Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME)

 - Class of 1956

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Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Q I 41 'fl - 'Rx -nn- if 53 ,--947. ": 7' THE 19 6 KIPPER my yfx- , 'X .Xi r Q 1, By the Students of Mt. Desert High-School Northeast Harborg ...Q-if ' ..,,,,.-L- DEIIIFATIU ZR firb V7W""""P f We the Class of 1956 take great pleasure IH dedmatmg th1s yearbook to you M155 Suzanne Wood 1n smcere appl-ec1a t1on for the t1me and effort you have glven to the students of Mount Desert H1gh School T , I J l ,. 9 . ar' 1 're V N ,, , X . V SUPERINTENDEVF MEMBERY 0F THE 0F SCIIUULS Slllllllll. IHIAIRII MOUN'l' DESERT S PRINCIPAL LEFT TO RIGHT Pr1nc1pal Don E. Coates, Ofhce G1r1s, Carol Wrxght, Norma Rxchardson, and Ruth Corbett. iw l 1 K H f 'mm Li Um! . . Y v. Q. vu. :V I A -A , Yi z. "L . L, , o o 33. .... ' ' rf --- -- X .. f J ,dqf fun- ,pqgu PAUL J. BROWN LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. E. L. Coffin, Mrs. F. Butler, and H. E. Bucklin. 9 A b I 0-' .If 1! ' if J 1 K K x LLL MR. COATES MRS. BLACK MR. HEEL Principal Junior High Social Studies Social Studies History 8 Geo. Driver Training Mathmetics Gorham Teachers College U. of M. , B.S. Illinois College, A.B. New York University MISS LAWRENCE MR. WOOD Commercial Subjects Art Husson College, B.S. University of Maine MR. SALISBURY MISS WOOD Industrial Arts English 84 Biology Gorham 4 Boston University, B.S. if qi-'I MRS. HERRICK English 81 Latin Wheaton, Colby, A. B. fri., ffzfff " S gg ,: ,,. 2, I '- ri ' 1 ,Q ,270 if is' f X ,QM MR. MARSDEN Math. 84 Science New York University University of Maine, B. S. 4 MR. PARADY MISS BROWN Physical Education HOH16 E0r10miCS University of Maine. B.S. F.S.T.C. B.S. MISS PAGE French cl English Colby, A.B. ,Rv -fn MR. ATHERTON Music Director 5 Boston University YEAllBO0K TIFF I I Jpri SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT S Watson I Jenkins P Blarsdell E H1gglI1S N Rlchardson M Jeffers D Krmball STANDING B McFarland H Cameron R Rxchardson N Freeman G Tnpp P Rlchardson D Couslns B Nlcholson C Wnght R. Corbett J Adams D DeRevere M Cyr EDITOR IN CHIEF R1chardson ASSISTANT EDITORS M Jeffers E Hrgg ns LITERARY EDITOR J Adams CLUB EDITOR G Holmes HOME ROOM EDITORS I Jenkms E Coombs B McFarland P Rlchardson D DeRevere H Cameron ALUMNI EDITOR M Cyr SPORTS EDITORS B Ntcholson N Freeman BUSINESS MANAGER P Blarsdell ADVERTISING MANAGER ..... ..... S . Watson ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGERS . . . R. Corbett, C. Wnght D. Klmball, G. Tnpp R, Rxchardson PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR D. Couslns 6 '-"' ' Lg, W ,tai I , 1 1 A HHHIE ,UI I I " 1 ' H u ' " A I ' 3 ' . ,, JLQF' . v I .7 I J , I 3 QQ ' 7' ' I To 4-al! ' 'A ' I 1 7 ' I I I Q I " ' ' . . .... N. ' . . . . , . ' i seniors JA CQUELINE ANNETTE ADAMS "Jackie" "Knows her own mind and upholds her opinions. " Dramatics Club I,2,3,4p Dramatics Club Production 3g Student Council l,3,4p Student Council Convention 1,45 Class Play 1.4, Speaking Exhibition lg Junior Speaking 3g Driver Training 3g Glee Club 1,25 Jayvee Cheerleader Ip Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4g Sci- ence Club 3,4, Treasurer 3g Phys. Ed. Exhibition Ig Camera Club Ig Art Club Ig Community Concert Club 45 Yearbook Staff 3.45 Operetta I9 Girls' Softball 4: Music Festival I3 School Newspaper Staff 4. College College z'-Q 'Sn JOEL TERRY ATWOOD " oe "I am a man who admits his faults -- I have none if 'ipsum-gn Band I,2,3,4: Music Festival I,2,3,4g Class Play I Baseball I 2 fir' Club 3 ,4. w v. , 0.354 V s, vis' Q ' w Niskzn' Qtr," " If 3,45 Dramatics Club I: Chefs' Club I: Science Club 3 4 Basket ball 3: Junior Speaking 35 Driver Training 3: Community Concert College Air Force PAULA ANN BLAISDELL "Polly "An optimist never gives up the fight when he gets his back against the wall -- he boasts of his solid backing Basketball I,2,3,4: Softball 2,3,4g Dramatics Club l,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff 2.3.43 Business Manager 45 Phys. Ed. Exhibition I,2: Art Club Ig Operetta I3 Music Festival I,2p Glee Club I,2: Science Club 3,45 Class Play 45 Junior Speaking 3: Camera Club 2: Community Concert Club 3. College Nursing Massachusetts General DONA LD COUSIN S "He who has not wisdom at the age of thirty will never have it -- and Ihave a dozen years head start." Class President 2,33 Science Club 2,3,4, President 4: Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Vice President 3: Dramatics Club Production 2,33 National Honor Society 3.4: Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Af RUTH AMELIA CORBETT "Corbie" "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I. " Dramatics Club 3,4g Majorettes I,2, Drum Majorette 3,4g Basket ball 2,3,4, Manager 3.4: Softball 2,3,4g Music Festival I,2,3,4 School Exhibition 25 Class Play 4g Office Girl 41 Yearbook Staff 4: Class Treasurer 23 Student Council 3. Commercial Air Line Hostess "Duck" 1' J Cross Country 2.4: Class Play 43 Student Council 3, Vice Presi- f dent 3: Yearbook Staff 3.45 School Newspaper Staff 3,43 Junior X Speaking 35 State Student Council Delegate 3. ' I-Nl College College l 5 'S 5 94' DANA RICHARD HAYNES "cal" ".. s " "Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm." Chefs' Club 3. II1duSUi31 Armed Services ELAINE VALERA HIGGINS "PUSSY" "The success of your aim may depend upon your target." Speaking Contest I: Class Play 1.4: Basketball I,2,3,4: Dra- matics Club I,2,3,4: Dramatics Club Production 2,3: Glee Club 1,2,3: Band I,2,3,4: Orchestra I: Student Council I: Student Council Convention 1: Operetta I: Jayvee Cheerleader 2: Varsity Cheerleader 3,4: Student Library Auxilary 2,3,4: Yearbook Staff 2,3,4, Assistant Editor 4: Glee Club 3, Vice President 3: Science Club 3, Secretary 3: News Club 3,4, Editor- in-chief 3,4: Com- munity Concert Club 3,4: Class Secretary 3: Class Treasurer 1,4: Junior Speaking 3, Winner: Music Festival I,2,3,4: Hancock County Composite Chorus 3: Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1,2: Softball 2.3.4. College College 1' A 1 I '1 DUANE FRANKLIN JENKINS "A smile works wonders. " Chefs' Club 3: Camera Club I: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Baseball I,2, 3.4: Student Council 4. Industrial JAMES RICHARDS HOOPER "Hoop" "When success turns a person's head, he is facing failure." Jayvee Basketball 1: Varsity Basketball 2,3,4: Cross Country 3.4: Baseball 3.4. Manager 3: Junior High Basketball Referee 2,3,4: Intermural Basketball Coach 4: Band I: Class Play 1,4: One Act Play Contest 3: Dramatics Club 1,3,4: Chefs' Club 3: Class Marshall 3: Class President 4: Class Vice President 2,3: Boys State 3: Student Council 2,3,4: President 4: State Student Council Convention 4. IrlduSTIiaI Navy nFOXu l 4"...':' Vocation School IDA MAE JENKINS a In school she s qulet and demure but out of school we re not too sure Camera Club I Art Club I Dramaucs Club I 2 3 4 Scrence Club 3 4 Yearbook Staff 3 4 Class Play 4 Glee Club I 2 Dr1ver Trarnlng 3 Student Counc1l 4 Jayvee Cheerleader I 2 -Q, Head Cheerleader 2 Vars1ty Cheerleader 3 4 Head Cheerleader sr" 4 Glrls Basketball 2 3 Glrls Softball3 4 Communlty Concert Club 3 4 Class Secretary 2 Class Vlce Presldent 4 Junlor Speakmg 3 School EXh1b1UOl'l 3 Student COUHC11 Convenuon 4 Manager School Newspaper 4 Mus1c Fesuval I C0113 ge Worcester School of Nursmg DORENE MARY KIMBA LL DODO W 3 Though she be lrttle she be frerce 00" Drarnaucs Club I 2 3 4 Jayvee Cheerleader I 2 3 Head Cheer f"" leader 3 Varslty Cheerleader 4 Jumor Speakmg 3 Sclence Club 3 4 Commumty Concert Club 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Class Play I 4 Drrver Trammg 3 Camera Club I Class Treasurer 3 Stu dent Counc1l 2 Glee Club I MUSIC Festlval I College A 1rl1ne Hostess MILLIE A LEONARD Mlllle 'W'--f We see her from day to day always the same 1n her qulet way Band I 2 3 4 Glee Club I 2 3 4 Mus1c Fesuval I 2 3 4 Dramatlcs Club 2 3 4 Cabaret Cast 3 4 Future Homemakers o Amerxca Club 2 3 4 Industrlal Indefmlte 10 nld 1- 11 1 ' 1 I .1 9 O I I , 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 I 1 I ' 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 V . ' 1 . ' 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 1 I 0 . I n ' 1 1 1 1 X . . . . . ' . . I 1 1 1 0 , . 