jones Bill Sharp, Mike Herberf, Charles Binderup, Jim Jensen, Geo. Davis, Anlone Goyak, Richard Fuller .1 No 5! Paul Slafer A Tackle I All Counfy Honorable Menfion x ' .- 4. A Q--. k NX M Minivan! xlr 427,13 .4"" , Ay? Kwik -'Ai Qi, , .jf 9, Of! , we xlmmnmwm fy mv me ,-J V! l ii-W C 1 ,:f4wi....Zf ,W af . f . These Diablo qridmen form a solid wall against attackers, and are out to defend Diablo's Championship spirit r betermination, A if-it, ability, and The mighty Mt. Diablo Red Devils proved to be the top team in the D.V.A.l.. with power and speed unmatched by any team in the league this year. Not since i953 has Diablo seen a team with so much desire to win and keep winning. The Devils hard-running backs and aqqressive line with fine coaching and toptliaht rooting section, won the tirst football championship in tive years. HART FAIRCLOUGH, Head Coach BUD BOHNE, Backfield Coach DOUG SMITH, Line Coach A tense moment is reflected in the faces of these Diablo players as Pittsburg forces put up an argument. resale 'ff are e- wr if ' 1 .ibm 7 5 , ,,,. , ,et, T Mifwwliiw X 1 i 1 l 7 1 4 s 2 1 -, ...- I " N fx'v4v ---. Q QT 11 13 4? XO -Q UO 25 6 VKJ- L,., Ericizi-3. Lf-ff NVQ A -,,.,,-- Berkeley Azitlccr., Pcfczficcz Pleasant , v Pittsrturq lflfzyren 4 greAAia7eneAA winA clmmpiondvqz W MSTCM, me X1 em ci m league plov FJISCQIQO Thelr opponents scormq 104 remte 1 W8 'Wu :refs team work and ham wmnmc hcrcke thev were able to fe cxque f:hC1mp1cnsh1y:e m Hein m Last rmnufe ms?ruc'nons are qwen by Coach Smhh fo fhe eager qrrdmen before They face The PIeasan+ Hail Rams Gary Casey goes for an end run while John Barclay readies himself for fhe deciding block in Berkeley game. The bezlilsf Alww lww End Dean Dealon cafches wha? looks like a salellile from ouler space for a lhlrfy-five yard gain in 'rhe Oakland Tech game, Peering down the field, Diablo quarlerback Lee Grichuhin sefs himself up for a yard gaining pass againsl' El Cerrilo, as Duane Morris lhrows key block. Ceplain Al TreHe rips for exlra yards while being pulled from behind by anxious Acalanes playerg meanlime Bill Cullen, Lee Grichuhin, and Jack Kennerson sfand by for acfion. they ran and tackled 'S fm 'fu aww ' ,ga vm ffl -1 my ,E Aim A-." .551 A ABOVE: Lefl, Clyde Luomala assisls in recovering a fumble againsl Antioch, ABOVE: Riqhl, The Devils lense on The sidelines for lhe awaih-d decision, Al Treffe sels up The block as Gary Casey carries lor a qood gain. Was- f The Devils break lhrouqh the goal posl display wifh enfhusiasm, lo go on fo anorher victory BELOW: Lell, Bill Sanlos and Dean Dealon lry lo prolecf Diablo ball carrier from Ram lackler. AA x My BEl.OW':. Riqhl, Ed Johnson helps out Jim Liggefl and unidentified Diablo man lo bring down Antioch Paniher, I 'PBM yi Wx 'cl f- .JQY Vgryff the-new AI Hggefghgrd Pan Terry BPH Sfdnn dife for pTgskin 'rx pra5H:e JAVT' Uqgev aff? Caychynq D555 5p,g-,E fo' enfa yards - . . h :er 1:-e inzrc. sirclqn' 5e'15:: me Dlifli Fre5:rr.ei Feetbcfl ff 'ezzzi 535 ended the 5e35:r. Jnfjeiezrted. Unlike last year 4, gr, -5' A U Q x me .nge De'11.5 were 111 'J .ECIQ'11EEfh1S season, Und :crme eu' ' fy A 11 ' , Cf'.CUT1D1C1'1S. Ffosh ccaches: ,,. 'FQ X 57 'If' Q Pawel-IMAX. .. ,OPEL ,.,-mn Wd,U,,, Vx- ' F- -- ve,- LACLLLS Af . . Lmerulcre l2 Wayne P3095 Dmblt Zf Cleve: Ceunzv C Diablo 22 . Alhfjmleru I3 " DICLCLZ 27 . . Pacmficc C Diehl: 25 flcjften Valle-,f 13 'A 1 J , , ' , fl Paul S1a1er aw: Ren Terfy place bmckx 10 safe Devi! bei! carrier from Sparvan fhreat. Treffe dodges Plftgburg Pirafe s,-,' M Q32 rv' . if ah... e l"'4s..-vs. TIM MCOUILLEN Center DAVE JOHNSON Forward DENNIS WADSWORTH Forward STEVE SWINDALL Forward MIKE SWEENY Guard TOM BROWN Center, Most Improved Honorable Mention All County GARY CASEY JIM LIGGETT . All County First String CGDIGIU. Forward BUD PEEBLES Guard VARSITY Although the Red Devils lacked experi ence this season, they had determina tion and desire enough to scramble into second place in the DVAL League. Valu able positions on the team were held by such seniors as Gary Casey, lim Liggett Tim McQuillan, Dennis Wardsworth Bud Peebles, Dave lohnson, Steve Swin dall, and underclassmen Tom Brown and Mike Sweeney. SCORES A's Diablo 39 San Lorenzo Diablo 42 Richmond Diablo 39 Encinal Diablo 42 Harry Ells Diablo 4l Armiio Diablo 30 Acalanes Diablo 23 Pleasant Hill Diablo 35 Castlemont Diablo 35 Antioch Diablo 44 Las Lomas Diablo 36 Clayton Valley Diablo 56 Pacifica Diablo 3l Pittsburg Diablo 52 Pleasant Hill Diablo 35 Antioch Diablo 39 Clayton Valley Diablo 47 Pacifiqjq Diablo 45 Pittsburg Diablo Pittsburg 23 Diablo 37 Antioch EAST viz ,l -"' ' Y 'ox' ' Jn? :sy , 4. A 45-af v .3 l' Xnl ,434 qi Meat oowwms MARTY Puscovncv-4 Most Valuable Mos1'lmproved,Cen+er Captain, Forward rom os ions Guard B's 'T',.,-- ,-,-, -',, " ",. .. 'L .,.l ' , ' ----s ,fear ,.-e B sauaa nnisnea up ir. a ie for ihira :lace with the Eaales of Clayton Valley. Coach Bruce lverson's teari. aaa suc: -eaaers as Captain Merle Downing, lflarty Fiscovicb and lirn Pra- aa, 'ffno will probably step up into the 'IGISQTX squad :ext season and take over such stoots as those occuciecl by Casev, Lnjojeff, lACCJ,l1llCFI'., and Peebles. SCORES B's Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo San Lorenzo Piichrnond Encirial l-larry Ells I-Xrrniio Acalanes Diablo Pleasant Hill Diablo Castlernont Diablo Antioch Diablo Diablo Las Lornas Clayton Valley Diablo Pacifica Diablo Pittsburg Diablo Pleasant Hill Diablo Antioch Diablo Clayton Valley Diablo Pacifica Diablo Pittsburg Diablo Pittsburg Diablo Antioch JIM FRAGA Forward DALE BRADLEY Guard BILL CAMERA Forward FRED CRUMMETT Guard DENNIS STEVENS Guard CHARLES BIMBERUP Forward 'fi ,-,,..1- ,..,-f-1 -1.4---A E ?-,,,.,-- ,,.f-' I 'Q Sophomore Mike Sweeny lumps high afler The ball while Gary Casey screens. pyye Diablo Cage.-5 group logelher lo gel lhe ball. 1 f x Where you find fhe Faircloughs al a game, you find the chiIdren's corner. Tom Brown langles wilh Gary Casey and Jim Liqgefl for The rebound. Full varsify squad is, FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Jack Bouquennec, Bill Moore, .lim Racine, Bud Peebles, Jerry Loving, Dave Sleele, John Cash, Ron Churchman. BACK ROW: Scofl Crenshaw, Dennis Wadsworlh, Tom Brown Dave Johnson Sieve Swind ll . 