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61 v ' fm . I If , I I Q , fi ll np, 0 '-45 . A Q Y V 1 U K I , IW ,A , , mi 2 xl I. . 'A i I A , 1 U, r . - 1, -E ,.. v. ' , M M15 aooff Ba ofvos Z T0 Qnxxm uf ffuxxw H ,,-Q fx I it 95 If' 2 X X Q! D ' W ig W fb W 5 - W My Q ,W Y xi' "'-:A f '25 -: , 'J r, 0 ' 4 J A x I 1 E I N ., sf X6 , X X X mu 3 CAA ily Ck? I I ff? Q 'Xin ix iq tg., fff HMM? fm , f QR' A V CX X995 jugiiaafm . xy ighdiigjfp ww 1 Q 5 GN 'N wma WEJQMOZOM ' xf g l Q 5' 1. "':H W 1 E5 Xl 1 x.N E f wi u k ' 75 xX 3, I A 'W Ai K!- -ABE6ARClA-- f W J W2 wZlfi? ,g WW ' LM W MWWWWW My ,W WA My 1 www ? ,0"' 4051! ' f f X Q, J , ,X K W WW ff? f iw 'J ' W W WW? M UWg!5lGNfQ5Ub DIABL01957 GB 1 1 Q51 Cf- 5ZeiT?s,lCQQ"x 3111 illivmnriam Q Ea: Yi., JOHN DU BOIS W Joriisi DYKEMAN ,Z 435 X Srl YJ mer, , ,B L yy ' -x- nm L Q,,.,4,3Q DW-W! A B Xl N ll ey 9- .ffT7a.,L.l-,-..fZ.a- JK-1.-7 , ,il f U ful? x 4 I J A xy BJ r J, WG N I ls X lx' mil ii lf Wifi Mgr QW , la' X ,jfs fy, , DIABLO 57 STAFF . . Nancy Hanen Assislani Edilor . . . . lsabel Calanwbay Business Manager . . Jerry Narberes . Keillw McKenzie Donna Van Pell Jim Barineclc Adverlising Managers Subscriplion Manager . Boys' Sporls Edilor . Jewell Sanders . . . Ed Ziclcefoose . Girls' Sporrs Edilor . . Gean Spessard Pliolograplwers . . . . Don While f Dale Pedersen Clubs' Ediior . . Gayle Meese Piclure Edilor .... . . . Mary Weisinger Arr Edilor ............ Abe Garcia Members . . . Dave Arrnslrong, Don Bo, Trudy Blyllie, Dick Bolcerelc Bob Carlson, Dave Craig, Gail Duclc- lworn, Pal Elkins, Pal Erwin, Beverly Fairfield, Darlene Fulron, Bill l-lubbard, Slieila l-luglwes, Jane Lamson, Virginia Lawson, Bruce McCl1e-sney, Loyal Miner, Judy Nelson, Carol Rowney, Gordon Silva, Dave Slalford, Granl Tod, Dave Tommela, Gail Wheeler. My Ama E E E ,W7 - f EE E 'M JE. I? ' A A a Wi PEOPLE ...... 9 i ., 45 f?cQ."V' , LEAD E RS . . . . 065 E. ,J V ywjj C f" 'XX LIFE . . . . 95 RECREATICN . . 125 f,,5f"x'f'g BUSINESSQM .E vffgfw Wg W-V ""'Y"X .ff E J - E I Ef WZ? ff? X FCREWORD This is your Diablo '57, On The Tollowing pages you will Tind your pasT school year recorded. You will relive The rallies, The dances, The assemblies, The TooTball and baslceT- ball games, and your individual class accomplishmenTs. The milesTones oT The year l956- T957 are picTuredg The winning oT The baskeTball sporTsmanship Trophy, The arrival oT our Toreign exchange sTudenT, LiseTTa Gamondi, and The chrisTening oT Danny's Den. WheTher you are a senior, iunior, sophomore, or ireshman, you have made This school yearbook possible. You are The people oT Diablo. The accornplishmenTs are whaT you have done. Your Teachers and sTudenT council-The leaders+have organized The many acTiviTies Tor your parTicipaTion. And acTive parTicipaTion by a sTudenT body creaTes life-The spiriT and enThusiasm oT Diablo sTudenTs. And spiriT and enThusiasm make possible The recreaTion aT Diablo-The encouragemenT oT boys To parTicipaTe in game sporTs, learning To be good sporTs as well as good aThleTes. And lasT buT noT leasT, There are The businessmen who sponsor The high school acTiviTies. Each secTion oT The yearboolc depends upon The oTher. The exTensive parTicipaTion creaTes a conTinuous cycle-one ThaT will go on Tor years To lceep Diablo among The Top. To The juniors, The sophomores, and The Treshmen: The Diablo '57 hopes To serve as a model Tor your annuals in The TuTure. And To The seniors: The Diablo '57 has been dedicaTed To your inTeresTs and acTiviTies. May iT serve as a memory oT your Tinal year aT MT. Diablo High School. Now, journey Through The annual wiTh The Schmoo, The yearboolc mascoT, To again relive your pasT year. Nancy lTanen alll jim null, L, fha , of QVLW T P. S. J i1'ffwf,.,,.,.,,.. if DEDICATION For eighT years, we The sTudenTs oT Dialolo, have had The experT musical guidance oT Mr. James Arnold Tor The VarsTonians and The Marching Band. l-le has inspired, enTerTainecl, and broughT recogniTion and honor To Diablo sTudenTs Through his music. STudenTs appreciaTe his lcind humor, undersTandinq, and mar- velous musical know-how. Since iT is your lasT year here, iT is wiTh pride and pleasure ThaT The sTaTT memloers oT The Diablo '57 cledicaTe This bool: To you, Mr. James Arnold. is are TTA I in pfwwza, jnffwduma, .Jawa Sealed before some lrophy wins of The conducl' of all boys is lhe personal concern and responsibilily of Mr. Norman Keslner, assisfanl dean of boysg and Mr. Pele Kramer, vice-principal and dean of boys. . M .cf 4 , llll M. ., ,K f wma! 1 ,, ,,, Wgffis , l ,o,o f ff J jx 2 lf,-,ff X 'fff fpye YW? -lf f1 S "' FTW .7116- H f 1- s-fm. ff " ' .af .r V- .f f- .- - nnll . ' l"- Mrs. lrmgard Cox, dean of girls and vice-principal, is one of lhe key members of lhe adminislralion. She has charge of dance bids, lhe Hosless Club and lhe conducl of all girls on lhe campus is her special responsibilily. Ml. Diablo High School is Dr. Ferd Diel, principal. He brings enlhus- iasm, underslanding and know-how lo his adminislralive iob. As lhe clay ol gradualion from high school approaches, il is well lo lhink aboul whal lhe lulure will hold lor each member ol lhe class ol l957. ln each class lhere is lhal lucky lellow4lhe one who will gel all lhe breaks: lhe person inlo whose lap lhe gods ol chance will drop lhe choicesl lavors. l-le is lhe lellow who will have lhe luck lo buy lhe lol where lhe supermarlcel is lo be buill, lo slrike uranium on a rocky quarler seclion and gel his crops harvesled a day belore lhe hail sweeps all lhe slanding grain lo lhe ground. ll has been lold lhal lhe "P" is silenl in lhe word luck, bul il belongs lhere neverlheless. Cerlainly experience seems lo prove rhis lo be lrue, lor invesligalion generally lurns up lhe lacl lhal lhe lucky person is lhe plucky person who burns midnighl oil and lakes deleal aller deleal wilh a smile. ll is an undoubled lrulh lhal il you wanl a "lhing" hard enough and keep aller il long enough: you will gel il-and nol because ol a lucky break, bul because ol hard work and slrenglh ol characler. Luck doesn'l iusl break-il has lo be earned. ll is hoped lhal lhe years spenl in school will help many ol you lo become lhis lpllucky fellow. F. Diel, Principal Q? Jhjwmlhv .. .im W ,i .W , T 3 . F i 'ivjcef 4 4--1, V Q ' ii i I Mr. James Denf, superin'rendenT of schools Tor The MT. Diablo DisTricT, has broughl' fame and inquiry To our communify by his able handling of school needs for The incoming Thousands. ln spiTe OT The addiTiOn OT new high schools in OTher secTiOns OT The school disTricT, lViT. Diablo T-ligh School cOnTinues TO be The largesT high school in The area. Four movable classrooms were cOmpleTed This year, and six more are under cOnsTrucTion in Order TO house The growing enrOllmenT. Diablans OT The class OT '57 reTurning in TuTure years will Tind many changes On The campus as we develop The masTer plan. To be The largesT school in The area is an achievemenT OT sOrTs, buT TO be The besT is Tar more impOrTanT. GraduaTes OT MT. Diablo High School can be proud OT The many disTincTiOns which Diablo sTuclenTs have won in The Tields OT scholarship, spOrTsmanship, and ciTizenship. James W. DenT, SuperinTendenT Seen monThly in Mr. DenT's office were The members of The Board of Trustees. These cilizens were elecTe'l To The board in order To mainTain school Dolicy for The enTire MT. Diablo Unified School DisTricT. Pic- Tured lefT To riqhf, They are Mr, Harmon Welsh, SuperinTend'1r' James DenT, Mr. Oscar Larson, and Mr. John Lavinder. :5!3f"':s ' fo- We - . ,7 7,7 22441 yffgf xv . Mr. Harold Hill, assisTanT superinfendenf, is new To our disTricT This year, buT quickly became acquainTe'd wiTh our problems and ioys. ,w12,Awww an, 12, ,. DR. OWEN COOK, Assis1anfSuperin+endenf, Business Services MRS. DORIS LOVERIDGE, Board of Trusfees MR. OSCAR LARSEN, Board of Trustees 8 MQ, num, MR. JAMES LAVINDER Board of Trusfees MR. HARMON WELSH, Board ofTrus1ees MR. ARNOLD BJORK, Board of Trusrees :xx-L' y L, , f V0 MO D J IW WP Q .VJ WJ Q M mm if DW ww WWW my NWjjWQE?fiy F,.,,, W, PEOPLE u1? X px W 413V M New QV J My J bw W if W , ww MGM AQ WN NE by MM ' V Lb M UM UMM N, 4 J a WM f U f U gf M , A 5 WWW MQ QWNEXXUM P E 0 P L E GJ ,luvcil ' 'J M47 945325 I 'W 5-.arse frHzvnm'n'1.i mm.:1Aw,-'lkbivikkg1sv?1LYvmIM'-sf.'1MT?2aiKZ4Y'1Ll 1vwwi-iwwm,mfr.vm.u:mftw1ux:.-ezuzaanwsrazmaaz rsvx-2 wwf.wuf1v:.v:vmw,n1-m.ff,m2w- amznmxw .J nr 'lu uimcffsz EVERYBODY OFF! IVIT. Diablo l'ligh School GranT STreeT Concord, CaliTornia Dear Seniors: CongraTulaTions To everyone who is lucky enough To graduaTe wiTh The Class oT '57, IT seemed like yesTerday when we TirsT came To school as Seniors in SepTember, and now iT's all over. Since ThaT TirsT day oT The school year, and even beTore, we have anTicipaTed The many acTiviTies and Tun we'd have as Seniors. We had a TerriTic sTarT Tor our Tun and acTiviTy wiTh Career Day in March. Judi LamonT and Roger Freeman were The capable chairmen oT ThaT memorable day. We all goT TogeTher and "dressed up" and Tried To acT a biT more grown up. We learned oT many poinTs and TacTors Trom inTeresTing speakers aT The occupaTionaI sessions, ThaT made us Think abouT aTTer graduaTion day. GraduaTion Day was creeping up TasT. Though iT was sTilI monThs away, we seemed To have iT in The back oT our minds consTanTIyg because oT ThaT we were Trying To geT as much as we possibly could Trom every Tun momenT we experienced. For insTance, we really "gooTed" iT up in The Senior VarieTy Show: ThaT was our lasT Time we could ever perTorm Tor The resT oT The school as a uniTed class. "College Capers," under The assisTance of lvlr. I-larold Godchaux, served as a greaT emoTional ouTleT Tor all oT our penT up Teelings abouT The problems we would have To Tace aTTer June I4. The Senior BanqueT came around on April 3. IT was held aT The Diablo CounTry Club wiTh an impressive Theme OT "Japanese Tea Garden." WiTh Jewell Sanders as chairman, The Senior BanqueT will remain in our memories as anoTher one oT our Senior reminiscences. We were Truly underway now, as many more acTiviTies approached our busy calendar. Barbara Racine was chairman and EdiTh CarIsTon was co-chairman oT The Senior Ball held lviay 25, and originally Themed "Ondine." This Theme con- sisTed oT a clever arrangemenT oT a Thrilling underwaTer aTmosphere. lvlay 29 swiTTly broughT abouT The Tun day oT The Senior Picnic. Lindred Jones was The responsible chairman oT This sunburning and Tood-sTuTTing expediTion. Ida YamamoTo, chairman of AnnouncemenTs, ambiTiously organized her com- miTTee early in The spring. The chairman oT The Cap and Gown commiTTee, Carol Groene, had quiTe a job in geTTing every graduaTe TiTTed wiTh caps and gowns. Our TalenTed class received many awards. These people you'll Tind picTured on pages 38 and 39. Besides Tun and conTinuous acTiviTy-we sTuck To our sTudies Too, by winning awards, so Take a glance aT all our C.S.F. Sealbearers on page 37 along wiTh The Bank oT America award winners. We have Truly had our share of Tun and enjoyment buT all This could never have been made possible wiThouT The guidance oT our TacuITy members. Our Senior Advisers, under The iniTiaTive and progressiveness oT Ivlr. Leslie Dunnells, have worked and assisTed us in making every momenT oT our lasT Term aT Diablo a success. As presidenT oT The Senior Class, I wanT To express our sinceresT graTiTude and Thanks Tor every wonderful person who has assisTed us in senior doings. I also wanT To say ThaT The whole class will surely Tind real pleasure in looking back To The year-l957. Yours very Truly, SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Ted Plumb, Senior PresidenT Tpfiic TED PLUM B PresidenT SU E BORD EAUX Vice-presidenT ISABEL CATAM BAY SecreTary VERLE SIDWELL Represenfaiive I3 'X 1 N, Ky' fi A A A T is, . A Y. +, s '- -f 1 ni? 4 ,J f fa., ..,,, six, Kfw Vlix my , c. . ..e,,,r . mm wmv' ql'-wav - J New Qs ,-MLW if VWTWMMQQ W Q X Q f f ,5,:1C,,f:,z76ff ,J Q, 'fi 4, Q I ,,,' V 113, gwygft Y v f yf ' Y ' V QW' I I 5 Z I k -. ' "H, ,A 44,,LW ,... i I I, J ye' ' "' if f K? f ' J f I x I yi Q! ,Q 49 f mg 7 , ' 1 T A l ii ". 4- V A bwbk , 2216, N' xilhln , "M W r W. 'M AW' 'Nfl I 2 M ll l SHARON ABBOTT Student Body Se-:retarY Student Council Gold "D" Freshman Queen STEVE ACKERMAN Advanced Band Stagecratt CAROL ACREE Business Club l.W.E. Girls' Glee Club LINDA ACREE Senior Service Business Club G.A.A. Honor Society CAROLYN ADAMS Gold "D" C.S.F. G.A.A. JUDY ADAMS Yell Leader Mng. Ed., Diablo News C,S.F. Dance Committee CLARENCE ALEXANDER Photography Art MARTIN ALLAN Football Gymnastics Block "D" Senior Service DOUGLAS ANDERSEN Basketball J.V. Football Ski Club House ot Representatives ELWYN ARCHlBALD Diablo News Statt Gold "D" DAVE ARMSTRONG Diablo News Statt Gold "D" Diablo '57 Start Freshman Service GARY ATH ERTON Physics RODNEY ATNIP Baseball Football Basketball Block"D" ANN BAHLS Education Club Silver "D" C.S.F. PEGGY BAKER Business Club C.S.F. Rally Committee G.A.A. GEORGE BALDOCCHI J.V. Football "B" Basketball Hi-Y Club PENNY BAND C.S.F. Sales and Finance Committee Business Club Education Club JOHN BARNES Auto Shop Il HAROLD BARTKE Swimming Block "D" Silver "D" Freshman Service JAMES BARTNECK Varsitonians Junior Service Rally Band Diablo '57 Statt Bos BRADFORD wn.LiAM BRADLEY Phofo Club PAUL BRADSHAW Cross-Counfry Swimming Track Mechanical Drawing MARClLLlNE BRECHTEL Brunch Service Business Club G.A.A. Ski Club ALICE BROOKE Business Club G A.A. Yearbook l I W.E. NANCIE BROTSCH Dance Commilree Cap 8: Gown Commiflee Honor Sociefy Senior Variely Show CHARLES BATES House of Representatives I.W.E. SHEILA BAUER Advanced Band Junior Sralesmen Science Club Language Club ROBERT BEASLEY Wood Shop ll Aulo Shop l I.W.E. ELDON BELCH ER O.W.E. TRUDY BLYTHE Modern Dance Diablo '57 Slarf Business Club I.W.E. DONALD BO Foofball Track Block "D" Diablo '57 Staff DICK BOLCEREK Baseball Basketball Block "D" Senior Service ALFRED BOLDEN Senior Service Senior Sales Commiflee Honor Society Junior Srafesmen SUE BORDEAUX Senior Class Vice- Presidenl' Senior Service Jr. Sfalesmen Supervisor Educalion Club STEVE BORDI Sludenl' Body Presidenl Baseball Block "D" C.S.F. BELVA BOSEN Slenography Maior ADELE BOUCHARD Educalion Club I Ski Club Language Club Junior Prom Commirlee JOHN BOYD Wood X Crafts House of Re presenralives Senior Cabinel' Track Block "D" SHEILA BRADLEY Foreign Exchange S1'uden'r Chairman Song Leader Sophomore Class Presiclenf Senior Service 1 W ' s w mw ,W,U,, ,, My if ify, in H ,, ' W , 75 ' , 7 N f ' X , v-"' H- z, W , ,fii , ,, . , f, f l' ,V :H ,MW f 1, f , lhifli f x p9 f f f - ' f 1 I .,,, V A f W LV ff, If A 1 Ly , ff? ,-sgygggfigygffiz - 1 Z N ,f -1 fs-1 'iff,,M4fvff 4 fy gf 1 f fyf v . . , Vw ,Z WN, f ff f if jk ff yf f SW 1 1 Wm, fb W I , f I ll' ! 1 . WW 3 W ' X ff ' L ' sz, -,Jr 4, M if 1 X X K 4 W f ws! I i ,X , I S7 X fu 7 K Xgiix I f ji . ' ,,,, QL 4 4 , f W' X '7 f is f, ' ' 5 gy, .5 fm 1' A ., ggi ,uA m ,f I Z i U . C My . sf f J .,,. V Cf 6 .i fy X f N0 mf fx ff X' 1 X A f Z 'J ff f ,X 76 g'!f2' ' fi f 1 ,if f ,, , MQW! ., gi , 4 df f, . , X ff, 2 As, 0 LEE BROWN Transfer from Pleasanl Hill Diablo News Slaff Foofball Block "P.H." CAROL BUCHER Sales and Finance Commilnlee Courl Clerk Senior Sfudenl Adviser Modern Dance STEVEN BURKE U Senior Sludenl Adviser C.S.F. Honor Sociefy JOANN BUTLER Modern Dance Diablo News Staff Ski Club Honor Sociely RlCHARD CADENASSO Air Youlli Award Civil Air Palrol Track Cross-Counlry KAY CALKINS A Cappella Choir Business Club DONALD CAMPBELL Track Cross-Counlry Pholo Club Honor Sociely SUSAN CAMPBELL Ski Club Honor Sociely Senior Variery Show Drama l ELAINE CAMPUZANO Business Club S.A.A. Diablo '57 Sfalzf Senior Ball Cornrniflee DARLENE CARANO Orcheslra Girls' Glee CAROLE CARBAUGH Slenog ra ony OWEN CARDINET Freshman King Ski Club Auto Shop ll PHILLIP CARLSON Aulo Shop ll ROBERT CARLSON Subscripfion Manager Diablo '57 Staff EDITH CARLSTON Senior Ball Co-Chairman Senior Service Jury Member Language Club President Senior Srudenl' Adviser Honor Sociely MICHAEL CARPENTER C.S.F. Gyrnnaslfcs Block "D" Sportsmanship Ccrnmiffee DONALD CARROLL Clvev's Vice-Presidenl NANCY CARROLL A Cappella Choir Modern Dance G.A.A. Business Club STEVE CARVAJAL Tumbling Block "D" CAROL CARZlNO C-.A.A. Modern Dance l.W.E. Brunch Service CLAUDIA CARZINO Honor Sociely House ol Represenlnliv Senior Service A Cappella Choir RONALD CATALDO Track Grounds Commissioner Sludenl Council Senior Variety Show ISABEL CATAMBAY Yell Leader Senior Class Secrelary Assf. Eclilor, Diablo '57 C.S.F. CHARLES CAULK Foolball Swimming Block "D" Ski Club CONNIE CAVANAH GAA. A Cappella Choir Business Club Drama I KEITH CHAMBLISS Advanced Band Rally Band Aulo Shop JOHN CHERNOH Track Block "D" RICHARD CHILCOAT Phofograohy ROBERT CHRISMAN Pholo Club ROBERT CIELINSKI Foofball Wreslling Aulo Shop DONALD CIMA C.S.F. Golf Block "D" Junior Assembly DAVID CLAIRE Track Cross-Counlry Block "D" lnduslrial Arls Club ALICE CLARK 6.A.A. Business Club I.W.E. CAROL CLARK Business Club Senior Service Gold "D" Sales and Finance Commillee DAVID CLARK Physics DIANA CLARK Song Leader C.S.F. Term Play Senior Sludenl Adviser JERRY CLARKE Crafts II Wood II I .W.E. Silver "D" JAMES CLIFTON Transfer from New Jersey Agricullure Club Y.M.C.A. Speedsler Club DONALD COLEMAN lnlermediare Band Welding Shop BETTY COLVARD I.W.E. P.P.M. Presiclenl P.P.M. Club , 1 fn W , 4 ,er ,W pyfmy ,,., yy, f 9 f 4 4557! 'W ff M4 if! M a x fl H4 swf V sf MW an f f ee Nl Q X gg Ng-,Lwa-,uf QW 4 X! QW x X X 'Qi ff xx 1 ,f-- I I I 45? V '9 74' 1 -.QW - YS., V7 xi, if ' . . -I isii W , , . A ' r x 4- . DWIGHT CONE Transfer Sludenl J.V. Foolball ANITA CONLEY G.A.A. Business Club! Brunch Cornrnulfee CAROL COOK . A Cappella Choir Educalion Club l,W.E. Transfer sludenl from Kelseyville High DONALD COOK Foolballl GYFFIHGSIICS Block "D" CAROL COOPER Business Club G.A.A. Sales and Finance Commiftee DAVID COOPER Swimming C.S.F. Silver "D" Foofball Manager SHIRLENE COPELAND O.W.E. VIRGINIA CORDERO Wafer Baller Ski Club Senior Banquel Modern Dance MICHAEL CORDUA Machine Shop Induslrial Arl Club Craffs JOYCE COX C.S.F. Honor Sociely Social Cornrnilfee Clwr' Senior Srudenl Adviser DAVID CRAIG Baslcelrnall Baseball Block "D" RUTH CRAIN Senior Sfudenl Adviser Gold "D" C.S.F. Term Play LLOYD CRENNA Basketball Foolball Block "D" Honor Soclely RONALD CRENNA Macnjne Shop IV VVeI:Ilng Ill Wood lll JOHN CREWS J.V. Foolball Track Gold "D" ROBERT CREWS Machine Shop lll O.W.E. JACK CRUMLEY Rally Bama Jazz C uh Marcnng Ban: Ski Club BILL CRUMMITI' O.W.E. RACHAEL CULLISON Bas ness Club l.W.E. Arnowcerre-' Cor-'mrnillee Gifs' Glee C ao RICHARD cungo Sc ence Clan L5'?43ge Cpb GENE DALLMANN Tumblinq Wood Shop Crafls Prinling MARGARET DALTON G.A.A. l.NV.E. Business Club GEORGE DARROW Foolball Track Block "D" JANET DAVIS Modern Dance Drama II Business Club G,A.A. JOE DAVIS Senior Service Crafts ROBERT DAVIS Machine Shop I.W.E. Chev's ROBERT DEHART Advanced Band Silver "D" Cafeleria Service LAWRENCE DELUCCHI I-li-Y Club Judo Class JAYLEEN DICKERSON Dance Cornrnirlee Diablo '57 SYaf'I A Cappella Choir G.A.A. WANDA DICKIE l.W.E. Orcheslra Senior Variefy Show TOM DIMAGGIO J.V. Baseball Aufo Shop II Welding Shop BARBARA DREW Business Club Secrerarial Practice DAN DRISKELL Baseball Senior Cabinel' Golf ED DUARTE "B" Baskefball WAYNE DUARTE Baskelball C,S.F. Gold "D" Wooclshop JERRY DUBBS Science Club Gymnaslics Block "D" Junior Slafesrnan GAIL DUCKHORN Diablo '57 Slalf A Cappella Choir Educafion Club Senior Ball Comrnillee COLLEEN DU FFY I .W.E. G.A.A. Senior Service THOMAS DUNCAN Wood IV Aulo Shop EUGENE EARLS Foolball Baskelball Cross-Country Gold "D" 1,0 ,P x . Y, 15' REb"h-ff' X. rs ' i g X s Q X' Q J X f OZ 7 X L. 1 W-,W A if Sf ,am We 'DNN i 3 in ig , '11 H. , Mums:--M , My 'Q D24 1 '.,,,, f ,N MW 4-Ili! wk' 17" MU" 1511 T. J. ELAM Football Tumbling Block "D" KENNETH ELLINGSON Diablo Neyvs Staff Honor Socletv . House Oi Representatives CARL ELLIS Radio I DICK ELLSWORTH Football A A Block "D" Vice-President House of Representatives Senior Cabinet GARY ELVIDGE Wood X Auto Shop DARLENE ENOCHS F.B.L.A. District Representative Rally Committee Junior Service PAT ERWIN Language Club Vice- President Silver "D" Sales and Finance Committee Senior Sales Committee GARY ESPINOSA Head Yell Leader- Boys' Representative Student Council Term Play ANNELLA EVANS Girls' Glee Club DIANNE EVANS Gfrls' Reoresentative Student Council Head Song Leader Modern Dance BEVERLY FAIRFIELD Rally Committee Junior Statesrnen Ski Club Diablo '57 Staff SAMMY FEAR A Cappella Cl1o'r Magazine Sales Committee Music Maior ALLISON FERRIER G.A.A. Business Club I.W,E, LARRY FERRIS Advanced Band Track WILLIAM FILBECK Auto ll l.W.E. WALT FLETCHER Silver "D" J.V. Baseball I.W.E. House of Representatives ALICE FLORI Diablo '57 Staff Diablo News Statt Business Club G.A.A. JOANN FOSTER Business Club JAMES FRASIER Ski Club Stage Crew weiaznq X Drama I ROGER FREEMAN C.S,F. Gold "D" CHESTER FRENCH Yearbook I Radio Club Pfk. Crew l.XV.E. HAROLD FRISBY C.S.F. Honor Sociely DIETMAR FRITSCH Science Club Junior Slalesnien Gyrnnaslics DARLENE FULTON Diablo '57 Staff Diablo News Stall Senior Variety Snow Senior Sludenl Adviser BILL GAINER Foolball Track Block "D" Senior Cab'nef JOY GAINER A CaDDella Clioir Senior Variely Business Club GAIL GALBRAITH Language Club Educalion Club Honor Society LISETTA GAMONDI Foreign Exchange Sfudent Senior Cabinel Senior Ball Comrnirlee Jun'or Slaresrnan SHARON BREEDLOVE GARBER G.A.A. Business Club Honor Sociely ABE GARCIA Head Yell Leader Track Senior Cabiner Block "D" JUNE GARLICK Educalion Club Senior Sludenl Adviser Modern Dance BILLIE GARRETT Modern Dance Sales and Finance Cornnnilree Diablo News Srall Ski Club ALICE GAY Drarna Ill Modern Dance Business Club G.A.A. JUDY GILES Sword 81 Bauble Term Play Dance Cornrnilfee MYRNA GOLDSTEIN G.A.A. Orcliesrra Educalion Club DORIS GONDERMAN Ski Club G.A.A. Junior Slalesmen KEN GONDERMAN Aulo Shop JIM GONSALVES Track Foofball Block Silver D MANUEL GOUVEIA Ensemble Junior Carnival Ski Club DOROTHY GRAMMONT Sales and Finance Commilree G,A.A. Business Club Honor Sociely 2,5 t meg-J' -til if ff T I . I - Q rp rings, "rip I I f 'IL --f' . K, N " my . in 'll' f 1 I SE 'UIQ I I Q I ' , QWW 1' G 17941 I , , 1 'fiff!:'f f 1' JW?-ZW MV! W gy I Takashi 'Vx H11 WH 'FIN BARBARA GRICE Song Leader C.S.F. , Rally Commillee CAROL GROENE C.S.F. CI b L uage U Egrugalion Club Cap and Gown Chairman SHEILA GROSS Aclivlfy Ari ROY GUY Wood Shop Aufo Shop O.W.E. Track WILLIAM GWIN Indusfrial Arls Club GERRY HALL Pholo Club Business Club DENNIS HALTER J.V. Foofball Swimming Senior Cabinel Advanced Band MAX HANKlNS Wood III CHARLES HANSEN Radio Shop I.W.E. PAT HANSEN Rally Commiffee C.S.F. Senior Sludenl Adviser Ski Club sos HARRIS Welding ui AUGUST HARTMAN C.S.F. Junior Sfalesmen Honor Sociely WILLIAM HARVEY Swimming Block "D" lnduslrial Arls Club JOHN HATLEY Honor Sociefy JAMES HAYES Science Club President Senior Cabinel House of Represenlafives Jury Member ROBERT HEDGES Senior Service Senior Siudeni Adviser Gold "D" CAROL HELGESON G.A.A. Business Club I.W.E. RONALD HELZER Advanced Band House of Represeniafives Aufo Shop Silver "D" WILLARD HENDERSON Ari IV Arl Edilor, Diablo News House of Represenialives Gold HD.. RONALD HILLSMAN Honor Society PETE HILTS Gxninnslics Block "D" Ski Club LARRY HOLLINGER Baseball A Caboella Choir Ski Club Aulo ll CAROL HOLMAN Rallx' Commillee Business Club Sales and Finance Commillee Honor Sociely EDITH HORNING -Honor Socie-ly Junior Fashion Show Lalin Club GAA. BILL HUBBARD Senior Service Yearbook I .lunior Service Swimming SHEILA HUGHES Diablo News Slalf Diablo '57 Slalf Silver "D" Ski Club JERRY HUNT Science Club Term Play ZANE HUNT Track Wood Shop News l NANCY IMHOF A Cappella Choir Gow HD.. l.W.E. RAENELL IRISH Orchesfra Varisfonians Silver "D" GEORGE ITANEN Machine Shop NANCY ITANEN Edifor, Diablo '57 Senior Variely Show Chairman Head Maiorefle C,S.F. RONALD JACKSON Transfer from Tulare Boxing Team Wood Shop AUSTIN JOHN Term Play Drama ll Mechanical Drawing ll ROSALIEJOHNSON Program Commissioner Sfudenl' Council Honor Sociely Junior Srafesrnen VALERIE JOHNSON Pholo Club Spanish Club G.A.A. BARBARA JOHNSTON Transfer Sluclenl Rally Band Dance Band Senior Sludenl Adviser CHUCK JOHNSTON Varsilonians Rally Band Senior Sludenl Adviser Jazz Club Presidenl DENNIS JOHNSTON Varsilonians Rally Band Jazz Club JANICE JONES Ensemble A Cappella Choir G.A.A. Y 11 , ss wwf? V , me fs wi ,1.'f,1,w,.., ,. - ef1w,.S,:,2 vzrrwswff-r -Ja- ,WQ ,ya QQzvff f . J I g 2 1 ,nfs ' I 'L ab X M if f 4, , f. , ,. f - :W ff 1721 4, ,. -.mi X-A 'Nr J if . '- I .VSV es X sf s ru, F ,. Q is xvffs. ms .--f. ,fb w"AZ1Mf, s i ' 4 , 'z f:'l' dummy .QR lr , fmm .C W fn' if ig? I . LYNN JONES h Senior Picnic Chilffflafl Senior Service C.S,F. , A Cappella Choir BETTY JORDAN G.A.A. Business Club JIM KAPSALIS A Cappella Choir President Ensemble Drarna Il Jazz Club BERTA KEEBLE Wafer Ballel Gold "D" Modern Dance Junior Slalesmen CATHY KELLEY Social Affairs Commissioner Dance Cornrnillee C.S.F. Ski Club KYLE KELLOGG Machine Shop IV Wood Ill WAYNE KELLY Honor Sooelry Radio Club Chai-man GARY KERR Audio Visual Cornrniirfe lnouslrial Arfs Club GLYN KIGER Aulo II Senior Picnic Comrniffe DICK KITOWSKI Bulclinqs Commissioner Sludenl Council Track Senior Variely Snow ROBIN KLIN6 Social Affairs Cornrrfssioner Sludenr Council Sophomore Class Secrela ry C.S.F. GAYLE KRAN Eduoafon Cluo Bus7ness Club Science Club RICHARD KU PKA JN, Foo+ba,, Aulc Shop BARRY LACY Swirrtrnino Bloor "D' Crafts JUDY LAMONT C.S.F. Senior Serxfce Senio' Sfudenl Aavier Orchesfra JANE LAMSON Diablo '57 Slau Modern Dance Senior Vafefv Snow Committee Busness Club ARNIE LANE A Cappella Cholf G.A.A. LENNIE LANFRANCO Edfor, Diablo News Sfudewf Coungil Yell Leader Junior Siatesmen MARY LARSON A Capoefa Chak- G.A.A. I-lonor Sooem Language Club RUTH LARSEN Busness Club Presoen A Cappella Choir Secrefai-I G.A,A. Program Charrnan Senior Smnenf Aaxfe DEAN LATTIN IxIecl1anifaIDrJwInq Aeronautics LARRY LAURENCE Ski Club Yell Leader Goll Block "D" MARY BETH LAURENCE VViiler Bdllel Ski Club President Diablo News Statt Gold "D" CHARLES LAWS Industrial Arts Club Welding Shop Machine Shop IV VIRGINIA LAWSON G-,A.A. Sil "D" VSV RICHARD LEWIS l.W.E. Swimming Manager JERRY LIVELY Machine Shop IV Diablo News Statt Wrestling EDDIE MABRY Business Club l.W.E. Senior Service Girls' Glee Club PAT MAHONEY Wrestling Swimming GEORGE MANLOVE Senior Student Ad-.riser Senior Cabinet Gold "D" Block "D" MERLE MARSHALL Football Baseball Block "D" Junior Class President PETER MARTYNIAK Transfer from Washingt Foreign Language Club Boys' Club Tennis BILL MASON Honor Society Sen'or Seryice Photo Club Stage Crew DENNIS MASON Football Baseball Swimming Bloclc "D" ANN MATTOS Sflyer "D" Busness Club Treasurer A Cappella Choir Sales and Finance Committee GORDON MAYLONE Auto Shop Machine Shop DON MCCALLUM Honor Society Ski Club Education Club Swimming PAT MCCARTHY Transfer from Oregon Band G.A.A. BRUCE MCCHESNEY Gymnastics Diablo '57 Stat'-t Ski Club Jury Member BRUCE MCCORKLE Varsitonians Honor Society Baseball Block "D" N of 3 Rh Q i s E 'W' -YQ UUh S .re . W ' f :naw , ,-if "0-'Emi S S5556 4 . KW 'WW W fr -t A, 1 df- mn- my ' refs- ' ' it QXI qdmknk. lf WKf"'f,l9i , MMI EMM aiu'-N. mln f 71,95 I ,I H Illla 1 X .ar .u x ' " " .,...., . 'nv' L , A A X A 5' Y ,Q ,- -i -w Ll f' ff YW . Q. m,,,Q, 4 N YV 47, Z , - ff ,- I ina I , g V. K r JJ E-Mu' 4, Qi, , "ff1i?2fA:: , xi I 5 Z Z i, ,,,, , , ..,4 'W il inn. r ,phi W9 5, J , -,E , W5 1 , , y fwf w , if ' I ll ' ,W g fuk I , get 14329 ff f M 51' vw 1 ,W-A..,y,,g Q Pg I. f, 'ow ,L ,w,,, .,, -f ,, lc if 4 I I S ff' JW IV AI if I LA JEAN McELROY Advanced B-ind l.VV,E. CLINT MCINTOSH Sales and F'nar1Ce Commlsslorlel' Smjerd COUYICII C.S,F. Track KEITH MCKENZIE Va-s'lonlans Diablo '57 Sfaf-F Advanced Band RaIly Band MIKE MCKINNEY O.W.E. Advanced Band Sllver "DH SANDRA MCLEAN G.A.A. Buslnass Club FRANCES McNALLY G.A.A. I-Iona' Soc7eI'y ALAN MCRAE Macllne Shop IV Aulo II LANA MEADOWS Ensevble A Cacpella Clwol- Busiess Clab T"vH'-Y Clab GAYLE MEESE Senior Siudeal' Azivlser C.S.F. Wafe' Ballef Serfor AlLIL'Y7 Pfhfe Ed'lor NORMAN MICKEY Tralik Foovlball PENNY MILLS Clabs Commfsgfcwef Sided Courlcl Mocieffl Dance Sk' Club LOYAL MINER Foo+ba'l Baskvta Bock "D ' Pfes'::e" I-lane' S::'ef, NANCY MITCHELL B.Qf'eaf Clab Ease"':'e Mczefn Dame Sk? C -Lv RAY MONTERO Send' Vaffeh S'ox-. ARLENE MOORE 3,s'rwess Cub Vce P'6SldE'T+ Sa'-25 a'd F"aw:e Ccnw-HHES' GV45' G ee C ab Bmw? Sass-mio GAIL MOORE Sacfefafal P'a:f'Qe Dfaffa I JEFF .MOORE Sen c'Sewl:e Seior Smdenf Adx sef Jmiof Class Vlze- Pfes GEF? Jazz CLE ROD MOORE T I 'ii S we' Sli C an MD., SEDICV S'.l'i'l'TI Aux. me SUSAN MOORE Da'ce Ccfffrlrfee R3 N CCF'-rfffee Sr' C an Dai: o News Sta WARREN MOORE Foclbal' 45 Svf'f"1'mg CSF. Cfe' Jmfce JUNE MORGAN Junior Slalesmen Eclucalion Club Waler Baller Senior Sales Cornmilleo CHERIE MORTENSON Honor Sociely Modern Dance Wafer Baller Language Club JO ANN MUEGEL Senior Cabinel Honor Socielv Commercial Club Business Club JERRY NARBERES Business Manager Diablo '57 Silver "D" Senior Varielv Show RAY NEAR Wood lll Swimming Sraclecrall JUDY NELSON Diablo '57 S+aff Senior Sludenl Adviser Senior Service Honor Sociely RON NELSON Foofball Baseball Block "D" Senior Cabinei' SANDRA NELSON Rally Commirlee Senior Sludenl' Adviser G.A.A. Honor Sociely DAVID NIXON Transfer from Virginia Advanced Band JOHN NUNES Advanced Band Audio Visual l.W.E. Slagecrafl' Drama I NORMAN NUNES Plwolo Club Sfage Crew BARBARA OAKLEY Transfer from Oklahoma Ski Club Junior Slalesmen ART PARGAMENT Baskelball Baseball Block "D" Secrelary Senior Service EDGAR PARSCAL Machine Shop lll Welding ll DALE PEDERSEN Transfer from Washinglon Phofo Club Speedsler Club Diablo '57 Slalf MARTI PERKINS Transfer from Napa lnlernalional Club French Club Treasurer JOHN PETERSON Junior Fashion Shaw Senior Service Ski Club RICHARD PETRIE Diablo News Slaff Gold "D" NOLA PH ELPS G.A,A. WANDA PINTER Crafls Q K Xfx NN ,, X As .. K ix L X l Q l 3 9-:,,g ,f , - X A x S 1 . ' i - :mms-ue if 1. saw 6. fw "K Q fi fr',,,,sr ,r XE Sly-M' . r a. , if . I 1 .I 'KX .1 f ' f if , V mf Zee i k ,ffgfriaq 5,35 A 1' W' ,mf-M-1 SEK' f i is I 5 T f- re? sr., ,I z e? , 1, S ,rf E S : f is 'Q 'rf if-A R T -,wif fx L ' :tx M 452, -, ,nfsisf Sis' 'V "Stiff un-f.