Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME)

 - Class of 1958

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Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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1 EW Emma :- M 3141-45" fag f H v wfwym W -fm -it fm ff 'Y JE" Q vw r .p ,x By the Students of MT DESERT HIGH SCHOOL Northeast Harbor, Maine page ln loving memory of Sydney Robblns who was the falthful custodlan of Mount Desert High School for many years The Class of 1958 wishes to dedicate this 1.-...Q ..-..-.....1- -11-..'--. ..-J. Q..-. ..-.,..-..--.--..---.-.- .qfq - -. .- v-in-.-.-. -1-.f-11 ,.. .1L-.-q..i- ..----1 -1.-1-.. - 1...-vw ...- .-. Q .-7.v-.T-....-.qv-01 Q. .qt --.-.- .1-.U mi. -.Q -.-...- .....-up' ---.pun -.---nv ...-v-..-4----1....v- lui---Q -4.--- -.11-11..... --.n..-.- ..,-1.1-.-A ,....-... -111.-.-.. -g.- .-.-.. -n--..--- "-if. -.T-- -.....-----Q -A--ni-1.-.. ----Q.. -N.-.-. .-.--. . ...-11 --v- W,--.-.-.---L-..- -....1......,.q-..- We the Class of 1958 take great pleas ure ln dedlcatmg thls yearbook to you, Mr Marsden, ln smcerest 3pPlCCl3Il0l'l for the fnendshlp and guxdance you gave to us dur mg our flrst two years of hxgh school -un -Q. Qg-..- - -.. -.1 1. 1-4...-v .an---.1 -1-...ei-1.1.4. 1-1.-.Q---i.f.-1--1 .- .... .....-Q1.-..-H-. ---...--..-...1..- ....4.-Q,---i---iw N..-.--1-v-.. --.-- -v-.-.-1.,---1--...--., ..-.-,.. ..i..-...... f. -Q1...-..-... f-aw-...v- -.-.-.......-..-.-Q..--fe.. .-..1.vv-.1......--.v1- ...--..... .-----v-.1 ..---1-.-f1.-1 --- . .....--. -..--...vw-.-.1 A .-.1--Q-.--.--v , L ...vim---.ip-v-.-Q Q..---.1v-s-,f-A-u 1-..-w'--v-...v...1- Q-gp-ui-----.- -v-....1..--..v-Q.-- .'-1--..........1-. -........qq.---Q-.. 11-...-v.--1-.-...fa nv-.U--5---w-g..-1 .Q-.Q--1...-1-1 1--..--.f1-.-.-.-- -..g.--.Q-.......1..--v -aau-,..-1-. -'uv-,,. mg..-...-Q--3-.- .1-p-..-nag--rl-. ..-.- -I-ini .- .--.-.g-.g- ..-.. .,--.-.-.-..- -...-1.-k.--Q-1..5- ....1-..-..-.--.- -411.-...n-1.1 .1..1-...-1.-:--...-- --....--.-1v-'n.t-- -1v1111.q---..-.,.- -il----,-.-.- 1--.-.-4...-..-1.7 --i--i--.- U...- vi..-.q1..1..-...-.- q....1-.-.Q-.----.. .--4.-1 ri..-..-f-Q .--1--.,-.-v--...... ..1.-.-....1--.1.--- .---..H -U-v,.....1. ....f1-g-.-.---.--- -rv---.1..-.p--- -Q. -.-Q1 ...--...- .-.1-.-..--v-.-...- .W-..-.. .--.L--Q--.-. ----......--,l..-.-- -.v-fu-....-...-.,.-Q. ,Lu-.11....,--1.--.. e...--pf--....'...f .-1.-.1-.-.-.-.--. . --.-----.1-1.1-.. 1, ....1.--,..-vw., ... fn... .-.-1...-..-....,. uui.-- v-un..-.-.-L-.v- I l .-..-,...-.--.- ...V-.-- -..v-....-vv.....--v-. --..-...1-....-...-v...--. --..-...-- s.--...-.... - ----.-....-.-.-. ... ...-..-- --...--U.-v-. -Y--.....1.....-.-,. ...-,...... .-..- 1 -r. -..--........-- -,--..-Q -U-B--1.11----i -.-...-.-.......-....... ..-.4-....-..,...... -...- -Q..... .-i,..,.. ..... -- v- ....-....... ..... v........-...-. ...,.--,. .- qrv- .Q- ...ff -N-.-. Y ' ..g.....-..,-f-..-..--.. . .....-..-..L-1. -... c4ao!'z?aafwlmzd5 Seated left to nght G Butler Dr E Coffm Standmg Super1ntendentC Harmon E Clemont Pr1nc1palDonE Coates Off1ceG1rls standing left to ught A Gxbbs, M Lilly B McFarland Seated L Dtllon Standing left to right Mr Wtlkrns Mr Salisbury Seated Mrss Wood and Mrs Black MR WILKINS Chemrstry Algebra Geometry Math B S Uo M Graduate Work Mass State College M S M Ed U of M MR CO AT ES Prlnclpal Social Studres Mathematics I11. College, A. B. MISS WOOD Englrsh and Brology Boston Umversrty UofCal., M A , B MRS. T RASK Commercxal SubJ. U of M, A. B. Husson College Ixnr Jcgglm ,MQ F slr 'JK Mr Heel Mr Parady Mr Coates Mr Noe and Mlss Brown, Mrs Herrlck Mrs Trask Mrs Wallace MR HEEL Socral Studxes Driver Trainrng U of M, B S MR NOE French Readrng and Spellrng W. Chester, Ariz., Temple: Dijon, B.D., B.S., M.Ed , Ph.D MISS BROWN Home Economrcs F.S.'1'.C., B.S. MRS. WALLACE Musrc Nazareth C , B.S. Rochester, N. Y. Graduate Work Syracuse Universrty MR PARADY Physrcal Ed Algebra U of M B S MR SALISBURY Industrial Arts Gorham MRS . HERRICK Englrsh and Latxn Wheaton, Colby A. B. MRS. BLACK Junior Hlgh Hlstory and Geo. Gorham T. C. N. Y. University ' K., - Nvi. 3 I 1. an-, ,tif-t n ! "lux bi-4 f fx! 'K . , , H ' rv A X. rx., " :Fa - H M Q ,u ig l . 1'5- Y ! 1 3 - l - 1 - n - 9 n 9 - l - I ' g I - ' p Q g . . , . . . . ' . , ,, f 0 1 1 0 0 , . . I .U g 0 c . , - SM!! Seated left to right S Scott M Cyr, P Haskell L D11lon,J Ellis P Richardson, M Lilly D Wood Standing B McFar1and,J McFarland I Smith, D DeRevere, A Tracy H Grrndle B Butler H Cameron H Peckham, S Coffin D K1mba1l,I I Coffin Mrs Trask D Peckham Bucklin L Hooper A Gibbs, Editor in Ch1ef Assistant Editors Business Manager Literary Editor Club Ed1tor Homeroom Editors Alumni Editor ------------ ----- Sports Editors ---- Advertising Manager IUDITH ELLIS LUCILLE DILLON PAT RICHARDSON MARGUERITE CYR BETTY MCFARLAND PRUDENCE HASKELL FRANK WALLS JANET MCFARLAND SUSAN SCOTT DELILAH DEREVERE HEATHER CAMERON JEAN BUC IG..IN BETSY BUTLER JOYCE SMITH - -' - HELEN WOOD - STEPHEN COI-'FIN ANITA GIBBS DIANNE WOOD DANIEL KIMBALL Assistant Advertising Manager ------ - - - Photography Editor - Assistant Photography Editor -------- BAR HARBOR TIMES Bar Harbor, Maine MADELYN LILLY ANITA GIBBS College MARGUERITE ESTELLE CYR M ggie Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 Senior Play 4 Senior Girls Chorus 4 Girls State 3 Dramatlcs Club 1 2 3 Musrc Festival 1 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 2 3 4 Business Manager 4 Junior Speaking 3 Driver Training 2 FHA 1 Girls Intramurals4 Commerc ral Art School LUCILLE MARIE DILLON Lucy For every friend a smile and for every smile a friend Pemetic High School 1 2 Girls Basketball 3 IV Cheerleader 3 Varsity Cheerleader 4 Softball 3 Girls Intramurals 4 News Club 3 4 Class Secretary 4 Sen lor Play Manager 4 Magazrne Drive Captarn 4 Girls Chorus 4 Offrce Girl 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Commerc ral Business College MICHAEL PIERCE CLARK "Mike" Man was born for two things- thinking and acting. " Arizona 1 2 Track 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Senior Play 4 Student Council 3 Industrial College STEPHEN ERNEST COFFIN Doc Speak softly carry a brg stick and you will go far Band 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Senior Play 3 4 JV Basketball 4 Manager 3 Chorus 2 3 Dramatrcs Club 1 2 3 Productton 1 3 Junior Speak ing 3 Student Council 1 2 3 4 Prestdent 4 Year book Staff 1 2 3 4 Boys State 3 United Nations P11 grtmage 2 All State Band 1 2 3 4 Community Con cert Club 1 2 3 Class Marshal 3 Class President 2 Bowdoin I ' .: .: .: . : ' : ' : '- ,, z . ., . n, ...: ..: ' 2 ' .: : : .2 . una ' u: I ' ' 2 ' ' : - D , . . . . ryan v " ' 3 - ' - ..: : ' . 