1 9 - Tim McQuillen, Gary Casey, Al Jacobs, Jim Ligqeff, Mike Sweeney, Coach Charley Karp. 711' C ,9 X, Q 'SW ' 1,1 QCWW Left to righf: Chuck Midland, Rick Hoppers, Tony deJong, Merrill Down- ing, Floyd Davis, Dave Bradleg. Not Shown, Jim Fraga, Coach harlre Karp. Leif fo right: Dennis Stevens, Fred Crummett, Tim Mealey, Dave Daniels, Terry Edison, Ricky Flood, Jim Keen, Jim B dd R ' R b rfs Sf y u e, onnie o e , e e Maze. Coach Bruce Olson, BASKETBALL Coach Charlie Karp started the basketball sea- son early with his "C's" and "D's" in order to get a good look at future B's and IV's. The Diablo "C" basketball team took second place this year while Pittsburg took first. The "C's," however, were the only team to defeat the Pirates in league play, 41-31. Devil Merrill Downing was the high scorer this year with lim Fraga coming in second. The Mt. Diablo "D's," coached by Bruce Ol- son, had a fairly good season. They came in third place, winning six and losing four. The team was inspired by the good work done by Dennis Stevens, Fred Crummett and Terry Edi- son. The highlight of the season came when the "D's" defeated Pittsburg. Rf! 4.1 ir 1 FRONT ROW, ieft 'ro right: Tony de- , Jong, Ken Hammer, Jerry Cggper , f' STANDING: Jim Cooper, Ai sandals ,2- Jacir Bouguenriec and the old pro 'J' Coach Charlie Karp, i if ai 0, ' V6 iii .21 L .xv W. I FRONT ROW, left to r'gl'11': Webb Had- den Rich Lui-a, Ron Roberts. BACK ROW: John Showers Ed Fares Tim Leschiriski, Doug S'mor1s and Coach Jean Laird. GOLF Under the seeria-eye instructions at Coach Charlie Karp, the lfit. Diablo Galt Tearri is ex- pected to have a aced year. Coach Karp, an old sputriik hitter hirriseli, is determined tc shape up his boys in order tc carry an the Diahia tradition of Winning eyen thcuarr ycu lese. ,H H0 Us ff f' , , lk'-ffiig, f , . .uri ,V TENNIS Vifith Vfebb Haden the only returning letter- rnari, the tennis tearri is in the process of re- buildina this year. The hiahliahts ot the practice schedule were a victory over Alhambra, and a narrow 4-3 defeat icy Berkeley, the kiria pin ct the ACA, Leaaue. rx. pgfcher Shormop Second Base PAUTEHZZIHSAPLICK nr ase . 9 DENNIILTVREADWAY 1 c er This year's Diablo baseball team was picked by the coach and a number of sport writers to finish at the top of the D.V.A.L. The basis for assuming this was the large number of returning lettermen. Among them were three first string, two second string, and one honorable mention on the all-County team last year. This team has terrific power in two time all-County, lim Liggetty great pitching in Ron Lichti, Lee Grichuhin and Dennis Treadwayg and a tough defense in Bud Peebles and Bill Stone. THEY ARE CHAMPS FRONT ROW, left fo right: Ron Churchman, Herb Denton, Paul Chaplick, Bill Stone, Bob Armstrong. MIDDLE ROW: Eddy Johnson, Ron Rose, Lee Grichuhin, Marty Piscovitch, Dennis Treadway, Don Barfus. BACK ROW: Larry Leimone, Dan Barney, Bud Peebles, Jim LiqgeH', Roni Llghfi, Duane Adams, Tom Brown, Coach Bruce lversen. LEE GRICHUHIN BILL sroNE BUD PEEBLES RON ROSE Firsf Base de end lwme pad i f- - 1' 9 -i!!...,. . if .Mi 3 -fe , ' , . . ' , iiygyff " U "ff" I . 4 V ' 1 2 if li I Q , --6 f A il gf:-if ' ? J P! . nb . 1 get N1 W My if 1 , P 3 'F A5 i I 7 3 JJ , ' 1-PMQ' Q -1 . "fl ' ' F ti W: if ,, f I 'k -1' Iii , F it it F i in iv' fu Q iff' if 31:3 5-If N " 'r' , ee-45, -' fs -S ,K f .:' -.1 '11 "-..:" . - 1'.' ,ey e g' ' a T' ,,, ' ' ",fre 1: , . -. tffgfff ,,., '-." 'Y W xi'-w."f.j.L5,f,1 RON- LICHTI LARRY LEIMONE Pitcher l.eH Field 'T 4 . , '1 - . f -,, - .gi ' A 4 - A 4 ,-are af-' nf- .ftkr 1 Q. J , .. 'Xy'9:f"-.47'+i'A4- 1 ,. -egg' yptf gh f"':.h- -I: , , T351 1115 2 42, rweai ' ---i ' ' l i ' "'f'3f""-i.343g ,, E T ' iv ge- . if . 1... -: ' ' 'Flu-v, N L., ii- ,, ew. W" L .-531' , ' F' fy, ' -'SFQQ' f v- -14. 5 1 ' ' 1 1 ff ' ' A, ii - V. - P deze ' ' arise ,--,bn Q ' X ,Q 'f i ff fini.-if 2 ee, 1 . " . wa 5 i . gag lgi'f,g..: 1i'l H' li 1 f 31: if? -fi' 5 eifiiffagt - e-- .pe-,f . 1 ' uses- - wt-.we . 'rt' ' ' e -x,. W. ii 31. i. fit fe i Wfif. added Streliqtlfi fZ'CI'f. retttriixg veterans, Lctrry Bisso and Dave Clriclplick, the IV. Team was ctble tc icllevf ilne steps of their big lzrotlfiers, the Varsity, to ct spzccessfui season. Vfiti expert Ccctcliing by Cccch Bud Bohrie the little Devils CQ: ziiticipctte at "welcome" Tffli at the varsity dugout next year. FRONT ROW, lef'l' lo right: Chuck Medlin, Mike Hasfings, Gary Fisk, Bill Kissinger, Floyd Davis, John Hinkle. BACK ROW: Coach Bud Bohnel Mike Jones Mer! Downing, Skip Hunter, Larry Bisso, Dave Chaplick, and Julian Nicklaus. I 1 0 'wr-s1'gff,. We V 4 - - '-7:1 .- .ix id ..t- j,.,:,.jmis .A f '-' 2 -K so 'X- ' f " .un DAN BARN EY Caicher JIM LIGGETI' Center Field i Y' , X- . .. ,A 1 f'i" J' r 7 f F35 FSM W' 7 --AG , Tgfz , ,,,, - ,wif f a .,f:,-L' -3 I - 11 'Ei ,?M",pu-r' 1 ' 7 N: gk -:S g 'f gf' r X if p "1"' X Qin 'X fi E -A , ' 'W' UQ j g HA N sg . f .Q ,W ,M "' up 'V . rf, g W 1 ' Y A .':pfriQM,,m:f W " N IW- X , f ,,,,W,,. W- ' ' ' fi ' H 'W' . .gp si N , ' V sr A fy, X. .uw . M, A i A" .vig ' 'z ,f Q f V, ,,4M.W4:,5'r"" - X - , -i - ' X 'X A Q ---' S-X -N few- if wi N L , , 1 rl - A58--'f' A 'Q f- - gf-Q f - m,,,,i -k 'L M T ' s ,..., -A . wzyfwwa I ' f , R Q 3 - ,, -f j ,gr V.,f 6 X,,gQST?mvaw 5 5 f f 5'-r X W1 -""' ' A x 4 dugg' .' ,fx I v ., my ' . iff, V' x ,fx X 'Ln 0 Wi, Q' I4 H " m, Z' , '-' NK, -- ., ,f it Xi' f Xt? Aix xii S ,A-M i rd 52 uc ii 'A H :D L,--Q -f Q N .ff in , ' ia, .1 S . X 1 ,Q , - X , Q .Z L ' -N-"W -1,- Q 4 4 1 I+'s a strike m- 3 - x 'S -gg , A al f ,, M A F , f . 1 M 9 122 Roy Jag-5 qgeg up fhg rope Paul Ci'lepIiCk slides in df during an assembly. home 5659- Doffo Visperas goes over fhe high bar. every Time! Senior ball players ham if up. S5 X Q x Q , X -QQ L, , , ,..,,.g ' :QV "Y -I 'Ay ,.,,.H.L ff,,Q,q,,"-jsQ.x,igic '-' -S-H -1,44 ex' if er ' 7, ' f' W ' . hw 5- 1 QAMQQ, gxffvw Y ws. W f V , Y X , - S X ,. 