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 - Class of 1953

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O55 'l Q 0 X I V A-ga' G-x 'I H '----- -g 1 f"'+z,f' Nmm Q3 -V 1556 IQ Q . A .ati - o H 1 0 "', 'ms x H s X X if Q W I Q x -."- K I I -X Z '-5 Q -I -Qmlx I '1 'Z Z , A r :fifth D F v X 'M . :Q Q X , X " .Xl my i 'T . , ' 'I li--Sp -Ex ' A' 1 E S ' 3' ' K s A ' "W-,lk ' Q . x 'is ,, Q "M I Ullgg, U ' re I ' I s Y X ' ww-. :- A I A V, I z f . It 4. Q ll, , ' sz If cm "lf I 11141K X K " - .N 5 I ' ' 'ff I BX fiigi H TF. K n . .Q ' X14 ' - 4 , ' X X fi X ' Xu' A , ,ll E-A,"2-xx A Q E Q if li-L S I -r xt P' 14 up if V ff fx m f Q 4 A A 2 x xg .x ,JLCQ1-nets' in 'S-2 W5 H K .2 iEY!'J bYuQ"JW"Lf.,Q!1.x- WMM W' 's je I , X ' ,gif - Xu K A fx x f W X- .. fl N 'S Q , Q J- A X X f f f 1 A , 'XT I A f Q ' S Lxkw F rf :R X I ' P U ' Ffh? Q ' f . :L I - Y - mi f . ,L X Q .N gsm X, o o? OC-YN Q K Y' QP mg, gs. ' fs' 5 ' WAI x fi If t Y: -r .. - Q p - . A ' E -la c. . ' ' aglx ,.... lr lin? STAFF pb xx TP BLE QF CCDNTENTS . P' .,f V. I I A ' ,V-,.: YM, L., A V, 'S M fw, f5,'.fJra5. WIC' TQ, UH ifl M. D. H. S. CONCORD . . . CALIFORNIA p!l.QA.QI'lfA., 1 . . '-'f,',,,, , ,, 7H2,,.fwW,.L,, .gk N ' '45 46 A " , , J NM,-25' ,- ,:, I - ag, A ,h .4 1 A-'if ' " Q Q 51 , '. 3 U -1 A ' . 1 1 l f f Y f '- Qffi :.f'4:-- 4 - .. 1 ,L ,ww 1 ax! I fi! ' . 1,21 5 5 ', I 9 ' w. 1 f sv, A ,V -5 A .I xx 1 , X f v " A 5 fwxx ' f ' N A A 3 4, ' 2 1 .. ,MV , ,, ffffxawvi' FQREWQRD J 19 Sm V Q fr Dabc, 53 C, V We opewouw CVMCJYOUYYVQV .nh 'WK 'S iff, Dpi Pe QL' flak HQ". The , ,V Tr' 'QS yffvu ff MVC if '. ur' N, Dow' fh'QvufqF 4' 7 i ' 7 . Fc? QW him ana we mi eac ,CJH1f4g,JQH We Half Emi iw' fsei im - ati R+Iei,. Ag ! U V T1 P 4-x'xg,1 IX , J f JL DEDICATION This year The annual slaff rellecf 'rhe lfeelnng of Diablo sludenfs nn dedncahnq our yearbook +o Mrs Helen Lum Every s+uden+ who has corne under her wang has benehled from lcnownng 'rhus Teacher who us a specnal connbnnahon of qenllewoman and pal We are proud fo have had our names on her roll boolc Wulh her gournalnsluc eyes she has no? only advised The annual slafl buf has also lalcen over +he rugorous 'ob of lhe newspaper class fhus year To you Helen Lum +he sfafl of 'rhe Dvablo 53 dedncales +h1s yearbook l . , . . MR. FERD DIEL Principal We A ,gun MR. ARTHUR BLOOM Vice-Principal PRINClPAL'S MESSAGE The annual recognizes fhe work and aclivilies of all lhe sludenls in The school, buf especially does if honor +he gradualing seniors. The graduafing class of '53 is lhe largesl ever 'lo graduale from Diablo. ln il' are sludenls who have allended school 'rogefher lor lwelve years while ofhers may have been in lhe school syslem for one year. In lhese Twelve years of schooling lhe seniors have learned from 'rheir lexls, from each olher and from lheir leachers. They have learned lo prepare lhemselves for various professions or ofher occupalions. While aflending school lhey have been influenced or aflecred by a variefy of problems which have faced lhem as lhey grew up. All ihe experiences undergone in school and ou? ol school have been inslru- menlal in preparing lhe members ol lhe gradualing class beller 'ro lalce lheir adull place as aclive cilizens in lhis or in olher communilies. As gradualing seniors il is good lo reflecl aboul fhe opporlunifies you have had, aboul The 'feachers ihal have inlluenced you, abou? lhe friends Thai you have made. ln leaving Diablo you will leave wiih mixed feelings, some oi you will be happy lo leave and some of you will be sad. The imporlanl lhing lo remember is lhal you are noi com- pleling your educalion, No mailer wherher you go info an occupalion or info an advanced school, learning conlinues and your abilily lo profil from il will delermine your growth. I+ is hoped lhal while al Diablo you have learned lo discriminale wel', lo weigh carefully, and lo iudge wisely in whalever field of life you are going. May good 'lorlune oe wilh you al all limes. F. DIEL Mr, Owen J. Cook, Axsisianl Superinfendenl of Business and Transporfafion, and Dr. Ford J. Kiesel. Assistant Superinlendenl of Insfrucfion and Teacher Per- Sonnel. MR JAMES W DENT Supernnhndonf of Schools BOARD OF TRUSTEES ond SUPERINTENDENTS Board of frusfees of fhe Mr. Diablo Unified School Disfrid are, left fo righl: Mr. Harmon Welsh, Mrs. Doris Loveridge, Mr. Oscar Larson, presidenfg Mrs. Clark A. Wigel, Mr. Ara nold Biork, PARENTS' CLUB The Mounl Diablo Pafenfs Club was lorrneci lor fhe llirsl firne five years ago and has provided lhe exrras Thai are so dear lo 'rhe hearrs of 'rhe siudenls. For fhe las? lhree years Jrhey have given a midnigh+ supper and enlerlainrnenl aifer fhe Senior Ball. Officers for 'rhis year are: E. Carlelon While, Presidenr: George Souder, Vice-Presi- denlq Mrs. Marshall McKean, Recording Secreraryg Mrs. Carl Lais, Corresponding Secrelaryy Mrs. George Breen, Treasurer: and Mrs. Ella Senger, Audifor. QUAD The Quad was an original idea of 'rhe Parenfs' Club. This proiec+ when comple+ed in +he spring will be 'fhe scene of many aclivilies. Parenls have donaied bofh money and lime 'ro lhe proi' ec+. Here are some pic+ures of +he Quad in consfrucfion. The Parents' Club has pro- vided a ho+ dog srand named Devils Den and 'rwo coffee urns ro lceep 'fhe cus+orners Waffn. Parenls are always Orovid- ers, bul when lhey club +o- gelher as have our paren+g here al' Mounf Diablo High School, we are exfremely lar. 'una+e s+uden+s. ADMINISTRATICDN LETS GET ACQUAINTED WITH THE ADMINISTRATION AND THE FACULTY I A W DQ! -:J I ll I ll 1 . l ! I B ' 1 l : x . . . ond INTRODUCING THE COUNSELORS I In -, X f K Mr Mamn Olavarn Head Counnlor Mass Halen Courfruqhf, Mr. Mnlan Wlghf Mm Evolyn Mumma, Mr. Jack Farrar: Mrs. Dorothy Hsndorxon, Mu' Margin, Crouch' Mr- Paul gon" Mrs. Eloise Honeff Mr' Jam., woolum' Miss Margaret McCradie Mr. Stephan Casalcqqno 1 i t . . .me TEACHERS Ox ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: Mrs, Helen Lum, English and Journalism, Mrs, Hil- dred Garrison, English, Miss Alma Couchman, English. SECOND ROW: Mr, Wyman Spaulding, C.A.P. and Eng- lish, Mr. Elmer Sundquisf, English. FIRST ROW, leff lo ri hl: Mrs. Isabelle Evans, English, Miss LI-lildrelh Bayless, English, Mrs. Eloise Honell, English, Miss Sally Rineharl, English and Drama. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Marion Early, English, Mr. Jack Ferrari, English, Mr. William Riggla, English, Mr. Roberl Hershenow, English. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. George Barber, Commercial, Mr. Milan Wighl, Com- mercial, Mrs. Louise Berne, Commer- cial, Miss Helen Courlrighf, Commer. cial, Miss Dorothy Dodge, Commercial, Miss Leora Bishop, Commercial, Mr. Robert Kling, Commercial, Miss Dorolhy Jacobus, Commercial, Mr. Curfis Wood- ruff, Commercial. . .4 Y X 5,51 if N A 5 gi " -Y I '-' Nl . X ,f ,if " .f - .. - --43 'E N. ' lux - ,f , -qux 4 Q 1? X 'W f af it Q 454, ,wx ,ff f f .aw .Q , fl, ,., , M :hm wg, LLM I ,Ng U A 1 Q 5, 34 o V 5 I '- 912 .sx f ? 4 f Q Www? ' wi w. wr. , 'V 4 h1ln.lLpa.a: :Q spas l Ll? I V , 2 2 Qv. Y. 5 I ' - 9 TV?-7' " 1 sf ,X n, 3? YZ if JE- X 'I . 4"x si AM in' .' H 1 7 , 212112: ,,:g1, gf 'lf 2 rf' I tl 'fi 3 'Q W MMVWPL 355253. S , 320 , . ii ,, l U lg ki , E in , 1 R A, 'gg 1 va Q. by ,552 6 els 6 i, 2 li' 'if' 5 3, ,sf L A 3,9 'l " mf -9 GRADUATES Q67 'ae r AS WE GO THROUGH THE HALLS WE SEE MANY SENIORS xf h f v i Q 1 Hi! T ' U S S0 ...Q Weider' INKY COCKERTON . P-pu :pri Y., S... JACK TERABERRY Q- H- p,.f,E5,,-.3. .,. -PEGGT RITCHIE MRS MARION EARLY MR JOHN RALSTON MRS ELOISE HONETT GRADUATES THE SENIOR CLASS ELECTED THESE OFFICERS R.. in .V ANN CARDWELL The Top of the news fronn The Senior Corner: I. Big BIII' EdeIrnen broughr naIionaI recoqnirion Io MI. DiabIo High by beIng one of sevenfy-seven high school grid s+ars Ihrouqhouf 'rhe Unifed Sfafea Io be chosen on The I952 AIIfArnerica I-Iigh SchooI IooIbaII squad. Bill is Ihe Iirsf DIe1bIoan ever Io be so honored, and Ihe whoIe schooI rips ire haI Io him. 2. The dass acriviries-Irorn Career Day in March on Through 'rhe Varie+y Show, Ihe Banquet The Picnic, and IinaIIy Ihe Senior BaII in May-aII wen? srnoo+hIy and provided a hos+ of hapoy memories for us Io Iook back upon. 3. June I2, IQS3 - GRADUATION! To MI. DiabIo we bid an aIIecIionaIe FereweII. MR. LESLIE DUNNELLS SENIOR ADVISERS KENNEYH H ABEL FAYE ANQREWS DON R BAKER BAERBARA BAWRDEL- gx Z wuow Asa nose: o ALFLEN av- ANDERSON CARMEN ARELLANC PJSS AUVSTPCN? A' mor 5ALBUT'N NATHALEE QALES J VV E L :ANNIE MAINE BAHPCN :AT EAPTEE WFEDJN Q: RX P522 1.4. Q ffm. W? Wh inf ,,,, V if 1 5.-0 ,ggi 'Aw AP' 50' A QL. 3 ASK"'-E OU BALJ'-PD BEAUCHAV: .gf A, ll' r 'Y .ik 4 , 1 ff . if .arf i'i ig we CMA RUTH ANDERSON L-'-FP' AZEYEDC BAPBAQA JEANEVE EANVS -- BECKER ..--. ,an 'Q' Ou M, vy ' ,AJQ Q X ,Ai - A 1 i I 4 J 4kv,VJ,,6, V-, if M gau- . i sl Ni fix 'Z 'QQ Vx 'D' A gags. cali' M S! , '17 1 1""' T? ' A 'Q 'IES' Mu if f ...M , 'T 'Ra ' Y-......,. Y ,-1, rw Yr , N' 5? . " T gf- sg ' V3 'Q 1 - A T . t V2 . L.. F ..L.'-S Y-aq, f-4. ' Ai -X. 'vx A , 4-I 'W' 16 W. QT. 'hi' V lr N VT' I -1 '7 9 Lai QV' vsalf' """ AL BEDFORD Af "1 LORETTA BOLTRE5 ARTHLTR W BROWN BERNARD CHARLES BURTON FE.- 22 r-'s ,ri f' A, vnu MARY ANN EELKA V 1 1 JUDY EOWER JERRI EUFFO :.,. STANLEY R BUZZINT 15- 'fx is-f GLNNY EINAN JQYCE N, BLATNIC EUGTENEUBOETTCHER BARBARA DTANE BOYENGER WALTER C DRAVDSHAW MARTYLOLU EERTSLEY SANDRA LOUELLAVBLIRGESS MARYLLOU BUTLER NVNA CADDY ALEDYCECAMPL PHILIP HARVEY CAPERTON Q f.. . ,..x 'Y 34 ' mf f I 5""x TQ v x s A ,,,, I ' W ' ' A , 'UN , F' 9 Xi ' ' Y ...A f K A A I , AON' uv. 'Q' 2 .. GN 1-.A A 32 4 I f in 1 I' Y V ' 'Qu' ilk Y 'X 1- 9-.1 'Vs 5 'Z' SAM CANCILLA ANN CARDYJELL V-i'i'5:f. be' C' L. 3' ' t' Qwfie C:W"' MARGARET L. CHAUVAUD PHYLLDS A. CHRISTIANSEN 2.5.5. 'f1'::if' GERALDINE COBB WARD 'INKY' COCKERTON Sf-F l-L-"3"4': F cle 1, JAVNET YYONNE Qoox DONNA Qoorq hfcgfrl 5 ' 'V F J.S.A. itw' 'F TRAU DY ANN CARZINO ,,.- AC-1:-, 1 C' I' QS? CAMILLE CLARKE l"EQf 75127 1 ,A ,su LERA JEAN COLLINS 2 1: 1 N--.-.5 GLOBIA MAE COOPER pr-Q ,qw , ii ' S-11 x Nxt- X '. NORMA JEAN CAUDLE 1-A .L RHEBA CLINE LYKNN DECONNER RUSSELL COPELAND ::, W 60-X' 'Y he-nl MARLIN R CHAPPELL SAM JAKE CLUCK BOB COOK CHARLES CORTSEN 23 U ' .' ,,..' , M 'L f' Q S . 72 2 ' f ' iz i A 1, I ' ,. L, f ,V 7,7 . 5 I Agmow COULON KENNETH ANDREW DAHLIN I .. , WINTHROF DELAMATER DIANE MAINE DOUGLAS L RSX- by 1 4- I , A ff new-E N.,-' JE D ' x W ',. 551' 197' iv! JC' ' NIACK CRETAN THEODORE C DALLMAN DON DPITUCA CARY DROZDA '-vm fr iw f- Q31 "QA, Y f L, lf - lilffyiffi :T W iw rf? - A asfjx 4. la- W ff DOROTHY CROUCH BEVE DE BEAUMONT L L DAVID DaWITT PAUL DUBNE' 'Oban '-AFILAND D CULLISQN ELArNE DE BENEDETTI f. f. EQB orcxinscw DALE ALLENE DUNHAM z. 8 'hh Q., EJE CUMAMNCS VOGENE DDHEART .. 2. ' . r. MARY UMAGGNO JOHN DUTRA 4547 'Y' 'TT7 Z5 if 1- 13 Q, So Q Na 'Q I I xv Afifgji Lag. 51 Ch.. i' 25"- hr Q57 1 '57 Q as Z may I s...x 1'5"3' 'vu' 'Q' vi D 'lj Q g L4 4' . ,Ex ,, 'AL ,- '. F' '-T-j Sa? ' ,ff .4 'Cr " vQ'Vp: 'i JAQ. T ?i-0 lar .Q . L '54 , .,. 1 em! A 59' 1 s Y-sv ....,,.