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f Ziff ,Q ,f J f M ffjilf if ff Q f XV 2 X Y Rf NL 1 F ,c7a , Q A Y W A' S- Q -tri SW We Q wx .X QS M 4 A N "fx H N V X izfififfkf .Q X. - P EJJAEHFV gf? f F sa X Y - GR' X 1 'X w px xx A,f7 ,fn xx X R T 15 If L fx f-L f, 3 , c..f Q . . ... E1 4 Y .0 , I 67,5 -ogtgfi Q I 1,7 -' Wt s. '17, gi, Z '71 ' g 9 'Q c ' 'fe li 1' -4-fe, -2, 5 .0 X If .ff 4 7 Q -,fx V . 1 ' , Am ' fzizi 4 . ' MZ ., u T Q l.. , T W Q . ' ru -' .l , P Q '.' ,ff ff! ig f K .. - E I ,JY .. 9 x V9 ' M sw f-- 32 if--"1 - Q' A Q 55? NJN U T, '-'fz ' v 5 . K .. Q Q 2 QQ SX S :Z 4: .diffs F J ' ' fill-5,":: SX ci' : 2 I Y R xi--ilillf ': . if bk wx -' " Xxligli. D' N X' .5 '. E X: X ' ,L-51 k X155 ' L if cb. 6 4 " 1 r'.f"'f -- xl- X e ' I x1.Q "' A X f I 1 ' 5" A 'que' f . ' -W 4 " 5 fr . . I I I O 3 wo. . 4 7' R' A X Sf- W- ' - WM ' S du ' 'Q hh x 1 Q X Qaida K W' x '- ww ' A 1 A 1 --.-.--N v----i-fw nv- - --Y -W-f--iffv-71 - Y-HW ---- Y- 7- ---- f -v-- -- ------W - - ----W -- W, -Y?- -,.' , VW! g iff! M1 is bMEE? mf 'f I ' LOUIS-TIE-Rip!! pil-y X Q 1 1 Eggfyfldffw ,ff If ES , 994 was , ,707 I , Q mow! X Xlif lv d'-4 U' fm . " .x , AX. if """"'I-T: 44-L 8 1 9 'N S"! Q QI l21':'Lmz 5 S I Q . K Q S? iii 'Kgs X6 LQ 1 ff 'jx :J w V 1 Jn L 1' I V r 14 ' ,' 1 L " ' 1 ' I NX 0 R X N X , . A 09, l .J-J--JA-. ""cs"""' d5d""i ajy' JJ.6np.lxs WM gimp WWW ? mv, W MJ, 'SW Wlfw Mwmww fowwffggy ' klfblff wQ f Wflfifd D525 V11 wfffw , Lflfivflf A ! M 35S5Q45 W'0 ffmff ' ix? fl! Q N1 Q www 1 ,K f-, E U Qsa4,"Q?+- '3p ' ,iff f ,fE,,,A ,jf H+, 1 , El ,:' ' Q59-5T""F?fi7f"Q 1: 'L 514. 5? .1 gg5Ef !Q ' AV V ' 1' XM? , ,bag yi N X mai In , is W is W' I 3451 WWI xx I Q , Q1 I E gg 751 , V ' f A . ' ,I 5 J 'V' . I if ,f,iW3.I-I . 'aww . K ' -. W- I ' -f' Ng, I 7- 5' x I 'L ' A I, ' VIN. "vi, I I XS xi wie. N .. . M fsviw . ,. 'Riu If-2 .S Mg WWA I f' . DIAB 0 '56533 X794 fm lQd.QgL0'5"7X 'X MT. DIAIBLQ HIGH scHooL CONCBERD, CALIFORNIA 'gay QM' Jew 411 4w1JLb M'i57v iffy 1f395f 2?111fM-LM F00 M M! mfg, 'U , O RSCAD34INIS1k9.m'IONI ...... 6 x5y7QA'11W1'o.... ...... K1 ' J M b .... . . 1 R7b,,vy1WfL11ETQZ5?U .... WWOCK? 1 STAGE HANDS ...... UMW. . . 11 1 ' I s'1'A11111NG1sEN1o1as1 .... V. . . . . . by CO-STARRING KCLASSESJ . . W ACTIVITIES ............ 1. as CLUBS ............ . . as ' yr . 97 . . . . .120 iffllillfl I ,ff 1 WJ, Emfwiyifg F55 'J 1 rw? r M WWW Q1 RQ A WQQQ N25 Hee 'Wi be NOTES TO K if ll sis? litis? , if ffsf ,, THE STAFF Editor ..... . . Sandra Melton Assistant Editor . . . . . Ianet L Advertising Manager .... . . Dick Bankus Assistant Advertising Manager .... Bob Carlson Subscription Manager . . . . Nancy Itanen Boys' Sports Editor . . . . Corky Traverso Girls' Sports Editor . . Geneta Spessard Photographer . . . . . . Ron Neal Circulation Manager ...... Len Lanfranco STAFF MEMBERS Trudy Blythe, Isabel Catambay, Dick Dorsey, Alice Flori, Iack Gerhard, Barbara Grice, Sharon Levada, Gail Mclntyre, Keith McKenzie, Ierry Narberes, Lynn Phipps, Dave Sousa, Ray Tierney, Mary Walden, Don Winter, Donna Van Pelt, Ed Zickefoose. it is A ttji,,fw is ttgyf gift will, WEE? . il P ll t we fl A J PROLOGUE Before the house lights dim, pick up the program and read the blurbs on each act of this Diablo '56 showy then sit back and enjoy the production in retrospect. Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their en- trances and one man in his time plays many parts." There is no single star in this year's review, but each con- tributes a part simply by walking cmd talking upon the Diablo campus. It is a great show playing to a full house. It's what the Bard of Avon would call "Good Theatre." uit? M W WW MMQW ,, t,fi,Z,WW, twwniw 'M ,w"Q'?'l'fM'i'li1"' M' Wt W . Fred Haviland is one of the greatest backstage men we have ever known. He is the man who 'lights the stage,' keeps the 'aisles' clean, and is ready with the 'props' whenever they are needed. In appreciation for his outstanding service, we, the students of Mt. Diablo High School, dedicate the Diablo '56' to our head custodian, Fred Haviland. Principals Message As graduating seniors it is good to reflect about the opportunities you have had, the teachers who have taught you, and the friends you have made, tor graduation will mark a parting of the Way tor most ot you. Some ot you will continue Diablo s head producer, Dr. Ferd Diet, ' I I ' is complet-ns hlsfifth vw at your education, others will enter various fields Diablo as principal. of industry, become homemakers or enter the armed services. The years put into your education have been important in developing the total abilities, habits, attitudes and desires which identity you as a person. What you do in lite depends upon what you are and what you want. What you get from life depends upon how much you want it, how much you are Willing to work and plan and cooperate and use your resources. Whatever comes to you, good or bad, will generally be the result ot your own actions or lack ot action. It is hoped that your training at Diablo High will make you want the best and the most ot lite, and that you are willing to work hard, with tolerance and under- standing, for it. l Vice-Principals Mr Pete Kramer holds the dual position of, L Mrs. Irmgrad Cox is in charge of the other dual poslhon of Boys' Dean and vice-principal. J Girls' Dean and vice-principal Q J S 1'-5-1 PRCDU Z as JJLZAY-vfayf , Aaj l c E R Sf User jeff g f1fij3,,a,,jMaff 4 44.462 ' 42' cf 4240 L aj fy, bij if Superintendent's Message N' 'xt fs ,yy- Head circuit director ot the Mt. Diablo Unified School District is Superintendent James W. Dent. This year marks the end of another era at Mt. Diablo High School. For the last time students from the north side of the school district are graduating from the high school which residents of that area have attended tor more than halt a century. Through the years many leaders ot Diablo activities have come from "over the hill" and from Port Chicago. Their presence will be missed, but we know that their younger brothers and sisters will carry on at Pacifica High School the high standards which their predecessors helped to develop at Diablo. Diabloans can always be proud that they first established the tine reputation which our district has tor scholarships, sportsmanship, and citizenship. Iames W. Dent Board oi Trustees The Board of Trustees keep the district schools running smoothly. They are sittin left t i ht: M . Cl lr ' ' Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ferd Kiesel, personnel and instruction assistant superintendent g o rg rs ar Wiget, Mr. Arnold Biorlf, and Dr. Owen Cook, business and transportation assistant superin Mr. Oscar Larson, presidenti- Mr.dHarmon Welsh and Mrs, Don: tendent, consult on their district problem. overs' ge. . ssesssw .. 'T...isl3i'3 5K.W L iffrevf X 1 if Q Ms E5 1 Qi I R My WW my ZZJW I ' 4 X fx ' , is N . 0 A , if' LJ Z!!! W A f ff y X Z f I 6' b A S! ,J 4.1 flfq, I ,L L1 Af' K I A Q fd! X I '4 O F Q 311 in 9" ,ii 2 --N 1 's vw w W., . D x , 117 , 4 .. '.,,. -4 , Y 1 ... g -Q, :fm - xg N ,JIJVI 31 ,.,v5,.- 6 L T 1 If 1 1 . ' , Z 5 ,- -. 1 'Q 1 'U' ' ' and . af' 'C -1 -f' r 1 4' 'r - r .I ,., ,Q 54 u ,U 1 E if He .4 3 4 H -x Am '-Q 1 s 'u aa . 1 1 3 's Q, :- :J ,JL by 'F If 5 i d ' fi , . f is J! 4 -u- ! "a 1 . .f.., W4 , .n v 1, , R FZ' 1 , , 5 . . 1- x W ' - ' , , . ,' Q - , 4- W: 3. MR. JACK SMULLEN Sophomores P-Z MRS. BETTY COURTNEY Freshmen A-G MISS DOROTHY JACOBUS Freshmen H-N MR. JACK FERRARI Special MRS DOROTHY HENDERSON Seniors A-M MRS. IOLA O'GRADY Seniors N-Z QI f . ,gf M- E, ,V M His-?5G'f ' 252, ' - rf T.. NK. ' 1 1 ' z4gM4,,2?y, .. .J is-""""X X Y 'Mr W M T ii . ,S Q is it f Isla. 4 .H ,W :T X V75 I' K "N SEWER? 454, MR. PAUL STONER Head Counselor MRS. VERA MONROE Juniors A-J MISS EVELYN MUMMA Juniors K-Z MISS HELEN COURTRIGHT Sophomores A-F MISS MARGARET MCCRADIE Sophomores G-O 'Q' MR JACK FERRARI MR JAMES ARNOLD Chairman of English Department Chairman of Music Department MISS JOYCE WAUD MRS NORMA WHITE Chairman of Homemakmq Chairman of Social Studies Department FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. James Arnold, Music, Mr. Jack Ferrari, Enq- lish and Special, Mrs. Norma White, Social Studies, Mrs. Dorothy Hender- son, Science and Counseling. SECOND ROW: Mr. Eldo Bianchi, Art, Mr George Perry, Social Studies, Mr. George Armstrong, Art, Mrs. Vera Monroe, Social Studies, Counseling and Music, Miss Mariorie Silva, Art, Mr, Norman Kestner, Drivers Ed. and Coun- selingg and Mr. Norman Goldstein, Science. THIRD ROW: Mr. Elmer Sund- quist, Special, Mr. George Prall, Music and Social Studies. FAC FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Fury Dalla, Social Studies, Mr. Alan Geller- mann, Social Studies, Mr. Donald John- stone, Industrial Arts, Mr. Morton Ely, Social Studies. SECOND ROW: Mr. John Rienhart, Math, Mr. Leslie Dun- nells, Social Studies, Mrs. Elvera Cur- less, Homemakingg Mr. Walter Kelson Science: Miss Margaret Sayles, Home- makinqg Mr. Geor e Pedraui, Curricu- um Coordinator, dr. Richard Wisowaty, Math: and Mr. Fred Mohr, Industrial Arts is in the Third Row. FIRST ROW, lefl lo righr: Mrs. Jean Cumming, P.E. Deparlmenlg Miss Kaiia Lieulsvitis, P.E. Deparlmenig Miss Belly Hawk, school nurse, Miss Jeanne Ad- kins, P.E. Deparlmenlg Mrs. Helen Lum, English and Journalism: Miss Jessie Falconer, P.E. Deparlmenf. SECOND ROW: Mr. William Powell, Mr. Doug Smifh, and Mr. Carl Anaclario, of lhe P.E. Deparfmenf, and Mr. James Mil- lard, Drivers' Ed. Deparfmenf. ULTY FIRST ROW, lefl fo right: Mr, Orvillr Beuiel, lndusfrial Arfs Deparlmenlg Mr Simon Simonian, Science Deparlmenl- Mr. Wilson Landrum, lnduslrial Arlr Deparlmenf, Mr. Jack Biedermann, Ar? Deparlmenf, SECOND ROW: Mr. Slan- ley Miller, Induslrial Arts Deparlmenlp Mr. Darrell Wesfover, Malhemalics De- parfmenlg Mr. Rufus Johnson, Science Deparlmenfg Miss Grace Burlon, Social Sludiesg Mr. William Toaspern, Science Deparlmenf, MR. LESTER WILLIAMS MISS JESSIE FALCONER Chairman of Boys P E Deparfmenl Chairman of Girls P E Deparlmenl MR. JACK BIEDERMANN MR WILLIAM TOASPERN Chairman of Arfs Deparlmenl Chairman of Science Deparlmenl FACULTY NOT PICTU RED Miss Ethel Brubaker, Librarian, Mr. Hart Fair- clough, Mathematics, Mr. Charles Karp, Physi- cal Education, Mr, Terry McDaniel, Industrial Arts and Drivers Education, Mr. Loyd Moore, Mathematics, Mr. William Morris, Social Studies, Drivers Education, Mathematics, Mrs. Betty Nikkel, Physical Education, Mr. Ross Price, Music, Miss Miriam Robbins, Foreign Language and Commercial, Mr. Joseph Ruka- vina, Industrial Arts, Mr. Orval Steffen, Physical Education, Mr. Anthony Vidak, Industrial Arts, Mr. Jonathan Warren, Science, Miss Myrtle Williamson, Study Hall. MR. ARCHIE MCEWING MISS RUTH GALINDO MR. RUFUS JOHNSON Chairman of Chairman of Chairman ol Mathematics Department Foreign Language Department Audio-Visual Department MISS DOROTHY DODGE Chairman ot Commercial Department MR. JAMES MILLARD Chairman of Drivers Education .. 5:..,' 'sa .. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. William Riggle, English Department, Mr. Charles Oakley, Drama Department, Mrs. Betty Courtney, Social Stu'dies Department, Dr. Caroline Ross, Lan- guage Department. SECOND ROW: Mr. Harold Godchaux, English Depart- ment, Miss Alma Couchman, English Department, Miss Ruth Galindo, Lan- guage Department, Mrs. lola O'Grady, Language Department, Mrs. Mary Lumpkin, English Department, Miss Helen Courfright, Commercial Depart- ment, Miss Joan Murphy, Social Studies Department, Mrs. Rosemary Mulvany, English Department. THIRD ROW: Miss Margaret Jory, Homemaking Depart- ment, Miss Betty Sullivan, Commercial Department. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Curtis Woodruff, Mr. George Barber, Mr. Rob- ert Kling, and Miss Dorothy Jacobus of the Commercial Department. SEC4 OND ROW: Miss Mary Crouter, Lan- guage Department, Miss Margaret McCradie, English Department, Miss Leora Bishop, Miss Dorothy Dodge, Commercial Department, Mrs. Marion Early, English Department, Miss Frieda Hass, Language and English Depart- ment, Mrs. Hildred Garrison, English Department, Mrs. Jane Roy, English De- partment, Mrs. Mary Lowrey, Music De- partment, Miss Lorraine Babelle, Eng- lish Department. MR. ORVILLE BEUTEL Chairman ot Industrial Arts Department :, 'X 3, ....., . .He . II lj, ,.,,. . .....,,. ,,.. 1 ...,... .,.. , 5...........,.. Li ,,, ,., ,.f.,. ..,,., - 1 ':.f ......' lzii 2 7. fmuiw f: , . x H i as 71 A M 'MQ f . . , .... N me if Q S el '. .,,. , ,,.. . ,...., . J.. ,.,,,, , '1: '+ "1 N . lf 'V' W S ...,. gk ,, X ii if if 1 w.s,ca, . W 'ali' wir ww W, sive Xxx 1. . 'f K V gp 5 fi, Aiwa A -ai --rf I ...Q A rl I 3 . is 2 .W Mwst 'img Q nrergagfrr .1 - iiiivy if, , V, vf..:'1 M Sw H af . . ad gefgfs. 3 f at , ' .sai.1rys. X 1 sz? I. aiii ' XX I 1 SECRETARIES BUS DRIVERS FIRST ROW, Iefl fo righr: Mrs. Pauline Bechfold, Mrs. Thelma FIRST ROW, lefr lo righf: Maurice Duncan, Alma Whilney, Ruby Foreman Pimenlal, Mrs. Helen Oakley. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Kafherine Eva Miller, Ray Olofson. SECOND ROW: Kennelh Gilliam, head mechanic Johnson, Mrs. Miclrie Bozarlh, Mrs. Eunice Malheson, Mrs. Olive Helen Dalfon, Eulah Bryanl, Elsie Spencer, Les Eddy, Florence Pence Beelar. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Dolly Millen, dean's secretary. Hazel Asmussen, Willa Kellh, Jerry Barry. COOKS JANITORS SEATED, Ieff fo righl: Mrs. Evelyn Walson, Mrs. Bobbie Diaqno. FIRST ROW, left lo righlz William Osecheck, Alberl Lupori, John Palos, Mrs. Chris Boyer. STANDING: Mrs. Helen Luenser, Mrs. Evelyr G. Elmer Hokanson. SECOND ROW: Arl Young, Frank Leiby, Val Cooper. Belka, Mrs. Florence Olandnr, Mrs. Fern Vindinq. -1- l --- -1 Il-f -4 N BILL SOBOTKA GEORGIE STEVENS REGO PIVA GIL JOHNSON Senior Representative Senior Secretary Vice-President President SENIORS The annual activities started for the l956 seniors with the Career Day, March 9, followed two weeks later, by the Senior Variety Show "Come to the Mardi Gras." April lO, the Senior Banquet was held at the Mt. Diablo Country Club. Seniors were burned to varying degrees on the Senior Picnic, had a gala Senior Ball May 26, and concluded their year upon Commencement, Iune 15. The l956 high lQ's received the usual recognition of the public. A few of the awards were as follows: Kay Kurotori won the Daughters of the Revolution Awardp Bank of America trophy winners were Iohn Bomben, science and mathg Kay Kurotori, liberal artsy Saundra Leming, vocational artsy and Carolyn Taylor, fine arts. MRS. BETTY COURTNEY MR. CHARLES OAKLEY MISS MIRIAM ROBBINS MR. LESLIE DUNNELLS MR. CHARLES KARP MRS. MARY LUMPKIN MR. HAROLD GODCHAUX MISS MARGARET SAYLES MR. JACK BIEDERMANN Carole L. Adams I.W.E. G.A.A. Richard Melvin Alford Sophomore Presidenf Sludenf Council Dance Commirlee Don Anderson Swimming Manager J.S.A. Darlene Baldwin I.W.E. Mr. iDiablo Business Club House of Represenlarives 20 Kennefh Affolfer Auro Shop Meial Shop lnfer. Band Belly Jean welamalerl Allen G.A.A. Mr. Diablo Business C Senior Service Tom Aspland Band Track Richard Banlrus Ad Mgr. Diablo '56 Diablo News Foolball lub Q5 Joan Diane Aqoslino Adv. Ari lll l.W.E. Yearbook James Allen Marching Band Virginia Auqusfine Thomas J. Barclay Fooiball Sludenl Council C,S.F. Ray Agoslino Track Yearbook Ari' Shirley Allis I.W.E. F.B.L.A. Senior Ball Cor-nrnillee Judy Axfon I.W.E. Rally Con-imillee Senior Ball Commillee Gwyn Barron Rally Cornmiflee Senior Adviser C.S.F. LeRee Akhursf G.A.A. Mi. Diablo Business Cl SilveriD Susan Yvonne Allman C.S.F. fAlamedal Gold D Palfi Bailey Language Club Senior Variely Show Senior Banquet Patrick Barry Senior Cabinel Band Senior Ball Commilfee 5 l li T Jeanne Marie Bartneck Silver D Dance Committee Junior Service Barbara Bernard Sandra Biorlc Commercial Club Senior Sales J.S.A. George Bradley Dixie Lee Baumruclrer G-.A.A. Commercial Club Jr. Red Cross Bob Bickford l.W.E. Freshman Service Sophomore Service Judith Marie Blackstone Senior Student Adviser Modern Dance G.A.A. Barbara Brehl lUsedoml Spanish Club Ml. Diablo Business Clu Silver D b 46- 4 . A 4, E Q 'Nil 'V it 's " ,M wx i , 5 Q lp y. - ' A" Elma Becker Band Gold D Activity Art Glenn Biles Earl Perry Boissonou J .S.A. Wanda Bristol Mt. Diablo Business