7. V , .Mm J ,.........,-wa-ASQ . 'G iw 'P'-1 N F 'f' f , ' h4,,g1,y5'fs-zvlifw-1? WNQ 5g5g,,.' .- 11,9 -'w:hfNfQ:Q4Lf5pN 5 Q - Ni X '5 4 'f r 1 , N ff 'mvfK'f1','fA-an wkmz-Q www fslfiil. ' fff w x W if H 'Ill K , . I - , 3 ,xr wfggfg Asagyyfwmxf k b.,,?,,.,P-,W J Q,y. Q4 4 , ffm,f,.,f ,, v- . ' , . ' ff' .. -M x , f i .,,. M V Q -5:5 1 iigfxii -. V. Q 1 1+ f m . l w w r --:I-:Z-:Q ' ' WV A umffgg "" , if 515523 X sf-.Q3.lf3I+ ' ' 4' ,'.wifQL1. Q i ' if L rag: 'Z Q Z' if--. QTY-, 5 Q ' ' Q .fa use-f.2Wf'0N',.-EQI, -'X M ' fu, 1 i .2 f Mgh?fT7"W'?lf"""f Q.. ' B .V , -13+ -E 'X gk f. ' FIRST ROW, l.'R: Char- ley Shockey, Dan Ram- irez, Larry Pavilionis, Gary Robinson, Richard Laurence, Roger Sfaggs, Louis Gadol. SECOND ROW: Brooks Tarber, Bill King, Bruce Bog- qess, B'lI Rink, Ja'rne Ramirez Bill Chrisman, George Jones, Coach Ilan- I Armstrong. Cross-country Tie lflt. Diablo High School cross-country feat. lS composed. of fifteen men, of which six are seniors. This yecfs award for the most improved run- ner 'Meri to Roger Staggs, a senior. Captain'r7 Pavilionis and Gary Robinson led Diablcfs cross-country team to a third place Qi the llorth Coast. The North Coast was held -. ' ' i fr, . 1 "H " . in Palo Alto at .ztarhora s golf course on No fern- ' :- ber J. A first place for the Devils at the All-Corners lU-rnile relay in Pleasant Hail added to the expe- rience of our endurance runners. Coach George Armstrong felt that this 'fears sau-ad could have improved had there been more than two returning letterrnen. 14- t I, Wrestling The Mt. Diablo lflfrestling Team coached by Ernest Cecaci, had an excellent year, rating a first in the state with Allen l-lagerstrand. This is the first 'State' champion Mt. Diablo has ever had in Wrestling. Al, a graduating senior, received an injury in his last bout before becoming champion, and was laid up for several weeks. A two-year man and a football player, he is highly rated grade- wise also. Qther seniors Winning high honors were Bill Shinn, Leo Cosce, Bruce Olson, Chet Belknap, Rudy Omania and Kirk lacobson. WRESTLING FRONT ROW, L-R: Ken Davey, Mike Hastings, Doug Caskey, Mike Warren, Kirk Jacobson, Ron Belknap, Mar+in Wharion, MIDDLE ROW: Frank Cross, Leonard Salisbury, Julian Nicklaus, Bob Martin, Jim Johnson, Dave Daniels, Jim Bennett, Vic Parton, George Sousa. BACK ROW: Coach Ernie Cecaci, Leo Cosce, George Kline, Dave Mefhven, Bill Shinn, Bruce Olsen, Allen Hagerstrand, Dave Crom- well, Paul Davis, Chester Belknap, Jerry Smith, Dave Chaplik, Gary Lievre George Bowler. f ,Q ' z ,. S3 , Q I -'I f , I H R ' X iff. N ., X f X ' " La . li 13 W 'ff' ja 9 V' Qi5"2f N ' T " 3 V 'f J f-7 . .t 1. . 1 YN ' f ,,,. . i .L ff ' . V' ..., , .- 7 Z ,. :g.,. I ff 4 si ..., A X , s 'H' .. f , T. V V,-. sf r . ,xl "4-: f f . 1 1 ,. f f at-is ., f f .1 ., .. fr is if its w as 'i 5' A - v if ---A-- ' t. -' V, ""'g ' ' . ' . R ff s 'Q - ,.,.. . ..,.,, .1 ' w . r '-::2::2zr2:2:2f:' -rr . ..,,,.,f ,Ju--.' ' is-'.. .. 1 a or r s f -, ...,. 3, 3 . , W . , ,Q . , , S -ri VARSITY TRACKM EN FRONT ROW left to right' Larry Poplack, Bill Santos, Andy Zopolos, Clyde Luomala, Bill Nelson, Charlie Kimese . . . . . DDL AI Treffe, Gary Casey, Lloyd Griffith, Dean Deaton, Mike Barbour, Dick Matrlhews, Bull Landis, Gary Lrever. Ml ROW: Dave Jones, Ted Miller, Terry Dwyer, Bob Dufra, Jack Furr, Tim McOuillan, Gary Robinson, Howard Johnson, Gary Korpi, Lou Audas, Fred Auda. BACK ROW: Coach Hart' Fairclough, Will Chrisman, Rich Hedges, Larry Pavilionis, Jav Jackson, Ron Boyle, Duane Morris, Hugh Brown, Larry Teixeira, Bill Sharp, Bob Buscaglia, Dan Avery, Leo Cosce, Sian Leonard, Mickey Thomas, and not plcfure'd, Coach Doug Smith. . V1 Y .3 K ,, . sy y ...M I . f ww- if If n A y-4. .,.,e,,,,,,.,,, e 1 me me ea are 0- -N .32 1 Q New A-semi' 5 ,gg , --.- M 1-.,, ' . ' Q As Diablo '59 goes to press, the final results of the Mt, AL TREUE Diablo Track and Field Teams are as yet incomplete. With l00. 220 and Rslev ,,f.,g4y high hopes coaches Hart Fairclough and Doug Smith, look GARY CASEY .fn sm s , suv asians , , ff ,, 111, ' ,, A .. V - on into the season for new records. Sr. Dave lohnson is press- Hurdles, Discus and Relay 't I ing the high jump record oi 6 lVa by going 6. The 880 rec- , orcl of 2.009 might be lowered by Sr. Gary Robinson. Larry 9. 0 Pavilionis, Sr. miler is eyeing the mile record of 4136.1 and f 0 5 3 . Q hopes to try to break it. In the relay Gary Casey Dean v H .. 9' 2 'iff' . . ' J 'w,,,t' , . W Deaton, and Al Trette, all senior veterans of last year s state Ms. Q 'if - . 1 I x 4 , meet, will try to push the old time of 1129.6 down, the fourth .,, W .we 14 ..,.f, 2 LARRY PAVILIONIS Miter GARY ROBINSON Half Miter I I6 man is unknown. This year for the first time in the D.V.A.L. the teams will compete in dual meets and the team winning the most meets LLOYD GRIFFITH DEAN DEATON Quarter an'd Half Miler Quarter, 220, and Relay W1 Z .Q 16 ,mf .0 4 B TRACKMEN ,G gf SEATED, lef? lo righf: Managers, Rich Terra, Don Devincenzi. FRONT ROW: Jerry Barham, Rich Sfevenson, Rich Ohlson, Paul Radrke, Rudy Omania, David Sandoval, Ron Nicholson, Dennis Teifel, Rich Clough. MIDDLE ROW: Nick Romeo, Lane Hokanson, Russ Young, Bob Leonard, George Srni+h, Jerry Warren, Jim Johnson, Harry Kuhr, Rich Sandoval, Bob Cannon. BACK ROW: Coach Har? Fairclough, Al Longshore, Bill Anfinlr, Dave Wesf, Len Salisbury, Jim Leonard, Rich Fuller, Jim Moon, Marfin Wharlon, no? picfured, Coach Doug Smifh, depth of A ace A ff , V' 'aifiyg I ' 4' RUDY OMANVX 'nhl ze Crowned eharnpnons, and Diablo is a 'op Cox'-ender ..,, iff ' -W ,. . . , " fff-' ' ,, 'U' B Reld' 75 and '50 for 'hrs spot. There 711.1 also ne the fradlfzona, Counfy meet H' V dl ,fn ':?g'H CHARLIE KIMES Al 'l'ret'e Lena hexi gp a' the Leginmng of the year because 2, ,, Q 4' tiff' Q 5P""1"S. '00 and 220 of a pulled rnascle rs hoping IO return lo h1s spot as top man wel?fefN'.Z:,,Z'fLZ gzlg gn 'he leaaue. Dear. Deatzn, lop 440 man, is frlling in at Yhe l , C, V '5 220 and Lroad jurrrp, ezrnznq vhrough 'mth fhree iirsfs in the V I " ' , ,ll ,5 "" l f ' rzeef, he 15 considered Dxablas ace c1nde1' Gary Casey, 7363, Q J ' if 'f , , , . nf, iw ' . 