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ONE REU W Falls Toi, ml fm' ,. , W, VV, X we Uma a-, f f , nn hncff, TV New Curbs Board Hats A r ti ' "' On Rising CC-Spin ,,,V H Food Costs istrxct V ' l , 5,,CLCNa,. C V Sgn, Msffef cgfmrsamr I Heavy f-.fwcwm SFQOQ Y , , 0 ore For First Tffne f ' 5 5 filzchm Tip 32790. H253 H 5, M I Q , , ' , vBi14 " f ,, ,, ,, I X f , V' I 1 O pon., A TY ,QT " 1 , Qwfmige Vwmiiv f , f - X :QIEAYYEN EHAH V Uf""?4,5ff cfm" Y , , Cf f ax - , ' AS PM 1s vmuo ' , , X5 M 1 SQ fmz om vwm ' px - X 0' -Q1 H K cms 5 'mm -, 1 XA X , , A VV X Er' ' 1 N- RQ - - X X gnnstixi Mmvuu fig?-X' -.Vt ii spgs3i1?filRf" 6 , sch apluxi Pau k gift - TK , t 5 ' ' llloyx ldmnl x U Q 8, Q X' 4 pm, Mm, QM., 'ahmnqwwv unelc ' , , . K X K li ' Washunqbon Pupu ' k f ' V , f 1' 2 Q ' s ,K " YM Waoihtf . - '-.- L. -.., .. XL. ..,. ,. X. nw, s., -wx y . M.. ,, n - "4'r'4 1 ws 41-44 4Q l ma v.. W ,. ,- x www , vi Z SN , fi Mm--1-f K' S Ag. , -4. ., .f-N QL, .X V wx- fs X gf 5 L,-sr f yy V 5 Q f fvv fam: N -.fp-'pe-czv.,d.vpaCJ,44f0C ..7Zcf-f.26-1-4 Sgr-4,24-475' 5312554 Q45 222 QW QFEQFXQ fyff A M7 07 MMA QJMQQCQSE' 'GN"""'a W Fwcfvff if Zwwwpm 1 M' ar in If ff ' fl yf ' ? Q X yd? W fl G' Hb 6 v ff Sw Miwfff jatjf boiiiffffgpwff wef wwf A TF- ' w vf"i ., .-.4-iw, if - ' ':fsv:'i'afj,.'. f , Lff-'-ri". vw?-r-wif WW' ri .Y . . -05:5 -. ' if-, 9 gf 5 ,A . g :, u H. "QQ I s .M -Na xi,-ww " , " 5, ff' ' ' 'L Mary? twin , A ., 1 .El YL .kiayti Z,.IN-41x..:X fy I .li y. I . ':, ,'e',,q'L'v f WM , W 1L"f3f WW JM Q0 645 475.4 A 5 J' f f-:Nw -l-. 'N ' ' .px JQ CAWB I! WW M JWQV , '71fi'4lfcgh5Zf9L I Z MIL!!! fwiw 'W Lb QW W M WM 2 W L+- aff W ff cw ' .A x N N W W GJ 4 w X f1?'?'r5-M4 3 51" V w.7'f' , , X A A A . , X 1 Q XJ J M Ui Q XF Q, Sk xy .RW , ig my wb' ,y M - im w.,f ,R mv., WM Xp E G.,M-H I. 'W xN ,W W..iKvz ,. Sf- A- 1 -fs.. J' K- ,Q rw Vfv., ,K if if 2 W FQREWCDRD The Pilqrim Fathers asked a blessing and set about to build an empire. lust so in l9Ol with the prayers oi district electors, twenty-eiaht students and two faculty members opened a creakina' rented door and started a school. Today, Mt. Diablo is iiity years old, and the land Mr. A. W. Maltby deeded to the school now holds ten buildinas, a swirnmina pool, fifteen-hundred stu- dents, and a faculty ot sixty members. lDlAl3LCD ' l95l coNTENTs Faculty Seniors Classes Activities Sports Advertisers Then MDUHSQW and Now P U 1901 L1 - - Na. -g ' X.-. T'Lf?QQ'l' 'L Diablo is 1951 5' . ' 0 DEN T B On MT. D1AB L,o HIGI-1 scuoor. c o N c o n D. c msn 1 r 6 R5 N f.A DEDICATICDN There is an old tale ofa wandering iuggler who sought refuge ,in a monastery from the winter's unkindness. He tried to follow the Brothers in their devotions. Vainly he attempted to make the proper obeisance to the Holy Virgin, but he was an unlearned man. His ignorance was a wound upon his mind. Cne day in agony he took the tools of his trade into the empty chapel. He spread his thread- wom rug at the feet of the Virgin, and iuggled for her. For a very long time he iuqgled . . . At last 'he found peace in his heart. Then a miracle occurred. 'I'he Virgin descended from her pedestal and wiped the sweat from his brow. May the miracle of understanding descend upon us if, in our attempt to pay homage to Diablo's unselfish men and women of the past, our tools seem slight and irreverent. We wish sincerely to dedicate this Diablo 1951 to every one who. in our fifty years of growing, has had a hand in fashioning this school oi today. Big plans for more district schools are shaped under the finger tips of Dr. Ferd Kiesel, assistant superin- tendentg Mr. Owen Cook, business manager, and Mr, Iames W. Dent, superintendent, Mt. Diablo Unified District. MR. MARTIN OLAVARRI MR. PETE KRAMER MR. IOHN CLEARY Head Counselor Decxn oi Boys Principal who is always willing to give a and MRS. IRMGARD COX has capably led the school helping hand, assists Richard Decm of Girls through its fiftieth year. lohnson and cr pal with their seem to enjoy the game with all programs. the trimmings as much as their wards do. The Administrators, 1951 lt may have taken the district forty-eight years to change the word "union" to "unified," but it was a matter of months only before the original school building was changed into a Pentagon for the administrators. Mr. lames Dent, superintendent of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, now carries the planning load along with Dr. Ferd Kiesel, assistant superintendent, and Mr. Owen Cook, business administrator, for the whole district. Mr. Iohn Cleary, principal, came to us as vice-principal in l948 under Mr. Dent. After one year's service in assisting the principal, he packed up his files and moved into the inner office to take over his present duties as principal. Mr. Martin Olavarri, head counselor, took over Mr. Cleary's old office in l949, and has the problem of programing and counseling the l5UO-odd students now in attendance at Diablo. Across "The Tunnel" lie the offices of the deans, Mr. Pete Kramer, with twenty-five years' service to our school, as dean of boysg and Mrs. lrmgard Cox as dean of girls. There is another office in old room l2 now, that of Mis. Adele Hodge. Here attendance records are kept and filed. "Age cannot wither" - the old building. on V7 ? 1 '45, W f f , W, FP ff ami 'W 4 if Uwe fa X W f if 4.,, my 1. , fx 223 PM . I' 'x SECRETARIES Left to Hiqhl: Ewn.j'e M'1'?.eLzr., f, lkig-r, Adel-1 Hzqgfe, Pumx.-Q Ee Urwjg-ey, E-rme Q Fredniiizn, E. ff' "f ' ' I" ' , .-:.C.- '-:li CUSTODIANS FIRST ROW, lei! to right: Frzznk Car Eenme Eomm, I-'I-ed PIFIQZITOIE-, AI pcm, Dove Egorl-: SECOND ROW, Earn-es, Ice Smoqym, Fred Havgl BUS DRIVERS FIRST HOW, lQf' fo nuht: D. Div.. IfI'1rU!,H,GIlfIGUI E Php L 4 SECOND now: L 1rqQE5fI43,'HfAE2 rw-r, E. Hzdqes, E Hzdgef, Q. Arr, P Lprf CAFETERIA COOKS My Wynn 4 1-at Y. D: ZIY P ur Er1o'1:SI'n'1Iey, Bob Turner 'nc' pfpre IL , "To Speak What I Do Know" I am Mt. Diablo High School. Since my birth in a small room in the Concord Grammar School fifty years ago, 1 have grown in size and prominence. At birth many thought me weak and believed that 1 wouldn't last long. But with the aid of many friends who had faith in my future, I gained strength. There were men like Mr. A. W. Maltby who generously donated the land for my home, and Mr. George W. Wright, my first principal. Mr. Wright, accompanied by three teachers, led sixty-two students through the four-year course. Naturally, they felt quite proud of me. And why not? Very few high schools in their third year have been accredited by the University of California. Quite good for a three-year-old, don't you think? I was now beginning to get growing pains. There were principals coming and going every two or three years. Mr. Herbert Kittredge, Mr. Leroy Stevens and Mr. E. Dixon all helped me in my earlier years. Then in 1910 it happened. Mr. Roger Phelps became my principal. That year I acquired two new rooms. My students could crowd into eight rooms now, in- stead of the original six. Oh, I was small all right, but there were always plans being made for my future. People were taking an interest in me now. When I gained an assembly room and new shops, I felt quite proud. In 1917 1 felt even prouder. I was put into the capable hands of Miss Bertha Romaine. Miss Ftomaine knew how I felt about growth and did all she could to help me. I knew her because she had been my vice-principal for six years and we had become fast friends. Now we were to become partners. My auditorium was built in 1918, closely followed by a new gymnasium in 1919. Then another dream came true for my partner and me, a science building with the addition of a cafeteria was opened in Ianuary of 1924. Ours was a fine partnership. Once again 1 had growing pains. Miss Romaine decided that the sound of hammers was a wonderful tonic. From 1931-1941 1 felt as though no school would ever be as fine or have the luck I had. At first there were only small, but important changes made, such as the addition of shower rooms, and rest rooms. Then the commercial and English buildings were added. Miss Romaine wasn't yet throughg land was purchased for my further ex- pansion. Miss Romaine seemed to think of nothing but me. I felt growing pains all the time, and always she was there to help me. Anyone who ever had any- thing to do with me remembers Miss Romaine with admiration and respect. In 1948 Miss Romaine retired but still thinking of me she left her ideas for my further growth. More classrooms, shops and a new gym were planned for my future. Miss Romaine was my benefactor and 1 was sorry to see my partner leave. When Mr. Iames Dent took Miss Romaine's place in 1949, he worked hard to carry out her plans for my future. Mr. Dent was then made superintendent of all of us schools in the Mt. Diablo Unified District and Mr. Iohn Cleary became my new principal. By this time work had begun on my new gymnasium, new classrooms and new shops. They were all opened one fine day in 1950. Some say l'm getting old. It may be true but I don't feel old. 1'm expecting to help guide a new school before long. Mr. Dent and his helpers now have plans under way for a new high school in the Pleasant Hill district. H72 . ff, ,Q 5' Z f W'A7 ' 'W ' 1 ! O , 1 Q 1 4 1 ' 1 v A A I' yd 0130 A FALULTT .non A md' sf, ' J 5 I 2 g . X X . Lv 'L ,. of X ' w , YC51' XX V jlj x, Q ff 1 Q 'A V f If ,-. 1 Q f HW? X! I 2 V 1 V ' fans ' r Q 2, 4 f 5 jf V W ' W -.Q 2 2, WT? ,V A E V " ' . M ,.2' ' M l. 4? V' f b X47 W4 " '7' 5 ia, Y K , WJ . 459f,ff..fX.-'Q M ' . 3 - f ' ' 121 , ' . . 6 f Q vwfh ,ff ,. K 4 4 if X f x 3 :qi 4 H- Inky, f . 1 J 9,n,g.,Q,-gc, s.,,,,y ,M i Q M51 Hwamvaqrj 9 W, W . ,, . M 4 'Q 4 ' ' fv, A If ' I f" 1 A- , A x UMJA U ,,ff1 fjM F A C ULTY r 1 X vigil? W 1 Hi 4,5 L . nr I LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. B. Christopher, home- makinq, faculty fellowship committee: Mrs. A. Head, homemakinq, cafeteria, Miss E. Hawk, school nurse, faculty fellowship, Mr. I. Amold, instrumental music, curriculum committee, air raid committee, Miss V. Boyd, all vocal music, social studies. FIRST HOW, loft to right: Mr. S. Ccrseleqgio, wood shop, student assemblies and programs committee, air raid committee: Mr. O. Beutel. machine shop, curriculum committee: Mr, W. Thrasher, student financial adviser, ticket man- agers' adviser, evening high school principal. SECOND ROW: Mr. D. Johnstone, woodcratt shop, senior class adviser, air raid committee: Mr. F. Mohr, crafts and welding, student assem- blies and proqrams committeeg Mr. P. Farrer. auto shop: Mr. W. Cashman, metal shop. .4 FIRST HOW. lllt to riqhl: Mrs, S Krrisvl, Spun- t:.h, trivrrlty tvllow:.lrrp vorrtrrrittr-ri Mr. I". Dalld, :zo-'itil strrvlrvs, Mr. ll lulrrrraorr suit-rift-, crirrrcu Irrrn -rrirrirriittr-v, Mr H 'l'rvrrrrryri--, social studies, trrvrrlty tullowralrry vorrrrirrtrr-rv Miss l' Brubaker lilvr'-rrrrxlr, rorrrrrrrttr--i tor -rr-rrr-xrrl crilcrrdtrr and -rvtlvtly -'rrlr-rrrl-rr, Ninn: M Silva, url rorrirrrrttm- uri :zlrrrirrrrt ri:-1---rrrlilrmn rrrrri pro-irrrrrrt. Mrs H l.rrm, lfli-illzzlr, yvrrrlmuk rrrlvtsvr Miss H Court rrrrlrt, r'rvrrrrm-rvrul, uourisolorg Mr. l.. Dunriels, :ar-wlrrl zatrrrllvzr, :1-'rrtur rluss rlLlVtht'l M1 Li. Bar trrfr, --urrrrrrt-rvtrrl, r'urrir'rilrirrr vurrrrrirtteeg Mrs. I. rI'llrrrrly, 211-rrrrlrzh. SECOND HOW: Mr. Ft. lfly, :.