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 - Class of 1958

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'-ras. -- -V--.-,T-v 1. fr ,-as .1 :gg J' fx. , .' Sw hr J ' I ,rig- 'n . A - , , x ,VJ -jd Q x S 'N 6 :g: RN NV ',lx - 7' ik x A 'J EW 1 Lgxl' ' f 11- . '- ,If ' ' x 1 , ff. i ,V X, X .K f "X 3' K A if ... 'QM 1 ' ,f,lJl'f'f4 C V -v f - H445 ywol, ' K vw, - N a ,-' pu, 1 5 . - CWD ff 5 ,bw M : 4 5 -.. .1i'.'yg'J1 . 4 Z F J d I' if ' K A jqglfgn fdfv - A 9 A if., b U khif . V N f,.,',g9..!,r: -5 was - -' W, . . 1 .A ,-.,., -Tn: V . , I -.i,-'fa-I h . 1 , -2 -'fl g lrf ,, Q . .,-f , . "f':i.,. ' A - ' . - "gf"LQ'-153' ,.- A ., v ar .ll A .L . A K Q3 A " it 46 117 ' f- Q VIL ' X 2- - " ' -vf'-4f,L"fLf-fmxif '-?'Z"f?5!i'b5' -f-Q11 ..., V J J lg., . hh- . ,-,. 4 -, T 7.151VIEQ5-:Q,g,'5,.E,L.'Alm . ' . ' .. .1- ."' Tn ' , ' ' ' Q A I L -Ku. - ,g-U if, ' G.: ' I T' V - " " 'lj . , --exfffg - 'VT 4, 'ft' 1. -1 -- 5' . . ki ' in , ix.: 1, Q, in 1 , 6 It N A V S V 35,17 'k . 'mln . "'4" Fx 5,2 'idfffifif' " . :M 'Q-I . " . 14 'J 1- KJ' - - '--.,,.:-, f - 1 - - X' Q ' 'LF-g .. 'if ' ' N 7- , 4, 'A' ,, , ,N X ff ' 1 ' s fam ' ' Tig ,,.. - . H F VF' X ' " V ' 'G gf.. 1 M, .H 'FQ - in '-ff:-w w. J - f f ,f NK -""45,?': X, A ' , V' "' P 7 Wu? xx GX 'Y fi ' -. 11: ' l IQ , Iii, ' . 'E 1 ' - QI' 1 " ' . M - NYJ L-N 1 XX - , ' Q.. , '- 7 " -fi f U 4 N , ' - f ' 19 '- jilyz: qw, 4-. Q1 . ., --5.--W4 V f, K , rx E -. 4-.,,,,'.. 5 -- .- '15 - I ' Vi-rig' TF? ' 12 2 u 0 '59 , , V 1 vgfffg 'fax ..ji,i , Ad ZW .J , Qu ' ib n LQ , W Af If f .' .Lip .WP--',-w ,'1 . ', '.. . . Q ,T my ..Ag:L :V , 52 ZF, A X w ' ,Y ,:1,..,., - g I virgin, .,1. I ' 1, ,, , - ., , 'a 4. Q 7 .- vu 4' "-sag 'X ' J L- . .A A .wi 7:4 fi' i n I' , I V A L V X4 Q yy .. A ., MI M . lyk! -I i ' 2-1. I -. .' ' ' A, ' ,W " ' 7 . - Af . f A ,J F511--1, -.L c- '. 'V' ' X K " ., -A f J., 'V -x WX 1 " .. A - 1 X . 4 D , I - ,1 . ,- X N X X5 X My A ' Q W f V 'N N A 1 Y X 'Y ' N f X R i N f . W ' 0 Xi Q ' X 'xx fy',TMiQ1f W S, mm' JM5gNwm5mmM,,,QWQXM5l,Nw -BQgSNX5,b K W E,fv-0..NXK3mQ+,, Qkkub QU f5uL.wQxc:+Qg.xF-iQ Q.JxJwQ:Jm,Q,Q.W35 MMA 9 +MwQQQXJmxX' f.xQww J Q,c:x.kS.:9'kSN,.,5w,Qkg XKBSPABSCE. QAM , HMM-, 0xmwQvwJf f 6, IJJJNOA QQUHMVLWAQ DJAMQ ww Q Uni- MA Miflfk ,X-ifvm W5 55 5555 if Sxiivii wwb N ,siigii 233323 54155- y f, If , VW fl lay. fx if ,lA fy D ,f ef, ,JW :yLyQsuil' F we . Q lilly- W J y G+ ,Xl We W W l- F I ,,.. 6 M. 415731 of ' jlllmglfl, , F FRED HAVILAND Mr. Fred Haviland was employed a+ MT. Diablo ' on July I, I936. In July of 1949, M+. Diablo be- came unified, and aJr+l1a++ime Fred Haviland was promoled To l-lead Cuslodian. l-le spenl' many lwours before and afler sclmool, plus during sclwool Jrime 1 I-LX ' To lceep Ml. D'ablo well lcepl. On Oclober 2, I957, Q jl-C ' ' s+uden'rs and 1Cacul+y members were dislinclly aware , Clllicl M 'mai There were no Jrwo-bell head cus+odian calls Ek 50. -NL I rung over Jrlwe infercom. Fred l-laviland had died , ' Thai day. QWUWWXV .. , bi V , iw 0 W Nl f lv V H 1 1 iub., i 'Ki Ei U i ll l n fl' i xl, il Fi Aill. l 69' ' 'i" . T l W 0 49 1-Mk. .Z-KZJ .44 146' 'af This book belongs lo ' 1 57-gnu: sf ,MSW .,,.W,,,5,wW,w,f.s- 4 f--'- 6 ' e1f,N+fl2wJ1fWM"W W, ,,, Q2 .s. WA" , ,S THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING jmnwmd, . . . Up This sTairway in The Tall oT T905 came The sTudenTs oT The IVIT. Diablo Union I-ligh School To enroll Tor The TirsT Time in Their newly consTrucTed building. For Tour years The school had used Temporary quarTers, buT now The sTudenTs were proud To have a separaTe building. BUT This sTairway is The enTrance To our own ADMINISTRATION BUILDING! LeT us ioin These sTrangely dressed young people and see our school as iT was on The TirsT day. We sTep inTo The hall. The wide sTairway descends To The lower Tloor, buT above, a wall :overs The enTrance To The library. Qn The righT are Two classrooms, To The leTT is The oTTice oT The principal. We Tollow The sTudenTs across The hall To The leTT oT The sTairs, Nhere we waTch Them hang Their haTs and coaTs in a cloakroom. Then we walk To our main oTTice, buT iT is noT There. lnsTead The Tloor is covered wiTh rows oT sTaTionary deslcs, and a Teacher assigns one To each oT us. Here we will lceep our books: here we will come To sTudy and To aTTend assemblies. NexT To This room is anoTher large classroom. Only Tour rooms upsTairsf7 No oTher buildings? No playTields? The campus is only a grain Tield seT wiTh oalcs! I-low we wish These sTudenTs could see Diablo nowl They can. Some oT Them are living in Concord Today and have waTched us grow. DIABLU 58 DIABLO '58 Edilor ...........,,,,.......,....... ...... Assislanf Edilor .Q.,. Assislanl Edi1'or ,,7,. Business Manager ,AA,.. Adverlising Manager ,A.. Subscriplion Manager ..,... STAFF ..,s.,,,s.mCarolyn Lelnrner Flelclwer .....s.Roberla Berglund .,,,,,.s,Don Baurnruclner ..,..........Carol Bigloy .u,..u.l4aren Murdocln R XX Senior Piclure Edilor .A.a.,e .Ae,.aee J udy Vannalla J lx y Arl Edilror ...,...,.........A.... ...,,.... S coJr+ Olson 751 Boys' Sporls Edilor ..a.a.o ....... M il4e Mealey Yr i islranl Sporls Edilor .Ao. o..A..,M, G ary McElroy i i N X i rls' Sporls Edilor oeooaoo o,,o,Aoo, N ancy Pierson l X, Q Qbfllubs' dilor .,...,,a...,.a,o. ,a.o o,,a.,,oeo C a rol Ryan 8 jxly Sl'udehqPl1o+ograplrier ..,o,..o..,...,,,, Plmil Selers ll M ml, Me Qs ,.,,,,.,...,.,eA.,...,,..eee.......e Karen Berg. Yolanllwe X ll Berger, Noelle Canonica, Judy Jagger, lb l .5 Ca+l1y Lively, Louise Percell, Sylvia Powers, ll yy l-larriel' Ricleoul, Plwyllis Poloerlrson, Clwar- f X nfl Q!! lolle Sclnwarlz, Sliaron Scoll, Marc S'repl'1- N yt ens, Connie Slevens, Judy Slreeler, Jo Ann . spy Q X J ayor, Ginger Tomlinson, Kalliy Warren. l lil l I ji fll ill Qyylllll i yi 0 If MT. DIABLO HIGH SCHOOL coNcoR,D, CALIFORNIA The annual slall of l958 is proud lo have worked under The guidance of Mrs. Helen Lum. Every slrall member and every olher slu- denr who has worlced wi'rh her, lcnows how wonderful and underslanding she is. H is wifh pleasure, The sfawcl members of The Diablo '58 dedicale 'rhis yearbook To you, l-lelen Lum. QFALL.. .. Q WINTER eSPRING... .. eCLUBS... Q SPORTS N 4 -. -J s .b4o 9Q. M .4 vi in l . il: i. fl. : 5 1 S 1 4 , f -17, fff 1 All fi fi xx, nnfL0,jalL,6rJ1hLQfL 9 gunmen mums X X Zamfm 3 M gf ' K M .,A. is , ' ,M ,MA , fs , . 'fs 'sim' 7 T " N A DR FERD DlEL XX . IRMGARD COX dean of girls 7 ff T fm, , 'S N' " ' fa: 'K f fha' Y s T X937 mx W W if M1551 me W X Q nf 4'-' , Q fs, f , 55, 1 T if L1?Z'P5z I 01613 12,4 ' - - ,A w To A ' - principal The TirsT halT oT The TwenTieTh cenTury has marked The increasing imporTance oT educaTion. This has resulTed in knowledge and know how in numerous Tields. Few members oT The TirsT graduaTion class Trom MT. Diablo l-ligh could have image ined The age OT ieTs, rockeTs, missiles and saTelliTes inTo which we have enTered a halT cenTury laTer. lvlany people Teel ThaT The mosT imporTanT evenT oT T958 in This counTry has noThing To do wiTh rockeTs, poliTics or oTher seemingly imporTanT subiecTs, buT ThaT iT is in The awakening oT a greaTer appreciaTion oT The inTellecTual. IT This is so, The accomplishmenTs oT The pasT will diminish in sTaTure in comparison wiTh The marvels To be revealed in The TuTure. Every member oT The class oT l958 should Teel The challenge To play an imporTanT parT in revealing The brighT new world oT Tomorrow, and graduaTion Trom high school should be iusT The TirsT sTep Toward obTaining knowledge making iT possible Tor him To play his parT. F. DIEL, principal PETE KRAMER NORMAN KESTNER PAUL STONER MILAN WIGHT MRS WINNIE RUPPRECHT dean of boys assisfanf dean of boys head counselor work coordinator guardian of afTend nce Ms. , 1 ' l i' ffumvfg I xv Ceordinaling ard direcfing the aclivffks 54 'fhe Board of Trusfees is Mr, James W, Def? superiniendenl of schools for the Ml, Diablo Unified Disiricl who has been responsible For guiding fhe developrnenf of lhe master plan for alrerlng the Diablo campus. ff 'fe feafz rc Z7 lk. Daze l-'gf Serco Cof"',e5 'Q eraofh new fecofos " mary ways. Lrg 'le afgez' zcnoo 'f 're area 'fe en: 'ner' ifoaszeo a EXEXIODE nor: Sf EICEEGVQ 2400 znoems 'nf fear. llefr fear 'he E+U'J5'Jl' oooy ffl aga' oe dfoeo ffref Eefefa Mfdfej E'UD6f'+E lf. oe T7'3fiS:EV'EU 'Q Caflof Va ey Hgh Scboo. The sfo:-eee oi ezlaoizhfng new hgh f:hoo'S 'F 'Va G4:+f'c+ 'S zofnewng We one 'ECVGCUCDO' or some one-celeo of- gafzfnf 'eff orgaffzfne oe7fg :ZVTEC Cf 'ne o'f:':' of 'he ororoo aim of We 513. The we ef of Peazaf' l-lgh Echo: afo Paifca Ho? SCV35 Came rfom Mt Deco HV-gb Serco. lf :ofe C: rheze Coff"Jeo Cleef: 'yi Daze Paz rnairfafneu i+z fgor ,hh cofffueo orogfezz 'f E'3C6'E".C zoofrsffiafifo afo ivoafeho. Piclored below al one of iii monil-ily rneellnqs is The Board of Truslees-privafe cirizens elecled 'fo 'fheir posls lo be responsible for 'rhe operation of all fhe schools wifhin the Ml. Diablo Dislricl. From lefl fo righr lhey are, SEATED: Mr. John Lavinder, vice-presidenl of 'the Boa'd of Educaliong Mrs. Doris Loveridge, member of fhe Boardg and Mr. Oscar Larson, presidenf of lhe Board of Educallon. STANDING: Mr. Harold P. Hill, assislanl superinlendenf in charge of inslrucficnj and Mr. Owen J. Cook, assislenl superiniendenl in charge of business, NOT PICTURED: Mr. John Moiso4 direcior of personnel. aim, r ML fha job. R ,. NW 2 4, 2' 4 AJ, , . Mr. John Allen Art Department Mr. George Armstrong Art Department Cross Country Coacn Mr. George Barber Commercial Department Director of Christmas Sales Program Mr. Harvey Berman D-rector ot Drama Mr. Orville Beutel industrial Arts Depart' ment Chairman Mr. Eldo Bianchi Art Department Miss Leora Bishop Commercial Department Active in A.A.U.W. Mr. Maurice Bohne P, E. Department Varsity Backtield Footr:-at Coach Miss Ethel Brubaker Librarian Miss Margaret Cartwright Music Department Director ot Girls' Glee Mr. Ernest Cecaci P.E. Department J.V. Football Coach Mrs. Marilyn Costello Social Studies Departe ment Miss Alma Couchman English Department Hopby: English W AX Miss Helen Courtright Commercial Department Senior Class Adviser Counselor Mrs. Elvera Curless Head ot t-lomemalcinq Department Miss Helen Czrnawski Girls' P.E, Department Mr. Fury Dalla Social Studies Department Chairman ot Frosh Ad- visers Miss Dorothy Dodge Commercial Department Chairman Business Club Adviser Mrs. Jeanne Duerksen Girls' P.E. Department Social Affairs Director Miss Elyse Dukatz C-irls' P.E. Department l-lead ot Modern Dance Mr. Leslie Dunnells Social Studies Depart- ment Head ofthe Senior Class Advisers Mrs. Marion Early English Department Senior Class Adviser Mrs. Nathalie Edwards Faculty Fellowship Com- mittee Mr. Duaine Eggleston industrial Arts Depart- ment Faculty Fellowship Com- mittee Mr. Morton Ely Social Studies Department Counselor Mrs. Eleanor Etherton Homemalcinq Department Faculty Fellowship Corn' mittee Mr, Hart Fairclough Math Department Head Varsity Football Coach Miss Jessie Falconer Girls' P.E. Department Chairman Mr. Jack Ferrari Enqlish Department Chairman MissIAdele French Eftflllsh Department Mr, Philip Freund E22-22 ETS ff!! Miss.Rull'l Galindo -VE-531 C-'.1'f"irf: 225142. ze' Mrs, l-lildred Garfywn Mr. Alan Gellermgnn if JW' Mr. Harold Godchaux ?'g 1' Ze:e""e" se' 2' C EEZ Fc. 'e' Mr. Norman Goldstein 1: Vie Ie:a"'e-' i::f C' L" " F Mrs. Laura Harker? Eng 5' :EC.::""'E" C'5lE"E' 452. f'. 'fi' Z. .-,- .G .: pg, Miss Be1:l"?'l:-iawk N :se Gate J --... Mrs. Dorolhy Henderson Q: erze deze-'wen Ccxze 2' Mrs. Marion Hilliard 515' C ass I-2. ze' Miss Nancy Hooper 3,, F 1. - L, 5,,,,-,- Jr. 3'iTEi"'E7 Fcfze' Mr, Bruce Iverson . , , WNW ,- Ec.s '.:. Jia: , E' Basrewe 'ear' Geac' Miss Dorofhy Jacobus C:"r'e':a Dezerme-' Coxce :' D 1'-asf f' f ,A-,vp Mrs. Laura Jameson E:'e'ce 9'rg FE. D-e:e""e Mr, Rufus Johnson E:'e':e Wes, Ur. 22:2 5 I 'J C .5 'EEC .'is.a r'-'cz Zeza' f-an Mr. Donald Johnstone ":.:f"a FM: Ven: Fat- ',' 9-e:'e:e' e"fe ?'z'e:' 2' S' C -LX-1. 2 Mr. Charles Karp ' ' P F E715 .-. Eefc' C az: I-cf ze' fa':"r Bas'-2':,a Coe: Miss Diane Kelsey EH: 'Q' Etc. ra Jurvfi' C :.. P ,1 .. .,, ff ra Mr. Waller Kelson E:'e':-2 Sczrorfve C ass X-:ff Mrs. Francis Kidd Cor-wrnerca' Sfurf: Co.':e'c' Miss BeH'y Kimura Scefce r-'one Eoorzrr P-easing Mr. Robert Kling CO""'E'C-Ei Desa'f"e" Fsfnd Mrs. Helen Koll Corrrferdal Sefffg Mr. Norman Krusic lwjuyfa I-r's r-lx' G Miss Jean Laird Cacia' S',1EZ Terr Mr. Wilson Landrum Zcente Ar! Pr'-.Crea Fovza Czar Mr. Reber? Lanway SMG! Hail D'.lE'C EC. i"CJZ"'-5 I-fr: F':"'Q Miss Mary Linfner I 9 ri: VE. GA!-.A:15. Mr.. W. Ashvbrook Lowe Social Std ez JSP Pc- fzer Career Dai Ac' rifr'-es Cra"f'an Mrs. Mary Lowery V.s't Deparrwerr Crt'-erlra Urecror -.,,,,. :L.,,,.,- ., f',,, f - , . a- ,. L. J,::..,..E. his ,bb 2: M,,fs . ff, 3,3 -. Vbv' , lx 45 rf-, '12 i 6 ff. ff: ' .mr N? M v YN ,L . qi Q ii- - 3 B '. D O DP 9 ,a and fhal, jvlz 'f .away X img XX WS- Mrs. Helen Lum Lnglish Department, Yea'- boolc Adviser and News Statt Adviser Mrs. Mary Lumpkin English Department, As- sembly, and Sen or Ad- viser in charge ot Com- mencement Mr. Robert Lundgren Social Studies Fishing and Golting Mrs. Ruth Lundgren English Department Sophomore English Mr. Archie McEwing Mathematics Departrrent, Gate Captain, Footbail Game Miss Margaret McCradie English Department, Scholarship Committee Mr. Terry McDaniel Industrial Arts, Mechani- cal Drawing and lndus- trial Art Club Mr. Donald Madera Drivers Education, l-lead Gymnastics Coach and JV Football Assistant Mrs. Catherine Messer- smith Foreign Language, Spon- sor French Club, and Teaches Latin 81 French Mr. James Millard Driver Education, Gym- nastics Assistant Mr. Stanley Miller lndustrial Arts Depart ment, Sports Cars Mr. Loyd Moore Mathematics Department, Mathematics Instructor and Soph Counselor Mr. William Morris Driver Education, Driver Training, Social Studies Miss Evelyn Mumma Study, Student Body Ac- tivity Chairman Mr. Henry Nelson Commercial Department Traveling and Gardening Miss Karen Nix English Department, Soph- omore Adviser Mr. Mel Nixon Music Department Mrs. lola O'Grady Foreign Language Depart- ment, Spanish Teacher and Soph Counselor Mr. Norman Olson Driver Education Depart- ment, Driver Education C-D Basketball Coach Mr. Victor Petreshene Science Department, Jun- ior Varsity Basketball Mrs. Nancy Piedrnonte English Department, Eng- lish and Frosh Adviser Mr. Wayne Pipes Mathematics Department Sports and Traveling Miss Rosemarie Polsinelli Industrial Arts Mrs. Grace Powell Social Studies, Education Club Adviser and Soph, Junior Service Adviser Mr, George Prall Music Department Active in Church and CTA Miss Peggy Reid Foreign Language Depart- ment, Junior Red Cross Sponsor and Facuiti Representative Mr. John Reinhart Mathematics Department Mr, William Riqgle Enolish Department, Sen- ior Adviser Miss Jo Ann Riley Science Department Study and Biology B Miss Leah Robinson English Department, New Teacher, Tri t-li Y Ad viser ur, ram ., p.., A-- ' . AN ,L. M-. Jae Pnaf-5 - A-U V .,L.. L V':: O 'fav R,-g- 'IL--:ww .. 'L-L..,, VE: Vafgve' Bef ez :Z 5 et? V255 Mafgfg fa 4" 1i1i""2" L- -V 1,-5 f-. : ,, V" f'graS ri M PA V M fi I-1 M ' 4S'f"o' ST?-51-ia 'zks Hang,-fS'5wef : t' le:e"" - . rmvn.-LL, ':. E?VbiVi Sn-Rfk .1,11,iiTff r,Dcug1a: Sn-ffh .E 25:5120-- C ,: I-i. ze .'l'4f 2:51. ':A Maw Smith -1---:V-Q -k L- M P. Jac? Skfgu NEP' 'f---L--y r- G----,Hu -L--,an w , fn. Mr. dw-31 Sieffer f ,1."L 'C M Is: BeHf Sul"-fan ",,,,,,.,- .,.- f Mn Ewrer S.'dQ.1:f M -I ,F iii.. A : fs. Para Thcrnpzcf L' :. 'Q :." -::.- f M rs, Joyce Te" ,f""E'Ci JQ' M Zae.. ..,,, ,I , ,L.,. f , Mr. WiIl'am Tcazsem ,.,,, dL,i ..,, an f,Y .,,L, P, - ez: C.: Fi, pe' Mrs. Grace Tcwnley 2 2 .xt Q' LL:L"-- .e' 2' Ft, ie' MIS! Anne Truff? 5: jgifzledgueii I-2. Mr, Tony Vida? 'c.:"e FH: line F,'i4 C .1 in ie' Mr, Thema: Webb ':.:"f X-"1 12:2 WL.. ep. fwfc- f , F1,,, ,,.,,.. Mr. Darrell Wezfover 'fi"6"i' CC .,?LE""E' PL f,,,,, .WL ' Mr5.N0rrr1a Vlhiie T 2 ,'.C fl Jili' f, .,,,, ,,. .:,-VUL, !,,. Mr. 4Lesd7e4r qwiliiamsw 3 .Z ".Z, J'?C5""E' f,L, V, xg., . , , 1 ",,, Mr :fe Richard Wkowaiy Mini' ,i E,.r,:,.,,,t ,,.,,,,,, f ,QM . all pmia, ng 1 f ' 4 " f ZZ.: 1 -X .wr U- ?" W , 1 ji' Y ,, ,Z . 4 fu ,., M, ,fy xg L, Mm! 1. 5 'W' lynn..- 'r' 2 ef-,V V, Zfgfifff' ' f 4 ff 5? 4535 1 iw' .,z ' f 4 21, 1' 1 mvqx , f X 0 , V f , X Q f Qy Q f l Q V xfr f f X K X 1,45 I ,rv ' SECRETARIES LEFT TO RIGHT: Thelma Pimenlal, Pauline Bechlold, Kalherine Johnson, Mickie Bo- zarlh Eunice Mafheson, Winifred Rup- prechl, Rene Pelerson, Adeline Kissinger, Millie Verslraeren, Kalhryn Morgan. COOKS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bernice Harfzell, Shirley Landrum, Margarel' Dagneau, Marqarel Trelfe, Gladys Dean, Opal June Mould, Florence Olander, Hazel Defrales, Helen Luenser. Aiclw0L ion CUSTODIANS SEATED, lefl fo righf: Frank Lieby, Ari Young, Wayne Campbell. STANDING: William Osecheck, Elmer Hokanson, Jim McLaughlin, Val Cooper, John Paulos, Wil- liam Morgan, Alberf Lupori. BUS DRIVERS FRONT ROW, lefl lo right: Jim Phan, Ron Crenna, Maurice Duncan, Gay Nierhake, Eve Johnson, Billie Eidson, Ray Olofson, Dorolhy Cheshire and John Bicho. SEC- OND ROW: Elsie Spencer, Helen Dallon, Gerfrude Dubbs, Willi Barry, Bernadine McKay, Ruby Dealon, Eula Furbee, Mildred Dallon, Mary Phyllis Bradley, Alma James and Debbie Graham lSecre1aryl. f 'TU :M Q .. ,.. 'P 1 Nix Tir!!-v . '?r?P2"-P Mxxhx 'In fhe Good Old Summerfimeu. ,...,. Diabloifeg refurned fo campus on Sepfember 4, 1957, New freshmen were amazed, bright sophomores go? se? for another year of being underclasxmen, iuniors became lower upper- claszmen, and fhe Miqhfy Senior Class of I958 arrived briqhf and eariy fha? day. Time to talk over summer vacafions and plans for rhe new school year. Old friends are greefed and new friends are mei. 1 I .- H '- .. I xp: N ny-4 I., ' ,-IL, 15" aaa "Theres a busflin' abou+ in Hwe maples, Every leafleJrmus+l'1ave a new qowng For Hfme news has 1115+ come on my wireless Tlfaaf Jack Pros? is coming To Town-" 1' I I f ff ' ,ff .jf ,, 5 , ' ,arf ". ,L L K-9 I' , 1.1117 ' I' ff M , W 1 ,f f ,f I-11 f y ,f Af, f M ff K, ,, Z mf, 1. .7 X ,,- ,. ,y 111 ,i lv ,Q LJ LN' If If fl Lk f 'MH . fy! Y 'Af'-I ' fl 0 f if KP, fy 'r L ,l X 1 I W' 5' ' K7 ff- + - fw J V f J J V 17 ' KH :YV . -' . YJ Au! 4 1 . ' f f' f f. njiv ' fy! , . If X f! p r ' If' VA, I , ' I ,iff Y X f my W 171' , , f N lg f' A , .-I aff 'I fwfify . - ff! H 3 f ,fl l Lib" ,WV fl., ffl. Q f A f' ' 1" ,Enid f 1 -1 J , "J ff' f Av! if 1 "1 ' nfl! ' flvx A vmyljf K 1 rf 1: I , ,E I ,Ujff Ziff ' ji, f ! xl .V far, 1 'f ,I ,'. A A if A JJ fm M Lf 3 if .J J 1,1 XV ' W1 f ' ,- ug! 41' f - 1 1 , EJ! J if .VD J V, X 'V4' I ,uf J , M -M0 . Q, L J if , M4 1 ' y JW X' J ywj I J 'JJ R ',',f EJ if A lx 9116! 1 J! fi A f 1 W, '7 1 f fa Mx 'J cy cg J, . ' HIV' JW I " fw Wu x, ,' IJ-4 If K I Uj 1 u 1 X 7 Q 1 L J f 1 PJ yy 'fn 25 UC r 'IJ 1 U J r,, J' J' 3 W, X .X M w y iii 4 WM .Q,9l.Q,.LT'l, ' .Slchvnlfww FRESHMEN STarTinq wiTh The Freshman Assemloly and iTs Theme "Self- Ting To Know You" The class oT 'ol proceeded To do iusT ThaT. lTs class oTTicers RoberT Lea, president Dani Kay SaxTon, vice-preside-nTp Sophia Cmania, secreTaryg Milce l'lasTinqs, represenTaTive, led The newcomers Through Their TirsT year aT MT. Diablo l-liqh School. WiTh The help oT Their advisers, Mrs. Nancy PiedmonTe, Mr. John ReinharT, and Mr. Fury Dalia They held The Tradif Tional Freshman Cleanup day and also They were guesTs aT a special VocaTional Assembly. Their nexT acTiviTy was The annual Freshman Dance wiTh iTs "Mardi Gras" Theme, a hiqhlighlr oT The social season. i Se-lecTion oT "Typical Freshman" was made, and honors .K wenT To Milce Sweeney, Bob Berqlund, Dani Kay SaxTon and Linda Dominquez. DANI KAY SAXTON BOB LEA vice-presidenf presidenf SOPHIA OMANIA MIKE HASTINGS Secrefary representative ADVISERS COUNSELORS The Freshman Class was advised and led by The following Freshman Counselors who programmed 750 firsi-year men were advisers This year: Mrs. Nancy Piedmonfe, Mr. John Rineharf, as follows: Mrs. Dorofhy Henderson, Miss Evelyn Mumma, Miss Mrs. Marion Hilliard. Not Picfuredz Mr. Fury Dalla, Chairman. BeTTy Sullivan and Mr. Donald Johnstone. 2 5 ..s,.,,., ...,. T 3 4 v. . E fs... FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, lefl' lo righl: Trina Baker, Carol Binam, Carol Breeze, Regina Armsfrong, Juanifa Abeyfa, Shirley BW. ani, Linda Busby, Nancy Carfer, Char- lene Ciofii, Virginia Bah, Karl-ilegi-i Aguilar, Valerie Canonica, Esfher Car. Valal. CENTER ROW: Jim Andriessen, Paul Brunelle, Warren Brindel, Bi'l Bur. lon, Jack Clarke, David Car-Lino, Ron Afkins, Jerry Breckenridge, Neal Bur, ne'r1', Harold Bergurn, Mike Brandt, Har- vey Bolfing, Alberl Brown. BACK ROWg Jim Amen? Bob Allan, Brian Auguslrine Chad Anderson, John Allen, Robert Blodgef, Michael Armslrong, Mike Al- exander, Dale Bowers, Dennis Alkins Reber? Burror, Gary Andersen, Boi: Al- lison. FRONT ROW, leff To righi: Mary Al- meida, Enid Almeida, Dvolhy Ba-lard, Lorne Carfwrighf, Vivian Besselievre, Sharon Bell, Perri Adams, Susie Biggs, Pam Anderson, Thera Braswell, Karl-ly Chernoh, Belly Caughman, Judy Ahu- mada. CENTER ROW: Dave Chaplik, Douglas Caskey, Roy Adams Sfeven Biggs, David Caine, John Cash Kirk Benneff, Larry Bfsso, Philip Collerl, Ken Barnes, Eric Cowarl, Thomas Boylen. BACK ROW: David Bradley Mike Ben- ne'r1, Mark Barnes, Jfm Bohannon, Chris Anderson, Dan Barclay louie Audas Bill Cambra, Lyle Burks Sam Blanken- ship, Richard Andersen Larry Aliison. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Darlene Cioffi, Sharon Byrd, Br-v Alerandef. Linda Blakesley, Rina Carnill Sylvia Adams, Diane Blark, Linda Birch Pris- cilla Burlon, Judy Baber, Wilma Ben- schofer, Viroinia Barham, Mary Bel'uno CENTER ROW: Sheila Carper, Diana Basica, Linda Chambers, Marion Charn- bers, Terri Brown, Kay Boshoff, June Bilbo, Mary Ann Angelo, Shirley Cl'lr's- lie, Jenny Beers, Jane Casagrande Phyliss Bordi, Nancy Calibro. BACK ROW: James Cecil, Virgil Churchman, Chrisiopher Barry, Clinlon Benlon, Tom Brown, Joe Currier, Rex Bankhead, Rob- erl Blean, Larry Bauer, Tom Boggs, Rus- sel Ball. FRONT ROW, leH' 'ro righl: Joanne Clarke, Diane Clarenbach, Becky Brad- ford, Pal Chrisly, Karen Cavallo, Doris Balls, Darlene Breeze, Rulh Blomgren. Lexie Bibier, Pal Campbell, Jane? Casey, JoAnn Caraway, Roberfa Bliss, CENTER ROW: Por-Ha Crandell, Nancy Green, Jean D'Ascanio, Frances Con- ger, Sonia Grammonf, Frances Dickie, Lorraine Furnish, Gloria Draper, Vir- ginia Glines, Sharon Fulk, Penny Duarfe, Pam Gress, Claire Garrigues. BACK ROW: David Cline, Tony Fryer, Bob Emmel, Raymond Davidson, Flcyde Da- vis, Gary Fryer, Haroid Dealon, Bob Berglund, Riki Beflerley, Glenn Fuller, Frank Cross, Ted Davis, Ronnie Daniels. sushi A- .il . A -.1 f 3564- 'fr A -1 f3E'?5i1-5' ' 1' 5 fl 5 K F E' :ri 5 'jf ,LJ Q, QQ- , l gait lx , J 5 ,-,i ' f . A' 1' 'j,,:j,: , 4 A " fi'--4 'fer lffiiiif-I ' V, f ' 5-vi 3-rg fn , z" , A+. ' 1, ' ' if f? if: 52, ,ffl is ,fe fr wr 'I , ri! YW 0 FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Virginia Fischer, Sharon Cummings, Shirley Daly, Diane Ellsworlh, Sue Dascallos, Lynda Day, Connie Foliz, De Anna Dirks, Bar- bara EllioH, Karen Dingle, Linda Do- minguez, Susan Daws, Evelyn Earl. CENTER ROW: Chuck Claussen, Joe Cuevas, Jay De Hari, Bill Dyckman, Mike D'Aslo, George Gay, Doug Denl, Harold Fosier, Glen England, Tony De Jong, Jerry Clemenls, James Farmer. BACK ROW: Ted Cook, Sleve Crowell, John Garlick, Tim Griffilh, Paul Fahie, Dennis Enochs, John Greenhalgh, Rob- erl' Duira, David Cromwell, Richard Davidson, Jim Cooper, Barry Curran. FRONT ROW, lefsl' 'lo riqhl: Pal Doran, Barbara Cosce, Clay Drexel, Kathleen Corley, Linda Erbe, Mary Ann Flecke- slein, Mary Kay Gordon, Carole Enes, Doris Firman, Sharyon Danna, Mary Fenske, Jill Greenwood, Carol Ekasala. CENTER ROW: John Coyne, Paul Del- nisla, Jonaihan Cory, Terry Eidson, Dean Drablos, James Foran, Ken- Davey, Ron Cook, Jim Ellis, Frank Dickie, Bren? Deqneau, Kurl' Gustafson, Dennis Dug- gins. BACK ROW: Jack Evans, Ron Eafon, Ron Fraser, Gerald Good, David Deguchi, Donald Dees, James Crawford, Pefer Gofllieb, Paul Dudley, Merrill Downing, Al Deneen, Dave Daniels. FRONT ROW, lefi fo righf, Joyce Con- neally, Shirley Cochran, Jo Anne Derby, Parry Fosler, Judy Cliffon, Jean Grani, Rose Cochran, Joyce Clinkenbeafd, Mary De Van, Linda Freilas, Marlha Darnell, Ursula Frilsch, Susan Dal . CENTER ROW: Lorraine Garcia, Liz Garcia, Frieda Cook, Barbara Cullison, Diane Finley, Karen Elfving, Beisey Edinborqh, Carolyn Davis, Susan Lamb, Susan Lines, BeH'y Lay, Donna Lehman, Eileen Kenny. BACK ROW: Ricky Evans, Gary Fiske, James Fitch, Jimmy John- son, Charles Hailey, Lesier Cummings, ScoH' Ford, Richard Emmel, Jesse Green, George Curlis, Joe Jara, Bob Larkin, Bill Johnson. FRONT ROW, leff lo righlz Carol Hel- zer, Belly Logan, Mary Hanley, Mary Lea, Karen Hauser, Susan Herriman, Joy Krobofh, Rebecca Irwin, Carole Hand, Sharon Henson, Fern Koslick, Barbara Hari, Judy Jarvis, CENTER ROW: Ron- nie Johnson, Mayo Hadden, John LiHle- iohn, Mike Hastings, Jim Kessler, Sian- Iey Hawkins, Ken Hammer, Richard Hanson, Louis l-lamellon, Skip Hunrer, Jim l-larnes, James Hamellon, Howard Herin. BACK ROW: David Hedges, Tim Lievre, Alex Kershaw, Gene Hall, Phil Hanslen, Bill Landis, George Kline, Don Lieber, Bob Leonard, Richard Hoppers, Ned Kenl Ralph Howard, l 8 1 . Sr .V if I If. 3 1 J ifv ' .1 , V M 4 W ,f rf vw. -2515 X. i 'rf f 4, " 4' f ' fo' ' V ae- -s : V. .22 2.1 'J 5 1 W , r 5 me 1. - V' if ff -f' 1 ' A I V we i ff A ,, 1 f S., i A ff . .5 V 2 7 7' , H L L 4 1 E V ' - V ,. sf, 15,43 4, , ,, .Z I .4 1 ' V ,.' . 