-: :, Q fl is , 5 A rss ,aj-.f of .,-,lv V ,, gr ,f,W,,,, ,y Q Ly 1. rms., wr' , , JLVNQ. 'Qu' A JKT" ,v- gi-'r ff 'l' lin '-:jj-vr , si- A? ll X ialmnv lzxmmaamwwa JOE PLATT Wood Shop TED PLUMB I Senior Class Presldenl Football Baskelball Block "D" JERRY PORTER Golf Block "D" GENE POWNING Honor Sociefv Senior Picnic Commiffee Golf Block "D" WAYNE PRICE Swimming Wood X BARBARA PUTNAM G.A,A. Business Club l.W.E. CHARLOTTE OUIGLEY Junior Slalesmen, Vice-Presiden? Senior Sales Committee Senior Srudenf Adviser Silver "D" PAT QUINTING GAA. Business Club l.W.E. BARBARA RACINE Sales and Finance Commiffee Senior Ball Chairman Diablo News Sfaff Honor Sociely DAVE RAWLINSON Craffs X Craffs III Wood l JEAN RAVIGLIONE GAA. Junior Carnival Comrniffee Business Club MEL REDFIELD Track Block "D" Senior Sludenr Adviser Diablo News Slat? PAULINE REEVES C-.A.A. l.W.E. FORREST REYNOLDS Swimming Manager RAY RICCOBUONO Pholoqraplwv l,W.E. LORNA ROBBINS Business Club MARY LOU ROBERTSON C.S.F. House of Represenlarlves Junior Slalesmen Educafion Club CARROLL ROGERS Advanced Band Crafts Pnofoqraphy RAY ROGERS Senior Srudenf Adviser Diablo News Sraf-i House ofRepresenfa1lves SALLY ROSE Honor Society Senior Service I,W.E. Language Club PATRICIA ROSS Slki Club b.A.A. Advanced Arl BRUCE ROSSBER6 Advanced Band CAROL ROWNEY Senior Service Diablo '57 Statf Senior Variety Shaw ASteerinQ Committee k:.A.A. PAT RUKAVINA I.W.E. Girls' Leaque Dance Committee G.A.A. ANN RUTHERFORD Yell Leader Junior Statesrnen Modern Dance Swim Club President JEWELL SANDERS Senior Student Adviser Flag Twirler Dance Committee Senior BanQuetCl1airm WILLIAM SCHREEDER Football Proiectionists SIDNEY SCHWARTZ Wood lll Wood X JAMES SCOTT A Cappella Choir DONALD SHAFFER Silver "D" Baseball Block "D" Language Club BETTE SHARP Transfer trorn Yrelca G.A.A. Trampoline Prep Club RICHARD SHEFFIELD l.W.E. Senior Service DELORES SHEPPARD Business Club A Cappella Cl'loir l.W.E. WARD SHIDELER I.W.E. Auto Il VERLE SIDWELL Senior Representative Baseball J.V. Football Block "D" HOPE SIINO l.W.E. Business Club GORDON SILVA Track Block "D" House ot Representatives Diablo '57 Staff ROBERT SIMMONS Metal ll Auto I KAREN SIMPSON Senior Student Adviser Junior Prom Committee Senior Sales Committee Junior Carnival Committee JOE SINZ Mechanical Drawing lll Junior Red Cross " ff? ,QNX rw ,QS A' is gf xx as 4' V T Y S I KS 121- fly! ., f f algae ii. R K , X , , . X5,- - as .L ,. i A . fm' 1 2 . Q CRN 3- A 'A Vow fa A 1 A , f '-We -s R , ,, in at - ix -,E W t al, 3 S, fm" , mn f W R 1.-all Q N. S " x ,, x... A y " " NSY , , H ns' 4 1 , - YK: ' Sin f ' A . l Mr l ,ma f 'J 1 f 13' f 4 5 f"f f . fl 5 A 7 'yi xv ,S S S A -.S ,wif SQ sf . Q efqffnfzafgif J f x ,.,,,.:s:..A 2 , f,A zrfiiiffil' ' - . mf' KW Swv A ' S .,,A 1 'A if-rf eilhv .WMM JM' flu. my 45 7' VUE DAVID SKINNER Term Play Drama Ill DENNIS SLATE. Freshman Service Chev's Presidenl Track Block "D" JERRY SLOAN l Mechanical Drawing RALPH SLONIKER Wood X Wood lll ROBERT SMALL Silver "D" Advanced Band Varsifonians Jazz Club ROGER SMITH Track J.V. Foofball Diablo News Slaff D House of Represenlalives RONALD SMITH Silver "D" Hi-Y Club Basketball JoDEE SOBOTKA Junior Class Secrelary Junior Sfalesmen Modern Dance Cap and Gown Commilrlee ED DEAN SPENCER Aufo Shop O.W.E. I.W.E. Welding Shop ED JOE SPENCER Melal Shop JANELLE SPENCER G.A.A. Business Club C.S.F. A Cappella Choir GENETA SPESSARD G.A.A. Vice-Presidenl Rally Comrnillee Diablo '57 Staff Ski Club DAVID STAFFORD Baseball Baskelball Block "D" Card Slunl Leader MAUDE STONE Senior Sales Cornmiflee Waler Baller Junior Slalesmen Senior Varlely Show PHYLLIS STOTTS Transfer from Richmond G.A.A. PAMELA STREMEL Junior Slalesmen Presidenf Senior Sludenl Adviser C.S.F. President Gold "D" SUSAN SWEENY Ensemble C.S.F. Gold "D" G.A.A. Presidenf TED TAHIRA Swimming Baskelball Cross-Country Block "D" KEITH TATE Gymnastics Machine Shop IV lnduslrial Arts Club lnduslrial Arr Award CONNIE TEMPLES A Cappella Choir JAMES TERRELL Wreslling FRANCES THIBODEAUX Business Club . G.A.A. Brunch Service l.W.E. JERRY THOMAS Glee Club CLYDE THOMPSON Sales and Finance Commirlee Foolball Announcer C.S.F. Senior Sludenl Adviser CURT THRASHER Gold "D" C.S.F. Senior Sludenl Adviser J.V. Baseball RAY TIERNEY Swimming Block "D" Diablo '57 Sfaff GRANT TOD Diablo '57 Slaff Foofball Ski Club DAVID TOMMELA Basketball Silver "D" Junior Assembly RICHARD TONNETTI Track Cross-Country House of Represenlalives BARABARA TOOLE Business Club G.A.A. Gold "D" Junior Assembly BILLIE TOOLE 6.A.A. Business Club Honor Society C.S.F. TON! TORPACKA Advanced Drama A Cappella Choir Senior Variefy Show Jazz Club ALAN TORRES Foofball Block "D" HAROLD TOUCHSTONE Swimming Manager Block "D" Sfarnp Club Presidenf I.W.l:. JAMES TOWELL Junior Slafesmen President Senior Sludenl' Adviser Foofball Announcer C.S.F. HAROLD TREPAGN IER Track Cross-Counlry Block "D" JEANNE TREVORROW Junior Red Cross Senior Sfudenl' Adviser Tri-Hi-Y Club Silver "D" JOHN TURNER Foolball Track Block "D" C.S.F. JERRY UNDERWOOD G-ymnasfics Block "D" House of Represenfalives Senior Variely Show ROGER URRICELQUI Senior Service l.W.E. - 'nw YR' W'-1'l""' s? ff 'Q' 'Sw' , Anand. "KY"5SHP' bv T , , , A, , ,ae mi' A yi? T ' ' S, .4 !,1,w',! ,ff 5 z- , .11 f, my W' W' 1' ' ' !,C,:'ff ,jfs , X mgwlu ' ww, .S ' e 'golf' 6 ,I U! , , ,V V A A ff I It A 7,,W,.x2 ww - f M , ,W J, 'f -'fi , L74 i' 1594 ,M ,WZ H 4 ff ,ww . WW, lr I V .,-1 5 -,.:, ,, P, V Hr., fo., V V I wwf' 'vw , W' fair., 2 mmf 274 Af P559 fd WV MSM 'SSW-lm' S4013 Qgiplduu-.Q - on X g ff 'Q Q Sei" A f Legsgwpq ' .. ,W A X Q.: , k'kQ gi- gn: 5 X 514 I KB 691 I EARLENE VAN DEVENTER SIlver "D" Buuin-ess CIUIW Ski CIIJIJ JANICE VANICEK YQII Leader Wafer BaIIeI G,A.A. Honor SOCISIY DONNA VAN PELT Ad Manager, Diablo '57 Educafion Club I.W.E. Jurfor Red Cross LEE VAUGHN Serior Sfudenf Adwser RaIIy Band Drum MaIOr Advanced Band ROBERT VINCENT Svfmmhq BIOCL "D" GQIU "D" DARLENE WALTERS Serior Servke GJNA, Bushe-ss CIub Drewwa I MARY WEISINGER Siivef "D" Diablo '57 Sfaf? A Canoe-IIa ChoIr Senlcr Vafefy Show MARY ELLEN WELLS Euufafbw C Lb SV Clio G,A.A. MIKE WELLS O.W,E. S-fnbr V3"vET,' Shaw JERRY WEST Focf+I:Ia'I B on "D" Tf5'If Honor SOCIEIJ RONALD WHALEY Of:'ee"a JANICE WHISLER A1.3':e'i Band Mozefr Danze C.S,F. R3 II COMM free DONALD WHITE DSEIQ Nays SGH Sew 0' Sefwie BLIRGE WHITMAN G.A.A. Swfn CML: Ware' Ba'1e' ART WILLIAMS A Civoelfa Cnc" I RUE, DOROTHY WILLIAMS Hmm' So:'e+v Ihsfress CIM? Sedo' SaIes Co"wmAHee Junior Pfofn Cofvrvfffee PHYLLIS WILLIAMS I-Iead Song Leadef Cafwmf Sweefhea-I Senlvr Smdewf Advlger SLI Club RQBEIRT WILLIAMS Se' cf Sew ze Sa-1 cf Cab ne' Lv "Eff nj Auawzed Bmd JIM wuizxe VVfeS'I mg Dkflfu 'QJNC 'ng 0.1-'ZSSI QS IDA YAMAMOTO CSF. Sew 0' Student Adxfsef Sf-r or Awouncewwenf C'3fr'r1EJm A-sjsranf Soles and Fmunce Commfsioner ART YORK Wood Shop LINDA YOUNG Business Club Sales and Flnanqe Commillee G-.A.A. I.W.E. ED ZICKEFOOSE Foolball Baskelball Baseball Block "D" PAT ZIMMERMAN Buslne-ss Club l.W.E. DARLENE ZINK Transfer from Pleasanl' Hill Science Club Caduceans Club CAMERA SHY SENIORS These seniors doh'+ seem loo shy of lhe camera lhus way bul The so called Camera shy seniors are: DOLORES DUARTE MARY LOU KELLY DAVID DEWSBURY LOUIS THOMAS BARBARA BRINDEL awww su' J . N F s c A ?v 4-A V, . 'ff' 5 - I, We Three, plus one, glare into the camera for a cheesecake during their song routine for "College Capers." The golden lhroated voices that cheered everyone were Billy Dave, Don and Rod. 2, "Poor-a-bash-ful-a-Marv Anne-" sipping d "soda," Gary portrays the shy, withdrawn type girl that sometimes wanders into old Scrubb's place where all the M.O,P.U. qanq uw-illv Q095- 3. "ln a honlry-lonk. down in Mexico-." Al and Gary practically bring the house down with their crazy antics with a Mexican flavor. 4. "-The Senior girls have the dateless blues. , , flow these words from the Dil-li Society gang in their clever Bermuda-clad act at old M.O.P.U. 5. The dungaree dolls of the "Levi Lullaby" routine are caught in the midst of a happy. Ns-i 1 if . X ' N"'l ,r , r wa smiling mood as lhev sweefiy qqn 5, me 6, Graceful footworlr and C-eeflve -noygons 6,8 M e ue concept 6 th Holfev POl'9Yll bv Abe Dave Deck reds Dicks N ' so .oments to Remem. lcier bring tears to some of the eyes of the l C0'l6Q-E C3'U9'Sl cast as they h-idd'e tcciether lc' the flrale the evgrfng of Mani, 22- r , 5 n , y F -4' I ., . . C, r T L fiiffio-L R A . 1 l f -5? A "l..1.. 6 J 1 '1 ' Did you seniors feel you were in an Oriental wonderland when you walked into the Diablo Country Club the night of our Senior Banquet? The theme ot the semiformal affair was "Japanese Tea Garden" and the committee decorated the Country Club accord- ingly. Members responsible for the event are FRONT ROW, left to right: Pat Erwin, Ginny Cordero, Jewell Sanders, chairman, Jean Raviglione, JoAnn Muegel. BACK ROW: Robin Kling, Jo Ann Butler, Martin Allan, Bob Hedges, Jett Moore, Pam Stremel. uw Many seniors were sunburned, and many sported a sun tan, but all had fun at the Senior Picnic held at Turtle Rock, May 29. These steering committee members made sure that all seniors had transportation and that they had plenty to eat! Members of the Senior Picnic Committee are FRONT ROW, left to right: Billie Garrett, Jane Lamson, Lynn Jones, chairman, Saundra Nelson, Alice Flori. SECOND ROW: Mary Beth Laurence, Sharon Abbott, Dick Kitowski, Pat Hansen. "Ondine," theme of this year's Senior Ball was cleverly developed and beautifully decorated under the leadership of the Senior Ball Steering Committee. For many months this group worked hard to make the Senior Ball the true success it was. Each senior will fondly remember the dancing, the supper, and the entertainment that added up tor enjoyment for all. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Dianne Evans, Ann Bahls, Edith Carlston, co-chairman, Barbara Racine, chairman, June Garlick, Ruth Larsen. SECOND ROW: Gail Duckhorn, Bruce McChesney, Warren Moore, Steve Bordi, Elaine Campuzano. sr' W zx.4:s,:zz'.."' ff 'ff' 1 C ache Packed full of fun, entertainment, and talent was the Senior Variety Show, "College Capers." Each committee member took his duties seriously, and after a two-night run, the class had earned enough money to sponsor the remaining senior activities. Members of the steering committee are FRONT ROW, left to right: Cathy Kelley, Trudy Blythe, Berta Keeble, co-chairman, Nancy ltanen, chairman, Nancy Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Verle Sidwell, Abe Garcia, Dave Stafford, Joyce Cox, Rosalie Johnson, Sue Sweeney, Shefla Bradley. pa. Every senior walked down the aisle in grand style thanks to the efforts of the Cap and Gown Committee. They measured each senior individually, assigned the caps and gowns, and collected the rental fee. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: JoDee Sobotka, Carol Groene, chairman, Nancie Brotsch, Arelene Moore. BACK ROW: Ann Rutherford, Art Williams, Bob Carlson, Phyllis Williams, Hope Siino, Barbara Grice. Each senior had his own special announcement at graduation time thanks to the eftorts of the Senior Announcement Committee: Orders were taken in the spring, and a few monthg lafe,-I ,he seniors were busy exchanging cards. Members of the Commiiffee are FRONT ROW, lett to right: Gayle Meese, Carol Clark Ida Yamamoto, chairman, Judy Nelson, Penny Band. BACK ROW: Claudia Carzino, Penny Mills, Sally Rose, Bill Hubbard, Charlotte Quigley, Linda Acree. JY!! BARBARA RACINE Senior Ball Chairman ,.,.,.. . V v1fy::..,,:g,.::,,,m1., 4- f- 14 5 ks xy . 1 5 3 l' ,Q ,A ,, LYNN JONES S Senior Picnic Chairman , ' s ' A J 'fa ,N ,.,s..:,f Y iq 3 M, . fi. i , l it i EDlTl-I CARLSTON Senior Ball Co-Chairman A. me , r Q ' A + ' M bg A Z JEWELL SANDERS 'li Senior Banque? Chairman W 'ff' '-1vwl'1', ffl? lw , 6 . .M . To raise money for lhe Senior Class was ihe iob of ihe Senior Sales Commiifee. This group sold refreshmenls af our foofball games and af The end of ihe season, the class added a subsfanfial sum lo ils treasury. Members of The commillee are FRONT ROW, lefi lo righf: Barbara Racine, Par Erwin, Lynn Jones, Sue Bordeaux, Saundra Nelson, Judy Nelson, BACK ROW: Maudie Sfone, Charloffe Quigley, June Morgan, Al Bolden, Carol Groene, Penny Band, Janelle Spencer, JoDee Sobofka, Karen Simpson. z Z z 1 4 1 I Knowing fha? no maffer how sfrong a board if had, The class would noi function properly wifhouf the supporr of all of its members, The mighty seniors had also appoinfed a class board which accomplished much. Supporfed by fhe class as a whole, many seniors other fhan board members worked on fhe various acfivilies, Represenfing 'lhe seniors on ihe cabinel' are FRONT ROW, lefi fo righf: Abe Garcia, Isabel Calambay, Sue Bordeaux, Ted Plumb, SECOND ROW: Lisefia Gamondi, Don Bo, Dennis Heller, Jim Hayes, Bill Gainer. BACK ROW: JoAnn Muegel, Dick Ellsworih, Ron Nelson, Bob Williams, Dan Driskell. 1' ' x .. All -4--e1r'3 s CAROL GROENE Cap and Gown Chairman 1-may ' , r ' I ,,,, -94 fr 5 f 4 A 6' Co-Chairman -, . 1-' 2 V, Co'Chairmfm , 'Else X f , I I , x,4Mg?i X A Q43-+2 -vw, I f , ,, .. Q J u on LAM om , Roe- ER FR EEMA N S e n 1 o r Ca r e e r D gl y sf f?E"m2?+i?S" 'i ' i"?l"f ,six 1 S e n i o r C a ree r Da y 6' 'iii LW. ml X IDAYAMAMOTO X X, ns X xx X--X NN NN Senior Announcemenl X A U X -,' .. X X Q Chairman A W X X s S 3 "' Q1 A X X 1 2 S as Y NANCY IITANEN Senior Variely CO-Chairman if . i iii Sfudenls are awarded cerlificafes al' the beginning of fhe spring semesler for oulsfanding work in fhe maior fields of sfudy af Diablo. Members of The Bank of America awards are FIRST ROW, lefl 'fo righfz Pam Sfremel, social sfudiesg Mary Lou Roberfson, foreign language: Jinx Adams, English. BACK ROW: Kyle Kellogg, induslrial ar-lsg Jim Towell, science, Judi Lamonl, music, and Jeanne Trevorrow, home economics. NOT PICTURED: Joyce Cox, business, and Clinf Mclnlosh, mafhemafics. For a Senior lo become a Sealbearer he or she musl have received all A's and B's six oul of eighl' semeslers. This year's Sealbearers are as follows: FRONT ROW, lefl' fo righl: Joyce Cox, Gayle Meese, Ida Yamamofo, Pal' Hansen, Peggy Baker. MIDDLE ROW: Susan Sweeny, Diane Clark, Nancy lfanen, Jinx Adams, Ann Bahls, Mary Lou Roberf- son. BACK ROW: Roger Fren-nan, Jim Towell, Sfeve Bordi, Clinl c n'los . me f, kezcoxwehs- w.-.fv ,V -- X 1 f- .V mf ,MW .Xa 4 ,Z i, 4, J yt tga 'A ff Z AWARD For many years, Len Lanfranco has been award- ed ribbons and certificates tor his outstanding work in the 4-H organization. Every year he has been invited to exhibit at the California State Fair and has appeared as guest speaker for many 4-H groups. This year Len was awarded the all-star award, The highest award for 4-H in the county. Pl t if . if s f . f,'fff'4:.eLl 'S me rri 1- f , 6 Yu. 'K 7' WIGWW41' 'lf ', 'I it fy? I 5 5, f'ih ay l,f w. L V X Q t 1 gg fiyf is Qi .y.., "7Zf'g,7Z5"' V i ' fi? . ' . ' A ' E The Civil Air Patrol organization is important to our national defense. Realizing his duty as an American citizen, Dean Lattin became active in the C.A.P. and served continually for many months. As a result, he was awarded an all- expense-paid trip to Texas where he may study the further possibilities and tunctions of The Civil Air Patrol. Each year Diablo produces outstanding athletes in the various sports programs here. Showing high skill in both defense and offense playing, Dave Stafford earned first-string all-county honors for basketball. Dave was chosen for this position unanimously bythe league coaches and his ability placed him second scorer in the D.V.A.L. division. Ted Plumb won honors tor himself as well as Diablo when the football coaches of our league chose him as first-string all-county end this year. His team- mates voted him captain tor the entire season and at the annual football banquet, he was awarded a plaque for the "Most Courageous Player" on the Diablo team. rw, my Learning shorthand is probably one of the mosl complicated iobs a commercial student can master. For Two years, students learn and develop their shorthand symbols to the point where they become skilled at The subiect. High speed is exceedingly difficult to reach if accuracy is to be maintained. However, because of hard work and concentration, Janelle Spencer has reached a speed of l40 words per minute. ln I2 years, no student has mastered such a record at Diablo. Many essay contests are opened to Diablo students all year long. An annual essay contest is held con- cerning the theme "What Chemistry Means to Me." This year, Gayle Meese earned a S50 bond for writinq an outstanding paper. Pictured with her is John Crews who received an industrial arts scholar' ship of S250 to the college of his choice. John is the first to receive this award at Diablo. The con- test a national event, required an essay entitled "Why l Want to Become an Industrial Arts Teacher." Mary Lou Kelly, Transfer sTudenT from Yreka, earned aTTenTion by scoring highesT of any Diablo senior girl in Home Economics. The counselors offered The "BeTTy Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow" TesT Tor all senior girls inTeresTed. Winning The local conTesT enTiTles Mary Lou To conTinue To compeTe with winners from oTher areas. Jim Towell, excepTional sTudenT in The science field, has earned many awards because of his abiliTy and inTeresT in The subiecl. AT The beginning of The year he was awarded The Bausch and Lomb Science award for his work in biology and chemisfry. Lafer inhfhe semesTer, The Bank of America Awards Com- miTTee gave him a gold cup for his conTribuTion To maTh and science aT MT. Diablo. WINNERS Winning The foreign language cerTificaTe in The Bank of America conTesT made Mary Lou RoberTson, Transfer sTudenT from Virginia, eligi- ble for The Liberal Arfs cup award. Members of The faculfy chose her because of her unusual inTeIligence concerning The fufure of Liberal ArTs in The world of Tomorrow, iii um, CID' f wks I "N-or '33 Joyce Cox holds The disTincTion of having The highesT grade average of The Senior Class, NoT only has she applied herself To her school subiecTs, buT also has developed her vocaTional abiliTy as a secrefary To The degree Thaf she was awarded The Bank of America cup Tor VocaTional ArTs in high school. The Daughfers of American RevoluTion conTesT was open To all senior girls. The qualificaTions were To have good citizenship, good grades, and a good knowledge of UniTed STaTes hisTory and govern- menT. Girls in The Senior Class and members of The faculTy chose Pam Sfremel To represei-iT MT. Diablo as one of The ouTsTanding senior girls in The Class of '57. Because of unusual abiliT'y in The field of music and her applicafion To The arT, Judi LamonT was awarded The Fine ArTs cup award. For The pasT four years she has been an excepTionally TalenTed member of The school orchesTra and because -of her experience and skill she has been invlTed To play in The STaTe OrchesTra Tor The pasT Two years. 39 To as ' iff' -a X x nv ,X QD ,.,.s.sfef f f Z , ef' :gp WW WW. ,, JS A..- i U 51' J D is -. 4 4 ' X-3145 . asus- hr P 1 N , X ,i ss ' Mr. Gellermann's Civics and Economics classes had many enlerfaining discus- sions of high school and personalily problems as well as the adulf responsi- bililies fhal musl be accepled afler gradualion. Two members of 'lhe Pholo Club gel' on lhe opposile end of lhe camera lens of this shol. .W , a n 0 f W- , ff 'X 44 uf , ,' f' . fig,-ei " lwf 'f L W . j ,, W 4 ,.,:W3ss7,d,4i,e W f " A ,W ' . A Q Senior Service confribufes lo The sludenl body's organizalion and sfudenl gov- ernmenl wilh sharp, alerl, on-lhe-beam members as Dick Shel'-field. Members of The Class of l957 exhibif lheir prowess for fashion know-how when they appeared al' school with lha? slriped lvy League Look! These Senior boys broughl' baskelball honors and recognilion lo fheir school and fheir class for 'their performances as oufsfanding baskelball players. Dave Sfafford ended up as second 'lop league scorer and Teddy Plumb made second slring All-Counfy. 0 Businesslike atliludes are 'Phe essenlial faclors 'laughl lo lhese would-be "right hands" of lhe boss, as 'rhe Secrelarial Praclice class composed of Senior slen- ographic maiors, busy 'lhemselves a'l 'lheir fypewrifers. aus saw:-: :I 6 Zine' x ,X X Xe Senior Career Day broughl aboul lhe firsf aclivily for lhe Class of '57 on March 8. This speaker explains some imporlanf faclors of his iob +o a group of very inferesled seniors al one of fhe occupalional sessions. U . These are 'Phe Teen Timers on Wednes- day and Tuesday nighls 'rhal many slu- denls learned of Diablo High Doings fhrough lhe radio on KECC. They are from LEFT TO RlGHT: Alice Flori, Jo- Ann Muegel, Nancy llanen, Ron Ca- faldo, and Gary Espinosa. Dil-lo marks 'lhe fhinking of lhese DiHi seniors as lhey each pose wilh fheir eounferparls, So, your eyes aren'f re. ileralingl These are lhe fwins of lhe Senior Class: from lop lo bollom, The Crews, Acrees, and Tooles. Shvw, Loyal Miner and Jewell Sanders, draped in caps and gowns, happily grin wifh Their diplomas in hand. They are 'lypical of lhe expeclanl oullook of mosl of us on fhe fhreshold of qraduafion. Picfured below is lhe Senior Ball sieer- inq commillee. Members busy lhem- selves with lhe plans fhal musl be ac- complished lc make "Ondine," an un- derwaler wonderland, a dance lo re- member lik' 9525 l ,U , TOR Sunglassed lmporfanl senior officers discuss senior class affairs. They are Sue Bordeaux, vice-presidenlg Ted Plumb, president, Izzy Carambay, sec- refary. Clyde Thompson and Jim Towell an- nounced all alhlelic evenfs at Diablo via fhe loudspeaker. . dw Now who's frying 'lo gel info lhe acl? Mr. Harold G-odchaux, variefy show adviser, grabs a quick soda wifh some of lhe "College Capers" cast LL 5 , Bill Gainer iusf can'f resisl gefring his face righl in fronl of everyone else's! He displays his familiar smile while shaking Mr. Lamonr's hand, wifh a grasp of apprecialion as he receives the fradilional gold foolball awarded To each senior of lhe leam. Sweel grins and sparkling eyes prove fha? members of the "Pixie Parade" for lhe Modern Dance Assembly were chosen with fypecasling in mind, fs, ' s1I1H 'xi With Rosalie Johnson as chairman, Miss Mumma's leadership class gels direclly lo ils business which is lo lead Diablo lo a ff bl prone e and fun-filled school year. i f fi! Nancy lfanen, yearbook edilor, and Gayle Meese, Senior piclure edifor, wafch infenfly as Hal Maison poses Anila Conley for fha? all-imporlanl senior shol. rf W Engrossed in lhe excifemenf and color of fhe foolball rally are Virginia Cor- dero, Darlene Fulfon, Jewell Sanders, Mary Befh Laurence, Sheila Hughes, Barbara Oakley, and Jan Vanicek. The oufslanding foolball players of lhe season as announced al the foofball banquel lasl fall arefTOPl Georoe Dar- row, who copped off wirh fhe lille of Mosi' Valuable Back, IMIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHTJ Ted Plumb, and he caplured fhe spoi of Mos? Courageous Player, T. J. Elam came up as fhe Mosf lm- proved Player, and IBOTTOMJ Dick Ellsworlh grabbed fhe posilion of Mosl Valuable Lineman. LouJm.Q,fh1a,5 ' Ball. ln December during the lasl week be- fore vacalion, 52 Academic became a holiday paradise as fhe seniors wenf all our lo decorafe fhe room wifh sea- sonal cheer Upperclassmen on Frosh Cleanup Day fhis fall had fun while fhe frosh cleaned up fhe school. Wifh'fhe urge fo become diligenf per- formers of hop-scolch, Verle Sidwell, Ron Calaldo, Dick Kilowski, Clinf Mc- Infosh, and Warren Moore view wilh awe, lhe Champion Gary Espinosa's abilify fp? , V . A ya 5 r ,M ef, X Q - w 4 sf X vu , 1 no Tx Q y,,V. A j s-sy ' N . si A X Q Tw Y 1 4' N x ,f'A . , i 44 DICK Li NFORD Presidenf HATSY NAKAGAKI Vice- Presideni' DONNA JARVIS Secrefary ROBERTA BERGLUND Represenfafive ALMOST THERE! The Junior Class really sTucl4 To The phrase oT "class uniTy" as members succeeded in making This year inTeresTing wiTh Their many acTiviTies. Their TirsT maior proiecT was The Junior Fashion Show, which aTTer lasT year's TirsT one, is To become an annual TradiTional aTTair Tor The Junior Class. "Cupid's CloseT" also proved To be a mosT proTiTable money- malcing evenT Tor The resT oT The expenses ThaT musT be meT wiTh The Junior Prom. "AlmosT Paradise" was a neaT Theme Tor Their April I2 dance. TheJunior Carnival added some more cash To Their "piggy" bank. The Junior Assembly, "STar- dusT Bowl" wiTh JeTT Morgan as MC, proudly showed oTT The Class OT '58's TalenTs. The Junior girls Tormed an impressive chorus line Tor Their show. Cn The lisT oT oTher names included in acTiviTies and honors are l-laTsy Nalcagalci, who received The leading Temale role in The spring-Term play, "Tea- house oT The AugusT Moon": Dave Barber made The All-CounTy second sTring Tor baslceTball: KiersTi Lundeberg was awarded The second place as a resulT oT Tinal eliminaTions in The "Pilgrimage Tor YouTh ConTesT": John GoTshall was chosen by The FESC To represenT Diablo in a European counTry This summer. The Junior Class worlced lilce "Devils" To make iTs annual carnival a gay aTTair Tor everyone. As nexT year's seniors, This year's iuniors should lead all underclassmen To an acTiviTy-paclced school Term. ROW l, left to ri - ilgiifgia oughi, oiiiik Gisifyfi DSL Judie- Sudv Bruce, Betty Baldwin, U Y WYQV. Noelle Canonica "4a'.'ff Bankhead, Elin aim Jayne ghflsien. Bonnie Carlton,'Jackie SRM- PBQQY Casey. Row 2: Maile BYl'd, Cynthia Dickey, Char. leneV Boosek Mary Bennett, Libby B'3""n9e"i Carol DeFrates, Bonnie Carter. Oval Atnip, Linda Crewse, Pat VDozier, Clara Bryan, Sandi Doolln. Judi' Bryan, Geraldine Qhrlstman. ROW 3: Frank Gooley lim Cameron, Tom Acree, James Bradley, Wayne Bowman, Dave Brockbank, Galem Borem, Bob Bole cerek, Don Clark, Jerry Baptist, Chad Duckhorn, Ken Brewer, Con- nie Clark, Jim Cheney. ROW l, left to right: Marianne Da- vison, Sonia Carlson, Jane Brooks, Linda Curtis, Mary Ann Dorsey, Dianne Dailey, Carole Burton, Mer- ridy Dally, Marilyn Dalton, Esther Carlson, Glenda Cowden, Carol Bigby, Diane Carlos, Lucy Do- mingues. ROW 2: Charles Buckley, Charles Clark, Kirk Bowman, Terry Barmon, Richard Burkett, Tom Car- ano, Rod Clark, Joe Crose, Bill Cooke, Ernest Carvaial, Hank Cure- ton, Dave Biddle, Bart Blakesley, Charles Cook. ROW 3: Robert Creller, Gary Cartwright, Don Baumrucker, Dave Barber, Dale Brazil, Al Allison, Lee Churchman, Bryant Bolen, Duncan Connor, Jim Doran, Bob Dupre, Don Chernoh, Lester Davis Boyd, Joe Boyd. ROW l, left to right: Yvonne Bisso, Dona Cotten, Judy Derroa, Bar- bara Johnson, Judy Barber, Deana Foster, Karen Fleshman, Sarah Bab- bitt, Gay Davis, Eva Broome, Kathy Forbes, Carolyn Justice, Eilia Ben- assini, Judy Conneally. ROW 2: Garv Elrving, John r-limes, Jim Hatley, Len Hubbard, Lloyd Harri- son, Jerry Johnston, Dale Foster, Don Kung, Bill Galloway, Paul Ba- ker, Ken Hall, Bill Garrels, Dave Hatley, Ray King. ROW 3: Vance Hartzell, Bill Hrbacek, Lee Hall, David Nixon, David Doran, Gary Bell, John Gideon, Brad Hill, Nor- man Fisher, Gordon Knapp, Mike Hoaglin, Ron Kruse, Dave Dowell. Larry Day. ROW I, left to right: Pat Elliott, Janice Evans, Sybil Hull, Nancy Hendrix, Rita Hester, Connie Horn- back, Zelda Johnson, Nelda John- son, Jimmie Raye Jones, Claudia Jackson, Pat Elkins, Manllyn Han- son, Arline Jayne, Billie Brady. ROW 2: Ron Hager, Howard Jo- seph, Ken Nolen, David Holmes, John Irvin, Charles Holbrook, Ver- non Kratt, Taylor Altman, JerrY Hall, Jim Funkhauser, Jack Greq' ory, Edward Grant, Dick Evans. Dennis Gooley, Rus H6QQ"5i"a'fd- ROW 3: Larry Hacker, Bull Gib- son, Art Kapsalis, Duane Foster, Jerry Hall, Carlos Harm, CharleS Foreman, Frank Johnson, ChUCk Jones, John Gotshall, John Jordan Jim Gavin, Phil Hennessy, Bob Kitchen. V1 . 3: V , .1 w es ND - ., , .5 .,Q ,eww-api' , f ', lf? . ,, ,VVV VV VV Q V' . ,V my X J ,V , V V J. , J. VW. .. 4 , 44491 g-sf ff if V. .Q .1 ' V 2' 4 . , , V V , V Q VV if V I .XV , VV ,V I x V VVV V A VV ,,, 4 , V V V V, .4 Viv: V, ' , r , 4 f 5 V, g . !, M1 V ",, 5 - . fs av as 1 vim i is fi ff X Y . - V iii if ' . was f My "'fi NM 1 f , ' "' . - ."' 5 Y 'I " ev Q K nf nj W, H we N ' S 5 " . . fs - l ' sf 1 .- Half Q , X' ' ' E ' Q . S . ' 'Y ' " ' Q, , ., H , e X X . in ., .-:wi .f V R V Vi s V . V . f I, 1 V4-W A "Q, . '4 f .ff s Z' - X: at MJ i .- , 1. X AJ ,J ., xi VV V V., V V ,hi V., V ,, , fV.g3,,w,s V X, V ,, 1 as V .Q - . VL , , B ylqoflh . - 'J " .. se vs as ' S fain ' ? 5 'x VNU K QV mv. 3 V , , ,uv . ,W X. -s . e .f fsw f ' - A-' 3 5 if I j f J . . i5.'iB:i1"'Qi"hi" is . J , , 4 gf . f. , VV V5 ? Jsa. " fe f L' 'W , Ji. , " ' 7 , 1 sv, , i X f-" f. W V ., V X '.-:s.,,fs 4-:N , 4 - fn. Q ., .0 si . , 7535 5541 ' " f fi' ty I . . .G e .sw A . .. 1 , as .V X qfVI-.- . ., 4 f- .iv at .1 . . W .3 13 we , A VV as .4 ,3 , , ,y . .4 ,.,, - f. V- .-,.. ss .4 ,. v A 42, ,V My .- , , V V , V es. fro' , Z It 'Q f ' ' , .ig Q, .wfw ,J H ,. I e. s G - 'y v .V ,,,. 1 , ., - .M f , .f 2 2 ' ' t if . if . A -lit i Y e . M4 .Q f . , A . V V , c V . V ? VV, 57 X ., X - 1. vow- f .-K va Q 1- . ilk, EQ ' .3 ie as 32. - - ' - 1" s r ' ' ,L ' J Q ,. B ae ee - I M I mv Y .ss . , , V, ,MV V , , VV ff-,VZ , .. Zi, Z1 e., VV , - . , . . A V angela se' 4 V, 'Q . ,V .Q s , ,I .4 I V, We . ixi . , ,.f JK 1 s - .213 Y ' Cy , , . - ---a "N .. , 1 .2 I -- is ...J 4 2 -. iii v E i N I w i Q ' EN' ' i . ,,,. V V , , , Q., , . . 