-it r-rl :atrrdn-xr, lrr-:alrrrrurr class adviser: Mr. G Furry, :sri-'trrl :atrtdtr-5, in-Lrhrrrrrrr class adviser itll rrlrrl rw-rrtrrrrttr-rv, Mitts l.. Bishop, vorrrrrwrctal, Munir lf. Mlllllllltl, :sc-full studios, counselor, lun roi' Strrte-urnong Mrs. N. White, social studies, timid rxwrrror r-lass adviser, Miss G. Kyne, Eng lnzhg Mtizrr A. Corrvtirrmri, Enqlrsh, tafully wel' lun- vrurrrrrtttr-1-5 Miss H. Galrndo, Spanish, vrir :rr ulum vurnrriittou, C SF. adviserg Mr H Klrnq r-rwrrrrrrr-trial, irorilroruoru vlass advisor: tvtiss ll ltr,-rl-rv, vrirrirrrrvruirrl, ticket manaqur, Mr. M Wlqhl, cornmerclal, counselor LEFT T0 RIGHT: Miss C. Nelson, head of girls' P.E., curriculum committee: Miss I. Falconer, adviser of G.A.A., girls' P.E., committee for gen- eral calendar and active calendar, air raid committee: Mr. A. Pullen, boys' P.E., head of swimming team, B basketball coach, I.V. foot- iall assistant: Mrs. B. Strutz, girls' P.E., adviser of junior class: Mr. I. Millard, LV. football coach, varsity baseball coach: Mr. L. Williams, boys' P.E. head, varsity basketball coach, cur- riculum committee, air raid committee. FIRST ROW. left to right: Mrs. D. Henderson, biology, counselor: Mr. G. Bautista, biology and boys' P.E., freshman football coach, I.V. base- ball coach: Miss I. Waud, homemaking, senior class adviser, curriculum committee. SECOND HOW: Mr. I. Woolum, mathematics and alge- bra, student assemblies and program commit- tee, rally committee adviser: Mr. Rufus Iohnson, chairman of science department, curriculum committee: Mr. W. Toaspern, chemistry, faculty fellowship committees, air raid committee: Mr. P. Stoner, physics, science. FIRST ROW, loft to right: Mrs. E. Honett, Eng- lish, adviser Iunior Red Cross, air raid commit- tee: Mr. Ferrari, English: Mr. H. Johnson, Eng- lish, newspaper: Mr. A. McEwinq, mathematics, faculty welfare committee, air raid committee: Mr. V. Castanza, mathematics: Mr. D. Miller, mathematics: Mr. W. Thomton, mathematics, curriculum committee. SECOND ROW: Mrs. N. Lavelle, foreign-language, freshman class ad- viser: Mrs. M. Lumpkin, English, faculty wel- fare committee: Mrs. M. Early, English, sopho- more class adviser, student assemblies and programs committee: Miss M. McCradie, Eng- lish, counselor: Miss E. Van Tassel, English, student assemblies and programs committee, Sword and Bauble adviser: Mrs. H. Garrison, English department head, curriculum commit- tee: Miss M. Williamson, mechanical drawing: Miss C. Barrington, English. x! fff'w FOR iff SENICDRS SENIOR ADVISERS. LLOYD CELLINI. President TED KOLB, Vice-President BETTY SAI-IM, Secretary Seniors of 1951 School history says, "Fight, fight hard and win . . . But it you must lose, fight again and win," was always in the minds of the colonizing, pioneer students of our school. Since 1901, many things have happened, but the most memorable is our fun. lf a composite picture were made of our activities this year, the little things would be remembered most. The groups at noon, the rush between classes, the hastened greetings, the turmoil before class, the lines at brunch, the last minute cramming, the unsus- pected physics test deliberately slipped in, the problems you have solved and the friends you made will always be important. You will also remember the senior officers: Lloyd Cellini, president, Ted Kolb, vice-president: and Betty Sahm, secretary, who led the class through the year. The first big senior event of the year was the "Variety Show." On April 6, the seniors put on the best "variety show" never staged. The story was about two shipwrecked people, stranded on an island As they wondered what was to be- come of them, their minds slipped into the past, back to their school days. This formed the plot. lt was written and directed by Iohn Hayden, lim Buell, Ieanne Adkins, and Camille Shiddell. Next, there was the Senior Ball, "Aloha" The student body expressed pleasure at the beauty and organization of the dance. The decorations, music, and atmosphere, rhythmically fulfilled the theme. The Senior Banquet, under the direction of Pat Chandler, offered the nicest social gathering of the four years. "Nectar and Ambrosia" were the chief foods feasted upon. The Senior Picnic, too, was such fun! What made it even better was, the plans were kept a secret to the very last minute, no one knew anything rbout them until it was time to go. What a surprise! Tom Kramer and his committee have since then been known as the "secret service." And the highlight of the year was graduation, Amid nostalgic music, diplomas and the traditional caps and gowns, Diablo, for the tittieth time patted each graduate on the back, wished him good luck, and set him on the straight road ahead. left to riqht: Mr. fwrifilfl Irtlirifztoriri, Miwz- lf",'-1' Wiiiiii, 1.11. limlit- Itiiuiit-llg, tiiitt 1'-tit. ll-'irrrifi Vifliili X ff I' ?9 4 442 I " . X Vfgzwf WTWM wr'--"v KEN ACKERMAN IEANNE ADKINS SHIRLEY ALBRIGHT EARLENE ALDEN BILL ALMEIDA IEANNE ALLEN MYRON ALLEN ORVIL LEE ALVEY STANLEY ALVES LEE ANDERSON TERRY ANNIS BUDDY ANTHON BARBARA ANUTA BETTY IEAN ARNOLD MARLIN BAKER X .fm-"3 N38 wx Q cf' wwf Suv -un ' I an-. lv Witt? A f f -2 1, ' f' ,N-,,' frm. I ' T' . ..,.',f,f af ,, 'aff vc wfgq ., J , ' ,L t P74 "I,-V Wi. W' fi' T7 Y f, ,pr .4 3 - , , , 95 'K' 8 ff 'M fe ,-f 'Ui ' V ' 'QV x no 'Nuff' 6 ,, N ! V V My 4' Q , Za x 44. " Q -M f in Uv. -sy . I Q . 4 , '- I , , 1 D- ' sm, Vx , Q ,K X 7 :,,,i ,V My XJ A ,f s, ' 1 K'-A f ffl? 7 J ,uw-. I Q I k 13? I 'PA 'vu 1 gui f VV I xxx 'Q K wg, gf .,,, ,374 W WIA IOHN BAPTIST DAVID BARRIOUS IERRY BARRY ADRIANNE BASSETT SUSAN LEE BEITZEL CLARA BELARDE RUTH BELLAMY HELEN BELKA JAMES BELKA ROBERT BERG FLORENCE BENTLEY LAIRD BERNARD DAVID BETTENCOURT ROBERT BINAM EVELYN BORDERS IOHN BRANDT BARBARA BRASI-IIER MARY BRISTOL DICK BROWN IAMES BUELL NOREEN BULLARD FRANK CARDOZA KAY CARPENTER RONALD CASE PATRICIA CAVANAH EVELYN CAWTHORNE LLOYD CELLINI PATRICIA CHANDLER KEN CHRISTIANSEN DIXIE CLARK KATIE CLARK MARION CLARK ALMUS COLE IIMMY COLEMAN BRUCE COOK CHARLES COOK DICK COPPA BILL COTTRELL MERRICK CREAGH KAY CREER ssc if f-::'::f "' .-4" 5, 1 A RY , '!"-5' "il , .KVM i vs ff- f .., x W , , a vi? ix , if 'vi iv i Q6 . 'Yu E , P fy 1 X , A,, 1 A . ii 'U yan M if 44. R' .. f U JY4 5 H., I V I A 2 X . f - J i ,I 411241 ? " ,-1 5 S I P WJ K J x 52435 .2 if igkx 2.4 Y iss? f., EQ -fear iF , O, .. 4 u ww PATRICK I. CREVELT GORDON GULLISON I. R. CULLISON WINSTON DAHL STANLEY DAHLIN VIRGINIA DAY BEVERLY DE FRATES EDDA DE PIERO IEAN DE ROSA BUDDY DE SELMS DARWIN DICKENSON BOB DITMORE MARY DORAN WAYNE DOW IULIE DOW BILL DRAKE LYNDELL EDWARDS IANET RUTH ELLIOTT IERRY ELLIS WAYNE ESTES CAROLYN FEAR SHIRLEY FERGUSEN ROMA FERROGGIARO IOAN FLACK BETTY FLETCHER RALPH FOLSOM IOAN FORD CHUCK FRANK ROY PRAZER IAYNE FREGULIA HELEN FRIESE BONDELL FRITS IOE FUNDERBURG RONALD VINCENT GALLI IERRY GANDY GEORGE GARRELS WILLIAM A. GAUNT, IR. IANET GENAU IEAN GEPTY JAMES GINOCHIO WK MQQ ff Y " s W 7 Af ' 'Q 1 255 ' ,w -, V1 . - f f s- 4, Q , Q Q ,. , 55,0 Q- avf . fl' , If M' V1 W 1 64 ,y MZ 'f -' ,f ff -'ff ' ll W X f ff Z4 Z Q9 , . f 1' f4yffz 1,73 2, ,Q H A ff ly 5-x .4 f-... ' I Q f K5 M B Az ' 5. turf' ,. 1 .a W ,K 9 'N vw ' 'sw- ,. N X W Q , V ,.,. av W' JOHN GONZAGA MANUEL GONZALES DALE GRASSER EUGENE GRASSI DON GRIFFORE WOODY GROVER SHIRLEY HAFER GINNIE HAIR DALE HAMILTON ILA HARRIS JOAN HARVEY LENITA HATLEY JOHN HAYDEN JOAN HAZELTINE LIONEL HERNIAK BEVERLY HEWITSON JAMES HITCHCOCK DOROTHY NELSON HOPPER SIGURD HOLM MILTON HONEA NELLIE HUNT JAMES HUNTLEY ROBERT HUSSEY JAMES IAMESON JACK JAGGER PAUL JOHNSON RAY JOHNSON DICK JOHNSON TWYLA JOIRET TADAO KAIDO SHIRLEY KAVELMAN CURT KELLY MARY JANE KENNERLEY KAREN KING BOBBY KIRKLAND TED KOLB NADINE KRAFT THOMAS KRAMER JOY KUROTORI SHIRLEY LAMBERT 'V 1-27 IV' iii ,M -gy X, ,,, ,, , nw. 7 in I ul! '-V' -cf!! ,. av, gm. 49h , 'B 'if 1 in-4 1 X , , 2551 A-. . 5 ,,,, ,. Q f gs-V 11' My I f "Ls if' W 1-'G 'swf V 1 fr u ff". 3 , I , 1 if -4, Lf' '14 . ,W . sv , ng 2 ,fa ' w, V, . I '-.V f . 1' f I V? 'ff 1 7' Ai l 52 H-W Q2 if ' V-Qin 5 I ZLL lv? 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RALPH PERLY WOODS PETERS FRANK PHILLIPS CAROLYN PLUMB IOYCE PLUMB CAL PORTER MAXINE POWELL HARRY PRICE PHILIP PROMESSI BETTY PULLEN PAUL QUALEY BARBARA REGALIA IAMES RENDLEMAN DONALD RENIFF PATRICIA RICCOBUONO BEVERLY RISHELL CHARLES ROBBINS ELLIS ROHLIN VANCE ROSKELLEY BILL REUTER MARIE RUSTAMES BETTY SAHM DONNA SAI-IM ALLAN SAMUELSON ROD SANDERSON FLORENCE SANTOS SHIRLEY SCHMIDT BARBARA SCHULDT ROBERT SCOTT MARIORIE SEMAS TED SERVELLO ELSIE SHELLEY CAMILLE SHIDDELL LORAINE SHOWALTER ROBERT SHRADER ANN SIMS BARBARA SMALLEY BEVERLY JEAN SMITH NEIL SMITH GENE SMITH ff' fl, , '.,'f!-nf 'fx in Qu--of an f . 9:-' ff Y 971 1 f f 1 'fi' Vx Q.-.5-r 'err' fTH 'vis Mu? Ts nr , s-W,,,.f fm! 7 1 fe jf . an. . A -,929 ,.-- f v-vw NNT' M., 1- , W w-L-ff 1 4,f , :mx- 'N Z -X- M, , , 325' S. A f .4-us. 4 ICQ, 1154 K 1 in -'Wi X' xg 'lx' ,ga Q Q. ,,. . f Q! ZX XZ, 'SOX , W W I ima-'M My Q X f Qi K Vw. W X x Xi!! W fa J Zfpffw ,' IWW Mindy Win-K Mini' SANDRA SMITH VERNON SMITH CHARLES SPOWART PAUL STAFFORD MARILYN STONAKER PATRICIA STONE IO ANN STRINGER FRED SWANSON BONNIE SWARTZ DAWAIN TERRILL CARL TILTON CHARLES TRUXALL IACK TUSSING RONALD TYLER BARBARA URQUHART EVA UPHOUSE WANDA UPHOUSE DERRAL VAN PELT NORMA VENTURINO ROLAND VERNON FRANK VICTOR PETE VIENNA IIM VILLA PHIL VIZCARRA MAY MARIE WADDELL BENNETT WALKER IACK WALLS LOLAMAE WAX FERN ELAINE WELLMAN ROGER WELLS DONALD WEST BARBARA WHIPPLE MARVIN WEST BETH WHISLER MARIE WHITE NORMAN WILLIAMS IOHN WILLIAMS RONALD WILLIAMS MURIEL WILSON HARRIET WINTERS In Memoriam Carol Leif William A. Gcrunt. Jr. ,Um 4718 'li I fry My ,nw W' V SHIRLEY WYZARD DONNA YOUNG IANET YOUNJBEBG KN' Q ,,,, M I X7- ? , wgfifi The ms' of fir KrfJmerz,T2f1: my cmd "Rusty" qmduclie to- 'xcvher 'hz If cr. Pnl-2 years frqo H4331 dei :neck plzyz 'G qmn Qmrurvfc mm Ilrn KVI- mefs Classes. Tcduy heb cr old hind cz' fmlfnvling yourg- or brmhefr, Tom, mfo 'He frfxdermt bmldmgs. Late' at Qzcgf 1:11 1. 5 'yrz,i, nl grip efiugrnhf id 'rx :f1',r.,ff uffl 'gvvf cu 1.ckff': U9 all harm 3, T',f.y ctr., FIRST ROW, left to right: Fforentc' Hmrgry 1',1'z'1,. :pf 'f1'fr., :wi ::.11 - 1l5,,"f 1' all 7, Hmfir. E'..K':, Efglkxzrfl fl :.,lfZ, Io f1f.".L, KUTQH ,..r.f, fg'Jr:.fL hy mf fjfimzr fl-13112 f"fw1nm.l'.1, ','.11,ir1:. SECOND ROW: ILS, f.f',f2".f'1 Dzflfgi, Mfirlt-rr: M' Rf':fl'.'1Pf"'fif, WGN YQ V: P, 'WMM' :mf If V21'Nvy, Elms rd, fain .'.z'.ff.'r, ft t.r.qf,r, Effvf 1,7 P,f,?.i.., .f.:ff, ,"::: ' ' :tx ' ' 'Ni ' 1. 11 , :U Cflfff, ff'JI.'. P' ,:":.'5.f f,'1f.'l'r:1, 1M,rf,f.n BUY Puck 1211, frmn' "1 L: lt V1 :' Hmm 'Hn' 1+ -V xx J 'l':!y Efyfc., f,:. ff y flu .,':.'.'1Hf.:fnPr1fr,f,4 CMV: I1fW'1:"i1, I- :vm f-N' rg 'lv -I "V :rl , fy , X g, 1 W ' . 4. 2:51 -'b v QE , . X R Q nf W5 ' " X X l - ' f 5 x ,Mpl5,gNgy K V . -1' -. ff' M4' 1. ,J ,, ,M-7 ,ww 1 .4 THE lfOr"f1ns1P1,ml10n13 be-1 plmned by Pnl If1ll1Q fiww EC'OI"lOf'llll'f5 Gloss. Txnlier fxrmnqe-5 the dlsplcy IIOPQIFIYIOU Smmm' P1"'ll1T95 lmu-'95, - -"The pyrumld IS f,'Lll by fl parallel to the lunge," 3075 to Milt and Mfzrllyrl, A n fy ff Q: '55 1 1 r + rl 'Nllllf' " 1-rm plfllll' Lfnrd lJ"'lVl 2 , E . 4 f f ww' ,,,. mf?- o ,N v 4 Po 24 fo o 4, ,af .fl 9 0 fo n 1',', 4 ' 1 40,90 44's o ,o Q, 0 s' 'lo,' 9, 4 fo'5' to 1 'Q o,' 'Q 'Q Q , ,iv 'on 'Q .049 s.,, 0,2 'n o,',' o,' fn oy W X Xl. -'I -f E:-rpclrlrllf-Ill llfil U liz wonnylllflf-d lO Te-Cl, lfly, lfwlwn, FIm'nnvwQ, 'null CH IT1lllr'5' I 'V llflixrllynl,f'f1llw,llfxn1'-r rymxlmivlff Chcmmcm f-:bowl cr ffirriver m sftvllixm. r. Nelson zgpeulis to llw Plwxuor., 29 1 '1 I 1 mx ,I H j"' ----- 25 F f -a I tl ', A l - 51 Al H 1- ' I3 ,1 ,ig 3 ' ggss-.hx , A gf LR ,ig , Q .- A f. T ? Y i M-I V.-Y in Q 1 5 xxx .. : ,-ve? EZ' V. ' Q I ' V Q ff I QM? E A ' 'gf' if W!! gil .' , Q: af, kg 'f' I , ,X 11 ik H v V 4 , .,, 1 Ni ww -55' J 'Nu J I 5 ' iff rf li-.Ejia was M4 - R fi 2 I E 52 ff. M4 1 Q ig, 'Q gfxxy: 1 :I-" ... .. . I 1 I' ,. ,. -1 K ' M, , V , I V-,rf J J' xrxg ff i f . WW' 'X I " 2' .- 1' - q , jab f " i W, .Ni 1 19 3 fm X K -r .. 