Mount Diablo High School - Diablo Yearbook (Concord, CA)

 - Class of 1950

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Mount Diablo High School - Diablo Yearbook (Concord, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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X I ! LQIQ !!!' ' -mfs., lil!!! uid" WI ., , 2'5 I -if Wifi - : 'HJ fi- -f H5195 f , NX.-, , A X A F--S+---XM 5 'W' A - , X . f 'N -. f Q-144, -.. W KV! ' f , Q A "7 , .i::g7.-ink: J QS V I 'f JU I' fr Y N fMfMAo "f 2!2 '---Q......--..Q,L..-.---T-N ..l q 1 1 K ' . 2 4 X ' 14 ' x....1-,-.. .. .11 Q-, 4, f -X . ' '-2'-,E -gg-f ar fa wr I , f , i lk Z -N W I , V 14: ,f V I f nir. I 'DF f '.' 'D W4 0 WI 1 9 - x . P " iff , if , IQ V 3 - . ' V I ' .. trr X I I W! N N HK 8 W o f f If X 4 uw awp? A 15 ,fic ywi ge: , V W I MW ., K, x I 5 fx 5 . 'E' J aj' 1 A A "fl A ff X -' . W ,Mfg A , 1 Ki t 5 I -f I.. f . 'l'l' 'fk' , ff iw H' 5'1- X u U KX Cf' J ' N w .! ' K P' V I ,4 .1 iii!! fifgiwiifi Ill! ill Mink ,hu ,, . D X ': 1 . ., J'-31 'Q -fin I KWWL' po l .1fW?y f.-- N A 11331 f ' ' E'-'3'. ' 5U ' V 1Sg'RF' -U -.g-5" I I ,, Q'1'I-IHNRSFORTHEMEMORIES-W IJ W A' Ju X W , , XSEN QKGVARLETIV' L 'M I1?,5,' 2AlX .ig V ' , 'Y lj., E 2 i 'I - ' rf I Q ",, , - - - ff - 4, n.. 1 E A-wa wx' ,, ' f f Q ff' R .2 i - , K QL M g X Mm J rl'wv k ...,.w u!,Q"L-. . 1 uil' f E' 'L ,K ff f, 33" ' y X 0" Nh " at gif- QW Q E' 'WL 5 ug, 3? 'J' f W 6? .5-. - ' I - - A ' "If v 1 .' in? ' cnsmwfl 4 if 'yi f .. .gm-A . 1 , - 1 x ,, ,rf iw ' fi 4 w ,Yu P J- w"' I ' Lf, if 'lf ' ? 4 mx, I .T-.ywgv 1 '.,E:1-:G F" , - ., ,um H ,I L 'W YZ' f Q 'ly x . 'I ff xrnlg xii.: I 3 it x Ella!! K N X 4 f ' , ,, 1. 'll in f ' - ,"".1f x ul ,L 12 f 3 Uuuh 'r -g I f I jg 15:3 l I i 6 X I bizep - l -ai g X 5 1 ' 4- ? " ' XX U l Qi K Lf f n Q X x , ,Q IL 0 ww x R ' V 4 r-f-P'm,ag- A 'N 0 . H1 '-.3 X - I I ,I h ,g-:-- A 5 f F M 'n 5 ' ' MVN WW NN A My M V R , if E ' K ' K - AA 5, w N Xiw W ww pw U W? f 7' gf DIA F Lf 'SO Published by 'rhe Sfudenf Body MT. DIABLO HIGH SCHOOL CONCORD CALIFORNIA FOREVVORD. The noises of Ihe bulldozers have slopped. The build- ings are compleled. One by one sludenls and 'reachers have moved Iheir gear inlo new quarlers. Spacious rooms awaired us wirh ligh'r for 'rhe reading eyes, and room lor ihe moving muscles. Nerf year Ihere will also be slreamlined machines in Ihe shop. This is our year of expansion. We wish Io male Ihis our Iheme, as well as chronicle The days ol our big year, one lhousand nine hundred and lilly. May you enioy if, CONTENTSH FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS will all f THE DIABLO BOARD OF TRUSTEES Ml: Diablo Unified Disfricl LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Harmon Welsh, Mrs. Doris Loveridge, Mr. Oscar Lar son, presidenf, Mr. James W. Denl, superinfendenl, Mrs. Ethel Wigef, and Mr. Arnold Biork. f f f DEDICATION. Miracle worlcers are noi always remembered. Because we, The sludenls of Ml. Diablo l-ligh School, are wilnesses lo lheir deeds in a year of expansion, we wish 'ro dedicale our boolc lo The Board of Truslees of 'rhe Ml. Diablo Unified Dislricl. ln our firsl' year of unilicalion, lhey have spoken lhe good word, and before our eyes have arisen Jrhree magnificenl new buildings. They have had failh, and Superinlendenl James W. Denl wilh his unified slaflg and Lo-a bond issue has passed To provide more build- ings and equipmenl for lhe dislricl. They are lhe worlcers of miracles. We wish lhem 'ro know lhal we have seen lhese lhinqs done, and in recognilion, happily we dedicale lhe Diablo '5O. l sill' iaiiffwl mf ,,..,: '7 .kwlxn ,rw , ,, ,, Lf !.fAffLf4.' . JL1 f, ,V 7,3 W, Q 4' W. ,gdif 2 in fc 1 'vm ,.,. -. ,y f 1 EEC, 549 iff? '82 5 I" Q:'A Q ES 'TTI' Sues' e. Le-.1 1: ' TC R55-C, Cy: 5 5,51-J :A V:"e':e" Ate 9 "':t"ge Ne de -f:' .J1'C ea! -f A' ve S -a ,Q ann. fe.-cw Lu' Sf' mah., . CiJS7GDJ-HS A ,,. - - 1 J Len TO n C+-.A -5. v Hevv .ice S:"':: 5 - - Eames F'e: Hs- i': - ,t X P'-c Je' C'-QF: 2 Fw: Cai ': WW' ..,. .ir N Q 'us E-S I'-TWEFS 'QQ czg :jw . :N 5 4, A -H., vi-.f Eg- .1 M. use f -, , .F- A Nd... 5 NH -5 Mr,--.-, 'eww new ..P.xA-'.:- 7:-frk 1 ' 1: 'Q A v r ' -e .-q .nc 3-in Jaw". R.:.' ex -4 , vc" f .aug I, 2 1 1 . 7'- 'V A in Q, 1 f" Ar! fi UH FACU LTY FIRST ROW, left Io right John Scaglione, Reading and Hisloryg Evelyn Mumma, Civics and Economics: Leslie Dunnells, Civics and Economics, U. S. Hlsfory, Senior Adviser. SECOND ROW: Efhel Brubaker, Librarian: Norma While, World I-lislory, Civics, Senior Adviser. THIRD ROW: George Perry, I-lisforv, Sophomsre Adviserg Sfanley Honer, Geography, Civics, Hisfory, Boys' Afhlefics. J sf - 71' as. .sf s ar Q 4' , u w FIRST ROW, left lo righl: Sally Dunn, Spanish Club Ad- viserg Norma La Velle, French, Lafin, Adviser of French and Latin Clubs: Helen Courfrighi, Typing, Senior Busi- ness English, Counselor. SECOND ROW: Dorolhy Dodge, Bookkeeping, Slenoqraphy, Tickef Manager: Milan Wighf, Typing, Business Fundamenfalsg Rulh Galindo, Spanish, Spanish Club Adviser, CSF Adviser: George Barber, Bus- iness Law, Business Organizalion, Journalism inewsl, Iola O'Grady, Spanish, Spanish Club Adviser. Q.-, -A I 4 FIRST ROW li-il lo v-qhl Jour W.1ud Clolhmq Jnnigf Advixur,Ad.1l'l Head, Foods, Homomalxin Q Mariorie Silva, Arl, Art Advisor. SECOND ROW: Doris goddis, Clothing, Fi-I-dx, Vnm iluv-I A Cappelln Choir Civics U S His- lmy, Myrlln Williamson, lnxlrumonlnl Drawinq, Ari. FlRST ROW, leit io righl: Paul Sloner, Phgsics, General Science, William Thornlon, Mafh, Algebra. S COND ROW: Doroihy Hen'derson, Biology, Counselor, Rufus Johnson, Biology, Rally Commillee Adviser, Richard Miller, Voca- honal Maih, General Science. THIRD ROW: James Woolum, Algebra, Maih, Archie McEwing, Geometry, Trigonometry, Vocalional Mafh, William Toaspern, Chem- islry, Biology. FIRST ROW, lefl' fo righi: Gladys Kyne, English, Efhel Van Tassel, Drama, English, Marian Early, English, Freshman Adviser, CSF Adviser, Alma Couchman, English, Coun- selor, Helen Lum, English, Journalism Uxnnuall. SECOND ROW: Mary Lumpkin, English, Public Speaking, Players' Club Adviser, Margaref McCradie, English, Counselor, Roberl Kling, English, Freshman Adviser, Elizabelh John- son, Reading, Counselor, Hulem Rihm, English. NOT PIC- TURED: Caiherine Barringlon, English. FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhf: Caroline Nelson, Girls' P.E., Dance Cornmiffee Adviser, Jessie Falconer, Girls' P.E., G.A.A. Adviser, Barbara Sfruh, Girls' P.E., Hygiene, James Arnold, Band, Orchesfrag Phil O'Neill, Science, Boys' P.E. SECOND ROW: Slephen Casaleggio, Wood Shop, Sfage Carpenlry, Mary Elizabeth Hawk, School Nurse, Home Nursing, James Millard, Boys' P.E., Boys' Alhlelics, Les- 'lar Williams, Boys' P.E., Boys' Afhlefics. THIRD ROW: Donald Johnstone, Meial Crafls, Welding, Junior Adviser, Porlon Farrer, Aulo Mechanics an'd Welding, Claylon Sc uflish, Drivers' Educafion, George Pedrazzi, Drivers' Educalion, Orville Beuiel, Melal Shop, Siage Lighling. A , hui' WZ, A . , ry 1 I? jg I Q Y 1 fd , Y 9 THE BIG iffy u H 5 I K p - .--S-Q, f fikyc , V,,k V A , , fff, Lf-ZZ, Z og' Af rr ,,,,f -' ,U f-45993115 JAMES DENT FERD KIESEL Unified Dislricf Assislanl Superin- Superinlendenf lendenf of lnslruclion JOHN CLEARY OWEN COOK Principal of High Unified Distric? Business School Manager PETE KRAMER Dean of Boys IRMGARD COX Dean of Girls MARTIN OLAVARRI WILLIAM THRASHER Head Counselor Sludenf Body Financial Adviser 'Double or nolhingw ie more lhan a game ol chance lor Diablo. Under unilicalion, lhe "Big Four' aclminislralion ol lacl year has doubled. Maybe lwo heads are beller lhan one! Mr. James Denl, whom we admired az principal lazl year, iz now superinlendenl ol lhe enlire lvll. Diablo Unilied School Dizlricl. The genlleman who bearz lhr: auquml lille ol A-, lanl Superinlendenl ol lrizlrurlion in Dr. Fr-rrl Kir-mol, whoze job il iz lo coorrlinalc lhr- inmlriirlifin lr--ni lfindergarlen lo lhe zenior hirih zr,hf.fil, Iiflf. John Cleary iz one whom wif .ill lniiwl l.i-.l year he WUC inlrofluierl lo ll', fr. vif ii liiini ilnilg Ilii-. year he l'Wr3', advanhefl lr. lhf- yirini ilniluliili i-I lxll, Diablo I-liqh School. The bucinezi manager ol lhi: new iinilii,--l ilinliirl 8 iz pleazanl-lated Gwen J. Cool, I-le is in Qlmrqe ol lhe unilied lrinupc-rlnlion wyzsloni as well, i Pele Kramoiq our able Llean ol bow, has serxecl uw well in lhii. rap-1-.ily lor lhe pnxl Iwo xcars. He waw prcyiowly lwunil lhallnill and lr-.lil coach. SLll'l'rl'lwi" al llw VFHII' ww- IIWO ilu-nie-ryf lhal Miss lrmqni'-l Will, viii' rlcnn ol qirlz., had chanqecl her mimi- Iii lxli-.. liinqniml fox. Ixlarriaqe has nol ili.im1i'ilIwi,fl-Iii'ulill li-nil-. her mympalhy and ellici- :wryIiilllr'a1iIli..iIlLlll10lI'LlIlGF1ddDC8 as always. Oni -E.-iiii:.i-lm i-. Mr. Marlin Qlavarri, who lm-. lliw ji-li ol .iimnqinq programs and lillinq Classes inl-1 ui ln'-iliili--.. lrlc- .il-.0 leaches a neal bil ol lypinq. lyli. ll1m',heri'.direclor ol adull educalion il.i-.i.i--. nl Diablo, .ia well as linancial adviser lor slu- -li-nl liiirly nllniru. SENICDRS ooN Azeveoo ' I Presidenf MARGARET ENGLUND Vice-president MARGIE BLAKE Secrefary-Vveasurer X, M, K. - .55 fr "5-4 , Ma i CLASS HISTORY CLASS OFFICERS ..... "Long IiveII1e cIass of '50" Ef pcpuier fare me cendidafez chciscri were: Dan Azefedz prezioerff Marqaref Engmnd, ficeepresidenf' Margie I3IaIe, :ei rehrfvvreasurer, Thef profed IQ be ebIe oI'Iicer:. SENIOR PICTURES ...... "Pearls and Iies, please!" f'I"IJ'i1. oI'iorcqrepIier descended in Ilzfennber fo Cath ieriicr perzcnaiifiez. TI'ie zubiedz were pIeased niII'i I-IaI Min+- :zr 2 rmrfrairc. CAKE SALE . . . . . . "SweeIsIo1'I'1e Sweefu Urqef +I-Q fjirqfficr QI :ffrifor IinericiaI nizf1rd,ArIine I-fI,er'i, 'rin icrrfriff-ee IieIrJ a CHIC :aIr: in IAMCI1 IQ ZlJpf3IQfI"E"I IIW ',f:riiOr bu'j'g'E'. SENIOR VARIETY SHOW . "TI1ere's no business Iiie show business" Trfz 1152 'nc f,'f'ICI'if1iVV'l'iqfII!f,1II'lylrlI'lIIf,0f3If1'.'II""iV-'1iaI'1i,'iiif and ',If1'3':fI IIJ, your 3 f,IIfgriri'3 iiTI'ifmI3 Iiyr IIN' IvIf-miirif-.ii MRS. NORMA WHITE MR. LESLIE DUNNELLS Adviser Adviser ,,, if jf if Y , s, SENIOR BALL ......... "SIars feII on Diablo" Fred Broqger guided the Senior BaII under +I'ie Theme OI Smrdusf' In Er: yearIy pei-Iecrion. The seniors were especaiix mend and Iiappy Ihaf The beII couId be Iweld in the new ax", SENIOR PICNIC . . . "OId Heard Ranch, here we come!" Swimming, e-aIirig, Iwikinql eafinq, qcIITinq, oa'inq4 Jan: na ' g In O dfI1ghIIIac1' Ics d thi foniorsI In I Ii I i gay n 7 E-3, 5 i U . lvl I few 1 C IIN' OIC! Hearzr Rana orf eir .annua piuni-i.