1 ' A' ,ggi V S 5 5: f li ' X VY il ' X V 15 U we kg? W , V 5 , V, 4? V V . W, V L? V, V .A , V. V , ' . . . er , ' ,J -H-2, V - r . Iliffiiffw "" i f:"if, fiiiru wiv- " ' ii' 9 sv N -L V 5' 'so' 4 V is Vf we A .. A fi .ws-f we W z pf' V f '- if S e 1 Ti' ' V "5" . . H ., wth 5 , V VV Mn,j,V VKSVVVV V,,Vf, ' . lg I V' '. E, e rg 'a fy ii "1 X f fi? V Q' ' i" 21 5' " l C' , ?'f5 h,,QJ lx ,f f ':- ' , 'f ,V - , J 's A ' , 5 f -s p. ' - , , , f' es, V ' -KV 4 44 ' w.W5l T ', i W ii ssssss .,,, fh I i i f 'W A- xl ,, ', , , , 4' ' -N a 1, 5 I ,,,,,,,, V V c N . , ,,,. . , . Z V , ,:,., : fe-.VVV,.. . V . New ., . VM ,. V V 1. V V X . f NN i s ' X 1 . 5' 1 ,V V! .e., A ,, , . ,V V V V ,r l ' 3 ' ,L 4' s5!7V,,,. . Vf f, V, ,, V 1 ,f 4 ,, . , , , -' , ' g xr c i , . 1 l s f M4 Q' ' V-"','l'J ' yldji ' 'sw 1 if 5 34 ff ' ., , V - s o , T234 , if M ' V, MH W' il: W. ' 2 'i MQ '-i53'l'4 ge l 'li l S is 1, A i f? Y .1 Q V 1 V ,, 1 f ' Qi J I v J 'V in f 'lf V 'iff S -ses V 2 - i J l Q J, ' J ,-' , "' ,L , if f ws, .1 , .- , , "U A-V 5 ." , - , s 5 . l E .X,, 4 l 1 - ,A A LL vt I. k , , , fe 1 my 'R i Q . ., ,, , G K 2 ,. .r cf. L K, I, .n Q. . ,W-an X A ay ar , J s ,J r A 4 7 7 if fl 'img 1 lk Sf - X 5 la " f im ' 1, 'g -ri' z K f ,, , . ug in , f f ef 1 7 1 : n FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, lefl' lo righf: Lorefla Harringion, Ann Hardin, Barbara Har- per, Sharon King, Sue Lamm, Linda Kirkwood, Joan Hull, Kaihleen Leschin- sky, Virginia Hamilfon, Karen Johnson, Carolyn Hill, Shirley Knighl, Joyce Leffler. CENTER ROW: Sluarf Hadden, Joe Hafey, Kelley Jones, John Kirsch- ner, Sieve Lillard, Paul Holmes, Keiih Jacobson. Joe Jacoby, Jerrv Kenf, Ron Hoyf, Alberl' Harcour-I', Bill Holman. BACK ROW: Jeff Jones, Jim Halder- man, Howard Johnson, Jerry Hellmers, Roy James, Waller Hardison, AI'fre'd Jungen, Bob Kelnhofer, Bill King, Dave Himsl, Maior lnch, Wayne Hudlin. FRONT ROW, leff io righf: Sandy Kins- man, Alice Laihan, Bonnie Jewell, Ros- ann Linford, Joyce Kimmel, Judy Loo- mis, Mary Hancock, Karen Liiflefield, Marilyn Gruesslng, Susan Hilfs, Ann Grogan, Shirley Heath, Arla House. CENTER ROW: Connie Kapsalis, Carol Kenf, Shirley Raglin, Barbara Harris, Shirley Jeler, Shelley Burgess, Twilla Irons, Jackie Jennings, Sophia Omania, Kalhy Peck, Kathy Herling, Nikki Miller, Pal' Morey. BACK ROW: Glenda Kifer, Carol Holl, Penny Jue'H, Jane? Kimmel, Jackie Hero'd, Kalhie Hill, Maureen Joseph, Margarei Jurney, Linda Miller, Cinda Millen, Karen Hoofring, Pafricia Hosick, Renale Johnson. FRONT ROW, lefl- fo righfx Linda Myers, Linda Masfherson, Donna May, Janice Mark, Adele Nydegger, Barbara Parks, Marie Pinkwarl, Carol Menlon, Pai Marsh, Cheri Longo, Nancy Mc- Grill, Lynda Polk. CENTER ROW: Larry Monfgomery, Joe Randall, Peler Nor- fon, Rodn-ey Pacheco, Jim Osllund, Gary Loveridge, Harold McCulcheon, Randy Marlhews, Sianley Miller, Ricky Flood, Erv Lehmer, Chuck Midland, Tim Oldfield. BACK ROW: John Marn- cich, Tom Melendy, Dan Neufeld, For- resf Pollock, Bob Nisonger, Terry Ken- dle, William Miller, Eddy Pakes, David Merhven, Eddy Maison. FRONT ROW: Judy Carfer, Alexis Phil- lips, Carol Prieslap, Barbara Radman, Joanne Pavilionis, Dorolhy Mroczkow- ski, Michele Morgan, Belly Loeffler, Ann Price, Marilyn Maiors, KH- McCal- lum, Chrysral Malonev. Rira O'Brvan, Dolfy Main. CENTER ROW: Ed Nich- olas, Al Monlicelli, Jim Myers, Don Mahr, Joe Mayfield, Norris Phillips, Ray Lucas, Jack Plaga, Bob McElhaney, Dar- rell Pehlersen, Mike Murray, Jim Pla'l'l, Russell Peierson. BACK ROW: David Marlin, Floyde Mar'l'in, Joe Mangini, Bruce Pelerson, David Pelerson, Mike Lyons, Harry Ramsey, Ron Nicholson, Paul Ludwig, Kenneih Lowe, Terry Pefers, Kevin Keeble, Jon Morris. I9 FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, left to right: Gloria Pow- ers, Trina Mort, Judy Longfellow, Jackie Longfellow, Margee Hanners, Linda Doolin, Janice Metcalf, Norma Mc- Kenzie, Lynne Peter, Liz Nelson, Marilys Loveioy, Sharon O'Donnel, Rita Preszler. CENTER ROW: Dianne Puryear, Carol Ann Puriol, lone Myers, Eden Lorenzen, Charlene McGill, Roberta Morella, Betty Miller, Mary Pelland. Judi Lud- ricks, Marsha Mcllveen, Sharon Mc- Namare, Judy Madding, Jessica Matt- son. BACK ROW: Jim McGowan, Vic Patton, Martin Piscovich, Phil McRae, Mike Mahoney, Howard McLain, Kenny Perkins, Clarence Melancon, Jr., Jeff McCord, Mike Ohran, Larry Martin, Ernest Potter, Prentice Nunn, FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Spowart, Sally Schock, Donnie Nichel- son, Diane MacDonald, Marilyn Thibo- deaux, Margaret McDowell, Marylynn Ludin, Kay Segler, Denna Petrie, Mary Lynn Mosher, Bonnie Nicholson, Bar- bara Studt, Delores McKibben. CEN- TER ROW: Bob Stevens, Jerry Theabald, Francis Sullivan, Ray McCabe, Dennis Tietel, Bill Seals, Mike Sweeny, Nick Romeo, Paul Sherman, Carl Shropeta, Dave Richardson, Tim Robinson, Dick Vaughn. BACK ROW: Bob Martin, Ron Ralphs, Terry Munroe, Bill Miller, Gary Smith, Gilbert Stoffels, Chuck Snekvik, Chuck Shank, Ken Stuckey, Al Saunders, lrvin Schmeliohann, Jeff Slonecker, Leonard Salisbury. FRONT ROW, left to right: Carolyn Skipper, Louise Simpson, Carol Parke, Marie Starr, Juanita Smith, Cathy Wil- liams, Barbara Seby, Susan Sanford, Eloise Snipes, Lyla Smith, Judy Shee- ham, Jerre Slaght, Barbara Sousa. MIDDLE ROW: Bill Rodgers, Bonnie Roberts, John Snell, Ronald Roark, Chuck Riemer, Paul Thompson, Dave Shera, Jim Scully, Ernest Rodriguel, Gary Tappa, Pat Renschen, Harold Sundquist, John Shower. BACK ROW: John Shatting, Donald Rice, Cosmo Tahira, Jimmy Sands, Michael Rider, Jerry Smith, Ricky Smith, Mike Schnit- zius, Vincent Stramaglia, Barry Schia- man, Bill St'nnett, Wayne Reposa. FRONT ROW, left to right: lda Mae Smith, Peggy Templeton, Carlo Ray, EfaflC'5 ROYBI. Sharon Reynolds, Chris- tune Rountree, Sandra Steinbrook, Diane Rawlinsen, Mary Ann Sheppard, Judy Shaver, Susann Smith, Jo Ann Stagge, Linda.Spencer. MIDDLE ROW: Jean Rookaurd, Carolyn Sleda, Carole Stul- ler,- Sandy Starr, Donna Spence, Pat Sfeimetz, Sharon Savage, Martha Sands, Nancy Shinn, Norma Siegfried, Billie Sue Seay, Darlene Raphael, Jo Ann Ter- rell. BACK ROW: David Sandoval, Kon Sipes, Roger Romiq, Larry Teixeira, Gary Rodrigues, Jerry Stanley, De Lane Roberts, Richard Tompson, David Riggs, Bull Smith, James Revell, Don Rumpt, Jim Smith. FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, lefl lo right Shirley Slim- son, Roylela Thompson, Marge Schrei. ber, Pal Sfephens, Karen Sfreel, Marfha Skurfun, Judy Smilh, Sandra Shepherd, Barbara Shea, Sandra Redding' Vif. ginia Tally, Marilyn Salf, Pam Rey. nolds. CENTER ROW: Mickey Sfover, Dee Shoup, Janice Sidwell, Georgia Tl"0mPS0"'. Sandy Spessard, Judy Shide- ler, Joy Sleward, Sue Schulz, Anlonefle Sampere, Sylvia Selberq, Karen Terry, BACK ROW: Syd Smilh, Bruce Weslley, Warren Trueblood, Jerry Slephens, Bud. dy Willbur, Charles Williams, Charleg Taylor, Floyd Woilh, Gary Uriarre, Beb Zavala, Jerry Wallace, Barry Tillman, FRONT ROW, Iefl 'fo right Mike War- ren, Bill UHer, Sieve Zimney, Bill Wil- son, Casey Workman, Clifford Wifham, Mike McMillen, Mike Vicknair, Rick Tieg, Jack Turfle, Jerry Van Pell, Sieve Waferman, Bill Webb, CENTER ROW: Diane Towers, Beverley Thornhill, Judy Walsh, Carol Woolen, Carol Verdier, Mary Ellen Upshaw, Lynn Turner, Billie Jean Walker, Penny Wise, Kafhie Wil- son, JoAnn Zimmerman, Palricia Welle, Sherldyne Webb. BACK ROW: Sandra Vedovelli, Jean Towell, Judy Wheafley, Nancy Vasak, Jane? Trebino, Jo Wheel- er, Terry Treal, Lee Wehilie, Joan Weeks, Barbara Treyorrow, Karla Weinz- heimer, L,nda Whifl, Lola Wikle. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Vernier, Nelda Williams, Louise Windle, Kafhleen Wal- fers, Janice Wafkins, Ru'rh Ann Wil- liams, Sharon Woolf, Karen Waferson, Georganne Zaro, Jane Thrasher, Sandi Tommela, Joyce Vickers, Sandra Upfain, Joyce Vaglienfe. lEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Cogar, Roberla Ferguson, Carole Cook, Margo Holl, Rise Harris, Linda Cofham. 4 4' mfs " . H ,. fly, S' 2.10. ,f haf' 1, , Z ,f Q!! zz " z ' ' L2 ' ff Y I' 'Y , ,I - 1 : AJ X ' , llc? V , ll' 2 y. ,r ' , ' .V-f r ,' ' ' A H ' fe fi f i V .V, 2 5, V f ,e 4 , , , 4 Q ,i Q V, if fr f J 1 Q ZW' f Q! jf 'f ff-V f ,, - Q 'Q ,f ef 'A 42- learn I. ,,,, z 3-qv Q -, 4 'HZ "C 1 fa l . ,,.. 9 1. -ng sf 5 ,. ,J I Q.. l W .aff- -4 l 4 4 1'7" R Freshman Cleanup Day rolls around once more and These ambifious fresh- men do fheir parf To help keep our campus clean, while 'two lazy seniors look on. Anofher "firs1" for the Class of 'bl was Diablo's firsf Freshman Career Day. Sfudenfs affended an assembly in which many speakers from various professional fields spoke fo fhem. 22 For The firsf fir-ne in fhe hisfory of Di- ablo, four freshmen sfudenfs were se- lected as Tvpical Freshmen. They are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Sweeney, Linda Dominguez, Bob Berglund and Dani Kay Saxfon. Eager frosh waif for l-'al fo snap 'their picfure for fhe annual while Connie Stevens mans fhe cl pbcard. The music slarfs and lhe more energetic members of 'lhe Sfudenl' Body sfep up lhe fempo wilh a bil' of Rock 'n Roll. Mrs. Helen Lum's freshman English slu- denls pay slricf allenlion lo 'lheir worfhy inslrucior, lhaf is, all excepl a few preoccupied genllemen in lhe rear of fhe room. 23 mga. 4 4 X M131 an-,W .5 Q . Per found foofball games bofh novel and excifing, As a member of The Straw Haflers, Per played a mean clarinel. Every noon Per lined up like olher Diablo- ans lo buy his lunch al fhe Dog House. Per lore lvlielya comes lo Diablo lrom Aandalsnes, Norway. lmle and many olhers lrom all over lhe world came lo America lasl Auqusl, lhrouqh lhe American Field Service, an orqanizalion which brinqs over foreign srudenls each year lo sludy in Amore ican schoole. Qnce qelling in lhe groove, Per was in no way diiclerenr from any olher Dialnloan when ir came lo acliyiliez. He managed lo bring a lilrlle bil ol Norway lo Ml. Diablo and lo Concord. lv, 3111!-"ine 5 ,, W x Mlm i jim rm' iouich,1l4, -i. e Xl i ' f ggg ff' , Wt r ' i ' in if li 1, -2 .Z ' - ' . 9 f , ,J .svn i I . f nifflv- f 1 I -Y ' W-ref' fail'-, " ,Mgt .ir 1, '.-'U' 1, .Q-Q sew i "",fm.j. Q93 is: - -2 " 'limi zu 9 A, 6 1731?-:1fKi?1g,'ff,gwv 5, ,.N 1. l -r.-'V , 2 - l1fZ9?l7:i.f1-"filf,- k ,l , ,JZ 1 1 1- I ff ge , ,146 A 4 0 9 4 l a' Uk gf 4 ,'9 3 nr' l i 26 6172, 129,35 5' ' If-faq v x ' Nga 56 c , ,Q .ff gf E 'rffwf X' X 'x 4 - X i 'W- jx 4 ,. V im A " x' x has? Sepfember Roger Emanuels firsl walked Per Mielva info fhe Adminislralion Building and info our hearts, Per and Marcia Kaufmann sa? cn lhe foreign exchange panel for fhe yearly exchange siudenf assembly. as f W,,, i' I1 1: Pm,mwL9'l7 ' Z MZ A 7 J , Vu , a cr -' 5 , , if Q rf' an JIM? i r A 2 2 Z Marcia Kaufmann walks The ramps of The Academic Building wifh her adopted American sister, Lynne Norlon. Two of lhe mos? enthusiastic roolers af football games O rfewrw Zu! x -1' were Per and Marcia. fw- ,WN-3 Marcia learned lo line up for lunch ai 'rhe Dog House as qulclrly as any olhei Diabloan. John Barclay showed Marcia how to wear, no+ his own sw:-aler buf Al AIlison's award-laden knill No Jimmy Valentine acl of sand papered fingers was needed lo open Marclas locker. She knew her combi:-arson lfluih lrafe 23, Mafia liirlfrnaw. ffirr Pio de Janeiro, Bra? Came lc Dfabl: alrq soending fhree rnonrhs wirh a family ' lllinoig, ll didn' ialfe ling for lflariia 'C C6229 a Dabcaf age' she arrfv-ed. She saf+': cred in nth ac+'f?+'es as afzefnoe-2 a' rhe Senior Varfely Shcw. When Marcia refforni +0 Braz' rhg gy-A mer, zhe will have leil U5 X,-,'+h 5 Cearf uncerzianclng of Cu' Scwh Arrerfar ngql l OCVE. fbi xx -22 . , VX NY , .. li, ew I, --::e..:e..::g:, , Lf- egg ' , as f f.-' Xmas- 7: Q S " ' r sex.-,V-'. - Q' l mi Q S , 519 1 g W., . ' .3 H ' ? " N ' r:e1E' "ss 3' j -X ' . - rl, , -. -TW 4.0 .1 . Kiwme W f ' 'f 'V Wim .1 wa C l A l f Ari i' 'f wi! . ,ff ' sgzr. ' ff' aw-vyzw f. I -: zEE:. Q U we ..::::.r::Ef"31f":i' 125- M Qi' -5"' V ' ,. ,.v.W1.LaWg,.Z 41 Marcia and Per linger lo answer questions from inquisiiive fellow siudenfs. Per impersenafing Maurice Chevalier sang "Louise" lo Marcia, 'rhe Parisian nursemaid in The Senior Varieiy Show. Per and Marcia wave lheir lasf good-byes lo Diablo slu- denls before faking off for home. 26 fi, yt J e Marlene Dawe, Nancy Keller, and Bar- bara Riley were chosen 'lhis year fo apply for a summer frip as a Diabloan who would fravel and live wilh a For- eign family abroad. John Golshall represenled Ml. Diablo as an exchange sfudenf in Germany lasl summer. and Um Hnmfuhalc fvuch, La, lui, f!L0l4'l, Qiab l.a3r summer, John Golshall wenl abroacl as a for- eign exchange siudenl. Again lhis summer, Diablo hopes lo send anolher sluclenl io live in a foreign home. John was selecied as Diablo's relurnee, sponsored by lhe American Fielol Service and he macle ihe irip wilh 735 fellow Americans. l'le lived wiih lhe Specia- hardl iamily in Seeheim, Germany, for lwo monlhs. Pk lk wk Nancy Keller was iirsi choice lo represenl Diablo in a ioreign couniry lhis summer. Runners-up were Barbara Riley and Marlene Dawe. Ron Tibulski presenled Per and Marcia lo the Sludeni Council early in lhe school year. Soil . Q f 4,525 ' - f' K.fi5K. ffl- A ,rs ,,.vfN,--'-eM:::- N - sv 5091, xi x 3 2 f .wg Marcia Kaufmann, foreign exchange sludenf from Brazil, slrolls across fhe Quad fo class. Per and Joy dance fogelher af one of lhe sporf dances held this year. The slarry-eyed senior in fhe background is Jim Chrislock. ww 'Q f -1 ,,,,,W M T W LM T 1 ' gi, 7 ,Wi i W T ,, , , ii ' ,- , If 41,15 A 3' 2 fs V 5 ' ' 5 , if ' he W ! - an 1 f ' T i , 2 . f lima- ' ,f ,f 're ,ZW ff, , A if , K , ,, ,ri T fr.,, ,l,! 2 K 4. 'iff' ? r 2 One of Per's firsl days here af Diablo, he is inslrucled in campus efiquelfe by fhree prominent members of our sfudenl body. They are leff fo righlc Bev Dufra, managing edilor of The Diablo News, Ed Lewis, sales and finance commissioner, and Jeff Morgan, edi+0r-in- chief of The Diablo News. Mr. Joe Rukavina sfands wilh a group of young men who have worked long hours on ihe boa? they now display. Proud owner of lhe crafl is Yhe smiling young man in lhe foreground, Mark Tweelen, The ofhef boys picfured, lei? 'lo righf, are Tom McKean, Gerald Thompson. Lesler Alwood. "How do ya' like fhaf!" Al can'f even gel Jane alone! N The yell leaders and song liaders relax durind The half lime of The Pillsburq game as lhe band and maiorelles lake over. The Sfrawhallers added a Touch of color as lhey marched info lhe firsl baskelball qame, sporfinq Dior's lalesl in bermudas. Sportsmanship ranks high as head yell leaders, Stan Moore and Bob Davy of Antioch, shake hancn during half lime of the annual football game. E., 1 'ew ,ez para' 1. 'e pose P ' 'Q 51 1-e va ':'ea: cl new ': " ,Jw ,Q eigyg afo 5: '- ea':e': Tc we :trim of 'O' Dfabz' ard vo the mafia 4 pofrpcfz We :mdems come marching ima the 5-vafd: azsemt f. I if 555 , Q fd V , -an ,- ,1 L .J f , ' 4 liz' .i 5' 2 xx. 1 . x,,. 0 fy r PW ff vyfwffdlf ik 1 W 7' ,. cr M' , X 'fi' A .Sy G ' V Q Y i . 2119 fb I 1 f' 1 '? 4' 1 - f' , ' ii 1 e , M 0 V ' 4 'Y' . 1 y , ykf , Q A, 1 1 4 rv ,A 1 ' if , f A " V . In-Q., Q -V, 'I-11 ,1rf1'7'm- . V Q55 , 5, In ' "2" ff' ' , , xvifi 'Z 345,-Lf ji5'f - ' ,fi f',5"? ' 1' A -, '115.JL'f J", 73? Z - 1 M 22 ,ffl . -13' . "' ,fi 5 'r 1 '- 2-aff H If ' ' ,Q FJ , ,. A.: ' ' , . n ,Il 1 2 I I ' . Q ' 4 X I .4 . . if 1 C A , ,, 0 . f V I l I-,1 X fn 4 f 1 if 6 Q J- -. Mr.NI1Ion raises his bafon To s'Ience Yhe crowd for The NaVTonalAr'1'fl'1em. 29 F' : f M ML S A 'Q 2 Q 3 w 'S .1 Q .M V 'si' l vs T 532 We K Av, if X , gf I ? , AN . .miss T-Q X TT PAT FLETCHER KIMI TAI-HRA s s , X ., -Q K Q -1 55- ' gi We ' , A X? i d x , ?"m., sms, lf: STAN MOORE Head Yell Leader 3 Q e ,SFAQV are "-f f' 'Wff 5 ,, Wh, - ss, - :MH .H 5 The surprise face behind lhe Danny Devil mask is Dick l.infor'd. One of lhe reasons Diablo won lhe foofball sportsmanship trophy This year is shown above. The stands and The yell leaders broke lhe sound barrier. e, 5 2-if gr 'K SANDY KIRSCHNER PAT ELKINS T Q lifes . X 2 . ,. fa by X S if f 'x .... H ... 4-aiu: .... f . --9-w uv- 'Vfe DevT'e+'res sfvffer: rc :wg fha" -fef TNQ 'Ve heafs :4 We Sc:"s'ra':H'p Tranny Members as wel' as fha crowd, PAT MEDLIN JANE BROOKS N, jhem 4 Q TANYA MCLEAN g 5 :If MARY ANN DORSEY MR. JACK SMULLEN Rally Commihee Adviser L 'Q IW no-vi ,I-' ,.- - ""7',v VN-s AI, Dennis, Paul and Sam go info a Sam Johnsfon blows a Gabriel horn combo rouline for swing lovers. while Paul Bengslon plucks The lempo. Whale pnwm, The Varsilonians under The direclion of Mr, Mel Nixon posed during me Senior Variety Show. This was only one of many appearances ll-:ey made during lhe school year. They are, FRONT ROW, Iefl lo righf: Paul Bengslon, Bill Small, George Sousa, Bill Bruce, Dennis Treadway, Al Allison, .lim Cheney Hugh Brown. BACK ROW: Sam Johnslon, Mike Thompson, Ron Sofge, Vaughrl Lealh, Ken Enke, Dale Wikle and Gary Loveridge. A 'Sommer' flghl in 'he M!-'Sic Bl-'lldlf'Q every morning first period, is the arsllonians praclicung for lheir calendar daled performances. A I , ,Mx 1 X'X,.f sx, Q 5 www . e,..x-vw - H . Q T' fm' , ..., ,, Q YQ M W. ,w-,wx . N - X f ' 2 5 so X 'tl Xe , '45 z'1 4 Z 'fs as 1 7 1 fa. 3 1: 1- : 12 4 if 3 YQSITGRS 1 21 22 11 Z M, W, pf , -WJ ' 4 , , , , 1 x, ag, The Cancer? Band made up of ihe renowned Diablo Marching Band of foofbatl days, broke away from ihe martial beef vc 951790 Calypso as veil as musical ccmedy numbers for Hs March assembly program. PAT HASKINS DARLENE HEANNESSEY Maizreffe Flag Twlrler I MR, MEL NIXON Band Dlrecfor FRANCES ITANEN LINDA TALBERT 'Wm . in 4 M Head Maiorehe Maisrehe N' H ,ef R, V V,,,, ,,.,, , X , K . 5 Q , , N ,4 A 4-au"" pp,-ff ZWQ Wwwf 'Z WW7' f J fififf dw, '41, ggi? 4,2 Qv YZZQ? W fu W rw ,Y ". . MMM if f mmm KZSQVW , . -I ff :ff I Q fx , . -zfqggj..f2afa::j,,f..:aff,v if 'tg : , ffl, ,. ,fff 1 ffff . . , V , , 4 ,..,. A , ., If V , , H ' ' .. .- ,iz - WZ,WyL f mgcw I, , Y 0' ,I 'N '1 , ,f e J Q- ' 33 X V 1 277 f' Wwvwf, MW414 ff, Q.,f,m gr' , ' ' I W 'V' ' J' 71" VW M' X 5 fhvfjf,'f,"7'-'RIMMQ 67,-if NM?" ,M , ... M . M- Lf - ' 2 ,SA .1 Q, . wwf ffwf f f WKWWW W Robed for choir, ihe a cappella members are, FRONT ROW, lefl' lo righl: Mr. George Prall, Dona Maher, Carol Masferson, Marie Melendres, Wilmella Servenfi, Befsy Ohran, Sharon Bish, Barbara Leary, Diane Carlos, Jo Anne Brown, Gay Davis, Phyllis Roberlson. SECOND ROW: Kay Moore, Bonnie Carllon, Anne Malheson, Pal Koch, Rufh Barber, Pal Funderburg, Ronny Churchman, Brian Maderos, Don Chernoh, Carol Vargus, Cynlhia Dickey, Sue Grubbs, THIRD ROW: Gail Wheeler, Dolores Salisbury, Susan Leach, Sheryl Grey, Gloria Slanfield, Judy Knapfon, Judy Riggs, Barr Blakesely, Daryl Phillips, Linda Ferriera, Carol Burlon, Ann Bergum, Rose Frazier, Sandy Recio. BACK ROW: Ju'di Laughlin, Donna Halley, Becky McLaughlin, Ronny Terry, Jack Ken-nerson, Mike Larkin, Larry Young, Kenneth Robbins, Danny Foskef, Denny Goodrum, Larry Simmons, Ray O'Driscoll, Tom Acree, Linda Fisher, Phyllis Renif'l, Toni Varqus. Af Piano: Pal' Markovich. Those nol in picfure: Linda Crewse and Rowena Young. I I ' The A Cappella Choir enlerlains for many occasions lhroughoul lhe dislricl. They perform al' concerls, assemblies, and ieslivals under The direclion of lvlr. George Prall. The Choir also goes lo lhe College oi Pacific each year where il compeles in The music feslivals. ll has been raled excellenl or superior each year ol iis allendance. The choir is smaller This year lhan in previous years, 'rhereiore lhe dulcel Tones of lhe individual members. can be heard more clearly in lhis sonic age. T-'gl ,g0W'1"49"'Y The Ml. Diablo Ensemble under lhe direclion of Mr. George Prall can be heard oflen enlerlaining on lhis campus as well as oiher school campuses. The following members are, FRONT ROW, lefl lo righi: Gail Wheeler, Sonia Carlson, Gerrie Lee, Penny Perry, Amy Glines, Linda Fisher. BACK ROW: Deanne Robison, Daryl Phillips, Marian Shanks, Larry Young, Dick Linford, M . GEORGE PRALL , r Brian Maderos, Rowena Young. Direclor l . GIRLS' GLEE broke ou? in song and weskirs ihis year. They are FRONT ROW, 'eff +o fiqhf: JoAnn DeF'a?es Barbara Johrson Myers Shafone Selkirk Judy Clarke Virgiiyrn Log'-e Liz Chambers, Margie Ze'meno. ROW TWO: Janice Burkharf,Ru'Il'1 Ann Williams, Kathy Blikeng, Sardfa Sahel Nora VanSchaack, Ramona Davis, Adeie Avafsino Narcie Ro-fden. BACK ROW: Mizs Margaref Canwriqhv Barbara Cash, Mariiyr. Mayione idalene Peverson, JoLene Spuriock Shirley H. Robbins, Judie Riggs Sharon 55571, Lyia Srr'i'Yh,Juani1a Page Mafia Caryaial, Aiene Heh Dzlaj Him For irieir apo-eefefce 'f fre Crfirrnez PEQEGW' +he GV? Gee Deke zu' ri few Jrihirrns rhfz ffrler. fame rev: efd beck sieeiec zkirii were freif Crzfe. The CJiVGCJ"2', VE: Mefgefe' Cefwfqkr e EC ezceefec 'f +V: efzefncie. Vifhen Mr. Dfeoio: Cfii-6356: uroef +he cifecffcr. gr iAVE, Mary Lowfey oieyeo fhe oeckgrourc fnugf for Crefcrne 4 +rey zcufcec 'ee ry ofofezefore. Tw: of 'he rnerh- oer: were dir-ec 'C LZ ey " +heS'e'eM,1'ie 'Searle' 'r Serie Beroefe nniz yeif, Q f 'T ., . A , Q, y Q f, 3 f RNWJ , . 5 ,, 'Q Joining in fhe greaf fad of new uniforms fhif yeahr wasfhe Orchesfra wiih 1: P Hs aie reen semiformal for qirls and whufe dlnner lackefs wrfh fuxedo ' " Mrs. Mary Lowrey, di- recfor of +he Orches- ira and Miss Marqaref , Carfwriqhf, direcfor of 'figgff' 1 X Giris'GIee. P Q pants for fhe boys. 91 PJ mama! gym , Q J is J y 15 R 4 R. . ' ' Q' A 5 1 , ' f f iff . AOD E' L! fi 1 ':f- 1 - 'fit ' Y EL 163- asses l X40 6 .Is-. ,., ,. lvliss Marqarel Carlwrighl acled as music direclor for Olrla- homa, lhe fall produclion, Miss Mariorie Silva, arf leacher, paints Weslern hislory onfo Dick l.inford's face for his lead parl. "The Surrey wilh lhe Fringe on Top" really rolled on slaqe wilh Yhe principals in lull voice 36 ,ll Q . . X1 Uldalwma, ! ! Anolher lirsl was recorded by Ml. Diablo High during rhe fall ol l957 when the combined deparlmenlz ol drama, music, arl and dance broughl lhe musical pro- duclion of "Olclahomal" by Richard Rodgers and Cscar l-lammerslein 'ro four sold-our audiences ol sludenls and adulls on November I9, 20, 2l, and 22, I957. The enlire produclion was supervised and arageo by lvlr. Harvey Berman, and lhe musical direclor was Miss Margarel Carlwrighl, wilrh lvlrs. lvlary Lowrey in charge ol lhe orcheslra and Miss Elyse Dulfalz in charge ol choreography. lvliss Marge Silva designed rhe produc- lion. The Three sellings were achieved by building our a I2-lool loreslage, placing Laurey's lwo-slory ranch house and lhe Slcidmore barn scene baclr lo back on a I6-fool 'rurnlable and flying in lhe walls of Jud's room. Qver 200 sludenls were involved in lhe show eirher as performers, musicians or baclcslage lechnicians. Mrs. Mary Lowery, riqhl, in charge of lhe orcheslra and Miss Elyse Dukarz, Iefl, in charge of choreography helped lo make the musical production "Oklahoma" a sellouf. ' - s 1 we m N ' XA ' xl! w. .N Us Ulllahvma, ! ! ',,,,.-,,,,,,-,.f . - -.,. - -1 , ,f:':"i 'ineii -i,'e. Ei' "Wee e" CJ :Aff Q'- 5:':'F2:F"'e Te", fn" 'ff 35+ e' life E'::f:e'f' ,A 'fri' 3'i'fi' If- ' -ef' 5"A: iz ' f'-'C'efw fewei ,,,,- - gy--L f gg.,- , . . ' ' , , . , f ,FHM ,-E f"',' I E-' "':'iE. "': -Hsu .,, ze" .inet -ref. wfci -- ,.L,-. ,':,-'f'f,L-',,3 ', -,-L fr,- f f P.. 3: ffe'e ei , "wi: L'EfE -'-eau Jcfe -2222: Qe"'1 Uefe: 2"a' 'fat-efti f - , , xefe :'::f:i'f Je' 'Ziff' f, e Nez'- . ,. 5 ,. A ,G . zfe' - " -':":e'. 'Sufi Q 'JCNC' ,W f, H. gp, ang 7, zffzn, -- ,. - , ,.-, . - -.,. . - - , , . , F JLi,,:,1,S-Z, 4i,L- ye-we Jef--1,455 ., :, ,. ff ,- A- - ,vu :P , -He : ,. . -He -:., ,- :-UH '-'L 'fe'-5 'ff:'E'C'E2 LA 'fznf . . - , . ,Z C1 "ei fc" -e 2 f fe" 'eve 'E"L'fLC5Ef"fi'1'C. ne 5':3.i":' fzvd'-':" ef ,,,L',.-,-,1,,. Z' lf,.. HH: fc Fc-few :Hayd Fefe bee' on We 'mei 'ack + L ,gf - gn gl we Shaun-4 Us -fhef me can p'eseH+ed 0,-E 1 ,E:+:,:1p,J'- 05 M' Hang' Bqrrrgr ns .ff A ' ,, 'a Q-, A v-4h V , VY, J' ' A VJ ,, fffffqlal - Ziff! riff' , 1.4 41,113 ,,, V ff 4' ' 4 JT? ul.: 42 :gl 5 i , i Sherry Smiih and Dave Brodbank as Ado Andg and WH brcuqhf edra curfaw :aPWs Ado Annie Will Ce,1r3yfDYCPLYn4OVd2 Lorfn fGaib Whge Q' and Game fG9Vc3idv'Q Lael :'fv?'e ' V VH 'fx' 'P 5 1 wr , Q .Jvc cr'-e 'T' Ear-y In The musxcaw Cu!