- it L- 31- ayrk ,ax uv bv' Q link. hv' E5-ix 1 hp-Q 4? JUANITA PAYE GADDIS JOANNE MARIE GINOCHIO BARBARA GRANLUND RONALD L GROVER 26 JERRY GALVIN BOB GIRDVAIN NANCY GREENS A A ELWIN R GROVES nov GARFLELD CHARLES JONES GARRETT KENNETH GOODWIN MANUEL GONZAGA M,-.RJORIE GRIBBEN 'ED GROANE NEIL E HAHN RUTH DARLENE HAKOLA .4 54- 4' ,N 'UE 1 N '11 'N f V9 l. it '23 ".':"'-1.-inf W' rar Qc: Aw its HOWARD W GIBBS JVM GONZALES RICHARD GROVER JIM G HAMMOND iPAQ. 3-R? Q.. gs if J A ' 2-I - Lkifgk ' We Y -5 -RG., 'mu 'S uv- 'Q I Agn-. Q-evo iff I 2, il 33 QM W "L N 1 gfvz Q Q T 'N -' ' - I' 4 - L a y, " has I 1, I I BILL R. HANN RONALD V, HANSON JERRY HARFMAN vat- .'f1':'t: QAT"""': ::i':3 "Kr K RICHARD O, HARTUNG FAITH HAVILAND GLORIA HAYES V2 :'e"f 'Q.A.F.. 1 3: : Nah: C:""e': 3 C .:, A'f I Z 3 4 LA VERNE HERREN VIQNA NADELL HIGDON '.3.L.FH. E.A.F. 33'1i CTM' e PAT HOLTHOUSE HERB HONEA C S F. 't:':2 J."o' Iii?-:'fg":c" Sufi-1' Coxfl Rep. HARRY HILLS I..'V,E. "lf 'f- S' 1, S asm News DONALD E. HOOFRING Bafvr CHI., .,a 1 ,Q ,ZZ L 'Wx K X ELEANOR HARPER 93 .Cin-". S'.':-"'5""i 5'2" E- RQBERT A. HEDGECOCK T-w-1 U'?"'2 JEANENE HINKLE A -31-:E E CT ' JERRY HOPPE ,-1-1 JERILEE HART DARLEEN HENRICKSEN S-e:'e'1', r.3.L.A. EAA. ROSE MARIE I-IINKLEY gi .cor-W. :.A..A. ACIE HUNT 27 E1 ,. 'f,- Ngfvp ,,,x, V1 AF.-NE .JC--NSCA EARRETT W JCNES .ACK KIERCE 'ini' LZ- Y' EFIR' ZEOMER EU' .'l'CE JC'-'NSC ACQLJEUNE JONES ,AWRENCE R KWNG 3. 3.5-' i , 0' TAEKO LILY KISHI JOHN KRAMER ir.: JQE LANDINI RONALD GEORGE LE -vs A 345 .1 fag. 'Q ,-if" ' 5 e MOLLY KISHI rwz:-V LA MARY ELIZABETH KUSTER SHERRY PATRICIA LARKIN , l A FRED M.7LIBBY, JR. ,. . I I A' :Fri I v .. 1 , ' 3 , fi- 1' X 5 A . I V' I X-'OXO Q no 1' Y ir, "' I -Z 'f IA KATHY KNAPP BARBARA JEAN KUTZ 2 .iQ'."'n. PATRICIA DIANE LAUGHLIN ,LVL AIJAN M. LINDSEY ,.V ., U, , 0" ,,,"k, me D' qv JOAN BELON KNUDSEN , I A 4' LORRAINE LAMBERT 5. Q , BILL LEDGER DICK LIPPIS LAYTON KRAFT JQYCE LANPHIER TLA BOB LEE, DAVID LOGAN aw ff-v f Q 9' 'X :sf 'QS WEP uv!" .ga gn.,-v 80-' 1, Iii' 1 1 1 5 A f' M i4f?'E sf I 'Z W lY?'?f?4fS44 M L A , 'isis' nw, in . 5, gg: - Y. '- ' xg 1 I . M K Xa ,. ,fl ' I DALE LONG BRL MAHER -OUISE MASSCNE .ACK NQCAFFFZE' 30 11 'J 5' '14, X X. J K if in MARVNN ,OWS SP-HWLEY PATRNC A -,ENSER EARE!-RA LUNA CHARLES MAKER GLA MALONE M., ii vA,L'4E vERDLALMASTEPSCN DAYLJB GELC-rv if-'1'f1EiCN ERNEQ vf-RGC M,-.QQARET M,CA.LQM vm! Ami NMCLMEEG mvNE"TE , M EA 'S K. X -fr W w '23 Q6 R' JUDY MCFARLAND LR, 21' 13.14,-. -.AF-., BARBARA JOYCE MILLOR 2 WA. HARRY F. MILLER Q , -X - .1 BARBARA MITCHELL . A .V .4 ., ' I' . . , ' I . , .JI-APT? dz .af . , .4 ' f Qfnxi I C64 . ff q1---- 1 af bv a If. , , if vga. ,L ' ..f. ET JOAN ELLEN MCGEE AQ1::f-'1C,' 9' 'Sf'.i. K. , 3 fr, VICTORINA MENDIVIL -fr 1 P- .'f,I. JAMES STANLEY MILLER DON MORES 5' - U :aff 3 A ii 0 I , J ,, " I nj 1 ,, I 5 V, II I :Iac A X 1 ' . at 413 f . V V, I 9, I ' I My im.. If 574 -A 5.3 L -4 A v A I MII 'M' wwf ""7"'U- 1E I I, . 'if 1: 4-' '- I Lx CATHERINE J. MCKINNON D Ir"'A CL" 'r S, i f' A ff. MARTIN MITTLEMAN CSE. 311: 5.225 L ,: FRANK MILINA GAIL MORGAN I44"f'1L,L .AL I DOROTHY ALINE MCKI NZIE xl .J ff sw, .ff 1 V I Q1 I AL MIERZWIK ARLENE H. MINER ..f-.I-.. Q 3 Q .. nm copme MORGAN b:.i,,LJ,.,Y..,, CMV. 1' fawcfm- f-U I 1:, 1 Nh-AS ! I an , 'X Tn I Q? f xg ,wflzfn PEGGY MCMILIN I','..'61 7' 1 .' A f-'I' 5.3.5. ARNOLD LYNN MILLHOLLAN .'f',,: ',: LARRY MINSHALL ' F-gIJ:':r Qin. . 53 KEN MORGAN 3 :I-NL.: AXJ1' V 3I HENRY HIDEO NAKATANI NANCY KAVY NEUFELD PEFGGY AQJNE ODIORNE :aff W V MQRIETTA O'REILLY Q - 1'-2 f iss ,f is... YOOKO NAKATANI .:..'. ,VFP orpx Nevms DALLE OFFIELDr DOLORES LARA ORTEGA ,Q-5' ' Qu .NX 7' 5, BAPE!-FA .EE uAQf 'w 5 A A PEPSHY CH 1 11? A f 9,-. ,-. -4- f- L 1 A 1 .' ' : NQ.n,5f f":" :ED -, : A" 1,4 .-. c , A ,gvjgr .-. .Div Nv',,E r AV PZAL- ,,-vv 3-CP A ,Et-NNE PRA" -fA' PRESZLEP W -- f-VJ 59 CE CJ-VCE A SQCMEES 9 - '-v': '57 ff 'r U' 29' 5 M 1 ,M , f f W , W, ' f f wg 2 'lik M V, , I, I ,xml mga . G C3 f'-Q' -sf "-r 4-N 'fi -Q..-r 455f.'Z?3' wg, i 762 we 1 373 in K -f 1' P ,,, an 1. A .. t H, 'Q' wg' iwrf' """" " ww - xi 95474' x..f , 'WH E 5 -157 354. Af? V W Q'-'33 4, lr' I in , X ,,-an Y 1 , W7 A-af' 5 'x 3 ,Q mf S ,.,...,, f' an 945 Y . 1 15 Jhn ,H ,Z 55 3',H 'sf gi if b B- 4, H, in pw pr' . 4 1 TONY C RANMREZ BOB REEVES NQRM RCEERYS CAROLE lC'CE Q 34 A 1,1 av. les ,. Q I A Y , Q! ov- 19 T 1, f.. W at 'ir Y N. f n -'44 X f f'-ef ' f , T xwfpf , 12 'aw X as L fb fx. m 'if TTY GEORGE RTCHARD SAVAGE P4 ROBERT SCHULDT H MARY Log SEAVAN J' JQHN B SIMMS JP . 1 'P Q ' T ,.... 1 4- wif, ff" H f1vT:4.f,4 f OSH FQANCTS SAVAGE OWARD SCNUJZ NA SEARFUS ZAQREL SLCCJV X 3, 065 SJSAN SCHALLER EDDTE SCOTT ARLENE SENSER EETTV LA SMITH 5' 5 , 'V ? z 1 'T ' -:L aj. 5' W ,fwf Digg' ECT-4?v1TDT DQLFDSES SCHRETBER SCOTT CLTTTENCELSCTRPZJKGGS PALTIUITEKQQATFER WTEET?,iHTQETO,- BOTQTTTFTLQEAE www RQBERTA JEAN sww , :L , fad 35 ,F .fa in Q6 W3 JH we-ff IH- Agn ' A 5-0 As' . ,H Q ,ks A '7 2 . R. QW' ' I.- x ski J l 'GN we ,- P0 "' Q um."'l 6 H -::' tag gp 3 x. ,' ,. tvxfk 3 -EEPT E YC' F1 A N ,AN TFESNEP 'JEAN R VAN FE ' CHARLEEN WAN- ik ' 5 gn... 5 lv . JANET TOMPK NS :ATR CIA TOCME C CK TOWERS S'4ER1L'NNfCv'VNE9 -AN! TPAJLSEN BEN TFUCVE' .QHN TRIMME, ,ARRY VANCE CJ-,JUNE 3 rgafvfnw EDNTH VLACH 535 V053 ,EROV VUKAD BML WALEWDSE NORMAN WA.KER RQBT S NC.A'R NALYER W JOYCE WATKNNS " Y gp.-4 i Q! ' 5 'Q 94" ffl A my -, W W 5' hX 4, if nf Y if hi 'Y 0. ai YW! i W""'Y 2 1 1 fnfvfy W4 is 1 warg . I 7 ,.q.pfL "GS" 1- 'Uh- THOMAS JOHN WENTLING SANDRA WHITE SONIA WHITE Ye!! Leader J.S.A.+Secrefary GMS' Rep.-SM.'ie'I+ Count DiabIo News Dance Comrr-Hfee J,S.A.fReqionaI S-:iw , Shop Drama Dame Comviffee ANITA MAE WILLIAMS EVELYN JANE WILLIAMS DAVID WILSON A CappeIIa Choir Swhfminq Torv Orchesira B'0ck "D" PAULINE IONE YOULES GUY BREWSTER YOUNG ROGER YOUNG G.A.A. Block "D" Aiosgcp l.W,E. Band Semor Swv. 38 RONNIE WHITWORTH Track Band Swir-f'-wlng DON WITHROW T,':3':a Ffvshrfan WILLIAM YOUNT Ra I, Co"1"I"eH Bapi ONETA WILEY TEDDIE VAIL Annual Sfaff FoIk Dandng C.S.F. -4 1? 1 ig. . A 'uf -9 s L 2 dy!! fl 9? PW i 9 f sf 1 CLASSES L NOW WE WILL MEET NEXT YEAR S GRADUATES AND THE LOWERCLASSMEN A 4 iw , TE5 , El ' .s A nf g ,S 4 fl A ' i nO if 'X 1 I X, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Denf, represenlaliveg Sieve Rifchie, presidenfg Tannya Miller, secrefary. NOT PICTURED: Ken Burns, vice-president JUNIORS li lhis years' junior class is any indicalion of whal is in slore for Diablo iuniors in ihe iuiure if is more lhan evidenl lhal 'rhey will be one of lhe mosl spiriled classes al Diablo. CLASS ADVISERS MR. EIL GINGRICH Among lhe ihings 'rhe iuniors have done lhis lasl year, probably lhe Junior Carnival will be remembered longesl. Despile ihe rain and cold, hundreds of our sludenls filled lhe decoraied gym lor lhe gala affair. Undoubledly you have fried lo go 'rhrough a wrong door ai some lime during The year and have been slopped by one oi lhe Junior Traffic Palrol. These iuniors on lhe pairol have added greally 'ro keeping you on lhe righl side of lhe road. I-lave you ever slopped lo 'rhinlc whal a iam il' would be wilh siudenls oi all shapes and sizes 'frying lo go Through fhe some door in opposile direciions? Some of The Junior Service Commillee members are, FIRST ROW, leff fo riqhf: Sieve Emanuels, Claudia Grover, Carolyn Ruden, PaH Arneson, Jane Quihner, Clarice LeDuc, "Jake" Miller. SECOND ROW: Jim Waile, Karen recheffe, Carolynne Fowler, Ellen Dent, "Skippy" Uoore, "Tippy" Walers, Shirley Gay, Sandy Bechlold, John Ther. THIRD ROW: Larry Noerenberg, Dave Wohlgemulh, Gary Green, Sieve Rifchie, Lance Smilh, Philip Luke, Mr. Bil Gingrich, Ellen Denl, Renis Neary, Gean Moore and Roger Green. Ann Maasen were loyal Junior Cake Salesmen. MRS. NORMA LAVELLE MR. GEORGE PEDRAZZI I In v.- "..... ,H .,.. ' vi 1'. . ,-C'S ',--E '.' :S "ev wi" 2': FNRST QQW 2" " 'q" OC' rm, 5.,L,,5.ff CW, ,W P, '11-h End' M'C."!v f'-" Mane' Gel' Vzvf J.' Na'e'z 'QVC '4""f'1'gQ Jurv Sfwfqr- Dwffv Di-'V Mm Cmzh Zeppf-qfo Lf.sf BUCP DC' SW 'V' C 1' V' LL'- Jx"Q Gu ZECON3 VCVV J, AM' Eawft Jfaife 0.733 'S Gaye AH "Yr D7a'Q W1v""e Ddpk- 'Q V,w1c-1 Myra Pewm BH ye Cusfauafq Ecffr- Dfu'f"1 Sfmf' Peff-vs Lzqfse Kwm V72 9+ CWE-'erfe Fwd CH:-a.qh DN- Qng Bbfjue TP-4 QD HOW RAS S'ee :A L-vw Sihfd' Bin Bass RCQQ' Vzwe Pl, BLR- rrngv S'ew- RWQHQ Lols Ffwi- fich Mafhw Herd? Lfvce Sfrvirh Ge'a'd C-'ie'1 Robeff L.:e-': Ray 99'-vm' FIRST ROW eff fo 'QM Ro'-is Neary Lafide Ba'r'es Came Oman EN:-'wc' MQR :Q SH ' ev Gay GfMchD'w Kmasp MTQFTQN Flshe' Sandy Be-:"':'d Jfmn Mfz"'r' MV'ga'e? Fffvun Har' 'Ee'f Masfmzcl C""s' rm Ke- Cyesse Yv3"e Ke"edy Lou. Kuefz y. SECOND ROW M540 Drxvi A Joan Lawrnnrn Pau! Dor1f"'f1f' Wx' T"iT"b Dave ww qs-'vwjk ai" Hawzmm Ped Me-'qv A e' Schbwf Law'e'w:e W-isee' Rafcah Thompson Shvlewe Wad Maie Mfx'N:v BNN C'frw THNRD ROW Gnrfd Rvbf-'fs Sa! Viczlhsa S'eve E"'1f'-G's Rcqe' GW-QW Ray P-4a"'e's ey 4" Cob Q E w" Fail Bit: Bw: fn E114 Fra' J.1'ifR'nf bis L-Vw Pmfe Jffih Jive-s S N ur V A Ba And NDPVXW V5 LJG D Ea Q M '4 av 'Ga a W E H 's 'C' "2 . e' . 2 ' ..f' - Q" R ff' In M 'W F1 Q O 'Sw J1"v .u":,' C' :CL fed awd 9 a ra' shew- '- H- a I 0 iw u wk fl ng! 'T 21.44. 'R Q Al eq 7 -M vi Y' uf J we '52 J , l ' VQ : . 3 ,Q 4 Y N ii' Luv :Y Het? T9 J V x T SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Pa? Draper, secrefaryg Tom Ready, president, Jerry Jeffry, vice-presidenfg Bill Leaih, represeniafive. VersaTiliTy in ac3TiviTies was The siqnaTure oT This year's sophomore class. They had CLASS Aovissks MR. MORTON ELY a VarieTy Show and a Tormal dance, The Sophomore T-lop, The Theme OT which was MRJACK FERRAR' "WhiTe They ran Two booThs aT The Junior Carnival, and They have re- Mlss DOROTHY UWU' wriTTen Their eonsTiTuTion, besides worlcinq on various money malcinq schemes. Their school service Tor The year was The brunch sTands. Advisers oT The Class were Mr. TvlorTon Ely, Miss DoroThy Jaeobus and Mr. Jack Ferrari. Tom Ready was The presidenT oT The Class: Jerry JeTTry, vice-presidenT3 Paf Draper, secreTary7 and Bill l.eaTh was class represenTaTive. Some of The members of The Sophomore Service CommiNee are, FIRST ROW, lefT To righfz Linda Scoff, Lynda Parker, Aniia Case, PaT?y Skvorak, Barbara Kavelman, Carolyn Hand, Janice Daly. SECOND ROW: Jerry Jeffry, Bull Learh, Bob Hesse, Nancy Goodarf, Donna "But, officer, ir was such a LITTLE Telephone pole!" This will never Egberf, Tom Ready, John Bengsron. happen To members of Mr. Kes7ner's Driver's Educafion Class. A F'orn 'he sour ooxs vna' "-s' hafe pee- af dal, , Vouqh res? oecaase fhinqs a'e -s.a y "'.:r- r-3-e :r-gan fu, arnonq M- Rubs Jchr-son s D..QG :qis's FIRST ROW eh va fghvg JC. anne Johnson Do'ine Angel a Ardifh Swanson, Vicvoria Wh've- side, Diane Tresner Flora Ter- rell Helen Clakins Delgfgg Culison Barbara Hariinq L'l- lian Cariwriqhl Jeanne Pe'- qrim Maralyn Ma'sha' Linda ScoN Carolyn Philips SEC- OND ROW Masavo Shiroyarna Glenelfe Fairfield Marlene SrnHl'1,Ca9hy Laub Diane Mel- vin, Norrine Funk Mary Lou Schnerinqer Moonyeen Spihef Carol Whee-e' Marqarer N'ck- laus, Beverly Bly Palsy Ander- son Sharon Schwarq Cidrenge House, THlRD ROW Thorwas Fosle Eyereff Wriqhl Jinn Has- kins, Terry Seeno, Alfonso Es- frada, Danny Null Donald Gil- lis, Ted Granlund Bill Macchi George Rose Louise Thomas Bernard Garcia Clifford Srnifh FlRST ROW lei? io riqhf: Vikie Jewell, Maurice Elmore, Mary Keivh, Nina