-IauI I-I.-i'I4q?i.1'rman,isas ff mpI mr3nIecI fin Ihr, fiurfngiz ISI Iiw CIM. SENIOR BANQUET . . . "EM, drink, and be merry, -" Ianqiii'-I.1rr.mi1.-nm-nIsusvrvv1'.mvIw PM Harrr' .Ind Ii.-r fi-immiII--in Aqain n.xIinq was 'Inv rwnin .wIIr',Ig9ion. and ni'-riifir-. KI:--'iiIi-PI IImI .1 Ivri Jin iIif'I uma in Grier. GRADUATION . . . "TI1ora's a Iong, long frail A-winding" II wa' ix Iiin-1 Iinw - iminq, IIIII wmv In-rv, ir was Oxon' a Iiiii -,.- I-in, 'iii III-.-pi-i-II'yr1 ITA uI1Iiy xxIIII r1:mii.WioS of 1-LIQI1 II1ir'IqS as IIN- I7i.iIiI-- ISU LT.1rriis.iI, .1 FU'-IIII AI Ihg LNUEIDCCI QIIQVI5 AI iIi.i ni1liu.1I ,I.iII4 LIIIxIr'l IIII- I-xii-III-nI supvrxisinn QI Fi-Griggs I-iiwiiyp In I.iII.i,i.i nh-ii Iii-. su.1pI-iw adinq ou? A sour-QI II1i-rliiiivif-HI'.IiIvslIIi Slam Ixiv-rIi"..1nPIGvmrqv XAIIIITOIQFQ SyIvi5 Aim:-,' II A If .1w.niiIg "IIi.i" ,Imv .ind 'ILIIIIPH I"Idrrv'inn ppp. Ii-iuiinig iiii II1i- I-ii IIi.1II Iii-III .Is xsiiII 1' Imr ii qrniip OIIAUQI-iinq IiiiIi-iiI-., Mm- Ii IH iiiIiIiini1 IIi.if.I,-IIIRIII1'I,QIis.5dI5ms dom,-, I iiii niiuii IiIiIwr Ann Ix'IiIOuIIi-ui1Ii nam in II'm Iwmi,p'IaI II'mgA iii Iii ini-. xv-III iiwiy NKIIII IIN .ix WP Ir'avD. Sylvia Annis 5 .' If-Vg '.., mr df' ' was 4 W N ,sg '1 v 1 Rodericlr Barnes Norma Bomber: L Melvin Anderson Dolores Ashloclr Carmen Aviles FN IVV "' A i ,2 l Ed Bexley Bonnie Benson Dorollwy Berlinoia f Z 2 61 V , I ' , f ' f" ' f ..... , - , -3 zzzlz A ,f ,V rr fi -, ,f - .3 A ' i. i ' K jizz" ,,, Y A v . f in l f .- , A Al. 4 isfmg . f , if Carol Bracken Roger Bradeen Bill Brandi' . !,. ll li A 1 i Z , 3 ,rilzkw nggflllil fwlfrf is is ig .S mf, . 1 Don Burqef Fred Brogger Pa? Bruce Darrell Bullard Don Azevedo Margie Blake 4, 4 Donna Bressem g , f , if Reber? Buller -4,!!"' xwwpq, 2 fl , 6 K' 2 1' ff , ,V f f ' . qc f if 1,4 Ann Calkins Kennalh Cann Marie Cappalli Joanne Carmichael Gloria Carrion ,1 Joyce Carier .I U I fu W . Wi X, , " 1 ffl!! 745 , "uf , .' f if f ' all , Ulf? Clafl Z9 Eunice De Lover ,Q XM V I Ed Casfello Rene Clark l Yvonne Dc-nwn ,WWW Ka+hryn Chilcoal' .5 I Maxine Clewson 1:9 Herman De Piero . 1' - Af 5 ' - V V Q, A ,,, -' K, , 15.1. fp - . ., ' Q " I Q I iii' M l I I, ' 5 Qu E.: H ' -an f ""' fr if n v g 1 Ll ' , , f . 4 ' - f: I I 7 f fk f 41 1' f I ' 1 1, 'A A 1 -' ' " ' Jag Da, Pap, Daryl Du Boar- Glen Duncan V , 45 mf I , 14:1 f,,,, N , f' V , fl ' 1 ' f WML' A4 1 ' ff fwfwflvwfrfl. C.w.lI1nl,E.n.,n J-rn Erln1mxl1'r RuOl1 EllioH . H Jim Choeie Helen Chrisp A' I+? ff, iv Wfefgf? Joe Covione Sybil Dealon -g f, 3' Joeqwr-e Dias Dave Dias 2 'ni , W . .A 1 I1 '3 z N. f ' s Jem Scriha East Q Glffldl' 'T-"' Revsrly Enm Margarel Englund ,Ml Ellnora Ernesi 53 La Verne Filomeo V4 1? Mary Ann Finlm "5 1012 Pa+ Foslreif Harlan Fosler Clarence Faulkner Eels Farrell Ale! P50901 v, .. ,,,, 4. f, N, f f f 4,7 , M P ,, . f 5 2 f M ff f 6 . f 4 V.-:ff f if 2513! Kennelh File Paul Flemwood Frances Fofsey Lorraine Foudray Bernadefira France Darlene Frederick u. , X ' - H f4Z4 yfffv ,I l 3 Befiy Freeman Blanche French I O 'll Frih 4 G ,M ' x sv X rvs s N Al Gahr Joe Galvin 7 A A . 34. Joe Garcia Herb Gerclue 6' ' ll Beffy mann i Eugene Goul-an-+ ' Richard Goularl Jim Grogan Jaclrie Groh Marianne Grcnemeyer Jack Hail Clarence HJIOWGY ,wi --.. Q. ,J Q x A Nfarman Handy Bob Hermecel No'ma Harrison George Hawkins Ffdni "4-GW W9 'f ' . TI ,Q Z I, i jf, e I, if X r Rx Ronald Heden Beffy Herman Oonaid Hen Bill Hori PQQQ- HU' '. 3 -di 1 Z 1 .IA ' Bill Hquye Troy Huddlrtfon Dolorn Hun! Jo Ann In--vw Rok-rr' ixsbeil f Glu gun ,J A Q Glenn Iglmm Frank Joaquin Kldryn Johnsfon Mary Jann Kvqrmw Cynilxm kpqwu, I 1 PGY Kell09Q Myrna Kellogg V fwgu' Q J 1 . lp, -. V-', I, 4-fm: v A, .,4,:,. fr 7 J"'5X ,lyf f ,lg V 'nv "' l ral. .5 A 2 Q 5 'f 7 f I 4 i W Q V A 4. , 7 Z M iv ff' I A ff Jim Ken? If jf Z M71 Belly K ishi fi Shirley Lancaster Marcia LeDuc Barbara Jean Lee All Hal Lillie 4 f 1 f A J iw , Charles L om Bill Lock Marjorie Lombardi Helen Linqenfelfer ,rrr 'lg , f if ..,,,,. W ' J, Lawrence Longacre 'A 1 Donald Luenser Bedha Luian Blanca Lujan fn ,f MW 7 iff 7' 12 'L ,if gr , 4, mn Ak , 5, " 2' '2 Z 7 ,J gy ww! , jg l ' 5 ,Q,lQfi 54 f 1' - rw' W ,7 Well V ,Ziff 4 'M 5 Jim Kramer Ted Lingenfelfsr James Love Nancy Luna , ,A C 7 ' N -5 Befh Luncl Maynard Lyson Melodee Ann Machado Lawrence Malone Charleg Mari,-,elle Lucralla Markham 'Z Cf ' l ' , 7 in L wf whiz- f. . ,Mfr .,,.., Barbara McCorlrle W Q7 Naclean Marlin ,ff ww ,I Y" I ffhf , if M 'Z , , ' f QR L. , , Riff, 5 I l ff Glen McCoy xi!! Don McKinnon Diana McLennan .di Bob Mallweson Bill Malrloclr Lois Mason ff I Ann McCullough Jackie McHugh Elsie Mclleari Sam My-19, Ramona Mendivil Alfred Menequs Jenin Millard Bob Miller Mack Mimx Graco Monday Jameu Morgan 32 2 Pay Moyqdn Rohm-rl Morgan Downey Moalor Arlinc Myers BHNY N91 1 4' l a 1 f a .14 5 5 ' x X Y N X A 8 X as X ' SN gb Nzaggggx, , 2 :QMVXXL ,.:a-H '- ' Merlin Nelson Wanlla Nelson .Q-'17 Barbara O'Connor fs Bill Neulelcl Pauline Norlhcufl Minnie Claire Nussbaum Jolwnny Oderde Elene Odland C armen Orfega Orvella Owen ,ia M Y WWN Bob Pacini Jimmy Parker Sandy Parker Bob Pa Mary Pence .lodrl PBSOVTQH A Ml V X . Harmon Powell Lilia Quflllflfl ferson Julia Pellcer Madeline Phillips .fem -w . 4 ,. Zgiwf: 'fl f E 1" J' 'fs f Ng: , ,M ,4 4' W 'ah is fx, ,.. . - fx, Richard Railiff Elfonda Re-ddell ,MQW Barbara Paflon ,,. l 'A X f V whiz. , M . 1 g Q 'Q . Jack Poll: W Rxcluarcl Reed ffyfff - Y I ..-"' ' x 5 x 4 fl' L fb? 'Y ly ff Charles Regeder fi Vivyan Rogers Lenen Sandy Nancy Simba 4 2 ' . 1 f IWW, f , l l g l 3 2 J ,maui , 'V XV . . Marvin Slonu ff' 3 f fp ' lc nflfzfgl' .1 ,A ,un Reber-1' Regeslm X I Adrian Ruyle FelicEa Sadowsli ,nn 16 Dcrls Reuler Joan Reynolds Rlfllafd Rock l 5 vb -.r e Q 3 f I John Seller Reed Sanderson K l 12' ""'? I I , f Lf Wallace Camas flllg-f, an f .ff in , 5 KL I J.u:lv Srml 4 . ,Z 'nu X 475 A Dunno Slruul 62" Q". Bl rf-FP -O fn' 2 , l l Dbl: Secor Bellye Sieverf Wayne Slnl F . 2 l l Q 4- ff' f" Ka-n 'l-nyclvr M.ul,-1,.- Sh-:vm Rlchard Sliles A al . Q5 .lamoa Sullivan Clyde Summers Eldon Swanson 1 ,,,,, ' , if , X Gus Talbol Key Teracla Wayne Thomas . . x - V 5. 'Q Vqlzv V . . R , " l 5 Q - '-'2:f::'.i13?-7? X - ,. sf - .fftif fzg , , .- ' - cg-'Y-E'2f" 5zZ ' . ' :VELLL - ' ' Jef". ,il .fx Charles Treaclway Bob Vergus Mary Ann Vollman Pal Warren Floyd Walrous A l ' . Ny Vw , K' 1 I , . fy' H? lwffgm f Jr .,.,...4,,x ,, ff ,.,,,f,.. , ,J , ,, , , zbcffffwfm ff W ,l ff :vw f-,- 5 - ,. V .Mia , Q' fffhm wyfmvv V' - , f Harmon 'Welsh Jeanefle Harold 'vVl'1He DHBV' Wesfbarg George Vflweeler .f M A f ! ' ' 4 K 'Hy f 1 f f W 1 'f ae I f f .1 Q 'l ? f ml f Wayne Tilley Nino Venlurino Conclwa Verduzcc Sian Walrous . W M 15,4 Y :HW ,Q 4 ,Q L 3 ' I le . , X 5 ' 51 ...Muni L- R lu-W Z .1211 , 20 ,1 f ,Z - , V fo , W, 3 . f f , ,H f,f' I Gran? Wheeler eWI5ey CAMERA SHY SENlOR Jerry Bradbury ,wr Connie Tllfon Maureen Vinflxer Leon Wells Forresl Wlaisler fn, f, 45 fgy- 431 ff t . f ' ,-- fu.:-.If Be ,6 f gn-Q-0 lv fa" yi ,M Q 2441, 11212, ,I V 1 'QA ,V M f V! 1! Qfinj WT A' 2? I -1 2:2 I if in, Q 44439 Q Q H fx Y '.f l. 1 . Yay UP if-fi Y ,gr . Ai Q""'Z 4? K" 'rv vi T t ' -T' . s , v ,, ,. 4' , .W .A ,, - NI .as Y 3 , 1? fy ' r 3- 3 +. offs Z3 , -'WW 1 , 1 , JM, , 4-iwf ,W ' + 's . mf I ,, , 7, , u, ? M, W N sq, ,am W 'U ,f v f '14 W nh, -Cf --X-,...,..r...., L., .BAP rv Q , H. Bila- qfuynvr CLASSE JUNIORS Woods Peters, presidenfg Donna Sahm secrefaryg and Maxine Powell, vice-president The clait oi 5l began iii third year al Diablo by elecling lhe following officers: VNfood2 Peierz, pre'iden+3 Marine Powell, vice-presidenlp and Donna Sahm, secreiary- lreaeurer. The dance ol lhe year, az lar ai The Claez was concerned, was fhe Junior Prom. Diablanz walled lhe Puo de la Paif in An Evening in Parisfl Sidewalk cafes, fashion windowz, and lhe rornanlic muzic oi Mrhel Biggew added 'ro The Parisian almosphere. To replenizh lhe clazz lreasury, a rnueical show was produced during The spring Qemeiler. Oh! Uh! Freehmen, boiler walch our! Seniorz have powerg seniors have dignih. The call oi EI iz moving in on you. 1 Ml. Don-:Id Julmxlonv Miss Joyco Wuud mpg we I FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Thomas Cook, Frank Phillips, Bob Dilmore, Marvin Wes'l', Woods Pelers, Jim Belka, J. R. Cullison, Bill Kelly. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Worlman, lla Harris, Mary Brislol, Calherine McKinley, Florence Benlley, Norma Davis, Bellv Jean Arnold, Palfy Roberls Jean DeRosa, Don Grillore. THIRD ROW: Chufk Frank Merrill Lilllelield, John Williams, John Gonzaga, Jim Ginochio, Bob Billings, Slanley Dahlin, Ronald Williams. FOURTH ROW: Lolamae Wax, Muriel Wilson, Eunelia Loulon, Pal Colby, Julie Dowd, Joan! Luksefich, Carol Odland. FIRST ROW, lefl lo righfz Jack Tussing, Rod Sanderson, Glenn Lane, Curlis Kelly, Arvil Alvey Leslie Kilpalrick, Bill Alameda, Richard McLaughlin, Vance Roskelley. SECOND ROW: Dean Sherman, Dolores Miller, Janel Young- berg, Belly Sahm, Beverly Hewilson, Donna Sahm, Bonnie Swarlz, Beverly Smilh, Joan Hazelline, Charles Robbins. THIRD ROW: Tom Morgan, Pal Crevell, Jerry Gandy, Jerry Annis, George C-arrels, Bennell' Walker, Roberl Berg. FOURTH ROW: Bill Morfensen, Shirley Ferguson, Beverly Rishell, Joan Landers, Barbara Schuldl, Joan Loeffler, Karen King, Lenila Halley, James Renfdleman. :RNA-"NfN eezsewwl :,aF1"i,' J H05 Nirflkllx ef- MX Jw. i' 9 V Wahl Ol few g , .N KW' XS iw '51 K 'O' . fm, ' ,,: . 3, in 5 :lf 1' , 4- 5 ,, 1, MW' , 5 W L '19 K Y? X JW 4,7 , fl ' Y 'Pi A if ,, a .-V' ' ' nk 1 Q if ff f- .ji ' 7 f r ., ,. .T - Q I 1 'f' ' ' 1 v 5 1 ' f A ' ' I A r " an A , - V I 1 " 11 , A .. , - ,'- jx I bv. -v-' 1 LJ FIRST ROW, left Yo riqhl: Jackie Walls, Winslon Dahl, Dick Johnson, Arl lnqlo, Jnrry Barry, Charles Cook, Viclor. SECOND ROW: Roy Frazier, Norma Rudicol, Gloria Hankins, Bnvorly Ccwrnwvll, Bonclvll Frils, Halen Belly Lyson, Jo Ann Sfrinqer, Edna Walden, Woody Grover THIRD ROW: Ollin McCl,1y, Bill Nielson, Ronnie Charles Trumll, Ted Kolb, Milfon Honrru, Torn Kmrvwv, Paul Slum Hu.