-ey 1'-fades Jude CM-afwa' SPM? rgfgrn +9 QQ!! Mm had waive 5 UHQ 50152 - 1 , M, ,,,. T ,,,,. W, 27. Mr. Harvey Berman "lrances" in concenlralion as he watches lrvouls for lhe spring lerm play, The Hasly Hearl. Por lhe second vear in a row lhe Drama Deparlmenl ol Ml. Diablo High School won lhe lirsl raling ol Superior wilh ils presenlalion ol lhe lelevision drama, THE SENTRY, by John Gay, al lhe Second Annual Pacilica One-Acl Play Peslival held on February 8, lC?5B. The produclion was direcled by Mr, Harvey Berman and lealured lhe lollowinq casl: Dave Broclcbanlc, Marlan Shanlcs, Phil Shull, Diclc Linlord, Bob Bolcerelc, Bryanl Bolen, Lowell Fill, Jim Rawle inson, and James Halley. The show, which lold ol an incie denl ol dealh during lhe civil war, was repealed a weelc laler lor lhe Ml. Diablo Parenls' Club. lk lk lk wk lk lk The slory ol a boy ol nine who seeks his dead dog in lhe upper regions lheavenl loolc lhe slage on Oclober I 7, l957, when lhe Advanced Drama Class presenled lhe lamous radio drama ol Norman Corwin, THE ODYSSEY OF RUN- YON JONES, in a double assembly belore lhe sludenl body. Pealuring Loren Quigg as "Runyon Jones," lhe sim- ilaled radio program demonslralecl lhe lalenls ol Kirlc Bowman, Linda Crewse, Slan Moore, James Halley, Bob Tarlen, Gay Davis, Marlan Shanlcs, Judy Neville, Alice Mary Riley, Scoll McDowell, Ed Lewis, and Darla Roberls. Q Q ' 0 o 0 One of lhe scenes from lhe lelevision drama, THE SENTRY, Loren Quigg, lhe lillle boy, looks heavenward while pleading de icls lhe ca lure of Soulhern rebels b Union lroo s. merc for his do im ressed lh l d nl b d d' P P Y P Y Q. P 1 e s u e o y au :ence as well as exchange audiences wilh his perlormance, ,, V 3,-1,1 ik Q, : ,,,.,.i . Mmm H , j., U,,i ..,. ,. , , ,. - 455 V fx I. fx , I' ' fn ' V5 f A 5 41: ' fri ZS f 5 W 5 2' 4 ,J H if 2 :iE'- 'i".e 'J "E1-"eii' L16 :-"'2--1'1--5' 5 1 ' V, , - - . . - 2 ' 2 f ' ' 712' 'Q Z 1 -1 ' '5"1f: The Hasfy Hear'+, 1 5.2: ': 'Hee 5 Q 'L:'1-zef' 'i. 4 'i': :."':"i:'-11022,e:1-'e:."g f lf 21-21 CE' -' 1 'Z-"E "iff 5 'vii 5 -e. i': "2 5' 2 -'-1-15: V , :"" ":e'1i'2 1'ef-"'. '- .1 M1 C'?-if '22-'-"E-CE 6' "i' , ' vit 1-'- ::1" ' "1 'i:'. 'e " 'ee'-'e: fi' '. :Ve ' "2 eat- ig, 'Z '12 1 -5256 1' 25.2 2'11f:i'f if 'iv i': lie L' W' 1,,,,.. -, -Mun fx-.,. f 5' H ' 'R A A,- .f : , -:Q -'-:'-E E2 Z. ,En 4 ,'Ci' -Ei LE"-E -'E". I,'2,., ff- ff :L 2 L ,,1, ,,,. -,-, ,Ln ,, f,,- --,, ,,- , 1,- 4--- .f-- - , - . - .. 7 -.,-.,-- - ---- . , , f. , f- -L,--:A :fn ,-if A-LA f- , ...,:f,: d:-.f..z- :,,- fb: Q: fl.-f .- - --,.,-.4,,..1-.,.,. . . - -...- - -.,..,f, -4- A, - f,-A -.-,, f-rf- ,--,, ',,-Hs,---. fi -,,-,-ff, ,-'-... '25 ff... HTL- , ,L :, H -M-, 3:0 :,,,. H--. ,--,,. fa, ':,-',', f-.f,-. :,L ...,.--,gf ,-,5- ,.-25. .,L ,Z ,LAL -.,,:,:u ,-. ..,:f-fp.-7, :-L , pa- .LM :,-- fn, ,Lp 4. .fav - . - ,4':Lv 1.1 4 .44 There was a bi response +0 the fryoms for 'rhe 'le'm play. Jan Dafe 9 Qfimgrv reads her Wes +9 KV? Bowman whTie Gerry McKay, Mary Claw Catlin Oawey and Sorfa Ma? wa? +5 be cu-ed Tn f -aff,-.Qs -1 1 ,N Before H19 spenkg of H-e +e'm p'ay, '1OHahnma" L"da Fe'-e7'a wields a moo and BTH Mah-1 nai's or a brace. Brockbank Ts geffing if from el! sides as son-e of The hopeful serie' fhespfans hy ou? for Yhe sprlng play, , ,-,, 1 EU, F x 2 'J ' rg, 1 42,5 A 2 . , , l l 1 , The advanced modern dance class poses for lhe birdie before its annual modern dance assembly, FRONT ROW, left ro riqhr:Ka1'hie Nicklaus, Carol Peirie, Phyllis Reniff, Sonia Carlson, Connie Sfevens, Linda Silva, Pai Medlin, Jane Brooks, Karen Murdoch, Darlene Hennessy, Terry Wilson, Yvonne Bisso, Penny Perry, Sonia Main, Sherry Smifh, and Alice Riley. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Ann Schaller, Pal Elliof, Donna Jarvis, Tanya McLean, Linda Talberl, Judy Schrock, Penny Sweeny, Glenda Cowden, Darla Roberis, Carol Biqby, Pal Flelcher, Marilyn Hanson, Barbara Riley, and Jimmie Rae Jones. BACK ROW: Nikki Lonac, Barbara Clough, Jane? Plmenlal, Paula Mills, Peggy Gibson, Linda Curtis, Kimi Tahira, Joy Machado, Diane Morris, Lucy Dominguez, Deanna Sheldon, Donna Payne, Judy Neville, Janel Bolcerek, Judy Peck, Mary Ann Dorsey, Jane? Parker, Roberla Berglund, and Kalhy Warren. Mr, Diablo will remember lhese original poodles as fhey danced for ihe siudenl body. Srudenfs look bewildered and lhe leacher looks disfressed buf isn'l lhal lhe way if usually is? MISS ELYSE DUKATZ Modern Dance lnslruclor The audience seldom knows whal goes on behind lhe scenes and maybe il's a good lhing ihey don'l! No, These girls aren'1 chasing dafes for lhe Senior Ball, lhey are simply dancing fheir infer- prelaiion lo "Terror Ai Night" f 'G CV: -1" "e gc Ce' a"': I :J a Ce' "'y'n"' C:-'ns co-'ns cs-'s WM'- efef you loo? 'P-e'e are :ic-fn: , .7 High' Ale vas af a rrandsri ,. ' -fhY'e fhe nmsic payed Sauqh- j7 'er Or Terfh Aye f V , Qs. I1 V ?, 4. f f' f 1 ,f " 4 'ri 44 Q Z , 1, ,f , ern, r Vg A 1 5 , ,f , ,K ""l,,,,'-' ,WWW I . , ff 3 ,V , V 1, Z A Ahoyl These lively sailor gals " X "WA darned fo "Srri:9ly lnsfru- . .. New , f f mehr' l. l' Mfg, I VV ZM,,,,,, m , V lv '- f,. ' I X X IZ f0f9fAg',f 1 The l:.eqTr"'g nnoo'e"' dance :lass lahes Virne off from dressing lo pose for a Quick picfure. FRONT ROW, Iefr 95 figl-93 Linde Dally Ed"a Worrrnan Diane Dewsbury Sonia Van Der Groen, Sonia Halverson, Becky McLaughlin Heather Hooper, Mary Clark, Sandy Kirschner, Pa? Errnan, Yolanlhe Berger, Jo Ann Pimenfal, Rona Moore SECOND ROW: F-osler Roberfson Ruth Linqenfeller, Sheila Johnson, Gloria Mason, Susan Brafsburq, Carol Phillipsof Dyra Mai-,er Jane? Medcalf, Carol Snyder, Penny Lundeberg, Terry Maynard, Toni Srnifh, Marlene Dave, Karel- Frecfzyson. THIPD ROW: Marby Drexel, Judy Sands, Susan Jackson, Judy Janas, Audrey Simpson, Shirley Johnson, Pam Dowell, Judy Laugl'1lin,Sandy Scarborough, Dixie Allison, Ellen Cornelius, Joy Archibald. l up Q 1 of ua y Lf ar A54 5 , 1?,",3T-, WL fi' AX E , X 5 S S Y I s I in 77 me K -G Q'-mm .1 - s, ,,, ss.. me MN f...- fi ,V ,4 Dave Brockbank in his Model 'l Ford was lhe cenler of allenfion al fhe Economy Run in March, When lhe bells ring lor fiflh period lI:45l fo begin, lhere is always some group which circles lhe Quad for a lingering momenf before lhe Iasl bell rings. Wilhoul lhe aid ol our Freshman Service, lhe grounds al Diablo would look like ihis, Weary drivers gel ouf of fheir cars as They refurn from fhe B2 mile Safely Economy Run Iasf March IS. ,W Green grows fhe leffuce when slu- denfs rake and hoe in fhe Garden class, sfxdh period under fhe direc- fion of Mr, Orval Sfeffen. vrszqzw ' "Timber," calls lhe deliveryman when he drives alongside Shop 2 lo unload redwood, pine and cedar for lhe Woodshop Classes. lo 'Wilt is Awww'-1 X ' 'Q 'A 'IIS as A Q7 'Q "4 'Iii ,Tai y ,,...-.- J-ze 121, Par had her hrds fu" as .fa-page T"Q-6-VFQ gzes 'He be'I E-revere rnrsfress hddh-Q .gferyve eke: reads 55- HH!-r period 41555 9,565+ tech as 'rhef !-ad wg? p'd,rr,g 'He :ew 'cifers who ::He:" 'erdf , Qaker s'Tps. .2 Um? A Hpicar -3:0 if me 'NE 94 5 hub g7rl Xagr fall gn H19 annual offufe day was searchrnq for her Mddgr- Durie and her book. Card -PNB' Pfornirrg found fhggg :fudenrs and feathers head5ng lor Vhe7r warm firgb-period 515595, if 1-Am W ff Q fg. ,:, gr' fjf' . Q' an May. I957, saw fhe Sfudenf Body 'rffice seekers oosfirg slogans and puhing on skits, . A . The main bullefin board on fhe Ou-ad carries posiers from Bcmogni +n Leaver. ' W t , - ' ' , ll! """ ,wg A if , . , r - , ' x 1' X ' A- L-Q-L 7 X ..,, " 5 , " ' 'M : """ L -, M , v f """"'- "" . 1, f . - 2 , , fy f' ' ,1 V 31:1 'I' T . ' -" Wmpiwf. ,,,f,,,, ,, Y F . """ N' ----'- - M... . . ,.. ,A 6, m,,,,,,,.:,., ,,,,,,, , IW WW AF ,,f M , I ,N . ,,. f I wi . .. . M... . . 1., , l ff Q? I nuwiw J.-1 " A W. WM, X , wcflufmf if ,, f , I Lp? I , .4 awww , . , ' V , f- ya will lw Q ' gm ' 1 I I f 'ffl' 4. ' V ll ..-J 5 Q 4 ' 'SEG 1 3 f Q, H, 4 5 fr , '..f 1' , Z 'ff 5 ,' A 65- f 'Vi' - ,gy ri-' WT .. 4 A ' W" -Q, ' gif? T. .. ,. wg, f .J 1 K A Mui ,fi , qw-f ' fjlj-, 5' mf W. ng-hw 1 1- ' - f f Q ..... an A 'r A N D Z ,ww .Z - if 7 ' V znffidcipi FRUBRMS Fm' .W 4 9 'VT ' 1 f .f V. f ,-,,, ' " 'f"T 'H- 5525. ff? M 'L J fm'-W www ,A-vi Q ' y U ' 'X V- 1 4,0 , , V . J, 1 4 y -Q?ff Q' 411ff,w. ,dw .1 K " f-- , F gf- ' " ' 'f , 'f M., ywfff - M vw . ' IAM,-, 3 , , ff.. cmhv, sW...m.,,,e., . 44 me "Fur your lillle fool .... pul your lillle fool righl our." The Devilelles edu- cafe Those same Seniors in fhe arl of dancing. "A prelly qirl is like u melody . . . !" The Devil- elfes from left lo righl: Jane Brooks, Pallie Medlin, Tanya McLean, and Mary Ann Dorsey smile lhose very lovely smiles for lhe carn- eraman. 4' I2 W V ,mfg Q gm-ln' f', of g Ol fr , 4, f mf IRQ ' f 4 i ' V ' l , V X W W U , f , J, My , ,gall S 4 tv This is a pyrarnid??? The Senior "Men" display fheir greal skill for "horsin' around." 4 'Z' ' f wil Q Hi f' ls, 111' F? uf F-7 6 ml. 7 -., ',-. 0 f ,. ,-.9 - ,s :gi , v'-A, ."5x 1 fi .X r g Tne'e was cafchq rezfv' , Z'71ycYYhE H.aHesvr-1:3- 1 GOWF Charms Foreman Judy M:- Henry. Pa? Flefcher, and Frank Johnsor pose Vheif rdcesf for U snapshcn 1ha7 ,AM help 'hem remember ihe dance which was heh! Ocfober 4 under fhe spon- ,- sership cf me Dame Carr mlviee Q12 X X 'X 1-'fn "13?,'E7":1 1 351 ?D qi, flfgfifa ww EZQXSJRQ X 3 aux 93249 A34 1 ' 0 , X 1 I -QQ! . T - e r 47A 'K o Q N o o ITC! Jr T Lk ' W qJr Th ff QM db f ybknq + dflddd I , , J f 1 1 M' 4 - -- ff , 4 ' I , , 4' A 4-, FJ 'W F-i . 1. 0 ir f . - f ' W L' JV O :F . f X ,fu I 'ff . x , IL - ALJ A 4 F 'fx f I I 5 rj I ' 1 7 1 1 I 'D jf , , W A ,- .f1,f 'X I "1 iff! VZLV uf jf! lj! !yJL A 1 Lil J , f f if F -MV! f 'fbi t, V 1, CV! 1 , V, 'V J v4 U! 4 fu VJ .I if El4Jf Y y ff ! 1 - V, V , . 4: JK JA- 6 WNN2 O x . 'i '+"'E 'F' l. ,z -,Q 3- ew ,0 1 i 'risk ry.. rffwmmsys C ' ' if 1 V , Q " " " "'v - ar , 0 0 I wwf ARCHIE MORGAN SOPHOMORES lnTelligenT, energeTic, resourceTul, aThleTic and TalenTecl in This year's Sophomore Class led by Archie Morgan, presidenT: Bonnie Mason, vice-presidenTg Charlene Foss, secreTary3 and RiTa l-laslcins, represenTaTive. Jim Borrelli, Jim Dougan, Diclc Elling and Jerry Loving played an imporTanT parT in This year's varsiTy TooTball Team. BaslceTball, baseball, Traclc and oTher spring sporTs also res vealed many sophomores parTicipaTing. WinTer came and so did The ChrisTmas Formal under The direcTion oT This able class. The Theme was "PoinseTTia" and was carried ouT in a red and gold moTiT. CHARLENE FOSS presidenl - secrefary BONNIE MASQN In The Spring, The sophomores sponsored a booTh in The RIM HASKINS vice-president Junior Carnival. Calce sales were held during The year To help represenfahve supporT The varied acTiviTies. The class was advised by Mr. WalTer Kelson, Mr. Richard WisowaTy, Miss Ann TruiTT and Miss Karen Nix. This class is indeed a year older and a year wiser. ADVTSERS The class advisers who direcled the Sophomore acfvilies This A .w COUNSELORS year were as follows: Sealed, Miss Karen Nix, Miss Anne J The counselors who guided The sophomores This year are from TruiTT. STandinq, Mr. Waller Kelson, chairmang and Mr. Richard Iefl' To riqhfz Mr. MorTon Ely, Mr. Harold Godchaux, Mrs. Wisowaiy. lola O'6rady, and Mr. Loyd Moore. ws gf wr ZW' yd, 'Z 11,122 rr "2Ur ff-. 'fn - ' l it 'l if 'li:f'l,r ' A SOPHOMORES FRCNT ROV! ei' 'S "'i":Ea'Cy E --1 S-e Cock we-, 5: ,4-.ELET .Lf Ca.ssen Sa-:-5 C-yu: Q-55.513 Are's Acele Aigeg'-3 peg,-3, EK, Beciy E a':na': A-T-5 Egg- gi-:EE B::"'e' Ea':a'a C'a':-e N5-5, Er,-C CENTER ROW: T-ey E-g..- JE-L, 351, 55" San: E"ry Ren Belly-5: DQ. EBAY? JV' C: burn Dave Carserfg Ecole Cafa : D':9 E,5:,3:'5. gc: Casiey, Jac: 93,56--ag ,L-E, 535551. za Bc: Barr. EF-CK ROWg De--'S EE-, r'e"r B'e" 14-'cbesc' Joi-r Cergzn De'n's Beane: Ro' Ejgrlr Ke- E-ew RlF'5'5 EC!! "4-99' E1-1' F'e: Agca 9-fre Ba'L::-' Bob C'e"be': E'-:e Ezggess, FRONT POXW, 547 'Q rigiwj Kgrg- CHF5. 'e'Sen Ja":e Bea? 'Car y"'e E:- :e' Dare A er D'ane Er?-,P L'-'ca Arerrz Ca ni Cal:-fe Rcserrary Bal-- Linoa Bare' Jean Braz' Nzrrra B :cr- 'rq D:"s C: '-s Barbara Ee'e,' '5e:'g'a Ca"e', CENTEP POW: Re, E':ra' Pay C'a'g'eaC Vey E'a:f5r Dtn Bevan' Je"y B'ay'es'e Ba - 'ard MTre Arr:': Getfge E:-fer W:bb'e Cea-fe: To-'nry Eg-51+ 55-l Ee arse. BACK POW: Ray Bxns .lea Ee'a a Dtrac I-"er: Dafa 23255 Vey E'ee':T'g F?':n Brown E' l Ba-fden Dc' E7:oe Tec: Bale: Dafa Anoer- sz' M7re Bare e Ffarf Gorcerrfar. FRONT RON lei Yo right Lynn Baonaf Judy A yer, Sue! a Ca'os Marla Clnes- see' Ba'ba'a Clarr Ea'i:a'a Broolrz Cafoe Cfoseis Snarsn E.'rs Jare Bene E:-nfe BaTr': Sardre Galloway Jucy I-rers JLdy Brace. CENTER ROW: Barbara Brew Slfrley Lucas Kafhy Elleng B'enda Bryar, Carofe Alder- ac' June Cla'? L'n:a Canrody Lyrn Eyde-ve' LaVe're Erecnfe Maooy Arrnsfrorq Carolyn Bonannon Barbara Casn Diare Al-wurnada. BACK ROW: Will Br:-fn Eddy Einarn J'rn Manbie Roy Burr: Do.g Birch Bcb Carscad- :er Ee'a': Arn p Willard Cnrisrnar. Pau Eergzfcr Allen Afari, Joey Boban, Dennis Clarlr Jim Borreili. FRONT ROW, leff 'ro right Maria Fer- nandez, Kafhy Emery, Donna Boka. Carol Carden, Rufh Brassfield, Gail Cosfello, Charlene Foss, Kayleen Dar- nell, Carol Campbell, Sue Granf, Con- nie Fulk, Joyce Harinq, Kay Harden, MIDDLE ROW: Monfy Duarte, Mike Ford, Rober? Gordon, Bob Ewing,Sco'r1 Crenshaw, Doyle Cosrne, Gary De La Rosa, Don Eddy, Ricky Folh, Bob Fore Lee Faison, Sfephen FSH, Scoff Essin. BACK ROW: Mary Grirnsley, Shirley Flefcher, Judy Edinborqh, Jeanne Hagerbaumer, Pa? Gibson, Margaref Her-npsfead, Kafhleen Eriksson, Janice Dorrance, Eileen Golden, Malalyn Drago, Carol Hendrix, Jo Ann De Fraies. 14 f"i C2 pq .af 4 ' 1 ,- r I 9, V, K' ,E Q-g i e . ics-f"' 1 - D3 ' - X 1 ,7 ' aa?- , gf , 15 . 21 D- 'S' - 5 F 2 'f - L ', - Q 1 , 1. , : .L na! , 3 , 41 -,' D' N , f 4 K L j F3 Qu 9-4 A f - ' it T, ,41 f 4 .ld ' if All Q22 SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW, leff 'lo riqhf: Ron Cohen, Eddy Heikes, Phil Erickson, Ed Buller, Herb Denlon, Bill Cullen, Bob Del Chiaro, Dick Ellinq, Jim Craig, Mel Heaps, Harold Dogliani. MIDDLE ROW: Trudy Hays, Pal Hennessy, Janel Decker, Karen Ellinqson, Margarei Har- well, Sandra Fields, Nevalene Cremeen, Joanne Crenna, Gayle Fiske, Ramona Davis, Sandy Hayward, Judy Halfield, Sharon Gross. BACK ROW: Jerry Har- risoni, Tommy Burneff, Mike Grahn, J. Duncan, Gary Benzler, Paul Harrison, Charles Hagood, Terry Dwyer, Joe Har- rell, Norman Hauser, George Gianni, Sian Forossfrom, Dave Haqerslrand, Paul Erman. FRONT ROW, leff io righl: Gloria Hare, Ju'dy Dallon, Judy Hadden, Char- line Dulreaux, Pal' Harden, Kalhy Fos- ler, Kafhy Gray, Sue Cook, Pai Elam, Conni Curly, Irene Cox, Georgiana Hazelion, Bonnie Harlman. MIDDLE ROW: Tim Coon, Ted Freeman, Don Devincenzi, Richard Del Chiaro, Tom Grimes, Bob Freeman, George Con- cannon, James Falkenslrom, Ronnie File, Harlan Eller, John Gackowski, BACK ROW: Rick Cress, Bob Del Tes- sandro, Ed Gomez, Dennis Ferriera, Roger Cramer, Dave Harris, Chuck Hal- lam, Joe Hayes, Millon Cook, Jack Colcher, Mike Conneally, Pele Dole- man, Jim Curry. FRONT ROW, leff lo righi: Kay Dozier, Sandra Gross, Sally Berbofh, Judy Dial, La Homa Eeds, Judy Conn, Jo Anne De Cofano, Diane Hamilion, Riia Has- kins, Margie Ecoffey, Carolyn Guerry, Carol Gorman. MlDDLE ROW: Eleanor Davison, Judilh Herberl, Nancy Dan- nelley, Leslie Eggum, Janeva Crabbe, Dawn Dewsbury, Donna Driscoll, John Lee, Richard Loera, Bob Dulas, Lorefla Homolka, Jane? Jardin. BACK ROW: Richard Davis, Dennis GarreHson, Jim Cromwell, David Karns, David Crenna, Ron Gress, Jim Douqan, Don Biddle, Todd Bales, Bob Goble, Mike Harlwig, Mall Ha rlwig. FRONT ROW, left lo righl: Sherry Jarvis, Sandi Madlena, Nancy Hicks, Jane Jackson, Mary Logan, Doroihy Lee, Enid Malhias, Diane Himes, Jan Koskinex, Edin Kelly, Linda Moore, Nancy Locke, Linda Lee. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon McAllis1er, Marilyn Maylone, Bonifa Killingsworfh, Sharon Maiors, Rennie Hoobler, Linda Myers, Lael Lorenger, Janice Mafhison, Kafhy Ka- bar, Sharon Jack, Claudine Logan, Pal Mai-linelli, Nina Loza, BACK ROW: Gerald Fraler, Byron Kelly, Ton Messer, Jim Moiso, Ted Morgan, John Hill, Torn Morgan, Al Jacobs, Keifh Kays, Jerry Loving, Sl'uar+ Marlin, Irving Jones, Bob Lucas. 50 i -Q :Z A fs 014 'X r Z Y 3 7 if if M 'f1! 73 L f '- fa I , , ' , - 4 ze f ' ' sl H if fi A , 4 ' A a w P Q 3 3 - H :J gf hi ei 4. .50 gf . i .ff-ff i 7,5 Y , 2 2 T6 QL J ,vi . . 7 A I ..' , ,J P , 7' f ,V ., - ... I , J ,-'S' T"'YA'b i Aft, 1 1' 4.5" A 1,12 , Q izg, ,l Q11 Q J 1 -ff, , sf, , xg-5,335 2 - '- 1' A N- K 1 Eid, 4 - ' , 9,1 v YJ . K , Q may 5 I V' vi 'T f D , . 11.55, Z. - 5 fig! 'I J 515--5 4 1' I 1 " ff 7' uve- 5, -' '3 : 1 1 -i O' T, 'xi 31 ,F T 1 y We gee J " 5 ,. 4 , ,I 132 I:.,..p Ev 1 2 cf an ll, L 'V lf cm f ,Z , V' w 1 , AA . V ,,. A if 1 :mn W 5.72153 A V4A,, A D 2 -- ...,. .4 I A, , Q ,155 ' Y VICE: T C, f T: 3 SOPHOMORES 'I' ' 'F .L .- -'-.- f'.,. - .,'- -'.,f-f 5 - , ., 5 1. ::: f5'e' ".-- ,-5:"e '-:":.e 551515 '!5"" C"'f"'e 'W' 'Je-'. -Ac. Ave Ve'::l '-'5 . fe -.:' E'e-:- 'f:E' f'i'2 J 'es 555'-feeev S5 -'J 'ee CE'- 'E7 PON: 'J5"e C':.' :e V5. fe: L:5 -:- Z:"'e es J:5' -J:.::e' "'e4:' ":'e' e:e' E e L:::,' C5': ' "s':' J-:. 'fe'-e". 'fe"e Le' S"ey -5-sc' 35. 5 V: 9."e. EAC! 'iiffz C5':e ."::e. 'J5':y J:'-es V"Q' 1" -cafe A be"5 '-'5"':1 SPa':' :'Je"'s J.'i'e Ire: L"ia 'f:3' L":a 'J' e Je e 1'-:..5f' -fa-' ,- uf' f :WONT ROW 'eli 'Q "gh: fe' V:- Keny' Tc' '-'5'-"e R:L:e'+J:-:5- Bc: P-40:4 2:9 V:E -'5"e S'.5" 'fa'- Bzc V5 :'y New J:P's:' T':"5' J5:fs:' Da e L.:'-'5 5 V: 5-24 V' e' Dafd Hu '. CENTER ROVJ: R:' Va'- :'-' D:-g "T'c?e Inca '-f:"es J.:y L"':" B':""e P-'asc' S'5':n Ke V' S'w5':' P-4.ss5': N5'cy L"'E5ZE' Dc'- c'cyJ:'es G'eg H' J:P' M' 'e' Bcb L:'v5'do. EAC! RCW: B' V::'e Ja'-'ee K"'ew G57 Iewe A':P'e M:'- Q5' S'e-fe Jecfsc' J5'-'es L':-"ef Sa"ue Le:'a'd B4 K":c'ze R:' K- 'owsV Abe" KT-g Den K: e'b:" Gerge Jc'e: FRONT ROW Te?' +0 r'qH4-La"y Rc- nayne, Gordon Russ Pan? Rose J'm Nvman La"y Can-pbe'T Tcfnrny L'i'+le Jim Ke'sHner Ben Levfs Rcr- Las'ey' Jann M'nsf-er CT'a'Tes Odcn Ken Oh?- son, CENTER ROW: Paaf K"'ey Jack Pence Henry R'ssef J"n Mfyfenson J'm Niscnqe' Jim Raw "sc" B4 R':n- eieu NTcPy Spa'Ps Jenn Nuces VV"- becf Home .Nm P"r'g'e Waff Peab'-es C'yde Rccsberg. BACK ROW: Esb P'ng-er, Jin-T HF-:ies Howafd McEl- harzey Eddy JQPPSOVT B'en' Hfjanscn, Duare KIihne. James L:9""nan" B:b Hughes Jerry Hoy? B71' Lafnrn Jeu McEffoy, Randy H'x RfcH5'd LTf'd5'r0'n FRONT ROW, Veff fo right Maureen Oliver Nancy Plnkwart Kafnryn Pan- coasf, Caro! Pufrnan Nancy Mlmen Donna Nees, Carol Pelman Vfrgirda Pa1'+erson, Ruby RQPDEVTSDD, Midqe Pub man, Mary Fiona Joye Robinson, Sharon Payne. CENTER ROW: JuITan Nicklaus. Aud?e Oelscwaeger Bob Myers,Augusf Sanfos Jim Racine R?cn- ard Ponce de Leon, Duane Mavis, D?ck Roof, BWI Meese, Randy News, John Pfoeqer BEM NeTscc. BACK ROW: Janet Pearce Barbara Roe R115 Remo SHr. ley Robbhxs Dena Podner Jear-rg M,-. VBY CBVOW N:+f'ng L7"da Ro'Vef Bea Mundy, GayTe Pwyear, Judy Pe'f'sh Laufey P-af?-er Robe'?a Noe. 5l lr '.s '- , , V ' - , r ' M ,fr .LV , - . ,Ze ' ,, I ,QV , " l Q ' f eil V w, T 'fT"w , ,Q l " r ' ' "--'s V "K 'f I ' " ' 'Mfsis 4--. 'f V , r V :',:. - , ' V .,,y'7Z 1 , L , V my ,Z v X I 2 IA V' V by , jg wi 4, W e ..,,, , . V,,-51,7 A , W ,, 3 3 9 Q ,V-'-1, ,V r e ' . , ,,.. , 2 A 5- A " A ,F S7 'VV r 'M 7? 442 if ' . L 1' Ii' f! ' ' 7' . 2, J XJ fr, - fd ,, Wi iw A L4 my , ,W -' , W ' , 4, 2 1 'fr ,Q , l 1 , n f -,, L 1 f , f,--1 1 ' ' 2 V- , fav, , - ri, w , , , ,Hg yi , af ' f f ' 'V LIZ, ,jf 5 , ' r iw, i .Q J " " f V ,W i i H ' " Q1 A , T f f ff V,f ... , . , 4 : , ,if ,. ,,f 1 Q, , Q ,ag if ,1,. f f f 47 , , 1 4 ,Q 'f , ' l I y I 2 " 9 V - V fi -' ' 7 127 T V 'Z 2 ' 'f , X 1 4' V A ,J I j 41' ,h Q -sw L4 5 5 f , ,Q 5 , ff' V i- if fi .:, ,1 . L, ' -,afla V is " 'V , ,, ,, rw' ' ,I W, V '4 - " , - - X fa-2 if J i 'U ll, l Z z ff' W ' V' ,L 'V V, , 1 j "--- V fy . 7 , ' if ,T .fffierw-. r Q1 1 , ,V J NEW 1 V V J 1. ' iw f ' 'T ,' ' 2 if VM. , ,.,, - ' : ,fly , M .Ly A. ,, V, V f, V is' -f f f V ,i i , V r .. .V , 5 L f ' ' :af M - f if . , V - is si f,4,. f V W A ., ": 5, ,J -,,' ,Q i...a , f ,A-A, M , f- sf? " f i f , V 1' V:-rv f ' ji ,f i l 7 1 ,,.f3'r 7 V V, V ,s I . , , fa M, --L, , -fr . 2 , , ff V , 1 4 V , ww ' Z 1 KQV' fQ,E.i'i', ill 5- , , M ' f l, ,' I f lf' , J V , ,V f V Maj Z . y All J Six 'I , ,f 2 WJ it W f ' d K , QA-av wp L ' 'sw 2 'W My 1' 4 , . . Y , V , W ' ff, . , ' ' ,, "ff V ' ' 'sm . h va. V Q if V fi- .. ii li -...J'J il., SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW, leff lo right: Ken Roe, Gary Pederson, Tom Priestap, Jim Ros- coe, Dennis Newman, Bobby Poe, John Rubiales, Warren Rupf, Edgar Rust, Jim Parker, Ralph Rulherford, Larry Rogers. MIDDLE ROW: Bill Resluch, Archie Morris, Leland Nelson, Dennis SaHler, John Page, Gary Newhouse, Melvin Rosowski, Tony Pooler, Ellin Pelleff, Jocelyn Mroczkowski, Deanna Runnion. BACK ROW: Glenda Ortega, Pal Rob- erson, Nancy Nakafani, Sandy Olson, Sandra Safre, Judy Ralh, Carmel Pel- land, ldalene Pelerson, Janel' Pelrie, Sue Padleford, Jackie Nulley, Penny Royal, Marsha Pelerson, Charlene Praler. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righf: Don Rash, Claudie Ray, Jaime Ramirez, Mike Mur- phry, Dick Pelerson, Dwain Trosl, Mike Wilson, Kyle Weslover, Nick Williams, Dave Zacharin, Dave Rodriguez, Pele Rubio. MIDDLE ROW: Lee Tingey, Vic- for Smilh, Nancy Rowden, Carol Thie- man, Beverly Tibulski, Bob Sf. Pierre, Sharon Taylor, Nancy Slape, Charmaine Omania, Roberla Tomlin, Pal' Schulie, Phil Voeks, Gary Silva. BACK ROW: Jim Wells, Fred Towers, Paul Erman, Sieve Turner, Gary Smifh, Gary L. Smith, Charles Shockey, Bob Walch, Bob Ward, Craig Williams, George Sousa, Bill Silva, Dave Swidrak. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Dick Terra, Keilh Schmidl, Bob Semans, Chuck Ulm, Sleven Shelby, Bob Ramsey, Tim Pulos, Larry Vander Pauwerl, Ed Will, Joe Sousa, Max Shorl, Don Secrisf. MID- DLE ROW: Norman Yales, Jim Shalling, Harry Williams, Mike Thompson, Dave Sleele, Bob Uriale, Jerry Schulz, Ken? Slreel, Dave Shaffer, Marshall Wallace. BACK ROW: Crissie Wilson, Sharyle Sloneker, Carole Slone, Roberla Sci- bold, Mario Siemon, Sharon Slaggs, Judi Walers, Sandy Teninfy, Lois Shim- min, Pal Smilh, Rulh Sweelser, Befly Wilkinson, Sharon Vanicek. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righf: Linda Shee- han, Sharon Selkirk, Jolene Spurlock, Cookie Sweeny, Barbara Stoner, Judy Zubey, Jan Williams, Sharon Wells, Carole Sills, Carol Smilh, Rulh Ann Smilh, Jo Anne Shorl. MIDDLE ROW: Anila Wailrovich, Sue Van Devenfer, Nona Van Schaack, Penny Young, Geor- giann Sloul, Kalhy Woods, Sheri Sim- mons, Dee Shuck, Lauris Weeks, Janel Sperlinq, Meridilh Skeen, LoreHa Sum- While, Rich mers. BACK ROW: Jim Zavala, Billy Small, Pele Widner, Den- nls Walsh, Frank Snyder, Jim Sumner, Donald Schoux, Ronald Dub Slonecker, Clyde Sonner. Schneringer, Young, Wall SOPHOMORES --,- - . , , - -,-if, ,Ch E.. .5 .:-. ,.,.,:, as-2--gn ry- "1-,-L 'Q ':":::' -al -"'- 'Jin f-".: 2:": -' ::: fa ff. Ice' 'f.'e':"e "': e' Ce! -e' E'a':' I er' 'Li' e'e 'IE'-'E' 5'Lf-f- L'e'e fe:::" e"e'ave '-a':- ffev Q.:- Z -ac -eze ':- Qe"e: "-':::':- ""e'-'5' 'few -"2 e U ':'ve Zz' ':'r ,, - rfg. :ffl :",f,f- 2- -H-V. --.f .1 . :. Siva: 'l'a'e: 1 Ei: '."- ".. t-,-.. "- . . ' J: E .f.:: . 4: -'-'E' ' L.. .. E-,', -,-- . ,..:-5.: Z..- ' ':E""2':1 :E"g 3 f..- ,..,. ...., "LH -'-:H -51- -'Q-' 'Z'-:Jae 'f:': :.--'L Mg.-. f' "-A,,.. Z-. -, r " 'S --5: ' We ue: 'ec z' D ,' -' "e a :Z"'E'S e WEEYEE a' "1 ce Av 7:2 Qg f 'Q-K Q 4 XL Y i s e 1 , 1 , Qfir 3- i , F, fd, W, , ff , 1246, A Qu' 1f:L .g ff if '53 .af Y , 4.9" Q 'MQ' K. .A X, -"WZ N, . of xixi- X., XX X, , Sg'5'Q.-Q34 if X Nb-KZ f 'FG-w-f x X ,f it i S 1 A M M wan - . 'G' .A J-4' f X -. .. mmm. Q . , ss 'far s 4 .i X We X' ' -,WV Q 1 There are many artistic students at Diablo and the maiority ot these students have at least one art class with Miss Marge Silva. Per and Stan lthat other boy is a very popular Senior Man, but his name could not be foundll gather some books ot knowledge from the ole' Book Room. Many crafts are taught in our school and the woodshop class pictured here is only one of many such classes. rx I-leads up! These mechanical drawing students slave over their assign- ments tor today. Mrs. Hildred Garrison's second period English IVA students get a good laugh while Charles Jones appears to be rather embarrassed at the moment. Sophomores gaze intently at the cameraman who so rudely interrupted their hard, long iourney to that great day in I'-760. x WWE ""' 1 . Z s. ,Ju -"kr ...MQHLL ' mn: - ef--H iv-Y-A - WT, .iv qw ff' WW if, It s Despife damp wealher and clouds overhead lhese boys 'rurned ou? for lhe Mobilgas Economy Run for l958. Marcia and Mrs. Pauline Eechlold gel acquainled in lhe Main office. "Noel, Noel" ,... Mrs, Helen Lum's arlisfic iunior classes decoraled her room in fhe spirit of lhe yulelide season. Qs f I i V. . ff ,..,4s- , - ' , fe in ,ar ,fe ' , . f Ah' ,z H . ...ff This Wafer Fillralion display is iusf one of lhe many such proiecfs shown al the 1958 Science Fair at Diablo. Per flashes +he smile lhal won lhe hearfs of mos? of 'rhe female Dopu- lalion al Diablo. Piclured wifh him are Mrs. Eunice Malheson and her IWE boy, The Sludeni Body is snapped in one of Hs more serene moods during a sixth period rally. The speaker who has caplured fhe large audlerce is Coach Har? Fairclough. 