Club Ronald Bedoya Machine Shop Adele Bischel Junior Red Cross Choir Spanish Club Arvin H, Bolen Block D Swimming Jerry Britton Gymnastics Block D 'lv 'br 5 . Stan Berqum Wood Shop Welding Shop Beverly Joan Bispo Mt. Diablo Business Club l.W.E. Senior Picnic John Louis Bomban C.S.F. Gold D Senior Student Adviser Dorothy Broo1rs Mt. Diablo Business Club F.B.L.A. Brunch Sales 2l Fm Susan Broome Bualnoss Club GAA. Senior Variety Show Ncrdean Ruth Cameron Ailv. Band Business Club Glee Club Mike Carlslon Sr'niorC.1binOl Diablo New5 Soorla Eclilor Football LaVon Chandler Band 22 Slephanie Clair Brown Rally Cornrniilee Eduealion Club Modarn Dancrt Bob Campbell "B" Track Bev Carler Silver "D" Business Club Dorofhea L. Chavez GAA. Barbara Bryanf Eilucjalion Club Sword and Bauble Band Diane Cannady Pai Carler Bufahn Cheek Senior Sales Rally Cornrnillee Senior Service Adrienne Bush 6.A.A. Freshman Dance Cornrniiiee Sophomore -Dance Cornrnillee Harley Carlin Inez Carvaial Sales and Finance Business Club Sophomore Service Bev Christensen Sophomore Service Senior Service Callofllorrian Club Marilyn Calderwood Thomas Sherman Carlisle Jim Case Aulo Shoo Sound Crnw Sue Chrisfiansen Salesmanship Business Club Sara M. Clark C5.A.A. Choir Dance Comrnillee Joseffe M. Como Senior Ball Commillee Rally Commilfee Yearbook Linda Lee Creller Business Club l.W.E. G.A.A. Jeanelle M. Dallon News Slaff Senior Sludenf Adviser Education Club Virginia Sue Claussen Girls' Represenlalive Honor Sociely Band Virginia Lee Conley C.S.F. Sales and Finance Commitlee Business Club Cleo R. Crosgrove House of Represenfalives Royce Dallon Denny Coffee Foofball Track Block "D" Marilyn Joy Conner Business Club GAA. Ari Crowell Tumbling Ken Da Vico Jack Lee Cole Aulo Shop Metal Shop Electric Shop Herman C. Cordes Block Tennis J. V. Foolball Bill Crummell Wood Shop Auto Shop Meial Shop Virginia DeBenedelli Modern Dance Senior Ball Commillee Song Leader Arlene Joyce Collell Ml. Diablo Business Club G.A.A. Rally Corrimillce Ken Craddick Hi-Y Tamra Gail Cummings Pros. of G.A.A. Chairman of Senior Announcemenls C,S,F. Ufunah DeHearl J.S.A. News Staff Sales and Finance Comrnilfee 23 qll""'-Q Loren De Laurenli Gloria Dominguez C.S.F. Homeroom Repreaenlalive 'Honor Society Laurence Durbin Baseball l.W.E. Block "D" Laurel Eschmann Sword and Bauble C.S.F. J.S.A. 24 William De Rosa Foolball House Represenlalive O.W.E. Tony Dominguez Richard Lee Emery Football Baseball Yearbook Danny Eslrada Adv. Band ill Carol Dielz Modern ,Dance C.S.F. Sales and Finance Commission Richard Dorsey Swimming Senior Ball Steering Commilfee Yearbook 2A Barbara Ann Enes P.B.X. Relief Operalor Senior Ball Commitlee Rally Commillee Samuel Everell Rose Marie DiMaggio GAA. New Commercial Club Doris Ann Dorfzbach G.A.A. C.S,F. Business Club Doug Enochs Football Block "D" Wood Shop Sally Moore Fawcell Sr. Service G-.A.A. Music Club 'wr' eh A R es X v.: A Bi 1 .Q - e .:. . .. is 5 -L .-:, xx . L . 9 -. Gordon Dodson Foolball Block "D" Swimming Twilla Dozier I.W.E. Mike Ervin Gymnasfics Bill Fawlhorp ufh Fell Dance Commi llvc Sales and Finnni i- G.A.A. lobbie Fleming I.W.E. G.A.A. orofhy France Crafts lll l.W.E. GAA. am-es L. Friese Air Youlh Day Science Club lHuqhesJ Awnnl Cliffon Ferriera Machine Shop lll Aufo Shop Choir Yvonne Janelle Fleshman Sales and Finance Silver "D" Senior Sales Ronald Franks Foolball ' Block "D" Baseball Don Garlingfon Vamly Diving Gene Findley Belle Clarice Flelcher Vice-President of Educa Club C.S.F. Spanish Club Margarel S. Fraser Girls Glee Mr. Diablo Business Club Sales and Finance Peggy Garret? Diablo News J.S.A. Sales and Finance Lorelfa Frances Fisher G.A.A. Girls Glee Crafts Vernon Ford Machine Shop Ill Mechanical Drawinq I IAB Marge Lynelle Frazer GAA. Belly Garrison Junior Vice-Presiclenl Typical Freshman Sophomore and Junio Service T Jackie R. Flammang G.A.A. Ml. Diablo Buuinous Club l.W.E. Raymond Ford Richard Dale Friedrich Tmnsler Sluflffnl Roberfa Rulh Garverick Proqrarn Coriiiiiisnionz C.S.F. Term Play 25 ll' " lj Barbara Gaston l.W.E. James Gordon Pholo Club President Chess Club Silver "-D" Bill Haggard Football Track Jerry Harper l.W.E. Woodshop Foofball Baseball 26 Jack Gerhard Track Senior Variely AssislanT Sporls Edilor Annual Delyle Green A Cappella Choir Mr. Diablo Business Club Girls' Glee Maralynn Margaref Hagood C. S. F. Rally Commiflee Sporlsmanship Raling Commillee Esrher Harrell F,B,L.A. Commercial Club Billy Gibbs lnler. Band Bob Greenway Larry Randall Halfer Term Play Senior Cabinel' Member Acalanes Exchange Student Vicki Harvey Term Play C.S.F. ' Senior Variety Show Judy Ann Gloekler Modern Dance C.S.G. Junior Slalesrnen Ronald M. Gruessing lnduslrlal Arls Swim Team Barbara Jean Halvorsen C.S.F. Senior Service Sales and Finance Commullee Lorraine Haviland Orchestra Diablo Business Club Brunch Service Jack Goodrum Eugene Guerisoli Baslcelball Track Gerald W. Hamer Varsiry Foolball Senior Service Block "D" Clifford Lee Hayden Foofball Block "D" Harold Hayworth Football Track Block "D" Sidney Holub Ensemble Choir Crafts Marge Hughes I.W.E. Gilbert Jara Gymnastics Block "D" Club "Teen" x 0 Nancy L. Hedgecock Senior Service Diablo News Staff Honor Society Kent Hopkins Junior Service Bette Hutchinson Mt. Diablo Business Club Girls Glee LeRoy C. Jlmno Auto Shop Football Welding Shop fills, Margaret Higgins C.S.F. Gold "D" Society Senior Service Theresa Hrdlichka Sales and Finance Committee Mt. Diablo Busine Joseph Inch Journalism Statt Yearbook Staff Advanced Band Gilbert Johnson ss Club Senior Class President Varsitonians Track Judith Ann Holbrook Maiorette Dance Committee Junior Service Walt E. Huffcrd C.S.F. Dramatics Psychology Ralph Brooke Jacobsen Track Block "D" Science Club Ralph Johnson Senior Service Dance Committee' Announcer Tom Holmes Silver Cross-country Track John Hughes Pat M. Jameson High School President ol SACEBO American Department school, Japan. Roy Johnson Football Basketball Block "D" President 27 Qfila Sandra Johnson G.A.A, Bill Keeble Science Club Freshman Service Howard Kennerson Block "D" Swirnniinq 'learn Auto Shop Sandra Sue Kilcoin GAA. Rally Corninille-ri Busineas Club 28 'VS 'K as 4 ' ' g aiife f'f11.j? iii 1 I H..,3gL.1,, . 3 . V N .-.,. 5 sy - ..,,,, x Q' ,A,V . ,,.., .I .. -s u i f :Q f,. .T 13 : in je, an-1 pdf' HU' .aim ,prey -'Om William E. Johnston Judi Jones Editor, Diablo News Junior Statesman Varsity Swirnrninq C.S.F. Senior Service ACappella Choir James Keller Max Kelly Advanced Drama Clark Kent Bob Kent Mary Rose Kinney Wayne Ernest Kint Art lll ChiefJuslice l.W.E. Student Council Dsanin l llonor Society Mary Jaccueline Jones Modern -Dance A Cappella Choir Ensemble Pat Kemper Variety Sliow Cori Term Play Ronald Kight Art lll Crafts Belly Kissinger Senior Variety Sli. Business Club Junior Service irn'lt-ee UW Warren C. Joseph Tennis Senior Service Honor Society Tim W. Kennerley Woorlshop IV Marcelene Kiihne Term Play Senior Ball Comrn Education Club Betty Jean Kraft Vice-Presirlvnt ol Club A Cappella Choir' Junior Red Cross itlc Bus Diane Elizabefh Kulander Senior Sludenl Adviser Senior Service Junior Class Sermlary Raymond Law Irene Lea G.A.A. Business Club l.W.E. Judy Marie Liggelf G.A,A. Kafherine Kurolori Educalion Club Presiclenl' C.S.F. Senior Cabinel Barbara Lawson C.S.F. G.A.A. Eclucalion Club Saundra Leming C.S.F. Senior Service G.A.A. George Lindrofh Block "D" C.S.F. Senior Adviser Wi' Marilee Lamberf Marching Band Rally Commillee Senior Sales Forresf R. Lea Auro Shop Meral Shop James Leonard Wayne Cameron Lillleion Block "D" Sludenl' Council Boys' Represenlalive Lawrence R, Larsen C.S.F. Marching Band Senior Adviser Jim Lea Honor Sociely Science Club Tennis Richard LeVa Jane? Loe Assislanf Editor Yearbook Modern Dance Darlene Ellen Laughlin G.A.A, Serrefary-Treasurer Commercial Club Sccrclary Marchinq Band Manuel Leal Jr. Sharon Eileen Levada Honor Sociely Senior Piclure Edilor Senior Adviser' Donna Lombardo Mr. -Diablo Business Club Senior Sales l.W.E. 29 Ronald Loveridge Sales and Finance Commissioner C.S.F. Block "D" Carol Lee Madlena G.A.A. Commercial Club Richard Maricich Wood X B-Baskelball John Maihews Swimming Block "D" Honor Socieiy 30 Virginia Ann Loza Louis Joseph Mancini Junior Slaiesmen Chess Team Senior Service George Mariell Don "Tiny" Mallson Foolball Track Block "D" Mike Lucero Marcia Mani Senior Siudenl Adviser Sales and Finance Commission A Cappella Choir David Marlin Swimming Block "D" Baskelball Delberl' Mal! Machine Shob Arlene May Ludriclrs Modern Dance Honor Sociely Business Club Monle Manwill Football Senior Service O.W.E. Clarence Massey Sue Mauser House of Represenlaiives -Dance Commiiiee Honor Society R l .1 54 S Judilh Arlene Ludwig Dance Committee Rally Corrimiliee-2 ye G.A.A.-3 years Raymond J. Manzon Honor Society Senior Cap and Gown Commillee . House of Represenlalv Charlolfe Kay Masine Marching Band Spanish Club Senior Banouei Comm Nona Lee Mays Business Club .rm in in 5 Bab Mazza l,W.E, O.W.E. Senior Service Gail Palricia Mclnlyre Eclilor of Diablo News Sludenl Council Senior Picnic cofchairrnan Sandra Melion Edilor Diablo '56 C.S.F. Senior Service Barbara Millar Rally Cornrnillee C.S.F. Gold "D" Jim McAIpin Auio Snop Wood Shop Judee McKean Sword and Bauble Modern Dance Honor Sociely Anna Marie Mendel Siudenl Body Secr eiary Ml'. Diablo Business Club Secrefa ry Senior Ball Chairman Bob Miller 4"'-. Mary Jane McCIean G.A.A. Junior Red Cross Senior Ball Comrniflee Jim McLaughlin Sophomore Service I,W,E. Junior Service Ramon Mendivil Cherie Miranda Transfer from San Francisco Business Club Waller McGie Woodshop Boys l-lornemakinq Machine Shop Judy McQuillan I ,f Senior Sludcnf Adviser C.S.F. Sales and Finance Cornmillee Gerald Milburn Dave Monfgomery Grounds Commissioner Sleering Comrnillee Senior Picnic C.S.F. Sealbearer Joan McGregor Senior Variety Sleerinq Cornrnillec Drama Beginning Modern Eugene Melchior Susan Milhollen Glee Club Hornemaking Motorcycle Club Olive Monlori Senior Adviser Term Play Senior Service Dance 3l Bill Moore Tennis Science Ficlion Club Chess Club Ronnie Murphree Suzy Neill Modern Dance I A Cappella Choir Drama Charlene Noe Business Club 32 Cliff Mores Foorball Baskerball Block "-D" Don Myers Darlene Christina Nelson Commercial Club Chorus Kafhryne Noerenberg Business Club Honor Sociely Don Morgan Eddie Myers Germaine Neuheisel A Cappella Choir Junior Sraresman Senior Announcemenl' Commillee Richard Noerenberg Baslcefball Block "AD" Track 433'-,T - 3 Mary Mcrlon Senior Service Sword and Bauble Term Play Mika Navone Diving Block "D" Senior Service Rod Newhall. Senior Varieiy Snow House of Represenlalives Senior Adviser Jerry Nourse Block "D" House of Reprcsenlalives Golf Nancy Ann Muegel Business Club Transfer from Pillsburi Junior Prom Cornmillf Ronald G. Neal Press Pholouraplwer Senior Adviser I Assislanl Sporls EdliO Diablo '56 Truman Nicholas Philip Eugene Ogden "B" Basketball Term Play Junior Service QW! .fn :IN 5 Wind CW is Susan O'Keefe Girls' Glen Journalism Amalmir Hour Don W, Parke Track Advanced Banvl Junior Service' Joan Anne Pearson G.A.A. Business Club Modern Dance Judifh Ann Peferson Modern Dance C,S,F. Drama Apolinar Omania Jr. Band Track Bill Parker Foorball Swimminq Block "D" Deanna Marie Penn Senior Sales Chairman Modern Dance Rally Comrnlllee Ken Peferson Foolball Tumbling Block "D" Lorelfa Molina Omania Yell Laader Senlor Service Sfinior Advisor Dale Pafferson Woodslvop lll Silver "D" Science Club Mary Lee Pesonen G.A.A. Wafer Baller Rally Commillee Lynn Phipps Modern Dance Diablo News Commercial Club Margarel O'Neil Businffss Club Sue Onsiolr Rally Commillor- Snnior Announrvnmnli, Girls' GIPP: Srrnior Varinfy Show GAA, David E. Pearce Derek Pearce C.S.F. Term Play Senior Scrvlce lvlarclninq Band Mary Pefer Senior Adviser Educalion Club Honor Sociely Janel' Pills GAA. Ye-arboolc l Swimming Team Junior Slalesman Bob Pefers Varsily Baseball Silver "D" Science Club Vice' President Rego Piva Sr-nlor Class Vice Presidenl Foofball Track 33 xx , Dolores Poe Frances Radcliffe GAA. Lou Ann Rendleman C.S.F. Modern Dance Business Club Warrene Ridley C.S.F. Junior Sialcsn-len Educaiion Club 34 Louise Poriis Hi-Power Club GAA. Business Club Gladys Ramsey Transier from Las Lomas Bob Reysnga Ouiside Work Experience Alan Robbins Science Club Cralis Shop Ken Possanza Drama l.W.E. O.W.E. Casey Randall Varsironians Senior Adviser Swimming Beverly Ann Reynolds Sales and Finance Cornmiliee G.A.A. Lynn Roberls House of Represenlafives Don Powell Drama Term Play Advanced Band Terry Rapp Gold "D" Swimming Team Block "D" Janada Riddle Business Club Yearbook Ralph E. Rodeen Walfon Lynn Price Cross Counlry Track Rosemond Reese Business Club Gold "D" C.S.F. Pal Rideouf Junior Service G.A.A. Joan Rodman Ron Rohrer C.S.F. Senior Adviser Swimming John Ruisi Tennis Silver "D" Block "AD" John Sanchez House of Represenlalives Ronald Scarborough Diablo News Silver "D" Barbara Rosales G.A.A. Business Club Modern Dance Jim Salas Frances Elizabefh Sands Senior Variely Show Chairman Sword and Bauble Diablo News Alberl' Schoux Tumbling James Ray Rosowski Science Club Presidenf Rally Band C.S.F. Gaye Sale? Modern Dance F.B.L.A. l-losless Club John Sanfiago A Cappella Choir Ann Schulz A Cappella Choir Junior Slalesmen G.A.A. Roberr Ruden Track Yearbook Silver "D" Charloffe Leigh Salsbury Transfer Sludenl Judith Sauer Elizabefh June Scot? Girls' Glee F.B.L.A. Ed Ruff Senior Adviser C.S.F. Block "D" Joan Lorraine Sf, Pierre Senior Service Courl Clerk Honor Sociely Deana Savage Ensemble Junior Slalesrr C.S.F. Rulh Scruggs Girls' Glee G.A.A. Business Club ZCU 35 ,, Q5 wx' Sr":":- A , gg Y x Q L Q we H I: ,sf N , -.,.. .q.. . -A ff m gm, . M 5, EA wg -f-QW A K A M . Ls wp M :5-:15:,-:,f:3,5w..s,- ,,.. I " 11 .Uk i Q35 N fix , , :.. J. :M -. W' Q QA' an gl l , ,, -f::p-9.15: .1 .