'i."vf 'If 1 I -'-. gi , f- 1. 1 ' f 9--f 21 4 i .1 ' Y ' ' f . ' ' we Q W 11,2 assi Q '1 gi. Y- A s' ' - f ' f 5 as ,-,,,i,,ns ia ff! ., , , .. . V , V . V V . X . A, VV ., . . f ' ffm . fs , .1 w--. i' 1 ,V Q, 4 ff , 4 -K" i . 's ,L " ,yi E VVVV-V . i ff' C? V , V .Mi V VV . ., V f .VV VZ., Y eV. ,, 2 ' 4 . , , . - E. . 1 f rw . . si 4 H J 5 f ff , I J f J 1' ASQ --fe 5' a ' .2 f 't-- :ff gfsiiwff .. A s S: . e W- ' ' ' fr . . X ' " -5 ' " . B- it 0' J 3. ,rw '4 . gf Q V .. , 2 Vi . V V. y Q3 V005 , ,V Vg is V, . A ... ,,,, 1 V .w V f V f v j L Mew' V :J X f- ,f se , 1 A i f 5 .5 fir! I W i .ri Vf 5 if .j . V , , , r,,2wei - , 'Z ' . A 2 if A 4 iw .4 - Q L' , X' 5 ' . Z .cs sc...-' Q ' -hi -A . ' N r . as ,fa -M ,J ,. so fm' 1 I ' A J V -QVAVVV T J . V5Vg...-ff . H f V . '- ' Z V, r 5, 'Q .,. EAA 1 f ' -'w'1a:.'Xi' Vi ,Y E, 45 - if 'z ' V sfgavf , we AINZ 5 ,, 'rl 1 ' . ' .. ,'f1:i"f'l ' s " i ' ' 1, i Y Y. A s 1 N yi esffiifl. Q Dig' Fe . -N. 1 ,, wi V152 ' f QNX ' f- ff ' 4- ' Q9 'K 'fs .,,,. , ' Q' B is ' ,J .' ' i W .' 1' is , 'A ' i Q . , ,. ,, , .,,,, ,y . M V VVV , VV Vg, N' 11 , J V 5.1 ,.:. . .V .V , ,.. , if 5. 6 1 . , 5. r - 5 X :J Hes Y-wwf X V V .. , . G X 2' Vx fe X V Qtek e x X, Z " Q a ,Q s if Q f B , qs N gl e .sffwxi css! xr tmenxlm it 1 , t ,., l ss 1 . s Vs.. 5 K3 new f s , H N . . f ,, , - v Ja' R Xin ' 1 af . 5, IVV: R ' i 4 -1 ' 13 , ,was 'fi f f - if ' f Q. .. ,, at f ra, " , my . . 1 1 G I J f A .avi 4 'f 'r n :- X l 4 x X - 4 , . , . 1 , ,auf ., . 54 , .Q 9' V Tw . Z, f ,K 'vs 1' v .. ff' 'us' CM i' ' f 1- . , s ,, ,J , an . , W ss.. 'H Q ss W ff 9 2 ef 'W ' ' f" f'L. J Q , 1 J -..Er 5532 r 3 f- 'rr JTCQ f , . we fs ty we Mx? f- r in 141 ! ' vi . ,W l N. sf ,jf 1.4 ,,.,y Y f 1 1 A 4 W I V W' ff 4' A 5 2 . fi. ez is 7? fl' if IE ROW I, lell lo righl: Pal Fambrini, Donna Jarvis, Rila Jacobson, Cheryl Folsom, Sue Grubbs, Gerry Silva, Char Arnold, Sharon Kilcoin, Car- rie Flori, Janel Garrigues, Pal Lea, Julia Himsl, Jacquelin Jewell, Pal- ricia Koch. ROW 2: Halsy Naga- gaki, Louise Percell, Belsy Ohran, Rila Kabal, Sandy Harris, Alma Guirilin, Donna Payne, Judy Palm- er, Dianna Milburn, Darlene Hen- nessy, Alice Harris, Peggy Gibson, Arlene Hawell, Juanila Page, ROW 3: Jay Markham, Edwin Morcl, Slan Moore, Ed Lewis, Joe John- son, Rich Nisonger, Ken Milchell, Cliff Kolander, Ron Meyer, Bill Jensen, George Armslrong, Russell Lord, Roger Moore, Ron Guilieri. ROW l, Iefl lo righl: Sherry Mc- Gowan, Marie Melendres, Carol Maslerson, Sandy Polk, Janel Pim- enlal, Tania McLean, Paula Mills, Linda Parnham, Lynn Norlon, Calh- erine Lively, Joyce Moore, Judy Piper, Alyce Noerenberg. ROW 2: Louelle Fallon, Doris Lundberg, Karen McAroy, Charlene Lewis, Joy Pendrak, Delores Lundberg, Bonnie Mills, Judy Neville, Pal Medlin, Sharon McLennan, Sonia Main, Joy Machado, Janel Parker, Sharon Rice, Kaye Neal. ROW 3: Ralph Planlz, Joseph McAllisler, Dick Mo- Iner, Marlin Moore, Dick Linford, Gary McElroy, Bill Mohn, Jim Mc- Clellan, Bill McNamara, Donald Lindrolh, Gary Millen, Dave Osl- lund, Dennis Machado, Tom Mc- Kean. ROW l, lell lo righl: Sylvia Pow- ers, Priscilla Niemi, Carolyn Leh- mer, Judy Laller, Nikki Lonac, Pal Pulnam, Penny Perry, Gerrie Lee, Sheila Page, Kiersli Lundeberg, Karen Murdoch, Vicki Prall, Anne Malheson. ROW Z: Larry Pliler, Ken Mompellier, Frank Pelerson, Mel Pape, Joe Loza, Russell Lord, Mike Mealey, Bill Marshall, Paul Malhe- son, Bernie Payne, Mike Moore, Everell Prewell, Jef'f Morgan, Gary Lindslrom. ROW 3: Roger McKay, Bob Sluarl, Mark Manlove, Lou Lieber, Chuck Persyn, Jay McCoy, Daryl Phillips, Pele Padelford, Hen- ry Pillell, Frank Pizzimenli, Scoll Olsen, Mike Price, Marvin Morris, Doug Madden. Dave Dowell and Sheila Page know lhal a sleady hand and alerl mind are- necessary in order lo carry out lhelr chemislry experimenl safely. During lhe year all chemislry slu- denls were well known for lheir ordeals wilh ammonia, sulfur, and various kinds of acids. Allhough chemislry is primarily a iunior Sci. ence, il also allracls many seniors, ROW I, lett to right: Mary Beth Slate. lflfllict' Pierson, Linda Tal- bert, Diane Morris, Kathie Nick- laus, Carol Petrie, Deanna Sheldon, -lUdY Vannatta, Maryann Schaller, Charlotte Schwartl, Barbara Rob- bins, Yvonne Pellett, Charrnatta Malnn, ROW 2: Alice Riley, Sherry Smith, Linda Silva, Judy Schrock, Connie Stevens, Penny Sweeny, Joy Richardson, Judi Reed, Darla Rob- erts, Janice Reynolds, Phyllis Ren- itt, Sandra Seqler, Kimi Tahira, Gail Wheeler. ROW 3: Gilbert Vis- peras, Bryant Winn, Bill Shaffer, Richard Rice, Paul Van Brocklin, Don Wilson, Alen Rise, Richard Strudwick, Jay Nicholson, Bob Shaver, Snooks Santiago, Mike West, Bcb Woods, Bob Sanchez. ROW l, left to right: Sue Tyler, Sandra Thomas, Ellen Bolland, Kar- en Wright, Darnell Williams, De- lores Williams, Janice Touchstone, Pat Smith, Pat Snedden, Barbara Zimmerman, Linda Winnie, Gloria Ray, Kay Snow. ROW 2: Vista Tim- merman, Carolyn Rano, Phyllis Rob- ertson, Sharon Scott, Mae Snyder, Reatha Thompson, Jeannie Vickery, Connie Wilbur, Rowena Young, Deanne Robison, Shirley Thorn- burg, Margie Tarver, Harriet Ride- out. ROW 3: Harold Robbins, Jim Tudor, Jchn Siremel, Neal Satre, Dale Welch, Guy Ray, Gary Shid- ler, Vic Stephens, Paul McElhaney. Bill Ross, Ken Smith, George Scrib- ner, Oscar Breeze. ROW I, left to right: Carol Snyder, Faye Vargus, Ron Tibulsk', B li Sor- enson, Jerrie Crowe, Larry Arm- strong, Bill Suter, Carol Ferguson. Bonita Wilson. ROW 2: Lee Schip- per, Marian Shanks, Jim Zuur, Marc Stephen, Wally Shoults, Ken Rob- bins, B:b Towers, Dale Wikle, D0n Wilson, Alan Ries. ROW 3: John Zuur, Mark Tweeten, Bill Bruce, Roger Russ, Bob White, Bob Tar- len, Philip Shull, Bob Roskie, Larry Slate, Bob Skaggs, Elvin Stubble- field, James Theobald. "There's no bus'ness like show bvusi- ness." These musically inclined Il-ln' iors sing out the words as tl1eY lake a bow in the grand finale of the iunior assembly, "Stardust BOWL on October 25. ManY lunlofs wth varied talents assembled their serv- ices to make the class ot 58 re- nowned for in abiiifv to Wofk fo' gether as a tearn. P "', fs .3 2 SJ ss S F f 5 'zsxmszvfsi-1 umm Ni "Cupid's Closet" opened its door to feature spring fashions in the Junior Fashion Show presented Feb- ruary l3, Kathy Nicklaus, Sheri Smith, Roberta Berglund, and Mari- lyn Hanson b-aught sighs from the girls and whistles from the boys as they modeled their Lanz dresses. "Almost Paradise" was a room full of roses, or better yet, spring blos- soms in the Girls' Gym, April l2. The hard-working committee chair- men slaved to add another success to the prestige ofthe Junior Class. Chairmen are FRONT ROW, left to right: Hatsy Nakagaki, class vice- president, Roberta Berglund, rep- resentative, Dick Linford, president, Dona Cotten, co-chairman of deco- rations, Donna Jarvis, secretary. BACK ROW: Kimi Tahira, refresh- ments, Elin Biork, facilities, Pat Elkins, publicity, Glenda Cowden, bids, and Penny Perry, co-chairman of decorations, Junior United States History classes serve many purposes besides learn- ing all about our forefathers and their heroic events. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independ- ence were important specialties of these students. The Juniors also took D.A.T. tests in this period, voted on various Junior Class issues, and studied democracy and Mt. Diablo government. The Juniors in third period modern dance choreographed their own number for the annual modern dance assembly. Dona Cotten, the sleeping high school girl, found herself facing fear, sorrow, and ioy, as interpreted by the other dancers pictured. The "S'rardusl Bowl," 'lhe exclusive hangoul of lhe Junior Class, offered 'l'he besl- of enlerfainmeni for 'lhe iunior assembly. For 'lhree years, as freshmen and sophomores and now iuniors, they have been known for lheir colorful and unique panfomimes. This year, "The Greal' Prelender" was no exceplion. Class-minded members of the Junior Cabinel' slaved all year long lo make fheir string of acfivifies successful. Hard-working parficipanls planned fhe deiails for each evenl' for lhe benefil of lhe class. The Junior Fashion Show, assembly, prom and lhe carnival all originaled from This ceniral unif. Members are FRONT ROW, lefl' lo righf: Hafsy Nakagaki, Dick Linford, Donna Jarvis. SECOND ROW: Kafhy Warren, Mary Ann Dorsey, Jane Brooks, Dave Biddle, Brad Hill. BACK ROW: Ernie Carvaial, Rich Nisonger, Kimi Tahira, Eva Mae Broome, and Billie Brady. Winning honors for 'lhe Junior Class in 'rhe afhlefic field was Dave Barber, who earned honorable menlion All-Counly choice in baskeiball. Dave was also voled "Mosf Improved Player" by his fellow feammafes and coach. For a minule, you'd lhink Pal and Yvonne were 'lryinq 'io lrap dates for ihe "Bermuda Bounce," buf afler later invesfigafion, we found out Dave and Dick were frying fo go lhrough 'lhe wrong door and This junior service doesn'l allow such a ihing. - in . .O seg.,-u e -v gr PY sn 1f9X7',. ,Qi G- 1 DALE ADAMS President , fzf ,I Q ,V 7. 'I 1 , SIONJA HALVORSEN Vice-Presidenf MAR CLARK SecreTary JOE PARTANSKY Represenfafive I , I I f ON THEIR WAY! Members oT The ambiTious Sophomore class have compleTed anoTher phase oT Their high school careers: They're "on Their way." SuccessTul class proiecTs began iusT aTTer school sTarTed and now ThaT The year is compleTe They have leTT behind Them a Tine record oT achievemenT. The main underTaking oT The year was The annual Sopho- more ChrisTmas Formal, "STardusT." Several cookie sales, a main source oT revenue, were scaTTered ThroughouT The year. To conclude Their main acTivi- Ties, The sophs presenTed a clever assembly, "CourT- yard Capers," in which They TeaTured many girls' acTs. Under The leadership oT Joe ParTansky, WeITare Commissioner, The Sophomores esfablished and main- Tained neaT lines aT Danny's Den and aT our brunch sTands. Several sTudenTs were parTicuIarly inTeresTed in The crowding problem aT The lunch lines, and do- naTed The beginning oT Their lunch hour To keep The "crowders" ouT. 'lhroughouT The whole Term, The Sophs showed Their unceasing and solid spiriT aT school and aThleTic evenTs. During TooTbaIl season, Tive Sophomores were ouTsTanding on VarsiTy play: John Barclay, Gary Casey, Dick Jones, Ron Terry, and AI 'I'reTTe were all awarded The TooTball Block Gary Casey, Dean DeaTon, Dave Johnson, Chuck Kimes, Rudy Omania, Larry Pavilones, and AI 'I'reTTe added To The presTige oT The class by Their Track abiliTy. One oT The highlighTs oT The year happened April I I when The Soph sguad placed second in This year's InTercIass Relays. TwenTy-Tour classmen sprinTed around The Track To place nexT To The Seniors in The Tinal Time score. Class oTlicers, Dale Adams, presidenT7 Sonia I-lal- vorsen, vice-presidenT: Ivlary Clark, secreTary: and Joe ParTansky, represenTaTive: and The dependable class sponsors, Ivliss Ivlary CrouTer, Mr. WalTer Kel- son, and Ivlrs. Jane Roy, and The whole Class oT '59 will be able To Tind real pleasure in looking back on This year. ROW l, lefl' io righl: Pal Carlson, Janice Burkharl, Yolanlhe Berger, Susan Bralsberg, Jane? Bolcerek, Karin Berg, Ann Bergum, Shirley Cordua, Ann Angel, Anna Adams, Joanne Brown, Linda Anderson, Laurie Augusline, Judi Clark. ROW 2: Ronnie Cooke, John Buller, Lan- ny Ball, Lesler Aiwood, Pele Bauer, Bob Brady, Mike Dowling, John Humphrey, Glenn Hill, Carl Cav- allo, Lewis Ellis, Lee Grichuhin, Dean Dealon. ROW 3: Carl Hayes, Louis Gadol, Gordon Hollinger, Darrell Eberl, Richard Hedges, Ralph Hamillon, Kenneih Enke, Don Elfving, Mike Heinemann, Eddie Hawley, Gus Ginocchio, Webb Hadden, James Healh, Gary Har- ringion. ROW l, leff fo righi: Barbara Cox, Ruih Barber, Dorofhy Allison, Bar- bara Brown, Marlha Beagle, Caro- lyn Baker, Beverly Caskey, Dixie Allison, Linda Bernard, Barbara Clough, Ann Curelon, Jeanne Bru- nelle, Joy Archibald, Maureen Car- dinei. ROW 2: Beverly Abbay, Janice Bohannan, Janef Cook, Carolyn Bengslon, Beverly Barnelf, Mary Clark, Sheri Cimino, Janelle Crabbe, Brian Carlo, Paul Caulk, Aston Elwood, Phil Allen, Loren Allen, Sluarl Cornwell. ROW 3: Oleg Dubney, Ronnie Caldwell, Randy Borden, Danny DuPonl', Bob Arendslon, Rober? Anderson, Tim Anglin, David Chrisliana, Ernest Clemenls, Ralph Clark, Chef Belk- nap, Jake Casey, Mike Baird, Jim Concannon. ROW l, leff lo righl: Rosalie Abeyfa, Alnila Chandler, Linda Bowman, Joan Cobb, Judy Clarke, Marilyn Becker, Linda Coffee, Don- na Barfneck, Pal Crose, Carol Cur- tis, Sharon Bish, Maria Carvaial, Lynn Ballock, Carol Clifnlon. ROW 2: Jim Chambers, Dick Anderson, Pai Allison, Ricky Brolsch, Terry Bergman, Leo Cosce, Gordon Creer, Richard Coble, Paul Chaplik, Dan Barney, Fred Ball, Barbara Bobu, Marv Anderson, Joan Aubuchon. ROW 3: Sieve Casey, David An- derson, Cliff Chambers, John Bar- clay, Ronald Churchman, Jim Alex- ander, Gene Dirks, John Cluaslon, Kenneth Carier, Jon Blood, Clinion Coleman, Gary Casey, Jim Cal- dera, Dale Adams. "Siardusl"' reflecled couples whirl- ing fo sofl music under gay red and while slar-sludded slreamers. The sophomores worked hard on Their dance and fhe resulls proved fha? fheir plans were carefully lhoughf oul' and well execuied. The success of fhe dance can be cred- ifed fo lhe inifiafive and respon- sibilify of the hard-working Sophs. S-, V fl, K. we r . rw X. -it vs ' Tisvil. t iii' . "" . . A i s is A as fi, EM? mmrevrieim y ,, f , vi: X., ,sr jr.. so ',A4,,,, -,,j-We H V? - :1:- X ir , 2 if f 'P -1 , ."' Ye - f - , , f W V E M 11 9' f , .. ,, 3 - X f i 2 a f 4 ' g ii, Q ., f --,,... Swf' fy by it is B L sf V J i f A J if , 3 5, is rf J , , ., -ii , f - ef V ,M i-.lvl ,. ff ,.-' M Q Q 245 I 4 sw ,gl W J ' 1 I 1 4 N , 5' 7 31,1 .. , U, K, , I f I , ,J kj u-f f . VS, X ,. Pai ,, 'X iw X ' ' 'S QQ, A 2 Us if ws,- 'X ,M eoage Q-A.n ee . H , ,W he ,V f f ,A , 9. gg' -35 is , ,, 'Fw' ig if-15 N' at Q T g 'VZ gi In i A Ly? VfV5s,? ' x I in Id ,-'V 5, lit ,Ms ' N "1 .4 1 5 R ' -4 AW Ml L V ,V V i 'J - M M4 A-QA s ' Q A VV -.. w 'haf A f J, Y We w 1 Ai Vi it iiSV?'Ef , I 'T A A I s l if if " .4,.. X W LJ?-rf VW ir gi X - .A j u A A A M S ly A' 2- 5 sf i.-- W we A Vw 1- v iii wr Af 1 ZW' V AA ,Ny if Z i V 5 f'Q aj A Q4 ,,. of V' AA A ' 5" ' I ff 4-'WZ X' f I L " , if Z, ! 4 I A A is Y ,M I VfeM ,.,:f..V, ,, ,gf ul "9 W V if A V in A A A A if A ,gil -A 1' V zll 41 A ,sf 5 ' I A .D V ,y A',, A .V Q J, .45 tw ,A I ,AA 4, Av ,,W 5 A get 'f' V., ef a A, . A f A , Af" - Jff l, AA Q4 I, 1 K W A M A j A v M, t, W, 3 f fl f 7 71 4. 'J ' J 5 V- ch., ' '-A' 4 f . v.fv ,, ww- ,s- , - A A nf A ' ' l ' QQ -iff ' ' A g -1 V ,, -, 'F' ' A ,- AV fs, 2' 47 H ., ' ' I ff,,f',"w Q if ' . H- ' in-I ' "-1' , .f , f ,fig I Have -AAA 1 - 3 ' A gf -,gf - f ci 1 - ' l f . f get if in 'S ' W r AAAA A ' A ,fs 4 -wi: V ' J ,M ' j ' f .. V A 49, ' ' - A Z A L in J bf J ,Lit ' if - fi , V X' AAAAAAAA 'X Q I 'M N ' Q .W -A ,s A ,fl ,AA , f"w-ef A ,gf 1, A- J fs! Ag - D S - . f' A 25:1 Yi i Al -if s B A1 AV' if li I rj- V AJ- ,AAA .2 'I W.. M J' Q' j,,,,..ZM,, ..,,,f W, f U xY 5 LM A V . , 3 Ai A.,umA3, my .W ROW l, left to right: Pat Davis, Sandra Hoagland, Mary Ann Eck- ford, Rose Frazier, Sharleen Davis, Sandy Helrich, Darlene Hotz, Betty Contreras, Sandra Anderson, Gwenn Cramer, Carole DeLay, Diane Dar- row, Sharon Davis, Karen Burgess. ROW 2: Alice Garcia, Judy Dodge, Arlene Griffore, Donna Dabney, Geneva Good, Donna Heflin, Jean Deaton, JoAnn Fernandes, Marcel- la Fitch, Linda Ditmore, Peggy Hoover, Margaret DuVaI, Deloris Dye, Alice Hurley. ROW 3: Glenn Ebert, Jerry Danielson, Dennis Lu- zon, Ronald Vazcaellos, Larry Haz- elton, John Hoose, Michael Gus- tafson, Steve Fry, John Ferrari, Gary Graeber, Brooks Hamm, Har- ry Eitzen, Buddy Evans, Fred Han- cock. ROW l, left to right: Karen Fred- rickson, Pat Haskins, Kay High- tower, Sharon Hoppe, Susan Gal- braith, lnga Fritsch, Bobbi Hienzel, Jayne Hoffman, Ann Horsefall, Sharon Graham, Carol Heib, Mar- lene Dawe, Carron Hopkins, Bar- bara Hunt. ROW Z: Dorothy Han- lsh, Heather Hooper, Noel Hum- phries, Pat Erman, Inez Garcia, Pam Dowell, Lorene Gianni, Pat Funder- burg, Mary Ferguson, Roslyn Gold- stein, Linda Dally, Frances ltanen, Yvonne Faraola, Lynne Griffith. ROW 3: William Feldhake, Wayne Jones, James Earl, Donald Har- desty, Joe Herrera, Denny Good- rum, Jack Harpe, Allen Hager- strand, LeRoy Fore, Lynn Freeman, Ken Hightower, Jim Cree, Jerry Fisher, Ray Hedlund. ROW l, left to right: Ruth Ann Glass, Jeanie Habe, Jeanne Ham- blen, Marlene Gilford, Barbara Kendle, Donna Hatley, Judie Laughlin, Wynona Elam, Wilma Holland, Alene Hall, Connie Hen- derson, Judy Lyons, Shirley Hester, Elona Gooley. ROW 2: Donna Ma- her, Miriam McDonald, Mary Jo Mitchell, Judy Nelson, Billie Mc- Gowan, Beverly Mallory, Becky Mc- Laughlin, Susan Jackson, Sandy Kirschner, Karen McCain, Janet Medcalf, Pat Markovich, Betty Gad- dis, Marilyn Fuhlman. ROW 3: Rod Kreiss, Bob Kint, Bill McDermott. John Moore, Jim Faison, Bob Man- gini, Brian Luiz, Bob Nolden, Roger Emanuels, Stephen Nicholos, Bruce Olson, Richard McDermott, Jack Kennerson, Ron Lichti. When Pat Erman and Donna Bart- neck finally get their driver's li- censes and start being criticized as women drivers, they can always say that a "man" taught them all they know. Mr. Bruce Iverson does his best to explain to the girls the dif- ference between the gas pedal and the brake without confusing them. All sophomores are required to take the course which is for a semester only. ROW l, lefl lo righl: Elsie Mills, Delores Dawson, Lana Ludwig, Car- olyn Jones, Evelyn Koslors, Marlha Landis, Sherie Leaver, Sheila John- son, Mary Marlin, Lois Nakaqaki, Psyche Miller, Linda Johnson, Judy Monroe, Penny Jones. ROW 2: Da- vid Nance, Rudolph Omania, Sam Johnslon, Roy Jara, David lmhof, Charles Jusiice, Edwin Griffin, Len- ny Olson, Jerry McKay, Dennis Mills, Charles Lamb, Edward Jean- nolle, Herb Ludricks, Jim Liggeif. ROW 3: Janef Ferwerda, Sylvia Mesna, Barbara Nulling, Gail Jones, Lee Miller, Rona Moore, Shirley Johnson, Kay Moore, Judy Johnson, Ju'dy Janas, Pam Ma- chado, Sandra Kellick, Nancy Kel- ler, Marfy McGralh. ROW l, lefl lo righi: Dolores Kroul, Judy Morelli, Cynlhia Jones, Pen- ny Lundeberg, Rulh Lingenfeller, Gloria Mason, Kay Masferson, Ev- elyn Loza, Carolyn Oakley, Carol Ann Osferhoudf, Marie Maifos, Louise Jensen, Phyllis Null, Teddy Irish. ROW 2: Linda Machado, Kar- en Messer, Karl-iy Orleqa, Teri May- nard, Nanci Jacoby, Barbara Kay, Kandy Tasheway, Darlene Onsloff, Brigifle Muhm, Judy Kupka, Linda Leoni, Sonia Halvorsen, Terry Mad- den, Nifa Nelson. ROW 3: Dick Jones, Dick 'MaHhews, Dave John- son, Vaughn Lealh, Bob Murray, George Jones, Darol James, Chuck Noifingham, Greg Marlin, Gene Mefcho, Henry Melendres, Jay Jackson, Garv Maynard, Garry Korpi. ROW l, leff 'lo righl: Kirk Jacob- son, Doug Gaunfl, Allen Meyer, Don Nibbleff, Judi Jagger, Norma Jones, Richard Laurence, Lewis Morgan, Tim McOuiIlan. ROW 2: Bill Slone, Ronald King, Bill Mc- Elwaine, Brian Maderos, Clyde Lu- omala, Don McKinsey, Raymond Nebergall, Larry Kissinger, Jack Kenl. ROW 3: Ralph Mohr, Sle- phen Maloney, Ken Follz, Mike Larkin, Roger Krobolh, John Dyck- man, Ray Johns, Marlin Moore, Nick Mascilelli, Paul Jones. "Oh fl-nal a man miqhl know lhe end of fhis day's business"-was on fhe rip of every sophomore 'langue as The Spring sen-iesler drew lo a close. Mrs. Sally Nero laugh? fhe difference between an lambic and a Dacfylic accenf sfress in poelry to her English llA's lhis day. N- ei ,. Q X , J if , x,,,, X V ,fy ' cf eiik " , s N I i 3 W, we A fy 2 y J wif, 5 'if L-.M We f J vi Q 9 4, , ' , I 1- l 'Z S 4 'le A i 1, ,Vg .. H if " n M aisie 'Z ' 'V ' Y" f' - ' ' 5 52 i , ' 1954114 f fa 2 5 M F my A G l y ' 5 " 7 M We V if .lf , f fy 47 I , K A My , . ff B X if ' , 1 f 1 K. hf 'fx t f ,, M, ,- ' M ff 9' ,fb ,, fgfxf Z f J df ,Mg . 3 Q iff. ,,, c ,I . , , J .vm . J V ,fam -inn-7 a,iz-G se- ow ine- .A emi X., 5 uw QMV V fi- ,gg ' , si 2.519 in' me .3 1 I M Ss, 7,17 ev I W Q ro ro -CZ f' f ' , 2 4 , fffvff Z, ,M ' ,WW ,Mk am 1 4 QL. G ,, 4. 7 1 -A . 1 . es' 5 Q 'eff ., , ' 1 ,if 2 , ,DI . .2 .J I, I ' - 4 y , Q , If . gf ,, ff 5 qw' f " .' 4 .iw ,V f fl- 'ALF Q 2 ., ,J 0 7 1 I -ws' ,ef I SZ, I qv ' me F! W9 W! gp! , , 4 ff 5' 'a W I, I I I WL ww? QW X W 1 4, 'KI age '7'g ' if ,, , if f X, f Q . - A ' f I avg ,,.W-wwf, :Y .I ' f , -Q ' ' I I ,V F ,N , A .gu i I - g or? . I ' ., I g M 3 Q. . fm,-4 if " ,If ,i ii , 1 . 'I ,kj f'f, .2"'5 in 7' 'eff ""' f f""7f e -7 ' M ' ' R if fe' E r Z, MG , kb- ,E , .4 X ,V V 2 g fffjff I, Z fp, , y I ., J H, , is ' Ill , , I .aff ww f, . A f ff, 91. I , , Q 6 , , f, , , l g -, rg, ss, L W L . W ' I II ' 1 ai- . 'I . .i if W 'L 'I ' ' " I - f ' ni- it - A 17-3 G fc ' fa-ZI I 7- fe fi 'L' Q T , ' , , W , f , , Mn., X vv! . V, L , , If ,, i I I I ,,,. U , I Q, N. . ,f l V f ,ff V12 . . ,, Z M, , , Iv a g., f V , - om! F43 . bww, - S I f 1 . , - I , 4? 3 f Q ' 1 ' , e - S 1 if- ' . ' "" I' i , ..... N V ,. I LV 2 E A f ,Ani-,,, , I . .1-.::'z,,,, ,M V ,, A M , v K 4 J. ,Z I 2, p in-rx, L, lf, ,1 , N if 'f V " We 3,1 i f ' , ,mf f " W' If , A I . .. V .. 'X - Z 1 ""' if "' r . v- A.. Q , -4 'J I Q 1 pq Qi f f 'K' ay Y fe II - 5'-v "2 ff" W Z X, , , , , fy Q , 432,25 ' 'J W 4 ' f, A . 'IVY 4 5-'Mr A 4' Aw., in Q 1 s qv" ' . f..,,,,, if I,,, f '- J, W .S ,X y I V. , ,,, , ., 7 , 'f . . . . . ,jf ' -. I - " zz - 1 g, .2 .- ,I W , ' , vrrf W . I , ' , , I ,f , I-... if. + L V' ,,., , ,f ' 3 , 4 , ,, , gb? J., 9, , all ' ff W V 5' 4 A' ff , ' 7" ' I ji' 'V Z "" 'f'7i'f7",f' Q I , ,W X ,ggi f, , My ,IV ,, -1- , I- Y ., I I , . QS, .,.,Z,, . , f Wff,- ,4 ,, I' 'V X, ,I r ' ,ff " - ' f ,f I -gi , , -44 , I f I I, , f .W , , - .s M W , I, W f ' . ' ' J - A , an M Z .If , T' ' f tw 1,71 , ' ' .zfifraiey ifl Q I fy ., , -if ,WMV vzwpy. V f -, .. V , V , f .arf-I 8 5' I , I , I f' f , W , V ff f' , ' r, I is 'nf -., 'R ,. - . - , 4 , Q My .. f 4 , W , , , 4 , ,, 1 ff 7 W " ,, '+ .- as ' 'vfsw-I-mit 4 4-ra 5 f 4 I , , ,f M ' NA'I',49j , Ln? ",?'4f':W W' , J , . , I ' I ff ,' ff 1 f , , 5 fail, I ' ' ROW l, lefl' lo righl: Fosler Rob- erlson, Barbara Riley, Karen Smllh, Linda Palmiler, Diane Slonaker, Barbara Salwasser, Nancy Puff!-im. Barbara Sharp, Delores Salisbury, Priscilla Robinson, Terry Renschen, Belly Rhodes, Sandra Anderson, Bonnie Rossberg. ROW Z: Brenda Sloddard, Susi Seymour, Nancy Reyes, Peggy Sidebollom, Sondra Shaver, Peggy Richards, Sharon Slone. Carol Ryan, LouAnn Sand- ers, Pal Payne, Jean Tale, Mary Lou Tilley, Lynda Smasal, Gloria Slanfield. ROW 3: Ken Pelerson, Gerald Quigg, Murray Shellon, Carl Silva, Bob Parscal, Bill Rink, Peler Schlaman, Brian Russell, Nor- man Smilh, Keilh Schwarlzlrauber, David Saunders, John Skeen, Phil Sefers, Ellioll Sponable. ROW I, Iefl lo righl: Susan Rice, Judy Shoop, Pennie Smilh, Kalhy McKee, Sandra Recio, Diane Shel- by, Judy Slreeler, Judy Romano, Pal Rogers. Valorie Torres, Sha- ron Pimenlel, Wilmella Servenli, Carla Schloller, Sanday Sheffield, Sue Sheffield. ROW 2: Ken Padgell, Richard Sauer, Don Perdue, Bob Rodriguez, Jim Royse, Larry Swan- son, Larry Phipps, Bob Swanson, Gary Russo, Orris Sundlie, Dan Sov- ereign, James Quigley, Brenl P's- len, Gary Sfagqe. ROW 3: Xavier Ramirez, Lonnie Salina, Dennis Reilly. Neal Roberson, Keilh Park- er, Wayne Pelerson, Herb Schoel- ler, Jack Sheean, Larry Simmons. Gerald Slcne. Gary Robinson, Floyd Skaggs, Keilh Sovereign, Mike Ploeger. ROW l, lefl lo righl: Josephine Zambulo, Sandra Terwilleger, Judy Sands, Marbv Drexel, Audrey Simp- son, Toni Smilh, Carol Ann Phillip- sen, Janie Zundel, Nalalie Zavia- lo'l"f, Sharon Robbins, Juanila Skin- ner, Joann Pimenlel, Pal Vinding Sharon Pinnell. ROW 2: Ronald Wink'er, Larry Young, Richard Slcnaker, Gerald Thompson. Phil Wagner, Curlis While, Pal Smilh, Clifford Vaughn R'n Uwe, Rucl Peebles, Gary Sbona, John Red- slreake. Roger Slaggs, ROW 3: Larry Pavilionis, Jrhn Slaler, Ron- ald Richardson, Jack Murphree, Wayne Simons, Ron Small, Terry Soulhwick, Bob Price, Tom Scog- gins, Jerry Richescn, Don Pallon, Lew Pengillv, Bob Parks, Dennis Treadway. ROW l, lell lo righl: Lenny Williams, Dalmacio Visperas, Gil- berl Tully, Bill Wood, Dean Wil- son, Aubrey Reeves, Doug Trosl, John Riccobuono, Vern Timmerman, Mickey Thomas, Terry Tener. ROW 2: Susan Russell, Judie Yergenson, "Cal" Tomlinson, Juanila Randle, Sue Tale, Judie Riggs, Maren Sundquisl, Palsy Valdez, Pal Wall- ers, JoAnn Taylor, Gayle Taylor, Margarel Anne Wilhinglon, Becky Zuur, Vicki Wilson. ROW 3: Jo- sephine Yarbrough, Louise Walkins, Marilyn Thompson, Edina Work- man, Joyce Wulzke, Gail Wagner, Bonney Uflens, Toni Varqus, June William, Pal Wallers, Shirley Tay- lor. ROW 4: Bruce Wallon, Dave Travins, Craig Whisler, Ron Terry, Al Trelle, Forresl Van Werl, Rus- sell Ralphs, Don Tarbel, Joe York, Dennis Wad-worth, Paul Slaler, Larry Spessard, Sleve Swindell. "Jim Dandy" came to the rescue when these sophomore girls began to minuei, and then finally broke into some good ole' popular rock and roll! This act was particularly colorful, featuring pastel hoop skirts, "crazy" pants. The "Midnight Creepers" displayed fine precision and talent as a chorus of approximately twenty girls kicked and tapped out their routine. Last year this same group amared Di Hi students with its ability to stay together. Ron Terry, the comical iester who acted as M.C., took time out during rehearsal to watch one of the acts. "Courtyard Capers" featured a fairy tale story of how the Sopho- more Class came to the rescue of the "Princess Who Wouldn't Smile." Providing lilting harmony during the assemhly wr-re D-anna Hatlev and Judy Laughlin who sang "Green- sleeves" and "l'll See You in My Dreams." Although the act was en- ioyed by everyone in the audience, the Princess still failed to smile. 'asppfw .lfwmflmiwr . .. fa 5 ? farww-ffff ' , , Larry Young, sophomore sensalion, needs no inlroduclion 'lo Diablo sludenls. Noi' only has he appeared in his class assemblies as a loyal member, bu? also he has appeared on radio and has sung for many organizalions. Larry is also lhe direclor on The "Teen Toons'fers," a group wilh a fulure in 'l'l1e enlerfainmenl' field. The Sophomores were concerned wifh 'lhe crowding of sludenls af Danny's Den, so members were assigned fo lunch lines as well as brunch lines. No one member was afraid of upperclassmen and as a resulf, lhe lines were neal and orderly. This year's Sophomore Service really lakes care of lhe "slrongylocenl'ro- fuses." AW W W f X Q Jffbig, W sf 7 Perhaps lhe mosl inleresling of lhe science courses offered al Diablo is The Biology science. Besides dissecling worms, calchinq bugs, and picking flowers, sludenls also sfudy lhe human body as relaled fo heredify and environment This sophomore course prepares college preparalory sludenls for fulure sludy in chem- islry and physics. Mr. Worlhylake, Mr. Johnson's subslilule, con- ducls his classes in a "scien'rific, businesslike manner." The firsf proiecf of lhe Sophomore cabinel was 'lo plan lhe annual Christmas formal. For many monlhs lhe members mel and discussed possibililies of lhemes and decoralion. When the dance was a success, members were confidenl of a successful assembly. An aclive class, lhe sophomores confribuled much lo sludenl body acfivilies, Members are FRONT ROW, lefl 'lo righl: Carla Schloller, Mary Marlin, Mary Clark, Dale Adams, Joe Parlansky, Sonia Halvorsen, Donna Barlneck. SECOND ROW: Fosler Roberl- son, Bev Mallory, Kay Hightower, Dean Dealon, Harlin King, Brenda Sloddard, Mary Lou Tilley. BACK ROW: Roger Emanuels, Charlie Kimes, Buzzy Vaughn, John Barclay, Steve Casey, Arlene Grifford, Mary Ferguson. 'aw jf, W I 1 ,Z ff, sms as WWW 'nfl .,,. 4 spew 'za - f- e f LONG JOURNEY AHEAD! AlThough They enTered MT. Diablo bewildered and uncerTain abouT high school liTe, by June The Fresh- men emerged ready To carry on The TradiTions and spiriT oT The school, These sTudenTs have a "long iourney ahead" bu+ if each year is as successTul as Their TirsT, Then by The Time They are ready To don caps and gowns, These Frosh will have a memorable Tour years. SuccessTul class proiecTs began iusT aTTer The class oTTicers were elecTed in OcTober. They immediaTely planned Tor Their annual dance To be presenTed No- vember I6. AlThough a liTTle unsure as To how To plan a dance. The Frosh developed The Theme oT "Pink Rhapsody" To creaTe ThaT aTmosphere. EnThusiasTic over The success oT Their TirsT proiecT, The eager Frosh plunged inTo The plans oT Their assembly. Many diTTer- enT kinds oT acTs were presenTed under The Theme OT "Through The Ages." Realizing ThaT wiThouT Tunds, The class can'T do much, They held several calce sales and added cash To The class Treasury. Barbara Roe and Jim Craig earned aTTenTion Tor The class when The "Diablo News" sTaTT piclced Them To represenT The Frosh as "Typical Freshmen." Ed BuTler and CharloTTe TripleTT served as king and queen aT Their dance: Their classmaTes elecTed Them in The Tall. Did you noTice The garbage cans This year? They were all preTTy Tull. The Frosh service commiTTee was an imporTanT branch OT sTudenT governmenT aT school and has been a real service To Diablo. ln a Tew shorT years, The Class OT '60 will be The leaders oT The school, and as Seniors They will seT The pace Tor The underclassmen. WiTh The many acTiviTies They accomplished This year, The Freshmen promise To be highly successTul as a class in Their remaining years aT Diablo. STEVE JACKSON PresidenT PAT H EN NSESSY Vice Presidenf CHARLENE FOSS Secrefary ARCHIE MORGAN Represenfafive M-of 4189 . MMM, A - r Cl, fc T' W Q i 5 Qgf1,,1 so if i E. i ' "' ff. . A H , e I' ss 1 5 5 .5 , V. ,J M, 'fir -A '22 - vs I3 UN Q5 FX if 'Q -is f if if ,Q 'F Q fl Q -fj 1 .ww i K T W' f T 3 ian is "jfs G, 'Agia "if ji 'fl V 0 37155.35 .Sf ss. e Y , ,gf 9 , s Q . 