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rmfjwf T gms Q. 1 " 'Q if Q A . ,fi V, 0 n . . V 2-' f- V- S 1 . , U ' , i V, ,N . wg gggglefg A 1 sa 3 4"-' 4 . , ,::,, , ,. ia? jlub, 114, DIABLCD jmnufz, daaam, - 1 " :ww aww , A ---Y-rf" ' g U .LU.Q, LUUZ, .lU.Q,HflQ, E Qmnfim O O I sg W QPBLSX LEARN Iii is and wr, lwwn, SPQR1 'SMEN fhnuafalzda, b1,, ,MK 'K 7. 1 53 ,N wa.-gf. .Q qmtlwwn, .2 ,df Boys' Deon MR. PETE KRAMER Girls' Decm MRS. IRMGARD COX Head Counselor MR. MARTIN OLAVARRI Vlce-Prrnclpol Counselor MR. ARTHUR BLOOM MISS MARGARET MCCRADIE Counselor MISS CAROLINE NELSON ...uns Counselor MR. PAUL STONER Counselor MRS. MARGERY CROUCH , . vs me Counselor MRS. DOROTHY HENDERSON Counselor MISS HETTY IOHNSON Counselor MR. MILAN WIGHT Counselor MISS HELEN COURTRIGHT Counselor MISS EVELYN MUMMA ..arwL ,LU,Q,HJLQ, A ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Alma Couchman, English- Mrs. Marion Early, English: Mrs. Isabelle Evans, English. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Mildred Garrison, English, Dept. Head: Mrs. Helen Lum, English, Yearbookp Mr. Ray Iohnson, English, Orientation, Diabloid, Mr. Wy- man Spalding, English, Drama, Aviation. The "must" department for all students in high school tries to help its students discover that literature is a satisfying record of the development of civilization. The power of speech, the drama, the helpful processes by which we pursue the written word, are all given time in this department. GIRLS' P.E. DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss lessie Falconer, Department Head, Mrs. Britta Callamaras, Mrs. Barbara Strutzy Miss Caroline Nelson, Counselorg Miss Betty Blankenship, G.A.A. Adviser. The major aim of the Girls' Physical Education Department is to provide a well-rounded program of activities which con- tribute toward physical well-being. It is hoped that through participation in the various activities the student will grow in muscular proficiency, sportsmanship, cooperation and exper- ience satisfying social relationships. Girls may select activities within certain limits, however, as a means of orientation, the Freshmen have a required program of activities. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Robert Wilkinson, Ceneral Science, Bioi- ogy, Mrs. Dorothy Henderson, Biology, Counselor, Mr, Paul Stoner, Physics, Counselor. SECOND ROW: Mr. Rufus lohrtson, Biology, Gen' eral Science, Hygiene, Mr. Macario Bautista, Biology, Frosh Football Coachy and Mr. Vtfilliam Toaspern, Chemistry. The aim of the Science Department is to meet the needs of all students fcr attitudes, appreciations, interests and knowledge in science which will help them to make better use of their natural environment, both as workers in the science field and as con- sumers of science-developed products and conservers of personal and public resources. t ,w.,,h FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Margaret McCradie, Counselor, Eng- lish: Mrs. Mary Lumpkin, English, Public Speakingy Miss Gladys Kyne, English, Miss Sally Rinehart, English, Drama. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Eloise Honett, English, Miss Catherine Barrington, English, Mi. lack Ferrari, English: lvirss betty tainsan, Counselor, -1 ir-2' SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Claude Bloom, Social Studies, Miss Betty Fogarty, Social Studies: Miss Evelyn Mumma, Social Studies. Counseling: Mr, VV tlliam W. Young, Sot'1alStucl1esg Mr. Leslie Dnnnells, Social Studies, Senior Class Adviser. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Opal Schrock: Miss loy:e Vv'auCi: Mrs. Errtta Ctzllamarasr Miss Mary Hawk, School Nurse' Mrs. Elver: Cczrless, Cafeteria. HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT The Homemaking Department emphasizes family living re- lationship, devoting a certain amount of time to personal appearance, consumer living, clothing, construction, child care, home nursing, food preparation, nutrition, home decoration, and community interests. This preparation is also a basis for a career before marriage. ART AND MUSIC DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Eldo Bianchi, Art, Mechanical Drawxrig: Miss Mariorie Silva, Art, Dept. Head: Miss Vera Boyd, Vocal Musiv- Mr. lames Arnold, Instrumental Musi:, Dept, Head: NOT PICTURED: Misra Myrtle Williamson, Mechanical Drawing. The fine and applied art courses offered at Diablo are many and varied. Landscape, figure drawing, portrait, still-life, design, perspective, poster, fashion illustration, articulate sculpture, clay sculpture, pottery, woodcarving, textile and interior design arf' all taught. The musical department is divided into two parts. Mr. Iames Arnold has a prize-winning marching band, an orchestra, and a dance band to represent the instrumental division. Miss Vera Boyd spreads the good vocal word with her distinguished A Cappella choir. Her Boys' Octet, Girls' Gleo, Voice Technique and Musical Appreciation classes complement her department. 4 Q ie' t LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Elanor Hummel, Spanish, Frenclip Misra Ruth Galrndo, Spanish, Dept. Headg Mrs. lola O'Crady, Spanishg Mr:- Norrna Lavelle, Frensh, Latrng Mrs. Sally Krusell, Spanish. ln the Foreign Language Department we attempt to speak the language, read and write the language and also to understand the background, customs, and culture of the people ci the :cun- tries where the language is spoken. V?" . W. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Stephan Casaleggio, Wood Vtforkg Mr. Don Iohn- stone, Vtfood Workg Mr. Peyton Farrer, Auto Sliopg Mr. Orville Beutel, Mach. Shop, Dept. Head: Mr. Fred Mohr, Craftsg Mr, William Cash- man, Sheet Metal, Metal Shop: Mr. Bob Vtlilson, Welding. Members of the Industrial Arts Department are proud of their first department brochure. lt contains twenty-one photographs and numerous articles depicting the shop program offered at D1cblo. The purpose ot the brochure is to help counselors and students in the selection of shop courses. Information pertaining to shop motors, cost, aims and recommended sublet-ts in other fields is also given. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Dorothy Iacobus: Miss Helen Courtright: Miss Dorothea Dodge, Dept. l-lead' Mr. Robert Klina' Mr. Rolf Eondeliep Mr, Milan Wight, Counselor. CAMERA-SHY: Leora Bshop. A commercial student is encouraged to explore the field of business in order to discover the happiest vocational situation for himself. He is then trained for that field. He is also trained as a consumer to handle satisfactorily the business dealings of daily life. 5 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Archie McEwing, Plane Geometry, Vocational Math, Mr, Bill Gingrich, Algebra, Mech. Drawing: Mr. lim Woolurn, Math, Aigebray Mrs. Margery Crouch, Math, Counselor, Mr. Richard Miller, Plane Geometry, Math, Vocational Math, Football Coavlip Mr. Vincent Costanza, Trig, Algebra, Math, Solid Geometry: Mr. Richard Fairclough, Math, Algebra, Track Coach, The Department of Mathematics strives to provide a substantial background in mathematics for those students who are seeking a career in science and engineering and to provide for all stu- dents the tools necessary to function adequately as a citizen in a computational world. SOCIAL STUDIES AND DRIVERS' EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Clayton Schuttish, Drivers' Educaton: Mrs. Norma White, lunior Statesmen Adviser, Social Studies, Freshman Class Adviser, Mr. Morton Ely, Social Studiesg Mr. George Perry, Social Studies, Gardening, Senior Class Adviser: Mr. Fury Dalla, Social Studies: Mr. George Pedrazzi, Drivers' Education. A major in Social Science is recommended for lfiablo studerits wishing to become lawyers, librarians, teachers cr social work ers, The courses are designed to train students in good citizen' ship, increase their appreciation for American ideals and ways of living by acguainting them wtih a working knowledge ot the past. The Drivers' Education Department deals with preparation tor the wheels of the present. BOYS' P.E. DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ar! Poulin, Mr. Rod Franz, Mr. Les Williarns. Mr. lim Millard, Mr. lohn Ralston. The Boys' P.E. Department established wrestling, water polo, and volleyball as new activities for the boys. The plans call for advanced apparatus: trampoline, lifesaving, and tennis classes for all boys, for first year classes. Also contemplated are diving, and a competitive pentathlori event in addition to the swimming and track programs. WES FOLSOM BILL HILLMAN HERB HONEA and LEE CULEMANN cmd Semor RepmsQrx'r1'x'.'c Q1-rxzoz Hip.:-,:f:1' CATHY RAYMOND DALE CLARK fpmzor R5-greserictgvef Scphorzzcze Represerxtctgnex Freshman MQ X 'E LOWELL ALDERSON NORMAN MCMILLAN BARBARA GARRISON S?ude::fEsr1y Pxflsnif xx' Siuden' Body 'J1ve2-Prefsmdmxx Svudzhm Body Serrptfxry O O O Wwlfi J9- OMMY WENTLING NANCY MCKINNON COLETTE MORGAN CAROL LOYD SIGVARD LANSTROM Head Yell Leader q:2Q'fFILII'Y of Exit-'1t:11::mf':' U 1:1 'Q Cfmizmrtee Chmrrrxzr. flxrls' Rwpre-sexitxwxw Boys Repre-se-ntczuvw , , ,H+ ,whwm-.. , 7 ff- ' , I 6 a, wdh, whom, wa, mm happy, FERD DIEL wp, hmm, w,0,dQdLcaLQ, MR. OSCAR LRHSON President MRS. PAY LOVERIDGE DR. FEHD I. KIESEL Asst. Supt. of Schools MR. IAMES W. DENT Supi. of Mt. Diablo Unified School Districi MR. OWEN I. COOK Asst. Supt. HR. ARNOLD C. BIORK V f sa 4 g 'aff' ,wx 32 s?zEQf.g4, V ,1,?'5Q.f:, if Q Q if 'L A 0- 4 'I ,M Rx JM' 3,2 ,X X ,,,W,..,..-.- . Q SQQQQZK 3 ' 335k59?B?ii?gg,:, Q -A1331 5,,,wf3 If M A jf, J X sr. ...,0.l,UL . 