1 . .. I. N .. , . ,, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I P I 0 I 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' A 3 7 I - .1 - - .I . I 'Q' .1 - - V. ' I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .3 1 1 1 1 1 f -.11:s....f . --4 1 1 0 RICHARD A. MCFARLAND "Dick" "Some are short and some are tall, But it's my good fortune to be small." Bar Harbor High 2,3g Glee Club Ig Band I,2, 1' Industrial Merchant Marines - Q' ' I 1 4 BRYANT FENNELLY NICHOLSON "Nicky" "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die." Ni Yearbook Staff 4g Student Council 3,43 Vice President 4: Band Ig Q!"-'59 Dramatics Club 1,25 Science Club 3,43 Basketball I,2,3,4, Iayvee Manager 3, Varsity Manager 4: Baseball I,2,3,43 Chefs' Club 2: Class Play 4. College University of Maine ELBERT NORMAN RICHARDSON "Nuck" ' "I came. Isaw. -- and now I'm leaving." '- Camera Club I: Dramatics Club 1.2: Chefs' Club 3. Industrial Mechanic fran rngli Y NORMA PEARLE RICHARDSON "Norma" "Tornorrow's life is too late: live today. " Fort Lauderdale High School, Florida 25 Band I,23 Glee Club I3 Operetta I3 Music Festival 1,25 Drarnatics Club I,2,3,45 Art Club I3 Class Play 1,41 Jayvee Cheerleader 35 Yearbook Staff 4 Editor-in-chief 4: Class Secretary 4: School Exhibition Ig Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1,23 Future Hornemakers of America Club I,2, Secretary 2g Office Girl 4. Commercial Civil Service ls JAMES E. SMA LLIDGE "Jes" "He who controls a woman controls the world." -Ji Kwai ' Band li Basketball I,2,3,4g Baseball I,2,3,43 Student Council 4, Treasurer 4. 5. Industrial Air Force f ., L5 , -jk f M- ' X 1, gr vs,-vv,!-V4 .T Q il IPQ MALCOLM ALLEN TAYLOR "Mack" SCX "Some people are born with brains, others with beauty -- me, I ' was just born." 'ffl' Band I,2,3,43 Music Festival I,2,3,4: Basketball I,2,3,4g Baseball I,2,3,43 Cross Country 2,3,4. Industrial Armed Services 12 MARSHALL IRVING TAYLOR "Happy am Ig from care I am free. Why aren't they all contented like m Band I,2,3,4g Music Festival I,2,3, ball 1,2,3,4: Cross Country 2,3,4. Industrial C, ,Fr .J 'I , Y x. , , , if N I, .V . CAROL YVONNE WRIGHT Carol "I agree with no man's opinions, I have some of my own Dramatics Club 4: Glee Club Ig Phys Ed Exhibition 1,2 Year book Staff 43 Office Girl 4: Future Homemakers of America Club 1.25 Driver Training 3: Varsity Cheerleader 3 4 Music Festival I Commercial Civil Service ll lllll ULASS SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT R Corbett N Rrchardson C Wnght D Ktmball Mrs Hernck E Hlggtns J Adams I Jenklns P Blatsdell M Leonard STANDING D Jenlans M Taylor M Taylor B Nxcholson I Atwood J Hooper I Smalhdge D Couslns H Walls E Richardson D Haynes R McFarland SENIOR CLASS ODE CTO THE TUNE OF IT S ALMOST TOMORROW J lt s almost tomorrow Tomght we are gathered When school days are through T o b1d fond good by The day w1ll bnng sadness To teachers and schoolmates Of parungs us true Of Mount Desert Htgh But we will keep sm1l1ng We look to the future The future looks clear W1th hopes soanng free We re satltng not drrfttng We re sa1l1ng not drrftrng Into the new years To hfe s broader sea There ll be no returmng To Mount Desert Hlgh Our dunes are calltng us The hour draws mgh May we always be fatthful In days that w1ll come We re sarltng not drtfting Our dunes to perform R. Corbett J Adams CLASS COLORS Red and Wh1te CLASS FLOWER Carnauon CLASS MA RSHAL John Grant CLASS MOTTO Sarlmg Not Drtfttng Complnments of Compllments of Compllments of MURRAY S MARKET THE ADAM S CORPORATION CURTIS SHOE STORE Otter Creek Morne Dept Store Ellsworth Me 95 Mcnn Street, Ellsworth I - Q - I , Zo go. go',o , o po ",. ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. 10. I. I' IU 'I' I' I' D . ,. . ... .. , . l I D -l . ,. . I 9 D 1 I I I , ..- .. , ..- .. 'I . . . . ! I lo ' I I , ..- . . . . . . I I . I ' I ' . HOHOOQ SVEEBED EER: H236 625 C0033 G Em 332 Ham C 2 5? 5-539 :Bw O 902 EUO2 323 Q3 HOKE H2035 iam I my 22 EO HOmm8Oa Omg OO xg: HMVDE5 U N Z EO 5055 H2 Mum SS E U 22 -:Wm MEDHDHM PAMQSZD UEOE HOD-:E an EHOOH22 E 3 :WEEE E 3 03 Q KEN H82 Eg wi 503 HOLES gm MW: :ENE NAB 4 w! 30m is-2 ESE 350 :Om Niggaz U: ZUEOW 3502 W H3003 :IH Vino ERAU MED E 3 gow m 5: xogxohw ESQ QE NH :OO QZDOYW NE OH Him? ---Ilia-Wm Kp-COD 305 H BO-u H 02052 CO UEOU SHOE W E EES DORA USE gg-: QD 3:00 2:5 53 SQA 0:3 Om :Ne 3 bug HW gg m H3 II: G8 EOL 52 SUSEOH gb wi EBM 25 D53 UUSEEOO Egg :I bww 3500: E M ug M -I E H HUNXU Us H E55 EVE so IEEEIQ : E 322 HH-OHL Zoawmaea MEKEOP Sm 5-GOD OH 55 mcg :S wg E02 we OD we EE wc SE wcnoom O Us mug so wc fog SEO? Hoonqw wc AE va wcgmm U mix gl 3:52 wi Q35 H32-HHOZ O md O0 wi EVE -H 5533 0 E02 mi E NEEOU wc HSE Eg wc wg-U gamma W L mega wg-5533 MHEHHWQL MHHHMODQHH E-22: M--:EE PEOE3 AOMCO mg: 'ES QMQANSI MOAWQH N: 45222 QOH-FSH EQOA E2 M-OQ:1::2w 3:25 ZOWQNEEOE EZMOZ ZOWDNEIUE Hmmmum ZOWAOIU Z FZQFNE QZQEQLOE QMQIUE QNEZOME 51:22 N: Qmzcm MZMEOD wZHMZm-I MZCDQ MMEOOI mugs' WZMOOHI mznjm WNZFQI CZQQ wZHwDOU QAQZOQ HPMMEOU EPDM ,Sm-Qw Em Q1-Dim QOONSHQ ,EOE QZQQC EMUS- EZQZ I I H n M I D : M W M -F - . I M . M :N M I M n H M M :N - ' in ' W :N D- N M M :N : H M t M n L h I H M M : : I M M W l M H2 . -D I . A Hugwmgrgm Leann V-gzma Us EQ: veto mom 8 wigs? mzcwzmm QA: M M : : M M - I W : H M H :Q 1 M M : M M V- 3 w M 1 E M M M H W 1 . Z M H : -F . Z M H M Z ,V l M v M M : H - i I 1 Q f. Q 9 , xxx XE? sq- K 2--Y W, A is aff 1 Y Q, 0W A D THE 1. x mg CS 4 , ' 2 v N 1 - 4 1' k C 4- 1: R. Qfyl, 5' A 'V 0. I z 4 y ,f n -wo... x if i x ...v Nw f- A! ,-S N Q' II lllll Al ml U I 'I' "III I III Qpn An Occasronal Man There Should Be Rules Oh Jmhnny Bonny Blue Gal It s Almost Tomorrow Honey Babe Growlng Up Seventeen Pennles from Heaven Hard to Get I Like Em All Am t That Ashame Shut the Doors They re Comtng In the Wrndows Hot Rod Race Black Magrc Moments to Remember Terror of Hrghway lol Hawkeye The Btble Tells Me So Personalrty Frgure Build Smrle Eyes Eyelashes Dtrnples Hau Teeth Nose Courage Votce D1spos1t1on Sweetness W1t Dana H James H Dana H Bryant N Rrchard M James H Dana H Duane J James H Dana H James H Dana H Duane J Dana H Ruth C Ida J Ruth C Dorene K Ida J Ida J Elarne H Elarne H Dorene K M1l11e L Jackre A M1l11e L Ida I Ruth C Inu IIIIIIIIII ,I ,III Q I HN I Jackre Norma Ruth