--A-. Q? Wea- - dame X wav' M f X Q ,,,,,,? "j '-'eff' ,ax P , X "wwf 4-me :Q 1 Y ry as Sf 4 rg, I 7. f IJ NWN er lilliam Deane Sobofka Siudenr Council II Senior Reprosenlniive Junior Slate- nivn velyn Slevenson GAA, Business Club Hi-Power Club arolyn Taylor C,S,F. Senior Service Ensemble velyn Thompson Junior Red Cross Chrisfrrms Sales l.W,E. Dave Sousa Diving Gymnaslics Block "D" Joan Sullivan Commercial Club Bob Templeion House of Represenialives Senior Variety Show Diablo News Lorerfa Thompson A Cappella Choir CSF. Senior Adviser Booker T. Spears Mary Angel Tarango l.W.E. ihree years A Cappella Choir GAA. Jeanne Thaicher C,S.F. Silver "D" Glen Todd Machine Shop III Wood Shop III Don Slephens Judy M. Tale Sales and Finanr Commillee Educalion Clul' C.S.F. Jim Thibodeaux Staqe Crew Sword and B.iu bln Dianne Tolles Clubs Coniriiissioner Senior Service C.S.F. Georgie Sieve ns Sen ior Class Socrufmy Business Club Senior Varieiy Show Barbara Taylor Commercial Club Girls' Glen Chorus Louis Thomas John Toneffi Truck Cross counlry Melal Shop 37 . A Mm 5 my 1:- .. fw hwlki A , t 1 f A ,,-ua? " '-55 ' fyfwik, -ii W, gf 4 , ,,., 1 , , f , Nw R' N.. .ou Ann Wayment Commercial Club Junior Red Cross G.A.A. larbara Jean Westbrook Term Play Sales and Finance C.S.F. Marvin D. Williams Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Block "D" ludy Yarbrough Commercial Club A Cappella Choir Paul Webster Dance Band Cliess Club Band Anne Elizabeth Wetzel C.S.F. Modern Dance Education Club Melvin Williams Football Basketball Baseball Tom York Senior Student Adviser Silver "D" Laura Weisinger Mt. Diablo Business Club Craft Myrtle Whitaker Mt. Diablo Business Club Secretary Sales and Finance Committee Honor Society Barbara Wilson C.S.F. Mt, Diablo Business Club Gold "D" Glenna West Mt. Diablo Business Club Michael White lTranstereel Varsity Football Block "L" lLivermorel Assistant Editor "The Rounderup" lLivermorel Don Winter Ski Club Track Co-Sports Editor, Annual Gordon Dale West Silver "DH Senior Sales Committee Senior Council Carma Williams Mt. Diablo Business Club Sharon Woodyard G-.A.A. Mt. Diablo Business Club 39 SENIOR SENIOR CABINET FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righlz Kay Kuro- Iori, .leanelre Dalfon, Pal Kemper, Mary Walden, Judi Holbrook, Vicki Harvey SECOND ROW: Ralph Johnson, Wayne Kinf, Casey Ran'dall, Pa? Barry, Harolc' Hayworlh, Gordon Dodson, Larry Halter SENIOR SERVICE FIRST ROW, leff fo right: Bonnie Se- crisf, Virginia Conley, Marqarel Hig- gins, Carolyn Taylor, Dianne Tolles, Anna Mendel, Georgie Slevens, Bulahn Cheek, Lorrie Omania, Barbara Hal- vorsen. SECOND ROW: Nancy Hedge- cock, Kalhleen Shimmin, Diane Ku- lander, Saundra Leming, Joan Sl. Pierre, Peggy Smilh, Olive Monlori, Marcia Kiihne, 'Mary Morfon, Dick Wal- erman, Louis Mancini. THIRD ROW: Sandra Mellon, Sally Fawcell. Dorothy SieverI', Jerry Hamer, Bill Sobolka, Bill Johnslon, Warren Joseph, David Pearce, Don Wallers. SENIOR LOITERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righl: Diane Ku- lander, Kalhy Shimmin, Carolyn Taylor, Dianne Tolles, Dorolhy Sieverl, Lorrie Omania, Jane! Loe, Mary Walden, Judy Peferson, Suzy Neill, Joan SI. Pierre, Virginia Claussen, Nancy Hedgecock. SECOND ROW: Dick Walerman, Dave Pearce, Jerry Walsh, Bill Johnsfon, Mike Navone, Warren Joseph, Bill Sobolka, Louis Mancini, Loren De Laurenli, Ralph Johnson, Jerry Hamer. ACTIVITIES C.S.F. SEALBEARERS FIRST ROW, Ieff to righl: Carol Dieh, Barbara Halvorsen, Marilyn Hagood, Mary Waiden, Gwynn Barron, Lorefla Thompson, Carolyn Taylor, Saundra Leming, Kay Kurolcri. SECOND ROW: Judy McOuiIlan, Tamra Cummings, Ed Ruff, Ron Loveridge, Ron Rohrer, Johr- Bomben, Dave Monfgomery, Deana Savage, Kalhy Shimmin. SENIOR COUNCIL FIRST ROW, Ieff lo righl: Kalhy Shim- min, Cap lr Gown, Kay Kurolori, Senior Career Dey, Anna Mendez, Senior Ball- end Mareefa Sheward, Senior Banquef. SECOND ROW: Tom Barclay, a senior cabinei member: Tamra Cummings, Senior Announcements: Deanna Penn, Senior Sales: Frances Sands, Senior Variely Show: Gail Mclnlyre and Gor- don Wssf, Senior Picnic Co-chairmen, SENIOR BUS COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righl: Margarel Higgins, Peggy Smifh, Marv Morfon, Frances Sands, Olive Monlori, Sally Fawcefr. SECOND ROW: Virginia Con- ley, Anna Mendez, Marcia Kiihne, Sande Mellon, Barbara Halvorsen, Bufahn Cheek, Bonnie Secrisf. SEN IOP CAMERA SHY SENIORS-FIRST ROW, left to righf: Dianie McMullen, Nancy fNorlhcuHl Baldwin, Glory Van Kirk, Jean Johnson. SECOND ROW: Louie Thompson, Joseph Leone Jr., Bill Quigley. NOT PICTURED: Wayne Essley. Mr. Allan GeIlermann's sixih period Civics class discusses plans for Career Day, held March 9. The i956 winners of The Annual Bank of America awards were announced in Feb- ruary. FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl, are Marilyn Hagcod, Foreign Language: Kay Kurotori, Social Scienceg Sandra Leming, Vocalional Arlsg Douglas Silker, Arfg Ed Ruff, Englishp Mike Navone, Trades and Industrial Arrsg Ron Rohrer, Marhg and John Bomben, Labcralory Science, W ' V. I Q, , Q A? S Q S Q if g 332 5 s Ek QQ' x z 'us pg-fu gy, f.,.. ' f' - . 1 i. M-Su,-. in E Q3 1 - s E R .QQ f l g ifi M3 'lf ,II -Q E' AE' E M Q if 5 "MY Q F 1 X, ,iumy 5 1, ' ' im iqg if M A H Y EIX :Ju f ' -2175 65 . 3 J' fmQLsf'f fy I ' 24 F' Y at r am qmxa .yglmji x, .,,., ,vm ' ' . ww' .W ikis E fs - , ,ws gf X ,211 , ,,, RA U , ,A Wa H55 5 M if-F N ax 1 :F x Q ' X -- H 1. :QW Q i 1' Kijg .. 1. " wg A wi .A '31 f W 1 , fs high' SQ 5. ., gf T ' 2 tl ? U b at v' fi "" af" I 'S - ,1 ig 1 V. b ' X .4 ' " "f ,fs , ig W., 8 ,N my :Si V. A. ...Nm TIL, 1 ' v J vxgyf ANL V . ,. Q, fy . :ftgx . ,LM V 69W , .--,,,,,,.,..,4Y,, W V K ,K V Q, .,E,.,e,,Q:':g . . ,Q .ff N 'rl if - iw iff ' 5 if . :.,... - " Q .pk k 1,9351 -X qw- SE' :lf K ,Q X X gf '-.:' :'- : ff' If 1' ' I Q: 5 ,, D 2 1 X 3 t ii 3 3 A cn , it 2 f 1 I A,h. 5 gr 5 1 QQ ew . Q AA W ,:'-.: ,p ,. If ,A 1' K Q Y : f X g we fw W gn i ,Q Q f 4 X ,Q P ,Iwi VA, Wge? . , ' Y W if 3, , V g . f 2 gif? i?Q2z iiiig'iggj 1 His fg k , h -f Q, ,mg '1 Jw x 1E,lf" 'f' A .17 ,- N 'C L. 'a new . A T- iftff? 5 W Y ' " "", QQ -f gih ff ek Xin f -fr I Q " L., "wi ' Y A Pg H f , .s M ! V. , ' ,, , v:,":1'-.-:i:" 5 , 5 6 CC-S N M9 X 5 fx s NANCY ITANEN JO DEE SOBOTKA JEFF MOORE MERLE MARSHALL Junior Representative Secretary Vice-President Pres den? JUNIOR CLASS Leading the junior extravaganza are Merle Marshall, president, Ieff Moore, vice-president: lo Dee Sobotka, secretary, and Nancy Itanen, representative. Three prompters in the Student Body Government are Steve Bordi, vice-president, Gary Espanosa, head yell leader, and Cathy Kelley, social affairs. Seniors will be seniors but it takes the juniors to "drag" the spirit out of the student body. All of our yell leaders and Devilettes are from the junior class. When the Iunior Assembly was spotlighted as it traveled through town, it featured Merle Marshall, Verle Sidwell, Rod Atnip, Gary Espanosa, Dave Tom- mela, Iohn Peterson and Roger Smith in the first boys' modern dance routine to be seen in this territory. The newest thing in special attraction was "A Peek at Spring," the Iunior Fashion Show in which the boys and girls modeled the new spring fashions for every occasion. "Blue Rendezvous" was the theme tor the Iunior Prom held in April. The crowning of the campus sweetheart took place at the fun-loving Iunior Carnival held on Iune l. The dutiful group of ushers at this daily matinee, commonly called Iunior Service Members, did a commendable job of keeping the crowds going in and out of the right doors. The directors ot this production are Mrs. Rosemary Mulvany, Mrs. Hildred Garrison and Mr. Loyd Moore. ADVISERS MR. LOYD MOORE MRS. HILDRED GARRISON chairman MRS. ROSEMARY MULVANY 1 V i 5, 1 BX X ,I fi F.IRST ROW, Iefl 'lo righl: Nan- cie Brolsch, Adele Bouchard, Carol Bucher, Ann Bahls, Marcy Brechlel, Anila Conley, Belly Colvard, Sue Bordeaux, Nancy Carroll, Shirlene Cope- land, Penny Band, Sheila Brad- ley, Isabel Calambay, Alice Brooke. SECOND ROW: Doug Anderson, Ron Calaldo, Jim Barfneck, Keilh Chambliss, Don Coleman, Sieve Ackerman, Dave Copper, Dave Armslrong, Bob Bradford, Richard Cadenasso, Rich Chilcoal, Mike Cordua, Don Bo, Jack Crumley. THIRD ROW: Terry Bowman, Marlin Allan, Sieve Carvaial, John Chernoh, Owen Cardinal, Sleve Bordi, David Claire, Mike Car- penler, Richard Cuneo, Bob Chrisman, 'Don Clma, Slave Burks, Roberl Beasley, Ron Crenna. FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: Con- nie Cavanah, Peggy Baker, Linda Acres, Carol Clark, Claudia Carzino, Joyce Cox, Carolyn Adams, Carol Acree, Darlene Carano, Kay Calkins, Rachel Cullison, Carol Carzino, Carole Carbaugh, Rulhi Crain. SECOND ROW: Carol Cooper, Susan Campbell, Alice Clark, Belva Bosen, Sharon Breedlove, Mary Burton, Elaine Campuzano, Joanne Bufler, Sharon Abboll, Edilh Carlslon, Diane Clark, V.rginia Cordero, Trudy Blylhe, Jinx Adams. THIRD ROW: Har- old Barlke, Gary Alherlon, Bob Cielinski, Alford Belden, Jerry Dubbs, Elwyn Archibald, Philip Carlson, Willard Henderson, Waller Fletcher, John Cline, Johnny Boyd, Jim Dirks, Bill Bradley, Max Hankins. FIRST ROW, Iefl 'lo righl: Alice Gay, Gail Duckhorn, Anelle Evans, Wanda Dickie, Gerry Hall, Sheila Gross, Edilh Horn- ing, Margarel Dallon, Nancy Halhcock, Janel Davis, Pal Hansen, Sheila Hughes, Darlene Fullon, Barbara Grice. SEC- OND ROW: Ronald Heller, Bob Hedges, Tom Greeley, T. J. Elam, Bob DeHad, Turk Gainer, George Darrow, Dick Ellsworlh, Chel French, John Halley, Jim Frasier, Pele Hills, Jerry Hunl, Joe Davis. THIRD ROW: George Baldocchi, Hal Frisby, Carl El- lis, Dan Driskell, Bill Filbeck, Sam Fear, Charlie Bales, Gilberl Gulry, George llanen, Ken EI- lingson, Eugene Earls, Tom DiMaggio, Roger Freeman, James Hayes. FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Di- anna Daiqan, Joy Dean Gainer, Beverly Fairfield, Sylvia Gar- rigan, Dorolhy Grammonl, Mol- lie Lee Hawkins, Nancy lmhof, Judy Giles, Doris Gonderman, Leah Gonderman, Pal Erwin, Allison Ferrier, Wanda Funder- berg, Connie Temples. SECOND ROW: Terry Devine, Ronald Hillsman, Bob Bone, Jayleen Dickerson, Billie Garrell, June Garlic'k, Nancy Ifanen, Carol Holman, Darlene Enochs, Alice Flori, Wayne Duarle, Chuck Hansen, Dennis Haller, Gary Espinosa. THIRD ROW: Derral Irving, Larry Hollinger, Tom Enqelhardr, Larry Delucchi, Tom Duncan, Wes House, Abe Gar- cia, Jim Gonsalves, Manuel Gouveia, Lesfer Davis, Ken Gonderman, Richard Hellmers, Roy Guy, aiu Hubbard. FIRST ROW, Iefi lo riqhl: Calhy Jones, Raenell Irish, Gayle Meese, Gayle Kran, Barbara Pulnam, Gail Galbraifh, Carol Groene, Dianne Evans, Jane Lamson, Sharon Pimenlel, Lin- dred Jones, Arlene Moore, Jo- Ann Muegel, Charlene Kroul. SECOND ROW: Abe Garcia, Jim Gonsalves, Len Lanfranco, Dick Kilowslri, Dennis Johnslon, Jim Kapsalis, David Kirlrham, Ray Near, Larry Ferris, Glynn Kiger, Wayne Price, Pele Hills, Jerry Narberes, Bruce McChes- ney. THIRD ROW: Ted Plumb, Ron Nelson, Arr Pargamenl, Denny Mason, Warren Moore, Darryl Newhouse, Wayne Kelly, Jerry Porler, Bruce McCorkIe, Rod iMoore, Manuel Gouveia, Jeff Moore, George Manlove, Norman Mickey. FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Nola Phelps, LaJean McElroy, Janice Jones, Mary Larson, Rosalie Johnson, Joyce Mabry, Dorolhy Lewis, Eddie Mabry, Claire Pease, Alvalea Misenhimer, Kalhy O'Connor, Virginia Law- son, Frances McNally, Sandra McLean. SECOND ROW: Bob Harris, Eddie Parscal, Bill Har- vey, Bill Jones, Charles Laws, Ron Nash. Terrv Nerf, Chuck Johnslon, Milre McKinney, Curl Thrasher, Clyde Thompson, Dick Kilowski. THIRD ROW: Den- nis Murphy, Jerry Lively, Jerry Clarke, Richard Petrie, Roy Monlero, John Nunes, Garry Kerr, Joe Plaff, Gordon May- lone, Norman Nunes, Harold Trepagnier, Dean Laflin, Len Lafranco, Dale Orleqa. I FIRST ROW, Iefl fo righl: Judy Nelson, Karen Simpson, Linda Young, Pauline Reeves, Belly Ray, Mary Zarker, Janelle Spen- cer, Judy Lamoni, Calhy Kelley, Margarel Sheeis, Kaihy Walson, Berla Keeble, Janice Whisler, Ann Ready. SECOND ROW: Charlolle Quigley, June Mor- gan, Earlene Van Devenler, Linda Wilkie, Connie Richard- son, Pal Ross, Virginia Sheffield, Donna Van Pell, Ann Rulher- ford, Mary Beih Laurence, Judy Thafcher, Jean Raviglione, Frances Thibodeaux, Hope Siino. THIRD ROW: Jerry Thomas, Don Whiie, Paul Trosl, Ed Ziclrefoose, Sydney Schwarh, Jim Towell, Bob Small, Keilh McKenzie, Jerrv Wesl, John Turner, Mel Redfield, Don Shaf- fer, Ar? Spessard, Harold Touchslone. FIRST ROW: lefl lo righl: Bar- bara Toole, Billie Toole, De- lores Sheppard, JoDee Sobolka, Jewel Sanders, Phyllis Williams, Barbara Racine, Ida Yamamnlo, Lorna Robbins, Susan Sweeny. SECOND ROW: Sally Rose, Pal Zimmerman, Toni Torpacka, Syl- via Shell, Jeanne Trevorrow, Roberl Vinceni, Darlene Wal- lers, Barbara Grice, Ginny Cor- dero, Barbara Drew. THIRD ROW: Ellen Thompson, Dave Tommela, Danny Vasquez, Dave Rawlinson, Bob Shum, Ward Shideler, Larry Slone, Paul Reeves, Earl Ward, Pam Slre- mel. FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Saun- dra Nelson, Pal Quinling, Bellye Jordan, Susan Moore, Penny Mills, Gene Spessard, Wanda Pinlor, Barbara Derby, Joanne Fosler, Rulh Larsen, Annie Mal- los, Nancy Miichell, Jan Vani- cek, Robin Kling. SECOND ROW: Verle Sidwell, Roger Smilh, Bob Williams, Dennis Schullz, Ari Williams, Dennis Slale, Ray Rogers, Bob Taylor, Lee Vaughn, Ted Tahira, Gerry Reynolds, Carroll Rogers. THIRD ROW: David Skinner, Don Pel- rich. Grant Tod, Ed Zickefoose, Keith Tale, Loyal Miner, Merle Marshall, Dave Slafford, Alan Torres, John Wyzard, Dave Tom- mela, Clin? Mclniosh, John Pe- terson, Raymond Riccobuono. JUNIOR SERVICE FIRST ROW, lofi lo righf: Sheila Bradley, Sue Sweeny, Joyce Cox, Nancle Brolsch, Penny Mills, Darlene Enochs, Sue Bor- deaux, Isabel Calambay, Ann Rulharford, and Maudie Sfone SECOND ROW: Kafhv Wafson, Lindred Jones. Judi Lamoni, Jinx Adams, Diana Clark, Jew- ell Sanders, Dick Kifowski, Bill Hubbard, Marlin Allan, and Dennis Halfer. THIRD ROW- Pal Hansen, Jo Dee Sobollza, Cafhy Kelley, Marqarel Sheeis, Sharon Abboli, Pam Sfremel Willard Henderson, Jim Mc- Laughlin, Ken? Hopkins, Jim Barineck, Claudia Carzino, and Robin Kling. "lf you're inleresfed in drips, walch fhese," says Mr. William Toaspern, lo his aheniive Chemisfry class. The Diablo News hiis lhe cam- pus again ai disfribufion cen- fer, I8 Ad. Rosalie Johnson improves her swimming skill wirh side-sfroize pracfice. Second Semesrer News I cubs sfudy proper writing procedure, iournalism and proofreading marks, and develop sfyle in Mrs. Lum's rhird period class. The modern dance group infer- prefs ice skerinq in ihe Chris?- mas Pageant assembly. AL ALLISON GLENDA COWDEN ROBERTA BURGLUND BRAD HILL Sophomore Rapresontatlvs Secretary Vice-President President SOPHOMORE CLASS Probably the most colorful assembly presented this year was performed by the graduating class of 1958, the Sophomores, with the gay and enthusiastic theme of " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas." The assembly, shown on Novem- ber 22, featured many exceptional acts, among them, the boys in "Black Denim Trousers," Brad Hill, Buddy Barton, Al Allison, and Charley Ionesy Princess Alice Riley dancing on her toes: Iudy Reed prancing to the "Highland Fling", ten girls featured in the "Sailor Boys" chorus: vocal soloist Susie Grubbs, Linda Fisher, and Dick Linfordy several pantomimes including "Let Me Go Lover," "Shhh- Boom," and "Dragon-net," and jolly ole Santa Claus, Iohn Gideon. December 16, class officers Brad Hill, president: Roberta Berglund, vice-presi- dent: Glenda Cowden, secretary, and Al Allison, representativep aided the soph- omores in the presentation of their annual Christmas Formal, the "Snowball Fantasy." Blue glitter and delicate snowballs lighted the Girls' Gym with a gala holiday spirit. Mr. Walter Kelson, Mrs. Betty Nikkel, and Mr. George Armstrong, class advisers, assisted the Sophomores with their money-raising project, a cake sale held on Leap Year Day, February 29. Through the efforts of salesgirls Ionet Pimentel, Iudy Schrock, Tanya McLean, Alice Riley, Darlene Hennessey, Linda Curtis, and Glenda Cowden, approximately twenty dollars was added to the Sophomore treasury. Under the leadership of Al Allison, Welfare Commissioner, forty-five Sopho- more Service members kept order at our brunch stands. This group met once a month in order to solve various school problems. The Sophomore Class was represented in the Clubs Assembly by Iackie La Plante, Cynthia Dickey, and Linda Fisher, a vocal trio, who sang the ever-popular "You, You, You." In the annual Iunior Carnival, the versatile Sophomore barkers attracted the crowds to their game, and again added cash to the class treasury. ADVISERS GEORGE ARMSTRONG MRS. BETTY NIKKEL MR. WALTER KELSON Chairman 53 t I 'Fri 1 1 il Ax ' l A rg.. I A '. xg Q, -of is -,lv -v fl O. ,. L , o 4 .Af ll I J 1 r 5105, FIRST ROW, left to right: Lana Cummings, Carole DeFrates, Betty Baldwin, Diane Carlos, Noelle Canonica, Bev Dutra, Pat Anderson, Jane Brooks, Linda Curtis, Mary Ann Dorsey, Jackie Danna, Linda Brehl, Gay Davis, Patsy Dumpit. SECOND ROW: Carol Biqby, Yvonne Bisso, Elin Biork, Clara Bryan, Pat Elliott, Billie Brady, Peggy Casey, Pat Eeds, Jagne Christen, Cynthia Dickey, harlene Boose, Oval Lee Atnip, Carol Blood, Merle Byrd. THIRD ROW: Charles Cook, Don Bales, Dale Brazil, Gerald Clough, David Bicknell, Don Brothers, Henry Cureton, Ernest Carvaial, Wayne Bow- man, Chuck Davlin, Timothy Cameron, Bill Cooke, Tom Car- ano, Rod Clark. FIRST ROW, left to right: Sandi Doolin, Diane Barlow, Frances Chandler, Marianne Davison, Janice Evans, Patsy Dozier, Ger- aldine Christman, Merridy Dally, Lucy Dominguez, Ilia Benassini, Grace Day, Marilyn Dalton, Linda Crewes. SECOND ROW: Larry Day, James Barrett, Gary Cartwright, Charles Clark, Bud Barton, Dave Barber, Jim Doran, Taylor Altman, Robert Creller, Bill Churchman, Joe Cross, Kenneth Brewer, Gerry Bapt'st. THIRD ROW: Dave Biddle, Bart E. Blakesley, Gala Borem, Dave Brockbank, Kirk Bowman, Bill Bruce, James Bradley, David Dowell, Thomas Lee Dorazio, Robert Byrd, Ronald Byrd, Don Baumrucker, Don Chernoh, Bry- ant Bolen. FIRST ROW, Iett to right: Ro- berta Berglund, Dona Cotton, Pat Elkins, Glenda Cowden, June Cotten, Judy Barber, Sarah Babbitt, Marie Bankhead, Car- ole Burton, Patricia Doherty, Judy Bryan, Jarrie Crowe, Lila Beddoes. SECOND ROW: Charles Buckley, Gary Burkhart, Connie Clark, John Darner, Larry Armstrong, Paul Baker, John DuBois, Sonia Carlson, Esther Carlson. THIRD ROW: Tom Ewing, Dewey Dye, Gary Bell, Dick Evans, Terry Axley, David Doran, Joe Boyd, Don Clark, Jim Cheney, Brent Byars, Chad Duckhorn. FIRST