5' an Ev, I OHN M KELVEY BILL HILLMAN Vice-President LYNN DENTON Secretary These four years, known on transcripts as high school, are almost over. Some folks call it "the best time of your life, dear." Others nod sagely and moan softly, "now you're in for it." For four years we've worked and played together. Some of us have learned a good deal, some not so much. There have been parties, and plays, good times and bad times, and of course, homework and exams. But what's in store for us after graduation on Iune l3th? We will be released from an educational institution with the rapidity of bal- loons cut from their strings. We're on our own and are about ready for the adult world. This is the point that scares us and makes others feel sorry for us. We might as well forget the scare stuff and sorry angles. There'll be military training for sure, but maybe it'll do us some -good. Iobs ahead will probably be dull but there are lots of chances for fun and excitement. Future undecided? You're right, but fortune-telling never stands up under scrutiny. Your first breath was uncertain and it'll probably be like that for some time. Alot of wonderful people may give us the benefit of their mistakes and the results of their research, and if we recog- nize this advice, we'll probably listen. So cheer up!'s look at the bright side of things. Twenty years from now we can look back and grin. Life isn't as bad as we thought it was. SENIOR ADVISERS Tiff MHS. BARBARA STHUTZ MR. GEORGE PERRY MHS. ELOISE HONLTT MR. LESLIE DUNNELIS 3' A , ' Q .gr NV," all .ac a ff GEORGE HUGH CARDINET Basketball, Dance Commit- tee. LEONARD CARDOZA Basketball. NORMA CHILTON DONALD CLAIRE Baseball, Band, IANE CLIFTON IOE CLINE OAN COCKERTON I G.A.A., Senior Variety. NETTIE LOU COLEMAN G.A.A. EDWARD ROSS COLEMAN DONALD COOPER WAYNE COPPOCK Football, Trark, Block "D," Basketball, Swimtntnq. CHRISTIE CORDILL C.S.F., Radio Club, Semor Sales Committee, Block "D," Senior Announce- ments. MERLE W. CORY IACK A. COTTINGHAM French Club. VINCENT EMILE COVIONE Auto Shop. BONNIE I. CRAIG A Cappella CliaLr SANN CREIGHTON C..A.A. RONALD DOUGLAS CROFT Vfood Shop. TOM CRUMMETT MARGARET CULEMAN Senior Vargety, Cornmerxa Club, G,A.A., Rally Committee. NADINE EADS M'3:i1r:1II'z:, V, PAIIL 'EGBIQRT V Y FOOT:-':Il, Tri f1,r.' iz . DAVELIE IEANNE ELLING Sf'-nzor Rfxrwxw-I I .-urrxx 1' KLA..-'l.., Eb :,, 'w V 11.1-"J S h 0 . COLLEEN ELLIS Pr,:f:f'1v1E- QA ' IACKIE ELROD Bz1sk1?fbix1l, 1,.-r 1. Cormrmfr ez IIM ELSBERRY Hcxskfvhfzll MITCH ELSPAS RICHARD ENIQS 5'.'.'1i'IU,7x'1 :btw LOUISE EUBANKS CAHOLYN IOAN EXNER - . . Q G,A.A,, C X-.I, 1. .Z':".' men, Host,-5,1 C'iv1E, i1'.'.':: KS Bdxxhh'-, DQHOTIHY MAE EAULKNER l,1v1. Alt : 1'1" DOT FITS CSF., F Hi ,Ii 1151 mFrr'1':f " tr, " ' mfr MARGARET FLETCHER ALDORA FLORES WESLIQY Eonsom r, :2 . :-, f,':'1r: ff'v.EE BELVA LEA POWLER Cup 5 'Son-.':. Q"1t"i,1i' .XA Igifzr' " Q" :Zi LOIS MARIE FREIDLE Dmitri Ewrii NANCY GABEAU DQYLIE GAPDIS 2'15K:'Z'I.. PAT GARCIA 'ill A., YE1 nov GARCIA M Txlrlllalzrxrq,Swmtmlrx1 VIL: k IO ANN GARLICK Lotxu Club. BARBARA IUNE GARRISON G,A.A., Dance Commlttee Soiretrxry of Student Body IOHNNIE GASTON Dgublo News. RUTH GELBKE G.A.A. WANDA GIBSON 1AMEs HARVEY GILLESPIE PETER YGLNQCCHIQ N 1 Eusf3::3.1,5gfzr1.3:1x MILDRED GLATT MARLYS GONZAGA G.A.A., Rally Cornnzgtif--1, CARLOS DEAN GONZALES Tmmzs. SARA STELLA GONZALES VIRGINIA QONZALES b h G.A,A., fvpiitxsszz .1 D:1ncG Cozxutlltteff PATRICIA GOUVEIA 42,A,A.,R111',' TAI: " - Drtlvfo fl' lf: 1: Club. RITA GRASSI KLA A., 31111: f"3:t zz C'o1I1t:.v-1 111 ifiilb. ALLEN GREENFIELD CHERIE GREGOH 57-ruzm' V':11f 11' 13:. f2.A.A, CHARLES. RAYMOND GROSS Iofttkv :ll f'x.1!z . 2 Ng DAVID GROSS DARRELL D. GROVER Sefmor Vfxrwfy Surf.-.' f J Club, fId1torDL1Ib1Q 'I RICHARD GRUND 311f111,11,111,1'. ':11i' 11 ::'I1C'I1xb,HI1v'f1 'I 1 111+ H1102-.'. MARLENE HAMERSLEY 14111111111 .1111 ,, CHARLOTTE E. HAMILTON 4l,A.A. IOYCE HANCOCK C3 A.A. TOM HANRATTY CHARLES' HYARRISK 13111, fr. ffifrf sit. 1 SHIRLEY HARRIS 11113? I' :il if " ::1."f 6113112-.':. Q":111:1 1.1 ga :Hy ."7:t11:L."' MARY ELIZABETH HARVEY E".'.'i:1rI1ifJ111I.' 1. "I: 111..' I: 11 111 1 Y ,,,1-1 q. SHIRLEY IO HAUTH f1.A.A., KIS IT., fp-111 FIIIIU. PEGGY HEARNE LEA RAE HEIDEKKER 1.Af1,.1I111 ,,111 RONALD HEINZEL fp 111,frf1"I11I1 I 11' f"'1!1, YK-III1-111: IOANNE LYNNE I-IENDEE .1 11 11. NANCY HERREN VIRGINIA HIGDON FE LMA. ROBERT HILDER IOANNE MAY HILL HQBERT HILLV . 111 1, 517.11 BILLY' HILLMAN 1:gg--1".,:,. - BARBARA HIMSL '.-'X 1 .' 1: Ifzfr' 'Via ff' 01421 QS'-' 3-'R 'C' 59011 vm.. 1 'V 'W 511 1 ...W S1 .wm- 'iw Xxx ,,-.. 49s gy ""-f7"'27 ex S331- 'vm -IU-1, H3 L 'Sn s-a..,., Q' 'C-" 'R sv 15 .i 'CQ .uf I y ,xv 1 .fyix 2 E 'if' --as fi . tllivf :U 'Q' 'vs-V' if -.1 7. .: 3-5, I . 5' Q!-v 4 , , I .Jam 5 J? :Z :-" "", I ' f I Q P gfy 1 Q X. vi' Q id s. ' f if qq- Q 1. I 3 f 1-as . , f .I 2 A Qw- LORRAINE HOUSE CHARLES EDWARD HOYT N A.:d1rE1sur11f,Ix1b ntilf. .. Sffiff. SUE HUGGIN RONALD HUGHES Bcmd. SYLVIA HULTMAN DONNA LEE HUNT L1 A A., Cfownrnwr--1 1. Club ROBERT A. HUTCHINSON Izwfxwlll Mrmrxfp r NORMA IRWIN H-lflz' Vfm111m1!'f-s-, fl A A, LARRY IACKSON Q11'IIZ1f1Ilf'II1Il,'I-I'!'IQII1..f'I PAUL IACKSON Ei'-nut! Vnxrw-'jfx ARTHUR H. IACOBSEN Golf, Tormxs Blok F3011 'Pm Club, 'I f1'1'f1:1Z11' JACK IARDINE Fiwbilf Bfrswk E ' A E 'wk IERRY SULLIVAN IOHNSON Bins. MARCE IOHNSON S-YQLGI Brill Ccmzx. LELA IOHNSTOH .cg 6 von-:zz ,,'J:t.:i.. :'3.r1rt'1r1I S"1ff. CLARENCE M. IONES TV: '14, I'f:Oth'1l FI ' L: ' :U::."YP'1rxf:11f-' IO!-KN EILEEN IORGENSEN s"1'1'1:'.' lwmxn '21 WILLIAM. D. KAI-IRS 1 ,kiif W'1Zi'g','-' "- ji .zl 'lub F3 IANES KANAGAKI BUCK KEITH Fi:DI'v111,f'7t k K f MARVA KELLOGG G.A,A., Rally CCIKLIIIIITFFG, Commercxfxl Club. CAROLYN KELLY ALYIN KENNERLY Swgmmmq. RONALD KIRKHAM Annual Stuff. RICHARD KOCHEVAR GEORGE KOLOKOUSIS Spnmsh Club. IOHN KREIGER Chefss Club. DAVID KRISTICK Truck, Swimming. DONALD NORMAN KUTNER TrC1Ck,Mc1noqer,Bund, Block C.S.F., "Sevvn ieermth Summer" Play. ANNA LaFRANCE C,S.F,,Hostess Club, Frou 'Pm Club. DON LANFRANCO Tenms, C.S.F., Sword 6 Bumble. IOANNE LANIER G A.A., Studvnf Hody 1' zz Sfxlvs Committee. SIGVARD W. LANSTROM Golf, Football, Busketbzll Tr. Statesman, Blovk CORRINE ROSE LQPLANTE FRED LEBHERZ IACKIE LE DUC Sfemcr BCH Comrzzrrff , Frfln 'h Cub, G.A.A. MARGARET LEE y I L-m:t19r..1. Cm: y..A.r. PATRICK EDWARD LEE LINDA LEE LOEFFLER Y A C'1ppf.f.1 Choir, QQ Sejmxcr Variety Shan-.', Song: 52.1 Corrzrnzttee. IUDITH LONG G.A.A.,Sen1cr Vcrw Senza: Banquet. 19' 'Vu UW' surf! 1-M .UM sf ff .if , A , - ,L Ts , 3, ff 'gffiligfq' ,gwmff 9.3355 2, W'7 5Y M f .::g:. 15245 ..f 1 ' ' 1, - if . X' J: 5 . 5.f:-if , Y Ni - Q. 1: f 5 Q ., cg? gg i X 'Q 11? s--...41 sq a in Qw.':h. vs- s .,...f gm .Z ' ' f ' ' ai fu? " fv- "gif 1ff'sf.QfH,A . 7 Q A . . ' 2 5953 . f 'Rfif w e ' 'Q . QM 93 in aff X 59' 1:3-er wt,,N is-1' -atv? i sf V7 Q DE VERLE MAYBERHY Movte Projectlonist, LA VERNE MAYBERRY G,A.A. ELDOHA MAY MEDEIROS G,A.A. President, Bally Committee. GLORIA MENDIVIL Commeratal Club, flpauts Club, A Cappella Chotr. ANITA PAULINE MILLS G,A.A., C.S.F., lr. States- men. DEAN MILLSAP Football, Spanish Club, DONALD IOE MINGES Basketball, Baseball. ANNA MOLINARO Diablo News Editor, G.A. A., Yell Leader, Semot Ball Commtttee. DAVID MOOSE Baseball, Track, Block "D." LENA MARIA ANN MORELLI G,A,A., Rally Cammtttee, Senior Sales Cozmmttee. DICK MORTON Football, Track, Block HD." TED MUNDY Baseball, Basketball. EUGENE MURRAY DENNIS I. MCCOSH Baseball, Football, Spamslu Club, Science Club, lr. Red Cross. RODNEY MCDONALD Football Manager, Sf'l9Fll'9 Ftctton Club, lr. Statesmen. CHRISTINE MCGILL Gtrls' Glee, Band, MARIORIE ANN MCGREGOR C.S.F., Hostess Club, l,a:.r1 Club, Senlor Banque: IOHN MCKHLVEY Football, Track, Colf, CS F., Block "D," Seruoz Class Preszdent. PATRICIA ANN McKENZIE G.A.A., Cap G Got-:rx Com- mtttee, Semsr Banquet Committee. DONALD F. MCKINNEY Chess Club 42? qv'-'Y MVN .r idx '4z'::7 -Q, Kr '23, ANN PIEPER IANET L. PIERSON C1.A.A. ROBERT PLILER BEATRICE ANN PLUMB Bcxllfht Swmmurxzg, G, Sludvni Body fxzfi llorurnlttiw. PA'I' POLK N l l1.A.A., bpfxrlglm ulllz, mor Vurl'-ly hilly.-.' IAQQUELINE FIOOL C1.A.A., lr, bin'-xr: Frenrh Club, CHARLES POWELL Basketball. GORDON POWELL Baseball. SUZANNE POWELL Cf.A.A, Modern lim. A Commerclcrl Club, BALBO PROIETTI Swlmmmq, Elo-3: RULE RATTRAY Boys' Octf-tie DICK REED AUSTIN REID Football Mcxnogfr NORMAN W. REUTER Basketball. DONALD LEE RIDDLE ADRIAN RIGGS Tenms, Elclc "l Stuff. SHIRLEY RISSER V K L1,A.A, CGI'RfiE5Ijl'lI Q Cup 6 G01-nz. Ccrnrti. Sfimoz Br1:1:.1f1' fzrxrr.. RONALD ROAN Rcdzo Club. GORDON ROBBINS Football. IOYCE ROBERTS Sclesmxnshg. .w-0 .un NN W 2, A Nu.-.--r 5 ,ff X' .Q-wk. Win Q-M" .4-K ,vs MA ?w5i i '-52 f M N . . ' Ng H ,. Q' ..,,,, ' " - -2 aww: . , Q f gy ,gk .gg i . , A Q,---: qw , :hai ,bw rg1,71gL?3g ::2EW4'L4:?g . 5:!'3Z'.-',f- K 4, - ,Hu - ' figgiifsgzfiff im, 1- .9 35, 5-rf ff-x.,i,,' S 3.44. ' www' fn: "tr - sp' -aJ?',Jk'- -1 'r S :sax ...f--ww: 1"'."'i Mn. W"fW553' .'xj1.f,"Zi it H413 fn 'iid-Spf, fi ' 'Fwd . 1 ,-1-. S ' S .. X V . .N f V: , .Qu YM' 1 'HQ1i5-RR' gm, 'ff -if! S wig Q-SQL! fsgg' "U LJ-55? -. ':: fy. A W . I 'Vw -. V. 4"iE'?".,EI.53':, '- jf .N 2,5 - '. V Zi: , : 378 in is-I 17-'Y MARGQERITE ROBERTS U..-. A. 'rg 5 K2 X 1,::i. " E , RONALD DEAN ROBINSON AUDREY RODARTE .... ,. ,,,. X. fn I+. , Ng .::1.s.. KW. FRED ROSSI ROBERT B. RUIZ Fg"E1fz1Q, Tzgzxk, . -fi :S hf1,1T,f'-,- Elifk If zz: IEAN ANN RUPP x':.,:11f-1m:IC".l ,: WILLIAM FREDERICK nusx lox-:N Ruvu: ' ' V 1' V- ' 1 ' IU-121+ flii' iz ' 'lr +:f:': Ufvuiw MAXINE SALAS Hx"-sw: Club. TONY SANCHEZ WILLA B. M. SANCHEZ N -X 'X DALE SATRE 1: .v 1 ANGELO SCHENONE F'::19:f"E31i', Tx: 1: Eg LA DONNA MAY SCHUBERT J .31 A L' 13 3 : ffmtlz EDjNARDN IOSEPI-I SCHULTZ SAMUEL SEALS Y L,if",:ff, T111 ri -x FRED SETTLES IORN SELAYA RUTH MAE SHAVER IEAN ESTELLE SHELLEY GEORGE ALBERT SHINGLER ELSIE RUTH SHOWALTER Gzrls' Glee. ELIZABETH SILVA GEORGINA SILVA IERRY SIMS Baseball, Annual Sports Editor. GLENN SHANNON DICK SKVORAK Swimmtnq, Chess 6. Check ers Club. CAROL SMALLEY Modern Dance, CapdSGown Commtttee, Annual Staff, IANET GRAY SMETTS Hostess C1ub,Span1sh Club, Senior Banquet Com- mtttee, Senior BallComm1t- tee, G.A.A. AUDREY SMITH RITA MAE SMITH French Club. NORMA SOULIGNY G.A.A., Rally Commltte-Q. DWIGHT SPURGEON TOMMY STARICK Swxmrntnq, Block HD." BILL STEIG DONNA STEVENS Gtrls' Double Octette. CAROL STORKMAN Hostess Club, Senior Eun- quet Commtttee, Sontor Sales Committee. IACKIE STREET G.A,A. IIMMY SUMPTER NEVA SWANSON G.A.A., Cap 6 Gown Com- rmttee. 