-innk.-, Hnii, Pino FOURTH Frank Belkn, Galli ROW Fern Wellman, May Marie Waddell, Katie Clark, Hnrrinl Lnn Winlnrs, Ann Sims, Suv Bi-ilu-I, Bernice McNamara. FIRST ROW, lrrll lo riqhl' Ralph Pr-rlny, l,.1irrl Bnrrmrd, Allwrl luisvlli, Pvlo Vivl1n.r, Ellis Rohlin, Ted MC Roland Vernon, Don RoniH, Cal Porlnr SECOND ROW D.ulv H.un1illun, Bi-lh Wliixlvr, EH.: Dc Pioro, Eva Jeanne Adlflns, Barbara Whippln, Rnbrvrln Cnirrlrmr, Jimn llnrvvy, Rulh fli-llnnw, D.uw.iin Torroll. Tl-llRD Jack Jdqqer, Daw- Br-Hr-nrourl, Jfwlwn Lvslnr, Dun P:-la-I-mln, Jim Jarvwwu, Clmrlvx Spuwnrl, ,loo Fundcrburq, Folsom FOURTH POW. Knlhyrn Olwn, Sun Own-n, Rum l'i-.uwn, ll:-li-ri Fri--av, Mnriorio SL-mas, Dixie Pnl Pnrlun. Kinzie, Doran, ROW: Ralph Clark, FlRST ROW, lefl fo righl: Tad Kaida, Manuel Gonzales, Jim Villa, Gordon Monroe, Dale Graser, Dick Lieberf, Slgur'd Holm, Donald Wesl. SECOND ROW: Lyndell Edwards, Waudean Massey, Virginia Gilmore, Evelyn Borders, Gene Smilh, Wanda Uphouse, Kay Creer, Marie While, Barbara Reqalia, Ronald Case. THIRD ROW: John Baplisl, Bob Hussey, Bill Reuler, Fred Swanson, Dick Coppa, Buddy Anlhon, Gilbert Luian, Paul Qualey. FOURTH ROW: Jean Geply, Noreen Bullard, Adrienne Bassell, Shirley Schmidf, Marilyn Leafh, Hazel McCollum, Carol Leif. FIRST ROW, lefl lo right: Larry Paul, Robert Shrader, Keilh Lesler, Allan Samuelson, Neil Smilh, Howard Newman, Jimmy Coleman, Derral Van Pell, Bill Drake. SECOND ROW: Myron Allen, Pal Chandler, Camille Shiddell, Sandv Smilh, Belly Flelcher, Marian Maricich, Barbara Urquharl, Lily Onliveros, Minnie Marquez, Almus Cole. THIRD ROW: Roger Wells, Gordon Cullison, Darwin Dickenson, Phil Promessi, James Hunlley, Vernon Smilh, Alfred Bool, Dean McCoy. FOURTH ROW: Ardeane Molheral, Pal Pallon, Jayne Fregulia, Carolyn Fear, Marjorie Malfson, Nadine Kraff, Barbara Anula, Norma Venfurino, Donna Young, Beverly DeFrales. f fm' " J wwf as? -I .... S . ' v o , ., FSM, - ' f , , ,, , ,. .,., .V . - - wi ,, VXA, X , ' W l ---"" 'r"'M"'W' . ' " f .,. , 4-, We SX .y., . , ,M 'ye . V la 6 , -I I 515 : wg, f 1 ' W fr f Wy ami N ' ,f 4 QW f f " 'r" r 'fr , W . J-Q, as, ,MA if f 15' f ' , we 1 I yjsl.. 1 3 M- V- "" I n I, l f' f ' T' F , J is rye J- s A V ir f' ,V Q13-9 Uv-'J H X ,,. 4 ff Q 9 Q 1 V! V f .l qww , ss 'I 5' ' 4 I g A? Y t J. We A -4 y li H gr we 'Y is ' 1 Q A wan www '51 fa f :rg . 4 4' 4' , 'c - 1 'I , 4 A ' .WHS X ,. . . QW? 5 .fy f ' 'Q . N' , A 1 , 25, , V, , A, X. . ,live by A, , ,J - y' f .i I , I f in - f 5' F f ,U ' 7 , " , ? 1 . r . r vo 14 ,,.-.,, I M? , I I u FIRST ROW, lelf lo riqhl: Wayne Dowy Norman Williams, Reber? Binam, Dick Manxor, AI Silva, Frank CJVdOl.l, Bob Olsson. SECOND ROW: Marlene McClelland4 Belly Mclienxie, Nancy Onmnia, Joan Ford, Mary Doran, Jeanne Allen, Shirley Albriqhl, Marilyn G-fable, Edna Pallison, Clara Belardn THIRD ROW: Joy Kurolori, Wayne Esles, Lee Andersony Lloyd Cellini, Eugene Grassl, Marlin Balmr, Juno Nakalani. Ronald Yylnr, Lorairld Showallor. FOURTH POW: Mary McEaf:hiny Marie Ruslarncs, Elsie Shelley, Maxine Powell, Marian Clark, Mary Juno Knnnerloy, Marlene Sleph-Una. Br-alrlz Viqll, Dovnlhy N-vluon, Florvn-v Sanllu WILL THEY MAKE IT TO ENGLISH IV? f f '1 g soo 5 5 f E G 2 ? c Befween-cIaSS'CrUSl1. Mechanics or wreckers? No woman's land. If won'T VDGISHCG. MV- Sfoner. Down Escalator. Count fhose Calories. Look down, Iook up, smile, please." Going up? Wa+ch Those curves. fx SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Davelie Elling, presi denfg Paf McKenzie, secrelary-lreas urerg Bill Hillman, vice-president SOPHOMORES llwe mlglwff zoplrwomerei Carr: tail 'C Efliiil Willa a bang. fkller being lluslered frialw for ayear,ll1e,flcwj if " e' :Cr ereezz energy In oiclmg on Jrlle new lreslmmerw. Due lo 'rlfre abcence if a:+'f'?,f cerbn, C6155 clllcers Davelle Ellimg, preside-nl: Bill rl',rni,rr, vlce-grader" ern Pe' lf:K2fz'e zeireiary, were mol elecled belore llwe 'Vrd repcrl period. The Comblrled ellirli. cl fre IZFl'Ol'VZ'6Q and rlwe dance commillee produced llwe Clwrflmas Formal, one cl llre Leif fierce: C515-e year. llwe llueme was Carried oul wlllw e Clrrlelmae free, Q imofrrrrem. and glirlefrg clara. Tre Happy dancers fell as ll llwey were lrulf Ir: 6 "Wlnler VVQr1derlanCl.l' lfle-rCl129 :aw llwe clam ol '52 zlaqlng a lop Faehlem Show, Tlwe beaulles bocslod llwo class lreesury. June l6-Juzl llwinlr, Jurwlcr: rloffl MRS BARBARA SIRUTZ MR GEORC-ll PERRY FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Darrach, Johnny Selaya, Ernie Brewer, Jim Sumpter, Mike Venegas, Paul De Frates, Dick Dickenson, Victor J. Nagode, Jim Kanagaki, Fairel Randell. SECOND ROW: Don Van Felt, Eileen Oseletto, Franki Oseletto, Margie Jarrall, Annatta Adams, Marva Kellogg, Janice Norberq, Pat McKenzie, Lois Terry, Sally Widerynski, Maxine Brier, Gene Evans. THIRD ROW: Bill Shea, David Gross, Ronald Heinzel, Arthur Warren, John Krieger, Earl Dewar, Loyd Loveland, Richard Enes, George Shingler, Louie Boyer. FOURTH ROW: Samuel Sills, Earlene Mertes, Betty Pullen, Joanne Hill, Audrey Rodarte, Gloria Men'divil, Shirley Buffo, Betty Ham, Marlys Anderson, Marlene Bergum, Carole Key, Douglas Crocker. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Barron, Gordon Powell, Donald Riddle, Jerry Maker, Neno Vienna, Jim Gillespie, Adrian Riggs, Reno Piva, George McManus, Earl Wightman. SECOND ROW: Charles Harris, Lynne Denton, Nancy Llngenfelter, Donna Stevens, Jackie Street, Pat Bramlett, Elva Davidson, Dorothy Faulkner, Shirley Agostino, Barbara Halley, Colleen Ellis, Alvin Kennerley. THIRD ROW: Paul Mendivil, Larry Jackson, Jesse Villasenor, Bobbv Ruiz, Richard Stark, Don Lanfranco, John Ruyle, Bill Hillman, Lloyd Marchus, Larry Brodersen. FOURTH ROW: Don Atkins, Betsy Corvinus, Rose Volkerding, Nancy Davison, Mary Vielbaum, Sann Creighton, Diane Bray, Elsie Marotz, Jean Rupp, Martha Vollman, Maxine Salas, Fred Lebherz, ff ff? M ,, A4 rg L, ww if , X7 , aj? A i j V -of 41. f 4 'www LA S '5 ..v an J , Ralf? 4 f 4 1 -4 , , 9. 1 T W1- 5 ' 1 xiii' , fx' il . l . '. 'J A V 1 ,Q ,,. ' S y I Ni ,au j af I' FIRST ROW, left to right: Carlos Martinez, Larry Dundon, Tommy Gott, Bruce Br-nlin, Harlan West, Donald Claire Richard Slrvorak, Leonard Cardoza, Bill Donill-ian, Gonrqo Cardinal, SECOND ROW: Leland Andvrxon, Marquorite Roberts, Charlotte Hamilton, Norma Souliqny, Rita Grawsi, Batty Drapnr, Dnrli-no Janos, Anna Molinaro, Neva Swanson, Jeanne Shelley, Rita Smith, Dean Millxap, THIRD ROW: Robvrt Plilor, Norman Router, Torn Hanratty, Robert Dugan, Rolland Eqqrert, Evan Br-Ilia, Gr-orqn Dnrnnia, Jimmy Fmt:-r, Tvddy Mundy, P.-tor G-lnochio, FOURTH ROW: John Ravia, Mary Nevins, Betty Dugan, Earl-'nn Aldon, Dorothy Burqnr, Barbara Garrison, Marion Vochatlor, Judy Lonq, LnDonnfJ Sfhubnrl, Pram nu Di M-lqqio, Shuli-y Riu--r, Riihard Waxman. FIRST ROW, lett to riqhl:J.1clr Elrod, Burk Knilh, Molvin Holm, Davn Moose, Wallaco Boo, Gary Andrcxen, Ronald Knrkharn, Lionel Auqustinn, Dr-nnin Mi5Cw.l1, Crano Waldnn, SFCOND ROW. .loo Cline, Betty Mattos, Ruth Gelbko, Barbara Virvrg, M.1rqarntLm-,Jnyrn Soulqiny, Calln-y Shi-.n Ci-vinun La Plantv, Shirley Rovbacli, Shirlr-y Auqust, Verna West, Tony Sanchv-1 THIRD ROW: Gray-.nn Myvrw, Dwnldun M.-iclmdu, Bill Mobloy, Darrnll Grover, Austin Reid, Angelo Schr-norm, Frnd Rossi, Vincnnl Coviorm, Ram Capuniu, Jim Whitn FOURTH ROW: Richard Omania, Ruth Suhlinq, Ruth Shay'-r, Marla Walsh, Joyce Hanfurli, Donna Lon Hunt, Lois Frledln, Mildred Paterson, Lorrainc House, Willadvmn Alvny, Elsie Showalter, Tony Vordulco. .-ff -'fy 41 FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Damon Cumings, Felix Luian, Bob Drewry, Jack Bryanl, Donald McKinney, Bob Burrows, Bob Hulchinson, Malcolm Banks, Jerry Johnson, Eugene Bancrofl. SECOND ROW: Dick Reed, Lois Vance, Jackie Morse, Geraldine Alkinson, Sylvia Hullman, Arlene Wulzke, Carol Eisen, Mary Lou Allen, Mary Casaurang, Marilyn Vielor, Wanda Gibson, Dean Cline. THIRD ROW: Georrie Thomas, Dick Grund, James rlowley Norman '-4cMvHa'- Dick Burrows, Charles Marlin, John R. Tucker, Wesley Folsom, Gordon Whisler, Ronald Hughes. FOURTH ROW: Jack Blylhe, Bonnie Slrallon, Anila Mills, Lena Morelli, Pauline Winlers, Norma McMillan, Gloria Bore-an, Janel Palerson, Susie Powell, Jean Pelers, Eldora Medeiros, Johnny Gaslon. FlRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Ken Mead, David Anderson, Jack Marshall, Jack Mauser, Charles l-lovl, Jerry Sims, Sam Cook, David Clemenls, Charlie Maslerson, W. C. Carlwrighl. SECOND ROW: Frank Benlon, Shirley Harris, Elizabelh Gray, Rila Dobson, Sharon Buford, Virginia Gonzales, Pal Marchelli, Joan Mangini, Dol Coon, Carolyn Exner, l-auline Mallory, Tappy Lum. THIRD ROW: Norman Nance, Lynn Marlin, George Kolokousis, Bob Dullum Jerry Maxwell, Edgar Berry, Ross Coleman, Mall Reilly, George Maasen, Deverle Mayberry. FOURTH ROW: Paul Thompson, Willa Belle Sanchez, Nellie Coleman, LaVerne Mayberry, Dolores Lacy, Joan Earl, Cherie Gregor, Dana Nichols, Mary Lou Swarlz, Marce Treadway, Carol Norlhcull, Ronald Roan. ffm lfflf f fi X ' 2 X 'fl .U f FIRST ROW lol! lo riqhl Mcrln Cory Roy Nnr-I, Riclmrd Kcchnvar Allrvd Dol lr-xmnclro, Tomnu Sfnrick lzqberr, Charlie Grow, Euqenc Scoll. Arlhur Jncobuvn, Hdrry Wndv SECOND ROW C-.iylo Myers Jackie Le Duc, Burbdm Hirnzl, Nancy McKinnmn, Jirnrnye Joycr- Burlon Dnvvlir- Ellinq, Bolvn Fowlor, M.irq,,f,,g Culvnmnn. Emmy Culli1on,Aldorf,i Flores, Sl1irlf:y Hdulh, Lowrfll Aldvrmn, THIRD ROW Evldiv Phillupx, C-ordon Robbins, Dale Doolink Don Minqez Ray Minqr-'. David Krixlirh, Jam:--. Hnlllrr-, Edward Sclwullz k'-1-mlil Llr.--dom Rnlr Rnllrruy FOURTH POW, George Nurrbcrezl Palsy Polk, Audrvy Amnr, Jnrwl Snwllsy Mimi Hnrvvy, Jorri Tillin, Norma Chillon, Marcella V-uzqur-1, Mrirybollv Huqqins, Cnrnlyn Br-ary, Gvvnldinv Dnvi-.I Alun Brown. FIRST ROW, loll lo rrqhl. L.1urr-mu Bwnllr-y, Mnilx lllinull, Ronnlrl Mnlks, Jnck Bishop, Charlie Powell. Glen Pdrrgn Marana Crxllowny, Prllr- Cmnlnr Jinwfgrnrrinvll,JrwllllWn1i141'- SFCOND ROW' Gu-oiqirm Silvn, Pnlricin Ev.1ns,Jackie Pool' Joanne L.rnif-ry Dmrw. lvlrlluy, Vivi.m lrrr My.