'N 2 QQ lww I A . phi, . I V V, Q-,A W ff v 1 'Ma' Maja if ' f V 4 'Q-Y M i if J rf' f' ,x X W.. M ye 0 J ' 'A ' hh :f" ' I xx uw- f va 'U f f , A 5 gf? A ,llii Q aw, X yung, 4 ,J ff!!! .Mi 9 C LASSES Left to right: Wesley Folsom, Vice-President. Bill Hillman, President, Do! Coon, Secretary. JUNIGRS When Diablo was estar Qisried lfi ffl there were only three juniors. By l926, the Class had grown to se'.'ent','-f1'.'e ara had an efficient government. ln addi- tion to the president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer, the class today has added a secretary ol entertainment a student representative, and a class Yell leader to help govern 250 juniors, The seccnd meeting ot ine Junior Class hit the networks with entertainment provided by "The Sour Sixf' Linda Lcettler, Anita Mills, Robert Ruiz, and a brass trio consisting ot Wesley Folsom, Dale Holling, and Marvin West. The meeting reached the ether waves via radio station KECC, Pittsburg. The spring sernietorrrial dance, the lunror Prom, was held in April with cr very llowery theme. MRS, BARBARA STRUTZ MR. GEORGE PERRY Adviser Adviser IUNIORS FIRST ROW. left to right: loann Young, Betty Dugan, Marcella Vasquez, Charlotte Schendel, Betty Silva, Elsie Marotz, Dolores Lacy, Ruth Gelbke, Ioan lorgensen, Donna Sinclair, Ruth Shaver. SECOND ROW: Nadine Eads, Anna La France, Dorothy Burger, Carole Petersen, Car- olyn Kelly, Barbara Sherier, Nora Ann Carr. THIRD ROW: Mike Venegas, Felix Lujan, Dean Millsap, Alvin Kenner- ley, Robert Dugan, Vic Na- gode, George Cardinet, Doyle Gaddis, Earl Wightman, lames Vowels, Charles Dar- rach. FOURTH ROW: Ierry lohnson, Arthur Warren, Don Laniranco, Adrian Riggs, Ioe Michon, Dick Skvorak, Iohn Tucker, Iohn Krieger, Chris Cordill, Allen Greenfield. FIRST ROW. left to right: Iris Greene, Georgie Shadix, Ia- net Dent, Betty Marie Bartke, Bonnie Craig, Jackie LeDu:, ludy Long, Rita Dobson, Aud- rey Amer, Lea Johnston. SEC- OND ROW: Carol Northcutt, Barbara Azevedo, Anatta Adams, Colleen Ellis, Anita Mills, Franki Oseletto, Chi- guiata Browne, Norma Chil- ton, THIRD ROW: Larry lack- son, Anthony Verduzco, Earl Dewar, George Kalakousis, Skip Schultz, Bud lones, Gor- don Vtfhisler, Nerio Vienna, Arthur lacobsen. FOURTH ROW: Dale Satre, Dick Bur- rows, Paul Thompson, Bal Proietti, Charlie Masterson. Dick Grund, Damon Cum- ings, Dennis lficCosh, Larry Brodersen, Peter Ginoichio. FIRST ROW, left to right. Bar- bara Himsl, Pat Marchetti, Frances Delflaggio, Virginia l-Iigdon, Diane Bray, Mimi Harvey, Carolyn Exner, Mary Vielbaum, Dorothy Faulkner, Shirley Agostino. SECOND ROW: Shirley Harris, Ioanne l-lendee, lo Ann Garlick, Be- atrice Plumb, Joanne Lanier, Iaclcie Pool, Mary Nevins, Belva Fowler, Mary Lou Al- len, Betty Mattos. T H I R D ROW: Darrel Grover, lames Kanagake, Tommy Gott, Kent Westwood, Tom Crummett, Norm Reuter, Donald West, lack Bryant, Paul De Frates, FOURTH ROW: lack Higdon, Robert Pliler, Gerald Use- dom, Norman Kutner, John Woods, Ronald Roan, lack Marshall, Ierry Sims, Leonard Cardoza, Iim Elsberry, 3 wi ,l,fy!'Al I 3:5-53, 11 5 31 , J i Yi 'J '14 ,, 'W IUNIORS FIRST ROW, left to right: El- dora Medeiros, Vlfanda Gib- son, Rita Grassi, Neva Swan- son, Norma Irwin, Dave-lie Elling, Virginia Gonzales, Nancy McKinnon, Shirley Buffo, Dorothy Edwards, Flop' Bruner. SECOND ROW, Lionel Augustine, Iuaniia Lucero, Anna Molinaro, Marilyn Vie- tor, Vfilla Belle Sanchez, lan- ice Norberq, Norma McMil- len, Gloria Bore-an, Iirnrny loyce Burion, Pat Gouveia, THIRD ROW: Charles Dar- rach, lefty Maxwell, Vlesley Folsom, Sigvard Vllanstrorn, Erie Adelaard, Bob Hutchin- son, Edgar Berry, Sarnrny Seals, George Derenia, Rok: er! Drewry, lzrn London, Lava Loveland. FOURTH ROW: Chuck l-lag", Ronald Cade, Crane Walden, Larry Erad- ersen, Tappan Lum, Carlos Gonzales, Angela Sfhenane I-.lan Brown, l:r.n PLIERE Mark E .ncff FlRST ROW, lei! lo riqhi: ff: ' auelyn M:Derrr.oi', Do' Coen, ,oan l.f'ZHQ1Y.1. C epasart, Lynne D-erdan, Pai Salina Geraldine Dav1s,Ernt1a Spears, Mildred Peterson, Corrine La Plante, Ee'sy Car- vinus. SECOND ROW: Eliza- beth Gray, Georgina Siva I-.ldora Flores, Ehgrl-ey l'l'I'l'k l'l'E"'16 Col-ernan, E-547 ff: Fa'- zini, Elsie Snr.-.':1'e7, '.'-'L11:- dean ,l.Ive'.', Charlene H3311- 'on. THIRD ROW: liar-Us Callaway, Lauren:-9 E-enf, D1:lc D1:l-tense: 'clin Selayz Donald Clase, P1:?,:7:I 'ffar man, David Gross 'Eugen-2 Eancroff, Norxzn QIITT-'C FOURTH ROW: Eel: Hide: Floyd l-lcffrnan, Heil: f:rj-' Gale Myers, E111 Hilmar' Charles Harris, lark Elrcd Melvyn l-lclrn lQ"nn',' F1- - H xr ','13,i.ifTT .. f'I"F l-'IRST ROW, lah to right: .1'7m:7"x bilxxzbur' have Sinutl-ir lla' N.'Kotw?x-N Slim lvy Rxss-X1 Ncrnm Soulisuv Mxrfxxwt iv RolX"r'S Y-.wrvfw '-fr:z.:2v R'.1:v fo-.L Swift? Tlfvex'-vi fl'llPUlClXx'.ZY Charm i,.r-vwor 5lmr0n Fxxford SEC- OND ROW: loxs lfrtedlw llnllx' XX'wlslx loaf: Coflzorlon lxlwrmn Vo-lx,-itz-'r Yvonnn lxhiwrms-sou Farbnm Guru ll-Oll loan lfnrl Carol Smal Y-W' THIRD ROW: lfovd Nur elvis, Rmnnl-'l Hvmlol Flhlw-r' Ruiz, lmvlz lnrdxn-N Folw Ol vera, llonald Riddle, l-iw rwn-'w Silva, Freddie ltillllbff Harry l'l'm'le, Gears:-H Mr lxlrmus FOURTH ROW: Plll l:lU'YGlJS, lo-1 Mlclwon, Norm-uw MwMillc1r1, lnmes Palllws lnwoll Alclerson Geox'-to lVl-mwson, Glenn l'm'r-11 lxl-wx M-wrlxnez, lov Flux-X Em G-www IUNIORS FIRST ROW, left to right: Sara Gonzales, Marlys An- derson, Betty Draper, Nora Silva, Louise Eubanks, Mar- garet Lee, Laverne May- berry, Betty Vidal, Ianet Smetts, Rita Smith. SECOND ROW: Barbara Viera, Lor- raine House, Maxine Salas, Vivian Lee Myers, Marjorie McGregor, Linda Loeffler, Jeanne Shelley. THIRD ROW: Donald Walker, Austin Reid, Richard Diller, Ierry Maker, lohn McKelvey, Chris Cordill. FOURTH ROW: Fred Rossi, Vincent Covione, Tommy Starich, Dick Reed, Mayberry Deverle, Paul Egbert, Gor- don Robbins, Wayne Cop- pock, Louie Boyer. FIRST HOW, left to right: Pauline Winters, Eileen Ose- letto, Elaine Noyes, Donna Hunt, Ioyce Hancock, Lena Morelli, Sann Creighton, Mare va KellOqQ, Yvonne Vail. SECOND ROW: Euvon Culli- son, Nancy Herren, Joanne Hill, Pat Winter, Suzanne Powell, Ianet Paterson, Max- ine Brier, Pat Brarnlet, lean Peters, Iackie Street, Mickey Roeback. THIRD ROW: Ron- ald Croft, Ed Bcrtson, Tony Sanchez, Douglas Crocker, lack Mauser, George Narbe- res, Earl Dewar, lim Gilles- pie, Ronald Huqhes. FOURTH ROW: Bill Barron, Dick Mor- ton, Bob Dullum, Teddy Mun- dy, Reno Piva, George Shing- ler, Chuck Martin, Bob Bur- rows, Don Elflcliinney, Dick nes, FIRST ROW, left to right: lean Rupp, Carolyn Berry, Audrey Rodarte, Norma Cri- ner, Sylvia Hultrnan, Marlene Hamersley, Goldia Burleson. Patsy Polk, Margaret Cule- rnann, Carol Loyd. SECOND ROW: Bill Donithan, Ronald Robinson, Ianet Pierson, Mary Casaurang, Cathy Shea, Dar- lene Baden, Lois lean Nance, Shirley August. THIRD ROW: Paul Mendivil, Malcolm Banks, Carlos Martinez, Rich- ard Stark, Don Atkins, Fairel Randell, Gordon Powell. FOURTH ROW: Richard Ko- chevar, Dale Doolin, Ralph Dalton, Charlie Powell, Dave Kristick, Buck Keith, Dave Moose, Chuck Gross. fe, ff, film, an 'W ,- ,, ,. 0 ,4...4-.J ,, .A id, W p . 3, K' , 4 ,K gg! f 9 I Mn, ff 4 W M VL , , A! u , Leii to right: Ioyce Blainic, Secretary, Scm- dru White, 'Ire-Presxdenf, Iohn Kramer, President S Tire rrcst1:'r.pcrtQrr.teverltirltrre Szplrrorricre f. .1 U GPHCDMCDRES r 3501 'sms that 'en rr'.eri.her5 had CI school TTEIYJ. l.. Eil the 21.331 LIL.p'Q,IlC1I'll event lil me S,',LhLfI1l.ESl 'fear was the Cltrlstrrlcxs formal, Tlrsel 'litre ielj Lrg December l6, 1950. Mas. MARIAN EARLY Advlsef Tre 5:14512 spuraledr the deccraticrrs qlittered, uid Thi f.1'.'."ll izrczs in CI fesuve rrgocd. 're r, ,:','e1r t' Q flllff lil cy fgrr,,pr2s1der.t,held requ- .Ur'1r.q3 fc :leer 'ze S3r,:.L:1.3 9 sir' gggr. tg plzrr. TQ enlarge the scope of A' L 5.355 GCIl'.'N.EFL :pr .rg .cm ',":r5 i::.1 L prepare cm assembly proqrarr. me S',CEI.' : ' J 5 The 'gferg 1,. - , , Llf... :'.:::..f. ,zresruezmty Sandra Wglte nice! ' 'eL.3e1.i- f in .T H ":Q'3:',f- lgpirgug fetiry, 2311.3 'f'fr'.1te, represerrtcrrwes . E QCIEHY Czlzrtr., 11.1 Lggreg Qriegz 'A.'El.l:r3f1Ef, Tre U3'.'.ger.1 .-Q. tru' 'r -' 1355 5.35 1 ' e gagrrt-:r.f1 '.'!lll'l1,fdfQ Kham any Qther .Q Qgcrj. ' + Z1 ' 'E fe: - Fmsr now, leh to nqm: :, V V V V 5' :-V ,f E-u.t.11i::::' '.'.r:,:1..: Q' , " '- 1 1:'.k'.iv.: :..: .:YkFvzc:::5N 'ara 'sblf l "' Q 4 l, . -f 1 llxlsizezm f Y t q Z' 11' -'.l.::ii3 Yscrllzsr f ' "' Y sr:coNn now: pd, fsgmz 1 -- ff-v e, -ffl f . I I f " . nz. r-V 1 Aura Ebb: Q :. .'1:l"rff- 23:16:15 AQ X " ua x v. X ...,.x -lfqn? r-.CTX wi- , gi , x "9 ',:,:.:,:. P::,.'..e- fqrer' .:1..1 1 Qlg-isbn, Clara Grd. THIRD ROW: Tdzlwzx Abe, Sglrrxld Knorr: Mark Tolmscm T.1.m::x.f1Lltrmznzc Paul Chris' 'r xr 111 Trims Blythe Enll Himzr Hilfe: Le-1 Drk :QQ r-:Ju ':l'.rx DUCYS, FOURTH ROW: EQ? D.:kers::x Nur ,fr-'firm Al Eedicrd Fray Dxtv. Ffrmm Eurtcn Pqxxd ?.1q1l'r-,sorm Frank Benton Flxxl C rp?-rtcn, Vwrnon Ford G-11 land n ullxsen Q H, Q-..., SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Bruen, Ieanne Hurst, Nancy Greene, Earlyne Full- iner, Ioan Ellinqson, Iac- queline Iones, Barbara Boy- enqer, Barbara Kutz, Mari- etta O'Beilly, loanne Gino- chio. SECOND ROW: Ed Frey, Marlene Conley, Carol Clark, Barbara Carpenter, Kathy Jameson, Diane Doug- las, Dolores Freeman, lean Kitzmiller, Trudy Carzino, Shirley Benson. THIRD ROW: Bill Edelman, Layton Kraft, lohn Ierman, Sheila Olcott, Gloria Cooner, Iirnmy lack- sori, Eddie Scott, Bonnie Gro- ver, Ierry Harpman, Ierry Galvin, FOURTH ROW: Charles Cortsen, Ernest Hay- den, Roger Allen, lay Gar- nett, Winthrop Delainater, Manuel Ferreira, Ronald Gil- inore, Eugene Boettcher, Ken Morqan, Marlin Chappell, Bill Becker. FIRST ROW, left to right: Molly Kishi, Lorraine Lani- bert, Barbara Bardell, Bar- bara Friese, Shirley Kirch- ner, Naorni Anderson, Bar- bara Banks, Georgia Hitch- cock, loan Belon, Faye Ari- drews. SECOND ROW:Delone Chapman, Barbara Graham, Laverne Herren, Earline Goldsby, Darlene Adams Barbara Esrhrnann, Mary Eelka, fforrna Candle Hair,- alie Bales, Ad-elle Gonzales, THIRD ROW: Stanley Biizzlnt, Ftxhard Davis, Alan Head- ri:l:, Dil: EIDLZUYLX Eanid Logan, Paul Dabney, Ken- neth Dahhn, Fxnara Grover, Ted Allen, Larry Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Han- sor., E11 Ledaer, '.'.'::lt Burke, Harvey Fergas:n, Pai Har- ris, Dafgd Askine, Larry Forbes, Drk lanes, Alan tr"v:1-- F--4 ' PP'- FIRST ROW: left to right: lflary Lou Brisley, Patricia Funk, Baby Anderson, Pat Bartee, Elaine Bebenedetti, 'fiona Hiadon, jerri Euffo, Dale Dunham, Patricia Laughlin, Lily Kishi. SECOND ROW: loyce Fletcher, Per- cyne Gardner, Barbara Gran- lund, Betty loyce Iohnson, Barbara Carvalho, Mary Lou Butler, Dannie Marie Barron, Loretta Boltres, Iirnrnie Bal- lard, Rosemarie Bartneclc. THIRD ROW: Bob Fawcett, Torn leitry, Herb Honea, lohn Kramer, Dave Dewitt, Dick Freeman, Kenneth Abel, Bob Girdvain, Larry Ber- tinoia, Bob Lee. FOURTH ROW: Donald Dalton, Larry King, Fred Burton, Don Ken- nedy, Acre Hunt, Iim Free- man, lim Hammond, Larry Azevedo, Stevie Iohnson, Dale Lonq. SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW, left to right: Betty Funderburq, Boyce Ed- wards, Rosemarie Hinkley, Lera lecrri Collins, Shirley Fletcher, Lois Boyles, May- zelle Hoyt, loyce Blatnic, Yvonne Cook, Nadine Fisher. SECOND ROW: Camille Clarke, Ann Cardwell, Shir- ley Hilbish, lean Crocker, Mary Dimaqqio, Kay lohn- sori, Mary Kuster, Ruth Roan, Margaret Chauvaud, Shirley Luenser. THIRD HOW: F. L. Dvrinnell, Richard Horn, Richard Hartunq, Rheba Cline, Sandy Burgess, Bar- bara Luna, Darle-en Hen- rrcksen, Allen Lee, Al Con- lon, Paul Harrison. FOURTH ROW: Sam Cancilla, Neil Hahn, Harvey Goularz, Rus- sell Copeland, Virgil East, Neal Esaary, Ted Dallrnann, Elllflfl Groves, Don l-looirina, Charles lames, FIRST ROW, left to right: Pauline Shaffer, Barbara lflellor, Arlene Senger, Ear- bara Newby, lean Riggs, Carroll Pollock, Carmen Siroupe, Pauline Youles, Glo- ria Terry, Sylvia 'l'raverso. lflinetie lflcEa:?iin, Verde lfiasterson. SECOND ROW: George Savage, Russell Ili- Lennan, Marlyne Smith, Vg:- qil Puckett, Dolores Crteqa, Esrrie Ornania, Rosernczry Schimpfle, lanef Tomkins, lune Stone, ludy f.'l:l3a:1ar.:i Catlierxne Ray:':.or.d. THIRD ROW: Ken lflcrgar., Gag' Young, Claude Prcr::-51 D:- vid Pedrlio, Ed: 'Pass f:l1r. Pesonen, Bob lloire, Iisrrnar Qmntinq, Viftcr Bodine. FOURTH ROW1 Qee Perry- man, Darrel Sl:51.:n, R312-er' S:huldt, Ray Tfeal :'CI2 Mares, Dale Cff.e1d Hakim: Thomas, Albert Tcwrier E-lex: ry Traulsen, Flcjfd Sliertiiz Tim ucnzgwe ifmsr 'HOlN,4le!1 Io' rxqm: !.i:1Ix X..i,'Ii ,axis Malfczxxs f0L,'.w:1 Sxlximflni lleddm Y.i.l K-xzvzx fxlidiics Slnrloy .Kxllrifo Yvc:1:.wXlOc1-'X 'ani' G.01..i l':.,:" lavri. T'-1 r..:i:tru l'l.ll.iN1lA llf-missin SECOND ROW: Yooko Nalin mm Qnlfito Norman Baie Lum llwxxr-Y, lark fxlvfalfrey iwm:.