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L . A 'xi' .1--f-. - ,-ii' 'T - F. L , ' -jf: -. Ii.. , E bu. .v,Q Ep E, C, V. .J-Fi-1. g-5'zx1-rm-pr-g K' gm. s Sig i X 2 I - X fwf' I V FJ A, ff! my xi JF!! gf KJ HAMBRE -, - ,- f sr. PINOLE Y 5 4' if ,.., Mon-rm 5 ,- 1 DBL jf DIABLO X R Q urging ve LA 0 QNX ,mmmano SOBEL. E DEL PANAWOLE, 3' 559 V1 '99 i m M, algzzzmsy x ,- K, Q CALANEAY Bo1.raoNms aff 1 gr Q COLORADOD' w Ay Q, ,soszmnrm Q-'Q EN X ROMFIRO dj l t2 --1- .YYP DE Los R1-mcuos :A , 1 2. hula de. float legvu Mexicans 1 if CONTRA COSTA 1. ff KIT. X N!! P ? . m x f l LOS MEDANOS .MONTE DBLDIABLO M BGAN08' CAREAUA DE L OS YAQUBROS Q 1 AMADOR LIIIII . IIIVI I I III. I ll II A.E.'Iif .E'E'1'i..5+' ,IH ff ,I , , .wg , I ' :II I. I V E552 I I - I I I . I I J . I-I :Ig .I I , Q in U! 'Q I-1 . , 1 I IIH . ' N I - "f' . I I- I I1 Lil- ' , - I ll .. II' I , ,1-I IMI -E,1'l' ki 'li If K' 'I III' ,.,. 'IL P I II- --I'II I tn .CHI vlrl I ..,V 3 l I f-.f "1 "P: "JI - .'.-, "" 'Q I- 'QII IQIEIQqL'Qj,. '.u,II.I ,I I- II: 'Eff 'F Q I-FII .INV -'H' "I" f"'I. . '7 QI-F' Ina PW Iliff "J ' IE" I' 'gf Irsi' iz' . Ev IL' "V IETF I ,I - IIIHIII I.: , 1 gm I I.II-g'I..sI?rT1I III. I' I -I .ii I'IflEjI' I I.. XII' 'I E 'I'I,III I"'IiIi ' I I I!,IIi"" ' .I I , II I I I , I fr Ifj. E. !'l it I '-I II., I I 1 ,QQFIIIIIE I I 135 IIT Pali A.. 'II-9 FJ ' I - - I, . , I I In. I QI -I -' -I'- ' I -r I 1 ' III' rl .ILI 'I I I f EL -I .I I I I JIII I I I JT ' '1' I . II. "f' IAII "- . II' ,III Li' I " II"-.1 , I1 I ,qr . , . FV V . I' . . II I: ,IT I ,. I TFL ,- . Ir, .I I ,I.:iA" .II If . I ' ' ' If ' :J I I! Wi. III ,I I - I6 I- f'iQ' I' I . I V fav H 'I l ' ' l I III ,Ii -'I I II I Il. I I I I, I I, Ii' . II . . I , I . 4 z I Il- "1" .4 II.- I I , I egg. . +I LUV? II1 -'IY Au' I I If . I XIII?-'IIIfIi I W5 Izftr I U ' 'IW' 1 III . , I. -I I."III.q- I IIIQZIICI I ' 'III 'W I liwlt FS II ,,I',F,j.IfI F A: "u.n If W: ru .:-II:If:LIII- U 'Q' "L 7. '.f':I: I 'V I: Ii - IE. 3 1 I FQJELI I4 I E I!IIIfvi1s4, If SJ I ' 'A I , I a 117-7? -' II?-II."1-T1z1'A ' .II 'Q' IIQII .-1 II IHIIIQ' I If I 511 I. I "'E.l--II ""1II1"v , I I LII: gg II .If I I 1 II1 ...I 3 LF1, .IIIIVI ,,I Il I.I -Jaw' 'IA ' . 'I Ii " -. -W' I T ,-f.5fIE'Tn. ."I I 4 f I' QI I :III - 'I-II '.u'i',l' I II - QI I r .I II, I IIII I . KL I I It ' III "SFI 'ff,I,-,1Ip:5II 1. I' lr' l R II, 'II I L LIE? Ilffq .ful '37, -5. my .II "I ,I -II I 'I .I 4, .I II 4 I -III. 15 p I I I I f , I HI' M "I, .Q at I -,I :G , , 7pI'I III ' ' 1- J I In I II II' 'IIIQ I I UNF I1 1-:l'II..I ig? III IHII I I III-LII-I., -I I ' L IIEIE Ii EIIII, 'I 'I.- I I'II!II..- ff ' If ' I, ' I I I 5" I IIIII I I II' I-I. .I I I I Iflrlii '11 I 1. I f II ' ' I rr' IJ'Il H Iliff' I I II I I Lf: 5 L all '.I QE' .Q III---1 LI:- IT559 PI- 'Qi "L I I' 'If F VE II I 3 k. I 'W i I .IDII I III? I I ISF .IIE I-,. .YI. .I .If I I . :Vi I 'I III!! F? h .I ADMINISTRATIGN 9 G RAD UATE S l 7 CLASSES 45 ORGANIZATION S 65 ACTIVI TIE S 8 1 SPORTS 99 ADVERTISEMENTS 120 Editor and Art Editor .........,.....,...... Sharon Lais Asst. Advertising Manager.. .,,.,.. Dawn Iones Asst Editor and Picture Editor ..,. Susan McCurdy Copy Editor ......................... ......... K aren Mastne Asst Editor and Subscription Mgr ..... lune Waters Asst Picture Editor ,...,. .....,...,..,. I oyce Williams Boys Sports Editor... ..................... Budd Osman Staff Photographer ........,... ....... R ussell Goebel Asst. Boys' Sports Editor ...A........ Larry Schmidt Adviser ,........,..,,......,...........,.,......... Mrs. Helen Lum Girls' Sports Editor .,..,.... Nancy Vail Special deadliners ..........,... Alida Harper, Bobbie Mathewson, Kay Olander, Rosalind Fowler Asst. Girls' Sports Editor ..Ann Propersi Iackie Bass. Advertising manager .... .,,. D onna McCosh u :Q 1 ,f .3 it .11 .. . :lg , 1 1 'w '1 , I , . . .. .x'l, - , ,A A' 1 ' .V v Q ,,,! ' 1 . 'ff' .l'f'.. ' .- ,..g4l.iA I f A541f?sa1H-,':Qi2 .' .TW3c'- 4- -1 I-.V - ""Z' -':.k'.IE" 3 5357?- f1,'ff'f'2 3 ,. 1, C 5' ,il 'f'i?.'r-' I - U' '1' . " bfi' . 5?'5 i A , f . ' Qiufff' "H 1 J- ' .LT - - ' 1' V -..-4,f,4 li- . XV ,. ,. . f,.-1: ,, 4- - .' u vpvjxg 1. I.. fp 11.35, 'JW .- .- .t,-, . -,QM . . x - 41Lf' 1 V" m,:1,,- 5 Q5 ' 1 . , ,. H, , ,. I. A. ,K . 555.1 , I J , J I X A vi ' ' . gy S' 4- -7' Q if L , 1. H We A ' E T19 :EW Q .:" V' ff. .sq i'Hi1?-L- ,f , ' I -I-" V . . A . W fr 1 '13 A r -.Fu . . H- , A, 4 Y , .3 1, . 11 ' " 5-5. W' " 1 , , 6 ' in . , . . I' ' , , X .y X -, . 1 . . J, . . 1 4 .4 . . V. . M- f' N'1,'.w . . -, - 14' . ' 'T' r -2 I '- 3 1--pr V I-it .,...r. f,...x . , 'V WH .. , m':L,.i wwf.:-Ls2':eu:kn.5...ei!4".- f:.Csl:'1i+ men. f-::,,-ii.mifum. 1 ' m wg? 'I' P .gf 5 'hx 5, Q' ,QA j" -'gui' ' 1-3' ,A Y , .,..f f' nl., ---1 I 4 .552 4 ,"' in ,QM ' "2 , w ! ' K .A ' T--41 Q V F, IVICUNT DIABLG I-IIGI-I SCI-IGOL CCDNCORD 33 CALIFORNIA 912150 5 FOREWORD . ISOMBRAS SOLO Y . . . NADA MAS! "El Cuervo" - Poe "Only shadows and nothing more." In the minds of the present day residents of Contra Costa County, its colorful past seems legendary rather than historical. F ew realize that the walnut and fruit orchards which enhance the beauty of the county and the nomenclature of our streets - Salvio, Galindo, Pacheco - are echoes of the Spaniards that came before us. Much oi the folklore of this region which we read and hear about today is factual. The romantic tale conceming the naming of Mt. Diablo - "the mountain of the devi1" - is true and so are many other stories of like nature. The heritage of Contra Costa County is as rich as the soil which first attracted settlers. We have tried to bring out the character of that heritage - the vast cattle domains, the fiestas, the gracious living. These authentic actions and events experienced by real people have been pictorially presented in this yearbook in an attempt to coordinate historical fact with the legendary past. DEDICATICN. In this new land of California where almost everyone has come recently from some other place, we have an exception in our charming Miss Galindo, whose forefathers were among the first Europeans to come to this valley. In the romantic past when the campus was an oak-covered meadow, there came Don Salvio Pacheco, grandson of Iaun Salvio Pacheco, Ca member of the Anza Expeditionl, and built his home in what is now Concord. It was Salvio Pacheco and Francisco Galindo who laid out the town of Todos Santos, now Concord, and gave the Plaza to the village. Miss Galindo's father, Fredrick C., was the son of Iaun Crisostomo Galindo and Marina Amador de Ga- lindo fgrand-daughter of Don Salviol. With this background it is natural that Miss Galindo should major in Spanish at the University of California and return to Diablo to teach the language of her ancestors and to direct the Department of Foreign Languages. As a student at Diablo Miss Galindo was a leader and was graduated with honors. As a teacher she has renewed her interests in activities and is now director of our chapter of the California Scholarship Federation. Her influence in maintaining high scholastic standards has been widely felt: her patience and understanding have endeared her to the student body. It is with grateful appreciation that we, the Students of Mt. Diablo High School, dedicate this, Our Yearbook, to MISS RUTH GALINDO. MR. FERD. DIEL Principal of Ml. Diablo High School V PEINCIPAES MESSAGE Every senior knows that an epoch in his life will close at gradu- ation. School will be finished and friends will part to go on to various fields of work and education. As time goes by, your high school experience will mean more to you. Your 1954 Diablo annual will be treasured because it will be filled with memories. Through- out its pages you will find the faces of classmates whose friend- ship you will treasure long after graduation has passed. The photo- graphs will help you to remember classroom experiences, activities, teachers, books and social lifefall the things that together mean high school. lt is hoped that your experiences, activities, ieachers, books and social life at Mt. Diablo will serve as an inspiration and guide which will make it possible for you to fulfill all your dreams and ambitions. May good fortune be with you at all times. ICE PEINCIPALS Mrs. Irmqard Cox, the Dean of Girls. took on the added iob of Co-Vice- Principal this year. Mr. Pete Kramer. aside from being Dean ol Boys, iills the position of Co-Vice-Principal. SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE As our school district grows, many changes take place. Since the original building was constructed in l9U5, Mt. Diablo High School has been "the" high school ot the area. This year marked the establishment of a second high school, and with continued growth it is probable that we shall have three, tour, or even five high schools in the next ten years. To many Diablans, Mt. Diablo High School will always be "the" high school. This year's graduating class will be the last all-district senior class. It bequeaths to successive classes many traditions ot long standing which will carry on the unique spirit ot Diablo High. The record ot fine sportsmanship, good scholarship, and out- standing citizenship will continue on through the years. There will always be a Diablo! BCD!-XRD CDE TRUSTEES AND SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Iames W. Dent. Superintendent of Mt. Diablo Unified District. is the Atlas ot this organization. On his shoulders rests the world of district plans. Mr. Owen The men and women "behind the throne" ot our district who give so freely and generously of their time, are known as the Board of Trustees. They are, left to right: Mr. Harmon Welsh. Mrs. Doris Loveridge, Mr. Oscar Larson, president: Mrs. Clark Wiqet. and Mr. Arnold Biork. Cook. assistant superin- tendent, is in charge of the business and transportation. Dr. Ferd Kiesel, assistant superin- tendent. has the coverage oi certi- fied personnel and instruction to make. if J-P. , . .EU . Acting under orders from Viceroy Bucareli requiring him to explore by land and sea the port of Scm Fran- cisco. acting Governor Don Pedro Pages set out on an expedition of exploration in the spring of 1772. He was accompanied by Father Iuan Crespi, who was sent by Father Iunipero Serra to act as diarist. On this expedition Contra Costa County was discovered. x ff m in Nm Zim 11' " ' L i x 1 '. -y' .G X 1 ,-V - - ,- f 1 37 :Q-1 -Jg, 1 2 'ififfw 5' . f1"Y- , f ft" h it- Q. , .1-"V ' ' ,fi ,JN -. .. P -21,1 gr - .- ,'.w -:fi.?g'i1.?LAf?-:fg.,- .AI , ,- rx -, wg -fl,-ww. 1, 'fi " 'I' ... ga 34,2 viggxfygx- 'll '- ,X - .-f fi, I -1. .Vj.f f-fl , .- - . 5 -. ' 'T ig! 3 if-1 .Q v7?' 1 x . . K 11,32 . 1 . 'N w Q1-5 wx, 'J' 'Z .Q'. , , J' , 'vi Q"4ffiF6B'f 'jfe:'f212 ' 'V-iff.: A.. If ,kjfbfiy 'Viz ' , Ng " 'I'-fu' Y If 1 in -- 1-4 '. 1 ff1. - ia-- 'f -- -N 5-H -- N -4. '+?11-JsP',vaN,-Jw 2' 'L 1- .,!f.-....:egj.jy Q my 1. 1' 1 -Hrs .: NL- fvifj ' 4, 3 xv- iff-f 5- ,- I 59 '. Q ' 'QL-f' 2, 0-3 A' ':, .,' -1 1: . , 1101" ff' .111 I., , ' 'W" n ff - 41.3 ?'. 4 ' 'V .1-,fu-111. 'f"r'!3' - 1 , '. wr-api-if- e " dw. H.. YH' 11-.Y 5, .', sgzffa 34- .mf 254 e.'.f3gff ,H ve gr ff Y '-in -1 'Lf 4.-mf . 2 b. :rl 'f ' 1. ,',2fj.'+1,gf' .0.3j,j,fgf,. . .. Q '. ,fe -'qw . 1 wil.. fm H f, "fifty-f, - ur. '- rl . Xi175,f5ffj" .fzpnff . . fy A W, LE. FL- A , 'L -.:,Q,5tg. vafgqff , V f -W. 4 V A I 57.1-'zyi - - '- '. 'J w15"fv1' L", w 3 Tiara iyf""f 1 TL . ., if V , gf- Min VA, Y ,. ,t ,I 'YF ' -, ,nr .I .I p 1" 1 1 ' ,L .1 i , 1 fi. Eng.. Q, , x ' i.. 'Q .' 45 1. . .'- fliff - 1. ,',.v.,'...,,-q, , 4, I V 1 , .W ..1. ,VC pq Q -W Q? X .fy "VJ L! U .'-15 -22 ' ,t 'af .5355 A.:--1'-W la. E Wi.. :T 1 . A , tux . f ,,, .v V .Q af. . 1 M TV -mm, X , 'ig yfgjgiig if f m,- ni A . , g -.- J3.-p . ,b full .. fg?.fs f .Q fi-gf. N gif' V ZA..-5 2 V. at . ,- gi, .1 -Cl. ..3 -513 .L -Tr .a,, 0' Q , .,,L,,,.5,q1l 4- 'N:iL P ..i1,L,',ssi V "fi 'r' 1,557 1- ,"lw3:.,g2gf J.-'lrl1:"'L'p3?C ln- ,fu .3 N- 1 lQ,,e ,1 'se r- 'C' .. U5 5' , jr E15 ' A' .11 ............. ..,..A,........, -.xo 5' af MISS EVELYN MUMMA Freshmen N-Z MRS. ELOISE HONETT Iuniors A-K MRS. DOROTHY HENDERSON Sophomores E-M MISS HELEN COURTRIGI-IT Seniors MR. ELMER SUNQUIST Freshmen MR. NORMAN KESTNER Freshmen G-M MR. ELDO BIANCHI Sophomores A-D MR. IACK FERRARI Sophomores-Iuniors MR. PAUL STONER Iuniors L-Z .,,, COUNSELQRS lilliil MR. MARTIN OLAVARRI. head counselor, and MISS I-IVELYN MUMMA, freshman counselor, compare nous on incoming students' records. MR. MARTIN OLAVARRI Head Counselor MISS MARGARET McCRADIE Seniors MISS MARIORIE SILVA Sophomore N-Z MRS. VERA MONROE Freshmen A-F Fiwfi Mrs. Monroe helps Iudy make out h er second semester program. -r Under the direction of Miss Dorothy Dodge, the teachers of the commer- cial department instruct the students in courses preparatory to entering the business fields. FIRST ROW. left to right: Miss Leora Bishop, Miss Dor- othy Iacobus, Miss Mir- iam Hobbins, Miss Dor- othy Dodge, Miss Helen Courtright. SECOND ROW: Mr. George Barber. Mr. Robert Klinq. Mr. Cuv- tis Woodruff. Mr. Milan Wight. FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Betty Blankenship, girls' p.e. department: Miss Betty Hawk, school nurse: Miss Lynn Hayes. girls' p.e. de- partment: Miss lessie Fal- coner. head of girls' p.e. de- partment: Mrs. Bobbie Lytle. girls' p.e. department. SEC- OND HOW: Mr. Willard Knibbe. boys' p.e. depart- ment: Mr. Charles Karp. hoys' p.e. department: Mr. Rod Franz, boys' p.e. depart- ment: Mr. Iames Millard. boys' p.e. department: Mr. LesterWil1iams,head of boys' p.e. department. -nr t ? , FACULTY The little red schoolhouse of 1902 that housed three teach- ers has grown into a mighty edifice that houses a faculty of over ninety. FIRST ROW. left to right: Mr. James Ar- nold. head of the music de- partment: Miss Hilda Ran- som, music department: Miss Mariorie Silva. art depart- ment: Mrs. Vera Monroe, mu- sic cmd social studies depart- ments: Mr. lack Biedermann. head of the art department. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Norma Lavelle, foreign language de- partment: Mrs. Consuelo Sey- mour, foreign language de- partment: Mrs. lolcr O'Grady, foreign language depart- ment: Miss Ruth Galindo. head of foreign language de- partment: Miss Miriam Hob- bins, foreign and commercial departments. ,Wov- ,WM 'ww Y K sf xi Ig L 9 x X xx Q x-Avi: 1 .-.. ww:- .3 -.. TKJQE - FW ' Q ," ffigiiltx F ,w '41 at hrs- nuuu- r -3"' uu- ps . Q Q24 5: is Q -F' 'b :Lil .iv . -fi x f t 'lib 1. Q W5 1 5 ' if v V . iii 1 hiv ? I In 1806 the Spanish militia was sent out from San Francisco under the command of General Mariano Valleio and engaged in fierce combat with the Bol- bones Indians. It was during this battle that Mt. Diablo received its name. The Spaniards temporarily re- treated from the sight of an unearthly creature garbed in extraordinary plumage and required reinforce- ments to take the "mountain of the devil." YK!- Qmdm ie! N I JZ?-1? 