5 at M , ff '1 3. A , Ali? s:N.,:g , f, :.: ,: 'VCV X 'I:?"I. 2 vt z m- j .H-V , 'pr- W 8 ,K 5- ,9-' A M 'fi ,- sf QE 45 1 'VIH- mgf 0' . 1-iiiivigw-7::.:g:5:zgf'1-:. 35,4115 X 'lk Z I IW WK y , Q e f Y 1 x S H 1 M.. a..:4:,:.:J:-31: ff Q. I T Q -RFS -sv- , .3 4, V 4. , , :1 mg? Q 4 'Ya F""'- ssswrfslfw - fa-,,,,,,,g, -' :5 wlixl l-kvkll Q f,,,fs,:X WQW1 . 1? iviggfg - -V ann-f , .lffiq ,QE z- ww If ' ,f 2 Qgpnng, ' ,::,,?:,b K .A :::5:::::g , I A .t..,.+,,,,.. t 1 'ztzrrfwr' .z.-:JJ '.. - - ,L , Iwvfw Zhu. Qgigg. gggiifizrrxs ina-A - , ' fy, .,3-,,, wg-532-'Zfw , fl M352 n 1. , ,w..?12.5.g,' L pusy -W. - - ,,,,,, , 1 ff """"""f 545,-,fm N 'ig 'gtg' sv: mf.-,,g,f-5':a'f:214.f1 Y 4 - X-3f "' 1""f'Q'-V 1 ' . f'2Hfl. ...lit i 2, 'im -'fzf fi' I ..'-W W 'I win..-., . f .. , ss 2333? f 'vw f . WEZWTS-553 af M 'vw 'ir 103 filf K' 'EV' in haf' r""" ' ir. -dv 'Ji , Q 'N'--A NS' 'J-.."37 4'-1 wx 'VY vb., 'Q 40N ibn QV'--7 is 0. MARY LOU SWARTZ Q3 5. A, .5f.rgm1C11?"1Zt PAUL THOMPSON BARBARA TORREXK ,M-. .-. Hcsnssb i,.u:, IOHN RANDOLPH TUCKER GERALD F. USEDOM BONNIE VAIL uf' F, 2.5. A. MARCELLA VASQUEZ ?'11t1.pwI. K'1uk1,xl,A . U ::.Z:w: .11 Vlulx II E21 MIKE VENEGAS - 14: '. 2.1m V. NENO VIENNA BARBARA VIERA IIA.-'k.,'1'urI1b11n: MARILYN VIETOR 4 b:1::.1s'1 Lluh, sf-1... ' 11H'w' Sfizw JAMES VOWELS Z1 I:..:.1 HARRY WADE Hi, 'fi 'QU' S'f.w1J 5 51.1 r- A i".-..1u1:1A111 'fr1'i1 CRANE WALDEN .-:1:11:1 Yffcxrxcngflx, Tlx 1: :sh -'1 .:, f .ilzlm firm-.'s, 3"-Sz' .1 541.01 VUL' ' SALLIE WALTERS PX 13'-AIO Cixlii ft. :xv :. "2 AAA. RICHARD R. WAXMAN ARTHUR WM. WARREN ::.::. I.: 'Iuz111i1.:. : , MARIA IEAN WELSH GORDON ROBERT WHISLER EARL wxcxgmvggn V f. IOHN FREDERICK WOODS Football, Annual Svqff, LOYCE WORK IOANN LUCILLE YOUNG G.A.A., Spomslx Flulx Rf: lol SWIYTIITIIYICI. LORRAINE YOUNG SENIOR VARIETIES LIONEL BUGUSTINE MRS. ELOISE HONETT StudQntChc11rnmn Se-mor Adviser and Dxrefwor r-J if M.-lf' 7 VK!! iff! ES S S A L wg 5 NICK CRETAN, President TEDDIE VAII., Secretary HERB HONEA. Vice-President JUNIORS lt was a night ot gaiety and tun for all who came in from the pelting rain. For- tunes were told, and games of chance were played. Dancing, booths, food, door prizes, and a special program were furnished. The Campus Sweetheart, Dolores Barnes, and her attendants, Barbara Garrison, Ierry Butio, Clarisse LeDuc, and Cherie Seaman, were crowned and they reigned over this night oi testivity. Yes, it was the lunior Carnival, held on December l, l95l. General chairmen were Nick Cretan and Teddie Vail. The hard-working committee chairmen were: Pub- licity4Colette Morgan, Dale Dunham, and Tommy Wentlingg BoothsfTom let- iry and Mary Lou Seamang TicketsfMilt Abel and Ioyce Blatnicg Construction- Mickey Taylor and Larry Minshallg Campus Sweetheart ContestwCathy Ray- mond, Karen Maderos, and Herb l-loneay EntertainmentfDolores Ortega and Willy Shattog Dance-Elaine de Benedetti and lack Thorpe: Cleanup-Carroll Pollack and lerry Ziedlerg and Food-Alan Lindsay and Buss Copeland, The members ot the class worked like real "devils," and the advisers, Mrs. Marian Early and Mr. Bill Gingrich, as construction engineers, wielded brooms and dragged trailers ot equipment to and from the gym. The luniors again showed their ability to put on a good show when they pre- sented their Talent Show tor an assembly in October. There was a solo by Esmie Omania, a folk dance by Teddie Vail and Ronnie Heinzel, a comedy act by loyce Blatnic, the "Terrific Trio," a tap dance by Roberta Victor, the Melody Boys Orchestra, and the "Can Can Girls" with their rivals, the "Belles oi Diablo," to wind up the hilarious forty minutes. ln April the Iuniors "hit the deck" with their semi-formal Iunior Prom, "Nep- tune's Ball." No one needed to look through the quartz windows ot a bathysphere to see and enjoy the dancing on the floor ot Davy lones' Locker. It was a "remembering year"-it was a good year tor the Iuniors. MRS. MARIAN EARLY Adviser MR. BIL GINGRICH Adviser I"IRST ROW, lehlto right: Janna l'lL1ll-caster, -1 lserrr- Herren, Mary lonrson, Kay' McElravy, lean Kxizrnlller. loan MCGQQ, Kathleen lohzgr son, I-i-anne Hurst, Ka'l1', Knaprl, Lorrarne ianibet' Sherry l'1IlClII.s E C O N D ROW: Bob Ffxwvert, Don Mu rerz, Alan Qrrmdswy, l'1'k Tm r berry, S'-'vw lalrrrfsorl, Mavk' y Taylor, larry Mxnzllxall, Calf by Manzer, Fred l.bby, Nexl Hahn. THIRD HOW: Vlfaller Kee, Al bee, larry Krna, Don Hoofrlria, Fred Harrison, E11 l.edaer, Ronald Hanson, fewrs Goodall. loe l.andr:r1, Rxvluard lafl-cson, Ernest Hay den, FIRST ROW. lol! lo right: Vlona Hladon, Arlnnw john son, Slurlr-y K1r'lvnor, Dar leerl Henr1r'l'1ser1, Pat Hal' house, loyce Lanphrer, Ruin Hahola, Ardrs Kessler, Rose Mane Hrnkley. Mary Kuster, Barbara Katz. SECOND HOW: Vlbltey Sarnarzeya, lerry Harpman, Ronald Pon- Arno, Harry Hrlls, Davrd l.o- f1an, Bob leo, lrrn Hammond, Lou Hung, ,lun lackson, Eze- fral Wrllrams, Tom Ieilry. THIRD HOW: Dick Llpprs, lerry Hoppe, lobn Kramer, Charles lames, Herb Honea, Les HUISIIHSOH, Layton Kraft, lohn Mc7Corm1rk, Barrel: lones, Marvln Loyd. FIRST ROW, lei! to right: laekxe lanes, Yvonnf- ClOOl'C, Peaay Rltflne, Kaflxy larna- son, Sblrley lsuenser, Sharon Leman, Sbrrley I-Illblsh, Kay lohnson, leanne Hznkle, Bar- bara Luna, Lxly Krshr. SEC- OND ROW: lerrlee Hari, Arlene Mmer, Mznette M"- Eacben, Verda Masterson, loan OVBIIPII, Patt Funk, l.ou' xse Malone, Yoolco Nakatarn, Molly Klshl, Kay Kammer. THIRD ROW: Eddxe Mosrluev U, Steve Plerce, lobn Pesno- nen, Bob Hedqefock, Al Bed- ford, Claude Promessl, Ray Neal, Sieve Prrce, Albert Perf syn, Mar'rn Mxtielrnan, Frnes' Maflofrk FIRST HOW, lol! to right: Dorothy MFKIUZIE, IACIFIIGI5' McCallum, Pa! Osborne, Indy McFarland, Esrnxe Ornanrr, Dolores Ortega, 'Teddxe V111 Karen Maderos, loyze Pzerfe flan:y Neufeld, Marina Neu- feld. SECOND ROW: Marzefa fJ'Re:lly Pafrlira Laughlin Tlorxa Pratt, Barbara Nev:- :y, fone flfl-clarzs Barbara Pearson, Kayne F.f7K1r1no:1, Colette Morgan, Louxso Mas- sone, Carroll Pollack, Ka'ltj.' Plumb. THIRD H W ' O : Larry Azevedo, B1llMaher,D1ck Lxppzs, Bob Reynolds, Mouse Morgan, Butsh Matheson, Prettybay Puckett, john Peso- rten, Larry Sweets-en, Henry Nal-ca"rn1, Dale '3ff1e1d FIRST ROW, le!! to right: Donnie Marie Barron, Gloria Cooper, Mirkxe York, Bev De Beaumont, Connie Sloneker, Rheba Cline, Barbara Car- vaeho, Edith Vlach, lanet Tompkins, Anita Williams, Gloria Terry. SECOND ROW: Bob Walker, Bob Powel, Le- roy Lewis, Tommy Wentlinq, David Askine, Floyd Sher' man, Dean Van Pelt, Lynne Tolles, Blendina Taylor, Bea! frxce Terry, Sherry Towner. THIRD ROW: Marlin Chap, pell, Russell Copeland, Lynn Conner, Fred Burton, Robert Schuldt, Don Baker, Robert Cook, Eugene Boettcher, Tony Ramirez, Dave Cook, Frank Rose, FIRST ROW, lei! to right: Barbara Bardell, Elaine De Benedetti, lrnoqine De Heart, 'Nanda Voorhies, Bonnie llq' bert, lo Ann Eberwein, Chai :nam Hollenbeok, Toni Bal dini, Sally Balony, Alicia An' drews, Barbara Granluiid. SECOND ROW: Larry Aze- vedo, Roger Young, Lex-.'is Goodall, lames lones, lerry Garton, Gaylon Cox, Bob Girdvain, loanne Ginoqiiic. Virginia French, Nadine Fis- ter, Pat Toole. THIRD ROW: Noel Roberson, Steve lohn' son, Elmer Zilch, Stan Buz- zini, Tom Yfentlinq, lay Garf rett, Ward Cockerton, Bernic- C. Burton, Ronnie Grover, Bill Yount, Larry Ellis. FIRST ROW. lei! to riqhi: Anne Elvidqe, Nancy Greene, Iuamta Gaddis, Lillian Rob- ertson, loanne Tweeten, Bar- bara Friese, Louise Ballard, fimmie Louise Artman, Char- Ieen Wahl, Shirley Du Val, Norma Caudle, Shirley Flet' Ther. SECOND ROW: Carl Teilel, Al Towner, Bob Dit, Ken Dahlin, Leroy Vukad, fack Thorpe, Elwin Groves, Vernon Ford, Phil Caperton, Larry Vance, Gilbert Tomp- kins. THIRD ROW: Manuel Gonzaqa, William Powell Al- len, Winthrop Delamater, Norman Luke Walker, Bill Efdelman, Dick Powers, Don Gilbert, Tony Rorno, lim Gone zales, Roy Garfield. FIRST ROW, left to right: Qonnie Vern-rorn, Ariitfi '-'v'tleYf loyce Watkins, Mary Di Maqqio, loyfe Fletcher, Rollene Taylor, Carol De Meo, Dale Dunham, Sonia White, loan Ellinqson. SEC- OND ROW: David Dewitt, Ted Dallmann, Harvey Gout Qart, lohri Dutra, Larry Forbes, Fld Frey, Richard Jrover, Dori De Luca, Hazen Thomas, Sandra K'.'h:'e. THIRD ROW: lerry Ziedler, lvfinor Van Arsdale, Stan Euzzini Guy' Young, Dick freeman, Bill Thalke, David .'.'Llson, ferry Tabira, Bob Voss, Paul Dabney. Sophomore OfflC9I'S walkma toward the camera are: President, Eugene Ruyle Vice President, Dale Clark: and Secretary, Bobby Larson. SCDPHCDMCDRES Remember how proud you felt when you put on the Frosty "Sno-Ball"? And how everyone admired the Sophomore Latin club booth at the lunior Carnival and how your advisers, Mrs. Norma Lavelle and Mr. Morton Ely, helped you through the year l95l and l952? These were top Sophomore activities. Next year you will need this same pride and "know-how" to put on the Iunior Car- nival and the Iunior Prom. Your officers for the year were Eugene Ruyle, Dale Clark and Bobby Larson to fill the offices of president, vice-president and secretary of your class. You've learned the ways of the bee this year. You know the names of the drones and the names of the Workers. Next year's officers should be easy to choose. You have two more years of qrowinq to do before you leave Diablo. Enjoy them, Sophs, and may Diablo enjoy you. The advisers for this class-Mrs. Norma Lavelle and Mr. Morton Ely. sa' FIRST ROW. lei! to right: SIIGIIO Carznzchael, Claw: Chapel, Pat Arneson, l.on,:f Brufe, Bobble Sue Brow-sn, Dolly Bron-sn, Be"y CIWJI, Harrie: Brow-.'n, luanna kool et, Vxolet Clernw-nfs, lVI.'l:f-y Baptist. SECOND ROW: Cffnlul Baclqalupc, Gaye Atkxnson, Ylleanor Colletf, Sandra Chris wansen, Marlznx Exrnqlg, Ixu- da Andmson,lnlc:'1nlClz1,. Dorothy Cliarxdlsfr, f'1n Coll. son, lo Ann Bla'n1', Illllfyw- Casauranq THIRD ROW: Bob Buss, Dewey Eelardf-, ln- Roy Brown, laxnc-s Bm'-dlorrl, Lynn Coble, Larry Bllss, Mu- nel Copeland, W1ll1an1 Bell, R1:h Barfke, Brute Bolvhw, laik Byrd FIRST ROW. le!! to right: lean Candel, Sandy Ill- 'lx- 'old, Barbgra Bwnzf-l, l'zn4 Abernathy, lanl w- HI'I7'OIl. Darlene Bndwell, Pltsy Ash leak, Ann Colton, lun' An drada, Dawn Cook, Iflfzzy Bryan. SECOND ROW: nn, Clark, Roland Buttons, Pull Burknxann, fohn Ayers, lf-:xy Cottgnqhaxn, Bob Beers, lisl Barrlay, lack Arrnstrcnfz, Marsha Cooke,l.ark1e Barnes. Arlzne Alves. THIRD KOW: Frecdy Crabauqh, Van Bail.. Ierry Andrews, Georqe Bas' tzda, Roger Booth, lerry Cul' len, Lee Culemann, B1llCl1ne. Kem. Burns, lohn Beraunl, lain Czexqhton. FIRST ROW, left to right: Henna Darnann,-hkw, Anns-15 Dodson, l.Cre'fa Del.auxsln'1 Marla Estes, Darlene Den'on, Carolynne Fowler, Ellen Dent, Sue Flnqland, Ifllgkey Fgsher, Delores Eerrs, Doro- thy Crow. SECOND ROW: Walter Dubbs, Sfephen Emanuels, Albert Dias, Davxd Evans, Bob Flsher, Bob Bxaas. Paul Donzthan, Edmond Flo- res, Gary Eastwood, loe Afln- ,-lo, lerry Davzs. THIRD ROW: Arland Dltrnore, Shlp Frid- rlskson, Ezll Drernnan, Dave Flon, llm Davxs, Monty Hills. Bxll Dutra, Roy Donnell, Eoh Freeman, I'iCI'NlII Danun, l'l '.