55 5 , vm, yeah, "JusT one more year," ThaT's The commenTary oT The grad- uaTing class oT '59. Leading The class are iTs ohficers: presi- denT, John Slceenq vice-presidenT, Pam Dowellq secreTary, FosTer RoberTsong and Jean TaTe, represenTaTive. AcTiviTies This year Tor The class included: The Junior Assembly, Junior Fashion Show, Junior Prom and The Junior Carnival. During TooTball season many classmen caughT The spoT- lighT: Gary Casey made second sTring all-counTyg Al -l'reTTe, John Barclay, Ron Terry and Dick Jones were second year award winners. On Nov. I4, The class presenled iTs annual assembly, l'Miserable Memories." NarraTors Tor This were Barbara Riley and John Moore. NexT on The agenda was The choice To be made Tor The American Field Service Exchange STudenT who goes abroad during The summer monThs. Nancy Keller was TirsT choice, Barbara Riley and Marlene Dawe were runners-up. ShorTly aTTer This came The Tashion show "SweeThearTs JEAN TAT.E and Fashions," and calce sales To promoTe inTeresT and pro- JOHNSKEEN represenfahve - DFESICTSNT vide money Tor The Prom expenses. P M WE L FO5TE5'f5f2,2E5T50N "ShigaTsu" The class dance was given in April, wiTh The vixze-grgsidehi Japanese Theme. Advisers who helped The class and iTs acTiviTies are as Tollows: Mr. George ArmsTrong, Mr. Joe Rulcavina and Miss Diane Kelsey. ADVISERS The class advisers who generously led and advised The Junior h V Q V class This year were as follows: Miss Diane Kelsey, Mr. Joe Junior Advisers are. 'eff YO fjqhfi MVS- Frances Kldd. MF Rukavina. Noi' picfured, Mr. George Armsfronq, chairman. Ofvdl Sfeffeni and M'S5 D0f0fhY J'3C0bUS- Z .... Q Qfmf i , V, fi A A T .,,,,,, V ' I .sum Mk 'T mm "-" ' T, 'arf , , WI.. , r,v5,5:1 awww T i :fmwq f J s X JUNlORS FRONT ROW EH -5 -'-N.- Mife Ba"': Da-ef'-rcar': .la:'e: Czncanrcri JU' B::d Fee Bang-K-.cs-en Cate Cfvgn Berff Czrrr-eras J.':y Dzdge Befe'lf I-nnay R--H Ba-:zen MlDDl.E RON: S'a':- Biz' C-are f' Be'-grc' Civ: Ce--5, DE i, Ar- C.'e1:' L"da Da ,' Cav Cara: C-eq D.:,'ey Did B':Ve' Ken Carrer T"- ADQJTWH BACK QOVJ: Jefreg Ce::n'n', J"n Ca ce-a Re Q1 Ca'V I-larff E::: Gary Ar- enrz Gere DWP: La"f A en lee Bae' C'i" Cc errar R,:- se' Kirfg, FRONT RUN erf 15 -'gb-fi Anifa Cnand er Jea' A ar S..e Dad ey Era Ea'-had Diare De-rznxy Dzrna Dan'-ef Carci Elazref A'n Arge' Sa'df XH- derson Mew I-.ndriezser MlD- DLE RON: Jake Casey Bao B'adf Brace I--.gaszn Reber' Andewcn Dan DePzr+ Dare Anderson, Da' Ea"-ey J'rr A,- ezarvde' Ran Cadffel Ren Czar. BACK RC N: J'n' Char'- be's Mle Dc-1"-g Dear Deafzn Cref Beirnap 'VCE Brofscn, Ken Fcvz 9e'e Clmrcnrnan Ezb Arerdfsc' Torn A-Fnr Eluadd lesrcn. FRONT RC1W,'ef1 fi -Aa-1: Ja- nelle Cralnbe Joanne Breed- lofe, Arne Adams Jdanre Broan Laurie, Jan Bolcerzlq Marf Clarl Carce DeLay, Linda Czuee Judi Clark, MIDDLE ROW: S+-ere Bishop, Bifl Benner? PaulCau1r, Don Barfuzs, Garden Creer Lanny Ball, D':lr Andewon Pa? Allison, Ron Cock Loren Al'en, BACK ROW: John Barclaf Sieve Casey Fred Ball Paul Clwaplik, Leo Cosce Rfriard Cable David Chrisliana, Eud Evans, Terry Bergman, Lesler Ahmed. FRONT ROW, leff fo righl: Marby Drexel, Dixie Allison EI- len Cornelius, Donna Barfneclr, Joy Archibald, Carolyn Baler, Linda Bernard,Yolan+I'1a Berger, Karin Berg, Judi Jagger, MID- DLE ROW: Judy Clarke, Jean Deafon, Sue Erafsburg, Karen Burgess, Janice Burkhart, Mau- reen Cardinei, Diane Darrow, Marlene Dawe, Jeanne Brunelle, Maria Carvaial. BACK ROW: Ann Bergum, Lynn Balloclc, Bar- bara Bobu, Linda Clark, Pal Crose, Bef Ceskey, Marilyn Becker, Judi Riggs Carol Cref- ser, Jane? Cook. I' . uw 9 ' 55, , , . f ' f 1 l .5 .J--L 4 f' 1 ,L...1A .Q , L 4 U v 5 I : f fl 5,-' 6' ff-, 1 4 WM, nl , if E, 'Q ' Q 9 -Y, lk . A .5 rv: X A555 UD as f 1 Y- ,,L 1. Q2 5 f f. , . ' ' L I f' , .yfx xy -1 ff r we-1 i 11L1 JUNIORS FRONT ROW, lefl 'lo riqhl: Yvonne Faraola, Noel Humph- ries, lnez Garcia, Pam Dowell, Susan Jackson, Darlene Holz, Sandie Helrich, Belly Gaddis, Marilyn Fuhlman, Shirley Cor- dua. MIDDLE ROW: Inge Frilsch, Joan Aubuchon, Frances llanen, Belly Hughes, Chan Jamison, Shirley Hesler, Geneva Good, Gail Jones, Alice Hur- ley, Barbara Hunl. BACK ROW: Donna Halley, Carol Curlis, Sherleen Davis, Judy Alwood, Judy Arnold, Lee Grichuhin, Gary Casey, Dick Jones, Jack Kennerson, Dave Johnson, FRONT ROW, lefl to right: Shirley Johnson, Linda Elias, Sheila Johnson, Karen Fredrick- son, Donna Heflin, Marqaref Duval, Penny Jones, Judy Janas, Norma Jones, Pal Haskins. MID- DLE ROW: John Ferrari, Sleve Fry, Rich Hedges, Roger Eman- uels, Eddie Hawley, Denny Goodrum, Leroy Fore, Lynn Freeman, Gary Graeber, Mich- ael Guslafson. BACK ROW: Linnes Ellis, Gus Ginocchio, Carl Hayes, John Humphrey, Gordon Hollinger, Darrell Eberl, Larry Friesen, Glenn Eberl, Ray Hedlund, Ken High- lower. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Lou- ise Jensen, Roslyn Goldslein, Marcella Filch, Carole Hieb, Nancy Keller, Sharon Graham, Jan Hoffman, Ann Horsfall, Heafher Hooper, Pal' MIDDLE ROW: Sonia sen, Mary Ann Eckford Hiseley, Alice Garcia Habe, Rod Hamilton, Farle Fred Hancock Erman. Halver- Brenda Jeanie Donald Robert y, . Hunn, Glenn Hill. BACK ROW: Brooks Hamm, Gary Harringlon, Mike Heinemann, Don Elfving, Harry Eilzen, Roy Jara, Don Hardesly, Charles Jusfice, Ed Jeanolle, Bill Feldhake. FRONT ROW, lefl lo right: Dor- olhy Hubbard, Arlene Griffore, Mary Ferguson, Bobbie Heinzel, Deloris Dye, Pal Funderburg, Ina lrish, Linda Johnson, Doro- 'fhy Allison, Janel Ferwerda. MIDDLE ROW: Wayne Jones, Kirk Jacobson, Jack Hurley, Darol James, Paul Jones, Jack Harpe, Sem Johnslon, Webb Hadden, Jim Faison, Jerry Mc- Kay, BACK ROW: Clyde Luo- mala, Ray Johns, Louis Gadol, Jay Jackson, Lloyd Griffilh, Al- len Hagerslrand, Larry Hazel- lon, Roberl' Nolden, Ken Enlfe. 58 A ? ,V a Q , r L M 2 W M 'LW fs, rf y , W W ,Nga XM f X , , O il W, f, ei s f fi 1 ,, V ,af I WA? 174 Vx Xe X axxx r -. , it rl ,A Ml I' X JUNIORS PRC'-' POW e" ': "g"I S:- :'e: 4':.' .J-:'e .lessee .l.':y J:"::- lfa'e'e E-'J:':! Sofa GL' fe' K':'ge' -'e'o g-:":vs Saw Kc'-'Z' Lew Pe'- Q' y Jce Pa"a'svy. MVJDLE BOW: Ma"'a La":'s Ba'::a'e '5:':e"'a- W' 'fa H: a': P',-' 's N. Nara' Jascoy R:': free: Y. A, T"e Greg Mad" Jcr- Vcare 5:5 Pads, BACK RCW: Se'e Me':l': Mar'- , V::'e Jac' Kef' Pe'e Mr:- "a" Eco KTM Le-fs M:'gar' -2 Ray Neoergal John Sheen Y? 1 .l:" C .gs':' NZ? Mas:"e " Sz' -,J . BT ,Q -Q 1,1 v,,,,rsi if 2 -4 'J Q a sl 'W 4 'S l ' - E v- I f 'I FRONT ROW lei? fo right Pam Machado Lorene Gianni, Con- ffe Henderson Pa? Payne Elsie M" s Pew-y Lui-del:-erg, Nancy Pufnarn Sh'r'ey Paulser Par Markofch Billie McGowan MIDDLE ROW: Beverley Mal- lory Linda Machado Karen Messer Kandy Jasheway, Caro- lyn Jones Barbi Kendle, Lois Nakagalri Mary Marlin, Judy Lyons, Ann O'Neal. BACK ROVJ: Jim Liggel, Bruce Olsen, Tm McQuil'an Denny Mills, Paul Ohran Bill McDerrnof+, Ted Miller, Harlan King, Rich- ard McDerrnoH, Vaughn Leafh. FRONT ROW, lefi fo righii Rona Moora, Kay Moore, Lee M'lIer, Gloria Mason, Carolyn Oakley, Nila Nelson Darlene OnsloH, Terry Madden, Doreha Pressey Mary Mitchell. MIDDLE ROW: Teri Maynard, Carol Miers Susan Leach, Miriam Mc- Donald Rurh Linqenfelfer, Carol Phillipsen, Karen McCain, Lana Ludwfg, Annerfe Linde- mann, Margis Larson. BACK ROW: Darrell Phipps, Gary Maynard, Larry Pavilionis, Mille Larkin, Roger Krobo+h, Don Per- due, Bryan Pierce, David Nance Larry Leimone, Rudy Ornania FRONT ROW,lef1fo righi: Joan Pirnenlel, Bechy McLaughlin, Sharron Mahony, Judy Nelsen, Judy Malcon, Kafhy McKee Linda Leoni, Barbara Nuriing, Dian Macchi, Josephine Zan- bufo. MlDDLE ROW: Don King, Donn Nibbleff, Mike Ploeger. Lenny Williams, Bob Price. BACK ROW: Kennelh Pelerson, Don Pafion, Richard Laurence Ron Lichfi, Mike Philo, Henry Melendres, Brian Maderos Ralph Mohr, Bob Parscal. 59 w.-'X L, Ls! lv ...Q ,,,,, L' 5 I . A 0 Sw! T vi li -A 5 , r imma, oif ,Hw- iili A 1 ,J li S .A fi J A ,X ,X .L S' ZW 4 -1 5 , i l V, f 1 JUNIORS FRONT ROW, leil 'lo righl: Jack Sheehan, Larry Simmons, Jim Royce, Dafo Visperas, Ron Win- kler, Peggy Sidebollorn, Lou Ann Sanders, Nancy Reyes, Sue Tale, Judy Sands. MIDDLE ROW: Mickey Thomas, Buddy Weinzheimer, Bill Wood, Skip Van Werf, Lonnie Saling, Sieve Malony. BACK ROW: Larry Younq, Curlis Whill, Jerry Rich- ardson, Murray Shelfon, Bill Shinn, Billie Revel, Sandra Re- cio, Ron Toze, Sandy Terwille- ger, Joyce Weilzke. FRONT ROW, Iefl lo righl: Fos- 'rer Roberlson, Carol Ryan, Sue Sheffield, Sandy Sheffield, Carla Schlofler, Kafhie Wangan, Gail Wagner, Diane Shelby, Wil- melia Servenfi, Barbara Sharp. MIDDLE ROW: Dennis Reilly, Bill Tener, Dave Travins, Bob Williams, John Wood, Pal Wal- lers, Dolores Salisbury, Marilyn Thompson, Toni Vargus, Belly Rhodes. BACK ROW: Bill Wil- liams, Brian Russell, Gary Rob- inson, Bill Rink, Xavier Romirez, Buzz Vaughn, Terry Small, Gary Sbona, Al Trefie, Bobby Swan- son. FRONT ROW, lefl To righl: Pal Rogers, Judy Romano, June Wil- liams, Sharon Slone, Bonnie Ul- fens, Judy Sfreefer, Barbara Salwasser, Lynda Smasal, Terry Renschen, Sondra Shaver. MID- DLE ROW: Edina Workman, Sharon Robbins, Sonia Van Der Groen, Susan Russell, Marin Sundquisl, Shirley Taylor, Gin- ger Tomlinson, Jean Trosf, Dor- rolhea Vaqlienle, Valorie Torres. BACK ROW: Keifh Sovereign, Ron Soulhwick, Orris Sundlie, Don Tarbet, Bruce Wallon, Ger- ald Quigg, Larry Swanson, Roger Sfagg, Mike Slandridge, Vern Timmermon, Jack Ricco- buono, Richard Sloniker, Tom Scoggins, Dan Sovereign, Ron Terry, Audrey Simpson, Toni Smilh, Juanifa Skinner, Sandy Scarborough, Diane Slonaker. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Peg Richards, Pal Walfers, Vicki Wilson, Janice Zundel, Nalalie Zavialo, Judy Shoop, Gerri Tal- ley, Becky Zuur, Priscilla Robin- son, Bonnie Rossberg. BACK ROW: Gayle Taylor, Joann Tay- lor, Susi Seymour, Carol Vargus, Barbara Riley, Mary Lou Tilley, Jean Tale, Susan Rice, Ruby Srnilh, Gloria Slanfield. f '- :.-.- - ,... ,,, - - -- . e :.... y - 99' V95 S ': "e J f'g"' E'-'f-1-z T-L .-:,-.s ', D 1 -" 2'E S5S'E:'e': L, C' J-'A:' Cex. " ':e':. -'ez re : 1- I-:" 9' 57' ' 4' ..-",? S-: 3'- '55' 5 SKC-: 1 ':z::e,g 5-'g 'EE' :'e: e 'ei e': -V-E ' 2"'E a'c : ee::e: 1' 'P- '-',5' V'E5F4Z' E':- 5-1:-. ee": e': -as-' -5 r'5'l-5 L9 1L25,, 'e:-e :-fee' es :e':f 7.r':' gr: Dijie: :V "e Suze" E::, G."g ire Jerk' Ae:-e"'n:, MT:e'ebe Men-gfeg, Ti-E 'ear che Ve 'H 'He :e"e- ff-r 'he ra' :' A: eeue y Fe, Neserge an 's care' ce ed T::r:'e Ve D,""s 'e':g, PEW ard Sharif :rare 'ee gf :V Cer :efre'erre' -fr'e :rece e :Azure 51 ing? gf :nit -mich fha, 'race e: " 'fe ' S-fee'ree"s a": Fe:"c'r Thi: 's Sandy ..... ihe cm, member offl'1eYe1VSf1uad who F: also a member of rhe Jurier Crass, 'Double double 'lofi and froubleg Fire burn ar-d ca!dren bubble." Alfhough theze words appear In Shalrespeares Ma:- beih Whey mighi also eppry YQ any Chemistry das: here ef Diablo. These iurr or sfudenfs erperlmenf ahh various chem'- cals 'IO learn the facts first hand. N G s .,,,o1 i," v , A ,rfff 5. Y 'C7Q, '1 .LW f,? ff f r J ig, 1 r1'l'ff!f4 -f 5 r A' 1' f. ' lil!!! . , - 3 ,-,, ,ug Q '04 1, I , ! Q.. , ,D - 15- Q A ,, ., 4.-X'-2 ine' frf Professional pholographers, song leaders and children walch lhe "Everybody up," a common cry heard from Neal Salre every Fri- dev.l's face and MD come up in fhe card sechon. day niqhl during foolball season. He was known as Head Card Sfunl Barker. Sfan looks proud as he reminisces over the past sporls season. As Head Yell Leader he led Mi. Diablo's spirif lo a winning vicfory. This is our while seclion, Yhe nucleus of our roofing seclion which helped win lhe baskefball sporfsmanship lrophy. .06 ws- 11 0,51 WR Eff if 9, P, : f'- 1 ' , . aww A of E ' if, in fi-1 'fl Q FPLVPGGQ T may ' 5 Q f , u L... 3 -... Q' 4' ' 5755213 The Diablo roofing seclion raied siffing space al the Tournament of ThTs sho? was snapped during a fense man-len? af the Tnufngmer Ch- ' 'rB kl , Emmons B Er e EY Af the Tournarnenf of Chau-noions, our Rally Band stood our from 3 "The Menu! Sferling examples of the good sporfs so Typical of vhe res? because of the "so different" uniforms! Diablo. These senior boys won many awards for fheir oufsfanding achievemenfs in fhe sporfs world. Tired and ready fo celebrafe anofher viclory, these Diabloifes real after cheering 'lhe Baslfeiball Yeam. 63 At the annual Christmas pageant, perhaps the most beautiful and inspiring scene was that of the Nativity. ln the early tall Chief Warbonnet came to entertain the students of Mt, Diablo. The boys of the Gymnastic team and the girls of Advanced Modern Dance Class perform their interpe retation ot the dance "Spring, Spring, Spring." It looks like the song leaders are not having a difficult time holding the crowd's attention. The Junior Fashion Show model, Audrey Simpson, slyly reveals that can-can slips are here to stay. "We Three Kings" bow in humbl ness before the Nativity scene this year's Christmas Pageant E IH XA ., 1. f ' yx 3 Ev? . Z' wr , awww.- f L ,ff gi 'C ,,.' 4 um' f :Sunni ,liiuwxumm , H '21 W' 'QJQ Z7 10545 :W .' W 1 wr if The QW: 'rom BEQAV"':'Q Mcdav Ch-Esfrvrag time found The Ensemble ' Dafce perform a ::'n1'1!a"'Q sI'g'rq fha prarses af Mary ard 'hpsm 'Q 'he 'Ma' 'MH 'fe herbabrso'Jesas 53 def! Arm Ref Terry and Rona Moore exhibT1 +9-.e-A' Ee-rruda Fashfofls In H-re Junior Fashfm Show. Pav Markovich gave a preview of Spring In her gingham CGHOH d'2S5 Sian Moore show: his enH1us?a5m ar the annual focfbanl awards I axembly. 1 X f 51, 7 'fr ' ff f gfffi' ,wif 4 ' W W 'ffr iff y -" H' 2 N ' 5 , 17 1, M' ,fr gZZl' 'W r fur! 1 ic - fff g W ,5 HQ' Q X Many DiabNo sfudenfs were thai ed by the beautiful voices of We A Cappella Choir behind the scenes of 'this year's Chris+mas Pageant, -.aug .WH SQ Alice Mary and Linda "goof-off" al rehearsals for lhe Oh Cheesecake! Alice Mary is cauqhf "goofing-off" again Senior Vafiefy Show, "Prelend you don'f see him," lhese lovelies sanq in ihe Senior Variely Show. Penny, Rowena, Gail, Geraldine, and Linda inspecl the family home Darla Roberts is proclaimed beauty of lhe mountains by lhe iudge, in "ll's A Lulu." while a small porlion of her relalives look on. b .A- 4 'NSY 1-A ,M :Peefh as a'-lays Mrs. Luv :f"es a' We OH cm warg few, eh, L7nda? Ha! MaHs::w We yea'- c':g'es5 cf he' s'.1'.1er+:, bczv :Hafzq'a:bef +5 paY'e'f BFG .'de's'e'1d?'g wfe' 'f :owes 's 5'P":f'NQ eo sM:Se'fs 46' a p?:f-re ee-1. 11 - --.1 5 .f-ef. -...- .. .e,,-e , -3-...K N' -e W ,A sw . .- --......, 1?-..... .... iq... K -X ...-...... , 3 ,.f ill! u-11 7 "f Unis- .ir--fs-an ' ' '11-rr Til! --si- ir 'Q svhx One cf The proQe:1s of the M? Derma Parents Cub was a dinner qfven In hor-gy gf Mr Peve Kremer eefw Tn Apfi The theme was 'This Is Your Life Dr. Ferd Die! backed by Mr, Lo rnc Yhrcuch 'rhe ions widow of fhe Academic Belling Hue Evelfn Mum'-me Swain Cgun 'fo J ph'cToqraphefA:eugh1?he rmc1de':ofDIaI:nc Pefe Knamef Dean of Boys' a'd MASS :W Adfserg ?:ferp'e+s a school pfoblem me :awe Y. XWJTQQ W? ' "B" and "A" Track coaches Doug Smith and Har? Fairclough give di- reciives ai irack pracfice. Onlookers waich while Ed Granf gets ready for The big fhrow. On your mark! Gei sei! Ga' mf Nfnggyaw-mwwnfw Zh WX ' Q Hmd ers beef the" Defi: 'Q fha N599- Varsify irackmen se? 'rhe pace for each ofher on the cinder hack. There's no sfress, no strain when Diab- Io's Caseys squaf in fha pit We Russ .ds MBV, Legmen and reporlers for lhe Diablo News are as follows: FRONT ROW, leff fo riqhl: Jerry McKay, Brian Maderos, Priscilla Niemi, Hafsy Nakagaki, Alice Mary Riley, Rich Nisonger, Gary Harringfon. ROW TWO: Linda Bernard, Sharon Mahoney, Ken Mompellier, John Gideon, Barbara Riley. ROW THREE: Judy Ramono, Barbi Kendle, Pai Rogers, Mike Mealey, Lana Ludwig, John Moore, Kalhy Warren. ROW FOUR: CharloHe Schwarh, John Jordan, Dennis Kessler, Judy Palmer, John Himes. STANDING: Jane? Bolcerek, Bev Dulra, Brad Hill, Joan Aubuchon, Roger Emanuels, Kiersli Lundeberg, and Jeff Morgan. X e ' QQ' - f -X 1.5 Vw Q Vx A M' Fall Editor file - ,klfy X ,lf 1915 BEV DUTRA, Spring Edilor MRS. HELEN LUM, Adviser BRAD HILL, Business Manager .Agiv JEFF Mons-AN, 0 A6 . ww, :hui Some members of lhe Diablo '58 slaff are shown preparing copy for 'rhe fhird deadline. . Efj'+5f CAROLYN LEHMER True Diablo '58 32 cornpleledf ine Yearboei Sraii new 'cols bac? and remembers ine prece- 'alien and efergy rliai bee gone . , , my T ,. . 'FTC +re ann , erirg c'Cl'u'eE rnaiirg our passes, wfT+3rg cccyl and cbeclfng al' words for feel - 'fo are oarr oi We orepafarbr. PM FLETCHER Assisfanl Edi+or ROBERTA BERGLUND Assisianf Edifor jr,-1.610 C58- TI-ie members of fhe Diablo I958 Slaff are as follows: FIRST ROW, leH lo righl: Connie Sfevens, Carol Bigby, Harrier Rideouf, Carolyn Lehmer, Cafhy Lively. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Roberlson, Sharon SCOH, Kalhy Warren, Karen Mur- doch, Noelle Canonica, Carol Ryan, Ginger Tomlinson. THIRD ROW: Judy Vanaha, Judy Jagger, Judy Sfreeler, Louise Percell, Yolanlhe Berger, Karin Berg, Joann Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Pierson, Charlofre Schwarfz, Jeff Morgan, Don Baumrucker, Roberfa Berglund, Brad Hill. Noll pidured: Pa? Flefcher, Scoff Olson, Gary McElroy and Mike Mealey. Familiar encouraging signs seen in Sl Ac are pi-:lured below. Everyone enioyed fhe Diablo Dari Boofh al the Walnul' Festival. Sfaff members worked al in- lervals lo keep il going. Kalhy Warren and Pal Flelcher are working lhis shifl. Three yearbook slah' members busily working on fhe files are from Iefl lo righf: Judy Slreeler, Noelle Canonica, and Karen Murdoch. Mrs. Lum Talks wilh sfudenls during noon, while ofhers are qeflinq Their copy of fhe Diablo News. Checking names of people who have already paid for fheir annuals, and gelring fhe lists ready for fyping are being done by some of the yearbook slaff members. Our pholographer, Hal Maison, eye on subiecl, iusl flashed a class group. ' , ,a . fiiiiflg , ima rims sz:-i l ii UW 'F'-HZEV' in 4' 1 , . , 'ii I- 1 we refuge ' 1. ixWif'?'5iZiiPl i 'ii-ii" U'kii'l" X firms 2 . s a ,.. .... em-. ,,,..,..,,,, ,,.. .,.5 -..QQ -..I if i si ..,...,M.Mf- ,,.w.w-fr l , , if .. W' vi. l Ima Tiff i ' 40-,QW gisyfafz l V f 4 rv 7 , ', 1 f Q ri f 1- f 6 ., Jay' ' 5 .1 4 by I l L. 1 , Au, ron SOMEONE f . wma A Lmuz I V'T5az.ri2Fr- ii H 4' 5 AlJTHOfQif?? a,nwvV I 3 ,.-, fs W2 2' 4213 1 Q 5 S 6 at it J QT.. ? viii W Q fill' 4 AZ A - --ff --- . .ff f -...NM 1 , X4 1 if , , , rf' " ' M f I Ei . We 1.x new 1, I 2 ,i ,i nf we .1 M . in .,,. - Ve"l:e': Cr-ec?-Q S:"e':'e -.Q pw VMP4 5' We :e'::': ze"-eve' 'Ei'DS1' ' :azz :.' .: e" -f:'f Vg e':.g' 'C :sae lc' a :':'.'e "E C.""f 51' :f:'.'e: Q" 'Q be 'are' ': :a" 5' -if .15-1 'Vai Weze yewtzzr veg "'ef"be': we ':':"c xi e -ferr 'fn 'Q :J :::f az eve We s'.se"' ' 'Lemza' Y Fl' """'M7 jhrf, "' Mani 'V:fffT,f!" ,:'-'ff ,,,, , ,. 2 ff vf fm i 5. I 2 22 up 71 2 YM 1 f K an v 'ww f - f "--,- - -: -1 SEE' L: Si'Z'-E' E Ina. V:.:i. ,,, , 'EET ,.. 5.-Qs. .- 9::e": rc IW: -."' :'e:r 'c :ee 'J e ' 'Er En: Qnev, -E:-ab'fE -dp.-:Epi 'v'44Er :C , ,,-.. we :.EL',:E.. zz J, ,ec e 1- -Czar P'e:: C " c Pe : 24 5122 G"D"f-' fEi'CCZ' 1 :azz : ce' 'er' a:s'::""e" M-., ,3..- I ,S -1 Ei" E 4, ,,,. mmm 451 4' ni , 4 J Q. f 1 . 1 fi, i F i 1 4 'ez ' L e e'-.a 5e:'.a'v I "G 1 5 9 by ! ,Z , 3 I ann 55 in 3121! E555 IH MFE E x 'Q :I .'is:'f 3 W.-,,, . M...-.. . 1 4 . i E 14 S W uv " 15' ww gd 8. ww ff , wg, Q4 Q. XFN It MM K fx , fm: 'viii X , wg. ' X , ,IW ,M ' N, MW QQ fm uw, f-..., .,-X 4 3 4 1 hw' ,i ,, M, if E - if H ' xi 5e,.,'r:-Wa: 45-C55 hind 5-,Arg we feat Thfs group Q4 afudemfs vim n:erve'saY5'JP du-'rg "'e'f"'s: :f a' 'ie Vevd Gus A + , G ,, ,-,EZ . yd me gig .ey we" pfenlesv serif 'Passes Vo H-e seff"o'ffai dafie-. xxw i f ' ' W 45' f s W MJ! rr Spring jpnbfzq, Spring comes . . . fo Hue mounfain +0 Hwe valley . . . +0 Wwe coast And To 'rhe cifyg The loveliness and Jrlwe beaufy, Spring is alive again! Y Y 4 L Lcfnlaa, ' afuulmd, SENIORS wf Nik A S, To Whom IT lvlay Concern: "Ye Grads!" lT's all over. Yes, all The games, good Times, and Senior AcTiviTies aT old Di l-li are now Tond memories oT The greaT Senior Class oT l958. As seniors, our TirsT experience wiTh The many acTiviTies began wiTh our very successilul Career Day. Darla RoberTs and lvlarlan Shanks, under The supervision oT lvlr. Leslie Dun- nells, Turned ouT a Terrific day. No sooner had we Tinished one acTiviTy, Than anoTher Tell inTo place: nexT being our Tremendous Senior VarieTy Show, me "lT's a Lulu." Alice Riley, as chairman along wiTh lVlr. l-larolcl Godchaux, adviser, puT This exTravaganza on The boards. Our nexT advenTure was "A lVlomenT To Remember," our Senior BangueT. Jayne ChrisTen headed This evenT wiTh lvlrs. lvlarion Early's help as an adviser. Sonia lvlain, chairman, and lvlr. Charlie Karp, adviser, worlced TogeTher To give us a greaT Senior Picnic held aT 'lurTle Rock Ranch. All The Senior girls waiTed breaThlessly Tor The biggesT, and mosT exciTing social evenT oT The year, The Senior Ball, "Loi Jardin EnchanTe." lv1r.AIan Gellermann, had a very capable f , .eras Aif,'gi'3'3SN chairman in Judy Dwyer. CHUCK PERSYN Paula Mills worlced on Senior AnnouncemenTs and Cval me-piesideni Lee ATnip prepared Caps and Gowns. The old supersTiTion did noT hold True Tor Friday, June I3, l958, was noT aT all unluclcy. This was The GraduaTion Nighlr oT The Senior Class oT l958. l, AI Allison, along wiTh my oTher execuTive board mem- bers, Chuclr Persyn, vicefpresidenTg Linda CurTis, secreTary: Dave Barber, represenTaTive: would lilce To say Thanlcs, and Tarewell, seniors. Sincerely, Senior ExecuTive Board AL ALLISQN, Senior PresidenT This year's senior advisers were as follows: Mr. Leslie Dunnells, Chairmang Mrs. Jean Duerksen, Mrs. Mary Lumpkin, Mr. Alan Gellermann, Mrs. Barbara Smilh, Mr. William Rigqle, Mrs. Marion Early, Miss Margaret Sayles, Mr. Harold Gddchaux, NoT picfured are Mrs. Grace Townley and Mr. Charles Karp. 1' . 5 5 '9 f y 4 f JW, 'gray ,, 1. 4 V rv A ' W " , 4, , " 's wig V V E , M , Hag. LINDA CURTIS secrefary DAVE BARBER represeniafive For The Iasl four years seniors have been guided by These counselors: Miss Margaret McCradie, Mr, Morion Ely, and Miss Helen Courlriqhf. -"ll 'z 1141 L., I 5' lv W1 Joseph Pa9rIcl1Abey'!a-Zfeim G Dfafffgg X-J: N' Ziff. Beify Lou Baldwin-5."'L C.Lg Effg Az.:-G Pez.: I."!.E. Donaid Rus: Baumrucker Jr,4 f ':,":L C:""'i: c'e" fl 7 jen Q,4,.'. f,f.,,f , f'1':'Fz': ga: e','. Yvonne Joan Bisso-Dafze Czffffivee' .l,"c' few f Qefz' I-':11e" Ho': fm-' Ce' 3' Enix --1. ,wi ,ff ,.u N M f -rms' M. 9, 3 ' .,-'fy f - if.: uf-"7 5, .f-4' in . -q ing , .V ' I V 7 ,f 1 .. . ' e ,J f 1:2 ,4 X5fIf?9Q'1f', 4 M' ,lg ,, ay 114 lv Q V ,V 1 7 , W fm' I, 554' I ' WW W 2 , , yfp , 'au tw 'fr Bi fc? ' M 'T MMM-gy ' IR fi, ey, eorge Thomas Acree-A Mfm Foresi Aiblson--5" Oval Lee Afnip-C,E,1g M "ire , f'z"' l'z"2 '. :Z'.'Li , -'a':',E1.f" 1' f.L 'e" ?fL':' 'G E5 51123: , I Ca: an 13:-'V' " G' C:"" 'l':":" QCLZ arie Badheadfi., GEVQNU Bap'ris1-X-J: " Darvld Henry Barber-C f. "' 4' HK. 2 Y , gff,.':,',, . I ary Jgmgg BQHA3, I-, CQ -- Ha Mafe Benazshi-5 ' ' Roberia E. Berqlund - 3" P f- 'fait Qin f ga" i:"" 5575" 2.2.3. C:-fy. ' - 'z' "e:':::- 1E'l' Te ":'lz"". arol Ann BIgby-Qe":' Elin Vera Biork-X-,,'. e Bar? Edw7n BNakesNey- V' gf"Pgf:-e"!-:.'!e'2' 5".':e CVM' .2 3' 'Sfe 9'"qEe"c L 31, 3 EE' Arc' 3' C 9: 1 D ' kZ.f-3 ff Pez' 'L' C".-3 A C553 "",.LG 3: DEL' f fe' Z' 2' 'P f'2JA'L ' r few je, Ugg" QL".E fe' L' 5:52. S-A f9s . L' V 'WX Q 'Q , K 5 Z 1 L f""'f2g , , , , b W , i , 'Q ' is L f V 'am' 2' L R153 fl ,Q . . ,, - 'Q' UAW fi, X Q. ' ' , M' - 2 1 " g, ' 23,556 I 4 2, ,, W " fs: M W Wm ' ' , , fl ,, AP " Q M 4 f ' ' ':l:g :. ,,. ,fr ,-aw. ',, '57 ' 1 0 253- " '27 I i n gs. yy V L M Q V Be1+y Raye Baker-T'3':5e' A fi' -Aw HH- wa-- fL:'g.'I?"i James Boyd Berfcm-511' Danvld Carl' Biddle - vs' Sug Sarah Bobbiff-i-1 79 Roberl Bolcerek---J. V. Briar: ball: Vnrilly For.-lbqallg Bli-Ck HD.. Doris Jean Boyd-l.W.E.g Sen- ior Servicing Silver "D" David Brockbank - bwoial 3 Baublf plE'ij Drama lVg lsvrri Playg lzyrviriawliru. Judilh Jeanelle Bryan--Honor Socielyg G.A,A.g l.W.E. if HW x .l l pn Bryanl Lee Bolen-House ol RfapgSwirrin1inqgWres1lin+qg Blovl "D" CEKCDBA. Wilma Lee Brady - Junioi Ciulnrwlg Marfhlnq Bandj Bucunew. Club: Salam ,mil lin-,ilurl-Q L,f,Px.A. Jane Elizabefh Brooks-Song Lfsadiarj C.S.F,g Gold "DM: Sluilenl A-glvlwrg Modr-rri Danna. Charles Evans Buckley-ill-i Clubg Honor Sociwlyg Trail Minrmqwr Xj S4 ia Gale James Borem-Welnlinq lv r ND" Sales C,f'rvl4.Pg l.W.E. Donald Erwin Brofhers-Slagf: Cmll, Wood Sho-pg Auto 'jlnfpj Wr-Iillriig Shop. Gary Lynn Burkharl-Fw Swvu 1-Q lrl'luSlriQilAr1'.. ' 4 ff W . if A ., Nm, ,,,,. PM fy ,,v, , 5,0 , J I fy ,X .. f f ' ff? "Mi J T ' if ,. :si-f ' f I 'V by , -i . . ,J .i .,-, .. 5 L ,Myff Y: V W ff ff ' f 72247 ,gn - " ' ''''F5!3-5-'IISE-.i,h5:5:::.zf5f"f'5"" , H ........:, , .A 4lF'W-s fir' I - 4 J " , 3 , 5' i i . 1 li 4 5 11. f' ' ,fill M. yfnf' 6,4 S - X54 Wg.. gf., Z., . . . .X V .7 X9 'l '. '9 l VCV A 1 f - ff f W if " , f -- x ,J A fi- Ax f . ,, ' ', 46 f ,f ' hy r Q 1 i V ,ef fm 2 f ' .V i' ff f .ymflw A W , .