Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME)

 - Class of 1957

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THE 1957 Y Z' SKIPPER - i-Q' gli I YW Aa 'Ns-avr By the students of MT DESERT HICH SCHOOL Northeast Harbor, Mome MEMURY "W-I' KN X The closs of 1937 dedncaf s this page In Iovmg memory of Clayton E Wolloce o good frlend fo Mount Desert H gh School are ,,. e in 9' 'K S ' ai ' I IIFUII' XT T Tfv A. JT UQ", T':-+- II A21 ,1 mf' m J V M . ', Qlwzajw F5-1' 11:9 :' : V,, QV I' I Q wT P Xzr flu ff , ' ' 1 wh gk ww 1 N SCHOOL BOARD AND SUPERINTENDENT me W N 'ni limi IUI Wllilli 1 nA KE rn i OUR PRINCIPAL Prmcxpal Don E. Coates, Offlce Guls N, Leach, O, Gnndle A f z 7 . E , A EI +A INA! '3 ' 4 5 1 A A B 4 f Isl ,..i..... A-bf ' 1 5' . I Q 1-I 1 J . ' , ,A 3 r ' A 1? A ' ' I1 ' I 1 , , , ,fi ,mu W- 5 ' - , . - l SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Butler, Dr. E. Coffin, STANDING: Superintendent C, Harmon, E, Clemont, I ,ff f 2 , 4 5 . ,' f I 4 ! i a 5, l": XX YEARBOOK STAFF Z EDITOR IN CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITORS LITERARY EDITOR CLUB EDITOR HOMEROOM EDITORS ALUXIINI EDITOR SPORTS EDITORS ADVERTISINL 'xl-XX XC ER C ASSISTANT XDVERTISIN PHOTOGRAPHH EDITOR. M Jeffers IN Sherer O Grrndle lx Freeman Iw Krmball G Solarl R. Blanchard H Peckham D DeRevere P R1chardson J Ellxs lx Leach M Cyr E Jordan T Hooper S Watson MANAGERS S Coffrn E Coombs B Bagley A Grbbs S Emmons D Smrth J Coffm M Clark P Haskell D Grrndle R. Rlchardson . D. Meader BAR HARBOR TIMES 5 . MZ ,I rf wwf' - , f E i 1 5 1 4 nv, I 4 I -I2 L I ' I : Fi in N xx X L. V' 1, ' lv' . . 1 0 . Q 0 my s a In , o . 0 , . Q . . O O O I I I C O I U I . - , 0 s , o . O A 5 Il X I a a 0 0 0 o o ' a o Q Q o o o o U o l o ..... ..... . .I 1 .I 1 . I rl. . , . , I , , I 'I O I I g l I I D 1 O C I C . F CULTY DON E COATES, PI'll'lC1P31 -40 ROLAND WILKINS , Sclence NVV L-4 HARVEY HEEL, Soc1al Studxes ,av E "Quan GRACE HERRICK, El'1g11Sh SUZANNE WOOD Engllsh Y I 2 -may ROY SALISBURY Manual Tralmng I X if V+' . R 1 ? if . . . , , 5 - ,, .- ' i I " g 1 . U Ly? ' K ,418 I 4 xx . . 4: , 5 , fl Q 52 ' , ,1 ' , ' haw of 1:11 x A lj nf A, I 6:1524 M , .. 9 ,QV My , Al' A. A f f O , . . FACULTY 4' l LEE BLACK Soc1al Stud1es MARGARET BROWN Home Econom1cs ROBERT NOE French 84 Engllsh ESTHER TRASK, Commerclal rv- MANNING ATHERTON Musxc 7 BERNARD PARADY Physlcal Educatlon 44? XX , X K 1 2 . . . D . EI" " , I 1 U , I .x A I 'A X I 5 B , I . . I ... ' 'l .., 1-p I x B.. ' . . . . 'Qu lui DAVID TIIURSTON ALLEN "Pogo" "I am a lover but have not found anything to love. " Band I,2g Basketball l,2,3,4p Baseball I,2,3,4g Student Council Club Ig Class President 3,4g President Student Council 4, Industrial BARBARA IANICE BAGLEY "Barbie" "Its nice to be natural, when you 're naturally nice. " Band Ip Di-amatics Club Ig Operetta Ig Phys. Ed. Exhibition Ig Driver Training 2g Basketball 2,3,4g Junior Speaking gg Softball 3.4: J. V. Cheering 4g Senior Play 4g Yearbook Staff 4, College YF-r uit ELEANOR LORRA INE COOMBS "Ellie" "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " Glee Club I,2g Camera Club Ig Community Concert Club 1,25 Operetta lg Dramatics Club I,2,3,4g Production 3g Phys. Ed. Exhibition Ig Driver Training 2g Yearbook staff 3,44 Basketball 1,2,3g Cheering 2,3,4g Head J. V. 3g Softball Manager 2,34 F, H, A. 1,2,3g President 35 State Delegate 2: MuSiC FSSUVHI rg Senior Play 4, Commercial 8 g Phys. Ed. Exhibition I,2g Camera Club Ig Chefs' Club :Q crlee WILLIAM CROSBY FERNA LD "Women are like street carsg there's always another one coming along. " J. V. Basketball Ig Band l,2,3,4g Dramatics Club l,2,3,4g Baseball Ig Glee Club 1,25 All State Band 2,3,4g Dance Band 25 Senior Play 4, Dramatics Club Production 3g Junior Speaking 3. Industrial DIANE MARIE GRINDLE "From a small spark may burst a mighty flame. Glee Club Ig F. l-l. A, 1,35 Dramatics Club I,2,3,4g,Music Festival Ig F, H. A. Convention 1,35 Yearbook Staff 45 Phys.'Ed. Exhibition Ig Operetta Ig Camera Club Ig Freshman One-ActPl1y Ig Driver Training 2. Commercial "Billy" 'Tir JOHN ROLF GRANT "Johnnie" "Hold the fortl l'm comingl " I. V. Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 3,4g Band 1,25 Class President I Dramatics Club I,2, 3,4g Student Library Auxiliary 2, 3,45 Dramatics Club Production 2, 35 Senior Play 4, College "Diane" 9 ,A 3. ONA LEE GRINDLE "Onalee" "A good reputation is more valuable than money. " Glee Club Ig F. H. A, 2,3g Secretary 3g Dramatics Club l,2,3,4g Driver Training 2g Freshman One-Act Play Ig Yearbook staff 4g F. H. A. Convention 35 Operetta Ip Camera Club Ig Junior Speak- ing 3- Commercial ROBERT WILDER HAMBLEM "Bobby" "Why get excited over life, you die in the end anyway, " Camera Club lg Chefs' Club 2g Basketball 2,3g Phys. Ed. Exhibition, Industrial fin TZJV' GEORGE RONALD HOLMES "George" "I stayed up all night trying to find ways to get more sleep." Basketball I,2,3,4g Student Council 3g Freshman One-Act Play Ip Baseball I,2,3,4, Industrial I O MILDRED ROSE JEFFERS "DeDe" "Variety is the spice of life." Junior Speaking 35 Senior Play 45 Student Council 3,45 Drantatics I,2,3,4: J. V. Cheering 2,35 Head Varsity Cheerleader 45 Softball 1,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,4g Glee Club 15 One-Act Play 3,45 Yearbook Staff 2,3,4g Editor 45 Majorette I5 Camera Club 15 Op- eretta 15 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, Commercial .,au.fa, 495 5 me 7 FSTHER MARIE JORDAN "Esther" "Let knowledge grow from more to more, " Class Secretary 1,3,45 Science Club 35 Secretary 35 Dramatics Club l,2,3,4g Secretary 35 Yearbook Staff1,2,45 Sports Editor 45 Student Council 1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Junior Speaking 35 Student Library Auxilary 2, 3,45 News Club 3,45 Class Play 45 School Exhibition I,25 Band 1,2,3.4p Basketball I,2,3,45 Soft- ball 1,2, 3,45 All State Band 35 Girls State Delegate 3. College NANCY MARION KIMBALL UNLIIICYH "Style is the dress of thoughts. " 'T Band 1,25 Glee Club I,2g Student Council 35 Camera Club Ig Science Club 35 Class Play 45 Dramatics Club 1,2, 3,45 Production 15 Yearbook Staff 45 Literary Editor 45 junior Speaking 35 News Club 45 Speaking Exhibition I5 Music Festival 1,25 School Exhibi- tion 1, 2. College W' NATALIE EARIAENE LEACH "NM" "Absence makes the heart grow fonder. " Dramatics Club r,z,3,4g Glee Club rg F. H. A, r,3g Music Festival 14 F, H. A. Convention 3g Yearbook Staff 44 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2g Operetta Ig Camera Club I. Commercial DAWN ELAINE MEADER "Dawn" .wh-H "Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Nlajorettes I,2,3,4g Dramatics Club 1,25 Glee Club Ip F. H. A. I, G 2,3g Convention 35 Music Festival I,2,3,4p Yearbook staff 45 Phys. Ed. Exhibition I,2g Operetta Ig Camera Club Ig Driver Training 2g F, H. A. I,2,3, Commercial F ' ' , GEORGE MORTON MERCHANT "George" "A quiet tongue shows a good head" if "N-rf if Chefs' Club 2, Industrial RUTH ELIZABETH RICHARDSON "Without love and laughter there is no joy. Yearbook Staff g,4g Basketball g,4g Softball 2,3,4g Dramatics Club i,2,g,4g F. H. A. I,2,g,4g Driver Training 2g State F. H. A. Council gg