4 -' s'ar nuraler, dlscus, and relay man, always places in the "W 'l ig, ,. top f'l.7C. Charlle lfirnes Comma through rn fhe IUC and 220- H' 'V Y Wjfy. yard dashes, is looking at fhe four'h spot on fhe relay team. mime-f W V Rudy Ornama, head "B" sprgnter is really Trying for :hal U is K record of e1ghf flaf rn the 75-yard dash, held by his lzrolher, ' yy, ,yf'z,M1z The Diablo track learn of 1959, having areal polenlial in many pf , C - f fields, rs ezpeaied to he the nest learn rn years, Q J ' ,WW - V ', ff ff-:Mx CLYDE LUOMALA TIM MCOUILLAN WW H urdles H I-lfdles 'fff1"' LEO COSCE Sho? and Discus DICK MATTHEWS Sher and Discus , A ,,,,,f,W' ' ix' 1 Q ,MW V Us H ,,,, -4 V, My , 1 2 , , - .. ' sw- I H , ,.,., V - N-' " ,W j2.7'::f -:gs gf Wfvyhv MQ ' ,, f ' fffi i "" ' N' ' ' 'l7 vii? L X as X . 3 . :5 tt 1 r H X . . x V, , ., .:.:4 Y 2 ig- 5 , K ,521 yi, ..., V' i s X W Q. t I , N. 1 t fs X il h A ' s X sim X f l ' "" - ,, i X N Q : X ' ,. 'P , bmi t. Q it X 5 L .ts ' ' ER ' B X X RNSKWE Y lax S x it B is Q S . WWW., Q ill B to XY it N x i 1 l S Q 9 ix ., in Q X X ,Q R3 i n ' ?irAt Mage take-off men GYMNASTICS-VARSITY FRONT ROW, left to right: Ron Cook, Ed Cavallo, Bill Rink, Dav- id Carpenter. MIDDLE ROW: Dotto Visperas, Jay Jackson, Nick Wil- liams, Lanny Ball, Jack Hurley. BACK ROW: Coach Don Madera, Jack Sheehgn, John Blood, Duane Ball, Keith Schwartztrauber, Lantz Cheek, Roy Jara. The gymnastic team monitored by Coach Don Madera put on a memorable spring assembly when he sent his boys to their various equipment. Showing much skill and experience in all fields, they are hoping for a top berth in the county meet this year. With "Dotto" Visparas, Lanny Ball, lim Royce, lay lackson, Keith Schwartz- trauber, Ron Cook, lack Sheehan, lohn Blood and Xavier Ramirez, all graduat- ing seniors, a good season is expected because ot their last performances tor Mt. Diablo. Tl s B G,-YMNAS C FRONT ROW, left to riqht: Dan Smith, Dan Navone, Ken Davy, Larry Anderson. BACK ROW: Doug Voeks, Bill Sharp, John Odegard, Mike Bennett, Joe Jara, will 54, GYMMSTS I x.w' X we-N by ks 99.3.10 , N, JNASTS .Q QW nemagrg gXh fm B111 ti VARSITY SWIM TEAM FRONT Row, len +0 right: Brian CaHo, Ken Hickey, Gary Arenh, John Humphrey, Mike Brady, Lester Cum- mings, David Karns. MIDDLE ROW: Jack Cocher, Ken Enke, Vick PaHen, Bill Marsh, Ken Sfucky, Rich Shelton, Dave Medfhen. BACK ROW: Pete GoHlieb, Ralph Mohr, Skip Van Wert, Carl Hayes, Gene , fr Dirks, Dick Jones, John Barten, Bob Parks and Glen England. Neptune! beni enA The Mt. Diablo swimming team received a new coach this year in Ron Noakes. Vxforkinq every day after school and even in the rain, the Merrnen offered stiti competition for all its opponents in each swirnrnina meet. With seniors Dick Iones, Carl Hayes, Gene Dirlcs, and Ralph Mohr much is hoped for top places in meets and the "county" We all know We have to he able to swim to graduate, but these boys really ao at it naturally. f af WM A , fe 1 0 . A B SWIM TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: John Cash, Jim Sands, Harold Sundquist, Berry ,wa Curran, Charlie Anderson, Mike Bennet. ' MIDDLE ROW: Braig Dursteler, Bob Z Bradshaw, Norman Thompson, Robert Johnson, Earl March. BACK ROW: Den- nis Stevens, Ken Treece, Doug Caskey, Steve Maze, David Kalis and Ricky Flood. , QW 15 , 2 N-9,4 W ' ,. ll,,L ,,,4 . Q, 3 t f ,.... . ,., , . A , MA . ' R' II9 Q .f ,,,, f ,v,,+"'.f.f GAA Officers who organized the activities for this year, are, FRONT ROW, left to right: Jeanne Brunelle, senior , , representative, Pat Marlrovich as a council memberg Claire Garriguez as secretary. SEC- OND ROW: Carolyn Bengston as president, lda Yamanaka, awards chairman, Holly Hay- den as freshman representa- tive. BACK ROW: Bonnie Jewell, sophomore represent- ativeg Karen Johnson, vice- presidentg Virginia Patterson as coun'cil member. This is the first year GAA has been held for a sixth period class to enable girls who can not stay after school to get GAA credit during a regular class period. Under the direc- tion of Miss Donna Britton this new arrangement has been foun'd satisfactory and instruc- tive. 14talantaA compete or 91414 A special GAA PE. class was tried this year tor the first time with Miss Donna Britton, GAA adviser. GAA's tirst activity was the initiation ot llO treshman airls in September, planned by Carolyn Banaston, presidentg Karen lohnson, Vice- presidentp Clair Garriaues, secretary-treasurer, and other cabinet members. "A Day At the Zoo" was the theme for Diablo GAA's volleyball sports day held December l3, l958 when Antioch, Acalanes, Pleasant Hill, Liberty, and Diablo High School participated. Carol Osterhoudt racked up a tabulous 209 during GAA bowlinq in February at the Monument Bowl and brouqht huzzas to her team. Sprinq sports and a final banquet completed the l958-l959 GAA activities. V r - gV?:4w,,w,y.s.,s,M,.. Q few-vaii'eaW4fj:if?'f ' of '- .i., .Q .W gi' 3 i.,,, , f A i .G "' . ,,,., 3. ns,---11. .A ff H K . K - X , ..... ,- . A. - ,.., . , .s , 6 i . . I :Mr " ' X K ss K . K . . f - A . ' ,, ' it . 9 'ti . .. ,Q ' 1- ,3,.wq, f ff H: wc. . . -g ., 't ' , r.. 2 f fu '- if , .ea ?w:s xc! 114 3 L L I 4 W W is JA Q Y , - , . if, H., , .R f X 'V s, ' . r, A f - Y 1 5 - 4 , X. , Y 5 1: Q I ff 1- , ' ,.-,1 , a V '- ff A f 1. , f .. .M . I l, :P I i Q Get ready, set, and--hif Nl , I i I ,Q W , f my 1 4 f ,yf5,,WS,,,,, .4 L ' ' ' ' ' ""f,, , - ,aff ai """ 'W' mf " , ' V ' mffin S4 , - ' " A - if ' ', , Q W i . - A 1 M f ' ' ' i l V MX he .. f 4 z iw.x?,:i-Wr,,,4,,, 2 i 4 Q ' S: 'Si ef aii as rough as boys? Who sais g'ris den? piay bas' f b 1' The firsf cousins 'fo GAA were fhe Synchronized Swimmers. They presenfed 'rheir swim show af the Diablo pool, Nov, 5, 6. ,,,, V A VVw',xf,fif,, -,M 'O U ' u'r 'I 'J 4 f f frfff' ff p . 'ff' Miss Donna BriHon, GAA In- sfrucfor, 'rakes +irne ou? from class insirucfion fo glare af fhe cameraman. ' Ve if V- V fijfry my ,m,,.....,. 