ROW, Iefl 'lo righlz Peggy Gibson, Marilyn Hanson, Nancy Johns, Pal Fletcher, Claudia Jackson, Arline Jayne, Zelda Johnson, Nikki Lonac, Sue Grubbs, Kafhie Forbes, Donna Jarvis, Barbara Johnson, Deana Fosler, Joy Hodges. SECOND ROW: Linda Fisher, Janef Gar- rigues, Carolyn Lehmer, Judy Laller, Kiersli Lundeberg, Pal Filbeck, Delores Harcourl, Lu Lu Hufford, Gerry Gaiarian, Charloffe Kinney, Delores Lund- berg, Doris Lundberg, Jackie La Planle, Jimmie Raye Jones. THIRD ROW: Dell Jensen, Mike Hoaglin, James Halley, Danny Foskel, Louis Lieber, Jim Gavin, John Gideon, Dick Linlord, Al Allison, Don Lindrolh, Brad Hill, Frank Gooley, Dennis Gooley, Gary Lindslrom. FIRST ROW, lelr lo right: Pal Fambrini, Gladys Lewis, Carol Ann Hopkins, Marlha Jordan, Judy Hawkins, Alice Harris, Jacquelin Jewell, Rila Hesler, Nancy Hendrix, Darlene Hen- nessy, Belfy Hand, Connie Hornback, Linda Jordan, Amy Glines. SECOND ROW: John Himes, Ray King, Charles Hol- brook, Ed Lewis, Frank Johnson, Charles Jones, David Holmes, Howard Joseph, Bill Garrels, Russ Hagerslran, Bob Kirchen, Floyd Harrison, Carlos Hann, Bill Gibson. THIRD ROW: Lea Hubbard, Joe Hover, John Gol- shall, Charles Foreman, Norman Fisher, Joe Johnson, Gorden Knapp, John Jordan, Earl How- ell, Jerry Hall, Joe Lola, Ken- nefh Ferriera, Marvin Morris, Tommy King, FIRST ROW, left lo righf: Calhy Lively, Rila Kabaf, Phyllis Gon- salves, Nelda Johnson, Arlene Howell, Shirley Hair, Karen Fleshman, Marion Lawson, Carol Ferguson, Linda Ferriera, Kaye Neal, Bonnie Mills, Phyllis Rene iff, Kalhie Nicklaus. SECOND ROW: Slave Puccio, Harell Rob- bins, Peler Padelford, Braden Morel, Ron Hager, Willie Gal- loway, Jim Johnson, Clyde Knolls, Roger McKay, James Galli, Richard Molinar, Jay Nicholson, John Flinl, Henry Pellell. THIRD ROW: Ken Hall, Bill Farmer, Dale Fosler, Arl Kapsalis, Dale Orle a, Larry Juslice, Clifford lgolander, Vance Harlzell, Vern Kraff, Arf Himsel, John Irvin, Bill Hrvacek, Joe Brooks, Larry Williams. JW in FIRST ROW, lefl lo righf: Alyce Noerenberg, Juanifa Page, Donna Payne, Nancy Pierson, Deanne Robison, Carol Pelrie, Harrie? Rideouf, Carolyn Rano, Sharon Kilcoin, Belsy Ohran, Judy Neville, Louise Percell, Phyllis Robertson, Marie Melen- dres. SECOND ROW:Joy Mach- ado, Karen Murdoch, Paf Med- lin, Paula Mills, Tanya McLean, Penny Perry, Darla Roberls, Vicki Prall, Joy Pendrak, Mau- reen Morgan, Linda Parnham, Carol Maslerson, Rose Orlega, Diane Malris. THIRD ROW: Ralph Planlz, Waller Ross, Guy McCoy, Chuck Persyn, Ron Meyer, Joseph McAllisler, Paul Malheson, Bill Ross, Alan Ries, Ken Mompellier. FIRST ROW, lefl lo right: Syl- via Powers, Diane Quinn, Gloria Ray, Karen Mello, Yvonne Pel- lell, Barbara Robbins, Lynne Norlon, Janice Reynolds, Bon- nie Nichols, Karen McAvoy, Sandra Polk, Priscilla Niemi, Louelle Pallon, Dianne Milburn. SECOND ROW: Dennis Mach- ado, Paul McElhaney, Mark Manlove, Sonny Pralf, James Ramsey, Richard Rice, Frank Pinimenli, ScoH Olson, Doug Madden, Franklyn Peferson, Roger Russ, Roger Moore, Mike Moore, Mike Price. THIRD ROW: Ken Robbins, Bill McNamara, Ken Milchell, Ned Preszler, Ev- erell Prewelrf, Bill Mohr, Daryl Phillips, Gary McElroy, Mike Moore, Slanley Moore, Mel Pape, Don Osllund, Gary Mif- len, Ken Nolen. FIRST ROW, lefl to righl: Shar- on McClennan, Sonia Main, Hafsy Nakagaki, Joyce Moore, Erne Orin, Judy Palmer, Anne Malheson, Alma Ouinlin, Char- mella Mann, Alice Mary Riley, Judi Reed, Jane? Pimenfal, Pal Pufnam, Janet Parker. SECOND ROW: Diane Ramey, Louise Suff- ridge, Bcnifa Wilson, Margie Tarver, Darnell Williams, Pa- tricia Sadowski, Sue Tyler, Phyl- lis Thornton, Janice Wallace, Sherry Smilh, Sharon Scoll, Judy Wood, Carol Ann Snyder, Mae Belle Snyder. THIRD ROW: Tom McKean, Jay Markham, Eugene Ortega, Arcadio Sanfiaga, George Armslrong, Ron Tibul- ski, Wally Shoulfs, George Scribner, Elvin Slubblefield, Dale Welch, Bob Pallerson, Neal Salre, Marlan Shanks, Har- ley Smilh. FIRST ROW, Iefl h. xighlz Gail Wheeler, Shirley Thornbrugh, Judy Vannafla, Mary Ann Schal- ler, Sandra Segler, Visra Tim- merman, Kim Tahira, Sandra Thomas, Faye Vargus, Kay Snow, Linda Silva, Belly Walker, Rea- rha Thompson, Pal Smirh. SEC- OND ROW: Wanda Sanders, Jeannie Wooldridge, Mary Belh Slale, Charlolls Schwarlz, Pal Snedden, Janice Touchslone, Kalhy Warren, Judy Schrock, Deanna Sheldon, Penny Sweeny, Connie Sfevens, Helen Sipes, Judy Taylor, Connie Willbur. THIRD ROW: John Slremel, Marc Sfephen, Anfony Thomas, Bob Sluarr, Marvin Selberq, Vic Sfephens, Howard South- wich, Bob Shaver, Ken Smifh, Mark Tweefen, Tom Vaille, Jim Websler, Jim Scofl, Mark Wil- son. FIRST ROW, left lo righf: Ellen Volland, Rowena Young, Jean Vickery, Richard Slrudwick, Cliff Wilson, Jim Zuur, Bob Tarlen, Bob Wood, Bob Weis. SECOND ROW: Michael Slelle, Don Wilson, Paul Van Brocklin, Larry Slale, Bobby Skaggs, Dale Wikle, Bryan? Winn, Gary Ver- nier, John Wesl, Bill Shaffer, Edward Zelinski. Karen Murdock, sophomore barker for fhe chocolale-bar, draws a brunch crowd in lhe Adminislralion funnel. SOPHOMORE SERVICE MEMBERS FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: Judy Schrock, Karen Murdock, Ro- berfa Berglund, Pal Flefcher, Darla Roberfs, Jimmie Rae Jones, Yvonne Bisso, Penny Por- ry, Pal Elkins, Glenda Cowden, Kimi Tahira. SECOND ROW: Darlene Hennessey, Belly Hand, Bev Dulra, Judy Neville, Don Baumrucker, Ron Byrd, John Godchaux, Frank Johnson. THIRD ROW: Elin Biork, Pen- ny Sweeney, Lynn Norlon, Di- anna Milburn, Connie Horn- back, Lucy Dominguez, Jay McCoy, Brad Hill, Dale Brazil, Roberl Byrd. The Spanish "CanlarisIs" ol senorifa GaIindo's Spanish II class chant weekly in 5 C. When if comes fo planes, angles an'd figures, Paula Mills can gel Mr. Archie McEwing's alienlion anylime in a geomefry clais. fjrrabaw JOHN BOLOGNI SUSAN JACKSON LOIS NAKAGAKI Frosh Representative Secretary Vice-President FRE SHMAN CLASS The youngsters of our school, the Freshmen, got off to a start here this tall by voting as their Frosh typicals, Sandy Scarborough and Iohn Bologni. The class which will graduate in l95Q, supposedly, had a successful cleanup day in October, and were paid in donuts for the laborious iob. On the social roster, in November members elected Iudy Sands and Mickey Trette to preside over their "kingdom." In this Freshman Fantasy, "Beneath the Sea," they had their traditional dance. An octopus attracted much attention. One ot the highlights of the annual Frosh assembly was Larry Young and his electric guitar, accompanied by lim Wimmer. Larry did a "torchy" job as a singer. He was asked also to entertain for the Iunior Fashion Show which was held in spring. The "Frozen Knee-caps," seventeen Bermuda-clad girls, danced to "Flattop" and boosted the applause meter. ADVISERS MR. NORMAN KESNER MISS FRIEDA HAAS MR. FURY DALLA Chairman JOHN BARCLAY President 59 FIRST ROW, left to right: Donna Bartneck, Beverly Barnett, Dixie Allison, Joy Archibald, Maureen Cardinet, Barbara Brown, Mari- lyn Becker, Carolyn Baker, Linda Bernard, Barbara Clough, Ann Curefon, Judy Atwood, Betty Contreras, Isabel Lamofhe. SEC- OND ROW: Dorothy Allison, Carol Curtis, Mary Morrow, Diane Macchi, Jeanne Brunelle, Dawn Breeze, Joanne Breedlove, Beverly Caskey, Patricia Carle- son, Karen Berg, Susan Brats- berg, Marsha Cabalan, Joanne Brown, Sharon Bailey. THIRD ROW: Ralph Clark, Jim Cal- dera, Mike Baird, Kenneth Car- ter, Ronald Cook, David Ander- son, Dale Adams, Clinton Cole- man, Bob Arenston, Ronald Churchman, Ronnie Caldwell, Robert Anderson, Steve Casey, Paul Chaplik. FIRST ROW, left to right: Anna Adams, Judy Clarke, Alnita Chandler, Sandra Anderson, Shirley Cordua, Maria Carvaial, Judi Blackwell, Sharon Bish, Carolyn Bengsten, Pat Crose, Rosie Campos, Ann Angell, Lin- da Coffee. SECOND ROW: Rae- Iene Chase, Linda Anderson, Karen Burgess, Sheri Cimino, Janelle Crabbe, Darlene Coombs, Mary Andriessen, Lyn Ballock, Laurie Augustine, Bes- sie Cline, Janet Bolcerek, Ann Bergum, Yolanthe Berger, Joan Aubuchon. THIRD ROW: Joe Blood, Tom Antink, Carl Caval- lo, Oscar Breese, Jimmy Burr, Larry Allen, Steve Brassy, Ricky Brotsch, Richard Alvara, Gary Arentz, Lance Cheek, Lester At- wood, John Butler, Ronnie Cooke. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jan- ice Burkhart, Barbara Bohu, Bar- bara Cox, Karen Clute, Brenda Hightower, JoAnn Fernandes, Rose Frazier, Noel Humphries, Sharleen Davis, Marlene Gil- ford, Geneva Good, Carole De- Lay, Arlene Griffore, Deloris Dye. SECOND ROW: James Concannon, Lee Baer, Jerry Brown, Bill Bennett, Bob Brady, Patrick Allison, Kern Bates, Dick Anderson, David Christiana, John Barclay, Gordon Hollinger, Roger Emanuels, Richard Hedges. THIRD ROW: Jake Casey, Chester Belknap, Loren Allen, John Clugston, Jim Cree, John Bologni, Phil Allen, Ernest Clement, Elwood Aston, Dan Barney, Paul Caulk, Leo Cosce, Richard Coble, Ken Hightower, Lanny Ball. FIRST ROW, leff fo righl: Janel Ferwerda, Marilyn Tullman, Alene Hall, Ruby Dankalalle, Belly DeLima, Linda Dally, Ros- lyn Goldslein, Sharron Hoppe, Alice Garcia, Sandy Goularl, Donna Halley, Yvonne Faraloa, Marqrel DuVal, Mary Ann Ecli- ford. SECOND ROW: Darrell Eberl, Oleg Dubney, Bob Hol- den, Mike Heinemann, Gary Harrington, Lennes Ellis, Carl Hayer, Glenn Hill, Gene Dirks, Lynn Freeman, Denny Goodrum, Bill Helgeff, Brooks Hamm, Gus Genocchio, THIRD ROW: Harry Eilzen, Lee Grichuhin, Ralph Hamillon, John House, Leroy Fore, Garry Graeber, Glenn Eb- erl', John Humphrey, Joe Her- rera, Daniel DePonf, James Healh, Webb Hadden, Thomas Darner, William Feldhake. FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Joan Dorlzbach, Connie Henderson, lnez Garcia, Sonia Halversen, Carol Hieb, Jeanie Habe, Pal Haskins, Susan Galbraith, Sandy Hardison, Donna Dabney, Rulh Glass, Barbara Gonderman, Ann Horsfall, Sharon Graham. SEC- OND ROW: Dorolhy Harvisch, Lorene Gianni, Healher Hoop- er, Marby Drekel, Pamela Dowell, Marcella Filch, Barbara Hunl, Bobbi Heinlel, Diane Darrow, Linda Difmore, Judy Dodge, Jean Dealon, Donna Heflin. THIRD ROW: Ray Hed- lund, Jerry Fisher, Louis Gadol, John Dyckman, Michael Gus- lafson, John Ferrari, Larry Frie- sen, Jack Harpe, Sieve Fry, Ken Follz, Jim Faison, Don Elfving, Buddy Evans, Floyd Huciraby. FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Dar- lene Gaspard, Sharon Davis, Pal Erman, Shirley Hesler, Karen Fredrickson, Marlene Dawe, Jo- iane Harper, Par Funderburg, Marie Maflos, Elona Gooley, Lynn Griffilh, Nancy Jacoby, Judy Jessee, Cynlhia Jones. SECOND ROW: Terry Madden, Linda Johnson, Judy Johnson, Susan Jackson, Judie Laughlin, Becky McLaughlin, Nancy Kel- ler, Kay Moore, Janel Medcalf, Gloria Mason, Martha Landes, Jeanelle Moessneer, Shirley Johnson, Evelyn Loza. THIRD ROW: Richard Jones, Richard McDermoff, Calvin Elder, Herb Ludricks, Dean Dealon, Bob Murray, Allen Hagerslrand, Jim Liggefr, Kennelh Enke, Richard Lawrence, Jerry McKay, John Moore, Allen Meyer, Kirk Ja- cobson. FIRST ROW, lefl fo riqhf: Linda Lean, Mary Marfin, Frances lfanen, Beverly Mallory, Linda Machado, Karen Messer, Mary Jo Mifchell, Karen Miller, Louise Jensen, Teri Maynard, Penny Jones, Louren Jones, Kay Maslerson, Pamela Machado. SECOND ROW: Sheila Johnson, Kaihy McKee, Donna Maher, Meriam McDonald, Judy Lyons, Rona Moore, Sylvia Mesna, Pal Markovich, Brigiffe Muhm, Mar- ly McGra1l1, Penny Lundeberg, Elsie Mills, Kandy Jasheway, Sharron Mahoney. THIRD ROW: Charles Kimes, Jay Jackson, Nick Mascilelli, Don McKinsey, Robert Lucas, Charles Juslice, Tim McOuilIan, David Johnson, Wayne Jones, Roberl Kinl, Bill McElwaine, Dennis Mills, Lewis Morgan, Norman Lorenzen. FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Elena Kawabe, Marie Kawabe, Karen McCain, Gail Jones, Judy Jag- ger, Judy Kupka, Darlene Lam- berr, Charlene Lamberl, Sherie Leaver, Rulh Lingenfeller, San- dra Kelleck, Judy Morelli, De- lores Maxon. SECOND ROW: Barbara Kendla, Gary Mah, Gary Maynard, Larry Leimone, Greg Marlin, Clyde Luomala, Sam Johnsfon, Vaughn Leafh, Richard Maihews, Roderick Kreiss, Garry Korpi, Tim Mitch- ell, Sandy Kirschner. THIRD ROW: 'Mike Larkin, J. D. Murph- ree, Henry Melendres, Ralph Mohr, Paul Jones, Brian Ma- deras, Bob Mangini, Charles Lamb, David lmhof, Roy Jara, Dave Kiesel, Ted Miller, Dale Larson, Harlan King. FIRST ROW, lei? lo righl: Nancy Pulnam, Phyllis Null, Pal' Payne, Berry Rhodes, Sharon Stone, Carol Ryan, Jane? Solomon, Pal Rogers, Sandra Scarborough, Mary Ann Sfafon, Lou Ann San- ders, Kalhy Nadgwick, Barbara Salwasser,'Judy Slreefer. SEC- OND ROW: Dolores Salisbury, Peggy Richards, Juanila Randle, Judy Sands, Juanila Skinner, Larry Swanson, Judy Shum, Mar- tha Self, Audra! Simpson, Linda Sfevenson, Lyn a Smasal, Peggy Sidebollom, Barbara Riley, Linda Palmofer. THIRD ROW: Paul Slaier, Ron Richardson, Herb Schoeller, Gary Slagge, Terry Small, Slephen Nicholas, John Skeen, Dennis Reilly, Ger- ald Ouigg, Darrell Phipps, Rob- eri Rodriguez, George Reifz, Bob Swanson, Ken Peferson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Maren Sundquist, Judy Riggs, Barbara Nutting, Sharon Pinnell, Dar- lene Stavig, Pat Payne, Rachel Radman, Priscilla Robinson, Donna Pearson, Joanne Pimen- tel, Carol Ann Osterhoundt, Terry Renschen, Susan Russell, Sandra Shaver. SECOND ROW: Gary Pitts, Bill Rin'x, Chuck Not- tingham, Lenny Olson, Keith Sovereign, John Sheets, Elliott Sponable, Larry Spessard, Mike Ploeger, Ray Nebergall, Wayne Simons, Buddy Peebles, Jerry Robrecht, Jack Sheehan. THIRD ROW: Phillip Sefers, Eddy Roufs, John Scott. Robert Parks, Steve Ozment, Robert Gonsalves, Robert Nolden, Keith Schwartz- trauber, Joseph V. A. Partan- slry, Richard Roller, John Slater, Norman Smith, Bryan Pierce. FIRST ROW, Ieftto right: Sharon Robbins, Barbara Patterson, Jo- ann Rosea, Judy Romano, Sue Sheffield, Diane Shelby, Toni Smith, Sharon Pimentel, Carol Phillipsen, Sandra Sheffield, Wilmetta Serventi, Susi Sey- mour, Donna Swearengin, Louise Swayze. SECOND ROW: Roger Stagg, Tom Scoggins, Eddie Smith, Lester Rodgers, Jim Royse, Aubrey Reeves, Paul Ohran, Ken Padgett, Jimmy Sparks, John Riccobuono, Gary Russo, David Nace, Richard Seuers Bill Pratt. THIRD ROW: Bill Stone, Bob Palmere, Ron Rose, Bruce Olsen, Lew Pengilly, Stephen Swindall, Garrett Sbo- na, Peter Schlaman, Brent Post- en, Jimmy Quigley, Everett Roberson, Donn Nibblett, Mur- ray Shelton, Don Palton. FIRST ROW, lett to right: San- dra Recio, Sue Rogers, Phyllis Swett, Cathy Swett, Cathy Or- tega, Lois Nakaqaizi, Carla Schlotter, Nancy Reyes, Diane Stonaker, Ann O'Neal, Carol Vargus. Marilyn Thompson, Pat- sy Vinding, Toni Vargus, Jo-Rita Whisenhunt. SECOND ROW: Larry Simmons, John Redstreak, Ron Southwick, Gerald Stone, Bob Price, Orris Sundlie, Lonnie Sallng, 'Dean Wilson, Jim S. Snavely, Merlin Zimmerly, Ron Winkler, Bill Wood, Richard Sloniker, THIRD ROW: Forrest Van Wert, Ronny Terry, Bill Wil- liems, Dennis Treadway, Dennis Wadsworth, Jim Webster, Da- vid Torres, Richard Dic'lrery, Jerry Zimmerman, Larry Zim- merman, Curtis White, Bill Wal- lis, Lenny Williams, Buddy Weinzheimer, Phil Wagner. FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Pa? Wallers, Shirley Taylor, JoAnn Taylor, Becky Zuur, Ginger Tomlinson, Sue Tale, Joan Woodbury, Kim While, Mar- garel Anne Wilhinqfon, Judie Yergenson, Joyce Wulzke, Jean Trosl, Diane Voellral, Dorolhy Vaglienle. SECOND ROW: Jean Tale, Mary Lou Tilley, Mary Jane Zundel, Vicki Wilson, Charlene Zarker, Nafalie Zav- ialoff, Gail Wagner, Sandra Terwilleger, Sandra Young. THIRD ROW: Alberl Trefle, Don Tarbef, Cliff Chambers, Bruce Walton, Ronald Trosf, Craig Whisler, James Wimrner, Gilberf Tully, Bill Tener, James Thomas, Vern Timmerman, Ger- ald Van Dyke, John Wood, Douglas Trosl. The Typical Freshmen, selecled and screened by lhe News Sfaff, after first being elecfed from lheir freshman English classes, are, for l95la, Sandy Scarbor- ough and John Bologni. The Freshman King and Queen, crowned November 23 af ihe semi-formal freshman dance, "8enealh lhe Sea," selecled and screened by lhe Dance Com- miflee, were Judi Sands and Al Trelle. FRESHMAN SERVICE FIRST ROW, Ieff fo riohf: Jan- ice Burlchearf, Terry Meynerd, Larry Swanson, Kirk Jacobsen, Bill Bennell, Vern Timmeman, Gus Ginocchio. SECOND ROW: Shelia Johnson, Karen Fred- rickson, Lauren Jones, Jean Deafon. Toni Vargus, Ann Cure- fon, Linda Dally, Toni