--Jah:-1 -rl ,U . , flaw wi via- 4 il, V, 39 A557 .,, . , fl-I 'I 1- ' , f 'L ,' ,fo 5 .' ir vllv I M Q- A W . ff 1 . f X Deanna Lynne Braun-Senior QBllSlI18S5 Club: Brunch Kirkwood Donald Bowman- Block "D"g Senior Adviserq Honor Socielyg Term Play. Dale Brazil -Junior Fashion Snowy Sluderil Advrserg Jun' lor Sewifff, Carnival. William John Bruce-Honor Socielyg Oariae Bandg Blocl "DH: Wrif'.lliriqg Gyrruriai- llf,L. Jeanne Ellen Burrus-Tri l-li Yg Gerrnan Club Treasurerg Tranafrfr lrorru Connecliculg Sfflrri Show. Melvin Wayne Bowman-Va fling Slap, Kennefh David Brewer-Cro: - fi , Qgmffyg Macli nf: Qriop ll Clara Bryan-l WE. Carole Jean Burfon-A Can pella Clair: Jurfor Serfce Sylver 'DMI 9.A.fMj Eu: maze C un. Qi ' X WI' ,l fp 'Q' 'Je': -'lv -4 Y, :5.ig-- I-v-.. -. . ..'. f . V: :: Jive rx..-S., - -4 : U: e 'Lew - G v 'e Cazev- Ill 3- ge g-..:.,.a qw- hm i f 1.-..f-fb aga- fh I , ".....V ' , .. " . - .E: C: e - Vz. -1 . -,- -:: - 9 Q: 5, - :4 , u,: ",-----4 1, ",.. .',.. Ja"es r-a"":' C'e'e- A -' ""- ' -'L' - '--" r "H --: -- v.,: --A '---V ni fw, - A rf '-. J " 1- .,:'-- -L :- 'Serge Cav-in' 55 ,- - A 31' 2 1 4 AW W iff if 1. - -Q-ui 9- ",:45,4 , .fzmfl-as 41 .. fl? ,X 'Q ,1, :A f uf , if f 1 ,. k -c 'Zuni .f .5 JPQKQIE 2 ai T Arg fi f ' '-In , , if R' 1.f'ffii L' .' LL Q 4? , Eg ,fr ' , ' "L","l'3.,',b:' ' . X ,I ,, A , ,. 1 ' 4 1 , gi 1 kffffii .47 N 'fn ,,ff-,i,,.?.7.yZ i , X vw, as ,,i,, ,Q-L . jg Vw f. ' X A T2 f 'Q ' " ,hang , 1 V -. A- , L 1 K ' -5. , A - .,.. - -' N A - , V "' 'ij igfz f PI, , f ' 0411, y ' ffl in-----' 'U 4, NV , 19?"QUv H Rodney Arlhur Clark-Silvui "Dug J.V, Foolball. Charles Howard Cook-Melral Ilg Radio Shop. Robert E. Craller - Src-ge Crafr. Dianne lrene Dailey-Sen or Stud-:nr Fdfserg G.!3..A.g C.S.F.y Swim Shiw. 82 Gerald Wayne Clough-CS. Pg Senior Sfuderil Adviserg Baslfelballg Swimming. William Carrol Cook-Gym naslicsg Cross Counlryg Wreslling. Linda Clare Crewse-A Cap- pella Choirg C.S.F.g Senior lfizhiirialg 1-'.dvanr,ed Drama. Merridy June Dally-Science Club: Larrr. Club: G,A.A.g Honor Sociekgg Term Play. vb .CV 6- mfs Jim Gale Collins- Medi. Drawingg Auro Shop: Melal Shop. Dona Larue Coffen-Sluderil Body Sec.g Sludenl Councilg C.S.F.: Dance Commilleog Rally Comm. Foolballg Block "D" Marilyn Lee Dalton-GAA.: Honor Sociefy' J.S.A,g Busi- ness, Club: C.S.F. Hugh Joe Crose-Baseball: Judith Marilyn Conneally - Yearbook lg Commercial Maior, Allan- Franklin Couch-Melal Shopg Weldingg Drama I. Henry Ollver Curelon-Block "-D"g Senior Sluderil Ad- vrserg Honor Socielyg Swim, ming. Sharon Kay Davidson-Ski ClubjC1Jp and Gown Corn. FFIIHCB. , K. :HH illifl- s ' -G., -fb: 1- .Q-3 ' Q-i S ' ' :X A lx .5 i. a XXQQ .. - L 5 wq . .Q K x ' ' . vii Duncan Joseph Connor-J.V Baseball: Melal Shop IV. Glenda Beth Cowden-Siu denl Councilg Soph. Clas Secrelaryg Gold "D"g C.E F.g Modern Dance. Linda Rulh Curlis-Typice Frosh Girlg Senior Cla: Secrefaryg Honor Sociely Ski Clubg Modern Dance. Lesfer Ray Davis-l .W.E. A W 3? 1 23,1 -.1 I . 1. " 1: if-' '7 . 1 ,gf if 6 , -fx: si, 4, I we my ,fn- 411 Marian Gay Dari:-'Qc' ff ..r'f,E' KZ' f P Warrep Wiliiam De Gohardi frzr C .Z. David Lee Doran-:':'L: T if--' -L fff- r 'f D Chad Alien Duckhorn-Peif i'1'J5Zif'lgf'-Jiijfe' Ez'z.e' C:""r. X Q . Cv X ii 19' fwgimz7f.:zg, iQ' UB' K , ffm ' f ' I ' ' rr ' A - r W1 4, I . - , A, Q Q 1 lv -'QA 5' Z- "'. , , ,,1, 1- , - gf' f4if si' !,. 'A ag W Mk ww 54" ,-1.1. 1 251 'l""",, , .. Marianne Lee Davison-3.10, P' 1,2 'ezzf .:' C.r'!.E. lsabelie Jackie De ca. ,, r-2, ,,, Rosa CL. , Jimmy Dock Doran- 1 I7 Prez i. Margorue Duqhi-Tr mer :ffm Dkvryg- CA' S .f ... 1, 4- !",2i'fSE. Cam- Jw my , Grace Elizabefh Day-IJ, 5.1!-'E.:f'e::C ,Q Fred Dial-P '.7 1 Vein .Hif- Mary Ann Dorsey-E' M' eff Cir: pe' ' F-,iff-21 i!:fe" Roberifi. Dupre-'Nazi SLZL J!-5 : rg. an 491 'lb' X Vis 'Sh-v . Larry Kee Day-if-.. Crew, Pai: C,.:g i"2'.C' 232327, Cynfhia Gladys Dickey-Se'-es 5 3 'vie C:"'1.q B.: ness C ,:' E'.':H C:f'm.g A fin, , r,,', Dajid. RalPh 'DoyelifF':': .zz :fy zz' 2' :'.:e" P:- .L., ray., igqfp.. J. , 3' a'i5e1:'f-ew':-. Rose Beverlee Duira-E552- D351 i-eds' Suri and 3a.:'e3 Edd Soak, ad Jr. Serfcej Seah' Amr. Comm. Caroie Sue 'es C .:' 'LSU-fs 4,9- 4? NL. De Frafes-E,' P:,i'te: 2" Luciiie ,Ann Dominguez-If --, -Sri 3. :, .,,... Y,.,, "...- Party Ann Dozier-1 1 -ee Kafhryn Judy Dwyer- Se": SE'-'iii' Ee' :' E'.:e'f P: v:e'1 C:',"e"er:r-J.": l:5SLi3l'i Si' wr fgii Legjg Trarsfer, 83 Pal llvloorhousel Elkins-Yell l.E"1ClPV: Cf-,Pj Fvwshriinn Vice Prewiilenlg Senior Sin lent Advi-,r-r Carol Ann Ferguson-l.W.f. Barbara Flannery - linmslei Slude-nl. Charles Johnathan Foreman- Foolballg Divinqg Blocl "D"g Senior Picnic. Pal Frances Elliof-Gold "Dug C.9,F.g Ailvariigerl lvlorlprn Dani i-I Sill Club. Linda Anile Ferriera-A Cap pie-llaCl1oirgAi,lvanCed Dra- rnng Sl-ii Clubg Honor So, 4 iwly, Karen Lee Flashman-A Cap- pillln Clioirg Silvf-r "D"g Brunrli Chairman. Marcus Danny Foskel-Swim rninqy Block "D"g Choir, Term Play. Richard Lee Evans-Foofballg Auto Shopg Wood Shopg Metal Shop. Linda Pearl Fisher-Buuinew Clubg Ensernbleg A Cnppel' la Choirg l.W.E. Patricia Sharon Flefcher-C. S.F. Sealbearerg Assislanl Edilor Diablo '5Bg Yell Leader: Senior Sludr-nl Ad- viser. Dale Calvin Fosler-Rnclio lg Cfilllfi llg Woonl X. Janice Lea Evans-Business Club: Silver "Dug l,W.E. Norman Charles Fisher--Bloclf "D"g Swimming Team. John Charles Flinl' - Traclfg Blocl "D"g Rally Bandg Drum lvlaior. Deana Mae Foster-l-lorrie rviakinq lll. Paf Fambrini-Senior Sew Cf- Business Clubg Honor So' qielyy Senior Arinouncerrien' Comrnilree, Lowell Chapman Fill-Swirr, minqg Bandg Junior Pazhor, Show: Term Play. Kalhleen Forbes-Advanced Modern Dance: Term Plaf. Duane Lee Fosfer-Amo Ilg l.W.E. WW 'Ill' fi-ES il? wi.. ifgi, f ag a 'f ' U-fa-tw., X . . Li, my , Q1 w ii . -5--., --fgfli: . :p i Eff H 1' ix ixxxeg X1 N, , an 'Q , l si... Q K-,T Wav if-Q 1 . Wu: . K L i " N s X 'es F.''-.'e' Eva 1'-Q 'S' 15 G e-e'a'- Ja"G' LD Pzf WV am Rel:-e'+ Gave x- Jafe' Vafe Gavigues- Jan-es M:":' ---f ' f H'--- : ZLL.:-.L--V' - ,,.:-..-L h rg.. .- J " Race" S cez'-Ze' 2' An-y HQ 5- 1- f - .. G., V1 W'e19'ev-'-.- " Jazi G'eg:' G 'Hs-.--z Fw s Va':' Ea-. Ga' '-- 'zz .:., f5:,r-sa'fes -- -L -- 1--gp,-v ' eil f - - ' -J'-cy' 3.2 '5'-l:o. - f -mfX -P f' 'Tas Z?- 6- QT .Cv E Ea -I-w N " Ie: E'zar:e" Vafe Sew: -? VV: E' L L : . .LH ' , ,M p. D QM.. - :,- . . .. -..- ---f: na,-3 ,.-, D QQ Q. A f-,, 3- f-., ,., 55- .---. 34' ,- 73K f-gear Q 5: "Q""9' 4-:pr Y I L... MA vw ,-. gs 55 16' 'hula- f 'Wx F, iv' 'a 4, ff? Qu-v Q' ew- q"9V', Jerome Paul Hall-Welding lllg Mechanical Drawing lll. Lloyd Lee Harrison -Wood l l. Darlene Ellen Hennessy-FJ ,iv rrfirlerg Sec. of Sludenl Courlg Rally Commifleeg Senior Picnic Comm. Arlhur B. Himsl-O.W.E. 86 l., . 'F'-,K Y il ff irc 1 2 1 ' -f .yi ,v -if f . ,, ' U D Zig R 1 ' s . " X Z 5? Z fl9"4 Carlos Keilh Hann - Aulo Shopg Eleclric Shop. Rober? Vance Harlzell- Brunch Salcsg Radio Shop: Melal Shop. Phillip Anlhony Hennessy- Trarizfer, Kancas Cilyg Jug- flurg Sfiflrflfifyg CEKCBDAQ Dnri fi Michael Ward Hoaqlin-Or. cl ezfra 4 sg we if Marilyn Carol Hanson-CS. F.: Rally CommilleeQ Sen- ior Sluclenl Aclviserg Ad. Modern Dance. David Leroy Halley-Gym naslics. Rila Joan Hester-Business Clubg Jazz Club. Charles William Holbrook- Jr. Serviceg House of Rep. Silver "D"j CEKCDBA. ,, g,,Z,gN ., ,Kai f EW if ffl We ' M27 V f . ' , ye X .wif , ii , M 2 r . ,waggiiyff 41652496 fx, f,,' ff , 5 " ' QW ' , fe- ,Cv 2 . l ""s . ,,,V ,V ,,,, I . ,,f, ,V v,,, Q 'i ilk 'i ' 'fy N-. ,r ff' .fi : SM -r Q f' . fr ' E . H Q ,... , . , A rr fy, Q W " ,. , 4 4 ,- K in 2. , , ' 4 - V' - gjlu w .: -'-e4,',:1'. A, JY 7,79 26.9. K K, it 24 . fvfn f .J'.1'..- -MM . . f L? erik ' LY-' ' 4 3 f MJ wie! A eff .' -we W!! 9 ' .1 he V ' 53 52 3 5: ..... t . i I-Si: i ie Z Alice Ann Harris - C.S.F.g Sandra Rae lMcCoyl Harris- Honor Socielyg Erliirfilion Cluhg Spanish Club. James Henry Halley-Term Play: Drama Assembly. Brad Hill - Chief .lusliceg Soph. Presidonlg Diablo News, Business ivlanngerg Gold "D" Samuel David Holmes - Jr. Cabinelg Wresilingg Silver "D"3 Senior Siudenl Ad- visor. Senior Servicey l,W,E.g Busi- ness Cliibg Band. Nancy KU' Hendrix-Business Clul:3A vancecl Bandg Sales and Finance John Edward Hirnes-Radio Club: Lalin Clubg Soph. Service. Conslance Palricia Hornback -Senior Advlserg Senior Cabineig Senior Varielv Showg Senior Picnic Com- mirlee. ! Z, rf' , ww . , ,gk f 'fa fQ+. 1,4 ,fi , ' ., M , 447 W My 7 A if f I , 4 W 2 fi iff , I' W ' f 9 x 'E-It he . Q.""'v 'W '19 U66 kr i . 'FF' I ' J . 3 ix 'X , xg ?.a mu' 93? -' 1 flaw Kal :Sh M7 4""""'v fi, f I. 1 Q, ,ggi ' li 'V X in-S13 X Y wx' X 3 g i I XX N 1 Z D im. f, , K , lj ,,'. , , Nur A iz 1 , Hw- , W F if 4 WWGWQ Q - f . ,ik f r W6 ,ei I-an ff pf f--.X - Lf - x ' f ff ff W Eiliy Paul Hrbacelr-I-zpi'e'f John Charles lrvin-Fzdbail, X-":. ifariiwy Biotk "Dug Trad: Pfarcfrg Erd. Donna Elaine Jarvis-JLV: Deli Word Jensen-Wood ii' Ciacz 3e:'e'a7g E.s'ne. 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Gordon Slanley Knapp-Block "D"g Crofs Counfryg Tennisg C.S.F. Daniel O. Kroger-Transfer lrom Vacavilleg Varsily Fool- ballg "B" Traclcg Band. Marion Lawson--G.A.A. Cliff Kolander-Weldinq. Clyde Knolfs -- Garde-ningg Welding Shop. Larry Ray Krumland-Transfer from Nebraska: Assislanl Ad Manaqerg Band. Barbara Ann Leary-Transfer from San Rarnong Choirg GAA. Donald Eugene King-Arl l. Palricia Ann Koch-Educalbn Cluby G.A.A.g Tri l-li Y. Ronald William Kruse-.l.S,A.g Block "D"g Foofbalij Base- ball. Geraldine Lee-Term Plaf. Silver "DW: Voice Teen nioueg EnSfin'iElQ. : 'Serge - .- E L .ggr 'es EC-an: -ee - '-'1 CV: 1' E.e -e"'e'-Sf ' C'a' ez E'-ev: -e- s-7 - '11 Iii" ' le: EE i e- L 3' 1: kt 'v Dee' L"':x":"--1' 5':'e': N' 15" -"":":-' Ca"e"'e '-'e e' L fe 1-. Cr: :iZ'1i 2 "if 1: Sei :erm -if 2 .1 3 P' ' - .f - 1 W.,. 1 ' ' :se W':': as L':":-'YL fre' A-' Lzsr' -E5 Dv: Ee"f --"::e'g-Eg Dc: . Lee Viihiif-'Z D:-g as P. Vacce--ff :fa -ee Ve"-'lm , -QU ' 1 ,pw 5, -'s Ee"v '-': 1 u,- we-L sae' - " DET- ::,-3: AN., :.:. ,-LY 'Cn' A-' L:'a -.1' Kfe':' A" L.":e:e'g- ' :.a,..E..a pee Ui.-- -4 --2 L-" 5 yi" qi av ,gi 54 fsfifi? 'fix K., if F f 1 5 21 2 .au ,Mx .3 ' z X .4 : L 1 H., ,JQg,' 4 2 Jay P. Markham-Gyrnnaslicig Block "D"g PA. Crewg Term Flax. Joseph Kirley McAlIis+er- Vafg ry Fcrti-ily Warsl, VV'es+i"ggTfa:1f.gGf- l"D" Gary Evan McElroy- Sen or Sqfjgnr Ajvigerg Juni' Prgrr C:,'rrn7l'leeg F1-Shrra' ferfceg i'!FE3'l20C'lf flag, Sharon Kay McLennan-SP? rr 4. -f, f.-ff QL-.. -.o. J. -N F-. Y . f'l:.,.JU,.Ee: llivnvfvl 90 1? flaw , William Kenneth Marshall - Varsity Football: Varsify Basebollg Presidenl of Blocl' "Dug Soriior'Cnbiri1:l, Karen McAvoy-Honor Socie- l,'g Lanqiifiqo Clnhg Bucirwss Club, Sherry Laiuan McGowan- Trnrialer from lllinoisj Busi- viaii Cliilif. William John McNamara- J UA.: Home ol Pfforesan- fa' wig Tarn, Play: 'diver HDV, Carol Jean Masferson-GA. A.g Choir. Jay Sluarl McCoy-C.S.F.g Senior Sludenl Advisvrg Block "D" Assi, Freshman Fooll:-all Coach. Roger James McKay -Wood Shopg Foolballg Block "D" Michael Palmer Mealey-J,V. Foolloallg News Sfaflg Bondi 'foarbool' Slaflg CEKCDBA, nYf""'1P J' ,Q ,.,f!2Q 22? . - r ,I ' ff! if ,ii Of! X f 'W W ' l ' W 'W ,ffr f f f :ff J "" T "" 4 of ,BX 1 N y X lk X l 55 Q Anne Calherine Malheson- Choir, G.A.A.1 Senior Sales Comrnilleeg Brunch Service. George Scolf McDowell- Slaqe Cmflg Sword 81 Bauf ble. William Thomas McKean- Advan-:ed Woody Aulo lg Slaqecrall. Pal Jane Medlin-l-lead Song- leoderg Rally Commilleeg Honor Socielyg Campus Sweelrhearl. 421791 Paul John Mafheson-House of Represenlafives 3 yrs.g Wresllingg J.V. Foolballg Juqgers. Paul Allison McElhaney- Wood Shopg Aufo Shop. Tanya Darleen McLean-Sonq- leaderg Modern Danceg Jun- ior Prom Cornmilleeg l957 Clubs Assembly. Marie Adline Melendres-A Cappella Choirg Term Plavg Ski Club: Senior Varfely Show. ' .' N' r ' S' 1 f lf, Eg 53 I K' x 1 HQ A I ef. '.. H N 1 1 ff ln- in Ronald Eugene Meyer-'55 2 ' " T 7.7 Ee' 1' Sized fl-'4f'er W'4:lam Mahn-25.5.1 fe": few te' "iid 'Ez 2 2 Mfchael Lane Moore-JM: : f' k A 5 41gii,g,Q!,i,f,,:f . V , . 255MHz r f f- Q s Y ll A? P . Ag-,p -i 116 5 6 'X ll" fe .QSQK 5 2 is ef x.-we f X QQ., S- . ' ,X If F, 8 !fr,j, A - A . 9 15' Dianna Lee Milburr - 72 Paula Diane Mills-'QEF """"'Le' -z':' Ez: ef? 'Lie Q: 5e:'e:."i' iii-15'2e5. 2.2. E:,:2":' ".: Zire ' Q" Cafe Richarid Dean Mollnar-Er" Kennelh Jogepn Mompewef- Michael Lowell Moore-5:22 Roger Hayes Moore - E 3' fel' '-:-,- 2--, " - 'fm :Y,-, rT:. -. .. -,. - Q , -: , -,.. H,,,.f:,.AL. ne'- . .,, ,A J .1 sr--.Me I . 'A' ' Q, 1 -'-k t A' ff I r f' 5 I: lb K eenn J V7 " K5 lx ., l 'x x Kennelh Lesrer Mllclwelf-- - ,.1,.1.'v:, t lg. Glvla Memes- H:. Sfanley Der-ala' Move-Mei' an peel., X ... Walfer Jefferson Morgan- Diane.EIlzabe+l-I Morris-S5 Lilllan Ann Morris-' Marvln Munroe Moms-- Z5 Efjvy 2553 'J-ef.: Z"5'e':e C:"""'ee' :aw 'SH' Zee' 'te 15 f'Jde" Cc,'.:'fj Pe'-e:": rezz C'.:Q 'VH CA tL""'-. Ei":rj fy, 'za Fre::f'e'. l.f'f'.E. ' Pe' Tore Mlelva-:if .liyfle Arr' Ma'D M"C'P- Bfaden Er:-1 n M:'e -J ' Was fn Richard Mzfra - 9l Karen Bernice Murdoch--R-ally Corriniillecig Ailvnnif--l Mode-rn Demi-Q Yr-.arlwii-ill Slaffg Srrnim Sli:-lf-nl Ail viser. Kalherine Jane Nicklaus- Junior Fashion Slwwg CA, A.: Junior Prom Commit' leeg Advancswl Modern Dance. Lynne Carole Norfon-All vanced Bandg Soplw Serving Term Play, Coslurrir- Com mifleeg G.A.A. Peler Padelford-Rally Corn mifleej J.S.A.j Luiirli Serv ice: l'li,Y. Halsy Hafsuye Nallaqdlii- Juni-.ii C,lCiS'. Vii f- Pre-Siflerilj lfiirlu' Rvpri'-',i'-iilnlivfg Slu- ilr-iil Cmmrilj Swnrii and Bqillili- Sr-i,. Priscilla Ann Niemi-Nfiws Sliilli Aiivrinffil Arlg Smi im Liiliirir-lg ,wilvf-i D Raymond O'Driscoll-A Cup prllii Clifiirg ffir lflull. Juanila Gerlrude Page-fini l-. fivlvr- 'V' 5 uw' YW V f V div Kaye Donna Neal-Bu-,in Cliilig G.A.A,g l.W,F. Richard Nisonqer-Var-.ily Foollzmllj Varzily Baulfr-llmallg Sc-nior A1lVl'if'l'?SC'lllf'Y Srrrv- irifi. Betsy Ann Ohran-Sworil .mil Biililfwlr-Q A Cqppr-ll.i Clloirg CS,F,g Silvr-r "D", Sheila Page-Jiinioi Piiiuii Corririlillfif-Q lri l'li Y. Judifh Elizabelh Neville-C S.F.g A Cappella Choirg Ad vanced Modern Dancng Sen ior Sludenl Adviser. Alice Faye Noerenburq-Busi mms Clubg Girls' Glceg Self: :md Finfincr-I C.S.F. Scoii Olson-Ycarbool Ari Eflllf3f: Silver Sliiqn Crcwg l.W.E. Judy Ann Palmer-Nnwi. Slafi In Hi Y: GAA. Staff, Jay Dee Nicholson-lfidmlrii Arts. Kennelh Lane Nolen - Mar lllg Wood Shop X3 Shag Crairg Meclri, Drauing. Donald Osflund-Silver "D" Marching Band. Melvin Edward Pape- Bloc "D"g Varsily Baseballg Var sity Baskefl:-all. 415 -'nays , '?',,i,'W"9' 77-- -?: at We 1"""""P', NM ,- - efFqre --ate c ,-,,, S y e e"--HH' H If L n G -,- -.,. A " res ra ,- :A A , 1, , L--f--1-W A :e..'E -im V 'cy Ca" fe ' :'e Ea' 7' s-:Lit ! 1,3 A -:-':.- Q-f 'Q '-- , -1- , ....-. u...E-.- 5. :i..l-1.. . y...-.- 45 K? CW ,,,v :4 sawn yi., 5: -L fx . it Q1 'C' 41" vw-v fix 191 'Sf' sift -'Apu 'Q Nj i 5.555 i X, . ' . fl i- ':f.zwi'f Y' ' fb xx Xxx Q A . i. ,, c Q 'K Xwfvw fy ru, .2 '91 , , 442 , r7''b ' ZW ' .Q ffsi gf ff f w 1 Kr ff prix W5 MQ-5. 41, Larry Dean Pliler-Woorl ll' AA, llroryg CJ-Jl':. Michael Harold Price-Sflwr "D" Cr F il 'U' 3 r,,,..,.g' r,, r, rpg Trngl. 2 Cray ry Azfriaz Darcej Jufz' Fai' pi fvgheslra, Alan H, Ries-'Sli f.,'.l:g ' Vic N. 94 Phyllis Ann ReniH-f'- Qnzc ' 'Mg 1 Sandra Lee Polk-Noon Mu slag Business Club: Sale: X1 Finance Cornrnillecg G.A.A. Pal Pulnarn - Businaw, Club Vice Presidenlg Junior Serv- i'c-g Sales and Finanu: Corn- :uilleeg Froeh and Junior Assembly. Janice Elaine Reynolds--Bush lap, Club Pregiflerifg 'Sales ,mil Finanie: Co-Cliaiirnan PM gazinc Driveg Brunch .I l wir. Alice Mary Riley- CSF.: L' nw' '1,,r'irrnllef1j Senior :av f+.iviE,1:rgSiiri'o:'Ji rii:1,'f-lbw f,l'ialllTiml1. Sylvia Joanna Powers-Year book Siaffg l.W,E, Carolyn Ann Rano - Buginmp QlubgG.A.A.1 Brunch Swrvr ice. Richard Tim Rice-Aulo llg Wel-:ling llg Wood lll, Barbara June Robbins-Fulure Nursesg Tri Hi Yg Eclucalion flub. Ned Lee Preszler - Wood Slnop, Gloria Jean Ray-Saleh and Financeg Sludenl Teaclwr-rg Business Clubg Ski Club. Joy Anne Richardson-GA Freshman Service. Harold Eugene Robbins-SIL ver "D"g Wood Xp Mech Drawing. Ag Terrn Plavj Ski Club: Everelf PreweH-PA. Crewg Honor Socieiyj lncluslrial Arla Club, Laquila Reddell-G.A.A. Harrie! Grace Rideoul-Gold "D"g Yearbook Slaflg Term Play Commifleesg Sword and Bauble. Kennelh Wayne Robbins-A Cappella Choir: Term Playg Advanced Drama. 555, 71 lb , L 4 :QQ fl Dairiav Louise .Rober+sf'L.E.5. 25' C' -E'J 25: 25' Z' 2' :en f"LJ?LE': 'fzze Roger Lee Russ-E' fe' 3"' :a:fef:a ' Ca: 9 Gaw- C:"" free, Judlihk Kay Schrock-CZEF Lenmar g'.:e" !'1C'l,C-E Te-"1 F:.fe':edM::- ern Cate, Deanna Lee Sheldon-'5:': "D"g J."zr Se'f:eg Educa- 'rbn Chb, Predder-fp Hoor- Muslc, Cha'rmen. '23-6 '78 GQ .ig Zi 49' E' in L 24 S 1 - 'Z 1 2 I . E Phyllig, Rgberfson - Qafcc f faf1g::.: 'ezg I bp PJ:':r Eat'-efyg X- Cezza 2 C':" Pafricia EH-an Sadowsld-E: - :e":' C .5 Q.E.!-.3 C . i 'f,:': Azz' 1- " Charloffe Ann Schwarh- 'Jews Sig' "H'L::? S'a':' Hcfcr SU? ' "'r fe" Eze. Gary Ray Shideler-,..'. Fx'- Di ,: J.',' '!e"ze" f-:- vafcec Wind. L in rf 1 V' 1155 -.f 21 4 15514 l 11 Sag? L .gn-5 ,"'v,, .fun-9' bv "-Tr Q n Derarme Chrlqine Ffobiscm ,- -, W: ,, 5.7- ,,'. ,:, Nea! Leefavre-C1 1 LE"A Zi1'i'2: ' SharonScoH-'ei' . gfi Larry Wayne Shoop-'Jin' -::':a 'S' .e' i 'i::f 'DH Se" ' Eugen 11.3, rser. 'fa 1' A 5 Gall Frances Rogers-E. Am S:haNe'- df"- ,,,. ' ,.x yr. Mary .::.. -- .. C - r Safwd a Sui SeqWer-J pn-5 iv 3 f., ,., ,. ..., F . -1 ,' :Lf-VL .- Sfuarf 1 Ny. f . WaLaceSihoul1sffE-: ' ,. ,. ,gg r::::a '- -NN wap l i Bob John Roside-Z . ' :.-UL" Rcbgff Lee Schipperfi' Mqrhan LeRoy Shays -'L' fy5.'I'f5"1 'il' Phfp Leigh-SMH - if 95 Linda Mae Silva-Mirnlvrii Dfirneg Heuer' lil P--pie-,f-ri lqlivi-w Jlinigri Melvin i-g Bum new Club. Kenneth Everett Smith - All vginm-.l Wfiirrlj '5.fwnri- Cluli Mae Belle Snyder-Ailwiinw-rl Ban-ij Silvvi "Dug Junim Rell Cmsc. Roberf Stanley Stuart-Wi-Ill in-1,1 X5 I.W,E.p Woofl 'Shop X5 Rev Mirah-r'5. Shirley Rebecca Sipes-GA. Ag Y Tm-nl iliirrililiriq Twain Palricia Ann Smifh-Tiqinuler lrorii Rlchrridn-ilg Y lf-en Fri--,hnniii Seiyn 1-. Sheila Marfha Sfeele-Biisi new, Clubg Swirri Slniw. Elvin Roy Sfubblefield-Var sily Tionlg Closed Campus Cornriiilli-P. Roberf Ray Skaggs-Gyniniv, lirig Wrf-sllirw-gig Blork "D" Sherry Smilh-C.S,F.g Rally Ccirnrriillewg Se-nior Slu-lenl A-lvlsigrj lfarm play. Connie Stevens-Self-1, Z9 Fi nance Corrirriillefreg Advfinfv Modern D.Jn1,e-5 Ti,-rrri Playg Ya-urboolf SMH, Penny Ann Sweeny-Sul'-5 and Piminee Cornrriillwi-g Mvif ern Danfgej Sr-riior Sllidrenl Aulviaigr. Larry Edwin Slate-Wigml lll Fresh:-nan Serving Aulif Shop. Helen McKay Snow-Cv,A.A. Science Clubg Honor Soc H- lyj Sword and Baiiblf-, John Raymond Sfremel-Pom"D"gAulo Shop. Kimiyo "Kimi" Tahira - Yell C.S,F.g Senior Cabinffl. Leaflerj Rally Corrirriilleeg Mary Befh Slaie-O P F Cf. il Bu 'rf F r ' f r VE43'..Q 2, ,155 - 1,5 J' Showg Safer Z F ' Nw: Cz rnilree. Carol Ann Snyder- Za Show Junior Ped Cro, Modern Danceg Flu' Nuries or Arne' ci. Richard Lorance Sirudwick P,A,Crewg Gvyfmri-3z1C'3j Pi duo Clubg Terrn Play. Linda Rhodora Talberl-M ,i iorelleg Ralf Comrrnrlef- Senior Sludenf Adyli-f Junigr Fazhion Shaw. 13' JYUUA my M25 'Nav' iw ' if jf IGH unli- 1 Z5 6. X 7564 NSW 'O' 51 on f' 111 a RCN" 751' VTE" 1 ELZ "' F':Pa': Tr-.ezna 'f' - - -L ' .1 i"::f --'L ' a':T''TI-. rpg, Af- r'-npew-ar-- Vfvr E'-" T-ever-Ei' S.e Ca-Q ,f Try- . Ove Feyefwqas-F2 Zz", Gan Be"-am Ypwe--5, -'-'LL -LA ':- "-,... '.. ' ., - ,-- -:- : ex -1' Q 45" ..... gp., v -ya. Ef"esv Va' B' 22"'i' :1Z'li , .. .1 , 'new V'spe'as- f ' ".'1 'Z' 4' .1 .3 di -5 Q ex 'div T.::'- 'a' ' a. ha' . -:,e " " . :" Ea" ev!-H -'- e'e:a e' ze :.:'s':'-1 - 7 -e" H V .-V' r f Fa":: :' fa' De' S':e'- ..:v Mae fa"a"1-2 1 Eefem AH -Na:e-E.. fa" ee' 1: 5 W5--9 -' an T ,hir , T1 5 1. Y J 'E' Dale Warren Welch-Foot ball: Welding lllg Aulo Shop. Connie Loulse Willbur-Swim Showg l.W.E.g Intramural Divinq Class, Roberf Wayne Wood--Blocl: "D"g Swimminqg Senior Sales. fi i 3 we as .. . Q - si - i l s S 's 2 Q 1 .1 X X x X X sb R s sv r r Si . 'W . N X X X is s ' wmv sf s N ' KX: x X 'fs i i N 1 if n i f iHX' L. ' ' -1.-.nag i.,f ' X W X ik x Q XX .4 so Xl iNs.YQX XAQNNEN R ,,.,.,: X W John Donald Wesl-Rally Banclg Marching Bandg Con- cert Bandg Frosh Football. George Mech. Drawing lVg Elec lricilyg Abraham Williams- Wood Ill. Rowena pella Choirg Ensembleg Term Lou Young-A Cap- Play. 4? 4 6 s .,, Q R , A Nuns ' wh- 'a . ist. ' A E .si it ""s1"' Gail Darling Wheeler-Tern: Playg Dance Band, Vocalis? Senior Sludenl Adviser Junior Fashion Show, Chair man. Lillian Darnell Williams- Business Clubg l,W.E.g A Cappella Choirg GAA. Barbara Jean Zimmerman- Business Clubp Brunch Serv ice: l.W.E.g Sales and Fi nance. 'W f 5 ,, f.-:V fi' , NN lil L yy , W ? i M -A refs- ' 98 nv' JSE Roberf Lee While-Ski Clubg Leslie Dale Wikle-Hasan Silver "D"j Swim Team. Bandg JQwm,lgm', it Teresa Donna Wilson-Senior Chelda Rae Woifh-Transf Sales: Transfer lroni Mar ri lrom lllinoisiCheerIea Calholiiig 6.1-NA. James Raymond Zuur - bm -,lenl Councilg Block Silver "Dug Varsily Foiilball. ,DMI CAMERA SHY SENIORS Camera shy seniors are, left to riqhl: Richard Green, Penny Wentz and Jim Porter. NOT PICTURED: Alma Quinlan, Bonnie Headinqlon, Hilda Paflerson, Marc Sfephens. 2 xug Mayorelle I yr. Club. , -A slay, , Kimi Tah"a vc' fne awan- ',, - 'rhe Dauglrners of 'Ihe Arrefgag 1'ori. afar? 1: Q. 10" Q. be ef? ,ei 44, I 'Zi' , ... Da-fd Barber von the cerfisafe :4 , aclnigven-env ir Erqlisn, Y Q33 if 6. 1 , ill' 44 ,V 1 .rw W 'Y 4' ' 1. Y :sm "' I Y' ' 'I -..a , 1 , , f ,gi -, f . V Q: K Snevy Smith won The A:h'efeme'? fo' ai, in- K L in Llzefal Am and was also pin .ip lo- ' E 1, tip me Seymour A-farc. ,r- 'Q YV I, ' -5- 'Z Z if' jf" ,is in ' A Lag SJ: 43' 12g.ssg,4 2-,.drw ' Bill Marshall won the cerriicafe of achievement In the Trades and Irdus- Yrial AHS Award. og vYQ'Vl' 5 ..., Jeff Morgan won 'rhe first California -5 'Siudenf Publisher" Award in Journal- "Yi ism. Lucy Domingues won a plaque for Vcicafional Arts, an 'WA 'Vizita- nv, ,,,, F 1 , "N I' , , y, our xt, 5 Hz. 47?W 1-me V Qwazzda, Graf: C:-:' 'as -:' 'wc a-1a'1s. T-e Ps' -as 45' a:"efe-'e-' ir Scerce a-c lJa"e"a":s "e seczrc a-a': -fa: 'c' ::":e"'g ':- "e Sey":..' A-a'd, S:"a Ca'::n received flve Faure r':"e"'aVe' 55 T:rr:"c.w a-a':. ucv Lrford 'ecelved the a-fa'c fa' Fine Ads. A' Alllson was selecfed io play In fne Easnwesf football game Ar? Kapsaliss transparent wafer Colo' was entered in the National Ar? Finals in New York. Roger Moore received Hrs? place lr, ine Chemical Essay contest. His essay wull be enlered in the Regional finals 99 YF? if ,N uf' ff f,f,,,f:ffa,iff,, me wif" it If I I SONJA MAIN JUDY DWYER JOHN GOTSHALL OVAL LEE ATNIP NIKKI LONAC Senior Picnic chairman Senior Ball chairman Senior Ball co-chairman Cap and Gown co-chairman Cap and Gown covchairmai Ulm, mabla, antzbdian. Members of lhe Senior Banquet Commillee, who acled as hosls and These are lhe people picked fo plan and produce the Senior Variely hosfesses on lhal April niqhr, were as follows: FRONT ROW, Iefl lo Show. LEFT TO RIGHT, lhey are: Pal Fletcher, Hafsy Nakaqaki, Linda righf: Kimi Tahira, Yvonne Blsso, Dave Dowell. BACK ROW: Jim Zuur, Ferreira, Linda Crewse, and Per Mielva. NOT PICTURED: Diane Dailey. Elin Bork, Chad Duckhorn, and Marlan Shanks, .M , f 'J .er ' fn: YS 'Us Yr 5' A 4? ,Q A D O nv '1-. cv-e 'f Q7 1. -x, i 3' 5. l 4 P, ALICE V!