'sf B ' 4' f' A- R ' L-and f 1 , v for . .18 7 4' ii R Neglig- Ra h S-f 1- . K 30.-. nfs ,,,, ,L .iN,, .eww -Y -. 5-6,1 ' f . . ': .rv B -vb' ff A. s fl 4,1 M -":""" .X . 9 if-N li in ' I i' ii- - ' ' . f' I h' 'H -'J ' if 5, J. ' ,if Q. .,- .A .4 l ,ga if-'W , 'eff 9 H ' ' V -3 I I W-v, 4: x,.. s ...,, ,ex N g 7,73 l-in i 1 ml ROW I, Ieff lo righf: Barbara Bri'H', Linda Arenh, Mary Jo Amerson, Diane Balhun, Donna Boka, Barbara Buscaglia, Kalhy Blikeng, Anil'-3 Burlon, Rosemary Bohn, Carolynn Burden, Lynn Bydewell, Ann Bal- lou, Jane Beufel, Linda Baker. ROW 2: Ray Bickar, Dennis Benneff, Rob- erf Barr, Alberi Beulel, Todd Bales, Jack Bouguennec, Ron Belknap, John Bohan, Steven Brockbank, Ed Binam, Doug Brown, Ken Brenl, Jerry Barham, Don BarreH. ROW 3: Ray Burns, Will Brown, Cliff Carf- wrighf, Eddie Ackerman, Dave An- derson, Duane Ball, Allan Aiari, Hugh Brown, Fred Auda, Jerry Broyles, Mike Arnold, Michael Bru- nelle, Richard Boyle, Ronald Biork. ROW I, lefl lo righl: Maddy Arm- sfrong, Judy Allen, Judy Bruce, Norma Bloching, Dorolhy Bone, IdaLee Bell, Carolyn Bohannan, Barbara Bloomer, Cheslena Akers, Brenda Brayan, LaVerne Brechfel, Carole Allman, Joan Brazil. ROW 2: Troy Brown, Jim Crumwell, Paul Bengslon, Gary Benzler, Roy Burns, Tyler Anderson, Dennis Backues. Don Barfke, Brenl Alcheson, Paul Belarde, Bill Bawden, Douglas Birch, Don Biddle, James Burkell. ROW 3: Diane Ahumada, Judy Barns, Karen Brown, Jane? Ball, Becky Blanchard, Roberfa Chong, Barbara Brooks, Peggy Beck, Bar- bara Barnes, La Vonne Baird, Bar- bara Bailey, Sandra Burns, Bonnie Borden, Gayle Fiske. ROW I, lefl lo righl: Eleanor Da- vison, Berry Cain, Shirley Flefch- er, Margie Ecoffey, JoAnn Dana, Barbara Chance, Kay Frilsch, San- dra Calloway, Pal Elam, Elizabelh DeHarf, Karen Ellingson, Jane? Decker, Nancy Dunnelley, Frances Calambay. ROW 2: Ronald Collen, Ray Bracken, Dick Buscaglia, Monly Duarle, John Duncan, Joe Don Balalla, John Carlson, Terry Dwyer, Gordon Cooper, Sam Birky, Jim Borelli, Scorl Crenshaw, Ollene Bal- lard, Bob Chambers. ROW 3: Lee Faison, Donald Devineenzi, Jerry Fraze', Bob Allison, Bob Fore, Don- ald Aherns, "Muggs" Denfon, Ed Butler, Larry Eberl, Gary DeLaRosa, Gerald Afnip, Slanley Forsslrom, David Crenna, Jim Curry. The freshman cake sale, planned and carried our by lhe ambitious freshman class, feafured many vari- elies of cakes. Since lhe delicacies were sold ar lunch, hungry sludenrs merged upon lhe lable and the cakes were soon gone. Result? Money in lhe class lreasury. ROW l, lefl lo righl: Donna Dris- kell, Joann DeFrales, Marie Ches- selel, Judy Dallon, Karen Chrislen- sen, Gail Coslello, Rulh Doerner, Kay Dozier, Linda Cannady, Carol Campbell, Ramona Davis, Barbara Clark, June Clark, Suella Carlos. ROW 2: Judy Cox, Sue Cook, Con- nie Fulk, Barbara Cash, Mary Claus- sen, Maria Fernandez, Dianne Ful- lon, Kalhleen Ericksson, Carole Choporis, Diane Foskel, Phoebe French, Nevalene Cremeen, Mada- lvn Drago, Charlene Foss. ROW 3: David Carpenler, Bob Huidl, Rickie Follz, Mfke Conneally, Scollie Es- sin, Richard DelChiaro, Bob Caskey, Dennis Clark, James Falkenslrom, Ronnie File, Bob DelChiaro, Don Crandall, Billy Conn, Willard Chris- man. ROW l, leff lo righl: Bonnie Harl- man, Nancy Hicks, Susan Fosler, Carol Carden, Joan Dalfon, Leslie Eggum, Kay Harden, Calhy Cald- well, LaHoma Eeds, Judy Dial, Pal' Gibson, Judy Conn, Joanne Crenna, Chrisline lrish. ROW 2: Mary Grimsley, Rila Haskins, Dolly Jones, Shirley Jarvis, Doris Collins, Kalh- leen Kabal, Angelica Keller, Carol Glass, Pal' Harden, Eileen Golden, Kalhy Fosler, Jean Kilowski, Sharon Harris, Rennie Hoobler. ROW 3: Ed Cavallo, Jack Dickinson, Larry Campbell, Larry DeFrales, Rodger Cramer, James Colburn, Dick EI- ling, Bob Freeman, George Con- carnon, Eddie Jchnson, David Hri- dak, Jim Dougan, Jim Craig. ROW I, Iefl fo righl: Nancy Jones, Judy Creeley, Edna Kelley, Marie Kroul, Carol Hermansen, Judilh Herberf, Diane Himes, Sally Ger- bolh, Nadine Hollhouse, Jane? Jar- din, Frances Halloway, Sandra Gross, Mariza Garcia, Wilda Hom- mond. ROW 2: Charles Fosler, Paul Kinney, Donald Kollenborn, Paul Harrison, Rob Gordon, Jerry lseli, Mike Grahn, Dennis Garrellson, Bob Goble, Byron Kelly, Jack Ha- zelfon, Bob McEwen, Gary Hub- bard, Don Eddy. ROW 3: Norman Hill, Ronald Gress, Wilberf Horne, Mel Heaps, Carl Ohman, Drew Heidy, Keilh Kays, Tom Grimes, Doyle Cosme, Bill Cullen, Harold Dogliani, Paul Erman, Bob Jones, John Hill. Soft drinks and do-nuls served as fuel building maferial for fhe freshmen and members of lhe leadership class and Block "D," affer an aflernoon's work of clean- ing up fhe campus. Each year lhe Frosh are excused from classes lo parlicipale in lhe Freshman Clean- up Day, an annual evenl planned and supervised by lhe Grounds Commiss'oner. is . s. Q ff! Q i. f Y X, f c ' fi wm ,fa .xgiifx c A A .,, , .. K ll x - A - Qs W f 2' gals V ' M J, 444 Q Sf R 1 , ,lx Q is ,,.. I M, 'uv aw di ,, sa , , '. ' ' 3- ""' F1 ' ' i vii . '1 -' P 'fig 5, nf. vi We f ,. - .f - - ' 1-iff E , , ' ' . --an -' Q'1Q - ---"1 i y a - ,, - :X K 4 , , - - k , E Q, L: 2 uvtk wg 35 R L ss ea r liais e, J ,. . if if 'Z l 'ii ' ' ,f f 2- 'Q ' , A " . . s 7 "A" 4 fs. lm Q ' V iAV'l Q.: , J if . r ... Pr -ff' fr f .. J J y - f 2 sz gt., xx ' .,.,- 'M' J,, , 4 l 2 , gy VH, in In 1:1 1, ir' in . W In V. l, 6 A ig ---, 4 -sw . -Q ' 'Z L 7. ,"' " 'V 'f"' ' lx' ' f 9 "'x ""' I ly " "" N Q ,af 44" -Q if 11' ' -if 15 , -f-- F L' Q j, - 1 Am-qfjilj' t , - -- -.,,. y . -s r , 1- ryr H r A i i 1 . , ' vig . ii M6 L ' 1' f 6 1 , 'gn ' 1 ' Q L ' .- I .g L .. s, 'Iva -fl P' J ss.. , . , . .f , f .. , .Q f fin , fi? 'J' G3 'fl' ,ri -ye s .. .fa if' 5,4 'er a ev -. 1 .sf -,,, vi-lata 6 ,,-4 s.- Q .,'!....,.... ROW l, lefl lo righl: Karen.Gard- ner, Carol Gorman, Judy Kimblle. Sherry Garrell, Pal Hulcheson, Gloria Hare, Margarel Hempslead, Carol Johnslon, Jean Hagerbeum- er, Kalhleen Emerv, Carolyn Guer- rv, Sharon Kelly, Sharon Hubbard, Sharon Gross. ROW Z, Greg Hill, Douglas Hickle, David Hull, Ken Hickey, Mike Kelly, Roberl Jour- dan, Gary Frankovich, Norman Hauser, Michael Harlwig, Mal l-larlwig, Slan Kalinowski, Bill Kil- corse, Eddy Hickes, Jerry Harri- son. ROW 3: Dave Harris, Nyles Johnson, Charles Hagood, Ervin Jo- seph, Ron Kilowski, George Gianni, Woody Dyer, Charles Hallam, Edie Gomez, John Horning, David Hag- erslrand, Frank Gonderman, Sleve Hubbard, Sleve Jackson. ROW l, lefl lo righl: Virginia Johnson, Sue Granl, Palsy Kaulz, Judy Hadden, Bonila Killingswor-lh, Diane Hamillon, Judie Jones, Lor- ella Homolka, Sharon Jones, Palsy Hennessy, Joan Housden, Joyce Haring, Trudy Hays, Judy Hoheisel. ROW 2: Charella Kellogg, Nancy Hrbacek, Carol Gee, Marilyn Hidy, Heidi Hohenrieder, Eslher Gaiari- an, Jan Koskinen, Karen Kuhr, Mar- garel Harwell, Lenino Lucas, Pally Marlinelli, Madeline Lewis, Barbara Pimenlel, Virgilynn Logie. ROW 3: Bob Carscadden, Lloyd McCoy, Richard Poncedeleon, Duane Mor- ris, Roberl Hammer, Jim Ander- son, Brenl Hokanson, Bill Meese, Tom Prieslap, John Lee, Paul Kay- felz, Bill McKinsey, Tom Morgan. Tim Nisonger. ROW l, lell lo righl: Maureen Ol- iver, Nancy Nakalani, Yvelle Lel-l, Sandi Madlena, Carole Lindsey, Barbara Marlin, Joyce Mayfield, Charlene Praler, Sharon Maiors, Janice Malhison, Midge Pulnam, Nancy Mullen, Mary Piona, Karen McDonald. ROW 2: Kennelh Mc- Kinney, Ron Mangini, Archie Mor- ris, Tommy Lillie, Kenny Pills, Jim Norman, Roberl Finger, Charles Odom, Jim Moiso, Jim Morlenson, Jack Pence Jeff McElroy, Bob Lom- bardo, John Page, Bob Mallory. ROW 3: Sharon Paravagna, Linda Myers, Ellen PelIeH, Lael Loringer, Jocelyn Morczkowski, Paula Mc- Guire, Linda Moore, Deanna Long, Sharon McElroy, Sandra Phelps, Carol Nullinger, Carol Maher, Donna Nees, Diane Pelerson. Orienlalion, required for all fresh- men, acquainled lhe incoming slu- denls wilh school governmenl and lheir physical and social place in life. Mrs. Belly Courlney helps one of her sludenls learn lhe rules and regulalions of lraflic in our build- ings. The Orienlalion Handbook helped lhe new Frosh undersland lhe funclions ol lhe school. ROW l, lefl lo riqhl: Kalhryn Pan- coasl, Anile Lola, Jacky Nulley, Linda Lewis, Carol Pulnam, Bever- Osborn, Sharon McAllister, Mar- iyn Maylone, Gayle Puryear, Bev- e"lf2Y Mundy, lsalene Pelerson, Edllh Lee, Sally McRae, Linda Mil- ler. ROW 2: Ron Lasley, Richard Loera, Tom Markle, Wall Peebles, Tom Messer, Murland Miller, Bob McDowell, John Minsler, Bill Lamm, Jim Maples, Charles Mollasheld, Sluarl Mann, Ken Olofson. ROW 3: Bill Moore, Bob Newell, Jim Mall- bie, John Ploeqer, Howard McEl- haney, Tom Nichols, John Odeqard, Gary MacGuire, Richard Lind- slrom, Ed Lewis, Ben Lewis, John Nunes, Gary Lievre, Archie Mor- gan. ROW l, lefl 'lo righl: Sharon Payne, Glenda Orlega, Nancy Pinkwarl, Linda Lee, Janel' Pearce, Judy Mc- Henry, Ellen Looper, Billie Logan, Anne Maison, Laurey Parker, Car- mel Pelland, Sandy Olson, Dina Podner, Janel Pelrie. ROW 2: Pam Mealey, Charmaine Omania, Ro- berla Noe, Carol Pelmas, Lola Ol- son, Bonnie Mason, Marilyn Mick- ey, Alberla Mallox, Shirley Lawson, Sherry Millard, Dale Luomala, Del Tessandro, Ron Sofge, Jesse Teran. ROW 3: Dennis Newman, Michael Murphy, Jerry Loving, Tony Pooler, Lloyd Liles, Samuel Leonard, Jim Pringle, Frank Snyder, Jim Parker, Randy Norris, Jeanne Murray, Dor- ofhy Lee, Sue Padelford, Enid Ma- lhias, Jack Rookaird. ROW l, lefl 'lo righl: Amelia San- liago, Linda Roller, Ruby Roberl- son, Gay Richardson, Rifa Romo, Carol Smifh, Cookie Sweeny, De- lene Randall, Judy Rath, Donna Sfeen, Sharon Slaggs, Lura Sloan, Delores Shuck, Virginia Pahlerson. ROW 2: Bill Resfuch, Gary Snider, Bob McElwaine, Bill Lucas, Richard Smilh, David Rodriguez, Slanley Sfanlon, Pele Rubio, Bill Nelson, Bill Small, Clyde Spencer, Larry Rogers, Bill Silva, Morgan Slon- ecker. ROW 3: James Sumner, Flelcher Smiih, Dick Roof, James Licklifer, Warren Rupf, Don Schoux, David Shaffer, Tim Pulos, Gary Smifh, David Shorlen, Bob Ramsey. Ray Claudie, Donald Roufs, Melvin Rosowski. Wha'l's so inleresling in Sl Aca- demic? Jinx Adams acquainls fhese Frosh girls wifh 'lhe mosl popular room on campus, ll"s "Home, Sweel Home" lo all iournalism slu- denfs and all newspaper and year- book aclivilies are planned and carried oul' in 'lhis very room. Al noon, il"s a favorile haunl' of 'fhe Block "D" boys. Never a dull mo- menl in Mrs. Helen Lum's famous and versalile classroom! -an S? Q wi, f 7 auf meh "ffm 552 r W Q of V f , 1 , i P 'Z x f ,sf f ,, ' U l 4 f U I ' f 403 X S , 4 X X ,f l W ,- Q 3 6' V I Z , I Z' V' " ' Z 7 lv ' 'f , I 70 fy, AIA, ,W U f W f may ,f ' ' QUIZ if.. .fi f ' fri ' I6-M4 We ,J fl. -R. H qw s Q A gf -, ,Q V, M. - 'Z H. ,L -' 'L 4,-f, '. , W B ' ,C W vw ..:., Q, 4, A :V A Wh U 'R' V rv B' . ,, 33-ffx ROW l, lefl lo righl: Juanila Smilh, Susann Slewarl, Carol, Lorella Summers, Darlene Smllh. Deanna Runnion, Sandra Safre, Jo- lene Spurlcck, Ann Rhodes, Bar- bara Roe, Susan Redmile, Carole Sill, Carol Rodgers, Mariorle Sle- mon. ROW 2: Ralph 5l0ke5. HGIVY R'sser, Michael Slewarl, Ken Roe, Gordon Russ, George Sousa, Larry Ronayne, Augie Sanlos, Joe Sousa, Jack Rookaird, Bob Sl. Pier-re, Ralph Rulherlord, Don .SQCl'lSl, Clyde Rossberg. ROW 3: Jim Ros- coe, Frank Slich, Nicky Sparks. .lack Shrarler, John Rubiales, James Racine, Jim Rawlinson, Howard Slevens, Edgar Rusl, Sleve Simonds, Bill Richelieu, John Swidrok, Ceil Shaefler, Sfeven Shelby. ROW l,lef1+o righlz Pal Roberson, Janel Slape, Penny Royal, Harla Smilh, Sharyle Sloneker, Georgiann Sloul, Joye Robinson, Nancy Row- den, Meredifh Skeen, Pal Smilh, Shirlev Robbins, Sheri Simmons. Lois Shimmin, Janel Sperling. ROW 2: Linda Sheehan, Joanne Shorl, Rufh Sweefser, Roberla Seibold, Barbara Sloner. ROW 3: Roberl Se- mans, Gary Smilh, Charlie Shockey, Tom Slaler, Max Shor'l', Jim Shaf- ling, Keilh Schmidl, Cameron Sper- ling, Frank Rose, Gene Smasel, Kenl Sfreel, Gary Silva. ROW l, lefl 'ro righf: Richard Tier- ra, Rodena York, Roberta Tomlin, Anila Wailrovich, Susan Zimpel, Judy Valbrachl, Judy Zubey, Janice Williams, Sharon Wesl, Sharon Wells, Kalhy Wood, Charlofie Triplelf, Sandy Tenynly, Judi Wal- ers. ROW Z: Sharon Vanicek, Claud- effe Thompson, Ida Yamanaka, Belly Wilson, Mary Louis Wilus, Margie Zermeno, Sue Van Devenler, Barbara Thomas, Doris Wood, Sharon Taylor, Vera Timmerman. Celia Willwer, Judy Ziegler, Oral Weeks. ROW 3: Marilyn Yooke, Bill Wood, Larry Vander Pauwerl, Phyl Voekx, Dennis Wilhams, Clyde Young, Andy Zopolos, Charles Ulm, Sieve Turner, Dennis Venrurini. Jim While, Dennis Walsh, Kyle Wesl- over, Sluarl Marlin. ROW l, lefl fo riqhl: Belly Visper- as, Arlene Vasconi, Crissie Wilson, Nancy Wiley, Berfa Tennison, Janel Taylor, Arlene True, Penny Young, Kay Wylie, Nona Van Schaack, Car- ol Thieman, Beverly Tibulski. ROW 2: Lee Tingey, Norman Yales Bob Wilson, Kenneth Wefzel, David Wyzard, Mike Thompson, David Zacharin, Nicky Williams, Eddie Will, Fred Towers, Sieve Thomas, Johnny Walsh, Rich Zavala, Waller Winn, Peler Widner, James Wcod- row, Jim Wells. ROW 3: Bob Turn- nu'sl Georoe Wells, Bob Ward, Bob Uriarle. Frank Womack, Craig Wil- liams, Ken Wrighf, Jaime Ramirez, Ronald Voighl, Harry Williams, Jav Walker, Charles Wanzo, Marshall Wallace, Bill Thorlon. A little excited and thrilled after being chosen Typical Freshmen by the "Diablo News" staff, Jim Craig and Barbara Roe finally settled down for the photographer. All freshmen orientation classes nomi- nated a boy and girl from their class, and news staff voted on the boy and qirl best suited to repre- sent the Frosh class. Freshmen girls wondered whether or not women would always be the weaker sex, and they beg the "Swami" to predict their future. The cave men and women of this class opened the show tor the Fresh- man Assembly, "Through the Ages," In order to help the frosh find their way around "biq Diablo," the sen- ior student advisers acted as big brothers and sisters. Gary Espinosa, boys' representative, and Phyllis Williams, senior student adviser, help Melvin Heaps and Gloria Hare understand the complicated articles in the Student Body Constitution. The only hazing still permitted at Diablo is the traditional shoeshine routine tor trosh. Each year some tirst-year people must mirror their own faces in Senior shoes as these three are doing. r ' Wifi! .W y v I ,,a,,,fWgyi ' f A... A Lma ssseessseum and fha, Jfwalz, w X r W3 44 2 JV 7 W 73 ' ,,-'- .W 1 3 I ,W HUM? W W W , Wg' JWM 4 ' I WWW 'f ,,,.ff' Q ,, 'W' 1' f vw 4 ' if ff ,WW '1,, . if Charloife Triplell and Ed Buller were announced as fhe king and queen of the Freshman Class and crowns set upon their young heads at "Pink Rhapsody," rhe class dance, The realizafion lhal' leamwork is imporfanl helped lhe Freshman Class rhrough irs firsf year of high school. This indusfrious group is The Frosh Cabinef, and members are FRONT ROW, lefl fo right Pal' Hennessy, Steve Jackson, Archie Morgan, Charlene Foss. SECOND ROW: Judy Hadden, Sharon Kelly, Mary Jo Amerson, Margie Ecoffey. BACK ROW: Merlon Miller, Don Secrisf, Samuel Leonard, Richard Ponce de Leon, Tom Grimes. . 1 aut A322511 fw 1 Wei' ,ww vwl.. LEADERS ,Lf PS? ji-f A A jf ,fmzwf fg, , mfZQiw7,mAQJp fMiffM4 f ? f f ffwlff if ,, J M ,lim ,MM cf W X4 I f LZQ7fyQLf72 L LEAUEZRS X , f 1,4 f ,V JT' .- ,K , v f a f' X 2 WWW my RJ - acpjdobjvaa by y F5 1 Ky ,MYwd"jf.7.l Wx by W fjbbi f n viva W 'Mm U fwfwmf' l x M0137 AWA, 70+ I V .4149 af M7 MMM jg ,af flvfffhg 551 lf'-1 bfbaufvx-f VS Q mf QW I, 4 0 AK X V' ff' NW M A f UW fffq 6 mu. mv ' umm , ' wmv . SPECIAL COUNSELORS Mrs. Flora Thompson Mr. Jack Ferrari B Mr OrvalS1effen ,A H Mr Harold Godchaux V JUNIOR COUNSELORS Miss Margarel McCradie Mr. Morlon Ely Miss Helen Courfrighl' 69 I . , "" ' A A v li III, MR. LESLIE DUNNELLS Senior Class Adviser, Chairman MISS MARGARET SAYLES Senior Class Adviser, C p and Gown 51" ill MRS. JANE TOWNLEY Senior Class Adviser, Senior Banoue+ MR. HAROLD GODCHAUX Senior Class Adviser, Senior Variely Show MR. CHARLIE KARP Senior Class Adviser, Senior Picnic MR. WILLIAM RIGGLE Senior Class Adviser, SeniorAnnouncemen+s MR. GEORGE ARMSTRONG Junior Class Adviser, Chairman MR. DONALD JOHNSTONE Junior Class Adviser 'imrhon' mufnanaand MISS HELEN WILBORN Junior Class Adviser MR. WALTER KELSON Sophomore Class Advfser,Cl1airman MR. FURY DALLA Freshman Class Adviser, Chairman MRS. MARION HILLIARD Freskman C ap: Adviser MISS KAREN NIX Freshman Class Adviser MR. RICHARD WISOWATY Freshman Class Adviser MRS, SUZANNE TUTT MISS MARY CROUTER MR. WILLIAM FINCH Senior Class Adviser, Senior Ball MRS. MARY LUMPKIN Senior Class Adviser, Graduafion ceremo- nies and scholarships ,CV fQ LMJ' sifuwav-'.Vaf. .f ,ea . :anvil NM..-.. I In- It 'CLI-7 Always dependable, cheerful, and ready To assisl sludenfs is Diablo's office sfaff. "Effi- ciency plus" describes lhese hard working secrelaries. Filing records, lyping bulletins and correspondence, operating the swifch- board, and keeping ihe arlendance records are rusl a few of lheir many acfiviries. They also receive and direcl' visilors lhrough lhe school lhus serving as an imporlanl link belween Diablo and The public. They are LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Kathryn Morgan, Mrs. Pauline Bechrold, Mrs. Millie Verslraelen, Mrs. Mickie Bozarlh, Mrs. Winnie Rup- prechf, Mrs. Katherine Johnson, Mrs. Olive Beeler, Mrs. Eunice Matheson, Mrs. Verline Weslbrook, and Mrs. Thelma Pimenlal. Spagherli, baked beans, apple pie, or iusl plain hor dogs, sfudenfs can always find somelhing fo Their iasles in The school cafe- teria and in The doghouse. Economical and nufririous menus were planned daily by lhe members of Diablo's kirchen staff. Responsi- ble for fhe preparalion of ihose culinary delicacies are FRONT ROW, lefl' lo right: Mrs. Shirley Landrum, Mrs. Bobbie Dage- neau, Mrs. Margarel' Trelrle. BACK ROW: Mrs. Bernice Harlzell, Mrs. Florence Olan- der, Mrs. Evelyn Belka, Mrs. Helen Luenser. NOT PlCTURED: Mrs. Hazel DeFra+us. ' ' luznpa, '56 f1. ae svmms l.- I I I Our sfudenls were assured rides 'lo school if lhey lived far from lhe Diablo campus. Every morning lhese bus drivers would pick up sludenls and deliver lhem lo school, and afler classes were complefed, would lake Them home again. These bus drivers boasl a no-accidenl' record. They are FRONT ROW, lefl' lo righl: Mr. Ray Olofson, Mr. Gary Nierhake, Mr. Ted Eggerl, Mrs. Elsie Spencer, Mr. James Pharr, Mr. Richard Cole, Mr. Herberl' Verslraefen, Mr. Kennelh Gilliam. BACK ROW: Mrs. Tillie Lowe, Mrs. Debbie Graham, Miss Geraldine Hall, Mrs. Maryanne Cochrane, Mrs. Marlha Mellon, Mrs. Ruby Dealon Urs. B:-rnadine McKav, Mrs. Kafherine Wilson, Mrs. Mildred Dal- lon, Mrs. Billie Whifney, Mrs. Helen Dal- fon, Mrs. Ruby Foreman, Mrs. Eslher Reeves, Mrs. Willa Barry, Mrs. Lena Lucido. Working behind fhe scene, fhese cuslodians play an essenlial par? in keeping Ml. Diablo buildings and grounds near and clean. Members of lhe s'raf'f are FRONT ROW, lefl 'lo riqhlz Jim McLaughlin Porfablest Frank Leiby, Commercial Building: Fred Haviland, Head Cuslodiang Val Cooper, swimming pool: Gusfave Hokanson, Shop Building. BACK ROW: Luigi Pino, Garden- erg William Osecheck, Academic Building and Arl' Building, John Paulos, English Building and Music Building: Joseph Gua- iardo, Boys' and Girls' Gyms, Alberf Lu- pori, Adminisfralion Building: Arlhur Young, Science Building and lhe Doghouse. Q The Academic Building, our newest and one of the mosf attractive structures on c mpus looks out over the beauty gall' Many local colleges and universities recognize Mt. Diablo's Language Department as one of the finest in this area. The Math Department has also turned out some brilliant "brains." Among the teachers in this group are FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. Hart Fairclough, math, Mr, Richard Wisowaty, math, Mr. Jack Smullen, math and activity, Mr, Darrell Westover, math, Mr. Albert Shulte, math. SECOND ROW: Mrs. lola O'Grady, foreign language and counseling, Dr. Carolyn Ross, foreign language, Miss Peggy Reid, commercial and foreign language, Mr. Wayne Pipes, math, Miss Mary Croufer, foreign language. BACK ROW: Mr. Archie McEwing, math, Miss Amelia Truitt, foreign language, Miss Ruth Galindo, foreign language, Mr. Loyd Moore, math and counseling, Mr. John Rienhart, math. jmnwz, Anyone having a tendency To create images in paper gets an opportunity to test their aptitude by taking the courses offered for art. These artistic-minded people probably spend most of their creative time in the seclusion of fhe Art Building, facing the Quad. Q3 ' Q 5 ur Quad. il W ' ul aa O Loaded with art talent themselves, these Arf teachers pass their enthusiasm on to the students. They are FRONT ROW left to right: Mr. Eldo Bianchi, mechanical drawing' Miss Mariorie Silva, arf, Mr, William Finch, arf, Mr. Giegi-ge Arrnsfronq, mechanical drawing. Tl , it The inslruclors of lhese courses are FRONT ROW, leff lo righl: Miss Mary Nicewander, commercial, Mr. Roberl Kling, commercial, Mrs. Marilyn Coslello, social sludles, Miss Leora Bishop, commercial, Mrs. Norma While, social sludies. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Marion Hilliard, social sludies, Miss Belly Sullivan, commercial and aclivily, Mrs. Mary Lumpkin, English, Miss Evelyn Mumma, social sludies and counseling, Mrs. Belly Courlney, social sludies and counseling. THlRD ROW: Mrs. Grace Townley, social sludies, Mrs. Grace Powell, social sludies, Miss Helen Courlrighl, commercial and counseling, Miss Dorolhy Ja- cobus, commercial and counseling, Miss Dorolhy Dodge, commercial and l.W.E. coordinalor. BACK ROW: Mr. Morlon Ely, social sludies, counseling, Mr. Alan Geller- mann, social sludies, Mr. William Morris, driver educa- lion and social sludies, Mr. George Barber, commercial, Mr. Leslie Dunnells, social sludies, Mr. Fury Dalla, social sludies, Mr. Phillip Freund, science. ,Hill Kim qglg, 18, 'Tv 1 i i fl 'w :"3liW'w 1 af' The Commercial and Social Sfudies Building is lwo sfories, in which lhe firsl floor houses foreign language and social sludies classrooms, fhe second floor is reserved for all inleresled in learning business and commercial subI9Ci5- Q? ifoilzlwwledqcnllhonzcanalco English leachers slress lileralure, composilion, grammar and lhe abilily lo use lhe library for lhe sake of refer- ences. Teachers in lhe English field are FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Mrs. Flora Thompson, English and special, Miss Karen Nix, English, Mrs. Frances Kidd, English and com- mercial, Mrs. Jane Roy, English, Miss Alma Couchman, English. SECOND ROW: Miss Helen Wilborn, English, Mrs. Harvey Berman, English, Mr. Jack Ferrari, special, Mrs. Hildred Garrison, English, Mr. James Millard, driver educalion, Mrs. Helen Lum, English. BACK ROW: Mrs. Nancy Piedmonle, English, Mrs. Sally Nero, English and driver educalion, Miss Evelyn Brubaker, library, Mr. Harold Godchaux, English: Miss Margarel McCradle, English and counseling, Mrs. Marion Early, English. Lilerary minds are enriched in lhe English Building. Four years of English courses are recommended for college preparalory sludenls and all sludenls are required lo lake 'lhree years in order lo graduale. 4 1 The Gym is lhe building where football sfars, baskefball enfhusiasfs, and other sporf fiends spend fh9"',le'5ul:e time as well as fheir regular period of P.E. during T E The following insfrucfors are concerned wifh lhe body- Iimbering and muscle-building acfivifies of fhe Diablo sfudenfs. Piclurecl here are FRONT ROW, leff io righf: Miss Barbara Freer, Miss Jessie Falconer, Miss Beffy Hawk, school nurse: Miss Kaiia Liefuviefus. Mrs. Jeanne Duerksen. BACK ROW: Mr. Doug Smifh, Mr. Carl Ana- clerio, Mr. Hari Fairclough, Mr. William Powell, Mr. Charlie Karp, Mr. Lesfer Williams. 911, gnu, Oul of 'these porfa's driff familiar s+ra'ns of music sfarfing wilh symphonies fo lhe unbeafalzfe loudness of iazz. Musicians' spirifs are born and flourish here in fhe Music Building, as 'lhey devofedly pracfce day affer day. Fc-,c,,c..-.--W.,,eis-e- .- . - , ,X V ' L.:,..12'a-.IILJ-951, ,A mural I :arm-1 day. ll' is one of fhe more well-equipped 9Ym5 around fhis area. ,Kihei ' L !onfl1alL Q Singers and musicians are encouraged and skillfully laugh! by FRONT ROW, leff fo righf: Miss Margaref Carfwrighf, English and Musicg Mr. George Prall, Music and Social Sfudiesg Mrs. Mary Lowry, Music. Nof picfured here is Mr. James Arnold, deparlmenf chairman. rl. ' 1 V , ,rg-i l,il,. - , 'Q 74 ' las. -M' if 'iss l. 1 s ' x f , ff The leachers who work in fhe Science Building are FRONT ROW, lefl lo righlz Miss Margarel' Sayles, homemakingp Mrs. Suzanne Tuff, homemakingp Mrs. Dorofhy Henderson, science and counseling, Mr. Waller Kelson, science, Mr. Norman Goldstein, science, Mr. Rufus Johnson, science, BACK ROW: Mrs. Elvera Curless, homemakingg Miss Elyse Duklaz, homemakingg Mr. Jonafhan Warren, science: Miss Margaref Jory, homemakingg Mr. William Toaspern, sci- ence, Mr. Simon Simonian, science. , Vs ,J - -Rfk: Cuffing, pinning, sewing, and basfing were done-in fhe clofhing classes, and deleclable dishes of a varlefy of recipes were crealed in the foods classes in fhe Science Building. Upslairs busy making ammonia and carefully dissecfing frogs, sludcnls sludied lhe arfs of Science. I I I Teachers who develop indusfrial arf falenfs are FRONT ROW, lefl 'lo righh Mr. Orville Beulel, induslrial arfsg Miss Rose Polsinelli, induslrial arlsg Mr. Duaine Egglesfon, driver educafion, indusirial arls. BACK ROW: Mr. Donald Johnslone, indusfrial arlsg Mr. Wilson Landrum, lnduslrlal arisg Mr. Terry McDaniel, indusfrial arls. The new shop building provides opporlunilies 'lo sfudenls who have an oulslanding lalenl' for working wilh melal, wood, lea'l'her and copper. Such induslrial arf courses as mefil Shop. wood Shop, machine shop, welding shop, and crafls, are laughf. '95 STEVE BORDI PENNY MILLS Clubs Commissioner in MW vwv 4nwmm1: mmf.. mmm. jluz, .5 Kamal Dear sTuclenTs: The sTudenT council has been hard aT worlc since The TirsT meeTing which was held AugusT 28. Did you say we haven'T accomplished anyThing? Well leT's lisTen in on a Typical sTudenT council meeT- ing and see iusT whaT These busy oTTicers oT ours have been doing. I, STeve Borcli, have called The meeTing To order. SecreTary Sharon AbboTT is busy ioTTing down noTes. NexT we have oTTicer reporTs: Vice-PresidenT Ron Ti- bulslciz There have been eighT I-louse oT RepresenTa- Tive meeTings This year. Boys' and Girls' RepresenTa- Tives Gary Espinosa and Dianne Evans: The iunior boys and The senior girls have been geTTing along Tine. I'lead Yell Leader Abe Garcia: Diablo won The over- all sporTsmanship Trophy Tor This year. ChieT JusTice Warren Moore: STudenT CourT has proven To be quiTe successTul This year, noTice how neaT The campus has been laTely? Sales and Finance Commissioner Clinl' McInTosI1: We received S2000 Trom The magazine drive. Public RelaTions Commissioners Len Lanfranco and Jinx Adams: There were 28,900 acTion-paclced copies OT The Diablo News prinTed This year. Clubs WV. 