F. H. A. Convention g,4g Camera Club Ig F. H. A. District Officer 4. Commercial Y r WINSTON CHURCHILL STANLEY "His only fault is that he has none. " Band Ig One-Act Play Ig Chefs' Club 2g Cross Country 4. Industrial "Rufus" if f' ' ZLMWJC, T it NANCY JANE SHERER "Nancy" "Silence is more musical than any song, " Band 1,2,g,4g Glee Club 1,25 Dramatics Club i,:,g,4g Production gg Junior Speaking gg All State Band gg Freshman One-Act Play Ig Class President I, Vice-President 2g Treasurer g,4g Student Council l,2g National Honor Society g,4. College "Winnie" QF?" WHL,-' DAVID LOREN WALLACE "I am a man that admits his faults - I have none. " J. V. Basketball 2,35 Varsity 4. Industrial GARY MARSHALL SOLARI "Cary" "By the work one knows the workman, " Baseball I,2,3,45 Basketball 2, 35 Class Vice-President 4. Industrial "Pedro" 3' 'K Y SANDRA LEE WATSON "Sandra "Tis a smile that costs nothing but gives much. " Majorettes I,2g Dramatics I,2,3,4g F, H. A. I,2,3g Basketball I 2,35 Driver Training 25 Softball 2,39 J. V. Cheering 35 Varsity Cheering 45 Yearbook Staff 3,45 Camera Club Ig Music Festival 1,25 Phys. Ed. Exhibition I,2. Commercial 14 " L- ROBERT ALEXANDER WOOD "BUTTONS "l might enjoy school if it weren't for teachers and studies" Class Vice-President 35 Student Council 3.4: J. V. Basketball li Varsity Basketball 2,33 Chefs' Club 23 One-Act Play I. Industrial. SE IOR PLAY CAST STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Jordan, B. Bagley, B. Fernald, S. Coffin, Mrs. Herrick, J. Grant, N. Kimball, D. Jeffers, E. Coombs. BAR HARBOR MOTOR CO. HOYT RICHARDS 8. SONS Ellsworth, Maine Complete Auto Service Bar Harbor, Maine 15 Mount Desert, Maine qw RAE- if to-0--s,,.:-,ji YG? Lani JX 3l'h'k "! -:J --v !f'ign 1' 'C' 1- ,ll bps' an AP -.., 5 .Zi Zb7m Ubfm 3 bgbg Q :kmbZOm O w -LF 1 Q-DIZ O U 52m O O25-hmm O mowwdx I UmU-mu ZDZOQ K 7:31 F DDSNZ K OmOWOm K MNC-HI F ZNPZO4 m SGZMHOZ m Gb-N4 m Ubim E wbZUE 2 MWGHHOZM E. mbfoaudm 1bmHEm mbfoaxwm mkgnmmm-HOZ :ESM 2:20 S5 mO5w HO-:mg 9 SSW D 0:23 2 2 5 Zia ms N Dm OOD my EE-Am MON waz: mggm USES Ham Dm m: M Qawgm U05 T-:Sm Papa Siam HO W3 5 N5 rg wgagm Ugg Ezazm iam? :aim OOEUOVN 2:50 jg Em m: w DDQ HY 2 T' :Ei xg UST O: mgms EE: H gg E: ZOE O:-m or H Og EQ: 353 MSE QCD H 3 . ZS: ga' 23 H n-OD H H502 KNEE MQW: ZOQEW P007 xg O: mg VN 222 5:5 H ag H EOE W Egg E0 S6 mO5m OE DDQ W 355 50 E H520 Simzm HO mm FHOCZU agua N VOM: m 5203: MSO NE gg ggmg TQOQEFEU me IN:-VOM WWE:-U O mg gn m gr Q: OD 8 2525 KOENW Ez: N? M5 E050 E050 Siam 2030 :OE M OE-NNN UQ O Q50-,M QED of-250 W F050 MVOHHEW U02 Czzxmrq mc-Hamm OO P30 EORWWOH OES mp-is E 2 9502 D022 232 0 Q52 KO? 253 QOOTQ 3:53 HQHOSQ I 53 232 2. miggggm EHEOHOH OE 7:5 mag ME-ROD 50:03 me 7:5 75552 30522 EEOQ 8332 O Q 7:5 gg-QOH A . . i Z I I N: p E 0 M . H : . N: W Q U D M b -1 -: . H 1 : H ' m M : ' I . H F Q h -Q Q U Ti: F H . I z Q 3 H: F . W . H I 1 VN : H. . hy. ' . 4- t 'I F . mmammm H. wgggm :H E5 no E-me .1 -ugdugm mmm O . . -Q M: F H . - -1 -1 ' H 1 . I . 2 : N: i . . . l : ' 1: - ' . 0 h 1 . -: F 1 : . I W- h H : U N: . 0 H : 1 . : ' - F t H' I -Q . - D- U SENIOR IDEAL ,-.,. X-QL. PERSOINALITY FIGURE BUILD SNIILE EYES EYFLASHES DIMPLES HAIR TFETH NOSE COL RAC F X OICE DISPOSITIOIN SWEETNESS Garyf S NN 1nston S IVIIISIOH S Gary S Paul K Wlnston S Bobby W NN 1l'lSIOIl S Wmston S John C john G Gary S Gary S Barbara B Esther J Nancy S Dede J Dede J Drane G Nancy K Sandra W Nancy K Dede I Dede J Barbara B Barbara B HOUND DOG DON T BE CRUEL MAGIC TOUCH WIININER TAKE ALL I ALNIOST LOST MY NIIIND MOINEY HONEY I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET I WALK THE IHNE TRYIING TO Q ET TO YOU RIP IT UP YOL RE A HEARTBREAKER LOVE ME TENDER RACE WITH THE DEVIL I WANT YOU I NEED YOL JEALOUS LOVER I'M IN LOVE AGAIIN. LEARLNIING TO LOVE SITTING BY THE WLNDOXN THIS NILIST BE LOVE TILL THE END OF TIME MAKE YOL RSELF COMFORTABLE ILL SAIL MY SHIP ALOINE Complrments of THE TOWNE HOUSE Northeast Harbor, Marne Compllments ot BROWN S COMPANY Northeast Harbor, Marne john Grant Paul Kelly W1nston Stanley Nancy Krmball Esther Jordan Crosby Fernald Dede Jeffers Natalle Leach Drane Grlndle Robert llarnblen Gary Solarr Eleanor Coombs Davld Wallace Onalee Grxndle Sandra Watson lwancy Sherer George Merchant Ruth Rlchardson Barbara Bagley Dawn Meader Robert Wood Day 1d -Xllen 19 SENIOR HITS 4'4f?f 4 WMI: Compl :ments of H E BUCKLIN Northeast Harbor, Marne Complrments of OBERS Northeast Harbor, Marne 'i 0 o o X ' I ' ' r Q . , 0 Q . . , . r- . ' 0 v I ' V u A , . r' . . . ' . I ' , 11 ,, . r l . I Q Y , . . X ' 0 q uf, xv . A o Q s 4 ,I' , A u Q Q o y a - 1 1' . ,4 , y . o Q Q . 1 I 1' I n e a 0 a a I . a u Q s a c s u 1 n a v v v ' , 4 o Q Q Q Q u s Q - ,- .. . ,. . 7 Q . s Q o s 0 Q u yu , I . u u Q o 1 4 Y' - e u Q u o 1 . - ' V I. 4' v ' ' ' A A 4. xp! W, V . , r . . 3,. wf s' A I A o u P , ,x 4 Skxxxx yy. o n a Q Q -vi N , E. , , -11 .1 A I , , um., , , J X Q u n Q P v v 1 . ' Q Q Q ' , ' Q Q s V I . o s Q Q v o n a 0 v , . o o a Q ' I v . Q a Q . . - I Q Q UNIGRS SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT L Dxllon H Wood T Hooper S Coffm M L11ly N Freeman M Cyr J Stanley STANDING J El11s G Tnpp R, Lum L Spurlmg D Klmball A G1bbs P Haskell Advlsor Mr Heel At the beginning of the year there were i9 students enrolled in the Junior Class, I2 girls and 7 boys Lucy Dillon and Mike Clark became our new classmates Betty McFarland and Joan Gonzales left us after the first term Mr Heel was our class advisor Class officers elected were President, Steve Coffin Vice President Trevett Hooper Secretary, Madelyn Lilly Treasurer, Nancy Freeman Those participating in activities are Basketball Trevett Hooper, Leslie Spurlmg, Mike Clark, Albert Manter, Manager, Steve Coffin Girl s Basketball Lucy Dillon Helen Wood, Judy Stanley, Manager Geraldine Tripp Bfaseball Trevett Hooper Mike Clark Leslie Spurlrng, Albert Manter, and Steve Coffin Track Leslie Spurlrng, Mike Clark Dick Lunt, Albert Manter Softball Helen Wood Lucy Dillon, Judy Stanley, Jerry Tripp Cheerleaders Varsity Nanc Freeman, Prudence Haskell Jayvee Lucy Dillon, Helen Wood, Madelyn Lilly Band Nancy Freeman, Steve Coffin, Dick Lunt, Margaret Cyr Mixed Chorus Judy Ellis, Anita Gibbs Prudence Haskell, Nancy Freeman, Dick Lunt, Steve Coffin Girl s Chorus Nancy Freeman, Prudence Haskell Anita Gibbs Judy Ellis Story telling Anita Gibbs Steve Coffin, Judy Ellis, Duck Lunt Drama tics Entire Junior Class Camera Club Jerry Tripp Junior Speaking Steve Coffin, Prudence Haskell, Madelyn Lilly, Helen Wood, Margaret Cyr, Judy Stan- ley, Nancy Freeman. STEVEN'S STUDIO Bangor, Maine 20 wwxfws ww 4,2 'K 3 M- nv 4-. .ii fa im 44 L Y .mei Tv 1 1 QQ 1' If 14 ips, 3 iii!