3,4, ..a "So little done - so much to do. " 0 a ' - I ' ' sill fl s k :" 1 ' ..: ' ' ...: ..: ' 5 . . 3 , .. i :" - ,, . i . . ID I K I - a a ' ' I I D 3 1: I ' I I ' : ' ' : - JUDITH ARLENE ELLIS Judy Those eyes could tell the secrets of the world Glee Club 1 2 3 Grrls Chorus3 Basketball 1 Student Lrbrary Auxrlrary 2 3 4 All State Chorus 2 3 Communlty Concert Club 2 3 Yearbook Staff 3 4 Edrtor rn Ch1ef4 Semor Grrls Chorus 4 Dramatrcs Club 1 2 3 Senror Play 4 Musrc Festrval 1 2 3 Drrver Trarnrng 2 Grrls Intramurals 4 Student Councrl 4 Vrce Presrdent 4 College Colby NANCY EDITH FREEMAN Nanc My honor rs dearer to me than my lrfe Band 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 P1an1st2 3 4 All State Chorus 2 3 4 Eastern Marne Chorus 2 Community Concert Club 2 3 Juruor Speakrng W1nner3 Yearbook staff 1 2 3 Grrls Basketball 1 2 Dramaucs Club 1 2 3 Varstty Cheer leader 1 2 3 4 Head Cheerleader4 Senror Play4 Class Secretary 1 2 Class Treasurer 3 4 Grrls Intramurals 4 ANITA JOANN GIBBS Nlla Lrfe IS lrke a fast flowmg stream so make the best of rt Grrls Chorus 3 Basketball 1 2 Chorus 1 2 3 Student Lrbrary Auxrlrary 2 3 4 Commumty Concert Club 1 2 3 Yearbook Staff3 4 Semor Grrls Chorus4 Dramaucs Club 1 2 3 Drum Majorette 3 All State Muslc Fesuval 2 3 Seruor Play 4 Musrc F6SI1V8l 1 2 3 Drrver Tramlng 2 Gxrls .Intramurals 4 College Secretartal School PRUDENCE E HASKELL Pflldy Where there s lrfe there s hope JV Cheerlng 1 2 Varsrty Cheermg 3 4 Jumor Speakmg 3 Basketball 2 Senror Play 4 All State Chorus 2 3 Intramurals 4 Eastem Marne Musrc Festlval 1 2 3 Chorus 1 2 3 Grrls Chorus 3 4 Dramatrcs Club 1 2 3 Concert Club 1 2 3 Year book Staff 2 3 4 Drrver 'Framing 2 Student Councrl 4 FHA 1 2 Commerclal Busrness College College Gorham RALPH TREVETT HOOPER Trev I am always ready to learn although I do not always l1ke berng taught Class Presrdent 1 Vrce President 2 3 Student Conn c1l1 2 3 Yearbook Staff 3 Sports Editor 3 Uruted Natrons Prlgrxmage 2 Varsrty Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co Captam 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Girls Intramural Coach4 Dramatrcs Club 2 3 Presr dent 2 3 Productton 2 3 Cross Country Manager 2 Senior Play 4 Grades Intramural Coach 2 College U of M DANIEL MARTIN KIMBALL Dan Girls are l1ke socks you have to change them regu larly Dramatlcs Club 1 2 3 Productron 3 Sentor Play 4 Boys' Chorus 4 JV Manager 4 Cross Country 1 2 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Sctence Club 2 Camera Club 1 College College Whatever you do do II rrght or don't do lt at all J V Cheerrng 3 Varstty Cheerlng 4 Softball 3 Major ettes 2 IllIl10I Speaking 3 Girls Intramurals 4 Class Secretary 3 Yearbook staff 4 Glee Club 1 2 FHA 1 Driving T rarning 2 Off1CC Gul 4 Commercial Physical Therapy RICHARD LUNT Dick An expert who knows more and more about less and less Dramatrcs Club 1 2 Production 1 3 Play Contest 2 Senior Play 4 Band 1 2,3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Eastern Chorus 1 Eastern Marne Band 2 All State Band 2 3 4 Community Concert 2 3 4 Cross Country 2 3 4 Student Counc1l1 Scrence Club 1 2 Driver Trarnlng 2 Student Library Auxrllary 2 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Boys State Delegate 3 College Bowdoin MADELYN ANN LILLY 'Maddie " ALBERT NELSON MANTER You can t be a howlxng success by just howlrng Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 3 4 Track 4 Band 2 Senior Play 4 Boys Chorus 4 College Colby BETTY ANNE McFARLAND Llve today for tomorrow may never come Yearbook Staff 2 4 Student Council 2 Class Treas urer 1 2 Majorettes 1 2 4 Head 2 Driver T raining 2 Glee Club 1 2 News Club 4 Senlor Girls Chorus 4 Sen1orP1ay4 Muslc Festxval 1 2 Gtrls Intra murals 4 Offrce Gul 4 FHA 1 Dramatxcs Club 1 2 Bar Harbor 3 Commerclal Business College LESLIE VERNER SPURLING es I take l1fe Just as I flnd xt J V Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 2 3 4 Cross Coun try 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Student Counc1l2 Driver Tralmng 2 Senlor Class Play 4 Grrls' Intra mural Basketball Coach 4 Industr1al Law Enforcement U S Au' Force HELEN HART WOOD Woodre No one knows what she can do t1.l1 she tues Alabama 1 Basketball 2 3 JV Cheerleader 3 Ma1or ettes 2 Dramaucs Club 2 3 Senior Play 4 Softball 2 3 Iunror Speakmg 3 Student Councll Secretary 2 Commercial 60604 i341 Seated left to rrght B McFarland M Cyr J E111s L Drllon A G1bbs N Free man P Haskell M L1lly Standrng Mrs Hernck D Lunt M Clark D Krmball T Hooper L Spurlmg A Manter Absent S Coffln CLASS SONG QTUNE FROM BON VOYAGE Q Bon Voyage Mount Desert Bon Voyage dear frrends The years may come , The years may go But st11l we ll always be xx X True to you Mount Desert True to classmates too f Though we may go our separate ways May God take care of you 5 Mm Bon Voyage dear teachers We grve our thanks to you For helpmg us through all four years X Of hrgh school days so few True to you Mount Desert True to classmates too Though we may go our separate ways May God take care of you JUDY ELLIS ANITA GIBBS PRUDENCE HASKELL CLASS COLORS: Red and White CLASS MOTTO: Excelsior CLASS MARSHAL- Richard Smith CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose LAWRENCE 5. ROBINSON RICHARDSON LUMBER CO. Southwest Harbor, Maine Ellsworth, Maine Seated left to rrght N Freeman M Cyr I Ellrs P Haskell M Lilly A Gibbs B McFarland Standmg Drrector Mrs Herrick L Hooper M Clark S Coffin, R Smrth, T Hooper D Krmball L Spurlrng R Lunt A Manter and! Coffm GIRL CRAZY Present by SENIOR CLASS on Friday November 8 1957 CAST OF CHARACTERS Jake a caretaker Danny Churchrll a playboy Louie a taxr driver Cactus Lucky two cowboys Pete a Mextcan Bandit Lank a krller Molly the postmrstres Tess Rose Betty Janet grrls from Chrcago Laura and pomts east Sally Babs Sam Mason, another playboy Eaglerock a real Indran Lreutenant Caddrgan State Poltce Complrments of CUZ S Southwest Harbor Marne MURRAYS MARKET Otter Creek Marne T revett Hooper Danrel Krmball Stephen Cofftn Albert Manter James Coffin Richard Lunt Mlchael Clark Prudence Haskell Anna Grbbs Helen Wood Betty McFarland Nancy Freeman Madelyn Lrlly Iudlth Ellrs Marguerite Cyr Richard Smrth Larry Hooper Leslre Spurlmg Complrments of MARY SAVAGE Avon Representatlve WARDS Bar Harbor Maine g I - , . , 1 , . g . , . 