'i f a a? WARREN MOORE Chief Jusfice JOE PARTANSKY Sophomore Represenfafive . -, X , I T Bui ABE GARCIA Hea'd Yell Leader DICK KITOWSKI Idings Commissioner CLINT MCINTOSH and Finance Commissioner DIANNE EVANS Girls' Represenfafive rl' 1 mwf f 1 ,,, we-ffnvwwmf In , I ' - w i A.. .,., . .X 'EW , ,, M X f A vi 1 re W is sw- ' l AWWA. :mmmum . . aa ..E.' Commissioner Penny Mills: SI9569 was Talcen in Trom This year's clubs' assembly. Social ATTairs Commis- sioner Robin Kling: The Bermuda Bounce was a big success, so were a Tew boys The nexT day. Program Commissioner Rosalie Johnson: The assembly Tor This week will be The InTerclass Relays, please remain seaTed unTil The juniors come in. Grounds Commis- sioner Ron CaTalclo: The Trosh really did a Terriiic iob oT cleaning up This year. Buildings Commissioner Dick KiTowslci: There has been a new speed limiT seT in The buildings. Senior RepresenTaTive Verle Sidwell: The TirsT car saTeTy checlc was held aT Diablo This year. Junior RepresenTaTiye RoberTa Berglund: The junior carnival and The Jr. Prom were successTul. Sophomore RepresenTaTive Joe ParTanslcy: Poles have been placed aT Danny's Den in order To lceep The lunch lines sTraighT. Frosh RepresenTaTive Archie Morgan: The Trosh TooTball Team was undeTeaTed This year. And so go reporTs aT a Typical sTudenT council meeTing. Yours very Truly, STUDENT COUNCIL STeve Bordi STudenT Body Presideni GARY ESPINOSA RON CATALDO ARCHIE MORGAN. Boys Represenfahve Grounds Commissioner Freshman Represenfahve SHARON ABBOTT ROBIN KLING ROSALIE JOHNSON Secretary Social Affairs Commissioner Program Commissioner . wr YW W 'Wm 'DT RON TIBULSKI Vice-Presidenf LENNIE LANFRANCO FirsT Semesfer Public Relafions Commissioner JUDY ADAMS Second Semesfer Public Relafions Commissioner .Wi ,850-.,W,4, y V ff T - sw ' 1 ' "ssws:f"svss- K iff V wg if., . ,VW Z' f iii. W, T 6 . ' Ei "' ' V fri ll iii: ig 3 ef lg if ig ., f fd . ROBERTA BERGLUND 'ee 'NNW Junior Re presen+aTive r As upperclassmen, the seniors were looked to for guidance in school affairs. From their two years of experience, these g councilmen were able to foresee problems and their pos- es u . TJ A sible outcomes. Freshman, sophomore, and junior mem- , , bers were eager to aid in promoting outstanding student i ,lain 5 government. Complaints and suggestions were handled so 5 '11 ' that Diablo would become an institution founded on the fy -, . ideas of the majority. Members of the student council i 3.1 5 - ' ian A Q 1 are FRONT ROW, left to right: Penny Mills, clubs com- Q ' ' '- ' ' . J' missioner, Robin Kling, social affairs commissioner, l I ., Sharon Abbott, secretary, Steve Bordi, president, Ron l - . T , V 1 Tibulski, vice-president, Warren Moore, chief justice, 1, ' l . . ' if, - , . , Lennie Lanfranco, first semester public relations commis- i - WF' y ' ft f is '- . , v F"-1 sioner. BACK ROW: Roberta Berglund, iunior representa- A -Q , 3,-L ,sig - ., -. VF. tive, Rosalie Johnson, program commissioner, Clint Mc- ' ' " , P T if A' ' if -L, 4, Intosli, sales and finance commissioner, Joe Partansky, as j 5 . Q, X- sophomore representative, Ron Cataldo, grounds commis- if , Sr Vgg, ,1 X 5 .jr ' sioner, Abe Garcia, head yell leader, Sid Sidwell, senior f ' 3 ., ' Y representative, Archie Morgan, freshmen representative, ' , - V- , . Dick Kitowski, buildings commissioner, Judy Adams, A -Y A V second semester public relations commissioner, Dianne ' N , ' fr c 1 . Q Evans, girls' representative, Gary Espinosa, boys' repre- ' 3 'i b g , Y 1 X v sentative. x " Tfififgei Q A. . . O... ' f i .am K ,Y , 777, Y W STEVE BORDI President I I Q LLQM6 303,400 RON Tl BU LSKI Vice-President -.N .fha L, Each homeroom on campus elected a representative to meet as a group and discuss all school activities. In this way, each student was informed of the goings-on around Diablo. The House of Representatives met once a month to discuss student problems and complaints and find solutions. Those who represented their homerooms first semester are FRONT ROW, left to right: Joy Archibald Nancy Mitchell, Carol Groene, Mary Lou Robertson, Nancy Wiley, Beverlee Dutra, Oval Lee Atnip, Mary Lou Tilley Audrey Simpson. SECOND ROW: Charlene Foss, Owen Cardinet, Ray Rogers, Bill Spencer, Nlilte Mealy, Charlie Jones, Garrett Sabona, Neil Roberson, Kirk Bowman Stan Moore, Clifford Cartwright, THIRD ROW: Geraldine Gajarin, Alice Riley, Linda Baker, Clyde Luomala, Ken Mitchell, Clint McIntosh, Ed Zickefoose, Jerry Under wood, Rona Moore, Jean Tate. FOURTH ROW: Craig Wil liams, Dick Kitowski, Ann Angel, Nancy Hrbacek nn Rhodes, Barbara Barns, Arlene Moore, Pat Nlarlcovich Jewell Sanders, Ann Horsefall, Ray Riccobuono, George Darrow. BACK ROW: Rod Atnip, Bob Bradford, Bill Gainer, Bruce McChesney, Marlin Shanks, Ron Cataldo Jim Bartneck, Larry Hollinger, Doug Andersen, Gordon Silva, Susan Jackson. - - " 'J. rs? ' L "Aw .1 j ...siftxksq Stix' ' f All students at Diablo were informed of the Student Council activities due to the efficiency of student body secretary, Sharon Abbott, Each week she would type up the minutes of the council meeting, and then spend one to two hours running a ditto machine to make sure all homerooms would receive a copy. Besides all this work, Sharon answered all school correspondence. waas-s,?va-M-M SHARON ABBOTT Secretary ' " ,mLf1te1Q4a1afaa.. Vw ROSALIE JOHNSON Program Commissioner Rosalie Johnson, program commissioner, is no unfamiliar face to Diablo students. Each week she steps before the microphone in the assembly, poised, calm, and attractive, to introduce the entertainers for the week. With the assistance of her adviser, Nlrs. Mary Lumpkin, she planned a whole year's assembly schedule as well as arranged for acts for exchange assemblies with near-by schools. ! ,-,,, I W, ,,,,,,,," 'Cm qiwvnvaf' Traffic violations, defacing school property, and messing the campus grounds were some of the offenses tried by the Student Court. Defendants were placed on trial and, if proven guilty, sentenced a certain number of hours to work on campus. Keeping justice at Mt. Diablo are the members of the court. FRONT ROW, left to right: Joe Partansky, Roberta Berglund, Sid Sidwell, Warren Moore, Carol Bucher. BACK ROW: Paul Bengston, Jerry West, Al Allison, Archie Morgan, John Bologni. 9 'n ' WARREN MOORE Chief Justice fn jim, fn ' ' ad, aa, Kamal JOE PARTANSKY Welfare Commissioner Did you ever once try to crowd in line at the brunch stands or the doghouse? Chances are you never get away with it, because no sooner would you get in line than you'd get right out again! Those alert Sophomore Service kids never missed a chance. They realized their duties, and our brunch and lunch lines were neat and orderly this year. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Merlin Zimmerly, Linda Machado, Maureen Cardinet, Miriam McDonald, Donna Maher, Barbara Riley, Brigitte lVluhm, Carol Philipson, Linda Dally, Toni Smith, Marlene Dawe, Roslyn Goldstein, Janet Cook, Webb Hadden. SECOND ROW: Mary Clark, Pat Erman, Pam Dowell, Susan Jack- son, Dixie Allison, Noel Humphries, Sonja Halvorsen, Carol Hieb, Joe Partansky, Carolyn Bengston, Jerry Mc- Kay, Peter Schlaman, Ann Horsefall, Donna Bartneck, Sharon Graham, Shirley Johnson, Gall Taylor, Sheri Cimino. To help promote that fanicns Diablo pep and spirit, the y Coninnltee under lhe direction ol Abe Garcia, staged tremendous rallies which featured skits and plenly cf good loud cheering. Nleinbers are FRONT ROW, left io right Penny Perry, Ann Rutherford, Barbara Grice, Judy Sinds Barha a Riley, Mary Ann Dorsey, Sheri Sinitli, Janet Pimental Pal lVledlin, Saundra Nelson, lVlr. Jack Sniullen adviser SECOND ROW: Pat Hansen, Dona Col- ten Juanita Skinner, Carol Holman, Sue Nloore, Pat Elkins Phyllis Williams, Dianna llllilburn, Connie Horn- back Janice Whrsler. BACK ROW: Nikki Lonac, Nlarilyn Hanson Nancy Keller, Carol Bengston, Pete Padelford, lVlarlon Shanks John Golshall, Pam Dowell, Beverly Bar- Ai 'e 'S 3 nell., Abe Garcia. W. f QAEQWWI 17, to -ge ABE GARCIA ,, -Q, , Q Head Yell Leader B-r""'wf-ff ..., , 7' of ' r www 1 'N V-1 N' li iiirgz ' . Y , mambma, ihabcm -4-142P-iff v 'sl 3 if V' ,. x - C' A gi Room ktene W,,,eoff K -Y -i Social Affairs Commissioner . .,,,i :W l'Try to transform the Girls' Gym into a mad Mardi Gras scene or a football field." Performing the impossible was the Dance Committee, which hosted all school dances. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Yvonne Bisso, Judy Riggs, Roberta Berg'u rl Ida Yamamoto, Nancy Cathy Kelley, Judi Reed, Noel Humphries. SECOND ROW: Pat Fletcher, Janet Parker, Judy Laughlin, Kimi Tahira, Judy Riggs, Roberta Berglncd. Ida Yamamoto Nancy Itaneri, Sandy Scarborough. BACK ROW: Jewell Sanders, Judy Adams, Barbara Racine, Vickie Pratt, Elin Bjork, Pam Stremel, Lucy Domrguez. i sigfg' , W W W Through the leadership of these students, Mt. Diablo's clubs took a very prominent position in our schcol's extra- curricular activities. Besides handling their individual club affairs, these members contributed to the success of the clubs assembly, "Clubs Convention," in January. Each club sponsored an act and as a result, the student body witnessed an entertaining assembly. Club presidents are FRONT ROW, left to right: Don Bo, Boys' Modern Dance, Dick Kitowski, Buildings Committee, Robin Kling, Dance Committee, Ann Rutherford, Swim Club, Ruth Lar- sen, Business Club, Connie Stevens, Junior Red Cross, Dianne Evans, Senior Student Advisers, Mary Beth Lau- rence, Ski Club, Nancy Itanen, Diablo '57. SECOND ROW: Sue Sweeney, G.A.A., Ida Yamamoto, Sales and Finance Committee, Gary Espinosa, Senior Student Advisers, Walt Fletcher, Stage Crew, Edith Carlston, Language Club, Lennie Lanfranco, Diablo News, Gus Ginocchio, Latin Club, BACK ROW: Clint McIntosh, Sales and Finance Committee, Abe Garcia, Rally Committee, Wayne Kelly, Radio Club, Jim Towell, Junior Statesman, Harold Bartke, Industrial Arts, Ron Cataldo, Grounds Committee, Chuck Johnston, Jazz Club, Pam Stremel, C.S.F. ...,, 5' YW 'vql' J. 2 4 V- PENNY MILLS fa ,K Cir, 1 Clubs Commissioner 0: ,A WQCQ 1 ea sa foe 545135: W ff fx-6 f ..,.v, my f , , -, , V if f fda I ' faraepfhasfuamt reads, SID SIDWELL Transporfafion Commissioner If you were never hit by a car in our crosswalks, it's because you knew the Senior Service members were there to stop the oncoming cars. The other half cf the Senior Service Ccmmittee, the Senior Bus Committee, enforced the bus laws and made the school buses safe to ride on. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Hubbard, Bob Williams, Mike McKinney, Ervin Hotz, Joe Davis, John Peterson, Martin Allen, Sue Bordeaux, Sally Rose, Ida Yamamoto, Sheila Bradley, Jane Lamson, Peggy Baker, Pat Erman. SECOND ROW: Bob Hedges, Jeff Moore, Don White, Dick Bolcerek, Bob Carlson, Al Bolden, Carol Rowney, Judy Nelson, Lynn Jones, Pat Hansen, Claudia Carzino, Carol Clark, Joyce Cox, Linda Acree, MES' I . CLINT MclNTOSH Sales and Finance Commissioner IDA YAMAMOTO Assisfanf Sales and Finance Commissioner onli Money doesn't grow on trees, as any member of the Sales and Finance Committee can tell you. As a resultpf their- hard work and enthusiastic campaigning, student body card sales totaled more than 80 per cent. They assisted the commissioner in planning the school budget and operated the school bank. Members of the committee are FRONT ROW, left to right: Sharon Abbott, Carol Holman, Janelle Spencer, Anna lVlattos, Carol Cooper, Alice Gay, Linda Curtis. SECOND ROW: Pat Hansen, JoAnn Muegel, Anita Conley, Penny Band, Ida Yamamoto, Carol Clark, Penny Swenney, Elin Bjork, Clint lvlclntosh. BACK ROW: Carol Bucher, Arlene Nloore, Dorothy Grammont, Barbara Racine, lVlrs. Dorothy Dodge, adviser, Gayle lvleese, Billie Garrett, Joyce Cox, Peggy Baker, Lucy Dominguez. 0 o 0 a n 1 1 1 -Q' Our hallway traffic was directed skillfully and carefully by the members of the Junior Service Committee. As a result, there were fewer accidents in our buildings. Each entrance and exit was guarded by two alert students. Those who contributed to the safety of our buildings are FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Kitovvski, Judy Neville, Sandy Thomas, Jimmie Rae Jones, Linda Silva, Gary Cartright. SECOND ROW: Penny Perry, Yvonne Bisso, Roberta Berglund, Beverly Dutra, Pat Putnam, Elin Bjork. THIRD ROW: -Rusty Baumrucker, Bill Nlarshall, Pat Fletcher, Glenda Cowden, Rita Kabot, Carol Burton, Deanna Sheldon, Connie Hornback. BACK ROW: Dale Brazil, Rich Nisonger, John Gotshall, Vickie Pratt, Charlotte Schwartz, Dianne Nlilburn, Lucy Dominguez. nvlwfmm pw I DICK KITOWSKI Buildings Commissioner ROBERTA BERGLUND Assistant Buildings Commissioner RON CATALDO Grounds Commissioner AJ' Nag, . 'X .f ARCHIE MORGAN Assista nt Grounds Commissioner Recognize the garbage cans? They may be empty now, but before these busy members of Freshmen Service got finished, they were filled to the brim and our campus was spotlessly clean. Members of the committee are FRONT ROW, left to right: Ron Cataldo, George Sousa, Mr. Jack Smullen, adviser, Charles Shockey, Dennis Slate. SECOND ROW: Charmaine Omania, Frances Catambay, Ida Yamanaka, Adde Avansino, Penny Royal, Judy McHenry, Marilyn York, Margie Ecof-fey. THIRD ROW: Judy Jones, Cathy Emery, Frances DeRosa, Laurie Weeks, Pat Smith, Shirley Robbins, Sharon Jones, Pat l-lennessey, Beverley Munday, Sharon West. BACK ROW: Barbara Roe, Charlotte Triplett, Nancy Hrbacek, Oral Weeks, Barbara Brooks, Dick Ellsworth, Joan Brazil, Margo Sieman, Barbara Barnes, Charlene Foss. f, ' ' gamble. If the freshmen never got lost on our campus this year, it was because these Senior Student Advisers showed them around. They made it clear that the Commercial Building wasn't the English Building and vice-versa, where to go for a tardy, and best of all, where the deans' offices were located. The Senior Student Advisers are FRONT ROW, left to right: JoDee Sobotka, Saundra Nelson, Karen Simpson, Jeanne Trevarrow, Ruthi Crain, Ann Rutherford, Darlene Fulton, Barbara Grice, Alice Gay, Cathy Kelley, Sheila Bradley, Charlotte Quigley. SECOND ROW: Berta Keeble, Sue Sweeney, Ida Yamamoto, Barbara Racine, Pat Hansen, Jinx Adams, Judy Nelson, June Morgan, Dianne Evans, Rod Moore. THIRD ROW: Rod Atnip, Art Pargament, Gary Espinosa, Phyllis Williams, Jewell Sanders, Edith Carlston, Carol Bucher, Pam Stremel, Gayle Meese, June Garlick, Joyce Cox, Ray Rogers. FOURTH ROW: Roger Freeman, Chuck Johnston, Steven Burks, Jim Towell, Clyde Thompson, Mel Redfield, Curt Thrasher, Mike Carpenter, George Manlove. BACK ROW: Jeff Moore, Bob Hedges, Dave Armstrong, Ted Tahira, Jerry West, Bob Bradford, John Turner, Dave Stafford, Merle Marshall, Lee Vaughn. ,At GARY ES Pl NOSA Boys' Represenfative GM-ew' I egg, DIANNE EVANS 'W 7 Girls' Represenfafive 1 I """ ,,,,,f. .. clu ,V an W vb ,gwrzi ID pf 4 , ' W V ,f W T f . 5' Q ' The Public Relations Committee is pictured going over the list of school activities to be distributed to the local papers for publicity, The committee coordinated the three school publications: newspaper, yearbook, and "Reflections" This committee just formed in the spring semester. Each member represented some phase of school activity that requires publicity on its activities. Members are 'FRONT ROW, left to right: Isabel Catambay, assistant editor, Diablo '57, Hatsy Nakagaki, junior vice-president, Lennie Lanfranco, 'lReflections" manager, Nancy Itanen, editor, Diablo '57, Penny Mills, clubs commissioner. BACK ROW: Judy Adams, editor, Diablo News, Dave Armstrong, editor, Diablo News, Loyal Miner, Block UD" president. me gpm ' it and Since Student Council members were always busy, these teachers assisted various council members in carrying out their duties. These sponsors are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Paul Stoner, student court, Mr. Jack Smullen, rally committee, Miss Dorothy Dodge, sales and finance committee and secretary, Miss Bette Sullivan, student service committee. Not pictured: Mrs, Irmgard Cox, Mrs. Jeanne Duerksen, Mr. Norm Kestner, Mrs. Helen Lum, Mrs. Mary Lumpkin, Miss Evelyn Mumma, and Mrs. Norma White. e LENNIE LANFRANCO First Semester Public Relations Commissioner JUDY ADAMS Second Semester Public Relations Commissioner DR. FERD DIEL Student Council sponsor MR. PETE KRAMER Student Council sponsor IIV F553 I vs 'FI 5 r-IQI Q IIN P? I 'wi 1 v I if f ' I ' VA . I f I- , fig X 3 AL ALLISON Prosecufing Afforney JOHN BOLOGNI JERRY WEST and PAUL BENGSTON PYOSQCUIIHQ Commlffee V WWWQ Y, WWW Q S7236 WARREN MOORE Chief Jusfice I . ,M jww X ff W X f , W f Q? X W X ff ff! i f A Q, I f I 9 A, ff 44-SV "9 V YA CAROL BUCHER Couri Clerk ,fm nuff, Aclwni V132 W K 1 Zfv X Q wx W SID SIDWELL ARCHIE MORGAN 3 JOE PARTANSKY Qnd ROBERTA BERGLUND Judiciary Commlffee f""4? MR PAUL STON ER Advise I' ISABEL CATAMBAY Assisfanf Edifor fha nl JERRY NARBERES Business Manager NANCY ITANEN Editor JEWELL SANDERS Subscripfion Manager DDA, , ABE GARCIA Ari Editor E Q DONNA VAN PELT and KEITH MCKENZIE Adverfising Managers X. Q-vw. 5- . 46 LEN LAN FRANCO Fali Semesier Editor A jwy j ' 1 JUDY ADAMS Spring Semesier Ediior K 1 ,nv ,f fx f 2? W 'K7 W IM,-Q 4 1 f 1 X ff f ww f f V, Y f ,, , WM? ff, fax' DON WHITE Photographer 5 ' f ,,,r..,,,....., N 4 Z 1 Miha, 'Maw wmk ,Q If J X 1 VW im, 1 G if f fm, -V 4 Wig?-f,.f V, 1 n , , ,f , ff? f ,, i,f"Qr f " if , f.. , X 4 Z- ff mf X ff A , M S , ' ,A " K f 'F v f X A , ,V 4 l ' 921. , 5 ,Q ,,Af' f hd DAVE STAFFORD Boys' Sporfs Editor DAVE ARMSTRONG Spring Sernesfer Edifor RAY ROGERS Circulaiion Manager fn f F., , W ,, 23 , fake wffi 4 With keen noses for news, these Diablo News reporters scouted up scoops, tracked down information and racked their brains for unusual leads to feature in news stories. Striving bimonthly to meet their copy deadline, staff members have had some close calls. The reporters who deserve recognition are FRONT ROW, left to right: Art Pargament, Nancy Itanen, Alice Flori, Ginny Cordero. SECOND ROW: Ray Rogers, llTab" Laurence, Kathy Warren, Pat Fletcher, Robin Kling, Cathy Kelley, Sheila Hughes, Ida Yamamoto, Sue Moore, Lennie Lanfranco, THIRD ROW: Roger Smith, Ken Ellingsen, Denny Mason, Jerry West, Bev Dutra, Jinx Adams, Darlene Fulton, Jo Anne Butler, Billie Garrett, Barbara Racine, Elwyn Archibald. BACK ROW: Don White, Dick Petrie, Jeff Morgan, Jerry Lively, John Gideon, Dave Stafford, Mel Redfield, Dick Kitowski, Dick Bolcerek, Lee Brown, and Dave Armstrong. Raw . nz-1 Getting ads, making money, yearbook sales, making money, distributing yearbooks, making money, balancing the books, making money-these were only a few tasks of the staff. Four picture days were planned and that meant picture passes, looking up home- rooms, delivering passes-and after the pictures arrived, identifying faces, spelling names right, cropping pictures--work and more work. But the staff came through and the Diablo '57 is now a finished product. Members of the yearbook staff are FRONT ROW left to right: Gayle Meese, Ed Zickefoose, Jane Lamson, Gean Spessard, Trudy Blythe. SECOND ROW: Beverley Fairfield, Carol 'Rowney, Pat Erwin, Gail Duckhorn, Nancy Itanen. THIRD ROW: Donna Van Pelt, Judy Nelson, Darlene Fulton, Sheila Hughes, Bruce McChesney, Gordie Silva, Don Bo, Jewell Sanders, Mrs. Helen Lum, adviser. BACK ROW: Mary Weisinger, Dick Bolcerek, Keith McKenzie, Dave Armstrong, Jerry Narberes, Dale Pedersen, Bob Carlson, Ray Tierney. MRS. HELEN LUM Journalism Adviser 89 M x xx ff , 2 X f , ff - , ,Q un.. J vw ,S--s ., it ,, we-mf,.,.,np'f , 2, fr 2-vm , i .V -1 ,Q Y' lg, 7 ff, A, ff X 90 Z fs, Q , - 1. The four Diablo journalists and adviser who attended the Seattle Press Conference are pictured here at the Saturday afternoon luncheon at the Uni- versity of Washington. lVlr, Howard Brier, president of the conference, is pic- tured standing across the table lrorn the Diablo students and llllr. Kenneth Dodson, author of 'Away All Boats" who joined the Concord group for the shot. 2. Paste-up is the most nerve-wrackinq part of putting out an issue of the school paper. Sometimes this rob depends upon whether or not the paper will come out on time. lt is ri harassing experience, involving sticky paste, sharp scissors, and requiring an alert mind, 3. lVlrs. Lum has the responsibility of checking all copy to be sent to tht- printer, Dick Bolcerek depends upon her iudgment and advice as she reads his sports story. Each member of the News Staff must learn how to write a good lead and head and stick to the llSix Vtl's" of newspaper writing. 4. These students banned together and formed a new branch of school publications-the Literary Nlagazine. Students were urged to submit their manuscripts to he published in "Reflections" The staff N-V ,wwe members are left to righti Rob Gorden, Dave Armstrong, Pat Nlarkovich, Jeff Illlorgan, Jinx Adams, Len Lanfranco, Kathy Warren, and Roger Emanuels. 5. The class reporters were a new addition to the "Diablo News" staff. Each edition, these cubs would submit an article about class activities, gossip, and athletic achievements. Underclassmen especially found the llClass Cuts" column interesting. The reporters are Jim Craig, Freshman Class, Kathy Warren, Jun- ior Class, and Becky NlcLaughlin, Sophomore Class. 6. To be a member ofthe Quill and Scroll society at Diablo is an honor. Outstanding and extra hard work is necessary before one receives his pin. Jinx Adams, spring editor, Len Lanfranco, fall editor, and Robin Kling, staff member, all earned their awards as juniors. 7. Financing a school newspaper can sometimes be a problem, but with such efficient ad managers as Jeff Morgan tcenterl, the staff has few worries. Because of the amount of ads, the l'Diablo News" is a six-page edition every other edition. Jinx and Dave, spring co-editors, have complete faith in Jeff's ability. ,,,,vM,,..a,,s,i .. -.,...if ..,, ,, I g 'Pen' vast xi M. ...S . J ..,. In wa wif -vw? W- 5 mi-.A ,agws A W 4 lv ,W M if ff' -an-.A -., ,c- ,Q ' a' " ,i Q 0... . ,JR we-Q M mi t A .Sway VZ! 77" tl' in' ,, in 1. Sometimes the only serious-minded person on the yearbook staff is the assistant editor. Taking pictures on underclassmen day was tiring, so some of the staff took a rest. But not Izzyg she's worried about the identification of the juniors! 2. These benches in which the helpers are seated served a mighty useful purpose the first annual picture day. lVIrs. Lum and the staff sneaked a tlsit-down" while waiting for additional helpers to arrange the next fifty-two freshmen for the next picture. 3. This is an editor's nightmare of the first picture day of the annual class. After the last and final picture had been snapped, everyone just sort of went wi'd with relief. it was hard work, but everyone got out of class, so who cared! 4. Whether it's selling annuals, making out picture passes, or writing captions for pictures, the yearbook staff was busy all year long. One half of the staff spend the entire period doing all the Hbook work" and the other half left school to seek the ev ' i 5. Every staff member has a job when the photographer come:rtoIT3l?etS?gtu1:? Jerry takes off a few minutes from the 'lbooksf' Ed leaves his sports duties' and Nan quits writing copy, to hefp Hal lvatgon Snap Candids around the school. 6. The yearbook staff boasts two Quill and Scroll members as well as the News class. Izzy Catambay, assistant editor and Nancy ltanen editor earned their honors as yearbook workers last year. This year Izzy entered gg Quill and Scroll essay contest and earned national honorable mention award Zgollilogalgerefs a picture to show just how industrious the members of the yearl pictured are-the underclassmen must wonder how the Diablo '57 ever got published! But, lVlrs. Lum kept everyone on his toes, and herels your annua . SLE 'HSM Nmnu Lise++a Gamondi left her nalive home Milano, Haly, for a year lo visit and share friendship wilh Ml. Diablo sludenfs Jvdwdvp .... 92 A 25 54 fx . IM .Q , i HIL SHEILA BRADLEY Foreign Exchange Sfudenf Co Chairman MISS EVELYN MUMMA Foreign Exchange Sfudeni Adviser LISETTA GAMONDI Foreign Exchange Sfudenr JOHN GOTSHALL ff 'W K American Exchange Sfudenf in 11" mb. CLINT MCINTOSH Foreign Exchange Sfudenf Co Chairman MISS MAR Foreign Sfuden JORIE SI LVA Exchange f Adviser Y? Sfaff members found fhe following camera shy Teachers: Miss Rnfh Galindo, Foreign Language Depf, head, Miss Peggy Reid, Spanish, Mr, William Powell, English and P.E.g Mr. Philip Freund, Science, Miss Mary Croufer, Foreign Language, Mrs. Grace Powell, Social Sfudies. f ,wx-s W W 1 , W hyfy amswfw Faculfy represenfafives vofed in by lasf year's faculfy are Chief Chef Ferd Diel served up his ducks fo members of Mrs. Grace Powell and Mr. Darrell Wesfover. fhe Foofball Squad af a special luncheon given in fheir honor. M' 4' 'F' Other shy faculfy members are Mr. Rufus Johnson, Science Depf., Mr. Bruce Iverson, Ff.E., Mr. Orval Sfeffens, Coun- seling and Social Sfudiesg Mr. Emrys Davis, P.E., and Mr. Elmer Sundqulsl, English and Drivers Educafion. Um, in, ' . QA Qgwplypif, dmv ,awww giwdbmf Jwvdfaww .dw M! Lwfffffjfvfyw f M 5-If Hmm ' JMWL ,bJ2fmA,W122 4? ,,cE4o4Z,v, CUWJWJWQMMMMQ, 4ff , F i j lw mZ9h MM ffW72MUy267g3cvwQQ2?il Xu Wwwv wwf ww Vs WJ ifiw nwfM LIFE LIFE JJ W MQ! MIM My ff WpM W' f if if l3L' jfi'78 m XM ' W Mfg kvjiw Ljf ,WZWG if J d 4 0 an - 9 f NJ: ff 00 W A W Wf ow WJ U , 71 f W of H ff' M ,fp L1 fy, VU! 17 Mn J fb' I MJ W J -, If ,yo fu X jf? 'MM f Aff me x ry Ui' ik A Q7f'i L7 : 'JV KMWM A' " M U ' f f fi ' , Q q R ' W W sv 6 N ' , Nl! - ,ff f f L 11 f X ,.'- ' N' I' idk IL 51 ' :Qi iff K U if UU wtf sri' 4 I5 L 7? U 1 V V dd! cf VK J I fx 21 1 :fn . 1 4 J fb DF Q I V , . . f 1 W Q P K Lf U J -7 , 1 ,I 1' r If X, L! I . 1 I i , ,N 1 . -,G lg L11 1 f lf xflv wwf I6 Y! fi W ,UU PU! QU fd!! L! fy gf 1' fi f' UWM 9419 ' g"Ef 1, I 'F Irv Aff f 7 , VJ 5 F if " 'Ji M! V 1 I 1 U f fl f QXW My W 5 wx N MM! ,M Sl if MW TROPHIES These memorable irophies for which Diablo High worlcecl hard, give cause lo sing: ALMA MATER In Jrhe shadow of lhe rnounlain Diablo reigns supreme l-leil lo Jrhee our Alma Maler Crimson and Jrhe green Lill lhe chorus ever onward Raise il +0 lhe slcy l-lail lo Thee our Alma lvlaier Ml. Diablo l-liqh Uwsalm i rwmmu HT 011131 0 Dfiimxn mul' ,W , ,. 1 , fl, ,fc A ,XZ a, ,Milf ,Q ' 1 n x Wg: ff Z gf ,f ,, ,' 4 X ,,, K so snow, GLOW- 1-wo, 3 ,,,..,.. ,- -1 ...1,..,..... .. , x? W"-Tp" I nv , 5 it ' Q ' fe - fl! ruv' X If 2 1 - - 'f . , A 55 1 1 "ss-TJ ,M ., ,.-,,,, NM S 'S ,wr ., rf K nd ' Dg,fll,Q,.Q!J wp, Q, N A X X WNW Q .X ...X ...x -W - is gi 5' N A K A ... ..X. X X ,- - -Q ,ax , X, , . N X M-- PY? f rg: 1.11 Nix Svvw? HHN-ff -WAN S33 l My TAB LAURENCE Assisfanf Yell Leader School, Tremendous yells, many victories, and a root ing section filled with red and green: our yell leaders have been one of the main fac tors in forming Diablo's reputation as the school with terrific school spirit. These kids put ln many hours of practice, perfecting new yells and routines. Our yell leaders are TOP T0 BOTTOM: Abe, Pat, Tab, and Annie Abe and Tab leap high in the air as they encourage the students to yell at one of the numerous rallies during football and basket- ball seasons. 4 'lizf Im, ' ABE GARCIA ANN RUTHERFORD Head Yell Leader Assistant Yell Leader MR. JACK SMULLEN Rally Commlffee A'dviser M ffyg llcg' r ,messy ff Wi, 23: Lf, 0 sy: . l..n?,:..",2ql, ls t' P, if .1 I h ' fi ' I J, Qzmggt X' 'Q Hgri' I F ' - fe,,.-'fc rf 4 1 fl v . " X, -4 'lil' :lp ,. ,,,. if , W W W fa -I f , K , Iv '-1 g X .i 74, .. , ff 'iff fs 5 PAT ELKINS Assisfanf Yell Leader wa.4,no 4hvAiaL0ialv Cheering their favorite team on to victory, Pat and Annie represented Diablo's tremen- dous school spirit at all the football and basketball games. These girls personified pep and vivacity with their original routines. ,Mapu "Here come the Diablo Devils" was the cry the rooting section took up when the pom- pon girls began their routine. These four girls were chosen from an overwhelming crowd of Diablo girls. Their new dance step and style brought favorable comment from members of the student body. FRONT ROW, Sheila and Pat do an enthusiastic jump as the student body finishes yelling Drum Yell No. 1. These girls added flash and sparkle at the football and basketball games this year. foam ' ngnwv, left to right: Barbara and Pat. BACK ROW: Sheila and Phyllis. Phyllis and Barbara kick high and at the same time urge students to clap their hands as the rally band plays one ol its pep songs. These girls really added to the spirit of Diablo this year with their gay red and green pompons and red jumpers. Q., , PAT MEDLIN WILLIAMS Q F, W 1 x r 2 Song Leader Head Song Leader A x 5? T i i"' ' X X . Nm e: SE5::.LA -Q 1-ff. ..., . be DAN NY DEVIL A ' . . A XV . .T . .. . 1 L e' SHEILA BRADLEY Song Leader BARBARA GRICE Head Song Leader Showing high speed, skill, and Terrific sporfs- manship, The players af The basketball assembly drive The crowd wild wiTh Their acTion-packed game beTween The "Diego Dips" and The "Por- Tuguese Rumrunnersf' g T- me R S ki17'W'.iVi r, if 'f ' L ' Eff' .T 'F ."' veit: , iffy fi - h, is :Q xx . 5' r K , wav. I . , .Q .M ,,,?af,m V .1 ,llt M ., k , ii A K IW, ,V i , M A A. AM, V may S ,gr 1 A I ,, .il H54 Q .HJ Spiril is someTimes an overused word. Bul Diablo sTudenTs were enThusiasTic and spiriied enough This year during baskefball season To win The D.V.A.L. baskefball sporfsmanship Trophy, "SpiriT" leader, Abe Garcia, proudly accepTs iT on behalf of The sTudenT body. Here comes The rally band, and The crowd sTarTs gaThering around af noon To have a sponTaneous rally, SpiriT was Tremendous aT Diablo, even on The hoTTesTdaysl l - K? l To add gay and "loud" spice, Mr. Arnold and his Sfralw- haTTers liven up our rallies and baskeTball games wifh Their iazzy rhyThm and harmony. ponzpm Anolher one of The Diablo "greaTs" are The DevileT'Tes. Even on The coldesT nighT of a foofball game on The field and The sTuf'HesT nigh? of a baskeTball game in The gym couldn'T keep The girls from slowing down. They were always ready To splash Their pornpons as They performed Their rouTines. Donna Bo, alluring sl'ar of "Smokey Joe's Cafe" and ad- mirers Gary, Sid, Rod, and Bill broughl' honors lo The Block "D" by winning ihe second place award al 'lhe "Clubs Convenl'ion." These falenfedlfli dancers were in demand for enferiainmenf 'lhe enlire year. ll isn'l as easy as il' looks! This year's gymnBSflC leam presenled a "Three-Ring Circus" assembly Ifealuring acrobalsl during lhe fall sernesler. Busy as bees, they also provided enlerfalnmenl al' half lime af our home baskefball games. JM lim, ,WML ' Probably fhe mosl' solemn buf beauriful assembly pre- sented annually is fhe Chrisfmas Pageant Re-enacfing 'l'he Chrislmas slory, 'the drama and music deparimenfs combine their lalenfs fo help sfudenls get the Chrisfmas spiril before leaving for vacafion. ,wr f - M... ". . . presenling l'he Ml. Diablo High School Conceri' Band!" Mr. Arnold direcls lhe band during fhe assembly which is presenfed each spring. This year 'lhe band proudly fealured 'lunes by Cole Porler as ils lheme music. Sid and Maudie whirl, bounce, and swing lo illuslrale lhe "iiH'erbug," probably 'lhe mosl' popular dance al Diablo lhis year. Here, lhey are shown performing in fhe Sludenl Council as- sembly presenled Sepfember 20. .. -ee eww, youu . fi P . f Jw Z Vain wr .A NX 1 . 4 ,fag A i , Q, AW' bg , J aiifkf ' . I The Christmas Formal is the most romantic dance of the year. The girls arrive with stardust in their hair as well as their eyes and it is a breathless sight to see such a rainbow of colors in tormals. Naturally, the boys are uncomfortable, but handsome in their new suits, and the room smells of scented flowers, each girl wearing a corsage of her own, .aww W4 "Pink Rhapsody" was an appropriate theme for the frosh dance. This energetic little class kept in with the theme with pink streamers, music notes, a pepper- mint palace, and even pink lemonade. The only thing that was different was the "Blue Tones" who played for the occasion. But, the atmosphere of their music created more than made the dance memorable. I06 "Athlete's Pete" invited all feet to its ana nual Block "D" dance, This was the men's dance and they not only escorted Diablo girls to the event, but also made all the decorations and provided all entertainment, The girls were impressed at the originality and cleverness of the athletic Block "D" boys! ' 4 .