-,E gl N' .,f' 4 W I " Q -wfe":'T SOPHO ORES SEATED LFFT TO RIGHT P Cmtt D Stanley H Grrndle J Coffrn P R1chardson D Hood E Mer chant C Merchant Advrsor Mr lulkrns STANDINL K Smrth C Lllly S Emerson X Crocker E Grlly P Buckhn L Wescott L Hooper S Burr C Dlllon At the begrnnmg of the l956 57 school year our class had an enrollment of twenty one students We were very pleased to have Sydney Emerson loin our class Our home room was the lab and our class advlsor was Mr Wllknns Durmg our first class meetlng tne followmg officers were elected Presrdent James Coffm Vice President, Rrchard Smith Secretary, Sue Emmons Treasurer Pat Richardson The followrng students were m actlvltres Varsrty Basketball Rrchard Smlth James Coffm Larry Hooper Jayvee Basketball Peter Bucklm, Larry Hooper, Syd ney Emerson Crrl s Basketball Hortense Grlndle, Pat Richardson, Dianne Wood Pearl Gott Band James Coffln Track Peter Bucklm James Coffin, Charles Dlllon Clee Club Carol Merchant, Pearl Gott Evelyn Merchant, Larry Wescott, Larry Hooper, Richard Smrth James Coffin Varsity Cheerleaders Delores Stanley, Hortense Grmdle Jayvee Cheerleaders Sue Emmons Pat Rlchardson F H A Pearl Gott Compliments of Compliments of WILLIS 8 SONS HARRIS SODA SHOP Bar Harbor, Maine Bar Harbor, Marne Compliments of Compllments of FRED C LYNAM CO HATCH S MARKET Bar Harbor, Marne Bar Harbor, Maine 22 In .. .H f,-'5 'Y " ' 1 , - V 4 , - ,, , A J L 1 1 X, - . ,V 4 u ,r . , . 1 , IK , . l, Q , . . , . , Q I , . ' I . ,. . . ,.. . . V 1 0 1 I D o 1 1 Y- o I u p o . fo , I T 'I I ' I I Q O I l l I . O . . . . -. 0 . . . . u 0 . . . I . . . . ' I . . . - . . - . - l I I I . O . . . . . . . . I 2 I . . . - I Q . R. I . . - . Q - I . . 0 . . . . . - I . .. . Q . I . . - '. I o 2 . . . . u . I - Q . .- n o . - Q . I a 4 . 'su' Wwmv fi' 'gym 1, W -iw Oo Wllianur -A.. ian.. 'ka fr N46 'twig' -4-.--. yy.:- V s if .11 'V 'i 75 I H- 'M 'ff " x png 1,85 I L3- 0 AQ Nfl, far ..,4Wl-J' QC' 3 vw" 4-we n -JN s.,!'-"""' 'vanw- ,...-.-- f Q 1' ...rr- dx ,LL sf . H ws Q 1 1 -3 sf 1 x ' K, Ti f x 'S I 3 K.- ,fr 9 13? S15 f , fa 'I s "' el - - V WM 14-,tLj.-,f- F '. 4. V ,W G " ,V . V I , I . 'ff ,' 7 V t " lgjgjjdu ,f Qi . , ' 3, - ,Q ,fr . f , 5 1 , ll , .r H A ff. N V :A h f i . - , 9 ' ., , V ' - v . 4, ' ' af' ' 'H A 1 '--.-. .-, , ' , ' , . ,,,' f fff 7 ' 3 ' 3 ' .- ,, 1 . ,saw ' - W-fla g fm W-'1"' 'f- fl - '3"Z'?.. P.- . ,, ,. A, , , I , , '. V. - .ii wg. , - -' 'ggi' 1 ff , U ', ' ' gl-4 34 . , , Q :. 'ef' 1, ' , 9 ' g', ,. -V 9' V g. ' f '2:..g.' If. f -o . -41,0 ' 2" , - l .. bl.- .. . ... :ji ,,.?,'-,:, V' 1, , 5.-,. 13.1 . I. V K I , ' '. 4 :MI : . if T , , X I .,,g...f 5, 'gif' o -1 Q. r. 1" . 1 l , , M ,ff y ' I sq: I 45 3K?, as 'rf .' . 1 Q ,mqg A. if ,sr ' - m I 'w , - o V. . , L . 1 V -' 'f 5 4 b f . , Ur . -'13 V - Lad .v' Y V' ' b 1- var' ' e'5:"'L 4 ' V - .' . X .fn .3 5 , A I L .ily I :la . V X Mt , . I -4. WMM , ,I--qui. -'f-5-rw 'f -" -'.,g-'-0 - . " f '.' , fx.:. 'z 1 W uf . 5 . ' , ' - ..' - ,fr 1 y ' . . 2 ' r':.-gif " -nv, , 4 Q ,A ' . - , VI' f V V, . - I , , 5 'K I' rl ,W , d , wr' tw ' , .X .V N ,V H , nz -- 'M -- . . :4 I. Y . f -Y - ., x . - 1' . . A' ' 'A' -X 5 4. A 4 , ' , ' M' Y h , '5 432- .X V, ii in 3 U 1 'X 1. uf' i,h'V:s'Viy ' V-gn" .'f.'n yr' ':4'flf'f f,' 'ff' .. km g ' ., I V I , up -kg 'rr .. ' ' v f... f- W W? '-i,,. T ' , 9' 5 ,FY Q ' 3. j 'A' I 3 0 - X ' , ' . A . M 0- ,,. '- " , , - ' ' sl I A - 4, , 4 1 I Q o A w A 5 F ' 5 I 2 I ix Aux. I Y' Jo W i7f,?'5'g x FREH E SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT D Kelly D DeRevere E Blanchard J Carter R.H1ll K Burr P Jones G Nlcholson A Walls There were l7 puplls In our class when school started We welcomed anew student from Mossochutts Kathy Burr Hans Beyler left us before school started and Richard Graves left un November At the first class meeting we el cted the following officers President Richard Hull Vice President John Carter Secretary, Everette Blanchard Treas urer, Kathy Burr Our Student Council representatives were Alice Tracy and Ter rance Holmes Our homeroom advisor was Miss Wood Most of the Freshmen participated in activities. Band. Terrance Holmes, Everette Blanchard, John Burr. Maiorettes: Claudette Gaudet, Dorothy Kelly, and Delilah DeRevere. Jayvee Basketball: Richard Hill, John Carter, John Burr, David Bracy, and Terrance Holmes. Jayvee Cheering: Alice Tracy. Girl's Basket- ball: Alice Tracy. Dramatics Club: Gail Nicholson, Kathy Burr, Alice Tracy. Yearbook Staff. Delilah DeRevere. Glee Club- Gail Nicholson, Claudette Gaudet, Patricia Jones, Dorothy Kelly, and Delilah DeRevere. Compliments of WEST END DRUG STORE DOUGLAS BAKERY Bar Harbor, Maine AT 8 464i Bar Harbor, Maine LYMBURNER ELECTRIC CO . 37 Cottage St. Compliments of Bar Harbor, Maine FRED GONYA 8. SON 24 Bar Harbor, Maine n I 0 n 0 I o g n 4 I I 0 n Q Q A. Tracy, C. Gaudet, STANDING: Advisor, Miss Wood, T. Holmes, J. Burr, D. Bracy, R. Gonzales, , . .I . . 3 . . : . I i - I i . f - lah mr mm bv nfl' at rat wg.. Www 'Nm-M... ABYW WWW WA JN? .2 in EIGHTH GR DE age lx Hlbbard A L1lly Nl Knox N4 Rrchardson SECOND RON S Burr M Crax N Damon X Tracy H Peckham J BUCkl1D S NlcPheters S Atwood L Emerson D Gram Xdvrsor Mr Noe THIRD ROW J Somes G Leland M Ellls R Bracy R, Gonzales E Butler P Sahsburx it Mckolson K Bracy There were thirty three students in the eighth grade at the opening ofschool We lost Ian Selllc In October and James McFarland in November Louise Emerson lomed us In November At the first class meeting the followrngofficers were elected President, John Adams, Vice President, Joseph Musettl, Treasurer, Kenneth Savage, Secretary, Marcia Savage Our class was represented In the following events Student Council John Adams, Heather Cameron, and William Nicholson Band John Somes, Margaret Knox, Edwin Butler, Kenneth Savage, John Adams, Jean Bucklln Cheerlng Marcia Savage, Constance Jeffers, Jean Bucklin, Margaret Knox, Natalie Damon, Mary Gray, and Heather Cameron. Basketball: John Adams, Joseph Musetti, Ken neth Savage, Rolph Gonzales, Steven Burr, Ronald Bracy, Edwin Butler, William Nicholson, David Grant, Manager, John Somes. Operetta: Sally Gibbs John Somes, Edwin Butler, Heather Cameron. The eighth grade enjoyed putting on the H.M.S. Pinafore with the seventh grade. Cgmplimenfg Qf COmpllIT'leI'1l'S of BROWN S STUDIO BROWN S FURNITURE Bar Harbor Maine Bar Harbor, Maine 26 G 'fs . ., , , i A N "t T ' "L, 'ai SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Gibbs, C. Jeffers, H. Cameron, K. Savage, J. Muserti, J. Adams, M. Sav- V , . ' 1 l V' l 7 in 5,0 n i n , . . . ' . . A 1 . , - , . , 1 I . T' . I ll Il 4 3 I I SEVENTH GRADE SEATED LFFT TO RIGHT I Coston C Nlurphx I Vw Ils B Burlf. P DC cure T NIcK1y R. Blanc hard Carter E Lyonzales X D1I1on D Imrson SECOND ROW N RlClIdl'dS7Il I Gu Ie B Wall R DAVIS R. S3l1SbIlfy S Burr M Ilaslem NI gray R. Nierchant D Sm1tI S Renault D Lucas Adv1sor Nlrs Black The opemng of the T956 57 school year found the seventh grade with a class of 25 We have since lost two of them, but one came back The followrng offrcers were elected at the first class meetmg Presldent, Tom Mc Kay Vice Presldent, Patrncla DeRevere Secretary, Betsy Butler Treasurer, Rosemary Blanchard Our class was represented an the followung events Students Council Tom McKay, Sandra Renault, and Roy Salusbury Band Roy Salusbury Sara Jane Burr, Patrlcla De Revere, Betsy Butler, Davnd Lucas, Tom McKay, Denms Smnth, Sandra Renault, and Rose mary Blanchard Basketball Tom McKay Tommy Henckler, Robert Merchant, Roy Salus bury, Denms Smlth Norman Rrchardson, Mallard Haslem, and David Lucas Tne seventh grade enloyed puttrng on the operetta H M S Prnafore with the erghth grade Tom Mc Kay and Roy Salusbury had lead parts The seventh grade dad pretty well with the magazme drive Some won prizes and the class made about S20 OO for themselves This year they are selling pencils and hope to earn some money that way We are all looking forward to a successful year as our start at Mount Desert BAR HARBOR BANKING 8. TRUST CO 27 A 4 , 4 , . Z .. , , . ,', , R8 , , 'l', , rK"' , ,I I ', ' - ,C. ,.' ,,.' ,.'