Vowels, Bobbie Bur. fon, Suzie Coombs, Lorraine Larsen, Donna Brier Joyce Ledqer, Frankie DeVore Rick'e Mifchell Dickie De Hear? Mickie Vasquez SECOND ROW Rcberf Francis, Gary Wes? Hugh Gaunl Phil Chavel Den- nis Greenway Willie Mason Alfred Berry Lloyd Noyinqer Craig Oliver Dav'd Wiseman Waller Rieqer Bill Erwin THIRD ROW: Dick Small Jay Terry Chuck Van Umrv-ersen Jim Thomson Ed Bai ey Bob Cohune, Manuel Taranqo George Wildes Bill Jerirey Marlin Hill Norbie Olivera Svan Lauderbach FIRST ROW lei? Oo nqh' An' neka Walfon Nancey Gcvdon Sue Edelman Charlie Char-- bers Lonny Houfchens Becky Boyd Janice Beck Jo Ann Grove Gail Garavenva A'ene Esres Beverly Boilrnan Diane Racine Judy Macey SECOND ROW: Isabel Min-is Lunda Pa'- ker, Karen Ward An"a Case Paffy Skvorak Barba'a Kaye- rnan Roselra Bosen R'cna'd Lucky Jerry Elsbeny Bob Dickenson Le Vonne Debea'e' Dawane Woods THIRD ROW Donald Gee Page Re-son H D Waldron L Gfffifhs Dick Pi-an Graf-9 Shaw Tren? Loga- Barry Ginochio, Torv-my San- CD21 Bob Hill Dick La Planve Lloyd Duncan Charles Van Urn- mersen. G, New' n-- ,-5f"x .4 If at Q- , Q Tnese dis: iockies -ffn 0-ei' popular records add many Dzr' :cu so wCJ"'E'1 lr -r-ay '--- 4 k pleasanr roll--res lo 'he lunch hour FIRST ROW lelf lo r'qh9 Ellen Nicholson, Dwa'ne Col-ins Joe Sisson David Harmacek Tom Ready Dick Lonq Terry Warn- er, Knure Osrhelder Lina Law son SECOND ROW- Roy Hink- ley Harold Feinberg Raymond Morr's Gordon May Jack Hal- field, Jerry Liflle, Darrell Smirh Paul Kroul. THIRD ROW: Earl Cooper, Bill DeWiH Duncan Chivers John Bryan Bill Moon, Don Rawlinson, Earl Fullrner, FIRST ROW, left fo righf: Gretchen Lais, Juanira Sexlon, Janel Tompkins Diane McCosh, Jo Ann Denfon, Colleen Riggs, Carol Gimble, Dolores Rose, Susan Greenhalgh, Sally Cure- fon, Glenda Griffin, Shirley Erkenbrack, Alice Lucas, Jo- anne Baker. SECOND ROW: Sandra Jolene, Nancy Hursf, Barbara Bowman, Beverley Sherman, Carla Gambino, Gloria Osgood, Jane? Lalfer, Bessie Fleming Belly Chriso, Pat Dickinson Helen Peacock, MaryEllen Johnson, Carole Souder. THlRD ROW: Bob Ber- worn Don Butler Ronald Webb, Jay Hickman, Chuck Chrislian- sen James Parflson Gary Enq- land Jerry Smith Don Wilson Bill Learh Burl Paulson Fred Hanson, Bob Hesse Jim Douglas FlRST ROW, lefr fo righf: Gin- ger Coraqliolfi Charla Rider Jerry Palriscn Claudelle Phipps Suzerve Manwil Gladys Youles Jo Ann Vreonis Geral- dine W-ight, Dawn Duell Bar. bara Beelar Jackie Gallis Anna M' er Mary Viera SEC- OND ROWz James Kelly, Mel- vin Srrand Don Lufh Alfred Pereira Sreve Se 'Inq Bob Shel ey Palsy Svanq er Shirley Delk Carolyn Parslow Pavly Tafe Caroe Lee Sharon Lee Lorraine Sfoffels THIRD ROW Alberl Snell Edward Anderson, Gerry Lanier, Jesse Mora Larry Furlong Bill Fralier, Burron Googins Philip Turner, Jerry Jackson, Alberl Rorsrrand Doug Neufeld, Abner Hicken- burq, J? ei 1 lil:- ' 'sv Pl 111 "' FIRST ROW, leff fo righfz Carol Kochevar, Darlinda Barfee, Snookie Sfoneking Valorie Terry. Delores Chrisioqerson Par Nelson Rosalind Fowler Jackie Bass Sue Price Jane? Tod, Pahy Brown Gai! Tol'ei- son, Adrienne Kro-ve Paula Pierce. SECOND ROW: Adri- enne Bar' Isabell Sfahl Ca'ol Garren Rose Dorrfnguez Ra- mona Hernandez He en Rus- Oarnes June Moneypenr-y Donna Rae Haridegen Bevvy Sue Chambliss Dororhy Lee Dcrfy Torres Bugs Brown Jinny Jones THIRD ROW: Richard Shan? Don Mendel, Reber? Proberf Bill McGregor Roberl Youni John Caranah, Allen Crowel Leigh Franklin Ken Cooper Gran? Redden, Earl Humphrey Jerry Collins, Tex Morlon, Nor- man Friborq, FIRST ROW leff fo riqhi: Bill Liflorno, Car! Cook Stephen Pafierson Bob Earls, Glenn Fisher, Gordon Riordan, Benny Hrbacelr, Lloyd F Horton Bill Phillips, Irving Winiers Willy Crews, Francis Chong, SEC- OND ROW: Willie Wesfoy, Bob Cook, Gene Speck, Larry Zeid- Ier, Richard Carroll, Doug Lar- son, Edward Chauvaud George Ingalls, Gordon Buclrrnasler Reber? Quigley, Raymond Avan- sino, Fred Rarney, THIRD ROW: Larry Boyd, Glenn McCain. Ron Hanson, Bob Lichl, Norbert Olivera. Bill Jones, Gerald Broyles, Keiih Blair, Ronald Cook, Robin Clugsfon, Bill Mil- ler, Bernard Eberf, Y Jus? a liNIe more shading on fhe lelf side. Now the rnasve'PI9C9 is fl"l5I"9d Tesfinq Tesiing This is fhe radio voice ol Diablo Do read me? -.gk i. , 41 1 85 SG' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Dennis Coffee, vice-prasi- CLASS ADVISERS denfg Tom Barclay, presidenfg Virginia DeBenedeHi, secrelaryg Richard Al- ford, represenfafive. MRSA NORMA MR, FURY DALLA FRESHMEN The Freshman Service Commillee lops all worlcing groups lhis year in number and aclivily. These lirsl year gremlins may be seen any day riding, hoisling or propelling lhe red and green refuse cans onlo lhe lrailer en roule lo lhe disposal spol. They do il wilh a good will, lhis business ol lceeping our campus clean. A+ 'rhe end of lhe school year, pins were awarded lo lhe exceplional worlcers. Cn lhe social side, lhere was a lrosh dance called lhe Kandy Kane Kapers. where Jim Freidericlc and Jerry Warren were crowned Freshman King and Kween. ln Oclober, Ken Pine and Belly Garrison were piclced as lypical freshman boy and girl of lhe school year. The class elecfed as 'rheir oliiicers, Tom Barclay, presidenfg Virginia De Benedelli, secrelaryi Denny Ccllee, vicefpresidenl: and Richard Alford, represenlafive. The olher acfivify which lhe class enlrered inro wilh enlhusiasm was Their February program given for +he assembly. Two valianl Freshmen on lhe Frosh Service Commifree are Richard To make a lall story shcrf - six foo? No Ken Pine and five foo? Belly Alford and Charles Dwinnell. Garrison were This year's Typical Freshmen. 'iffigfaf ' "Vs ,,, , , Q, H Y 'A Q 'p I 'El Q 7 1 5, 5 'S V Xl 1 A 'X F ef fm WM, Ili! -- ll 5 F 8595 x ' E -3: Q 222+ 351 ,JAX nn Ai I5 ll 1 I ii' W , .. . '91-ff? 1 1. 1 1 it I , . Lid PM 'A qv 'M 'Q' r I, Q if ,ov "J :ci Q 'I' 7 ML 1 Wx A Y- N I wi A ' ,- ' my , Q - M Q we' I if t '1"f ,L ,H 323 N' DQ K3 Q fy in 1' . ', we ' , - ' , n 3 f 'of' q, Nr 'gear Y F' 'cf' rf f A ',no4 -f ' - 2 J,-" " ' ' W 1 Svsxx' ' 5 ' 5 ,f A. 1 I , 1' z ' L M 1 V ' ' ' 1 1 315 a""lS'lllx"'f'-116 13' Y, .1 .A 9 .GG , x 'gf V, 'x 5: gba: 5 ?,'.AG',1 4 3? wp- 'iff - .CSKA ua- Y Q . 'f ,lf , . 5 g 5? ' ref? E we MM gg -.-.J A 221515 lg ii" 'E' ?' -'EI' 'r me ta sl ,J Q n "X ' 33 IIA! ,f It :LK H ll '5 -' , ni , nk ' 5- V: .m MV Q if , 'll A Aan n 4 Q? FIRST ROW, le'r Yo riqlir' Ann Ru? edge, Ciara Sra'b.l:k Marva Cielinski Ania Cane Joyce S'rns Sra' ere Srr"'n Carol Sheffield Babb' Payne Ca lTi.e Ge ySpp J y .C ,U H 5 M: Ama'an9 Snrey Harris Sasa- Mi nona' F'ances Radclue SECOND ROW: Kenny Possan- za Anvcinewe Argenla Sasa' Broorre Myrna Srniflw Ea'ba'a Jensen Joanne S.l'van Ba'- bara McLa.i"n Lorer'a F'sne' Lo.'se Porris Evelyn S'eve"s:' Nsrdean Cameron L'n:a Davidson Donald P:-fe THIRD ROW- Eolnen Aw" Char'es Caek M'ke Na-fone Ren Rolve' Don Parke l.a"y Csdde .lim Case B'l Jonn- srcn Don Svesners Ncvnan Stephens Torn Sanchez Jackie Waxman Ken? Hopkins FIRST ROW 'ell Vo fqnr Anne Veslal SJe Fraser Donna Jean Campbell Barbara Srnilh G'n- qer Funk, Laurel Escnmann Ulanah De Hear? Sue Mauser, Judi McKean, Janice Bouqe nennes, Jacqueline Flarnrnana Janel Loe Donna Lynn Carna- bell Joyce Venfurini Joselfe Como. SECOND ROW: John Caldera, Wayne Lilflefon, Tom Trurnan, Jerry Nourse Diclr Walerman, Palrick Barry Mike Lucero, Diane Voss, Sunny Ol- senek, Mary Pesonen, Marilyn Conner, Joanie Burdick, Joanie Pearson Marqarel Keen,THIRD ROW: Bob Pelers, Don Malls son, Roy Johnson, Dick Bankus, Bill Tye, Alberf Cole, Addison Hunl, Gary Bailey, Ronald Bedoyax, Derek Pearce, Waller McGie, Bill Parker, Bob Camp- bell, Everefl Traverso. FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Caro- lyn Hammond, Glenna Wesl, Gloria Domingues, Laura We- singer, Margarer O'Neil, Inez Caruaial, Diane Trebino, Gin- nie Loza, Joan Aqosline, Sylvia Buck, Saundra Leminq, Elma Becker. SECOND ROW: Dolores Chrislock, Kyra Landers, Rose Kinney, Pal Kemper, Charlolfe Masfne, Mary Ann Miller, Boba bie Fleming, JanefSmill1, Judy Williams, Nadine Pease, Linda Pelerson, Monica Fridley. THIRD ROW: Ralph Hakola, Dick Emery, Jim McAlpin Ed Burlon, John l-luglves, Bob Bick- lord Clarence Massey Grady Walls, Wall Hufford. For lne lourleenln Vme 5 principal McKinnon , ik 'H , C qv An emerqer-cy elecfb- lie: ies? be'o'e Easle' placed from Diablo will nard a diDlO'r'a lo a Dc ores Orreqa as Vceeprez den' and Frank 'Peacnieu Tlnis is Jayne D-v"lr'e as o'esi:-2" C' 'ne se":' class ,li 1 lg' gi. 'fffg asf 4 , a - -5 f'-vf ,f . ' , 1 , , ,VH 1. . J Q, -W'-' 5 'W Qi fm! I A s I .' N W Y vs ', , Psi f-2' if, 'U' 13- x .RN o ff? A ff, iff.-,f f-E W ' rw HMM HL ,pad-,, , V , N W W, I 5 6. ' My , .. A F in s ' '-+'-"-- ' ' 1 f -has-'L -T L N :pin i YW? : irq, it., Ng, 1 I1 ,-ui 'bkux , 10, A --am?n-- 3 V, -'S' ,L Yes- L GRGANIZATIGNS .9 GW YN Fo CROSS LET S BE EX OFFICIO MEMBERS OF THE CLUBS FOR AWHILE AND SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING T 9 Y . 99 Ib Q ' 4 A70 Q J, 5. - . 2 2, C OXQ to X Jfiff so 'S STUDENT CGUNCIL f X Ze Ak' sf Z ......-.4 4 1 .0 gr ,- 4.7 s. i i f . r A 'US o 'v 2 i A 2 2 , Tom Jefiry, Sfudei-Q Body Presidenf, Russ Sveete, Vice-President Donna Coon, Secretary Mary Lou Searnan4Grounds Commissioner: Carroil Poi- iock, Saies and Finance Commissioner, Eiien Denf, Junior Repre- sentative' Joyce Blafnic, Program Comrnissionerj Biii Leaih Sophomore Repre- sen+ar'yej Peqqy Riichie Senior Represenvaviye I ,Ri yi x S.. Wait Burke BOYS' ReDre- seniariyep Sonia Whire, Gifis' Reoresenfafiye, Beify Crain. Chairman of Ciubsj Miif Abei Buildings Commissioner. Karen Ma- deros, Sociai Affairs Com- miss'oner. Barbara Eschmann Is! se- rnesfer Pubiic Re afionsj Richard Aiford Freshman Represenfariye' Coierfe Morgan 2nd semes'er Pub- Vc Re'a'ior's 'K J if: 1 l Q '17 ,N ,- 4-1 Q x xf ia 23?