-if PrLEf DARLA ROBERTS MAPLAN SHANKS JAYNECHFUSTEN FA..A V -- e'7':'Ve'Ae'v :re""e' Ca'ee'Da1:c-:Fa'r""a' Ca'ee'Daf:c':He"r"a' Se'7:' Ba':..e' :v'a"""a' A":.':e-'e":: nnml 1114, than ,S,QI'l,lb'L6., Thaw: 'ro flwese peopfe Vhe robes fi? cn qradudion night They are. The folwwirvg comm1H-ee members helped Vo 'Hake The Sewer Bain Ieff '15 rlghfg Penry Perry, Sharon Davidson JM-nmie Raye Jones, and memoraime leh fo right Mary Ann Dorsey Sherry Srvdrh Cnerlfa Roger Russ. Jones and Roberfa Berqlund. NOT P1CTURED:Ge"Wree er fd A " x-fr " .. ff 'Q 5 QWL ,nf I r ' -H 5 QM f L L., I I M, WW 7 fungi f h 41 fy C .9 W My V ,W f Q ffl f 4 Above are the members of the steering committee forthe Senior Picnic. They were in charge of transportation tood and seeing to it that everyone had a good time. They are, from left to right: Mike Moore, Darlene Hennessy! Franh Pizzimenti, Neal Satre, Connie Hornbaclr, Dianna Milburn, Charlie Foreman, and Dave Barber. W ,MMM 1 f f A M? 110' W' Qfgtii ff hifi Every spring, orders are taken for senior announcements. Largely through the etforts of the Senior Announcement Committee, these are delivered before graduation, in time to be exchanged with friends and sent to relatives. The members of the committee are, from lett to right: Beverlee Dutra, Pat Fambrini, Betty Baker, Dave Biddle, Donna Payne, and Linda Silva. An annual event at Mt. Diablo is Career Day, when every senior student has an opportunity to analyze his or her vocational choice. Pictured below are the student chairmen for this year. FRONT ROW, left to right: Linda Curtis, Kathy Warren, Lucy Dominguez, Kimi Tahira, Judy Dwyer, Darla Roberts, Co-chairman, Mary Ann Dorsey, Pat Fletcher, Janet Pirnental, Dianna Milburn, and Carole Burton. SECOND ROW: Kiersti Lundeberq, Sandra Segler, Janice Reynolds, Gloria Ray, Mae Snyder, Paula Mills, Joy Machado, Sandy Polk, and Nancy Pierson. THIRD ROW: Frank Johnson, Duncan Connor, Al Allison, Dave Doran, Pete Padeltord, Daryl Phillips, Bart Blakesley, Marc Stephen, Marlan Shanks, Co-chairman, and Bob Wood. Z -n 6' WH-1+ Career Day. Marcin 7, unoef she supervision oi Darla Roberis and Marlan Shanks, broughr ine ouiside proiessional world fo ine seniors. Thar day seniors could be doolors, lawyers, or rnerclwani' ol-iieis by signing fl-ieir choice on ibe schedule session lisls. "Working rhrougin your life" was rhe 'lopic ol 'line general assembly. The ralln was presenled by Mr. Drummond J. McCunn, Superinlendeni oi Easr Conlra Cosra Junior College Dislrici: Airer live lunoneon 'ior rhe guesl speakers, ses- sion chairmen and co-chafrrnen, seniors aldlended rwo-hour long vocariona' sessions led by profes- sional guesl speakers. This was rbe iirsl All Senior day on campus which marked lime beginning of senior acrivifies per se. Mr. James Hills, fhe Associafe Professor of Educafion af San Francisco Sfafe, falked of fhe qualificafions, advanfages, and disadvanfges of choosing 'reaching as a career. Chief James E. Eubank, represenfinq fhe Navy, presenfed his falk "The World's Besf Navy" fo fufure recruifs. Dr. Roberl Grensfead, lhe Proiecl' Supervisor af Dow Chemical Corporafion in Pil-lsburg, explained fhe "Re- search Principles" fo inferesled chemisfs Frank Pirzimenfi, Roger Russ, and Dick Linford. Beverly Mifchell, who formerly wrofe fhe "Bobby Lobby" column of fhe Oakland Tribune, discussed and answered quesfions concerning writing as a profession. Nof picfured is Mrs, Aileen Murphy, Public Relafions Direcfor af Merril-1' Hospifal in Oakland, who assisfed Mrs. Mifchell in fhe discussion, Enerqelic seniors form a right hand slar while dolng lhe dance "Honey Comb." Al lhe firsl dress rehearsal, only one boy came skirled in lulle, Molhers sewed fine seams on yellow, pink, red, blue, and green nylon lo cover lhe dainfy legs of lheir sons for lhe show I'UI'1. , We ' """"',M jlm,U ' .Sluuu,jl1.a,6' ,jim 67LcnLc,, Ron Tibulski alias Elvis Boone had lhe audience in fhe aisles wifh his anfics as he sang "Love Me Tender." Mr. Harold Godchaux, lhe direclor for the lhird Senior Variely show, fouches fhe ivories fo lune in a song number. The grand finale shows lhe boxer raking a curlain bow foo, ' T , A D , , gfz ,, FE? A , A1131-,jk ' f . My 1 Q ,y?,,q,, . , f+" X , A get-f ' -G22 ' " ' ' af' , , 523 . A 'Q ' ' 5 4- A V . , X V n , A f 113,11 M 5 :, , ,five ' ' .. .Km :rev C:"'e "1e:J"'z"9 ev--5 y, 4. we 55-'Y Bi-q,E', Mcs' :' "ne D'ab:"es a'e d'e:sed as 'Ref -1 ' eczea' 5' 2 L E5"1.E' 5 , .ew jl1.L43a.lL 5 'n,-jlmj' V ,S Cyan" ard Bob sic.: QF' H-xe'r new :Mies +P-af 'Her van fo wee' vo the Sevior Ba'1. Lcthfg af We 'aces :H 1h-2:2 3EI',O'5 :bows wmv the Sen gf Pigfig .fag 7555-'5'1'fLi'7. Four of Yhe Seniors show QH before leaving for The P':nIg4 f ff uw Maw Jlwyf J 111,04 Mosl Likely To Succeed are Lucy Do, minquez and Jeff Morgan. Mos? falenled are Alice Mary Riley and Dave Brockbanlw. rw -we MosfAlhIelic are AI Allfson and Nancy Pierson, Besl Dressed are Jane? Pimenfal and Brad Hill. Besl Personalily are Mary Ann Dorsey and Ron Tibulslri IO6 I J mm., QM Mos? Alfraclive are Per Mielva and Jane Brooks vw- Cl'7V'Sf""3E ca-r-5 95- , ag M- A ,,- 39. livrarws :asses lo' sfudefrs paired and deczraveo -fro:-us, free are .15 Ig " P' ':fDe:e'v'oe' 5 K ,,, ,My ,, ,.,,f I' li z 11 71 , ,QI s"'u My t! 1 'Q aff' 'Aram in 4 .. 9 v v , , . ' C rx W' ' I girl. ff 0 11 Lf 0 'WW ,ZZQXWQ ' 1 5 fm ff! 4 9 A . fe, 1-.1 r 5 V W, , ,H N sf A QM Xxx by , an Af T 9 M, A fee F. . Furure Air Force pllols look on as libriurn, Hey, Dave, you can'l' win lhisg you have fo be born wllh lf. These are all fhe Moores and Johnsons of lhe Senior Class. Brad lesfs his equi- l lor is YI Fl I U b "V"l1'." Klum, flue clubs are a wonderful and imporfanf parf of flue scliool life af lvlf. Diablo. Their purposes anol goals vary greafly, ranging from flue furfliering of enioymenf of foreign languages fo flie promofion of fufure nurses. Members of flwese groups feel fliaf fliey gain social poise and personal safisfacfion from following flieir own age inferesfs in flfiese clubs. -ni vii ' if' . P, s YJ, Y I Q47 + Hx-V Q, f, f 1 31.5142 4- K. I , J J. .J f .,, . I -If , f- 4 J Qnxf ff ,z , -A . -ff M Fd" - 'I' ' r 1 , , .,, 4-Q-' -.'J -f 1-,1,.. 1 '74 '4 4 f FAQ? 3, ga. , Nagy" .- ' " , r . ,,,. , f' A U A K IZ' ' t 45.61, , 1' " , - ,v - 1"- ., . , I, , J ' . ' f :LLC-,vi-4 -. 1' I "'--E' Y - - J .f J mQ,,J , V J A 1 giilgi ."" gx , , ' - Eff V . nxf Q- fztfi. .51 ffi ai, , I . :,..,.f, , ' i., , 1 z ,K X- V, 5i.f,,!L14ffh ,A H . ,, ,A , fy! f f . ww- Q r , . x , A ff , Vs .J A f . Y , :A f V' 3 ff" ' , J 1-fjif ,J , 'IL A L QU" 'lj A Fi W, , r J 1" U J ,f ' Q 1 -fv, ,f , ,L - yn - If I V . . ,' , 5,1 Y- V ' ' aj. - 1 1-1 'J IJ . J 1, f, , Viv .,, , , K, J 1 f ev . f 1" - ,. f -2 J. , . . V QYJ 3,, ,. I, 21' , 1. 1 X141 .ff-f 7 "JY - 1 7f.'-V . ,J j , , W - .J f J , . 3?5if4 .1, 1 Q w 1 b if 'Ili .1 , A. ,IFJ l , V 2:7 ' ' -7 , 7' 1 I I if V . -5 1 - flulm, ww, a, ulclbulo, ng Qrhb AVIATION CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Falkenstrom, David Shorten John Gackowski, Charles Vim, Ted Morgan, Jim Kerschnerl SECOND ROW: Mr. Walt Kelson, adviser, Jan Koskinen, Edith Lee, Linda Moore, Carolyn Guerry, Harold Doqliani, Dennis Garretson, David Cromwell. SWORD 84 BAUBLE The members of the Sword and Bauble for this year are not only actors and actresses but stage hands, crew members and musicians who participated in dramatic activities here at Diablo, FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Young, Merle Byrd, Betsy Ohran, Amy Glines, Bev Dutra, Linda Ferreira, Sherry Smith, Alice Mary Riley, Hatsy Nakagaki, Loren Quiqq. SEC- OND ROW: Robert Creller, Judy Peck, Phil Shull, Lynne Norton, Connie Clark, Noelle Canonica, Dave Brockbank, Dean Deaton, Kay Snow, Roger Emanuels, Penny Perry, Esther Carlson, Per Tore Mielva, Frances Halloway. THIRD ROW: Adviser, Mr. Harvey Berman, James Hatley, Harriet Rideout, Glenn Ebert, Sheila Page, Bill Mohn, Gail Wheeler, Dick Linfofd, Marilyn Hanson, Marian Shanks, Jack Gregory, Gayle Taylor, Marty McGrath, Sharon Davis. SKI CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Becky McLaughlin, Nancy Locke, Carol Lee Hand, Joann Taylor, Carol Ryan, Carolyn Campbell, Meredith Skeen, Gay Richardson, Kathie Nicklaus. SECOND ROW: Rlchard McDermott, Jim Falkenstrom, Warren De Gottardi, Charles Buckley, Bob White, Jane Casagrande, Marie Pinkwart, Phyllis Reniiff, Todd Bales. THIRD ROW: John Greenhalgh, Chuck Snekvik, Bruce Olsen, Gene Dirks, Don Biddle, Craig Williams, Charles Shockey, Harlan King, John Nunes, Karen Ellingson, Sonia Halvorsen. LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW, lef'l ro righrz Dick Terra Pal Hennessy, Barbara Bloomer Jim Moiso, Lois Slnimmin, Nancy Pinlzwarl, Ida Ya- rnanalna Gloria Hare, Judy Edinborglw, Lynn Banoaf. SECOND ROW: Bob Finger, Joan Brazil, Diane Hamilton, Linda Baker Milfe Ford, Margaret Harwell, Diane I-limes, Robert Sernans, Mrs. Carolyn Ross Adviser, Mel I-leaps James Colburn, Gus Giwocchid lien Enke, Laurie Weeks Roberfa Siebold, Joan Housder Maria Fernandez. I-ll-Y The senior par? of the boys HI-Y CLUB is mainly inreresfed in oroiecfs whose profifs are used lo befler fhe communify. They are: FIRST ROW, left lo righlrz Ray King, Ron Belknap, Ron King, Charlie Foreman, Bud Peebles. SECOND ROW: Mike Larkin, Mile Heinemann, Pete Padelford, Ray Hedlund, Bill Tener Chef Bellrnap, Bob Parks, ARCI-IERY CLUB FIRST ROW, leH 'ro righl: Richard Sloniker, Kirk Jacobson, Don Biddle, Todd Bales, David Pelerson, Gary Anderson, Wayne Hudlin. SECOND ROW: Roy Burns, Monly Duarfl, Ron Afkins, James Crawford, Sfuarl Marrin, Peggy Casey, Gerald Frazer, Bob Allison, Don Clark, Mary De Van, Archie Morris, Rose Marie Polsinelli, adviser. ' 'whim E sfffwirzg-. M 2? .i I In Sludenis of 'lhe Mi Dlablo Chapler of lhe California Scholar ship Federalion will end ihelr high school days as lop honor sludenfs C S F membership acceplance is governed by a len pornl grade average. C. S, F. acllvrlres include sell ng class piclures, and sponsoring lhree banquels, New this year were pins in Yhe shape of a iorch wiih lhe leflers "SS" - graved on lhem which were presenled lo each member. Junior Slaiesmen members are qreally inleres'le'd in slale and nalional government procedures. Their school aciiviiies consisled of selling book covers lo lhe sludenl' body and selling candy at football games. Members picfured are FRONT ROW, lefr lo righl: Norm Smifh, Sruarl Hadden, Chef Belknap, Brian Cairo, Webb Hadden, Joe Parlansky, Gus Ginocchio, Dan Barney, Brian Luiz, John Skeen, Brooks Hamm. SECOND ROW: Marly McGralh, Carol Maher, Nancy Mullen, Karen Ellingson, Pal Markovich, Janef Sperlinq, Barbara Riley, Fosler Robertson, Lee Miller, Rona Moore, Becky McLaughlin, Mary Clark, Sherrie Leaver. THIRD ROW: Jim Faison, Mary Hanley, Lyla Smith, San'dy Seqler, Brigelfe Muhm, Nancy Hicks, Judy Woodhead, Susie Seymour, Rulh Lingenfelier, Sue Tale, Carol Ryan, Bev Wade, Pal EllioH, Judy Hadden, lda Yamanaka, Nancy Pinkwari, Donn Nibblell. FOURTH ROW: Kiersli Lunde- berg, Kay Seqler, Joan Weeks, Diane Bolhun, Laurie Weeks, Sharon Burns, Rosalyn' Goldslien, Linda Dally, Sandy Burns, Diane Himes, Phyllis Reniff, Barbara Clough, Jo Ann Taylor, Connie Henderson, Sheri Cimino, Roger Emanuels. The Diablo French Club published a French newspaper, spon- sored a school dance for language sfudenls, and held a dinner and dance for lhe French clubs of lwo olher schools. Aclive members are FIRST ROW, Iefl to righl: Marry MCC-Jralh, Brig- elle Muhn, Carol Ryan, Barbara Riley, Pal Markovich, Kimi Tahira, Sherry Smilh, Marilyn Hansen, Nancy Vasak, Mary Clark, John Skeen, Becky McLaughlin. SECOND ROW: Fosler Roberison, Judy Sheehan, Gay Richardson, Mary Ann Eckiord, Mariorie Siemon, Marian McDonald, Meredilh Skeen, Kay Moore, Rona Moore, Dan Barney, Judy Peck, Brian Luiz, Brian Callo, Toni Smifh. THIRD ROW: Margo Holi, Janei Sperling, Kalhie Erickson, Barbara Bailey, Kay Darnell, Charlene Foss, Sandy Shaver, Karen Berg, Dian Bolhun, Sheri Cimino, Connie Henderson, Joann Taylor, Lee Miller. rx wma 1 Fa""q ':e::,'a?':'x 5-13 ard '51-1,51-f,-En, are yy 5 pa-4 S' "E -'Vi fhaf gser 'Ms a da':e as 'hese Darce Cer-'m?r'ee "e"l:e's Ho-1. FRONT POW lek rg fqhvg L55 Shfrnrw-'r Jea'ffe Mvfir Ba'ba'a Roe L"da Lewis Nancy Wyle. SEC- OND FPCW: Pav Pape Maxeer Carrfnef Audrey S'rhp::' L":a Czaee, Ma'qa'e' Har-fe . EI-CK ROW: Mare' Ch-'ve' SS' Hel' H:'e"e"Je' Wah S-vee':e' Pal S""h Wei gels Ge'r'rar swdems? These are the members :J rhe Gerrran Cub -fha .nder the advisorshlp of Dr, Carolyn Ross 'are a' a:'+71e "'e'e:' 'P 'he arqsaqe vhey a'e stdfnq ,...x C . 'l ...fl FM.. 'Q' T A li Brel Y' ..-'53 Je 4 if 1 1 :rr 1 !2 5 Q . Q , we fe 4 , .ij 1.-.1 ,gg ns, I qc 'W 4! , . The Block "D' members, a colorful and famlllar slghf around campus ac? as strong-armed bouncers durlnq assemblies as a sideline. Their leflers are earned by spor? pariicipafion. They spgrsgr the Block 'DH dinners and dances, and add lo Yhe color of exfracuricular aClTvT+leS The officers are presldenf, Bill Marshallg vice-presldenf, Ernie Carvaial: secrelary and lreasurer, Neal Salre. The adviser ls Mr. Charlie Karp. One of fhe larqesf clubs, Block "D" has over severlly members, Among lhose nol pidured this day are Dave Johnson, Ralph Mohr, Larry Pavilones, John Humphrey, and Ronald Klng, Block "D" adds and promoles inleresl in sporfsmanshlp 3? Diablo. ll3 -wr II4 Y? I 5-:vs 11 Q , We f , f f 5 , 2 I i 9 f I .ev , 5. - wavy, Q 4'6- ' fy M J' W7-,.. -r 2 W! W ' wh.. , .5 W, , : ,, ,il V 1: 2 , Zi: f Klub JUNIOR RED CROSS Remember Ihe Millen Tree in Ihe Academic Building during lhe Chrislmas season? Thai is one ol fhe many prolecls Ihe Junior Red Cross does during lhe year, This club IS a b'9 help lo 'rhe communily. FIRST ROW, leff Io righf: Mrarv Ferguson, Bobbi Hienzel, Sherron Pimenlel, Jeanne Rookaifd. Phyllis Roberlson. SECOND ROW: Louise Percell, Nancy Pier- son, Jennefh Beers, Virginia Glines. THIRD ROW: Pal' Walfers, Kalhie Hill, Linda Johnson, Shirley Taylor, Lynda Day. SENIOR HI-Y BASKETBALL TEAM This Baskelball team was orqanized new This year, They compele almosl every week wifh olher schools lhaf have a Senior Hi-Y Baskefball feam. This Team is onlv for Seniors. FIRST ROW, lefl lo righlz Ray King, Mike Larkin, Ron King, Charlie Foreman, SECOND ROW: Bill Tener, Bud Peebles, Ray Hedlund, Pele Padelford, PROJECTIONIST CLUB Have you seen lhe noon movie lately? This is one of Ihe acfivilies of the Proieclionisf club. They show all Ihe movies around Ihe school. They fake care of all lhe cameras an'I proieclors, FIRST ROW, lelf lo righf: Ernesf Carvaial Floyd Huckaby, Blll Gallaway, Dennis Afkins. SECOND ROW: Clar- ence Melanccn, Don Clark, Bob McElw-aine, Jim Cecchini. THIRD ROW: Gary Bell, Dick Jones, Dell Jensen Barr Blakseley. ' 5.'.PEr1,FSES "2 :-'-'e '-. .ez ': e' :':e"ze":' ve' -1:-fs en: -fa':'e: 'He Seq:-E-E: -,355 ,,:-,'.: '. .-E .:::'.i 5- f. ...E :-...E ': ::2:': e "': : .: '::e: ': 'e : 'N 's::"e s es Hases Abe: ff37 :gif Ezalc' '-e"ze 'few Fe'g.::' I-":"e"e 9' f:': 5' ' ey 515' - 'ta J:"::' Ja'ef T' 5 'e Nca Vee 5' " 'e"1.-e"' Ce': e -ee -'a':. SKCND VON: Cav: r-e""i'- ie' fea"e 5::fe": -:.':e 5e':e Fw ': 9:se"::' fa" Ee' Ne 'e'z Ve" 1' Ve':': Ze :a J:"s:' '-e":e ..:"::' 1'e":' 5""e-'e '-' PD PCW: ze" far? Jee"'e Eee's -e"'e Nea' l"g"'e 9 "ez .fee Dey Ka" ee' ..e::"'ar, . e' Ze-1: Z'a'e Ve:D:'a : Ure E s-fe" New, 5'e'z:' 'NDUET91FL. I-P75 f'e:e "':-:"'e AH :,:,: e'e e -fey: s-s'y Neff: 'e-1 e": :'ue'e" ""'g: :J ef -ce: e": "e'e. 1': e 'ea a'f ?: se ace ': 'ere .zei :':'e:': :.' :' 'Pese "iVE'4iS. 5,PET PCN e" 'z "q": 5" ': C: e' De"'s Sa" er R7:h- a': E"e Jef Jeerze' SECOND VLH- Ez: v:E -fe"e Eany C."e' fa' Ozvee .Ter B':ie. CHESS CLUB The Mt, Deb: Ckesz CA: ra: defaed a peasanf may of 51if,"Q :here They hare held three ps? wus? d:'l"EfS -ahh chez: sessfcf: a'1e'vfafd:, The Chez: Knighfs hafe Q'-armed with Harrf Ei: High Chess Cwb 'f R':brn:r':, SEYE'51 rrve rvefches a'e paved. FIRST ROW, ef' 10 "QM: VIer:f' n.w':el:.'g Bob Nh"e Kef STg!er. SECOND POW: F'a'r Maze' Bob Sfevens. THIRD ROW: Base I-.gasef John F"-1 Free' Mzvfssf Ra1phM:hr. one Tc4.rra"'ef1 ihis fear fa V 'Er 3fJ ,xt , 4 '23 -4 .V gh ,-.- H 1 jg 7 ,ff K7 ,1 , : V- v " 5 1 A MQ v ff '- Z ef e 'gk' ff, .K . , , - 1, V f 17 ,. fix A 1 Z 'L uf 5 if - , 6 ian 'L - 1- - 'P' , - -, 1. ' ' ' , -4 - ,ffffffifi 3" CJ ' ' D "iffy, Q .N -J' .ff .ff 4. -g ,J -Q .,.....-.- , ,:1p..4 . -M mm- e ..,,.,,.-.....,.,,,h,- 1 , ,, '52 A .f,--.- f---- i ,,.-.... V ' : w -- ,L """.' " , ff , W ::: -Y" q Z2 ' , -"f-- ' f f I - ' ' , ww 3' 4 , . -if 'J 51 ' .,..,,4..u ff W I I wee, 9 - f . -af V "" ,NV - ,,,,, fm.. W :J " ' 9 ? ...eww-M A .., - .4 L ., rj, 4- Q ,., Si 1. IIS Among members of the Rally Committee who helped bring the sportsmanship trophy to Diablo are FRONT ROW, left to right: Janet Pimenlal, Marilyn Hanson, Janie Beutel, Tanya McLean, Carolyn Bengston, Sandy Kirschner, Pat Erman, Bar- bara Riley, Kimi Tahira, Carol Maher, Toni Smith, Pat Payne, Yvonne Faraola. SECOND ROW: Jane Brooks, Karen Murdock, Linda Talbert, Darlene Hennessy, Pat Medlin, Judy Streeter, Lois Nakaqaki, Kay Moore, Pat Fletcher, Rita Romo, Nikki Lonac, Karen Kuhr. BACK ROW: Ida Yamanaka, Nancy Mullen, Mary Ann Dorse , Sonia Main, Connie Hornback, Dianna Mil- burn, Pete Pacreltord, Bob Parks, Paul Benqston, Marlan Shanks, Sharon' McAllister, Marilyn Maylone. The future school marms and masters of the Education Club are FRONT ROW, left to right: Sally Gerboth, Ann Cureton, Linda Smasal, Pat Markovich, Susie Seymour, Webb Hadden, Barbara Riley, Deanna Sheldon, Alice Harris, Lynn-e Norton, Joe Partansky, Carol Ryan, SECOND ROW: Gus Ginocchio, Barbara Clough, Carole Till, Mary Claussen, Amy Glines, Mariorie Siemon, Jeannie Burrus, Sheila Page, Carol Petrie, Claudia Jacksoni, Pat Koch, Bonnie Carlton, Carol Phillipsen, Judy Hadden. BACK ROW: Barbara Martin, Phyllis Renift, Becky McLaughlin, Mary Clark, Rona Moore, Gloria Ray, Paula Mills, Norma Jones, Ann Horsfall, Ginger Tomlinson, Joann Taylor, Connie Henderson, Janet Pimental, Alice Mary Riley, Lana Ludwig, Jeanne Brunelle. , M' so 4 R V, 1 iw! fi i M! W. P2 -eff The future Business women of Mt. Diablo are FRONT ROW, left 70 "QM Ann ONeal JUdY Streeter, Lucy Dominguez, Janice Reynolds Carol Hendrix, Nancy Hendrix, Sue Logan ar--w Pat Elliot Bev Wade Judy Latter Joyce M o G' I Tomlinson SECOND ROW: Ester Carvaial, Pat Puiitnl-.:rn, Phnyiifis Gonsalves Linda Machado, Toni Vargus, Juanita Smith' Rifa Kabat Mary Beth Slate Sandy Polk, Ann Horsfall, Lana Lud- W'9 BACK ROW Connie Hornback, Pat Fambrini, Maria Cafvalal Shirley Thornbrugh, Billie Brady Sylvia Magna Sandy Terwilleger Janice Touchstone, Janet Cook, Gloria Ray 'Norma Jones. 4 " W 1176! ' W1 i f,Q,L"!, Wx' ' J' i .. ' J Willy , "f" , - ' Q' -I iii, ' 1 2 0, , w " X j ,ef "gW:,'9 S do Speaking that "Soft Meanderin S anis " senoritas of the Spanish CIub:qFRgNT hggcwqulzf, ii: this Barbara Britt, Janet Slape, Virginia G-lines Lyhda Da gif! ,. Halvorsen, Brenda Hiseley. BACK ROW: Man C a sferiil lggla Eqqum, Kathy Foster, Judys Dalton, Rosemary Bohn Sharylg lonker. ' -'ef"': ' e ':'s":':' :4 :e"" "e ":' ex: : .rs e' DE: : Y "e .Ig '-.'s a'e "e'e:'e': 15' ""':':f"g 'He' cw' :a . 1' :': .'gT'g :"e': 'C :: 'Pe safne. FRONT ROW 'ei' ': i -g-'z Renew: -:e'a Rf' leer: Jen- LF e':f'- Ce' S' fi B' S' fe Ez: ""' SECOND ROW: B:o A 'sen Mf?e F:':: San Rc:"' Jacr B:.g.e"e:, BACK ROW: Rey Ae:- .': R':na': P:':e :e -ear Jce Cxfe' Ca' Cafe : '5e'a e: Tn:"':s:v-. 7'e:?s':' a': 1Tn-Eng afe a N TWDCVYEV' Y: "e 'e-fy :xg-5n'ze: Sfncn-vs S-1" Cub -'Hose adviser is Mrs. Jea"e D..e'iso" FRONT ROW 'eff fo fghfz Connfe W7ibur Cie-ud'a Jackson f"g"'a Pav+e'sc', Sa'dy Burns. SECOND ROW: Cfay D'exe Ka'a We"zheTrner, Karen Hauser Kafhy Chev-ch CP-were 5 Keusg Eden Lorenze' Sandy SheF'F?e'd. THIRD ROW1 Inez '5a':7a Maw Eefn Mar+?n Sharon Wes? Ja:Ve NmNer '.A?:i'ele Mo'ga'. BACK ROW: Cafhy Wliiarns Pam Mealey Penny Roya1 Yvonne Farrolav Penny Jones Kafny Forbes. The S-1'-P CJ: :mfs an a Swim Show here af szhcox eaeh yea' and also a? counfry clubs If- fne area. 11 "' v1,LrlwA,0,fluzA.aA to gnu, ffl V RON TIBULSKI President STUDENT COUNCIL This year's sTudenT council was Tilled wiTh energeTiC, capable oTTicers. Each weelc These I8 sTudenT body- elecTed members meT in The conTerence room To dis- cuss problems and To propose suggesTions Thar would beneTiT The school. lvlany oT The sTudenTs here aT MT. Diablo I-ligh do noT realize The Time and eTTorT These sTudenTs TorTeiT To help malce a successTul year. The summer beTore These people Tal4e oTTice, They are busy organizing and geTTing Their commiTTee members ready Tor The coming year when They legally Talce command. Upon enTering school in The Tall, each oTTicer lboTh class and sTudenT bodyl is required To Take a semesTer course in leadership. IT is here ThaT These newly elecTed sTudenTs acquire The knowledge oT leadership and parliamenTary procedure. They are Then on Their own excepT Tor The privilege oT coun- seling wiTh Their sponsors when They are unsure oT a procedure. l'm sure everybody remembers our annual maga- zine drive in which lwel The sTudenT body obTained enough money To guaranTee our Toreign exchange sTudenT Tor The nexT year, our basleTball scoreboard, DAVE BARBER RITA HASKINS DICK LINFORD Senior Represenlafive Sophomore Represenlalive Chairman of Foreign Exchange CommiTTee .JOY ARCHIBALD STAN MOORE ROBERTA BERGLUND Social Affairs Commissioner Head Yell Leader Program Commissioner PENNY PERRY Clubs Commissioner DON BAUMRUCKER Grounds Commissione JIM ZUUR Boys Represenlalive pink M 'I ,V V? ,Q fn' 7 4UX,'iY T ...- rj, BRAD HILL CPE' Jus+Y:e H!-TSY NI-YAG-AY! SW: Rep'eser+af'fe , -,' -.f,.- --'ff :.-f---:,f,,,,:-- :,,,::-,,. --' -- 7312.-- ,. ,. ,. -.,,,-,,: , ---, .,- 1 . .. . ,. "',:-f-,:":'-' .1-"L - f-,"f--- - -',,,,, , A 41 ,Q ,W 1 I --,., .- A,--. 5 , 1 .fLf"L ,:,.---I-.,:.fg -Nz-- , 'v 1' x,,--,-A 5,,-,-. -,,,,-,-,. ,,.,.-. 5' 1 P ::-,- .--,. - -,:Qg -'CC'i "WP f' vxil . 6 1 '-3'5E "E'if "'Ii1"i1'-iE""f.f""-5-' 1',:4', , p Ai- ,.! ,J '--f--:rw ,- -,,. L--f - 1:-f 'Y - if f "1 f 1 , , A N hgg A- ' 'fy +1 'xr ' "-,.,-: ':.-':. .- -- 2g-,: - - Z L ?fvx'vkvAg, H: mu f-. f 95,1-v, ' 4. Q' ' , 3 A, gf.: A f Z, Y - . .4-' ,' ' ,T ,Mn 351 a 5 ' f'f . :,f.1z2, , A t I ' 1 if 'f 'f 1 1 ff, 'x , ., v , 1 ,-qfsyi 1 azfffzzg-Q . . , fYl.f,':rq2L Jug 'fm.3! JC'-454 BOLOSNE "Ee-9 es"ie'+ .El-N TATE JEFF VCPGAN EE! DUTRA ED LEWIS J.' 2' REC'E59'4i"'5 533' Se"'e:'e' FJ.: ': Se""d Sefesie' PJ: ': SaVes 3 Fnanf: :ee":'zC:""':s" L 55 :":':C:"""zs':-e' Comrrfssfcnef MIKE f-4AST!N9S DOPJA CGTTEN FR!-NK JOHNSON GLENDA COWDEN "1""e' Pe:,'e:e"a' 1' Se:'e'e'f EQ 'IA'Q C:""'ff"'5' Se:'e'a'f 2: C, A I 'W ffm.. 4,- uo. -Q. -ua. Q ,,. . 417' 'X x. ,-N, FF .f K' gli .vw "F- 19 vw., 4 ,Q f 4 NVQ The Siudenl Courf Tried many sTu- denls This year for sundry offenses. Serving on The courT are FRONT " ROW, seated, lefT To riqhlz Jean ,,..1 Tale, Dave Barber, Brad Hill, Char- '-'ff' lie Jones. BACK ROW, sfandlng: Mike Hastings, Darlene Hennessy, John Gideon-, Craig Williams, Bob Berglund, John Barclay. ,...,,,,.. ...,.-. '. GK y,,..f COURT The sTudenT courT helped lceep order on The school grounds This year. They Tried many sTudenTs who commiTTed TraTTic violaTions. Those who were Tound quilTy oT an oTTense were senTenced by The courT. The punishmenT was usually a desiqnaTed amounT oT hours worlc on The quad. Jh.QA.ex:v ' wmkloiqou, HOUSE Every semesTer The homerooms elecT a represenTaTive Trom Their classes. The repre- senTaTives' duTies are To aTTend a meeTing each monTh To discuss The school acTiviTies. They are Then To relaTe The conclusions oT The meeTinq To Their homeroom. ln This way mosT sTudenTs lcnow The goings-on abouT Diablo. The senior members of fha House of Represeniatives are FRONY ROW, lefl' To rigl1T: Sandy Polk, Al Allison, Bud Barfon, Mary Beth Slale, Gerald Clough. SECOND ROW: Ken Robbins, Larry Shoop RUGBY Russ, Dave Dowel. BACK ROW: Gary McElroy' gary Brake, sley, Ed Granf, Dale Brazil, Bob Siuarl. BRAD HILL Chief JusTice JOHN BOLOGNI Vice-Presidenl JEFF- MORGAN mall: Re el Ions r- -,,:-,.z,5 ,nn ED LEWIS Sales and Finance Commissioner PUBLIC P,ELFTlCNS COMMITTEE: FRONT POW leg' Io rigor: Cargly- Lerrrver edrcr, Diablo 52: Brad Hlll, chlefiusfcei Bef Defra sp-Ing ed'+o' D7ablo Ne-fs: Je? Mvgen lall edilor, Dlablo News, BACK ROW: Pa? Flefcner asslsianl ed'+':r, Dlablo 551 Penny Perry clubs :ov-v-. mlsslonerj Roberla Berglond Vg. g'arns :ornn-lsxlore-3 Don Been-. rude' grounds :crm-n7:s7or-erj B"l Marsnall Buzz? D' presdenf 'Q37 f' I ff ,V C? f Ve Poo 'C Se e":'2 Czforr ee 'E' 'Q 5 CC"E'ECE 25 '5C'9E"i"'E"'!EE 35 'JA':6'E" 'fic e "2" DEQ: EE EEE-3'6" QC 'cf' D650 JICE-C'EEACE"' :noe ::""'zz'o'ef' arc E T c: T L' n FU I'l'1 I- Je :I O Z V1 1 KD 1 JI W 4 A ' ..'w :,,-5-flew ff M N llllll ll V jxgy- A M , - ll X V , b 1 ..E,, ,X 5 Ns- QQ..-X L fig V1 I Ae C ., I -'A. ,,,, 3 ,lg if , , 'Qi Xe: y - . wir I M75 A A Q win' K' I Ja, ,H . 4 yy Z q I 2-7' f , . . ' I S , -Fava, ,,,,l N, J, Wit. . yn Q W Q. f Llp ll m ,1TfQ,Qg, ,piggia grimy , , x an is lung' , I , ' z X 'Qi x ,N,' . A ,Q l i " xr 'l ll ' I M .gow , fear 'ere 5' DE: 2. 7 - CC""""-"EE f"'e2. Tre 52"f"'-ez ife' DE: 3 IEE 5.-3 ici.:-gf-+ Lf:'-f-r- I -lf- I F , Cf D free ce". SALES AND FINANCE f I ' ' ' I lr - ,- , : I - , :alee rc F farce Ocrfmrfee rrerrloef are Tre Icp ee eprnen or me :among who Genie foe? eferg'-25 'Q :3'+aC+"g efew racer? ar Dario. Trey sell Slucef Scif cafe: are garre "dew, SALES AND FINANCE COMMIT- TEE: FRONT ROW, lefl fo righfz Alyce Dowda, Gloria Ray, Lucy Dominguez, Ed Lewis, Par Pu'rnern, Phyllis Gonsalves, Joyce Moore, Jayne Chrisfen. SECOND ROW: Elin Bfork, asslslanf commissioner, Penny Sweeny, Linde Curfls, Janice Reynolds, Rlfa Kabol, Mary Beflw Slafe, Billie Brady, Nancy Hendrix. BACK ROW: Alice Mary Riley, Karen Fleshman, Darlene Hennessy, Diana Morrls, Sandy Polk, Sonia Carlson, Judy La'H'er, Barbara Zim- merrnan, 'is Ez: lil Ill ll I Ill Ill FII I 1 rqiv -x fi ig,-1 were jfs FRESHMAN SERVICE Members of fhe Freshman Service commiffee have fhe iob of keeping our campus clean. This may nof sound like a very big iob, buf when you consider our growing sfudenf body you fully realize how much refuse has 'ro be picked up. This commiffee has ifs own "Freshman cleanup day" in which freshmen were assigned fo clean up various areas of fhe campus. When fhese sfudenfs were finished wifh fheir iobs, fhey refurned fo fhe quad fo be in on fhe donuf feed. RITA HASKINS Sophomore Represenfalive A Some Sophomore doormcn are FRONT ROW, Iell fo riqhl: Elinor Davison, Penny Royal, Rosemary Bohn, Ida Yamanaka. CENTER ROW: Mariza Garcia, Diane Ham- illon, Joan Brazil, Joyce Harinq, Carolyn Guerrv. BACK ROW: Marge Siemon, Vir- g'nia Pafferson, Karen Kuhr, Gayle Fiske, Anila Burfon, Eslher Gaiarian. 