-:ln Fan 1 FIRST ROW, Ie!! to right: Blllxe I-I:1r,Rae Handy. Adrene I-Illl, Shgrley Gay, Eeverly Gauny Donna Gaz- neld, Andrea Gustafson, Ann Mazsen, fane G:ll1, Carr. Hzlder, Phyllxs Grell SEC- OND ROW: Stanley Ga-sz: D333 I-I:eb,Dcr1I-I1.ii,E1Q. FIIILSYIICYI, Boo Inch, Bob I-Isnt, Bob I-!cqan,R9fge1 Green, Grafle Main, Baton- Mathewson, Naney Gauzitt THIRD ROW! Ken Gattdy, Rocert I-Iarfster., Hay Harn- ersley, Drk Graft, Eddzsl G1 ber, Bch Huseh Herb I-las lclns, Vflltred Garrison, Lfggn: Garcxa, Ralph Hexzmxz.-,iv 2 Bob Hlnisl. FIRST ROW, left to right: Raydah Thompson, Betty lewel Page, loan OuiQl9Yf Colleen Prrce, Karleen Tolles. lane Qutttner, luanell Sav- age, Robyn Prophet, Robbte Thomas, lerri Pence. SEC- OND HOW: Cathertrxe Tre- vorrow, lerry Stsson, Brll Serb, lohn Price, Sam Peters, lr., Larry Schmrdt, Bob Ren- ner, Bernard Srmons, Paul Vtenna, Kathy Roll. THIRD ROW: Charles Paul, lrm Qutttner, Vernon Rrchards, Donald Pterfe, Rtehard Potnt- er, Larry Utley, Bob Pease, Bugs Rogers, Ed Ruiz, Gerald Roberts. FIRST ROW. left to right: Patsy Yamamoto, Bxllre Wtlf hams, Georqla Srlva, Carole Zeppegno, Gloria Sacketi, Glorra Steckelberg, Shrrlene Wald, Dolores Schwartz, Lo- retta Snyder, Leda Stanley. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Snel- ion, Margie Shannon, Vrr- gznra Vrgrl, Arlene Stlva, lune Waters, Pat Verworn, Connte StaEford,Sh1rley Smrih, Pat Thomson, Nancy Varl. THIRD HOW: Buddy Torres, Donald Treadway, Kohn Thez, lohnnte Vftllrams, Ted NVolters, Robert Young, Rex Stafford, Harold Todd, ltm Sweetner, Eugene Vlfalls, FIRST HOW, left to right: Dorothy Vfznafreld, Delphine Valdez, Peggy Wagoner, Vernxe Vidlng, Elrzabeth Traulsen, Elizabeth Vano, Rosarnund Traverse. SEC- OND HOW: Dave Wahlqe- znuth, Mike Sohubert, Walter Txtcornb, Marylxnda Vllheeler, Mary Louise Sands, l.OlIISC Vxlla, Benny Venturrno. THIRD HOW: Russell Steele, Davld Skuba, Erme Tarlen, Vasstly Lmyslon, Bob Ste- phan, ltm Walte, Allen Saut- ter. FIRST ROW, left to right: lflary Darraoh, Ioyte Ed! wards, Evelyn De Ptero, Llz l":ederi:k Marie Davtla, Ada Errrx, fIa::y Funkner, LaV:da Elmore, Beverly Ebert, Helen Garland, Margaret Trenton. SECOND ROW: Lois Hutchin- son, Claudia Grover, Lourse Luallen, Vrrginra I-lolthouse, Gerry Harvey, ludre Forbes, Don Brannon, Torn Davres, Eddie Fear, Marlon l-lenvxt, Gary Green. THIRD HOW: Vmrent I., De Paul, Bob Da- wzdsozt, Ray Ferrell, Bud Do- zier, lark Denny, LOUIS Friedrich, Harold Ellts, Mer' .in House Lloyd Dagrs, lrm Derena, Bob Duarte. GEORGE STONER. President TOM READY, Vice-President GLENDA GRIFFIN. Secretary 'Rn MRS. NORMA WHITE MR. JACK FERRARI Adviser Adviser l" lj S H M E N lf you see some little Devils running around with their pitchforks in hand, they're bound to be Freshmen. But don't worry, they won't harm you unless you are guilty of dropping paper or banana peels. When the Freshmen came to school last fall, they brought with them the real spirit of giving. Ninety per cent of the class volunteered for "Freshman Cleanup." This service they offered their school enthusiastically. In turn, the school paid recognition to the traditional Freshman "typicals" and Freshman "royalty." The Freshman big dance, "Dinky Devils," was held on October 27, Lowell Alder- son, student body president, crowned David Lauffer and Carolyn Lavattiata, traditional Freshman King and Queen in a glamorous setting. The Diabloid, formerly the Diablo News, chose Cherie Seaman and Rodney Sexton as this year's typical Freshman girl and boy. They gave them a front page story and picture in the edition. George Stoner was elected president, Tom Ready, vice-president: Glenda Griffin, secretary, Philip Chavez, representativeg and Darlinda Bartee, yell leader. They had as their capable class advisers, Mrs. Norma White and Mr. lack Ferrari. FIRST ROW, Ill! lo right: Beverly Bollman, Roberta Burton, Donita Bastian, Ro- setta Bosen. Iackie Bass, Do- rine Angella, Shirley Blom- gun, Ina Aldrich, Betty Ann Biggs, Norma Bray, Darlinda Bartee. SECOND ROW: Bar- bara Bowman, Ioanne Baker, Ianet Arnold, Darryl Ann Beougher, Barbara Beelar, Adrienne Barr, Alice Brink, Betty Bassett, Gloria Balo- qnia, Yvonne Blythe, Avis Brown. THIRD ROW: Gilbert Baaton, Dorsey Allison, Don Butler, Buddy Banks, Eddie Bailey, Ronald August, Ger- ald Broyles, Larry Boyd, Edward Anderson, LeRoy Bogus. FIRST ROW, le!! to right: Delores Barnes, Lynda An- derson, Donna Brier, Jackie Burris, Marilyn Becker, Mary Berqum, Sally Adams, Gladys Boe, Ginger Coraqliotte, Sally Cureton, Carolyn DeBeau- mont. SECOND ROW: Patty Brown, Martin Benson, Kc'-nt Barber, Ronald Baldwin, Ray mond Avansino, lim Douqlas, Iohn Bryan, lahn Benaston, Ronald Cook, Duncan Chiv- ers, Anita Cook. THIRD ROW: Keith Blaer, lulian Bearh, Tom Blackwell, Fred Brents, Gordon Buckmaster, Albert Boot, lim Bates, lim Brooks, Darrell Adams, Fred Cervanf tes, Wilbur Daly. FIRST ROW, loft to right: Betty Lou Duncan, Dawn Duell, loAnn Denton, Lillian Cartwriqht,Gloria Chambers, Delores Christoiierson, San- dra Coleman, Ierre De Rosa, Sandy Carpenter, Pat Draper, Virqinia Caperton. SECOND ROW: Delores Cullison, Hel en Calkins, Susie Coombs, ROSIG Dominguez, lanice Daly, Pat Dickinson, Geral' dee Dubail, Ernestine Cossey, Carole Sue Dick, Karen Cal- lison, Arloween Dorkted. THIRD ROW: Bill Dellrit, Floyd Conner Bah Cahune, Edward Cereda, Rohr-it Cluq- ston, Guy de long, Roger Dyas, Iames Boyer, Vfrlly Crews, Lewis Callus, Carl Cooke. FIRST ROW. lei! to right: Betty lean Chrisp, loann Don- aldson, Margaret Davis, Don- na Dixon, Frankie De Vore, Charlene Marie Doty, Yvonne Cline, Pat Cox, Glenda Culin- ski, Wha-Hela De Heart. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Con- ner, Bobby Cook, Sherman Damm, Chuck Christiansen, Don Corso, Daryl Dickenson, Lloyd Duncan, Tom Brannon, Charles Clark, Edward Chau- vaud, Phillip Cline. THIRD ROW: lohnny Davis, Bill Da wille, Fred Cree, lohn Cava- nah, Robert Chavez, Reber! Dickenson, Allen Crowell, lerry Chrislock, Don Coch- rane, William Chase, Iim Bothe. FIRST ROW. loft to right: Maur2:e Elmore, Rosalind Fowler, Carol Girnble, Nancy Gordon, Eula Mavlfloyd, Su- san Greenhalah, Gail Gara- venta, Alene Estes, loAnri Grove, Nancy Lee Goodarz, Wilda Flores, SECOND ROW: Richard Forst, Thomas Fos- 'er, David Fairchild, Bernard Garcia, Ted Granlland, Bob Enqe, Charles Green, Paul Guynne, Frank Gonzaqa, Leiah Franklin, Larry Freels. THIRD ROW: Glenn Fisher, Bill Frazier, Larry Furlong, Le Vonne De Frates, Earl Fullrner, Alfonso Estrada, Dennis Greenway, Harold Feinberg, Ronnie Enes, Huqh Gaunt, Donald Gilks x X FIRST ROW, lei! to right: Karen Mrtfghell, Anna Mrller, Gretchen Lars, Sherry Mc'- Guire, Kay Mrllharn, Ina M: Caffrey, Barbara McRae, Isa- bel Mrms, Drane Mrlls, Norma Matlock, Shrrley Mrerzwrk. SECOND ROW: Dorothy lean Lee, Lena Lawson, Ellen Nrcholson, Darlene O'Con- nor, Suzette Manwrll, Shrrley Ludrrflfs, Carmen Loza, Rc- bena Morrrs, Maralyn Mar' shall Carolyn l.f1vat'rata, Beverly Lutes. THIRD ROW: Brll Marrhr, lesse Mord, Don Luth, Brll M. Gregor, Bob La Forre, Wrlrnot Mrllhorn, Brll Lrttorno, Irrrr Morehouse, Lar- ry Maker, Calvrn Moore, Ge-oraef Moorlrarrse FIRST ROW, lell to right: Deanne Pakrn, Bettre Odom, Lydra Prorrressr, Lars Nerss, Kay Olander, Pat Oseletto, lanrcre Oldershaw, Sharon Lee, Carolyn Phrllrps, Glorra Osqood, Claudette Phrpps. SECOND HOW: Eddle Oyer' vrdes, Leonard Powell, Rob ert Patton, Pa'sy Paqe, Lors Newman, Marqaret Nrvklaus, leanne Perarlm, Lynda Par' ker,Crara Olrver, Frank Vren- burq, Page Prerscn, THIRD ROW: Edward Mrllrr, Edgar McGrll, Roqer Phrllrps, Ralph Nrchols, BrllPhill1ps,D1Ck Pratt, Pete Probert, Danny Null, Doua Neufeld, Rober' Qurqley, Norbert Olrvera, FIRST ROW, lol! lo right: lrll Owsley, Dolores Rose, Patty Tate, Carol Stonekrnq, Cherre Seaman, Colleen Rrqqs, Kath' leen Salt, Vrvran Ross, Lor- raine Otfreld, Betzy L, Ston- ley, Mary Lou Schnerrnqer. SECOND HOW: Srdney Srnrth, Allen Spears, Don Rawlrn- son, Rodney Sexton, George Stoner, Steve Sellrnq, George Rose, Lyle Saunders, Don Sanderson, Gerald Rasmus- sen, Kerth Sautter. THIRD HOW: Walter Srpes, Davrd Pack, Robert O'Day, Brll Hood, Masato Hxroyarna, Mel vrn Strand, Knute Osthelder, Rrchard Shaul, Clrtford Smrth, Terry Seeno, Ambrose Smrth, FIRST ROW, lol! to right: lo lene Sandra, Patty Skvorak, Raynell Robrnson, Beverly Sherman, Carole Scuder, Mary Reaesfer, Maureen Shea, Shrrley Smith, launrty Sexton, Cleo Sarnarzeya, lo Ann Reeves. SECOND ROW: Marlene Srnrth, Marlene Strnemetz, Charla Rrder, Do- rn Smrtrr, Moonyeen Sprker, Helen Rastames, Cathy Rurz, Isabel Stahl, Paula Prerce, Krm Sullrvan, Helen Peacock. THIRD ROW: Carl Struby, limmy Serventr, Rrchard Sav- aqe, Dean Robertson, Albert Snell, William leitrey, Darrell Smrth, Dick Small, Donald Santos, Walter Stubbleixeld, ew 'saw I fn -.1 f WH? WT' Q W sf ,YQ I aiu? I X ? 