- LUQRQ, Dick and Cathy represented a typical couple at "Stardust," the Christmas dance, December I4. Hal Matson, the professional school photographer had couples pose before his camera for dance shots. Almost fifty couples had the same idea, and each had a souvenir from the dance-a photograph to re- mind them of a wonderful evening. nl X K sim X .1 V will 5 'W S xx S s F' ii 'Q' 'X X S 5 s 2 L X xc 1 , 1 Q 56 a NNE, l 'xhmm "WW, 'B ,, , X ..::: ' 'jf X I Q4 .rv fi "Dream along wifh me, I'm on my way fo a slar . . . " Many couples as Marfy and Rosalie did iusl fhal' af lhe uulev One day fhe seniors gof acfive, and many couples began fo dance in fhe quad for fun. Dancing af noon has been encouraged in fhe lasf fwo years and finally no one could resisf moving his feel' when LiHIe Richard sang "Lucille." Chrisfmas Formal. This was cerfainly fhe dance of fhe year. The sophomores sef up a swing in the clouds lo sif and dream on. Perhaps many wishes came frue, as many affended fhe nexl dance in February. The "Bermuda Bounce" offered fhe mosf fun of all fhe school dances for Di Hi slu- denfs. lf was a girl-ask-boy affair, and the gals didn'l' wasfe lime in snagging dafes. Everyone came decked ouf in fhe fancies? of bermudas, and Iafer fhe boys decided fo confinue fhe fad. All kinds of fun was had by all who affended. The Dance Commiffee really came fhrough wilh decorafions 'lhis fime. They feafured sporfs cars as dance decorafions! 'ff 9' X A4 M' ms, ,A ,V,,f, N ,L E55 'T ,gg ws, Couples felf as if fhey were in "Almos'l Paradise" when fhey affended fhe Junior Prom, April IZ. This fime all credif for a successful dance wenl' fo fhe iuniors who feafured spring blossoms as decorafions. This was fhe lasf semiformal sfudenl' body dance of fhe year and if was a well-affended dance. l07 TheLre'sl a lo+ more lo producing a term play lhan meels lhe eye. The aclors musf learn ihejf IINQS. buf no play could survive without i+s makeup ar+is?s, slage crew, scenery painiers, and cosfume designers. Mr. Berman slresses lo Toni Torpacka and Bari Blakesley The necessify of a good make-up iob on Dave Brockbank and Auslin John while Jerry Hunf and Dave Skinner wail Their furn. I7 . "Who says we're invifin' you over 'lo marry Lizzie? You lake 'rhaf back!" "Won'f 'rake nofhin' back, Jim!" "Then fake somethin' else!" Jim Curry iDave Brockbankl was nol successful in his.aHempf 'lo hit Depufy File fJerry Hunfl for insulling his sisfer Lizzie, File defends himself againsl lhe aflacking Jim, as Sheriff Thomas iDave Skinnerl and Noah Curry iGary Espinosal appear shocked when Jim falls info H. C. Curry's iAuslin Johnl arms. FALL TERM PLAY CAST "The Rainmakeru lin order oi appearancel H, C, Curry, ,,.Auslin John Noah Curry. .Gary Espinosa Jim Curry. . Dave Brockbank Lizzie Curry ,,,,,. cc.. D iana Clark File ., ,.., cccccccc . ,eee J erry l-iunl Sherilli Thomas cccccc ceee D ave Skinner Bill Slarbuck ,,,,, ,,,, D ick Liniord "DL the fall, , "There's no such lhing as a plain woman! Every real woman is preffy, They're all prefly in a differenl way-buf fhey're all preHy!" "Noi mel When I look in lhe looking glass?" "Don'l lef Noah be your lookin' glass! lf's gofla be inside you!" Sfarbuck iDick Linfordl does his besl fo convince Lizzie iDiana Clarkl fhaf she is beauliful buf if lakes lime and pafience, Finally wilh a liflle persuasion Lizzie earns confidence in herself as a woman. WW' .- 'Wy . i. I f 'Q' fi rlxfiaaav ,lf,:v:,'e.., 1, msc. MDINOII Dino Falcaro Mr. Sheridan Mr. lvlandal Mr. Falcaro Mrs. Falcoro Tony Falcaro Shirley. . CAST . Gary Espinosa . Jerry Huni . Al Ludlam . Auslin John . Ge-an Spessard Dave Brockbank Alice Gaye Juvenile Delinquenis . . . Diana Cleric Doris Gonderman Len Lanlranco Bob Tarlen M'-s. Diablo's Advanced Drama Class was asked lo presenl "Qino" over KPlX on MGY 'Z for enferfainrnenl. The cas? was "discovered" byla- sludio rgpff-?59fli'3l'V9 if fi Pl'3yY Fesfival af Pacifica High School, If was an excifing experience for Ml. DIBblOS lhespians. "Gino" nn, JLFSUC. The "Dino" casl' gol' over being camera shy after Two monfhs of rehearsing af fhe felevision sludio. The lirsf scheduled performance was canceled because of cer-fain aufhor righfs, bul' KPIX was defer- mined Thai "Dino" should go on fhe air! Mr. Sheridan, ihe psychialrisl lJerry Hunfi, fries To convirce Dino lGary Espinosai fha? he sfill has a chance for happiness and success in lhe world in spiie of his criminal childhood. Dino, hardened by his experiences in prison, dislrusfs The docfor and cannot undersland why anyone would want to help him unless he had "an angIe." ww Aw - if , 'W f-1a,1a1f2:'r1s5'fi,,::1ia'm z.v27L.' f Q I Q ,ix g - 4 'S Harmonious melodies sung by the A Cappella Choir livened Diablo's school year as these songsters performed at assemblies, concerts, and outside gatherings. Members of the choir are FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. George Prall, Henry Melendres. SECOND ROW: Mary Staton, Nancy Mitchell, Linda Miller, Marie Melendres, Betsy Ohran, Sharon Bish, Lynn Jones, Toni Torpacka, Ruth Larsen, Linda Crewse, Mary Lou Kelly, Peggy Mattos, Sue Grubbs. THIRD ROW: Janice Jones, Sherry Lewis, Barbara Brindel, Karen Fleshman, Phyllis Robertson, Janelle Spencer, Gail Duck- " 56' -mwnfz, B jlainwaa, a, horn, Jim Kapsalis, Art Williams, Rowena Young, Sandra Recio, Darnell Williams, Carol Cook, Linda Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Judie Laughlin, Donna Hatley, Becky McLaughin, Beverly Jenkins, Larry Simmons, Denny Good- rum, Sam Fear, Ron Churchman, Jim Scott, Larry Hollinger, Claudia Carzino, Gean Spessard, Linda Ferriera, Karen Whight. BACK ROW: Kay Calkins, Eva Broome, Pat Sadowski, Connie Cavanah, Mary Weisinger, Mary Larson, Jerry Fisher, Jack Kennerson, Marian Shanks, Daryll Phillips. M, ' f -ur 'half X, iv ln the music department, there is an advanced singing group, under the direction of Mr. MR. GEORGE PRALL Prall. Singing was their specialty and so they called themselves the Ensemble. Members Music Instructor are FRONT ROW, left to right: Janice Jones, Nancy Mitchell, Sonja Carlson, Ruth Larson, Penny Perry, Lana Meadows, Amy Glines. BACK ROW: Mr. George Prall, Sue Sweeney, Deane Robertson, Terry Miller, Dick Linford, Manual Gouveia, Jim Kapsalis, Larry Young, Linda Fisher. Singing in complete harmony, the girls in the Glee Club charmed audiences whenever they performed for assemblies or concerts. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Maureen Oliver, Carol Masterson, Kathy Blikeng, Janice Burkhart, Barbara Cash, Virgilynn Logie, Kathryn Pan- coast, Joanne Brown, Barbara Johnson, Janet Pearce, Rosemarie Frazier, Judy Arnze, Margie Zermeno. SECOND ROW: Eddie Mabry, Sally Rose,- Wilma Holland, Idalene Peterson, Beverly Mundy, Jolene Spurlock, Rita Romo, Sharon Scott, Judie Riggs, Shirley Robbins, Pat Haskins, Diane Carlos, Marie Krout, Toni Vargus, Judy Clarke. BACK ROW: Celia Wittwer, Anella Wade, Carol Petrie, Judy Piper, Kay Moore, Alyce Noerenberg, Frances Halloway, Juanita Page, Gayle Kran, Miss Margaret Cartright. ,www ' ' was mm . W .. .- 1 M I K I K , ., -I 1 I wg' 1 , x I x, ,-, t , I ' E af: ,, ""WNW5S'. WM! W xx -4 The orchestra demonstrated its accomplishments to the student body at the Christmas Pageant and several assemblies. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Mike Heinaman, Pat Hennessy, Roger Emanueals, Sherie Leaver, Penny Sweeny, Dorothy Hanisch, Gayle Taylor. SECOND ROW: Peter Schlaman, Gary Harrington, Connie Henderson, Shirley Jarvis, Terry Madden, Wanda Dickie, Pat Elliot, Phyllis Reniff, Sheila Bauer. THIRD ROW: Ron Whaley, Joe Partansky, Jean Kitowski, Janet Ferwerda, Mike Hoaglin, Myrna Goldstein, Angelica Keller, Clyde Rossberg, Robert Chambers, Paul Bengston. FOURTH ROW: Keith Chambliss, Darlene Carano, Jean Vickory, Phil Sefers, Dennis Treadway. BACK ROW: Clifford Vaught, Mrs. Mary Lowery, Henry Melendres, Pat Markovich, Jim Henderson, Jim Councilman, Jim Wells, Ron Terry, Jim Webster, Roberta Seibold, Esther Carlson, Raenelle Irish. MRS. MARY LOWERY Orchestra Instructor TROMBONE SECTION-Ken Enke, Chuck SAXOPHONE SECTION - FRONT ROW: TRUMPET SECTION: Ron Sofge, Jim Web- Johnston, Bruce McCorkle. Bob Small, Keith McKenzie. BACK ROW: ster, Warren Moore. Al Allison, Jim Bartneck, Jimmie Brown. "" .,.. Wy 4 A ,. , ..,, I Aw ,.,. I 4.5. f N. 1 ,.,, 1. .rag , ----- , I-11 39' Qf5? f ',' -- I 5- KF nf- f s 1 ,,, wfwai 22' figs 0 0 0 ll 0 If F f ,gygaw ,Xt ,,,, , ,,,-,Q ,,,, ,, eww. Q-:V ss57?yg,9,6M? W' ., ., SSW' -' 'ii" EW, XA W, . X. ,. to .. ,,.. , V, ww ,,vv 'V Mfg 3 f 9, 46 aww jf' , -W iifi iri" Z, , - , ,IQ Wo, , . DRUMMER Denny Johnston ""' Y ' a f , M ,, , I ,,., 4 ' , ' C 452 , "-" 'V '- f ,, ,A ..., , - , f,f?f'4 gffigk, ,gig g7',.a55nf ' Wf7',W'7f " f , 427 . mf' X! 1 e 4 2 . , I , , ,M f 24 4 A, .,,, if f ' r 4 ff f , f PIANO AND BASS SECTION Bill Small and Paul Bengston f 4 f 2 me f 7 W Q K A ff I ' f I 3 'ff ,X g W I J 5 i P 4 if , , Ka Wg.- ,,......c--,,...,.,. , s sffmfax ' The popular Diablo Dance Band, the Varsitonians, was composed of top band members with an interest in dance music. One of their engagements this year was the "Bermuda Bounce" dance, where their smooth music was well received. They also represented Diablo in two exchange assemblies to Pittsburg and Alhambra High Schools. Shown, left to right, in the FRONT ROW: Bill Small, Bob Small, Alu Allison, Jim Bartneck, Keith lVlcKenzie, Jimmy Brown, lVlr. James Arnold. SECOND ROW: Denny John- ston, Chuck Johnston, Ken Enke, Bruce lVlcCorkle. BACK ROW: Paul Bengston, Warren Nloore, Jim Webster, Ron Sofge. as-V, L 9 Helping to keep spirits high at all our football games, the marching band played our school songs and assisted as a background for yells. At the assemblies the band also provided entertainment for the student body. The Rally Band, a smaller group, made up of selected members of the band, played at our rallies and basketball games. The members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Karen Fredrickson, Twila Christiansen, Ruth Sweetser, Judy Vallbracht, Bill Williams, Joe Bohan, Bill Bruce, Don Ostlund, Brian Pierce, Mike Baird, Ken Mompelier, John Irvin, Dennis Halter, Ted Miller, Don Bartke, Harlan Eller. SECOND ROW: Jim Chaney, Ron Helzer, Don Lindroth, Mairon Sundquist, Sandra Phelps, Sharon Vanicek, Tony Pooler, Craig Whisler, Mae Snyder, Max Short, Leland Nelsen, Pat Smith, Rod Raine, Mike Thompson, Ed Butler, Roger Staggs, Lee Baer, Mike McKinney, Curtis White, Bob Murray, Sharon McElroy, Gordon Russ, Marilyn Becker. THIRD ROW: Marlene Dawe, Alice Harris, Doug Birch, Lois Shimmin, Billie Brady, James Craig, Barbara Hunt, Carol DeFrates, Doyle Cosme, Paul Kinney, Roger Russ, Keith McKenzie, Lee Vaughn, Charles Forman, Keith Chambliss, Vaughn Leath, Jack Crumley, Charlie Clark, Dale Luomala, Sam Johnston, Bruce McCorkle, Clyde Luomala, Dave Nixon, Gordon Creer, Jim Wells, Dale Wikle, Tim Cameron, Norman Nunes, John Flint, Buddie Evans, Larry Lamone, Oval Lee Atnip. BACK ROW: Pat Walters, Dale Pedersen, Steve Ackerman, Wally Shoults, Bob DeHart, George Sousa, Jan Whisler, Mr. Jim Arnold, Ralph Mohr, Bob Small. anaLth.a,banaLarwL is , f T f , in LEE VAUQHN Drum Mayor K- 2, , Q 44 f' . f -1""'- 3 ' ,, -'H-s"i , " A -:::: ., V2 i:::': PAr'l1l-lASlSlNS , alofe 9 , 2 . . ,W 'f y t we ww-.-fw 4 fr .. aw ,fe V ' , r ,,.,, , , I J ,,,, V 5 .33 1 l f- ef K. 1 of ' . , . Q W , A N V . .,, 4 sr 9 is .. ma.,,,...H ,.., 1 . ff .. ' -rr e , , ,,,., W, .,,,,, yy y t 'atm-f f,m5p,,y.a,ff,a -l ea f ,, ,. .-.L 1.524 ,..,, JEWELL SANDERS Flag Twirler NANCY ITANEN Head Maiorette FRANCES ITANEN Maiorefte ,fr 7771141211110 MISS ELYSE DUKATZ Modern Dance lnslrucfor , ,wr fo, ff ,Z ,,, f ,www f LL,, Modern dancing has enlight- ened the outlook on lifelof these girls. Gaily dancing from fall to summer, they make up the fourth period advanced modern dance class. Modern dancers are FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Mitchell, Sheila Bradley, Jan Vanicek, Judi Reed, Bar- bara Grice, Nancy Carroll, Ann Rutherford, Ginny Cor- dero, Sue Campbell, Sharon Abbott, Cathy Kelley. SEC- OND ROW: Charlotte Quig- ley, JoAnn Butler, Darlene Fulton, Carol Groene, Ruthi Crain, Dianne Evans, Berta Keeble, Carol Carzino, Penny Mills, Sonja Main, Kathy Warren, Janet Parker, Maudie Stone. BACK ROW: Sheila Hughes, Jinx Adams, Mary Beth Laurence, Pat Hansen, Billie Garrett, June Garlick, Cherie Mortensen, Pam Stremel, Barbara Ra- cine, Lynn Jones, Phyllis Williams, Carol Bucher, Gayle Meese, Nancy Itanen, Jewell Sanders, and Robin Kling. ,w . Indications of the dancing progress learned during the year is surely noted by the neat stance of the third per- iod modern dance class mem- bers vvho are FRONT ROW, left to right: Donna Jarvis, Pat Medlin, Linda Curtis, Linda Silva, Jan Davis, Fran Thibodeaux, Jane Lamson, Trudy Blythe, Shirlene Cope- land, Yvonne Bisso, Mary Alice Riley, Sheri Smith, Pat Elliott, Judy Neville. SECOND ROW: Alice Gay, Connie Stevens, JoDee So- botka, Jane Brooks, Joy Ma- chado, Judy Schrock, Tanya McLean, Janet Pimental, Pat Fletcher, Mary Ann Dor- sey, Penny Svveeny, Kathy Nicklaus, Diane Morris, Kathy Forbes, Penny Perry, Dona Cotten. BACK ROW: Sonja Carlson, Kimi Tahira, Donna Payne, Judy Giles, Carol Bigby, Darla Roberts, Paula Mills, Marilyn Han- sen, Pat Elkins, Lucy Do- minguez, Elin Bjork, Karen Murdoch, Darlene Hennes- sey, Carol Petrie, Sue Sweeney, Glenda Cowden, and Phyllis Renlff. 1 13131 -Ll. 1' MH i 0 " J .g .V S if 1 ' V'- 4 , 'fx 3:1-41 , , 1 1 Q if f 0 ' i f i 4 -W A '- : Xml!-wr , r x '. , 5 ' 'Z if 4 1 " - , 5 iff ii i rx Mwv fg Here are the secretaries in the business world of tomorrow. This club was one of the largest on Diablo's campus. The only requirement in order to be a member was to have taken at least one commercial subject. These girls supervised our brunch sales and sold tickets for various school functions. RUTH LARSON President whatwmqowi, 7 aw ,. llThe class will now come to order!" These stu- dents have already started planning for their future as teachers by joining the Education Club. The aims of this group are to give a background of classroom procedure and methods of teaching to students interested in this field. One of the cIub's activities was actual participation in classroom instruction in elementary schools. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Penny Band, Donna Van Pelt, Susan Seymour, Barbara Riley, Janelle Spencer, Jeanne Brunelle, Carol Phillipson, Nancy Jones, Myrna Goldstein, Char- lotte Quigley. SECOND ROW: Karen Simpson, Gail Galbraith, Carol Groene, Pat Smith, Mar- lene Dowe, Ann Cureton, Barbara Clough, Sue Bordeaux, Isabel Catambay, Ann Bahls, Roger Freeman, Webb Hadden. THIRD ROW: Deanne Evans, Roberta Keeble, Judy Latter, Carole Sill, Carol Petrie, Deanna Sheldon, June Garlick, Pat Elkins, Pat Erman, Sonja Halvorson, Pam Ma- chado, Pat Markovich. BACK ROW: Dorthy Grammont, Nancy ltanen, Marjorie Seaman, Adele Bouchard, Phyllis Reniff, Charlotte Schwartz, Cherie Mortenson, Joe Partansky, Bon- nie Carlton, Pat Koch, Jo Ann Taylor, Parn Stre- mel, June Morgan. DEANNE SHELDON President II6 wr A77 '.w"2prw1v WM! t Ending their high school days as top honor students, these students formed the Mt, Diablo Chapter of the California Scholarship Federa- tion. By earning a grade average of ten points, these students qualified to join. C.S.F. activities included awarding Silver UD" and Gold HD" pins, selling class pictures, and sponsoring three banquets. These Grade "A" members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Joyce Cox, Pam Stremel, Ida Yamamoto, Gayle Meese, Judy Peck, Kimi Tahira, Nancy Keller, Marlene Dawe, Marilyn Hanson. SECOND ROW: Sheri Cimino, Pat Markovich, Judie Laughlin, Beverly Bar- nett, Becky McLaughlin, Lynn Jones, Nancy Itanen, Pat Hansen, Peggy Baker. THIRD ROW: Chet Belknap, Mike Heineman, Mike Dowling, John Skeen, Maren Sunquist, Sylvia Mesna, Linda Johnson, Joan Aubuchon, Janelle Crabbe. FOURTH ROW: Steve Burks, Ron Myer, Dave Cooper, Jay McCoy, Jerry Lively, Jim Webster, Gerald Ciough, Richard Laurence, Curt Thrasher. BACK ROW: Bill Mohn, Webb Hadden, Jim Tovvell, John Gotshall, Clyde Thompson, Ralph Mohr, Norman Smith, John Bologni, Dennis Treadway, Carl Caballo. PAM STREMEL President, First Semester ? Other members of the "Brain Trust" are left to right, FRONT ROW: Carol Groene, Penny Band, Jeanne Brunelle, Donna Maher, Miriam McDon- ald, Mary Lou Robertson, Brigitte Muhm, Doro- thy Hanisch, Maureen Cardinet. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Lehmer, JoDee Sobotka, Robin Kling, Cathy Kelley, Sandy Kirschner, Sherie Leaver, Billie Toole, Barbara Riley, Ruth Lingenfelter, Janelle Spencer. THIRD ROW: Sheila Hughes, lVlHfY Beth Laurence, Ginny Cordero, Maudie Stone, Barbara Grice, Sherry Smith, Judy Ne- felle, Natalie Zavialoff, Barbara Clough. FOURTH ROW: Janice Whisler, Alice Harris, Judy La- mont, Diana Clark, Linda Crewse, Carolyn Adams, Sue Sweeny, Penny Sweeny, Penn Per- ry, Pat Fletcher. BACK ROW: Dave Barber, Clint McIntosh, Warren Moore, Steve Bordi, Dick Linford, Dan Barney, Walter Weinzheimer, Roger Freeman, Webb Hadden, Ron Winkler. ..,.,,,.g Mffw 173 W W to .WJNWQ . as. . , , X , WM , 55, S ,,5M,,,,,.tsf5 4 gofuwqefffrff W" ' ri fi t 7 is ROGER FREEMAN President, Second Semester f X st ,cfm 'i ff 2 NEW fif- 'L ", .5:,. - 1'.Wmt.iz 'WZ a:1It' :" Q' .2E::.. ' , ., ms.vf X 55 These husky looking Industrial Art boys are often busy at work on their wood and metal work, and also mechanical drawings. They gain recognition by exhibiting their projects during open house and competing in national Industrial Art compe- titions. Nlembers are FRONT ROW, left to right: Larry Hazelton, David Hagerstrand, Tim Anglin. SECOND ROW: Harold Bartke, Bill Gwinn, Bob Arendtson, Gerry Kerr. BACK ROW: Bill Harvey, Jerry Clark, Everett Prewett, Ralph Clark. HAROLD BARTKE President If you were interested in Brubeck or Kenton jazz, then you probably belonged to the Jazz Club. Each meeting sewed as a jazz critique in which the members would discuss the best and the worst artists in the jazz professions. This club helped sponsor a Dave Brubeck Concert in order to raise money for their treasury. Nlembers are FRONT ROW, left to right: Penny lVlills, Dennis Johnston, Nancy Itanen, Warren lllloore, Chuck Johnston, Nancie Brotsch, Bob Small, SECOND ROW: Gail Wheeler, Marlene Dawe, Sharon Scott, Karen Frederickson, Rosalie Johnson, Sandy Kirschner, Pat Smith, Jim Cheny, Don Lindroth. BACK ROW: Jim Bartneck, Jack Crum- ley, Ken Mompelier, Linda Crews, Carol De- Frates, Oval Lee Atnip, Carol Hendrix, Lois Shimmin, Rita Hendrix, Keith lVlcKenzie. CHUCK JOHNSTON President IIB Interest in state and national government PTO- cedures created the Junior Statemen. ThlS pr- ganization, composed of many. California hI9h schools, attended state and regional conventions throughout the year. Members in this -picture are FRONT Row, left to right: Jan whisler, Mary Ellen Wells, Susan Bratsberg, Virginia Johnson, Joanne Short, Mary Lou Robertson, Marilyn Yorke, Carla Schlotter, Zeta Nossen, SECOND ROW: Sheri Leaver, Ann Rutherford, FrarlC6S Catambay, Dorothy Hanisch, Foster Robertson, Linda Lewis, Linda Arentz,' Nancy Mullen, Penny Lundeberg, Charlotte Quigley. THIRD ROW- Beverly Abbay, Berta Keeble, -Rose Frazier, Gean Spessard, Maudie Stone, Gail Costello, Nancy Wiley, Judy Peck, Penny Sweeny, Pat Elkins. BACK ROW: Len Lanfranco, Dianne Evans, Shar- leen Davis, Carol Curtis, Kjersti Lundeberg, Janet Sperling, Connie Henderson, Billie Garrett, Gayle Meese, Beverly Fairfield. IS . JIM TOWELL rc President Our Junior Statesmen were not only active in state and regional activities, but sponsored many school activities also. They sold candy at our Jay- Vee football games and the basketball games, and sold book covers to the student body. They met with neighboring schools and held legislative sessions to get experience. Members pictured here are FRONT ROW, left to right: Steve Turner, Pat Elliot, Joan Dana, Penny Young, Mary Ferge- son, Marcella Fitch, Marty McGrath, Ann Bal- low, Barbara Bloomer, Jim Hayes. SECOND ROW: Charles Shockey, Pat Markovich, Sharon Burns, Diane Himes, Shirley Taylor, Phyllis Reniff, Roslyn Goldstein, Sondra Shaver, Sharon Davis, Dan Driskell. THIRD ROW: Ed Butler, Gayle Taylor, Sandra Burns, Oral Weeks, Sheri Cimino, Lee Miller, Rona Moore, Sandra Segler, Nyles Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Brian Catto, Gus Ginocchio, Jim Webster, Ed Zickefoose, Lewis Morgan, Bill McNamara, Daryl Phillips, Jerry Dubbs, Dietmar Fritsch. BACK ROW: Ron Krose, Norman Smith, Ralph Mohr, Chet Belknap, Keith Kayes, Joe Pai-tansky, Roger Emanuels, Archie Morgan, Lee Faison, Jim Towell. NOT PIC- TURED: Linda Bernard, Bonnie Borden, Troy Brown, Carole Choporis, Janelle Crabbe, Janera Crabbe, Diane Darrow, Judy Edinborgh, Jim Faison, Judy Hadden, Dale Adams, Jim Hender- son, Nancy Hicks, Rosalie Johnson, Jean Kitow- ski, Richard Laurence, Sharon Mahoney, Ken Mc- Kinney, June Morgan, Brigitte Muhm, Barbara Oakley, Carolyn Oakley, Sue Padelford, Sherron Pimentel, Roberta Seibold, John Skeen, Dave Skinner, Valorie Torres, Rich Terra. .vu-os. CHARLOTTE QU IGLEY Vice-President i'Habla Vd, espanol?" or l'Parlez vous francais?" Students who had enrolled in either course dur- ing their four years at Diablo were eligible to join the Language Club. This active group had cake sales all year long to help their treasury. Their main project this year was dining at the various foreign food restaurants in our area. Students who enjoyed the benefits of this club are FRONT ROW, left to right: Carol Groene, Gail Galbraith, Karen Simpson, Sally Rose, Gary Arentz, SECOND ROW: Alice Hurley, JoDee Sobotka, Claudia Jackson, Charlotte Schwartz, Pat Erwin, Nancy Itanen. THIRD ROW: Judy Giles, Edith Carlston, Marty McGrath, June Garlick, Cherie Mortensen, Adele Bouchard, Pat Markovich, Jewell Sanders, Geneta Spessard. EDITH CARLSTON President Latin is no longer a Hdead" language according to these students who formed a club to empha- size its importance. They not only studied Latin but put it to practical uses. Their activities in- cluded sponsoring an act in the annual Clubs' Assembly and operating a booth in the Junior Carnival in June. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Marlene Dawe, Becky McLaughlin, Sandy Kirschner, Linda Bernard, Sherie Leaver, Barbara Riley, Jeanne Brunelle. SECOND ROW: Barbara Sharp, Lee Miller, Sheri Cimino, Nancy Keller, Beverly Barnett, Mary Clark, Pamela Dowell, Susan Jackson, Noel Humphries, BACK ROW: Mrs. Carolyn Ross, adviserg John Flint, Ron Lichti, Dennis Treadway, Ralph Mohr, Mike Heineman, Norman Smith, Don Elfving, Gus Ginocchio. GUS G,-INOCCHIO President Lcfhaiav fhoq, , 'a,clu.b I20 ' ,pa acmzab m,,,,,.e This year the Ski Club spent a week end of thrills and spills in the snow taking a long lourney to Dcdge Ridge for their annual Ski Trip. Arriving at Pinecrest around noon, the excited members of the long-awaited expedition piled out for several hours of skiing, sledding, tobog- ganing, eating and just plain fun in the snow. Members in this picture include FRONT ROW, left to right: Judi Reed, Sonja Main, Penny Mills, Mary Ann Dorsey, Sheri Smith, Alice Riley, Nancy Mitchell, Rita Haskins, Pat Ross. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Rae Jones, Pat Fletcher, Judy Jones, Pat Haskins, Margie Eccoffey, Mere- dith Skeen, Bonnie Mason, Robin Kling, Cathy Kelley, Cathy Emery THIRD ROW: Mike Car- penter, Grant Tod, Denny Mason, Bill Hubbard, John Peterson, Ginny Cordero, Sue Campbell, Sue Bordeaux, Mary Larson, FOURTH ROW: Ken Mompelier, Sid Sidwell, Roger Smith, Don Bo, Jerry West, Manuel Gouveia, Dick Linford, John Turner, Bev Fairfield. BACK ROW: Charlie Caulk, Jim Craig, Ron Nelson, Doug Anderson, Bruce McChesney, Owen Cardinet, Larry Hollin- ger, Pete Hilts, Bob Bradford, Rod Atnip, Gordy Silva, Dave Stafford, Dave Craig. W MARY BETH LAURENCE President 1 .,.f The Ski Club originally planned two trips to Pinecrest, but the first one had to be cancelled because there was no snovv! But the weather and skiing conditions were ideal both days for their second trip. The next Monday many of the slightly exhausted members sported sunburned faces and strained muscles at school, but every- one agreed that these casualties were well worth the fun. Members pictured here are FRONT ROW, left to right: Doris Gonderman, Marcy Brechtel, Ginger Tomlinson, Darlene Fulton, Gayle Meese, Judy Adams, Nancy Itanen, Sheila Hughes, Jewell Sanders. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Oakley, Carol Bigby, Darla Roberts, Kathy Warren, Mary Beth Laurence, Pat Elkins, Peggy Gibson, Judy Vannatta, Gail Wheeler, Nancie Brotsch. THIRD ROW: Barbara Oakley, Janet Parker, Marilyn Hanson, Melinda Sweeney, Jeanie Murray, Bar- bara Roe, Sherie Simms, Charlotte Triplett, Kaylene Darnell. BACK ROW: Charlie Caulk, Marc Stephens, Ted Plumb, Martin Allan. GORDI E SILVA Vice-President l2l Were you interested in biology, chemistry, or physics? These Science Club members were, and during the year they performed experiments in each field, Several ambitious students built dif- ficult scientific devices and won prizes in the Science Fair. The highlight of their activities was the assembly they presented at the beginning of the first semester. Potential scientists this year are FRONT ROW, left to right: Gayle Kran, Sheila Bauer, Sheri Leaver, Linda Bernard, Frances Catambay, Brooks Hamm. BACK ROW: Louis Gadol, Jim Towell, Jerry Dubbs, Deitmar Fritsch, Jerry Hunt, Jim Rosowski, Richard Laurence, Don Elfving. JIM HAYES President lf lah, the mvvluswl 124, f2!l!JjiQLfA., VW Junior Red Cross projects benefited the na- tion as well as the community. Members of the lVlt. Diablo chapter sponsored homeroom collections for the Community Chest and the United Crusade. Remember the mitten tree in the Academic Building during Christ- mas? This was also a project of the club to help the Hungarian refugees. Members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Sharon Pimen- tel, Ginny Cordero, Nlaudie Stone, Janice Burkhart. BACK ROW: Burge Whitman, Shirley Taylor, Gayle Kran, lVlary Ferguson, Beverly Abbay. 2 'VI CONNIE STEVENS President The Stage Crew was certainly busy this year! They offered their services to the school by managing the lighting and stage production of all school presentations. All organiza- WALT FLETCHER President tions took advantage of their fine talents' the Drama department for the term plays, the Senior class for the variety show, the Junior class for the fashion show, the Nlod- ern Dance class for the assembly, and the lVlusic department for the Christmas Pag. eant. The reliable members of the stage crew are FRONT ROW, left to right: St Ackerman Larry F ' W 1 F eve , erris, t SECON I , a letcher o Row. Bill iviekean, iviax Hankin- Norman Nunes. BACK ROW: Nlr. Harvey Berman, advisery John Nunes, Don Brothers Bill Mason. ' Beverly Barnett, Noel Humphries mxtvgflte ummm ff? President A, "Calling KGQNL . , . come in." These ama- teurs studied radio broadcasting techniques. Their activities included taking radios apart and putting them back together again for practice, and at the end of the year they challenged such advanced mechanisms as phonographs and television. This group did school radio and phonogmph repairs also. Radio Club members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Gerald Quigg, Melvin Rosowski, Charles Hagwood. SECOND ROW: Neal Rob- erson, Richard Strudwick, James Theobald, Chris Towry. BACK ROW: Mr, Wilson Lan- drum, adviser: Russell Ralphs, Wayne Kelly, Stan Forsstrom, John Dyckman. WAYNE KELLY WILLIAM scrmeeoen President President " K - F- .,vQyfsiwf1,f',, Busy this year showing movies in clasgeg and. keeping films, records, and camera SqUgl1entt,Ithe loriiiecttionists have become " en 'H PHI' t e teachin at Diablo. Understanding the progeprgigfrgg mentals of audio-visual equipment are FRONT ROW, left to right: Ray Riccobuone John Nunes, Jim Snavely, Walt Fletcher' Jim Terrell. SECOND ROW: Jerry Clarke' Mr. Rufus Johnson, adviser, Dave Stafford, Gary Kerr, Bill Schreeder. These "Sea Nymphs" presented the Swim Show of 1957. They provided entertainment in their clever swimming numbers which developed their theme t'Fantasy." Each member was hand picked for swimming ability and endurance. ln order to make their number more professional, some mem bers took lessons at the Athens Club in Oakland where they were taught advanced swimming stunts and strokes. Mermaids and members of the club are FRONT ROW, left to right Sue Sheffield, Sandy Sheffield, Ginny Cordero Kathy Kelley, Carol Stone, Marby Drexel Yvonne Farola, Jan Vanicek. SECOND ROW: Sonja Main Frances Itanen, Lynn Jones, Nancy Itanen Mary Beth Laurence, Berta Keeble, Maudie Stone Janet Medcalf, Sandy Krischner, Carol Campbell THIRD ROW: Jewell Sanders, Becky McLaughlin Judy Sands, Joleen Spurlock, Connie Wilbur Rita Kabat, Mary Beth Slate, Claudia Jackson Burge Whitman, BACK ROW: Sharon Stone Cherie Mortensen, Gayle Meese, Nancy Keller Charlie Caulk, Phoebe French, Carol Bengston ANN RUTHERFORD F- ' -W'. ' fri. Y ' q""1fWf"+,g"Wv'W. , I f-..,,,,,, ,Wu .. L, X 'LA-Awgrmix 2 msx,,,,:s.e. 1 si S, 9- , 5 .. LN, X 23. 1 egg 139-,S :seas M--'J M- X - ces- or we ,,,, r s , Z6 g 1 fi .X e ' .. ss, s .1 .: x so gc, , .s. :,- .fs ,z1f1,:jjE,..,t,:- ,.j'-::.5,?'Tf2'fE f,.,-,aj , f .. Q, gms 1 N. R , x N ' Y' cj i 3? in . ., , ,L .N . ,SV ,, , gym'-F rw i' X, N- X , .Mk 1 Q ER v 'X ,. V . ...... 'YV' 1 Ne w ,- ii' w dlgs "4 N P " W? ,,:, Zl: f' " kv Wg'Ws?X' . 59 e- W oi ' s f . .M 5 , f I , . if ' f - -1 rzmfwf .. . fs-sv f N I Probably 'fhe mosl- envied car owner wr? ' f 2 423' 5 fi' Q on ,he Diehl k- I f - G is f 52.5.4522-. . o par ing o is eorgie ., yi ,L 5 ,, f W . - V - ---- 555 Baldocchl, possessor of a l956 Bel-Air Ag. j . iff Chevrolef. A complelely new car does I nor exacily sahsfy George, so he has X , ' MZ 2 spenf his spare 'lime doing cusfom lg l 5 5135.5 ,eff , aww., ' i - ,Z work on fhe body. , A if 5 g :,.p.fiL ' f ' J 1 Wm " "" , si, ' I . - H i 5 ? ' " f f ,,, X .. 