Paula Dorene Elarne M1l11e a Carol oel Dua ne Dana Elbert Tw1ns D1ck1e Hlllard James H James S Nrcky Donny EUR fm is Y'E? "'-fa: Compliments of WILLIS 8. SONS HARRIS SODA SHOP Bur Harbor Bar Harbor, Maine Maine EDGAR'S STORE WEST END DRUG STORE For Children Bar Harbor Bar Harbor, Maine 18 Maine nm , y or f MTQMII g"WII"SIJ III If I I, 'II He I C . I HIT I' Id... J .in 995. I' 1,5 U IIERULASSM F769 'L Wg' I 110171 W JUNIUR CLASS SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT D Gnndle B Bagley N Sherer R Wood D Allen E Jordan S Watson N Leach SECOND ROW Advlsor Mr Heel E Coombs M Reed N Krmball D Jeffers Merchant D Wallace W Stanley When the school year of 1955 56 began the Junror Class was brought together w1th an enrollment of twenty four students In Dec ember we were all very sorry to have Norma Bagley leave us At our f1rst class meetlng under the supervrslon of Mr Heel the followrng offrcers were elected Presldent Davld Allen Vrce Presldent Robert Wood Secretary Esther Jordan Treasurer Nancy Sherer Dede Jeffers Nancy Klmball George Holmes Davld Allen and Robert Wood were elected to the Student Councll The followrng Jun1ors part1c1pated rn 3Ct1V1t16S and clubs Band Nancy Sherer Esther Jordan Crosby Fernald Majorettes Dawn Mea der Boys Basketball John Grant George Holmes Gary Solarl Robert Hamblen Dav1d Allen Robert Wood Davrd Wallace G1rls Basketball Dede Jeffers Eleanor Coombs Ruth R1Ch3I'dS0I1 Sandra Watson Barbara Bagley Student Lrbrary Aux1l1ary Esther Jordan John Grant FHA Eleanor Coombs Sandra Watson Onalee Grlndle Natalle Leach D1ane Grlndle Ruth Rlchardson Marron Reed and Dawn Meader Compllmenfs of Compllmenfs of WARDS OBERS Bar Harbor, Me Northeast Harbor Me - tx..-1? ,, 'M' EA ..- m i , l . i I X J A , . . : ' . , . , . , . ' , .I , O. Grindle, R. Richardson, K. Rummill. THIRD ROW: P. Kelley, C. Fernald, R. Hamblen, G. 1 , . . . . . i , : 9 l J ' D 7 3 S 9 ' ! I 7 D . . . . . . . . : 9 , , - 3 ' 9 , ' ' ' 7 7 I 2 , , , . , I 9 3 ' ' J x s 1 9 - S , - 9 7 7 D I 3 I 1 ' , zo , . Wig. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY ill., I vi S f 'Q p E I TREASURER 0I'll0M0ltll SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT 1 Ellis H Wood J Gonzales N Freeman T Hooper S Cofiin B McFarland M L1lly M Cyr STANDING G Tnpp A Gibbs A Manter D Kimball L Spur Img R Lunt J Stanley P Haskell Advlsor Mr Marsden The Sophomore Class was out numbered by girls It consisted of eleven girls and six boys We have been most fortunate in having Mr Marsden as our class advisor again this year The class officers who were elected at the beginning of the school year are President Steve Coffin Vice President Trevett Hooper Secretary Nancy Freeman and Treasurer Betty McFarland Boys participating in basketball were Trevett Hooper and Leslie Spurling Steve Coffin was manager of the Jayvee Team Girls who were active in Basketball were Helen Wood Prudence Haskell Nancy Freeman Anita Gibbs, Geraldine Tripp, and Judy Ellis The following students were in these activities Glee Club, Joan Gonzales, Madelyn Lilly, Marguerite Cyr, Prudence Haskell, Betty Mc- Farland, Nancy Freeman, Geraldine Tripp, Anita Gibbs, Judy Ellis, and Richard Lunt, Band, Steve Coffin, Marguerite Cyr, Nancy Freeman, Richard Lunt, and Albert Manter, Cheerleaders, Nancy Freeman, Varsi ty, and Prudence Haskell, Jayvee, Majorettes, Betty McFarland, Helen Wood, Madelyn Lilly, and Judy Stanley, Camera Club, Judy Stanley, and Geraldine Tripp, Dramatics Club, Dan Kimball, Steve Coffin, Trevett Hooper, Richard Lunt, Albert Manter, Marguerite Cyr, Helen Wood, Nancy Freeman, Betty McFarland, Anita Gibbs, Judy Ellis, Prudence Haskell, and Judy Stanley, News Club, Steve Coffin, and Yearbook Staff, Marguerite Cyr, Betty McFarland, Geraldine Tripp, and Nancy Freeman THE BAR HARBOR TIMES Bor Harbor, Maine 'Y Lf . Ty 1, ,., . I J ,T -W, ' . .X X ' " , ' ,Q . H f , K A rv . ' ' X - P 'w f .L "' y v 1-5 , ', lf. " K Q J Q fa: I . r , Z 1 p o 1 - n 0 n ' 1 ' 1 ' , . , . . : . , . , . , - . - ' , . , . , . , . . ' . , , . . . . . . . . s . . . . 2 1 r ' 2 . Y . n 1 p 9 ' . . . . a . . . . . s 1 ' I Q Yi if 17 W5 V-vy i I , PRESIDENT TREASURER 1' f I VICE PRESIDENT A .J SECRETARY Fltll HME QV' 'oo SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT D Stanley C Merchant M Graves P R1chardson R Smrth JCoff1n L Hooper S Emmons D Wood H Gnndle P Gott J McFarland STANDING Advlsor MISS Crocker K Smlth C Dlllon E Merchant At the begmnmg of the 1955 56 school year our class had an en rollment of twenty frve students Durrng our ftrst class meetmg the follow1ng off1cers were elected Pres1dent James Coffm V1ce Prestdent Rtchard Sm1th Secretary Suzanne Emmons Treasurer Larry Hooper Student Counctl Represen tat1ve Peter Bucklm Our home room was C w1th Mrss Wood as our teacher The followmg students were tn act1v1t1es Vars1ty Basketball R1chard Smtth Jayvee Basketball Larry Hooper Kendrlck Smrth Peter Bucklm James Coffrn Curl s Basketball Hortense Grtndle Patr1c1a R1chardson Suzanne Emmons Band James Cofftn Lyd1a Butler Track Peter Bucklm Rtchard Smtth Glee Club Hortense Grlndle Patr1c1a R1chardson Suzanne Emmons Delores Stanley D1ane Wood Larry Wes cott Rrchard Smtth Carol Merchant Evelyn Merchant Pearl Gott Janet McFarland Lyd1a Butler B1lly Conary Allan Crocker Frank Walls Majorettes Suzanne Emmons Jayvee Cheerleaders Hortense Grlndle Delores Stanley and F H A Delores Stanley D1ane Wood Pearl Gott Hortense Grmdle Patr1c1a R1chardson Carol Merchant Evelyn Merchant and Janet McFarland Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of HAT SHOPPE MERRILL FURNITURE ELLSWORTH BUILDERS Ellsworth, Me Ellsworth Me Ellsworth M I . , 4 v Qiflixv? ak "i ' It 'i ,., A n ro ..- ' 2 l - - ,f: , Wood, L. Butler, F. Stanley, S. Burr, F. Walls, B. Conary, P. Bucklin, E. Gilley, L. Wescott, A. , . , . 5 . - . , . . 3 , Q S a l I ' , . . . . . . I . , . . 9 , , . . , . , . S . , , . , . . . , S , . , . 9 , . , . . 5 , . 1 . . . , , , . , - 7 ' . D ! ! i ' , 5 , ' , 5 . . . , , ' , , . , . . . , , . , . , e. 'F PRESIDENT SECRETARY VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER lllllll'l'll llltzlllll SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT D Kelley P Jones E Blanchardj Carter R H111 A Tracy G Nlck olson C Gaudet D DeRevere STANDING R Shaw T Holmes H Ba1ley R Lawson R Gonzales D Bracy R DeRevere J Burr A Walls Adv1sorM1ss Page There were seventeen puplls 1n the elghth grade when school started In December Rlchard Shaw left us At the f1rst class meetlng we elected the followmg offlcers Pres1dent R1chard H111 V1ce Pres1dent John Carter Treasurer Al1ce Tracy and Secretary Everett Blanchard Our Student Counc1l Representatwe was Dav1d Bracy and our homeroom adv1sor was M1ss Page Most of the e1ghth grade part1c1pated 1n sports and clubs Band Terrance Holmes Majorettes Al1ce Tracy Jumor H1gh Basketball R1chard H111 John Carter John Burr Davld Bracy and Cheermg Ga1l N1ckolson Al1ce Tracy and Dehlah DeRevere Several students were 1n the Glee Club and nearly everyone took part m The Mlkado Cnlbert and Sulhvan operetta Compliments of Compliments HOLME S INSURANCE PERLIN S Ellsworth Morne Ellsworth Morne ALEXANDER S PHARMACY CO Compliments of 80 Mom Street STRATTON S Ellsworth Molne Ellsworth Mcnne NEWBERRY S SELF-SERVICE Compllm-ents of Plus Personal Service HANCOCK COUNTY CREAMERY Ellsworth Maine Ellsworth Marne ze EEE Tll EEAEE www. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT S Grbbs S Atwood C Jeffers H Cameron M Savage K Savage Musettl M Rlchardson N Hrbbard M Knox SECOND ROW Advlsor Mrs Black J Somes A Ltlly A Tracy N Damon I Bucklxn H Peckham S McPheters M Gray G Leland J McFar land THIRD ROW D Grant W Ntckolson M Ellrs S Sullrvan R Gonzales E Butler P Salts bury R Bracy A Stanley J Adams w1th an enrollment of 33 puptls We welcomed 11 new classmates from Somesvrlle but then lost three of them The followmg offtcers were elected at the frrst class meetmg Presldent Kenneth Savage V1ce Pres1dent Marc1a Savage Secretary Heather Cameron Treasurer Joseph Musettt Our class was represented tn the followmg events Student Coun c1l John Adams Mary Gray and Marcla Savage Band James McFar land Kenneth Savage Edwm Butler John Somes and Sally Glbbs Glee Club Norma H1bbard Rolph Gonzales Kenneth Savage Susan Atwood W1ll1am Nrckolson Harlene Peckham Edwm Butler Davtd Grant Con stance Jeffers Marcla Savage Shtrley Ann Tracy Joseph Musettt Mary Gray Marte Rrchardson John Adams John Somes Av1s Ltlly Margaret Knox Paul Sallsbury Sally Grbbs Jean Bucklrn Merton Ellls Natal1e Damon Sylvta McPheters and Heather Cameron Basketball Joseph Mu settr Kenneth Savage Rolph Gonzales Edw1n Butler John Adams Oper etta John Somes Edwtn Butler Paul Sallsbury Marcta Savage and Heather Cameron The seventh grade had a wonderful tlme putting th1s operetta The Mtkado w1th the etghth and mnth grades The seventh grade d1d an excepttonally good Job sellmg magaztnes th1s year The frrst and second prtze wtnners were both 1n the seventh grade and the whole class made about S50 for themselves Compluments of C E WALLACE 8. CO Northeast Harbor Mcnne 27 . t Q 1 r , : . ' , . , . , . , . , . , J. . : . , . ' , . ' , . ' , . , . , . ' ' The opening of the school year 1955-56 found the seventh grade , . D 1 E . ' I 1 I E 1 2 1 - ' 1 1 1 . I 1 ' I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 ' I I I I I I I I i I I I I I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I ' I I I I I On, C. . 0 ," 0 0 o . . I I C I MIIUNT IIE ERT Ill'l' Guess I Expected Too Much boveltest Nrght of the Year My Boy Flatop Blueberry Tour the U S A In a Chevrolet Heart of a Clown Dom What Comes Naturally Getttng Nowhere Fast Hrgh And Mlghty I ll Sall My Sh1p Alone A1n t That A Shame Love Is A Many Splendored Thlng My Baby s Commg Home A1n t She Sweet Too Young Frve Feet Two Dance W1th Me Henry Earth Angel Come On A My House Mabellrne Love And Marnage Rockm The Cha Cha Feudln and Flghtm T111 the End of T1me Too Late Now Learntng to Love Put Em ln A Box Srttmg By The Wlndow Cattle Call Love Me or Leave Me Come What May Gadabout Th1s Must Be Love Srde By S1de Hard To Get I m Srttmg On Top of the World Same Ole Saturday Nrght Growing Up Heaven Was Never Lrke Th1s Hambone Wake the Town and Tell the People Make Yourself Comfortable A G JEWETT 166 Mom Sfreei' Bar Harbor Mcune Mrs I-lerrrck Graduatron Wrnston Stanley fNllSS Lawrence Brlly Fernald Bobby Wood Helen Wood Algebra II Class John Grant Lydra Butler Dana Haynes Joel Atwood Natalle Leach Delores Stanley Pat Rrchardson Dorene Krmball Ruth R1chardson Ruth Corbett Norma Rrchardson Davrd Allen Onalee Gnndle George Holmes Cheerleaders School Hrstory Class Hortense Grlndle Senlor Boys Sue Emmons Jackle Adams Dede Jeffers Basketball Team Karen Rummlll Elalne and Hooper Taylor Tw1ns Duane Jenkins Ida Ienkms Bryant N1cho1son Trevett Hooper Paul and Judy Bobby Hamblen Larry Hooper Mrss Wood s Semor Eng Class C E MARCYES GCOMPANY Bar Harbor Meme za R H MOON GEN ERAL HARDWARE Bcxr Harbor Morne . I I I O l . I ' . . . 0 , He's In the Army Now - - - Carol Wright I I . I 'ilctiuities A'l'l0 AL H0 0lt 0 Il'I'Y mai SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT E Jordan I Adams E Hxgglns STANDING D Cousms The Natlonal Honor Socxety a1ms to establlsh for h1gh schools these h1gh professwnal alms and goals for secondary educat1on An enthus1asm for good scholarsh1p An encouragement to students to render serv1ce to school and commumty A plan for self evaluat1on of the student s potent1al elements of qual1t1es of leadershlp w1th1n h1mse1f A stlmulus to students to practmce those acts wh1ch develop strength of character An encouragement to the student to contmue h1s educat1on To be chosen for the Nat1onal Honor Soclety IS cons1dered by h1gh school boys and g1r1s all over our land one of the h1ghest honors pa1d them durmg the1r school days The Mount Desert Chapter th1s year IS happy to pay tr1bute to Jacquehne Adams Elame H1gg1ns Esther Jordan and Donald Cous1ns Esther Jordan 1S the Jun1or member to be honored thls year ECHO VISTA LITTLEFIELD LOCK 8. KEY COMPANY Rt. IO2 on Echo Luke Brewer, Me. Tel. Southwest Harbor, 392 I4 Tel. Bangor, 2-3301 29 ' , I , I I 5223 fyisgf g, 02, Q . f T xl T . . V r 2 Q hun-1-fvf.W1.,,,M,.,t. , 'Y . 'sr 3, ' U Q 1 .. xl, - L ' A - -412-" mf .wwf C' , : . , . , . ' ' . : . ' . 1. ' ' . 2. ' P 3. - ' ' ' 4. . . . . 5. 1 9 a . I . . . , . . , , G . . . 'lllllll 'I' Cllllllllll 111- L ""llCit"::r'i SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT M Jeffers I Jenlans H Wood B Nlcholson J Hooper R Wood J Adams N Krmball STANDING R H111 B McFarland S Emmons L Spurlrng T Hooper R Smrth S Coffin D Bracy D Allen D Jenl-uns J Coffin M Savage M Gray J Adams Thrs school year the Student Councrl enjoyed a most successful season The Student Counc1l has performed such functrons as revrewlng the award program recommendmg a rev1s1on and producing a change sat1sfactory to all students A plan for reportmg the general top1c each meetrng was carrred through assembly programs drscussed and formulated I-hgh pornts of the year rncluded the State Conventron 1n Watervrlle and the publrshmg of a school paper The Mount Desert I-hghlrghts The councrl has been very actlve and have co operated rn keep mg the students they represented mformed of the many small tasks that they can perform and carry out rn order to make our school a better one The offrcers rnclude Presrdent James Hooper Vrce Presrdent Bryant Nrcholson Secretary . . . . Helen Wood Treasurer. . . James Smallrdge Showing a fine selection of coats, BROUNTAS RESTAURANT suits and dresses "Where Particular Compliments of Moderately priced People Dine" BROWN 8. WHITE DAVID BRAIDY 68 Main Street PAPER CO. I4 Broad St. Bangor Bangor, Maine Bangor, Maine "Where you save" ,tlgvf V. 7 1 V 5 ,. 5 A - r , U -, by -x Lk l , - : . , . ' . . . - ' , - . - . - , - . n I . . , - , . , 1 ' , o 1 - I , 1 , . , . , s I , Q , - , Q , . . 1 1 . . . . of I . . . 4 4 I - - o S E IUR PLAY CA T 0RDERw FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Higgins, D. Kimball, J. Adams. SECOND ROW: D. Cousins, B. Nicholson, J. Hooper, P. Biaisdell, R. Corbett, N. Richardson, I. Jenkins. 