Smifh, Kay Moore. THIRD ROW: Noel Humphrey, Carol Hieb, Donna Halley, Heafher Hooper, Shir- ley Johnson, Donna Barlneclr, Beverlv Barnell, .lean Tale. Mary Lou Tilley. FOURTH ROW: Pam Dowell, Judv Riggs, Nancy Kel- ler, John Moore, Richard Law. rence, John Barclay, Roddy Kreiss, Louie Gadol. FIFTH ROW: Don Mallson, Sieve Casey, David Kiesel, Robert Nolden, Dale Adams, Dick Jones, Ted Plumb. Canvassing Ihe Campus for paper and old apple cores, members of lhe Freshman Class filled 25 confainers on lheir cleanup'day. Inferprefing music and rhylhm wilh 'heir arms and bodies is the Freshman modern dance class under fhe direclion of Miss Lieiuvielis. ACT I N 4 A Z Ll-ISGS N N LEFT TO RIGHT: Wayne Lilllefon, Boys' Repre- LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Loveridqe, Sales and LEFT TO RIGHT: Gail Mclnfyre, Second Semes- senlaliveg Gary Espinosa, Head Yell Leader: Finance Commissioner: Anna Mendez, Secre- Ter Public Relalions Commissionerg Bill John- Virginia Claussen, Girls' Represenfalive, lary: Sieve Bordi, Vice-Presidenl. sion, Firsf Semesler Public Relafions Commis- sionerg Dianne Tolles, Clubs' Commissioner. lj wiza- jdl H git.,-,C KLU-7 , ,jj wi 'Z , mp Pat Shockey, Sludenf Body Presidenl fawflw -ffrf V? ' 144 I 'H-or um is-' 'CTI-' saw W' ef I Q , -um.. i 5 . LEFT TO' RIGHT: Bobbie Garvericlf, Program LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Allison, Sophomore Repre- LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Sobofka, Senior Repre- Commisslonerg Cafhy Kelley, Social Arfialrs senlaflveg Nancy Iranen, Junior Represenfaliveg senlaliveg Dave Monlqomery, Grounds Com Commissioner: Wayne Kant, Chief Justice. John Boloqni, Freshman Represenfafive. missionerg Don Wallers, Buildings Commis- sioner, STUDENT COUNCIL DIABLO NEWS BILL JOHNSTON Editor fall semester of the Diablo News Keeping the show publicized was the job of the Diablo News staffs. Fall semester editor, Bill Iohnston, and assistant editor, Bob Potter, put seven editions "to bed," including the eight-page Christmas Edition. Spring editor, Gail Mclntyre and assistant editor, Mary Walden, pushed seven more editions into the mold to keep the latest developments before the reading public. Dick Alford managed the football programs, GAIL MCINTYRE Editor spring semester of the Diablo News and Frances Sands the student directories. Where there's a spare dime, there's a chance for publicity, the staff thought, so 51 Academic saw legmen running in and out every period of the day. Press conferences were the rewards for a few top staff members: Stanford, University of California and the University of Washington saw representatives from Diablo telling the story of the "great" '56 show. The News is out today so staff members give it the critical eye. DIABLO '56 MRS. HELEN LUM Director of Student Publications When the curtain rolled down, the statt had caught the picture story of Diablo '56, and was ready to peddle the copies. Sandra Melton, ed- itor, and Ianet Loe, assistant editor, headed the edition with Mrs. Helen Lum as director ot pub- lication. There were times when the statt members as well as adviser, felt that the three balls ot a pawn shop should hang above 51 Academic tor any- time a talent could be pawned and turned into money tor the publication, it was done. Last tall the statt was invited to enter a booth in the Wal- nut Creek Festival on a percentage basis. It was SANDE MELTON Editor of the Diablo '56 accepted readily tor it spelled cash. So the midway rang with Diablo barkers, and Mr. loe Public darted thousands of balloons. Diablo News staff members threw in their time to man the booth with the Diablo '56 members, and tor two days and three nights the money rolled into the till. Carving out the record ot the '56 show took not only individual talents but their cash as well. There was always gas to buy, and the advertis- ing statt members dug deep into their own pockets to help get out the living record of the show. Pictures are the business of these seniors and iuniors who make up the Diablo '56 staff. h .Stag ky Ax wa, l g . ...-.-L... . . . ii.if..a . FIRST ROW, left to right: Charlotte Mastne, Peggy Smith, Sharon Levada, Karen Fredrickson, Joy Partensky, Virginia Clausxen, Bill Bruce, Larry Larsen, Keith Chambliss, Ted Miller, Carrol Rogers, Gary Maynard, John lrvinq, Vaughn Lelth, Ron Walters. SECOND ROW: Dennis Treadway, Alice Harris, Jim Cheney, Sandra Thomas, Ronnie Helzer, Roy Johnson, Earl Ward, Darlene Laughlin, Judi Giles, Larry Leimone, Bruce Olsen, David Barber, Ova Lee Atnip, Keith McKenzie, Curtiss White, Pat Barry, Bob Williams, Danny Estrada, Sandy Kirschner, Jim Webster, Jim Rosowski. THIRD ROW: Marlene Dawe, Gordon Knapp, Maren Sundquist, Elma Becker, David Kiesel, Walter iBilIl Williams, Roger Russ, Charles Foreman, Lee Vaughn, Lynn Norton, Ralph Plantz, Maralyn Becker, Harold Hayworth, Jim Allen, Gordon Creer, Roger Moore, John Flint, Dale Wilke, Timmy Cameron, Rego Piva, Paul Webster, John Nunes, Bruce McCorkle, Tamra Cummings, Jack Crumley, Pete Shelly, Charles Clark, Gerald Clough. FOURTH ROW: Donald Lindroth, Don Ostlund, Lavon Chandler, Jr. Omania, Nordean Cameron, Art Himsl, Mr. Jim Arnold, Director: Joe Inch, Gerry Reynolds, Jan Whisler, Marilee Lambert, Casey Randall, Wayne Kint, Raenell Irish, John West, Ralph Svoboda, Ralph Mohr, Dave Craig, Gary Lindstrom, Gary Cartwright, Mike McKinney, Don Powell. BAND ORCHESTRA NOT PICTURED: Sam Johnston. The Mt. Diablo Marching and Concert Band under the direction of Mr. lim Arnold had its usual busy year at Diablo. ln addition to marching and playing in all the home and away football games, the band participated in the Redmen Pow Wow, the California State Fair for the fourth consecutive time, and the Walnut Festival, winning first place in the parade and field competition at the latter. The band presented its annual assembly concert on Ianuary 26 and its Spring concert on May 24. Two concerts at intermediate schools, Glenbrook and Loma Vista, were given for the first time. Members of the Mt. Diablo Orchestra under the direction of Mrs. Mary Lowrey, were invited to compete in the All-State Orchestra Festival at Santa Barbara this year, as well as the College of Pacific Festival. The orchestra has entertained during the year at the term plays, the Christmas Pageant, a Spring Concert and the Commencement Exercises. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lorraine Haviland, Gayle Taylor, Dorothy Hanisch, Penny Sweeney. SECOND ROW: Jeanette Moessner, Wanda Dickie, Terry Madden, Sherie Leaner, Ron Terry. THIRD ROW: Pat Elliott, Phyllis Reniff, Olive Montori, Roger Emanuels, Mike Hoaglin Esther Carlson. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Bryant, La Jean McElroy Mike Heinemann, Gary Harrington. FIFTH ROW: David Brockbank Mrs. Mary Lowrey, Director, Fred Melendres, Cliff Vaughn. VARSITONIANS FIRST ROW, left to right: Denny Coffee, Bob Small, Al Allison, Gil Johnson, Jim Bartneck, Keith McKenzie. SECOND ROW: Ken Inke, Paul Webster, Chuck Johnston, Gene Smith, Warren Moore, Bok: Bradford. THIRD ROW: Raenell Irish, Casey Randall, Director, Mr James Arnold. sf' E 2 Bm tri in JINX ADAMS JAN VANICEK GARY ESPINOSA "IZZY" CATAMBAY YELL LEADERS "Up in the qrandstands, Beatin' on a tin can-" is an example oi the Mt. Diablo rooting section sounding off under Head Yell Leader Gary Espinosa, and assisted by "Iinx" Adams, "Izzy" Catambay, Lennie Lanfranco, and Ian Vanicek. DEVILETTES The Devilettes representing Diablo in song and dance for this year are Dianne Evans, Head Deviletteg Diana Clark, Barbara Grice, and Phyllis Williams. QV MAJORETTES RETTA SHEWARD SANDRA MELTON NANCY ITANEN JUD www . 33355 53.335 , New 5 W 3 Q' EJ 3 gigialxlgilial- sg, 2 as gigwa s 3 is Sw' 4'a'8 3"5i""'3' s'5Q'g'm 15, V I V These lefugees from Sophomore Assembly ure ' "The Band of Highway l0i." oiherwuse known as , X A I' lebrafnd radio com' John K. Chnppeil, fa ce . menmvor born In Russia qavo Nw studs-nf body Q Vmefans' Day inmqhi info real pdiriofism ' Chiu! experiences di whefi he sooire ol his you bofh dssnmbiies The Christmas Carclers ewaii their cues w the Three Kings relax between scenes. ff hile ,Mi .,,. , The A Capps-Ha Choir sanq Chrisfmes carols da ihe rnz-'fibers of ihe drama dass imerpref fhe x nativify srene 49 the Chrisfmas pageant. 'Xkw it , , f ii S n Q? Miss Erhel Brubaker, librarian, sends Ken Peterson alofi for that "Iosf" One of fhu hair-raising srunrs af half Time WGS Deffmmed B? 6 home book, baskeiball game. An accordion and a pleaf girl do a special act ior fha house. Dolly Resales was ihe "Teen Time" who dedicafed records fo Diabolifel over KECC. -.. R-gf I S . as v 1 4, 1 f x ' x-' r Q :: , 2 ,um 4. L Pf- if 4 ' g N eg a AL- .rx V14 Lasr year's staff loading up for ihe disfribufion momeni, shows how if is Block D members and iheir ladies qeiiing ready for Yhe Leprechaun done in June. Leap, pain? figures cl fhe "IirHe men." Spring weafhe, bmugh, Ou, more Diablo hoopsfem For ihese sfudenis of Pacifica who lei? our campus ai Easier Mme, Qhe curve of cemenr poinfed norih foward fheir own campus. "if's a bird! lf's a plane!" No, if's Pere! The "swear meandering language" fesrs Hs learners fhis day. 77 Waiting to dim the house lights in preparatifwn for the first act ot "Meet Me in St. Louis" are Jim Thibodeaux and Jim McLaughlin DRAMA "Tootie"! was the cry heard by all, as she tPat Kemperl lunged forward and bit the foot of Mr. Dodge, papa's boss, played by Larry Halter. we Mr. Charles Oakley, a member of last year's English Department, is this year's drama teacher. The first performance of the department under his direction, was the traditional Christmas Pageant. Almost im- mediately rehearsals started for the first semester term play, "Meet Me in St. Louis," which was performed for two nights, lanu- ary 12 and 13. Mr. Oakley said this of his performers, "They Worked together as a team helping each other and never once did any dissension arise." Pictured at the left is the cast of the first semester term play titled "Meet Ma in St. Louis." Seated FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Kemper and Mary Morton. SECOND ROW: Don Powell, Barbara Westbrook, and Wayne Essley. THIRD ROW: Larry Halter, Olive Montori, Derek Pearce, Bobbie Garvericlr, Frances Sands, Rod Newhall, Laurel Eshmann, Vicki Harvey, Ken Possanza, and Marci Kiihne. VARIETIES With the qdy theme of "Mardi Gros" the Senior Voriety Show wos on exciting ond colorful production. Included in the cost ot one hundred were the chorus ond rnony individuel octs. Talented upperclassmen take well-deserved bows after exhibit- ing their talents. Exotic dancers caught in one of their creative moods Siamese cats and Bunny combination make with a cheesecake. :N nu lil - Hua lf' QE if f f is" 3 4 Hi l, I Q. x H' aw 2? mlll, mafiigeiij 4 ng N :ai Sail ikiqgm gl :.. ,M ,N 3 img L M y--Aga I ll ll Q ., 2 A Y--.,.' .',:' .,,n Hi A'-!22 ! 1 '3- """ ' 33f"'g 1 uilfff' I' -in r 'I X A A A ,V , N . , . ,W Vw, 224 ' v 'I E ...-., ,ksgfzii - VW ,. M ,,,, ,, , , ,,,,, ' -:,g' -:W f ,.. "' -"1':-iff" - 'fluf Wwng 'wwmw "It, , X , aw x ' ' I I W ': . . 1 - 1 W W WA """""'F-'w- m,,-W,..., .NMMW VH. , W M Wm . 'NN -.Aw .. A , N N as 3 EEN! S. ziimi an Ni ' mm ll fl ymlllll ll Ill ll xl ll mul llillils ' ?"?5f"' llillill 24 ?:- mi fi! ni Sdn 1 s F 1 JI V A H v d r u I clion. Tep Wrighl, annual pholoqrapher for Diablo '56, poses a senior for that all important porlraif. gossip, acfion and sunshine ushered in fha? Sepfember day las? fall when school slarled. umQmmw Jm smmwww Wasssmwum is wif nm, ummm -9 ,Q E w x 4 The anvil chorus operales under lhe direction of Mr. Miller in the welding shop class. Sophomores pay no aflenfion Oo fhe skeletal uninvifed guest in Mr. Johnson's Biology A class. "Measure exacily and read direciionsf' Mrs. Curless urges her freshman girls in cooking class. .00 i 6 F . a 5' 'rf' "Vigil 5.5.9 Q N 4 1 1 1 1 X "4 , .4 , .1 f-"G 1' -ul . 'Mg .',-WW s -3 9 ,fi 'ia ,-,S'j1,EF - 'J ,.':'-" mr? . V- '1 . if x 65555 'vw ' :wg A rm, ' ' '::.:- . . "f:1.a- ew rw -1, eil- -11.11 f iff? ' HQ.. if-'Qi .fp ,Q , r I' '. NUI' 1 'Ji 1 lgfvff 'JLIEEY 11 ,1 .,::fff'.i ":7t:5. 5' JV, -m ,A ,l-fr'.'- 1 '-1- I: 'A-gif, 21,3 w ,- a f . . i ,XII f x I . sq' , . .ry Q 1,3 . .1 t'. , nc, -, 1.- - v1 :G ' ' 5f V!'.'3'E:' ,I - fif'.1. 371.4 x 1" wma ,I V .21 'L if 'f ., 'Q . . ' 'Ji ,J I- ww ,H ' '- ' '1 s. 'Vw mx , W., ,, ,, , .14 3 .fm W 2 H4 w. - K L,.. J , 1 X U, 9' v ' , ,' . H, .Nw V ani: HX I fu-'.,'fmf.1Li1aA1.4L.f:--:. an 42,4 A. W N ,, , ' 4 1 f.3.wi4:' ufflknlld 4 ,s s-ami, ad fun 4mn..n-11' . ,ug-mm ,ikifllu Firsf Semesler Presidenl BLOCK "D" FIRST ROW, Iefl io riqhl: Roy John- son, John DuBois, Ted Tahira, Verle Sidwell, Sieve Bordi, Bill Moore Jerry Briflon, Harold Hayworlh, Ted Plumb, Gordon Dodson. SEC, OND ROW: Marvin Williams, Rod Ain p, Carl Ellis, Marlin Allan, Jay Walfon, Danny Vasquez, Mike Car' penfer, Don Garlinglon, Mike Na, vone, Ed Zickefoose, Jerry Dubbs, Dave Claire, Par Shockey, Charle' Clark. THIRD ROW: Sreve Carvaial Don Bo, Sonny Cordes, Ken Peler- son, Dave Sousa, Monk Walsh, Lauv rence Durbin, John Chernoh, Loya' Miner, John Ruise. FOURTH ROW- Barry Lacy, Ed Ruff, Dave Siafiord Sid Schwarfz, Jack Waxman, Ron Frank, Don Maffson, Tom Trueman, Warren Moore, Bill Harvey. FIFTH ROW: Arvin Bolen, Gerald Hamer, Dave Marlin, Rego Piva, Tiff Hayf den, Tom Barclay, Cliff Mores, Denny Coffee, Wayne Lilflefon, Jerry Nourse, George Lindrolh, Dick Ellsworlh. SIXTH ROW: Dick Bolcerek, Brooke Jacobsen, Johr- Malhews, Don Anderson, Bill Parker, Gene Powninq, Ron Wallers, Doug Enochs, Howard Kennerson, Don Wallers, Harold Barfke. DON MATTSON Second Semester President MISS RUTH GALINDO Adviser of C. S. F. ll look a lol of hard work fo qualify for lhis piclure of the firsl and second semesler C. S. F. Mem' bership. KATHLEEN SHIMMIN Presidenf of C. S. F, MR. HART FAIRCLOUGH Adviser RALLY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Pal Han' sen, Margaref Sheels, JoAnn Buller, Dlaua Clark, Jinx Adams, Phyllis Williams, Penny Mills, Gary Es- pinosa. SECOND ROW: Janice Whisler, Ann Rulherford, Penny Per- ry, Nancy Carroll, Ida Yamamoto, Saundra Nelson, Barbara Grice, John Peferson. THIRD ROW: Dianna Evans, Halsy Nakagaki, Jimmie-Ray Jones, Barbara Miller, Bev Fairfield, Sue Onsrofl, Ann Ready, Izzy Ca- lambay, Jan Vanicek, Lenny Lenfran- co. FOURTH ROW: Darlene Van Schaack, Sandra Kilcoin, Marcia Mani, Marilee Lambert, Deanna Penn, Gwynn Barron, Gean Spessard, Dianna Milburn, Connie Hornback, Maralynn Haqood, Slephanie Brown. GARY ESPINOSA Head Yell Leader r, .1 ,,,rw.wvc -. M V. Mx. DR. CAROLINE ROSS Adviser LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Becky McLaughlin, Judy Reed, Marlene Dawe, Brigelle Muhm, JoAnn Rosea, Susan Bralsberg, Sandy Kirschner, Claudia Jackson, Judy Palmer. SEC- OND ROW: Deanne Robison, Kay Snow, Alice Riley, Paula Mills, Sher- ry Smilh, Janel Pimenlal, Toni Smilh, Beverly Barnell, Mary Clark, Nancy Keller. THIRD ROW: Craiq Miller, Slanley Moore, Merridy Dally, Harriel Rideoul, Sherrie Leaver, Pal Markovich, Sherie Cimi- no, Jayne Chrislen, Marilyn Hanson, Dr. Caroline Ross, adviser. FOURTH ROW: Gus Ginocchio, Ron Lichli Joe Parlansky, Mike Hineman, Dale Adams, Norman Smilh, Bill Wil- Iiams, Dan Barney, Doug Madden Don Elvinq, Gordon Career, Jim Guiqley. ALICE RILEY Presidenl PAM STREM EL Presidenl JUNIOR STATESMEN OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, Iell lo riqhl: Lois Nakagaki, Kim Tahira, Halsy Naka- qaki, Lucy Dominguez, Ann Schulz Laurie Eschmann, Penny Lundeberq, Sue Bordeaux, Jo Dee Sobolka, Rosalie Johnson, Nancy llanen SECOND ROW: Marci Kiihne, Ulunah DeHearl, Peggy Garrell Gean Spessard, Ida Yamamolo Billie Garrell, Pal Markovich, Bev Fairfield, Isabel Calambay, Belly Garrison, Webb Hadden. THIRD ROW: Kiersli Lundeberq, Charlolle Quigley, June Morgan, Warrene Ridley, Sheri Cimino, Kalhy Wal- son, Berla Keeble, Judy Goekler, Roslyn Goldslein, Jerry Dubbs, Jim Towell, Rulh Fell, Janice Whisler, Pam Slremel. FOURTH ROW: Con- nie Henderson, Dave Skinner, Lou- Ann Rendleman, Jeanne Barlneck, Sande Mellon, Sue Mauser, Judi Jones, Louis Mancini, Bill Sobolka, Dave Dowell, Roger Emanuels, Jim Faison, Earl Boissonou, Lennie