1" ""'fA""""1 ' "'."f"" ' 'W' ' "-'V,"'W'-4w':-A-.z.:r:11 ""'f".' . - - . f ,.- . fx, 1 . . . . , . 4 I W P E wh Whig ' 1. .- .-5 SFT f-.5 -2 an .H gs N y as L g, 1 I v' ,Qu 4 . wa QM? 1- JS. 4:0 5? -r '15 Y' nt? ii in -'f' in L .3 n N dim, imnmg 'fy S ' , . .,, bl " , R64 . , W, 4 P 8451.9 I Un gp' rg, 1, K . I W-fl '-. ,dr 1 s 4 'x . lx .A ' x.. ! If .A Q.. . fx Q . 1 K. f 1- . 7'-'-'fi L-.21 Q'-z.r.'J V I V 17' . . gn.. L r , ,t .. -'sifw' x-- 'V, 'ig -aff. , t .. N , h , 5 ,V S il ' F ..--4y'- -.. x...-,lr g aff. 1if'F"!a ' , ..,..?.,.i- . 4 w .EQ .V . 1 Y ' . X " E ', x 1 -5 .I . - ra .- ii '- . I I?" V 4 .... , . ,-,. . 1 A . ,L . J' f -121 Q Q.. , . L -' .. - ,.. 5 .:.':4-.QPX ,Q n ,. .L '-- -.xr-fa. --1" ' f f- . - ,, V -. -.qgljvf . if .' ."' l...1.. .wb N- . . -,, , 4. . 4 2461- ?e'x"' ii'-L4 . ,, .. " ' ' ?3fQ3'.Tggg'Q1:'g:' .v .5 ' v - . - fi:.EQ1'E3Y,"'? Agfa- - ' ' Q ,,fT17"fk-4 1.54 3.2 . .. " ' , 2 if -N. -- v-"- -v- ' . 1. r' C' 'K' 4 ' " ' - - ' .. ,gr f t lv. lx., ..--J, - ,,. A ' "vw . ' - --1 4 7 LP? 'V - 1 . . . . .. , I, 1. ' V .. - . ,W 5 6, - ' ' 'fq 1 ,. 1.-l ' Yi 1'i.'r"5:x l 2 Ak rx IAM. J.. ' .- , L .-, h L- Y. W . . .Vg M I 5- . .' ,- .f . . -.Wi "2 I ' L- ' .. Q' H ' -- 5 3 , ' 51-. 5 , ., I, .N -M' vf.g.f,-'-1' . 1 r. -.17 " ' ' ' -f-af, . '33, X: '-.. ' -'J' . N--'NRL '-'Ji 1.9, -J? Q J ..p. L1: ll., .,. . ,-': I 3.1. ,.,-- y., Q, U : 4 -F -115.1-SU if 1, 'f - ' :r"'1: wal :'F,Eigf.'lT2'f,wx ,-, . 'vf - - w- . - . rn -3-4915:-'.,-L. F-.yduf ' .455 ..-rf ..u'fi- Q' -If ' 1 -'LEE-31 if' YM' " '-'ff '. ' 1 .---1.51 fl-, fm , .' f .352 .-55 eng? DQ , 3 .' 5-'f,'-55 gil? ' f ., 25 4- . :ff ff. Evif ' i 1 , '.' Q, + , rr V?" 'afi- , ' -,4 1613. . Kr, - I 53 s' M .1.x iw "- h ,," fuk' .7-i 3.5 . W W1 -'ii 53' 'ViE'13?. .fi-T 5 gg QA 953 -' .35 V. . "Q.jg.5:f'."'.'N'Q'gf4' i." '. :hh-r-ei' 4 J' -- ' - 'f' -Q' 'f-HP: HQCTTET f L g.. , '- :di,ff'+'fff5Q. gl ' 3" g+ ,' ,,,51g,,5 -15-,I-.. w. , -5 -,-.V - 1 L . Ixs., cf, .1 N1 .-.. 4 .J -- .- f ,- -SS' 2-6 '- . Y J... tl.-,-.., 4 5 .. ',"'J":-iii "" ' 4 .-LQ ' : - ' . 51' ,, . . . . , ' +. 1 .fs-:ff - ., -. .E 'V-'.': ., ... H- mg'- -'a. - '-!"'-1.- s" " -Q5 ' .if-Pig 1 .-1535. ' - L" .v-..'4' IL viz. ,a wg .V il--A g5gi51Q,:,f . .4 .. ' F -1 42- 1 ,f.,:-.-4 . . A -S- , , . IM 1 ,Sh 4.1 1 i uf' wg ff-. . ,.. I I I 1 Q N 4 'X 2 .Q 5. . .qi- ? ! . 5. L sf f .fy ' if . .' Nf- . F Q.. n H, .fi - .. l "7 I-'ff 'S e' if ,, .3 eipk 0. W' fp' 53,3 ' ,xi ,1- f 312853 ' ' f j3.ff52.?f S ikfgs' 153 . 8 X ' is I .o ,if ei ENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'lillsman capably the top executive on, as president ot .e senior class. Di Mercurio, vice- lont. took over the rqs when the pres- rnt was absent. aen Connolly kept tinutes up to date as secretary. Bigelow repre- i the graduating nts at the Council meet'ngs. it SENICR YEAR The class of '54 had an outstanding year at Diablo. The seniors elected these officers to lead them: Bill Hillsman, president: Matt Di Mercurio, vice- presidentp Maureen Connolly, secretary-treasurer: Mike Bigelow, class representative. Assisting the officers in guiding the class and deserving a special hand for their efforts were the hard-working senior advisers: Mr. Leslie Dunnells, chairman: Mrs. Norma Lavelle, Mrs. Betty Courtney, and Mrs. Eloise Honett. The members of the Senior Service Committee were an asset to the school. They helped solve the bus problems by keeping order to and from school. They also regulated traffic at our crosswalks to assure the safety of the students. The Senior Student Advisers were a new addition to the school cur- riculum. These advisers, Working through the orientation classes, under- took the task of helping the freshmen to become better acquainted with their school. ln looking back over this year, seniors will remember Career Day, March 5, as the kickoff for their own special schedule. Career Day was followed in quick succession by these events: the Senior Variety Show, with the theme of "Pulse of the City," took place on March 26 and 27: the Senior Banquet on April 6, was held at Rancho Grande, in Lafayette: in May came the Senior Picnic and sunburnsy May also brought the Senior Ball on May 29, with its theme of "Roman Holiday." The ball was an ex- travaganza, with all the touches and torches a Roman theme could provide. Climaxing the year was the final event on the calendar: graduation. Each graduate received a gratifying diploma, which represented four years of learning to mix books and extracurricular activities in the right proportions, and the most important lesson, the benefits of cooperation. Mr. Leslie Dunnels The members ot the senior service committee manage busses and direct traitic. FIRST ROW, left to right: June Abernathy, Frances Myers, Louise Sands, Tanya Miller, Mickey Fisher, Biqelcw, Marylinda Wheeler, Renis Neary,Carol Hilder, Bill Hillsman. SECOND HOW: Ada Enix, Maxine Petris, Yvonne Kennedy, Virginia Ho.thous,, Pat Verworn, Iean Martin, Lois Hutchinson, Ann Propersi, Marie ' Davila, Patsy Yammamoto, Diane Boyer, Iune Waters, Ri'hard Bartke, Matt Di Mercurio, Robbie Himsl, Larry Noerenberq. THIRD ROW: Bob Barclay, Ierry Cottigham, Bob Jones, Bnnete Dodson, Carolynne Fowler, Karen Mastne, Laura Shelley, Margie Shannon, Ava Gideon, Don Larscheid, Ken Tarbet, Mike Schubert. Doug Hieb. SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS Mrs. Eloise 1-ionett Mrs. Norma Lavelli Mrs. Betty Courtney 41 Q M 1, 4 1 Q I ,I x .,,AA,.- '- ' U 9 ' -v",? uv d N ww- 5 A wi X 5 'ff 5 M A . . 'WDM WN 5 'R vQNS '95 EVN 'Q 'ws ek Q '9 A K iz., X If . 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EISENOVER I71'ws1d1'-111:11 I11111111' RMI I'1m:1:s BEVERLY ELLEN ELDER HAROLD CHARLES ELLIS A11tm::I1rup IIr1rI1o::I1r'111 MONTY ELLIS SW1111111111-1 II1v11111 'W11f1rI!2I1n11v I1!I41I11I::I1111' STEPHEN EMANUELS Ifdltfvr mi II1-111111 Nvwu 51111cIv11r 4 '111111-'1I I71111-'11 l'm1111111I111.- I111111115Z--1v1.'1- ADA ANN ENIX G11IIc:fIIo11111111'I11I1 I'I1PnwwrI'I11I1 L1.A A, IIf1IIyl'11I11111lI'w.- MARIE ANN ESTES ELAINE MARIORIE EYRE I9IC11'I11Ix ELWIN IOSEPH FARIA Pros1cIv111o!5Spf1111::I1K'I11I I1.111f-U L'.v11111111l1-,- f?111d011IAfIv1:.111 EDWARD R. FEAR I111110r511111-31111111 fN1V1I A11' IN1I1nI M11::11'1'I11I1 'I'1'r1f I: MARGIE FENTON lInxIIy l'oI11m1Hm- L'-vxnllwlvlzll lfluls RAYMOND FERRELI. ...uf BOB FISHER KIyI11m1:1!1w:: Umlwlu Nvwas Spmnfzll Club S.-u-11.1-I'lI't1cv11 Club MICHIEL FISHER tl--:nor Pu-xliv Lfonnuitll-0 fltudu-nt Arivifzm' thxh-1: nncl l'1xmm'v t'.tl,I'. SUE FITZGERALD A khmmllzx lflmir M11:s1:'k'Iulu L'ox1xxx11-rvxnllClub ?1vumrV11l1n-ly Show DAVE FLORI Ikmzkf-Ilmll Ihxm-lmll l,W,II. IUDIE FORBES iivvwlsl mul I4fmIu1.- AtR1ppvll1xk'lx-v1r ilhmn-.-rfiit Imxlulu Nm-was CAROLYNNE FOWLER fl--uxur Sv1'v1vv A l'11mu'llukfl1o1I fwhlqn-VIII!! Umlxln Nwwxz ELIZABETH A. FREDERICK Swami und Iiuulwln Vxuqrnxllx C7uu11!11::::1o11v1' Lflx-1111111111 IXIOIIIUI Vfxrxmy fllmw LES FREDRICKSON Simi:-11llTm1r1v1I SXVIIIIIIIIIIUI Lllmlndaz 4'mln111::::1omr A L'uppv1luC'lm1x ROBERT H. FREEMAN Ruud Sn-null'VuI1vlySlmw LOUIS C. FRIEDRICH Vuutlmll li.1::k4-tlmll Aumml Slntf H104-k "ID" ROBBY FRUITS Ll11'l::' Glow I,W.lf. ARMAND H. FURMENTI IX1m'n- Rumi Uxvln-:sim Hmxzw U! II--Ian-:w1xInI1vv:. IN SI-111u1'Vu1'11-ly Show wig NANCY FUNKNER l'.O.M.A. 4llx1::'kilv-.X I.W.If. IANE ANNETTE GALLI C..A.A. A K'-1pywllui'lm1r KEN GANDY Ammul Sm!! Alxtnslmp ll.A.A. llwutlmll LOUIS RAYMOND GARCIA U.W.l.. Alliufzhop WK-Idlx1qSIxop Vmwtlwnll DONNA GARFIELD G,A,A. I.W,If HELEN GARLAND 515 R 'Nl 'QF-nw DS' in YT' ff, , 'if Xa.-J to A x A A J1 'Q .' X'35 1 Ki-:A ' 4, X! Q z ,f - 1 'X ' E K J! 02 ws X21 ,an AL. MK' X... ,-fwx' w""!f Q X sf '25, Q , Q... Qi - Q Q K K ff ,p A-, - pw' ,K 'i-4f""8 'HI' A 'X fl S 'Q lf V-.-' nv" 5' ff' 'K , r , ij ANN MAASEN fX1m1m-:IEZHHI f1kIl'lv:Iw 1Z.1!xmxfh1I'-1: 1'4'111H1' VIHMXQ 11l11".',' VIVIAN MABRY xl.A A. SAL T. MACALUSA Hmim iihwy- BOB MACSALKA CHARLES A. MAROTZ ffwlxmmll-1 VVmwI:2l1svp GLENN C. MARTELL I.'VwcwI:1I1IvV ROBERT LEROY MARTEI iiH1rIwr1!A4Iva::v-1' lvumvi fimw-:::xu,-11 I.'I:1:11 ' 4 'lvxlu IMI-Iwxxum-23 I 1 IEAN MARTIN ILA A l'Xmu1-1if3YI1f? I'!'IIvIuN1'.','. SHARON MARTIN IV.-.'4slIII1vw-IIfxxxllwb' Hfxlly''3'I:vwa"w- 41 1'X.A I4III"lll1IkIv!'. 1 lUxzm11Lth-.- ROBERT E. MARTINEZ i1'.-.wrfvrmlll Ixmmyz. .1'X11m1:Iw1- los lvmssnv 'vkfwwlxifw' 1 w ri ' I .w.1t. ROBERT MILES wmssor I uw V. KAREN MASTNE V51 V. AImv11I1",x1Y fTfn.1:iZ,1'.-u.- f"miwm A-Iv1:.w1 HARRIET MASTRACCI 11.-11:f'1fT1:I,-1. f??x1fI.-1:5 fX1vz-f-1 Vwlxwmwz 1v:Il'lv1Iw lU1lff11v1rwIIII!111lx1' CAROL LYNN MATHESC tl,A.1'X ELYA ILENE MATHEWS MAA. ROBERTA MATHEWSON V A A 1, Wm 1 Mv:x:1w1'tfw W 1'.'1 IMI!-1 LINDA LOU MATTHEWS N111-"-K M1z11m'l-w nl ILA. .5'xz.H1l"'l'.': H ,imp--1 V 111,17-,'11Iw'.-.' LOIS ANN MCCARROLL fx I '15 1 I-ilxx l 'MNH IIMM. :v::MIx1I' A:xl1v1':IfZ!1:H II 111- 1 nhxxum'!.v, DOLORES MCCORMICK HIIHV x'wlnllzx'!w.v I 'A' If W XX...-' Q 'QM ,A j 'vp SPERLING MISHLER W:mr:cI::Ixru1v GEAN STUART MOORE Ski Club Elvxmu fZf1Im1 Iimlyt u11m11IIwf i31'1111::II I'I11Iu IOSEPH MORA 'I'n1I'k Illwvk "IV fl.-III:-1IfI1IulufI I'fwIImII CHARLES MORAT 'I'1frvIi III1f.wImII AHI4 IQIIIII DAVID E. MORELLI MI1rI1mw Illnwi. BARBARA ANN MOUDY I'.II I, A. f'c'I11l1Is-111I1Il'I11II L2,A.A. Slzxgf- Fixx!! IOANNE MYERS 'Iwxm IIIfx',' II:I1IwIu IJ,-',-,':: IIAA. IOSEPH A. 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IAMES HOWARD WAITE lm11m'Ss'rvivr1 SHIHLENE WALD Tumor H1-ci Kfmfzs. 1lpnxu1:1l1l'lx1lw Ill1llvifo1111111IIl-.K Ilx1lx1wl1S:1ln-sa EUGENE L. WALLS Wuorlslmp Hculm Slmp I.VV.I2, IIM WALSH P1lovk"IW" llmlnr-1 morn Ile-ylvswlllwixvw DON WAREHAM IUNE ELEANOR WATERS SuhsvrlptmuM4111-uwr, D1f1hIo'Flf1 Swxmvr Svxvxw- f:I'lIIl1Slll'llllX S-1k1l'lx1lw PETE WEISSEH 'l'rm'k Hnlly f'mnu11H---- lflmlsn- OI Rs-pr:-:af-lxlflllxws BIO.-k "IW" MARYLINDA WHEELER P1'vs1d0ntoH'l.A.A. C'.S.I', S1-nmr S1-rvivv Band LEONARD A. WIERINGA flwxmmmq Gyxxxrxnfxtxws SUZANNE WICK Girls' film- lflulu BILLEE K. WILLIAMS A Cnmwrwlln Chou Modern Ilrxwff- lj0lllIIlf'I'V1fIlCilllb IOHN C. WILLIAMS Tootlnnll Block "D" IOYCE ADAIR WILLIAMS Amu1nxlStfxlf Sv111Ol'Bm1q1wl KYIOIIIIIIIIIPO L3 A.A. DOROTHY M. WINGFIELI Sf-mol Svrvlvf' DAVE WOHLGEMUTH Footlmll Dun 'rw Cfomnmmwo IYIIHOI' SOTVIVC Rally f"mnru1llw' RAYMOND THEODORE WOLTERS IR. Ilcxrld lntrmmmrnl Brxskotbull PATSY YAMAMOTO F.B.l,.A. S2mx1orSvrvivr- flnl-As mul Fxnuxxrv ROBERT F. YOUNG Sword and Hnublv Sm11m'Vcu1v!y Slww 'l'1-wk 'llwrlm Pl-xy CAROLE A. ZEPPEGNO Afklppf-1lrxL'lmo11' Rally Licmwxulfh-u lf.1prn1r'I Gown Cmxllxmltlvv G,A,A. 1 4 w 3,420 Vs: ' + f x Y f'i'? sF'lf 'Nfl X X :'. -xx Qi QQ N- .-., . .mf if K x L A w Lg iff --n A X' Q. YQ' - wh- fn ' X - - , . ki..-+ ' Rx,ggf,M Ks3,,,,.,,L F 1: 1' x N x .V QQ, 5 .Q -3 fi , 5 x . il Q- Q . V N 145 : ..,., .. X . 1 aff? X .1 6 5 As' 5 V .5 ' A vw g K 5 5 ' r Q3 b S if f -Q.: - 1 my ,,.. 7 A' 4 K .11 l swf- I s " a " 4 "-s-, 4 Qx 3 if 3 Aa! 1 I x J Fi f my A ., L- Z ,.-- , 4 .gf ,,,, v me if Mickey Fisher and Doug Hieb, Senior Career Co-Chair men, discuss plans lor the biq event with Harriett Mas- tracci, head ot the Hostess Committee. Recumbent on the lawn are these "world ior Pic ng" members oi the Sen- nic Committee. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Himsl, Steve Ritchie. Gean Moore, Mr. Charles Karp, adviser: Mickey Fisher, and Iune Waters. S. ,XS "' v First semester C.SF Sealbearers are the following: FIRST ROW, lett to right Karen Mastne, Iune Waters. Gretchen Knapp. Mary Linda Wheeler, Ellen Dent Sharon Lais, Betty Crain. SECOND ROW Miss Ruth Galindo adviser: Maxine Pe tris, Don Treadway Mike Bigelow, Lorna Michael, Miss Ethel Brubaker, co-adviser Sandy wrings her hands with glee as the steering committee of the Senior Court await their next "victim." LEFT T0 RIGHT: Laura Shelley, Sandy Christian- sen. Rich Bartke, Bob Iones. Mike Bigelow. and Ianet Carlston. ,ts E et . i 'S' . Mary Louise Sands and Ronnie Robinson. Senior Tratiic Patrol members, show no tear of the "mob" as the students leave as- sembly. 0 ' 'AWQKSQQH Service with a smile-Senior Service that is, as Patsy and Frances issue citations to these errant bus passengers. N' .Q nv, :. he , .f 'i --Q ,AD ff A Sv K 5 ,tw 4 I 4-rw-I' V if? 'Tw ' W 4 6 L ., 9 X .A fa -J-I ' J' X' Q ' A -. B wax -- . 'www , an . l"QtM-Q., .nui- is , 1 4 f k 5 S 'Twwf-www' 'Wh Sea... MQ 'vw d i1vwQg,ggQy 3 ,,,.,?,v- 'Ili-P W 5 3 5 SENICDR VARIETIES The Senior Variety Show. "Pulse ot the City," written and directed by seniors and their adviser, Mrs. Norma Lavelle, played to full houses for three nights: March 25. 26. and 29. l."The Bell-Bottom Blues" girls go into a nautical routine in the waterfront scene. 2. The newspaper woman, Liz Frede erick: photographer, Bob Got- shall: Iapanese visitor, Dale Clark: and Irish cop, Bob Harmon discuss what will come next on their tour in "Pulse ot the City." 3. Siamese tire dancers caught the public eye with their pagoda heodgears and their long golden fingernails. 4. Two little geishas. Alida and Kay. do night club entertaining with twirlinq parasols. 5.Carmela Ruiz, interprets "The Persian Slave Girl" in the Beneiit Show scene. 6. Our own Aurelia "Hilo Hattie" Osmania sways her hips to the strains oi "Hawaiian War Chant." ss. X t New i Q et it. as 7.The Choo-Choo girls chugged down to the station for their ren- dition oi "The Honeymoon Ex' press." B. Tannya-the+Tartar beguiles the gentlemen-three in the slum scene. 9. The cast groups ready to sinq if fees' "The Street Scene" in the grand iinale of the show. pu 4. 'n .1 ,.,-.Q gnu- The year 1823 saw the beginning of the rancho era in Contra Costa. One of the largest ranches of the period, Monte Del Diablo. was owned by Don Salvio Pacheco. At one time over 5.000 cattle grazed on its 18,000 acres. The town ot Concord. first called Todos Santos. was founded on the rancho in 1869 by Pa- checo and Francisco Galindo. Wg W3 N, , .L NW- f 'fff , i f-'1 ,N X.: w'.s1,xrL- nz! 4 4 x K . Q ' ? V , wb.. ,J "vig I l 5 ,hd ,: ' f' g ' Y "7 ff? .iff Y A f A ww H I X N s Qin pf f f w 1 X ,X M" ff' "N 1- U A r, ,, if" Q M ' f xx Q I H Xl - Q ,, D + I g 2 'fi g. . ' , 1JJ!I ' f lxqjflyififwll M 1. Aff- f I .M I tj- 'U y' '.i3, ' Lf-.'r"i,l ,iff - ' any A 4 ff Q Wag: 1.5.1 4 V V ' I MXL ! 1 W X07 I .J fy- ' .wff qkly ff' 1 . .2:, , "z2, " 'QL X Qf, Jff rli- wk ',,, I f 1.4,,. I-I W ,-all 'ff MW, rf5-w,yfi7- 'f x f " yn , Kp an fu,- N ff1"P1"'f WW ' " 'YW 4 f ' 'W ,W"Mff f f w f s" If WAR "?ff11 1 Y - -. 1 1, ' .,vr,, Clmfef ,r-1 1 , ,. n ,-.I--1 x ' X ,ci ,U U 1 wx' ' 2:1' - N r . r 1 ' ' -N - . - ' r Il 1 -1 K 5. 5' 1.Kx' 6,. al, 1 .an A 1 .1- I, I , wxwff. v ' 'vm 4 5 . 1 Q 51 gk 4' 1 . 'iz iw 'wh 25:5 fav, 1 . wir, A ,, 1.2- 1 M 'F 'hiv 1 T ,1 .H 1, .51 E - Hg 1. YA Q: T 1, 'ff i'- 9 4 0 Sm ': .:- ' ' -" R , 7, ,V f 41 K, , 4 . ,Q A,,4x. X TSW. ff.: I P A, - ,I .f. 1' wz' ff!" v' ' lf. Fri 1 I 1 , 4 Y. ,xE- 4, an .X ,. f... ,Li-xl. w 5 J ' ' 5' Q E ff? 1 'X ..",:gA2,-gf ' V-1 ' 1 ' - f' -. .