0 E-ACT PLAY CA T IL0VE ERRA Tn SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Jeffers, Miss Page, Director, E. Higgins. STANDING: R Lunt, S. Coffin. Compliments of H. E. BUCKLIN Northeast Harbor, Maine lll0R H0 0B PART lil!" , IIN bv... I I N ff' QS A SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Higgins, D. Cousins, J. Adams. STANDING: N. Richardson, I. Jenkins. CLASS HISTORY CLASS WILL . CLASS GIFTS . PROPI-IECY . . . . Joel Atwood . . . Ruth Corbett . Dorene Kimball Bryant Nicholson . Paula Blaisdell SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Blaisdell, B. Nichol' son , R. Corbett. wood. STANDING: D. Kimball, I. AI' Complimenfs of KNOWLES REAL ESTATE Northeast Harbor, Me. VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN FIRST HONORS . SECOND HONORS THIRD HONORS Donald Cousins .Elaine Higgins Jacqueline Adams . . Ida Jenkins Norma Richardson CLASS PART HI I Corwin' Www Ill Illlfll All 4.1 FUTURE IIUMEMAKER 0F AMERICA Grrndle E Coombs S Watson Adv1sorM1ss Brown M Reed N Leach H Grrndle THIRD ROW R Rrchardson D Grrndle C Merchant E Merchant J McFarland The FHA offrcers were elected as follows Presrdent Eleanor Coombs Vrce Pres1dent Sandra Watson Secretary Onalee Grmdle Treasurer Hortense Grmdle Reporter Delores Stanley HISLOTISH Ruth Rrchardson Publrc Relat1ons Marlon Reed Actrvrtres and projects the members planned for thrs year were makmg Chr1stmas favors for the MDI Hosp1tal sellrng Chrrstmas cards a publrc supper a band consrstrng of home made mstru ments and a Mother and Daughter Banquet for the mem bers of the FHA and therr mothers We were glad to have M1ss Brown as our advmsor and Mrs Pearl Grrndle as our Chapter Mother M. L. LEACH WHOLESALE FRUIT Compliments of AND PRODUCE CHECK-R BOARD 109 Pickering Square FARM SUPPLIES Bangor, Maine Ellsworth Maine S .Q .C 'J if P- 1 - . ' N- f' H , Q ff' - ui L, 4 u . ,Ml P, ' -ig - ' ' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Richardson, D. Stanley, D. Wood, P. Gott. SECOND ROW: O. . I . , i ' 2 i 1 i , S 1 S , S 1 - . . . , . . 2 1 . ' '- IJ I llllllMll'l'lll CL ll FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT N Freeman B McFarland D Grlndle H Wood D Klmball E Jordan J Adams C Merchant R R1chardson S Watson M Cyr N Leach E Hrggrns O Grrn dle SECOND ROW Mrss Wood J E111s N Sherer S Emmons P Rrchardson N Klmball M Leonard N Rrchardson C Wrlght E Merchant M Reed I Jenklns H Grrndle THIRD ROW P Haskell L Hooper R Lunt B Nlcholson S Coffrn D Klmball J Hooper T Hooper R Hrll C Fernald D Cousms J Coffrn E Coombs At the frrst meetmg of the Dramatrcs Club whrch was held wlth our advlsor M155 Wood the followmg off1cers were elected Pres1dent Trevett Hooper V1ce Presldent James Hooper and Secretary treasur er Esther Jordan The club presented Connectlcut Yankee 1n Kmg Arthur s Court by Mark Twa1n on Apr1l Z7. The proceeds wrll eventually be used to fur ther equrp the stage wrth proper lrghtmg and other fac1l1t1es. We express our thanks to our advrsor for helpmg us make th1s a successful year for the Dramat1cs Club MACLEOD MOTOR INC. Cadillac, Buick Bar Harbor, Me. FLORENCE LEWIS SHOPPE 97 Main Street Bar Harbor, Maine Compliments of CLARK COAL COMPANY Bar Harbor, Maine FRED C. LYNAM 8. CO. Insurance 81 Real Estate Bar Harbor, Maine 13, r n., , - 5333" ' likeflr . 1. -'3 1 l ,.5 ,nf " 1 9 7 E-',il',71'Z, -. . ' 1, 1 111 . 11 .f - 1 I : 5 I ' 7 5 I 5 D l y c 1 ' 1 0 1 0 1 - 1 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 ' 1 I , 1 , . , 1 , 1 , . , . I ' 1 I 1 I 1 0 1 o 1 o 1 I 1 1 0 1 - 1 - 1 u 1 Q , 1 , 1 , . , 1 , 1 , . , . . ! . . . . . ! I ' 3 , - , , - , 1 4 5 . . . , , , Illl1lllll'l'lllS UL ll Pll0llllll'l'l0 Hank Bennett Marlon . . Mrs. Bennett Kxng Arthur . Queen Guenever Merlln . . ig. A l10NNllC'l'lUll'l' YA Kllll KIG 'lll . John Grant . . Dorene Ktmball Paula Blatsdell Donald Coustns . . Eleanor Coombs James Hooper Str Sagramor Clarence. . Elarne. . . Str Launcelot Queen Morga Sandy. . . . . Trevltt Hooper . . Richard Smrth . . . Carol Merchant . . . . Crosby Fernald n Le Fay .... Nancy Sherer . . . . Jacquelrne Adams Compliments of Compliments of RONNIE'S LUNCH MRS. TRACY'S SHOP Northeast Harbor, Me. Northeast Harbor, Maine Compliments of PINE TREE MARKET Northeast Harbor, Me. l if iii 11 i ' E: tr -Y ein! QW '- , , . Q X " 'Z V it Q! All IFS U0 Ill' " fl I S.. ii l '53,- TUDENT LIBRARY A XILIARY FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Smith, A. Gibbs, R. Lum. SECOND ROW: E. Higgins, E. Jordan. THIRD ROW: J. Grant, S. Coffin ABSENT FROM PICTURE: J. Ellis. Compliments of THE CORNER SHOP Women's Children's, 8- lnfcnt's Furnishings Southwest Harbor, Me. 36 ' CAMERA LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Salisbury. FIRST ROW: A. Crocker. SECOND ROW: G. Tripp, M. Graves, W. Conary, F, Walls. THIRD ROW: J. Stanley, K. Rummill, K. Smith. lllll CE A Ag, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Jordan, E. Higgins, N. Kimball, R. Lunt, Mr. Marsden, L. Butler, D. Kimball, P. Blaisdell, J. Atwood, S. Coffin, D. Cousins. Compliments of M. A. CLARK, INC. WATSON'S DRY CLEANERS Ellsworth, Me. Ellsworth, Me. 37 llllll llllll 009 FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT R Smrth B Conary L Wescott F Walls R Walls SECOND ROW B Nrcholson J McFarland D Grant J Musetu P Salrsbury R Gonzales F Stanley N Butler G Leland J Somes J Adams THIRD ROW N Freeman S Grbbs C Gaudet D Kelley M Knox S Stanley C Jeffers D DeRevere H Cameron B McFarland K Savage M Ellrs FOURTH ROW M Savage N Hrbbard A Tracy N Damon M Gray A Tracy M Rrchardson A L1lly S At wood I Gonzales I McFarland FIFTH ROW M Cyr P Jones C Merchant P Rlchardson H Grrndle J Ellrs S Emmons H Peckham K Rummlll M Lrlly S McPheters SIXTH ROW E Merchant J Bucklrn G Nrckolson M Leonard G Tnpp A Grbbs M Graves L Butler P Has kell D Wood The Mount Desert Hrgh School Glee Club has srxty members whrch rs made up from the seventh to the twelfth grades The Glee Club IS accompanred by Nancy Freeman and drrected by Mr Mannrng Atherton Thrs was a very successful year as the Glee Club partrcrpated rn the Caberet on January 31 the Sprmg Concert and they were host to the Eastern Marne Musrc Festrval on May 19. BLAlSDELL'S SEAFOODS COSTON REAL ESTATE 8. INSURANCE Seal Harbor Me. Seal Harbor Maine T . 2 T . I BILL STEWART'S FRANCIS J. ATWOOD Seal Harbor Maine INSURANCE Tel. I20 Seal Harbor Maine 4 It Q' 6 I -.. SI 2, K . 6 ,Q A 1 ' ". . A I iv ya M , '- I I el 2 el 6 I 38 I FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT N Sherer E H1ggll'lS L Butler J Somes C Fernald T Holmes N Freeman E Jordan T McKay J Coffm A Manter N Butler SECOND ROW S Glbbs P DeRevere D Watson S Renault R Salrsbury K Savage M Rlchardson J McFarland S Burr MAIORETTE Ruth Corbett l 1 :TX 1 LEFT TO RIGHT S Emmons M Lrlly A Tracy B Mc Farland D Meader H Wood I Stanley Compliments of Compliments of MURRELL S DRUG STORE MANCHESTER BROS Northeast Harbor, Me 39 Northeast Harbor Me l J. Atwood, R. Lunt. THIRD ROW: M. Taylor, M. Taylor, S. Coffin, M. Leonard, M. Cyr. DRUM If' 2 - ' 1 I 125 1 'R Rx . Q I . , . 4 EHEEL PAPER .TAFE SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Wood, J. Bucklin, M. Jeffers, .l. Adams, I. Jenkins. STAND- ING: I. Hooper, P. Richardson, L. Wescott. N, is 5 .5--Q! P EW ELEE JUNIEE SPEAKER SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT. E. Jordan, Mrs. Black, E. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Sherer, O. Grindle Higgins. STANDING: C. Jeffers, A. Tracy, D. Cousins, Jeffers, N. Kimball, M. Reed. STANDING: B. Bagley S. Coffin, P. Richardson. Mrs. Herrick, C. Fernald, E. Jordan. Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of CUZ'S BOYINGTON BROS. CLARK CREAMERY Southwest Harbor, Me Southwest Harbor, Me. Southwest Harbor, Me. 2 if F PIIRT IIEIIICATIU The Semor Class of 1956 respectfully ded1cates Coach Parady 1n recogn1t1on of all you have done for our school and m appreclatxon of your s1ncer1ty 41 this, the Sports' Section of "The Skipper", to you VAR l'l'Y BA KETBALL SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Taylor, M. Taylor, D. Cousins, R. Wood, G. Holmes. STANDING J. Hooper, L. Spurling, T. Hooper, Coach Parady, J. Grant, J. Smallidge, D. Jenkins Home Sullivan 66 Mount Desert 64 Away Bucksport 55 Mount Desert 75 Home Beals Island 71 Mount Desert 45 Home Pemetic 43 Mount Desert 42 Away Stonington 53 Mount Desert 62 Away Blue Hill 66 Mount Desert 81 Home Bar Harbor 51 Mount Desert 55 Away Deer Isle 31 Mount Desert 67 Home Stonington 32 Mount Desert 62 Home Blue Hill 55 Mount Desert 79 Away Pemetic 80 Mount Desert 74 Home Deer Isle 38 Mount Desert 79 Away Sullivan 56 Mount Desert 62 Away Bar Harbor 88 Mount Desert 79 Home Bucksport 54 Mount Desert 78 HANCOCK COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP At Ellsworth Bar Harbor 74 Mount Desert 63 HANCOCK COUNTY SMALL SCHOOLS' CHAMPIONSHIP At Ellsworth Brooksville 26 Mount Desert 87 At Ellsworth Stonington 56 Mount Desert 68 EASTERN MAINE TOURNAMENT GAMES At Bangor East Corinth 44 Mount Desert 72 At Bangor Island Falls 67 Mount Desert 73 At Bangor Beals Island 58 Mount Desert 53 Compliments of RAYMOND F. SARGENT ST. REGIS PAPER COMPANY Contractors Bucksporf, Me . 42 EI Isworfh, Me . qi rs-5 Home Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Home Away Away Away Home LEFT TO RIGHT Manager S Coffin R Wood K Smlth D Wallace R Smxth Coach Parady S Burr D Allen L Hooper J Coff1n J1-llllllll Ill KIl'l'll1lLL Sullwan Bucksport Ellsworth Pemet1c Stomngton Blue H111 Ba r Ha rbor Stonmgton Blue H111 Pemetlc Sulllvan Ba r Harbor Bucksport Compllments of Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Compliments of MELANSON JEWELRY STORE McNALLY S UNION TR UST COMPANY Of Ellsworth EI lsworfh, Mome Agencies at Cherryfueld Stonmgton ' 47 64 39 ' 40 ' 42 ' 62 56 Away Ellsworth 51 Mount Desert ' 26 ' 33 ' ' 50 ' 52 53 61 Ellsworth, Me. Ellswvrfh, Me JU lllll lllllll BA KETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Heel J Adams W Stanley T Holmes A Walls R H111 K Savage H Bayler I Burr J Musetu N Butler F Carter R DeRevere R Gonzales D Bracy KNEE LING E Blanchard R Gonzales The Jun1or I-hgh Basketball Team d1splayed good sportsmansh1p 1n team play throughout the season Four of thrs year s start1ng f1ve wlll be golng on to h1gh school next year but many fme replacements w111 be corrung up from the lower grades They played two games each wlth Ellsworth Bar Harbor and Pemetlc Clllllllllr Allllll LEFT TO RIGHT J. Buckl1n, C. Jeffers, A. Tracy, D. DeRevere, M. Savage, G. Nxcholson. M. L. FRENCH 8. SON PETER'S RESTAURANT 196 Exchange Street 46 158 Main Street Bangor, Maine Bangor, Maine 'I 'A lx M60 ' .L uf R . . 2. t .. Q dl "f, D F . T . , ark ' y ,rlt hi ,. Lil 3 A if' T' A V 7 , NE Q lt . 4 s Q X I I l 1 ,A 1, ' - l f -' T VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Higgins. D Kimball, J. Adams, C. Wright, I. Jenkins, N. Freeman. I. Jenkins HEA D CHEERLEA DER UHEERLEADER JAYVEE F' LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Watson, E. Coombs, D. Jeffers, H. Grindle, P. Haskell, S. Stanley. E. Coombs HEAD CHE ERLEA DER l X 2 w f Compliments of Compliments of F R JELLISON 8- SONS KEBO GARAGE Z Bar Harbor Me Bar Harbor Me GIRL IIA KETIIALL STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT E Hrggrns H Wood R Rrchardson E Jordan N Freeman P Has kell E Coombs D Jeffers A G1bbs P Blarsdell Manager Ruth Corbett KNEELING D Wood S Watson B Bagley P Rlchardson H Grrndle S Emmons J Trlpp J Ellrs Pemetrc Sumner Ba r Harbor Ba r Harbor Sumner 5 4, Pemet1c I Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Mount Desert Compluments of Compliments of WHITNEY S ELECTRICAL SHOP GILLEY PLUMBING Southwest Harbor, Me. Southwest Harbor Me Compliments of THE I. G. A. STORE Northeast Harbor, Me. J X I -In -- 11 , SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Lunt, M. Taylor, J. Atwood, J. Hooper, B. Nichol- son, J. Smallidge, D. Cousins, D. Jenkins. STANDING: Mr. Parady, R, Wood, D Allen, M. Taylor, T. Hooper, L. Spurling, D. Kimball, S. Coffin, R. Smith, A. Manter, J. Coffin. CE? 5 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Higgins, D. Kimball, S. Watson, E. Jordan, J. Adams, D. Wood, P. Richardson, R. Richardson, B. Bagley, H. Wood. STAND- .- ING: Mrs. Black, I. Jenkins, D. Jeffers, E. Coombs, G. Tripp, R. Corbett, A. . X R.. ' Gibbs, P. Blaisdell, L. Butler, M. Leonard, P. Haskell, S. Emmons, I. Ellis, -, n :gf H. Grindle. BETT S BOOKSTORE Compnmenfs of HARRY T NELSON I6 State Street VINER S FILLING STATION Bangor, Me Bangor Me Bangor Marne ai LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Heel, P. Haskell, N. Freeman, M. Leonard, B. McFarland, J. Gonzales, M. Lilly, R. Lunt, L. Spurling, A. Manter, I. Ellis, A. Gibbs, H. Wood. One senior and eleven sophomores are enrolled in the Driver Training Education Program which is taught this year by Mr. Heel. Every Monday the class receives forty-three minutes of classroom instruction. The other four days of the week are used with behind the wheel instruction. Each student receives at least thirteen minutes of behind the wheel instruction each week. Parents must remember that these students are not expert drivers when they finish the course, but they have received instruc- tions leading to the development of proper driving habits and atti- tudes. This year a new law has been passed that no one can drive on the highway without a permit from the state. Also all the stu- dents must go to Ellsworth to take their driving tests outside of school time. They will not be allowed to take them in the driver training car. This will have them more used to their family cars. A 1955 Ford V-8 was furnished by the Morang Robinson Auto Company of Bar Harbor and the general care of the car is given by the Manchester Bros. of Northeast Harbor. Compliments of Compliments of LUCNlNI'S AUSTlN'S Ellsworth, Maine Ellsworth, Maine Compliments of Compliments of EASTMAN'S ELLSWORTH NURSERIES Ellsworth, Maine Ellsworth, Maine MELVIN'S MUSIC STORE DWIGHT A. BROWN "Everything in Music" INSURANCE Ellsworth, Maine Ellsworth, Maine 50 00UN'l'llY ffl? LEFT TO RIGHT R Lum D Cousms R Sm1th J Hooper Mr Parady T Hooper D Klmball L Spurlmg M Taylor M Taylor Th1s year the cross country team had four returnlng lettermen Malcolm Taylor Marshall Taylor James Hooper Donald Cousms ran the1r last year and turned 1n f1ne performances durmg the season Lesl1e Spurhng a sophomore lmproved steadlly durlng the sea son and 1n the last few meets was the teams best runner R1chard Smlth R1chard Lunt Danny K1mball who were attempt mg the sport for the f1rst t1me all recerved letters thrs year and w1ll be the nucleus of the team next year Although the outlook was br1ght for the 1955 season the com pet1t1on was much better than expected. Some of the results were as follows. V1ctor1es over Pemetrc and Bar Harbor 1n a trlangler meet and v1ctor1es over Pemet1c and Bucksport 1n a tmangler meet, We placed th1rd 1n the Hancock County meet and topped the season by placmg e1ghth rn the state meet. A. L. MCQUINN, JR. Compliments of Upholstering FRANCIS P. AHLBLAD Draperies, Slipcovers, PAINTING CONTRACTOR Awnings , Shades Artists Supplies Tel. 599 Bar Harbor Bar Harbor, Me, THE BAR HARBOR LAUNDRY Compliments of and DRY CLEANERS MORANG ROBINSON CO 23 West Street Bar Harbor, Maine Bar Harbor, Me. 51 ..' it , . 