9 ' I - l . . . y . , 1 9 . , . . - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 Q 1 o . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 230228 EYZO3 Nsxgg ESS HmO3E5Ow W 55:55 DUMP ES! NEED SES 055334 NEO: S2 ESS GEOS MO gmc LES E635 wgig ESU E QZDOL mm OH 5513 :bw we mgwgm 20:3 ME:-:S :Bows WEEE miwwdo QGUOUOE wegm wgvzmhk wsgaw M555 mfs 250 EW E WEEE WEOUE OH MWCEBE mgtam mggjm GMO U ZOE H COG E5 OC :sm 0:53 mgwlm 303 NsOOOOm E2 Ozuwm M2052 :nag H E52 QE! SEL 305000 DORA E2 SO? EAI mzzkmxa m'HEOb4L Zoammwixm mpgobfm 20-E3 3:3 3322 mam C22 :Q 333 :sm Emil E22 32 OG H02 OOP 203 3:5-is :E H02 wizmgm Za SEQ 3504 SED ENE SOO UEOm NSHESQU no N2 ZQEZ QEQEKHZH m 233 E asm 2 :BE J isa UMC-UWSM VM E55 Z :Psp 3 UUEUEL H! 5:2 m Q3 Q 70 A mdmwgz U was U 2-HE mczqz - . I - 2 - - . - b Q m D I . 5 - ' w .A . . W Q l 205 Em Bom wgza 2 mmggm gow HSE? 'U SEQ . . ' . . - v A U V U W .U . - I i . I n F - H u V 5 M LILLY M CLARK Best bookmg P HASKELL S COFFIN Most Popular 661604 P HASKELL D KIMBALL Best Dancers BAR HARBOR BANKING 8a TRUST CO Bar Harbor Mame L DILLON T HOOPER Most Athletlc M LILLY D KIMBALL Best Dressed N FREEMAN R LUNT Most D1gn1f1ed M LILLY S COFFIN Most Wlt L DILLON M CYR R LUNT Best DISPOSIIIOH J ELLIS R LUNT N FREEMAN s COFFIN s COFFIN KNOWLES COMPANY Most Efflclem Most Llkely Muslcal Talent Northeast Harbor to Succeed Mame 0 a 4 Lil: . V X eacafz7deaZ4 Personaltty F tgure Burld Smlle Eyes Eyelashes Drmples Han Teeth Nose Vorce eaoafzgfcw TREAT ME NICE WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE ALWAYS ON MY MIND CHANCES ARE IUST A LITTLE LOVING WHOLE LOT OF LOVING I M ALL GROWN UP SUMMERTIME GREAT PRETENDER JUST A VAGABOND LOVER LASTING LOVE I ALWAYS HAD A WAY WITH WOMEN I GET IDEAS BOBBY YOU SENT ME THE 12TH OF NEVER RAUNCHY YOUNGS LOBSTER POT D1llon Grbbs Lrlly Haskell Grbbs Lrlly Lrlly Cyr Brggs Haskell M Clark Coffm M Cyr Dtllon Ellrs Freeman Glbbs Haskell Hooper K1mbal1 Lllly Lunt Manter McFarland L Spurlmg Graduatron Day Semor Class Coffm Hooper Clark Clark Clark K tmba ll Krmball Hooper Hooper Coffm CLAYTON I WALLACE Bar Harbor, Marne Northeast Harbor Mame MURPHY'5 FILLING STATION CENTRAL FILLING STATION Southwest Harbor, Marne Southwest Harbor. Maine I ' L. ' S. ' . A. . ' T. ' M. ' M. P. M. A. ' M. g ' M. ' D. ' i ' M. ' D. ' M. T. A. ' T. Courage M. Cyr S. Coffin ' P. S. ' I I S. ' L. ' I- ' N. ' A. ' P. T. X V D. ' M. ' R. A. B. F O Seated left to rtght Janet McFarland Hortense Grmdle Dranne Grtndle Frank Walls James Coffin Drck Smtth, Pat Rlchardson Carol Merchant Pearl Gott Standrng Mr Heel Mickey Scott Alan Crocker Stewart Burr Ernest Gtlley Peter Bucklrn Larry Wescott Larry Hooper Sydney Emerson At the begrnmng of the 1957 58 school year our class had an enrollment of 18 stu dents 7 girls and 11 boys Evelyn Merchant left us durlng the first term Our class advisor was Mr Heel Class offrcers elected were Presrdent James Cofftn Vice Prestdent Dtck Smith Secretary Pat Rrchardson and Treasurer Frank Walls and Larry Hooper Basketball Dtck Smith Larry Hooper James Coffin Peter Buckltn Sydney Emerson and Manager Stuart Burr Intramurals Hortense Grrndle Dianne Wood and Pat Rtchardson Baseball Dick Smith Sydney Emerson James Coffin Larry Hooper Mrckey Scott and Manager Stuart Burr Boys Chorus James Coffrn Dtck Smith, Larry Hooper and Larry Wescott Mtxed Chorus Pearl Gott and Janet McFarland Track Sydney Emerson, James Coffrn, Manager, Stuart Burr Storytellmg Drck Smrth Cheer leaders Varsity Delores St nley, Hortense Grrndle Jayvees Pat Richardson and Dianne Wood Httts JEWELRY co CROBB BOX CO Northeast Harbor Marne Ellsworth Malfle I , : , . ' . . , , . , . . . , ' I . 2 . I ' I 1 I I I . 9 , , . . , A . . . : . , . 3 . . , . . S . ' : . - Those participating in activities are: Student Council: James Coffin, Dick Smith, - : ' ' . . ' . ' . . - : A . ' . . . z . . . ' . , l . ' n , : . , . . , . . , . : I ' 3 . I , , . - --iii. ui! I A ' i I M ' ,,,,,..x-.- ., ,, ,,,..AJ a fl.WN, A 3 -4 i M H we F ff fyw 533 -X xiii gif , Q 51:16:13 "J,--P VV Z C 1 'fn 2 2 s Ei me 15 , may Nw. i 1, i, L 'f' is ii viii .Y, . a gif D1 rm fi ,z I., if . Q Z ,X EIHTIS . , M 13' I! , FX 1- Lenqe ,a girea 4 , , 1 u 9 FM 1 NW ' ,1 Qi 5 1 14 i y ' I VL Y Q A . 2 Q P. t lg Jortence l 3 2:5 14, 4 LMI' 0 , . ,,q suv. I I Seated left to nght C Gaudett, D DeRevere A Tracy S Scott T Holmes E Blanchard G Nlcholson K Burr Standtng R H111 J Carter, R Gonzales, R De Revere, J Burr, and A Walls There were srxteen puprls rn our class when school started We lost Davrd Bracy rn November At the frrst class meetrng we elected the followrng class offrcers Presrdent, Susan Scott Vrce Presrdent Terry Holmes Secretary, Everett Blanchard, Treasurer Alrce Tracy John Carter was our Student Councll representatrve Our homeroom advlsor was Mr Parady Most of the Freshman partrcrpated rn acttvrtles Band Terry Holmes, Ralph Gon zales John Burr Jayvee Basketball Terry Holmes Varsrty Basketball John Carter, Rrchard H111 John Burr Jayvee Cheermg D DeRevere Substrtute, Gall Nrcholson Varstty Cheerrng Altce Tracy Yearbook staff Allce Tracy, Delrlah DeRevere Susan Scott Glee Club Ga1lN1cho1son, Alrce Tracy Delrlah DeRevere Claudette Gaudetre Dorothy Kelley Boys Chorus John Burr MACLEOD'S A L MAC QUINN JR Bal. Harbor Mama Bar Harbor Marne BANGOR HYDRO co A G JEWETT Bar Harbor Marne Bar Hafbm' Maine ' : . , ' , , Q , . r . I ' . ' 1 ' , , . . - v I ' ' ' u f ' - . . . . . l . . 