'W A few members ol lhe Freshmen Service are FRONT ROW, lefl fo righl: Dian:- Rawlinson, Susan Hills, Valerie Canonica, Janel Trebino. BACK ROW: Sfeve Simmey, Jim Amenl, Bob B'rqI':nd, Mike Bennefl, Bob Allen. DON BAUMRUCKER Grounds Commissioner SOPHOMORE SERVICE 'Please go fo fhe end of fhe line!" Where have you heard fhis expression? Yes, of course, ifs is fre- quenfly used by members of The Sophomore Serv- ice Commiffee. This commiffee keeps our lunch and brunch lines in order wifhouf confusion. No longer do you sfand in line only fo see people crowd in fronf of you. Wil'h our Sophomore Service Com- miffee This kind of fhing doesn'f happen any more. ,1- J.":' Se'f7:e 's ::"s::e': :E WONT VCVN el" +5 "qw: fix,-' Ee'gs'9- J:a" 'fayc' Jcecfe P'vv'e"a, E:"a I-45, - v:':e' Ba'r:a'a Play WJ? L'-ggfievy 2.1, S'::c. CENTER RC,-Hg Pg-P, L,-ge, ceq Cac: A" FH -'ne' LA-ca Da y 'J"'e-' M:D:'a': Ba'na'a Baku. L:'s 'wlaqavar' Jccf S"ee'e'. B1-.CY H0715 'Je' ' Z"-"emu Ecb Rafi: 9545- Erg- Vmcief Le-fs Sac: Webb Pazde' Maw, w:Gfa+h, Fil-Nil JOHNSON E.' :"gs Cav' sive' 'Nc -,, SENIOR SERVICE "2 Se":' Seffce CC"""I"EE 'E 'ace up 5: Eff: eff. Cfe 35 'ceze :Vent 'ce E535 fn Ircni QI mf acces, f-2 fc. fccff we D515 wc crcszffa P: f We 5'2" 25 if 573: .y Cu zewce :cmm 'fee 'S ca"5'ec " fE'EEE 2'c:z1feIz'c c':'eCJ' 'ce EEUDEFIE 'CN excffcc' e "es: Te zeccfc CZ""VIA"6E ESCEVJVEEE zuceccz 'TG 'Q fcffe cf cf ECECC cczez, I5 5 zm':e'+ 'E zu' ci Ute' ME "CVC cc e 27323 sci ce ff: 'ste 15 , :"e"c' arc ff E616 'c feczf' 'Q ace or We Cee'z. TF: REED? if cciez zafe :':'f 'cc fmt? fff- 5 ff - D,,. 5 ' 2 5 .- - I 'Y JUNIOR SERVICE Sze 'fe :"e' 352' ceesef Pefcacs ,fcc D516 see' '22 "AE e' :ce "me cf a':+I'ef. 'IVE 'S +5 'face JVC' S6"JIC6 :Ted IA6""D9'E if 'Fe EEVYUCS ::'Cu:' ce way "ag: acc fee: 'L ccokfcg 'c 5 'IC'4-'LCLE Ace. Uma y we fcerrbefs of +R: sewfce :5mm7r+ee afe E"E+'C"5O a' 'fe me" E:D'V5'CGE aw e1'+s cf eat? cc' dcg. Vey co 'cf Iec smdecfe go 'c aft cc' "fe fffccg occ' 3' "e wfccg way usrdrs 3' Gcffcfceh wc' causes cccinfcc I' EaII'.-Jays Wa?- :'C. Ce' 1514 Wk? cf ffFf5+ -you fi Feopec 'I 59' ice def of Jufcf Seffce ffefccefs :eases +9 coccfc FeIIw5y +faIf3C7 6? 4 DAVE BARBER Senior Represenfavive 1 ,, Wiz SenIor Servicemen are FRONT ROW, IeH righf: John Gofschall, Dave Dowel! Io Frank Pizzfrnenii, Charlies Jones, CENTER ROW: Phyllis Gorwsalves, Pa? Fambrin' DarIa Roberfs, Dick Linford, Judy Dwyer AI AIlison, Rich Nisonqer, Dave Bafbef. BACK ROW: Elin Biork Lucy Darrdnguez Bill Mohnl Mike Moore, Jay McCoy, Joh'- Gideon. 5471'- 123 Sporfs Willw all llwe allwlelicially inclined young rnen and women al Diablo ll is no wonder llflal llwere are so rnany sporls groups lfwere on cennpus llwe mejor sporls ollered around llwe ouldoor lreclcs, llelds and pool are swimming, loolbell, lreclr, loesebell, lennis and cross-counlry. For llme indoor sloorlsrnen llmere ere baskelbell, qyrnneslics and wresllinq. 1 , ' V, x 1,1 , g f',j,,B 5 A 1 M ' , f ' I fl! mi 1 1 ' L' Q 45" , A U n E. 1 Y! I lj. Y! . V 9 f ,ff flaw ix. Y nw M W' v QF' .- ' ,W 1' ?-f'2.???'3'.?ii32ff5T?f' ' is 6 2 fy M "S HART FAIRCLOUGH, Head Coach 7 BUD BOHNE, Backfield Coach DOUGLAS SMITH, Line Coach x X. W 3 . 1 -..5fN, 1 ' 3 S W , - gy m - X , ug ww ' Cf f , -ess. Wx 'W f Z 'sq' WW! M71 9 2 'f X W 'Qt "TN ' 1 Mg, X A A 1 ig X X f f !! . A- - W ' ff- , y ' fbi 5 Q f' . I, ,gi , Q El S: nill 1 X :i ' . ' ' 34561, . , ' , 13 , 1 +V , f ' :i J " , -: X iff! . W7 Y A 1, ' ' W! ' I , yi.-'21, ,J I y ! ... . :Q fi - 7 V, f f weve, ,wwrwl M mw1A.,M,9w, ,www-L M 'r rm M Jr M 'r M r Mr Ml Ml I I I 'i"2 EEEEC' 'F2 PEC 551. 5 'EC "2' 323' 222-2 '2::f2 5',2 952. 72, 2123 "2 522::' 2 '2::': :J "'22 15,2 2'3 :'2 'A2 52' "V: 32:2 A' - D,'!.F.L. "2 DEC ll-31.2 '22 '-'13 :'2:":2 g2"2: i' .'."':' "2. :':f2 2f2' :, :22"'g 22' 2': i2:r sy 2 5:72 25 EZ-6 2'c :arg ': 22' -22'3'3 Zi-26. C' "2" :fer-2 2:73 "2 -'-'C-'G .S "2 3627" ff" 4 5 I 3532: 2'3 "2. . Q 2. Ai 65 K "" 1 V 1, -9 2'-C' ' 1 i ,O "- 5 9 ' A AA A I fi Ci - 1 W as A .gr I 43 ' E 1 ' if mfr -1 ,vi , 9 YQ ' ' , ' Q 3 422 2122216 ir w ,, , FE 7 f O L Q O 2, K , I. 'V,,,, ' FL I f L: Y. , f f v W . 3 , 2 , . QAQJHAI1 if il-J-1-1-'iilili-L Qi -mill Diablo. , 30 Celera T625 . 6 Diablg, ,2l Sen l.22fc'z .26 Diablg 7 Los Lomax I2 D559 lf? firirioclv , , I8 Diablo, , .233 Pacifica 2 Zl Diablo I3 Acalanes l? Diablo O Pilizburg , 25 Diablo ,,l3 Pleazarv l-lill I3 MT, DIAELO VARSITY-I957 SEASON. FIRST ROW, lei? 'rc right: Paul Chaplick Franlr Johnson, Charlie Forman, Bob Bolcerelr, Joe McAllis1er. Cap+ains Al Allison and Jim Zuur. SECOND ROW: John lrvin, John Barclay! Bill Marslwalli Brenl Byars Dave Anderson Larry Shoop, Ed Gram, Dennis Treadway Al Allison Lee Griclwhin, THIRD ROW: Charlie Kirnes, Gary Lindsfrom Mike Moore Rich Nisoriger, Al TreHe Jim Liqgeh, Mike Dowling, Ren Terry, Jerry Loving, Ernie Carvaial. BACK ROW: Lennis Ellis, Ron Lichvi, Dave Biddle, Dave Doran Jim Douqen Gary Casey Dick Jones, John Sfrerriel David Johnson Roger Krobofh, SCORES "' DIABLO LAS LOMAS O xx :JSA Halfback AL TRETTE Halfback GARY LINDSTROM Al Treffe finds running slighfly rough as he bumps a couple of Dons from Acalanes I30 J :Il E If-'E ICU-- in , ,, M 9 o 9 o o ' f- Ny ,4 Q f wr ' -f if ,JI-.-"" W ' ,WA W .A ' ' .K , . .4 2 -4 if V f 'Y . 11,234 " fu 4 7? J' 'CMU ' . ' "'.... -3 1 - if L 5" ' -,rgaw 3,1 ' ,M . ' f M N " Gr V' -0 4' 2.2,-' wifi , WA - 1, "FA rzyl iff -' "W 3 -J' , My A gf" . sg- ' -- Wgfwgqiq 149145 4' f -' z, W. f' V,-V, , .4'.7f.,fff': --' 'se A ,A ,, A, N ,M 4 , - - ' '4 ,z V ,1 My f 1 . 3 3 jeg, f fx. 1, kr W ' YW! 5.11. .ff 4. ' ,Qu M, ,I VV ,A , , . 7, W IAM. , , ' "V ' ' ' ' A fu. Amloci- ha'4ba:iv 'ws for she" yardage befre be5"2Q b"5UQM 5'9" byT'eadv1aya'd Shoop , J .Qu , . . if ,NA 3 3 Ere: ERNPE CARVAJAL DIABLC ANTIOCH D AF PACIFICA 25 xxx .M 1. x X qswxx Ai .sm Winqback GARY CASEY Halfback RICH NISONGER AI Allison goes for a gain around end, as The Sparfans of Pacifica give chase. ahualp, l32 3.51 LPDRV EC-'CCD xg if i L , b V F 1 Ragi- . 1 4 ,453 rx. A - ," 5 ,1 , G Gary Casey bursfs through Acalanes' line and runs for a short gain whiie in ihe clufches of fwo Dons, HaHback CHARLIE JONES DIABLC 13 ACALANES 12 DIABLO PITTSBURG 25 a, lcmqn, rlwwcl Tackle DAVE BIDDLE Guard BILL MARSHALL Pifisburg scores from fwo yards ou! despife fhe efforis of Chas. Jones and Mike Moore, Q r , H ,MLW ,, f I, , ,, i , W: A F34 7-In .,.a 1 Eddy Zn' :afrez .D 'az' 'Q auf' Vt' '4'S5"?f' A' 5 'WV' 5 55' 7' + fl!" ' ' . f V 4 xv .Q 'Q .1 S571 - - ' 4.4. , if-. ' v ' ' V , . 1 54 W 'v-fi. -sais, NP. ff, 'ihpfzffizfvgss IXF, 'Y' 2 3,' sfmg Law? 1 L . ' , LM ' ff W J1"' u n- N, , 2,24-je L2'.5""Qr..f'?1Hf,' -5 ' , 'f :.E' -fi . ' Ll 'B' 'fr' vf, ",..j LEX Q. M.f.f'J'y?is?'.-P3 4' vi- f . " ' 1 - gg. ' j.+Lg..., f, :Q f' -, g -,fix .,.:Q. Era? ', 4:,'14z.,' A G.a'd M KE MOOPE DIABLO 13 PLEASANT HILL 13 555 . , . ..Q . i . 5 V ...: 12,25 zzz : , . , A - N ,,.. fr A- if - 'Y am f..+ :fp J. V. SQUAD, FRONT ROW, lefl lo righlg Gary L. Smilh, Craig Williams, Mike Larkin, Gary Smifh, Lenny Williams, John Himes, Alan Aiara, Bill Cullen, Pele Widner, Rudy Omania, Bill Nelson. SECOND ROW: Julian Niclralus, Clyde Luomala, Dave Torres, Jim While, Ralph Clark, Ted Miller, Duane Morris, Jim Chambers, Bill Meese, Sieve Casey, Jim Craig, Mike Barbour. THIRD ROW: Dean Dealon, Ed Gomez, Roger Krobalh, Paul Harrison, Jay Jackson, Jim Henderson, Keith Kays, John Rubiales, Slan Forsslrom, Jim Reida, Dennis Reilly, Gary Benzler, Carl Hayes, Manager Bill Churchman. BACK ROW: Chef Belknap, Hugh Brown, Jim Racine, George James, Jim Dugan, Bill Williams, Jim Parker, Bill Sanloes, Paul Chaplik, Rich Zavala, Bill Shinn, Archie Morgan. Af' U Goa., .iv FOOTBALL scomss ,1- E T V-if V' ERNEST CICACI Ml. Diablo... .... l2 El Cerrilo .... 7 lvll. Diablo. 6 lvliramonle 6 lvll. Diablo.. .. 27 Las Lomas. ,. , 6 lvll. Diablo... .25 Anlioch .. .. .. 6 Ml. Diablo.. .... 26 Pacifica ..... 7 Ml. Diablo., . 22 Acalanes ..,.. 7 lvll. Diablo... 20 Pillsburg ..,....... .... . 26 C h lvll. Diablo .... . 7 Pleasanl l-lill ............. I4 DDGN MADERA Record Wins Loses 'lied 5 2 l The JV's live il up afler a big game. X. :L MT. DIABLO FROSH, FlRST ROW, Ieli 'fo right Virgil Churchman, Warren Trueblood, Howard Johnson Jim Cooper, Bob Kelnohofer, Jim Hanes Norris Phillips, Mike Alexander. Mike Vicknair, Carl Skarpefa, Jim Johnson. SECOND ROW: Harold Sundquisf Bill Johnson, Sam Blankenship, Bob Berglund, Don Rurnpf, Chris Anderson, Glen Enq'and Ron Fraser, Syd Smith, Dave Shera, Paul Sherman, Rex Banlrhead, Victor PaHen, George Kline. THIRD ROW: Larry B'ssc:, Gary Sbona, Douglas Denf, Dennis Enochs, Charles Snekyic, Gilberi Siaffels, Dave De Guchi, Skip Hunfer Marfy Piscovich, Jim Fraga, Ron Eaion, Francis Sullivany Mike Bennefl. BACK ROW: LarrY Texlara- Bill SQBIS, Louis Audis, Sam Cravriord, Ausiin Dearon, Tom Brown, Gary Loveridge, Mike Mahoney, Bill Landis Mike D'As+ro Dan Barclay, Gary Srniih, John Kirschner, Gary Rodriguez. Coach wii.soN LANDRUM MT. DIABLO FROSH SCORES Mi. Diablo ,,,i,,,,,.,, 20 vs. Alhambra ii,,A O lfl+. Diablo.. . 7 fs. Pleasanr l-lil. 7 Mr. Diaoc.. NEO fs. San Ramon. O Mi. Dialzic . .13 vs. Pacifica a,,aYw,, , .,,.I3 Mi. Diablo.. ,,,. 12 vs. Pleasani l-lillm O Mi. Diablo ...,. .... 2 O vs. Redrrionlr .,,... M ,l4 Coach WAYNE PIPES Frosh ge? uniforms lo siarr a rough season. 1 ra ,i ,33l ,, au, 1 1 . ,Q 1 'X fl 5 ' 44 s 'K 5 . if ff' C 139 K? Q EQ. N if Y' RS MT IVISITO DI ABLO JAM bmp, MLM ' and 1,-n, io ffm, jaw: DI-VE BARBER way, amen QUHJMWJA 1 nw 'f 1 AL ALLISON rays. RCN TSBULSKS 'U 1274 V. , -1- fa., '- wf N L 'A'RE ,A .Q EA 5 M35- f' f ,f f I CHUCK PERSYNE Varsily squadmen for lhis exciling year were KNEELING, lefl lo righl: Ed Lewis, Jerry Lovinq, Mel Pape, Dave Barber, Coach Charlie Karp, Al Allison, Frank Snyder, Jim Racine, Manager John Golshall. STANDING: Dennis Wadsworfh, Charlie Clark, Ron Tibulski, Jim Craig, Jim Dougan, Manager Bill Churchman, Neal Salre, Chuck Persyn, Gary Casey, Al Jacobs, Archie Morgan. BASKETBALL This year lhe Red Devils won lheir lirsl league baskelball championship in eighl years wilh a league record ol I2 wins and 2 losses. An imporlanl laclor in winning lhe championship was lhe experience lhe Red Devil live gained by parlicipaling in several summer recrealion leagues. Fxllhough lacing slill compelilion, Ml. Diablo posled a I9'l record. The mosl successlul season in Ml. Diablo baskelball hislory was climaxed by lhe posl season invila- lion lo play in Calilornia's linesl prep baskelball classic-lhe Tournamenl ol Champions held in Berkeley al lhe Universily ol Calilornia Men's Gymnasium. ln lhe opening game ol lhe T.O.C. Diablo upsel lhe heavily lavored Drake Dragons l25fl recordl by a 43-40 score. ln lhe second game lhe clelensive minded Red Devils held lhe lvlcClymond's Warriors and lheir 6 ll. IO inch cenler lo a mere 39 poinls, Ml. Diablo losl lo McClymonds, Norlhern Calilornia's lop learn, in lhe lasl minule 39 lo 33. During lhe season many lvll, Diablo players won honors some ol which no previous Red Devil player had ever received. Some ol lhe players and lheir achievemenls are as lollows: Dave Barber, Caplain. Firsl learn All-Counly, All-lvlelropolilan, All-Norlhern California, and lvlosl Valuable Player: Ron Tibulski, lvlosl lmproved player, l-lonorable menlion All-Counly, and All-Tournamenl ol Champions: Neal Salre, lzirsl leam All-Counly, and lvlosl Valuable player: Chuck Persyn, Second leam All-Counly, and Co-Caplain. B squad members were FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Mike Haslings, Marly Piscovich, Tony deJonq, Coach Bruce Iverson, Charles Jones, Merrill Downing, George McDermoll. BACK ROW: Dennis Enoch, Bill Richelieu, Tom Brown, ,Scoll Crenshaw, Mike Sweeny, Dave Sleele, Jim Henderson, Gary Loveridge, Bill Cambra, Ron Caldwell, Bob Ewing, Jim Nisonger. , M, ,, ,. 2445 . J, 4 F . ..-r ,.,v S Eye- A 'Sv , ,far N . . " N Q .. ' ,wg 33 Q -1 if Q45 gn F :Ml -FV' T2 Ph, ...,..... "QQ ,A-B+ X 'rg gs Ei 1 qu: 1514 1. 1- 3 E I "C" Baslzelball Team, IeTT To righfz Jerry Barham, Danny Neufeld, Jim Nisonqer, Coach Charlie Karp, Scoll Crenshaw, caplaing Merle Down'nq, Mike Sweeney, Bill Cambra, Charles Shockey, Tony cle Jong, George McDermoTf. C AND D BASKETBALL A sporT which many oT The sTudenTs hear abouT IJUT do noT supporT is C and D IiwasI1eTbaII.ITyou asked Coach Charles Karp abouT This sporT he would Tell you ThaT IT is one oT The mosT imporTanT acTiviTies in which a boy inTeresTed in basIceTbaII could parTicipaTe. True To The basIceTbaII TradiTion This year, The C Team, spear' headed by ScoTT Crenshaw and Mike Sweeny, won The cham- C LEAGUE School W L MT. DIABLO 9 I PITTSBURG , , 7 3 PLEASANT HILL 7 3 LAS LOMAS , , 5 5 PACIFICA , 3 7 ACALANES 0 IO pionship wiTh a record oT 9 wins and I loss. The C's challced up 3lI poinTs To The opponenTs' l35, and finished 2 games ahead oT second-place PiTTsburg. The D Team finished Third in The Ieague and broke even on The win and loss column wiTh a 5f5 record. The Team was nearly even sTaTisTic-wise wiTh 2l5 poinTs To The opponenTs' 2I7. D LEAGUE School W L PITTSBURG , ,.,,, IO O LAS LOMAS ,,.,, B 2 MT. DIABLO , 5 5 PLEASANT I-IILL ,,.. . 5 5 PACIEICA ,, , ,,... . I 9 ACALANES ,,..,, ,, I 9 "D" Baskefball Tram, SITTING, lei? To right Ken Hickey, Dave Bradley, Erv Lehmer, Tom Melendy, Rich Hoppers, Lee Nelson. STANDING: Bob Leonard, Floyd Davis, Dennis Neufeld, Jim McGraTh, Max ShorT, Jim Morfenson, Coach Norman Olson, Bob Gilbert, Bob Pinger, Harvey Bolfing, Chuck Midland, Don Secrisf, capfaing Bob Zavala. WRESTLING TEAM FRONT RVOW lerf 'lo r7gh1: Jlm Faison Crrev Benreg Jura- Nnchaus Nm Fallrerslfom, Ed Cavallo, Don Se- c' S7 M me Warren. ROW TWO: George Sona Bw-ce O'son, Jaime Ramgfg Fred Morwson Blll Shim, s+'a-Q: Joe MeAl"5+,-E. 5.5 Qmenla. ROW THREE: Wal? KIH Jacobson Ror Coclr, Vlclor -l'5"'Y Tlneobold, Leo Cosce Lelard Nelson and Barry Tillman LAST RQW: BOD Fnfemafl, -lffe Sousa, Jim Craw- 'oid Wayne Pe?e'sor- Dave Hglrnegx C"fG' Cclernan ard Rc-1 Belknap. Coach E'n'e Cececi, MR. ERNEST CECACI wreslllng coach " E? E, A 1 Z3 gl il V I sf f WRESTLING . 'Wffh si verefers refurrlfrg :fern 'ear yEi'lE 'rel rred Ccecr Erresl Cecec' had 5 good ' T Y ,reef re"rg rrfrd In Tre calmly clwernolorsnp. 'T' ' The eff veierers efe as Follows: Vrfell Peebles, Cher Belkrep, Jie MCA llsler, Ron Cask, De fe Fofree, end Gecfge Sousa, ell heevyvuefglwls efceol Ran Coolc. fn CC"'CCEE'j largely ol L4FC5'Cl5SEm6fl, his ree +l1'ee rnelcres +V P-eeeef' f- Hr: ff 'n Pe: T Ce rwe 'ff -n Pzrrsswq aw :re w +n Ace efes. CROSS-CCUNTRY l f fe gdrg frfo e heavy len-mee' schedule, lhe Dev' offeree rurrers 'cokeo Ai' "ofa Ffa og ,rch George P-.rrnslrorgs excelenl superweon. f X- og -Idsf! over en always pofferwl Rlchrnond wee :frched fri We lrsl rneel ol llne ., A .,---. --, -.r-.4-.n Cr u rg 'o ou C our rg 'me season win Cece n Neg Seve eco g ne leem MR. JACK ARMSTRONG cross-counfry coach "and fhere lhey go 'round 'rhe bend , , The Diablo cross-counfry hack team works ou? on the home frack. while Coach George Arr'f1Sff0n9 5l'10Ul5 encouragernen? from fhe foolball field. 'f6'E.Tf corrpeflfor, The zqued wen? on lo wln second c ace 'n +he eegue fre 5 w7rh 'lne 'prior verslrf ceprurlrlg rfrel place honors. ' l x lfelueole oclnlgellers were David Berlzer, Merc Slecher, Cruil Persw Garden Vresp, ard T7rn Cameron. . ZQQ? VT ' U .fr N ,. , ' h "I-r.q"'5v'r-f"'-f-:.,"-"-E. 2 - X- I ' , . ' ' , -ly "-l-1 "'N-"-woe",-L-lr' - ' If - , . - ' U N'-1.-Lf" 1 - 1 . -.. ll. -2.f,. .Z H, . , . qi I ,F , At- T I' ..,.h""-'V-5-..-q""""1'St-:.7'f" r . I ' -X 5'-w ... ""1---K-,'.. , E" sr wg. ... Si I -We-15-. 7l'?"v' 'ur-e-A5-7S'1r, M 'l if E N T- WN ll" 'l" K1-N-L I 'L --e- ,--, 4 ' ' 'W' - e- - - 5 ' ze '11 ,. ' 1' " me - .- -T5 .. Ji g JL" ss 5- 1 . - 'lf-Z '-T'1' ' A , 4 H A - 1- . 1.15 m ...le in - All , - '-Q1 ge ,- - . -. l v I' ,,,. . , I" A - LZ-T . .,., . T " f X " ge, . ,I 'Q , o 25 ...-? ' , , " C' s . :gf , - - , ' Q - ' I 3 f, l -V 1 1 ----1 1 . , .r e , , M f V A M M My CM .V ine. - .X v 'Q , J. L V In 4 , , I I A . 1. '-ea., A , 4 4 rf Q i ,,, -. Wm Q . K , K 5 Q 4- E ' - .M-. ' ' ' l no E 'e rf. he 5 . , 0 V f -1 - - , N I 3 , T V2 . ... wg L, n 'Nm I 3 TRACK 'Xa yiwg, h K xi wmmf-Q. -,4k"'vN , Q X' gr WM was fIfC .Q MR. DOUG SMITH "B" Track Coach . 2 ., A fafwmumgidi PAEV7"5E'5 :T 'he A T'e:P Team e'e ECT- TOM POV! 55' 'Q 499-2 E: Eva" Joe Crane C'e'g W' 'evvs A W' Sit: efe G Se' Le':'e'd Le-V: 'Jorge' John Pete es A' e' I-7a'7 JFH' lv'e":, Ezb D.Jn'ee. SECOND FOh':B'1Lef':': Geewge Sense, J"f' Pe:'e, Ae' Haze'- Q 5 . C5'i'EE V"'55 Jar' J:":ef Saw L ":, -H-ff :+r:'f N' rc Cffs- 'Ha' EN Sr"r Dee' Deewh Bev fefe I-'che Vvge' Jah' Here: Pay Nesewjel Leny Pefi"c": .Vw Paved Tk-HPD POW: Tee- Mezsef F:'e:' Ve' -Ne' Fzge' S'egc: MW5 He"e'-m3r- Fiqh Hecges C f':e Le:- f'e e D-e'e Mg-"g T7rr Ce"'e':' 'Sew Pcblrx' E"'e Cewe- Ae A T'e4"e V45 Vere Defe Ee'be' De 19 S'ee e De e C: e- ver. EACV POYJ: Vfdey 'icevz Dk? Mewhewz Defe Jar'- :sr Frec rf:"'::r Mere' Ehefrg JV-r Chr':'::?, Chev Pe'- 'f' Sew Case Jah' Y "He Sveew Defe B cc- Jah' FM? Dafe Over Jehrx Cfefffvc. Membefs rg? the "B" Trac? Team a'e FPONT ROVI, eH '15 "QW: Larry feng! RJOY Or-mania, John Mer?- cizh Tom Marbie Ar- +hu' Hefemarf Bob Pkger Row Beinep Paul Hain'-es, Bob Blfadgef Sam Bienven- ship Joe Reed!! Dade Anderson. SECOND ROW: BH! Nelson Eli! Sanfoz, Pew! Mane' Midef. Tomas, Dale Luemaia Clyde Young, Lloyd GrTf'FHh, Ker- Highfower Johnson, Richard Sheifonl Pefe Zopolez, Chris Ardef- zen. BACK ROW: Reber? Hunn, Charlef SneVr?P Vidar Amir-If Dennis Vlamsh, Me! Heap: Dadd Sandevel, Donald OsHund, Ed Lewis, Gary Liever, Murray Shelfon Gary Loverldge, Ted Morgan. 9 ,I ,, YA I 3 .' ' . f , Y . v rc "" ' .. h.,,, Y "1 'iggf 7 ge A ' 1 'gg gfif.: 3 :eww Mm:-ml 1 . D T " ' Q2 ..TT.. fv ' ' 'fre-W T T -Q. V e-f.Q be 9 'D' 'W PF 2, W A 'D' i ' ' ' - f' 3' W: 'Tn :Q ern' we T T 2 1 Wg., , 'gf f T- ,ww 1,4 T . 'gi ' M 'Q' T? T' ' i K J V K V I I L 'T , ' ' f 15 . rl, I A gt, 7' A I ivy ,VA 5 ' K 1 1 'lr' ..gV .,.eAA , z, T feef L eeT 'SE ge 3 C T , VV V I , .. V 'i ii-If-Q 6.1. T . i Y . V T ' ' 6 f T T - 'M ' Aff 'VT' C . eeee 1 T ge T 1, W- , ., , ' X' I 4 Y 5- 3 f , x ' gl- I ' . 'S ,,,.' - ' n ' 5 " . Q. ef Q T ' ,T f T? v-3 , ef- I "' fini ya Q A . ,J ' ifbi wma H7 BASEBALL P -P P ,". XE" Q - XS.. P C X' 'ff - 'r . 'I' ' ,.' X ' P-XXX -X . ...X X PP' XXX ' P sw - P :XXX P '- X .f X- XX " -X .X , XX -3. ,. -P -' Pfiizwg Y X S L X , .. 4. V ,.,A, ., Q Q, Qi Q, 1, V, gr 5 Q , -PN 'Q X A, P,. X X-PX- ,. X X NPA ,X X- Q .,, X. ,,,. 1, fq- X.. JN Q - ' 2 X ' X X, 5, , ,X "R, x XE Q ' P .. " N ' X XXX t X i,X , XK SIX LXX ,. K ,M x f5iX ' X X- X' ,Q .X- X ' 'X -X -U P P X , if P P , - P P ... ' ' P - P P ,. X - 1 ""' , XX P XX P - X , PM P ff PP XFX X X X, X. 'P rv " A if , X' P- -S QTY' :' X X , S x x K k K i k X X 'SPF-X .X x X S X' wk 'gig-xl- "i3xl5' . K, X is k P 9 - P- , XX 'A P1 L ' DENW5 TREADWAY X m F' if dm ,, 'X iX.:.' Q X, 'X " XX-' P X X X X P SX? ' X IXXP "' P' 7, : 4, riff" ff P 2- , , A PX, Q L., - ,f. P 1 AA NX- X km. PSI- N ,, ,Y L I ,, , n A Q X, Q ' , 3, , sw. if h , ,, --- ,Ay-1 W , :pw-4 if-P XXX " S ' " ' ' XP 9 I3 f.. P PAUL CHA 3 X P- P P' P - """"f'- ,x N-. PLICK X , w N ,g V V , , XX. 7, -,, .1 X- U an MARSHALL kb X. Ai gk ,, XX Vx X- .SS ,va ,wg .., ,qi F XX 1 in X P PX P' lv 1 ""NXXTY4-wxb if P V X s P. "" P..,LQX P P '-P' P. P P ' " WP P P P 3 Lis: - ,'i"ff'fS"w-41"-xy., XXXP X fX XX. 2 , X. ,,- e . .... , X PP PX - X P . - .5 - X- diffs,-gq-X - X X , X, -P P XX X X f P 1 ,f 5 XX' 5 ' P . ""f"i?."" -'if X ,X - wx .- lhu, K X .X,,5X- X. E AX -R K X X H xx , , V RX. X X x. F N '5 A 9 , .L . P K QQP X X JM- XX- .ig i K., am Home , X .X .g.f.X- , -A X, :X ' , S ' 'f.X4' . X ' ', .wi ' P ,E fl X X 'f ' X P. In X .: K .X :,, XXX? , Q , X.. , A x k.,!.:,:,., Id 5 E p , , X X, X - i f 'ik P' P ' 3. X X. , ,, 'PX RSX KX ,, Q X X ' X L , , X . ' ' PX- XX XQPXXQX P ,, -PMS f PXPX X XX XXXX . , . WX ,, WX my , A i ,.X X Q X XX, X X xi, XX! XXX ' X X X X P P , ,XXX 5X ik S A xx! Q35 NX f .ez X X, X . x, Q X -uf 5 PS 'E X X iw NT . 'E X ,X X-S, Q' xy ' ' . ,NM X . X- -P xwgw P BUD PEEBLES X, P P P , -:X X ,,1, ' 'XX X - X, . , , ,.,, , , X RED JONES P. P. --V X g P -XX , X Q, ,X XXX P JW UGGETT a PP 5 PX XP -P X- , X P P ' N .HM sm PP X , XX :P X -' TA' , , ,gs P , f' P, X PX X W . 1. P 2 P X X -X PX P X X P X X PP 2- P P-" - P -P -P X -' P. P 4 FV , Xi ,X X X X I .. ,, . F XX, X xx XX X 5 :X N . in X, K E , N VP Y X X- Q PS X X P - q X N' " ' ' XP' X ' X X ' XQXXQ is Y .- X X ' ' Pe X , Xb "EI F QNX.. fix f' P ' k Pl' k " " V' X : -PX il X ' " - ' x . EN XXX PRX P ' 'P 5 -' 1 PXP 'f P- PXP ' vi X X g X , P :X -, 'P -Q ,, 1 - rf XXX? ,, , X V , I ,, . , W V X . ,,, ,Q X XX M ,XP P Sk .: XX P P P- P . X X P -X X P N - -PPX P -P X . - ,,,X X XX ., ' X P A XX XX . X XXX. . , ., X W X, X P - N l48 etc!! ' ' .,,,, la. .gf-.' ty A 5- fo 95? W Ri f I , 5 ,S 4 ., VIL, Z' er i ,qv-ti ,Q- uri 5 1 Mi. Diablo Red Devils Baseball Team I953. BACK ROW, lefi fo right Mgr. Ron Churchman, Dan Barney, Dennis Q, 'A Treadway Bill Marshall, Paul Chaplick Eill Sfone Chas. Jones, Mel Pape, Marty Piscovitch, AI All'so-i Mar, . rf Don Barfus. Coach Bruce Iverson. FRONT ROW: Dave Anderson, Lee Grichuhln, Bud Peebles, Jim Liggelfi, Jim -' 'rf Gavin Rich Nisonger, Red Jones. ' - COACH vic Peraesi-i ENE A W? VARSITY px , Vifiih ire loss of ll verefars from rhe l957 DVAL Charrioiorislnio base- oa ream +rie Peo Dev' i'Z'E'3iACl6'E fro iherneelve: if 'ine moz? of a re- loijldrg year. The oowre 4: F6'!E'l'h9v9ES 'of darlf, as a Smal grouo or ooizraroirg errerrrier. one ar eager group oi J.V. ofaduaies, C519 rhe' COACH BRUCE WERSCN igrlz eel on a 'rhiro sucoezzife Charmoionsliio for rhe year. J. V. S, g+rCfQ relornfrg leilrerrnen formed 'rhe nucleus ol Jrhe Ml. Diablo Jurfof Varaily lzazeoall learn Jrhis year. Hosea rar. lrigh al ,oresz lime rhal rhe Freshmen and soplnorriores who corriooze The learn, would be able lo belief lasl year's record. Members of 'rhe J. V. Baseball learn are, BACK ROW, IeH 'lo righl: Coach Vic Pefreshene, Jim Henderson, Scofl Essin, Austin Dealon, Ron Eafhon, Dennis Neufeld, Larry Bisso, Bob Hammer, Tom Brown, Skip Hunreri Ron Rosa, Roger Krobolh. FRONT ROW: Carl Skropela, Erv Lehmer, Tom Melendy, Mike Haslinqs, Chuck Midland, Phll Collefl, Bob Kelnhofer, Dave Chaplick, Bob Ewing. off? finwlmf Sai X, FW I i ii Iv ri' an X, 1 , i gb . 1, ,A .. In fd 2 ,,.., 5, ,,... . .. , s .if Z ' , 1 X W if A , W, K v A fonse momeni' af one of the Red Devils' home games. M' f . 5 W X ,, i l5O Jim Gavin is abou? to knock one over The Oak Tree. "KiII fha Umpire" isn'f shoufed af Mel Pape when he moves "auf of danger's way U- 25lT1 Qfvru-SVCS TEA M :RGN7 ROW' 55' 45 fg-54: La,-Y Ball If Royse Daw 'fggefag gifs l.-4,5-. ey P-afi Jel--yy RQ, Jiri Ji' '42"l'e" Jac' L"l-"ey. BACK ROW: QE? Lrisrd .lay Jacisor Kew :cf-fa'-L Bet Skaggs Erie Caffgla- 3' Ente Jac? S?-eeeer PT5l-5-5 5".'J-VC? B"lC:sv 1 A 'D' il.4D,,f1 1? l- lv f'D"D'-n- 'lr lsndb x I zz ra f Ai 1 N Q, . GYMNASTICS 'V' ' . P l l e gf" :JC eff xce' "e :ezine ecfce 5' :Cav Dc' Maoefe Wag gf. ,' - -V F , -7-, A --1 f: - Al. L, - .2 1 f. ze: rg 2 :fe Q 'Gres 1 fee' ff f AJ ser: frgfrc us re -fgrzrf one r-fe , . , l ' 1 1 - rl - 'EU' 'C e"e"'e' fe sec Wifi L 're 2"c'ces' +eerv' H min! faefcrf , J -, . .. f5'-":f',:'r'f :"" FL' -" 'fn rf-fl lf,-f-fr +P - f- '-Ci . O, H-, ,- ev, fc- - F- fJ, 1, ire ff, FCS. fe :server .were - - -- '- - ' , ' , ', , -, , l l l l efze: ec 9 :fe ce e 3 'eff 'zrcx sewfe we gems' fre: over. Trle ECHEGUJE if . f tv - ' r- - ,- f -e - -ry " l 4-.. - -' I ' l i -f' 2 2.3-eeeg e:c-e' ee :cfs 'el:ee'rS Q e Hagerman gr-e.suf :gage - , 'f'E'.I6'5 se-ewes C, 'e 275:-err Q' 'ie asf ' al-, e- .ef e -4 Al l-n- 'S -1 E-" - :C Z- Z r ef g uc fe 'ce ef H+' Pc' Czar eff: Marv 'fe ef "e 'Nc 'fe 'rep 3' e rey :aces e 'ee'fl. " "' l ' 'l , fe :Q we 'ere "e :eve ::'ecJ e as fre JEVE rf ,fefe efsecl-ed +3 be grfgfg 5:,-e,Ce,: .7 we 13332- , we ff ,-f ME, 5555 '53 New ec megs. 'Of-CH DGN M!