. . .' :I'.A' r,1, 'IlLl,,'S, ' I V: I v 0 9' 0 R ,ls - n 0 ' ls 1 p o n A 'A' ll V I . . 1 I . a . . . . . . . . . - I I I I . . . . . . . l ' , 1 . . . . I Q I 1 . . . . . I I l . - ll . H . . I U ' l 1 . . Q . . . . 0 O . . . U U O . 0 . MOU GIVE US THIS DAY THE GREEIN DOOR BAIND OF GOLD XNALKIING IIN THE RAIIN BLUE IEAIN BOP YOL RE ADORABLE HEARTBREAK HOTEL LONELY AVENUE HAPPINESS STREET PIINK CADILLAC HONEY DON T MY BOY ELVIS CRY ME A RIVER ALLEGHEINY NIOON BLACK DENIM TROUSERS SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR WAYWARD WIND LAY DOWN! YOUR ARMS TRANSFUSION MY LITTLE ANGEL MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS CHANGE OF HEART GREAT PRETENDER GROWING UP TOO YOUNG IEARNING THE BLUES SLZ XINNE MARY IOU I LOVE NIICKY AFTER THE LIGHTS GO DOWN LOW WE MET IIN A DREAM ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS MY PRAYER WOMAN LOVE FLATTOP IN LOVE TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME FEUDIIN FUSSINI AND A FIGHTIN HOW LUCKY YOU ARE ROLLIING HEART THAT S ALL RIGHT I'M IIN LOVE WITH YOU BLS STOP HEART OE A CLOWIX, DE ERT HIT Cheerleaders nd Senror Class Pat Rlchardson M1ss Brown Al Manter Janet McFarland 11m Coffrn Dede s House lxancy Freeman Sargent Drlxe Alan Crocker Hortense C rlndle Connre Jeffers Evelyn Merchant Carol Merchant Larry Wescott Helen Vvood Leslle Spurlrng Teachers Danny lxrmball Trexctt Hooper Delores Stanley Lucy Drllon Nlrke Clark Terry Holmes Prudence Haskell Mady L1lly Sue Emmons kendrrck Smrth Rolf Gonzales Dranne W ood D1ck Lunt Drck Smrth Nlarguerrte Cyr Steve Coffrn Larry Hooper Betty McFarland Gerry Trrpp Basketball Team Judy Ellrs John Carter Anrta Grbbs Judy Stanley Bus Drtvers Johnny Somes Compltmenfs of Compliments of the RONNIE S LUNCH G Northeast Harbor, Morne Northeast Harbor, Morne WOODY S GENERAL STORE Tel Br 6 3352 Seol Harbor, Mcune Q Q Q , , Q Q Q Q Q v Q - V Q Q Q Q Q Q Q v' ' ' Q Q Q Q Q Q 1 v , Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q vl -' Q Q Q I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q v A Q Q Q Q v , Q Q Q r Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q A Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . rx . Q Q Q Q Q ' Q Q ' Q Q Q Q Q l 0 I 1 , I Q Q Q Q Q I v I Q Q Q Q Y . ' v , Q Q 1 I Q 0 Q Q Q , Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 1 - 1 0 Q Q Q Q Q Q . . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q A ' Q Q Q Q , I' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q I 1 I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 1 ' v , I, . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q v Q Q Q . . Q . . Q Q Q Q Q ' ' , . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Y Q Q Q ' I A Q Q Q Q I Q Q Q NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT N Sherer E Jordan STANDING S Coffm D Lum The National Honor Society alms to establish for hugh schools hugh professlonal alms and goals for secondary education An enthusiasm for good scholarship An encouragement to students to render service to school and community A plan for self evaluatlon of the student s potentlal A stimulus to students to practuce those acts which develop strength of character 5 An encouragement to the student to contlnue has educatlon To be chosen for the National Honor Society IS consudered by hugh school boys and gurls all over our land one of the highest honors paid them durmg their school days The Mount Desert Chapter this year rs happy to pay tribute to Esther Jordan Nancy Sherer, Steven Coffm and Richard Lunt Steven Coffin and Richard Lunt are the lunlor members to be honored this year Compliments of Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY CREAMERY INC LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK Ellsworth Marne Ellsworth Maine Compliments of Compliments of ACKERMAN HARDWARE MELANSON JEWELRY STORE Ellsworth Marne Ellsworth Marne 1. ' ' ' . 2. ' 3. - .0 I n elements of qualities of leadership within himself. 4. I I 0 U , I ' I O I I I I . I . I . I . STUDE T COU CTL SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT S Renault B Wood D Allan D Jeffers H Cameron A Tracy STANDING J Adams H Gundle J Coffm R Sahsbury S Coffln T Hooper L Hooper T McKay D H111 'B Nlcholson T Holmes The Student Council this year had a most successful season lt performed such functions as changing the number of cheerleaders lt also ruled that you must have one year of Jayvee cheerleading at Mount Desert Hugh School be fore you can become a Varsity Cheerleader The Council has given much co operation rn keeping the students informed on the many small ways that they can Improve methods of making our school a better one The officers mclude Compliments of FRANKLINS SHOE STORE Bar Harbor, Maine R. H. MOON General Hardware Bar Harbor, Maine Pres: dent Secretary Treasurer 30 David Allen Dede Jeffers Compliments of WARDS Bar Harbor, Maine MACLEOD MOTOR, INC Cadillac Buick Bar Harbor, Maine l V V 1 5 , '1 . y I O . O l O l l . 1 O SENIOR CLASS SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT R Richardson E Coombs D Meader S Watson N Leach D Grmdle E Fernald R Hamblen J Grant D Wallace G Merchant D Allen B Wood CLASS ODE KTUNE OF FROM THE FIRST HELLO TO THE LAST GOODBYE l From the frrst hello To the last good bye Its been awfully nlce to know you So excuse the parting slgh To our teachers dear Who have helped us through the year You ve been dear and sweet A pleasure to meet To recall as years go by From the frrst hello To the last good bye CLASS COLORS Blue and Whute CLASS MARSHALL Steve Coffin A speclal thanks IS to be extended to Roy Salusbury for hrs extended help rn makmg this yearbook a success ROBERT E DeREVERE Garage Body Shop Marine Service Seal Harbor, Marne As the years go by And we go our separate ways We always wrll remember Our friends ofHlgh School days So where e er we roam Be lt near or far from home You wrll always be ln our memory A symbol we'll hold hugh From the first hello To the last good bye Thanks to, Mrs Mary Leach CLASS MOTTO Saul On CLASS FLOWER Red Roses HUSSON COLLEGE Bangor Marne Marne s Largest School of Tel Brownmq 6 3244 Busmess Trarmng Terminal Courses-Degree Courses Jordan, O, Grindle, D. Jeffers, B. Bagley, N. Kimball, N, Sherer. STANDING: W. Stanley, G. Solarl B ll ll , . . . I . , . Il ll , ' , ll ' n - - . . I . . . , DRAMATICS CL B f-,FS 0 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT S Watson E Coombs O Grrndle R Rrchardson N Sherer P Haskell M Cyr C Burr H Wood D Stanley D Grlndle STANDING Mrss Wood E Jordan P Gott S Emmons D Wood G Trrpp A G1bbs G Nicholson N Klmball E Merchant P Richardson J Ellis N Freeman I Stanley LAST ROW H Grlndle I Coffin B Fernald S Coffin T Hooper J Grant D Kxmball R. Lunt L Hooper D Jeffers C Merchant A Tracy At the first meeting of the Dramatlcs Club we discussed the production of our play The Night of January 26th Miss Wood, our advisor, explained the plot of the play to us and told us It was to be presented April 26th The proceeds will eventually be used to further equip the stage with proper llghtmg and other facilities We express our thanks to our advisor for helping us make this a successful year for the Dramatlcs Club Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of MACLEODS'S VARIETY STORE MORANG ROBINSON CO. QUIMBY S DRY GOODS Bar Harbor, Maine Bar Harbor, Maine Bar Harbor, Ma' Compliments of WlLLEY'S MAE CARROLL Compliments of Ellsworth, Maine Southwest Harbor EASTMANS Maine EllSWOl'l'l'I, Maine 32 IQ. C C, 1 '5 . n 'J ' J 4 ' ' ' . 