Lan- franco. LOUIS MANCINI Vice-Presidenl MISS MARY CROUTER Adviser LANGUAGE CLUB FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Kay Kurolori, Pal Erwin, Joanne Buller, Ann Ready, Judi Giles, Jewell Sanders, Presidenl, Edilh Carlslon Diana Clark, Marqarel Sheels, Calhy Kelley, Nancy Ilanen. SECOND ROW: Rulh Fell, Rulhi Crane, Char- Iolle Maslne, Belly Garrison, Jo Dee Sobolka, Ida Yamamolo, Carol Greene, Ginnie Cordero, Rosalie Johnson, Gary Espinosa, Sue Bor- deaux. THIRD ROW: Belle Flelcher Virginia Claussen, IsabelCalambay, Pal Hansen, Bev Fairfield, Jerry Walsh, Casey Randall, Don Garlinqv lon, Sally Rose, Jacqueline Jewell, Ann Bahls. FOURTH ROW: June Garlick, Bulch Johnson, Gean Spes- sard, Charles Caulk, Judy Adams, Arvin Bolen, Dave Marlin, Cliff Mores, Sonny Cordes, Wayne Lillle- lon, Sancle Mellon, Claudia Jack- son, Charlolle Schwarll, Sarah Bab- bill. JEWELL SANDERS Presidenl MISS MIRIAM ROBBINS Adviser DANCE COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, left to right: Cathy Kelley, Robin Kling, Margaret Sheets, Ginny Cordero, Sue Bor- deaux, Jo Dee Sobotka, Sheila Bradley, Nancie Brotsch. SECOND ROW: Ruth Felt, Maudie Stone Betty Garrison, Nancy ltanen, Judy Peterson, Jeanne Bartneck, Susan Moore, Bobbie Garvericlr. THIRD ROW: Jewell Sanders, Judy Giles, Ann Ready, Jerry Walsh, Barbara Racine, June Morgan, Pam Stremel, Sue Mauser, Francis Sands. CATHY KELLEY Social Affairs Commissioner ANNA MENDE1' President This year's Business Club is a com- bination of the FBLA and the Com- mercial Club of former years Commercial maiors get together for mutual interests and entertain- ments. BETTY KRAFT Vice-President mf eww, lv xlihn ,mg .1 1 P' MRS. BETTY COURTNEY Adviser EDUCATION CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane Evans, Lindred Jones, Betty Fletcher Judy Giles, Jewell Sanders, Jeanne Brunelle, Mary Peter, Myrna Gold- stein, Janet Loe, Judy Peterson, Suzy Neill, Berta Keeble, Barbara Bryant. SECOND ROW: Sue Sweeney, Deanna Sheldon, Mara- Iynn Hagood, Olive Montori, Sue Mouser, Joan St. Pierre, Ann Schutz Kathy Shimmin, Marilyn Becker Barbara Lawson, Webb Hadden Carolyn Taylor, Judy McQuillan Marceline Kiihne, Betty Wetzel Stephanie Brown, Jacquelin Jewett Pat Markovich, Glenda Crow'den Ann Rutherford. THIRD ROW: Di- ane Tolles, Laurel Eschmann, Tamra Cummings, Warrene Ridley, Judy Tate, Margaret Higgins, Diane Trebino, Pat Bailey, Kay Kurotori, Ann Bahls, Pat Ellrins, Barbara Hal- vorsen, Carol Dietz, Judi Jones. KAY KUROTORI President M RS. JAN E ROY Adviser TRI HI Y FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Kim Tahira, Alice Riley, Nelda Johnson Zelda Johnson, Connie Sfevens, Sonia Carlson, Judy Palmer, Carole Burlon, Belle Hulchinson. SECOND ROW: Elen Biork, Chaplain, Sue Sweeny, Presidenlg Carole Pelrie. Vice-Presidenlg Deanna Sheldon. Sandra Biork, Penny Sweeny, Treas- urerg Halsy Nakagaki, Secretary: Jeanna Trevorrow, Anlla Conley. SU E SWEENY Presidenl e lmi www MR. WILLIAM TOASPERN Adviser CHESS CLUB FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Paul Web, sler, Joseph Parlansky. SECOND ROW: Louis Mancini, Ralph Mohr. STANDING: Mr. William Toaspern, Adviser. PAUL WEBSTER President ee- MR. CHARLES OAKLEY Adviser STAGE CREW FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righl: Jim Mc- Laughlin, Wall Flelcher,John Barnes, SECOND ROW: Jim Thibo- deaux, Ray Near, Sieve Ackerman. JIM MCLAUGHLIN Head Slaqe Crewman NOT PICTURED: Larry Haller. MR. JOHNSON Adviser PROJECTIONISTS FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: John Nunes, Brook Jacobsen, Ray Ricco' buno, Mr. Johnson, adviser, Lau- rence Durbin, Jerry Clark. SECOND ROW: Joe Boyd, James Ferrell, Garrick Kerr, Sieve Maloney, Bill Schreeder, Jack Waxman, Ron Franks. LAU RENCE DU RBIN President MR. SUNDOUIST Adviser HI Y FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: Mike Larken, Bob Parks, Lance Cheek, Ray King, Mr, Sundquisl, Chesler Belknap, Don Parke. Arvin Bolen, George Manlove. SECOND ROW' Harold Robbins, Marlin Shanks, Bulch Johnson, Casey Randall, Dave Marlin, Babe Guerisoli, Neil Salre, George Darrell. RAY KING Presidenl ,ws . me i .W . "!',,,,, fn aa f 'Ri we ' ii KM, A ,Sas V23- ':'..'..""..... Nl'--. no-an vu-..- nngk M ,.. . e......,....,..,.......d...e JAY WALTON Ron's able assislanl SALES AND FINANCE FIRST ROW, lell lo riqhl: Peggy Garrell, Kalhleen Shimmin, Carol Dielz, Barbara Halvorsen, Barbara Westbrook, Lou Ann Rendleman, Vicki Harvey, Belly Garrison, Diane Kulander, SECOND ROW: Jay Wal- lon, Beverly Reynolds, Jo Anr- Muegel, Arlene Moore, Judy Tale Margarel Higgins, Virginia Conley, Yvonne Fleshman, Pal Erwin, Rulh Fell. THIRD ROW: Theresa Had- lichka, Kalhy Warren, Sue Fraser, Myrlle Whilaker, Darlene Baldwin, Judy Sauer, Inez Carvaial, Diane Trebino. RON LOVERIDGE Sales and Finance Commissioner --.4-.......,,, Q 'WZ MISS LORRAINE BABELLE Adviser JR. RED CROSS FIRST ROW, lefl fo riqhlz Gaye Salef, Pafly Vidisky, Sue Tyler, Caro' Snyder, Mae Snyder, Donna Lorn- bardo, Lorraine Haviland, Joar Woodbury. SECOND ROW: Jacque- Iin Jewell, Nancy Mifchell, Berla Keeble, Karen Simpson, Maxinc Henry, Sonia Carlson, Connie Stey- ens, Jeanne Trevorrow, Jeanne Bru- nelle. THIRD ROW: Sue Onsloll, Doris Dorlzbach, Dixie Hendicks, Ulunah DeHearl, Judi Ludwig, Da- vid Skinner, Sue Fraser, Pallie Bail- ey, Nancy Hedqecock, Ann Bahls, Slephenie Brown, Sheri Cimino. KAREN SIMPSON Presidenl MR. SIMON SIMONIAN Adviser SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW, Iefl lo riqhlz Louis Gadol, Bob Frllch, Jerry Dubbs Jim Towell, Clyde Thompson, Rob- erl Hedges, Alan Robbins, and Jim Rosowski. SECOND ROW: Jim Hayes, Don Elfuinq, Jim Cheney, Sherie Leaver, Jim Lea, and Richard Laurence, Brooks Hamm, J I M ROSOWSKI President VIRGINIA CLAUSSEN Girls' Represenlalive SENIOR STUDENT ADVISERS FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Virginia Claussen, Joan SI. Pierre, Mary Pelers, Janel Loe, Lorelfa Thomp- son, Judy Blackstone, Bill Moore Tom York, Gwen Barren, Jeanefle Dallon, Deanna Savage. SECOND ROW: Maralynn Haqood, Kafhy Shimmin, Carol Dlelz, Lorrie Omania, Belly Wehel, Frances Sands, Dick Walerman, Jay Wallon, Dave Pearce, Sharon Levada, Mar- cia Mani, Carolyn Taylor, Olive Monfori. THIRD ROW: Diane Ku- Iander, Harold Havworlh, Tom Barclay, Dick Alford, Bill Johnslon, Ron Rohrer, Casey Randall, Paul Websfer, Gene Smilh, Earl Boisso- nou, Ed Ruff, George Lindrolh James Gordon. WAYNE LITTLETON Boys' Represenfafive MRS. BETTY NIKKEL Adviser The Girls' Afhlelic Association QGAAD, sponsored by Mrs. Belly Nikkel, provides heallhful aclivify for many, as you can see by Qhe large membership. Tamra Cum- mings was elecled presidenl of lhe organization. TAMRA CUMMINGS President M515 '- .: L. sf . ,. .:,L, MR. ROSS PRICF Adviser JAZZ CLUB The Jazz Club "blued" into exist- ence again lhis year under lhe leadership of Mr. Rcss Price. JUDY PETERSON Presidenl Pro-Temp PS? M' A , my T.. . Sgr i. we 9 ,, M. M A, is New MR. WILLIAM POWELL Ad iser X SKI CLUB The fading Ski Club was sparked back lo life fhis year by a cold winfer and young new teacher, Mr William Powell. PAT BARRY Presidenf j.. SM? lf 2, mfg , , -, -if , .ewrw e Wax- - we Wil - Camera shy teachers pictured left' to right are Mr. Hart Fairclouqh, "Gordon-your motherly instincts are showing." fSmall tramp kitten Miss Miriam Robbins, Mr. Johnathen Warren, Miss Ethel Brubaker was named "Lower Case" by iournalism students.l Mr. William Morris, and Mr. Archie McEwinq. No doubt you all remember this favorite scene in the Faculty Assembly. Left to Right are: Orv "Bubbles" Stetfen. Doug "Curlie" Smith, Fer'd "Point your Toe" Diel, Wilson "Mae West" Landrum, and Hart "Prima Dona" Fairclough. Anyone recognize Mary "Ann" without her 'Partner in Crime' Gail Sue? Gail and "Freddie" fthe alligatorl, for the first time separated from her twin, Mary Ann. Shown with Mr. Wilson Landrum their adviser are the members of Six boys and a girl make up one of Diablo's most pictorial clubs- the able Radio Club here at Diablo. the Camera Club. L Fi' ' V S vw? ,A -if . wk SMQKA Aria aff, -V f' Y 4i+."a., iii' f Q- , . R55 ,ffm ,1 .x if-..,.,?m 3 , W if . jx' I .fi M Wye 5 f Y' If 41 ' . r ,U 1 Lplinf if W . B N ,W f ! , A M ! -' M ugh ' Ax 14 K u gf I L MW W wgwvy , ,ff WW VVL K x M L. ,vm X M V3 I ' .uw -WJ!! , QQ xx mix v s xv 5? Nffv Tri CX V xK b? V9 Fx X35 Nw X f 'X XJ HJ qgxx X' 21 ul - x b x M 7+ XX gg , . 1 X X XX Xx NVXNT X x L9 X 5 A fug- CHARLES KARP s.sfant J.V. coach JON WARREN istanf Frosh coach BILL POWELL tant backfield coach, varsify YEAR IN REVIEW Mt. Diablo opened the 1955 football season by losing to the ever-strong Alameda Hornets, 45 to 6, in the first of three practice game series. Making a comeback, the Devils crushed the Cardinals of Santa Cruz, 32 to 12. Playing Oakland Tech in the final of the three-game series, Diablo fell under the Bulldogs by a score of 13 to O. MT. DIABLO vs. PITTSBURG. The Red Devils opened league play on their home field, playing host to the Pittsburg Pirates. Both teams scored their only touchdowns late in the third quarter. The game ended in a 6-6 deadlock. MT. DIABLO vs. ACALANES: The Diablo eleven received its first league defeat from the Acalanes Dons in a 13 to 7 struggle. A 98-yard T.D. run, called back because of a Devil offside, nullified a possible victory. In losing the game Diablo gave back to Acalanes the perpetual trophy set up between the schools. MT. DIABLO vs. PLEASANT HILL. Making a comeback from the previous week's loss, Mt. Diablo captured its first league victory, rolling over the down-trodden Pleasant Hill Rams, 34-7. T. DIABLG vs. LAS LOMAS. Although winning the d league game in its total number of first downs received, d the total yards gained, Diablo found itself on the short end of a deceiving score of 18-14 in favor of the Las Lomas Knights. MT. DIABLO vs. ANTIOCH. The Red Pack traveled to Antioch for the final game of the season and were edged out by the Panthers, 19-14. This was the curtain call game for seventeen graduating seniors. ORV STEFFEN head varsity coach HART FAIRCLOUGH hand backftnld coach WILSON LANDRUM head J.V. coach DOUG SMITH head Frosh coach 99 af iff ROY JOHNSON Ouarferbacl: HAROLD HAYWORTH CLIFF MORES Halfback Halfback ,ly Wm DOUG ENOCHS Guard DUN MATSON' Tackle D . f A 54 34"-gl, F -'Sw 3 X REGO PIVA DENNY COFFEE GORDON DODSON X , 4' x 5 --I ' '- . fmt-., O 'Of Q32 -V 4 ii V L Y Risk ,gif L J A A G. . higg i ,. . .b . NN Ng Fullback Ouarferback , TGCHG KEN PETERSON Cenfer 10023-E RON FRANKS Guard bbw TOM BARCLAY Haifback gm 'S CLIFF HAYDEN End DON WALTERS Tackle BILL PARKER End E3 A .. ,sf - A w Mix fx If I MARV WILLIAMS H a If Ia a ck 1 H - ., MI -0 I Svc V ,K xlwykw 55 yi, - 9' ' . WJ -W, - 1: "gig, . t f i, ""Iz'O IL' Mm I ' 1 ,39 21+ TOM TRUMAN " Guard ,whim 1 if 5 9.35 I in W 2333? lgfi i 51578 viii: I wash ... h gg, f X V' , ,.. x si: l 'V if A ' I K' Smeg 4' l H . f 1. ---ff fs. M:-P .. ' R - 6?f-ff: , .,A,.AA , , if - - ll 3 13 ' ' A 6 4 ,V ,,, Q an me V p 1 . Y al Q ' 1 I J.- Q H wa AWG l--a , 1... is MQ i vi: Q will S if by 'L . s, A. lzm- -4 :" 1 A FIRST ROW, left fo right: Managers Jack Waxman, Jay Walton, John Dubois. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hamer, Marv Williams, Harold Hayworth, Ron Franks, Ed Zickefoose, Don Cook, T. J. Elam, Warren Moore, Loyal Miner, George Darrow. THIRD ROW: Doug Enochs, Cliff Mores, Denny Coffee, Tom Barclay, Roy Johnson, Ken Peterson, Tom True- man, Rego Piva, Don Bo, Bob Cielinski, Don Pefrich. FOURTH ROW: Cliff Hayden, Gordon Dodson, Don Waliers, John Wyzard, Don Maffson, Bill Parker, Ted Plumb, Merle Marshall, Dick Ellsworth. VARSITY FOOTBALL Diablo., , ,. 6 Alameda .,,,,,,,,,,,a. 45 Team W Tie L Diablo, . O Oakland Tech ,,,, . 13 Pittsburg ,sss , 4 1 O Diablo ,, . 32 Santa Cruz .,,, 13 Las Lomas.. , 4 U 1 Diablo., . , , 6 Pittsburg .. 6 Antioch 3 U 2 Diablo.. , , 7 Acalanes .... . ..... . 13 Acalanes. . .. 2 O 3 Diablo... . . 34 Pleasant Hill L ,,,,, 7 Diablo ...,,,,.. .. . . 1 1 3 Diablo .,,,, . 14 Las Lomas .,,, 18 Pleasant Hill . . . , O U 5 Diablo.. ,, , 14 Antioch ,. 19 Al Allison, 1 L . 2 Harold Hayworfh and Cliff Mores going in for the kill in the Piffsburg game. Charley Jones, and Garry Lindsfrom work ouf for Cliff Mores going through Pleasanf Hill line with fhe assistance big JV game. of Marv Williams. Vs iw? ,M ,J , 'f HPR ages QQ mv XX X N, 6 M an .. BYff..0 FIRST ROW lefl' lo righl Managers Wally Shoullz, Jim Marshall Al Allison Frank Johnson, Charlie Jones, Buddy THIRD ROW Sonny Prafl Gary Vernier, Gary Carlwrighl, Gill Gulry Jim Zurr Mike Moore, Jerry Clough. FOURTH Turner Earl Phipps Bill Gainer, Jerry Wesf, Gran? Todd, Moore FIFTH ROW George Baldocchi, Jim Gavin, Arl Par Craig Henry Curefon, John Gideon Mike M ealh. SECOND ROW: Brenl Byers, Gary Linslrom, Bill rfon, Norman Mickey, Roy Guy, John Crews, Bob Crews, Verle Sidwell, Ron Nelson, Marlin Allan, Jim Gonsalves, ROW: John Sfemble, David Doran, Paul Malheson, John Richard Nisonger, Dave Biddle, Charles Foreman, Sian arnenf, Denny Mason, Jay McCoy, Doug Anderson, David aly, Bqb Roskie, Dale Brazil, Eugene Earls, Wil J. V. FOOTBALL Diablo Diablo, 19 Diablo, 12 Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo SCORES 7 San Lorenzo ,A , l3 Antioch , ,, 12 Pleasant Hill .. 13 Acalanes , 25 Pacifica ,,..,,, U Las Lomas .D l3 Pitisburq D , 6 Football is noi a bed of roses, as shown by Bob Cielinski Don Pelrich and John Wizard in this practice session Gordon Dodson and Roy Sam Johnson co-capfains for lhe Diablo- Diablo's card seclion forms a while M.D. on a. red a d green Piflsburg varsity game call lhe com before the kickoff. background as part of half lime enterlainmenl -.S IF W ff :1 W "" it Q 45 'W ,. v N . w 5 is is 1- :ax x W. , . Q -Em 5 sf xr - 3, f Q .... K. 5 X my Q .5 M", Mwxw' iq., fi EF iq 55, xg? .,-of , .. ., 'NW-fx, As . ,G .1 1: f Q, pf. ai W . rp N F gy ,V Q fs , 'ER B E? Q 1 f , . ix I . 6 ff is s : ,. W R + px gk QQ M 5? Y Q .iwwiim 49 A . V P X12 Vim, J w 1' mv , 0 QF 1 4 y.. x 5 gL?g,:,..A X ,V Q 'SQ C sbs Q W Q1 . N '39 a fig 3213-A FIRST ROW, left to right, Manager David Claire, Roy Johnson, Jerry Walsh, Cliff Mores, Marvin Williams, Ted Plumb, Manager Jack Waxman. SECOND ROW: Merle Marshall, Dave Stafford, Ron Loveridge, Doug Anderson, David Craig, Manager Ed Lewis, Ted Tahira, Dan Vasquez, Art' Parqament, Dave Tommela, Loyal Miner, Chuck Persyn. VARSITY BASKETBALL vtlll ROY JOHNSON JERRY WALSH DAVE STAFFORD RON LOVERIDGE TED PLUMB MARV. WILLIAMS IO6 "Members of the Diablo Basketball team did a tremendous job due to their great team spirit and their aggressiveness which was the deciding factor in taking second place," Coach Charlie Karp commented. "I can't praise them enough, because they were really great." The Diablo five were predicted to win three out of five of their practice games, but as it turned out, they got away with four from five. Early season predictions placed our quintet in the Leagues fourth spot. They upset all prophecies by grabbing nine victories out of twelve League plays. The losses were to Acalanes once, and Pittsburg twice. The over-all account is thirteen wins out of seventeen games. Some outstanding players are Roy lohnson, who made high-scoring honors and all-County first team, Dick Norenberg, who graduated at mid- term and also earned special recognition from the League: Ted Plumb as center, replacing Dick Norenbergy Dave Stafford making all-County second teamg Ron Loveridge receiving Honorable Mention, and Marv Williams, lerry Walsh, who missed twelve games because of an ankle injury, came back at the end of the season playing hard to make up for lost time. Main players were guards, Roy lohnson, Dave Stafford, Cliff Moresg for- wards, Marv Williams, Ron Loveridge, lerry Walsh, and Ted Plumb, Dick Norenberg at center. VARSITY SCOREBOARD CHARLES KARP Head Basketball Coach Diablo.. .... ...... 6 O Encinal ......... ........ 5 9 Diablo ....... ....... 3 6 San Lorenzo ............ 32 Diablo.. ..... .... 4 2 Lowell .,....... .,...... 7 2 Diablo ........ .. 72 Castlemont . 63 Diablo ........ .,.,. 4 6 Armijo .................,,... 43 Diablo ....... ...... 6 l Pleasant Hill ......... 4l Diablo ......, ....... 5 7 Antioch . . ..,.. ....,. . 49 Diablo.. . .. .. 