0 I I 9 n 1 s . . - . . . . . . . . - f . . - s ' . - . , . : . , . . . . . . . - . , . ' 0 9 1 ' I ' I I . . - ' 1 I . . , 1 s 0 0 l P f 'ff 'Z Alice Q Delilah 1 The Gang awwfl' 'S Ielil35 if S it 4 4 DLL919 f x , "w ww 'aj ll' l 'V Q- v 5 g, V A Robert Sf-Q -. sw, Johnny Kathy Terry 5 Joh gb? my 5 55:?' filvfx I Seated left to rxght S Grbbs S Atwood H Peckham J Bucklrn S Burr J Musettr M Gray H Cameron A Tracy C Jeffers N Damon N Hrbbard M1ss Wood S McPheters S Sullrvan J McFarland K Bracy J Adams W Nrcholson M Ellxs A Stanley H Beyeler R Gonzales P Salrsbury G Leland J Thomas J Somes D Grant L Emerson and M Knox At the beglnntng of the school year the Freshman class had an enrollment of thrrty puptls We were sorry to lose Av1s Lrlly and Ronme Bracy but we were very happy to welcome Joe Thomas to our class Presldent Mary Gray Vrce Presrdent Heather Cameron Secretary and Steve Burr Treasurer John Adams Mary Gray and Joey Musettr represented us 1n Student Councrl Our class adv1sor was M1ss Wood The followrng boys were on the Jayvee Basketball Squad thls year J Musettr J Adams W Nlcholson A Stanley H Beyeler and R Gonzales All the grrls wtth the exceptton of M Knox and S McPheters took part rn Intra mural Sports Our two band members were J Somes and M Knox The followmg gxrls were rn the Glee Club N Hrbbard H Peckham H Cameron J Bucklm M Gray S Atwood S Grbbs A Tracy M Knox S McPheters and Lourse Emerson The ma1orettes were not chosen when edtted 5, R TRACY ESTATE MANCHESTER S GARAGE Northeast Harbor NOFIUCHSY Harbor , ' : . ' , . , . , . ' , . , . ', u , n , Q , u , Q , . I , A , 1 I ' I I ' I ' I ' I ' . I ' 1 O ' 9 ' n ' I ' . 9 ' 1 ' 1 ' r . , . , . . I During our first class meeting, the following officers were elected: Joey Musetti,- ' : . ' ' : . : . . , , . . . : . .I ' l ' ' l ' I n I U ' r ' ' n ' : . ' , . , . , . ' , . , . . 1 , u , - , . , D . 'S L1 PW 0 U F no 'lor av WHA Jr-Q ,aww-wfff 'H-Q., Aww., C. vliwnvd' www f-6 Maw, an 'uv Ia .M W 'WW dh pl 'Sl m?V I' '08 nf C. Cfls.. ILMR' 'fave IU" "Y"""9' MX . . h N ' J' Q ' :A V... X Wu, - W..-1" 4 1113 . , N V ,V V ggi ,I I cw 'Q V F A 4 I I W . , V 1 . Q .. JG 'Il 'lf ?C Ili!! ! 2 .v Y . Ai J ,cr nr" ' .Q , ' , ,ma ,,:A' , ,IN V , 40 . I a ,ny , A , . , V L . L my-w' - AECVI' .3 1, 'j , M- I 11... D - I 'X ,. T, ,NI ' ,, ,Z , :- , ,ff . W i ,fy V Ek! V Av' 4, V " ' , u A ' W, ,,,V V Y L ,VL ,, ,Q My "' f nf. . A 4 , jg' t I , 557' J. Lq,,- ' I nf J 6 , ., Q If , .4.,....,.-- V M X G - r f 1 'Q Mig .:C1-f3l"S ' K I 4 tx? 3. n 1 v , ' v , Y I txn- "fm '- 4 ' ' V' .J , ' " A QQ, .. . ff SP2 'VI 7. " -.K-'O ,QM A QLQNVQQ yum. 4 U. .f. Seated left to right C Murphy I Walls M Gray, C Carter B Butler R Blan chard S Renault S Burr P DeRevere E Gonzales L Coston Standing Mr Noe N Rlchardson S Thomas, W Walls D Smith R Merchant T McKay, R Salts bury R David, T Henckler E Gnndle D Lucas The opening of the 1957 58 year found the Erghth Grade wtth twenty three students Blanchard Vice President Betsy Butler Treasurer Charlotte Carter Secretary Sandra Renault Our class was represented in the following events Student Councxl ROSerHa1'y Blau chard Betsy Butler and Tom McKay Band Roy Salisbury Sara Burr Pat DeRevere David Lucas Rosemary Blanchard and Betsy Butler Basketball Tom McKay Roy Salisbury, Dennis Smith Norman Richardson Tom Henckler David Lucas and Bob Merchant Glee Club Pat DeRevere Sara Burr Lynn Coston Charlotte Murphy Marlon Gray Elizabeth Gonzales, Tom McKay, Sandra Renault Rosemary Blanchard and Betsy Butler WHITNEY S ELECTRIC SERVICE THOMAS SEARLES IR Southwest Harbor Marne Southwest Harbor Marne JORDAN 8a WHITE GARAGE RALPH'S STORE Southwest Harbor Marne Southwest Harbor Maine C , ' : . , . , . . , . , . - 1 ' 9 ' I ' I ' 9 ' ' . : ' I 0 . , Q 1 , n . , Q , n . D " , . I Q , 1 . , 0 . The following officers were elected at our first class meeting: President, Rosemary : ' ' . : . : . I I ' : . I l O ' . . - : . . . . ' . . ' . ' ' : O U I I U I I I . I . eaewtd Seated left to right E Cunningham L DeRevere S Grmdle K Tracy D Peck ham D Holmes D Carr L Flye I Smith P Gonzales, andC Brown Standing T Thomas E Lanpher W Stanley W Bucklm, E Reed R Foster C Beyeler Lurvey C Richardson E McFarland M Gatchell D Blanchard R Savage R Jones and Advisor, Mrs Black The opening of the 1957 58 school year found the Seventn Grade with twenty five members Since then two members have left us They are Shelley Bos and Tamsrn Thomas Holmes Vice President David Peckham Secretary Kay Tracy Treasurer Dennis Carr Our class was reoresented in the followmg actrvrties Student Council Richard Savage Douglas Holmes and David Peckham Band Eric Lanpher and Earl Reed Basketball all the boys except Charles Rtchardson Billy Lurvey and Earl Reed Our class did very well on the Magazine Drive Many won prizes and a trip to the Ice Follies We are lookmg forward to a very successful year as our beginning at Mount Desert High School OBER S Compliments of HARBORSIDE N E H Maine N E H Marne RONNIE S LUNCH PINE TREE MARKET N E H Maine N E H Maine . , . , . , . ' . , . , - . W- The following officers were elected at the first class meeting: President, Douglas 70444 7044 IUNIORS BOY Most Popular Most Lxkely to Succeed D Best Lookxng Best Dressed Best D1spos1t1on Most Dtgmfled Most Efflcrent MUSICHI Talent Best Dancers Most Wrt Most Athletrc Teachers Headache SOPHOMORES Most Popular Most Llkely to Succeed Best Looklng Best Dressed Best Dxsposltlon Most Efflcrent MUSICBI Talent Best Dancers Most Wrt Most Athletlc Teachers Headache FRESHMEN Most Popular Most Lrkely to Succeed Best Lookrng Best Dressed Best D1spos1t1on Most Dlgnrfted Most Efflclent Musxcal Talent Best Dancers Most W1t Most Athletrc Teachers Headache MRS TRACY S SHOP Northeast Harbor Marne Coffrn Sm1th Coff1n M Scott Walls Emmerson Sm1th Coffrn Crocker Wescott Sm1th Wescott BOY I Carter D H111 Holmes Carter Carter DeRevere Holmes Holmes DeRevere Carter Walls BOY Musetu Burr Musettx Somes Beyeler Burr Burr Somes Adams Beyeler Musettr I Adams MT DESERT CLEANERS Northeast Harbor Maxne GIRL Stanley Rtchardson Stanley Rxchardson Gott Rrchardson Rlchardson Merchant Merchant Wood Gundle I McFarland GIRL Tracy DeRevere Scott Scott Tracy DeRevere Burr DeRevere Gaudett Tracy Gaudett GIRL Cameron Cameron Cameron Cameron Gray Cameron Cameron Cameron Knox Grbbs I Buckltn Jeffers JOHN