9: A Q X' T632 4 , ' X 21: ' :I 'l . " 1' X 4, 1 -J g . g 3 I ., I 1 II 0 I O I I lne DRAMATICS CLUB PRODUCTION CAST NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th ' Prlson Matron Balllff Judge Heath District Attorney Fllnt His Secretary Defense Attorney Stevens His Secretary Clerk Of The Court Karen Andre Dr Kirkland Mrs John Hutchins Homer Van Fleet . . Elmer Sweeney . . . Nancy Lee Faulkner . . Magda Svenson ..... John Graham Whitfield . . Jane Chandler .... Sigurd Jungquist . . Larry Regan ..... Roberta Van Rensselaer . Stenographer . . . Policeman .... Carol Merchant Trevett Hooper Larry Wescott Steve Coffin Nancy Sherer Dick Lunt Alice Tracy David Bracy Dede Jeffers Bill Fernald Pat Richardson . . Jim Coffin . Frank Walls Nancy Kimball . Esther Jordan . .John Grant .Sandra Watson Danny Kimball . . Dick Smith Eleanor Coombs . Sue Emmons . Larry Hooper ' " A 'QA' 7rf'?fq 8 I r A J f L 5' r A f L t ' t . ' l , QQ 9 . O I . . I I O I l I . . . . . . . . U I C I . U O D 5 D O U . . . . . . . . . O U 0 I . . . . . I . Q I I I . I I l I . UNIOR SPEAKING SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Lilly, P, Haskell, N, Freeman, H, Wood, STANDING: I. Stanley, S. Coffin, Mr, Noe, M, Cyr, if E: NEWS CLUB SEATED, l.EFT TO RIGHT: S, Burr, J. Bucklin, N, Kimball, L. Dillon. STANDING: E. Jordan, P. Richardson, D, Bracy, Mrs. Black, T7 If LA, Tig? g-N Q. if' flak' .v""'-M I F.H.A. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Brown, C, Gaudet, R, Richardson, D, Kelly, G. Nicholson, P. Jones, P. Gott. THE KNOWLES COMPANY Northeast Harbor Maine SENIOR HO OR PARTS VALEDICTORIAN . . Nancy Sherer SALUTATORIAN . . Esther Jorclan FIRST HONOR .... Nat Leach SECOND HON OR. . Dawn Meader STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: E, Jordan, N, Sherer, N, Leach, D, Meader, CLASS HISTORY . . Nancy Kimball CLASS WILL .... Billy Fernald CLASS GIFTS . . .Onalee Grindle PROPHECY ..... John Grant EASTERN TRUST 8. BANKING CO. EASTERN TRUST 8. BANKING CO. CLASS PARTS Buttons Wood Compliments of Bangor, Maine SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: O. Grindle, N. Kimball, STANDING: B. Fernald, I. Grant, B, Wood. Compliments of Bangor, Maine 35 WH T WO LD HAPPEN IF Mr Heel had the Sentor Htstory tests corrected the next day Onalee drdn t forget to take off her glasses when she went to bed Helen Wood couldn t rtde a btke Dawn couldn t see wedding bells Judy S had two ey es rnstead of four Johnny S could rock and roll Mrs Black lost her cat Delores S kept a rrng longer than a week, Ruth R forgot Buddy S The Sophomore gtrls had to stay home Mr Heel dtdn t read all the suggestlons Jean Bucklln grew short Mr Parady lrked the gtrls lnstead of the bo s Mr Noe forgot h1s French The girls drdn t wear cllps on therr shoes Hortense G lrved rn casune Dede lost her pony tatl The Junlor gtrls ever went out w1th boys The 8th grade had one peaceful hrstory class Nancy and Danny had to walk to school Dtane W wore a srze 3 shoe The road to Otter Creek was closed COSTON S REAL ESTATE 8. INSURANCE Br 6 5861 Seal Harbor, Marne T C SMITH CO INC Hardware St Variety Store Ellsworth, Marne Davtd W got hrs class rrng bark Dede had to wear a grrdlt All teachers forgot to come to school Heather became a savage The boys would pay attenuon to the grrls durtng basketball season Mr Coates would smtle comrng down the corrrdor Sandra s Gary wasn t wartrng every noon ttme Mrs Trask knew the Sllllpllfled Gregg Dlane G gained yyelght Eleanor drdn t thrnk she was fat Buttons d1dn t go to Brewer every Saturday lute Sentor gtrls ever got caught chewrng gurn Mr Coates drdn t ftnd out about the partres Larry Wescott drdn t thtnk that he xy as Elvxs Presley Bxlly F drdn t have a story to tell John C, drdn t want to frght Bobby H and Wrnston S drdn t whrsper Mrss Brown got mamed Marsha and Johnny weren t lovers Dede chose a brother Iwatalre couldn t get her car Thls never ended THE LIGHTHOUSE Restaurant Rooms Bowlrng Seal Harbor, Marne PE RLIN S Men s and Boy s Wear Ellsworth Marne 36 7' . . . . ' . K , Y H . I ,I ' I ' I n , . . I I ' , I I V ' I I Q ' I ' I . . , V , V . . r . L o I I I E I VA I . . . I . . , ,. I I I . l I Mike forgot where Eleanor's locker was. . ' ' ' y. , ' ' ' ' . . I I ' ' ' 1 v' v . . . , , . . . I I I I , . , . I I I I . . , . . . . I . . . R I I . T I . I . I V ' I I I I I o - - - . I o Q of s . , , I TUDE TLIBR RY AUXILI RY rim, 1. 31 The Northeast Harbor Lubrary un cooperatuon wuth the Mt Desert Hugh School sponsored for the suxth year a storytellung program for the grade school chuldren of Mt Desert The program us conducted enturely by the hugh school students and serves one hundred and twenty grammar school chu ldren The student storytellers perform an educatuonal servuce whuch us recognuzed and apprecuated by the school and lubrary authorutues as well as by the communuty ln sux years these hugh school students have created un tte youngsters much unterest un good storues good luterature and the enloyment of readung good books Juduth Ellus was absent when the pu cture was taken Compluments of HARRY C AUSTIN CO CUZ'S Fumuture and Floor Coverung Southwest Harbor, Maune Ellsworth, Maune Compluments of Compluments of WHITNEY'S ELECTRICAL SHOP VINER S Southwest Harbor, Maune BUFIQOTI MUIUC Compluments of Compluments of STRATTON'S BEAL'S JEWELRY Ellsworth, Maune Ellsworth, Maune - I' Q , .- ul ' l - ' 23 ' l v I I . X , . 'A - Q . 5. 6 A J T ' u . A I , . X A xi" ' l . , Nw Q-vi M ,xx ' ' o na Q 3, N sg' I A" . , u,'s "g,J Q E 4 , -ti '1,'3'wv'X A V-:,,- ng., . I i 51- My .,,.."",4oQ - V , .'c",'gt"--, ,1 K 'rr of .-' ,-,.