71' if X , "Wwe 'W N '---.N , , , ,, . f w K ' ,,, ff , , To 5 ,Q 5 r , .xy 2 . H 41 A 1 iq X W " - ' ' "7 i W ---- 3 L L 5g..f-5, - , , Q , 1 U M' ,,AA V ' ' -' e g ' , .. , ,.,., ,, i rr,r, " ---.- 2 ' 'f" A J , Dick Ki'l'owski's 1953 Chevrolel is iusl in fhe process of being somewhal cusfomized. ll' is in lop running condilion. A good wash and wax iob offen doesn"l hurl 'lhe car, and il cerfainly creafes an impression wifh Diablo sfudenls. ' fwdfs. All kinds of cusfom work has been done fo Jerry Underwood's Chevy. Many 'limes Jerry has changed lhe feafures on his car, and he was planning 'lo coniinue making changes even affer fhe piclure was faken. Al' 'lhe 'lime of 'rhis piclure, Jerry had molded bolh front and rear ends. He has also done many ofher lhings fo improve lhe appearance of his car. ' wi, A fine cusfom convertible car is Loyal Miner's l950 metallic green Ford. For fwo years, Loyal has concenfraled on his mofor and now he knows lhaf his car can compele wilh lhe besl of fhem. Being proud of his car, Loyal spends much time keeping his car in lop run- ning condition. W7 E ily Z l Owner of 'lhis Ford, Buddy Barion has received praise for fhe fine coal of painl' he has on his car. An especially allraciive fealure is the gold striping, which was done by a person wilh pro- fessional experience. Dale Welch poses beside his kelly green '50 cuslom Chevrolet Chrome is a spe- cial fealure of 'lhis car as well as The Cldsmobile spinner hub caps. Dale, a lunior, owns one of fhe finesl cars on 'lhe lol. .,,,.csN uf awfmlmavm MMM-My mmwmswmwmwmw 'LW L' 'Wa GE RECREATION ,J X fwf xp A NP ' ' ff Lb' NYM N' gqywyi Eff 05005 My up M XJ G " W N WQJEJ ,Ux lib X V 1 UW V V RECREATICN -V w nf 11 4 L Q, 1 1 gh , 4. H 9 f "file, 5"'.I , J' S- ' 'ff Tfi- gf -3. . . , r, ' '71, ' 5 ,H 5152 , " T551 L IT-Q4 f' 15 , 4,94 . Sxzfvl. ,ff il fi., ,ii 2, ' I -54.2 F' ,--ff' '- ,1 uf . ' 3 45 , ' ,P ' fi f lx . ,li'f"5' Y ,- , . ,S 1 ' -gi EJ , - 7' 1: , N I 73 1 Q v a D, Mn. v. 1' Lf. ,- S-Q7 ' I3 1 ' " V 1 .E ' I- , I 3' A H ,-v y , V . vi Jf. 'PAF 4 xl Q, u Pi K, ., - U a 1 41 g 4 12.1 n f X A A 3, gl fi 54 la. ii i I Ti Sl if ra Ea fi 2? PF fi Ei W L Q W 55 QI Rf fn '1, T 'W if f mlEmnMmmfu1mnu n'f fhe coach giving the pep lalk in fhe locker room 'lhis nighl, il's a Devil squadman ready for balfle. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD lvll. Diablo ,,,,,, ,,,YY,,,,,, , 25 Cakdale , ,,,,,,, H O MT. Diablo ,,,,,, , YY,,, 27 Qalcland lecln , , 7 Mi. Diablo ,,,.,, 7 Anliocli , ,,, , , 6 lvll. Diablo, , 6 Pillsburg ,,,,,,,, ,,,, , W I8 Ml. Diablo oooov, 7 Acalanes ,,,, 77,,,, A 27 lvll. Diablo 7 Las Lomas .,,,,, Zl MT. Diablo o77,,L 6 Pleasaml l-lillo, H, O Ml. Diablo oooo., LLLL,,, l 3 Pacifica ,,,,,, rrrr O umm, gwfmzm tio, gm ffuvwif MNWNUT 5. Q km xb- Ulffla, ' . 1w .vY,fNX,,XQl ,E , N N T X A . M-swf? T x XX XX X X Xt 51 M ff, W 1 9 Q e V' 1 A 'as ! 6 J A...-I iw: aa, machaa., ' ,fooibal Plumb, H ' , J , mi FW' i PM ffgj' Z t,.- V gl 1 V Q K.: 42 B 435 R IE ,sa 531, 6535 Diablo's Varsity foolball squad sparkled a fine season with good coaching behind its forces. Members of lhe spiri-led feam, FIRST ROW, leff fo right, are Charlie Jones, Bren? Byars, John Barclay, Norman Mickey, Bill Marshall, Marfin Allan, T. J. Elam, Dennis Treadway, Ed Zickefoose, Rich Nisonger, Al Allison. SECOND ROW: Jim Gavin, Don Bo, Warren Moore, Loyal Miner, George Darrow, Gary Lindsfrom, Al TreHe, Dennis Mason, Dick Ellsworfh, Jerry Wesf, Bill Gainer, Jim Zuur, Rod Afnip. THIRD ROW: John Turner, Alan Torres, Ron Nelson, Lloyd Crenna, Merle Marshall, Dave Biddle, Dave Doran, Jay McCoy, John Sfremel, Dick Jones, Gary Casey, Ted Plumb. dll,-0 . EMRYS DAM -an BILL PoweLL Head Line Coach Head Eackfield Coach HART FAIRCLOUGH Head Varsify Coach Diaqramminq one of their many plays, Varsity Coaches Emrys Davis and Hart Fairclouqh explain plans of the team's strategy nn the next play to Dick Jones and Merle Marshall. With most ot the veterans inexperienced, these fine coaches shaped ri strong team that finished hiqh in the DVAL. iq. One can see by the anxious looks of the Varsity players the tenseness that is felt during a hard fought game Here the players hold their breaths as an Antioch Panther picks up yardage for a first down 6Zntio,P When Gary Casey C305 is trotting down the turt at 60 per, it's going to take more than one hand to stop him as was proved in this bout against Antioch's Panthers. Co-ming up fast were Dick Ellsworth U81 and Don Bo C481 about to lend a helping hand In the scuffle. mmf-1, .. 4 -.Hr fzummmssavlwewnluq may Allison ll2l prepares fo assisf a Devil feammafe on a fackle on an Oakland Tech player. Diablo soared pas? the Bull- dogs af one of fhis year's practice games vvifh a vicfory of 27-7. Miner l44l powers his way fhrough fhe middle of Oakdale for IO yards before being 'lackled by a m'9l'lTY Musfamll Dlayer. The Red Devils sfarfed fhe season off rlghf as they foppled over Oakdale: 25-0. accfzlcas gall 02,011 pvwm. Abouf fo be forcefully sfopped by an ominous Devil player, Panfher halfback Don Hall l40l made an unsuccessful affempf fo run around end. Don Bo l48l rushes fo fhe fackle before foo much yardage is gained. This game was a fhrillerg the Devils frailing in poinfs uniil 'lhe fourfh quarfer and fhen a pass in fhe end zone and a successful conversion won fhe game, 7-6. I34 A Piffsburg Pirafe fumbles and lhe war is on! Diablo player Dick Jones l47l hangs on light while John Turner l54l Ted Plumb l49l, and Lloyd Crenna l42l come up fasl lo recover lhe ball. Afler walching fhe feam run over three previous opponenfs, our roofers vvifnessed a breafh. faking defeaf al fhe hands ofa sfrong Piffsburg feaml 18-6, The Acalanes Dons make a slrong allempf lo block lhe only conversion poinl of The Devils during lhis league bouf. As a resull of an experienced Acalanes defensive and offensive line, the Dons won lhis mafch. 27-7. JheQQv1Ql.4," wbflz, - ln order lo lackle a Devil player, you have lo calch him firsl and Devil halfback Rod Alnip f22l iusl wasn'f cooper- ating wilh lhose unfriendly Las Lomas boys. The final score was 2I-7 in favor of fhe Knighls, bul if was a hard- foughl game. Oul in fhe clear for a momenf, a Pleasanf Hill Ram picked up yardage againsf fhe Devils, bul ready lo rush him for The 'lackle are Dick Ellsworfh HEI, Gary Lindsfrom USJ, and Dick Jones 1471. One rainy game a year does fhe leam iuslice, as Diablo proves in 'this league lil? by winning 6A0. Somewhere belween fhe referee, Caplain Ted Plumb 1491 and The pile-up of Devil and Sparlan players, was fhe fool- ball which had iusf been fumbled by the Pacifica squad. The Devils won lhis game wifhoul loo much trouble, I3-0 l35 'IM -3 Showing high speed and good sporlsmanship, The J.V, foolball squad kepl pace wifh The Varsily and ended lhe season high in 'rhe league. FIRST ROW, leff 'ro righfz John lrvin, Mike Moore, Charles Foreman, Frank Johnson, Bob Shaver, Don Hardesly, Joe McAllisfer, Buddy Barlon, Paul Chaplik, Rudy Omania. SECOND ROW: John Humphry, Dave Anderson, Keifh Sovereign, Ron Trosl, Sian Moore, Clyde Luomala, Lee Grichuhin, Charlie Kimes, Bill Bruce, Jim McClellan, John Dyckman. THIRD ROW: Mike Dowling, Jay Jackson, Jack Kennerson, Terry Miller, Hank Curefon, Rod Clark, Lymen Ellis, Bob Roski, Joe Crose, Chef Belknap, Vaughn Leafh. FOURTH ROW: Tim McOuelIan, Carl Hayes, Dick MaHhews, George James, David Johnson, Paul Slaler, Mike Larken, Jerry Fisher, Roger Krobofh, Ernie Carvaial, Ron Lichli, . U ' qozwl lvll. Diablo lvll. Diablo Ml. Diablo lvll. Diablo Ml, Diablo lvli. Diablo Ml. Diablo lvll. Diablo Although disappointed al' no? placing firsl in The League, J.V. coaches, Wilson Landrum and Doug Smilh agreed 'fhal' il was cerfainly a "grea1" season. J.V. FOOTBALL SCORES ,, I2 San Lorenzo O ,, I2 Anlioch , O , 27 Pilrsburg 6 27 Acalanes , G I3 Las Lomas , 7 6 Pleasanl l-lil, 5 I8 lvliramonle , I2 I3 Pacifica I8 Like a smoolhly working machine, 'rhe frosh foofball leam was fascinafing lo walch in adion. A good season and good players ended fhe year. FIRST ROW, Ieff lo righl: Gary Hubbard, Norman Howses, Tom Messer, Ralph Rufher- ford, Lee Faison, Don Secrisl, Bob Pinger, Mike Grahn, Bill Nelson, Bill Sanlos. SECOND ROW: Jim Maples, Jim Nisonger, Roy Aiari, Deb Slonecker, Waller Winn, Bob Jones, Gary Smilh, Gary Smilh, Harry Williams, Gary Benzler, Rich Zavala, Dennis Garrellson. THIRD ROW: Bob Wilson, John Page, Charles Odom, Jim While, Dennis Walsh, Craig Williams, John Hanning, John Rubiales, Gary Lievre, Jim Parker, Sian Forsslrom, Archie Morgan, Jim Racine, Sam Leonard, Gerry Hubbard, Jim Borelli, Terry Dwyer. FOURTH ROW: Bob Chambers, David Hagerslrand, Bill Cullen, Jerry Loving, Jack Shrader, Drew Hidy, Dwaine Morris, Keilh Kays, Dick Elling, Norman Hill, Jim Craig, Dennis Newman, Jim Dougan, Dick Roof, Jim Henderson. fzhni-ynam mm, .qv all !J.lLf, for . lvlr. Diablo... FROSH FOOTBALL SCORES . O San Ramon... Ml. Diablo., , I9 Pleasanl l-lill Ml. Diablo ...... . O Pleasanl l-lill Ml. Diablo lvlr. Diablo ll? Alhambra. 20 Pacilica . sy, ' 4 .W gf is gil.,-N5 ig f' ,Wf f fir ff Lx .1 K .. I X f W W. fe . lrlf - Two new addifions lo rhe football coaching sraff were Coaches Wayne Pipes and Bruce Iverson who successfully whipped the frosh leam info a winning squad. 1.4- wee ,om we 2MM,,w! ,V ff 6 SCOTT CRENSHAW Forward MEL PAPE Forward ROGER RUSS Forward JERRY LOVING Guard CHARLIE CLARK Guard WAYNE DUARTE Guard Diablo's "B" baskelball team, under lhe direcfion of Coach Anaclerio, fried hard lo obfain a firsl place ranking for the school lhis year. Alfhough lhey looked greal on fhe courfs, lhey ended up on the shorf end of lhe scores. Team members are FRONT ROW, leff to righf: Ray King, Charlie Jones, Scoll Crenshaw, Ed Duarle, Ron Caldwell, Roger Russ, Wayne Duarfe. BACK ROW: David Crenna, Jim Henderson, John Skeen, Jerry Loving, Coach Carl Anaclerio, Charlie Clark, Buddy Peebles, Mel Pape. mfg whim Agfa SCORES Diablo 37 San Ramon Diablo , 30 Encinal . Diablo 45 San Lorenzo Diablo 49 Waslninglon Diabio 34 Armiic, Diablo 37 Casllerncnl Diablo I9 Amador Diablo 39 Valleio Diablo 22 Anliocln , Diablo 39 Las Lomas Diablo 26 Pacifica , Diablo 39 Pillsburq , Diablo 22 Acalanes Diablc 49 Pleasanl l-lill Diablo 38 Anlicicb , Diablo 44 Las Lomas Diablo 32 Paciilca , Diablo ,27 Pills urq Diablo 23 Helms 'iE'1'lEi3'S.fif:Eiflf3 Diablo 39 Pleasanl l-lill Showing keen accuracy and good sporlsmanship, lhe Varsity baskefball squad kepi up a winning pace, chalking up more wins Than losses, ending high in 'rhe league. Team members and managers are FRONT ROW, leff 'ro righr: Sieve Borcli, Clinl Coleman, Bill Churchman, Eugene Earls. SECOND ROW: James Racine, David Johnson, Ray Hedlund, Dick Nisonger, Ed Lewis, Keilh Kays, Jay McCoy, Archie Morgan. BACK ROW: Dave Barber, Ron Tibulski, Merle Marshall, Chuck Persyn, Ted Plumb, Gary Casey, Dave Craig, Coach Charlie Karp, Dave Slafford, Tim McQuillan, Dennis Gooley, Neal Salre, Te'd Tahira, Loyal Miner, Al Allison, Arl Pargamenl. ln, VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo .,,,,,,, 48 Diablo ,,,,,,,, 43 Diablo ,,,.,... 52 San Ramonn Encinal ,,,,.,.. San Lorenzo Washinglon Armiio .,...,.. Casllemonl Diablo Amador ....., Diablo Valleio .,,...,, Diablo Anlioch ....,, Las Lomas .. Diablo Pacifica ,.,,.. Diablo Pilisburq ..,, Diablo Acalanes .... Diablo ,,,,..., Pleasanl' Hill Anlioch .,,,,, Diablo Las Lomas ,. Diablo Pacifica ...... Diablo Pillsburg .,,, CHARLIE KARP Acalanes .... Varsily Basketball Coach Diablo ,,,,..., Pleasanl l-lill AT The firsi PiTTsburg game here, Dave STa1"lord ouTiumps Percy Mays for The opening Tip on January 22. Red Devils won by a score of 4l-40. Season Capfain, Ted Plumb, meefs Percy Mays of PiTTsburg, February I5 before The hearf-breaking game which saw The Devils fall To The Pirafes. ' anal fum nfmftop-notch, Pacifica defense seemed To be very Tough for The Red Devils B's as They were romped by a score of 4l-26. Bud Peebles shoc-Ts over The defense for Two of The Devils' poinTs, Sfeve Swindall of Diablo B Team and Willie Caslon of The PiraTes, fighf for The opening Tip of The Piffsburg game over There. Ted Tahira l27J and Dave Stafford ll5l fiqhT wifh John Fields i25l and Percy Mays lin backgroundl for a rebound in a game wifh The PiraTes, Who's qoT the ball? Sfafford il5l, Mays ll9l, and L. V. Nord Cl7l fighf for a rebound. Ted Tahira i231 and Billy Jiles U21 look on. Dave Sfafford pots lwo of his 27 poinfs againsl Acalanes, Merle Marshall cufs his man off for rebound posilion, The Devils won by a score of 59-40. VI Lmf' ,LUU'lA., Eddie Duarfe goes up for a rebound in fhe Piffsburg game. Wayne Duarfe lbl and Mel Pape l3l watch anxiously. 1"'x': 1 Wayne Duarle, key figure in lhe LiHle Devils' affack, and Mel Pape oul re- bound lhe Liffle Dons in a lighl conlesf. Larry Kenl of Pacifica finds himself in lrouble when he goes up for a iump sho? as Sfafford blocks his shof. Mel Pape goes under fhe buckel and pofs Two poinls againsf fhe Pacifica Sparfans, Mel was a mainsfay on fhe LiHle Devil quinfef, Lji, QMS Hey, he's making fwo poinls, Kenl! Ted Plumb fakes Larry Kent l40l of Pacifica for fwo poinfs. Ted fallied I4 poinfs in fhis game which sparked fhe Devils' win by a score 50-45. ini Al il lzzuav wwf' QY53 , 2,5 , , rl. v , 5 ww 'U' '-nw-wa' fo' 'Vi -0' ., X s A fy ,, , in .f .E,3:,,.. qi, ,J Packed wiTh sTrong maTeriaI, The Varsify Track Team ranked high in The D.V.A.L. conference Throughout The season. Coach Fairclough whipped raw maTeriaI into a fine-edged Team. Wifh such Top men as Al TreTTe, Gordy Silva, Bill Gainer, and Marc Sfephen, The Varsil-y won many of The meeTs To raTe a Top berTh in The league. Members are FRONT ROW, leff To righT': Dwaine Morris, John Turner, Eugene Earls, Abe Garcia, Marc Sfephen, Tim McQuillan, John FlinT, Bill Mohn, Bill Gainer, George Darrow. SECOND ROW: Edward Gomez, Jerry WesT, Larry Pavalonis, AI TreTTe, Ron CaTaldo, Gary Casey, Mel Redfield, Norman Mickey, Roger Smifh, Lee Brown, Lee Schipper. THIRD ROW: John Crews, Al Jacobs, KeiTh Kayes, Loyal Miner, Jim Gonsalves, Bill Granf, Jim Nunes, Dave Johnson, Sonny Trepag- nier, Jack Schrader, Elvin Sfubblefield. BACK ROW: Bob Crews, Dennis SlaTe, Dick EllsworTh, Jim Parker, Roger Krobofh, Ron Terry, John Rubiales, Dick Mafhews, Dave Biddle, Paul Slafer, Mike Larkin, fl" '. Z 4 , X 1 . -K ,. , ff ' Y , , . 5 9 . , f. , , X if ff AW 1 - K-li ' 'W' I .L-3: , 1 . T' 01 n 47 f 'r ff, 3 ' f' :A , f J mf. K1 fs , I42 ff Z g 1 9 f ' A, , ff , ,, .W ., . -2 f .nf fi 2 1 Coach Doug Smilh and Coach Harl' Fairclough TRACK iw f4 f Q '15, ,, Chuck Persyn. ,!. .. Packed wiTh plenfy of poTenTial sfars, The "B" Track Team developed inTo a sTr:ng, winning sauad. Coach Doug Smifh spenT many hours coaching and advising members how To improve Their specialTy. Nol' only has The "B" squad many winning sfars, buf They boasT depfh in each race or field evenT, which adds up more in The end as far as poinTs are concerned. The members of The "B" squad Track Team are FRONT ROW, lefT To righT: Joe Parfansky, Brian Pierce, Mel Heaps, Tom Marcel, Gary Lievre, Chef Belknap, BrenT Byars, Lloyd Grif'fiTh, Jim Racine, Joe McAllisTer, David Crenna, SECOND ROW: Williard Chrisman, Richard ToneTTi, Dave Claire, Frank Peferson, Carl Cavallo, Dennis Walsh, Sam Leonard, John Barclay, Dean Dealon, Charles Kimes, Bill Cullen, Ed BuTler. THIRD ROW: Don Secrisf, Glynn Hill, Mickey Thomas, Jim Wells, Andy Zopolos, Bill SanTos, Bill Nelson, Dennis Reilly, Archie Morgan. Craig Williams, Rich Zavala, Mike Price. BACK ROW: Dick Kifowski, Clyde Luomala, Chesfer Belnap, John Skeen, Richard Hedges, Dennis Guyon, Gary Maynard, Jim Alexander, Ron Caldwell, Clyde Young, Ron Fire, Rudy Omania. 4 WV, ,.., tl 'Q 4, t ' '. ir.. am' :Q 9. MH J'!44"' fav' - ,f 7 K ,, v ' ,' f , 1 af is f L X, X 2 I ll4L,,w V 1 VH Q MM, A .,.. no -Htl W mm, . M E W 4. . e u..,:..f 1 ' ii Q 'Admin 'g,g3Wl,,g I WaiTing anxiously for The gun, Diablo Devil cindermen and Berkeley Yellowiackef Trackmen geT seT for The 880 race, Berkeley had a strong half miler, Kur'l'z, who won The eveni in 2:0l.B, buT Marc Siephens and Abe Garcia placed second and Third, respecfively, To rack up poinTs for The Devils. I Al TreT'l'e, one of The beT'rer Class A broad iumpers, soared upward To place high in The Berkeley-Diablo Track meeT. Sl'arTing The season wiTh a sTrong squad, The Diablo cinder- men 'finished The season as one of The Top Teams in The league. wad aa, . ff-fvfwvc' :awww -,gf-,vu .W j7gf1'a3,fff7f'iw gf ,- -3,321 Q 237 my , 245 . K' ' 4 A M ,,f f ,,f ,, M ,Q -ws' -y, .M 71 ,,f.,,ff,m6f,! 4 . 4 , VWQWYMQ, 474 ,qw W ' "NYM V V ' ff X f- 'ff HV ww' ,, WW! Vw f. vw fm af ,, -, , M ,if f Q M s Alfhough you can'T see his face, This is Diablo's Jim "Dino" Gonsalyes clearing The bar in The pole vaulT wilh room To SDBTQ. Jim Tied wlfh anolher Diablo oufsianding pole vauITer, Denny Slafe, for firsl-place ranking in The Berkeley meeT. These field evenT men soared ll feel. ' ,f Y J f, K E W - 4 1 V ,f . 4 ., Q V fix A -sf: -1 ' .f . , -1 Q ef , 1. "ff , :ff . 4. ,M . V , Q ,. ef ,HA t - V, I f M ,SN U , '4f"'T" , . 5555, :+,1f9gfjg f , z,,,j W. ..,, . 'fu U ar W4 1,4 'r f .. fi. if f.: f' , ' V". ' ' , ,Q ' ' 1, f f-1-'in"?kf -fe'ff'?fW.1.'-:wi f We ., . f , QAM.. . 1. . XWQ ,.,, , A " ,f . MQ? Le N..',..fA fffizwy 1. . ,V --vv .e..f,.,w .sw ' " "3,,Jv: - 'f5fsf'jfY,-V "Wx " H .. ., fl-1. 11, J -gig! V- mmfsif limi-1:--ef T, fkyfdwfw " ' -f-V .:..f .l2 5 Ml5l?f'5fI,-if -"'--" tie- - Mel Redfield, senior, displays good form in The high iump each Time he leaps. WiTh a consTanT heighT of 5'8", Mel manages To rack up valuable poinfs in each Diablo Track meeT. His highesT iump during his Track career is 5'l03A". Wilh a mighTy heave, John Turner Throws The discus far enough To score more poinTs for The already leading VarsiTy Track Team in The Berkeley rneel. Of course, Diablo shines again as he places firsT wiTh a Toss of l20'll3A". 'N'x .-- 'KJ -?1 .-1 Lee agown Ass enncm SWING' MTddIe Distance ,, ,, , W ,AU V . Y, Vu W Diablo high nurdiers faced stiff competition when fhey ran this race ai the Berkeley- Diabio track me-ef. Cebfan Russ lpicfured af far lefii was predicfed to win fhe Norihern California Subseciion mee? in the highs. Diabids Gary Casey placed second behind Russ who ran fhe eveni in l4.6. J ,M JIM GONSALVES RON CATALDO P I V H oe eu Hurdler JJ fb! 5, s 1 . v 1, ,.eie ' ,Pl W ,, - A -.,, v.,, V Af, V V V, ,T 'h"'i 1 ..,e. e . A . s ..,, f . g li 3 If ,.f .5 1 If H f f e . A 'e MEL REDHELO V O' ' k High Jurp GEORGE DARROW Hurdler X 1, se - ff is 'ia-an'-"I 'A - H-I . , V Ai Trefie expands as he crosses The finish iine to Qonciude on exciiing 220-yard run, With a iime of 2l 9 one-ienth of a second off ihe schoci reco'd, AI is fared as second fasfesr 220 spfin'ef i- Ohe Norfh Coast secfon A1's cfher specialfy is Yhe IOO-yard dash in which he 'an the Yirre of IO O af ihe Berkeiey-Diablo meeb .av A Z, ,,,, , Wx -A EUGENE EAR'-S 4 .few .., 4' .3 SOSUI SjLVA Dismnce :V,,U'- ' -fiqlr, 'fe , '1,5j,,,z2,h X' ' is ante A Q' iQ V ' -..., V PY- .ing-1 U ,,,.,f,,L '-:,., fismff My ' A , ,. ' ' ' ' ' h " ' " a ""' v Vin 1 N fe . . f A J? , 4 6 A U - ,L I3 Dicsb fy q.v.m'dip riveis leap me' Mp nerdws io' .a pnacfice wa'm-uo b9i0fE' being 'Tyr -- -V fn-ed io' 'he El C-9'ri"J 'eiays Each ffack mee? ended wifh e"he' George Darfow or -,jlffq - , , O 4 , 1 A'-. ' R nC3v31dopaf QHVSV : -.I ,4.. .401 aiu' GAINEQ Y L t Q V, ROGER SMIYH 4 .4 xslt. X41 le The Varsity baseball team entered the D.V.A.L. competition determined to win the league championship this year instead of tying it Coach Anaclerio hoped that strong manpower at every position would tip the scales in the Devils' favor and provide the ball club with a high-winning percentage in this season's rugged schedule. Players are FIRST ROW, left to right: Dick Bolcerek, first base, Bill Stone, second base, Dave Craig, first base, Lloyd Crenna, left field, Dave Stafford, catcher, Charlie Jones right field' lVlel Pape, shortstop, Curt Thrasher, catcher, Bill lvlarshall, second base. BACK ROW: Art Pargament, shortstop, Denny Mason, catcher, Steve Bordi, center field, Sid Sidwell, third base, Ron Lichti, pitcher, Merle lVlarshall, pitcher, Al Allison, pitcher, Rod Atnip, pitcher, Don Schaffer, pitcher, and Jim Liggett, left field. Coach Carl Ana clerio BASEBALL Lklblli ' lad 'uf' ' ! c,,...-,,..t, ..,,,,,k ' ,1 I .. .xiii m e to S 9 Hoping for the championship, this yeaids J.V, diamond men won many of their contests and finished the season with a high average. Consistently playing well, every Qfime Sl10W9d promise of new Varsity players. A good season and good players ended the year. Baseballers are FRONT ROW, left to right: Dennis Bennett, manager, llflike Grahn, manager, Bob Wilson, manager, Don Barfuss, manager. SECOND ROW: Steve Casey, pitcher, George lVIcDermott, catcher, Lee Grichuhin, pitcher, Bob Anderson, first base, Rich Nisonger, outfielder, Bud Peebles, second base, Jim lVIcClelIen, shortstop, Bob Bolcerek, outfielder, Jim Nisonger, second base- Ron Rose, first base. BACK ROW: Coach Bruce Iverson, Jim Borelli, outfielder, Paul Jones, outfielder, Dave Anderson catcheri Dennis Treadway, pitcher, Jim Dougan, pitcher, Frank Snyder, first base, Dan Barney, catcher, Jim Nlaples, shortstop, Bob Stl Pierre, pitcher and Paul Chaplick, third base. E is .51 ts -ss f -s ,ms -Q-.f,,...v.,,,M.a,,,,, Coach Bruce Iversen J.Y. BASEBALL l45 ROD ATNIP Pifcher WY, wsve sown Rsqhf new DICK BOLCEREK LLOYD CRENNA FHS' BM Q, 'fx Len mud XXIXNJQNF I , lea X! 'XXX X X fx xfX I , -. . f Nf' 'Q' - V V, Tk, fn" 37? V' LEW! , Z , ff I , JQML'-,.,"x,.f"N,,, fx' xmx ' 2 r' ..., H '.,,, '57 :fx rv 5 W . ,, X 5 X 'X 'X 4' X ' ,K I ' A Q 611 ' MIL ' CHARLIE JONES Cenfer Field 'KZ 7! Yi' '7 ART PARGAMENT DAVE STAFFORD Cather Shorfsfop 15,41 RON LIGHT! PHCM.: GX SID SIDWELL Third Base YJ? mal L Jilin BILL STONE Second Base M Dick Bolcerek, first baseman, stretches to receive a ball that will determine whether or not Bill Stone will be out or safe. Practice drills such as the above helped Diablo turn out a champion- ship team. Steve Bordi claims Dave Stafford is sate as he slides into third base after hitting a triple, All the team players kept up a consistent batting average to win the league this season. ' out alL Will he catch it? That's probable since the fine catching and throwing abilities of the players placed them first in the D.V.A.L. league. Diablo boasted many top-notch, not iust average, baseball stars. lt's a hit, as usual! The Diablo base- ballers really provided entertainment at their games. With the pitching of Rod Atnip and Ron Lichti, Diablo won nearly all its games. Here's a close-up of anothe t h b Dick Bolcerek. Most of the bla: cinadel l9Y the Devils' opponents were stopped at first base. Expert playing won fhe baseball squad the championship. mammifzwmwx. +2 . M awww' :- 1 M im . lt-s J Supported by several returning lettermen, the Varsity swimming squad offered stiff competition for its opponents in each swimming meet. Several pool records were broken because ot high skill and constant practice. Backed by strong reserves, the Varsity should make a good showing again next year. The Varsity swimmers are FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob White, Bob Williams, Harold Hartke, Marcus Foskett, Hank Cureton. SECOND ROW: Gary Espinosa, Charlie Foreman, Rich McDermott, John Humphrey. BACK ROW: Harlan Eller, mgr.g Norman Fisher, Dick Jones, Jim Zuur, Louis Gadol, Ralph Mohr. NOT PICTURED: Ted Tahira, Barry Lacy, Wally Shoultz, Bryant Bolen. A good start is important to a swimmer, and these Varsity .teammates display good form as they prepare to push off from the starting blocks. The "racing dive" sometimes determines a winning time. zalvlo dvwna, 0 1 l 7 , ,T , " i W' rf V, If ,, Coach Les Williams SWIMMING l48 ,wma . Coached by Mr. Williams, the "B" swimming team swept through all competition with ease, Filled with determination, they practiced and placed high in the D.V.A.L. swimming finals. Team FRONT ROW, left to right: Ed Hawley, Gary Smith, Ken Fred Towers, Harry Williams, Roy Bicker, Mike Brunelle. Clyde Rossberg, Don Hartke, Gene Dirks, Jack Gregory Henry Melendres, Bob Chambers, Larry Vander John Dykeman, Steve Turner, Br'an Luiz, Jet-r Folson, Ron Guilieri, Greg ,. Pi C. 'Z '?I fn? ?l 1 Fi WS lfnwf ' 2 11 P 'i . -rx .. A , siiygs. f '- A s ir 1 'sg 4 ss . --Q NX N we sg sg, .J K . s. Q Even the most experienced swimmer needs instruction on how to improve his swimming style. Coach Williams, who has coached swimming for many years, knows what he's talking about when he gives War- ren Moore good advice about perfecting his racing dive. The "B" swimmers decide to come up for air and re- lax from warm-up drills. Each night the "B's" prac- tice until 4:00 and then the Varsity takes over the pool. It is no wonder that both the Varsity and "B" squads rank high in the D.V.A.L. ss ,Q .fs X N Wisifw if Q. ss, na. ve. 1' jsnj It seems that one would get a noseful of water If he attempted the back- stroke racing dive. A sturdy push off from the pool can put a Diablo swimmer in the lead. The Varsity team boasted good backstroke men this season. Water splashes and that's a sign that the Varsity backstroke swimmers are going full speed toward the finish line. Some of the events in a swimming meet are free style, backstroke, breast stroke, and butter- fly stroke. J Roy Bickar is one of the outstanding divers on the "B" swimming squad. He takes his sport seriously and continues to master one dive after another as he enters competition. So far he rates high in points as far as diving form is concerned. 4 lVluch effort goes into the butterfly-stroke race. Strong muscles are neces- sary to master a good forceful pull which causes a Devil merman to win, racking up points to win the meet. Good form is shown hy Charlie Foreman as he at- tempts a back dive off the low board. There can be no mistakes made during a dive if a swimmer is to earn good points. Each diver is judged by the approach to the dive, the dive itself, and the en- trance into the water. W .sms vain it mmmwmnwln M.. i'w s' lla Mfr eww , Ng, 2,,,ff':.,ggf , s. ,. 1 . 4, X 4 . .. A 3-14- ewsxr' Q 3 3 1 . i. A . -avi? s x zsffigi . ,. Coach Bill Powell 5, TUMBLING f-rx V' ' s-...Nm V l V Each year the gymnastics sport becomes more popular to Diablo students. More and more people are amazed at the athletic ability of the members of the tumbling squad. High skill and coordination are necessary in order to be eligible for the team. The experienced tumblers pictured are FRONT ROW, left to right: Bruce McChesney, Ernie Carvaial, Pete Hilts. SECOND ROW: Steve Carvaial, Keith Tate, Don Cook, Roy Jara, Frank Johnson. BACK ROW: Dave Hatley, Lanny Ball, Jay Markham, Ron Crenna. ' capri, wafufn, and , Frank Johnson ably exhibits his technique on the parallel bars at one of the meets for the gymnastic team. Such stunts as those done on the bars develop strong muscles and perfect coordination. Exact timing is neces- sary in order to avoid an accident. 1 A stunt such as the one Ernie Carvaial and Don Cook are .doing aboye requires teamwork. Each looks out tor the other because if he didn t, bumped heads would result. Safety is an important feature of tumbling. A err f ff fVfff dgfyl ,MW W4 S ,L Qu!! f , 4745, A -.4-.,e. , If N'- eimfxs w,m,mwfazmuMA ww . if ..Y..Ll..L E - if gal ' Th tl' t am a eared for the first time at Diablo this year. These muscle-bound fellas are left to rig?1tWr?:SRORIgl' i20W:p5ohn Crews, Bill Garrells, Connie Clark, Julian Nicklaus, Walt Peebles, Eddie Cavallo, Ronny Cook. SECOND ROW: Jim Faison, Bill Hubbard, Manuel Couveia,'Alan Hagerstrand, George Sousa, Joe McAllister, Bob Crews. BACK ROW: Ronny Nelson, Bill Gamer, Mike Larken, Mike Dowling, Chet Belknap, Paul Jones, Jim Terrel, Pete Bauer. flu , wilt .l, ,l. Coach George Armstrong CROSS-COU NTRY Coach Em rys Davis WRESTLING A baby brother to track, and a considerable new sport to Diablo is the Cross Country sport. Last year, Coach Armstrong began the squad as an experiment and within a year the sport has developed into a regular activity at Diablo. The members run races along certain courses and sometimes these races are as long as six to seven miles Members of the Cross Countly squad who began trainin to become - 9 real 'ldistanceu men are FRONT ROW, left to right: Keri Brewer Bob Man ' ' J h , ginl, im C ambers. SECOND ROW: Dick Tonetti, Mike Brice, Nlike Heinemann, Doug Birch, Dave Dowell Willard Chrisman Clint McIntosh. BACK ROW: Eugene Earls, Paul Bradshaw, Louis Gadol, Russ Hagerstrand, John Skeen, Cordon Knapp, and Joe Partansky. I T "M " A rw ' ' f- Y' e....,.,..,A.,.,g,:..-.P... . -A , is . ' f MMF "" Wm?"- - A '22 P1 . ,.f?. , . ' -1 :arf T C! l M ' . -- . T5 125 ' 5 .V ,,,, - ,.f. Q ., W 3 I K- , if W, - ,,., 2 ,E 1 ,Y . ,, MQ " ' V' " 2 i " - , 49 arf G- -nf f- we f 7 , .lo , 1 ,,,.:, ,, ,fi 1 W1 ' ,. V ,., z if ,Q ,Q , ,, " 3 ,V , f f' ' . T 1 ' 2 fi , M ' , 4 V fi I , .? fx 3 , , V r 4 , , A JL , 2 ,af Z . b r we D f ALBERT SHULTE Tennis Coach ,fx , ,fif 47 JI, J ,. X V,IV I V' ',f, t , ' r WL, .2 .4 , VV w , .A .MQ A23-,rg ,rt ,P,,,, . A I. , ,, .,, V7.9 "Love-aIl!" Thaf was fhe score ihaf lhe fennis 'leam scored mosl of ifs mafches. Allhough they showed experl' sl-:ill af praclices, fhey always ended up on fhe shod' end of fhe scores, Tennis men are FRONT ROW, lefl' fo right: Charles Ulm, manager: Gerald Arnip, Joe Bohan, Ralph Planh, Webb Hadden, Jim Henderson, Doug Birch, BACK ROW: Melvin Rosowski, Charlie Clark, Gordon Knapp, Phil Sefers, Neal Safre, Ron Nelson, Doug Ander- son, Jay McCoy. 