-- Str'-'lm lomsr' lNl.ilo1m,- THIRD ROW: Bcity Smith, l'i-muy Fllluliw lfiviosl Mat- lnfli, Billy lxlwizza, Dirk Fw- flu-llo, Billy lxlnlier, Felix Hamm, Bill Hunl, laurnnvv Ol- :wn FOURTH ROW: Al lxlmrv wmk, Harry Miller, Carl Teitwl Uxfkw- Towers, Norman Vx'-,il lair, larry Mmsliall, lim Som' Img, lvliflwy Taylor, lim Mil lor, Marvin lnyd, Norman Roburh: SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane York, Peggy Odiorne, Charleen Wahl, Susie Wiest, Mildred Raymond, Barbara Mitchell, Margot Millham, Sally Rogers, lmoaene Sher- ley, Arlene Miner. SECOND ROW: Anita Williams, Shir- lev Pastorino Ioanne Rossi, Billie Rose, Faith Haviland, Laurel Webb, Joanne Sowell, Blendina Taylor, Pat O'Brien, Louise Massone, THIRD ROW: Donald Van Pelt, Iohn Sims, Leroy Peterson, Bill Tholke, Dean Van Pelt, Wil- liam Powell, Henry Nakatani, Leroy Vukad. Larry Vance. FOURTH ROW1 Larry Raw- lznson, Wayne Iacox, Ronald Poncino, Bob Oliver, Wayne Stanley, Bob Hedgecock, Gil- bert Tompkins, Bob Reynolds, Frank Rose, lack Thorpe. FIRST ROW, leit to right: Lynne Tolles, Margaret Odom, Margaret McCallum, Ioanne Tweeten, Peggy Sow- ell, Olive Starnper, VVarida Peterson, Susan Schaller. Mary Louise Stone, Margaret Miller. SECOND ROW: loan Prrfold, Soma White, Ann Mirow, Gail Morgan, Connie Sloneker, Bev De Beaumont, Eleanor Winter, Pat Toole, lerrilee Robinson. THIRD ROW: Bill Manzer, Tony Ram- irez, Frances Morris, Barbara Vfalker, Albert Persyn, Bill Yount, Iimmy Snider, Don- ald Platt. FOURTH ROW: Da- vid Vifilson, Billy Reed, Vlillis Shaito, lerry Zeidler, Howard S:hultz, Bob W'allcer, Minon Van Arsdale, Martin Mittel- rnan, Charles Maker. FIRST ROW, left to right: Anna Renfro, Nancy Tulloch, loan Rutherford, Henrietta Pominvrlle, Victorina Mendi- vil, Peggy Ridenour, Rollene Taylor, Iune Miller, Sharon Tall-ent, Sandra Vtfhite, Carole Roslcie, Mary Anne Messen- ger. SECOND HOW: Marilyn Stoner, Sherilynn Towner, Rose Stalnaker, loan Tracy, Roberta Victor, Roberta Smith, Nancy Thomas, Kath- ryn Plurnb, Whitey Samar- zeya. THIRD ROW: lim Mc- Cormick, Larry Milcesell, Dale I-Iolling, Noel Roberson, Rob- ert Cook, Tommy Wentling, Bill Price, Frank Milina, Ste- phen Pierce, Bob Reeves, Hugh Savage, Carl Schlosser. W, wi Left to riqht: Elizabeth Crain, Vice-Presi- den', Dale Clark, President, Laura Shelley. Secretary. T FRESHMEN An old elementary school housed the fifteen fresh in 'Ol. lt is a different story for the four hundred thirty-f ive freshmen who attend MR. MORTON ELY MHS. NORMA LAVELLE Adviser Adviser classes in ten buildings on the Diablo Campus today. Early in Septerrileer the class chose its own Typical Freshman boy and Fresh- rrian qirl, Eddie Fear and Laura Shelley. Freshmen officers to represent and lead them were elected next. Dale Clark was chosen president, Elizabeth Crain, vice- president, and Laura Shelley, secretary. Then the little-biq class qave a dance, "The Freshman Frolicf' where they chose their own king and queen, Freddy Crahauqh and Elizabeth Frederick. For the class most likely to succeed, watch this one, say they, Yao, l,,l tow HW: '- vi f Q , ,, . 3 M az. , A Wt FIRST ROW, leit to right: Caiol Cook, Arun-ttv Dodson, Mario llavila, Mario Estes, i'v.-lyn lloPioro, lxlilana Luk- :-oiicli Arline Alves, Larkie lkunt-s Martha Darrach, Pat Aint-son, Christine Keqresse. SECOND ROW: Claudia Gro- vt-i, Ev--lyn Guthrie, Fresia llativry Earlene lohnson, Lois Hutchinson, Ada Enix, Nancy Fnnlcner, Ava Gideon, Violet 1 Q,l..,, I Fear. THIRD ROW: Lee Cnle- inann, Don Lopez, Val Letlor, lack Byrd, Larry Nichols Phillip Corvins, Buddy Lndwia, Richard Gi-erak. FOURTH ROW: lohn Loaan Elwin lrxlflfl, lloyd Davis, nwth Kirkland, Ken Burn Q laaxiqh, Morlin llmisv Clvnionts, Albert Dias, Eddie lark lones, William Roll, Kon- llon Landrum, Freddie Ura' FRESHMEN FIRST ROW, left to right: lune Abernathy, Shirley Huddleston, Maureen Con- nolly, Elaiza Lucero, Diane Lasell, Marlene Adams, San- dra Christensen, Eleanor Col- leii. I loan Iackson, Eilene Davis, Margaret Fenton. SECOND HOW: Stephen Emanuels, Margaret Iordan, Pat Keeble, Dorothy Crow, Bobbie Brown, Lanell Iames, lane Galli, luanita Cooper, Marlene Ferreira, Darlene Ferreira, Ierrie Iohnson. THIRD ROW: Douglas Ander- son, Vanus Barb, Richard Kuilte, Larry Bliss, lohn Ay- ers, Donald Cree, Armand Frumenti, Gary Green, Don Huff, Marlon Henvit. FOURTH HOW: Robert Dixon, Thomas Davies, Ierry Carr, lim Der- enia, Michael Bigelow, Har- old Ellis, Robert Hartsten, lim Davis, Billy Lindsay, Roger Booth. FIRST HOW, left to right: Nancy Buckles, Elizabeth Frederick, Bobbie Larson, Iohn Blatnic, Darlene Bird- well, Carol Bacigalupo, Ia- net Larimer, Willicia Casau- rancf, Gaye Atkinson, Iunie Luallen, Della Douthit. SEC- OND ROW: Bob Hunt, Shir- ley Lee, Dolly Brown, Caro- lvnne Fowler, Ellen Dent, Mary Bryan, Iudie Forbes, Diane Hughes, Adrene Hill, Freda Anderson, THIRD ROW: Tames Cahill, Ioe Deat- on, Wilfred Garrison, Dale Clark, Lynn Coble, Iohn Ber- gum, Chester Hines, Philip Luke, Roaer Green, David Dudley. FOURTH ROW: Bill Dutra, Glenn Gibbs, Louis Friedrich, Edwin Damm, Paul Andrews, Donald Lane, Ier- ry Carkhuff. Bob Cozart, Bob Duarte. FIRST HOW, left to right: Clarisse LeDuc, Billie Hair, Darlene Kennerley, lean Caudel, Sandy Bechtold, Shirley Gay, Nancy Bailey, Benita Darnanchki, Mary Lena Lee, Patricia Green- wood, Rae Handy, Tacaueline Hughes. SECOND ROW: Law- rence Lester, leannie Kep- ford, Darlene Denton, Nancy Gauntt, LaVida Elmore, Ger- ry Harvey, Ann Colton, Du- ane Larkin, Imogene Clary, Louing Kuenzly, Carol Han- nibal. THIRD ROW: Kent Gandy, Ray Hamerslev, Paul Buckman, Stanley Gaunt, Ronald Blake, Herbert Has- lcins, Colin Leech, Monty Ellis, Iim Kendle, lim Kvasnicka. FOURTH ROW: Leslie Fredriclcson, Arland Ditmore, Ierry Andrews, Bob Free- man, Edgar Graham, Iim Elam, Ronald Book, Dick Graff, Roland Burrows, Paul Donithan, Carl Koontz. 1 532: f , ,,,. Jr lf WMM X ff , '? f -'11 Z xml '7 Z ' '?WK',f e 6 Q A ' W :ww , Zaw- AW? .,,. 5512 4 If -. it f M is Z ii Q X ji f . ,, .M ,4 Bai 'H v I ' fn- -.,M..m1 X A 52 S 2 i , 'J Q5 5424 .., " I K NN F i' A ww., Z vw mf Z W W If , 7, 'W W im Qs ,Q 'EW FRESHJVIEN FIRST ROW. leit to right: Patsy Ashlock, Mickey Fish- er, Sharon Lais, Lorretta De- Laurent, Karen Gross, Louise Krout, Melba Iames, Barbara Holland, Andrea Gustafson, Ianet Gantt, Gelene Hender- son, Harriet Brown. SECOND ROW: Donna Bez-tonoia, Delta Garcia, Betty Crain, Dona Bray, Phyllis Grell, Patricia Glatz, Marcia Cooke, Carol I-lilder, Dolores Beers, Icyce Edwards, Iune Andrada. THIRD ROW: Butch Crocker, Leroy Brown, Leon Fort, Bob Bass, lim Btckford, lerry Da- vis, Raymond Ferrell, Buddy Torres, Dorothy Baptist, Bev- erly Ebert. FOURTH HOW: Bob l-Iimsl, Harry Haley, Eu- gene Frits, Frank Bradley, Dewey Belarde, Eddie Gar- ber, Bill Drennan, Richard Bartke, Lawrence Bastian, Huqhey Johnson, FIRST ROW, lah to right: Sharon Martin, Ruby Ren- lro, Barbara Ralston, Elmor Olsen, Robbie Thomas, Gail Phtpps, Bonnie Peterson, Ioyce Wllharns, Gracie Main, Robyn Prophet, Lorna Mtch' ael, Maryltnda lNheeler. SEC- OND HOW: Sam Peters, Elrz- abeth Traulsen, Martha Pow- ers, Ruby DeLong, Carole Oman, Ierry Rodarte, Bobble Mathewson, Donna M:Cosh, Barbara Pearson, Ierry Pence. THIRD ROW: Donald Vfilson, lohn McCormick, lint Smtthson, Joe Tilley, fini Sweetser, Don Merryfiela Frank Merqy, Terry Taylor David lvtorelli. FOURTH ROW: Bob Pease, Bob Rod- rtquez, lerry Sisson, Sperlxna Mtshler, Vernon Richards Robert X'Jallen, Glenn Har- tell, Larry Sweetser, Charle l-lorat, T-rid X'fol'r-rs FIRST ROW, lot! to right: laskto Qniaatns loan Quia- lvy Barbara NX'vs! Evelyn Ist'-'ttsor Myrna Petkvr, Ar' lone Silva lotnso Villa, Car- olyn Rntlt-n Gloria Steckel- tu-txt tlnlltw XYtlltants, Ann Manson lants Peterson, Bar- tiata Mt'Cattrei,'. SECOND ROW: Maxine Petris, Arleda Stanlvy Mary Montes, Shir- ivt- N.-lson Otna Spears, Ioan txtr-lllray, Elinor Sullivan, Rosantnnd Traverso, Ann Mc- Ctnroll, Frances Moyer, Pearl llwtttt, THIRD ROW: Burdette lnfh, Ralph Hernandez, Rob- --tt Prather, Leroy Woscott, Rudy Mtvhon, Danny van Arsdalr-, En-reno Ruyle, Amos Rf-od, Ronnie Robinson, Tod Watson, lohn Williams. FOURTH ROW: Richard Lor- tntlr, Babb-,' Fisher, Bruce Bo- lttho, llrnm Miller, David Wohl-yt-tnnth, lohn Thoz, Bob M-nttnvz, ltrtty Mt'Nantara, l,-'my Mtnttt-s, Pon Menon, lt.tlw lvl-ir-sottr-, Cliarlos Ma- t--I7, llott Wat'-ilmttt. FRESHMEN FIRST ROW, leit to right: Karen Mastne, Catherine Trevorrow, Susan McCurdy, Tannya Miller, Laura Shel- ley, lane Quittner, lean Mar- tin, Dawn Nichols, Linda Matthews, Karlaen Tolles, Earlene McKinney. SECOND ROW: Billy Noyes, Russell Steele, Shirley Smith, Ieane Stroupe, Ginnie Rosales, Pat- sy Sanders, Ioanne Myers, Angela Seeno, Dorothy Shel- ton, Nancy Vail. THIRD ROW: Emery Lobaugh, Larry Reece, Roger Powell, Iirn Quittner, Richard Neal, Errol Tyler, lim Waite, lim Pear- son, lack Robbins. FOURTH ROW: Paul Vienna, Billy Robinson, Irving McLaurin, Terry Schnitspan, David Sku- ba, Ronald Latteri, Donald Pierce, Charles Paul, Ioseph Mora, Doyle Peebles. FIRST ROW, left to right: Patsy Yamamoto, Mary Lou- ise Sands, Pat Thomson, Ann Niles, Georgia Silva, Mary Miller, Rosie Piva, Virginia Vigil. SECOND ROW: Eugene Walls, Joseph Riccobuono, Bob Martell, Bernard Simons. Bob Silva, Richard Oyer- vides, Larry Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Robert Prutch, Gerald Roberts, Walter Scott, Bob Renner, Marvin McKean, Bob Barclay, Allen Sautter, Ioe Massey. FIRST ROW, left to right: Rents Neary, Aurelia Oma- nia, Iuanell Savage, Dorothy Rcmdell, Dorothy Randell, Donna Neiss, Constance Stat- ford, Delphine Valdez, Ber- nice Twinn. SECOND ROW: David Silva, Benny Ventu- rino, Ray Peterson, Ann-Lor- raine Propersi, Dorothy Wingfield, Iune Waters, Pat- sy Verworn. THIRD ROW: Larry Utley, Walter Titcomb, lack Matney, Gregory Welli- ver, Iohn Price, Sal Maca- lusa, Ed Ruiz, Leonard Wier- inga, Lance Smith. FOURTH ROW: Richard Pointer, Den- nis McBrayne, Robert Pro- bert, Ierry Mandel, Steven Ritchie, Donald Treaclway, Edwin Messenger, Michael Schubert, Harold Todd. 2 2,ZW,WftlW ' f ff M- ' Khin 2 f A W ff MY 4 pw' 2 4 Y f' ,lf was-1 FW" X ,, f llm, i : -we i we 1? hx I X WN u ' ' .451 I I 'Z . f. , . - 'W X-- X 'F jg. V"-f A fr ' . fli' 214,51 1 I Vx" V j " n ' Lv I ' V I .pf .Il- 1! i- .:i:k' 11353 .nz '. 9- " ,iizzuil ,693 45:1 45955. 52525 ,sf " H112 fb '14 ' , . ,, ,-., A .1 ,-1 I 1 I :. ' 5 0' 'U fl: Q1 3' '15 W' X, ff: Ji Likil 'mf ilfin C" . . -. My ,' . I". Y' l lan' F 4 a. lwfeilf I N I ' v ,mu L gf: ffln, ,V 11 YK! ,if A X A I X X -," . I in S :ZW A '-- YK BX f M -.,, . V lfwcuvqb V A . ' Q1 ' M ' , A- " " ,.,V ' V . , I 'Q . 4 X Xi I. L 4 - ..., X V C! !wQi,WW E' Q E! N ,Yx ,1 4- 1143 ,E 5 Wf fm 9' if .fx Tk,-. Q r, 4, V A fi xwvc f :L -H XAIIXII I I P 7 1 fsxzfi L 'C7 V 'I l?' ?7 A 2 . K ,- XX - , 5 5 t 25 ' Q 5,4155 f . V A W - H 1 f W Qf MPL' In ' 3. ... A :2 K N . 5 , fl , J, . ! 'A W W OJ 1 MEUR P 'VU I I 5 VJ of ,- X' f I N N X + 0 f, I5 AAU , Jj , l A H N.. If X , . U- ,1 wr.-f TED KOLB Senior Vice-President PAUL IOHNSON Senior Representative w 7 STUDENT CCDUNCIL ,-11 pd -f-rf lf? - fx' 3 , 2 WESLEY FOLSOM Iunior ViceAPresiden1 IEANNE SHELLEY Junior Represenlcxtive f X, TOM IEIIRN Sophomoru Hoprosaonlcllxvo SONIA WHITE Sophunmm Ruprmmnmhvo fIlKTHlIHlNlI MCKINLEY BETTY CHAIN Gnrlh' ll.-pmm-nlutivo Freshman Vice'Presiden! IHHIIY ANNIS IUNE WATERS Hnyn' Rnpmuonlulivn Freshman Representative: Milfs M 'ff T M ff, ,Q 523 SHIRLEY SCHMIDT FRANK PHILLIPS Secretary Vice President HAZEL McCOLLUM Secretary of Entertainment LAIRD BERNARD Head Yell Leader 1: 33 Y. my , ,, f .. , fs M . wi f ff Z Z . .: , 'Q ye f M 1 ' MILTON HONEA President Old things must give way to the new. Last year an old constitution was dumped for the new council type government wherein each class would he represented as well as traditional groups. The school had outgrown its swaddling clothes. Every Tuesday the representatives would meet in the Student Council room to discuss student affairs. Budgets were voted upon, representatives were chosen to attend conferences at both Stanford and Acalanes. This year's council was as follows: Milton l-lonea, president, Frank Phillips, vice-president, Shirley Schmidt, secretary, Hazel McCollum, secretary of entertainment, Laird Bernard, head yell leader, Catherine McKinley, Girls' representative, lerry Annis, Boys' representative, Marilyn Leath, dance committee chairman, Ted Kolb and Paul lohn- son, Senior Class Representatives, leanne Shelley and Wesley Folsom, lunior Class Representatives, Sonia White and Tom leffry, Sophomore Class Representatives, lune Waters and Elizabeth Crain, Freshman Class Representatives, and Mrs. lrmgard Cox and Mr. Pete Kramer, advisers. Left to right: Wesley Folsom, lunior Class Representative, Ierry Annis, Boys' Representative, Ted Kolb, Senior Class Representa- tive, Frank Phillips, Vice-President, Marilyn Lecxth, Dance Com- mittee Chairman, Milton Honea, President. I 1 ff, ,,., , it QW! .. ,V V, X Wm-f1f,fZ 6115119 QW Y A x if S :ml 2 Y. -,, 4 ff, -I iq I5 CQ Dicrblcms enjoyed good rcrllies this yeczr due 10 efforts of the Rally Com- mittee members: FIRST ROW, left to right: Fl, Robinson, E. Oseletto, E. Oseletto, I, Ouiltner, P. Arneson, D. Wohlqemulh. SECOND ROW: Mr. lcxmes Woolum, adviser, I. Ad- kins, l.. Bernard, B. Shir- er, M. Buell, S. Ferguson, C, McKinley, M. HcxrV9Y, C. Shea, E. Cullison, l. Hczeltme, R. Ruiz, A. Mo- linero, l. Buell. Member: of the Cornrner- 'pail Club ge' 3 praittczl View of cornmerce, 'J' Areir meetings, 'hroufqlv 'he eyes of vhcse already ezperienied in 'he busi- ness worlcl FIRST HOW, left to right: B. 