- V : " Q gd "iff M 'I 1 Q: 55 'N 1 v , MV W 1: h,-:'5g'je-ff' -. , " r h wmv- mw- X -uri: 511,52 gn, vczri-vw . 55:4 -?'-Ag! -,W ' ifwvr- R F. ,- L- ,. J , fx Tr ,. . , 4 .:' ls , , . u-M . l'fW ,' :Qf.,7f.'fvJ, ui- rf' ' 255955, I vf... x . 53-wmv:-., lfsfifi u, sy, . 4 N" '31, ', ,,,., . 3:1 .a E17 . 1' , iw . , , -. . ,j '1,. . pn: 1.31. .Lp L.-. F . 1'lrY,S- - Q. 4.141 Ajrfff- 1- 9, .1 ,ses . - ' . 5 ' ' ff' I K il, ' . - ?'2'.1'f: 'i , , t I 7 q, in Q 'r X, 1-1--. 1... I" s 0? NIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'aulson pounded vel at class meet- ings. ath did his duties vice-president. tlachado checked pelling ot the minutes. raper made sure me Iuniors would presented at all mcil meetings. JUNICR YEAR Many important events occurred for the juniors this year. Their first united effort was getting the Iunior Service Committee into action. Under the super- vision of Steve Ritchie, buildings commissioner, they have kept the traffic running smoothly in the halls. This year the committee has undertaken the added task of keeping the halls of the buildings in clean and orderly condition. Serving the class as officers for the year were the following: Burt Paulson, presidentg Bill Leath, vicerpresidentp Ioan Machado, secretary-treasurer: Pat Draper, class representative. The officers headed the committee for the Iunior Assembly, which was an original dramatization of a routine day in a little country schoolhouse. It was filled with laughs and entertainment contributed by many talented members of the class. The annual Iunior Carnival was held on Ianuary 9. This money-making venture contributed a great deal to the coffers of the class in preparation for the expenses of their senior year. For the first time in the history of the Carnival, the sky was clear and starry. A capacity crowd filled the gym to see Mary Louise Sands crowned as reigning Campus Sweetheart for this year. An extra feature of the evening was the door prizes, which were gen- erously provided by local merchants. Helping the various Iunior Carni- val committees over the rough spots were their capable class advisers: Mr. George Pedrazzi, chairman of the group: Mrs. Hildred Garrison and Mr. Robert Kuehnl, assistants. IUNIOR CLASS Through their three years at Diablo, the members of the class have RDVISERS demonstrated their ability to cooperate and coordinate their talents to Mfgngggggfi make the most effective use of them. The seniors have no fear in leaving I , , l L , , , , , , Mas. rurnnrzn the responsibilities and traditions of Mt. Diablo in the rumors capable GARHISON hands. Mn. nonzm' KUEHN' Z AQ 7 R . ii 'gt Q ig The Junior Service Committee members regulate traffic in the buildings. FIRST ROW, left to L " right: Rosalind Fowler, Iackie Bass, Carolyn I-land, Ierre De Rosa, Lynda Anderson, Gladys Bae, Wggp Lg? -I . Ianet Lee. SECOND ROW: George Rose, Ianice Oldershaw, Barbara Bowman, Alena Estes, 4 Iudy Macey, Ioe Sisson. THIRD ROW: Carl Struby, Linda Scott. Diane Racine, Margaret Kelley. i ft ' Q 2 Iulie Casagrande, Yvonne Cline. ' if . . ' , ' , Wy AA, ' Q 1 . . , J":" 1h' ,gl 'V -295. - H If fig. 5 , x XJ I V , Q Iii, ii, Lf Hwfgil, ig ,L xi? 65 ' Q e M' 1.133 V - ' ,W ' s Q ' IW' -QS? E WI ...4 ,. ,r . 252 if If .a..i y M is A 1 YP Q .,. . at-4 'gs .rx as L 1 3 e Q if It 5 R if Ai l mi B " ll If C mfg, . .ex 'wi Q N el :wx TV F S 'F x L gin: sr , s Q g ..'Ff1.f is if -I 'kv 5 Q5 R Hai 'mx fi 6 X , x . . 4 ., f ,. . A 14 .' , 1 'T - 53 ff Sf? fi X, if gl' fd gn 4 Av' ' r X , My Y ? Xu x , I 5 ' af fm A 4 ,.. F ,E ..4 X3 Q19 IU ' I 'g"'Nu-N. , S V I 3: W 3 f' !ll3STX45l'?Q - sw , , ,.w.,A Shih 5 Jw. K Y. Sammi X EQ KR 5 R xx iw' f in 5 e. D SCPHCMCRE YEAR The sophomores this year found themselves on familiar ground. The one thing they found new at Diablo was their advisers. Serving as chairman of the parent group was Mr. Morton Ely, with Miss Dorothy lacobus and Mrs. Kay Barnes as his assistants. The class elected Richard Alford to lead them as president, David Mont- gomery to serve at the vice-president post, Bobbie Garverick to take notes and balance the books as secretary-treasurer, and Tom Barclay to represent them at Student Council meetings as class representative. Finances were improved early in the year, as their first project was a successful cake sale. The next activity on their calendar was the annual sophomore dance, the Christmas Formal. The theme for the dance was "The Crystal Ball"5 snowflakes hung from the ceiling, and a revolving Christmas tree whirled with the dancers at this gala affair. Decorations for the formal were hardly down, when it was time for them to replenish their treasury with a booth in the Iunior Carnival. The sophomores used their ingenuity to dream up a derivation of the old pin-the-tail-on-the 5214. SOPHOMORE CLASS ADVISERS MR. MORTON BLY- chairman MISS DOROTHY JACOBUS MRS. KAY BARNES I -f 1 , h donkey game: the donkey was changed to a devil's head, and it was necessary to hit it with the fist to gain a rewarding slice of cake. "Rods Platter Matter," made up of vaudeville acts, was the program for the yearly assembly, lt starred a roller-skating act, an organ solo, harmonizers, a piano solo, and a trumpet solo. Their talents were well displayed in Bod's platter shop. The goal of the Sophomore Service Committee was to guard the brunch stands from hungry students who get in too much of a hurry to get to the candy counter. These Sophomore Service Committee members supervise the brunch stand. FIRST ROW left to right: Bobbie Garverick. Sharon Christensen, Nancy Northcut, Virginia De Benedetti, Francis Sands, Arlene Collett, Betty George. SECOND ROW: Betty Kissinger, Carol Dietz, leanette Dalton, Margaret O'Neil, Inez Carvaial, Judy Gloekler, Sara Clark, Anna Mendez, Iudi McKean, Iudi Hol- brook. THIRD ROW: Sandra Bjork, lim McLaughlin, Ed Rutt, Iackie Waxman, David Montgomery, Richard Altord, Tom Barclay, Lawrence Durbin, Linda Creller. . .fin at.. 'wfflffjaif 1 Richard Alford, more Prexy, presi the sophomore meetings. David Montgc capably fulfilled tice ot vice-pres Bobbie Garverick very business li about her as she v over the secret minutes. Tom Barclay's smile was seen Student Council ings. ,,,-,.4.1x in 1 1 ti nn I 1-A ms I I FIRST ROW, left to right: Gwyn Barron, Virginia Brown, Betty Bryant. Utunah Del-Ieart, Gloria Dominques. Laurel Eschmann, Dorothy Brooks, Marilyn Calderwood, Adele Bischel, Barbara Enes. Hosette Como. SECOND ROW: Frances Cline, Marvc! Cielinski, Beverly Bispo, Stephanie Brown, Nordean Cameron, Carol Adams, Shir- ley Allis. Dorothea Chavez. Ioan Aqoslino, Antoinette Ar- qenta, Susan Broome. THIRD ROW: Arthur Crowell, lames Case, Ierry Britton. Gary Bailey, Iohn Bomben, Iim Bennett. Dick Bankus, lack Brooke, Robert Carrasco, Charles Caulk, Arvin Bolen. FOURTH ROW: Tony Domine quez, Earl Boissonou, Loren DeLaurenti, Tom Aspland, Don Anderson, lack Capnae han. Laurence Durbin, Rob- ert Doran, Douglas Enochs, Iack Coppock. FIRST ROW, left to right: Sondra Biork, Wanda Bristol, Barbara Bryant, Twilla Do- zier, Dolores Chrislock, Ar- lene Collett, Sara Clark, Ieanne Bartneck, Iudy Black- stone, Butahn Cheek, Elan Becker. SECOND ROW: Kay Bardell, Adrienne Bush, Mary Lou Chroman, Dixie Baumrucker, Glenda Barton, Virginia DeBenedetti, Sharon Christensen. Tamra Cum- mings, Virginia Claussen, Barbara Rrehl, Doris Dortz- hach. THIRD ROW: Ray Aqostino, Wayne Littleton. Dick Brown, Iack Brown. Phil Conqer, Richard Alford, Al Bower. Iohn Calderia, Cleo Crosqrove, Glenn Biles. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth All Iolter, Tex Brown, Ronald Franks, Dick Emery. Mike Carlslon, Bob Campbell, Ken DaVico, Tom Burton, Iimmie Allen, Royce Dalton, Bill Crummett. FIRST ROW, lett to right: Linda Crellar, leanette Dal- ton, Carol Dietz, Inez Darva- ial, Deanna Aviles, Bev Christensen, Alice Caudle, Anita Cabe, Doris Cates, Le- Ree Akhurst. SECOND ROW: Rose Marie DiMaggio, Vir- qinia Augustine, Iulia Allen, Ianice Bouquenec, Pat El- more, Nancy Christian, Vir- ainia Amerson, Marilyn Conner, Wanda Denney, Betty Iune DeLamater. THIRD ROW: Iohn Burq. Iohn Mc- Donald, Bob Bickford, Ed Bur- ton, Elmer Atencio, Stan Bramblett, Iack Lee Cole, Charley Elmore, Leon Chau- vet, Danny Estrada. FOURTH ROW: Stanley Bergum, Wil- Iiam DeRosa. Harley Carlin. Sonny Cordes. Ioe Inch. Floyd Colton. Ernie Benton, Gordon Dodson, Pat Barry. Bill Armstrong, Richard Dor- sey. 'Sf' ffx f -FS ... I-.1 FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Vicki Harvey, loan Hancock, Ruth Felt, Bette Fletcher. Maralynn Hagood, lackie Flammang, Loretta Fisher, Ruth Ionsen, Lois Hilder. Iudy Garrity, Bette Hutchin- son. SECOND ROW: Sue Fraser, Barbara Iensen, Bob- bie Fleming, Beverly Iones, Betty Garrison, Marge Fra- zer, Shirley Henderscn, Betty Howe, leanne Hiqdon, Ther- esa Hrdlichka, Lorraine Hav- iland. THIRD ROW: Roy Iohnson, Brooke lacobsen. Sonny Hamer, Gilbert Iara, Bill Iohnston, Bill Galarneau, lack Hughes, LeRoy limno. Sidney Holub, Tom Gibson, FOURTH ROW: Charles Hampton, Tom Holmes, El- mon R. Higgs, Ken Hough, Don Groves. lack Gerhard, Larry Halter, Babe Guerisoli, Vernon Ford. Billy Gibbs. FIRST ROW. lett to right: Nancy Hedqecock, ludy Gloekler, ludi Iones, Carol Hellstrom, Sally Fawcett. Barbara Halvorsen, Delyte Green. Marqaret Higgins, Claudine Harvey, Peggy Garrett, Gene Findley. SEC- OND ROW: Dorothy France. Marjory Hughes, Bobbie Gar- vericlc, Iackie Iones, Iudi Holbrook, Shirley Harris, Sandy lohnson, Carol Hart- ley, Charlotte Mastne, Irene Lee. THIRD ROW: Ronald Bedova, Richard Galli, Dick Foreman, Bill Haggard, Al' Ired Hatch, Addison Hunt, Bob lardine, Bob Greenway, Howard Kennerson, Carlos Marquez. FOURTH ROW: Norman Hunt, Dormand Han- son. Gilbert lohnson, Bob Mathias. lim Friese. lames C. Gordon, Warren Ioseph, Ron- ald Gruessing, lames Lea, lack Goodrum. FIRST ROW. lelt to right: Betty Kissinger, Nancy North- cutt, Anna Mendez, Iudee Mc- Kean, Mary Morton, Arlene Ludricks, Olive Pitt Montori, Margaret O'Nexl. Sharon Lo- vada, Iris Nydegger, Kath' ryn McGill. SECOND ROW: Audrey Ledger, Marci Mani, Diane Kulander, Saundra Leminq, Iudith Ludwiq, Sue Onstott, Lorrie Omania, Di' ane Miers, Mary McClean, Barbara McLaurin, Iudy Lig- gett. THIRD ROW: Richard Macsalka, Louis Mancini, Larry Larsen, Iunior Omania, Ronny Loveridge, Ierry Nourse, George Lindroth, Ion Poqqi, Terry Marsh, George Martell, Richard Maricich. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Morse, Ierry Duarte, Delbert Matz, Ronnie Murphree, Pete McDole, Ierry Minster, Har- old Hayworth, Ralph Iohn- son, Clit! Mores, Wayne Kint, Richard McDonald. Q ,o . hi" -cl VY 1 ., R xv X ,V , X we il I , Q: :f?f-'Q fe -Q fi- wi"fg1s V vw' N-ff gg? X m , .iikif ' 5' V 1-5.5-3-,Q fa Q 'E 2 msg? , Ak Ll, QS 'iff gy ww Sr A .3.i. 'Wish 5 OO fig! 4 s""lQ i 6 1 by 'P' -n I E' A -rr ffagfg. ' S' w 'L ka wgmq' -, K, , .,,' U S u N 'ii' g ,ee E f' A W G 3 a 52' i K " ' 4+ .Ex ' f i ,Q , J Y , E l N. 'I X 3, :W A 4 ' :Ai ,Z if 1 535 gE , 'iw .1 f?" Q l ,. A 'V 1 z W x 1 65 39,3 L wg , sf +4 ,fy iw 5 J 9 l , MN Y Wm QM Y: gkigif, E 725 X X in nw' A ' 'Q M5 Sw 0 m. .Eggs . in K X: 6 ., N5k.k T 'Wi 1 , v""'f' f L il? .k A z A.. 3 nf ,X isw " .J Q01 44. Steve Bordi, the frosh oresident, led the Fresh- men class to a very successful year. 'udy Daly. vice-presi- zlent, worked hard at mer iob and provided good entertainment at the class meetings. tda Yamamoto was the pencil-pushor for the class. Warren Moore ably represented the Fresh- 'nen class at the Student Council meetinqs. F REST-IMAN YEAR ln spite of the new Pleasant Hill High School taking many of the prospective Diabloites, this year's freshman class had a record number of 602 students enrolled. These frosh were encouraged and assisted in their projects by their advisers: Mr. Fury Dalla, chairman: Mr. lack Criquig and Miss Ruth Nivens. The Freshman Service Committee, advised by Mr. Hart Fairclough, has done a good iob in helping to keep the campus clean. Les Fredrick- son, the grounds commissioner, was aided by a large group of freshman boys who picked up papers and emptied garbage cans before and after lunch and brunch. Besides the cleanup job, the freshmen were assigned the duty of raising and lowering the Flag each morning. At the end of the year, pins were awarded to outstanding members of the Service Committee. The freshman class elections were held in the fall, and as a result, Steve Bordi took the office of president: Iudy Daly, vice-president: Ida Yamamoto, secretary-treasurerp Warren Moore, class representative. The freshman class leaders sparked the enthusiasm of the entire class. One of the biggest social gatherings of the year was the freshman dance, "Heart of My Heart," held February l9. Crowned as king and queen for the evening were Owen Cardinet and Sharon Abbott, At the beginning of the year, the Diablo News staff, after much con- sideration, picked Cathy Kelly and Bob Williams as the Typical Frosh. The Freshman Assembly was one of the best class programs of the year. The theme chosen for this variety show was "42nd and Broadway." The clever frosh conceived a new twist for the Broadway storyg the lamp posts along the "great white way" were given voices and personalities. The Iunior Carnival saw the frosh working hard to raise money for their treasury. Their booth, which required customers to guess outstand- ing seniors' names from their baby pictures, was one of the highlights of the evening. Working hard on the Freshmen Service Committee this year were the following: FIRST ROW, left to right: Dick Bolcerek, Ronnie Kunstal, Paul T1'0Sl, Lcval Miner, Roger Urricelgui. SECOND HOW: Leonard Lanlranco. Dick Williams, Warren Schnerinqer, Ierry Underwood, David Kirkham. MR. FURY DA Chairman MR. IACK Clll MISS RUTH Nl 1. xl t To J . f 1 . , 'Wi f iff , .1n1:4-.L. n-rs-71 -iuirsx f-wmrr':swwn.1- r :-sl . FIRST ROW. Iett to right: Patricia Drott, Peqqy Baker. Pat Erwin, Diane Clark, Sharon Abbott. Carol Bucher. Shirlene Copeland, Margaret Dalton, I.eona Dean, Kath- leen Clementi, Carol Carzino. SECOND ROW: Kay Calkins. Linda Cauin, Eva Broome, Isabel Catambay, Penny Band. Emily Diaz, Wanda Clark, Darlene Enochs, Bar- bara Derby, Virginia Berg. Iva I.ou Ellis. THIRD ROW: Bob Carr, Keith Chambliss, Ralph Eikanqer, lack Crum- ley, Clarence Dullum, Richard Cadenasso. Bob Davis, Bob Brown, Bob DeHart, David Copper. FOURTH ROW: Gary Espinosa, Ronnie Cummins, Frank Coffman, Darrell Adock, Kenneth Boyer, Don- ald Calbreath, Robert E. Beasley, David Claire, Philip Carlson, Bob Crews, Ierry Dickinson, Bob Adams. FIRST ROW. left to riqht: Ann DeTempIe, Carol Clark, Edith Carlston, Ioyce Cox, Iayleen Dickerson, IoAnne Butler, Dolores Buiio, Alice Brooke. Connie Cavanah, Sharon Breedlove, Belva Boson. SECOND ROW: Anella Evans. Sondra Barton. Elaine Churchiield. Virginia Cor- dero. Iudy Daly. Nancie Brotsch, Betty Colvard. La- Iuana Baltz, Alice Clark. Helen Carter, Sheila Bradley. THIRD ROW: Allen Daly, Lee East, Iasper Baker, Don Campbell, Ierry Dubbs, Charlie Bates. Francis Cline, Eugene Earls, Lewis Estes, Iimmy Anderson. Bob Ang- lin. FOURTH ROW: Ierry Aspland. Roy Andrews, Iohn Boyd, Donald Coleman. Don- ald Cook. Gene Dallmann, Michael Carpenter, Leonard DelMonte. lim Barrett. Dom- inic W. Duarte. Eddie Duarte. FIRST ROW. left to right: Patricia Carpenter, Adele Bouchard. Dianne Evans. Carol Cooper, Nancy Carroll. Diana Bondi, Rachel Culli- son, Claudia Carzino, Mar- cilline Brechtel, Betty Dixon, Bernice Bankston. SECOND ROW: Io Clemons, IoAnn Burrows. Ruthi Crain. Trudy Blythe, Linda Acree, Mary Burton, Gail Duckhorn. Carol Acree, Carolyn Chamberlin, Carolyn Adams. Barbara Durkin. THIRD ROW: Bob Carlton, Ronald Cataldo, Iim Bartneck, Ronaldo Crenna, Harold Bartke. lim Benton, Don Bo. Dan Bryant, Lee Brown, Walter Bennett, lack Dunn. FOURTH ROW: Iohn Crews, Ken Ellinqson, Rich- ard Chilcoat, Steve Carvaial, Dick Bolcerek, Leland Berti- noia, Donald Douglas, Don- ald Barron. Ralph Domin- quez. Terry Bowman. Don Cummins. -' ,ist a FIRST ROW, left to right: Eleanor Chamberlain. Arnett Conklin, Sharon Erickson, Petra Arenas, Lanell Hinton, Esther Huie, Allretta Gibson, Carol Galaraneau, Dorothy Forni, Isabella Hardesty, Sylvia Garriaan. SECOND ROW: Ianet Davis, Carole Carbauqh, Barbara Hines, Lois Hanson, Nancy Hill, Gloria Griftore, Ioanne Fos- ter. Betty Iordan, Gail Gal- braith, Carol Groene, Iune Garlick. THIRD ROW: George Armstrong, Martin Allan. Doug Anderson, Richard Cuneo, Steve Bordi, David Dunlap, Bob Cielinski. Bill Brown. Torn Engelhardt, Bill Cromwell. T. I. Elam. FOURTH ROW: George Bal- docchi, Richard Bennett, George Darrow, Rodney At- nip, Lloyd Crenna, David Craiq, Iohn Chernoh, Tom Di Maaqio. lohn Barnes, Chuck Cates. Owen Cardinet. FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Doris Gonderman, Iudv Hil- derbrand, Dorothy Gram- mont, Beverly Fairlield, Dora Lou Harris. Nancy Itanen, Alice Gay, Barbara Foudray. ludith Fisher, Rosalie Iohn- son. Zeal Iames. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Holmes, Alice Flori, Allison Ferrier, Nancy Imhof, Claudia Her- ren, Pat Hansen Ellen Guer- ino, Iudy Giles, Billie Garrett, Lindred If-nes, Sharon Iohn- son. THIRD ROW: Otis Car- ter, Eldon Belcher, lim 'Fraz- ier, Ierry Hunt, Peter Hilts, l.arry Hollinger, Bob Guyon, Patrick Henderson, Gene Rrassiield, Roh Harris, Bill Gainer. FOURTH ROW: Dan Driskell. Carl Ellis, Keith Green, Elvwn Archibald, Steven Burks, Gary Ather- ton, Ken Gonderman, Wil- Iiam Gwin, Angelo Fernanti. Gary Elvridge, Ioe Garcia. FIRST ROW, left to right: Raenell Irish, Nancy Hath- cock, Ianet Higgins, Louise Fluitt, Sylvia Hanson, Icy Dean Gainer, Yvonne Gross, Cathy Iones, Iulia Iackson. Darlene Fulton, Marie Fur- nish. SECOND ROW: Shirley Iohnson, Edith Horninq, Max Hankins. lerry Clarke, Wil- lard Henderson, August Hartman, Billy Iones. Ronnie Helzer, Dick Garren. Bob Nosler, Dick Leucks. THIRD ROW: Ellay Hatch, Ioe Himsl, Darryllones, Zane Hunt, Iohn Halley, Roger Freeman. George Itanen, Manuel Gau- veia, Gene Downing, Gerry Reynolds. Bill Hubbard. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Iohn- ston, Iames Hayes, Eugene Gonzaga, Ronald Hillsman, Iim Gonsalves, Iuan Gon- zalez, Sonny Holt. Larry Fer- ris, Abe Garcia, Walter Fletcher, Wes House. FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Susan Moore, Judy Mann, Eddie Mabry, Nancy Man- ninq, Charlene Manwill, Laudemia Maher, Arlene Moore, Gertie Law, Lula Odom, Ann Learned, Rita Marlow. SECOND ROW: Shir- ley Nichols. Gayle Kran. Penny Mills, Cathie Kelley. Lana Meadows, Saundra Nelson, Barbara Osman, Nana Noyes, Berta Keeble, Iudy Nelson, Chalene Krout. THIRD ROW: Kyle Kelloqq, David Kirkham, Leonard Lantranco, Richard Hellmers. Kenneth Jennings, Vince Ma- stracci, Clint McIntosh, Bob Martin, David Larsen, Bob Lopez, Miko Nash. FOURTH ROW: lim Kapsalis, Charles Green. Chet French, Dennis Halter, Chuck Hansen, Larry Kent. Ierry Burget, Ioe Haq- wood. Roy Guy. David Gagli- ardi, Buri Iames. FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Patsy Kaiser, Iune Morgan, lane Lamson. Mary Larson, Gayle Meese, Robin Klinq. Iudith Lamont, Elaine Lyons. Ruth Larsen, Nancy Mitchell, Ann Mattos. SECOND ROW: Betty Martin, Ioyce Mabry. loyce Norvell, Nellie Neary, Helen Ann Mills, Karla Mosca, Ala May Lucero, Carol Molinaro, ludy McCai- irey, Doris Moneypenny, Kathleen O'Connor. THIRD ROW: Billy Mason, Billy Lo- Baugh. David Morris, Gerald Mix, Garry Kerr, Cooper Mile lar, Dick Lewis. Barry Lacy. Keith McKenzie, Bruce Mc- Corkle, Ronnie Nash. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Max- well. Ronnie Kunstal, Stan Kirkwood, Ronnie Smith. Philip Mulford, Max Lein, Dennis Mason. Gerry Nar- beres, Charles Laws, Eddie Nance, Richard Kitowski. FIRST ROW. lett to right: Sandra McLean, Marion Mc- Laurin. Cherie Mortensen. Frances McNally, Iacquelyn Phipps, Iudith Patterson, Bon- nie Paul, Billie Toole, Ian- elle Spencer, Pat Postelle, Betty McCarty. SECOND ROW: Kaye Krowel, Betty Larsen, Iill McCumber, Bar- bara Moore, Betty Huntley. Wynoma Lewis, Alvalea Misenhimer, Martha Makine en. Lalean McElroy, Connie Meek. Sandra McClain. THIRD ROW: Wes Malloy. Ray Near, Loyal Miner, Merle Marshall, Warren Moore, George Manlove, Bruce Mc- Chesney. Dennis Murphy, Ioe Nicholas, Gary Lerch, Gordon Maylone. FOURTH ROW: James Bolden, Iohn Turner, Paul Trost, Rod Moore, Ieltrey Moore, Wayne Kelly, Michael Lockwood. Dean Lattin. Norman Mickey. Ted Lambert, Ierry Lively. 5 Rx5 f"G:'f 'S 5' xx i X S N , 3' 5923? :Sig 6, ' HB YW AQ FIRST ROW. left to riqht: Marqaret Weight. Wanda Woods, Mary Waitrovich, Charletta Yoder, lanice Van- icek, Donna Van Pelt, Dolores West. Diane Verworn, Nancy Ward. SECOND ROW: Rich- ard Wallis, Noretta West, Darlene Zink. Alta Mae Wise- ly, lohn Wyzard, Norma Webb, Phyllis Williams, Zelda White, Tom Whitney. THIRD ROW: Lee Vaughn. Ed Zickefoose, Mike Wells, Bob Williams, Bruce Wilson. Bob Williams, Phil Young. Danny Vasquez. Earl Ward. Roger Urricelqui. Ruthi Crain and company gave everyone five tries to guess what grown-up senior was pictured as a baby in the frosh booth at the Junior Carnival. lohn and Ellen, head of the Student Advisers. try to sell interest in student affairs to Mrs. Norma White's Orien- tation class. w-. FRESHMAN' Ale .www Ang fm.-sw Typical of the Spanish days was the gracious out- door living. The Spaniards were carefree and relaxed. "My house is yours" held real meaning for these people who extended a hearty welcome to travelers as well as friends. No significant occasion in the lite of a member oi the family was allowed to pass with- out a fiesta to commemorate the event. 1' "' J, 51 F' Rxixx 5hf4'x 0756! M 2261175745 H , YQ . .ri ug 'x. , 1 ,cf :sl- ., .4 . 1 .. . .-.C V ,-H., . Q -1..-,, -f ri . ,...., 1: 1' w " 4 fu. 4. . Q1 '11 fi-al. "" ' J 1 ' Q-WA 3 .f ' . it-'1g.1.Qzjg':"'g,g.., 'N 3 .lnifig-3,351 f'iwf?'.4, gf--A ,f,,'FJ1'! J . Y . fig? A- L . "'. .s '..',-1 2 fu: .- I .l .VW A . .,' H' ffr. ' v THQ-753. - L 1'.--, . -'gm-. . .L . lrh VX' . . mn V .1 Swii . Y' ,dn ,'1.,llgj. .+ QQ.. if ,uf N. . .J 15' ,tix 2523 lv, . .y A 3, ,aw . 7 ar... . ...X .'-- r .7 1. Yr.. 4' - -,..x yn gr. -J ...f + ... - AA.. ...M Q, . .,. , .1 df." ' . u . X , 1 522 Q1 , . -xg -1 4, .A f 1 sg., . ,aff 1, .N ,. N, S.: - .ffm .1-.. .J .. .gf 'ry 1 . ii. ff. 1 'J 1. .. uf. ff? 7' 'gf .Q . .-I -.ra Q, ifl' .M - I Q , ,gag up- . H liq- ig." . .4,., .-,fL,,y. . 'sf ' 14", +04 .-'-g. U . u. 4. .- .ly .', .L , ,.v,.. K , '- . 5 r -.. 7 5 U.. .1 ' ' 71. ' 'K "lf al. 'if . .51 .5,, ...W w.,,1 4 1--fl ll . fi . ,wx ..n.A " A . Fill' .N SLG ..:-,-' ' T . . .ru 5 -x y .. 'Q' kg.: ... gk, 3,L..w., r .--Hy. I 5?- ,jr 'T . E wif Y' , ., It -g Vu . L A-file' .A , 5. J. ,, ,.fz., 71 - .-f 54335, .. Y :ff,"xi'1'5+ 'jill 'SM ?'. .',.. U, .. .r .ff"n"" in 1--1 frf- ., . r.. NSI.. .- ... 1- .X ,sig -...V 91. 1 -by . .5.1'v."fF fi-" " 4.-,, uni . . F92-' A- JC . '- v ' C f 5.1.2 -'f'-." 1. ,, .. 23. .tu JV- Y. V Vi. .. .- .,.. J 3-' it . L' ,!..,3g 1 . ' f"'-. .fl , 1 . , ' . . 9.-Q '- J- z i, 1 ,V , . . on 5-.41 3. :F ,E-: rl-, ' .I-1. 91. f1.f:,.r. ., . ,.. ,. Q :, ,, 'Yum .546-3 E ,A 5, . f ...-1. ...Ja 4' '. I ,I ' . P' ' .V zfgfl. 151. ' 2' .fp 1. 'I .ir-1,-WA IV 'T' . 1 . 4"'l 4 rw. 1. . ",,,. , ,. ,, 3 "w" X 'c .,,, A Tm - rl ' ' 1 . .4 i ,H rg, 1,1 wg, .. 'SJ fn .-1 . .. .W 'A T 3.. . lk-i' wx' .A -4. . , Za. -1 X -1 9 . 1 f 'Q . 5. 2" 1 1. X if wax Q . 12, DAN LARSCHEID Head Yell Leader LIZ FREDERICK Program Commissioner WARREN MOORE Freshman Representative TOM BARCLAY Sophomore Representative PAT DRAPER lunior Class Representative MIKE BIGELOW Senior Class Representative STEVE EMANUELS Publicity Chairman CAROLYN HAND Clubs Commissioner TOM READY Student Body Vice-President STUDENT COUNCIL The members ol the Student Council work hard to keep the Student Body functions running smoothly through- out the year. N RUSSEL STEELE Student Body President SANDY BECHTOLD Student Body Secretary IOHN THEZ Boys' Representative ELLEN DENT Girls' Representative DOUG HIEB Sales and Finance Commissioner CLARISSE LE DUC Social Affairs Commissioner LES FREDRICKSON Grounds Commissioner STEVE RITCHIE Building Commissioner 2 F sd 2 MD I 1 W U .ag P fl -7' - Xa i Q ?g3,"g'Q!g!wQ' ' -.sim 5 .a,y'.l"583 s 5 ij 5 1 A 1 8 W Awfwmf. 4 Q ' H' Q X A 'bfi .' gf: Q. 5' gg, y it 4 gum ' -'N nk -- 5. S? it M Q-x ' f,f,xmgW,W',,. Ag X, . ,, 1 , 1 J " . -if Q " L, O AN it 'Q 9 The dance band. known as the Var- sitonians, consists of the following members: FIRST ROW. left to right: Ioe Navarro, Bob Small. Gilbert Iohn- son. Armand Frumenti, Leroy Minges. lack Byrd. SECOND ROW: Val Lefler, Bill Leath. Dave Brubaker. Dick Small, Iay Terry, Ierry Cotting- ham, Iim Bartneck, Ronnie Robinson, Mr. lames Arnold. NOT PICTURED: Gene Smith. trumpeter. Mt. Diablo's famous Marching Band members are: Byrd. Larry McNamara. Armand Frumenti. Patty The maiorettes, Robbie Thomas, Betty Chambliss, and Iudy Holbrook. are a main attraction at our football games. A of-www-mp,-,f K Vvwmnm-,-M-.. ' f . .Nw-fv.f.Q,m,.n , .MW FIRST ROW, left to right: Matthew Di Mercurio, Jack Skvorak, Leroy Minges, Larry Larson. Ted Granlund, Peggy Smith, Charlotte Mastne. SECOND ROW: Margie Beqer. David Montgomery, Karen Ward, Barbara Bryant, Ronnie Helzer, Ted Tahira, Wayne Novinger. Robena Morris. Ray Iohnson. Danny Null. Fred Ramey. Ted Plumb, Bill Ieffery, Larry Boyd, Gordon Peterson. Bill Whisler. THIRD ROW: Diane Kulander, Ioe Navarro. Don Parke, Roger Smith. Diana Clark, David Harmacek. Dennis Greenway. Bob Small, Bob Freeman. Tamra Cummings, Bill Hood, Iohn Nunes, Rigo Piva, Earl Humphrey, Dave Brubaker, Linda Scott, Keith Chambliss, Iim Raber, Ierry Chrislock, Peter Shelley, Dick Atnip. Warren Moore. Dan Pimentel, Carl Cook, Clifford Marton. FOURTH ROW: Ted Watson, George Moorhouse, lim Haskins, Dave Pierce. Mill Gordon. Pai Barrv, Merilee Lambert, Ian Whisler, Ron Robinson, Tom Asoland, Ierry Reynolds, Wayne Kint, Casey Wwe- W-M.. nl awsome K f'f?"""'m 'fli av-e,,,y,,n,-6' Pe Members ol the Diablo News stat! spring and tall semesters, are as follows FIRST HOW, lelt to right: Russell Gee bel, press photographer: Dolly Brown spring page editor: lean Martin. adver tiling manager:Bob Himsl. spring sports editor: Betty Crain. spring page one editor, tall managing editor: Loretta Snyder, spring managing editor, fall page one editor. SECOND ROW: Bill Gahr, assistant ad manager: Walt Tit- comb, tall page editor: Marv McKean tall sports editor: Mrs. Helen Lum, ad- viser: Phil Parslow. spring page editor. 'l'he cubs on the Diablo News are as follows: back to front: fstandingl Billie Trimble, Harry Ruth, Gerald Taylor. Ann Niles, Charlotte Iohnson fstandingl. Bob Fisher. SECOND ROW: Diane Racine. Shirley Mierz- wick. Margie Graham, Gretchen Lais. THIRD ROW: Bill Iackson. lack lones, Robbie Thomas, Barbara Har- ling, Charles Marotz. Burt Paulson, lean Iegi. lean Pei-grim, Terry Taylor. DIABLG NEWS Two issues a month was the pledge of the Diablo News this year. Under the quidance of Mrs. Helen Lum, adviser, Steve Emanuels and Budd Osmon, the two editors, set the pace for the staff and ref porters. The paper's biqqest projects were the football programs and the Basketball '54's. These ventures financed a trip to an All-Coast Press Clinic in Seattle for Steve Ernanuels, Budd Osman, Bill Gahr and Russ Goebel. lt was a qood year as well as a tryinq year for the staffg but it was also a fun year. a.4.1.n1rg.1 Heading the Diablo '54 stall this year was Sharon Lais, our patient editor. Back from last year to help her were loann Blatnic, Dawn Nichols, Gracie Main, Donna McCosh and Budd Osmon. The newcomers to yearbook included Iackie Bass, lim Blackburn, lean Caudel, Eleanor Collett, Ierry Davis, Elwin Faria, Rosalind Fowler, Louie Friedrich, Stan Gaunt, Alida Harper, Gordon lanes, Colin Leech, Ann Maasen, Karen Mastne, Bobbie Mathewson, Ann McCarroll, Sue McCurdy, Eleanor McBice, Le- Boy Minaes, Kay Olander, Ianice Peterson, Ann Propersi, Larry Beece, Ed Ruiz, Larry Schmidt, luanita Sexton, Pat Shatswell, Dave Skuba, Ken Tarbet, Walter Titcomb, Nancy Vail, Raydah Thompson, Iune Waters, Ioyce Williams, and Buss Goebel and Bill Gahr, two imports from St. Mary's. Throuqh the combined ettorts of these students and especially our co-assistant editors Sue MC- Curdy, Iune Waters, and Sharon Lais, who spent endless hours on artwork and Contra Costa County history, the yearbook was finally completed. im Staff members of the Diablo '54 are: FIRST ROW, lett to right: Karen Mastne, copy editor: Ioyce Williams. assistant senior picture editor: Donna McCosh, ad manager: Iune Waters, assistant editor and subscrip- tion rnanager: Susan McCurdy, assistant editor and picture editor. SECOND ROW: Budd Osman, sports editor: Russell Goebel. stall photographer: Nancy Vail, girls' sports editor. NOT PICTURED: Ioann Blatnic, man- aging editor. Cubs and Assistants of the Diablo '54 are: FIRST ROW, left to right: Ann Propersi, Raydah Thompson, Eleanor Collett, Iackie Bass, Rosalind Fowler, Ann McCarroll, Eleanor Mcltice, Ann Maasen, Bobbie Mathewson, Alida Harper. SECOND ROW: lean Caudel, Dave Skuba. Gordon Iones, Kay Olander, Iuanita Sexton, Louis Fried- rich, Leroy Minqes. THIRD ROW: Pat Shats- well, Walter Titcomb, Elwin Faria. Ierry Davis, Larry Schmidt, Ken Gandy, Ken Tar- bet, Larry Reece, Stan Gaunt, Colin Leech, Ed Ruiz. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Lais, editor ot the Diablo '54: Mrs. Helen Lum ad viser ol the Diablo 54 C. S. F. Scholarship is flourishing at Mt. Diablo as evidenced by the increasing enrollment in the local chapter of the California Scholarship Fed- eration. The general functions of Miss Ruth Galindo's group are to promote good scholarship and to act as a service organization for the school. The biggest events on the club's calendar are the introduction banquet and "excuse" day. The banquet, held in the middle of the school year, is in honor of the new members. The "excuse day" is the most eagerly awaited occasion of the sec- ond semester. C.S.P. FIRST ROW, lett to right: Shimmin, Davila, Le Duc, Mastne. SECOND ROW: Harper. THIRD ROW: Wilson. Baker, Meyers, McCarroll, Reger. FOURTH ROW: Kaiser. Pearce, Dalton, Halver- son. Casagrande. Hand, Bigelow, Hillsman, Fish- er, Vaughn, Sweeney. Cummings, Moore. Miss Galindo. FIFTH ROW: Logan, Gillis. Macchi. Whisler, Gotshall. In- truder. Shockey, Bartke, Treadway, Fredrickson, Knudson, McCurdy. The C.S.F. otticers are as follows: LEFT TO RIGHT: Maxine Petris, Gretchen KnaPP, Mary Linda Wheeler. Don Treadway. Kay Kurotori, Bob Got- shall, Clarisse Le Duc, Grover, Wheeler, Knapp, Dent. Garverick, Crain, Whisler, Lee, Garaventa, Steckelberq, Walden, Dietz, Laub. DeLaurenti, Shelton, Fletcher, Iuro- tori, Yamamoto, Marshall, Michael. Staftord. Water, Lais, Bechtold. Petris. Kathy Laub. DANCE COMMITTEE One of the largest and most active groups at Di Hi is the Dance Committee which is under the supervision of Miss Betty Blankenship and Mr. lack Biedermann, advisers, and Clarisse Le Duc, social affairs commissioner. The purpose of this organization is to make available enjoyable extracurricular activities to many students. The executive board of Dance Committee, con- sisting of the heads of the seven subcommittees, helps to coordinate the talents and efforts of the students into a smooth-running unit which pro- duces outstanding social affairs. QBELOWJ OFFICERS-FIRST ROW, left to right: Tannya Miller, decoration co-chairman: Clarisse LeDuc, social affairs commissioner: Gretchen Knapp, refreshment chairman: Bobbie Mathewson, bids chairman. SECOND ROW: Miss Betty Blankenship, adviser: Alida Harper, program chairman: Gary Green, dance committee room chairman: Dave Wohlgemuth, decoration chairman: Steve Emanuels, publicity chairman: Iim Quittner, cleanup chairman. NOT PICTURED: Diane Lasell Boyer. decoration co-chairman: Nancy Vail, record chairman: Diane Racine. The following are mem- " ' bers ot the Dance Com- mittee: FIRST ROW, lett to rlght: Iudy Ludwig, Carol Zeppeqno. Clarisse Le Duc, lanet Carleton. Gretchen Knapp, luanelle Savage, Carolyn Fowler, Ellen Dent. Sandra Chris- tensen, Marie Davila, Iune Abernathy, Isabell Mims, Eleanor McRice. SECOND ROW: Tannya Miller, Iavleen Dickin- son, Sue Onstott, Claudia Grover, Jackie Flammanq, Bobbie Mathewson, Alida Harper, Dolores Chris- lock, Margaret Kelley, Sandra Fraser, Lena Lee. THIRD ROW: Mike Bige- low, Stan Lauderbach, Deanne Savage, Betty Garrison. Sarah Clark. Ann McCarroIl, Mariorie Ieltries, Virqinia Holt- house. FOURTH ROW: Gary Green, Iim Quittner, Arlene Alves. Milana Luk- setich, Barbara Bowman, Lillian Cartright, Mar- qaret Davis, Sharon T.rris. Steve Emanuels. FIFTH ROW: George Stoner, in- truder: Don Landrum, Ken Tarbet, Ierre De Rosa, Dave Wohlgemuth, Roqer Green. Marlene Stein- metz, Adrean Barr. Gean Moore, Iune Waters, Ann Maasen. . , smam.' fx N A 'Q x :A Q ' ' X 'W 5 SW I .4 i.-x 'XFX A my ' Q Y- V A xv, ' Av A ' Vw -9 M. - , if A x was NH ' x ' W Q v s T5 36 wing F 2 -N -X , p , ,gk ' Q' . A 5554 Q fn A x 5253 4 X W .A .X , t , N, V L ,g N w,N,?g,5.,k xi W. x a R Q QNX' . . . , N - K s A v . fw ' ..fs,Q f ' ' " Q 6 5 " 'Y X-fx x x - - N, 1 ' jiiggfi , lan ,z W 7, -2- 7- 1 'fxWiWgN I ,Q X . Q K ' M A . X-X , A wav gli ' ' .V My J rw ' - N, 5 W jg, 5 1. A ., t 5, . K X . ugh! W, R MN W pr. , .w s 4. J N . L x , 1: -, :- ,' - - '.-Ng K 5 1, 5 wx. M Q 'A 1 , E .. . , 5' Q f .15 X ,QW . Q 1 fi " ' ' 45 - A, K5 x - ws. ,Leung -.w'1., f W kv i we MA .. ., . , , 1 vyy. t' v ' . e ',. 'V , gp., in if XM A N I -:r --,Y-1 v A x Q :.,,,..,. as - . ' A , -. ' - . . BK. lyn. X X X if f? Sk iw get wi W in 'I' E Q b 'V The members of Spanish Club help promote understanding between us and our Latin American neighbors. Mrs. Iola O'Grady sponsors this Spanish Speaking group. FIRST ROW, left to right: Iuila Fore. Walter Kaiser, Terry Seeno, Marqaret Nicklaus, Marilyn Marshall, Bette Fletcher. Dorothy Shelton, Maralvnn I-Iaqood, Stephanie Brown, Gretchen Knapp, Iune Waters, Sharon Lais. SECOND ROW: Adviser Mrs. Iola O'Grady, Betty Chrisp, Gloria Steckelberg, Don Gillis, Bill Macchi, Trent Logan, Elwin Faria, Barry Ginochio, Iim Quittner, Mike Schubert. Georqe Ross. Maxine Petris, Io Ann Vreonis, Pat Thomas. OFFICERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Iune Waters, first semes- ter president: Sharon Lais. secretary of entertain- ment. SECOND ROW: Elwin Faria, second semester vice-president: Maxine Petris, first semester vice- president: Bill Macchi, first semester secretary- treasurer. second semester president. The Mt. Diablo Iunior Statesmen of America are prepared to become better citizens and to under- stand present day politics. Mrs. Norma White is the chapter's adviser. Iunior Statesmen Officers: FIRST ROW, left to right: Warrene Ridley, secretary: Betty Crain, president. SECOND ROW: Pat Shockey, vice-president. IUNIOR STATESMEN MEMBERS - FIRST ROW. left to right: Ruth Crain, Pam Stremel, Kathy Watson. Warrene Ridley, Nancy Itanen, Ianice Whisler, Maudie Stone, Nellie Neary, Larkie Barnes, Renis Neary, Sharon Lais. Kay Salt. Betty Crain. Gretchen Knapp, Charlotte Quigley. SECOND ROW: Tamara Cummings, Everett Traverso, Iohn Thez, Bill Iones, Mike Bigelow, Iay Walton, Dick Waterman, lim Quittner, Bob Martell, Roger Green, Dave Wohlgemuth. Elwin Faria, Bob Gotshall. Pat Shockey, Sheila Bradley. FIRST ROW, left to right: Renis Neary, supervisor: Lorkie Barnes, treasurer. SECOND ROW, Everett Traverse. supervisor. This year the Honorary Dramatic club was composed of twenty- three active members with Miss Catherine Yoell as adviser. Sword and Bauhle officers, left to right: Liz Fredricks, presi- dent: Nancy Iohnson, vice-presi- dent: and Renis Neary, secre- tary. FIRST ROW, left to right: Darlene Meredith, Maureen Connolly, Sharon Martin, Milana Luksetich, Arlene Alves, Charie Seaman, Sharon Drozda, Carol Hilder. Bob Iones, lim Quittner. SECOND ROW: Bob Bass, Ed Fears. Tom Ready, Iudy Forbes, Connie Stafford, Nancy Iohnson, Liz Fredricks, Pat Thompson, Kay Salt, Renis Neary, Bob Gotshall, Miss Catherine Yoell, adviser. ,,, 7i u 1. .a.-nr xg--.11 a Q f. ws, . x uns. if 233 Nab ,M 14: ,X ,Xi 1? 3 w 6' I 1 6 1 W Aff Wff W . 1 i ww? lvl in Z Qi ii , N 1 ffm www fy by 8,2 -i ,w M 2 ii- igggff , 5-.1 gfa - in QA fm 'Y sd K A ,df ,, ,L . 7 . nr Q. ag , , . in fx A tif- if HA Y, 'we' 1. A ' f QM? A lla' xml N Y Q 3,, X x Hi W xg- .X W 'NQDEASQ-5 ,5 'lfwf' 4' 41,943 ' Jw fifqlk 5 YL ,wsllfq ,, '35IffFf?5QT" ,W MM, .X ,WLM . Q 1 qifwfiw 4,4 .V ,4p,., -K, vfw Ulf" ,.., xi 4- .: .Wai ' 54" twin Q v Sw 2 .uf 'WF 'ay , X W 5 Q, ' , ix ,, we ' aa S+' ,MW f W, . ,W if .1 L ,VM V 1 -ag v , , 4 xi ' EKW 5,5 A we W' A A ,. N iw! iw? S55 -M 4 fd' lm., 4. use sr .HH 1 5 ,X rrf,-5: rad' wwf' r-M J. . WM-.-,M--. l A ,- X I FHS , a f -f.3, ,.g3'w . ' ' K . Q -5 1 f-:QQ - M- .-xg A n 1? a Cf! ,qw :wha , 4 !' FW: 'Y Q ti Y' ff X 'Sv 1 1 X The "Ski Devils" head for the slopes every possible week end. to ski down a snowy slope or bask in the sun near the lodge. FIRST ROW. left to right: Ann ' 4" l C Rutherford, Carolyn Ruden, Suzy Neill. Iudy Peterson, Bonnie Secrist, Ianet Lee, Margaret Neil, Nancy Hurst, Inez Carvaial, Cathy Shimmin, Marqie Reqer. SECOND ROW: Alida Harper. Carol Lee, Cathy Laub, Iulia Casaqrande, Iett Moore, Gene Smith. Steven Pearce, Phil Conger. Carl Cook, Wayne Littleton, Bob Hartsten. Kenneth Boyer, Ann Maasen, Sue McCurdy, Gean Moore. Iune Waters, Mr. Loyd Moore. adviser. OFFICERS FIRST ROW. left to right: Carolyn Hand, corresponding secretory: Alida Harper, recording secre- tary. SECOND ROW: Wayne Lit- tleton, president: Phil Conger, vice-president. First semester Photo Club ot- licers are lim Mason. vice- president and Tom Blackwell, president. The Shutterbuq boys, otherwise known as the Photo Club, have the following members: LEFT TO RIGHT: Iim Mason, David Pierce, Tom Blackwell, Mr. lack Biedermann, adviser: Guy de long, and Don Campbell. Second semester Photo Club otlicers are Iim Bartneck. treasurer and Don Campbell, vice-president, FIRST ROW. lelt to right: Deanne Savage, recording secretary: Dick umm Brown, president. SECOND Row: gm---I P-iv-All E fu. Bill Bell, vice-president: Eugene Ruyle, corresponding secretory. Even the History Club never underestimates "the power of a woman." FIRST ROW. lelt to right: Fred Hanson, Eugene Ruyle. Deanne Savage, Dick Brown. SECOND ROW: Bill Carane, Larry Bliss, Benny Hrbocek, Mike Schubert, Vern Richards, Bob Martinez, Bill Bell, Mr. Fury Dalla, adviser. Preparing for the world of the future are these members of the Science Club FIRST ROW, left to right Iohn Ayers Fred Hanson Dick Brown Richard Can anasso. SECOND ROW: Iames Terrell, Garry Kerr, Don Gillis Wilfred Garrison, Pat Shockey, lim Towell. Not pictured: Mr. lack Criqui adviser. OFFICERS Fred Hanson, sergeant-at-arms: Iohn Ayers, secretary. Not pic- tured: Bob Prather, president: Don Gillis, vice-president. Bill Whisler, president: Eugene Ruyle, vice'presidenf. "Queen Marylinda" and the "knights" of the Chess Club. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Adams, Marylinda Wheeler, Dick Brown, Iimmy Towell. SECOND ROW: Eugene Ruyle, Iohn Ayers, Larry Bliss, Dick Gierak. Bill Whisler, Richard Canasso. Not pictured: Mr. William Toaspern, adviser. ralnnuunuru-nm- Qikluxn min: tual!-1 -I Vt W. ... 5.3, . A ,. :mu .." V xt 522.56 af 9 ' X: ganna' 1 :H H 3,-E., x ,. we A ,, OFFICERS Iohn Ayers, secretary: Marylinda Wheeler, treasurer. OFFICERS -- - FIRST ROW, left to right: Deanne Savage, vice-president: Beverly Iones. president. SECOND ROW: Dick Brown, sergeant- at V arms: Larry Bliss, secretary: Eugene Ruyle, treasurer. The members of the Science-Fiction Club take a look into the future and imagine how Di-Hi will look in 2054. FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Bliss, Beverly Iones, Deanna Savage, Eugene Ruyle. SECOND ROW: lack lones, Dick Brown, Benny Hrbacek. Mike Schubert, Bob Martinez, Vern Richards, Dick Gierak. Not pictured: Mr. Jack Criqui, adviser. isn- in '-'D These smiling laces belong to the members of the Stamp Club. who collect and trade all the old and new letterelickers. Adviser, Mr. Elmer Sundguist, is not pictured. LEFT TO RIGHT: Norman Mickey, Charles Green, Gerald Mix. Barrett Wilmes, Bob Beasley, Doug Larson. Harold Touchstone. OFFICERS-FIRST ROW, left to right: Norman Mickey, vice-presi- dent: Charles Green. secretary- treasurer. SECOND ROW: Harold Touchstone, President. Tamra Cummings, vice-president: Marilyn Marshall. President. The Book Club is composed ot the following literary critics: FIRST ROW, left to right: Betty Chrisp, Iulia Fore, Sandra Vernier, Gail Garaventa, Marilyn Marshall, Gloria Steckelberg. SECOND ROW: George Rose, Warrene Ridley, Cherie Mortensen, Gail Wrightmire, Pamela Stremel, Trvmra Cvvmminas, Iudy Macey, Blene Estes, Bill Macchi, Don Gillis. r 09 A 4 is Gail Garaventa, treasurer: Bill Macchi, secretary. These upperclass women lend their athletic ability to make the GJLA. a prominent club. OFFICERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Linda Wheeler, president: Kar- laen Tolles, secretary. SECOND ROW: Carol Hilder, Greta Young- berg, Diane Racine, and Ioanne Donaldson, managers: Io Ann Blatnic, vice-president. was play- ing camera shy. FIRST ROW, lett to right: Ierry De Rosa, Diane Racine, Greta Youngberq, Ioanne Donaldson, Bobbie Mothewson, Karlaen Tolles. SECOND ROW: Miss Lynn Hayes, adviser: Renis Neary, Aurelia Omania, Geneta Spessard, Carole Halverson, Ellen Dent. Carol Hilder, Marylinda Wheeler. Wien ix In 1850 California was admitted to the Union with Contra Costa as one of the original 27 counties. Mar- tinez. the county's first town, had been laid out the preceding year by Thomas A. Brown on the Rancho Pinole, and it was selected by the founding fathers oi Contra Costa to serve as the county seat. ,f 1,4 umm FQ pw i Q . v a ' G, Q Q-S f GA -Q ' f W y f 5 f s Q l , V RX' A if j . 5 Q 5 fm 1 i 5, .4 1 Fl 4 K wg e Q fr kv, I .gil CWS Mx J' f A Y 'L ff :J 'iw' 4 V I 'wi X125 7. ' JA f?fQ,,A,4 Wm ,J1QLf . m Z ' i ff!! Wg :X V ,KJ A ,f5sLi jg ! 31.-f if My j a : I ,Ly ig ,f E Y in ? Jf:a?f Q 7 I gk , L .I ' " g.xm f' 6 V, I A Q lb- 'Yin . ,f-H" Q! -ah, fv V 'f :AJ QA5!z'Qfz'fzE5 Marlene Adams and lorry YELI. LEADERS, left to right: Marlene Adams. Carol Halverson, Dan Larscheid. head yell lead- er: Aurelia Omania, lorry DeRosa. YELL LEADERS. left io riqht: Carol Halverson and Aurelia Omania. Dan Larscheid, head yell leader. DeRosa. YELL LEADERS The lively school spirit this year was undoubt- edly due to head cheerleader Dan Larscheid and assistants Marlene Adams, lerre DeRosa Carol Halverson and Aurelia Omania, when they led the Red Devil rooters to a cheering vic- tory at the year's start, while the gridiron boys led the league to a C.C.C.A.L. championship. Another accomplishment Worth mentioning is the tact that our cheering section, under the di- rection of Mr. Hart Fairclough, was one of the few high school groups in the state to use card tricks at halt time. SONG LEADERS Sandra Christensen, Laura Shelley, Billie Trimble and Liz Lucero led our students in songs and clapping, accompanied by the Mt. Diablo High School Band, at our games and student rallies. They added much spirit and color to our toctball games, with their red jump- ers and White blouses, which were new this year. if Song Leaders, le!! io right, are Ll: Lucero. Billle Trimble. Sandra Christe d n I e n , a n Laura Shelley. Pictured here are, le!! to right. Ll: Lucero. Laura Shelley. Sandra Chrleteneen and Blllle Trimble. The Nativity scene was recreated at the Christmas Assembly Mrs. Eloise Honette's Creative Speech students practice the ancient art of puppeteering for the entertainment ot classe mates. 