'W ' , fcf - ' 'W 'fifff ' ' 'Q i 1,, ., , W , fhe' W T' 'Q 'gl A :VY- 1 -ik' "" V ,,.,....v 7 f f ' 6 ,J , 'N s f ff 1 X!! X 'W X ,f V ww f,,, V ,, f ffm wi I W , 1, X V . W W J in Mfgff, My 4' 73433 7 1 1 f ,ff Q I gpm if, ' 1 A: 7 HV ,ffrew ., ' ""-H' -Fe. -' f VW ,sf 4, V '. "AA" 0 Am e e, 'V f' wwf .f-LV , , "M "JN" ' V ' V . V ' V r '- ' 4? M T ' I wwf. ,V Q. 'fr 4 ? 2, i 1 Y -f ' -5 , 4 X 5 V ,V ' ' ' 1 ML, 4' MW V 1 " i I - ' "2 , V 1 S - ' -- 4 s 5 r ' Q ' ' 3 .1 '- . ' ' , .1 gfqi qf Q 4 0 1 . , N A -4 .4 .... ' , V ,', , I , . V V , + V, f . V. A ifqf , 1 ,.',"- '- ' f, ,J .V- H 52 K , , , ff QV., ' " , , 0 fi ,' , Hmm i 1 ,. s lg. 1 . 0 . Q , 1 xi ' Y 23 iw I . E .,- A, ' .Q o , Av 4 4 .5 ,- i in I 1 , 4 i - . . 0 A f f 2 -'-5: f y' ' 4 ' 4 29 1 -5 .. 0 A, - X-,Q L- .. yay V 7, .f A VV ,f 4 V ., ff S . 1' f 1 1 1 . , - x . W, ' f- f' ia!" 1 ff, 2 m,nf ., Mfr. '- ' ,. fwfwzu ' V 1 Z ,I V f ' V A , bw., ,, 'M f V ' ,- M ff MQ X Fil.. W inun- .wm WGA wi ' 'J if as LN, I - 4 1 mia .J ww ,ffm fxploring with candidA There musf be some snow around some place! say These slelghers Sfudeni' phofographer, S+u Marfin, can'+ seem fo make ihis group co- operafe. l22 T691 EM' H "fa ,v.,, , 'z..wi."f':+f'-:z-1 f-1-0 ' 'fl c ff , 5 A 0 wifi . -wa, f ff Q' v A A . '-'V i i .,.,,, .,.,,, V ..,, . ,W s , ,. ,, M ,..,,n . 5 Ag '- 1 f ,- I 41 , 1 4 2 4 J v , .,.. .,.,,.,.f,.-. V ,I .ref-fEE1 ::" P"' -Eif2:'2"w::f.p QM: '1' ,J in J y i, ,., at f fp ff M s ,ei 7 4 x 1 45, f 2 sf 91' X f F is 35242 " 4s....... -l 5 ls if a bird? Is if a piafe? NOX If's David Johnson . . . General chairmen in charge of making the Chrisfmas Forrrial a success were Mike Hasflngs, Mary Angelo, Sharon Henson, and Ann Price, falkinq fo Mike. 9 W f f 2 f f 'Y X W I 2 iz. Rf .Jw ,Mm . W! Y J ,fit na. The "hot licks"-and "fast beat" of the Freshman Dance, "Spring Frolic", in- Jeans, tennis shoes, and sweatshirts were the popular attire of the .annual turn spires Mr. William Marraclno as he snaps his fingers while keeping time with about dance, "Doqpatch Drag". Music for the dance was provided by the the fast "swinging" tempo ofthe music. Daisy May and Li'I Abner iitterbuq a dream at "Dog- patch Drag." school 'dance band, The Varsitonians. Because ot illness ot Briqette Muhm, the office ot Dance Commissioner was turned over to Noel Humphries who carried out the duties of this office quite capably. Qne of Noel's main proi- ects was the Freshman Dance, "Spring Frolicf' Members of the Dance Committee are Noel Humphries, ioy Archibald, Maureen Cardinet, Linda Bernard, Linda Cottee, Pat Smith, Sandy Scarborough, Marloy Drexel, Donna Bartneclc, Susan lackson, Sonia I-lalvorsen, Carla Schlot- ter, Foster Robertson, Enid Mathias, Linda Dc- minquez, Nancy Wiley, Lois Shimrnin, Audrey Simpson, Lois Nalcaqalci, and Nancy Keller. Voted "Most Handsome Man of the Evening" by Brenda Hiseley, Dennis En route to the Junior Prom, "Interlude," an annual Junior Class activity are Treadway, Chuck Leath, and Judy Romano, was Frosty the Tumbleweedman Rita Haskins, Bill Nelson, Charlie Shockey, and Linda Lewis. "Interlude was who made his debut at the Sophomore Formal on December 20, I959. held in the Girls' Gym on April IO. gi J B "WY 'f 'i M ' I -' Mini 4, ww f . ' -0' My I ,, I 3 'f lfir, 1 + f U, ,ff Pfize winners of fhe Magazine Drife, announced Ocfober I3, hoid the results of fheir work. 1 if 1 , b , 3 , , , af sw 7 V1 1 5 f ' X VW QL ff M ff if 2 Q ' 4 f' 4 M . , f, zz ' 2 4 2 ., V, , , H f g ? 3 Q, f V , f 7 1 , , 0 , 7 '. ,M L , , W , ,V fs X 3 2 4 ' X Z L1 their ragged apparel, sfudenfg gwe haH-fime enferfalnm-en? af fhe DiebNo vs. Amloch game. -n-M. '5- .-' ...,- V7 e If M 'Q V 4 fr? 5 I ' v wwf LWL9 " . 1 1 i , , ,J . Q 4 5 rm I 4 Q L W l f gf 5 f f 1 1' A 4 f ,ff 5 f s M l A W I 4 I AIN faces furn eaqef- Wy as they wafch the DiabNo vs, EI Ce'- riio game. l25 M xi 1 1 TUWNSPEUPLE J my U'-A, F71 s :- rf "" 1 K ,..., -E-. !'y.,, U A W, ,,j,, W W.: mu W ,q f ' ,.1 'E THANKS to the following merchants who advertised in this edition ot Diablo '59: Alice's Beauty Shop Andy's Food Market Beede's Biork's Mobile Service Brown's Music Shop Budget Cleaners Candy Kitchen George Cardinet Clip and Snip Chubby l-lumble's Pionee Clayton Valley Nursery Logan Cottee Concord French Laundry Concord Funeral Parlor Concord lnn Diablo Food Mart Diablo Sport Center Diamond-Gardner Corp. Doug Dicker Donut Farm Dutch Pride Dairy Farl's Barber Shop Enar's Barber Shop Enean Theatre Farm Bureau Market Fitzpatrick Chevrolet Flossie's Apparel Four Corners' Grocery GallenKarnp Shoes Garden Grocery Golden State Milk John Gonzaga, Ford Demonstrator Graham-State Farm lns. Granshaw's Flowers John H. Greer, Accredited Farm Broker l'lerb's Morwear Paint Store l-li Steppers James Deluxe Cleaners Jerrico's Jim's Muttler Shop Keller's l-lardware Kelly's Market Krueger and Co. l.aila's Florist Lehmer's Gldsmobile l.ittle's Big Beet Burgers Lou 81 Jess MacFarlane-Bryant Mangini Drug Marsh's Muttler Martin Bros. Contractors Matt-sons' Creamery Montclair Motors Monte Garden Cleaners Montgomery Ward Russ Morgan Chevron Station Nash Rambler Inc. Pacitic Aggregate Queen's Restaurant Randall Signs Rick's Drive ln The Rickshaw Rinehart's Jewelers Rite Way Market Sattlers' ot Concord Shell Chemical Skate l-laven Style Shop Suzy's Casual Shop Taylor's Flying "A" l'erry's Mobil Station Uptown Plaza Merchants Village Grocery Walnut Creek Electric Wilke Realty Willow Pass Garage Willow Pass Pharmacy Woltts Jewelry Woolworth's Pro eAAional and Church birectorq DOCTORS FREDRICK ACKERMAN, M.D. 2I00 Monumenl Blvd. DONALD W. ATCHESON, MD. 2820 Broadrnoor Courf RICHARD B. IRVINE, M.D. 2398 Easl S+. RAYMOND CHAN, M.D. 2943 Salvio J. S. KANZEL, M.D. 2731 Concord Blvd. ROBERT L. MARTIN, MD. 3393 Claylon Road CARVER L. MOOSMAN, MD. I885 Oak Parlc Blvd. PIeasan+ Hill R. R. PINGER, MD. 2650 Willow Pass Road NORMAN J. RUSH, MD. I8B5 Oak Parlc Blvd. Pleasanl Hill SYBIL JEAN SCHELLHASE, M.D. 2025 Por? Chicago Highway RONALD THIELE, M.D. 2I55 Parlr DEINTISTS RICHARD L. FULGHAM, D.D.S. 2696 Willow Pass Road ALLEN LAOIER, D.D.S. 2245 