7 SQL " ' T fi? FIRST ROW, lofi to right: Carol Vllheeler, Nma Vowels. Lorraine Stoffels. La Verne Scharper, Mary Vrera, Shir- ley Rxtz, Beverly Villalon, Flora Ferrel, Ardtth Swanson, Beremue Sumner, Btlhe Trrme ble, Barbara Wahlborq, Man- lyn Wurzbarh, SECOND ROW: DGYIQl1Wlll1GUI5, Averett Wrtrqht, Robert Yount, Arletqh Roderrck, Robert Sh1pp,Torn Ready IlI,Charles Warnwrlqht Hob Wallatfe, Spenfer C. Tucker, Ernest Wrlhatns, l.Ol1lS Tl'1omas,Ronf ald Voorhres. THIRD ROW: Davrd Towers, Tommy San' Chez, lop Sesson, Albert Ror' strand, Paul Sutherland, Dan Prmentel, Russell Snook, Ttrn Schatzrnan, Fred Ramey, Btlly Ray, Walter Relnhart, Phrlrp Turner FIRST ROW, lah to right Karen Ward, Barbara Tomh son, lo Ann Vreonis, Ioyce Vxelbaurn, Gladys Youles, Mabel Wison, Helen Vos quez, laney Trebhien, San- dra Mao Vernrer, lane! Tod, Valorie Terry, Anne Whrte SECOND ROW: David Wrse- rnan, Tom Westoby, Adah Wrllis, Sue Watson, Greta Younqbera, Beverly Lune, Mary Ttsmareno, Dorothy Torres, Vrvlan Seth, Dawane V-foods, Terry Warner. THIRD ROW! lay D. Terry, l1rnTl1om son, Chuck Van Urnrnenson, Irvinq Wtniors, Ronald Webb, Frank Werss, Wtllrarn Whls- ler, George Weldzs, lohn Vv'tl- ltams, Charles Younq, Gene Speck, Larry Zeicllos, Ausnn Terry 'l'yp1:al Freshman boy and arrl, Cherte Seaman and Rodney Sexton. Campus Queen, Dolores Barnes, berna :rowned bv' Mr Bll Ginqrrch. The Pr'-shrnarx Nbtoe... briaade sweeps the rant pus flea? yr- Nm wi M ACTIVE Althoudx 1319 Hostess Club s CI new orcxcm- zcxtlon tHxs Vern, xt boosts Q mascot m the second row, fourth person, whom they' Pull Wlllm Mrm. These members of the Avxotxon Club wlll he tho futuro "housew- buzzorsf' M155 B-'vw If'onor'v smxles wlth hor CITOUIW of Tumor Red Cross mrsmbers. The Bop ,pefoplo Grid Mr. Wyman Spcxidmw 'cn furnish ents:-rtcnxr men? ony day A 14 533 -if .,- Q fl .nv .an GV' ss.: was iiiffx ,WZ-' M ,ww 3, wxaafm, CREATIVE nnxu-rvonvcunnsoq KIDY IAMAII PASSIN tlw nmr n.2-......:.l . A n .- Mr, Ray "'- '- W 0 11 m rmv, anxv 4 n tr tw 't""' """' ' Ssniexerisfv 0 T253 turnout """Plw 0 hfruggfka nnon 'Q IND Q is " 2 fs- M' w ,..... .Qsflr STANDING. left to right: Date Dunham, Sandy Burgess, Norm McMillan, Ierry Maker Bar bara Eschman, Tommy Wenrllnq, lay Garrett, Iohn Ruyle, Rose Stalnaker, Betty Dugan SEATED: Crane Vllalden, Anna Moliriaro, Colleen Ellis, and Sammy Seals. DIABLCDID Tradition was abandoned this year when the old Diablo News died. ln its place rose the DIABLOID, brainchild of Mr. Ray lohnson's lournalism class. A new name, smaller format, a modern style, and many more pictures keynote the success of the new paper. The name Diabloid results from a combination of the words "Diablo" and "tabloid" The new tabloid-sized paper has proved popular and serviceable and is here to stay. Among the many activities sponsored by the Diabloid staii during the l95lf 1952 school term were the second annual "Night oi Music," a musical show composed ci the best school talent, the printing oi football and basketball pro- grams as a service to the students: a staii banquetp and scripts and news for "Diablo Reporter," Diablo's own news program over KECC each Wednesday night. Editors Anna Molinaro and Crane Walden contributed time and eiiort to make the Diabloid a success. Outstanding senior staii members include: Bob Hilder, Sam Seals, lohn Ruyle, Pat Gouveia, lerry Maker, and Norm McMillan. Iohnson, Diabloid adviser. Crane 'vValden and Anna Molinaro editors or 'he Dtabloid ff 'N-N nf ff Contour drawing is practiced here to develop the student knowledge of, and feeling tor, the human figure. Form, line, and color may be exaggerated or sim- plified to create unlimited ed in the exhibits on the wall. On sunny days art students work outdoors. Barbara Vierra poses for cr portrait class. ln Mr. B1unch1's applied ort classes, design is used to create useful objects of ceramics, CTGY, Wood, and textiles. vcxricxtions ds demonstrat- SHUPS A CAPPELLA CI-ICDIR The A Cappella Choir, composed of ninety members and directed by Miss Boyd, acts as one of the school's most important ambassadors-ot-good-will. In- vitations to perform come constantly from the tour corners ot the county. Diablo might do well to have an agency set up for our musicians. This year's choir did a Christmas program, a spring concert, and a graduation program, plus outside appearances. Diablo is proud to present them, proud to hear them, and proud to name them our "Singing Angels" even though they are known as "Devils" VARSITQNIANS FIRST ROW. lei! to right: David Kristick, Lawrence Lester, Armand Frumenti, Val Lei- ler, Lynn Conner, Edwin Dam. SECOND HOW: Dale Long, Frank Dwinnells, Herb Hone-a, Don Claire, Dick Burrows, Ierry Cot- tinqham, Mark Blinotf, Stevie lohnson, Mr. Iames Arnold. The family qroup smiles tor Seventeenth Summer finale. Linda Loettler and Norman Kutn tond parents in Seventeenth Sunni out their urievanwes, SWORD AND BAUBLE Drama has taken on a new meanina this year at Diablo. Mr. Wyman Spaldinq, drama teacher and new sponsor oi Sword and Bauble Honor Dramatic Society, has taken pains to expand the drama department. Sword and Bauble inf creased its membership from eiqht members to forty-three members at the close ot Semester I. Also a new club has been started for those interested in staqecralt. During the fall semester "Seventeenth Summer" by Mau- reen Daly, sponsored by Sword and Bauble, was presented to the student body. A fine job of double casting was done. The leads were portrayed by Mary Lou Seaman and Nata- lie Bales as Anqie, and Bob Burrows as lack. The Staaecraft Oraanrzation. Some members of the Sword and Bauble Society smile at the birdie. BAND This year Mt. Diablo's marching band added three first-place trophies to the trophy case. lt was awarded top honors in the annual Redman's Pow Wow parade, the Walnut Festival parade and the Walnut Festival Field Competition. This is the second consecutive year that the band has taken the Festival award. To add to the prestige, the band was invited to represent Santa Clara Uni- versity at two of their football games-the Santa Clara-University of California and the University of San Francisco games. The band is under the able direction of Mr. Iames Arnold. ORCHESTRA Our school is credited with having one of the few remaining high school orchestras in this area. Mr. Arnold stated that this is the most talented orchestra he had ever con' ducted! ln addition to presenting a student body assembly, the orchestra was chosen to play at the official dedication of the new Gregory Gardens Grammar School. FIRST ROW, lei! to right: Ierry Sisson, Lynda Parker, Carol Stoneking, Mary Kuster, Corrine La Plante, Darlinda Bartee, Eugene Boettcher, Ioan Machado, Katherine Millham, Marlene Smith, julian Beach, Arlene Sanger, Robena Morris, Lance Smith. SECOND ROW: Mr. Iames Arnold, Guy Young, Betty Smith, Connie Verworn, Ted Grandlund, Larry Reece, Charles Masterson, Armand Frumenti, Rayrnell Robinson, David Brubaker, Floyd Conner, Nino Viena, Dale Long. SPQRTSMEN DARV BAUTISTB Fiosli Football coach ABT POULIN Swimmtna roach, IIM MILLARD bling coach. CUR COACHES This year's coaching staff has atomic qualities. With eight competent coaches such as these, some human athletic bombs should make the news this year. Coach Rod Franz, three times AllAAmerican from Cal, heads the football coaching staff. He is ably assisted by Dick Fairclough and lohn Ralston, also from Cal. Coach Dick Miller led our l.V.'s through a most successful seas son. Not to be outdone, Darv Bautista led the miniatures tfroshl through a season of tries and dies. Cn the cage scene, Coach Les Williams managed to build up a very sound team with not one veteran first- string man there to start the season. Last year our track team did not get the county cham- pionship, but talent aplenty was discovered which should help Rod Franz in his training of the "thin-clads" this year. lohn Ralston, head baseball coach, was gratified by the year's large turnout this year for the great Ameri- can sport. He is replacing lim Millard, who is this year's tumbling coach. Art Poulin will direct the sport of Neptune again this year. l-le ran up a series of wins last year, and in '52 should duplicate the compliments of '5l. IOHN RALSTON and Easezxad coach DICK MILLER Tennis coach. Team trainer ard turr Asssztanffootballco l l.V. Football boa 'rf and RICHARD FAIRCLOUGH Fo 1 s s I r c E En is 2 0 -2 VARSITY SQUAD FIRST HOW, lol! io right: "Shortstuff," B111 Dubbin, Skip Sthultz, Iohn Mnlielvy, B1 lack lardine, Wayne Coppofk, Sig Lanstrom, Sammy Seals. SECOND HOW: A t RobertRu1z, Manuel Gonzaga, Wirnpy Dellemeter, lim Searfus, Bob Lee, Hairy M ll B d W Gordon Robbins, Bob 1-lutrhinson. THIRD HOW: lohn Tucker, lack Teraberry, M lc y B b VV k Marva Mr-Kean, Paul Eabeif, Ed Ba'sori, look Mauser, George Narbarws, lack M C 1-1 Mr. Rod Franz, bespectacled mentor of this year's Diablo varsity, came to us from the University of Cali- A fornia, where he had been selected three times All' I I American from HPGDPYH Waldorf's famous football teams. Franz did a first class job of coaching a relatively green team with the following results: Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo 12 19 29 26 U O 39 26 36 26 18 25 32 127 7 29 6 SCOREBOARD VARSITY Mt. Diablo won 6-We lost 2 Iv FROS1-1 Oakland Tech . . Fremont . Iohn Swett . Antioch . Pittsburg . . Acalanes . Alhambra . Albany . Iohn Swett . . Antioch . Pittsburg . . Acalanes . Alhambra . Albany . . Pittsburg . San Ramon . . Amador 6 13 19 2 34 13 13 6 O O 6 6 12 U 20 O 19 M xt! .5 9 0 3 S in M55 .. i 'Q ,., .. My ll P L 7 7 K V t 1 .. . F y . I " f , ,xi ' , . - X -t ,,. ' it ' ' rt rl a l l I ' f ,v 1. r, I.V. FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Robbie I-Irmsl, I-larry Haley, Russell Steele, Muriel Coplin, lerry Mandel, Alan Lind- seYf lerry Davis. SECOND ROW: Butch Matheson, lim Davis, Charles Quinlm, Paul Christiansen, Bill Mazza. Bob Fawcett, 'Whitey Scztxarza, lerry Sisscn, limmy Snyder, Ray Ferrel, Louis Goodall. THIRD ROW: lack fones, Howard Schultz, Bob Hedgecock, David Skuba, Felix Rorno, Larry Schmidt, Bob Probert, Claude Pro- znessi, Ernie Matlock, Dcn Mares, Marlin