4 DR Under the direction ot Miss Catherine Yoell, the Drama department of Mt. Diablo High School has produced two fine plays this year. Their tall production, "You Can't Take lt With You," had a cast of such young stars as loanne Myers, Don Lopez, Maureen Connolly, Bob Bass, Sharon Drozda, Bob Gotshall, Liz Frederick, and others who helped make the play a success. The Drama department also produced a Chinese fantasy called "Turtle Dove" tor an assembly, starring Bob lones. ln the annual Christmas pageant the Drama depart- ment staged the nativity scene, to blend with the "heavenly" music ofthe A Cappella Choir. The cast ot the tirst term play "You Can't Take It With You" was as follows: FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Liz Frederick, Arline Alves, Errol Tyler, Cherie Seaman. SECOND ROW: Bill Hillsman, Bob Ionas, Don Lopez. Iim Quittner, Bob Bass. THIRD ROW: Bob Harmon, Nancy Iohnston, Sharon Drozda, Maureen Connelly. Bob Gotshall, Io Ann Myers, Tom Ready, Bob Francis. A Their spring production was "Arsenic and Old Lace." Some of the main characters were Carol Hilder, Tom Ready, Bob Iones, and le-rry Sisson. "Arsenic and Old Lace" proved to be on the most hilarious plays ever produced by the drama depart- ment. This famous comedy is centered around two charming and innocent ladies who populate their cellar with the remains of their roomers, accompanied by their brother who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt. The whole family is nutty as a fruit cake and twice as humorous. The Sword and Bauble Drama Society produced an old-time movie version of "Cinderoola" for the Club's Assembly, which captured the first prize money. Pictured here is the cast of the term play "Arsenic and Old Lace." FIRST ROW, left to rigbt: Robert Iones, Tom Ready, Geraldine Kennon. Carol Hilder. Dick Hill. Margaret Kelley, Leon Chauvesi. SECOND HOW: Iohn Williams, Edward Fear, Bob Gotshall. Ierry Sisson. Bill Leaih. Don Lopez. lim Quitlner. Leon Chauvest and Ianie Housden ge! a sample of family life as Mr. and Mrs. North in Miss Catherine Yoe11's Drama I class. Miss Catherine Yoell displays her own histrionic ial- ents lor cast members of "Arsenic and Old Lace." D L J . I it Mary Louise Sands looked lovely as Campus Sweet- heart. Her attendants and their escorts were, left to right: Steve Bordi, Alice Caudle. Russ Steele. Sandy Christensen, Burt Paulson, Mary Louise. Bill Hillsman, Liz Frederick. Betty Chambliss. and Richard Alford. Capacity crowds listened to harkers and side-show gimmicks in the Boys' Gym on lanuary 9 when the juniors held their third annual carnival under the direction of class advisers and Bill Leath, general chairman. Music Club won laurels as the best decorated booth while the Spanish Cluh took top financial honors. Highlight ot the evening was the crowning ot Mary Louise Sands as Cam- pus Sweetheart. Music and dancing climaxed the evening of entertainment. Alida Harper and Wayne Littleton did a snowballing business in the Ski Booth. ann: x "Hearl of My Hearts," the freshman dance, drew capacity crowd on the night oi February 19. 1954. The major social events of the year were centered around our school dances with their qaily colored backdrops. Some of the outstanding dances were: the Sadie Hawkins Dance, decorated with Doqpatch Cartoons, the Christmas Formal, with a ceilinq of sparking white snowflakes: the annual Freshman Dance, "Heart of My Heart," and the Senior Ball, "Roman Holiday," deco- rated with the splendor which "was Rome." Smiling Royalty. Sharon Abbott and Owen Cardinet. hold their maces of affection al the "Heart ot My Heart" dance, where the Freshman King and Queen were crowned. Them lhar Dogpaichers, Louise and Terry, are really whooping it up And the winna of the Sadie Hawkin's Day boobie prize is- Members of the Sen- ior Council, composed ol the chairmen of the various senior activ- ities, are the follow- ing: FIRST ROW, left to right: Elwin Faria and Ginnie Rosales, Senior Banquet Co- chairmen: Laura Shelley, Senior Ball Chairman: Liz Fred- erick and Iim Quitt- ner. Senior Variety Show Co-chairmen: SECOND ROW: Bob Jones and Mickey Fisher, Senior Picnic Co-chairmen: Tannya Miller, Senior An- nouncements Chair- man: Dot Smith, Cap and Gown Chairman: and Betty Crain, Sen- ior Sales Chairman. The Senior Sales Committee. headed by Betty Crain, braved the storms to deliver goodies to our wild lootball fans, FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Phil Corvinus, Elwin Faria, Bob Iones. Roger Green. Iim Quittner, Bill Hills- man. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Ruden. Kay Trevorrow, Gretchen Knapp, Betty Crain, Lois Hutch- inson. Mickey Fisher. Marie Davila. THIRD ROW: Gean Moore, Susan McCurdy. Dick Partansky, Bob Martell, Rich Hartke, Sharon Lais, and Iune Waters. Doug Hieb, Sales and Finance Commissioner, appears to be more than a financial wizard as he is surrounded by this gorgeous array ol Diablo beauties. FIRST HOW, left to right: Martha Pow- ers. Connie Stafford, Ginnie Ro- sales, Maureen Connelly. Sharon Martin, Lois Hutchinson. SEC- OND ROW: Sandra Bechtold, Mickey Fisher, Doug Hieb, Tann- ya Miller, Marie Davila, Marie Malloy. THIRD ROW: Frieda Anderson. Patsy Yamamoto, Christina Kegresse, Lorna Micheal, Dot Chandler, Harriett Mastracci. I ., . 4556 gs V ,fe Y -5 fr W, fig' X l , K U Ea fig A ffv- f'f 'NL V 'J P' A , W4 Y K INST? Iv? ,Egg M' 5 an X ' ex. 'wfgl' i 'im gifs' -f-Q 5 Q 'Q 3 I 1, Q ,Q r fi' W ,-Eff' ff'l,,, , w',ll'?XuW' 5--i-A" 5 3 1 ' ----it-.P 7 , 'sp ' 5 j 0 . - - .aww saggy. V54 - ".Y"'n 'ZZ l MMM, 21 mul' . -.f -cl. ., 'I y Q N, M., -nn 1' , nik A wg, Q XS: A , , , . ,L "HQ: A I X4 mf Q, f 5-if , uf ! . V ..,.'. VK 'RT . axfg ffix' "' iff + 1 up U ' gn. IIN Q Mi, gx I s MP' is riff : I1 . -nw? L. T, 'z 9 Sl? Q" H4 Q 54. 1 'Sa lx ggqgx ,gh if f Q K is , I1 lil' ff K. aff' new Af 'N M,-, I I ' H' R 1 g. V If was - I ' 5 2 I f 2 EL. iam vx Qiwv QQ if , f 5 :X Ni my aff .ZEN . wx 9 'K fs ki if ww Q xx Q14 , s Q ' s ,ij 5. Qi fur- K ...J The students ol Mt. Diablo listen intently to the music of the Cal Miss Ethel Brubaker, band at one ol our assemblies. Carol Kochevcxr, Diablo teen-timer. spins the records lor students on the local radio pro- gram. Mr. George Perry and his filth period class sew their in front ol the new "ventilated" tool shed. 92 school librarian. supervises the reading ol these Diablo students. Typical frosh picked this year were Bob Peekaboo! lBoys' Homemakingl Williams and Kathy Kelly. spring seeds Yukon Queen, Mariorie Silva. recounts her experiences ol the gold rush days to landscape art students. ,,. Wei? N f 55 X ax by 7 My 3 . ,f af 3' s u Y K.. f Q.. ' is .. ,Q 'Q . .ff it Qktv X ,J ' if I . i . Q ,R 1 RX 'Wiki Q 1? si 'uf s .W ""'-+.0.,4 X - an ' -wan 1 wx., X7 K f x r ESE? , A... , , . 'L .3 ip.x-WN f QQ . .H ... :1 .W 1-,.g..w, fu: .- x wgbww 5 za: X v Q - . , y .L .-:2.:.:,.-.,,h,2., ...L ... .I Q QEW - -. w i N :ff . . , . N M Q M.. -w k' Sh: ' 'ff ,Q ii- -,. -T ..,. 3 Q SY M . -V . Ak' - -L H af , N ev d A Q , . if 1 J, Q . g .bw hi 1" N I Q5 . L -f 1 -r'5Q-31 Q S sv N 4 49 xi . v , . an , JP' 1 . "V"lpm 'Q fn,X ' .n gi , i Y M' M. 5 . 3 7' A. .W . 'L Fx! " fa' wr as Z tx 'S I -sig 'r .f 9" XAIJ, Nl ry " ' if Q I WWE .V , vp 1 RQ 14 -'if"?2'3i X, x if 5 Q F . ,N Q , . 4 'vw ' a,pF.fy.l Q .-ram wil xx qw 'Hu-4 Va , ., AL' Hey, Ioe! How do you rate? Mary may well look busy as Miss Dorothey Iacobus approaches. Careful with those matches, boy. Miss Marg Silva's art class uses "live bodies" It must be a good comic book. Don Really. Russel, ihe ioh can't be that bad. Where'd you slash ihe cash. Billie? 94 .YW we-ng., X ,xv Q , 5 K ld Ti' Q X. Q' 'vs Q Q .. lava? gif Vi 'N 'N Q- ' A K if x x ' V ' it N' 1 Q71 11:-Q, ' . . A wr M l'f i + X , JF' L .,.. lv' lg, 1 as gf! Q Q x - -, 'sum X9 A - 7 -YAS.Q'ii5f3 2.4 ,ff,. , Q7 ' 1 1" F . S x . f I , n .324-1, wg' The Academic Building. one of Ihe most beautiiul buildings on the cam- pus. overlooks the new Quad. Science and Home Economics clcssos. the caleieria and its annex are located in the Science Building. Wood Shop and Metal Shops help prepare the siudenis for lhoir indus- irial vocaiionl in laier lile. ,P" ,1 I, 7... in f , f"d 3-. , F W, .v . .., ' Lek", - S x 'ufxggq ' . . W - . - .Hr W Ig ' ,x,V,,A " WA ' ' '1 in riff- . Q .1fiIm..- Q ' A ln the Commercial Building the stu- dents prepare to take their places in the various business fields. The new quad, donated by the Parents' Club. serves as the center ot many school functions. The Gym Building with its sweep of tlat surfaces now extends the cam- pus across Grant Street. With us today are reminders of our early history. The characteristically California outdoor type of living is directly descended from the living patterns of the Spaniards. Much of our architecture is still copied from the Spanish style of low, rambling buildings with tiled roofs built around a court. And so our Spanish heritage casts shadows across our modern day life. wfwgfifg-WTC JW f 100145 1 a- f "i" ' 'rl J,. 'AFX J-1 mix' -,. I 5 NJ .45 xx?-fr , 42,19 wg. ,., , ' . . Q 1 V 1 , 1 , -J' . '51, " .,' 11,-f WI -a., 4 -v. .' ld , ' r ,. ...,. wr' '1'- psp.-'4 "' 1.5, 4 'Ja 1 H, .. n J L : ,, ,-,, YQ Av ., lr' . ,WS- ,sq V 1 fl-.-,,3:., .J .- ,g+,, .- 'Q w- ., I ,. i, , . 1 -. .,L, , L, wg ,,, fu. I , , , .1 Q-5 y Q. ,Q , ,, a A K ,e-1 -v Y . 'Lil ii F111 T' .ul V7.2 Q, Y Y .LJ I if 1 'E' 1 w :.,.,3f2f 2 ,jr . ,NV .'..1.fN:'f .L , 5 'J ,- J 1 V t A ,,, A1 X ' 2' x . ,. ,N . a . A Y ,A yr , v. i 1, Y. X. ,K L,,,:J: at A. .1 5 , f LN E' Kar. f s- .. , ,I yi- N. 'Llp' K 1-A , Q' gs' ' ' ,. .',gL r 1 P, YA . fra MP : f:,,ggg rr N +15 5 1-. 2573 Tig' j J q--e- :jf fxv., 5.2-' Ax. L gig? ..x:.,1 '-..f. 4, ,Vnfd.q5 E 1 .55-wi2iZf"T5A F55- :if 1 Q' -.r L,-Lzia, .11-ff'.1..-',-x ' aw' 1?f'Jix,gf -I.-' '.,.. - . Y -'RM-?gM".t'.". '. -.1 5 1 "Q:.,17 "df 9.5 51, .' ' ' ' :g.,.L..' H . ap--..,,.L .U 1 W , .. ,ef Lf 1 .1 ' 7 4 1 .1 'I I KSU -.!.' JJ.. ,, Y, .,:. .. I I , , .. Q . 7 2-,U T .. M . - V ,.,QjQL . '12 . Qgvflni , Ji--il 59' 'r 1 , 'U T? . 1,5413 . z 'f , f- X154 ,I 1 f ' J . K., v 3'- ' ' 'ns.,,.A 1.7: , ,A ', J" A: ffl b. .J ., , ,l ,,,,,5, 'Q EA Swi- : J l' ,. L I, , Lrg Z 'n . P 'Iv ' 3.,1.2VTgg, , . ,,-,lun yy , 3 -.. 4 .- ., . : -L A Y ,Y 'i '. V Q. , , 3'-.1 f . V- V 1 ,4 ..-, 1 1 .Qu , .u .12 f' v w, ,.,. ..- I .. H 'f?7?T I wet. v- VARSITY l.1HAGUlI GAMES .vga CHARLES KAR? Coach HENRY GUSTAFSON Couch IAMES MILLAHD Trainer MT. DIABLO vs. ALHAMBRA The Red Pack opened league play with a 44 to 18 rout over the Bulldogs of Alhambra. The Co-captains for the game, Stan Gaunt and Shelby Higgins, proved to be the scoring punch for the Devils. This win started the qridders on the l953 championship trail. MT. DIABLO vs. ALBANY Marching on after their first league victory, the Satans of Diablo rolled over Albany 39 to 20. A1- though behind at the half 20 to l2, Diablo showed its strength, and held Albany scoreless in the second half while it roared to four touchdowns. Co-Captains for the game were Larry Reece and Harry Haley. MT. DIABLO vs. TOHN SWETT ln the Lucifers third league game, they literally crushed the undefeated Indians from lohn Swett 25 to O. Terrific defense kept the Skins from penetrating the Devils goal line. This victory left the Devils the only undefeated team in the league. The game cap- tains were Terry Taylor and Bud Torres. MT. DIABLO vs. ANTIOCH The Devils got their first scare of the season, barely edging the huge Antioch Panthers 20 to 13. Victory came in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. The Diabloids were completely out-weighed in both the line and the backfield and had to fight an uphill battle most of the way. The game captains were Ierry Sisson and Marv McKean. MT. DIABLO vs. PITTSBURG The big game between Mt. Diablo and Pittsburg proved to be a thrilling contest. Diablo shoved over the winning touchdown in the final minutes of the game. The Devils' terrific defense showed its strength by stopping Pittsburg's only scoring threat of the evening. This victory assured Diablo of at least a tie for the championship. The game captains were Mar- lon Henvit and Russ Steele. MT. DIABLO vs. ACALANES Mt. Diablo slushed over Acalanes and also the league championship. Even with the help of a steady downpour of rain, Acalanes could not stop the mighty horses of Diablo. The Franzmen showed their jubi- lance over winning, by dragging their coaches and fellow teammates through the mud. The game cap- tains were Marlon Henvit and Russ Steele. ROD FRANZ Herd Football Couch HART FAIHCLOUGH Bccldield Coach WILLI '-XM KNIBBE Coach MARV McKEAN Quarterback WALT TITCOMB Haliback EDDIE CRABAUGH End I02 LARRY REECE ROGER MILLS JACK ROBBINS BUD TORRES Halibuck Tacklo Haliback Guard IACK IONES IERRY SISSON MARLON HENVIT PHIL PARSLOW TERRY TAYLC Guard Tackle Halfback Haliback Quarterback HARRY HALEY STAN GAUNT RUSS STEELE DAN COLCHICO IIM BATES End Fullback Conlor End Fullback and L nol VARSITY SCORE BOARD Alameda ,T,,......... Oakland Tech, Alhambra ,,rrT... ... Albany ..........,,.,., Iohn Swett ..,,....a,, AIlI1OCh v......,,aaw T.. Pittsburgh ..Aa,.ar. Acalanes .a.........,. Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mt Mt Mt. . Diablo . Diablo . Diablo . Diablo . Diablo . Diablo . Diablo Diablo FIRST ROW, left to right: Iulian Beach, Ken Peterson. Roy lohnson, Gene Findley fmgr.J, Roger Smith lmgr.l, Dennie Mason lmqxzl, Cliif Hayden. George Lindroth, Iohn Tackett. SECOND ROW: Iim Boyer, King Tolles, Tom Barclay, Denny Collee, lerry Walsh, Bill Parker. Allen Crowell, Marvin Williams, Bill Haggard, Dick Bankus, Ioe Sisson. THIRD ROW: Coach Henry Gustafson, lack Coppock, lim Salas, Clili Mores, Addison Hunt, Lloyd Novinqer, Iohn Williams, Bill De Witt, Tom Truman, Dave Krowell, Coach Bill Knihbe. FOURTH ROW: Ed Ulrich, Dorsey Allison, Steve Patterson, Hugh Gaunt, Ierry Weisinqer. Dick Emery, Ronald Franks, Allred Hatch, Earl Humphrey, Gordon Dodson, George Moorhouse. l.V. Football The "Little Devils," though laclcinq depth and experience, came throuah with a successful year under the guidance of their coach, Henry Gustafson. They ended up in third place in their league and sported a 5-2-l rec- ord. Many of the likely prospects to replace qraduatinq varsity members from the l.V.'s will be Ed McGill, Iohn Tackett, Dave Krowl, Torn Barclay, Ed Ulrich, Dick Brown, Fteqo Piva, George lvloorhouse, and Dorsey Allison. I.V. Diablo.. 8 .Diablo 6 Diablo.. 6 Diablo .31 Diablo. 7 Diablo.. 6 Diablo..l9 Diablo 13 Freshmen Diablo.. 