'Ninpple Mr. R. lfling, lflr. G, Barber, A. Myers. SECOND ROW: E. 1-'!59d, E, Reqfzllci, ll. Ccudel, D. Orleqfz. The sengfr rnenikers cf the Swcrd and Ecnbm f:,,-,:... ,-ff ,C 1-"-,..,.- ss... , s., s. WM... FIHST HOW, lei! to right: l. Adlnns, l. Buell C 5l11d:lfl1 Ll Pct-.rll T-1. Fu-ffll, F Fendvrsori 7 Hlirvvw SECOND ROW: ff.s:1 lfliff XOTZZ Tsssfl Tdviswr l lslnyrlrn ll T-.liCi.Ilo::i F Salam C ll 'K::11wx' ll ld-'!c:1:.1:w ll Txlwz' S Powznl ,flu L-P lr' flu' Slhxbmxl 1 11,-wzrlwzs of llw lllvill ' lm' l .-X'.'fvf1 50. zc'5 FIRST ROW. lol! lo rlqht: P lolwn .on C Yxllon l' Yxrfmxn l l.1:n-Xsnn F Gunn! l Villa l' Yzvzzrm ll Xlhlk vi :.1-,i.-:nrv l Gnncly gm-.-.llvnf l' Kelli vis-- ix l n X l n lll lf' l l ' F : X SD .'. 1 :li A ,1. susan ll Fm- . l llwyrlfrn SECOND ROW: T. Maman R Gar- za K Christensen, T Kmrnm Norman Kutnor l'. Blyth-N, P DvFmtos, ll llvrii, XV Gzlmorv, E llllll1Ol1', lf Plnllxps H llll-'x', l llornmk, l. linnll THIRD ROW: P. llrown, l Colllm, P Stole lord, C Porter, M Gon I1'Il0S, G Myers, D Lan llrunfo, A R1-1.15, C, Ggn. znlns, B. Shmcler, C. l'r-1nlc,C K-1lly,B. Flu-Nlor ll Du-1nn. FOURTH ROW: G. Monroe, D. Morton C lonr-s, S Svlinllz, I. Mr Alvvy, ll. Onmnm, l ,-V r .--X, - Vu ki 1, X. R0.1lullQ, lx liiimlvrson, l. Alllllxi G Gnrrvls, l, Polka, l' Y 1.-lor. Ideas are translated into foreign tongues when this group gathers in Room 54-Ac. under the guidance of Mrs, Norma Lavelle. FIRST ROW. left to right: A. Lalfrance president, French Club: N, Cretan, president, Latin Club: E. Ruyle, C. Hewes, T. Cm-. zino. SECOND HOW: D. Clark, A. Senger, F. L. Dwinnell, S. Towner, M. L. Brisley, W. Peters. THIRD ROW: M. Nevins, l. Pool, Mrs. Norma La- velle, M. Chauvaud, D. Lanfranco, A. Iacobsen and H. Bellamy. These five members are walking in the American way toward their Spanish Club meeting. They are Ianet Smetts, Crane Wal- den, Iuanita Lucero, Fe- lix Romo and Esmerelda Omania. The panel of current at- fairs consists of the tol- lowing Iunior Statesmen: FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Fawcett, C. Stroupe, M. Chauvaud, E. Shelley, temporary vice chairman: B. McNamara, temporary chairman, Miss Evelyn Murnma. adviser: I. Tay- lor, M. Stoner, temporary secretary, R. Stalnak-er. D. Ortega, B. Cline. SEC- OND HOW: S. Weiss, K. Olsen, S. Vtfhlte, S. White. I. Poole, S. Luenser, C. Pollock, C. Exner, R. Taylor, M. Smith. THIRD ROW: H. Phillips, I. Blat- nic, D. Douglas, I. Elling- son, S. Benson, L. Men- donca, S. Towne-r, M. L. Brisley, R. Bellamy, B. Crain. Have you had fifty inches of printed copy in a school publication this year? If so you can join this Press Club group un- der the direction of Mr. Ray Iohnson, journalism and English teacher. FIRST ROW. left to right: T. Morgan, A. Molinaro, V. Day, S. Beitzel, K. Creer, C. Fear, B. Esch- rnann, Mr. Ray Iohnson. SECOND ROW: K. Ack- erman, I- Iameson, I. Maker, C. Walden, P. Vienna, and I. Gandy, wwf yt 1- '7 gm ,wi f '- .Z 'WA QM. 1 V Z, We ,,,,.. "" xg .4 X mm mem ss-ts Nwxw X sm . NNNWNQ. . ,N .- . . ...., , f f" it 'Q fx! f I ' NWN " X ' Q --- f r I Z Q Z .. .Q ,W X Q mi d- If Sn-ee' ,Mi-w N F Q ,W,, ,,,., ,,,,,, - ,,,,,, ..,.,, M . ,,,,,, ,.,..,..., M V 1 ff 1, 1 Business problems are discussed by Mr. Milan Wight's Fuiure Business Leaders of America Club. FIRST ROW, lei! to right: L. Barnes, K, King, M. Mr:- Clellcmd, N. Bullard, N. Caudel, I. McFarland, S, Kirchner, Mr. Milan Wight, F. Osletto. SEC- OND ROW: E. De Bene- clette, V. Hiqdon, M. Stone, F. Bruner, S. Hil- bish, C. Raymond, B. Smiih, V. Hiqdon, H. Bel- ka. THIRD ROW: B. Friese, B. Garrison, S. Schmidt, l.. De Laurenti, F. Beniley, K. Holmes, B. Schultz, I. Landers, C. Hil- der, L. Michael, S. Buifo. llll' Bill Toaspern, adviser if Chess and Checker Club, '.'.'a'Ch-es Tappy Lum and Dennis l!lf:Cash ex- efu'-e fx queens gambit: while Dick Ekvoralc ob- serves '.'.'c-ods Pefers pre- pare vo Chetkmale Bob Burrows. A xemizers ct C311- i:rx.a Sihclzrsiiip Fed- FIRST ROW, left to right: Bali: f.f..':1i HIHCT Fred Si'.':1'.sc:1 Tlcrmnzi l:'l'T'.'f,T "17if.1sKr.x'og 'Flirt :.7i...1rT SECOND ROW: "iii f-CTZZYIITZ T." Riff, f'f'.Or-as frir-1.1 '-fwfr?" -fl'1x-Jxzd Por.- rm fffffi Rxzrnzxf Arllszzs THIRD ROW: T.l.1r11n 6 :K sf mezz- ilzsk FLE ,1- LW Qt i t tt You ccxn tell Put 15 not posing for thls plcture 20001 20002 20003 sand Ruth Solomon Anna B111 I1m cmd Mcxxme try to qcnn ct Yes you Dale' Is Shirley turning out joke sheets tests or W'here's your eraser Elcnne But he s always pxckmg on me r c u IS tt I K- ff ' as xxx ff, ff' 2' T5 nEK5 DIABLO NEWS STAFF, reading left to right: Pele Vienna, Tom Morgan. Carolyn Left to right: Coleen Ellis. Anna Moli- Four, Ken Ackerman. Kay Creor. Fall Editor, Sue Beitzel, lorry Gandy, Epnng naro. Virginia Day, Gordon Monroe. Editor. Paul Iohnson, Kay Croer, Tom Morgan. 4 X Diablo News lorry Gcmdy, Carolyn Fear. Tlne Dial.lo News has teen tnrougz. a cornpiete revolution since the first rnirneo- araiohed copy appeared ir. lQ22, lt :las Llossorned irorn a novice publication to a wellfrounded, "Allf!ir':.erican P.'.':ara" edition. This year under a new aaziser, lfir. Pay lohnson, it has aqain undergone re- v.s.or.. A new rnastnead, a charged style, and a varied lay-out have done a lace-littina lol, to tire News. Tne stall has yforlced well under its diligent fall editor, Kay freer. lerry Gardy 'gave d1reci.'.'estor the spring editions. The lQ5O-51 staff included Carolyn Fear, Tcrn Morgan, Ken Aclcerrnan, and Wanda Uphouse. This aroup also produced tiie Diablo Reporter each Wednesday afternoon over Pittsr,ura's Station KECC. iw 1 MR. RRY IOHNSON Adviser KAY CREER IERRY GANDY MRS. HELEN LUM IOAN HARVEY, Editor MAXINE POWELL, Managing Editor Adviser Diablo '51 ln 1909 the first annual, "Acta," was published by the student body of Mt. Diablo Union High School. Daniel Webster defines "acta" as "a collection of incidents recorded in a book to remember." Although the classes were small and there were only four graduates, the staff managed to build up the activities and play up the sports, especially track and baseball, until they were combined with stories, poems, and jokes in a "glossy" publication, lt must have been a proud day for that staff when the books came off the press. This year the annual class alone, boasted a number almost equal to the entire l9Ul student body. W'hile the Diablo 'Sl staff worked on deadlines, plans, and schedules, the "cubs" had their own staff groups who put out weekly competitive papers. lt was a year of fun and work. Our golden anniversary staff under the supervision of Mrs. Helen Lum, ad- viser, had loan Harvey, editor, Maxine Powell, managing editor, lerry Annis, sports editor, Gordon Monroe, assistant sports editor, Sue Beitzel, Cdivision pages? art editor, Buddy De Selms, advertising manager, Stan Dahlin, student photog- rapher, Catherine McKinley, subscription editor, Ronald Williams, assistant sub- scription editor, and Lloyd Cellini, the indispensable leg man for the staff. We hope your Diablo '51 does become an "Acta" for the students of 1951. The cubs worked on their four individual papers while the staff worked on the yearbook. They are: FIRST ROW, left to right: Norman Kutner, Mimi Harvey, Mary Lou Swartz, George McManus. SECOND ROW: Darrell Grover, Barbara Himsl, Patsy Marchetti, Eunetia Louton, Mary Lou Allen. THIRD ROW: Belva Fowler, ler-ry Sims, Bill Almeida. The RX. for the annual staff is one hour of sunshine, one hour of period VI four desks, a couple of kibitzers. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gordon Monroe assistant sports editor, Jerry Annis, sports editor, Catherine McKinley, sub- scription editor, Ioan Harvey, editor, Sue Beitzel, art editor, Maxine Powell managing editor. SECOND HOW: Stanley Dahlin, photographer, Buddy DeSelms, advertising editor, and Ronald Williams, assistant sales editor wnma W ivwgz f 1-ll 1 1.0.-ll--'mf nl A Cappella Galariels Anaels could have been clcthed. na finer than the A Cappella Chair this year. Beautiful tcrest green and crirnsan have been the Vestiqe of Miss Vera Bayde A Cappella Chair. They have entertained not only on our Carnpus lout have traveled tc Acalanes, Cancard Elernentary, and Ambrose as Well as perfarrnina lar the parents' clue The rnusical efforts at the chair and its director reached its artistic peak in the annual A Cappella Concert, May lU. They ended their years work and activities with the linal periarrnance at corn- ntencernent exercises, Iune l5, , P .za 'll .nfl-,, 11.54 '!'1r1,.'zn.:r.e qe".r,'g red fir . 1 r.a'.f.f 1 flee' mug. 'za fQ'ana.r.q, Mr fume- l.::.',,a f r, a' me ptarr, FIRST ROW. leit to right: Q '.1,r.'gff., ' .,.. 1 :A , . t f iKff,'.'Jy, I. Frtedte, 'J l,etf.f,t. SECOND ROW: ' , ' gt 5 z: :,- t-.:.- 7 f I Kffex, F fQ'.'.'a:.Lzr., ll HLf.fYf1, L'l'..,lJ f:r".:' J- :az : le!! to riqhl, lr' t . .' ' 111511 l1..r,o:t rf' 31 5 ,,,..,,,,..., 1 t l f If 7 , 4 WW' ,, I fy! If -manning 1 x. ' ku MQ1-nu-an Ronnie tPipJ looks disheartened after being scolded by Maxine Miss Marg Silva and her helpers Work hard to create the fE5te11qj, nineteenth century characters Drama The leading stage production of the year was "Great Expectations," a dramatization of Charles Dickens' well known 19th century story. The staff, directed by irreplaceable Miss Ethel Van Tassel, consisted of the following people: Ronald Tyler, Pip, lohn Hayden Ioe, lim Buell, the Convict, Maxine Powell, Estella, Sue Beitzel, Miss Havisham, Catherine McKinley, Biddy, Bod Sanderson, Herbert, Dale Dunham, Mrs. loe, Mark Blinoff, Mr. laggers, Camille Shiddell, Camilla, Glen Parrot, Raymond, Bob Burrows, Wopsel, Don Lan Franco, Drummle, Marie Buell, Clara. Betty loyce lohnson was student director and Bruce Beatie was property manager. From Blacksmith Apprentice to London Playboy is the life cycle of Pip, the main character of "Great Expectations." Band The Berkeley city limits bump into the Coast Range on the east. lf one cannot go up and over, he must go under these hills to get into our valley. That is exactly what happened in 1937 when the low-line tunnel had its grand opening. The Governor of the state invited none other than the Mt. Diablo High School Band to furnish the fanfare. ln 1950, when Diablo's new gym plant was opened to students, faculty, and parents, the band was again asked to furnish the fanfare. The crowning glory came when the Mt. Diablo band won the "Best Band" award at the annual Walnut Festival Parade last October. For the first time, Diablo had a fully uniformed marching band to maneuver at all football games fat home as well as outfof-town, It took the expert leadership of Mr. lames Arnold to get the uniforms and to produce a top march- ing band. The year was rounded out with a Spring Concert in May, and in lune the band furnished the music at commencement. On the field the band is led by Drum-Major Norman Kutner, and maiorettes Pat Patton, Faith Haviland, and Mary Macliachin. The Diablo 'Sl opens the pages of its Golden Anniversary lssue with a colored picture of this prize-winning band. Again it is asked to furnish the fanfare. gg , 1- 'fne lU'fl :'Gpf, .n Us 'he offmer arrests Mcqwxrch. Thls ms Curvmn Tmme for "GreGtExpeC1f1!1ons." ' 3311: 3IZ.Lf'.1'EE',3E5 PW: cbzu' 'he "neu-."' Ewell: ' Q.1:. ,JJ :fm f .. .AJ Ahdpumedly have poured 115 muslcul '31-9n'5 , Arte f' Eu. ' T,g',.' Q 1552: -3114 the chle dueiuon of Mr. Iumes Arnmd, dc-as ' qw" N1 -11 .... ' V 'f 'Liza " " x'f',rz's and music could have sc ecsxly be-er, 'Jie r. , -1 , TTA? 115'-3r.,:.r.g ga ..::..':r. V 're 1113. . hee-e YLJSLCIGVAS was furmshinq the music igr the :,,f.QZ'.,"1f, pluy 1:4 'J' :xp-4 f': T 5 zgifzrnrr. pm was rimmed 'mth 22 students and iheg .I'xSTf,+Tl.f:f.'il .1 Ff'2,Iu'jIQ' ' ' ""'s,:f,. f:rf5ru'A.z'1cns 'NQH' 19 132th actors and mush mzxs ' r:i':f1 FIRST ROW, leit to right: Mr fzrzep Pzrzild, If EK z.:,on, 'Q' 'J-qr','.'13rn, PQ Fm t' :hx V St.,.i.iv', ' 1?'v'1,ff 'f1PNf1r,'f4, A '.'