I-ienvitt. FOURTH ROW: Fred Crabaugh, Bill Price, Kirk Rogers, Al Mxerzwik, loe Mora, jerry Taylor, Arland Ditmore, Bud Torres, David Wonlgemuth, Lyn Rice, Kent Gandy, Larry Azevedo, Ed Ruiz, Nick Cretan. IUNIOR VARSITY The l.V.'s did it again this year by coming through Without a loss, to cop the C.C.C.A.L. l.V.'s championship. The mighty LV. defense allowed but 24 points to be scored upon them, while their crushing offense scored l37 points. The next year's lmps have quite a record to live up to with two years' championships in a row. FROSH SQUAD The Frosh had a rough time this year as they lost two games and Won but one all year. They lost a hard-fought battle to the Pittsburg LV. Reserve and Frosh 20-U, and another to the Amador Lions Frosh l8-6. Their sole win was against the San Ramon Frosh 20-U, on the San Ramon home field. The Frosh, although on the small side, played exceptionally well, fought all the way, and never gave up. They were gallant little guys. FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Fred Cree, Richard Lucky, Bob Wallace, lim Blackburn, Roger Lee, Ronald Baldwin, loe Sisson, Steve Patterson, Ronald Sexton, lim Thompson, Ed McGill, Al Boot, lim Kelly, SECOND ROW: Spencer Tucker, lohn Pierce, Rondell Hanson, Dorsey Allison, Shelby Higgins, Tom Ready, Dick Egan, lim Brooks, Bill Philips, Billy Ray, Ed Ulrick, George Stoner, lohn Thez, THIRD ROW: Danny White, Willy Cruz, Glen Fisher, Bob Cochine, Earl Humphrey lim Haskins, Leonard Griffith, Charles Van Emmerson, Ed Cereda. Bill Leath, lim Bates, Darv Bautista, coach. .tl"isa...a, M. CUB VARSITY lOHN SWETT vs. MT, DlABLOfThe Mt. Diablo "Red Devils" of Concord invaded Crockett to battle with the lohn Swett "ln- dians" in the initial contest of the C.C.C.A.L. season, After the final gun had sounded and the last player had limped to the dressing room, the scoreboard read 20-l9 in favor of the inexperienced "Red Devils." ANTIOCH vs. MT. DIABLCMML Diablo, after squeaking by the week before by a single point, met the Antioch Panthers on their home field and dumped them by a 26-2 margin. PITTSBURG vs. MT. DIABLO-ln the third game of the season the Diablo Devils bowed down to the mighty Pittsburg Pirates to the tune of 34 to O at Concord. Although scrapping all the way from the starting whistle to the last buzzer, the Devils could not crack the winning combina- tion of the Pittsburg Four Horsemen, Brigges, Lawson, Dawson and Comera, who dug out 34 points from the Devils' defense. MT. DIABLO vs. ACALANES-ln the battle for the number two place, Diablo "Red Devils" lost its second game of the season to the Acalanes Dons, l3-U, in a hard-fought game at the Diablo stadium. ln losing that game we relinquished our right to the perpetual frophy set up between the two schools. ALHAMBRA vs. MT. DIABLO-fAfter taking a trouncing in the previous games, the Diablo Devils looked for revenge when they invaded Martinez. They succeeded---the score 39-13. ALBANY vs. MT. DIABLO-ln the final game of the season, Diablo's Devils clashed with the Albany Cougars in one of the wettest games ever played in Diablo's history. When the players wiped the mud from their eyes at the final gun's sound, they could see the scoreboard giving the Red Devils cr margin. The scoree26-6. A? Wig MM My ww Www 9 m 14 walfwv J mmf 711 MW? ffwg Mai JMQWW ffm K ,, We mf W Wf MU' GW W 110' fff ,, if ua' M ca Md' s, 3 V9 11 ,Xfxaw get Avfagag 'A-My , Www: 5 M 354, 'wp A ,, A' 'Wwww-A , , U pw BASKETBALL VARSITY A sauad of raw recruits fought out the 1951-52 season under the coaching of Les Williams. Not one single returning letter- man greeted him at the beginning of the season: only promising Sophomores, lun- iors, and Seniors. Although the team lacked much season- ing and experience, Mr. Williams was proud of the performance his men dis- played under the stronq opposition en- countered. The talent displayed by a variety of Voung stars in the present season, how- ever, showed promise of stiff competition TEAM for our opponents next year. Diablo Diablo Diablo , ....54 , ...32 VARSITY SCORES .40 Pittsburg Pittsburg . Albany .,,..,, ........ Diablo ,, ...34 Albany Diablo , , ,,,. 48 lohn Swett Diablo ,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,, 6 l Iohn Swett Diablo ,59 Acalanes .. ., ,,.. Diablo ,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,, 5 9 Acalanes ,,...,, ,.,..... Diablo ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 3 9 Antioch ,,,,.,.. ......., Diablo .,,,,,, l,l,,,., 3 3 Antioch .....,,,.,, ,,.,,... Diablo ...,.... 40 Alhambra Diablo .39 Alhambra This has been a great year for Coach Art Poulin's B team which placed first in the l952 CCCAL. Veterans such as Fred Crabaugh, Don Landrum, Norman Beuter, "Whitey" Sam- arzea, and George Cardinet comprised the first string. Developing much strength and power earlv in the season, the little Devils de- veloped a winning streak which sent them to the head of the league. Final scoring: Wins lOp losses 2. B TEAM SCORES F Diablo M51 Pittsburg . Diablo .,.,.,. ,,,,,,.. 5 3 Pittsburg .. Diablo ...,... ,,,,,... 3 l Albany .,,,,,,, .,...,.., Diablo ,.,.... ,,,,,,,. 3 O Albany ...,,,,, ........, Diablo ....,,. ,,,,,,,. 4 5 lohn Swett Diablo A39 lohn Swett Diablo .,...,. ,,,,.,,, 2 7 Acalanes , , ,,,l,l ,, Diablo ,.,.,.. ,,,,,,,, 3 6 Acalanes , ,, Diablo ..,,,.. ,,,, 28 Antioch ..... l,,, , Diablo ....... ,,,,,,,, 3 4 Antioch ,...,, ,A ,,,, ,, Diablo ...,.., ,,,,,,,, 5 4 Alhambra , , ,,,l,ll ,, Diablo .,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 31 Alhambra A, ,,,, ,,lll,, , , Team Captains and Coach Leonard fTinyi Cardoza, Coach Les Williams and Wayne Coppock Coach-ART POULIH Team Captains-Norman Reuter and George Ccxrdinet FIRST ROW, left to right: Wesley Folsom, Leonard tTinyl Cardoza, lack Terraberry, Arland Ditmore, Earl Wight- man. SECOND ROW: Harry Miller, Wayne Coppock, Bob Himsl, Steve Ritchie, Walter Bradshaw, THIRD ROW: David fSpiderJ Krow, Bob Hedaecoclc, Bob Dickerson, Mar- vin McKean, Don Mores. FOURTH ROW: Paul Dubney, Don Minges, Louis Fredrick, Iohn Tucker, Manager. FIRST ROW, left to right: George Cardinet, Norman Reuter. Dick Frechette. "Whitey" Samarzea, Don Landrum, Terry Taylor. SECOND ROW: Bill De Witt, Fred Crabaugh, Paul Buckman, I. B. Sims, lim Brooks, Iohn Trimmel, Don Dalton. THIRD ROW: lim Serventi, Dorsey Allison, Ed Miller, Ron Baldwin, Harry Haley, Bob Biggs. FOURTH ROW: Spencer Tucker, Manager, George Stoner, Norm Friborg, Lawrence Noerenberg, Leo Bradshaw, Roger Powell. K... Pt. ia P", ,.,., , ef' 4 ,X G K . ' J JOHN RALSTON DARV BAUTISTA Varsity Com-h LV, Coach BASEBALL The Mt. Diablo varsity baseball team is expecting a great season with six returning lettermen and two league victories under its belt. Diablo took Pittsburg easily lO-3, and came from behind the highly publicized Albany nine, 6-4. With John Swett and the highly favored Acalanes games only two weeks away, Mr. lohn Ralston will have his boys really hustling. SCHEDULE Pittsburg lO 3 Albany , 6 4 lohn Swett Acalanes Antioch Alhambra BASEBALL VARSITY SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right: Earl Humphrey, manager, "Whitey" Samarzeya, Pete Gmocchio, Larry Minshall, "Corky" Selaya, Gordon Powell, Dave Moose, lohn Ralston, Coach. SECOND HOW: Don Landrum, Harry Haley, Buddy Torres, Marvin Lloyd, Fred Crabough, Dick Grund, Ernie Matlock. THIRD ROW: Charles Powell, Buck Keith, lim Miller, Bill Edelman, lack lardine, Bob Lee, Mary McKean, lerry Sims. ...W KI 2 I 1, Q-it I 'iii . n I X wuz qs 4 Y -M W--4 -S , i . N. s Q, mmf, 8 ' X , ' I M Q I M M A , ...,.. 1 K K, if, .Wx Vw 1- ? . ,'22f-fir' "" A 1. ,. . "YH A ' J' it 'N f -Q: ', 1E2'1',"'T I" " ' ' 6 f , , m15I': - .. , .dvsfw-L-Zn-Q1'-f1'2Lf5,2 5' , J' uw I ..,. -5 ..,. . , W. ,Imam , x A ,, N XL . ., . ff, 1 x 5 , ,mag TIHYFII VVh1?4y' Slxrlxfirzwy' In-11 1 x da lb., g.I,:y f :.I.x1r I IOHN SELAYA Va' 'hm' IACK IAHDINE Pnahm' ERNIE MATLOCK Pxtfher IACK THOHPE Caifher CHARLES POWELL P1"'h9r DAVE MOOSE OLIII1fEIdFY PETE GINOCCHIO Thxrd Bash "WHITEY" SAMAHZEYA SQCODCI Basr- MAHV MCKEAN Outixelder IERRY SIMS Pitcher DON DALTON Pxwher GORDON POWELL Outfzelds'-r DICK GRUND Fzrst Bash MARVIN LOYD Catcher LARRY MINSI-IALI. Short Stop IUNIOH VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD-DAHV BAUTISTA, Coach FIRST ROW, Ie!! io riqhh Iohh Bryon, Paul Buckmann, Raymond Avansmo, Ronald Baldvnzz, If-rry Szsson rhn Sxms, Ice Landxm, B111 Ervm. SECOND HOW: Dxck Nevllle, Charles Paul, Rusty Sieele, Keen Burns, 'Waync 'm1Qy, B111 Mxller, hm Smdebr, Robert Hartsterx, NOT PICTUHED: Dxck Towers, Drk Eqan, Danny Cclahxvo Wmthrap Delameve-r, lack Torrrrberry. Q QS-I -9' ""': "A" SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right: Walter Bradshaw, Rich Omania, Herb I-Ionea, Angelo Schenone, lohn McKelvey, Howard Schultz, Dick Burrows, Carl Teitel, Harry Miller, Bill Wilson, Manager. SECOND ROW: Iohn Trim- rnell, Winthrop Delameter, Bob l-lzmsl, Bob Dickerson, Steve Ritchie, "Tiny" Cardoza, Bob I-ledge-cock, George McManus, Wayne Coppock, Trent Logan, Manager. THIRD ROW: Bob Walder, Norman McMillan, lack Mc- Caffrey, Paul Egbert, Stan Gaunt, Dennis McCosh, Fred Burton, Iohn Gengston, Manager: Fred Hanson, Manager. FOURTH ROW: Fred Cree, Robert Probert, Rusty Steele, Leroy Peterson, Mike Venegas, Felix Coaches Hart Fairclough and Rod Franz. Lujan, Butch Matheson, Donald Lane, Spencer Tucker, Manager: lames Elam, Manager. Inter-class relays, an entirely new and different event, were held at the beginning ot the 1952 track season. Its im- portance was to help give the coaches a better idea of the material at hand. In the three mile relay, the Seniors soon overcame their handicap and crossed the finish line ahead of their lower Varsity stars who will return next year are Bob Dickerson, Robbie I-limsl, and Stan Gaunt. Members of the "B" track team, Dick Frechette, George Stoner, lack Robbins, Leo Bradshaw and many others, should torrn the backbone of another great team for Hart Fairclough and Rod Franz in the l953 season. classmen. Paul Egbert, an outstanding athlete ot northern California, Merch 13 Albam' ------'-"- -'------ D lcbloc has gained many points for the team throughout its seasonal March 20 Albany .. Diablo.. meets, Although Paul has the ability to compete in most all March 27 E1 Cen-no -.