- ov 'C7 , 4- xx, Q , 67 .4 ,Tp Fulure Business Leaders oIAmerica are. FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Arlene Miner, Yooko Nakalani, Molly Kishi, Lorefla De Laurenfi, Lorna Michael, Palsy Yamamofo, Arline Johnson. SECOND ROW: Mr, Milan Wighl, Adviser: Shir- ley Kirchner, Darleen Henricksen, Bar- bara Friese, Ulanah De Hearl, Barbara Moudy, Mary Kanagake, Shirley Allis. THIRD ROW: Diane Kulander, Lorrie Omania, Anna Mendez Grela Young- berg, Joann Donaldson, Imogene De Hearl, Jim Kelly. SHIRLEY KIRCHNER Isl Semesler Presidenl LORNA MICHAEL 2nd Semesler President C. S. F. ,ne- F. B. I.. A. f Thcse srudenrg who worked hard and mer the reouiremenls oI lhe C.S F. are FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Donald Gil- iis Grerchen Knapp Molly Klshl, Edith Vlach Arlene Senqer, Roberla Srnilh, Pav? Funk, Barbara Eschmann, Dick Walerrnan. SECOND ROW: Miss Rulh Galindo Adviser: Tom Ready, Lera Collins Tamra Cummings, Margie Reqer, Sharon Lais, Carole Dawne Lee Emily Marlin, Virginia Yauqhn, Beriy Crain Trudy Carzino, Fred Hanson. THIRD ROW: Bill Macchi Bob Hesse, Marlin Mirlleman Douglas Campbell, Reber? Moore, Mike Bigelow, John Kramer, John Bornben, Jay Walfon. ARLENE SINGER Isl Semesfer President ROBERTA SMITH 2nd Semester Presidenf COMMERCIAL CLUB 4 5 5 Sfudenfs who lake a Commercial course and enjoy if, ioined fhe Commercial Club They are, FIRST ROW, lei? Io riqhr: Gaye Afkinson, Bertie Odom, Barbara Newby, Joyce Blalnic, llayelra Phelps Jerri Buflo Barbara Kulz Jane? Tompkins SECOND ROW: Mr. Roberf Klinq Adviser, Louise Massone Jo' Anne Blavnic, Shari Lu Rollins Sandra Coleman Jackie Flammanq Janice Ecuquennec Edilh Vlach Barbara Mel- lor Francis Morris Babe Dodson THIRD ROW' Donna Coon Delores Or- tega Ann Cardwell Nancy Neufeld Joyce Lanphier, Calhy Raymond Grela Younqberq Bevvy Delamaler LOUISE MASSONE Presidenf MR. ROBERT KLING Adviser GALLO - ROMAN CLUB French and Lafin Clubs formed one club Yhis year. The Gallo-Roman Club members are, FIRST ROW, lei? Yo right Marcia Coolre John Thez, Ren s Neary, Jacque Jones, Presidenfg Blli Hillsrnan, Vice-President Fred Hansong Mrs. Norma Lavelle, Adviser. SECOND ROWg Virginia Clausson, Marcia Mani Deana Savage, Anifa Case, Sandy Mel- Yon, Barbara Eschrnann, Par' Funk Carolyn Hand, Cafhy Laub, Arlene Sen- qer. THIRD ROW: Rufh Fell, Bob Hari- sen Jerry C01finqharn,Siewar? Munsee Barry Pa1rick,Odei?e Yandersyde. MRS. NORMA LAYELLE Adviser JACOUE JONES President l Q Everyone seriously inieresfed in becorn- ing a philafelisr ioined fhe new Siamp CIub,v1l'1OSE membership consisls of the following FIRST ROW, leff Io righi: Bill Macchi, Donald Gillis, Vice-Presi- denig Fred Hanson, President Terry Seeno, James Rosovfski. SECOND ROW: Roberi Praberi, Waller Kaiser, Milne Weisser, Mr. Elmer Sundquisr Adviser. MR ELM ER SU NDOUIST Adviser FRED HANSEN President 'si -I l VMYMW W Sludenfs inferesfed in The Spanish lan- guage have become members of fhe Spanish Club. They are, FIRST ROW, leff fo righf: Doroihy Chandler, Sandy Bechlold, Sharon Lais, President Grei- chen Knapp, Shirly Gay, Elwin Faria, Vice-Presidenfg Mary Ellen Johnson. SECOND ROW:Tren1Loqan, Miss Robbins, Adviser: Carolyn Ruden, Jo Ann Vreonis, Faye Andrews, Gloria Sieckelberg, Norrine Funk, Jean Cau- del, Rosalind Fowler, Icla O'Grady, Adviserg Bill Macchi, Waller Kaiser. THIRD ROW: Barry Ginochio, Janice Oldershaw, Marlene Smifh, Glenefie Fairfield, Susan McCurdy, Gean Moore, Earlyne Fullrner, Melba James, Don Gil- lis. ELWIN FARIA ls? Semesfer President SHARON LAIS Znd Semesfer Presidenf In QA I-IOSTESS CLUB are Music enlhusiasls af Diablo who ioined Vhe Music Club and meef every olher Friday in fhe Auditorium al noon are, FIRST ROW, lefl To riqhl: Mary Ellen Johnson, Babe Dodson, Joan McGee, Kalhy Knapp, Dee Schreiber, Michiel Fisher, Kafhleen Sall, Frances Meyer, Vice Presidenl Shirle Gay Marcia ' i Y . Cooke. SECOND ROW: Odeffe Van- dersyde, Ted Walson, Sandy Bechlold, Renis Neary, Arlene Senqer, Grefchen Knapp, Sharon Lais, Belly Crain, Willy Crews, Arland Dilmore, Miss Vera Boyd, Adviser. THIRD ROW: Derek Pearce, Bob Barclay, John Ayers, Mike Bigelow, Elwin Faria, Bill Hillsman. FOURTH ROW: John Thez, Doug Hieb, Larry Bliss, Sam Pelers, Bill Drennan, Eddie Fear, Skip Fredrickson, Rich Barlke, Dave Askine. MISS VERA BOYD Adviser BOB BARCLAY Presidenl CHESS AND Cl-IECKERS A' 1. QC N 'HI ll I l - Q, Sending gel-well cards is only one of lhe rnary serv'ces fhe Hcsvess Club per' forms for the school. Membe's are, FIRST ROW, lefl fo riqhlj Dorofhy Chandler, Joyce Flelcher Jane? Tomp- kins, Lera Collins, President, Frances Morris, Barbara Mivchell, Barbara Boyenqerr SECOND ROW: Barbara Eschmann, Kalhy Plumb Pall Funk Dorothy Crouch, Marqarel Chauvaud, Deane Douglas THIRD ROW: Edith Vlach Jaque Jones, Roberla Srnifh Emily Marlin, Carolyn Sand Joan El- linqson. MRS IRMGARD COX Adviser LERA COLLINS Presidenl MUSIC CLUB v lf lakes clear Ihinkinq 'or rnembe's of lhe Chess and Checkers Club Members are FlRST ROW lell Io riqhl Ernie Iarlen Larry Bliss Wi'am Wh'sler Vice-P'esidenl Henry Nakalani P'esi- denl' John Ayers San' Peters John Coilins SECOND ROW Diane D-i.q' 'as Joan Ellinqson Ma-y'inda Whee e' RCcha'd Brown Robert Pralher Johr Jerrnan Bill Robinson Mr W'liam Toaspern Advise' THIRD ROW' Ei.- qene Ruyle Len Gfffvhs Ba'oara Bcyenqer Slephen Rennacke' Noe' Kellogg Richard Bankcs Michae' Mc- Curdy Doug Can-cbell MR WILLIAM TOASPERN Adviser HENRY NAKATANI P'esiden9 69 3 9 Y Sen'or merrbers of ihe B cck 'DN So- cieiy a'e as 'oIiows, FIRST ROW left fo vighvz Don Mores, Bob Heogeccck Jack Terraberry, Vice-Presoenfg Bill Edelman No'm Walker Mick Taylor Bob Lee David Wilson. SECOND ROW: Guy Young Tom Jeury Whitey Sarnarla Dick Towers, Presidenlg Jim Searius Seveiaryj Bob Favv:e'f, Carl Teifel, THIRD ROW: Ken Abel Marvin Loyd, Chuck James, Herb Honea, Man- uel Gcnzaga, Ernesf Mailock Bill Hun? Alan Lindsey Les Williams Adviser FOURTH ROW: Larry Minshall Albert Persyn Jack Thorpe Bill Mazza, Jim Miller, Felix Romo, Wirnoy Delamaler MR. LES WILLIAMS Adviser DICK TOWERS Presidenl ,Q r ,J 7 . BLOCK is W 71 fi. x G. A. A. Qs SWORD AND BAUBLE Drama sludenvs who Darficipafed in lerrn plays and mel The requiremenls for fhe Sword and Bauble are. FIRST ROW, lei? fo righf: Sharon Marfin Lil Frederick Lou Brisley Dale Dunham Presidenf: Judy McFarlane, Vice-Presi- dent: Joyce Blalnic, Mary Lou Seaman, SECOND ROW: Miss Sally Rineharf, Adviser: Donna Coon, Nancy Johnslon, Pa? Thomson, Carmen Slroupe Sandra Whiie, Carroll Pollock, Camille Clarke Renis Neary Karen Madercs THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Butler, Joan Ellingson Richard Johnson Tom Jeffry Dan Lar- schierd, Roberr Young Beb Harmon, Bob Hedgecock MISS SALLY RINEHART Adviser DALE DUNHAM Presidenf ' n The officers of lhe G.A,A. Cabinef have planned and brought forth many excl?- ing evenfs for girls inferesfed in sporfs They are, FIRST ROW, lei? lc riqhf: Ra- vella Phelps, Joyce Blalnic Mary Lou Seaman, Kafhy Plumb, Yooko Nakalani, President: Colefle Morgan Vice-Presi- deni: Jayne McKinnon. SECOND ROW: Carol Hilder, Pal Laughlin, Belfy Joyce Johnson, Renis Neary, Marylinda Wheeler, Molly Kishi, Miss Jan Bean- sion, Adviser. M ISS JANICE BEANSTON Adviser YOOKO NAKATANI Presidenl , 9 I 5 P' , K 1'pu "lr- Barbara Eschmann, Fall Ediforg Colelfe Morgan, Spring Edifor ...we '-Nm 1 DIABLO NEWS The Diaoo News has a new ' mama ' This year. Mrs. I-lelen Lum has ralcen over lfhe job as aoyfser lor lhe newspaper as well as lhe -mwah Eowors Befoara Eschmann and Cole-He Morgan have worlced will! rhe slall gn lhe paper as well as represenled lhe sludenl body an 'he Public Relahons Commission. Ten issues af rhe Diablo News were published and disfribuled a eng wilh 'rhe live Thousand loolpall programs. One ol lhe year's 'owrafslie hghlighfs was 'rhe eighl-page glossy Chrislmas issue prinled wirh zolor. Wcrlcing oireclly wilh 'rhe edilors were managing edilors Dale Dunham and Sreve Emanuels' news edilor, Lera Collins: .lay Garrell and Bill lvlarzer handled 'rhe sports secfiont wirh Sandra Burgesp working ai aoyerlising manager lor lhe Diablo News. Members of fhe Diablo News sfaff are, SITTING, Ieff fo riqhlz Sandy Burgess, adverlising manager, Colelle Morgan, second sernesfer ediforg Barbara Eschmann, firsf semesler edifor, and Dale Dunham. STANDING: Beatrice Terry, Lera Collins, Bill Manzer, Frank Rose, Delores Schreiber, Par? Funk, Sharon Tallenf, Joyce Blafnic, Sieve Emanuols, Barbara Della Rosa, and Yooko Nakafani, ........ vnu s . Q9 T 1 A .522 Hifi ' mail Cubs and reporrers on Ihe Diablo News are, FIRST ROW, lei? fo righrr Bonnie Smith, Na! Bales, Jean Marfin Berry Crain, Carolyn Parslow, Lorerla Snyder, Sherry Larkin. SECOND ROW: Harry Hills, Joan Rufherlord Tom Wenfling, Bob Walker, George Save age, Barren Jones THIRD ROW: Walt Tifcomb, Bob Fisher Eugene Ruyle Terry Taylor, Jerry Cullen Marv McKean John Trimmell and Don Balmer. DIABLO '53 Def 5 "er we we "f.fCc"e CCC? fir eC"c' fri: 'fs' " 4' can -192 cw ftcee 'He tl'a'ai'e' Deco, Def' 'C t':f. .fa 'Cn 'Vi ine. Danny am: 'Deaf ve C'iA'-TD 're' tl 'fffi ' TT s"'i a'+ e'J":'. Vf. Jail: B3e':e"nin are IVE 'ew 'I'Gi'-ZEZ 3'e2i p'i'i2'ar' Cuz: here 'ale' Tfne-259+ C'C'a'EE if teen'-e 'ce 'rite' ' Sires '52, I-lcoe' Trcrreas :cye'e3 We Cernzee 52' ,E ie"ei'e' Ou' seccnc ESVTSSLE' Coos Jcyte Perce H: Eeacc' r-'efze' wcrlrec on Irie suoecfpficn orive' Gaye Alnscr, J: PM 3 ew", Gfacie Mar Dawn Nichole Barbara Ra 2':' Pceafnqc Trafewc are Berch Marlvescr have he seo Laffy lvlrsne " V' f:'J.f5"A" carrlodgn. Gaye Arlcfmscn rc owe fs Irie loc can ac '11-eine' f' flee year. Phy is Cbflfansen, Garlano Calliscf Perce Grwer Src I-la'5'e'c Shirley Paslufino Bil'7e Pee ann PMP Viv ff rn: f-re V rf-,ier Staff members of Diablo '53 are FIRST ROW leff fo ri hl: Mrs. Helen Lum Adviser' Pai? I r Q . Funlr, Subscriofionsg Yvonne Ccolr, Edifor, Gloria Terry, Picture Ediforg Marilyn Tibbe Ar? Edifor. SECOND ROW: Barrel? Jones, Budd Osman, Assisranl Edilorg Russ Armslro Mickey Taylor, Sporfs Edifor, Larry Minshall, Ad Managerg Billie Rose. Hs UQ. YVONNE COOK Edlfor of The Diablo '53 l1i:5Nv: 'R I 2 Cubs ere, FIRST ROW, lell Oo right George Sav- age, Sheila Haffield, Garland Cullison, SECOND ROW: Gaye Allrinson, Marie Royal, Joann Blafnic. Donna McC0sh, Dawn Nichols. THIRD ROW: Sherry Tovner, Rosamund Traverso, Gracie Main, Rufh Roan, Shirley Pasfurino. NOT PICTURED: Joyce Pierce, Eleanor Harper, Phyllis Chrisliansen, G JUNIOR STATESMEN NJ EA "f hY:.f f P':.f'.: Y' I -"'r C'f4'r'Y'n' X- f.',j .,j.M Caps, W-Gfwzeff 'fur ' f 53 ,xv -,f 15,5 Junior Slafesmen members are, FIRST ROW, lei? Vo righl: Joan Ellinq- The Junior Slafesmen convened on January 8 in Oakland for a session son, Puff Funk, Carolyn Ruden, Carmen Sfroupe, Presidenlc Sandra of fun and debale While, Barbara Eschmann, Shirley Luenser, SECOND ROW: Belly Crain, Diane Douglas, Yoolro Nakalani, Tamra Cumminqs, Mary Lou Johnson, Anna Mendez, Arlene Collefi, Laurel Eschmann, Ginger Funk Jacque Jones, RcberfSmi1h, Barbara Boyenger, Mr. Henry Sarnborslri Adviser. THIRD ROW: Kathy Plumb, Carroll Pollock, Sonia While, Tom Jeffry Siaie Allorney General, Jim Servanli, Bill Lealh Evereff Tra- verso, Eddie Fear Assislanf Sergeant-al-Arms' Mike Biqelow, Vice- President PRESS PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Siarhng ircrn fireicn ei lhe I:-eqinnrq oi she yea' ihe Phcic Club was efoffnfzei under ihe nirecrien oi I'Phe+o Fiend' Mr. Jach Bieczerrnan, Ari leacher. Darlcrfern eouemeni and fuerfeg were Cienfhen If lhe burralism deoarlrnenl' by hifi? Maison! Siudes ei Oaklare ai ihe Ieeginfnq oi 'he year. Wiih ihe Clericrccrn ee an imeeius, lhe dub hai become e live qfeup ihis Iesl sernesier. Iis members are new covering eameu' eclure fer ihe Diablo News and Yearineelc. The Diablo '53 is furnishing Ihe meney inf -I new liebe hqhl which will he builr by Ivir. Kublin s E eefrencs ior rheir use. This clever sl'1of,?aken by Jim Mason af fhe Mardi Gras Dance, is well Mr, Jack Biederman shows rhe paris of a camera Io his group cf on its way fo be a prize winner. The annual slaii has picked iv lor their "shuHerbugs." winning phofo. I :if 1 1 . nf fmfg 'RI im, 'Z 755,232 '1' -' TLQ5 ' , - ' . f , ,9g,1fg2ggf1 fr, r F 125 ,4 iff S., .V I'-- ,. KI .ag Q Scienfific sfudenis who rneeI foqefher in The Science Club are FIRST ROW, Ieff Io riqhf: John Kramer John Jer- rnan, Marrin MiIfeIr'nan, Roberf Moore Larry Vance SECOND ROW: John COI- iins, Henry Nakafdni, Pefe Robinson, John Ayers. Robert Prafrer. THIRD ROW: Lawerence Bliss, Sem Pefers, Jr., Douq Carnbell, Sfephen Lee Rennacker, Eugene RuyIe. MR WILLIAM TOASPERN Adviser MARTIN MITTELNIAN Presidenf F JUNIOR RED CROSS if Q SCIENCE CLUB Jw-ic' Rec: C'oss rnernoers wh: neip 'a'se Ends 'cr the Rec! C'css are F'RST ROW Ieff fc righfi Shi'-ey Dorflback Lo"a'ne Sfoffes Ade'e Bis:heI Marie Dev' a SECOND ROW Shi'Iene WaId Be+'y Deiannare' Pres'cenI' DarIene Leughiin Marie MeIIcy Vice-Presideni, Miss Lynn Hayes Adviser MISS LYNN HAYES Adviser BETTY DELAMATER Prnsidenf AVIATION CLUB Q, 9 M- Wyman S::a'dinq and h's space rrer' are p-annng a 'rp Ihroeqh Ihe wiId bIue yonde' RALLY COMMITTEE DiabIo's roofing seciion display fheir card lricks as fhe leflers M.D. appear. This year lhe Rally Commillee, wifh 'rhe aid of Danny Devil and advisers Mr. l-larl Eairclouoh, Mr. Wyman Spaulding, ano Miss Miriam Robbins. have succeeded in nor only cheering on a win- ning iooiball leam, buf have proven 'lhai Mr. Diablo really has ihe spirir and pep lhal a school should have. A sporismanship Trophy was awarded lo Mi. Diablo because of 'rhe cooperaiion and spiril 'rhai lhe cheering seciions gave lo lhe five ierriiic yell leaders. l-lead Yell Leader Niclc Creian, Esme Oma- nia, Dolores Oriega, Don Cochrane, and Larry Freels are proud ol lhe rooling seclion for lhe success of lheir cards 'rriclcs al hall lime. Pre-game noon rallies held oufside 53 Ac. were Iusfy, rhythmic and spirited. 