.'.!I.ur:.:. P Frc::.sE:1, L Ffmfi SECOND ROW: D Mf'rr'.'Imld, K Pl':':x.'hX1 1' X.z.' 'f fff! f I, P. " !"11:.."1, F4 3Lm'i, 12 f.1'1'1:,4-rw, lx l'fr1:111fl-1, T. WT-115111111 L. w 1uw 1 X 4 fffff, f J, V M I , f ' ,f 1 'ww fgyf ,f f ff UV? 1 Give, 1,17 ,476 ,, N! fffl ',,L if F f-" '-" , '1', ' 1 "AV its ,QF pu'- i , g -Hal Matson instructs the classes in class posing. Bud Foster, flanked by Phil O'Neil and Dr. Ferd Kiesel, reviews his life at the football banquet. N N If MV' 2-My lg- 3-The Sophomore and Iunior members of the Sword and Eauble So- ciety outnumber the Senior members. 4-These four were final- ists in the Regional Scholastic Art Awards. That apple adds to the picture, Cathy. Milton and Marilyn examine all tickets for the noon dance. Red Cr who p school. Miss E. voted th often s dents. These a o mt m er at l X xw Q gl ns. 'X 'hgxiluvfp llnhlf. WI ,inn if in Ln hi ,,lf!,Q:"'f,l"V,,11la-.J I A f .I ',2.,"'f. n:fLnL'f"17fu ..-"' r. 'I :gm 5' 'tg , 'I' la 4. , ' ,Ich If Wg".'PL'21sr "f,-. 'iw llvffr YI 1' rlfhy 'rl' F "".'. v' ' ' " I .lJ"1',"'1.'hi'1'lM uffqilufwfa fl ' 1f,'s5:y',l 13:11. "PV, i 1. fyfi, u ' ' n '-'mm - w, ymf' 111. "MIM" V SPQRTS , 5 I' I fWvw ' y'1e"6"-viwfzkl 'JI , vxY"9"i 4 5' 'Www 'W "' .' ,' .vw "f-"ff N v1wY0"wv+w'v M215 ff" I 'I Y- I 71' yi? ua, ., jffa' """"Wf Q 3" 'fvf' 5':"v'f'ff-.:1Zl" 'P' jwugagyxlwwwzgp WwwuawvvW?7,wa', 'ww 4 4-www 1 'ZW wg' , .W W wf'f-f71,,ff, Q ,V W2A"4""4'V'V"V f' ff 'K' V 1492 Qf4gf'fy"-W4-f"'v' 'C'-V ' V'5y'yl,,a',VWf'V'91" Q I WWW-iy4,nQW4fy'VW ,Q W 2 vw- mf, Af. f -, 51 ,fwWM'fVf,', 4' 2??9f 1' 1' WTA? fi 2,5 , 'Q 0 , WVU' ,fy-1 V! w,-4 'r V ' 7 Q, QW Wm' 4 'W' lvvw vwy. ,i.v. V. r fvfr' qrrfzfff' vvvw WVYZYQKW V "V"0'Ivw-3 IAM, 4 , - x'V fl 1 ML- , . f ' ' 5.1 'uf 2 in vf ,, If ' L I I 3 I L I , , X if 45 5 f' ' -V 7,2"f,. ' X + 5 .. 4v' v' Q. ' 'nf U, W- 43, 5 9 , K' ,A XY' iw .ww 1 l wx. J uf.. PM .- Y af, 'i', ,wo ,f ,wt ,,'. '4": N a 'wx' Q ,K ,, 's '. . - . " H' "" ' :Q 'Xa' .. , Q I I, V, ,. .., .- 1' 1"x. VI V 1 ,"w',. J -"aw '. . .1 'X - ','f,'4- w 5 'WA ' v Q J,,"v:- Y 1' f'.',lV4 I , , . ,- ,- . A4 .fo', Q, f-13.1 Jvg-,, "1 f ff." v,K V 0' L 1,',1',' ve, wwf' " v',,.' 0, M., wa-fA,s-.YKLY no 'f'v'V9- V 'Nl ivw "vi-ywfxrsf HQ "V ', fQ"", 'iffqz an v W1 1 -wr: 54 nw, W 9 :ma 'x af V Iv 'x 'fe' "lv: . KN' , v x 0" ,W . , J, A 3531! , v sqwh, -s ,A ,ly 5 V -ffk:-.Q W Q 1 XF. I if R26-m . M ,.1:1.,. "1- vl "' 5. ,1 ' f y l:'OOllDC1ll Z7 K .. . Dick Miner Phil o'Nei11 A Well stocked Mt. Diablo Varsity, coached by Phil O'Neill, placed third in the C.C.C. A.L. this year behind Pittsburg and Antioch respectively. Under the direction of Quarterbacks All-CCCAL Tom "Little Magician" Kramer and Bill Reuter, the potent offense, racked up a total of l88 points to top all other CCCAL teams. Leading the scorers in the league was fullback Paul lohnson, who scored 5 T.D.'s and smashed over for three conversions for a total of 33 points in league play and 65 for the season. Kramer had several hard hitting backs he could depend upon at all times in Iohnson, Ollie McClay, Milt l-lonea, who was elected honorary captain, and Phil Vizcarra. This group of rambling Devils was about the most feared backfield in the area. Our line was fortunate this year in having the former St. Mary's college great Al Beasley to tutor them in line play. Although green at the beginning of the year our line did surprisingly Well against much heavier and more experienced lines. On the ends We had All-CCCAL lerry Annis, Ted Kolb, Pat Crevelt, and Skip Schultz taking turns catching passes and stopping end runs. The tackle slots were held down by lerry Gandy, Gordon Monroe, lohnny Gonzaga, and Ben Walker, Who also, when called upon, played end and center. At the guard post were four of the best guards in the county as far as all around playing Went. They Were Al Luiselli, Pete Vienna, Gill Gaunt, and Don West. The center spot was handled by Bob Dittmore and Carl Tilten. This year Ditt- more, a veteran, played brilliantly in the first five games until he Was stricken with a serious leg infection Which held him on the sidelines for the remainder of the season. But Tilten ably came through to fill the gap and prove himself a fine center. A1 Beasley Gcu' Bautista Ax'tPoulin f f l 1 If' x lim Millard Q , A s 5,1- ' ,sg 1:- lf NR I 1- 'X xv 1 W ' 's 3 , 5 R X 'x , mf -K gc Q . ? I I Lf , 47 6 as ,,,. 9. 4 il' 'm -4 J 7.1 ' :1:'v"-'r- I: f J' 4' ':f :nc I . t V-.. :,,.......... b ,, - 3 -..- .... N ,,.-...-...-A , .,- ., W ,,....N,.,.,, f..--.. ., f Z r-'--4-4-71 V ..,, - j , V lima X ' , , Ml, if I '-'I 1- ::'74t:1' .4 , ' ff. ' U ,-5 1 Q "" i, qi '-gg . YJ. ' .-,-...I 0 D l : - , T' Z 1 i ,ffgw 1 In-W"::",,,,,""-'h 3' xy 61 -r .4 f J. wg ' . :::-- , 2 i LK. JJ , 2 r, l I - f i A Q f 4-ll-K - V WW, -,Q , eff ff' .m"f ,fa 7 - 'Ne " :'- Q , Q , , I --. I J' - S X Q V U 8 Q ' 'V 'fri' 'G 54 ' N4 I 4 f s 333 ,, 12 .iss is 6 , 1 5 H xx f, fn , r' A .,..- ,V -.E 1 1-,.. -- 1, , , 4 ,..r'.. H, -,- ,,- ,,--., 6, 0 -- 3: 1 5 9: L15 5- 5 . 2 I ms V' 614, Wu ,V,y tv V ', QM, ,H Q f-f' fm fr 1 t . Xv VARSITY-FIRST ROW,1e1tto right: fain faranie, fz... Feger, fer, Efvrrr.-ef, I,.Cr.el Hr-rmatc, Pew '!ier,r'.2, 'Q.,.e l!lCC.f1y, lerry Arirhs, Easby' Duqar., lar. lifes' T awe" ii., , iii SECOND HOW: lerrxf f fray, F-,, Luiselli, Carl Til'ar:, lzhr. lAl'Efei'fe7, Ted Pfam, Pi a A ' l mf:-Q, Ezll Cizry, fhp .l'z, 1-11 lflanzer. THIRD ROW: Kwik lffftrfcr., Gale fleyefs, Eiaa, J ir.', Pzii Eqnert, lam. 1" Fr 'f.2,1TT' Bef.: Junior Varsity Caach Diclc l-!liller's pawerlul lfif. squad which 'fferit ta a straria Sacrarrierita team 25 defeated every arte iri the leaaue hy lar ge se 'r algaed threugh the seasari with only two lasses this year, li in aria a lvaialzy Piedrriarit eleveri l4 ta 6. The little Devils 'sshieh iriaiaates there are aainq ta lee a lat al Varsity games wart iri the future sirice rricxfit at ine if-'rw trade up at prarriisiriq Saphamares. l r 1 e The high-liqht at the season carrie 'ffheri ilie W' :g.,s" crushed th, llashy Pittslaurq Pirates 33 ta 24 ir. a thrill-asrriiriute qarrie whieh red and agr-ser, iars '- rerhemlaer for same tirrie. lri other league aarrtes the "lr'r,y1,ri" rfiitij rl.,iiii:g1xra 20 to 6, lalarilced Acalaries 40 ta O arid ae- 'siifely neat Arrtiiah 2219 7. PITTSBUHGfWe11,1eti1 qc, Paul! ANTIOCH-Phil is oil for pay dirt! JOHN SWETT-Iohnson. up the middle. ALHAMBRA-Pct. did you find any pennies? JOHN SWETT-Swivet hips Johnson goes for pay dirt. A ,fdifl ,pu rv 'm finish wr "' 3 '7 Q Q jfs W , V- l ' P Aw yn- xi H ii if-1 ,, L s , ' W A f ,Q v ' f X -U 1 . ' . ' 1 7 " ' 'if' 1 Fw - 1 I 1 ,ff My f , f m,',A. . 1 f f ,i ' , , , i f , Z W? 2 AZ 'K ' 3 1361 1 , 7' FIRST ROW, left to right: Sam Cluck, Larry Olsen, Bob Lee, lim Searfus, Bill Mazza, Larry Azevedo, "Whitie" Sarnarzeya, Bill Price, Bill Eddleman, Gordon Robbins, Herbert Honea, Larry Minshall. SECOND HOW: lolin Woods, Mick Taylor, "Soak" Schultz, Don Mores, Max Martinez, Guy Younq, Dick Towers, Felix Romo, Harry Miller, Carl Tiffel, Bob Fawcett, Tom leffry. THIRD ROW: Iim Vowels, lack McCaiiery, Manuel Ferriera, Dale Long, Dick Grund, Norman Walker, Norman Roberts, Ernie Matlock, Winthrop Dilameter, George Narbarus, Milton Abel. Diablo 31 Diablo l9,.. Varsity Scoreboard Arialy 12 .... McClyrnonds 19 Diablo 20 ...... ......., O akland 25 Diablo 34 ,..,... ,..... A lharribra 7 JV Scoreboard Diablo 26 .,.......,,..............,...... Liberty O Diablo 6 .,..... .... S acramento 26 Diablo 6 ...,... ....... P iedmoni 14 Diablo 20 .,,,,ri ...,. A lbarnbra 6 Diablo 40 .,.... Acalanes 0 Diablo 33 .rc,.r. Pittsburq 24 Diablo 23 .....,. .,... A niiocli 7 rinsr now, Bud Torres, T Diablo 33 ,c.... Acalanes 8 Diablo 13 ...,i,i Vrcc. P itisburq 20 Diablo 19 ,,,r..c .......r, A niiocli 20 Diablo 19 .,.,... lohn Swett U Frosli Scoreboard Diablo 33 ,,,. ,,,.....,1,1r1.,.,cc1r A calanes O Diablo 13 ...,,,. r,.. S an Ramon 20 Diablo 7 ,,,r,c ...,. A rnador 13 left to riqhi: Bob Bass, Kent Gancly, Harry Haley, Ray Ferrell, Arland Ditmore, Rusty Steel, erry Taylor, Fred Crabauqh. SECOND ROW: lack lanes, Stan Gaunt, Bob Himsl, David Woblqe- math, Marvin McKean, Ralph Lund, Kirk Rodgers, Bob Remer. ,-0.-. ,Mm-1 ,Q-W ,ww ,awww X ..,,,,m, , MW, -W, .--ww.-1, -mx PETE VIENNA, I. 5'l0", l75 lbs. Senior BOB DITMORE, C noruble Mention AllfCount7 6'0". 185 lbs. Senior BILL R 5'lD". 155 lbs. Senlor EUTEH QB AI. LUISELLI RG l7 Semor IEHRH ANNIS Crunk, l Thx d S1 ng All N rlhfm Cal 160 5 e s r 'Y ,-.AI I- TOI-1 KRAMER All Cclmy n U Hcnzrolmu , .vfmlcn AA Ficrlhzfrn Cal Sll", 16 Sf-mor T' l ,. 1' ,fu +8.s- YEJNAMI. I A S ""Nf' umm U H .vu run "H'1"v.46 f' F' 5 N .LM ,ll Nf X' PHlL VIZCARRA. LH Honorable Mention All-County 5'l0". l60 lbs. BENNY WALKER. LT Senlor I DOH 'Nfjwl HC 113 'v Honorable Mcnllon All-County J- G'l", l75 lbs. Senlor l 1 ""7ui,A 11- .L A PAUL IOHN All-Fou 5'2l S Q Hb LES WILLIAMS. Head Basketball Coach ART POULIN, "B" Basketball Coach Basketball Highlighting the sports scene at Diablo this year was Coach Les Williams' C. C. C. A. L. Championship Basketball Team, who not only went through the county circuit undefeated but also turned back all opposition in the post-season tournament to capture that crown as well. These great showings by the strong Red Devils earned them the honor to represent the C. C. C. A. L. in the Tournament of Champions held at the Uni- versity of California in Berkeley March 8, 9, and lO where they fought their way into the semi- finals but lost out to a strong St. lgnatious quintet. This Devil cage team was perhaps the most colorful in years as they came from behind in six or seven of their contests in the final minutes cf play to defeat their rival auintets. The closest of these thrillers was against the Acalanes Dons when forward, Lee Anderson, potted a last sec- ond 30 foot field goal to edge them 53-52. This great Red and Green team was made up solely of seniors who have played together now for at least four years. The forward positions were held down by high scoring Chuck Frank who scored 253 points in i9 games, little Lee Anderson who was a con- stant threat to all opposition with his dead-eye shots, and Ollie McClay, the speedy ball hand- ler, who saved more than one game for the Devils during the season. At the center position was Tom Kramer with his great defensive play and rebounding ability along with a knack for sinking shots when they were most needed. The guard posts were filled by the same two veterans that held them down last year, lerry Annis and lohnny Williams. These two showed up in backboard control as well as their holding opposing stars to a minimum of points. When the C. C. C. A. L. all-county selections carrie out, Chuck Prank made the tirst teani while lohnny Williams landed a lierth an thc second learn. Lee Aridiirsori, terry Arinis, Torn Krarncrj and 0111-1 M-'Clay carried lioriarcrlilc niention lrfrriors. lrfd liy all carrnty l'arwar'd Dick Brown, the ltr- In-rrrr -wrrrred a rrispoctalilo third place in rw 'rrrrty zrtarrrirrrirs this year' lasintr cnly two very vlri:1r'rrtrrlrr':1lrr Alliarry and lohn Swett. Thr' otlrr-r "lrrrris" that earned recognition an tlrri rnytlrical allcr-irnty tuarns, were Len Car- itr-zia an th-i :irwarrtt sarrad, and Marv McKean r'll lllrt llllltl. "R" SQUAD l"lllS'l' HOW, lult lo riqht: Vlrrrvk Hrslilirris, Wayne lfstris, llazrl Iitrrll-irrl I-it Arr-lr-r-.rirr SECOND ROW: Mrltan llanva, Torrrrrv, llr-rrrr-r, t'Ilrr- Mill-ry, lhrirrrv klirrrrilgz, lliirly llrifv. THIRD ROW: lirrlllt llllllll'!t. lrrrr It-ilkrr, lrrlinny Wrllranis, lvrry Arima ltr-lrltrlrrrrrr--,Vlrrrilrl'r-ink. "B" SQUAD FIRST HOW, lelt to rlqhl: l'rr-tlrlrw Vrrrlirrrr-rlr, llr-'lrard Ilyoxtn Ntllrrrrtrr-" N--rrrrirrrr. SECOND ROW: D-in llrrllr-rr, "Wlirln5' Sain -rrrnriyrr, N-rrnrtnr llifrrlwr. THIRD ROW: llarry llrilay, lxlarvrrr Mill-i-rrr, "'l'rrry" llrrrl-mi, liril llrtrrl Nat lrrrtrirmi r:: lirll llrala- Q I yn 5 W Mc, A S- -4 EZ! ff' 2 N X S X , W xQ- Jw? "il 5 X x N -' . w ' 5 M 15 -""'W ,-f 'A Q 8 M k X x 4 X Y x N X X X , Q Q A S A "" 3 X 'si , sf ' 5 R f R , - ., . Z, ,, .