-., Diablo,- at the events, he favors the broad jump which is around Antioch twenty-one feet. He throws the discus l29 feet and can run """' ' the 220-yard dash in 22.4 seconds. lohn Swell '-"-'- "---- Felis Lujan is one of the best long distance runners Diablo April 3 Piedmont ..... Diablo.. has ever had, while Wayne Goppock stars in the pole vault. April 17 Acqiqnes ln the 880-yard dash Cwhich is one of the toughest events . . in trackl Buck Keith and Dick Burrows have won their spurs. Apnl 24 Pmsburq For sprinters, Dick Omania and Iohn McKelvey were out- Moy 3 County Meet standing Seniors. May 9 North Coast Sub-Section "B" SQUAD FIRST ROW. lofi to right: Charles Green, Leo Bradshaw, Tom Ready, lim Kilcom, Frank Gonzaga, lack Byrd, Bob Robison, Curtis Easter, lim Brooks, Bill Maher, Eddie Fear. SECOND HOW: Iohn Cavanah, Stephen Emanuels, Warren Steinman, Don Cochrane, Larry Noerenberg, Mike Schubert, "Pretty Boy" Puckett, lack Robbins, George Stoner, Stephen Patterson. THIRD ROW: Terry Seeno, Managerq Eddie Scott, Shelby Higgins, Dick Balbutin, Robert Young, Dick Frechette, Ken Morgan, Paul Buckmann, Iim Ouittner, Walter Titcomb, Diablans watch an opponent iunip. Iim Serventi. -T.-y-q...... ' their .5 ,rw ,Q N, 4z5,gl82r' k5,'?5'1:f f, 4 m r gt, .r fi 'Q ' Q kl....,i,l...,.....,,,.,.,,,,,,, r ,mf W e ' A A 5 ---W JMMMM- 5 4 ,' 1, 8 tri! L SWIMMING SQUAD FIRST HOW. left to right: R. Hanson, I. Maker, I. Kelly, L. Ellis, I. Pearson, B. Baker, I. Cockerton, I.. Fredf rinkson, I. Cottinqharn, D. Allison, D. Garlinqton, D. Bcrrtke, G. Young, I. Tahira, C. Van Urnmenson, M. Ellis. I. MCDermut, C. Icrmes, N. Friborq, I. Logan, R. Farrell, L. Griffiths, G. Morehouse. SECOND ROW: A. Warren, M. Blinoff, I. Cullen, W. Coppock, M Chappell, C. Morat, B. Lindsey, S. Lauderbaeh, H. IN1lson, B. Younq. P. Lopez, R. Bradshaw, C. Hines, H. Feinberg, P. Pierson, I. Terry, B. Oliver, B. Oliver, B. Krowell, D. Platt, I. Benqston, I.. Forbes, B. Proietti, I. Haskins, B. Kahrs, B. Cook, I. Kendle. SWIMMING A strona and well precisioned swimmina group coached by Art Poulin has made a line showinq in the seasons meets. Hiqhliahts of the Varsity Squad have been a medley relay team composed of Gordon Whisler, Ierry Tahira and Bill Kahrs, while in the divinq department is Wayne Coppock, Senior. Two members of the "B" squad, Larry and Monty Ellis, hold two high school records. Monty holds the Class "B" lOOAyard breast stroke, and Larry holds the Class "B" individual medley. These two brothers toaether with other prospects should furnish another areat team for Art Poulin in l953. unioi Froain n Lhutk Iiinvs, Div- oi Spasnis ot splashes are made by Bill Kahrs, Three little sitting du ks Ha anyone Bi Baker and Iim Lot inalirini 'ire t t Ierry Tahira and Gordon Vv'h1sler, the med a gun? the take ott. ley relay boys. Y., ., ,...,. 1, K , -gy 'U' 5 "5 5 at f Q ? E ,fix 3, Member of the Tumbling Team TUMBLING TEAM exhibits a llrp. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach I1mMillard, loe Michon, Harry Wade, Roy Garcia, Elwrn Grows Roger Booth, Rody Michon, Carl Struby, Larry Freels, TUMBLING Coach lim Millard's tumbling tearn has rnade a good showing in its cornpef tition with Sequoia High School, Oakland Tech, Berkeley, and Fremont. Ioe Michon has placed first in the Mt. Diablo tree exercise event and is also iirst in the hand balancing. Roger Booth favors both the horizontal and vertical bars, while Harry Wade and Roy Garcia perforrn the forward and backhand rolls oil a portable diving board and on the floor. The medieval sport of tumbling is a highly recognized sport at Mt. Diablo. loe Michon does a toes-up lor A D1oblo"Cheops" w1thl.ariy Roy Garcia does a tumbling tumbling exercises. Freels on top. aerial flip. Jn ti 7 4 ,Dm as. LEFT TO RIGHT: lerry Warner, Bill l-labe, Manager, Sam Peters, Adrian Riggs, Phil Chavez, Bill Hillsman, 5 'e service by hm Gonzales, Carlos Gonzales, Mr. Dick Miller, Coach. CAMERA SHY: Martin Benson, Art Iacobsen, John leit handed player Krieger, Iohn Mclielvey, Lyle Saunders. TENNIS Coach Dick Miller's tennis squad opened its l952 season on March 24 when Mt. Diablo played St Mary's High School in Berkeley. Benefiting from two more practice matches with Benicia and Modesto, Diablo scored a 5-O win over Albany, the first league match, on March 28. Carlos "Pancho" Gonzales, number "l" rnan tor Diablo, has been undefeated and played in the North Coast section in Iune. Carlos, over the last two years ot play, has gained that professional polish which is much needed in tennis. His smashing serves, ball placements, and net play are kept at perfection throughout the year. Adrian "Bobby" Riggs and lim Gonzales complete the tirst string trio. Riggs, the only left handed player on the squad, has upset his opponents with this advantage. "Big" Iim shows promise ot the good all around tennis playing that his brother exhibits. Adrian Riggs, Pancho Gonzales, and Art Iacobsen, a fine player who started late in the season, are all graduating Seniors. "Big" Iim Gonzales gets set Carlos exhibits a perfect tor his opponents serve. backhand placement. l 3:- P. E. CLASSES Rod Franz gives in- structions on hurdlinq form. Diablo's grunt and groan class, Max's jump shot as ile lustraled under mass guarding. Baseball as it is taught in the physical educa- tion class. Ari Poulin calls roll in the volleyball class. Class "C" volleyball as played in sixth period. Diving is very popular during the free swim- ming period, The beginning tech- niques of swimming are taught to the stu- dents by Art Poulin. , .,3rL'Q! if 's H-A i-.W ,ez-fa..-Af f 7M,,i. ,,,.a- -. A V ' I . A A-eff' . f-wi v '? ,F be Y...- C I B L S' SPORTS ACTIVITIES BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL BADMINTON MODERN DANCE BODY MECHANICS ARCI-IEBY HOCKEY SWIMMING FOLK DANCING SOFTBALL TUMBLING TENNIS M rv rw is Q RS. BRITTA CALLAMAHAS MISS CAROLINE NELSON MHS. BARBARA STRUTZ Here in the PE. classes is where Diablo's crowd shows up, so two new teachers were added to the statt this year, Miss Betty Blankenship and Mrs. Britta Callamaras. The girls' P.E. department is really sport-minded now. Body mechanics and modern dance rate high with the girls. Miss Caroline Nelson has been teach- ing body mechanics in the afternoon classes, While Miss lessie Falconer has had the morning sessions. The girls have enjoyed particularly Miss Betty Blan- kenship's modern dance instruction. Mrs. Barbara Strutz is the authority tor badminton, volleyball and basketball, while Mrs. Britta Callarnaras assists her in these sports. MISS BETTY BLANKENSHIP MISS IESSIE FALCONER I Iles Fourth period P.E. girls slide into roll coll. The senior qirls again win the hockey tro- Phy- Q QP JU' fs-5?5-u,.a "xc .W Q... www W 164' aw E 0. 4 2 M Q 4 Z. ff . , 54 sf L"" C Y x x 'Wx 1' 32 was if if 5 1 I kv, z '52 SPCDRTS Miss lessie Falconer demon- strates the correct racquot hold for loan, Evelyn, Betty and Donna. Volleyball had its enthusiasts in third period qym class this year. "Pro" Tarmya Miller, coaches the sixth period swimming class. Billie Trimble as captain of her team, warms up for a girls' baseball game. 2 W 'F' WMF -qsg.. 4- a . ., Yin.-f+1".' ,Wd ,, 5 3 ' s- 5 wh -Q-M 'ui- l ,553 Umm ju fxpaun, 0 lm, jnllowmq, Edu Auto Parts Sales Co B CS I Fabrrcs Beede s Beern s Portralts Blames Sport Shop Bonme Warren Boyenger 61 Maddox Bruce Lee Appl1ances Clayton Valley Food Center Chit s Shoe Shop Commun1ty Cleaners Concord Candy K1tchen Concord Cleaners Con ord Drug Store Concord French Laundry Concord Stat1onery Crenna s Assoc1ated Statron Crystal Drrve ln Dan1elStuck1lewelers Dramond Match Co Earl s RGd1O Shop Edy s El Monte Barber Shop El Monte Hardware El Monte Varrety Farmers Insurance Group Frtzpatrtck Chevrolet Frank s Toyland Graham s Market Grande s Shoe Store Grandshaw s Flowers Gregory Var1ety Guy CS Blackwell Mortuary He1dekker 61 Barar Howard Eddy Motors Howard Warren lames DeLuxe Cleaners lerrrco s Generators lohnl-I Brmker Kandy Kane Keller s Hardware K1rkeby ci B1tness Krrhy s Shoe Store Krtty Mllk Bar Latla s Florrst Lee s Shoe Store Lehmer s Oldsmobrle Leubkeman Stattoners Lewls B1 Wrse Market Macljarland Funeral Chapel Ma1n Auto Supply Mal s Brke Shop Mang1n1 s Drug Store Matt sons Creamery Mel s Servtce Stahon Men s Shop M F Grref G Co M1ss N Mrs Nlchols Nourse 6: Cottee Ohver s Shell Gas Statron Plaza Shoe Servrce Quahty Bakery Puley E GallowCIY Berlly s Muslc Shop Rrnehart s lewelers Ronayne Sattlers Shell Chem1cal Corp Slgnal Gas Statron Srlva s Union Statlon Skateland S O S Drlve In South Berkeley Creamery Sprouse RGITZ Stan Drckson State Farm Insurance Stoddard Iewelers Style Shop Sugar Plum Bakery The Glft Shop The Shoe Box T1erney lewelers Trp Top Chrldren s Shop Vrllage Cake Shop Whelan Drug Store Zane Dal Pet Shop May we also express thanks to the tollowrng merchants and drugglsts who gave prrzes to our luntor Carnrval Annual Booth? C C 61 L Men s Shop Kandy Kane Beede s Park Drug Store Browne s Rexall Drug Store I J J J ' ' USMS DOM Shop Randall sms B 61 I FABRICS 2120 Concord Blvd. Concord Phone Concord 7177 Following in her parents' footsteps, Belva Fowler sells Pat Marchetti some new spring material at B ci I Fabrics while Lea lohnston looks at winter fab- rrcs. TIERNEY IEWELERS 2022 Salvio, Concord Phone 8441 If you should ask Stanley, Iackie, PeqQY or lerry about a qood jeweler in Concord, they'd recommend Tier- ney's. LEI-lMER'S CLDSMCBILE "Concord's Oldest Auto Dealer" Galindo and Concord Blvd., Concord Phone Concord 4481 Erwin Lehmer, Diablo graduate, in- vites you to visit his new home of the famous Rocket Oldsmobile. CONCORD CLEANERS 2028 Salvio, Concord Phone 8524 Lea Iohnston and Ronnie Kirkham never have to worry about qettinq their clothes soiled, when