ADAMS BARBER SHOP Northeast Harbor Marne 1 I. ' D. . . . P. . ' J. ' D. . P. ' ' ' ' F. P. ' " S. P. ' ' ' D. ' P. ' ' I. ' C. A. C. ' L. D. ' D. ' H. ' ' L. . - A. ' . ' D. ' T. S. I. S. ' ' ' J. A. Most Dignified E. Blanchard D. DeRevere ' ' R. D. ' T. K. T. D. ' R. C. ' J. A. ' A. C. I. ' H. ' S. H. ' I. ' H. I. H. ' ' ' H. M. ' ' ' S. H. ' ' S. H. ' I. H. I. M. ' H. S. ' . I. . . . ' . C. X' N l 1 f ff 'K gg, ' Z f W W fi 'gba g f 7 W W ' Maw' ff ff fwfgfwf W M 1 744' wf if if W , IM, W, Z, f f fd ff vf Q23 ' if my ,im , 1 f Q ,ff 45.0 I 4' f fu. +13 4, 1 1:1 5 'W ' 'Tw "M-' 'f '1- WV ww" if-hm 'W hvnff- - vy Q, ..,,,'9Q2j,lv4!C4,' .V V 'ZA , 3, I ' 'glances ' Standrng left to rrght I E111s R Lunt S Coffrn N Freeman The Natronal Honor Socrety arms to estabhsh for hrgh schools lugh professronal arms and goals for secondary educatron An enthusrasm for good scholarshrp An encouragement to students to render servrce to school and communlty A plan for self evaluatron of the student s potentral elements of qua11t1es of A stxmulus to students to practrce those acts whrch develop strength of character 5 An encouragement to the student to contrnue hrs educatron To be chosen for the Nat1ona1 Honor Socrety rs consrdered by hrgh school boys and gtrls all over our land one of the hrghest honors pard them durrng therr school days The Mount Desert Chapter tlus year IS happy to pay trrbute to Judrth E111s Nancy Free men Steve Coffrn and Rrchard Lunt Iudrth Ellrs and Nancy Freemen are the senror members to be honored thrs year FRANKLIN S SHOE STORE HUSSON COLLEGE Bar Harbor Marne B3Hg01' Maine 1. ' ' . 2. ' ' . 3. - ' ' ' ' ' leadership within himself. 4. ' ' ' . Seated left to right S Scott J Ellis P Haskell S Coffln D Smith L Hooper J Coffrn Mr Heel Standrng M Gray B Butler R Blanchard T McKay J Carter J Musetti T Holmes J Adams D Peckham R Savage D Holmes Our counc11's main function is to provrde a means for the expresslon of the desires the faculty and to make recommendations subject to the pr1nc1pal s veto Some of the alms and ob1ectives thls year are to revise the letter and reward system and to have a handbook contammg all the events that have happened during the year The offrcers are as follows President STEVE COFFIN Vlce Presldent DICK SMITH Secretary Treasurer PRUDENCE HASKELL I , D I . g . D g . , . I g u 1 - l . . . . ' : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . and needs of the students. It is empowered to study any suggestions, present ideas to . . . . , I I o Wave ? Seated left to nght Mrs Black Advlsor K Tracy L D111on P Rlchardson B McFarland Standmg H Beyeler 660601 Front row left to nght D Wood P Rlchardson P Gott C Merchant J McFarland Back row L Wescott Adv1sor Mr Noe F Walls Absent D Sm1th I Coffm , I - , 3 - . - f - , - . 2 . . I I 1 ' 4' V . - , . W K' 1 .4 , M , . . , . , . , . , . . 1 . , , . Q . . : . , . . Standrng left to rrght I E111s R Lunt S Coffrn N Freeman CLASS HISTORY CLASS PROPHECY CLASS WILL CLASS GIFTS pddfd Betty McFarland Trevett Hooper Dantel Krmball Prudence Haskell M1ke Clark aan glance 77mm VALEDICTORIAN Stephen Coffm SALUTATORIAN Nancy Freeman FIRST HONOR ESSAY Rrchard Lunt SECOND HONOR ESSAY Iudtth Ellrs McFarland T Hooper M Clark P Has kell O Standing, left to right: D. Kimball, B. 1.6! Z.. The Northeast Harbor Lrbrary rn cooperauon wrth the Mt Desert Htgh School has sponsored for the past seven years a storytellmg program for the grade chrldren of Mt Desert The program 1S conducted ent1re1y by the students at the hrgh school and serves ap proxrmately one hundred and twenty grammar school chrldren The student storytellers perform an educatronal servrce whrch rs recognrzed and apprecrated by the hrgh school and hbrary authorrues as well as by the commumty In seven years these hrgh school students have created rn the youngsters much rnterest rn good storres good lrterature and the enjoyment of readmg good books We want to pay specral tnbute to Mrss Suzanne Wood who has been d1rector of thrs program durrng these seven years Her devotron and rnsprratron has made II a success BROWN S SHOE SERVICE DICK S RESTAURANT Bar Harbor Marne Bar Harbor Marne CINDERELLA JACOBS Bar Harbor Marne Bar Harbor Marne ADLERS GONYA St SON Bar Harbor Marne Bar Harbor Mame - a n 1 I 1 l 9 n I 1 1 Seated T Thomas L Coston K Tracy C Caudet E Gonzales P Gonzales E Cunnrngham L DeRevere C Murphy J Smrth C Brown S Grbbs R Jones First row standrng R Savage C Rrchardson D DeRevere M Knox K Burr M Gray A Tracy I Bucklln G Nrcholson S Burr H Peckham S McPheters S Atwood B Butler E Reed R Lanpher Second row M Ellls T McKay R Blanchard S Renault M Gray H Cameron P Gott N Freeman A Tracy L Flye L Emerson N Hlbbard P DeRevere P Salrsbury K Bracy R U S Seated K Bracy, Pramst, N Freeman Frrst row, standrng J Burr, S Cofftn, D. Krmball, T Hooper, M Clark, M Ellrs Second row A, Manter, R Lunt, P Salls bury, D. Smrth, L, Hooper, J Coffrn, L Wescott, C. E, WALLACE PLUMBING AND HEATING Northeast Harbor, Marne G Jffl My T E H ' n t f iid Q E c V I L T U A v V B b B O Y SV C H O 24:14 Seated left to rrght R Blanchard M Knox P DeRevere D Lucas R. Lunt Gonzales B Butler S Coffrn T McKay J Somes T Holmes R Salrsbury M Cyr J Burr R Lanpher DIRECTOR ALTON ROBINSON FLUTE Betsy Butler CLARINETS Pat DeRevere Margaret Knox Absent Nancy Freeman TRUMPETS Rusty Salrsbury Terry Holmes Rrcky Lampher Absent Teddy Stanley NEW and for YOU at THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK HORNS Tommy McKay Absent James Coffrn TROMBONES Absent Davrd Lucas Tommy Fernald PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS Marguerrte John Burr John Somes Absent Kay Tracy Checkrng account Everyone who has brlls to pay should see thrs It s our new streamlmed CHECKMASTER plan the low cost way to enjoy the con vemence of payrng brlls by mall safely and qurckly wrth checks that are drstrnctrvely YOURS for less than the cost of a money order ONLY 10 cents per check No monthly servrce charge No mrnrmum balance requued Checkbooks are free Any amount starts your account Your name prrnted on every check , ' : . , . , . . . , , R. Rosemary Blanchard SOUSAPI-IONE: Richard Lunt ' : ' Cyr Standing left to nght B