1 sf .' ,,,. .,', 47 A 51 T CHARLIE KARP Golf Coach Many fhink that golf is a rich man's game only, buf il has been offered as a spring sporf af Diablo for many years. Coach Karp advised and insfrucfed lhe feam members on The fundamenfals of the game and fhey ended fheir season with a high ranking. Golfers are. FRONT ROW, leff lo right: Jack Bougennoc, Don Purdue, Dan Driskellg BACK ROW: Coach Charlie Karp, Roger Moore, Sid Schwarfz, Jim Colburn. Trampoline work is a specialty in the gym- nastic sport. Perfect form ls demonstrated by Jim as he does a stunt expected of all participants at a tum- bling meet. lifernbers of the Cross- Country squad take a running warm-up be- fore competing with the Pacifica squad. The squad is divided into two teamsg the J.V. squad and the Varsity team. These boys must train all fall to be in shape for the long races. Two tennis team players, Charlie Clark and Ron Nelson, prepare to return a serve with a grand slam in hopes that they can earn a point. It is something to learn to score tennis, let alone play it! I I I ufcilw, Bang! At the sound of the si.arter's gun, off went members of the Diablo UB" squad to be timed in the 75-yard dash. Coaches assist the new members in developing their start and speeding up their finish. Learning how to hold a tennis racquet properly can mean a good or poor return. Tennis develops poise as well as co- ordinated wrist action. By the time the season is over, many players just get the knack, but they are all set for the next tennis season! "B" track coach Smith is anxious to help a freshman weight- man develop good form for the shot put. Leverage and balance are necessary before a boy can master the technique and throw a good distance. l i l Htl swwfffwwewf f 'ir-val! .,,. Sometimes you almost have to be a monkey to master the rope climbing stunt. The idea is to clamber up the rope as fast as you can, and touch the wooden disc at the top. Some boys can do this stunt in the re- markable time 4.8 seconds. That last minute push often wins a Cross- Country meet. A run- ner may be worn out, but with determina- tion, there always seems to be an extra wind that drives him to the finish line. Re- laxation is important in any sport and all mental blocks are overcome with con- stant practice. 5. me-Q . 1' N ' be rr c LOYAL MIN ER President' DICK ELLSWORTH Vice-President 'W' wa-ww basketball, and track. Senior members of the Block UD," and the sports they lettered in, are FRONT ROW, left to right: S. Swartz, golf, "Tab" Laurence, golf, J. Underwood, tumbling, Ed Zickefoose, football and tumbling, G. Espinosa, head yell leader, T. J, Elam, tumbling and football, Don Cook, tumbling and football, lVl. Allan, tumbling and football. SECOND ROW: W, lVloore, football and swimming, G. llllanlove, baseball manager, Jim Gonsalves, track, Abe Garcia, track and head yell leader, S. Carvajal, tumbling, C. Caulk, swimming, V. Sidwell, baseball, Don Bo, football and track, lVlel Redfield, track, D. Tonetti, cross-country. THIRD ROW: Art Pargament, baseball and basketball, NI. Carpenter, tumbling manager, Dick Ellsworth, football, Bob Bradford, track, Ted Tahira, swimming, cross-country, basketball, lVlr. C. Karp, adviser, H. Bartke, swimming, J. West, football and track, Pete Hilts, tumbling, G. Darrow, football and track, D. Nlason, football and wrestling. FOURTH ROW: Ron Nelson, football and wrestling, Rod Atnip, football and baseball, Bill Gainer, football, track, wrestling, Dick Bolcerek, baseball, J. Turner, football and track, G. Silva, track, D. Craig, baseball and basketball, D. Stafford, basketball and baseball, Ted Plumb, football and basketball, B. Lacey, swimming, lVl. Nlarshall, basketball, baseball, football, L. Miner, football, .Blolck "Q "mmm wud in, fha ' wmld ART PARGAMENT Secrefa ry-Treasurer I54 MR. CHARLIE KARP Adviser Y The boys' Block HD" is one of the most active groups in school this year. Performing services at extracurricular events and games as well as at school, this group made a real contribution. The annual Block "D" breakfast was 'held in the cafeteria, and at the end of the spring semester, they got to enjoy the Block "D" picnic. The underclass members are FRONT ROW, left to right: Ralph Plantz, Jay Nlarkham, Brenty Byars, John Barclay, Bill Nlarshall, Kirk Bowman. SECOND ROW: Frank Johnson, Al Allison, Ed Lewis, Gary Lindstrom, Gordon Knapp, Joe Partansky. BACK ROW: Charlie Clark, AI Trette, Hank Cuieton, Jim Zuur, lVlarc Stephen, Dick Jones, Neal Satre. .-an ,-up-fs, fl J.: 1 : : 9 V s 1 SUE SWEEN EY President MRS. 5.6Z.d,.m.Qm6mA, ' ' fo ' JEANNE DUERKSEN if ,-me Just because they are girls doesn't mean that this organization lacked in teamwork and coordination. The G,A.A. team was block "D," which was sported on white sweaters, was their recognition of participation in individual and sports and officiating at athletic events. Every girl had to earn points in at least seven sports before she eligible to receive her block letter, Girls who earned their letters are FRONT ROW, left to right: Allison Ferrier, Janelle Spencer, Dorothy Grammont, Carol Rowny, Claudia Carzino, SECOND ROW: Jan Vanicek, Sandra lVlcLean, Hatsy Nakagaki, Harriet Rideout, Mary Beth Slate, Rita Kabot, Claudia Jackson, Sue Sweeney, Nancy Itanen, Pat Elkins, Gean Spessard, Sonia lVIain, Ruth Larsen, Alice Riley. ' .Qs ff'T7"ffg U .239 ?VZ 1 jf f SEAN SPESSARD Vice-President Gin!" PENNY SWEENEY Secretary-treasurer Ms' These sports enthusiasts, with their healthful-looking smiles and glowing faces, because of their active partici- pation in muscle-building sports are the members of the GAA cabinet. Nlembers are, FRONT ROW, left to right: Sue Sweeney, president, Gean Spessard, vice-president, Penny Sweeney, secretary-treasurer, Ruth Larsen, program chairman. BACK ROW: Hatsy Nakagaki, assistant awards chairman, Mary Beth Slate, publicity chairman, Rita Kabot, awards chairman, Claudia Jackson, junior repre- sentative, Judy Riggs, scrapbook chairman, Beverly Barnett, sophomore representative, Sue Bordeaux, senior ff ' l,, , A 1. ffm , ,V V - A t representative. . l ww Ei i Volleyball is perhaps one of fhe mos? exciting games lhal Diablo sludenls play. Boys as well as girls find lhe sporl lols of 'fun and really challenging. Sfrenglh and a good swing are required to hil' The ball over 'lhe nel for poinls. These girls are iusl learning The funda- mentals of swimming, bul in a year or 'lwo fhese girls may be eligible for 'lhe swim show. Synchronized swimming is becoming popular al Diablo and many are looking forward 'ro lhe wafer balle? nex'l November. " ' me w11wz,a1L,wfrQua1L The girls' fumbling ieam, a new feafure al Diablo fhis year, was organized by Miss L. The group was fairly acfive, having parlicipafed in 'the Clubs As- sembly and ai fhe various G.A.A. play- days in 'lhe counfy. This pool enfrance is called fhe "life- guard dive." The imporfanl' lhing 'lo remember when doing il' is noi' fo lei your head gel' below fhe wafer. This sl'un'l is anolher safely measure in the pool, lo be done when lhere is plenfy of room. LM' M. -WW www!!! ... .-f wirrsmfz wav.e1.a1a11f.nraamuuaef1wosams4m-'paxil The track event pictured here is some- what similar to the broad iump in boys' track. A sophomore girl is really proud if she can lump ten teet. Another event is the hop-skip-and-iump leap. Distance is the main factor involved. Watch the birdie! In this case, it's not the camera that's involved, but a little feathered ball. Girls must be careful to hit the "bird" iust right or it might sail away to another part of the gym. This game of badminton is almost like tennis. all, For the freshman girls, G.A.A. initia- tion is one of the most exciting events of the season. Here they are demon- strating the proper way to walk on fours, one ofthe initiating stunts. ln order to stress the importance of girls' sports at Diablo, the officers planned an extra special G.A.A. intia- tion. But everyone enioyed herself and later the effective "Candlelight Serv- ice" was held. The frosh iump high to grab that ball for their team! Girls' basketball is prob- ably the most popular sport in girls' P.E. Ever? activity offered in gym is also avaiable to members of G.A.A. after school. .numewsmsza aa.: asa.. mga-A. www aw' , 1W rmzwssv in icrmvn .mix sefr-:zamxfzs swf -ez Modern Dance develops grace and co- ordinalion. There are lwo regular P.E. classes of modern dancing, buf if is also open lo all other girls as a G.A.A. aclivily. Miss Elyse Dukalz teaches all parficipanfs fhe imporlanf fechnique in order to masler fhe difficulf move- menls. Soflball, America's all-around sport, is also a favorife of lhe girls al Diablo. This sporf is required of all freshmen in lheir gym classes and also in lhe spring, All G.A.A. members may sign Mmm, ,WL modem, If seems lhaf lrack isn'l' only a boy's sporr anymore. This pasl' year, all soph- omore gym lfeachers required fheir classes ro aHernp+ some of 'ihe lrack evenfs, One of lhe fun evenls lo al- fempf is fhe hurdles. Girls have almosl as good form as lhe boys! Splash! And a freshman gurl enlers lhe wafer. Wilh fhe help of her gym leacher and iunior lifesaver, by fhe 'lime school is oul, she will have learned lo do a perfecf fronl dive. I' , up and play. 0 Umm' wonder wha? kind of sporf this is? lr looks like some good ole' whole- some fun. These sophomores wen? wild and gave everyone a good soaking, in- cluding fhe reacher! fs BUSINESS MWfW,w 24y0'aQ0AM0f' WWQWMMWCW Qwf Af My W W WSW W SWuffWfQfj!fi'f2QfjQ4M VM S SfV I jw UW!! MQW M W QW SMW CW W BUSINESS ""'a. . F . Q . a, 6 14 s . ' ' Q3 - ' . - '-1 M, Ag W ui . H- 1 ,Q-4: W, Q . , .Ti in ' Q 'LQJSZV 'VLJE V rj ' "1.fQ? ' A f,'ffZB-"1 L D ff, -rf 3, -u ,.,,":, 1 ' ' ' sf W, um , 16,5 -gn A LZ, 3-V,,,, ma ' ' -K ' . r nmmsuwnrrasennmazmnwmwuvrmtzmwxvunmmw mwnmamvrnxw-J :wang-frra3axenss:'44:msmsn':wmmzmwwmusm 'mi .Oak fgggcj Xrfffx Q W -?5G"7?f,Mf,.z:aQ Bw QQ, A , Z' Qd4M4,gw,424fdW 4 ZX EL MONTE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION EI MonTe MerchanTs AssociaTion is a civic-minded group which possesses The Will To Serve and help. Early in Concord's expanding days, The merchanTs moved ouT on ClayTon Road and TooI4 a Typical "American chance" on having The Trade Tollow Them. Today The cenTer is nesTled in The midsT oT many housing proiecTs. The Trade did Tollow Them. The Tollowing AssociaTion members would lilce To express Their congraTulaTions To ThegraduaTing class oT I957. ADAMS MEN'S SHOP LEE'S SHOE STORE CHINESE KITCHEN HAAS CANDIES CONCORD CARPET EL MONTE VARIETY 81 HARDWARE JACK AND JILL SHOP THE MERRY MART WADSWORTH FURNITURE M. A. ROTERMUND RIOGS' TOYTOWN EL MONTE MEAT 84 LOCKER RAINES' EL MONTE HARDWARE AUSTIN BROS. MUSIC HANDY'S APPLIANCE EL MONTE BAKERY EL MONTE SUPER MARKET EL MONTE DRIVE-IN EL MONTE ASSOCIATED STATION EL MONTE PHARMACY EL MONTE LIOUOR STORE MARY LOU'S DRESS SHOP LEO KINTANA, STATE FARM INSURANCE BANK OF AMERICA lCIayTon Branchl Homer Swicegood MarTinez 2I34-R ESTATE CLEANERS MU 2-0400 Quallfy and Servlce 2I6B Solano Way LINOLEUM SERVICE Linoleum o AsphalT o CarpeT ESTATES REXALL DRUG I465 Galinda S+., Concord MU 5-7498 Mu 2-0652 2I9O Solana way I WILLOW PASS OROCERY d JERRICO S BAKERY an NexT To CiTy I-Iall CO NCO RD GENERATORS and STARTERS MU 5-53IO 2353 Concord Blvd. l H READS OualrTy Television 0 Radio Sales 0 Service MU 5-449i 2349 Willow Pass KELLY'S MARKET 2836 ClayTon Road C d MU 53634 Oncol HOMES . Lors . ACREAGE CUT AND CURL BEAUTY SALON RENTALS . PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Mezzanine Floor, 2gE:BnSeaTvITl3aRSTr:i!eT, Concord, CaliT. QI44 Concord Mlllberry 5-3903 DUNCAN 84 KIBBY UNION SERVICE ClayTon Road and TreaT Lane MU 5'3I4q Concord Dresses by JonaThan Logan CONCORD SAFETY CENTER and Lenz Orieinals Wheel Aligning 0 Brakes 0 Wheel Balancing MU 5-842' ZOQI Salvio Shem- MU 2-9459 I95O EasT STreeT Concord CONCORD FRENCH IJAUNDRY MU 5-75I2 IBSO MI. Diablo Slreelr ESTATES I-Iclrdwclre clncl Vclriefy MU 2-O7I2 2 I 58 Solano Way Concord, Calif. BEEDE'S Biqgesl Lillle Varlely Slore in Ihe World 2002 Salvio Srreel MU 5-8292 Concord SI-IEEI-IAN PLUMBING X4 I-IEATING 2832 Claylon Road CONCORD MU 5-BIB2 MAY PAINT 84 GLASS CO. WEST FURNITURE CO. MU 5-74I2 2099 Concord Ave. Concord I3OO Galindo S+. CONCORD MU 5-7663 RANDALL SIGNS SILVA'S UNION SERVICE . U.S. Tires and Tubes ' Union Oil Dealer MU M660 P08 Galndo SI' Conwd Mu 5.5920 Ml. Diablo xl Willow Pass Road Conlracfing Supplies KATHERINE K. CORSET SI-IOP Specializing in Problem Figures 0 Bras FiI'Ied MU 5-OIOO 2IOI Pacheco S'rree+ Wesrinqhouse Appliances CONCORD ELECTRIC 2028 Ml. Diablo sl. CONCORD Mu 5-5000 DIABLO SPORT CENTER 2057 Salvio Sl, CONCORD MU 2-00l0 JAMES DELUXE CLEANERS IN A I'IURRY 4 HOUR SPECIAL MU 5-7332 Concord 2265 Willow Pass WALT BENNETT TV and APPLIANCE I96I Salvio Slreef C O N C O R D B 84 J FABRICS The Shop for AII Your Sewing Needs GARDEN EOUIPMENT CO. L. A. Lou OIIVCIF5 IO Meadow Lane and Four Corners MU 2-9777 MR. B'S FOUNTAIN I965 MI. Diablo Slreel MU 5'7I77 Concord California 2 I 30 Concord Blvd. Concord, Calif. I Your Rexall Slores SATTLERS or CONCORD CONCGRD DRUG STORE FURNITURE ooo APPLIANCES 2068 TMO SI' MU 508552 HOLBROQK REXALL DRUG 23OI Willow Pass 2304 Willow Pass 3395 POR Cmcaqo MU 5-7'5' MU 5-8547 MU 5-8l36 ESTATES REXALL DRUG 2I9O Solano Way MU 2,0652 GARDEN GROCERY and MEAT MARKET OUALITY MEATS MU 5-8484 I-Iiqlw Sclwool Avenue Pickup and Delivery 90-Day Guaranlee CONCORD RADIATOR WORKS Cleaning 0 Repairing o Recoring o Rod Our GAS TANKS CLEANED AND REPAIRED GEORGE POPLIN MoBii.eAs SERVSCE Pickup 0 Delivery EXPERT LUBRICATION Salvio al Easr S+. CONCORD MU 2-IO46 MU 2-9398 22l8 Broadway WILLQW PASS I-IARDW SRIEVQ V RIE Y Lf-xuixioizowifxr S A A T upplies o Renlals Third and Willow pass Road Concord 2876 Willow Pass Road, Concord MU 2-8300 MU 2-0469 PIZZA PIE I FOOD TO TAKE OUT MU 2-075A7NGlE S DELlCATEg?lEClgLlindo Sl' 1645 Easr sneer ' Concord, California CLlEE'S Sl-IOE Sl-IOP 1645 Easl'Sl. CONCORD Mu 24291 FOUR CORNERS l-lardware and Variely 925 Monument Blvd. Concord Qualify Cleaning Pickup and Delivery COMMUNITY CLEANERS 583 Monumenl Blvd. CONCORD MU 5-5672 DREAMBUILT FORMICA FURNITURE 585 Monurnenl' Boulevard, Concord, California Res. YE 4-52l2 Ken Bell Bus. MU 5-I l30 ARROW WAREI-IOUSE 84 TRANSFER ROY'S TEXACO SERVICE 59l Monumenl' Blvd. Concord California TI-IE RITE WAY MARKET 2700 Willow Pass Rd. MU 2-9904 Concord GRAI-IAM Life, Aulo and Eire Insurance MU 5-7620 2l40 Concord Blvd. Tl-IE TOGGERY Formerly Tony's Toggery 2 I49 Salvio Sl. Concord MANGlNI'S DRUG STORE nu 2.8n,rLmIiZE?I L52lla2,lSE2iiOlAdOV'IgnU 5,3337 MU 5-W9 2'47 SGIVIO S+ree+ J, Q, PIERCE CLARK'S CRAFT 84 SPORT SI-IOP De Solo 0 Plymoulln 5'84Ll'7 MU 2-2I4I 2I95 Concord Ave. I94O Collax Slreel Concord, California CONTRA COSTA TRAVEL SERVICE Qgogllnillfidrllife' A3535 rfnosls R517 Erin ii MCICFUI' 'GHG-BFYGHT PLAZA SHoE SERVICE CIWCIPGI Orlliopedic Correcrions Lealher Goods 20l3 Granl Slreel Cleaning, Repaired Concord, California FUNERAL DIRECTORS i3s5eaiindOs+. conconn Muz-iioo S5 W ' v-. 3. 22 '--hh' " One can dream, can"r one? --. , A 'X WAN ii hblu ZZA E i - In This pavilion of I NIoNTCLAIR MOTORS iI'S so easy as four Diabloans demonSTraTed. Loolc in al , 2820 WILLOW PASS ROAD. or phone MUIberry 2-3I50. DININe ROOM DELIVERY T I-I E R I C K S I-I A W Specializing in AUTHENTIC CHINESE EooD MUIberry 2-I058 Concord 2I I8 MI. Diablo ST. AT I' P' S 'I ACME AUTO REPAIR U me 'CPQDEQDCK BQWL MUIberry 578495 Free Bowling InS+ruc'rion 2324-, The Alameda Concord MUIberry 5-78l2 Pacheco REAL ESTATE INSURANCE RONAYNE SALES 84 DEVELOPMENT, HOWARD STAFFORD INC. CONCORD REALTY REAL ESTATE . INSURANCE 2I44 Concord Boulevard MUIberry 5-8909 MUIIDGUY 5-852' 2275 Willow Pass Road Concord Muibeffy S-7288 PARKWAY CLEANERS oLIvER'S SI-IELL STATION 2482 SALVIO STREET CONCORD CLAYTON ROAD and SAN JOSE STREET Tillers Plumbing Tools Polishers WALLY'S RENTAL 84 SUPPLY WILLOW PASS PHARMACY MUIberry 5-5630 2708 Willow Pass Road I390 Galindo Sire-ef Concord MUIberry 2-3900 Concord P. L. KELLER COMPANY HARDWARE . SRoRTIN'e eooos "Since I9I3" I99O GRANT STREET Mlllbefry 5-7660 MUSIC BOX Whelher i'r be Brubeck you're inler- eSIed in, or BeeI'hoven'S Symphony, you'II find il' al' The MUSIC BOX. CaThy and Jinx are confemplaling The purchase of "Sounds of Serbrinqf' Isounds of Sporf cars racingl, while Lennie and Dave iusl browse around. COI'lCOFd Cgnqjgrd PROFESSIONAL PAGE DOCTORS Raymond Arnold, M.D. Donald W. Aicheson, M.D. Raymond Chan, Iv1.D. G. D. Coler, M.D. Roland I. Davies, MD. Irving Fien, MD. J. S. Kanzel, MD. George L. Kline, MD. C. I-I. Lenfz, Iv1.D. Roberf L. Marlin, MD. John E. Mason, MD. R. R. Finger, MD. Ronald L. Thiele, MD. DENTISTS ATTORNEYS Richard G. Brink, D.D.S Bells and Renaghan James J. Gaulrier, D.D.S. 2Ol9 SGIVFO Kennefh R. Krey, DDS. Coll and Soulsby Allen L. Lagier, DDS. T946 Colfax Ronald G. Lighl, D.D.S. John L. Garavenlra, Judge carl F. Mills, D.D.S. 2' I7 Salvio Roberf L. Saunders, D.D.S. Marcus and Bradbard David S. Tilfle, DD.S. 223i Conrra Cosla Highway OPTOMETRIST Aloysius F. Laube, OD. Alberr R. Reinlce, OD. P.A. I-Ial W. Forsey Member of The Socieiy of California Accounlanls 2IO9 Pacheco J. Paul Wesl I837 Colfax CHURCH DIRECTORY CALVARY TEMPLE I350 Galindo Reverend R. A. Work CHURCH OE JESUS CHRIST OE LATTER DAY SAINTS, CONCORD WARD 3700 Concord Boulevard Bisho p Dwayne N. Anderson CHURCH OE JESUS CHRIST OE LATTER DAY SAINTS CONCORD SECOND WARD 3700 Concord Boulevard Bishop Ernesl I. Adams FIRST PRESBYTERIANI CHURCH I99I Colfax Slreel Reverends Ernesl I. Bradley-Arlhur E. Suellz GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH U.L.C.A. 3978 Claylon Road Reverend E. A. Sheldon STM-Paslor OUEEN OE ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC CHURCH Granl Slreel Reverend L. Hennessy VETERINARIANS Roberl E. Dullum 4 Conlra Cosla Golf Club Road MEMBERS OE THE EASTBAY VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION ILocal Velsl George I-I. Muller 3 I 00 Norlh Main Maurice L. Boevers 3394 MI. Diablo Boulevard Lafayelle Walnul Creelc Secrelary ol EVMA McAIlisIer, William J. Klinq, E. E. 20 San Miguel Road R. E. Graham 50I Monumenl Boulevard i Qngruiulutinus PI-IOTOORAPFI STUDIO to the graduating class 2I I8 Easlr and Pacheco DRINK MU 243236 CONCORD X V. If TED GURNEY , fl, Q. PI-IOTOORAPI-IER '. -:E ,Y 'EL 'irq ,I .-:ii T Ip ', :QS N IQ! P5221 ,-.A.g5E5f'-Al: YE 4-ZSZI WaInuT Creek Iii l'T55:ffi:f I "" """ '5""I I-15555511 I : TI :Ii I 1 5 Is I wx KITTY ICE CREAM STORES g,.:.:1,5::2:5r::..1f .. I 'B l lj ll I Q "" Concord WaInuT Creek If Si t Ia- ye. ,Q I 2292 Concord Blyd. Is4B Bonanza Avo. 4-A -I T I U Bofrled under Aufhorily of The Coca-Cola Company by The Coca-Cola Bo'r+ling Co. of California Oualily Cleaning Open Fridays UnIil C? Pirrsburq. California Mu 5-3264 2IB3 Concord Blvd. GRAND RAPIDS FURNITURE CO. "OuaIiTy FurniTure Tor Less" I375 Main STreeT YE4-3520 WaInuT Creek AUTO PARTS SALES CO. LQQAN A, CQFFEE CI. R. Shirnmel and I-I: F. Barfsch, Props. INSURANCE 81 REAL ESTATE 636 Ward SI., Marhnez, Calif. Phones 80 and 8I I7OO EasI' SI., Concord, Calif. MUIberry 5-B536 2228 Concord Blvd' MU 2'q4P7 KRUEGER A CO- DIAMOND MATCI-I Co. INSURANCE Co. Salvio and EasT STreeTs I948 Colfax STreeI' MU 5-7723 Phone MU 5-4454 Concord CLIFF A I Mn CLIFF BARBERA-Photography I . . . exIends The besf of wishes To all sTuden+s af MT. Diablo I-Iiqh School, plus an invi+aI'iorI To drop in and say "hello" any Time you are in Oakland. We are pleased To announce The addiIion To our sI'aTI oli Tep Wrighf, oufsfandinq Bay Area yearbook phofographer, who many of you know as a resuIT of working wifh him in pas'r years al' MT. Diablo. Bofh of us will be happy To serve you aT any Time. We specialize in candid weddings, porTraiIure and IFGIETUIIY-SOFOFIIY evenTs. CLIFF BARBERA STUDIO FINEST IN BoI2TI2AITuRE TEP SIaI'I members and Carolyn Lehmer inquire Iurlher aboul Jrhe new "57" Olds displayed ar LEHMER'S OLDSMOBILE on Jrhe corner ol Galindo and Concord Blvd. Phone MU 5-448l. New or old, your car is sure Io gel super service a+ RUSS MORGAN'S CHEVRON STATION al Easr and Willow Pass. Phone MU 2-I674. I A ' Need supplies? Why nor conlacl' 'rhe PERKINS MASONRY SUPPLY, localed al 6I2 Monumenr Blvd., where The service is always good. Phone MU 5-5633. Hamburgers and sodas are ordered by Tab and Jerry for Jrhe girls al' KIRK'S DRIVE IN, an ideal spor for an afler-school snaclc. Nexf door is Jrhe SHELL SERVICE STATION, ready Io serve your car al Pacheco Corners lwhere Arnold Induslrial and Conlra Cosla Highways meell. Suclw inspecfion as shown by Donna. Bev, and Mary is unnecessary when service is rendered ai Jrlwe CONCORD CLEANERS, 2028 Salvio Slreel. Plwone MU 5-8524. Dave Slalzlord and Don Bo are drooling over new sporls eguipmenl demonsrrared by salesman, Slcip Wallers, al Jrlwe SPORT CHALET, 2749 Conlra Coslra Highway, Pleasanl l"lill, YE 4-0297. Gail, Bob and Carol, Diablo '57 slalll members who are "cooking willi gas," admire flue elecrric oven of romorrow, Jroday al WALNUT CREEK ELECTRIC, 2235 N. Main, YE 4-7682. The CONCORD TRANSCRIPT, Concord's old- esl leading newspaper, is well sellled in irs new building locafed ar I74I Sunser, plione MU 2- 6440. Tlie new presses are rolling oil a lace- lifled Transcripl Jrliese days. my . V ,AIN fmfhkytx , , . , ,. W-L T T, .X Tiff 'f 'A' , If ,fm f f VAL ww' L .L ' For sharp and Tarzan builds visiT BOB'S PHYSICAL CULTURE STUDIO on Arroyo Way aT Ygnacio, WalnuT Creelc, and see how iT's done. Phone YE 4-8500. ForgeT-Me-NoTs To Blaclc Orchids are available To The clienTele oT LAILA'S FLORIST SHOP, locaTed aT ZI33 Concord Ave., as well as El MonTe Shopping CenTer. l:lorisT designer, Don Galloway, enjoys sTyling and arranging cor- sages Tor Nan and "Izzy," ediTor and assisTanf ediTor oT Diablo '57, who are accompanied by Jim and KeiTh, assisTanT ad manager and ad manager oT Diablo '57. Phone MU 5-4464. - '42 , z ':.4!',f1 2 SW W f ff L ff M W y , . . .. .7 .Z , ,z..,.,, l, ., , .1 ' '- 4, V , "" ' f , 1-4.5 ,La,,4g :wi , M4 a 4. g 6 Lil ,, 1 2,4455 'ff 37.31 ..v- -we 5,1 ff -,.., ,uf , -, ,,.,,....,,.- -3- , , .""," ,.-f,, si f. , , . . .. , ., V yffligs V Q g ,J ,V . ...., A ,-., .125 T W, S gp , ', - -W """-?'17ff' r, ' . ' ZS. ' , ' 1 N' "" f fwwgf, f' , 1 T . , f . T- A 95 T , , Q .f ff .. + f f I 1 1 , ,, Q 5 ff ff gi V s ,J M f A ' fi wg fy 4. E T Q, . g -12 E. il? -. I 0 Wf , awe ' 2' ,, ' H 2- , L f , 4' .cw-0 'T f - , I X 'P OV 4 2 I "" V , lffg W , 'gzhzf 5' ' , f V, '-7? f, , ,I ' , . ww!,:.L,W an . ' T' f , 4 5 ' ,mc W, , , . W , W., , 3 I 4 M ' ' F ,fc f 1 Y M , " '- T N . 0" w V: ,Q ,P pf A gy 5f,,'4j-f.1f'4 , ' f A. .?4f""5x'f-a-,H E 5 AT The SCHOOL OF THE DANSE, I325 Gal- indo STreeT, phone MU 2-lO6I, Mrs. Haslcins can help you, Too, To maTch your body move- menTs To The music. AcrobaTics, ballef and Tap are all TaughT here. Nighl' and day The ENEAN THEATRE sign acTs as a marlcer on The plaza. When lighTs are low in The resT oT The Town, The TheaTre's neon lighT guides Diablans To good shows. IT you wanT To hear The voice wiTh a smile Telling you "whaT's on TonighT," call MU 5-7623. WALNUT CREEK PARKER ROBB CHEVROLET lO7O Main Slreel Walnul Creek YE 4-448I BERKELEY FARMS CREAMERY SABATTE BRos. Milk - lce Cream l723 Ml. Diablo Blvd. Walnul Creek SPORTS 81 GAMES, Inc. l604 Locusl Slreel Walnul Creek, Calif. YEllowslOne 5-lOl7 Complele Line Allwlelic Equipmenl I CIHIATQACTETQ CANIESDIITESJ lce Cream Visil our slore Phone YEllowslone 4-432 I Walnul Creek .iq : 5 W5 I OF WALNUT CREEK O ewelry mmemc C9 gzfiv waz MAIN wALNu1 cnesx, CALIFORNIA YEllowslone 4-2795 RETT-Wl-IITE CLCVERLEAF MoToR SALES co, E A R lvl S l8l6 N.Iv1ain Slreel YE 4-67l4 CERANDES SHOES Tea urln " a in s" or oes EL REY THEATER l Q S55-3i68Sp lsll Walnul Creek M28 Broadway Walnul Creek YE 4-4465 DAVE'S MOBILGAS YE 5-54119 l299 Boulevard Way Walnul Creek ORANSI-IAW'S FLOWERS IvIUIberry 5-7238 I883 MT. DIABLO STREET CONCORD, CALIFORNIA M E N 'S S I-I O P HERB COLOMBO and CAL CLAIRE 2295 WILLOW PASS CONCORD, CALIFORNIA DALTON 81 BO OUALITY MEATS A+ ROD'S MARKET SOLANO WAY CONCORD, CALIFORNIA SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION SHELL POINT PLANT Phone GLadsIone 8-3222 PITTSBURC5 CALIFORNIA PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS n Mfu ra-Q gg lkugfih- 'I-i"""',f.... ffm? fi We invite you 'fi' .I '1"'W'm f ,s to use our f Q f f sp BRIDAL REGISTER Ii FOR your dinnerware palfern I For your choice in glassware A For your lcilclwenware and appliances I E i Q 4, ix .. HX., T- . is i '41-gg' x fx, ...-"'.-1'-""-2 i 1 w F l 3 K 7 383 I I . uwv.w.1,,- K i-In , l R R J R X fflsfi ' J if fr l ' ,ik I X il 4 1 l lil 2. l Avoid duplicalions and aid your friends in selecfing Hue gills for you Jrlial are bound ro please. If you have any queslions Aslc our loridal consullrani. CONCORD SHGPPING CENTER I809 Willow Pass Road Phone MUlberry 5-9OlO Diablo '57 slall members wish lo lhank lhe lollowing adverlisers who made our ad pages possible: Acme Aulo Repair, Aulo Parls Sales Co., Mr. "B's" Founlain, Bank ol America, Berkeley Farms, B 81 J Fabrics. Barry's Homeware Hardware, Bales Hardware, Brown's Music Cenler, Bob's Physical Cullure, Candy Kilchen, Children's Sludio Pholograph, Clill Barbera Pholographer, Clover Leal Farms, Coca-Cola, Concord Cleaners, Concord Ave. Molors, Concord Slalionery 81 Gills, Concord Transcripl, Crenshaw's Flowers, Dallon 8: Bo Qualily Meals, Dana's Weslern Wear, Dave's Mobilgas, Diablo Sporl Cenler, Diamond Malch Co., Edy's Candy Slore, Enean Thealer, EI Rey Thealer, Pour Corners Hardware 81 Variely, Grand Rapids Purnilure, Grande's Shoes, Garden Equipmenl Co., Hull Really, lJ. C.l Hamillon Oil, Hoky's, James De Luxe Cleaners, Jerrico's Generalors, Kalherine K. Corsel Shop, Kelly's Markel, Howard Slallord Real Eslale, TP. Ll Keller, Killy Bar, Krueger Insurance Co., l.aila's Plorisl, Magini's Drug Slore, May Painl X4 Glass, Men's Shop, Monlclaire Molors, Monle Gardens Beauly Shop, Monle Gardens Cleaners, Music Box, Oliver's Shell Slalion, Parker 8: Robb, Paddock Bowl, Park Way Cleaners, Perkins Masonry Supply, Randall Signs, Read's T.V., Rexall Drug Slore, Rickshaw, Rine- harl's, Ray's Texaco Service, Rod's Meal Markel, Ronayne Sales 81 Developmenl Inc., Russ Morgan, Salllers', School ol lhe Danse, Shee- han Plumbing 8c Healing, Shell Chemical Corp., Silva's Union Service, Sporl Chalel, Slallord Real Eslale, Slyle Shop, Sporls 81 Game, Sugar Plumb, Tivoli Cleaners, Walnul Creek Eleclric, Wally's Renlal, Wesl Furnilure, Willow Pass Laundromal and Willow Pass Grocery. Nmmwam 125' , .4 1. lVlr. Sundquist and his group of Hi-Y members look healthy and happy for their annual picture. They are constantly on the go with numerous basketball tournaments with other schools, Hi-Y clubs, swimming contests among them- selves, and trips to Berkeley in the spring, along with earning a few trophies to show for their hard work and physical skill. 2. How about the look on the faces of these football enthusiasts! Teddy Plumb is the small one! Richard Terra surely towers over him! 3. Miss Cartwright and her musically endowed Boys' Glee Club give out with a little cheesecake for the photographer. 4. Lotus 'JK Q' 1 - .qi kewgisr f. 1 J QTY! rs 2 S-L wil fi ' - K 2 ,f 'la-Q -2- rsya ei ri. as f ,gs-... Q ..: ' sf ' .tif X 5 J f 5 A? ' 7 ' it . 3 J ',5 s A . x ...Q QW . ww, . l -, s giex . 1 w my M fl Blossom lHatsy Nakagakii has a sudden 'l en" to ma ' ' ' A Nlcintoshl feet comfortable while he is speaking on the gl?gn:HtoF:l:i!gfif 251.323 Colonel Purdy lJerry Huntl. "Teahouse of the August lVloon" was proudly presented for the first time here at Diablo High School for the Spring term play on lVlay. 5. Checking the hundreds of lockers around this school is quite a iob, but Nlr. .Haviland has been thorough in getting this seemingly endless thing done. He is always around whenever locker combinations stick' he fixes them as promptly as possible. ' X Qutoqnaphggy M ,ff Rf ,ffm 7999? M mp, W Jffagwj' L W if ,n wif , -f . ' mmmmwmmzanmwmmmzaxfmfwazaauwmvxe-msn:-mf,'.ww.m..1-fa4.v...,,xww.. w rwxm-,A -X ',.-miwninwf' M f- ' J. ' 01, '.wf,,m:.uf-ex-'ww ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Bob Ozias, Leclerer, Sireei 81 Zeus Co., Inc.-Priniing and Planning Bob Moon, California Ari and Engraving Co.-Engraxring l-lal Maison, Pliolograplners-l-lal and his pholographers, Pholography 'Bill Relchin, S. K. Smilh Co.-Covers i Carcloza Binding Co. Miss Marge Silva and Abe Garcia-Arr Work Mr. Wilson Landrum-Telarecorcl ' Lonnie Salinq-Telarecord J F 7 V K 'ff L MMC? gjlfb . ,,,, J M4 l XV M L' M u i f A C 1 l f n 'Q " , Z ' in g 'BZ s ww f- l Vp' Z X Z X' kf VA, XJ? 51, ffwf B Always alfending directly lo his business, our pablelgardener, Mr. Luigi Pino, is caught The pcb. The lawns are kepl walered, fha fl s f, and the hedges lrimmed. Diablo has a beauliful landscape because Mr. Pino is proud of the school. i, ,- ! I AKAI! ,JL Afkfng , aw? W - ICU ,MAJ 5941 WC! Q JM!! Qjempgfay A,,aCif'9 KW if Liiwbflfgggixojw 9 Jfwfwg 'iff JW ' 'f,5-- A cf xix CL?Z?2 Q: 0 Q My J Gin i! L, f z, P X M i W sw 5 51 D Q0 I P7252 f kb 'f X W QM : AQZS Qjuifffw wx W Mgaff i f ,W W ' it ng? f, 87:77 A W Q W i , s ' - , Z 4 My 4 NY -457 , si ff M J x RX Nm Q Wa :wi II 7 W I as ' lf i::jg1Ebv?.un V . - 1 'Axf 'ff:gnm'v ' ff.. '- ip x ""1ffQf5' . Y 2, X X M e gl K+ ff tg!! G ml JW. . 4 . M H 5 ww N ' Nall A . s Q3-P 0, M559 1 K , I 0 w :mf wx in X ff? N fm, ,,,.Q,f f. 52? f ' ' "S . 1, V Q g' '! H LvL 'n',',1' M453 4 M ' if gi w fg i' ,T v Qi?-X f 1 an i 8 -f i P h - " LE ETH 'Wy , E + ' p ,f l o Q I Q' ' ' W 1' f- ,wwbrlesw KHP 4 X ' Wwx 'if .' Zljlfgv M Ni V Zigi 42 - ' o U MWA fm J we anew: - O ' 12 '2..ff,y.- 1 sa e '-12 ' .. w fix. 5

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