6l Las Lomas . . 39 Diablo ....... .... 6 6 Pacifica ....... . . .. H29 Diablo ....... . .... 43 Pittsburg .. .. 49 Diablo ..... . .. 42 Acalanes ....... .. M37 Diablo ....... ....... 4 7 Pleasant l-lill ..,....,.. 37 Diablo ..,.... ..,.... 4 3 Antioch .... . . 37 Diablo ......, .. 64 Las Lomas .... ..4l Diablo ....... ... 66 Pacifica ..,.. ..., . ...SO Diablo .....,, ,,...,. 4 l Pittsburg . .... ...,45 -4 ll I H Diablo ..,,,. ,...... 5 6 Acalanes .,.,. .,.,.,.. 7 0 CLIFF MORES MR. CARL ANACLARIO "B" Basketball Coach FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Kint, manager, John Tonetti, George Baldocchi, Roger Russ, Ron Smith, Wayne Duarte, Jim Heath, manager. SECOND ROW:'Dave Barber, Jim Gonsalves, Jim Gavin, Jerry Clough, Neil Satre, Ron Tibulski, AI Allison, Richard Nnsonger. B BASKETBALL Coach Anaclario's B's, this season, buzzed up to a real solid third spot in the League by Winning three out of five of their practice games which were San Lorenzo, Castlemont, and Encinalg six wins out of the twelve League plays. The B's twice tromped over each of the following: Pleasant Hill, Las Lomas, and Pacifica. However, they were defeated by Pittsburg, Antioch, and Acalanes twice each. These sharpshooters played scrappy and very progressive ball, and thus, ended with "a real terrific season," according to Coach Anaclario. Dave Barber pushed his Way up to All-County, second team: Gerry Clough received Honorable Mention, and reliable Al Allison made Honor' ary Captain. Varsity contenders for next term may be lim Gonsalves and Neil Satre. Some prospects could be sophomores, Dave Barber, Gerry Clough, and Ron Tibulski. The first string this season was composed ot such fast-driving ball players as Wayne Duarte, forward, Dave Barber, guardg Al Allison, guardg Ron Tibulski, center: and Gerry Clough, forward. Diablo Diablo ,...... .. Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo .... .. Diablo ,..... . Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo.. .. Diablo... . . . Diablo.. .. . .,.. ,....., . .34 B SCOREBOARD Encinal ......... San Lorenzo Lowell .......... Castlemont .. Armiio Pleasant Hill Antioch ........ Las Lomas .. Pacifica .. .. Pittsburg . Acalanes Pleasant Hill Antioch Las Lomas . Pacifica ..... Pittsburg Acalanes .... 46 I9 39 32 48 34 43 38 23 45 43 35 44 44 39 71 Sl JIM GAVIN RON TIBULSKI DAVE BARBER WAYNE DUARTE JERRY CLOUGH JIM GONSALVES AL ALLISON l07 ' 1 Rf lm 'Kg .AZ 'Mm S W 3 w , --me x Y wg-gagb QR , ., fig Sql V ,:, Qiin 3-Au fa X: fig-qx dj, wxw Q 4 is J QQ W Mfqm Z ,gm I E mx F W Q A tx, M iw? 2 th NwW6:" 4 .XM xii .fs.,. iw 1 1 3 MLKV 53 1? gm N-up I 6 "A" SQUAD-FIRST A ROW, left to right: Bob Bradford, Coach Orv. Steffen, Head Coach Hart Fairclough, Coach Doug Smith, John Crews. SECOND ROW: Clint Mclntosh, Brooke Ja- cobsen, Ron Walters, Bill Gainer, John Cher- noh, Sonny Hamer, Tom HoImes,Jerry West, Ron Cataldo, Jim Gonsal- ves, Gil Johnson, Har- old Hayworth. THIRD ROW: Danny Vasquez, Al Trette, Babe Gueri- soli, Rego Piva, Gordon Silva, Dave Montgom- ery, Bob Templeton, Don Mattson, Richard Cadenasso, George Darrow, John Turner. BACK ROW: John To- netti, Tom Barclay, Don Parke, Mel Redfield, Lynn Price, Richard Mal- thews, John Flint, Don Campbell, Harold, Tre- pagnier, Zane Hunt, Denny Date, John Crews. ' ,- .ii l Pri . VARSITY TRACK The Ml. Diablo track teams were scheduled to appear in eight meets this year. Two of their star men from last year's team were Rego Piva, who pole-vaulted with a record of ll feet 9 inches, and Harold Hayworth, who led the tield in dashes and hurdles. 1956 SCHEDULE March 9 Balboa at Concord March l6 Las Lomas and Pleasant Hill at Concord March 23 Hayward at Hayward April 8 Acalanes at Concord Rego Piva finds the height of the bar no trouble at all in the three-wav meet between Diablo, Las Lomas and Pleasant Hill. Abe Garcia, Sonny Hamer, and Al Trette all try for a first place in the l20 low hurdles. W ..., X .P 'X ' A- - sql, . vfs ,X 4 April ll April l7 April 27 May 4 Berkeley at Berkeley Piedmont at Concord Pittsburg at Pittsburg Antioch and Alhambra at Concord Harold Hayworth sprints a winning I00 yard dash Mel Redfield tries for six feet on the hugh lump B SQUAD-FIRST ROW, left to right: Eugene Earls, 'Mike Price, Dean Deaton, Mike Moore, Marc Stephen, Normen Mickey, Roy Guy, Dennis Treadway, Dick Kitowski, Earl Phipps, David Holmes, David Claire, Richard Tonetti. SECOND ROW: Coach Dug Smith, Sonny Pratt, Charles Kimes, Kenneth Brewer, Elvin Stubblefield, Ed Lewis, Neal Satre, Bob Kitchen, Lee Schipper, Al Allison, Dave Barber, Louis Gadol, Gary Lindstrom, Junior Omania, Coach Orv Steffen. B TRACK The "B" Track Team scheduled eight meets, some dual, some triangular. They are as follows: Balboa, Pleasant Hill and Las Lomas in a triangular meet: Pitts- burg, Antioch and Alhambra in a triangular meet, Acalanes, Piedmont, and Hayward. One of this year's up and coming "B" stars was sophomore Marc Stephen, who broke the 660 stadium record early in March. Diablo "B" frackman digs in as the tape is broken in the ISO-yard dash. The Iightweighfs show their Skill in iumping over me hurdles Coach Hart Fairclough gives last minute instructions to these Devil trackmen. Heaving the discus is Reqo Piva. lg 1 Q . 1 rf 2 A , , 0 l mum in L! J 1- - , 'eu fm -5. - K V L. - if V "si-ggi Qi , ,. , , 7, : fl u , A .3 if , Q df? , ,K X A Q , Agri ,Dy gy ' 5 if X , if Y- fi 1, , 1 fjgyw ,f ,i,i1,1., i Vf?'x,.,',f!w ef , if A c11f5W'fi 3 4 A Smfki Q H m,,,g3,,g,w. M p I ' Ziff Vi u , , 1- f' ,M 'r ' rsxiix '45 , s . ,Ag if Mft V X Q . , . ' my M , ,g nigh , fi iid, , . , K gvf fy ,www ,E i fi wig if IVV ' ififx g,.x,'k X ' R if f. ' ' J 'RY s '1 j ' Qt' -'L fig-fp: , A im, Y 1 H1 'f A swag 4,5 fix! "ig if mos A iwmf, -w 1 , -1'-1 .. RSX -H221 1 ,ws v'?"f" W'-nsl7'3?1g,, Diablo Iighiweiqhis fake second in 75-yiard dash, Sonny Pratt clears The bar by many inches. Diablo puis John Sweff ou? af firsi. Dave Siaiford prepares io compleie a double sieal. Mi. Diablo, Casflemonf, and Las Lomas vie for honors in fhe baclzsiroke. FIRST ROW, left fo right: Jack Dunn, Bill Marshall, Verle Sidwell, Rod Alnip, Sonny Cordes, Jerry Walsh, Ron Franks. , SECOND ROW: Ari Pargament, Richard Bolcerek, Larry Hollinger, Dave Slaflord, Merle Marshall, Lloyd Crenna. E ARSITY N ASEBALL CARL ANACLARIO STANLEY MILLER Coach ofthe varsity baseball team. Coach of the "B" baseball team. George Manlove, George llanen, and Bruce McCorkle, varsity baseball managers. ll2 Under new head coach Carl Anaclario, the Mt. Diablo Red Devil baseball team made a determined drive for the league championship. At press time the Red Devils were in first place, 2 games ahead of 2nd place. Rod Atnip, ace Diablo moundsman, to date holds the best Diablo pitching record. At the beginning of the season, Rod started by hurling 24 consecutive scoreless innings. Rod is not only the leading moundsman but he is the leading batter as well, with a hefty 600 average. Also pounding the ball heavily are Dave Stafford, Verle Sidwell and Dick Bolcera. The Red Devils will be in lop shape next year as they have six juniors on the first team. The graduating seniors include, Marv Williams, left fieldy Sonny Cordes, right fieldg Ierry Walsh, second base, and Ron Franks, center field. PRACTICE GAMES Berkeley .............................. l Mt. Diablo ...........,... ...... 3 lohn Swett .,.. ................. 2 Mt. Diablo ......... .,..,. 6 LEAGUE GAMES Acalanes ..... ........,.,... D Mt. Diablo... .. 2 Antioch ......... ........... 3 Mt. Diablo ......... ...... 3 Las Lomas ...... ..... O Mt. Diablo ..,...... .,... 5 Pacifica ..,.... ..... 5 Mt. Diablo ......... ...,,. 8 Pittsburg ..,....... ..... 4 Mt. Diablo ......... , .... 3 Pleasant I-lill ..... . .....,... 4 Mt. Diablo .......,. ....., 3 Acalanes ....... .. ,. VZ. 7 Mt. Diablo ....... . l, 9 Antioch ......... ..,..... 9 Ml. Diablo .....,... .,.,,, 5 Las Lomas ...... ......... O , 3 Mt. Diablo ...,..... ...... 5 , 6 Pacifica .....,... ..5, U Mt. Diablo ........, ,... . , 8, 6 Pittsburg ............. ..... l Mt. Diablo ........, ,,,,.. 4 Pleasant Hill .............,,.,.,. 2 Mt. Diablo ,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 4 Varsity baseball batting practice held before a big game Steve Bordi is out at first in a varsity baseball practice session as 181115- tfmm,-,v,s:nr.1w. ' . VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW, lett to right: Jack Wax- man, Doug Madden, Wally Shouitz, Kirk Bowman, Charles Caulk, Arvin Bolen, Wayne Littleton, Mike Navone, Ronald Gruessinq. SECOND ROW: Bill John- sion, Howard Kennerson, David Martin, Marlon Shanks, Bill Harvey, Dave Cooper, Dick Jones, Gordon Dodson, Dave Sousa. THIRD ROW: Robert Vin- cent, Ted Tahira, Ralph Mohr, Jack Ken- nerson, Bill Williams, Loui Mancini, Jim Zuur, Cliff Vaughn, Hank Cureton, Terry Rapp, Richard Dorsey. SWIMMING "B" SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Brian Catto, Ramon De Cierto, Charles Foreman, Jack Kennerson, Bob Arendtson, Dan Du Pont, Ted Miller. SECOND ROW: Paul Jones, Bart Blakesley, Jerry Clough, Richard McDermott, Bob White, Vaughn Leath. THIRD ROW: Dave Keisel, Wayne Price, Bob Williams, Brian Ma- deros, John Sheets, Ed Hadley, Royce Dalton. Coach Les Williams said early in the season, "This year's team is the strongest we have ever had, and I feel there is a chance we may win the county cham- pionshipsf' Varsity standouts are Wayne Littleton, who swims the 50-yard free style: and Howard Kennerson, who swims the 200-yard tree style, while the "B" standouts are Bryant Bolen, who swims the individual medley, and Gerald Clough, who swims the lOO-yard breast stroke. This year's swimming team was scheduled for sixteen meets, starting at the end ot February and ending the middle of May. A member ofthe swimming team performing a backward sornersault. Two members of the swimming team practicing the "butterfly stroke." Dave Sousa executes a forward one and a half off the high board. Mike Navone shown in the pike position ofa forward somersault. LES WILLIAMS Coach ofthe varsity and "B swimming teams TUMBLING TEAM-FIRST ROW, left to right: Lanny Ball, Jack Sheehan, Jim Royce, Roy Jara, J. Markham, Jerry Dubbs, Jerry Underwood, Don Cook, Bob Skaggs, Art Crowe. SECOND ROW: Bill Cook, Gary Matz, Ron Cook, Lance Cheek, Keith Schwartztrauber, Jerry Britton, T. J. Elam, Martin Allan, Bill Bruce, Frank Johnson, Tim Towell. THIRD ROW: Mike Erwin, Taylor Alt- man, Dave Brockbanlr, Eddie Roufs, Mike Carpenter, Jay Jackson, Dietmar Fritsch, Pete Hilts, Bruce McChesney, Steve Carvaial, Ernie Carvaial, Jim Saggs. ly' f. TUMBLING Displaying the balance and physique of circus performers, this year's tumbling team has competed with Sequoia, Redwood City and Richmond High Schools as well as entertained midtime at the home basketball games. I. Markham was rated one of the best tumblers of the year by Coach Powell, who telt he had fulfilled his early season's promise. CROSS-COUNTRY The camera had a hard time keeping pace with Mr. George Armstrong's Cross- Country team which won 7 of its 10 varsity meets, and 4 oi its 8 "B" meets. Running through the spotlight to receive awards were Ron Walters, team cap- tainp Clint Mclntosh, Marc Stephen, Dave Claire, Harold Trepagnier, Ron Love- ridae and Ted Tahira, varsity members. For "B" awards, appeared loe Partansky, Rick Tonetti, and Dave Kiesel. This year's members worked during the tall semester tor the first awards ever to be presented to a Cross Country Team at Diablo. i C i MR. WILLIAM POW Coach Mn. eeokes ARMSTI Coach N 3 in X. , X X X. t Xx FIRST ROW, left fo right: Marc Steven, Clint Mclntosh, Ron Walters, Tommy Holmes. SECOND ROW: Joe Partansky, Ron Lovaridge, Ed Lewis, Louis Gadol, Harold Treoaqnier, Dave Claire. THE GOLF TEAM-FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Cima, Larry Laurence. SEC- OND ROW: Coach Charlie Karp, Sid Schwartz, Pat Shockey, George Lind- roth. NOT PICTURED: Gene Powning. CHARLES KARP Coach F -1 - f IILSON LANDRUM Coach GOLF "We may not set the world afire this season, but we'll win more than we lose," Coach Karp predicted early in the season. He felt that the individual improvement of each of his players in this three-year-old sport at Diablo would show up in the twelve matches staged for the season. TENNIS The squad started challenging schools in and out of the league territory on March 6, and ended the season May 17 at Pleasant Hill. In April, members of the team attended the Santa Rosa invitational tournament of Northern California high schools. These boys swung their racquets against junior colleges, St. Mary's College, St. Mary's High School of Berkeley, as well as valley schools Coach Landrum's enthusiasm kept them serving higher and surer as the season pro- gressed. TENNIS SQUAD-FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Heath, Jim Sparks, Jo Par- tanslry, Dennis Wadsworth, Steve Swind- all, Ralph Plunh, Mike Baird, Forrest Van Wert, manager. CENTER FRONT: Bob Landrum, mascot. SECOND ROW: George Lindroth, Forrest Lea, John Slreen, Gilbert Gutry, Charles Clark, Gary Mitten, John Ruisi, Wilson Lan- drum, coach. NOT PICTURED: Gordon Knapp, Ron Loveridge, Ed Ruff. . . .mi GIRLS G.A.A. has had a varied program this year. Following the initiation at the begin- ning of the year, two new sports were added: bowling and hockey. The Mt. Diablo G.A.A. has participated in ten playdays with schools in the area. The program was climaxed by the Spring G.A.A. Banquet and the annual swim show, "Echoes of Broad- way." G. A. A. CABINET FIRST ROW, lofi' fo right: Nancy Pierson, Judy Peterson, Betty Allen.'SECOND ROW: Mrs. Betty Nikkei, Adviser: Tamra Cummings, Sue Sweeny, Mary Beth Slate, Gsan Spessard Peggy Smith. M 1 -gg 42523. Q. N-i':.i95'gN4 fm i L 35.12 . P Q, qv ft R' ,a as P' 1, X W A .1 :A -1 g lil Am -W R' if p Q FQQZE: 5 sg R ' , ,L' lwgx W K, ,- W, ,-qi. -WH ' S ' .. 'if e ,eq . X. QL' ' nj 1 G Twx 3 1 "x-93 , 2 A N fx H ,Jr . ,.,,x , - Q' 'aff . qv 3 3: gs ,, , 'Q as 'fy 4. 