McFarland M Cyr L Drllon A G1bbs J Ellxs M L111y Seated are the p1an1sts P Haskell and N Freeman This IS the first year that there has been such an organrzation It has no real purpose except to provide pleasure and entertamment for the Senror guls We feel that having an organrzatlon of thls kmd w111 glVB us a better understandlng and apprecxatlon of varrous types of music EASTERN TRUST ND BANKING COMPANY Bangor Maine BRANCHES Old Town Marne Machlas Marne DRIVE IN BRANCH Comer Fern and State Streets Complete Banklng Servrce INST A LLMENT LOAN AGENCY 73 Central Street Bangor Maine 16061 A Tracy D DeRevere C Gaudett K Burr S Scott G Nrcholson R Gonzales J Burr L Walls R DeRevere E Blanchard D H111 Advlsor Mr Heel Twelve sophomores are enrolled 1n the Drtver Traxmng Educatron Program whlch ts taught agaln thrs year by Mr Heel Every Monday the class ICCCIVCS forty mlnutes of classroom mstruction The other four days of the week are used wrth behtnd the wheel rnstructron Each student rece1ves about twenty five mtnutes of behind the wheel rnstruction each week Parents must remember that these students are not expert drtvers when they frmsh the course but they have recerved f.I1Stl'LlCI1OHS leadlng to the development of proper drlvlng habtts and attrtude All the students must go to Ellsworth to take therr drrving tests outside of school time They w1ll not be allowed to take them m the drlver trarnmg car This w11l have them more used to thelr famrly cars A 1957 Ford V 8 was furnrshed by the Morang Robtnson Auto Company of Bar Harbor and the general care of the car is gtven by the Manchester Bros of Northeast Harbor MARGARET L COSTON HOWARD S WOOD REAL ESTATE 8 INSURANCE Groceries Seal Harbor Marne Seal Harbor Matne LIGHTHOUSE RESTAURANT Seal Harbor Marne I ' I- A ' ' f 1 1 2' Yfreemj, J T . , . , . , . , . g . , . g . , . , . . . , . y g . . ' 1 . . . - - - . I Q 1 I - I . Q Q a Q o I 9 X an 60464 THE FIRST FIVE Seated left to rrght I Coffrn I Burr I Carter L Hooper A Manter D H111 Standrng S Burr L Spurlrng D Smrth T Hooper P Bucklm M Clark Coach Parady Home Away Home Home Away Away Away Away Home Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Bangor Bangor Bangor At Watervrlle Stonrngton Sumner Luybec Pemetrc Stonrngton Deer Isle Bangor I V Old Town I Jonesport Blue H111 Bar Harbor Bucksport Blue H111 Bucksport Lubec Pemetxc Deer Isle Bar Harbor Sumner Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mo unt Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount EASTERN MAINE TOURNAMENT GAMES Beals Carmel Easton STATE TOURNAMENT GAME Porter Comp1iments"of: A FRIEND Mo unt Mo unt Mount Mount Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert 10 4 Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert 555416 Mount Desert has just had its greatest year in basketball The team under the skillful hand of Coach Bernard Parady was undefeated There is lrttle doubt that this year s team was one of the frnest ever rn class S ranks in the state of Maine All season the team showed a great deal of class and skill No matter how great the pres sure the team held its poise and emerged wrth a perfect record of twenty four wins and no defeats They were Hancock County Champrons in all drvrsions To lop off a perfect season Mount Desert won the Eastern Marne Small Schools Championship at Bangor defeating Beals Carmel and Easton In thrs tourna ment several team and indrvidual scoring records were broken A team record of nrnety seven for a single game was scored against Beals A new record for the three games rn a tournament was set as they scored a 260 point total Thrs was the fourth straight year that Coach Parady has brought Mount Desert to the Eastern Maine Tournament and the third straight year that the team has made the finals At Waterville the team defeated Porter High School of Kezar Falls for the Marne State Small School Champronslup The perfect end to a perfect season Hooper was a great all round ballplayer whrle Spurlmg was a fine rebounder and clutch player Another senror on the starting team was Mrke Clark an offensrve standout all season The two men completing the starting five were juniors Rrchard Smrth and James Coffm Smrth was a top scorer and rebounder while Coffrn played a fme defensive game and was a good playmaker Three top reserves on whom Coach Parady frequently called were Larry Hooper John Carter and John Burr For rndrvrdual honors Rrchard Smith scored forty three points in one game to break the srngle game record of forty Smrth also netted erghty nine for three games to surpass the old mark of seventy Mike Clark also surpassed the seventy point mark rn the three games at Bangor by scoring seventy six points In addrtron Clark broke the record for most pornts rn one quarter by scoring erghteen Trevett Hooper Clark and Smith were named to the All Eastern Marne Small School Tourney Team as well as to the All Hancock Team Coach Parady richly deserves all the credit that tlus year s team has brought him He has been a fine coach and frrend to all his players We are sure that his leadership w111 continue to produce IOP basketball teams STEVENS STUDIO Bangor Maine Aff If A , . l This year 's Mount Desert five was co-captained by seniors Trevett Hooper and Leslie Spurling. Left to nght D Krmball B Nrcholson H Beyeler I Musett1 S Cofftn Coach Parady R Gonzales S Emerson A Stanley T Holmes I Adams Home Away Home Home Away Home Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Home Stonmgton Sumner Ellsworth I Pemetrc Stomngton Alumm Blue H111 Bar Harbor Bucksport Blue H111 Bucksport Pemetrc Bar Harbor Sumner MELANSON IEWELERY CO Ellsworth Marne BEAL S IEWELERY Ellsworth Marne V 42 Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert ACKERMAN HARDWARE Ellsworth Marne ELLSWORTH AMERICAN Ellsworth Marne ' 32 50 . . 