1, .',.... Dangerous Danny Devil frighlens small children we I ,Ar L.. '1f?1"1:?. l "F :Ffijjf TL:-3 MX and opponenfs. I 1 I 75 wi iff iq f' Pb, 4 Q 5 .... 5 s -' -10' Q 'Q- I . 2, '0- QA A ACTIVITIES pw DURING THE YEAR ACTIVITIES BOTH IN SCHOOL AND OUT WERE CARRIED ON BY DIABLO STUDENTS GNCX , ' Af Wm , H 'YHJ.LEADERS - 65 Ovrlega C: fCC 6 E ef :na ql Ugfrwy 4C a Q col 3 We 'sad SONGLEADERS Marlene Adams, Selly Adams, Sandra Chrlslllm- serv, and Laura Shelley were chosen lhls year as lhe hrs? songleaderf Irv rhe hlslory ol Mouml Diablo l-llqh School. These girls added much lo fhe splril ol +he roolinq seclloru and heloed 'ro secure lhe loolball sporlsmahshlp lrophy For lhe school. The songleaders worlced wllh lhe yell leaders dur- ing foolball seascrw. They 'ed lhe songs wilh pep and emlhuslasm. - 3 5 f 1 if ' Q 1 . "Boil, boil, foill and trouble," chanfed fhe Yhree wifches from 'Macbefhf' who are, from lei? Vo riqhf: Mary Lou Seaman, Carroll Pollock and Carmen Sfrouoe. S If E. wi Lou Brisley folns Bob Hedgecock and Dan Larscheid in a rous, Eng song while Carmen Svroupe wafches the would-be ianifors and fheir landrady in "Om of fhe Frying Pan " DRA . ,, L . Lf, . LA . ., '-3 "rf 1 ' ,, 1 1, 5,L Yrxq Sa':,a': .1 V, I Juqu Everyfhinq Qs showing lndudinq Bob Younq's qarfers and Danny Larsche-Ed MA SPRING PLAYS nf ' ,,.,f,, . .-L ,VLWL -Lrg ..,,,-. ..,..H.. .N ,., ,Q -Ll ,, .1 EC ' 'J ' 'Z "f: E51 'CI ,E":"' . 'L C..' f" '..'-E 3', ae -, 2.1: "1 'QL - .1 , 1-ew ,":' ii ,. Mit Se . 9' 'en :'a"e 'eacnf' 1,:e'f 'U "fe :'1:.i" 'L 2' E 2C'."-f f',"C'J'i'1i"J "v,' ' "'2'1 "T 'C'?" gp -,, .,,, -V ff., .., -qua -,,,,.-,.M - ,M 5 1, ,f ho.. . , s, ...- -a,-. . .,o..o 1. Sha' Q." 'f Ma, Bonnie Smiih and Bob Young spar verbally in "The Silver Cord," one of fhe mafinees given by fhe Drama Class. 5 z 41' , Nafhalie Bales, as Queen Elizabeih, threafens Sandy Bur- gess, as Mary Tudor in Yhe mafinee producfion of "Mary of Scoflandf' In an exchange assembly sfaged by Mhambra High, The seca ond ac? of iheir ferm pNay, "Our Miss Brooks " was presenfed. '. JUNICDR CARNIVAL 9, . " 'Cx f ' .Ay , p f. ,A . 72'-"ig 9 ,' ' ' Mi' ' -9 fig' V 1 fi The "GaIloplng Ghosf' goes rowing along in the Press Club's prize-wlnning pholoqraphy booth, wiv, Gfelchen, and Sharon relax gleefully when all vhe Cascarones are quickly sold oul The Rally Ccmmnffee s boolh af racfed a blq crowd and many laughs. Reigning over the carnival were affendanls Clarisse Le Duc and Sally Adams, Campus Queen Coleffe Morgan, and affendanfs Alice Candle and Esme Ornania. 82 AND DANCES From anlaloons lc balhin suifs P 9 - Came all fo ihe Broomslick Ball, f' ar Anyone inleresled in going inlo business for himself could have made a milliony darning socks afler lhe "Sock Hop," as lhese unshod Diablans could lesfify. Edie "Ching" Vlach and Harry "Chang" Hills qo Chinese fo fhe Broom-Slick Ball DANCE COMM ITTEE Members of fhe dance cornrniftee who did come lor piclures are FIRST ROW, lefl lc right: Barbara Boyenger, Sonia While Barbara Banksy Colelfe Morgan, Jayne McKinnon! Nadine Fisher Torn Jeffrey, Sandra While, Karen Maderos Frank Dwinnell, Joan Ellingson. SEC- OND ROW: Sally Curelon. Joan McGee Phil Chevez Belly Garrison David Wohlgemufh Mary Ellen Johnson, Charles Dwinnell Alice Lucas Diane Douglas Miss Befiy Blankenship, Diane Racine Sieve Emanueis Roberla Srnifh Barbara Kavelman, and Mr, Jack Biederman. 83 FROST-I ANNUAL KING AND QUEEN Kemennoer These? Six TocT Twc. hair QT orowr-. The ricesT King in a The Town." and LighT brown hair and oig bTue eyes. She'TT be a Queen To idoiizef' These are buT Two QT The posTer ioenTiTicaTions Trom The Diabio '53 saTes campaign. Each person who pur- chased an annual was e'TiTTed To yoTe Tor The oescriphon oT his choice. The descriplrions oT ATberT Persyn and Ro- berTa SmiTh polled The mosT voTes and The sTaTT is happy To prodaim Them "Diablo '53 King and Queen." AT The Freshman Frolic, November 2I, The Freshmen and Dance Com- miTTee chose Jim Friedrich and Jerry Warren as King and Kween To reign over The dance. The Theme oT The dance was Kandy Kane Kapers. The girTs' gym was deco- raTed wiTh Targe kanoy lcanes, which creaTed a Hansel and GreTeT eTTecT. The Kandy King and Kween were crowned by TasT year's king and gueen, Dick Laughiin and Care' LaviTiaTa, re- spechvely. KING AND QUEEN 'VT' I ve 1234! S 45 'P 511- 527' 5 Q,- MW ,mg gag X65 V 2' +4-1 V4 ,,,, t wk! t A l M . - ...Q-1. f ..- W, X , , ,fs A, Q f A A vgw f g'v5V 5 .. tqgli 'iw ff' ' MW ' ' . 1? L Y by I il w yt gg Qi, A if '7 5 fi IF .gp- xv' 1 n , n 7 3 'Aff' L! is 'U s Qynvm "4 1 , V., W, ,. 'X A . . f 315, H W. ' .L V 'wily if -,gn ... I ...4 V A , wi, ff, .vw :,,Y,.-I QW, L F35 Y' - I 6: Q 1 , sf V f . 1 U , 9 1 fi , if -mm A: N., " J' nw,- J , ' J C 5 Q E 43:4 . -....,4, k 'H f ' 1 Q 4, J 'Ulm lm' Al. ff? I Wg: fi' T x.. '. 1 , ff. Iii' MZ .-fx. .., 4 52 '1 'F-fx SPORTS fx CA THROUGH THE GYM DOORS WE FIND MANY BOYS AND GIRLS ACTIVE IN SPORTS O Q . ROD FRANZ JOHN RALSTON HENRY GUSTAFSON MT. DIABLO RED Devil. VARSITY The Red Devils of 1952 came rhrough wifh fhe firsl' undefeafed leam since l938. Nor only an undefeafed ream, bur a Co-Championship ream wi+h rhe Pirrsburg Pirares. The "Devils" won rheir firsr +wo pracrice games by scores of I3-O and I9-7. againsr 'rhe Alameda Horners and 'The Oakland Wildcars. The Red Devils wenr info lhe Albany 'rilf riding on rhe cresr of fheir 'rwo recen+ vic- rories and came fhrough 5I-6. Our nexr league encounfer was againsr 'rhe John SweH Indians, in which our 'fullback Bill Edelman scored all 'three +ouchdowns, wifh Dick Towers bowling home Two exrra poinfs. The Anrioch Panfhers were nexf 'ro fall under 'The Diabloans' blanker of vicfory by fhe close score of I2-6. Then if was rime for 'the PiHsburg game. Bofh 'rhe clubs were undefeared in The league play and up 'lo game Time 'rhe Red Devils were favored. The fighfing Devils boomed +o Three quick scores and one conversion ro lead ar 'rhe half I9-O. Bur 'rhe Red and Green falrered in 'rhe lasr quarrer and came our, nor rhe winners, bu+ as a hearrbreaking I9-I9 lie, which all bu+ cinched a Co-Championship. HART FAIRCLOUGH J.V. Badfie 'J Coat DARY BAUTISTA F'csr Coe? DOUG SMITH Varsity Erd Coach ug' 63,24 3... M--1 I elf 'Inf x 5'i'5T.-fill A I 7'-:vs n Acalanes player finds if 's hard fo bring down Bill Edelman Now, coach fhem s fighfin' words Q-I I-lu -1 SCOREBOARD Diablo vs. Alameda I3-O Diablo vs. Anfioch Diablo vs. Oakland I9-7 Diablo vs. Pilfsburg Diablo vs. Albany 5I-6 Diablo vs. Acalanes 39 Diablo vs. John Swell 20-0 Diablo vs. Alhambra 64 VARSITY SQUAD CENTER FRONT: Jim Servenfi, Alan Lindsey. FIRST ROW, lelf lo riqhfz Doug Srniflw Ernie Mavlock, Bill Mana, Bill Edelman Tom Jeffry, Wirnpy Delamaler, Norm Walker, Jim Eaves, Larry Reese Bud Tores, Jack Robbins SECOND ROW1 John Ralslon Harry Miller JackJor1eS, Russ Sieele, J"" Davis, Manuel Gonzaga, Roger Mills, Bob Lee, Jim Searius, Jerry Sisson Felix Rorno Rod Franz. THIRD ROW: Freddie Crabauqh Harry Haley, Sian Gaunv Marv McKain Jack McCaffrey, Howa'd Schulfz, Arland Difrnore, Jack Teraberry, Herb Honea. NOT PICTURED' Mickey Taylo- Norrnan Roberfs Bob Hedgecoclr --g ..-v,.1-'- JERRY JEFFRY, C JAY TERRY, Q. Y' Y""- ig S' JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD CENTER FRONT, left Vo right: Allan Crowell, Evereff Traverso, Terry Michne, Bill Habe, Managers. FIRST ROW: Frank Gonlaqa, Bill Lealh, Jim Thompson, Charles Ban Unnerson, Jay Terry, Earl Hunphrey, Gary Green, Jerry Jeffry, Ed Ulrich, Bob Biggs. SECOND ROW: Coach Henry Gusfalson, Harold Hayworfh, Sfeve Perferson, Don Maifson, Blll Froberf, Tom Ready, Don Gee, WaI1Tilcomb. Calvin Moore, Bob Renner, AI Booi, John Thel, Ken? Sandy, Bill Phillips, Coach Hart Fairclouqh. THIRD ROW: Joe Sisson, Paul Buclrman, Charles Quinlan, Ronnie Baldwin, Dick Egan, Jim Svleelser, Mike Bigelow, Don Pierce, Russel Snook, Bob Cahune, Jim Kelley. JUNIOR VARSITY The 'L'lle Devils" linisheo llner season wilh a 4 and 3 record ano Came in lfrfi ir lheir Jay Vee league. Many line prospecls lor nexl ye-are learn will come lrorn lhi: sduao, some ol lhese being Jerry Jellry, Shelby l-ligqins, Ed Aldrich and Wall Tilcomb. The coaches lhis year who heloed lo produce lhis line learn were Mr. l-larl Fair: ouqh and 'VIR l-lenry Guslalson. SCOREBOARD Diab.o vi. Alameda. , 6-20 Diablo vs. Anlioch I2-7 Diablo vs. Albany 25-O Diablo vs. Pillsburq 6-26 Diao o vs. John Swell ,,,, 25-O Diablo vs. Acalanes 6-8 Diablo ve. Aharnora 39-I8 cmucic VAN uwwisnson, q. KENT SANDY, 9. Tom READY, 9, FRANK GONZAGA, 9. BOB BIGGS, e. JIM KELLEY, I. BILL LEATH, Ib WALT TITCOMB, hb. ED ULRICH, e. LEAGUE GAMES v'f: PQ 'ffl ' f ', ':'J"fgf' Y, Af 'J 'LCE' 'Ef:L':'1f'..ff ,xx f r, Q P Q -' 'Fe Def f ff: mffff 'Ame "C, Fav "1 Ce, :' he-wJ. f 'fffg f ' Y 'flex' Ve Efrrfv,-f' f-1 'ff JW Sue" lm! f QC O 'ee f Lees: are r He CA. .V fJ::'1E' eye' ' ff: ' :WE D312 1 1 sp 'fc f-'pf-2 ff: adn- 'f 've wfff- 'F 'Fe ec' 'fr E 1 5. We zfwff 'i"'W'1, 'f'i?e,fTf1,'2 TFe De." ci' 'Fe' ,ive wee 'fe Pefvef' nee' ff "stew 'fem a "G" cawe Q mea if Ui: 2, Ve Paf'?e'1 ez 5' 'Fe efi 25 We Tffg W1 ' 6 fc O of wefe ser sein 'f 'we Qeiefi '51 5 ffFef We Defi CWBCEECJ A1721 We Cie :if 'wt eizfe we came e':zei: Des 5 2 A0350 6. The Deb fa , , Leeffw Cade? wefe De GMEJLSV fc Tzwefi. The ABQ Gawe ' was efCA'A1g. We We 3r3en'fg 5 af D605 +50 We H6459 me fzwcec 59 vafia 51' We "f 4 Life if We carv'e.Agf1?rVm+lne1a++ef mo"1eH'a Tv We eeznz Qufwef Desc fcfwpefeii 21 cams fir We' .etvw ':L.ePdcwrm A' +ve ewc 3? 'Fe 55+ P11596 Ccfe 9333 I3 +0 O ew: fervfaifed +'3' Hwe Wad few mfufei if We Ti'-'O C'1u6Ff6F,DiiDA3 Qtfmiefeci a pffs fir u r 1 Wwelr secorj 4cuQr1dewdA++e end cf We Wifi qwwef We Phe: es succewy CiUQE+ fre. The gflme Capkm, we-fe BE' Ecelman, Meme' 65 Norm WaAkef. In eve of om 151+ games, We Erafzmerv fe eo over Ace amee pfYS3r'q 39-O1C2'e.A5W3ugF+Fe Dina wefe WVWU i+'tMV'Q die" VTZCHQP1, FJVWG WWW 6 Eur- Ce a cause if Ymez, Wef idfemrs ffefe fc' eu QV We Fefc'E?'