+ Q Q Q Q Q o n Q Q 0 0 Q Q Q O 0 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q u Q Q Q 0 I I O I O I O 0 C Q Q Q I Q . ., INC. O I . Q . Q I , Q Q Q . Q VARIETY PAGE li 1 -with Compliments of ECHO VISTA WTP av 1' Compliments of N.H. BRAGG 8. SONS Southwest Harbor, Maine Bangor, Maine ani' Q1 l OPERET T fs? STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT I Adams H Cameron R Salusbury N Butler T McKay C Jeffers J Somes S G1bbs The seventh and eughth grades took pleasure un presentung H M S Punafore under the durectuon of Mannung Atherton It was held at the Kelley Audutoruum on November 9, I956 The followu ng students played the parts of Sur Joseph Porter K C B , John Somes Captaun Corcoran, Ned Butler Ralph Rockstraw, Tom Mc K Duck Deadeye, John Adams Boatswaun, Roy Salusbury Josephune, Sally Gu bs Hebe Constance Jeffers, and Luttle Buttercup, Heather Cameron The seventh and eughth grade bo s and gurls were the chorus The followung people he ped to make the operetta a success Margaret Brown Costumes Langdon Wood Scenery Nancy Freeman Puanust Compliments of A. V. HIGGINS Somesvil le, Maine Compliments of PINE TREE MARKET Northeast Harbor, Me. Compliments of HOLMES SHOE STORE Northeast Harbor, Me . Compliments of THE HAT SHOPPE Ellsworth, Maine ' V x 5 , - J 1 . B I f 'V I 1 ' 7 , I v. A . ,, 1' l Q- V w ' ,A K f I '4 V A - r I I I Ya , N T u 1 ' V nl' .,Lf3"?4 Q, 1, .,, ' .4 Y, T 1,1 C -V "ef 51 Y ' fe ' 15 ,x 'x s' 'p ' u : 9 3 0 1 0 . I I I 0 9 0 0 1 0 A 0 Q Q Q U Q U 0 o o Q Q Q Q Q o Q . Q s Q I I . I 0 0 0 1 1 . Q . Q Q . Q og' I I Q . . Q I I ' Q Q 0 . f , s 0 u 0 Q 0 0 Q Q u Q 0 0 39 MIXED CHORUS LEFT TO RIGHT N Freeman, 1. Hooper, D Lunt, L Wescott, S Coffm, G Nrcholson A Grbbs, G, Tnpp E Merchant, P Haskell, P Gott J Ellrs D DeRevere, D Kelley C Gaudet Mr Atherton GIRLS CHORUS SEATED Mr Atherton N Freeman STANDING C Gaudet D Kelley C Merchant P Jones G Tr1pp,A GIDDS G Nrcholson, E Merchant P Haskell P Gott I E1l1s D DeRevere 40 I 9 0 o Q 0 4 Q I 9 e . . , . . . I U Q I . f I . I I I 1 . I - ll 76 , V. EQ V f , l YN ml W W 5 -L' 0 ' 'il l Y f z SN, A51 ,I I l f iw A 3 Q n 4 n 3 0 1 o va 0 9 0 1 . 4 . I I . I . I . I . I l I I . . BAND FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT M Knox D Lucas N Butler N Freeman E Jordan I Adams S D Smlth B Blanchard I Burr N Sherer M Cyr S Renault LAST ROW R Blanchard D Lunt B Fernald R Gonzales S Coffm T McKay J Bucklm I Coff1n MAJORETTES LEFT TO RIGHTJ Stanlex D DeRevere D Kelly D Meader , in '1 Burr, T, Holmes, K, Savage, R, Salisbury. STANDING: A. Gibbs, J. Somes, B, Butler, P, DeRevere DRI ER TRAINING .1-4 S Burr D Wood Advrsor Mr Heel L Wesco L Hooper D Stanley H Grlndle E Merchant C Merchant P Gott ABSEINT F Walls Ten sophomores are enrolled in the Driver Training Education Program, which is taught again this year by Mr Heel Every Monday the class receives forty minutes of classroom Instruction The other four days of the week are used with behind the wheel instruction Each student receives about twenty five minutes of behind the wheel instruction each week Parents must remember that these students are not expert drivers when they finish the course, but they have received Instructions leading to the development of proper driving habits and attitude All the students must go to Ellsworth to take their driving tests, outside of school time. They will not be allowed to take them In the driver-training car. This will have them more used to their famil cars. A i956 Ford V-8 was furnished by the Morang Robinson Auto Company of Bar Harbor and the general care ofthe car is given by the Manchester Bros. of Northeast Harbor. For Style, Quality and Value Compliments of Visit ADLER'S FRANCIS AHLBLAD Bar Harbor, Maine Bar Harbor, Maine EDGAR'S STORE Compliments of For Children CLARK COAL COMPANY Bar Harbor Maine 42 Bar Harbor, Maine :A , V , .: f -W-, . . . - A Q l ' ' t ' If T X I: 3 'tl fl i It . N i , I s I n i i I u 0 tt v c u 0 v l l v 0 v 1 , f O I O O n I I . - - O SPORTS DEDICATIO The Semor Class of l957 respectfully dedncates thus, the Sports' Sectlon of The Sklpper , to you, Frank Stanley, ln recognltlon for all the support you have given our ball teams ln the passing years 43 . E do I . - - Il - ll . .. O I S I . J fin- H I 'em A nik? , .ay x 1 w- . 'ii .Q -43 fi x ii A "N W iVi've,v.f , K 3. fs. -dz., V4 .,,gj, ' - -uv, ff N 4 gipg. , . Eg " 'P mr f 1 as .I .gi X OUR TE M ' I LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Solari, D, Allan, D, Wallace, M, Clark, D, Smith, J, Grant, Coach Parady, T. Hooper L, Spurling, D. Bracy, L, Hooper, I. Carter. I. Coffin. Home Bucksport 63 Mount Desert 74 Away Pemetic 42 Mount Desert 33 Home Sumner 33 Mount Desert 61 Home Stonington 60 Mount Desert 69 Home Beals 73 Mount Desert 72 Away Blue Hill 61 Mount Desert 72 Home Deer Isle 44 Mount Desert 56 Away Bar Harbor 87 Mount Desert 92 Away Stonington 61 Mount Desert 70 Home Blue Hill 48 Mount Desert 77 Away Deer Isle 51 Mount Desert 77 Home Pemetic 70 Mount Desert 66 Away Bucksport 70 Mount Desert 79 Home Lubec 53 Mount Desert 5 Home Bar Harbor 68 Mount Desert 49 Away Sumner 40 Mount Desert 58 HANCOCK COUNTY SMALL SCHOOLS' CHAMPIONSHIP At Ellsworth Stonington 52 Mount Desert 70 At Ellsworth Brooks 45 Mount Desert 71 EASTERN MAINE TOURNAMENT GAMES At Bangor Bridgewater 45 Mount Desert 69 At Bangor East Corinth 53 Mount Desert 61 At Bangor Easton 79 Mount Desert 75 Compliments at RAYMOND F. SARGENT INC. Ellsworth, Maine Maine's Finest BROOKSIDE RESTAURANT 45 Ellsworth, Maine AYVEE BASKETBALL STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT S Burr J Burr J Carter L Hooper D Bracy Coach Parady P Bucklm S Emerson D Smlth T Holmes Home Away Home Home Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Away Bucksport Pemetlc Sumner Stonmgton Bea s Blue Hlll Deer Isle Bar Harbor Stomngton Pemetl c Bucksport Ellsworth Bar Harbor Sumner Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Compliments of Compliments of CENTRAL FILLING STATION ELLSWORTH NURSERIES Southwest Harbor Mame Ellsworth Marne Compliments of ADAM S CORP Compllments of UNION TRUST CO Ellsworth Marne Ellsworth Mal ne Compliments of THE SYSTEM CORP Bangor Maine DAVID BRAIDY Bangor Mal ne 53 ' 36 29 ' 3I I 46 ' 39 I2 65 ' 40 Home Blue Hill 59 Mount Desert ' 53 69 39 34 50 Compliments of 'Rpm JUNHHRIHGHLBASKETBALL I 5,41 DLL LEFT TO RIGHT SEATED P Sal1sbury R Gonzales J Musettl J Adams T McKay K Savage N Butler R Sallsbury J Somes SECOND ROW STANDING D Lucas G Leland M Haslam R Bracy R Merchant B Nlcholgon S Burr Coach Heel LAST ROW STANDING D Grant K Bracy D Sm1th N Rxchardson The Junlor Hugh Basketball Team displayed good sportsmanship In team play through out the season Four of this year s startlng five wall be golng on to hugh school next year Tom McKay as the only veteran that will be back on the frrst five They won three games out at sux CHEERLEADERS 'X x -'V LEFT TO RIGHT C Carter M Gray N Damon M Savage C Jeffers S Burr J Bucklm HENRY R HINCKLEY 81 CO WATSON'S DRY CLEANERS Southwest Harbor, Marne Ellsworth, Marne V :ski A L2 Ili? . T Z 2 X Z A' ' g - 'j jsi 'affglgv I I ' ' J' 5 swf? 3 gx A Q I I l 2 K I 1 H 'X X VARSITY S. L. P. D N H D D. Watson Coombs Haskell Jeffers Freeman Grindle Stanley leffers HEAD CHEERLEADER CHEERLE DERS ,a ?' .I S J AY VE E Nl, ll, Wood .-K, Tracy li, Bagley P. Riclmrdson O, Qlrindle S 7 ,. , . Ol li, lklvlcx' lllf.-XD Clll-'VRl.E.'l i' HBSEXTZ L, Dillon Compliments of C.E. WALLACE 8. COMPANY Northeast Harbor Maine GIRLS' BASKETBALL KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT L Dxllon A Tracy H Gnndle R. Rlchardson H Wood E Jordan B Bagley STANDING G Tnpp J Stanley D Wood P R1ch ardson E Coombs D Jeffers N Kxmball P Gott Coach Black Co Captams D Jeffers and E Jordan K. The Girls Basketball team played eight games but unfortunately won none however they feel that thelr efforts were not an vam as they had a lot of fun We wlsh to welcome Mrs Black as our new coach and to thank her for the many hours she spent wr th us The teams we played were Sumner, Bar Harbor Bucksport and Ells worth i Compliments of Compliments of Compllments of JOHN ADAMS BARBERSHOP MURRAY S MARKET MRS TRACY S SHOP Northeast Harbor, Marne Otter Creek Malne Northeast Harbor Marne Compliments of BAR HARBOR LAUNDERY Compliments of BAR HARBOR NND ELITE DRY CLEANERS F R JELLISON 8g SONS SALES CORP so Bar Harbor Marne . . - J J . ' ' lr F ASEBALL g..,,..... ll 5wuv , -4.