39 ' 44 ' 55 ' 53 ' 52 50 69 ' '13 37 ' 42 56 4 Letto rrght D Stanley P Rlchardson A Tracy N Freeman P Haskell L D1 lon M L111y N Freeman HEAD CHEERLEADER Left to ugh: M Gray N Hrbbard P Rrchardson A Tracy D Wood H Cameron D DeRevere P. Rlchardson HEAD CHEERLEADER G. Nlcholson SUBSTITUTE is ,Q ., H ' W If 4 fa 4 6 ff Z ? i, 5,-I ' f':. ,. ,. ,. ,.'1- 4 7 u 0 e Mx Ctg f I X Y gacelall Seated left to rmght J Burr T Holmes I Coffm J Carter L Hooper A Manter R Hill Standmg Manager S Burr S Coffm R Smrth T Hooper L Spurlrng M Clark and Coach Parady med V! I Standlng leftto right Manager S Burr Coach Mr Noel Coffm R Lum L Spurlmg A Manter J Musetu R Smlth S Emerson andM Clark FRED C LYNAM 8: CO CLARK COAL COMPANY Bar Harbor Marne Bar Harbor Maine F T BREWER at soN, INC WU-U5 32 SON Bar Harbor Marne Bar Hafbof Maine g I 4 , Q g . p I I . g . . 1 - I I I I I I I 1 I I I 4 I I :T wi' ' 3 I - I - I I - I - I - I - I - I - I - I D I I - n - . I I o n , I I '7 Seated left to rrght H Cameron N Damon M Gray M Lilly A Tracy R Blanchard S Renault B McFarland S Grbbs L Coston C Carter M Cyr D Wood I Walls Standlng B Butler M Gray C Jeffers N Hrbbard H Peckham Dlllon P Haskell I Ellrs N Freemen, H Grindle P Rrchardson Mrs Black T hrs year the Intramural program was trted tnstead of regular Gtrls Sports The program lncluded grrls from the Erghth Grade through the Senior Class We were under the drrectron of Mr Parady Mrs Black and were coached by members of the Varsrty Basketball Squad Thrs program worked out successfully THE NIXON COMPANY UNIVERSITY CAP 8t GOWN CO Indtan Orchard Massachusetts Lawrence Massachusetts H E BUCKLIN F T BROWN8zCO Northeast Harbor Marne Bar Harbor Mame l , ' I . g . g . 9 a 9 1 1 0 , . g . p . g . n - 1 - I - A. Tracy, S. Burr, G. Nicholson. I. Bucklin, A. Gibbs, S. Atwood, P. DeRevere, L. ' I l f-ffltafaeam V MEMS Standrng left to rrght Coach Mrs Black R. Blanchard A Tracy N Hrbbard C Jeffers I Bucklrn A Grbbs H Cameron N Freeman N Damon and absent S Burr Srttrng are Co Captarns L Drllon and P Rlchardson From the four Intramural Basketball Teams these twelve grrls were chosen to re present the All Star Team The s1x outstandmg players were chosen as follows Forwards L Drllorr I Bucklm and S Burr Guards N Damon A Grbbs and P Rrchardson 'ip I WESCOTT HARDW -XRE PANOS GRILL Ellsworth, Maine Ellsworth, Maine ELLSWORTH AMERICAN WEST END DRUG Ellsworth, Maine Bar Harbor, Maine Dew-zz we IUNE NIGHT Seruor Class MAGIC TOUCH Mr Wilkxns THERE ARE SUCH THINGS Freshmen STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING Chemistry Class ALL THE WAY The Team SPECIAL ANGEL Iim Coffln TECHNIQUE BYE BYE IDVE TOO YOUNG PASSING STRANGERS LITTLE BITTY PRETTY ONE HULA LOVE BLACK SLACKS MILK COW BOOGIE SANDY SLEIGHFOOT HARD TO GET MOMENTS TO REMEMBER THAT LL BE THE DAY REBEL HOUND DOG SEARCHIN DOVE IS THE THING YOU SEND ME I'I"S NOT FOR ME TO SAY AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS SUMMER LOVE SOMETHING S GOTTA GIVE I LIKE YOUR KIND OF LOVE WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE MAYBE TOMORROW TRUE LOVE EVERY DAY DADDY COOL I SIT IN MY WINDOW GREAT BALLS OF FIRE OH BOY DADDY LONGLEGS FOX8c GINN, INC Dick Smuh Pat Rrchardson Heather Cameron Susan Scott and John Carter Sally Gibbs MICKY Scott Dlck H111 Frank Walls Larry Hooper Terry Holmes Semor Class Trlp All A s Larry Wescott Davrd Peckham Prudy Haskell Betty McFarland Maddre L1lly Marguerrte Cyr Danny K1mba11 Trevitt Hooper Chemrstry Class Lucy D1llon Ann Tracy Delores Stanley Sldney Emerson Graduation Day Mlke Clark AIICC Tracy Dianne Wood Steve Coffrn Leslre Spurllng Bangor Mame VINERS MUSIC CO EASTERN ACADEMY OF BEAUTY Bangor Marne CULTURE J L PAINE8z SON Bangor, Mame East Connth Marne PARTY TIME ------------------------------- Junior Class 70646 WMM? We had to have the Natronal Guard to keep the boys from the guls Mr Noe forgot about the Navy John S lost hrs vorce Junror Class drdn t have Pat R to keep them orn Nrta were ever accepted to Dartmouth Danny drdn t have hrs btg M Trevett dtdn t have any fans Judy Prudy Dranne and Nrta could sarl a boat No one came to school on the last week Somebody wrecked the Drrver Trarnrng car All the teachers overslept some mornrng Trevett and Danny made rt to school on ttme Mr Noe forgot hrs manners The Semor grrls drdn't tell Jokes rn the shower room Prudy dtdn t darn the semor boys Mr Coates could smrle all mornrng Nancy F eloped Betty M forgot where Bar Harbor was Mrs Trask s seventh perrod typmg class were qutet one whole perrod Lucy drdn t always comment on the Saabs Steve C lost hrs mrnd Mrs Black hated to grve homework Mrss Brown taught Phys Ed Mrs Herrrck could ever frnd the key to the Semor room Marguertte couldn t go out wrth George Lucy drdn't lrve next door to Dana Mr Heel had Elvrs Presley srdeburns Larry W was only 24 rnches around the walst Maddre drdn t talk about Wrnme Betty M were 6 ft tall The Junrors dtd a lrttle work on the Magazme Dnve Lucy and Maddy drdn t always talk about old trmes Mr Heel shot the brggest deer rn the State of Marne Albert drdn t comment tn every class The Semor Grrls couldn't have thetr annual P J Party Sldney E forgot Lourse G Ernest G could do hrs own homework Mr Heel s Junror Hrstory Class had therr work done on tlme Judy E ran rnto Ftre Trucks instead of Ftre Pumps MAURICE H BURR KIMBALL HOUSE Northeast Harbor Northeast Harbor I . . , . g . g. ' l ll 11 ' , . . . . To Dianne, Delores, and Hortense if the Russians bombed the gum factories. '7wt-mme,-aa! 7eama Wind Zbamgww 'I Front row left to rlght L D111on C Murphy J Srmth N Damon Back row CoachL Hooper D Wood J Buckhn A Tracy P Haskell Left to nght CoachD Smuh S Burr H Peckham L Flye P R.1chardson,S Ar wood, M L111y, R Blanchard, D. Kelly ff H r 3 ' , W lv I ,W , Www- , M on I ff .4 " ' 1 0 I ,nv ' l - .' cg .. : g A Q Q s N, L77 J A Q ,ix , , ' : . ' , . , . ' , . . : 1 , . , . ' , . , . . pp ll , I X K., S . w ."' I ' : . ' , . , . , . . . ' . al Left to rrght D Stanley S Grrndle I Ellrs C Jeffers CoachT Hooper A Grbbs N Hrbbard M Savage H Cameron Absent M Cyr Left to right: L. Cosron, A, Tracy, P. DeRevere, B, Butler, G. Nicholson, L, Spurling Coachg M. Gray, N. Freeman, M. Gray, S. Renault, S, Gibbs. WWE PILOT S GRILL MACLEOD MOTORS Bangor Mame Bar Harbor Ma1ne HOYT RICHARDS GARAGE HARRIS SODA FOUNTAIN Somesvllle Maxne Somesvllle Mame FERNALD'S STORE Somesvxlle Ma1ne Bar Harbor Ma1ne Bar Harbor Ma1ne DOUGLAS BAKERY Bar Harbor Ma1ne HIGGINS ' STORE RODICK'S SODA FOUNTAIN HERFF JONES CO MANUFACTURING IEWELERS 8: STATIONERS Ir1d1anapo11s 7 Ind M Meader A Glbbs