+'rg Debt feimm The iesffff wefe Hzwefc Sch 42 ann Ttfv Je'?ry. in "e EL":6'iN 11' me "eq "ew v Cn1Pei: 'Ve APi:rm:'5 B, HCC: vv"P' 5 54-O fme, v wig W "E qvfe 'Fa' :jg EU Eiekffr sekeo l:1'f , 'X 'f 'M'-we " fenef 'ee feiifiz e' we Je .ea' 1:CJC.i-"3 . f 'e "1v'v'E"?EfE -ee -If: B P'-e Mae 'Lffw - .f. I S mi, 5 ww, , x 5 . MJ' ' - ,V f f Emp U x 5664 ,ffm ML M M MH? Q ,X .k ua . jwpw G 1 fm fx fzfw 65 L 122 fa - ,f wf gifs gill MM Ww . . LL f E E 42- 'fzdmpfblzfg , .4465 1,-'V , ! x x F . 5 X x-xi vw Q QB W' PM 5 .f f 'T R , U 1 , 6 f t . A4 IQ' MSC jk ff I lb. ,A ' X Q x Q I ' 1 BW' cf '55-' Q ff ff, W Mfkyv ' Wulf sr K, , S. fi RED DEviL VARSITY BASKETBALL Allhough fhe '52-'53 season was noi' overly successful, loyal Diablo roofers did see quife a few bang-up ball games, such as fhe Albany game played af Albany, which Diablo losf in fhe closing momenis 36 lo 35. Anofher close one was fhe Anfioch game in which Diablo again losf in fhe waning momenfs 43 fo 42. The Alhambra game was a pip, wifh The Devils coming ouf on fop fhis fime 47 fo 4l. And fhe ensuing fighf caused all relafions fo be cuf off wifh Alhambra. Bob Diclcerson and Diclr Frecheffe were fhe only fwo senior regulars on ihe Devil quinfef. Bob plays cenfer, and was consfanfly a high scorer. Diclc played a forward posifion and had a 7-poinf average in all 'rhe league games. Anofher senior was "Whifey" Samarzeya. Alfhough he didn'f play foo much, he was always ready and able fo help when needed. The ofher fhree regulars were juniors, Don Landrum af one forward, and Fred Crabaugh and Marv McKean al' guards. Those refurning regu- lars bolsfered b fhe resence of l-larr Hale and Ed Ruiz will robabl 1 Y P 1 Y Y . rv Y form fhe nucleus of fhe nexf year s squad. J. B. Sims, f Ronald Baldwin, q Paul Buckmann, g Roger Powell, q Sid Smith, c Dorsey Allison. f Bob Dickerson, c Freddie Crabaugh, g Marv McKean, f "B" T EAM The Diablo "B's" had some very fough luclc fhis season, winning 6 while losing 9. This year fhey have a new coach, Mr. l-lenry Gusfafson. The feam would never give up, no maffer whaf fhe score was. They would fighf from fhe sfarfing whisfle fo fhe final buzzer, win, lose, or draw. Diablo roofers were proud of lheir HB" feam. Af fhe beginning of lhis year Mr. Gusfafson was faced wifh fhe prob- lem of picking fhe boys besf suifed for his "B" feam. He soon found fha? perhaps fhe biggesf problem he was confronfed wifh was laclc of experi- ence. As fhe season wenf on, fhese greenhorns accumulaled fhe necessary experience and are now ready fo ioin fhe "A" feam of nexf year. To menfion a few of fhe boys who will probably be playing "A" ball nexf year are J. Sims, R. Powell, Sid Smifh, Ron Baldwin, and George Allison. These boys have come a long way from fhe beginning of The season. Their record fhis year was 6-9. Dick F echeffe g Don Landrum f Wh iey Samarzeya Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo SCOREBOARD Albany 36 John SweH 50 Acalanes V39 Anrioch .a,, 37 Alhambra ,,4l Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo, 54 Pil-lsburg 45 PiHsburg , 4l Albany ...,. 53 John Swell Sl Acalanes , 67 An+ioch 43 VARSITY SQUAD B TEAM FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhf: Coach Poulin, Bud Powell, Harry Haley, Fred FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Ronald Baldwin Roger Powell Roger Lee Crabaugh, Don Landrum, Whiley Samarzeya. SECOND ROW: Ed Ruff, Dorsey Allison, George Sloner. SECOND ROW John Taclrlll Marvin Manager, Larry Norenburg, Ed Ulrich, Bob Biggs, Arland Dilmore, Williams, Dan Persyn, Bill DeWlH Clifford Mores Dick Eqan J B Jerry Weissinger. THIRD ROW: Bob Fawcelf, Manager: Bob l-limsl, Sims. THIRD ROW: Sleve Pallerson Donald Loveridge Sieve Buck Sfeve Rilchie, Dick Frechelle, Bob Dickerson, Marv McKean, mann, Jim Salas, Paul Buckmann Sud Srnlfh Mr Ar? Poulin Varsif Baskelball Coach' Good form good sho? lwo points for 4 - Y . Mr. Henry Gusfafson, "B" Team Coach. Freddie's gol il now! Marv McKean fx McKean bounds for fhe Red and Green, A And "awaaav" we qc. Landrum Mies for fwo. A K Buckman fanks a 2-poinier. Whaf ya looking for, Dick? Frecheffe eyes the buckef. Whivey qefs fhe rebound. Come on, "1eIIers," leave me have if! BASEBALL The Mt Dfaoo .farsily baseball feam is exoevec lo have a qreal season lhis year. Coach John Ralslon has nihe relurninq 'e++errhef' and some good rr'a+erial which has been imporieo from asf yeafs J.V. learn. lr is a Sure ber lhal rhe boys will be going 'ali om" for lhe Bembe., Coach, and M,,,,,,9e,, me FIRST Row ,eh Cfwelell leGQUe ChGmC5OHSh5D WS Yeaf- iilii,gfll+ii'ieTEfiri'nJneqiiieiifhen'Lifif,iin'i4fJ'ii'l'fi SCORES Diablo, ,. ,, Concordia .,,..., 0 Diablo Acalanes . , Diablon, A A Richmond ..,, IO Diablo Anfioch Y, N . Diablo ,a,,,a,, Liberiy ,,,a7,,a.,,,., I Diablo, , Camp S+oneman Diablo, California Froshd I2 Diablo. , , Piffsburg . H Diablo , C Camp Sfoneman 8 Diablo Albany . ,, , ,, Diablo , PiHsburg ..,,.,,,,, 3 Diablo John SweH, , Diablo , . Albany, 3 Diablo Acalanes Diablo , ECCJC , 3 3 4 Diablo Anfioch a, Diablo C John SweH .,i.a., 3 VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW, Ieff fo riqhf: Micknia, Manager, Landrum, Samarzeya, Pedersen, Landini, Maflock, Lee, Humphrey SECOND ROW: Avinsino, Brown, Torres, Haley, Crabaugh, Miller, Snyder, Longworih, Manager, Tackef, Manager T7 Larry Minxhall, s.s. Miclrel Taylor, 3 b Joe Landini, o.f. Don Landrum, o.f. Fred Crabauqh, o.f lud Torres, I b Whihy Samarzeya, 2 b Bob Lee, c. Jim Miller, 0.6, Jim Snyder, p. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Diablo's iunior varsily, coached by Jack Lockell, is looking forward lo a very suc- cessful season lhis year wilh one win and one loss under lheir bell so Tar in The yel young season. The lirslr game, a non-league game, was losl lo lhe Richmond Oilers by a score ol 9 lo 6. However, when lhe C.C.C.A.l.. gol' under way lhe young Devils showed lheir polenrial slrenglh by whipping lhe Acalanes Dons by a score ol3 'ro 2. The following boys are expecled 'ro relurn nexl year and will probably make up lhe nucleus for l'he "A" squad nexl season: Dan Colchico, Dick LaPlanle, Ron Baldwin, Bob l-larlslen, Dick Egan, Charles Paul, and Terry Taylor. Members of The Junior Varsify Baseball Team are, FIRST ROW, lei? lo riqhfz Dick Egan, Roger Lee, Paul Buckmann, Rodney Sexlon, Bob Harfsfen, Dan Colchico, Ed Ulrich, Marlon Henvil, SECOND ROW: Dick Emery, Terry Taylor, Bill Lillorno, Charles Paul, Dorsey Allison, Ronald Baldwin, Dave Flori, Dick l.aPlan1e, Terry Piclrel, Manager. Hey, fella, lel's wafch fha? sluffl .cbfi Ji.. l, if Y Sk' i xy You fell 'em coach! There is always a grit and gravel guy. A Haley cafch comes wifh a smile. Jim Miller is fha Cany- af-fha-hai. Too bad fellow You'ra Cui! Hey Mifch, fhe baIl'l behind you! IOI "A" SQUAD FIRST ROW, lelv lo righl: Hrbacek, Maker, Mora, Peferson, Harm, Pafferson, Horton. SEC- OND ROW: Leafh, Schulft, Weisser, Hayworfh, Schuberl, Di Mercurio, Landrum, Parslow, Brown, THIRD ROW: Gaunf, Delamaler, Walker, Frecheffe, Himsl, Miller, James, Krowel, TRACK Coaches Rod Franz and I-larl Fairclouqh have a briqhl oullook lor Hue Diablo sprinlers Huis year. A lol of Hueir confidence is due lo Hue iacl Hual Huey luaye lwelve relurninq lellerrnen on Hue squad lhiz year. So lar in Hue season Wimpy Delarnaler and Bob Dickerson have been Hue slanclouls among Hue iasl rnaluring lrack squad. In Hue lradilional class-relay Huis year, Hue juniors finally achieved glory by bealing Hue oHuer Huree classes and running oil wilh Hue relay championship which has been held by Hue seniors since lhe slarl of Hue inler-class relays. Gaunl has already se? a record with his smile but now hes se? a record wilh his pole. Wimpy Delamaler winds up for flue loss Dave Krowel sleps a low hurdle. -D' "B" SQUAD FIRST ROW, leff to riqhf: Brubaker, Blair, Buckmann Humphrey Williams, Guerisoli, Piva. SECOND ROW: Barclay Coffee, Omania, Crowell, Manzon, Agoslino, Holmes, Soderer. THIRD ROW: John- son, Campbell, Millino, Ready, Campbell, Servenfi, Huff. Saunders. Track Mana ers are FIRST ROW lell 9 , Yo righf: Dick Walerman, Bill Bell, Doug Campbell. SECOND ROW: Al Lindsey Senior Manager, Bill Wilson' Har? Fair- clough, Coach, and Rod Franz Coach Tfey 'e OH for me IOC Diablo sho? pmlers are throwing lor yardage. Whaf's a malls, Pars- low, nervous alfhe qun? -and lhev're comin 'found fhe far furn. 5 J' rf H-s QW. A V, ,. ,, A V v N, 2. A 'xg af 'vi . ,iw 'LA S rl. ,A f Yi, J ca-.Q 5 S'e- Saw" deslinaflon '4 I ,,,. ,Y if aw ., W 4- v 1 'E ' 4 fi2?ZfQ ,uf H g wml, f4M.g+. ' "H , V ' , ""' "'w"fr"' 7 wif A "'.- . l ' ' """f ', .A fi , , ig Vg 4 ,"'QT, 34.5" .4-. fn. , 9.1 1 FYTOOI1. Mllers Wlesserl More and Horlen make for The Tape. Johnson, Tiefel, Brooks and Campbell go up and over. NB' sprinfers wal? for fhe gun. l03 ,W '51, as i 'Ll me 'Hg L V' ,if aw, cfgsfy, No, lheie aren'f fish. They are Guy Young and a myslery man. Mermen are Sieve Rifchie and Lewis Goodall frying io make a big splash in mi . SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righf: Tahira, Ellis, Dalhe, Coble, Pralf, Crififhs, Friborg, Hulchins, Kenersan, Muller. SECOND ROW: Tarlen, Trueman, Whisler, Caulk, Solen, Parker, Guss, Muni, Cook THIRD ROW: Mafhews, Lilllelon, Randall, Feinberg, Snook, Nourse, Sousa, Tucker, Mafheson. FOURTH ROW: Douglas, Duling, Van Ummersen, Promessi, Young, Rilchie, Goodall, Hunl, Lauderbach. Wallace. FIFTH ROW: Logan, Kendle, Pierson, Pine, Smith, Dodson, Wilson, Plarl, Pederson, SIXTH ROW: Mr. Arl Poulin, Coach, Haskins, Ellis, Allison, McDermiH, Jones, Collingham, Benqslon, Kelly, Wirigell. SWIMMING The lank learn ol IQS3 is one ol lhe linesl Coach Arl Poulin has yel had, and il will be his lasl coaching iob al Diablo. Nexl year Mr. Poulin will be P. E. direclor al Loma Linda I-ligh lpleasanl I-lillsl. The oulslanding Varsily splashers lhis year include: Jim MacDermul in lhe 50 lreeq I-lap Wilson in lhe 200 lree: John Bengslon in lhe IOO breasl- slrokeg Bill I-lunl, Jerry Collingharn, Ray Pelerson and Slan Lauclerback in lhe 200 lreeslyle relay, and Larry Ellis in lhe l00 backslroke. In lhe ladpole division, lhe Devil Bees also are slrong lhis year. The slandouls on lhe Bee leam include: Monley Ellis in lhe l00 breaslslrolcet I-loward Kennerson in lhe 50 lreeslyle, and Bill Whisler in lhe 50 back. The Varsily divers who dernonslraled much promise lhis year include: Claude Prornessi, Louis Goodall, Bob Girdvain and Sleve Rilchie, who by lhe way will be diving lor lhe Varsily again nexl year. The lillle Devils also demonslraled championship lorm lhis year, The lrio ol divers include: Dorsey Allison, George Morehouse and Gary Soderer. The Varsily lrogmen began a good season by sinking Livermore wilh a score ol 47-27. The ladpoles also drenched Livermore Cowboys wilh a score ol 47-I4. Nexl year bolh lhe lillle Devils and lhe Varsily will show lhe experience lhal lhey oblained during lhe l953 season, lor lhere are quile a lew expe- rienced swimmers relurning nexl year. 'Slrelch Whose arms fellows look alive!" This is a rage? Coach Ari Pculin surfed lhese men on lheir backs 'dl asa' x eg. '15 'N ,..,-,-. 