-we fs. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT D Bracy, D Smlth G Holmes, G Solar1,J Grant D Allen T Hooper L Spurllng STANDING Coach Parady J Coffm L Hooper M Clark S Coffm D H111 T Holmes SOFTB LL SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Grmdle, S. Emmons, E. Coombs, B. Bagley, D. Jeffers, R. Rxchardson, P. R1chardson, D. Wood. STANDING Coach Black, H. Wood. J. Stanley, G. Trxpp, G. Nlcholson, L. D11l1on, A. Tracy, D. DeRevere. 51 5, f V, ' X U .1 W f ' . F, Q -' x 1 zz h, 5 7 , ' 4 ,N .lj -, i e Q F z fl 1 . N w - 1 ' -. I . ' 7? . ' 1 A wer 'flak r'- A 1 V - . ' 3' Q I 'Q L' .' Y' fffl Hx , I Y ' t L, , . x , 4 , Y . ' X 1 I I n n I p 0 0 I a g o g 0 n 9 . g 2 p a U 9 0 9 o 1 o U 9 o . p 0 , ,. 1 4 A s - ., , 'A A. X P. D K 'G x If . 1' 47' . 1 X. f a Q2 CROSS C UNTRY STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT P Buckl1n L. Spurlmg M Clark R. Lunt C D1llon I Coffm Mr Noe Thls year the cross country team had three lettermen back Leslle S urllng Richard Smlth and Richard Lunt Others on the team are as follows A bert Manter, Mlke Clark, Peter Bucklln, James Coffln and Danny Kimball, who later left the squad We welcome Mr Noe, our new Coach who has been a great help to us The team consists of mostly xperlenced runners Although the season was not very successful we look forward to having a great team next year We closed the season wlth Leslne Spurlang placing second In the Hancock County meet Leslie Spurlmg and Rnchard Lunt went to the state meet where Leslle placed eighth and Richard twentieth GORDON 8. WHITE S GARAGE MARY CARROLL S Ford 8. Mercury Women 8. Childrens Southwest Harbor, Marne Furmshangs Southwest Harbor, Marne Complnments of MURPHY S SERVICE STATION Southwest Harbor, Maine 52 5 Y., Q ,, . '1 s I 5 Q is -...- as 1 ,. 1 4 N. .. l .. 3 0 I I 0 9 1 I l 1 s - p o I . . . I T I . . . . I l . . . . . I I . . . ,G lv-4 I . . . . . . . - . . I . . . . I I I . - . . . . I CO CAPTAINS Sz COACH R. 'da H M .nw -1 - Q. A 4,- WHO'S WHO If-IW! Nil We l ,, W X ...Lg x if Most likely to Succeed Most Popular Best Dressed ESTHER JORDAN DEDE IEFFERS NANCY KIMBALL STEVE COFFIN WINSTON STANLEY DANNY KIMBALL 1 x Most Efficient Musical Talent Best Dancers ONALEE GRINDLE NANCY FREEMAN NANCY KIMBALL STEVE COFFIN STEVE COFFIN JOHN GRANT Hlflll I ' W4 "sf Best Disposition BARBIE BAGLEY GARY SOLARI if lifb . Ttacher's Headache HELEN WOOD JOHN GRANT 1' HOUN D D0 G Judy raced down the starrs 1nto the kltchen where I was worktng Oh Mother she screamed lfound them Why dxdn t you tell me before? Tell you what dearv I asked yery much sur prlsed About Lady and her pupptes Judy answered But I sa1d wasn t II a n1ce surprtsev Ixow that they are older they are much cuter than they would have been a month ago Don t you thrnk sov Judy thought for a nnnute then she sard Yes I guess they are Oh Mother Iwant one I want one Ill take care of II all by myself I ll ta e II for walks I ll feed lt and I ll treat tt Just llke one of the famtly That all happened two years ago Duke Judy s dog has become QUIIC famous 1n the past year celved a telephone call from a representattve of RCA Vtctor records He had asked Judy rf she owned the dog that l1ved on 14th Street She sard that she d1d and he asked her 1f she would l1ke to brlng her dog down to h1s house because there was someone there who needed a dog Just l1ke Duke for a televrsron show Judy and I went down and were ushered 1nto a room w1th a table rn the center and a mrcrophone standlng next to lt Srtttng rn a chatr beslde the table was a young man He resembled most of the boys ID our clty except for the fact that he had srdeburns He stood up and I nottced that he was carryrng a gut tar Wllh h1m Wrltten across the front of tt was h1s name I d1dn t pay much attentlon to tt then but later I came to know h1s name yery well He spoke to Judy and asked her rf she would per mrt her dog to be on televtston Judy satd that she would and he told her that he needed a dog Just l1ke Duke to s1t on a table whtle he sang to htm Duke agreed to do ll for the stranger We left the room whrle they rehearsed After they had ftmshed they came out lookrng very pleased w1th themselves Eyrdently the song had been a success The stranger walked over to Judy and sa1d Duke rs perfect for the part He IS Just what I have been looklng for Of course I w1ll pay you for the part he plays Now do you thtnk that S500 IS enough for hrs two appearances P Judy gasped and sud You ll pay ME S500 to let you srng to Dul e? I don t tlunk I qurte understand Ve 1 he Sdld Its really yery slm e ou see I have been lookrng around for almost three rronths to get Just the rrght dog for my TV appearance I have found htm I am W111lIlgI0 pay you S500 rf you w1ll let me borrow Duke for my teley 1s1on appear ances The young man turned to me and satd You have your permlssron to take Duke You hate he ard my proposltron What do you thlnk of rtv Well I replled lguess lf you need the o I do not see any reason why you can t have htm Thank you yery much re sard I w1ll be here to get Duke next Thursday for our rehearsal Judy and I both went to see the shows and we were practrcally bursttng wrth prrde when we saw Duke performrng rn front of all those people I guess that all the puhlrclty sort of went to Duke s head because now when the mornrng newspaper ls deltvered to our house Duke rs always the f1rst one to get ll I thrnk he lS expectmg to see h1s prcture In the paper agam along w1th the plcture of the young man w1th whom he performed I lmagme by now you all haye guessed the young man s name I can t lfllaglfle anyone who couldn t recogntze ELVIS PRESLEYI I 1 I I I I I Cyr QQ 99 H U in I .I I 0 Y H J 2 V ' ' H H ,, l I - . . I 9 - s 0 . Y I . O lj ' V Q vw V ' ,tv Y . . ." ' ,. v ' ' . . . - I - r s K ' ' " ' I I 2 I I 1 H I Hx xl I U X ' I I H ' J' V V X V - u Y e V a H 1 u 1 I 1 1 ' X V Y 1 l. ' ' v Q 1 . ' k ' X ' ' y 1 ' . I 1 ' . r . V N - 1 . , V' .H One afternoon, about a year ago, Judy' had re- must be Judy's mother. Of course, I will have to ' . A r' r I' ' ' . r ' ' V" ' ' " V V V I " I ' . t' w ,U , ' , - I I Y t l rl x I . ' Y D . . , . . , . V . O . Y, . V , . . -un ' . . I . . . O M. I .58 I l 56 Endlng to the Creole Myste y When mornIng came and the outsIde world was awake, the postman came to deliver the mornIng mall This consrsted of only one large letter addressed to the mIstress of the house As It was a specIaI delIvery, the postman waIted Impatlently for someone to answer the door so It could be Slgned and he could be on hIs way ThInkIng thIs qurte unusual that no one should answer the door, he opened the door and went In What a ghastly Slghl he beheld! Broken glasses and wIne spots IIttered the floor, the clock hung from an awkward angle