3 i .SQ 1' .fp '. il.-.T , -L3 ..- .iQg,'Q,- ' 't ' " :ex I 'tr 'f ' , , ' : . , . ' , . ' , . , . , . . , . , . , . . 1 Y Y . 1 1 ' . . , . , . , - Y Mercury, Ford The Boys A Party? DoDo Helen Little Girl Lost Must be a Ford! What a posel Buddies What's up? What cooking, Sue Ida Duck Little Billy Polly Our boy, Nick Oh, those eyes! Hello, Ruth Glamor Girl Watch the birdie, V Woody Must be lovel 1 r Us 3 , , ..4-- rv " .1 ggg M - fx We ' ' M15. ggi' . . Q ', I 'I6i Sb r 1 ic 4- 1 A is ,9 zo Follow the leader From Seal Harbor The Team Sitting Pretty Waiting for Ray? New Hat? Now listen herel Love birds Have you seen him? Growing up Sisters Well! Pretty Smile Flat-top Barber's daughter Paper Boy Thenl Is that you, Jim? How's this? Hi, Millie Three Muskateers Did you make it, Nat Let's have a song MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Don COUSIIIS and Jackre Adams MOST EFFICIENT MOST POPULAR LS- James Hooper and Jackle Adams MOST ATHLETIC Don Cousrns and Norma Rrchardson BEST DRESSED Joel Atwood and Ida Jenluns James Hooper and Paula Blalsdell BEST LOOKING Duane Jenlans and Dorene Krmball A .fy L' A 4": 1 ,r,1i,,,1 . X1 1 V .9 P N L.. I 1 O. , p . W' J .. F ', z , il L, J, E A fr QQ 1 r I 7 ix 1 x . A A BEST DISPOSITION Dana Haynes and M1ll1e Leonard MOST DIGNIFIED Joel Atwood and Nancy K1mba11 SCHOOL WIT BEST DA NCERS ., ,K 'S tx 1-N T fm., r , t James Hooper and Jackle Adams MUSICAL TALENT Steve Coffxn and Elarne Hxggms TEACHERS HEADACHE KJ! -l kk K Q 'Q I '. .I , F. I l ' . Q n I I v I , V7 1 1 : in 5 . .- , n A K t g .. ., N 4 'L Lk,,, K 5 . if . , ' I ' Robert Wood and Ruth Corbett 55 James Smallidge and Ruth Corbett WIIAI' W0 LII IIAPPII III The Junror Shorthand class was speedy Karen Rummrll came to school two days rn a row Mr Coates d1dn t say Read the Problem! Semor boys could do the mambo Pat Rrchardson d1dn t get a crush on every boy she saw The sen1ors d1dn t get the1r own way Mr Parady agreed that the grrls were better at exer crsmg m Phys Ed classes than the boys Mr Coates put the ranks rn hrs book Mr Heel earned out hrs threats to John Grant The cheerleaders couldn t go on the bus to the basket ball games Dorene Krmball wore s1ze ntne shoes Wmston Stanley gave the guls a break John Grant grew up Btlly Fernald d1dn t sttck up for Chevrolets Dede and Ruthre forgot that boys exrsted The 7th perrod typrng class became champron speed typrsts Norma Rlchardson couldn t take shorthand from Mr Coates Elame I-hggtns couldn t have the car whenever she wanted rt Dede Jeffers got a steady boyfrrend Jackle Adams forgot Brran Graves Manavrlle closed Dana Haynes made up hrs mmd Mrlhe Leonard d1dn t read true romance books rn school Mr Heel d1dn t have any brrght shuts The Jayvee and VSISIKY cheerleaders got along all the t1me Jlmmy Smalltdge spent one whole Hlstory pertod bemg good 1n class The glrls basketball team won everyone of therr games Mrss Wood lost her brcycle Ruth Corbett went rabbrt huntmg mstead of always fox huntrng The Senror Class could complete what they started and rt would be successful Duane Jenkrns gave a certarn Otter Creeker a break Carol Wnght could always have Donnre Paula Blarsdell wasn t rough on the basketball floor Joel Atwood lost Gwen James Hooper made up hrs mmd on Somesvrlle Ida Jenkrns got herself a boyfnend Mrs Black couldn t hot rod her Ford James Smalhdge and Dana Haynes passed Amencan Hrstory EASTERN TRUST AND BANKING COMPANY BANGOR MAINE BRANCHES Old Town Morne Machuos Marne DRIVE IN BRANCH CORNER FERN AND STATE STREETS COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS TRAVELERS CHECKS SAFE DEPOSIT DEPARTMENT TRUST DEPARTMENT INSTALLMENT LOAN AGENCY 73 CENTRAL STREET BANGOR, MAINE . . . . . . . . . . . - U u If ' - - 1 - 0 I o 0 , , ' . , . . Q 0 o . . , . . o 0 I ' I I . . . . . ' . , . . . , , . . . . . . - I - Q n ' .- s . . . . ' . . . . - . 0 I h . . , . ' , a . . . - ' . . . . ' ' ' . - U . n - I , c D . . . ' . . . , ' ' n , 0 . o n I o . . . , . 0 n s I I I' n I F a 0 I I 56 LITERATURE Lxterature Echtor Jacquelme Adams P' Half ,J STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING It was the year 2055 I was ln a room thmkl Slowly I opened my eyes I couldn t belreve what I saw Yes II was true I was 1n a room Just a plam four walled room wrth a door on one srde But ll was so drfferent from any other room that I had ever seen! What made tt so drfferent? It was the furnrture I saw what I thought was a charr I was correct But rt was the funnrest lookrng charr that I had ever seen It was the stump of some krnd of tree that I had never seen before Than I began to nouce other thmgs that I hadn t notrced before That table over rn the cornerl Why II was Just a b1g flat top ped rock I began wonderrng what I was lyrng on It must have been a bed but rt certa1nly d1dn t feel lxke one Thrs bed was made out of the same land of tree that the charr was made out of I began wonder where I was Just then the door opened and erght feet tall w1th green sk1n and small blue polka dots all over 1ts face It had yellow eyes and brrght red ha1r It was weanng a beautrfully tallored su1t Outsrde of the colonng II looked just lrke a human berng It had a nose a mouth two ears two eyes and four ftngers and a thumb on each hand It had no shoes on tts feet and as I glanced down at them I saw that thls thrng had srx toes on each foot After I got over bemg scared I began won denng 1f thrs thrng had any way of commumcatlng srnce It had a mouth I was qI11Ckly reassured because rt turned around factng the way lt had come tn and to my great surprlse rt sa1d rn perfect Eng llsh O K Jte you can come ln Thls THING whatever II IS IS harmless I got so mad at that THING callrng me a THING that I shouted at rt How do you know I m harmless you overstuffed pxece of cheese and furthermore I am not a THING I am a human bemg I felt so much better after I had gotten that off my chest that I got up and walked over to that THING and punched II nght 1n IIS b1g blue and green nose I sa1d There I guess that w1ll teach you to call ME a tlung I ll have you know that my name IS Mary Whrte gr1n on IIS blue and green face and sa1d I am very pleased to meet you Mary My name IS Mrke Ivan holf I am not a thlng erther I am a Maman wr-It-ome to the planet Mars Where are you from? The planet Mars I sard to myself What a story I d have to tell to the people on my planet when and If I ever got back there Mxke sa1d You drdn t answer my questron Oh I am sorry sa1d I I am from the planet Earth For Style Qualnty 8- Value Compliments of Vlslt ADLERS A C FERNALD 8. SONS Bar Harbor Me Mt Desert Me THE NIXON COMPANY Nixon Bulldmg lndlan Orchard Massachusetts Designers 8: Manufacturers of Dustlnctuve Emblems Letter Awards Banners Pennants Megaphones Rlbbon Badges School Hats Celluloid Buttons , . -U I . ' . , . . - . . I . I ,, o I . I , 1 , . , . . . . . . . . to . . . ,, what do you suppose walked in? 22? It was about That thing just stood there with the silliest U I D 0 I n , D s - - - - u - I - n I 0 0 I . , . . , . . I I 0 I I I I I - I sa Joe who had been very quiet up to now said I have heard a great deal about your planet From what I heard rt must be a very wonderful place to ive Just then Mike said Joe why don t you and I take our guest around our crty I m sure she would find rt very interesting maybe a bit old fashioned compared to her world but very interesting What do you mean: I asked Well Joe explained Our planet has only been inhabited about 400 years We have no modern conveniences such as you have But we are progress mg rapidly Well I said perhaps I would find your town interesting But first please tell me howl got here? That rs a question no one can answer Mike Sald Then we started on our tour But that can wart The first house looked like an Early American type on the outside We were just about to go tn when I got so sleepy that I could not hold my eyes open The next thing I knew I was sitting very much awake at the knob control pan el of my time machine Now I know what happened Do you? I was trying to go way back into the past but lnstead Iturned the knob the wrong way and found myself on another planet I w1lI never try to probe into the past or the future without learning more about what I am doing But as for now I will strck to Earth with all its wonderful convemences just tlunk what would happen if I ever went there again Cornpluments of A V HIGGINS and COULDN T get back Life would certainly be boring without any television space rockets and everything else that makes this world so wonderful to lrve 1n M Cyr BEGINNING OF DAY The blossoming of day began when the s threw its golden glory over the green leaves of the surrounding h1l1s1de Dehcate blue petals of sky were flocked Wlth the starched white of clouds Hidden from human observance by the vulnerable forest the mumbling brook began its daily chores The robin antlclpatlng the bloom of day voices their Job rn a sudden burst of melody J Adams Day gathering hrs belongings moved on pulling the shades as he went Stopping o ce he yawned sleeprly stirring the hushed leaves in the dusky forests Suddenly he smiled sendrng a few shimmering rays over the fields that nodded their glittering heads I-lavmg taken one last look he flung his hand out tossing a few million sparkling stars toward the velvet sky J Adams Branches In BEE 5 Northeast Harbor Candies Stationery Southwest Harbor and Lubec Toys 8. Gifts I 16 Mann Street Bar Harbor, Me ' un We only got to one house before it happened. EVENING . . I . ., n ' , Mount Desert, Me. BAR HARBOR BANKING 8. TRUST CO . I , I I . , ' 59 AS I SEE AMERICA Times are neither so bad nor so good as they seem Exaggeratzon comes easily because man rs only beginning to be man His range of observation is so narrow rn time and space lus emotions so old and his intelligence so young There is much fear and tension in the world However man has never before been in such complete control of his destiny as now Wars depressions and overpopulatron are not inevitable They are man made and therefore by a greater use of1nte1l1gence goodwill and fore sight can be avoided I believe that the outlook for America has never been better From the study of history and current events one finds that rn SPIIC of high divorce higher proportion of f1ne homes in America today than in yester years The churches are better today In the 1840 s when illiteracy was high only 1696 of the people were church members the figure now stands 6096 The schools are much better today in their understandlng of cluld growth and in their scholastlc achievements Brutality was common in earlier schools often 30 or 40 floggings a day in a single school Then only a few went from the school into tasks requiring close use of the school skills Today the school skills are required constantly in the daily life of almost everyone Industry is more efficient and human than earlier What commumty today would tolerate the employment of ten year old children sixty or seventy hours a week? The problem now IS not to keep children out of factories but to glve them work experience and a sense of respons1b1I1ty Business IS more honest Great mail order houses guarantee the customers satisfaction or money returned Fortunes are staked on the uniform quality of standard brands The government IS more honest and more de voted to general welfare Our standards have gone up so that we are more critical and sensmve to cor We still have wars but our attitude toward war has changed Our people support the Unlted Nations in a sincere effort to achreve world order Justice and peace Young people must realize that the future will be what they make it and that opportunities will always be great for people of purpose who are willing to discipline themselves and to be ready when the time comes E Hlgg Us Compliments of HOYT E RICHARDS 8. SONS WOODY S GENERAL STORE Complete Servlce General Repcurs Seol Harbor Me Mt Desert, Meme Telephone Southwest Harbor 372 2 Atlus Tures Armstrong Tires . . ' . ' - . . . rates and the complications of city life there is a ruption than formerly. . . . . . ' f . ' . . . , I I I , . . 60 BA KETBALL AP 5,9 wt..-f Compluments of Compllmenfs of BROWN S STUDIO BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC BUT H0fbOf, Me- Bar Harbor Branch 61 K DRIVER C Rob1nson M Blanchard H Eaton 4 f T W' "7 W I Hmckler, M. Grant Compliments of N. H. BRAGG 8. SONS BAR HARBOR MOTOR CO. AUTOMOTIVE, INDUSTRIAL AND Dodge Plymouth Cars WELDING SUPPLIES Goodyear Tires, Shell Gasoline Serving Northern and Bar Harbor Tel. 450 Eastern Maine For IOI Years. Ellsworth Tel. IOO 63 Bangor Maine I ri I I Cllllll Sandra Adams Ellen Gonzales Barbara Grrndle QHansonQ Thomas Harkms M1.r1am Hews Nancy Leland Qwallsy Robert Mrller Mar1lyn McKay Joyce Rlchardson Jay Scnbner Lester Smallldge Wayne Smrth Catherme Wakefreld QMurphyJ Wrlma Walls Mar1lyn Sherer Maynard Pettee Robert Smalhdge Nancy Jenkms Earle Moore Br1an Graves Stuart Jordan Claue Lunt Mary Grant Carol Grant Maxme HBIICIIIS Nancy I-lrbbard Helen Cameron Ernest Coombs Anthony Hamor Jr Sandra Holmes QModeenj Albert Kelly Paulme Kelly Elrzabeth Manchester Dana Sherer Ronald Musettl Sonya Stanley Lena Mae Spurl1ng Gary Tyler Judy Hamblen Natahe Grmdle Leroy Walls ALUMNI 1955 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Bor Harbor Morne Ma1ne Med1cal Center Washrngton State Teachers College Bar Harbor Marne Umted States Navy Peter Bent Brrgham HOSPIIBI Seal Harbor Marne Armed Servlces Mass Memorral I-losprtal Ma1ne Med1cal Center Farmrngton State Teachers College Marne Mar1t1me Academy Boston Mass Southwest Harbor Marne Otter Creek Marne Husson College Husson College Marne Mantrme Academy Eastern Marne General Hospltal Nurses Tra1n1ng New York Unrted States A1r Force Unlted States Au Force Unlted States Navy Vermont Un1vers1ty Bates College Farmmgton State Teachers College Washrngton State Teachers College Mount Desert Ma1ne Northeast Harbor Seal Harbor Seal Harbor Mount Desert Beauty Culture School Italy Marne Marne Ma1ne Marne Bangor Albany, New York Jackson Laboratory Mannes Boston Northeast Harbor Mount Desert Camegle lnstrtute Mass Ma 1ne Marne Boston Post Graduate Otter Creek Marne V M0 1. V '71 ow sum G, Q um X f gl YEARBOOIN , I 1 ,' .ff R I , X X I ,1 , g ' vw 11x 1, Q.

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