they can so easily send them to Concord Cleaners. SI-TELL CHEMICAI CORPORATION SHELL POINT PLANT PITTSBURG CALIF CONCORD STATIONERY OFFICE AND SCHOO SUPPLIES 2 Wll P d 88 RILEY REALTY 8243 2133C GREGORY VARIETY STORE C H MANGINI S DRUG STORF 7619 2147 S l CLIFFS SHOE SHOP Have Your Shoes Dyed or Reparred Here 2154 Concord Blvd Concord California GRANSHAW S FLOWERS Phone 7515 l883 Mt Drablo St Concord California MATT SON S CREAMERY 2666 Willow Pass Road Phone 86 I 9 Concord California LEWIS BI WISE MARKET Groceries and Fancy Fruit and Vegetables Ouallty Meat 22 W ll 85 PLAZA SHOE SERVICE REPAIRING WHILE YOU WAIT CLEANING SHINING DYEING 2 Gar1tSi t Concod CII SATTLER Th h I t pp Pho 8521 4 W Il Con ord C lrforn VILLAGE CAKE SHOP THE FINEST IN PASTRY GqyVl n BEEDES BEN FRANKLIN STORE 2002 Salvio St Concord California CRYSTAL DRIVE IN w E ybdyo 9 LEE SHOE STORE 7050 22 0 S I UNION SERVICE Mt D1 bl a d W llow Pa P 5920 C ncord o NICHOLS NEWS STAND l929 Mt Diablo St Cgncgrd California 'Nl - -.. .1 , . L Phone 285 i ow ass Roa Phone 02 Concord, California oncord Avenue Concord, California I A Phone 9224 1898 ontra Costa ighway Concord, California " ' " I '11 Phone - - a vio Street Concord, California I I ' I 75 i ow Pass ' ' Road ' Phone 21 Phone 5430 Concord, Calif. l955 Mt, Diablo Street Concord, California 's " e omeo bet era liances" -- 7 ne , , 230 i ow Pass Road c , a ' ia 0l3 r . ree r, aiornia re or ilaqe Co cord, California ' ' " here ver o ces" P11009 , East and Salvio Street Phone 970 Concord, Califor 3 a vio Street Concord, California . 'a o n i ss I hone ' ' , , o Calif rnia THE FOLLOWING PRCDEESSICDNAL IVIEN WISH TCD EXTEND THEIR CQNGRATULATIONS TCD THE CLASS CDP 52 PHYSICIANS AND SUHGEONQ MD I I N H Q P MT DIAELG MEDICAL CENTER ELPH C DENTISTS D D S B NVI ATTCDHNEY dq L I A K PUBLIC ACCCDUNTANTS H IP OPTCDMETHISTS CHIHCDPRACTCDH y HHAI I Bl SDC KJ! L J.. . C. H. .erltz P. '. lvlorley Robert Mcmiu H. D. eulelcl ICI n Mason HJ . inqer Charles NICCH-ser L. P. Steel H. D. .ffwffv Iohn A. Abby H. L. Pulqlicml I. P. rcxdley CQ1rlP.MIlls M. . Iczllim llvlczrtluezl Iu ef cms .II C armcly Ncmicm I. SLIHHZIQTS cz crsey 1 I , . Alo sims E. Lambs . . bm Kelvin H. Pierce N. E. ount We Telegraph K Q F1owers From ousmvs S119Uf1Y they Spefrfk dl! D it so weI1 O F I S 2133 Concord Avenue AUFIO PARTS SALES CO Cornp1 te Mo P1109 Shop cmd Not r Rebu Id ng Servtce PISTON RESIZTNC HEAD PLANING BRAKE DRUMS TURNED C cord CGI forn o CONCORD FRENCH IAUNDRY Mrs G Ncrrberes Phone 4541 1850 Mt Dtoblo Stre t BONNIF WARREN L S Apr or I pe 1 1 es Skrrt S Jeoters Grd B ous s Gregory V111::tqe COHCCFCI 97 I NOURSE AND COFFEE 2345 W111oW Pcrss Rodd Concord Cdhf Phone 2201 A Good Deol Depends on Your Aqent INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE GUY 61 BLACKWELL MORTUARY Estobhsned 1882 2090 W11Iow Pdss Rodd Concord 6671 GR ANDE S SI-IOES BUSTER BROWIN SHOES 1428 Br adm oy Wclnut C eek 3468 60 Mom St cet Martine 748 DIAMOND IVIATCI-I CO n P ss R nd Eost treet C cor TI-IE KANDY KANE For Fun and Rehn stron 2135 So1x1o Street Concord 0900 FARMERS INSIJ RAN CE GROUP Cor1O E111nq 24 bd ro Ire t C nc rd 8941 WHELAN DRUGS Gregory V1l1oqe Phone Concord 5130 - I " 1 A , Y 1 e cy, W 4 o - I i I 5Q:,A.5.i -in I A , . 2 ' .7' ' ' ft 41 1 ' + H fm I I 1 ,If Phone 2046 Gront Street Concord 8531 I I J Gdie ' J re I . . OUIS'C'G1I . 5, v , I'e . ' e 9 I L 1 . A P110 Q 2131 , o f ' ' r r I I . G . odd CI S Cn d, CG1if. CJ I- ' Z , T J. . X ' , ' " V 48 " .v' S. c o c F The two Mikes Cone a Senior at Diablol pose at ZANE-DAL PET SHOP Here you can find BOARDING KENNELS TROPICAL FISH GOLD FISH AND AOUARIUMS PARAKEETS CANARIES and BIRD SUPPLIES DOGS AND PUPPIES Pittsburg 2 6730 2077 Willow Pass Road PITTSBURG DANIEL STUCKI SPROUSE REITZ VARIETY c k d worth c ck UWM SIGNAL SERVICE STATION ph eWl tC k d l423B d ay d9978 e prt P OLIVERS SERVICE STATION TI-IE SUGAR PLUM BAKERY 7 C k yt The following parents of the graduating seniors wish to name their shops as well as their children Swartz Barber Shop Mr Clarence Swartv Irene s Dress Shop Mrs Robert Duqan Towne Shop Mrs Olqa Blinott Concord French Laundry Frances and Louie Narberes B CS: I Fabrics Mr and Mrs Iohn R Fowler Men s Shop Mr Cal Clair Farmers Insurance Group Mr CarlO Ellinq Heidekker ci Balar Mr Ray I-Ieidekker Union Oil Companv Mr Ernie Mangini El Monte Liquors Mr L B McKinnon El Monte Market Mr Frank Lonq Manager I l Fine Iewelry Walnut ree 7374 Digimon S C es IO S ain Street Vtfalriut Creek China, Silv r, lm o s China Tele on a nu ree 6200 S 1 Mk a an 1 e ma W Walnut Creek Four Corners Concor For All ine Pastries ' Phone 990 Main Street Walnut ree 2485 Cla ' on Road and Park Street I . I.. , . , . .. . , I BLAINE'S SPORT SHOP 2125 Salvio Street Concord 5424 COMMUNITY CLEANERS 681 Monument Blvd. Phone 5672 IOHN H. BRINKER REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 2246 Salvio Street Concord CONCORD CANDY KITCHEN FOR FINE CANDIES Port Chicago I-Ixghway Concord STYLE SHOP Phone 8421 2091 Salvio Street Concord, California TIP TOP CHILDRENS SHOPPE Phone 7283 2ll4 Concord Boulevard Concord, California EL MONTE HARDWARE Cc PAINT CO. The Friendly Store In the El Monte Shopping Center 3503 Clayton Road Concord California CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OP '52 EL MONTE VARIETY In the E1 Monte Shopping District 3482 Clayton Road Concord California KITTY MILK BAR Walnut Creek P L KELLER CO Hardware 1990 Grant Street Since 1913 BOYEN GER G MADDOX Masonry Contractors Phones 5115 2014 285 Betty Lane Concord California MELS SERVICE STATION Associated Gas On the Corner of Grant and Salvio Character Candy o Ice Cream Visit Our Store 1902 Locust Street Walnut Creek KIRBY S California s Favorite Family Shoe Store 1424 Broadway East Walnut Creek EL MONTE BARBER SHOP STATE FARM INSURANCE G Wy Cm G ah 2111 al 7620 OUALITY BAKERY A dL 2 Sl d 5454 RANDALL SIGNS 2155 w 11 , 1 I I Expert Hcnrcutzinq Roslyn Dr' E1 Meme Dlsmct Mr. and Mrs. ltre ebhers U18 avio Street Proprietors Concor Mrs. N. E. raham - m I r am S V10 Street Phone 1 ow Pass Concord 9660 STODDARD l EWELERS 2045 Concord Avenue, Concord If you want Springtime to be rinq-time, drop in to Stoddard's as did Mary Lou Swartz, Pat Funk, and Marilyn Tibbetts. MAL'S BIKE SHOP l956 C lf x Street Conc d 9288 MEN'S SHOP CONCORD DRUG STORE Willow Pass Road Concord Rexall Store - Park Drug Store Walgreen Agency Insurance - Real Estate 2350 Willow Pass Concord 8738 HOWARD WARREN Salvio Street Concord l"lElDEKKER AND BAIAR CHRYSLER Ci1'1Cl PLYMOUTH 1548 Galindo Pl'1OI'19 8380 r.lft.AjX-t1:X4v I ,M X X 1,,,,,., ill man! 0990 -fggsfir g 137 i775- Goto HCWARD EDDY'S in Concord and look at the new '52 Ford. Mary Lou, Teddie, Diane, and Ierry think it is "tops." Wouldn't you like to own one, too? Call Concord 8890 Willow Pass Road Fun! o Excitement! o Entertainment! It you want to enjoy a night out, be smart, go to SKATELAND in Pittsburg. These Diablo students really enjoy themselves there. Call Pittsburg 2-9925 - 2-2118 Four Diablans Go to M. F. GRIEF G CC. for their spring shirts and denirns. lt's there you'll find your light gabardine spring suits, boys! Gregory Village o Concord 7286 lt there is a recap job coming up, try CRENNAS ASSOCIATED SERVICE STATION on Willow Pass at East Street, Concord. This year there is a new building to house your tires before, alter and during the recapping process. You get special service in the gasoline department also. Corne by, or phone Concord 8173. FITZPATRICK CHEVROLET, Inc. Galindo at Laguna Phone Concord 8564 Maybe these Diablans-Mary Lou Swartz, Darrell Grover, Larry Minshall cmd Barbara Himsl, learned to drive with one of Fitzpatrick's Chevrolets in Diablo's Drivers Ed class. It's a beautiful carl RlNEHART'S Iewelry 0 Cameras I Gifts 1632 Main Street Walnut Creek 2795 GRAHAM'S MARKET FREE DELIVERY 2053 Mt. Diablo Street Phone 8114 IAMES DELUXE DRY CLEANERS CLEANING AND DYEING 2265 Willow Pass Concord 7332 lERRICO'S GENERATORS AND STARTERS 2353 Concord Blvd. Phone 5310 THE GIFT SHOP 2321 Salvio Street Concord 8447 LOOK TO THE SHOE BOX in Walnut Creek for your graduation shoes. MCFARLAND FUNERAL CHAPEL Ambulance Service 1387 Galindo Street Concord 7227 POYNTER'S IEWELRY 2140 Concord Blvd. Phone Concord 8228 Could it be that Belva Fowler, Barbara Himsl and Adrian Riqqs are qatherinq ideas for their graduation gifts? p ens 0 1 SOUTH BERKELEY CREAMERY D M DAVIS DONUT SHOP 7 Mt D1 blo E Walnut Ceek Q KIRKEBY ci BITNES S o S DRIVE IN nds Nt M V111 1356 1 n Street Walnut ek 9100 M135 N MRS RIELLY S MUSIC A p 1 Records D nd Ins rum 1 Plano nd lnstru en a Teachr glfat r al 1521 1 a1n Street Vva nut reek LUEBKEMAN STATIONER S O A15 1613111 CAMERA SHOP I IJ r' I rf r' APPLIAN ES For Ihr P111C t 111 Portranure Ji 1-QL 11 H G For All Your Carrera and Supp y BEEM S CLAYTON VALLEY FOOD CENTER 1408 Bmgdwgy phi-mea cl so 5 Walnut Creek Calrtorrna T e Complete Phofographrc Cenfer BEEM S STUDIO AND Needs 8 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS BOB OZIAS LEDERER STREET G ZEUS Prrnt ng plannrna and color page CALIFORNIA ART ci ENGRAVING EARL EVANS Engravrng color page HAL MATSON PHOTOGRAPHERS Hal Don and C1111 TED GURNEY Walnut Creek End beets and use ef hrs darkroom HARRY WENTLINO For dance prctures on page 9 S K SMITH Covers BENIAMIN P KEYS CO Bmdrrwg ADVERTISERS For herr W1-olehearted co operat n and assrstance TAPPY LUM Staff photography Com 11111, t I tle 1 11 You 1,1ke onuts, See Them ade at 1' 23 A . 'G Qvdu I Q371 Broadway Shoppxn' Center , Diarno ' Vfatckres ' Silverware 2380 or h a1n Street a nut . ,tai Cre 11 V v I I Women's p are A' ' . C ' 1 Q1 is ' N ri 1 Q. 'n 11 rl 1533 Cypress vfcinur creek 3369 A I M I f' A V1 1 C 1 rn , ftrce, Schcol, r upplles U X ' am Street Vfalnut Creek 9513 ' .L kJ I' I li C It Y' Q ' -s ' ' I Pho e 66CC 1 1501 v ain W lnut Creek A A j A - 1 Q 1381- 2 Clayton Road and Treat Lane Cjonuor 1 X I A , O ' i , ' , 1 , , S . - 1 . ""' I l . t ' A 1 A io AUTGGRAPHS AUTCDGRAPHS

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