-ra, Norm.: .lrum Clin:-I, Dui.: Cul--nmn, Joan Eileen Jorqenseni Ilfinfy Ann Lrrri THIRU ROW N-'il Dunn, Nuinmn Knln:-iv Rinlmlrl fly, Bob Grnwy John Fulton. Dale Sane' Ma, rA,1rlrr.rrr Ziqvnrrl W l.rn'.li-rm Jr-ray l'.rIl--iwn. llnlph D.rIl-in FOURTH ROW l.inrl.r L--v Loelllor. Carole Pele-rsen, Br-Hy M.nrr- Bnrllfr- Jrrnrvl l5--nl lmnm '.pr-.ii-,N lnrillr- Yummy J.uur-l Pin-rxony Mnrioriv Ann McGreqor, Candy Cnrullvr, Pnl C-uuve-in I . W4 If W FRESHMAN OFFICERS secrefary-Treasurer, Cafherine Raymond, vice-presidenfg Dick Towers, president FRESHMEN Modern Times have come To Diablo wiTh The Treshman class. This year, insTead oT being Timid and bewildered, as Treshmen are TradiTionally, They were bold and unaTraid oT upperclassmen. Their unusual behavior seemed To parallel our disTricT expansion. The year's TirsT social evenT was The "Freshman Frolicf' This was a semi-Tormal dance which puT The sTudenT body in The spiriT oT The Tall Term. The coronaTion oT Freshman King Ward "Inky" Cocl4erTon and Queen Jacqueline Jones was The highlighT oT The evening. The annual conTesT To deTermine The Typical Treshman boy and girl Tound Donald "LeTTy" WiThrow as The boy, and Elaine De BenedeTTi as The girl oT The hour. Class oTTicers elecTed were: Diclc Towers, presidenT: CaTherine Raymond, vice- presidenT7 and l-larris Nussbaum, secreTary-Treasurer. By The end OT The TirsT semesTer, The Treshmen had been accepTed. They held a spring dance Tor Treshmen only and a luncheon picnic on The TooTball Tield. UniTicaTion musT be caTching. This TalenTed group, impressed by The magniTude oT our new buildings, Today prom- ises an inTeresTing Tomorrow. MR Rosen KLING Mas. MARION EARLY T2 FRESHMAN Aovlseizs 4 , . LEFT TO RIGHT: Harris Nussbaum, 2, zab Mi 5 ,M fi O sos ,fx 34 Ml A f 'rr FIRST ROW, lell lo riql'1l:VirqilEaxl, David Axkine, Bob Kelly, Bob Kilsby, Harry Hills, Bill Edelman, Floyd Sherman, Pa? Harris, Donald De Luca, Alberl Persyn SECOND ROW: Edilh Vlach, Joan Rulhorlord, Holly Lou Smith Mariefla O'ReiIly, Louise Maxxone, Blendina Taylor, Trudy Ann Carzino, Geraldine Cobb, Lynne Tcllex, JoAnnn Ginochio. THIRD ROW: Fred Burlon, Billy Reed, Larry Forbes, Roberl Schuldl, Alan Lindsay, Ray Neal, Jim Freeman, Roberl Cook, Henry Traulson, Ernesl Palriclr, Wayne Slanley, FOURTH ROW: Sheila Olcoll, Dalone Chapman, Barbara Carpenler, Wanda Claylon, Jayne McKinnon, Dorolhy Mckinzir- Barbara Exchman, Suxan Schallvr, Carole Carlile, Mary Anno Mm-sxnnqur, Gloria Prall. FIRST ROW, lell lo riqhl: Donald Wilhrow, Harvnvy Fnrquxon, Donald Morox, Carl Tailol, Bill Ladqor, Hoben Thomat Bob Hedqfecoclr, Hoyl Huqqins, Manu:-I Forrnira, Ronald Gilmore SECOND ROW: Joanne Jacluon, Belly Werder, Colalle Morqan, Nadinn Fisher, Bonnin Eqbnrl, Bonniu Smilh, Sally Roqerx, Joanne Roni, Phyllis Thomas, Barbara Pearson, THIRD ROW: Burly Bilm, Arnold Millmllan, Donald Fray, Huqh Savage, Jerry Gaxlon Ray Tompkins, Carl Schlosmr, David Malha-mn, Jimmy Hammond, Frank Millna. FOURTH ROW: Gerlrudo Mae Silva, Barbara Mellor, Ons-la Wilvy, Vnrda Maile-rmn, Paulina Shall-ir, Marlnnn Conley, C-loria Coopvr, Barbara Granlund, Lynne Alveras, Nancy Edmimlor. FIRST ROW, lefl fo righ'l': Charles Corlsen, John H. Kramer, Felix Romo, Bob Dickerson, Harris Nussbaum, John Pesonen, Marvin Loyd, Norman Roberls, James Miller, Bernie Burlon. SECOND ROW: Joan Prifold, Diane Douglas, Lorelfa Bollres, ,Barbara Kulz, Connie Sloneker, Sharon Eggerf, Sandra Burgess, Kay Johnson, Roberla Viclor, Clara Grell, Flora Dean Ward. THIRD ROW: Tommy Rives, Sammy Cluck, Paul Dubney, Winlhrop Delameler, Bob Fawcell, David Logan, Gilberl Tompkins, Virgil Puckell, Marlin Johnson, Leroy Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Nafalie Bales, Sonia While, Sherilynn Towner, Shirley Luenser, Roberta Molheral, Sandra While, Kalhy Jameson, Mary Lou Buller, Marlyne Smilh, Shirley Hilbish. FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: Jim Snider, Nick Crelan, Laylon Krafl, Donald Dallon, George Savage, Wayne Jacox, Neal Essary, Dale Long, Norman Walker, Dickie Towers. SECOND ROW: Delores Orlega, Barbara Walker, Joan Belon, Rose Slalnaker, Jo May Loud, Carolyn Edmonds. Pal Laughlin, Jane Nicklaus, Dale Dunham, Peggy Sowell. THIRD ROW: Charles Maker, Larry Rawlinson, Bill Hunf, Millon Abel, Jack Thorpe, Paul Harrison, Thomas Jeffry, Ward Cockerlon, Larry Minshall, Harry Miller. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Grable, Barbara Bruen, Louise Sleele, Louise Malone, Donna Huckslep, Palsy Barlee, Helen Graves, Yvonne Cook, Darleen Henricksen, Jeanne Hursl, Nancy Greene. QC O V WZ, ei . , -M my , QW, , M as 4- 7 fi! If S ' 5 so- Q ,av f it . v Q L , , Q' J ro-I UN fuj I Q J gl L rs- I QQ , 2, A'-i f , 'l-JUN 'll Lfff -Ng .V lfi. 1 K A Xxx Q4 A .. FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Jerry Tahira, George Rollins, Vidor Rodarlo, Bob Oliver, Bill Bockvr, Donald Kroul, Jerry Hoppe, Larry Berfinoia, Waller Lee, Roborf Lee SECOND ROW: Mayxvllo Hoyl, Failh Haviland, Minefle McEachin, Ellen Carlwrighl, Jerrilee Robinson, Dean Clark, Mary Johnson, Marqarol McCallum, Earlino Golsby, Virginia Binarn, Darlene Adcock THIRD ROW' Slophon Pinrcn, Konnolh Abnl, Dick Jonnx, Dale Hollinq, Bob Girdwain, Richard F-rechrzlle, Lloyd While, Bill Manler, Richard Harlunq, Jnrry Lou Zoidlvr, FOURTH ROW: Carmen Slou e, Pozernary Schir-nplie, Alice Boho, Gail Morqan, Shirley Paxlorino, Billie- Row, Yooko Nakalani, Norma Cauile, Barbara Bard:-ll, Joollon Crablro--, Faye Andrnwx F-IRST ROW, If-H10 riqhl' Dayifl Dr- Will, Nvil Hahn, Hi-my Nalm.1lani,David Wilxon, Righard Davis, Manuel Gonlaqa, William Powr-Il, D-in Russnll, Thr-:adorn Dallmann, Riighard C-rovor SECOND ROW' Garland Cullixon, June Miller, Jerry Burlo, Mary Lou Sf-arnan, Judy MrFarland, Callwiinn Raymond, Shirley He-nxon, Ruthie Roan, Diane York, Marianne Tulllv-, Joyrr- FI:-lrhf-r, Stan Bunini THIRD ROW Vnrnon Ford, Bob Rvnvox, Bill Price, Noel Roberson, Willis Shalio, Robr-rl M--mm, R-mal-l R-,vLnn-.i,wn, Ray l'vl--rwn, Kunl Li-url, Runnin- Hanwn, Roqor Allnn, William Hann. FOURTH ROW: Charlnx Walwlsliorn, Mary Kuxlm, Lllnn Ulloibacli, Rhsba Clinu, Boyce Edwards, Belly Funderburq Ruby Anderson, Exlher Slrayar, Elaine DoBnnedoHi, Belly Joyca Johnxon, Karen Maderox, Jay Garrarl. 1 Fl'RST ROW, left fo righl: Jerry Galvin, Eddie Scoll, Leroy Vukad, Ronnie Grover, Paul Christiansen, Dean Van Pell, Dick Balbulin, Jerry Harpman, James Jackson, John Sims. SECOND ROW: Shirley Wallace, Dannie Marie Barron, Rollene Taylor, Barbara Jean Banks, Georgia Hifchcock, Vicforina Mendivil, Henriella Pominville, Neioma Anderson, THIRD ROW: Russell McLennen, Travis Blylhe, Allslon Coulon, Bill Samarzeya, John Davis, Clark Veller, Allen Lee, James Maclise, Billy Smifh. FOURTH ROW: Molly Kishi, Barbara Mifchell, June Sfone, Janice McClelland, Joan Ellingson, Gloria Terry, Esmeralda Omania, Wan'da Wrighl, Jeanelfe Vollman. FIRST ROW, leff lo righf: Tommy Wenllinq, Gaylon Cox, Marlin Chappell, John Dulre, Fred Libby, Larry King, N-orman Quinling, Slevie Johnson, Bob Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Connie Verworn, Frances Morris, Rosemarie Hinkley, Billie Jean Slringer, Eva Mae Yockey, Mary Di Maggio, Barbara Friese, Shirley Kirchner. THIRD ROW: Charles James, Claud Promessi, Ken Morgan, Phil Caperlon, Dick Freeman, Kennelh Dahlin, Alberf Mierzwik, Elwin Groves, Larry Vance, Donald PlaH. FOURTH ROW: Pauline Youles, Mary Louise Stone, Evelyn Sorrick, Arlene Sanger, Jacqueline Jones, Marilyn Sloner, Earlyne Fuller, Joyce Wafkins, Pafricia Toole. ..... s, .,,.,, . .1 A I , -.s A , 0- . 7' Q , V 5. " e A4 N- 'Y W' sw : V f if of . X ' I If Nye, ,, if" ,, Q ff-- W ,M Q s .Q is 5: A uw X :L J 1 ev ' f I 1' iz .M n , 'f if 'N eg Q Q f' fe 45' if 'W , -fffr' A X 1 WS, Ea ,gk ' l fs., ' fe L S ' 3 M for x ,A L1 'lf f' v' lf, Q -1 'ss A 11" Winan- Y.: .. -e 'I FIRST ROW, Iefl lo riqhl: Allred Bedford, Lee Perryman, Lawrence Olson, Tony Rarnirox, Jerry Taylor, David Pedrico SECOND ROW: Minerva Spears Jean Ann Kllzrmllnr Jr-rilrrn H-lrl, Yvonm- Meow Mildrod Rnynwond Pcnqy RA.-hle Beverley DeBeaumonl, Joyce Blalnic. THIRD ROW: Bill Tlwolko, Billy Mnxm, Dan Pullon, Howard Schultz, Frank Rose James Jackson, LeRoy Pelerson. FOURTH ROW. Rdvclld Phelps, Mary Ann Paulson, Sylvhn Tmverso, Jane! Tompkins Mary Bc-lk.1,M.1rq.JrnlMillvr,,Donn.uCuon. ICAME, l SAW, I HOPE TO CONQUER ACTIVITIES ..,v.-u- RICHARD RATLLFF BETH LUND Smdenf Body Presidenf Sfudenf Body Vice-President JOAN REYNOLDS JANET MILLARD Secretary of Enierfainmenf PAT BRUCE GL A. A. Presidenf SANDRA PARKER SYLVIA ANNIS GirLs' Leaaue Sfudenf Body GirI's League Presiderd Vice-pregiclenf Secretary-freasurer JOE DE ROSA GUS TALBOT SUE BEITZEL I Boys' Federation President Boys' Federafiqn Dance Commzffee Vice-president Chairman 5L'JUf LQ :Lou Wye L aoprcfec fn ffQfLf'1a' 'Ffh LL LQLQLQLLL LL LL, ' L 1' f'56fJeLn mo? LO 56 ELZWELVLLQUX 'Q LLLQ CLA Qwqffg JfLfLLL L3QymL'LLfL L L-LLL-vm, L,. f-LL-1 , GU- VLOLLZ LWMUQU difm Lrzm Leaf L9 fCfLf Lx efL'Lw uf- LLLLLLQ 'ZLL LL.L LLLLLLLL LL--of LVL Ceecfng oLfLCef QL cw DVLLLQ ffumerf Eww. 2'LLf:cfLL Lf L LLLL'-L LL 'LLL' LLL vw' NL CT"',6fC LLLL2 fed'L'Lf1fQLOLL0wefLLL'LLCfL1-fI,L'rL LLLLLLLLLLLLJ LIL. ,L LLL, L,XI XX. L I., Q QX XX i"l V616 CCf',L,L'uLQU'1LLVLC fffff 'LL L LL 'f'Y . fxIq,X LI.ILq,. XXL, XL LXXLLL LLI,L -X, XLL ,VJ I PLf,L'mLfJ LQFJLLLLLX pfC',LfLf:VL'L HL LL'LL? 'LLLL'Lf'LLL LLLLLL'L,L, XXLX.X,L X,l LLXX, L ,XLLR LXLXXXXXXXX ,C an :LpC,ff,fj!J Qaf:fI-TXafLf1 rfLLf.' VL LL LLLLL ,LLI LL ,- LI LXXXXXXXX XL XXXX XX LIXX XX X XXXX XX XXX .I XRIOV 1 fl L 'f z ff -LL , A LFAPEL-'1LLLL Nav' XX LLILULLLL-LLL LLL LLLL' L 'L'L LL',LL'LLL.- XL'Xy ,ITM LXLI L-X-Lkjx P fL','pfVXf:' 'LQFL L' lJLLfLLLffLLJL'-LLLLLLL1'LLLLl"LLLL L L ' , I I X I X I I L L LLLLLLL-'L LLLI- L .L'LLL-X LLLLLLL-L XLLWX. fLLfLU fJ",fff1fL'-' LLLL LLf' . LILLL LLL'LL'LLLLLLLLVLLLLLLLLH X X X X X X I L . . L, L- L L L L L-X, . 