- W X flmxf ' M , 7: 5-r.' M "Q Baseball MR IIM MILLARD MR. GAR BAUTISTP. VCHSIIY Baseball Couch I.V. Baseball Coach Ending the l95O baseball season in second place, the Red Devils won two games out of tour, aiter the Annual went to press, beating Pittsburg in a close game 5 to 4, and taking Concordia 7 to 4. The following week we lost two games-one to Alhambra 2-O, and Concordia l2 to 4. This year the Devils look good, taking their first three games, Concordia lO-8, Richmond 6-l, Alhambra 5-l, then losing to Richmond 3-7, and Liberty 2-l. Coach lim Millard has two very good teams. Each is capable oi playing real varsity ball. Coach Millard has eight returning lettermen on his squad. They are Paul Statiord, Cal Porter, Lee Anderson, Lloyd Cellini, Phil Vizcairra, Harry Price, Larry Minshell, Dick Brown, coming up from the l.V. squad are Buck Keith, David Moose, Dick Grund, lim Miller, Marvin Lloyd, and W'hitey Samarzeya. With these boys, lim Millard should have a club that will be hard to beat. FIRST ROW, le!! to right: Bill lflanzer, Terry Taylor, lay Sims, David Dewli, Ernie Matllosk, Dennis M.-Cash SECOND HOW: Coach Car Bautislaffedlflondav,DonM1nqes,PQle Ginocchio, Wayno Stanley, Dick Prnt-licliv Buddy Tories. 1 r , lr- ., X , 5 I M v. A 1,,11'Z,..,. 'z 2 M ,,,,,,,,A1X W .,,,J,1h Price, Gonzales cmd Vizcarra are the outfielders. He's out at second. Harry Price is gloved out by Lee Anderson Y gif 1 V L fx f 1' . 1 JI- , -1 fr -1 Q . , M? K. is xx., .rf r. -. V 1 . R S . L x xi A, .. f' 1 iaix Q . .-X 'Y - -5: 1 X X 1 ra 1 ' s 9- 1 - in ' Wi Q, " f , if , , , I , , , X . f If,f1...W,,,,, M1111 ,, Wg 'Wi 7 1111, pf Wy, 1 'VWM is Q X 110,99 ,Q . -Z ff , S 2, f ,Z o M, . 1 ff 1 ,Vff - if ?,3,,111f W' X, ZMO L ,,V, If 'V4 f 4 "1' 4 Q ,, ., f 1 1455110 ii ' , g . 1 'ffl 111 Z?z'7'1?ff 1 , . I1 f,L,f,df'ff 1' 1,, j 5-sf , ' 1 Q WXAW fy rg it K X X! M W if I ! I N X Y ' ' X 5,1 ,11 7 Z , , " 3 V ,,W'f,, -L 1 U11 f' 1 16' f G 1, W: V. X is I fm.L 1 - KW 1 W" ,1W .fW, 2, 110 a 1 of , fffff WWW 1 1 M , X f f f MWWWQXO MQ? 1 ' , A AAAA Xl ' ffh f X X ff ' f 11 ""' ff' 52:-12" fs? ' - fix! f..-' Q .. 1 ' f 1 MJ 77 ' 1 wwf-,'1rff I 2 ff -f-rf ,C M W1 ,X xx y 1 M fff VW 1 ffwW?fOf 1 X f 2' 1 1 " 2 fWf1 'W4 fs' M Z ryW1O fr I - ' , 5 , Lg.. I ,1ff,jff,,1--QW5 , My J A A , . , , ..,, ,X , , , .. , ., , K 1 f 1 f 1 f ff ffg, 4 p 1,1 , C ' 5 + 7 'ii pai? ', '4x,,,k'K.', 'Q ff' f41?.,,y1y' qff' l , yy ,,11' 5. 1 ff Z 1 ' .1 1 'Cf , 11,1 wa' ,, M-yfff .X ff ,,.1.ff, M1517 7wf1wf My ,063 I ,W f Wm' f ' ' f , , ,1 , , .. 1 , A 1. ,M f , ', 1, f '? Hwy fn ,y"' I if ,ww 5- 5- 3.. 10- -Pctul Slafford Cal Porter Phil Vizcarrcx Lloyd Cellini David Moose Buck Keith 7-Dick Grund Iames Miller 9-Marvin Lloyd Whitey Samarzeya -Darrell Hayworlh -Manuel Gonzales -Harry Price -Lee Anderson -Dick Brown A Porier and Brown are big batters on the Devil "9." Cellini jumps, but the runner is safe. Cal Porter and Paul Stafford are the big bafterles - ' 2 Q., E if l ,1 11 , 11 1m 11 m fm -gmaangzf 1 um:.:::nw111W,,.r...g.,41ww11m1a:aw11m.wf4M :W ,I , V.. ww ..11.1WM' -s 1 f W Q lg 1 . n1me1ue Zz t V 2 5 T f 1 1 .Vi-W . , ,W if TRACK SQUADS FIRST ROW,1eit to right: L. Herihfrlc, T. lfrirxer, T Knit, C l1l""'f17 P f'ri-vi' " H "flu 'z I' '!lfi'lf'r 'lf 'I' ,,., .-, . 'QC-rrilz, l.. lcwlcfaeri, l. 'lfoof:ls, l.. kldffrecri, E rJl'fL'1f..'l, F Keith, lfl. lf2rie'y1:,, I Tuil-Cfer, lj. Lflfvlrfluri, I lfJTCliftf', l, Gorizuqcr, I. Rohlmnz SECOND HOW: Z, lA',lff.,'l":'f, E Refer, Ft Dizcrt, 'ff. Cc' lcfvczl, F. i1ffll.',, li, Viz, V. PuCketV,D, Er.-Veriicurf, lff.fj1'G'lF?Y, F. l.u,2r., fi Gflerf, lil, MCKef1ri, H Hfrliiy, E.,l, Ill ff' r wrxfrt, l.. lYf"lT, P.Cor', M. Tcyfcr, Seen, R Peeie, P Pam THIRD ROW: Il Kixrwr, Mgr fi l.A,'1F., Mgr' G Lune Mqrq T. leiiry, ll liilkhtfzr., 'JJ Peerz, ll. Czr.z'1'g':, Q Enrzwz, I. flCl"fI.lf., L 'fl' lf lfgr,-ery F.',. if lle'1fm'1r., 'ff. Cogapgk, G '!z,r.':, C M:Ilz'r.-g, E. P'r.r.e:, F Crurxr ugh, E L. f:er-or YJ Pzrngr pn, I, Moruz.. H l'lu.r.Ze. v ff ff" ':',', 13. flu-rz -' P1 Truck Curryiriq on the Qld trnditieri et etrehq trcrclc teams at Dicrlplo, the V950 Devil thiriclvdders lcrided G resnectflhle eeforid place position iri the county. So ferr it lcclfs Us the-iqh the trflfjifieri will lie upheld qqcliri this year, Us the Devils Ure Urmeleqted when Qegrq te press. Lvst yefir Ut the l,eg1riri1r,q if the seueiri Czech Phil O'Neil felt that he didrft luve much in the wqy ef fr trick Squad, but Utter the first two meets it seems 'hut unexpected tclerit .5 ehcwirlq gi. Yf',C1I'l'f events, so the Red cmd Green will frqqiri he strnriq COl'llGT:dGT3 ter the CCC.A.l.. Trciclc Crewri which will lee 'T'.'1UTfl2fl hit the Uririufrl Corwru C2311 County Trcrclc cmd Field Chcrrripioriship Y 1 .fle 222- et tc he held Ut L.CfJfCIF.?fj cf. lfluy 5. Ff'er three meets the rzzter grape: up iri this rriuririer: , 'ffm ll imwrgg I3 K f " '11, '.f.lL. H iri Feliz l.uj1n,'!!ozfly Crzver Pg. F , . lfi it Eelll l " Yer. 1, i.ff1:.l. 'li 'l ll.: 'f rf. Ercfrd lump Pfrul Egbert Pay Qixir. r Y '.. Iijffl ,y High l',lU:f1 fJl!1elll'fQlUy l. ..',, ,A LT: ,fg L,-,ff Pye 'fum' 'lzm lfrfrrner ', T r 3-,gg,qgA fic' Pl' PU .. Efgrxrt Ulu' yu Lcd. ll: ., ifgn-' :A Z'1'J'1- fq:fJ.r.f f',:.r. l.fw5,t'f- y' f zzqfg Pu il Pit K'.' r' fh' yd. Lugz. I "" 1,. Ffflif' I , 72111. Kramer 9 -1 RenoPivc 1: " f xx T ,Puff WM, l M., WW.,.-.,...- I L. N 3 I The lmle de-'mls of the E trfxfk team ure- hurdlmq to viffory. Ray Dlxon Smremhes legs and arms to se-I G record IH hls brood lump. W 1 4, JV ' , , , 'X Hx N. Uv! , wwllvml uw! 1 I N M mu- M' Vw H 2' Mai A Q H . .. mx. ,,,.,..1.,I , , , nwltbwu Mlxml lx l 15 llx- 'M-whxxl Mu w. lx, X, A H 1 , M w Nw My lx rl, 1 11 X lr My 1, - , 1 , , ,y , p w H mv 4? Xml mlhw I wmv .-ulw--xx m i' , ,, W, I H11 11 IV 1 'UN lv SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW. leit to right: R. Gierak, L. Forbes, D. Lone, R. Peterson, L. Ellis, B. Lindsay, l. Tahira, l. Loqan, M. Ellis, D. Menez, B. Himsl, C. Tilton, A. Samuelson, C. Robbins, SECOND ROW: R. Gile more, I. Blythe, B. Simons, G. Whisler, W. Coppock, I. Harpman, I, Kanaqaki, G. Young, E. Miller, P. Promessi, B. Berq, B. Pad- elford, R. Bartke, G. Maa- son, W. Cockerion, B. Girdvain, D. Merryiield. THIRD ROW: Coach Pou- lin, L. White, R. Garcia, B. Meher, W. Lee, P, De Frates, T. Starick, K. Roq- ers, G. Meyers, R. Kee- nan, B. Hunt, C. Iames, R. Martinez, R. Farrell, S. Buzzini, D. Wilson, C. I-lines, B. Proietti. TUMBLIN 3 TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Gene Bancroft, Harry Wade, lee Mishon, Roy Garcia, Roqer Booih, Rudy Mishon. SECOND ROW: Tom VJen1linq,Wei- sel 'White, Bill Meher, Rich Orviedes, Don Maryfield, Gene Huyle, Alan Sam- uelson, Bob Lucero. THIRD ROW: lohn Pesonen, El- wood Groves, Dick John- son, Steve R1tch1e,D1ck Freeman, lim Freeman, 'Wayne Baker, lim Lo- bauqh. TENNIS TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Travis Blythe, Art Iacob- sen, Winton Dahl, Iim Gonzales. SECOND ROW: Don Hooferinq, Lloyd Mar- chus, Iohn Hayden, Don Lanfranco, Adrian Riggs, Charles Gonzales. Z ,,- WW f ',., , X , ? W , ' M731 W if wg EQ' AZ! 5 ,vim lf' A, gf wi 'hnil 1 v! v . .Qi fg ii A I lg!!! A flaw? 9 X ,gow .. .WM I X. . 71 ll A 4 ,W . f xi :V wg E ,, Sega we-1,3 Whus 'Q -f qv Y, if 5 yu VY w IPM WIN II Iy um mx w wwrww rw n vr1mrx!MrvuxuiTM ul? v vrz 1 vu! WYUH M Mn H Yum llwlllll1 11 1 1 lx v P wd? yn ww mx Yu 1 lI1lllv1HxlUx4fX I , , lm 1 I Hn H xllx lXX ll M g FZ l ti' ,fwm 4 , f W me 5 fin 3a ,, 4lt's younq, it's qroW1nCJ,1l'S flood- Tliis is the Girls' Glee Club under the direction of Miss Vera Boyd, with Charles Martin, accompa- HIST, -Freshmen get polnters in English I from Mr. lack Ferrari. Oski meets two Diablans at the playday. 4-Mr, lerry Fitzpatrick hands the key to the Driver's Ed. Car to Mr lohn Cleary as Instructor Pedraz zi looks on. 5fThe G.A.A. representatives to the Cal. playday were: Beth Whisler, Beverley Wood, lean DeRosa, Donna Sahm, and Yvonne Cook, 6 32' i f Q 5 li . it ' :' fx Q 1' 6-CAMERA-TARDY TEACHERS Mr. C. Schutiish, drivers' education senior class counselor, student as- semblies and program commitees, Mr. G. Pedrazzi, drivers' education Curriculum Committee, air raid Com mittee. Mr. P. O'Neill. boys' PH, Varsity football coach, track coach, Block "D" adviser. GIRLS' Mrs. Barbara Strutz, Mrss Carolyn Nelson, and MISS lesse Faulkner are devls- 1nq plans for the new P, E. program mtroduced this ye-ar. Modern danclnq was zn- vroduced into the P, E, program for lhe ixrsl trme lhrs year, All classes are represenved m 'hrs group 'fer.r..3 .5 snr cl vrm pep jill' EPGIHS 'fCl'lVIll'1"'f1 rl. 'ho P E prcqrarn, lzflr, Fold, H: 1,--f ll, Zqfrl, 'l!f1ml1f,n Mfr '.'. 1 1. Hffly fnhrr-, 'Iwi If r.1'f1 Hvll-fy I-flrnln' 11.1 'Jwfl In hfffly ml 'M'1l., ' SPCRTS G.A.A. These are the champs of the G,A.A. circuit. Read- ing leit to right they are: Iuanita Gattas, Kathy Plumb, Carolyn Plumb, Ianet Pierson, Ioyce Plumb, and Mildred Ray- mond These Capable G.A.A, Cabinet members plan those rousing playdays. FIRST ROW, let! to right: Eldora Maderos, Beth Whisler, Barbara Garri- son, Yvonne Cook, Mary Lou Seaman. SECOND HOW: Anna Molinero, Sandy Smith, Ieanne Ad- kins, Donna Sahrn, Jean DeRosa, Linda Matthews, Beverly Hewitson Wood, Colette Morgan. There may not be a goalie in this qame, but it's a good bit of blocking Colette Morgan, Hazel McCollum, and Karen Ma- deras are doing here. FIRST HOW, left to right: M. Tibbets, I. Young, C. Petersen, I. Lanier, B. Plumb. SECOND ROW: L. Shelley, E. Dent, S, Kirchner, M. Clark, l, Shirley, and M. Raymond helped Mrs. Barbara Strutz teach the gym classes by demonstrating the folk dances. 5 ,- A I f' 4 .-s 41 Q ' , ,QQ M 1 ,UN 1.1 wx lM1!,ym 1 H11 u .mu.1lw.,,,y:Xm!..v ,uv xdlm Mm Yvvw1VwYu .umy-xx-1 ,B V-H ll , . .L-.1 wwf'-M f" - ' pf -my I , ' , f A ' ,, ff" , .,'t."'V 'W 'Q ' 5, , g gn -. QM, ,, V6 Q ' .,,,, N , W, 1 " , YQ.. M " 5' , M .. 'N-sw L ., , , - . ' ..w, m-Q ,- ,. ,H , - f, f, f ' ' 5' my v . 64. ',.f'x i f 314- if A-ff' 4 ' , f' L 42 NL, V, K. y , ,xy ,C f ' f ' fl 2 I 'A ff., , -1 V , 7' ' , , w , 7 M . , ,, 9 mf. , ' ' ,ww 4 .556 5:4 1 ' . 1 ,M + rv. . W 1 my V-L --4 lull hu rn -H, Mlm I www., Huw 1. 80 "lu lm xulvwl In Hu XXIM W1 5 5 X 4 f , f W A , ffm I 531 14 mg Ski' f W9 l loner Genzu 5TI1lfES1l'lE "b1rd1e." 3-Afternoons at Diablo fmd the -l-ll-:ry Olsen shows the qlrls. We f-Shlrley Harris 13 U bullet flfqure pool lllled 'mth dEV1l'S1I9IlS. UQW but, when she plays volleyball, 5fWhen the shower bl,ll rlnqs llw qirls flocl-Z back to llle Gym. 8 I 37 30 ears YQCQEESCQNCQRD FRENCH oP1ANsHAw's FLOWERS Y 1883 Mt. Diablo Street Concord 7238 F ' Mrs. G. Narberes T0NY'S 27 yea 1812 M1' Dmblo Street Phone 4541 2149 s lvio street Concord 7515 20 Years 27 years BANK QF AMERICA CONCORD BRANCH NOURSE and COFFEE 2345 Willow Pass Road CONCORD, CALIFORNIA Phone 2201 OHGYS "A Good Deal Depends on Your Agent" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1 N S U R A N C E CLASS or '51 and R E A L E S TAT E 25 years ALTCE'S BEAUTY S1-1OP STATE FARM INSURANCE 22 YES Mrs. N. E. Graham - Wyman Graham 2111 Salvio Street Phone 7620 1 Haircuttinq a Specialty OF 135' 2161 Salvio Street Phone 771 1 Concord Greyhound Depot Cchfcmm ' Y 1. sf ' s 1 year f ! , ' .sf-4 l . rl -T . My if I Congratulanons idx- TN V Eva, ' ly 1 of 1.1 To the Class of 51 f 7 ,L 9 .L WALLYS JEWELRY C. L. POYNTER PHONE 512211 111-111 CONCORD BOULEVARD l in-.- -... wgx 5x rf Z ww. ..,. , L f ,,,.,. ,Tw l' ' ' X K Ziff' , Z :ZW f W mg. v 5 ' --' 7 W X 3 2- ' ' "' J y ys s A Q- QW I -4 xx A it ji x ,J 1 0 -Miss Ethel Van Tassel's English IV Class tries its dramatic talents on W. Shakespeare. -Mr. George Pedrcrzzi sits back while Shirley takes over the 3 R's of drivers education. 3-They sinq for pleasure in A Cap- pella Choir practice under Miss Vera Boyds motions. 4-"Florence put the ltellle on" is a 6-Hoi lunches are always wailinq familiar order in Mrs. Ada Head's foods class. in the cafeteria at 12:27 tor stu' dents and faculty. 5-Carolyn expresses her ideas in 7-Every member of the Block D was Mrs. Mary Lumplcin's public speaking class. an expert woodsmmi the day tw' old oak tree was lelled. 