Sunsel Avenue CARL F. MILLS, D.D.S. 2245 Sunsel Avenue WILLIAM B. WINN, D.D.S. 2274 Sunsel Avenue CHIROPRACTIC DOCTOR R. H. RUSH, D.C. I235 Boulevard Way Walnul Creelc OPTOMETRISTS KELVIN PIERCE AND KENNETH GOVE, OD I755 Willow Pass Road ATTORNEYS BETTS AND RENAGHAN I665 Oalindo MARCUS AND BRADBARD 70 Doray Drive, P. H. DICK SOULSBY I846 Colfax P.A.. HAL W. FORSEY ITOM JUSTI l79O MI. Diablo Slreel C.P.A. O. J. AND A. J. SEIBERLICI-I Professional Bldg. Pleasanl Hill CHURCH DIRECTORY CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS CONCORD WARD Bishop D. N. Anderson CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS CONCORD SECOND WARD Bishop E. I. Adams FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 2248 Salvio Reverends Ernesl I. Bradley and Vernon Alexande OUEEN OF ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC CHURCH Grani Srreel Reverend L. Hennessy Carol Ryan, co-advertising editor, shakes hands with Mr. Harold Maxwell, Retail Route Supervisor, while Lana and Donna look on. Mr. Harold Maxwell tells them Of the high butter content found in Golden State Co., Ltd., milk. GOLDEN STATE is located on Monument Blvd. in Concord. Phone MUlber1'y 5-8586. STATE FARM INSURANCE Mrs. N. E. Graham WILLOW PASS GARAGE Complete Automobile Repairing 2140 Concord Blvd. Concord MU 5-8420 Concord RIC K ' S SATTLERS' OF CONCORD Burgers ol Distinction MU 5-8547 Furniture and Appliances MU 5-8136 Salvio at East Street Cgncord 2301 Willow Pass 2304 Willow Pass DIABLO FOOD MARKET VILLAGE GROCERY Meats and Groceries Meats and Groceries MU 5-0104 Clayton Rd, MU 2-4153 Concord 'rERRY's EL MONTE SERVICE RANDALL SIGNS Sh C , , Clayton Road and Bari-,ts Way OW mls Posters Banners MU 2-9310 COY1C0fd MU 2-9660 1308 Galindo Street Congratulations from Happiness and success to each graduate upon his lite's venture CLAYTON VALLEY NURSERY FARM BUREAU MARKET 4639 Clayton Road MU 2-0600 1701 Farm Bureau Road MU 2,8944 STYLE SHOP Dresses by Ionathan Logan and Lanz Originals MU 5-8421 1805 Willow Pass Iohn, Sharon, and Iayne look on as Dale Adams comes in to IlM'S MUFFLER SHOP to get his "car" serviced. You can always he sure of first quality and work- manship at lim's on 2199 Contra Costa Hwy., Pleasant Hill. K L, ,A ss as , , , NM ,tl 1 l ut , lhxlxv Il - if -if ff f R . V . --. -I , .fhetzer .neg ze stxooeo, J Q II w- fu riouoeo, or ploiri, the E59 Ciefies st-:ro 'ur orgozig oil other core you cot: fro.. The new Impala, beauty of the food, ore other styles cor: lee fouro at FITZPATRICK CHEV- ROLET OI' CONCORD. Be FLZZ'-rniroeci uri go to Fxzpuiilok ot the Corner of GALINDO A.N'D LAGUNA, or phoie M'UIberry 5-8564. LOGAN A. COFFEE ',,,v,., -L ,Wg :Ln tcm.: A :Lvl I "" --...-..... .-..,. L I EGALLENAAM? S, IOHN H. GREER, A.F.B. HERB'S MORWEAR PAINT STORE "" 'N'...,.,, 2--.fl ""'?,,'. : :f' C-. -.-- -.. .,-,.. .-,4...:..l' .f--.. ICELLY'S MARKET -:fNg 1"" RUSS M ORGAN'S CHEVRON STATION 111, ..Q,.Z'.'.' TCSS 7.212 A .v.,,LEff1f' L-.C 4: ' ,,1T,'lZf'I L BUDGET CLEANERS E'IZf.2I'f.lZ . 'Set 2:6 'ge'v:1se. ,f- Fr' 'A , , -AA 4 KANDY KITCHEN "CIC 'v,: C-v - L.-, O'L'...C -1.66, 'j f',x-,rv-1 ,,,., ,-..-,. MANGINTS DRUG STORE :i-f-w,.,.,:.: . ..,,.....,,- L --f., "' f: r WOOLWORTH'S -,, .-,, , 4- ge . gi r 5 BIORK'S MOBILE SERVICE of- mea 'f'-"P , 'I .adm ,..., ross f.1'jQier:',' I-2912 C3 o EARI..'S BARBER SHOP "P f.f:1n ','.'o1,.'.it Creek 4- No wonder these senior qirls ioeom so Iodi- otntiyy they hove just received corsoqes from LA.ILA'S FLORIST SHOP tocoted ot 2133 CONCORD AVENUE. Phone MUIberry 5-4464. If you tive neor Ei Monte, its just o hop, skip, cmd o jump to LAILA'S FLORIST SHOP out there ot 3513 CLAYTON ROAD. Phone MU1berry 5-4466. Concord tracking stations do not confine their business only to outer space, but also to the earth's surface itself. Carol, Pam, and ludy will leave tracings behind them when they rocket down main street in this beau- tiful Continental Mark IV from MONT- CLAIR MOTORS in Concord. 2820 Willow Pass Road, Concord MUlherry 2-3l 50 459364 CLIFF'S SHOE SHOP i645 East Street MUliuerry 2-1291 Concord KRUEGER 61 CO. INSURANCE BROKERS i945 Colfax Street MUlloerry 5-7723 FLOSSIE'S APPAREL 2085 Concord Blvd. MUlherry 5-7028 First to Offer Everything in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Sweaters, Stacks, Lingerie, Hats, Gloves, Bags, Bonnie Doon Anklets, Gym Suits -Use Your Credit-A ROLLER SKATE at SKATE HAVEN 2l98 No. Main Walnut Creek YEllowstone 5-2942 Group Rates Private Parties Skating Every Night Except Monday IOHN H. GREEN, A.F.B. Homes, Farms, Ranches 43l8 Clayton Road MUlberry 5-B03l BEEDE'S 2002 Salvio Street MUlberry 5-B292 fm Mr. Harold Cornelius, Doug Dicker Motors salesman, is showing Lenny, Maureen and Kathie this years Coronet Dodge. This "ship" needs no fuel. lt can run on the ooh's and aah's of passers-by. Want one? See DOUG DICKER. 2346 Monument Boulevard MUlberry 5-l323 21. The ENEAN THEATER iii nf.-L 5,--,.,: ff X,-..,,v,-. ,-, ....,-V.- -H -.,J,,,. O, 2 ..,N- F.-v--Y.-,N 1 , 1: f--- .,,.. MA. .. ... ...- .. N-ff.-,f -.f.., ,,.....-.,, -.. .. lf O,-v-y-f ff-ff-. 1-,,-f- X OO.-.- JMS' J.,,,., i.,, MQCFARLANE-BRYANT CHAPEL ---fgvfv -w-,gf--,-v ,..-, J.. .!.. ---,- cz Gcgrf free lflll 2-ilif f' ., ., v-.f vv Sai FOSTER'S FREEZE GRAN SHAW'S FLOWERS MU 5-7228 - -. A ,755 ' 5+ LJ-nf 1- N-rf-,-4 f' J,l1,. ..f,,,.-rJ ., N., f-,V Ji DONUT FHRM ',,,,,, OAK TAYLOR 4 CORN ERS GROCERY gm-.Q ' I FLYING A SERVICE A L 2222 'ffillevf Peres Redd 'J 2-2822 fneicerd full Morqirrierit Blvd. l!lU 5-7735 CLUB HI-STEPPERS H1-STEPPER ddmcee are he everr' ether Week iri the lfldsenie Temple with chdper- Cries heiriq: Mr. Ralph Ielmeeri did lffre. Hebert Berqlund, the Club eiiqele. The yeczfs ddnciriq eilieere neck, president Shirley Iehnee deril, cmd ley Archibald ee N, ,UE if-v"r-ff L-1-vf4 .J,..