above the fIreplace, he wInd whrpped the blue sIIk hangIngs around the table and charr legs, all the furnlture and many oblects about the room were smashed What he beIIeved to be a kItten lay dead In Its own pool of blood, kIIIed, presumably by a letter opener IyIng nearby Callmg the woman s name, he ran drunkenly through the house In search of them DestructIon lay every where FInaIly, Iooklng In the bathroom, he heard the sound of runnmg water and saw that It was fIowIng out beneath a plastrc curtaIn Upon throwIng back the curtaln and IookIng In, he saw somethlng that almost made hIm faInt For there In the bathtub floatlng In the water were two heads plus two paIr of arms and legs Where the rest of the bodIes were no one ever found out, because as the postman went out, the door locked and as If by magIc, the wIndows locked too No one could get In the house If they wanted to whIch no one dId and the very apparent murder went unsolved As for the letter, when opened It CODTGID only these words T ees order BambIe at Death Who knows what these words mean'9 Say, I wonder how those IImbs and heads are holdmg out? Any better than the kItten'9 Helen Wood 5 I lands of New England Hazel Young Islands of New England was the story of the Islands from Eastport to Block Island It told of a few Important boats that saIIed around these Islands One boat that was frequently mentIoned was the Sunbeam ThIs boat IS known by every person on the Islands of the MaIne Coast The Sunbeam IS a MISSION boat, and helps anyone who needs help The fIrst Islands told about were the Fundy Isles One of the fIrst cottages buIIt on Campobello Island, one of the Fundy Isles, was buIIt In l884 by James Roosevelt, FrankIIn Delano s father Campobello was once a paradIse for smugglrng Today there are vIIIages and summer homes, wIth 30 mIIes of good roads There are many Islands In the Fundy Isles Some Islands around Calals, MaIne, are St CFOIX, whIch lIes at the center of the St Crolx RIver ThIs Island covers only seven acres Just off Lubec IS Treat Island ThIs Island IS less than one mIIe long There are many other Islands sltuated near Lubec Further south IS Beals Island The real prIde and 'oy of the Island IS the basket ball team There are only a very few boys to pIck from to have a team Beals Hlgh School whIpped WashIngton Academy by a score of IO2 to I9 StIII further south IS Mount Desert Island ThIs Island IS sIxteen mules long and twelve mIIes Wlde The whole book was InterestIng but, a very InterestIng part of the book told of the fIre of T947 on Mount Desert Island The Incldent was In the Flgaro , a newspaper In ParIs, France They prInted It as aconflagratIon set by peasants as a protest agalnst the occupatron of theIr town by the rIch CYISTOCTOCY Marguerlte Cyr 58 H ' I, ll ll S II by ' ' . ' " " true ' ' f ll ll a 0 o Q ' 0 'I H C t ' . . I . , I . . 0 . . , - . . - - 0 ll ' ' II ' - . -I I I ' ' C u 0 y ' . I 0 . . . I 0 I ' Il r ' ll. . ' ' ' , . . I, . g . I 0 C II 8Il ' ll ll 57 Annapurna Maurice Herzog Annapurna IS a true story of Maurlce Herzog one of the two men who cllmbed Annapurna 26 493 feet Annapurna was the highest mountain any man had ever clumbed Untll Mt Everest The group started out In T950 Mr Herzog was the leader of the expedltlon Hrs companion In the assault was Louls Lachenal Mr Lachenal taught at the Natlonal School of Sknng and Mountain- eermg He was about average height and was also a good conversatlonlllst Mr Lachenal as well as many of the other the expedntron for anything He was saw two men from has party They pulled hum up carefully After they had found the rest of the expedltlon, they contmued down the mountain Herzog was In a severe condrtlon Hrs hands were so frost- bitten he could not feel them Thus book was very Interesting lt was well-wrutten and excltmg Marguerrte Cyr 58 Compliments of NEWBERRY S Ellsworth, Marne Compl :ments of M A CLARK INC heard to say We d go If we had to crawl Compliments of there The rest of the men agreed LUCHINI S Disaster struck during the climb down Ellsworth, Marne from the mountain Herzog along with many of the other men got frostbltten and some of them lost thelr toes and fmgers on account of thus Some of the others were very suck Herzog lost a few of has fingers, and due to the skull of the expedltuon s doctor he dud not have to have hls legs amputated A very excrtmg part of the book was after Herzog and Lachenal had started down Annapurna following the conquest The expedition had gotten together and all of them were clnmbmg very slowly down the mountain Suddenly a crack appeared under theur feet, It grew longer, and the snow started slldlng before anyone knew lt they were slldmg toward the crack The rope that was tied to Herzog and two other men suddenly curled around Herzog s neck Before he knew what was happlnlng he found himself hanging head down ln the crack with the rope around his neck and leg He looked up as best he could and Compliments of ELLSWORTH BUILDER S SUPPLY Ellsworth, Marne Compllments of J T ROSBOROUGH INSURANCE Ellsworth, Marne Compl :ments of BEHR S JEWLERY STORE Ellsworth, Marne Compliments of THE NEW ATLANTIC RESTAURANT Bangor, Marne Il Il ' by ' . I . . . I I I . . . 0 ' I I . I . . , . men in the group would not have missed Ellsworth, Maine u I ' . ' I II. ' I . . , . . . , . I I ' I . . I 0 , . I 58 BUS DRIVERS 1 G JANITORS COOKS -aug MMG-Id AGbb IHkl MG MARILYN SHERER MAYNARD PETTE ROBERT SMALLIDGE NANCY JENKINS JUDY JORDAN EARL MOORE BRIAN GRAVES STUART JORDAN CLAIRE LUNT MARY GRANT CAROL GRANT MAXINE HARKINS NANCY HIBBARD HELEN CAMERON ERNEST COOMBS ANTHONY HAMOR JR. SANDRA HOLMES fM0deenJ NLBERT KELLY PAULINE KELLY ELIZABETH MANCHESTER DANA SHERER RONALD MUSSETTI SONYA STANLEY LENA MAE SPURLING fhallacel GARY TYLER JUDY HAMBLEN NATALIE GRINDLE LEROY WALLS FAITH McKAY fStroutJ DORENE KIMBALL JACKIE ADAMS IDA JENKINS JAMES SMALLIDGE DUANE JENKINS MARSHALL TAYLOR MALCOLM TAYLOR RICHARD MCFARLAND RUTH CORBETT HILLARD WALLS JAMES HOOPER DONALD COUSINS MILLIE LEONARD ELAINE HIGGINS JOEL ATWOOD PAULA BLAISDELL DANA HAYNES BRYANT NICHOLSON ELBERT RICHARDSON NORMA RICHARDSON CAROL WRIGHT Compl lmenfs of ALUMN 19 5 Bangor Maine United States Army Maine Maritime Academy Canada Boston Mass Northeast Harbor Maine United States Air Force United States Navy University of Vermont Bates College Farmington California Northeast Harbor Maine University of Maine Northeast Harbor Seal Harbor Otter Creek Mount Desert Maine Maine Maine Maine Florida Boston Mass University of Maine Lnited States Marines Boston ortheast Harbor Mount Desert Northeast Harbor Mass Maine Maine Marne Husson College Bar Harbor Maine Otter Creek Maine New York Boston Mass Boston Mass Maine Maritime Academy Husson College Northeast Harbor Maine Northeast Harbor Marne United States Navy New York Otter Creek Marne Boston Mass University of Marne Connecticutt University of Marne Seal Harbor Maine Medical Nlortheast Harbor Boston Mount Desert Mount Desert Vw ashrngton Compl :men Maine Center Maine Mass Marne Maine D C fs of MANCHESTER BROS MURRELL S DRUG STORE I Northeast Harbor, Maine 60 Northeast Hcrrbor, Morne

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