8-'lt takes :now llton brain and brawn to mel through lite --Ju' tf+.1f:h neon. I ' 'V 'f 'WWQWX " l in I 83 5y ars FLCDAL Dlspl-AVS Silently, They Speak Inga g I O rm So Well ' 3 Concord Avenue J - -7 .X - e , tx . - X "We Telegraph Flowers" - D . F 213 C I I T 5 32 Phone 8282 5 years "Your friendly home-owned store" 5 years O ' N E A L ' S Sporting Goods e Camping Equipment Work Clothes 2039 Mt. Diablo Street Concord 8546 4 ears CARL o. ELLING Y Farmers Insurance Group Real Estate 2488 Salvio Street Concord 8479 Quality for Less 2058 Willow Pass Road Phone 8197 5 years 4 years ' 1 WALNUT CREEK S S PAINT SUPPLY CC. -for- 1630 Mm Street SPORTS EQUIPMENT ' Phone W. C. 3551 Award Sweaters 3 Gym Equipment years For All Fine Pastries Phone W. C. 3263 The 1949 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut creek SUGAR PLUM BAKERY Main Street W. C. 2485 1 year l year WHEN YOU THINK OF REAL ESTATE M Of WALLY EDBERG AL L. DAY REALTY INSURANCE Concord, California REAL ESTATE o INSURANCE , "CUSS Adobe" AND BEST or LUCK IN THE FUTURE Phone 6811 RUTH M. DAY o AL L. DAY 2140 Concord Blvd. Phone 9467 425 Over Hill Road Phone 3094 1 V993 1 year wEsTEHN Auro SUPPLY NQV A15 'shes fqortroHrtEUgg.rgoN's1ro THE BEAUTY SALQN 2255 Wulf,-N Pdss Road comma 8319 1920 Colm Ave COHCOYGI 9531 I Rooimrs sTUD1o coLoRlsYeQ' l-tilt Mum Slit-ot Walnut Creek 3935 lrTf.'f1fI1flI1'I Wlllll' You WL.lll Clfmyliytfr o Sltlllltltl 0 Dyeintt 2013 Grunt Strvrftt Concord PAUL I. WALLBANK Neo' INSURANCE 2185 Concord Blvd. Phone 9784 C7 Zi I V xv W 3- .fn fb ,Viv .L X X SM fx 4. .47 'Aw 5 ff V Y ff J y . , ' s J 'f KVA J' A U if li Q fi' f V ' " i L 1 A A li L, v 4- x XR ff' WA, X 'J V I , A I , .!, D W Cyl XlT,hese oiegowoillmerifxiivto extend their , F , . A ' ' ,f U N xi . . l , fy' f plclen,Ann1verig1 Wishes ll s NQIV ,VL . A ' f',lf,i QM fftoqif e gzlloss . L X1 I A D Qxixjvlgj 1,11 K, J A 1 Y L .i ' :U Y V , li" 1? lil L f bl' my f -MQ! yfiajivls cmd Sur eons,M.D. To , A Ki- H.D.N fld UV Ki up yflglegge H. S.PeiLleir j N,-fy ff . H, Le R. R. Pinqer W A 'J Lee H. orenzen Lowell F. Steel L-jd if L' ertMortin Robert Taines Q ff' ol'fn E. Mason C.B.T dd Y W JJ mf l F. I. Morley H. er If V1 1' f lj fglf ,wvb en' ,D. .S. M V J 1OimP.Bf dl Y V ighor . ul CIIT1 fk c. T1 .1 lM'l1 Cl Y O !Lf5i111inc 3I IS U f torney ig? dqe Louis I. McKcmncry Public Accountant Norman I. Summers Cptometrist Kelvin H. Pierce AMERICAN TRUST CCDMPANY Bcrnkinq Since 1854 2001 Solvio Street Concord 86 4Miss Ruth Galindo poses with the other members of her California Scholarship Federation group. -The stronger sex has an organi- zation known as the Boys' Octet. Civil Air Patrol members display their uniforms. -The weaker sex has a szmxlar or- ganization to the boys, known as the Girls' Double Octet. 'Gimme that ball! A 6 x mf- Bt '91 L '-. ,Z W z .40 . f 'VzS.:51'Z' f f f fo .f , f f 5 44' fy rift'-2 if ,,,, , '5 1 e f FQ- 1 f Im I if ' ' 'T f QW 1 year Whether it's for you or or friend, these kids recommend STCDDDARD AND BAKER IEWELERS You'1l find them at 2045 Concord Ave., or Phone Concord 9128 p-.M " AQ XM , ,.... . ,L . , r g 'f 3 7X.,., ' " 2 5 Eunetia and I. R. Cu11ison are behind the scenes when Pat Marchetti and Barbara Hirns1 need 24-hour service at CCMMUN1TY CLEANERS 681 Monument B1vd., Phone Concord 5672 35 years KELLERS HARDWARE We're a 1900 tirrn doing business in a 1951 bui1dina 1990 Grant Street Concord 7660 IAMES' DELUXE DRY CLEANERS CLEANING AND DYEING 2 years 2265 VJ111O'!f' Pass Road Ciricird 7332 A - R 'fe 2275 Wi11ow Pass Rd. Phone Concord 8521 Concord Stationery if Rd' Office and Schoo1 Supphes .,L,f5 71' -rpg' DrAMoND MATCH col' A Wi11orN Pass Road and East Street Concord Phone 2131 21 years CCNCORD CANDY K1TC1-1EN FCR FINE CANDIES. PORT CHICAGO 1-1'.'.":' 1 year Comphrnents ofthe South Berkeley Creamery 1723 Mt. Diablo Blvd. W. C. 9371 STAN DrcKsoN co. Dodge Cars and "Joh Rated" Trucks Phone Concord 9341 2195 Concord Avenue Concord, Caht. 1RENE'S DRESS sRoR 2134 Ccn-cord Blvd. Phone 75 FREUS HARDWARE A GREGORY GARPFNS .1 D A 1 s Tliwro is ti Fold in their past. Ron Kay Vtrllrvrillw, Billy and Ruddy all wish it were in llll'Il luluw. ll llioro is in comma in H1U"!'--1- H7 1 ' fl y-'urn lv stun lo soo VLQ an HQWARD EDDY'S --it Willow Pass Road, in Concord Ervin Lehmer convinces Buddy De Selms that he should make a date with a "Rocket 8." With 90 per cent more vision, it in- creases your safe-driving chances. Clt also Gives you a better view of the pedestriansl Why Don't You Look at One at LEI-IMER'S OLDSMOBILE on Galindo Street in Concord? I Mi 69 years GUY 8x BLACKWELL Mortuary Established 1882 2090 Willow Pass Road Concord 6671 CONCORD REALTY 2 2144 Concord Blvd. Phone Concord 8909 4 years CRYSTAL DRIVE INN "Where everybody goes" East and Salvio Streets Phone 9970 3 years List your property with CLARK ANDERSON "Professional Service" REAL ESTATE 205l Mt. Diablo Blvd. E A R L ' S RADIO AND MUSIC STORE Records, Radios, T.V. Sets, and Music 18 years in Concord l9I9 Salvio Street By the Watch Tower 4 Years Mort Brown Pontiac Sales and Service l909 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek Phone 4478 The Devils gather at M. F. GREIF AND CO. in Gregory Village to prepare for summer vacation. Bob Vieira and Tito Del Colletti also have a store in Antioch for Men's and Boys' Wear. li you have any questions, call Concord 7286. 2'7f':5 4,- The TI-IIRSTY and HAPPY Diablans qo to S P U D N U T S It has the Famous Potato Flavored Douqh- nuts, it has Colces, Coffee and Sandwiches, too. You should taste those Spudnuts at 2975 Concord Boulevard or Phone 5731 for a party order. THE CAKE BOX For Fine Cakes and Pastries. 1551 Oak Park Blvd. 'Nalnut Creek F7 MAL'S FOUNTAIN 2301 1111111071 Pass Road Concord B507 BR1NKER'S REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 2246 Salvio Street Concord 8292 CHARLES BARBER S1-IOP 130 Years! DRIVE CAREFULLY A little child means more than a little time. 2119 Salvio Concord 9196 I UDGE IOI-IN L. GARAVENTA iusriciz or PEACE RE1LLY'S Music 10 Records ' Band Instruments Piano and Instrumental Teaching Material 1521 Main Street 'Nalnut Creek 2702 B QS I FABRICS the shop for all your sewing needs, A larqe assortment of printed and plain washable talarics for your summer ward- robe. Class of '22 2120 Concord Blvd. Concord 7177 MODE O'DAY DRESS SHOP Specializing in Dresses, Lingerie, Hosiery I 613 Main St. Martinez 621 Congratulations to the class of 51 2255 Willow Pass Road CIGAR and NEVVS STAND Concord iam :A+ Diablo sr. comm-fi, csiiefms RANDALL SIGNS Buns sHoE sinvics Cgnqrqwulqvjrgns tothe Class of '51 ITIVISIELII SHOE RETAIR 2156 'ff1l1Q'Il Pass Road Concord QSEU V onford AVF-nut' Annual Editor, Ioan Harvey, and these staff rnernhers take their business tri CONCORD CLEA NERS 2028 Sf11vioS1rff't Their phone number 11251-5211 11 you wfml fjlllfjlf "lf'llVV'1YZ,1f'1'!l1"1'. if I I . I ,. ' ,'f'lLf ia "4- L A! 7 W Jw, Wl-IELAN DRUGS Gregory Village Phone Concord 5133 Custom Made Convertible Tops SQUARE DEAL AUTC UPHOLSTERY C2 Yearsl Custom Made Seat Covers 2229 Willow Pass Road Phone 8012 li' L Y l N G S A U C E R Not all saucers fly, this one landed on Monument Boulevard just outside Concord Sandwiches and Coffee at a hiway stop SPROUSE REITZ 1357 Main St. Walnut Creek 9989 DIABLC PHARMACY PREsoRiPT1oNs We served your Granddad We serve You too! 2036 Salvio St. Concord 7617 TIERNEY lEWELERS DiAMoNDs - WATCHES - GIFTS 2022 Salvio Street Concord 8441 IVLGP. MARKET SATTLERS, C30 Yearsl Quality Foods at better prices. HT-he Home of Better Appliances' Cl-IAS KRISTICK, Prop. MCITT, PGUL Elsie. 2304 Willow Pass Road Concord 8136 -3002 Willow Pass Road Gordo twinlcles his approval when cones are handed out at the KITTY MILK BAR Locust and Bonanza Streets Walnut Creek IZO Yr The Lum suburban full of Diablans blows into C R E N N A' S TIDE WATER ASSOCIATED STATION 2401 Willow Pass Road For Gasoline and Smilinq Concord Service Phone Concord 8173 l.EE'S SHOE STORE 2230 SALVIA ST. CON RE 0 0 I li J I r' I" I' Ll 1 l Ln Ln: BRUCE I.EE'S APPLIANCES l0l Poshard Ave. Phone W. C. 4556 CI.IFF'S Sl-IOE STORE GUGIFITIYF-Pd Sher Repax 41.4 ,OIJCORD BLVD COi:LCRi. TI-IE KANDY KANE FOR FUN AND A fwfr ! Q I RELAXATION 9 "Smart Buys at Buick" MCCOY BUICK, INC. 2008 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek 6736 DIABLO FOOD MARKET A. Schonorie, Prop. 5267 CLAYTON ROAD CONCORD 3641 I5 Yrsj HOWARD WARREN INSURANCE e REAL ESTATE .ee 90 Willow Pass Road Concord 8738 Il' Yrs I lOE'S GROCERY I. G-aqliardi Italian and American Gro-eries I 0 GRANT ST, CONEL RD 3-Sal if Yrs' F. CS I. TIRE AND BATTERY f'srionYiiAR visits Revay 5 um 'md Wlimfl R-1l.iii.'iim f I Ill VIH ILCIRFY K' NN Qs 1 M. G. M. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Pipe Line Coiistruciion wn A BOX IHHF, MAIII-flf'I' S'I'RlflfT Ill IONII H8111 CONCORD, CALIFORNIA SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION Shell Point Plant Pittsburq, California Concord Craft ci Hobby Shop One-half block off Willow Pass Make your spare time hobby ti mel l94O Colfax Concord 9083 Y CHARACTER CANDIES AND ICE CREAM Visit our store l602 Locust Street Walnut Creek also stores in Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Menlo Park' MacEARLANE FUNERAL CHAPEL Concord, California CONCORD DRUG STORE REXALL sToRE and PARK DRUG STORE WALGHEEN AGENCY Salvio Street WESTERN TRANSPORT SERVICE Local and Long Distance Hauling Petroleum and Lumber Products Near 4 Corners, Concord P.O. Box 952 Concord 4257 CALIFORNIA GLASS COMPANY 1335 Galindo Street Concord 7227 Lafayette Cqhfoynjq W gf ww Mr. George Barber, sales instructor at Di- ablo Hiqh, points out the fine points of the "Bel Aire." Maxine aqrees f 4 4 . ,,,,. . that Fitzpatrick Chevro- let is best by experience test. She drives one. To see the Chevrolets stop in at FITZPATRICK, INC. Galindo St. Concord If I., 1703 Mt. Diablo Boulevard C10 yearsl I IH I-if PII' J -'lr wqinui creek - wc. 9331 w" 7 - f I . . Jijlgfflliic ljzfhl 115, S 'A 1--gen., In , f. . . 1, ,i z C H ECC. LQ STON 1 127 Solano Avenue Albany - LA. 5-8700 1753 Solano Avenue 0 Q Berkeley - LA. 6-0126 Always - Glad To Be Of Service ERANICS TOYLAND TOYS in Expert Bicycles Bicycle Babylfurniture Repairs "Come in and look around" HAL'S ASSOCIATED SERVICE mms, REGALIA s MARKET "Smiling" Iohn Cockerton, Prop. East Street and Concord Blvd. 101 Messenger Street Port Chicago 160W PQQD CENTER S. P. TREADWAY G SONS 5 yecrrs WELL DRILLING and WATER SYSTEMS 216 Main Street Port Chicago Phone B7 Monument Blvd. Concord 7274 BQBS BARBER S1-19p OAK PARK PHARMACY Chl PRECRIPTION SPECIALIST UL Mmm Slfee' Pon C090 1561 oak Park Blvd. Walnut creek 2923 DUKE'S MOBILGAS STATION Compliments of Port Chicago Phone 214 ENEAN THEATRE Comm, ROPER sp MEAT MARKET ort icaqo 100 Astrid Dr. PLEASANT HILL SHOPPING CENTER Phone W. C. 5229 EDNA'-E SAFE IVlAGINI'S DRUG STORE 211 Main Street M y Port Chicago--25-Y-513 PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY Exclusive aqents for DOROTHY GRAY ' LENTHERIC ' PRIMROSE BUILDING MATERIALS WHITMANIS C-ANDY Park Strat at Clayton Road Concord 71-17 Salvm Concord 7619 An old story, this store, from Iannary Druq Store to Yellow Canary Variety to BEEDE'S BEN FRANKLIN STORE 2002 Sglvic, Since 1942 Concord 8292 5- 20 Years OLIVER'S SERVICE STATION Clayton Rd. and Park St. Phone 9907 .I Q A 'Y -an Ce- 'A Q get-I-st , I into Q .jg . up s.T,,f I -,, W ,, .-SQ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS BOB OZIAS, Lederer, Street :S Zeus Printing and color page CALIFORNIA ART and ENGRAVING Engravings HAL MATSON and TED GURNEY Photography BILL SHARKEY, Contra Costa Gazette End sheets BENIAMIN P. KEYES CO. Binding ADVERTISERS I gf For their wholehearted co-operation and assistance 'T Y C, SUE BEITZEL, Art student - - - 'K 3 Division pages 'X '1 L+. ha 'x A, X ,C--TID E I 'N Nxgggbfbxywg w xii J gCwiMx,77 AUTQGRAPHS U DZ flfrrx .f4,vq,4,' ,, I QJJ1-I 'kv'-ff'-LQfZ V X V,,.jY52iL.w M A V' . 7 ' 5651 J-f k Q' gy fa"l'Qf,'f?Lf4 A141-,, E ME jx gi -Rf' - - 32? gf? cfm fe ff S f9""""2"""A ' 1 5 13 fgmf if Q'.2,gU?y,i fr , ,' W if 1"',Q ' ww fs? M 54 f 3 1525 J N ! Ji if 1 W' 1 W QD 'fivji 1',ff"'A '4! 2 ,JWXAUTQGRAPHS 0 lay W ,U my ! l 7 Lflik 'J My VZQQ JC? 'fa' :L dip. f . 'AfEl,LfL,g if . V QLLFJ of yy Q x!l as UR ogy? J! ' QC K! 555 MTR 'iq .mx on W M HQZVLWV gp 31. 3 WW ff 1 E fig M Mfffffw mg jwff My Yi f fr. 1 M Qmixgmi ' , Mm Yu , ,N . X555 M WW Mx w Qftfyt ,WNV J W KW mf 'MW ?v0f 5,v5iv59U!fJ 59 QM? V MV' if AQ,v:IyL'4 W ,,7fmfAm! L07 ff? ff' 4' . MN.. 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