-,J, .1,L., T' "'f'Q-.l-DY.2Cl- PTS' Y"f C,-. ff WE INVITE YQU TCD GO TO DUTCH PRIDE DAIRY Drive in cmd sgve Top gugliiy grdde A milk from our own selected herds Sgve up to 14 per cent I-ldlf ghd I-Iglf Whipping Cregm Checelgie Milk Fresh Ednch Eggs DUTCH PRIDE DAIRY 1809 Mgrlcet Street CNedr P6I'1H9Y'Sl X xg", R -Q These tive Dratolortes Learn with pleasure as MR. LEON l. MEZZETTl shows them the new 1959 Rarnloler station wagon that is on display at LEON I. MIZZEI'I'I INC., 2195 Concord Avenue. Phone MU 2-7131. LITTLE'S BIG BEEF BURGERS 2195 Contra Costa Hwy. Pleasant Hill 10666 San Palolo Avenue BROWN'S MUSIC CENTER EVERYTHING EoE THE MUSICIAN El Cerrito Sales Rentals Expert Repairs KOPPER KETTT-E 2224 Concord Etvd. MU 2-2338 l9 Moraga-Orinda CONGRATULATIONS FROM YOUR UPTOWN PLAZA MERCHAN TS Complete One-Stop Shopping FREE PARKING BEST VVISHES FOR EVERY SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF '59 GEORGE H. CARDINET Real Estate and Land Development Growinq with Concord and Clayton Valley ,, 4670 Clayton Road Phone: MU 2-6560 DIABLO SPORT CENTER 2057 Salvio Street MU1berry 2-0818 CONCORD LOU 5: IESS' BARBER SHOP 2015 Salvio Street MUIIJQ-rry 5-2492 'I'ERRY'S EL MONTE SERVICE STATION Clayton Roacl and Bailois Way lVII,Ill'JEI1'Y Cgncgfd QUEEN'S RESTAURANT 3536 Clayton Road MU1berry 5-9983 GARDEN GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET QUALITY MEMS CLIP 6. SNIP BARBER SHOP 2081 Salvio Street Concord THE RICKSHA AUTHENTIC CHINESE FOOD MUlbe-fry 2-1058 2118 Mt. Diablo Street Concord DIAMOND-GARDNER CORP. Complete Line of Building Materials 1580 Willow Pass MU1berry 5-4454 CHUBBY HUMBLE'S PIONEER INN SOUTHERN Pmizo CHICKEN-STEAKS cigyfon MU1herry 2-9999 P. L. KELLER COMPANY HARDWARE ' SPORTING GOODS "Since1913" MU1berry 5-8484 Hiqh School Avenue 1990 Grant Street MUiberry 5-7660 MONTGOMERY WARD CONCORD AND CO. FRENCH LAUNDRY CATALOG TELEPHONE ORDERS 1825 Gram Street MUHDQHY 2-5300 Mt. Diablo Street MUlberry 5-7512 SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION SHELL POINT PLANT GLac1stone 8-3222 PITTSBURG CALIFORNIA v "'Q IOHN NY GONZAGA Q' 2 K., , Y 'B H we J .. .'lZi,-E Iif N Ar I-loward. Eddy Motors 2222 ','f1Q12'.'.f 'ass Pd f",-V,-f-YA nfv-WT.,-F X ,D-45.3 JJ-.-,. ., ,zJ.------...,, ,, I 2 Ili. lable Alarr.. MARTIN BROTHERS, INC. fa A ' ff ,, V JEQEYCT. "..,.., 'nf-v-Y-,-. , Grng-T, . .J ..1,.4.-..4 ,-. L - rvvlry- rf "J 5-72ll 2525 Coioora Ave. Kallegcg Vik-f'4GHn59-' 1 e , if '--A ..z 3 il Cypg e I Ie Q - fi GRADUATION RINGS WOLFFS IEWELRY 74 '.f'.71llo'.fJ Pass MU 2-3330 MON UMENT BOWL f AL--+,-ff,-f--f ,ruff-Q -L -.1..,.,,4,., ,.JY.,7.. WILLOW PASS PHARMACY ..:v:C,N:7.-7-.,7,.,: f,,-L.f,,, AI'...1,1u r LIU 2-320 MATT-SON S' CREHMERY Free lr.srr',.,r1ozi Daring Days 3355 3225 F KZCKIICT C5571 HVJY. Banquet PQCVQ. C Lal JSSCTH 'lie Shop :vii fhe Perrxanerx Peppvaticr. 2 I MU 5-77l' WALNUT CREEK ELECTRIC Wlrere Service aria Dependabiliry Are Guaranteed o Electrical Contractors Q Residential arid Corrimercial o Heavy lridustrial Wiring YEllowsrorie 4-7682 2235 North Main Street Vifalriul Creek The newly opened CONCORD INN is add- ing swish and glamour to Concord with golf, dining, swimming, and banquet fa- cilities. The lnn is located at 1601 Willow Pass Road. Phone MUlberry 5-4464. , fa!! Q 74 l, f - ----' , :,2:'ft" " ll 1 f fax 5 f 4 f f f x Li a , 2 ffl y W 2 , , if Vx jwmvf f Qs . pg51iL?Vi7l'3l'ff 0 Zldidwi 75 ,. o Q 7 7 I W W X KM! 1 X7 , iw N49 11 'W 'Z f AM f ' ww 1 ' 1. -1 ' W I 4' 'iw WM? ' 4 MDI V V V V .... . . V- WV, . .,g -. ,712-my ...ff 11? .Wy Z, ZZQIL lag we. H It it's a Hollywood teatheredqe You want or flat tops, it's ENAR'S BARBER SHOP Where the proprietor, A. B. Omania, spe- cializes in these hair cuts. Enar's is located at l905 Salvio Street. Phone MUlberry 2- 9l29. Enar also has his own dance band for any occasion. lt's a real Barber shop trio you see here. Members ot the Staff inquire further about the new 1959 Oldsmoloiles that are on dis- play at LEHMER'S OLDSMOBILE at Ga- lindo and Concord Blvd. Phone MUlberry 5-4481. f ,,..,r,....,,, V , l-M-..,r.,.,.,,, w....,.,1-...,. 1 Bonnie is greeted with the prompt courtesy that you always tind at IAMES DELUXE CLEANERS. Donna acts as proprietor at the El Monte shop. For those in town, there is also a shop at 2265 Willow Pass Rd. X 1711101 it ' f 1-C --1 1 X 625.5 J ef Sy f N 'J "1uj.! :J 1111 s U1 J O? L LL 41xgLLu:Q.Q11i?f'tZ31x1,fgQ1-UUdf,L'g1 U 13 SENIORS-13 YEARS Sched days, 523.251 days, qeed C1d qC1d-en ru1e doiys, Re-cxdirf, 'ritin', cmd 'rithmetic were taught to these 13 Sealers thrcuqhcut 13 spffltinq, 1c1uqh1r1q, friendly years. ROD'S MARKET A ,,. In ,. . P1 Czrzpete DHCLQIF., ,ether MU 5-4756 2191 Sclffnz 'ffqy MONTE GARDENS CLEANERS 'Jie Pitk Up :nd Deliver E622 Jf111C'.'1'ds5 'CC-'Cl WJ 1-,il IERRICO'S CENERATCRS md STARTERS MU 5-5310 2353 Concord Blvd. FREDDIE'S PIZZERIA ORDERS T3 TAKE OUT 21211: EPIC. dfdy 1- SUZY 'S CASUALS 442 " dywf' :"'d VU 2-EZ J. J.1.,J4 .. 27UZ' RITE WAY MEAT MARKET QUALITY MEATS ANDY'S FOOD MARKET 2420 Cldyrcn Redd r r 1 d Best CfLuC1: C1255 :fi 1359 "See me first" LOUGH'QUIM:ET W If :fu E-Lf CONCORD FUNERAL CHAPEL J ACL 1 AN 1763 Gram Sweet Concord LTU 3.7111 D355 KZUCI MU 2 RINEI-IART'S of Walnut Creek lewelry, Cameras and Gifts t YE 4-2795 l 1632 Main Street Walnut Creek, Calif. I ACKNCWLEDGEMENTS Hal Matson, Photographers-Hal Matson and Ken. Bob Ozias, Lederer, Street G Zeus Co., lnc.-Printing and Planning. Bob Moon, California Art and Engraving Co.- En- graving. Ed Bell, Concord Transcript-Photos. Bill Hetchin, S. K. Smith Co.,-Covers. Cardoza Binding Co. ACTIVITIES A Cappella Choir ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Advanced Modern Dance .,.,.. Beginning Modern Dance ...,.. Block D .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Business Club ,....,..,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,, Candid ...,.,.........,,, ,. Candid ,.....,,............. ,, C. S. F ............................ .. Dance Committee ........... .. Danny Devil ....,,,...,.......,,. .. Diablo News Statt .......i............ Diablo '59 Staff .....,.................. INDEX Pages Pages 81 95 fffai ......85 ......9l ...91 ......79 ......80 ......90 ......95 ......75 ......72 ......78 Drama Department Candids ......., 82-88 Education ........................................ 91 Ensemble .................,.......,........ Foreign Exchange Candids.. Foreign Exchange ............,....... French ...............,......... .. ......81 i.....88 .....-92 ......98 Future Nurses ........... ........ 9 8 German ....,....... ........ 9 4 Girls Glee ....,...........,. ........ 8 0 Industrial Arts ............. ........ 9 5 Iazz Club ........................... ........ 9 5 Iournalism Candids .......,.............. 70-71 Iunior Bed Cross ............................ 93 lunior Statesmen ot America ...... 90 Latin .......................,.................. Lugnuts ............ .. Majorettes ........ .. Maj orettes ............ .. Marching Band ................... .. Marracino ,..............,................ Modern Dance Candids ....,.,. Mrs. B. Bragg .......................v,... Mrs. I. Duerksen ................... .. Mr. G. Prall .......... .. Orchestra .......... .. Photography ............................ Projectionists .....................,...... Public Relations Committee.. Radio ..................................-------- Rally Band .......................--..-,--- ......98 ......94 ......74 ......77 ......77 ......77 ......84-85 ......80 ......84 ......81 ......79 ......92 ...92 ......88 ......98 ......78 Bally Committee .......... .......... Sales and Finance .......... .......... 8 9 Science ,,,...,,,.,.,,....,,,,....,................. 92 Sherie Leaver Candids ................ 59 Ski Club ............................................ 90 Song Leaders ................ .......... 7 4-70 Spanish Club .................... .......... 9 4 Sr. Student Advisers .................... 89 Student Body President ................ 86 Student Body Vice President ........ 87 Student Council Members ............ 88-87 Student Court .................................. 88 Swim Club ...................................... 92 Sword and Bauble .......... .......... 9 4 Varsitonians ................ ........... 7 8 Yell Leaders .............. ........... 7 4-75 SPGRTS BASEBALL Varsity Baseball .......... .......... I.V. Baseball ............... .......... BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball ........ .......... B Basketball ............... .......... Candids ..................... .......... C CS D Basketball .......... .......... Cross-country ....... .......... FOOTBALL Varsity Football ......... ...... Varsity Candids ........ .......... I.V. Football ........,.,,,., ..,....... Frosh Football ....,.,.,..... ....,,.... Golf .............................................. Gymnastics A and B ........,.....,... Tennis ......................,.,.,, ..,,,,,,,, TRACK Varsity Track ......... .......... B Track ......,,,...,,,,,,,,,,. ....,.,.,, Spring Candids .......................... Swimming A and B ...........,.....,.. Wrestling ...................... .....,..,. 112 118 106 107 108-109 110 115 97-100 102-104 101 105 111 118 111 118 117 114 119 115 l4I CLASSES FRESHMEN FrGSl'1Ir1en Advisers ....,,,,,,., Freshmen Candids .,.,,.,,,,,. INDEX Pages Pages 18 lfffffff23 F1'9Sl'lI'l'l9l'1 Class Officers ,,,,,,,.,,4, 18 Freshmen Class Pictures.. Freshmen Counselors ,..,.. Typical Freshmen .,,,,,,,,,,,, IUNIORS lunior Advisers ,,..,,,,,,,,, lunior Candids ..,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,, lunior Class Officers ........ Iunior Class Pictures ........ lunior Counselors ....,.,,. SEN IORS Camera Shy Seniors ........ ............19-22 ..........3O-32 Career Day Chairmen ....,,,.,.,.,...,, 65 Department Candids ..,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, 60-61 Sealbearers .....,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,, ,,.,,.,,,, 6 5 Senior Advisers .r.r......,,,.,,.,,.,,,,,,,.,, 34 Senior Award Winners .........,,,..., 64-65 Senior Cabinet ................,,,,,.,,,.,,,, 57 Senior Class Officers ........,.,.,,.,,,., 34 Senior Class Pictures ...........r....,... 35-57 Senior Committees .....,............ Senior Committee Chairmen.. Senior Counselors ...............,.... Senior Variety Show Candids ..,... SOPHOMORES Sophomore Advisers ...........i.. Sophomore Class Officers ...... Sophomore Class Pictures ...... Sophomore Counselors .......... FACULTY Bus Drivers ...............,........... .. Camera Shy Teachers .......... Cooks ................................... ....... Custodians ....................... .. Faculty ............................................ Faculty Candids ...................... Faculty-Block D Basketball Candid ........................................ Game Candid .........................A Science Awards ......... . Secretaries ............... .. 62-63 65 58-59 24 24 25-28 24 14 18 14 14 10-14 18 15 15 15 14 1 7vLf'. 1' M, Y. ' Ei' 4 1 .w 1 , , 1 , ' 1- M 'F ' A., , wr a Q - 1 V ' K , , 4 5- . , . y ,, , ,, 4 - M n .qu A 1 JUL f 'V v,- V, . Af' f, 1'-. au -14. v is .. KV., f W - 1 ' 1 . l i ., ."wm, f, ' HMV' , X , . ,qw . 6 hw: .' ,H 5 A I V , q 1,. .A .- , , ,. X mx, "SJ 5 ,n ,,... ,,,. 4 cw.: A -A, . v , JT- 1 ff 'EL F 5:-:M fx iii' K - , 1' n Fjzggq J!.:L,g1r?r..if 5, i 'A ' " 2. ' 'mia-151+-1u'fwfir' ,ff 1' 4' np. " ' ' ik. ' 12' ME' 3',""v'Q1: u..,.1fS:' 'im' . .V H- J' ' 1, pf .1 ww-2ff-9if-:Q-Him,H-.fwyi-.. wx J Qf, V -Y:-f gig :fn ,Y wp :. -wr' ,- -- - j 'g,, 9' ?L3hf1Eiv:p - w ,iii xi ?Tw'1.Y::2l1Qf?5ilF ' ? x 1 ' H, ' f ,gm " , 3' L 1, :ff w:..i'.1+1 "" 'I Q, f , 1 , 1' u-4?4f,n'f ,1"',. f- -f-"uf ' .- may - . V7 "'l?7',4v11-'f f ff' li' YQTKL 'K - f- f ' ,fq1.."1,--fin'-fA ffqwf,,f,1i,,fff4fe'fwifi:--iaew . -x ., , . , ,,,3 12,,,gPw:52'-.1Z:H,fyf?Wf:24f4 1f,,,2f1Qr fm 'fi' ' . J Q-I'-Vfxiygf' f.f'l'f-cz, g,.:gif55'f" " ' , P ,V , , , , , Lf, .,,, , , 7 -we f ,ff . , ,.,- , gif? ,,, , ,, V , ,, ' , -5 If 04, ,Yu f ' -b.,5?G',gf'f,Mffi, ., fig ' ' .www Z I , , , , . 21:2 4-ng ,, Maki? 4-5 , , , ,, . ,L 4, iz , -,,,.4f:f,, ,yr ,fm 1 3' vu f MMA v '-' W-F, , V .yf ,Y 1' f f, , -if ,, 1 ,1 W"'f,.-Eff '!:2LWz2HL:vf'-, ' ff V,151-7,ge-gff,,f5,?,'gQL,:.,, f I ,Wm ' , , ' 4 aawzi, , ,W , I , , " ,P A, , V ig, ,,,, .4 p V 11:11 Vi V , . QM' , , 4, V? ip- ,.. K Q!! 1 3 ' ., ,fl 2723 1 'fiflsff A tr T

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