1 x . ' L fymf OL LIU, ,XLL,,jf,XL LXLILLXX ,LLL X,,.,,f.L X, ,X.L,,,.,X,L,LXL X -LLLL XLL X I .LLL LLL LX, X LTL LL L L nm LLLLLQL ., L L X ,, .. .L ., 1 1' 4, LQVLCL LALLLQVL, LLUILLJLLLL "'L"LLlLV L-L L'lLLL'LLLlLLL LLLLLLLLLL LLL' LLLL LL LL XL LLLLLLLD LLN' "LLx'L" VfLf:fLLL Lff'ffffLL'L',LLLLf: LLLL LLLL- LLLLL'LLL LLLL".L'LLLL'LL LLL LLLLL 'LLL' LLLLLLLWLL LLLL' 'LXLLL LLLLLLLN LLLDLL'-LLL FGULDL, L . I' - L ' - , ',LLJ'LCfLL' fL',"pVV LL 'Q f"LL' LLLLL- L, LLL LLL LLLLL LL LLLL- LLLLX, LLLLLLL L' L 'L LLL"' 'LLDLLL LLL LLWIRLV LTDLLCVLHL OW LfLLfLL'. fLf1LLfLLLLf:L, L 'lI'L L.LLLLL-L, x LL L- LLLLL- LLLLLLLL AL- BLWQ FQAQLVALLOXL PVLL Bpyrf fL,fLLL,LLLLL L LLLLL4 XLLLLL LLL-L',L ,LL,LLLLV WLIL1 LLILLXWII LU .LLL LLV QLLLL Lx 'RINLLF' SDCL 'RLLTFOVQ LAL-Mant-L X X I . . IL L CLLLLLL, -LLLLLLLf LLLL- L, LfL"'.L'L1'LIL LLL LLLL' L L A.f'X, LLLLL-- ,',, IILL LL LL L LLLLLLL LLLLL'LL-,LwL'q.'LLwL7aLLnL1I 232. 5. qw "1-s -- ww My Lounginq on fhe green. Time for The bell. Nice lechnique? m if rf' X W-L X f ffl. l ff ' I , Z f , if hm M. ,ff Tickets, please. Blind beauly. Dog house af noon. 4I af f f Z4 XJ Q J fi rfrym r n f' ' W4 I Q- CHESS CLUB BRIDGE AND CANASTA CLUB MOVIE PROJECTIONIST CLUB SPANISH CLUB RADIO BROADCASTING CLUB SWORD B BAUBLE SOCIETY BLOCK D SOCIETY FIRST ROW, lelf Oo right: Adviser Phil O'- NeaI,Jimmy PerIrer,Ted Kolb, Laird Bernard, Charlie Marlnello, Joe De Rosa, Jack Cenn, Troy Huddleslon, Jim Buell, Gordon Monroe, Phil Viscerra, Richard Brown, Lee Anderson, Jim Kent. SECOND ROW: Paul Slallord, Jaclr Brov1n,Dwaina Wiley, Eldon Swanson, Harry Price, Al Luiselli, Harmon Welsh, John Gonxaqa, Deva Dias, Richard Relliff, Glen Duncan, Jerry Annis, Foresl Whisler, Paul De Fraies, Dvaine Shoal, Pele Vienna. THIRD ROW: Frank Viclor, Bill Neufeld, Gale Myers, "Cal" Porter, Woody Gilmore, Bob Dilmore, Tommy Kramer, Jim Kramer, Gus Talbol, Curlis Kelly, Jerry Gandy, John Williams, "Chuck" Frank, Bill Reu- ler, "Bennie" Walker. FOURTH ROW: Ron Heden, Paul Johnson, Frank Phillips, Ken Sny- der, Herman De Piero Don McKinnon, Rod Barnes, John Saller, Or- ville Frifs, Millon Ho- nea, Clyde Summers, Jlm Morgan. CSF FIRST ROW, lefl lo rlghl: Charler members are: Larry Broderson, John Ruyle, Don Azeve- do, Edna Walden, Mar- cia LeDuc,CamilIeShid- del, Jean Adkins, Mari- lyn Lealh, Anile Mills, Janet Denl, Peggy Hos- kinq, Frances Forsey, Jeanne Shelley. SEC- OND ROW: EdilhVlach, Violel Chapman, Janel Millard, Doris Reuler, Dorolhy Coone, Donna Coone, Jean DeRosa, Marie Ruslames, Mar- lene Slevens, Pal Fos- kell, Dolores Orlega, Molly Kishi. THIRD ROW: Norman Kulner, Wesley Fulsom, Fred Swanson, Pal Chandler, Minnie Marquez, John Kramer, John Tucker, Belly Marie Barlke, Yvonne Denfon. FRENCH CLUB LATIN CLUB DOUBLE OCTET PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB RADIO CLUB JUNIOR STATESMEN CLUB KNITTING CLUB ff ,X ' f yy ii X f 1 I Q , ng, , X V f Qi ,nw ,L I do DIA B L o N E w s 'f FELICIA SADOWSKI LUCRETIA MARKHAM MR. GEORGE BARBER fall editor spring edifor adVISeI' I "Who's going fo proof read Safurday?" "When will fhe Parenfs' Club sfory be in?" B "Did you remember fo phone 'rhe phofographer?" "Type fhis ediforiallu These are a few of fhe sfaccafos which issue from Room IO, commercial building, any day of fhe weelc as deadline 'rime draws near for fhe Diablo News sfaff. Please fhe sfudenfs, please fhe parenfs, please fhe adminisfrafion, and slighf The inferesfs of none, are precepfs faughf by fhe capable and fireless Mr. George Barber, veferan adviser for fhe Diablo News. Two exfracurricular prinf iobs were absorbed by fhis year's sfaff. Foofball programs for all home games, as well as counfy fraclc meef sheefs were successfully edifed. A Chrisfmas super edifion wifh picforial ads was anofher "new" for our unified year. The sfaff wafched, and wrofe, and publicized school policies, plugged all drives, added sugared words fo calfe sales and pracficed journalism in ifs own sfyle. DIABLO NEWS STAFF FIRST ROW Ueff io righfi: Beih Whisler, Dana Nichols, Felicia Sadowski, Kay Creer, Marie Rusfamex, Helen , Belka, Peggy O'NeaI, Jim Choare, Jerry Gan- dy, and Marilyn Ston- aker. SECOND ROW: J. R. Cullison, Mary Brisiol, Lu Markham, and Bob Miller, DIABLO 50 STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT Jerry Anms sporTs ediforg Peggy Hosklng assisf- anf edifor Ann McCul- lough edifor Dodie" Hunf advertising sTaffg Paf FoskeH llTerary edi- tor George Garrels, business managerg Jan- ef Millard subscripfion edlTor Doris ReuTer, phofography ediTor, and Sfan Merfes assisTanf sporTs edifor NoT pic- fured are Elene Odland, adverhslng edifor, and Carol EaTon assisfanf Ilferary edifor and ad f V ' 4 iv f 5 ' MRS HELEN LUM PEGGY HOSKING ANN McCULLOUGH adviser assisTanT ediTor ediior WiTh This annual publicaTion, hisTory has been made aT Diablo. For The TirsT Time The MT. Diablo yearbook includes colored picTures. The Diablo '50 was originally planned in black and whiTe, buT when iT was Tound ThaT The seniors would like pages in color, The sTaTT deTermined To have Them. These picTures are The culminaTion oT hours oT planning, budgeTing, and devising money-making schemes. The ambiTious sTaTT, wiTh The indispensable counsel oT Mrs. I-lelen Lum, annual adviser, and under The direcTion oT ediTor-in-chieT, Ann McCullough, used a pasTry sale, a carnival, a new meThod oT presenTing adverTisemenTs, and a TaculTy baskeTball game To raise money. This was noT an easy Task because besides These addiTional proiecTs, There were sTill deadlines To meeT, picTures To be Taken, and adverTisers To be conTacTed. Their eTTorTs were rewarded by The unique yearbook. WiTh The disTricT uniTicaTion and consTrucTion oT new buildings on our campus, This has been a signiTicanT year aT Diablo. Such a year deserves special noTice in The yearbook. IT is The hope oT The sTaTT ThaT The Diablo '50 will emphasize This Theme OT growTh and developmenT aT MT. Diablo High School. I' KV , A I 5 fi W Z Z Q ff 7 W Z ., A '50 DIABLO -who s....LiT-NSR,-K NX, -,.-e,,, -C., --s--L--...,.-L.e. 'Thi' "Fo . Q, ig, g f I - ,, , ,.. sz 'Milk A, Ma.: I ,. I FIRST ROW, lefl fo righf: Nancy Lingenfeller, Barbara Jean Banks, Penny Scheer, Rosemarie Hinkley, Joan Ford, Diane York, June Miller, Sylvia Traverso, Toby Ernesl, Carolyn Edmonds, Bob Burrows, Miss Vera Boyd, Bill Hillman, Stanley Wafrous, Ted Lingenfeller, Slephen Johnson, Kenneth Dahlin, Carol Loyd, Imogene Sherley. Barbara Newby, Donna Coon Rollene Taylor, Donna Stevens. SECOND ROW: Marie Cappelli, Janet Pafer- son, Suzanne Powell, Shirley Harris, Elizaberh Gray, Marierla O'ReilIy, Joanne Rossi, Lclamae Wax, Linda Loeffler, Jane? Denf. TY'-'dl' Ann Camino. Sue Loving, lla Harris, Jerry Barry, Harvey Ferguson, Donald Luenser, Wayne Sranley, Marvin Wesr, Richard Ely, Woody Grover, Rene Clark Marlene Slevens, Shirley Hafer, Joan Hazelfine, Joanne Lanier, Nancy McKinnon, Bernice McNamara, Helen Sue Chrisp, Rose Pearson, Shelia Olco'H. THIRD ROW: Lois Terry, Neiorna Rufh Anderson, Minerfe McEachin, Georgia Lee Hilchcoclr, Maxine Powell, Barbara Boyenger, Nancy Omania, Blanche French, Berry Herman, Cynlhia Kegresse, Joe May Loud Ann Sims, Harlan Foster, Roger Wells, Larry Malone, Robert Hedqecock, Jim Buell, Downey Mosier, Norman Williams, Jeanne Jackson Mary Jane Keqresse, Pal Parton, Edda De Piero, Elnora Logsdon Carol Leif Barbara Lee Berry Joyce Johnson A CAPPELLA BAND Tne a cabcela choTr was Ofgifi-263 ai of Ezrri,-Iwo musicians composed Diablo 5 marclnfrg the :Viv rfrne llnii year under rhe dret' if I." oar: rns year, The schools Iirsl' drill band was fera Ezyd. re:e'.eJ wirh enrhusiasm by lhe sluderls. Under ire flrer ri: 2 rg rraryf crifeifc a reheariaj r- :"e:':n :I Mr. James Arnold, lhe band D6F'i:CfFl'6.'J 76 rrerrcei oreierre: a Vriarrf-1" 25. Efrigeiz a' a hime Foorball games, as weii as a+ A hambra " reg- 1 c" robes, ire rrierrcer' rg grisci ' and Anrcich. The musicians were colcriu as rhey :aired iorgz znfriluaf, lol Qcrgj, ri 3: cfrrl marched down lhe field wilh drum maicir, Norman rxrberi. Kurrer, and high-slepping maorelles Mary Nc- " a2'4"'-' +1 Tre Srrrig Czrierl 're ir Q r ' Eachin and Fairh I-Iaviland. feed 're aigirrczrfrg rriuii, fr re Orr' Because ol irs loo-nolch performances, ll-e car: Dacia" rc gi i cr:c,i'ei: 5 A '- :f ral-ed uniforms which were procured lhrough srudenf raoio QECII, czdy :ales ol magazine subscriorfons. ifiii Eiga S3592 lc, male lhe a iacce iii' a In lflay lhe band combineo with ine crchesfra is ie ei' griur ncwfird ffriih al rnufi ,Hzeri ridaspring concerlflhe bard oiaved a+ +he oedca- Qrffe, "on oi line new gym, and ar gradualion 'rr June, A FIRST POW lefv ro righl' Lois Mason Dale Safre Roberl l-ledgecoclv, Marvin Loyd, Marie Cappelli, Grace Monday, Winsron Dahl Chares Da'- ragh B111 Mortensen Norman Williams Millon Honea, Mr, James Arnold SECOND ROW: Jerry Johnson, Ralph Folsom, Bill Hunf, Charles Maker Jimmye Joyce Burfcn, Evelyn Cawvhorne Ollie McClay, Gordon Whisler, Wayne Jacox, Blanche French, ken File Shirley Albrqhf Evan Be-Ili: Marqarel Miller, Carolyn Efner, Slanley Wavrous Richard Johnson, Donald Claire THIRD ROW Wayne Esres, EUQGN' BHDCVCH Gm T01-im? Dafe Krislick, Reed Sanderson, Barbara McCorkle, Mark Blinorf, George Wheel-e', Wesley Folsom, Dean Millsap Hcrbcrl I-'Crea F-'od Sw.zns:n +C ,s 5 -Q i. " -he ,ww rv v , T - A ,ja-s ,, .f w - , ,ef jjagi ,Quia :F A A A. -, 1 If K ry' ,Q "R , Q i U . Q- , f' " , 'A ff if be , f . .. f . , ' f ' We V 1 S iv g K S Y S . , X DRAMA LEFT T0 RIGHT: Travis Blythe, Calherine McKinley, GeorgeFWheeler and Orville rifs. "CH RISTMAS PAGEANT" CAST Cafherine McKinley George Wheeler Travis Blylhe Orville Frils Eunefia Loulon Donna Sahm Pal Crevell Pal Colby Dick Johnson Gran? Wheeler LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Tyler, Bill Kelly, Maxine Powell, Peggy Hosking and Downey Mosier. "MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME" CAST Mary . . . Peggy l-loslcing Mike . . . . . Bill Kelly Janie . . . . Maxine Powell Jimmie . . . Aunl Lavinia . Euslace . . . . Ronnie Tyler Lucrelia lvlarlcham . Downey Mosier LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Mariorie Silva, Susan Beihel, Bill Kelly, Gloria Hankins, Peggy Hosking, Marcia LeDuc. aww E e WM!! '. fix f ff? ii , DANCES Ouiie a cgrral-full here! Wonder if fhey're sunqlnq, "Don'f Fence Me ln"? Soff Iighfs, soft music, and soff heads make fhis a dreamfime for all. Look wha? SanIa IeH! And in such preny