-DEPA J +V ,- g T Ei' "B" GYMNASTICS FRONT ROW, leff 'lo righf: Ron Cook, Dare Carpenfer, Eddie Cavallo Mur- Iand Miller, Joe Jara, Ernie Rodriques. .1JJQl5S Caskey. SECOND ROW: Duane Ball, Jimmy Sands, Vidor Srniih, Char- lie Foreman. Jon Bloodl Bill Rink, Nidy Williams, Tom Scoqgins, Mike Warren. BACK ROW: Don Perdue, Gil Visperas, Xavier Ramirez, George Sousa, Chad Duckhorn, Mike Price, Lance Cheek, Ray Nebergall, Fred Auda, Rober1Rodriques. ii'-Dfi EYVMSI 'B' 34-n 'D',g 5 XQLQ .. f 'M jw n y, Ns N: 'sk r wg J, 1 x 43415 X X A A . AQ r 2 J 1"'9i 4'+xi '-v.X.,, Managers STuarT MarTin and Ken Enke score The swim meeT. Varsify, FRONT ROW, IefT To righT: PeTe Bang-Knudsen, Carl Hayes, Gene Dirks, Jim Craig, Vaughn LeaTh, Jim Zuur, Greg Marfin, and Louis Gadol. SECOND ROW: Dan FoskeT, Don BarTke, Norman Fisher, Mike STandridge, Dave ChrisTinia Doug Madden, Ralph Mohr, and Sfeve Jackson. BACK ROW: Harry Williams, Charlie Foreman, John Humphy, Ed Hawley, Ed Miller, Hank CureTon, and Lanny Ball. SWIMMING The swimming Team, under The direcTion of coach Les Williams, was in a year of rebuilding because oT The number oT men IosT lasT year aT graduaTion. WiTh only eighT leTTermen reTurning To This year's squad, coach Williams was mainly con- cenTraTing on The younger boys Tor The years To come. The unusually sTrong "B" Team shows The saniTy oT This sTraTegy. Some oT The ouTsTanding men on This year's Team are CapTains Kirk Bowman and Hank Cur- March 28 March 28 .,,,, April 9 . April I6 .,..,,, April 23 April 25. April 30 May 3, .. May 7 ., ,, May 9 .,,, May IO . ., eTong along wiTh Jim Zuur and Charlie Foremen. B Team, FRONT ROW, lefT To righlz Glen England, manager, John Cum- mings, Bob Swanson, Bob Chambers, Norman Hauser, John Greenhalch, Gary ArenTz, John Cash, Sleve Turner. SECOND ROW: Ken Hickey, Da-ve Bradley, Mike BenneTT, Cosmo Tahira, Ray Bicker, Jim Sands, Barry Till- man, MaT HarTwig, and Norman Tompson. BACK ROW: Gary L. miTh, Brian CaTTo, Vic PaTTon, Jack CoTcher, Don Eddy, Fred Towers, Sld SmiTh, Doug Caskey, Mike HarTwig, Don Walszewski, and Ken Enke, manager. I-45 f' , Coach Les Williams SWIMMING SCHEDULE Las Lomas, There PiTTsburg 84 PaciTTca, here PleasanT I-lill, There Acalanes, There CC D.V.A.l.. Trials, PleasanT l-lill CC D.V.A.L. Finals, PleasanT Hill ............ D.V.A.L. Trials, Las Lomas . , D.V.A.L. Trials, Las Lomas .. .................. Richmond, here ,NCS Diving, SanTa Clara .. ...... .. ..... NCS Diving Co-capTains Hank CureTon and Kirk Bowman. on ,es ,Ng are ,fm 'Z 1' r 'V' I' , " 'gr Af, v ,if , 1 T T '5 T -4 Q '5 4 COACH JEAN LAIRD Members of lhe lennls leam are KNEELING lell lo righl: Peler Doleman Charles Ulm, Sleve Shelby, Don Rumpl, Tod Bales, Jim Shalling and Sleve Lillard. STANDING: Charlie Clark, Per Mielva, Joe Parlansky, Terry Dwyer, Tim Anglin, Doug Birch, Gordon Knapp, Don Biddle and Jay McCoy. Caplaln Charlie Clark, ETTFIIS. TENNIS GOLF f , . E r-- - . r I ,. . Nt mx The Ml. Dlablo leonrs leam unoer lhe Uroer lhe olreclron ol Coach Charles ,, . . , A I Le Q guidance ol Coach Jean Larrd has slx re- Karo, rhrs years goll leam, composed pre- lurnlng velerans lrom lasl year: Charles domlnalely cl YOUQQ, lnefoerlenced players. Clark, Gordon Knaop, Ralph Planlz, Jay was SPGWITGBOGO CY RQQEI MOCI9r'Tll9 O'llY 1 MCCOY Joe Padangki and pmgerefs. rerurnrng rerdrermao. Tne leam wnrch was ' . ' . . , . I 3 L I e Q The squad llnaly gol 'ls praollce slarreo Oomnalgd Elf freshmen fi d SCFZITOILOES If . . I - . was com n a on ve I er ou e ' rn The seoono week ol Aorrl alrer lhe llood , I, Q 9 , .W N, an S . . . . lne sguao TO beal ourlng lne nexr lwo years. e,.Cw.,,-C.,,,-- season ended. Serrous playrng slarled or H A ., , h A A I f A ,i 'O h lm + , PH, T rs years Team was scheduled lo play , o c . , , . .. all w Snr?-ref rrilem rl .OSFQQ F V glghr malchles and a counry malch, lolallng X g . e Squa J C' fo To C 5116396 me Sim: rnne meels In all. The league IS made up ol A' V ffl The ISGQUG APU' IO am H060 UP ISGQUG Pleasanl l-llll, Acalanes, Las Lomas, and a 1 A Dldy Ofl M57 23 when Team memlleff mel lew more larger schools in lhe area. , - - - I .. , , . -, ' f3aC'TlC5 HIQII SCUOCI- Allhough we don l expecr loo much lhls , ' U - I , - I , . , . r - 1 Tennls has oeen an orgamzeo sporl al lvl I. yger We W,1l be wrong Cofqenderg ,U H19 if . , 5 , . , N., DlablO TGI' Tfle lasl Seven YEOTS, allhough NOT mefjf 'l:Url'Ure- These bo 5 are Gun buf flrhex ff . , . , , , , Y Y , ,f ,, l drawlng loo much GTTGUTIOW 6 9005 SGGSCW5 earn rasl, and a llllle more experrenoe wlll . , 4 I I I 4 II f s. crowd has warcneo some lasr games on lhe bang ,hem 5 long Wayi Coach Karp mm- home courls. menled. C The golf leam, under lhe coaching of Pro Charlie Karp, is composed ol members of lhe four classes. Piclured kneeling second ln lronf row is lhis L . COACH CHARLIE KARP , A T' year's caplain Roger Moore. '7 I -Q Caplain Roger Moore golf I . -4 GAA CabineT members plan The playdays, The inifialion, and The various sporTs ThroughouT The enTire school year-under The guidance of Their adviser, Miss Mary LinTner. The cabinef is as follows: FRONT ROW, lefl To righf: Carol Heib, assisfani awards chairman, RiTa Kabol, publiciry, and Mary BeTh Slaie, secreTary and Treasurer. BACK ROW, standing: Pat Hennessy, programs, Sandy Burns, sophomore represenTaTiveg Claudia Jackson, playday chairman, Nancy Pierson, president Calhy Williams, fresh- man- represenTaTivep Carolyn BengsTon, vice-presidenTg Faye Vargus, senior repre- seniaiive. NANCY PI ERSON PresidenT MISS MARY LINTN ER Adviser The MT. Diablo GAA has campaigned Tor new members This year as well as oiiered many unusual acTiviTies. Some oT The mosT ouTsTanding TeaTures oT The school year Tor GAA were The Tall and spring iniTiaTion held in The Girls' Gym Tor all girls who 5H,d,,Qiab Z, There were TiTTeen playdays held aT schools in The communiTies around Concord This year. Among These playdays were The Cal layday held aT U.C., where various sporTs were emonsTraTed by girls Trom The Block "C" socieTyg San Francisco STaTe CAROLYN BENGSTON Vice-Presidenl wanTed To join: The annual WaTer show held in The school pool enTerTained over l,OOO parenTs and Triendsg and The GAA Banguer held aT Williams school on iviay 22, was sponsored by The ParenTs' Club. mio playday in which GAA members parTicipaTed in many acTiviTies including a Swim ConTesTp The All- CounTy playday held aT Pleasani' l-lill High School This spring. MARY BETH SLATE "Over The Rainbow" the annual GAA Waler Show, held Nov. 6 and 7 in The school pool fealured SecreTary-Treasurer l40 Diablo mermaids who swam To music. Mrs. Jean Duerksen direcled The color rouhne T , , , -I 'vii gf ' -c -A' ' , Aclive sem GAA .- , - ,, A , e A fl vs 'l l 4 9 'e ' Z3 f gas? me ls ve-:.'7nmbef mol- B i f ' ' e L4 1 4 4 f l vel 5' 9 0. -H -yball .nder he wg,-.,M gc 7,97 .,,, My ,K f ,, , - , .A wafchgul ere 5? ,Teh adfserv M.Ss Mary mi- , I iw.-H ,laumgmkimfmib fs-',,,,-e1fr'., . ,. -, .,.......- ,,.,,,?,. K IJ'-1 If in+ner. ., I , 4 ef f- ,. jg " an 5 ,r . Q1 1-16 E A if 4 ' l 2 f V1 1 l , 5. 1 U 51 ' fl f , , f M l 4 ,- f V 1 ,i ft yes. ,, ' .1 ,M f 'f A kb - -5- ! ' ,. 4 f . , , 4, ,,.,. . ,ff I AW 4 wwf Y ,T' K ' l l Y' . i 4. -V ir V i i Wfffrf ' :a i Nh: sad 'ha' cg" s' Besrvba ' can + be 'ugh and lmzi? These gi'ls can iump 'S' fre ball as well es 'fhe boys can. Baseball, GHG cf fhe favorile GAA sporfs, is played by Nafcnal sohball wles. "The Casey-al-fhe-bel" is Presi- denl Nancy Pierssn. Since Volleyball is now included in Yhe Olympics sporfs schedule, inside and oufside, you'lI see GAA girls pradicinq by fhe ne'l. They feel fha? 'rhere's always hope for a fufure Diablo champion 'lo make 'the "Big Time." Qi 4 l Z 5 , ii 'A yy: , . ' A , I A I fwu .ZWSWW , W Two freshmen display their talents for balanc- ing ln tumbling class. Firsf and second period Modern Dancers con- gregafe back sfage be- fore lhe performance. Juniors and seniors in the ihird period class demonsfrale Square Dancing, a popular ac- liviiy during fl-ie winler months. Tumbling is displayed in friezelike fechniques by upperclassmen. ,Q 34 iff .N4 .i 'X 5 X x, 1- i' Eu is.. Ou? of The dressing room chaos,some1imes comes beaufy. ze' Carolyn Bengsion, Clau- dia Jackson, Sandy Sheffield, Frances Hal- Ioway and Penny Jones are shown afler a quick dip in lhe pool. l57 xi M2 C. s Q in Q X W s as as . Y' so Ig, 11, kiuwwwx I fx .. so s sc New fm aj 2 -ff? Qi, Q -- 5 sc X 'S P exe-'asf --in ,N ,,5..,.,, Q X . B- . 2 ' -Q3 im, - L ' X H- sw., -s' is is X l S F 3' , E 'V y . .' . 555' ss X .Mi ' , s- s- ss 5 s" 'fflf - . lx Y . - ' s -. N' V -1 1- s y- r sry ss ss: Q sc as - ss se -- S K- - - s 1 -ix -r ' :X is is 5 ss 1 Nl . 1 s C K X si 2 . su X ss s "l'r's Brian's heal" as These Diabloiles wail in line al l-loky's in Walnul Creek, lamous for ils Jrasly hamburgers, french fries, and milk- shakes. If you enioy good food, go fo Hoky's Drive ln, I823 Norlh Main Slreel in Walnul Creek. These six Diabloiles, along wilh lvlr. Ervin Lehmer, admire lhe new '58 Oldsmobile on display af Lehmer's Oldsmobile, I85I Ga- lindo S+. Phone lvlUlloerry 5-4-48l. Carol and Gary chal wilh Mrs. Dorolhy Allen while lhey admire fhe experl cleaning done af Concord Cleaners, 2028 Salvio Slreel. Phone lVlUll9erry 5-8524, ENAR'S BARBER SHOP, I905 Salvio Slreel. Phone MUll3erry 2-9l29. The proprielor is A. B. Omania who specializes in Hollywood fearheredge and flal Tops. Enar also has his own dance band lor any occasion. f ,-Q?'If,...-JA Mr- If' E-+k5f4,-5 wif- 7,35 6:69, To Gooeo S'e+e Co. L'o. MP. GOLDEN STATE Az Iooo'eo o' MONUMENT BLVD. 'f CONCORD. Poofe MUIberry 5-8586. . -J - I I - I .- I- . No .-fofoef Kg of :fo Rooeda Ioon zo nappy. I I ., . 'I ,.fI g- Tfef we pr feoefeo oeawfw oowages from Q57 evo Doo who 5 nays ofoe' Rower: Irom LAILA'S FLORISTS SHOP Iooeieo af ZI33 BeIore iI1e'r big oIe+e. +3-iso seiors 'Wake gas" f 5+ RUSS MORGAN'S CHEVRON STATION where They reoefve promo? and reIfaE'e 5erv?oe. RUSS MORGAN'S CHEVRON STATION is loomed aI' 2380 WILLOW PASS RD. ' I 5 . -.. ... W IA if .. ',..f - I' AIAAA I V I 7 ,, ' ff-- .-... I I7.wI'2A If IWV'Jf V I ' I f f OUIGLEY MOTOR CO., INC. QI K f 1 1. ' YOU' QA A' I I I De SOIO-PIymou+I1-RemauI+ h. ' ' Dwwr Mfww- WALNUT CREEK i , I 2 Jyljv I , . ,, f' ,:, ,.'--. 2 H I W., M Zia V I' ' if ?.j'g1Mf?zFWM?5I"1J.Wi1w, 12' I ,.... I v 1 gi g ...,I ,." . 'lll "" ' M 'Iff f- . I "', 2IO0 Nor'I'I'1 Mann S+ree'I' YEIIows+one 5-7500 I W -,-.-: - -' "-" I 'I" f 'I ' ' 'Wfff -' ,-'- + H ff .. e ..,,., ,,.,..,... , Q ' '1" , N-wf-y,.f,,lL,,,, fl 'fu""j' ' ' l J- , 7 f 'IE f'?,:,Zif:zZmi,4Q,, - Qg.mM..2fA.M.f ' Diabloans also like The shiny new De Soio, Plyrnoufh, and RenauI+ CONCORD AVENUE. Pfooe MuII::erry 5-4464. EL MONTE MERCHANTS' ASSOCIATION EI Monle IvIercI1an'I's' Associalion is a civic-minded group which possesses Ihe will 'ro serve and help. Early in Concord's expanding days, The merchanls moved oul on Claylon Road and loolc a Iypical "American chance" on having lhe Irade follow Ihem. Today The cenler is neslled in The midsl of many housing proiecls. The Irade did follow Ihem. The following Associaiion members would Iilce Io express Iheir congralulalions lo The gradualing class of I958. ADAMS AND EVE EL MONTE ASSOCIATED ANDERSON'S ROOFING EL MONTE DRIVE IN BANK OF AMERICA EL MONTE LIOUORS BARNEY'S HICKORY PIT EL MONTE LOCKER SERVICE BEHREN'S TV EL MONTE PHARMACY CALIFORNIA AUTO STORE EL MONTE SUPER MARKET CHINESE KITCHEN EL MONTE VARIETY CONCORD FLOOR COVERING HANDY'S APPLIANCES COUNTRY GIRL .IACK AND ,IILL SHOPPE LANCERS MEATS LEE'S SHOES M. A. ROTERMUND RAINES HARDWARE RIGGS TOYTOWN RILEY F. SMITH SCOTTY'S NURSERY SID'S RESTAURANT SOBOTKA CONTRACTING OUEEN'S RESTAURANT GARDEN I cur AND CURL BEAUTY SALON Mezzanine Floor Frances Flaherly 2068 Salvio Slrael QUALITY MEA-I-S Concord. California MU 5-8484 High School Avenue ' Piclup and Delivery 90-Day Guaranlee LITE- AUTO and Fire Insurance MU 5-7620 2I4O Concord Blvd. PLAZA SHOE SERVICE CI-IFFIS SHOE SHOP Orlhopedic Correclions M45 Easl Slreel Concord MU Zilzql Lealher Goods 2Ol3 Granl Slreel' Cleaning, Repairing Concord, California Aufhenfyc Chinese pood Mu 2.1058 Concord 2l is ML Diablo siieei E R E POPLIN 6 ,2b,EaS5e,,,Ce DANA'S wEsTERN WEAR Salvio al Easl SI. Concord MU 2-IO46 I545 EGSI SIVGBI Concord California MATT-SONS' CREAIVIERY Willow Pass Road Concord RODIS A Compleie Shopping Cenler Oualily Cleaning Open Fridays Unlil 9 MU 5-3264 2I83 Concord Blvd. MU 5-4706 2l9l Solana Way BJORK'S MOBILE SERVICE Granl' and Willow Pass Concord California LOGAN A. COFFEE MU 5-7239 Insurance and Real Eslale 2228 Concord Blvd. MU 2-9467 I883 MI. Diablo Slreel Concord, California GRAND RAPIDS FURNITURE CO. :5 '-'fe - .' Cree? BOB TYLER REALTOR VU 515292 5 'fi' ENE? '-We '.' C'e-ef Ca ':. 2363 Pe ' 7"-ee' .,o':c':: I"'III..SON'S DEPARTMENT STORE LAUNDROMAT UQ 2.1222 I-If-L:-HOUR LAUNDRY 'ff :Oil 3 SNES' C:'::' ,42 C'a" S"-ee' VU 5-E7C4 Ccrccrd, Ce II. MR. B'S FOUNTAIN SATTLERS' OF CONCORD 'REE Vi Deb :E"ee' JU E-E547 5."".re a'1F:::'Aa':es -,AU 5-EI35 ECI VJ' 'iff 5:33 22:4 Ivv,.Hf,e! P553 ELOSSIE'S APPAREL ESTATE CLEANERS C2"2C"i C,5I",f5"j S5-X55 - f 2 LCC 2'6B Sian: Way READ'S TV WEST FURNITURE CO. C.a ",' '- , .':' ' Pad: Sees ' Se-Ace MUS-71:53 J 5-449' 2349 Vfwtw Pass Rzad 322 Ga "C: S"ee' Concord THE RITE WAY MARKET 222+ RE Pooo TO TAKE ow 2792 W" :rf Page Reed ANGIE'S DELICATESSEN f J 2-9914 Cc'::'d 'AU 2-C757 I32I C5aIEncIo Shea? P fzrfrfc PW Se-fs Free Eofflfg Irws+ru:+'cn B 81 J PADDOCK BOWL MU 5-7I77 WJ E-7242 Pacheco ZIZO Corcord B fd. Concyd, Calif. CONCORD WALT BENNETT TV AND APPLIANCE Ifl5I Safflo Sfreei' 4 oc S'ree' MU 5-7498 C O N C O R D CONCORD FRENCH LAUNDRY MU 5-75I2 IBEO MI. DIabIo S+ree'I ESTATES HARDWARE AND VARIETY MU 2-O7I2 2I5B Solano Way Concord, Calif. MEN'S SHOP MU 5-8625 2295 WiIIovf Pass Road Concord RINEHART'S of WaImu+ Creek JeweIry, Cameras and GIHS YE4-2795 I632 Main SIree+ WaInu+ Creek. Calif STYLE SHOP J E R R I C O ' S Dresses by JonaII'1an Logon Gnd and Lanz O.-igfnaI5 MU 5-53I0 2353 Concord BIvd. MU 5-842I I805 WIIIow PBSS Rodd ESTATES REXALL DRUG RANDALL SIGNS 2l9O Solano Way MU 2-0652 MU 2-9660 l308 Golindo SIFBCI WILLOW PASS LAUNDROMAT CONCORD REXALL DRUG MU 2-0469 Third and Willow Pass Road Concord 2068 Sdlvio gfreei MU 5.3552 , JOHN H. GREER S Accredifed Farm Broker 2836 Clawon Road MU 5.8634 43l8 CIay1on Road Concord MU 5-803I BUDGET CLEANERS DIABLO SPORT CENTER Econornize - Gef Budgef Wise! 5 2057 same sneer MU 2.0818 2230 Selvuo STI-ee+ Concord CO,-,Cord New Hom s Ser es R rn d Iin B BROTT-PERTCIELL co. B O 6 Q C E,E':,'fiEY JEWEFERS General Confrador onco s esf and Leadung Jeweler pree Esfimafes Diamonds ' Wafches ' GITTS ' Trophies I5IO Loveffa Way MU 2-I4-72 2022 SaIvIo Sfreef MU 5-844I Concord WASCO TV PARFIS Whom, . Rem, MARTIN BROTHERS. TNC. MU 5-36327 I5 Boyd Road PIeasan+ Hill Gef1efalCon+rac+ors Paving 0 Grading Pa La Cgncrefg Flafwork Hardware o Sporwking Goods 'Since I9I3H MU 5-73I I 2525 Concord Avenue l99O Grenir STreeT MU 5-7660 SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION SHELL POINT PLANT Phone GLadsTone 8-3222 PITTSBURG CALIFORNIA fx : f-'rc lf-L , - i- ' J - do- f: 'J fig" 'f-fr .V ff" oes 5' V35 953 K A ,,....,.,, 1 deb M O B I L G A S be T T ' ""O " -W ... V , W P fi Cfeladefo Menufnenl' Blvd, W A . , f , iff .1 eff, 2 "42l Ooncofd, Ce 'loffie iff! 319 W 4 , , QL Q 4, 4: V,f.,,- ' 'fn M- f . - , ee- -fcenenced Perscnne O l:r':-n 'if Sf:-r-,fire , gmt-ai pale? .3 g+A,3e,45 0 Safisfadicn f5uafan+ee l-lows: 9:30-o:OOf Evenings and Sundays by Appoinwnenl 43l2 2 Cleylon Pdn Concord lvllllberry 5 6067 e e ff ynof CE ffii'iE'EEES :of a ofosecu+ion T ney ere Deo oens Uno find Jrime al leesf ne e WML +5 fT2'+ The ENEAN THEATRE. BOB PEEVES. Manager Og fif' f' Grifi' Slreei' lfllllbfiffy 5-54l l ,T 'W "'- ,M n 4 1 f yy f Cruising down flue liiglwway would be delnglwl " if i ff, ful, nol only on Sundays buf every day sn Hnus I f I958 Dodge being explored by Alice Lane and mmxwkiryfw ,lyy f'-. 1 . ff' 5 4 , , W2 , ,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,, W. A W, W, I 012, W Brad al DOUG DICKER MOTORS un Pleasanlr lvlonurnenlr Blvd. and Conlra Cosla Highway PROFESSIONAL PAGE DENTISTS Richard G. Brinlc, D.D.S. 2274 Sunsel Avenue Richard H. Doloson, D.D.S. 2696 Willow Pass Road James J. Gaulier, D.D.S. 3042 Claylon Road Kennelh R. Krey, D.D.S. 2907 Salvio Slreel Allen L. Lagier, D.D.S. 2245 Sunsel Avenue Carl F. Mills, D.D.S. 2245 Sunsel Avenue David 5. Tillle, D.D.5. 2 IOO Monumenl Blvd. DOCTORS Donald W. Alcheson, M.D. 2820 Broadmoor Courf R. l. Davies, M.D. 2lOO Monumenl Boulevard J. 5. Kanzel, M.D. 273l Concord Blvd. J.A. Koola, M.D. l224 Conlra Cosla Highway Roberl L. Marlin, M.D. 3393 Claylon Road John E.lv1asan,Iv1.D. 2726 Willow Pass Road R. R. Ringer, M.D. 2650 Willow Pass Road Ronald L. Thiele, M.D. 21 55 Parlc Slreel CHURCH DIRECTORY Church ol:Jesus Chrisl of ihe Laller Day Sainls Concord Ward Bishop D. N. Anderson Church o'FJesus Chrisl of +he LaHer Day Sainls Concord Second Ward Bishop E. l. Adams Queen ol All Sainls Calholic Church Granl Slreel Reverend L. Hennessy ATTORNEYS Bells and Renaghan l665 Galindo S+ree+ Marcus and Bradbard 223l Conlra Cosla Hwy. P.H. OPTOMETRISTS Aloysius F. Laube. O.D. l97O Easl Slreel Kelvin H. Pierce. OD. I755 Willow Pass Road, Concord Alberl R. Reinlce, O.D. 3375 Claylon Road VETERINARIANS J. M. Chrislensen 5 Monumenl Blvd. Roberr E. Dullum 4 Golf Linlcs Road C.P.A. 6. J. 8: A. J. Seiberlich Pleasanl Hill Professional Bldg. P.A. Hal W. Forsey l79O Ml. Diablo Slreel Enzo H. Pranceschi i626 Conlra Cosla Hwy. Alberl S. Hari 222i Conlra Cosla Hwy. 1 3: ': "he Lincoln en: Mercury 8. "-" e' MONTCLAIR MOTORS, 2229 2 F 3 3:22 Concord, Cal: -I 'j"- ., L-- - f-v ,q MONUMENT BOWL 6 F -':" - 1- - Def -226 22t5 O:"'e C352 L-' :Li WALNUT CREEK ICE RIN "-'.'-E CE 'C E1"'E"5E'E'- f-:JL 7- 1-"rg Ll' K-"fan Af- f-c.,2f'fL 1 K -JJJ -f S., S- I .. -I .I-'HL '-- Nan' Cfeef LEO J. KINTANA , .. 2-.- V ff ,- fpffg, , 1 ETC' , 1. .. -- --,- ELULC ofa' Foes efff 5-19,6 CZTCOVUI CG' UPTOWN MARKET GSE 'Ji SE: 2 Svee' vs PAYLESS CLEANERS EELS Oarz' 5:51 TERRY'S EL MONTE SERVICE Ziyi' 515: V: Ee'o': -Na, f, P-, ,, f 1 ' 9 1 .,- .- WALNUT CREEK ELECTRIC 'vff'E'6 Sewfe ers Desewao' 'ff Afe Guerade-eo 0 E e:"':a CC"'iCT2FS o Resoeffa a':5 Commerce 0 Heavy Inousfrfai Vfnfo YE :Heine 4-7652 2235 Norfn Mak Sfreei Vxfe for Cfeek, Caff. MONUMENT PRINTING CO. Pfffers 0 Pubfsnex 0 Lofcf 0 Desfgn Ne speoaifze In scInooI puoncafions. E 's I I849 Conrfa Ceara I-II-Hoy Noosln Prcpriefou Pieasanr I-IIIIT Cami. INfn+ersI Mlllberry 5-4424 OAK TAYLOR FLYING A SERVICE 2292 Aff' :f. Pas: Roan 'AS ze", 2-9832 C:'::'d WILLOW PASS PHARMACY 4-12 W' :fy D551 Rza: f 2 ' C:'::': Ci ':" PARKWAY CLEANERS 2452 S5 hz Svee' I 2 C7373 Ca":" TILFOR-D G. KLINEFELTER HOLBROOK SIGNAL SERVICE Farmers Insurance Group 2807 Porf Chicago Highway MU 5-6306 2092 Adobe Concord MU 2'983I Concord' Camo AL SIMMONS TEXACO SERVICE CANDY KITCHEN MU 5-9993 2355 Port Chicago Highway 2785 Grant Street Concord, California MU 5.7157 Com-or-dl Califo JOHN P. SERPA KANDY KANE . k . M Bum MU.5-SIITEMIGL 2l35 Salvio Street 246l Willow Pass Road Concord, Calitornia MU 2-9909 CONC-Old. Calito R'CK'5 EL MONTE Lu-MBER Burgers ot' Distinction 3512 Clayton Road Salvio at East Concord Concord These "mighty seniors" smile and blush as J 'I they are reminded that not too long ago, they learned to drive in "Chevies" trom FITZ- PATRICK CHEVROLET OF CONCORD. The new l958 Impala is quite ditterent trom the cars used in Driver Education classes just two short years ago. It you want to drive in luxury . . . go see FitzpatricIx's at the corner ot Galindo and La- guna, or phone MUlberry 5-8564. IV, , ri mx 41 I MT. DIABLO HIGH SCHOOL DANCE COMMITTEE See us in action on pages 23, 45, 53, 74 Joy Archibald, Commissioner KRTUEGER 81 CO. BEEDE'S Biggest little variety store in the world - 2002 Salvio Street H48 Coltax Street Mu 5-1723 MU 5-8292 Com d The tollowing members ot the community wish to be included in wishing the Class ot '58 success and happiness in the tuture. TfSgt. Ted C. Stevens BARRYMORE HOUSE U.S.A.F. RECRUITER "Catalog Stores" Sgt. James Hale l802 Willow Pass Road, Concord sgwrc Elliot F. cams Wlbeffy 5-2276 MfSq+.GefG'd T- Home MT. DIABLO HEALTH STUDIO U'S' ARMY RECRUITER5 3508 Chestnut Ave., Concord ChietJames E. Eurbanlc MUIberry 2-36I3 U.S. NAVY RECRUITER Dick Petrie and Mike Metcho 4 CGRNERS PIZZA We Deliver l lO4 Monumenl Boulevard Phone MUlberry 5-9903 Concord, California Thanks . . Dablo '53 ala? members 1 sh lo lhank lhe lol- lowifg ad-ferlsers who made our ad pages pos- sible: Ai Simmons Texaco Slalion. Andy's Food Marlrel, Argies Delicalessen, Beede's, Wall Ben- new TV, Bigflf Mobile Slalion, B 31 J Fabric. Mr. Bs Founlain, Broll-Percell Company, Budgel Cleaners, Candy Kilchen, CliFl's Shoe Repair, Logan Collee Insurance. Concord Cleaners, Con- cord Drug, Concord French Laundry, Concord Linoleum Service, Cul 8 Curl Beauly Salon, Dana's Weslern Wear, Diablo Sporl Cenler, Doug Dicker, El Monle Lumber, EI Monle Merchanls Assoc., Enar's Barbershop, Fnean Thealre, Eslales Clean- ers, Eslales l-lard-ware, Eslales Rexall, Flossie's Apparel, Four Corners, Garden Grocery, George Poplin Mobile Service, Golden Slale, Graham Marlfel, Grand Rapids Furnilure Co., Granshaw's Flowers, John l"l. Greer, l-lilson's Deparlmenl Slore, l-lolny's, l-lolbrook Signal Slalion, Jerrico'S. Jewellone Sludios, Leo J. Kinlana, Krueger ln- surance CO., Laundromal-l-lall-l'-lour Laundry, Lehmer's Oldsmobile, Laila's Florisl, Marlin Bros, Conslruclion, Mall-son's Creamery, Men's Shop. Four Corners Mobile Gas, Monlclair Molors, Monumenl Bowl, Monumenl Prinling, Russ Morgan Chevron Slalion, Oalr Taylor Flying A ServlCS. ANDY'S FOOD MARKET 3400 Claylon Road , Concord Calilornia Paddock Bowl, Parkway Cleaners, Payless Clean- ers, Plaza Shoe Repair, Prolessional Lislings: Bells 81 Renaghan, R. G. Brinlc, Richard Dobson, Flal W. Forsey, E. Fl. Franceschi, James J. Gaulier, Alberl S. l-larl, J. S. Kanzel, J. A. Koola, K. R. Krey, A. L. Lagier, A. F. Laube, Marcus 81 Bradbard, R. L. Marlin, J. E. Mason, C. F. Mills, Kelvin Pierce, A. R. Reinlre, G. J. 8: A. J. Seiberlich, R. L. Thiele, D. S. Tillleg Quigley's Molors, Randall Signs, Read's TV, Riclr's Drive ln, The Riclcshaw, Rinee harl's Jewelers, The Rile Way Marlrel, Rod's Mar- lcel, Salller's ol Concord, J. P. Serpa, Shell Chem- ical Corp., Slyle Shop, Terry's El Monle Service, Tierneyls Jewelers, Tivoli Cleaners, Roberl Tyler Real Eslale, Uplown Marlcel, Walnul Creelc Elec- lric, Walnul Creelc Ice Rink, Wasco TV, Wesl Furnilure Co., Willow Pass Laundromal, Willow Pass Pharmacy. Lislings: TfSgl. Ted C. Slevens, U.S.A.F. Recruilerq Chief James E. Eurbanlq, U.S. Navy Recruilerg Sgl. James l-lale, Sgl.fFC Ellioll F. Curlis, M,fSgl. Gerald T. l-lorne, U.S. Army Recruilersg Barrymore l-louse ol "Calalog Slore," Ml. Diablo l-leallh Sludio, 4 Corners Pizza, and lhe Ml. Diablo High School Dance Commillee. '58 DIABLO STAFF DIABLO '58 INDEX 1, FALL: Freshman Class and acfivilies, Foreign Exchange Ji l L A . Sludenfs, Yell leaders, Danny Devil, Song leaders, fl! ff, f Dance Band, Concerl Band, lvlaiorefles, A Cappella ' If 'J Choir, Ensemble, Glee Club, Orcheslra, Term Plays, I f and Modern Dance. I k y l WINTER: Sophomore Class and aclivilies, Junior Class M' , pf and aclivilies, Assemblies, News Slafl, Yearbook I J ggi S+ahf, and Dance piclures. I , Ml QD SPRING: Senior Class, Awards, Senior Cornmillees, lvlosli W AO! Nj Likely To Succeed, Senior Ball, Senior Picnic, and J I Senior Banquet W l CLUBS: Clubs, Sludenl Council, Sludenl Courf, House of K l Represenfarives. Public Relalions, Sales and Finance, i ' ' Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Service. il ' 1 SPORTS: Foofball, Baslcelball, Wresrling, Cross Counlry, l Traclc, Baseball, Gymnaslics, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, lf GAA, and Girls' P.E. Classes. I' ADVERTISEMENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Bob Ozias, Lederer, Slreel 81 Zeus Co., Inc.-Prinling and Planning Bob Moon, California Arr and En ravin Co.-E ' I-lal Maison. Pholographers-I-latTl lvlalsgon and Allqlgciilaxififlaigj Pholography Bill Relchin, S. K. Smilh Co.-Covers Cardoza Binding Co. VZ M X. fe " ' , , 'f GQQ, ' J 2 in a7 L',cg.Qi! C 25 , A Y 47 nf 'A-Q . f H ' ' ,fffif ek WW QW M 3 N W iv of wfifjwf wif J Jygw l my my NRM F2 is Y E is '-au" L 1-53 AF-"' rf" ..,. E ' .f A-I 1 I I.. ng: ' . ..- 1 7. v I A " - - " 'Q' . H ...g 1. vv ,. ,-y. 43 3 ,QW "' Mm . , K , Q 'lf 'E A '- N U Ny N il xx '71-uw 0 'S ,H www Ya Q? N' Q9 ,444 , , W a . 'W A 4 it A . - -nr, D j wb 0 , X 5 ! lf 3 , ' ,. , , . la 1 f. ' , .-4" VZ 1 at -v--r- -4' , 4, - g 1 , - n , ' I ,, My +V --4 ryan- f 45 W and 4 D X M -4-7 ' 4 ,- I!!! . ' '-' V 67' ar 'I "' --5 ' A . -k-. ' 5, A . " f,. f-Sv " Ufgfl fr 3 5-.47 1. .4 if ,,:,f- V!-f -,, ' ,H V V 4 ' - ,if-' , ' 1 " ' ' , "M ' fa- ' M, , ' ,-' .-' ' .fa we . , - " 4 -- 3" 'ff'-Q--,Q 151- I- va: -4,31 '41-'Ap -V 1'5'7 , ' ,3',,,' 1 az-" ns. " -,2 , 3 f .4-- ' " 1- . ' Q: ' -.: f 1' ,, , L -- A -, -1 , ' gr i t, F K4 V, L. 0- A 'i'f- ' ' f " ' - "V 7 'E' I -f - ' 25,1 fn, -TLT, ig, 1, ,, 9' f"Sff:" - , V22 wt". A - ' "' " i ff! . NP- 1 V ff Mrk 71'- -tu. "'f ' ' f ' ' ' I ' -lf. ' , -1. ffm A 4? , 1 'uf , T I 3. LJ' . 111. '-i n H I'-5,5- - I 32 ,, f w,.,,. f" X. :Q , ' A Z - " .,. ' I-?:?4-i4-fi. -w . " f' ' 1 k 5, f 'Qi , "ir, A f - , 1 , A b .. ' ""'- ' 11 ' lt- " "" I . ' 5 , fe, Q. fri, '15-.i ' ' "Aw, ' '-,,.:""--. , , ' " A " 1-2 . 5 - . 'ff . -rf I 1,1 ' v If 6 lg. .fl . -.4 -A- '- 5?-72' - .f f 2942 " ' -.. "- 1, 5- f "' '- 135. L,' ' A au- ,, -G, , K v A ' 'Q 7 , 4 ... -ff:-f' 5'1- K , ,.,g" 5' . 4' .1 , W. n . 4, . "F" . '-Ly 'if ' 41 . ' . .Q 1 I. C- . 'Q-1,1 . 3f?2,,,. "' - . 'LA' ,114 . , fl- xl x . V' 9 . if W

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