9 'ad' -'g ,X .wiv-a,,i These muscle coordinators demonstrate fhe pyramid. Look! I'm flying! TUMBLING The medieval sporl ol lumbling is lasl becoming one ol lhe lop compell- live sporls al Diablo l-ligh. This is clearly seen by noling lhe large lurnoul ol boys eager lo learn lhis arl. The lirsl meel lor lhe B lumblers resulled in a close linish and lhe Diablo squad came oul on lop wilh a score ol 45'f2 lo James Lick ol San Jose's 44'f2. Some ol lhe oulslanding poinl gainers lor lhe Diablo squad were Charles Cox, Bill Rood, Eddie Fear, Tom La France, and Benny Venlurino. Wall Kaiser, one ol lhe mosl promising lumblers al Diablo, brolce his arrn early in lhe season and was lorced lo drop oul ol acliye parlicipalion lor lhe year. Coach Jim Millard is building a lol ol his hopes lor nexl year's squad around Eugene Ruyle who, according lo Coach Millard, is one ol lhe mosl promising lumblers in lhe counly. He has greal hopes lor Wall Kaiser. TUMBLING TEAM FIRST ROW, leH fo right Tom La France, Roger Phillips, Bill Rood, Larry Bliss, Charles Cox, Bob Cohune, John Clayfon, Carl Sfruby. SECOND ROW: Bob Kaiser, Managerg Joe Dallas, Larry Freels, Terry Seeno, Eugene Ruyle, Wal? Tilcomb, Eddie Fear, Bob Fisherg Wayne Novinqer, Manager. -of PEW rffvln' Top 'Jnbler Eugene Ruyle holds a pa'al'el bar pose. Wai? l you see rhe wi-iles of fheir eyes Hi ho Silver, and away we qol l05 il. D W o U f - A - . V wa' ' . 2. f L 1 4 1 , Q . . , , , TENNIS TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr, Milan Wighl, Coach, Hansen, lensen, Hillman, Francis, Warner, Merrell, Pelers, Chavez and Leonard. TENNIS To lhe amazemenl ol everyone il has been discovered lhrough Coach Milan Wighl lhal lhe greal Don Budge, l938 Davis Cup winner and one- lime nalional singles champion. has been giving poinlers on lennis lo 'rhe young blood al lhe Diablo courls. Jerry Bensen, one ol lhe besl singles players al' Diablo, has lhe added good lorlune of being Don's nephew. Wilh Jerry's nalural lalenl, and coaching from an uncle like Budge, who knows. maybe someday we'll have a nalional champ who hails from good old Diablo High. Where's the ball? Pro Benson plays nel while Francis plays service line. Warner may be small, buf he can a se a racquet. There's nel efiquefle lo fhis game as shown here. TF X Q- Shouldn'l fhere be sfripes in This piciure? Place your befs here. Dick Schmid? learns lo bounce on lhe frampo- line, There's motion on fhe back courfl The frampoline brings Dick fo his knees. Bob Walker looks like a plain-clolhes man. A slow mofion sho? looks posed. Devil seals play wafer Q Y '7' , n A: polo. Q 4. wr UQ. 'lla -.4 NX., , iw gg, up ,iw 1 P25 O wb 5 ok, Ji, 1 f' 'lf - . A GIRLS' PE. If ifilfifzi Draw' as we as brains io sirugqle fhreugl- +l'e v'g5'cu: a:"vi+'es C5 We GW: PE. deparfn-e". Mes Jesse Fa cecef F6533 fhe Cesaflminl while rhree rew ieacners have been acded 'ro lhe rover-Miss Jai-fce Beansion, Miss Sylvia Zeirlan and Miss Lynn l-layes. The ierninfne aihieies oi Diablo have en- ieyed being difecled by 'rhese leachers in badrninron, vcileyball, soliball, body me- chanics, and baslceiball. Miss Beanslon advises lhe G.A.Px. while Miss Berry Blankenship is ihe adviser for 'rhe dance cornmiliee. Modern dance srill rales parlicularly high wifh lhe girls because oi alrrachve Miss "BE" rhylhmical direclions. is 5? E Q C' . The girls' P.E. feachers, Miss Sylvia Zeiflan, Miss Janice Beanslon, Miss Belly Blankenship, Miss Lynn Hayes and Miss Jesse Falconer, pose preffily for lhe pholograph. Q Miss Beansfon's body mechanics class flex muscles during a practice sessiofl. L, Q Q Q This fumbling group can pyramid as ' well as lhe boys' group. Their aim is as deadly as Robin Hood's. Everyone wafches while Mary Linda Wheeler makes a graceful spike in a All eyes are on fhe bird as fhe badminfon volleyball game. serve is relurned, l. 1 X s The opponenfs mee? af fhe nel with The referee de Rosa fo choose firsl service W i xi fx - Cai ell Jack2:cTeLrgrene an anaqer Mnnme Kramer Ted Landrum Norfhern Calnfornra s newesf Tunes? bowlnng lanes Lafesf an Modern Equnpmenf NK OF AMERI CONCORD CANDY KITCHEN For F ne Candues Por+ Chucago Highway Concord O STA Candy SoT+ Drmks Smokers Supplue 205I SaTvuo Sfree+ Concord California CONCORD BRANCH offers Congra+ula+ ons fo ihe C' sof 53 IRV DUNDAS RICHFIELD STATION Phone Co co d 5885 Day and N gh? Lubr caflon IBS? Conf a Cosra H y af C- ego y Ga dens Co cord Calf M E N S S H O P 2295 Wulfc Pass 3446 Clay+on Road Concord ET Mon+e CONCORD BEAUTY MELBERTA LAUGHLIN 2032 Mf D abTo Sf ee?-Co co d SALON c+ngandPer efWaecSpeca NCORD STO MANS Ccnfra Cosfa Cc n'ys Larue?D uqS Par Drug Sfore rx I B U T GRAHAMS MARKET FREE DELIVERY 5 2053 MY D ablc Sfree ATT AME 2666W R C nccd Ca? na Q . d BA CA NICH LS .NEWS ND I as ' . ,Y r n r Prfn SIOO Hair Mi man n v s I My CO DRUG RE E. J- 'Nl T E 'cflfffd M union on cnsrrz ' OR C ,'c"Ra:u PncreElCT ,7 1 ' R'creS'T4 M -SONS CRE RY -'lwpdii fad C, r Riff DL"eC3olT MEALEY'S UNION STATION S+op-Wear Lubricafion Eiresrone Tires Presrohre Ba++eriee WE PICK UP AND DELIVER SaIvIo and Eas+ S+ree+s Concord, CaI'Iornia Phone 3I5I Iv1.I:.C5REIE AND CO. GregoryViIIage Concord 7286 Everyfhing Io help DiaI3Iians aIongII1e road Io spring gIamor are found here WI-IELAN DRUGS Gregory ViIIaqe Concord 5 I 33 . . . Pic+ured here are a number of DiaI3Io sfudenfs admiring Ihe de- parfnnenfalizafion in WheIan Drugs SI-IELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION SheII Poinr PIanI PiI+sburg - California AUTO PARTS SALES CO. 46 G'a'f Svee' Czficrd 8536 BLAINE'S SPORT SHOP 2I25 Sakic S'veeI Ccfcord 5424 MACFARLANE FUNERAL CHAPEL I387 GaIIndc S'ree'r PF e Concord 7227 CHARACTER CANDY ICE CREAM IO YE4432I L SHOE SH 21s4c ded. N C O FRENCH LAUNDRY MI D bI 75I2 ORANSHAWS W I883 MI 7 MANOINI S DRUG: STORE 7 S 76l9 AR 84 WEN CHRYSLER dPLYMOUTH NTERNATION 8380 RICKS VE NOW AT TWO LOCATIONS A'rTI1e M B ETW EEN BETWEEN OPEN FROM 7 AM TILL 3 AM JAMES DE LUXE CLEANERS 22 SW CONCORD STATIONERY OFFICE AI D SCHO L SLPPLIES d 8602 LEWIS BI WISE MARKET d5Qoc ' C L I F F' S O P oncor Iv C O R D ' ' ' uaso . ia Os+. Ph Visi ur Sfore I . F L O E R S I902 ocusf S+reeI WaInuI Creek ' DIBPIO SI' Plwone Concord 238 I D Rl - I N Phone onumenf Concord and B A I D T WaInu'r Creek On The TunneI Sfrip n I A L LaIaye++e and Walnuf Creek IS-'-5 Oc "do Sireei PFcne I 6 New Peas RCI. - IQES MI. Debi S2 Pfcfe Ccwcr I A I R255 NNI 'rw Pass Rad PF1-fe Ccfccr MAIN AUTO SUPPLY Phone LE 4-7637 I634 Main SI'ree+ Walnuf Creelc SATTLER'S Phone 8I36 2304 Willow Pass Road Concord PLAZA SI-IOE SERVICE 20I3 Granf Sfreef Concord CONCORD CLEANERS supporf 'the +own's afhlefic leagues as well as Diablans. And fhey clean so . . . beaufifullyl Billie, Rufh and Shirley will direcl you Io 2028 Salvio Sfreef. Concord. Phone 8524. GARY TURNEY, small frosh in back seal, glories in The Ford '53 Converlible along wilh upperclassmen. If you, foo, wan+ a Iifl in spirif or body, fry riding in one of These beaufies. You'll find Ihem af HOWARD EDDY'S on Willow Pass Road, Concord. Phone 8890. EARL'S RADIO-MUSIC STORE Records ' Music ' Insirumecis ' Radios ard TV Sales and Dependable Servfce 26 Years Expeferce ' Phcre 5252 I9I9 Sabic S"ee' Cc'::'d, Ca ':cr Iv1EL'S SERVICE STATION ASSOCIATED GAS -f. L V. ,. Corner CT orac. and Sa wo S'f-eefs P one 9963 Czcccrd, Ca"?:rr KIRICS DRIVE INN AND si-:ELL STATION Phone Ivlarlinez l850 RI. I, Box 253A Marlinez, California RUSS WILSON FLYING A' ASSOCIATED SERVICE Whgfg f-'E Vle 'are if Ycc' Ce' SOS' Bus 'ess Phcre 23II 50 Dcray Dnve, Gregory C-arciefs Ccrccrd, Ca"'Ierr'e GARDEN EQUIPMENT CO. Lcu's A. OIIveEra IO Meadcw Lane and Four Ccrners PIcr'e 9777 Ccrcord, CaIIIcrr?a Gfldfif? L1-1141-1 nm. Iamixxi 22 7 5 7' , , c I 2 O A M B L E S WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY J 83I9 2255 " ., , c c. , ' A S TA N D I C K S O N DoDeE and PLYMOUTH SeIes and Serv ce 2I95 Concord Avenue Concord 934I CRYSTAL DRIVE IN d997O STO D DA R D THE JEWELER Diamonds Wafches Jewelry Phone 9I28 2068 Salvno Sfree-I Concord Calnfornna RANDALL SIGNS I308G 9650 LAILA 5 FLORIST 2I33C I p d8282 LEE S SI-IOE STORE 2230 d705O DANIEL STUCKI EWELRY W I l423 Y YE 46200 OUALITY BAKERY d STATE FARM INSURANCE d 762C WALNUT CREEK FLORIST YE 4 2396 I3 RUPE 84 UEOROE CI-IEVRON Ah STROUD S TEXACO SERVICE G d 9875 WILLOW PASS PHARMACY a WI d was RILEY REALTY QI33 0 65245 LLOYD SANOER S TEXACO SERVICE d3 5 BABEL LANE DAY NURSERY I467 c d 9 2 TI-IE OIET SI-IOP 2 8447 BEEM S PORTRAITS Y 4 'UBI I-K8 I l 'I I I V 7 I Pncnf W FW Pars Rfad CCNMG 85 1 WN w Pais R ad C rcord CuInIornIa 7 . I I EasI on SeIvio Sfrec-I Conccr aIIndo Concord I "We eIe-qra I1 FIowers" :ncord Avenue Conccr J Fine JeweIry, Diamonds, aIcI'wes, Clock I CI'1In5.S'Iver, Innpor 5 Chine SaIvIo Sheer Conccr Bvcddwe Wamuf Creek - Mr. and Mrs. AIIre Lebiersl PrcprIe+cre P9399 ' 2OI8SaIvIc Sffecf Concord 5454 '429 'LGCIWGY Wf'Im'C'eeI'C5'7fC"'Ia fs Mrs. N. E. Graham-Wyman Graham IOYS I dmbrc Avenue Mamnez 942 2I I I Shoe? Corccr I 2785 ran? Sfrcc' Conccr 270 IIN Pu-S CCPCCF I C, N' IIAMSUL CRIMLI A Gwf:.',' Lanf- end Cf"'ra Cove: Hwy. Ccrccr IO SFIGCIH ' IARC" ' Roy ' Noi! I Ba' e Lace Corccr I5 PL "3 E 32I Se I S"-'-e' C1ri 'G Emndhq, WaIr1.g' CreeI Cc Ifnio Theres + ng We a oiamwo T oe a womans eye. TIERNEY JEWELERS manage +nfg ffre +r'ck we' wi+h Jo Ann, Donna and Dawn. Seelc rhem ar . .. 2022 Saivio Sheer ' Concord Phone 844i "COOKIE displays 'rhe yardage To Marie. Gaye, Barbara, Gracie and Joyce. Diablo '53 S edilor is The number one cusforner of B and J FABRICS 2I2O Concord Blvd. ' Concord Phone 7l77 TWO SENIOR girls, Rulh and Shirley. aslc for beauriy advice af Concord Drug S+ore. The sraff asks for credif in rhe phofo depart meni of This sfore, You may go fo eifher CONCORD DRUG STORE lREXALL STORET 2068 Salvio Sfreef, Concord ' Phone 8552 lOfl PARK DRUG STORE lWalgren Agencyl 2I2O Salvio Sfreel ' Concord Phone 7l5I WHEN SUMMER parade-Time comes, don f Forgef EITZPATRICK CHEVROLETS for rhe figure display. Gaye and Marie have chosen lheir seals, while Burch, George, Garland and Ronnie Talce a man's eye view ol rhis wonder al FITZPATRICK CHEVROLET INC. Galindo af Laguna Sfreels ' Concoro Phone 8564 W LN CRE cvs elry came ac C9' gap' I I YE 472795 ECONOMY SEWING MACHINE APPLIANCE CO Y h EISI HN H BRIN d 7350 VILLAGE EOUNTAIN and CREAMERY BORDEN S ICE CREAM Q NOURSE 81 COEEEE STYLE SHOP TOP CHILDREN S SHOP .one 728 '.'ClTO 'CLJEYGVU CWCOF , d'I1'7 REILLYS MUSIC SHOP YE 4-2702 BEEDE S BEN FRANKLIN 8292 S I KELLER S HARDWARE 7660 OLIVER GAS STATION yf 9907 SILVAS UNION STATION M 5920 BOWDEN GARDEN SUPPLY TIP ' Ph 3 O F A U T E K 2 4 C 3 C d C o 7 I 1 , I A , 3 MAIN WALNU1 ensue cnurounm I 3, . R Luds . MUSCCIACCU . S phone f PIone I 2I J SI I W nu'C . I "Ever IhIng for any sewing machine" SewIng Machines ' TeIevisIons ReIrIgeroIor5 ' Was ing Machines EIecIricaI Appliances 645 as ree+ Concor Phone J O . K E R 2002 a vio SIreeI Concord Real Ea?e'e ' Iczufancc 2 I S1.' I S"f-f-f Corccrd 8392 l Eeafurlng Phone Gregory VTIIQ e Shopolnq Center Concord F990 SIGN 5069+ Conwrd CIa or Road and Park SIreeI Phone Concord 7, 3 If' W pf: , ITL-ld CCT cord ' 1, Diaioc and W?IIow Pale Rcao S, Phore Concord I' ' 4142! f lf. 5- - ' nz C: 4 Io38 Ecu? S'ree' Ccnzvd Cawunls Dlablans do a "snap-Ihe-wI1ip"on sIca+es e P I TT S B U R G ' S SKATELAND I+ s aIways fun 'ro da+e on roIIer skafes Iwere Ca1I PIII'SI:urg 2-9925 - 2-2I I8 BGNNIE WARREN LADIES' APPAREL Our SpecIaI'Ies-Slcrfs, Sweafers and Bbuse: I854 Ccrfra Coda I-I?gIwvay Ma Omy Corha for Gffiflflff Vkane Ccnccfd 97'?l -I, I'I E -I, O Y I-I 0 U S E 285 Be-Hy Lane Concord CaI Iom 1 I242 BfcadwaY' WaIr1u? Creek YE 5-5523 For AII Fine PGSIFISS Cgmollmerfg I SUGAR PLUM BAKERY SOUTI-I BERKELEY WaInu+ Creek C R E A M E R Y '355 Main She'-2+ YE 4-4637 mm MI Dmblo Blvd YE 4 937I BLASINGS DRAPERY SI-IOP 2295 Concord BIvd. PI1Or1e NIU 5-3053 Mari me-2 I31H'gI3urg WaInUI Creek HOLTZ 81 FAUST SIGNAL GAS STATION QuaII+y Mea+s, Poulfry and Fish SGI and MILS BI-Wise MarIce+ F C C d 9978 I975 MI, DiabIo Sfreef Concord 5208 our Omeri Oncor I+ no wonder 'rlwere are smiIes on +IweIr Faces. These s+uden+s are cI'1rIs+enIng +I1e new '53 Olds CorwerI'ibIe a+ . .. LEI-IMER'S OLDSMOBILE 6aIindo and Concord Boulevard Phone 448I ROD'S MARKET THE SNACK BAR al 'rhe Molor-In 'rhealre is a gafhering place lor Diablans always. Marilyn Tibbells, Diablo '53 arf edilor, serves rhe clienlele wifh dispalch. 