JANITORS 0012 0 6 'Sv COOKS I Hlnckler M Grant 66660276942 Seated left to rrght W Stanley M Gatchell D Peckham R Savage D Blanchard D Carr D Holmes E Lanpher B Bucklrn Standmg D Lucas T Hrnckler D Smrth R Salrsbury T McKay B Merchant C Beyeler G McFarland R. Foster N Rrchardson Coach Heel The Iunror Hrgh Basketball Team under the coachrng of Mr Heel had an average season wrnmng three out of srx games They drsplayed good sportsmanshrp throughout the season Left I0 right: K. Tracy, P. Gonzales, P. DeRevere, S. Burr, S, Renault, R. Blanchard C. Carter, S. Burt: HEAD CHEERLEADER I A THANKSGIVING DAY MOOD l awoke early full of happy feelrng A very chrlly mornrng rt was A frne frost covered the ground but a clear blue sky was overhead and a sweet warm sun would be shrnrng soon I was 1n a merry mood thmkrng of the f6SI1Vll1CS of the day From my bedroom I could hear the unusual bustle rn the krtchen Preparatron for Thanksgrvrng dlnner had started early Some of the foods sp1ced wrth herbs and seasomngs requrre long gentle srmmerrng I descended to the cozy krtchen for breakfast Then I attended to my chores after whrch I wandered through the woods I returned home for drnner at one o clock On enterrng the house I found that a blend of sprces and the roastrng of the turkey had drrfted through the house Everyone was beamrng w1th the look of antrcrpatron My ap petlte was a ravenously hungry one The snowy wlute tablecloth adorned the table rn the center of whrch was an arrangement of yellow rust and whrte mums The golden brown mallows and baked onrons were added Dlshes of green peas yellow squash red cranberrres watermelon prckles fat brown loaves of bread Jugs of brown crder and the delrcrous ap ple and pumpkxn pres followed A Grace was sard and we counted our blessrngs Everythrng tasted of a wonderful rrchness and flavor and I thought what a pleasant and peaceful Thanks grvrng ours was' Ralph Gonzales SPRING It rs a wonderful and glouous thrng To know that rt wrll soon be sprxng That trees and plants w11l begrn to bud And the end of school w111 come We w1ll be thrnkrng of swrmmrng At the Brg Quarry Hole beg1n.n1ng Where everyone comes from far and near Wrth prcnrc lunches and all hrs gear It IS the trme of year when The summer folks come wrth a yen To see brrds and deer rn therr flrght And the beautrful moon at nrght Ralph Gonzales Complrments of Complrments of LAKINS EXPRESS BROWN'S STUDIO Servrng Eastern Marne Baf Hafbflfr Maine turkey was brought in with sprays of green parsley. Casseroles of sweet potatoes with marsh- THE NEWSPAPER IS THE TEXTBOOK OF DEMOCRACY Ignorance rn a democracy 15 dangerous If we drd not know what was gomg on rn the world today our country could eas11y become totalltarxan The free press rn th1s country and rn all democracres rs what keeps the publ1c mformed Good newspapers prmt only the truth they avord emouonal and sensatronal matenal In a democracy the press has a rlght to prrnt any xnformatron that they can get whrch 1S true lt does not necessarlly pratse the Amertcan government nor the Amerrcan way of l1fe Its prrmary purpose IS to mform When the rmportant events happen the newspaper keeps the publtc rnformed It publtshes both s1des of the tssue not Just the one II may be rn favor of The newspaper also helps to determme whom we vote for to represent us rn local state and natronal governments It tells 1ts publrc what expertence the candrdate has had and lf there are any black marks on the candrdate s record The newspaper g1VCS the publlc 1nformat1on Wrthout a newspaper the publrc could not get enough mformatron Wrthout enough lnformatron the publlc becomes lgnorant and rgnorance 1S democracy s worst enemy R Trevett Hooper Mr Heel Today I am gorng to lecture on the psychology of lymg How many of you have read chapter 25 of the text? Nearly every student tn the Junror class ralsed h1s hand Mr Heel Frnel You certarnly need th1s lecture There IS no chapter 25 Danny Klmball had drrven home from the U of M after he had taken the semester examrnauon Drd you pass everythmgv mqurred hrs mother anxxously Everythrn but two motorcycles They must have had Jet motors rn them Mrss Brown When the sauce beglns to bO1I put rn a tablespoon of water Claudette Level or heap1ng'P Kay T had been promoted to the 8th grade Meetmg the 7th grade teacher whom she had lrked very much she sard Gee Mrs Black I wrsh you were smart enough to teach me thrs year too' FLORENCE LEWIS 5 10 Sc 1 00 STORE QUIMBYS STORE Bar Harbor, Matne Bar Harbor. Malfle Bef Harbor- Mama JOKES Dorene Krmball QM1tchellJ Jackle Adams James Smallrdge Duane Icnklns Marshall Taylor Malcolm Taylor Rlchard McFarland Ruth Corbett Hlllard Walls james Hooper Donald Couslns Mtlhe Leonard Elalne Hlggll'lS Joel Atwood Paula Blalsdell Dana Haynes Bryant Nicholson Elbert Rrchardson Norma Rrehardson fVollmcrj Carol Wrlght Davld Allen Barbara Bagley Eleanor Coombs John Grant Drane Grrndle Onalee Grlndle Robert Hamblen Mlldred Jeffers Esther Jordan Nancy Krmball Natalre Leach Dawn Meader QLeej George Merchant Ruth Rtchardson Nancy Sherer Wlnston Stanley Gary Solan Davld Wallace Sandra Watson QTylerj Robert Wood WASS POULTRY FARM Otter Creek Matne 7956 7957 Bar Harbor Malne Smrth gc Fenton Mame Marttrme Academy Merchant Marrnes Unttecl States Army Unrted States Army Untted States Navy Savannah Georgta Otter Creek Matne Bentley School of Accounttng Bowdotn College Connecttcut Unrverstty of Marne Untted States Arr Force Marne Medtcal Center Northeast Harbor Marne Bentley School of Accountlng Mount Desert Marne Mount Desert Marne Washtngton D C Mount Desert Marne Peter Bent Brtgham Hosprtal West Brook JUUIOI College Unrverstty of Marne Newton Center Earmtngton State Teachers College Merchant Martnes Malne School of Practtcal Nurstng Untversrty of Marne Bradford Junlor College Seal Harbor Marne Palm Beach Florrda Kennebunk Marne Bar Harbor Marne Smtth College Merchant Marmes Northeast Harbor Marne Husson College Seal Harbor Marne Northeast Harbor Maine WEBBER CONSTRUCTION CO Bar Harbor Marne ELITE DRY CLEANERS Bar Harbor Marne William Fernald New Eng, School of Embalming 1 Q- : - QA' W:-,-tv- -- ,

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