packaqes,1oo! SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, IefI Io riqhI, Fred Broqqw, chairmang Adrian Ruyln, SIun M:-rIr-5 SEC OND ROW: Bill Neufeld, Orvr-II.: Owr-n, Ron Heden, Jim Kramer, Duane Wil:-y, Juan Pesonen, Doris Prruier, Ann M-iCuIIuuqII, J-JneI Milluvd Frosh royalfy is crownecJ-qurife a kingdom to match ihls pair. . . .. buf "Baby, II s Cold Oufside mav be Ifue- , i'r's snug and warm enough illefe even wllh Mr. Snowman peerinQ 0Ve" The Shoulders' "Swing your parlner fo The riqlff, catch 'lhe next wifh an arm +ha+'s Iiqhl. DANCE COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righl: Marilyn Leafh, Jackie Elrod, Don Azevedo, Alvin Kennerly, Jerry Annis, Miss Carolyn Nelson. SECOND ROW: Barbara Garrison, Paul Johnson, Eva June Doran, Hazel McCollum, Adrian Bas- seff, Sue Beilzel, Jack Cann. THIRD ROW: Fred Broqger, Frank Phillips, Janice D'An- drea, Davelie Elling, Janel Millard. WW f . I If.. , ' N 1 , hfgg., ,nv 11nJ!!:i!!!F"L D M in, 9- 0 -'14 'ov HA' "Nha E -'fu Swqp1,yndlr,.n-If ll-wmv wg-I Mm! Bmw bny-. bww Thi-. rx Qhr- way- Huyxlmd And 'he anna? sald unfo Wham 50 SPO RTS ko PHIL O'NElLL JAMES MILLARD RICHARD MILLER STANLEY HONER Head Foolball Coach Freshman Foofball Coach Assis1anfVarsify Foofball Coach Assislanl Freshman Foofball Coach FOOTBALL The lalenl of our piayere lhiz year was nzfhfrg ghorl ol lerrilic. Spolli hling lhe Q Season waz lhe hard ririfing ol Jai? Brcwn, fha Saeed al Pfharcl Pallirl, rlne bloclfing of Joe De Pcza and l4a'mcn 'Ne fr W3 'he efzethfe pun+'ng ol Paul Jchrzzn. Uncle' lhe quarlerbaclfhg C? Torn Liff gfan Krarner, lhe learn worlred lile a rebar. "Danny Defi' weril irilz me ieagoe game wilh I9 poinla againel him: how- efer, he held lhe Fcaifei Dtri hi a ' e. Taira 'Vi he in his zlride, he wenl on lc Cereal John Swell. Fbcoh +P: fffre 'he --:-g h' fhree-lourlrhs OI our players, and as a re5uIl', we had lo pCiJ'iC'e The P' rq game, The nefl weelf we Iosl lo Anlioch, bor ailer lhal we lf-eil Firamrr ff. Iflify agree "if 're ze" 4 ' me ieazzr was wilh The Pillsburg Plrares. Vfe were lhe lJf,"J'?'O'f'2l' are Pifhtxf' 'f' efceihet rc bear Us by al Ieasl Iwo louchrjowna. Prhooqlr Plliourqh dfii Ciire 1- '12 " waz any by 7 poinla. Our boys payed 5 greal oerre lhah fghi All lhe conc uilon ol rle .ea1:' fwer rne Caunly awards were handed our, Joe De Pcza ral-edlFr1+ airing ae Cd Jai? Era.-f. Harmon Welsh landed on lhe second CCuhly zffrq, and :eferal o+r:er rrembe" f' 're have received honorable menlion. FIRST ROW, lelf fo riqhl: Jack Cann, Bob Ferrell, Joe De Rosa, Gus Talbof, Orville Frlh, Gordon Monroe, Ken Snyder, Herman De Piero, Jack Brown, Bill Reufer, Bob Dilmore, John Gonzaga, Paul Johnson. SECOND ROW: Ron I-loclon, Dafe Dias, AI Luizelle, Slan Hoernickl, Phil Vizcarra, Milf Honea, Troy HuddlesIon, Ben Walker, Ted Kolb, Don McKinnon, Glen Duncan, Tom Kramer, Jerry Gandy THIRD ROW: Jerry Annis, Don Burqel Forms! Whisler, Marsin Slone, Eldon Swanson, Pa1Crevell, Bill Neuleld, Laird Bernard, Harmon Welsh, Jim Kramer, Dick Lioborl, Pele Vienna ,wg I I. yi y :Lvl- i M'-- A- r-'a'- ' L.. il"l?f"' lim. I FIRST ROW, left lo righfi David Krlslick, Richard Ely, Bob Burrows, David Belfencourl, Siqurd Landsfrom, Woods Pelers, Ollie McClay, Ronald Williams, Bob Leiby, Bill Gaunl, Kennelh Byron, Paul De Frales. SECOND ROW: Don Wesl, Bill Edelman, John Woods, Bob Berg, Richard Omania, David Barrious, James Vowels, Carl Tilfon, Te'd McKinzie, Buddy Jones, Gordon Whisler. THIRD ROW: Bob Dullum, Ralph Perley, Merle Cory. Jim Gordon. Roy Neel, Darwin Dickenson, Charlie Gross, Curlis Kelly, Dick Manzer, Max Marlinez, Gale Myers, Paul Egberf, Dick McLaughlin. S C O R E B O A R D VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY Diablo ...,... cc..,.. 2 4-I2 ...... ....., R io Visla Diablo ..... ,.c. O - 6 ...,... Piilsburg lg-Gallo ----- ---- l IZ-'23 f----- '----- Ofhklgng Diablo ...., .,.. O -I5 o,..... Acalanes I6 o vccc.,. .,.,. - ,.,.., .... o u . . - - Diablo ,,,,.,. ,,,, 6 - 6 .,,,., ,,,, A calanes Diablo ""' ""ii 3 I O """ "" L Ivermore Diablo .,.,..I ,aar I 2- 0 ,,..,I ,.., .I ohnSwe++ Diem ----- ---- 7 ' 0 ----- --'- A lliambfa DIGIJIO laaa,l, aaa, I 4-27 ,,r,,. ,,,o., A nlioch Diablo ----- --.. O -26 -----,, Pledmoni Diablo -,-,,,, -,,, 6 - 6 --,,-- -,-- A llqamlgra ..... ,...., 2 7- 7 ...... .... A ll'T5ITllDl'a Diablo ,,,,,a. ..,. 6 -I3 ....,. .,.. P ilisburg Diablo .,... ,...,. 4 O-I3 ..c,.,. ..,A, A niioch FIRST ROW, Iefl' fo righlz "Whiley" Samarzeya, Larry Milchell, Nick Crelon, Harris Nussbaum, David Pedrico, Norman Walker, Hugh Savage, J. B. Sims, Laurence Olsen, Winthrop Delemaler, Bob Voss. SECOND ROW: "Inky" Cockerlon, Dick Towers, Norman Roberts, Dale Long, Tommy Wenlling, Charles Maker, Ken Morgan, Paul Harrison, Ray Neel, Hugh Miller. THIRD ROW: Bob Fawcelf, Bill Mazza, David De Will, Ernie Mallock, Albert Persyn, Jerry Taylor, Guy Young, Millon Able, Jim Snider, Clean Johnson, Hedberl Honea. TSP' ,- A wr, if V' ,.f, 4 My 120 X 1 511 J flu -J"'h I 11-f i A 1 MJ f- 4. Alf., TW ,F va Jfn.-.y , 'Sy' --. 4,,.,f -M 4- -nf-L1 L,-- ,fa as - .1 ' r'-J' il -I l ,,a'4i ' - x Q1 .aff ,- 1-'K -u- W ,Lf- ! 1' fl. U ...- J .J-Ay K' 5 ..JQ"' if" -wif' - 1-, 'J 5, 4' X..-4" wwf wi" .N V M 7 4 l ff' f,fW'j f 0 , f ,ff my f 1 1 3 T T T BASKETBALL Surprising everybody in The league excepT The DeviI's coach, Les Williams, The Red Devils Tinished The season in a second place Tie. The Devils sTarTed league play by losing Two close games: one To Acalanes by The score oT 33-3I Q and one To PiTTsburg, 47-46. The Devils Then came back wiTh a sTar'TIing win over The league-leading John SweTT Indians, 35-3I. The luck was reversed again, however, wiTh a loss To Acalanes, 34-32. The Team Then wenT on To win The IasT Tour league games. Joe DeRosa, All-CounTy, wha scored I46 poinTs during The league season, Ied This COACH LES WILLIAMS year's Diablo John Williams landed a berTh on The Third All-CounTy, while Jerry Annis and "Chuck" Frank received honorable menTion on The All-CounTy squad. Second place in The league was awarded To The "Bee" squad again This year. The ouTsTanding players were Lee Anderson, TirsT sTring All-CounTyy Paul STaTTord, The Third All-CounTy Team' and I-larry Price and Tom Kramer received honorable menTion. DIABLO VARSITY FIRST ROW, lefT To riqhfz Jack Brown, James Villa, Ollie McClay, Paul Johnson, Troy Huddlesfon. SECOND ROW: Milfon Honea, John Salfer, "Chuck" Frank, Jerry Annis, Don McKinnon, John Williams. THIRD ROW: Bob Difmore, Tom Morgan, Frank Phillips, Joe DeRosa, James Belka, George Garrels, DIABLO"B" TEAM FIRST ROW, leff To righf: Paul Mendivil, James Riccobuono, Lee Anderson, Dick Brown, Norman Reufer. SECOND ROW: Bill Reufer, Leonard Cardoza, Jack Elrod, Frank Cardola, Laird Bernard, Alvin Kehnerley. THIRD ROW: Don DalTon, Paul Sfafford, Tom Kramer, Don Minges, Harry Price, Roberl Shrader. .V , h W -L sv V: " f L . ,:? ,IV4 . , , fir! fy q ...A Q A wlfaggs - Q - , fi g W- q E .X , Igig g b A ff gl f . , .V 5 iw .j U V ..,.,X ',v. -'N "k' ' :i rr fff W, QW ,- if fi 4 I ,, If max ff W 'W Y 2' S 39 ' N A K ' J 9 L i A S 5 is , ff, L!xX ye, 4 ,, 4 sg , - M" W 4 Hffg 5 4' PQ' . , f7f : ,g 7 77 77 I QQ , , w-'12 Z x intl. E J. N V 2 4252 4 2 ' , fb 4, ...4 ,4 a 4 V V f i iwffzgw f 0 -va... W. ,J wf A ,W L ,N ,M fel' S' l f xx, 5'2- M, xg . ,eg 744' J 1 Q I f ,' . '2-4 ,F W- '- fi ,. 1 iq 'wifes , Z! AV ,mf , ,. 7 v-V- Av . , 4 5 ! . .34 ' if - I' F I W fr ,mv .W f F' av' IW? 'r I c'f 1 5 ' is if X , X N Q . N5 5 ax ' ,Qs - FX Xx Q 1 X ,ay W I' it J W '35 4 ' 6 fm xx 1 f 3' , , hip .f W A , fi X V J V 17, , was ,. u I G ii I f f Mi? . U , ,f 1 F W ziivhf he '41 X iff Z , ' 5 ,g ' if W f WL f X ,fl J M vw! W ESS ,V , SQ fax vi - -QR M , 'S XS , .qw 4 is xx 5 li K XXL .Xl kxll i ,- XN A XKQSEX. -Fwfjgxfgs TX fx' V? ' 'XNQQ X X. ww .W , Q -w A SKK Q M W4 , fa , , X e f W , 1' X W f 45. kr Nw ,y am, If f ,, vc W 54,4 , , 1 .Jw-1aMwsfbHg,,1 M. w w 4 1 1 I I G 1 1 i .,.... x 553 f r3,e.,,g3,,.5gg,cg4,9Q QQ 9, rf 1 W fr 9 TQ 1 YKVZ' yi! v f ' ,g---ffm.: 1 ""' ,, ww , 7 Iggy, 1 55,5 ,H 'Epi 7' , fjwfffif v r. 'Q' gi warg' Eff- W 2, A, nW'a.g,,g dwznhff 9 ,Q 4, , ng ...wo rm, f- wr. ,Q '-1 Hg: 3' , r, Q lr Zz Mfg, ,,,, mf' V f r 'o Q r J, ,. .M '. Q- - rwfwmsw HMV! W 55 -9 f' f r 1 X 21.1. W 1 5 ff ., wt' ax Z4 f .. V ' Q f E 5 z X Z 3 5 E fu 5 Pifcher Paul Sfafford. Aren'f you a IiHIe close, sir? Bench warmers. Safe af second. Double for PhiI?? Homeward Bound. Buffepfingers. "Seven+h-inning sfrefchf' bl FIRST ROW, lefl' lo righiz George McManus, Gilberl Luian, Ronald Heinsel, Ken Morgan, Eddie Scorl, Guy Ycung, Felix Luian, Mac Mims, Jack Brown, Peler Vienna, Phil Vizcarra, Richard Ralliff, Curlis Kell .SECOND ROW: Reno Piva, Harris Nussbaum, Jerry Maker, Sam Seals, Marlin Baker, John Tucker, Jimmy Parker, Pal Creveli, Lionel Herniak, Evans Bellis, Norm McMillan, Lawrance Longacre, Charlie Lola, Dick Burrows. THIRD ROW: Coach Phil O'Neill, Paul Mendi- ville, John Gonzaga, Gus Talbol, "Inky" Cockerfon, Jimmy Coleman, "Shorl'y" Newman, John Verduzco, Don Wesf, Fred Brogger, Jerry Annis, George Garrels, Roland Vernon, Larry Forbes, John Woods, "Woody" Grover, John Saller, Eldon Swanson, Ronald Williams, Lee Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Paul Johnson, Bill Neufeld, Bill Eqberf, Harmon "Chesfy" Welsh, Jirn Kramer, Ted Kobb, Bill Billings, Laird Bernard, Richard Omania, Bill Maflock, Ray Morgan, Jim Morgan, Sian Hoerniclre, Ray Dixon, Bob Miller. TRACK The proepe-cle for lhe Dialolo lracl ieam leel fre This year, for Phil Olleillis boy: are lryinq hare rg uphold 'rhe 'rradilion oi Pele Kramer 2 prericu: hah slandards. By his careful coaching, Peie ical few! 