2040 Confra Cosra Highway Concord 80ll LEU BKEMAN STATION ER'S Office, School and Ari Supplies Open Eriday unlil 9 ' Daily unlil 6 Phone 4706 Zig S I W C d Phone YE 4-96l3 I Cano av Oncor l6l3 Main Slreel Walnul Creek .IERRlCO'S IRENP5 GENERATORS and STARTERS Ladies' Readv-+O'Ww Q353 Qonmrd goulevmd Phone Qqmord 5310 2I34 Concord Boulevard Phone Concord 7557 H. D E P I E R O CONTRACTOR 3500 Walnul Avenue Phone Concord 8l52 SENlOR'S JUNIOR BOOT SHOP I427 Broadway, Walnul Creek YE 5-5685 KITTY MILK BAR Concord Blvd .... Concord 9868 I 53 I Locusl Slreel, Walnul Creek YE 4-9959 KANDY KANE For Fun and Relaxalion 2l35 Salvio Sfreel Concord 9909 GREGORY VARIETY Gregory Village Phone Concord 9224 MONUMENT BEVERAGE 2227 Confra Cosla Highway Phone Concord 9280 5? T H E S H O E B O X l5l0 Bonanza Slreel Walnul Creek Phone YE 5-5500 llilfalll 'mf-' ' L - ssl'si-V' vllli., , CRENNA'S TIDEWATER ASSOCIATED SERVICE STATION, 240I Willow Pass Road, may acl as an oufdoor clubroom lor our boys, buf if also has superservice for all cuslomers. Phone Concord 8I73. SENIGR Going To press FLASI-IES' ,L 5 UIQ!! rprx: for-1 3 ,K 'Y' U "Y'XC.V L 'wo -5 ,fb f' fn cf: rf: 5 F FRANK S TOYLAND Cor 3' Eze 'fir' ',i"Cfi gi" 517-1 F -FNe"iff ':'f"ee 'Q' :J-2' 2'-ez +C 'fe 75" V211 Ei"-Xf"," ,L 'EW' 51735 :ide 11' 'fewrf' vf:""E ii-Q AJ 76 WSE. Jflyf x,,m,J, fi, ,H :x,,4.,: , W. fp f,,+gn f ,, . P' F- 'AQ f-f4,,f,Qm, A ,I , 5' 'f1B'Q, He 'vu 'f ' .,,f , xhf vf1f'iP+4Cf. The HQN Lfmrfa Linda Hfglw Sdwf Qfoei' if Orr? +0 forvwf Dhbhfi who Me PQQAHW-1' :rw Gfecif. Gf1fiw:dAf4fAi2 Mr R -U. B66 fx f J Jie- P' 1 :Q DAQ f ,Af TQ f,r"'C4i1'1 Q' W P2-'f '5"f'. Sf ,': "Q DHH' ' I' 'Z If My Mn QMM 'f 'ff fvef.'1T5 fl. ,wmcfn A-Af. ' can C31 affj Vu PN-Q 'f'iMer.-1' ,, DEC i 3 ICQ Cr"wC'se1. I Gain 1:10 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '53 From the following merchonts in the EI Monte Shopping Center EL MONTE MEAT 8 LOCIKER SERVICE Rov ono I-IeIen E Irngso MONTE RI ARMACY C, Pwstrck MONTE BEVERAOES L B IVIcKInnon MONTE VARIETY Adnan I-Iurst 81 Rene Narbere IVIONTE BARBER SHOP B II Park IVIONTE TV 81 APPLIANCE James Jon O W I-Iartung X1 Chester Brunelle MONTE MEN S SI-IOP George AIIIT CGI CIaure and I-Ierb CoIornbo MONTE HARDWARE 81 PAIN1 DCwIe no Dons Rome IIANDYS I-IOIVIE APPLIANCES IJ rmar P EI noy EI I OV E ASSOCIATED 'SERVICE STATION A SUPER MAR'-XET O RE AI RA 'T EL , 4 . A ., C 5 EL , EL EL I, er EL EL ' EL N. , . T- ,I ca I ' ' 5 ' .I 4, IT V , N Eido Canonha E WOT-ITE . ' LI.',I , ard CNEEQCQ COCOYCV I 'VIIYE LI? ITN ST .I .IN B ANI lfrn1N', CONCORD IS CONSIDERED ONE OE TI-IE FASTEST GROWING COMMUNITIES IN THE UNITED STATES Here are some of fine Iocal confracfors who are surgeons Io fhese growing pains: E. T. I-IASS CO. P. O. Box 764, Concord JAMES A. GRANLEY 2062 CarmeI Drive. TeI. 2032 M. G. M. CONSTRUCTION C P. O. Box IO56, Concord O. JOE SOBOTKA, Genera! Con1'rac+or P. O. Box IO74. TeI. 8369 J. PAUL SULLINS, Sheefroclmers l883 Elderwood Drive. Concord 73I2 ART 81 HARRY I-IEMSTALK, Masonry Confradrors 3I34 San Ramon. Concord 7OI5 A. TURRIN 81 SONS 4I8 Kahrs Avenue. YE. 4-729I H. DE PIERO 3500 WaInuI Avenue. Concord PHIL I-IERATY CONSTRUCTIO 8I52 N CO. I527 Confra Cosfa Highway, Concord 9244 THE NUT BOWL "Good food and friendly service" Famous for Smorgasburgers and oven fresh pies Phone YE 4-450I l532 Main Sfreei Walnui' Creek HOWARD WARREN INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 2228 Concord Boulevard C O N C O R D NATALIE BALES promofes a sale of Nason painrs Io classmafes. Papa has BALES MILL 8: LUMBER CO Monumenf Boulevard ' Concord THE FOLLOWING PROFESSIONAL MEN WISH TO EXTEND THEIR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 53 PHYSICIANS AND SUROEONS M D H B T d MT DIABLO MEDICAL CENTER DENTISTS D D S ATTOR N EYS M PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS H Q W OPTOMETRISTS CHIROPRACTORS DC l C. . Lent IE. J. Morley ROberI MarIIrw I-I. D. Neufeld John Mason R. R. Pirwqer L. E. SIeeI E. , od R. C. PebIey H. D, Cofer R. L. I:uIgI1am CarI E. MIIIQ K. R, Krey M. N, Wallin IIVIar'rInezI Judge John J. Garavenie Louis J. cKannay HeI Eorsey Efne-5+ G. Schaucv . . arren Avtyiua E. Lube Rcberi B. JGCISCP Ke-Iv? H. Rerte VJ. E. Bwcunf Ewnck C, DOA'If7 ADVERTISING DIRECTDRY Iisleo below Auro Parfs Sales Co Babel Lane Day Nursery Baiar 81 Wendi Bales Mill and Lumber Co Bank ol America Beede s Beem s Porlrails Blames Sporl Shop Blasings Drapery Shop Bonnie Warren Bowden Garden Supply Boyenger 81 Maddox Cliff s Show Shop Concord Beauly Salon Concord Candy Kilchen Concord Cleaners Concord French Laundry Concord Drug Slore Concord Slalioners Confraclors Crenna s Cryslal Drive in Daniel Slucki Jewelers E J Manglni Union Gil Earls Radio Economy Sewing Machine 81 Appliance Edy s EI Monle Merchanls Filzpalrlck Chevrolel' Frank s Toyland Garden Equipmenl Co Graham s Markel' Grande s Shoe Shop Granshaw s Flowers Gregory VarieI'y Gill' Shop Greil 81 Co. Howard Eddy Molors Howard Warren Hollz 81 Fausl H. De Piero lrene's Dress Shop Irv Dundas Richfield Slaliori James Delux Cleaners Jerricols Generalors John H. Brinker Kandy Kane Keller's Hardware Kirks Drive Inn 81 Service Slarior Killy Milk Bar Laila's Florisl Lee s Shoe Slore Leubkeman Slalioners Lewis B1 Wise Marker Lloyd Sanger s Texaco Service Macllarland Funeral Chapel Main Aulo Supply Manglni s Drug Slore Mall sons Creamery Mealey s Union Slafion Mel s Service Slahon Men s Shop Monumenl Beverages Molor In Thealre Nichols News Sfand Nourse and Coffee Nui Bowl Oliver Gas Slalion Paddock Bowl Plaza Shoe Service ualily Bakery Randall Signs Reilly s Music Slore Ricks Drive In Riley Really Rzneharf s Jewelers Rod s Markel Ronayne Russ Wilson Assocraled SaI'I'lers Senior s Junior Boof Shop Shell Chemical Corp Signal Gas Sfahon Silva s Union Slahon Skalelancl Sian Dickson Srafe Farm Insurance Sloddard lhe Jeweler Soulh Berkeley Creamery Slroud's Texaco Service Slyle Shop Sugar Plum Bakery The Gill Shop The Toy House The Shoe Box Tierney Jewelers Tip Top Childrenls Shop Village Founlain 81 Creamerr Walnur Creek Florisl Weslern Auro Supply Whelan Drug Srore Willow Pass Pharmacy The slall members as well as members ol Ihe sludenl body wish Io express sincere Ihanks Io Ihe adverl se B. 81 J, Fabrics I Lehmer's Oldsmobile Q ' U THE DAZE CDF OUR YEAR Seplember IO-School Begins I2 Knck oll Dance I8 Assembly Rally ano rnlr ducllon ol ollucer I9 Foolball Alameda 25 Sludenl Councnl Assembly 26 Foolball Oakland Oclober 2 Trampolrne Assembly 8 Macbelh snxlh pernod 9 Salely Assembly IO-Color Day Foolball John Swell I5 Freshman Clean up I6-Acalanes Exchange Assembly I7 Foofball Anluoch 2I Typewrnllng Assembly 24-End ol lrrsl reporl pernod Football P1llsburg 30 Jumor Slalesmen Cake Sale Junuor Class As sembly November Freshman Class lvleclnng Elecllon ol Freshman Class Ollrcer Foolball Acalanes Armnslnce Day Drama Assembly Foolball Alhambra Jumor Class Meelung Junuor Class Cake Sale Foolball Award Assembly Block D Breaklasl Freshman Dance 26 28 Thanksgnvmg Vacallon December Baskelball Balboa C S F Cake Sale Baskelball Assembly End ol second reporl perrod Baskelba Albany Junlor Carnival Baskelball Casllemonl IO-Junuor Slalesmen Cake Sale Oul ol lhe Frying Pan Sophomore Assem Baskelball Tamalpans Baskelball ElCerr1lo Chrnslmas Assembly Baskelball John Swell 20-Sophomore Chrrslmas Dance 22 January 5 Chrnslmas I-Iollday January Baskelball Acalanes Junuor Class Meelung Bl ck D Facully Baskelball Class Pnclures Band Assembly Sporl Dance Baskelball Anlroch 20-Baskelball Alhambra 23 Baskelball Pnllsburg 29 General Molors Assembly 30-End ol lhurd reporl period Baskeloa A February 4-Junlor Class Cake Sale 5 lvlaglcnan Assembly 6-Valenlune Dance 7 Block D and G A A Snow ru IO-Baskelball John Swell I2 Lincoln s Burlhday 24-Junior Sensor Baskelball al no n 25 Junlor Slalesmen Cake Sale 26 Freshman Assembly 27 Baskelball Pnllsburg March 3 Inferclass Track lvleel suxlh period 4-Pxllsburg Exchange Assembly 5 Frank Alberl Assembly 6--Career Day I I F B L A Cake a e I2 Alhambra Assembly I3 End ol lourlh reporl peruod I9 Commercual Club Cake Sale 20-Sporl Dance 26 27 Sensor Varuely Show The Wade O 30 Aprnl 3 Easler Vacaluon Apr: C C J C Assembly Sophomore Class Cake Sale Sensor Banquel Foreslry Assembly Dear Rulh Sludenl Body nomnnaluons 24-Sludenl Body Eleclaon May Exam Week End ol llllh reporl pernod Sprung Dance C S F Convenlnon Molhers Tea and Style Show Chovr Assem A Cappella Chour Sprung Concerl Semor Pncnlc Class Nomanaluon Assembly Band Concerl Class Elecluons School Varnely Block D Banquel Awards Assembly 30-Sensor Ball June Bloc D Pncmc 3 Shakespearean Play Inslallalxon ol Ollacers Assembly Waler Pageanl IO-End ol srxlh reporl period Duslrubul on Dabo 53 we hope' I2 Gradualnon Assembly and we re ou i' ' A rl O . . 5 - ' - g ' II, lbany - - - " " . . . T'p 4- ,- - . . . . S I 5- ' ' s L , 7- , ' . II- . . - I3- . . .. . .. I4- . A 7 . ' I8- . . , - I9- ' -I 20- gh I6- I7-Junior Prom D 2- V 23- 3 . . 3- . . . 4- 30- 5- ' 3 ll, . . I- ' ' 1 ' . 6- 2- . . . ' 9- 4 , 7- ' I ' , .. . ,. blv II- I - 8- . . bly I3- . . . l2- , ' 14- ' ' I6- - ' us- r ' '9- 21- ' I9- , 28- " " : 21 kll ll ' ' 9- A - I3- ' ' ' o ' " vs. 4- ' ' Si I4- I ' ' j ' ' I ol I5- I I ' . I6- : . ' - ' ' ll AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS , 6 f 1 ily! +1 EQEREW EVE? LQEQL 0 U-Sz gm'-nu, 'Mb irq. xg an ws hh ff? 6 X, . y: -E. I W ig e1 I I sz ' , 5 figs? A - V ' W ---- H J H QE' N -55,1 I X 5 Www X Q, 'A I 59 1- I 'E Q X" " -' W' x ,. , F, W IX " " . - . 36 X RX I 5 N fi:- -'2 . hs U . u L K . I Q l 32 'I , 5 ...,, "f fm, ' A-06 ' ' x " ' rx! 3. v N 4410625 11:1 11, "5"7'LB"'6" xv ' ' I 1:5 k t f Ig -q' I '97 X-s X X I I Q I .... an - xx 1 x X ' s -Q, X .. in li-nib' if om V ff fx Q i I S fm kgfx fw X L x KA J QQ .Z ,.!LC.o1-nets! ,Xt I 1-W' Q41 W 'ifiil ...A- T of f " Y ' 1 W A N f' 17' x W f A ff - X X' ' X If ' Lal 0 ff' , 1 EV' .L ,N X N f I, h, Xa- ' :ig Ami: f 1 , K I I f T! , fix K V 1 L-1' Kits, Q, S X 5 E ' s W X g ' .1 3 r 3 , V M- "" QESXXC- 'N oak ' A "?"I , l 56, B X flu Sli . Wd , x 35 X' 'rl " Q ' G llhu V' 1'

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