6 .Diablo.. U Diablo..24 .Diablon 0 Diablo.. O Scores Las Lomas .. Antioch ..i.,..i . Pittsbura . Iohn Swett ,iii Pleasant Hill Albany . ,ii,i,i . Acalanes . Alhambra , Game Scores Amador . .. Pleasant Hill . Pleasant Hill.. El Cerrito . , San Ramon i,,, Freshman Football The "Wee" devils were out in lull force the iirst day oi football as 80 lrosh attempted to win a berth on the squad. The Frosh had a rouqh schedf ule and in only two of their iive tilts played Fresh squads. They showed a tremendous amount oi spirit considering that they were tirst year men. FIRST ROW. left to right: Don Petrich. Ed Zickeloose, Iohn Crews, Don Bo, Iohn Turner, lack Crumloy, Iohn Pereson, Bob Crews, George Darrow, B11-l Brown, Don Campbell, Iohn Wyzard, Mel Redfield, Lloyd Crenna. SECOND ROW: William Harvey lmgr.l, Keith McKenzie, Wmstonhsmder, Dick Garren., Alan Torres, Ierry West, Bob Lopez. Dave Morris, Phil Resales, F. I. Elam, Coach Charles Karp. THIRD ROW: Bob CIBIIIISIII. Leland Berhnoxa, Iog Haqwood, Bob Williams, Don Shaffer, Ted Plumb, Doug Andersen, Warren Moore, Iim Rober, Alan Silver, Richard Kupka. Not Pictured: Calvin Dunlap, Wald Earl, Mike Carpenter. CCCAL cHAMP1oNsH1P VARSITY The Bed Devils reign as champions of the CCCAL for the first time in ten years. The "Devils" were invincible as they bowled over squad after squad. The first to fall in the path of their fury were the Alameda Hornets and Oakland Tecksters. In the league opener, the Devils took the bite out of the Alham- bra Bulldogs and went on the following week to cage the Albany Cougars. After Albany, the Red Demons promptly scalped the Iohn Swett Indians and went on to skin the Antioch Panthers in a game that was a seat-edger all the way. In the game with Pittsburg, the Franzrnen tried time and again to board the Pirate ship and score, but were held back till late in the fourth quarter when Marv McKean finally bootlegged 6 points to the scoring deck and the Pirates were captured. Last to fall be- fore the onslaught of the mighty Red, were the Acalanes Dons. Diablo now reigned supreme! FIRST ROW, left to right: Waller Dubbs lmqnl, lim Servenli lmqnl, Marlon Henvit 1Co-captainl, Hun Steele lCo-capiainl, Bob Golxhall fmqr.l. SECOND ROW: Carol Halverson, Aurelia Omania, lerry Sluon, lack Robbins, lim Bates, Wall Tiicomb, Terry Taylor, Tom Ready, lack Iones, Phil Parslow, Larry Reece, Al Boot, johnny Wingfield, Bill Rood. Laura Shelley, Sandra Christensen. THIRD ROW: Marlene Adams, Dan Lare- cheid, Ierre De Rosa. Coach Hart Fairclouqh, Bud Torres, John Davis, Sian Gaunt, Iim Kelly, lohn Williams, Dick Gleralr, Roger Mills, Dave Wohlgemuth. lim Walsh. Paul Buckman. Harold Hayworth, Coach Rod Franz, Billie Tremble, Lil Lucero. FOURTH ROW: Sid Simms, Dan Colchico, Don Matison. Harry Haley, Robbie Himsl. Fred Crabauqh, Marv McKean, Louis Friedrich, Ed McGill, lim Davis. Bill Leath, Ed Ruiz, Frank onzaqa. . . . CGMES T0 DIABLO RED DEVIL VARSITY BASKETBALL BILL KNIBBE Coach RON BALDWIN The Red Devils enjoyed a fair season this year, winning 12 games and losing 5. They broke their losing streak on Albany by beating them 55 to 50, spoiling the champs' undefeated sea- son. The ians received their share of thrills as Diablo beat Pitts- burg 50 to 49, Acalanes 67 to 65, and lost to Antioch 43 to 45. The starting five, Don Landrum, Fred Crabaugh, Marv Mc- Kean, Harry Haley, and Steve Ritchie, were all returning letter- men from last year's team. Landrum was third in the scoring column in the league. Crabaugh and Don were also chosen on the All-County tive, with Marv McKean making the second team, Ritchie the third, and Haley-honorable mention. Roger Powell, Paul Buckmann, Larry Norenburg, and Tom Mc- Millin, plus the tirst tive were all seniors this year. Next year's team will be built around the rest of the varsity, lim Brooks, Ed Ulrich, Hank Hagwood, Sid Smith, and Bill McGregor tall juniorsl plus the boys coming up from the B team. GEORGE STONER DON LANDRUM FRED CRRBA HARRY HALEY STEVE RITC' MARV MCKEAN ROGER POW 'fllynllfff Doilixiflio. SCOREBOARD Mt. Diablo .,,, ,..... 56 Castlemont . ......5l Mt. Diablo... . .. ,,...,,., 55 Las Lomas ...,. .. ......35 Mt. Diablo .,...... ....,.,.. 6 0 Pittsburg ......... ...,...... 4 9 Mt. Diablo ..,.. .. ....,.... 50 Antioch ......,,,.... ..,...,.., 3 8 Ml. Diablo ........ ..... 55 Pleasant Hill ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, . .21 Mt. Diablo ,,,,.,.. ,... . U35 Iohn Swett ,,,,,,.,, , ,,,,,,, .45 Mt. Diablo .,,,..,. .. L34 Albany ........ ..,. . M39 Mt. Diablo .i..,,., ...,,... 3 7 Acalanes .....,. .... H52 Mt. Diablo ,..i..,i .,....... 6 5 Alhambra ..... .......,,. 5 2 Mt. Diablo ....,,.. ,,,,,i,.. 6 3 Las Lomas .,.,..,,, ,.,..,.,. 2 8 Mt. Diablo ........ ......... 5 0 Pittsburg .,,..,... ,. ...., 49 CHARLIE KAR? M1.D1a1a1a ..,..... ...,,.... 4 3 Antioch ........... . ........, 45 W '?"'f" 'Q Mm. Diablo ........ ......... 6 4 Pleasant H111 . .....,.. . L37 Mt. Diablo ........ ......... 6 4 Iohn Swett ...... .. .......... 28 i Mt. Diablo ........ ......... 5 5 Albany ....... .......... 5 0 Mt. Diablo ........ ......... 6 7 Acalanes ....... .......... 6 5 f Mt. Diablo ........ ............ 2 9 Alhambra .... .......... 4 5 ' 12 wins - 5 losses s. HP .41 .ia -..J VARSITY SQUAD FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Freddie Crabaugh, Marv McKean, Steve Ritchie, Harry Haley, Don Landrum. SECOND ROW: Dominic Duarte, manager: Coach Bill Knibhe, larry Weisinger, manager. THIRD ROW: Roger Powell. Paul Buckmann, Tom McMillin, Henry Hagwood, Ed Ulrich, Bill McGregor. Larry Norenburg, lim Brooks. B BASKETBALL The only preleague game was with Castlemont which the Little Devils won liandily 37-26. After a breeze past Las Lomas 47-24, they were defeated by the all-mighty Pittsburg 43-42. The next four games were decisive victories over Antioch, Pleasant Hill, lohn Swett, and Albany by scores of 36-32, 35-18, 36-30, and 39-31 respectively. Then like the lull before the storm, they were hit by Acalanes and were defeated 46-37. They then coasted by Alhambra 42-39, Las Lomas 25-18, and over Pittsburg 36-30, only to be downed by Antioch 29-26. Next week they came back to trounce Pleasant Hill and then dropped to Iohn Swett 48-31. Taking their revenge to the last three games, they downed Albany 42-30, Acalanes 50-30, and Alhambra 49-37. The outstanding players were lerry Walsli to whom goes the scoring credit, and to Dorsey Allison, Ron Baldwin, George Stoner, and Roger Lee for their fine ball handling and floor work. Witli the fine spirit and teamwork shown on the court, they clinched the year's season for second place. B BASKETBALL SQUAD SEMICIRCLE, lelt to right: Ronald Loveridge, Loyal Miner, Merle Marshall, loe Hagwood, Bob Williams, Bob Wallace, Ted Plumb, Roy Johnson, Clit! Mores, lim Salas, Marv Williams, Roger Lee. SECOND ROW: Dan Vasquez, George Darrow, Coach Charles Karp, Ed Duarte, manager: Phil Ogden, manager. THIRD ROW: Bill DeWitt, Ronald Baldwin. George Stoner, Ierry Walsh, Dorsey Allison. l 1 l 7 L A 5 zu -'. g17s y1ww1v1 1 .w1 2 W 31 , , K , ' ' P-arf? P 55 5 g Q ,. lt . .:A Z .,,,, , W fn A x ,..: .ff 4 ,:-- ' , + , sl? alww' 4 3 KW, W Q , f .. f ,, kv X -9 -'fvu -,Q HE, f Q. 4. F, :iv .N wa dx, 1 .xgix . New ' ' k V .1.. s Q- ' - 2 f fa-MW Yi QQ: 35 i Q A 5 ' 'lQ x W 34 3 X2 ya , Asa: , ul 'fa W-4 M ,, m,,,,. l FIRST ROW, left to right: Art Parqament, Tom DiMaggio, Walter Fletcher, Ronald Franks. Sam Everett Larry Hollinger, Tex Horton. SECOND ROW: George Moorhouse, Dorsey Allison, Dick Emery, Bill Lxltorno Ronald Baldwin, Bob Peters, Richard Alford, Merle Marshall, Phil Conger. DOMINIC DUARTE WILLARD KNIBBE LARRY KENT Varsity Coach ERROL TYLER and TANL Y MILLE GEORGE ITANEN S IVEC,-,och R J. V. BASEBALL This year's team coached by Stanley Miller opened its season with an 8-l loss by San Lorenzo. The second game was a 5-3 loss to San Ramon varsity, highlighted by a one-hitter under the pitch- ing stati oi Ron Atnip, who is one of the top contenders for next year's varsity squad. Other top men will include: Roger Lee, Bob Peters, Merle Marshall and Bill Littorno. Ths year's team should pull through as one oi the top three in the C.C.C.A.L. I.V. League. BASEBALL SCORES CPresst1meJ Diablo ,,.. 9 Los Lomas .,,... l Diablo tr,. 5 Pittsburg ..... . 2 Diablo ..t. 3 lohn Swett ...,,. 5 Diablo ,,,. U Albany ..,v...rl. 4 Diablo t,,. 5 Acalanes ....., l Diablo ,,,, ll Pleasant Hill.. 0 Diablo, ..ll Alhambra .,,,. . 4 Diablo ,,lU Los Lomas ,,t,rY 4 Mradorw bmlnt 1:4 ulsn xnclurirfd ln thc- Inlrc1n1urul Sports Proqrum. "Wh1s.kf-r-Q' rlunlu nm- Hr- Ilnr-s Ihmuqh Ihr' nir wirh thn qrecxivsi of vcxv-. Curl Struby iupporls Euqene Ruylv Thr' lllllr- 1.00 S1l'vYc'h1",f0r rx in an airborne hand Stand. GO! MAN! GO! The Tpnnoxsoo Waltz xl mm numvcl plnys ior mu: 5.-W. 3 5 4 if 5 ' X72 1 Qt. . 'I sw? ' A 3 .- ? f fpxgak- 3. ' ' 'mn X xv, -1 M 1 . 1. .. M11 Y' -. xv-:N f 35 up 3 FST. Q 4 . . ' I 9 asf- l L Y X3 5 - if K , -I K ,533 " Q ::: ' i 'A' Q jr I . . w , U ..e 55 'w I. ' fax., N F . v- K j Q 3, "9 is . 3 ,Q A Q 575 vm 2? R. . K ff , 'ui f , , ::i-,1, - ,, , , ' 4' YY' ,g:, ,g 1 54 Y -4: V M, ,L 4 ii L A 1 X ' A f' 3 FM , 4 in Q I ' ':' 5 59729 I f 2. D, 3 4 W . 1. . -Lx , if R fx f l 2 - 1 , gs ig y , . , 1. 1 Vi V 4 r X .. X gwfmu W, 5' 1 -. 'g 'A NW .. 'P 1 1 .... . ' gQ1..,i1?5"'EE L ' - X ,Av 1 ' '- , 'N' 1" ' .f 4,0 N . . . . L mf -A ' 'f . N x., - -5. K A- -iffy, H Iii m, n 'lb-.5 'L I . 3 4. . , 4 'J K x .f fff . fi VR , -x5"'13: K rin' PM iiffvw " S vt' : . fa . i ' "" Z K 7M Q' V 'Y' , X my N --- x -M y f, ww ,,, x - , MV Q27 A EW' ' , l y " K+ . - ' 35,3 ,Q r. Y v ESX: ff ' K fy A A 7' +5 , vfiwf Hffp ' v. TENNIS AND GOLF TENNIS-FIRST BOW, left to right: Herman Cortes. Don Pierce, Bruce Bolitho, Ron Walker, Fred Hanson. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Milan Wight, Sam Peters. Dick Gierak. Dave Wohlgemuth. Milton Gordon, Niel Frances. A glad hand with an oppo- nent is always in order in the sports world. Dave Wahl- gemuth grasps the hand ol Hon Walker. while Dick Gierak bows over Don Pierce's hand. - MILTON GORDON Tennis Team Captain TENNIS Even though tennis is a comparatively new sport here at Diablo, it has been gaining in popularity. This year the team was composed ot eleven members under the instruction ot Mr. Milan Wight. Back from last year were Fred Hanson, Soni Peters, and Don Pierce. New members to the blacktop were Bruce Bolitho, Milton Gordon, Herman Cortez, Steve Emanuels, Dick Gierak, Ron Walker, and Dave Wohlgerxiutli. The team is playing a regular schedule this season and hopes to bring Diablo to the atten-Q tion ot the sports world. GGL? Another team organized for the tirst time at Diablo is the golf group. The team, under the instruction ot Mr. Bill Toaspern and Mr. Charles Karp is contemplating a real season. New members include: Tom Aspland, Don Cima, George Lindroth, Dan Persyn and Gene Powning. DAN PEHSYN Golf Team Captain Members oi the Goli Club. which included members oi the golf team, were Don Cima, lorry Aspland, and Gene Powning. THE golf team is as follows: LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Bill Toaspern. Don Cima, George Lindroth, Dan Persyn, Pat Shockey, Tom Aspland. Gene Powninq. Terry Asplund. and Coach Charles Karp. -2 HART FAIRCLOUGH Track Coach TRACK Coaches Hart Fairclouqh and Rod Franz have tin optiniishc outlook tor last years C.C.C.A.L. rlianips. Rolirina letterinen such as Stan Gaunt, Bali lliinsl, Russ Steele and Phil Parslow will slroiiatlieii the teani considerahly. Stan Gaunt cleared l2'7" last year and is attempting 13'5" tlns year. Boll 1-linisl ran a 51:7, 440 last year and is iioinq strona this year along with Russ throw- ina 48' in the shot-put and 121 ' in the discus. Phil's spiced and power niade hini one of the top dash inon in tho county. Steve Ritchie and Matt De lvlilllfllllll hold down the liiqh jinnp and 44 spioctivoly. Acalanos and Pittslviira are lavored to pull M A TRACK SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right: Layal Miner, Burt Paulson, Don Campbell, Iohn Tackel Don Mattson, Ben Hrbacek, Mike Schubert, Louie Friedrich, lack Byrd, Earl Hun phrey. SECOND ROW: Dave Brubaker, Bill Leath, Bob Cielinski, Gary Price. Ph Parslow. Russ Steele, Gerry Lanier, Malt DiMercuria, Wes Malloy, Roy Hill. To Ready, Ron Price, Dick Brown. THIRD ROW: Bob Lichli, Steve Patterson. Harol Hayworth, Roy Iohnson, Shelby Higgins, Ed Paulson, Rego Piva, Sian Guanl, Tcl McMillin, Ken Burns, Bob Young, Iohn Davis. Stan Guant, Diablo pole vaulter, is well on his way to lop county honors having cleared 13 feet 4 inches already this year. U ref it K X 7? ?'lLlrfS'lX'l , is -' - nr :fig thionqh top honors, l7l1l you can look forward to liiiihly oxcitina scraps with Dialulo possihly plac ina iii nl Depth in this yoai's toain will he honored by Harold Hayworth who leatured a 1U:2, 100-yard dash, and a 232, 220. liin Brooks and Dave Krowel will handlo the hurdles. Steve Patterson has been our 880 with a 21118. Little Hoy Hill is pound- inq away a cool 4:55 rnile which will put hirn in tho county finals. Track managers are: FIRST ROW, leii to righi: Curt Thrasher, Dick Tonetii. SEC- OND ROW: Gene Smith, Bill Bell, Bob Brown. ROD FRANZ Assistant Track Coach 31 vit iw .. Ai.7.P'a-F. 35 f it Diahlo's troup of hurdlers clear the bar in a bound only to meet the nex B TRACK SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right: Craig, Morris, Waterman, Omania, Englin, Coleman, Turner, Bordi Gonsalves. SECOND ROW: Serventi, Hayden, Coffee, Barclay, lohnson, Holmes, B. Crews Himsl, Nash, Kitowski, Parks, I. Crews, Mclntosh, Saunders. THIRD ROW: Peterson. Mont qomery, Darrow, Tonetti, Chernoh, England, Tye, Gerhard, Torres, Santa Maria, Rosales Michey, Masiracci. is ' 2 A 1 A l SWIMMING - VARSITY 'IRST ROW, left to right: Stan Lauderbach. Ierrv Cottinghaxn, Howard Kennerson. Don Garlington, Iim Haskins, Bill Parker. SECOND ROW: Vlonty Ellis, Wayne Littleton, Iohn Benqston, Carl Cook. Page Pier- son, Lynn Coble. Bill Whisler, Louis Mancini. THIRD ROW: Rich lartke, Steve Ritchie, Larry Farris, Harold Bartke, Ierry Nourse. Tom Truman, Phil Ross. Gordo Dodson. Ellis in a high iacknife prepares to break the ice. .E ff , ,.... e s s P ,, 4. N 5 Qewufewmsma, 'I'hey're oil to a Ilying starl- SWIMMING - B FIRST ROW, left to right: Hal Feinburg, Ted Tihira, Warren Moore. Mike Navone, Dave Sousa. SECOND ROW: Casev Randall, Dave Cooper, Bruce Wilson, Charles Caulk, Arvin Bolen, Iim Mason. THIRD HOW: Wayne Kent, Dennis Halter, Duane Demello, Wayne Price. Dave Martin. lack Coppock. . a.....,..... W' W'- LES WILLIAMS Coach SWIMMING The mermen ot the 1954 swimming team start- ed the season oft right by downing the Albany Cougars. Backed by a stronq, experienced team, Coach Les Williams says they're out to win the county meet. The school record for the ZOO free relay has been topped by the tearn consisting ot Cottinq- ham, Ross, Littleton, and Dodson. Warren Moore, a member ot the B team, has also set a new mark in the 100 tree style. With this much fire at press time, predictions are that the boys will brinq home the county meet. DICK LUIS Managers: Iohn Mather, Bill IACKIE WAXMAN Sobotka. Don Anderson Managers .ms . Exim f A ko mdk W 4 3 9"wT .,v,,v A. Ks? ,4 ms M 3 14: 1 wfmi 'I+' , uvcbw-I N L' -ZL- - - 'xx V ---L.. I El 4' 1 E 1- L ,F Q 1' f I ':" 65 Af-Mfmf q ' Q f' A 52 5 1 4 p . , QSFQ i --,. 'Ui K Q 'f 11 'H , V, ff' , ' V X.: ' C If QQ gglunwfvw -M Q E , Q1 - X 5 XM Q N N :fl W -W ma. -6 - - n'fMM1QNl1m my A i -- - vi A f X Q1.5j2iNi x Q 4 x .. v fx X s. 3 il TEX .sw S X P 5a4??1j5fi- U Y' ., 9 ...,.. , X ff ,Q fi -ft: Xe, XV .15 ,iw 'W A ' '21 Y X X -. wi f ,, Q M' sw 'R 9454 X ,zzw--M , N 1 X X ,QZWWW if JL. WST , Q xi x Q y. ala! 'NLM ' ,N AFP A ' M -A": ' MW ... gi A L is ai Q52 0 gf .J 'sg gg ' ,fp 'HQ Mizz ,. , , X? 'Q "-mf-.W 9 . , Www K M Wil-525. if 'ah A 32? .wx 3 ,yn S? 9 ly Sis Q 4 mg w Qu 5-f Q1 f i Q 'K J N-Qu., A '43 RK 5 Kg v. 3 ia' Q ,N K 34 X ' ' Wifi: M ,,. 35- . :. Syl 'S' X xg X 5, 5 3. l ' 1' JYXX ,AR V is -.