'reen oi The lwenly-elf counly meel: in lhe nazi ,I yan, The Derils, laei yearic counly champioflz, hare 'ralcen one oui oi The iirgi iwo meeic ag we go ic prezs. Diablo losl 'rhe iirsl me-ai io El Cerriio hui came back clrong lo lake John Sweil and fn-lharnbra in a 'rri-meel. The I95O lraclf 'rearn iz a:iollow:1l2Ohi h Q hurdle:-Bill Neufeld, Jerry Annie, John Vlfiiliamz, TENTATIV March I7 El Cerriio 3:30 Difilulo Bcorcz: A", 78 A", 35 B", 52 Biv 527 28 f'lharni,ra John Swell TBD Di.iI-lil Df.Clf:'f fx 2 YDIXL, Ain Io XX'-i lD'lI I. 47 Bin J BY EI P'ifl',Ir,i1rrJ ljlll IIi.ll1li' 3ffiTfj',f fk' fill ir, Aim ii'II I'- lj m 'ill' . ll'4. lvl' 'J April I4 Anliricli lilll Iilinlvli- E Joe De Rosap 880-yard run-Jim Kramer, Felix Luian, Bob Billings: IOO-yard dash-Richard Ralliihi, Jack Brown, lvlarlin Baker: 440-yard run-Charles Loza, Ted Kolb, Pai Creve-li: 220-yard run-Richard Ral- ifi, Jack Brown, Marlin Baker, IBO low hurdles- Lawrence Longacre, Jerry Annie, John Williams, Joe De Rosa' rnile-Jim Parker, Gilberl Luiang high iump -John Baller, Bill Neufeld: broad iump-Bill Neu- feld, Jack Brown, Richard Ralliili, Jim Colemani pole vaull-Bill Neuleld, Tom Kramer, Bob Mcroan' shot pul-Jack Brown, I-larmon Welsh, Bill Neufeld' dis, cus--Gus Talbol, John Gonzaga, Paul Eqberl. SCHEDULE I5 Llil Aqqio Piinn .il Dans I9 f'X-'-ll-lm", 3:30 -'hcalanes ff CCCNI 'Xll Slnii, Cnl Ira-,h lO:3O UC T? Ixlnrlinu: Relais S100 pm. lx-larline: lXl.iy Iv KX-llillly Ixli-i'l Diablo " 5 Conuolnliun Ixrleel l:3D Pillsburq 'I ll Pliivlll finial Boilion Title-, Diablo FU Ni-ilh Canal Soclion Finals Diablo Y! 5-liili' IVIQCI ll Snnln R- 1'.. 1 IPAAI lvlecl Sonia Rosa TENNIS FIRST ROW, lefl' lo righl: Harmon Pow- ell, Jim Jameson, Don Lanfranco, Adrian Riggs, Carlos Gonzales, Arthur Jacobson. SECOND ROW: Jim Gon- zales, Richard Ely, John Hayden, Jim Buell, Lloyd Marcus, Ray Pelerson, Mr. Wighf, coach. TUMBLING FIRST ROW, Iefl fo righl: John Thorpe, Ken Dahlmann, Eddie Scofl, Charles James, Ken Morgan, Ilwin Groves. SEC- OND ROW: Jerry Taylor, Ronnie Robin- son, Marlin Baker, Slanley Buzzini, Floyd While, Bill Price. THIRD ROW: Roy Garcia, Harry Wade, Joe Covione, John Pesonen, Gilberl' Luian, Eugene Ban- croff. SWIMMING FIRST ROW, lefl fo righl: Allan Sam- uelson, Jim Buell, Jack Cann, Granl' Wheeler, Roy Garcia. SECOND ROW: James Villa, Carl Tillon, Gale Myers,Joe De Rosa, Harry Wade, Woody Gilmore. I .. ffm. ,WW if f, a-2 ,1 f 4 M, V 'Q SWG 0 IW Q VIA? 2:95 reams f ff ww X i I ' 'CWM ,ff 9 f is ,LQ 4f3f3fTTii 1 f '- 4' Q vm W lf HIJB 1 W f 3 f 'f I A, if W W Mm, .M .4 ,Ls- 1A.'w'- 75' T' ,. , -aug, .,. Y --.- -A it 4- 141- I , Nu uqly du-lvlinq ZVrfJinqH1wpmnl Om null-:N lrmmy I'.nL:-1 Twm if-li. 'Mio mw- W .sq Q V21 4 1 E f--V-A--E. - 3 -f' zz .af .-wgg7fA-- ' fu f M Mensa- fv' A QM. mdk. ,a-. 4-- 9 'U 'W' f' ,nur 'Q , M.-mln.-n '-f-ins? xwnnx Gun if. In H10 Im1dARich.Jrd H10 lion-headed Dr M..1rHn,de-ldlinr' obdaclc, . ' l W , M, ,fm Jack "Olympus" Brown. Upsey daisy, Marlin. Bodily rhyihm. Going home- Carpenters' busy work Head-up, brealhe deep! We hil' lhe nefworks. Wafch if, Willie. 1- Am ly I 4221, , 0' ww BADMINTON GIRLS A flip of fhe vlrisf. BASKETBALL Girls, fhafs a free no? a baskef! ARCHERY Maid Marionx SPORTS SWIMMING Like your new suifs, gals? CALISTHENICS Miliiary fraining. BASKETBALL Baskefball-old gym siyle, f f ww f f W ,W WW W, V, M , ,mv ., ff MW- W, f .M4'mf 'W 'iff W mg!! W yi? 4 I f W K 0 'gunfff fff WW!! XKAZ ft WW f J ff I 52W .,, ,V,.,, 5 ,,hV ,V ,, 7 ff W Q' V W fff L.. ,vw Z ,ffm W, " 'f "f . WW' ,WW M 3 f HW M004 W My , A4924 llil. -i 6.43 My QW F., ?'1 4: '. -S Av I 4' 5 Ei' K' . Q: 9-. 0 Q ., ' if-i 1 2 i fi, :QL 'M X ,Il 4- M 7 Q Q4 ' ,H-'Ma 4.- , 1 4, , 4,411-,, , ,Z One fowel io a cusfomer. Diablo mermaids. Red Sox? A new sport? The wafer's grand. The great devoid. Jusf a liffle farfher, Sue. Those marvelous new locks. Resulf?-Sfraighf hair! ww? 69 14 VW f f IX MWW' f' -..,f ' , 3 a, Q W' W, ,W ,-,,.,!.?- f . 'tin ' ' 1: TA-.f 'i 4Q15' 'Ag f-, 1... , FE nv.- VY r JP4 !1,L.1:ss'A Y 5 p,,,w,,..' ,1,,y1,.,v f lfnmtnu-nl No 5 Sneak play by Kramer. Cfm ymn rm- Annual xml! .uf wx-rL7 r1,.-.ha.,fo11.1 Nw qw. 5-'-Ni-'ml'iH'-"'m1ndY -A, fl Aff. 'W Q I' A ,I 'E Shoplifiing. "Here I are!" Rubbish, or a new gym? Backbones of Diablo Bin of knowledge. Union Square -mfg! 7l , ,X if f f W f 7 ! I. igfwf f The following Professionol Men wish to extend congrotulotions to the closs of '50 in this event- ful yeor. IL PhysIcians and Surgeons, M.D.- C. H. LENTZ LEE H. LORENZEN L. ROBERT MARTIN JOHN E. MASON E. J. MORLEY H. D. NEUEELD R. S. PEBLEY HARRY W. PERRIN R. R. PINOER WILLIAM B. ROBERTS LOWELL E. STEEL E. B. Tomo Attorneys- Dentists-D.D.S. JuDeE Jonm J. OARAVENTA Jonrxi BRADLEY CIGSS OI 22 ROY C. oowom LOUIS J. MCKANNAY I0'IIIOO'O"I'SII RICHARD L. EULOHAM CARL MILLS R. OLSSON-SEEEER E. J. MANOINI UNION OIL DISTRIBUTOR PI1OI'I6 CI5yfQn RQGCI WX 'P sfo .. ew as A A I , ex Q ...L ,. K .. . , M LEE'S SHOE STORE 2230 Salvio S+ree+ Concord, Calif. B 81 J Phone 7050 The Shop for All Your Sewing Needs B E N F R A N K L l N S T O R E 2l2O Concord Blvd. Concord, Calif. Locally Owned, Nafionally Known Phone Walnul' Creelc FARM INSURANCE 2lIl Salvio Slreel Concord, Calif 81 MVS- N- Graham-Phone 588' l'lAY, FEED, GRAIN 81 DAIRY FEEDS K A R O L K A Y 2443 Concord Blvd. Concord, Calif. JuNioRs' AND LADIES' APPAREL phone 4591 2I4l Salvio Srreel Concord, Calif. SlLVA'S SERVICE STATION l-l D E K K 81 A R Ml, Diablo and Willow Pass Concord, Calif. CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH Phone Zlal I549 Galindo S+ree'r Concord, Calif. S T Y L E S H O P Phone 8380 2091 Salvio Srreel' Ph Concord, Calif. one 842l HOUSE OE PETERS Greyhound Depol CONCORD, CALIFORNIA KALVIN l'l.PlERCE OPTOMETRIST IB46 Colfax - Concord, Calif. LAILA'S ELORIST "We Telegraph Flowers" Silenlly fhey spealc so well NGURSE AND COFFEE 2345 Willow Pass Road Concord, Calif. Phone 22Ol "A Good Deal Depends on Your Agen'r" 2I33 Concord Ave. Concord, Calif. l N S U R A N C E Phone B282 and O'NEAL'S MEN'S STORE REAL ESTATE 2039 Ml. Diablo Slreef Concord, Calif. BEEDES BEN FRANKLIN STORE Phone 8546 2002 Salvio Slreel CONCORD, CALIFORNIA Z2 ll's hard lo choose when you hnd such a lovely array of giils and lnniclcelinacls as is presenfecl in The displays al lhe Concord Giil Shop al 232l Salvio Slreel. Peggy and Janol looli like lhey're enjoying themselves while choosing: and Lowell will no doubl find 'rhe exacl greeting card for Maxine. CONGRATULATIONS from CCINCCIRD D RUG STORE REXALL STORE and PARK DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENCY PORT CI-IICAGO MARKET IIO Main Sfreef Pork Chicago LICI-ITI'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION sPEolALlsTs Phone 6 Porf Chicago CharIie Mann's Garden Grocery Phone 8484 I-Iigh School Avenue Concord HAL FORSEY 84 CO. Puauc ACCOUNTANTS WISI-IES ALL SUCCESS TO TI-IE CLASS OF '50 Adobe Building P. O. Box 68, Concord DIAMOND IVIATCI-I CO. Willow Pass Road and EasT STreeT Phone 2I3l Concord . T ' ' I I T IT's always a smoolrh ride in a Ford from HOWARD EDDY'S in Concord DIABLO PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Phone 338i Concord, California S ATT L E R' S "THE EioME OF BETTER APPLIANCES" 2304 Willow Pass I-Iighway ErnesT L. SaT'rIer Phone SI36 V IT's an "AII-Coun'ry" galrher- ing when you go To The Koffee Kup owned by The Joe De- Rosa TamiIy. ISI'anding second from The IeTT is The All- Coun'ry Cen'rer.I The Killy lvlillc Bar gives 'rl'1aJr "pause Jrlial refreshes" a spe- cial meaning in Walnul Creelc as lnese Diablans demon- slrale. WlLLlAM'S INTERIORS CUSTOM FURNISHERS , Pl1one4I3I I97O Easr Srreel Concord, California MATT-SQNS' EQUNTAIN l506 Main Slreel 2600 vvaiiaw Pass Road Concord Walnul Creelr,Calil3rnia GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR-NEW SHOES IV1 A N G I N I w S D R U G S T O R E 2F54 Concord Boulevard Concord Marr, J o E' s e R o c E R Y lvlEN'S Sl-IGP ' Plnon-e2625 J. GAGLIARDI Ifalian and American Groceries H338 Colfax Slreel Concord l95Q,Gran+ Sireel Concord 349l 1 Sylvia's and Doris' spolless clollnes are good 'feslimony lo The effecliveness of Jrlwe dry cleaning done al llwe PLAZA CLEANERS, 2 I 7I Salvio Slreel, Concord. Tlweir excellenl serv- icos are available cheaply, and personalized care is Taken of all garmenls. COMPLIMENTS A A MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION READ'S I-IQIVIE EURNISI-IINGS H55 Gallndo S'rreeT Plnone Concord 87I8 DIABLO DRIVE IN Good Food- Good SpoT - Drive In Today MonI.Irnen+ Boulevard Concordl Al I LEWIS MARKET OUALITY GROCERIES I, I975 Mr. Diablo sneer Phone Comordbar Ir! fl, I Crenna's Tire and Service STaTIorI 24OI Willow P655 Concord, Cellfornia -I EAVIS ELYIIXIQ SERVICE I Buchanan Field Q BEST WISHES TO TI-IE CLASS OF '50 .li Q OAK PARK FOOD CENTER . 6 I58I Oalc Park Boulevard "THE CAKE Box" lf' Walmwreek WL QI WIWES TOR EVERYI3,??52E'EZTI Boulevard A COWLETIWOOD MARKET f 99' QOMPLIMENTS or V 'I COIMPLIMENTS OF R. B. BURNETT Jorlw HEISNEIQXE ASSOCIATES X DiSTribuTOr MOIOII PVOCIUCIS I SIAEQIIBIISTS inl CredIIE'RTelaTIons "A Y f I45 4'rE rh I. IPI! PTIIQ " To PLEASANT EIILL BEAUTY sEIoP ,R OU' I JW ' 5,294 glib A x er I-Iaircu In and S lln - Pleasanr I-IIIIE RITo+ppIng C+-lnfgr W Q W, C. 2427 rf 'tif' . . EVEIJYN CAR ET f 'I f PleasanT HIII Sl'IOppIl'IQ CerITer ,Q ' Your one srop shopping ce-n'rer Sales repf'6senTaI7Ive- .air Oalcs ijeomes j Oualify Meafs and Druqs ,.-el f E Narionally Ifnown and adverfised groceri lXl943V IVIQQVTIGITI' I ,HWOVIG 5382? I! .f . I ,H ff Tl-IE PRIDE CDF MT. DI The piclures on lhese pages show The classroom building, lhe gymnasium and pool, and lhe shop building. We are proud ol our conlripulion lo The design and conslruclion of ARCHITECTS Bamberger and Rein General Academic Harris and SUB-CONTRACTCDRS ElKEBERG'S-painlers DIAMOND HEATING AND SHEET METAL-sheef melal PIONEER ELECTRIC CQ., INC.-eleclrical FRED E. TURNER CQ.-challboards JQHNS MANVILLE CO.-acouslical file BRCQKMAN CQ.-asphall file DURACRETE ELQQR CQ.WDuracre-le finish DlAlvl0ND MATCH CQ.-linish hardware LIBERTY GLASS CQ.-glass LQNGACRE 81 PAUL-healing 1 XBLCD I-IIGI-I SCI-ICDGLf These splendid new TaoiIiTies. We wanT These buildings To conTribuTe To The enioymenT and beneTiT oT your years in school. AND ENGINEERS Reynolds and Chamberlain ConTracTors Building Eieldheim SUB-CONTRACTORS A. B. A. CO.-insuIaTion WORLEY 81 CO.-Ioclcers PRICE BUILDING SPECIALTIES-meTaI parTiTions EOLGER LUMBER CO.-millworlc GARDINER MEG. CO.-miscellaneous meTaI MURPHY BRQS.-IaTh and pIasTerinq SCOTT CO.-plumbing SOULE STEEL CO.-reinTorcinq sTeeI P. lvl. COOKE-rooTing TRUSCON STEEL CQ.-sTeeI sash Snop Building .1 we -.4 . .1 .