1 Y Egg 4+ fb 5T,ssi31 sy. Q f gs., X 1 Nmwsmww These sophomores gladly posed for 'lhe tm cameraman one spring day. "Free swim" days usually draw a crowd out fo fhe pool in fhe girls' sixlh period P.E. class. The fourlh period, Modern Dance Class, under fhe direcfion of Mrs. Jean Cum- ming, pauses for fradifional picfure. One never knows wha? fhese freshman girls may be saying fo convince 'lhe ball lo go Through fhe hoop and noi around if! NBLXY N M r A K , W ,,, ' M Harold Hayworfh fakes lime ou? be- lween races for broad iump praciice. K A member of The fumbling leam prac- ticing one of The more difficult frampo- line exercises. Q 1 2 , Half courl baskelball players are a cum- mon scene during P.E. "free play" days. Coach Powell fiming a studenl who has nearly compleled a dodge run fesf. ADV ,AP I Y N N ' f N G I P v N N I K. L P - ,v'.. EL MONTE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION El Monte Merchants Association is a civic-minded group which possesses the will to serve cmd help. Early in Concord's expanding days, the merchants moved out on Clayton Road and took a typical "American chance" on having the trade follow them. Today the center is nestled in the midst of many housing projects. The trade did follow them. The following Association members would like to express their congratulations to the graduating class of 1956. ADAMS MEN'S SHOP LEE'S SHOE STORE CHINESE KITCHEN PAYLESS CLEANERS CLIFF'S SHOE REPAIR EL MONTE VARIETY G HARDWARE IACK AND IILL SHOP THE MERRY MART WADSWORTH FURNITURE HERB'S UPHOLSTERY RIGGS' TOY TOWN M. A. ROTERMUND RAINES' EL MONTE HARDWARE EL MONTE TV G APPLIANCES HANDY'S APPLIANCE EL MONTE MEAT 6. LOCKER EL MONTE BAKERY EL MONTE SUPER MARKET EL MONTE DRIVEIN EL MONTE ASSOCIATED STATION EL MONTE PHARMACY EL MONTE LIQUOR STORE McCOY'S ICE CREAM MARY LO'U'S DRESS SHOP LEO KINTANA, STATE FARM INSURANCE BANK OF AMERICA KCLAYTON BRANCHI Contracting Q Supplies Westinghouse Appliances .,"-5:3 CONCORD ELECTRIC 2028 Mt. Diablo Street 2 7 Phone MU 5-5000 Concord, California HULL REALTY nl Q Real Estate and Insurance S 2185 Concord Blvd. MU 5-4378 ELSEWHERE IS NOWHERE ANDERSON ROOFING CO. l50l Lucky Drive Concord, California ROOFS THAT LAST Ernie Anderson Phone: MUlberry 5-7654 H. F. ITANEN Painting and Decorating Phone MU 5-8483 Concord, California CONCORD FRENCH LAUNDRY Phone MU 5-7512 1850 Mt. Diablo Street BROWN'S MUSIC CENTER Everything for the Musician Tony and Vera Brown 2224 Concord Blvd. Concord, California Res. MU 5-4043 MU 2-2338 Fine Diamonds Silverware Watches Iewelry and Gifts WOLFF S IEWELERS 1747 Willow Pass Road In Concord Park and Shop "A Wolffs Customer ls a Happy Person" Ben Lewy, Mgr. MU 2-3330 ADAM'S MEN'S WEAR The Store for the Well-Dressed Man Phone MU 5-6300 3446 Clayton Road BLASING'S DRAPERIES 2295 CONCORD BLVD. Concord California GARDEN EQUIPMENT CO. Phone MU 2-9777 e Lafayette 2156 10 Meadow Land and Four Corners Concord, California STODDARD TI-IE IEWELER Diamonds O Watches 0 Iewelry WAYNE'S STATIONERY a CARDS 0 GIFTS 1751 Willow Pass Road Concord, California Gifts by Susanne of Concord Phone MU 28128 2068 Salvio Street 2321 Salvio Street Concord, California DIABLO SPORTS CENTER "COMPLETE SPORTING GOODS STORE" AFTER THE GAME MEET AT Phone MU 2-0818 2057 Salvio Street MATT-SONS' CREAMERY FOOD CENTER Willow Pass Road, Concord PORT CHICAGO 216 Main GL 8-2765 I. C. PIERCE DE SOTO 0 PLYMOUTH CS! Phone MU 2-2141 2195 Concord Avenue 1940 Colfax Sffeef ONE-DAY FILM SERVICE . NICK'S NEWS STAND Phone MU 5-8447 Concord, California Candy - Soft Drinks . smokers' Supplies WALT SHOW , ' EVERYTHING Pon 'rl-xr: HOME AND AUTO SODARO OFFICE SUPPLIES INC. CONCORD, CALIFORNIA Mu 5.7656 3458 ciqyton not-id AUTO STORES Phone MU 5-0009 2006 Willow Pass Road Yee and Leong CHINESE KITCHEN We are just a phone call away Phone MU 2-1825 3426 Clayton Road IAMES DE LUXE CLEANERS CONCORD. CALIFORNIA Phone MU 5-7332 2265 Willow Pass Road WILLOW PASS LAUNDROMAT Third and Willow Pass Road Phone MU 2-0469 Concord Concord, California Phone MU 5-8421 2091 Salvio Street 3 . i' V Qt, , ns. "Rain," say Iinx and Mary Beth, "Won't stop us in our OK used car from I'T1'Z- PATRICK CHEVROLET." The used car lot is located at the corner of Galindo cmd Lu- quna Street. Phone MU 5-8564. Lennie, Abe, and the girls are packinq for a trip North! They are qettinq their equip- ment from the SPORT CHALET, 2749 Con- tra Costa Highway, Plecxscmt Hi1L YE 4- 7682. Corsaqes from LAILNS FLORIST are a de luxe addition to any qirl's outfit, but par- ticularly to a Diabloan is this true. Located at 2133 Concord Avenue. Phone MU 5-4464. Mary helps Ron pick out a sharp sport coat while the other Diabloans are sock and sweater-minded at M. F. GREIF 6 CO.. located in the Gregory Gardens Shopping Center. Phone MU 5-7286. Summer is just around the corner but these Diablo girls will be ready. They are select- ing material for their new cotton frocks at BROWNE'S DEPARTMENT STORE, 2090 Salvio Street. MU 5-8181. Even modern antiques like Mrs. Lurn's Plymouth suburban can be serviced here. So, to give your car a brighter outlook on life, take it to RUSS MORGAN'S Chevron Service Station at the comer of East and Willow Pass. Phone MU Z-9897. Anyone for badminton? If not, there are plenty of other sporting goods to select from at SPORTS 6. GAMES. INC.. 1604 Locust Street. Walnut Creek. Phone YE 5- 1017. a I l Carolyn Lehmer and friends smile their approval of the new "56" Olds on display at L1I1'I1V1ER'S OLDSMOBILE located at Galindo cmd Concord Blvd. Phone MU 5- 4481. Pretty girls and new appliances are a good combination anytime. The deep-fat fryer and electric skillet can be found at the WALNUT CREEK ELECTRIC, 2235 Main Street. YE 4-7682. Out in the old town of Clayton there's a famous bit of western hospitality found at CHUBBY HUMBLE'S PIONEER INN. Four Diabloans look a bit shy about entering, but no one who has eaten there is shy a second time, for Chubby has a ready wel- come for his guests, and his cuisine is fashioned for the palate of a gourmet. Phone MU 2-9989 for reservations, or just go. These Diabloites are getting back an out- fit all spic and span after a stay with the CONCORD CLEANERS. 2028 Salvio Street. MU 5-8524. lt's spring and a woman's fancy turns to clothes. These Diablo girls are no excep- tion, for they are Visiting HILSON'S DE- PARTMENT STORE at 1935 Mt. Diablo Street in Concord, and they found exciting clothes among the new spring fashions col- lection in the Women's Department. Hil- son's is in the center of town, on the way home from school-so why not look here for your "dream rags"? Phone MU 2-1322. Ianet may be the center of attention at SU'I'TON'S SHOES at 2176 Solano Way, but she is only showing the boys where to shop for their own styles. The price is right, and it's only a few minutes' walk from school to Estates Shopping Center where Sutton's is found. Phone MU 2-0907 with your in- quiry about sizes or styles. ACME AUTO REPAIR 2825 The Alameda Street MU 5-8495 Concord WALNUT CREEK FLORIST FLOWERS POR ALL OCCASIONS YE 4-2396 1429 Broadway CONCORD RADIATOR WORKS Cleaning O Repairing 0 Recoring 0 Rod Out MU 2-9398 2218 Broadway Concord FR.ANK'S FEED ci F ARM SUPPLY RALSTON PURINA PRODUCTS Broadway and Harrison MU 5-7718 Concord GEORGE SEARLE'S ASSOCIATED P Grant and Salvio Streets MU 2-9963 Concord, California I A tr i s f aol MU 5-8586 Concord BANK OF AMERICA 2118 Willow Pass Road OFFERS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 The parade of Champions might well be at the MONUMENT BOWL on Contra Costa Hiway at the Monument. Pros and ama- teurs alike like the wide, well-lighted alleys there. Monument Bowl has become the place to meet your friends in competition or for the social hour as a spectator. Phone MU 2-2361. I'IERB'S MORWEAR PAINT sroaz ' 2116 Concord Blvd. MU 5-5014 Concord OF.WALNUl' CREEK ewelry cameras C9' gf!! KAROL KAY 1632 MAIN - wunur cnnx, cnuronum MU 5-8366 2141 Salvio Street Concord FI.OSSIE'S APPAREL First to Offer Everything In Ladies Ready-to-Wear MUlberry 5-7028 BLAINE'S MEN'S WEAR 2125 Salvio Street MU 5-5424 Concord KELLY'S MARKET 2085 Concord Blvd. Concord 2836 Clayton Road MU 5-8634 Concord PLAZA BARBER SHOP 1837 Ml. Diablo Street Concord B ci I FABRICS The Shop for All Your Sewing Needs 2120 Concord Blvd. SATTLERS' OF CONCORD Furniture o Appliances MU 5-7177 Concord 2301 Willow Pass 2304 Willow Pass MU 5-8547 MU 5-8136 TONY'S TOGGERY THE DIAMOND MATCH CO. lack Foley, Ed Garton, "Ioe" Newman Ph MU 5-4454 C d 2149 Salvio Street Concord one Oncol BEEDE'S VARIETY STORE 2002 Salvio Street IACK HAMILTON OII.. CO. MU 5-8292 Concord Distributor General Petroleum Products SUGAR pLUM PASTRY SHQ1: Mt. Diablo and Laguna Streets MU 5-4392 2365 Concord Blvd. YE 4-4537 1355 Mem street MU 5-9525 Concord CONCORD WALNUT CREEK NOR AND BILL Auto Specialists Nor Shields o Bill Bankert 1301 Galindo Street MU 2-0442 Concord Concord Rexall Drugs Holbrook Drug Store Estates Rexall Drugs CONCORD STATIONERY 2285 Willow Pass Road MU 5-8802 Concord ESTATES CLEANERS 2168 Solano Way MU 2-0400 Concord CANDY KITCHEN FOR FINE CANDIES Port Chicago Hiway Concord ESTATES HARDWAY CUT AND CURL BEAUTY SALON 2068 Salvio Street, Mezzanine Floor Frances Flaherty Concord 51 VARIETY DIABLO REAL-I-Y 2118 Concord Blvd. Solano Way MU 5-8728 Concord MU 2,0712 Concord LIFE, AUTO, AND FIRE INSURANCE 140 Concord Blvd. MU 5-7620 Concord Duncan 51 Kirby Union Service Clayton Road and Treat Lane LOGAN A. COFFEE Insurance and Real Estate Concord 2228 Concord Blvd. SQUARE DEAL UPHOLSTBRY MU 2-9457 cgncgrd CARPEFS AND DRAPERIES 2229 Willow Pass Road Concord IERRICOS Garden Grocery and Meat Market Gsnsmxrons AND s'rAm'f:as High School Suee, 2353 concord Blvd. MU 5-5310 concord concord Contra Costa Travel Service Airlines 0 Steamships 0 Rail Tours ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD 2303 Concord Blvd. MU 5-7114 Concord Western Auto Associate Store Home owne: AND oPr:aA-mn 2255 Willow Pass Road MU 5-8319 Concord CONCORD SAFETY CENTER Wheel Aligning 0 Brakes 0 Wheel Balancing BILL WESTBURY, Owner 1950 East Street MU 2-9459 Concord LANFRANCOS POULTRY FARM 399 Treat Lane MU 5-5677 Concord SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION "BEST WISHES, CLASS OF '56" From SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION Shell Point Plant Pittsburg, California RICHARD G. NOURSE E. I . M-ANGINI UNION OIL DISTRIBUTOR 2345 Willow Pass Road MU 5-8101 or MU 5-6691 Concord, California MU 5-5911 or MU 5-7171 Insurance 0 Real Estate 0 Notary POPLIN'S MOBILE SERVICE "FREE PICKUP AND' DELIVERY" East Street and Salvio Call MU 2-1046 Concord TIVOLI CLEANERS HOME OWNED AND OPERATED BY FLOYD' I. AND ROBERT GRUBBS 2183 Concord Blvd. MU 5-3264 Concord P. L. KELLER COMPANY "Since 19l3" HARDWARE MU 5-7660 Concord, California OLIVER'S SHELL STATION Clayton Road and San lose Street MU 2-2253 Concord, California SUPERIOR BLACKSMITH "Where service is a business, not a sideline" Broadway and Harrison Phone MU 5-8632 CONCORD SIGN COMPANY 2303 Concord Avenue MU 2-0550 Concord KAREFREE KITCHENS YE 4-3227 or YE 4-7505 1335 Main Street Walnut Creek, California RONAYNE SALES AND DEVELOPMENT INC. Real Estate and Insurance 2275 Willow Pass Road MU 5-8521 Concord McNAMARA'S KITCHEN 1600 Clayton Road Concord WILLOW PASS PHARMACY 2708 Willow Pass Road MU 2-3900 Concord, California G. I. Redding, Distributor RICHFIELD OIL CORPORATION MU 5-8119 Concord, California SILVA HARDWARE G VARIETY "Our Specialty" Builder's Hardware, Plumbing, Electrical and Household Appliances, and Rentals 2876 Willow Pass Road Concord PRCF E SSICN AL PAGE DOCTORS DENTISTS Donald W. Atcheson, M.D. Raymond Chan, M.D. Roland I. Davies, M.D. Dean H. Iohnson, M.D. Ralph D. Kirk, M.D. George L. Kline, M.D. C. H. Lentz, M.C. L. Robert Martin, M.D. Iohn E. Mason, M.D. F. I. Morley, M.D. R. R. Pinger, M.D. William B. Roberts, M. D. Ronald L. Thiele, M.D. Richard G. Brink, D.D.S. Louis M. Ellis, D.D.S. Kenneth R. Krey, D.D.S. Allan L. Lagier, D.D.S. Ronald G. Light, D.D.S. Carl F. Mills, D.D.S. Robert L. Saunders, D.D.S David S. Tittle, D.D.S. lames H. Trezona, D.D.S. Benjamin Yuke, D.D.S. Lee R. Winters, D.D.S. Irving Fien, M.D. C,P,A,'S ATTQRNEYS Charles Macy Hal Forsey Barbara Backer Thomas Coll, Richard Soulsby Iohn L. Garaventa Betts 6. Renaghan OPTOMETRISTS Marcus ci Bradbard Kelvin Pierce Louis I. McKannay Albert Reinke 1 M' f 5 ft 9fM U ' ' W X My if M A 1 -pidj The fo ng ch e are helping us es new tr cli o our Diab '56 I is o Church Director X ' CHURCH OF C FIRST P BYTERIAN 148 Gregory L n Pleasant ljlil ornia , , fi CHU CH or IESUS CHRIST f or LATTEII DAY SAINTS 3700 Concord Blvd. ' Concord, California FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH Woodworth Lane Pleasant Hill. California FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 3033 Bonifacio Street Concord, California FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH -MISSOURI SYNOD Concord Blvd. and Second Street Concord, California CHURC 1991 Colfax Street Concord, California GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH 1758 Danesta Drive Concord, California MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD CATHOLIC CHURCH l 150 Oak Grove Road Concord, California QUEEN OF ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC CHURCH Grant Street Concord, California SAINT ANDREW PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 1601 Mary Drive Pleasant Hill, California CHARLES MARSHALL SAYERS SCHOOL OF WOOD CARVING 1261 Laverock Lane YE 4-4548 Walnut Creek AN DY'S FOOD MARKET 3400 Clayton Road El Monte District MU 2-9530 MR. B'S FOUNTAIN 1965 Mt. Diablo Street Concord 0 California BONNIE WARREN SPORTS APPAREL PHIPPS AUTO SUPPLY Specializes in hard-to-get items MU 2-9791 A t P t A , GREGORY VILLAGE PLEASANT HILL u O 'H S ' Ccessones 2640 Willow Pass Road West Pittsburg California BERKELEY FARMS 1723 Mi. Dldblo Blvd. YE 4 9371 Walnut Creek 2295 Willow Pass Road C d California I32 THANKS . . . The Staff wishes to thank the following sponsors of the Diablo '56: Acme Auto Repair, Adams' Men's Wear, Anderson's Roofing Co., Bank of Amer- ica, Beede's Variety Store, Berkeley Farms, B 6. I Fabrics, Blaines Men's Shop, Blasing's Draperies, Bonnie Warren, Browne's Department Store, Brown's Music Center, California Auto Store, Candy Kitchen, Clark's Craft 6. Hobby Shop, Con- cord Cleaners, Contra Costa Travel Agency, Concord French Laundry, Concord Radiator, Concord Rexall, Concord Safety Center, Concord Electric, Concord Stationery, Cut and Curl, Diamond Match, Diablo Sports Center, Diablo Realty, Duncan 6. Kibby Union Service, Estates Cleaners, Estates Hardware ci Variety, El Monte Merchants Association, Flossie's Apparel, Fitzpatrick Chevrolet, Food Center Port Chicago, Frank's Feed Farm Supply, Garden Equipment Co., Garden Grocery 6. Meat Market, George Searle's Associated, Golden State, Graham's Willow Pass Grocery, M. F . Greif 6. Co., Herb's Paint Store, H. F. Itanen, Hilson's, Hoky's, Holbrook Cleaners, lack Hamilton Oil Co., Iames De Luxe Cleaners, Ierrico's Generators, Karefree Kitchens, Karol Kay, Keller Hardware, Kelly's Market, Laila's, Lanfranco Poultry Farm, Lehmer's Cldsmobile, Life, Auto 6. Fire Insurance, Logan A. Coffee, Matt-sons', McNamara's Kitchen, E. I. Mangini, Men's Shop, Monument Bowl, Nick's News Stand, Nor 6: Bill, Nourse Realty, Oliver's Shell Station, Phipps Auto Supply, Plaza Barber Shop, I. C. Pierce DeSoto 6: Plymouth, Pioneer Inn, Poplin's Mobile Gas, G. I. Redding Richfield, Rhineharts, Ronayne, Russ Morgan Chevron, Sattlers', Shell Chemical, Sodaro Office Sup- plies, Sport Chalet, Sports G Games, Inc., Silva Hardware and Variety, Square Deal Uuholstery, Style Shop, Stoddard the Ieweler, Sugar Plum Pastry Shop, Superior Blacksmith, Susanne of Concord, Sutton's Shoes, Tivoli Cleaners, Tony's Toggery, Walnut Creek Electric, Walnut Creek Florist, Wayne's, Westem Auto, Willow Pass Laundromat, Willow Pass Pharmacy, Woltfs Iewelers, Yee and Leong Chinese Kitchen. Diablo's outside man is Lu- igi Pino, who clips hedges, plants spring flowers, mows the greens and ten- derly cares for the beauty around us. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . . . Lederer, Street :S Zeus Co., Inc.-Bob Ozias, Printing and Planning. California Art and Engraving Co.-Bob Moon, Engravings. Hal Matson, Photographers-Hal, Tep, and Al, Photography. S. K. Smith Co.-Bill Retchin, Covers. Cardoza Binding Co. Miss Marge Silva, Rod Newhall and Doug Silker, Art Work. 'L ,r. T451 DJ .'q'?f'f'-fl!5f!"'5i?f?iggFl9'f'Ef'17'1 5 g3?5'ffL'4 ff?-1'5'T,j - f ' . , -N as . E E A V N GP. www-Q MQW Y M 7 5 3ffpp5fm,1wf MW ,WWW l kjumwpwbgvwuxwwjr LQQWY f,R,,v-4QA.o'wJ-f ii Qi, -4 , 45 . gfiw -Aww lk ,ww ,iiffilffixiacm Mg QzvNM'Gm ,km QAM JU . F 4 I: Q F e If Wi? Q77 W WWW 295255 Bays? WW 2,3 TW f fziiiffiw QQAA get-A-sax, ox xee"""""?'1-c--.. N'v""5"'i'L' .bww Meg, ""AM""'-"X" -+11-0.f,.,1-56,4-,,l,,, q ,L Q3-A-f-'-vxq fwvmmdf, KADUD-Q C53 ' 1 fvf 1 1, 1- 'P b f 4 - f'k'1- 'iq Emi l ,J-:sr . " " -.ML , - -J'A vnu f A ' ww' il L T-OE. ' . --na, '4--TY 9.5 , ' ' ' fwsf-1-159153 ' .9f',. A X- 'TL ' ' '.-P":'fl'.. W, SA' , , ' ,1f-I-5?:ga..- H Af '1--.L - i' w H51 + f gwn tf , Mm - 'Va 1 1 , P HE 1 4 aff ' . -M1111 1 1. : 1 .v, f . ,H ' ,,,-. 'if '- ' X fel -1 Ziff' . , arf" A ,ip-11 1 . ,. ,' 5 ,, , . f g X - 'Q 145. - ' . -.,- " 11 .. . 1 . 1' ' 'C 4 Rfk: Q 4 m , -'JL 4 1 EIN.. r 2,5 1 .. -.WTA all .A:'r.:.'-.. 1' wr A. 'n.!.4..hffmf A .J 1? .. Lu ,gfvrJiai1Lzrx-rifnmnanz f ,rw Jw 3552 22. jf:,gnjZ, A A if J.j!L"l' . Ridiagri' 3 L1 W Mffw ffza KW if M 'iff I' P 1' jjfgwgf r -Ygmw x - l , l M T Mg-GT V I 'I A .Tl Lvc-ov-B vu- VP' 'YUQLXX wh C3609 xy MR Xlaueucgwiiibdwwww 5 N gf, M t Qs ii 3 if fl QS 3 ' v 6 ' QW! I 1 X 5 N I ' 1 ff' I . 1 L 'Aff N Ill? . E 5 H . Q. V X XY- ' , x 3 .y Q W N 5 sq ' FI: S Q D 1 A Qix f '34 :swf f , 5 Q X. 'C-',l ,V Q!-5 '21 :Ka Q X , 'fi ' , JL .W . . A x Q r I W QM Mx ks W My MW ' . Y 5 WSJ 3 4 JK Aon KB Q, H f jf 4 'M ' fm W W -.TZ AQ X f N130 qh C :V fff4" ,,1fK f fwywgl A V A! X! r ff-ULU . X x W3 ,- . as " :B ' gg, .ig e an 3 - - 3 V , ' . g . . , 1 vb' K 0 4 A I X in f-X AO . 's ,' as T? L tl 1 N x Xl 'S ' ' 1 x S A ' 6' ' A Q3 'Wil K' . , X I X W . x ' N 1:7 ,I jjj, 'LN 0 X xx X . N Qian . V1 N- av, ' I i'Qp.LI 'C , ,, N X A I A vu K JJWWQQW 55? L21 fffff 71 MW MEEFME :N ST yf , LOUIS-TERM PLAY 4 'zff .aww f A W L0-'f"69 x U HN ld GF? ,Q1 ' M N RH- gary' R Q1 A35 fd' .N t XWPQ

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