-ef' I S if 5 W. P' XX Q ff' x X x W :.: X W 'X if 9 S . Q X "N.. While the Devilettes till up with gas, Russ Morqan tells them of his Chevron station on Willow Pass and East Street. He has Atlas batteries, tires, tubes, accessories RPM Motor Oils, as well as tree pick-ups and delivery service. lust call him at MU 2-9897. Russ Morgan Chevron Service Willow Pass Road cmd East Street o Concord o MU 2-9897 Atlas Batteries o Tires 0 Tubes 0 Accessories 0 RPM Motor Oils Free Pick-up and Delivery GAMBLE'S . . wEsrERN Auro SUPPLY Rhmehart S 2255 Wiuow Pass Road of Walnut Creek MU 5 8319 Concord Iewelry o Cameras 0 Gifts MANa1N1's DRUG srons YE42795 Prescriptions Our Specialty" MU 5-7619 1632 Main Street Walnut Creek, C 2147 Salvio Street Concord KITTY MILK BAR Concord o Walnut Creek MEL S SERVICE STATION Associated Gas Corner of Grant and Salvio Street MU 2 9963 Concord OLIVER GAS STATION Clayton Road and San lose Street MU 2 2253 Concord MATT-SONS' CREAMERY 2666 Willow Pass Road MU 5-8619 Cont STROUD'S TEXACO SERVICE 2785 Grant Street MU 2-9875 Con- MacFarlane Funeral Chapel 1387 Galindo Street MU 5-7227 Con You can tind all Your sewing needs met at B8tJ FABRICS SHOP 2120 Concord Blvd. as Roberta and Nancy are doing. Call MU 5-7177 R. B. BURNETT Petroleum Laguna and Mt. Diablo Street I 5-8528 Concord LEE'S SHOES Men's, Women's and Chi1dren's 2349 Willow Pass Road MU 5-4974 CONCORD BEAUTY SALON Melberta Laughlin Haircutting and Permanent Waves a Specialty 2032 Mt. Diablo Street MU 5-5100 STATE FARM INSURANCE MU 5-8413 21 16 Concord Boulevard NICHOLS' NEWS STAND Candy o Soft Drinks o Smokers' Supplies 2051 Salvio Street MU 5-6850 THE NUT BOWL 1532 Main Street 4-4501 Walnut Creek MEN'S SHOP 2295 Willow Pass CONCORD PLAZA SHOE SERVICE 2013 Grant Street icord California The great night wouldn't be complete without tlowers from LAILAS FLORIST 2133 Concord Avenue as Dawn, Gaye and Louie will tell you. There are flowers here tor all occasions. Call MU 2-9341 MAIN AUTO SUPPLY 1634 Main Street YE 4-7637 Walnut Creek WILLOW PASS GARAGE Phone MU 5-8420 2900 Willow Pass Road and Parkside ACME AUTO REPAIR Cecil Kissinger - Ben Manion Phone MU 5-8495 Clayton Road and Railroad Avenue naxswatimelvm-f-1 n-nw 1 ., meals at .1 1 it mg VILLAGE FOUNTAIN and CREAMERY Featuring BORDEN'S ICE CREAM Gregory Village Shopping Center IOHN H. BRINICERS Real Estate o Insurance 0 Notary 2246 Salvio Street MU 5-8592 IE R R I C O ' S Generators and Starters 2353 Concord Blvd. MU 5-5310 CONCORD SAFETY CENTER WHEEL ALIGNING - BRAKES - WHEEL BALANCING Phone MU 2-9459 1950 East Street Concord P. L. KELLER CO. "Since 1913" H A R D W A R E MU 2-7660 Concord KANDY KANE Fountain and Coffee Shop 2135 Salvio Street MU 2-9909 CONCORD CANDY KITCHEN FOR FINE CANDIES Port Chicago Highway CONCORD AUTO GLASS Phone MU 5-3674 If no answer call YE 4-9344 O. H. Carstens ' P. O. Box 681 BANK OF AMERICA 2254 Concord Ave. Concord, Calif. Concord Branch offers I CSC P Congratulations to the Class of 54 COMPANY Lafayette G R A N S H AW' S FLOWERS RONAYNE REALTY MU 5-7238 2275 Willow Pass Road 1888 Mt. Diablo Street MU 5-8521 Concord BEEPH5 STYLE SHOP BEN FRANKLIN 2091 Salvio street MU 5-3900 Concord MU 5-8292 2002 Salvio Street Concord 1955 Mt. Diablo Street BONNIE WARREN MU5'590O LADIES' APPAREL Our Specialties- Skirts, Sweaters and Blouses 1854 Contra Costa Highway Gregory Village MU 2-9791 Cut and Curl Beauty Salon Hair Cutting, Shaping, Permanent Waving 2068 Salvio Street MU 5-3900 Sal and Mike's Sig- nal Station is a call spot for Diablans on the go. You'll find them at Four Cor- ners, 1000 Monument Blvd., or phone them at MU 2-9978. 4 C O R N E R S 1000 Monument Boulevard Phone MU 2-9978 P O O D C E N T E R Phone 87 Port Chicago f SMILING IOHN'S ASSOCIATED SERVICE O lohn Cockerton Phone 160-W Port Chiwqo Concord MODERN TOGGERY APPLIANCES Grid FURNITURE Men's, Women's and Children's Apparel 126 Main Street Port Chicago 34 Willow Pass Phone MU 5-8136 1 . G. A . S T O R E Phone 33 Port Chicago RUPE AND GEORGE CHEVRON R Qlrltfm ff-nlffflfl Y 25 Alhambra Avenue Martinez 942 Where me Gmiq Gamers Port Chicago RILEY E. GALLOWAY Business Opportunities - Real Estate Broker - Notary Phones MU 5-8900 - MU 5-8243 3 Concord Avenue Concord, Caliiornia D T H E NOURSE AND COFFEE IE W E L E R Diamonds - Watches - Iewelry Certified Waichmaker 145 Willow Pass Road MU 5-5911 2068 Salvio Street MU 2-9128 Looks as though Ierry's dumbioundecl by what Mr. Eddy, of HOWARD EDDY MO- TORS, 2395 Willow Pass Road, is telling him about the new "54" Ford. Phone MU 5-4451. The L and S DRUGS, at Gregory Village, proves to be quite popular with the high school set. Here are pictured ll Diablans doing window shopping, at least, at a favo- rite drug store. Phone MU 5-5133. Maxine's smiling face would indicate that she's pleased with the shoes she purchased at SUTTON'S SHOES, 2176 Solano Way, Concord. Flags ily high when members oi the year- book class blow in to get gas, water, air and windows washed at TOM MEALEY'S UNION STATION, Salvio and East Streets, Concord. Phone MU 5-3151. l24 Karen, Ioanne, Diana, loyce and Ierry listen to Mr. Carlson's "You may choose the type you need" - tires, that is - at CREN- NA'S ASSOCIATED GAS STATION, 2401 Willow Pass Road, Concord. Phone MU 5- 8173. lt may be a wedding ring, but to Ann it's a wishing rin-g. Mr. Tierney keeps the girls fascinated with his fine jewelry at TIERNEY IEWELERS, 2022 Salvio Street, Concord. Phone MU 5-8441. Frances Meyers shows Maxine Petris what a fine job has been done on her sport skirt at the CONCORD CLEANERS, 2028 Salvio Street, Concord. Phone MU 5-8524. The boys from Diablo swarm around this "54" Chevy Bel-Air at PITZPATRICK CHEV- ROLET, Galindo at laguna Street, like bees to a new hive. Phone MU 5-8564. l25 Looks as though DRACON OIL COMPANY of Clayton Road, is hiring girl attendants now, but it's just some seniors getting Cadillac-wise. Maybe? When driving out Clayton Road, make this your gasoline stop. Clayton Road at Oakland Avenue Concord, California OAK PARK PHARMACY Prescription Specialists YE 42923 CHILDREN'S SHOP 1561 Oak Park Blvd. Walnut Creek TOWNE SHOPPE MU 57283 Fguntqin Women's Apparel 2169 Salvio Street Concord 2114 COl'1CO1'd COIICOJ School Supplies CLARK'S HOBBY SHOP MU 5-8447 Phone 5 Port Chicago 2321 Salvio street concord, conf. Sewing Machine and Applianc WALNUT CREEK FLORIST Flowers for Every Occasion Florist Telegraph Delivery Association Phone YE 4-2396 1429 Broadway Walnut Creek OAK PARK FOOD CENTER 1581 Oak Park Boulevard Pleasant Hill KELLY'S MARKET 2836 Clayton Road MU 5-8634 DAVE'S SHELL SERVICE Dave Dobrich Phone Pittsburg 2-8586 2980 Willow Pass Road Pittsburg, Calif. BEEM'S PORTRAITS YE 4-9381 1408 Broadway Walnut Creek Company "Everything for Any Sewing Machine" Sewing Machines o Televisior Refrigerators o Washing Machine Electrical Appliances Phone MU 5-7350 1645 East Street Concox XJlJ111LJ1111lC11lD KU THE CLASS OF '54 CONCORD STATIONERY EN EAN THEATER 2285 Willow Pass Road from Phone MU 5-8802 concord Concord CLAYTON VALLEY FARMERS INSURANCE EARL'S RADIO-MUSIC FOOD CENTER GROUP STORE H f Hi. E1. R d d Clayton Road at Treat Lane 2092 Adobivfjj ICSEIMU 5-6306 Rajiio. lglgggeicof Tvilic PACIFIC STATES AVIATION, Inc. Buchanan Field Warren N. Boggess, President MU 5-4406 Night: MU 5-8641 WILLOW PASS PHARMACY Prescriptions Phone MU 5-7086 2708 Willow Pass Road, Concord E. I. MANGINI Union Oil Distributor Clayton Road Ph. MU 5-8101 Instruments and TV Honest and Reliable Expert Service Over 20 Years in Concord 27 Years' Experience 1919 Salvio St. MU 5-5252 By Purity and Post Ottice WILLOW PASS . LAUNDROMAT GARDEN GROCERY and GUY 1fA1'gRi3ifEiI,iVVELL MEAT MARKET 3rd and Willow Pass Road O l't M t . . HighLSi'I:lld,ol .ligeiiue Concord Cqhfomlo Willow Pass at Mt. Diablo Street QQNCQRD PLUMBING COMPANY Established 1882 Licensed Contractors SNACK SHACK Appliances and Plumbing P k S d St t CO d S 1' ar i e ree ncor Phone MU 54486 Concord 1969 sgivio sllpighffe MU 5-8436 Anybody could bake a cake or make a mansion after listening to Mr. Gordon Livingston tell ot the items sold at CON- CORD HARDWARE and LUMBER CO., 1398 Galindo Street, Concord. You might phone MU 5-4476 for tree estimates on building requirements, also. " .. 3 A small group of Diablo- 'VV ites line up for 19-cent Ham- burgers at Hoky's. They are ith b ttoeatin E I aU"""s sure o e es the way of French Fries, Hamburgers, Cokes, and Shakes, When they come to Hoky's in Walnut Creek there is always a crowd. The price is right, the food is right, the kids are right, so why not try it now?- North Main and La Cassie Street is the spot. I1 L H LJ D Home Furnishings and Television Maple and Outdoor Furniture 1365 Galindo Street Phone MU 5-4491 PILLSBURY'S - STATIONERY Art, Engineering and School Supplies Phone YE 4-9613 1613 Main Street Walnut Creek BROWNE'S DEPARTMENT STORE 1935 Mt. Diablo Street Concord 20th CENTURY FARMER'S MARKET "Where a fast penny is worth more than a slow nickel" Concord California BLAINE'S SPORT SHOP Phone MU 5-5424 Salvio Street Concord Compliments of SOUTH BERKELEY CREAMERY Phone YE 4-9371 1723 Mt. Diablo Boulevard THE DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY Phone MU 5-4454 Concord California GARDEN EQUIPMENT CO. 10 Meadow Lane Concord California SILVA'S UNION STATION Phone MU 5-5920 Mt. Diablo and Willow Pass Road, Concord CONCORD ELECTRIC Paul - Chet - Dick Brunelle Phone MU 5-5000 2028 Mt. Diablo St. NOR AND BILL Auto Specialists Nor Shields ' Bill Bankert Phone MU 2-0442 1301 Galindo Street Concord ARNOLD'S RADIO SERVICE 1960 East Street Concord California RANDALL SIGNS Phone MU 2-9660 1308 Galindo Concord H E R B ' S MORWEAR PAINT STORE Distributors of Morwear Paint Products 2116 Concord Blvd. Phone MU 5-5014 DIABLO REALTY Walter L. Cable Phones: MU 5-8728 - MU 5-4581 21 18 Concord Boulevard AL L. DAY REALTY Real Estate ' Insurance ' Notary Phones MU 5-5611 - MU 5-5158 2055 Concord Blvd. and 425 Overhill Road SHORE ACRES REXALL DRUG Good Luck to all the graduates and Good marks for the remaining students Ph. Pittsburg 2-8396 694 Port Chicago Hwy. CRAIG OIL CO., INC. Theres one on your way throughout the East BUY 1700 Contra Costa Gregory Gardens M. F. GRIEF and CO. For the well-dressed man, he it winter, spring, summer, or tall, see M. F. GRIERS in Gregory Garden. This store has every- thing tor a discriminating man or boy. SHELL CHEMICAL Shell Point Plant Phone Pittshurg 2-643l Pittshurq California The little VOLKSWAGEN, envy of all who ride or touch it, can be found at CONCORD FARM IMPLEMENT CO. 2086 Concord Street, Concord. Ask. to see or drive it, or stroll in to buy farm equip- ment. Phone MUlberry 5-7000 - 5-7833 EL MONTE MERCI-IANTS ASSOCIATION El Monte Merchants Association is a civic-minded group which possesses the will to serve and help. Early in Concord's expanding days, the merchants moved out on Clayton Road and took a typical "American chance" on having the trade follow them. Today the center is nestled in the midst of at least four housing projects. The trade did follow them. EL MONTE ASSOCIATED SERVICE E. Cdnonica EL MONTE BARBER SHOP W. Parke EL MONTE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Bill Nall EL MONTE HARDWARE AND PAINT Doyle Raines EI.. MON'I'E LIOUOR STORE "Mac" McKinnon EL MON'I'E MEAT MARKET AND EL MONTE PHARMACY Cy Pastrick EL MONTE SUPER-MARKET "Lucky" Conyers EL MONTE TV 6: APPLIANCES I. Iones - O. Hartung El. MONTE TV SERVICE Bailey Millard EL MONTE VARIETY STORE A. Hurst- R. Narberes HANDY'S APPLIANCES LOCKER SERVICE Norm Handy ROY Euingson U-SAVE CLEANERS EL MONTE MEN'S SHOP W.BaYhi C. Claire - H. Columbo I-'EES SHGES EL MONTE CLIFFS SHOE REPAIR Lee Russ Cliff Broyles M. A. Rotermund ALBERTAQS BILL'S 6. DONS Personal Recordings MOTORCYCLE SHOP DRESS SHOP of B. S. A. Sales and Service 2347 WIIIOW PUSS MU 20143 professional quality- Accessories and Parts tape or disc Scooters - Bicycles CHARLES BARBER SHOP 2119 Salvio Street Concord HAWS PLATING WORKS Established 1918 Plating ' Oxidizing ' Electro Tin OLympic 2-1161 1808 Harmon Street Berkeley 3 G R A H A M ' S Since 1 9 1 6 Willow Pass Grocery Willow Pass Road and Parkside ROYAL RECORDING COMPANY KRE Building - Berkeley by appointment AShberry 3-5453 BAIAR 6: WENDT Chrysler and Plymouth Intemational 1548 Galindo Street MU 5-8380 2064 Concord Ave. MU 5-5035 Hay, feed, grain, poultry and dairy feeds Building Material ' Insurance CONCORD ICE AND FUEL COMPANY 2443 Concord Blvd. MU 5-7727 COAST APPARATUS Incorporated Building Superior Fire Engines 1265 Market Street MU 5-8582 PHIPPS HARDWARE 2638 Willow Pass Road Phone 2-2438 Pittsburg California PHIPPS AUTO SUPPLY 2640 Willow Pass Road Phone 2-6373 Pittsburg Califomia White Gas ancgDC.?utboard Motor i LUCKY BAIT SHOP and KENNEDY'S TEXACO SERVICE Fresh Bait-Full Line of Tackles Phone 2-4305 3185 Willow Pass Road Pittsburg California PORT CHICAGO MARKET Your Friendly Red and White Food Store Groceries ' Meats Frozen Food Leo and Reggie ll0 Main Street Phone 32 I AMES DE LUXE CLEANERS In a Hurry - 4-hour Special MU 5-7332 2265 Willow Pass Road Greetings to the Class of '54 IUDGE IOHN L. GARAVENTA Diablo '22 Compliments of BALES MILL 6- LUMBER CO. EAST BAY ICELAND Ward and Milvia Streets Berkeley TH 3-8300 Congratulations to the Class of '54 TONY'S TOGGERY 2149 some si. MU 5-7515 Congratulations to the Class of '54 EL MONTE WASH RITE Ed and Edwina McCarroll, Proprietors 3511 Clayton Road MU 5-3830 BRITISH MOTOR CARS DISTRIBUTORS, LTD. YEllowstone 4-4277 2072 Mt. Diablo Blvd. One of Northern California's Largest Selections of Imported Cars - Complete Sales and Service. Walnut Creek California I CHARACT ER CANDY ICE CREAM Visit Our Store YEllowstone 4-4321 1902 Locust St. Walnut Creek FARMERS' MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily Wholesale and Retail 155 Contra Costa Highway Concord California IRV DUNDAS RICHFIELD STATION Phone MU1beny 2-9823 DAY AND NIGHT LUBRICATION 1859 Contra Costa Highway at Greqory Gardens MAGIC OVEN BAKERY 2365 Concord Blvd. Cakes for All Occasions Donuts and Snails THE FOLLOWING PROFESSIONAL MEN WISH TO EXTEND THEIR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '54 PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, M.D. F. I. Morley I. P. Switzer R. S. Pebley H. D. Cofer DENTISTS, D.D.S. R. G. Brink C. F. Mills R. G. Liqhi ATTORNEY Louis I. Mcliannay PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Paul I. West OPTOMETRISTS A. R. Reinke G. R. Bradley R. I. Davies G. L. Kline W. B. Roberts D. H. Iohnson K. R. Krey I. P. Bradley R. L. Fulqham A. F. Laube PHYSICAL' TI-IERAPISTS L REGISTERED H. S. Low I. Starr AUTOGRAPHS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Lederer, Street 6 Zeus Co., Inc. - Bob Ozias Printing. planning and color page California Art and Engraving Co. - Earl Evans Engraving, color page Hal Matson, Photographers - Hal, Don and Edwards Color transparency and color, also patience S. K. Smith Co. - Bill Retchin Covers Cardoza Binding Co. Binding Advertisers Miss Marjorie Silva - end sheets and art adviser Miss Alma Couchman -- dedication Russell Goebel - staff protographer x ' 1 - uw- . .. .Avy , A , P1 .. , q.f,qv.,g,.,,, , . , M.-'-ff--. -5- "'7Jle-F'f1"'.if-QV - . . ff'f'q'14..5': L '-QQ M ,Q-91 .21 uf . ' 'I-11" 1 -2 ' "'.'m'v. 'f . - 3 "A f ie- 1--"-.11 V' 'T N. . .. . gay- jj Jug. -isgkfyjl Y H.. r fu 1-5, x,-.n:1.4- ,L L' ' -'ff ' 45.3.-Qgffff W-:':QL'l'-' I ,, JL' ff.: , fl.. V. ng. .141 H V, nj V1 Nh: .zlgzi-57 ,g 65 Ll' - fi, gfgwi? :Q Q5 Jim .. V 1 .af-nu I-5,311.4 QA Uggifii q ,gig-nil, , . 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