-g,,,--Q ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS Bemberger and Reid Vezey General Conlraclor Reynolds and Chamberlain SiJl3CG'ITI7ACTC'l7S Diamond Malin Co., Concord Scife S'eel Ct. Sa' Efaniisjc l-lerold Jcinez Oalviand--pies' r C1 -linieli lwardvlare -gudqtigi ' W, P. Fuller Co., Oalfland-gli Blulin' Co. Inc., Oalf',5nd---fl-iallfbgerdi Mew CC C'.W.'r F -f gfj Cm lNe,Iern Aiij-ezfoz Ci., San Fran i Cliliord Eleclric, Oalland C52 5-3 -acouzfic 'le Corneiiut and Read Company, EI Cfce' Sfs. Sv E'1'i5"-V-r','in1 Dffen and CCH San Fran ..' Cerrili, vbrlclfffcrl Ar-ei Si'-ilii-'nfew C' , E C5-fflfif fasolwall We Crane Bfoi., Piilzkure-plurvhiru ---"ff, "ew l!l3I'flI5il'N?f-'?ll Ci., San Frei' Samuel I-'lukkard Cn, Lafamlfe-V Fl A C'-uf G' -SL E' S'e'- Cm 7lClC1""Q DE:f'i'iOfIS pefirq Ca- fr: fi Sv' Efjrg qc T, W. Banlori Ci., Oalriard TUVQECVI Pdinlinq Cfrvpqi-f Qfjl ,fq F-13.-fy A -f NL'-'I' Qin Qlinigli lnarfglffare -paiming I3-yf rf' "wg Ivlle Jilirscn Rlnmonz CC. Cas C 'nfcr IA- 4Oallan'j fri fi C1 5 " A e"eJe --Wi' l Vgi e, eplumlginq Gymnosium ond Swimming Pool ,31-ff Sl 1 ARCI-IITECTS AND ENGINEERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS BFJVTWDUVQQF find Rqiql ll, li. llnlilmiinn Co. 5 Peynolflf. and Clmmloorlain 'iilllililWillll."XkSlIlli'- COW firfl lf.: In lr' , Qin liiirw i lliillilwli--ni 'il'-i-l IE-i., O..II,iniI l'i i'i Ix1iiwiI.i.'i.in1C.-, Sqn limiliriqfiriflyilurnliiii-1 iliiii Iiii.iI -.If-ul lmiii .-. ii in I iii-+I lEilf:l'mrfi",, fjiil -infl piiiii'iiiii I iiwilixii lNlf-I.ilw, '-,iii Ii,ni.i . lxliiiiilix Iii. R, kxillnnd l.1'lw 3 f,.l',Pf,fli5llflfflV!,,lriiilfi,ii'1-l lni.i wlliuiii-i-mi. il-in I-lil-,Ii-i fgqfmii Iii-iiniii il,ixxlii.uii, lin. 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Rotermuncl 6 Bentley Moving and Storage "Move Gently with Bentley" 0 Bentley's Distinctive Furniture "Better Buys at Bentley's" 0 EI Monte Nursery Grayson Mosher 4 EI Monte Variety Store Adrian Hurst and Rene Narheres 4 EI Monte Fashions Alberta Mani EI Monte Beauty Salon Betty Graham 4 EI Monte Super Market Groceries and Produce "Lucky" Conyers 0 Meat Market and Locker Service Roy Ellingson 4 EI Monte Associated Service Friendly smiling "A" service Al Canonica 0 EI Monte Drive-ln and Restaurant Concord area's most distinctive dining room -the Solar Room Look tor the sign ot the welcoming chet "Bill" Nall N I x I T , 'il 'rv-tithe corrido of Dia lo to those of will hemical paij-N a Diablo Students. X Shel! emical Corporation S Shell Point Plant if Pittsburg, California Congratulations tothe Graduating Class I35O Main Street THE SUGAR PLUM BAKERY Walnut Creelc California WALNUT CREEK Orinda Beauty Shoppe Ralph and Owen 6l Moraga Road Walnut Beauty Shop I33I Main Street Walnut Creelc, California Phone Walnut Creelc 2543 WaInutCreek Hardware "A COMPLETE LlNE OF HARDWARE" l545 Locust Street Walnut Creelr, California Phone Walnut Creelc 3500 LA VELLE REAL ESTATE "Only Gmen Spot on Mnin Slrnnl" WALNUT CREEK "ll 'ffilllff' mlinlirvd, wa nr " Walgut Clre-ik Paint 15 P UPPY O- X of Nfl l63O Main Street Phone W. C. 355l CLARK'S FURNITURE CO. Early American Maple Furniture Smart Wallpapers Draperies - Reupholstering I 53 l Locust Street Walnut Creelr 3658 Congratulations to the Graduates HERB'S HARDWARE CO. Walnut Creek, California Phone 45I9 KLAD-EZEE Cl-llLDREN'S SHOP Phone W. C. 2405 l328 Main Street Walnut Crcol GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATES FROM Walnut Creek Meat Co. I432 Main Street Phone 4454 Pcirk View Terrace COM PLIMENTS OF JOE KARREN Phone Concord 8IO7 VALENTE BUILT HOMES Phone Orinda 757I HUGO CARLSON "Concord's OIdes+ BuiIder" Phone Concord 8IO7 BASALITE LIGHTWEIGI-IT MASONRY UNITS STEEL WINDOWS AND DOOR FRAMES A. D. Perkins I I65 AImandra Cour'r Concord, California Dis'rribu+or Phone Concord 8589 CARL D. ELLING REAL ESTATE Graduares of June 'SO Farmers Insurance Group May Cornmencemenr for you mark 2488 Salvio Srreef Phone Concord 8497 "nO++I1e end bln rne I3eQInnInQ- Orner goaIs ser for rhe winning." LITTLEFIELD CLEANERS WALNUT CREEK 0 I THEBRASSLANTERN ,,,mN,,,Hm Knii ndcf he s I' -H mir ' Hngeils, s+f+iOfeQq-UIZSQZTIHQ ciffis C 'ng Cwclry Express Money Orders 64171167215 I523 Main Srreer, Walnui Creek Ph. Walnuf Creek 327I 1632 MAIN WALNUT CREEK CALIFORNM Concord Crairr and Hobby Shop Make your spare Time hobby Time I804 Cohrex Phone Concord 9083 HackIey's Per and Garden Suppiy '+ A ' T S+ BANK OF AMERICA Opposi e merican ru ZOI I Concord Avenue Phone Concord 8559 j I Phone - , Iow Pass COMMUNITY CLEANERS DELIVERY SERVICE 68l Monumenf BouIevard Phone Concord 6786 CONCORD BRANCH Orfers Congra+uIa+ions io The Ciass of "SO" LOCAL BUILDERS WISH US WELL Dioblo Annex Builders MONTE GARDENS ASK ANYONE WHO OWNS A HOME IN MONTE GARDENS 3600 Willow Pass Road Concord Phone 7I75 COAST MANUFACTURERS THOMAS J. LEE BUILDING SUPERIOR FIRE ENGINES GENERAL CONTRACTOR I265 Marlcel Sireei Concord. California 3036 Wfllcff Pasz Road, Concord, Calil. Phone 9553 ANTONIO IURRIN Road Base - iradinq - Bulldozinq - Traclor Worlr K I N N D M -D d R on rd, ilorni 40' BOY OE' C CO Ca' 5 GENERAL CONTRACTORS Concord Mercanlile Company BUILDING MATERIALS Residence and Commercial Remodeling Parlc Slreel af Claylon Road Concord, California plans BALE5 MILL AND LUMBER CQ' Phone Concord 6247 OF 8553 Millworlc Cabinels Lumber Builders' Supplies Painl I-Iardware NEAR FOUR COMES Concord I-Iordwore Phone 8734 Company I-lo Selwold 'nd Bulders' I-I-rdware JOE SOBOTRA U 5 ' U Painl Glass GENERAL CONTRACTOR Emma Slreei and Clweslnul Avenue Concord- California Box IO74 Concord, California phone 627' Plwone 8369 M. G. M. Construction Compony PIPE LINE CONSTRUCTION Box IOS6 Mnrlcel Slrool Concorrl, California Phone 88 I 7 They go in Iwo by Iwo Io admire Ihe diamonds and walches ai TIERNEY'S JEWELERS SPROUSE REITZ CO. WALNUT CREEK Congrarulafions Io The Class of '50 AI Grahanfs Willow Pass Grocery FRESH I-IOME-MADE PIE5 DAILY Open 'Til I0 p.rn. Monday Io Monday WALLY Renrs Mosr Anyrhinq Wallpaper - Painrs - Garden Supplies I350 Cralindo Sfreer Concord 8557 CONCORD REALTY 2I44 Conccrd Boulevard Phone Concord 8909 CONCORD FRENCH LAUNDRY Mrs. G. Narberes and Son I 850 Mr. Diablo Srreer Phone Concord 454I SQUARE DEAL AUTO UPI-IOLSTERY 2229 Willow Pass Roalilhone Sol? Concord MAL'5 FOUNTAIN 230i Willow Pass Road Phone Concord 8607 WIDEMAN'S MEAT CO.. Qualify Meals - Wholesale and Relail 23OI Willow Pass Phone 7439 THE FOOD CENTER coNcoRD Willow Pass and Colfax Phone 9966 Thorpe's Mobil Service Srarion Phone 99I3 Granr and Willow Pass Concord, California CONCORD FURNITURE COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 2058 Willow Pass Road Phone Concord 8I97 WI-IITE LANTERN WE MAKE OUR OWN ICE CREAM Open all hours Monumenf Boulevard TOWNE SHOPPE 2I69 Salvio Slreei' Phone Concord 82I I Sian and Fran are hearly leanersg They boosi and supporr Ihe Con- cord Cleaners. 'yin-0-A-I ia-QJU 9 we .Q-wt I ,BLM , of Q ' dv dpx i hx g Q i 'S xpxsizbx 6 qx S l XX . lv as N 5 W rx I ,ff ,w asf' f ff M' - F. T 3 Q yn 5 2 0 Kin ,ai - 5 . 7' J' Q fl fl i V 0' 9 at 0 ee bl - lx X0 6 X Q y JJ Tl K If I' S l Qt lo , ' T QU' Y. i 4500 was N' ,X T S ' VH Q- C 5 QR he 4 g V V S T ii' llfl llllll in K , J l O ill ill f T gf ' T : 1 X I E . l K y X R Q qi I ACKNOWLEDGMENTS E f T N l lj ', , PRINTING 9 ' Lederer. Sfreef and Zeus Co.. Inc. V. :cf ' ENORAVINOS T 'D California Arr 8: Engraving Co. T " J yy T coveizs T ' S. K. Smifh Co., Chicago -' Q ' 4 T1 ' A,,, , NDING ' ' if LJ? Q 'J Benjamin P. Keys Co., San Francisco T O 0, C , 'C PHOTOGRAPHY l if ft ,jj Hal Maison, Hal and Ted Z 'xr , r T T Nj l 'pn EA gl fl ENDli1lTlETl2riorie Silva, ar+ ieacher d ,fl X 5 I U X The archifecfs of The new buildings and +heir assisfanfs T i' XJ f if for supporiing our advertising campaign. j nys The disfricl adveriisers for iheir generous subscrip+ions. l A Frances Forsey and her Diablo Carnival commiffees. iv., Radio Sialion KECC for broadcasiing fhe Carnival. The faculfy and Erincipal. Mr. John Cleary, for ihe sig- naiures on 1 e passes we needed. You who boughf fhe child of our labors, Diablo '50. 5-6' Noun f-Gail 7511.5 NV vw AM- Bwwvcl7"'7'c4fV ax . nurosnnrnsyimfyj. X -,f , Syufgw 1 M 'M , , ,1 5:f2iM ZjZg, w Aff! 6P.f,,f,4q,Q0 PM fffzwyf gi if f W, My cw! male , fm ' ,Aww M PM AjW5fHQ jg AL'Uf1"'- A ' ff? ' A jfpq 'Z-i-vz.c..o?'uJf--1. ' V! ,A Q g,:,,,, , HM NDT?" Zliffcrw W -M1 WMM Q., 4,5 ggfpfiilfyffivv ,W-iw ,ffffg vfffy J' gjjjfw' gr M, fnwkwdu Q JVM? Diff? W -f - - 5 W g ll T,0 G R I-I P H I J .--- jf ' X, . ., W M i 6 ' 19' if - ? Q ,J f l .,+ P , L Q L 1, M. 5 VJ1ff"5j,:f,q,,,'w 33 952,27 Hwy ' . 1 fwgwyyy ' fy' wg Wi yw'f Wirlkff V fKfXif!f ?A W -1 f. QV' ' Wvvx ' W' 7Q.Mf GW "Sf-QQQEENA gjfjkmf f1ffjjpfWW Qgxfh, M 'Y'N1,,f4ff Ri jjwyw . X I N wx .xy , x - - , s N 1 A X KX x, 'H K X Y . 3 W A X A X --.1A.A X E R , . Q Q ' xx' -4Ai L xi 2535? E fb A J W XFNM F SX 5 if x , S x E A X Q X 5' .b fx x xx .. . Qin. V. 4' X 5 - X .hw N xx .gxxw MK ur. ' M Y Q . " l r"'ywY ,. 4 x ? Lx wx I Q. I fr- 3 A iii 3' P 1 , i 9 H ,1 i l In l, IQ 'T 1 1 . X , KX 1- V I El Ii if Xl' I?" .N-. J ' A 'Ng M I I Q 'NX -- Ar f-'wr - XE 'F rm ' lx,-if-5-Q-,Q """' ' Z MJ X x' A A ' fb- 1 ' 1- e"1. , Q ff f , h -Q---A-A'-!L""--...U If ' 'L i 1 Z L x If 3 ' Y' X I, 4712 ' -' ' -Nl X ' 45. A ig X - Ziff 1 f ' 9' K c P4259 5 ff x A 5 5 ' 'f 'fur W- ' Q gigg f gfgg-f .. f U L 1 W Q ' l H ITF-i' w w mr fy , Q V1 .11 ,v V .4 -+.a3, 1 f H ii? Z 1 U' 'fir 7 4' XX f I 'Q A X A ' P . I nh v :- 'X X5 'I U 5' I d I W - L J ,f' sf . N -' ' . A ' li gif? 'X UQ up 13 V 'F KK w ci, ef Ni , Sv" A . h 'A L H N Qi 1 l' - - I 5 . avi: f"'-M A Q5 J . 'f"- X ill.-P I J--- - 'I A 'Q T' 'vi ' lm Z' , S P 4- C f "' 1 N M EHSE , F-N kr UKV MET! EW ' Q f " 1-"' :S . 45 X ' W 'f . Mm fl fx K. Q, Q i , ,X K 1 'm fMwv-mu ip "R I ' Z U Mia, ,gf Q M Q, 6- -I 2 Er .. .. - 0 I I N 5 ' xrj' '51 i , 4 " ' 25 9' I --,Q 'fkx' ' A' ' Q: i ' ,, .J -' - ,ng-,'?.: ' Eg 4 Q1 f 0 ,,,. . , - .-A. - ' ' -S- . f A L6 ' . 1 -w qi -Q , , ft R C, Wi? F ,L f ' ' - - k' LL. f ff VW F . ' F D 'bw L ' Q f ll ',,W, Q ' . i 5 ll T99 ,'-f::--f'.4,'1.'J" f -. s, O , , I 5:1115 haf-V1 - X V .q..-.gvpgygmfjg 1 X! H2553 my I - . 5 r Lf' ,,'f A 'fig' ' H X 6 P ' Y l I N '

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